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July 9, 2020 – When Sonny Hired Theo, GH Bios, Berkshires Redux, Returning, Robin Goes Blonde, Too Many Goodbyes, Pandemically Effected, 21 Years, Latest Bat & You


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The Flashback hand we were dealt today was January 6th, 2011. I was on a phone call for the first half, but I’ll piece that together as best I can.

A bit of the backstory. Because of a mix-up, Maya and Ethan were married, but they didn’t live together, and Edward had offered them a million dollars on their first anniversary. Steven Webber had organized a ski trip, and the bus had an accident. Olivia and Morgan were badly hurt; Kristina was hurt; Michael had been slightly injured; and Kristina’s friend Ali and the driver had been killed. Brenda had killed Anton/Aleksander an international crime lord’s son, and Dante helped cover it up. The crime lord Theo was also a lawyer, and had weaseled his way into working for Diane. Not coincidentally, Sonny ended up hiring him for Dante and Brenda. D’oh! Which brings us to today’s Flashback.

Diane thought it should be a slam-dunk that Brenda shot Anton, but Theo said her ties to Sonny cast doubt on her. Spinelli came into the office and sneezed, freaking Theo out. Spinelli said his hygiene was above reproach, and Theo said that kind of thinking led to pandemics. (Did they search through every episode to find this reference?) Diane hustled him out, saying she’d check in with him later at his office. (He was working with Sam at the time.)

OG Edward talked to Maya and Ethan about their future, and Maya thought Edward was planning on roping Ethan into the family business, which Ethan wasn’t keen on. He told them they’d have to live together though, and they planned to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Edward said Tracy and Luke were on their honeymoon, so they’d have the run of the place. That was not to be, as Tracy came back, saying, Luke decided to skip the honeymoon and go straight to grand larceny.

Terrell Jackson saw Robin at the hospital, and said he had an appointment with Steven Webber. Robin said they’d been swamped because of the bus accident, but Steven came by with Patrick, introducing Patrick to Terrell. It turned out Terrell was a pediatric doctor who had helped with the bus crash. Terrell said he was there to interview for a position at the hospital. When Steven left with Terrell to do the interview, Terrell and Lisa gave each other the soap eye from across the room. Patrick told Robin that he was frustrated because he wasn’t able to save Ali. Robin told him that he wasn’t God, and Patrick said he respected what she had to say. She wondered why he was being so nice (they were separated at the time). Patrick asked Robin out on a date, but she took a raincheck because she wanted to be cautious.

Kristina was still in the hospital, and Sonny came by her room. She told him that she felt responsible for Ali’s death, since she’d pressured Ali to go on the trip. Sonny said he knew what it was like to lose a friend, and told her about Stone. Kristina admitted that she’d wanted Ali to come because she wanted Michael to see that Ali was better for him than the girl he was seeing, who was too old for him. Michael visited Morgan, who had a broken leg, and Morgan wanted Michael to help him get Carly to stop worrying. Carly overheard him and said that wasn’t going to happen. Morgan thanked Michael for saving him, and Michael was all humble. Carly said they should let Morgan get some rest. In the hallway, Carly said she sensed there was more to Michael and Abby’s relationship than being friends. Michael accused her of being judgmental, and said she didn’t get to choose who he hung around with.

Theo went to Morgan’s hospital room, introducing himself as the lawyer who was going to protect Dante and Brenda. He intimated that Sonny was ignoring Morgan’s present situation of a broken tibia. He told Morgan that his son had been killed, and it opened his eyes to the temporary nature of life. He said, no one has as much time as they think they do, and no one’s loved ones are safe. Morgan said his father spent a lot of time and money keeping his kids safe, and Theo said it was fortunate Morgan didn’t get hurt worse in the bus accident. He was sure Morgan’s father would be devastated if he lost Morgan.

Edward said Luke was up to his old tricks, and Maya said, Luke and Tracy’s marriage barely lasted a week. Tracy said she wasn’t divorcing Luke, she just wasn’t saving him. She thought Prague was a perfect place for a honeymoon, but he’d thought it was the perfect place for a diamond heist. He tried to steal a fortune without warning her, and she hoped he got caught. Edward said you could steal scotch and diamonds, or pursue a lucrative legal way get what you want. He suggested he teach Ethan, who said he’d think about it. Dante was at an unconscious Olivia’s bedside, when Theo showed up. He told Dante that he was the lawyer who was hired to defend him and Brenda. They would have to answer for killing a man. Sonny arrived and told Theo, not now, and to leave Dante alone.

At the hospital, Steven Webber hired new doctor Terrell on a trial basis. He could see if he liked the position, and it would give him time to think. Robin introduced herself, and welcomed him. He asked for a lay of the land, and who to avoid, but Robin said she couldn’t be objective. He said, no matter where you went, somebody was bad news, and Lisa walked in. Theo told Sonny that Dante and Brenda would be charged for wrongful death, but Sonny said Dante’s mother might die, and Theo’s timing wasn’t good. Theo said they didn’t have the luxury of time. Things would proceed regardless. Sonny said he paid Theo to do what he needed him to, and he said he was the man who could save Sonny’s son and fiancé. Gratitude might be in order. It smelled of collusion and a cover-up; like Dante had used his badge to help Brenda get away with murder. That was the case the other side would make, and Dante needed to cooperate. Sonny said Dante was wondering if his mother would live or die. He paid Theo a fortune to do what he needed done, and unless they were dragging Brenda off in chains, leave his son alone. Theo understood, and said they had more in common than Sonny realized.

Patrick congratulated Terrell, and Terrell said he was going to be in pediatrics. Maybe Patrick could give him a rundown of the staff. Patrick suggested he not mess with head nurse Epiphany. He told Terrell that Robin was a researcher extraordinaire, and don’t mess with her family. Robin said Patrick never met a patient didn’t want to cut, but his skills surpassed his ego. Terrell thought it was cool that they were married and on staff together, but Robin said they were separated. Terrell apologized, but she said he had no way of knowing.

Michael came into Kelly’s and saw his more-than-a-friend Abby. She said she’d heard about he bus crash, and that it had people from GH on it. She felt bad because she’d convinced him to go. She said she ran to the hospital, since she couldn’t rest until she knew he was okay. He told her Ali didn’t make it. When Abby showed up at the hospital, he’d just been thinking about her, and there she was. She said she needed to know he was alive. She hadn’t realized it, but she sat next to Michael’s father. She hoped it was okay that she told Sonny they were friends.

Carly said she and Sonny needed to talk about Michael. He asked if she was worried about how Michael had handled the crash, but she said it was his new friend Abby. Abby was ten years older than Michael, and he was tutoring her in math. She saw them hug in the ER, and it was a hug hug. She was older, and she was serious about him. Johnny came by, and wondered why Olivia had been going on a ski trip, and Carly said she’d been asked to go at the last minute.

Lisa told Terrell to follow her, and when they were alone, he said she wasn’t winning at being Miss Popularity. She said she’d made mistakes, but there was plenty of blame to go around. He asked why he was there, and Lisa said she wanted him to seduce Robin. Not that she’s not lovely, but the words seduce and Robin just don’t fit in the same sentence for me. Diane went to Spinelli’s office, and asked why she was there. He said he was haunted by her prose; she was a dynamic wordsmith. He couldn’t imagine she was content doing legal briefs. She said she’d shelved her creative writing since college, and he said he had an offer where she could fully express herself. She could chronical The Jackal, PI. She laughed, and asked if he was serious. Johnny came by Olivia’s room, and Dante asked if he wanted to spend time with her. Johnny told Dante that Olivia had broken up with him because of the life he’d chosen to lead. When she woke up, she’d be happy to see Dante. They shouldn’t take their mothers for granted. Dante told Olivia that her ex didn’t appreciate her, and he hoped she didn’t think her son was like that. He cried, and Olivia patted his head. She asked him what was the matter, and he said, nothing.

Abby told Michael that his father was a nice man. She was worried and nervous, and he’d asked who she was waiting for, and she told him, Michael. Small world. Michael said he was glad she got to meet Sonny. She said he figured out that she was a dancer quickly; he told her that he’d run a strip club. Michael said Sonny understood, and wanted Michael to do what made him happy. Abby asked what that was, and he said, right now, it was sitting with her. Having breakfast would be even better.

Carly told Sonny that Michael and Abby were more than friends, and Abby was the last person Michael should be friends with. She must be after his money. Sonny said she wasn’t; she had a job. He met her at the hospital when they were both waiting, and she seemed nice. Carly couldn’t believe Sonny was okay with it, and he said what he wasn’t okay with was Michael hanging out at Bond’s. Carly asked if Abby was a stripper, and Sonny said she was a dancer. Carly said, this is not happening.

