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January 6, 2020 – Nikolas Explains, the Captain Steps In, Returns, Past Cast, a Tease, a Transformation, Facetious Deck & Is It Something I Said?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Before Nina can say her vows, the door bursts open. Nicolas walks in with Ava in his arms. He puts her on the couch where Jax tends to her. Laura says, oh my God, and touches his face, then hugs him.

Josslyn lights a 2020 candle, and tells Dev, happy New Year in Turkish. He says something back, but she says she only knows those two words, and he says, same to you. She gives him a gift bag, saying she learned that small presents were customary on New Year’s Day in Turkey. He says it’s cool of her, and takes something out. She says, before he asks, she didn’t buy them herself. Michael helped her. He says Michael must have done his research. A lottery ticket brings prosperity. She says, that makes sense, but explain the next one. He takes out a pair of boxers.

Cameron looks at the Christmas tree in Rice Plaza. Trina tells him, happy New Year. He mumbles something, and she asks what his problem is. At midnight, his probation officially ends, and he’ll be a free man. How does he want to celebrate?

Valentin asks Maxie and Peter to take Charlotte upstairs. Maxie tells her, it’s going to be boring grown-up stuff, and Valentin says, everything is going to be all right. Laura weeps, and says, it’s really him. Nikolas says it is, and moves on to Lulu, hugging her. She says, he’s alive, and Valentin looks at Nina. Lulu says she doesn’t understand. How is this happening? Nikolas says they have a lot to catch up on, and Lulu asks where was he? She turns to Valentin, and says Valentin was holding him prisoner. Valentin was behind this, wasn’t he?

Valentin says, no; he hasn’t been holding Nikolas captive. For three years, Lulu has been hounding him about Nikolas’s supposed murder, but he looks healthy. And Ava survived. Nikolas says, no thanks to Valentin. Valentin shot him and tried to kill Ava. Valentin pushed her over the edge of the parapet, but Nikolas was there to save her. Valentin says she’s drunk, and probably tripped. Nikolas says he saw Valentin. Valentin is always armed with an explanation, but not anymore. This time, there’s no way out. He loses everything.

Coming back from the skating rink, Trina says Cameron was impressive out there. He says she was too – by the third lap – but she says she fell on her face. He says, it was only once, and asks if she’s heard from Josslyn. She says Josslyn and Dev will be there at some point, and he wonders what they’re doing together. Trina tells him, admit it, and he asks, what? She says he’s totally into Josslyn, but he says he’s not. He’s known her forever. She says that doesn’t mean he can’t have feelings for her. He insists he doesn’t, and she tells him to prepare himself. Josslyn and Dev might be a thing. Dev is definitely into Josslyn, and Josslyn might be into him too.

Dev tells Josslyn, the boxers are awesome. He wants to wear them over his clothes. She says, that’s the custom in Turkey; to receive red underwear? He says, if it is, he hasn’t heard about it. Josslyn looks surprised, and he tells her that he’s kidding. It’s a New Year custom. He thanks her, and says when he was little, his parents would buy him funny red ones, saying if they laugh at midnight, they’ll laugh through the whole year. She asks if he misses them, and he says he bought her something too. He gives her a gift bag, saying, he can carry the Turkish traditions on in America. She opens a box containing a beautiful pen, and he says, for her journal. She says she loves it, and thanks him. He tells her, there’s more, and she takes out a pomegranate. He says, another Turkish ritual. If you smash a pomegranate on the threshold of your home on New Year’s Eve, you’ll have good luck. Josslyn suggests they go find a hammer.

Nikolas tells everyone, Mikkos made a codicil, and it was concealed in Helena’s portrait. Valentin says the portrait was destroyed, and Nikolas says, except it wasn’t. He has the codicil. He asks if Valentin can guess what it says, but then says he’ll do the honors. It says Valentin is disinterested. The entire Cassadine estate belongs to – wait for it – him.

Peter hands Charlotte her stuffed horse, saying, she was right. Electra was in the trophy room. Maxie says, PJs, check; teeth brushed, check. They could read her a story, but it’s so late, Charlotte must be exhausted. Charlotte asks if Peter can go downstairs to see what’s happening. Peter says he doesn’t know what’s happening, but he does know this. When he was a kid, big confusing things happened all the time around him, and he developed a bad habit of listening in. He found a really great hiding spot off the backstairs, in the hall closet. No one ever knew he was there. Looking back, he realizes that he was hearing only half of the conversations, making it much worse. Charlotte says, bad things happen, and Peter says, they do sometimes, but a lot of times, there’s nothing you can do about it. One of the best things he ever learned is that people are going to do what they’re going to do, and the best thing she can do, is let them. He knows she wants her papa and Nina to get married tonight, but whether or not that happens, he can tell her that they still love her the same, no matter what. That doesn’t mean the wedding’s not important. It means their love for her, and hers for them, is more important. He promises that everything will be better in the morning. Charlotte is already asleep, hugging Electra, which seriously chokes me up.

Valentin says Nikolas can produce any paper he likes, but he’s the rightful heir. Nikolas says, not so much, and Valentin says, it’s obviously forged. Nikolas wishes he could take credit for it, but it’s nothing he came up with. He can explain it though. The reason Mikkos amended his will to cut out Valentin is because Valentin isn’t his son. He’s Helena’s, which means he’s not a Cassadine at all. Everyone is like, wow.

Cameron and Trina sit on a bench. Cameron says he thought Trina was into Dev, and she says she was. He asks, what happened? and she says, nothing good. She tried to kiss Dev at the Halloween dance, and he gave her a polite, thanks, but no thanks. Cameron says he knows at least five people on his team who would kill to go out with her. She’s smart, cool, and funny. She thanks him, and says, but unfortunately, Dev isn’t into her. She senses he’s into Josslyn. He doesn’t talk to any other girls. Cameron says, maybe Dev is afraid he’ll slip up, and they’ll figure out who he is, but Trina doesn’t think that’s it. He says, what about Josslyn? If Dev hasn’t said anything, how does she know Dev is into her? Trina says she told Josslyn, and Cameron gets up.

Dev tells Josslyn that he had no idea the pomegranate would explode all over them. She asks if they don’t explode in Turkey, and he says he’s never actually done himself. There must be a trick to it. Josslyn says, there’s probably a how-to video online, and he says they’ll have to watch it for next year. He asks if he’s clean, but she says, no, and wipes his cheek with her hand. She asks if this means she doesn’t get good luck if they made a mess. He says, the mess has nothing to do with it. Smashing a pomegranate means she’ll be happy. He promises this year will be better for her, and she says, it already is, and she kisses him.

Josslyn asks, what’s wrong? and Dev says, nothing. She says, it’s obviously something. Was she out of line? He says, no; he just… She says he doesn’t feel that way about her, and he says he’s sorry. She says, don’t be, and he says, it’s just that… She tells him, he doesn’t need to explain. She got her signals crossed. He asks if she’s mad, and she says, no, embarrassed. He says she shouldn’t be; she’s amazing. She asks if they can not talk about it anymore, and he says Sonny and her family have been so good to him. He doesn’t want disrespect them. She says she gets it, and tells him, Cameron and Trina are waiting. I can totally get why he would want to keep his distance from her that way – she’s Sonny’s almost daughter. I’m surprised she didn’t think about that.

Cameron asks why Trina told Josslyn, and Trina says, because it’s the truth. Cameron says Dev wasn’t even on Josslyn’s radar before. Trina thinks it’s awesome, but he asks why she couldn’t have stayed out of it. She says she hates subtext; people not saying what they want because they’re scared. And Josslyn needs a number two to transition, and get her mind off Oscar. She’s not saying Josslyn is falling in love, but she’s moving on, and it’s a good thing. Dev is a nice guy. He’s not a player, and won’t hurt Josslyn. Cameron says if Trina wants to give advice, and go to college to get a degree in counseling, go for it. She says, if he wants to tell Josslyn himself that he disagrees, do that. Cameron doesn’t say anything, and she says that’s what she thought.

Valentin says, he’s Helena’s son? That’s rich, considering she hated him more than anyone. Nikolas says, that’s because he’s hers. He’s smart, evil, and calculating, and Helena was afraid of him. That’s why Mikkos wrote the codicil. He knew Valentin was a bastard, and didn’t want him to end up with the Cassadine fortune. Helena, with her endless games, made it a test for Nikolas. She had to overcome her own hatred and bitterness toward him, and look past it. Guess what? He’s a Cassadine, and Valentin isn’t. Valentin says Nikolas is spinning fairytales, and Nikolas says, they have happy endings. Lulu says, happy doesn’t cover it, but why was Valentin originally in the will? Nikolas says, it makes perfect sense, considering who his mother was. She passed him off, tricking Mikkos into taking care of him his entire life. It’s classic Helena. Valentin suggests Nikolas crawl back under whatever rock he’s been under. His mother and son fought his battles because Nikolas wasn’t man enough to face him. Now he’s made up a fake codicil. Laura says she needs to talk to Nikolas alone.

Maxie tells Peter, she can’t believe that just happened. He says, her and him both. She says she’s thrilled that Nikolas is alive, and Peter says she’s known Nikolas her whole life. Lulu must be beyond relieved. She says he sounds less than convincing, and she’s asking the same question. Where has Nikolas been? He doesn’t look like he just escaped a prison camp, wearing a nice suit. Peter agrees Nikolas’s suit is fabulous, and Maxie says Nikolas faked his death once before. Not that he’s worse than Valentin, but obviously, he’s not the sweet prince he used to be. Peter is the only person she can say that to. There’s no way she could say it to Lulu.

Nikolas tells Valentin, all of his lies are in ashes at his feet. If Valentin doesn’t believe him, ask Nina. Nikolas walks out with Lulu and Laura. Valentin says he noticed Nina isn’t surprised, and Nina says Nikolas is right. She knew.

Valentin says, now it comes together; why Nina invited these people who have no interest in watching them exchange vows. They all want her as far away from him as possible. It seemed off, but he was hoping he was wrong. Obviously, he wasn’t. You’d think he would have learned to follow his gut, not his heart, but he’ll always follow his heart when it comes to her. She’s put a lot of work into hurting him as much as possible. Is she done, or is there something she wants to say? She tosses her bouquet aside, and says she knew it was him all along. He nods and cries a little.

Maxie asks if Peter remembers a weird moment with Obrecht, and he tells her, be more specific. She says, when Obrecht brought up Valentin’s sordid history, she said something weird. She hoped Nina chose happiness. Maxie thinks Obrecht knew something was up. There’s the guest list too. Nobody there wants to see Nina marry Valentin; just the opposite. She thinks Nina invited them to watch her blow this up. She doesn’t think Nina intended to marry Valentin. Peter agrees, and she says, how awful to love someone and have them say they love you. To have them look you in the eye, and be lying about everything else. She can’t imagine anything worse, but Peter says, that’s the thing. Rotten people love too. That doesn’t mean Valentin is lying about loving Nina. Maxie says, Valentin is going to lose her, and Peter says, he knows.

Nina tells Valentin that when Sasha admitted she wasn’t Nina’s daughter, she knew he had to be responsible. She admits she loves him. She knows him, and he knows her. He’s the only person who would be able to find someone perfect enough to be her daughter, and get her and Curtis to believe it. She couldn’t figure out the DNA test, but Obrecht provided the missing piece. Obrecht says she regrets nothing, and Nina says Valentin took a swab from her mother’s corpse, then gave it to Sasha to give to Curtis, who he made sure came calling. When the test came back, he didn’t have to doctor the result, since it was from Nina and her mother. Valentin says, Nina… and she says, stop. Obrecht told her everything that she saw, and Nina believes her. All of this was a set-up; a way to ambush him, and make him understand. She can’t get through to him. If he’d told her the truth, he could have stopped all of this.

Nikolas tells Laura, Lulu, and Doc that Valentin shot him, and he flew out a window into the sea. Lulu says, thank God. Not the shooting part, but that he fell in the water. He says, it wasn’t fatal, and he started to swim. Laura says, it must have been painful, and he says, it didn’t feel great. A ship going to Pyrenees picked him up, and the crew got him medical attention. He realized how dangerous Valentin was, and knew he needed to be strong enough. He was almost fully recovered, when he found out Mikkos had amended the will, and Valentin would be inheriting everything. He couldn’t just come back and reveal that. He had to be meticulous; find a weakness, and a way to stop Valentin and reclaim what was his. He wanted to come back every day, and tell them how much he missed them. He hated what was going on. He asks Laura to tell him that she understands why had to stay away. Laura cracks him a good one across the face.

Valentin asks, may he tell Nina the truth? and she asks if he’s capable of it. He says, the truth is, he loves her. The truth is, his life is better with her in it. The truth is, on top of everything tonight, he thinks it’s just a problem he needed to fix. And the truth is, no matter what she does, no matter how badly she hurt him, she’ll never be the antagonist in his story. She’ll always be his love. And the truth might be, that no matter what he does, he might not have the skill to love her the way she wants him to. That might be the awful truth. Another truth is that he never manipulated her; not one time. She thinks Nikolas is more trustworthy than him, and Jax has obviously manipulated her since the beginning. Obrecht has known for months, and he’s the bad guy. He asks her to do something for him; one last thing. Think about who’s been using her. He walks out, and Ava says, that bastard just tried to kill her tonight. Why are they letting him walk away?

Trina tells Cameron, Josslyn just texted; they’re on their way. Cameron apologizes, and she says, for what? He says he knows she’s into Dev. It must be hard for her that Dev likes Josslyn and not her. She says she’s over it; Cameron said she can have her pick. She suggests if they’re still single when it’s time for the winter formal, they go together as friends, and he says, sounds like a plan. Dev and Josslyn arrive, and Trina asks where they’ve been. Josslyn says they got caught up at home, and they wish each other, happy New Year. Trina asks if they want to get their skate on, and Josslyn tells Cameron to show Dev where the rentals are. After they’re gone, Trina says, getting caught up at home is code for…? Josslyn says, the most mortifying moment of her life, and Trina asks, what happened? Josslyn says she kissed Dev because Trina said he was into her. Trina says, he is, and…? Josslyn says, he wasn’t.

Ava asks if Jordan isn’t hearing this. Valentin shot Nikolas, tampered with a corpse, defrauded Nina, and tried to kill her tonight. Martin says she’s a rambling drunk woman, saying, Ava’s vodka consumption earlier was quite impressive. He says, the accusation of corpse tampering, as weird as it sounds, came from Obrecht, who has a rap sheet a mile long. Obrecht says she knows what she saw, but Martin says, due diligence would be prudent here. Ava suggests he seek out somebody else for a retainer, because Valentin is going down. She tells them, there’s somewhere else she needs to be, and excuses herself. Curtis and Jordan exchange a look.

Laura says Nikolas could have come home. Spencer spent the last three years grieving. Never mind her, Lulu, and Alexis; they’re adults. Spencer is a child who has already lost so much. He let Spencer sit there and watch, while the man Spencer thought killed him, took his home and everything he loved about it. Where was Nikolas? Off plotting revenge? Really? She asks if he knows who else was plotting revenge; his son. Spencer goaded Valentin over and over; it became an obsession. Valentin came to her, and threatened that if she didn’t take care of Spencer, he would, so she put him in boarding school on another continent, because Spencer believed it was his duty to avenge his father’s death. She hates Valentin, and what he did to Nikolas and Spencer, but it pales in comparison to what Nikolas did to his own son. Spencer needed him. Spencer needed a father, and where was he? Plotting revenge for three years? How could he?

Josslyn tells Trina, it was so embarrassing. She kissed him, and he turned her down. So awkward. Trina says she knows, and Josslyn asks, when? but Cameron and Dev return. Trina says, no more probation, and Josslyn says she’s going to miss the orange vest. Trina agrees that it’s Cameron’s color. Cameron says, hilarious, and Dev says, the reflector was the best. Cameron thinks he needs new friends, but Josslyn says he’d be lost without them. He admits he would, and Trina suggests they get their skate on. They leave for the rink.

Curtis tells Jordan that he knows Ava can be a little extra, but don’t tell him that she’s falling for that lawyer and his BS.

Jax approaches Nina, and she tells him not to ask if she’s okay. He says he was going to ask if there was anything he could do to help.

Nikolas tells Laura that he’s sorry. He hated it as much as they did. Laura says she doesn’t think so. He knew they were alive; it’s not remotely the same. She says, the Halloween party. The man in the mask was him, wasn’t it? Why didn’t he reach out to her? He says he wanted to, and she says, but he didn’t. He followed Ava to the gallery, and took off his mask. Ava told her that she saw him, but she didn’t believe Ava. She thought Ava was having a nervous breakdown. Ava’s brother convinced her to commit herself when she was perfectly sane. Doesn’t he see the affect he’s had on everyone? He says, maybe what he did was wrong… She says, maybe? He says, he did it for Spencer. Laura claims she knows how dangerous Valentin is, but she doesn’t. The only way to secure the estate, and keep Spencer safe, was to take down Valentin. Laura says, it was worth anything, and he says, a temporary sacrifice. He won. It’s finally over, and now the damage can be repaired.

Maxie asks if Peter believes what he said, that everything will be better in the morning. Valentin walks in, and wakes Charlotte, telling her that they have to go right now. He picks Charlotte up, but Maxie says he’s not going anywhere. Not with her.

Jordan tells Curtis, they’ve been yanked around by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. Clearly, a crime has been committed, and they need to bring Valentin in for questioning.

Nina tells Jax that she’s surprised how much she liked the dress. She was torn whether or not to get such a lovely dress. It turned out to be a revenge dress. It’s a pity, but he warned her. Jax says, it’s a beautiful dress, and Nina says she should change. She heads upstairs.

Laura tells Nikolas, she honestly doesn’t know what to say. He thinks she’ll eventually understand, but Laura says, right now, it feels unfathomable. Lulu says, what matters is Nikolas is home, and they’re grateful. They’ll figure out the rest later. Ava comes in and tells Nikolas, she’s sorry to cut the reunion short, but it’s time. Doc says, for what? and she says Nikolas didn’t tell them the happy news? She and Nikolas are getting married tonight. Everyone is in shock. I’m in shock that she negotiated that so quickly.

Tomorrow, Ava asks Laura to stay for the wedding, Nina just wants to get away from Windymere, Valentin punches Peter, and Anna won’t be satisfied until she gets all the answers.

Below Deck

Kevin flashes back to Justine telling him, chef to chef, he needs to go more upscale. The guests are talking about his cooking behind his back. She’s just looking out for him. Nicole and Zak are happy, but the other guests aren’t. Kevin tells her that he doesn’t need her to look after him. In his interview, Kevin says he’s pretty sure she flips burgers and takes pictures. Justine goes back to her girl crew, and says repeats what Kevin said. She tells them, If she was working on a boat, she wouldn’t want the guests not liking her food.

Ashton has a meeting with the deckhands to go over the schedule, and says they’re aiming for a 2 o’clock beach picnic. Kevin tells Courtney, Justine told him that he needs to step up his game. In Kevin’s interview, he says he works hard, and what he puts out contains a bit of him, and he takes it extremely personally. He asks Courtney if he thinks they like cream cheese in their sushi, and she reminds him that they have guests who don’t like dairy. He says, screw these people.

Simone gets drinks for the guests, and Kate tells them about the beach picnic. She asks Rhylee about the fishing trip, and tells her about Ashton going to the captain, and blaming her for going to the wrong spot. He said, since Rhylee was in charge, she should have researched it more, and it annoyed her. Kate thinks since Ashton is the head of the department, it should fall on him. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s not surprised Ashton threw her under the bus; she’s an easy scapegoat. She was technically leading the expedition – we see a clip of her and Ashton looking at a map – but to put the blame solely on her is infuriating.

Captain Lee tells Courtney about giving up his room to Lauren. Courtney thinks it’s weird that she accepted, but he says he doesn’t blame her for not wanting to sleep on the sofa, and she paid money for that. In the captain’s interview, he says, it’s her vacation. He couldn’t believe Jamie’s attitude, she was a spoiled brat. If he’d been the primary, he’d have told her to take what she got or got the eff off the boat. Kevin makes sushi.

The guests talk about the weather. Jamie says she’s overheated – probably from the 99 mimosas she’s had before breakfast – and goes to her room. Rhylee and Brian set up the pool, and Brian tries to find fault where there is none. She dared ask him where to place it, telling him she hasn’t been there when they did this before. In his interview, he says, when it comes to Rhylee, he tries, but she’s stubborn. We flash back to some so-called altercations, which are really a lot of nothing, and he says he doesn’t understand why it has to be that way. They put the pool in the water.

The captain advises Ashton on places to scout for the picnic. In Kate’s interview, she says she doesn’t hate Ashton, but she doesn’t respect him. She’s never had a bosun try to punch out a window in a fit of anger and rage. If she couldn’t do a job every time she worked with someone she didn’t like, she’d be unemployed. Kate tells Courtney that she’s going on ahead, and to send Simone with anything they’ve forgotten.

They unload the supplies at the beach, while the guests jump off the boat, and play in the water. Kevin asks where Katie Boo-Boo is, and Courtney says, she’s at the beach. Simone is going over with the food, which is news to Simone. In Simone’s interview, she says communication is bad on the boat, but she’s happy to do something different. Ashton says someone will have to sit next to him, and no surprise, Molly volunteers. Captain Lee tells Ashton that he’s subtle. In Ashton’s interview, he says, working on  yacht, there are always beautiful people. Molly is an absolute cracker, but he’s not going to cross the line, just possibly brush the line. He wonders if that’s a thing.

Kate tells the guests that they have sushi and salad for lunch, and Simone pours champagne. Justine tells Lauren that she just had a short conversation with Kevin, and thinks she scared him. Back on the yacht, Brian tells Ashton that Rhylee doesn’t listen. It’s her way or no way. Ashton says it frustrates him, since they have a cool vibe with Tanner. Rhylee tells Courtney about Ashton talking to the captain, and saying she should have known where fishing was legal. Brian says Rhylee comments here and there, and she’s not even lead deckhand. In Ashton’s interview, he says he can’t fault Brian for speaking to him. It’s draining, having to keep the peace. Now other crew members are saying they’re affected by it. Something has to change. Ashton asks if anyone wants to go snorkeling, but he has no takers. This is a lazy bunch.

The guests return, and are met with watermelon popsicles. Kevin goes over the evening’s menu, and Kate tells him that he’s doing a great job. Kevin wants to make ceviche, but he doesn’t get where the guests are coming from. Some want a cheese course, some don’t want cooking in Teflon pans, some are vegetarian. There are too many options; he doesn’t know where to start. For whatever reason, some of the women want to take posed photos with Ashton; Molly, who is a model, and it looks like Justine, who’s confusing me now. In his interview, he says, so far, he’s had to do a striptease and a lap dance. Now he’s doing a photo shoot with professional models. The Ashton sandwich will have good flavor. They take photos, while the captain watches from the bridge, and Nicole says, it’s like the cover of a romance novel. In his interview, Ashton says he’d expected the models to be stuck up, but they’re the kind of girls he could mix with. Brian and Courtney have a quick kiss in passing.

Rhylee tells Kate that she’s frustrated, but Kate tells her, don’t take everything so personal. Rhylee says she’s literally treated like nothing on deck, and Kate says, it’s like they want to have a girl who sucks. Abbi was bad at her job, so they were nice to her. She tells Rhylee that she’s better at her job than the rest of them. In Kate’s interview, she says, Rhylee has a temper, but works hard, and is very good at her job. If Ashton can’t manage Rhylee, she could use her in interior. She’s probably a better stew than Simone.

