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October 15, 2016 – GH is All About Morgan, Z Nation is All About 10K, Ryan is All About His Wedding & Quotes are What You Make of Them


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Michael listens to Morgan’s phone message from Kiki. He wanders around looking at family photos. Jason comes in. Michael tells Jason that both of his parents want to be alone, but Jason says he came to see Michael.

Jordan and Nathan go over the car bomb case. Jordan is hoping to find some kind of signature that leads them to who planted the bomb. Nathan suggests it might trace back to Sonny, and Jordan says he’d be living out his worst nightmare. Dante walks in.

Lulu visits Maxie who immediately launches into her plans for a New Year’s Eve wedding. Lulu starts to cry. She tells Maxie that Morgan is dead.

Nina has gotten flowers and a fruit basket to send to Sonny’s house, and tells Dillon it’s crazy to think fruit and flowers will help ease the pain of losing someone. Dillon says it’s just a gesture, a tribute to their loss. He tells her that Kiki was going to break up with Morgan to be with him, but now she’s pushing him away.

Franco comes home and finds Kiki sitting on the steps, holding her head and crying.

Nathan asks Dante if he’s sure he wants to be at work. Dante says he wants to find out who killed his brother. Jordan asks what if it leads back to his father, and he says he’ll recuse himself if that happens. TJ comes into the station.

Lulu tells Maxie that it was a car bomb. Maxie is stunned. She tells Lulu she’s sorry and hugs her.

Kiki says she went to Morgan’s house and she was going to dump him. Franco says she’s been unhappy with him for a long time. She says she was breaking up with him so she could be with Dillon. She blames herself, saying she’s not a decent person and doesn’t care about anyone else. Jason says he’s just checking in, and Michael wishes he’d done that with Morgan. He says it was his job to take care of Morgan and he wasn’t there when it mattered the most. Morgan was spiraling out of control and he wasn’t there to help him. He says he accused Sonny of it being his fault, when it’s really himself he should accuse.

TJ and Jordan take a walk. He says Molly is a mess because Morgan was more like a brother than a cousin. Jordan apologizes for taking him away, but she wanted to talk to him about who’s responsible for putting the bomb in Julian’s car. He asks about Sonny and she admits he’s the most likely suspect.

Dante tells Nathan that Morgan being dead doesn’t feel real. He says Morgan was working hard to put his life back on track, and he wasn’t there for him. He says he was too concerned about Sonny. He begged Sonny not to do anything after Julian’s acquittal, but he didn’t get through. He feels like a failure as a cop and a brother.

Maxie asks how Dante is doing and Lulu says he’s devastated. She says it doesn’t help that it looks like Sonny is the one who put the bomb in Julian’s car, and explains how it happened. She says no one warns you about how terrifying it is to be a parent, Maxie says Nathan is about to find out. Lulu asks if she’s prepared for the possibility. Maxie is hoping Charlotte isn’t his.

Dillon tells Nina that Kiki thinks she let Morgan down and that’s why he spiraled out of control. He says she doesn’t even want to be around him. Nina says deep down, she knows she needs him, and he has to make her see that.

Franco says breaking up with someone isn’t selfish. She says it’s the one thing Carly begged her not to do. She tells Franco that Morgan saw her with Dillon. She says he got it wrong that they were having sex, but they were kissing. She told Dillon that she’d been thinking about him since the Nurses Ball and she was going to break up with Morgan. She says she’s the reason Morgan was drinking. Franco explains that Morgan wasn’t thinking rationally because he was ill, and she can’t let this stop her from having a happy life. She tells Franco she needs to be alone. She gets up, and I can’t help but notice the great joggers she’s wearing.

Jason tells Michael that he didn’t neglect Morgan. Michael says he could have been a big brother, but he was wrapped up in his own life and didn’t see any signs of trouble. Jason reminds him that Sabrrrina just died. Yeah, Michael has been legitimately busy. Jason says he was there when Morgan was killed; he got him to stop, but no one could have done anything about the explosion. He says Morgan was the victim of terrible circumstances and Michael needs to stop blaming himself.

