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April 3, 2020 – GG Explains It All, Reversal Of Karma, a Break-Up, Teresa’s Loss, Free ‘N’ Fun, Ten Quotes For Quarantine & I Wanna


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Destiney meets sister Cat for breakfast. In Destiney’s interview, she says Cat is everything to her. She’s strong, independent; a mother, sister, and father-like figure. They’re so close, and even did People’s Couch together. I loved that show! Destiney says she’s trying to get everything out of her head, and Cat thinks things should be brought down a notch. In her interview, Destiney says she doesn’t get the accusations that she planned the bullsh*t between Reza and Ali. She tells Cat, she isn’t getting respect from the people around her, and Cat says, then Destiney doesn’t need them walking with her on her journey. She asks how Destiney’s dating life is going, and Destiney says she went to Vegas, and was catching a vibe with Sara’s brother. They ended up making out. Um… I think it was more than that. She says she’s been dealing with Sara’s drama, and feels bullied. Cat asks if she cares about Sam, and Destiney says part of her is vibing with him, but it’s complicated. It’s driving her crazy. In her interview, she says no one is going to tell her who she can or can’t date. Cat says they have to live life like it’s their last day. She and Destiney high-five.

GG and Sara meet to visit a Reiki master. GG sees a dead bee, and tells Sara, an animal shaman told her that her spirit animal was a bee, and she wonders if it’s a sign. Reiki master Romeo says he’s going to go through her chakras to determine the trauma to her body and soul. In GG’s interview, she says she believes in different forms of healing energy, and hopes this will give her an answer as to why this happened (referring to her miscarriage). She tells Sara that the remaining embryo and placenta is stuck right now. They gave her injections of something to make it dissolve and go away, but that hasn’t happened. Sara says, it’s a lot. In her interview, GG says she’s been pregnant a few times. She’s put her body through so many things. Is this her karma for taking advantage of her body? She believes in walking energy, and that some people have the skill to gather and move energy, and locate where the body needs healing, giving their energy to you. Romeo has both of them close their eyes, and invite his energy in. Afterwards, GG lies down, and Romeo’s hands hover over her. He says her chakras are open. GG asks if she should pursue the things in her mind, or do they need to take a backseat? Romeo says he’s going to ask spirit real quick, and concentrates. He tells her, basically, there’s a lot of positivity in the next three months. In her interview, she says it will take three months for her to heal from the medications she’s been given. He says a shift is going to happen in that time, and GG says, it makes sense.

Reza calls Nema from the car, and Nema tells him, the more he talks to MJ, the more it makes sense that there’s no crazy ulterior motive. He suggests Reza sit and talk. Reza says Nema and Mike have drunk the Kool-Aid, and are being messy. In Mike’s interview, he says MJ was a pawn, and he wants to be done with this foolishness. Reza says, if they want to be friends with MJ, why don’t they crawl up her ass? Nema says, he just wants them to talk, but Reza doesn’t want to. He has a legal case against MJ’s husband, who vandalized his house. He doesn’t want to put himself in harm’s way with her criminally violent husband. In Reza’s interview, he says Nema is only worried about how it’s going to affect himself. He wants to be in the mix, and is just making it worse. He tells Nema, stay out of his business. He doesn’t need help. He hangs up while Nema is still talking.

Nema meets Shervin at a martial arts studio. In Nema’s interview, he says he studies Jiu-Jitsu. Persians don’t have a combat sport, and the only belt Shervin has is Gucci. Their defense system is lawyers and an American Express card. They go through some exercises, and then do a few rounds of what looks similar to wrestling, where Shervin gets the upper hand. In his interview, Nema says Shervin is able to disable and disarm him with his disgusting body hair and sweaty palms, bringing on Nema’s gag reflex. Shervin asks if Nema is really going with the gag reflex defense, and Nema tells him that he’s really gross. They sit down, and Nema says he likes this because it checks his ego. He spoke to Reza, and Reza made it a screaming match. In Nema’s interview, he says when Reza claims Nema is meddling from a place of self-interest, that says his marriage is falling apart, and he’s blaming everyone and anyone around. He tells Shervin, for Reza to risk their friendship shows a disassociation with himself. No matter how tough Reza pretends to be, he thinks Reza is hurt.

Mike brings flowers to his mom Sue. He, Sue, and dad Shawn sit down in front of the traditional tons of food for any and every occasion. Mike asks what they think of Paulina, and after a long pause, Sue says, she looks like a good girl. Mike says it’s the first time he’s dating a Persian girl, and the first time he’s dating a Jewish girl. Why don’t they look happy? In Mike’s interview, he says his parents don’t feel he’s capable of a long term relationship. We flash back to Mike’s failed marriage with Jessica. Sue tells him to take his time. When he hurts, all of them hurt, and they want to make sure he doesn’t do it again. She asks how the progress is with the project. Maybe Mike should sell the permits and plan, and get out; the land is worth a million. Mike says, why make two million when he can make five or six? In his interview, Mike says his mom feels that he’s in over his head with the project. Sue says, it’s going to be two years of hard work. Maybe he’s better off getting out. Shawn tells him to make someone an offer they can’t refuse.

MJ and Tommy go to see a therapist. In MJ’s interview, she says Tommy is normally funny and lighthearted, but now he’s heartbroken, thinking about how he almost lost her. We flash back to Tommy weeping over MJ’s near death experience. She says, they’ve come there to heal. There’s no reason for this bullsh*t in their lives. Dr. K’harja says she’ll start with Tommy, and asks why he’s there. He says he’s had a tough go of it since MJ had the baby. They couldn’t remove the placenta, and it was terrifying. MJ says she knows it has something to do with Tommy’s mother dying. He says he became an angry kid, and got in a lot of trouble. K’harja says the aftermath has the potential to dredge up old stuff again. She brings MJ into the conversation, and in her interview, MJ hopes Tommy will be back to his old self in short order. She wants solutions, and wants to know what they need to be for each other. K’harja asks what MJ’s experience is, and MJ says, having a baby is stressful, but this is another level. K’harja says it’s critical that Tommy get support for his PTSD. MJ says as soon as she woke up, she started making jokes. Culturally, they’re supposed to be strong and move on. In her interview, she says she and Tommy couldn’t be more different. If they don’t have the tools to heal each other, it could poison their marriage past the point of no return. K’harja says, sadness turns to anger if it sits too long. In trying to communicate and support each other, Tommy needs to say he just wants her to listen or he needs a minute. In MJ’s interview, she says she loves Tommy with all her heart, and he deserves to feel that, even if she’s not saying it in the moment.

Reza takes Adam along to buy a car for his mom. Adam says, what if she doesn’t love it? but Reza says he bought her the last car, and she loved it. In his interview, he says his dad left his mom broken, and she did everything she could to give her children the best life. She made so many sacrifices, a car is literally the least he could do for her. He used to car shop with Mike. We flash back to Mike and Reza at a dealership, and Reza telling Mike to act like he doesn’t have money. With the bullsh*t in Arizona, and Mike going to Vida’s retirement party, he’s blocked Mike and Shervin on his on phone, Twitter, and Instagram. Nothing good can come from them trying to fix things.

Mike goes to the development project, and in his interview, he says, it’s hard. He’d love to have his best friend there to help, like when they were building his house. Unfortunately, Reza is mad that Mike’s not siding with him enough, and he doesn’t hate MJ enough on Reza’s Richter scale of hatred.

Reza sees a car coming in on a truck. The kind of truck I hate to be near on the highway, because I’m always afraid one is going to come loose and fall off. He asks how much it is, and the dealer says, $40K. Reza says he wants that one.

Mike meets with real estate broker Jordan. In his interview, Mike says his mom is strongly urging him to sell, but he doesn’t like playing it safe. Jordan tells him the property is worth $2-2.5 million, and in Mike’s interview, he says it’s not worth enough to sell, but now he has to get his mom off his back, and develop it. He thinks it will be worth $10-15 million when he’s done. There are a lot of naysayers and doubters, like Reza, but the reality is, he’s doing it. Jordan asks if he knows what he’s getting into, and Mike says he’s going to fake it until he makes it.

GG is in the ER. She asks Fatima if everything went okay, and Fatima says, everything is good. In GG’s interview, she says she was in a lot of pain on her way home. She went to the hospital, and they did surgery, taking both of her fallopian tubes. She can never get pregnant the natural way. She asks if she’ll be okay, and Fatima says she will. GG is glad it’s over. In her interview, she says she’s been pregnant too many times by accident. To never be able to get pregnant again is karma, and what she deserves for the life she’s led for so many years. She asks if she peed on herself during surgery, and Fatima laughs.

In the car, Shervin tells Mike, the weather is weird, and everyone is bipolar. GG texted him, asking how much she needed to pay him to keep her name out of his mouth. Mike says, GG had complications with a pregnancy, and explains GG had an ectopic pregnancy, and they had to remove her fallopian tubes, but she’s going to try again. He doesn’t understand how she can, and in his interview, Mike describes IVF as a sperm and an egg being put in the vagina, since he apparently doesn’t know exactly where babies are formed, and that you don’t necessarily need fallopian tubes. Shervin tells him, the uterus doesn’t go backward.

GG smokes some weed. The doorbell rings, and it’s Nema. GG says she’s in a lot of pain, so Nema answers the door when Destiney arrives. She tells GG that she knows eventually GG will be okay, and she’ll allow herself to heal, and be in the moment. In GG’s interview, she says, it’s the new her. She’s not angry with world for everything that happens to her anymore. Destiney is wearing a sexy nurse outfit, and GG says she must have died and gone to heaven. Destiney says she’s Nurse Rose, and has brought goodies. She gives GG a fancy domino mask, a feather boa, and prunes, just in case. GG says she went all out.

Mike tells Shervin, everyone was on the text, and Shervin wonders if Reza will show. In Shervin’s interview, he says they went to Vida’s party, and because they chose to be supportive of her retirement, Reza threw a tantrum, took his toys, and left the sandbox. He doesn’t want to play now. Reza talks to other people who have said and done as much, and says they’re friends. He tells Mike, he doesn’t like that Reza made them choose a side, and doesn’t give a f*** what happened. If you don’t stop something like that in its tracks, it continues, catches speed, and there’s no stopping it. In Mike’s interview, he says, Reza has known them both for years, and has hurt him in many ways, but he’s learned to forgive. Shervin says, all the weight of the tension is falling on them, and Mike says they need to learn to forgive each other.

Tommy takes out a new seat, and MJ tells him to clean up the mess, since Polina is coming over. In Tommy’s interview, he says Polina was a friend from many years back, and she’s a sharp-tongued hard-nosed lawyer, who takes no bullsh*t. He tells MJ, that he’s shocked there’s no spread of food to give Polina, since it’s the Persian way. MJ wonders if she can give Polina a diaper, but quickly makes a chartcuterie board. In her interview, she says Tommy has two cases to deal with; one civil, and one criminal. Because Reza called the cops, he’s been charged with vandalism, which is criminal. Reza also filed a restraining order, which is a civil case. The fact that Tommy has to retain an attorney is ridiculous. She says she didn’t sue when Reza damaged her sofa while he was painting her condo. Because that’s so much the same thing.

The Shahs, minus MJ, gather at GG’s place. I wonder where the damn food is. In GG’s interview, she says she wants her friends to know what happened. She hopes they wake up and realize the issue with MJ is minute, compared to bigger issues, like what she went through. She explains that she was pregnant, and it was an ectopic pregnancy. Only 1% of IVF patients have that happen. Everyone is in shock, and she says she got injections to make it dissolve, and her pain was really bad. It can kill a person, so they went in and removed both of her fallopian tubes. Now she can never get pregnant naturally. It is what it is. Everyone gets teary, and she says, it happened so fast, before she was able to… She starts to cry, and says, before she could appreciate being pregnant, she lost part of her reproductive system. That’s what made her realize a lot of this needs to stop between them. She believes it’s karma. Shervin is closest to her, and when she was going in to surgery, she expected to see him. He says he’s sorry, and wishes he’d been there. She says, everybody is going through sh*t, and she wants someone to do something at this point.

Nema says Reza’s comments about him sharing the dynamic affected him massively, and Mike says Reza blocked him because he didn’t chose a side. Reza says there was no compassion and insight to how he was feeling, and Mike was looking at it from the opposite angel. Mike says, you’re either with MJ or Reza, and Nema says he’s invested in them both, and wanted to see two friends come together. If he overstepped, he apologizes. Reza says, it made things ten times worse, and made him angrier. He had to take a moment. The intentions are pure, but he can’t talk right now. He could get in a better place with MJ if he wasn’t hearing the noise. He was in a dark place, and none of them knew what he was going through. Mike says Reza is making it sound like no one has sympathy. MJ was crying, and saying she effed up, and Ali better tun if Mike sees him, but Mike didn’t do anything to Reza. Reza says he needed a hug, and to be understood, but was left in pain, while Mike kept harping on MJ being his friend for thirty years. GG tells them that they can’t talk over each other. They’re individuals who all need to be heard. Mike says he’s supported Reza throughout their entire friendship, and Reza has done the same.

In Mike’s interview, he says there have been so many times he was having trouble, and Reza told him what he needed to hear. We flash back to Reza telling Mike that he sucks at being a husband, and Mike says, now he’s done the same because of what he learned from Reza, and he’s the bad guy. Reza says he was talking emotionally, and trying to explain how isolated he felt. Mike says Reza insisted he was either with him or MJ. GG says they deal with things the same way every time; deal with it differently. Reza says he was never mad at them. He gets irrational when he feels like he’s under attack and hurt. He was very alone and isolated. He’s an accountable person, and said disgusting vial things because he was hurt. He could have done it differently, but he was stupid, and wants to apologize. He put everyone in the position that they had to choose between two people they care about, and he didn’t mean to.

Tommy asks Polina, what if Reza decides to drop the charges? and she says the restraining order is in Reza’s hands. MJ says, Reza needs to come to his senses, and Polina says, if he does, it will be thrown out, but the criminal charges are up to the judge. It could be either a misdemeanor or a felony, if it’s over $400 in damage. In MJ’s interview, she can’t believe over $400 is a felony. Polina says, it’s not as light an offense as they thought. Tommy says, it’s all bullsh*t, and asks what the worst case is. Polina says he could spend time in county jail. In her interview, MJ says, all this mess could have been avoided if Reza hadn’t called the cops over broken pottery. Oh, okay. I guess it couldn’t have been avoided if Tommy hadn’t broken the pottery in the first place. Tommy says he has to take responsibility, and in MJ’s interview, she says it’s a nine inch nail in their friendship and family. It’s over.

Mike says, dirty sh*t happened, and they all stepped outside of their norm. Shervin, Mike, and Reza have a three-way hug. In Reza’s interview, he says he feels better now. Clearly, he needs to apologize to MJ. Maybe they can form a new relationship and friendship from ground zero. Reza tells them, after the hug, he never needs to wear cologne again.

Next time, Destiney and GG get injectables, Reza and MJ meet, and GG needs an ambulance.

💫 Karma Reversed…

I’m pleased to say, things did work out for GG.


💃 Amigas No More…

I guess it was hard to keep it going after two of them were fired.


😥 The Hits Keep Coming…

Sadly, Teresa’s father passed away. It’s unclear from what, but he’s been unwell for some time, and had pneumonia not that long ago.


🙆🏻 Free Things To Do While Self-Isolating…

Movies and TV shows.


Zoo tours.


And who doesn’t want to hear LeVar Burton read to them?


📣 Quotes of the Week

Don’t believe every stupid thing you think. – Dr. Daniel Amen

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.Mark Twain

Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution. – Albert Einstein

Integrity is doing what is right and truthful, and doing as you say you would do. Roy T. Bennett

The queen doesn’t rage text. – Andy Cohen after James Kennedy blamed his nasty texts on being British.

Keep a light, hopeful heart. But expect the worst. – Joyce Carol Oates

The future is uncertain, but that can be a good thing. – Jennifer Niven

The past is made out of facts. I guess the future is just hope. – Isaac Marion

Let’s f*** sh*t up is my legal middle name. – Juggernaut (voiced by Ryan Reynolds), Deadpool 2

🤷🏻‍♀️ What’s a Weekend…?

There are never any days off for me, but I’m sure it’s weird for a lot of people when Saturday is just like Monday. Remember, this too shall pass. Everything in life is temporary, even life itself. Well, maybe not if you’re one of The Walking Dead. See you then, and in the meantime, stay safe out there.

March 27, 2020 – Cameron Talks To Neil, Vida’s Retirement Party Happens, a Dozen Quotes & 5 Second Break


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yeah, yeah, I missed the beginning again. Because I had even more time than yesterday. Maybe I should start deliberately running late.

Finn we’re fam yeah they are walk her

In Franco’s studio, Ava tells Nikolas, no need to wait, but he says he’s curious about the process. She says, too bad. She doesn’t want him annoying her while she’s posing. He says, Franco is a great artist, and he’s sure Franco could paint her smiling even if she isn’t. Franco comes in, and says they’ll start as soon as Nikolas leaves, but Nikolas says he’s not going anywhere.

Elizabeth thanks Cameron for coming to the hospital, and he says he almost didn’t. She says, it’s just one session, and he says, one he doesn’t need. She says, if that’s the case, and Neil agrees, Cameron will never have to see Neil again. Cameron says, and if Neil disagrees? They’re paying money they don’t have for something he doesn’t want. By the reception desk, Portia tells Neil, here’s another GH newbie, and introduces him to Britt. She tells Britt that Neil was in private practice before GH snatched him up. Britt says he looks familiar for some reason, and he says he gets that a lot. He must have one of those faces. He leaves, and Britt looks after him quizzically.

The bartender asks if Alexis wants another, and she slides her glass over, saying, sure, why not? She ponders the shot, and takes out her phone. She gets Finn’s voicemail, and calls Molly. This time she leaves a message, saying she forgot Molly had social justice class tonight. It’s nothing. She’s just seeing how Molly is, and what’s going on with TJ. She says she loves Molly, and will talk to her later. She moves on to Neil, but hesitates.

Trina and Josslyn hang out in Sonny’s kitchen, along with the moss. Josslyn asks if Trina thinks Cameron is acting weird. It wouldn’t surprise her. He was in a horrible shootout, after being kidnapped six months earlier. He feels more freaked than he’s admitting, even though he’s acting macho. Josslyn stops for a moment, and says here she keeps talking about Cameron, when she should be worried about Trina.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, he has to talk about what happened, but he says if he needs to talk, he can talk to his friends. She says he needs to talk to someone who can guide him through the healing process. He says, and that someone is Dr. Bern?

Nikolas tells Ava that he thought he’d stick around to help pass the time while Franco is painting. She says it was thoughtful of Elizabeth to defend him to Britt. Despite her angelic face, Elizabeth can certainly throw down. Franco arrives, and says he’s just got an hour. He wants to see Elizabeth and Cameron. Ava asks if everything is fine, and Franco says, Cameron is seeing a therapist. Elizabeth thought it was a good idea after the hostage situation. Ava says Elizabeth must be worried; she’s sure it took its toll. Nikolas decides to leave them to it, and Ava closes the door behind him. She says, okey dokey, Picasso. Where does he want her?

Carly and Sonny come into the hospital. Carly sees Portia, and says she didn’t know Portia was on staff. Portia says, it’s a recent development. Sonny asks if she’s seen Mike, and Portia says she did. She’s never met Mike, but Trina talks so much about him, it’s like she knows him. He has a wrist injury. She thinks it’s a sprain, but they’re taking an image to be sure. Carly asks if he fell, and Portia says they don’t know what happened. Sonny asks what Mike said, but Portia tells him, Mike hasn’t spoken since he got there.

Nelle tells Michael, Monica told them Wiley was in no immediate danger, but Michael says he has a heart defect that could affect his growth, and possibly give him long term problems. Nelle says Michael is acting like Wiley is having his tonsils taken out. It’s a major surgery. Michael says, major, but common, and she says it’s nice it worked out for him, but she also had an operation that she’s never fully recovered from. She depends on medication and has chronic pain. How could he do that to his own son?

Britt says hello to Anna and Finn, and Finn says he sees she got her license back. Britt says she did. The more things change… Speaking of change, or the lack thereof, her mother seems to have become a habit with Anna. Anna says maybe Obrecht will pay for some of her crimes, and Britt says, good. She has a lot to answer for.

On the hospital roof, Nelle tells Michael, she can’t stand the thought of Wiley being under anesthesia if it’s not necessary. He says, it is necessary, but she says, she’s not willing to take that risk. She knows Michael, and he’s not either. There has to be an alternate solution to keep their little boy safe. Michael says he’ll check with the doctors, and see if they have any recommendations, and goes back inside.

Portia says, when Mike was at dinner, the aide noticed his wrist was swollen. They don’t know what happened, but he was using like normal until the aide tried to examine him, and he pulled back in pain. Carly wonders how Mike could use it if he was in pain, and Porta says, he might not have made the connection between the discomfort and his wrist. As Alzheimer’s progresses, it’s harder for the patient to understand cause and effect. She doesn’t think it’s broken, but since they can’t tell what’s wrong, she thought it best to take an X-ray. Carly says she made the right call, and Sonny asks if he can see Mike. Portia says, sure, and Carly says she’ll stay. She doesn’t want to overwhelm Mike. Sonny leaves, and Carly sees Michael coming down the stairs. He asks if Monica talked to her, and she says, no; what’s going on? He says, Wiley is in the hospital.

Julian walks into the bar (not the start of a joke), and says he heard Alexis needed a ride. She thanks him for coming, and tells him, the bill is already taken care of. They start to leave, and the bartender asks if she doesn’t want her second drink, but they just walk out without saying anything.

Elizabeth knocks on Neil’s door, and asks if he’s ready for them. He says, absolutely, and introduces himself. Elizabeth leaves, and Neil tells Cameron, have a seat. Cameron says, just so Neil knows, he’s only there because his mom is worried. It’s a waste of everyone’s time; he’s fine. It happened; it’s over; he survived; and it’s all good. Neil says, that took all of 45 seconds. His mom paid for a full hour. Sit down and tell him what happened that’s over and all good now.

Josslyn tells Trina, sorry; she’s an idiot. Trina tells her to stop. She knows Josslyn cares and wants the best for her, and that’s awesome, but she thinks Josslyn understands better than anyone, the best thing is to treat her like herself. If Josslyn wants to talk about Cameron, they should do it. Josslyn asks if she’s sure, and Trina says she thinks Josslyn is right. The shootout messed up Cameron more than he’s saying, and he’s doing things he wouldn’t normally do. Josslyn says, like what?

Carly asks Michael if the surgery Wiley needs is like the kind he had. He says, they do it differently now, but yeah. Wiley’s breath was shallow, which means his heart has deteriorated. The surgery is elective, which means he won’t die this second. Carly says, but it’s obviously necessary, and Michael says, Monica thinks so. So does every doctor in the hospital, but Nelle refuses to sign. He practically begged her to reconsider. It’s his worst nightmare; that psycho putting Wiley’s life on the line. Carly says they won’t let her do it, and Michael says he can get an injunction, but it won’t be enough. She tells him to deal with the legal aspect, and she’ll deal with Nelle. They’ll figure this out.

Julian drives in silence, and Alexis says, she drank tonight. It was just one, but she doesn’t consider it a victory. She just kicked her three-years of sobriety to the curb, but she didn’t have a second. Julian says, which begs the question, why she had the first. She says she has no idea, but he doesn’t buy that. She’s not somebody who would throw her sobriety away for nothing. Something happened. She doesn’t need to tell him, but he thinks she needs to tell someone.

Nikolas sees Elizabeth, who looks away. He asks if she’s all right, and she says she’s fine. He says, no offense, but she doesn’t look fine. She says she’s worried about Cameron. She doesn’t think he’s okay. She’s terrified that he’s keeping it inside, and locking away what happened. If nothing changes that, it will break him. She says, Nikolas saw what happened after she was raped. It’s not the same, but Cameron is close to the same age, and he’s been through two traumas in the past six months. She hates the idea of him going through anything like she did.

Ava tells Franco that Trina skipped school to come to the gallery. She said she needed to feel normal. Franco says, poor kid, and Ava says, she’s so young. Franco says Trina is lucky to have Ava, but Ava doesn’t know about that. She wasn’t such a good mother toward the end. She hurt her daughter, and put herself first. Now Trina is coming to her for guidance. Maybe Trina ought to run the other way.

