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October 28, 2019 – The Verdict Is In, Brandy Makes It Out Alive, Dualing Rogers, Maurice Works Overtime, a Better Joe & Halloween Thrill


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the very beginning, but it’s all self-explanatory today, except for Julian asking Willow what she’s doing at Charlie’s with Wiley.

At Kelly’s Alexis tells Kendra that she felt better post-workout than before. Is that possible? I’m confused at her confusion, since I thought that was normal. Kendra says, anything is possible if you put your heart and soul in it. Alexis says, and your glutes. Kendra says she’s proud of Alexis. She’s Kendra’s most improved most improved client. Alexis says, thanks to her. If Kendra hadn’t taken her on, she would have gone from fad to fad. She pauses, and says she’s lying. She wouldn’t be doing anything. Kendra says she can’t take credit. Alexis is doing all the work. If she follows the routine, she’ll achieve results she never expected. Alexis says, speaking of that… She takes the jar of her supplement out, and says she carries it with her now. Kendra says, it’s great stuff, isn’t it? and flashes back to putting whatever into Alexis’s supplement. She tells Alexis that she swears by it.

Michael and Chase spar at the gym. Michael says the situation with Sasha is driving him crazy. He comes there to let off steam, so he can be a rational person. Chase asks if it works. Michael knocks him down, and says, yeah.

Willow tells Julian that she’s babysitting, but she’d be happy to take Wiley elsewhere. Julian thinks it’s a strange choice to ask her to babysit, but she says if Brad and Lucas want her to be part of Wiley’s life, it’s their business. She won’t apologize for taking them up on it. Julian asks where they are, and Willow says, they had a doctor’s appointment. Julian says, both of them? Dammit! Therapy.

Neil asks about things between Brad and Lucas, and Lucas says, if it’s a difficult subject, Brad tends to deflect. Things between them are dreadful. Brad says Lucas pushes, and Lucas tells Brad that he’s worried. The doctor must be too, or he wouldn’t have asked Lucas to come. Neil asks Lucas to tell him, in his own words, why he came, and Lucas says Brad has always been sensitive, but since Wiley came to live with them, he hasn’t been normal. Brad asks if it isn’t normal for new parents to be neurotic. Plus, Wiley was kidnapped. Lucas says Brad was like this before the kidnapping; an insomniac tending to overreact, and with frayed nerves. He’d thought it was a new father thing, and let it go, but it’s not. Neil asks if Lucas had a hunch, and Lucas says he does think Brad is keeping something from him

Sonny tells Laura that personally he hopes Franco stays with Drew’s personality, and starts over on the west coast, but it has nothing to do with him. Scotty reached out, and wants him to get involved. He’s not asking her whether he should or not, but wants a sense of what’s going on. He respects her judgement. Laura laughs, and says she knows. She’s wouldn’t say this to Scotty or Elizabeth, but she feels sympathy toward the man who calls himself Drew, who desires more agency over his life, and the power to make his own decisions. Sonny says, but… and she says her heart breaks for Elizabeth, her grandchildren, and Scotty. Franco is hugely important to all of them, and now he’s just gone.

Judge Lasser tells the courtroom, while the witnesses had a positive effect, they have no bearing on the legal matter. The court’s riddle is not who the plaintiff is or who he should be, but whether he has the capacity to answer questions himself, and whether he has the autonomy to make a decision that could cost him his own life. Thus, there’s only one opinion that’s of concern. The medical witness has testified to the soundness of the plaintiff’s faculties, and she has no choice but to rule in favor of the plaintiff.

Elizabeth looks stunned, but tells Cameron, it will be okay. Cameron gets up, and says the judge can’t do this; it’s wrong. Judge Lasser understands they’re disappointed, but an outburst in court won’t be tolerated. Scotty tells Cameron to sit down, and look at him. It’s not over. The judge says she hereby releases the plaintiff from Shadybrook, and Elizabeth’s power of attorney is voided. Franco thanks her, and asks if he’s free to go. She says, court is adjourned. He goes to Kim, who welcomes him to the rest of his life, but he doesn’t really look too happy about it.

Julian ask Willow if that’s it; therapy? She says they just left a number. He tells her to give it to him, but she wonders how it’s his concern. Julian apologizes, saying he just needs to know where they are. Willow gets her phone, and gives the number to Julian. He calls, and says, dammit. They’re in Neil’s office. Willow asks what the big deal is, and he says he told Brad that he shouldn’t bring a shrink into their issues. Willow says, if they have issues, that’s the perfect person to bring them to.

Neil asks why Lucas doesn’t think Brad is being honest, and Lucas says Brad lied about where he’d been recently. Then mysterious flowers showed up. Brad says, oh my God. He has no idea who sent them, and he already explained why he went to see Nelle. Lucas said he’d let it go. Lucas says he spoke too soon. Nelle did horrific things to his family, and Brad insists on being friends with her. Neil asks how it makes Lucas feel, and Lucas says, abandoned, betrayed, and like his family doesn’t matter; he’s an afterthought. Brad says Lucas and Wiley have always been number one. Everything he does is for family. Lucas asks, then why would Brad speak at Nelle’s parole hearing? Brad says everyone deserves a second chance, like he had. Lucas says Brad wasn’t murdering people. Neil asks what Brad was doing, and Lucas says, lying to save himself, and keeping things from everyone. Brad says Lucas thinks he’s reverting to form. Ditching being a good guy, and starting to be bad Brad again.

Sonny tells Laura that he feels bad for Elizabeth. Laura says, it’s a confusing time, and he says love makes you desperate. She jokes that they wouldn’t know anything about that. Sonny says, who? Them? Laura says you don’t think rationally, and don’t make the wisest choices. She asks him not to blame her for using the friend card. She knows there’s no love lost between him and Scotty, and he says, that’s putting it mildly. She says, Scotty is a dad, scared for his son. As a father, she thinks Sonny might find some small measure of compassion. Sonny says, comparison for Scotty? Laura says she knows it doesn’t exist, but Sonny says, for her, he’ll try, and they hug.

Alexis shows Kendra that she’s carrying the supplement with her. Kendra says it’s good she’s making it last; it’s not easy to come by. She suggests Alexis think about being a distributor, and Alexis says she should probably take Kendra up on that; it would be cheaper than a therapist. She shares some supplement with Kendra, who says she can’t imagine Alexis needing a therapist; she seems so well put together; successful, beautiful, a career, a loving family. Alexis says, it didn’t happen overnight, or without sacrifice. Kendra says, no pain, no gain; she gets that. She recently suffered a major family loss. Alexis says she’s sorry; she didn’t know. Kendra says she doesn’t talk much about her brother. He was taken far too soon, and too young.