TJ says Jordan has no idea how much Sonny loved Morgan. She says she does. A parent’s job is to love and protect, and she almost lost TJ in the warehouse shootout thanks to Sonny. He says he forgives her for the past and hopes that she can do the same and forgive him.

Jason tells Michael that the way he’s thinking is a trap, and there’s a lot of blame to go around. He says Michael loved Morgan and was good to him. Michael says except for when he wasn’t, and talks about how angry he’d gotten with him. He says Morgan did stupid stuff, like kidnapping Avery (yeah, you know, stupid little things like that), and didn’t think things through. He relied on Michael for that. Jason says he was a grown man and we all make our own decisions. He says remember when Morgan came home from the hospital as a baby – Michael was the first one to hold him. Michael was the first one to give him love and acceptance, and when he screwed up, the first to forgive him. Jason tells him to stop blaming himself for something that wasn’t in his control, and to give himself credit for being the person Morgan loved and looked up to.

Dillon knocks on Kiki’s door. He says no pressure, she doesn’t have to let him in, but even if she wants to use him as a punching bag, whatever she needs, he’s there for her. He says he’s not going to leave. She doesn’t have to answer the door, he’ll sit out in the hallway so she can know she isn’t alone. He asks her to just let him know she hears him. She stops the music on her phone and goes to the door.

Maxie says if Charlotte turns out to be Nathan’s daughter, she’ll accept it and be supportive. Lulu says Charlotte would be lucky to have her as a stepmom. She asks where Charlotte is, and Maxie says Claudette put her somewhere safe because of a guy who’s after them. She says it’s someone Lulu knows too – Valentin Cassadine.

Nathan can’t imagine how Sonny must feel. Dante said if something happened to Rocco that was his fault, he couldn’t live. Nathan says he’s starting to know what it’s like, and he hasn’t even met his daughter. Claudette has come in with a child that looks exactly like her and says he has now. Because everyone is allowed to wander anywhere they like at the police station.

Claudette tells Charlotte to say hello to her dad. Nathan tells her it’s nice to meet her, but she’s not too responsive. He tells Claudette to give her time since he’s a stranger. He tells Charlotte that he’s excited to meet her. Claudette says she just had to make sure it was s-a-f-e. Charlotte goes to Nathan and hugs him. That didn’t take long. Claudette says she imagined this moment and that it looks happy and right. Dante tells him to take the rest of the day off. He asks Charlotte if they can spend some time together, and Claudette suggests feeding the ducks. He wants Charlotte to meet Maxie first.

Lulu says she can’t imagine what Charlotte went through with Valentin in the picture. Maxie says at least Claudette had the good sense to get her away from him. Lulu has to leave and tells Maxie she’s strong and can handle this. I just have to interject that when we met Valentin, he certainly didn’t act like this ruthless villain they’re talking about.

TJ tells Jordan about how he offered to drive Morgan anywhere he wanted, but Morgan saw the keys in Julian’s car. He thought he was getting through, when Morgan sucker punched him. He thinks he should have done something more, but Jordan says he did what he could and called the police.

Franco shows up at Nina’s office. She tells him about how she sent Dillon over to see Kiki. Franco is glad because he couldn’t get through to her. Nina tells him he’d be an amazing father.

Kiki tells Dillon that she knows he wants to help but seeing him doesn’t make her feel better. The last time she saw Morgan, they got in a fight about him. Dillon is perplexed and she tells him about how Morgan said she was making time for Dillon, but not him. She’s so weepy, I can barely understand what she’s saying. Michael listens outside the door. He comes in and asks her if she was breaking up with Morgan.

Michael says Morgan’s phone was recovered and he listened to her messages. He says there was a tone of her felling sorry for herself like she always does, and standing by someone with bipolar disease isn’t very fun. Morgan was desperate scared and needed her, but she was too busy screwing Dillon. He starts getting belligerent and loud and aggressive, and Dillon grabs him.

Franco says just because he gave Kiki a shoulder to cry on in her hour of need doesn’t mean he’d make a good father. Nina says your child is any child who loves you back. Or something like that.

Nathan comes home. Maxie is on the phone with Spinelli and says her good-byes. Nathan brings in Charlotte and introduces her. It might have been nice to give Maxie a heads up. Not too insensitive. I’m surprised at Nathan.