🔎 Giving You a Clue…

Some of these characters haven’t been around in ages, and made their appearances at times I wasn’t watching the show. If you’re like me or need a refresher course, here’s Theo:




And Abby:


The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda is at her house in the Berkshires. She calls Sonja, and gets voicemail. She tells Sonja she’s at Bluestone Manor; it’s all done. It’s cozy, and Sonja can have her own room. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, it’s the start of a new life. In the Berkshires, she has the opportunity to exhale. She’s excited to show the girls. It’s her house, and she made it through. She tries Leah next, and the mailbox is full. She calls LuAnn, gets voicemail; ditto Ramona, and she says she’s feeling like a loser, She calls Elyse and again gets voicemail. She says, loser. It’s official. Elyse visits Sonja, and says she needed to regroup after the Halloween party. She’s surprised Sonja remembered it. In her interview, Elyse says, it’s a small town, and Sonja was one of the wild girls running around the East Side. She was a wild girl running around on the periphery, and that’s how they met. Sonja shows Elyse some old pictures, and her Blue Book. We flash back to the night of 1985 is over, and in her interview, Sonja explains that there’s a Blue Book for every major city, and no one can take that away from her. I actually had one of those once. My sister and I snuck into an abandoned house, looking for treasures – well, she was actually looking for old doorknobs – and that’s what I came away with. Elyse asks what Sonja remembers best about the Halloween party. Sonja says she was home with her glam team, it had been a busy week, they had a kiki, and she came in hot and on fire. Elyse wonders what was going on with Ramona, and Sonja says, Dorinda blocked her. Elyse says someone told her Ramona was crying, but Ramona wouldn’t let Elyse sit next to her, and she had to leave; Elyse wasn’t her friend. In Elyse’s interview, she says she feels horrible, but she doesn’t understand it, so she’s angry now. Ramona is not her friend. Sonja says she knows what Ramona has been through and she’s reactive, but Ramona has to understand not to treat people like that. Elyse tells her about Ramona coming over, and making a show of taking her swim cover-up off in front of Elyse’s husband, and then giving him a shoulder massage. Elyse says if she did that to Ramona, Ramona would punch her out. Sonja says she’s getting creepy curly sensations.

Leah meets LuAnn for shopping, and in her interview, she says she’s hungover AF, and LuAnn looks like a fresh flower. Ramona joins them, and LuAnn asks, what happened last night? We flash back to Dorinda calling out Ramona. Ramona says she loves Dorinda, and loves having Dorinda in her life, but Dorinda is mourning her husband’s death for the first time. She went straight to John, and she’s mad at Richard for dying. LuAnn thinks Ramona rubbed her the wrong way, and Leah thinks it was the Larry Scott thing. LuAnn says, Dorinda thought Ramona wanted them there for pictures, so she could get a party for free. Leah says, it looked like Ramona was using them, and ignoring that possibility, Ramona says maybe Dorinda was mad because it wasn’t her birthday party, and she didn’t have friends to invite to one. In Ramona’s interview, she says she has a whole world without them, and they resent it. The women try on jackets, and Leah says Rob is under the weather, so she’s keeping Kier at her house. In Leah’s interview, she says, it’s hard to keep up with these women. LuAnn says she wants to have a good time in the Berkshires, and suggests they make the trip about having a good time. It was a disaster last night; they were at each other’s throats. Ramona says, not her, and LuAnn says she was pushing Dorinda’s buttons. Ramona says, Dorinda is a loose cannon, and she doesn’t know what sets Dorinda off. It’s scary. LuAnn tells her that Dorinda says the same thing about her, and Ramona brought Missy to the party, which hurt LuAnn’s feelings. She needs to work it out with old friends.

Dorinda tells housekeeper Len not to wait on the women. She makes Len practice, using roleplaying. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, Ramona always has an agenda. She figures out how to look her best while making everyone else look worse. The end point is me, me, me. She tells Len not to smile. She’s the soldier in charge. Sonja and Leah arrive, but the door isn’t open and there’s no answer. Dorinda is busy inside, telling Len she found an oyster plate, and there’s so much stuff she could open up her own store in the house. She says when she goes, it will probably all get thrown away. Sonja and Leah go through the back door, and surprise Dorinda, who’s in the kitchen, and happy that they’re early. In Leah’s interview, she says, the Upper East Side way of country living is not the way outsiders rough it. Dorinda said she’d moved all of Rich’s stuff downstairs when he died, and it was all filled with water when she was flooded. It feels like a different energy now. She used to be afraid to be there by herself at night, but now she’s more alive and awake. Leah tells her, everything is beautiful, and Dorinda says she loves the kitchen; it’s her retreat. We flash back to her making it nice. When she shows them the dining room, we return to Sonja screaming, don’t touch the Morgan letters! Dorinda says she got a new rug, and we revisit Coco pooping on the old one. She says Leah is in the Moroccan room, and in her interview, Dorinda says she doesn’t even go in there. She might as well keep it locked. Must be nice to have a house that big. As long as you have a Len.

In the car, Ramona tells LuAnn that she doesn’t know why Dorinda is angry. She loses it for no reason. In Ramona’s interview, she says, Dorinda gets angry, blows up, feels bad about it, and then pretends nothing is wrong. She’ll give Dorinda some beautiful flowers, and move on. She tells LuAnn that she’s really hurt, even though Dorinda didn’t mean it. LuAnn says she should have a separate birthday party for Dorinda, and Ramona says she and LuAnn think alike. Hardly. Even LuAnn isn’t that self-centered and man hungry. LuAnn says Ramona is getting sharper in her old age. Her vocabulary needs work, but what would they do without Ramonaisms? As they come toward the house, LuAnn remarks on what a gorgeous day it is. Ramona calls the foliage, foilage. When they get inside, LuAnn says she loves the carpeting, and Ramona says, it’s so rich looking. Ramona gives Dorinda the flowers, and says she wants to make peace. In her interview, Ramona says she’s willing to let it go. Dorinda is going through something, and she’s mad at life. She feels like life has cheated her. Ramona gets very excited at having thought of this theory. Dorinda says she’ll give them a quick tour, then they’ll have a great lunch. LuAnn is once again put in the fish room. It’s been totally redecorated, but Dorinda has put the shark in the bed. LuAnn says she gets to sleep with sharks, then makes out with it. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Dorinda has done a lot of work to make it look new and improved. It’s Bluestone Manor on steroids. Dorinda says she has a friend for Ramona too, and the swordfish has been placed in Ramona’s bed. In Ramona’s interview, she says she believes in positive energy. If she’s positive, Dorinda will be positive back. Yeah. Until the alcohol is brought out.

In the kitchen, Leah shows LuAnn a social media post from Elyse. She’s posted her picture, writing, it’s all fun and games until someone pisses me off. Leah wonders what she means, and LuAnn says, Ramona. Dorinda says, Ramona blocked Elyse, then corrects herself, saying Ramona unfollowed her. LuAnn says, those are two different things. In her interview, LuAnn says, Dorinda knows Elyse has an issue with Ramona, and she’s one more pawn in Dorinda’s game of chess. Leah says, with friends like Ramona, who needs enemies? Dorinda gets ready to serve Asian chicken for lunch, and the women sit at the table. Elyse arrives, and in Dorinda’s interview, she says, Ramona has a rule book Elyse has to follow, and she’s not following it, so she’s out. Leah announces that she slept with a guy who had one ball. It was a one and done. In her interview, Dorinda says, it feels like a release. The women have heard about what she’s been doing with the house, and now they can see she actually did it. She asks Elyse if she’s talked to Ramona, and Elyse says she will at some point. Ramona wants to pretend it didn’t happen, but it did. She felt betrayed. Dorinda says she would have been heartbroken. In her interview, LuAnn says, Dorinda won’t miss an opportunity to watch Ramona squirm. Elyse says she wasn’t invited to Omar’s (the party Ramona left LuAnn’s party for).

Ramona says she was going out with other girls she hasn’t seen in twelve years. Elyse says, it’s a club. What difference would it have made if she’d joined them? In Elyse’s interview, she says, Ramona has a reputation of blowing up friendships, and making people feel insignificant. That was accomplished. Ramona tells Elyse to lower her voice, claiming it triggers her about her father, even though Elyse isn’t talking that loudly. She suggests she and Elyse have a conversation in the other room. In Leah’s interview, she says Ramona played the victim in Rhode Island. We flash back to Ramona accusing Leah of triggering her. Ramona tells Elyse that she should be on her own, and develop friendships organically. In her interview, Leah says she doesn’t like gaslighting, and she’s not letting Elyse be another victim. She sits with Elyse and Ramona, and the other women follow. So much for privacy. Ramona says if she has a conflict, she prefers dealing with it one on one. She doesn’t get involved, or take sides. Elyse says they talk all the time, and now Ramona has a problem with her friendship. In Dorinda’s interview, as LuAnn predicted, she says she’s enjoying watching Ramona squirm. She has nowhere to go. Ramona says she’s sorry Elyse feels this way, and Elyse says she isn’t sorry. Ramona says it’s not her job to make Elyse comfortable. Nice. Elyse says it’s Ramona’s job to treat her with respect. She couldn’t even answer when Elyse asked if she was a good friend. Ramona says she’d had a major altercation with Dorinda, who’s narcistic. Dorinda corrects her, saying, narcissistic, for which I’m grateful. Elyse says Ramona compartmentalizes, and Ramona says she’s not talking in front of everyone. She starts to leave the room, and Elyse says she’s running away, but Ramona says she doesn’t want to have a conflict in front of everyone. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, Ramona is the queen of scene, and we flash back to several of those. Ramona and Elyse end up in the kitchen, and Ramona says they don’t need an audience. She was disappointed at the Halloween party. Dorinda is going through sh*t, and went off. She wanted to cry, so she left the room.

Dorinda tells LuAnn and Leah about Ramona saying she was drunk. In LuAnn’s interview, she says it’s weird for her to back up Ramona, but she’s been on the other side, and Dorinda needs to understand that she went too far. LuAnn says she wants to be honest, because she loves Dorinda, and Dorinda tells her, be careful. In Leah’s interview, she says she loves Dorinda, but she’s not speaking the truth to her. She’ll get her head chopped off, like in a communist regime. LuAnn says she’s far from perfect, but it felt dark. We revisit Dorinda’s diatribe at the table, telling Ramona that she’s not nice. Dorinda tells LuAnn, don’t go there, and LuAnn says she’s not defending Ramona. Dorinda says Ramona was yelling in front of the group, you’re drunk! In the kitchen, Elyse says she’d thought they were close, and Ramona says she has fifty close friends. Elyse says, maybe Ramona is naïve. She has a lot of social friends. Yeah, it’s more like Ramona has friends who are over fifty. Ramona says she appreciates what Elyse has done for her, and jets out of the kitchen. Elyse says she’s running away again.

