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January 16, 2019 – Oscar Begins His Future, New Show, Fun Couple, Bye Trev, Recommending John, Birthday Betty & Milania Can’t Wait


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Alexis thanks a staff member for the use of the space. She says they can’t be disturbed unless the hospital is on fire. The woman says they all know how important the meeting is. Alexis looks at an envelope that says, to remain sealed until all parties are gathered.

Finn sees Anna in the hallway, and asks what she’s doing up. She wants to watch the sunset in the solarium, and he says it sounds lovely, but shouldn’t she be resting? She tells him that she’s going stir crazy. He says she was somewhat blind this morning. Would it kill her to rest? She says she’s not resting until she figures out how she caught the virus.

Nina fixes the book table, telling Valentin nothing is beneath her if she wants it done properly. He says she’s doing a lot for Lucy, but she says the book is about Port Charles. It’s good publicity for the city. It’s crazy how quickly they got on their feet after the earthquake. Valentin loves her civic mindedness, and she says she’s going to see if she can join the school board. She’s not running for an office; she just wants to contribute. Valentin asks for what reason, and she says, Charlotte of course, but she wants every child to get the best education possible. She’d also like some authority when dealing with Charlotte’s teacher. Valentin thinks Willow means well, but Nina tells him not to let Willow’s sweet face fool him. She’s threatened by strong women, and taking it out on Charlotte. Valentin says, speak of the devil.

Cameron uses a stick to pick up litter, the likes of which we’ve never seen before in Port Charles. Laura and Lulu come by. Laura asks how it’s going, and he says he loves it more than juvenile hall. Laura hopes it’s taught him to think his actions through before he gets in trouble, but if he does, taking responsibility is the only way to go. He asks if they ever got in trouble when they were younger, and Lulu says, no way; they were angels. Laura says, downright saintly. He says he’ll try to learn from them, and continues on his way. Lulu wonders if that will be Rocco ten years from now, and Laura says he’ll make it through like they did.

Josslyn and Oscar see Cameron, and Josslyn asks how the inauguration went. Cameron says it went well, but you’d think out of respect for the new mayor, people would throw their trash away. He asks what they’re doing, and Oscar says, planning their future.

Sam tells Jason that Kristina is dying for someone to go a seminar. As much as she doesn’t want to, it will get her closer to Shiloh. Jason thinks that’s exactly what Shiloh wants.

Cameron says he doesn’t need to plan his future; it’s been mapped out for him. He’s picking up trash, then has to write an essay to his drug counselor on why he doesn’t need pot to deal with his problems. Josslyn asks if the counselor realizes Cameron has never smoked. Cameron says he doesn’t by it, even though, in his case it’s true. Oscar says he’s sorry, but Cameron takes full credit for his stupid idea. He’s lucky it didn’t work out. He thinks it’s too cold out there for planning the future, but Josslyn says they’re going to the library, It’s warm, free, and has a lot of information. Oscar says they want to do as muchas they can in the time he has, reminding me of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Lulu asks Laura how her first day was. Laura says it was good, but intimidating. Lulu is proud Laura took her ring off, and was sworn in using her maiden name. She knows it’s still a loss, and it hurts. Laura says if she lets herself go there, she’ll cry, and it’s not a good look for the mayor. She asks if Lulu will be home later, but Lulu says she’s attending the book launch. Laura says she’ll see Lulu there. The book promotes Port Charles, so the mayor should put in an appearance. She’s surprised Lulu is covering it, but Lulu says her story got nixed, so book launch, here she comes. Laura suggests taking bets on how many wardrobe changes Lucy will have. Lulu thinks the people there are bound to be at each other’s throats.

Nina is surprised to see Willow, who says Chase invited her to the launch party. She knows she’s too early, so she’s going to wait for him outside. Valentin says she’s welcome to stay, and Nina tells her to make herself at home, but she wants to see how far behind Chase is. When she leaves, Valentin thanks Nina for taking the high road. He tells her to be cordial with her enemies; they’ll never see her coming. Nina says Willow isn’t her enemy, but Valentin says, if she becomes one, it’s better to be on good terms. She tells him he has a devious mind, and he says he’s never hidden that from her.

Josslyn refers to the journal, and tells Cameron it’s a work in progress. They’ll have to revise some of it. Cameron asks if it’s anything embarrassing. She hands him the journal, and says, proceed with caution. He says, the dog show is crossed out, and Oscar says, see? She says they can watch Best in Show or spend more time with Annabelle. Cameron says, it’s not the same, but Josslyn promises it will be fun. Oscar says he doesn’t know much about Port Charles, and Josslyn says there are a lot of places Oscar hasn’t seen and done. They’re going to hit the high points.

Sam tells Jason that they already talked about this. He says it doesn’t feel right. He thinks Kristina is the on ramp, but Sam is Shiloh’s target. Sam say she used to be a con, and knows what she’s looking for. She’ll see it a mile away. Jason says they know his M.O. He gets people to trust them, finds out their vulnerabilities, and uses those against them. Sam says she’s not vulnerable, but Jason says, yes, she is.

Jason says Shiloh knows what she did, but Sam says she did it to take care of her brother. He says Shiloh will use it against her, and he hates that Shiloh can bring back that pain. She says she’s been through worse. He thinks maybe there’s another way. Why shouldn’t he go? Sam says Shiloh will take one look at him, and know he’s not interested. Everyone in the house will be on edge, and no one will open up to her about what’s going on in there. He tells her, be careful. He doesn’t trust this guy. She says, her neither, but Kristina does, and she has to figure out why.

Cameron says, Oscar has never been on the ferry? It’s cool. He suggest they take the north ferry; it goes to Sawyer. Josslyn asks why they’d want to go there, and Cameron says his mom likes it; they have a bunch of antique stores. Josslyn says they also have a high school full of cheating cheaters who cheat. Cameron calls her a sore loser. Their football team lost, and she’s not over it. Josslyn says the referee called a fumble when there wasn’t one. Cameron and Oscar laugh. She says it’s not funny, but Oscar says they’re in awe of her passion and school spirit. He’s glad he’s not from Sawyer, which they won’t be visiting.

Nina tells Valentin if she fusses long enough with the books, she won’t have to deal with Willow. She doesn’t like the way Willow treats Charlotte or her. She couldn’t love Charlotte any more than if Charlotte was her own, and Willow treats her like an inconsequential person in Charlotte’s life, with no real roll. Valentin knows how to fix that.

Finn tells Anna to rest, and she says he’s taking the guardian angel thing too far. He prefers saint, and doesn’t think she should push this. Anna tells him, if she lies down, she’ll get drowsy. Then she’ll close her eyes. Finn says she’s afraid when she opens them, she won’t see. She knows it sounds silly, but he says, it sounds reasonable. She says it would make her feel better if she knew how she got it. She asks if he’s found out anything with his research.

Monica congratulates Laura, who says Monica’s nephew ran an admirable campaign. Monica admits she supported him, but has every faith that Laura will do the city proud. Laura takes it Monica got a call from Alexis, and Monica assumes she did too. Scotty joins them, and tells them they’re gabbing when they have a lot to do, and hustles them in. Alexis tells them, have a seat, and thanks them for coming. She’s the executor, and there to read Gail’s last will and testament. She was instructed not to open the seal until they were all present. Lucy and Serena agreed they could represent them, as well as Leslie, who’s out of the country. She breaks the seal, and opens the envelope.

Sam arrives at Dawn of Day. Kristina is excited she came, and can’t wait to show Sam around. Daisy says it’s good to see her again; she’ll love the seminar. It’s called Unburdening Your Past. Shiloh welcomes everyone; visitors, friends, and wandering souls. It’s good to have them.

At Charlie’s, Drew appreciates Jason meeting him. He asks if Jason heard about Oscar. Jason says he knows the medical trial didn’t work; he’s sorry. Drew says the thing is, he and Oscar’s mother are trying to find a way to help him face the end of his life. Josslyn is a big part of it, and that’s why he needs Jason’s help.

Alexis reads the majority of Gail’s assets are in a trust, managed be a neutral third party. Scotty asks, what about the house, Gail’s book royalties, and personal stuff like his father’s watch? Those things are sentimental to him. Alexis says there will be a codicil to address personal items. There’s an education fund for any children Serena might have, with the hopes someone in the family carries on the tradition of medicine. The trust will be used to further endow mental health services at GH. Monica says, leave it to Gail to think of others. Laura suggests putting her picture on the memorial wall, but Alexis says, not so fast. There’s a catch.

Willow tells Lulu that Chase is stuck, and Lulu says she’ll buy Willow a drink. She can tell Willow all about what it’s like being involved with a detective. She wants to apologize again for Charlotte’s behavior. Willow says she doesn’t have to. As much as they don’t like it, bullying happens. Lulu trusts Charlotte has been an angel since the stern talking to. Willow is silent, and Lulu says, or not. Willow says she thinks another conference is in order, but Lulu says they’re there now.

Valentin tells Nina the last few weeks with her and Charlotte under the same roof is all he wants. He’s never been happier. Nina says, her too. He knows they said they’d take it slowly, and he agrees with that, but they are a family. He sees no reason for an arbitrary waiting period to postpone the inevitable. He asks her to marry him again.

Anna asks what Finn has found out. He says according to his research, the virus has been eradicated. Anna asks why she got it, and Finn says he’s determined who patient zero is. Arthur Cabot, an East German doctor. Anna says, wow, and Finn asks if she knows him. She says she knows of him. He did medical research for the DVX.

Nina asks Valentin if that’s a proposal. He says it’s a proposal for permission to propose. He wants to know they’re on the same page, but he’s afraid if he rushes things he’ll push her away. She tells him to continue. He says he loves her; he always has. He wants to marry her again, and rebuild their family with Charlotte; get on with living their lives as soon as possible. Is she interested? Lulu asks if she can have a moment, and Valentin says they’re busy. She says, it can’t wait. Willow shared troubling news about Charlotte. Willow was hoping to discuss it privately after school, but Valentin says whatever she has to say, she can say to Nina as well. Willow says she’s aware that Charlotte has been struggling with her grade in history; the subject matter doesn’t interest her. She’d been getting C’s, but last week, they had two quizzes, and she got an A on both. Nina asks what the trouble is, and Willow says she’d updated the seating chart. Charlotte is now sitting by her friend, Kendra, and she and Kendra’s quizzes had identical answers. Even the wrong ones. Nina says Kendra must be cheating off of Charlotte, but Lulu says, no. Charlotte is doing the cheating.

Josslyn and Cameron tell Oscar about how amazing the sugar cookies from Eckert’s are. They remember finding a hidden box. They snuck out, ate them all, and fell asleep. Cameron says they must have been in a sugar coma. By the time they got home, everyone was panicked, and they were in so much trouble. Josslyn says you’d think she’d have psychological scars, and hate sugar cookies. Oscar asks why they’ve never been to Eckert’s. Is it a long way out of town. Or in Sawyer? Josslyn says, no. She always wanted to take him there, but figured there was no hurry. Cameron says, okay. They’re going on the south ferry, and go to Eckert’s. What else? Oscar says he’s always wanted to check out the catacombs.

Shiloh thanks them, and tells everyone, the first step in self-actualization is to realize you’re not alone. People are in a constant state of past memories, and responsible for their own lives; no one else’s. He asks Daisy to assist him, and asks, who would like to share a painful memory, unburden themselves, and move on?

Drew tells says Josslyn is a lot like her mother, and Jason agrees. Drew says Oscar doesn’t have a lot of time, and he’s worried Josslyn is costing Oscar time he doesn’t have. Jason asks, how? and Drew says, by encouraging him to look for cure; a miracle that doesn’t exist. Jason isn’t sure what Drew wants him to do. Drew says Carly listens to him. Maybe he can talk to her, and she can explain to Josslyn. Okay I’m not getting this at all, since Josslyn made it clear that wasn’t happening. They were moving on to do fun stuff. Drew needs to get out more, or listen better, or something. I’m also wondering if this is a selfish move because he wants to spend time with Oscar.

At Dawn of Day, the group applauds a guy who shared, and Shiloh asks if anyone else cares to have a session. Kristina says she’ll go. He tells her to close her eyes, and think back to a memory that’s holding her back. One she keeps reliving over and over again. Daisy asks where she is, and Kristina says, her mother’s old house. How old is she? Seventeen. Is she alone? Kristina says, no. Daisy asks, who’s there? Her boyfriend, Kiefer. What’s he doing? He’s angry with her. Why? She blew him off to be with another guy. Daisy asks what he did, and Kristina says, called her a bitch for doing it in a dress he bought for her. What else? He slapped her so hard, she fell to the floor. Daisy asks if she ran away, and Kristina shakes her head. Why? She thought it was her fault. Did she break up with him? No. Did she tell someone? No. Daisy asks, why? Kristina says, she didn’t… and stops. Daisy says she didn’t want to lose him, did she? She was glad he was jealous. Even when he scared her and hurt her, him paying attention to her is what mattered. Sam says, that’s enough, and goes to Kristina.

Scotty asks Alexis, what kind of catch? She says, the hospital will only receive the endowment if the provisions are met. Monica asks if the provisions are listed, but Alexis says, it’s unclear. It says the parties will be summoned back for further instructions. Was Gail channeling Helena?

Nina says, first, Willow accuses Charlotte of bullying, and now she’s saying Charlotte is a cheater. Willow says, Kendra’s test scores have been consistent. If Charlotte is still struggling, she’ll be glad to tutor her. Nina says she definitely wants her stepdaughter tutored by the teacher who thinks she’s a bully and a cheat, and storms off. Valentin tells Willow that he and Charlotte have been studying together. Willow is right, Charlotte is very intelligent. And she’s capable of lifting her scores without cheating.

Sam asks what the hell is wrong with Daisy. Kristina says she was just trying to help, and Sam says, by saying Kristina felt like she mattered when she was being hit? She had no idea the relationship was like that. Sam says she thought Daisy was Kristina’s friend. What’s wrong with her? Kristina says, there’s nothing wrong. She’s carried the shame she’s been living through, and their support is helping her heal. Okay, this makes two people who’s lack of understanding is flummoxing me today. I would think Sam is savvier than this.

Finn tells Anna that he double-checked, and didn’t find any connection between the doctor and the DVX. Anna says, his name came up repeatedly. The DVX was interested in biological weapons; the kind that make the subject sick, or more susceptible to mind control – Faison’s area of expertise. Finn  says, not so random that she contracted the virus, and she says, not at all.

Lulu tells Willow that she and Valentin have differences, but for the most part agree on Charlotte. She believes Valentin has been working with her, and wonders if that’s possibly why she improved her score. It’s also possible Kendra was cheating. Willow says, maybe. She doesn’t know anything for certain, but she doesn’t think Charlotte is being malicious. Lulu asks what Willow thinks would drive her to cheat. Willow says she’s found when young students cheat, they’re motivated by fear of disappointing the adults in their life. Lulu says Charlotte’s family has been through a lot of changes lately. She’s sorry about Nina. She’s hotheaded, but means well. Willow says, clearly, she cares about Charlotte.

Nina tells Valentin that Willow thinks Charlotte is a bad seed. Valentin says he told her that Charlotte has been studying, and lifted her grade without cheating. Nina asks if Willow apologized, but he says he didn’t ask her to. He waned to tell Nina that he’s grateful for her defending Charlotte. Calling Charlotte her stepdaughter means, somewhere in her heart, he’s still her husband.

Scotty wants a closer look, and Alexis gives him the document, saying there’s nothing she hasn’t already shared. He says, so it basically says, to be continued. She’ll let them know when she learns about anything else. Alexis leaves, and Laura says, Gail left them with a mystery to solve. And now that I’ve mentioned it, what ever happened to the mysteries Helena left when she died? If she’s dead, which I’ll never believe. What about that tea pot in the painting?

Kristina tells Sam she brought discord from outside the process. Sam says it’s unfair. She’s dealing with her own trauma. Kristina says they’ll be happy to help her confront it and move on, but she says she’s just taking it in right now. Shiloh says they’ve all been there. He tells everyone it’s a good time to wrap it up. He thanks them for coming, sharing, and opening their hearts. Sam is sorry she embarrassed Kristina. Kristina says she knows it seems strange, but the group is helping her. She and Sam say goodbye. Shiloh thanks Sam for coming. She has one question. How is he qualified to run a self-help group? He says they all have darkness in their past. She should understand that more than most. He hopes she comes back. She says she will.

Drew tells Jason that he’s afraid Josslyn might make things harder. Jason says he’ll talk to Carly, but doesn’t think Drew needs to worry. Josslyn is like her mother, but he thinks she has the courage to face reality, no matter how much it hurts. She might be fighting, but she’ll fight to make sure whatever time Oscar has left is good.

Oscar tells Cameron and Josslyn that there are passageways that date back to the Civil War. Cameron says, cool! They should explore them. Josslyn thinks the entrances were closed off, but Cameron says, not all. At least that’s what he heard. Josslyn says, from who? and he says, some juniors and seniors found a way in. Oscar asks if he knows how, and Cameron smiles.  Yeah. We already know what’s going to happen here.

Tomorrow, Ava says she’s not going anywhere, Nina wants Maxie to be completely honest, and Lulu wonders why Doc has a list of Ryan’s victims.

🌺 I checked out Backyard Envy – another new home design show on Bravo – and I’m liking it. It’s nothing I’d miss Below Deck for, but a beach-inspired rooftop meadow? I’m in. The cast members are likeable as well. A discussion on how many plants sound like STDs made me laugh. One in four men will get eucalyptus this year.

😆 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were a riot on Watch What Happens Live. They’re naturally funny people, but it was extra amusing seeing two relatively big stars discuss reality shows with such seriousness – and accuracy. I bet they’d be fun to watch TV with. I could see them doing People’s Couch.

🍴 I didn’t see Top Chef tonight, because Dr. Phil had a cyber-stalker on. How could I resist that? I did, however, enjoy the hell out of Hell’s Kitchen last Friday. You know it’s bad when Gordon stops everything in the restaurant kitchen, and says, come over here, to everyone on the team. Choclatier Valerie Gordon was a guest, and Trev was out the door, because of what Gordon called his downward spiral. And it was his third time being nominated for apron removal. Gordon told him he just wasn’t ready. He griped on his way out the door, proving Gordon’s point. Piss off seems to be the phrase of the season. Next time, three rookies and three vets will vie for black jackets, and an untimely injury happens.

😲 All I have to say about the end of Dirty John is, wow. It was well worth watching, and if you didn’t, it’s On Demand, and no doubt Bravo will rerun it. The acting is superb, the tension high throughout, and the ending a real shock. Having seen the real life subjects on other shows, I already knew what was going to happen, but it didn’t diminish any of the punch. I made noises out loud. Enjoy the marathon and the ride.

🎂 Happy Birthday, Betty!

Keep enjoying those hot dogs and vodka.


🎶 A Thousand Times Better Than At the Listening Party…

Either Milania woke up, or someone directed the hell out of her. This is actually pretty cute.




January 16, 2019 – Laura Takes the Oath, a Listening Party in NJ, Jax Might Still Be Most Horrible Human, Badass & Bezos, & Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly is on the phone, saying she knows Lucy needs flowers, and she knows Lucy needs room sign the books. She says that part doesn’t fit with budget, and they should talk to Lucy’s primary investor. He’s there and would love to talk to them. She hands the phone to Sonny. He asks how the launch is going, and says he’ll be there. He knows it’s going to be the whole works; French champagne and caviar. He says he’s getting static and can’t hear. He has to go. He tells Carly that she owes him. She says he owes her for hosting the launch. Lucy is almost at Nurses’ Ball level. He promises to make it up to her, but says they have a bigger problem.

Scotty meets Ava in Charlie’s. He says it’s good to see her out and about. She tells him to enjoy it while it lasts. If he does his job right, he won’t be seeing her around.

Curtis comes in, and sits with Stella. He says he hasn’t seen her around lately, and asks if she’s been busy with Mike’s case. She says she has, among others.

Franco tells Aiden a ten-layer chocolate cake is a great idea. They’ll have to buy more pans. Elizabeth is trying to get everyone ready, and tells them Grandma Laura’s inauguration is a big deal. Aiden asks if Charlotte will be there.

On the phone, Peter says, that’s good news, and thanks Anna for telling him. Lulu is waiting, and says she can’t get anyone – on or off the record – to tell her anything about connecting the crimes. He says if the PCPD won’t confirm it, they’ll say it’s just a rumor. It’s not newsworthy, and he doesn’t publish rumors. If she can’t get the PCPD to talk about it, she has to find someone who will.

Mac and Jordan approach Maxie. Jordan tells her to cancel Lucy’s event before it becomes a crime scene.

Before the inauguration, Laura sees not-Doc. She didn’t think he’d come. He says he supported her candidacy, and he supports her as mayor. She asks why he’s there, and he says to help save her administration from failing before it gets off the ground. She didn’t realize it was in danger. He says she needs to take office with a clean slate. They need to finalize their divorce.