Alexis tells Julian that she’s upset, and he asks, about what? She says she and Sam had a huge fight. It was her fault. Sam is distraught about being put in jail, and being on parole for something that was self-defense, and she can’t see Jason. Julian says, that’s no big loss, and she says, it is to Sam. She should have known, but she told Sam to suck it up, and get over it. Then Sam unloaded on her, and told her what a huge disappointment she is to her. She called Alexis a coward because she didn’t fight for someone she cares about. Julian says he’d like to think she was talking about him, but he thinks it’s Neil. Alexis says, there is no her and Neil. There can’t be.

Neil says, so Cameron thought he was going a dance, and ended up in an incredibly dangerous hostage situation. It must have been frightening. Cameron says, yeah, but while it was happening, Curtis and Jason showed up. Neil says, so no big deal? and Cameron says, not no big deal; it just all worked out for him. He’s okay. Neil says, except he went through a traumatic experience that the toughest guys can’t shake. Ignoring it’s not an option. Cameron asks, what is? and Neil says, they’ll work though it, find out how bad it is, and get him to the other side.

Josslyn tells Trina that Cameron’s behavior isn’t crazy. He’s just been checking in; that’s what friends do. Trina says, he’s getting worse than her mom. Usually their texts to him go into a black hole where responses go to die. Josslyn says, he was like that after Oscar died; super attentive and sensitive. Cameron loves to play like he’s the shallow guy, but there’s so much more to him. He’s actually amazing. Trina flashes back to the kiss, and says Josslyn is lucky to have him. Josslyn says, Trina has him too. He’s just as much her friend. Trina says, just admit it, and Josslyn says, okay. She and Cameron have known each other since they were in diapers. She had a crush on him when they were second grade, but that was forever ago. Since high school, it’s been the three of them, and that’s how it’s going to stay.

Finn is surprised Britt thinks her mother is guilty, and Britt says, her father dug a deep hole, and Obrecht is desperate to claw her way out. She can totally see Obrecht doing it, especially after she talked to Peter. Anna says, they’ve talked? and Britt says, they’ve talked since she got back, but they’ve kept in touch. Anna says she had no idea, and Britt says Peter is her half-brother, which makes them… Anna says, absolutely nothing, and Britt says, thank God. Finn says Britt and Peter have a unique perspective as Faison’s kids. Britt says, unique is one word for it. They become close, and Peter told her that Jason is convinced he’s guilty. She knows it took a lot for them to believe Peter over Jason. Anna says, Jason doesn’t usually let his emotions get in the way, but he was being judgmental. In the end, the evidence pointed to Peter’s innocence. Britt is glad Peter was vindicated, and now, after this weird cordial moment, she’s taking off. She leaves, and Anna says, the Britch is back.

On the phone, Michael thanks Diane. Sonny asks where Carly is, and Michael says, on the roof, dealing with Nelle. Sonny says, that doesn’t sound good, and I laugh. Michael tells Sonny, Wiley has the same heart condition he had as a baby. The doctors hoped he’d grow out of it, but that didn’t happen, and now he needs an operation. Sonny asks if that’s where Wiley is now, and Michael says, no. They need both parents’ consent, and Sonny says, and Nelle wouldn’t give hers. Maybe he should intervene. Michael says, Diane is on it, and Sonny says, so is Michael’s mom. Okay, it’s handled. He wishes he could sic Diane and Carly on Mike’s problem, but there’s not much he can do for Michael’s grandfather right now.

The roof door opens, and Nelle thinks it’s Michael. She says she’s sorry. She knows he’s worried, and she is too, but she thinks they have to work together as parents to… Carly says, save it. Her performance is wasted. Nelle asks what Carly is doing there, and Carly says she’s there to give Nelle some friendly advice. Nelle says they’re not friends, and Carly says, thankfully, they’re nothing, but she’s still there to help. Nelle is on the verge of overplaying her hand. Wiley is leverage to her; it’s all he’s ever been. A weapon she can wield. Her power over Michael. But if Wiley dies, Nelle’s leverage will go up in smoke.

Julian says, so Alexis really doesn’t have a problem with Neil, and she tells him not jump to conclusions. She’s an alcoholic; that’s why she drinks. She’ll use any excuse, and her excuse is Sam. Sam pointed out that even when Alexis makes a healthy choice, she makes a mess of it. She makes a mistake, and takes a road she never intended. Alexis admits she’s the one who sabotaged it from the start; it’s on her, but it’s an improvement over being kidnapped and having a knife at her throat. She’s making progress. She tells Julian that he missed the road to her house, and he says he’s taking her to a meeting. She says he doesn’t have to, and he says he knows.

Cameron tells Neil, there’s one thing he can’t stop thinking about. When they were in the warehouse, when the guy holding him let go, Trina’s dad told him to run, so he ran. He doesn’t want to be the guy who leaves his friends behind. Neil asks Cameron to walks him through it. There were five armed gunmen. Did Trina’s father have a gun? Cameron nods, saying, and Curtis, and Neil says, so he and Trina are the only ones without guns. His guy loosened his grip, and he deprived his guy of a hostage. Cameron says, that’s not the point. He doesn’t know why he ran. He doesn’t know if he was being smart or a coward.

Nikolas remembers how brave Elizabeth was. She worked it out at her own pace. Elizabeth says she didn’t go to therapy right away, but got she got there. Cameron will too. Laura told her that she shouldn’t push him; let him figure it out for himself, and if it’s something he needs. When she thinks about the time she was raped, she thinks about Emily, Lucky, and Nikolas. They were the people she could talk too. Cameron just told her pretty much the same thing. Maybe she’s screwing it up. She has to get back to work, and Nikolas hopes the doctor helps her too.

Ava asks if Franco thinks she really has anything to offer Trina, and he says, of course (🍷). She’s made a lot of mistakes, and will probably make more. Ava asks if there’s a but in there, and he says, but in the end, Kiki ended up with things that made her better than average. Strength, intelligence, confidence, resilience, and a zest for life. She got all that from Ava, and Ava can share the same things with Trina.

Michael tells Sonny, as scared as he is for Wiley, part of him knows it will be okay. Sonny says, of course (🍷) it will be. Whatever comes, they can give Wiley what he needs. Michael says that’s what he learned from Sonny at a young age. He learned whatever comes, your dad is always there to take care of you, as Sonny has always done. Too many times, Mike didn’t show up for Sonny, yet here Sonny is, showing up for Mike. Sonny says he’s trying. Alzheimer’s isn’t like Nelle; it can’t be neutralized. Michael asks if Mike is talking, and Sonny says, the times Mike has been lucid are few and far between. Michael says, but Sonny hasn’t left. He’s been there, and it’s really important.

Nelle says Carly would love that if her baby died. She’d no longer have a hold over Michael. Carly thinks Wiley is tainted because he’s hers. Carly says, just the opposite. She knows Wiley is precious because he’s Michael’s. Rotten people can have good children. Look at Michael, and look at Michael’s father. Nelle says, and his mother. What if Wiley is gone, and Nelle is left empty-handed? She tells Nelle to sign the form. She might win some people over. It’s a turnaround moment for her. Take it.

Anna tells Finn, she might regret saying it, but she’s glad Britt is back. Peter should know his sister. Finn says, it’s nice that she’s supportive; he guesses Peter could use it. She says Peter is in a good place with Maxie, James, and Georgie, and now he’s getting to know them. Peter’s future looks bright. He says, it does, but not against the competition. He doesn’t think Peter’s future is nearly as bright as theirs. Anna says, impossible, and he says he’s glad she feels that way, and they kiss.

As Julian drives, he says he’s glad Britt could make it. She says she had nothing else going on, and he asks if she wants to get something to eat. She says, when you text someone U Up? food is not on the menu. He doesn’t have to wine and dine her. Clearly what’s on the menu is her.

Franco adjusts Ava’s jacket, and says, Trina, or anyone else, should be happy to have her in their corner. She thanks him, and he tells her that she’s welcome. He starts to paint.

Neil says, so Cameron ran. Then what happened? Cameron says the guy was chasing him through the woods, and he tripped. The guy had a gun, and Cameron thought he was going to die, but Jason shot him. Neil asks how that makes Cameron feel, but Cameron doesn’t know. Relieved mostly, that he’s still alive. Jason was there, and the guy was dead. It feels unreal. Neil asks what happened then, and Cameron says, Curtis showed up with Trina, and they were sent to the car. Neil asks if there was nothing in between, and Cameron says, before Curtis came, Jason asked him questions about what happened in the warehouse. They were going back in to try and save Trina. Neil says, Jason wanted to take an unarmed teenager back in to the situation? and Cameron tells him, Jason said they had one shot to get it right. Neil says Cameron was willing to put his life on the line. That doesn’t sound cowardly. Cameron says he forgot that part, and Neil says, it probably matters, right? Cameron tells Neil, if he says so. Elizabeth pokes her head in, but says she can come back if they’re not done, but Neil says, perfect timing. He asks if he’ll see Cameron next week, and Cameron says, that would be cool.

Portia comes by Sonny’s, and asks if Trina is ready to go. Trina says she’ll text Josslyn later, and Portia says they just spent hours together. What’s left to text about? Josslyn gets a text from Cameron, asking if they can talk, and she texts back, yes. Trina asks, wasn’t Portia ever her age? Portia says they had no cell phones, and Trina asked how they lived. Portia says, quite happily.

Sonny tells Michael that Mike’s wrist is sprained, not broken, and Michael says, good. He asks if Sonny is taking Mike back to Turning Woods, but Sonny says they’re keeping Mike overnight as a precaution. If he’s better, they’ll discharge him tomorrow. Michael asks if Sonny saw him, and Sonny says Mike was sleeping, but he stayed a bit. Michael says, so Mike is okay, and Sonny says, yeah, for now.

Nelle’s hand hovers over the form, and she says she doesn’t know. Maybe it is good for Wiley. Carly says, it would be, but Nelle says, no. Carly doesn’t get to win. Carly says, that’s not what it’s about, and Nelle says Carly certainly doesn’t get to tell her what to do. Carly has no power; she’s just the grandmother. Nelle is the mother, and the one making the decisions. It’s up to the parents, and she’s the parent. Carly guesses that’s it, and takes the clipboard. She walks to out the door, and locks it, leaving Nelle on the roof. Nelle says Carly can’t do this. Open the door. Carly just looks at her.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Portia that he told his wife everything, Trina says she thinks she messed up, Sonny asks what’s going on with his father, and Sasha asks what changed Nelle’s mind.

Shahs of Sunset

Mike brings us a public service announcement to catch us up. Lifelong friends, MJ and Reza, are having a terrible feud. MJ is upset that Reza didn’t visit her in the hospital when she was giving birth and almost died. Reza is upset because he feels MJ conspired to break up his marriage. Reza posted MJ’s medical history on Instagram, and MJ’s husband Tommy retaliated by destroying Reza’s backyard. Reza got a restraining order against Tommy. Meanwhile, Destiney is spiraling because she got involved with what she knew about the rumors. This is new level of warfare they’ve never seen before.

In Phoenix, Mike eats Skittles for breakfast. Destiney wonders if she even ate dinner. In Destiney’s interview, she says, after dinner, she wanted nothing to do with Mike, Shervin, and Nema. As soon as she walked out to promote the event, she saw them waiting, and it meant a lot. Maybe they do believe her. Her assistant Rose says they were supposed to go over everything last night, but clearly that didn’t happen. In her interview, Destiney explains that her company, Liquid Sweets, promotes events, and her dancers are promoting the fighting even tonight. She tells Rose, Bloody Mary and pool.

MJ meets with assistant Sienna (everyone has assistants – I need an assistant) to check out the space for Vida’s party. In MJ’s interview, she says her mom worked hard for 35+ years, and she’s retiring. Everything she never wanted as a mom, you want as a cosmetic advisor. Vida can tell people things that would get other people fired. Like, you have bad skin, and you need these products to make it good. She has that je ne sais quoi. Before MJ’s pregnancy, dealing with Vida was like trying to hug a porcupine. We flash back to Vida being insulting to MJ. MJ says she didn’t give up on Vida, and now she’s like a koala bear. She’s so glad to be able to give Vida a grandson, even though Vida tried to talk her out of it throughout her entire life. MJ says she’s going to have her friends dress up like Vida, with a blond wig, jewelry, and blazer. The manager tells her, no confetti or glitter. I can’t say as I blame her. After doing crafts with kids, I’ve grown to hate glitter and play-dough. MJ says Vida is going to love it, and Rose asks if MJ doesn’t think she’ll be offended because everyone is dressed like her.

Shervin and Nema are already at the pool, when Destiney gets there. She asks where Mike is, and Shervin says, Mike took a spill on a Segway. We see a clip of them racing down a dirt road on scooters, and Mike hitting the dirt. Shervin says Mike was borderline wheelchair, but he’s getting a massage. Destiney’s phone rings. It’s Reza, and Nema says he and Shervin are eavesdropping. Reza says he wishes he could share the delicious Mai Tai he’s sipping. The curtain behind them opens, and Reza pops out with Adam. In Reza’s interview, he says he and Adam were going to Hawaii to decompress, and work on their relationship. Their marriage is under tremendous stress since the naked Jenga (<snort>) and cheating allegations. Destiney was disappointed that they weren’t going to Arizona, so they thought they’d change their flight and come to support her. Reza jumps in the pool.

At the Iron Boy match, Destiney goes backstage. She tells her dancers to remember, it’s happy-go-lucky. She’ll let them know when they’re supposed to go out. In her interview, Destiney says she’s super OCD, and it’s the first time she’s letting her staff handle things. She wants to enjoy the fight, and hang out with her friends.

Mike finally gets there, and Nema asks how his back is. Mike says it hurts, but the massage helped a lot. They get in the limo bus, and head to the event. Reza says that he got a text from Vida asking what MJ’s done to make him hate her, and saying everyone knows he’s a backstabber. It was pretty foul. MJ sent her husband to eff him up. Mike says MJ didn’t send him, and Vida’s text isn’t foul; Reza is just receiving it that way. Shervin says MJ feels upset and isolated. They talked last night. We flash back to that, and Shervin says, she ate sh*t. Reza insists MJ put Tommy up to it, but the other guys say she didn’t. Mike says he knows Reza is upset, but he’s throwing away a thirty-year friendship for this bullsh*t. Reza says MJ threw it away when she decided to come at him. We flash back to the pool party, and Reza says they can never be cool again. He was vandalized. Mike says it was MJ’s husband. He’s not taking sides, but it started with someone doing something they shouldn’t have done. Reza asks if he’s blaming Adam, and says, they’re ridiculous. He gets off the bus, and goes into the arena.

In Reza’s interview, he says, Mike should be concerned that MJ is plotting and scheming against her best friend. The others meet Reza at the bar, and Shervin says, they’re not taking sides, but it’s not okay. MJ didn’t think it was okay. They move to the VIP lounge. The dancers get ready, and arena manager Roberto tells Destiney that she’ll introduce them. Nema asks Reza if they’re good. No one wants to see him upset; they love him. Mike says he’s not there to take sides, and Reza says he aspires to be as neutral as Mike is one day. He hopes to find forgiveness.

GG calls mom Fatimah from the car. In her interview, GG says, since she’s been pregnant, her body hurts and she has insomnia. She should be paid for the mileage she’s logging going to her doctor’s office. It’s a lot. She asks Fatimah to cooking something healthy for her, and in her interview, she says she’s about to be a mom, but still likes to be babied by her mom, especially when her mom is cooking. Fatimah tells GG that if she eats too much rice, she’ll gain weight. GG says her weight is fine; just make the food.

It’s time for Destiney’s halftime show, and she tells the girls to go, calling them bad bitches. They go out to the arena, and she tells them to pose. Roberto wonders why the girls are on stage, and Destiney realizes they’re not supposed to go out for another four minutes. She says they’ll make it work, and tells them to look pretty and don’t move. In her interview, she says they weren’t livestreaming for another four minutes. Destiney fans herself, and the DJ waits. It’s a long four minutes, but Destiney finally gives the DJ the signal, and  the girls dance. When they’re done, the audience applauds, and Destiney tells them, yes, ladies! Everyone was wondering what was going on, but it worked out perfect. Adam asks if Reza has seen boxing before, and Reza tells him, it’s not boxing; it’s MMA. Adam says he’s tired of all the arguing, and Reza admits he overreacted at the pool party. In Reza’s interview, he says, it was a mistake going to Arizona. It seems like his friends are getting involved in a dynamic they should be staying out of. He tells Adam, he wishes he’d left the party, but he didn’t. In his interview, he says he needs to start acting like Adam is a priority, and not just talking about it.

Back home, MJ goes to Mike’s house with Baby Shams. She tells Mike that she forgot to wear shoes. Mike asks if Shams is pooping, and MJ says he has good maternal instincts. In MJ’s interview, she says her mentality was that life stopped until her dad was healed. Mike was the only one who said she can’t do that. She can’t let her father’s illness stop her from moving forward. She hopes he knows that when he shows up, it counts. Mike holds Shams, and talks about how cute Shams is, telling MJ that he was an ugly baby. He’s happy that she came by; he doesn’t like the fighting with Reza, and thinks it was blown out of proportion. She needs to focus on the right thing – they both effed up. In MJ’s interview, she says she should have told Reza that Ali was going to confront him, but that’s the only thing she’s guilty of. She says Reza didn’t call her to get the truth, and Mike says they both need to take responsibility. She should tell Reza that she’s sorry for not letting him know, or she thought it was a joke, and whatever he heard didn’t come from her. They could solve three-quarters of the problem if she, Destiney, and Ali are all on the same page. He wants them to put it to rest; it’s draining. MJ says she doesn’t want Shams to miss out on uncle time, and he says he’s glad she brought the baby.

Reza meets Destiney and GG for lunch. GG says she has so much to tell them, but wants to hear about Arizona. Reza says, Shervin was there, and very much a part of the MJ conversation. In GG’s interview, she says, everyone is going through something. Reza has to vent, and she’d feel selfish if she intervened. Unless the check shows up, but there will be other lunches. GG says, the pool party got Reza in trouble, and he says he wishes he’d gotten in the Uber with her. GG says she had to go; she was pregnant. Reza says, she’s pregnant? and she says, was. She tells them that she started IVF in October, and it took a while. She tears up, and Reza tells her, don’t cry. She says, it took a long time, but they finally put the embryo in. On Sunday, she was in pain and bleeding. In GG’s interview, she says, this definitely wasn’t the way she was planning to reveal she was pregnant. She tells Reza and Destiney that she woke up in the middle of the night, doubled over in pain, and went to bathroom. She was bleeding out, and knew she lost the baby. Reza says he’s sorry; he had no idea. GG says they might have to remove her fallopian tube, and Reza says, the other stuff is stupid in comparison. In his interview, Reza says he was talking about the bullsh*t he and MJ are going through, when GG’s news is tragic. She suffered by herself in silence, and it’s crazy to him. All three of them dab at their eyes, and Reza tells GG to get better, and GG says, if it’s karma, it’s the worst kind. She’s praying to Jesus that she doesn’t need the surgery.

Nema goes to a costume shop, and tells the clerk that he needs a short blond wig to transform into his friend’s mom, and shows her a picture. In his interview, he says everyone should be Vida for one day; it’s liberating. You can be a huge d*ck, and it’s expected. Mike joins him, and asks if they sell sh*tty attitudes too. The clerk says, sometimes. They try on wigs, and practice their Vida accents. Nema says they have to get jewelry, and they check some pieces out. Mike tells Nema that Reza wants him to pick sides. In Mike’s interview, he says he hates being caught in the middle between MJ and Reza. Reza wants him to choose, but he won’t. It’s not his fight. Nema says, those involved need to take ownership of their part. When are they going to say it’s enough? In his interview, Mike says they can’t mend fences if they’re not operating with 100% integrity. Nema puts on a dress, and twirls. Mike says, that’s Vida, bro.

Shervin meets Destiney at Saunabar. They want to push the bad stuff out. In Destiney’s interview, she says, infrared sauna is UV light. She doesn’t think it has anything to do with the sun, but it’s supposed to make your skin glow and detox your lymphatic something. As they lie in the sauna beds, Destiney tells Shervin, she’s been on a liquid diet. Everyone is going through hurt, and she’s hurting the most, but Reza and MJ are hurting. Shervin suggests that’s why Destiney is choosing to drink it away. When the truth comes out about her and Ali’s input, it will stop. Destiney says, when Ali told her, he swore MJ told him. She didn’t think he wanted to relay the message to Reza and Adam. She felt horrible at the party, and was clearly used as a puppet. In Shervin’s interview, he thinks Destiney feels guilty that she hurt Reza and Adam. She says it was brought to her attention that Reza and Adam weren’t on great terms, and the texts Ali showed her didn’t make her feel good. Ali went to Reza and told him what he needed to know, and Ali was the one who constantly told her it was MJ who told him to do it. She tells Shervin that she cared for MJ, and MJ knew it. In her interview, Destiney says she feels foolish for thinking MJ cared about her. Shervin says MJ didn’t stop loving her. Not to justify it, but MJ is going through a lot. Destiney says she was dying from afar for MJ. Shervin says, the only way to fix it is like how they’re getting the toxins out. They need to get the truth out. In his interview, he says it’s a waste of a beautiful friendship and sisterhood. He makes her laugh by saying there’s a pool of sweat in his bellybutton, and they listen to it dripping onto the bed.

MJ is stressed out as the guests arrive. Nema, Shervin, and Mike come in wearing their costumes, and Mike says, act natural. MJ says Vida has no idea. Ali arrives, and MJ dies laughing at how he looks. In Nema’s interview, he says he works with a team who creates  prosthetics, and asked for their help. They can do drag queens, but can they tackle Vida? MJ isn’t sure that Vida is going to be cool with her inviting Destiney and Ali. Nema says they’re all so bothered by this. MJ is sure Destiney knew what Ali was going to say, and in his interview, Nema says he thinks Destiney doesn’t want to face the music. She’s 100% not a pawn. Just own this. Paulina has also dressed up, and MJ says she really looks like Vida; it’s awesome. Using Vida’s accent, Nema tells Paulina her dress is too short, and to pull it down. Sara says the guys look better than they do.

Reza meets GG for brunch. They sit on the restaurant balcony, and GG feels very Romeo and Juliet. She says she’s excited to have alcohol; she hasn’t in so long. In her interview, she says now that her pregnancy ended in a terrible way, she might as well have a drink. Reza orders a double Yak (brandy) with a Coke back, and GG orders rosé. Reza tells her about Vida’s party, and in his interview, he says Vida was like a second mom to him. He loves her, and to know everyone but him is at the party breaks his heart. He tells GG that he can’t be around MJ and Tommy. He’s afraid he’ll say something, and Tommy will show up with a bat at his house. The waiter brings the drinks, calling Reza’s tomorrow’s regret. GG says MJ is temporarily out of Reza’s life, and here they are sitting together. We flash back to several altercations over the years, ending with Reza calling GG mentally unstable at a reunion. Reza drinks the brandy straight down.

Vida arrives at the party, and everyone shouts, surprise! Vida dies laughing, says she had no idea, and keeps saying, oh my God. In MJ’s interview, she says the Vida she’s been dreaming and waiting for, but thought she never had in her, is here. Instead of ruining the biggest moments of her life, Vida is making them better, sweeter, and more fun. Vida tells Mike to take off his shirt, since he has a nice body and it’s her party. She tells Sara that she heard Destiney is dating her brother, and Sara says her brother is dating everybody. I wish I could understand what the big deal is with that.

Ali introduces himself to Sara, saying he’s heard all about her. Sara says Destiney loves to talk about her, and Ali says, it was nothing bad. Sara says, it’s not that Destiney is talking about her that bothers her; it’s Destiney’s behavior. Destiney comes in, and MJ calls her over to introduce Shams. Mike hugs Destiney, and asks why MJ is crying. MJ says she’s happy.

GG wonders what Mike is up to, and Reza says, he’s probably sitting in Vida’s lap.

The cake is brought out. It says Happy Retirement Vida Joon, and Vida cuts it. She says it’s strawberry shortcake, and wants to make sure everybody has a piece. Nema tells Mike, it’s not adding up; Destiney said she was used as a pawn. They all sit around a table, and Mike calls Ali over. He says Destiney told them that Ali blindsided her. Destiney says, he blindsided her that day, since she didn’t expect him to say all that to Reza. Nema says she’s playing semantics now. In his interview, Nema says he’s tracing Destiney’s logic. They met and discussed what would go down, but it happened at an inconvenient time for Destiney. They both look guilty. Mike tells Destiney, she looks like an effing liar. MJ says, every time Destiney told Reza that MJ knew about it, it poured gasoline on the fire. In Sara’s interview, she says not clear on who’s right or wrong. Destiney goes on a rant, and in the end, she doesn’t know what Destiney is even talking about. Destiney says MJ knew what was going on, and MJ says she was at home nursing a newborn. Destiney had Reza thinking the incorrect thing, and she was broken. In Mike’s interview, he says he saw the texts allegedly from Adam to Ali, but he’s lost track of why Reza is mad at MJ, instead of being mad at Adam. MJ thinks Destiney sent the little weasel in (i.e. Ali).

