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July 25, 2019 – A Dinner Date Is Set, NYC Concludes Reuniting, Farewell Sweet Wolf, Broadway Maybe, Ramona Cougar, Who?, Reunion Reflection & Someday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny is sitting outside Kelly’s, and sees Robert. Sonny says, it’s been a while, and suggests they chat. Robert tells him, stop right there. If he wants to chat about Dev, forget it. It’s a touchy subject, especially now that he’s DA.

On the phone, Carly tells someone to move the party. She has no idea how long Jax is going to be in town. Call her back in August. She tells Jason that she doesn’t know whether she’s annoyed or happy that Jax is still at the hotel. He’s in her best suite, and paying full price, but she has to keep moving bookings. Jason asks if she wants Jax to move, and she says not necessarily. He’s still talking about buying Connie’s house. Josslyn would love it. Jason says, Sonny would hate it. Carly says, maybe it’s better if he stays at the hotel. Jason wants to talk to her about her newest employee.

Cameron sees Dev, who tells him that Josslyn went for a run with Trina. Dev is tossing and catching some keys, and tells Cameron that they’re Sonny’s speedboat keys. He took it out this morning. It was sweet, especially when he didn’t run out of gas. The girls join them, and Cameron asks how the run was. Trina says, longer than expected, and Josslyn says she needed extra endorphins after last night. One of her last memories of Oscar disappeared.

Finn tells Chase that he doesn’t want to talk about it, but Chase says he has to bring it up. Imagine his surprise when the woman he was questioning said she was almost his sister-in-law. He didn’t even know Finn had been engaged.  He’s never once mentioned it in the two years Chase has been there. Finn says, the past is the past, and Chase says he thought they were trying to have a real relationship as brothers. He knows nothing about Finn’s life, while Finn knows everything about his.

Willow runs into Michael at the MetroCourt, and explains she needs a job until she can track down a teaching position. Michael is sorry the school reversed its decision, but she says parents don’t want someone teaching their kids who’s spent time in jail. Michael says she was just protecting her child. His mother co-owns the hotel, and he’s sure she’d be happy to find Willow something. She says maybe she’ll take him up on it in a few months if she’s still unemployed. He says his family owes her. She tells him she was glad she could help his sister, but she’s hoping to get her next job on her own merits. He says, that’s admirable, and she says, or stubborn. He asks how she’s holding up, and she says, it’s Wiley’s birthday today. Why not be happy?

At Crimson, Jax says he has to hand it to Nina. The ad rates have been good since they promoted the Ava issue. Nina says wait until he sees the subscription revenue and page views. He’s sure he’ll be thrilled. She asks if he’ll be thrilled enough to concede she’s right about the budget. He says he concedes that she’s right on a lot of things. She asks Curtis if he heard that, and Curtis tells her not to rope him in. She asks Jax what she’s right about. He says her dangerous woman concept. What woman should be up next? She says, Helena, and he says, never. She says, Alex, and he says, a possibility, but who was the other one? She says, Cassandra Pierce, and asks what he knows about her. Curtis listens.

Jax asks if they didn’t have this conversation before. Nina says Ava interrupted them before he told her his connection. He says they’ve never met. He knows nothing about her, He wondered if she had personal dealings with Cassandra, and that’s why she came to mind. Curtis says he thinks Nina should change her passwords, but Nina thinks it can wait. She tells Jax that she met Cassandra a few times, but Cassandra has a more complicated past with her fiancé. But he already knew that, didn’t he?

Finn says Chase is right, and he should make more effort. What would Chase like to know? Chase asks how long Finn was together with Hayden, and Finn says, not long. Eleven months, two weeks, and four days, if you’re counting. It was intense. She was the first person to recognize he was an addict. Chase says, another thing Finn doesn’t talk about. Finn says he does, but prefers telling strangers at a meeting with bad coffee. Chase says, fair enough. Finn says Hayden was there when he pushed everyone else away. She helped him through his addiction. He found out that he wasn’t dead inside. He could feel something again after Reiko died. He loved her, but there were problems in the relationship. He flashes back to Hayden saying maybe they’re jumping the gun, and him saying he wants to be a family with her. He tells Chase that she was pregnant.

Sonny says he doesn’t know what Robert is talking about. Dev’s been a close member of the family for a long time. Robert asks what he wants to talk about, and Sonny says, Dante. Dante shot Peter. Robert says he hated how that went down. Peter should never have been in the facility. Sonny says, neither should Dante. Robert promised to bring him home, but he’s not even going to treatment willingly. Robert says, the Bureau handled it badly. If he hadn’t been put out to pasture, he could have done something, but Dante acted on his own. He knew the risks, and took them.

Willow tells Michael, Wiley has two loving parents. It’s everything she wanted. Michael says that doesn’t mean she can’t miss him. She says she does, and always will, but she knows he’s safe and loved. That’s more important. Michael admires how she’s dealing with it. She asks, what about him? Wiley and Jonah were born on the same day, and he’s facing a loss much deeper than hers.

Josslyn says the padlock is gone, and Cameron asks, what padlock? She says the padlock from Oscar’s locker at school. She knows it’s stupid, but they signed their initials on it in nail polish, and attached it to the footbridge. Cameron flashes back to community service guy telling him to remove them. Josslyn says it was on Oscar’s last good day; the last time he was on his feet. It was the last day he was able to leave his own home. She’d promised it would be there forever, and everyone who walked by would know they loved each other. For a while, it worked. There were more locks; more couples who wanted to leave something permanent. When she went there last night, they were all gone. She doesn’t get it. Why would someone cut them all off?

Jason asks Carly how Dev is working out at the restaurant. She says, everything seems fine. He hasn’t worked many hours. She doesn’t need a dishwasher, but he knows what they say about idle hands. Jason says, especially Dev’s. She asks if Jason thinks Dev staying there is a bad idea. He says, Dev is a decent kid; a little wild, but that’s not surprising. He’s sure she and Sonny are keeping a close eye on him. Carly says they are, but things are going to get crazy soon. A baby is a huge adjustment. It’s a lot. Jason asks if there’s something she’s not telling him about the baby, and she says, there is.

Robert tells Sonny that he’ll have a contact keep an eye on Dante. Sonny says he appreciates that, but has another concern; his daughter Kristina. How long is she supposed to tolerate Shiloh walking around like he’s king of the world. Robert says he argued, but the judge chose to let Shiloh walk on bail. However, he is allowed to do his job. Shiloh’s freedom is only temporary. By the way, he and Sonny have to establish clear boundaries on what they can and cannot discuss. Robert is a member of law enforcement, and Sonny is… Sonny says, an importer. Robert goes into Kelly’s.

Willow asks if Michael wants to talk about it; fair is fair. Michael says the truth is, he’d give anything for Jonah to be there celebrating his first birthday. But if he dwells on it, he’ll miss out on what’s right in front of him. It’s Wiley’s birthday, and Wiley is his godson. He’s going to focus on that; the life that surrounds him. Willow says, it’s a beautiful idea, but doesn’t make it easier. He says, no, it doesn’t.

Chase says, Hayden was pregnant? He’s an uncle? Finn says, no. The baby didn’t make it. Chase is so sorry, and Finn says that’s all the sharing he can do for one day. Robert asks Finn for a word, and Finn says, saved by the bell. Chase says, this time, but he wants to continue the conversation. There might be hugging. Finn says, no threats. Chase leaves, and Robert says, he spoke with Anna, and she understands Valentin has lots of questions about their friend Cassandra.

Jax isn’t clear what Nina is implying. She says he wouldn’t be asking if he wasn’t already aware of Cassandra’s complicated history with Valentin. She asks if he’s making sure she can be objective if they run her profile. He says she caught him. He doesn’t want any conflicts like with Ava. She says the interview with Ava should have taught him that he can trust her instincts. He asks her to let him make it up to her, and take her and Valentin out to dinner.

Jason says he noticed Sonny and Carly have been quiet when the baby is talked about, and Carly says, it hasn’t been easy to process, let alone saying it out loud. Talking to him makes her feel better. The last ultrasound showed the baby has spina bifida. In simple terms, the nerves in the spinal cord are exposed. Jason asks if they know how serious it is, and she says they’ll find out today. He asks how she is, and she says, terrified, but trying not to show it. She already loves the baby with all her heart, but fear keeps whispering in the back of her mind that love isn’t enough. Jason says that’s not like her. She says she’s not a victim, and he says she comes out swinging. She has nowhere to put her energy. She says it would make it easier if she could scream or yell at someone. He tells her, scream at him. She says there is something he can do for her, and he says, anything. Name it. She says, Dev is going to need someone to keep an eye on him so he stays out of trouble. Can Jason do that for them?

Josslyn bets none of the other couples are freaking out. Trina says she doesn’t know that, and even if they don’t care, that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t. Josslyn says, it’s just a symbol, but Dev says, symbols are important. They remind you of things you can’t express in words. Cameron says he’s so sorry. He’s the one who cut the locks. Josslyn asks him, why? and he says he was doing community service. His supervisor told him to cut the locks off. Trina says it’s not hisfault. He says he would have saved it if he’d known. She asks where he put them, and he says he threw them in the trash near the bridge. Dev says, maybe they’re still there, but Cameron says he saw the garbage truck take it. Josslyn says it’s not his fault. It’s not like he knew. No one can do anything. She runs off, and Trina follows her. Cameron asks Dev, what if there’s still a way to make things right?