Elizabeth tells Aiden that she doesn’t know if Charlotte will be there. She’s Grandma Laura’s grandchild too, so she wouldn’t be surprised. Franco thinks Aiden should bring some of his awesome cookies. It’s the way to open people’s hearts, and Laura might snag a second term because of his baking. The chocolate chip are his though. Elizabeth says, five minutes. Cameron says he’ll believe it when he sees it. Cameron asks Jake, what’s up with Aiden and Charlotte? and Jake tells him, ask Aiden. Cameron says he’s asking him. Obviously, he knows something. Jake says, Charlotte has been bullying Aiden.

Scotty asks if Ava invited him out to put him to work, instead of for his sparkling personality and companionship. She thought that came with the service, but he says there’s an extra charge. She says she’ll pay him double if he works quickly. She needs him to oversee the sale of her penthouse and the gallery with all its contents.

Curtis asks Stella if there’s been more friction with Marcus over Yvonne. She says everything was smoothed over. Marcus and Sonny came to terms.  Yvonne is staying put, and her friendship with Mike proceeds uninhibited. He says, that’s good news. She says it’s not easy on Marcus, and Curtis says, but it’s a blessing that he has her for support. She doesn’t think he sees it that way.

Scotty asks if Ava is downsizing, but she says, migrating. He says, she’s leaving town? She tells him, if all goes well. He hopes wherever she’s going, she has friends. It’s hard to be alone, and nowhere she wants to be. She says she didn’t say she was going to be alone.

Not-Doc tells Laura that he Initiated the divorce, but he’s yet to hear from her lawyer. She says she’s engaged Alexis. He says, then they can proceed. She says, another time, but he says it sets the wrong tone for her administration. Why start with a lie? She says he’s worried about her reputation, yet he pushed for a public separation in the middle of her campaign. He’s worried people will think they have a working marriage. She says she thought they did. He knows it’s difficult to look past one’s own preconceptions to a new role. She tells him his request will have to wait.

Lulu tells Peter that she has plenty to go on. She can compare and contrast the murders, and get comments from people in town. He says she can’t write about it without saying the PCPD thinks there’s a connection. She says her readers deserve to know about the person who’s already murdered three people, especially when their lives are on the line. He tells her to write the story after the inauguration. She can write what she wants, but it’s his call as to what gets published. She’s not worried.

Sonny tells Carly that Ava wants to move; start someplace new. Carly says, not with Avery, and he says that’s what he told her. Carly says Ava shouldn’t let that stop her from moving; she’ll even drive the truck. Sonny says she wanted him to agree to extended visits; months. Carly says she’s not disrupting Avery’s life, and if Ava takes her for an extended visit, they’ll have to hire Spinelli and Brick to track her down. They hear a bunch of noise coming from upstairs.

Jordan tells Maxie it’s not the right time for a book that celebrates Port Charles. Lulu blows in, saying the cleaner screwed up her dress. She asks if Maxie can hook her up. Mac asks if she can convince Maxie to cancel. They’re concerned the killer will use the venue to pose another victim. Maxie says, it’s a book signing, not a huge event or holiday. They’ll be fine, right? Lulu doesn’t know. She takes out her phone, and puts it on record. She asks the commissioner what she thinks.

Not-Doc asks if Laura is really fighting him on this. He thought they’d agreed. She says she’s asking him to be patient. He says he was, when she was playing nursemaid to Spencer. She says, he had two broken legs, and Spencer was part of the package. He’s acting like she sprang Spencer on him. Not-Doc says Spencer needs supervision for more than being clumsy. He says it’s obviously over, and she says he’s not concerned about her. He wants to finalize it so he can play house with Ava.

Scotty tells Ava not to say she’s taking Dr. Filthy with her. She says, okay; she won’t say it. He says housing is down market, and she’ll have to settle. She says she can’t leave without Avery, and he says she might as well put her feet up and get comfy. There’s no way Sonny will let her leave the state line, let alone to another country. Ava says they have shared custody, but Scotty says the agreement has no wiggle room. The only way she’ll take Avery is over Sonny’s dead body.

Curtis says Stella helped Marcus make peace with Sonny, and she must take comfort that Yvonne and Mike are staying. She tells him it created distance between her and Marcus, but it’s not her he’s really angry at.

Mike flies downstairs. Sonny asks why he’s tearing his room apart, and Carly asks what he’s looking for; they can help. He can’t understand what happened to it. He’s lost his watch. His wife, Adele gave it to him. He promised to show it to Yvonne, and he can’t find it. Mike gets more agitated, saying he always keeps it with him, and now it’s gone. Sonny takes it out of a desk drawer, and gives it to him. He says when Mike was at the hospital, he asked Sonny to hold on to it. Mike says, that’s not true. Give it back. Sonny says Mike was afraid he’d lose it, and Mike calls him a liar.

Cameron says, Charlotte has is bullying Aiden? Jake says, was, but he thinks other kids might be messing with him. They think he’s a weirdo. Cameron says, and Jake is letting it go? Jake asks what he’s supposed to do. Cameron says, if it’s a boy, beat him up. If it’s a girl, tell on them. Girls hate being in trouble. Jake says he doesn’t beat up people, and they’ll think he’s a snitch. Cameron didn’t say it was easy. Aiden is his little brother. It’s his responsibility to protect him. Jake says he’ll try, but he can’t follow Aiden around. Elizabeth tells them it’s time to leave.

Jordan tells Lulu, no comment at this time. Lulu asks if Maxie if Jordan indicated the timing is linked to major holidays and big events. Maxie says she’s not getting in middle. Lulu asks if there’s something about event she thinks will draw the killer out. Maxie says Lucy is going to kill her. Jordan tells Maxie that Nathan would say she should cancel. Lulu says how dare she? Today is Nathan and Maxie’s wedding anniversary.

Peter tells Mac that he cares for Maxie, and Mac says, then it’s time to step up. Peter says he can’t be everywhere at once, but he’s doing everything to insure Maxie’s safety. Mac says, take Lulu off the story.

Not-Doc admits he want the freedom be with Ava, but quick and painless is best for everyone. It’s not fair to hold a failed marriage over their heads. She says she’s minutes away from the Oath of Office. Once she’s mayor, she will dive into every issue, not the least of which is the serial killer. He tells her to let the police sort it out, but she says the divorce will have to wait. The people are her first priority. He says, or is she dragging her feet over a commitment to a lost cause? Namely, their marriage.

Ava asks Scotty, what are the odds of Sonny dropping dead? and he says, not good. People have been trying to kill him for twenty-five years, and had no luck. He suggests she stay. Let her friends help her get on with her life. She asks why he won’t help her, and he says he’ll give her some free advice – drop it. He’s been there, and knows it’s tough, but she’ll learn to live with it. She says she has a chance to start over with Doc, and Scotty wonders if it’s Doc’s big idea. She says, what if it is?

Curtis says Marcus has a right to his anger and grief, but no right to take it out on Stella. He wants to give that cat a piece of his mind. Stella says he’ll do no such thing. Curtis says she was doing Marcus a favor, but she doubts Marcus would agree. Curtis tells her, when it’s all said and done, he’ll realize what he had in her, and he’ll be sorry he hurt her. Stella asks what Curtis thinks she is to Marcus.

Mike says how dare Sonny. Carly says he was just holding it, but Mike says Sonny took it from his room. He wants Sonny arrested. Sonny says it’s his house, and Mike asks Carly what kind of operation she’s running; letting trash like that go in and out of the rooms. What’s her cut? How many people misplace valuables? Carly says, this is his son, but Mike says he doesn’t have a son. Sonny tells him, go upstairs, and Mike says don’t touch him. Sonny can’t have his watch. He punches Sonny, as well as my heart. Mike tells Sonny not to go behind his back; fight like a man. Carly tells Mike to go to his room or she’ll have him thrown out. Or does he want to lose his deposit? Mike tells Sonny, if he sees Mike coming, walk the other way.

Peter tells Mac it’s in the public’s best interest to be informed. Mac thinks they’re more interested in staying alive. Peter says they’re more prepared if they have the facts. Mac says if the theory is that the recent murders were inspired by Ryan, where did the killer get that? Peter tells him to read The Invader, and he’ll find out.  Mac asks him to keep Ryan out of the story a little longer. If the killer knows they’re on to him and his M.O., he might stay two steps ahead of them. The more time they have to study the case, the better chance of catching him. Peter understands Ryan was obsessed with Felicia. Mac says, and Felicia still lives there. If he is a copycat, she and Maxie are both targets. It’s the best edge they have. He tells Peter, for Maxie’s sake, bury the story.

Lulu says how dare Jordan use Nathan’s name to get something from Maxie. Today of all days. Jordan says she didn’t realize it was their anniversary, and Maxie says, it’s okay. She didn’t know. She’s right to try to protect the people, but wrong about what Nathan would say. He’d say, life must go on, and not to live in fear. If they make their world smaller, they’re letting the killer win.

Curtis tells Stella that Marcus should be grateful she’s back in his life. Stella says he’s over-estimating their connection. They have bittersweet memories, and it’s better left that way.

Ava tells Scotty her relationship is off limits. He says, Doc is married to Laura. She says, they’re separated. He knows she’s been in a bad place, and he’s been there for her. Scotty tells her, consider the source. He’s willing to completely sacrifice his relationship. Does she think he’ll treat her better? She says she thought he’d be glad she’s happy, or at least not drowning in vodka. He says she can do better, and she says, with who? Him?

Laura tells not-Doc, surrendering her marriage is hard. She still loves the man she said her vows to, and despite evidence to the contrary, believes he still exists. Not-Doc says perhaps he’s not the man she thought he was in the first place. She asks what he means, and he says he’s sorry he didn’t live up to her image of him. Perhaps if they’d spent more time together before, they might have realized they’re not a good fit. She doesn’t challenge him. They don’t play with the same stakes. She doesn’t even understand the game.

Carly checks on Sonny, but he says he’s got it. He doesn’t want Avery upset, but Carly says she’s playing in her room and didn’t notice anything. She says they have to talk, and he says, these things happen. They were warned there would be aggression. Carly says, being told doesn’t make the reality any less jarring. He’s sorry she saw that. She’s sorry he went through it. What if comes after Sonny again? What if Sonny has to defend himself? He’s stronger than Mike. Sonny says he can land a punch that sends a message, but Carly says, how will he deal with the aftermath? He’s a survivor of domestic violence. How will it feel if he has to go that far?

Ava asks Scotty if the cross-examination is about what’s good for her or him? and he says, maybe both. She says he’s had plenty of opportunities to speak his mind. He says he didn’t think she’d listen. She says she’s with Doc. He brought her back from the brink. Scotty says he’ll push her over the brink. Is running off with him worth going to war with Sonny? Not-Doc walks in. Ava says they just finished their business, and Scotty was leaving. Scotty says he hears they’re leaving for parts unknown. Doc says a change of scenery can be therapeutic. Scotty calls it relocating, and accuses not-Doc of what the shrinks call avoidance. Not-Doc says that’s why he’s a psychiatrist, and Scotty isn’t. He asks if Scotty is planning a memorial, and tells Ava that Scotty’s stepmother died. Ava says she’s sorry, and not-Doc says if Scotty needs someone to talk to, his door is open. Scotty says, see ya, Ava. Good luck.

At the inauguration, Jordan congratulates Laura. Everyone takes selfies, shakes her hand, or hugs her. Elizabeth runs up with the boys, and they hug. A man takes the podium, and says it’s his pleasure to administer the Oath of Office for Port Charles’s new mayor, Laura Collins. Laura begins to get sworn in, but when she’s about to say her own name, she flashes back to not-Doc asking her why she’s wearing her ring, and her telling him that they’re separated, not divorced. She asks for a moment. She doesn’t want to take the Oath this way. She doesn’t want begin her administration with any misconception. So in full disclosure… She says, sorry about the timing, and asks to begin again. When she gets to her name, she says, she, Laura Webber, swears to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of New York, and the Charter of the City of Port Charles, and faithfully discharge the duties of Mayor of the City of Port Charles, to the best of her ability. So help her, God. The man says, congratulations, Madam Mayor. Everyone applauds.

Elizabeth tells Laura, it’s a good day for the Webber clan. She’s glad she’s there. So is Laura. Aiden passes out cookies. Stella says, they’re delicious, and he tells her that he made them. She predicts a glorious future as a baker.

Cameron asks Franco, what’s with the baking? Franco says Aiden likes it, and he’s good at it. Does Cameron have a problem with it? Cameron says, he doesn’t, but other kids might think he’s weird. Franco says cookies are a win for everybody. Cameron says he’s not ashamed; what he is, is worried. At home they can build Aiden up, but that doesn’t change how others treat him.

Curtis sees Jordan, and she asks if he had coffee with Stella. He says Sonny and Marcus worked it out, and Jordan says, it worked out for everyone. Curtis says, except Stella.

Lulu says Laura took off her ring, and Laura says, it was past time. Doc showed up with the final divorce papers right before the ceremony. Lulu says never in a million years would she believe Doc would do this to her. Laura says, her neither. Lulu says she’s there for her if she needs to talk.

Peter finds Maxie and Lulu, and Maxie asks if Peter is coming to the book signing. He says he thought they’d think twice about a public event right now. Lulu says she can do some interviews for the article, but Peter says it would be a waste of time to write it. He’s changed his mind. He’s going with his first instinct, and not running the story.

Laura tells Jordan that she wants a full briefing about the serial killer on her desk within the hour. Wow. Cracking the whip already.

Not-Doc tells Ava, Laura agreed to a quick divorce. It will be over soon. No muss, no fuss. Ava says, that’s great, and, noting her lack of enthusiasm, he says, is it? She says, as much as she wants to go away, Scotty gave her a reality check. Sonny will keep Avery by any means necessary. She can’t leave without Avery. Not-Doc asks, why doesn’t he have a go at this? She doesn’t want drag him in, but he says he’s exactly where he wants to be.

Carly tells Sonny that she wants to discuss this. Her phone rings. It’s not-Doc, who apologizes for his behavior. She was right. The murders have taken their toll on him. It’s no excuse, but he hopes she forgives him. She says, apology accepted. She says she could have been more understanding. He says recent events have everyone on edge, and she says, ain’t that the truth? He’s happy make time to talk, and she says, it couldn’t have come at a better time. There’s something she’d like to discuss, but Sonny will have to come. He says, no problem. Does she have time today?

Tomorrow, Valentin tells Nina that he knows a way to fix it, Oscar is planning a future with Josslyn, and Willow wants another conference with Lulu.

🎧 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa was perplexed about how fruit has sugar, when it’s grown from the ground. Or is it grown on trees? Since they were trapped on a bus, headed to a wine tasting, Jennifer accosted Jackie about the article. Because phones yield all evidence, Jackie read the offending passage, and I didn’t get how Jennifer was finding it negative. Neither did anyone else. She used the word spoiled, but even that wasn’t in a bad way. Long article short, Jackie said she was also guilty of giving her kids everything, and hoped [Jennifer’s kids] remained the sweet kids she met. So…  If you’re going to stir the pot, at least make sure there is one. Pantygate had better back-up.

At the wine tasting, I felt sorry for Teresa. I thought, oh come on, what’s a taste, but I do know how strict you have to be when you compete. She said Milania was passionate about her music, but I’m not seeing this. She also invited the ladies to Milania’s listening party. Marge made the mistake of telling Jennifer that she couldn’t relate culturally to a set-up marriage (arranged is offensive; set up is okay), and a somewhat drunk Jennifer called it a pattern that both The Marge and Marge Sr. slept with a married man. Somehow, Jackie diffused the situation by saying what really matters is everyone found someone to love. Teresa needed a vacation, so she and Melissa decided on Cabo after the competition, and of course were inviting the other women. No one was looking forward to Danielle and Marge crossing paths for the first time since Bimini.

While getting ready for the party, Milania told Teresa to watch out; she was going to make more money than her. <snort!> Much to her delight, Fetty Wap showed up to wish Milania well, and she showed more enthusiasm for him than I’ve seen in any of her performances. I’m actually wondering if she got roped into this. By Andy. Milania and friends sleepwalked their way through their number, something about growing up. Even though it lacked spark, she blew the place up. Maybe her hunger for the stage is in her head, and everyone is receiving it by mental telepathy. Danielle had told Teresa that Marge said not to trust her or Melissa. Melissa and Marge confronted Danielle at the party, because it was the appropriate place. Marge said Danielle didn’t know who to trust, and she’d told her, don’t trust anybody then. She demanded to know why Danielle twisted her words when she’d never singled anyone out. Delores identified, and felt vindicated. Joes #2 and #3, and Marty, kibitzed in the background. Joe #2, who can be sane when he wants to be, didn’t think Marge would say something like that, but Marty argued that Marge was jealous because Danielle was so blindingly gorgeous. Maybe he’s bucking to be the new Peter. Marge was done, and called Danielle diabolical.

Next time, Teresa’s competition and the ladies go to Cabo.

🍔 You Mean It Isn’t?

…Jax found out that Tom and Ariana were saying that maybe Jax is still shaken up by his dad’s death, could possibly get bored with his engagement to Brittany, and would thusly return to his sociopathic ways. I mean, they might have a point, given that Jax thinks the definition of being a gentleman is making his girlfriend a sandwich and buying her tampons.


🌌 To Round Out the Meal…

Some midweek quotes, and a little info.

Badass, to me, means doing what should be done in a situation because it’s what’s needed and maybe you’re the person to do it, and if not, how do you get to the person who needs to do it? And not needing to be liked or think you need to be liked so much. I was likable, and [now] I don’t really give a sh*t about that. – Melissa McCarthy

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded,Ralph Waldo Emerson. Supposedly, Jeff Bezos has this taped on his fridge, however…  Bezos attributes the quote to Ralph Waldo Emerson, but this has been debunked many times. And although the exact origins have still not been settled, the prevailing thought is that it is derived from a 1904 poem by Bessie Anderson Stanley.

More on that here:


💻 This About Sums It Up…



January 15, 2019 – Anna’s Bandages are Removed, Benny Leaves the Hospital, the Deck Goes Gold & Lullaby


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The way they show the pictures in the new show opening, it’s like they’re flipping through cards.

At the hospital, Anna needs to know if it worked. Will she be able to see?

Elizabeth wants to buy something to bring to the bake sale, but Aiden says that’s cheating. They’re raising money to save the planet, and it should be all natural ingredients. Franco says if he wants to, they’ll bake from scratch. They need to check their supplies. He tells Elizabeth to go ahead. What could go wrong?

Josslyn finds Cameron in the chapel, sleeping and covered in flyers. She startles him, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says, waiting for Oscar. What’s he doing there? Is he on drugs?

At the hospital, Monica tells Michael that the service for Gail was meaningful. She was laid to rest next to Lee. They had many good years together, and loved each other very much. Michael says Monica has a lot on her plate, and needs to take time for herself. He suggests they take a day, and see a play in the city. Monica says he’s sweet, but she can’t leave with everything going on with Oscar. Michael says, sometimes we have to force ourselves to get away. You can’t help anyone else unless you take care of yourself. Monica says that’s something Gail used to say to her – a lot. She was lucky to have Gail by her by side, and she’s lucky to have him now. Gail made her realize it’s important to show up, even when it seems like the world has cut you off at the knees.

Willow comes into Charlie’s and tells Julian, before he asks, she didn’t pick the place. One of her student’s parent wanted to meet there. Julian says it’s not good for her to be there. She’s too close to the people connected to her son. She says, maybe, but it’s unavoidable. A lot of people there have ties to the baby she gave up.

Kim wants speak Terry alone before Oscar gets there. She tells Terry to be direct and as candid as possible. Oscar has some tough questions about what comes next. She and Drew discussed it, and they want complete transparency. If he’s brave enough to ask tough questions, they have to be brave enough to give him the truth.

Alexis sees Oscar, and says it’s good to see him out of the hospital bed. He says it’s good to be out. He tells her, nothing has changed since the last time. He wants to finish his will. She hugs him. She says she’s sorry the treatment didn’t work out. He says he’ll call her. He has an important meeting to go to right now.

Cameron tells Josslyn that he’s not doing drugs. He has to go to counseling sessions, and has a ridiculous amount of community service to do for his probation. She asks why he’s on probation, and he asks if she remembers when he was wearing a suit. He had to go to court because he got busted buying weed.

Julian thinks Willow should consider something. It might be easier for her to leave Port Charles; start somewhere else without the reminders. She says it’s not an out of sight out of mind situation. It won’t make her forget her son. Julian says he’s not hers son. He’s Lucas and Brad’s son. She says, legally, that’s true, but her heart says differently.