Reza tells GG that he and MJ had good times, and have great memories. Those don’t get wiped out, but some accountability is needed.

MJ says she still sent Reza an apology, but he never responded.

Reza shows GG the text from MJ. GG reads that MJ wants to take full responsibility for the situation, as well as Tommy’s reaction. Reza asks if GG sees MJ saying I’m sorry, and GG says, no. She says MJ is delusional, and doesn’t see where she went wrong. Reza says he’s hurt.

MJ says Reza didn’t have to put her medical history on the internet, and thinks everyone should say he’s a POS. Destiney says, he’s hurt, but MJ tells them, they should all tell Reza to go f*** himself, and deal with Adam. Is he cheating? She doesn’t give a f***. Handle your marriage. The end.

Next time, Mike says his parents need to let him handle the construction project, Tommy talks to a lawyer about the vandalism charge, and GG goes to the hospital where she just wants to be better again.

🍾 Quotes of the Week

You don’t make no Nigerian woman pissed. – Molly Hopkins, Pillow Talk; 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.Beverly Sills

The roughest roads often lead to the top. – Christina Aguilera

No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse. – Randy Pausch

The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it. – Henry Ford

No pain, no crown. I need a cocktail. – Evelyn Whitland (Jennifer Dale), Homekilling Queen

That milk has been here so long, its own picture is on the cover. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

Nothing in this world happens by chance. – Paulo Coelho

If you have wonderful moments, don’t second-guess them, just enjoy them. – Martin Short

Don’t bite off more than you can chew because nobody looks attractive spitting it back out.Carroll Bryant

Laura…never complain of what you have. Always remember you are fortunate to have it.Ma Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie: The Long Winter

Sometimes the only way to ever find yourself is to get completely lost. – Kellie Elmore

🏋️‍♂️ At Week’s End…

You did it. You’re still here. See you when the dead walk. I’ll bring the tea. In the meantime, enjoy a respite from the apocalypse.

March 20, 2020 – Two Deceptions Join Forces, Tommy Breaks Plants Not Legs, Three Formidable Quotes & New Normal


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

No surprise, I missed the beginning. Heaving huge sigh, but knowing you’ll figure it out.

Brook says, it’s one thing for Lulu to mess with her, but she spit in the face of all the Quartermaines.

Chase asks if Violet got to sleep okay, and Willow says, it only took three stories. Chase praises Willow’s skills, and tells her, having fun is serious business. She says it’s nice hearing him laugh again; it’s been a while. The same with his smile. He hasn’t been smiling as much as he used, and he has such a sweet smile. He says that’s on her.

Michael tells Carly, they have to sit down as a family tomorrow, and figure out how to stack the odds against Nelle. Carly says, another ELQ disaster; they’ve seen their fair share. She asks what his strategy with Nelle is, and he says he’s been following Diane’s instructions to the letter, including allowing Nelle to visit. Carly knows. Nelle couldn’t wait to show her a selfie. He says, if it’s any consolation, he and Sasha were with her every second, and Carly says, it’s some, but not much. Michael needs to win custody by any means necessary.

Jason tells Anna, he and Peter are nothing alike, and she says he sees no parallels? He says, zero, and she says, has he or has he not been every DA’s whipping boy? He insists he’s not like Peter, and she asks if he’s not at the top of the list of the PCPD’s usual suspects. When he walks down the street, people stare at him. He says he doesn’t notice, but she says he notices everything. There’s the look of fear from complete strangers because of his reputation. He says he doesn’t care what strangers think about him, only the people he cares about; Robin, Maxie – and her.

Spinelli goes to Maxie’s apartment, and Georgie runs to him, asking where he was. Peter tells him the sitter had to leave; a family emergency. She had to rush to the airport, but he’s in for the night, and spending time with Georgie is a real treat. Spinelli directs Georgie’s attention to her coloring, and asks Peter if he can explain how the sitter worked her way down the telephone tree, and got to Peter. Peter says, she tried Maxie, and then Spinelli, but couldn’t get ahold of them. He was next on the list, but he’s glad it worked out. It gave him and Georgie a chance to do some old-fashioned bonding. Spinelli is sure any time Peter spends with Georgie is more than abundant, and Peter says now that Spinelli has moved back to Port Charles, he’s sure they’ll have plenty more.

Nina tells Jax, Maxie is family. The last thing she wants is a rift. He tells her not to beat herself up about it. Maxie has gone through disappointment before, and she’ll be fine. Nina says, not like this, and not from her. She says, this isn’t working for her, and he asks if she wants him to go, and she says she does. She needs to problem solve before the damage snowballs out of control. Maxie breezes in and gives Nina a paper, saying it’s something she whipped up. Jax tells her that he knows she deserves a raise, but the budget is set for the year. They can make it work next year. Maxie says, they won’t, and Jax says he promises. She says, they won’t because they can’t, and Nina says, because Maxie is resigning. Maxie says, she’s quitting.

At the MetroCourt, Valentin wants to talk to Lucy. She says, if it’s about his number for the Nurses Ball… but he says, it’s about Deception. He can expedite her company’s return to the market. Why have multiple investors, when she can have just him? She says she heard his wallet has diminished since Nikolas came back to claim his inheritance, but he says he has other sources of income.

Brook asks where Lulu’s gratitude is. She grew up in the Quartermaine mansion when her father was sponging off Brook’s granny. Lulu says she didn’t grow up there; she only lived there a few years. Brook asks if she doesn’t owe Michael any loyalty, and Lulu asks if Brook even knows what the deal is about. ELQ is merging with a foreign med tech company. That means they’ll be closing a local facility, and people will be out of jobs. Thanks for the lead. Brook says Lulu doesn’t care about the workers, just getting over on her. She knew Lulu was jealous, but didn’t know how bad Lulu wanted her life. Lulu says she really wants to be busking in the subway, and Brook says, at least she has talent. All Lulu has are kids from another broken home.

Chase says he loves Willow so much. She’s a never-ending source of joy. She asks if he’s not laying it on kind of thick, but he says he’s serious. Even when he’s not happy, he’s happier when she’s with him. She asks why she feels like there’s something off, and he says, Nelle, and everything she’s been putting Michael and Sasha through, and them by extension. It’s exhausting. She says she thought he was upset with her, and wondered why he didn’t immediately shoot the suggestion down that she marry Michael. Chase says they were all in shock. He and Sasha agreed they wanted to protect her, Michael, and Wiley, but not with some crazy idea. Willow says, he and Sasha agreed to what?

Michael says by any means necessary, he assumes Carly means exclusively legal methods. Carly says, yeah, sure. She and his father are ready to help; just say the word, He says, let him handle it, and she says if he wants to explore other options, just ask. He says she and Sonny have enough on their plates, and Sasha says she hates to be that girlfriend, but Michael has a workout on his calendar. He says he didn’t put one on there, and she says she did. He needs to blow off steam. He says they’re in the middle of something, and she says they’re not going anywhere; he is. He says they’re getting rid of him, and asks if everything is okay with him and Sasha. Sasha says they’re fine. It’s just the last 48 hours have been a challenge with Nelle. He leaves, and Sasha tells Carly, she wishes she could do more to help, but Michael won’t let her. Carly knows the feeling.

Jason says he respects Anna, but she’s using it to shield Peter. He can deal with that, but Spinelli is different. He loves Georgie, Maxie, and James, and doesn’t want to see them hurt. The truth is Peter is behind Drew’s plane going down, Andre getting stabbed, and the attack on Andre and Franco. Then he conveniently shot the assassin. Anna says, meanwhile, the WSB confirmed Obrecht was behind all of it.

Peter gives Spinelli a beer, but Spinelli sets it down. He looks around, and says he’s sure Georgie played with every toy. He’s glad; it’s time well spent. Peter says they played Operation, and Georgie won. It’s cool she wants to be a doctor. Spinelli says, yesterday, she wanted to be a wallaby, and the day before, a rainbow. Peter says he’ll support whatever she wants to be, and Spinelli says, it’s getting late. It’s a shame he can’t wait for Maxie. He tells Georgie, daddy is in a hurry, and looks for her teddy bear. Peter says he  thinks it’s in the kitchen; they were going to make cookies. Spinelli asks if it isn’t late, and if Peter’s intention was to get her hopped up on chocolate chips. Peter says, it was a sugarless recipe. Spinelli says Peter has an answer for everything, and Peter says, clearly, he has an adversary in Spinelli.

Jax says that Maxie doesn’t really mean it; it’s just negotiating tactics. Maxie says she’s assisted and supported Nina through her entire career, and proved she’s capable of much more, but she’s not worth any compensation. Jax isn’t willing to loosen the purse strings. Jax wishes Maxie well, but says, the market is dicey. She’s going to have a hard time finding a job. Maxie asks if that’s a threat, and he says, no. He’s just saying she might not get a better deal. She says, so she should settle for an unhappy situation, but Nina says, why leave a sure thing when she has two kids? Maxie says she teaches her kids to stick up for themselves, and she’s setting a good example. Jax says he’s known Maxie a long time. She’s creative, intuitive, and impulsive, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But do herself a favor, and take a step back before she does something rash. She says she appreciates his concern, but she always lands on her feet. She’ll only be unemployed until tomorrow. Nina asks if she has another job lined up.

Valentin tells Lucy, he has an intriguing proposition. He’s offering her independence, and he’s willing to finance it. Lucy says if she throws in with him, she’ll blow her deal with Crimson out of the water. No thanks. She needs Nina’s power, money, and influence more than what he can provide. So, ta. She leaves, and Valentin says, ta.

Lulu asks if Brook knows why everyone hates her. She drives away anyone she knows. Brook says Lulu should truly ask herself why Dante dropped his life and ran off. He’d rather take another bullet than endure her boring self-righteous, passive/aggressiveness. No wonder he went nuts. He couldn’t stand coming home to a boring basic bitch any longer. Lulu calls Brook a has-been who never was. She shakes up the bottle of champagne, and sprays it all over Brook.

Lulu says, who’s basic now? and Brook punches her in the face. Lulu hits Brook back, and Brook grabs Lulu, swinging her around into a table. Valentin watches as they start hair pulling, going around in a circle. Lulu kicks Brook, who smacks into someone else. Valentin tells Lulu, his money is on Brook, and Lulu tells him, shut up. Brook yells, bitch, and gets Lulu down on the ground. Valentin starts filming with his phone.

Chase tells Willow, the other day, he ran into Sasha, and they were talking about what Michael and Willow are going through, and wanted to make sure they were okay. He didn’t mean to overstep. Willow says she’s glad Chase can talk to Sasha. She and Michael share a terrible loss in different ways, and sometimes she’s worried that they’re leaving Chase and Sasha one the outside looking in. Chase’s phone rings, and he says he’s on his way. He asks if they’re good, and Willow says they are. She tells him to be careful.

Carly tells Sasha, she’s noticed that Michael separates himself when it comes to solving problems about Nelle. Sasha wishes he’d expand his horizons when it comes to Carly’s expertise. She got rid of Michael so they could talk about Nelle. Her ideas keep getting shot down. Carly says, such as? and Sasha says she thinks Michael should marry Willow.

Nina asks if Maxie has been entertaining other offers, and Maxie says she wasn’t, but apparently she is in some demand. She asks Jax if knowing that loosens the purse strings. She knows the financial picture can be manipulated when it suits him. He says he wishes her well, and is sure they can keep Crimson humming without her. Lucy comes in, and Maxie says, say hello to her new boss.

Spinelli tells Peter, it’s just that no one advised Georgie’s father about her sugar intake. Peter says they’re certainly not friends, but he’d like it to be different. Spinelli says, that’s difficult when they’re at opposite ends of the cosmos, and Peter suggests they change that. They could grab a beer or go on a hike. He’d like them to be more than barely cordial. He’s the man who’s going to be in Georgie and James’s life, and he’s going to be in Maxie’s life permanently. Spinelli asks what Peter means, and Peter says he and Maxie are getting married.

Anna asks what it would take to convince Jason. What would it take for him to consider Peter might not be guilty? Does he have to see it with his own eyes? He can’t deny the evidence. Jason says, it could have been doctored. Peter framed Obrecht. Anna says, Obrecht framed Peter. She said she’d destroy Peter, and set out to do it. The sad fact is, Jason is playing into her hands. He’s not the first person Obrecht has played for a fool, but he’s the most bright. She leaves the gym, not bothering to work out.

Lulu says she’s going to kill Brook, and Brook says she’d like to see her try. Bring it, bitch. Lulu throws a bottle at Brook, but misses. Brook starts to throw something back, and hits Chase, who’s just walked into the fray. She says, oops.

Sasha tells Carly that Michael marrying Willow would make a stronger argument for him getting sole custody. Sasha was his first choice, but… Carly says, Sasha committed fraud, and Sasha says, exactly. Willow is a different story. The only time she went to jail, it was to protect Wiley. It speaks to her courage and commitment. Carly says she can imagine how that went over. Sasha says she thinks Willow was considering it for a moment; Michael too. Carly says she’s impressed. She didn’t think Sasha had it in her.

Willow tells Anna, welcome home, and Anna asks how Violet was. Willow says, an angel, as usual. Anna thought Chase was there, and Willow says, duty called. Anna says, it has a habit of doing that. Willow asks how Anna’s workout was, and Anna says she skipped it. She asks if Willow wants a drink.

Jason hits the punching bag, and Michael comes into the gym. Jason says it’s all his, and Michael asks if Jason has something on his mind. Jason says somebody he respects a lot is lying to themselves. People believe what they want to, and their belief is being used as a smokescreen to get away with murder.

Spinelli asks if Peter and Maxie are engaged, and Peter says, not yet. Spinelli was there at the MetroCourt when Maxie said they were planning to get married. Spinelli says her exact words were, what if they get married? It’s not a statement of intent. But if it’s on Peter’s mind, why doesn’t he propose? Peter says he doesn’t want to rush Maxie into a commitment just to prove something to her former non-husband. When Spinelli challenges the relationship they have, he wonders if it’s because he doesn’t trust Maxie, or does he still have feelings for her?

Nina says after their negotiations, Lucy poached her creative director? Lucy says she did no such thing, but Nina says Lucy got the seal of approval from Crimson, and this is how she repays Nina, by stealing her talent? How long has she been whispering in Maxie’s ear? Lucy says she has no idea what’s going on; it’s a misunderstanding. Jax says they were under the impression Maxie has a new job with Lucy, but Lucy says, it simply isn’t there. Sometimes she feels it would be great if Maxie had better listening skills. Maxie says Lucy gave her a card and said to call if Nina didn’t see what she had in her. Lucy says she wanted to give Maxie a shoulder to cry on. She’d never take her away from Crimson. Maxie says, so no fresh start? She just quit her job for nothing? She walks out, and Nina says, don’t go, but she keeps walking. Lucy says, that was quite a scene. Jax and Nina don’t look amused.

Chase handcuffs Brook, who asks if that’s necessary. Valentin says Brook is hardly an active threat, but Lulu says, you can’t be too careful. Brook says, Lulu started it, and Chase says, tell it to the judge. He reads her rights, as they go into the elevator.

Lucy tells Nina, she’s sorry. It was just a miscommunication. Jax says they know better than that. Lucy didn’t want to risk the deal, and tried to bring Maxie on after it was too late to back out. Nina says, it’s never too late. There’s no partnership anymore. Lucy tells her, don’t throw the baby out with the rose water, but Nina says Lucy can buy ad space, at the premium rate, no discount, but as far as an endorsement goes, she’ll get no help from Nina.

Spinelli says he wondered when Peter would resort to that tactic, but Peter says, it’s a legitimate question. Spinelli says, once upon a time he believed Maxie was his soulmate, but then he grew up and met Ellie. So the answer is no. Peter says he didn’t think so, but he had to be sure. Even a whiff of angry jealousy could poison Spinelli and Maxie’s relationship. Spinelli asks if Peter is implying his relationship with Maxie is at risk, and Peter says if Spinelli can’t find a way to tolerate him, Maxie will be forced to make a choice. Peter is comfortable with that, but is he? Maxie storms in and says, nobody talk to her. She’s says, Spinelli is here already? Don’t answer. She’ll tell him when. He says he’ll gather Georgie and bid her goodnight, but she says her daughter can’t see her like this. Spinelli asks if she’s ill, and she says, worse; unemployed.

Michael asks if Jason is talking about Nelle, but he says, no. Michael says, whoever it is, if Jason needs him for anything, he’s there. Jason says he’ll figure it out, and Michael says he has no doubt. Jason asks, what’s going on with Michael’s custody battle? and Michael says, Nelle had her first visitation. She has as much legal right to custody as he does, but so far, the only tactic he’s been given is to marry Willow.

Sasha tells Carly, it’s not like she’s pushing Michael to marry Willow. Carly says, it doesn’t serve Sasha’s own interests; it serves Michael’s. Sasha says, exactly, and Carly says she’s not judging Sasha; she’s applauding her. Some people blur the lines to get ahead, and others do it so the ones they love get ahead. She’s willing to let Michael marry another woman just to get Wiley away from Nelle. Sasha is her kind of person. A good person who knows how to do bad.

Anna asks if Willow would like another drink, and Willow says she would, but she’s driving. Anna thanks her for looking after Violet, and Willow says, it’s her pleasure. Violet is an angel. Anna says Violet really likes Willow, and Willow says she doesn’t have anywhere to be right away. They’ve never had a chance to talk and get to know one another. Anna say she appreciates that, but Willow should go, and find Chase. She has work to catch up on. Willow says the WSB keeps her busy, and Anna says, some cases refuse to be closed.

Jason asks Michael, whose idea it was for him to marry Willow, and Michael says, Sasha’s. Jason guesses Carly would probably agree. It makes sense. Michael says, if they ignore the fact that Willow is in love with Chase, and he’s in love with Sasha. Jason asks if he could ignore that, and Michael says, possibly, but Willow couldn’t and it’s not fair to ask her. He’ll have to find another way.

Sasha says the last time she was expelled from a family for being a liar and a schemer. She never thought she would be welcomed into a family for the same reason. Carly says, it’s Nelle they’re talking about. It’s not revenge, but justice, and thanks to Sasha, Carly is feeling better about the odds. Sasha says she hasn’t done anything, and Carly says, not yet, but her imagination can do anything. Michael doesn’t think outside the limits of the law, but it’s an obstacle to be tiptoed around. Sasha asks what Carly wants her to do, and Carly says she has Michael’s ear and can bend it. She has the feeling they’ll come up with the perfect plan to take care of Nelle.

Chase closes Brook’s cell door, and she says she’s sorry. She didn’t mean it. He says it felt like she did. She says she wasn’t trying to assault him; she was trying to assault Lulu. It was mutual. He asks if she remembers what he told her about remaining silent. For once in her life, just do it.

Valentin tells Lulu, way to create content, and she says, get bent. And delete the video. He says, too late for that, and Lucy comes out of the elevator. Lulu is on her way in, and Lucy asks, what happened? but Lulu doesn’t say anything. She says, thank God Valentin is still there, and he says, from Prince of Darkness to the Almighty. He says he was on his way out, but she tells him to stay; have champagne on her. They have business to discuss. He asks what business she’s talking about, and she says the earlier business that’s so near and dear to both of their hearts. The business of Deception.

Nina asks Jax what she’s going to do without Maxie, and he says he’s sure she’ll do fine. She’s had the magazine humming along for years. She says that’s because of Maxie’s continuity, industry, and savvy. Now she’s gone. Jax says, hire her back. Let bygones be bygones. She asks if that means she can give Maxie the money now, but he says she knows the answer. She says she also knows Maxie has too much pride to take her job back under those circumstances, much less ask for her job back.

Maxie breathes into a paper bag. Spinelli is sure Nina will take her back, but she sasy she can’t go back. She made a huge scene, and insulted Jax. Her phone rings. It’s Lucy, and Maxie says she has some nerve, and Lucy says she thinks Maxie overplayed her hand; she didn’t make an offer. Maxie says, it was implied, and Lucy says, it wasn’t, but forget that. It’s explicit now. Lucy wants Maxie on her team. Maxie asks if Lucy isn’t worried about Nina pulling out of the deal, and Lucy says, she already has, but that’s okay. The two of them and Sasha can work without Crimson. Maxie asks, how? and Lucy says she just secured an investor who will not only ensure the launch, but their success for years to come.

Valentin hands Lucy a drink, and they clink glasses.

On Monday, Sonny gets bad news, Curtis needs a favor, and Jordan asks where the hell her son is.

Shahs of Sunset

Mike asks MJ, what happened? and she tells him that Reza said she had ten abortions. Mike can’t believe what came over Reza, and MJ says Reza yelled that she was 50 years old, and ended up bleeding out in the hospital because she’d had ten abortions. Mike says he didn’t realize they were going to act like animals. When he persuaded Reza to talk to her, he thought they’d talk. She says Reza decided to believe Ali over his friend of 30 years. In Mike’s interview, he says, Destiney approached Reza, and soon after, all effing hell broke loose. We flash back to the lunch with Ali. Mike says, in the meantime, MJ was giving birth, and we flash back to Reza reading Mike the text he got from Tommy about MJ needing emergency surgery. Mike thinks MJ heard a rumor and spread it , but didn’t start it. MJ says Reza brings up sh*t they know about each other, and she doesn’t do that. Mike begs to differ, and we flash back to MJ telling Reza to go back to his cheating husband just before the whole thing exploded. She says she didn’t bring attention to everything, and their problems have nothing to do with her. In MJ’s interview, she says Reza and Adam’s troubled waters aren’t a secret. We flash back to the reunion when Reza said they’d talked about divorce, and the naked Jenga stuff. She says, they were Adam’s actions, and it’s easier for Reza to blame her than look at himself and his husband. We see a clip of her calling Tommy from the party, and saying she told Reza to get TF away from her, and he screamed that she was 50 years old, and nearly bled to death because she’d had ten abortions. Mike says, it’s going to get messy. MJ says if Reza is going to Phoenix, she’s not coming. She has her baby to focus on, and she’s going to pray for Reza.

24 hours later. Reza looks at his patio, which is a mess. In his interview, he says he and Adam were having brunch with Reza’s mother, and Adam got a Ring notification on his phone. We see a clip of Tommy on their patio, smashing stuff and throwing things around. Reza comes in the house through the back. He tells Adam, when they were driving to his mom’s house and Tommy called, he didn’t realize that Tommy was in the car headed toward their house. In Reza’s interview, he says Tommy called in a state of rage, saying he was going to effing kill Reza. Reza thought, okay, low class trash, and hung up. Adam says he doesn’t feel safe.

MJ meets Nema for lunch, and wonders how she and Reza got there. She’s saddened that this is a time in her life when she should be celebrating. It’s all about love and being supported. Never in her wildest dreams did she think Reza would act like that. Nema says MJ threw water in Reza’s face; it’s an invasion of personal space. She says, Tommy had the proper reaction (!), and Nema wonders who says that? Mike joins them. I note he’s wearing a magenta beanie, and wonder about his fashion sense.

Reza asks what MJ was thinking. Was she sending her criminal thug husband over there to scare or hurt them? He’s not intimidated. He tells Adam that he has a temporary restraining order against Tommy until the court hearing on June 14th. He wants to make sure Tommy stays away, and wants to see him prosecuted.

MJ wonders how she got dragged into this. Nema asks if she knew Tommy was going over there, and Mike says, of course. Nema asks why she didn’t stop him, and MJ says Tommy has to protect his wife and son. When someone says horrific things, and takes it to social media, they can’t expect him to lay [sic] down. In MJ’s interview, she says Reza went on an Instagram rant, showing private texts between him and Tommy, and her personal medical history that Tommy confided in him. Tommy was furious; Reza fanned the flame, and poured gas on it. MJ tells Mike and Nema that she doesn’t feel good about what Tommy did. Nema asks if she thinks it was okay, and she says she never said that, but he just messed up some plants; so what? In Mike’s interview, he says he thought MJ would be apologetic, but she’s being defensive, and making light of it. It makes her look worse. Nema says she needs to come down on Tommy, and she says she did. Nema says, it’s a game changer, and in the end, it’s on her and Reza. He wonders if their group of friends is going to be like divorced parents, and spend one day with Reza, and a different one with her. In Nema’s interview, he says, MJ just had a baby. She has better things to worry about. He tells MJ, she needs to own her part in it, and be done with it. MJ says she wanted to clear the air, and that’s it. She says she’s had enough bullsh*t, and leaves.