Alexis says she’s sorry for Kendra’s loss. Sonny comes by, and she introduces him to Kendra as Kristina’s father, and introduces Kendra to Sonny as her trainer. Sonny asks if Alexis can talk for a second, and Kendra excuses herself to give them a minute. Sonny says, trainer? and Alexis says he should be glad. Exercise keeps her from freaking out about Sam. He says, Diane has it covered, and Alexis says it’s a challenge not to be involved professionally. She has no idea what’s going on with Sam in prison.

Michael and Chase both lie on the matt. Michael asks if Chase is alive, and Chase says he’s not sure he’d call it alive. How’s Michael’s face? Michael says, it’s still there. Chase says he’s surprised; he didn’t expect Michael to be such a good boxer. Michael tells Chase not to let the nice guy fool him. He practically grew up in the ring. Chase can see that, or more accurately feel it. Michael says he took the Sasha stuff out on him. Chase says he’s the one who asked to spar; it’s okay. Falling in love? He knows the feeling. But just so it’s clear, he did let Michael win. Michael says, lies, and Chase says he’s just playing.

Julian tells Willow he thinks Brad and Lucas are making s mistake seeing a shrink. She asks, why? and he says, Brad’s been acting erratic lately. It’s starting to effect his relationship with Lucas. Willow says, then it’s good they’re getting help, but Julian says it’s never a good idea give a shrink access into your head. Just ask his sister. Willow says, Ava was seeing a madman not a therapist. Julian asks if there’s a difference.

Brad says Lucas thinks he’s regressing, but Lucas says, no. Brad says Lucas just thinks he’s the same as he’s always been, and Lucas tells him, that’s not what he said. He believes in Brad, but also believes Brad is keeping secrets. He thinks somewhere Brad lost faith in him, in them. He wants things back like they used to be. Brad says he wants that too, and Lucas says, does he? Neil says, his two cents. They began the session talking around and at each other. Now they’re talking to each other. It’s not pretty, but it’s real. Like it or not, it’s called progress.

Franco asks Martin, now what? There’s something he has to do. Martin says he can do anything he cares to. He’s his own man; free to be whoever he wants. Martin tells him, good luck, and they shake hands. Kim thanks Martin, and he says, it was his pleasure. Now he’s going to get some friend chicken. Just kidding. He starts to leave, and tells Scotty, that was fun. Until they meet again. Scotty says he’d better hope they don’t. I call Martin a creep. Cameron says, Franco is gone, and Scotty says he’s golng to be off like a jack rabbit. They’re never going to see him again. Cameron tells Scotty that he can handle it, but he doesn’t know if his mom can. Elizabeth says he doesn’t have to take care of her, and Scotty says they’ll figure it out. Cameron asks, how? Scotty says he’ll figure out how. Doc understands it hurts, but his hands were tied. Scotty says, not his, and punches Doc. Laura walks in.

Laura asks if Doc is all right, and Doc says he’s fine. She asks Scotty, what’s wrong with him? and Scotty says, Doc took his case. He had the one chance to save them, and he blew it. Doc says he had to tell the truth. and Laura says she was just defending Scotty, saying he should be treated with compassion. Hit Doc again, and he’ll get none from her. She tells Doc to sit; he’s bleeding. Franco tells Elizbeth, Cameron, and Scotty, this the way things are now. They need to accept it. Cameron runs out of the courtroom, and Trina follows him. Scotty says he thought Ryan had the lock on destroying families, but his twin is just as skilled at it. Franco looks at Elizabeth.

Chase tells Michael that he’s going to have to reschedule his date for an ice bath. Michael says tell Willow that he’s sorry, and adds, it’s getting serious. Chase says, living together will do that. The other day, they were watching Wiley, and Willow blew him away, seeing her with her son. He couldn’t help think… one day, maybe. A part of him is saying it’s too soon, but he told that voice to shut up, and enjoy the ride. Michael says as an incredibly wise beat up man once said, he knows the feeling, and he’s happy to say it.

Lucas and Brad arrive at Charlie’s, and Willow says she told Wiley that his daddies would be back. Lucas takes Wiley, and Willow says, he was an angel. Julian asks how the appointment was, and Lucas says, fine. Willow needs to make a phone call, and Lucas needs to change Wiley, and they step away. Julian says Brad and Lucas went to therapy after all, and Brad says they’re making progress. He said he’d handle it, and he did. He looks at his phone, and says, dammit. Obrecht was forcing him to do something, and now she wants him to undo what he shouldn’t have done in the first place. This day keeps getting better. Julian suggests Brad change his password while he’s at it, in case she got into his phone.

Alexis tells Sonny that Jason always has Sam’s best interest at heart, but he always makes the situation worse. Something terrible happens, and Sam end up in the hospital, or in handcuffs. She knows the only way for her to help is to not help. In which case, she’s still helping. Sonny thinks it’s good Alexis has a workout regimen. Kendra dumps half of her water bottle out in a tub of dishes, and peeks out from around the corner. Doesn’t anyone notice her lurking?

Sonny leaves, and Kendra comes back. She thinks it’s cool that Alexis and Kristina’s father are so close. Alexis says they’re a good match on Kristina’s behalf. Kendra loves how they come together for their daughter’s sake. Alexis says, when push comes to shove, they do, and there’s been one push and shove too many. She thinks those days are over, since Kristina seems to be doing well. Alexis checks her phone, and has to go. She tells Kendra that she’ll see her later.

Julian tells Brad that Willow was asking questions about him and Lucas. Nothing major, but maybe he wants to chat her up, and let her know thing between him and Lucas are copacetic. Brad says, even if they’re not? and Julian tells him, just go. Lucas comes back with Wiley, and Julian says he meant to ask Lucas about the florist he used to get Brad the flowers. Lucas says he’ll have to ask Brad. Julian says he didn’t realize it was a sore subject, and Lucas says Brad didn’t know who they were from. Julian suggests Lucas make a video; he and Wiley were practicing for the Nurses Ball. Lucas asks if it isn’t a little early, and Julian says, it’s never too early; ask Lucy. Lucas says he’d rather not. He picks up Brad’s phone, but can’t unlock it. Julian says Brad changed his password, and Lucas wonders why.