⚠There’s a mini-emergency here, so I miss the next part. It wasn’t that long, and I didn’t have time to fill it in later.⚠

Anna tells Chase to take his brother for coffee; he’s hovering. Griff seconds that, and when they’re gone, Anna tells him it was a good plan. He says it was her idea, but she says it was perfectly executed. If his career in medicine doesn’t work out, there’s a place for him in counter-intelligence can tell her how much damage to eyes

Oscar asks if he’s late, but Kim says she wanted to talk to Terry first. He asks, what about? and she says, no agenda. She wanted to make sure Oscar’s questions were answered directly, no matter how difficult they are. Terry says she’ll do her best, and Oscar says he’s ready. Terry asks where he wants to begin. He asks what it will be like when he’s dying.

Chase tells Finn, slow down. When Anna sent them for coffee, she didn’t mean a thirty-second dash to the vending machine. Finn wants to be by her side, but Chase says that’s what he wants; not Anna. She wants space and to know she’s being taken care of. She’s worried about him, and this is her way of taking care of him. Finn says it’s thoughtful – and annoying. How did Chase get dragged in? Chase says someone Finn cares about is sick, and she thought he could use some support.

Griff tells Anna the surgery went well. She’s stopped hemorrhaging, but he can’t predict when and if her sight will be fully restored. He’s going to remove the bandages, and she can check with the optic surgeon when he comes in. She understands. She’s glad Finn went out; he was hovering all over. He tells her, stop pretending she doesn’t enjoy it, but she says, it’s not fair. Griff says she’s a force of nature. She’s lucky to have someone like Finn to fuss over her. She asks if Griff is okay. It has to be hard for him too. He’s right. She’s lucky she has Finn. He’s used to taking charge, but how does he know this isn’t more than bargained for? He’s very particular. Griff says that’s her fear talking. Finn is totally in love with her, and unflinchingly by her side. She’s the one who got more than she bargained for.

Willow tells Elizabeth there’s been no recent evidence of bullying. Elizabeth asks if she thinks it’s over. Willow says Aiden still prefers to avoid the other kids. He might not want to be around them for some time. Elizabeth asks if she thinks other kids might be bullying him. Willow says, it’s possible. Kids will bully out of teacher range. Elizabeth doesn’t understand why the kids would turn on Aiden. She wonders if there’s something making him a target.

Alexis needs to talk to Julian. He asks what he did now. She tells him to put aside his misguided nobility, and see Kim.

Cameron tells Josslyn how he got arrested. She asks why he didn’t call her. Sonny’s lawyer could have gotten him off in five minutes. She doesn’t know how many times Diane has gotten charges dropped. He wishes he’d known that. His mom got Alexis, and they had an unfriendly judge. He got probation. Garbage pick-up, hospital work, and drug counseling. He doesn’t do drugs, but doesn’t want blow his future with the soccer team. He tells her to stop laughing. She says he cared enough to do that for Oscar; it’s awesome. He says now that Oscar is feeling better, he’ll never live it down. She says she knows Oscar didn’t want tell him, and she’s sorry that it was kept secret, especially since he got arrested. Oscar is never getting better.

Oscar says If he understands what’s coming, he won’t be so afraid. He can prepare as much as possible. He asks if his headaches will be more painful. Terry says they’ll manage the pain with medication, but they will get more severe. He asks about his balance. Will he start falling over? She says, eventually he may have difficulty maintaining his balance. He asks, what about having a stroke? Losing the ability to walk and talk. She says, they’re all possibilities. The symptoms differ in each patient. He might feel normal for a long time. She can’t give a definite answer. He gets up, and Kim asks, what’s the longest a someone with a similar prognosis has survived? Terry says, seven to eight months, and Kim says, the shortest? Terry says, six weeks. Oscar’s water bottle falls out of his hands. Kim goes to him, and hugs him.

Willow tells Elizabeth that kids can form a pack mentality, singling out one child. Aiden is a sweet kid. He takes care of the class Guinea pig, he likes to read, and he’s not into games. He’s taking steps to discover his own identity, and needs the freedom to do that. Elizabeth says they’ve been trying to give that to him. He lives in a non-traditional family. They’re very open, but still want to protect him. Willow says Elizabeth is a caring, involved mother, and Elizabeth says, it’s hard to watch. Willow wants Elizabeth to be assured that she’s monitoring the situation. She tells Elizabeth, remember it’s just one chapter in his life. This too shall pass. Elizabeth hopes it’s soon. She just wants him to be happy.

Aiden explains baking to Franco as he sifts flour. Franco is impressed, and asks where he learn to bake; TV? Aiden says, some. There are books in the library too. He asks if next time, they can make a three-layer chocolate cake. Franco is blown away, and asks why he didn’t tell them he liked baking so much. Aiden puts down the sifter. Franco says at Aiden’s age, he was into drawing. He didn’t tell anyone because he thought it was his special thing. Why he didn’t Aiden tell? Aiden says he didn’t want be laughed at again.

Alexis tells Julian that she ran into Oscar. He asks how Oscar is doing, and she says he needs to call Kim. He asks if the trial’s not working. Oscar is dying? Alexi says Kim needs him. He says she has Drew, but Alexis repeats that she needs Julian. Of all the times for him to back away, this is not a good time.

Josslyn tells Cameron the trial didn’t work. There’s nothing else the doctors can do for Oscar. Cameron sits down. He calls himself an idiot. He went on and on, saying Oscar was an inspiration because he beat cancer. Josslyn thinks Oscar didn’t want to tell him because Cameron had thought he won, and for a moment, Oscar wanted to pretend like he did. Cameron thought Oscar would never die; they’d be able to save him. Josslyn did too. He puts his arm around her, and asks if there’s anything he can do for her or Oscar. She says, just be a friend. He says always he’s there for them both, and she tells him, just stay out of jail.

Kim tells Oscar that he forgot something, and gives him the journal. He says at best, he has six months, probably less, but she tells him, don’t put a clock on it. Cross as many things off the list as possible. She’ll help him do it. She tells him, go be with Josslyn; have fun. He says he loves her. She says she loves him too, and hugs him. He leaves, and I think, this is depressing.

Finn asks if Chase has heard from the schoolteacher, and Chase says she was his date for New Year’s Eve. Finn says he’s totally blushing; he must really like her. Chase thinks so, but Finn never told him what made Anna go blind. Finn says, smooth topic change. Chase says he still wants to know, and Finn says, probably a virus. He’s waiting to get the results back. Griff comes out, and says he’s taking the bandages off. Anna wants Finn with her.

Elizabeth thanks Willow for meeting with her. Aiden is lucky to have such a thoughtful teacher. She has a gift for children. Elizabeth leaves, and gets a text when she’s outside. She says, bio what?

Franco and Aiden sit in front of the television. Aiden asks if they can watch the video where they make breakfast. He asks if Franco wants to watch with him, and Franco says, you better believe it.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she had plans to go to Mexico, New Zealand, and Kansas, where there’s a surgeon who works on inoperable tumors. While she was looking at cures, she got a weird familiar feeling. She asks if he remembers a tournament where they were losing badly. She wasn’t in the game because she’d hurt her ankle. She was on the sidelines, and imagining plays in her head where they would score points. She scored twenty-one points all by herself. It was unrealistic, wishful thinking to avoid the fact they lost. So when she was looking for cures online, she realized what she was doing. She was avoiding facing the fact that this is it. Oscar is going to die. Cameron asks if she stopped looking. She says they decided not to waste the time Oscar has left. They’re just going to make the best out of every day. Cameron gets a text, and says he’s late. If he doesn’t get home, his mom will kill him. He doesn’t want to leave her, but she says, Oscar is coming. He tells her that he’s there for the both of them, and leaves.

Monica sees Kim, and says she heard about Oscar. She’s so sorry. Kim thanks her for being so welcoming. Being part of the Quartermaine family meant the world to Oscar. Monica says it’s been a joy getting to know her grandson, and thanks Kim for sharing him with her. She’ll treasure the times they’ve spent together always. She asks how Kim is, but Kim doesn’t know what to do. Monica understands. There’s no guide book for parents on how to deal with a child’s death. Kim asks, how does she let go of her son?

Griff tells Anna, try and be patient, and takes the bandages off. She can see, but it’s blurry. Finn says, give it a moment; keep breathing. Her vision clears, and she tells him he has beautiful eyes. She cries, and thanks Griff.

Elizabeth walks in the door, and says, it smells yummy. Franco asks Aiden if he’s ready to unveil his creations. He lifts the napkins on the plates, and says, chocolate chip, oatmeal, and sugar cookies with sprinkles. Franco says, he’s a kitchen prodigy. Now she understands the text. Franco says, sorry about the mess. Cameron comes in, and asks if Elizabeth baked. She says, not her, his brother. She asks how counseling was, and he says, okay. Aiden gives him a cookie. He tastes it, and says, dude, this is really good.

Michael sees willow at Charlie’s. He says he’s missed her at meetings, and she tells him that she hasn’t been going as much. He says, that’s good right? That means she’s found peace?

Kim looks in the window, and almost runs into Julian. He says he was out getting marshmallows. There’s been a run on hot chocolate. He heard about Oscar, and he’s so sorry. She is too, and he says Oscar is a good kid. He loves her so much. Maybe she can take comfort in that. She says, for the jerk who slept with someone else, he sure is a good guy. He invites her in for a hot chocolate.

Chase tells Finn that he’s glad Anna is better, but he has to get going. He’s meeting someone. He asks Finn to tell Anna that he’s happy for her. Finn says he hopes Chase and someone have fun. Chase is glad he was there, and Finn says, him too.

Griff says Anna is looking good; no permanent trauma. He looks at her chart, and says it’s strange. He doesn’t recognize some of the markers. He says maybe Finn will have better luck.

Oscar apologizes for making Josslyn wait, but she doesn’t mind. He’s sorry they haven’t had much time lately. She says a lot of people want time with him. He starts to tell her something about what Terry said, but she interrupts. She says, not to be rude, but they’re on her time now, and there’s only one thing she wants to know. They have the whole afternoon ahead; what does he want to do?

Finn looks at Anna’s chart, and she asks him, what is it? He says, a virus he’s never seen North America. She wonders how she got it, but he doesn’t know. She asks if he thinks someone gave it to her intentionally, but he wonders, what would be the point? She asks if he doesn’t know what caused it at all, and he admits he doesn’t.

Elizabeth can’t believe how happy Aiden is. Franco says she should have seen him baking. He was so excited and chatty; full of tips and facts. He’s ready for his own cooking show. Elizabeth doesn’t know how she missed this. Franco thinks Aiden was keeping to himself. He thinks they need to stop worrying about Aiden fitting in, and let Aiden be Aiden. Elizabeth tells him that’s kind of what his teacher said too. Cameron asks Aiden the tablet password. Aiden tells him it’s donut, but the O is a zero and D is capitalized. Cameron logs on, but says he changed his mind. It’s a stupid game. Aiden shows him a cookbook, and Cameron asks about making macaroons. Aiden says it’s a lot of steps. Cameron seems distracted.

Chase meets Willow outside of Charlie’s. He tells her he’s sorry he’s late, but she says she finished her meeting; he’s right on time. From inside, Michael sees them through the window.

Julian sits with Kim, and the sip hot chocolate. He asks if it’s better than a cortado, but she’s not sure. She thinks maybe this is the secret; just staying in the moment, and not thinking about the future.

Josslyn and Oscar go through the journal. She sees he snuck in the dog show, but he’s willing to forego it, if they can take make own pottery class off. Why doesn’t she want to go to the dog show? He definitely wants to do power boating under the stars, and she says she’ll check the dates. He says this one is non-negotiable, pointing to the 16th. It says be with Joss, and she says, totally non-negotiable. Is he ready to get started? Oscar says, let’s do this.

Tomorrow, Peter tells Lulu if the PCPD won’t talk, find someone who will; Laura declines not-Doc’s request; Ava tells Scotty that he’s not going to see her anymore; and Mike tells Sonny, if he sees Mike coming, walk the other way.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Candace asks how Benny is. Mitch says, that’s the president, but Charles says, not yet. Candace wants to see the doctor, but Hanna says he’s in surgery; don’t bother that man. Charles introduces himself. He’s sorry for the circumstances. Hanna asks how Candace met him, and he tells her, through a mutual friend. He’s pretty fond of her. Hanna says, is that right? Charles says Candace told him a lot about he; good things. Hanna says she voted for him because she thought he was honest and decent. Now she knows he’s a politician. Candace tells her that she said Hanna was a wonderful grandmother and protected Candace’s son with her own life.

They wait. Candace says Hanna was an amazing grandmother. Her son would be alive if Hanna wasn’t so amazing. Hanna is like, what? She says she’s still Candace’s mother, and will still slap the piss out of her. Candace says Hanna has no respect for class. Hanna says Candace sent that man to her house, and Candace says she has no idea what Hanna is talking about. Hanna asks Charles if he has any idea who he’s sitting next to. He says he thinks he does, and Hanna says he has people do background checks and knows everything there is to know? He says he does, and she says, and he’s still sitting there? He says, yeah. She tells him, it will be an interesting four years. He says they’re open for eight, but Hanna says he’s sitting with Candace. He’ll get four. If he’s lucky, two. Landon thinks it’s a good time to go to the children’s ward. Charles wants to stay with Candace, and Candace asks if there’s anything else Hanna wants to tell him. Hanna says, he’ll find out what there is to know.

Charles says when he was in law school, there was a fascinating case. A mother and daughter were locked in a battle over the father’s ashes. They spent tons of money and hours going at each other, and missed great moments in each other’s lives. After eighteen years, the mother got tired, and gave the daughter the ashes. The daughter put them on a shelf, and cried for days. Not over the ashes. She realized they’d been fighting over something dead and gone; over. She’d wasted the best years of her life; they both did, fighting over the past

Veronica’s doorbell rings. We see the elusive Alice! Veronica asks if she heard the damn door, and she also wants another drink. Whoever is at the door can wait. Alice starts fixing her drink, and Veronica asks if she washed her hands. Alice says she did, but Veronica wants to check. She says Alice’s nails are filthy; go clean them. She’ll get the door. She grumbles the whole way, and gets herself a drink.

RK walks in, and asks what’s wrong with her? She says she’s fine. She wants him to help her get her son. She asks if he saw Jeffrey at the hospital, and he says, it was crawling with secret service; he doesn’t know why. She says he was supposed to get her son. He takes her drink out of her hand, and tells her that he’ll take her ass in a minute. She says she’s not in the mood, and tells him, get out. He says he’s famished, and knows the fridge is full. Veronica says she’s not playing. Alice comes back, and RK asks her to please get him something to eat. He suggests they go to the kitchen together. Veronica says Alice doesn’t wash her hands. He says they’ll take care of that. Veronica says, little boy thinks he’s a man.

Jim tells one of the hotel staff to open the door, but the guy says Mrs. Cryer is already in there. Jim walks in on Kathryn’s threesome and asks if she’s serious. She says, hello, Jim. Jim tells Roderick and Rocky to get their asses out of bed right now. Kathryn says they’re not going anywhere, but Jim says if they don’t get out, he’ll burn the building to the ground with their sorry butts in it. They jet, and Kathryn tells them, same time next week. Jim asks what the hell is the matter with her? She says, him. He tells her that she’s lost her mind, but she says she’s just keeping up. He says they don’t want her, but she doesn’t care; her body wanted them. He says they have a problem, and she says they always do. That’s why she needed a break. She understands why he does this now; it took her mind off of everything. He tells her that Sarah was at their house; his informant. Kathryn says, another one of his whores? She thinks that’s fourteen now. She’s only had five or six, and has a lot of catching up. He says Sarah was wearing a wire, and knows about the bullets. Kathryn says, her word against his, but he says, someone is going to jail. He can guarantee it. Maybe he should let them haul her ass to prison. She says, it might be a welcome relief. She says she doesn’t care. If she goes, they all go. She tells him to figure it out. They wore her out and she loved it. She wasted a lot of time, and should have gotten young boys a long time ago. As Jim walks out, she tells him to send them back.

Roderick tells Rocky that he has a plan. If he plays it right… Rocky says that woman is going to use him. Roderick says, not if he uses her first. Jim comes up behind Roderick, and punches him. He says he needs to talk to him, and tells Rocky to get his scrawny, tattooed ass back there. He tells the other patrons to finish their drinks; they’re just having a conversation. He tells them if they go near his wife again, they won’t have her to worry about. They’ll have him. She barks; he bites. Do they understand? He thinks Roderick is giving attitude, and he doesn’t have Roderick’s undivided attention. He punches Roderick in the balls, and says if he goes near her again, he’ll have no more need of those. Jim has unsavory friends in low places, who would consider it a personal favor to him to cut Roderick. It’s like a vasectomy. They say it doesn’t hurt, but they’re full of sh*t. He tells Roderick to get out of his sight, and tells Rocky, don’t just stand there; get him a drink – and some hand sanitizer, neat.

Justin shows up at the hospital, and sees Jeffrey in the hallway with Madison. He says he’s been calling Jeffrey, and Jeffrey says, apparently he has Madison’s number too. Justin asks where’s he been; out with him? Madison tries to pass Justin, and he grabs at Madison, but Madison shakes him off. Justin says he’s getting sick of this, then asks how Jeffrey is. Jeffrey says, good, and he asks if he’s going to see Jeffrey later. Jeffrey says he’s looking after his dad, and doesn’t want to do this now. He’s busy. Justin starts punching Jeffrey, and they tussle. Justin gets Jeffrey down on the floor, twisting Jeffrey’s arm behind his back. Madison flies out, along with security. Justin threatens the guard. Madison tells the other employees, there’s nothing to see, and asks if Jeffrey is okay. He tells Jeffrey that he needs to get away from that guy; he’s serious. Jeffrey knows, and Madison says he’s not the enemy. He tells Jeffrey that he needs to get checked out.

Candace wonders what’s taking so long. Hanna says, they’re in surgery, and Landon says he’ll see what he can find out. Hanna protests, but Charles says, he can ask the nurse. Hanna says, they won’t tell him anything, and Charles says, they might. Mitch says, he’ll go too, and introduces himself to Landon. Landon says he’s tall, and Mitch says, every damn day, my man. Charles asks if Hanna or Candace want coffee, but it’s just him.

Landon tells the doctor that they’ve come to check on Benny. He recognizes Mitch, who’s like, don’t even. He leads them to Benny’s room. The doctor tells Benny to lie down, but Benny says he’s getting out. He asks who Landon is. Landon suggests he go with the doctor to talk to Hanna. They leave, and Mitch tells Benny that he knows Benny wants to be Superman, but he needs to get better; he was shot. Benny says he was stabbed. He was on the porch, and there was a boy circling around while Benny was messing with his phone. The next thing he knew, the kid was on top of him, talking about his family. Mitch says, not his family. The don’t come on a bike sticking people. Benny asks who did it, but Mitch doesn’t know. Benny asks if he called it off, but he says he can’t find his grandmother. Benny says he’s getting out, and Mitch agrees it’s not a bad idea. His Uncle Vinnie is there, and his family is hanging around. Mitch helps Benny up.

Charles says his team has to check out the kitchen. He thinks it’s overkill, but Derrick says he’s an important man. He congratulates Charles, and Hanna asks what he’s doing with her daughter. Dating her? Candace says they’re just having sex. Charles tells her to show respect to her mother. Candace says Hanna doesn’t know anything about it.

Landon comes back with the doctor, who wants to talk to them. He tells Charles this would be a good time to see the kids. Candace stays in the waiting room. Derrick asks if Hanna is okay. She says she’s fine, tells Candace that she’s going to end up in jail. Candace says she just came to see her brother; be quiet. The doctor says, there’s a problem. Benny is out of surgery, but he won’t stay. Benny and Mitch join them. Hanna says he was shot, but Benny says, stabbed. He just wants to go home. If he can’t get a ride, he’ll take the bus. The doctor says he can’t keep Benny. Mitch says maybe he should stay. The doctor says his wound should be watched, and Benny is like, yeah, yeah, and walks out. Everyone follows.

Madison cleans up Jeffrey’s face. He doesn’t think Jeffrey’s jaw is broken. He asks why Jeffrey stays, and Jeffrey says Justin won’t leave him alone. Madison suggests a restraining order. Jeffrey asks if Madison thinks it’s that serious, and I question Jeffrey’s intelligence. Madison says Jeffrey studied this; doesn’t he see it? Jeffrey he thinks he can control Justin, but Madison thought that too. He had a guy who was crazy like that. Jeffrey asks what happened, and Madison says he moved away, and never saw him again. Jeffrey says he can’t move away, and Madison says, so get a restraining order. Jeffrey says Justin has lost a lot – his wife, his family. Madison asks what that means. Jeffrey said it himself, Justin has nothing to lose. Jeffrey says he needs to see his dad.