Chase meets Willow at the MetroCourt. He asks Michael how his side is, and Michael says he’s been hurt worse, but never pitched to worse. He has to take off, and Chase asks if Willow is ready to go. She says she still has to put in a job application. Michael distracted her. Chase says he planned the whole day. They can bike to the new brewery, have dinner, and then they’re showing The Princess Bride in the park. She says she appreciates what he’s trying to do. He says, have a great day? and she says, he’s trying to distract her because it’s Wiley’s birthday. He asks if it’s working.

Josslyn and Trina come back, and Josslyn says, typical. Dev left the boat key. She’ll have to put it back unless Trina wants to go on the water. Trina says they have to figure out what they’re doing tonight. She says The Princess Bride is showing at Rice Plaza. Does Josslyn think Dev has seen it. Josslyn asks if they’re taking him, and Trina says, if Josslyn wants, they can stay in and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy again. Josslyn says Trina is a great friend, and Trina says Josslyn would do the same for her. Josslyn says Trina must be thinking it’s stupid to be this upset over a lock, but Trina says she gets it. It’s like Dev said, symbols say things we can’t say in words. Josslyn says she could go there and remember Oscar. Trina says she doesn’t need a lock to remember him, and Josslyn says, not now, but one of these days Oscar won’t be the first person she thinks of in the morning, and the last thing she thinks of before bed. She’ll move on, and he’ll be gone forever.

Cameron and Dev go to where the recycling is kept. Dev asks if Cameron is sure it’s in there. Cameron says, it’s where they unload the recycling. Dev says, it could be anywhere or nowhere, and Cameron asks if he’s going to help or not. Dev remembers talking to Josslyn on the bridge. She tells him that the lock was supposed to be a symbol of her and Oscar’s love lasting forever. Now, it’s gone. He’s gone. Dev says, okay. Where does Cameron want to look first?

In the examining room, Sonny tells Carly, whatever the results are, they’ll deal with it. The doctor comes in, and says she’s sure they had a lot to think about since last time. Carly says she read about in utero surgery that cold repair the open spinal cord before the baby is born. The doctor says, it’s an option, but it’s mostly used to treat more severe cases, and Carly isn’t a good candidate for it, given her history. They’ll do the ultrasound, see what they’re dealing with, and take it from there. The doctor gets everything ready, and puts the device on Carly stomach. They all look at the screen.

Robert tells Finn that Anna wants to find out why Valentin is curious about Cassandra. Finn asks if Anna shouldn’t be bringing in the WSB, but Robert says, too risky. She wants to keep it on the QT. Is Finn interested in what he dug up or not? Finn says, what? and Robert says Cassandra was spotted once in northern Italy.

Carly and Sonny wait. Sonny says he’s going out of his mind; how’s Carly? Carly says, terrified (WOTD). The doctor comes back, and Sonny asks, what’s the verdict? Carly says, how serious is the baby’s condition?

Josslyn tells Trina, hard as it is, missing Oscar every minute, she hates knowing it will change. She has to live her life, and it will eventually fill the huge hole left behind. If she if allows that to happen, she’ll betray Oscar’s memory. Trina says, Oscar would never think that. He planned his own memorial, and the first rule was, no one was supposed to cry. He wants her to remember, but not make her life smaller. She can be happy, and hold the memoires of Oscar in her heart, even if she doesn’t have the lock.

Dev tells Cameron to give him a boost, but Cameron says he’ll do it. Dev can watch for the guard. Dev says they’re not real police, but Cameron says they can call the real cops, and he’s on probation. Dev helps him into the dumpster, and Cameron says it’s disgusting. Dev says, it’s trash. What did he expect? They hear a guard say, kid! What are you doing? Cameron ducks into the dumpster, and Dev puts something on top to hide him better. He tells the guard that he’s sorry to bother him, but he has a report for summer school on waste management. The guy says he’s just a guard, but Dev says who better than someone who works there? and starts to ask questions about recycling. Cameron rips open a bag, and digs around in it.

At Sonny’s place, Michael is glad he caught Jason. He says Jason and Drew have made good progress on the treehouse. Jason says the plans Michael drew up are easy to follow. Michael thinks the new baby and Avery might want their own treehouse. When Jason is done, maybe they can team up, and build a Corinthos treehouse. Jason asks if Michael knows anything about carpentry. Michael says, not really, and Jason says, why not? Michael asks if Jason wants him to tell Sonny and Carly, but Jason says he just missed them. They’re at the hospital for their OB appointment. Michael says they’re probably listening to the baby’s heartbeat as they speak. He asks if Josslyn is there, and Jason says, she’s on the terrace with a friend. Michael says he won’t bother her. He’s happy she has a friend to talk to. His phone rings. It’s a collect call from Pentonville from Nelle.

The doctor tells Sonny and Carly that there’s less likelihood of nerve damage with the type of spina bifida their baby ha. There might be other possible complications though. Sonny asks what they do, and the doctor says they’re doing a C-section to minimize them. The baby will also have surgery within 48 hours of delivery.

M won’t accept the charges. Jason asks what it was, and Michael says, it was from Pentonville. Nelle is trying to call. It’s the anniversary of Jonah’s death, and she could be using it to manipulate him. According to Willow, she’s been asking questions. Jason asks how he knows that, and Michael says, how’s this for a small world? Harmony is Nelle’s cellmate.

Willow tells Chase that she had a good talk with Michael about Wiley and Jonah, and how dwelling too much on the past can cause you to miss out on the present. Chase says he should apply that to his brother. Finn is many things, but a talker isn’t one of them. He avoids personal conversation like the plague. He had no idea Finn was engaged to Hayden or that she was pregnant, and they lost the baby and broke up. Willow, says, that’s a lot. Even if he’s not a talker, it’s likely there’s a lot going on in his head. He must have had a lot of thoughts about being a parent. She did. Chase says she’s be a parent again, but she says, not yet. The past year was a whirlwind, and she’s just putting her life back together. One day. What about him? He says, sure, but not any time soon. He never thought about it until recently. She asks where this is coming from. He says, it’s the sort of conversation two people have when they love each other, and he loves her.

Nina says, Jax is inviting her and Valentin to dinner? He says they started off on the wrong foot. They can usher in a new era of their working relationship. Nina says she’ll do him one better. Come to their place. She’ll have the staff prepare a five course meal. She tells him to bring his girlfriend. He says Hayden is only his CFO, but on second thought, great. She suggests tonight, and he says, perfect. He wouldn’t miss it for the world. He leaves, and Curtis asks what the hell is she thinking?

Carly says, the baby is going to need surgery hours after the birth? The doctor knows how it sounds, but they won’t know how severe the process needs to be until they know how severe the nerve damage is. Carly says, so they’re still playing the waiting game.

Josslyn tells Trina that she can’t shake the feeling that she and Oscar’s love would have lived on at the footbridge. Dev and Cameron come back. Dev says, told him, and Cameron says, it was his idea to track it down, and dig through the trash. Dev says he had a chat with the guard, and learned more about waste management than he ever wanted to know. Cameron tells Josslyn, it got busted up, and the paint is chipped. He gives her the lock, and she throws her arms around him.

Willow says, Chase loves her? He says she doesn’t have to say it back, but she says she loves him too. They kiss, and Willow says she should fill out the application. She starts to walk away, but he pulls her back, and they kiss again

Finn asks if Robert knows anything else. He says a letter was delivered by a guy they think was on the same mercenary team that forced Finn to work on Cassandra, but he wasn’t close enough to the surveillance cameras for a positive ID. In any case, Finn is out. Finn asks if Anna is telling him, or Robert. Robert says, Cassandra is a dangerous woman. She’s already got a grudge against him. Robert tells him, stay out of it, and leaves;

Curtis tells Nina, they both know Jax has a file on Valentin. Why invite him into her home? She says she’s letting him think he’s winning her over. He’s going to let his guard down, and she’ll wine and dine him until she finds out why he’s so interested in Valentin.

On the phone, Jax says Nina did them one better. They’ve been invited to Windymere. It’s the perfect opportunity to search.

Jason asks if Michael wants to get breakfast, but Michael wants to wait for his parents to get back. Jason leaves, and Michael’s phone rings again. It’s another collect call from Pentonville. The recording asks if he accepts.

Harmony prays Brad and Lucas take the baby and run, Valentin has instructions to escort Obrecht home, and Nina gets bad news.

The Real Housewives of New York City – The Reunion – Part Three

Ramona says she thinks LuAnn is still drinking on the side. You don’t leave rehab after two weeks. LuAnn says, it was three weeks. Ramona says LuAnn has a problem, and LuAnn says Ramona is her problem. Andy asks LuAnn, in leaving early, if she can see how the others would think she’s not serious about her sobriety. She says she totally understands why she was misconstrued. Bethenny says maybe she wasn’t ready to leave, but LuAnn says, that was in May, and it’s July. It was a long time ago. Andy asks how many months of probation LuAnn has left, and LuAnn says, three. She tells Ramona, today, she’s not drinking, and she’s taking it one day at a time. Andy congratulates her on far she’s gotten. We see text that says six days after this was filmed, she went to court for her probation violation, and was given more conditions.

