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February 13, 2020 – Finn Packs His Bags, Leslie Judges the Runway, Million Dollar Baby & Creepy Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells Sam, they’re going to get through this. Sam says she knows, and loves him so much. He says he loves her more. They kiss, their theme music plays, and I feel drowsy already. He tells her to leave first; he’ll come in a couple of minutes, to be safe. Sam takes a breath, and peeks through the blinds. She turns back to Jason, mouths I love you, and goes out. Delores comes down the hallway, and says she’s glad she bumped into Sam. They have a problem. Sam says, which is? and Delores asks why she’s at the hospital. She tells Sam, be careful with her reply. Full disclosure is important in establishing her trust.

Anna says, Finn told them, didn’t he? How could he? Does he have any idea what he’s done? Who the hell does he think he is? He says he cares about her, and made a conscious decision to tell them because he cares. She says she gave him the information because she trusts and loves him, and he betrayed her. He says he did for her because he loves her.

Lulu sees Dustin at the MetroCourt, and asks if she forget they had a date. Dustin says, they don’t. His date is with someone else.

Jax ponders his kiss with Nina. He looks at his phone.

Nina tells Ava, it was one little kiss, and asks Ava to promise not to tell anyone. Ava asks if she should cross her heart, and Nina says, she’s serious. It didn’t mean anything, but Valentin will think something else. Ava asks why Nina cares what Valentin thinks. Valentin walks in, and says he’s glad he found Nina. There’s something he needs to talk to her about.

Chase comes home to find Willow dressed up. She says, ta-da! And he says she’s beautiful. She says he’s not so bad himself. She moves toward him, but he says he’s toxic, and doesn’t want to contaminate her. He questioned a suspect for nine hours before he got a confession. It was so hot in there, he was ready to confess. He can’t let her near him until he takes a shower. She says she’ll risk it, and kisses him.

Walking into the MetroCourt with Brad, Maxie says, he remembers Ellie Trout, right? She was supposed to head the lab until she had the title ripped out from under her by Brad’s underhanded dealings. She had a great job in Portland, but found an even more fabulous job as lab manager at Queen’s Point. She and Spinelli are moving back, so all’s well that ends well. He says, tell Ellie congratulations, and she says she’ll do that, and says, have a wonderful night.

Brad sits with Nelle, who says she hopes he doesn’t mind that she ordered wine. She asks, what’s the occasion? and he says he wanted to share his news with her. As soon as Lucas is well enough, they’re moving away. She says, what about Wiley? and he says, they’re taking him of course (🍷), but she says, no. That’s not happening.

Chase toasts to staying in, his favorite kind of date. Willow says, he’s been working non-stop; he must be exhausted. He says, what’s exhausting is working this hard and not getting anywhere. But he’s given it sixteen hours today, and that’s more than enough. He wants to talk about literally anything else. Something happy. She says she’s got happy news. Lucas asked her to come back as Wiley’s nanny.

Brad tells Nelle, the doctors expect a full recovery. Lucas’s family is smothering, and the best thing for their family is to move away from Port Charles. A fresh start. She asks where they’re planning on going, and he says he heard about a job opening in Portland.

Lulu asks Dustin why he’s meeting Jax, and he says Jax asked to see him. He thought he’d fortify himself first. She says he doesn’t have to; he’s a hero. She can stay and wait, and they can have a date when he’s done. He says there’s nothing he’d like more. He leaves, and Lulu sees Maxie sitting with Peter. She goes over to their table, and Maxie asks how Laura is doing. Lulu says she’s making an amazing recovery, and Maxie says she saw hot Dustin leaving. Tell her everything. Peter wonders if he should be in on this conversation, and Lulu tells him, if he wants her to write about Dustin’s heroics during the shooting on the pier, she can’t be impartial. She sits down, and says they just took a big step in their relationship.

Jax looks at Nina’s number on his phone, when Dustin appears. Dustin asks if he’s too early, but Jax says, come in. Dustin assumes this is about Josslyn, and Jax thanks him again. Josslyn could have been seriously injured, or worse. Dustin says he did what anyone would have, and Jax says he’s profoundly grateful. He hands Dustin a check.

Nina says she wishes Valentin hadn’t come back there, and Ava asks if he’s stalking Nina. He says he got the test results back. It turns out the codicil is right; he’s not a Cassadine. Ava says, her husband will be pleased, even though he had no doubts. Nina asks Ava to give them some privacy, and Ava says if it’s what she really wants. She tells Nina, give her a shout if she’s needed. She goes in the back, and Nina says she knows Valentin wasn’t expecting this. He says he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Finn says he loves Anna, and from time to time, feels the need to protect her. She says she doesn’t need protection, but he says she’s blind to Peter. He’s a murderer. She says, he stopped an assassin from killing Andre, and he says, maybe, but the assassin was also on Peter’s payroll. She says he doesn’t know that for sure, but he says she’s lying to herself. Peter kept Jason prisoner for years. Based on that alone, she should know the truth. She says he just gave Jason the ammunition to kill Peter, but Finn says, Jason gave his word that he’d hand the case over to the Feds. Something she should have done.

Delores says she went by Sam’s house for a surprise check. Sam says she had no right, but Delores says she has every right. She was told Sam was at the hospital, but they didn’t know why. She says someone was watching her kids, she’s sick, and didn’t want to alarm them. Delores says Sam looks healthy, and Sam says, Delores became a medical expert when? Delores says Sam came out of the examining room just now, so the doctor must still be in there. She’ll see if Sam’s story check out. Jason listens at the door.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s sorry. He says he always knew who he was with her. He’s the man who loves her; it’s all he has left. She says, he’s Charlotte’s father; that’s all Charlotte ever wanted. He says, Nikolas has his victory, and Jax too. She says he never gives up. He should take this and turn it to his advantage. He’s free from the Cassadines. His life is his own. He says that’s kind of her, and asks if that’s all they have left. She asks what else he wants from her; they’re over. He says Ava can come out, and leaves. Ava asks Nina if Valentin overheard them talking about Jax, but Nina’s not sure. Ava says Nina didn’t tell him. Why not?

Dustin tells Jax that he can’t accept the check, but Jax tells him to see who it’s made out to. Dustin reads, the Port Charles Educational Fund, and Jax says, so the teachers don’t have to use their own money to buy supplies. Dustin supposes he should stop assuming before he reads the document; something he teaches his students. Jax says he would also like to know how Josslyn is actually doing. Outside the door, Josslyn listens in.

Sam tells Delores, she’s read her parole restrictions. Nowhere in them does it say Delores can check up on her doctor’s appointments. Delores says the conditions provide that she can check up on Sam at home or anywhere else. Epiphany walks up to them, and asks if she can help Delores. Delores should be afraid. Very afraid. Even Jason is afraid of Epiphany.

Anna says Finn can’t be so naïve that he thinks Jason will back off and let the authorities handle it. Finn says, Jason went straight to Robert, and she says, who was also told to back off. What does he think Jason is going to do, now that Peter won’t be investigated? He says, which she prevented, and she says, he’ll take a flimsy link and run with it. It’s circumstantial at best. Finn says Peter and David Black worked at Faison’s company for years; it’s not circumstantial. She says he has no idea if their paths crossed. They don’t know if Peter and David met or worked with each other. He asks, if she’s so sure why didn’t she get rid of the evidence. He finds it on her desk, and suggests they get rid of all her fears. Does she want him to do it for her? He holds the papers over the flame in the fireplace, but she says nothing. He says she can’t do that, because she knows in the deepest part of her heart, Peter is guilty.

Willow tells Chase, with everything going on, Lucas thinks it’s too much for Brad to handle, and asked her to help. Chase asks if she’s sure she wants to get involved. Brad is super stressed, and not handling it well. He might take it out on her. She says she can handle it. She knows they love Wiley, but sometimes Wiley takes second place, especially with everything going on. He says she’s being super loving and generous, and she knows he’ll support her 100%. She says, it sounds like he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and he says he thinks it is for Wiley. He’s not sure about her.

Nelle says Brad wouldn’t move because he thinks Lucas’s family is smothering. Where is this coming from? Brad says, Lucas is at Turning Woods, and hired Willow back as nanny. Nelle says, so he wants to move across the county to avoid Willow. It seems extreme. He says, Lucas might remember, and she says, remember what? He has nothing to remember, does he? Brad says, before the accident, he told Lucas truth about Wiley.

Maxie tells Lulu, she and Dustin have taken an enormous step, staying home and watching a movie. It’s shocking. Peter says, barely, and Lulu says, they’re funny, but when she and Dustin go out, something always happens. They need normal time. Peter says he wouldn’t mind having normal time. Lulu says she’ll give them some privacy, but Maxie says, he’s talking about Spinelli. Peter says, he’s moving back permanently, and Lulu says, that’s great. Isn’t it?  

Delores asks Epiphany who she is, and Epiphany introduces herself as head nurse. Delores says she’s Sam’s parole officer, and Epiphany asks what her business is there. Delores says she’s checking up on Sam, and Epiphany says she appreciates a fellow professional doing a thorough job. But she doesn’t appreciate anyone interfering with proper medical care, She was with Sam when the doctor examined her, and there are strict privacy protections in place – as Delores knows. Is there anything else she can help Delores with? Delores says, no thank you, and tells Sam she’ll be seeing her again soon, and leaves.

Anna says she believes Finn proved nothing. He wonders, if it’s nothing, why she didn’t leave it in the file? The Feds will find the link, and track Peter’s movements afterwards. She says, it’s not a smoking gun, and he says she broke the law by withholding evidence. That’s all the evidence he needs to prove Peter is guilty. Despite the evidence to the contrary, she believes Peter. She says, no one else will give him the benefit of the doubt. Not even Finn, the man she loves.

In his hotel room, Valentin toasts to himself – Valentin Mikkosovich Cassadine, prince of nothing.

Ava tells Nina, she didn’t like the look on Valentin’s face; too cold and calculating. Either he overheard something, or Nina gave it away. Nina says Valentin has been jealous of Jax ever since she stayed at Jax’s beach house. Ava says she can’t believe Nina left Valentin at the altar, and ran off with Jax. Nina says, it wasn’t intentional. Jax was outside the church. Ava doesn’t think Valentin sees it that way. He needed to confirm Nina has moved on, and now he has all the confirmation he needs. If Nina didn’t tell him, he figured it out by looking at her. She wonders what Valentin’s next move will be, and Nina says, he’s going to kill Jax.

Valentin opens a safe in his hotel room, and takes out a gun. He puts it in his waistband, and leaves.

Dustin says Josslyn has been more quiet than usual, but it’s understandable given what she’s been through. Jax said he heard Dustin encouraged her to keep a journal. Dustin says, it wasn’t an assignment, but he suggested it. Jax says, it’s been working, and Dustin hopes she’s writing about the shooting. Jax says Dustin seems to know how to handle Josslyn. She respects him, and talks about him all the time. He’d like Dustin to keep an eye on her for him. Outside the door, Josslyn has been listening, and Valentin strides past her and into the office. Josslyn says, wait, but he keeps moving. Jax asks what he wants, and Valentin says, just this. He shoots Jax, and Josslyn yells, no!

Jax looks down, and sees he’s bleeding. He slumps to the floor, and Josslyn runs to him, saying, dad, no! Dustin calls for the paramedics. Nina arrives, and asks what Valentin did. She runs to Jax, and asks if he can hear her. She tells Valentin that he’ll never see her or Charlotte again. They’re going to hate him for the rest of their lives.

Back in the real world, Jax asks Valentin what he wants. Valentin says he got his DNA results back. He’s not a Cassadine after all. Congratulations. He walks out, and Josslyn steps in, saying, wow. That was weird. Jax says, and not unexpected. They were just talking about her. Why is she here?

Nina tells Ava, she’s wrong. Valentin wouldn’t kill Jax. Ava asks, why not? Valentin tried to kill her, and he thought he had killed Nikolas. Nina says, Valentin can’t expect to get away with being charged for murder. Lulu will get full custody of Charlotte. Ava says, true; good point. She knows Valentin always puts his own best interests first, which in this case, is good news. That leaves Nina free to pursue a relationship with Jax.

Finn says Anna is choosing to believe Peter, but don’t lose sight of the fact Peter is a killer. He could be responsible for Andre being stabbed and Drew’s plane going down. She says, Peter wants to be a good man. He wants to step out of his father’s shadow, and overcome the circumstances of his upbringing. He says, which she feels responsible for, even though Alex could be his mother. She says she feesl like his mother, and the way Finn wants to protect Violet, she wants to protect Peter. She has faith that he can make the world a better place for Maxie, and be the father James needs. She cries, and says she’s never going to let Peter’s fate be put in someone else’s hands. She’s been given a second chance. Can’t he see that? And she’s going to take that chance. He says he sees it, and walks upstairs.

Sam thanks Epiphany, who suggests they finish their conversation in the examining room. Epiphany tries the door, but it’s locked. She says, Mr. Morgan, if there’s a broken lock, there will be hell to pay. It opens, and Epiphany tells Jason, you’re welcome.

On the phone, Valentin tells Charlotte that he misses her too. Did she go riding? He hopes he can come riding with her soon, but he’s a little busy right now. He says, no trouble. Nothing daddy can’t fix. He tells her, sweet dreams, and says he loves her. He hangs up, and closes his eyes.

Nina tells Ava, it was one little kiss, and Jax was clear that it wasn’t a good idea to move forward. There’s nothing to pursue. Ava asks, who is she? Since when has she let any man make a decision for her? She tells Nina, live a little; she’s earned it. Nina says, even if Jax reconsidered – and that’s a big if – Valentin has lost everything. It’s no time to prove she’s moved on with anyone. She assumes Ava votes for Jax, and Ava says Jax isn’t her cup of tea, but she doesn’t see anyone else waiting in the wings.

Dustin thanks Jax, saying his contribution is extremely generous. He leaves, and Jax says Josslyn knew they were meeting. Was she spying on them? Josslyn says she wanted to make sure he didn’t say anything embarrassing. He wonders if asking how she’s doing is embarrassing, and she says she’s fine. She doesn’t want any special attention. He asks if she’d rather he didn’t care what goes on in her life, and she says, no, but asks him to promise not to overdo it. He asks if he was, and she says, no, and hugs him. She thanks him, and he says, anytime.

Peter tells Lulu, Maxie loves Spinelli. Nothing is going to change that. Maxie says she hates that Spinelli keeps asking the same questions. He keeps trying to catch Peter in a lie, but she doubts there’s anything she can do about it. Peter says Spinelli has a right to question his past. Maxie says Peter doesn’t deserve it. He says he can handle anyone who doubts it.

Finn and Violet come downstairs, dressed to go outside. Finn is carrying a suitcase, and Violet tells Anna that her daddy says they’re going on an adventure. Finn suggests Violet check to see if stuffed pig Bella is hiding in the kitchen. Violet runs off, and Finn tells Anna, she said she wouldn’t leave without Bella. She says she thought he said he understood, and he says he does. But he hopes she understands that he needs to protect his daughter. She asks if they’re coming back, but he doesn’t know. They can’t be there right now. Violet comes back with Bella, and says she wishes Anna could come. Anna says she does too, but she and her daddy will have a wonderful adventure. She’ll miss the both of them. Violet says she’ll miss Anna too, and Finn says, let’s go. He walks out with Violet, barely glancing back. When they’re gone, Anna cries.

Chase tells Willow, legally, Wiley is Brad and Lucas’s son, but that’s not what’s in her heart. She says she loves her own son, and he says, how could she not? But he’s afraid the more time she spends caring for Wiley, the harder it will be to maintain legal boundaries. She says she asked herself the same question, and he’s right. Signing the adoption papers didn’t change what’s in her heart. She loves Wiley, and wants what’s best for him, and right now, he needs help. She’ll take care of Wiley as long as she’s needed. Then she’ll stop. He asks if she’s sure she can do that.

Nelle says, Brad told Lucas the truth about Wiley? How big an idiot is he? Does he want to lose Wiley? Brad says he was losing his mind keeping the secret. He couldn’t think straight. Nelle asks if Lucas has no memory of it, and Brad said he started to, but can’t get ahold of it. Nelle says, he thinks if he stays in Port Charles, Lucas will see her and Michael around and it will come back? He says, like a ton of bricks. She gave Wiley to them so Michael would never get his hands on Wiley. Nelle says, Lucas can remember just as easily in Portland. What is he going to do to make sure doesn’t happen?

Dustin meets Lulu, and she says he survived his meeting with Jax. He says, it went well. Josslyn stops by, and says she’s sorry she interrupted, and thanks him for being great with her dad. She apologizes for the weirdness. Dustin tells Lulu, Valentin walked in, and announced he’s not a Cassadine.

Maxie tells Peter, she knows Spinelli is a bit much. When he gets to know Peter, he’ll see there’s nothing to worry about. He says, all that matters is she knows. Finn and Violet come in, and Peter asks if Violet is ready for another game of Captain Marvel. She says she is, and tells him, daddy said they’re going on an adventure. Maxie says, cool, and asks, what kind? Finn says they’re staying there for tonight. Violet wanted to get a sundae before they head out. Finn and Violet move on, and Maxie wonders if Finn and Anna broke up. She asks what Peter thinks that was about.

Anna looks at the papers she withheld, and cries some more.

Sam thanks Epiphany, and Epiphany says, nobody backs her people into a corner. Not on her turf. Jason thanks her, and she says she’s happy to help – to a point. Rules are rules, no matter how unfair they are. Sam is a mother out on parole, and her first duty is to her children. Don’t do anything to get separated from them. She tells Jason that he needs to help Sam. If she suggests they meet somewhere they could get caught, don’t show up. Next time, she might not be there to save them. She leaves, and Jason says, she’s right. Sam says she hates this. She can’t accept this is their life for the next two years. She’s going to try and win Delores over; convince her that Jason isn’t a threat. Jason says, okay, but what if it doesn’t work? Sam says, then she’ll find a way to silence Delores.

Willow tells Chase, when the time comes, she’ll step back, reset, and reestablish boundaries. She has faith she can do this. He says he has faith in her. There’s nothing she can’t do once she sets her mind to it. She asks if she’s told him how incredible she thinks he is. He says, not enough, and she kisses him. She asks if that helped, and he kisses her, and says, it’s getting there.

Brad tells Nelle, maybe Lucas will remember; maybe he won’t. But it’s better than staying. She asks if he wants her blessing, and he tells her, do what she wants. He has arrangements to make. He leaves, and Nelle makes a call.

Valentin’s phone rings, but he’s busy drinking. He sits down with a wooden box, and looks at his tattoo of the Cassadine crest.

Nelle leaves a message for Valentin, saying she spoke to Martin. She’s ready to sell her ELQ shares. She needs to make a deal now, because she has travel plans to make.

Nina throws a folder on Jax’s desk, and says, it’s all his fault.

Valentin opens the box, and takes out the ring matching his tattoo. He says he never had use for this thing. He never even bothered to put it on. It was never his to begin with. He looks up to find someone standing there, and says, tell me how you did it, Helena.

Tomorrow, Brad tells Lucas that he can’t believe they’re doing this, Nelle tells Willow and Chase that Brad and Lucas are moving, and Valentin asks Helena how she pulled it off. Because Helena will never really die as long as Constance Towers lives.

👗 On Project Runway, Brittany was relieved she’d been brought back, the Siriano Save giving her redemption. This week’s challenge showcased tie-dye, which I love. Nancy said she’d grown up in the 60s, during the hippie revolution, but this concept was about erasing old ideas. The designers were to take tie-dye from dated and casual, to fresh and fashionable. Nina said tie-dye was having a moment, and was wearing a gorgeous Prada tie-dyed dress. She told them to elevate tie-dye to a runway chic look. They would be doing the dying themselves, after taking a master class taught by professionals from Metro Dying. The challenge was one day – and night. They’d be having a sleepover. Delvin said he wasn’t sleeping in the workroom, after which we saw clips of him sleeping just about everywhere. Since Marquise was last week’s winner, he got first choice of model. There was also no more immunity. While I love tie-dyed garments, I’m only crafty in my mind, so it was impressive watching masters of the craft creating five different kinds of patterns. In his interview, Geoffrey said he was ready to die. He thought tie-dye was for pot smoking in the park with friends. I wondered what he was smoking. Brittany noticed she was the only one taking notes. In her interview, she joked about sabotage, but said other designers had helped her along the way, so she’d return the favor when the time came. The ever-humble Victoria said she was a professional already. Sergio did have some previous knowledge, saying cotton would look dull and dated, and satin takes the dye better. While the other designers practiced the technique, Nancy used the time to pin her garment, as she’d done tie-dye before.

Right away, Delvin and Geoffrey started asking Brittany questions, She said she was more than willing to help, but they should have taken notes. Victoria wanted to focus on showing the judges something different, and change her strategy. The designers got $175 and 30 minutes at Mood, to get supplemental fabrics and notions. I love notions. They were told to make sure tie dye was the focus. A Boston bull named Swatch was hanging out in the store. Now I’m really going to have to check this place out.

Sergio patted himself on the back for taking on difficult topics. He had a video chat with his partner, who said they’d change the world. Christian said the workroom looked like a laboratory of color. Nancy said she’d had experience with tie-dye when she was in fashion school. She worked with refugee women, teaching them to make scarves and ice dye them (a variation on tie-dyeing). She was scaring Christian, who was concerned about how much time she was going to have.

Christian said they needed to erase the old idea of tie-dyeing, and make it fresh and exciting. Geoffrey said there was a lot of military inspiration in his fashion, having grown up a military brat. Christian suggested Geoffrey’s pattern could be the new camo. Brittany felt a lot of pressure, and Geoffrey thought Delvin was playing it safe by doing something the judges had seen before. He never wanted to make the same thing twice during the competition.

There was a midnight model fitting, and Geoffrey said everyone’s stuff was a mess, and the workroom was a disaster. Delvin realized the dye didn’t take on his cotton twill, and it looked faded. Christian announced that Leslie Jones was  going to be guest judge. She cracks me up, especially on Twitter. Brittany said she was surprised that Delvin and Victoria used cotton, since it needs to sit for hours; time they didn’t have. Delvin asked what would happen if it wasn’t rinsed, and Brittany told him, the colors would bleed. Then it was onesie time, which only Brittany, Delvin, and Marquise participated in. Delvin said, not everyone was up for fun. Marquise enhanced his onesie with a ruffled collar. Nancy said she was going to do pastels, but had learned to go with her gut, and went with a green/yellow color combo. Delvin, who was surprisingly full of good humor, decided to start over rather than use the faded colors. Geoffrey said it was the worst challenge of all of them for him. He asked Brittany what hers was, and she just looked at him.

Victoria got a nasty surprise when she found that her pleating technique had disappeared, and the fabric was all green. Sergio gave her extra fabric, and in his interview, said he thought Victoria would be in the final four, but she’d been struggling with the last few challenges. In Victoria’s interview, she said the most she was worried about was everything. Geoffrey’s green came out black, and he freaked out. Nancy thought it still had potential, but he didn’t want to listen. Pizza arrived at around 5 am, and in her interview, Nancy said they were all feeling a sense of fun, because they were all feeling the pain together. It was a night to remember. Geoffrey said he’d had a meltdown, but the fabric just needed to be dried. The black had lightened to a dark OD green, with ochre sunbursts. At this point, he was being fueled by Red Bull. Victoria’s second try was fabulous, and I was disappointed. Sorry. I just don’t like her. On the other hand, I was starting to like Delvin, who was the most fun he’s ever been. In Nancy’s interview, at 6 am, she said she was starting to question why she didn’t start earlier.