The guests get ready for dinner, and the captain sighs in the Sky Lounge, digging through his bags. Kate tells Tanner, G-V-O, and he responds by singing, good vibes only. Lauren tells Courtney that Jamie is in her cabin, but they don’t want to go to dinner without informing her. Courtney is it. Captain Lee gets dressed, and Courtney knocks on Jamie’s door. In Courtney’s interview, she says she doesn’t like getting involved in guest drama, but they all hate Jamie. What’s pettier than refusing to share a room, and making another guest sleep in the communal area? She tells the others that she called Jamie’s name, but there was no answer. Rhylee asks if Ashton wants to talk quietly. Captain Lee checks himself out in the mirror, and guesses it will work. It’s all he’s got.

Rhylee asks Ashton about throwing her under the bus. He says Kate told her about what he discussed with the captain. She says she constantly feels dismissed, and if he can take a second and understand what it’s like in her shoes. This is the second year she’s been dealing with this, and she’s been calm and quiet. Ashton disagrees, and wonders if it’s her insecurities. He says he’s on her side, but she says the problem is, she gets no support from him, even in this conversation, and it sucks. Ashton says maybe she should check how much of it is her insecurities, and how much is the rest of the crew. She says he’s not even listening. She’d like for him as bosun to figure out a resolution. He hasn’t even looked at her once during the conversation. He says he’s been tolerant of her, and she asks what that means. He says her attitude, her behavior, and body language. The way she does things gives off a negative vibe, and the other crew members see it. She says, it’s not her insecurities. It’s 100% the way of the vibe on the boat. He says, so it’s everyone else? and she says she told him, it’s the way of the vibe. He starts pointing at her with his finger, and she tells him not to do that. He says, the conversation is done. He’s her superior. She asks if he just dismissed her. He points his finger some more, and says the captain warned her. She tells him to quit pointing his finger at her, and he says she doesn’t give a f*** anyway. She says he’s right, and he tells her, go to bed. She says she’ll go to her quarters. I hate Ashton at this moment. He is dismissive of her, certainly isn’t like that with the dudes, and I can’t stand when someone doesn’t look at me while I’m talking. It can mean a lot of things, but regardless, it’s disrespectful. That’s his problem. He has more respect for the guys than he does for the women.

Kevin makes beautiful starter plates, and Kate calls the guests for dinner. He says, the plates are pretty, and waiting for the Gram. The captain joins the guests for dinner, and thanks them for inviting him. Kevin says, Justine will probably say there are maggots on her plate, but she declares it good. Molly says, the plating is fantastic, and Kate tells Kevin the guests are loving it. Nicole asks if Captain Lee if he ever goes to Charleston, and he says it’s one of his favorite places. She invites him to look them up when he’s there, and he says he looks forward to it. Kate serves scallops as the second course, and everyone agrees it’s great. Kate lets Kevin know the guests are super happy, and asks if he is. He ignores the question, since he’s busy charring something with a blowtorch, and Kate goes up with the dessert; crème brulee and deconstructed cheesecake. Lauran says, clearly, Justine put a fire under Kevin’s butt. Courtney makes up the Sky Lounge for the captain, who excuses himself, saying he has work to finish. Tanner asks Brian if he should make a move on Kate tomorrow, and Brian says, why not? Tanner says he’s going to roll the dice.

Rhylee tells Kate that she’s on early tomorrow, but was told to go to bed in a demeaning way. Ashton said he tolerated her, and she’s insecure. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she is who she is. She was seven when her mother married her stepfather. They moved from Alaska to Florida to open a bed and breakfast. Nobody goes on vacation to see and hear kids, who should be seen and not heard. In their case, they weren’t even seen, and would be forgotten. If she has to defend herself about something, she’ll do it, no matter what. She tells Kate, it’s humiliating. Captain Lee asks the deckhands to turn the bridge lights off. He can’t sleep with it lit up like a football field. The guests go to bed. At 4:03 am, Tanner has a nightmare, and screams his head off. Brian asks if he’s okay, and says Tanner nearly gave him a heart attack.

In her interview, Rhylee says, the situation with Ashton is not going to fix itself, but no matter what, she’s going to do her job as best she can. The captain talks to himself, saying, travel the world; it will be fun. Now he’s homeless, living out of blue bags. Tanner helps Simone wipe down the tables. In her interview, she says she’s hooked up with him and seen him naked, but wants to be mature about things working out. Ain’t no man going to distract her from her job. Ashton asks to talk to Captain Lee, who says he feels like he was rolled up in a bedsheet and beaten with baseball bat. Ashton says they have the same issues as last year. He’s tried to address Rhylee’s attitude. She works hard, but that’s only one aspect of the job. The crew has to get along. He would never speak to the captain the way Rhylee speaks to him. He’d rather do the last two charters a man down. Captain Lee says, it’s only six days. He really doesn’t want to make a radical change this late in season, but he’ll talk to her one on one. In his interview, the captain says he has two people bumping heads. That means he has to get involved, and no one will like it. It’s his responsibility to make sure things run smoothly. If you’re acting like a d*ck, I’m going to tell you. He radios Rhylee, and asks her to see him in his new office.

The captain tells Rhylee to have a seat. He says she and Ashton have a bit of an issue, and Rhylee says Aston told her that he tolerates her, whether he wants her there or not. It’s a totally different dynamic than with the guys and their banter. On deck, Tanner tells Brian there’s built up negative energy, and they compare Rhylee to cancer. Rhylee says she offers her opinions and tries to help, and Captain Lee says, sometimes when she offers an opinion, it comes off as criticizing people. People in general often don’t see how the way they express themselves is taken. He’s not saying it’s a one-way street. That’s where he thinks the real issue lies. They should confront problems head on, not run away from them. He’s going to talk to other members of the crew, and see what they think is going on. In Rhylee’s interview, she says, it’s a scary situation. If he’s going to talk to everybody, their opinions will be bias, and against her.

At breakfast, Zak asks Simone if they’re serving real maple syrup from Canada. (I’ll let it go that most people would think Vermont first.) She says she doesn’t know if it’s from Canada, but it’s the real deal. He says he doesn’t care where it’s from, as long as it’s not corn syrup. I can’t say as I blame him there; that stuff is crap. Simone assures him it’s not corn syrup, and brings in muffins. Captain Lee calls Tanner and Brian to the bridge. He says he’s going to ask them some questions, and he’s not interested in bullsh*t; he wants the truth. Ashton and Rhylee are going at it like a burlap bag of bobcats trying to get loose. Give him the skinny about what’s going on. Tanner says, it’s tense, and Rhylee doesn’t make it easy. Brian thinks she’s not right for the crew. She doesn’t like to listen, has a temper, and she’s disrespectful. Tanner says she’s difficult, and Brian says she’s mean and doesn’t respect any of them. Tanner says, it builds up until it explodes. The captain asks if they can’t tolerate it for another six days, but Brian says he’d rather deal with the last two charters a man down. Tanner says the energy transfers like a cancer. Captain Lee thanks them for their candor. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but he has to do something.

Zak tells the other guests that his bedroom smells a little funky, and it’s not from the bathroom; the bathroom smelled better. Courtney tells Kevin that he’s taking everything too personal, and he says Justine called his food sh*t. Justine slides into the galley, and says she apologizes for making him uncomfortable. Dinner was great, and everyone was impressed. He thanks her, and after she leaves, Courtney says he didn’t even look her in the eye. In Courtney’s interview, she says, look her in the eye, and say you appreciate the apology. She meant it. It’s their job to be nice to guests, but it’s also common courtesy. I doubt Kevin knows what that is, but nice try.

Captain Lee radios Kate, asking if he can impose on her for a bowl of Cheerios. Kate brings the cereal, and asks if he wants to eat in the breakfast lounge – i.e. another couch. He tells her about talking to Brian and Tanner, and she says it’s three against one. He says Rhylee seems difficult to get along with, but Kate says she thinks Rhylee is lovely, and asks what Rhylee had to say. He tells her that Rhylee accepts none of the responsibility, and thinks she’s getting picked on. Kate doesn’t feel that’s the bigger issue, and thinks everyone is wrong, but the responsibility falls on Ashton. Why give him the responsibility of being bosun, if he doesn’t want to be responsible for his team? Being a department head means helping the team work together. In her interview, Kate says, Ashton is a big time d*ck. If he wants to play the game where we talk bad about each other, let’s play. No one is putting Ashton in check, and it’s time someone does. He’s an ego tripping power cocky d*ck. On deck, Tanner tells Brian that Ashton has been patient with Rhylee, and Brian says more patient than he would be. He thinks Rhylee knows she’s leaving, and Tanner says she has a radio. She knows who’s being called to the bridge. In Tanner’s interview, he says, Rhylee has to go; they can’t all be miserable. They have to get rid of her. Brian says, it’s not fair. The anchor is pulled into the pocket.

Kate asks Ashton how his morning was, and Ashton says, there’s a lot to be thought about. The situation was aggravated when it didn’t need to be. She’s not in the position to discuss what he said to Captain Lee with Rhylee. Rhylee walks past, and all three of them are quiet. Ashton doesn’t think it’s right for Kate to get involved in the management of his team, and she tells him, don’t say anything in the presence of another crew member that he wouldn’t want repeated. He says he expects privacy and confidence. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’d never tell Courtney or Simone what Kate said, which I find hard to believe. He says, anybody with a sane mind would know this, but the rules don’t apply to her. We flash back to Kate complaining about Ben and Kevin getting involved in her management. Ashton says, it’s not her team, and Kate says the only reason she brought up the issue is that it needed to be addressed. He says he knows how to manage his team, but she says she doesn’t think he does. He wants to fire Rhylee, and that’s management; it’s quitting. He thinks she should apologize for getting involved in his management, but she tells him to feel free to bring up anything she says out loud. She has no secrets. He goes to his bunk, and calls her a bitch. The captain calls for the crew to get into their whites.

They dock, and Captain Lee calls the crew to the aft deck. In his interview, Kevin says this has been his favorite charter so far. He’s kidding. He hopes he never sees Justine again. Nicole says they had a fabulous time. She can’t thank the chef enough for making her favorite foods. She gives Captain Lee the tip envelope, and Zak says look them up if they’re ever in Charleston. The captain tells everyone, back to work, and Kevin sings about boiling water

Brian calls his daughter, and tells her that he’ll be coming in one week. In his interview, he says he hasn’t gotten to the stage of introducing anyone to his daughter. He’s going through it in his head, wondering about him and Courtney in the long term. They’re coming to the end of the season, and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Ashton tells Tanner that Kate pushes his buttons. She feels the needs to give her two cents about what happened with Rhylee. Tanner says, it’s not her business, and Ashton says she’s adding fuel to the fire, and causing more problems. Kate tells Rhylee that Ashton told the captain to fire her, and Rhylee says, for what? In Rhylee’s interview, she says, this is their leader? Instead of bringing her up or helping her, he’d prefer her to be fired. If she’s fired over something like this, her career in yachting might be in jeopardy. Where does she go from here? The captain calls everyone to meet in the crew mess.

Captain Lee says he thinks it was a good charter. The chef nailed it, and the girls did good. The tip was $17,700; $1600 each. He thinks it was appropriate, and he’s happy with it. In Kate’s interview, Kate says a lot of people don’t realize, she’s not a chief stew because the job is fulfilling. The money is fantastic. The captain says, the exterior had a lot stuff going on. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased. He’s not sure yet how he’s addressing it. You can’t kick sh*t down the road, and think it’s going away, because it don’t. That, they can take to the bank. In his interview, Captain Lee says, the deck crew is behaving like little effing kids. Unfortunately for them, he doesn’t babysit. He’s fed up with the whining and bitching, and has to make a decision. This closely resembles a clusterf***. It’s a sh*t show.

Next time, the captain tells Rhylee they have a situation, and it’s a yacht, not Alaska; Alexis Bellino celebrates her divorce with a charter; and Tanner hooks up with Justine from this charter.

📡 News Flash: Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell and Back premieres tomorrow at 9 pm. The Haves and the Have Nots, and Vanderpump Rules are also premiering at 9, and I would think the universe hates me, were it not for the fact Gordon’s show will repeat on Saturday at 8 pm.

📺 And heard on Bravo: The Shahs of Sunset is coming soon. A date would have been nice.

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November 8, 2019 – Lucas Talks To His Father, Costumed Daytime, Today’s Ian, Emmy Changes, a Divorce Off, a Divorce Back On, a Reunion, a Survivor, a Bear, Close To a Dozen Quotes & Big Apple Autumn


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam tends to the guard. Jason shows up, and asks, what happened? Sam tells him, Cassandra escaped.

Cassandra asks if Nikolas is sure he’s not driving in circles. He tells her the trees only look similar; they’ll get where they’re going soon. She suggests perhaps he take a more direct route to the private airport, but he says they could get caught. He tells her, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. She says she doesn’t have much choice, and he says, that’s the spirit. Don’t worry. He’s taken care of everything.

There’s a knock on Ava’s door, and she says, go away. Jax comes in, saying the doctor cleared him for a visit. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says he thought he’d check on her. How is she? She says, okay. She’s tired because they gave her a sedative. Her mind is playing tricks on her. He says what happened to her is his fault.

Lulu, Charlotte, and Maxie walk into Kelly’s Charlotte asks if when she finishes her homework, she can check on her pony at Windymere. Lulu is sure Butterscotch is fine, but Charlotte is insistent, and Lulu says she’ll think about it. Charlotte asks if she can sit at the counter so she can concentrate, and Lulu says, of course (🍷). Maxie says she’ll have to remember saying she’ll think about it after the homework, when James is old enough. Lulu says Charlotte loves riding, and she’s glad Charlotte can share that with Nina and Valentin. Although she thinks Valentin bought the pony so Charlotte would spend more time there, and asks if she sounds paranoid. Maxie says, not in the least.

Willow sees Brad sitting at the counter, and asks if he’s okay. He says, it’s been a tough day, but Willow is sure when he gets home, and cuddles with Lucas and Wiley, his bad day will disappear. Brad flashes back to telling Lucas about Julian, and says Julian is falling apart. They can’t let Julian drag them down with them.

Julian goes to the hospital, and tells Bobbie that he’s looking for Lucas, and asks if Lucas is on duty. She suggests he try calling before bothering her. He says Lucas isn’t answering, and he needs to speak to Lucas; it’s very important. She checks the computer.

Lucas is at Tony’s grave. He says he misplaced his trust in Julian, and his husband is lying to him – again. Right now, the one thing he knows for sure is that he could really use Tony’s advice. He says, I miss you dad. I’d give anything to talk to you again. He turns, as someone walks into the cemetery. It’s Tony, who says, hello son. It’s been a while.

Jason tells 911, the guard is semi-conscious, and the paramedics are on the way. She tells him, there was another guard. Chase and another officer show up, and Chase tells Jason and Sam to freeze. Sam says, the guard was hit in the head; she’s in and out. Chase tells the officer to check the guard. He does, and says, her pulse is good, but she’s out of it. Chase says he got a call from 911, and Jason says it was him. Chase says, and there was an escaped prisoner. Sam tells Chase, it was Cassandra Pierce. She hit the guard in the head with a shovel, and took off.

Nikolas tells Cassandra, it will be a few minutes; he thinks they should talk. She says, about what? and he says they had a mutual understanding, until she chose to blackmail him. Cassandra asks what he wanted her to do. Continue rotting in that local penitentiary? He knows how dangerous the environment is to a person with her constitution. The mildew alone is deadly. He says perhaps she should have stayed away from Port Charles altogether. She says, lucky for both of them, she’s on her way out. Just get her to the airport. She’d be happy to continue their partnership with mutually agreed upon terms from a safe distance. He says, that’s the problem. Her actions have dissolved their partnership.

Lucas hugs Tony, and says it’s good see him. Tony says since Lucas conjured him up, it must be important. He sees Lucas is a doctor now, and Lucas says just like his old man. And Tony has a grandson, Wiley. Tony says he’s proud of Lucas, and asks what’s on his mind.

Willow says she didn’t see Brad at the hospital today, and Brad says he switched his schedule around; he had errands to run. She says, in case she wasn’t clear, she doesn’t just think of him as just Wiley’s dad. She thinks of him as a really good friend. He says it’s kind of her to say, and she says, because of him, she has a place in her little boy’s life. He guesses he did do that, and she says he did, so if something is troubling him… He tells her like he said, it’s been a day.

Lulu suggests she and Maxie talk about something more gratifying. Maxie says, as in hot Dustin? but Lulu says, as in Peter. The way Maxie has been smiling, he must have done something wonderful. Maxie says there might soon be a change in their living arrangements. Lulu says, he got the place? but Maxie says, that didn’t work out. He’s moving in with her. Lulu thinks that’s even better, and Maxie says it’s been her home forever; more important, James’s home. Lulu says, it’s about damn time. Maxie says she was afraid, then he was afraid, then they took turns being afraid. They’ve finally accepted that they can be happy together, and the world won’t go up flames.

Ava asks Jax how her vacation from sanity is his fault. He says they should have kept an eye on the message boards after they did… She says, that hatchet job? and he says they were her words. He knew the reaction would be strong, but didn’t expect the rudeness. Ava says, rudeness? It was hatred; a complete lack of humanity and compassion. He says he doesn’t want to provide a platform for trolls. It was brutal, and he should have put a stop to it. Ava says she’s going to be more merciful to him than he was to her. The reason she’s there isn’t his fault. He asks, then why? She says she’s being haunted by restless souls. The line between the living and the dead has become very blurry. She just wanted to reach out to Kiki now… Tell her something. Does he believe they can awaken the dead?

Jax knows Ava has taken some questioning paths to contact Kiki, and Ava says, Kiki wants no part of her. Eternity isn’t even long enough for her to stay away from Ava. She’s being haunted by another lost soul. He was there at the gallery. She had him at gunpoint, and told him to take off his mask – it was Halloween and he had a mask on. When he removed it, there he was; so real, she could have reached out and touched him. Jax asks, who? and she says, Nikolas Cassadine.

Chase tells Sam and Jason, the prisoners are heading back to Pentenville. There will be a second transport for Sam as soon as he gets her statement. Sam asks about the guard, and he tells her, the guard is stable, and she’ll regain consciousness. He asks her to take him through it, and Sam says she was on work detail with Cassandra, and they were assigned to plant a tree. Cassandra had a shovel, and faked a sprained ankle. She hit the guard with the shovel and took off. There was a van parked across the road, and as soon as she saw it, she took the first opportunity. She tried to get the guard’s gun, but Sam stopped her from getting a weapon. Chase says, well done, and asks her to describe the driver. She says, it was pretty far, but the driver was male, and the van was white and not too old. She’s sorry, but that’s all she’s got.

Julian tells Bobbie, he can see the animosity. He’s proved himself to Lucas, and was accepted back into Lucas’s life and Wiley’s. He’s not walking away now, or ever. Bobbie reminds him that, whatever ground he’s gained with Lucas, there’s only one man who will truly be Lucas’s father.

Lucas tells Tony about Wiley running around nakey after his bath, and Tony says Lucas was the same way. He and Bobbie called him the streak. Lucas says it’s brought back so much of his childhood. Things he hadn’t thought about. Tony would be exhausted, coming home from a 36 hour shift, and still sit with Lucas to do homework, or put Lucas on his lap to teach him guitar. He always had time for Lucas. Tony says he never wanted Lucas to think being a parent was a chore or a favor. He wanted Lucas to feel safe and loved. He never wanted Lucas to doubt that he was the most important thing in his life . Lucas says he succeeded, and Tony says, good to know. Lucas wants the same thing for Wiley; to feel as safe and loved as he did when he was a kid. But he thinks he just burned it to the ground.

Cassandra tells Nikolas not to let a couple of tiny misunderstandings and setbacks dismantle an otherwise profitable arrangement. He says she put the entire operation in jeopardy. She admits her time in the claustrophobic confines of Pentenville may have compromised her judgment, and compelled her to misstep. Now they’re back on even ground, and no harm done. Nikolas tells her that she said she could deliver information that could destroy Valentin, and so far she’s come empty-handed. That makes her a liability. She says he’s not taking her to an airport, is he?

Nikolas stops the van. He says she wouldn’t appreciate it if he broke his promise to her. How is he supposed to respond when she breaks her promise to him? She says, it’s just been delayed, and he tells her, good. He hopes she considers this drive as an incentive to honor her obligation. She says as far as incentives go, she doesn’t see them any close to an airport. He says her actions have forced him to make alternate arrangements. She jumps out of the van, and runs.

Maxie asks Lulu if the dance was romantic or nostalgic, but Lulu says, it was a nightmare. On one hand, she was surrounded by teenage angst and ricocheting hormones; it was exhausting. Maxie says, on the other? Lulu says, Dustin was… Maxie says, hot? Sexy? Gorgeous? Lulu says, he was adorable and funny, and surprising. He had the biggest collection of dad jokes. They were so lame, she couldn’t stop laughing. Maxie says it was less romantic than she was hoping for, but Lulu says, it was romantic. Let’s just say, the kids weren’t the only ones hoping to score that night. Maxie is happy to see Lulu caught up with someone again.

Willow tells Brad, she doesn’t mean to pry, but Julian mentioned he was worried about him. She knows it was her idea to keep Julian away from Wiley during the adoption process, but she thinks Julian only wants what’s best for Wiley.

Tony tells Lucas, every parent worth their salt worries that they’re going to ruin their child’s life. But he can’t believe that, even accidently, Lucas would compromise Wiley’s happiness. Lucas says he let his guard down, and Tony says he should with the people he loves. Lucas says the problem is, the person he loves, he doesn’t entirely trust as much as he wants to. He loves Brad so much. Tony says he knows, but tell him about the horrible mistake Lucas made that torpedoed Wiley’s life. Lucas says, long story long, from day one Brad was an anxious parent. It’s been over a year, and he’s only gotten worse. They found out the birth father is a psychopath, but even though Shiloh is dead, Brad didn’t get any better. It was the opposite. Tony asks how Wiley is handling it, and Lucas says, he smiles. One thing they’re good at is hiding their stress from him. They’re experts. They can’t share it with each other either. Tony asks, how can he help? Lucas says he just keeps asking himself, what would his dad do? It made him desperate enough to let Julian back into his life; he wanted a father to lean on so badly. Tony says he was never Julian’s biggest fan, and Lucas says, him neither. Not at first. But he wanted to believe in him so badly, he let Julian get close to his son.

Ava says Jax doesn’t believe her, but he says he does. She says he believes that she believes it; that’s what Laura said. But Nikolas was as real as he is. Jax asks if anybody else saw Nikolas, like Laura or Lulu, but she doesn’t think so. He wonders why Nikolas would come to her first, and she says they formed a special bond in the days before Nikolas was killed. Would it be enough for Nikolas to show his face to her before anyone else? Probably not. Jax says, she seems to be arguing that Nikolas wasn’t really there, and she says, he was definitely there. He wanted to punish her. She was there when he was murdered, and she was going to speak out and tell the court what Valentin did. She’d promised Spencer, but Valentin made her an offer she couldn’t resist. (Thank you for not saying couldn’t refuse.) She’d been terribly scarred in a fire, and he said he could have her face restored in exchange for her silence. In the end, she betrayed Spencer and his father’s memory. Jax says he thinks she made the right call. Valentin would have slipped out of the charges anyway, and she would have been left scarred for life. Ava says they’ll never know, will they? Jax says she doesn’t believe Nikolas came back to haunt her because she chose to live life. She says she doesn’t know what to believe. She doesn’t know what’s real. That’s why she’s there. He asks why she thinks this happened to her now. Did something happen? Did she see someone or something that reminds her of the Cassadines?

