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January 16, 2020 – Nikolas Apologizes, Heritage Runway, Too Much, Looking Good, New Laughs, Gina In the OC, Creepy Snacks & Closed


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael tells Tracy that she thinks she’ll have a say in Leo and Olivia’s shares, but Olivia has her own mind, and he trusts her judgement. Brook says Michael is either naïve or masterful at sucking up. Pascal says, yay or nay on giving Olivia and Leo the shares, and Brook tells him, hold on, Fish and Chips. He says she’s delightful, and Tracy says, she’s all Ned’s. Nelle comes in and says there must be a mistake. There’s no way they started the meeting without her. Michael says he couldn’t stop her from having a memorial for Shiloh, but now she’s trespassing, and violating her parole. One call to the police… Martin joins her, and says she has every legal right to be there. Tracy asks, who are these people, and how do they keep getting in? Did they adopt an open door policy while she was away? Olivia says the door leads out too. Nelle says the housekeeper let them in, and introduces Martin, who was parking the car. Martin says Nelle inherited Shiloh’s ELQ shares. Ned says if he was Nelle, he would take his smooth talking lawyer and turn around. This will not end well.

Jason tells Carly, there were two wills. One bequeathed Oscar’s shares to start a foundation. Carly says she heard it was up and running, and Jason says that’s because it was funded by the Quartermaines, and the shares should be returned to the family. The other will left the shares to Shiloh. My dogs start a ruckus, so I have to get up, and miss what Carly says about Nelle, but it’s not complementary. She says she wishes someone would run Nelle over with a truck, and Jason says, maybe somebody will.

Alexis finds Sam at the MetroCourt, and Sam tells Alexis to brace herself. Nelle is out of prison, but wait, there’s more. Nelle is Shiloh’s widow.

Lulu opens the door, and Nikolas asks if he can come in. He knows it’s late, but he owes her an apology. She steps aside, and he walks in. She says he does, but he owes a bigger one to Charlotte. He says he understands, but she says, he doesn’t. He told Charlotte that he was her secret bodyguard. He says, Charlotte found him searching Windymere, and he didn’t want to alarm Valentin. Lulu says he told Charlotte that he’d always protect her. She believed him, and trusted he’d keep her safe. When Rocco doubted her, Charlotte jumped into the harbor to prove it. She could have drowned or died from hypothermia, and it’s his fault.

Someone is banging like crazy on Brad’s door. The apartment is in total disarray, and Brad stumbles over all the toys and baby supplies, opening the door to Julian. Julian says, good. Brad’s alive. He’s not answering Julian’s calls or texts. Brad says he’s stretched little bit, and Julian tells him, shut the hell up and stop whining. He says Brad is losing it, and if he’s not more careful, Sonny will figure out why.

Carly tells Jason, she can’t let Nelle drive her crazy. There’s too much going on. She arranged for Stella to fly in. Sonny had no idea, but she believes Stella is the best, most objective person to talk to. Jason says she’s right, and Carly says she’s not hoping Stella will sway Sonny, but she doesn’t want him to make things worse. Jason says they’ll do everything they can, but his best advice in the end is that Mike is Sonny’s father, and Sonny has to decide. Sonny walks in, and says he’s come to a decision about his dad.

Nelle asks if Ned just threatened her, but Brook says he’s too smart to do that in a room full of people and two lawyers. Martin says, they’re not people? Ned says, no threat. The family company owns the stock, and the underhanded way Nelle’s murdering husband got his hands on it is still an issue. Olivia says they’ll tie her up with court fees and appearances until she’s old and grey. They’ll make her life a living hell. If she jaywalks, they’ll revoke her parole. Nelle says the stock is hers, and everyone tells her, shut up, in unison. Martin says, there’s no need for hostility. There’s a temporary injunction while the will is in probate, and Nelle gets to vote. Tracy tells Pascal to earn his keep, and  tell them why the injunction doesn’t apply.

Alexis tells Sam, the hits keep on coming from Shiloh. Talk about not resting in peace. Does Sam want to talk about what it means for her? Sam says, it’s nothing they can’t handle. Michael is another story. Nelle was her cellmate. She knew Nelle had something up her sleeve, but she wasn’t there long enough to figure out what. Alexis says, marrying Shiloh for starters, but Sam bets she’s still after Michael. Alexis says she knows Sam has handled worse, but please be careful.

Sonny says he’s decided to get the evaluation. He knows it’s not what they want to hear, but he’d appreciate support. Carly says she’ll tell him what she just told Jason. She brought Stella, not to talk to Sonny about what she wants, but to help Sonny with what he’s going through, and do what she does best. She’s objective, and can be a sounding board. If Sonny feels this is the best option after talking to Stella, she’ll absolutely support him. Sonny says, that means everything, and Carly says she wants what’s best for him and Mike. He thanks her, and says he knows Jason has a lot going on, but if he’s up for it, Sonny needs his help.

Julian tells Brad that Sonny heard their conversation on the docks. Brad wonders how, and Julian says, hell if he knows. Maybe he was having Carly tailed. They need to be more careful. Brad asks what Sonny knows, and Julian says, nothing yet, but he just needs one push to investigate. He explained to Sonny that he was warning Brad to keep Wiley away so he could finagle time with his grandson. Brad needs to keep Carly at arm’s length, and make an excuse as to why Julian is spending time with Wiley. Brad says, no, and Julian asks, what does he mean, no? Brad says he’s out of excuses. He can barely take care of himself, and has no interest in taking care of Julian.

Sam thinks Neil getting his license revoked is extreme, and Alexis says, those are the rules. You have to wait two years before seeing a former patient socially. Sam says she’s sorry, and Alexis says, typical. She finally meets a smart, thoughtful, funny, intriguing guy, who’s not a criminal, and he’s being punished for a relationship that barely exists. It’s absurd. That’s why she needs a meeting. She tells Sam, she’s sorry to cut this short, but Sam says, it’s okay. Sam tells Alexis to take care of herself, and Alexis says, if Sam does. Sam says, deal, and Alexis heads out.

Sonny tells Jason that they’ll stay the night. While Mike is in the clinic, he’s going to call a meeting. He’ll let everyone know the situation is stable. Everyone is doing business, and  getting along with their neighbors. Get what he’s saying? Carly says Sonny is planning a business trip? Mike is having a hard time, and he needs the energy to focus. How is Sonny going to do business? Sonny asks what the alternative is, and she suggests he not go to the clinic. She or Stella could go. She knows he wants to do this for his dad, but he has a lot on his plate, and has other people who can do this for him.

Nikolas tells Lulu, he’s sorry. He saw Charlotte the night Cassandra tried to kidnap her, and couldn’t afford for Valentin to find out. She says, so he lied, like he lied to everyone. Then he showed up at the wedding, and took away everything that matters to Charlotte; her home, and her security. Nikolas says, like Valentin did to Spencer, and Lulu says, is that what they’re doing now? Comparing him to Valentin? Charlotte is family, and family is supposed to protect each other, not rip each other’s lives apart. He’s not sorry. He has everything he wants, including a bizarro marriage to Ava. Obviously, it’s about money. He was never like the other Cassadines, greedy and selfish. That wasn’t him. What happened? Nikolas says she told him all that mattered was that he was alive, and they’d figure out the rest later. She says, welcome to later. He says his goal is to make things right, starting with Spencer. She asks how he thinks Spencer is going to react. He says he doesn’t know, and she says she prays that after the dust settles, Spencer fares better than her daughter.

Pascal says, Edward Quartermaine made provision for all of his heirs. When it was determined that Oscar was Alan’s grandson, he was given shares. Tracy says, get to the good part, and Pascal says, Oscar suffered from a brain tumor, compromising his judgement. Tracy says, that’s the good part? Pascal says, Oscar left conflicting wills. One done with Alexis, where he bequeathed the shares to Shiloh. Nelle says, which belong to her, and again everyone tells her, shut up, in unison. Pascal says, prior to Oscar’s death, he made a handwritten will bequeathing the shares to a non-profit of his own creation. Nelle says, what? and Pascal says it’s for disadvantaged travelers to climb a mountain Oscar always dreamed of doing. The two wills are at odds with each other, but the foundation was already funded by the Quartermaines, in expectation that the shares would revert to them to divide as they saw fit; hence the transfer to the ELQ board. Martin says, the former will claims the shares go to Shiloh, and should now be transferred to his widow – Nelle says, that’s her – until the final determination. Which bequest takes precedence might be premature. He’s obtained a temporary injunction which allows his client to vote the shares. Tracy asks if that’s legal, and Pascal says, it appears to be. Unless it’s a forgery… Nelle says, they belong her. She told them so.

Lulu tells Nikolas, she watched their mom grieve for three years. Lulu was devastated, but Nikolas is Laura’s son. It’s different when a parent loses a child. He put her through that. He says he hated every second, and she says he didn’t hate it enough or needed revenge more. He knows his mother battles mental illness, and could have reached out, but he didn’t. She doesn’t care how awful Valentin is – and she knows how evil he is. Nikolas could have handled it a hundred different ways. She’ll never understand why he chose the one that caused his family so much pain.

Brad tells Julian, he’s overwhelmed. His husband is in a coma, and taking care of their son is all on him. Julian says he gets it. However, if Sonny gets wind of what they did, they’re toast. Brad says he’ll go along with Julian’s cover story, and Julian says, their cover story. Julian asks, what about Nelle? and Brad says he can’t think about that right now. Julian asks, what if she reaches out? and suggests Brad ignore her. Brad says, Nelle doesn’t like to be ignored. Julian doesn’t care, and tells Brad to let him know if it happens. It’s coming in from all sides. They have no more room for error, and need to do this for as long as they need to. Brad says he just wants it to go away. He wants Lucas to wake up. He wants to see his husband’s face, and hear his laugh. If he thought telling Sonny would bring Lucas back, he’d march over now, and spill the whole damn story.

Ned tells Martin that it’s helpful they understand the situation, since they’re all shareholders, but Martin isn’t, and this is private. He asks Pascal to show Martin to the den, and they leave. Tracy asks who wants to do the honors, and Michael says he started this mess, so he will. He’ll pay Nelle to go away. He’ll send a wire transfer to the bank of her choice. He writes a figure down, and gives it to her, saying, take it or leave it.

