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March 17, 2019 – Michonne Has Her Reasons, a Little Talk, a Final Ride, Some O’Myths & an O’Tune


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

This episode did some time jumping, which I hate, so I hope you can follow. I hope I could follow. I thought I was done with this sort of thing when Once Upon a Time was canceled.

All is peaceful near a river. Michonne rides up on a horse, and there are a few lingering zombies around the water. She slices one’s face off. She digs a gun out of the dirt, and whacks another zombie. We see that she’s pregnant. Daryl joins her. He says he followed the water to the ocean and back. There’s nothing there. He asks if she’s good. She says this one’s been kicking the sh*t out of her every morning. Judith has been asking about Daryl and wonders if he’ll be back. He says he will – when he finds something. He thinks he’ll be out there for a while. She says he doesn’t need to, but he says he’ll never stop looking. Not ever. She asks if he’s okay being alone. He nods, and says, her? She rubs her belly, and says she’s not.

Michonne cleans the gun. I assume it’s Rick’s. She puts I in a box marked Judith.

Aaron walks purposefully down the street. Judith and some other kids play. Michonne tells Judith to stay with her brother. Aaron tells Michonne, Daryl is at the at gate. He’s not alone.

Daryl tells Michonne that Henry is hurt. Hilltop was the closest; they had no other choice. Michonne sees Lydia, and asks, what about her? Henry she’s with them. Michonne looks at Aaron, who says they can’t trust her. Michonne says she trusts Daryl. She tells the guard, open it.

A pregnant Michonne opens the gate to a group of kids with Tara. The guard says they were found wandering; one of them is hurt. There’s an adult woman with them, and she says, my God, it’s Michonne. Michonne says, Chocolate?

Siddiq stitches up Josslyn aka Chocolate, who’s the hurt one. Michonne asks Daryl, where to now? Straight to the Kingdom? He says, not straight, but yeah; Carol should know. Connie thanks Michonne for everything. Michonne tells a woman at the door to keep an eye on the girl, and she says she’s on it. Aaron tells Michonne, it doesn’t look like they were following. Daryl covered his tracks. But if the skin jobs look for them, they’ll find them. Michonne says, and then?

Josslyn wants to go, but Siddiq says she’s lost too much blood. She can’t travel. Josslyn says, there are others. Michonne grabs her, and says, it’s her. Talk to her. Tell her what she needs. Josslyn says she needs them.

Michonne, Gabriel, Aaron, and some others enter a building. Michonne asks if they’re sure, and Siddiq says it was one of the places Josslyn mentioned. Aaron tries a door, but it’s locked. He says they’ll have to go back, but Judith has already crawled into a ventilation tunnel. Eugene gives her points for dexterity. She opens the door, and they go inside. They see writing on the walls. They hear a whistle, and a bunch of kids come out.

Henry says his wound is going to leave a huge scar, but Lydia likes it. He’ll never forget what he did; neither will she. Michonne needs speak Lydia – alone. Henry says he’ll make himself scarce. He thanks Michonne for letting the people go to the fair. Michonne says if she knew all this would happen, she wouldn’t have. Can’t say I blame her. She asks if Lydia cares about him? Lydia says she does, and Michonne says her too. Michonne tells her, sit, and they sit on the steps. Michonne says she’s done things to protect this place; things she’s not proud of, and some she’s tried to forget. To save her people, she had to risk others. It hasn’t been easy, but she did what she had to do. She’s made her peace with that. It might be easier if the only life risked was her own life. She could just walk away, and take all the risk with her. If that could make everyone safe, it wouldn’t be so hard. She tells Lydia, think about that, and leaves. Lydia ponders Michonne’s words.

As they sit on a bridge in the now, Judith asks Daryl if Hilltop is in danger. Daryl says, it might be. Judith asks if he wants to help. She asks if he’ll stay if mom says it’s okay. Daryl doesn’t know. He should keep moving. She’s read stories about how he and her dad fought the Saviors and won. He can do that again. He says they’re just stories. She asks what would her dad do? and gets silence. She says, that’s what she thought.

Gabriel plays a game with the kids. Pregnant Michonne watches. Aaron says he didn’t know how much they needed this until now. She wishes Rick could see it. Aaron says, wherever he is, he’s sure Rick knows. He says, sorry, that’s not what he meant, and she tells him, it’s okay. She finds Josslyn in the kitchen, and says she’s impressed with the kids’ hunting skills. She doesn’t know how Josslyn does it; all the kids. Josslyn says, they take care of her. The adults never made it. They’re broke, but children crumble, learn, and come back. Michonne brought her kids back to her. She knows that Michonne is going out to look for her man. She knows the look. Their junior year, Dean Turner told her that she’d need a thousand signatures before her petition would be considered. She had that look when she brought them to him at his fancy-ass event. Michonne says she’s at least going to enjoy this. She asks Josslyn, what if she never finds him? Josslyn says she might not, but if she gives up now, she never will. She can’t live with that. Michonne says she needs to know. Judith and the baby deserve to know. Josslyn says Michonne found her after fifteen years. Last time they saw each other, there was still a world. Michonne takes Josslyn’s hand, and says she’s so glad Josslyn is there. Josslyn says, so is she.

At today’s Hilltop, Aaron talks to Daryl about his kid. Daryl says, a lot has changed. When they last talked, they were still building bridges. Michonne joins them, and tells Daryl, stay safe. He says, her too. She tells him that Judith is mad at her. She told Judith she’s not ready, and neither is Judith. She’s a kid, and gets to keep being one for as long as Michonne can help it. Daryl says, it’s not just a little kid she’s got there. He calls Dog, and the gate closes behind them. Judith walks off. Michonne follows, stopping to look at the sewer cap that allows access underground.

Aaron asks pregnant Michonne if Judith is having a sleepover. She says, yeah. Judith loves them.

Michonne and another couple knock on Josslyn’s door. When there’s no answer, Michonne lets herself in. She calls for Josslyn, and the man with her calls for Marcus. They go outside, and start calling for the kids. Marcus’s dad sees the pantry is cleaned out. Michonne continues calling for Judith, when he tells her to come there. He shows her the pantry, and they see the guard is dead. A girl runs up and says they’ve been raided. Michonne says, no, and follows small footprints to the underground tunnel.

Presently, Michonne has dinner with Marcus and Judith, telling Judith, eat; don’t poke. Judith says, sorry; she not hungry, and asks to be excused. Michonne lies awake. She sits up, and we see her scar, an X on her lower back. She knocks at Judith’s door. She knows Judith is upset. She’d like to talk. There’s something she wants to tell her. She goes into Judith’s room. Judith is gone.

Michonne asks Negan if Judith has been there. He asks if she’s curious, or… She tells him, answer her question. He says he hasn’t seen Judith since yesterday. She asks what they talk about, and he wonders why. She says for someone who wants to be helpful, he’s doing a sh*t job. He says they talk about nothing; just chit-chat. Michonne asks for specifics, and he says, homework. She misses Daryl, and likes to hear stories about her dad. Michonne asks if he’s feeding her bullsh*t, but he says Judith would weed that out. He tells Judith that she’s just as much of a bad ass as Carl. He tells her about how her dad got into the Sanctuary, and shot up Negan’s men, and how her dad sliced his jugular. She asks if he tells Judith why. Negan says Judith likes listening to him. Michonne says he likes hearing himself, and he says they have that in common. He shoots straight. If Michonne did that, maybe she’d be talking to Judith instead of him. Michonne laughs, and asks if he told Judith what he did to Glenn and Abraham. He’s quiet, and she says she didn’t think so. He says he’s always been honest with her. Judith asks questions, and he answers; so yeah, she’s heard those stories too. She hates that Michonne isn’t letting people into Hilltop. She thinks it should be like how Carl would want; like in Carl’s letter. Michonne says he doesn’t get to tell her about Carl, or what Judith wants or feels. Judith is her daughter. Negan says, exactly right. She has her own idea of how things should be. He says Michonne didn’t come because she’s curious. She has no idea where Judith is. Maybe she’s off petting a horse, or maybe she’s exactly like her mom, and not taking sh*t lying down. Michonne jets.

Michonne runs home, and runs upstairs. She opens a note that says, I’m sorry I had to go. Our friends need help.

Pregnant Michonne and Daryl walk through a field. Daryl suggests they take a break. They sit on a swing set. Daryl says they’ll find her. Michonne can’t believe this heartbreak. After Judith lost her mom, she wanted to be that for her again – she needed it. She let her guard down. Daryl says she didn’t know, but Michonne says she should have sensed something. Daryl says she didn’t because Michonne’s not like her. Some people are evil in their heart, and hide it; like they’re wearing a mask. This is on Josslyn, and she’ll pay. They’ll find them. Michonne suggests they get going.