Wyatt is surprised to find Sarah still in the kitchen. She asks if he’s heard from Jim; he said he was calling someone. Wyatt says he’s not picking up. She needs to talk to him, and Wyatt offers to call again, but he needs something from her. He wants her to pick up a package. She asks what kind, and the guard says one that will get her arrested. She says she can’t do that. She’s not waiting any longer. Wyatt swears Jim will be there in ten minutes.

Jeffrey says David looks better; he’s dressed. David explains about the vest he’s wearing, and says, it’s painful at times, but he hopes he’s going home today. He wonders if Jeffrey found what he asked for, and Jeffrey says, no. Mom was at the house. David asks what happened, and Jeffrey says, she fell off the balcony. David asks if he pushed her, and Jeffrey says he wanted to. She was taunting him, but it gets worse. She’s all right. She’s fine; she won’t die. David says she’s still his mother, and it’s inappropriate. Jeffrey says, she’s inappropriate. There’s something else, and David says, of course there is. Jeffrey tells him that Erica was working with Candace and Veronica. He’s sorry to be the one to tell him. He saw a text on Erica’s phone from Candace, and when he saw her picture, he remembered her from Candace’s house. David says, so Erica was playing him. Jeffrey is sorry. David says, it’s okay, but Jeffrey says, it’s not. David says Jeffrey’s mother was in on setting him up? Jeffrey thinks so, but David says, they don’t get along. Jeffrey thinks they teamed up, but can’t be sure. He asks if Jeffrey’s on good speaking terms with Candace, and Jeffrey says, somewhat. David tells him to call now and ask her. He needs to be certain. Jeffrey calls, but gets voicemail. He doesn’t leave a message. Davis tells him to see what he can find out. He wants to go home; he’s not staying another day. He tells Jeffrey to call his doctor. Jeffrey calls Madison in. David says he wants to go home now, but Madison says his wounds need professional care. David says Madison is a nurse; he can tend to David’s burns at home. He knows the hospital director. Jeffrey will be there, so Madison can see him more often. Madison tells Jeffrey that his parents are stubborn. Jeffrey says, as hell, and Madison says, he shouldn’t leave. Jeffrey says, you tell him.

Wyatt lies down on his bed, and the guard goes into the hallway. Wyatt pulls something out from under his pillow, and slips out to the balcony. Hadn’t Jim posted guards out there? What happened to them? Wyatt drops down a line of sheets he’s tied together. I laugh because it’s so cliché. He climbs down and runs.

In the parking garage, Madison calls Jeffrey, and says he’s on his way. His dad has pull. He tells Jeffrey that he’s in the parking lot, and Jeffrey says, that’s not good. Madison gets to his car, which has bullet holes in it, and is messed up in general. Madison says, damn; his car. It’s destroyed. Jeffrey says, Justin. Madison says he’ll call Jeffrey back. He has to hang up to call security. Jeffrey doesn’t want him to hang up – for the record, neither do I – and tells him to walk back first.

Madison doesn’t listen, hangs up, and gets whacked with a tire iron. He lies in the parking lot, unconscious.

Next time, Jeffrey finds Erica’s book, Sarah tells Jim she’ll do anything to not go to jail – and she means anything, Veronica tells RK to get out and he says it’s not going to happen, Wyatt disappears, Candace asks Landon if she’s a beard, and David tells Veronica that he’s going to kill her. Wow. That’s a lot.

Below Deck

Everyone stumbles out the morning after. Rhylee asks if Tyler remembers making out with a chick. He doesn’t, but says he came back home to her. They make out.

In his interview, Ashton says it’s never fun picking up the pieces the morning after. You don’t know what you did or said. He has some investigating to do. Laura asks if he recalls how drunk he was. He thinks she was mad at him, but she says she wasn’t. Kate irons, saying, this is her sad, pathetic life. Ross asks how Rhylee’s night was, and she says she went to bed like they did. The crew swabs the deck. In Ross’s interview, he says since Tyler joined the boat, Rhylee’s mood has improved. He’s a great addition to the team.

Kate says Laura has fallen in line since Captain Lee talked to her. Laura tells Kate about Ashton being with another girl at the bar, and how she told him that she wasn’t coming home to cuddle with him. Kate says she’s not his backup lady. Ross callas Ashton a slut. Laura isn’t pursuing the situation, but Kate has the feeling he’ll come to Laura.

Ross talks to Ashton about his son. He says his baby mama is a great mother; she always puts their son first. He’s embarrassed about how he was during their time together. He was trying to be cool. She’s a part of his life, and his best friend. He hopes they can eventually work something out. Ashton thinks it takes strong character to move ahead and improve.

Charley Walters is a return guest, but he wasn’t the primary last time. Kate says he had a primary personality. They were stuck at the dock because of the weather. On his preference sheet, Charley indicates that he’s looking forward to pushing off the dock. Captain Lee laughs. Charley wants to make unforgettable memories with his friends. They want to have an all gold party, and a wig party. They train for fitness events, so they want healthy foods. The captain says, no sugar is going to be a tough one.

Rhylee and Laura watch the sunset. Rhylee tells Laura that she and Tyler did it five times. She elaborates, and I don’t know if Laura feels it’s TMI, but I definitely do. In her interview, Rhylee says her plan is to keep getting laid. She tells Laura that they fit together quite nicely.

The crew gets some sleep. In the morning, provisions come in. Laura and Josiah make beds. She can tell by the photos the guests are going to expect them to be all, yas queen. In his interview, Josiah talks about being picked on when he was younger. The guests are going to be eight gay guys who look like the ones who used to bully him, and he’s not looking forward to the charter.

Tyler likes Rhylee. They flirt all day, have sex, and he can kiss other girls, but she still doesn’t hate him. He’s marrying her. In Kate’s interview, she says Laura told her the gossip. She has to stake her claim. Ashton tells Adrian that he doesn’t know how to read Laura. Adrian says, off the bat, she wanted to be with Ashton, but didn’t want to be another number. In his interview, Adrian says he knows what Laura likes, and if this is a competition, bring it on. He won’t get pissed because it would be a show of weakness. Adrian says at the club, he saw Ashton with a hundred other women.

The crew gets in their whites. Ashton puts on cologne. The champagne is poured. The guests arrive. Kate presents flower crowns. Captain Lee says they’ll get off the dock asap. Kate gives the tour, and the luggage is loaded. Charley says the master bathroom is the nicest yacht bathroom he’s ever seen. Kate takes drink orders; eight tequila shots. Bleh. The guests go up to the bar. Josiah plays bartender, and they toast to him. He just wants out of there.

The guests cheer when the boat starts to move. We see some fabulous scenery, and Rhylee says, when you’re working, sometimes you forget you’re in the most romantic place on earth. Josiah tells Kate about being bullied for wearing a tank top, and being called fat. Everyone always looked better then he did, and he’s feeling insecure right now. Ashton thinks they should keep the guests busy. Charley tells the others that he thinks Josiah is gay, but they’re not sure. Really? Charley says he has good ‘dar. Yeah, me too, but this one was a no ‘dar-er.

The wind picks up, and the captain tells everyone to hang on. The crew brings some stuff inside. Suddenly, furniture starts to slide, pans fall out of cupboards, and wine bottles are rolling around. Josiah says the boat went sideways. Wine is everywhere, and it’s a sh*t show. Captain Lee says, it’s going to be a rough ride. He wants things battened down more. Kate asks how long before they can serve lunch, and he tells her twenty minutes. She asks the guests if she can get them anything, and one of them sarcastically says, lunch. Har-har-hardy-har-har. In lieu of that, she gets them tequila shots.

Laura tells the guys to fetch their boxers from the laundry room. There’s a bunch, and she doesn’t know what belongs to whom. The guests pronounce Tahiti more gorgeous than Hawaii. The captain asks the deckhands for four shots, referring to the boat, and I misunderstand, thinking, wow. Even he’s drinking now?  They drop anchor, and the water toys are produced. Adrian says they’re all about being fit, and requested a light lunch. With the first meal, he likes to stick with the preference sheet. If it’s exactly what they’ve asked for, and they don’t like it, he knows they have a problem.

Kate wants to like them. Lunch is served. Adrian presents baby lobster and local fresh water shrimp, along with curried zucchini. I’m dying. Charley says it’s awesome and incredible. Kate tells Josiah, my name’s Kate, and I hate my life right now. One of the guests asks when they’re getting the main course, and Kate asks if they’re still hungry. They’re thinking pizza and mozzarella sticks, which doesn’t sound all that healthy, or light, to me. They make a lot of hand gestures, and in her interview, Kate says she doesn’t need a puppet show. Ask like an adult. She tells Adrian, and he says, light lunch. He gets out a slab of beef, and Kate tells them that Adrian is cooking up steak. They want to jump in the water in the meantime, and Kate says she’ll call them back when the food is ready. They jump off the boat and onto floaties. Kate tells Adrian not to feel rushed.

The guests come back, demanding steak. One whines that he thought they were eating at 2:30 it’s 3:30, apparently forgetting that they already ate baby lobster and shrimp. And zucchini. He says the chef underestimated their appetites. A guest comes to the galley, and says they’re starving. In Kate’s interview, she says, you’re not funny; you’re not charming. There are too many d*cks on one boat. Lunch is served one more time. A guest grips that their steak is more medium than rare. In her interview, Kate says, these guests are just a-holes. Adrian says the steak was perfectly cooked. Give him an effing break. It’s going to be a long two days. Kate brings back another steak. In her interview, she says, go bother the deckhands.

The guests see the slide and trampoline, and run upstairs. They play some more on the toys. In his interview, Josiah says, they came on the boat just to be difficult, and they’re doing a good job of it. He asks if Ashton is going out with those twats. Ashton asks why he’s so stressed, and Josiah says they’re being annoying. Laura offers go down. In Laura’s interview, she says since she told Kate to check herself, she has been. She’s been getting to know Laura now. Aston tells Ross that Rhylee hasn’t been this happy all season, and Ross tells him about Tyler, who’s making a Skippy peanut butter sandwich. Rhylee asks Adrian if he needs anything, and he says, just a life.

Kate announces the gold party will be tonight. Adrian is re-strategizing. He’s making double quantities until they can’t handle it anymore. Charley has brought along a gold Speedo, and they want Josiah to ear it tonight. Josiah says he’s too fat. Ashton was a stripper. He’s used to skimpy outfits. He doesn’t want be anyone’s clown. Can’t say I blame him. Laura says he has a cute bum. He tries on the Speedo, and thinks it’s small.

Dinner is delayed because two guys are passed out. Adrian says, cracking guests. He doesn’t know how much more he can take. Josiah wears the Speedo, along with the matching shirt, under his uniform. Guest Billy is unaccounted for, and Laura finds him passed out on the toilet. She calls Josiah, who cracks up. Adrian tells Ashton the guests have been drinking since they got there. Josiah tells Kate about Billy, and Kate joins them. She doesn’t want him to hit his head. They have to take him to bed. In her interview, Kate says there’s no good answer for what she’s seeing.

Billy makes a noise, startling everyone. Josiah suggests helping him to bed, and he says he was just using the bathroom. He’s fine. The guests gather for dinner, one wearing a tutu. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. All the décor is gold. Billy emerges, and at 10 pm, Adrian is plating the first course; a ginger carrot stew, with Alaskan king crab in a golden chariot. I don’t know what the hell a golden chariot is, but I want to eat one. Charley says the food is A+. Josiah says he’s never worn anything like this; it’s crushingly tight. His voice is getting higher by the second. Rhylee asks why Tyler moved to his own bunk, and he says they’re working. He’s trying to be professional.

Just thinking about tomorrow, Kate is exhausted. Charley bitches that the next course is slow in coming. Adrian comes with it. Charley says they’ve been waiting a while; tell them all about it. In his interview, Adrian says he just wants to go to bed. Adrian tells them it’s lobster and sweet corn gnocchi, but adds several more adjectives. Charley says it’s good. One of the guests says they were scared for a second. Of what? Charley? The gnocchi?

Ashton finds Laura on deck. He tells her that he feels foolish about how he acted, and apologizes. He likes her, and wonders if they can pick up where they were before he was a bit of a hooligan. She thinks he’s super cool, honest, and genuine, so it’s not an issue. He says they’re making progress. In Laura’s interview, she thinks it says a lot about Ashton to apologize. She wants to see how things go, and have them organically happen.

Kate tells Adrian the guests loved the food. The captain breezes through, and asks Josiah, what’s up, Goldfinger? Adrian, who’s made a complicated-sounding dessert, asks the captain if he’d like some white chocolate grass. The captain takes a pass. The guests find the dessert gross; there’s too much sugar. Charley admits it’s his fault, and says there’s no taste. In her interview, Kate says she doesn’t think her pulling out Prince Harry in a twink costume would make them happy. Josiah volunteers to bring out shots in the gold lame outfit. Kate tells the guests she has a mini surprise. Josiah makes up some shots that involve Chambord, and takes off his uniform. Kate says, holy sh*t, and asks, is it real? Damn! She says, of course he’s gay. She can’t not look. The guests get in the hot tub. Laura tells Adrian that her sixth sense told her that Josiah had a big d*ck.

Josiah feels extremely exposed. The guests all have good bodies. They’re comfortable and flirty, while he’s an introvert and uncomfortable. Kate tells him, go; they’ll love it. They applaud when they see Josiah. He tells them about a shot in England called the Jammy Dodger. Rhylee takes a picture of everyone. Josiah thinks it was a huge step out of his comfort zone. He needs to stop caring so much what people think, and enjoy the moment. Everyone turns in.

Tyler kisses Rhylee, and they end up in the same bunk. The next morning, anchor is locked, and the yacht is off. A chai latte on ice sounds really good, but it is like 3 degrees where I am right now. Kate begs the Tahitian gods not to make the guests as hideous as last night. The table is laden with flowers.

Kate thanks Laura. In her interview, Kate says she appreciates that it clicked in Laura’s brain that she’s just here to help. It’s all they ever wanted, and finally taking initiative. Laura tells Rhylee that Adrian’s general comments all day are a huge turn-off. We see clips of him making suggestive remarks to her. She says she’s trying be chill and laugh it off, but it’s awkward. Rhylee says Adrian is crazy as **** (not sure what the word was). Charley wears bunny ears to breakfast. Kate loves it when crew members have sex with each other. It makes them cheerful. A guest asks for a vodka tonic, and it’s already in Kate’s hand. She’s my kind of bartender. Laura asks Aston for cigarette, and he says it will cost her. In Ashton’s interview, he says they’re in the beginning stages, and he’s going to steal as many kisses as he can. Laura kisses him.

It’s jet ski time. Ross goes over the parameters, telling them where they can go, and something about a kill cord. It looks like fun. Uh-oh. Two guests fall off a jet ski, and it’s still in motion. The jet ski is going crazy. Captain Lee says it’s a 900-pound vehicle with no driver or brakes. WTF is going on? This is not funny. 

Next time, a birthday guest, Adrian won’t leave Laura alone, Tyler doesn’t want to be part of Rhylee’s life, a guest gets angry when woken up on deck, and Kate didn’t get into yachting to watch spoiled princesses sleep.

🌇 Night Night…

It’s time for bye-byes.

January 14, 2019 – Not-Doc Adds to His List, a Mom/Girls Night, Stassi’s Mom, Habitrails & LA Slide


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Valentin sees Curtis at the MetroCourt. Curtis asks where Nina is, and Valentin wonders if Curtis is there to see her. Curtis says he’s evaluating the security system to make sure it’s on point. He asks about Windymere, and Valentin says his home is a fortress. Curtis asks if he has any idea where Nina is staying, and Valentin says she’s back home, where she belongs.

Obrecht say there’s something Nina needs to know about her daughter. Nina says she just found out her daughter was alive; there’s a lot she still has to find out. She tried to pack in a lifetime of experiences into Sasha’s visit without overwhelming her, but they have miles to go. She’s enjoying the journey, and nothing Obrecht says will diminish her joy. Obrecht suggests her joy will turn into disappointment one day. Wait and see.

Franco flips through Doc’s patient files. He sees the locked box, and takes it out. Carly asks what he’s up to. He says she almost gave him a heart attack. She says, if only, and asks why he’s ransacking Doc’s office. He says he’s doing research. He’s trying to find out why Doc would treat him like dirt. Franco wants to talk, but Doc has been putting him off, and nothing he says makes sense. Carly says that’s why she’s there too.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he thinks they should leave town. She says she’s not in any mood for a vacation, but he says he’s not talking about a vacation. Forever. He thinks they should leave Port Charles for good. She doesn’t understand. He wants to her to move away with him? He says, yes; far away, like Lisbon or Madrid. She says not long ago, he convinced her to stay. He says he didn’t want her to walk out of his life. He didn’t anticipate the opposition to their relationship, and it was before Kiki was killed. If they move, she won’t be haunted by memories, and see Kiki around every corner. He can take her away from all that. Just the two of them. They only need each other. No one will ever find them. He asks her. please say yes.

Alexis brings a big gift-wrapped package to Charlie’s. Sam says she shouldn’t have. Alexis says it’s for her sister, but she can get one for Sam. She got it for Kristina’s new home, since she found out Kristina moved out of Sam’s. She’s not judging. Kristina didn’t give her an address – she’s still not judging – and she thought Kristina would be working today. Sam had the same idea, and Alexis asks, where’s her gift? Sam says she doesn’t have a gift, but a warning about Kristina’s new home.

Sonny meets Jason at the MetroCourt. He has information about Kristina. Sonny says, when he saw her, she seemed confident and positive. Jason tells him that Sam said the same thing, but he thinks there are things Sonny might not realize. Has she mentioned Shiloh to him?

Sonny asks, who’s Shiloh? and Jason says he’s the leader of the people Kristina moved in with. Sonny says, leader? Jason says he was surprised too. Sonny thought Kristina was moving in with a group of friends, but Jason says, there’s definitely a guy in charge. He calls himself Shiloh. Sonny asks what he was called before that. Kristina approaches the table and says she can’t believe it. Why? Does Jason want her dad to worry? Jason thinks there’s something he should know. Kristina says she’s giving Jason her power. She allowed herself to react negatively, but she can change that, and focus on the positive energy from collecting food for the soup kitchen. Sonny asks if they’re the same people she spent Thanksgiving with. She says yes. She’s happy, and perfectly safe. Jason says he and Sam don’t think so.

Alexis says, yesterday, Sam was giving her blessing, and took her anxiety about Kristina down a notch. Should she put Kristina back on top? Sam says that’s why she’s there; to talk to Kristina. Alexis asks if it has to do with the serial killer, but Sam says, it’s not that bad. Alexis asks what happened between yesterday and today; what’s going on? She needs to know.

Nina says the only person disappointing her is Obrecht. She went along with Obrecht’s delusional plan to hold Peter captive, and thought she could be trusted. Obrecht says she’s trying to help. She doesn’t want Nina to end up with a broken heart. Nina says Britt broke Obrecht’s heart; her daughter won’t be doing that to her. Obrecht says she taught Britt to be pragmatic. She’s out of prison, and Obrecht is grateful. Nina says Britt betrayed Obrecht to save her own skin. She’s done nothing to alienate Sasha. Obrecht asks who’s to say Sasha won’t alienate Nina?

Franco says it’s unusual for he and Carly to be in agreement. She says they might both be there for the same reason, but they’re dealing with it differently. She showed up to talk to Doc; he’s ransacking Doc’s office. He has no business looking through patients’ private files. Franco says he’s looking for his own file. Carly asks if he wants to switch therapists that bad, but Franco says it’s not his choice. Doc doesn’t want to see him anymore. He spilled his guts to Doc, and now he’s telling Franco to get lost.

Ava says not-Doc has patients who rely on him, and good friends he’s known for years. He says he thought about that already. His associates can take over his patients. He’s been so focused on her; his patients have taken a backseat anyway. All he wants is to be with her. As for his friends, they turned on him when he left Laura. With friends like that… She can open a gallery anywhere in the world. Investors and artists will appreciate what she can do for them. He’ll do anything to make a life with her. She says he makes it sound wonderful, possible, and exactly what she needs to heal. But he’s forgetting about Avery. She couldn’t leave her little girl.

Curtis says, Nina and Valentin are back together? That’s unexpected, since she seemed determined to stay away from him. Valentin says when they love each other, why stay apart? Curtis says finding Nina’s daughter must have been the key to her heart. Valentin says, it didn’t hurt. He thanks Curtis for his help. He made Nina happy, and that makes Valentin happy. He’ll keep her safe from the killer, and anyone else intent on harming her.

Nina says Obrecht is giving her vague hints on how Sasha will disappoint and hurt her, when she knows nothing about Sasha. Why is she doing it? Obrecht hates to see Nina wallow in the blindness that accompanies love. She needs to keep her eyes open, and not be taken in again. Obrecht was aware of Faison’s true nature, but Nina refuses to see Valentin for who he is. Nina asks how dare she compare Valentin with Faison? Faison killed her brother. Obrecht says, Valentin killed Laura’s son. How is he better than Faison?