We travel back to the Berkshires next. The naked chef, going to the Morgan house, Sonja drunk at dinner, cabaret in Rhinebeck. We then see clips of Miami, Sonja drunk at dinner again, and the paramedics coming. We see a clip of Sonja’s interview, where she says, the trips can get tense, but in the end, they work it out. LuAnn says Tinsley has a nice butt, referring to one of the clips. Andy says she’d been so shy, then somehow something happened in Miami. He asks if she feels more comfortable now, or was she just drunk. Tinsley says, both. She was having fun. Andy says viewers were surprised Dorinda has a sister. Dorinda says Melinda is a character. Their lives are totally different, but they have the same mannerisms.

Phyllis from Detroit wonders if there was a certain moment that consumed Sonja at the Morgan house. Sonja says if she didn’t have a daughter, and hadn’t served on the Morgan charity board, she doesn’t think she would have been so affected. Dorinda had told her to get out from the burden of the house. Andy asks if Dorinda thought it took a wrong turn. Dorinda says her own house was built by Stanley (of Morgan-Stanley), and they were friends. So she wanted to be friends with Sonja again. it was a fig leaf. I think she means olive branch. Sonja says she thought it was nice, but realized when she got in the thick of it, why she moved out of the townhouse. It gives her agita.

Andy says some people found Sonja’s interaction with Tej amusing, but some thought it was inappropriate. Sonja says, it was too far, and days she was too much for him to handle. Andy sighs, and says, not him; it was her. She agrees, but says it wasn’t her intention. Andy says concerns about Sonja’s drinking have been raised over the years, and there were two instances that were scary. In the Berkshires, when she was freaking out about the letters, and in Miami, when she fell off of her chair. Sonja says the welcome drinks were hard liquor, and she downed five with no food. Bethenny says when the medics came, she discreetly went through Sonja’s purse off-camera, since LuAnn made no small accusation. She found a thousand hormones, and was googling things, making sure Sonja wasn’t mixing the wrong thing. LuAnn says she didn’t claim Sonja was dropping acid. Bethenny says she let Sonja know the next day, but she’d done it privately, and for Sonja’s safety. Sonja is totally cool with it.

We revisit Ramona going to her hometown, and how her dad left her nothing when he died. Ramona says it brought up memories she’d thought were buried. We flash back her and Bethenny, trading childhood horror stories in the bar. Ramona says she had to face it, but she was afraid to go by herself. It was very cleansing. Andy says Dorinda seemed taken aback, and she says it was news to her. She guesses she never absorbed the intensity. She felt sad for them both. LuAnn interrupts by asking Andy what time it is, since she has to do her breathalyzer thing several times a day. Andy thanks the women for sharing, and says, it was intense.

Andy welcomes Barbara. He says she came from the construction site, hoping to build friendships, and we see clips of her throughout the season. Getting put in the fish room, being a mediator, Ramona being a jerk, LuAnn saying the other women have brainwashed her. It ends with a clip of Barbara telling someone that LuAnn can’t sing. D’oh! Andy asks if she’s in the doghouse again, and LuAnn nods. LuAnn says the first thing she thought was Barbara was at it again; like she did with Carole, talking about her wedding. We flash back to Barbara telling Carole that LuAnn would rather get married and end up divorced, then cancel the wedding. I hate to say it, but that was probably true. LuAnn says, someone who can’t sing, she’s been cast in Chicago on Broadway. (Kinda sorta. Links below.) She can take that, and shove it up her ass. Barbara asks if LuAnn is directing that at her, and LuAnn says she is. Barbara says she supported LuAnn through every cycle of her life. She dropped her own life for LuAnn. She’s been to eight shows, and brought a number of people. She thinks LuAnn is a great performer, and loves the show. But LuAnn needs some self-awareness. She thinks everyone would agree, and Devil Andy says, that she can’t sing? Barbara says, she’s not Adele. Andy asks what the other ladies think about LuAnn’s singing, and – I kid you not – there is total silence for a moment, then stammering. I’m dying. LuAnn says she doesn’t pretend to be a great singer, so why is it an issue? She’s going to kill it on Broadway. Dorinda says, they get it. Congratulations. Dorinda tells her that Barbara is trying to say she was ride or die. LuAnn says she’s the same, but Barbara says not the same way she was to LuAnn. Bethenny says LuAnn is really way off. She’s tone deaf about this one. LuAnn says, it was upsetting to see. Barbara apologizes. She didn’t mean for it to come out like that. She loves the show. Dorinda says they all think she’s a great performer. Bethenny thinks Barbara is wearing too much tanner, and walks over to her with tissues. LuAnn says, there’s too much shimmer, and Dorinda says, she looks like the Tin Man. Bethenny shows what’s on the tissues, and we see a clip of Barbara leaving it all over her room in Miami.

A viewer comments, why would LuAnn take herself so seriously? That’s the appeal of the show; the spectacle of it all. She’s not Liza Minelli, who can sing. LuAnn says, there’s always going to be haters and negative people. Bethenny says she’s not a great singer, and LuAnn says it isn’t nice to hear. Barbara feels like LuAnn is ready to ruin a friendship over something like that. Bethenny asks who goes for a hall pass, and everyone does. LuAnn agrees to give Barbara one. A viewer asks why Ramona is anti-Barbara, and if it’s really for shallow reasons, like how she dresses, and being rough around the edges. Ramona is no finely polished gem. Ramona says she helped Barbara pick out outfits when they went to Miami. Andy says she clearly didn’t want Barbara to join them in going out. Ramona say she apologized the next day. She’d wanted a one-on-one with Tinsley. Barbara tells her, they kept saying she wasn’t engaged and involved, but when they were going out, Ramona didn’t want her to come. Ramona agrees it wasn’t welcoming. Andy reminds her about Ramona and Dorinda heckling her outfit by the pool. Barbara says she was the new girl, but Dorinda says Barbara acted like a bitch – after she pissed all over Dorinda’s apartment (she means figuratively, not literally). Barbara says Dorinda asked her to leave, and she felt uncomfortable. Andy asks why Dorinda lost it to such an extreme, and Dorinda says she thought her relationship with LuAnn was rock solid, and Barbara was an interloper. It’s like the kid’s game about which one doesn’t fit in the fruit basket, and there’s a basket of fruit with a big fat turnip in it. LuAnn says Barbara was trying to protect her; being her warrior, but she felt like a turnip. Andy says Barbara revealed her past relationships with women on camera, and she says, not in the big picture. It’s important that people know there are people like her on the spectrum. She went out with a woman for a year. If people want to call her bisexual, and label her, go ahead. Andy says Sonja had called her gender fluid, and explains it’s sexually fluid. Barbara says she believes in love. Andy asks what it was like, being confronted by the whole group about not fitting in, and Barbara says, it was hurtful. It was like being at camp. She doesn’t think anyone got know her. Bethenny says when Barbara called her upset, she said Barbara didn’t reveal herself. The show is about opening up, and taking chances. She gets up to hug Barbara – not too close, because of the tanner – and says that’s why Barbara makes a good friend. It’s a good thing. She doesn’t have to get dirty and banged up, but gets to be on the show. LuAnn gets up, and gives Barbara a full-on hug. Her foot is asleep, and she plops down on the couch. Dorinda asks if it isn’t better than being mad. LuAnn says she’s tanner now, and goes back to her seat. Sonja hugs Barbara next, and says she did interviews, and talked about how wonderful Barbara is. Not wanting to be left out, Ramona hugs Barbara too, telling her, what they said. Bethenny says, Tinsley is wearing a $6000 dress, and she’s not hugging anybody. (A note on what the women are wearing. They dress very high-end, like Beverly Hills, but more sophisticated. IMO, Bethenny wins this reunion in a sparkly – not sequins, metallic thread – color block dress of simple design. It’s just gorgeous.) Andy asks if Barbara was pissed about Sonja and Ramona stuffing lobsters in their purses. Bethenny says, this is Dan Rather with a lobster update. Barbara says she told them to take the food. She’d rather it not go waste. She was actually happy about it. Andy thanks her for joining them, and spreading her tan.

Andy says the women thought, as LuAnn’s cabaret show grew bigger, her head grew with it. Ha-ha-ha! That’s pretty good. The bestowed another title on her – diva. He asks if LuAnn is on her high horse, or is everyone else just jealous? We see clips of LuAnn’s fabulous cabaret life and insensitivity. The fish room debacle, and Bethenny’s tirade. Bethenny says she needs a moment. Andy tells LuAnn that she’s said multiple times she thinks the ladies are jealous. LuAnn says, what is it then? I guess because it can’t possibly be her. She asks why don’t they leave her alone about the cabaret thing. Ramona says she thought after seeing the show, LuAnn would have realization. When the most oblivious, self-absorbed person says that, you know you have a problem. Bethenny asks what LuAnn just watched. What’s the general thesis? LuAnn says, tell her, and Bethenny says LuAnn said they’re jealous. Dorinda says they do support her, and always tell her how proud they are. Andy says, are they jealous? like it’s a legitimate question. Bethenny says LuAnn can’t possibly think that. Ramona says, it’s all about me, me, me. Which is funny, coming from her, her, her. Dorinda asks LuAnn where Sonja’s daughter is going to school. LuAnn doesn’t know, and Bethenny says, Penn. LuAnn says Sonja never told her, and Ramona says they asked. LuAnn says this is the support she gets, and Andy says it’s about her being singularly focused on herself. LuAnn says when she watches the show, she thinks she looks like an a-hole, but she was trying to keep herself together. She didn’t have enough to give, and felt attacked about the cabaret. Bethenny says they just didn’t want go every day. LuAnn makes it sound like she was being abusive, after she’d helped LuAnn. Andy reminds LuAnn that she was told a room was being saved for Bethenny, she said, screw Bethenny, and made a hand gesture. We flash back to that, and LuAnn calling Bethenny the queen bee. LuAnn says it’s not about Bethenny, and Bethenny says it’s her name that LuAnn keeps referring to. She felt stabbed in the back.