Lulu goes to the station and says she has to talk to Dante. She tells him about why Charlotte was kept away from Nathan. He says Claudette brought Charlotte to the station.

Dillon says Michael is grieving and he’s sorry, but that doesn’t give him the right to abuse Kiki. They almost come to blows and Kiki says she deserves it. Dillon says that’s not reality. She says she convinced herself that she was righteous and good in breaking up with Morgan before starting a relationship with Dillon. Well, yeah. She tells Dillon to go and not come back. She can’t look at him. What an idiot Michael is. I’ve never liked him. Dillon leaves. Michael and Kiki look at each other. She says she’s sorry. He says he’s sorry too. Moron. My ambivalence has turned to hate.

Jordan says Sonny planted the bomb and it’s tragic, but now TJ should understand what his life costs. She asks if he’s done with Sonny. He says he was the last person to see Morgan alive. Jordan says she’s there for him.

Dante says there was no excuse for Claudette keeping Nathan’s daughter from him. Lulu says the man Claudette was hiding her daughter from was Valentin.

Maxie asks if Charlotte would like cookies. She says yes, and Claudette says she had a bagel in the car. She thinks it was a mistake to come since Charlotte has to get comfortable with Nathan first. He says he doesn’t notice she’s distressed, and Claudette says shes quiet around new people. Claudette is looking stupid and contrary because Charlotte hardly seems shy around Maxie.

Maxie takes Nathan aside and tells him that she was fully prepared to welcome Charlotte into their lives, but now that she’s seen her, there’s no way she’s his daughter.

Nina says she’s investigating other avenues for a baby. Franco says the child will be lucky. She says she’d rather have gotten pregnant, but it wasn’t in the stars. Franco tells her that being a birth parent isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and sometimes that makes it worse,

Michael apologizes to Kiki. He says they can keep lashing out, but it’s not going to change things. “They?” Is this one of those “we were all drunk” statements? Seems to me he was the only one lashing. He says all they know for sure is that they’re going to be hurting for a long time. Get that man a psyche degree.

Next time, Claudette plays with Nathan, Scotty tells Julian he’s responsible, and Carly tells Sonny he’s responsible.

General Hospital – Friday

Maxie says she knows in her heart that Charlotte isn’t Nathan’s. Claudette hears her talking and says how dare she, but Maxie says how dare Claudette try to pass off Charlotte as Nathan’s daughter. She says there’s absolutely nothing of Nathan in her. Since the kid looks like a Claudette clone, I tend to agree, but that doesn’t mean she’s not his.

Sam meets Alexis at The Floating Rib. Sam says on the outside, Jason acts like everything is okay, but on the inside Morgan’s death has to be tearing him apart. They talk about the bomb being meant for Julian.

Julian drops off financials at Crimson. He tells Nina that Sonny ended up killing his own son and now he has to live with it.

Kristina tells Sonny she can’t believe Morgan is gone. She thought he would always be there. Josslyn comes downstairs. She says she keeps thinking she’ll wake up and it will just be a dream. She says she loved Morgan and Kristina says he loved her too. Kristina asks about Michael. He’s upstairs with Carly.

Carly tells Michael she doesn’t ever want him to think she takes him for granted. She’s going to get Josslyn and go back to her own place. Michael asks for how long, and says he’ll be supportive. He asks if she’s sure she wants to walk out, and she says she doesn’t have a choice.

Nathan tells Maxie to stop it. She says when Claudette stops trying to pass off her daughter as Nathan’s, she’ll stop calling her on it. Claudette says she doesn’t need Charlotte around Maxie and hustles her out the door. Maxie asks Nathan when he’s going to stop letting Claudette play him.

Scotty shows up at Crimson to get Julian. They leave and Curtis arrives. Nina asks if there’s any baby news. He says yes.

Scotty tells Julian that Carly can’t evict him, but that’s not his problem. Morgan is dead instead of him and Sonny is going to want revenge.