Michonne sees a little girl breaking into a school. The girl brandishes a knife, and runs. Michonne yells, wait! Daryl comes around the other side, and aims his crossbow. He turns a corner inside the building, and sees a group of kids blocking them. Michonne asks where her kids are. The group has weapons, and Daryl says, drop ‘em. One of the kids shoots at him, and Michonne says, okay, lowering her weapon. One of the kids knocks her out.

Michonne and Daryl are gagged, and their wrists are bound to a pipe. The kids look at them. A little blonde boy says, she’s awake. Josslyn is there. The child has a branding iron with an X. Michonne tells Daryl, be strong. The child brands Daryl, and although he makes muffled noises, he keeps in control. Josslyn says, well done, Linus. He says, the strong survive. She says, and thrive. She says she told Michonne, children are capable of anything. She taught them, become what you are; they can be soft. Michonne tries to talk. She sees the iron being heated again. Josslyn tells Linus, control it. Don’t let it control you. Linus goes behind Michonne, and brands her. She cries out, and Josslyn gets in her face.

Present day Michonne is on a horse, riding over a field. She sees a lone bike, and looks panicked. She gets off the horse, and runs through a crowd of zombies, calling for Judith.

Daryl gets loose, and cuts pregnant Michonne down. She says they should split up, and Daryl agrees. She goes upstairs, and finds an open door, but it’s padlocked. Josslyn walks down the hall with the kids, saying there could be more of them. Holding a piece of pipe, Michonne stands in front of them, and Linus blows a whistle. Michonne asks, where are her kids? Where’s Judith? Tell her. Josslyn says, why? She’s better off. Michonne lives in the past, and Judith isn’t a ghost like her. Michonne calls for Judith. Most of the kids take off out the door, and an older kid locks it behind them. Linus says, kill them off. Michonne doesn’t want to hurt them, but Linus slashes Michonne’s stomach, and now she’s pissed. She screams, no! and they run. She tries the door, but it’s locked. She sees the kids run past outside, and gets out, but Josslyn is waiting, and whacks her with a board. She hits Michonne a few more times, saying she’s truly sorry. Michonne grabs her sword, and stabs Josslyn in the thigh. When she’s down, Michonne stands over her, and stabs her in the chest, finishing her. Linus runs up. He can’t believe it. Michonne doubles over. The kids are at the ready to pounce on her, but she says they can come back to Alexandria. They’ll be taken care of. An older kid tells them to kill her; the rest, come with him. Linus runs at her. She tries to keep him at bay, telling him, no, when the older kid comes up behind her.

Present day Michonne is in the field, slicing and dicing zombies, while pregnant Michonne fends off Linus, who has a knife to her stomach. She has no choice but to start carving at the kids. The timelines are interspersed. Another little blonde boy, Whitney (honestly, all these little kids look the same), runs to the trailer, and stands at the top of the steps with a knife. Michonne tells him, please don’t. Daryl comes out – gee, thanks for your help – and walks toward Whitney. Whitney puts down the knife. For a moment, we think he’s going to hug Michonne, but he runs past her, and away. She cries, and calls to Judith. Judith, who looks to be about four, comes out of the trailer. She stands there a moment, but then runs to Michonne, saying, mommy! More kids come out, and Michonne welcomes them.

In the field, Michonne stabs another zombie. Judith is there with her, and spears the last one. She’s miscalculated though, as it’s down, but not out, and grabs her. Michonne gives it a last jab. She hugs Judith, and asks if she’s okay. They need to talk.

Michonne tells Judith that she stood there, like she didn’t know. For a second, she thought she was too late, that Judith had changed, and she’d lost her. Judith says Michonne didn’t look like herself because of the blood; that’s all it was. Michonne says, she remembers that? Judith nods, and Michonne asks, what else? Judith says, Josslyn and her kids were nice to them the whole time. They made it seem like game, but she was a bad person. They all were. That’s why Michonne did what she did. Michonne says, all this time, she thought Judith didn’t remember. She’d hoped Judith didn’t. She never said anything after the first year. Judith says it made Michonne sad. Michonne says she thought Judith would understand. How did they get there? Judith says their friends need their help, and Michonne says, it’s not that simple. Judith says, yes, it is. Michonne chose to be her mom because they love each other. Michonne agrees, and Judith says, love means doing whatever it takes to keep the ones you love safe. She asks when they stopped loving Daryl, Maggie, Carol. and the King? Michonne says, they didn’t, and Judith says, then why does it feel that way? Michonne hugs her.

The gates open. Michonne and Daryl come back with little Judith and the kids. Siddiq takes Michonne with him. Aaron closes the gate after them.

At the baby’s grave, Michonne tells Judith that she and Judith’s father dug this together. That day, standing there, she made a promise to never bury another child again. Then Judith’s father was gone, and she was lost. Then Judith was lost, and she was scared. More than she’s ever been, before or since. She wasn’t the only one, so they decided to make the place only about the people there. It’s not what Carl or her dad gave their lives to create, but it kept her safe. It’s what she wanted. It’s all she wanted. She cries, and says Judith was right. They have to protect the people they love. All the people they love. She takes Judith’s hand, and they walk back.

Michonne and Judith travel in a buggy. Michonne slows down. Daryl, Connie, Henry, and Lydia come out of the woods. Judith asks if anyone is headed to the Kingdom. They get in.

Two Whisperers look out from a distance. They see the buggy going into the Kingdom. One of them says, we must tell Alpha.

Next time, Ezekiel stands before them today at the start of a new tomorrow, the groups merge, and Beta says only Daryl has to die.

🔊 On Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick started off with, happy St. Patrick’s Day. Or as sober people call it, don’t leave your house day. I had to laugh, given my aversion to the holiday, after having worked in Manhattan during it. Useless zombie trivia: he was also a walker in tonight’s episode.

🚴 Tonight was the finale of Ride with Norman Reedus. Norman took on Tennessee, going to Memphis first. He met up with major song writer Dale Watson, who took him all over the place, their first stop being a custom bike shop. Dale said that Memphis tries to repurpose old buildings rather than tear them down, which gets my vote. They had breakfast with Henry Nelson, the voice of Memphis radio, and I could not take my eyes off the food, in particular, the biscuits. Henry was a font of historical knowledge, and said, in his opinion, Memphis was just beginning to heal from the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination. They hit World Studios, a recording studio that had about a billion gold records on the wall. The owner said at one time, the building had been a silent movie theater. Being African American, his dad wasn’t allowed to record there, but eventually bought the guy out. A prime example of living well being the best revenge. They had an autograph wall, and we found out The Beatles had once signed it, but it had been painted over by a little old man with a roller. Norman told us, from Al Green to Wu Tang to Bruno Mars; there’s magic in these walls. Next, Norman met two-girl band Sister Antics, at a dive bar that was part of the historic foundation of the town, and a seemed to be a dive bar on purpose. They followed the Mississippi River, and headed for Nashville. After doing some fishing on the Tennessee River, they hooked up with some more musicians, and we found out that Nashville has had a white rapper scene for quite some time. I can’t say I’ve ever thought, nothing says Eminem like Nashville. Norman and the ladies followed what had once been an old Native American trail, and then parted company. Norman’s next stop was a hot fried chicken place where he met Marilyn Manson. One of my favorite things is how they splice in mini interviews with locals, much like Sweet Home does. On the subject of hot friend chicken, we found out it’s dipped, marinated, doused, and submerged in hot sauce; and it’s a hillbilly concoction that will set your ass on fire. Marilyn accompanied Norman about town by riding in a motorcycle sidecar. They spent time with designer Manuel, who started Johnny Cash on the road to being the Man in Black. He sold one-of-a-kind items, many of which, Marilyn tried on. We also discovered, Marilyn loves roller skating, and is quite the speed skating demon. He and Norman attended the Roller Derby, which looked like a lot of fun. I love the Roller Derby, which may or may not be a surprise. Kansas City Bomber is one of my favorite films. They took a picture with the girls, and everyone was thrilled. I enjoyed this show so much, I’m hoping they do another season. The best thing about it is how Norman really makes you want to be there.

🍀 St. Patrick and the Luck O’…

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Did you know St. Patrick wasn’t Irish? He did believe in a generous pour though.


🌈 In Keeping With the Theme…

Unfortunately, The Irish Rovers didn’t have a video, but there was this.


March 10, 2019 – Daryl Faces Beta, Norman Rides in Texas, Amusing Eavesdropping, Jeremy’s Story & Fast Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Daryl, Lydia, Henry, and Connie run through the forest. Daryl says they’re going back to Hilltop. Lydia says, there are too many of them, and he asks why she told them there weren’t that many. She says they had her locked in cage, and wanted her to betray her own people. He asks if she wants to go back to them, and she says she can’t. He says then she’s coming with them. Henry says they can keep running. If they disappear, Hilltop can’t be blamed. Let him fix this. Daryl says, no way in hell he’s running with Lydia; think of his mom. Connie and Daryl disagree on which direction to go, and everyone follows Connie, even Dog. Daryl has no choice but to follow.