On the phone, Chase says they have personnel in civilian clothes watching the airports, bus stations, and train stations, and they have roadblocks and traffic stops at the main roads out of town. He tells Sam, good news; the guard is awake and alert. Sam says, that’s great, and Chase tells her to make sure her lawyer knows. He’ll back her up, and it’s got to help. Jason asks, what’s happening with Cassandra? and Chase says they’re combing the city for the van and Cassandra. But he’d like to know what Jason was doing at the park. And before he says he’s not answering questions about his attorney, they could say Sam was an accessory to Cassandra’s escape. Sam says she tried to stop Cassandra, and Chase says, the more Jason cooperates, the better it looks for Sam. Jason says Sam told him when he visited, she’d be on work detail there, and Chase asks if Jason thought he’d pop over to say hello. She says she wanted to make sure her kids didn’t come there, and Jason says when he got there, the guard was on the ground, and Sam was doing what she could to help. Chase asks if it occurred to her to run, but she says, no. She was helping the guard. Why would she take off, and look guilty when she’s not?

Nikolas slams the van door shut, and says, dammit.

Bobbie sees Julian looking at the wall of staff photos. Bobbie asks what he’s doing, and he says he never thanked Tony. Bobbie says, when Julian was hiding, pretending to be Derek Wells, or is he referring to a more cosmic gesture of gratitude? Julian says Bobbie doesn’t think he’s capable of gratitude, does she? She says, no, and he says he knows he’s done terrible things. His efforts to go legit – and he’s succeeded – are probably too late. She says, there’s no probably about it, and he says he’s still a person; a father and a grandfather, and their son is a good man. She says, no thanks to him. He says he understands she and Tony loved and raised Lucas, and he’ll be grateful for the rest of his life. She says they didn’t do it for him, but he tells her, take the win and the thank you. He’s not trying to fill Tony’s shoes, but wants to carve out a space of his own with his son. He leaves, and Bobbie looks at Tony’s picture, saying, fill his shoes. As if.

Tony tells Lucas, the great thing about being dead is, everyone forgets your faults, or at least forgives them. He wasn’t a perfect parent. Lucas disagrees, and Tony says that’s sweet, but Lucas is proving his point. Lucas says if he wasn’t perfect, he was within the margin of error, and Tony says, so is he. Lucas says it doesn’t feel like it right now, and Tony says that’s because he’s going through a bad patch. Everything is gloom and doom right now. Did he forget the first time saw his baby smile, and realized he could take it personally? You forget the feel of your child’s hand inside yours when you’re going to the post office. He thinks when things get rough – and they did between him and Lucas’s mother – these happy memories, these little gifts, these miracles, are his arsenal of weapons against doubt, uncertainty, and fear. Those same memories will build a foundation for Wiley to lead a happy life. Okay, I’m about to lose it.

Lucas says, say he’s adjusted his outlook. Now what? He still can’t decide what’s worse; that Julian framed Brad for having an affair, or that he believed Julian. That’s the state of his family. Tony thinks Lucas knows who the most important person is in all this. Lucas says, it’s Wiley. Now he has to decide who to trust and keep in his life and Wiley’s life. Lucas asks if Tony can’t just tell him what to do, but Tony can’t remember it ever being all that effective. Lucas guesses he’s right, and Tony says when Lucas’s sister died, he didn’t have the strength or motivation to get dressed. He’d pick up his shoes, and just stare. Lucas asks what he did, and Tony says, not a damn thing. It was what Lucas did; does he remember? Lucas says, no, and Tony says, he came into kitchen and Lucas had put out breakfast. He wasn’t old enough to use the stove, so he put all his favorite cereals into a big mixing bowl. Lucas says, it’s starting to ring a bell. Tony says, next to it, Lucas had packed his lunch. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and a cookie. He’d had no intention of going in that day, but Lucas was having none of it. Lucas asks what he did, and Tony said he crawled next to him on the chair and said, dad, you have to go back to the hospital… Lucas says with him, all those sick people miss you. Lucas finishes, and they need you to make them feel better. Tony says, he remembers. He has a brave heart. All Wiley needs is for him trust it. He takes Lucas’s hand. Lucas’s phone rings. He answers, and I say, don’t go, Tony. It’s Bobbie. She asks if he’s okay, and Lucas says he’s fine. What’s up? Bobbie says Julian is combing the halls in the hospital, hellbent on finding him. He won’t leave. What should she tell him? Lucas says, tell Julian if he wants to see him, he’s with his father. He turns back, and Tony is gone.

Nikolas calls Jax, and tells Jax to call him back. Their situation has been compromised.

Ava thanks Jax. He reminded her of something she hadn’t realized she’d forgotten. He asks, what’s that? and she says she heard Laura call him after she’d seen Nikolas at the gallery. She overheard Laura tell him that he and Hayden shouldn’t ask her about the painting  of Helena. Now it makes sense why he’s there extending his sympathy. Jax insists it’s 100% genuine, and Ava says, right. He’s overflowing with sympathy for her; the woman he accused of killing Connie. The only thing he wants to unburden her of is the painting of Helena. Jax says he was going to ask her about it when she… She says, when she what? She sees him; him and his friend the mayor. So kind, thoughtful, and compassionate. Did they think they could take advantage of her? He says that’s not what’s going on, but she says, they’ll take nothing from her. Not now, not ever. She made the mistake of trusting him once, and she won’t make that mistake ever again. He’ll going to take advantage of her.

Maxie tells Lulu, so they spent Halloween with a mob of teenagers. What’s next? Lulu doesn’t know, and Maxie says, please tell her that she said she had a great time with him, and can’t wait to see him again. Lulu thinks she generally conveyed that message, and Maxie asks if she conveyed it with a kiss. Lulu can’t believe Maxie is asking her that, and Maxie says she’ll take that as yes. She looks at Lulu, and Lulu says, what? Maxie says them, having tea and gossiping about themselves and others. Lulu says, are they becoming normal? Maxie wouldn’t go that far, but they can allow themselves one normal night. They toast, to besties; no drama.

Willow tells Brad that he has an open invitation if he wants to talk about anything. Brad says he’ll remember that. She’s sure he’ll sort it out, and tells him to give Wiley a hug for her. She leaves, and Brad smiles. As she goes out the door, Willow smacks into Cassandra. She asks if Cassandra is okay, and Cassandra says she’s fine. She just needs her evening sugar fix. Willow says, insider tip; they have chocolate chip, and chocolate chip with bacon. Either way, she’s a winner. Cassandra says she’s a lifesaver. Cassandra looks inside, and sees Charlotte at the counter.

Brad leaves a message for Lucas that he’s at Kelly’s, and to let him know if he can bring Lucas anything.

Julian shows up at Tony’s grave. He tells Lucas that his mom said he could find Lucas there. Lucas asks what he wants.

Bobbie looks at Tony’s photo on the wall, and touches it. She wishes he could be there, and see their son becoming a father. He’d be so proud of their boy. She feels Tony behind her, touching her hand. He leans his head on hers, and fades away. She touches her cheek, and smiles.

Jax says he’s sorry Ava misunderstood. He’ll come back when she’s more herself. Ava says, no, he won’t. She won’t let him get his hands on the painting, but have fun searching. She’s stashed that monstrosity in a place no one will ever find it. He tells her, take care, and feel better. Ava says she may be crazy, but she’s not crazy. (If this was a Tarantino movie, that line would be slightly different. There would be another word before the second crazy.)

A guard tells Chase that he’s there to take Sam back to Pentenville. Chase asks him to give Jason and Sam a minute. Jason and Sam hug, and he says he’ll see her soon. Be safe. They exchange I love yous, and the guard takes her. Chase’s phone rings, and he says, put him through. He tells Jason, Cassandra has been spotted.

In the van, Nikolas says he saw the woman they’re looking for. She’s on Telegraph near Parkland. Chase asks him to describe her, and he does. He adds that he can’t be positive, but he’s pretty sure she has a gun. Chase thanks him, and he says he’s just trying to do his civic duty.

Cassandra walks into Kelly’s. Maxie gripes to Lulu about closet space, and Cassandra goes up to Charlotte, sitting next to her. She says, remember her? Charlotte opens her mouth, and Cassandra says, don’t scream or Nina will be in a lot of trouble. Charlotte asks what she means, and Cassandra says, shhh… Charlotte can save her, but she has to do everything Cassandra tells her.

On Monday, Julian asks Lucas not to do this, Obrecht asks Brad what he’s done to cover his tracks, and Cassandra tells Charlotte that no one is going to find them.

🎃 Never Gonna Let You Go…

More Halloween. And whoa. Amy.



🚕 Catching Up…

I’ve loved Ian Buchanan ever since he said he doesn’t drive and he’s not going to. If someone wants him somewhere, they’ll get him there.


🏆 Ch..Ch…Ch…Changes…

Unless they’re giving all the Emmys to Roger Howarth, I’m not sure it matters.


💏 I Didn’t Even Know They Were Getting One…

Remember her? No reason you should want to. She was a d-bag.


💔 And I Thought They Weren’t Getting One…

I can’t even keep up with this.


🌍 Reunited and It Feels Like Italy…

Juicy Joe gets a visit from the family. No, not that family.


🌴 Remember Him…?

You really should. Not only the oldest ever, but he came in third.


🐻 Don’t Try This At Home…

That Aquaman, always full of surprises.


🎯 Quotes of the Week

A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.Marshall McLuhan

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

I don’t know how I know it. – dude on Cash Cab when surprising himself with his own correct answer

How do you fold egg? It’s impossible. It’s witchcraft. – Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini), King of Queens

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone. – Dorothy Parker

How are you late for work on a yacht? You have no commute. You roll out of bed, and you’re there. – Kate Chastain, Below Deck

What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest.Andy Warhol

You can’t ride two horses with one ass.Dr. Phil

Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else. – George Bernard Shaw

Don’t compare yourself to others as you never know what others had to or are overcoming.Emily Liou

The question is not how much time you spend, but how much value you create. – Author Tony Schwartz, talking about energy management over time management.

🍂 Favorite Season, Favorite Place…

See you on the deadside. And don’t forget to thank a veteran.


October 22, 2019 – Hayden Reveals a Secret, Fashion Week Drama, New Neighbors, Valentin’s Video, Shah Suit, New Runway & Timeless Family


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason sees Doc and Laura at the MetroCourt. He says he needs Doc’s help, and asks if Doc can get him in to see Ryan.

At another table, Finn is on the phone. He asks if he and Hayden are still on for breakfast. Hayden says she’s going to check on Elizabeth, and head over. He says he’s looking forward to it. Robert comes by, and says that’s mighty cosmopolitan of Finn. Finn asks how? and Robert says Finn has his ex in town to keep him warm, while his fiancé off doing something. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  

After a restless night, Ava gets up and drinks a glass of water. She hears the front door knob jiggle. The door opens, but the chain is on it. Ava gets her gun.

At the high school, Josslyn says they’re counting on Dustin to be a chaperone at the Halloween dance. He says he’s sure they have some ideas, and Trina gives him several teacher’s names. He says he senses a pattern. Can’t they think of a faculty member not born in the 1980s? Josslyn says it will be embarrassing to see them dancing to Donna Summer. Dustin says maybe the chaperones will be happy dancing to Donna Summer, and they can learn a little about pop history. Cameron walks in wearing a suit, and Dustin asks, what’s the occasion? Trina says, it’s his court outfit, and Josslyn asks if it has something to do with his community service. Trina says, Franco’s hearing is today, and Cameron says he’s going to see if he can save Franco instead of Franco saving him.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Hayden that she’s meeting Scotty at Kelly’s to firm up their strategy. Hayden asks how she’s doing, and Elizabeth says she’s going to court to fight for a husband whose memory was taken, and he thinks he’s someone else. It’s like that. They hug, and Hayden says, Franco’s lawyer has no idea what he’s up against.

Martin goes to Franco’s room, carrying a garment bag. Franco asks if he brought a suit, and Martin says, better. He shows Franco (we don’t see it), and Franco says, wow. Even he’s impressed by himself. Martin says if they’re going to battle, he’d better be dressed for it. Ooh. I’ll bet it’s his Navy blues.

Julian tells Ava, open up, and she lets him in. She says he scared the hell out of her. He says, bringing her breakfast? What was she planning on doing? Shooting first, and asking questions later? He takes the gun from her, and she says he can’t blame her for taking precautions. He says she’s got the door locked, bolted, and chained; she’s got the windows locked and covered; and all kinds of security cameras and alarms. For a guy who’s currently incarcerated in a secure facility. Ava says he’s watching her. She can feel it. Julian sees she’s been drinking, and tells her, don’t get mad, but is it possible her paranoia is fueled by drinking? She says, if anything, drinking is the only thing helping her. She knows he doesn’t believe it, but she can feel Ryan’s breath on her neck like he’s standing next to her. He’s watching… always watching.

Jason tells Doc that he went to visit Brice, and he was ready to name the person who paid him to frame Sam. Laura says, but he was killed first. Jason nods, and says now he doesn’t have enough to clear Sam, and he wants to find out if Brice mentioned the name to Ryan. Doc tells him that he’s wasting his time. He’d be better off calling Brice’s attorney. Jason says he reached out, but now that Brice is dead, the lawyer has no incentive to return his call. Ryan is in solitary, and the warden won’t let him have access. Laura is surprised he’d take Ryan’s word on anything, and Jason says he has a theory, and Brice confirmed it. Laura asks who it is, but Jason says he needs more proof. It would help if he could find out what Ryan knows. Laura says she can’t promise anything, but she can put in a word. Doc says his brother doesn’t help people. He likes to watch them chase their tails. He’ll negotiate and stall, hoping they come back to confront him. Jason would be better off going elsewhere. Jason thanks Doc for his advice, and says he needs to follow up on every lead. Laura says she’ll call him if she hears anything.

Robert sits down, and signals the waitress for coffee. Finn tells him not to make himself comfortable. He’s not staying. Robert asks if Finn doesn’t want a witness to his brekkie with Hayden. Finn says there’s nothing to worry about, and Robert says, the first thing you learn in the spy game is how to spot a lie. Finn reeks of it.

At the hospital, Hayden runs into Curtis. She asks if everything is okay, and he says he’s there for a case. She asks if it’s a good one, or can’t he talk about it? He says since he’s also kind of a client, he can. He’s there for backup on Sasha’s DNA test. She asks why he’s a client, and he says he had Sasha take not one, but two DNA tests, to confirm she was Nina’s daughter. He doesn’t take kindly to being used to hurt a friend or by a friend. She says he’s a great friend. He deserves to be treated like one. Curtis is glad she feels that way, and tells her that he’s a good listener. If she has anything on her mind…

Elizabeth walks into Kelly’s, where Scotty is scarfing pancakes. He offers to order her a stack, saying, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She says she can’t eat when her stomach is in a knot. Scotty asks the waitress for coffee, telling Elizabeth, caffeine is good. She says she was up all night, going over everything. Scotty asks, what for? What is she looking for? She says the one thing they missed. The one thing that could make the difference between saving Franco and losing him.

Doc asks if Laura is really going to call the warden. Laura says Jason stopped Ryan from dragging Ava over the bridge in Canada. It’s the least she could do. She tells Doc that she’s dreading the hearing. Poor Elizabeth, and the boys. They love him. Aiden and Jake are waiting for hm to come home, and Cameron is determined to repay Franco for saving his life. She asks if Franco was rational when Doc saw him, and Doc says he can tell her what she already knows. For all intents and purposes, Franco presents a man who believes he’s Drew Cane.

I was right. Franco is dressed in his Navy blues with decorations. Martin asks how he feels, and Franco says, like himself, Chief Andrew Cane. Martin tells him, move around and get used to them. He’s going to do some last minute preparation. Franco asks if that means Martin isn’t properly prepared. Martin says there’s always last minute preparation. Opposing counsel will use his appearance to show he’s incompetent, and unable to recognize himself, which means he’s incapable of acting in his own behalf. It’s Franco’s job to prove otherwise. Martin tells him to keep asking who Drew Cane is, and how he knows who he is. Answer honestly, and even Scott Baldwin will have a hard time proving he’s not who he is. Franco says, Chief Petty Officer, Andrew Cane.

Josslyn thanks Dustin, and says, the journaling helps. It turns out she had a lot bottled up. It felt good to let it out. He’s glad the process is working for her, and asks how much time she spends on it. She says, a couple hours a day, maybe more, maybe less. He says, that’s a lot, and she asks if there’s such a thing as too much. He says, not necessarily, but as gratifying as it is to get it on paper, it’s not a substitute for real friends.

Sitting nearby, Cameron tells Trina that he was a jerk to Franco. Trina says, if he’s unnecessarily torturing himself, she wants in. In the beginning, Franco was unfair about how Cameron related to his brothers. Cameron says Franco apologized, and she says, that’s all anyone can do. He thanks her, and she says she’s not done. When Franco does come back, he’s going to want to make up for lost time. Cameron says, that he will, and he can’t wait.

Finn says it’s been swell talking to Robert, but he generally doesn’t spend time with people who call him a liar to his face. Robert says Anna is on a mission and Finn is playing house with his ex. Finn says he and Anna talk every day, especially after what happened last time when he was texting with imposters. Robert says he was there. He tolerates Finn because Anna loves him, but his tolerance disappears when Finn goes behind her back. Finn says he wouldn’t tolerate that either. That’s why he texted Anna this morning, and said he was having breakfast with Hayden to sort out a few things. Robert asks what Anna said, and Finn says he hasn’t heard back yet. She’s busy with the aforementioned mission. Robert says he believes Finn. Finn says, thanks, but Robert adds, to a point. He thinks Finn is lying about something. Not about Anna, but Hayden.

Finn says Robert is the mother of Anna’s child, so he humors him, but Robert needs to get off his back. Hayden has no connection to him. Whatever is going on, it’s none of Robert’s business. Robert says something is going on between Finn and Hayden. Finn says he loves Anna. Good. Don’t let anything get in the way of that. He thanks Finn for the coffee, and leaves.

Hayden says there’s nothing she needs to talk through at the moment, and tells Curtis to stay focused on their other project. She has to run; Finn invited her to breakfast. Curtis asks if Finn said why, but Hayden says he didn’t mention any particulars. Does he know something she doesn’t? Curtis says Finn didn’t say anything to him, but they have a history, Hayden says, they do. She’ll let him know if she needs to unburden herself of anything after breakfast. He says he’ll catch her later.

Laura tells Doc that when he was speaking with Jason, it was the most grounded she’s seen him talking about his brother. Doc says he’s working on it. She wishes Ava would. It sounds like she’s unraveling. Ryan has been writing her letters, and she decided to take them back to return them. Doc says, she only made it worse. Laura says, Ava seems to think people are watching her constantly, and Doc says, it’s not uncommon in victims of PTSD. She asks if he thinks that’s what Ava has, and he says he can’t be certain, but it’s likely. When he thinks about the terrible things Ryan did to him – and he does think about them – he doesn’t think Ryan is going to give up on loving Ava until he destroys her.

Julian puts Ava’s gun away. He thought she was doing better, but clearly, she’s not. Ava says it’s her home. If she wants to cover the windows she will, and it’s safer that way. He says she has the right to be upset, but holing up in the dark, drinking herself into oblivion, and imagining shadows? She’s better than this; stronger than this. He tells her not to let Ryan defeat her like this. Maybe she should go back to the hospital. She says she’s not the one who can’t face reality. It’s him, and every other person who insists the world is a safe place.

Elizabeth tells Scotty, for two people who just want a simple life together, she and Franco have faced some challenges, but through it all, there’s love. Scotty says they definitely love each other. She says it’s come down to this, the two most important days in their lives. The day they got married with jail cell bars between them, and today, when a judge decides if they’ll be kept apart. Scotty says, at the wedding reception, Bobbie was pressing him to make a toast, but Obrecht fell into the drink and goofed everything up. He was saving it for their 1st anniversary, but he thinks she needs to hear what he had to say now.

Jason visits Franco, and asks if he has a minute. Franco says he does, unless Jason is there to convince him not to undergo the procedure. Jason says he’s there to ask him if he remembers something. Franco says, as Franco? but Jason says, it’s something Drew Cane might remember.

Trina tells Cameron she doesn’t know why Cameron doesn’t like a certain teacher for chaperone. He says they’ll be dancing to rock dirges. Josslyn asks Dustin if that’s not the point of journaling. She doesn’t want to censure what she says or feel like she’s expected to feel a certain way. He asks if she feels she has to do that with her friends, and she says, doesn’t everyone act differently around different friends? He says she’s right, and it is important to have a safe, private place to be yourself.

Trina can’t believe Cameron used the word dirge, and asks if he even knows what it means. He says the Halloween dance will turn into a bubblegum pop nightmare. Dustin tells Josslyn, it’s important to spend time with people who care, and she says she sees them at school. He says, what about after? and she admits maybe she has been spending less time with them. He tells her it’s a trade-off. If she spends more time with them, she’ll have more to write about. She guesses he’s right.

Scotty tells Elizabeth, marriage is not for the faint of heart. She and Franco have had so many obstacles and tragedies to get where they are. He calls it love, but that’s not giving it justice. Everyone should be so lucky to approach love the way they do with tenacity and faith.

Jason tells Franco that Brice broke Shiloh out of custody, and Sam killed Shiloh defending him. That should have been the end, but Brice ID’d Sam as his employer. Franco says, and that’s not true, and Jason says, the Feds think it is though. They’re saying she got Shiloh free so she could kill him, and they’re charging her with murder. Jason says that’s why he’s there. Andre ID’d his attacker as Brice. Whoever Brice is working for, wanted Andre dead. Franco says, before Andre could help restore his memory. Jason says Brice’s employer might have also arranged Drew’s plane crash, and Franco asks if he thinks they’re all connected. Jason thinks he knows how they tie together, and Franco might be able to confirm it. He shows Franco a picture of Peter, and asks if he recognizes this guy.

Ava tells Julian, stop hovering; she’s fine. Doc knocks at the door, and Ava says, they have the same voice. Doc shows proof of ID by showing her both hands. Julian never thought he’d say this, but thank God Doc is there. Ava asks if her brother asked Doc to come over, and Doc says, no. Laura thought it would be a good idea to talk to her. Ava says tell Laura thank you, and adds it was less complicated when Laura hated her. Doc asks how she’s doing, and Ava say she’s perfectly fine. She was just telling Julian that she’s not interested in psychiatric care, but he says he’s not there as a shrink. He’s there as a survivor. Julian thinks they have a lot to discuss, and says he’ll give them some privacy. He can be back in a flash if Ava needs him, but she doesn’t think it will be necessary. Julian leaves, and Doc says, so about Ryan…

Martin goes to Kelly’s for take-out coffee. I only include this because I note the to-go cup is a camouflage design, and wonder if that’s on purpose. He approaches Elizabeth, and says he realizes the difficult situation she and her family are in. Scotty asks if Martin doesn’t realizes that  he shouldn’t be talking to his client. Martin says his client bears no ill will, and wishes he could spare her any pain. Elizabeth says if that was true, he wouldn’t be representing Franco at all. Scotty says, what’s that he hears? An ambulance? He tells Martin, go catch it, and I almost fall off my chair laughing. Elizabeth says she’ll see him in court, and Martin says, indeed she shall.