Sonny says he gets what Carly is saying, and she has the right to be concerned, but the reason he wants to go to Brooklyn, is because it’s where Mike lived. It’s where he grew up, and where his father fell in love with his mother. Carly says, not all the memories are happy ones, but Sonny says Bensonhurst was a big part of his father’s life. He wants Mike to be calm and focused when he goes for the evaluation. They said familiar surroundings are helpful, and he’s bringing Jason as back-up, so he can focus on his dad. Carly asks what Jason thinks. Jason says he thinks they all agree it’s a long shot, but it’s Mike’s last shot, and Sonny has the right to take it.

Nelle crumples the paper, and says she’s not taking it. It’s spare change for them. Ned looks at it, and says, it’s a very generous offer. Nelle says that’s what they think of her; they can pay her off and she’ll go away. She tells Michael, she had his baby. They created a life together. He crashed the car and their baby died. Does he think she’ll just take the money, and they can retreat into their family fortune while she says thank you and drops a curtsy? Hell no. She has a say. Do they think she wanted to marry skeezy Shiloh? She worked hard to get what she wanted, and they need to get used to it. She’s not going anywhere. Brook says Nelle is as dumb as she looks, and the worst kind of gold-digger. A waif who shows up with a sad story. She got herself pregnant – points for that – but the baby is gone. She thinks she can get her hands on their money, but she should take the offer. If she doesn’t, she’ll end up with nothing. Nelle says Michael wouldn’t let that happen, and Brook tells her to enjoy her pretend power while it lasts. Soon, her greed is going to get the best of her. She’s going to mess up, and get caught, and it’s goodbye Nelle, back to Pentenville. Nelle grabs Brook’s arm, and Brook shakes her off, saying, that’s a parole violation. Nelle calls for Martin, who says, she bellowed? She tells him, this is no longer a safe space, and Olivia says, she has no idea. Martin says, play time is over; they’ll be in touch. When they’re gone, Tracy says Brook’s great-grandfather would be proud.

Nikolas tells Lulu that she wasn’t in his shoes, but she says she thinks she’s capable of putting herself in his position. Nikolas says she can’t imagine what it was like to get shot, fall out the window, and watch Valentin walk away with everything. She says she watched that too, but he says it wasn’t hers. She can’t know what it felt like. Valentin took his home, fortune, and family legacy. It was like he never existed. Is he supposed to be okay with that? She says, of course (🍷) not, but there were other ways. He says, what ways? and she says she doesn’t know, but he could have come home and they could have fought Valentin together. He says, and give Valentin the opportunity to kill him again, and maybe take one of them as a bonus? He’s seen good intentions smack into the real world. His only chance to stop Valentin is to play by his rules. He regrets hurting his family, but he won. He got his life back; how can he regret that?

Carly asks if Sonny has to call a meeting. What if something goes wrong? Sonny says he and Jason can handle it. Jason says, the best thing that can happen is, Mike will be his old self again. Carly says they know there are no guarantees, but maybe she’s been looking at it wrong. She’s been trying so hard to protect her family. Maybe she needs to accept that it’s a difficult situation, and there are no good choices. Whatever choice Sonny makes is the right one for him.

Sonny says he’s going to call Turning Woods, and check on his dad. He tells Jason, it will be good to take Mike back to where he grew up; the old neighborhood is half Cerullos and half Falconaris. Sonny goes to make the call, and Carly asks how Jason is dealing with the separation from Sam. He says he’s okay, but she says that’s not enough for her; talk to her. He says, it’s hardest on the kids. They’re not able to see each other all that much, but he calls a lot and they video chat before bed. Carly is surprised Jason video chats, and he says, whatever it takes. She says she’s sorry. She thought the nightmare was over, now this. How long do they have to be apart? Jason says, two years, unless… until they find a way around it. She asks if there are any possibilities, and he says they’re working on it. She tells him, be honest, and asks if the trip is bad timing, but he says he thinks it’s a good distraction. She tells him that if he has to go home, go. Sonny comes back in, and Carly ask how his dad is. Gladys appears, and says, not so great. She just came from visiting him. Sonny says, it sounds like Mike is having a bad day, and Gladys says, he was agitated, and more out of it. Sonny says, the clinical trial is tomorrow, and Gladys asks if it’s the one she told him about. Carly says, that’s the one, and Gladys says, good. She’s glad they’re going. It sounded promising. She tells Sonny, if she can be of any help, she’d be happy to tag along.

Julian sits in the chapel. He says he messed up, and nearly killed his own son. What if his son doesn’t survive? What if he… He hears someone come in, and sees it’s Alexis. Julian asks what she’s doing there, and she says she had an AA meeting. She guesses she doesn’t need to ask who he’s praying for. Julian says, not that God is going to listen to him. She says, she would listen, and he says he doesn’t know where to turn anymore. He doesn’t know how to fix this. Alexis says the meeting isn’t starting for a while, and asks if he wants to talk.

Michael apologizes, but Olivia says it’s not his fault. Tracy says, it is, a little bit. What was he thinking, getting involved with a murderous psychopath? The others list all the men Tracy has been involved with, and Olivia says, it’s quite a roster. Tracy points out this is coming from the woman who got knocked up by Julian, but Olivia says, it was a one-night stand; Tracy married them. Ned tells Tracy, admit it. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to lousy spouses. She says, enough. They’re not talking about her past; they’re talking about the present. Michael says, she’s right. He appreciates them defending him, but he screwed up. He brought Nelle into their lives, and he’s going to do everything he can to get her out. Tracy asks, how? She sits down, and says, she’s waiting.

Jason calls to let Sam know he’s going out of town for a couple of days. He’s going to the city with Mike and Sonny, and thinks it might make it easier to stay apart. She wishes she could see him before he leaves, and he says he does too. She says she misses him, and he says he misses her. He’ll call when he gets there. She tells him, be safe, and he says they’re going to figure the Peter thing out. She says she knows.

Pascal says he’ll notify the other shareholders of the recent developments, and Tracy says, be sure to say they’re temporary. Pascal says, of course (🍷). As he’s leaving, they find Sam on the porch, and Pascal says he was about to call her. She asks, why? and Tracy says they have a lot to catch up on. She’ll fill Sam in.

Sonny says he thought Gladys went back to Bridgeport. She says it’s a long drive, even in her new fancy car, and she stayed so late at Turning Woods, she was hoping he’d let her stay another night. Sonny says he knows she’s working this to get every penny. He doesn’t like it, but he’s not really judging her because she’s done so much for his dad. He appreciates it, and he’s grateful. Gladys says Mike is a sweetheart, and she loves spending time with him. Sonny says he’ll let her stay until they figure out what’s wrong with his father (um… isn’t it Alzheimer’s?), assuming his wife is okay with it. Carly wants everything in the open, and says the way Gladys is leveraging being Dev’s fake grandma is obvious and despicable. She’s not going to pretend she’s putting up with it. For Mike’s sake, Gladys can stay, but if she steps out of line, she’s gone. Sonny says, and the second they don’t need her… Carly says she’s out of there. I honestly don’t understand why they’re so hostile toward Gladys.

Nikolas tells Lulu that he’ll find a way to make it up to everyone. He hopes she never has to see the people she loves pay for her choices, and ask herself if it’s worth it. She asks if it was, and he says the truth is, he doesn’t know. All he knows is, he couldn’t let Valentin walk away with everything. He had to get back and show Valentin that he’s the true Cassadine heir, and Valentin is nothing. Lulu says she’s glad he’s alive, but she hopes he comes to his senses, and she gets her real brother back.

Olivia asks if Ned thinks this is a good thing or a bad thing, and he says, it could go either way. Oscar’s last request was made in their favor. Olivia says, but it was when he wasn’t mentally competent. Michael says, there’s no way in hell they’re handing the shares over to Nelle. Sam has come in, and she says, what? Michael says Nelle married Shiloh, and now that he’s dead, the 5% of ELQ Oscar left him goes to her. Brook says, it’s temporary, and Tracy says she hopes so. Tracy thanks Brook for what she did, saying, she was amazing. Ned says he thinks it’s his proudest moment as her father. Brook says, it was her pleasure. She might not always agree with them, but she can recognize a gold-digging crazy person trying to get her mitts on their money. Michael says, too bad she wasn’t there when he got involved with Nelle. Brook says, the bottom line is, they’re Quartermaines, and when push comes to shove, they protect their own.

Alexis looks at her phone, and says she should have seen this coming. She tells Julian that Lucas is more important than anything, but she has to talk to Ned. She’ll be back. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, Nelle was released from Pentenville, and she’s wasting no time in wreaking havoc on Port Charles again.

Again there’s mad banging on Brad’s door. He flings it open, saying, what? and Nelle asks if that’s any way to treat his baby’s mother. She comes in, lugging her suitcase and vision board. She tells him not to worry; she didn’t escape. Brad says she can’t stay there, but she says, of course (🍷) she can. It’s only temporary. She has oodles of assets, and after her legal hassles have been cleared up, she’ll find her own place. She sets up her vision board, and says she has a beautiful home, a glorious life, and people who love her. She’s finally going to have everything she’s ever wanted.

Tomorrow, Michael asks Sasha to move in, Cameron tells Trina that he has feelings, Willow discovers Nelle at Brad’s, and Sonny asks why Taggert is back.

👘 Tonight on Project Runway, Victoria said she felt guilty, and hoped nobody was mad because she’s been on top so many times. I translated this to mean she doesn’t really feel guilty, but doesn’t want anyone to sabotage her, so she’s saying she does. The challenge was to incorporate their personal history and cultural heritage in a design of their choosing. They were to create any look they wanted to, using their heritage and unique background. You’d think this would be fun, but it was like when I had to buy all new furniture after Hurricane Sandy. It sounds like heaven, unless you’re being forced to do it. Delvin said it probably sounded like freedom to the others, but he preferred direction, since he’s all over the place. It was a one-day challenge, and Christian said the makeup and hair would be an important factor in the look. Not to miss an opportunity for produce placement, he added, Maybelline believes beauty comes from diversity and individuality.

Everyone got FaceTime calls from a family member, mostly parents, but for Victoria, it was her husband, and Nancy, her sister. Delvin found out his paternal grandfather was Mexican, which was a big surprise, and didn’t help his mental block, but he started to envision his French Creole side mixing with French couture. The designers got $300 and 30 minutes at Mood. Being a seamstress isn’t in my wheelhouse, aside from a few costumes I whipped up for high school plays, but I love this store. It’s on my list of places to visit the next time I’m in NYC.