Sonny goes to the gym, and tells Michael to let him know if he needs help with Valentin. Michael says Sonny is strictly back-up. Michael leaves, and Sonny is about to close up, but Cameron and Trina come in. Sonny says they can stay, but tells Cameron to go light on the heavy bag. Cameron tells Trina he was thinking about Oscar. As much as he feels horrible, and wants to scream, and punch people, he knows if Oscar was there, he’d feel the same about his mom. They’re both ripped apart. Trina says it’s not simple. There are no bad guys… except that sleazebag lawyer. Cameron says, and the people who did this in the first place. Trina is sorry, and wishes she could make it better. Cameron says she can hold the bag.

Laura finds Elizabeth in the hallway. Elizabeth says she needs a minute, and Laura says she’ll stay with her. She doesn’t want to go home to the boys in that state. Doc tells Laura, he almost lied. He almost said what Scotty wanted, but if he had to hurt someone, it might as well be with the truth. Laura says he did the right thing. He leaves, and Laura goes to Elizabeth. She suggests they get out of there, and clear their heads, but Elizabeth says there’s just one thing she needs to do first.

Kim tells Franco it was hard with Cameron. Is he okay? He says, it was just a lot. Elizabeth comes in, and says you can’t leave. Kim says court is over, but Elizabeth says she’s not talking to Kim. She’s talking to the man who took her husband’s place. He can’t leave without saying goodbye to their family. If he does that, she’ll let him go. She walks out.

Chase joins Willow, and Willow asks Brad if everything is okay. Brad says it’s never been better. Sometimes you need an outside perspective. As Brad goes back to Lucas, Chase says he thought his brother was tightly wound. Willow says, so it’s not just her, and he says, no.

Julian tells Lucas that people change their passwords all the time. Lucas says not when they’re married with a baby. You grab the nearest phone. Julian says he doesn’t think about that stuff, but he’s sure Brad had a reason. Elizabeth and Laura come in, and Julian hands Wiley back to Lucas, leaving to wait on them. Brad joins Lucas, and Lucas hands Brad his phone, saying he forgot it. He asks why Brad changed his password. He went to shoot a video, and couldn’t get into the phone. Brad says he read about spyware and keyloggers, and it freaked him out. They should all be worried about personal information. Lucas says, personal, or secret?

Kendra dumps out the rest of her water bottle, and switches Alexis’s supplement container with one from her backpack.

Outside Kelly’s, Alexis calls Neil, and says she just finished. He says he just said goodbye to his last client. Does she want to meet up? She says she would, but she has some legal research. They agree on another time. Kendra comes out, and says Alexis forgot her supplements. Alexis says, heaven forbid. It helps her a lot, and she has a lot of work to do.

Julian asks Elizabeth how it went, and she says, it was all for nothing. They ended up losing Franco. Julian says he’s sorry, and she says, her too.

Kim thinks she and nuDrew should go and celebrate, but he doesn’t feel like celebrating. Kim tells him, it’s not a betrayal to be happy. It doesn’t make him a bad person to want to start the rest of his life. Franco asks, what life? He got everything he was asking for. Now what does he do with it?

Cameron hits the heavy bag, as Trina holds it. He starts to go nuts, hitting it harder and harder. Then he starts to cry. Trina goes to him, and they hug. Sonny watches.

Laura takes Elizabeth’s hand. She tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t have to go through this alone. Elizabeth says she keeps trying to think what would Franco tell her? What advice would he give her? But it’s getting harder and harder to hear him. It’s really happened. Franco is gone.

Kim tells Franco, they’ll figure it out together. Start fresh. Go somewhere far away. He asks if she wants to leave Port Charles, and she says there’s nothing left for her there. Is there something left for him?

Sonny hears someone come into the gym, and says they’re closed. Scotty says he’s not there to fight. Sonny owes him, and he has to collect.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Peter what’s going on, Jason isn’t comfortable putting Sam’s life in the hands of one person, Kim tells Franco that he’s what’s best for her, and Scotty wants Sonny to make it right.

Below Deck

Still at the beach picnic, Helen says Brandy is impacting her time; it’s her vacation. Kate calls Captain Lee to confirm they’re getting Brandy to the boat as soon as possible. He tells her, affirmative. They put Brandy in some kind of stretcher, and Brian says he’s freaking out because it’s not safe. They tell Brandy that it’s okay; they’re getting her back. In her interview, Kate says this is why she loves guests like this. Their friend is being carried off because of a medical emergency, and they’re just not letting it ruin their vibe. One of the guests says Brandy will be okay in a few hours. Obviously, they’ve been at this rodeo before. Helen asks Kate to take a picture of her and her girl squad.

Captain Lee says he’s getting a medic to the boat. Kevin assumes he has one less for dinner. In the captain’s interview, he doesn’t know what’s wrong. He’s seen a lot of situations, and if you hesitate, someone could die. He sits at Brandy’s bedside like he’s her dad. The picnic breaks up, and the guests get ready to head back.

In her interview, Simone says she used to get bullied, so when Kevin said her job wasn’t rocket science, she felt hurt. Kate understands, but keeping her away from service could be worse, Courtney radios Kate, who’s still at the beach, saying she’s been with Brandy. She asks if Simone can switch places with her now that the guests are coming back. The captain says, the medic is on his way. In his interview, he says he’s responsible for every swinging d*ck on board. Like it or not, it’s his responsibility. He has to keep everyone safe. If he has to call a professional to do it, there’s no doubt that’s what he’ll do.

Kate cleans up on the beach with Tanner. Abbi and Brian bring the supplies back, and the captain notices Abbi’s hair isn’t tied back. Tanner asks if Kate would like to split a bottle of wine after work tomorrow. In Tanner’s interview, he says, Kate is like a friend/aunt. She’s sexy and beautiful, and you never know. You have to roll the dice. Helen tells Kevin, lunch was fabulous. In his interview, he says he wants to make the dinner on their last night special, since the seafood extravaganza turned out to be just fish. His standards are high for himself. It can’t be midcore. He’s stepping it up for tonight’s dinner.

The picnic supplies are unloaded, and the captain tells Ashton to remind Abbi to put her hair up. He does, and she says she gave her elastic to Brandy. Ashton suggests she have more than one, and I’m thinking, is she kidding? She couldn’t find something else? She doesn’t seem to grasp that her hair could get caught in something. Like gears. Courtney serves the guests drinks while they’re in the hot tub. Captain Lee tells Brandi the medic is there to look at her. The doctor asks how she is. He asks her a few questions, and she claims she’s feels fine now. Kate is just glad she’s breathing. It’s all she can hope for. The doctor asks if Brandy has been drinking, and she says only been drinking champagne for the last two weeks. If I’d had coffee in my mouth, I’d have done a spit-take. He tells her to only drink juice now, and she agrees, but I believe it if you believe it. The doctor’s diagnosis is that Brandy has had too much alcohol, and Brandy goes back to sleep.

