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June 18, 2018 – Peter’s Birthday, a Little Listing, Some Shahs, Good News & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny asks if Mike was in Croton when he buried the body. Mike says he was, and Sonny tells him that he and Jason dug for hours. All they found was a money clip and no body. Mike says he knows; he took it. He was trying to watch out for Sonny. Sonny tells him to focus on what’s important. Where did he take it?

Curtis, Jordan, and Stella look at the terrace at the MetroCourt. Curtis asks what Jordan and Stella think. Stella asks if he wants a Yelp review. He just wants to know if she approves of the place they’re choosing to get married. She says they want to prepare her. She asks when the big day is, and Jordan says that’s what they wanted to discuss.

Maxie holds James, telling him that soon she’ll be able to take him home. Outside the room, Lulu tells Amy that it’s a touching scene. Amy says James is the rock star of the hospital. She asks if Lulu is looking for interviews for her #GHTOO series. She’s set to go on record.

Nina sees Drew at The Floating Rib, and says she doesn’t think running into him is a coincidence. Drew asks what’s on her mind. She says, Peter, and the lies he told them. He asks if she’s okay, but she says, definitely not.

Julian wonders what Obrecht is doing walking in the woods. She tells him she’s, as the Americans put it, taking me time. She’s mourning her son in her own way. Kim is sorry for her loss. Julian tells her not to step on any snakes, but she says there are no snakes there. He insists there are, and tells her to look it up. I did. They’re rare. He thinks no one in their right mind would spend time in these woods, and she thanks him for his concern. They hear Peter scream.

Peter strains to get away from the rattlesnake on the bed.

Kim asks if they heard that. She says it sounds like someone is in trouble. This has the makings of a Scooby-Doo episode.

Mike tells Sonny, that night was quite a mess. He wanted to help, but figured Sonny wouldn’t let him, so he was determined to prove himself. Sonny says, so after years of not being around, he chose that night to take care of him? Mike says they both know he left Sonny and his mom, and was never there for him. He thought he could clean up after him this one time and protect him. If someone got caught, it would be him. He tells Sonny that lifting a dead body is a lot harder than dropping one in. Sonny asks where he took it, and Mike says he doesn’t need to worry. Sonny says he does. He needs to get on with his life. Mike say this part is kind of funny. Dante walks in, and Mike says, just in time. He was just about to tell a great story. He tells Dante that he’ll have to protect Sonny when he’s gone.

Jordan tells Stella that they haven’t set a date yet. Curtis tells her they wanted to make her a part of things. It’s a chance for them to come together as a family on their special day. Jordan says she likes the intimacy of the terrace, since the family is small. Stella says, too small. Curtis says they’re tight knit, and Stella raised them mighty. When they say their vows, he knows they’re continuing the legacy of love. Stella says it’s like the old Spinners song, Mighty Love. It’s all she ever wanted for them. She tells him not to settle for less. If his heart is set, take his time to make things perfect; it’s worth waiting for. She smiles. I have the feeling Stella isn’t as accepting as she appears to be, and wonder what she’s up to.

Drew tells Nina that none of it is her fault. He brought Peter in. Nina says Valentin knew the entire time, and went to great lengths to protect Peter. Drew repeats that it’s not her fault. She says she didn’t trust her instincts. She knew something was going on, and let Valentin talk her into doubting herself. Drew says he doesn’t hold her responsible. He doesn’t know what Peter’s agenda was, but he seemed highly successful. Nina says many sociopaths are. They change to fit into any situation. He was a great friend to Maxie, and the perfect COO. He even had all of Drew’s memories on a flash drive. Drew asks how she knew that. Oops.

Obrecht tells Kim that’s the sound of grief; another poor soul letting go. She screams back. Kim says she knows the sound of pain. Obrecht says her group is finding their way forward through terrible loss, and it’s painful work. She needs her therapy. She walks away from them, howling. Julian says it’s actually one of the saner things he’s seen her do.

Peter keeps pushing away from the snake.

Mike tells Dante that he was just telling his father something that happened with a car. Sonny says Dante is a cop, and has unsolved cases and unfinished business to attend to. Dante says he still has time for his grandfather. Mike says his son is there for his father, but sometimes a father is there for his son when he least expects it. It’s going to take more than a few minutes to get the finer details of the story. Sonny says they don’t have time for a story right now. Dante says he can make time, and Mike says it’s a story about Dante’s dad, him, and a rusted Ford Falcon.

Amy tells Lulu that GH is a great place to work, but the deep hierarchy structure definitely has a sexual bias factor. Women aren’t the only targets, but they tend to bear the brunt. Even though she hasn’t been overtly harassed, she’s been dismissed because she’s a woman. Male residents call her Nurse Ditz, and she’s heard worse things. She’s often been judged on her appearance, and dismissed because of it. Lulu says, amazingly well said. She’s been candid and brave. Amy says it’s her truth, but it’s also the truth of others. If they’re not talking, it’s not because they have nothing to say, but because they’re afraid. Even though GH is a great place, they still need to evolve.

Curtis has to check on an office space with Sam. He thanks Stella for coming, and for her blessing. After he’s gone, Jordan says Stella made her nephew happy. Stella says it’s all she ever wanted. She starts to leave, and Jordan asks if she’d mind joining her for a cup of tea. There’s more for them to talk about.

Nina tells Drew that Valentin must have told her about the flash drive. She thinks Anna told him. Drew says he’s given up on it, and Nina asks if he thinks it’s a lie and there never was a flash drive. He says Andre put a baseline map of his memories and the procedure on a flash drive, and supposedly Peter had it. Now it’s gone like he is.

Obrecht asks Peter, what’s the matter? She can hear him a mile away. She sees the snake, and doesn’t miss a beat. She gets a forked tool, picks it up, and puts it outside, saying, no harm done. Peter looks at her like she’s out of her mind.

Dante has to get back to work. Mike says it’s a good story with a helluva twist at the end, but Sonny tells Mike to check on his car. Mike goes back to the paper, and Sonny asks Dante what brought him by. Dante says he wants to talk about Carly in Ferncliff.

Maxie comes out, and Lulu says she hopes Maxie doesn’t mind her peeking in. Maxie says she’s hoping to bring James home soon. She figured Lulu must be doing a follow-up piece, and asks if there are leads on Peter… she means, Henrik.

Kim tells Julian it’s all clear int the tent; no snakes. He calls her his hero. She says, someone else might need one. She knows screams of pain. Julian says people are probably screaming because they’re stuck with Obrecht. He takes his shirt off, and Kim asks if he’s trying to distract her. He asks if it’s working.

Nina tells Drew it sounds like he’s come to terms with not knowing his past, and resigned himself to it. He says at different times, both Peter and Faison dangled the flash drive in front of him, but he turned them both down. He wants to live his life without them having anything over him. He suggests she do the same. Valentin covered for Peter, and hurt her, but being obsessed with Peter isn’t good. If he can let it go, she can too. She says she needs to figure out why she fell for his lies. If she ran into him again, how would she know he was telling the truth? Curtis joins them, and says, none of them may ever know. There’s been no trace of him.

Obrecht gives Peter the antibiotic. He cringes when she touches his wound. She tells him not to be a baby, and to toughen up. He forgot how to be a man when he stopped using his own last name. Peter can’t believe she still idolizes Faison when he killed her son. She says their relationship was too complex for a small mind to comprehend. Faison was a monster, but brilliant, and squandered his gifts. He would have been a tragic figure if he hadn’t been so ego driven.

Dante tells Sonny that the DA doesn’t like losing. No calls to sympathetic judges or staff to exert influence. It won’t work out well. Sonny asks if it’s an official warning, but Dante says just a son looking out for his father. He hopes Sonny listens for once. He hopes for a lot.

Jordan doesn’t expect Stella to welcome her with open arms. Too much has happened for that. She wishes she could make amends. Stella says she’d have to raise dead, and only our Lord can do that. She almost pushed Curtis away, but she doesn’t want to be like that. She cares about people; maybe too much. Maybe that’s why she’s a social worker. She’s mostly a woman who loves her family. A family that’s been broken, and Jordan is the cause of much of it. Jordan says they’ll always have Thomas between them, but what binds them is their common love for Curtis and TJ. They’re Stella’s family, and her heart. In her line of work, they say life is short. She’s not going to drag around the sins of her past. She owns them, but isn’t letting them own her. Instead, she’s going to take every day of her life to make Stella’s nephew happy.

Nina tells Curtis that’s unbelievable. He says there have been leads, but they’ve all been dead ends. Nina thanks Drew for giving her clarity, and has to get to work. She leaves, and Drew asks, what’s that about? Curtis doesn’t know. He tells Drew about looking at office space with Sam. Drew congratulates him on his new venture, and Curtis says his first case is directly connected to Drew.

Lulu tells Maxie that she hasn’t heard anything, but she’ll be the first to know if they catch Peter. She’s not too busy with her new story to keep tabs on the old one, but she’s here for Maxie and the baby. She has some gifts, and asks if Maxie is ready to have them brought to the apartment. Maxie says she’s getting the place ready to bring James home, but just to be clear, they’re not back to being besties. She forgave Lulu and is trying to move past it, but it’s not something that happens overnight. It’s not as simple as saying she’s over it.

Obrecht notices Peter relaxing, and says the antibiotics are starting to work. She offers him some ginger tea, saying it promotes healing. He says so does a hamburger. He sips the tea, telling her that a confession under duress is inadmissible. There will be a police investigation, and it won’t take long for them to figure it out. She’ll face criminal charges, and be locked away from her grandchild. How will that satisfy her? She tells him to worry about how he’s going to admit to aiding and abetting the most dangerous man in the world, and she’ll worry about her satisfaction.

Sonny tells Dante that he appreciates it. Dante says, be careful. Carly is already in Ferncliff. He doesn’t know how she’d handle it if he was locked up. He asks Mike, what’s the story about the car?

Drew tells Curtis that he loves the irony, since he just gave Nina a speech about moving forward. He tells Curtis to keep Sam safe. Curtis asks Drew to be his best man.

Stella says she appreciates the tea, and Jordan says she appreciates the talk. On her way to the elevator, Stella finds some keys on the floor, and gives them to the bartender.

Amy tells Maxie to let Lulu give her a ride home, and take care of her. Lulu says she’d love to give Maxie a ride. Maxie says she’ll go home and rest, and let Lulu keep her company. After Amy leaves, Lulu asks if any of that was real.

Kim puts lotion on Julian’s back. He says, if not for the bug bites, he’d be in Zen territory. He’s seeing the benefits of starry nights and those chocolate marshmallow things. Apparently, Julian is the only one on earth who doesn’t know what a s’more is. He says he’s actually grown fond of the close quarters and the scenery. They kiss, and start to get busy.

Peter tells Obrecht this window dressing is a fairytale for Nina. He knows she plans to kill him, but it won’t make up for Nathan’s death. Obrecht says it will therapeutic for her though. He asks why she’s bothering to heal him. She says Nina will feel better if he’s taken care of; her heart isn’t as closed. Peter says everyone is looking for him; the PCPD, the WSB, his mother. Obrecht says now he wants Anna as a mother. He says Anna won’t stop looking for him. Obrecht says she nearly forgot something. She tells him to close his eyes, and get ready for a surprise. She flicks on a lighter, and looks at the flame.

Dante tells Mike that he wants to hear the story; it sounds like a doozie. Sonny says he has to talk to Mike, and Dante says he can take a hint. He leaves, and Mike tells Sonny that he has a great boy. Sonny says he’s a lucky man. He wants to get back to the story about Croton. Where did Mike go next? Mike says, when? Sonny says, when he left the field. What was the surprising twist at the end of the story? Mike doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Julian and Kim bask in the forest afterglow. Julian says, next time, he might want to do the planning. Kim asks what he has in mind. He says they’ve already done the great outdoors, so maybe an urban adventure. He knows just the place for room service. They get busy again.

Curtis tells Drew that he’ll understand if Drew isn’t in the headspace for a wedding. Drew says he’d be glad to be Curtis’s best man. Curtis says, it looks like everything is coming together, including Stella. They had lunch, and she was way civil. It might be gratuitous, but it looks like she’s on board.

Stella calls an old friend, telling them that she and Curtis both live in Port Charles now. It’s practically around the corner.

Lulu wants to help Maxie. Maxie asks if she’s sure, and Lulu says she’s worked enough for today. Maxie says she’d appreciate the help, but tells Lulu not to read into it. Lulu says she’s got it. She promised to take down Peter, and she will. She tells Maxie not to not to let her anger at the betrayal eat away at her. James deserves her attention; not Peter.

Nina sees Jordan while she’s getting coffee. She asks if Jordan can help her. Peter had a flash drive with key Crimson information on it. They’re having a hard time replicating it, and she asks if they found it in his things. Jordan says, no, and Nina flashes back to Peter saying it was in his hand, and he must have dropped it. She remembers him saying, it has everything Drew needs to be the man he used to be. Nina wonders how can she believe one more lie? She should leave him to Obrecht and be done with it. We see that the flash drive is in the MetroCourt lost and found.

Obrecht tell Peter to open his eyes. It’s not a hamburger, but something for his special day. She shows him a cupcake with a candle in it, and says, happy birthday, Henrik. She suggests he celebrate it like it’s his last. She tells him to make a wish. Peter looks sick.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Anna they can figure it out, Doc wants to give Franco a wedding gift, and Mary Pat says something is different about Carly.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve made the mistake of doing business with an ex. When he explained she needed to lower the price, she lowered it right off the market. I got the distinct feeling that what she really wanted was to get back together with him. I like Steve, but sometimes he can be a real dimbulb. 50 Cent will be making an appearance next week, and Ryan is going to have a shot at a $200 million property – in China.

🌇 Bravo aired a mini trip down Shah Memory Lane tonight with The Shahs of Sunset: How They Got Here, which was basically clips from past seasons, and a little tease about the new season (the show’s 7th) coming up. The Shahs will be back on August 2nd at 9 pm. Will MJ get married? Will Mike lose it? Will Desiree find a man before she dies? Stay tuned.

💃 The Quotes of Sunset


🌞 Proof There is a God

It’s a helluva lot better news that Brittany and Jax getting engaged. I’ve been following Patricia Altschul on Twitter, and she must be ecstatic. She is not an Ashley fan.


🃏 It’s the First Day of the Rest of Your Week



⏰ Otherwise known as hearing the ticking clock on 60 Minutes





June 11, 2018 – Carly is Sentenced, NYC Realtors Return, TV Tidbits & Bad Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn tells Anna that he’s been meaning to apologize. When he told her that she was a step away from a robe and cat, he didn’t mean it. He guesses he can go now know, and starts to leave. Anna tells him to wait. He asks if she wants to talk some more. She says, no, but does he want to stay?

Nina hears moaning from the cabin. She walks in with a bouquet of wildflowers, and Obrecht says, how thoughtful. Peter is blindfolded and gagged, and children’s music is playing. Peter yells, make it stop! Nina looks at Obrecht, who shrugs.

Chase visits Maxie. She left her bag in the car when he brought her back from the hospital. She says she’s been looking for it, and she’s having a crappy day. He’s glad to make her day less crappy.

At the Quartermaine’s, Nelle talks to Michael about how accomplished Monica is. What more could a baby ask for in a grandmother? Michael suggests one not in prison. Nelle says his bitch mother is getting exactly what she deserves, but she’s just thinking it. Michael asks if she said something, but she tells him, not a word. She was just thinking about his mom and the trial. She’d do anything to spare his family pain. Michael feels the same way, but she says it’s out of her hands.

The DA asks if, other than her husband and children, Jason is closest to Carly. Does he know her better than anyone? He says, yes, and she asks if Carly was insane when she assaulted Nelle. He can’t answer that question, and the DA asks if he can’t or won’t.

Finn says the thing is… and Anna says, there’s always a thing. He says if he stays, he might not want to leave. She says that’s not the worst thing. He tells her, she’s saying that now, but if she’s looking for a bright ray of sunshine, it’s not him. She says that’s not her either. He says there’s also the timing. He doesn’t want this to happen because she had a bad day. Neither does she. He says she must be exhausted, and they have an early flight. He suggests they maybe just have breakfast, and she says they should do that for sure. He leaves, and leans against the door. She leans against the other side.