At the camp. Beta stomps around. He sees a Whisperer with a gaping neck wound. The guy says he’s going to be one of them, but Beta says he’ll always be a Whisperer. He tells someone to find the guy’s wife. Tell her the change is coming to him. Well, I guess her too, if they stay married. He asks another Whisperer if Henry and Lydia have been found. She says, no, but they’re on their trail. He says Lydia will walk with them again. They’ll all walk with them.

The Kingdom decorates for the fair. Jerry’s wife, Nabila, tells Carole it’s what they fought so hard for; the chance to be different people. They can’t give up now. Carol says, Jerry is knocking off early, and wonders what happened to his armor. Nabila asks if he’s all right. Dianne says they need to talk to the king.

Jerry says he was bushwhacked. They took all his stuff, and gave him this. It’s a letter that says, we are the Highwaymen. The roads belong to them, and their visitors will be turned away unless they pay the toll. Jerry says they must have heard him talking about the fair. He’s sorry, but Ezekiel says, it’s a trade fair; it’s hardly a secret. They need it, and couldn’t pay the pirates if they wanted to. Dianne wonders if they’re renegade Saviors, but Ezekiel says, they don’t write letters. Jerry says they have to do something to keep the people safe. Carol says the fair could be their last chance. Ezekiel says, gather every fighter they can spare. He tells Carol, it never ends, does it? I know exactly how he feels.

Tara, Magna, and the others come up against some downed trees blocking the road. Tara says they have to clear it before the Whisperers catch up with them. They start moving the blockade. Earl wants to give them a hand, but Tammy says he’s not getting any younger. She’s holding the Whisperer baby, and Earl says the baby deserves better than two old farts. They’ll find him a nice family. Kerry asks if there’s anything she can do, but Yumiko says Connie is okay with Daryl. Magna says they’ll catch up at the fair. They remove the roadblock.

Daryl and the others see a hotel. Connie points. Daryl says, higher ground, and Connie writes, a chokepoint. He says, walkers can’t go up, and they need to separate the living from the dead. They travel in a herd. He asks Lydia if there aren’t five or six traveling within a crowd. Lydia says her mother won’t send an army if she doesn’t have to. She’ll send Beta. Daryl asks if he’s the best, and she nods. Daryl says, good; he’ll kill him first. They go into the hotel.

Jerry looks through binoculars, and tells Dianne there are two guys and they’ve got guns Dianne takes a look. She says they can take them both out before they start shooting. Carol says, it’s like old times. Carol tells Ezekiel that they have guns, He says he had hoped for a better future, but violence seems to be the only currency they understand, same as the old world. Carol says they could try talking to them, and Ezekiel asks if she thinks they’d listen. She says they could have killed Jerry, but they didn’t. They sent a grammatically correct letter. They sounded civil. Jerry says, it was a grammatically correct death threat, but Dianne says, they only said people can’t pass. Ezekiel says they have their knives at the Kingdom’s throat. What if she’s wrong? Carol says, if she is, and they don’t listen, then they’ll kill them.

Daryl and the others investigate the hotel. Connie moves part of floor, and there are supplies underneath. Daryl says, the stairwells are already barricaded. He guesses she already knows that, and she writes they stayed there once. He says there are two ways out, and looks at a map of the place. Connie writes that she wants Lydia to stay, but Daryl says they have to take her back, or his friends die. He writes, friends will die, and Connie writes something back, ripping the page out of her notebook, and shoving it in his hand. He reads, we have friends, she doesn’t.

Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry go into a basement. Oh great, there are mannequins stored there. A dude in a cowboy hat (I find out later his name is Ozzy, which isn’t mentioned, but we’ll call him that for clarity’s sake), says they were meeting with the king alone. Ezekiel says, the king and queen rule together. Ozzy says, that’s not the deal, but Carol says they didn’t have a deal. Are they doing business or not? Ozzy says they were supposed to bring something, but Carol says they’re not paying a toll. Ezekiel says they’ve brought alternative solutions. Ozzy says, how about this for an alternative solution? Some of the mannequins turn out to be Ozzy’s men, and they cock their guns. Ozzy says maybe they’ll pay for Ezekiel, but Ezekiel says they can’t pay with what they don’t have. Ozzy says they have food and clean water. They’ll take what Ezekiel’s got. Ezekiel says they got need what they’ve got, and Ozzy says, so do they. Ezekiel’s people step out of the shadows, backing him up, and get the best of the Highwaymen. Ezekiel says what they’re doing threatens the future of his community, and they’ll fight to stop them from taking it. Ozzy says he’s listening, and Ezekiel wants to offer him a job. Carol says they need help keeping the grounds clear. Instead of threatening the people on the roads, they’ll keep them safe. Jerry whispers something to Ezekiel, who says Jerry would like his sword back. Ozzy asks what they get in return, and Ezekiel says they’ll be granted access to the Kingdom and fair. Ozzy laughs, and asks if that’s joke. Carol says it’s a trade market, and Ezekiel asks what good are the things they steal, if they if can’t trade them for what they need? Ozzy holds out Jerry’s sword, and says they’ll have to do better than that. Carol asks when was the last time any of them saw a movie? Ezekiel is like, wha…? and Ozzy says, seriously? She smiles, and Ezekiel smiles.

Lydia hammers boards over a window. Henry brings her a pokey stick that he’s carved special for her. He doesn’t need a point, but thought a spear would be easier for her. She says, these are her people. They looked out for her most of her life. She can’t do it. He tells her that he’ll save it. He says he’ll try not to kill any of her people. She asks why he’s doing this. He says she didn’t want to go back, but she says that’s no reason to risk his life. He says he’s not letting them take her. She says they made her mother look weak, and Alpha can’t let it go. He says then they’ll run, but she says there’s no place to go where she can’t find them. Henry is sure there is; there’s a whole world out there. Lydia asks if he’d really go with her. He moves closer to her, and she asks why he came for her. He says because he cares about her. She kisses him, and killjoy Daryl is suddenly there. He says, come on; they have to keep watch. He’s like somebody’s dad right now.

Magna tells Tara, they’re headed his way; maybe ten. Tara gives instructions to everyone, and tells Earl to get the horses. The zombies (or not) toddle out of the woods. The group dispatches them one by one. Earl is trying to untie the wagon, when a zombie comes up behind him, and he gets knocked down. Tammy puts the baby in a trunk, as the zombies start to clamor at the wagon. A zombie is on top of Earl, and he struggles with it. Tammy comes flying off the wagon, stabs one on her way to Earl, and whacks the zombie off of him. They see a group on horses riding toward them. It’s Ozzy and the Highwaymen (sounds like a band). Tara asks who the hell they are, and Ozzy says, their escorts to the fair, at her service. She’s like, wtf?

Henry looks out from a balcony. Lydia stands on the other end, silent and watching. She smiles at him, and he he smiles back. Lydia sees the zombies (and not) walking toward the hotel, and says, they’re coming.

Beta says, spread out. Daryl aims his crossbow, and takes a zombie and/or Whisperer out. Beta looks up. Daryl says, they’re here; let’s go. The mob busts right into the place, and start to tromp through the first floor. Beta says, the stairwell, and tells one of the others to lead them up. Daryl says Lydia is coming with him. She kisses Henry before she goes. Connie and Henry bolster the windows.

Beta heads upstairs. Zombies cluster in the staircase, and Beta realizes it’s a trap. Daryl takes Lydia to a closet and tells her, get in. Lydia wants to help, but he says she can’t help if she won’t fight. He leaves Dog with her, saying, if anyone comes through, Dog will take them down. If it happens, she should run. She thanks him, and he locks her in.

Henry hears them coming. The door handle jiggles, and it opens. Two Whisperers with knives come in. Henry jumps out, surprising them, and kills one. The other tries to shoot an arrow at him, but Connie gets him with a slingshot from behind.

Daryl is at the ready with his crossbow, when the door busts open, and Beta comes in, along with some others. Daryl sees a silhouette of a Whisperer, and cuts him down. In the closet, Lydia hears Henry struggling, and Dog bears his teeth. Lydia looks around for something to pry the door open with, and finds a crowbar. She calls to Henry, and gets the door open. Dog takes a zombie down, as Lydia runs to Henry. Henry finishes the zombie off. Connie is there, and stabs another. Lydia tells Henry that she’s sorry, and he says him too. We see Henry has a wound.