Tanner tells Simone that he and Brian were in the water all day, and he has a rescue under his belt. He says he’s getting hammered tomorrow after work. Ashton tells Tanner to help Brian bring in the water toys. Brian tries to use a pulley to bring up the slide, but it gets stuck. There are a lot of bleeps, so I’m guessing this is a really bad thing. Brian says he screwed up the davit, and the captain is going to be pissed. He goes to the bridge to talk to Captain Lee, while Tanner pulls up the slide manually. Brian says he wanted to tell the captain face-to-face. He messed up the cable on the davit. He wasn’t thinking. The captain says let him guess. He was lifting the slide, and the cable came out of the roller. He says, it’s not going to be easy to fix. It’s a lot of work, and expensive. Brian takes full responsibility. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, this is a major screw up with a $60K piece of equipment. Once is a mistake; twice is a pattern. He appreciates Brian coming to him, but the screw up is on Ashton’s shoulders. It’s his department; make it run right.

Kate says Brandi is all right; she’s sleeping. In Kate’s interview, she wishes every guest on every charter would sleep for the entire charter. She could do that forever. Kevin tells Kate, there are seven showing up for dinner, plus the captain. He’s going to do some Asian sh*t first. He was digging around in the freezer, and found some fresh fish, along with local prawns. Simone is back on laundry duty, and the captain calls Ashton to the wheelhouse. He tells Ashton about the massive screw up, and that Brian tried to use the davit to pull up the slide, and broke it. It’s difficult and expensive to repair. To Brian’s credit, he came and told him, but he should have told Ashton, his supervisor. Captain Lee says he doesn’t tolerate fools. Kate sets the table for seven people.

Abbi hates the uniforms, saying, that’s not what boating is; it’s bullsh*t. Ashton tells Brian about Captain Lee calling him out. He had no idea Brian was using the davit to pull up the slide. Again, there’s a lot of bleeping, and Brian says he doesn’t normally screw up. In Brian’s interview, he says he’s had enough experience to know he should have gone to Ashton, but the adrenaline was pumping through him, and he wasn’t even thinking. Kate jokes about Courtney’s radio voice. The guests pick out which Rolex to wear tonight.

The captain calls Kevin to the wheelhouse. In his interview, Captain Lee says he doesn’t like to babysit, but when the chef is being vindictive with the interior, and Kate brings it to his attention, he knows it’s serious. He tells Kevin that he understands there was a dust-up in the galley. Enlighten him. Kevin says he got flustered when he had to call Simone for service. He told her that he was sorry, and they hugged it out. In his interview, he says it was between him and Simone, and they’d sorted it out. That Kate told Captain Lee about the incident pisses him off. At least he knows where he stands. They don’t like each other. Grow the eff up. Kevin tells the captain that he tried sort it put as quickly as possible. They’ve got to have a happy boat. Kevin turns and walks out, and in his interview, Captain Lee can’t believe Kevin had the balls to turn his back on him, and walk out. Kevin doesn’t have to like him, but he has to respect the rank. He’ll own Kevin’s ass in a heartbeat. Will we end up seeing Ben on this show too?

Ashton tells the deckhands, it’s been a challenging day. They’re becoming adapt at overcoming them. He tells Brian not to feel bad, but if something goes wrong, tell him first. In Ashton’s interview, he says, there seem to be a lot of little mistakes happening. We flash back to the stuck tender, Abbi’s radio issue, and the davit. Ashton says he’s in a leadership role. He knows the captain is watching and it sucks.

Brandy sleeps on. Kevin says he’s making Thai street food on a classy level. I don’t even know what that means, except he leaves the heads on the prawns. Everyone seems to like it, and I guess they’re drunk enough to eat a whole prawn head. Kevin tastes the next course – a piece of fish wrapped in a leaf or something – eating the whole thing. Kate asks where the seventh dish is, and Kevin looks confused. He says, fu-u-udge, but he doesn’t say fudge. He tells Kate that the captain isn’t getting one. Courtney says, they just don’t give him one? In Kate’s interview, she says, Kevin forgot an entire main dish for the captain. For a chef so particular, he served his mistake to his boss on a silver platter. I say, or not, to Kate. Helen says, it’s like a piece jewelry on a plate. She must be really drunk. In his interview, Captain Lee says Kevin pissed him off, and now he’s not going to feed him? He’s not in a good mood. Kevin tells Ashton that he ate one to taste it, and Ashton is like, are you kidding? Kevin says he used the rest for the extravaganza yesterday. Ashton leaves the galley, making a face like he might die laughing any moment.

Oh man this is one of the most amusing episodes in like, forever. Since the foam party.

The captain ends up eating a garnish, and in his interview, asks if he looks like a rabbit. He will have Kevin’s ass for this. Kate can’t believe Kevin didn’t try to fake something. Brian tells Courtney, Tanner is going to be sipping wine with Kate, just the two of them. Tanner says he suggested they split a bottle, and Kate said, how about two? Well, she did say that, but I translated it to mean she wanted her own bottle. She jokes around with him, but no way would Kate sleep with this dude. Kevin cleans up the kitchen, and says goodnight, no doubt hoping to avoid the captain. The captain lingers over a drink at the table, and Kate asks about dinner. Captain Lee says he’s not completely full. Kate says, everyone had a full meal except for him, and he says then Kevin acted like it’s what he wanted, patting him on the shoulder. He calls Kevin a condescending little pr*ck. In his interview, the captain says, if you’re going to be an arrogant pr*ck, don’t piss off the boss. He asks Kate, what would he have served if Brandy showed? It’s piss poor planning. Kate tells the stews that they did a good job. I’m loving Abbi’s nightgown or robe or whatever it is. Very boho. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s disappointed to be back on laundry. She doesn’t want to be the laundry girl. Abbi suggests Simone tell Kate that she wants to practice service, and ask if Courtney can do laundry.

Kevin sneaks around. Courtney and Kate look at Tanner’s Instagram, which is filled with photos of Tanner showing off his physique. In Courtney’s interview, she says that kind of body is a negative for her. She doesn’t like people who work out that much. That means they don’t have time for her, and they’re not cuddly. Kate says, if he would just… Courtney says, not do that? They call him an a-hole.