LuAnn says, Ramona is in the hot seat. Elyse and Ramona come back, and Leah asks what Ramona said to Dorinda. Ramona acts like she didn’t say anything. Dorinda says Ramona doesn’t seem to feel happy with them anymore. She didn’t even care that they were with her at Larry Scott’s warehouse. Ramona says she was on a sugar high. In Sonja’s interview, she says, that’s a lame-ass excuse. Ramona wanted a group photo to get LuAnn and Sonja’s Instagram followers for Larry Scott. Dorinda says the group loves Ramona, and Ramona tells them that she has nothing to say. Somehow, things are suddenly okay, and she and Dorinda hug. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’ll give Ramona a break, but maybe Ramona will think twice before calling her drunk or trying to pull the wool over her eyes. Doubtful. In Ramona’s interview, she says she was aggressive with Dorinda, but didn’t regret it. Told you. Elyse hugs Ramona, and Ramona says she’s sorry she made Elyse feel that way.

LuAnna says Dorinda gave in quick, and Dorinda says she doesn’t want to fight. She wants a fun girls weekend. In her interview, she says they keep having the same fight over and over, with no resolution. Dorinda tells Ramona, be peaceful. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, Ramona has a different personality for each occasion, and she’s all Mrs. Posh now. Ramona says she’d been spending weekends alone in the Hamptons, and she’s good with it. Dorinda says Ramona needs someone to love her for her. They’re financially independent, and a strong man says, you do you. She tells Ramona, there are very few strong men, and Ramona says she’s come to terms with it, and choses herself. Dorinda says, all you need is one. In Ramona’s interview, she says she doesn’t know how not to need a man. She met two men at the party who sort of meet her criteria, and they called to ask her out. Sonja suggests ordering pizza and going to bed early. LuAnn says, what about Chinese? and Dorinda gets out Twister. Leah says she won’t throw anything tonight. In Leah’s interview, she says they’re confined to a house with a lot of glass and breakables. She knows herself. If she turns it up, sh*t will get broken, and she doesn’t want to do that. Everyone comments on how great Sonja’s ass is. Sonja says, with an ass like this, why should she have to work? In Sonja’s interview, she says her ass is better than the townhouse. Nobody can take this away.

LuAnn tells the women that she and Sonja are doing a show. Sonja whines that LuAnn never pays her. In her interview, Sonja says, it’s not that she doesn’t have a good time doing the show, but she has a family to support. People depend on her. Besides LuAnn. LuAnn says she wants Sonja to be part of the show because she loves her, and Sonja says LuAnn wants to exploit her. LuAnn is taken aback, and says she doesn’t need Sonja. She can go screw herself. She says Sonja gets $225, and Sonja gripes that the other people in the show get more. LuAnn says she loves Sonja, but she’s not a Broadway actor. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she has Broadway actors and comics. She’s not paying Sonja more to take off her dress. Sonja says LuAnn is being mean, and LuAnn says she loves Sonja. Sonja says she doesn’t, and LuAnn wants her for free. LuAnn says if Sonja loves being in the show, great, but she doesn’t need her. Sonja whines that LuAnn made her feel unappreciated, and LuAnn has enough, saying she doesn’t want Sonja in the show. LuAnn walks out of the room, mumbling that she has her own cabaret show, it’s huge, and Sonja is not going to be a part of it. She tried to include her, and Sonja made her feel bad about it. She’s done. Ramona follows her, and LuAnn adds, bitch. In Dorinda’s interview, she wonders where the good time went. In Leah’s interview, she says that’s the diva she’s heard about, but hasn’t seen. Sonja cries, while Elyse, Dorinda, and Leah comfort her.  LuAnn tells Ramona that Sonja doesn’t understand. She loves Sonja. Ramona says LuAnn is missing the point, and LuAnn says she doesn’t need Sonja in the show. She does a great job on her own, and she’s successful. Does Sonja think LuAnn needs her? Ramona says she’s seen the show, and LuAnn almost seems drunk. She says she’s giving Sonja a chance because she loves her. She wanted to make it fun, but if Sonja thinks she’ll be the star, she’s sadly mistaken.

Dorinda tells Sonja that LuAnn doesn’t love her right now, and Sonja continues to cry. Dorinda says she’ll stand up for Sonja. She’s a warrior, and Sonja is weak. Sonja says she’s not, and Dorinda strides off. In Leah’s interview, she says she knew Dorinda was a white witch, but she needs to sage the sh*t out of Bluestone Manor. LuAnn says Sonja is being horrible right now, and Dorinda finds her. She says Sonja is crying. Shame on her. LuAnn asks, why? and Dorinda says Sonja is her friend. She stood by LuAnn on her journey to sobriety. We flash back to Sonja being supportive, and LuAnn asks if Dorinda is saying she owes Sonja, and Dorinda says she’s saying to stand by her. Be nice. LuAnn suggests Dorinda not get involved. Sonja wails that she was just asking for money. Elyse asks why Sonja is so upset, and in her interview, she says, it’s officially what you call off the effing rails. LuAnn says she never wants to see Sonja even at the show. She’s worthless. She’s not coming to the show ever. Now there’s a real threat.

Next time, Dorinda calls LuAnn a drunken fool, Ramona deals with a clogged toilet, Heather Thompson makes an appearance, and Leah announces she’s the only one with a period.

🥂  The Real Housewives of Potomac begin their new season on August 2nd, and it’s confirmed that the Shah’s of Sunset will be reuniting on July 19th. I’m thrilled. Obviously, I have no life.

👩🏼  Fun fact. Even though I’ve seen it a dozen times – it was a favorite of kids I used to take care of – I never noticed that Kimberly McCullough (Robin, GH) was in Legally Blonde.

☄️ Fallen Stars…

This is weirding me out. Over 90 already. The Roll Call of the Celebrity Dead is going to be long this year.


📺 Anything But the TV…

Although this opens the door to a whole new reality franchise.


💋 Posh As Hell…

I love Victoria Beckham. She has a wicked sense of humor. And face it, if she could snag David, she’s got something going on.


🦇 The Latest In Bat News…

A new Batwoman is in town.


🎁 That’s a Wrap…

More tea tomorrow, taxes took time today. How’s that for alliteration? Hopefully, yours were done pandemic ages ago. Stay safe, stay rolling with the punches, and stay gathering no moss.

July 7, 2020 – When Michael Was On Trial, Judge Of All Trades, Tracy Lands the Big One, a Sudsy Goodbye, Not Adapting, Bachelor Flavor, Crashing, At Last, Upcoming TV, Shop For Good & Sitting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s final answer for the GH Flashback was May 4th, 2010.

Michael was on the stand, and Judge Carroll asked if he’d killed his stepmother. Michael said nothing, and the judge asked if he was incapable of answering or refusing to answer. He told Michael that he understood Michael was coerced to cover it up, but he was in court now, and it was a direct question; not answering wasn’t an option. Did he kill her? Michael said he did; on November 4th, he killed his stepmother Claudia. The judge asked Michael to explain in his own words how it happened, and Michael said Claudia had lost it. Sonny had confronted Claudia, who then kidnapped Carly. Michael had convinced himself that everyone would be better off if he wasn’t around, and was going to drive to Canada, but when he saw a wrecked car, he checked it out. It had a valet ticket from the MetroCourt, and he realized it was the car Claudia had used to take his mom. He followed their trail through the woods to the cabin, and when he got closer, could hear his mom screaming, and begging Claudia not to take her baby, Josslyn. Michael grabbed an ax handle off the porch, ran in, and saw Claudia trying leave with Josslyn in a basket. He hit her, and she fell and died. Judge Carroll asked what Michael was thinking, and Michael said he needed to stop her. He realized she was dead right away, and had gotten blood on himself, and later, on his dad’s shirt. The judge asked at what point Sonny arrived, but Michael said Sonny was never there. Jason and Sam took Carly to the hospital, and they were going to wait for Sonny there. Judge Carroll asked if anyone at any time suggested calling the police, and Michael said no. His dad came and drove him home. The judge commended Michael on his cooperation, and his clear, concise testimony. He asked if Michael was trying to kill Claudia when he hit her, but Michael said he didn’t care what happened to her. He just wanted to protect his mom and baby sister. The judge said Michael had confessed to taking Claudia’s life, was in full possession of his faculties, and truthful. He commended Dante on his diligence and commitment to the law, unlike other parties in the case, and remanded Michael to await sentencing. He asked Dante to formally place Michael under arrest, so for once in this case, they would follow the letter of the law. Dante read Michael his rights, and the charges against Sonny were withdrawn, the judge saying he was free – for the time being. Judge Carroll reamed out Diane, and anyone else who wasted the people’s time, money, and patience by conspiring to cover-up this crime. He said the country was founded on the rule of law, and they’d spit on that principal. If it was up to him, he’d send them all to prison for the next twenty years. They disgusted him. Diane said this was a first. She went from defense counsel to defendant in one fell swoop.