LuAnn stammers, and says she didn’t mean to stab Bethenny in the back. Andy asks if LuAnn hasn’t always acted entitled. Why is it more over the top this season? Dorinda says, it was more intense, and Bethenny says it’s like she reveled in having a comeback from the arrest, thinking she was more famous than ever. She took it as a positive. Andy says she also worked hard, and LuAnn says she made lemonade out of lemons. Bethenny says they’re actually happy for her, and they have been supportive. A viewer says LuAnn’s reaction to her Halloween show showed a lack of gratitude, an essential tool in recovery. LuAnn says she’s still working on it. I give her credit. She did not say she was a work in progress. Bethenny says, most people are humble for a while. For LuAnn, it’s jail, recovery, let’s go. LuAnn says when you first get sober, there’s a moment of elation called the pink cloud. Dorinda thinks a lot of it is a defense mechanism. She’s putting up good façade. Bethenny doesn’t think LuAnn is in a position to be nasty to her. It’s the least she can expect. LuAnn says she wasn’t exactly nasty, and says think of what Bethenny has called her in the past. We flash back to Bethenny calling LuAnn a slut, liar, and snake. Andy says the bigger question is how did LuAnn get from the intervention to calling Bethenny a queen bee. LuAnn says she wouldn’t call it name calling. Bethenny says, it’s not humility. Dennis was thinking about getting money for her, and Bethenny got her rehab paid. Ramona says LuAnn should kiss Bethenny’s ass. Bethenny wiggles her ass at LuAnn, who kisses it. Andy says he’s seen a lot at reunions, but…

Andy wants to get to Miami. Bethenny completely lost her sh*t at diner. Bethenny says it wasn’t all LuAnn. She’d hit her limit. She was filming three weeks after Dennis died. She had LuAnn’s intervention, Dennis dying unexpectedly, she was trying to nurture a new relationship, and wanted to spend time with her kids. When she landed at dinner, she felt hurt, LuAnn say she felt bad. She didn’t want create a breakdown. Bethenny is sorry it happened. LuAnn was the catalyst and the vehicle, but she didn’t want do that to the group. LuAnn says she felt like no one got or respected her. Dorinda says, it was like a champagne cork popped. They were all feeling the same way, but Bethenny verbalized it. Andy says they’d all tried to express it previously, but Bethenny says, LuAnn doesn’t take small doses. She needs to be whacked. Andy tells Bethenny that she’d said she wasn’t sure if LuAnn would change. How does she feel now? Bethenny says she’s been on the couch many times, but she always believed in LuAnn. She does the best she can. Andy wonders where everyone else is coming from; do they think LuAnn will change? Dorinda says she wants to help LuAnn get to the finish line, and LuAnn says she needs the help. Ramona says she’s gone through a lot. Andy says she’d felt unsupported, and asks how she feels now. LuAnn says she feels good. Like her girlfriends are back on her side. She felt like she’d lost her team. Looking at herself, she saw she could have done better as a friend. She needed to take care of herself, and it looked like she wasn’t grateful. She’s sorry. Andy says it looks like they’ve moved forward. Bethenny and LuAnn hug.

Virgin mojitos are brought out. Dorinda says it would be delicious with vodka, then tells LuAnn, sorry. LuAnn says, don’t be sorry; she agrees. Andy say they’ve watched the women play Truth or Dare. It’s time for truth. He says tell the one thing they said or did that made them cringe the most. Sonja says, giving Raj advice. She shouldn’t have done it that way. Nearly everyone says, it’s Tej. Andy says, that was advice? She says she was making him googleable. Ramona says her comment about Dennis. Dorinda says, not going to the clambake and breaking the silence. She was too afraid. LuAnn agrees that she would have been receptive. Bethenny says she was ready at gangster lunch. LuAnn and Dorinda raise their glasses to each other. Tinsley says hers was, sobbing at the circus. The big bow, the whole thing. it was a lot. Andy says she also went on national TV with no lashes or lip gloss. We flash back to her crying about Bambi, and she says, that was her baby. Dorinda and Bethenny both say, that was beautiful, at the same time. Bethenny says when they were at the art galleries. Someone mentioned Bethenny didn’t get a present, and she said her daughter was her present. Tinsley didn’t have one. Tinsley says she didn’t take it as an insult, and Bethenny says she didn’t mean it that way, but when she watched it, she didn’t like how it sounded. LuAnn says she had no business making that hand gesture in regard to Bethenny. Bethenny didn’t deserve it, and she didn’t really mean it.

Andy thinks they’ve had good resolution, and asks LuAnn if she feels she’s in a better place with the group. She says she feels like she has her friends back, and can get through the next couple months. Bethenny says, onward and upward. Andy suggests they toast, and LuAnn says she’s got one. She says, God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change; the courage to change the things we can; and the wisdom to know the difference. Andy says they’re toasting with an AA prayer. LuAnn says, it’s a God prayer. Bethenny says, it’s irony. To cabaret. LuAnn says, life is a cabaret, and Bethenny says, it’s a wrap.

🐺 Tired and Remiss…

Yesterday, I forgot to mention the passing of Rutger Hauer. Bladerunner, Ladyhawke, The Hitcher, True Blood, and Channel Zero are just a few of the things in the body of his wonderful work. He will be missed.


🎭 It’s Set In Stone – We’re So Excited…

When LuAnn said she was going to be in Chicago, I wondered in what capacity. They’ve had many guest stars in the main roles, but never one who couldn’t sing. Um… she hasn’t exactly signed on the dotted line



🐆 She’s a Maneater…

I can totally understand why a man would be interested in an older woman, but not this older woman.


❓ Who?

Oh, she’s Lynne Curtin’s daughter, from The Real Housewives of Orange County. So like I said, who?


🗽 New York City Rehash…

No new news, but worth it for the pictures.


💃 Not Your LuAnn’s Chicago…

But when I will finally get to bed at a decent hour.

March 15, 2018 – Franco & Drew Are Trapped, Butcher’s Block Concludes & Friday Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kim tells Elizabeth that Oscar wants to thank Franco personally for helping save his father. She’s sorry the earth swallowed up Elizabeth’s wedding day, and asks if there’s a new date.

Sam calls Drew, but gets voicemail. She’s getting worried. Alexis comes into the office with an update on Molly, but wonders what Sam is doing in Drew’s office. Sam says she hasn’t heard from him since yesterday.

Drew opens his eyes. He and Franco are lying on a concrete floor in a basement. He tells Franco to get up, but Franco is out cold.

Curtis says Ned is the mayor, a man of action; he digs it. Ned says Jim burned them; how can they burn him back? Curtis says he messed with the quality of life on Charles Street, and Ned says he was drilling for gas with no permit. Jordan says she’ll jump on the smallest mistake he makes. Ned tells them that Jim played on his political ambitions. It’s time to turn the tables, and use his biggest weakness against him – his greed.

Jim tells someone on the phone that it doesn’t make sense, but he’s in the middle of another crisis, so they’ll talk later. One of his thugs knocks on the door, and says Franco and Drew are safe and sound in a quiet place. Jim says this isn’t good. He’s not a thug; he’s a businessman. Geez, you could have fooled me. He’s pretty much been all thug since he came to town. He asks why “Bobby and Andy” couldn’t leave past where it belongs.

Elizabeth says the wedding is on hold for the moment. Kim asks if she wants to talk, and Elizabeth says Franco kept something important from her. He’s done it before, and she’s forgiven him, but he promised to be honest. Kim says she’s the last person to be giving relationship advice, but people have secrets. We keep things from each other to protect them or protect ourselves. She kept Oscar from his father. Elizabeth says it was something significant about Franco’s past, and it had everything to do with Drew. She asks if Drew ever talked about his childhood. Kim says Drew asked same thing, but she didn’t know much. They talked about almost anything except that.

Sam tells Alexis that when she and Drew were on their way out of the hospital, Jim found them. Alexis asks what that Neanderthal wanted. Sam says he claims to have known Franco and Drew when they were small, calling them Bobby and Andy. He told them Betsy sent Drew to an orphanage because Franco tried to kill him. Alexis says children of that age don’t have the sensoria to be legally culpable. Sam tells her that Franco pushed Drew down the stairs and the last she heard from him, Drew was going to confront Franco, but she doesn’t know where he was headed.

Drew touches Franco, and Franco jumps up. He tells Drew his head hurts, and asks where they are. Something tells him they’re not in Jim’s hotel room. Drew says after the thugs showed up, it’s a blur. Franco says this is what it feels like to be knocked out, and Drew says this is what it feels like to be tased. Franco says them together, where he’s guessing there’s no way out. Maybe they’re dead and it’s hell.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Dante that she and Maxie were best friends. If the damage is ever going to be repaired, she’ll have to take the first step. Dante thinks it’s a bad idea, and the first step is to wait. Since she’s really stupid and pushy, Lulu says she can’t; the friendship means too much. Apparently, her feelings alone define the relationship.