Daryl kills another zombie, grabbing it from behind. Beta flies in, and slams Daryl against the wall. He asks, where is she? Both he and Daryl have knives, and they have a knife fight, like something out of Jackie Chan, but not as funny. Daryl down crawls away, but Beta yanks him up, putting his face near a table buzz saw. He asks again, where is she? This time, Daryl slams Beta – who, BTW, is a humongous dude – and he knocks Daryl to the floor. Daryl sticks a small knife in Beta’s neck, and Beta crashes through the wall like a cartoon character. Beta pulls the knife out, but by the time he returns, Daryl has disappeared. Daryl reveals himself in the floor cubby hole. Beta says Daryl is nothing to him; he’s already dead. All he wants is the girl. Daryl crawls out, and shoves Beta, who stumbles back, and falls down an elevator shaft. Daryl spits on him. Good for Daryl. He also picks up his knife on the way out.

The fair is happening. Ozzy walks through it, tipping his hat to Carol. Everyone is happy for a nanosecond. Tara and the Hilltoppers being in some stuff. Earl and Tammy bring the baby along. Earl tells Nabila, they were hoping to find someone to take the baby in, but Tammy says she’s not letting the baby go. Nabila tells Earl that he baby already has a good home. Carol hugs Tara. Carol asks where Henry is, and Tara asks, what about Daryl. They were meeting them there. Carol wonders where they are.

Connie hits some car windows with the slingshot, smashing them to attract the zombies. They gravitate toward the car.

Lydia wraps Henry’s wound. Daryl says they should go. Henry asks where they’re going, and Daryl tells him, there’s a whole world out there. Are they breaking away from the pack?

They leave. Beta lies at the bottom of the elevator shaft, but as anyone with sense figured, he’s not dead. Just a little stiff. He huffs and puffs, grunts and groans, and gets himself up. He looks up.

Next time, Henry tells Michonne that Lydia is with them, Michonne takes out Rick’s gun, Judith asks Daryl what her dad would say, and Michonne is in trouble.

🚴 On Ride with Norman Reedus, Norman picked up friend Sean Patrick Flanery at his place outside Houston, and they rode to Dallas. Sean is from the Lone Star State, and he and Norman played twin brothers on Boondock Saints. Sean claimed they had actually met before that, but it was not a story for mixed company (i.e. the viewing audience). Hmm…. We learn that eight seconds can make or break a bull rider, and watched some dangerous moves. They made a trip to the Texas Motorway, where they took in some drag racing, and did a little themselves. The insurance people for TWD must hate Norman. They also looked at the bluebonnet flowers, which Norman assured us was different than when Carol said to look at the flowers. They went to visit tattoo artist, Oliver Peck, at Deep Ellum in Dallas. Having met Norman at a charity event ages ago, they became fast friends. When Norman gifted Oliver with a knife, Oliver insisted on giving Norman five bucks. We learned it’s bad luck to take a free knife, so that might be something you want to write down. Oliver also hosted an old-fashioned barbecue, and showed off the massive warehouse where he lives with his wife. Daryl and Sean autographed a poster from Boondock Saints that was hanging up. After lunch, there was a lively armadillo race. Daryl discovered that Texas encourages you to be bold, take chances, and be whoever you want to be. I still can’t believe I like this show as much as I do. Never say never. I didn’t think Game of Thrones was my cup of tea either, but not only have I screamed at the TV over a CGI dragon’s demise, I scream at George RR Martin to write faster.

💰 Rich People Problems…

Some amusing soundbites overheard on NYC’s Upper West Side.


😟 The Real Jeremy…

Both interesting an sad that Pearl Jam thought it better to make up the story, than intrude on the real family. News flash. The real family isn’t happy with that.


⛅ How Did It Get Here So Fast?

Oh, that’s right. We lost an hour.


March 3, 2019 – Alpha Tests Lydia, Arizona Ride, Slender Disappointment & New Week


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

I swear, every time I see that warriors wanted ad for the Army that comes on before the show, I think the show started. It irritates me that it’s exactly what they want me to think, so that I look at it.

The Whisperers walk with the zombies. Lydia is without a face skin, and Alpha asks if she took it off, but Lydia says they took it from her. She tells Alpha that she acted like she needed help. Alpha asks if he touched her, but she says, no. Alpha asks if Lydia told them anything, and Lydia says she told them there were only a few of their kind. She lied to get him to trust her. Except for one thing – she said they shouldn’t cross Alpha. Alpha stands in front of Lydia, inching her face closer to Lydia’s. She asks what Lydia found out, and Lydia says it’s mostly farmland, some supplies; their weapons are basic. She doesn’t think they have anything to trade. Alpha wonders what she gets in return for Lydia’s release. Lydia says it’s all she’s got, and asks if the only reason Alpha came get her was to get information. Alpha says, stupid question.

Michonne asks, who else knew? Gabriel says Eugene and Rosita were the only ones. They would have told her if anyone else was out there. Michonne wonders who else might have been listening. She says Eugene and Rosita went out to set up this relay, and almost died because of it. Jesus did die because of it. Negan got out since Gabriel was distracted because of it. She can’t have a council if she has no information. Gabriel says they gave her the option to veto security concerns, but it seems like everything is a security concern now. Their votes don’t matter anyway, unless Michonne agrees. She says putting themselves out there when they don’t have to is dangerous. Gabriel says, so is cutting themselves off from everyone else. Who do they turn to when they need help? They can’t worry so much about their enemies that they lose their friends. Aaron says they already did lose a friend. They had the best intentions, but it doesn’t change what happened. There’s an enemy out there; the kind Michonne was afraid they’d find. He doesn’t regret the time he spent out there – maybe what happened would have happened anyway – but they can’t pretend they don’t know what’s out there now. They put Michonne in charge of security for a reason. She’s saved them time and again. Siddiq says, at what cost? Carol asked for help with the fair, and Michonne turned her down. Gabriel says, she spoke on behalf of Alexandria? Michonne says, the fair is old business, but Siddiq says they have new information. He says, the fair starts day after tomorrow. It’s not too late to reconsider. Carol says the Kingdom is worse than Ezekiel is letting on in his letter. They’re too isolated, and need the trade. Carol wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t serious. A woman makes a motion for a second vote, but Gabriel says, why? Michonne will just veto it. Michonne says she would. The roads are broken, and a dangerous group dressed as the dead are trying to kill them. She wishes she could help them. They can vote, and she’ll open their doors to their friends like they did with the Sanctuary, but Carol made it clear that Ezekiel isn’t ready to give up the Kingdom, and she’s not ready to risk the lives of Alexandrians for this. Siddiq asks what it means to survive if the Kingdom falls. Michonne says, it means Alexandria survives. She’s obviously not a team player, and leaves on that note.

Rosita can’t button her pants and gets frustrated. Gabriel comes in, looking pretty gloomy. Rosita says, looks like it went well. He says he’s the leader of a council that’s not really a council anymore. She asks what Michonne said, but he’d rather not talk about it. He knows he’s being difficult. He’s not trying be, but it’s a lot. She says, it’s okay. She’s sorry too. He asks, what for? and she says they were just getting started. He didn’t sign up for this. She didn’t either, but it’s happening. It’s a blessing, but if it’s too much, and he wants to walk, she gets it. He asks what she wants, and she says he knows what she wants. The ball is in his court.

Lydia sits under a tree and finds a spool of cord or wire or something under the dirt. Henry watches from a distance. A Whisperer comes up behind him, and he fights it off with his pokey stick, but Beta grabs him from the other side, tosses the stick, and pulls him out of the ditch he’s been hiding in. Beta tells Alpha that Henry has been tracking them. She asks if there are others, but he says, just him. She asks who he is, and Beta twists his arm. Alpha says Beta can break it, then other one, then his legs. They can feed the hungry ones. Henry says, okay. He’s from Hilltop, but they didn’t send him. He came for Lydia. Lydia walks up to him, and punches him, knocking him to the ground. Alpha says he’s coming with them. She tells them to keep their eyes open; where there’s one, there’s more than one. They begin to walk again. I guess she’s supposed to be smart, but talks like she didn’t even finish high school. How come Lydia can communicate just fine?

Eugene visits Gabriel. He’s brought a chart listing the pros and cons of Gabriel staying with Rosita and raising another man’s baby. He says happiness shows growth in the long term. Gabriel thanks him. Eugene also brought along the evaluating criteria. Gabriel is like, thanks, but no thanks. Eugene says he’d be a damn fool to let her go. They’ve been through the stew, and Gabriel never gave up on him, even when he gave up on himself. Gabriel saw things he didn’t. Rosita is the best thing that happened to Gabriel since this sh*t storm started. He should think before he throws the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Gabriel says, he’s not the father. Eugene says, it’s not his decision; it’s all hers. It’s not for him, Eugene or Siddiq to say. Eugene doesn’t understand it, but Rosita loves Gabriel. He needs to put his hang-ups on the back burner. He and Rosita love each other. Stop wasting time. It’s all they have in the end. Gabriel says, time or love? And Eugene says, both. He hands Gabriel a tote bag, saying, it’s a peace offering from Gabriel to Rosita. He found some pantalones with super stretchy waistbands for her soon to be expanding breadbasket.