Olivia told Lulu that Dante had found his conscience, and she should be proud. Lulu said they had to support him, and Olivia wished everyone felt the same way. Jax asked the prosecutor what the worst case scenario was, and she said she couldn’t predict what Judge Carroll would do, but thought the rest of them were in more trouble than Michael. Jax said he was trying to figure out how he could help, but she said it was in the judge’s hands. There wasn’t enough evidence to back up Michael’s justification; Carly had lied so many times, the judge probably wouldn’t believe her. On a positive note, Michael’s records showed brain damage. She imagined he’d get a suspended sentence and mandatory counseling. Carly wouldn’t be so fortunate. Sonny told Carly that their son was stronger than she thought, and would be okay. Carly said she just saw her son being handcuffed by Sonny’s bastard. Dante said he was taking Michael to be booked, and Michael asked why Dante had turned him in. Dante said the short version was, the truth had to come out, and Michael said, so he was just doing his job. Dante said he was doing it for Michael. Michael’s whole life, Sonny taught him that he could do whatever he wanted, and get away with it. That people died in the process was unacceptable, and Michael didn’t have to live with that hanging over his head. Michael asked what if the judge didn’t buy that it was an accident and he ended up in prison, but Dante pointed out he had brain damage, and thought it would be a suspended sentence and mandatory therapy. He’d have the chance to build a better life.

Sonny told Carly that he’d read Dante wrong. He thought Dante wanted him in prison more than he did Michael. Carly didn’t care, saying Sonny had a chance and trusted Dante. Now she and Jason would focus on Michael. Sonny said Dante never planned on Michael going to lockup, but she said Dante performed the arrest, and got a pat on the back for it. It had turned out the way he’d wanted, and now Sonny could bond with Dante, and the hell with Michael. Carly told Lulu that Dante had betrayed Michael, and when Lulu got horizontal with him, make sure she thought of Carly’s son, since she was standing by her man. Tracy asked why Carly was blaming Lulu. Carly had stolen Michael from the Quartermaines, and had no one to blame but herself for all this misery. Lulu didn’t need to fight Dante’s battles; she was just stating the facts. Carly said her priorities were twisted, and that’s why Michael was in lockup. Tracy said a lifetime of damage came with the territory when Michael’s father was a mob kingpin. Carly had chosen to marry Sonny, and chosen for him to adopt Michael. Did she think he’d grow up to be a choirboy? Tracy told Carly that she had no use for Dante – he was just as manipulative as his father – but Lulu chose to be loyal to the man she loved, like Carly was loyal to Sonny, and she had no right to criticize. Carly wondered, if Dante had busted Luke, would Tracy be as quick to defend Lulu. The jury, with Alice as foreperson (!), continued to hang around, griping that they’d wasted their time. Judge Carroll said the case had been dismissed, and thanked them, saying they were dismissed as well. Diane congratulated Sonny on being a free man.

Spinelli told Jason, the Jackal was ready to assist, and Jason asked him to hack into the PCPD’s system, find out who was on the payroll, and make sure someone was on duty all the time, and Michael was treated well and protected. Spinelli found it hard believe Dante turned Michael in, and Jason said Sonny wanted to believe in Dante that he’d do the right thing, but he was blind. Now Sonny knew what Dante was capable of doing, but Michael was paying the price. Olivia told Sonny to swear he wasn’t going after her kid, and Sonny said she’d raised Dante to hate him. She said Dante being a cop was his own choice, and he was doing his job. Sonny said Dante was sticking it to him, but Olivia said Dante was upholding the law he believed in; honor, justice, right and wrong. Sonny said it wasn’t about the law; Dante was spitting in his face. Olivia kept showing Dante that Sonny wasn’t a good father, but she’d never given him a chance to know Sonny.

At the station, Carly told Dante that she wanted to see Michael. He said he couldn’t imagine what his mother would be going through, if he was in the same position. Carly said he had no idea what she was feeling. He wasn’t a parent; he was a liar and vindictive. He said he did what he thought was best for Michael before he followed in Sonny’s footsteps. The cover-up would have given him the seal of approval. Carly said Sonny would never allow Michael to be in the mob, but Date if Michael had kept the secret, he would have traded education and opportunities for a life of crime, and end up dead. Carly said Michael could die in prison, but Dante said he wouldn’t have prison time. Olivia told Sonny that he was willfully blind to the way his life effected his kids. He said there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his kids, and she said the damage was already done. Look how Michael was raised, and what he’d seen; the lying, the violence, a bullet in the head. She knew Sonny’s intentions were good, but he was toxic to his children. Sonny said he’d made mistakes, but he’d done the best he could with his children. Olivia said he couldn’t keep them from the violence in the world, and Sonny agreed that he couldn’t guarantee their safety. Olivia said he could do one thing; keep Dante safe and call Jason off. He had a chance to turn things around for all his children. Which is funny, since Maurice Benard started off on All My Children. Carly hugged Michael, and told Dante he could go; she didn’t have a file or anything. He left, and she asked Michael if he was in a cell by himself. She didn’t agree with what he’d done, but agreed with why he did it, and they’d get through this. He shouldn’t be there, and they’d get him out.

Spinelli said he unobtrusively checked out the roster, and someone was on duty now to keep a sharp eye on Michael. Jason told Spinelli that Bernie was in Puerto Rico, and he wanted Spinelli to join him; to help move the money so there would be no red flags. Spinelli asked if it wasn’t more pressing to be in Port Charles, but Sam said Jason couldn’t trust just anyone. Spinelli thought Jason wanted him out of town for an unspecified amount time, so he’d have deniability. He took it that Jason was about to embark on the disposing of Dante. Carly told Michael that the judge believed Michael was protecting her and his sister, and she thought he’d get a suspended sentence. He said Dante told him the same thing, but she told him not to trust Dante. If he wants to talk, or says he wants to help, don’t believe him. She said Michael would be out by Friday, and his life would be back to normal. Michael said he hated going back to a life where everyone knew he killed Claudia, and Carly said he was  a hero. The guard came, and Michael asked Carly to tell his siblings that he loved them and he was all right. Jason said he needed to have things ready, and Spinelli said that was an indirect answer. Jason said Michael wanted to tell the truth, and Jason said to trust him, so Michael didn’t do it. It was on him, and no one else. Spinelli said Jason would face life for murder, and he was tied to Sonny. Michael would never forgive the impact on his new sibling, Morgan, and Kristina. Michael would blame himself, and violence in the wake of violence just perpetuated the tragic cycle. He told Jason not to kill Dante, and if the plan was in motion, stop it before it was too late. Johnny told Olivia that Sonny was a free man, but Olivia said, not really. He’d been tied in knots since the beginning, and since Dante blew the whistle, Sonny had been ripping himself apart. Johnny said in a couple of weeks, it would be business as usual. They wondered if Sonny was going to go after Dante, and Johnny said he’d go after Sonny if that happened. Dante found Lulu waiting at home for him, and they hugged.

Sonny visited Michael in his cell, and Michael told Sonny not to avenge him. Someone had to stop the violence, and he still had that chance. Johnny told Olivia that he was a fool to think he’d get justice from the system; he’d have to make his own. Sonny was vulnerable and distracted, and there was no better time to crush him like he deserved. Back home, Carly told little Morgan that Michael told the truth, the judge believed him, and she thought the judge understood. Because Michael had been sent out of the country so he couldn’t testify, the judge considered him a flight risk, but he’ll only be in jail until Friday when the judge decides his punishment. Morgan asked if she’d seen Michael, and she said he was okay. He told her to tell Morgan that he loved him and would be home soon. Morgan said he could tell Carly was scared, and Carly said she was okay; she just wanted it over. Morgan cried, and said Dante promised it would be. Lulu asked Dante how it went, and Dante said he walked Michael through the process. Michael held it together, but she thought he was scared underneath. Dante said, it’s not how he wanted it to go, and Lulu said, he told the truth, and it was the best thing for Michael. Dante agreed, and said Michael would spend a couple of days in lockup; it’s better than life in the mob. He thanked her for having faith in him, and apologized for leaving her with Carly. Lulu said she couldn’t fault Carly for feeling the way she did, but it was hard to listen to her say how he betrayed the family. She went from raging to insulting, and wouldn’t listen. She didn’t know how Carly could be so intolerant. They were like sisters, and suddenly Carly can’t trust her. Dante said Carly can’t trust him, and Lulu was getting the fallout. Lulu said she loved Dante, and he did what was right. She asked if the judge would go easy on Michael, and he said the judge saw Michael had remorse. He’d probably get probation and be free in a few days.

Michael apologized to Sonny, but Sonny said he was sorry. He never thought Michael’s brother would turn him in. Michael was just protecting his family, and Sonny never wanted him to pay. Michael said he didn’t want Sonny to pay. He knew Sonny wanted him to let it play out, but he felt like he was being a coward. Sonny said he had respect for Michael, and Michael said he was honored. Sonny went through a trial, and was willing to go to prison to save Michael, but he was the one who did it. Sonny said he didn’t like Michael in there, even for a day; he hated it. Michael said he would make Sonny proud, and he’d he okay. Jason listened in.

😎 Oh, That Guy…

You know them. Those guys who are in everything, but most of the time, you don’t know their real name. Judge Carroll is one of them.


He’s done a lot of stage work. If not for pandemic, you could have seen him in Shakespeare in the Park’s Richard III.


He’s done it all, but judge and priest was on repeat.


Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

We flashed back to last week, when JoshF showed buyer Heather (who looks a lot like Brooke Elliot from Drop Dead Diva) some houses. She was in a time crunch, had a tight budget (tight in L.A. meaning $5 million), and was being particular. This time, she brought her son Simon along. In his interview, Josh said it was hard finding a home that met her criteria. I’m wasn’t sure what she wanted either. He took Heather to Little Holmby Hills, telling us that Holmby Hills is known for the Spelling house and Playboy mansion, but Little Holmby was more affordable. Heather liked the school proximity, and they met with broker Sam. Built in 1936, the house was 5000 square feet, with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, and priced at $4.995 million. It wasn’t staged – i.e. it was empty – which Josh said made it more difficult to sell, since the buyer can’t imagine themselves living there. Apparently, people don’t have much imagination. The backyard was tri-level, with a pool and a guest house that was nicer than my house. Josh said it checked all the boxes. Heather fretted that she’d sold her house already, and Josh told her to think it over for 24 hours.

Tracy drove through Malibu, talking about the fires and evacuation. (Side note: Denise Richards and Camille Grammer Young from RHOBH had to evacuate. Denise was able to go back home, but eventually moved, and Camille lost everything.) Tracy said it was clean again, and people were building. No one was leaving, and there had been a massive recovery. Developer/owner Scott Gillen wasn’t content with his current representation, and had asked for her. He also had an entire portfolio of properties, and she was looking to the future. Scott’s advisor Robert met Tracy, explaining that she couldn’t use the driveway, since Scott wanted to keep it pristine. Red flag of difficulty number one. The house was expansive, but not for me; it was very boxy. I say this like I could afford even a foot of it. Scott made Tracy take off her shoes before she came inside, another red flag. He told her it had been purchased for $9.5 million in 2011, and he wanted $75 million for it. When Tracy asked to put her purse down, Scott thought for quite a while before telling her to put it on the carpet. Flags were now flying wildly, and I’m not talking about Josh. In her interview, Tracy said her purse possibly cost more than the carpet. He gave Tracy a tour of the house; 14,800 square feet, a Bulthaup kitchen (the most high-end you can get) with Gaggenau appliances, a cigar room, a wine tasting room, closets you wouldn’t believe, an ocean view, and a canyon view. Outside, there was a guest house as big as my house. Scott said it was all about quality, as he showed Tracy the walnut tub he’d had custom made. Scott said she had to understand the house. He told Robert that she was nervous, but she assured him that she wasn’t. In her interview, she said he was testing her, but she wasn’t intimidated; she spoke his language. He told her, with his properties, the agents just opened the door; he did the showing, and he’d already sold 21 homes. In Tracy’s interview, she said, no buyer wants to feel watched. She’d have to figure out a way he could be part of it without doing the actual showing. He took her to New Castle’s sister house, The Case, and said it was 24 acres in the center Malibu, and in her interview, Tracy said there were no neighbors, and never would be. He told her it had been $85 million, but he’d had to lower it to $75 million. He said the view and the privacy were epic, but he thought the problem was when a broker showed one house, they would say there was another one, confusing the buyer. She asked if the chosen one would get the entire portfolio, and he said it was all or nothing. Tracy figured on $500 million, she’d be getting $10 million in commission. She told him there was no one better than her at finding a buyer, but he wanted to know how she was going to attack, not who she was going to pitch it to. He gave her five days for getting together a marketing proposal, but she said she’d need a full week. He said if she failed, she’d get fired, and she told him, she didn’t fail.

JoshA told us, the Altman Brothers were doing a million a week in business, had ten agents, and five employees. They needed their own space. It was a risk, but if you’re going to grow as a brand, you have to take a leap. We saw the space, still under construction, and the marble walls in the reception area alone were $75K. Josh said the offices had felt walls, so when the agents banged their heads against them, it didn’t hurt as much. We saw clips of them looking at properties. Josh said they settled on something in Beverly Hills, near the luxury shopping district, not far from Chanel and The Ivy. Josh told brother Matt that Fredrik (Million Dollar Listing New York) was moving to LA. In Josh’s interview, he said, under different circumstances, he would love it that Fredrik was moving there. He and Heather were tight with Fredrik and Derik, and took them to look at vacation homes last year. The next he heard from Fredrik was on an email blast that he was moving there to open a business. He told Matt that Fredrik had invited Josh and Heather to an open house he was having, but only Heather was going.

While Heather was interested in the Holmby house, JoshF said he couldn’t push the seller too hard, or they could lose the house to the open market. He made an offer of $4.750 million, cash, closing in one week. He said the buyer was qualified, so it would be a quick loan with no bullsh*t.

Tracy told her team that they needed to come up with creative ways to convince Scott that he needed to hire her because she could find his buyer. Rob suggested a yacht party near The Case; very exclusive and VIP. Another team member thought of customized swag, like slippers and a robe. One more thought of a custom tasting experience, and the last idea was a promotional film that could be put inside a book the buyer could take home. Tracy loved all of it, and said they could send a questionnaire to both brokers and potential buyers that would give them a backdoor entrance to see who qualified, and also make sure they had the best experience possible. They would use all of the ideas, and make each showing personalized. They needed to tell an entire story. She wanted Scott to experience what they were talking about, and how they wanted the client to experience it. In her interview, she said the best way to show a buyer a house was to show them how to live in it. She wanted to show Scott the house as though he was a buyer. It had to be perfectly curated, and she needed to find out what she could about Scott so that the tour would impress him, and she meant CIA level research. If Rob had to dig in Scott’s trash to see what he had for dinner, so be it. She told the team there were no second chances, and to think of the amount of the commission check. It would keep them up and motivated. She wouldn’t be sleeping all week.

Heather told JoshA that she hadn’t slept because she was upset about Fredrik’s open house. The second she got there, Fredrik came for her. We flash back (we saw this from Fredrik’s end last season) to Heather telling him that she and Josh found out he was opening a business in L.A. from a company email blast. Fredrik insisted that he’d told them, and Heather told Josh that he’d asked if they were afraid of the competition. She’d lost all respect for him. Josh was annoyed that Fredrick didn’t come to him, and said he’d put Fredrik in his place. In Josh’s interview, he said, on a friend level, it’s beyond. He told Heather that he didn’t care about Fredrik opening a business there, it was how he approached it. All the fake sh*t. He said he wasn’t cool with what went down, and was going to deal with Fredrik.

JoshF met Heather at the park, where Simon was playing soccer. She asked if Josh was ever a child, and he said, never. He told her that the offer was rejected, and the seller countered with $4.825 million. He thought they should accept it, and it was worth what they were asking. She said she loved the neighborhood, and her kids had friends there, but she didn’t want to spend that much. She asked if he believed it was the best deal, and he said, 100%. She asked Simon if he liked the house, and Simon replied in the affirmative, saying it was big and you could play everywhere. Heather said, let’s do it, and she and Josh headed to Gucci to celebrate. He said he’d get her a keychain.

In Tracy’s interview, she said she worked crazy hours, preparing her listing pitch. We saw her Instagram story where she said she was stressed out, hadn’t slept in a week, and it clearly showed. In her interview, she said she was exhausted. She could barely keep her head screwed on straight. At New Castle, she met with party planner Nicole. Scott had been reluctant to let her team in without him being there (I’ll bet), but as long as they didn’t touch any surfaces, it would be fine. She told them she wanted them to be in position when Scott got there, like they’d been there all day. She knew he loved sushi, was obsessed with a smoothie called Mango Madness, and loved a good cigar, which she was having hand rolled. She said, none of it was easy or cheap, but she was looking at a $500 million portfolio. If she dropped $10K to get it, so be it (which seems to be her catch phrase). Call it a marketing expense. When Scott arrived, she told him that he was going to play buyer, and she was giving him a tour. Before they went inside, she gave him a pair of slippers, and explained they were going to do personalized showings. She asked who he’d like to be, and he said, call him Joe. She lead him to the cigar room, where a team member met him with the hand rolled cigars. In the master bath, Tracy presented Joe/Scott with a robe, and he said it was pretty great. In Tracy’s interview, she wondered if that was a compliment. Outside, he was given a Mango Madness smoothie, and a personalized cap. He took a sip, and said he might sign her up just for the smoothie. In her interview, Tracy said she wanted him to recognize that it won’t be at the same level, but every buyer would have this experience. They sat down for some sushi, and Scott said, awesome, but how could she find people who can afford it? Now he was suddenly interested in that. She asked a team member to bring the key to The Castle. She gave him a key, and said this was part of the digital marketing plan. He would create a film where he talked about the individual properties, and the properties as a whole. A sushi chef prepared dishes for them, and Tracy said she’d host an event for agents from around the world and high net worth buyers, and give them the presentation. They were intrigued by Malibu, but didn’t get that it’s about connecting with people. She showed him a mock-up of the book, saying it would be a showcase for the film, and it could go home with the buyer. That was her pitch. He said, that’s it? and told her that he had some ideas. He was going to give Robert a call, then let her know. She said she’d take five, and he told her to take ten. As she walked away, she said she wasn’t leaving without the listing. In her interview, she said it was worth it. With the help of her team, she had executed the perfect listing pitch. If he didn’t choose her, screw him. On the phone, Scott told Robert that Tracy had all the right ideas, and understood their vision. He gave her the portfolio, and she smoked a cigar, then coughed, while he took a picture with his phone. In her interview, she said she was never sleeping again.