Christian’s advice was to make it about then, but what girls want to wear now. Sergio refused to show Christian his design because it was so personal. In his interview, Sergio said he knew the struggle, while Christian didn’t, and he felt it wasn’t something he could explain to everyone. Christian told everyone he loved surprises, and had one for them. This would also be a flash sale challenge, and the fan and judge favorites would be sold on Bravo’s site. I’ve noticed I get very tense when it gets close to time and the designers don’t have enough done. Shavi was using some kind of lamé material that he didn’t realize was so sheer. He had to make do with what he had as a lining, and felt it was doable in the two hours they had left the next day. He made me a nervous wreck, since he obviously was not accounting for something unexpected. Chelsey came up with an awesome varsity jacket, celebrating her mom and grandmother. Sergio did a red and white design, with the names of children who had died in custody at the border embroidered on it. He enlisted the help of any model available to do the embroidery, and I wondered why this wasn’t considered cheating.

My personal favorites were Dayoung, with an Asian-inspired jacket and long skirt – Brandon thought the skirt and jacket would have two different kinds of customers – Nancy’s pants and top ensemble that included an awesome coat; Chelsey’s varsity jacket; and Brittany’s flouncy skirted take on Western wear. While Delvin turned himself inside out, hating his own dress, he’d added some handwriting on the bodice that was actually pretty cool. Sadly, the zipper buckled, as did Shavi’s entire garment.

Karlie said the show was compelling. Brandon gave the advice that a bold color will draw attention to imperfections. Guest judge Fernando Garcia, co-creative director for Oscar de la Renta (one of my favorites!), said the designer should listen to the fabric. Everyone agreed that Chelsey was on challenge, and the lamé wasn’t Shavi’s best work. Sergio got pretty emotional when he told his creation’s backstory, but Nina said despite his moving narrative, at the end of the day, it was about the fashion, and for one thing, they couldn’t read the names, so the message got lost. Elaine said the usage of cotton cheapened the garment. Dayoung’s design was pronounced polished and sleek, and Brandon said any and all women would wear her jacket. In another pearl of wisdom, he told her that a good designer speaks across ages.

The top three were Victoria, who’d had an incredible fitted jumpsuit, Chelsey, and Dayoung. At the bottom were Shavi, Delvin, and Sergio. Everyone got accolades for taking big risks. Chelsey was the big winner. I’d definitely buy that, although I’m sure it’s going to be out of my price range. Sergio squeaked by, and Shavi was out. Brandon said he’d done exceptional work, and it was just a small part of his greater story. Christian said that Shavi had passion and worked hard, and not everybody had those qualities. In his exit interview, Shavi said that he came there to be him and show his talents, but he didn’t think he accomplished that. He still hoped he made his grandmother proud.

Next time, a collab with Ashley Longshore, and another medical emergency for Dayoung.

🎓 Yep, I Was Right…

I had to find out. Chelsey’s varsity jacket is out of my price range at $385. If it’s within yours, here you go:


🍸 Noted: Kristen (Vanderpump Rules) was on Watch What Happens Live this week, and she looked the best I’ve ever seen her. Positively glowing, along with some nice hair extensions. Apparently, she and Carter have called it quits for real, so it must be all that extra weight she lost.

🗽 Nora from Queens with Awkwafina looks hilarious! It’s on Wednesdays at 10:30 pm on Comedy Central.

🌴 Is She Or Isn’t She…?

Divorced, still on the show, Matt’s side piece? But most of all, we want to know what Gina’s done with her hair lately.

She’s mad at Matt.


Her Housewife status is shaky.


She’s mad at Matt.


🐟 Is anyone else creeped out by Goldfish crackers? I don’t want a snack that smiles back, and goes on vacation, and has a family. It’s right up there with Charlie begging you to eat his mother.

🎉 Alert the Media…

It’s before 3 am. Meet you at the hospital tomorrow.

December 27, 2019 – Port Charles Celebrates Christmas, Teresa Teams Up, Uncoupling, True Prediction, Tori Wants In, Trying Too Hard, a Loss, Ringing In 14 Quotes & This One Is It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis plays Santa in Rice Plaza. Jordan tells him the traditional drink is hot cocoa, but he says he could use something stronger. She says she’ll have everything he needs after his shift, and he ho-ho-hos back to work.

Gladys wants to pack up some cookies at Turning Woods, but Sonny says they’re for the residents. She says, Mike is a resident, but he didn’t eat any, and Sonny pays them to keep Mike there. Carly arrives, and Sonny asks how Lucas is. She says, he’s just lying there. He looks like he’s asleep, but it’s not the same. It’s like how Michael was; you can just tell. Michael woke up, so they have to believe Lucas will. It’s Christmas, so it’s the right time. The time when they’re supposed to believe good things happen.

Josslyn tells Dev, if he liked Thanksgiving, he’s going to lose his mind over Christmas. Santa comes down the chimney, and leaves presents for all the good boys and girls. Dev says, Santa was born in Turkey, and has been dropping money down chimney’s since the 1400s. They celebrate Christmas in Turkey, just not like they do in America. She says, the first thing America kids learn is that Christmas isn’t something you can buy. The presents are great, but the true meaning of Christmas is in your heart. It’s about being a little kinder, and having more patience, and if you’re lucky enough to have people in your life who love you, taking the time to let them know you love them back.

Cameron tells Trina that she can stop with the pictures. Trina says he looks handsome. What’s wrong with him? He should be in a good mood. Franco is home. Cameron says, he’d like to be home, but instead he’s there finishing his community service in a Christmas tie. Trina tells him to embrace it and own it, but he just wants to get it done.

Leo sits on Curtis’s lap, and Curtis tells him that he’ll get his crew on it. Right, crew? Cameron hands Curtis a candy cane, and says, right. Curtis tells Leo, don’t ever forget the true spirit of Christmas. It’s better to give than receive. Leo hugs Curtis and says he loves him. Jason asks Scout (who’s made a bit of an age jump) if she’s ready to talk to Santa. He wonders what she’s asking for, and she says it’s a secret she’s only telling Santa.

Nelle tells the guard she should be in the infirmary, but the guard says she’ll be fine, and puts her back in with Sam. She asks if Sam missed her, and sees that Sam got cards from her kids. She bets Sam misses them like crazy. She knows what that’s like.

Tracy asks Monica what possessed her to obliterate years of memories? Monica says they still have them, but Brook says, granny is having difficulty with hers. Maybe Monica could prescribe something. Tracy tells Brook to call her Tracy. She wasn’t advised that Monica was redecorating. When she left, Monica said it was her house too. Monica tells Tracy, she said because Tracy was leaving, and she was in the grips of sentiment. Of course (🍷) the house is all hers. Alan gave it to her. Tracy says that’s because her brother was an idiot, and Brook says, ouch.

Brook and Monica look at the tree. Brook likes it, and Monica agrees. Tracy says, it’s better than the rest of the room, and Brook says, resistance to change is a precursor to dementia. Monica says it’s just Tracy’s personality, and asks if Brook thinks Olivia will be disappointed. Tracy asks why she cares, and Brook says, they have a deal. Monica says Olivia gets all of the other holidays, including Arbor Day. The house was filled with flowers. Tracy says she’s wandering from the subject, and Monica says she gets Christmas. It’s her house; her tree. Olivia decorates the nursery, and it’s a gingerbread fantasy, but the kids love it. She’s sure Olivia would prefer a shiny silver tree, but don’t they think, in the spirit of Christmas… Both Brook and Tracy say, absolutely not. Monica says they agreed on something. It’s a Christmas miracle. Michael and Sasha come in. Michael ho-ho-hos, and stops when he sees Tracy. He says he didn’t know she was coming, and she says she’s questioning the wisdom of her visit.

Scout sits on Santa Curtis’s lap. He says he knows her; Scout. What can he give her for Christmas? She says she wants her mommy to come home.

Nelle asks if Sam heard about her brush with death. Ryan nearly plunged a scalpel in her one remaining kidney. It was just a millimeter away. Sam says, amazing, and Nelle says she could have died. She wonders how Josslyn would feel. She’d have to live with the guilt. She got lucky. Sam wonders how Ryan got a scalpel, and says if he’d wanted Nelle dead, she’d be dead. Nelle says, too bad she didn’t run into Josslyn at GH; she ran into everyone else. Michael was there with Wiley. She guesses he was watching Wiley after the accident. Poor Lucas. He’s not doing so hot. Too bad Sam is in there for killing Shiloh; she could be helping. Nelle is sure Christmas will be melancholy for Sam’s kids. She imagines how Christmas would have been with Michael if their little boy had lived. They’d all be gathered around the Quartermaine Christmas tree. But sadly, Jonah is gone. Her baby is dead, but Sam still has hers, even if can’t see them until who knows when.

Curtis tells Scout that Santa might not be able to bring her mommy home, but he can give her some magic. Cameron gives Curtis a candy cane, and he gives it to Scout. He says he knows it looks like every other candy cane, but this one is magic. Whenever she when licks it, it will remind her of every happy and fun time she had with her mommy. At the same time, her mommy will remember too, and it will make them both feel better until her mommy comes home. Danny suggests they finish up, so they can wrap mommy’s presents. Jason thanks Cameron for assisting, and Cameron says he’s just doing his job. Curtis asks Jason to tell Sam that Santa says hi.

Trina asks Josslyn if Cameron doesn’t look great, and Josslyn says she loves it. It’s very Christmas choir boy. Trina says, it’s part of his community service. Just one more week, and he’s a free man. Dev says they should celebrate; drinks are on him. Trina wants an espresso, and Dev says she’d love Turkish coffee. He knows to get a hot cider for Josslyn. Cameron says he has to get back, and he’ll see them later. Dev goes to get the drinks, and Trina asks if Josslyn is going to make Dev’s Christmas wish come true. Josslyn says she got him a wireless speaker, and Trina asks if she’s blind. Can’t she see Dev is crushing on her?

Carly hopes Sonny doesn’t mind that she invited Brad for Christmas dinner. Whatever his faults, no one can deny he loves Lucas. Sonny says, technically, Brad is on her side of the family, so he’s putting up with Brad for her sake. She guesses so; why? He says that means he can ask her to put up with a guest from his side. Gladys tells Carly, merry Christmas, and Carly asks if she came to visit Mike. Gladys says she did, but Sonny was kind enough to invite her to stay for Christmas.