At one of the tables, Maxie tells Peter all she can think about are the test results. Lulu comes to the table, and says they need to talk. Peter doesn’t think it’s the time or place, and Dante says, let’s go, but Maxie says, no. Lulu is right. They need to talk.

Jim’s thug reassures him that Franco and Drew can’t get out, and asks what he’s going to do. Jim isn’t sure, and says he’ll figure it out. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Ned, and Jim tells his thug, good work, and to keep him apprised. The thug leaves, and Ned thanks Jim for the donation; the city owes him. Jim says Port Charles has been good to him, but this can’t be a social visit. Ned says it isn’t. Jim has done so much for Port Charles; he’s there to discuss what he can do for Jim.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to give Kim the specifics of what Franco’s secret was, and feels badly dumping on her, and then not sharing. Kim says she’ll always care about Drew, but he can take care of himself. Epiphany comes by, and asks where Franco is. He blew off his clients, with no heads up or explanation. He can’t leave patients hanging because he’s in a mood. Elizabeth says that’s not like him; there must be a good reason. Epiphany says to tell him that Dr. Quartermaine is going to hear about it. Elizabeth tells Kim that she told him not to come home, after he’d said she makes him better and he’s lost without her. She has to find him.

Sam says the last time Drew checked in, he was dealing with Franco and hung up. Alexis asks how worried she is, and Sam says, how worried do you think? Her calls are going to voicemail, and he’s not getting her texts. She’s probably overreacting, but if it was Jason she wouldn’t worry. It’s normal for him. She’s been thinking a lot about Jason and Drew. She hasn’t been honest with either them or herself.

Franco yells for help, and then says of all people, he should know better that they’re in a soundproof room. It’s in Kidnapping for Dummies. Drew’s guess is that it’s a building that’s going to be demolished for reconstruction. Franco thinks that’s a good bet. He says it’s so weird that the first time they agree, it’s something like this. Drew says any workers they find, work for the man who put them there. They might try to finish them off.

Peter asks if Maxie is sure, and she says she is. He tells her, good luck, and gets up. Dante tells Peter that they should have a chat as well. Peter asks if it’s a police matter, and he says, yes. They step away. Lulu wants Maxie to know she’s done a lot of soul searching since the funeral, about her choice to lay a trap for that monster. Maxie says, it worked, and Lulu says, at a terrible cost. Maxie says Lulu was just doing her job, writing sensational stories, no matter who gets hurt. Lulu says she told Peter that she was ready to walk away, but he talked her out of it. Maxie says she never intended to walk away; it was a gesture to ease her conscience. She’s immune to rules and consequences, and nothing is ever her fault. Lulu wants to make it right. She misses Maxie. Maxie says she misses Nathan. He’s not there to help her, or tell her what to do about the baby. Lulu asks if something is wrong, and Maxie says the baby might have inherited a fatal disease from Faison.

Jordan looks at a map, telling Curtis that each pin represents the loss of a home or business, all because of that SOB Jim. It will take years to rebuild and recover. Curtis knows it’s frustrating, but she’s the police commissioner, who brings bad guys to justice, like the man who caused this devastation. She asks if Curtis is actually trusting the legal system, and he says he trusts her. This isn’t just another case. TJ could have been killed, Molly almost was, and his auntie was put in harm’s way. Someone needs to pay. Jordan says, someone will.

Ned tells Jim that he wouldn’t be mayor if not for his support, but Jim says the people voted him in. Anything he did to help was his pleasure. Ned says he’s in a position to return the favor. Jim had plans to keep the city’s original character, while building new housing and boosting the economy. Now it’s all lost in the rubble. Jim says it’s not his first rodeo. When you dream big, you have to take big risks, and sometimes they don’t pay off. Ned says he’s awfully cool about it, and Jim says, never let them see you sweat. Ned tells him that he can’t leave Jim holding a title to worthless property, but he can buy back all of the Niagara properties at a price that’s more than fair. He writes a figure on a paper, hands it to Jim, and asks if they have a deal. Jim says, sorry, and Ned laughs, saying it’s more than generous. Why not take it? Jim says he knows why.

Sam tells Alexis that she and Jason were at the Quartermaines when the earthquake hit. They took Jason’s bike to find Drew, and ended up at a construction site trailer. Alexis asks if she slept with him, and Sam says, no; they almost died. Alexis reminds her that she’s the mother of two children, and this only happens when she’s with Jason. Sam says they managed to get out before the explosion, and Alexis says, of course. Sam says she had to tell Jason the truth. She loves him and always will.

Drew tells Franco they didn’t take everything, and hands him a candy bar. Franco says Jim is lying about what happened when they were kids. Drew says they can put that on their tombstones, and Franco admires his relentless optimism. Drew says they wouldn’t be in this mess if he’d stuck to the plan. Why didn’t he leave? Franco says Jim kept talking to him. Drew knows; he was listening. The guy is a jerk, but didn’t say anything to make him freeze. When he got there, Franco was curled in a ball. What happened?

Dante tells Peter that he gave him a pass at Nathan’s funeral. He didn’t want to add to the pain. He says Peter pressured Lulu because he saw dollar signs. He didn’t care who he put in harm’s way. Peter says he almost got shot. Dante says Nathan did, and Peter got a headline. Peter says it was Nathan’s decision, and asks if Dante doesn’t think his wife is capable of making up her own mind. Well…

Maxie tells Lulu that Faison had Huntington’s disease. It explains a lot. At worst, it affects the motor control and brain function, and is inevitably fatal. It might have been passed on, and she’s waiting for the test results. Lulu asks what the chances are, and Maxie says there was a 50% chance of Nathan having it. If he did, there’s a 50% chance of the baby having it. Lulu says that’s not going to happen, and Maxie asks, why? Because she doesn’t want it and she said so? Either it happens or not, and if it does, there’s nothing she can do, except wait for the symptoms to show up. She asks, what are years to parents? You blink, and they go from diapers to the prom. There’s nothing she can do. Lulu says she can love the baby and teach it about Nathan. Maxie tells her, don’t you dare. She doesn’t get to bury Maxie’s husband, walk over his grave, and pretend like they’re besties again. Lulu starts to say she thought – and Maxie says, thought what? She had to bury her husband, and Nathan’s not here. The baby might be sick, and he’s not there to help her through it because of Lulu.

Jim tells Ned he’s a man of his word; when he starts something, he finishes it. Ned says no one is going to build a high-rise on a fault, but Jim points out San Francisco is on the San Andreas. Ned says they know what they’re dealing with. This came out of nowhere; it went from stable to unpredictable, and cost Jim millions. Jim says, you know what they say; one man’s disaster is another’s blessing. Ned asks if that’s really what they say, and Jim tells him, there’s another saying, cut the crap. Jim says Ned knows there’s a huge deposit of natural gas under the city. What kind of businessman would he be if he sold the land back? Ned says it wasn’t just discovered. Jim used him because he needed the Quartermaine stamp of approval. Jim says, and he got elected. Ned says Jim leaked the article, and Jim tells him that they both win. Ned got what he wanted, and Jim is sitting on a fortune. He tells Ned that he’s the mayor. Stop crying foul, and have a cigar; he earned it.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she keeps getting Franco’s voicemail. Kim asks if she knows where he’s staying, and she says she called Kiki, but she hasn’t seen him. His studio is on Charles Street, but she doesn’t know what condition it’s in. She’s getting worried. Kim says maybe he’s not missing, and just keeping his distance like she asked. Elizabeth says that’s not like Franco.

Alexis asks Sam what happened to not acting on her feelings? Sam say she doesn’t want to live life not telling the truth. She’s in love with both of them. She tried to shut her feelings off with Jason, but couldn’t do it, and can’t think of cutting off Drew. She has to be honest. She’s already told Jason, and now Alexis, and needs to tell Drew. Alexis wonders how he’ll react, but Sam doesn’t know. She says it’s up to him to decide. She doesn’t get to decide how he reacts, and has no idea. All she knows is that she has to be honest. Alexis thinks she should take more time, but Sam says she has to go. Alexis asks where, and she says to get answers.

Franco starts to shut down, and Drew says he’s doing it again. He thinks he knows PTSD when he sees it, and tells Franco he’s in the safest place. Tell him what Jim did. Franco flashes back to Jim calling him a liar and saying no one will believe him. He tells Drew he can’t talk about it.

Lulu tells Maxie that they’ll face it together. Maxie asks if she’s serious, and wants to use the baby to ease her conscience. Maxie tells her that for every tear she’s shed, she prays Lulu sheds an ocean full. For every sleepless night, she hopes Lulu never gets another night’s rest. She tells Lulu to stay away from her and her child. Peter and Dante return, and Peter tells Maxie not to stress for the baby’s sake. Alexis wanders over, and Maxie says her timing is perfect. She wants to file a restraining order on Lulu.