Nina tells Obrecht, enough. Peter begs Nina to please do something; Obrecht is crazy. Obrecht says he should be grateful he’s talking; therefore, breathing. He thanks her, and she tells him to smell his reward, pushing the flowers into his face. She asks if he doesn’t like flowers; her son’s grave is filled with them. Peter says if she kills him, it’s not going to bring Nathan back, and she says there’s only one way to find out. Nina takes his blindfold off, and he thanks her. She says she still hates him for what he did. He starts to say he’s sorry about Nathan, but she stops him. One thing she and Obrecht agree on is, he’s not allowed to say her brother’s name. She asks Obrecht if he’s eaten and had water. Obrecht says he has everything he needs, and pulls Nina outside. Nina is like, what the hell? and Obrecht says she’s doing what needs to be done. Nina says she wants justice, not vengeance.

Maxie tells Chase that she didn’t realize she dropped her bag. She says she’s been busy looking at pictures, and shows him a photo of James. He says James is adorable, and asks when he’ll be home. She says there’s no timetable, but it’s not soon enough. She has the nursery done thanks to… He asks if she and Nathan decorated it, and she says her husband started, but it didn’t get finished until after. He’s glad she had a friend to help. She says, not a real one; it was Peter. She’d rather not think about it. She finds the necklace Peter gave her in her bag.

Michael hopes his mom can come home, but if the worst happens, he hopes she gets the help she needs. Then she can come back and be a grandmother. Nelle tells him, that’s the spirit. Michael wonders if Drew is settling in, and Nelle says she’ll check on him. Michael asks if she’s sure she can deal with the stairs. She tells him if she doesn’t conquer her fears now, she won’t get over them. When she leaves the room, Michael calls Spinelli. He says sorry he had to cut him off, and asks if they can meet tonight. He’s waiting to hear from the courthouse. Nelle comes back, and asks if he’s talking to anyone she knows.

The DA asks Jason, yes or no? Was Carly insane when she assaulted Nelle? He remembers telling Carly that he’d always back her, even when he knows she’s wrong. The judge tells him to answer the question. He says he’s not a psychiatrist, and the DA says she’s not asking for a professional opinion. Diane objects, saying Jason has many skills, but psychiatry isn’t one of them. The objection is sustained. The DA has no further questions, and Jason steps down. The defense rests.

In the ending argument, the DA says Carly had a long, contentious history with Nelle. Nelle instigated the conflict, but even after she was pregnant, Carly clung to her hated, until it boiled over, and she tried to kill Nelle, and almost killed her grandchild. She’s angry and bitter. She knew what she was doing, and needs to pay for it.

Diane says, Carly was under the weight of the loss of her son, and the betrayal of someone she trusted. Nelle did everything to infiltrate her family. She asks the court for compassion, and to help Carly get the help she needs.

The judge says it’s late, but he’d like to resolve it as soon as possible. He’s going to deliberate right now, and will be back as soon as he weighs all this. The court is in recess. Everyone goes out to play on the swings and slide. Sorry. I had to.

Anna tosses her book aside, and Finn does the same in his room. He asks himself what he’s doing, and calls her. He says he just realized he forgot to tell her something. He’s embarrassed that it slipped his mind. He forgot to say goodnight. She says, okay, goodnight to him too. They go to a split screen, and we see them both in bed on the phone.

Carly is glad it’s over. Diane tells Jason, perfectly played, but she’s afraid they didn’t even dent the DA’s case. The DA comes over, and tells Diane, congratulations. However it turns out, the insanity defense was definitely a brilliant ploy. Sonny says there shouldn’t have even been a trial. They can come after him, but not his family. The DA advises him to tell his family members not to push pregnant women down the stairs. She wonders how Diane sleeps at night. Diane says, like a baby, but wonders how she does.

Michael says he’ll call back when he hears, and tells Nelle that Spinelli called to ask about his mom. His phone dings, and he says, there it is. She asks if there’s a verdict already. He says the defense rested, and the judge is going to make a decision by tonight. She wonders if that’s a good sign, and trusts the judge to make the best decision for everyone, especially the baby.

Maxie tells Chase that Peter might have vanished, but continues to haunt her. He gave her the necklace. She loved it. No surprise, since it was beautiful and expensive. She calls herself an idiot. She let Peter convince her the friendship was real; that he was real. She tosses the necklace into the trashcan.

Nina tells Obrecht that they agreed; no torture. Obrecht says she’s just playing music. It’s not torture; it’s persuasion. She tells Nina to think of Maxie and James, and remind herself of what’s at stake. Nina leaves. Obrecht goes back inside, and says she thought Nina would never leave, smiling at Peter.

Anna asks if Finn has a remedy for insomnia. As a matter-of-fact, he does. She asks if it’s over-the-counter, and he says it’s best if a doctor gives it direct. She wonders about side effects, and he says it can be habit forming, but if it’s administered correctly, it’s very effective. She asks how it’s administered, and he says it’s a home remedy and organic. She says, no chemicals then, and he says, some, but nothing the body doesn’t produce on its own. She asks if he’s suggesting a hands-on remedy, and he tells her, preferably from someone with years of training. She wonders if he’s had a lot of success, and he says he’s experienced, and has an intimate working knowledge of the human body. She laughs, and asks if it’s hot in here, or is it just her. He says, it’s her.

Obrecht arranges the flowers, and says it’s more like home now, and better than the high-security prison he’s destined for. He tells her that his father didn’t do her justice. She says he can’t believe anything Faison said, but he says Faison claimed she was the most brilliant woman he’d ever met. She says he can’t sweet talk her, and he says she’s obviously too smart. He’s past flattery, and moving to anger. She says he’d be wise not to anger her, and he says it’s one thing share. As much as Faison admired Obrecht, he got sentimental when he mentioned Anna. Obrecht crushes one of the blooms.

Chase tells Maxie that he doesn’t mean to overstep, but her late husband might have thought she should donate the necklace. She says he’s not wrong. She can hear Nathan saying it. He asks he can do the honors, and she tells him that she never wants to see it again. He tells her that he’ll get a receipt for tax purposes, and she says he sounds official. She thanks him for bringing her bag. He hopes she doesn’t mind him saying it, but she needs to stop blaming herself for what happened between her and Peter. She says she let him get close to her, and thought he was good and brave. Chase says it’s on him, not her. A lot of people are damn good liars, but sooner or later, they get what they deserve. She asks if he’s still talking about Peter, or does he have another liar in mind?

Nelle asks if Michael wants to go for a walk. Her phone rings. It’s the DA, who says she won’t sugar coat it. They had a strong case, but it’s not looking good. She tells Nelle to try not to worry. Even if the outcome isn’t what they hoped for, she’ll find a way to protect her and her baby. Nelle thanks her, and Michael asks if it’s bad news. She says it’s just that something she ordered isn’t in stock. She thinks they should go back to the courthouse, but he says it’s too emotional for her, and she’s supposed to avoid stress. She says it will be less stressful going there with him, than waiting and wondering. Whatever happens, they’ll face it together.

The DA approaches Jason in the hallway, telling him, nice footwork. He says he just told the truth. Sonny asks if there’s a problem. Diane says she hates to interrupt the inappropriate conversation that could get the DA disbarred, but the judge made his decision. They all go back in. Sonny tells Carly to hang in there.

Anna asks Finn if he’s ever wanted to hit the reset button, and fix the mistakes made in life. He says our mistakes bring us closer to the things we need. He made a lot before he got to her. Every moment of their lives has led to this one, and that’s good. If they go back and erase what they didn’t like about their lives, they might not know each other. How can he regret his life, when it led to her? Anna says there’s one do-over she’d like that involves them; New Year’s Eve. She’d like to bring in the new year with some hope and joy, and with him. She hears silence, and asks if he’s there. She says she must have sent him to sleep; she’s coming over. She throws on a robe, but he’s already at the door. This reminded me of the time I did fall asleep talking to a friend. The dial tone woke me up, and when I called back, my friend said he finally did it. He talked so long, he put me to sleep. In his defense, it was like, two in the morning.

Obrecht tells Peter no more talk of that scarecrow Anna, unless he enjoys being gagged. He says he wishes she’d been his mother; Anna threw him to the wolves. She says Nathan is dead, and he’s alive because of Anna. He says he had his father in his sites, and she interfered. His father was supposed to die, not Nathan. He tells her to let him go. Together, they can make her pay. Not just for what she’s done to him, but to Obrecht and her son.

Chase tells Maxie that in his line of work, there are a lot of liars and losers. She asks if he has an arch nemesis, but he thinks the term is a little over the top. Nina arrives, and hugs Maxie. She sees Chase, and asks if everything is okay. Maxie explains she left her bag in his car. Nina thinks he went above and beyond, but Maxie says he’s being nice; there’s no hidden agenda. Although one thing he returned was a reminder of what she wants to forget. Chase shows Nina the necklace, and she suggests they melt it down. Chase says, with Maxie’s permission, he’s giving it to charity, but maybe they can use it to track Peter. He might have used a credit card he’s still using. Nina says he might be someplace nearby, and Chase asks what makes her say that?

Michael asks if Nelle is up for it, and she says she can’t let him face it alone. They go into the courtroom.

The judge says there are no winners or losers in this case. He heard the testimonies, and weighed the expert opinions. He declares Carly not guilty by reason of insanity. Michael says, thank God; at least it’s not prison. Diane says they’ve already made arrangements for Shadybrook, where her client will get the treatment she deserves. The DA says the people demand the sentence she deserves.

Finn tells Anna that they probably don’t need their phones now. He’s six and a half months too late, but happy new year. He kisses her, and they start to get busy.

The DA strongly objects. Not because she lost the case, but she’s attempting to safeguard a mother and child in jeopardy. The judge tells her that he doesn’t need instruction on how to pass sentence. Carly isn’t denying she pushed Nelle and broke off appointments with her doctor. She remains a potential threat to herself and others, and he’s remanding her to Ferncliff, an institution for the criminally insane, until she’s cleared and ready to return to society. Carly shakes her head.

Peter says Anna is with Finn, while Obrecht is wasting time with him. Obrecht says she owes Finn. She’s grateful that she was fired. Now she can do as she chooses, to whom she chooses. He asks if she’s okay with them going on their merry way while she suffers. They can take Anna down and get back everything. She says he can’t give her back her son. and he talks like his father; empty promises. She throws the vase at the wall above the bed, and it shatters, everything raining down on Peter.

Nina tells Chase it’s possible. What if something happened, like an accident? Chase says they checked the hospitals. Maxie says it’s Peter they’re talking about. He doesn’t have accidents; he causes them. He walks away scot-free. She shows Nina James’s birth certificate, and says he’ll never know his father. He’ll just be a name on a piece of paper and old photos, because of Peter’s lies. Chase’s phone rings. He says it’s totally unrelated, but he has to take off. He tells them, no one can hide forever; they’ll find him. Maxie thinks Nina is being super weird, and asks if there’s something she wants to talk about.

Carly says, please, not Ferncliff. The judge says she needs treatment, not a vacation. Sonny tells her anything is better than Pentonville. Carly asks him to tell Josslyn that she loves her, and to keep the kids away from Nelle. Sonny says he’ll take care of Nelle, which is a brilliant thing to say in a courtroom. Jason tells her, don’t panic, and no shortcuts; promise him. He’ll get her out. Carly looks at Nelle, who gives her a sly smile.

Nina says she’s tempted to say, goodbye, good riddance, let’s move on. Maxie says that’s the healthy way, and she’s working on pulling it off. Nina thinks of the father James will never know. Whatever happens to Peter, he has it coming.

Obrecht says she has to hand it to Peter; he inherited his father’s talent. He says he didn’t mean to upset her. He’s just helping her realize they’re on the same side. She says he’s not on her side, and never was. She’s no longer engaging in his attempt at persuasion. Instead, he’s going to answer her questions and confess to his crimes. Does he understand? She leaves, and Peter reaches for a piece of glass on the blanket.

Diane says the only other option was guilty, and twenty-five to life. While draconian, the judge’s decision is by no means final. Sonny asks what they should do, and Diane says, nothing to get Carly in more trouble. If they feel the need to intervene, let her know. When she’s gone, Jason asks, what do they do now? Sonny says, just wait, but Jason says he can’t.

Carly sits in a cell. She says, whatever it takes, she’s going home.

In the empty courtroom, Nelle tells the baby that her plan worked like a charm. Now Granny Carly is in the snake pit where she belongs, and she’ll get everything she’s ever wanted. Chase walks in and says, it’s been a long time, calling her Janelle.

Tomorrow, Obrecht needs Nina to come back, Peter screams, Spinelli has what he needs to unmask Nelle’s shenanigans, and Nelle accuses Chase of stalking her.

🗽 Million Dollar Listing New York premiered its new season tonight. Steve Gold is back, minus the long hair, and new father Fredrik showed penthouses to Rebel Wilson. Ryan had a seminar, but Steve threw shade at him, claiming the reason people have left his employ is that he doesn’t pay them enough. Ryan told Steve that he didn’t know squat.

💝 The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce is back on Thursday, June 14th at 10 pm.

🌇 The Shahs of Sunset: How They Got Here will air on Monday, June 18th at 9 pm.

💩 And It’s Only Monday…




Rebel Wilson penthouse Fredrik steve gold back


October 29, 2017 – The Shahs Reunion Comes to An End, a Triple Attack & Silver Shamrock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part Two

I’m still trying to get over the fact Destiney was on People’s Couch and I didn’t realize it.

Asa asks Reza if he believes her about not getting IVF treatments to have her son. He does, but hates himself for having doubts. She says she and MJ aren’t friends like that. Shervin says Asa doesn’t reciprocate, and that’s why MJ is hurt. Asa insists MJ never wanted good for her, and crossed the line. We flash back to MJ not wanting to hug her after finding out she’s pregnant. MJ says she was shocked and disappointed that it was six months before any of them were included. Asa tells MJ she’s lost all respect for her. Reza tells Asa that she doesn’t understand MJ and what she’s been going through. MJ tells Asa about crocheting a blanket for baby Soltan, and Asa says, the bastard child. They break for lunch.

Backstage, Mike is upset, and GG says it seems like Asa hates them. MJ brings up Asa’s comment on racism, and Mike jokingly asks if she’s talking about him. Asa overhears and isn’t happy. GG asks for the paramedics. She’s having a panic attack, and says she just smoked some weed. She tells the paramedic how cute he is.

Back to the reunion. Andy says it was a season of new beginnings for GG. Her anger levels turned down, but not completely off. A viewer asks about GG’s sobriety. She says she was never practicing sobriety, and shows us her vaporizer. We flash back to her fight with her sister Layla on Thanksgiving, and GG says she can’t anymore. Mike doesn’t think the relationship can be healed – there’s been too much damage. We find out he’s hooked up with Layla in the past. Andy is surprised that Reza and GG reconciled. Reza says hating her was taking up energy and space in his head and heart, and was a lot of work. He either had to let it go or let her go. GG doesn’t think it would have happened if his friends hasn’t pointed out to him that she’d changed. Reza tells us that they were just in Palm Springs together. Now the song Layla will be my earworm for a while. You’re welcome.

We revisit GG getting her hearing aid. She didn’t know how deaf she was, but notices now when the batteries need to be replaced. Andy says by the time he found her wedding registry, he heard the marriage was over. Reza is willing to guarantee that there are relatives on Shalom’s side who didn’t want to go to the wedding, and that’s why they just had a civil ceremony. GG says she kept asking if he was sure things were cool with Shalom’s family, and he insisted it was. Andy asks where things are at now, and she tells him that they’re trying to get to know each other, since they didn’t before. Wow – that’s some ring. Andy reminds her that she has a Shalom tattoo, and she claims she doesn’t regret it, but talks about a fight they had and how she slashed the tattoo to show him that she didn’t care. Mike says that’s some serious sh*t. She says information came out that he’d been married before, and applied for a green card. A lot of people thought that was his reason for wanting to marry her. His ex was also on the reality show Dash Dolls about the Kardashian boutique.