Michael tells Carly to make sure she’s doing the right thing. She says if she’d done the right thing, Morgan might still be alive. She begged Sonny to stop the retaliation of violence, but she couldn’t stop him and now Morgan is dead. Michael says Sonny told him he had nothing to do with it, but she says because of Sonny’s actions, Morgan is dead. She says she understands Sonny is Michael’s dad and he worked at getting the relationship back on track, but she can’t stay in the house another minute. He says they’ll get through it together.

Josslyn tells Kristina that Carly told her to stay in her room until she came to get her. Carly comes downstairs with her bag.

Nathan asks Maxie how she could do that in front of a child? Maxie tells him that if Claudette doesn’t want to be exposed as a liar and a fraud in front of her kid, she shouldn’t lie and perpetuate fraud in front of her kid. He tells her the paternity test isn’t at the top of his priority list. Maxie says he wants to believe Charlotte is his daughter regardless if it’s a lie.

Claudette tells Charlotte she’s going to get to know her dad and she can’t do anything to stop it.

Sam tells Alexis that Morgan saw the keys in the car, but no one knows if he knew that it was Julian’s car. She thinks it was just a horrible and strange coincidence. Alexis says the bomb wasn’t a coincidence, Sonny is behind it.

Julian tells Scotty he’s not worried about Sonny. Scotty says he should be, because Sonny wants him dead more than ever now. Scotty tells him there might be a way out of this for him.

Michael wants to take the girls to the park to play with Avery. Kristina wants to know what’s going on, but he hurries them out. Sonny asks Carly if she was leaving without saying anything. She says she was going to get Josslyn settled, then come say good-by. He says their boy just died. She says Sonny made a decision and now Morgan is dead. She says the pain and despair is going to be there forever, but there’s going to be one less consequence – her and Sonny.

Nathan says he’s been thinking it over for a long time. There’s a chance he could be Charlotte’s father. He’d never forgive himself if he lost her for good, and he needs Maxie to understand that. Maxie says if she’s really his daughter, she would have a stepdaughter that’s part him, and that would be a gift. She apologizes. He has no idea if this will smooth things over with Claudette, but Maxie says she has a solution.

Charlotte skips around the park. Claudette says it was worth it to do what she did to keep Charlotte safe. Nathan calls and Claudete says it’s not a good time. Nathan says listen and she won’t regret it.

Curtis says he can’t get Nina a baby. He says he feels terrible, but at the end of the day, they’re talking about a black market baby and it’s dangerous for both sides She asks for his research, but he doesn’t want to give it to her.

Scotty says it would be a lot harder for Sonny to kill Julian if Sonny is behind bars. He suggests proving that Sonny tried to have him killed.

Josslyn takes Avery – who is so big, she should be walking by now – to push her on the swings. Kristina asks Michael what his mom is doing to her dad.

Carly says that she told Sonny not to let his need for revenge have a hold on him. She tells him that she should have given him an ultimatum, but she stayed, and now Morgan is dead. Sonny says she and Griff convinced him and he called off the hit. Carly says it was too late. when he had his big epiphany, their son was already driving to his death, and now he’s asking her why she’s leaving. The doorbell rings.

Nell says she hopes she’s not interrupting. She tells Carly that people want to know what they can do. Carly says she hasn’t even made funeral arrangements. She says she doesn’t even know what to do, since their beautiful, passionate, erratic son was blown to bits. Sonny tries to comfort her, but she tells him not to touch her.

Claudette and Charlotte come back to Nathan’s. Maxie tells Charlotte that seeing her was more of a surprise than she expected and she snapped. Claudette asks if that’s what they’re calling crazy baseless accusations now, but Maxie ignores her, saying she was wrong and she’s sorry. Maxie says she’s happy to have Nathan’s daughter there. Charlotte – who I have to mention doesn’t seem to care what’s going on – goes off to play. Claudette tells Maxie that was nice, but she doesn’t believe it.

Sam says Morgan was just a kid and had his whole life ahead of him. She can’t say the same for Julian, who’s left a trail of broken lives and misery. She still doesn’t wish him dead though. Alexis says she doesn’t either.