Curtis tells Jordan if Ned thinks he’s going to take down the man who played him like a harmonica, he’s dreaming. Jordan says she’s not counting on Ned. She’s counting on someone willing to take a risk, and willing to bend the law just enough not to break it. Curtis says someone with a vested interest in the evictions and harassment, who knows that the earthquake was used as a get-rich-quick scheme? She says, something like that. He thinks he knows the man.

Kim has to go back to work, and tells Elizabeth if she needs a friend, she’s there. Sam comes barreling in, and asks Elizabeth, where the hell is Franco?

Franco bangs on the door. Drew says it’s reinforced steel, and tells him to get a grip. He puts his hand on Franco’s arm, and Franco says if Drew touches him again… Drew asks what he’s going to do, calling him Bobby. He asks if Franco is going to try to kill him again.

Dante tells Alexis there’s no need; it’s a personal matter. Maxie suggests they keep it that way. Alexis is sorry about what’s going on, and hopes it works out. Lulu says she’s going back to work, or this is all for nothing. Peter asks if Maxie wants the day off, but she thinks diving into work is good for her. Her phone rings. It’s Kim, who just got word. The amnio results are in.

Curtis tells Jordan that he’s going to bring down Jim. She asks him to wait, and he wonders if she’s going to deputize him. She kisses him, and says now he’s deputized. Go be brilliant.

Ned cracks the cigar in half. He tells Jim that he’s going to the commissioner and blowing him out of the water. Jim says, be his guest. He’ll tells them that Ned always knew. They’ll never believe a savvy businessman got into bed with Niagara and didn’t know. Ned says he’ll take his chances. Jim says, do that, or do his job. The city stands to make a fortune in tax revenue. Show his responsibility to Port Charles. Ned reminds him about Charles Street, and Jim says they’ll find somewhere else to live. Ned says that most of them can’t afford it. Jim suggests he start a foundation to help them make the transition or they can move out of the city. Ned stomps out the door. Jim says how it turns out now, is up to him. He’s gone to far to stop now, and no one is getting in his way.

Elizabeth asks Sam why she’s so anxious. Sam says Drew is missing, and she thinks Franco knows something.

Franco says Drew trusted him at some point. He gave him the rabbit’s foot for Christmas, saying Franco was the best friend he ever had. He says it didn’t happen the way Jim is laying it out. He put them there to cover up what happened, and they’re stuck. He hands Drew the rabbit’s foot, and Drew asks why give it to him? Franco says he needs all the luck he can get.

Tomorrow, Peter’s test results are back, Sam threatens to take Franco out herself, and Mike asks Sonny if he’s supposed to sign his life away.

😱 Zero Time

There seems to be a bit of a lull in TV viewing this week. I haven’t seen any of this season of Once Upon a Time yet, but I did catch up with Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, which had its finale this week. I hate that the seasons are so short with this show, even if I barely grasp what’s going on in it. Although anything is less opaque than the monster made of teeth on the first season, Channel Zero: Candle Cove. What was that thing about? Fear of dentistry?

This time around, the story centered around two sisters, a town full of disappearances, and the Peach family. The Peaches once owned much of the town, including Peach’s Meats, a meat processing plant that still looms over the center of the city. Like in Motel Hell where it takes all kinds of critters make Farmer Vincent’s fritters, there’s more to the meat than meets (ha-ha) the eye. Sisters Alice and Zoe (Olivia Luccardi and Holland Roden), move to the town for a fresh start. Zoe is schizophrenic and on medication, Alice is on the verge, or at least afraid of it, since their mother was also mentally ill. Landlady Louise (Krisha Fairchild), whose hobby is taxidermy, is trying to uncover the mystery of the missing Peach family and disappearances of locals over the years, one of whom is her brother. The Peaches vanished after their two daughters were murdered and something – probably a human sacrifice – was found in their basement. Afterwards, locals started to disappear. The sisters and Louise discover that the Peaches aren’t gone, but have merely changed energy and are still among us. Meanwhile, the sheriff’s son, Luke (Brandon Scott), has his hands full with an escaping Peach who is wreaking havoc on the town by eating some of its residents. Along with that, there is door to nowhere, a weird baby man called Smart Mouth, people in weird baby masks (which is even worse), and dinners consisting of kidney parfait with an ear wafer garnish. There is also a red door, but not the spa kind. Among it all is Rutger Hauer as Joseph Peach, patriarch and head cannibal/sacrifice leader. Rutger is a catch for any production, having played the best of the good guys (Ladyhawke) and the worst of the bad guys (The Hitcher). No surprise, he did not disappoint as the somewhat in-between Joseph, and in a way, got the last word. A lot of it was a strange foray into the human psyche, and all of it was a wild, gory ride. The three existing seasons of Channel Zero can be found On Demand.

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February 7, 2018 – Valentin Knows All, Kelly Gets a Lawyer, Happy & Sad TV News


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Windemere, Nina talks to Valentin about funeral plans. Anna comes in, and Nina is like, seriously? She says if Anna has business with her husband, do it later. Anna is there to see Obrecht, but Nina says she’s resting, and she’ll give her a message. Obrecht comes out, and asks what more Anna could possibly want from them?

Sam brings Drew a potted orchid with a pair of tickets to Thailand attached. Drew asks what business they have there, but Sam says it’s a do-over for the honeymoon.

Peter meets Lulu at Kelly’s. He asks how she’s doing. She tells him the happy ending she was writing turned out to be an obituary.

Mike asks if Sonny slept all right. Sonny tells him that he set up the espresso maker he sent three Christmases ago. He asks where Mike has been. Mike says it seems like something is on Sonny’s mind, and Sonny tosses the bag of money at him, asking him to explain it. Mike doesn’t understand, and asks what it is. Sonny says, tell him, and asks again where he was. Mike says he goes for a walk every morning. He meets his friends for coffee, and sometimes they have breakfast; he has his routine. Sonny asks what about the money? Mike says if Sonny doesn’t know, that makes two of them. He has a side job, and he’s not an idiot. He knows what happens to guys who don’t deliver. Sonny asks what the $10K is doing in Mike’s cigar box? Mike doesn’t know, and says he didn’t put it there.

At Charlie’s, Jim asks if Julian has had a change of heart. Julian says his offer is generous, but Charlie’s is still not for sale. Jim says Julian knows where to find him. Julian says at his regular table, and if he ever sold Charlie’s, Jim might starve.

Curtis tells Julian that Jim isn’t smiling, he’s baring his teeth. Julian says he’s trying to start his life over, and doesn’t need this hassle. Curtis realizes that Julian isn’t just holding out; he’s not selling. Julian says Charlie’s is staying right where it is – in the middle of Jim’s plans.

Sam says she’s never been to Thailand, and as far as they know, Drew hasn’t either. He says everything old is pretty much new. She tells him that Monica will take care of the kids, and they’ll have their first real adventure as Drew and Sam Cain. They can make memories of their own, and have more adventures. He calls her ambitious, and says the word honeymoon has a nice ring to it. They start making out, and Alexis pops in, asking if they don’t have work to do.

Peter can only imagine how devastated Lulu must be. She says it’s nothing compared to how Maxie feels. She lost her husband, and Dante lost his partner. They both have a huge piece missing, and she set it into motion. Peter says they might take some small comfort in knowing someone who loved Nathan wrote the obituary. She says Maxie can’t even talk to anyone. He asks how the baby is, and Lulu says fine, but it will never know what a great father it had. Ned approaches the table. He complements Lulu on her byline, and says now that the election is in full-swing, they’ll probably want a one-on-one interview with him. Peter tells him to contact the paper directly, and Ned moves along. Lulu says, well, that happened, and Peter says readers recognize good talent.

Anna wants to search the grounds in case Faison left something behind. Valentin tells her to knock herself out, but he did a thorough sweep, and there was no trace. Anna has an envelope of Faison’s personal effects, and thought Obrecht would want them.

Sonny tells Mike that he took the time to come there because he heard Mike was in trouble. He finds out that Mike is a bag man, and has $10K in his cigar box. He can’t force Mike to take help, but he can reimburse Caruso, and Mike can keep the money. Mike says he doesn’t want or need Sonny’s help. Sonny says he doesn’t need Mike’s help either. Rita comes in, wondering what’s going on. She tells Sonny that Mike is too proud and stupid to ask, but they’re in trouble, and need his help.

Sam tells Alexis that she heard things at headquarters are a little intense, and wonders why she’s there. Alexis asks if they caught the attack ad. Drew did, and tells Sam that it stated Alexis makes bad decisions and is bad for Port Charles. Sam says she’s surprised at Ned. Alexis says he claims he didn’t know about it, but he didn’t have it taken down either. Sam suggests running a counter attack, pointing out that Alexis had enough sense to leave Ned at the altar. Alexis doesn’t think that would help, but she does need an endorsement. Aurora Media could say something pointing out the good she’s done. Drew thinks she’s a terrific candidate, and would like to help, but an endorsement from them would tank the campaign.

Lulu dabs at her eyes, and says Peter has knack of catching her at vulnerable moments. He tells her to be glad she can still cry; most journalists can’t. She says he’s been a great mentor. How is it possible she doesn’t know a thing about him?

Obrecht backs away from the envelope, saying she wants nothing to do with it. Anna thought she or Britt might want it, but Valentin suggests she take it and destroy it. Anna says she could, but not right now. Obrecht said he had a son; what about him? Obrecht says Faison killed the one pure part of both of them. Anna says she’s talking about Henrik, and asks if Obrecht can help find him.