Michael asks if Brook knew her grandmother was coming to visit, but she says she had no clue. He explains to Sasha that Tracy was living in Amsterdam, and swore she was never coming back. Yet here she is. Brook says, Tracy does nothing without an ulterior motive. Either she screwed up in Amsterdam, and has to lie low, or she’s planning some shenanigans; a double-cross or a takeover. She tells Michael, watch his back.

Tracy tells Monica that she heard they lost Oscar and his father. It’s a lot to handle; she’s sorry. Monica says she takes consolation in that they got to know and love each other. Oscar also left a wonderful legacy to the Kilimanjaro Foundation. Tracy says she heard there was a problem with probate, but Monica says, Ned and Michael are taking care of it. The good news is, the foundation has been funded, and kids are already making their way up the mountain. Ned comes in with Olivia and Leo, and says, merry Christmas, every… Hello, mother. Olivia says, merry Christmas, and Tracy says, this must be Leo. She introduces herself, and Olivia says it’s nice to have her home for the holiday. Ned says, it is indeed. What is she doing there? Tracy says, Amsterdam was too tranquil. She needed a good dose of family. Monica says, lucky them.

Nelle tells Sam, you’d think they’d let her recuperate in the infirmary. She nearly paid with her life to prevent Ryan from escaping. Her lawyer says they’re calling her a hero. What if she gets pardoned, and sent home? She’d get out before Sam, but she’d be happy to help Jason. Sam’s children must be missing her. Scout is too young to know what’s going on, but Danny is old enough. Sam tells Nelle to shut her mouth before she shuts it for her.

Jason thanks Santa’s assistant for watching the kids while he got hot chocolate. He tells them that they’re grandma is going to be there shortly, then they’ll decorate the tree and hang their stockings.  He’s going to need help, since he’s terrible at both. Danny laughs, and says Jason does so many cool things. Why is he so awful at decorating? Jason says he just is, but he’s good at following directions.

Alexis tells Jordan that she doesn’t feel merry, and doesn’t think she can be happy, but she’s hanging on. Jordan is sorry Sam is still in Pentenville. They took the case out of her jurisdiction. Alexis says she’s sorry about all of it. Between Sam’s situation and hers, it’s been quite a year. Jordan says, there are some things to be grateful for, and Alexis says they had an exceptional blessing, but it was at the expense of Lucas, who’s still in a coma.

Josslyn asks if Trina thinks Dev is into her because he knows she likes hot cider. Trina says she asked him, and Josslyn asks what he said. Trina says, something lame and incoherent, like boys do when you call them out on their feelings.

Cameron tells Dev that his family got their Christmas wish; he shouldn’t complain. Dev says his happy family is complete, and Cameron asks about Dev’s home in Turkey, and Dev says Christmas came for him too. Sonny welcomed him into the family, and he became friends with them, but Cameron says, what about back home? Dev says everything he needs is there. He has no complaints. Trina and Josslyn join them, and Josslyn tells Dev that her mom is expecting them. Trina says she’ll stay and be moral support for Santa’s assistant. Josslyn tells them, merry Christmas, and Trina says watch out for the mistletoe. Dev asks what that is, and Josslyn tells him, come on.

Sonny tells Carly that Gladys was keeping his father company, and at the end of the visit, his dad wanted him to ask her to stay over. Gladys says, Sonny was kind enough to make it an official invite. Sonny says he couldn’t say no, and Carly says looks like Gladys is joining them for Christmas. Gladys asks if Carly wants a cookie.

Monica wants to try a new Quartermaine tradition – wassailing. Sasha says she’s read about it. It was a medieval precursor to caroling. Monica says, absolutely right (soon to become my new drinking game phrase, along with absolutely not). Alan always wanted do it. Tracy says, Alan was too sentimental for his own good. Monica says, in spite of the tragedies that have befallen them, they’re all together, some from near and far. It’s the perfect time. She passes out the wassail, saying, Alan would want to wish them good health; that’s what wassail means, and what their family needs. Tracy says, Monica didn’t poison it, did she? and Monica says Tracy’s visit was unexpected. She didn’t have time. Maybe next year. They toast to a merry Christmas. A friend of mine brought wassail over one Christmas Eve. It’s pretty tasty.

Alexis tells Jordan that she has to get going. She and Jason are wrapping presents once the kids are asleep. Jordan says she remembers those days. Alexis goes over to Jason and the kids, and Danny tells her about the magic candy cane. She says they’ll have to put it in a place of honor. Jason says he needs to take off, and asks if Alexis minds taking the kids home. She says, even Sonny takes Christmas off, and he says, everything he’s doing, he’s doing for the kids.

Gladys admires the decorations at Sonny’s house, and Carly asks Sonny if there are any other surprise guests. He says, Michael and Sasha, and Gladys says she’d love an Old Fashioned. Carly says she’s going to check on Donna and Avery. Gladys asks who they are, and Carly says, their children. She goes upstairs, and Gladys says, isn’t it wonderful to have a house full of kids? Sonny says, bourbon or rye? And she says they’re both from the old school. If it’s not rye, it’s not an Old Fashioned. Sonny laughs, but says they’re not both from anything. He pays her for a service. Dev and Josslyn arrive, and Gladys tells Dev, look what Santa brought; his nana. She hugs him.

Jason tells Danny to get started, and he’ll be there in a while. Be good. Danny asks if Jason will be home before his bedtime, and Jason says, definitely, and before Santa gets there.

Nelle tells the guard that Sam attacked her, and could have busted open her stitches. The guard calls Sam to come out. Nelle says, what about her? but he says only Sam. Under her breath, Sam calls Nelle a bitch as she goes past.

Brook asks how Leo’s visit to Santa was, and he says he asked for everything from his list. Brook says Santa might not bring everything he asked for, so he should ask for more than he’ll get. Sasha says negotiating seems to be a Quartermaine family trait. Michael is a master and was kind enough to handle a negotiation for her today. Brook asks if he’s becoming an agent, but he says he was just doing Sasha a favor. Leo suggests Michael negotiate for him, so he can get everything on his list, and Brook says, spoken like a true Quartermaine. Tracy asks Michael how things are going at ELQ.

Curtis continues to ho-ho-ho, and Jordan says, it’s almost over. He says things are winding down. He’s thinking of saying to all a good night. Would she care to take a ride on his sleigh? She says, gladly, but they see another kid waiting. Jordan’s phone rings, and he asks if it’s police business. She says, no, but she has to take it, and steps away.

Trina tells Cameron that she has some cocoa for Santa’s personal assistant, per North Pole etiquette. They clink paper cups.

Dev says if he’d known Gladys was coming, he’d have gotten her a present. He goes upstairs, and Carly says she made up the guest room. Sonny tells Carly that after Christmas, he’ll send Gladys away. Josslyn calls Gladys Mrs. Corbin, and she says to call her Aunt Gladys, since they’re practically family. Josslyn says, they’re not. She knows Gladys is part of the deal to keep Dev in the country. Gladys says, still, she appreciates them sharing their home. Otherwise, she’d be all alone, looking at old photos of her son. She remembers it like yesterday, how excited Brando was, thinking he heard Santa’s sleigh. She tears up, and says she needs some air. She goes out on the terrace, and Sonny tells Josslyn, a word of advice; the less she says to Gladys, the better. Josslyn says she can’t stand the phony acting, but Sonny says they don’t want Gladys to know how much they’re protecting Dev. Carly says, it gives her too much power. Josslyn says she’s sorry; she hates this. Carly says, her too, but it’s temporary. Out on the terrace, Gladys is on the phone. She says she can’t tell them how much she misses them. She said terrible things she regrets. Now, at this time of year, she can’t stop thinking about them, and wishing it was all different. Sonny comes out, and asks who she’s talking to. She says, Brando.

Nelle asks the guard if Sam is in solitary, and he says, not exactly.

Alexis gives Danny and Scout their stockings to hang up. Danny picks up one that says mom, and wonders if they should hang it up. Jason comes in, and Danny asks where he went. Jason says he was working on a Christmas surprise. Sam is behind him, and asks, who wants a merry Christmas? She hugs the kids, and everyone is all happy.

Trina tells Cameron that he does look handsome. Once she posts his picture, every girl in school is going to show up. He says she’s not posting that, and chases her. On the phone, Jordan says she appreciates it, and thanks them for letting her know. Curtis asks if everything is okay, and she says, an old friend just passed. He asks if it’s someone from their Baltimore days, but she says it’s no one he knows. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, just shocked, but she’s not dwelling on it. It’s Christmas, and she’s going to cherish what’s in front of her; starting with Santa. He hugs her.

The guard tells Nelle that Sam made parole. She’s surprised, and he says he is too.

Sam says she’ll have to give Santa a thank you note, and Alexis says, her too. She got her gift. She tells Sam, welcome home. Sam tells her, merry Christmas, and thanks her. They hug, and Alexis says she’s going home and letting Sam be with her family. She loves them – even Jason. She won’t question him about his errands again. Sam asks who’s going to help mom find her stocking, and Danny gives it to her.

Nelle takes a big piece of cardboard out from under her mattress. It says, Nelle’s Aspirations 2020, and is covered with pictures cut from magazines, most of them of little boys.

Brook says she can tell Tracy that ELQ is doing great. She read the shareholder report, and they’re in the black. Michael says it’s nice to make money, and be kind to the environment. Tracy thinks they should care less about the environment, and more about the bottom line. Michael says they’re doing great. Ned thinks they need to table the discussion for today, but Tracy says Brook needs to be more realistic. She’ll never get rich singing, and needs to look to her stock in ELQ. Couldn’t the family company use another junior executive? Michael says his mom and dad are expecting them, and asks them to film the caroling. They jet, and Olivia tells Ned to get his guitar. Ned calls Jason, and asks if he’s coming by to wassail and carol, but Jason says staying there with Sam. He thanks Ned for that, but Ned says, all he did was tell them that Sam was an excellent candidate for parole. He’s glad they agreed. He tells Jason, merry Christmas to you and yours. Hold them close tonight. Tracy says Ned isn’t doing a favor for Jason, is he?

Jason picks up Scout, so she can hang up her stocking. Danny tells Scout, she did it. She told Santa that she wanted mom home, and he did it. He doesn’t want another present. He tells Sam that they have to help Jason decorate the tree, since he’s terrible at it. Sam and Jason kiss.