Nina says she paid for the research, so she can do what she wants with it. Curtis says Nina will get caught and he’ll be the accessory. He wants to stay out of trouble, but he’s also her friend. He tells her to believe that he’s doing what’s best. Nina storms out and Julian asks Curtis whats up. Curtis says he had to turn down a job. Julian says he might have one for him. Don’t do it, Curtis.

Carly has nothing else to say. She walks out. Nell looks at their family photo and follows, leaving Sonny alone. He starts to cry. This dude is killing me.

Michael says Kristina doesn’t understand. Kristina says Julian is the one who went after both of her parents. She says their father was trying to do what the courts couldn’t, and everyone needs to stop blaming Sonny for Morgan’s death. Josslyn appears and asks why that would be happening.

Nathan shoves Claudette out into the hallway. He tells her he needs time with the daughter she kept from him. He says her, him and Maxie need to work together to keep Charlotte safe. Claudette says she realizes she did the right thing telling him and when he takes charge, it makes her believe everything will be okay. She tries to take his hand and there’s an awkward moment, but he goes back inside and she smirks.

Nell shows up at the park asking to take Avery back home to see her dad. She leaves with Avery, and Josslyn asks why Sonny is to blame. Kristina explains about the retaliation with Julian. Josslyn doesn’t want to believe Sonny planted the bomb, and wants to talk to Michael. Kristina leaves to check in with Molly. Josslyn asks Michael to tell her what he knows. He says Morgan stole Julian’s car but no one knows what really happened. She says he does and begs her to tell him. He says Julian has a lot of enemies and he doesn’t know for sure. He says Sonny didn’t sas it was him, but it could have been. She cries and asks how he could do that.

Julian wants proof on who put the bomb in his car. Curtis says the police are on it, but Julian scoffs. Curtis says he can personally vouch for the integrity of the commissioner. Julian says he wants to launch his own investigation. Curtis says he wants to get back on the force. Julian says if he finds out who planted the bomb, he’ll get back on the force. Julian gives him some payment figures like it’s a real estate transaction, and Curtis says he can’t promise anything, but he’ll be in touch.

Nell brings Avery back to Sonny’s.

Michael says the odds of Morgan stealing the car were a million to one. Josslyn says, but he did, and she hates Sonny now. Carly arrives and Josslyn runs to her. Kudos to the show for Carly looking like she’s been ugly crying like a real person. (And kudos to Laura Wright for letting them.)

Nathan has to get back to the station. Claudette says they have to go to. Maxie says maybe next time they can stay longer, and Claudette sarcastically says, here’s hoping. Out in the hallway Claudette says Nathan was right and Charlotte hugs Nathan.

Maxie makes a call and asks how long paternity test results take. She says she has a sample and looks at a juice box in a plastic bag.

Alexis says despite everything, she doesn’t want Julian dead. She cant hep thinking though, if Julian had died instead of Morgan, it would solve her problems.

Curtis asks Nina if she’s okay and they’re still good. She says she respects his position. She has to figure out what happens to her next. Curtis makes a call to TJ, leaving a message for hims to call back. It’s about Morgan.

Nina does some normal work. She sees the fruit basket has disappeared.

Josslyn tells Carly that Kristina told her what Sonny did. Carly says it’s awful, but they’ll get through it together. Josslyn says Morgan won’t. Good point. She says her dad never talks about hating Sonny, but when she mentions Sonny, he gets a look on his face. She says she just thought Sonny was kind of cold until Morgan died. Now she believes her dad was right about Sonny all along.

Sonny has to go out and Nell says she’ll watch Avery. Looking at Avery, Sonny looks almost happy for a moment. The phone rings. Sonny says to let him in. It’s Julian with a fruit basket. What a cheap b*st*rd.

On Monday, Sonny tells Julian to take his best shot, TJ and Curtis talk about the investigation, and Tracy blames Lucy for GH being on the chopping block.

Z Nation

10K is in the rapids. He periodically comes up for a breath. We see him doing a dead man’s float (ha-ha) and he hears a voice telling him to wake up. He emerges from calmer waters. And amazingly still has his backpack. He must be a New Yorker. Lily Tomlin once said being a New Yorker is always knowing where your purse is.