Alpha asks if Lydia knew her friend was following them. She says he’s not her friend; he was in the cell next to her. Alpha asks his name, and Lydia says, Henry. Alpha says she didn’t mention him, and Lydia says, he didn’t seem worth mentioning. Alpha says, he thought it was worth risking his life chasing after her. Lydia says she acted helpless, and he fell for it. He’s dumber than she thought. Alpha laughs, and says, don’t be so sure. Maybe she’s just a good liar. Alpha asks if Lydia knows why she trusts animals. They don’t lie. Well, they don’t speak English either, so how do we know? She tells Lydia that she has to lie. So do they; it’s what they do. It’s just words, air, nothing more. Remember that. She hands Lydia an apple, and Lydia takes a bite.

They see another Whisperer/zombie group in the distance, and Alpha says Lydia is back where she belongs. Beta pushes Henry onward. They reach a camp where people are behaving somewhat normally. Henry asks Lydia if it’s their camp, and Beta shoves him. Alpha tells Beta to get Lydia a new skin. Two dudes are getting meat off a deer or something. Yay. Real food.

Negan tells Michonne, welcome home. She says she wants answers, and was told he’d only give them to her. Why did he come back? He tells her it isn’t entirely Gabriel’s fault that he escaped. You can’t keep a big dog locked up. Sooner or later, he runs. Michonne says, he came back. What kind of dog does that make him? He’s glad she asked. He was in her home. He could have waited there, and bashed her head in; a whole lot of heads, but he didn’t. She says he’d be a dead man. He’s an a-hole, not an idiot. She thinks he decided to take his shot out there, and out there spit him out, so he dragged his pathetic ass back. He says, the world has changed, but he’s changed too. She asks what he wants. He says if she’s not going to kill him, trust him a little. She laughs. She says just because he chose self-preservation over revenge doesn’t earn her trust. If fresh bullsh*t counts as change, congratulations on being a new man. He says she’s keeping him to show how merciful Rick was, but he can be helpful. She had a good thing going, but it’s slipping through her fingers, and it’s only a matter of time before she loses control. His cell is outside the meeting room, and he hears things. She says he heard wrong. He tells her, all he’s saying is that he knows a thing or two about keeping people in line. He can be a sounding board; leader to former leader. She says she’s not their leader, and Negan and I roll our eyes. He says she wrote up a constitution that gives power to the people, yet she makes all the decisions. It’s one helluva racket. She says, it’s not a racket; he knows nothing about this place. He says he knows a good leader uses everything to their advantage. She says, if that’s why he came back, he should have stayed out there. They’re going to tie him up while they fortify the lock, and she wants the windows closed. She sees something outside the window, and leaves.

In the woods, Daryl and Connie look for Henry. Connie looks at the ground, and writes, he caught up with them. Daryl says, there was a struggle. Dog sniffs around, and brings Henry’s pokey stick to Daryl. Daryl says, they went that way. Two real zombies toddle up, and Connie gets them with her slingshot before Daryl can even shoot an arrow. He says, nice. Dog barks, and retrieves Daryl’s arrow, after he’s bitten it in half. Connie laughs, and Daryl says, bad dog. I hope we don’t lose Dog, since we can never have anything nice on this show.

Beta skins a face. Alpha talks to Henry, saying he wonders why they hide among them; why they become them. Henry says they’re not them; they’re not dead. Alpha says, the weak die, like nature intended. A man approaches, and asks if that’s what today was; her letting the weak die. She always says they’ll go back for the lost, but they never do. They gave up two of theirs for her girl. He doesn’t like the math. Alpha says, they know who they are and what they have. The trade was worth it. If he has a problem with her as their leader, he knows what to do. He says he challenges her. She’s not fit to lead anymore. She laughs, and asks if he thinks he’s the man to replace her; the new Alpha. Beta grabs him from behind, which seems to be Beta’s specialty. The man says she’s changing the rules again. Alpha says anyone has the right challenge her leadership at any time, and she has right to defend it. A woman is also there, and Alpha says she saw her plotting with her boyfriend. They have a staring contest for a moment, and the woman says, the boy is a danger. His people have killed some of theirs. Where’s the payback? They haven’t failed her; she’s failed all of them. Alpha says they follow her by choice. She makes them strong, and keeps them alive. The woman says she doesn’t want to fight Alpha. Alpha slinks around behind her, saying, too late, and slices her head off with a wire. Henry is just a little freaked. Alpha holds the head up. The boyfriend takes it from her. Lydia looks bored in the background. Alpha pushes dude’s hair back tenderly, then stabs him. I’m fairly certain Henry is thinking, great. Why did I decide to do this instead of making horseshoes for the fair?

Michonne asks Judith how practice was, and Judith says, fine. Michonne says she must have gone late, since she was standing near the jail an hour ago. Why was she spying? Judith says she wasn’t. She went to see Negan, Michonne been talking to him? Why? Judith says she feels sorry for him. Michonne says he’s not her friend, and Judith says, obviously. Michonne asks why she’s talking to him. Judith says he listens to her; not everybody does. Michonne doesn’t want her near him again. Judith asks, why not? and Michonne says, there’s a reason he’s in a cage. He’s a monster. Judith says, no, he’s not. He’s a human being. Michonne says, he’s done monstrous things. He’s killed people, people she cared about, people her dad cared about. If they let him out, he could start over again. Judith says, he did get out. He’s not like that anymore. Michonne gets why Judith wants to believe that, but people don’t really change. Judith says, she did. D’oh! Michonne tells her to go to her room. Judith asks, why? and Michonne says she needs a minute. Judith sighs, and goes to her room.

Lydia looks at Henry. She picks something up and moves on. It looks like that’s all they do at the camp. Pick things up and move them somewhere else. Alpha washes her hands, and tells Beta take off her mask. He unlaces the back. She says, it’s been years since that happened. It felt different this time. Beta says the pack believes in her. They’re alive because of her. It’s good to remind them. She says she turned her back on Lydia once, when she was three, and found her in a closet tangled in dry cleaning plastic. It was in Lydia’s mouth, and she stood there watching. Lydia was turning blue, and she tore the plastic off her face. When Lydia’s breathing steadied, she asked if she was okay. Lydia nodded, then Alpha hit her hard so she would remember to never do it again. You have to do whatever it takes to protect what you love, even if it’s from themselves. Beta says, they need to be protected from the outside too. They need to be ready for when they come for the boy. Beta says, if Lydia feels something for someone like him from somewhere like that, she needs to know. Alpha says, let’s find out.

The bodies of dude and his headless girlfriend are dragged into a field. This looks like the most boring life ever. Lydia was probably trying to kill herself at three, rather than exist in this boring vacuum. The zombies feed on headless chick and her boyfriend. Connie and Daryl watch from a distance.

Gabriel approaches Siddiq outside his house. Rosita comes out on the porch, and they smile at one another. The three of them go inside. Eugene watches, teary-eyed. Aw, what I did for love.

Michonne asks Grace if her dad is home. Aaron comes to door. Michonne wanted to thank him for his support. She’s sure it wasn’t easy, but he says, it was. They all agreed on the rules and to live by them. It’s easy forget why they had them in first place. The way things have gone down recently made him remember. She appreciates that. It’s why she wanted to tell him first. If the council wants a re-vote about sending a delegation to the fair, she won’t veto it. He says if they cross the Whisperers, they’ll be risking lives. She thinks it’s a terrible idea, but the people can weigh the risk and choose. That’s their right. It’s what the charter they agreed to and swore to protect says. It’s also for the Kingdom. Aaron hopes she doesn’t regret it. Michonne does too.

Everyone gets things together, putting supplies and trade on wagons to head for the Kingdom. The cheese Michonne sits alone.

Beta grabs Henry, and drags him over to Alpha and Lydia. Alpha throws down a knife, and tells Lydia, pick it up. Take it, and kill the boy. Lydia looks panicked. Alpha says she wasn’t gone long, but maybe long enough. Lydia says, for what? and Alpha says, to forget the side she’s on. Lydia looks like she might cry. Henry says, please. Alpha tells her, don’t be weak. She knows what happened to the last guy. Kill him or Beta will kill them both.

Suddenly, people are yelling, and there are zombies overrunning the camp. Lots of biting, and blood spurting everywhere. Daryl pulls on a mask, and finds Henry. He tells Henry to put his head down; they’re leaving. Henry won’t go without Lydia. Lydia hesitates, but Henry tells her that they need to go. They run, along with Daryl and Connie.

Next time, Carol says it could be their last chance, Ezekiel wants to gather every fighter, and Daryl sets up camp at a hotel to watch for the Whisperers.