Fredrik stopped by JoshA’s office. After talking about the weather for a millisecond, Fredrik stammered a little, then said Heather had come to his open house party. She was upset, and he’d tried to say his piece and discuss it, but she stormed out. Josh said he’d heard differently. Heather was upset and stormed out, but the reality was, she came to support Fredrik, and Fredrik went aggressively at his wife, who’s eight months pregnant, with issues that were between them. Fredrik said he took accountability for things he should have done differently, but he had the right to expand, and didn’t need an okay from them. Josh said he didn’t care where Fredrik did business, but it was the way he’d approached Heather. They were family. Fredrik said things had changed because he was moving to L.A., but Josh said that wasn’t the point. He’d shown Fredrik and Derik houses because they said they wanted a family vacation place. The next thing he heard, in a company email blast, is that Fredrik is opening a branch in L.A. It’s shady. In his interview, Josh said, clearly, Fredrik didn’t want anyone to know he was moving to L.A. He asked Fredrik, how about calling him, and asking him to show them houses because he’s opening a business in L.A.? Fredrik said he was their friend, but he couldn’t update everybody personally. Josh told him, be real, and in his interview, he said it hurt his feelings that Fredrik didn’t call, but he got pissed when Fredrik went around telling people he was intimidated; that’s bullsh*t. He told Fredrik that he approached this in a sh*tty way, and he knows it. He’d said that Josh was intimidated. Fredrik said that’s how it looked to him, like Josh felt territorial or threatened. He didn’t think he was being shady. Josh said Fredrik didn’t make it to the top by being stupid. Fredrik said he did it by hard work, and Josh said he’d gotten an email saying Fredrik had done $700 million in business in L.A. He’d closed seven listings in L.A. through Josh, but he didn’t exist there. Fredrik whined that he made more money than Josh, and Josh said if he thought it was about money, how shallow he was. Fredrik got all animated, and stood up, saying he’d protected Josh because he was Josh’s friend. People had been saying things about Josh, and he was Josh’s friend. Josh told him, just sit down. He was asking for Fredrik to be real, because they were family, not competition. Fredrik was the new guy, and needed to stop fronting. There was no reason to do it. In Josh’s interview, he said he was known for telling people what he thought, in business and in life, but it was harder, because Fredrik is a friend; he expects more from friends. Just be honest. Fredrik said he understood, and should have included them every step of the way. He didn’t like fighting. At this point, he got choked up, and said he was upset with himself. Derik told him, don’t cry, but he always does. Josh said Fredrik was good people, and suggested they move past it. It was the most real Fredrik had been in a long time. Fredrik said he was coming from a good place, but it was his fault how they were seeing it, and he was sorry. They were in the same office and company, and lived in the same town. They also had kids, and it would be foolish to throw the friendship away over something like this. Josh thought they could build from where it was, and even make it better; they could do deals together. Fredrik apologized for being emotional, and asked if he could have a hug. He and Josh bro hugged, slapping each other loudly. Fredrik put on an Altman Brothers hat to hide his tears. In Fredrik’s interview, he said he had a lot of love for Josh and Heather, and didn’t want to upset them. He valued them as friends, and should have done it differently – as a friend. In Josh’s interview, he said he’d gotten a glimmer of hope. They’d gotten through this, but it was how Fredrik acted moving forward; what he’s going to do to repair the friendship. He was hopeful, and wanted to leave it at that. He asked for a tissue, since he had Fredrik’s tears on his suit.

Next time, David and James have difficult clients with a time crunch; there’s an offer on the Razor House; JoshA tells JoshF that their buyer is well-know, but the caveat is that he represents the buyer; Scott interferes in Tracy’s brokers open, saying it’s unacceptable that someone dared to touch something.

🧼 After All These Years…

A soap vet exits the stage.


📽 Yeah, No…

While I loved both Chicago and Hairspray, some musicals don’t translate to film as well, and nothing is better than seeing it on the actual stage.


⏰ Most Contrived Show Ever…

Or as I called him, big-ass clock man.


🎊 Crashing a Culture…

This guy literally wrote the book on gatecrashing.


🏺 Finally…

I was really starting to think maybe I made the show up in my head, but the Shahs reunion is finally on the horizon. I heard tell it was July 19th, but haven’t seen written confirmation.




📺 The Whole Shebang…

What’s coming back and what isn’t. When is still up in the air.


👛 You Can Blackout Anytime…

While Blackout Day is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t still shop. New York Magazine’s list of black owned businesses to support.


And In Style’s list of black owned beauty brands. You didn’t think I was going to direct you to where you buy tires or something, did you?


🤺 Pushing On…

We’re moving toward another weekend, or that thing you used to stop work for, depending, and continue to be on the yo-yo that is the pandemic. Until we’re not, and even after, stay safe, stay keeping it real, and stay relaxed as best you can.

May 13, 2020 – Sonny Asks What Mike Wants, Blind Defense, VanderNews, Impressing Nema, Free Happy Hour & Upcoming Freedom


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Chase is in the shower, and turns to find Willow. He asks, what about Michael? and she says she couldn’t stay away. It will always be him. They kiss, and he wakes up. Willow wakes at the Quartermaines, sees the rings on the nightstand, and remembers the wedding.

Brook says, dumb question, and asks Michael if he got any sleep. He says he did. His body must have known it had to be rested. She asks, honestly, how is he feeling? and he says, honestly, he feels ready. She says she admires him. He did what he had to do to win custody of Wiley. Now he’s married. They’re not all so lucky. He says it will happen for her, and she says, yeah? When? He says, one day when Leo is hitched, and she’s old and grey. She throws a roll at him, and says she’ll never grow grey. Willow teaches sick children, and gave up her baby to protect him from Shiloh. Not to mention that she’s sweet, kind, and drop dead gorgeous. She’s perfect for him, and a perfect stepmother for Wiley. In the end, that’s all that matters.

Ava brings Avery to see Mike, and Avery shows him her drawings. Mike recognizes himself, and Avery asks how he knew. He points to his bald head.

Olivia says she didn’t expect Carly to be in, and Carly says she didn’t expect to be there. She was sitting at home, climbing the walls, and figured she might as well make herself useful. Olivia asks if she can do anything, and Carly suggests dropping a house on Nelle. Olivia says she’s fresh out of tornados, but she can lend support. Carly asks if she has any words of wisdom on mother-in-law-hood. Olivia sees Lulu walk in with Dustin, and says, bite your tongue, exercise patience, and slap on a smile.

Robert rolls off the couch in his sleep, and wonders where he is. Laura walks in, and asks if she should be offended that he doesn’t remember. She tells him, good morning, sunshine, and he’s like, ugh.

Michael tells Brook, he and Wiley hit the jackpot with Willow. She’s everything they could hope for. Brook says, but… and he says he knows how much it’s costing her. How much she’s given up. She lost the man she loves. Brook says, that’s Chase and Sasha’s fault, not his. He says, Willow has sacrificed a lot, and thought she’d spend the rest of her life with Chase. Brook says, Chase turned out to be a giant tool, but even if he’d walked on water, Willow would still be trading up. Not because he’s loaded – although that’s a plus – but he’s an amazing guy. Speaking as a single woman, he’s smart, funny, loyal, would never cheat, and always puts family first. That’s not as important for all women though; some want stardom. She sees Willow, and says, but Willow has enough sense to appreciate him, right?

Chase scrolls through pictures of him and Willow. Mac calls, and asks if all his bones are broken. Chase says, no, and Mac asks if he stopped on the way to work to pull a cat out of a tree. Chase says, no, and Mac says, why isn’t he there in the squad room? Chase says he’ll be there in ten minutes, and jumps out of bed.

Laura gives Robert some coffee, and he asks where Doc is. She says he’s wrapping up an overnight shift at the psyche ward. Robert says she doesn’t want him in her hair, but she says, that’s all right. They have plenty of time to pick up where they left off. Robert asks where did they leave off? and she says, it’s kind of what you’d expect from two old friends with a lot of history, comradery, and chemistry. He puts his head in his hands, and she laughs. She says he showed up falling down drunk, and she managed to get him to the couch. She gave him a blanket and water, and went to bed. He says she’s a vision of true evilness, and she says she’s been called worse. She’d like him to tell her what brought him to her door in the middle of the night. Or is he going to make her guess?

Carly says she takes it Olivia isn’t a fan of Mr. Phillips. He’s Josslyn’s teacher, so that’s how she thinks of him. Olivia says it’s better than she thinks. Lulu and Dustin approach the bar, and Olivia asks if it’s a breakfast date. Lulu says Dustin gave her a ride to work; he’s meeting Brook there. They want to get a quick look at the ballroom, so they can prepare for the Nurses Ball. Dustin says he’d also like to ask Olivia about her culinary expertise, and Lulu says, Rocco needs cupcakes, and Dustin volunteered to oversee it. Carly asks if he cooks, and he says, not as well as Olivia. Rocco has a new recipe, but they feel it’s off. Olivia asks what the occasion is, and Lulu says, it’s for Take Your Dad to School Day.

Ava tells Avery to show her grandfather some of her other masterpieces. She steps into the hallway with Sonny, and he says he didn’t know she was coming by today. She says they dropped in, and hopes it’s okay. He says, Avery never needs permission to see her grandfather. How’s he been? She says, he took a while to warm up, but he’s been smiling ever since. He’s not talking too much though. Sonny says he hasn’t been talking a lot lately, and asks if Avery is scared. She says, no; Avery is fine. She’s had some experience with her mom being in Shadybrook. She’s so young, she doesn’t understand Alzheimer’s or what happened or what’s to come. Being there doesn’t make Avery sad like it might the older kids. She’s just spending time with her grandfather and loving him.