Carly brings out cookies, and asks if Josslyn is okay. Josslyn say she’s just writing her thoughts, and Carly says maybe she should try that. Dev comes down with some presents, saying, he’s not the best at wrapping, but he tried. He puts them under the tree, and asks how the carolers get past the guards. Carly says they don’t have those, and Dev says, another iconic American myth shot down. Josslyn says, at least Santa will make it.

Gladys tells Sonny, it’s pathetic really. She’s been paying phone bill since Brando died, so she can hear his voice on the message. Sonny probably thinks she’s a sentimental kook, and maybe she is, but she misses him so much. He died thinking she was mad at him. Sonny tells her, come inside. He’ll make her another Old Fashioned with rye.

Tracy tells Ned, Jason made it clear he doesn’t consider himself a Quartermaine. Dealing with him will only get Ned into trouble. Ned says a lot has happened since she’s been gone. He’ll leave it at that. He suggests they get on with Christmas, and she says, by the looks of things, she got there just in time. Ned brings his guitar into the sitting room, and Olivia thinks they could all use some tidings of comfort and joy.

Brook, Ned, Olivia and Leo sing The First Noel. Monica gives Tracy a drink, and they touch glasses. Tracy hugs Monica.

Finally out of his Santa suit, Curtis takes Jordan’s hand, and they kiss.

Cameron tells Trina, his picture can’t get out. She says she’s deleting it. She already posted it… Psyche! She says she’d never do that. She’s always got his back. They leave the plaza.

Josslyn and Dev go out on the terrace, and Josslyn says, there he is. Dev asks, who? and she says, Santa, pointing to the sky. Doesn’t Dev see him? He looks up, and says, she’s right. He sees him too. He tells her, wait. Something is moving, and Josslyn says, oh my God. You’re right.

Michael and Sasha get to Sonny’s, and Carly tells them, merry Christmas. Josslyn and Dev run in, and Josslyn says they saw the sleigh. Carly tells her, the kids are asleep, but she says she’s serious. There’s a light moving through the sky. They all go out, and gather on the terrace, Gladys hanging back a little. Dev points, and everyone looks up. Sonny says, merry Christmas.

The tree is finished, and Sam watches her family, dabbing at her eyes. Jason puts the lights on. He puts his arms around Sam and the kids, and they all look at the tree.

On Monday, Carly asks Sonny if it’s another interrogation, Sonny says he wants the truth, and Carly says it’s time to tell him exactly what’s going on. It’s looks like it will be a new episode on Monday, Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) is a repeat encore episode, and Wednesday (New Year’s Day) is football.

👯 Super Frenemies…

This article wasn’t exactly a font of information, so I’m skeptical. What could these two possibly be advertising?


😴 No Surprise…

In case you were living under a rock.


👍 I Haven’t Heard Anyone Say It Yet…

Vicki was right.


🌴 Better Than Brandi…

I would love to see Tori Spelling on RHOBH. I don’t see how her money situation has anything to do with it. Bethenny Frankel couldn’t pay her rent when she started on RHONY.


🍹 I Thought He Was In Jail…

Frankly, I think the show is doing just fine without him.


🎭 A Light Goes Out On Broadway…

He composed several of my favorite musicals – Mame, Mack & Mabel, and La Cage aux Folles. He was also a true man of the theater, evidenced by this quote:

I said, I can absolutely do it. I know all about Israel, recalled the composer much later. And I knew nothing about Israel.


🎊  Quotes of the Week

I never worry about being driven to drink; I just worry about being driven home. – W. C. Fields

Ring out the false, ring in the true. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. – William E. Vaughn

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.Benjamin Franklin

Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness. William Shakespeare

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. – Oprah Winfrey

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot

Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction. – Germany Kent

Life’s not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it’s about doing, being and becoming. – Mike Dooley

Many years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to never make new year’s resolutions. Hell, it’s been the only resolution I’ve ever kept!D.S. Mixell

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. – Carl Bard

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. – Brad Paisley

Get the f*** out of my house, Kenny G. – Amy (Mila Kunis), Bad Moms Christmas

🎈 We Can Hope…

Still waiting on that Christmas miracle too.


February 5, 2019 – Lulu Remembers What Not-Doc Wants, Jim Tells Sarah She’s Dead, the Yachties Reunite & Time to Close


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

My streak was too long and too good to be true. I missed the beginning, but nothing major ever happens in the first few minutes. So without further ado…

Not-Doc says no one else can be in the room when he hypnotizes Lulu. The patient may recover personal or private information that they don’t want to share. Jordan says everything will be confidential, but he says it’s non-negotiable. If they want to be present, he can’t perform the procedure. They can get someone else, but neither will any other therapist worth their salt.

Nina says she told Valentin that she needed a dose of her daughter, and here Sasha is. She asks how long Sasha is staying, and Sasha says a few days. She’s not complaining, but wonders if Nina is still staying at Windymere because the killer hasn’t been caught. Nina says they haven’t caught the killer, but she moved back in with Valentin and Charlotte.

At the office, Peter tells Maxie that he had the cleaning crew in, since the police signed off on it. It was grim and sad that they have a special cleaning team for crime scenes. Maxie says, it’s not easy to butter him up, and she needs another favor. She thinks a medical advice column might boost circulation. He asks who would write it, and she says that’s the out-of-the-box part. He’s going to think it’s the most outrageous idea. He says the best ones often are, and asks, who? Obrecht walks in, and says, me.

Carly tells Jason that Sam took all that time to find herself, and she’s breaking up with him? She was just torturing him – and herself. She’s calling Sam. Jason tells her Sam is just pretending so she can investigate the leader of the group Kristina is involved with, Dawn of Day. Carly asks who it is, and why do they need investigating? He says the guy’s name is Shiloh. They know he’s a con artist, but he may be worse.

Nina says Charlotte will be happy to see Sasha. They need to have another girls’ night. She thanks Valentin, and says she’s going to march Sasha in front of Obrecht, saying this is her daughter. Then she’s going to ask how Sasha is going to leave her brokenhearted and empty like Obrecht. Sasha asks who she’s talking about, and Nina says her Aunt Liesl, who’s mad because Nina won’t give her a job. She has no idea who would hire her.

Obrecht asks if Peter is opposed to hiring one of the best medical minds in the world. She gathered some questions from the internet to give him some sample responses. She’s used everyday language, and humor where it’s applicable. He can try her out, and if she boosts circulation, which she inevitably will, they can renegotiate. Maxie says medical issues are a booming topic on the internet. He says she wants him to pay a woman he hates, who tortured him? Obrecht say she was crazed with grief. Maxie says he already exonerated Obrecht, and she’d thought his attitude had softened toward her. He says he did it because she wanted Obrecht free. He doesn’t think it’s a good fit. Obrecht tells him to just read the samples. She thinks he’ll like them. She hands him the paper, and he reads.

Not-Doc says hypnosis requires complete focus, and deep relaxation. Having other people present only hinders the process. He understands Laura might not want him, and she can get another doctor, but if they allow observation, he’d question their professionalism and ethics. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think that’s how it works. Lulu says it’s not their choice; it’s hers. She’s unhappy with how he treated her mother, but professionally, she trusts him. Jordan has another idea. She wants it recorded. Not-Doc says that’s not possible. It’s a violation of privileged information. Lulu asks if she won’t remember when she comes out. They won’t need to record it. She’ll just tell them. She wants to get started.

At the skating rink, Aiden has wiped out, but Franco says he’s fantastic. He has some smooth moves going backwards. He goes back to the rink, and Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s so happy. Almost as happy as he is. Brad and Lucas arrive with Wiley. Lucas says it looks like they all had the same idea, and Elizabeth says it’s a good day for ice skating. Lucas asks where their skates are. Franco says they’re the cheering section. Lucas says Aiden is really good. He asks if they’d mind watching Wiley. Franco says the three of them suck at subterfuge. He tells them, stop. It’s painful.

Laura tells Lulu she’ll be right outside, but Lulu says Laura is making her more nervous. She hates not being able remember. Not just who attacked her, but what she was working on. It must have something to do with the killer. We flash back to her calling not-Doc and asking about the list, and that she wants to go over the names. Lulu tells not-Doc to make sure to ask her about that. He says he wants to help her find all the answers she’s looking for.

Nina leaves to get Sasha’s room ready. Sasha says she’s so happy, and Valentin says he loves seeing her happy. Sasha says she’s incredibly endearing, and full of love. Nina makes her mother’s absence less painful. Valentin says it would destroy her to find out Sasha was only playing a part. Sasha say she always will, but he’s not in charge anymore.

In the hallway at the hospital, Jordan tells Laura, hopefully, they’ll get answers. Laura says, if Lulu remembers, what’s next? Jordan says they’ll collect the forensic details. She might send them in a direction they’re not considering. Laura asks if Lulu’s memories will be admissible in court, but Jordan says it’s a grey area. Laura asks if Jordan thinks Lulu will remember it’s Franco.

Franco asks if they think he believes it’s a coincidence. Elizabeth says she had a talk with Brad and Lucas about Aiden. Brad says it’s nice that he has a gay couple in his extended family. Franco says, and he thought Brad was the sneakiest technician at the hospital. Lucas says, a lot has changed.

Carly goes over what Jason has told her. She says, Shiloh also has a history with Drew, and now he’s dragging Kristina in, so they’re breaking up to get Sam closer? Jason says he doesn’t like it, but what it’s what she has to do. Carly asks if he thinks she’s in danger. He doesn’t think so, but wants to make sure nothing happens.

Peter says Obrecht explain things simply without sounding condescending. Maxie asks if he likes Obrecht’s writing. He does, and says with the glut of information out there, it might be nice for someone to sort through it. Maxie says, so she’s hired? and he says, on a trial basis. Maxie thanks him, and he says he can’t say no to her. The lightbulb comes on, and Obrecht says Maxie removed her ring, and is moving on. Don’t tell her that she’s moving on with Henrik? Maxie says she and Peter are friends; good friends. Obrecht says she’s having a romance with Nathan’s half-brother, who brought Nathan’s killer to Port Charles.

Not-Doc explains to Lulu that hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. The subject has to be willing. They’re neither asleep nor unconscious, and don’t do what they don’t want to. He asks if she’s comfortable, and tells her to relax. She’s in a safe, calm, and peaceful place. She can go anywhere she needs to if she wants. He tells her to close her eyes. She controls the entire experience. Listen to his voice, and let the words wash over her. He asks how she feels, and Lulu says, good. He tells her to go to the night of the attack. All she has to do is let him guide her to what really happened. Is she ready? Lulu says, yes.