🚴 This week on Ride with Norman Reedus, Norman took Austin Amelio (Dwight, TWD) on an adventure through Arizona. They visited an awesome, weird zoo oasis, where they had fun with ostriches and ostrich eggs, which are surprisingly strong and make humongous omelets. They also spent time with Ron Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest – ♫ Breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the law! ♫ – who was sweeter than you might think, and a very well-balanced individual. An Airforce base was also on the agenda, where they participated in a practice rescue mission, and saw where old planes live that are used for parts.

👎 I’d been looking forward to seeing the film Slenderman on HBO, and got my chance this weekend. I’m not sure what I wanted from that movie, but I know that wasn’t it. I got more excitement from reading about it on the internet, and the special effects were cheap.

🍻 Here’s To a New Week…

Which has to be better than my last one. Right? Right?



February 24, 2019 – Daryl Gives the Wrong Answer, It’s Not What It Sounds Like, Grace is Still Under Fire, Riding, Awkward & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Ezekiel asks what Jerry wants to tell him. Jerry swore he wasn’t saying anything, so Ezekiel can’t either. He asks Carol to swear too. Nabila is pregnant. He’s going to be a daddy. Ezekiel says, it’s the future of the Kingdom, and congratulates him. Carol says they’re coming. Apparently this is a flashback, since Jesus and Tara arrive to give them some food. Ezekiel is glad hear the worst has passed. Jesus tells him, Maggie wanted to come, but she’s still sick. Carol is surprised to see Tara, and Tara says not as surprised as Michonne is going to be when she finds out Tara isn’t coming back. She took more supplies than she was supposed to, and took something else. Maggie isn’t Michonne’s biggest fan right now, and they thought it better that Ezekiel hang onto it. Tara hands him a leather tube, and says she won’t be going back to Alexandria. Ezekiel says he hasn’t given up the idea the charter embodies. When the time comes, they’ll reunite and sign it together, a community that can begin anew as one. Jesus says, in the meantime, Ezekiel will be the keeper. It’s what they’re counting on. Jerry asks if Ezekiel is going to read it or not. Ezekiel takes it out, and reads over the Community Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Forward in the present day, Ezekiel is still reading. Dianne tells him, five minutes. He says it’s good to have her back. Carol asks if Dianne knows something she doesn’t. Carol is going off to hunt, and Ezekiel says he assumed the queen would be handling preparations for the fair. She asks him not to call her that. She still feels the empty nest. Or maybe she just missed him while she was gone. Calling her my love, he says he missed her too. In a few days’ time, they feast. It’s all going to work out.

Maybe not at Hilltop, where Alpha has come for her daughter. She knows they have her. Daryl tells her, leave now, and no one gets hurt. Alpha says, wrong answer. She puts her hand up, and a ton of zombies and/or Whisperers come out of the woods.

Earl says he has arthritis, but Tammy is acting like he’s on his deathbed. She says he might as well have, spilling hot metal everywhere. Enid prescribes something, and says she should take a break; Tammy thinks retirement is in order. He says he’s not retiring, and he’s not taking a break. He has horseshoes to finish before the fair. Outside, Tammy tells Enid, the guys being gone brought his stress back, but Enid shouldn’t lose hope. They’ll turn up. She asks what happened, and Enid says the ones who killed Jesus are out there.

Tara says if they piss Alpha off, they might get killed. Magna says they don’t even have a horse. Alpha asks which one leads. Daryl asks, what does it matter? Alpha says his people crossed into their land; no conflict. His people killed their people; no conflict. She’s done talking. I guess she’s also leaving out that her people killed Jesus. I’d call that a conflict. She tells him, bring out her daughter or there will be conflict. Daryl says he’s getting her. Henry tells him, no, but Daryl says she’s not getting Lydia. She’s done talking, but he isn’t, because he’s just that crazy.

Ezekiel tells Carol to go back with the others. She asks why he’s scared to tell her what he’s doing. He says he’s not, and asks Jerry if this is the face of a scared man. Jerry says, no comment. Ezekiel says it’s a side mission. He’s picking up one last item for the fair. Nothing she’d be interested in. She says, try her, and he says what about if he shows her?

Jerry says, movie time. The group stands in front of a theater. Zombies crowd the lobby.

Alpha gives a signal. Connie watches from the cornfield. Daryl approaches her. He says she can’t have Lydia. If it’s a fight she’s looking for, they have enough firepower to light them up. He hears a baby crying, and says they brought a baby out there. Alpha says, they’re animals. Animals live out there. Animals have babies. He seems to want conflict. She doesn’t, so she’s proposing a trade. Two captives wearing zombie skin masks are brought forward, and revealed to be Luke and Alden. She wanted to kill them, but she wants her daughter. One of hers for two of theirs. It’s a good trade, and that’s why going they’re going to take it. Now bring her daughter.

Carol tells Ezekiel that a projector is really not something they absolutely need. He says it’s dangerous, but they’ve worked it out. Like a cobra strike. She asks if it’s worth it, and he says Henry used to love movie nights. It’s been five years, and the young ones don’t know what a movie is. Bringing cinema back from the dead, the sense of whimsy and wonder, will make gathering together something they’ll never forget. And if joy and lifelong friendship aren’t worth fighting for, he doesn’t know what is.

Ezekiel turns on a boombox. The zombies file out of the theater following the music, as zombie will do. Ezekiel, Carol, and some of the others go in, Jerry can’t find any bulbs, and Dianne is pretty sure the expiration date on the popcorn butter is just a suggestion. A zombie toddles out of the arcade, and Jerry takes care of it. A bunch of zombies are stuck in and around the popcorn machine. Jerry sees the projection room, and says it’s their last chance. Ezekiel knows what to do. Cobra strike.

A Whisperer asks Alpha if he should lead them away, but she says no. Get back for now. Luke looks around, and sees Connie in the cornfield. He signs to her, stay hidden. The dead are coming.

Tara asks what Daryl thinks. He thinks they should give Lydia back. Yumiko says Henry and Lydia are gone. They start hunting. Daryl calls Dog, and has him sniff something. Alpha waits, and the Whisperers mill around. A baby cries, and the mom holding it looks antsy. Alpha locks eyes with her, and kind of shrugs. The mom leaves the baby on the ground. Alpha says, the land of the dead needs to live in silence. If the mother can’t quiet the child, the dead will. Natural selection.

Enid tells Daryl that she knows where Henry probably took Lydia. She’s known him since he was a kid, and he likes her; he can talk to her. Daryl says, no! as zombies toddle toward the baby. Luke signs to Connie, baby. Connie sees the baby, and hits the nearest zombie with a slingshot. She runs out, and grabs the baby. Now what? The zombies move toward her, and she runs into the field with the baby, but a zombie follows. I assume right now it’s a huge disadvantage not to be able to hear. She jabs one in the head, but here comes another. She puts the sling around her neck. One more pops out, gets in her face, and she pikes it. More are coming. Suddenly, Daryl, Kelly, Earl, and Tammy are there, and hustle Connie out of the cornfield.

Jerry finds a bulb in the projector, and says, they’re in business. Dianne tells him, grab and go, but he says, it’s fra-gee-lee (the way the father in A Christmas Story pronounces it) for real. Ezekiel asks Carole for a hand on a side mission. He wants a poster box frame for the charter. She thinks he’s dreaming, and doesn’t want him to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. What if the fair isn’t enough? What if more trade and training isn’t enough. She thinks they should talk to Jesus if things get worse, and maybe stay at Hilltop, at least until they find someplace better. Ezekiel asks, what better place than the Kingdom? A knight tells him that the boombox died. The zombies start getting loud. Jerry gets the bulb out of the projector, and puts it in bubble wrap, telling Dianne, let’s bounce. He drops his precious package, and we both say, oh sh*t.

Lydia looks at a wooden coin. Henry says Hilltop made it, but it didn’t work. She says her mother wasn’t supposed to come. She broke own rules. Maybe her mother misses her. Henry says, maybe. Lydia says, maybe she’s sorry, but Henry says, no she’s not, People like that don’t get to be sorry. Enid calls to him from outside. He tells Lydia to stay there. She says she doesn’t want to go back. Enid say if she could do something to help, she would. No one wants this, but Lydia doesn’t belong to them. Her mother will kill Luke and Alden if they don’t give her back. Henry says there’s got to be another way, but Enid says, there isn’t. She’s sorry. Henry says, it’s not fair – or right. She says it isn’t, but it’s something they have to live with, and he asks, how? She says when she was his age, she saw her parents die it. It changed her. I it became about surviving. Someone else died, someone special, who left her a letter reminding her that just surviving isn’t living, and they live with it by staying who they are, and not letting it change them. Lydia comes out says she’s going to go; she has to. Henry says, no, but she says she wants to be with her mother. They’re her people she misses them, even though I’m not sure what there is to miss. She say she’ll miss him too, but she’ll be okay. So will he she. She kisses him. This is actually a little sad, and I rarely have any feels for this show anymore.