Olivia asks if Dustin is going to be there on dad school day, and Lulu says, that’s the plan. Olivia tells him to send the recipe, and she’ll get back to him. Carly asks to talk to Dustin about Josslyn’s curriculum, and they step into the hallway. Lulu asks Olivia if something is wrong, and Olivia says she could say that. Lulu has only known Dustin a year, if that. What’s going on? Is she actively trying to erase Dante from Rocco’s life?

Ava asks Sonny how Mike is doing. She takes it this is a good day. He says the good days are fewer and far between, so he’s stopped measuring the bad days, and stays in the moment. He keeps wondering if Mike is having coherent thoughts that he can’t voice, or has any thoughts at all. He just kind of rolls with it. Sometimes Mike makes a precise observation. Ava says that’s when Sonny knows his father is still in there. She owes Sonny and Mike an apology.

Laura says she can’t believe Holly is dead, and Robert says he’s been trying to put it together himself. How could someone like that – Laura says, young and full of lifebe gone; cease to exist. She says she’s sorry, and he says he’s the one who should be sorry for dragging her out of bed. She says, it’s fine, and he says they’re talking about a person she didn’t have the greatest relationship with. She says, that was a long time ago, and people who are important to her cared about Holly; him at the top of the list. Was she ill? He says, it would be easier if that was the truth. She was on a ship that went down in a storm. Laura doesn’t remember hearing about a ship sinking, and he says she won’t. It was no ordinary ship. She asks if it was with the WSB, and he says Holly was doing contract work for them. He doesn’t know the nature. Another one of Holly’s secrets.

On the phone with Anna, Mac asks where’s the rest of the folder he’s looking at? There’s nothing there. Let him know if she turns up anything. Chase runs in, and says, sorry. Mac asks if Chase needs a day off. He senses even though Chase is there, he has something to take care of. Do it for all their sakes.

Brook tells Michael, good luck at the hearing. She says they won’t need it though. One look at them, and the judge will know Wiley belongs with them. She goes upstairs, and Michael tells Willow, he’s sorry Brook put her on the spot; she has a flair for drama. Willow says, really? She hadn’t noticed. He says, it’s funny how everyone is talking them up to each other. She says, you’d think they defy gravity, and he says he already knows how incredible she is.

Carly says she knows Dustin is a nice guy, and appreciates what he’s done for Josslyn. She doesn’t think he knows how fraught the situation is, and how hard it is on Olivia that Lulu is moving on, and not leaving room in her life for Dante. He doesn’t think that’s necessarily true, and she says she’s not judging. Lulu is her cousin, and Carly knows her. Her decision to move on is the right decision. It’s full steam ahead, which is great for Lulu, but she doesn’t think Lulu understands how it affects Olivia. She knows he can’t understand, but if her daughter-in-law walked in and casually mentioned she was bringing another man to Bring Your Dad to School Day, instead of his dad, Carly would kick her to the curb with half her hair pulled out of her head. Rocco’s dad isn’t a deadbeat who walked out, but has a severe case of PTSD, so she can imagine how hard it is for Olivia.

Lulu tells Olivia, no one is trying to erase Dante; it’s what she calls making Rocco happy. Olivia says he could have been happy with Sonny or Michael or with the mailman. Lulu says, when the day rolled around, Rocco didn’t want to feel left out. He came to them, and they sat down and decided together. Dustin is going to be Rocco’s honorary uncle, and he’s going to wear a Yankees hat to represent Dante. Olivia tears up, and says she wishes Lulu would have told her what she was doing. Lulu says it’s really what Rocco wants, and she thinks they both know it’s what Dante would want too.

Robert tells Laura that he and Holly haven’t seen too much of each other in the last few years. And when they did, it wasn’t always friendly circumstances. Laura says, Holly broke Robert’s heart and ran away with a piece of it. Part of him thought he’d get it back one day, and he has to accept that’s not going to happen.

Michael says he has something to say to Willow, and she says, her too. He tells her, ladies first, but she says, no; him. He says he made a promise to do whatever it takes to get custody of Wiley. Now that they’re married, it’s important that they tell the truth. The truth is, if he was going in without her as his wife, he’d be very, very nervous, but with her, he knows he’s going to win. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a counter-suit six months from now. It’s not going be easy. She says, the twists and turns are constant with Nelle, and Michael says, but they will get custody of Wiley. Her turn. She says she heard what he said to Brook, and she needs him to know that she doesn’t regret this. She can’t, and never will. Now she has to get ready for court. Her first appearance as Mrs. Michael Corinthos. She has to look the part.

Ava tells Sonny, when she wanted to press charges against Mike for kidnapping, she had so much going on, but that was no excuse. It was the wrong thing to do, and she deeply regrets it. She’s sorry. He appreciates that, and appreciates her bringing their daughter to see her grandpa. She says, anytime; she means that. They go back into Mike’s room, and Avery is drawing. She says look what she and grandpa made. Ava asks if they did it together, and Avery says, grandpa told her what to do and she did it. Ava says, it’s wonderful. It’s a boy on a bike, and Ava asks who it is. Mike says, his son, and Ava asks if Mike taught his son to ride. Avery says, daddy taught her, and Ava says, the best dads do that. They need to say goodbye; she has to get Avery to school. Avery hugs Mike, and Sonny tells her to have a great time. He tells Mike, what say they put it up on the wall? Out in the hallway, Avery asks if Ava will ever forget her like grandpa forgot daddy. Ava says, even if that happens, it will be far in the future when Avery has a family of her own. Avery asks if she’ll ever forget Ava, and Ava says, just try.

Dustin thanks Olivia for the advice, and she says, anytime. Brook asks if he wants to tour the ballroom, and Dustin says give him a minute. Carly asks Brook how Michael and Willow are, and she says, calm and focused. She can’t figure out Chase; she didn’t peg him for a cheater. The worst part is, he broke Willow’s heart, and now he’s walking around with puppy dog eyes; the guy who arrested her three times. She thought he was better than that. Carly says, Brook was arrested three times? and Brook says, the most recent was yesterday. She had the audacity to call out Sasha, and accidentally bopped her on the nose. Chase gave her a ticket, and she tore it up, like any sensible person would, and he hauled her to the station. Talk about a headcase. Carly says, excuse her, and Brook wonders if it was something she said.

Olivia says Lulu can’t get into Dante’s head, and doesn’t know what he’d want. Lulu says, maybe not the Dante he is today, but she has no doubt the Dante she knew before everything happened would want his son to feel safe with a man as good and kind as Dustin. She thanks Dustin for the ride, and leaves.

Sonny says he got Mike something. It was Jason’s idea. He puts earbuds on Mike, and says, it’s all his favorites; Bobby Darin, Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon, The Platters. He knows Mike hated his taste in music, and said he didn’t know about the classics, but he always knew when Mike was around. When he came home, his mom would put the Platters on. Sonny turns on the iPod, and Mike says, it’s loud. Sonny takes the earbuds off, and says, sorry. They’ll do this another time. Maybe one night when Avery comes to visit. What does he think of Sonny’s little girl? Mike laughs, and Sonny says he’s got to ask something. He needs to know what Mike wants, because next time he asks, Mike might not be able to say. Does he want help? Does he want to stay? Mike looks dreamy, and Sonny says, or does he want to go? The doctor pops in, and asks to speak to Sonny. Sonny tells Mike that he’ll be right back.

Chase tells Mac that he doesn’t need time off, but Mac says his record suggests otherwise. He’s arrested Brook three times. Chase says she was combative and belligerent, and Mac says, she’s a Quartermaine. They’re born that way. Chase asks if they’re supposed to get special treatment, and Mac tells him, get some perspective. Three times in three months? The review board might see it as abuse of power.

Laura tells Robert, she doesn’t mince words. Isn’t that why he came there. He says he drank too much, and gave the wrong address to Ride Share. She says, if he didn’t want it straight, he wouldn’t have come to her. He needs to grieve Holly, and say goodbye. She hugs him.

Dustin tells Olivia, he can’t imagine how difficult the situation is for her, and he doesn’t want to be an impediment to her relationship with Lulu and Rocco. He doesn’t want to take Dante’s place. She respects his willingness to put himself on the line. He says, it’s a strange position to find himself in, and she says, it’s just the way it is.

Lulu visits Laura, and says, sorry to just show up. Laura says, Lulu is her daughter. She can show up whenever she wants. Lulu says she needs advice. She thinks she just blew her relationship with Rocco’s other grandmother.

Sonny asks the doctor if a feeding tube will hurt his dad, and the doctor says they’ll provide pain medication, and keep Mike as comfortable as possible. The greater challenge is, it might further disorient him. He’s stopped eating, and without a tube, they can’t supply proper nutrition. Sonny asks what he recommends, and the doctor says, some patients make provision for life extending measures, but Mike left the decision up to Sonny. Sonny says he needs time to think, and the doctor says, of course (🍷). Michael arrives, and Sonny says he thought Michael was at court. Michael says he had time to see grandpa and tell him that he got married. Does Sonny want to talk? Sonny says they’ll do it after. They want to keep his dad alive with a feeding tube, and he doesn’t know if it’s what Mike would want, or would he want to let go? Michael says if Sonny can, he should ask Mike, and Sonny says, what if he can’t? Michael says, Sonny knows what his dad would want more than anyone, and Mike trusts that. Sonny says, selfishly, he’s not ready for Mike to go, and to be honest, he doesn’t think Mike is ready. It’s easy to say, but what if Mike wants to stick around and see his granddaughter, and see Michael and Wiley? What if he doesn’t want to die?