GG goes to see her lawyer Atousa. Arousa asks GG, please don’t tell her that she’s in trouble, or needs a prenup. GG says she doesn’t, and Atousa says GG just got divorced. She got a phone call from Shalom saying he’d sign the documents, and send them overnight. GG is in shock, and says she doesn’t know how Atousa did it. Atousa says she just kept it real, and told him what he was doing wouldn’t resolve it; the law is not on his side. In GG’s interview, she says, Atousa is an amazing attorney. She thought she was just going to have to file papers, wait in line for a court date, and be divorced. She was married six and a half to seven weeks, and the divorce took about two years. We flash back to the reunion when she talked about being in the process. Then we see a clip of Mike on the phone with Shalom, telling him to stop calling GG, and Shalom saying he loves her. Atousa says Shalom still wants her back, and no matter how they communicate, he’s going to end up being sulky and not happy as a result. GG says, especially if he finds out she’s trying to get pregnant. Atousa warns her that they’re still not past the time period where Shalom can contest the divorce. He could say there was fraud, or he didn’t know about things she didn’t disclose. Don’t cause trouble, and leave him alone. GG says her whole being was for this, and Atousa says now let her whole being be for the baby. GG tells Atousa, she used an anonymous sperm donor. In her interview, she says she saw his picture, and she had her nose done, but his was good to begin with. She weighed everything out after the genetics.

Destiney meets Nema at a restaurant, and they order drinks. She says she didn’t want to go to Sara’s party, and he says he didn’t even see her interact with Sara. He didn’t realize she was still talking to Sam, and she says Sara didn’t want her to. We flash back to Sara telling Destiney not to continue seeing her brother. Nema says Sara really must not like her. Destiney smokes a hookah, and says she was going to see Sam in Vegas but her flight was delayed. In her interview, she says she and Sam are still talking, and as long as it’s fun and flirty, she’ll continue enjoying the moment with him. She says her event in Arizona is on Saturday, but she’d like them to come earlier. She’s invited everyone except Sara.

GG drives to an In-N-Out Burger. In her interview, she says it’s been ten days since the transfer. She has to eat before her mom gets to her house. Lord help her with a Persian mother. She doesn’t know if she’s eating for two or nervous eating.

MJ changes Shams’s diaper. In her interview, she wonder what a mother should call her son’s penis, and decides it’s not pecker. She brings Shams out. Her assistant Sienna is there, and her trainer Craig lets himself in. In MJ’s interview, she says she’s been in bed a month now, and it’s time to start getting healthy. Craig says he came bearing gifts – collagen water and healthy drinks. He asks how MJ’s state of well-being is, and she says she’s a bit of a wreck. He thinks she should address this thing, and make sure she’s feeling good about where she is in life.

Destiney goes to Mike’s house, and he says she’s in time for breakfast. He asks if she has any idea why Reza wants to talk to all of them. She guesses he wants to talk what went down at Sara’s pool party. In Mike’s interview, he says he loves Reza, but Reza has a way of rallying his troops. Either you’re going to be on his or their team.

Reza and Adam get to Mike’s, with Nema following. In Reza’s interview, he says, the loss of a best friend is unimaginable. He needs all the love and support he can get right now. He tells Mike and Destiney that he can never have anything to do with MJ and Tommy again. First, she sent her gay minions to destroy his marriage. We flash back to Reza calling MJ about the lunch with Ali, and Reza says, then, she sends her thug husband to… what? Rough him up? Mike says he and Nema met with MJ, and told her that Tommy’s actions were unacceptable. Reza asks if she was remorseful. In Mike’s interview, he says they acted like savages, but you can’t flush a friendship over a disagreement. Sara joins them, and asks where GG is, and Reza says she had an appointment at 10. He apologizes profusely for acting like an animal. We flash back to him throwing papers all over the place. He says he’s so sorry, but Sara says he doesn’t have to apologize, and asks who invited MJ? Nema says he was trying to bring friends together, and realizes it was wrong. He was thinking they had a 30 year friendship, it was a tiff, and it would be over. Reza says he thinks Nema was being flippant, but he’s disappointed in himself, and wishes he hadn’t said what he did. MJ’s medical history had nothing to do with what the argument was about.

Craig tells MJ that her dad came to him in his sleep. He said he’d really like her to be able to address the situation with Reza. In MJ’s interview, she doesn’t think revisiting the disgusting things Reza said will help her heal. She tells Craig, she hates talking about this, so he brings out resistance bands, and suggests they regroup.

Paulina is the last to get there, and Reza says he wants to fill everyone in courtwise. Tommy has to stay 100 yards away from their home, Adam, himself, and their cars. Nema asks if there are jailtime consequences, and Reza says there are. He asks them, please do not try to mend things or help the friendship or relationship with MJ or Tommy. In his interview, he says he doesn’t want be friends with MJ’s friends. He wants no connection, or for her to know anything about him. He tells Destiney, as much as he wants to go to Arizona, he’s taking Adam to Hawaii for his birthday. He tells everyone that he loves them.

Nema rings Shervin’s doorbell, and Shervin jokes that he’s not interested in whatever Nema is selling. Shervin, Mike, and Nema head to the airport. In Mike’s interview, he says they’re having a guy’s weekend. They’re going to watch mixed martial arts fighting, and get away from the drama. Mike says he can’t wait to get away.

In Phoenix, Destiney gets ready, along with her assistant Rose. She says, what are the odds that her package would get lost? In her interview, she says, all her clothes, including the dance costumes, never arrived. Her company is doing an anime/boxing event. It’s a vibe. She’s glad her friends are coming, but wishes Reza was going to be there. Rose is her left hand, and she has to delegate. She wonders why she can’t just live and enjoy the moment.

The guys arrive at the hotel. In Nema’s interview, he says they were late because they were kicked off the plane in L.A. because they’re middle Eastern. In Mike’s interview, he said someone was saving seats for them, and a guy ran to grab them, but the attendant had already made up her mind that they were guilty, and they had to get off the plane. We flash back to when they were detained in Israel. Mike says, thank God the worst is out of the way, and Nema says they hope it’s the worst. They decide to have a cocktail, and Nema says he wants to see Shervin strike out. Destiney meets them in the lobby, and Nema asks how is she hammered already? Mike says she smells like tequila. In her interview, Destiney says her dancers are on point, and the fighters are prepared for the weigh-in. Now everybody is cleared and ready to go. In Mike’s interview, he thinks she’s holding guilt over Reza and MJ, and that’s why she’s wasted the day before her big event. She tells them, dinner in an hour, and Mike says, no more for her.

Vida visits MJ, and in MJ’s interview, she says her mother is retiring after 36 years as a make-up artist at Bloomingdale’s. MJ thinks Vida is ready to have a new chapter with her grandson. She tells Vida that Destiney was talking to her about the event months ago, but decided she needed to cover her ass, so MJ didn’t get an invite. In her interview, MJ says, Destiney should keep as far away as possible. The moment she faces the truth, she’ll be implicated as a being a big liar. We flash back to MJ telling Destiney that she can’t blame people who aren’t there to defend themselves. Vida says it’s better for MJ to stay with her precious baby. One day they’re friends, and the next, they’re enemies.

GG sits with friend Yasmin and mom Fatima. Fatima says GG is getting cravings early, but GG says she doesn’t know if she’s pregnant yet. In her interview, she says it’s been an agonizing twelve days. Her anxiety has built up, and she can’t focus. The fertility nurse calls, and she hesitates to answer, but finally does. The nurse says, guess who’s knocked up? and they all scream. The nurse says GG is going to be good mother, and congratulates her. GG hugs Fatima and Yasmin.

Looking for Shervin, Mike says he’ll just follow the smell of Drakkar. In his interview, he says, it feels weird that his best friends aren’t there. Who will he worry about, since MJ was always late? And he’ll miss Reza’s sense of humor. You haven’t traveled until you’ve smelled the spray of the finest liquid ass money can buy. We flash back to their RV trip. MJ calls, and Mike says he, Shervin, and Nema are grabbing dinner. He asks how she is, and she says she hates missing out. She didn’t feel good after their lunch. She felt like they gave her the third degree and attacked her. Nema wonders if she’s crying, and Mike says he’s sorry she’s upset, but it’s not a little feud. Everyone is talking about it, and each person involved has a responsibility in what happened. She says she doesn’t know why Destiney and Ali lied, and Mike says that’s two people who are saying she was involved. She says she’s not trying to duck out of this, but Tommy went storming out. Do they think she wanted that to happen? We flash back to the pool party, where MJ called Tommy, and while she was giving him a blow-by-blow, Mike was saying, don’t do it. She says she’s not in charge of her husband’s behavior or her best friend’s. Mike says she hasn’t taken responsibility for what she’s done. MJ says she was aware Ali wanted to talk to Reza, and didn’t think the issue exceeded strip Jenga. Which still continues to sound stupid. In Mike’s interview, he says MJ is crying because she realized she stirred the pot. It’s setting in that she took it too far. He tells her that he hopes they get past it, and she says, okay.

The guys go downstairs to the steak house. Nema feels the stress of the fallout. Destiney says she ordered already, and Mike tells her that MJ called, but she’s not taking responsibility for what she told Ali. She said she doesn’t condone what Tommy did, but she can’t control him. Nema says, she knew the intention was there. In Destiney’s interview, she says MJ knew what Ali was going to say, and told him to do it. She says, it’s sad that MJ’s not owning up to it. She looked Destiney in the face, and said Destiney was lying, but MJ put her in the situation, and made it seem as if she was lying when she wasn’t. She didn’t know what Ali was going to say. Mike tells her, be honest, and she asks what she’d have to lose. They’re drinking the Kool-Aid. Shervin tells her to own her sh*t. She knew about the rumor, and brought it to Mike instead of talking to Reza. She asks if he’s smoking crack. Mike tells her, don’t bullsh*t, and she says she doesn’t need to bullsh*t. Enough is enough. No matter what the end of the journey, she knows where she’s going. She calls Shervin a POS, and leaves. Mike tells her, don’t walk away, but she keeps going. Nema says she knows she’s caught. If she’s innocent, why is she acting guilty? Mike says, nothing is settled, and Shervin says, she’ll never own up to what she did.

At MJ’s house, Tommy feeds Shams. In MJ’s interview, she says, after the horrible things Reza said, the next day, he posted her and her son’s medical history on Instagram. She was shocked and shook, and shared it with Tommy. He called Reza, who hung up on him, and Tommy made a beeline for the door. He stood up for her, even though there were legal consequences. Tommy tells her, he broke some plants, but he wanted to break Reza’s legs. Reza is lucky. Reza can’t talk like that to people, or someone will come and break his legs. They’re two men, and he wasn’t coming to play Jenga. He was there to kick ass. MJ says, at the same time, that’s not who they are. Tommy says he’s grateful no one was there, or it would have escalated. MJ tells him, calm down, and he says he promised her dad and made vows to her to protect her and  keep her safe. When she was in a hospital bed, he couldn’t do anything. Tommy cries. In her interview, MJ says when Tommy was waiting to find out if she’d make it, he was taken back to the loss of his mother. Tommy tells her, everyone said it would be the best night of his life when he’d hold his kid, but it was the effing worst experience of his life, and he can’t get it out of his head. She says she doesn’t want to see him like this, but he says he can’t help it. He cries about it all the time. She says the best thing is to look at their beautiful baby. Their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is in the nursery. She knows it will become a distant memory, and she loves him. In MJ’s interview, she says, in the last fourteen months, she lost her father, got pregnant, almost died, and almost lost the baby. If her friends knew the truth, they’d understand what pushed Tommy to the limit. She’s 100% standing by her husband, and doesn’t care if he’s wrong in the eyes of the law.

Next time, Destiney’s even happens, Vida has a birthday, and MJ doesn’t give a f***.

👩🏽‍🏫 Quotes of the Week

In an information-rich world, the wealth of information means a dearth of something else: a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes. What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it.Herbert Simon

The things which have the greatest value in use have frequently little or no value in exchange; on the contrary, those which have the greatest value in exchange have frequently little or no value in use. Nothing is more useful than water: but it will purchase scarcely anything; scarcely anything can be had in exchange for it. A diamond, on the contrary, has scarcely any use-value; but a very great quantity of other goods may frequently be had in exchange for it.Adam Smith

Do stuff. Be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager. – Susan Sontag

🌪 Just When You Thought Friday Would Be Easy…

This week is over now, right? Stay safe out there, and see you when the dead walk.

March 13, 2020 – Cyrus Sends a Message, a Pool Party Goes Bad, Another One, VanderShade, World’s Fashion, a Rescue, a Promise, Ten Little Quotians & Perfect Ending


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco brings Elizabeth to The Floating Rib. Sam and Spinelli walk in, and Spinelli tells Sam, it pains him to admit it, but Peter did a masterful job framing Obrecht. Sam says, one might say she had it coming, but Spinelli says, in this time and in this moment, she shouldn’t be in jail. Franco doesn’t mean to interrupt, but asks if they just said Obrecht was in jail. Sam says, Anna arrested Obrecht yesterday, and Franco asks, why? Spinelli says, a plethora of charges, including trying to kill Franco.

In her cell, Obrecht shouts that she’s a victim of Nelle’s maternal guilt, and that woman needs a psychiatrist. Nina comes in, and Obrecht says, it’s so good to see a friendly face. Nina doesn’t look happy, and Obrecht asks, what’s the matter?

Chase and Willow walk into Charlie’s, and Willow says she swears Nelle was goading her on purpose. Chase says, of course (🍷) she was. Nelle is always scheming. If she can get you to blow up, she can play the victim. Willow says, so she should ignore her? He says, if possible. Try not to give her anything she can use in family court. The goal is to weaken her case, and strengthen Michael’s. She tells him that Sasha told her about Diane suggesting they get married, and she’s considering it. He says, Michael is too. Harmony walks in, and Willow asks if she wants to join them.

Julian says, Britt works with his son Lucas at GH, and she says she did. Although she’s closer to his son-in-law. Brad’s her best friend. He says she might want to find a new one. He’s facing serious time. She says she just saw him at the courthouse before they transferred him to Pentenville. Julian asks how he’s doing, and she says, at rock bottom. She can’t believe he kept Wiley’s paternity secret all by himself. It’s crazy. She’d almost say it’s unbelievable.

Michael tells Sasha, hypothetically, if they did get married… Sasha says, hypothetically, it could tip things in his favor with Wiley’s custody. He says he doesn’t want to pressure her into something she’s not ready for, and she says she didn’t think she was at a place where motherhood works for her, but then she ran into Willow. The thought of Wiley growing up with Nelle gave her a sinking feeling, and she’ll do anything she can to stop Nelle. And she can. If marrying him will help protect his son from that awful woman, she’s in.

Curtis asks Jordan, what’s going on? and she says maybe it wasn’t the best idea for her to see Cyrus tonight. She was more emotional than she realized. Her phone dings, and she looks at a text. Tell no one about TJ. Don’t want to ruin Aunt Stella’s visit. You’ll have a visitor soon. Be alone. She tells Curtis, ballistics traced every shell casing, but there’s nothing that tie it back to Cyrus. He asks if that’s all, and she says she told him, she shouldn’t have gone to Pentenville. Cyrus was gloating about killing Taggert without actually incriminating himself. Curtis says, of course (🍷), and she says, every time he said Taggert, she saw Trina’s face, and she lost it in front of him. She got emotional, and showed him that she was in pain, and she hates giving him that satisfaction. He tells her not to let it poison her. She doesn’t have to go back. It’s over. She says they both know it’s not, and asks him to take Stella out to dinner so she can decompress. Tell Stella his neurotic wife needs time alone. He says his beautiful wife isn’t neurotic. He’ll book Stella a room at the MetroCourt. She thanks him, and he says he’ll let her know where they end up getting dinner. If she changes her mind, they’d love for her to meet them.

Franco tells Spinelli, when Andre was performing the memory map procedure, they were interrupted by a gunman. Anna thinks Obrecht hired the gunman? Spinelli says, Anna was led to believe Obrecht hired the gunman, and Elizabeth says, by whom? Sam says, evidence. That’s what they heard. Sam says sorry to interrupt their night, and Spinelli says, apologies. They move on, and Elizabeth tells Franco, sorry. She knows Obrecht has done her fair share of terrible things, but she and Franco are friends. Franco says, there’s no way Obrecht hired the gunman, and asks if Elizabeth disagrees. She says, Anna isn’t one to act rashly. If she arrested Obrecht, it was for a good reason.

Obrecht says Nina doesn’t actually believe the heinous lies that are being told about her. Nina says she’s lost track of how many times she’s forgive Obrecht. Each time, she’s convinced herself she did the right thing, but Obrecht is making it harder and harder to defend her. Obrecht says she was framed by Anna’s devious son. Peter arranged Drew’s plane crash, and sent the assassin after Andre and Franco. And that conniving weasel set her up to take the fall.

Britt tells Julian, Brad adores Lucas. He’d never intentionally hurt his husband. She admires that about Brad. She doesn’t know if she would have done the same in his shoes. Julian asks, what? and she says, take the fall by himself. Julian tells her to just come out and say what she’s after, but she says, where’s the fun in that? She knows he was helping Brad. What made him throw Brad to the wolves?

Harmony apologizes to Willow for not being more available, and asks how she’s holding up. Willow says, some days are better than others, and Harmony says she’s grateful Willow has Chase. Chase say he’s doing the best he can, and Willow says, he’s been amazing. Harmony says Willow has her as well. Willow thanks her, and says she knows it’s been a lot for Harmony too. Harmony says as long as Willow’s okay, she’ll be fine.

Michael asks if Sasha is really okay with this, and she says, better than okay. He takes her hands, and says he’s lucky to have her. She says she’s the lucky one. He’s always had faith in her, even when she didn’t deserve it. His support restored her faith in herself. He’s a good person, and she’s stronger with him. He says they’re stronger together, and Sasha agrees. He says he’s not just saying this because it’s what you’re supposed to say to someone you’re marrying, but he loves her. She says she loves him too, and he asks if she could love Wiley. She says she already does.

Franco tells Elizabeth, Obrecht’s track record is troubling, but she’s always been there for him. She’s never judged him, even for his past, and she’s been such a rock of a friend; it makes no sense. She says the only one who can answer that question is Obrecht. Franco wants to go to the PCPD, but it’s their night out. She says they’ll have plenty of nights out, and he deserves answers. She tells him to go; she’ll wait there.

Spinelli asks why Sam cut him off, and she says he was about to tell Elizabeth and Franco everything they know about Peter. He says, the more people that know he’s deceptive, the better, but she says, no. Peter will feel cornered and desperate, and who knows what he’ll do. He could come after them or their families. Spinelli says he’d like to think Peter wouldn’t actually hurt Maxie or her children – not physically – but the toll it’s going to take on Maxie, knowing she trusted the wrong guy… Sam says she’s sorry, but there’s no way they can help or warn Maxie. If Maxie is pushed, she’ll feel forced to choose, and they both know what her choice is going to be.

Stella asks if they aren’t waiting for Jordan, but Curtis says they’re going without her; she needs alone time. Stella didn’t know her presence was such an inconvenience, and Curtis says, it’s not her. Jordan’s not up for company right now. She says, family doesn’t skip out when someone is struggling, like Jordan is. She wants to be there to support her. Curtis says supporting Jordan means giving her the space she asked for. Stella says, for the record, she’s still worried about Jordan, and Curtis says, noted, and they can talk all about it after dinner from the lovely room he booked her at the MetroCourt. She says he’s sweet.

Jordan sends a text. I’m alone. Now what?

Nina tells Obrecht, Peter changed. He and Maxie are building a life together. Obrecht says, one destined to be ruined, but Nina says, he’s not the same man. He’s actively trying to be a better person – unlike some of us. Obrecht says she’s committed many transgressions in the past. But while Peter only pretended to change, she really did. She didn’t kill Drew, and didn’t order the attack on Franco and Andre. Please believe her and help her. Nina asks why should she? and Obrecht says, because Nathan would want her to.

Julian says Britt doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but Britt says she and Brad have a very open friendship. He tells her everything. Julian agreed to work with him, then bailed, and worked against him. What gives? Julian supposes Brad failed to tell her that he was blackmailing him; threatening to tell Sonny that Julian was keeping his grandson from him. Britt admits Brad did fail to mention that. He doubts Brad told her that he repeatedly refused to listen to him, and sabotaged their plan at every turn. It’s Brad’s fault everything fell apart. She says she hasn’t seen Brad in a while. He’s completely lost his nerve, and is still concerned what people think. Julian says, that’s not a bad thing, but Britt says, people should live however they want. Why care about the choices you make? She sure as hell doesn’t.

Harmony’s phone dings. She looks at it, and frowns. Willow asks if everything is okay, and Harmony says, it’s work; she has to go. Willow suggests a hike on Saturday, and Harmony says, maybe. She tells Willow that she really appreciates the second chance, and she’s taking it seriously. She leaves, and Willow says, that was interesting. Chase says he didn’t realize Willow and her mother were getting close.

Michael tells Sasha, they’ll talk about any problems that come up, and they will because that’s life. Sasha promises to be honest and communicate, and he says he’ll do the same. She says, so does that mean… He gets down on one knee, and says, Sasha Gilmore, will you marry me? She says, yes, and they kiss.

Obrecht says, Nathan made them a family. If he was there, he’d want Nina to help her. Nina says he sure as hell wouldn’t want Obrecht to use his memory to manipulate her. Obrecht says, that’s not what she’s doing, but Nina says she’s done being dragged into this; it’s gone too far. Obrecht is on her own. Obrecht says, please, wait. She can explain how Peter did it, but Nina tells her, save it. Accept the consequences of her actions just once. She’s in a cell because of herself. If she genuinely cared what Nathan would have wanted, think about how important Peter is to Maxie and James. He’d want them to be happy. Consider that the next time she wants to tear their world apart. Nina calls for the guard, and leaves.

Diane asks Michael why she’s there. More Nelle shenanigans? He says he and Sasha have given some thought to the best way to fight Nelle. Diane suggested he get married, and Sasha agreed to be his wife. Diane says, that’s an absolutely awful idea.

Britt says, bottoms up, and she and Julian drink a shot. He says it’s probably a bad idea, but she says, who cares? Life is too short. No one hands you happiness. You have to reach out and grab it for yourself. Julian says, that’s awfully philosophical. Maybe when he was in his 20s, but he has a family now. She says that’s not what she heard.

Willow tells Chase, her mom is busy, and they mostly email or text. Chase says, letting her mom back in her life is a big deal, even if it’s in a small way. Willow says Shiloh messed with her mom’s life as much, if not more, than he messed with hers. It took courage to face it and break free. Her mom stood up to Shiloh, and she’s proud of her. She doesn’t want to waste a chance at a relationship with her. Chase says, if that’s what Willow wants, he supports her. He hopes Harmony lives up to her expectations.

😷 Here’s where there was a special report, but you know the drill.

Jordan looks at the picture she was sent of TJ. There’s a knock at the door. Jordan opens it, and asks what they’re doing here. Harmony says, Cyrus sent her, and walks in. Okay. Didn’t see that coming.

Franco visits Obrecht, who says he doesn’t believe this nonsense. He says, is it though? Is it nonsense? Did she hire someone to murder him? She says she’d never do anything to harm him. He’s her best friend. He says best friends don’t do things like hit you over the head at the pier, and she says, or put you in a position to get caught by the police. He says that’s what he’s talking about. Maybe they’re not so close after all. She says she never wanted him dead, and he says, except that one time she did. She says, not ever. He says, so when Andre was performing the procedure to restore his memory, she wasn’t concerned Drew might remember something that would incriminate her? She says she wasn’t involved in Faison’s demented scheme, but he says, maybe she was. Maybe her cover was blown, and she had to improvise. That meant destroying everyone who was in her way. Even her best friend.

Julian says Britt doesn’t know anything about his family, and she says Brad told her about his bumpy relationship with Lucas and his daughter doesn’t speak to him either. He says she really doesn’t care if she hurts someone else’s feelings, does she? but she says, she’s just saying what’s the point in acting like life’s a fairytale? You should take life as it comes; good, bad, and everything in between. He says she has a point, and she says she’ll drink to that. He says if she insists.