Robert sees Laura, and she invites him to join her. She asks how he is. She thought she’d see more of him now that he’s working downtown, not less. Robert says, the law is a relentless taskmaster. She asks how the transition is going, and he says he gets to work with his baby brother, and other dear friends. However, should he ever choose to settle down, Port Charles is in the list of the top 100 places he wants to do it. She laughs.

Finn checks his phone, but still nothing from Anna. He texts Hayden, asking if he can order her coffee the way she likes it. She smiles, and is about to text back, but the phone rings. She asks, what’s up? She says, oh my God, and jets.

Doc tells Ava that Ryan is 100% locked up, but she’s dealing with the ramifications. They can manifest in a number of ways. PTSD can last a long time, sometimes a lifetime. You can’t turn off the fear, but have to face it. Fight without feeding into it. She says, Julian suggested the same thing. Is he sure they’re not in cahoots? He laughs, and says, no. The art world, she loves it It’s not just a front. She says she does, a lot; the spirit and imagination it takes to create. The money is good too, don’t get her wrong. He says, there are a lot of ways to make money. Why did she choose art? She says it speaks to her. It gives her a purpose. He tells her, choose that purpose, the sense of fulfillment when the darkness is chasing her. What Ryan did to her, and for her, isn’t going anywhere, but moving past it and severing every tie, can. That’s the road to freedom.

Laura asks when was the last time Robert stayed anywhere long enough to put down roots. Or maybe found the right person to settle down with. She asks if he’s thinking of running for office, and he says he is. She says they last she checked, he’d be running uncontested. He says, no one wants to be DA where Sonny operates. She’s glad Robert isn’t one to back down. She asks if he won’t make his temporary job permanent. The single ladies of Port Charles are dying to know. He says when she puts it like that, how can he say no?

At the MetroCourt, Curtis tells Finn that he ran into Hayden, and she told him that she was meeting Finn there for breakfast. Finn says she never showed, and Curtis says that might be his fault. Finn asks what Curtis did, and he says when they met, his poker face left the building. He might have tipped her off that something’s up. Finn says, but he wasn’t specific? Finn’s phone rings, and he says, uh-huh. He sees. He tells Curtis, he has to go. If Curtis sees Hayden, make sure she doesn’t skip town.

Doc tells Ava that the process won’t come quickly or easily, but the moment she stops looking over her shoulder, she’ll be free. Ava says, in her experience, that’s the moment Ryan shows up with a butcher knife. Doc says, the last time, Ava stuck it in his back. Ava says that was quite a motivational speech he’s got going on, and he says, Ryan is stuck where he is. Not just physically. He’ll never change or evolve, but if she moves forward with her life, Ryan will never catch up. She says, good point he’s making. He asks if she’s saying he’s right, and she tells him that she’s saying she’s late for work. She’s going to get dressed and go to the gallery. Doc says, baby steps. Don’t expect too much too soon. She says she hates half-measures, but she’ll try. She tells him to thank Laura for her, but do her a favor, and make it sound like it was hard for her to say. She doesn’t want Laura to thinks she’s gone softer than she has. He leaves, and she puts the vodka and martini glass away. Looking at herself in the mirror, she says, you didn’t beat me, Ryan, and you never will. Ava Jerome is very much alive.

Franco tells Jason that he knows this guy. He bought Franco a beer at The Floating Rib. Jason says, this was before, but not in Port Charles. Before that. Franco asks what his name is, and Jason says, Peter August. Franco says, when he saw Peter, he was just out of the hospital. He had a feeling that was less of a memory, and more like déjà vu. Jason asks if Franco has any idea where he saw Peter before.

Julian comes into Kelly’s as Elizabeth and Scotty are leaving. Scotty says there’s some dry toast left if Julian would like it. Julian says, Franco’s hearing is today. How is Elizabeth holding up? Scotty says, solid as a rock. Elizabeth says Julian should know that after she spoke to him, she saw Kim. She tried to reason with her, but Kim insisted on testifying that Franco is now Drew. Julian says he thought she might, and Elizabeth says she knows what it’s like to lose a child. As much as she understands, and doesn’t want to hurt Kim, Scotty is going to do everything to discredit her. Scotty says, to save his son, and Julian says he’d do the same for his kids or a person he loved. Kim needs help, and she’ll never get it. He tells Elizabeth, do what she needs to. She has his blessings. He starts to leave, but says, since they’re talking, there’s something he needs to tell them about Kim.

Laura goes to Dustin’s classroom, and he assumes she’s there to pick up Cameron. She says he could use some support, and he says to give Elizabeth his best. If there’s anything they can do at the school, let him know. She tells Cameron, it’s time to go, and he says, here goes everything. Trina says she’ll call later, and pokes Josslyn, who isn’t paying attention. Josslyn tells him, good luck in court, and he leaves with Laura. Trina asks Josslyn what’s up with her, and Josslyn says, what? She wished Cameron good luck. Trina tells her, that’s all she said. She’s completely checked out, and needs to get over herself after all Cameron did for her and Oscar. The road doesn’t only go one way. Trina leaves, and Josslyn ponders this.

Ava’s windows are now uncovered. She goes out on the terrace, and looks around. She says, here I am, you son of a bitch. Come and get me.

Julian picks up his take-out, and Elizabeth says she can’t imagine it’s easy for him. She thanks him, and he says he just wants Kim to get the help she needs. Elizabeth sees how much Julian still loves Kim, and says she’s sorry Kim isn’t in a place to return the feelings. He says, him too, and she watches him leave.

Franco tells Jason that he feels like he should remember, but sorry, he doesn’t. Jason thanks him for trying. Martin asks if he’s interrupting, and Jason says he was just leaving. Martin asks if that wasn’t Franco’s twin, and Franco says Jason is his brother, but he doubts very much that Jason considers them twins. Martin asks why Jason was there, and Franco says Jason wanted help with him remembering something. Martin asks if he wanted Franco’s help or Drew’s help, and Franco says, his; Drew’s. Martin says, interesting

Scotty tells Elizabeth that he’s feeling good about their chances. She asks if it’s because of what Julian said, and he says he thinks Julian might have just handed them a win.

Finn races to the hospital. He sees Hayden, but says he can’t talk. He has a very sick patient. Hayden says his patient is her daughter.

Tomorrow, Carly says she’s never been more prepared to face the unknown. Elizabeth tells Kim that she wishes there were another way, and Martin tells the court that Franco Baldwin no longer exists.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Kelly and Braunwyn ride electric bikes. Riding bikes is Kelly and Jolie’s jam, and Kelly is thinking of getting a bike for Brian, now that he’s part of the family. It’s her and Jolie’s fun as a family. She and Braunwyn ride on a tandem bike, with Braunwyn in the back. In her interview, Kelly says she knows they have assistance, but you still have to pedal a little bit. They turn a corner, Braunwyn screams, and a car horn blares. In Kelly’s interview, she says she wants to get Brian a bike for his birthday, but didn’t know she’d almost die in the process. If that doesn’t show love and commitment, what does? They go into the bike store, and Kelly checks one out. Owner/founder Don tells her that it’s $12,000. How can you put a price on fun? Kelly says she can, and he says it’s really $4,400. Braunwyn tells Kelly about her sister coming in for fashion week, and Kelly says she’ll be there. Braunwyn is excited for Rowan. It’s an amazing opportunity that not many people get. If she can knock this out of the park, there’s no telling where she can go. In her interview, Kelly says she likes Braunwyn. She’s a ride or die kind of chick, like her. Kelly is loyal, and when people are loyal to her, they have a friend for life. She appreciates Braunwyn being the same way with her. Braunwyn screams some more on the way back.

Tamra and Ryan go to a laser specialist. Ryan is wearing an American flag shirt and hat, and Tamra finds it comical. She asks when he became so patriotic, and Ryan says, America is always in style. In her interview, Tamra says she never liked Trump as a person, and doesn’t like a lot of the things he does, but she can’t judge her son by his love of Trump. She asks why Ryan got the tattoo he’s having removed; a dollar sign behind his ear. Ryan doesn’t know; money on his mind? He was going through a phase. The older he gets, he wants them covered. In Tamra’s interview, she says she told him this day would come, and he would regret some of the tattoos. She doesn’t know why kids can’t listen to their mothers. The doctor does a laser treatment that doesn’t take much time. Tamra asks if Ryan is okay, and he says his life is up and down. In his interview, Ryan says he never got the building blocks for life. No one set him up for the future. Tamra says she doesn’t want him to end up like she did. It took her a long time to deal with her feelings. In Tamra’s interview, she says she thinks Ryan wanting to remove the tattoos is a sign of growth, but he needs help. She tells him that he has to put himself out there a little, and he says when he’s ready, he will.

Gina thinks it’s time for a change, and stylist Andrea works on Gina’s hair. Andrea says it’s a new phase, and Gina will be ready for Dr. Hottie. Gina tells Andrea that he slid into her DMs. In Gina’s interview, she says it makes her laugh. She’s horrified that she responded, but she’s had a rough year. She needs a date. She tells Andrea that dating is against the rules when you’re married. Someone should have told Matt. In her interview, she says Dr. Hottie is a brain surgeon. He’s smart, witty, and not Matt. He’s good for her right now. Andrea asks if she’s telling Matt, but Gina says he doesn’t know. He’ll be upset, since he wants to get back together. In Gina’s interview, she says she suggested he see a therapist. She’s stuck her toe into the dating world, and wants to explore more. When Andrea finishes, Gina is platinum blonde with very straight hair. I’m not loving it, but she thinks it’s pretty, and that’s what matters.

At Braunwyn’s house, champagne is popped open. In her interview, Braunwyn says, the family supports each other’s highs and lows, and it’s a high today. She’s glad everyone is there. Rowan has been working hard for years on her fashion line, and it’s a big deal. She thanks everyone for flying in from all over the country. She toasts to the coolest effing family ever.

Shannon has her hair and makeup done at home. She thinks Adeline should practice walking; she’s never walked in anything before. She tells the makeup guy that Adeline used to put on her heels when she was still in diapers, and he says, she was made for this. Shannon tells Adeline, more hips. In Shannon’s interview, she says if her kids want to accomplish something, she’s going to help them. Her mother wasn’t hard on her, so she was hard on herself. She was a self-starter, and wants the same for her own children.

Braunwyn gets ready for the fashion show. In her interview, she says she loves fashion. Some of her clothes are cutting edge, but she dresses for herself. Tonight, her look is like a high end big bird. I’d say more Swan Lake. Her skirt is made of white feathers, and the top of the dress is sheer with pearls in strategic places, as well as scattered in a random pattern. In her interview, Braunwyn says she had no clue how depressed Rowan was. OCD manifests in different ways. Dancing put Rowan’s body under a microscope, and she’s either all in or out, so she decided not to eat. She tells Sean that she’d never been so afraid. Sean says when the kids are doing well, he puts more pressure on them. Life is full of ups and failures. Rowan comes in, and Braunwyn says they were talking about how far she’s come. She asks what the hardest part was, and Rowan says losing the part of herself that took so long to come back. Sean says, it’s a big deal. Rowan is dressed in black, and says she and Braunwyn look like an angel and devil. In his interview, Sean thinks this epitomizes their daughter’s success emotionally.

Shannon wants Adeline to practice her runway walk before the show. Rowan is excited, but nervous, and Braunwyn says she’s going to be taking five zillion photos. The look at the pieces in Rowan’s collection, and Braunwyn says they’re mommy approved. Shannon sits with Sophie, and they watch Adeline practice walk. Sophie says, she’s so good, but Shannon isn’t happy, and tells her, get it down. She barks orders at Adeline, telling her to stop smiling, and pop her hip. In Sophie’s interview, she says she thinks Adeline is killing it, and if her mother doesn’t shut her mouth, Sophie is going to shut it for her. Shannon tells Adeline, too fast, and Adeline tells her to stop screaming at her. Shannon says she’s Adeline’s momager, and Adeline needs more pop. Adeline goofs around, making exaggerated moves.

Everyone starts arriving, and it gets crowded pretty fast. Eddie asks Braunwyn if she and Tamra made out. Braunwyn asks him to define making out, and he asks if there was tongue. We flash back to that, and Braunwyn makes a sign indicating a little. I’d hate to see what she considers big. Eddie asks if he can watch, and she says, anytime. Sean explains how the show works, and that they’ll be going to different levels. Dr. Deb asks if Rowan is nervous, and he says, Rowan is so excited, she’s on a high. He’s more nervous than she is. Braunwyn says, Adeline is the youngest model, and Rowan is the youngest designer. Gina shows up, and Braunwyn says she didn’t recognize her. Gina tells Kelly that she needed a change. In her interview, Kelly says, when you’re going through a divorce, ladies, don’t change your hair. Because of low self-esteem, you try to make yourself feel better, and end up making yourself look ugly. Case in point – Gina. I guess I’m not the only one who’s not a fan of Gina’s new ‘do. I’m really not liking her whole look. Dr. Deb suggests Adderall, and Gina says she’ll take anything Deb’s got.

President of OC fashion week, Kathy, gives instructions to everyone. Braunwyn shows the others the row reserved for them. Gina tells Emily that Matt now claims to be heartbroken, and is calling her selfish because she doesn’t want to try again. Emily says she understands as a mother, but if it happens, it should be something that happens down the road. In Emily’s interview, she says, Matt is messing with Gina’s emotions. Emily doesn’t want her to get in a place where she’s not happy and healthy. She tells Gina that Matt was involved with someone else for a long time. It’s not like he met her a couple of weeks ago. Gina says he wants to sweep it under the rug, like everything else.

The show is starting, and everyone moves upstairs for the finale walk. Co-host Crystal tells Braunwyn they can be seated early. Deb needs to use the bathroom, and a security guy grabs her arm, and asks where she’s going. She tells him not to touch her, and the dude argues with her. She tells him, don’t grab her, and don’t disrespect his elders. I’m surprised he didn’t think she was Betsey Johnson. It’s a fashion show for God’s sake. He continues to be stupid, and Kelly’s business partner, Zack, intervenes. Deb tells Kathy what’s going on, and these people must have taken idiot pills because Kathy gets snarky with her. She says, they don’t know who you are, sweetheart. Deb tells Kathy, don’t call her sweetheart. In her interview, Deb says what Kathy meant was bitch. Deb tells Braunwyn about the dude grabbing her on her way to the bathroom, and says then Kathy came after her. Braunwyn asks if Kathy apologized, but Deb says, no, and Braunwyn stomps off to find Kathy. She tells Kathy to apologize, saying, if she doesn’t, it’s going to be a bad night. Kathy tells her to have Deb talk to her, and then she’ll apologize. Braunwyn says, don’t screw up her daughter’s night by attacking her mother. Kathy thinks they don’t have clear communication, and that’s how mistakes get made. She starts getting loud, saying they need to know in advance who’s there. She gets so loud, her voice starts getting squeaky. Kelly comes over and asks why there’s yelling. Kathy says she can be as loud as she wants to. Kelly says Kathy is working, and to be professional. Kathy talks into the mic, saying that she’s working, and can be as loud as she wants, then shoves the mic into Kelly and Braunwyn’s faces. I don’t even know what to think. Is this woman high? Kelly calls her a psycho and a dumbass. Kathy says, defamation, and bumps Kelly’s mouth when putting the mic back in her face. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she thought it was some kind of misunderstanding. She had no idea this woman would go off the rails. She tells Sean that if she had her way, she’d be in jail, because she’d throw Kathy off the boat. Kelly says Kathy hit her in the face with the mic. Her kneejerk reaction was to slap the sh*t out of her, but there are children around. Kathy says, bitch, as she walks past Kelly, and Kelly says Kathy hit her in the face. Kathy wanders around, talking into the mic, saying she’s sick and tired of things not being true. Braunwyn says, this is why they can’t have nice things. Continuing to speak into the mic, Kathy says starts yapping about one of the designers working against bullying. She says if anyone has ever been abused, they can put hashtag anti-bully on their Instagram feed. Kelly says, hashtag assault, and Kathy says, some people laugh, and make a mockery of it. If anyone has been a witness to verbal abuse, put hashtag anti-bully. Co-host Crystal grabs a mic, and asks if they shouldn’t get to the collection. Everyone applauds, and the first line come out. She introduces Rowan’s line, and everyone cheers. The models walk, and Rowan looks thrilled. The only thing I can figure is, this is a two-bit operation run by wannabes. Not to minimize Rowan’s success, but who ever heard of OC fashion week anyway? It’s a testament to Kelly that she didn’t cause a commotion. She had every right to. There could have possibly been a touch of jealousy on Kathy’s part too, since Braunwyn and family all look fabulous, and she… well, not even close.

Adeline comes out next, and Sophie says she’s going to cry. In Shannon’s interview, she says, watching Adeline walk, stop, and own it, it’s like seeing a different child. Proud doesn’t even describe how she feels. Adeline nailed it. Bam! They walk out together. In her interview, Rowan says it’s the proudest moment of her entire life. Braunwyn says Rowan put her mind to it, and did it. She got lots of congratulations after such a great job. Emily says she gives credit to a sixteen-year-old who not only has a vision, but executes it.

Braunwyn and family get in their limo. Braunwyn tells them about Kathy wanting to fight, and says she tried to kick them off the boat. Rowan is shocked, and Braunwyn says, you don’t mess with her kids. That’s the only thing, and it’s her trigger. Don’t f**k with her family. She repeats that several times. In her interview, she says she didn’t have that kind of protection growing up. There was no one who came to her rescue. She tells them she’s glad she has them all, and says, team Wyndham-Burke!

Emily meets Braunwyn for horseback riding. She tells Braunwyn that she’s been around horses her whole life. Her mother owned a breeding business, and riding as a calming effect. She wants to get back into it. They saunter down a path through the woods, with trainer Brenda in the lead. Emily thinks Annabelle would like riding and they could bond. Braunwyn says it was dance for her and Rowan. Whatever dreams her children have, she supports them. She didn’t have that  as a kid. Emily says she didn’t either. She likes that Annabelle is close to Shane. In her interview, Emily says, not having a dad in her life, made her achieve things, so she didn’t have to depend on a man. Braunwyn says they both picked amazing fathers, and Emily says she’s proud of herself. Braunwyn can’t imagine a father figure. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says her father was a bigwig surfer in Hawaii, and a functional alcoholic. Her mom was angry, and made it harder for him to be in her life. As she got older, she realized it’s not okay. Emily says she had a dad, and knew who he was, but her parents divorced when she was six. They talked every six months or so, but there was no father/daughter connection, and she  grew up angry. She knows she has anger issues and she’s reactive. She always goes to anger. Braunwyn says her issues are more about abandonment, and doesn’t let people get too close. It took fifteen years for her to let Sean love her, but she knew when she met him that he’d be an amazing dad. Emily says she gave her kids a dad who adores them and is there for them. In her interview, she says, is Shane a good husband? Sometimes. But she puts the needs of her children before her own needs, and she’s okay with that.

Gina uses a curling iron on her hair, while she FaceTimes with Tamra. She says she’s doing all this for therapy with her ex. In Gina’s interview, she says she and Matt are going to therapy for co-parenting. They have a lot of issues, and it’s better to discuss them in a safe environment, so they don’t fight and work it out. She tells Tamra that she wants to look super-hot, but not too hot. She doesn’t want to invite that in. Matt texted her a million times, and then she got snarky and blocked him. Then he called 12,000 times from another number. When she didn’t pick up, he came to the house. Tamra says, unannounced? and Gina says, at 1 am. Tamra says, she didn’t answer, did she? and Gina says she hadn’t locked the door. She was on the phone with Dr. Hottie, and Matt came upstairs. She didn’t know he was in the house, and it was scary. In Tamra’s interview, she says, it’s beyond comprehendible. Gina tells her that Matt said he’s looking for a job in OC. Tamra asks if Matt gets his sh*t together, would Gina attempt to try again? and Gina says she’s not there at all, but doesn’t want regrets because of her kids. Tamra says it will screw with her head. Gina thinks they’ll find out that they’re not supposed to be together, but in an amicable way. Tamra says the ball is in Gina’s court, and Gina says that makes her stressed. Tamra says Gina didn’t do this, Matt did. In Gina’s interview, she says it’s alarming that Matt walked in, but to be honest, it feels good that he cares about her. Her heart wants it, but her brain says don’t fall for the romance novel situation. She thinks she’ll ultimately regret it if she doesn’t follow her heart, even if it’s not the smartest move.

Ryan and Tamra meet for coffee. She asks what he’s been doing, and he says, a whole lot of nothing. In Tamra’s interview, she says she’s worried about Ryan, and wants him to know she’s there. She asks if he’s dating anyone, but he says he’s been secluding himself. He doesn’t want to do anything, and doesn’t find interest in anything. He has zero feeling. Tamra asks what he thinks will make him happy. He says he’s not playing the victim role, but some people had better opportunities to springboard off of. Growing up, his priorities were different because of the situation. Tamra asks if he means Simon. He says when other people were wondering which college to go to, he just wanted out of there. In his interview, he says he was a trial run. No one prepped him for life as an adult. At age eighteen, that was it. We flash back to the Simon days, and Simon telling Ryan those are the rules, and the rules are based on his past. Ryan tells us that they made their mistakes with him, and everyone else got the good stuff. Tamra asks if he got her email, and he says he didn’t read it yet. She says she sent him info about Dr. Machala. If it makes him more comfortable, they can call her a life coach. Ryan says he’s not unhappy, just in a funk. She says it’s hard to see him like this. In her interview, Tamra says, this is really serious, and she’s scared for him. She’s afraid something bad will happen, and this is her last ditch effort to get him to see a professional therapist. She tells Ryan that he’s treading water, and barely staying afloat. It’s no way of life. He says he’s down to talk. Maybe she’ll open his eyes to something he’s not seeing. She tells him to just be as honest as he can, and he says he’s always honest.

Next time, Gina hooks up with someone, Vicki has a tea party, and Gina tells Braunwyn that it’s not about her.

If you haven’t seen it yet, new Bravo series, In a Man’s World, is excellent. Each week, a woman is made up as a man, and sets out to prove gender bias in a different situation. And when I say they’re made up, I mean by professionals, and they’re also coached on movement and voice. There’s no way you’d know it was the same person. So far, they’ve presented Le’Dor, running for city council; Sabrina, who wants to preach from a pulpit; and Shital, who’s Indian culture has caused her own father to treat her like a second class citizen. In Le’Dor’s case, being a mom seemed to work against her, but as a man, having a family was a plus. With Sabrina, it took longer for a congregation to warm up to her as a woman, but she got a better result from the collection basket at the end, which she attributed to her anointing. Shital compared her own birthday dinner, where her father pretty much ignored her, to a dinner where Raj was a guest of her sister (who was in on it), and her father was very interested in talking to him. Her situation made me sad, but in the end, she and her father had a better relationship. I didn’t expect to like this show as much as I did, and can’t wait to see who’s next.