Geoffrey said, seeing the sun come up was tiring, especially when he knew there was a long runway ahead. Christian came in wearing a very cool T-shirt, tie-dyed in an American flag pattern. Another one of my favorites, flag shirts. He revealed this would also be a flash sale challenge, since tie-dye was meant for the people. Sergio said he was presenting no political message this time; the judges would have to go by the outfit. Which is what I thought was the idea, and pretty much what they told him. Christian felt Delvin’s dress needed something more, and told him, it was good to be clean, but not boring. Delvin agreed it was too simple. Nancy and Christian bantered, and in her interview, Nancy said her father had same sarcasm Christian does. She wondered if her father had been preparing her for this moment her entire life, so she could deal with Christian. Nancy went with a two-piece pant ensemble that was very cute. While some were clearly better, I thought everyone’s designs were excellent.

When Nancy’s outfit came out first, Leslie was liking the flowing pants, calling them capezio. Elaine corrected her with palazzo. Leslie gave a shout out to Sergio’s sleeveless number, saying it deserved to be twirled. I’m not sure what Victoria was thinking with a tie-dyed, puffy sleeved top and a shorts-over-pants combo, splattered in spots. Victoria thought it looked like she worked drunk, and I wondered if Little Edie Beale helped her. Delvin was worried his dress wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t. Brittany thought she’d done well with her comeback look, and was happy with her redemption garment. Anything would have been better than those shorts last week. When Geoffrey’s gown came down the runway, Leslie told the model, take it off; it’s hers. She kept making the models laugh, and when the runway was finished, she said she loved tie-dye, but a couple of ties died. Whatever that means.

Brittany and Marquise, both with cute dresses, were safe, and they were thrilled with that. Nina said Sergio’s look was stately and elevated, Brandon called it chic, and Leslie said it looked as though the fabric Sergio had created was something he’d purchased; it was that professional. She thought Geoffrey’s gown – with a plunging neckline, hip high slit, and orange accents – was a tall glass of sexy Pam Grier. Karlie thought it was a refined silhouette, and looked effortless. They moved on to Nancy, who said she was a child of the 60s, and the judges deemed it updated, chic, and elevated. Backstage, Brittany marveled that, this morning, she didn’t even have top. Nina said her tie-dye technique was impressive; balanced and controlled. She reinvented her pant to make the movement romantic and poetic. When the focus went to Victoria, she immediately said she wasn’t crazy about tie-dye, but that wasn’t an excuse. Brandon said it looked like denim diaper shorts over pants, and Nina called it a mess. Brandon said he understood where she was going, but she didn’t succeed. At least she took the risk. I thought, so did Elaine, noticing she was wearing what looked like a faux llama rug, either as a long skirt or pants. Leslie thought Delvin’s colors made the dress look like a cheap church dress, and Karlie said it was everything she didn’t want to see. Delvin said it started as a coat dress, and Elaine said it was dated, and it wasn’t the first time that was in one of their critiques. Nina said it was a mess, and when in doubt, turn up the dial. Brandon said both Delvin and Victoria tripped up.

While the designers waited backstage, the top three – Sergio, Geoffrey, and Nancy – were discussed. They agreed Nancy’s creation was beautiful, and her tie-dye technique was flawless, but it wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before. Everyone marveled at how the skirt on Sergio’s dress looked like a lemon wedge when the model pulled it out. Nina thought Geoffrey’s gown had versatility; everyone could wear it. Moving on to the bottom two – Delvin and Victoria – Brandon said Delvin wanted to prove he was a great craftsman, and got hung up on that, forgetting what he was supposed to show them. Leslie said the buttons on the front of his dress belonged on a cartoon dog inspector’s coat. Nina said it was too safe. Nina said Victoria’s outfit was a hot mess. It was like a lava lamp exploded. Elaine said she wrote one word – why?  Leslie thought Victoria must have decided the jeans alone weren’t enough, and panicked. It was time for them to decide who the final four would be, who would do collections. I prayed Victoria would go home, but needless to say, I was thrilled my underdog Nancy was in the final four.

The judges told the top three that they proved tie-dye could be taken to the next level, and they all created beautiful runway looks. Nancy was released from the stage first, and Geoffrey was the winner. Leslie told him that his gown was perfection, and would look beautiful on all types of women. Geoffrey said it was the hardest challenge yet, but this made the hours of no sleep worth it. In his interview, he said he felt better with every challenged, and thought he was being recognized. He was so close, he could taste it.

Karlie said Delvin and Victoria made numerous mistakes. Delvin’s dress was neither elevated nor chic, and had no direction. They were baffled by Victoria’s top and jeans, and said her tie-dye was a technical mess. Delvin was out, and I was in shock. Brandon said it ultimately came down to the ideas. He told Delvin that he’d shown beautiful craftsmanship, and they’d be seeing him. He said he was glad he’d started there, and valued their critiques. He wasn’t going to let fear hold him back. Karlie thanked him for bringing elegance to the runway. In his closing interview, Delvin said he chose not to take the risk of not being liked or accepted, and regretted playing it safe. It wasn’t a reflection of him or his design skills. Christian told Delvin that he was one of the most brilliant tailors, and he thought every dream of Delvin’s would come true. Delvin said his biggest challenge was putting his confidence behind his designs, but giving up wasn’t in his blood. They’ll see him in Paris one day.

Next time, the designers have to create looks for Special Olympics and Paralympics athletes.

👶 Havin’ His Baby…

Ryan and his ladylove Emilia seem like genuinely nice people. Here’s what they’ve been up to.


🧟‍♂️ A Creepy Little Thing Called Love…

Well, Valentin’s Day is technically here, and if you haven’t gotten your dozen roses or whatever by now, you’ll probably pay double. Or pay later if someone is expecting them. As for me, I’ll stick with the half-price day-after chocolate.

October 10, 2019 – The Wedding Aftermath, Fredrik Considers Being Bi (Coastal), Questions On the Move & Will Dance For a Sale


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jax sees Nina sleeping on the couch.

Holding a take-out container, Finn sees Hayden outside of Kelly’s. She says she keeps running into him, and he tells her, she said with disappointment. She says, no; she’s not complaining. He says he has to get to the hospital, and starts to leave. She tells him, have a grand day. He says, grand? and she tells him that she couldn’t decide between good and great, and grand came out instead. He says maybe she can make someone else’s day grand. He barely finished his lunch. She says she’s not really into eating other people’s leftovers, but he says, no. She can take it home to Honeybun. Her dog?

Jason comes into the station, and asks Sam how she is. She says, grateful for Spinelli. It’s finally over. Jordan says, not quite, and Jason wonders, what now? She says, paperwork. She needs everything in order for when Robert officially drops the charges. Just sit tight. Jason tells Sam that he had a talk with Peter and Maxie.

Maxie and Peter arrive at the Crimson office. Maxie says hopefully Shiloh’s accomplice can tell them who broke Shiloh out of jail, and this whole thing can be over with. He says, hopefully. She goes into Nina’s office, and says, Nina’s not here. Peter says, at work? and she says Nina tends to throw herself into work when there’s a problem. She’s getting worried since she hasn’t heard from Nina.

At Kelly’s, Charlotte sits with Lulu and Laura, and picks at her food. Lulu says she’s barely touched her lunch, and Laura suggests Charlotte get one of the cranberry scones, since they’re her favorite. Charlotte says, no thank you, and Lulu says she knows Charlotte is upset that Nina and her papa didn’t get married, but she promises everything will be all right. Charlotte asks how Lulu can be sure? Lulu hasn’t even told her why she ruined the wedding.

At a random coffee shop, Sasha says she’s getting a refill, and Michael asks if she really needs a third cup of coffee. She says she’ll switch to decaf, and he says he thinks she’s stalling to avoid going back. She asks if it’s that obvious, and he tells her to take as much time as she needs. She thanks him for bringing her there. She wasn’t ready to face anyone. She’s still not.

Back at Windymere, Valentin is on the phone. He asks if Nina will just please call him back. Just let him know where she is. He throws the phone as Obrecht is walking in, and she says, hey! He nearly hit her with that thing. He asks how he’d ever forgive himself. She looks at a table full of food, and says she guesses someone forgot to call the caterer. He says he was a little preoccupied. She says, apparently. He hasn’t slept, has he? He asks how he’s supposed to. Nina left the church before they were married, and he has no idea where she is.

Nina wakes up, and Jax is there with coffee. He tells her, good morning. Someone please tell me where I get one of those alarm clocks.

Jason tells Sam that Maxie confirmed Peter was carrying cash in the gym bag. He claims he was going to make an offer on an apartment. Sam says, you’d think he’d use a check or a bank transfer. Jason says, you’d think. She asks if he believes what Peter told him, and he says, Maxie does. Whatever lie Peter told him, he told Maxie first.

Maxie and Peter find Nina’s office empty. Peter asks if Maxie expected Nina to be there, but Maxie guesses she didn’t. He says it will take Nina some time to process all this, and Maxie says she still doesn’t know if Lulu did the right thing. Just because she overheard something, did she really have to out Sasha in the middle of the wedding, when Nina was so happy? On the other hand, a lie is a lie, and maybe it was better not to let Nina marry Valentin. Peter says, there is a silver lining; they were right about Sasha, but Maxie finds no comfort in that.

At Kelly’s, Lulu knows Charlotte feels confused, but Nina and her papa love her. That will never change, no matter what happens between them. Laura tells Charlotte that her mom is right. Right now, all of the adults are involved in a complicated situation, but none of it is her fault. Charlotte asks if Nina and her papa are never getting married, and Lulu says, well… Charlotte says she wants to see Nina now, but Lulu doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Charlotte thinks it will help her feel better. Laura thinks maybe it would, but Lulu doesn’t know where Nina slept. They can try her office. Curtis comes in, and Laura tells them to go ahead; she’ll settle up and catch them later. Laura says she loves them. She goes over to Curtis, and he smiles. Sort of.

Jax says he’s got coffee, and Nina asks what time it is. He says, a little after twelve, and Nina says he let her sleep past twelve? He says she obviously needed it, and she says she has to get going. He tells her, no rush. She thanks him for letting her stay. He wishes he could have given her more comfortable sleeping arrangements, but she says, anything is better than Windymere.

Obrecht is busy at the breakfast buffet, and Valentin asks if she knows where Nina might have gone. She says she loves capers, and Valentin is like, hey. She says she’s afraid she has no idea where Nina ran off to, but it’s safe to assume she got as far away from him as possible. She doesn’t blame Nina. She says she’s not one to say I told you so… Who is she kidding? She told him the truth would blow up in his face. He says she blurted out a closely guarded secret in a public restroom, and she asks how she was supposed to know Lulu was lurking in a stall? Valentin thinks it was part of her plan all along. She wanted Lulu to know. She tells him heartbreak has rendered him paranoid. She stands to lose as much as he does. Her relationships with Nina, Maxie, and James would be in jeopardy, but fear not. All hope not lost. Not yet at least.

Finn tells Hayden, it’s a turkey sandwich. She says, obviously, he’s never had a dog. Dogs don’t eat sandwiches unless it’s by accident. Honeybun is on a restricted diet. He says who thought she would be a good dog mom? She says someone is watching Honeybun while she gets settled, and he says he’s sure Honeybun will be joining her once she does. Maybe they can get Honeybun together with Roxie to frolic; a playdate. Hayden thinks it would be amusing, but she has to go. She goes into Kelly’s, and Chase walks up. He asks what that was about, and Finn says he thinks Hayden is lying. Chase asks, about what?

Nina tells Jax, that’s what she gets for insisting he come to the wedding. She wanted to show off  her great love. She tells him, just say it, and he says, say what? She says that she should have listened. He tried to warn her that Valentin was not a good guy. She doesn’t care if it was intentional. That he went along with Sasha’s lies, or it was his idea, she doesn’t know what to believe. Jax says all he knows is what she told him, that Sasha confessed to not being her daughter. Did she say Valentin was involved? Nina says, no, but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Jax says, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty either. He’s the last person who wants to defend Valentin, but she was about to marry him, and he thinks she deserves an explanation about who knew what about Sasha. Nina says her heart is broken. She can’t imagine being in the same room with Valentin, let alone hearing him make his case. Nina says, her phone, and he says she left it in the car. He charged it. Nina says he was in the hospitality business, wasn’t he? She thanks him, and looks at all the messages. She says her phone has had a busy night.

Peter tells Maxie that he feels horrible for Nina, but at least they know the truth about Sasha now. Maxie says the worst thing is, she sees traces of Obrecht in this. She denies it, but that doesn’t mean anything. She loves Obrecht, but she’ll lie to anyone, and it would explain the DNA tests. She wonders why Michael didn’t say anything when he found out. Charlotte and Lulu are at the door, and Charlotte says, what?! Lulu tells her, stay calm, but Charlotte wants to know what Maxie said about Sasha.

Michael tells Sasha the secret is gone; it’s got to feel freeing on some level. Sasha says, it’s been replaced by even more guilt. He says she can’t change what happened, but she can start healing and moving on. She asks, what about the case against Cassandra Pierce? Michael warned her that her testimony could be compromised if she was exposed as a liar. What if that demented woman goes free because of her? He says there’s still a laundry list of crimes Cassandra has committed, and she’ll still go to prison. She says, what about Nina? Her heart is broken. Charlotte loves Nina, and was so excited for the wedding. Now it’s trashed because of her. He says this isn’t solving anything. The only way out is through. The sooner she faces it, she can put it behind her. She doesn’t see the point in going back to Port Charles. She doesn’t have a life there anymore.

Valentin tells Obrecht, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but he’s following her. She says, think about it. Sasha confessed to her lies and her role in the ruse. She never mentioned his involvement. Let her shoulder the blame, and they can escape culpability, if they play their cards right. Valentin says, Sasha has no loyalty and could give them up at any time. Obrecht says then they must make sure she never has the chance.

Chase asks if Finn doesn’t think lying about a finger painting is a little tame for Hayden. Finn says he overheard Hayden telling someone she loved them. Chase says, like a boyfriend? Finn says, she said it was her lab, Honeybun. A dog. From what he knows about Hayden, it sounds made up. Chase asks if Finn wants him to open an investigation. Dog ownership fraud is a serious crime. Does he think Honeybun made the painting? Finn says, forget he said anything. Chase says if Finn if thinks Hayden is lying about a dog to cover-up a new relationship, it has nothing to do with him. Hayden is his ex, and in the past. His present and future is with Anna. Finn says he and Anna are in a great place, but Chase says he doesn’t sound convincing. Everything is going well, right?

Hayden gets some coffee, and sits with Curtis and Laura. She apologizes for being late, and asks what she missed. Curtis says Laura was bringing him up to speed about what she found on Spoon Island. Laura says she saw a portrait of Helena. Hayden asks if she’s talking about the one Helena left Nikolas in her will? and Laura says, that’s the one. It used to hang in the trophy room, but Valentin took it down. Curtis asks, what’s special about this object of art? and Laura says all the things Helena left to people in her will, were really clues to something else. It was Helena’s way of getting them to jump through hoops from the grave. Curtis says, she sounds charming. Hayden says Nikolas was never able to figure it out. Does she think it has something to do with the codicil? Laura says Doc thinks so. He saw a pattern in the jewel work on Helena’s jacket that seems to confirm the location of the codicil being on Spoon Island.

Valentin asks Obrecht how they’re going to prevent Sasha from giving them up to Nina. Obrecht says, Sasha is the last person Nina wants to see, aside from him. She’s not going to listen to any excuses Sasha tries to offer. Valentin says she’ll want answers. Sasha has already thrown herself under the bus. What’s to prevent her from taking them with her? Obrecht says, they need to send Sasha packing for good. She must ever return to Port Charles.

Sasha thinks she should head for Chappaqua, and Michael asks if he’s not enough reason to stick around. She says, of course (🍷) he is, but if he was smart, he’d run for the hills. He says he knows what he’s getting into, and she asks if he’s a masochist. He says, no, but Sasha agreed to work with Valentin because her grandmother needed money for surgery. That’s why he’s standing by her. Once everyone hears the full story, he knows they will too. She says he wins. She’ll head back and face the music.

Maxie says she’s so sorry. She didn’t know Charlotte and Lulu were there. Lulu says they were looking for Nina, and Peter says she’s not there, and probably won’t be today. Charlotte wants to know what’s going on. Why did Maxie say Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter? Maxie asks Peter to give them a second, and he says, of course (🍷). He leaves, and Charlotte asks, what’s going on? Lulu says, something bad happened at the wedding. She told Nina something that upset her. Charlotte asks, why? and Lulu says she wanted to tell Nina the truth, and let her decide how she wanted to deal with it. Charlotte asks Lulu to tell her what happened, and Lulu says, there’s been a mistake. Sasha isn’t really Nina’s daughter.

Jax sees the couch empty except for Nina’s veil. He finds her by the window, and asks if everything is okay. She says, given the circumstances. She thanks him, and says she should go. He says she doesn’t have to, but she says she can’t stay there. He asks, why not? He knows it’s light on furniture, but if she wants to lie low, no one will come looking for her there.

Henderson (new information) is brought out, and Jordan asks how he managed to interfere with Shiloh’s transfer. He says he wants his phone call. She asks if he thinks his lawyer can help him after the stunt he pulled. He repeats that he wants his phone call, and she says, fine. Set him up in the interrogation room, and make sure he gets his call. Sam hopes he reveals who helped Shiloh to escape.

Not a big shock, Peter’s phone rings. Henderson says, hey boss, and Peter asks what the hell he’s doing. Henderson says he needs to see Peter, but Peter says, absolutely not. Henderson tells him that he’d better hurry to the PCPD before they start questioning him. Peter says he’s not coming, and Henderson asks if he’s sure. He’s getting impatient, and if he were Peter, he wouldn’t keep him waiting.

Peter says Henderson doesn’t need him; he needs a lawyer. Henderson asks what Peter thinks a lawyer is going to advise him to do when he tells them who paid him to bust Shiloh loose. Let’s talk strategy. Peter says, if he comes there, he’ll expose their relationship. Henderson says Peter had better come up with something fast. He wasted his call on Peter, and the Commissioner is itching to question him. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to stall, and he’s getting tired. Peter says, here’s what they’re going to do. Listen carefully.

Jason asks if there will be a delay with the paperwork, but Jordan says, no. Chase will take Sam’s final statement later, but she’s free to go. Sam says she can’t wait. A dude strides in, and says, not so fast. He introduces himself as Edward Caldwell from the FBI, and asks if this is the woman who killed Shiloh. Jordan says they’ve confirmed it was self-defense. Edward says he appreciates the legwork, but it happened in international waters. It’s under their jurisdiction. It’s a federal matter.

Peter asks if Henderson understands what he needs to tell them. Henderson says he’ll take care of it, and Peter says see that he does. Peter jets out of the Crimson office.

Sasha and Michael go to Crimson. He tells her that he’ll be right there, and she thanks him. Charlotte tells Lulu, Sasha is Nina’s daughter. She said so over and over. Lulu says, it’s very complicated, and Charlotte says, everyone keeps telling her that. Even if Nina’s not Sasha’s mom, why didn’t Nina and her papa get married? Sasha comes in, and says Nina was too upset after she found out she lied.

Nina tells Jax it’s a very generous offer, but one night is enough. She can’t stay indefinitely. Jax says it’s not a problem, but she says she needs to face everyone. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She didn’t do anything wrong. She asks who she’s kidding; she’s mortified. He tells her to take her time to process it, but she says, no amount of time is going to fix this. She wanted a child so bad, she fell for Sasha’s lie hook, line, and sinker. Jax tells her not to blame herself. Sasha lied, and took advantage of her open heart. Nina wonders if she’s a victim, a fool, or both. He says, neither. She tells him  that he’s being supportive and generous again, but it’s her mess. She’ll have to learn how to deal with it. She needs to go back to Windymere, and find something else to wear. He says, even if Valentin is there? and she says, who cares if he is?

Finn says he and Anna are doing great. Chase is glad to hear it, but says Finn doesn’t seem glad. Chase doesn’t understand why Finn is so hung up on Hayden. Finn says he’s not. Chase says he gets it. Anna has been away for months (yeah, where is Finola Hughes already?). Meanwhile, his ex blows back into town. He tells Finn, be careful not to fill the void Anna left by bringing Hayden back in his life. Finn says, that’s not what’s happening, and Chase says he hopes not. Chases phone goes off, and he says he needs to get back. He tells Finn to keep his head on straight. Finn says Chase is giving him advice now? Chase says, maybe. Don’t lose track of his priorities. Anna will be back sooner or later.

Curtis hopes Laura has good luck following up on the portrait, and Hayden says they could use some luck. Curtis says, agreed. He tells her, Valentin needs to pay hard and fast for what he did to Nina. Hayden says, sounds like it’s not just a job to him anymore, and Curtis says, damn right. Valentin used him to manipulate Nina into believing a stranger was her daughter. He’s glad Nina kicked Valentin’s ass to the curb.

Valentin says Obrecht makes an interesting point. If Sasha avoids contact with Nina, they should be in the clear. Obrecht says then she’ll have to encourage Sasha’s departure immediately. The doorbell rings, and Obrecht says that wouldn’t be Nina. Perhaps it’s Sasha. Valentin opens the door to Laura, who hopes she’s not intruding. Valentin asks when that’s stopped her. Obrecht says she’ll give them some space, and tells Valentin they’ll continue this later.

Laura sees the food and says, no one called the caterers to tell them the wedding brunch was canceled? Valentin asks if she’s come to gloat… and she says, no, but she’s not going to pretend she’s not happy Nina left. It’s the least he deserved. He asks why she’s there, and she says she wants to inquire about the portrait of Helena that used to hang in the trophy room. He says, the one Charlotte can’t stand? She says she’d like to take it off his hands, but he says, sorry to tell her, he had it thrown it out this morning.

Laura asks what Valentin means, and he says, waste disposal. Is it a new concept? She says the painting wasn’t trash, and he knows it. He tells her, Charlotte was complaining that the animals in the trophy room thought it brought the mood down, so he got rid of it. She asks where it is, and he says, a landfill? She says he had no right, and he asks why she cares. She hated Helena. She says Helena left the painting to Nikolas, and now it belongs to Spencer, who should have had a say. He says Spencer had ample time for that, every time he broke in to kick Valentin’s shins. He doesn’t think she cares about the painting at all, and is just there to kick him when he’s down. She can do that on the other side of the water. He has no patience for this now. She promises he’ll regret this, and slams out.

Curtis says he’s so pissed at Valentin, he could flip the table, and Hayden thinks he’s getting ahead of himself. He doesn’t know for sure that Valentin was involved. Curtis says he orchestrated the DNA test to pretend Sasha was Nina’s daughter. Hayden is sure he’ll get his when the estate is returned to its rightful heirs. Curtis says, not to mention, she’ll get her cut. She says she has her reasons, and he tells her, share. She says Spencer is a great kid. They owe it to him to play it smart. They can’t let Valentin know they’re on to him, or he might find and destroy the codicil. Let him think he’s in the clear. It’s their best shot. Curtis thinks it makes sense, but he’s not satisfied. Hayden tells him, the hard part is, if the cops bring a case against Sasha for fraud, he has to convince Nina not to cooperate.

Charlotte says, Sasha lied to Nina? and Sasha says, it was a big mistake. She told a lie, and it hurt a lot of people. Charlotte says she’s not really Nina’s daughter? Sasha says, no, and Charlotte asks why she lied. Sasha says she heard Nina was searching for her daughter, and thought it would be nice to be part of their family. Charlotte says Nina is rich, but Sasha says she didn’t want Nina’s money. She liked Nina, and she liked Charlotte. She thought she wouldn’t be hurting anyone, but she was wrong. Her lie hurt a lot of people, especially Nina, and she hurt Charlotte too. She’s so sorry. Charlotte is still incredibly important to her. Charlotte turns her back to Sasha, saying she doesn’t believe her. How can she? Sasha is probably lying again.

Jordan says the charges have been dropped, and Sam was cleared, but Edward says, not by the FBI. He wants to review the evidence Jordan has, and she says she has no intention of stepping on their toes. She assumes they’ll come to the same conclusion, and sees no reason Sam should be there. Edward says, she can leavefor now. He tells Sam, don’t leave town until they’ve had a little chat. Chase comes out of the interrogation room, and says, the suspect in Shiloh’s escape case is ready to talk.