Diane says, the whole point of the marriage is to show that Michael can provide a more stable environment than Nelle, and can give Wiley a stable mother figure. He says, Sasha is a lot more stable than Nelle, but Diane says based on Sasha’s previous conduct, Nelle’s attorneys could argue otherwise. He asks who she thought he was going to get married to? and she says she may have been a little hasty in the suggestion department, especially now that she’s been briefed on Sasha’s past. He says, she did a background check? and she says, yeah. She wants to beat Nelle’s lawyers to the punch, and needs the full picture before the custody hearing. She was unaware of how untruthful Sasha had been while she’s been in Port Charles. Sasha asks if she would hurt Michael’s chances if she married him, and Diane says, unfortunately, she would.

Spinelli looks at his iPad, and says, there is no perfect frame. He’s going to find something to expose Peter. At the bar, Sam asks Elizabeth how Cameron is doing. Elizabeth says, he’s staying strong, but still has nightmares about that guy chasing him down and trying to kill him. She’s glad Jason was there. Sam says she thought the kids were in a warehouse, but Elizabeth says, they were. Then Taggert told Cameron to run, and he did, but a gunman followed him, Jason shot him before he could hurt Cameron.

Stella tells Curtis how much she enjoyed the meal, and he asks, what’s next? She says he doesn’t have to humor her anymore. She knows he’s worried about Jordan. She doesn’t blame him. The last time Jordan pushed them away, she was dying of kidney failure. Curtis says they learned a lot from that, and she’ll never keep anything important from him again.

Jordan says Harmony is working for Cyrus? How the hell did that even happen? That’s what I’d like to know too. Harmony asks if it even matters, and Jordan says, that she’s working for the head of a drug cartel? She’d say it matters a little bit. Harmony says she does what she can to get by, and Jordan says, why her? Harmony says she’s easily overlooked and dismissed. The crazy cult lady with the weird name. No one would suspect she’s working for Cyrus. They won’t suspect Jordan either. Jordan asks what that’s supposed to mean, and Harmony tells her, she’s going to be Cyrus’s person inside the PCPD. When shipments come in, she’ll assure the police attention is elsewhere. Cyrus will communicate through Harmony, and if she has a message for Cyrus, Harmony will make sure he gets it. Jordan says Cyrus thought this one up. Does Harmony know he has her son TJ, and he’s threatening to kill TJ if she doesn’t cooperate? Harmony says Jordan had better do what Cyrus says, and Jordan asks how long she’s supposed to break the law before TJ is freed? What guarantee does she have that TJ will be let go if she follows his orders? Harmony says, none. The only guarantee she has is what Cyrus will do to him if she doesn’t. She knows what Jordan is thinking. That she won’t compromise her morals, and turn the tables on Cyrus somehow. She thought the same thing. She has some advice. Jordan shouldn’t waste her time thinking. Cyrus is too powerful and his reach is too long. Until he says otherwise, Harmony works for Jordan, and so does she. Cyrus doesn’t want a trail leading back to him, so if she wants to reach Cyrus, she goes through Harmony. Jordan asks what Cyrus has on her, and Harmony says he offered to pull some strings so she could go with the early release program. She jumped at the chance to be near her daughter, but didn’t know the favor she’d have to do would be this big. If she messes up, it won’t be just her that pays. Jordan says Harmony is an accomplice to kidnapping and extortion, all while she’s on parole. Does she have any idea how big of a risk she’s taking? Harmony says, going against Cyrus is an even bigger risk. She has to go, and Cyrus will be in touch – through her. Jordan says, before Harmony leaves, she has a message for Cyrus. She needs proof TJ is alive. She wants photos of her son with the date and time, every single day. Harmony nods, and says she’ll do that. She leaves, and Jordan leans against the door.

Nina goes to The Floating Rib, and runs over to Stella, hugging her, and saying she’s glad Stella is okay. Curtis slides over so Nina can sit. Nina says the jetset lifestyle suits Stella, but Curtis is always happier when she’s in town. He says, he is? Nina says, he is, and she wishes she could say the same about herself and Obrecht. Stella says she heard about Obrecht’s arrest, and Nina says, unfortunately, she thinks Obrecht is guilty.

Obrecht says she won’t let Franco throw away their friendship, and he says then she has to give him something to work with; evidence, an alibi. She has to give him a reason to believe her. She says she can do one better. She’ll give him the person who actually did this – Peter August. He needed a fall guy, and chose her, and it worked. Everyone is willing to rush to judgement against her. She just never thought Franco would too. He knows better than anyone what it’s like to be wrongfully accused. She’s done things she’s not proud of. She wasted years of her life on Faison, but that ended when he killed Nathan. She’s a changed person, and didn’t do what she’s accused of. He has to believe her.

Diane says Sasha committing fraud is a problem, and Sasha says, even though she was never charged? Diane says she’s sure Nelle’s lawyers can find people who are willing to testify as to how she deceived Nina. That could badly undermine Michael’s case. Michael says, there has to be a way around it, and Sasha tells him, don’t. Diane is the only lawyer in the room right now, and knows what the courts will be looking for. Diane is right. She can’t marry him. Diane says that’s her recommendation. Unless Michael can marry a paragon – someone with good character, potentially Snow White and Mary Poppins all in one, don’t get married at all. She leaves, and Michael says, sorry about that. Sasha says, don’t be, but he says he wishes it was different. She laugh/cries and says they were engaged for all of fifteen minutes. Why is she so disappointed that they’re not getting married?

Julian comps Willow and Chase’s meal, saying he enjoyed seeing Willow take Nelle down a peg. Willow tells Chase, she may have thrown a drink in Nelle’s face. She knows it’s not very mature, but she couldn’t stand hearing Nelle talk about Wiley. It’s obvious she doesn’t care about him, and is just using him to hurt Michael. Chase asks how it happened, and Willow says, Nelle said something, then she said something back, then Nelle said something, and then she was wearing a drink. It’s everything he warned her not to do, but she can’t say she regrets it. He wishes he was there to see it.

Julian asks if Britt wants another round. She says she shouldn’t, but he pours it anyway, and she laughs. She says she has to visit her mom in the morning in jail. She definitely doesn’t want to be hung over for that. She told herself she was never setting foot in a jail again. At least she’ll be on the other side of the bars this time. But tomorrow is still some time away. She feels like letting loose tonight. She drains her drink.

Spinelli and Sam clink beer bottle and glass, respectively.

Obrecht asks Franco to tell her what he’s thinking, and he says he honestly doesn’t know. She asks him to chose to believe her, but he doesn’t think he can. She’s been a good friend, but she’s a survivor and it frightens him how far she’d go to protect herself. He leaves, and Obrecht looks really sad.

Jordan asks Curtis how dinner was, and he says it was nice. He thought she was going to bed. She says she can’t sleep anyway, and he says she didn’t even change her clothes. She says she got distracted, and asks if Stella is upset about not staying there. Curtis says, a little, because she wanted to help Jordan. Jordan looks like she might cry, and Curtis says he’s there for her; they’re in this together. She says she’s just upset about Cyrus. He doesn’t seem to have any weak spots. Curtis says, of course (🍷) he does. Everybody does. They just need to find his.

Michael tells Sasha he’s sorry, and she says, don’t be. He says, even though she’s not Wiley’s stepmother, Wiley is lucky to have her in his life. So is he. She thanks him, and he says he trusts her with Wiley completely. She says she trusts him, and they kiss. She asks what they do now, and he says, go back to the drawing board. There are plenty of ways to beat Nelle, and they’re going to find one that works for them. She says, sounds like a plan.

Willow asks Chase if he thinks Nelle will press charges for having a drink thrown on her. He says, anything’s possible, and she says that’s why she shouldn’t engage, but she’ll always stand up for Wiley whatever the cost. He says he loves that about her, and they kiss. He suggests they get out of there before Julian changes his mind. She says she feels weird leaving without thanking him again. Did Chase see where he went?

Julian is in the back room, crazy kissing with Britt. They get busy while there’s a song part. Didn’t see that coming either. Well, not until they started drinking anyway.

Sonny gets bad news, Jordan gives Sam false information, and Cyrus is surprised.

Shahs of Sunset

At Mj’s house, she says that life is baby laundry, nursing, pumping, feeding, and golden showers. The best gift she got is a peepee teepee, to keep Baby Shams from taking a shot at her during a diaper change. She’s focused on her incredible, beautiful, innocent angel. He is pretty cute. Nema video chats with her, and asks how Shams is. She says, he’s very well-tempered. Nema can’t believe he hasn’t seen her, Tommy, and Shams since the baby was born. He tells her to soak up much Shams as she can, but they should hang out. We flash back to Shams’s birth a month ago, and in her interview, MJ says if her uterus wasn’t removed, she was going to die. No one saw her or came to visit. It was like she and her baby weren’t important. Nema says he can’t wait to see her. In MJ’s interview, she says Reza’s favorite thing about pup Marti is how he clasps his paws, and Shams clasps his hands the same way. It reminds her of Reza, and it’s like a tsunami of pain. Her friends were anywhere but there.

Adam visits GG, and she asks where her cake is. He says he kind of ate it. She asks what happened after she left the cooking class, and Adam says, everyone was worried. In GG’s interview, she says the pain sharp, and we flash back to her leaving the class. We see a clip of GG calling the IVF nurse. The nurse tells her if she’s not having spotting, she’ll be okay. Spotting would mean she’s having a miscarriage. GG, Anita, and Yasmin go back to GG’s condo, and she goes into the bathroom. She comes out, and says, no blood. So should they party? She says she’s just kidding. Adam says the wondered if she could be pregnant, and in GG’s interview, she says that’s not the way she wanted anyone to know, and she’s not ready to tell them. She tells Adam that she’s already upset with Destiney. It’s like she has a new personality. She slept with Sara’s brother, and d*ck seems to be more important than friendship. She wants to talk to Destiney, but if Destiney comes at her hard, she’ll snatch Destiney’s wig off. Adam tells her about Reza wearing a piece of Destiney’s weave on the party bus going back.

Reza meets Sara at Aerial class, and says, it smells like excitement and regret. In his interview, Reza says somehow he lost his way, and gained some weight. If using the silks can help him lose some, he’s all for it. The instructor shows them how to hang upside down, which I’m sure is harder than it looks. Reza slides to the floor. He wraps himself up in a silk, and says he’s sure there’s a market in Iran. After class, he and Sara sit on the floor and talk. Sara tells him about two special agents knocking on her door, and serving her with a subpoena about her ex; his life is playing out in the media. In Sara’s interview, she says there’s a lot of media attention about her ex-boyfriend. Reza asks who the hell her ex-boyfriend is, and she says, Robert Kelly. They met in 2013, and were together three years. In her interview, she says he was charming and kind, and definitely not what she expected. Reza asks if he was anything like the person being described in the documentary (Surviving R, Kelly), and she says, no. It was an adult relationship, and there was never anything that was a red flag. Reza says, all she can do is speak the truth. She says she broke up with him when she found out he was sleeping with other women. In her interview, Sara says that he was having a party in Chicago, and told her, if she can’t be cool, don’t come, It was literally a full-on club; a happening. When a couple of women showed up, it hit her that he was screwing everyone. She watched the documentary, and the person she loved was a monster. Reza says she can’t blame herself, and she says she doesn’t understand how it’s possible. In her interview, she says that it wasn’t a perfect relationship. He was controlling, but she thinks her experience was different because of the boundaries she set. In hindsight, every small boundary and decision altered the dynamic, saving her life. Reza is glad she confided in him, and promises he won’t say a word to anyone.

Destiney goes wig shopping. In her interview, she says wigs are her thing. Hers was not a normal childhood, so maybe she’s living her childhood life as an adult. She chooses a wig that she thinks looks like a cross between Marie Antoinette and Elvira. She says, her first alter-ego was Rosie, who had a bowl haircut. She asks can she hide things in the wig, and the clerk is like, um… GG joins her, and says she didn’t recognize Destiney, who’s now a blonde. GG says she’s never worn a wig, and Destiney thinks she should try some on. She does, and says it feels like she’s wearing a helmet. She broaches the subject of the cooking competition, and Destiney says, it was intense. GG says she was irritated, and has been seeing a different Destiney than the one she met. Destiney was all about woman power and loyalty. Destiney says if she’d slept with GG’s brother, she would have talked to her first. GG says, maybe that’s why Sara is hurt, and they should have a conversation. In Destiney’s interview, she can’t understand why she’s pissed everyone off. Frankly, me neither.

Reza goes to a fancy jewelry store, and picks up a $95K Rolex. Nema joins him, and Reza says it brings a tear to his eye that Nema is getting his first Rolex. In Nema’s interview, he says, if you’re in the market for gold, a Rolex, or rubies, get a Reza. Nema’s life goal is to connect with his Persian culture. The next step in the evolution of his Persianity, is a gold Rolex. It goes gold, Rolex, Bentley, He says Reza is bougie when it comes to his Rolexes, and he and Nema’s tastes don’t line up. Nema picks out a simple $6500 watch, and the clerk congratulates him.

Mike puts together a wagon for Paulina’s kids. In his interview, he says he never thought he’d be with a woman who had children, and he wants to be with Paulina for the rest of his life. He wonders what he’s doing sometimes, and if he’s ready to be a stepdad. What Nema said, affected his thoughts, and it runs in his head non-stop. We flash back to Nema telling Mike that he doesn’t think Mike is ready to be a stepdad. Nema doesn’t get that Paulina knows Mikes strengths and weaknesses. He shares his insecurities with her, and he’s sure she knows he’s not perfect, but because she loves him, she sees he’s attempting to do it, and gives him a pass.

Nema meets MJ for lunch. He says she looks amazing, and she compliments his white teeth. He says it’s hard to see what happened to her and Reza. She says Reza claims she meddled in his marriage, and Nema says, instead of going to Reza directly about Adam, she went to Destiney; then Ali got involved. MJ says she had nothing to do with it. Nema says that’s huge difference from what Destiney is saying, that she was at the start of this. It makes her look like a homewrecker. Like she was bored in her hospital room, wondering how to eff up Reza’s life. She says she’s sure she wasn’t bored. Nema doesn’t want the perception of her to be like that, and she says that’s not her problem. It’s coming from people who are riddled with fear, jealousy, and lies. In Nema’s interview, he says both MJ and Reza like to meddle in other people’s drama constantly. We flash back to MJ and Reza springing Shalom on GG in the middle of a public event, and telling Jessica about Mike cheating. Nema tells MJ about Sara’s pool party that’s coming up. In his interview, he says, at the end of the day, Reza and MJ are better together. He tells MJ that she can come as his plus one. Thirty years of friendship is worth a conversation. She says she’ll think about it.

Destiney aka Veronica, who has shoulder length kind of blue hair, meets Sara at a restaurant. Destiney tells Sara that she wanted to go over some things. She did get Sara’s text about the party, and Sara says she hopes Destiney comes. Destiney thinks it would be super weird if she goes before they have a conversation. Sara says she’s not concerned that Destiney hooked up with her brother; it’s just awkward, since it’s not like a real love connection. Sam and Destiney are at different places in their lives. She wonders why Destiney is even talking to Sam. In Destiney’s interview, she says Sara can tell her this all day, but aren’t they all adults? Destiney says they’re planning on seeing each other again, and Sara doesn’t understand what she wants. Destiney says nobody is going to tell her how to navigate anything in her life. In Sara’s interview, she says when she and Destiney met, it was awkward. Now Destiney is hooking up with her brother. Sara says Destiney wanted to meet up to talk more sh*t, and it takes the soul and energy out of her. (I’ll have to remember that one.) Destiney doesn’t understand why Sara feels that way. Sara says she wants Destiney to come tomorrow, but doesn’t have the energy to care more. As she’s leaving, Sara says her brother won’t be there.

Adam tells Reza that he doesn’t know how to play Monopoly. Reza says, the game was made for Persians, and helps make you more successful in life. In Reza’s interview, he says he and Adam are doing better. We flash back to Reza confronting Adam about strip Jenga, and the inappropriate texts. Because Sara is having a pool party, he called a tanning guy to come and spray him and Destiney. He asks Adam if he wants one, and Adam says he’s in. Destiney joins them, and Reza asks what happened when she met with Sara. He knows she feels hurt. Destiney says she doesn’t hook up randomly, but doesn’t regret it. She and Sara had a powwow, and she tried to tell herself to understand, since she doesn’t have a brother. Reza says he wants details. WTF did she say? She says Sara wasn’t okay with it, and didn’t realize they were going to continue seeing each other. Reza says, she thought he was just going to hit it. Destiney doesn’t want it to be uncomfortable at the party. Spray tan specialist Robby arrives, asking, are they excited for tans or what? reminding me of a substitute dance teacher I had once. Reza wants to get alarmingly tan. Robby drops pearls of wisdom like, once you go Persian, there’s no other version, and the key to a good tan is drying as you go. In Reza’s interview, he says the spray tanning makes him sad because it reminds him of MJ. We flash back to when they got tans together. Robby says, the tanning has come to an end, and Reza says, he feels like he had a three-way. In his interview, he says he never imagined that on the day MJ give birth, she’d be thinking of coming at his marriage. It makes him feel sad.

Sara gets the house ready for the party, while friend Benny helps out. The DJ sets up, the food comes, and floaties are put in the pool. I’m ready.

Nema gets ready. In his interview, he says he’s the product of divorced parents. He’s had two separate Christmases his entire life. Awkward or not, he’s bringing MJ. All he’s asking is that she and Reza talk. If they talk, and still can’t move forward, at least he’ll know he tried.

MJ meets Nema at his place. Tommy brings in Shams, and Nema says they must be on cloud nine. In MJ’s interview, she says, what really mattered was her best friend of thirty years should have been there.

GG says she hired muscle, in case someone decides they want to step up to her. She’s more familiar with getting into a fight, and might forget what she’s going through, since it’s brand new. Destiney is a blonde, and GG’s bodyguard introduces himself as C. Destiney tells GG that she’s Cynthia today, and in GG’s interview, she says, fashion is expression, so let it be.

Sara loves the set-up, and thinks the bartenders might need to take a drink, since her friends are a lot. Destiney makes GG go in first, and Destiney walks in on C’s arm. In Sara’s interview, she says, Destiney is always like, look at me. Reza and Adam arrive, and GG attacks the food. Mike and Paulina come in, and Mike thinks Destiney looks like a character from Mod Squad. Destiney keeps getting her heels stuck in the deck, and GG says, maybe Cynthia isn’t feeling it today.

In the car, Nema tells MJ to absolve Reza, since he’s coming from place of hurt. He helps MJ put on her necklace, and says she has too much hair. She tells him, she has too much weave.

Adam jumps in the pool, trying to land on a floatie. Nema says he brought a friend, and Reza says he’s leaving. GG says she’s going too, and Reza says he’s not at a place where he’s ready to talk. The betrayal is in his heart, and he needs time to process sh*t. Nema tells him, don’t leave, and follows him, saying, a thirty-year friendship. Reza says Nema could have texted him. Nema says MJ has a different perspective; hear her out. GG asks how Nema could do that, and not tell anyone, and he says he wants to be peacemaker. She says ambushing people isn’t peaceful. At the party, MJ says Reza ran like a bitch. In MJ’s interview, she says, how dare he? Where does he think he’s going? And after she’s been loyal for thirty years.

Mike tells MJ that she should engage with Reza. Ali is the problem. MJ says she almost died, but she should go away? This had nothing to do with her. Out by the cars, GG says, MJ isn’t a good person. She’s screwed everyone who’s good to her. What did Adam ever do in all this? Nema asks Mike to convince MJ to come down. In Mike’s interview, he says he sees the issue from both sides. They need a therapist or a mediator. MJ tells Destiney, she can’t blame other people who aren’t there to defend themselves. Destiney told them that MJ told her to bring up Adam’s cheating. Destiney tells MJ, she never said that. She had lunch with Reza and Ali, and Ali brought it up. What motive would she have to say MJ told her to do that? MJ says she chooses not to believe Destiney, and Mike says, it’s too many years of friendship to waste on a possible rumor. In Mike’s interview, he says a sliver of him thinks maybe Reza is in such a dark place, because he didn’t have his friend of thirty years to confide in. He hopes they connect, and make sense of this craziness.

Reza goes back to the party, and MJ tells him to get away from her. Destiney says, it’s a thirty year friendship (should have done a drinking game with that one). MJ tells her, STFU, and Reza asks if MJ isn’t embarrassed. MJ tells him to go back to his stupid husband. They can cheat on each other, and go to the bathhouse. I’m not even sure if there are still any of those around. I think the last one in NYC closed recently. If you haven’t guessed, I’m a font of useless information.

It gets kind of chaotic, and by now, everyone has noticed, and is like, WTF? Destiney says she never lied, and MJ throws a drink in Reza’s face. He asks if she isn’t embarrassed, and now Sara says, WTF is going on? Reza says MJ has no shame, and she tells him, STFU, which is obviously her go-to phrase. Adam gets into the mix, and Reza tells MJ to screw herself. Go home and watch her baby. Why is she even there? Mike says it’s all he can do not to slap the sh*t out of Reza; WTF is he thinking? He’s talking to a woman.

MJ says Adam’s cheating has nothing to do with her. Reza says no wonder MJ’s uterus exploded, since she’s had ten abortions. I literally gasp, and say, nooo. I can’t believe he said something like that, and in the middle of a crowded party. Destiney says, enough is enough. Stop. Mike asks WTF Reza thinks he’s doing, and Reza says, f*** you people. He takes a binder out of a car (MJ’s?) and throws the contents up in the air, and the papers rain down. MJ says he’s an effing liar, and Mike goes after Reza.

Next time. Mike says it’s going to get messy, Tommy trashes Reza’s patio, Tommy says he broke a plant when he wanted to break Reza’s legs, GG says it’s the most agonizing twelve days of her life, and Reza tells Nema to butt out.

🎩 Pinkies Up For Round Two…

You can’t keep a good dowager down.


📸 Replacing Alcohol With Shade…

It’s hard to pick a side when everyone is behaving badly.


👗 Worldly Beauties…

Westworld’s red carpet.


💍 In All That’s 90…

Alexei to the rescue. I’m sure Loren must be very proud.


🤒 Going Viral…

Just so you know, the only Corona you’ll find here, is beer.

🎙 Quotes of the Week

Sometimes it’s easy to lose faith in people. And sometimes one act of kindness is all it takes to give you hope again. – Randa Abdel-Fattah

It is our wounds that create in us a desire to reach for miracles. – Jocelyn Soriano

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. – Malala Yousafzai

Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of. – Roy T. Bennett

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. – Maya Angelou

Anger, it’s a paralyzing emotion, you can’t get anything done. – Toni Morrison

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him. – Niccolò Machiavelli

We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.Kurt Vonnegut

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. – Lao Tzu

The great Western disease is, ‘I’ll be happy when… When I get the money. When I get a BMW. When I get this job.’ Well, the reality is, you never get to when. The only way to find happiness is to understand that happiness is not out there. It’s in here. And happiness is not next week. It’s now. – Marshall Goldsmith, American Author

🎪 No Surprise…

Of course this week would end with Friday the 13th.  See you in the Dead zone.

March 9, 2020 – Jason Can’t Convince Anna, a Neanderthal Charter, João Finds The One, Baby Named, Returning World, Another Adieu & Tubular Send Off


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason sees Sam at the Quartermaines, and asks if she just dropped off the kids. She says she did, but she was sticking around, hoping she’d run into him. She’s glad she did. He asks if she’s okay, and hugs her. He says he’s being careful, and they kiss. Michael and Diane walk in, and Michael says, he didn’t meant to interrupt, but Diane says she’s glad they did. They’re just in time to stop Sam from violating her parole. And she will be billing Sam for the consultation they’re about to have.

Willow and Chase go into The Floating Rib, and Willow says she’s so steamed. It’s bad enough Nelle got off scot free, but the first thing she did was sue Michael for custody. Can he believe that? Chase says, unfortunately, yes. Nelle is a cold-blooded person who could put Shiloh to shame. Willow says Nelle isn’t getting anywhere near her… Michael’s son.

Nina looks at the heart necklace. Sasha comes by her office.

New York City. At the hotel bar, Neil says, I love New York, and Alexis says, that’s a catchy phrase. He says, everyone has story. It took everything in him not to question the bartender. They all have stories; the tales woven together that make them who they are. The city amplifies it. She says she knows what he means, and he says she always does.