Sam tells Alexis that Kristina is crazy about Shiloh. He’s the head of the charity Kristina is working with. She shows Alexis a picture of him on her tablet, and says Dawn of Day is also the name of the house Kristina is living in. She says he turned her life around. Alexis wonders why Sam doesn’t like him. Sam asks what’s in the box, and Alexis tells her, that’s not even an artful dodge. She expects better from Sam. She wants to get 100% behind Kristina, but it sounds like she’s in over her head. Sam thinks that could be the case.

Sonny says Jason told him that’s the guy who runs the organization Kristina loves so much; Shiloh. Kristina tells him that he says it in an ominous way, like Shiloh must be running from the cops. Jason says he checked, and Shiloh has no police record. Sonny says if Kristina doesn’t want Jason telling him, she should tell him herself. She says his name used to be David Henry, and he went by Hank. He changed his life after Drew saved him in Afghanistan. Drew pulled him out of a fire fight. When he came back to the states, he started a charity, but Jason and Sam think he’s too good to be true. They’re questioning him for no reason. Shiloh has taught her so much. She loves helping people; it makes her happy. Sonny is happy to hear that. She says she gets it. They’re looking out for her, and she appreciates that. She hugs Sonny, and leaves. Sonny asks Jason, what’s really going on? Jason says, Shiloh isn’t just connected to Drew, but he’s also linked to Sam. She was married to his father.

Ava tells not-Doc, as wonderful as it would be to get away from hateful people, she wouldn’t want to leave her daughter. He says it was thoughtless of him. He has an easy fix. Take Avery; they can be a family. Ava says, that’s not possible. He asks, why? and she says, because of Sonny and Carly.

Carly sees how disconcerting it is to Franco. Franco says Doc coaxed horrible memories out of him, then said they’d plateaued. He doesn’t want see Franco, and is pawning him off on another therapist. Carly says Doc is in crisis. He’s pushing everyone away, including his wife, and hanging out with Ava. If that’s not a cry for help, she doesn’t know what is. He’s doing it to everyone. He’s blowing her off, and she has unanswered questions about Ferncliff. She says Franco taught art therapy there. Has he ever encountered a Wilson Ritter?

Nina tells Obrecht that Valentin killed Nikolas in self-defense. He’s nothing like the freak Faison was. And what does that have to do with her daughter? Obrecht says Nina should be alert. She’s looking out for what she has left of her family. Nina says Obrecht’s love is the most hurtful thing about her, and asks her to leave until she’s ready to speak with her again. Obrecht tells Nina to remember what she said. In the reception area, Obrecht runs into Valentin. Valentin asks what she said to Nina, and she says nothing that will warrant triggering her fail-safe. Nina is convinced there are similarities in Nathan and Sasha, and that will only make it more crushing when Nina discovers Sasha isn’t her daughter.

Franco says he dealt with a lot of patients at Ferncliff, but none of them were super chatty. Does she have something else for him to work with? Carly says the patient knew Morse code. Did he ever hear the staff mention him. Supposedly, he was the worst of worst. Franco says they didn’t allow him to work with the violent patients, saying they were too far gone – which is crap – but it kept him from getting stabbed with a paintbrush. She asks if he’s ever heard about him when doing research, but he says, no. She says there’s no mention of him online. How was he able to avoid publicity? Franco suggests he was lucky. Publicity follows him like toilet paper on his shoe. Maybe the answers are in this box.

Not-Doc says Ava can make arrangements. Sonny and Carly should be amenable to longer visiting periods. She asks if he’s met them. She’s pretty sure amenable isn’t in their vocabulary. She had to fight to see Avery on a regular basis in the first place. Not-Doc says it would be in Avery’s best interest for them to agree, but Ava says Sonny doesn’t think so, and keeps threatening to take her back to court. With Kiki gone, she can’t handle being without Avery. Not-Doc says he’ll talk to Sonny, and make him rethink his position. He can be very persuasive.

Sonny asks if Kristina knows Sam was married to Shiloh’s father. Jason says he and Sam confronted Shiloh, but he claimed it never occurred to him. Before he was on their radar, Sam was receiving emails from someone who clearly knows her past. Shiloh said he wasn’t involved, but who else could it be? Shiloh is using Kristina as payment, and giving her individual attention.

Sam asks if Alexis remembers the obituary she got in the mail. Alexis asks what that has to do with Kristina, and Sam says, a lot. Kristina walks in, and says Sam and Jason are on the same page. She just left Jason who was warning Sonny about Shiloh. Alexis says she wasn’t expecting to see Sam. She has a present for Kristina. She hands her the gift, and says, it cooks fast using less energy. Kristina says it’s incredibly thoughtful, and thanks her. Alexis hopes it comes in handy. Sam tells Kristina that she’s sorry it got heated. Kristina thanks Sam for the apology, and says she’s there for the unused perishables for the soup kitchen. Sam says she wants to tell Alexis something that happened, but thinks they both need to hear it. Kristina asks if it’s a dire warning because Shiloh used to have another name. Sam says, more than that. She used to run a con when she was younger. She’s marry rich guys, drain their bank accounts, and disappear. She married Henry Archer, Shiloh’s father, and is afraid he’s using Kristina to get back at her.

Carly tells Franco that she’s taking the simple route, and will ask Doc when he gets there. Obviously, he’s having a difficult time, but that doesn’t negate the good he did for them. Maybe Franco should just accept it and move on. Franco says he doesn’t want another therapist. He trusted Doc, and Doc bailed on him. He doesn’t want to open a vein to a stranger. He tells Carly that his file isn’t there. Maybe the Doc’s patients aren’t the only ones with secrets.

Ava tells not-Doc not to take it the wrong way, but he’s a gentle soul, and far too civilized to go up against Sonny and Carly. He says under the right circumstances, he’s a force to be reckoned with.  He asks if she wants to give up. She says she’d go to the ends of the earth with him, if they could have Avery with them. But short of Sonny and Carly falling off the face of the earth, she doesn’t see that happening.

Jason tells Sonny that he can’t be sure; anything is possible. Sonny hopes he’s wrong. He doesn’t want Kristina to think he’s questioning her judgement. Jason just thought he’d give Sonny a heads up, and Sonny says to tell him if Jason uncovers anything else. No one is using his daughter.

Sam tells Kristina and Alexis that she started receiving messages about her past. Kristina says she thinks Shiloh is responsible, and Sam says it seems like a possibility. Kristina says not if she knew him. He has no ill will toward the woman who stole from his father; he wrote about it in his book. He didn’t mention a name, since she used an alias anyway. Sam asks if she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Kristina ended up in his son’s group. Kristina wonders how Sam is making it about her. It could have been anyone; she doesn’t care. All she knows is that Shiloh said she was a bridge to his betterment. Something you get over on your way to a better life. Just like they’re a bridge to her betterment.

Valentin tells Obrecht that Nina’s daughter brought her joy, but Obrecht says it was a lie to get Nina back in his bed. When exposed, it will break her heart. Valentin says Obrecht is the only one who knows, and if it’s exposed, he’ll break more than her heart. Obrecht say, what if Sasha slips? Nina is quite intelligent, and not everyone is as good as they are at subterfuge. Valentin says Sasha is back in Chappaqua, but Obrecht says, it’s a temporary solution. Nina is pushing to see the woman she thinks is her daughter.

Nina is glad Sasha answered. She just wanted to hear Sasha’s voice, and tell her that Paris still on the table.

Valentin tells Obrecht to Just focus on keeping her mouth shut. He’s aware of the letters she has in place, so they’re at a stalemate. She doesn’t know about him, and he doesn’t know about her. She gets in the elevator, and the door closes.

Valentin goes into Nina’s office. She says she missed him. He asks what she and Obrecht talked about. Nina says Obrecht predicted her daughter would disappoint her, and compared Valentin to Faison. She made Nina feel like her daughter would be snatched from her, and Valentin would let her down. Valentin asks what he can do to reassure her, but she says he did already. She’s also spending two weeks in Paris with Sasha. He asks, what about Charlotte; Nina is her champion. She asks if Valentin doesn’t want her to go. He does, but he and Charlotte need her.

On the docks, Obrecht asks Franco if it’s wise to be out alone with a serial killer on the loose. He says the last time they were there, she knocked him out. She says he had kind words about their friendship because he was trying to prevent her from killing Peter. He says, that didn’t make it less sincere. She says it’s good to see him, and he asks how she beat the charges. She says, it helps know other people’s secrets.

Not-Doc sees his office door open. Carly is there, and he says it’s late for therapy, but she’s not there for therapy. He’d said the Ferncliff patient’s name was Wilson Ritter. If he’s a sociopath or serial killer, why is there no mention of him anywhere. Is he trying hide something about Wilson or Ferncliff? Not-Doc says maybe she couldn’t find it because someone else decided not glorify him. It would be refreshing not to reward him with fame. Carly asks if he did that.

Ava sees Sonny, and asks to discuss something important about Avery. She needs to leave town. There are too many memories of Kiki. He says she can leave, but that doesn’t mean she gets extra time. She says she’s not being clear. She’d like to relocate to another country, but Sonny would have to let her have Avery for extended periods. He asks, how extended? and she says, weeks; maybe a month. People who share customers do it all the time. It’s common and it work. They’ve been working well lately, and she asks if he would consider it.

Sam asks Kristina to consider the possibility that Shiloh is as much of a con as she was. Kristina says they’re like reactionaries, who protest art and movies before they’ve even seen them. Shiloh is trying to affect change and growth in the individual. You can change the world when you change yourself. She asks if Sam and Alexis would come to a seminar that might reevaluate their attitude toward him. She looks at a list, and says, loving without judgment. Jason comes in, and she says, perfect timing. She saw a seminar for him and Sam; handling personal relationships. They should check it out. If they want what’s best for her, explore what she’s discovering. Until then, she doesn’t have much to say. She thanks Alexis and leaves.

Alexis says, some of what Kristina said made sense, and truthfully, it’s the calmest discussion they’ve ever had. It’s a little woo-woo, but it doesn’t seem be doing any harm. She’ll check it out if Sam is game. Sam is. Attending a seminar is a good way to let Shiloh know they’re watching him.

Valentin suggests to Nina that they go to Paris during Charlotte’s summer break. She says they can go as a family, and he says it will be great.

Obrecht asks why Franco is brooding out there. Franco says someone bailed on him, and he’s figuring out his next move. She asks who betrayed him, and he says someone who knew all his secrets, but he doesn’t want to see anyone else tied to a bed. She says, secrets can be destructive in the wrong hands. He asks what secrets she’s keeping, and she says ones that affect important people.

Not-Doc suggests Carly stop focusing on Ritter and Ferncliff, and focus on what’s important – her family. She asks if he’s saying she’s neglecting them, and he says she’s pouring out a pattern of obsession. She was so obsessed and out of control, her family believed she pushed Nelle down the stairs. Don’t let her hate and fixation drive her to a frenzy. She says, this isn’t the same thing, but he says she’s waiting for him in the middle of the night to tell him that he’s lying. Stop thinking about the pitiful patient, and focus on her kids; Josslyn, Michael, and little Avery. She tells him, nice try, but she’ll get to the bottom of this. She leaves, and he takes out the box. His list is in it, and he writes Carly on the bottom.

Sonny asks Ava, how far away, but she’s not sure yet. She tells him, Europe. He says Avery can stay there and she can visit, but Ava says he can’t understand how different it is there without Kiki. He says he understands. He misses Morgan and Kiki. He’s not adding Avery to the list of those he’s loved and lost. He walks away, and she calls not-Doc. She tells him Sonny was hateful. He said no just like she said he would. He wouldn’t even consider it, and threw Morgan in her face. He’ll never let her leave.

Not-Doc adds Sonny to his list.

Tomorrow, Finn asks how Chase got into this, Josslyn asks Cameron why he’s on probation, and Franco asks Aiden how long he’s liked baking.

Vanderpump Rules

The remains of the party are strewn about, although Kristen cleaned up most of it. Schwartz is under the table, supposedly looking for his contact. Katie tells Brittany that Stassi almost made it through the party without freaking out. Kristen says, it was going great. Katie says, things were winding down, and Beau just wanted to kick it with them. She doesn’t understand the problem. Stassi called him fifteen times, then came out and screamed at him. She ordered him into the bedroom, and he was crying, saying he wasn’t her punching bag. Kristen says, that’s how Stassi spent the remainder of her birthday night.

Stassi is sitting outside, when Beau comes out with coffee. She’s sorry. Beau says she d*ck-punched his heart. Whatever that means. Stassi doesn’t want be mean. He says he tried to leave, and she lost it. She says that sets her off; it’s terrifying when he walks away. He says they had nothing to accomplish with the argument, and he walked away for his own sanity, and she freaked out. He says she has to figure out what makes her turn on him. She doesn’t know; that’s what scares her. She’s concerned he’s going to leave her because of how she acts. In her interview, Stassi says she won’t find someone like him again. She has to be careful not to screw it up. He asks how they can change It, but she doesn’t know. She cries, and he holds her. In Beau’s interview, he says he looks at every fight like a learning experience. Stassi calls herself an erect d*ck. Okay… Beau says he’s not walking away. They’ll work it out. He’s in love with her.

Meanwhile James goes to the ice cream place and hunts down his friend Arthur. Arthur used to be the PUMP manager when James worked there. He’s gone to him when his life wasn’t going the way he needs it to go. We flash back Arthur asking James what it told him when he got fired, and James saying, don’t drink. Arthur asks how not drinking worked for James. James says it worked, but after a while he fell back to his James ways. He wants Lisa to see a difference, and to see a difference himself. Arthur says they’ve had this conversation before, and he’ll believe it when he sees it. He’s a big believer in mantras. He asks for three words that James would use to describe being sober. James says, honest, caring, and driven. Arthur says, an honest, caring, driven man wouldn’t take a drink, knowing what will happen. James says he wants to be honest and caring to those he loves, and driven in his own accomplishments.

Lisa has a staff meeting. She wants everyone’s opinion on the James fiasco. When there’s a shake-up, she likes to bring everyone together. It’s important to let them know she’s listening. James’s behavior is unacceptable, and she’s keeping the lines of communication open. Peter talks about how everyone is doing a great job, and he’s glad to see Jax is back. Tom wonders about possible employees for TomTom. Maybe some people want to pick up a couple of shifts when they open. Lisa says he’s thinking like a businessman. She tells them, James has been let go. Peter knows he acted out during Pride, but says Tuesday nights are one of their best nights. In his interview, Jax says, James is okay, but he’s not Skrillex. He can find someone with an accent and iPod who could do the job without insulting his fiancé and calling Katie fat. The manager, whose name I never remember, says, from a business point of view… She shrugs, and Brittany says she doesn’t appreciate only looking at it that way. She’s not thinking of their feelings. Lisa is like, hey, but Brittany says she’s never been disrespectful. She’s mortified, and it’s hard not to get emotional. Lala suggests not working Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scheana says the tips have tripled because of James. She’s not defending him; just trying to see both sides. Jax doesn’t give a sh*t. Lisa says he can roll his eyes, but he’s lucky to be there as well. He doesn’t have to be. He says he’ll just be quiet, but she says she can see his attitude and body language. She heaves a huge sigh. Billie says Kristen is a trigger, and Katie tells her not to blame James’s issues on Kristen. Lala says it doesn’t give him the right to call her fat and call Lala a whore. In her interview, Lala says no one holds James accountable. His girlfriend is a yes man, and so are his friends. He’s surrounded by people who let him slide, and it’s a recipe for disaster. She thinks Lisa shouldn’t employ James. Lisa says she doesn’t support talking badly about each other or fat shaming. Aren’t they more evolved than that? James isn’t working there, and she doesn’t support how he spoke or rapped. In her interview, Lisa says it would be easy to give James his job back, but how women are treated is of paramount importance. If James isn’t echoing sentiment, how can he work for her?

At her apartment, Stassi asks Beau if she looks literary chic. She’s wearing a dark, fitted sweater with a white shirt color peeking out. He tells her she looks like Stephen King’s daughter; she just needs a knife and some blood. She’s going to be SKYPE-ing with her editor, Natasha. In her interview, she tells us she got a book deal for Next Level Basic. It’s about embracing your basic bitch; it’s like a manifesto. Natasha says she’ll keep in touch to get a sense of how the writing is going. She’s thinking September 1st is a good time for the book to come out. Stassi says she’ll make it happen. When the call ends, she hyperventilates, and tells Beau she’s sweating. She says she has so much else to do. Kristen’s mom is in town, and she’s having a mom/girls night. Katie and Stassi’s mom are best friends. They love to drink wine and gossip. They’re basically older versions of Katie and Stassi. Stassi says her mom doesn’t care how she acts or makes uncomfortable. She wonders if that’s her future. Beau says it’s his future. Great.

Giggy! Lisa and Ken sit outside at SUR, and Lisa wonders what they’re waiting for. She tells Ken that they’re having a party on the 11th at TomTom. It’s not technically an opening, but Daily Mail TV has asked if they’d host their annual party host. They’re not ready, but they’ve committed to it. The invitations have gone out. In his interview, Tom says that Pandora has taken over the cocktail menu, but nothing has been finalized. Lisa asked them to come up with three cocktails to possibly serve at the party, and there’s still a chance they could go on the menu. Lisa and Ken taste various cocktails, and Lisa gives advice on a few. In Schwartz’s interview, he says they have twenty-five to thirty cocktails that they love, and they want to deliver. Lisa thinks one looks too healthy, and Tom says it has matcha tea in it. Apparently, it tastes better than it looks. She likes it. The last one has hibiscus in it. I’ve never tasted that, and flower-flavored anything always seems weird to me, but Lisa loves that one, saying, it’s off the hook. She tells them, good job; they surprised her. In her interview, Lisa says she’s not a mixologist, but some of them were damn good.

She says the next step is the part she adores, apart from making the food; making it look beautiful. And she the perfect person to do it with – Nick Alain. We flash back to her meeting with him in Las Vegas. She says he’s strict, and wants no one but them in there. His first exposure to the Toms was after they’d been drinking for three days in Vegas. We flash back to that. She says after the installation, she’ll bring them in for the reveal. It’s not finished, but they’ll get the idea. She asks if they can carry her out.

Katie, Brittany, and Stassi go to Rage Ground, an establishment where Stassi says, you get to break sh*t, and there are no consequences. She’s going to be living out her fantasy. They’re outfitted in hazmat type suits and helmets with masks. They go into a room with all kinds of stuff to break, like bottles and printers. I think about how I’d like to smash my printer. Stassi says she’s getting all the rage out of her system, from the boyfriends who have cheated on her to not enough sides of ranch being delivered with the pizza. She breaks things because she was an angry drunk on her birthday. Afterward, she says, it’s better than sex. They feel lighter, and everyone is in a good mood. Stassi wonders if Jax was on Brittany’s mind. Katie says it’s something she wanted to talk about. It got bad, then they got back together, and when his dad passed away, they swept everything under the rug. Brittany hates that people are saying it’s only because Jax is playing the dad card. Stassi says getting over betrayal takes a long time, and Brittany says she’s still working on it. In Brittany’s interview, she says she wants people to believe in their relationship. Stassi says Jax seems to be listening to Brittany now. Katie asks if they’ve seen the live post from Scheana’s date; she’s with Robby from The Bachelorette. Stassi says Scheana loves The Bachelor people.

Scheana tells us that Robby is a former Bachelorette contestant during JoJo’s season, whatever that means to you. She met him at SUR when he was there with Adam. They roomed together at college. She says he’s supportive, reliable, gorgeous, and those absyes please. He makes her feel special. They go down that clear slide on the side of LA’s tallest building. If things keep going well, she sees herself falling for him. Stassi says Adam is a cheesy douche. Katie says he and Robby were roommates, and she amends that to the cheesiest group of dudes ever. In Scheana’s interview, she says Adam is gorgeous, but friendship was the only option, since he won’t give in. Stassi says Scheana is dating best friends, and not having sex with either one. Back at Scheana’s date, she tells Robby he’s not her type; he’s too perfect. They kiss, and he says, still not her type? She says, nope. They kiss some more. In her interview, she says he’s showing interest, and she thinks he’s there for the right reasons, because she forgot what show she’s on. Stassi says Scheana is living her real life Bachelorette.