His backpack has the vials of booster shots he needs. He’s bleeding and crawls to the water, putting moss on the injury. He sees someone on the bridge. It’s Murphy’s Number One dude. He grabs his stuff and runs.

Murphy is trying to put Merch back together. one of his minions hands him her forearm. Another says she should have had more faith and didn’t deserve him. Murphy says everyone deserves him. He says they move forward. Merch chose her fate, but they can make different choices. He tells them to finish the moat, plant food, and live without fear.

One stays behind. He wants to thank Murphy. He says he was going to end it all and was without hope, but then Murphy came along. He leaves to help out with the moat.

10K continues through the woods. He hears growling sounds like a werewolf. He’s still bleeding and sees Number One.

Murphy says Merch wasn’t actually afraid of the zombies, so what was it. He wonders if something went wrong with the vaccine, like unexpected side-effects. He asks why she left him alone to do everything himself; he’s a savior, not a doctor. He wishes he knew what was going on in her head. He sees her exposed brain and almost takes a bite, but stops himself. He licks his lips.

Number One sees the blood by the water. He runs in the other direction, and 10K emerges from the water. 10K sees and upside down picnic table floating along and takes a ride on it. He flashes back to being chased by the zombies with 5K. He falls into a dream and calls out to 5K. He dreams of coming back the village and Red running into the zombie horde. Back on land, it starts to rain. He finds a grub to eat.

Murphy says, “To Z or not to Z; alas, poor doctor, I thought I knew you.” He says they were so close to his vision, not just for him, but for everyone. He says people found safety for the first time in years, maybe ever. He wonders why she would stop him from helping them. He says the truth is out there, and he’ll find the answer. He wonders if it’s in there, and looks at Merch’s brain.

10K hears a motorcycle. Then he’s on the motorcycle, and the driver is tied up. 10K takes off. He finds an abandoned building. A gun came with the bike, and he shoots some zombies. Is he counting again? He runs into a rope and gets knocked off the bike. Some people run to where he’s lying.

10K wakes up in Red’s arms. She kisses him. He’s dreaming. He’s chained to a car and some zombies come toward him. He fends one off and then tries to break the chain with his bare hands. He whacks a zombie in the face with a hubcap. He gets on top of the car. A zombie grabs the chain and pulls him off, but he kills it with a windshield wiper. He smashes another’s head with the hubcap and then uses it like a Frisbee and cuts another’s head off. He grabs a rat-tail comb from the car, and kills another. No rest for the wicked, here come some more.

Just as one gets close, it’s dispatched from behind. Number One tells the rest to get out. He patches 10K’s wound and sees a puncture. He says 10K stole the injectors and used them. He wants to know where Murphy’s medicine is. 10K says he was ambushed, and they took his bike and the medicine. Number One says they’re getting the medicine back and going back to Murphy.

Murphy examines Merch’s dismembered hand and does a palm reading. He wonders why she chose death over a long life. He sees a vial on the floor and realizes it’s the original vaccine and she took it before she entered the moat. He doesn’t think it makes sense that she’d want to die. He wonders if she was testing it on herself, and concludes it was an accident. Or was it? He sees needle marks on the wrist and knows she took it on purpose. It was the vaccine that was supposed to make her more human. Murphy realizes she must have given it to 10K as well. He wonders if it’s worse being him than being dead, and if she would rather not exist than be part of his world. He asks if there’s something wrong with him. He tells Merch to answer him.

10K sees a rock in the water. He whacks Nimber One in the head with it and runs. It doesn’t take long for Number One to get up again and follow. They run through the woods. 10K sees Red ahead of him. All of a sudden Number One can’t find him, and follows the blood trail. 10K falls. Man, I can’t take this. 10K sees Number One coming, and Number One asks how this running away is working for him. Okay, Dr. Phil. Murphy offered him peace and freedom, but he ran. Number One asks if 10K wants fear and pain, and pushes his thumb into 10K’s wound.

The two people who stopped 10K are in the woods. We hear the growling again and the man is attacked by something. I’m not so sure it’s zombies though. The girl gets away.