Daryl brings Lydia out to Alpha. I’m feel a little stressed because I liked Luke in the Fantastic Beasts movies, and anything could go wrong. Lydia walks forward, and Luke and Alden are released. Alpha’s responsibility is done though, and they have to take their own gags off. Enid hugs Alden, and says she never wants let go of him. Lydia tells Alpha, sorry, and thanks her mother for coming to get her. In response she gets a crack across the face. Then Alpha hugs her, and says, call her Alpha.

Jerry tells Ezekiel that he got it, bubble wrapped, in one piece, after he dropped it somewhere between rows R and W. Ezekiel says they need to move before the horde is upon them. Jerry wants to stay and fight, and Carol asks if the queen’s call counts for something. She agrees with Jerry. A few kills each, it shouldn’t be too hard. Ezekiel says she doesn’t need to do this for him. She tells him, who says it’s just for him? She’s doing this or what? The zombies break free of the popcorn machine, Carol and some of the others use bows and arrows. Ezekiel does some does slicing and dicing. Carol wants him to be safe. They’ve lost so much, and with Henry gone… Ezekiel says he’s safe with her. He’s there with her. Jerry says they’ve got the projector going. Ezekiel says they have to be smart; be ready for every eventuality. Maybe they’re done losing. Carol says, maybe. We see a spray-painted quincunx symbol (I’m not making that up) on the back of a sign that the drive past, which we can safely assume has significance. Read all about it below.

Henry gets why Daryl had to do what he did, but that doesn’t make it okay. Daryl tells him that he never said it did. Henry asks what Daryl did to live with it. Daryl wonders what he’s talking about, and Henry say he saw the scars on Daryl’s back. He thinks knows more than anyone what sent Lydia back to her mother. He wonders how Daryl can live with that. Daryl says, the world is sh*t sometimes, and you live with it. Sometimes that’s all you can do. He did what he had to do today. They all did. He walks away

Ezekiel dusts off the poster box, and Jerry tests out the projector. He, Ezekiel, and Carol smile. Ezekiel and Carol kiss.

Magna and the others drink. Connie kicks back. Earl and Tammy won the baby lottery, and are taking care of the Whisperer child. Jerry is the father of three now, and bounces a baby.

Adeline gives Daryl a note she found in Henry’s room. Couldn’t live with it – gone to find Lydia. Connie sees him leaving, and writes, where are you going? He shows he the note and says he’s going to find Henry. She writes that she’s going with him. He says, no, but she shows the words to him again. He says, why? and she writes that she couldn’t live with it either. They leave together, and the gates close behind them.

Next time, Lydia walks again, Henry follows Lydia, Lydia claims she lied and they need to be ready, and Michonne says it’s dangerous. Like that isn’t the status of pretty much everything.

🎷 It’s All About That Quincunx…

Told you I didn’t make it up.


📺 I Remember Her…

I didn’t realize Brett Butler was playing Tammy. She used to do a stand-up act, and had a sitcom for a hot minute.


🚴 McRide…

It was a special night for Melissa McBride (Carol) on Ride With Norman Reedus, and a different kind of ride for him. They went to Scotland to uncover Melissa’s heritage, and she was thrilled with the results. They even ended up in a pub in a building that was not only the last known address of her great-something grandfather, but had once been owned by a McBride family. I’m still surprised at how much I enjoy this show.

🏆 For Those of You Who Still Care…

I haven’t bothered watching the Oscars in many years. I was well-aware that the year I actually knew two of the nominees – oddly enough, two Williams, Hurt and Hickey – could never be topped, so I haven’t watched it since. TBH, I never really cared much anyway, since it’s kind of meaningless. It’s not like the audience is voting. This was kind of a fun article though.


☕ The Best I Can Do…

Although it does say it all.



February 10, 2019 – The Whispering Begins, Riding Again, the Dogs Are Fine, Bye-Bye Danai & a Thrill


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Michonne’s voice tells us that Rick’s vision lives on. The communities must reunite face a brutal enemy who walks with the dead, and whispers.

Everything is at a standstill. Dog barks. Eugene freaks. Aaron takes the knife out of Jesus. Daryl pikes a few zombies. They go back behind the gate, dragging Jesus with them. zombies clamor at the gate. One undoes the bolt holding it shut.

Negan goes upstairs and outside. He marvels at fresh air, and smiles. He eats a tomato. He picks up a shovel, and goes into a house. He goes to a bedroom, and sees a child’s drawing of their family above the bed. He sees a compass hanging from a lanyard on the bedpost, and takes it.

After changing his clothes, Negan goes back out. He starts to climb the fence, and Judith says she thought he was smarter than this. She guesses not. She has a gun aimed at him, but he says she’s not going to shoot him. She says, yeah, she will. He tells her that he’s not going back, so pull the trigger. He suggests how about they go their own ways, and never see each other again. She says, how about no? He gets back down. How embarrassing for him. He says when her parents locked him up, they said he’d help people see things can change, and they did for everyone but him. Alexandria is a wonderland, but his part is full of walls and bed pans. Judith says her mom decides, not her, but he says she can. She’s not letting him go; she’s just not seeing him leave. She says there’s nothing out there for him; for anyone. He says she knows him better than anyone has in a long time. He promises he’s not hurting anyone – even if they try to hurt him – but he has to go. She lowers the gun, and he thanks her. She asks if he was in her room. He shows her the compass, and asks if she wants it back. She tells him, keep it. It will help him find his way. She says if she sees him again, she’ll shoot. He smiles, and says he would. He climbs over the fence and out.

Luke walks around. Alden says Michonne and the others have only been gone a few hours, but the rest of the group is concerned. He suggests two two-person teams. Tara says, no risks. Luke asks if they need an extra hand – he has two. He wants to do his part. Alden says Luke can ride with him.

Michonne, Daryl, and Aaron head back, along with Magna’s group. Daryl and Aaron carry Jesus. Michonne says it will mean a lot to them, bringing him back. Daryl is sorry he couldn’t find Rick for her. She’s sorry she couldn’t do it for the both of them. She thanks him for trying, and for after.

Aaron doesn’t think they should be out there. Eugene says it’s his fault, but Aaron says Rick wanted to be out there. Maybe what happened was bound to happen. Dog barks. They see zombies and follow.

Zombies amble through a covered bridge. Daryl aims his crossbow, and hits one in the leg; then gets it in the head. The other zombies jump on it, feeding. Another zombie pulls out a knife, and goes after Michonne. A third drops to her knees in front of Daryl. He removes her mask, and she says, please don’t kill me. Michonne says, how many? and she says they killed them all. It’s just her. Michonne doesn’t believe her, and holds the katana to her throat. Daryl says they have no time; they’ll take her with them. He pulls her up. Michonne says if she tries anything, she won’t have to pretend.

Negan is pretty tickled to be out. He sits in a rusted, burned out van, having a snack. A presses against the windows, and he whacks it with the shovel. That’s not good enough, so he cracks its head open. A decomposed, crispy critter zombie grabs at him from a truck bed. It slithers after him, and he finishes it off. He goes to a stream, drinks some water, then gets sick. I was just thinking the water in there can’t be good to drink, what with corpses everywhere and all. He leaves his jacket, and continues on.

Michonne and the others get back to Hilltop. Michonne leads the prisoner in. Jesus’s body is draped over a horse. Everyone looks grim. Siddiq runs to them. Aaron hugs Tara. Jesus is taken off the horse.

A woman asks Tara if the prisoner did it. She says no; one of her people. The woman says the people are looking to Tara. They’re going to want justice, and when the time comes, they’ll look to her for that too. Tara says she knows.

Daryl tosses the prisoner into the pokey. Henry asks, what’s going on? Daryl says, Jesus is dead. The prisoner is plopped on a chair, and Michonne says, no more bullsh*t.

Negan wanders around in an old shopping area, and goes into a clothing store. He knocks the shovel on the wall to find out if anyone is in there. It seems to be empty, and he goes through the store. He finds a flashlight, and gets it working. It’s creepy. There are mannequins everywhere, and a dead guy slumped against the wall. Negan checks out the sale racks. and puts on a jacket.

He hears growling, and a pack of dogs comes in. They go after him, and he makes a mad dash to the back of the store. He climbs up where they can’t see him, but they’re smart dogs and they’re looking hard. Aw, a Pitbull like Spuds. Negan runs to an exit, but the door is jammed. One of the dogs is almost on him, and somehow, he gets the door open, but there’s a zombie right there in his face. He shoves the zombie inside, and slams the door shut. We don’t see it, but it sounds like the dog got eaten. This was of much discussion on Talking Dead, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan assuring viewers that no dogs were harmed. (See below.) Speaking of dogs, why is this the first time we’ve seen dogs in ten years? Were they hiding until they thought it was safe? And why aren’t there more birds other than those symbolic crows?