Charlotte says Sasha spoiled everything. Why did she lie? Sasha says she made a terrible mistake, but she’s not lying now. She loves Charlotte. Charlotte asks how she can believe Sasha when Sasha lied to her, Nina, and papa. She tells Lulu that she want to go. She doesn’t want to see Sasha now. They leave, and Michael holds Sasha.

Valentin picks up his phone. Nina walks in, with Jax behind her.

Curtis tells Hayden that he doesn’t want to involve Nina. Valentin has put her through too much already. Hayden says, all the more reason to keep her clear of a potential fraud case. The real justice for Valentin will be in losing the Cassadine estate. Curtis says he’ll think about, and she says that’s all she asks. He has to get going. Is there anything else she needs? She says she needs him to find her a dog.

Finn calls Anna, saying he just wants to hear her voice. Give him a call when she gets the chance. He loves her. He looks through Kelly’s window, and sees Hayden. She looks back, and half-smiles.

Sam tells Jason that she didn’t think she was coming home. Jason thinks it’s just a formality. The FBI will review the case, and that will be the end of it. Sam hopes so.

Jordan asks if Henderson is ready to talk. He nods, and she says, without a lawyer present? He says he doesn’t need one. He wants to tell them the truth about why he broke Shiloh out of custody.

Peter goes to the café. He looks at his phone. We see a headline in The Invader that says Media Mogul Murders, with Sam’s picture underneath.

Henderson says the guy was supposed to be a guru and a cult leader, but he’s not a follower or true believer. Helping Shiloh escape was just a job. Jordan asks who hired him, and he says, Samantha McCall.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Brad that he doesn’t take kindly to threats, Lucy tells Sasha that they’re going to make bajillions, Sonny hopes Nina cleans Valentin out, and Nina tells Valentin that she can’t believe anything he says.

🗽 Tonight, on Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan’s wife Emilia had a baby girl named Zena., who has tons of hair. Ryan described it as being all perfect, so I guess he can buy gifts now without fear of superstition. Ryan said the love for his family – which they were now – knew no bounds. Zena gave him a new meaning for his life, and everything he’d do going forward would be for her. He had taken a break, but now it was time to get back to work. He hosted a broker viewing party for his video promoting the ground floor Tribeca loft, and encouraged everyone to drink, saying the video would look better if they drank before they watched it. He explained that he did a lot of weird stuff to sell apartments because in a buyer’s market, you have to. He was still nervous, worried that instead of laughing with him, his audience would laugh at him. He didn’t need to worry, since the video was adorable and fun. You can check it out yourself below. Everyone loved it, and the owners – who had shown up, adding to Ryan’s stress – thought it was amazing. He said he’d put it up on YouTube where people are just mean to be mean, so if you watch it, don’t be mean.

Tyler didn’t have as good of a day. First was a listing meeting for an apartment at Columbus Circle, where, along with Central Park, the views never change. He said he researched his ass off, not just what sold, but what condition it was in. He’d promised his bosses to get a listing in the $5-10 million range. The sellers’ daughter, Sarah, showed him the apartment, but things quickly went downhill when she insisted they would want above market price. They’d sunk a million into the renovation, and she also thought the time and effort put into it should reflect in the price. <insert sound of incorrect answer in a game show here> Wrong. I’m not even a broker, and I know no buyer is going to care about that. She wouldn’t let Tyler talk directly to them, but said she’d float his pricing suggestion by her parents. Tyler said in today’s market, a seller needed someone who could be honest, but apparently Sarah and her parents didn’t give a rip about honesty, and went with one of the liars who claimed they could get more than it was worth. On the upside, Tyler met with Tommy, who was selling a two-bedroom in Chelsea near Chelsea Market. The place was covered in art, and Tommy said that’s why he and his partner had gotten it in the first place – wall space. Tyler thought there was a lot going on – he could hardly see the walls, and the furniture was outdated – but believed he could market it. He asked Tommy why he wanted to sell, and Tommy told Tyler that he had a house in New Jersey, but his partner had also passed away four years ago, and there was too much of him there. It was heartbreaking to hear about the restrictions in the 80s when they’d gotten together, and a little surprising. Apparently, Fire Island (now synonymous with gay summering) wasn’t very gay friendly at that time. Tommy said gay men always had a woman with them, because two men together on the dance floor was not allowed. That was also why line dancing was popular. New information! Tyler asked if Tommy was emotionally ready to sell, and Tommy recognized there would be reluctance on his part, but it was something he wanted and needed to do. Tyler was reminded of why he was in the business. It wasn’t just about the money, but helping people through this. I guess Tommy also recognized that Tyler was one of the good guys, agreed with him on a price point, and they shook hands on the deal.

Still in L.A., Fredrik met with his L.A. team, who he loves. He checked out his new corner office, in the same building where Josh Altman and Tracy Tutor-Maltas from MDLNY’s sister show, have offices. The broker said it seemed that Fredrik and Josh needed to do some fence mending, and told Fredrik that Josh thought L.A. was his turf. Fredrik also looked at a rental house with Derek. He wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of Derek and the kids moving west, and him being bi-coastal. He pointed out how quiet it was there, and wondered if it wasn’t boring without the background that NYC has, reminding me of Neil Diamond’s Beautiful Noise. He said NYC was in his blood, and wondered how you can turn your heartbeat off. The rent on the house was $40K a month, which he thought was a crazy number to throw away, but he wasn’t dropping $10 million on a house when a decision hadn’t been made yet. Derek thought the kids would have a better quality of life, but was amicable to waiting. Fredrik had an open house for the property he was relaunching, and although he’d invited Josh Altman, Josh seemed to be ghosting him. He was puzzled once again, since he and Derek often went out with Josh and wife Heather. The other white Josh, Josh Flagg, did show up, and told Fredrik not to take it personally, saying Altman had a big ego and was insecure. Fredrik offered the $160K sportscar sitting in the driveway to anyone who signed at the open house. While Altman didn’t show, Heather did, four weeks away from giving birth. He asked what was up with her husband, and she told him there was a friendship there, and Josh felt Fredrik holding onto information had been shady and slimy. What the info was, I have no clue, but I’m guessing we’ll hear more on that next week.

Steve told us that the first thing he does in the morning, besides get his coffee, is look new listings, because he needs to know the comps and the competition. It wasn’t Steve’s best morning, since he saw Corcoran Sunshine listed the penthouse below the one he was given to list – at a lower price per foot. In addition to messing up his comps, it meant he had to compete with the lower price. He said he couldn’t collaborate if they were going to compete with him behind his back. He met with developer Joel, who seemed to think Steve’s penthouse being on the top floor should be enough to justify the price difference. In Steve’s interview, he said the apartment would seem overpriced, and he’d look like a greedy broker. And I still didn’t understand how a penthouse wouldn’t be on the top floor. He told Joel that a buyer’s market is value driven, and apartments are almost never listed together, but released separately. They want to build momentum, and let a buyer feel that the property is exclusive. Joel wouldn’t budge, and in his interview, Steve said he felt used by Joel just to get publicity for the building. To top it off, when he went to the penthouse, Corcoran Sunshine had obviously been showing it. He said since they had the building, it was their prerogative, but it was unprofessional, messy, and there was garbage all over. They certainly didn’t leave it as they found it. He also wasn’t sure if they were putting his listing down behind his back, and making it seem inferior in order to sell their own. When some potential buyers showed up, he realized his show sheets were missing as well. It sounded to me like he was definitely being undermined. Now all of the potential buyers were asking about the other penthouse’s pricing. He ended up talking to Pam, head of Corcoran, and she agreed he had a right to be sensitive. His name is attached and he had no say, even though whatever happened would affect his brand. Although the whole thing was a huge surprise, Steve rallied well, and Pam promised to help him out.

Next time, psychological warfare, more on Josh’s animosity toward Fredrik, and Steve thinks about walking away from the penthouse listing.

🚕 While I’m not big on game shows, Bravo seems to have acquired Cash Cab, and so far, it’s fun. Kind of like Trivial Pursuit on wheels. In case you’re not familiar with the game, driver Ben Bailey picks up riders and asks them various questions until they get to their destination. If they get the answer right, they get cash, but if they get it wrong, it’s a strike, and they’re only allowed three. If they get three strikes, they’re dumped out wherever they are and get no winnings. I haven’t seen this happen yet, but it sounds like it has the potential for a brawl. If they reach their destination, they’re also allowed a double or nothing video question. There are other components involved, like the contestants being allowed help, but you get the idea. Since it’s Bravo, the occasional Bravolebrity is an added passenger. Tonight, it was Fredrik, who led his team to a double or nothing victory of over two grand.

📹 Ryan’s Masterpiece…

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June 5, 2018 – Drew Changes His Mind (Again), David’s House is Bugged, Kosher Honey, Scrubz Success & I Need Sleep


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Diane talks to Sonny about Carly’s medication. She says it’s Exhibit A. The more medication she’s on, the better. Jason says he’s still looking for proof of her innocence. Diane asks if he has any, and he says, no. She says then there is no evidence. Sonny says, good.

Alexis looks at Mikkos’s picture. Sam comes by, bringing snacks. Alexis asks if they’re having an impromptu movie night. Sam says she needs her advice, and Alexis says she doesn’t have to bribe her with snacks. She asks what’s going on, and Sam says it’s about her divorce.

Kim goes to Drew’s office, but he’s not there. She sees the assembly flyer on his desk, and picks it up. She notices the DNR underneath, and wonders what he’s thinking. I wonder how every stranger that walks by is allowed to root through your office at Aurora.

Lulu tells Dante that he should be impressed. She waited to watch the latest episode of House Hunters International, although she did break open the wine. He tells her that the WSB is breathing down their necks. Lulu says she heard Jordan’s head is on the chopping block. He asks who told her that, and she says an unnamed source in Ned’s office. He asks if his wife or a reporter was doing the asking.

Diane tells Sonny that the trial starts tomorrow. Jason wants more time, but she says she pushed to have it earlier. Sonny says the sooner she’s in Shadybrook, the better. Jason says the sooner he proves her innocence, the better (which is apparently the phrase of the day). Diane says he doesn’t have much time to spin it. Jason tells them that Spinelli has been working night and day. Carly didn’t imagine any of it; she’s not crazy, and Nelle’s fall was an accident. Diane says because of an altercation over a baby blanket that no one saw, and Nelle says doesn’t exist. He can’t prove that, but she can prove Carly’s irrational behavior, and doesn’t need his help to do it.

Lulu tells Dante that got off on the wrong foot, and asks him to sit with her and have a glass of wine. Dante says it’s been a long day, and she says he can talk to her. He asks if she means as his wife, not a journalist. He says Henrik/Peter was behind bars, and now he’s gone; it’s demoralizing. Lulu doesn’t think he’s gone; not the way he left things with Maxie. Dante asks if she thinks he’ll want to make amends, and she says he cares what Maxie thinks. She believes he cared about her. Dante says Lulu doesn’t know a damn thing except the lies Peter fed her.

Felix and Stella have a drink at The Floating Rib. She asks how Mike is, and Felix says Mike cleaned him out at checkers; he’s a shark. Stella says he’s got skills to spare and charm to match. Felix says he put on quite a show at the Nurses’ Ball. Stella says Alzheimer’s is taking its toll, but he’s still in there. He’s a good man, and deserves his dignity. She’s grateful Felix is giving him that. Felix asks if it’s just him, or is Mike a special case? She says Mike has certain flair. He reminds her of someone she used to know. Felix asks about Curtis getting married to the commissioner, and she says the talk about her nephew’s engagement, the better. Jordan and Curtis walk in.

Alexis asks what Sam wants. She says she’s ready to leave Aurora, and wants Drew to have it. Alexis says leaving and signing away a valuable asset are two different things. Sam says they acquired the company together because they wanted to run it together. They’re not together anymore, and she wants him to have her half. Alexis points out that the company was purchased with Jason’s money. Sam says technically. Alexis says the deal was, they could both pay him back long term at zero interest. Jason did it for her. If he’d thought it was just for Drew, he might have sold the company outright. He might object if believes Drew is getting to reclaim the asset. Sam says Jason wouldn’t do that, but Alexis says Diane would. They’re not talking about a couch, and she’ll look out for his best interests. It’s a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Why should Drew get it? Sam says, Drew wants it, and she doesn’t anymore.

Drew’s assistant finds Kim in his office. She tells Kim that Drew is out, but she can leave a message. Kim says she can’t wait. She has to stop him from doing something dangerous. Drew walks in.

Diane asks Jason about the phone calls. He says Dante traced them, and they can prove they came from a pay phone close to where Morgan died. At first, they were hang ups. Then, on Valentine’s Day, Carly heard a guy say, I’m here. Nelle was using Carly’s grief to lure her only yards away from where her son died. Diane asks, how? and Jason says she heard an explosion. Diane asks if he found any evidence, and Jason says, no, because Nelle was playing a recording. She says it’s speculation. He insists it happened. Nelle made the calls, and has been torturing Carly, and he should have seen it.

Sam tells Alexis that she’s financially independent, and doesn’t need the company. She doesn’t want Drew to worry about paying it back, and would rather have a clean break. Alexis says she’s giving up a lot to achieve it, but Sam thinks it’s worth it. It’s better than dragging things out, like… Alexis asks, what? Sam tells her, nothing, but then says, like her and Julian. Alexis wishes she could say Sam was wrong. After the Nurses’ Ball fiasco, Julian was concerned, and made sure she got home. He came back the next day. Alexis says, nothing happened; just a moment, but it’s when she decided she needed therapy. She called Doc. She tells Sam it was just one kiss, and she stopped it; it’s not happening again. She went to see Doc because she can’t take it; the endless loop of her life, and how she keeps repeating the pattern of picking men who are horrible for her.

Drew asks Kim what’s up. She says, him first. She asks about the DNR, questioning there being no attempt to save his life, and just pulling the plug. He asks if she has the habit of going through people’s desks (thank you). She says she came to talk him, and thought he’d already gone. She wants him to think about Oscar. Does he have any idea what Oscar has to lose? He’s just getting to know his father. The procedure is risky, even if he has the flash drive, but he doesn’t. Drew says it’s not going to happen. He’s not going through with it.

Lulu tells Dante obviously, she went over his head with the Peter/Faison thing, and has been apologizing every day. She asks if he’s never made a mistake, and he says not one that resulted in… She tells him to say it; he’s never gotten anyone killed. He says that wasn’t her fault, but she gets so focused she doesn’t consider the consequences. She asks if he’s saying he doesn’t like the way she does her job. He says she doesn’t think things through. She wonders if he’s going to criticize her parenting or wifely duties, but he says he’s just having a conversation, and she’s making him sound like an ass. She says he’s making it really easy. He says he loves her, but doesn’t love her job or what it’s doing to her.

Diane asks if Carly said she found Morgan’s scarf or one that looked like it? Jason says Nelle found a scarf like Morgan’s, tore it, put blood stains and dirt on it, and left it on Carly’s desk. She asks if he saw it, and he says he didn’t because Nelle pulled the fire alarm and it was gone when they came back in. Diane says, again, it’s speculation. He says Nelle was Carly’s assistant. She knows the floor plan, and could avoid the security cameras. He bets that the fire alarm that was pulled is on the same floor as Carly’s office. He adds that Carly had a picture of Morgan wearing the scarf on her desk. Diane says, assuming he’s right, and Nelle orchestrated an elaborate scheme, that would be motive for shoving her down the stairs. He’ll be proving the DA’s case for her.

Lulu says the simple solution is her quitting her job, but Dante isn’t telling her to do that. He just wants her to include him. She asks if the same transparency goes for him. If she includes him on her assignments, he should do the same for her. He says it’s not a fair comparison. He took an oath. She has a code of standards where she should be vetting sources. She’s been a reporter less than six months. Maybe she should take a step back. She says it sounds like quitting. If she did that, she’d only resent him, and it won’t fix the problem.

Curtis tells Jordan that Stella is there, and she asks if running is an option. He says whatever she wants, but she thinks the only way to deal with it is to deal with it. Felix asks if they’d care to join the table, and Curtis thinks it’s a great way to celebrate. Felix tells him that his proposal gutsy and romantic, and congratulates them. Jordan is glad he didn’t slice her in half or make her disappear. Stella knows a good performance, and says his was the best at the Ball. She can’t wait to see what’s next. She toasts to what’s in store.

Kim is surprised Drew isn’t getting the procedure. Drew says it’s thanks to Oscar. She asks if he told Oscar, and he says Oscar doesn’t need to know. He came by to drop off the info about the awards ceremony, and they started talking about Josslyn, Carly being in jail, and how happy he is with the family. He realized that it would be selfish to go through the procedure. As much as he hates having Jason’s memories, he’s not risking his life. Kim thinks it’s the right decision, especially since Oscar needs him more than ever. Drew asks, why?

Alexis tells Sam that her behavior is no mystery; it’s classic. her father didn’t care about her, so she compulsively choose men like him because of unfinished business. She can name it, but can’t fix it. She wants someone to fix her. Doc is going to unpack her emotional baggage, starting with her father, which shouldn’t take long. She barely knew Mikkos. He was distant, intimidating, and had no interest in her. Sam looks at his picture. Alexis says except one time, when she was pregnant with Sam, he intervened. She thought maybe he did care, and was just afraid of what Helena would do, but if the most he could do was to protect her once, what kind of father was he? Sam says they both have a lot to figure out. Alexis says she never thought about him – it was profoundly upsetting – but she’d like to know if there was a sliver of good in him. Sam wonders how she can find out; he’s been dead since the 80s. Alexis says she has a way. Sam asks how many people could be around who knew him, and the doorbell rings. It’s Valentin, and Sam asks Alexis to please tell her that’s not who’s going to help her.

Sonny says he hates Nelle, but the last thing he wants is for Carly to go to prison. Jason wants to prove Nelle is a liar, but Diane says they don’t have it. At least six people, one of them Carly’s mother, heard Carly threaten Nelle. Jason says, fine. He saw Carly today, and they talked about her plea. He told her not to plead insanity.

Alexis tells Sam that Valentin is her historian, and Sam says Luke is more trustworthy. Valentin asks if it’s a bad time. Alexis says, no, and Sam says, it is, and he says he’s getting mixed signals. Sam wants Alexis to understand who she’s dealing with; Valentin and Peter are working together. He’s the one who stood by and watched Peter destroy lives. Valentin says he’s known Peter since child, and Sam says, when he handed Peter over to Faison to get revenge on Anna. Alexis is puzzled, and Sam says Peter is Anna’s son with Faison. She gave him up for adoption, and Valentin tracked the adoptive family down, making them hand Peter over. If he’s willing to be that vile and selfish to a child, imagine what he can do to her?

Lulu tells Dante that he needs to figure out how to find a way to get rid of his anger. She knows she’s not invincible. She did get in over her head with Faison, and let Peter manipulate her. Dante was suspicious, but she didn’t listen to him. Peter told her what she wanted to hear. She trusted him, but she’s not naïve anymore; her eyes are opened. Dante says, next time, some information might be helpful if there’s a police investigation. She says if she’s aware of anything pertinent, she’ll share it with her husband. He says, not the cop?

Kim says Oscar is in the throes of young adulthood. He has a good head on his shoulders, but he’s still figuring things out, and needs guidance. Oscar shows up, and seems miffed that Kim is there. She says she came to tell his dad about the award ceremony. Oscar says he told her that he was going to do that. She says he told her that he was going to clean his room, and she still can’t see the floor. Drew says Oscar is going to be an intern there, and Kim says, so she won’t have him on her hands the whole summer, glued to TV with a phone in his hand? She suggests they celebrate with ribs, and invites Drew along. She says, the night is young; it’s too early to call it quits.

Sonny can’t believe Jason told Carly to change her plea, and Diane says, there goes her defense strategy. Jason says she’s sticking to the plea. She said the same thing about there being more motive. She’d rather do a few months than risk being found guilty. Diane says it makes her nervous the other way. Carly is behaving rationally, and she’s trying to prove Carly is anything but. Sonny says she won’t have to go to prison; that’s what matters. Jason says she’ll be admitting to pushing Nelle and jeopardizing her grandchild. She’ll have to live with it for the rest of her life, when it didn’t happen.

Jordan and Stella are left alone at the table. Stella looks at Jordan’s ring, and asks if she’s pleased. Jordan says, very. Almost as pleased as she was to get Stella’s blessing. She knows things between them need to be repaired, but she’s not giving up. Stella tells her not to pressure herself. Things work out if they’re meant to.

At the bar, Drew congratulates Curtis. Curtis tells Drew that he was talking to Sam. She wants to get back into the PI business, and he suggested they partner up. There’s nothing solid, but he thinks it’s going to happen, and wants him to be aware. Drew thinks it’s a good move. There’s no one better. Curtis doesn’t want it to come between them, but Drew says, they’re good.

Valentin says he’s not denying delivering the baby to Faison, but he’s regretted every day since. Sam asks if that’s why he helped Peter escape, but Valentin says Peter pushed him into the cell and locked it. He has a better question. Why were the security cameras disabled, and where was the guard? She doesn’t have to answer. Valentin shows Alexis an envelope, saying it’s the initial payment from his primary source. It’s about Mikkos, and he thinks it will be valuable. Sam says Alexis doesn’t have to do this, but Alexis says, it’s the only option, but she will consider the source. Sam tells her to be careful. She tells Valentin that he has a lot of enemies. If he does anything to hurt Alexis, she’ll be his worst one.

Dante tells Lulu that they’re back to where they started. He can’t look other way if something is unethical. Lulu says they’ll figure it out together. It’s called compromise, and it’s what marriage is about. Dante says, why not? They’ve worked well together in the past. They seal the deal with a kiss.

Diane says Jason should be pleased that Carly is pleading not guilty, but he thinks they should be proving she’s innocent. Diane says she can present facts. She can’t prove Carly is innocent. Jason says, but she can prove Carly is insane? Diane says, no; not in her right mind, but she’ll need him to attest that there were no visible signs of a break-in, and that there were signs Carly was losing her grip. Jason says she wasn’t. Diane says if he says that Carly is responsible for her actions, and she gets convicted, how will he feel? He tells her not to call him then, but she says she doesn’t have a choice. Sonny asks Jason what Carly said when he saw her. Jason tells him that she said she’s going to do this and needs him to back her. Sonny says, then back her. Jason says he’s not going to lie and say Carly is crazy, because she’s not. Sonny glares at him.

Dante and Lulu make out on the couch. Lulu thinks they still have it, but they’ll know for sure next time their jobs cross paths. Dante says they’re off to a good start.

Jordan and Curtis are at the table alone. Curtis asks if Jordan is pleased at how things turned out, and she hopes it’s okay at the wedding. They just have to set a date. Stella sits with Kim, and asks about one of her clients. Kim says they’re doing great, and compliments Curtis on the great proposal; it was one for the ages. Stella says, enjoy while it lasts. Not every engagement ends in a wedding. A lot can happen in between now and then.

Oscar and Drew play pool. Drew tells Oscar to always ask for more work; it shows initiative and gives you more experience. Oscar promises he won’t take advantage of being the boss’s son. Drew says he started it for his family.

Sam brings a box to Drew’s office. His assistant, who must be getting tired of this constant traffic, says Drew left a while ago. Sam asks her to make sure he gets this, and gives her an envelope.

Alexis gives Valentin some paperwork, and says in the event of a tragedy, the bulk of his assets will go to Charlotte. He thanks her, and tells her that he’s given her the initial payment, but there’s more where that comes from. He’ll hand it over once the change is complete. She tells him that she’s changed her mind; she doesn’t want his help. He tells her if she changes her mind, she knows where to find him. She says she doesn’t want the envelope, and he tells her to throw it away.