Uh-oh. Brandy is up and moving. She wanders around, and asks Courtney for juice. She wonders where everyone is, and Courtney says, no one is up. Brandy asks what time it is, and Courtney tells her, 12:30. Brandy says, at night? In Courtney’s interview, she says she wants to scream. Brandi asks for champagne with the juice, and Courtney asks if she wants a mimosa. In her interview, she says she’s only serving, not making judgement calls. She’s not going to correct someone who had an exorcism earlier today. Brandy flops down on a couch and makes a phone call, yelling at the person on the other end. Courtney tells Kate, already in bed, that Brandy is in the main salon and wants a mimosa. She wonders if she should just put sparkling water in the juice. Kate pulls some clothes on, and goes back with Courtney. Brandy asks why Kate is up. She looks tired. Brandy starts yelling into the phone again. Kate tells Courtney, this is not real life. In her interview, Courtney wonders what is going on right now. Brandy wanders off again. Kate says, she’s asleep, and she and Courtney run to bed.

The guests wake up to a buffet. The captain says, let’s get out of here. The anchor is in the pocket, and they’re moving. Simone tells Kate that she’s getting the hang of it. In Kate’s interview, she says, the great thing about Simone is, she’s trying. Her intentions are to improve, and Kate can work with that.

Kevin goes to the wheelhouse, and asks the captain how the dinner went down. Keeping his eyes on the horizon, and not looking at Kevin, Captain Lee says, it was okay. Kevin says, sorry about missing out on the fish. Still not turning to Kevin, the captain asks how it happened. Kevin says he thought he had eight plates, and could test drive one. Captain Lee says, good thing the other guest didn’t show up. They’d have been screwed. It’s a helluva way to run a railroad. Kevin has an unlimited budget, and instead of having more than enough, it seems like Kevin has just barely enough. There’s silence, and Kevin slips out. In Kevin’s interview, he says he messed up, but he didn’t expect the captain not to address him or look at him. That the captain thinks he didn’t do a good job got in his head.

Tanner asks Kate if she’s down for wine action after work, and she says, always. Helena hands Kevin a little velvet pouch with panties and pearls in it. She wants him to put on the panties, take a selfie, and send it to her. Kevin is confused. Kevin reads that it’s an erotic self-love kit. They debate what the pearls are for. Courtney doesn’t think they go inside anywhere, and Kevin asks what she thinks they’re for. She says she’s leaving. The panties look like something lacey from Victoria’s Secret, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Everyone packs. Brandy says, YOLO. They dock, and Brandy is still drinking. Ashton tells Courtney that Brandy’s suitcase is heavy, and she says, there must be a lot of deep emotional problems in there. I literally lol. Helena gives Captain Lee an envelope, saying it’s a reflection of how amazing they are. Richard says they can handle anything now. After the guests leave, the captain says, they’re gone; get after it, and they do.

At the tip meeting, the captain says the have number two in the books. He’d said he was waiting for the other shoe to fall, and it dropped. He compliments Ashton for coming through on the tender. He looks at Kevin for a moment, and moves on, telling Kate, good job with service. In Kevin’s interview, he says the captain made a point of indicating he’s not doing a good job. The tip is $20,000, or $1800 each. Abbi’s never held this much money, and says she feels like a baller. Captain Lee tells them to have fun. Simone tells Courtney about Tanner having a date with Kate. She’s gotten good FBI skills from working in the laundry. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’s into it; she’s nosy. She wants to know all about it. Kevin comes out to help the crew. Ashton says he likes Courtney, but she’s not his type of girl. He likes to banter. In his interview, he says she’s a stunning girl, but not open. He wants to know what’s going on inside. He says, there’s always a possibility. Never rule it out. Ashton tells the deckhands, when he drinks, there’s an Ashton inside that wants to get out.

Kate gets her to-do list done. Courtney says she heard Kate might have a date with Tanner. Kate tells her that she said she’d share some wine with him, but Courtney says, he thinks it’s a date. In her interview, Kate says a glass of wine at the bar is now a date. Tanner is adorable, but before she agrees to a date, he has to have the balls to call it one. She tells Courtney that she’ll wear her new uniform.

Tanner paces while Kate gets ready. In her interview, she says he’s adorable, but if it’s a choice between Tanner and washing her hair, she’s going to wash her hair. The crew does shots. Ashton laughs because Tanner can’t find Kate. She finally comes down, and says she washed her hair. She can’t do that in the bar, but she can have wine with Tanner there. They head out in a party bus. Ashton says he loves Courtney; she’s a team player. In Abbi’s interview, she says, the charter was long and terrible. She’s ready to get hammered.

They go to The Kee in Phucket. It’s getting harder to refrain from making jokes. Ashton toasts to a challenging charter. Brian says he learned his lesson last time, and we flash back to him bugging Courtney about smiling more. He says he’ll do shots, but not as many as last time. Kevin just wants to drink. In his interview, he says he cares about the captain’s approval – seriously? – but it is what it is. He’s ready to drink this one away. In Kate’s interview, she says a sober Tanner is super cute, but a sober Tanner is never out with them. Tanner reminds Kate about their wine date, and she tells him that she said she’d have wine with him. In her interview, she says he has to be more sober, or she has to be more drunk. Brian asks if Tanner is all right, and he says, nope. Ashton tells Courtney that she’s beautiful and an old soul. He wants to learn more about her. He asks what her two biggest flaws are, and she says, that’s a dumb question. In Courtney’s interview, she asks if this is a job interview at McDonald’s. She hopes he doesn’t think he’s romantic.

Simone dances. Brian, who’s suddenly wearing a red and white sailor shirt, asks if Courtney wants to have a drink with him. Kate loves that Brian is being hardcore in a sailor shirt. Kate tells Ashton that she likes them together, and Ashton is bummed. Someone says, let’s bounce, and Ashton almost gets left in the elevator on the way down. Everyone is half asleep going back in a taxi. Courtney asks Brian to carry her to the boat. Kevin has his head in Kate’s lap. Walking down the dock, Abbi tells Simone that she was serious about her drinking. She falls down, but bounces right back, saying she loves to sail, and  they’re heading back to a motorboat. Everyone goes to bed, but Abbi stays in the galley, eating everything in sight, saying, she loves meat. She finally goes to bed.