Obrecht asks how Maxie can consider a possible romance with Henrik. Maxie says she’s worked out her personal issues with him, and she didn’t say it was romantic. She’s trusted him, and he’s proved himself repeatedly. He’s also James’s uncle, and James has few blood relatives on his father’s side. She’s not keeping Peter out of her life, and if she disapproves, she can find employment elsewhere. Obrecht says she wants to selflessly steer strangers back to good health, and accepts Peter’s offer. She was uncharacteristically nervous about the meeting, and needs to fortify herself. When she returns, he can show her to her office. She leaves, and Maxie says Peter will get used to her. She hugs him.

Sasha tells Valentin that they both want the same thing; to make sure Nina doesn’t get hurt. Maybe he should take a step back, so she can have a real relationship with Nina. Valentin suggests Sasha stay away from Obrecht; make excuses if she has to. Nina says Sasha’s room is ready. They have a lot of catching up to do. She asks if Valentin doesn’t have a conference call, and he says she wants to get rid of him. He gets it. She tells him that he’s the absolute best.

Brad says Aiden is looking good out there. Aiden says Wiley is bigger than he was at Christmas. Lucas says baby’s grow fast, and Brad asks if Aiden knows any kids with two mothers or two fathers. Aiden isn’t sure, but wishes he had a baby brother or sister. Franco asks if he wants to skate some more. He does, and goes back out with Brad and Lucas.

Jordan asks how Laura knew about Franco. Laura says Elizabeth is like a daughter to her, and told her about Franco being questioned. She guesses he’s the suspect. Jordan says one victim tried to reach him, and his alibis range from flawed to non-existent, but everything they have is circumstantial.

Not-Doc asks if Lulu can picture her office. Tell him everything she remembers. She says she was working. Her mom came to get her to go to the party. She was frustrated. Peter wouldn’t publish her article. It was about a potential link between Ryan Chamberlain and the serial killer. Her mom agreed with Peter, and they talked about something that troubled her about a list. A list he made. A list of Ryan’s victims. Not-Doc asks, what troubled her? She says her mom said there were nine names on his list, but the police report said Ryan killed seven, not nine. She gets agitated, and he tells her not to let her emotions cloud the truth. Her mother never mentioned nine victims. They talked about the list, but never talked about number. Lulu says, she didn’t? He says he called her, and they discussed seven victims. She says, she did? He says she remembers clearly now.

Carly thinks Jason and Sam are a great help. It’s one less worry for Sonny. Too bad he and Sam can’t be together. He tells her that he never said that. Carly says they can meet in private, and he says, that’s the plan. She tells him, enjoy sneaking around. It can be fun. Obrecht comes in, and says she’s celebrating. She wonders if she can have complementary waffles.

Peter is surprised at how well Obrecht writes. Maxie knows she’ll be on her best behavior, or she won’t be allowed to see James. He says, James is quite the motivator. He’ll keep his eyes open all the same. Maxie thinks that’s a good idea, and he thanks her for what she said about them. Nina calls, and Maxie leaves to talk to her. Peter sighs. He calls Valentin and tells him that he hired Obrecht. He can thank Maxie.

Laura tells Jordan that Elizabeth has three boys she loves dearly, and might be living with a serial killer. Jordan says Laura knows him better than her. Laura thinks he couldn’t have done it, but she’s old enough, and seen enough of the world to know nothing is impossible.

Franco wonders if maybe he and Elizabeth will have a baby. Lucas limps to the bench. He was trying to bust a move, but instead busted his butt. He says Aiden is loving it, and chatting up the crowd. He doesn’t think Aiden caught on to the gay sting operation. Elizabeth agrees, but says he’s observing them though. Franco thanks Lucas. He knows he’s not Lucas’s favorite person. Lucas says he remembers what Franco did to his sister, but he also remembers how Brad was. It’s where any of them can be. You have to look past people’s mistakes, and have faith in them changing. Brad listens in. Aiden comes back.

Not-Doc says Lulu is doing really well. Who else did she call other than him? She says she spoke with Peter. She asked him again to please run the story, but he said no. Shortly afterward, someone came to the door. She jumped when the handle rattled. Her mom insisted she lock the door. Someone was trying to get in. He asks if she was frightened, but she says, no. She went to open it, but wasn’t afraid. She went to her desk, and he followed her. He was wearing gloves, and she thought it was odd. She can see his gloves… his coat… She’s looking at him, but can’t see his face. He tells her, stop there. He promised her mother not to upset her. She asks why she can see him, but not remember his face? He tells her, calm down. They’ll get there. He’ll help her remember. He tells her, listen to his voice, and what he’s telling her. He smiles.

Nina tells Maxie that Valentin arranged a surprise visit from her daughter. Maxie says Valentin being involved makes her nervous. Nothing is ever quite what it seems with him, and heartbreak follows.  Nina asks if the heartbreak is general or specific, and if so, how?

Nina tells Sasha she’s happy to be back together with Valentin, and she has Sasha to thank. Once Nina had Sasha in her life, everything fell into place. They’re as in love as ever. In fact, he’s asked her to marry him again. Sasha says she didn’t say yes, did she?

Carly wonders why she’d give Obrecht complimentary anything. Obrecht says, common courtesy, good business sense. She’s working in the building, and can send customers Carly’s way. Carly would prefer Obrecht not mention her business. Obrecht says, her loss. Carly tells her, congratulations on her new job. She can afford to pay for her own meal. Obrecht apologizes for her lack of manners, and gives Carly her deepest condolences on the tragic loss of her grandson. She met the child’s mother briefly, poor creature. She leaves, and Carly says, that was random. Jason asks how well Carly knows her. Carly says she has very little to do with her if she can help it. She wonders how Obrecht met Nelle.

Jordan tells Laura that they have no way of knowing how long the session will take. Laura wants to be close by if Lulu remembers it’s Franco. Jordan says they could be wrong. Laura hopes so. She hopes Lulu isn’t suffering too much, reliving that night. Jordan does too. Lulu has already been through enough. Hypnotherapy is a tool that will bring them closer to safety, especially Lulu. Laura says she can’t let the killer come back to silence Lulu. Jordan says Lulu will lead them right to prison.

Aiden loves ice skating, and Franco says he’s a natural. Aiden wants Franco to skate with him, but he had fun with Brad and Lucas. He wants a snack, and Elizabeth takes out a sandwich. Aiden runs off with it, and Franco thanks her for giving him perspective. It was the perfect antidote to being questioned at the PCPD. This is what’s important – her and the boys. Everything is going to be okay.

Not-Doc asks if Lulu heard everything he said, and she says, yes. He says, it’s easier to remember when you’re calm. Is she ready to remember the face of her attacker? She’s in the office, working. There’s a rattle at the door. She opens the door. The visitor follows her in. She goes behind her desk. She’s behind her desk, but something isn’t right. He’s scaring her, and she tries to leave. Lulu says, oh my God, he has a knife! She can see him. Not-Doc asks, who is it? Franco? In her flashback, everything is the same, but it’s Franco’s face. She says, it’s Franco. Not-Doc smiles more broadly.

Tomorrow, Anna will see Obrecht dead first, Peter says Valentin will lie, Lulu says Franco tried to kill her, and Jordan arrests Franco.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Madison pushes Jeffrey to the floor, and tells him there’s a laser pointed at him, like the kind from a gun. Jeffrey sees it on the wall, and says, its fine. Madison tells him not to go to the window, and asks who’s out there? Jeffrey says, it’s just Justin, and it’s just a laser pointer. He’s looking right at him. Madison asks if he’s sure. He is, and Madison says, this kid is nuts. He tells Jeffrey not to go out there, but Jeffrey tells Madison to let him handle it. He knows ow it goes. Madison says, it’s not fine; he’s nuts. Jeffrey asks him to go upstairs and check on his dad. He goes outside.

Jeffrey asks what Justin is doing. Justin says, watching him. Jeffrey says he’s tired of this. Justin is sorry. Jeffrey knows, and tells him, go home. Justin says he misses Jeffrey. Jeffrey says his dad is there. Justin says, and that boy? Jeffrey says Justin shouldn’t have hit him. He didn’t do anything. He says, this has to stop, and Justin says, okay; he’ll stop – if Jeffrey comes home. He knows Jeffrey wants him. Jeffrey says he wants him to leave. Justin tries to kiss Jeffrey, but Jeffrey pushes him away, saying, get off of him. Justin says, I love you, and Jeffrey says, stop it. Justin says is Jeffrey isn’t in his life, he has nothing to live for. Jeffrey says he keeps saying the same thing, and he needs to leave. Justin wonders what he’d do without Jeffrey. He’s not letting Madison have him. Jeffrey says, good to know, and goes back inside.

Madison asks if Jeffrey is okay with all this; with Justin coming over. He needs a restraining order. Madison is going first thing in the morning, and thinks Jeffrey should come. Jeffrey says, okay, and asks if he can go to bed. Madison says, he’s still out there, but Jeffrey says he doesn’t care. Madison says he should. He’s calling the police. Jeffrey says, be my guest. and Madison says Jeffrey really doesn’t care about this. Jeffrey says, nope.

Candace goes to the Iron Bone. Mitch says she’s looking for him, and sits with her. She asks if they don’t like Black people there, and Mitch says, you know how these guys are. He asks what she needs, and she says she needs a lot of money. He says he has a little bit, but she’s not asking for it from him. She has it, but can’t get to it. It’s in her mother’s bank account. She sent it to Benny, and they have a joint account. Mitch asks if she’s talking about the eight million. She asks if Benny told him, but he says he just heard. He asks what she needs from him. She says her mother took Benny to the bank, and wanted to give it back to Jim Cryer, but Benny wouldn’t sign. They need two signatures, and Benny is on the fence. She thinks Mitch can convince him not to sign. Mitch says Benny is thisclose to being taken out be two different families. He needs to do the right thing: give the money back. He asks if she has any idea how dangerous Jim is. She says, he’s not, but Mitch says, he is. She says she can handle it. He tells her Benny got stabbed by Cryer. He put someone on Benny as a warning. He needs to give the money back. She says, he can handle Benny. She’ll handle Jim. She says the money will get her out of there. She’ll give him a couple hundred if she gets it. He says he’ll believe it when he sees it. She says, good. He needs a new car. He says he drives it by choice, and she says, just help her. He asks if she wants a drink, but she says not in a place where people look at her – like that, referring to a guy wearing a weird beard who’s half-glaring, half-ogling her. Candace leaves, and another guy says, what the hell? to Mitch. Uncle Vinnie doesn’t want people like her hanging out there. Mitch says, that’s Candace Young. Grandma Rose said it’s okay. The guy says, she’s hot. He wants to hit that. Mitch calls him an idiot. She would wear his ass out. The guy brags that he’s a stallion, and says Mitch does need a new car. Mitch suggests the guy buy him one.