When Valentin is gone, Alexis puts the envelope in the fireplace. She strikes a match, but just stands there with it, aflame in her hand.

Tomorrow, Obrecht tells Peter they have an eventful morning ahead, Carly asks whose testimony they need to worry about, and Nelle tells Michael that she’s being called to testify against Carly.

The Haves and The Have Nots

When we last left, Veronica had just walked in on Justin and Jeffrey getting busy at David’s condo.

Veronica’s eyes practically pop out, and she says she’s going to be sick. Jeffrey says, good. She’d hoped he’d changed. He’d hoped she did. He tells her to get her ass out of there. She’s shocked he’d do this disgusting act in front of her. He says he didn’t know she was there, but if she wants to stay, they’re going to continue. She says he’s really like this, and he says, yes, he’s gay; where has she been his whole life? She doesn’t know what to say. Justin suggests goodbye and I laugh. She thinks Justin is making him like this, but Jeffrey says he was born this way, and get her ass out. She’s done all the damage she can do. She says she came to help him, but he says, no, she didn’t. She says she came out of the kindness of her heart, but he says she doesn’t have any. She brought the affidavit for him to sign, and he asks if it’s the one where he’s supposed to give up Benny. She thinks he must be screwing Benny too. What she just witnessed – that’s it. She asks what’s wrong with him? He says he put knife in her one time, and asks if she wants to try again. She says, this girl (meaning Justin) is making him bold. Jeffrey says she’s making him bold. He’s sick of her. She begs him to come home, and then starts screaming her head off. She asks him to come, but he just sits there. She says she can fix this, and leaves, shutting the door behind her.

Landon goes over the schedule with Charles. He asks if Charles is okay, and Charles says, yes. He tells Charles he’ll be good at this, but Charles says, it’s sleeping alone. All he can think about is Candace. Landon wonders what the hell she did to him. Charles asks if Landon never had a crazy crush. He doesn’t know what it is. There’s the sex, but there’s also something he can’t explain. He knows she’s bad for him, but doesn’t care. Landon knows that feeling. Charles says he wants her here and now. They can clean her up, and he knows he can make her happy. Landon says, if Charles says so, and asks if he’s sure. Charles isn’t ready to give up on her, and asks if they can set it up. Make sure every scheme she’s running, fails. Landon says he’ll get his team on it. He’ll have to go old school on this one. Whatever that means.

Jeffrey tells Justin to stop for a minute. Justin says Veronica makes him crazy. Jeffrey wonders how she knew they were there, and Justin says she’s probably having him followed. He tells Jeffrey to relax. He’s here for him. Jeffrey asks who Justin thinks he is to him, but Justin thinks Jeffrey should answer that. Jeffrey refuses, and Justin says that Jeffrey is his. Jeffrey says he already told Justin that he isn’t, and thinks he should leave. He says it’s a mistake. He had a weak moment, and they had sex; that’s it. Justin says he’s not leaving – ever. Jeffrey says he’s not scared of Justin, and to stop with the threats. Justin says it’s not a threat. He’s gone too far, and given up so much. He can’t go back now. Whether Jeffrey wants to admit it or not, they’re together for life. Justin says he’ll make dinner.

Since I can find no info whatsoever on this character, we’ll call him LJ – for his alias Leslie Jackmore. LJ is in hotel room of the guy he picked up in the bar. He tells dude to turn around and bend over. When he does, LJ takes his wallet. He looks at the ID, and sees dude works at a college. Dude asks what LJ wants, and LJ says that’s a loaded question. Dude asks if his evil bitch wife is doing this, and LJ says, no, the evil bitch is him. He wants all dude’s money, and his watch. Dude says his father gave it to him (reminding me of Bob Balaban in Midnight Cowboy). LJ says he guesses he’s dude’s daddy now. Dude threatens to go to the police, but LJ says he’ll claim dude tried to rape him and took advantage. Dude is going to take the cards that LJ is letting him have, and get him ten grand. Dude says he’s not from there, but LJ tells him to figure it out quick. He takes dude’s ID, saying If he doesn’t, he’ll be on the news for taking advantage of a young kid. Dude says she really wanted it, but LJ says, not today, and leaves.

Oscar’s phone rings. It’s Jim, who says the money isn’t in his account. Oscar says, it is; he’s looking at the confirm. Jim doesn’t give a rat’s ass; he has no money. Oscar asks if Jim is playing games to get out of giving him the commission. Jim asks for the number, and Oscar says, it’s the Cryer Company. Jim says that’s not the account number he sent, and tells Oscar to check his text. Oscar says, sh*t; he’s right. He’ll have to call the bank and try to sort it out. Jim says he’d better do it now. Oscar wonders what the Cryer Company is. Jim doesn’t know, but it’s not his. Oscar hangs up and says, dammit! That’s what Candace was doing. Yep.

Kathryn tells Jim they need to talk about Wyatt. He says they always need to talk about Wyatt. They tried to cover up his crime, and he turned on them. Now that they have his money, he’s going to be madder. Jim says they can’t cover it up; he needs to pay for this. These are Malones, and they’ll kill him. Kathryn asks who the Malones are (really? and she’s from a prominent family?), and Jim says, the mob; they’re not playing around. These people don’t give a second chance. Wyatt is as good as dead. Kathryn says she’ll talk to him, and try to reach him. Jim says she’s been trying for twenty-seven years; good luck. She says he’s her only living child. She has to try. Jim says Wyatt is his only living child too. He tells her to knock herself out, but not to get her hopes up. She says she always has hope.

Hanna and Derek finish watching a movie. She says, good choice, and thanks him for dinner. He asks if she’s putting him out. She says it wasn’t planned, and she has work to do. He tells her it’s hard to leave. He doesn’t know what it is, but it’s like he knows her, and don’t act like she doesn’t feel it. She says she’s enjoying him, but they agreed to take it slow. She kisses him goodbye, and Benny walks in, saying, not this again. Derek leaves, and Hanna tells Benny he has business upstairs. Benny says Hanna let he stay, but Hanna says he shouldn’t have brought her. He’s too old to be laying with a girl and letting go. He says she’s too old to have a dude slobbering over her. He doesn’t like Derek. Hanna says he wouldn’t like anyone she dated, and go deal with Melissa. There’s a knock at the door.

Candace asks if she’s here, and suggests she and Benny talk outside. He tells her there’s no need, and she can talk in front of their mom. She says she wants to stop, but she needs to talk in private. Hanna says Benny will just tell her anyway, but leaves. Candace says Benny is the only one she trusts. She needs him to hold some money in his account. Hers is being watched, and she has to move it; it’s legit. He asks if she means like his tow yard and house were legit. He knows it’s one of her tricks and he’ll regret it, but says, fine. She says it’s a few thousand, and to text the number. He tells her that he has $85 in there, and needs it. She promises not to take it, and he texts the number.

Hanna comes back and asks what Candace wanted, but Benny says, nothing important. He asks for the car. Hanna says as soon as he tells her, and he says he’ll call Mitch. She tells him he has to do something about this girl. He slept with her, she’s pregnant and put out; he’s not leaving her on the street. He says it’s not his baby or problem. Melissa is suddenly there, and says, that’s right; she’s not. Hanna says she’s not a problem; she’s in a situation. Benny asks why Hanna is being nice to her, and Hanna makes him apologize. She says he will help her, because someone did for them when she was pregnant with him. A stranger helped until she got on her feet, and they’re going to help Melissa. Melissa doesn’t mean to be a burden. Hanna says she’s not, and they’ll figure it out when Benny gets back. Benny drops the loan shark money he’s been carrying, and Hanna wants to know where he got it. Melissa says it’s hers; she didn’t want Veronica to take it, so she gave it to Benny to hold. Hanna says she can get a place then. Melissa says she can, and Benny hands her the money. As soon as Hanna is gone, Melissa teases him, saying she’s not giving it back, but she does. He says when he gets back, they’ll look into getting her a place. She calls him big daddy, and says he’s got enough money.

On the phone with the bank, Wyatt says they’re supposed to protect his money. There’s a knock at the door, and Kathryn comes in. She sees he hasn’t calmed down. She tells him that his father has the money; it’s for his own good. He’s incapable of handling it. He’s high and angry; let them help him. He says they’re going to jail. He’s testifying against them. She says he left a man dead in a bar. Wyatt says he’ll tell the police that his dad covered it up. If he goes down, so does Jim. Kathryn asks why he can’t pull it together, and he says it’s because his parents try to control him. Kathryn says they’re trying to help, and he says, then give him the money. She refuses, and he tells her for his sake, and Amanda’s, she should leave. He wishes the cancer had killed her. She asks how he knew, and he says he knows a lot of things. If he can’t bury them in prison, he’ll kill them. She says he doesn’t mean that, and he tells her to stay there and see. She walks out, and he says, don’t come back.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s Gia, followed by Rocky and LJ, Rocky says they shouldn’t be seen together. Candace says she knows that; that’s why they’re in the room. She tells them she’s getting out of the game. Rocky says she started it, but she says she can’t do it forever. She came up. Rocky asks, how, and she says it’s not their concern. Gia asks what she’s supposed to do; Candace taught her how to do what she does. Candace tells them to keep doing what she taught them. Make it bigger, and grow it. That’s it; she’s out. She tells them to keep the money from last time, and Rocky says she really must have come up. LJ asks how they can follow in her footsteps. Candace tells Gia that Jim is a sure thing; the well runs deep with money. Work it; stick with him. LJ isn’t down with the guys, and she says he must know plenty of women; older, desperate, rich, and lonely. Make this make sense. She tells them to leave now, but she’ll always be there for information. LJ says they had something going; they were making real money. She tells him to pace himself. Impatience is his problem. When Gia and LJ are gone, Rocky says they were in this together, and he wants his cut. She says he took a picture. How much does he think it’s worth? Thirty bucks?  He says she’s really going to be like this, and she says she is. She tells him to get out, and make sure don’t say a word. She asks if his visa is still intact. She says they’re hustlers. There’s no honor in the game. Rocky says he’ll remember that. When she’s alone, Candace says, she’s out.

David and Erika say a bunch of boring stuff. She tells him she needs a break. She’s had more sex in the past week than in her entire life. It’s been good, but too much. He tells her that he’s sorry. The only woman he’s ever been with is – Erika says, don’t say her name; she’ll appear. He says, that woman is the only one he’s been this intimate with, but she’s different, better. He tells her to hold on, and goes downstairs. Erika follows.

David says he needs to check something. He feels around the furniture and knickknacks, and pulls something out of a vase. Erika asks if it’s a bug, and he says it is, and it’s not the only one. He keeps checking, and finds two more. Erika wonders if there are any others, and he says, possibly. Erika says, she’s ruthless; he knows how to pick them. He says he picked her, but she’s the right one. He says they’re probably being listened to, and Erika prompts him to go upstairs. He thought she needed a break, but she says it’s never too much when she’s with him. They hear an explosion out front.

Outside, both cars are on fire. Erika says, she’s really insane, and David says, she doesn’t know the half of it. Veronica drives away, and Erica calls the fire department.

Benny goes to the dive bar, and sees the dead dealer on the floor. He asks if the guy is all right, but a dude comes out, and says they’re not open until seven. He asks what Benny is doing there, and sees the dead guy. Benny says he didn’t do it. The guy pulls out a gun, telling him not to move. He’s calling the police.

Next time, Oscar confronts Candace, Justin threatens Jeffrey, and Veronica comes on to Derek. No, Derek, no.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy says Hannah isn’t being fair, doing preference sheets for the next charter, while there are still guests on board from this one. Hannah tells her that she was up until four getting the dents and dirt from the guests’ heels out of the carpet. She promises she’s trying her best, and leaves in tears. In her interview, the captain says the client is paying money for the full attention of the crew. Breakfast is cleared, and the garbage is taken out. Hannah cries in the bathroom. In her interview, she says to be spoken to that way after 18-hour days, and provisioning when she should be sleeping, is bullsh*t.

The guests get ready to leave. Hannah tells the stews to strip the beds when they’re gone. One guest wonders why her stuff isn’t fitting in the suitcase now. I identify, but that’s usually because I bought a bunch of crap. Captain Sandy calls the crew to the deck for goodbyes. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Jennifer didn’t complain, but she must have noticed breakfast service was bad. Jennifer says they had a good time, even if she didn’t get to see Sandy drive. She gives the captain an envelope, and it’s twenty minutes to the tip meeting.

The captain says she usually starts on a high note; however, this was the worst breakfast service ever in her experience on charters. She tells Adam is was thirty minutes before she got her omelet, and she didn’t get her toast until after sh was finished. Breakfast is the start of the day, and sets the mood for the client. In her interview, Hannah thinks Captain Sandy is frustrated because she didn’t get to drive the boat, and show her friends what she could do. Adam says, what about the dinner, but the captain isn’t having it. In his interview, Adam says he carried the charter, and a piece of toast negated twenty-eight meals. We see the mass quantity of things he had to cook and bake. The captain says it was the deck, as well as the interior. Not having the tender was a big one. She doesn’t want to have to tell Conrad what he needs to do. The tip is 12,000 euros. I miss how much that is each because my mind goes blank when she says euros.

On the bridge, Adam tells Captain Sandy that it has nothing to do with him; the toast was ready. She asks if he didn’t get the order, and he says they were coming late. Hannah overhears, and says it’s a crock of sh*t. If Adam is going to throw the interior under the bus, she’ll throw him twice as fast, and he’ll be hit twice as hard. The captain tells Adam that he took it personally. It’s not like she said he sucked at making toast. The crew cleans up. Conrad tells Kasey about his scars and injuries, because she likes scars. Adam says he has some from chicken pox.

The crew gets ready to go out. Cool. Here’s where they get drunk and stupid. They go to a sushi place. Brooke almost mistakes soy sauce for a shot. João swills wine, while saying as long as he sticks to gin and tonics, he’ll remember everything. In her interview, Kasey says he’s flirting with her and Brooke, but she keeps thinking of the guy he could be. Well, move on from those thoughts, because he’s not going to be. Adam says it’s a good restaurant; the service is excellent. Hannah excuses herself, annoyed by his comment.

Conrad follows Hannah, who tells him about Adam lying to the captain, and calling him rude and disrespectful. She says she’s letting it go or it will be an issue next charter. In her interview, she says she picks her battles with Adam. We find out Kasey plays the violin. João says he likes both Brooke and Kasey. Outside, Conrad tells Hannah about his father who was an example of what not to be. He blamed Conrad for the marital problems with Conrad’s stepmother. He and Hannah hug, and they go back in. The crew goes back to the boat. What? No drunken nightmarish rants?

Hannah sits on the deck, and Conrad joins her. They agree they like talking to each other. In his interview, Conrad says he sees another side to Hannah. It’s soft and nice, but you don’t screw the crew. She asks if they’re buddies, and he says he likes her. He takes a while to warm up. He kisses her on the cheek and hugs her; then moves in for a real kiss. I dunno. This could end badly.

Kasey says leaving the dock is her make it or break it moment. If she gets sick, she’ll have to leave, even though she doesn’t want to. Kasey calls João a wild card, and he calls her a mind f*ck. Brooke likes him, but sees them flirting. She reminds herself that she said she needed space, whether she half-meant it or not. Hannah tells Kasey not to put her delicates in the dryer again. Oh hell no.

The primary’s name is Honey, and she’s having a birthday with her closest friends and family. She’s kosher, and Adam says kosher meat is super expensive. It’s not just a diet, it’s a diet and religion. Honey also wants a Great Gatsby themed party. The guests are all big tequila drinkers, and have requested 1942. I wouldn’t know one tequila from another, since I hate tequila. The usual water toys are requested as well. Supplies are ordered and picked up. Hannah thinks the guests will be high maintenance, and she doesn’t trust vegans. One is vegan, and she doesn’t trust vegans. João asks Kasey if Jamie is helping her, but she hasn’t seen Jamie. Apparently, she overslept, so he hunts her down and gets on her for not working when rest of them are, telling her that she has an attitude problem. He says if Conrad isn’t there, he needs to know what she’s doing. In her interview, she wishes instead of being cocky, he’d just find her and tell her that she’s needed. She forgets, that would be the mature thing.

Brooke says she’s a hopeless romantic. I have to say it – and Kasey is just hopeless. BA-DUM-CHH! Brooke’s grandparents were married at sixteen, and have been together for a million years. Jamie cries on the dock, and Hannah sits by her. She’d been talking to her mom on the phone, and tells Hannah that she tries so hard. Hannah says she’s superwoman, and saved her ass. In her interview, Jamie says being the only female, it’s hard to keep up with the egos. Her parents run an auto shop together, and she says the workers still only went to her father when they had questions. Hannah gives her a hug, and tells her how great she is, and not to let anyone tell her different.

Hannah tells Conrad about the incident, that Jamie accidentally fell asleep, and João acted like an ass. The meat is delivered. In his interview, Adam says he once had a kosher guest who insisted that all meat products be removed from boat. The meat was worth a lot of money, and this has him nervous. Brooke reads out loud from a romance story. Conrad talks to João and Jamie. João whines that Jamie slept in extra, and Conrad says in the future, come to him. João is there to make sure the work gets done when Conrad isn’t around, but he’s not to tell someone off. Conrad is the one who dishes out the sh*t, João says Conrad talks about the hierarchy, but he doesn’t give João the status when he’s off the boat. Brooke is excited about Conrad and Hannah’s kiss. She thinks they’re a cute couple. Hannah hopes it doesn’t blow up in her face. In her interview, Hannah says yacht crushes aren’t a normal situation where you can date. The crew unloads the slide, and Captain Sandy says, team work makes the dream work, because she’s tired of using, let’s knock it out of the park. Brooke talks to Adam about a scouting party she’s planning. She likes chefs because they’re passionate and sensitive. Or in Adam’s case, immature and too sensitive.

The guests arrive, and ask for tequila shots instead of champagne, but it’s the wrong kind. The tequila is Don Julio, and Hannah says, note to self, there’s more than one 1942 out there. Again, I wouldn’t know. The luggage is brought in. The guests demand a tour, and ask if no one cares about them anymore. One guest asks if anyone cares that she has to pee. First the tequila, now this. Rich people’s problems. Hannah brings them chilled shots, and gives the tour. It’s always the part where I want to move permanently on to the boat. Honey is nervous about the food, and wants to talk to Adam. They’re ready to roll.

Honey explains that if she eats poultry or meat, she can’t have dairy for several hours. No one else is kosher. Adam gives suggestions. Hannah asks Kasey to clear the bar. Kasey says the medication is making her feel like a zombie. Hannah is calling about the tequila, and the guests whine that no one is there to help them unpack. The weather is fabulous, and the water as blue as possible. João suggests Kasey eat some bread. She tells herself not to be sick. Seeing the villages on the hills is breathtaking.

Conrad and Colin drop anchor. Colin says a yacht anchor is heavier than those on other boats, and can cause damage. Brooke announces lunch is ready. The guests say they’ll be drinking tequila with everything. As always, the table is beautifully set, in green with a touch of gold. One dude gripes about having Chinese chicken salad for lunch, and asks about the ETA on the 1942 tequila. Another guest wants to know what kind of lunch Chinese chicken salad is. I’ll remember that the next time I order it. Honey says they’re starving, and want pasta. Captain Sandy asks Adam how it’s going, and he says, apparently, it’s a five-course lunch. He makes some massive bowls of rigatoni, and pasta with shrimp for Honey. Someone else wants Alfredo sauce, and Adam says he’s never had this many ridiculous orders. The vegan guest wants to stay there and eat all day. Crap. I can’t even keep up with the requests. Adam needs Hannah to deal with the guests. Conrad tells them the slide will be loud when they set it up. João knows exactly how to do it, and thinks Conrad doesn’t know how. Honey eats three bites of the pasta and is full.

Hannah can’t believe how slowly Kasey is washing the dishes, and is going to lose her mind. She says Kasey doesn’t get the speed they need to work at. Captain Sandy says it’s not about coddling Adam, but giving him support. A guest bombards Adam with questions about dinner, and Adam says he’s just trying to follow the preference sheets as closely as possible. The captain says he’s one guy, and most boats have a set menu, and only provide for that. The guest admits that it could be they didn’t say enough, and asks for a surf and turf dinner. Then adds another 45,000 things, including a cake for Honey’s birthday. Adam says he’s screwed.

The guests use the water toys. Captain Sandy sends Conrad to pick up provisions. Hannah snatches the tequila from his hand as soon as he gets back. Adam says everyone eats something different, and half of them don’t eat same thing. He’s running out of pots,

Conrad says the guests want everything, then change their minds ten minutes later. In her interview, Hannah says she’s tired of emotionally unavailable guys. Conrad is a nice change. The guests ask to delay the dinner from 9 pm to 9:30. Adam hates these people, and says Hannah is a space cadet, making a bad situation worse. Brooke flirts with Colin, who pleads guilty of having a crush on her. He says she’s a breath of fresh air. They good around and look at photos. Hannah asks Kasey to do some chores, and wants to throw in some Adderall to get her moving.

Adam has just plated some incredible tuna tartare, and the guests are late. Hannah thinks she should have married for money when she was younger. Brooke says she could live in a van if she loved someone. It’s almost 11 pm, and Adam wonders why Hannah can’t manipulate the guests. Seriously, wtf? Hannah says there’s no sign of the guests.

Next time, João thinks Kasey is hot, Brooke thinks Adam is cute, a fire alarm sounds, and Captain Sandy is pissed.

💵 On Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan helped Jen, a struggling skincare salesperson at Scrubz in Farmingdale, Long Island. She wasn’t making a connection with the customers, had no enthusiasm, was withdrawn, and had terrible eye contact. Even better, she was living with her boyfriend’s mother, who was also her boss. Ryan had never seen anyone who needed his help more, but Jen resisted his help the most of anyone. He told her that when she told him off and walked away, it was the most powerful he’d seen her. She finally explained that her father had passed away two years ago. They were very close, especially since he’d been sick for years. He was also the glue who held the family together, and once he died, the world felt different, and was never going to be the same again. When they should have come together, the family fell apart. Ryan taught her communication skills, and how to steer a customer to the right product. She gained confidence, and not only did her boss keep her, she offered to set up Jen with her own business within the business. She’d already been doing facials, and would be adding waxing and makeup, as well as getting commission on any product she sold while performing services. Ryan wasn’t sure what happened, but said it was awesome. Jen allowed herself to be her again. Jen said Ryan helped her realize she can do anything if she puts her mind to it, and she knew her dad would be proud. Ryan finally got me choked up when he said he didn’t want anyone to feel the way Jen had, and he started to get teary. He says it made him feel good that she doesn’t have to feel that way, and it was the whole reason he did the show in the first place. This was the finale, and I hope they give it another season. It’s a feel-good show, without being sappy, and I can’t think of a better guy to have this gig.

😵 Have I Slept Yet…?


April 18, 2018 – Emma the Budding Operative, NYC in the Hamptons, An Observation, Some Star, Serhant Sells Wax & Late


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Bern, Anna checks out schools with Emma. Robert shows up, saying sorry he’s late.

Franco sleeps restlessly. Elizabeth wakes him, and tells him, it’s just a dream.

Curtis brings Jordan breakfast at the station. She says she’s been working all night. He asks if she’s had any luck finding Avery or Mike, but she’s had no leads. Since Ava called the FBI, they’ve been working with them, but it’s clearly not a kidnapping. She gets it though. She’s a mom, and thinking your child might be in danger is unbearable.

TJ tells Kiki he posted flyers, and she thanks him. She wants to do something, but doesn’t know what. She’s scared for Avery. She and Mike have been gone all night; anything could have happened.

Maxie meets Nina at Charlie’s. Maxie isn’t sleeping, because it leads to dreaming and fresh heartbreak. Nina wanted to discuss something privately – Peter. Peter walks in, and Maxie says what a coincidence. She wanted to talk to Nina about Peter. He joins them.