It’s another day until charter. Brian wishes he could have kept the shirt. Ashton had fun, but wishes he could remember everything. Abbi tells Simone that she can’t get up; she tried. In Simone’s interview, she says, it’s like Abbi is on her deathbed. This is why Simone doesn’t like drinking a lot. Walking on the dock, Kevin thinks the captain’s comments are getting to his head. He’s definitely not a quitter, and doesn’t want to make this the first time. It would be a bad move, but he could hop off here, and they can cook for themselves.

Ashton tries to call Abbi, but she’s not responding. Tanner says she sent a group text that she doesn’t know if she’ll be up by nine, and needs to be near a toilet. In Ashton’s interview, he says, she’s there to be a deckhand, not have a good time. Where does she get off? He tells Tanner, he was on deck at nine, no matter how hard it was.

Next time, a girls trip charter, Tanner gets sick, Ashton feels like the wheels falling under the bus, and Captain Lee says if Kevin doesn’t step up, he’s going to be fired.

👦👦 Two Todds In One…

My absolute favorite talks about playing a dual role inside the same person.


🚴 Hardest Working Man In Soap Business…

And a mighty good man.


👓 Juicy Once More…

Why is it, every reality star who goes into prison, comes out looking better?


👹 Halloween Is Coming…

And you probably knew this would too. Remember where you were the first time you saw it? I do, and we’ll just leave it at that.


















August 26, 2015 — GH, LA & Too Many Cooks Spoiling the Pasta


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

The Haves & the Have Nots

For some reason, I thought yesterday was Monday and forgot to watch it. Once again, those reruns came in handy.

I love me some Tyler Perry drama! I’ve always been a fan of him as a person, but sitcoms and Medea just aren’t my thing. When he created this show, I could tell by the previews it was up my alley. If you like the old nighttime dramas like Dallas and Dynasty, and you’re not watching this (and its counterpart, If Loving You is Wrong) you’re missing out. It’s basically about a rich guy named Jim Cryer (John Schneider, a long way from Dukes of Hazzard) who is running for governor, and trying to run away from his problems. The show hit the ground running, with married Jim being blackmailed by escort Candace, who is also the daughter of one of his maids, Hanna, and friends with his own daughter. Hilarity intense drama ensues.

My favorite character is Veronica, the wife of Jim’s business partner, David, who’s also involved in Jim’s campaign. And she ain’t like Archie’s Veronica. She’s probably about the most evil character in a soap ever. And Angela Robinson plays the hell out of the part. Veronica is under the misconceived impression that she can force her gay son to be straight, but since ruining his life isn’t enough, she ends up burning down the house with David in it. I told you this was a fun show!

This week, while Jim is being interviewed live on television, he’s hit with the bombshell that one of the other maids, Celine, has had two sons by him. DUN-DUN-DUUUN!!!

General Hospital

Oooh, first commercial is for Oreo Thins. I seriously want to try those.

Morgan needs to confess to something soon before he gives himself a heart attack. Besides, going to jail isn’t too bad in Port Charles. Pretty soon, the guards will be taking McDonald’s orders from the prisoners. And here comes Sonny – known mob boss – allowed to visit whoever he pleases, unattended. While I’ve never been in jail, I don’t think it works that way. I am so glad that it’s finally dawning on Nina that she only hears that baby crying when Rick the weasel or Madelyn are around. That’s been bugging me for a while. Where’s that cry coming from? Oh, your phone. Case closed.

I understand that it’s just a show, but they could try just a little bit to make it believable. I can’t wait for them to drag Rick and Madelyn off to the country club jail.

I’m not sure what Kiki (or Ava) see in that cranky Morgan anyway, especially since he got that haircut. That’s when I remember who Kiki is. Why they had to make her so blond after Kristen Alderson left is beyond me. Like that whole character switcheroo thing wasn’t difficult enough. I’d just finally stopped thinking Kiki was Starr. I did love her final scene with Roger Howarth though. She pretty much grew up with him as her second father, so it must have been heart-wrenching for both of them. It was sweet how the dialogue wasn’t just about Franco and Kiki, but about the real actors.

Nathan, I don’t think Dante is the best guy to be helping you solve anything. His decision making skills have been pretty poor lately.

Oh, that’s a good one Sonny. You always put your children first? When did that happen?


Let me confess now. I hate to cook, but I love watching cooking shows. It’s not that I’m a bad cook – ask anyone who’s had my lasagna – and it’s not that I can’t be creative in the kitchen – ditto – but I’m an impatient cook (when I want to eat, I want to eat now, not 2 hours from now) who’s always had a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. Other than a one semester home ec class in 8th grade, I’m fairly uneducated in this department as well. When Gordon Ramsey says, “You tell me,” I have no clue. As we always say, my husband didn’t marry me for my cooking in the kitchen. For some reason though, I like to watch other people cook. And of course there’s the food porn aspect.

I’m not sure what’s up with risotto, but it seems to be very telling as far as cooking goes. I can’t count the times I’ve heard Gordon go insane about it.

I stink with names, so I’m glad the contestants have theirs on their aprons. I wish Survivor would do the same. As a matter-of-fact, I wish everyone would go around wearing name tags. It would make life far less embarrassing for me.

If tuna tartar is involved, I’m in. I never said my palate was uneducated.

It’s a blue team (Derrick)/red team (Stephen) thing tonight. The red team wins, so Derrick, Katrina and Hetel have to face tonight’s pressure test – 3 pasta dishes in one hour. “Impossible,” says Nick. The dishes are manicotti, scallops and clams with pasta, and egg yolk ravioli, which I’ve never heard of, but sounds really good.

OMG – one of the clams just moved! I’ve cooked them several times, but thank God they’ve stayed still. I admit to being squeamish about certain food items. One time, I bought what I thought was a nice square of frozen fish. The instructions said to soak it in water before cooking. When I did, the tail that had been heretofore stuck hidden to the underside, unfurled. I had to throw it out.

Katrina is “sweating biscuits?” Did I hear that right? At least she lost the hair bow this week. Today she has some sparkly thing on her head.

Why is the guy on the Bud Lite commercial trying to channel Will Ferrell? Was Will not available?

I love how Graham Elliot holds the scallop up like it’s a diamond.  Ooh, Gordon just said Derrick’s garnish was like eating an air freshener. Not exactly a compliment. Katrina put ricotta in the ravioli and apparently this is a really bad thing. Hetel’s ravioli looks good to me, and ground pepper always gets my vote, but Gordon said it was “heresy.” No one is looking good here. Hetel’s out. She kind of flew under the radar anyway. Being a vegetarian, it was rough for her. I don’t know how you can cook something without tasting it at some point either. Although it’s to her credit that she’s gotten this far.