Lisa says Nick has put everything together in his factory, and he’s bringing it to TomTom. She’s excited. She tells Nick they need so much muscle, maybe they should have the Toms help. That’s a hard no. Nick thinks they’ll be too excited, and they have too much to do. In Lisa’s interview, she says Nick needs to focus without distractions, and those distractions include Tom and Tom. In his interview, Schwartz says she told them explicitly don’t come, but he thinks it’s a test. He tells Tom, it’s a tease. They’re one hundred and fifty feet away. He has professional blue balls. They walk toward the restaurant, but Lisa intervenes, saying they need to have respect for Nick, and give him space. In her interview, Lisa knows they’re excited, but she want it to be a surprise, like taking the blindfold off. She tells the workers they’re on a deadline. Tom suggests they celebrate at Kristen’s T-shirt party. Schwartz thinks they should lurk, but Tom says, no.

Kristen is having the relaunch of her james.mae line. She’s invited friends, family, and media outlets, hoping to get the buzz going. She tried the launch before, but it didn’t work out. Scheana squeaks when she sees Kristen’s mom. Katie says, in additions to Kristen’s mom being in town, her mom and Stassi’s mom are in town. Sh*t’s about to get weird.

Lala talks to Ariana about having a conversation with James. She feels she owes it to the friendship they used to have. Her dad never held a grudge, and she needs to take on her dad’s heart, sit him down, and be caring and feeling. She needs to do it for her dad. She unblocks James, and calls him. He asks why she’s calling, and she says because she’s a human with a beating heart. She thought she’d reach out, and asks if he has time to chat tomorrow. He asks what she’s trying to get out of this. He doesn’t trust her. Which confuses me since it should be the other way around. She wants talk in person. She says they don’t have to be friends, but human beings who care for other human beings. He says he’ll see her tomorrow. She tells Ariana that she’s not wearing lashes tomorrow. I don’t know if this is because she might cry, or James just isn’t worth her putting them on.

Brittany tells Jax about getting out the anger. She says they were talking afterward, and Katie wanted to make sure they were working on their relationship. She hopes they don’t get almost to the wedding, and end up having the same problem she and Schwartz did. In his interview, Jax says Katie calling Brittany out is like throwing stones in a glass house. He says they don’t know what happens behind closed doors. He has to remember that when he’s talking about James. Brittany hates Lisa being disappointed in her. She’s never chiming in again. Jax says she has to stand up for herself. That’s one reason why he’s her fiancé. She says she loves him.

Ariana understands why Lisa is keeping the Toms away, but the whole thing was that they needed to listen and learn. How can they do that when they’re not allowed to be there? Tom tells her that Lisa loved the cocktails. Schwartz says that the Daily Mail asked James to DJ. We see a clip of Lisa saying she promised Katie that she and James wouldn’t cross paths, and Tom saying Katie doesn’t have to, but Schwarz says she’s his plus one for life. Aww! Schwartz tells Katie that James will be in the booth the whole time.

Stassi’s mom, Dayna, talks to Beau, saying he was brave at party. She left when the meltdown started. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere. She thinks he’s perfect for her daughter. Her clock is ticking, and she needs grandchildren. Beau tells Stassi they’re talking about babies. Dayna doesn’t want Stassi to be herself and mess it up. She hopes Beau is strong enough to go the distance. In her interview, Stassi wonders why her mom is giving her relationship advice. She’s never seen her have a healthy one. Dayna says Beau is way above Stassi, and Stassi wonders what parent says that? Dayna tells Beau that Stassi hasn’t frozen her eggs yet. I suddenly realize that I have the exact same sweatshirt Beau is wearing. I’m not saying a dude can’t wear a sweatshirt that has flowers on it, but I have the exact same one. Dayna is concerned that Beau hasn’t seen Stassi at her worst. Stassi says he’s seen the worst part, and Dayna asks if she’s sure.

James meets Lala. She borrowed daddy’s Rolls for the day, and likes it. She thinks she needs one. James says she unblocked him. He doesn’t know where to start, and she tells him, look in her eyes. They need to put everything aside, and get to the bottom of this. Why does he thinks he needs to attack at such a vicious level? He says, the alcohol, she says she’s the same way, but at some point, they have to realize they’re too old for that. They can’t be attacking people’s girlfriends or boyfriends, and calling them fat and a whore. He says he doesn’t remember everything. He knows that’s no excuse. He’s been helping his mom financially, and putting his brother through school. He misses their friendship. In his interview, James says he doesn’t know what’s close, and now they’re not, and it’s hitting him. He can’t clean the slate overnight. He asks if he can have time. He needs to fix himself first before he can fix anything else. He says she surprised him, and thanks her. She says they’ll all be okay. They talk music, and James asks if she wants to get in the studio again. She does.

Going into the restaurant, Dayna says she hopes her daughter grows up to be half the woman Kristen is. What? Is she drunk already? They go in to dinner, and Kristen’s mom, Faye, toasts to her. They toast to hot moms and hot daughters. Kristen checks her receipts, and says she made $9018 from the launch. She wondered what Dayna and Beau were talking about. Dayna says she stalked Beau like a hamster in Habitrail. Stassi doesn’t know what a Habitrail is, and I wonder if I should feel old. Dayna says she prays Stassi doesn’t take old baggage into new relationships. Stassi is getting annoyed. This is like last night, when Beau suggested Stassi’s issues come from old boyfriends, but Dayna said she’s always been like this. Her mother is always contradicting herself; she’d just said it was because of old boyfriends. Dayna tells Stassi that she’s going through menopause, and never cries, but Stassi says she’s always cried. This woman hasn’t even been on the scene that long, and I can tell she’s a crier. Kristen says Stassi is stuck in her bitchy place, and she hates that. Stassi says she’s putting her hands up, and Dayna says she needs help breathing. Kristen whines that no one babies her, and says Stassi is in a bad mood. Katie says Kristen is the one who started it, and Dayna suggests they all stop thinking about themselves, and think about how they’re all together. Stassi says she has to feel her feelings, and Dayna asks if she can feel them later. I laugh, partly because I can’t believe Stassi has had to deal with this woman her whole life. Stassi says, no, she can’t, and Dayna stomps off. Faye and Teri follow her. She starts bawling in the hallway, wailing that she feels like an outsider. Katie suggests that Stassi find a way to make her mom feel special. Dayna says she needs be held, and told she’s loved. Stassi says she loves her mom. In her interview, Katie says, the situation feels familiar. We flash back to Stassi pitching one of her many fits.

In Stassi’s interview, she says it feels like she’s watching her past and future worlds colliding. She has freak-outs like her mom, and sometimes has the victim mentality. Everything about tonight sucks. It all sucks. And she’s scared one day that will be her.

Next time, Tom plays the trumpet badly, Lisa tells Brittany to show respect, Brittany freaks out, and Billie gripes about not being included.

😠 I have a few things to say about Stassi’s mom. I like Stassi. She seems like the kind of friend I would have had at her age. She can be dramatic, but she’s mad smart, and has a wicked sense of humor. The former is why I’m surprised she hasn’t seen it herself. Her mom is where she gets it. This woman is toxic. I’m not saying she’s a bad person, although I think she should stay away from the alcohol, weed, or whatever the hell she’s doing. It doesn’t suit her. And she is a bad parent in several ways. She wanted Stassi to do her job – hold her and tell her that she loved her. I’m not saying that should never be done by a child, but Stassi had just ruined her own birthday – and owned up to it. She’s the one who deserved a pat on the head, not her inappropriate mother. I also have the feeling this has been going on her whole life. On top of it, in every single scene, Dayna belittled her own child. While I’ll be the first to admit there’s the magic of editing, none of it should have happened. She embarrassed Stassi at the party, by talking about Beau’s package, and intimated that Stassi had better not screw it up. Then when they were at Kristen’s launch, she wouldn’t shut up about how Stassi wasn’t good enough for Beau, had a screwed up personality, and she hoped he understood he was in for a lifetime of a nightmare. Putting the cherry on that cake, she told Beau her clock was ticking. She’s definitely an attention seeker – look out when she talks with her hands, which is always – and managed to make everything about her in some way. Which brings us to the dinner. Wow. Talk about a drama queen. The other two moms should have left her to cry it out by herself. I guarantee she wouldn’t have been gone long. I’m appalled that Kristen is encouraging her behavior, just because Dayna is being complimentary, and suggesting that Stassi isn’t as good as Kristen. Again putting Stassi down. Why isn’t Kristen standing up for her friend? I’m surprised Beau doesn’t see it either, since he’s no slouch in the brains department. I hope Stassi doesn’t lose him, but regardless, keep going to therapy, girlfriend. You’ll figure it out sooner or later, and decide what to do about it. Keep doing you, but try not to drink so much on your next birthday.

🐹 It’s Still Around…

The original style Habitrail.


The Habitrail of Today. Scaled back and not too exciting.


Now, that’s a Habitrail.


🎢 The Slide…

And some of LA.


January 11, 2019 – Griff’s Faith is Broken, Some Betty, Vicki’s Holiday, a Baby, OctoQuotes, a Birthday & a Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yep, missed it. Why break a streak?

Anna can’t see anything. Peter helps her up, and out of the bistro.

At the hospital, Obrecht says good evening to Finn. He says they used to have security; who let her in? She says, all the charges have been dropped. She’s free to go where she chooses, and she chooses to be there. He asks what she wants, and she says she’s there to speak to HR. He asks if her license wasn’t revoked, and she says she didn’t realize he had control over who was hired. He says there’s no place for someone like her there.

Valentin gives Nina a gorgeous bouquet. She says the flowers are beautiful, but unnecessary. He wants to thank her for giving him a second chance. She says, seriously? It’s more like the ninth. He’s grateful, and says he’d be happy if she indulges him while he showers her with gifts. She says he already gave her the greatest gift. He brought her daughter back into her life.

In the chapel, Sonny tells Griff it’s been a tough few weeks. It was a senseless tragedy. Kiki was part of the family. Griff wants to stop him now. He’s heard so many different versions of the same conversation. He knows they’re well-intended, but it doesn’t help. He tells Sonny, please save his sorrow and remorse. The stories only make him mad. Mad that somebody took Kiki’s life, and took her from them. Maybe he doesn’t have the right to anger and grief, but those are his only two options. Sonny says Griff can only feel how he feels; empty and pointless. He gets it. When Morgan died, Sonny went to dark places, and Griff helped him with his faith. Griff is glad his words brought Sonny comfort, but for him, there is none. His words were a lie. Faith is an illusion.

Franco asks Ava what she’s doing out there alone at night. It’s a bad idea. Ava says she can take care of herself. He’s sure she can, but he’s hanging out, just in case. She says, that’s sweet, but unnecessary. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says he’s on his way to the studio. What about her? She says it’s none of his business; carry on. He says now he’s really not going. Not until she tells him what’s going on. She says he’s going to ruin everything, and he tells her, talk fast. She says, Kiki’s killer is still out there. She’s making herself a target he can’t resist, and when he finds her, he’ll wish the cops got to him first.

Not-Doc takes out a locked box. He looks inside, and smiles, seeing the driver’s licenses of his victims. He says, sleep tight, and puts the box back. If he had a moustache, he’d be twirling it.

Nina tells Valentin that she didn’t think it was possible. If not for him, Madeline would have carried the secret to her grave. Because of him, she found out her daughter was alive, and came to know this incredible, smart, beautiful woman. He filled the hole in her heart. She loves him so much. He showed her it’s safe to love him, and made her trust him again.

Obrecht says Finn is quick to judge, but her moral actions don’t concern him. He says, they concern Monica. When Monica sees her, she’ll remember the things Obrecht did to the people in the hospital. What goes around, comes around. Obrecht says, upon further consideration, she’s too good for GH. She’s going to Mercy, where they can use her help and appreciate her talents.

Drew brings Kim coffee, and I wonder if they’ll ever actually put something in those cups or at least pretend better. Kim says she’s being ridiculous and selfish, but Drew tells her to give herself a break. She tells him, bringing life into the world is the best part of her job, and one of the reasons she became an OB. When she hands a precious new life to parents, and sees the wonder, the hopes and dreams they have for their babies, their joy fills her with joy. But today, all she felt was resentment toward the new mother and all her hope for her son’s future. She has none left for hers. Drew says it’s understandable, but remember, they still have time. Kim says she’s clung to hope for so long; false hope, and she’s running out of it. The first thing they learn in med school is that they will lose patients, even with new treatments and skills, there are limitations, and they all fail at some point. That’s where Oscar is. Medicine failed him.

Sonny tells Griff that he questioned God. Why did it happen to someone so young and full of promise? His faith was shaken. Griff says his faith isn’t shaken; it’s broken. He devoted his entire life to the church. He looks at a medal he’s wearing, and says, St. Aloysius. He experienced a profound spiritual awakening at age seven, and died at twenty-three from the Plague. Griff wanted be like him since he was a boy. He laughs, says, a saint, and rips the medal off. He says, it’s just jewelry. There’s no magic. Bad things happen to good people. Kiki was stabbed. What sense can he make of that? Why is he here? He doesn’t know. Maybe he’s hoping to feel something that proves he’s wrong; that what he believed isn’t a lie. Sonny says there’s no denying he’s sinned more than most, but he thinks there’s something bigger out there. Something listening to them; working through them. He’s there praying for a sixteen-year-old boy who’s been terminally diagnosed. It might not help, but has to do the best he can. He believes in his heart that Kiki would understand. Griff says people tell him what Kiki would want or do. He doesn’t even know, so how do they? I hate to put a damper on his supposition, but they probably knew her a lot better than he did. He’d just started dating her. He says he dedicated his entire life to healing. If Oscar gets a miracle, it’s because of science, not faith. He’s finally clear on that. He says there’s someone he can still help, and leaves. Sonny looks at the medal on the floor.

Franco says Ava is using herself as bait, and ambushing the killer? She says, it’s better than waiting around for them to claim another victim. Franco says it’s not going to work, but she says he’s just trying to get her to change her mind. He says he can think like Kiki’s killer because he used to think like a killer. She’s not a desirable target. Ava is like, thanks, but he says she’s known to be lethal. At best, she’s not worth the risk, and at worst, she’s a kindred spirit. Not-Doc walks onto the scene.

Peter brings Anna in to the hospital. She tells Finn that she can’t see.

Sonny sees Drew and Kim. He’s sorry to interrupt. Drew asks, what’s up? Sonny says he was there getting medicine for his father, and Carly told him Oscar’s treatment didn’t go as well as it should. Drew says, it didn’t, and Sonny tells Drew that his resources are at Drew’s disposal. He has a jet, and connections. Anything they need.

Not-Doc asks what Ava and Franco are doing. Franco tells him Ava is using herself as bait to catch Kiki’s killer. Not-Doc says, I see. Franco is like, what? and not-Doc says he’s not saying it’s not incredibly risky, but however Ava deals with her grief is her own business. Franco says, she’s wandering around on the docks late at night with a gun. And why is not-Doc ghosting him? Franco has been calling for an appointment, and his calls aren’t being returned. Not-Doc says, the time has come for them to stop working together.

Griff comes into the examining room, and asks Anna, what’s going on? Finn says, she can’t see, and Anna asks if it has something to do with her illness. Griff says that’s doubtful, and asks, what happened? Peter says they were having coffee when Anna got a headache. He was going to take her to the doctor, and she collapsed. When she regained consciousness, she couldn’t see. Griff asks her to describe the headache. She says, it was horrible. It came out of nowhere; a searing pain in her temple. She knew she had to see a doctor. She fainted, and when she stood up and opened her eyes, she couldn’t see anything. Griff says the fainting could be a result of her phlebotomy treatment. She asks, what about the loss of vision? He tells her that he can’t say, but he’ll figure it out. They’ll run some tests, and find out what’s going on. Anna asks why would this happen? and Griff says, hang in there. Finn says he’ll be right back, and Anna asks if Peter is still there. He is, and she thanks him. He says he did what anyone would have done, but she says he’s not anyone to her. She’s not a random stranger; it’s a complicated relationship. He says, that’s one way to put it. She says he could have left, but he didn’t. She thanks him, but says she’s not reading into it. Peter suggests she focus on herself right now. He takes her hand, and she says she’s grateful he’s there. He’s glad he could help.

Valentin kisses Nina’s hand. He wants to prove himself worthy of her love, but he’s not her knight in shining armor. Obrecht walks in, saying, on that, they can agree. She hopes she’s not interrupting. Valentin says she is. She’d like to speak to Nina alone, but Valentin says whatever she has to say, she can say in his presence. She knows he’d prefer that, and Nina asks, what’s going on? She saw them with their heads together the other day. Since they have no secrets, tell her what’s going on. Obrecht says, no secrets? In that case, does he want to tell Nina what they’ve been keeping from her, or should she?

Sonny says he has access to medicine that’s restricted in this country, and his jet is ready. Drew appreciates it, but knows there’s no miracle drug. Kim says she checked everything from here to Singapore, and checked every trial. Drew says there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to save Oscar, but there’s nothing they can do.

Franco asks if not-Doc is dumping him as a client. Not-Doc says their work has plateaued. Maybe Franco has become too comfortable. In any event, they’re not progressing. He’d be better served by another therapist. Franco doesn’t think they’ve dealt with the trauma they uncovered, and now he’s being tossed aside like a bothersome one-night stand. Not-Doc thinks it’s best, and will give him a referral. Franco says the hell with him and his referral, and stomps off. Ava asks not-Doc if he’s sure he wants to do that. It seems like Franco needs him. Not-Doc says, trust him. It’s for the best.

Nina tells Obrecht to cough it up, and Obrecht asks if Valentin told Nina that he offered her a job at Cassadine industries. Valentin says he’s making inquiries; don’t rush him. Obrecht says the medical department isn’t hiring, but she appreciates him keeping her in mind. Nina doesn’t want her put in difficult position, but the sooner she finds work, the better for everyone. Obrecht asks for a private moment with her niece. When Valentin leaves the room, Nina asks what Obrecht can’t tell her in front of him.

A nurse comes with wheelchair to take Anna for her tests. Peter helps her into the chair. He asks if he should stick around, but she says she knows he’s busy, and tells him to go. The nurse wheels her out.

Griff looks at Anna’s chart. Finn needs to talk to him. Griff asks what’s on his mind. Finn says, Griff’s mind. Is he okay? Is his head in the game? He just lost someone close to him, and no disrespect, Finn wonders if he should get another specialist. Griff says, none taken, and Finn is right. Kiki’s murder messed him up, but Anna is the closest thing to family he has, and he can help her. He needs to help her. Finn asks what he thinks is going on, and Griff says, it could be anything. They don’t know if it’s treatable or the blindness is permanent.

Sonny tells Drew he’s sorry. He hopes he’s not making it worse. Kim says they’re touched, and Sonny says, Oscar is one of the greats in his book. They’re both in his prayers. Drew thanks him for coming by. Sonny says he can’t imagine what they’re going through, but Drew says, clearly, he knows. Drew was there when he lost Morgan. He appreciates Sonny being there for them. Sonny says, anything he needs, just ask.

Finn tells Griff that Anna will want to know the odds. Griff says, until he knows what it is, he only has speculation. Finn asks if there’s a strong possibility she’ll see again, and Griff says, yes. There are many causes for sudden blindness. He says Finn is acting like he has no medical degree; he’s not acting like a doctor. Finn says someone he loves is the patient, and Griff’s bedside manner sucks. What happened to holding on to hope? Griff says, get someone else If that’s what he wants. Griff’s faith lies in data. He’ll have it shortly.

Peter meets with Valentin, and says he took Anna to the hospital. Valentin asks, what happened? but Peter doesn’t know. They were talking, Anna got a splitting headache, and fainted. When she regained consciousness, she couldn’t see. Valentin asks, who’s treating her? and Peter says, Griff, but he doesn’t know what caused it or if it’s permanent.

Nina thinks Obrecht wants to pitch her medical column for Crimson. She says it’s a great idea, but not the best approach for their readers. She knows Obrecht needs a job. Obrecht says her records have been expunged, but she has no medical license. And she has more pressing matters. Nina asks if she can vague that up more. Obrecht says Valentin has two sides. He can be witty and charming, but he can also be ruthless and amoral. The ends will always justify the means with him. Nina says no one is completely wrong or right. Valentin is capable of love and loyalty. He showed that with Nina’s daughter. She tried to end it for a long time, but he wouldn’t give up. She’s proceeding with caution. There’s been no long term, permanent commitment. She tells Obrecht she’s moved back into Windymere. Obrecht says she’s sleeping in his bed? Nina wants Obrecht to be happy for her. Valentin found her daughter; her family. She wants Obrecht to meet her. She looks exactly like Britt, and Nathan. Obrecht says that woman is nothing like her son.

Sonny tries to get Griff’s attention, but Griff says he’s sorry. He has a patient. Sonny holds the medal.

Finn asks Anna how the tests went, and she supposes all right. He tells her it’s okay to be scared; he won’t tell. Griff comes in with the test results, and takes her hand. He says she experienced some kind of hemorrhage, but she’s okay and stable. She asks about the blindness, and Griff says, there’s a laser treatment that often yields positive results. She asks what that means. He says he doesn’t know the cause, so he can’t be certain it will restore her vision.