The grits are ready. Veronica puts on oven mitts, and takes them into the bedroom. I don’t think to eat. She walks to the bed, and sets them on the nightstand. She pulls back the covers, and says, she asked him to leave. RK jumps up, and asks what the hell is she doing? She asks if he’s hungry. She made grits. He says, grits his ass. She was about to grits his ass. She’s crazy. She says, yes, and she will still grits his ass if he doesn’t leave. He says she’s lost her mind, and grabs his clothes. She tells him, don’t worry about it. She knows he stole her jewelry. He tells her, go check her maid. She wants her jewelry back by noon tomorrow. He says he has nothing of hers. She says, man, boy, they’re all the same. He tells her, he could say the same about women. She asks if he’s still there, and he says he’s a hologram. She tells him to holo his ass out of her house, and don’t come back. He leaves in a hurry, and she gets in the bed. She says, baby boy, can’t do nothin’ for her. She needs a man.

There’s a knock at Roderick’s door. It’s Kathryn, and he tells her that her car sticks out like a sore thumb. She says she won’t be there long. He he says that’s disappointing, and she tells him, cut the bull. He’s glad she called. She says he thinks she’s a fool. He wants her money. He says that’s not all he wants. He enjoys making love to her. She says his place is underwhelming, but he says, it’s cozy. She asks if he’s making money at the hotel, and he says he is. She asks if he has a drug problem, but he says, no. He has a family back home, and sends them money. She thinks that’s sweet. She asks if the prostitution ring is shut down, and he says it is. He asks if she wants a drink, and she says, sure. She watches him pour liquor into Solo cups, and says, on second thought, she’s not that thirsty. He says it’s all he has, and she says that’s sad. He says, it’s okay, but she says, it’s not. Play his cards right, she might keep him. Set him up in a nice place. Maybe a new car. She’ll take care of him. He asks what he has to do, and she says, her. He says, let’s get on with it, and kisses her, pushing her toward the bed. She doesn’t think this is going to work. He says he knows it’s not much, and she says, it’s not anything. He asks if she wants to go back to the hotel, but she says it’s getting late. She’ll call tomorrow. He’s sorry she came all this way, and there’s nothing he can do to make her happy. She says, there is, just not in this place. She asks him to walk her to her car, and asks if he’s ever seen the backseat of a $270K car. He says, only from the outside, and she tells him, he’s in for a treat. It’s probably nicer than my house.

Wyatt tells Sarah that he needs money. She tells him to calm down, and he says he needs a fix. She says she has some pain pills. She gets them, and he practically rips them out of her hand. She tells him not to take all of them, but he already did. He wants a drink. He tells her that he knows his tolerance. She doesn’t want him to die, but he says he won’t. She tells him, calm down, and he says he’s trying. There’s a knock at the door, and he goes in the bathroom. it’s George with some gigantic cops. One comes in with him. He asks if she has the bullet, and she says she has Wyatt. She knocks on the bathroom door, and Wyatt comes out. He tells George that he wants money, and get the hell out. Sarah says, arrest him. Make him testify. George asks if she thinks this will help her. She failed with the wire, and didn’t give him anything. George tells the big cop, arrest her. She tells him to take Wyatt. George say he can’t hold Wyatt. The Malones want him dead. She says, he has cocaine in his pocket. Wyatt says he doesn’t, but pulls out a small bag. He says he could have been getting high this entire time. I die laughing. He starts putting a line on the counter, and George reminds Wyatt that he’s the DA. He says, take them both, and take the drugs. Wyatt calls Sarah a bitch on his way out. She tells George, all she needs is a day. She can get him to talk. She gets close to him, and says she’ll do anything. He pushes her back, and says she has one day. One. She thanks him. I’d get the hell out of town.

Another nameless woman tells Charles that the hospital visit was good press. She gives him some briefing sheets. The President wants a meeting moved up. Charles says, okay, and she asks if there’s a female, but he says, there isn’t. She says the new First Lady usually meets with former First Lady. He says she’ll have to get his wife out of the grave, and asks if there’s an inclusion for that. She apologizes, and he tells her not to ask again. He wants a moment. Everyone leaves, but he says, not you, Landon. It’s like being called out by the teacher, and Landon looks like a naughty child. Charles punches him, knocking him down. Charles doesn’t know what that was, but wants to get one thing clear. Don’t ever try anything like that again. Not only will he have to fire Landon, he’ll eff him up, He holds out his hand, saying, olive branch, and helps Landon up. Landon is really sorry, and Charles says, about what? He’s glad he got it off his chest. He feels better. Doesn’t Landon? Landon says he does. Charles says, that will be all, and tells Landon to straighten his tie.

Veronica’s doorbell rings. She calls for Alice, who wanders out. She asks if Alice heard the door, and Alice says she did. Veronica asks if she’s going to get it, and Alice says, no. She just came to give Veronica this. She hands Veronica an envelope, and Veronica asks if she’s resigning. Alice says, no. She’s suing Veronica for a hostile work environment. Veronica asks who she’s been talking to; it’s not hostile. Alice says she has it documented. Veronica tears the papers up, and says that’s what she thinks of Alice’s lawsuit. She tells Alice, the new maid will clean it up. Alice says, the maid always knows a lot of secrets. Veronica doesn’t give a damn. Alice says it’s the ones they think don’t have the power, who are the ones who bring them down. Veronica tells her, take her power and go to unemployment. Her blind ass can’t see how to clean anything anyway. What’s really funny is how this is coming from left field. We’ve never even seen Alice until very recently, and they’d actually made it seem like she was lazy and not doing her job.

Alice leaves, and two women walk in. One is a woman from a foster care program that Veronica wanted to help, but no surprise, she doesn’t have a name. However, she introduces the other woman as Karen. Veronica asks what brings them by, and nameless lady says Karen would be perfect for Veronica’s offer. She wanted to help a girl coming out of foster care, and she thought Karen would be a good fit. She aced high school, and is studying to be a pharmacist. Karen says Veronica has a lovely home. Veronica thanks her, and says, sorry she won’t be seeing it again. The other woman wonders if she got it wrong. She thought Veronica wanted to help. Veronica says she did want to help – a Black girl, not a white girl. She wants someone who looks like her. The woman says she didn’t say that, but Veronica thinks she should have caught the hint. The woman says they don’t see race, but Veronica says, bullsh*t. Everyone does. The woman says, sorry, and Veronica says, don’t be. Just bring back a Black girl. Someone darker than her. Now take Becky, and go. Not getting the reference, Becky Karen says her name is Karen. The woman says this will disqualify Veronica for the program, and Veronica says, then it will disqualify them from her check. Not Karen says they can use the money. Veronica says, then bring her an African American girl. Goodbye, Becky Karen Becky. They leave, and Veronica wonders, what’s wrong with people? She has things to do.

Madison looks in on David, who says he’s much better. David asks where Jeffrey is. Madison thinks still sleeping. David asks how they’re getting along, and Madison says fine. David says, just fine? What is it? Madison asks if he’s met Justin. David says he has; why? Madison thinks Jeffrey is in over his head. Justin has been very threatening, David knows, and Madison asks if he knows Justin had a laser pointed at Jeffrey’s head. David says, as in a laser-sited gun? He tells Madison to get Jeffrey. Madison is concerned he’s going to let Jeffrey know what he said, but David insists he get Jeffrey. Madison leaves, and David calls Jim. He tells Jim that he needs to get a message to Benji. Jim asks if it’s for their lady friend, but David says, no. He’ll handle her himself. It’s for the punk harassing his son.

There’s a knock on Sarah’s door. They says, delivery, but it’s Jim. He says she took Wyatt from the house. She says she didn’t know he was in the car. Jim asks, where is he? but she says she doesn’t know. Jim tells her, don’t lie. She repeats she doesn’t know. He asks if the DA has him, and she says she doesn’t know. He grabs her by the throat and backs her against the wall. He asks if the DA is holding Wyatt. She says she can’t breathe, and he says he’ll ask one more time. She says, yes, and he lets her go. He asks if she knew Wyatt was in the car. He thinks she did, but she insists she didn’t. He pushes his arm against her throat, and asks how they got to Wyatt. She says she called once he got there. Jim says, it’s a shame. She’s dead. He kisses her, and says, it’s a no win situation for her; she’s dead. He leaves, and she puts her head in her hands, and cries. Seriously. Leave. Now.

Hanna wakes Benny. She has breakfast going; his favorites. He says he had to get stabbed for her to cook something for him. He asks if she really likes this dude, and she says she does. He doesn’t. Benny says he needs to leave her alone, and Hanna says Benny needs to hush. The doorbell rings, and Benny says, if it’s him, tell him go home.

Hanna goes to the door. It’s Mitch. He asks if Benny is up. Hanna asks if Mitch’s family is still after Benny. Mitch says, no. He talked to them, and they took the money. He goes upstairs.

Mitch asks how Benny is doing. Benny says, like hell, and Mitch says he looks like hell. Benny says, screw you, and asks if Mitch’s family took the money. Mitch says, yeah, and Benny asks why they came after him like that. Mitch told him it wasn’t them. Benny asks, who was it? and Mitch says he did some poking around. Can he ask Benny about something? Does he have a little money from Cryer? Benny asks what Mitch knows about it, and Mitch says, he heard about eight million through his family ties. They heard he had it. That’s what happened. Cryer put somebody on him. It wasn’t Mitch’s family. Jim Cryer had someone stab him as a warning. He wants the money back. Hanna appears, and asks what Mitch just said. Mitch looks seriously panicked.

Next time, Hanna says she’ll take care of Jim, Jim is sick of George, Charles asks if Landon is attracted to him, and David wants Justin to understand the cost of harassing his son.

Below Deck – Reunion

This is still in cheap reunion territory – at the Clubhouse, and only one part. Andy says hello to everyone. Chandler and Caroline are absent. He asks who kept in touch. Ashton and Ross are still having a bromance. Ross’s arrest is brought up. He says it was a big misunderstanding, and Andy says, it always is. He asks if Krystal was the worst charter guest of the season. Kate says, of her life. We find out that Ross went out with Krystal, and it’s benefits without friends. He claims she’s not married.