Geez, could they spare the vegetables in the spring onion rice noodle soup bowl I’m having for dinner?

Little Women LA

Brittney has a new boyfriend and Tonya’s talking about moving in with her boyfriend, John, and is also wearing some amazing earrings. Too bad John doesn’t exactly feel the same way. He’s obviously not the husband material you want, Tonya. Move on. Ha-ha! Terra is talking about how nice it would be if everyone got along. This is reality TV, so not bloody likely. Lots of goings on in the romance department tonight. Briana’s boyfriend, Matt, is moving in with her. This dude has been a bone of contention since he came on the scene – with both her family and her friends. My jury is out about him. I’m hearing the same stories they are, but so far he’s been on good behavior.

Ugh! What a shame that Christy allowed her mother to influence her decision about the IVF. I’m not saying she should or shouldn’t do it, but it’s obvious that mean old woman was huge factor here. The ending is happy though. Christy and Todd make the decision to go for artificial insemination while picking strawberries next to a field of sunflowers. Nice!

Beach party! Elena is so gorgeous, I can never take my eyes off of her when she’s on screen. She’s also insecure about her appearance, so what hope is there for the rest of us? The last time they had a bonfire on the beach, the outcome was not positive. Already there’s tension between Elena and Brittney, and Tonya and Jasmine, and Matt and everyone. Same sh*t, different day. Time to roast marshmallows.

“Short arms, short sticks, someone’s weave is definitely going up in flames tonight. I’m glad I’m no longer packing.” Terra cracks me up!

Brittney’s sparkly purple eye shadow is really distracting!

Ha! For a moment there, I thought we were ending on a good note. Brittney confessed to being an idiot and Elena was okay with it. But Jasmine brings up the “other elephant in the room,” Tonya. Wait, that didn’t sound right. She wants to know what the blip Tonya’s annoyed about (and so do I), but instead it ends up being a rehash of the last argument about the same vague thing. That didn’t even make sense to me and I wrote it.

Terra’s Little Family

Someone please explain why, instead of an hour long episode, Lifetime decided to show two back-to-back half hour episodes? Anybody? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I would laugh uncontrollably at Terra’s hair the morning after her bachelorette party, but I’m sure mine looks no better the morning after the night before.  Terra is going to check out the bridesmaids’ dresses for the first time, their only instructions having been to get beige dresses and cobalt blue shoes, which looks better than it sounds. Not an easy task to critique their choices with a hangover though. Elena says it will be like “50 shades of beige.”

Joe had to jet the day before for a gig (he’s a drummer) and missed the rehearsal, but swore he’d be back in time for the pre-wedding dinner. No surprise his plane is late. If this was Bravo, I’d say Andy Cohen probably threw his body in front of the plane.  Her mom still hasn’t gotten there either.

Whew! They both make it and the yacht sets sail for the dinner. Interesting note: Terra’s mom is one of those crazy cat ladies that you always hear about. She’s like an old hippie and really cool. Unlike Christy’s mom.

The earrings on this show are just fabulous!

Terra says Joe is like her missing puzzle piece. So much better than “you complete me” or “my soulmate.” These two are just precious!  We’re on shaky ground by the end of the episode, with Terra being a bit of a Bridezilla to Joe, but I have no doubt they’ll make up since they’re both at the wedding in the previews.

August 25, 2015 — PC, NYC, a Ship at Sea & Some Maids


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


Devious Maids

It’s not that I don’t have a DVR, but I prefer to watch shows in real time, so I watched this at midnight last night. My DVR fear is that if I start recording things, it will end up like the black hole that was once my VHS tape collection. I already have General Hospital episodes that are 2 years old on there.

Kind of like Murder She Wrote, but grislier with a more youthful vibe, I really like this show. One of the reasons is the friendship between the women. While they have their ups and downs, they always come together to support one another. Although I liked it at the beginning, I drifted away from Desperate Housewives before the series ended. Maybe that’s why. The women were just too cruel to each other.

I know, I know. Says the one who’s addicted to The Real Housewives.

Not that I thought she would ever have trouble finding work, it’s great to see Susan Lucci back on the small screen. She’s a natural in the role of Genevieve, whose over-the-topness is not too far from Erica Kane, who, if you remember, once shouted down a bear. I loved seeing her paired with John O’Hurley, and was sorry that he only stuck around for a few episodes. Johnny, we hardly knew ye.

Right now, since it’s the finale, all the murders have been confessed to and they’ve blown the place up in cliffhanger fashion. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next season. The last time, it was so long, I practically forgot what the show was about. I long for the old days of a September to May season, with summer reruns and the occasional new show in the off-time. Now, it seems like they use a dart board to decide on air dates. Seasons could be at any time of the year, or split in half to get more play, with sometimes an entire year in between. (Thanks, Mad Men!) I am, however, grateful for the repeat episodes. There was a time when they were annoying, but with all the great TV to choose from, it’s made it easier to catch everything.

General Hospital

I managed to tear myself away from BRAVO’s Below Deck marathon. Can’t wait for the new season starting tonight! Since it comes on after The Real Housewives of New Yorkpart 2 of the reunion –my head could very well explode.

Glad to see Tracy today – another one of my favorites! Jane Elliot has it right too, with the way she’s keeping it real as she ages. She looks good and she looks like herself. Now that we all know that Denise is really Ava, I’ll miss Denise. She was a load of fun! I hope Ava keeps Denise’s dark hair – it looks absolutely stunning with her light eyes. You might think me superficial, commenting on a character or actor’s appearance, but these are some of the thoughts that go through my head as I watch. Don’t tell me you don’t have them too. If you’re looking for a real recap, go to the site for the show. Or Vulture. I love their recaps; they often make me literally LOL. That’s right. This Macy’s Santa is sending you to Gimbel’s if they have what you want and I don’t. But, my friends do say they enjoy watching TV with me.

Roger Howarth (now known as Franco) has been my favorite soap actor ever since he came on the One Life to Live scene. Apparently, a lot of fans felt that way, since his character was originally supposed to have a limited run, and Todd ended up running all the way to Port Charles many years later, even though ABC made a mess of the crossover. One of my fondest soap memories was Todd stalking blind Nora. It was Christmastime and I’d just brought a neighbor’s dog back from our daily walk. She had a huge box of chocolate truffles on the coffee table (my neighbor, not the dog), and had told me to help myself. (She was a literal size 0 and only drank half a can of soda at a time, so who was I not to help her here?) I put the TV on, and actually ate some bonbons while I was watching a soap. I thought, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Moving on. For a place that’s rife with criminals, Port Charles certainly has a lax jail system, along with keeping both men and women in the same holding area. Come to think of it, the hospital isn’t exactly on top of security either. Remind me never to get sick there if someone is trying to murder me.