Andy says, guess what? We invited Shalom here! GG is mad, and everyone is surprised. Shalom comes out, and Andy asks how he would define their relationship. He says they’re working on it and trying to figure it out. Andy asks if him snapchatting his abs to her was the deciding factor. and brings up the green card issue. Shalom says there are plenty of women he could marry for that reason, and they’d accept a cheaper ring. Andy asks if he’s attracted to women on reality shows, but he says his ex was only on one for about two weeks. We flash back to Shalom being upset about GG kissing her scene partner in the play. Shalom says it was really bad, and he apologized to everyone. He comes from Persian/Jewish family, and 90% were against him getting married. After a few drinks and people talking in his ear, he realized he had a proposal happening in Times Square. Asa says it was weird. Andy asks why they broke up, and Shalom doesn’t know. GG says whether it was true or not, the gossip was hurting her, but he only sees it from his point of view. She tells him that he got overbearing, and when they got married, she got a call from E! News, saying Shalom wanted to do a story. Shalom says one day she loves him, and the next, she hates him. Shervin asks why try again, and he says he still loves her. He’s confused about her feelings though. Andy points out they don’t have a prenup. Reza says he’s a good guy. He likes GG, but likes Shalom more. Mike says together they might be like oil and water, even if they’re both good people. GG says at this point they’re going to see if something is worth saving. They’re taking it one day at a time. Andy says the good news is, she’ll always have the tattoo. خداحافظ, Shalom. (That’s goodbye in Persian.)

They talk moms. Reza says Mike’s mom is more thug than all the rest put together. Andy ask if Mike relies on her too much, and he says he doesn’t have to. Reza adds that she’s omnipresent in his life. Andy asks why there’s an obsession with Mike’s dool and where it goes. Mike corrects that to where they think it goes, and says it started in Mexico, and never stopped. We flash back to MJ catching a glimpse of “Russel the love muscle.” Mike thinks it’s funny, and Reza says it’s like that one shady relative you have who’s always up to no good.

Andy reads a raise your hand viewer question, and tells them raise their hands if they think Mike is as much of a man whore as ever, but only Reza thinks so. Next, Andy asks who thinks he’s slept with Jessica in the past year. That would be everyone. Mike says it’s complicated. It’s sad, and he felt it ended prematurely because of how he treated her, but now he’s the better version of Mike. Andy asks if he’s seen the email Jessica sent to his mom, but he says no, and has never brought it up. MJ wonders why. He says his mom stepped in when Jessica lost hers. They had a connection outside of him, and it was between them. He doesn’t feel it’s his business. Reza thinks Jessica feels that if it’s not cool with his mom, it’s not cool with Mike. Mike says been divorced for about a year, and they’ve both dated. The whole thing broke his heart, and he cries when he watches the show. Andy asks what’s the number one thing he learned. Mike says a lot, but the main thing is you have to be open and honest in a relationship, and be present and real.

Adam joins the group – his first reunion. He and Reza just celebrated a year of marriage, and Andy asks what Adam thinks of the new Reza. He says he has more closet space since Reza lost weight. Andy asks who he’s closest to out of the friends, and Adam says Asa has become a close friend. She’s the one person who reached out to him after Thailand. GG says Reza has changed a lot. In the beginning, he was rebellious, but he’s calmed down. Mike says his tone is different, and the way he talks about Adam. He wants to be a better person because of Adam. MJ says he fights hard daily to make himself better. A viewer asks if he’s been faithful, and Reza says 100%. He did the don’t ask don’t tell in another relationship, and it didn’t work, but there might come a time for that conversation down the road. Andy points out how upset Adam was about Reza using the divorce card; he felt disposable. Ada says it brought up Thailand for him again, and was hurtful. It’s one thing to think it, but another to say it to your partner. A viewer thinks it’s weird that Reza compares being faithful to alcoholism, using the one day at a time credo. Reza says it helps him as a person who had infidelity in his life.

They discuss what religion their child will be, and Adam says he’s converting to Judaism. Andy asks if having a baby pings Reza’s commitment issues. Reza prays they’ll be together for the long haul, since he comes from a broken home. Adam says he plans for future, but it’s always one day at a time (the phrase of the night). Mike commends it, and loves them both.

Reza says they’ve decided on surrogacy, and adoption can be an option later. They sold their house in Palm Springs, and just closed on a new one, which is a surprise to everybody. Mike says that explains why Reza has been MIA. Reza says once they move in, they can deal with baby stuff. Mike is upset that he didn’t tell them, but he wanted it to be a surprise. Reza says now Mike knows how he felt about Asa’s pregnancy. Asa mentions she didn’t even know Mike had a company until she saw him with the shoes.

Andy tells us Asa’s reluctance to share was a sore point this season, but has bubbled up in the past. He asks about MJ being offended, and MJ says she’s been open, and it hurt her feelings that Asa wasn’t. Reza says as friend he gets it, but as for being a cast member on a reality show, it’s effed up. From that aspect, it bothers him. From friend aspect, he loves Jermaine, who never has negative word to say. Asa says he has his own right not to sign a contract. She tells them that she’s been open about financial struggles, and was labeled the poor one, even though that wasn’t exactly the case. That’s why people are rooting for her success now. GG says it’s a contradiction, how she claims she doesn’t want to get involved, but wants to know everything that happens with the others. She asks why Asa is on the show. Asa says it’s says amazing platform, and GG says the rest of them are bleeding for the world to see, and Asa should tell her facts. Asa continues, saying she has political and social convictions, and wants as many people as possible to see that. Mike thinks its all surface stuff. He has issues with her; she brings only superficial things to the show. Everyone talks at once, so I can’t understand what anyone is saying. Andy tells Asa that’s what she brings to the show, but why is she on the show. Asa says wants her voice heard, just like anyone else. Mike asks why make him sound like racist, instead of using the opportunity to talk about her interracial relationship? He loves her, but doesn’t like the person she became this season. She insists she’s taken the side of other cast members who have been ganged up on, and calls Mike a follower. He says he stands on his own, and asks why she’s continuing if she doesn’t want to show her life? Andy says she’s at a crossroads. Jermaine doesn’t want to be on the show or have Soltan on it, so where does she go from here? Asa tells him that her brain is on her baby, and she doesn’t know. Andy asks if she still cares about her friends.

Asa talks about looking at old videos of their travels, and getting sad. It was a difficult season, and she thought they weren’t happy for her. She believes in the future, and believes there’s hope, but has thinking to do. MJ says every time she bared her soul to Asa, it was her way of being a sister and forming a lifelong friendship. She says it sucks. Asa remembers beautiful moments, but MJ’s back stabbing and being two-faced deteriorated the friendship. If there’s no loyalty or respect, there’s nothing to build on. Mike is sad for the group thinks it will change after today.

Andy asks where they go from here, and Reza says if he and GG can get from where they were to where they are now, anything can happen. At the end of the day, they’re family, and should cherish their relationships. Andy says maybe Shervin’s girlfriend will be at the next reunion. Reza wants Shervin’s publicist’s number, since he did so well with his monologues. Andy hopes Reza and Adam will be pregnant by then; MJ as well. He wonders if GG and Shalom will still be together, and she says she’s a serial monogamist.

Asa says that some of the relationships are frayed, but her most important relationship is at home. She feels changed, being responsible for her son, who won’t eat unless she feeds him. Andy attempts to says something about them all being good friends in Persian. Reza toasts to all of them. Asa can’t leave fast enough.

Backstage, MJ says it was the dumbest day of her life. Reza asks if she thinks she and Asa will reconcile, but that’s a no. Asa tells Mike that she really doesn’t think he’s a racist, and changing her tune, GG thanks Shalom for coming.

🚑 Married to Medicine will be returning next Sunday at 10 pm.

The Walking Dead

We see close-ups of the main characters from Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

At an outpost, the Saviors work at getting their weapons in shape. Mara tries to call Little Roy on the radio, but there’s no answer. She finally reaches Todd, and tells him to lock the stairwell on every floor. A group led by Aaron zooms up in the reinforced trucks, and shoots everything up.

Another group, led by Jesus, sees a moat of zombies outside another outpost. Morgan says they just need the right timing. If the Saviors fire first, the rest will be alerted. He tells Diane not to give them time to fire a gun. One of the others asks Morgan if he needs to be covered, but he says he doesn’t die. Okay…

Carol and Ezekiel recover from the grenade that was lobbed at them last week. Zombies are pouring out of the clinic, and the group shoots, stabs, and axes them. Carol asks where the guy with the grenade went. If he tells the Saviors they’re here, it’s over before it started. Ezekiel is confident that’s not going to happen, and they’ll find him. Their comrades are back to the staging area, and will release Shiva if necessary. He claims certain victory, and Carol looks impressed.

Aaron and his group continue shooting the place up. Aaron is really into it. Rick and Daryl get inside with a small group.

Morgan teases the zombie barricade. Two guards walk toward them to see what’s going on. Diane shoots them in the head with arrows.

Jesus, Tara, and some others go in with Morgan. Diane whistles, and the rest come in silently. Tom says kill the bitches is written on the wall. Wtf? They spread out. Morgan hears someone talking. He waits outside the door, telling the other guys with him to hold up.

Rick looks at the map. Daryl says upstairs. He kicks open a door.

Mara says the Alexandrians are too chicken sh*t to move in, and tells the Saviors to push them back. There’s lot of machine gunning, and Aaron says don’t let them through. He tells his group to move in.

Morgan and two other guys bust into a room, shooting the first guy they see. Several men pop out from behind him, and shoot them. I go, what?! because I wonder why Morgan wasn’t faster on the draw.

Daryl and Rick climb on top of an elevator cab and go to another floor. Rick says they’d be faster if they split up.

Tara and Jesus find a man alone in a room. He begs them not to shoot him. He starts sniffling, saying his name is Dean, and Tara points out he peed his pants. Tara wants to shoot, but Jesus tells her to wait; the man has his hands up. She says they have a job to do. They hear shooting, and Jesus tells her to check it out while he covers Dean.

Diane tells Tara to be ready. They don’t know if Morgan is alive. Dean tells Jesus that he’s just a worker, brought from the Sanctuary to cook and clean; he had to leave his wife and kids. Jesus tells Tara that they don’t want to hurt the workers. He’s not shooting someone with their hands up or letting her. She sees Maggie’s prenatal vitamins, and says they stole medical supplies from Hilltop just because they could. Dean takes this opportunity to grab Jesus’s gun from him, and get him in a hold. Dean tells them it’s hard to piss yourself on purpose. He crushes the vitamins, and says they’re ruined, like that dumb bitch Maggie. She’s just going to die anyway, like they are, but for now, he’s taking them with him for an insurance policy. Dean keeps talking, and apparently never saw The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, where Tuco says, “If you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.. While he’s babbling, Jesus gets his gun back, and ties him up. Tara still wants to kill him, saying it’s not about revenge, it’s about getting the job done, but he won’t let her, insisting Maggie will listen to him.

Diane asks Jesus if there’s another way out, and he says to follow him. It looks like Morgan is dead. Nope, not quite. The armor pieces he’s wearing saved him. He sits up, grabs his gun, and runs to catch up.

Gunfire is still happening outside. Mara realizes it’s not good for them, and one of the dead Saviors attacks her, biting out a piece of her throat.

Ezekiel’s group is in the woods looking for grenade guy. Carol says if he made it back, the Saviors know they’re coming. Ezekiel says they’ll be ready regardless. Carol asks him if he knows that it’s not just a few walkers. He says he does, yet still smiles. She asks why, and he says he has supreme confidence. His job is to project certainty. In other words, fake it till you make it. It’s what he’s done and does; he leads people forward in darkness. Carol says they might not make it or win, but Ezekiel has no fantasy of failure this day. They move forward as they move the very world forward.

Daryl sneaks around with his crossbow. I wonder how hard It must be to be sneaky with a crossbow. Props to him. He looks into a room, and sees the remains of food and handcuffs attached to a pipe. He slides back out. Rick goes down another way, and looks in a bedroom that’s empty. Suddenly a dude comes out of nowhere, and punches him out. Rick tries shooting him, but dude is too fast. Rick kicks him in the face, and he slams Rick against a wall. Rick gets him in a chokehold, and asks where they are. Dude says there are no guns. He struggles free, and Rick piggybacks him, continuing to choke him. He sees a hook on he sees a hook on the wall and impales the guy on it. Like Billy did with that guard in Midnight Express, except it’s through his eyeball.

Morgan goes through the building, shooting anything moving.

Jesus and his group circle around the back. He tells them not to shoot right away, but Diane says if they shoot first, someone dies. A Savior opens a big garage door. Jesus tells him to drop his gun and surrender. He does since there’s fifty of them to his one, but his back up comes out, and he tells them to put their guns down; they’re surrounded. Tara tells Jesus that even if Maggie listens to him, Rick will listen to her. All the Saviors lower their weapons.

Morgan keeps shooting people. I assume it’s people; we don’t actually see what he’s shooting. He looks supremely pissed. He comes out into the sunlight, and walks toward the others. In his head, he hears Rick saying, we have to come for them, before they come for us. Where there’s life, there’s possibility.  Morgan walks up to a Savior who says he knows him, and asks if he was transferred too. It’s the dude who took Morgan’s staff, and killed Benjamin. Morgan is about to shoot him, and Jesus tells him to lower the gun. Morgan says they came here to kill them; they’re supposed to. Jesus says they surrendered; it’s not what we do, and Morgan asks, what do we do? And in my head, I think, do-be-do-be-do.

Rick goes back out into another room. It’s a nursery, complete with a baby sleeping in a crib. Rick shakes his head, and I wonder if the guy he killed is her father. Rick gets all weepy like he does on occasion, and I say, there’s no time for that now, Rick. He sees himself in the mirror, and walks away.

Carol sees blood on a leaf, and they follow the trail. Is there a hairdresser in the group? Carol’s hair looks fabulous. Ezekiel says, there! and starts to run. He stops and lowers his gun. He says their friends have arrived. We see Shiva take a man down up ahead.

Aaron’s group isn’t done yet. There’s still tons of shooting going on. How many freaking people do they have? Aaron’s husband, Eric, gets shot. Aaron ducks down and runs to a car. He gets in and floors it to Eric. He asks if Eric is okay, and Eric shows him the gunshot wound. Aaron helps him out of there. Hard to tell if he’ll make it.

Ezekiel says there it is, our certain victory. He’s not glad for anyone’s death, and Carol says she knows. Knight dude, whose name I don’t remember, holds out the radio. The Saviors know they’re coming. Knight dude says the jig is up. Ezekiel says no; their journey won’t end in retreat. Knight dude says, but they know we’re coming, and Ezekiel says, indeed they do. He raises his sword and laughs. Carol smiles. Yeah, he’s cooler than cool. He’s one of my reasons for sticking with the show. Him, and Negan. And peer pressure.

Rick looks in another room. He looks at a photo, and says, dammit!  A man walks in with a gun, and tells Rick to keep his hands down, and turn around slow. The man says, hi, Rick, and Rick says, Morales. Rick says he was in Atlanta. Morales says it was a long time ago. It’s over. He called the Saviors back, and they’re coming.

We see close-ups of everyone’s faces again, like in the beginning. Everyone looks tired, but Ezekiel is still smiling. Carol is too, as much as Carol smiles.

Morales cocks his gun.

Next time, Ezekiel says their first victory will deliver the second, and the second will deliver the third. They will not lose one of their ranks. That is one optimistic guy.

🎃 No Halloween is Complete Without It…


October 22, 2017 – A Shah Reunion, a Dead Return, Random TV Thoughts & Creepy Costumes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part One

As usual, the venue is gorgeous, an old Hollywood theater, and there’s an incredible spread of food. Andy asks the Shahs who would play each of them in a movie, and everyone is totally unrealistic, except for Shervin, who says Kahl Drago from Game of Thrones (Jason Momoa). He doesn’t have the body, but damn if he doesn’t look like him. Reza has lost his mustache and forty-three pounds. We see before and after pictures. Andy asks who has had work done, and MJ finds that offensive. Asa says people are open about what they want to be open about, and insists MJ’s lips are not her own. GG and Mike start arguing, and Andy moves on.