Sonny tells Rita that he’d love to help, but can’t if he doesn’t know what’s going on. Rita says she’ll tell him everything, and he asks how the $10K ended up in the cigar box? Rita doesn’t know. If she did, she’d tell him. Mike says he doesn’t need her to defend him to his son. If his word isn’t sufficient, Sonny needs to get out. Sonny says he wants to believe him, but Mike says that’s not good enough. He says he’s sweaty from his walk, and needs to take a shower, adding something stinks in here. After he leaves, Rita says she knows Sonny hasn’t seen him in a while, but he’s not himself. She told him not to take the job; they’d find a way to get by. Although who can blame him? Is he going to stock shelves with high school kids? Sonny counts the money, and says it’s all there. That means Mike is telling the truth, at least about gambling. If he’d fallen off the wagon, it would be short. Rita says he’s proud. He’s been trying, and has succeeded for the most part, but he needs his own to believe in him. He’d rather die than admit that. Sonny understands, and she says if he wants to help figure it out, go easy on him.

Sam says Drew is right. An editorial campaign headed by Julian’s daughter is not a good idea. Drew says it’s not what she needs. It should come from the Port Charles Press. Sam adds that they made an agreement not to dictate content. She offers to take Alexis to lunch, and Alexis says it’s a nice consolation prize. Sam says they can strategize. They leave, and Drew looks at the tickets.

Peter tells Lulu that his life story isn’t that interesting. He wasn’t close with his family. His mom abandoned him as an infant, and his father shipped him to boarding school. Lulu asks if he had siblings, and he tells her that he had a brother, but he died before they had a chance to know each other. Lulu compares his life to a Dickens novel, and says he deserves better. He says he practices what he preaches, and wrote himself a better ending in spite of his family.

Nina tells Anna that Nathan is the only one who mattered, and Anna agrees he was a great man. Their loss must be profound, but Henrik could be out there following in Faison’s footsteps. Nina wonders where he’s been, and where he is now, and Anna says that’s what she’s trying to find out.

Sonny tells Rita that she’s right. Rita says Mike told her how he abandoned Sonny, and that his mother’s second husband was not a nice guy. Sonny says he’s already come to terms with that, but Rita says that doesn’t mean Mike doesn’t think about it every day. He didn’t know the money was missing, and she tells Sonny that Mike has been distracted, like there’s something heavy on his mind. She’s been worrying about him, hoping he’d tell Sonny. Sonny says she might have noticed they’re not sharing kind of guys. Rita tells Sonny that Mike’s face lights up when talks about Sonny and his kids. He’s proud of him, and despite the cranky bastard act, wanted to be someone Sonny is proud of. Cutting and running wasn’t the best way to do it, but Mike loves him in his own half-assed way. The last thing wants is to need him, but right now… Mike comes back in, and says Sonny is still there. Does that mean he believes him?

Ned goes to Drew’s office. He says despite the rough relaunch, they seem to be ahead of the game. He tells Drew that the family was denied the opportunity to have his back while he was growing up, but they would have, like they did Jason. He has their loyalty, and the family is standing beside him. All they ask is that he stand beside them as well.

Sam and Alexis go to Charlie’s. Sam remarks that Alexis is there a lot, and Alexis says campaign headquarters are across the street; it’s hard to avoid. She tells Sam not to worry. There’s no risk of her getting back together with Julian. Apparently, he has a girlfriend.

Lulu asks if Peter ever looked for his mother. He says he had a fantasy as a kid that she’d come back, but it didn’t happen. He was given to his father through an intermediary, and his father didn’t know who his mother was. His father ran the gamut from boring to unpleasant. He was self-absorbed and unfeeling, but business kept him away a lot, so Peter didn’t have to see him. He was a horrible person. Lulu asks if he’s no longer alive, and Peter says he’s been dead a while. He spent most of his childhood seeking approval, but there’s only so much dismissal and ignoring you can take before you don’t need it. That’s when he was able to break free.

Anna asks Obrecht if she has any idea where Henrik could be. Obrecht says she saw him as boy, but he’s long since grown. Anna says if he’s continuing to do Faison’s work, he needs to be stopped. Nina says, not today; not now.

Sonny tells Mike that he believes him. He tells him not to worry about the money. Things are squared with Caruso; he’s been paid off, and Mike can keep it. Sonny says he should take a vacation, and come meet Avery. He also hasn’t met his great-grandson Rocco, and Dante and Lulu would love to see him. Mike says he’s too young to be a great-grandfather. Sonny says he screwed up, but he can make it up by coming to visit. Carly would love to see him too. Mike asks what about Rita, and Sonny says he’s inviting them both. Rita says she has to work, but tells Mike to go. He says he’s not going anywhere.

Jim approaches Alexis’s table, and asks if she remembers him. She says he’s the one who accused Laura of exploiting the memory of Mary Mae. Jim asks to let bygones be bygones. Alexis says she could try, but apparently, he needs something from her. She invites him to sit, and he says he can only stay a minute. She introduces him to Sam, who says she knows he’s the face behind the Charles Street redevelopment project. He would love to discuss the details, since he did that for Alexis’s opponent.

Curtis comes in, and Julian asks what he found out. He says the guy who attacked his Aunt Stella disappeared. He was the only one injured, Jordan persuaded him not to press charges, and he skipped town. Curtis can’t figure out why. Julian says he might have been acting on someone else’s orders.

Drew asks if Ned is suggesting he stand beside the Quartermaines, or stand beside him. He wonders if Ned is looking for a personal endorsement, and Ned asks if that would be so bad. Drew says, to ask, no, but he’s going to tell him the same thing Sam told Alexis. They’re choosing to remain neutral. He appreciates Ned stopping by, and his kind words, but has to get back to work. Ned sees Alan’s cufflinks, and Drew says Monica gave them to him. Ned says that’s what it means to be a Quartermaine. (Cufflinks?) It’s not about choice, but a legacy. Recusing himself is a great strategy; it makes him more of a Quartermaine.

Lulu says Peter should get his memoirs down on record, if only for his own self-worth. Peter says his work was done by surviving. Sad stories about toxic families are a dime a dozen. Lulu says they’re all unique. Someone might read his, and not feel alone. He says if there are billions out there, there’s plenty to choose from. She thanks him for the distraction, and he says, what are friends for?

Nina tells Anna to have some respect, and give them time to grieve. They have to work out the funeral arrangements. She begs Valentin to get Anna out of the house, and leaves. Anna says she knows they don’t believe her, but she’s sorry. She wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t critical. Valentine wonders how critical something can be about a dead man. Anna wants to make sure everything about Faison, including his son, is wrapped up for good.

Mike appreciates the offer, but he has his routine; it keeps him steady. Sonny says they have sidewalks in Port Charles. Mike says he meets his friends for coffee, and Sonny says he’s got more coffee than Mike could ever dream of. Mike doesn’t want to be away from Rita. She tells him to go; it’s not Timbuktu. Everything will be there when he gets back, including her. Sonny tells him to come to Port Charles and meet his family. Mike agrees.

Jim has ideas for joint ventures between Niagara and Aurora. Sam says she’ll give his card to Drew, but she thinks what he needs is an ad agency. Ned comes in, and Jim leaves to join him. Sam asks if Alexis thinks Ned saw them. She says considering how hard he’s trying not to look at her, yes. Sam asks if she’s going to confront him about the ad.

Curtis wonders why a dude would mug someone, and then try to press charges after they defended themselves? I could actually see this happening in NYC. Julian says the street lights were out, and Curtis adds that the security cameras were too. Stella has been very vocal, and was arrested for assault, and now being made to look like the crazy bad guy. They watch Ned and Jim laughing together.

Peter goes to Drew’s office, and thanks him for the amazing opportunity. He’s tendering his resignation though. It’s time for him to leave Port Charles. Funny, he didn’t mention he’d only be staying a couple of months during the interview.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. Valentin laughs, saying for a seasoned professional, she’s making a mess of this. He can field her vague and ridiculous questions all afternoon, but his wife wants her gone. He tells her let’s cut to the chase. What does she want to know about her and Faison’s son?

Tomorrow, Michael says Nelle knows there’s no future between them, Elizabeth knows what something means, and Drew won’t accept Peter’s resignation.

If Loving You is Wrong

Brad drives off after seeing Alex talking to Randal. Randal laughs, and Alex tells him to shut up. She says he’s going to push her too far. He tells her that when she went to her parents, it was too far. She tells him to leave her alone and harass his own wife. She realizes he doesn’t believe her about Marcie carrying his child, and tells him to ask her. He asks if she hates Marcie that much, and Alex says she’s just telling him the truth. Randal says she needs his help to break up Marcie and Brad. She says yes, she does want him to break them up. She tells him to do what he always does, but he wants to do what he used to do with her. She says that’s never happening again. He says he’s going to ruin Marcie’s life real quick, and come back to ruin hers. He asks if he’s getting under her skin, and she says he almost lost his. She wishes her daddy had hanged him, and mentions she has a lot of relatives and friends back home. He tells her to give them a hog holler. She goes back in the house. He checks his phone to see where Brad is, and gets in the car.

Kelly’s new attorney, Carl Adams, introduces himself to Lushion. Lushion says he called a Marty, but apparently, he’s unavailable. Lushion asks what office Carl is from, and he says the Public Defender. Lushion says it must be a mistake, and give him a moment. Carl steps outside, and Lushion makes a call to Ian.