That’s right, Morgan. It doesn’t matter that Denise is really Ava. It doesn’t make you any less of a cheater. So please quit whining.

The Real Housewives of New York

Having lived a good portion of my life in the city, these girls are high on my must watch list.

Oh, Countess, can you take a clue from Princess Elsa and let it go? Why is she still hanging on to being angry about Carole seeing her niece’s ex? The weirdest thing about this is that the Countess seems to be okay with an older woman and a younger man together if they’re just having sex, but she frowns on them having a relationship. Huh? So now that Carole has been seeing 28-year-old Adam for some time, she’s gotten more annoyed. I even doubt the niece is hanging on this hard. Although the LuAnn does get the prize for the classic line of the decade, “Be cool. Don’t be all like, uncool.” That has to be one of the best things I’ve ever heard on any Wives show ever. I want that on a T-shirt.

WHAT ARE YA DOIN’ HERE WITHOUT DORINDA? Hahahahaha! I just had to say that.

I go back and forth with Sonja. On one hand, I adore her. She lives the way she wants to, and often reminds me of one of the Edies (Beale) in her eccentric way of presenting herself. On the other hand, I can understand the frustration of the other ladies in dealing with her. In some ways, she lives in another time, and she has to get it through her head that it’s a bad idea for a woman alone to get blackout drunk at a bar. Please, stop doing that before something bad happens. I was proud of her for finally getting her clothing collection off the ground though. For getting anything off the ground actually. And the clothes are gorgeous. Brava, Sonja! Now about that toaster oven….

I’ve met Kristen and although underused on the show, she’s a lovely person. She’s one of those people who, when you talk to her, make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room. I don’t think Bethenny has always given her a fair shake, and I also don’t believe that printed quotes are always accurate. (Really, Bethenny? Did you really say they were? SMH) Throughout the season, we saw Kristen struggle with her husband, Josh, over priorities, as his seemed to be more about work than family. I was very sad to hear he was one of those outed in the Ashley Madison data breach. I sincerely hope they’re able to work it out. He’s another husband I’m not crazy about, but I didn’t marry him and I hate to see her hurt.

Now we finally get to the Ramona dirt. Well, really the Mario dirt. As much as I dislike her – another pot stirrer who thinks saying “I’m sorry” makes everything all right – I wouldn’t wish a cheating spouse on anyone. And no woman should have to see the other woman in their kitchen. At first, it seemed like we were seeing a different Ramona this season, but it didn’t take long before her evil twin came back in full force. And hey, if you don’t want that gorgeous guy just because he’s a bartender (news flash: that’s not an awful career), I have plenty of single friends who will take him.

This is hysterical. The saga of the dress Ramona swiped from Bethenny. Apparently, she was given an expensive piece (Halston Heritage) to wear on Bethenny’s show and walked off with it. Despite many attempts to get it back, including giving her another pricey dress in the hopes of a trade, Ramona has managed to dodge the return. Now she claims she shouldn’t have to since Bethenny’s show was canceled. Ramona. It. Does. Not. Belong. To. You.

Why is Ramona drinking rosé instead of pinot? Did I miss something?

Below Deck

I’m so glad to see this show again! I love it so much. Maybe because I’d like to take up residence on that yacht and sail around for the rest of my life. And I adore Captain Lee. I was sad to see that most of the old crew have been replaced, especially Ben the Australian chef, but it’s TBD if I like this group as much. I’m keeping an open mind.

Chief Stew Kate has returned. I have a love/hate relationship with Kate. What she calls “stoic and professional” can often come off as cold and unfeeling, yet she has a great sense of humor at times. Like last season when one of the primary guests was being a real d*ck and she folded the towel on his bed accordingly. When called on it, she claimed it was a “rocketship,” but we all knew better, and the guest actually redeemed himself by finding it funny and tipping big.

Speaking of asshat guests, during the marathon, I caught my least favorite, Timothy Sykes. An entrepreneur who made a fortune in penny stocks, he was one of the rudest guests ever. Apparently his daughter girlfriend is a fan of “simple foods” (in other words, she has an uneducated palate) and wasn’t too appreciative of Chef Ben’s artistry. Timothy also acted like a big baby over the internet connection not being up to par. While the crew is no stranger to complaints, this idiot took it a step further. When it came time to give the tip, he showed Captain Lee a wad of bills and then dramatically took a quarter of the wad out, citing the above offenses and telling Lee that’s why he was reducing the tip.

Since I’d never heard of this guy before, after seeing him again, I googled him. The first link I saw was to a Tweet he’d just made, saying if anyone was watching Below Deck, it was all editing and he really had a great time. And then some buy-my-crap link. Normally, I avoid Twitter for the most part. The last thing I need is more anti-social social media in my life. I just couldn’t resist though. Unless immediately after his arrogant display with the money, he patted Captain Lee on the back and said, “Just kidding,” while handing him the rest of the tip, I fail to see how editing had anything to do with him being a d-bag. So I told him that. Not that I think he gives a flying, but he did bring it up. And Chef Ben did end up making his daughter girlfriend those casadias, so what was the big deal?

You can see my once-a-year tweet here: http://tinyurl.com/o6jp94q

OMG THE FOOD!!! I’ve never even been on a cruise, but I want to go straight to charter.

The first guests of the season want a “foam party.” One of the crews remarked that they hadn’t heard that since the 90s. I’ve never heard that. And I wasn’t even on drugs in the 90s. The primary guest (the guy who’s footing the bill), Steve, is already rip-roaring drunk and in the “I love all you guys” phase. Hope he doesn’t go into weepy before they get to the foam. Won’t they be slipping in foam? Okay, there are glow sticks involved. Those I know about.


Oh Lord, Steve says this has been his dream. I’m sorry. This is possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Now he’s hitting on the 2nd Stew. Yep, we should be getting to weepy or sleepy at any moment.

From the previews, it looks like Chef Ben is coming back.


My Fab 40th

How can celebrating a 40th birthday be a series? I guess I’ll find out.

Well, we’re halfway through, and I’ll probably stick it out, but…rich people’s problems.