He asks how Asa is enjoying motherhood, and she says it’s magical and difficult. We don’t get any photos though, because Jermaine wants to be private about that. She’s hoping to Instagram some in the future. There haven’t been any playdates yet, but Janet Jackson and Asa’s babies are only two weeks apart, so she expects it will happen. She says her relationship being bi-racial caused extra conversation. Mike says Asa turned his inquiry about getting married into something else. MJ wonders why Asa can’t just answer questions honestly. Mike says she went on a social media rant about racism, and isn’t the righteous person she claims to be. He thinks she’s hyper-sensitive, but she says she’s just more aware. Mike didn’t mean to offend anyone, he just wanted her to share. Asa claims he has casual racism. Whatever that is.

The Shahs were the first show to travel to Israel, making Bravo history. Woohoo. Andy asks GG about Reza saying eff Iran, and why it upset her. She says her family is from there. Reza says it’s a terrorist country, and until there’s another gay Persian on the stage, no one else can contradict his opinion. Shervin make noises about the people of Iran, and Reza says he didn’t mean the kindergarteners, he meant the government, and should have said Islamic Republic. Andy talks about them causing a commotion that wasn’t aired, and we see a clip of them getting kicked out of a restaurant. Reza explains that the owner wanted more money, and when a producer said, “no problem,” he heard “no” and “problem,” and misunderstood. They talk about the city where Asa thought the Muslims and Jews were intermingling well, and Reza says it was more like a Muslim ghetto. Mike says they seemed aggressive to the people there, getting in their faces with cameras. Asa thinks they had a certain vibe that they were giving off.

They talk about the Western Wall. Mike says the feeling was remarkable. Reza says he literally felt something embrace him, and felt an energy from the Wall. GG starts to say something, and Mike says to be careful, since he stuck up for her. She felt the Wall was a barrier, and talks about someone saying “jihad” to her. Mike says there are idiots everywhere, but he knew what she meant and had her back.

Next up is MJ. Vida and Tommy join the group. Andy wonders what MJ was smoking to live in her mother’s apartment complex. MJ says it’s the winter of her father’s life, and she wanted to be close by. She tells us he’s doing much better, but she’d expected to be on a totally different life plan. We flash back to MJ and Tommy arguing about having kids. MJ says she was in a panic at the time, but when she saw the show, she knew how much Tommy loved and supported her. Tommy says it was a tough year for her, and he didn’t want to throw his reluctance to have kids at her too, but now the time is right. Vida again says she’s not ready to be a grandmother. She says the parents have to be ready for responsibility. MJ is annoyed that her mother is still discouraging her, and Reza suggests she’s projecting. Andy asks if Vida was ready when she had MJ, and after a pause, Vida says she didn’t plan it. Reza says she should end with icing on it, like saying she was happy once she had MJ. She does say she’s started to like Tommy, and everyone’s mouths drop open. GG says hell has officially frozen over. Vida says she’ll marry Tommy if MJ doesn’t, and I wonder what on earth happened. Andy asks when the wedding is, and Tommy says whenever MJ is ready. Andy offers to officiate.

He asks who has changed the most for the better, and Vida thinks it’s Mike; he’s more mature and relaxed. He asks what about the worst, and she calls Asa ungrateful. She owes everything she has to the show, but doesn’t even watch it. If she doesn’t like an opinion, she gets negative, because she’s only interested in promoting herself. How did Vida become so insightful? Is MJ slipping Vida weed edibles or something?

Destiney was on People’s Couch! Omg, I hadn’t realized that. I loved that show, and now that they mention it, I wonder why I didn’t recognize her or even her voice. We see a clip. A viewer says there’s undeniable sexual tension between Mike and Destiney. Really? I don’t think so. Destiney says they’re both hot-headed individuals, and it wouldn’t be healthy for anyone. She talks about what she wants in a man, and someone suggests Shervin, but she says there are no penises on that stage for her.

Nice segue to Shervin and Annalise’s relationship. Shervin tells them it’s an open relationship, which is news to everyone, but he says she didn’t want it shared. Andy asks if anyone believes it, and they all say no. Destiney says she was Shervin’s number one fan, until she hit a nerve asking him about cheating, and he came at her. We flash back, and Andy calls it a half-assed confession. Shervin gets Annalise on FaceTime. MJ leaves the stage. Andy asks Annalise if they have an open relationship. She tells him that she thinks it’s foolish to expect monogamy when she’s on the other side of the world. She’s not dating anyone else, but could if she wanted to. Annalise says you can’t cheat on someone if it’s not exclusive. We say g’day, and she’s gone. MJ thinks it was rehearsed. I think it’s one-sided openness, and she’s letting him cheat on her.

Andy tells us another bone of contention was MJ using the word bastard, but MJ insists there was no venom behind it. Asa says she expected more from Reza, but he says he can’t control what someone else says or how they feel. We flash back to Asa telling MJ it’s an ugly word, and MJ saying she was referring to herself. Reza deflects, saying Asa has claimed she’d had no hormonal treatments, then revealed she had frozen embryos. She’d confided in him about it previously, and he says he never told anyone, so he was shocked. Asa gets it, but says he’s smart, and she can’t believe he was thrown off by what she said. Reza says she answered so casually about the embryos, he was floored. He wondered what else was going to come out. He tells her that’s why they’re where they are in their relationship.

Andy asks why it wasn’t shared earlier. Reza says Asa asked him not to say anything, but he wished she and MJ would have had an honest conversation. Asa says their relationship wasn’t like that, but MJ says at the time, they had exchanges on a regular basis. Andy asks if Asa can’t see how it would raise questions. He asks if she went through IVF, and she says not with her son, but for the embryos, like an insurance policy. She felt hurt, because she had discussed it with Reza before. Andy asks if Asa understands how she put Reza in an awkward position. He asks if the group believes her, but only Mike does. The camera goes to Reza…

To be continued.

Next time, Mike and Jessica are discussed, Shalom joins the group, Reza’s faithfulness is questioned, and more Asa and MJ angst.

The Walking Dead – Episode 100

I hate when they start off all weird. We see a shot of flowers, a cane, Rick, and an alarm clock. Rick is standing over a grave.

Everyone is getting ready for battle. Rick gives a mini-speech, telling them Jesus said his world would get bigger, and it did. They found each other. The world is theirs, and they’ve come together, for it it’s theirs by right. At the Sanctuary, Dwight gets a note via arrowgram that says, tomorrow. Rick says anyone with common ground, it’s theirs too, but those who want it to be theirs alone, they end them. They don’t celebrate it or have shame. Only one person has to die and he’ll kill them himself. Dwight sends an arrow note back to Daryl. Rick says they’ll keep making the world bigger together. Ezekiel says together bound forever. He who sheds his blood today will be his brother. Shiva growls. Maggie says they may have to live in uncertainty, but have to keep faith in each other. If they can hold onto that, the future and world are theirs.

Tara and Carol sit on a bridge, where a billion zombies are passing underneath.

Rick does what he does best, ponders.

A bearded Rick opens his eyes. He hears music.

Carl goes on a gas run. He finds a bunch of cars near a gas station that have been halfway stripped, some with rotting corpses in them. Someone says, hi, and we all crap our pants. He draws his gun. The guy says he’s been shot at and had a microwave at him, but his mom said helping a traveler is everything. He gets not trusting people. Carl looks around as the man talks. He says he understands Carl doesn’t know him, but he hasn’t eaten in a few days and Carl might not even be real. He reveals himself. Carl draws his gun, but the guy raises his hands, and says, it’s cool. Someone else starts shooting at him, and the guy jets. Rick appears, telling Carl that they were supposed to meet at the intersection. Carl isn’t happy with Rick shooting at a defenseless person, and Rick says he just shot over his head; he wanted him to be gone. Carl says he’s not a spy, not one of them. Rick hopes he makes it. Carl says there isn’t going to be enough. Rick asks enough what, and Carl says, hope. Carl walks off, and Rick gazes at a slow-moving zombie.

A Savior in a lookout tower is shot, and falls to the ground, where a zombie is overjoyed that a picnic lunch just dropped from heaven. Daryl scratches a lookout off of his list, and picks off another guy. He makes strike marks on his gun, along with updating the list. Morgan impales one of the lookouts, which surprises me. Father Gabriel tells Rick that everyone is ready; is he? Rick says one person brought it to this. Gabriel says it always starts with one person, adding this did, meaning their group at Alexandria. Rick says it’s not about him.

Rick says goodbye to Judith, who is in college now. Not really; she’s a toddler. He kisses Michonne, and hugs Carl. He says this is the end, and drives away in a caravan of cars and trucks, shielded with corrugated iron panels. Carl tells Michonne he knows she wanted to go; he did too. She says it hurts, but they have to defend this place.

A guy teases a zombie chained to a tree. Rick knocks him out, and he goes through the guy’s stuff. Dude says Rick’s boy is gonna die. Rick lets the zombie go, and I say, ah-ha! in a Nelson voice.

Everyone gathers in a big field like it’s a soccer match. They all chit chat. Shiva gets off her tour bus a school bus. Maggie says she needs to be there for the first part. Rick is concerned about her pregnancy, but she says she can wage war through the second trimester. She has one more fight, and she’s gonna be there. Ezekiel says Hilltop lost their doctor, but there’s one at The Kingdom. He says they can join him, but Jesus says they’ll get theirs back. Ezekiel says on this day, they reshape the world for the children to come. Rick says Hilltop is lucky to have Maggie, and she says he made her someone worth following. He tells her next time, he’ll be following her.

Daryl, Tara, Gabriel and Carol wait at the bridge. Tara counts down, but nothing happens. Here comes the zombie horde, and Tara says she was close. The group walks off, leaving a car behind that blows up.

Negan’s people come out. This is like a Sharks and Jets rumble. Regina says she wants blood, and Dwight says maybe she’ll get lucky.

Daryl and company string a wire across the road.

The guards on the roof of the Sanctuary are picked off by Rick’s people. The caravan drives in past the line of chained up zombies. I feel sorry for them. They must get really bored. Rick’s people draw their guns. They shoot in the air. This is a rumble.

Negan comes out and says, well, sh*t. Sorry, he was in a meeting. I hope they don’t kill him. He’s one of the few senses of humor this show has going for it. And Eugene.

We see Rick with teary eyes, some flowers, and older-looking Rick with a beard. Why? Why do they do this? I hate this cryptic stuff. Bearded Rick get up. Everything is cool, and he’s with Michonne in a beautiful house.

Negan isn’t exactly feeling he has a reason to shoot, He cares about his people. he doesn’t want to play whose d*ck is bigger. His is, and they know it, but if it wasn’t, he could accept it. He’s not going to let people die over it, like Rick is about to. He asks what the hell he can do for him. Rick calls out the Hilltoppers and Eugene. He says they have chance to survive. They can live if they surrender. He can’t guarantee that at any time but right now.

Morgan goes down to the road.

Negan asks, what about me? Rick says he told Negan twice. Negan tells Rick that he has no idea the sh*t that’s about to go down. Does he think he has the numbers for this fight? He doesn’t. Simon brings out Gregory, who says Hilltop stands with Negan and the Saviors. Any Hilltoppers who support Rick are no longer welcome in the colony. Negan says, and… Gregory tell them that they’re families will be thrown out and left to fend for themselves. Go home now, or there will be no home to go back to. Maggie tells Jesus to do what he needs to do, and he says all he has are a bunch of books and old lobster bib. Negan tells them to go back to separating wheat or whatever they do. Maggie says doesn’t look like anyone is going. Jesus says Hilltop stands with Maggie.

Morgan pikes a zombie. He sees a car coming.

Simon says (tee-hee) he’s invested a lot in Gregory, and he’s disappointed. He pushes Gregory down the stairs.

Cars come. Morgan waits. Sh*t blows up.

Negan says it sound like sh*t (the word of the night) is going down. Negan looks pretty pissed, and Rick asks if he’s going to make him count. Negan smiles. Rick counts down from ten, but when he gets to seven, starts to shoot

Lots of shooting back and forth. Negan and company go inside. Rick’s people shoot out the windows.

Morgan joins Carol, Tara, and Daryl. Carol says it’s starting, and the zombies arrive. Daryl waits while the others go ahead. He rides forward of the horde, and shoots, creating an explosion.

Rick and company shoot up everything. Daryl continues to blow stuff up. The zombie horde keeps walking. A stray zombie wanders by when Daryl sets off one of his explosions. Cool. A truck drives into the Sanctuary gate and explodes. Negan limps out. Rick is relentless with his machine gun. Gabriel says they have to leave now. Rick messes around with a Polaroid camera. I don’t know if now is the time to take candid snaps.

An entrance for the zombie horde has been opened up by the truck. Gabriel is about to leave in one of the cars, and sees Gregory. Leave him, you idiot. He doesn’t listen to me, and dashes over to Gregory. They’re being shot at, but Gabriel tells him to wait for their moment. Gregory doesn’t wait. He runs to Gabriel’s car, and drives off, because he’s a selfish a-hole.

Carl goes back to the gas station. He leaves cans of food with a note that says, sorry. The new guy watches.

Rick’s group regroups. Ezekiel smiles.

Daryl tells Rick they can wait until tomorrow. Rick says they can’t. Gabriel stopped to get him when Negan almost killed him. It isn’t about him.

Morgan asks if one of the Hilltoppers can hit the guard with an arrow. She says she wouldn’t bet on it, but I would, because she does. They open a gate. Is this the back way? Someone lobs a grenade at them, and there’s a lot of smoke.

Tons of zombies are walking into the Sanctuary. Gabriel jets through them, and goes inside a trailer. Negan says he hopes Gabriel has his sh*ttin’ pants on, because he’s about to sh*t his pants. Negan laughs. Gabriel gulps. Tons of zombies scratch and scrabble at the trailer. We see a crane shot of all the zombies descending on the Sanctuary.

Judith runs to bearded Rick, babbling about an owl. Michonne tells him the festival is being taken very seriously. Judith wants to see the owl, and they go outside. It’s all beautiful and green.

Teary-eyed Rick talks to his people. He says mercy prevails over his land. He doesn’t want to wait for it anymore. They don’t either. They don’t have to start tomorrow. Right now, with everything they’ve borne and endured, everything they’ve risen above, if they start right now, no matter what comes next, they’ve won. They’ve already won.

😪 The episode was dedicated to John Bernecker and George Romero. John was a stuntman who worked on Walking Dead’s eighth season who died from a head injury he sustained in a fall. George, who also passed away this year, is the man who started it all with Night of the Living Dead, the first zombie allegory. My personal favorite is Dawn of the Dead, the perfect statement on consumerism. I also recommend Martin, a gem of a vampire film, but it’s hard to find. I had the pleasure of meeting George at a screening at the Waverly Theater in Greenwich Village, home of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show.

🎭 Glad to hear UnReal will be returning February 26, 2018. I’m not sure they’ll be able to top the real Bachelor in Paradise debacle that recently happened though.

💍 I’m still following the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and taking notes. It’s been a helluva busy month, and then someone threw Halloween in there. Hey, we do a whole theme with the dogs here. All right, I do a whole theme. I’ve also been watching My Giant Life, which follows some very tall girls. Like the shows with little people, the struggle is real to live in an average height world.

🏡 Channel Zero: No End House continues to intrigue, although I’ve had to watch it On Demand due to TV scheduling conflicts. It’s very weird, and I’m not so sure I know what’s going on all the time, but it’s not as weird as last season, where I really had no idea what was going on with that monster made of teeth. This season brought us a house that the characters are exploring – it just appeared out of nowhere – where each room holds a different terror. The last couple of episodes brought them to a room that opened to a parallel town. At first, they thought they’d found a way out, but then realized they were stuck with no way out. The dead were alive again, a doppelganger insisted he was a better version of his double, and no one knew who was real. Offbeat and odd, but I like it.