😁 Braunwyn Makes Friends…

And just in time for Halloween.


🎹 My Singing Valentin…

James Patrick Stuart proves he’s more than just a pretty villain.


🎭 Shah Drama…

Reza and Mike bump heads once again.


👗 Project Runway will be starting its new season on Thursday, December 5th at 9:30 pm.

💀 They Never Get Old…

Both literally and figuratively.







October 7, 2019 – Making a Connection, a New Deck In Thailand, Valor’s Newbies, GG Has Good News, Mario Pushes Jill & Cohen Fire


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Great start to the week already, I miss a minute or two of the beginning. The bizarre thing is, I started off with extra time this morning. Such is life. Moving on.

Peter says, they’re all set. All they need now is the bride. Valentin wonders what the delay is, and Maxie tells him, it’s the bride’s prerogative to keep her groom waiting.

Outside, Obrecht wants to take one more picture, but Nina says, there will be plenty of time for that later. Lulu says she needs to speak to Nina. It’s important. Nina asks what’s more important than the happiest day of her life?

Obrecht is sure whatever Lulu has to say can wait until after the ceremony. Lulu says, it can’t. Nina says it’s her wedding day. She’s getting ready to walk down the aisle. Lulu says they have to talk right now; privately. Nina says, it’s never ending with her, and Lulu asks what that’s supposed to mean. Nina says she knows what it means. Michael arrives, and says Sasha looks incredible, and so does Nina. Nina thanks him, and he says he’ll see Sasha inside. Maxie comes out with two bouquets, giving them to Nina and Sasha. She says, Valentin is getting antsy. Let’s do this, people. Ready? Lulu says she has to tell Nina something that can’t wait.

Josslyn tells Jax that she didn’t know at the time, but Dev helped Sonny rescue Dante in Turkey, and ended up saving Sonny’s life. When Dev was on his own, he didn’t feel safe. Jax asks, from what? and Josslyn says, the people after him; she’s not sure exactly. Dev made it to the U.S., hoping Sonny could help him out. He came there first, but Sonny wasn’t home, so he went to Dante’s. That’s how she ended up at the police station. Jax says, what? and she says she wasn’t under arrest. Jax says he would hate that, and hate to be the last person to know. She says she went in Lulu’s house, and thought Dev was a burglar. He kept telling her that he knew Sonny, but it didn’t make sense. By then the police were there, but she called Sonny, and it was straightened out. The next day, Dev was there. Jax says, strange for her, and Josslyn says, it was pretty random, but he seemed nice enough. Sonny wanted to find a way to protect Dev. It wasn’t safe to send him back, so he made Dev part of the family. Jax says, his life was on the line, and she says, no one shared the details, but that’s the impression she got. He says it sounds like she didn’t get a choice.

Sam says, just because he wasn’t dressed for it, doesn’t mean Peter wasn’t headed to the gym. Jason says, there are no gyms by the pier. Sam asks if Dev is sure Peter didn’t say where he was headed. Dev says he was in a hurry, and not really paying attention, and she asks, what about at the hospital? Did Peter seem anxious? Dev says he was more focused on the police finding Shiloh. Jason thanks Dev, who asks if they think Carly is up for a visit. Sam says Sonny is in with her; maybe tomorrow. Dev ask them to give Carly his best. He leaves, and Sam says, Peter was definitely working with Shiloh. That had to be it. Jason says now they have to figure out how.

Sonny tells Carly, she needs to sleep. Carly knows, but she can’t stop thinking about how differently things could have gone. Sonny asks if they did, and she says, no. He says, Donna had an addressable, correctable condition, and they have amazing resources at their disposal. She says, so many don’t have them, especially the support of family. Sonny says their daughter will live a normal life, and Carly says, screw normal. She wants Donna to live a spectacular life. She tells him to say it again, and he says, what? She says, their daughter. He kisses her, and leaves.

Lulu asks Nina if there’s somewhere they can talk, and Nina says, the reception, or her office after the honeymoon. Maxie says, it’s not the time, but Lulu says if she doesn’t, it will be too late. Nina can’t believe this, and Maxie pulls Lulu aside, and tells her that she gets Lulu doesn’t like Nina with Valentin. She doesn’t either, but whatever Lulu is about to do, don’t. Lulu says Maxie doesn’t understand, but Maxie says she does. It’s hard to watch Valentin get his happily ever after, but don’t ruin it for Nina just because she doesn’t like him. Charlotte runs out, and says, the music started, and Sasha says, she’s on. Obrecht says unless Charlotte’s mother has other ideas. Charlotte asks, what’s wrong?

Lulu says they’ll talk later, and Nina says she can’t wait. She tells Charlotte, good luck, and asks Maxie if she has any idea what that was about. Maxie says she doesn’t, and doesn’t want Nina worrying about it. Not today. She tells Nina, break a leg, and goes into the church.

Lulu sits next to Dustin, and says she couldn’t do it. Charlotte was so excited and hopeful. Peter tells Valentin, it’s show time. Dustin puts his arm around Lulu, and everyone sits. Charlotte comes down the aisle, tossing rose petals, and Valentin blows her a kiss. Sasha follows, and nods to Michael. Here Comes the Bride begins to play, and everyone gets up. Obrecht walks Nina down the aisle.

Josslyn tells Jax, it’s not like that. She told them that she wanted to help. He says he knows, and she says, no one pressured or forced her; just the opposite. Her mom went overboard, asking her if it was okay. She hated that Josslyn was lying to him.  He’s glad her mom is looking out for her – and him. It’s an untenable situation, and needs to be fixed. She says, if the only fix is sending Dev away, it’s not the fix she wants.

Carly wakes up, calling out for Donna. Bobbie tells her, it’s okay. Carly says she thought the baby was crying. Is Bobbie sure she’s fine? She asks Bobbie to check on the baby, and Bobbie says she’ll be right back.

Jason and Sam goes to Spinelli’s hotel room. He apologizes that there are no snacks in the mini-bar, and Jason can’t believe he blew through it already. Sam says they didn’t come to eat, and Spinelli says he hasn’t received authorization yet from the court to check the recording out. Jason says, while their anxious to prove it’s a fake… Sam finishes, that’s not why they’re here. Spinelli asks if Carly brought forth another Corinthos, and Sam says, a baby girl – Donna. Spinelli says, Italian for great, noble lady. It’s fitting. Sam says, everyone is great, but that’s still not why they’re here. Spinelli is intrigued, and Sam says they think Peter has a connection to Shiloh. They need Spinelli’s help to narrow it down. Spinelli says, done.

Maxie tells Lulu, good call. She’s never seen Nina so happy. They go inside, and the minister says they’re here today to witness and bless this marriage. Marriage is a sacred trust, not to be entered into lightly, but reverently, deliberately, and honestly. He asks who gives Nina to Valentin, and Obrecht says, she gives herself, but on behalf of the family, she gives their blessing. She kisses Nina on the cheek, and sits. Valentin tells Nina that he loves her, and she says she loves him too.

Jax understands Josslyn’s impulse to help, and he’s proud that she wants to, but Sonny set this in motion. It seemed like a good idea, and she went along with it, but she’s just a kid, and her mom is married to… Sonny. Josslyn says, so? He says he’s looking at this from a closed perspective, and not looking at avenues other than his own. As her father, it’s his job to look out for her. Josslyn asks what he’s going to do, but he doesn’t know yet. She says, Dev is a good guy, and desperate to stay in the country. He’s not arguing with her compassion, but Dev isn’t his priority. He has to figure out what’s best for her. Sonny comes in, and Josslyn asks how Carly and the baby are. Sonny says, great, and the cutest. Josslyn can’t wait until the baby is older, and Sonny says, it’ll be a while, but worth the wait. Jax asks if Sonny has a minute to talk, and Josslyn says she has to meet up with someone. She’ll text if she won’t be home for dinner. When she’s gone, Jax calls Sonny a son of a bitch, and says he hasn’t changed at all, has he?

Carly asks Bobbie if Donna is okay, and Bobbie says, if by okay, she means perfect, then Donna is okay. She had a great feeding, a good burp, and is currently passed out. Carly can’t wait to hold her again, and Bobbie ask when that will be. Carly says, tomorrow. It feels like a long  bumpy road is finally starting to smooth out. Bobbie asks why Carly didn’t tell her what she was dealing with.

Jason tells Spinelli that Shiloh called him out of the blue, offering him information. Spinelli says, and he dangled Peter in front of Jason. Sam says they think there’s more to it, and Spinelli says, he didn’t think anything of it at the time, but he overheard Peter on the phone at Crimson the day Shiloh was being transferred. Sam says, the same day Shiloh escaped.  She asks who Peter was talking to, and Spinelli tells her, Peter said it was a colleague, currently working on the magazine. He insisted they’d better be finished by the end of the trial, and to keep him posted. Sam wonders what was to be finished, and Jason wonders who Peter was talking to.

The minister tells everyone that Nina and Valentin wrote their own vows; less work for him. Valentin says, ladies first. Nina says it’s no secret they’ve been there before. it didn’t end well, and she thought that was it. She’d never find the faith to trust, or the courage to let herself love again. She found those things in an unexpected place. The husband who broke her heart, rebuilt it to be stronger. He blessed her a million times with her beautiful stepdaughter, Charlotte, and added to that joy with her beautiful daughter, Sasha. She can’t express how much it meant. It’s forever changed her life in the best possible way. She was broken before, and he healed her. She didn’t think she could love him anymore, then realized she couldn’t love him any more. She loves him forevermore. He tears up, and thinks he should have gone first. He doesn’t know how to follow that. She may not have been his wife, but he’s always been married to her. She is always, has always, and always will be, the love of his life. He thanks her, and thanks whatever forces brought her to him. They’ll never be apart. They belong together. Two crazy peas in a pod. He’s grateful to whatever forces led him to her. Lulu flashes back to Valentin telling her, they need to stay calm and communicate as adults. There are some things she doesn’t know. She says she knows he’s a liar and murderer. Why would she believe him? Valentin thanks Nina for putting faith in him that he didn’t deserve. He thanks her for believing in him when she shouldn’t have, and thanks her for second chances. He promises her that he won’t waste it, just as he promises to love, honor, and cherish her, as long as he draws breath. The minister says, for formality’s sake, if anyone knows a reason why this couple shouldn’t be married, speak now or forever hold your peace Which, btw, they only say at fictitious weddings. Lulu says she has something to say. Valentin looks pissed.  I’m thinking I don’t believe what she said to Dustin that revenge has noting to do with it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I’d leave everyone have their happiness here.

During the break, there’s a commercial for a DNA kit, which is kind of funny, considering.

Sonny says Josslyn told Jax about Dev, and Jax says, yeah. Sonny says, here’s the deal. Jax can be mad at him all he wants, but don’t take it out on Dev. Jax says he’s not taking it out on Dev; he’s protecting Josslyn. Sonny asks, from what? and Jax says, whoever Dev is running from.

Josslyn waits at the café. Dev comes in, and she thanks him for meeting her. Dev asks if everything is okay, and Josslyn says baby Donna and her mom are fine. He says she had him worried. He’s guessing he should still be worried. She says her dad knows the truth about him, and Dev asks how he found out. She says she told him.

Carly tells Bobbie, it’s not about trust. Bobbie had so much going on with her diagnosis. Diabetes is a lot; all day, every day. She thought Bobbie had so much on her plate already. Bobbie says when it comes to her kids, she can always take more. Capiche? Carly says, capiche.

Sam doesn’t understand why Peter would be monitoring Shiloh’s trial. Spinelli says Peter tried to spin it, saying it was because he was a publisher, but Sam says, that’s what reporters do. Spinelli says he doesn’t trust Peter far as he can throw him. Sam says, he’s sleazy, and Spinelli says, that’s the word. Along with deceptive. Sam says, inauthentic, nauseating…  Spinelli says Peter should be imprisoned, like he did Jason. Jason says they have nothing on him yet. What about the colleague Spinelli mentioned? Spinelli says Peter called from a burner phone, and Sam says Peter will just say he’s calling an anonymous source for The Invader. Jason wonders about the surveillance cameras where the phone was purchased, and Spinelli says he’ll look into it, but right now, they should look into the world’s biggest motivator, and follow the money.

Lulu says she’s sorry to interrupt, but needs to speak to Nina alone. It’s not something that can wait. Charlotte asks what she’s doing, and Lulu says what she needs to say is really important. Michael gets up, and suggests he take Lulu outside for some air. Lulu says she doesn’t need air; she need to talk to Nina. Nina tells Valentin that she’s about to lose her mind, and Valentin asks Lulu to please leave. She says she’s not leaving until Nina hears the truth.

Jax says, it’s vintage Sonny. Hiding behind innocents who love him. He uses those who love him as a shield, like he did Robin and Brenda. He continues to use Carly. Jax has watched for years, as Sonny hid behind them, but he’s not letting Sonny put Josslyn’s life in danger. Sonny says he can’t send Dev back to a country where there’s a bounty on his head. Jax says Sonny invited Dev into his daughter’s home, and Sonny says, where nobody can find him. Jax says, what if it goes wrong, and Josslyn gets caught in the crossfire? He can’t live with that, and wants Dev out. Sonny asks if he’s threatening to take Josslyn, and Jax says what he wants to do is protect Josslyn and Carly.

Josslyn tells Dev, her father asked, and she couldn’t lie anymore. Dev says he totally gets why she told the truth. How did he take it? She says, he wasn’t thrilled, especially since it’s illegal. He wants her safe. She tried to convince him to leave things the way they are. He’s not going to turn Dev into ICE, or have him deported or arrested. He’s just worried about her and her mom, and when her dad is worried, he usually does something. She just doesn’t know what the something is going to be.

Carly says she’s still scared, and Bobbie says, there’s nothing worse than fearing for the well-being of your child. Carly says, what if she’s not enough for Donna, and the challenges she’s facing? How will she help Donna get through them? Bobbie says it’s no secret they haven’t always agreed on Carly’s choices, but there’s no stronger or more committed and loving mother than she is. Donna’s condition is correctable, and she’ll be okay. Carly says she’s grateful. Bobbie says, no matter what, she’ll always be the support and help Carly needs. Carly says she loves Bobbie so much, and Bobbie says, back atcha. Always and forever.

Spinelli tells Sam and Jason, success! He’s accessed Peter’s bank account records – for research purposes only. Sam says she sees a lot of zeros. Peter withdrew $35K in cash the same day Shiloh took her hostage on the Haunted Star. Jason says, Shiloh could have used Peter’s help to get away, and Sam adds, he could have facilitated Shiloh’s escape, Spinelli says he wants it to be true. And not just because Peter should get what’s coming to him. Sam says, it will break Maxie’s heart. Spinelli says Maxie was planning on making Peter part of his daughters life. He’s been playing along, because Maxie will say it’s just a grudge, but it’s more than that. Peter is vindictive, deceitful, and evil. Jason says they need to prove he’s guilty, and Spinelli says, then prove it they shall.

Valentin says no one has any interest in anything Lulu has to say. She says she’s not going anywhere, and Nina asks the reverend to take Charlotte to the playroom downstairs. Charlotte doesn’t want to go, but Nina explains it’s an adult conversation. She’ll get Charlotte as soon as they’re done. Valentin says something to Charlotte in French, and she goes with the minister. Nina says Lulu is being s spiteful little bitch. Maxie gets between Lulu and Nina, and Lulu says she doesn’t care what Nina thinks. Nina says Lulu doesn’t care about anyone but herself. It makes sense given their history, that Lulu would ruin this day. At least she’s consistent. Lulu says she has to tell Nina that Sasha isn’t really her daughter.

Bobbie says she brought Carly something. Technically, it’s for Donna. She hands Carly a gift bag, and Carly looks inside. She takes something out, and says, BJ’s music box. Bobbie says, now it belongs to BJ’s little niece. Carly asks if Bobbie is sure she wants to give it away, and Bobbie says, BJ would want Donna to have it. Carly says, it’s perfect, and thanks her. Bobbie says, let her dance, and Carly opens the box. Music plays while the ballerina twirls.

Josslyn says she wishes she could tell Dev nothing is going to change, but she knows her dad. Dev thinks it’s cool. She says, which part? and he says, her and her father. It’s an honest relationship, and he acts on her behalf. Even if they don’t agree, they still respect each other. Josslyn says Dev has that too; someone looking out for him – Sonny.

Jax says the only reason he doesn’t take Josslyn out of there now, is that Carly just gave birth to a baby with special needs. She has enough stress; they don’t need to pile it on. Sonny says he and Carly are on the same page, but Jax says he saw the look on Carly’s face. She wasn’t happy. She wanted to send Dev to boarding school. Sonny just doesn’t care, does he? He wanted to ram this new family member down everyone’s throats, play the big hero, and feel good about himself. He always knew Sonny was selfish, but Sonny just took it to a whole new level. Sonny claims he loves them, but Jax actually does. He will protect Carly and Josslyn, no matter what. Sonny asks what Jax means, and Jax says he’s late for a wedding, and jets. Sonny wonders what to do about Dev.

Spinelli wonders if Maxie should get a heads up, but Jason says they’re just operating on a hunch. Sam says they’re not close to their objective. Until they know what the connection is, they’re going to sit tight. It’s going to blow some people’s worlds apart. Jason says that’s why they need to know the truth. Spinelli hates that Maxie is getting in deeper.

Nina asks, what did Lulu say? Lulu repeats that Sasha isn’t her daughter. She’s sorry. Nina asks if Lulu has to ruin everything, and Lulu says she overheard Sasha and Obrecht talking at the bachelorette party. She’s sure Valentin is in on the whole thing. Nina says it’s turning out to be a party; is it a conspiracy? Maxie says there were three DNA tests, and Lulu says she’s just repeating what she heard. Nina says she heard wrong. Nina looks at Sasha and says, tell Lulu that she’s her daughter.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Curtis that someone is pulling the strings. Ryan tells Ava that she needs him as much as he needs her, and Nina says one word from Sasha can end this once and for all.

Below Deck

Kate is excited to be in Thailand. It’s been on her bucket list for years. She’s hoping it goes better than last year. Captain Lee says, the scenery is impressive. Ashton says this time, he’s in a position to lead, but he still wants to have a lot of fun. New chef Kevin says he’s made waitresses cry, but thinks that’s behind him now.  New stew Simone says her friends would describe her as the life of the party, and other new stew Courtney says she likes yachting, but not working. She’d rather sip champagne on the beach, but she has to make money. New deckhand Brian is from South Africa. He grew up a wild child, and works hard, but what’s life without a bit of fun? Other new deckhand Abbi says she’s always been one of the boys, and loves to prove people wrong about her. Third new deckhand Tanner’s motto is GVO – good vibes only. Kate says she thinks it’s possible for them to be one big happy family, but it never lasts long.

Phuket, Thailand. I will refrain from jokes. Kate tells us that Thailand is unlike any other place. It’s beautiful, the massages are great, and she loves pad Thai. Captain Lee complains about the charts having no depth indications on them. He asks Kate if she’s ready, and shows her what she has to work with, noting there’s a new chef. She looks their sheets over, and he says, Ashton is coming back as bosun. Kate says, he’s earned it. He tells her the Valor hasn’t changed much. She’s a cocky old broad.

Everyone arrives. Simone and Courtney meet Ashton, and Ashton goes to the bridge to say hi to the captain. Captain Lee says Ashton’s got both feet. Ashton says he’s healthy and strong, and excited to be bosun. In his interview, Ashton says he has 100% more pressure this season. He had to manage himself last season, and that in itself was a challenge. The captain shows him the deckhands’ sheets, and says he has some good talent. Ashton confirms guests are coming tomorrow, and the captain says they’ll try to keep him alive this year. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, last season, Ashton displayed the qualities of a bosun. He’s hoping Ashton steps up to the job, because babysitting ain’t  happening.

Kevin introduces himself to Kate, and she tells him that he’s bunking with Ashton. In her interview, she says if she had a dollar for every crazy yacht chef she’s worked with, she’d have her own yacht with a crazy yacht chef.  We flash back to the various crazy chefs over the seasons. She says, Kevin looks like Tom Cruise mixed with Hugh Grant. (I don’t see it, but okay.) She’s hoping he’ll break the crazy mold, but God has a wicked sense of humor. In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s worked for six years on super yachts, and cooked for some very important people. His standards are high, and he expects the others to match him if not better him.

In her interview, Abbi says, growing up, they didn’t have a lot of money. She moved to Greece on a whim, and her family thought she was crazy, since she had a full scholarship to law school. She had a gut feeling though, and her gut is her best friend. Ashton and Kate make small talk. Kate meets with the stews. She asks Courtney about her experience, which has been one season. Kate asks what her favorite part about being a stew is, and she says, meeting the guests. She’s uncomfortable with service, since she’s not used to servitude. In her interview, she says she was an only child, and she’s more used to being served. In business school she learned nothing, and possibly lost brain cells, in addition to having loans to pay back. Simone tells Kate that she needs guidance with housekeeping and laundry. Kate says it’s going to be super hectic, and they have to mentally prepare. In Kate’s interview, she says, in her experience, when she asks stews to do things, they start to think she’s picking on them. We flash back to Rocky and Lori. Kate says she’d love it if they could get along and get the job done. Since Simone has more experience, Kate makes her second stew. She shows them the galley and pantry, and introduces Kevin.

Abbi asks Brian if they get American TV in South Africa, and he says, it’s not like it’s animals running around everywhere. Ashton welcomes the deckhands, and asks for a quick chat. Brian is the most experienced, and is made lead deckhand. Ashton tells them he wants everyone to try and get along, and pull together for a good season. They’re given their bunks, and unpack. In Kate’s interview, she says they have a hot crew. Every one is hotter than the next. They’re so hot, Ashton is the least hot. Everyone learns where everything is. In Ashton’s interview, he says when he thinks of being a bosun, he wants to be someone who’s respected, but also approachable. Last season, Chandler didn’t make things easy. We flash back to the nightmare that was Chandler. Ashton’s goal is to communicate, and that they all be on the same page. The boat is cleaned, and Kevin preps the galley. In his interview, Tanner says he loves being a deckhand. He wishes he hadn’t gone to college, and just became a deckhand immediately.

The captain calls a staff meeting. He welcomes them aboard, and introduces first officer Tate and engineer Darrien, who we will never hear from again. He tells the crew the usual, don’t embarrass yourself or the boat. If he has to bail someone out of jail, they go straight to the airport. In her interview, Abbi thinks the captain is intimidating AF. Captain Lee tells them , safety is of the utmost importance. Last year, they had a near catastrophic incident. We flash back to Ashton’s accident. The captain can’t stress the radio enough, and tells them it’s time to make money and show the guests a good time. The provisions come in, and Kate tells them to prepare themselves for provision apocalypse. In Kate’s interview, she says the heat there is a silent killer. In two minutes, you’re drenched, and feel like you’re going to pass out. It’s effing hot on the boat. In Abbi’s interview, she says she’s a psycho perfectionist. Abbi asks if Brian is close with his parents, and he says his dad passed away. He has a five-year-old daughter in South Africa, who’s the love of his life. Her mother is the first girl he kissed, and they were together three years before it went south. In his interview, he says, having a daughter was a big reality check. He used to be a big drinker, and needed to change his ways. He’s been in the industry for three and a half years, and wants to be a role model for his daughter. If he messes up on the job, he lets his daughter down.