Anna asks what Robert is doing there, and he says, helping? She says they’re managing superbly without him. They’ve been to three other schools without a hitch, and oddly, he wasn’t there. He says she can’t be too careful. He assumes they’ve had no luck. Anna says they had a promising lead, but it didn’t pan out, and this is the last school. Emma thinks it’s fun, especially helping Anna to spy. Robert says she’s quite the operative. It sounds like it’s Anna’s last hope, and he asks if she’s giving it up if they don’t find anything.

Anna tells Robert to quit trying to control her with his faux concern. He says the only thing that needs controlling is her obsession with Henrik, and she says she just has loose ends to tie up. If wants to help, stop criticizing, and assist. She tells him that he and Emma are to keep the headmistress busy while she hacks into the system. Standing in front of the laptop on the desk, Emma says it’s already open. The headmistress comes back, and asks Emma what she’s doing at the computer.

Maxie wanted both Nina and Peter to be there; she wants them to get along. Peter says they have a cordial working relationship, and Nina says they’re professionals. Maxie thinks they’re smiling through gritted teeth because of her. Peter says this is a little awkward. Maxie thinks if they get to know each other, it will be easier. They can at least try. They’re both important to her, and she asks them to do it for her and the baby.

TJ tells Kiki that his mom has been working with the FBI all night. Kiki says her mom is probably driving them insane. TJ asks if it’s not supposed to be Kiki’s first day in the Shadow Program. She says she’s supposed to shadow Dr. Bensch, but wishes TJ could take her place.

Jordan tells Curtis that the two most vulnerable types are missing; a child and an aging man with Alzheimer’s. Curtis says after finding out about Jim, his awareness has been heightened. He doesn’t want to miss anything else. He tells her that he’s investigating Peter, and Jordan asks, why? He says maybe Peter isn’t what he seems.

Franco cuddles with Elizabeth. She saw the boys off to school, and came back to bed. Franco says they could stay here all day, but Elizabeth wants to know about his dream. Once again, their cheap sheets are so loud when they’re moving around, it’s hard to hear the dialogue. Does no one check this stuff? Although nothing was worse than when construction was being done near the One Life to Live set. But I digress. Elizabeth says Franco can’t go on like everything is fine. He can’t just keep going like nothing happened. He says he’s put it behind him. She knows he wants it to be over, but it’s not. She adds that it will be, and asks about the nightmare. He dreamed he heard a boy calling for help. She asks if it Drew, but he says it was just a kid, like he was.

Emma tells the headmistress that she’s a fan of the operating system. The headmistress is impressed that she’s familiar with the European system, and apologizes for being short. She takes the students’ privacy seriously. Robert makes introductions, and says “Emelia” is exceptional. They’ve been researching schools, and it’s this is one of the highest rated. The headmistress mentions the theater program, and Emma says she’s also a theater geek. Anna thinks they could make a sizeable contribution to a new theater wing. The headmistress asks Emma if she’s truly ready to go to boarding school. Emma says she’d miss her family, thinks it would be fun; she’s already been to camp. She asks to see the dorm, and the headmistress says it will be on the tour. Her recruit coordinator will be taking them around. Anna says she thought the headmistress would be doing that, but she says she’s busy.

Jordan tells Curtis that Peter has been nothing but cooperative. He says Nina had some suspicions. He thought she was overreacting, but he found some discrepancies in Peter’s background check. Jordan asks why he’s so concerned about Nina, but he says it has more to do with Maxie.

Maxie tells Nina and Peter that she’s close to both of them on a personal and professional level. Maybe if they knew each other better on a personal level, it wouldn’t be so awkward. Peter says he’s game, and would be happy to dispel any doubts Nina has. He doesn’t usually talk about himself; he’s more of a listener. Nina says that’s admirable; most people love to talk about themselves. She’d love to hear about his life.

TJ tells Kiki if they wanted him for the Shadow Program, he’d jump at the chance. She apologizes for being insensitive. She’d thought he had it locked down; his test scores and grades are better than her. she was shocked when she was chosen. He says, no disrespect, but so was he. The committee saw something that made a difference, and asks if she knows why they chose her. She flashes back to David saying he has the deciding vote.

Franco tells Elizabeth that when he cornered Jim at the studio, he forced him to write down all the names of the kids he abused. He shows Elizabeth the list, and she asks if he’s sure it’s real. Jim was afraid for his life; maybe he made it up. Franco says he watched Jim write it, and he knew them by heart.

Anna tells the headmistress that “Emelia” obviously has her choice of other schools, and they were shown around by the headmistress at the others. Emma says they should just go, suggesting she be enrolled in one of the others. The headmistress says she’ll have her meeting postponed, and escort them herself. Anna pretends to feel dizzy, and explains she has a rare blood disorder. She tells them go on ahead while she rests. The headmistress tells her to make herself comfortable. As soon as they leave, Anna gets on the laptop.

Peter says he was never good at first dates, and Maxie tells him at least it’s not a blind date; they know each other. Peter says he knows as little about Nina as she knows about him. Maxie ask her to share, but Nina says there’s not much to share. When she was pregnant, her mother told her that her husband was having an affair. She fell apart, and was in a coma for twenty years. When she woke up, she kidnapped a baby, and was institutionalized. She tells him about her other two marriages, and says Crimson fell into her lap. She and Maxie turned it around, and now she has a man who loves her, and a daughter, and a pending niece or nephew who Nathan would have adored, had he not been shot by his father.

Kiki tells TJ it didn’t feel right. She would have turned it down, but was told she would look angry and unprofessional. TJ says he wouldn’t expect her to turn it down. They must have been looking for something else. She works there, and the doctors see her all the time. He thinks he should volunteer more. Kiki says, maybe. He tells her not to worry; he’s happy for her. She says under other circumstances, she’d be happy too, but with a missing sister, she wishes she could take the day off. TJ doesn’t think she’d be faulted if she did.

Elizabeth says there are so many boys on the list; their innocence destroyed and scarred for life. She wonders how it’s affected their thinking, their choices, and hearts, and how they can trust anyone. Franco says maybe they got lucky; he did. Maybe they have someone like her in their lives. She says he’s the one who remembered and confronted Jim, but he says not soon enough. Elizabeth says maybe they’re grown and got help and healed. Franco says maybe they’re still haunted and suffering, the way he is. She asks what he’s doing with the list.

Anna finds a match in the school records. She hears them coming back.

Peter says he didn’t have a normal, happy childhood. His mother wasn’t around, and his dad shipped him to boarding school. He attended several, but came to. He talks about living in Milan, but Nina catches him when he claims to have lived in the center of the city, since she’s more familiar with it than he is.

Curtis tells Jordan that there should be a living situation on record, but it’s like Peter didn’t exist before he turned twenty-one. Jordan suggests he came from a wealthy family who was protecting him against publicity, but Curtis thinks no internet presence is odd. He thinks maybe the records of the offshore companies he worked for were doctored, and Jordan says even big companies do it to protect people. Curtis says there’s no birth record. He asks if she can check to see if Peter is in the witness protection program.

David (aka Dr.Bensch) asks if Kiki is ready. She explains her little sister is missing, and wonder if they could postpone.

Franco doesn’t know what he’s going to do with the list yet. She asks if he thinks they don’t deserve to know Jim is dead; they might be relieved. He says he doesn’t know how to track them down, but she says there are plenty of ways. He asks what if they don’t want to be found or reminded? What if they’re like him, and tried to bury everything. She says then they’ll deal like he did, but it’s up to them. Franco thinks then he’d be the bad guy, dumping everything in their laps. Elizabeth thinks maybe he doesn’t want to talk about it. He says he didn’t remember because didn’t want to give words to something that shouldn’t be spoken. He couldn’t even tell himself. How can he be the voice for all these people?

The headmistress says the tour isn’t over not yet, but she wanted to know if Anna has recovered enough to go with them. Anna says she hasn’t, but feel free to continue. Emma says she’s good, and got what she wanted; they can go. She looks pointedly at Anna.

Jordan asks Curtis, why? He says, for him. It’s a paid job, but concerns someone he cares about. Peter works for Drew, who’s going through hell. He’d hate to see Drew lose his business. Should he keep digging or will she help him?  She makes a call. She tells someone they told her to call if she needed a favor. She just needs a yes or no.

Elizabeth understands the shame and shock. It took a while for her to recover from being raped. She was afraid and angry, and shut down. People helped her through it, like she’s there to help him. She tells him there’s no rush getting through it; it takes time. He needs to take care of himself and heal, then decide about the list. She says he needs to remember he’s far from evil. He didn’t try to kill Drew; he tried to protect him. He was lied to and manipulated, and the one person who should have protected him, failed him. None of it is his fault. He’s free of all of it. He tells her he loves her, and someday, this will be behind them. She knows and will be right there – always – whatever he needs. He says all he needs is her.

David tells Kiki that he heard about it on the news. She says they’re extraordinary circumstances, or she wouldn’t ask. He says it’s too bad she’s having a personal conflict on the first day, but in order to be an effective physician, she can’t let it get in the way of treating patients. She’s learning this on her first day. Kiki wants to be there for her mother, but David asks if she’s essential, or if there’s anything she can do to locate her sister. She admits there isn’t, and he says then her career comes first. They have trained people looking, and she can’t do more to help. The only thing she could do, is hold her mother’s hand. He tells her they’re late for rounds. She asks if he’s doing this because she rejected him.

Peter says where he was, was the center of the city for him, since his office was there. As for love interests, he never stayed any place long enough to find anyone. Maybe if he stays in Port Charles, there will be. Maxie asks why he wouldn’t be staying. What opportunity might lure him away? Nina gets a text, and has to go. Maxie asks if they’re copacetic. Peter says he’s good, and Nina says she has no problem with Peter except for his stinginess with the budget. Nina leaves, and Maxie says that didn’t go as expected. Peter says it was a kind gesture, and appreciated.

Outside of the office, Anna tells Emma that she needs more time. Emma says when they were in the library, Robert was a decoy for her, and she found the school’s production of Julius Caesar. There was an Henri Francoise in the cast, and she thinks it might be Henrik. Robert says Emma is cunning and can get out of a tight spot. She says it’s in her DNA; she comes from long line of spies.

Franco and Elizabeth get busy. There’s a song part. I try to get my email, which is messed up today. The cherry on my internet cake for the week.

David tells Kiki that he’s set their misunderstanding aside, and expects her to show maturity. Not everything is about her. He tells her not to squander the opportunity. They have work to do – unless she wants to wallow in her personal problems.

Curtis tells Nina there’s no record of Peter before he was twenty-one, and his professional records are superficial. There could be a legit reason, but there are also illegitimate reasons. He says to act natural, and don’t tip him off. Keep her suspicions to herself, and don’t tell Maxie; just be there for her. He repeats not to tell Peter anything, and Nina says she just kind of did that.

Maxie insists on picking up the check. She asks what Peter meant about a better offer, and if he wants to leave Port Charles. He says he’s never put down roots or made friends anywhere. He came to do a job, but he might be getting a life too.

Anna says Emma is right; all the dates match up. Emma tells her that all students are encouraged to take part in the theater program. She thought it sounded like something Henrik would be in, because his father’s name was Cesar. Robert thinks Emma’s powers of deduction are frightening. They look at the cast picture. Anna says she can’t tell anything yet, but she will. She swears she’ll find him.

Tomorrow, Drew asks about Franco, Kim is where she wants to be, and Carly asks Griff what’s going on.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Sonja packs for the Hamptons. She remarks to ex-assistant Lulu that everyone her age is going to jail. She doesn’t want to be photographed dancing on tables, and have her daughter see it on Instagram.

Carole usually stays at Bethenny’s, but her house is full, so she’s staying with Tinsley.

Bethenny puts Groucho Marx nose/glasses on her dogs. She calls her brand manager, making sure things are in order for the weekend. In her interview, she says Carole and Tinsley are thick as thieves.

Sonja hasn’t even gotten on the bus – a Jitney, whatever that is – and she’s exhausted.

Dorinda almost runs over a Con Ed guy. Which most New Yorkers probably want to do. Carole says Ramona is throwing her a marathon party. She tells them it’s like a blur to her; she was in so much pain. Carole says she heard Sonja called Tinsley a whore. In her interview, Tinsley says it’s news to her that a guy is paying her way. It’s upsetting, and making her angry. She tells them it’s defamatory and ridiculous. Dorinda says she was blindsided. Sonja is nasty-nice, cutting your throat while smiling; then you see blood on you. Carole tells them to forget she’s mean. Tinsley talks about confronting her, but not right away, and Carole says, it’s going to be a fun weekend.

LuAnn always had cars for the children, and is thrilled to be driving a Mercedes. She goes to a gourmet store to get a gift basket for Bethenny, and picks up some stuff for brunch. Sonja calls, saying she’s in South Hampton. She’s going to pick up her car that she leaves there. LuAnn says Sonja’s laundry list is crazy. She can’t imagine calling a hostess with a list that long. She wants to blend her own smoothies, so LuAnn picks up a blender as well.

Ramona thinks her car is like her – sexy and powerful, with a lot of energy. Is it annoying too? A friend has recommended an artist to her, and she has him bring over some paintings, since she’s redoing her house. She makes him move some furniture while he’s there. And set up her TV.  Wtf is with these spoiled women?

Sonja arrives with her dog. A dog whose hair has been dyed. LuAnn presents the Ninja blender. Sonja says normally, it would be a case of wine and a twenty-year-old, now it’s juices and a blender. They talk about the trip to Mexico, and we flash back to LuAnn drunkenly falling in the bushes. Sonja says she’s not hearing from Tinsley. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja can be irritating, but Tinsley can be like a spoiled brat. Sonja thinks that Tinsley reacts like she would with her mother, and hides. She doesn’t want Sonja in her business. LuAnn talks about the marathon party. Sonja says she texted Carole after the marathon, and got a THX a few days later. LuAnn says same with her, but hers was spelled out.

Ramona picks paintings, and Tinsley, Carole, and Dorinda arrive. In her interview, Dorinda says Ramona is doing the right thing by getting rid of the man stuff in the house after the divorce. You shouldn’t smell, hear, see, or touch it. Ramona talks about getting the wrong bed because she clicked on the wrong style online. Translation: She was too lazy to actually look at what she was buying.

Bethenny is ten minutes late for the 8:30 dinner, but no one else is there. She’s worried no one is showing for her party, and sits alone at the table, the other restaurant patrons looking at her. At nine, the ladies begin to trickle in, and not one of them says sorry. Tinsley doesn’t want to sit next to Sonja, and in her interview, Bethenny says the table is the size of a postage stamp. Everyone is sitting next to Sonja. Tinsley totally ignores Sonja. In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja didn’t get the memo. Tinsley is clearly pissed about something. Dorinda tells LuAnn that Sonja is harmful, and fills her in on what she said about Tinsley. She tells LuAnn that Sonja says it with a smile. In her interview, LuAnn doesn’t know who’s supporting Tinsley, but she doesn’t ask those questions.

Luann tells Carole the marathon was a great accomplishment. Sonja complains about Carole’s reply to her text. Bethenny says she never got a reply, but didn’t take it personally. She and Carole get in a disagreement about if and when Bethenny’s text was sent. In her interview, Ramona says it’s a whole new Carole, and she’s found her voice. She’s usually the only one who will contradict Bethenny.  Bethenny pulls out her phone. Carole says she was wrong about the time, but she did reply. In her interview, Bethenny says that it’s hard for Carole to take criticism, even when you’re just making a comment. Tinsley says none of them even showed up at the marathon.

Bethenny says LuAnn isn’t doing badly. LuAnn says she should have heeded Bethenny’s warning, but she couldn’t see. We flash back to the Countess of Denial. I pick myself up off the floor, since she seems truly humbled. She says she was in love and was blind. Bethenny doesn’t want her to feel like she has to say anything, but LuAnn wants to say she was right. In her interview, Bethenny says she didn’t know this moment was coming. Let her get ready. In her interview, LuAnn says, in retrospect, she realizes she didn’t see clearly. She stood by her man, and he watched her fall. She says it’s like a Greek tragedy. In her interview, Bethenny says, farce, satire, and a lot of words fit, but tragedy isn’t one of them. LuAnn says Tom couldn’t handle being married. In her interview, LuAnn says she doesn’t regret anything. We learn and grow from our mistakes. Dorinda says good thing she cut her losses and got out. LuAnn says she just wants to move on. Sonja whines about her not bringing it up, and LuAnn repeats that she wants to move on. Ramona says sometimes it’s good to talk to people who care, but respects her not talking about it. Tinsley says she wasn’t being mean, just trying to help. She talks about Scott, and says he didn’t offer her the option to move, but now he’s willing to jump back in. In her interview, she says they’ve been talking. Not full-on back together, but she thinks it’s a step toward it. Somehow, Tinsley has taken her bra off from underneath her large sweater. Most of us know these tricks, and I applaud. In her interview, Bethenny says, cue the music.

LuAnn sings Happy Birthday. In her interview, Bethenny says not everyone gets a Marilyn Monroe birthday performance, but I’m not sure what that was. A plate of several different desserts like brownies and blondies comes out, with a candle in the middle of it. In her interview, Bethenny says no one is taking the evening too seriously; it’s her type of birthday. They put on Groucho glasses, and dance around.

Carole doesn’t believe anything bad will happen, so she doesn’t lock her door. Now everyone knows that. I’m starting to rethink Carole. She and Tinsley meet Bethenny for lunch. They discuss egg freezing. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole isn’t as excited to see her as she used to be. She’s not Carole’s plus one right now. Tinsley says her mom wanted her to freeze eggs that were younger then forty, and basically forced her to do it. Bethenny says people tolerate Ramona, and Carole says LuAnn is a dark cloud and an ominous presence. Wow. I thought she was just a drunk ex-Countess. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole can’t stand LuAnn.

LuAnn bakes pies. Sonja wears LuAnn’s slippers, and is glad she’s not like Dorinda, who was not happy when Sonja raided her closet. Dorinda and Ramona arrive. They talk about Tinsley ignoring Sonja at dinner.

Bethenny asks what Tinsley is mad about, and Tinsley fills her in about what Sonja said. In her interview, Bethenny says kept woman is the next step after socialite, although I don’t think that’s true. Tinsley says Sonja makes it sound like she’s an escort.

LuAnn and the others sit to eat. Sonja talks about taking antidepressants because she’s high strung. In her interview, Dorinda says everything there is to be suffered, Sonja owns it. She’s the only one who’s done anything of worth. Ramona remarks about how defensive Carole and Bethenny were. LuAnn thinks there’s been a change in the dynamic. Dorinda says Carole has changed, and LuAnn says marathons will do that. They give you a sense of empowerment.

Carole says she wasn’t angry at Bethenny, just correcting her. In her interview, Bethenny is excited about the house she bought. It’s not far from the restaurant, and they’re walking over.

Ramona whines about renovations, and Sonja says something about Ramona being involved with the contractor. Ramona doesn’t like it when Sonja makes up stuff. Dorinda asks how Sonja would like it if they just made things up? In her interview, Sonja says Ramona makes fast friends when she needs something, then dumps them. Dorinda goes on a tear, chattering away nonsensically the way Sonja does. In her interview, Dorinda says she wants Sonja to be present. Sonja says she’s not making it up, and Ramona says she is. In her interview, Ramona says Sonja has been missing in action, and she’s not making sense. Ramona suggests they make a pact to be more considerate of each other’s feelings. I laugh. Sonja says she doesn’t express her feelings well; she’s sensitive. LuAnn says Sonja has been through a lot. Dorinda says, stop with the baloney. She buried a husband, and Sonja acts like the world came to an end because hers left her eleven years ago. She tells Sonja not to compare the two. He left her. She was screwing around in the south of France, and he married her friend.

To be continued…

Next time, Bethenny visits the new house, Dorinda and Ramona both demand an apology from Sonja, and Tinsley screeches at Sonja.

🌴 Because I have nothing better to do, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on in the background, I was thinking about how LVP didn’t use Dorit in the photo shoot for the jewelry in Beverly Hills Lifestyle. LisaR tried to stir the pot, by asking was it the photographer or really LVP who didn’t want to use Dorit? The photographer definitely said he did not want to use Dorit because she’d badmouthed the photos. And she did. She said they were terrible, and she didn’t like anything about them. You might think, who cares, as long as he likes them, and the magazine is happy about them, but I thought of something else. It could be the photographer is just a temperamental artist, but the magazine might be concerned she’d give them bad press, especially since her comments were shown on the program. Dorit needs to quit being offensive, and then being offended when there are repercussions. Yep, this is the kind of thing I think about.

⭐ On Star, Carlotta told Star and Alex they were both messed up, and the common denominator was Noah. Alex realized she couldn’t live next door to Derek and focus on the tour, and Carlotta told her to do what she had to. Carlotta told Maurice that Take 3 needed a hot track, and she’d found an old one for them to use. He decided to have the group and Noah both do demos, and Maurice picked Noah to do the track.

Simone suggested Angel come live at the salon. Carlotta agreed, but later found them getting busy in her new wig room. They weren’t the only ones getting busy, since Angel walked in on his mom and Jahil revisiting their history in more ways than one. Paola decided to go back to her husband, telling Jahil that he was her first love, but can’t be her last.

At the reopening party for the salon, Star and Miss Ruby nearly had a throw down, after which Star got seriously drunk. Jackson took her to a bar, but called Maurice to come and get her. She told Maurice that she’d killed her mother, but didn’t remember it the next day. Maurice offered her another song, but she said she didn’t want a pity track. Alex had seen Derek with someone else at the party, and also saw that he could move. Noah had apologized for coming between them, but since that wasn’t a problem anymore, Alex and Noah got busy in the RV. Lots of that going around tonight.

Simone told Star that she can’t help it if she’s white, and to ignore Miss Ruby. During the party clean-up, Miss Ruby said she could handle Star’s ass, having survived abuse at the hands of white people. She’s not so sure Star is white anyway. So, I guess that was a truce.

A woman knocked at the salon door, looking for her son’s father, Arnold. Cotton told her he’s not there anymore. Next time, Cotton deals with being a father. Throughout the episode, Queen Latifah wore a modern version of a 50s bob, with the subtlest, most beautiful, purple highlights.

💲 This week on Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan helped sell waxing memberships to hairy New Yorkers. He told us that Mariel had sparkle, but no self-confidence. That was putting it mildly, since she could barely get through a sales pitch. The owner said she was opening a new spot, and if Mariel wasn’t up to speed by the time she did, she was going to let her go. Mariel told Ryan that waxing freaks her out. Ryan thought it was the weirdest thing ever after talking to a potential client himself (and selling a membership), but weirder for the person walking in. After she almost gave up passing out flyers, Ryan had a heart-to-heart with Mariel, who said she’d moved to NYC from LA with her boyfriend. Then whined that she had no one. Her parents told her that she had to make it on her own (much like Mary Tyler Moore, but without the spunk). Planning on managing the salon when the boss went to the new location, she told Ryan that her goal was to be an entrepreneur – a term thrown around so much, I don’t even know what it means anymore. Even though she wasn’t that enthusiastic about the business, she didn’t want to switch lanes when she’s halfway there. Her parents sounded sensible, but she struck me as spoiled as far as her expectations of life in the city went. She made it sound like life was lonely and torturous. Her apartment was a million times nicer than my first one, and after living with roommates I didn’t know well, I lived by myself. Somehow, Muriel got it together at a sales event. Ryan wanted to settle for three subscriptions, but the boss wanted five. The takeaway sales point was to never take no for an answer. Muriel’s sales have increased by 60%, so there you go. Next time, it looks like Ryan helps out a cabin salesman, although clips of a gym and some lumberjacking confused me.

🎶 An Appropriate Song Title…




April 11, 2018 – Franco’s Okay You’re Okay, The Day After the Party, Some Star, Some Serhant, a Puzzlement & Pet Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason visits Anna. He has news about their search, and wanted to tell her in person.