For Your Halloween Viewing Pleasure…

👻 Creepy Vintage Costumes 👻

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October 15, 2017 – The Sun Sets on the Shahs & Fear the Super Long Finale


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Two finales tonight.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza is meeting with event planner Kevin Lee, but GG gets there first. She shows Kevin her ring. In her interview, she explains how things happened fast with Shalom, even though they’d lived in the sane building for years. She says it’s not a normal relationship, but she’s not normal. Reza walks in saying Kevin’s signature phrase, chi, chi, chi! He shows Reza the décor for the Persian Winter Ball. I love this stuff – white branches and tiny white lights, candles, subtle sparkles of snow, and beautiful flowers in whites and greens. GG tells him that she talked to Jessica, who said she reached out to his mom, but Sue totally shut it down. Reza says her intentions are to protect her son, but Mike needs to say it’s his road and he’s the one traveling it. GG asks who’s going to let her know. Reza says she is. She says she’s Mike’s momma, but Reza says there’s a mitzva in her path, and she has to embrace it. Talk to her as one Persian woman to another.

Vida whines in the back seat of the car as Tommy drives. MJ is bringing Christmas to her father in matching PJs with Tommy. She calls Vida an effing bitch. She hasn’t seen Shams in over a month. Tommy is like goddammit! It’s Christmas; shut up!

Tommy sets up a tree in Shams’s room. MJ even brought dogs Ziggy and Toya in little Santa suits. Vida acts like a different person – a nice, normal person, giving Shams accolades for talking and eating. MJ says after her parents got married, he wasn’t the romantic guy Vida thought he was, and she didn’t stick around to make it work. They take a family photo. MJ tells us that Vida thinks since it didn’t work for her, it’s not going to work for MJ either.

Eez Not Right is Reza’s play, and he’s excited to see it on the theater marquee. He and MJ have been practicing for a few weeks. MJ arrives, and says she’s going to knock his socks off. She tells us that she took acting in high school. Monica Lewinsky and Eric Menendez were in her class. A guy in one of my acting classes, who was also a scene partner of mine, made headlines too, but sadly, it was because he was murdered by Jack Henry Abbott. MJ says that Eric was good at tennis. She suggests they rehearse, and stumbles over her lines. Reza says he should have gotten GG, but they laugh their asses off.

Tonight is just for friends and family, but if Reza gets the reaction he’s hoping for, he’s taking it on the road. Asa is on bedrest, and he’s disappointed she can’t be there. His method to not laugh on stage is thinking of nasty things, that no one needs to see here. Reza starts laughing the second he sees MJ on stage, so it didn’t work anyway. The play is basically about two grandmothers discussing the upcoming marriage of their grandsons, one of them feeling that it’s an outrage. We come to find out that the grandmother isn’t upset because it’s a gay marriage, but that one is a Muslim and one is a Jew. In his interview, Mike says that in the melting pot we call America, Iranians are now intermixing, and parents don’t understand. They want their children to “stick to their own kind,” and he’s a perfect example. We flash back to Sue discouraging him marrying Jessica. The play is well received. Reza says that he’s spent his journey wondering where fits in religiously, but now feels like it’s a closed chapter. He’s hoping the play might do some good, and people will learn. I’d totally pay to see it.

At Reza’s condo, the cats go nuts. Adam says they need a house. Reza says they’re getting one. He says that it’s obvious Adam doesn’t want to foster or adopt, and it looks like they’re going the surrogacy route, which requires a lot of coin. Reza is cashing out on his vacation house for a new house and beginning the baby process. Adam talks about having a chicken coop, but Reza makes fun of it, saying chicken are stupid. When he compares Adam to a chicken, Adam has enough. He says Reza talks down to him, and shuts him down. In his interview, Reza doesn’t like being dismissed when he’s been doing a lot of compromising. He thinks they need the Torah right now.

Reza visits Asa. Her place is filled with all kinds of cool baby stuff. She tells him that she can’t eat much. She’s been trying to do some work, but has no energy. She feels like she’s neglecting everything else that needs her. Reza asks if she feels a disconnect from everyone, but she says it’s more of a connect with herself. She was hurt for a while. She felt attacked and ganged up on, and who needs it when they’re pregnant? They’ve been in the same mindset for six years, and Asa has grown out of it. She needs to do her, and if she sees them, she sees him. She wants love and support right now, and after that, she’ll see.

The set up for the winter ball beings. Kevin calls it magic and fabulous, and it is. In addition to the aforementioned decorations, there are also big illuminated snowflakes everywhere. Reza goes to a kiki at MJ’s, whose condo looks amazing now. My mouth fell open. It’s like Martha Stewart was there. After the blow out with Tommy, MJ got a dose of reality that she needed to deal with. Once they put the pieces back together, she felt strong, and needed to execute the things she let fall by the wayside.

Reza asks Adam what’s wrong. He says Reza has been disrespectful and dismissive, and it makes him question the relationship. He says Reza goes for divorce card immediately in an argument. For him to throw that out makes Adam feel disposable. We flash back to before they were married, when Reza was hesitant. In his interview, Adam says he never wants to feel that way again; the way he felt when Reza called off the wedding. Reza says he doesn’t speak up a lot in the relationship, and the first time he does, Adam is dismissive.

Mike walks in, and tells Adam he can cry later. Everyone is astounded at the way the place looks. MJ wants Adam and Reza to finish the conversation. Adam says it’s stupid, and didn’t want to have it in the first place. He just wants to move on.

Mike says it’s not just a ball; it’s a Persian ball. Everyone is in tuxes and furs (most of them fake), and there’s a buffet like no other. Tommy says the food is ridiculous. I love to hear these guys talk about the food. I’ve never had Persian food, but I’m dying to, especially when I watch this show. GG shows off her ring. Reza says don’t run around the party, flashing or stabbing people with ring. At a Persian party, they’ll come to you.

Fake snow falls MJ inhales some. Mike’s mom arrives, and he gives her a wrist corsage. Like it’s the prom. Reza tells GG she’s the conduit. GG says it’s hard enough to talk to someone’s mom, but talking to a Persian mom? You don’t do that. She wants Mike to be happy, and goes for the tequila.

MJ suggests the moms go out together, so they can talk about how the kids never listen. GG takes Mike’s mom aside, and tells her that he still loves Jessica. She knows he’s hurt, and feels for him. GG brings up the email Jessica sent Sue. She thought it was sweet of her to apologize. Mike interrupts, and asks what they’re talking about. GG says she was telling his mom something, and he says it better not be what he thinks. GG says she’s not saying anything wrong. Mike steps away, and GG says maybe Sue could give Jessica another chance. We all make mistakes. Sue agrees, but says she was like a mother to Jessica, and if you leave, nothing can be fixed. She says sometimes you make a mistake that can’t be reversed.  They go to the buffet.

Mike asks GG what she was talking to his mother about. She says they’ve known each other forever, and he her not to get involved in something that’s not her business. She’s already caused enough problems in his life. We flash back to GG accusing him of hitting on her in Turkey. GG tells him that she only told Sue that his heart seemed to be with Jessica. Mike says his mother is there for a good time, not to talk about things that have nothing to do with her. GG is upsetting her. GG says talk to Reza. He’s the one who said she had to speak up, because Mike is scared to. Mike says it’s not her effing business. It’s his effing life and he’ll handle it.

Reza tells Mike that Jessica sent his mom and email. She was super apologetic, and super loving, wanting to get back together. He says if Mike doesn’t try one more time, thirty years from now, he’ll wonder what might have happened if he had. In his interview, Reza says he can’t believe how an almost 40-year-old, muscly Persian has his mom pulling the strings. You can’t live to make others happy; the outcome is always a disaster. Mike tells Sue that if she sees something he doesn’t, she should say something; he values her opinion. But at the end of the day, his decisions are his, and he’s a grown man. It’s his choice if he and Jessica get back together.

MJ asks Adam what’s going on. Adam says he and Reza had an argument, and Reza’s initial reaction was to leave. It reminds him of Thailand. It’s hurtful, and makes him want to reevaluate being married. MJ tells him that he doesn’t want to start the new year without a clean slate. Reza joins them. MJ says Adam told her about Reza using divorce as a threat. Adam says it makes him wonder if he married the wrong person, and his emotional mindset goes back to when Reza backed out at the last minute. Then he pulls back. Reza apologizes, saying it wasn’t his intention. He said it in the heat of the moment. He loves Adam, and he’s sorry.

In his interview, Reza tells us this stage of adulthood is hard. Growing up doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. He’s not the same, but better. Not just him, everyone is in the same spot. Asa got off the path to have a kid, but the rest keep growing, keep loving, and keep laughing. It’s who they are, regardless of how old they get. Reza announces that GG prepared something.

GG thanks everyone. She says it’s been an amazing year, and being selfish, her year was revolutionary. She went to Israel, realized how much she loves Shalom, and he put ring on it.

A month later. They get married, just the two of them, by a justice of the peace.

Two months later, they split.

Reza tells us, who says they saw that annulment coming? He did. I did too, but I think they’re back together again.

I’m going to miss these guys. I’m always sad when the season is over.

Fear the Walking Dead

Part One

We see a shopping cart filled with zombie heads, snapping at each other. Nick pushes the cart down the street, lopping off heads, and tossing them in. Okay, wth now? He takes them to the bartender at the Bizarre, who chops off their faces, and digs around for the brain stems. He says the longer the wait, the greater the risk of infection, but some people say it’s a high worth dying for. The Proctors will pay for as many fresh ones as he can bring. It helps them to fight longer, harder, and without sleep. Nick asks who they’re fighting, and the bartender doesn’t know, but thinks they’re gearing up for something big. Nick says he’ll keep harvesting as long as he keeps getting paid.

Troy watches people doing busywork.  Everyone looks like they’re having a decent time. Nick has a drink, and Troy leads him away. He says he’s been talking to the Proctors, and thinks they’re in trouble.

Madison looks out over the dam, and Victor asks what she sees. She tells him a murky mud pit, and he tells her to see past that to corn, melons, beans, irrigation, agriculture, and cattle. Isn’t the country what she wanted? She says she wanted a future for her kids, and maybe grandkids to spoil. Christmas surrounded by babies, and roasting a turkey. He figured she was more the sandwich type, but she says she used to make iced angel cookies with the kids. She’d thought they could have that life at the ranch. Victor says she can have that there. He says they can build paradise, and her kids can come home to it. He tells her to picture it, but she doesn’t know about that. He tells her that she needs some liquid imagination. What you call scotch.

Diana tries to talk Alicia into selling her hair again, telling her that she’s sitting on a goldmine. They good-naturedly banter back and forth, and suddenly, the car is T-boned by another car. Diana tells Alicia to get out, and a bunch of guys jump out of the other car. Diana fights with them, an Alicia slashes at them with her knife. One guy tries to take their gun out of the car, but Alicia grabs him. While she’s dealing with that, Diana clocks another with her pickax, but gets hurt. Alicia gets the gun and starts shooting into the air. She tells them to get out now, and they run. She should kill one just to send a message. Alicia tells Diana not to look, and makes a tourniquet for her wound.

Walker visits Daniel, and gives him Ofelia’s rosary. Daniel says the questions keep turning; why her? Walker says he wonders if he had been there, if he could have stopped it. He doesn’t know the answers though, because he wasn’t there.

Madison bogarts the scotch bottle. Victor says he can’t blame the kids for striking out on their own. Madison says they’re her kids, so she can. She wonders how long until The Odyssey, The Iliad, and The Bible are forgotten. Victor says they’ll write new stories. She tells him out with it; the scotch wasn’t just for her. He asks if she’s killed anyone. Has he met her? She says she’s had to, and he says he hasn’t. She says he’s lucky, but his day will come. He suspects she’s right, and she tells him it drives some people mad, and never gets you what you want, but it gets easier. Daniel approaches, and says her son is here.

Troy tells then that he found weapons and boats. The Proctors have no regard for human life, and will turn the water off, holding it hostage. Daniel says there are three entryways. They’ll post guards at each, and pick them off at the bridge. Efrain thinks they should blow up the dam. Release the river to the people. Daniel says whoever wants to leave, should go, but whoever stays has to help defend them. Victor thinks Madison and Nick should go. Troy says he’ll help, but Daniel questions his loyalty. Troy says he’s the one who gave them the information, and Madison vouches for him.

Outside, Madison tells Nick she hopes he’s using clean works. He says he’s not using; it’s something else. She says they need to get out before the Proctors show up. They’re worse than anything else they’ve seen. Madison says she’ll decide after he eats.

Walker is packing up his stuff. He tells Daniel that he’s going to look for some people who went north. He thinks Daniel is honorable, but he’s not willing to die for his cause. He says he and Crazy Dog will scout the road on their way out. Daniel tells him good walking, and they shake hands. Oh man, I hope they don’t kill Walker off.

Alicia brings Diana to a medic. He asks if she can assist, and she says she has no formal training, but was a hospital volunteer. The guy says degrees are worthless anyway. He lost his license in the 90s over a misunderstanding with a lady patient. Alicia advises him not to have a misunderstanding with Diana, who’s good with a pickax. He tells her he has another surgery to do, and could use an extra pair of hands. She seems like a quick study, and he just needs her to hand instruments to him and keep the patient occupied.

Nick looks in the refrigerator, and it looks like mine when it’s not a pay week. Victor tells him that he and Madison have to get out of there. He knows something that makes the narcos look like church ladies. He’s dealt with the Proctors before, and they intend to take all the land between there and the Gulf Coast. He’s supposed to help them get in, and part of the deal was to protect his family. He wants to cut a deal to protect his friends, as well as get himself set up. Nick asks if Madison knows, and Victor says she’ll tell Daniel. If Daniel finds out, He’ll kill him. He tells Nick to get Madison out.

Nick sees Daniel. Daniel tells him that Madison is wiring the dam with a friend, and he wants to ask him something. Was he with Ofelia when she got bitten. Nick explains that he wasn’t trapped in the bunker; he was outside. Daniel asks if he saw it coming, and Nick says not until it was too late. It came out of the wilderness. Troy saw it, and warned him. They thought they could redirect it, but it was already too close and too big. Nick says Ofelia was in the bunker with Alicia. Daniel gets up and padlocks the door. Wtf? He says Nick is lying.

Daniel says Nick knows his background. Nick says he interrogated people in the military. He asks if Daniel is going to torture him, and tells him it’s not what Ofelia would want. Daniel says she’s dead, Nick says she’d thought Daniel had changed, and Daniel says she thought wrong. His mother is wrong too. People don’t change; they walk in circles. He tells Nick to sit. I call Daniel a sh*tball.

Troy tells Madison that life is funny. They walk in circles, and here they all are together in Mexico. They plant explosives as they talk. He tells Madison that the trading post isn’t good for him – or Nick. He knows she’s worried, and had a right to be; they had quite a night, He never felt scared before, but he felt fear. Nick is his only friend; they’re like brothers. Madison thanks him for looking after Nick, and says keep doing that. Troy makes a derogatory comment about Mexicans, and she says not to talk like that; they’re guests. Troy says they were guests at his ranch. Now they’re a blended family. He says he got right with everything that happened, and asks if they’re good. She says they are.

Daniel asks why Nick is lying about Troy. Nick says he didn’t kill Ofelia, but Daniel believes that. What he doesn’t believe is that the horde materialized out of thin air. It needs a shepherd, someone to lead it. Daniel asks Nick to tell him; he doesn’t want to force him.

Doctor Eddie introduces Alicia to Proctor John as his new assistant. She wonders what happened to the old on. John asks who she is, and she says Alicia from Los Angeles. She asks if he’s the leader of this place, and he tells her, good guess. He explains that he’s a humble MC from SoCal, but has plans for expansion. The only thing stopping him is a growth on his spine; he’s becoming paralyzed. Eddie has been doing the best he can, but the pills are dulling his mind, and it’s time for surgery. Her only job is to assist, and if it’s successful, she has an amazing opportunity to come to Texas and beyond. She asks what if it isn’t, and he says if it fails, everyone in the room will be executed, starting with Eddie. This should give them incentive to do their best.