Finn asks Violet, Bach or Beethoven? She says, Mozart, and he says he likes her style. He gives her a pad and crayons, and asks what she’s going to draw. She says, it’s a surprise, and he says he loves surprises. She says, no he doesn’t, and he agrees, except when it comes to her. He tells her that he’s going to talk to Anna, and if she needs anything, wave her arms. He puts headphones on her, and goes over to the bar. Finn tells Anna that Violet has become a world class eavesdropper, and he doesn’t want her to overhear their conversation. Anna says, it would be confusing for her. She’s confused. She misses him so much. She was wondering if there’s some way they can get past their differences. Maxie comes in with Peter, and says she’s so sorry. It was right in front of her, and she refused to see it.

Diane asks Michael to give her and Sam a moment, and promises to address his situation. Right now, she needs to deal with Sam’s situation. Michael says he’ll go check on Wiley, and goes upstairs. Diane says she assumes Scout and Danny are upstairs, and one of them is dropping off, and the other is visiting; putting them in contact in a way they shouldn’t be. She’s told Sam, but she’s going to tell her again. Sam’s parole officer is within her rights to prohibit their contact. They’re not legally married, and Jason is a convicted felon. Sam says, Jason is Danny’s father, but Diane says, any privilege provided to a married couple, doesn’t apply here. Their deal with Robert went belly-up, and they have no leverage, and no way to mitigate the terms. One of them has to go.

Chase says, it’s one thing for Nelle to seduce and manipulate the men in her life – Willow interjects, and plot to kill thembut at least they’re adults. He, Zack, and Michael were old enough to make the call. They made the wrong one, but still. Wiley is just a baby. She says, Wiley has no idea what’s going on or who Nelle is, and has zero means to protect himself. It astonishes Chase how the legal system failed so deeply, and Willow says, the legal system might have failed Wiley, but the people in his life won’t.   

Nina tells Sasha that she forgot about their scheduled meeting, and asks if Sasha minds if they postpone it. It’s nothing personal. She thinks Sasha is a capable, savvy woman, and loves having her on board. She’s able to rein in Lucy’s impulses, which is a good thing. Sasha agrees, Lucy is full of impulses, and Nina says, right now, she’s not emotionally available for that. Sasha asks if everything is okay, and Nina says, nothing she can’t handle, but thanks her for asking.

Neil toasts, to pleasant surprises, and Alexis says, it was quite a surprise. Of all the places in all the towns in all the world, she sat next to him. Either God has a sense of humor, or it’s a huge random coincidence. Neil says, the theater was a random coincidence. This, not so much. It’s on them. She asks if he thinks it’s a little risky, doing this when in less than 24 hours, they’re going to swear they’re not having a personal relationship. He thinks it will be okay, and she says she knows she is. She’s not lying; she’s going to tell the truth. It was just a kiss, which you can’t categorize as dating. He says it was meaningful to him. She’s the only one he’s ever told about singing on the anniversary of his daughter’s death. She says it was meaningful to her too.

Maxie tells Anna that she’s furious with Obrecht, and doesn’t want Obrecht to be a part of her life anymore. Anna says she knew Maxie would be heartbroken. Maxie says she knows Obrecht loves her and James – she’s not faking that – so to jeopardize her relationships with them, she must not be able to help herself. It’s scary that she didn’t see a thing; not one sign. Obrecht wasn’t anxious or evasive like she usually is when she’s up to something. She was always there, being a doting grandma. Anna says Maxie has no reason to be sorry, and Maxie says Sam is her good friend. Obrecht is responsible for Drew’s death, and Scout not knowing her father. How is she going to look Sam in the eyes? Finn tells Maxie not to do this to herself, and Maxie asks him to give her one reason she shouldn’t be completely horrified with herself. He says, sometimes the truth is hard to face.

Neil says, he’s a therapist, and knows the benefit of getting your feelings out, but Alexis is the first person he felt he could talk to who actually… She says, gets it? and he says, maybe it was him witnessing her struggles with being a mother, and he took advantage of that. That’s why they have the rule. She says, as a lawyer, it pains her to say this, but there’s an exception to every rule, and she thinks they’re it.

Finn tells Maxie, Obrecht framed him for drug use. He can’t stand her, but even with all that, it never occurred to him that she could be involved in all that insanity. He thought it was someone else. Maxie says, he thought it was Peter, but Obrecht framed him. Obrecht framed her boyfriend, and Maxie had trusted her. She convinced Maxie that after an entire life of deception, people could change through love. She’s an idiot. Peter says she’s not, and Anna excuses herself, saying she has to do some follow-ups. Violet says hi to Maxie, and Maxie says she saw Violet, but didn’t want to disturb her artistic flow. Violet asks if Maxie wants to see her drawing, and Maxie says, lead the way, girlfriend. Peter looks at Finn, who says he guesses he owes Peter an apology.

Willow tells Chase, the situation is so… She doesn’t even know what to call it. He says, surreal? Confusing? Devastating? She says, all of the above. The one good thing to come out of it is that Michael is Wiley’s father, and not just because she lost Wiley. Chase says, Michael is a genuinely good person, and Willow says, one of the best, but when it matters, he can be ruthless. She needs him to be ruthless now. Whatever it takes to protect Wiley, and she’ll help any way she can. He says, they both will.

Sasha tells Nina, about the crossover, she has an idea for the best location. Nina says, Anguilla? and Sasha asks if they talked about it already. Nina says, no, but she had the exact same thought; it’s perfect. She tells Sasha that she has to get back to the projections, or she’ll never get out of there. Nina says, have a nice night, and Nina says, her too. She thinks they’re on the brink of something exiting… businesswise. Sasha says so does she, and leaves.

Sam says she hears what Diane is saying, but Diane says she feels like it’s falling on deaf ears. Sam asks her to just listen. What if they’re able to get something real against Peter; actual evidence. Diane gets it. It’s frustrating and terribly unfair, but the fact of the matter is, until and unless Anna sees the truth, her chances of anything changing are slim. Anna has blocked her, and made going after Peter a complete waste of her time. Jason gets a text from Anna asking him to meet her at the MetroCourt.

Alexis tells Neil, in principle, therapy is breaking emotional walls to reveal personal, vulnerable things. An unscrupulous therapist will take advantage of that, and should be punished, but he didn’t do that. That’s not what happened. He says, it’s a matter of perception, and she says, if anything, she used it to manipulate him.

Michael asks if Sam and Diane need more time, but Diane says they’re through. Sam apologizes for cutting into Michael’s time, and asks if everything is okay. Diane says, no, and not just because Nelle was allowed to walk. Nelle intends to sue for custody. Sam says, that’s insane, and Diane says, it is, but it’s also happening. Sam tells her, if they need someone, she was Nelle’s cellmate, and knows she’s a crazy bitch. Diane says she’ll keep that in mind, but as Sam’s lawyer, her primary objective is to keep Sam out of prison. Sam says she’ll try, and Diane says, don’t try; do. Sam says, okay, and tells Michael, good luck with Nelle. She leaves, and Michael says he thinks Sam has a point. They should line everybody up to say what a terrible person Nelle is. Diane says she’s always up for a good mud-slinging, but in his case, that’s the surest way to lose.

Sasha orders a white wine at The Floating Rib bar. Chase asks if she comes there often, and she says, actually she does; she’s always between here and the library. Lucy doesn’t have office space. Chase suggests they get on that, and she says, it’s first on the list once Deception is launched. She needed to kill some time, so she had an option to get some work done or grab a drink. She chose the drink. He asks why she’s killing time, and she says, Michael is meeting with his lawyer about the custody nightmare. She wanted to give them space. Chase says, actually, he’s an orphan too. Willow charged out; something to do with Wiley. She told him to wait, so he’s waiting.

Finn says it seems Obrecht framed Peter, and since Obrecht framed him, you’d think he would have seen that. Peter says he’s done plenty in his past to deserve suspicion. Obrecht realized that, and exploited it. All is forgiven. He’s sorry he caused tension between Finn and Anna. Maxie comes back, and says she inspected Violet’s masterpiece, but Violet would like a second opinion of the father variety. Finn says, he’s on it. Maxie tells Peter that she can’t believe this happened. That she let it happen. Peter says Maxie is the last person who should be blamed. Obrecht loving her and James is a good thing. Maxie says, now Obrecht has thrown it away. Peter holds her, and Spinelli watches. Jason arrives, and Spinelli motions him over. He says maybe Maxie will listen to him, but Jason says, she won’t. Spinelli says, Peter framed Obrecht for his crimes, and supposedly she’s behind all of it. Jason asks, why? and Spinelli says, why indeed. She’s supposedly covering her tracks, so she won’t be implicated in the original memory transfer. Jason says, Peter was there, but Obrecht had nothing to do with it. Spinelli says, precisely, but Maxie can’t see it. Jason says, she doesn’t want to believe it, but you can’t make someone believe what they don’t want to. Anna arrives, and wonders who they’re talking about.

Anna asks Spinelli to allow her and Jason to talk. Spinelli says he understands her blindness, and could forgive it, if it wasn’t putting Maxie and her children in jeopardy. He leaves, and Anna thanks Jason for coming. Apparently, Spinelli stole her thunder. Jason says he’s not sure what Spinelli got right, and Anna says she didn’t like hearing him be wrong about Peter.

Spinelli approaches Maxie and Peter, and says, greetings and salutations. He asks if he can steal Maxie away for a moment, but Maxie says anything he has to say to her, he can say in front of Peter.

Alexis tells Neil, she was attracted to him from the first moment she saw him. He says, she was? The feeling was mutual. She says she should have walked in, and when she realized that, she should have walked out. He says, she did, and she says, but she walked back in and stayed for treatment because he’s a good therapist. He really helped her, and besides, she knew once a week she’d get to spend 55 whole minutes with him. Now he knows he’s in this mess because of her, not him.

Michael tells Diane, Nelle killed her first fiancé, and tried to kill him. When that didn’t work, she left him for dead in a car that was going to explode. She knew what she was doing, like she knew when she messed with his mom, gave Brad the baby, and assaulted Willow. There’s no PTSD or blackouts. In what universe would a judge give her a kid? Diane says, the ways of the legal universe are strange. A child used to be property, and in many cases, they still are. Each biological parent has a 50% interest, and it’s not possible to strip either of that interest. It’s tough to take away a child. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it will be difficult to take Wiley away from him.

Willow knocks on Nina’s office door, and walks in. She says she knows she’s not Nina’s favorite person, but she’s hopes, considering the situation, they can rise above that. Nina asks what the situation is, and Willow says, not only has Nelle gone free, she’s now suing for custody of Michael’s son. Nina says she heard about the going free part, but not the custody part. Willow says she needs Nina’s help, but Nina isn’t sure what Willow thinks she can do. Willow says, she can expose Nelle in her magazine. Let the world see that murdering psycho for the unfit mother she is.

Alexis says, if she could do it over, she’d have walked out and kept walking. She would have called Neil from her house, and said, sorry; she needs to find another therapist, but she’d like to have the dinner he mentioned. She says, sorry, and he says, don’t be, but she says she blew it. If she’d done that, they wouldn’t be where they are now. He says, for all his talk of boundaries, he could have refused to treat her, but he didn’t. He’d like to say it was professional, but as much as she looked forward to their sessions, he probably looked forward to them more. So if anyone blew it, they blew it together.

Spinelli says Maxie isn’t resistant to smoke and mirrors, and Peter’s innocence is an illusion. Maxie says she loves Spinelli – they share a daughter and a lot of history – but she’s not going to let him do this. She gets that he doesn’t like Peter, but guess what? He’s wrong. Obrecht manipulated him, and everyone else. Accept it and move on.

Finn says Violet is an artist in the making. Violet says she wants to be a doctor, but he tells her, who said she can’t be both? The sky’s the limit for her. She asks if they can please go home to Anna’s house.

Anna tells Jason that Obrecht acquired a visa from one of Faison’s companies that she drew a salary from, and had contact with the assassin who was sent after Andre. Jason says she knows Peter was there at the same time, but she says Obrecht was Faison’s scientist, and could have been there during the initial memory transfer. She was scared Drew would remember the details, and was tying up her loose ends. Anna says he doesn’t believe a word of it, and Jason says, no; he doesn’t.

Nina tells Willow that Crimson has no reason to run a feature on Nelle, except to make her look bad. They could face libel, and it could backfire. A smart lawyer will accuse Michael of smearing Nelle in the press. Willow says she could make it a true crime exposé, but Nina says that’s not kind of thing Crimson does. More important, it’s not Willow’s job to line things up for Michael. As painful as it is – and Nina knows how painful it is – the custody suit has nothing do with her. Willow says, so Nina is saying Wiley isn’t her son, and she needs to detach.

Sasha tells Chase, it’s absolutely insane, after everything Nelle has done, to let her spend any time at all with Wiley, let alone get custody. Chase says, she’s a deranged murderer for real. She says she doesn’t want to put him on the spot or make him feel bad. He says, but he was taken in by said deranged murderer. It’s one thing when you can see it coming, but she blindsides men with her helpless waif act, and her sad story, and they want to be the hero. Sasha says Nelle targets good people, but Chase is scared it goes deeper. Something inside of Nelle actively wants to destroy what’s good, so she doesn’t have to be held up in comparison. She says, and what’s sweeter than a little kid? He hopes Michael finds a way to take Nelle down, and says Michael is lucky to have Sasha to stand by his side.

Michael tells Diane, shared custody isn’t good enough; Nelle is a sociopath. Diane says, she gave birth to Wiley, but he says, that doesn’t mean she should get custody. Diane tells him, in the eyes of the law, it means that precisely. He says, this isn’t a bad divorce. He saw that with his mom and Sonny. He hated it, but never once did either one of them assume the other would harm him. Wiley is in emotional danger; maybe physical danger. Who says Nelle won’t harm him; there’s no telling what she’ll do. Diane says he’s 100% justified in his views, but they have to look at this in terms of strategy and tactics; two things he understands. And the best strategy is not to prove what an awful person Nelle is, but what a wonderful person he is, and how he, and only he, can give Wiley the best home possible.

Spinelli asks Maxie to at least admit there are questions surrounding Obrecht’s motive, and until those questions are answered, keep an open mind. She says she’s done with this. If the proof is good enough for the WSB, it’s good enough for him. She loves Peter, and is going to spend the rest of her life loving him. Spinelli says she’s not suggesting… Is she going to marry this man? She says, what if she does? and he says he can see continued dialog will do no good, so he’s going to leave before they say things they can’t take back. He goes, and Peter puts his hand on Maxie’s shoulder.

Jason tells Anna, when she was lying by omission, she had the same look she does now. She says she’s not lying, and he says she was about Henrik; she was lying to herself. Obrecht has no motive. If anything, she has more reason than anyone to stay out of it. She hated Faison. He killed Nathan, and Obrecht’s whole life revolved around Maxie and James. Why would she risk those relationships? She’s not the person with the most to lose. That person kept him in prison and was involved in the memory transfer. The same person who Shiloh called, and who visited Shiloh. The one who was on the docks with a bag of money when Shiloh escaped, and showed up at exactly the right time in the OR to kill the assassin. That person is Peter. The fact that she refuses to see it, doesn’t make him any less guilty. Anna says she’d heard it from Robin, but never experienced it for herself. Once Jason hooks onto something, no one can change his mind. There’s no possibility he might be wrong. He says it’s not about him. It’s about her, Maxie, and Maxie’s kids. Anna says, Maxie knows Peter is innocent, and so does she. Soon, so will everyone else. Fair warning. If Jason does anything to harm Peter, she’ll come after him. He says like he just told Spinelli, you can’t make someone believe something they don’t want to. She says, no, you can’t, and walks away.

Anna asks how the artist is, and Finn says, he drew a puppy. She says, it’s very good, and he tells her that he and Violet were talking, and agreed they were of like mind. They’d like to come home. Anna says, really? and he says, really. Violet echoes, really, and Anna says there’s nothing she’d like more. Finn says, should they? and Violet says, let’s go. Anna says Violet’s room is ready for her. Anna and Finn each take one of Violet’s hands, and they walk out together. Jason watches.

Sasha tells Chase, she’ll do whatever Michael needs to be there and support him. Chase says, but… and she says but she feels like she’s on a log ride, headed down fast in one direction. She doesn’t know if she can step in as a maternal figure when she’s on the verge of something she didn’t know she wanted. Chase says, it’s okay to say it, and she says she loves Michael. The last thing she wants to do is lose him, but she’s not sure she’s ready to be a mother. Sam overhears.

Nina says, who is she to tell Willow to detach? Willow thought Wiley was her baby for a year and a half. She can’t just cut off the feelings. Willow asks if the smart thing isn’t to let go, but Nina says, it’s not just about Wiley. Motherhood is in your head, but more in your heart. That’s why you do crazy ill-advised things for your child. You’ll do anything to protect, love, and be with them. Anything.

Diane says Michael was a minor when he committed a crime, but he did commit one, and went to prison. He asks if she’s saying he’s on equal footing with Nelle, but she says not even close. Even though it’s a strike against him, since then he’s been more than a contributing member of the community. He also bears the Corinthos name, and Sonny is a convicted felon; they’re going to be all over that. And he has close relationship with Jason and Sam, but they’ll figure out how to mitigate those factors, and find out what’s working for him. They can establish he’s lived in the Quartermaine residence for many years, and Wiley will live there. It’s a well-defined multi-generational home. Normally, she’d tell him to take back the name, but at this point, it would be too transparent. The rest is like a glowing letter of recommendation. He’s a stellar citizen, giving time and money to charity, stable and good to the core. They’ll reinforce that he’ll give Wiley the best home possible, not to mention he’s had a relationship with the child from the beginning. It shifted, but he’s spent time with Wiley since he was born. Nelle can’t say that. Michael says she’s a stranger to Wiley, and Diane says she should include another strike against him. The court usually favors the mother. He might want to combat that by providing a mother preferable to Nelle, which pretty much includes everyone. He might consider getting married.

At her hotel room door, Alexis says she’ll see Neil tomorrow at the hearing, and he says, bright and early. She says, the evening was… wonderful, and I say, don’t do it. They don’t, and she says, goodnight, and goes into her room. She leans on the door, and says, okay. She sits on the bed, and takes a deep breath. She starts to call out to him, but gets up and grabs her bag. She opens the door, and he’s there. They kiss passionately, as someone watches. He shuts the door, and they get busy.

Brad goes to Scotty for counsel, Trina says Curtis is the reason her father is dead, and Sonny says things have a way of working out.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

When we last left, the boat was hitting the dock, and Ciara didn’t know where TF anybody was.

The boat keeps scraping the dock, and Ciara runs around looking for someone. She finds Byron, and gets Paget on the radio. He’s in the tender, and she tells him, the portside is touching the dock. She tells Byron to pick up the port anchor. Captain Glenn – who apparently can’t leave them alone for a moment – gets back to the boat, and asks when it happened. Ciara says she just saw it now. In the captain’s interview, he says, it’s a big deal, and an expensive fix, at around $40K. It’s also embarrassing if guests see damage on the back of a boat. Paget asks if they can get a professional in, but the captain says, it’s Sunday. He wonders why he can’t leave for ten minutes without something going wrong.

In Madison’s interview, she says she’s being talked down to from both ends, and it’s effing frustrating. She hopes communication improves, or she’ll end up looking like she’s incompetent. Paget says painting the scratch in the boat is tedious. He has to paint and wait, and paint and wait. He’s exhausted. Jenna hugs Adam. In her interview, she says, things with Adam are pretty effing awesome. Captain Glenn calls Jenna, Adam, and Paget for a preference sheet meeting.

The primary is Richie from Long Island. He’s an entrepreneur in the hospitality, nightlife, and music industry. He’s being joined by friends Lenny, Frank, Austin, Marshall, and Thomas, for their annual guys trip. In Jenna’s interview, she says she dreads all male charters. They’re filled with testosterone and unreleased sexual tension that’s repulsive. Adam says, there are no dietary restrictions, which is awesome. Most of the crew gets some sleep, while Georgia plays guitar and sings on deck. Paget watches, and bops his head. Both of them are annoying me at this point.

In the crew mess, Jenna lies with her head in Adam’s lap, and says, it’s a beautiful moment in life. In her interview, she says she’s happy, but her anxious side wonders where they’re going next. It’s hard on a boat, since it’s a different dynamic, and not like normal dating. Byron quizzes Madison about her family, as they eat cake in the crew mess. We find out her parents are retired, living in Michigan, and aren’t together anymore. She’s also the oldest of four. In her interview, Madison says she doesn’t like talking about her family; they’ve been through a lot. In the summer of 2014, her sister Paige texted her that she wanted to go to the movies, and was picking up some friends. They were stopped in Detroit, when a car pulled in front of them. One of the kids in the car’s brother owed some drug money, and the car was shot up by AK47s. Everyone survived except her sister. It makes her not want to go home. She realized she could die tomorrow, and wondered what she wanted out of life. She used her sister’s death to propel her to do what she wanted, and she doesn’t do things that don’t make her happy. Byron says he’s going to bed; tomorrow’s a school day.

Parker asks Paget fifty questions about drying things with a shammy. In Paget’s interview, he says Parker keeps questioning what he wants to do, and one question leads to another. It’s like a layer cake. Parker says he just wants to make things run smoother, and he’s asked Ciara to help him. Provisions come in, and Glenn tells Paget, good job on the scratches. Tons of champagne comes on board, at the guests’ request. Glenn tells the crew to change into their polos. Sailing’s version of crew whites, I guess.

Yikes! A bunch of gorillas head toward the boat. No, wait. It’s the guests. Madison opens some champagne, and Georgia says there’s going to be a lot of spray tan lining the hot tub. Guest Lenny says he’s hung over, so don’t talk to him, and another dude asks if the boat is named the Cialis. Jenna gives the tour, and there are a lot of cockpit jokes, none of them funny. I note these guys have an awful lot of luggage, and wonder if they brought their weights with them. Tequila shots happen, and Madison tells Jenna, they’re drinking a lot already. In Jenna’s interview, she says, the rate they’re going at is alarming. They haven’t even left the dock.

Anchor is pulled. Jenna tells Adam that she doesn’t like dudes like this. He asks what Madison’s type is, and she says she likes goofy guys. Adam says, like Parker, and teases her about blushing. Jenna says, it’s a legitimate question, and Madison says, all right, mom and dad. Richie asks Jenna for a knife to sabre the champagne, and the guests sit down for lunch. In Adam’s interview, he guarantees these dudes can eat. He’s just going to pull all of the food out of the refrigerator until it’s empty. The food is well-received, and Jenna asks if the guests want to go to the bar on the beach. Only Richie and another guy decide to go, and Lenny tells them to bring back girls or they don’t get back on. Richie says they’re going to burn the effing beach down. In his interview, Paget says he’d bet money that they’re not bringing anyone back. Effing nobheads. When they get near the bar, second dude yells, where are the girls? and Richie tells him, take it easy. It’s not their territory.

In Adam’s interview, he says, hooking up with anyone on a boat is risky. Getting to know someone more intimately is not something he wants to do with a co-worker. He has a hard time mixing work and play. The guys decide there’s nothing on shore for them, and head back. While getting in the boat, one of the dudes – they all look basically the same – falls in the water. Paget just shakes his head. When they get back, another guest hears about the mishap, and says, no more 1942 for dude.

Parker says wherever he’s walking, he’s shammying. The wind is with the boat, so Glenn puts the sails up. For a millisecond, the guests take the attention off of themselves, and marvel at the size of the sails. The boat goes sideways, unnerving one of the guests. In Georgia’s interview, she says she comes from nightlife, and has seen worse than this frat house bullsh*t. If anything, she’s more in her element. One guest demands hors d’oeuvres, while guest Marshall whines for a shrimp cocktail. In his interview, Adam says he served all the shrimp at lunch. If they’d put it on their preference sheets, they would have had all the shrimp they wanted. Shrimp cocktail guy Marshall starts yelling for one.

Adam tells Jenna, langoustines aren’t shrimp; they’re a type of lobster, but these idiots won’t know the difference. He’ll make them look like shrimp. Adam brings them the platter, and says, these are the most tender shrimp ever. Even though he was just yelling for shrimp, Marshall doesn’t even take one. In Jenna’s interview, she says, dude is such an a-hole. Marshall says he asked four hours ago. Jenna looks for nightclubs in the area, and finds a review from a woman who didn’t feel safe there, and said the guys were touchy-feely. She figures it’s the guests’ kind of vibe. In his interview, Paget says, it must be nice to be drunk all the time and living off your trust fund. Typical rich American guys. Jenna says, it’s open from midnight until five. Georgia and Paget flirt, using Russian accents. In Ciara’s interview, she says, Georgia is flirting with Paget, but she’s not affected by it. However, her face says she is. Dinner is served.