Ian is still out for dinner with Marcie. She sees the call is from Lushion, and Ian says he’s not answering. She thinks he should, so he steps away from the table. Lushion says he has a kid there from the Public Defender’s office. Ian says his recommendation was busy, and his hands are tied. Lushion says Carl looks like he’s out of high school, and he can’t believe Ian is doing this right now. Ian says he’s sorry. Lushion says the other lawyer didn’t call him back, and Ian tells him that Marty said no; Travis’s family is well-connected, and the case is getting press. Lushion says all the more reason Kelly needs a good lawyer. Ian says no one is going to take the case without getting paid, and Lushion thinks something else is going on. Ian says he told him everything, but Lushion isn’t buying it. He was going to help Kelly, and now he’s so cold he can’t even give a recommendation. Ian says it’s not like that, and to give Carl a chance. I hate Ian right now.

Marcie asks if everything is okay, and Ian says it’s fine. She asks if it’s about Kelly, and he tells her he can’t talk about it. He suggests dessert, but Marcie just wants water. Ian says he’s been out of the dating game for a while, and she reminds him it’s not a date. He tells her that she’s a rehearsal. She says guys have been using her a lot lately, and calls for the waiter.

Larry starts to come to, and Eddie calls him baby girl. Larry says he had his fun; Eddie needs to let him go. Eddie wants to enjoy it some more. He thought Larry liked being dominated. Larry says Eddie has a terrible reputation; he’s crazy. His department hates him, and he has several complaints against him. He’s racist, sexist, and homophobic. Eddie says he’s a lawyer’s nightmare, and he hates Larry. Larry says call it even, but Eddie says call him in power. He makes Larry repeat that he has the power. (♫ We got the power! ♫ plays in my head.) Larry says he hasn’t been to work all day, and it doesn’t concern Eddie? Eddie says he was humiliated, and punches Larry in the face. Larry laughs and says he loves it. Eddie picks up a plastic bag, and Larry says there are ways to do it; Eddie could kill him. Eddie says he thought Larry was turned on, but Larry says not by death. Eddie puts the bag on his head, and Larry struggles.

Carl asks if he can see Kelly now, and Lushion says they’re bringing her. Carl knows Lushion doesn’t like it, but says he’s good at his job. Lushion doesn’t doubt it, but Carl doesn’t believe him. He says people judge him all the time, but he really is good. Lushion says his opinion doesn’t matter, and leads Carl to the interrogation room.

Kelly asks if Lushion got the lawyer, and he says she’s been appointed one. He brings in Carl, who introduces himself. Kelly doesn’t understand, and Carl says he’ll explain it. Kelly asks Lushion to call Natalie and find out how Justice is doing. Carl apologizes, saying he knows it’s difficult. She says it was self-defense. He tells her that he needs to hire a private investigator to corroborate her story. I dunno about that. Everything is on record, and there are quite a few witnesses. Kelly says she has no money, and asks how he’s being paid. He says he’s a Public Defender, and she says she wants a real lawyer. He tells her that’s offensive. She says she needs individual attention. They have huge caseloads, and he’s probably used to doing deals with the DA. He suggests probation and time-served. She asks if he can do that, and he says probably not, but he needed a starting point. Right now, he’s all she’s got. When she gets another lawyer, he can fill them in. He asks what happened.

Natalie gives the kids dinner. One of the boys tells her there’s something wrong with Justice, and wonders when Joey is coming home. I’d forgotten all about Joey. Natalie doesn’t know, and he asks if Joey has seen Justice’s mom. Natalie asks if he’s been talking to someone, and he says it’s all over school. She tells him to go eat.

Justice looks pretty bummed. He tells Natalie he’s not hungry. He asks where his mother is, and she says Kelly had to go to the jail. He asks if she killed Travis; everyone at school knows. Natalie says she’ll let his mom tell him. He’s tired of being treated like a kid, and Natalie says he is a kid. She tells him Travis was trying to hurt Kelly, and she was protecting them. He wasn’t a good person. Justice says it must have happened after he was asleep. He tells Natalie that Travis had been talking to him; he’d been at the window. He told Justice that he loved him, and would always be there for him. Natalie finds out that Travis had asked Justice for Kelly’s financial information. He’d said he wanted to put money in her account, and told him not to tell. Natalie asks what else he did, and Justice says he was just helping his mom. Natalie tells him he has to eat something.

Natalie calls Lushion. Poor Lushion. I say that every week. She tells him it’s about Justice. He told her that the night of the shooting, Travis came to his window and was talking to him, and she knows how Kelly’s accounts got hacked. He says they’ll talk later, but Kelly asked if he’s okay. She doesn’t think so, and he says he’ll be there in a bit. He tells her that he loves her.

At the restaurant, Esperanza asks Stephen if Marcie and Ian are staring. Stephen says yes, but it’s no big deal. He jokes that he could threaten to arrest them, but says it’s not the end of the world if they find out. She asks why he wants them to know, and he says why not? Esperanza says, because they’re not together, and Stephen says, but they are. She wonders if it has to do with Eddie, and if they’re in competition. He asks why he’d be playing a stupid game, and she says they’re always measuring each other up. He tells her that she’s crazy. She says she was just asking, and he says he answered. Esperanza wants to get going, since her daughter is with a sitter. Stephen says since they’re not together, does she want to go Dutch? Good one, Stephen. She tells him that he’s paying, and not to follow her out like a puppy.

Lushion visits Kelly in her cell. She says it’s going to be bad, and he asks what the attorney said. He looked Carl up, and he’s pretty decent. She says she needs great. He tells her that Justice is fine, and she says tell him she’s okay. He asks if she wants him to visit, but she says no. She wonders what will happen if she never gets out. She needs to know what to do with him. Lushion says if that happens, they’ll take care of him, but she’s not being convicted. She tells him he’s done enough, but he says not until she’s free. She thanks him. He tells her they’ve got her, and stay strong.

Ian is hypnotized by his phone. Marcie asks what’s going on, and he says, nothing. She says he hasn’t been the same since Lushion called. He repeats that it’s nothing. She isn’t pretending to know him, but knows when something’s wrong. He asks what she knows about Kelly. Marcie says she’s a good person, and the kind of mother she’d like to be one day. She tries to be on the side of right. Marcie wishes he was representing her. She knows when someone has a good heart, and he does. He says most people don’t think lawyers do. She tells him that some, like Larry, need to change some things. She knows they’re friends, and Ian says they work together. She says it sounds like he doesn’t like Larry, and Ian says he respects him, but has issues. Larry didn’t even show up for work, and he had to stand in for a press conference that Larry asked for. Marcie thinks Ian should have his own practice, and he says easier said than done. She says it’s like getting out of a bad marriage. She hopes Larry can get Randal to sign the papers. Ian says if anyone can, it’s Larry. Marcie sees Brad, and tells Ian it’s his new neighbor. She goes over to talk to him

Marcie asks Brad what’s going on? He says he’s not good. He saw Alex talking to Randal after he’d told her not to. Marcie says they never learn. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she wants him to meet someone. She introduces Brad to Ian, and tells him Larry just bought a house on the block. She asks if Brad wants to join them. Brad asks if she isn’t on a date, and she says they’re just celebrating Ian’s house. Ian asks about the schools, and Brad says they’re good; he has kids in elementary school. Ian says he has kids that age too. He saw baby carriage and a blonde on Brad’s porch. Brad says the blonde is his wife, and Ian assumes they have a newborn. Brad says she does. His wife had an affair with Marcie’s husband, and they have a baby. Not TMI or anything. Did it not even cross his idiotic mind that he might be embarrassing Marcie? Or her client? Welcome to the neighborhood! Brad tells Ian that Marcie’s husband lives next door, and is driving him nuts. Ian asks if he means Randal; he knows Randal and Larry are friends. He’s sorry to put things together, and sorry for the drama. Marcie says he didn’t bring it. Ian says he can deal without conflicts and chaos, and Marcie tells him that he can handle himself, but speaking of drama…

Randal appears and says hello like Flounder in Animal House, and I laugh. Marcie suggests they go, but Brad wants to stay. Ian says they were just leaving. Randal says he just got there, and he has some questions. Ian tells him, not today. Randal asks if Marcie is pregnant with Brad’s baby, and she she is. He asks if she’s sure. A birdie told him otherwise. She says his birdie is wrong, and Ian says, let’s go. Randal asks if she’s doing threesomes now, and she and Ian leave.

Randal tells Brad that if he finds out the baby is his, Marcie is going to be so pissed off about what happens. He’s about to follow them, but Brad grabs him, and punches him. They have a huge brawl in the middle of the restaurant.

Next time, Brad wants the truth from Alex, Randal visits Kelly in jail, and Marcie has a medical emergency.

 🎭 Good News & Bad News

😈  Channel Zero is back. This time with Butcher’s Block, and Rutger Hauer. Since it conflicts with my viewing schedule, I’ll probably have to watch it On Demand like last time. I hadn’t known that the stories are based on those found on Creepypasta. The one from Candle Cove is quite disturbing. You can read about it here:


🏰 Sadly, Once Upon a Time will be ending after its next, and seventh, season. The death knell of the Friday time-slot has spoken.