The captain calls Ashton, Kevin, and Kate for the preference sheet meeting. The primary is Michael Castellano an entrepreneur, who’s bringing girlfriend of six years, Samantha, and some close friends. He wants to have a private, surprise candlelit dinner with Samantha, and have a live violinist. The captain says they can’t screw that up. In Kate’s interview, she says, this is advanced level service. Two dinners with two stews who don’t like service, which makes it scarier. Captain Lee says, Thai tops the list of their favorite cuisines, and they want an island excursion as well. Courtney tells Simone that she’s the worst at laundry. In Simone’s interview, she says there are no people of color in the industry, and she wants to learn to be well-rounded. She’s worked hard to get there. Courtney gets frustrated with the wrinkles on something she’s trying to iron.

Kevin asks Kate if there’s a label maker, since he wants to label the spices. Kate loves the concept, and the label maker, but thinks it’s secondary in priorities, because there’s so much to do. In her interview, Kate says she’s easy going, and knows not to upset a chef, but they have guests coming tomorrow. She has a label for him – OCD.

Kate goes over wine list with the stews, and asks who’s comfortable making drinks. In her interview, Courtney says she knows what drinks are because she likes to drink. Kate gives Simone instructions about laundry. Ashton tells the deckhands, if something is obvious, fix it. Last minute tidying and finishing touches are done. Kevin prepares vegetable tacos for the guests to snack on. Kevin says he’s serving lunch family style, but Kate thinks it would look better on a plate. In her interview, she says, family style is a gimmick. It looks like a feast, but the chef doesn’t have to think about a plating composition, and she has to carry and wash more dishes. She asks the stews to get the pantry as clear as possible.

The guests arrive, and are greeted with the usual champagne, along with a lei from Kate. The captain says Kate will give them a tour, and they’ll get this party started. Kate does the tour, and the captain is right; the boat hasn’t changed much. The robo-toilet is still there, and working – for now. Ashton puts Abbi on the bow with himself, and Tanner and Brian on the stern. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s a new crew, and a new job. The captain has his eye on Ashton, and he can’t mess up. All lines are on deck, the all clear happens, and the captain pulls out. Tacos are served.

In Kevin’s interview, he wants to make a good effort for the first lunch. At the end of the day, it’s all down to the food. Everything needs to be perfect. The guests sit on the sun deck, and Courtney serves drinks. In Kate’s interview, she says, Courtney is good at service, and Simone is great at laundry. They’re so nice and respectful, it’s refreshing. Simone asks what time lunch is, and Kevin says, as soon as they’re ready for it. He’s waiting for Kate, who went to change. Michael wanders down, wondering if they can get a cheese plate. In Kevin’s interview, it’s the first lunch, and he’s embarrassed. He wonders where Kate it. Simone stands outside Kate’s room.

After standing there stupidly for a while, Simone finally knocks. Kate says to tell Kevin lunch is as soon as possible. In her interview, Kate says she’s trying to change, and feels like a mom who wants two minutes to go to the bathroom. She’ll be out in a second. Go play with your brother. The scenery is breathtaking, and the water a vivid green-blue. They drop anchor, and the guests are seated for lunch. Since they’re used to the food being plated, the stews forget to set out plates. In Kevin’s interview, he says, it’s service 101, and they haven’t even got a 1. In Kate’s interview, she says, usually, chefs plate the meals. Kate tells Kevin that the carrots got left behind in the confusion about the plates, and he says, it’s just the first meal, and they need to be positive not negative. I’m shocked when instead of smacking him, she says she is positive. She’s just relaying the facts. In his interview, he says he’s not letting her screw him up. If it’s not perfect, it’s just the first charter. The guests love it, and one says it’s the best lunch he’s had today. A guest asks if they need to wait an hour before going in the water, but another says they’re mom’s not there, so it’s okay. That was funnier than the best lunch joke.

In her interview, Abbi says she had a year’s experience on a sailboat. She’s comfortable with lines and driving a tender, but she’s not used to rushing; it’s wild. The water toys are put out, and the guests dive into the water, some of them taking out a kayak. There’s a blue mountain in the distance, and I realize I’m staring at it with my mouth open. It’s just so awesome. Kevin says he’s making a Thai dinner tonight. He worked in a Thai restaurant, and loves the flavors using the fresh, spicy, and salty ingredients. Ashton tells the deck crew to change into their blacks. Ashton has them bring the toys in. It’s 8 pm, and Ashton finds out they haven’t eaten.

Ashton tells Abbi to grab dinner. In his interview, he says he feels terrible that he didn’t give them a break. It’s part of the leadership role to manage that, and he’s already slipped up. It’s not okay. Kate tells Simone to turn down the master suite. Ashton tells the deckhands to let him know if they haven’t eaten. He needs them happy and motivated. In Ashton’s interview, he says he couldn’t ask for a better crew. If he’d gotten a green crew, he would have thrown himself off the boat, but he got lucky. The starter is tom yum soup, which I’ve never heard of, not being familiar with Thai food. The guests say it’s incredible, and it looks incredible. Kevin gets anal about the plates, and In Kate’s interview, she thinks the issue with Kevin is service. He’s particular, and he’s going to lose it soon. The main course is pork belly, with yellow curry and toasted rice. It looks just as good as the soup, and Samantha says, Kevin is a keeper. In her interview, Kate says, all yacht chefs are crazy or their food would be bad. Kevin just proved he can cook well.

The deckhands discuss the stews, and Tanner says Kate caught his eye. Good luck with that. In his interview, Tanner says the oldest woman he had was 58. They were playing darts, and one thing led to another. The next thing he knew, she was driving him to work the next morning. Samantha and Michael FaceTime with their dog Teddy, and it’s adorable. In Kate’s interview, she thinks they’re a beautiful couple, and the perfect example of a guy who has a lot of money and a very hot girl. Michael talks to Kevin about the private dinner, and says he’s going to propose. At the end of the dinner, he’s going to ask the important question. Kevin suggests filet mignon and lobster. Michael says he’s nervous, and Kate says, it will be amazing. Kevin suddenly isn’t feeling great; he’s getting stomach cramps. He goes to bed, and so do the guests. Courtney tells Kate that Tanner wants to bang her, and Kate says it’s flattering. In Kate’s interview, she thinks Tanner is the cutest thing ever – if she was in her twenties.

2nd Day of Charter. In his interview, Kevin says a stomach thing got him. He’s having massive cramps, but going to push through it. Brunch is served. Kevin runs to the toilet. In his interview, he says, this couple is going to remember this night for the rest of their lives, and he’s worried if he can get it all done. Kate says she’s sending Courtney to the beach. She’s going to be the cocktail waitress, and get drinks from the bar. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’d rather be anywhere on earth, including a garbage dump, than be at the beach in 90,000 degrees. Tanner goes along too. Kevin keeps running to the toilet, and asks Kate if they have any medicine. His stomach is churning . She goes to see what they have.

On the beach, Tanner and Courtney go to the beachside bar to get drinks for the guests. Courtney says it feels like she’s walking twenty miles on hot garbage. She whines about getting a polo tan, stepping on shells, and that she’d rather be doing anything else than this. In Tanner’s interview, he says he couldn’t date a girl like Courtney. He doesn’t know if she’s kidding, but he sees high maintenance. On the boat, Kate asks Captain Lee if they have a medical kit. He wonders if antacids would help, but Kate doesn’t know if they’d slow things down, or speed them up. In Kate’s interview, she says Kevin is about to cook the biggest meal in this couple’s lives, and she’s pretty sure he can’t do it from the toilet. In Kate’s interview, she says, something got into Kevin, and it wants out. Man down.

This season: Captain Lee says Thailand is unique and a sensory overload; cute elephants; disco; Ashton gets a request to strip; Captain Lee hopes it’s the last time he needs to have this conversation about the radio; Simone calls Kevin rude; Kate says choose wisely if you hook up with someone on a yacht; Abbi says waking up next to your boss is awkward;  Kate tells the deckhands, this is the most attractive crew she’s ever worked with; Ashton tells the captain, there’s a crew member who’s not bonding, and he’d like to go into the next two charters a man down; the tender gets stuck on shore; Captain Lee says if they don’t think he won’t fire someone mid-charter, they don’t know him; and Kate quits.

🚤 Sliding Into Season Seven Like…

Meet the new crew.


👶 Another Shah Baby…

And GG didn’t need a man to do it.


🍸 Just a Little Thirsty…

I think if Jill wants to be relevant, she’ll have to find something a little more current.


📖 G’mar Hatima Tova…

Have a meaningful fast.




















July 29, 2019 – Shiloh Crashes a Party, Two Time Winner Aboard, Returning Listings, Birthday Surprise, Sneezy, Lots Of Wives, Honeymoon Over, MJ Update, No Charm & New Month


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco and Drew have lunch in Drew’s office. Franco says, it’s a little out there, but a psychic at the reception told him that he may not be feeling himself soon. To make it weirder, Ava is trying to communicate with Kiki somehow, and he saw another psychic at the hospital. She told him, whatever you do don’t take that drive. He asks what Drew thinks.

Ava asks if Chelsea would like to sit. Chelsea says they can talk about the article in Crimson, but Ava says that’s another way Sibley failed her. She could have warned Ava that she was walking into a hatchet job. Chelsea doesn’t think it was a hatchet job. It was honest, and didn’t take a side. Ava told her story in her own words. Some readers approved, some didn’t. Such is pleasing the public. Ava says she wasn’t trying to please anyone. She did it to make amends with Kiki, hoping Kiki would maybe forgive her.

Willow goes to Charlie’s to find Julian. She says Michael mentioned that today is Wiley’s birthday, but he’s at work. Julian says he didn’t think he’d be invited. Willow says she’s the reason, and she’d like to change that.

At the hospital, Shiloh approaches Epiphany at the reception desk. He says he called about getting a copy of his medical records, and she asks if he filled out a request form online. He tells her, no, and she says he needs to fill one out in person then. She can’t release them without a request form. She gives him the paperwork. Bobbie comes by, and tells Epiphany that she got her shift covered. Epiphany tells her to have fun at Wiley’s birthday party. Bobbie says, Lucas already left for the MetroCourt, and she doesn’t want to keep the guest of honor waiting. Shiloh listens.

Carly says she’s glad Sasha could be there, and Sasha thinks her for being included. She asks if she can help, but Carly says, no. Just be patient with the family. She promises they mean well. Alexis arrives, followed by Brad and Lucas with Wiley. Brad says Wiley is ready to party, and so are they. Lucas says Wiley has made them the happiest guys on the planet.

Michael tells Nelle that he didn’t come there to talk about them; he came talk about their son. Nelle says that’s what she means. She called him for a different reason, but now it’s all about their son. She knows something he doesn’t about what really happened to Jonah.

Julian tells Willow that he’s tried to keep his distance. Willow says, at the time, she didn’t know he’d put his past aside. She’s seen how people can change. Her mother changed, and she changed when she left DOD. She’d like to clear the way for him to be part of Wiley’s life. She thinks Wiley needs a grandfather like him.

Epiphany tells Shiloh, his medical records are being prepared now. He asks if there’s any way to expedite that. He has somewhere to be. She says, it’s a hospital, not a fast food counter. Paperwork comes second to patient care. She suggests he take a seat.

Bobbie says it’s Wiley’s birthday and gotcha day; the day he was adopted. Carly tells Sasha that the days were so close, they decided to celebrate them together. Brad asks Lucas if everything is okay, and Lucas tells him that Willow has changed her mind about Julian seeing Wiley. Brad says it’s fine with him, but he supposes it’s up to Lucas. Carly introduces Sasha to Bobbie, who says, oh, Michael’s girlfriend. Sasha says, they’re really just… but Bobbie says, nonsense. She asks if Wiley isn’t incredible, and Sasha says, he’s a charmer. She asks if Sasha wants to hold him, and Carly takes a picture of Sasha holding Wiley.

Nelle tells Michael, the night their son was born, she gave birth alone in the woods. She was in deep despair, literally out of her mind. She asks him to please try and understand. His phone dings, and he sees it’s a message from Carly. Nelle asks if Carly knows he’s there. Does she want him to come home and forget about her? He says, it doesn’t matter, but she tells him to open it. He does, and sees the picture of Sasha and Wiley. The text says, look who’s stealing your godson. Michael explains that Wiley is Lucas and Brad’s son, and his godson. She asks if Sasha is his girlfriend, and he says they’re seeing each other. That’s all he’s saying. What does she know about Jonah that he doesn’t?

Julian says he can’t thank Willow enough. She says she’s happy to do it. He says, ironically, he has Wiley’s birthday gift there. He was going to send it by messenger, but now they can take it together. He goes in the back, and Willow gets a message from Lucas, who hopes she can come to Wiley’s big day.

Franco asks what Drew thinks the psychic meant. Does he think it has something to do with the car Oscar left to Cameron? Drew says he had it checked bumper to bumper; it’s the safest car on the road. Franco says clearly, it’s bothering him. He didn’t want to saddle Elizabeth with it, and since Drew has nothing better to do than listen to him… He tells himself to stop babbling, and Drew asks Franco to do him a favor. Stop worrying. The psychic probably wants him to be curious so he’ll pay for a consultation. Drew tells him to enjoy his new life with Elizabeth. Franco says, that’s what’s bothering him; he’s happy. He’s happier than he’s ever been, and now he has something to lose. They both know how easy it is to lose things in this life. Drew tells him don’t do that to himself. Don’t rob himself of joy worrying about what he can’t see coming. Drew’s assistant brings in a package for him from the Department of the Navy.

As they walk, Ava asks Chelsea why they’re in the park. Does she hope to reach Kiki there? Chelsea says it’s a spot Kiki enjoyed. Ava says, Kiki loved it; she loved running there. She especially liked when the sunflowers were in bloom. They reminded her aliens visiting for a while. She had a quirky sense of humor. She was sweet, but not a pushover. She was so beautiful. Chelsea says, like her mother. It’s remarkable considering the fire she went through. Her surgeon must be in great demand. Ava tells her, the less said about the fire, the better. The only good thing was that Kiki forgave her. Chelsea says, for tampering with Morgan’s medication? and Ava says she’s not paying Chelsea to judge her. Chelsea says she’s not judging; she’s stating facts. Ava entered Morgan’s room under false pretenses, and switched his lithium with a placebo. It’s just like how she shot Connie. Ava says Chelsea is dredging up things best left forgotten. Why doesn’t she contact Ava’s daughter?

Nelle says she sees Michael has moved on from the loss of their son. Michael says he thinks of Jonah every day, and she asks if he dreams about Jonah every night. She does. He says he’s supposed to be at a party, but came there to honor Jonah’s memory. Whatever she has to say, say it now, or he’s leaving. She says she wanted to tell him about a dream she had. It was so real. Jonah was surrounded by angels. They were singing to him, and he was smiling. He was at peace, and so beautiful. She wanted to share it with Michael. Michael says they’re never going to see each other again after this. He calls for the guard, saying he’s done. He leaves, and Nelle cries a little. She says, this is not goodbye. She’s not done with him or their baby.

Sasha tells Lucas that his son is a charmer. Lucas says they like to think so. Bobbie asks Carly if Michael and Sasha are serious, and Carly says, we’ll see. She asks if Bobbie can have champagne, and Bobbie says, a little. It’s a special occasion in more ways than one. It’s the first time Carly has liked, or even approved, of Michael’s girlfriend. Carly says she likes Sasha, and the contrast is like night and day. Michael seems light and happy. She adds, until today. Nelle called, and Michael is on his way to see her.

Alexis tells Brad and Lucas that she has no idea how Shiloh made bail, but it doesn’t change anything regarding Wiley. Shiloh is banned from making any claim in family court until his criminal charges are adjudicated. Brad can’t wait, and Lucas says, today is about Wiley and family. Julian comes in with Willow, and Carly asks what the hell he’s doing there. Lucas says Willow gave him permission, and Brad says he’s been a lifesaver. Willow says she’ll contact Diane and make it official. Bobbie says, anything for her grandson.

Drew asks his assistant if she has any idea what this is about. She says Oscar wanted him to have his military medals. He filled out the paperwork, and she got Drew to sign it. He thought he was signing a contract. He says his son co-opted her into getting his signature without his knowledge? She says it was back in February, and asks if she’s getting fired. Drew says she’s getting a raise and an extra week’s vacation. She asks if that means they’re okay, and he says they’re great. After she leaves, he says, that kid. Franco says, Oscar probably went to a lot of trouble. Drew should take a look.

Drew opens the box, and it’s filled with jewelry-type boxes. He opens one, and says, the Silver Star. Franco says, wow, and asks if he can open the envelope that came with it. Drew tells him, go ahead, and Franco reads that it’s from the Secretary of the Navy for his gallantry in actions against the enemy. Some of it is redacted, but Drew saved lives, and whatever he did was impressive. He should check them out. Drew wonders what made Oscar want to request them. Franco says Oscar was curious about Drew’s past. Maybe he thought these would help explain it. Or maybe he was proud of his old man, and wanted Drew to have them. And he should. He earned them. Drew just wishes Oscar could see them.

Carly asks if they’re ready to toast the birthday boy. Michael runs in, telling Sasha that he’s sorry he’s late. Sasha tells him, don’t apologize. It’s been great, and his godson is darling. Michael says, Wiley definitely has a way of bringing people together. Lucas toasts to their son, Wiley. He’s only been in the world a year, but his impact on the family is immeasurable. Shiloh strolls in (I’m sure we all saw that coming), and says sorry he’s late. He says his invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, and out-smirks himself.

Ava asks Chelsea, please contact Kiki, and ask what she thinks of the article. Chelsea says she can’t do it on demand, but Ava begs her to try. She’s got to reach Kiki one way or another. Chelsea looks into the distance, and says, my goodness. It’s the Coachella of dead people. It’s a crowded field. Connie is there, and someone named AJ. Ava says she doesn’t want to hear from them; she wants to hear from her daughter. Chelsea says, there’s a very elegant women named Helena who has a message. Ava says, she’s Nikolas’s grandmother. Chelsea says, Helena claims Ava knew Nikolas killed her, but didn’t tell anyone. Ava says she didn’t bring Chelsea there to contact Helena. Where’s Kiki? Chelsea says, sorry. She hears an infant crying. Ava says she didn’t kill a baby, and Chelsea says, so she knows nothing about a dead baby boy and his mother?

Carly tells Shiloh, it’s her hotel; get the hell out before she calls security. He says, no one is looking for a physical confrontation, and it would only upset Wiley. Willow tells him, get out, but he says he only wanted to wish love and light to their baby boy. She says he’s nothing to Wiley. Shiloh says he should have known when he saw Wiley’s smile; it’s her smile. Wiley is the miracle they created. Michael tells him, leave now, but Shiloh says not until he gives his son a present, reminding me of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.

Franco tells Drew, in 2012 he saved a civilian contractor. He should let them know, so they can send him a fruitcake every Christmas. Drew says, he already knows. He goes by the name of Shiloh.

Shiloh says they can’t object to a gift, but Lucas says they don’t need or want anything from him. Shiloh says it’s important that Wiley has the medical records of his biological parents. Lucas says they already know about the heart condition, and Brad takes the envelope from Shiloh, hustling Lucas away. Alexis tells Shiloh not to make a scene or she’ll have his bail revoked. Brad tells Shiloh, just stop, but Shiloh says Wiley is his son, forever and always, and one day, Wiley will be his. Michael asks Sasha to call for the elevator. Shiloh says they can’t force him to leave. I’d like to know how he figures that, since it’s a private party, but Michael says he wouldn’t dream of it. The elevator doors open, and Michael gives Shiloh the bum’s rush into it. Everyone is like, wow, and Michael suggests they get back to the celebration, and what’s important; Wiley’s birthday. Wiley smiles like he knows what just happened.

Harmony ask Nelle how the visit with her baby’s father was, and Nelle says, disappointing. Harmony says she’s sorry, and Nelle says, her too. She was going to tell him something important that would have changed everything. Instead, she realized he doesn’t deserve to know. Harmony thought Nell had said she still loved him, and his mother was responsible for sabotaging the relationship. Nelle says, she did, but he let her. He didn’t need to, and could have fought for them. He could have committed himself to them, but he let his mother ruin it, and convince him that she was trash. He’s as much blame as Carly is. He doesn’t deserve their son.

Ava tells Chelsea that she had nothing to do with the death of Nelle’s baby; they were in a car accident. Chelsea says it’s something to do with a baby blanket; yellow and green. Ava says she can see that? and Chelsea says there’s no telling what pops up. She senses a hidden secret. Ava is a magnet for restless souls and psychic turbulence. Ava asks where Kiki is. She must be seeking closure. Make her listen. Chelsea says she can’t make Kiki do anything, and Ava asks if she can locate Kiki. Chelsea says, she’s there. Ava wishes she could see her, and asks what she’s doing. Chelsea says she’s refusing to come any closer. Ava says she’s so sorry. She loves Kiki so much, and wants them to have closure. Not just for her, but for Kiki, so she can rest in peace. She asks if Kiki understands, but Chelsea says, no; sorry.

Drew thinks he should send that medal back, but Franco says, who knew Shiloh would come back to the US and start a cult? Drew says, to hear Shiloh tell it, they were best buddies, but it doesn’t sit right with him. How could he be friends with someone he doesn’t trust? All the times Shiloh was fishing around, hoping Drew would remember, or hoping he didn’t. He may or may not remember Shiloh is a total sleazeball, or know something that might have legal ramifications. He’s been trying to get Drew to open up and find out what Drew knows to reassure himself. The gap in his memory is one thing, explaining it to his son was another. Shiloh convinced Oscar that he and Drew were friends. So much so, Oscar left his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Fortunately, he made a second bequest to use them to endow a foundation for deserving children to climb Mr. Kilimanjaro. Franco says, it sounds more like Oscar wanted to neutralize Shiloh’s claim, so he had no leverage. Drew wishes he knew what happened.

Shiloh meets with a lawyer, who tells him that she’s been assigned as his public defender. He’s entitled to a defense. Shiloh says, even if he’s broke? He has no home, and his accounts have been frozen. She says he still has the right to an attorney. The charges are formidable. It’s her job to handle that, and they have a lot of work to do. The evidence is extensive. Multiple women have come forward, saying he drugged and assaulted them at the DOD house here, and in Beecher’s Corners. He says, those poor, deluded women. She says there’s also a prescription for whatever that drug is, under his name. (I keep trying to figure it out. I thought she said carfentanil, but that’s illegal in the US). Harmony also confessed her complicity in drugging the women. She produced concrete evidence of fraud and blackmail with personal, privileged information about his followers that was used as leverage. He asks if it isn’t her job to discredit that, but she tells him to be realistic and assess the situation. He’s not going to beat the charges. He says, so that’s it? She’s not even trying? She tells him, she’s saying he has a choice. He can go to trial, be convicted, and spend the rest of his life in prison, or take a plea. Twenty years, and he’ll be out in fourteen. The only question is how long he wants to stay in prison. Twenty years is a gift. Take the plea, or spend his life behind bars.