Kate’s stew situation is discussed, and we flash back to her being thrilled with Josiah, things going south with Caroline, and the conflict with Laura. Everyone is laughing. Except Captain Lee. A viewer asks what the deck crew’s thoughts were about Caroline. Rhylee says she was distraught all day, every day. Ashton says she wasn’t coping. Andy says he spoke to her, and she said there was a pattern of stews not getting along with Kate. A viewer asks if Captain Lee thinks the complaints about Kate have merit, but he says the only ones who complain are the ones who don’t want to do their job. He has no sympathy. Laura says she felt bad for Caroline. She wasn’t there, so she doesn’t know how it went down, but doesn’t think she was treated fairly. Kate says they were nice to her at first, but they got frustrated. In a tweet, Caroline says, when Kate and Josiah blasted music outside her door, what was shown wasn’t remotely close to what happened. Kate says, Caroline has a flair for the dramatic. She’s intelligent, and is good at playing the victim. Andy plays an extended clip with unseen footage, where Kate and Josiah are talking about Caroline, loudly, outside of her room. Andy says, it’s kind of mean. Kate agrees, but says Caroline lied, and she was the bully. Kate doesn’t think she started it. Captain Lee says he was uncomfortable when he saw the show, but realized it was an ongoing thing that Caroline didn’t pull her weight. Andy asks if Kate and Josiah regret anything. Josiah says, it was in the moment, and they were angry. Kate felt like a hostage. Caroline was doing what she wanted. Ashton thinks they had to be pushed to be that nasty. Andy says they didn’t want to be mean girls, but ended up being mean girls. Josiah says Caroline lied about how horrible everyone was. A viewer points out Josiah said he was bullied when he was younger. Josiah says it made him stronger, and they liked Caroline, but she wasn’t doing her job. Another viewer asks if Captain Lee felt validated in questioning Kate. He says he could have handled it better, but he didn’t have all the information. Kate says she didn’t like at the time, but feels glad about it now, because it shows he’s fair. She wishes all three of them had all been in the wheelhouse, so there was no confusion.

A viewer asks why Laura came in hot with a superior attitude. Laura say she didn’t think she had an attitude, but recognized it after seeing the show. It wasn’t her intention, which is why she’s sad about it. She says everyone has their breaking point, but Captain Lee says he would have fired her on the spot. Kate says she was bewildered. Laura said she was a chief stew on a vessel the same size, and Laura was doing the one thing she shouldn’t be, screaming at Kate in front of the guests. It was almost amusing. Almost. Captain Lee says the worst thing was Laura asking how dare Kate go back and check her work. Laura says she was angry and in hysterics. She was backed into a corner. Kate says Laura cornered her. Laura tells her, don’t act innocent. There were things leading up to it; she had a reason she felt pushed. They weren’t nice from the beginning. Andy asks what advice Laura would give Kate. Laura says, kindness goes a long way. She thinks Kate has been doing this for so long, she doesn’t put up with stupid mistakes. She needs to try and look at it from the other person’s point-of-view. Kate says she’s as kind as she can be with the time she’s given. They both say they would work together again.

Andy says, Adrian’s behavior left a bad taste in other crew member’s mouths. We see clips of Adrian’s a-hole moments. A viewer says, since Adrian is an undercover jerk, why didn’t anyone say anything? Kate says, he’s from St. Martin, and it’s very different. Whatever that means. Are kids raised by wolves there? Josiah says Laura was telling him just be wary, and Adrian appreciates that. He feels apologetic, and says he misread the situation. He’s sorry they didn’t show other parts of his and Laura’s relationship. Ross thinks Laura should have said something earlier, but it’s close quarters on the boat. Andy says the chef is technically her boss, but it’s a unique workplace. A viewer asks why Laura didn’t deal with Adrian by going to Kate. Kate says if she’d been aware of it, she would have told him, Laura is freaked out, and to knock it off.

Next, we see the screw up that was Chandler, who didn’t even know port from starboard. I don’t either, but I don’t have to for my job. Andy asks what was the problem. Captain Lee says, he was overwhelmed. He had a lot going on, plus the cameras. He isn’t sure why, since Chandler seemed like he had the necessary tools. Ross thinks he had the skills, but lacked managing skills. Andy wonders how much filming had to do with it, and Ross says it was a big part. Rhylee says she was relieved when he was gone. He treated her poorly. She didn’t jump for joy that he was gone. She thought he’d just be demoted. Ashton says, somebody was needed, and he wasn’t surprised. Andy asks Ross if Chandler deserved to be fired. Ross says he wasn’t performing as required; there were too many mistakes. They agree he was a good guy, and Josiah thinks he just wasn’t used to it. A viewer asks what was it about Chandler that Rhylee hated. She says she didn’t hate him, but hated how he treated her from the get-go. It set her tone of behavior. She was being dismissed by the deck crew; Chandler most of all. He didn’t want to manage her. Andy asks if she thinks it’s because she’s a woman, and she says she never cried woman. She doesn’t know, but he was very quick to blame her for everything. She’s not soft spoken – they all laugh – sometimes to her detriment, but she won’t let anyone walk on her. She thinks she didn’t handle it, but Chandler couldn’t be bothered with anything with her. She didn’t care if he was her boss or not. Josiah thinks it was her strong personality. It’s rare to see a female deckhand, and there are preconceptions. Chandler wasn’t used to having a strong woman around.

Andy says, Rhylee wanted her voice heard all season. We see clips of her, mostly being loud. Andy asks if she has regrets. She says she’s reactionary, and when she’s upset, you know it. A viewer asks if Captain Lee regrets not firing Rhylee, but he says, no. He doesn’t regret keeping her, and he’s glad she made it to the end. Chandler’s method of handling the situation was being a condescending pr*ck. He says, for the most part, Ross could have been firmer and more up front. Engaging when someone is volatile isn’t wise. Rhylee says her issues with them were different. Ross was an amazing bosun and person. They were able to fix their issues. She felt it was more miscommunication, and was apologetic about being reactionary. Ross thought he couldn’t win at times. Andy gets a viewer’s text, asking how much sexual tension was there between Chandler and Rhylee. None. Were they watching? Rhylee asks if they’re effing kidding her. None at all. She was never attracted to Chandler. Andy says everyone had a problem with her, and she says every one of them, except Chandler, had a problem with her, but came to her for lovin’. She chalked it up to them drinking, and being man and woman, and wanting to hash it out sexually. Andy says hook-ups are common on boats, and it doesn’t matter if they’re your superior. Rhylee knew Ross didn’t want to be with her, and she didn’t want to just hook up.

Andy tells us, more than waves had the crew’s bunks rockin’. We take a look at the romances on board this season. Andy asks everyone’s status. Ashton and Laura are dear friends; Tyler and Rhylee, ditto, but I’m thinking, not so much. Andy says there were conflicting reports about the crow’s nest, bur Ashton says there was no sex for him this season. However, he did get together at the end. Laura seems embarrassed about it. We find out Ross tried kiss Kate, but Kate doesn’t think he knew it was her. Ross also hooked up with Hannah (Below Deck Mediterranean). He believes so anyway. WTF? How drunk was he? We see a clip of Tyler griping that it’s a turn-off for someone to worm their way into his life. Andy asks how Rhylee felt when she saw what Tyler said. She says she thought he was a d*ck when he said that. She wasn’t writing his name on her notebook. He says he felt it was his idea. Rhylee says they also feel the pressure of crew, who run them through the gauntlet of truth, asking if they liked each other. Kate says she didn’t think Tyler handled it gentlemanly. A viewer asks if Ashton thought Adrian was competition in pursuing Laura. Ashton says he and Adrian had a good relationship, and were honest with one another. Andy asks if Adrian is still in an open relationship, and he says, no, but I don’t catch if they’re no longer together or really together.

Andy asks for their biggest regret this season and what they’re doing now. Adrian regrets that he wasn’t as mindful of other’s feelings as he should have been, and is working as a private chef for a couple in New York. Tyler has no regrets. Of course not. Because he has the sensitivity of a potato. Who cares what he’s doing? Rhylee regrets how she spoke to her superiors, and has been working on several boats. Josiah regrets the way he handled Caroline’s exit, and has been traveling. Kate dittos that regret, and says she opened up a non-profit store in her hometown. Nice of Andy to speed that along, and she doesn’t even get to give us the name. Kate says she regrets how she handled her situation with Kate, and is living in Toronto, instructing yoga. Ashton regrets his accident, but he’s grateful to be alive. He’s working for a family in Atlanta, doing security, being a trainer, and managing the estate. Ross regrets trying to kiss Rhylee. He’s in Florida, probably getting black-out drunk, and Captain Lee regrets the way he handled the situation with Kate and Caroline. He’s still running boats.

Andy says the scariest moment in Below Deck history was Ashton’s accident. Andy has a surprise. It’s Brent, the camera man who saved Ashton. They hug and everybody gets teary. Brent sits. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other since the show wrapped. Ashton calls Brent his real life hero, and hopes he does Brant proud. He wants Brent to say, thank God he saved Ashton’s life. Look at what he’s doing with himself. Wow. That’s a beautiful goal. Brent says it wasn’t just him. Rhylee made the first call, and Captain Lee got the boat out of gear. Ross untied the lines. Andy says Brent was just there to shoot the show, and at some point he made the call to put his camera down. Brent says he noticed where everyone was, and saw Ashton go in the water. He joined the others to access the situation, and they went through several possibilities. He realized the solution, got Aston off the lines, and started shooting again. Ashton was under water, struggling for about twenty-five seconds. Ashton says he mentally prepare for his foot being ripped off. That was the force around his ankle. Two seconds longer, and he would have lost his foot. Brent says every time he tells the story, he gets anxious. Captain Lee says if Rhylee hadn’t said man overboard, it would have been over. He’s been in yachting for thirty-five years, and this ranks at the top of accidents. It’s never happened before, and hopefully never again. Captain Lee shakes Brent’s hand, and they bro hug. Ashton says the do a dangerous job, but get complacent. It’s a massive wake-up call. Andy says Brent prefers being behind the scenes. It wasn’t his first choice to be there, but they begged him.

He thanks everyone for the season and we’re out. Geez, not even a farewell shot. I think we can do better than this. <sniff> I’ll miss Kate and the captain.

🌇 It’s Late…

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