Valentin thanks Peter, who tells him, don’t reach out. He doubts Anna wants to hear from him. Valentin says, she doesn’t like appear weak, and Peter says, because she thinks Valentin will double-cross her. He knows the feeling. Valentin says he’s not the enemy, but Peter says he’ll use anyone to get what he wants. He used Peter, pressuring him to drop the charges on Obrecht. Valentin says it worked out well for everyone, and Peter is in good with Maxie. Peter says Valentin was just covering his own ass. Enjoy it while it lasts. Obrecht will use whatever she has against him, sooner rather than later.

Nina asks what Obrecht has against Sasha. Obrecht says forget she said anything. Nina says she understands. She thinks Obrecht still has a lot of guilt, leaving Nathan with Madeline, and her relationship with Britt is non-existent. It’s different between Nina and her daughter. Obrecht says she’s mistaken. There’s something she needs to know about her daughter.

Franco argues with not-Doc’s assistant outside of his office. She says he can’t have access to the doctor’s records. He asks where Janet is, and the woman says Janet was fired, and the doctor hired her. She leaves, and Franco says, the hell with this. He uses his credit card to slip the lock on the door.

At the docks, Ava asks if not-Doc thinks she’s crazy, going after her daughter’s killer. He says, not at all, but he thinks it’s counterproductive. The killer feeds off the fear and dread of the community. He loves attention and notoriety. Her grief and frustration give him power. If she refuses to live her life, she plays into his hands. She says her daughter was killed. How is she supposed to focus on anything else? He thinks her staying there, surrounded by memories, knowing the killer is out there, wears on her. The two of them should leave town. She says she’s not in the mood for a vacation, but he says, not a vacation. Forever. He thinks they should leave Port Charles for good.

Franco spreads out Doc’s patient files, and flips through them. We see the locked box.

On Monday, Alexis asks Sam what’s going on in that house she should know about, Jason asks if Kristina has ever mentioned Shiloh, and Carly catches Franco in Doc’s office.

💘 Because We All Love Her…

Presenting Betty White.


✈ It Could Have Been Worse…

Rich people problems.


👶 What Will Juan Do Now?

Pao and Russ finally had a baby. Bye, Felicia Juan.


👂 Quotes of the Week

Silence is the mother of truth. – Benjamin Disraeli

Best friends live forever in the memories we keep. – Unknown

Life, a good life, a great life is about “Why not?” May we never forget it.Danielle Steel, Happy Birthday

You have a wheelhouse and we’ve been living in this dump? – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

Everything born has to die, in order to make room for the future.Joan D. Vinge

If I were to put a picture in the dictionary next to boy toy, you would be the antonym.Judge Judy, who then had to explain what an antonym is.

I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.Will Rogers

Tequila is not even a drink; it’s a way for having the cops around without using a phone. – Dylan Moran

🎆 A Happy 12th Birthday to Juliet’s Six-Pack…

Twelve years ago, in the wee hours of the morning – 2:30 am to be exact – Juliet produced her life’s work – six glorious babies! True to form, she did it her own way, without skipping a meal or even going into labor. She did not read the schedule. She popped them out, cleaned them up, and then asked for a piece of cheese.

juliet'sbabies-sleeping-3 (2)


🛀 Because It Came…

January 10, 2019 – The PC Voters Have Spoken, a Crossover in LA, Oh Brother & Celebrating Earl


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I swear, one day I won’t miss the first minute and a half. I had extra time today too, but… oh, never mind. Moving on.

Anna asks if Finn is backing out. He says he never backed in. He tells her, technically, she can go on her own. Not-Doc nearly slams into them, and Finn tells him watch where he’s going.

Sam doesn’t know how Jason can still go to the docks. He says there are bad memories for both of them there, but she suggests they make new ones. Shiloh appears, and says it’s fortunate he found them. Perhaps they can help him with something. He sounds like Spinelli.

Shiloh takes Sam and Jason over to a guy sleeping on the docks. He introduces the guy as Barney. He’s between homes, and Shiloh is trying to convince him that he’ll freeze out there. He has a van to take Barney and his mother to a shelter, but Barney doesn’t think he can trust Shiloh. Sam tells Barney, it’s just one night. He can leave if he wants to. Shiloh agrees that he can. Sam says, give it a try. A hot meal and a bed. Let them help him out.

Not-Doc tells Finn and Anna that he’s terribly sorry. It’s embarrassing. He’s always complaining about other people walking while their looking at their cell phones, and now he’s doing the same thing. Anna asks if he’s in a rush to get to a patient, but he says it’s a baffling pathology that’s stumping the experts. He jets, and Finn says, people say he’s awkward.

Maxie asks Peter how he knew she was there. He says he didn’t, and Lulu says the whole world doesn’t revolve around Maxie. Peter says he’s there on Invader business. Maxie asks if he’s going to make Lulu work tonight. Her mom waiting for them to join her. Lulu says she asked to see him; right now, this takes precedence. Maxie says she’ll leave them to talk shop, while she watches the returns. Lulu tells her it’s confidential, and she’ll meet Maxie at The Floating Rib when they’re done. Maxie says Peter should consider coming. All work no play… He says he’ll try, and Lulu says she’ll be there soon. When Maxie leaves, Lulu says she senses a vibe. Peter says they’re supposed to be talking business. Lulu says she’s talking murder.

Ned says Michael wants him to win so he has no reason to come back to ELQ. Michael says he wants Ned to win because he’s a great mayor, but he’s always welcome back to the family business. Monica says they’re all getting along and being supportive of each other. Is she in the right house? She says, solidarity is a good thing, especially with everything going on with Oscar. She had no idea how hard losing Gail would hit her either. She wishes Michael had the chance to meet her. There’s also the mysterious clause in her will. Ned says they’ll deal with that another time, and Monica says, tonight is all about him. No pressure, but they could use a win. Michael tells Ned, please get on that, thanks. Ned says, unfortunately, it’s out of his hands.

Laura is blown away by Cameron being busted for buying marijuana. Alexis says, trying to buy marijuana. Elizabeth says, it was sweet, but misguided. Laura wishes they’d told her; she would have been at the hearing. Elizabeth says that’s why they didn’t tell her. Alexis says a lot of people are counting on her. Laura says, family comes first. Always has; always will. She sees not-Doc come in.

Shiloh thanks Sam and Jason, saying they were more persuasive than he was. It’s amazing how many don’t see people like Barney. They’re treated like a disease. He says they’re here to see him; what can he do for them? Sam says Kristina told her that he comes there sometimes to help the homeless. He asks again what he can do for them, and Sam says he can start by dropping the act. Jason says he knew Sam lived there when he came to town. Why didn’t he tell Kristina? Shiloh asks, what makes them think he knew Sam? Sam says she was married to his father.

Mac says what he’s about to tell not-Doc stays between them. It’s about the murders; can Mac trust him? Not-Doc says he’s working with the PCPD. If they can trust him, Mac can. Is he working with the police? Mac says Jordan and Curtis came to him with a possible link between Ryan’s crime spree and the recent killings. Not-Doc asks if he’s serious, and Mac says, dead serious; no pun intended. They’d been going through the files, and Ryan kept a trophy from each of the victims – their driver’s license. The current killer is doing the same thing. All three licenses are missing from the victims’ personal effects. Not-Doc says, incredible, and Mac says, it begs the question, if the killer knows Ryan’s M.O., why does no one else? Not even the cops.

Lulu tells Peter that he gave her access just for something that happened twenty-five years ago. Fast-forward to her covering the recent murders. It didn’t occur to her that they were connected until the DA dropped by. Margaux wouldn’t tell her what they found, but it’s obvious they stumbled on a link. They have reason to believe the killer might be emulating Ryan’s crimes. Peter asks why the DA would come to her, and Lulu says she wanted to know if there was a common denominator – a signature on Ryan’s crimes – but Lulu hadn’t seen one. Peter doesn’t suppose Margaux let her in on what they found. Lulu says she tried to get it out of her, but no luck. She bets if she goes back to her research and the forensics reports, she can find something. Peter asks if she hasn’t already done that, but she says she didn’t know they were looking for a link. If they can find it, she can. Peter asks what she’ll do with it if she finds it, and she says, print it. The public deserves to know. Peter says, if the police haven’t revealed it, it’s for a reason. They’re using it to catch the killer, and she could blow that up. Don’t publish irresponsibly. She says, like she did before? and he says, like they did. He pushed her, and it got Nathan killed. It wasn’t their intention, but they put it out there. It was an unforeseen consequence, and he doesn’t want to risk it again. When she writes something, as publisher, he’ll decide if they go through with the story. She says, deal. She’s going to close up and go to The Floating Rib. She asks if he’s coming, but he says he has a stop he needs to make first.

Finn tells Anna, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain, but she says, but he does anyway. She tells him, Peter wants to meet her right now at a bistro. Finn tells her to go to her meeting, and he’ll check on some files. She says, no, no, no. A supportive boyfriend would go to the party with her. He asks what the supportive boyfriend gets out of this? She asks if he remembers that night, and what happened after. He says it’s seared in his brain. He’ll see her there. Must have been good.

Shiloh says, Sam and his father? Sam says before Hank, he was born David Henry Archer. She married his father briefly. She knew he had a son, but never met him. He was overseas, spending his trust fund. She says it’s not a time in her life that she’s proud of. Shiloh says his father was never married to a Sam, and Sam says, like him, she had aliases. Shiloh thinks it’s amazing that they connected in their own way. Sam says he shows up where she lives, and happens to get her sister to volunteer, and somehow he thinks it’s a coincidence? He says, not coincidence; it’s fate.

Sam asks if Shiloh thinks it’s divine intervention, and he asks what she would call it. She says, a scam. He says he wishes she’d known the person he used to be. Then maybe she’d understand. After his parents divorced, he bounced from boarding school to boarding school. By the time his father met her, he was an adult, and burning through his trust fund. Afterwards, he found himself alone and broke, both financially and in spirit. He couldn’t go further down. Financially, there was probably nothing left for him. Sam says, because of her. Shiloh says if she’s asking if he blamed, or even hated her, he did.

Maxie arrives at The Floating Rib. Elizabeth tells her that they’re waiting on the west side report, and Laura is cool as a cucumber. Maxie says, she’s incredible, and Elizabeth says she’s their next mayor. Alexis is glad to see Finn. He’s glad to see her too, and she asks, how’s life? He says, good, and she asks, how’s Anna? He says, good; how about her? She says she’s doing okay. She’s trying to figure herself out, and discovering friendships mean a lot; FYI, his included. He says nothing makes him happier; FYI.

Laura says, it’s about to happen. Everyone gathers around the TV.

Peter thanks Anna for meeting him on short notice. They make awkward small talk, which seems to be the theme of the day. Anna is glad he was able to come on Christmas. He says him too. He wants ask about her Christmas gift; the WSB file. He gets the woman he never knew, and wondered about every day, but the portrait is incomplete. He needs her to finish it.

Mac tells not-Doc that Ryan was in isolation, and never with anyone. Not-Doc says he remembers… hearing about it. When they were kids, his brother always went his own way. He was the ultimate secret keeper. Mac says, he’s a shrink. Why the driver’s license? Not-Doc says, it contains the essentials of our existence. It represents the lives he took, and was a reminder that he was a step ahead of the authorities; a pat on the back. Mac says he’ll never understand it, and not-Doc says, him neither. Lulu calls Mac over.

The voters have spoken, and they’re able to declare a winner. The next mayor of Port Charles is Laura Collins. Everyone applauds. Laura is stunned, but Lulu isn’t. Everyone hugs Laura. Not-Doc hangs in the background, and raises his beer to her.

Monica says she couldn’t be prouder of Ned, and the rest agree. Michael says, it was crazy close; Ned can ask for a recount. Ned says, the voters have spoken, and if he has to concede, Laura is his first choice. Olivia says she loves him. Monica says, in his short time in office, he did a lot. He rebuilt homes and got people jobs. Olivia says he touched people’s lives; she’s grateful. Ned says he’s grateful for her. She was a spectacular First Lady. She worked her tail off in a thankless gig. He’s sorry he let her down; she’s out of a job. She says, for one, there’s the MetroCourt, and second, she doesn’t care. She loved being his lady, and them doing it together. There are a million other ways they can accomplish that. They hug.

Jason says Sam didn’t mess up Shiloh’s life, he did. Shiloh says he accepted it. Hitting rock bottom is the ultimate reality check. There’s no one to make excuses or clean up the mess. He looked in the mirror, and put the blame where it belonged. He found work; easy money in often unsavory ways. He and Sam aren’t so different. He wound up in Afghanistan, where Drew pulled him out. He didn’t just save Shiloh’s life, but gave his life meaning. That’s when he started on the journey that brought him there. Sam says, it’s inspiring, but Shiloh says she doesn’t sound convinced. She says it has her wondering if digging in her past, and using her alias as harassment is part of his journey.

Peter tells Anna that he literally wrote the book on Faison, and he’s surprised there’s so much he didn’t know. Like, she has a twin sister. Anna tells him, the less said about her, the better. He wants to know everything. Does he have other family out there? And Robin and her family, not to mention Robert, who’s seen as family. Mac said it’s a big tribe. Anna says, it’s his tribe too, if he wants them. He doesn’t know what he wants right now, but she tells him, no rush. They have all the time in the world.

Maxie asks Mac what he was talking about with not-Doc. Mac says it was a private matter. She says, first Lulu and Peter, now him. Mac asks if Peter is still camping outside her door, and she says, no, but if he was… Mac says he wouldn’t like it. Maxie says, Peter isn’t his father. Mac asks, how does she feel about him? He doesn’t want her hurt. She says, there’s a serial killer on the loose, and he’s worried about Peter? He says he doesn’t know what he’d do if something happened to her, but she says there’s not a safer place to be than where she is right now.

At the bar, not-Doc looks at Peyton ‘s driver’s license. Laura asks what he’s doing. He’s sending her mixed messages. First, he can’t get far enough away; now he’s her biggest fan. He says he might not want to be together, but thinks she’ll make a magnificent mayor. She appreciates that. Ned comes in, and congratulates Laura. Olivia says she ran a wonderful campaign, and Laura says Ned did too. Ned sees that she’s having a party, but wanted to concede. Losing is not his strong suit. Laura says, is it anyone’s? He says if there’s anything he can do to smooth the transition, name it. They’re all citizens, and when they’re threatened, either by an earthquake or a madman, they must pull together. Everyone applauds. Laura and Ned hug. Not-Doc watches.

Michael thinks Ned showed class, and Monica says, winning gracefully is one thing, but losing gracefully is another. It would have been nice to celebrate something though. Michael says, it would. Monica’s phone dings, and Michael asks if everything is okay. She thinks so. The reading of Gail’s will is next week.

Sam asks Shiloh if emailing Linda Black sounds familiar. He says she didn’t use that name, but she says if he was digging into her past, he knows she used several aliases. He asks if the emails were threatening, and she says they offered help. He says, with what? but she doesn’t know. Jason says maybe someone was using the name only to make Sam aware they know her past. Sam says, someone like him? Shiloh asks if she thinks a person can go from one thing to another. Realize they’re not on the right path, and not the person they want to be. She believes people can change, but if he did, that’s a different story. He says that’s what their lives are; stories. Now, as fate would have it, it’s their story, but that’s not the way she would think. He tells her to get to know him better. See him as her sister does – as a friend. Until then, he wishes them peace and fulfillment. He leaves, and Sam asks Jason how she did.

Peter wants to figure out his family tree. He owes it to James to know everything he can; where he comes from. Anna is happy to provide what he needs. She feels weird, and he tells her to have some water. She says she had a phlebotomy today, and it can make her dizzy and weak, and give her a headache. She drinks some water, but has a funny look on her face. Peter asks, what’s wrong?

Jason tells Sam that he thought she was convincing. The guy is good though, so whether Shiloh bought it or not, he doesn’t know. He didn’t let his guard down once. He stuck to his story. Sam says she bought it, but doesn’t think him meeting Kristina is an accident. Jason thinks he’s fishing for information; hoping for something to turn around. Sam says Con 101. Wait for the mark to tell you what you want to know. Kristina is trusting, and left herself wide open for Shiloh to take an opportunity to do what he wants with her. Jason thinks she has a right to be concerned. Somehow, Sam’s past with his father, Shiloh’s with Drew, and Kristina being in the group… Sam wonders what Shiloh is after, and Jason says, nothing good.

Ned thanks Olivia for coming with him. She says she’s happy to do her part for the city. It’s her home. If Ned had won, she’d have been with him, but the decision is made. Now, they’ll face new challenges, and she’s looking forward to it. Sleeping in late, going to Leo’s soccer games, the vacations they had to put off. He says they have their life back, and they kiss.

At The Floating Rib, the crowd calls for a speech. Laura thanks them for being there, and thanks Mac and Felicia for hosting. She thanks her friends and family for supporting her, and not letting her throw in the towel when she was sorely tested. Most of all, she thanks the voters for entrusting the town they all love so much to her care. She can’t promise she won’t make mistakes or do something they disagree with, but she can promise she’ll put in 150% effort every day she has the job. Her utmost priority will be the people of Port Charles, their welfare, and safety. She knows they’re afraid, and she’ll work closely with the PCPD to make sure they have what they need to catch the killer. Whoever it is, and wherever they are, their days are numbered. Not-Doc joins the applause, but doesn’t look sincere. If applause can be sarcastic, that describes it.

Anna tells Peter that she’s in pain, and needs to see a doctor. She starts to get up, then collapses.

Tomorrow, Obrecht asks Valentin if she should tell Nina what he’s been keeping from her, Franco asks Ava what the hell she’s doing, and Anna is blind.

💰 On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Tracy handled an estate sale for Rose McGowan. Rose’s intention, along with the sale of the house, is to use the money for her legal battle against Harvey Weinstein. She left with two suitcases and an adventurous spirit. The whole exchange was kind of sad, but I suppose it would be a lot worse if she had nothing to sell. Dorit and PK, from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, hired James and David to sell their house (probably one of several), after nixing the Altman brothers, Josh and whatever his brother’s name is. PK said the Altmans had also talked smack about David and James. James or David – I’m still not sure which one’s which – griped about spending $6000 on the open house. When the potential commission is nearly a quarter of a million, that should be a drop in the bucket. And it’s nothing compared to what Fredrik from Million Dollar Listing NYC would spend. PK surprised me by interfering in his broker’s job, insisting on talking to the potential buyer’s broker, and screwing up any negotiations that might have been made. Sellers get seriously greedy and/or sentimental when the rubber starts meeting the road. Next time, Josh Flagg drives an ice cream truck, and a house is robbed. Maybe.

🍮 On Top Chef, we got to see some Last Chance Kitchen with Nini from last week, and a dude named Brother, who no one knew because he was from another season. One of their tasks was to recreate the dish that got them there in the first place. The other contestants were required to help, and the ones helping Brother (what kind of a name is that anyway?) weren’t thrilled, since they didn’t know him from flan. Brother was doing a Southwestern/Asian fusion, and everyone was like, whaaat? I was okay with that, until the cilantro came out. I’m one of the 4 – 14% of people who think it tastes like soap, which is a real quandary, since I like Mexican food. Brother ended up going back to the competition, so I guess everyone will get to know him. The next challenge was to use an old fashioned cocktail as inspiration for an appetizer – one of those one-perfect-bite things – for a Roaring Twenties themed party. They had a choice of cocktails, and ironically, one of them was an Old Fashioned. Chef Ken Oringer (hello! who’s this nice looking man?) was a guest at the party, and a guest judge. Tom said one dish was sad in a cup, and I literally LOL’d. That’s pretty bad. I wasn’t paying enough attention to see whose dish it was, but found out later that it was Brian who had the sad, dry gnocchi. My money was on Eric’s oysters, and he won the challenge. Brother got on everyone’s nerves. They were annoyed because he hadn’t been on the rest of the season with them. He got reamed out by Tom for doing the same thing he did last time when he’d been given a second chance. Tom always seems pissed at elimination. In the end, Brother had to pack his knives and go. Tom told him that he was disappointed, which probably feels like your father telling you he’s disappointed. Brother thought maybe he needed a break, and it was someone else’s turn, which was a pleasant way to leave. Next time, actress Lena Waithe presents a challenge, and butchering skills are put to the test. And while we’re on the subject of chefs, what’s with this foam business? The only foam I want to see is on the top of a chocolate egg cream.

🎸 Google is Celebrating Earl Scruggs…



January 9, 2019 – Margaux Visits Lulu, Hell in Allentown, a Turkish Engagement, an Interesting Combo, a Wives Listing, Some Sweet & Some Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis says an explanation of Cameron’s motives may or may not play with the judge. She’s hoping for one who has a soft heart. Judge Carson can be a bit of a hardnose. The bailiff tells everyone to rise. Presiding today, is the honorable Naomi Carson. The court comes to order.