Alexis says, at least they have Shiloh’s medical records, but Lucas says they already knew about the heart condition. It probably came from Shiloh. Brad tells Julian that Lucas can’t see the records, but Julian says, he’s a doctor and will eventually. Michael tells Lucas that his trip to Pentonville wasn’t a total waste. Nelle is manipulative as ever, and the next time she calls, he’s refusing the charge. Lucas is glad Willow came, but Brad says he’s sorry she had to witness Shiloh. She says she also witnessed how the family stepped up to protect Wiley. Lucas says she’s at the top of that list. She trusted them to have Wiley in the first place, and then continued to protect him. Being thrown jail was heroic. She says, all that matters is Wiley is safe now. Lucas says they’d love for her to be part of Wiley’s life, and Brad adds, if she’d like to be. Willow says she would, more than anything. Sasha tells Michael that Wiley is one lucky baby with him as a godfather. Michael says he loves Wiley like his own.

Ava asks Chelsea, if Kiki won’t forgive her, even after the article, is there anything else she can do? Chelsea says, Kiki seems to think so. Ava says she’ll do anything. Chelsea says Ava is a truly haunted soul. The afterlife clings to her like cat hair on a black suit. Kiki is angry that Ava fell in love with a serial killer. He won her over by validating her worst impulses. Kiki hates that Ava gave him her soul when he doesn’t have one. She was so desperate for attention and admiration, Ava was blinded to the danger. Ava says she knows that, but how can she fix it now? Chelsea says Ryan has no soul, but he still has a heart, and it belongs to Ava. Ava asks what the hell that means, but Chelsea says she’s just the messenger. Suddenly, Ava says, oh my God. She has to go, and runs out of the park.

Shiloh tells the lawyer that he needs time to consider his options. She says, it’s not difficult. Twenty years or forever. He says not if he’s a ghost, but she tells him, don’t think of trying to run. He says he’s not running. His son lives there, and he has the utmost faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. He’ll get back to her. She says he has her number. She leaves, and he says, resources. He flashes back to Drew telling him not to take it personally, and asking Drew if there’s any chance his memory might return. Again, he says, resources.

Wiley unwraps presents wrapped in very LOUD wrapping paper. Lucas tells Brad that their son is opening presents. He doesn’t want to miss any of this day. Everyone gets excited over a toy car.

Nelle tells Harmony it’s too late for her to undo what’s done. She needs to think about what to do. She says Harmony needs to keep Shiloh away. Do anything she can to affect the outcome. Harmony says she’s fully cooperated with the prosecution, and she’s going to testify. Nelle asks if Harmony is sure the prosecution has enough evidence. Harmony thinks so. Shiloh has run out of people to do him favors. Nelle hopes she’s right. Whatever it takes, it’s worth it to keep the baby safe.

Ava waits in the prison visiting area. Ryan sits down on the other side of the glass. I gotta say, the Miami Vice unshaven look suits him.

Franco asks Drew if he didn’t say there was a procedure to help recover his memories, but he decided not to pursue it. Drew says nothing is more important than his memories of Oscar and Scout. He’d never jeopardize that. His memories are on a flashdrive, safe and sound in his office, and that’s where they’re staying. Drew looks at his credenza.

Shiloh wanders around outside, and finds a dollar. He remembers Drew saying that there’s supposedly a procedure that could possibly undo what’s been done. Shiloh makes a call. He says he’s glad they picked up. He was afraid they’d duck his call. It’s been a while. He says he’s got a job for them.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Stella that the mystery relative is closer than they realized, Sasha asks Valentin how he proposes they handle Obrecht, Jason tells Shiloh not to approach his family again, and Ryan asks Ava how he can help her.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, new stew June had left the table during the crew’s night out to get sick in the bathroom. Hannah asks if she’s crying, but Anastasia says, no. In June’s interview, she says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her personal life, but it’s no one’s business. Colin says he’s been in her shoes, and it can be intimidating. June returns to the table, and asks where they’re going next. They head out to a club. Jack suggests he and Travis not party too hard, since their big double date is tomorrow. João tries to be Colin’s wingman, but Colin isn’t into it. He’d rather talk to June than randoes. Jack wants to kiss Aesha, but he’s too wasted. In Hannah’s interview, she says, Travis is easy on the eyes, but there will be no feelings involved this season. The producer asks what about making out with him, and Hannah says, that’s not a feeling. I think she’s confusing the word feeling with emotion here.

In the taxi going back, Hannah says she thinks Jack and Aesha are cute. Jack licks Aesha’s foot, and asks for a little nibble of her bellybutton. Jack says she looks like she’s been raped. Aesha says she has been, and it’s not funny. Can they not talk about it? In Aesha’s interview, she says there are few things she won’t joke about, and rape isn’t funny at all. Jack asks if she’s okay. He feels badly about it. The crew gets back to the boat. In her interview, Aesha says, you don’t know what people have been through, so you should watch what you say. Amen to that. The crew sleeps.

The producer asks if Aesha is normally this open. Aesha cries, saying she remembers she kept apologizing to her mother, thinking it was her fault. Her mom said they all get wasted, and they have the right to feel safe. She thinks it’s important for women not to blame themselves. You should be able to party and not worry about it. João gives Jack a priority checklist. In Jack’s interview, with tears in his eyes, he tells us that he said something stupid. He jokes about sex all the time, and he’s a d*ckhead. He wants to talk to Aesha. They almost have me crying here. They’re both very sweet, and it’s unfortunate he made that mistake. I don’t think she’s holding it against him though.

Jack finds Aesha, and hugs her. He says how sorry he is. She says she knows Jack isn’t malicious. She’s just making people aware. He feels bad for her. In her interview, Aesha says she doesn’t want to be a gilded survivor. That’s not her. She’s just her, and it happened to her. It’s not who she is. She tells him that he’s the sweetest man.

The crew cleans up. In her interview, Hannah says Travis is adorable, but she’s not emotionally invested. Jack and Aesha will be there, so it will be easier to swallow. Not in a sexual way. June asks Anastasia where some glasses are, and Anastasia says she doesn’t really know. In her interview, June says, Anastasia gets a little crabby. You’d think she would have more sympathy and help her out. It’s confusing. Anastasia says she has other things to worry about, and June says she’ll figure it out. In João’s interview, he’s surprised Hannah is going out with Travis. He feels protective of the people he likes, and he likes her. He thinks she deserves more.

Jack and Travis are technically off the clock, and begin drinking beer. It’s time for the preference sheet meeting, so the captain gets together with Hannah, João, and Anastasia. The primary is Johnny Damon, a two-time World Series winner, once with the Red Sox, and again with the Yankees. He’s coming with his wife Michelle, and a bunch of other people. One of their requests is to visit Monaco. Hannah says they have a long preference sheet. She says they want local food, and anything with truffles. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s feeling confident. If she can please the Queen of Versailles, she can please this guy.

An alarm goes off, and black water system flashes on the computer screens. Travis and Jack continue to goof off. Even though he’s being radioed by everyone, engineer Mike doesn’t miss a beat in doing his strength training. João says it means no toilets or water. The captain tells Jack and Travis, stop drinking, and find the engineer. If they can’t fix it, they have to cancel the charter. Captain Sandy mumbles about them being drunk, and says, it’s ridiculous. It’s not cool. Travis looks for the engineer, while Jack has a smoke. Travis says it’s not their job.

In his interview, João says it’s not against the rules drink after work hours, but it is against the rules to ignore alarms. It’s the lowest level of respect being shown to him and the captain. Captain Sandy continues to look for Mike. Water is backed up in one of the work rooms. Hannah doesn’t want to go on a date with someone who’s wasted. Travis says it’s not his job to check the alarms, and Jack finds Mike. Mike goes to deal with the problem, and Captain Sandy asks Jack if he’s been standing there the whole time. She tells him, today’s not the day not to hustle. He’ll be off the boat so fast. When she sees him next time, he’d better be moving. She tells him, get the room cleaned up. Mike says, it’s clogged. Jack mops. The captain says she’s going to strangle Jack. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, the clog was related to the pump. They repaired the pump, and got the toilets working. Jack tells Travis, hide the beer.

Travis and Jack step off the boat. Travis says they have no connection to the problems happening. Jack says they can have a beer after work. Hannah approaches, and asks Jack if they can do the date another day. She doesn’t want to go after he’s been drinking beer all day. He says it was a stupid move on his part, but he’s going with or without her. She tells him, have fun. In his interview, he says he feels bad. He’s not actually drunk. He tells her, just come, but she goes back to the boat. Jack says, she’s playing hard to get. João joins them, and says they’re pissing the captain off. Travis tells João, it’s five o’clock. In João’s interview, he says he realizes he can’t come out guns blazing with these guys. He has to be diplomatic. Travis says, no beer before five.

Hannah finds Captain Sandy in the crew mess. She says she wanted to make sure the captain isn’t stressed, and tells her they’ll be fine. The captain gives her a hug. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s felt Captain Sandy’s wrath before, and doesn’t want to again. The captain says, it means a lot, and Hannah says the captain doesn’t have anyone above her to tell her that. Anastasia goes over the menu. In her interview, Anastasia says, people who excel have raw passion and raw skill. June does laundry. In Colin’s interview, he says he finds it hard to talk to June. He’s working on his game.

Aesha asks Jack where they’re going on the date. Travis says he and Hannah aren’t coming. Jack feels badly, but just wants to have a good time tonight. Aesha chooses her outfit. Jack gets dressed up. Aesha is excited. She says with other boyfriends, she’d get drunk, and barely remember their first kiss. She wants to remember all the nice things. She deserves it. Jack puts on in his suit. In his interview, João says he can’t control people’s personal lives. He’s happy Jack is going on a date, but if it was him, he’d lay low because of the mistake he made.

Colin listens to music. Travis gets in his suit, and approaches Hannah, who’s sitting on the bow of the ship. In Jack’s interview, he says he likes Hannah, and hopes this isn’t too awkward. He scares hell out of her when he suddenly appears, and she asks what he’s wearing. He says he decided to make himself look pretty to sit with her. In his interview, he says his parents don’t drink, and wouldn’t appreciate his pinhead antics. Hannah asks why today, when he knew they had a date? In his interview, he says with any job that’s physically demanding, you feel like you’re entitled at the end of the day, and it’s the start of bad habits. She hugs him.

Jack asks for little kiss, but Aesha says, later. She wants the right timing this evening.

João says, oh the irony. Last season he had to worry about his job and two girls. This season he’s in a good place if he can just fix the sh*t show of a deck team. Hannah takes a selfie with Travis. He asks if he should get some rosé.

Aesha toasts to their first night. She says Jack isn’t her type. In her interview, she says she likes the alpha male, who can be an a-hole. Jack is a bit softer. She tells him they can be the most disgusting version of themselves with each other. In his interview, Jack says he’s witnessed true love, and wants it. A guitar player serenades them. On the boat, Hannah and Jack make out

Aesha tells Jack, this could be his moment, and they kiss. In Aesha’s interview, she says she thinks a kiss changes the dynamic of a relationship, bringing in an intimate side. She’s exited to have that with Jack. She likes him, and has no idea where it’s going, but just wants to have fun, and take day by day. They make out in the taxi, and she tells Jack he’s getting greedy. Hannah snacks in her bunk. Back on the boat, Aesha jumps in bed with Travis, while Jack takes a pee. Aesha takes a peek, and tells Jack that he has a nice willy.

The next morning, Colin asks Jack how the date went, and if he and Aesha are Facebook official. The boat is readied. Aesha thanks Jack for last night, saying, it was the nicest thing ever. Hannah cuts lemons and limes. In her interview, she says she’s concerned about June. She’s not answering the radio, she’s struggling with cabins, and the beds haven’t been turned down. Hannah isn’t sure what’s happening, but she was clearly a bit of a twat in her last life. It’s like the last three seasons all over again. Captain Sandy announces the guests are arriving at noon. Colin burps. The crew lines up.

The captain welcomes the guests. Colin shakes Johnny’s hand, and in his interview, says he’s not washing his hand again. Captain Sandy tells João that he’s taking them off the dock. Hannah does the tour, while the captain walks João through the steps. In her interview, she says she’s not rewarding him for last night, but he needs to feel responsibility. She wants to show him how he needs to teach his crew. In João’s interview, he’s thrilled that the captain is giving him the opportunity after what’s gone wrong. It proves she has his back, but anything can go wrong at any time. Aesha gives champagne to the guests, one of whom is a GYN, who’s already talking loudly about vaginas. Hannah is like, oh my God. Captain Sandy points out a boat at the bow that Jack missed. In her interview, the captain says, coming up as a woman in the industry wasn’t easy. She had to constantly work harder than her male counterparts. If a crew member has the willingness to learn, she wants to give them the opportunity. She tells João, good job. In his interview, he says there are few moments in his life he’ll talk about forever, and this is one of them.

In June’s interview, she says, Aesha is patient and kind. You don’t meet many people like that, but she’s not used to scowls. They put fresh flowers in the napkin rings. Anastasia thinks simplicity is key with these guests. She wants to make it fancy, but more low key than sea urchin and caviar. Hannah tries to get June on the radio. June finally comes upstairs, and Hannah tells her to keep her earpiece in. Aesha tells June, it’s all good, and let it go over her head. Johnny says he’ll bang everyone. In her interview, Hannah says somehow she doubts it. Me too.

Aesha asks if she can get the guests anything. Johnny says they’re fabulous. Lunch is Caesar salad, and in her interview, Hanna says, it’s like a meal you can get from your local Chili’s. I dunno about that, unless her local Chili’s is a lot more sophisticated than mine. As much as she wants Anastasia to succeed, she wants her back because she’s selfish. Johnny continues bragging about his sexual prowess. In Jack’s interview, he says he’s over doing double duty. The guests play in the water. June tends bar, and has a problem opening the wine. Clouds come, and the guests get nervous, especially when the boat starts rocking. Captain Sandy says the sea is rough there, but when they go around the corner, it will be calm. That sounds like the weather in my area. Colin and João try to get the jet skis back onto the boat. Colin wonders where the rest of the deck crew is. Johnny steps in to help, and pulls the jet ski back on deck with his teeth. Not really, but he’s pretty jacked, and gets the jet ski in. In Colin’s interview, he says it’s embarrassing when two deckhands can’t get the jet ski back because of a swell, and they have a two time World Series champion helping them.

Anastasia calls Travis to the galley. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s gotten closer to Travis since he’s been in the galley. He has depth to him, but uses alcohol to suppress his emotions, which a lot of people are guilty of. Captain Sandy radios the deck crew, saying the slide is still on the side of the boat. She needs it brought in now. Travis seems annoyed at helping, and she asks, why the attitude? June irons. Aesha tells Hannah that June is doing well. Colin tells João that Travis is helping in the galley, and in his interview, João says he’s going to have to put a stop to that. Pointing to another yacht, João says, that’s fifty meters, right? and Colin says he doesn’t know what a meter is, but sure. I literally lol. Colin is a funny guy.

For some reason, Hannah isn’t thrilled with the food. The guests are talking about circumcision, and ask Hannah’s opinion. She says she’s never had to worry about it. In the galley, Anastasia asks the other crew members to lower the volume while she’s plating. In Aesha’s interview, she says, Anastasia does two charters and all of a sudden, she’s an artist who needs quiet time. The entrée is filet mignon. A few of the guests want it cooked a little more, and Hannah brings their dishes back to the galley. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it’s annoying to her that the steaks aren’t cooked properly. She’s a perfectionist, and thinks it comes from her mother. She thinks you have to be a perfectionist in the industry, and adds she’d rather undercook something than overcook it. Good point. You can’t exactly take it back. The guests proclaim it’s all good. June tells Colin about Anastasia being annoyed with too many people in the galley. He suggests she call Anastasia out on it, but she doesn’t want an issue. She tells him that she doesn’t feel welcome. In her interview, she says she dropped her life because they needed her. She treats people with respect, and expects to be treated the same way. She tells Colin not to say anything.

João calls Jack to the bridge. He goes over some navigational things, and gives Jack some seafaring hints. In João’s interview, he says he wants to motivate the crew, and teach them what he knows. He wants it to work out for all of them. Hannah cleans up dinner, and the guests act stupid in the lounge, wrestling each other. Johnny announces bedtime, and flips his wife over his shoulder.

Hannah tells June not to have her phone with her all the time. Colin tries to get the anchor up, but it’s stuck. He says, it’s getting caught on something. Captain Sandy says, there’s definitely something on the chain. She calls Travis to get on the tender. João says at 17 meters, he can scuba. They need see what’s going on. Colin tells João, the best thing about yachting is that nothing ever goes well. Sandy tells João to go in, and radios Travis to go with him. The captain tells the guests the goal is to get them to Monaco, and they’ll meet them there. Hannah tells Aesha and June that they need to distract the guests. In Jack’s interview, he wonders, for the wages they get, what’s the point of doing the scuba dive? He wouldn’t want to risk his neck. In Travis’s interview, he says if you get pinned down by the chain at 40 meters, you’re dead. Hannah radios June. Sandy watches as João gets in the water. Hannah decides to look for June. In her interview, Hannah says she doesn’t care if you make a mistake, take too long, or even sleep on your break. Just keep your earpiece in when she radios. Sandy continues watching out for Travis and João. In her interview, she says, if they don’t communicate, one slip could be the end of their life. Hannah tells June that she’s been radioing her.

Travis and João start to go down the chain, and the guests leave for Monaco.

Later in the season, partying, putt-putt, a guest is king of the world, Colin gets another injury, Captain Sandy says yachting isn’t Hannah’s passion, Hannah says Anastasia has gotten too big for her britches, Travis is called out for his drinking, a storm comes up, and Ben is back.

🗽 Million Dollar Listing New York is back on Thursday, August 1 at 9 pm.  

😮 A Surprise Surprise…

I was more surprised than Jason Momoa, when I saw two of his guests were Neil and Lucas from General Hospital.


🏰 Farewell To One of Storybrook’s Finest Citizens…

An untimely for a Once Upon A Time cast member.


🍵 A Cup of Wives…

Shannon makes it Instaficial.


Camille takes a walk.


Ken stands up for his lady love. Ken is the best.


Vicki has me confused. Did I miss something?


Yes, I did miss something. Be sure to check out the Southern Charm video after the RHOC trailer.


While I rarely watch RHOA anymore, I think Cynthia deserves all good things. But poor Peter. He’s really going to have to give up now. Or step up his game.


They’re back.


🌴 In Another Part of Beverly Hills…

Already Jax and Brittany have problems. What a shock.


They also have a $2 million dollar home. I wouldn’t call it a mansion though.


👶 Sad News For MJ…

But she does have baby Shams, and a beautiful pregnancy photo.


🔎 The Plot Thickens…

And in a move we didn’t think possible, T-Rav becomes an even sh*ttier person.


🏄 Oh Come On…

How is August almost here? And why aren’t there more songs about it?

June 7, 2019 – Jordan Wakes Up But Ryan Doesn’t, a Househusband Resurfaces, LVP Is Done, Too Close For Comfort, New Shah Revealed, a Half Dozen Plus One Quotes & Another One


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Again I was a little late, but listening.

Carly finds Jax in the living room with a surfboard. He says he can explain, and she says, start talking.

Doc tells Laura that Ryan’s coma is considered an unintended consequence of surgery, but it’s okay with him if Ryan never wakes up.

Every model in the world is booked for September, and Maxie suggests Ava for the Crimson cover.

At Charlie’s, Franco tells Ava that the universe has a way of working things out. Something good came out of something rotten. Ryan is in a coma, and when he wakes up, he’ll be down a kidney and going to Pentonville, a fate worse than death. She says she keeps hearing Ryan taunting her, and Franco says, the best thing to do with a guy like Ryan is to forget him. He thought he was smart, and eight steps ahead of everyone, but he was wrong. He lost, and they won.

TJ tells Stella and Curtis that everything is going great with Jordan. Curtis sees Elizabeth holding the DNR, and asks why she has that. He thought it was a routine surgery. Finn says, it is, but so is a DNR. Any ime anesthetic is involved, it’s a matter of practice that the patient is given that option. Stella says there’s always an off-chance, and Jordan wanted to be safe. TJ says it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t save her, but if she was in a vegetative state, she didn’t want them leaving her there. Which they would.

Laura thanks Doc for telling her the truth. Doc asks if she isn’t disappointed, and she says, no. She’s not sure it’s what she would have done, but she sees why he did. He saved a life, and she can’t find fault in that. She loves him. He thanks her, and says he loves her too. She asks how he feels, and he says, fine. He thought he’d feel guilty, but his brother would never voluntarily give up a kidney. Jordan is alive, and will be with them a long time, and it’s hard to find fault with that. He didn’t bow to the tyranny of Ryan; the illusion he could save him that stems from childhood. Laura says, survivor guilt. Doc is the kid who got away. Doc says he finally realized he has no control and no power over who got hurt. This experience finally gave him the knowledge that he had no more control than Ryan, and had no more choices than he did. He only has a choice as an adult, and as an adult, he chose to maintain his brother.

Jax thinks it will be great for Josslyn to catch a wave. It’s fun and she’ll connect with nature. It will be good for her. Carly says they don’t want to push her, and he says he knows she needs time to cry and process everything, but she also needs to live in the moment, and know, whatever happens, life is still beautiful. He thinks it will help her. Carly tells him, if he says so. He says she’s only resistant because she never wanted to learn. She says she’s a Florida girl, and loves everything about the beach. She just had no desire to surf because her body is her board. He says she just doesn’t want be bad at something. She says it’s true she doesn’t want to look like an idiot falling off, but she’s happy Josslyn learned before she knew what she was doing. He says, Josslyn can’t remember a time when she didn’t surf, and Carly says, thanks to him. She tells Jax that she’s so scared for Josslyn. She’s so young, and this is so huge. Jax sits next to her, and takes her hand. He says she’ll be more than okay. She has them to hold her up.

Carly gives Jax something to drink, and he says he doesn’t know whether to wait there or track her down. Carly says she struggles with that all the time. He asks what side she leans on, and Carly suggests he put the surfboard in Josslyn’s room, and let her find it then. Then, on Saturday, he can call and say, hey, let’s go surfing. Jax’s phone dings, and he says, that was quick. The budget for Crimson is in. Carly says, what? He says he told her that he was going to find something to keep him busy while he was in town. He bought half of Aurora Media; the print division. She says, awesome, but he says she sounds thrown. She thinks it’s a perfect fit, and it’s great he’ll be in the MetroCourt offices. He says, but…? She asks if Drew knows much about him. He asks if she’s implying he’s hard to work with. He admits he likes things to go his way, and is actually a bit of a control freak, but he and Drew have an agreement. While Crimson is still under the umbrella of Aurora, the divisions are completely separate. Carly says, neighbors, but not collaborators, and congratulates him.

Nina tells Maxie that she’s out of her mind, and Sasha says that’s the only explanation. Maxie says she knew it would be a hard sell. Sasha says she’s living proof that Ava is a complete psychopath. Maxie says, tell her why, and Sasha says this horrible woman comes out of nowhere, chats her up, and makes it clear Kiki and Griff weren’t serious. Friends with benefits, she said.  Of course (🍷) she flirted, and Kiki was offended, as she should be. Not only were she and Griff dating, they were exclusive. Kiki kicked her out, and it turns out Ava is a complete whack-job who set her up. Sasha decided to just get on with her life. She ordered room service, and woke up drugged, without clothes, next to Griff in bed. Nina says, sounds like a magazine cover to her. Sasha says the only reason she didn’t press charges was that Kiki and Griff wanted to handle it on their own. Maxie says, it’s Nina’s turn.