Luke talks to Alden about singing at the fair. Alden says he’s been known to sing when he has enough drink in him. Luke says they’ll knock them dead at the fair; a two man band. Luke sees an arrow in a tree. He takes it out, and says it’s Yumiko’s. He sees another, and takes that one out. A zombie toddles up, and as Luke is about to pike it with the arrow, another grabs his pant leg, and he falls. Alden uses an arrow like a javelin, and Luke kicks the other zombie away. He tells Alden, a two-man band, and a symphony of awesome; think about it. Luke sees another arrow, and thinks it’s a trail. Alden says they could be stray shots, but Luke says if the arrows lead to their people, Alden is singing at the fair.

Alden looks through binoculars. They see a horde in the distance. Luke says it’s Alden’s call. Go back or keep going.

Michonne asks the prisoner, how many more, but she insists they’re all dead. They were her family, and they’re dead. Michonne tells her, stop, and asks her name. She says, none of them have names. That’s not how it works. Daryl asks why they wear the skins. She says, they were good people. It’s what they did to live. All they wanted to do was live. They wouldn’t understand. Michonne says, make them understand. She asks if they were made do it, and the prisoner says they were just trying see if they were good people too. They attacked them, and now they’re all dead. She doesn’t have anyone. Michonne asks what her group knows about them. Did they know about Alexandria? The prisoner says they didn’t tell her anything, and asks them to leave her alone. She cries, and Daryl and Michonne go outside. He says he’ll get it out of her. He’ll try again in the morning. Michonne says it will be without her. She’s taking her people back. They might not know about the new enemy, and she can’t risk it. He thanks her for being there and helping. Tara guesses it’s her call now. Michonne tells Daryl that keeping the prisoner there is a risk; they both know that. Daryl says he’ll get her to talk, and Michonne says if she doesn’t, he knows what he has to do.

Siddiq tells Eugene it’s not so bad, and Eugene says, says him. Siddiq says, a few weeks light compression, and he’ll be good as new. He tells Rosita that he was scares she wouldn’t make it. He’s torn up about Jesus, but a quick twist, and it could have been him. He takes her hand, and tells her they don’t talk about what’s nearest and dearest, and then time goes by. He’s done playing the losing game. She jets outside, and gets sick. Siddiq asks if she’s okay. He says her body has been through a lot. She says, it’s not that. When they were having fun, before Gabriel. She’s pregnant. Eugene hears them talking. Didn’t see that coming.

Daryl sits outside with Henry, who asks if getting drunk always makes you feel bad. Daryl says, no; acting stupid does. What was he thinking? Henry says, he wasn’t. The fresh air is helping though. Daryl tells him, another two minutes, and he’s back in. He has one more night. Henry says he’s sorry. He wants to find his place. He knew where was at the Kingdom. Who is he here?

Negan continues his trek. He gets to the Sanctuary, and says, home, sweet home. He goes inside, and whistles. He looks out over the warehouse floor, and it’s a mess. Kind of like when Little Edie came back to Grey Gardens.

Negan busts an opening through a wall. Behind it is a motorcycle. He hears a noise, and sees a zombie behind a door. He says, big Ritchie, that you? Loyal to the end. The zombie presses against the glass, and Negan smiles.

Aaron, who is looking more Amish by the day, helps Michonne pack up her truck. He asks if she’s all right. He says they have everything they need at Alexandria, and everything they need there. They should take care of what they have, and each other. He’s sorry he didn’t get that until now. She’s sorry too – for everything.

Daryl tells Michonne that he thinks Luke and Alden should be back by now. She says it could be something or nothing. She tells him that he knows what he needs to do about the prisoner. He ask why it’s up to him, and she says he’s the best damn judge of character she knows. Without Jesus or Maggie, they need him. Tara is smart, but she shouldn’t do it alone. Bringing Jesus back will help them move on. After that, it’s about doing whatever it takes to not bear anymore. He says, aight.

Negan looks at a dead plant. Big Richie makes a lot of noise. Negan sits at the boardroom table, alone, and says, well, sh*t. He straightens up, and moves things around. He sits on a couch, looking really sad. He hears something, picks up pole, and looks out back, where a few zombies are wandering around. He goes out.

Negan says, damn, Big Richie. He thought they had something special going on. The other zombies turn toward him, and one by one, he whacks them in the head. Big Richie is behind a fence. Negan leaves him, and goes back inside, blockading the door.

He looks at the compass, seeing the initials JG engraved on the back. He half-smiles. He lets Big Richie in, says, sorry it just ain’t working out, and dispatches him.

Jesus’s coffin is nailed shut. It’s pretty fancy.

Daryl asks the prisoner, who are you? She looks terrified, and he asks if she wants to die. Henry says, what’s his problem? and Daryl says their people just buried a good man. They’re ready to string her up. He’ll drag her ass up the steps. He asks how many are in her group. She says she told him, and he pulls her up. She says, ten, and he asks why they wear the skins. She tells him, to blend in. He asks her name, and she says they have no names. They had names once, but don’t use them. He asks how long they’ve been around there, but she doesn’t know. They moved around with the dead. The skins made the dead leave them alone, yet they were never alone. They protected each other. He asks if they have a camp, or walls, but she says, walls don’t keep you safe. Places like this don’t make it. She and her mom saw it happen over and over. She barely remembers the world before, but mom said it was changing, and they had to change with it. They needed the dead to keep safe. He asks, why kill other people? and she says they were always going to kill them. It’s what people do. Everyone is a threat; it’s us or them. He asks how many people are in her group, and she says, it’s the truth. It’s just her mom left, and she’s a good person. She begs Daryl not to look for her. She’s one woman, out there alone. Daryl says he thought she said they were never alone. She says her mom got separated, and he calls her a liar. He told her what going to happen. He starts dragging her out. She begs him not to, and Henry tells him, stop. Daryl drops her, and she scoots back to the wall in her cell. He locks the door, and says he told Henry, sit still and be quiet. Henry says, she’s just a girl, but Daryl tells him to wise his ass up. As he leaves, Henry calls after him, but Daryl doesn’t come back.

The prisoner thanks Henry. He says he had to. He couldn’t let Daryl do what he was going to. He introduces himself, and she says her name is Lydia. Daryl listens outside the window.

Negan rides on his bike. Judith shoots the tire out, and he falls. He tells her slow down. He knows she said she’d shoot him, but damn. She says a lot of people are out looking for him. She says she told him nothing was out there. He says she sure as sh*t did. She tells him, language. I’m a kid a-hole. He says he swears in front of his friends; people who know some sh*t. He give her the compass, and thanks her for letting him borrow it. She takes it, and he says she was right. He got a good look outside, and there’s nothing there for him anymore. She says, so he goes back; then what? He says he’ll let her know what he knows. She shrugs, and walks away, He follows.

Enid and Magna look out over Hilltop. Enid says Magna is one of them now. It’s good to have them. Magna asks what brought Enid there. Enid says, Alden. She doesn’t know what to call what they have; it’s all so new. Magna says she has one of those. She tells Enid, Luke’s a survivor. Alden’s in good hands.

Luke says Alden had better warm up his vocal chords. Alden says we’ll see. A zombie comes toward them, and Luke says he has it. The zombie stops, and they’re weirded out. They now see other zombies standing silently, surrounding them. A zombie strides up to them, pointing a double-barrel shotgun at them, saying hands where she can see them. It’s Alpha, aka Lydia’s mother. (They don’t say this, but at this point, it’s common knowledge.)

Next week, Lydia says they will never be okay again. Alexandria will fall like every other place. She tells Daryl not to mess with her mom, and when he asks where her mom is, she tells him be glad he doesn’t know.

🚴 Norman Reedus is back with Ride, along with his sometimes sidekick, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I didn’t think this would be my type of show, but I love it. The season premiere brought them to London, and they also visited areas of the English countryside. Stopping at a pig and goat farm, they picked pigs for a race, and Norman’s pig, Rachel – named for the Friends character – won. It was adorable to hear them talk about how cute the goats were. I loved when Norman compared the pub they went to, to The Slaughtered Lamb in American Werewolf in London (one of my favorite movies). They also went to Stonehenge, where the guide assured us the stones had nothing to do with aliens, and the winter solstice is the key. A meet-up with Andrew Lincoln, who served crumpets, rounded out the show. Even if you’re not into travel or motorcycles, this show has a little bit of everything, and something for everyone. It’s lighthearted, but you still learn a lot.

🐶 No Animals Were Harmed…

Jeffrey swears.


👋 You Probably Know Already…

But just in case you didn’t. Is this the beginning of the end of TWD? Lauren Cohan (Maggie) has already jumped show too. They’re going to be paying Norman Reedus (Daryl) a skabillion dollars an episode to keep him.


👹 In Keeping With the Spirit…

I remember watching this on a big screen in the lounge area on the third floor of Danceteria. Good times…