At The Floating Rib, Laura thanks Carly and Sam for coming. She knows their family must have divided loyalties. Sam says Ned has done a great job, but the city isn’t a business. Carly says, Port Charles isn’t a building project; it’s a community, and Laura should run it. If nothing else, Laura hopes she’s made the public aware of some important issues. At the end of the day, it’s all they can hope.

Still looking through files, Curtis tells Jordan, this is some messed up stuff. It just keeps getting darker. He thinks Ryan did the world a favor by incinerating himself. Margaux walks in, and asks if there’s been any progress. She asks to talk to Jordan in her office, and Jordan wonders if she has a problem with Curtis being there. Margaux says she’s not comfortable with the PCPD bringing in a PI. Curtis offers to leave, but Jordan wants him to stay, saying they’ve realized the killer might be taking cues from Ryan Chamberlain. Margaux asks what kind, and Jordan says, the kind not available to the general public. They might have access to police files.

Olivia tells Ned, it’s easier to come in and criticize after the fact than roll up your sleeves and rebuild after an earthquake. She thinks people should be more appreciative of what he put in. He says, no matter what, he’s proud of what they’ve accomplished. Even when things went south after the earthquake, he had the best first lady. She says, the mayor wasn’t shabby either. He tells her that their interview with Lulu is about to start.

They put on the TV, and Lulu thanks them for inviting her into their home. By the time this airs, the campaign will be over, and people will be casting ballots. She asks how they feel. Olivia says she’s exhausted from the campaign trail, but excited for the future. Lulu asks, what about hopeful for a win?

Sonny drops by Lulu’s place. He was in the neighborhood, and wanted to check on her and the kids. She tells him that Charlotte is at Valentin’s this week, and Rocco is at the Quartermaine’s. Sonny says their family must be conflicted over the campaign. Lulu says she supports her mother, but her son is having a sleepover at her opponent’s house. Sonny is there to talk about a certain someone who’s off undercover. Does she know when Dante is coming home?

Laura thanks Mac for playing host. He says he’s happy to support her in any way possible, but wishes Doc was there to do the same. He supported her at the town meeting; he was warm and sincere. Maybe it’s a sign he’s coming around. She says she appreciates Doc’s support, but he doesn’t want to reconcile.

Carly can’t stop thinking about Oscar, and Sam can’t stop thinking about Drew. Scout will never know her brother; only through pictures and stories. She says Carly must be proud of Josslyn. It must be hard on her, but she wouldn’t be surprised if Josslyn found a cure or a miracle. Carly says, Josslyn is in denial. She can’t let herself believe she’s going to lose Oscar. She’s a fighter, and her first instinct is to take action and find a solution. Sam says, like her mother, and Carly adds, and her father. But soon she’ll have to face reality. Oscar will die, and she’ll be left to grieve. Sam is sorry, and Carly says she’s sorry too, and furious there’s no one to blame.

Margaux asks on what basis do they think the killer is mimicking the Chamberlain murders? Curtis tells her the driver’s license is missing from the victims; the same as in the other murders. Margaux says that information was never relayed, and Jordan says there aren’t any notations. It’s possible it wasn’t noticed until they made the connection. They were looking at the catalog of the victims’ personal effects. Curtis adds that they cross-checked it will all the victims’ files. They were all without driver’s licenses. Margaux says they never realized there was a pattern, and Jordan says there’s no way to know for sure unless they talk to Sean Donnelly. He was commissioner at the time. She gets out her phone, and asks for his number. She says she knows he lives overseas.

Sonny tells Lulu, dealing with his dad puts things in perspective. He doesn’t want to miss another holiday with Dante. Lulu says she heard from Dante on New Year’s Eve. He sends his love, but there were no details. He said he’d be out of touch for a while, so she got the impression that he’s going further undercover. Sonny asks if she told him what was going on, but she says she skipped that there’s a serial killer on the loose. Sonny tells her he has people watching her house, and she says she noticed. He says he can send a driver too, but she doesn’t want to be tripping over bodyguards. She told Dante everyone is okay, and work is keeping her busy. Telling him about the killer would worry him for no reason.

Olivia tells Ned the exit polls are neck and neck. She asks if he’s concerned about a repeat of the eleventh hour derailment of Alexis’s campaign. He says he and Laura kept their pledge; it was fair and square. They have a difference of opinion on some issues, but they both have mutual respect for the process, and a deep commitment to Port Charles. If he wins, he’ll do his best, and if Laura wins, he’ll support her. Olivia says, it’s possible to disagree and still respect someone as a person. She’s proud of how they both restored integrity to the politics of Port Charles. Ned tells Olivia that she’s been fantastic, and she says, so was he.

Alexis tells Judge Carson that her client is only sixteen-year-old. It’s his first offense, and has no record. It could be categorized as an error in judgement. Should it be used against him for the rest of his life? Judge Carson says the dealer is also a minor, and got twelve months in juvenile detention. Why should Cameron get a pass? Alexis says Cameron wrote a letter to the court, and asks if he can be allowed to read it. The judge agrees.

Cameron apologizes to the court and his fellow citizens for the mistake he made. He knew he was breaking the law, but did it anyway. He regrets it, and it won’t happen again. He’s not saying he won’t mess up – everyone does – but in the future, it won’t be illegal. He promises to learn from this experience, and be a better person. Alexis says, in light of Cameron’s sincere apology, she asks for an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. Elizabeth asks to speak, and the judge allows it. She says she’s proud of her son for taking responsibility, but his apology is incomplete, and the court should know why he did what he did.

Sonny’s heart goes out to Lulu, waiting for Dante, and raising the kids on her own. He tells her that he’s always there to support her. She says she knows, but it’s nice to hear it. He has to meet Carly at her mom’s party, and Lulu says she’ll be following right behind. She just has a little work on an article to finish up. Sonny says he has a simple request. Don’t be afraid to kick Dante in the butt. The next time she talks to him, tell him time to come home.

On the phone, Jordan says to send her regards to the commissioner from his PCPD family. She tells Curtis and Margaux, sad news. She spoke to Tiffany, and Sean is having trouble recalling what month it is, so he’s out of the picture. Margaux says, it’s a dead end. Jordan says, maybe not. There’s someone who still lives in Port Charles who’s closely involved with a woman Ryan was obsessed with.

Carly tells Sam that she doesn’t know what she’d have done in Kim’s place. She hopes she never finds out, but keeping Oscar’s diagnosis a secret affected a lot of people. Sam says, including Josslyn. Carly says when she looked in Josslyn’s eyes, she saw a girl who’s strong, resolute, and haunted. She’s way too young to look like that.

Mac says, the exit polls are too close to call. It could go either way. Laura takes comfort in knowing she’s running against Ned. If he wins, she won’t be horribly upset. They disagree on certain things, but she respects him. Mac says that’s exactly why she should be mayor; she’s a fundamentally fair person. Carly asks Mac for more beers, and asks Laura how she’s holding up. Laura says she’s more nervous than she cares to admit. Carly says she ran a great campaign, and she loved Laura’s platform, especially holding Ferncliff accountable. Laura tells her that Doc reminded her Ferncliff is for the criminally dangerous, and to proceed with caution. He said he’d keep an eye on Ferncliff. Carly asks if she believes him, and Laura says, yes; doesn’t she? Carly says, no.

Carly asks Laura if she remembers how she kept asking about a patient when they toured Ferncliff. She had a friend look into it, and they said the patient’s name was Wilson. Laura says, first or last? Carly says she didn’t know, but Doc said he’d check it out. He told her the patient’s name is Wilson Ritter, and he has a history of violence. She researched him, and came up with nothing. As far as she can see, he doesn’t exist. Laura wonders, if he’s as notorious as Doc said, is it possible he was admitted under an alias? Carly never thought of that. Sam joins them, and Carly tells her the patient at Ferncliff may or may not be Wilson Ritter. Curtis and Jordan come in. Sam thought Jordan can’t take sides, and Jordan wishes Laura luck, but says she’s not here for the election. She came to speak to Mac.

Mac tells Jordan that he’s current on his liquor license. Curtis asks if he can spare a few minutes, and they sit at a table. Sam wonders what that’s about. Carly asks if Curtis isn’t her business partner, but all Sam knows is that he’s working with the PCPD. It’s all hands on deck to find the killer. Carly says after Laura wins, she highly recommends the DA be fired.

Margaux shows up at Lulu’s house, wanting to ask a few questions. She promises not to ask about family secrets. She tells Lulu that her house is nice and homey. You’d never know Lulu was sitting on privileged information about a serial killer.

Ned channel surfs. He says it’s an hour before the last precinct reports. Olivia can’t believe he’s not monitoring the returns. He says he can’t sit there cheering every uptake, and agonizing over every loss. It’s out of his hands, and he doesn’t have to torture himself. Olivia asks if he thinks he can distract himself by binge watching. He asks if she’s willing to try with him, and she says she’s in it all the way.

Elizabeth tells the judge that Cameron didn’t do it for himself, but for a sick friend. She knows it’s an obvious excuse, but it’s the truth. Cameron’s friend has a serious form of cancer. Elizabeth is a nurse, and sees the ravages of cancer every day. His friend was constantly nauseous, and had no appetite. Cameron wanted to help by making brownies. He knows it was a bad judgement call, but his motives were good. He was trying to help a friend. Judge Carson asks if Cameron is a nurse or doctor. Alexis tries to interject, but the judge says she’s asking Cameron a question. Cameron says he’s neither one of those things. Judge Carson says, yet he thought it was appropriate to intervene. How did he know if he would make it better or worse? Drew has walked in, and asks if he can field that question. The judge asks who he is, and he says his son is the young man Cameron was trying to help. His son is Oscar Nero, and Oscar’s mom is Kim Nero, a doctor at General Hospital. She couldn’t be there, but if she could, she’d attest to Cameron’s character. He’s a good friend. Judge Carson says, no one is questioning him being a friend, but questioning his judgement and actions. Drew says Oscar was a friend in need, and you don’t abandon a friend who’s suffering, walking into a bright future and leaving them behind. Cameron didn’t stop to think if he’d get in trouble or if it would affect his ability to get into college. He didn’t just say the appropriate words about thoughts and prayers; he did something. He took action. In Drew’s eyes, he’s a hero. The judge says it’s a very emotional case, but it’s her job to separate emotion from the law. The court is in recess. Elizabeth thanks Drew, and hugs him.

Olivia turns off the TV. She wants to take this time to talk with Ned. She says he campaigned hard, and she still believes he’d be the best mayor. He thanks her, but she says, here’s the thing. In her heart of hearts, she’s not sure she wants him to win.

Lulu tells Margaux that she’s a Journalist. If she comes across information the public should know, she writes about it. It’s literally her job. Margaux says what gives her pause is how Lulu acquired specific police files on Ryan Chamberlain. Lulu says Peter requested she have access for a background on the series she’s writing, and the PCPD cleared it. Margaux asks if she shared it with anyone, and Lulu says, with her readers, and the cases were all closed. She wonders what the problem is, and wants to record the conversation. Margaux tells her, don’t. What she’s about to tell her is strictly off the record. Lulu doesn’t think that’s fair, but Margaux doesn’t care. What she says stays there. People’s lives are at risk.

Curtis tells Max that they’ve combed the lists of the victims’ possessions. Jordan says, none of them had a driver’s license, and Curtis says, it’s the same with Mary Pat, Kiki, and Peyton. He knows Mac was close to the case. He asks if Mac ever discussed it with the police, and Mac says he would have, if they’d all worked together. Sean would have told him anything. Curtis asks if there’s anything else he can tell them, and Mac says he can tell them about Felicia’s fear, and now someone is copying Ryan. Jordan says they have no reason to suspect Felicia is in danger. A more accurate picture of Ryan’s behavior might help. Mac thinks he knows someone who’s able to help. He hopes it’s not too late. I’m not sure what he means by this. Is he talking about the hour, or as in, oh no, it’s too late?

Sonny tells Laura to have her acceptance speech ready, and asks for a minute. He says it looks like it’s going her way. She’s going to be pressured to distance herself from him, and he’s okay with that. Laura says she’s not. He tells her that he knows she’ll do good, but not if she gets hung up on corruption charges. Laura says she’s known him a long time. It’s a little late to pretend they don’t know each other. He doesn’t want their association to cause her trouble. She says she has nothing to hide – including her friendship with him

Sam asks Carly to say her goodbyes. Carly says tell Jason she said hi.

Mac tells Curtis and Jordan that he has a contact at Pentonville who’s worked there forever. He was hoping to get information on Ryan, but no such luck. He was in isolation, and his contact with other inmates was minimal. He was a snob, and felt they weren’t wroth his trust or attention. Mac wishes he had more. If the killer is copying Ryan, he’s going to be hard to catch, and they’ll need all the help they can get.

Margaux tells Lulu that they have reason to believe the killer might been emulating Ryan, and used info contained in the police files. Lulu asks what kind? but Margaux says she’s asking the questions. When Lulu was doing research, did anything jump out linking the murders, other than Ryan? Lulu says if she’s asking if Ryan put a signature stamp on his crimes, she didn’t notice anything. She says there must have been something if they think this is a copycat. Let her write about it. Margaux says, nice try. Lulu says she could make the killer panic. They’ll slip up, and get caught. Margaux suggests Lulu forget they had this conversation; it’s safer that way. Margaux leaves, and Lulu gets on her laptop. She looks up the files on Ryan.

Ned asks if Olivia thinks Laura will make a better mayor, but she says she thinks he’s spectacular. He wonders why the eleventh-hour change of heart. She says there’s a serial killer who loves public spectacle. Election day is perfect for a public murder, and she doesn’t want him targeted next. He tells her he’s safer than most people. He lives in a huge house with security gates and surveillance cameras; he’s safe. Olivia says, maybe she’s over-exaggerating (isn’t that redundant?) the danger, but maybe it’s a convenient excuse to quit while they’re ahead.

The hearing is back in session. The judge has reached a decision, and says she’s agreed to an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal for twelve months. There will also be appropriate community service and drug counseling. Cameron has a year to prove himself, providing she doesn’t see him in her courtroom again. After that time, the charges will be dropped. The hearing is over, and Cameron asks Elizabeth if he’s on probation for a year.

Elizabeth thanks Alexis. Alexis says she and Drew did the important work. Cameron says, not all of it. He appreciates what Alexis did for him. Alexis says he did it himself. He was very persuasive while under pressure. Franco asks how it feels. Cameron says he won’t lie. Community service and drug counseling are kind of a bummer, but if it keeps him out of juvie and clears his record, he’s all for it. Elizabeth tells him that he’s getting a job to help with legal fees. Franco laughs, and Elizabeth says, Alexis isn’t cheap. Drew tells Cameron to stop by his office. He’ll try to find him a job. Cameron doesn’t know how to thank him, and Drew says he doesn’t have to. Just keep being a good friend to his son. Cameron says maybe the three of them can go hiking, now that Oscar is getting better. Drew says, that would be great, and congratulates him.

Sonny tells Carly it was nice to see Sam. Is there anything he should know? She says Sam is spending time with Jason. Laura tells them, thanks for coming out. They can stay, but if she was them, she’d get out while the getting’s good. Carly knows Laura is going through a difficult time, but she stepped up.  Like everyone else who voted for her, Carly is grateful.

Jordan says the police never made a connection, and Mac says, Lulu never picked up on it. Jordan is no longer sure the killer had access to the police files; it could be a coincidence. Mac says, two killers with the same taste in trophies?

Lulu looks at the victim files, and compares them to Ryan’s.

Olivia tells Ned that she enjoyed being First Lady, but it’s a lot of work, being out, smiling, watching every tweet and word. Living in fishbowl is only suitable for fish, not humans. Ned misses his privacy too, but believes in what they set out to do. So does she. She’s sorry she’s whining, but she’s over it. Public service is hard, but important and worth it. She’s with him all the way. They kiss.

Alexis runs in to The Floating Rib, telling Laura that she just made it to vote. Laura says, every vote counts, especially now. Alexis has a good feeling. She thinks Laura will win. Laura says they’ll find out soon. Everyone looks at the TV.

Tomorrow, nothing would make Finn happier, the voters have spoken, and Mac tells not-Doc that something has to stay between them.

🍕 Tonight’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back featured Shanty on 19th in Allentown, PA. Gordon said it was living up to its name. He disguised himself as a member of the local hockey team, and dined on not-fresh but frozen scallops, sour shrimp, and burnt scallops masquerading as blackened. Hell on Wheels showed everyone such hilarities as the owner’s father spitting in the food – possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on one of Gordon’s shows; and that’s saying a lot – a filthy kitchen, moldy food, sending out raw fries – a big no-no; raw potatoes can make you sick – the owner drinking on the job, and the employees screaming at one another within earshot of the patrons. Chef Kennedy said she wasn’t allowed to make changes, and owner Joe bought cheap stuff, but expected her to make miracles with it. She reminded me of Kim Zolciak’s Chef Tracey, and another one of the kitchen staff looked just like Jesse (Jesse Borrego) from Fame. Joe Sr. said Joe Jr. had a problem delegating authority, which prompted Gordon to say he didn’t have a problem delegating alcohol. BA-DUM-CHH! Joe Sr got the boot almost immediately, after smirking his way through watching his gross behavior on film. Gordon said it was the most dramatic 24 hours yet (yeah, yeah), with an owner who was drinking himself into oblivion and a disempowered chef. He hoped they stayed on point. He said the chef was a delight, and it was the toughest, but most rewarding of his makeovers. We saw a clip of Joe and the restaurant three months in, and he said they were doing fantastic. They learned to communicate, and he’s had to hire more staff because they have so much business. His wife commented on how Gordon fixed their marriage as well, because he is literally all things to all people, and the hardest working man in show business, next to Tyler Perry. Next time, a restaurant in Waterbury, CT, where the owner is exploiting his mother, and a chef is driven to the brink.

🍰 Not a lot happened on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Probably because there were two events that held no drama. Jennifer was disappointed that her husband don’t care about article Jackie wrote, referring to their kids. We got advice from Frank – don’t buy boats. Jackie told Teresa that she’s a grown woman, and Teresa’s behavior at Marge’s wasn’t acceptable. Teresa insisted Jackie came at her first, which is her M.O., and no one else has thrown the situation in her face. We found out that Jackie’s dad did six months away, and both of her parents were on house arrest for IRS fraud. She thought it was amusing. She promised never to bring Juicy Joe up again. Teresa made peace, but in her interview, said, strike two. Frank is helping Teresa with her last three weeks before the fitness competition. He told her to lose twelve more pounds. I guess she’ll have to live on air. Normally, I would be pissed that anyone would tell a woman something like that, especially when it looks like she doesn’t have an ounce of body fat already, but bodybuilders are nuts, and she’s competing, so…  Marge had everyone over – sans Jennifer and Danielle – to her unfinished house, which still looked fabulous. She and Danielle are on the outs after Danielle’s wedding antics. Marge is done, and doesn’t want to have the same fight again. Dolores set up a day of pampering for the ladies from the shelter, and Marge contributed gift baskets. It got me thinking if this was a good or bad thing. Do they suddenly know what they’re missing and life is more of a bummer, or does it give them a goal? Either way, it was definitely a lovely gesture. The other occasion was the promise of engagement party for Jennifer’s brother. Everyone in the family is thrilled, since he’s forty-five, and they were giving up hope. The party was in Turkey, and I always love the traditional family stuff, like on Shahs of Sunset. I also love traveling without leaving my house. Both Jennifer’s and Delores’s spreads were incredible. Jennifer got pissed all over again about the article, and said Jackie has it coming. Next time, we’ll see what comes Jackie’s way, and Marge says she can’t associate with Danielle. Speaking of which…

👯 As Andy Cohen put it, the combo you didn’t know you needed, Danielle Staub and Lindsay Lohan on Watch What Happens Live. Lindsay looked glamorous, like a bombshell babe from the 40s, but Danielle’s face looked… not real. I’m not sure if it was too much Botox and fillers, or the makeup, or a combination of both, but I wasn’t loving the look. A scene from The Parent Trap with Andy and Lindsay on Clubhouse Playhouse was just embarrassing. And not for Lindsay. She also did not plead The Fifth, and according to her, has not even met Jax, much less hooked up with him.

💸 Dorit and PK (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) will be clients on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Should be interesting. Those two are a trip. I wonder if Boy George will make an appearance.

🐮 Sweet Home is now on Wednesdays at 10 pm. I hope it does well in this slot, but I assume anything does better when not in the Friday night death knell spot. I’m loving this show just as much as I did their original Sweet Home Oklahoma. Tubbers, Pumps, and man-bunned Josh are still just as much a part of it, and that’s all that matters. A nice addition has been the street interviews with Oklahomans, asking about everything from drag queens to current events. This show is prime.

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