Daniel tells Nick that only three people could have done it – him, Jake or Troy. Nick takes a deep breath, and says Jake. Daniel says Troy, but Nick says no. He’s an SOB, a bigot, and a killer, but he loved the ranch, and wouldn’t have put it in jeopardy. Jake did it when he found out Nick killed his father. He couldn’t take it, and destroyed the ranch to save. It. Eventually, the horde he led killed him. Daniel tells Nick that his mother will be happy to see him, and gives him the key to the lock.

Alicia doesn’t think it’s safe, not putting John under, but Eddie says it’s her job to keep him still. She distracts John by asking him about the safest place he can remember. He talks to her about his aunt and uncle. Eddie cuts into his back, and Alicia asks questions. Eddie says he can see the tumor, and they talk about Santa Barbara. Even though he’s the one wide awake during surgery with barely a whimper, John call Alicia a tough kid. She says he has no idea. He finally screams.

Daniel looks at water coming out of a pipe, and says it should be pumping west, not dumping there. Victor is sure Lila has it under control.

Troy explains the detonator to Madison, and says they have to get out. Nick shows up, and tells them about Victor selling them out. He says if Daniel sees Troy, he’ll want to kill him. Madison asks why, and Troy says he led the horde to the ranch. She tells him it wasn’t right, but he says the Indians had it. She says they all had it, but he says not all, she exiled him. Madison says she let him live. After all they did to keep the peace, he took everything from her. Troy says what about what she took from him? He lost his father and his brother. She says he got them killed and had no right. He says he had every right; it was his home. He’d do it all again, and she would too. He says she understands, and suddenly, she whacks him with a hammer. He sinks to his knees, and she hits him again. He rolls down an incline, dead. Nick looks sick, and I gasp out loud. Nick is like, whoa. Madison takes the detonator and leaves.

After John recovers for a whole five minutes, Madison asks him if he can wiggle his toes. After a few tries, he sits up. He calls Eddie a bastard, but says he had faith in him the whole time. Eddie is a freakin’ miracle worker. He asks if Alicia is ready to hit the road. She asks if she has a choice, and he says not really, and holds out his hand.

At the dam, Lola says the water is running the wrong way. Victor tells her to step away, and holds a gun on her. Daniel says he knows who Victor is. He’s not his friend, but he’s a con man, not a killer. He tries to get Victor to give him the gun, but that’s a no, and they struggle. The gun goes off, and Daniel ends up getting shot in the chin. It’s not a fatal shot, but he’s down, and Lola runs to him. Victor keeps the gun on them.

The Proctors go through the tunnels. Nick and Madison see them coming, and run. The Proctors are all over the place in a couple of seconds. There’s a gunfight between them and the guards, with walk-on characters dropping like flies. Efrain gets shot through the window of the office. Victor tells Madison and Nick that they have to hide. He unlocks a door, and they go inside. He asks for the detonator, and says he’ll do everything in his power to prevent harm from coming to them. Madison gives him the device. He locks the door from the outside.

Part Two

Winter Wonderland plays while Madison rinses the potatoes in a pretty cabin. She sees a car coming, and goes out on the porch. She walks out to meet the car, and passes the graves of everyone on the ranch who has passed. She sees Nick with Luci and a baby. She looks down to Alicia’s grave. She wants to see the baby, but Luci won’t let her. She follows them back to their car. They get in and drive away.

Alicia and John take a boat to the dam. Alicia sees dead people floating in the water. They’re met by the rest of John’s men – and Victor. He tells John that someone knew they were coming, and it was beyond his control, but all is well. John doesn’t think so, since there are corpses in the drinking water. They were told to secure the dam. Victor says that’s what they’re doing. John says he’ll get a full accounting later. He wants the grand tour, and plan to be persuasive. Alicia quietly asks Victor about her mother, and he says she’s hidden. Nick came to warn them. She asks, now what? and he says to trust him; he can get them out.

Nick asks Madison if she’d kill him too. She tells him that’s insane, but he asks if she didn’t wish for that call when he was using. She says she never wished him dead; what kind of a mother would she be. He says honest maybe. She tells him that Troy needed to be put down; it’s the world they live in. Nick says they always lived in that world; it’s just that now it’s okay. She says one day he’ll have no choice, and Nick says not with her. Madison says she’s never hurt him. He asks hat if it was necessary, and she tells him to stop it. They hear shots being fired outside.

Lola tends to Daniel. He says the two of them will escape. He waits while she goes up the ladder to the dam.

Alicia admires John’s high pain threshold, and he asks how she knows Victor. She says he helped her family get out of LA. Her mother and Victor were friends, and she thought her mother might be there. John asks her mother’s name, and says she is there. She was one of Victor’s deal points; they were to spare her. He hopes she hasn’t been killed yet. Alicia asks if he’ll spare Madison if she’s alive. He says she was part of a larger negotiation that collapsed, but Alicia has served him well in a short time. Can she continue to do so, and can he trust her? She asks again if he’ll spare her mother, and he says he will if she’ll come on board his ship and sail for what’s left of Houston.

Nick and Madison hear someone coming in, and wait on either side of the door. Victor says he told them to leave, but they had to be stubborn. Alicia is there with Proctor John. Maybe he likes her enough to let them go, but don’t bet on it. He gives them uniforms, saying he’s going to walk them out right under the Proctors noses. Madison says his time has come, hasn’t it? He says just please put on the uniforms. Madison says he killed someone, and asks who it was. Victor says Daniel. He did it for her. He didn’t kill him though; he was alive when Victor left, but it was the worst thing that ever happened. He let Lola go. Even though she’d said it gets easier, he couldn’t do it. Nick says there’s hope for him yet.

Lola sneaks into the office, and sees Efrain dead. No time to grieve though. She cocks her gun.

Victor holds a gun on Madison and Nick, who are in uniform. There are people being shot, and tossed off the bridge up ahead, but he tells them to just keep walking. A guard stops them, and Victor tells him that Proctor John wants him to dispose of these traitors personally. They go past, but Lola runs toward John, shooting, and John kills her. He asks what fresh hell is this? Well, there’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Daniel opens his eyes.

John is mystified. He thought “water queen” Lola was dead, and she turned back up like a whack-a-mole trying to assassinate him. Victor says he can explain, but John doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Alicia to go to her joyful family reunion. She and Madison hug. He asks what role Nick plays in the family drama. He asks Nick where Troy is, and Nick says his mom killed him. John tells “Alicia from Los Angeles” that she has a perverse family. He says he’ll have to kill them, but he’ll kill her first so she doesn’t have to watch.

John tells them to say they’re goodbyes. Nick hugs Victor, and tells him, safe travels. I’m assuming the detonator switched hands. Victor tells John that there’s something in the end game that he didn’t plan on. They didn’t have enough guns to defend the dam, so they wired it with explosives. John orders Victors tongue taken out. Victor fumbles around in his pockets, looking for he detonator, but Nick takes it out. He says it’s armed, and Victor tells him don’t touch the other button. Nick asks if he means the one that says detonate.

Madison takes the turkey out of the oven, and brings it to a table of guests. Daniel, Jeremiah, Troy, some other dead guy whose name I don’t remember, and Walker are there. There’s an empty chair at the head of the table. Walker gets ready to carve. Victor comes to the door, with a pile of gifts and flowers. Madison shows him in. She lifts the cover on the turkey, and it’s Jeremiah’s head on the platter.  Walker has cut off his head, and the blood gushes from his body, still in the seat, flooding the table. Victor leaves, and Madison follows him, but sees nothing except gravestones outside. A plane flies overhead.

Nick holds up the detonator. John says his play, and makes the guards lower their guns. Nick tells him that his mom and sister get to take the Zodiac across the lake. Alicia wants him to come, but John say the detonator will be out of range, and he’ll lose his leverage. Madison and Alicia leave. Nick tells Victor to take care of them. John insists they won’t survive, but Nick tells him not to be so sure. John is interested to see how it plays out, but it won’t be well for Nick either way. Nick isn’t afraid to die, and John calls it junkie bravado. He asks if the detonator is real.

Daniel stumbles out, and kicks some guard ass. Quite well for a man who’s just been shot in the face.

John calls the lake a modern Euphrates. It needs managing. They can’t just give it away. He says Nick can help, but Nick says it’s just one more thing to control. Alicia has trouble getting the boat going, but the engine finally turns over. John says Nick was born for violence, and Nick says he killed the last man who said that. John tells him, like mother, like son; he needs to harness the fury or get stampeded. A war is waiting. The boat stalls.

Daniel sees Lola lying dead on the bridge. He puts Ofelia’s rosary beads in her hand. They’re giving me a heart attack with this boat, which is still giving them a hard time. John wants the detonator, but shots from a sniper interrupt him. From a hillside, Walker tells Crazy dog, nice shot. John says this is a new wrinkle, but not a game changer, since apparently, he’s a real optimist. He thinks Nick is bluffing, and his family isn’t far enough away. More shots are fired, and somehow all the bullets go around Nick. Daniel gets closer, and starts to shoot. Nick sees the boat speed away. He hits the button.

The dam blows to smithereens, and the bridge cracks don the middle. John is led away by one of his men, and everything starts crumbling. Walker and Crazy Dog watch the boat. Crazy Dog says they’ll be drawn into the flood if they don’t step on it. He and Walker decide to head north. We see the water flood the inside of the dam, covering Efrain and Troy’s bodies. Daniel grabs Nick, and the boat gets sucked under the bridge.

Madison walks among the gravestones. She kneels at Jeremiah’s grave, and his hand pops out of the ground Carrie White style. He grabs Madison and drags her into the ground. In the real world, she’s under the water, and starts to sink among the debris, Her hand reaches out of the earth, and Travis pulls her out. She slips back, alternately into the water again. She opens her eyes, swims to the top, and breaches the surface. She gasps for air and swims to shore. People are running around with buckets, and getting water. A little girl sees her, and says, hola. The camera pans out on the newly freed water.

Next week, The Walking Dead 100th episode, preceded by a marathon.



October 8, 2017 – The Show Goes On, the Apocalypse Makes Strange Bedfellows & Two Sides of Jesse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

MJ wants to go skating. In the car, Reza calls Asa and tells her they want to plan a Winter Wonderland Snowflake Ball to celebrate friends and family. She’s not up for it, but in his interview, Reza thinks it’s because she doesn’t want to answer questions. The group goes to Wollman Rink. Tommy never ice skated, and feels like he’s drunk. Well, he should be good at it then. They get on the ice, where even the toddlers skate better than I do. MJ gives Reza instructions.

MJ thinks something went over GG’s head at dinner about Mike and Jessica. Mike was basically saying that if he didn’t need to worry about what his parents would say, he’d try to get her back. GG totally agrees. MJ thinks they should encourage the possibility. Adam promises that the next time Mike brings that bitch up, he’ll be polite about it.

Asa and her mother go for Asa’s sonogram. Asa is on antibiotics and miserable. Her mom, who has awesome magenta tips on her hair, agrees with the doctor that Asa should rest more. In her interview, Asa says the pregnancy has opened her eyes to the toxicity in her friends. The baby is fine and moving, and we see his tiny dool. She says her son will have much genetic input, and an incredible set-up.

In NYC, Reza says that they have a ninja concierge, who has gotten them mass quantities of take-out. They talk about GG getting engaged. She’s upstairs with Shalom, calling Shervin with the news. She talks about how effing cold it is, and how her hands are freezing, showing him the ring. He’s excited for them. He’s working, but she wishes he was there to see it in person.

GG asks where Mike was last night. MJ wants them to turn it up, but Reza says she hasn’t turned it down yet. In his interview, he says they all went back to the townhouse and to sleep last night, except for Mike. Reza says he’s been swervin’ like Shervin, but he’s on board with it. Mike says he spent the night at the Holiday Inn, and tells them that he had seven women, but GG asks if Jessica was there. He just smiles, and they know he was with her. GG tells us about seeing Jessica in the background of one of Mike’s Instagram posts. They’re going to Queens, but Reza says that all the queens are in Manhattan. This is amusing for me, because one of the titles I’ve considered for my memoirs is, There are no Queens in Queens. They’re meeting Tommy’s family, and Tommy tells MJ to leave her crocheting behind. She tells us that she’s more “in” with the relationship now, and feels like she’s coming home.

Reza takes MJ aside. He says they haven’t discussed Mike still being in love with Jessica. GG joins them, and says that she talks to Jessica from time to time. They agree that his mother is the problem. Reza says Persians live a tribal life, and she’s the tribal chieftain. Jessica has work to do to get back into her good graces.

Tommy says they’ll be meeting guys that he calls his brothers, but they’re not blood relatives. Reza tries to do a Queens accent, and fails miserably. The only New Yorkers who have exaggerated accents are on sitcoms.

GG has to stay behind for rehearsal. Shalom is leaving without seeing the play, and she wishes he could realize it’s just an acting job, and be supportive.

They get to the bar, and Reza yells, What’s up Queens? We’re here! MJ tells us that Tommy was raised by a single mom until she was diagnosed with emphysema, after which she passed quickly. He emancipated himself, and lived with the McGuire family. Reza asks what the Queens drink is and MJ tells him it’s a screwdriver and a shot of I-don’t-care. I think it might be Coors Light. Lots of food is ordered, and Tommy mingles, while Reza, Adam, and Mike eat and talk to passersby. Tommy says everyone has MJ’s back; she’s family now.

MJ and Tommy stand on the bar. MJ says nothing matters more to her than family. When she met everyone at Howard Beach, she got a connection. She says they’re her family. There’s no drama, just unconditional love. In her interview, she says it’s been a hard year for her family with Shams being ill. Tommy announces that he’s the luckiest guy in the world. MJ says that Tommy has made her appreciate the moments that make life worth living. Tommy makes a toast about friends feeling like home. Everyone chants fam-i-ly! Reza is glad that he doesn’t need to worry about MJ anymore. The guys are moving on to see the play, but MJ and Tommy decide to stay.

Back in Los Angeles, Destiney has invested in a juice bar, and Shervin goes to an event there. She spikes his juice drink with tequila. She tells us that you can take the girl out of the nightclub, but you can’t take the nightclub out of the girl. Destiney’s family is there, and she introduces Shervin around.

Destiney and Shervin go outside. She tells him that she’d wanted to rip him a new one after he confessed to his cheating on Annalise. In his interview, he says he’s been running from a serious relationship for a while. He lost faith in them after his parents’ divorce, and cheated to run away. He tells Destiney that he made a mistake, but can’t do anything other than apologize. It’s not like he can turn back the clock.

Asa shops for designer baby things in L.A. Latoya Jackson meets her at the store. She asks what Asa is looking for. The doctor told her that the baby is big, and to forget about newborn stuff. She tells us that the Jacksons are the most famous family in the world, and she’s a part of it. They look at ridiculously expensive baby clothes that the kids will grow out of in five minutes. A Versace onsie? Really? She tells Latoya that People contacted her, but Jermaine wasn’t interested. Latoya asks if she’s going to break him of his shyness and privacy, but Asa says that’s his personality. She talks about having met him when she was younger, and then meeting him again about ten years after high school. She says something about a waterfall and seeing a white fox, and how everything was an omen. The rest is history.

Shervin says that he wasn’t ready for a relationship when he met Annalise, but feelings got involved. Talking to Destiney made him think about Annalise’s feelings, and how he’s being unfair. He says it’s not right to waste anybody’s time. He drives out to the middle of nowhere, leans on his car, and video chats with her. He tells her that his friends are holding him accountable. He doesn’t know how to tell her, but he doesn’t think he’s ready. She says that she can’t hate him for being honest, but it’s completely upsetting. He says he didn’t expect to be with her; it came fast, and he wasn’t ready. He tells her that she deserves 100%, but he doesn’t want to fake it. She tells him that she would have ended it, and that it makes no sense. He even introduced her to his mom, and it’s not like she forced him. She tells him that he needs to figure himself out. In his interview, he says his experience has taught him to understand his own feelings, and he doesn’t want to be in a position like this again. Idiot.