Madison bumps into the dinner plates, and Adam says she’s making a mess, even though nothing moved. In her interview, Madison thinks Adam needs to get laid. Jenna tells Paget that the guests are going to a club, and he says whoever’s on late has to pick them up. The guests eat, have more shots, and are ready to go. Parker hugs Madison, and in his interview, he says he doesn’t want her to be sad. He grew up in a loving, wholesome environment, and wants to spread that to the far corners of the earth. Paget and Ciara take the guests to shore, and Paget tells them to text when they’re ready to go back.

The guests check out Corfu Town. Adam asks Jenna if she wants him to tuck her in. In his interview, Paget says Adam and Jenna seem into each other, but it could be awkward . If they don’t get on at some point, it could be mayhem for everybody. One of the guests sabres a bottle of champagne in an alleyway. In Jenna’s interview, she says when she has sexual chemistry with someone, it’s hard not to act on it. Adam wants to take it slower, but It’s like, come on. Ciara gets a text from Parker, saying the guests are starving, and a lot of food would be great. Adam is sleeping, so Madison puts out junk food. Lenny is hoping for a meal, and when they see the table, Austin says they expected food. Madison says she could wake up Adam. In her interview, she says, besides d*ck, the one thing you want when you’re drunk is delicious food. Does anyone want a cheese board? Where’s the pizza?   

She says, waking up Adam is like waking up the three-headed dog in Harry Potter. She asks the guests if they want grilled cheese. They’re good with that, so she makes them the sandwiches, and apologizes. One dude says, she’s the breast. I say, ugh, out loud. There’s a guy with them named Frank who doesn’t look like he belongs in the group, and all he does is mess with his phone. Even when they were in the bar, he didn’t look up. In the crew mess, Parker tells Madison, it feels like charter forty, and she says she’s exhausted. In her interview, she says Parker makes her feel a human connection. She’s been through the wringer, and there’s her friend. She thanks him for being there.

They pick up anchor, breakfast is made, and champagne is sabred. Two guests chest bump, and Lenny says, it’s a good effing day. Jenna puts on a bunch of things like pastries and bacon, and Adam comes up to take orders. One of the guests taste tests the bacon, and says, the bacon is aight, then orders mass quantities of eggs. In Adam’s interview, he wonders who eats that many eggs. Georgia tells Madison, there’s no instruction from Jenna. Her chief stew is more absent than her father figure. We’re up to six bottles of champagne sabred, and glass flies every time. In Paget’s interview, he says, they have no respect for anything at all. He just fixed boat; this is not how you treat it. Lenny literally picks up Madison like he’s working out, and using her as a weight. She asks him to please put her down at least five times. In her interview, she says she’s never been manhandled by a charter guest like that. She has no words. Neither do I.

Lenny says, don’t tell no one, and another dude asks if he thinks she’s going to call the Greek cops. Lenny makes fun of Madison asking to be put down, and says he just curled her. Madison tells Parker that they’re not talking to him in the same way. She’s trying to smile, but it’s hard being a girl and doing this; it’s disrespectful. In her interview, she says, having a charter guest manhandle you puts you in an awkward position. If she tells the captain or Jenna, it could put their tip in jeopardy or insult the guests. She’d rather keep her mouth shut. Lenny drinks champagne straight from the bottle. Jenna asks if they want to go to the beach bar after dinner. A couple of the guys mess around in the water, and push each other in. In Adam’s interview, he says, these guys are a form of Neanderthal, so tonight he’s making tomahawk steaks. They can beat each other with the bones afterward. Jenna doesn’t know why she’s setting the table, since the guests aren’t going to care. Jenna says, the bar closes at eleven, and Lenny says they should leave now. Parker offers to switch nighttime watch with Ciara. In his interview, he says, duty calls him to protect his crew, his captain, the boat, and the guests. He’s like James Bond. The guests get ready to go out, and put on way too much jewelry. And probably Axe body spray. Jenna rubs Adams neck. In Georgia’s interview, she says what Jenna and Adam have going on is not productive or healthy in the workplace. Madison says, it’s not professional, and Georgia says, Jenna is whipped. The guests sit for dinner.

Guest Tommy says, when they get there, the club is going to be open until two. They’re impressed with the steaks, one of them saying, it’s bigger than Austin’s trust fund. Lenny says, they might have thirty minutes by the time they get there before it closes. Tommy says he’ll call, and he asks them what time they close. He says they’re on their way, and tells Jenna, the bar closes at 2 am. She says, her mistake, but he says he thinks they’re being played. The biggest thing he hates in life is lies. Don’t lie to him. Omg, I would not last on this charter, but I’d be damn sure to put tacks in their beds or something before I left. Why on earth would she even lie if she thought she could get away from them for a while?

In Jenna’s interview, she says, every interaction with them is soul sucking. Tommy says he doesn’t like to be lied to. The bar is open until two; the restaurant is open until eleven. Another dude says, miscommunications happen, and Jenna says she’s sorry for agitating him. They leave, and never stop drinking. I don’t think they’ve stopped since they got there, and I hope they have hangovers that last six months. Jenna tells Adam that she feels rushed and pissed off, and Tommy said she lied to him. Adam says he thought Tommy was the nice one, and Jenna says, he turned.

Tommy or Richie or whoever, asks some girls if they want to get effed up. He goes to the tender, and tells Paget that he may bring some people back, and asks if Paget can get a DJ. Paget doesn’t know how, but gets one. He radios that he’s bringing a DJ back before the guys and their guests come. Madison says, it’s going to be another long night. She introduces herself to the DJ, and he sets up. The guests do shots on the tender with the whole three girls who were stupid enough dared to come with them, and make Parker honk the horn when they get near the boat. Parker radios that the guests are coming on, and in her interview, Madison says, here comes the sh*t show.

On the boat, the guys dance around, while they make Madison hustle to bring them stuff. In her interview, she says, it’s absolute insanity on the boat. One of the girls throws up all over the seat cushions, and Parker has to clean it up. Another girl walks into the lounge with a lit cigarette, and Madison tells her that she can’t smoke inside. In Madison’s interview, she says, WTF, dude?

Next time, the guests wonder if drinking is considered a water sport; Jenna says, these guys still suck; Adam complains about Parker; Madison says Jenna is unprofessional, and it’s not okay; one of the guests steps on glass; and Georgia says she challenges boundaries.

🛥 J-Ow Meets His Match…

I guess she hasn’t seen the show.


🍼 The Newest Shah…

GG is naming names.


🐎 Now If I Can Just Remember Who’s Who…

It’s been ages, but Westworld is coming back. Eventually.


🙏🏼 Father Merrin Is Now At Rest…

He was one of the greats, but I’ll always remember him for compelling Linda Blair with the power of Christ.



🔔 A Bell By Any Other Name…

Wouldn’t have added as much atmosphere.

March 8, 2020 – The Fight Of Their Lives Begins, Lessons On Sunset, Time Change & Eugene’s Song


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Beta hangs a gourd filled with resin on a tree. Negan sits with Alpha in a clearing, and says he thinks he graduated to the next level of kinky Whisperer sh*t. She wants him to take a switch and whip her forearm, but, seeing the stripes already on her arm, he says she seems to have been cut up enough. She holds the switch out, and he lashes her arm. She says, again, he does it a second and third time. She says, now him, and he wonders if they’re bonded for life. She says, depends, and lashes his arm with the switch.

Zombies toddle forward with Beta and the others. Beta says, we are in the end of the world, and they chant, we take them all, over and over

Over the radio, Eugene tells Stephanie that the LP is MIA. She says she wants to hear the song, and tells him to sing it, but he says only a fool would attempt such a song without accompaniment. He says he counted three, and she says, three shooting stars? He’d better not be counting satellites; she saw one recently. He says, around sunset? and she says, yeah. He says, they’re close; only few hundred miles at most. She says he promised not to tell anyone, and he says he can’t help but believe their meeting was celestially ordained. She says her people are overly cautious. He tells her that he’s in Virginia. He gives her the details, and says, pick a day, and neck of the woods, so they can meet face to face. If she doesn’t like the cut of his jib, she can adios herself. He’d like to meet her. She says she’d like to meet him too. She’ll talk to her people. He says he’ll do the same. She says, don’t tell anyone. She’ll see what her people say first. He promises. They sign off, and he laughs to himself.

Earl and Alden see Aaron coming in a wagon, and wonder who the new person is. Alden asks if Alexandria took in another stray, but Earl says, they’re on lockdown. Aaron and his group come in, and Alden asks Aaron, who’s that? Aaron says, Mary. She ran away from Alpha’s camp, and she’s helping them out. Alden asks what she’s doing at Hilltop, and Aaron tells him that Adam is her nephew; she wants to see him. Earl says, no. The enemy is not seeing his son. Aaron says, she’s not the enemy, but Earl tells him to keep her away from his kid. Earl tells Alden what did Aaron think he’d say? They left Adam out to die. Alden watches Mary.

Ezekiel finds Carol in a ragged tent by the water. She asks how he found her, and he says, this is Daryl’s place. He thought she needed some comfort. He tells her that Kelly made it back. He heard what happened at the cave, and he was worried about her. He asks her to come back. He sits next to her, and says then he’ll sit there, and they’ll get eaten be mosquitoes together.

Luke tells Kelly she can’t walk, but Kelly says she’s not leaving her sister. She’s going with the rest of them. Yumiko says they’ll never know if the ceiling caved in, and Kelly says, if she thinks it’s futile, why is she coming? Daryl drives in with Lydia on the back of his bike. Luke asks if he found them, but he says they didn’t get that far. Luke says they’ve got to find their people, but Lydia says they can’t go out there. Her mother’s coming.

Rosita hears Stephanie saying she has one more question. She picks up the microphone, and asks, who is this? Eugene flies down the stairs, pushing her out of the way, and taking the microphone. He says, Stephanie, but there’s no answer. He tells Rosita, she needs to go now. She looks terrible. She says, a giant Whisperer took a swipe at her, and asks, what’s up his butt? He says he says someone trusted him to have a conversation mano a mano, and she made him break that promise. She needs to go before he says something he’ll truly regret. She leaves, and Eugene tries to get Stephanie back, saying he made a terrible mistake. He’s sorry. Does she copy?

Negan tells Alpha, he has some unsolicited advice. He knows it’s everyone’s favorite kind, but he can’t help himself. He’s thought of an idea that maybe she hasn’t. He respects a well-deserved massacre, but why take out Hilltop and Alexandria? She might feel better, but she should get those a-holes to surrender; bend the knee. He can get them to join them.

At Hilltop, Yumiko tells some scouts, if there are any signs of a Whisperer movement, let them know. Lydia says they can kill a hundred, but Alpha will have thousands left. They can’t stay. Earl says he’s not running again, but Alden says they can rebuild. Earl asks if any of the scouts have seen a place like Hilltop, and Yumiko says they only have a few dozen fighters; she doesn’t like the odds. Aaron says they don’t have to die, but Earl says if they can die fighting for a place like Hilltop, it will mean something. He can’t think of a better way to go. Aaron says they can go with his daughter’s life intact, as well as the other children. Daryl says they need to get the kids out first. Pack up. They’re going to Oceanside. Get weapons, food, whatever they can.

They pack up some wagons. Judith tells Daryl, she wants to fight. He says he knows she does, and puts RJ in a wagon. He sees Ezekiel and Carol walk through the gate.

Daryl leads the caravan through the forest, and comes to a roadblock (or pathblock, as it were) of downed trees. They look up, and zombies are hanging above them. Daryl says, it’s going to be like this now. We ain’t getting through. It’s Negan. He’s with her now.

Grace yells for Aaron, who comes out to see Daryl is back. Aaron asks, what happened? and Daryl says, the roads are blocked; they’re closing in. They had a window to get out, and missed it. Kelly tells him, he can’t say that. They all agreed they can’t stay there. Luke says, they can contact Alexandria, and get fresh fighters; it won’t be just them. Alden says they can’t get there in time. After what happened, they’re on their own. Earl tells them to divvy up the arsenal, and bring out the catapults. It’s what they’ve been practicing for. He tells them to get their heads on straight. This is going to be the fight of their lives.

Ezekiel opens a closet, and opens a chest of garments he uses to hide his tumor. There’s a knock at the door, and he closes the chest. It’s Carol, who sees the chest, and then his neck. He says, it’s nothing, and she says, never bullsh*t a bullsh*tter. He says he wanted to tell her. She she touches his neck, and kisses him. They get busy, because now’s the time for that.

Mary sees Adam, and starts to walk toward him. Alden asks where she thinks she’s going, and she tells him, to say hello to her nephew. They’re coming any second. He says, who’s fault is that? and she says she hates them too. Aaron steps in, and says Mary’s not going to hurt them, and she says she wants to fight. Alden says Earl is a better father than his own. They lost Tammy, and he’s been raising Adam alone. Adam isn’t hers, and never will be. Aaron thinks he’s being unreasonable. If they die, it will be for what they’re trying to build – for him. He picks Adam up.

Basking in the afterglow, Ezekiel says, that was fun. Carol says, that was never a problem. He says at least he’ll be remembered fondly for something. Not even an eyeroll? She’s lost her sense of humor. She says she hasn’t. She left it on the dresser in the Kingdom, and it burned down. He says, if it makes her feel any better, he left his pride there too. She says she hated that dresser anyway. He asks if this would have happened any other night, and she asks what he means. He says, if she didn’t think they were going to die tonight, and she says, they’re going to die tonight?

Eugene hooks up batteries to a truck in the woods. Rosita comes by, and says Coco is fine, but she’s worried about how close Beta got to her. He asks if she told Gabriel about the horde, but she says, hell no. She’ll tell him when she sees him. Rosita says she noticed he’s been working on his radio transmissions, and gives him something to drink (moonshine?). She asks if he likes the girl from the radio, and he says he knows his unpleasant countenance is unworthy of her attention. Rosita says they’ve been talking long enough for Eugene to know she likes him. Does he want to kiss her? Eugene gets close, and he and Rosita almost kiss, but he backs away. He says, it’s a special kind of peculiar, hankering for a kiss from someone you haven’t met. But it’s not time to be mulling matters of a forlorn heart. Rosita suggest that’s what they put on his gravestone: a loser with forlorn heart. She tells him, the skin freaks would love it if they rolled over. Screw that. Screw them. She says, if Eugene likes this girl, get off his ass and go get her. He kisses her cheek, and jets.

Lydia sits on the porch of a building, and sees heart with H+L in the center that she and Henry made way back when. Carol sits next to her, and lights a… where the hell did she get a cigarette??? Carly says Lydia should hate her, but Lydia says it’s hard when Carol seems to hate herself so much. Carol says she couldn’t kill Alpha, and Lydia says it won’t save them anyway. Carol says, but it would feel good. Lydia says she won’t be thinking about Carol, and Carol thanks her for telling the truth. Lydia says, people don’t know how to do that anymore. She’s sorry Carol’s kid died, and sorry Carol hates the world. She’s sorry her mother is a monster. Carol stays away, but then she feels lonely. Carol says, she had a whole life. She leaves, and Lydia tries not to cry.

Kelly and Luke make spikey things for the zombies to walk into. Yumiko tells Kelly that she’s sorry, and Kelly hugs her. They see rats running out of the woods, and Yumiko says, the horde is coming. Run back!

Eugene starts to sing When the Wild Wind Blows over the radio. As he sings, we see everyone getting ready. Some are putting the kids in a safe place, some getting dressed for battle, some are practicing technique. Judith gets on the radio, and Aaron says, give Mary a weapon. Daryl watches. Stephanie sings a verse back to Eugene, who smiles, then laughs. He says she’s got nice singing chops. She says she’s sorry for disappearing; she freaked a little. He says it falls squarely on him. He let his guard down, and apologizes. She says, it was a girl, and he says, Rosita. She says she can hear him smiling; he must be fond of her. He says, yes, very. She’s his proverbial BFF. He hopes they get a chance to meet. Stephanie does too, and Eugene says he doesn’t know when they’ll speak next. The last few days were incredible. She says she’s in West Virginia, and gives directions to a spot in Charleston, asking if he can be there in a week. He says he’ll be there, and not square. Over and out. Rosita asks if he’s ready, and he says, let’s get it over with. He’s got a date.

Ezekiel starts to put on a scarf, and sees Daryl in the mirror. Daryl asks if he’s okay, and Ezekiel says he has cancer, but it’s okay. Daryl says he’s sorry. They never had much to say to each other, but that doesn’t mean Daryl doesn’t know what Ezekiel has been through. Ezekiel is stronger than a lot of people there, and he’s glad. Ezekiel says Daryl is too, and thanks him. It means a lot. Things are going to get bad. He wants to know the kids are all right. If things go sideways, and something happens to either one of them, the other will get children out. He and Daryl shake on it.

Daryl finds Judith sitting by herself, and tells her to go be with the other kids. She says she can fight, and he says he knows. He’s sorry about today. She didn’t need to see any bodies. She says, they were just walkers, and she’s killed plenty of them. He says he knows, but they weren’t just walkers. She says she’s not scared, and he says he knows, but maybe he is a little. Maybe she could take care of RJ. She says she’s worried that he might get hurt, and she’ll lose him and Carol. Daryl says, there’s no shame in that, and knowing who you’re fighting for. She says she made him something for luck, and brings out his vest with the wings on the back. She’s repaired it. He puts it on, and he asks how he looks. She says, good, and he says, one other thing. If during fight, Ezekiel comes looking for her, go with him, whether or not she knows where he is. She has to promise. She does, and they hug. He leaves.

Carol looks at the portrait of Henry, and goes outside. She sees Daryl, and says, please don’t hate her. He turns around to face her, and says he’s never going to hate her. She cries a little, as he walks away. He picks up a weapon on his way to the gate. Outside, the first several lines of defense wear armor and carry shields, with more armed people behind them. They wait, as Daryl goes to the front.

It’s quiet. Kelly feels the ground, and nods at Yumiko. We can see a cloud on the distant horizon. A lone zombie toddles out. The rumble of zombie snarling is heard. Aaron tells everyone, get ready.

The horde moves forward, into an electrified barbed wire fence. It slices the first zombie’s head off, but they’re not too bright, and keep coming. They walk into the fence, even as it cuts them, but eventually their pushing against it, causes it to give. The wires start to spark and sputter, and short out as the zombies break through. Even I’m scared. Aaron says, break, and the shielded soldiers separate into two groups, and move toward the horde. They stab, whack, slice, chop, bash, and shoot arrows. Here’s where it pays to be pissed off.

Beta strides through the forest to a clearing, where the Whisperers wait. They put gourds, like the one he hung on the tree, into giant slingshots. I say many bad words. The balls splatter, and Luke says, it smells like a Christmas tree. Fires begin in various places.

Negan – who’s finally gotten his mask – tells Alpha, he thought she wanted Hilltop to join them. She says she does, but as part of her horde. He says, holy sh*t. She is a badass.

Daryl yells for everyone to go back inside, and they back up. The zombie horde pushes completely through the fence, and the Hilltoppers take off toward the gate. The Whisperers shoot flaming arrows at the walls of Hilltop, which burst into flames. Hilltop becomes an inferno, and everyone is like, fu…dge.

Next time – Alpha doesn’t have anything she wants, Negan says he’s found what she’s looking for, and the battle continues.

Shahs of Sunset

D’oh! Even though I posted it about the date change, I forgot the Shahs moved to Friday. Since I had four billion other things to do this weekend (slight exaggeration, but close), and we had the stupid time change, tonight’s recap is abbreviated somewhat. Which is a good or bad thing depending on your perspective.

Upon waking up with Adam at the Waldorf Astoria, Reza felt like he was a 65 year old hooker who’d worked the strip all night. Sara tried to get ahold of her brother Sam, who’s hooked up with Destiney the night before. When Destiney was asked what she remembered, it didn’t sound like much. She told Sam that she had plans to have breakfast with Reza and her mom.

GG and Yasmin went to one of those paint your own pottery places. In GG’s interview, she said she couldn’t drink, and had to cut back on weed, so it didn’t give her much to do. I don’t even know what to say to that. Even though the implantation was done, she didn’t feel pregnant yet, and was waiting for that call. She told Yasmin that she misses weed, and insisted her kid wasn’t going to whine like the one wailing its head off at the pottery place. In her interview, she said she didn’t want a man, so she was bucking it up, and doing it on her own. She told Yasmin that she needed to find a dude who was super chill with having sex with women who are pregnant, and I went ♫ la-la-la! ♫ Yasmin said she was too Persian for all that. I must be too.

Breakfast at the Waldorf looked amazing. A lot of these shows have a food porn subplot for me. Reza sized up the situation with Destiney and Sam pretty quickly – new outfit, same outfit. Destiney’s mom was early, and in Reza’s interview, he said, Persian moms don’t interact with their kids tricks. Destiney introduced them and Sam couldn’t jet fast enough. Reza was excited to see Destiney looking happy, but still gave her a hard time, asking, who was that man? When mom Tammy was like, yeah, who was that? Destiney distracted her with the food. In Reza’s interview, he was glad Destiney was able to meet with her mom, and said he thought part of her feel lost with her mom and sister living in Vegas.

Mike met with potential general contractor Barry. Bringing Paulina along, he wanted to check out one of Barry’s construction projects before hiring him. In Mike’s interview, he said he was under an immense amount of pressure. It was the first test his parents were watching to see if he passed. His dad was pressuring him to hire a guy he knows, but if he brought Barry on, Barry would be answering to him. Along with a building of apartments Barry had done, Barry showed Mike a proposal. Barry thought the project would cost around $8.5 million, while Mike had figured more like $7.5 million tops. Barry also expected the construction to last two years, and Mike asked if eighteen months was possible. In his interview, he said the difference between eighteen and twenty-four months was a significant number. They were losing $10K a month.

Sara went to Reza’s suite, wondering where Destiney and her brother were. Reza told her that they’d hooked up. In his interview, Reza said it was exciting to see Destiney with her guard down, he was afraid she’d regret not spending more time with her mom. Tammy told Destiney it was time for her settle down with a good man. Destiney told Tammy that she thought it was safer not to let someone in. She wouldn’t get hurt that way. Reza told Sara, they came, they saw, her brother conquered. Sara said that was his normal day.

Nema took Persian dance lessons, since Persian dancing gives him anxiety. His dad had taken away all Persian influence when he was growing up. Destiney joined him at the lesson. In his interview, he said he was a good dancer, but a bad Persian dancer. By the end of the lesson, he got the shoulder moves down.

Adam met GG at a cat café, where she wanted all the cats, as did I. In her interview, GG said she loved Adam, but until she got confirmation that she was pregnant, she was keeping it to herself. She told Adam that a work thing kept her from going to Vegas, and he told her that Destiney and Sam hooked up. GG did a spit-take with her lemonade when Adam said Destiney was straddling Sam at the golf range, and then she made Adam demonstrate. In GG’s interview, she said she wouldn’t be thrilled if she was in Sara’s place. She told Adam that Destiney always claimed to be a ride or die chick, but she wasn’t riding for another girl. She was just riding.

After their lesson, Destiney told Nema that Sam had been calling and texting, accidentally opening a d*ck pic in front of him. Nema got a text from Paulina, asking him to meet, and we flashed back to him kicking Mike out of his house. He told Destiney that he was shocked Paulina reached out to him, and Destiney said Mike was vulnerable with Paulina, and probably said things to her that he couldn’t say to Nema.

Nema met Paulina, and immediately asked if Mike knew about them getting together. Paulina said he didn’t, but didn’t think he’d be upset. She told Nema that Mike looked at him like a younger brother, and felt attacked. Nema had said Mike was a cheater and a liar, and that he questioned her allowing her kids around him. She wondered why her kids got pulled into it, and was offended by it. Nema explained that Mike had said Erica must be weird, and there was something mentally wrong with her for waiting seven years for a divorced guy, and he just went off. He apologized, and told Paulina that Mike had a history of picking on him. We flashed back to some of that, and Nema said the older brother was bullying the little brother. At the mud run, Mike had said Nema stole a company from him, when Mike was the one who tried to screw him and Shervin out of a deal, and lied about it. He wasn’t sure if Mike’s supposed positive feelings toward him were real or not. Paulina said she’d given Mike a clean slate when they got together, but Nema said if Mike couldn’t apologize, like Nema just did with her, he didn’t know if they could remain friends.

In her interview, GG explained that since she missed Vegas, she wanted to bring everyone together with a cooking class. The usual suspects gathered, along with GG’s friends Anita and Yasmin, for a cooking lesson and dinner with Chef Nicole. It was also a competition, which GG said a Persian could never pass up. She grouped everyone into three teams of three – GG, Reza, and Yasmin; Anita, Destiney, and Adam; and Sara, Nema, and Mike – deliberately putting Nema, Paulina, and Mike on the same team. Mike and Paulina were late, so they started without them.