Peter finds Valentin in his office with his feet us on the desk. Valentin says Peter hasn’t been returning his calls. If he didn’t know better, he’d think Peter was avoiding him.

Nina calls Curtis, and asks what’s going on? She says he had time to cash the check, and tells him patience isn’t her strong suit, but she’ll hang on. Maxie comes by. She thought something terrible happened, and asks what the hell?

Elizabeth sees Franco at the hospital. He says he’s feeling sore, and she tells him it will probably take a while. He asks what about the rest of him, and she thinks even longer. He asks how Jake is, and she says, fine, considering. She’s glad Jim is dead. Franco was a little boy, and should have been focusing on Lego. Star Wars, and playing with his brother. Jim was a disgusting excuse for a human being, but didn’t break Franco; Franco won. Franco says it doesn’t feel like it, but she tells him it will. He just needs to get there. She tells him he’s being released. The boys are on break, and are excited to have him home; so is she. Franco says he wants that more than anything, but can’t.

Elizabeth thought after getting answers, Franco would be ready. He thought so too. He knows for certain that he’s not the despicable person Jim tried to convince him that he was; he’s not evil. He wasn’t trying to hurt Drew. Elizabeth says he was trying to protect him, so why? He tells her that he has things he needs to sort out before he’s comfortable in her home. It’s hard to explain, but he doesn’t feel like he knows his place. She says his place is with her and the boys; they miss him. He misses them too. Elizabeth says the man he was trying to be and scared he wasn’t, was him. She always believe it, and he has proof now. He was good when he was little, and he’s good now. Franco pinky swears that he’ll do everything he can to heal. She says he can heal at home, but he asks her to trust him on this one. She says she’s always trusted him. They exchange I love yous.

Maxie wants to know why Nina didn’t show up for their appointment. When she wasn’t in the office, Maxie thought Nina was meeting her at the hospital, but she wasn’t there either. She didn’t get any messages, and asks why Nina was a no show. Nina says because Maxie broke up with her. She says that Maxie said there was too much Nathan between them, but Peter has no connection. Maxie says he kind of does.

Valentin asks why Peter hasn’t returned his calls. Peter says he’s been busy; he’s still busy. Valentin says he’s been busy too, listening to Lulu. She came by, saying she’s trying to unearth Henrik aka Peter. Peter says it’s her stab at apologizing to Maxie, and thinks it’s a waste of time. It’s not going to happen; he’s on it. He’s her boss, and if she gets too close, he’ll throw her off. Valentin tells him Lulu is the least of their problems.

Jason tells Anna about talking to the publishing company. They don’t know PK Sinclair’s real identity, but the money is going to a bank account in Zurich. Anna say that’s near where she thinks Henrik went to school. She says she’ll pursue that avenue, while he follows the money. She asks about him looking for Henrik’s mother. Jason says Anna is clearly uncomfortable about that; why?

Doc tells Franco that he heard about last night. Franco says, good times. Doc says it was quite the roller coaster, and Franco thanks him for helping Jake through the trauma. Doc says Jake is a remarkable, resilient child. He says Jim is dead; Drew shot him, and Franco says, that’s the short of it. Doc asks, what’s the long? Franco tells Doc he put Jim in the trunk of a car and took him to the studio. He relived what happened that night, and it all came back to him in horrible, vivid detail. Doc asks what he remembers, and Franco says, everything. Jim came to his room, night after night, saying he was a good boy, but only if he kept his mouth shut. His mom had a lot to deal with, and it was their little secret. Doc says Jim sexually abused Franco. Franco says Jim told him that he loved him. He was fatherless and needed a man in his life. Maybe he was right; maybe he encouraged it. He didn’t stop him, and could have told someone. Doc says he was a child; a small, helpless, defenseless child. He had no way to process it. Franco says he knew it was wrong. Doc says, of course it felt wrong. Jim knew what he was doing, and how to keep him quiet. He’s to blame, not Franco; never him.

Nina says Maxie gave her a whole speech about how she didn’t want to be near people connected to Nathan. She was hurt, but understood. Now Nathan has a connection to Peter? Maxie says maybe it’s the wrong word; it’s more like, reminiscent. Nina asks if Peter reminds Maxie of Nathan. Maxie says in the way he moves, and sometimes his gestures; maybe it’s a thirty-something-year-old guy thing. Nina asks if she’s attracted to him, but Maxie says she just sees similarities. Nina asks why Peter didn’t go to the appointment, and Maxie says she didn’t ask; she thought she was going with Nina. Nina says she asked him to sleep on her couch. She doesn’t know him. The problem is, no one does. Maxie insists she does.

Peter says Anna and Jason will get nowhere; he’s thoroughly covered his tracks. Valentin says he doesn’t know that. They’re well-trained, and with the manuscript, he might as well have left a trail of bread crumbs. They know what they’re doing, and he’s playing with fire. Peter says he’s the only one who stands to get burned. Valentin says if Peter thinks he won’t be affected, think again.

Anna thinks she and Jason should respect Henrik’s mother’s privacy. She probably has a whole other life and family. Why drag her out? She asks if he’s sending Spinelli, but Jason says he’s working a different angle. He’s dealing with this himself. Anna says she’s going with him.

Franco explains that when he pushed Drew, he wanted Drew to hide, but Drew didn’t want to go by himself. Franco couldn’t go because of Jim, and Drew wouldn’t go down the stairs, so he pushed him. Doc says he was trying to help Drew, not hurt him, and Franco says he wanted to make sure Jim couldn’t do to Drew what he’d done to him. Doc says he protected his best friend; it’s incredible for a child that age. He says it’s a lot to process, but they’ll work through it. He can rest easy that he’s not damaged in the way he thought. He’s good and decent. Franco says, what if he’s not? What if what Jim did took a lasting toll? What if he’s a danger to Elizabeth’s boys?

Franco tells Doc he went online, and Doc says that was his first mistake. Franco says children who are abused grow up to be abusers. Doc says they can, but the majority don’t. Franco asks what if he’s in the almost category. Doc says he told Franco about his twin who was abused by their mom. He grew up to be a violent criminal, but he wasn’t the only one who suffered. Franco says he’s sorry, adding that Doc seems pretty normal. Doc doesn’t know about that, but a lot of work and therapy put the trauma in the past where it belongs. Franco asks what if he’s not so lucky, and Doc asks if he’s ever looked at Elizabeth’s sons inappropriately. He’s not going to suddenly morph into a predator. Franco says he already has.

Nina asks Maxie, who is Peter? Where did he grow up? Who is his family? Is he vegan? Besides being a gym rat and a bean counter, he’s a mystery. Maxie says they have similar backgrounds with parents who were absent. Outside of work, he eats alone and watches old sitcoms because he wishes he had a family like that. He’s an unexpected friend, and for whatever reason, brings her comfort. Shouldn’t that be a good thing?

Valentin says Peter has known him long time, but he’s changed a lot. He’s a father now, and married. He likes his life, and doesn’t want Peter to mess it up. If Nina finds out he’s been protecting Peter, he’ll lose her forever. Peter asks when this became about him, and Valentin says every time he’s had Peter’s back over and over again. Staying focused on Peter, he’s risking his life. Jason will find him. Peter says he doesn’t know that. Valentin asks why Peter let him live? He was the perfect candidate to kill Peter’s father, and he did. Now, he’s looking for Peter. Every day he digs the hole deeper with Maxie, and it’s going to end badly.

Jason tells Anna that she has Emma. She asks if he can’t wait a week, but he says he’s not putting it off. He can’t get back the five years, but he needs to know why. Anna says they know he was raised by a terrible man, but they also know he has the potential for good. He kept Jason alive. Jason says that means nothing, but Anna thinks it does. Henrik has the right to know that he might have inherited a fatal disease. Jason says he’ll tell him when he finds him, and Anna asks if that will be after he shoots him. Jason says he won’t shoot him on sight, but Anna says he will if he thinks Henrik is a threat, and their definitions of that are distinctly different. She knows he’ll find Henrik, and all she asks is that she’s with him when he does.

Franco tells Doc to look at the heinous things he did. People have been calling him a predator for years. Doc says what he did when he had the tumor is in no way related. Franco thinks it’s a large coincidence, but Doc says his behavior was medically explained, and since the tumor was removed, he’s been a model citizen. He’s committed to Elizabeth and her kids, and they feel safe with him. That’s indicative of who he is now; actions speak louder than words. That he was molested is a horrible and heartbreaking fact, but in no way means he’s be bad as an adult. Doc tells him to ask Elizabeth or her boys. They would say just the opposite, and for what it’s worth, so would he.

Jason says Anna wants to be there so he doesn’t kill Henrik. She agrees, and he asks what makes her think she could stop him? She says he holds her opinion in high enough regard to consider it. She doesn’t think he’s a mindless killing machine; he has a conscience. They’ve often been on opposite sides, but he respects her, maybe because of Robin. He says it’s not just Robin. She says she didn’t think so, and suggests they find Henrik together and deal with him. Jason says he does respect her, but asks that she respect him enough to tell him what’s really going on. She says whatever she can’t disclose, she has her reasons. He understands, but wants to be honest with her. When he finds Henrik, if it looks like he’s picking up where Faison left off, he’s going to shut him down. Emma comes downstairs.

Maxie tells Nina that she didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. Nina says she didn’t, and Maxie’s comfort is her top priority. Maxie says, just not with Peter; Nina wants it to be with her. Nina apologizes if she’s being selfish. Maxie says it’s not, and she is with her most of the time; it just can’t be all the time. Peter isn’t as invested; it’s easier to breathe around him. Nina gets it. It’s like her and Valentin.

Valentin tells Peter that sooner or later, someone will ask why Faison was at Crimson. He wasn’t there for Maxie; he was there for Peter. He knew Peter had double-crossed him, and wanted to kill him. The whole chain of events falls on him, and his issues with his father. Peter says he thinks about his part in this all the time. He wishes Nathan was still alive, but all he can do is help his widow and child. Valentin says then he needs to get out of Port Charles as soon as possible.

Nina tells Maxie that she’s an emotional, volatile person. Maxie says she’s noticed. Nina says since Nathan died, she vacillates wildly between okay and losing her you-know-what all over, usually with Valentin. His response is always something amazing. Maxie says she’s lucky, and Nina says he wouldn’t be able to be that way if he was grieving too. He’s sad and empathetic, but it’s not a personal loss. Peter is probably the same way. Maxie is glad she understands. Nina is still her birthing coach, but Maxie asks if she could ease up on Peter a little.

Peter tells Valentin that he’s not going anywhere. Valentin says, if he stays, there are two alternatives; get caught and killed or exposed. Peter says it’s his risk to take. He likes his life too, and he’s not giving it up because Valentin thinks he should. Valentin says it’s worse than he thought. This is all about Maxie. Peter has fallen for her.

Emma asks what Anna and Jason are talking about, and Jason says they’re planning a trip to Switzerland. Anna tells her that they’re working on a project, but it’s going to have to wait a few days. Emma says she’d like to go along. In class, everyone was assigned to research a country and give an oral report, and she got Switzerland. She tells them some facts about the country, and Anna says it’s a good start. Emma says how cool would it be to actually go there> Anna says it’s a working trip, but Emma says she loves helping her spy. She leaves to get a snack, and Jason asks Anna if she’s really thinking about it. Anna makes a maybe-I-am face.

Elizabeth is waiting for Franco. She knows it’s scary to have been through what he was, but she knows he’s not one of those people. He would never hurt the boys. He tells her that’s what Doc said. She asks if he believes Doc, and he does. She asks if he has any doubts, and he says he has no fears or hesitations. She and the boys are the best hing that’s happened to him. She says he’s made their family complete. He kisses her, and she asks if he’s coming home. He says, yes, and they hug. Everyone is happy, including me.

Maxie tells Nina that Peter isn’t trying to replace Nathan; no one can do that. Nina says Nathan is irreplaceable. Maxie says Peter seems genuine in wanting to know about Nathan. Maybe Nina could tel him some stories. He’d like that, and it might help her too. Nina says, Maxie wins; she’ll give him a chance. Maxie says she won’t regret it. They can make up the class this afternoon. Maxie leaves, and Nina calls Curtis again. She tells him that he’s right; there’s nothing there. She starts to tell him to call off the investigation, and listens. She says, he found dirt on Peter?

Peter tells Valentin not to be ridiculous; Maxie is his brother’s widow. Her child is his only family. Valentin says he’s lived his whole life without one, but Peter says maybe he’s ready for that to change. Valentin says she doesn’t even know who he is, and Peter says it’s better than nothing. Valentin hopes it doesn’t blow up in their faces. Peter says, him too, and remembers Maxie saying he has a unique connection to Nathan, having been there when Nathan was shot, and saying she doesn’t know why he was there that day.

Anna tells Jason to think about it. With a child along, they’ll be less conspicuous. He doesn’t know why she thinks Robin would be okay with it. Anna says where else could Emma be safer than with the two of them? I don’t know. Maybe anywhere?

Tomorrow, Griff plans to destroy the test, Lulu is dropping the investigation, and Carly has a change in plans.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Tinsley meets Ramona and Carole for drinks. Carole is hung over. They talk about the Halloween party. Carole insists LuAnn darkened her skin for her Diana Ross costume, although no one seems to care. I don’t care. I think LuAnn is pretty much clueless about everything, so why bother?

Bethenny gets a snowman cake plate from Dorinda, and says Dorinda is destined to make her a hoarder. In her interview, Dorinda says she and Bethenny got together in the summer; she was intrigued by what Bethenny was doing in Puerto Rico. Bethenny tells Dorinda that she and LuAnn hung out until the wee hours after the party. Dorinda says now that she unloaded the baggage, LuAnn can be herself.

Ramona wonders why LuAnn didn’t talk more about Tom, but Carole is sick of it. In her interview, Carole says LuAnn holds her friends to a higher standard than herself. Ramona says Bethenny attacked her over her opinion about Bethenny’s investment property. Like she’s entitled to one. We flash back to that.

In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona needs an imbecile-ectomy. Ha-ha! As long as she can feel like she’s better than everyone else, she’s happy. Dorinda says she’s staying with Ramona in the Hamptons. Bethenny says she just wants to have a nice dinner there for her birthday. They talk about Sonja, and how antisocial she was at the party.

Ramona is going to have a party for Carole after the marathon. She’s impressed, since Carole never worked out once in fifty years. I agree. My Nikes are off to her. Ramona gets a call from Kirk, her restaurant owner friend, who did her daughter’s graduation party. She asks him to help her on Saturday night.

Sonja meets Dorinda for a walk. Sonja is surprised Dorinda remembered, since they’d made plans at the party and she was pretty hammered. Dorinda likes Sonja, but they get off track, so she’s going to try not to let Sonja trigger her. Sonja talks about being in Costa Rica; resting, juicing, and doing yoga. She tells Dorinda about taking an antidepressant for a while. In her interview, Dorinda thinks Sonja shouldn’t be on anything but vegetables and rest. They discuss the party. Sonja says she thinks Tinsley felt like Sonja shadowed her when they lived together. Dorinda says Sonja was too critical. Sonja says they text. She doesn’t want to tell Tinsley, I told you so, now that she’s living in a hotel. Dorinda thinks Tinsley is happy at the hotel. In her interview, Sonja says it doesn’t make sense. She complains that Tinsley never gave her anything until Scott came around. She says Tinsley likes to be with a guy who picks up the tab, but she isn’t like that. Dorinda tries to keep her cool, and tells Sonja they’ll see each other in the Hamptons. She suggests to Sonja, when in doubt, don’t shout it out.

LuAnn meets Tinsley for dinner. Tinsley ordered wine already, because she was having a texting war with Scott. In her interview, she hopes Scott misses her enough to want her back. LuAnn talks about a time when she dressed like a Moroccan princess and surprised her husband in Morocco. I assume she’s referring to the Count. In her interview, Tinsley doesn’t think LuAnn should be giving her dating advice. LuAnn says the beginning shouldn’t be like this, and Tinsley says LuAnn’s beginning came to an end fast. She tells LuAnn that the others think she’s not sharing that much. In her interview, Tinsley says LuAnn kept talking about it, and now that it’s over, she’s not talking. It seems disingenuous. LuAnn says she’s done with Tom, and Tinsley says she brought him into their lives. In her interview, LuAnn says she feels too vulnerable to share with the other women. Tinsley says she’s using “the Countess wall,” and in her interview, LuAnn says this isn’t coming from place of love, but a place of mean. Tinsley says she’s going to the marathon, and LuAnn says she wasn’t invited. Tinsley remembers that LuAnn and Carole had a fight, but LuAnn calls it a discussion. Tinsley says Adam will be there, and LuAnn calls him Carole’s joy boy. Tinsley remarks that they lasted longer than LuAnn’s marriage. Tinsley says Carole likes LuAnn when she’s being real, and LuAnn asks if Carole is the judge of authentic now. In her interview, Tinsley says she’s just trying to help, not be mean. The Countess LuAnn orders some rosé.

Dorinda and Carole take a walk by the Hudson River. Carole says she runs there, and Dorinda says, two days. Carole says she’s been scared, but finally woke up excited. Dorinda suggests Carole wear a Walkman, and Carole tells her the 80s are calling. In her interview, Carole says her younger self wouldn’t have believed she was running in the marathon. They sit on a bench, and Dorinda says Sonja is nuts. At the party, she wanted to start fresh. Carole tells Dorinda that Sonja said she looked fat in her costume. Dorinda asks if she did, and Carole says she looked adorable. In her interview, Dorinda says that’s not the way to build a friendship, especially after their bad history. Carole pretends to be offended that Dorinda isn’t watching her run, and spending time with her daughter instead. Dorinda suggests throwing a party, but Carole tells her that Ramona beat her to it. Dorinda says she’s supposed to stay with Ramona in the Hamptons. Carole isn’t sure where she’s staying yet.

At Sonja’s townhouse, she goes over bar instructions with her housekeeper. She’s been throwing gay parties on Wednesdays for twelve years. Her designer friend Marc arrives with his boyfriend, and it gets crowded pretty quickly. Sonja is feeling on the outs with the girls, and looks forward to not being judged. It’s no women allowed, because women have an agenda. Sonja tells us that she’s a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. There’s probably an app for that. She spends the night gossiping about the other women, and then shouts, let’s turn this up! The music gets louder.

Bethenny goes to her new apartment. She has six properties now, and is doing four renovations. She says this is next level, and she might stay there a while. She’s also moving into a new corporate space next to the apartment. She hasn’t been feeling the business lately, since she’s been knee-deep in Puerto Rico. She’s hired a president to run things for her, and says everything is up in the air. In her interview, she says show her a woman who is rich, tan, thin, having sex, and getting sleep, and she’ll show you a unicorn.

Dorinda meets Tinsley for lunch. Lots of eating this week. She wanted to meet before they left for the Hamptons. They laugh over ordering wine at 11:30 am. Tinsley says she hasn’t seen Dorinda since the Halloween party, when she was bubbled out. Dorinda says, when Sonja said she looked fat. She says she’s a forgiver, and likes to keep it moving. She went in unprepared, and tells Tinsley to be prepared for the weekend. Sonja has been talking horribly about her, saying she gets men to pay for everything like a kept woman. In her interview, Tinsley thought they were in a better place, and it’s making her angry. She tells Dorinda that she didn’t know what she was walking into, living with Sonja. Dorinda calls Sonja a bully, saying she acts like she has a Candyland mentality, but she’s waiting with a knife. In her interview, Dorinda says she was discouraged. Sonja takes jabs, and you don’t feel it until it’s over. She’s going to be supportive of Tinsley.

LuAnn meets Sonja for tea. Everything is all autumned up at the restaurant, and I love it. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja drives her nuts, but what are friends for? Sonja calls her The Countess, and LuAnn says it annoys some people, but it will always be a part of her. She has her own Pandora station with that name. Sonja says her financial advisor suggested she rent out the townhouse. It’s too much work for her alone. LuAnn says she’s looking for an apartment. They talk about when they lived together. LuAnn says she met with Tinsley, who felt she should open up more. Sonja says she’s really hurt for LuAnn. LuAnn says she feels sensitive; Tom just wasn’t changing. Seriously, did she really think he would? At his age? In her interview, LuAnn says at least Sonja didn’t say, I told you so. They toast to good friends.

It’s marathon day. This is the moment Carole has spent the last four months thinking about. She didn’t get much sleep, but feels great. Her husband used to run the marathon, and she looked at his stats, feeling melancholy and proud. She wishes she’d made more of a celebration. She and Adam are still in each other’s lives, and they’ve reached equilibrium. The marathon has something to do with it. Her goal is to be finished before the sweeper bus comes. #Goals  Ex-Housewife Heather Thomson and her husband John are also running. Carole says it’s scarier than covering the Middle East. The starting line is the scariest place she’s ever been. She says it’s different than the other challenges she’s had. There’s no support. It’s all on her.

At mile eight, Carole start doesn’t know if she’ll finish, but it’s a mental game, and she can only think one mile at a time. Some of her friends cheer her on, Tinsley among them. In her interview, she says her legs were paralyzed, but she just kept going, and thought the finish line was a mirage. She makes it! She remembers hearing her parents and friends cheering her name, and seeing the guy holding the medal. She says, it’s isolating and lonely; just you and the road. At the end, seeing everyone cheering you on, you remember you’re not really alone.

Carole says, people called her husband Anthony a hero when he battled cancer, and it bothered her, but he was a hero after all. She feels like she’s honoring him the way she should have when he talked obsessively about running.

Next time, the Hamptons, LuAnn thinks there’s a change in the dynamic, and Dorinda goes off on Sonja – finger in her face and all.

🌟 On tonight’s Star, everyone in neighborhood helped to rebuild Carlotta’s place. Simone admitted she married Angel to stay out of juvie, but said they’re getting a divorce when she’s eighteen. I have the feeling they’ll end up really falling in love. Arlene’s twin sister, Charlene (their parents weren’t very creative), showed up looking for Star, and information on who might have killed Arlene. Star didn’t say anything, but told Cotton that she was fairly certain that Brody did it, since he showed up with blood on him, saying Arlene would never bother her again.

Ms. Desmond thought Noah was a risk, and without guaranteed success, there was no tour. Quavo was recruited by Midtown, and Star suggested he headline. Quavo agreed after an introduction to Alex, but Noah was less than thrilled. Carlotta stopped Noah from hitting the bottle, telling him it wasn’t the answer to his insecurities. He still stepped on everyone’s dreams by punching Quavo, who pulled a gun. Since Carlotta is everyone’s mom, she squashed the beef quickly, but Quavo walked. Everyone was like, thanks Noah. Noah ended up thanking Carlotta, and asked her to be his manager.

Star confronted Brody, who said he did what he had to for her protection. She asked if that’s why he killed her mother. He insisted it was an OD, but Star wanted to know what their little secret was, and why she didn’t speak for two weeks afterward. He wouldn’t talk, and she ended up calling him a coward, saying she never wanted to see him again. Angel’s mom showed up, and told him ICE was looking for him because she’d overstayed her work visa when he was little and lied about who his father was. I don’t think that’s how it works, and now he’s married to Simone anyway, but okay. Brody left Star a message that she was right and he was leaving, but a dude slammed into his room, and bounced him through a glass table. After Take 3 sold out a local show, Ms. Desmond agreed to another tour, but without Noah. Star flashed back to her mother’s OD. Brody had found Star with the needle in her hand (she picked it up after her mother used it), and when he asked what happened, she told him that she’d given mommy her medicine. That was the secret. Star called Brody, and told him she remembered, but he said she was right, and he killed Arlene. He told Star he loved her and hung up. It turned out he was calling from a bathtub where twinnie Charlene told him he’d killed her sister for no good reason. He said Arlene was an awful person, and Charlene electrocuted him by dropping a live wire into the water.