GG arrives at the theater. The director asks if she’s ready, and she says no. He tells her that she’ll be amazing. Reza calls and says they’re on their way, and they’re excited. He tells her that MJ isn’t coming, and she tells him that Shalom left. Reza says they’ll hold it down for her, and cheer her on.

Shalom shows up anyway. In his interview, Mike wonders if it’s his idea of being romantic, but says it’s really stupid, and borderline bi-polar. He sees GG before her entrance. She says he showed up and put a ring on it, so she’ll let him get away with this. In her program bio, it says that GG trained for the Olympics. Reza wonders if she was on the space shuttle too, but we see photos of her in gymnastics training when she was younger. Funny how she never told them.

Reza says that this is the refurbished GG. She used to be effed up, but she could pop off again. If one of her co-stars touches her the wrong way, she could smack a ho. The play begins, and she’s really very good. Mike starts to fall asleep. Not because he doesn’t like it, but Reza says he’s been on a diet of no sleep, whores, and vodka sodas, and it wipes you out. Reza thinks that GG is hilarious, and he’s proud of her. Me too. In his interview, he says that she’s not curing cancer, but she started something, and finished it. It only took 35 years. He applauds.

We get to the kiss, and Reza closes his eyes. It’s really more comical than anything else. Reza doesn’t know if Shalom is bi-polar (word of the night) or what, but no one lost and arm or leg. Reza says that maybe he fine-tuned his meds. Afterward, they get champagne. GG says that she told Shalom that it wasn’t a big deal. She thanks everyone for their support. In her interview, GG says that her life was a roller coaster, going downwards, but in the past year, she’s come a long way. We flash back to her accomplishments, and she says this might be a new path for her. She never thought she’d be this happy Things are working well in her relationships with her friends and her boyfriend, and  She can hear everything better. She thanks everyone for coming, even though she saw Mike passing out.

Next time, the season finale – MJ gets angry with Vida who hasn’t seen Shams in a month, Reza tells Asa that she’s disconnected, Adam wants to pull back, and Mike says that Jessica is no one else’s concern. I love these guys, but they do get all up in each other’s business.

Fear the Walking Dead

Victor realizes that it’s the last thing Madison wants to hear, but they’re about to walk into – she knows what they’re about to walk into. She says that what happened wasn’t their fault. They’ll hand over what they have, and hope the invitation stands. Victor asks what if Daniel refuses, and she says they have Ofelia.

Ofelia passes out, and falls off the back of the truck. Crazy Dog yells for them to stop. She says she’s fine; she just lost her grip. Madison wants to talk to her for a second. Did she get bit? Yep, that looks like a bite mark near her shoulder, and she’s not looking too good. Ofelia wants to go to her father, and asks Madison for her word. Madison says she will.

Alicia has set up a little camp inside a house. She hears something outside. She looks around, and sees a guy getting out of his car. She tells him get back in or she’ll kill him. It’s Nick and Troy. Nick tells her this is; she has no idea what it’s like. He tells her there’s safety in numbers, and she says that she almost died surrounded by people. She asks if it’s him or mom talking. He says that their mom will lose her sh*t if he comes back without her. She says that she forgives him, but he doesn’t owe her – or their mom.

At the Bizarre, Victor tells Madison that if they so much think Ofelia is sick, they’ll kill her. Madison tells Ofelia to smile; her life depends on it. A guard searches Ofelia. Victor is miffed that the exchange rates aren’t as good now. Some things never change. Ofelia is burning up, and Madison asks Walker to stay with her while she gets something for the pain. She tells Walker to stay awake, and gives him a knife. Victor says that she gave away half of their rifles for what? To give Ofelia a good by? She tells him there’s no plan B. She gave her word that she’d bring Ofelia to Daniel. He says her word isn’t worth a damn; only resources are worth anything, and she’s squandered what they have. They’ll see what Daniel has to say when she shows up to pay for water they don’t need with a dead daughter and empty hands.

Nick tells Alicia, last chance. Alicia says she knows where they’ll be, and she can find them. Nick prefers that she didn’t die, and she promises she won’t. They hug good-by. Nick and Troy leave. Alicia smiles.

Troy says that Nick must have been a real treat back in the day. Nick tells him it’s old news, and none of his business. Troy asks why he stayed. Nick says that Travis was dead, and Luci was sick; his mom was falling apart, and he had to keep it together. Troy calls bullsh*t, and says that he stayed because he loves them. They’re more alike than he thinks. They’re children of violence, but Nick wishes that he wasn’t.

Ofelia is looking worse. Madison brings her something for the pain and fever, and electrolytes for dehydration. She says that Ofelia doesn’t deserve this, and neither does Daniel. Maybe he will kill them all. Walker says that yesterday, he lost everything he ever knew – home, friends, the bones of his forefathers. He was raised on loss, and thought he was good at it, but there’s such a thing as too much. Ofelia has to see her father one last time, and Madison is honoring that wish. She’s returning his daughter for him to bury, and put an end to this, even if it gets them killed. Madison thanks him.

Alicia drives around, and stops at a fast food place, and goes inside. Oh look, fries. I wonder how old those are? She leaves her gun on the counter – which is never a good move – overturns a bucket, and climbs up to see what’s above a cabinet. We see a zombie outside. She grabs a bucket of instant potatoes. The zombie is now inside, and Alicia stabs him in the head. We hear more zombies coming. No potatoes for you! Alicia looks around the inside playground, and hops into the ball pit, positioning herself to pop them off as they come in. The balls start moving behind her, and I say, no! out loud. Alicia disappears, and then pops up again, along with a little girl zombie. They struggle, and Alicia stabs it in the throat. Here come the rest. Alicia hides underneath the balls. I hope that was the only kid who was in there. A woman with a pickax comes through, dispatching the zombies. When she’s done, she steals their gold, cutting off fingers, and pulling out teeth. She takes the potatoes and leaves. Alicia is like, wow.

Nick and Troy return to the Bizarre. Walker tells him about Ofelia. Madison asks about Alicia. Nick says that they found her, and she’s okay. She’s actually happy, and he couldn’t get her to come back. She knows where to find them. She asks where Troy is, and Nick says that he’s at the bar. She says the more people they have, the safer they’ll be, and starts to cry. Nick that it’s okay. She thanks him for being there, and doesn’t know what she’d do without him. He tells her go get some fresh air, and he’ll look after Ofelia.

Nick watches Ofelia. He sees the bag of pills, thinks about it for a millisecond, takes one out, looks at it, and puts it in his mouth. I don’t blame him.

Alicia wanders around town. She finds a car, and sees the potatoes in it. She reaches in to get them, and the woman from the fast food place comes out.( I find out later on Talking Dead that her name is Diana, although I don’t think they actually said it during the episode.) Diana says that she’ll crack Alicia open like a coconut if she touches the potatoes. Alicia says that they’re her potatoes, and Diana asks why they’re in her car. Alicia tells her that she took them from the restaurant Just give them back, and she’ll be on her way. Diana says that would be a conflict of interest. She walks toward Alicia, and Alicia levels the gun at the gas tank. Diana asks what she’s going to do after it blows up, and Alicia asks why make trouble where there isn’t any. They can share them. She’s tired and hungry, and she’d prefer not to kill her.

At the Bizarre, Nick orders tequila, and asks where he can get uppers. The waitress says that he’ll have to ask the Butcher. Troy tries to discourage this idea, but Nick says that Troy owes him. He tosses back a shot, and gives Troy a pill.

Victor strolls through the back hallways, where it looks like the hookers and gambling dens are. He starts to jimmie a lock, when a man says that this is the time he should realize how deep in sh*t he is. Victor turns to face a group of guys, and says he wants to talk to the Proctor. The leader says don’t they all, and it’s better if he stays away. Victor says he has something the Proctor wants.

Madison tells Ofelia it’s time.  Walker says that Daniel is coming, and Madison says it will be worse seeing him there. Ofelia says it’s okay. Victor holds her for a moment, and Madison takes her outside. She finds a spot. I’m not crazy about Ofelia, but this is a little sad. Ofelia doesn’t want anyone to see her, and Madison says he’ll be here soon. Ofelia says to tell him that she was looking forward to getting to know him. Madison tells her that you think you can protect your kids, but somehow they know who you are and what you did. They know you; it’s in their blood. She says that Ofelia knew her father; don’t think she didn’t. Ofelia leans on Madison. Daniel’s truck pulls up, but Ofelia is dead. Madison is like, nooo. She walks out to Daniel, and tells him to wait and listen for a minute, but he walks over to where Ofelia is. He says her name, and holds her. Madison freaks a little, and we’re both waiting for Ofelia to turn. Daniel asks what kind of sick joke this is, and what happened? Madison says that the ranch was overrun. Ofelia saved them, but got bit. Daniel says, this is the price. He tells Madion to get away before he kills her, She walks past him. Behind her we see Daniel raise his gun, and we hear the shot. (Another thing I learned from Talking Dead. There were several Ofelia endings bandied about, including having her turn. Not only did the actress have a serious problem with the contacts, it was agreed that it would break the mood. Wise choice.)

Nick and Troy are high, and things are blurry and weird. This doesn’t look like much fun. Nick asks somebody something in Spanish. They go inside to a bar. The bartender asks how he can be of assistance. Nick says he’s looking for things, and the guy shows him a tray of weird stuff. Nick wants up, and the guy goes to a shelf where there’s more weird stuff in jars. Troy wants to leave. The bartender shows Nick something, and explains that it’s the nucleus of a brainstem, and pure adrenaline, enough to wake the dead. He gives them each one at no charge, putting them in glasses. Troy asks whose glands these are, and dude says we’ll call them Pete’s. Nick downs his. Everyone stares at them, and it’s freaking weird. Troy swallows his.

Alicia asks what Diana does with the teeth. Diana says that the Mexicans buy gold in bulk at the post, and some will sell the teeth and fingers for charms as protection from biters. She gives Alicia a ring with a tooth mounted on it, saying that she looks like she could use protection. Alicia says no offense, but it’s disgusting. Diana asks where she’s headed, calling her too good for good luck. She tells Alicia that she’ll just pass ghost town after ghost town, all picked clean. The potatoes were a gift. Alicia says she’ll find a way. She had to find way to do it alone or die. Diana says that’s why she doesn’t keep company with anyone, and no offense, she’s taking her things and going. She says that this is the life, and Alicia ain’t finding a way out. Not north, south, or anywhere. If she can grow accustomed to killing, she’ll get by. Alicia wonders who could get used to this, and Diana says that if a woman sets her mind to it, she can get used to anything.

Nick and Troy climb the fence, and drop down into the outside. Nick tells Troy not to fight it; he’ll never feel freer or more himself. They act all strange and goofy. A zombie is in the cab of a truck, and Nick repeatedly slams the truck door on it as it climbs out. Nick takes some of the zombie’s blood, putting it all over both his and Troy’s faces. They walk down the street into a group of zombies. Nick hesitates for a moment, and then plows in. Troy is scared, and so am I. Troy follows Nick, and the zombies keep on going past them. Nick says he can’t go back. Troy hugs him. This new bromance is way too weird.

Madison picks up the bag of pills, realizing some are missing. Daniel finds her, and says he was walking all night. He carried Ofelia to a tree, and buried her with his aunts. Madison says that she saved Alicia’s life. Daniel asks where Alicia is, and Madison tells him that Alicia left; she’s on her own now. She can’t blame her for having enough. Daniel asks about Madison being with Ofelia when she died, and if she said anything. Madison says Ofelia told her that she loved him, but I get the feeling Daniel doesn’t buy that. Madison must think so too, because she adds that Ofelia said she was looking forward to getting to know him. She told Ofelia that she already did, but she never knew man who brought her to them. Daniel says that she saw him once for a moment, and it frightened her. He tells Madison to get her things ready; this is no place for her. She tells him that she would like to bring the others, if that’s all right. He nods.

Alicia wakes up. Diana is outside, messing with the car engine. Alicia asks where she’s headed, and Diana says to more killing – teeth won’t pull themselves out. Alicia asks if she needs help. Diana says no friends, just killing. She asks if Alicia ever thought about selling her hair, but Alicia tells her don’t even think about it. They go off together. I like it. This new sisterhood is definitely not weird.

Madison sees Nick and Troy. She says that they’re heading back to the dam. Nick tells her that they’re thinking of staying behind for a couple of days. She tells him to do what he needs to. He knows where to find them. Nick and Troy walk off.

Victor asks if Madison is ready. She says she is, and asks what about him? He says, always

Next time, the two-hour season finale. Before which, there will be a marathon. I notice that Efrain is played by Jesse Borrego, who was Jesse in the 1982 TV drama Fame.

Jesse & Efrain, Yet Both Jesse…

JesseFame  JesseFWD

October 1, 2017 – The Shahs Take Manhattan, An Overcrowded Pantry & a Classic


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

MJ tells Tommy to never call again, and she’s going to get pregnant with someone else. She is seriously out of her mind. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her. At least since I’ve been watching this show. She wakes up with him next to her though. He came back at midnight. She tells him that he was coming at her really hard. She wonders what happened to their decision, but he wants to make sure they’re ready. She asks if he sees neglect of love in her. she says they’ve been talking for a year and time is of the essence. She asks if he wants to make a commitment to being healthy, and he says yes, a commitment to being adults. Good luck with this. MJ starts to draw an affirmation board on the wall. She lists parenting class; diet and exercise; and sobriety. Tommy jokes that now she’s ruined it. She says she doesn’t want a bastard, and marriage comes before anything happens. I’m still puzzled that anyone uses that word, other than when cursing someone out, but then I remember she has Vida for a mother.

Mike goes to see his lawyer. He tells us that there’s a six-month process to end a divorce. He thanks the lawyer for making it as painless as possible. The lawyer tells Mike that everything is done, and they’re walking away with their own assets, waiving any future claims of alimony. In his interview, Mike says that for the first few years of the relationship, he and Jessica were on Cloud 9, and spent every day together. They had the wedding of their dreams, but anyone in a real relationship understands that there are trials and tribulations. We flash back to some of those, including Mike cheating. Mike says he can’t change the past; it’s done. He signs the papers. The lawyer says that it usually takes a couple of months to be finalized.

The gang travels to NYC to see GG’s play. When they get to the townhouse rental, Mike says that GG probably took the best room already, and Tommy suggests that GG has already peed in the corners to mark her territory. A concierge greets them, saying her name is Georgia. MJ asks if she can get some Chinese food. Mike says that him and this group of Persians are going to lose their sh*t in the city. GG and Shalom come downstairs. Everyone checks out their rooms. Mike breaks out the tequila. Reza and Adam are visiting a rabbi, and Mike thinks they should be married again, so it’s by an honest person. We flash back to Asa officiating at their wedding, and Mike brings up how Asa lied about her pregnancy. In his interview, he says him, GG, and MJ are on the same island; a friendship not based on trust isn’t a friendship.

GG says Shalom is supportive, but not thrilled that she’s going to kiss someone in the play, which he just found out. MJ asks if it bothers him – truth – but he’s saved by the doorbell. It’s a ton of Chinese food. Reza asks how they met, and Shalom says J-Date. Mike says that GG has dated nearly every nationality, so why not throw a Persian Jew in the mix, noting that he’s the best guy she’s dated. MJ toasts to GG being able to hear now. In his interview, Reza says she’s been trying to get her life in order, but she’s three seconds from biting someone’s head off. Mike says he’s going to drink them all under the table tonight.

Adam asks GG how she thinks Shalom is going to react. Tommy asks if he’s seen any of it, but he says he’s not going to be there. Adam thinks he should be more supportive, but he’s annoyed about her kissing another man, and decides to leave. Reza can’t believe it, and follows him upstairs, with MJ not far behind. He asks why Shalom is leaving. Shalom curses Reza and MJ out. Reza wonders why he’s freaking out, and reminds him that his name means peace. Mike says he’s jealous, and asks if GG’s ego is her amigo. He says it’s the way she protects herself, and she’s going to lose Shalom. He encourages her to talk to him. Reza asks if Shalom is crazy. Shalom gives us all the finger on his way down the stairs, and says he’s bouncing. GG can’t find her shoes. Reza wonders how the night went south so quickly.