Ava asks Franco if now is the time to pick herself up, dust herself off, and start the next chapter. Franco says, a million yups. Ava says she slept with her daughter’s murderer. It’s not easy to move on from that. Franco says if there’s a poster boy for second chances, she’s looking a him. What does he have to thank for that? She says, a brain tumor? He says, after ten minutes, people move on to the next wave of hysteria. Ryan’s had his ten minutes, and he’s done. Hers has just started. There will always be people in the world who will look sideways at people like them, but she can have a great life, which is the best revenge.

Laura tells Doc, it sounds like a breakthrough. Fantastic. He says he still has a lot of work to do. He thinks it will be easier when Ryan is moved to Pentonville. He’s not going to visit Ryan, and is cutting off all contact. He’s truly, finally letting him go. Laura can’t tell him how happy she is. She knows it’s not easy. Doc says, whatever horrible circumstances led Ryan to this, he chose it, and embraced it, and these are the consequences of his actions. At least his life isn’t a total loss. He saved Jordan. Laura says. that counts for something.

Stella tells Curtis that Jordan wanted to cover every possibility and eventuality, but her chances are better than excellent that it won’t be needed. But just in case, those are Jordan’s wishes. Jordan said Stella needed to make that clear, but it’s not something they need to worry about, Curtis doesn’t get it. It’s a straightforward surgery; it seems unnecessary. TJ says, it feels endless. First, the car accident. then they thought Jordan was in the clear, and the bottom falls out again with her kidney. Now they feel like they almost made it, and it’s something new, but he’s come far enough in his training to know when they say standard procedure, it is. There are no guarantees but odds are hugely in his mom’s favor. They couldn’t say that before, but they can now. If even a minute of worry was taken away from her, it’s a good thing. They want every worry taken off, so Jordan’s mind focuses on staying strong. Curtis says, not that he had any doubts, but TJ is going to make one helluva doctor.

Finn and Elizabeth approach them. Curtis says he takes it that their smiles mean it’s good. Finn says, the operation was a success. Elizabeth tells them, Jordan is in recovery right now. Curtis, Stella, and TJ group hug.

Jax tells Carly that the surfboard is on Josslyn’s desk. She asks if Josslyn is aware of his plans to stay being official. He says he was telling her this weekend. Carly says, she’ll be happy. She’s happy he’s staying, but it’s one thing for him and Sonny to be in the same town for an extended period. It’s another for him to stay permanently. They’ll be spending a lot of time together, and she’s hoping they keep the spirit of mutual cooperation. Her plea for peace over. He says, if they want coexist, they will. He asks her to call when Josslyn finds the surfboard.

Nina tells Maxie that she’s not doing this. Maxie says it will be cathartic, and Nina says Ava is not going to be on the cover. Maxie asks Nina to humor. Nina thinks it’s a waste of time, but she will. Nina says she got married young to Silas, and her mother hired Ava to seduce him. They had an affair, and when Nina had her psychotic break, she gave Ava a drug to induce labor. She’s not proud of that, but learned sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to reinvent yourself. She regrets her actions, but it’s not like she’s feeling bad for Ava. She’s a grasping, poisonous bitch. Why would Nina put her on the cover? Maxie says, because she’s a grasping, poisonous bitch, and that’s what sells.

Franco asks Ava, what’s going on with the gallery? Does she have any plans for the next exhibit. Ava says, no, and he asks if she’s heard from any artists. She says, there are a few she has to call back. He suggests she get the next young visionary on her walls. She says she’s also heard from a few collectors, and he says he’s not surprised. She has reputation to uphold, and needs to uphold it. She asks why he cares, and he says she knows why. She’s had enough taken from her by Ryan. Don’t let him take anything else.

Laura knows that Doc said he’s letting it go, and putting it behind him, and she believes that, but she sees a flicker of conflict when he looks at Ryan, like a lingering what if? He says he’s working on it, and she says she knows he’ll defeat it. Maybe this will help. She knows what happened to Ryan is tragic, but it happened to a lot of other children, and they didn’t grow up to be serial killers. Look around. There are a lot of people who suffered trauma, and go on with life. A life that’s full and productive, and they even raise their own families. Doc says, it happens, and she says she thinks it happens a lot. Abuse can explain why someone becomes twisted, but it doesn’t excuse it. Not for anybody. Not for Ryan. Doc looks in the window of Ryan’s room.

Elizabeth tells Jordan that she did great. She wants to make sure Jordan’s pain is under control, and places the button in her hand.

Curtis asks Finn when he can see Jordan, and Finn says as soon as Elizabeth is done. Elizabeth comes out, and Curtis puts a gown on and goes in. I wonder why no gloves, especially when he touches her hand. She opens her eyes, and he says she’s back.

Nina tells Maxie that they’re not going to get new subscribers with one cover. Maxie says, if they do it right, it might push the subscriptions up, and they can charge double for ad revenue. Sasha’s phone dings, and she says Michael wants to meet her. Nina says, go. She and Maxie can take care of it. Sasha leaves, and Nina says she didn’t want to say this in front of her. She doesn’t want Sasha to see this part of her, but she hates Ava more than God hates sin. She’s not lowering herself by exploiting Kiki’s death. Maxie says they’ll keep the focus on Ava. Let her tell as much or as little as she wants to about Kiki. Nina think they’d be protecting Ava by letting her play the sad, grieving mother. She made Kiki’s life miserable. She’s not doing it. She’d rather bankrupt the magazine than put Ava’s face on the cover. Macie says, then she’s letting Ava win.

Carly goes to her doctor’s appointment, and says she thinks she has a future athlete on her hands. She wonders if the MASFP test is just a glorified blood test, and if it’s necessary. Is it better to go through the anxiety that comes along with it, or trust the CVS test? She feels they’re just screening for things because they can. The doctor says, it’s a balancing act between necessary and overboard, but with Carly’s history, she’s in favor of checking all the boxes. Carly says, okay. Better safe than sorry. Let’s do it.

Michael hopes he didn’t take Sasha away from anything important. Sasha says when Nina hears it’s him, she literally says, go; fly like the wind. She says his text was cryptic; how do you feel about small planes? She says she’s fine with them. He says it’s an eight seater. He’d like to take her with him to Martha’s Vineyard.

TJ and Stella look at in on Jordan. TJ walks away, and leans against the wall. Stella tells him that she’s proud of him and how he handled this. He’s had to be a grown up and a doctor, and is probably just as scared as they are. He says she always thinks he’s perfect. She says she doesn’t lie. They all believe in him. He says it gives him the confidence to keep going, and thanks her. Having a strong kickass woman on his side matters. They hug.

Jordan tells Curtis that she already feels better. He says, this nightmare finally over, and kisses her hand.

Nina tells Maxie, Ava will think of herself as a hero. Maxie says, Ava always considers herself the hero of her own story. Nina says, she’s a shallow, despicable, vain human being, and Maxie says their readers aren’t stupid. They’ll see her for who she is. And Nina gets to make money off of her, using her by playing to her weakness. Nina says, vanity. Jax walks in, but Nina says she can’t talk. She needs to track down Ava.

Michael is concerned that he’s freaked Sasha out. They just started whatever it is they’re doing, and he’s asking her to go away with him. Sasha says she’s looking at him like this because Martha’s Vineyard is her favorite place on earth. She’s just surprised. Michael says he’s meeting with a venture capitalist, who asked him to stay at his place for a few days. He thought it would be fun to go together. She says, it sounds incredible. She’s in 100%. She tells him that she’s excited, and he says, him too.

Franco looks in on Ryan. He asks Laura how the patient is, and she says, next stop, Pentonville. He says, home, sweet home. Elizabeth tells them that Jordan is awake, and swears she already feels better. Doc says they pulled it off, and Franco says, they did. Laura says, technically, Ryan did. With the stroke of a pen. Doc looks at Franco. A lightbulb goes on over my head.

TJ calls Jordan a rock star. She thanks them, and Stella says, it’s time to celebrate. TJ tells Jordan that the documentary on snowy owl migration is coming out next month at a select few theaters. Jordan says TJ was looking forward to it, and Curtis says he’s glad she made it. There’s no way he was going. Stella wants TJ to help her go shopping. The food there leaves something to be desired, and she wants to make something tasty for Jordan’s first meal. Jordan says she doesn’t have to, but Curtis says, let her. He’s hungry. TJ and Stella leave. Curtis says thank God everything worked out.

Maxie tells Jax that she’s had no chance to suck up to her new boss. He says he’s fine, and she tells him, suit himself. He asks what Nina was saying about Ava, but Maxie says, it’s not about Ava; it’s about Nina, and how much she loves the magazine. She’d do anything to make it successful, and if this works out, they’ll get revenue and Ava will get what she deserves.

Ava leaves a message, asking if a collector is still interested in a Matisse, and if so, call her back. Nina says she’s been looking for Ava. Ava asks what she wants, and Nina says, to offer her the cover of Crimson.

Sasha says, it’s so amazing. They have to ride a carousel; it’s non-negotiable. She also suggests fishing and a lighthouse. Michael says his buddy told him to check the beaches near the lighthouse, and Sasha laughs. She tells him that she knows why. Bathing suits are optional. He says they’re definitely going then. She says she has to pack, and he says she doesn’t need a suit. She tells him, if it’s optional for her, it is for him too.

The doctor tells Carly to try and relax. Carly says she’ll do her best, and asks if the doctor can rush the results. The doctor says she’ll do her best.

Curtis asks if he can get Jordan anything, but she says she’s good. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, better than okay. It all worked out. He honestly didn’t know if they’d get there. He hoped and prayed, but didn’t know. Jordan says, it’s unbelievable really, that Ryan changed his mind and gave her a kidney. Curtis says, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Jordan says, you’re telling me.

Ryan is wheeled out on a gurney by some cops. Elizabeth, Franco, and Finn watch. Laura comes out, and Doc joins her. They all look at each other. Ryan is wheeled into the elevator as they watch. The elevator doors close, and they all go back to work.

On Monday, Nina wants to give Ava an opportunity to tell the world, Diane asks what Willow suggests she do, and Shiloh asks someone how he goes about tracking a person down.

❓ Remember Him?

There’s really no reason you should.


💔 My Heart…

And where she goes, Giggy goes.


😱 I Can’t…

At least I don’t think so. I have to draw the line somewhere, and I think mothers and daughters sharing bathwater might be it.




👶 Baby Shams…

I can already see the resemblance.


💬 Quotes of the Week

When you’re tiny, you have to be tough. This world isn’t kind to little things.Truman Capote (Toby Jones), Infamous

She got her looks from her father. He’s a plastic surgeon. – Groucho Marx

A leader is someone knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.John C. Maxwell

The Fyre Festival was an amazing idea. – Ja Rule, not reading the room, from The Skimm

Without music, life would be a mistake.Friedrich Nietzsche

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them. – Lemony Snicket

I’m too busy to be bitchy. – my new tagline

👋 Until We Meet On Sunday…

I’m in a bit of a rush, and hoping that’s not reflected in the editing. And if it is, I hope it’s something that makes you laugh.




June 2, 2019 – Trying To Help, a Little Talk, Some Tyrion Love, Another Go For Eva, Feuding Shahs, Dorinda Radio & Exit


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Older kid Max is trying to teach little kid Dylan how to shoot. Dylan shoots at a deer, and it runs. They follow it, finding it dead. A zombie comes out of the woods, and I hope they get eaten. Max says they can get out, but his gun jams. Instead of running, he keeps trying.

A small plane flies low, and the zombie gets chopped in half, but you know how determined they are. It keeps moving. The kids see flames in the clearing, and find the plane has crashed. Zombies are popping out of everywhere now, but Max isn’t real bright, and keeps trying get the gun to work instead of getting the hell out of there. A zombie gets close, but it’s suddenly down. Alicia says they’re here to help, and she gets cracking on that.

Max and Dylan find Morgan hanging upside down in the plane. A zombie nearly gets him, but he gets out. Max asks, who are you people? and Morgan says they came to help. Are they the Logans? Max asks, who? Alicia says they can’t stay long. Luci has been impaled by a metal pipe in the plane. John and Morgan call for June, who’s semi-conscious in the cockpit. Morgan asks Dylan to put pressure on Luci’s wound, and keep her from moving. He’s going to make sure nothing out there gets inside. Max asks, what if it does? and Morgan says, if it’s dead, shoot it.

A zombie pokes at June’s face. She calls to Al, who regains consciousness. Alicia is outside, whacking zombies right and left, and almost hits Morgan. He tells her, easy, and points out that her hands are covered in blood. Al and June unbuckle themselves, and John sees through the window that they’re okay. Morgan says they’re about ten to fifteen miles from the touchdown site; they’ll make it. Alicia takes a zombie’s head off.

Morgan asks if Logan copies, and says they’re coming, but it might take longer than they thought. Alicia starts setting up something, pounding stakes into the ground. John helps June and Al get out of the plane. Al radios Victor, telling him the plane crashed. There’s a tape back at the mill labeled skidmark, and It will explain how to fly a small plane. They need him to come get them. It looks like he’ll fly after all. She can’t hear Victor, and John says he must be out of range. He helps her out of the plane.

Where did all these zombies come from? is a good question. Morgan and Alicia get busy knocking them off. Dylan tells Luci that they’re friends, and help is coming. June runs in to attend to Luci. Alicia falls, and sees a sign that says, Radiation Area. John asks how Luci is, and June says tells him that they have to cut her free, but the boxes with supplies are scattered everywhere. Al and John look through everything for a hacksaw, as Al’s camera records.

Al is grabbed by a zombie in a Darth Vader-ish mask, and matching suit made out of puffer material. She pushes him back, and impales him through the back on a pipe. She grabs her camera and films. John shows her the hacksaw, and they go back to where Luci is. John cuts at the pipe piercing Luci to get her free, and she screams. John says they need a clear path. June says they’ll make it work, and Morgan says they can do this. Alicia says she’ll lead, and Morgan will take the side. She tells the boys to stay in the middle, and watch their backs. Now.

A truck comes toward them, running right over some zombies. The teenage girl driving tells them to get in. Max says it’s their sister, Annie.

In the truck, Morgan says he hates flying anyway. June says, the dead are everywhere, but Annie says the dead are the least of their problems. They have no idea where they landed, do they?

In a truck, Charlie asks Victor if he’s sure Al said skidmark. In another truck, Sarah asks Wendell if he’s up for this. He says he is, and she tells him, he said that the last time. He insists he’s sure.

Alicia asks, what happened? and Anna says they don’t know. They just stay away from them. Dylan asks if Al is a pilot, and she says, no. He says, no wonder they crashed, but John says it would have been worse if she hadn’t done what she did. Max asks if Logan is part of their crew. John says, no; just someone they’re helping. Annie says, he’s probably dead. They screech to a stop. Al thinks he just got into trouble, and Max says they can’t go around helping people they don’t know. Morgan says, they did, but Max says, they didn’t feel like they had a choice. Morgan says neither do they. Annie asks, why? and Morgan says they try to do what they can to make things better. She tells him, good luck with that. This place is worse than it seems. Alicia asks what she means, and Annie says, it’s not just signs. It’s the… she’ll see.

They drive until they see some zombies tethered together across the road. They get out, and see a tree with zombie heads hanging from it by their hair. Al asks Annie if they did this. Annie says, no, but they’re all over the place. June says they need to keep moving, but Annie says she’s not driving into that. Morgan says they’ll walk. It’s something they have to do. Annie says they don’t know the guy, but Morgan says they’ve been doing this for a while; helping people. They haven’t had a whole lot of luck. Annie asks what he means, and Al says, people are either dead, missing, or don’t want to be found. Logan and his people were the first who do. Annie says, it better be worth it, and tells them, get in. Morgan thanks her.

They get to the truck stop, and Alicia tells them, Logan said they were surrounded, but there’s no one there. They go inside, carrying Luci on a makeshift stretcher. Morgan calls for Logan, but there’s no answer. They set Luci on a table. John looks around outside, and checks the garages. He finds nothing. Al and June canvas the inside, but it’s dark and quiet.

Morgan finds a radio, and asks if Logan copies. They’re at the truck stop. June tells Luci, they’re going to do this. Luci says it hurts, but June says she’ll be okay. She gives John a list of supplies they need, and tells him, it’s not going to be pretty. He asks if she’s done this before, and she says, at trauma the center, but not at a truck stop. Dylan shows Luci a toy truck, and asks what it’s for. Lucy says, the man who set it up, drives a truck. Dylan wonders why he’d need toys, and Lucy says, it’s his way of giving people something to believe in. Dylan asks where he is, and Lucy says, he didn’t make it, so they tried to turn it into something more.

Morgan tells the kids that they have a place on the other side that used to be a factory. John says they had a movie night. Morgan says they were working on it. A place for people to feel safe and call home. Annie says, places like that don’t exist, and June says, they do. Morgan suggests the kids come back with them. Alicia comes back, and says, no one has been here for a long time. Al wonders if it could be another truck stop, but Alicia says, it’s the only one for miles. Morgan says they have to be there. Annie wonders what’s wrong with them? Morgan says she can trust them, and doesn’t have to be afraid. Annie tells him, that’s what people always say when there’s something to be afraid of. Morgan says, they just have to help a friend. Max picks up his gun, and Annie says, if they’re smart, they’ll get their friend and get out. They jet, but Morgan calls to them, please wait. He says they can help.

June gets ready to work on Luci. She says they won’t have much time if it starts to bleed. At the count of three… They pull the pipe out of Luci, and she screams.

A guy uses a combination to open the gate at the mill. He calls out, but no one answers. He sees a box that says, take what you need – leave what you don’t, written on it. He walks through the building, and finds a room with empty beds, and schedules on a bulletin board. He looks at a movie requests sheet, and sees a load of Al’s tapes. It’s Matt Frewer, and I suddenly get very distracted by that. I hadn’t known he was joining the cast. I assume he’s not just passing through.

Alicia says the kids were like everyone else they tried to help. She and Al lock up. A zombie stumbles out from around the corner. Alicia looks bored as she pikes it in the head.

June tells Luci that she’s very lucky. If it was off by a centimeter or they’d hit a bad bump in the car, she wouldn’t be there. Morgan continues to try the radio. He thinks something isn’t right, but Logan suddenly comes through. Morgan says he had them worried, and asks where he is. They’ll come to him. Logan says, that would be a little tricky. He’s there with his crew, looking at Morgan’s crew, and a spectacular view of the river. It’s Matt Frewer, inside the mill, while Victor and company stand outside. Logan says sees they’ve been driving the big rig with C & L on the trailer. From what he’s gathered, they’ve met the C, and he’s the L. Morgan asks why he brought them there, and Logan says he wanted what was his. It was the only way to get them far enough away, so he could slip in without a big fuss. Alicia says they found a plane and crashed it, because they wanted to help him. He says they make Clayton look like an amateur. Morgan asks where he brought them, and Logan says, a truck stop far away. He’s reclaiming what’s his. The one thing Clay said that he agreed with is, take what you need; leave what you don’t.

Victor and the others look around outside the mill. On the radio, Alicia says, don’t do this. Logan says he already did. She says she’ going to find him, and kill him herself. He says, for taking over a place where he’s the legal owner? I guess he does have a point. He says they have a more pressing quandary; her attitude. He doesn’t want to see people dead, he just wants what’s his. They want to help people? It looks like they’ll have to help themselves. Geez. Luci is sitting up already. June is good.

Sarah drinks a beer, and looks at an old ad for Jim’s brew. She says, you missed a real sh*t pie a la mode today, Jimbo. They joke’s on them. Wendell says, it tastes like vinaigrette, but she’ll get there. Charlie tells Victor she can find a way in, and Victor tells her to get the tape. He should have been on the plane today. He sure as hell is going to be on this one.

Al looks through what she recorded earlier. She takes a closer look at the zombie in the mask. She tells Morgan that she has to go back to where the plane is. There’s a story there. Morgan suggests going in the morning, but she thinks it might not be there if she waits. She knows her tapes haven’t helped them so far, but Morgan says it’s not her fault. He tells her to go and see June.

John asks June how Luci is doing. June says, she might have nerve damage, but she’ll be okay. He says look what he found, and shows her a copy of the film, It Happened One Night. She says, Clayton had good taste. John says he’ll save it for when they have people to show it to. She says, there’s a VCR in the back, but he says, let’s wait. June says, they’ll find him. John tells her that he was starting to think got all the luck in this world. They’ve survived things people don’t survive. Most people don’t have that kind of good luck. It would be a shame not to share it. They hug, and June says she didn’t think anyone could help her, not even him, until he made her believe it. So that’s what they have to do. Find a way to make other people believe it. They kiss, but John looks distressed.

Alicia stabs zombies. Can’t stop; won’t stop. Morgan says, hey, and Alicia says they could have died today. Luci almost did. The people they came for took what they had back home, and the kids ran from them. They can’t make up for the past if they’re dead. This was stupid. Morgan says, they were trying. They can’t make up for the past if they don’t try. She says her mom did so much to make sure they were standing there. Why? If they’re out there, they need to make it mean something. Morgan says he’s not done yet. It’s what they need – what he needs – because they’re not done yet. They could keep looking for the kids. Alicia says they don’t want help, but Morgan says they’ll keep trying until they do. It’s not supposed to be easy. They can’t just say they want to help and that’s it. They kill people. The things they’ve done – the things he’s done – they should be hard. Maybe that’s how they know they’re on the right track. Alicia says, it shouldn’t be this hard. Morgan says they’re still standing; they’re still here. Until they’re not, they have to keep at it. She walks off, and he walks in the other direction.

Victor looks at the skidmark tape. He sees Al’s interview with Daniel. Victor is like, what?!

It’s pouring rain, but Al goes back to the impaled zombie. She takes the mask off, and stabs him in the head. She begins to film, and finds a wire attacked to his jacket. She pulls out some kind of electrical component, and a pouch. She pulls a map out of the pouch. On the map, are the letters CRM and three circles interlinked. She radios Morgan, and says she’s back at the plane. He asks if it can wait, and she says, she was right. There’s a story there.

Someone comes up from behind, and knocks her out using a taser. It’s another guy in a mask and suit, but I don’t think he’s a zombie.

Next time, I don’t know. Either they didn’t show it or I wasn’t paying attention.

💀 I was, however, paying attention to the code word for TWD Rewards during Talking Dead. It was skidmark, and Chris Hardwick made me laugh when he cautioned viewers to enter it at the website, not Google. Yeah, I can only imagine, but don’t want to. The guests also gave a tease that the radiation sign Alicia saw would have something to do with the storyline, and how that might have affected the zombies. Chris acted like this was all fresh, but um… Z Nation addressed that issue some time ago. (Still sobbing over its cancelation.)

👃 Smelling an Emmy…

And still hanging on. Tyrion was really the only character I was invested in. Except for the dragons and direwolves.


💃 Giving It Another Try…

Eva Longoria is making another attempt at a show. I hope it works out for her. I loved Devious Maids and Telenova, but apparently the general public and/or network didn’t feel the same.


👓 I Had No Idea…

Reza and MJ are at odds again.



🏡 She’s Making It Nice…

Now if Dorinda had just had James The-White-Kanye Kennedy as a DJ, that would have made it perfect.


🐈 Making Like Snagglepuss…

Exiting stage left.