Queen Latifah’s best hair tonight was a toss-up between a braid that circled her head and went down her back, and a Veronica Lake fall with sweeping side bangs that had highlights. Next time, Simone feels guilty about Derek (as she should), another tragedy happens, and Queen Latifah sports purple streaks.

💰 Sell It Like Serhant premiered toight, and Ryan helped struggling wine salesman Tim. Tim, who had been addicted to heroin at a young age, served in Afghanistan, and graduated from culinary school, was now riding the “struggle bus,” and not doing well with sales. Ryan strikes me as a really nice guy, which isn’t a huge surprise, since he used to be a soap actor. They’re an acting breed unto themselves, much more appreciative of their audience than your average celebrity. Second only to country singers in understanding where they came from and who put them where they are now. We learned about the selling process, asking questions, listening to customers, and steering them to the right product. Ryan sent a spy to a wine tasting that Tim was working, and they communicated secretly. I don’t think I would have been a hard sell here, since Tim had me at dry Riesling. Ryan felt part of the problem was Tim’s guilt about putting his parents through the wringer, so he flew them out for a visit. After a rough start to his last stand, where he disappeared to make a cheese plate, Tim got on the “awesome bus.” The boss seemed like a bit of a hard-on – Tim only sold seven bottles out of the goal of ten – but decided to keep Tim in the end. Hopefully, Tim keeps riding that bus. Next time, a wax club. Ouch.

❓ Pondering…

Wtf, Jeff Goldblum? Why is he suddenly in so many commercials? Does he have a balloon payment coming up on something?

🐶🐱🐰🐹🐠 Happy National Pet Day! 🐣🐷🐕🐁


February 27, 2018 – Curtis Sneaks Around, the Bullets Match, Beverly Hills Bids Farewell to New York, a New Show & a Camel


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lulu brings Dante some food at the station, and asks how Mike is doing. He says Mike is sleeping now. Looking at him, you’d never know there was a problem. Lulu doesn’t know who she feels worse for, him or Sonny. She says the worst thing is the powerlessness; there’s nothing you can do to help. Dante asks if she’s talking about his father or Maxie. She’s already given up her career, and can start mending fences.

Peter finds Maxie asleep at her desk. He asks why she’s back at work already. She says Nina already lectured her about it, and he says she’s another one who shouldn’t be there. It’s too soon for both of them. Maxie tells him that Nathan would want them to go on with their lives. Peter says he’d also want them to take care of themselves. He orders dinner for two from the MetroCourt.

Anna finds Felicia working at the bar. She has something to tell Maxie, but wants to tell her first. Felicia asks what Maxie needs to know.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the bridegroom isn’t supposed to see the bride the night before the wedding for practical reasons. He thinks it’s to give the bride time to run. She says after tomorrow, nothing and no one can keep them apart. He says till death do they part.

Drew, sporting a bandaged hand, meets Curtis at Charlie’s. He tells Curtis that he got injured changing a tire. Since this has nothing to do with the plot, I’m guessing it’s an on screen explanation for a real life injury. Curtis tells Drew he combed Jim’s hotel room, but found nothing. Drew says just because he found nothing to link Jim to Betsy in his room, doesn’t mean he’s not involved. Jim walks in, saying he has a bunch of hungry construction workers, and places an order. Drew says he’s glad to run into him, and asks if he has a minute.

Dante looks at the food, and says Lulu went all out. She tells him that she’s lucky. He knows she’s upset abut Maxie losing Nathan. He tells her that he’s not going anywhere, and she’s glad for that. She says that when she starts something, she always finishes it, but she can’t give up a career that means so much to her. He asks what made her change her mind? Peter?

The food comes, and Maxie tells Peter that she’ll eat for the baby. He tells her go home afterwards, sleep, and come back tomorrow. She says she’s thinking of having the hotel send a cot to the office. He saw how miserable she was at the apartment. She even got rid of every reminder. It sounds cold, but she didn’t think she could survive being surrounded by objects that reminded her of Nathan. He’s everywhere, except there. It’s strange, since that’s where Faison shot him. Peter gets it. All her best memories are at home, but her worst memories are there. If she can overcome that, she can overcome anything. She says it sounds like he’s speaking from experience. She tells him don’t think of holding out on her. What kind of horribleness did he have to face?

Felicia asks Anna if she thinks Huntington’s disease was passed to Nathan, and Anna says it shouldn’t be ignored. The possibility is fifty percent. If Nathan was still with them, he would have to be told, so they have to do what he’d probably want; have the baby tested. Felicia says she’ll tell Maxie. She’s her mother.

Elizabeth asks Franco if he’s making progress in his sessions with Doc. He says it’s hard to gauge with a complex history like his. She wonders what he’s not telling her, and says he can tell her anything, but he doesn’t have to. Keeping things to yourself and keeping secrets are two different things. He asks which is which, and she says it’s a secret if it’s something she needs to know and he’s hiding it. Is there anything he wants to tell her? Scotty interrupts, asking if there’s a bachelor party planned. Franco says that should be his department, and Scotty says he’ll check his little black book for strippers. Elizabeth says that’s a no, and Franco agrees. Scotty gives Franco a letter that came for him. Inside is a card congratulating him on the upcoming wedding from Betsy. No check though. Geez. Is Betsy my maternal grandmother?

Drew thinks he and Jim got off on the wrong foot. Jim says think nothing of it. Drew says the Charles Street redevelopment is really happening; good for him. Jim says he broke ground right after the election. Drew didn’t realize he was so hands-on, and says he can relate, since he’s the same way at Aurora. He and Sam thought they could set up a meeting. They could do business together for the betterment of Port Charles. Jim Drew his him card, and says they’ll set something up. Drew says one day they might be friends again. Jim says he makes it sound like they were friendly in the past. Drew admits he has a blank space where his memory is; maybe Jim has answers. What he can’t figure out is why would a woman who loved him send him to an orphanage. Does Jim have the answer to that?

At the construction site, Curtis goes into Jim’s office. A worker asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

Lulu tells Dante that she was all set to quit, and Peter pointed out that if she hadn’t written the article, Faison might still be out there. Nathan was on board with it, and wanted to draw him out. He knew the risks, and in the end, did what he had to in order to protect his wife and baby. Dante says it’s true; Nathan didn’t do anything he didn’t want to. Lulu says Peter reminded her that she has a calling, and if she gives that up, she gives up on herself, and Faison wins. Dante asks if she ever thought about the possibility that Peter is using her.

Peter says after everything went down, and Nathan passed – Maxie interrupts him, saying Nathan died. He didn’t pass, he didn’t leave them, he didn’t go anywhere; he died. Peter continues, saying he reassessed his priorities; everything in his life, what mattered and what didn’t. Maxie asks what the verdict was. He says he thought he’d be happier elsewhere, and tendered his resignation. Maxie says, but he’s still here. He says Drew and Sam gave him time to think, and he reconsidered. Maxie thanks him, saying who knew he had insecurities like the rest of them? He’s too slick, and guys like him are either overcompensating for their inadequacies or delusional. He says he’s in category A, and she asks what made him stay. Felicia appears, saying sorry to interrupt. Maxie asks what it is.

Curtis tells the worker that he’s a new hire. He’s asked for his ID. As Curtis is looking for it, he says he wanted to check some stats, unless the guy wants to discuss it with the boss. The worker says no need to bother, and tells him to get busy. When he leaves, Curtis looks in the file cabinet and cupboard, but there’s nothing. He looks through some maps, and notices a few that are inside tubes, leaning against the wall. He takes them out and takes pictures.

Jim tells Drew that he and Betsy parted before she gave him up. He’s sorry, and wishes he could be of help. The waitress brings Jim’s order. He asks if he can call Drew “Andy,” but that’s a no. He says he’ll get used to calling him Drew easier than calling Bobby “Franco,” Drew says speaking of Franco, does he remember why Drew was expendable. Why would Betsy give him up? Jim doesn’t know. The only reason he can think of is that they banged heads all the time. It was kid stuff, but Drew would really go at it.

Franco wonders if Betsy is off the grid, why would she know about the wedding? Elizabeth excuses herself, saying Franco will only need five minutes to put on a suit, while she’ll spend five hours to look amazing. He tells her that she always looks amazing. They kiss, and exchange I love yous. After she leaves, Scotty says he hasn’t told her, has he?

Andre tells Anna that they’ve got to stop meeting like this. She tells him it’s about the baby. She has to find her. It’s a matter of life or death.

Peter gives Felicia and Maxie privacy. Felicia tells her it’s about the baby. Maxie says the baby is fine. Felicia says she hopes that never changes. She talked to Anna, and Maxie says she doesn’t want to hear anything about Faison; she doesn’t care. Felicia says something was found in his DNA. Maxie asks if it was a genetic mutation of evil, but Felicia says it’s Huntington’s disease. It affects cognitive functions and the brain. Faison had a number of symptoms. It’s genetic, and there’s a chance it was passed to Nathan. Maxie says Nathan is gone, but Felicia says it could have been passed down to Faison’s grandchild.

Franco says pushing Drew down a flight of stairs didn’t come up. Scotty doesn’t think the guy who said honesty is the best policy was married, or never got past the honeymoon. Franco only has Betsy’s word that it happened. Franco says he’s starting to have other memories. Scotty is going back to his previous advice. What happened, happened. He’s not a kid anymore. He has a life and should live it. He hopes Franco took his other piece of advice, and didn’t allow Doc to use him as a guinea pig.

Drew leaves Curtis a message, saying he stalled as long as could. He texts Curtis to GET OUT NOW.

At his office, Jim asks if he can help someone. It’s Elizabeth.

Lulu tells Dante that she already made the decision. He supposes he doesn’t get an opinion. He says she’s a great reporter and brought change, but she doesn’t listen when she’s told to be careful. She says her editor wants her to focus on cat shows and puff pieces. Dante says Peter wants her to take risks while he gets the reward. She says it might come as a surprise, but she makes her own choices. He says Nathan is dead, her best friend won’t forgive her, and she almost left her kids without a mother. She says he puts himself in danger every day. He tells her that he does his job to serve and protect, but he lost Nathan and almost lost her. Peter might think her life is acceptable to risk so he can boost his business, but Dante doesn’t.

Maxie tells Felicia that Nathan had no symptoms, but she says they usually don’t show up until the person is between thirty and fifty; he might have carried the gene and not known it. Maxie says he died to save his child, and it could have been for nothing. Faison can still reach out from the grave to claim her baby, and there’s nothing she can do.

Curtis joins Drew, telling him by time he got the message, he was long gone. He says Drew seems extra edgy, and Drew says he is every time he’s around Jim. He asked Jim about his childhood, but he remembers pretty much noting, except him and Franco fighting when they were kids. Curtis says there’s been no luck with anything linking Jim to Betsy, but Drew says he might have another lead.

Elizabeth apologizes to Jim for her unannounced visit. She tells him congratulations, but he says he saw her rooting for the other side. She says he’s right, and he asks why she’s there. He doesn’t think it’s to rehash the election. She tells him that she’s getting married to Franco tomorrow. He says it’s his turn to say congratulations. He’d love to get them a wedding gift, and asks if there’s anything they need. She says Franco’s mother, Betsy.

Andre tells Anna the disease is like a ticking time bomb, and can be carried for decades. She says her daughter needs to know for herself or any children she might have. Andre asks how Anna plans to find her. She says when she gave the baby up, she didn’t even ask if it was a boy or girl. She was very clever, and made sure she went through no legal or traceable channels. She doesn’t know anything; they’re strangers. She’s made a mess of everything.

Maxie asks Felicia what she does now. Felicia says the first step is a test. Whatever the results are, she needs to know. If it’s negative, it’s one less thing to worry about. If it’s positive, the doctor will guide her through it. Maxie says she has to get back to work. Felicia says the issue can wait. She needs sleep for her and the baby. Maxie says they’re both fine; everything is fine. Felicia tells her to call; she doesn’t need a reason. Maxie sits staring into space. Peter puts a hand on her shoulder.

Elizabeth tells Jim it would mean so much have Franco’s mother at the wedding. They had an argument, and she took off. They haven’t been able to find her, but she thought maybe Jim spoke to her. Jim says they’ve been out of touch long time, and she says she knew it was a long shot. He wonders why Elizabeth thought he was in contact with Betsy. Elizabeth says it would explain how she knew where to send a card. Franco got one with no return address.

Curtis tells Drew that when a big mess is usually left after a fast getaway. Betsy couldn’t have been tidier; all her expenses were paid and everything organized. She had been deep in debt, and it was completely cleared. She didn’t have the money, but after the art show, guess who did? Drew says that doesn’t work for him; Franco’s not behind it. Normally, he wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, but when he asked Franco about it, he believed him.

Scotty tells Franco that he’s lost his mind, and to stay away from Doc. If Doc starts rummaging around in Franco’s mind, he’ll find something. Franco says it’s not just therapy; he’s helping Doc with his research. Scotty says, is he? Is he stirring memories that are buried or helping? Franco says both. Scotty tells him that he’ about to marry beautiful girl tomorrow. Ask himself what would his father do, then have the sense God gave a goose and do the opposite.

Jim says it’s not every day a bride-to-be tracks down her future mother-in-law. Elizabeth thinks Franco is worth it. It blows Jim’s mind that he grew up to be a famous artist, and is now marrying the woman of his dreams. He’s truly blessed. He wishes them nothing but happiness. Elizabeth thanks him, and leaves.

Scotty tells Franco they’re taking an Uber. Franco says his car is there. Is Scotty afraid he’s going to run to Canada? Scotty says they don’t know what can happen, and he’s not taking any chances. Franco thanks Scotty for being his dad, and standing up for him, not just at the wedding. Scotty is kind of his favorite relative.

Curtis asks Drew if not Franco, than who? Drew says, Jim. The more they talk, the more he’s convinced Jim is hiding something. Now they have to prove it.

Jim calls someone, and tells them what they did was stupid.

Lulu tells Dante to Mike some food so it won’t go to waste. She starts to leave, and comes back to tell him that she loves him. He says he knows.

Anna tells Andre that she’ll treat it like any other missing person, and start at the beginning. She’s going to Brussels where her daughter was born. Andre says it sounds like plan. She asks if he’s going to wish her luck, and he says he’ll do better. He’s going with her. She asks how his Flemish is.

Peter asks what Faison did, and Maxie says nothing actually. He’s just as much of a victim as the baby and Nathan. Peter says Faison was never anybody’s victim. Maxie tells him it turns out Faison had Huntington’s disease, a genetic brain disorder. It’s fatal with a slew of horrible symptoms along the way, and there’s a fifty percent chance it’s passed to the children. Peter gives a look like, DUN-DUN-DUNN!

Tomorrow, Kim calls Julian a good guy, Scout celebrates a birthday, and Sonny asks Ava what it will cost to make it go away

The Haves and the Have Nots

David and Melissa find Veronica and Benny going at it. Melissa says uh-oh. Veronica tells David, see what he gets when he walks in without knocking, and asks if he wants to see more. Benny says, are you kidding? David leaves. Melissa calls Benny nasty, and Veronica throws a pillow at her. Benny says it ain’t right; it’s her husband, and she says soon to be ex. He’s leaving, and she calls him her hero, but if he wants to go, go. He says it’s a messed up situation. She says he wanted it, and so did she so. She doesn’t feel bad about it. He does, and tells her not to call him again. He gets dressed, and Veronica laughs, asking if he’d like to come back. He says it’s crazy, and she says he’s crazy about this. Why is he fighting it?

Melissa says Benny actually did that, and he tells her to leave him alone. David says Benny is still in it, but Benny says he should talk to his wife about that. David says he’s talking to him. Benny tells him to move from the front door, and David says, move him. Benny says he kicked David’s old ass before. Veronica comes down, and tells David not to mess up her good thing. Melissa says, this is good. I’m surprised she didn’t get popcorn. Veronica calls her a bitch, and tells her to go to her room, Veronica tells David to let Benny go, and Benny walks out. She asks what David wants. He asks Melissa to excuse them, but she says she doesn’t think so. Veronica slaps her, and asks if she didn’t hear. Melissa says touch her one more time and see what happens, but she goes upstairs.

Veronica tells David that Melissa is driving her crazy. Is he jealous? A fine, sexy, desirable man wants her. He hands her a folder, and tells her to read it. It’s all the things he’s had on her over the years. She says she has a file too, so he can’t scare her with this. She calls Jeffrey a girl, and David says he’s gay; get over it. She says, not in our family; she needs to stay in jail then. David tells her that she can’t make him straight. Veronica says she’s not trying to. She’s just trying to make him be who he is. David asks if she wants him to take the file to the FBI, and she tells him to do what he has to. She’ll sing like a bird. One of them tried to have her killed, but she’s going to live to be the fire that burns him. She threatens to take care of the beige girl he’s seeing, and he tells her to move out of his way. She tells him to move her. She has a restraining order, and she’ll tell the police that he beat her. She tells him the beige girl with the pretty face is going to get messed up, and he pushes her aside. She yells that David Harrington is a wife beater. Melissa is hanging around on the stairs, and Veronica says she’s going to the doctor tomorrow to find out why she’s not showing. Melissa says she’s not going anywhere. Veronica tells her that if she’s not pregnant, she won’t have to worry about anything anymore. Melissa asks if Veronica is threatening her. Veronica says she is, and Melissa tells her that she’d better lock her door tonight. Veronica says she’ll leave it open; come in and see what happens. Veronica goes upstairs, and Melissa says she’ll show her how crazy she is.

DA George tells Sarah that they have the Cryers. It’s a match. He’s going to talk to the judge, but this is clearly enough. He tells her they’re paying Wyatt a visit. It’s solid, way solid. She wants to know what it is, but he tells her to just come.

Hanna helps new housekeeper Joanne, who calls Kathryn particular and a bit of a bitch. Kathryn snapped at her, and if she didn’t need the job, she’d have been gone. She asks if Hanna doesn’t think Kathryn is kind of stuck up. She was going to ask for tomorrow off, but she would probably hit the roof. Hanna asks how long she’s been working there, and Joanne says a week, but it’s better than the last family. Those damn white folks got on her last nerve. Their daughter got pregnant by a Black man, and they hit roof. She tells Hanna it’s an ugly little brown baby. Hanna is like, really? Joanne thought there was drama in the hood, but these people are even worse. She looks at Kathryn’s jewelry, and says one necklace cost more than she makes in a year; she could sell it and be happy. Hanna says she’d better not, and Joanne says she’s just playing. Hanna says she’ll be right back, and takes her purse with her. Joanne tries on earrings.

Hanna goes downstairs and finds Kathryn. Kathryn kids her about her upcoming date with Derek. Hanna needs to talk about Joanne. She says sorry to do this, but Kathryn has to fire her. She’s up in everyone’s business, and it’s not good for her with all the drama she has. Kathryn admits not doing her due diligence, but she thought Joanne was cool. Hanna says she’s a hot mess and will steal everything. Joanne storms in, says she knew Hanna was going to tell on her, and asks Hanna what kind of a sister she is. Hanna says first of all, she’s not her sister; she’s an honest woman, and what Joanne is doing is terrible. Joanne says Hanna’s ignorant ass gives Black people a bad name. How is she going to feed her kids. Kathryn says she’s not feeding them on her dime, and to get out. Joanne says she doesn’t know who she’s talking to; who does she think she is? She’d better have her money ready in two weeks or she’ll burn the house down. She leaves, and Hanna tells Kathryn, you see? Crazy.

Veronica calls Candace, who asks what the hell Jeffrey is doing in jail? Veronica says he’s there for her crime, and Candace says she didn’t do anything. Veronica says the phone isn’t bugged; she can say what she wants. Veronica tells her that Jeffrey wouldn’t do as he was told, and had to go. Candace says he won’t make it, and Veronica says that’s not her problem. He likes the boys; maybe he should be around them. Candace asks if Veronica is punishing him for being gay, and Veronica says it’s worthy of punishment. Candace tells her, people are gay; get over it. Veronica says not to educate her on the LGBTQ and however many letters they’ve added. Candace says people have died for being gay, and she should show respect. Veronica says give her the old days, when the closet was king for queens. Candace thinks her level of ignorance is too much. Veronica says they need to talk about David; she wants to take him for everything. Candace says her girl hasn’t found any account numbers or passwords, and Veronica tells her that David won’t leave those around the house. He might be screwing her, but he’s also watching her. He’ll know if anything is out of place, and will even use a black light. Candace asks if he’s that paranoid, and Veronica says she taught him. She says make sure nothing is disturbed. Keep an eye out, and she’ll inform Candace of the next move. She tells Candace she’s impressed so far, and Candace is like, bitch, please.

Candace calls Erica, who tells her there’s nothing there. Candace says she’s holding off on the $100K, and not to snoop; he’ll know. Erica says she thought he would, and Candace tells her not to think. Don’t touch anything; don’t do anything. He’ll black light things looking for evidence. She asks what name Erica has her under on the phone, and Erica tells her CY. Candace calls her stupid, and tells her to put her number under Cynthia. Put everything in an app, and leave everything else exposed. If David checks, he’ll never find it.

Candace asks the hotel bartender what’s going on and how the new girl is doing. He says she’s smart and careful. Candace tells him to have the new girl come to see her.

Oscar goes to Jim’s hotel room. Jim asks what he’s got, and Oscar gives him a paper with account information. He has trackers on the phone and is working on getting the passwords. He asks if Jim is expecting someone, and Jim says he is, and Oscar is in the way. Oscar leaves, saying, see you, Mr. Jones, and Jim says, okay, Mr. Smith, because they’re so original. After Oscar is gone, a girl comes in. Jim asks if she’s new at this, and she feigns ignorance, saying that she met an amazing guy in the bar, and he invited her to his room. If he happens to leave $5K on the dresser, that’s just fine. Jim says $1K only, and she says he’ll only get $1K worth of service. He says it better be damn good, and she says he’ll be paying her $5K before he knows it. She kisses him, and they move to the bed.

George goes to Wyatt’s place with Sarah. Wyatt asks what’s up. George says they have a bit of an issue. They have strong evidence tying his family to Jennifer’s shooting. Wyatt asks what they have, and George asks if his family owns a gun. Wyatt says not that he knows of, and George asks where his sister got one. He doesn’t know. George asks if he’s ever seen his parents with one; it’s important that he has, and he needs him to think about it. The light bulb comes on, and Wyatt says actually, he has. George asks which, and Wyatt says both. George says that’s all he needs, and Wyatt asks if George is picking them up. George says he’s working on it. Wyatt says them coming by has to stop. His dad is telling him not to testify. George offers to get a restraining order.

While they’re waiting for the elevator, George tells Sarah that they got them. She doesn’t like the coercion. It’s obvious Wyatt didn’t see them with a gun. He asks whose side she’s on. They killed one of them, and they’re going down for it. She says the case isn’t tight, and George asks if she’s going to rat on him. She says no, and he tells her that she just got this job. She’s with him for a reason; to learn the ropes. He tells her to watch, learn, and keep her mouth shut. They’re going to visit Kathryn and see if she’ll break.

Justin brings another officer some coffee, and says he hears the officer has the Harrington case. The officer says she was in a car wreck. She’s okay, but they have no clue who hit her. Justin tells him good luck.

Justin calls for Jeffrey at his cell, which is getting super old. Jeffery says he’s not going anywhere with Justin. Justin asks if he wants to make it difficult, and Jeffrey says he does. Justin tells him to get on his feet. Jeffrey says, no, and Justin keeps repeating it. Jeffrey just looks at him. The other officer comes out, and asks if Justin is having trouble. Justin says no, and the officer says he has the authority to make him come, but Justin says it’s okay. He looks at his phone and says he just got a text that they’re going to be late, so he doesn’t need Jeffrey. The officer says today is Jeffrey’s lucky day.