Mike tries to get Shalom to come back in. He tells Shalom that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. GG says the entire play is about sex, and he’s known it the whole time. Shalom comes back in, and Mike says it’s just a show, but Shalom says it’s about money. He asks GG if she’s broke. She says what if she’s trying to pursue that kind of career. In her interview, MJ says that Persian men are jealous and overbearing, and a horrifying experience to try to live with. Either you have to live like a nun or don’t date a Persian. GG says it’s not about money. She found something she’s passionate about that keeps her sane. She’s been working hard at her acting; she’s not just an effing slut. Reza asks if there’s tongue involved. She says no, and Mike says maybe she should explain that. Shalom says he’s not a bitch on a leash; and he goes to bat for her. Mike says they’ve rallied behind him. Shalom says they’ve been his family, but he has family, and wants to go back to them. GG wonders why this is coming out now. He’d told her it wasn’t a problem.

Shalom says he left his family for the relationship. Reza says he’s lived it since he was a kid. His dad turned his back on his family, and he deals with sh*t like this from something that happened in Iran fifty years ago. He knows all about it. He talks privately with GG, and says it struck a chord. She says this came out of nowhere. MJ says neither one of them are being productive. This, coming from someone who was totally unreasonable just the night before. Tommy calls to MJ upstairs. She tells GG to do it the old-fashioned way, and tell him what he wants to hear. Reza calls it an old Persian trick. He suggests she tell Shalom that Saturday is her last night.

They go downstairs. Reza gets everyone else out, saying he has something to show them. GG asks what Shalom is talking about with his family. He tells her to keep his family out of it. She says there was no conversation. He won’t even look at her. In her interview, she says she’s put away her ego and stubbornness to be better for him, but he’s just another d*ck. She says he doesn’t respect her, and wonders what she did. He tells her she’s crazy right now. She tells him that he’s the person yelling at everyone and running down the street. She has a right to have a reaction. He says he does too. GG says she can turn it up, and starts getting loud, and saying bring it. She tells him that she’s better when people stand up to her. She say,s you wanna go, let’s go. Shalom heads for the door, and she tells him to do what he does best – run. She says he’s being evil, when she’s been nothing but nice. On his way out, he tells her good life. She tells him good luck with his. The door closes behind Shalom and his suitcase.

Tommy asks where they’re registering for gifts, making us all laugh. Reza asks Mike if he’s happy he’s single at moments like this. Reza thinks it’s easier dealing with another man. He won’t fight at that decibel, because he can say and do things he can’t take back. Adam sits with GG. He tells her that he’s sorry about the outcome, but applauds her for sticking up for herself. He says let’s talk about a bigger issue. What’s she going to do about the tattoo? She laughs. Everyone turns in. Reza is glad he’s not single. He says that sh*t is too much drama for anybody’s mama. Adam says so they’re going to do surrogacy, right? MJ tells Tommy that she appreciates him.

Shalom texts GG, saying they need to talk. She goes outside.

Reza says he’s a Persian alarm clock, doing that yodeling thing, and going into each room. Reza sees that GG isn’t alone, and asks what’s going on. She says she went to meet with Shalom. Adam asks if it’s him, and GG says no, it’s just a random guy. (She’s kidding.) Reza wonders how she got Shalom to come back. He says they’re seeing the rabbi, and want to lay out the plan for the day. When they gather downstairs, GG says that Shalom sent her a text to meet him in Times Square, and shows Reza her engagement ring. We see the proposal, and there were illuminated signs that says GG will you marry me? along with her photo. No surprise, it’s a gorgeous ring, a bedazzling diamond square, surrounded by smaller diamonds. Reza and MJ congratulate her. Tommy wanders downstairs, wearing red Christmas-themed pajamas. Reza demonstrates how GG should walk around with her ring prominently displayed. He tells Mike that they just went from DEFCON 5 to engagement. In his interview, Mike says this just might work. Reza says that he and Adam have to leave, but wants to meet afterwards. I would assume that Shalom planned this all along, since renting Times Square, including signage, probably has to be booked ahead. So did he stage the fight?

Reza and Adam go to the 6th Street Synagogue. They want to raise their kids Jewish, and are meeting with an orthodox rabbi. Reza wants their kids to have the structure he didn’t have. The rabbi says that life is a sacred journey. Adam asks if he has to convert. The rabbi tells him no, but it’s a different experience when shared. He says that Adam and Reza’s sensibilities are the same, and explains that a non-Jew is still given space in the community, and nothing will stop him from belonging. Reza talks about meeting with a surrogacy doctor, and the rabbi says he and his partner had children that way. It was a powerful way to be actively involved, as the body is a powerful space. Reza asks what to say when the kid asks who their mom is, and the rabbi explains says they told their children that they’d asked the biological mother to help them. He tells them a kid who’s loved is fine. Reza gets weepy, and says how grateful he is. The rabbi tells them that we care most about the things that are hardest, and difficulty shouldn’t be feared.

Everyone goes to a jewelry store. Mike wants his guy to give MJ a deal on a watch, since she’s the cheapest person ever. It’s a $10K watch, and she gets it for $7.5K. Mike says she’s valuing herself at a higher level, which means her life is progressing. She gets Tommy a watch too, and tells us she loves him more today than ever. That part of her looking for a reason not to believe in love, is gone. For lunch, they go to a restaurant called Hunt & Fish. Reza and Adam join them. MJ shows off her watch, and Reza is shocked. Mike shows them a picture of himself on his phone, where he’s loaded down with gold chains, saying he had a hip hop moment. MJ gives Tommy his gift. She says it’s symbolic of her telling him that she’ll always have time for him. Wonder how long it took for her to think that up?

Reza wants to run something by the group. He suggests hiring a party planner, and throwing a party to celebrate everything. He asks who Mike will bring, and he says his mom. He explains the different levels of having a relationship with a woman, and says that once they meet your friends, next thing is a double-date and you’re in the dating zone. It took him a year to introduce Jessica to his parents. MJ asks how she is. He says she’s cool, and GG says she saw her during her rehearsal period. Reza asks if they’re in a good place, and Mike says it’s awkward. They don’t know how to feel, but he’s always going to love her, and would always be there for her. In his interview, he says that for a year, he thought about what he would have given up to fix it. GG and MJ think that they’ll get back together. Reza tells Mike that whatever his decision is, they’ll embrace it. In his interview, Reza says that Mike is still in love with Jessica, and thinks he should try again. He can’t live with one foot in, and one foot out.

Next time, skating in the city, the Shahs go to Queens, GG performs, and Mike meets with Jessica.

Fear the Walking Dead

Everyone mills around the pantry. Alicia hands out something that looks like Gatorade. Madison tells someone to turn on the air. Alicia sees that Blake has a wound, and he quickly covers it up. Ofelia says there’s a problem. There’s no air coming through. She says they have to get out of there. I don’t know what’s up with this show, but again the background soundtrack is way too loud.

Troy buries Jake. He tells Nick that Jake was better than they are; that’s why he’s gone. Nick says that his brother is dead because of the mess brought down on them. If they die, it’s because they failed.

Alicia works on a calculation. She says they have two hours before carbon dioxide kills them. Crazy Dog says the best case is them dying from it. Alicia thinks they can buy time. Fewer people means less carbon dioxide, and some of them have been bitten. Crazy Dog suggests lice checking, but Alicia says they can’t force them. She says they’ll kill him if he tries to kill them, but he says they’re already dead.

Alicia gets everyone’s attention. She says they’re all scared. They don’t know what’s happening out there, and they’re less sure in here. The vent is broken, and their only airway is blocked. This means if they can’t fix it, they suffocate. The enemy isn’t what’s out there, but time. The more people who are in there, the less time they have. So, she’s asking for those bitten to come forward. There are no takers, and I laugh. Crazy Dog says it’s the hard way then, and stares at Blake. Blake lifts his shirt, showing the bite mark. Another guy comes forward, followed by a woman, and people start to stand up.

Nick tells Troy that there are too many of them. They need to create a way through them. Troy thinks they should blow up the fuel lines, distracting the zombies, and make a break for the pantry. Alicia gives Ofelia a gun, and asks if she’ll be okay up there. Ofelia says sure, and asks if Alicia will be okay down here. Ofelia climbs into the ventilation system.

Alicia looks at Blake, and he opens up a box of painkillers. He explains to the bitten people that it will knock them out. Alicia says, then you’ll be taken care of. Someone points out that there’s not enough ammunition. Another guy asks if they’ll be stabbed, and a woman starts crying. An older guy says he doesn’t feel so bad, and maybe the bite wasn’t that deep, reminding me of the Black Plague scene in Life of Bryan. The people start arguing, but Christine says that morphine is the best feeling in world. They’ll be in heaven before they get there. One of Walker’s men volunteers to go first. They go into another room. He lies down, and Alicia injects him. When he’s out, she stabs him. We don’t really see it, but it looks like it’s the base of his skull. She comes out crying, and drops the knife. Christine hands it back to her. She says that she knows it’s hell, but those people have done their part, and she has to do hers. They need her because she’s strong. Don’t break on them now.

Troy and Nick have decided to blow the fuel lines to distract the zombies. Nick shoots the line, and the zombies turn toward the smoke and fire, because they’re not super bright. Troy drives the truck through the horde. Heads roll, and blood drips from the windshield. Troy crashes the truck, T-boning a parked car, and he and Nick jump out, shooting and making a beeline for the helicopter. Somehow, they get inside, where Troy collapses with laughter.

Blake is last. He tells Alicia she has to do this now. He rolls up his sleeve. He tells Alicia that he’s sorry, and she says that it’s okay; it’s gonna be okay. She injects him. He slips away, and I wonder why they just didn’t let them overdose on morphine, and stab them as soon as they were dead?

Alicia comes back out, and everyone is staring at her, which I’m sure really helps things.

Ofelia crawls through the vent with Crazy Dog behind her. She tells him that they have to turn around, and go feet first. Apparently, turning around isn’t easy in a tight space, and is kind of like parallel parking in NYC. Crazy Dog starts banging on the side of the metal tunnel, and Ofelia tells him that he’s going to hyperventilate. She tells him to breathe, and counts. He begins to calm down.

Alicia says she shouldn’t have brought them there. Christine tells Alicia that her husband was in the first tower when it fell. She tied calling his cell over and over, because then there was a chance she might hear him again. Even when you’re hopeless, hope is all you have. Alicia has given them a few precious hours; there’s no shame in that. Christine says that she met her second husband in a support group; he was a first responder. He made her laugh. She says good sex is fine, but if they’re not funny, forget it. I agree. Alicia asks who brought her there, and she says it was her second husband, Jerry. Jerry was convinced the towers were the beginning of the end, and the ranch felt like a perfect fit. They spent their last years hiding from the world, when they could have been exploring it. She asks Alicia to promise her to never make decisions based on fear

Crazy Dog tells Ofelia that it hasn’t happened in a while, and he’s sorry. Ofelia says no need to be, and asks if he was in Iraq. He tells her yes, and she says her dad saw stuff that haunted him until the end. It’s the price you pay. He says his son was terrified of him, and he’d had an episode one of the last times he saw him. Ofelia asks if he’s ready.

Christine and Alicia talk about fun things they’ve done. Christine burned her bra at Woodstock. Alicia talks about a talent show at summer camp. She was supposed to sing This Land is Your Land, but when the music started, she froze and couldn’t remember the words. She looked out, and saw Nick’s face like he was living it with her. He ran up on stage, and forgot everything too, so he blasted out this land is your land over and over. Then after the twentieth time, he took giant bow, and everyone applauded and gave him a standing ovation. She says they loved him. Christine asks if they were close, and Alicia says when they were kids, but it changed. She looked up to him when she was young, more than anyone, even her dad. She starts to nod out, and sees that Christine is asleep. She tells her to wake up. She looks around, and everyone around them is sleeping. She gets up, but she’s groggy, and finds it hard to walk. Everyone is either asleep or on their way.

Zombies surround the helicopter. Nick runs the propellers, so there’s some nice slicing action, but some break the window. Troy says it’s quite a place to die, but Nick says they’re not dying.

Alicia talks to herself, while she struggles to look around. She drags herself to some steel shelving, and pulls herself up. She sees a ranch woman turned zombie, feeding, and it comes after her. She takes out the knife, and keeps pushing the zombie back, as she tries to get a better grip. The zombie gets her down – and falls on the knife. Um… she better get to whoever that one was feeding on. Yep, they’re all starting to stand up.

Ofelia and Crazy Dog continue on. Zombie sounds can be heard from outside. They finally reach the vent, but they’re both struggling not to pass out. Ofelia tells Crazy Dog to help her up. As she climbs, the zombies get louder. Crazy Dog passes out, and Ofelia falls, a zombie falling on top of her. I guess it was stuck in the vent. She keeps him at bay, and then shoots him. She starts to climb again.

Alicia is seriously outnumbered. She pushes the now really dead woman off of her, and kicks a zombie in the head. She stabs it, and fights another off. She calls for Christina, but she’s out, so Alicia quickly drags her out of the fray. I dunno. She looks dead to me. Alicia locks the gate behind them. She grabs a gun, and puts a cartridge in. As the zombies come toward them, she shoots them.

Troy tells Nick to choose, you or me, but something starts blowing up. The lights go out in the pantry, and sparks shoot out of the fixtures.

Troy tells Nick, you or me, choose, but something starts blowing up the lights go out in the pantry and sparks are shooting out of the fixtures. Alicia runs out, and zombies crowd her, but she throws them off left and right.

There are gunshots and zombies drop. The cavalry is here. Madison and crew arrive, along with Nick and Troy. Alicia tries to get Christine to wake up, but that’s a no. Walker tells Madison that they have to go or be trapped. Alicia stabs Christine in the head.

Looking out to the range, Madison says it could have worked. Nick says they got there before he and Troy did. Madison tells him that they have fuel enough to go where they need to – the trading post. They supply up, and can be at the dam by morning. Madison asks if Walker told Ofelia, but he says she’s still in shock. Madison tells her that her father is alive, and her to bring Ofelia back. Walker confirms that it’s true. Madison says that he thought Ofelia was dead and is desperate to see her. Madison says that they have to move, the explosions are attracting more. Alicia comes out, and I wonder why she looks like she desperately needs a shower, when Madison, Victor and Walker look fresh as daisies.

Madison and Nick hug Alicia. She asks where Jake is, and Nick shakes his head. I suddenly wonder if Alicia will end up being pregnant. She asks how, and Troy says that he was bitten, and had to be put down. She asks Nick where the horde came from. He doesn’t know, and says that Troy saw it coming and tried to warn them, but it was too late. Madison tells Alicia they’re leaving soon; they found Daniel at the dam. Alicia tells her to stop pretending. No place is safe. It doesn’t exist, yet they kill and die for it. She doesn’t have to choose Madison’s way. Victor says that there’s water and walls at the dam, so it’s the best choice. Walker tells them let’s move while it’s still daylight.

Alicia asks Madison to show her where they’re going on a map. Madison says they’ll be there by morning, and Alicia says she’s not going. Madison thinks that she’s still in shock, but Alicia says she’s seeing things more clearly than ever. Madison’s way doesn’t work, and won’t. She needs to find a way to live for herself, and she can’t do it running in fear, or with any of them. She’s not asking; she’s telling. Madison can’t force her to come. With rations and a weapon, she can survive. Jake showed her a place, but she needs to go there alone.

Walker starts the truck.

Alicia drives away. Nick asks Madison if he should follow, but Madison doesn’t want to lose them both. Nick says he’ll make sure she’s safe, and meet them. She won’t lose anyone. Madison tells him to take Troy along, and promise he’ll come back.

Madison gets in the fuel truck. We hear Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land, as we see the pantry full of zombies and real dead. Everyone heads toward their respective destinations, and the song continues as we see the expanse of land.

Next time a ball pit full of zombies, Alicia sees someone, and Daniel asks #WhereIsOfelia.

This Land is Your Land