Number One tells 10K that Murphy has a plan to get the electricity and water running again. He says Murphy’s cure fixes everything, and how can he not want to be part of that? 10K says he knows Murphy too well. Number One says his daughter is still alive because of Murphy. 10K says he only feels this way because Murphy bit him, but he traded freedom for safety. Number One says he is free, and 10K says it’s not freedom, it’s brainwashing. Number One asks what 10K thinks was in the medicine, and 10K says his free will. Number One says it made him sick in the head, and that’s why Murphy sent him to get the vials back.

A creepy Sasquatch-looking zombie comes up and Number One lets it pass, but 10K bashes it with a rock,  even though his hands are bound. He falls and starts to crawl, and the zombie crawls after him. Number One says the world without Murphy is just more of this. He asks if 10K wants mercy and 10K says he doesn’t want to be afraid anymore. We think Number One is going to shoot 10K, but he shoots the zombie and tells 10K welcome back to sanity.

Murphy opens a safe and takes out some vials. He sees himself in a broken mirror. He wants to finish the plan and bring it to completion, even if he has to do it himself. He says, what else is new? and I know the feeling. He passes Merch’s exposed brain again and hesitates, but goes to his food tray. He goes through her notes, but doesn’t understand them. He looks at the two-tyned fork in his hand.

Number One and 10K find the bike, but there’s no backpack. They see a guy’s body, and 10K says there were two people who attacked him. Number One can’t tell if it was a zombie or animal attack. 10K sees Red again and Number One tells him to move it, it’s time to go home. A crow flies overhead. There are growls again and 10K takes off running.

The girl who was with the guy on the bike hides behind a tree. A creature is after her. Number One runs after 10K. 10K comes to the edge of a cliff.

Number One sees fur on a branch. He sees 10K’s jacket at the edge of the cliff. Red whispers to 10K to wake up. She tells him to be quiet. He sees a dead deer next to him. Number One thinks 10K is dead and leaves. Red tells 10K to run and leads him through the forest. The creature follows. 10K hears growling and rustling in the bushes. Red tells him to go back. He says no way. She pushes him and says they can’t leave. She says he has to save 5K, because “they” have him. 10K sees her sword on the ground.

10K continues on with the sword. He sees a pack of wolves surrounding something. He starts hacking at them. Lots of fur and blood flies. It also looks like there are zombies or people on the outskirts. When the wolves are dispatched, he sees 5K. He asks if the kid is okay, but he’s a little zombie, and 10K kills him. The wolves have turned into dead soldiers. 10K finds his backpack.

10K sees a sign for Spokane. He sees Red and turns to follow, but falls. He injects himself with one of the vials and has a seizure. He wakes with his head in Red’s lap. 5K joins them. All is happy. 5K tells them his dead zombie count. 10K thanks Red for saving him, and she says she’s not real. He says he doesn’t care and kisses her.

A shadow falls over a sleeping 10K.

Murphy suddenly understands all of Merch’s notes. Because he’s eating her brain. Number One comes back…alone. He tells Murphy that 10K is dead and he’s sorry. He thinks it was a pack of wolves, or zombies; whatever it was, it was fast. Murphy asks if he saw 10K die. He says no, and Murphy says then he’s not dead. He’ll be joining Roberta, and they’ll all come after them. He says prepare for an attack, siege, or both. The battle for humanity is about to begin, and he intends to win.

Next time, looks like an all Doc episode. Doc ends up in the Serenity Falls Institution for the Criminally Insane. And he’s in a straight jacket.

💍 Hope you caught Million Dollar Listing NY’s Ryan’s Wedding. If not, I’m sure Bravo will be rerunning it. It was fun to see Kevin Lee flutter around, directing things, and ending up with an assistant he hadn’t expected. Luis, now retired from real estate, added some Latin charm as well. The location in Greece was absolutely gorgeous, and Ryan almost bought one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen – complete with its own mini castle and infinity pool. While the wedding ceremony was awesome, the reception venue looked like something out of a fairy tale. Everyone went through a lot of angst to create the perfect day, and I was glad to see these two get a happy ending.

Quotes of the Week

We need a new brand of scotch. This taste’s like a poor man’s kilt.Alan Alda as Myles Clarkson in The Mephisto Waltz

Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.Francois Rabelais

The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.Julia Child