Justin’s wife, Kendra, comes to the station. She asks to talk in private. They go to an interrogation room. She asks him why. Why didn’t he tell her? She found out in open court he was with that man. He says he wasn’t, and she says she saw it. He apologizes. She says he should have just told her he’s gay, and he says he’s not. She wonders what the calls it, and he says he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what to say; it isn’t the place. She says, no, it isn’t, but he hasn’t returned her calls. She’s not leaving until he talks to her. He owes her that. He says it’s been forever since they’ve been intimate. She says he hasn’t touched her. In the last year, she came onto him. He says she’s always busy, and she tells him not to turn it around. It’s him; just be honest. Why can’t he just tell her? He says he’s sorry. She asks if he loves Jeffrey, but he can’t talk to her about that. She says she’s his wife, and he repeats he can’t talk about it. She says it’s more like he won’t, and he tells her that he has to get back to work.

Hanna tells Kathryn that’s it, and Kathryn says it looks good. Hanna was the best housekeeper she ever had. She asks if Hanna will work for her again at double the salary, and have two people report to her. Hanna shakes her head. Kathryn asks if it’s the money, and Hanna says she knows what they’ve been through. It hurts Kathryn that she can’t fix it, but Hanna could use the money. Hanna says she could go to school and get s nursing degree. She doesn’t want to do this anymore; she wants a change. Kathryn suggests going to school while she’s working for her, but Hanna says she’d be dog tired. Kathryn says she can do it, and Hanna says she’ll think about it. Kathryn says think is better than won’t.

They go outside, and see George and Sarah pull up. Hanna asks if Kathryn wants her to stay, but Kathryn says Hanna needs to get ready for her date. Hanna says it’s not until tomorrow, but Kathryn tells her to go. George tells Kathryn they’d like to talk to her, and she invites them in. She should just pin everything on Veronica. George introduces Sarah, and Kathryn asks if he has more bad news for Jim. He says it’s actually bad news for her. Her son is planning to testify against her. She thought Jennifer dropped it, but George says what she did was die; she was murdered actually. She had a gunshot wound, point blank to the chest. Kathryn acts like she doesn’t know anything, and George says it was a 45 caliber handgun; one registered to the Cryer address. She tells him he needs to talk to Jim; she wouldn’t know about it. George says they will. He’s sorry about her daughter, and says, it was a suicide, right? Jennifer was looking into it because the blood spatter didn’t match a suicide. Kathryn asks how that can be, and George tells her that Jennifer thought her daughter was murdered. He asks whose gun it was, and she says it was Jim’s. He asks how Amanda got it, and she says she doesn’t know. She wonders if she should call her attorney, and George says if she’d like. She asks if he’s saying she’s a suspect, but he says he’s just asking questions. She tells him that they need to leave, and he tells her that the same gun used to kill Jennifer was the one Amanda used. The bullets match. She asks how that’s possible, and he asks her to tell him. She tells him that she thinks she’s said enough, and if he wants any more contact, he can speak with her attorney. She’ll give him a list, and he can choose one. She tells him that he knows where the door is, and he thanks her for her time.

David is knocking on Hanna’s door as she pulls up. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says they need to talk about her son. Hanna asks what about him, and David says he knows Benny buried Quincy’s body. He needs to turn himself in or be arrested for murder.

Next time, Hanna talks to Benny about Veronica, Kathryn tells Jim that she doesn’t need him, Veronica asks Melissa where her alcohol went, and Candace wonders what she’d look like in the White House.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille’s daughter is walking the runway, and they’re both excited. Malan Breton, the designer, who’s using way too many fillers, tells Mason he’s proud of her. She’s blossomed.

The ladies get in the limo. The silence is deafening. In her interview, Kyle says it’s the most awkward car ride she’s had in a long time. She didn’t know Dorit was capable of being quiet for this long, and it’s making her more uncomfortable. She says it doesn’t feel like they’re gong to a fashion show. In her interview, Dorit says it was a sh*tty night and she had a bad night’s sleep. She has nothing to say, and doesn’t want to be there. They head for the Intrepid where the show is. Dorit sits between LisaR and Erika, because it’s safer and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone else.

Kyle gets choked up seeing Mason. LisaR relates to Camille because of her own daughters. Most of the clothes are fabulous, except for this sequined thing with marabou feathers on the sleeves. The ballgown Mason wears at the end is to die for. It looks like something out of a fairytale. Erika says Camille is so supportive, and they went crazy cheering Mason on. Camille couldn’t be any prouder. Backstage, LVP congratulates both of them. LisaR wonders what’s going on, and then wonders if she really wants to know.

Kyle is opening a new store in the city. Everyone gets glammed up. Kyle’s hairstylist wants to cut her hair. She decides to take a risk – and pretend. He creates a faux bob for her. LisaR asks her what’s going on. Kyle says nobody is talking to anybody. She tells LisaR about Dorit wanting to take a cab home, and LVP saying she’d go with her. Kyle says she never gets credit for defending LVP, and we flash back to some of that. LisaR says Kyle would throw herself in front of a bus for LVP. Kyle says no, but maybe under it. In her interview, LisaR says Kyle has stood up for LVP in ways she never would. She tells us threesomes always lead to trouble.

Dorit never tries things on because she likes the thrill. Not me. Nothing is less thrilling than finding out something doesn’t fit correctly at the last minute. She’s wearing a vampire shirt because her blood was drawn last night. Okay. She calls LVP, and asks if they can chat before they leave. LVP says okay. Dorit says it feels crummy being on the outs with her, and some things need to be said.

Teddi is exhausted. She was up until God knows when. There was so much drama the night before, and she was up for SoulCycle at 6 am. She only cares about being in a good mood and excited about Kyle’s store opening. She has to pull it together. Thank God for glam squads.

Dorit meets with LVP, who says she was hurt. She’s been a good friend and always on her side. Dorit says she was upset, and things come out of her mouth when she’s upset. Like what? Diamonds? Toads? She says she and LVP spoke about it, but LVP says apparently Dorit told everyone else that she’s insecure and jealous. Dorit claims she didn’t say that. She only said that LVP is sometimes needy of her. LVP says Dorit claimed she’d told her she hadn’t gotten enough attention as a child. In her interview, she feels it’s derogatory. We flash back to what LVP did say, and it was more like her parents weren’t huggy/kissy and she wouldn’t have minded that. She tells Dorit now Kyle is mad because she didn’t want Dorit to go home alone. She feels she’s defended LVP, and feels LVP holds her to a higher standard. Dorit tries to deflect, pointing her finger at Kyle, and LVP says just because they both did it, doesn’t make it right. Dorit wonders how they can work it out. LVP says she loves Dorit, mainly on the strength of her loving PK. Dorit says that’s not very nice to say, and LVP says let her finish. In her interview, Dorit says she thought they had a better relations than that. LVP tells Dorit they became friends because of her husband, but she’s grown to love her, and they have an authentic friendship.  In her interview, LVP explains that her friendship with PK goes back years in England and Europe. She doesn’t want to rock the boat and have a falling out. Dorit says she would never do or say anything to hurt LVP. In her interview, LVP says that Dorit was complicit in talking crap about her with Kyle, but she’s glad for the sort-of apology. Dorit tells LVP to come to her directly if she’s upset.

Kyle says it’s supposed to be an exciting night, but it feels weird that she and LVP haven’t spoken. She’s not riding in the car supporting her. Teddi has come along instead, and Kyle tells her that she hates having to think about it. They get to the store, and Kyle gets excited. One of the designers is her godson, who was on Project Runway Junior when he was a kid.

In the limo/bus, Erika tells the ladies that every day, she wears a costume. It’s not an outfit, but a personality. Tonight, she’s Kim Bassinger from 9½ Weeks. We go down Erika’s costume Memory Lane. She says you have to switch it up and have depth, otherwise dressing up is no fun.

The Fat Jewish is at the opening, and we flash back to his lap dance from last time. Bethenny also shows up, and is amazed by Kyle’s faux bob. Kyle explains that they’ve knowns each other for twenty-five years. She introduces Teddi, and the others arrive. She thinks LVP and Dorit showing up is a good sign. They still need to talk, but at least they’re here. In her interview, Erika makes air kisses, and says the Beverly Hill hello comes in handy. Kyle tells LVP that she wasn’t sure they were going to shot up. Bethenny says Kyle feels like she got caught in crossfire when she was defending LVP. LVP thanks Kyle for defending her, and Bethenny says it sounded like what she calls a “thuck you,” a combination thank you and eff you. LVP says she didn’t want to let Dorit go home alone. In her interview, LVP says Kyle has Bethenny for back-up now. Bethenny says she can see the look on LVP’s face, and just stop. LVP says she loves both Kyle and Dorit, but differently. Bethenny wonders what’s up with Dorit’s accent. LVP tells Kyle she’s sorry if Kyle was upset. Bethenny points out that LVP is saying she’s sorry for the issue, but not that she conceived it. In her interview, Kyle says LVP struggles with admitting it when she’s done something wrong.

The ladies try on faux furs. Kyle’s godson calls LisaR the baddest bitch in town. LVP picks out a red one. In her interview, she says she’s paying full price so no one can add cheapskate to the insults. Erika talks to Bethenny. In her interview, she says she and Bethenny got off to a rocky start. We flash back to Bethenny saying Erika’s video had cheap production value. Erika says that Bethenny is one of those big dogs who wants to pee on everything, but has a heart of gold. Kyle tells LisaR that she’s had a black cloud over her, but she’s not going to be stepped on. In her interview, LisaR thinks it’s about effing time. Kyle needs to grow some balls, have some dignity, and stop it. Why is she kissing LVP’s ass? IMO, it’s because LVP is everything, can do no wrong, and is the patron saint of dogs. LisaR tells Kyle that she’s glad to hear it.

Dorit tries on the red coat LVP wants. Kyle tells her that she cares; that’s why she’s upset. LVP tells the clerk to rip the coat off of Dorit’s back. Kyle says she was upset, hurt, and disappointed. She put her trust in Dorit. Dorit says the best thing about joining the group was getting Kyle as a friend. The three of them have a good time. Kyle says they do, and that’s why she feels it was a waste of a day. She says Dorit can trust her, and she wants to feel the same way. In her interview, Kyle says Dorit tried to drive a wedge between her and LVP, and it’s a hard pill to swallow. Kyle thanks everyone for coming. She tells LVP she didn’t know if she would be there, and LVP says she wouldn’t not come, which is an odd turn of phrase. In her interview, LVP says of course she came; she had a jacket to pick up. She says it’s hard to understand the perception of the other relationships. She enjoyed the trip, but wants to go home now. Dorit asks about the red coat, and finds out LVP bought it. In her interview, Kyle says professionally, the trip was a success, but friendship-wise, it was a disaster. She loves New York, but gotta go.

Back in Beverly Hills, Jagger demands to see his gummi bears, Kyle gets facial treatments, LisaR gets a new puppy, and Teddi visits Villa Rosa.

LVP shows Teddi a new table she’s designing. They have tea, and LVP says she’s having a lunch for her birthday. Teddi says her husband will be glad to see the house. LVP says she’ll put the rude things away. Schnookie! Teddi asks how she’s feeling, and LVP says after the Bella party, everything got heated, and she didn’t want to be involved. Teddi says what makes it go in circles with Dorit, is that there’s no ownership. She adds that she never heard Kyle talk poorly about anyone, but Dorit does. LVP thinks she should put more thought to it, but sometimes she makes allowances for friends. She says didn’t want Dorit going home alone, and then complaining to PK about it. She thought Kyle would be okay. Teddi thinks that Kyle’s feelings might have been hurt because LVP was silent when she went to bat for her. She tells LVP not to make it about Dorit. She thinks Kyle needs to hear an official I’m sorry, LVP doesn’t want Kyle to feel hurt. In her interview, LVP says maybe she wasn’t listening, and if Kyle went to bat for her, she needs to acknowledge that. She and Teddi talk about going to Camille’s fundraiser. Teddi thinks it’s going to be okay.

Harry give kisses to the new puppy. Amelia thinks it’s ironic that he didn’t want the dog. Harry says he hasn’t started to eat the furniture yet. LisaR says he’s like a new baby without diapers running around the house. She tells them Delilah is homesick. It hasn’t hit her that her daughter lives in NYC now. In her interview, LisaR says when Delilah was eleven, she started having panic attacks, and bullying issues magnified them. That she can move is a miracle. Harry says he was a basket case his freshman year at Berkeley. He would cry in his room. He gets where she’s coming from, but she’ll make new friends. Amelia says Fashion Week as a wake-up call. Harry says he didn’t know sh*t from shinola at sixteen. His hat’s off to them. Amelia isn’t feeling well, and goes inside. Harry wonders if she’s going to attend NYU. LisaR says she has more of a connection with her than ever before. Harry says they have to give the girls guidance, and LisaR wonders if the girls realize they’re a helpful team. Harry says the girls are like fish who grew up in water, and don’t know what water is because they’ve always been around it. My head hurts just trying to figure out how this works as an analogy.

LVP meets Kyle for lunch. LVP says she needs to go to handbags anonymous. Kyle says her husband bought her bag, so it doesn’t count. She tells LVP she’s extremely overwhelmed, and LVP pours her some wine. Kyle says on top of her house being renovated, there was the trip to New York. LVP says four days felt like four weeks; it was emotionally draining. There were two things that went on with Dorit, and it was an uncomfortable situation. She says she ha a lot at stake with PK, and Kyle asks if there was anything at stake with them. LVP says, yeah, and Kyle says LVP holds her to a different standard. She puts the things Kyle does under a microscope, and she’s baffled that LVP is okay with Dorit. LVP says she’s not as close to Dorit; it’s been ten years of labor with Kyle. Kyle says she can only take so much. LVP apologizes, saying she made a mistake. No ifs, buts, or howevers. She’s sorry she neglected Kyle’s feelings, and didn’t realize she’d upset Kyle. Kyle says that’s why she was pissed in New York. In her interview, Kyle says she’s shocked at the apology. She wishes LVP had thought of it on her own, but she’ll take it. She tells LVP happy almost-birthday. LVP says she’s getting older. Kyle says even she is a better friend, LVP looks gorgeous. LVP says Kyle is getting on her nerves now.

Next time, Camille has a gift for Dorit, LVP’s birthday lunch happens, Dorit walks out of the lunch, and Giggy!

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June 25, 2017 – A Live Walker, a Little Dead Talk & Preacher Returns


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Fear the Walking Dead

An old man asks if his wife is okay. Nope, she’s not. She’s a zombie. She tries to bite him, but her teeth are in a glass next to the bed, so he dances with her. I guess she’s not a very good dancer, because he shoots her and himself in the head. They tumble into a lantern, and it starts a fire.

A commotion is going on at the ranch. Madison and Nick run outside. A building is on fire, and a crowd of people try to put it out with buckets of water. Jeremiah tells them to save the water; everyone inside is gone. He tells them to let it burn.

A soldier asks Madison if she’s up for the rescue mission. He calls her “sweetheart,” and tells her if she isn’t scared, she’s crazy, and she should know what she’s getting herself into. She tells him she survived the wasteland without him and his guns, and she’ll do fine. Nick wants to come, but she tells him to stay and take care of Alicia. Troy starts beeping the truck horn to get her moving. Nick doesn’t trust him, but she says he won’t hurt her, and the more they know about his family, the better.

At the food station, Jake quotes Ecclesiastes to Alicia. He says she should know it, since she’s been to Bible study three nights in a row. He starts to tell her something, and touches her hand, causing her to drop her coffee cup. She gets super annoyed, and Jake leaves. Gretchen tells her that the people who were in the fire were one of the first to be there, and were co-founders of the community. She asks if Alicia wants to party, but Alicia says she’s had enough for now.

Nick brings Luci breakfast. She says the couple’s death was sad, but beautiful; they were together until the end. She thinks they should leave, but Nick says they can’t just walk to Tijuana without a plan. Luci says that she knows people who are closer. Nick says they’re probably gone, but she tells him that they would have hidden in the prohibition tunnels. She thinks he doesn’t want to leave his family, but says she can’t live there. Nick says he won’t force her too, and she tells him that she wants him to come with her.

Victor tells Daniel that he’s impressive. Daniel wants to go into the hotel, guns blazing, but Victor says he’s a negotiator. He also doesn’t know what’s happened since he left. Daniel tells him to drive through the line of zombies blocking their path now.

Alicia goes to Jake’s house, and asks what he was going to tell her before she acted stupid. He says he’s happy that she came there. She tells him that she’s sorry about Russell and Martha, the couple who died. She wonders what happens now, and if they’ll ever be normal again. He asks if she’s okay, and she kisses him. Well, that beats what happened when Russell asked that question.

Troy sees some prisoner zombies in orange jumpsuits wandering around an overturned Department of Corrections truck. He wants to wipe them out, but one of the soldiers points out that they’re on the clock. Troy tells them it won’t take long, and no guns; it’s too much noise. Madison gets wrestled to the ground by two of the zombies, but the soldier who questioned her earlier shoots one with an arrow, and she’s able to pike the other one in the head. When the zombies are all dispatched, Troy says it’s a beautiful thing, and they did it in record time. The soldier takes back what he said about Madison.

Nick looks through the fire rubble, and finds a picture of the couple.

Alicia looks through Jake’s books as she gets dressed, and finds out that he’s a writer. Apparently, there’s no afterglow, because she says she has to leave. He wants to lend her a Charles Bukowski poetry book. She says she used to be into all of that, but now, what’s the point?

Nick is cleaning up the mess from the fire, and Jeremiah says that he’s part of the community now. He tells Nick that the house was once the only building on the property, and it used to be his home. He says Jake was born there, but his second wife wanted something bigger. Nick gives him the picture he found. Jeremiah picks the gun up out of the wreckage, and calls it a work of art. Nick says Troy calls them tools, and Jeremiah says Troy is trying to figure himself out. He tells Nick that every home needs a gun, and he’d given it to Russel. He says if Nick is going to do this right, he’s going to need help.

There’s no helicopter at the crash site. Madison says somebody hauled it away. One of the men finds a spent shell and says there must have been a gunfight. Troy says whoever attacked them probably went to the outpost, and they have to go after them right now. Madison is gung-ho about that, thinking about Travis.

Troy blasts death metal as he drives. Madison says seeing where it happened made it real, but he tells her that there’s no time for grief. She asks what if it was his father, and he says that the best you can do is take out the a-holes who wronged you. She says it’s a game for him, and he says it’s his calling.

Victor asks Daniel how he got out of the fire, and Daniel says something spared him. Maybe the devil wanted him to stay there with Victor. He asks why Victor left the hotel, and Victor says he wanted to broker a deal with Dante. Daniel calls him selfish, and Victor says he would have brought the others – he’s not the same man Daniel knew. He’s getting tired of Daniel’s animosity, and tells Daniel if he wants to kill him, do it, but Daniel just wants to get going.

Jeremiah tells Nick that Luci is okay, and Nick says that she thinks the monsters here are worse than the ones outside. Jeremiah says she should go, but Nick says he thought it was us against them. Jeremiah tells him that Luci should go because she can’t get right with what happened. He tells Nick about how he locked Troy in the basement after a tantrum when he was a child, and then forgot about him. He ran downstairs and found Troy just standing there, repeating, “I’m sorry, daddy.” He felt badly, but not bad enough to stop drinking. He says that Nick’s mom wants to stay, and his girl wants to go, but what does he want? Nick asks what made Jeremiah finally quit drinking, and Jeremiah tells him that he decided to go deer hunting when he was drunk, and nearly shot his privates off. And he didn’t mean the kind in the military.

The convoy goes to the outpost. It looks deserted, but like everyone just disappeared in the middle of what they were doing. They go through the place, guns drawn, ready to shoot. Troy smells something. They follow a trail through the dirt and find a pile of burned bodies.

They hear someone talking, and find one of their men sitting in a chair, rambling a poem. A raven is perched on his shoulder, pecking at his brain, which is exposed. One of the men throws up. Madison puts a knife through the guy’s skull which is easy since part of it is missing. She tells Troy that they have to go. A Native American man is suddenly there and asks why, since they just got there.

Troy calls the man Walker, and asks if he’s lost his mind. Walker says they were only defending their land, and Troy tells him that he’s dead. Walker tells him to lower the volume and put down the weapons. He’s surrounded. Madison tells him to give the order. Walker says they’re taking their guns, vehicles, supplies, and boots. He tells Troy to tell his people to get ready for justice. They want their land returned. Troy says it’s not going to happen. Madison says they need water if he wants them to get there with the message. He says she’s joined up with a lost cause, and she says it became her cause when they took one of hers, meaning Travis.

Jake visits Alicia. He tells her that he wants to show her something, and takes her to a tranquil lake. He says the ranch wasn’t set up for the end times, but it’s not hopeless, and they still need things like poetry. They need something greater than guns to live for.

Victor and Daniel reach the hotel. Daniel asks Victor why he’s hesitating. There are no guards or guns, and Ofelia is waiting. Victor says it’s not good, and no she’s not. They get out of the car, and Daniel tells him to stay close. They go inside. and the place is a bloodbath. There’s no electricity, and Victor thinks they should wait until daylight. We hear zombie noises. Daniel rings the desk bell, and asks where she is. Victor says he doesn’t know; she left them. Zombies come pouring in from the other room and Daniel leaves Victor, saying let’s see how he gets out of this one. Zombies swarm Victor.

Well, he does get out of it, but Danial takes the car. Victor runs down the avenue, whacking zombies with a makeshift weapon.

Nick brings Luci to a moonlight picnic at the burned out house, which is now fixed up somewhat. They look at the stars, and Nick tells her about the people who lived there. He thinks with the right work, the place could be great. He asks her what she’s thinking, but she says nothing.

Troy curses his life while walking barefoot. Madison thinks they should stop. She says the men are tired, and Troy says so is he. She tells him that Walker is going to beat them there anyway. Troy asks if she thinks Nick could handle it, but she insists they’re not going to make it. He barks orders to keep going, and Madison says they listen to him out of fear, not respect. Taking Troy aside, she asks him if his father would make this move, and if he wants to be a mama’s boy. She says even at the end when he cared for her, she still didn’t love him. She tells the men that Troy said to rest up. Troy says they’d better be ready at first light. He’s the only one who knows the way, and he’ll leave them.

Madison wakes up with a knife to her throat. Troy tells her to be quiet. She says he’s better than this. Troy struggles with himself, making all kinds of weird faces, but finally takes the knife away and books. The guy sleeping next to Madison sees what happened, but turns his back to her.

Nick wakes up alone. Luci left him a note on a napkin, but we don’t see what it says. She walks along a border wall. The convoy marches on. Alicia stands at the edge of a cliff. She jumps.

But it’s into the lake. At first, she seems refreshed, but then she looks worried.

Jeremiah brings Nick the gun from the house, now cleaned up, and pats him on the shoulder.

Next time, Troy gets aggressive, Gretchen says the ranch isn’t safe, and Madison shoots someone. Vague, I know.


🔊 During Talking Dead tonight, we found out that Colman Domingo (Victor) and Ruben Blades (Daniel) had a discussion about how no one goes to the bathroom ever on television dramas, and then how they would accomplish the mission to include it in an episode. Now if they could just do something about people never saying good-by at the end of a telephone conversation on soap operas.

🕍 Preacher started its new season tonight after FTWD, but will repeat on Monday night at 8 pm, with the second episode airing in what will be its regular slot at 9 pm. Based on a graphic novel character, it follows the adventures of Jesse (Dominic Cooper), a preacher with otherworldly talents who is looking for God, who has disappeared from heaven. He’s accompanied by his girlfriend, Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joe Gilgun), a modern-day vampire. (That reminds me, I guess Being Human is never coming back, and I loved that show.) I watched most of the first season, and Preacher is a lot of fun. The dialogue is clever, the characters are original, and the action is weird and wonderful.

👦 Ryan Serhant (Million Dollar Listing New York) has ditched the beard. Thank you.