On the way there, Paulina told Mike about her meeting with Nema, saying she’d wanted to confront Nema about the way he treated Mike. In Mike’s interview, he said he thought it was a huge slap in the face for Nema to agree to meet with Pauline. It was like Nema was trying tell him that he’s not in control. No comment. Mike asked Paulina to communicate with him first if she does something like that. She need to know what she was doing, and why. He said, those guys can be wolves.

The first dish the teams made was yogurt dip. By the end, Adam’s team was just throwing things in, but somehow they won. In Nema’s interview, he said what he lacked in Persian cooking skills, he more than made up in with his Persian Postmate ordering skills. When Mike arrived, Reza said he had good news, and bad news. The good news was, Paulina was on his team; the bad news was, Nema was on his team. When they made tahini, Chef Nicole told Mike’s team they were almost there, and Mike said that was the story of his life, but I wasn’t sure what exactly he was referring to. This time, Reza’s team won, and Mike toasted to Vegas, saying Destiney got to see her mom and sister. Not being able to leave it alone, Reza added, and bone Sara’s brother. GG asked if Destiney had talked to Sara about it, and Destiny said she didn’t need permission. GG said she didn’t find it funny, suddenly didn’t feel good, and headed for the door.

In her interview, GG said she felt a sharp pain, and she got scared she was having a miscarriage. It’s something she’s been waiting so long for, it scared the sh*t out of her. Anita and Destiney followed her out, and Destiney told her to calm down. Inside, Mike said, if you cry wolf enough times, people stop believing you. They sat down for the chef’s dinner, which rivaled the Waldorf’s breakfast. Reza got a text from Anita, saying GG was okay, but not feeling good; it was a weird stomach thing. Mike wondered if she’d touched the raw chicken, and Nema said GG hadn’t been drinking any alcohol. Destiney wondered if GG was pregnant, and Reza said, she could totally be pregnant. We flashed back to the Reunion, when GG told everyone about her plans. In Reza’s interview, he said, that would explain everything.

Nema asked if Mike knew about his lunch with Paulina – because, again, parties or public gatherings are the perfect time to bring up personal issues – and Mike said he just found out. Nema said he went on the assumption Mike knew, but Mike was already steamed. Nema said Paulina approached him, and Mike said Nema’s dad didn’t teach him how to be a man. Nema was like, don’t you talk about my dad, and in his interview, said there was a lot he could ask about how Mike’s parents raised him, but out of respect, he doesn’t. Destiney suggested they communicate properly, and Nema said if Mike did it again, there wouldn’t be a third time. Mike apologized, but in his interview, griped that he’d taken Nema under his wing. He’d been a good friend, given Nema advice, and helped him. Reza thought they should reconvene on that topic another time. In Mike’s interview, he said he thought Nema didn’t like that he and Paulina were in a good relationship. Nema was miserable, and wanted to make them miserable so they could join in on his pity party. At that point, the dinner broke up, and Reza said, this was a night.

Next time, Sara confronts Destiney, and Nema brings MJ to a pool party where she throws her drink in Reza’s face.

⏰ I Want It Back…


 🌬 You, Sir, Are No Iron Maiden…

Actually, he wasn’t bad. Time for me to breeze on out myself. See you on the deckside.

March 1, 2020 – Beta Gets Inside, Time Change, Reza’s Gig In Vegas, Dead Days, Leap Facts, Domestic Gus & Over Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Beta enters an RV. Two Whisperers remove a chair, and open a secret door in the floor. Beta drops down. He lights a lantern, and goes through a tunnel.

Baby Coco stirs, and Rosita gets up. She goes to get the baby’s blanket, and I gasp out loud. When she turns back, Beta is standing over the crib. Beta raises a knife, and plunges it downward. Rosita wakes up.

The gate at Alexandria parts. Gamma is standing there, surrounded by armed guards. She removes her mask, and says she’s the one who knows Aaron. Gabriel says they know who she is. She says, they’re in trouble. They’re trapped in a cave where Alpha placed the horde. They might have gotten out; she doesn’t know. Gabriel says she told them it was in a field, and she says, Alpha moved it. He says, the whole thing? Right before their group got there? Gamma says she’s just telling them what happened. She’s trying to help. Rosita asks, why? and Gamma says, the baby that the Whisperers left at Hilltop is her nephew. Gabriel asks where the baby’s mother is, and Gamma flashes back to pushing her sister into the zombies. She says, dead. Gabriel looks at Rosita, and asks Gamma, if they give her a map, can she show them where the cave is? She says she can, and the guards lower their pokey sticks. Gamma moves toward the gate, and Rosita punches her in the face, saying, she’s a liar.

Daryl hides in a crevasse, and sees Alpha. She takes an arrow out of the head of a zombie, and moves on. Daryl follows behind. Holding a knife. Another Whisperer comes out of a cave. They lead a group of zombies out.

Gamma wakes in the cell. Rosita says she’s not the first one, and Gamma asks if Rosita killed the last one. Gabriel says, he did. Rosita says they were sent to spy on them, and killed her baby’s father two days ago. Gamma says she doesn’t know anything about that, and Gabriel says it’s amazing how much she says she doesn’t know. He’ll lay it out for her. She’s working hard to convince them that she’s different from the ones who lie, walk with the dead, and eat worms. She says, what if she can’t? and Rosita says, then she’ll die. No second chance. Gabriel says, by the way, she’s the third one. Gamma says she’s telling the truth, and Gabriel says, this isn’t for show. He’s a servant of God. He’s heard many confessions, and he can tell she’s holding back. Outside the gate, her story was that she’s the baby’s aunt. Gamma says, it’s not a story, and he says it tugs at the heartstrings, but she’s hiding something. That makes the whole thing a lie. She says, ask God if she’s lying, and he says God told him to hang her. Gamma says she killed her sister. She killed her sister for Alpha. Alpha didn’t even have to ask; she just did it. Does he believe her now? Gabriel says, get her a map.

Alpha and two other Whisperers continue with a small zombie group. A zombie gets shot with an arrow, and the Whisperers split from the group. Daryl fights with Alpha, but gets cut, and there’s blood in his eyes. He can barely see, but gets her back down anyway. He asks where they are, as the zombies come closer. He slaughters a few, but Alpha grabs her knife from where it fell, and stabs Daryl in the leg. Daryl still can see a little, but everything is red, and he struggles.

Gabriel says, fourteen miles inland. He asks if there are any other ways in or out, and Gamma isn’t sure, but says they’ll be guarded. Rosita says, what about the border? It’s guarded all the way, but Gamma says, it’s too long for Alpha to defend. Most of the patrols are near the cave. Gabriel tells someone to take Gamma back to her cell.  When she’s gone, Gabriel tells the others that they’ll get two rescue parties together. Rosita says they don’t know if the information is real. Scott asks Gabriel if he’s sure Gamma’s not lying. Gabriel says he is and he does know. They’re hesitating because they’re afraid, and they shouldn’t be. Scott asks, why? and Gabriel says he brought her in so they could see the Whisperers are cowards. They broke her completely, and they can break others. Keep them alive. Pull their teeth, and take their fingers; get more information. The more pain and fury they pour on the Whisperers, the sooner they’ll drop their act. Which is what it is.

Alpha follows Daryl to a gas station, carrying a shotgun, and is obviously hurt. A knife sticks out of Daryl’s leg, as he grabs for things on the table above him. He gets a metal bar. Alpha comes closer, but then sits down. She bangs on a pipe with the gun. Zombies start to come.

Gabriel arms himself, and Rosita does the same. He asks if she’s okay, saying, she seemed off in the meeting. He suggests she stay and work defense at the gate. The smart thing would be for her to sit this one out. She tells him, don’t worry; she won’t freeze. She’s good. He should worry about his sh*t. It’s erratic. It seems like he’s itching for a fight. He says, so what if he is? and Rosita says, she doesn’t want… He says he knows, and she says she’ll see him out there.

Judith talks to Gamma through the cell window, asking what her name is. Gamma says, no one has asked since she got there. It’s Mary. Judith asks where she was before the Whisperers, and Mary says she’s from Santa Monica; it’s in California. Her parents’ names were John and Alice. She went to school… She doesn’t remember. She tells Judith, Alpha has a way of making you forget. Judith says, she really doesn’t remember anything? and Mary says, echoes of left feelings. Her life was ordinary; that much she knows. When it all went down, she and her sister kept making bad decisions. They needed someone to make decisions for them. Then they met Alpha. Judith says they met the wrong person first. If they’d met her mom and dad, she wouldn’t be in the cell. Mary doesn’t look like a monster to her. Rosita calls to Judith, who says, bye. Rosita looks at Mary.

Alpha continues to bang on the pipe, and zombies continue to move toward the sound. They walk past her, except for one, who makes close-up and personal zombie noises in her face. Daryl kicks a fire extinguisher down from the wall, and whacks a couple of heads with it. He tussles with a zombie, and ends up pulling the knife out of his leg. He stabs the zombie in the head, but now he’s bleeding like a stuck pig.

The groups get ready to go out. Gabriel hears over the radio that a herd is headed for Alexandria, and makes the decision for Laura and Rosita to stay back. He and Scott will each take a squad, and break up the herd. He tells Rosita that he’s not speaking for her, but she admits it could get them both killed, and says, it’s better this way. He kisses her goodbye, and says he’ll see her soon.

A zombie rises out of the earth from a grave inside Alexandria. Oh wait, it’s Beta, that crazy kid. He brandishes a knife in both hands.

Inside a house, two guys talk about the Whisperers being a joke, and get ready to go out. Beta gets inside, and screams come from the house. Beta kneels on the floor, as a guy crawls away from him.

On the radio, Gabriel asks, what the hell happened? They saw nothing coming? Rosita says, nothing. Scott wonders, what the hell is going on? Beta kneels in the middle of carnage, bodies surrounding him. Gabriel says most of them are out there. There’s hardly anyone back home.    

The dead start to come to life around Beta. Outside, Rosita leads a group through the street, and sees zombies coming. She radios Gabriel, saying, they’re here, and runs toward the zombies with the group. Beta goes to the cell, and unlocks it. Mary says, it isn’t what she said. She lied. Beta says, these are not her people, and Mary repeats, she lied. He says, she is your Alpha, and opens the door. He says she was dead the moment she came to them. Step toward him. He holds out his hand, and she says, why? He says, she wants you. She said death would be painless, but if you fight, it will not be. Step toward him. She stays where she is, and says all Alpha wants is her in pain. He’s lying for her. Again he says, step toward him. Mary moves forward, and says she’s not afraid of him. He says, yes, she is. Beta feels a blade at his back, and Laura stands behind him holding some kind of battle ax. She tells Mary, get help, and Mary runs out. Beta grabs the ax, and they struggle, but Laura jumps on him. Outside, Mary yells for help, and hears a voice says, up here. Laura and Beta fight, but he knocks her out. He stomps out to the street.

He goes inside house, and quietly walks upstairs. He looks around, slipping into a bedroom and out again. He sees a closed door, opens it, and a shot in the chest blows him back. It’s our girl Judith. She and Mary run, but Mary lingers, and Beta grabs her ankle, tripping her. Beta gets up, and we see his wearing some kind of chest plate. Rosita says, hey, and he turns. He has a huge chef’s knife, and rushes her, but Rosita slugs him in the gut with a bat. They struggle, and he gets Rosita down. Mary tells him, stop. Alpha wants her alive. She holds a knife to her own throat, and tells Beta, step toward her. Nice move.

Beta and Mary walk down the road. Beta says, you will fall. You will rise. You will walk with your sister again. Gabriel and his squad are suddenly in front of them. Mary hits the ground, shots are fired, and Beta jets. The group points their guns at Mary, and she says she didn’t betray them. He was going to… please. She’s telling the truth. Gabriel looks at her, and puts his gun up on his shoulder.

Alpha takes off her mask. She asks Daryl if he can see beyond the darkness to the light, but he says no. She says she’s teeming with joy. She sees the ones who brought her around them. She says, thank you for making me strong. They made her, and her daughter. Daryl says she lost her daughter. Alpha drove her away because she didn’t love her. She asks what he said, and moves toward him, saying, she’s all ears. She stumbles and falls, and crawls along the floor. She lies there a moment, and sees a blurry Lydia. Lydia takes her hand, and Alpha asks if she’s really there. Lydia says, yes, mama, and Alpha says, don’t call her that; Lydia knows better. She came home. Alpha says, I am you, and you are me, Lydia. She starts to sing, Lydia, the Tattooed Lady. She puts a knife in Lydia’s hand, and covers it with her own. She says she wants to make sure Lydia is ready, but Lydia says she can’t. She didn’t come for Alpha, but the others. They’re not perfect; just human. It’s all she ever wanted, and what Alpha never gave her. She touches Alpha’s face, and Alpha says she wants Lydia to stay.

Alpha opens her eyes. Lydia is gone. Alpha gets up, obviously in pain. She limps toward where Daryl was, but Daryl is gone. The knife is stuck in the table, with the words, your way is not the only way, carved next to it. Alpha laughs.

Gabriel walks with Scott and points to where Beta gained entry, saying, this was Dante.  Scott says, the Whisperers sealed whole sections. Aaron returns, and Gabriel and Scott hug him. He says he’s all right, and Gabriel asks, what happened? Where are the others? Aaron says, they got separated, but most of them got out. Scott says, most of them? and Aaron says, not everyone.

Rosita sits in a wagon, and Gabriel asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to take Coco. It’s a short trip. She says she wants Coco safe, and she’s safe with him. A little caravan gets ready, and Aaron lifts Judith into one of the wagons. Mary sits with Rosita, and Rosita formally introduces herself. They shake hands, and the caravan heads out.

Daryl comes to, leaning against a tree in the woods. Lydia tells him, easy. He asks how long he was asleep, and she says, most of the day. He says, she was just out there watching him? She says, and watching them. Deciding. He says, deciding what? Did she kill Alpha? Lydia says, if it was Daryl’s father, could he?

Alpha lies on her back, holding the knife. She says she’s no longer weak. She’s stronger than ever. The horde will consume them. Their screams will be songs to her. A couple of Whisperers help her up, and she says, bathed in blood; we are free. We love no one; we are free. We hear nothing; we are free. We are the end of the world.

Next time, Lydia says her mother coming, and everyone gets ready for a fight.

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Shahs of Sunset

Reza says he needs a new shoe closet, and Adam says he wants to convert the garage to a big closet. Reza is like, thanks but no thanks. He has a promotional gig in Las Vegas coming up, and says he has to kill it at Sally Beauty Supply with his haircare products. If he doesn’t, it’s $500K down the tubes. He tells Adam, the product isn’t generating the income they need to live. GG texts that she has to cancel coming along. Reza relays the news to Adam, and says Destiney will be coming. He says he’s forgiven her, and Adam says he’d rather move on than hold a grudge.

MJ and Tommy fawn over Baby Shams. Vida comes by, and says she thinks Shams should be on the cover of People. In MJ’s interview, she says she thinks she and Tommy are naturals.

GG’s mom Fati cuts up several pineapples. In GG’s interview, she says, in trying to get pregnant, she’s been googling everything, and pineapple is supposed to be helpful in thickening the uterine lining. She’s going the embryo transfer today. She started with IVF treatments in October of 2018, and says her ass is black and blue from the injections.

Mike visits Nema, bringing along his French bulldogs. Nema says he’s finally found the super ultra-modern home he’s always wanted. Mike explains microfiber to pup Lexi. Pet massage therapist Gene comes by to give Nema’s dog Jack a massage, since Jack broke his back a couple of years ago. In Nema’s interview, he says he rescued Jack, and got Jack in the divorce. Erica then became Jack’s stepmom, and got involved in Jack’s life, so now they’re co-parenting. Mike says he thinks Nema is leading Erica on, and Nema tells Mike that he never says Mike is leading Paulina on. They bicker, and then apologize to Gene. Gene says his focus is on the dog. Mike says Erica and Nema work together, and Nema keeps saying he’s going to marry her one day. We flash back to Nema telling Erica that they can’t not end up together, and her saying, not if he’s like he is now. Nema says, Paulina is dating a guy who cheated on his wife, and she has two kids. Mike tells Nema not to judge him on his past. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s grown, and deserves to be treated right. Nema says he doesn’t want advice from Mike. Since Mike is a dishonest guy, the advice it tainted. Ouch. He doesn’t think Mike is ready to be a stepdad. In his interview, Mike says Nema has never even seen him around Paulina’s children. They’re like his own. Mike gathers up his dogs, and leaves.

Destiney and Sara get ready to go to Las Vegas. In Sara’s interview, she says, Destiney is a lot. Destiney lives in Destiney’s own world, but Sara is glad to be getting to know her.

Reza and Adam check in at the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas. They meet with Dan and Sheree Funsch, Reza’s business partners. Reza says he’s so nervous, he had a nightmare that no one showed up. They sit near the pool, and a waiter brings over an incredible mini spread and Bloody Marys with lots of garnishes. In his interview, Reza says the products are selling on the website, but to make real money, they have to be in a national chain store. He asks what’s expected of him, and Sheree says he has to be the ultimate politician. In Reza’s interview, he says they have a one year exclusive, and he wants to convince them the products are going to fly off the shelves. Sheree says it’s his first big test, and in his interview, he says if he doesn’t kill it, he’ll be back to slinging real estate. He tells Dan and Sheree, let’s go do it.

GG frets about having to quit smoking weed. For the last three years, she’s only gone a couple of hours without it.

Sara and Destiney check into the hotel. Destiney tells Sara about the time she was mistaken for a prostitute in Vegas, and in her interview, Sara says she wouldn’t want to share that information with anybody.

MJ and Tommy talk about having another baby, and Vida says they’re crazy. In MJ’s interview, she says the night before the baby came, Reza checked in. After she’d delivered Shams, Tommy texted Reza about how she’d had complications, and was in the ICU. Reza’s response was, prayers for a speedy recovery. We see a clip of Reza reading his response to Adam, and that’s the last sentence in a rather long paragraph filled with care and concern. So wtf? Tommy tells MJ, Reza knew how bad it was, and starts getting loud and animated. In her interview, MJ says instead of racing to see her, he confronted her on the phone. Everyone knows that Adam has a sexually deviant sense of humor. Tommy calls Adam the hillbilly whore of WeHo.

In the Presidential Suite, Reza puts on his gold leopard belt buckle. In his interview, he says, it’s sad, being in Vegas without MJ. They’ve been going there together since they were kids. He’s doing this without the help of his best friend. Destiney and Sara come to the suite, and they make dinner plans. Reza says he has to hustle, but a car will be waiting for them to pick them up for the event.

GG is being a back seat driver from the passenger seat. In her interview, she says it was the worst decision of her life to ask her mom to drive. An Uber motorcycle would have been better. GG’s dad Mahmoud meets them. GG says it’s a scary, but fulfilling moment.

Adam tells Reza, the launch is going to be amazing. Adam wears the same shirt he wore the night Reza proposed, and tells Reza it’s his lucky shirt. In Reza’s interview, he says having Adam there means the world to him. He’d invested in the product behind Adam’s back, but they got over it. Ali tried to take them down, but he couldn’t. At Sally’s Beauty Supply, Reza talks with the buyer, and says it’s an honor to be there. He sets up a display table. It’s kind of like a book signing. In his interview, he says he is honored. He’s a little Persian kid whose dreams are all coming true. He explains, the secret to good salesmanship is, one, understanding who you’re dealing with; two, knowing how to interact; and three, knowing when to close the deal. If you master those, you can sell anything.

Destiney and Sara arrive, and buy one of everything in Reza’s line. The manager announces that they made 120% of their sales plan. In Reza’s interview, he says, it’s a big deal for a middle-American company to have confidence in a gay middle eastern man.

Vida fusses over Shams. I don’t think she’s going to give him back.

On the way back, GG tells Fati that she can’t believe it. She asks if Fati cares how her driving affects others. In her interview, GG says her parents are rock stars. Not many Persian parents would be okay with their daughter being single and getting herself knocked up. She shows her dad a video of the procedure, done using an ultrasound. In GG’s interview, she says, and no foreplay. Mahmoud tells her that she has to watch funny movies, and Fati suggests Mel Brooks. GG says, Mel Brooks is ancient. She starts a video baby diary, and explains to the baby that she’s got to lay low for the next 48 hours. Mahmoud tells her, everything is good; she’ll be fine. She says she can’t be the baby anymore. He says she’s almost 40, and she threatens to punch him in his bad knee.

Destiney makes plans on the phone to meet her mom for high tea the next day. In her interview, she says her mom loves Vegas, and is literally her best friend.

Mike tells Paulina that Nema said something was off about her since she was allowing a guy as dishonest as him around her and kids. Not quite what Nema said, although I do think it was none of his business. In Mike’s interview, he says, when people tear others down, they’re deflecting from their own shortcomings. Nema should get therapy, rather than talk sh*t about him. Paulina says she’ll confront anyone who talks sh*t about Mike.

In the car, Nema tells a friend he’s going on a blind date, and she suggests his teeth might be intimidating. Ha-ha! In Nema’s interview, he says Mike doesn’t get why he’s not sleeping with half of Los Angeles like him. He meets his date Aimee at a restaurant. He tells her it’s his first blind date, and she says she’s been on dating apps. In his interview, he says he was married in his 20s, when he was supposed to be out and fun. After his divorce, he dated Erica, so this is a new frontier. He asks about her last relationship, and she says, he cheated. He tells her that he was cheated on, as well as his father having been cheated on. His father always had a chip on his shoulder, and Nema didn’t want to turn into that person who’s pissed for the next thirty years because of a cheater. He says, it’s a great blind date, and in his interview, says this is proving he’s over Erica, and can enjoy someone else’s company. He says, let’s get out of here, but Aimee has already called an Uber.

Sara’s brother Sam joins them for dinner. In Sara’s interview, she says Sam lives in Vegas. He’s the brother of four older sisters, and the only boy. They’re very protective. She worries about his decision making. They’re shown to a private room for a four-course menu with a wine pairing. Sam says his goal is to make money between poker and sports betting. In her interview, Sara says, it’s a stereotype in the Persian community, if you’re not a doctor or a lawyer, you’re a failure. Sam and Destiney flirt. He says he’s never dated a Persian girl. In Destiney’s interview, she says he’s mysterious and edgy, and she likes his muscles. Reza says, the meal was off the charts. They have a shot of tequila, and make faces like I do when I taste that nasty stuff. Reza says he took care of the bill, and Sara says she loves having rich friends.

The group busts out on the party bus. In Reza’s interview, he says there’s a point in the evening where your buzz is in the perfect spot, and he’s in that zone. They go to a rooftop bar that also has golf. Destiney orders tequila. Reza says, Destiney is feeling Sam. In his interview, Reza says, Destiney is always talking about the man she wants. She doesn’t need to be a good picker in Las Vegas. He’s thinking it’s wham bam thank you Destiney ma’am. He tells Sam get behind her, and show her how to swing. In Sara’s interview, she says Sam hooked up with her makeup artist at her sister’s wedding. She’s not Sara’s makeup artist anymore. Reza says, she didn’t get ball in, but she’s going to have a baby in nine months. Sara asks Sam not to sleep with Destiney, but he says, Destiney’s got game. Destiney sits next to Sam, and he says Sara was telling him not to flirt with her. She says, is he flirting? She thought they were having a conversation. In Reza’s interview, he says he doesn’t know what’s bothering Sara, but he’d rather his brother hook up with an acquaintance than a skank from Vegas. Sam says he’s going to have Destiney, and Reza tells Sara, this is happening. Destiney sits on Sam’s lap, and they kiss. Reza says the car is there, and Sam and Destiney hold hands on the way. Back at the hotel, Reza drags Sara into his and Adam’s suite, and Destiney and Sam get busy.

In Reza’s interview, he says it’s hard to think about the milestone moments in his life without his best friend by his side to celebrate. It makes him sad, and he wonders if this is a new chapter.

Next time, a cooking class turns sour. This season, MJ and Reza have it out, Destiney says enough is enough, GG doesn’t believe either one of them, Tommy gets out of hand, and GG gets knocked up.

⚰️ Bring Out Your Dead…

Too bad George Romero won’t be around to see this.


📇 Meanwhile, In the Interesting Facts Department…

Everything you wanted to know about Leap Year, but were afraid to ask.


🧺 And He’s Practical Too…

If I squint, I can kind of see Gus as a home-ec teacher.


🤦🏻‍♀️ How Does It Happen…?

Friday, always so full of promise. Monday, hopes dashed again.