Robert goes into the station, and Mac asks if he’s wearing the same clothes that he had on yesterday. Robert says he is, and Mac says, interrogation room, now. They go into the room, and Mac says, what happened? He put Robert in a cab. Robert believes he washed up on Laura’s couch. Mac says, the mayor? and Robert says he felt like doing work to get his mind off of things. Mac says Robert isn’t working; take the day off. And take this with him. He hands Robert a folder, and Robert asks what it is. Mac says, a heavily redacted report from the WSB on Holly’s death. Robert asks why it’s so redacted, and Mac says, read it and see.

Willow comes into the station, and stands in front of Chase’s desk.

Robert says, it’s all black; there’s nothing here. Mac says, look closer, and see what he and Anna did. Robert says he has a screaming headache, and Mac says, there’s more to Holly’s death than what’s there. He and Anna aren’t convinced the ship accidentally went down.

Carly tells Brook, Olivia is Dante’s mother, and mothers don’t move on the same way. Sadly for Olivia, she might be waiting for Dante to come home for the rest of her life, and she’ll have to accept it

Olivia thanks Dustin, and he says he appreciates it. She says she’s not going to pretend it’s easy, but she’s happy Lulu found someone like him; a decent person. He thanks her, and says, it means a lot. She says, just so she’s clear, Dante is her son, and she’ll never give up on him. She’ll never stop hoping and praying, and doing everything in her power to bring him home. Dustin says they want the same things. Brook comes by, and says, shall we? She asks if Dustin needs a drink, but he says, it’s not even noon. She says, he knows what they say; it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Michael asks Sonny how long Mike hasn’t been eating, and Sonny says, a few days. It’s not like he’s starving himself on purpose. It’s almost like he’s forgotten how to eat. When Mike was with Avery, he was so happy. Sonny could see it. Sometimes he thinks it would be easier for him to let it be over, but it’s not what he wants. It’s what his dad wants. With Avery, Mike had a moment; more than a moment, a connection. If keeping him alive – Sonny cries a little – if keeping him alive five more months will give him five more of those moments, who is he to say Mike can’t have that?

Chase asks what Willow is doing there, and she says, it’s probably not the place, but she has something to tell him that can’t wait. She and Michael got married last night. She didn’t want him to hear it from anyone else. He asks, why? and she says she thought it would hurt less coming from her. He asks if it matters to her what he thinks, and she says, it always will. Goodbye. He calls her back, and says, good luck in court today. She thanks him, and walks out. Carly walks in, and looks at Chase.

Tomorrow, Robert tells Anna that he wants to prove Holly was murdered, Valentin tells Martin that he’s closer than the Quartermaines realize, Chase asks why Carly is there, and Maxie says someone has five minutes to get there.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The bickering continued at Denise’s dinner party. Sutton tried to explain to Dorit, that her saying she had a life resonated with Kyle. Since trying to explain anything to Dorit is like explaining something to a hamster, Dorit insisted she didn’t say it that way. She did. Kyle said it was offensive, and then made the mistake of informing Dorit that other people had lives, or as Garcelle put it in her interview, everybody has stuff. LisaR compounded things by saying that Kyle blindly supported others, but Kyle said, even when it was her sister Kim, she’d supported LisaR. LisaR said that wasn’t always the case, and cited her nasty impression of Erika Jayne at the party where she harassed Kim. This actually supported the argument that Kyle didn’t blindly give support, since it varied by the situation. Why Kyle didn’t say this was beyond me, but instead, she said, f*** you all, and removed herself from the situation. Teddi followed, which everyone else took as evidence of said blind support. In Dorit’s interview, she said, Kyle is upset; cue Teddi. In Denise’s interview, she said Kyle needed to be the center of attention and was childish. It pissed her off. While I totally agree that Kyle grabbed that crown and ran with it this season, I can’t blindly support Denise in this instance, since it was a case of the gang-up style the ladies love. Dorit reminded everyone that Kyle had called them fake-ass bitches. Teddi returned, and told them when someone was upset and crying, barraging them with questions didn’t make the situation better. Letting them recover was just common decency. LisaR insisted that talking honestly was the better choice, but with this bunch, that’s usually code for talking smack. Teddi said, when someone is upset, let them be, and LisaR said, but she wanted to fix things. Right.

Amelia had come back home, and she and sister Delilah had created a new clothing line called DNR. A launch party was planned, and LisaR horned in on the photo shoot. I think we can safely say, every single one of them wants to be the center of attention. Except maybe Denise.

Erika met Denise for coffee, and Denise said she hadn’t liked where the conversation was going at the party in front of her kids. Her oldest daughter Sami overheard them arguing over threesomes. In Denise’s interview, she said she didn’t want the kids’ friends going home and repeating what they heard. They’ve never been that house. She told Erika that she wasn’t thrilled with Kyle yelling, f*** off to everyone before she stomped away. Erika thought Kyle was under a lot of pressure when everyone came at her. In her interview, Denise said, bitch, we all have a lot going on. That’s no excuse to be an a-hole. Truth! She told Erika that she’d sent out a thank you to everyone, and Kyle was the only one who didn’t respond. Denise said Kyle must consider her one of those fake-ass bitches.

Garcelle had a birthday party for her twin boys, and in her interview, she said that kids’ parties in Beverly Hills were usually over-the-top, but her kids were fine with donuts and ice cream. Her ex-husband Mike was there, and they seem to get along quite well. In Garcelle’s interview, she said, after the divorce, she put things together quickly to co-parent, so the kids weren’t damaged. They didn’t see the ugly side of divorce. She told Mike that the kids were getting older, and it was freaking her out.

The women made plans to have cocktails at Erika’s pied-à-terre, go to the DNR launch, and then go out to dinner. Kyle didn’t want to be piled on again, but decided to suck it up and go. LisaR’s mom Lois, who is probably the only one who isn’t a fake-ass bitch, along with Denise, joined them. LisaR sort of apologized to Kyle, and Kyle insisted she didn’t blindly defend people, citing the example of standing up for Dorit at the expense of her friendship with LVP. She said she defended what was right. LisaR said Kyle was there when it matters, In Kyle’s interview, she said she thought LisaR’s apology was genuine, but also motivated by wanting them at her daughters’ event. LisaR said the event was going to be a collaboration, and they’d see when they got there. Sutton was concerned the collab was with LisaR’s makeup artist, who she had issues with. When they got there, she made the huge mistake of telling Dorit that she might freak out, which caused Dorit to be concerned about what Sutton might do. Like Sutton has a reputation for tossing wine glasses at people. I’m talking to you, LisaR.

LisaR hoped her daughters inherited her hustling gene. In her interview, she said she thought they’d gotten Harry’s intelligence and her hustle. They’d hit the gene lottery. The collaboration turned out to be with The Fat Jewish, and Sutton breathed a sigh of relief. Sutton explained in her interview, that she’d been worried it was with Joey Maalouf, at one time a mutual friend of hers and LisaR’s. He and Sutton went into business together, and apparently there had been some problems, which Sutton didn’t go into details about. She said the business survived, but she and Joey had a falling out. Kyle explained she had left Denise’s party because she wasn’t having a good time in that moment. In Denise’s interview, she said she loved Kyle’s half-assed apology, and Kyle only cares about what Kyle has to say.

At dinner, Dorit said she was uncomfortable when Sutton said she might freak out, since she didn’t know what that meant. Sutton said it meant she’d start to cry and want to go home, and explained how she thought it was a collab with the makeup artist. Somehow, this stupidly turned into LisaR claiming this was an attack on her kids, even though it had nothing to do with them. LisaR said if Sutton had caused a commotion, she would have thrown her out immediately. Sutton was taken aback, and in her interview, she said she’d never seen this aggressive side of LisaR (really?), and since LisaR had put her in this lion’s den, shouldn’t she be throwing Sutton a sword? Dorit acted like a complete a-hole, finally making Sutton cry, and LisaR kept saying, don’t come for her kids. Sutton told Dorit, she’d had her fun; let the mouse go. Kyle said Sutton didn’t have any bad intentions, and Dorit took this opportunity to remind everyone again that Kyle had said they were fake-ass bitches, and demanded an example. Kyle said it was like when Dorit got all glammed up for the retreat, and added how Denise acted all down-to-earth, yet dared to have an ice sculpture at her party. Dorit said Teddi hadn’t been very glam the first season, but changed her look for season two, and told Kyle that it was a double-standard. Denise tried to talk to Kyle, who (no surprise) wouldn’t let her finish a sentence. Denise said Kyle talked at them and not to them, and doesn’t listen. In her interview, Erika wondered where Miss Laid Back was, since I guess if you’re laid back, you can’t have feelings. Lois chimed in, saying they were going to look back on this, and think it was crazy. Then they’d wake up and be 81. LisaR said Lois was 91, and told her, don’t be a fake-ass bitch.

Next time, the women meet with an astrologer, and once again, Kyle wants to be the center of attention.

🍸 Behind the VanderScenes…

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Still, she has her supporters.


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👑 Didn’t See This One Coming…

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May 11, 2020 – Michael Pops the Partnership, a Charter With Meaning, Date For Deck, Some New Crew, Tour the Boat, Reading Harry, a Legend Leaves Us, MIA, a Queen’s Visit & Shake On


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Brook says, disturbing the peace… Yes, it was Chase again… No; I’m not making a habit of it… Hello? Dad? Chase says, tough love, and she says her father is a busy man. She asks if she can make one more phone call, but he says she only gets one; like last time, and the time before that. She says, too bad there’s no loyalty program. He tells her, go ahead, and she asks, what’s the catch? He says, none. He’s just curious. If her father won’t help her, he wants to see who will.

Nelle goes into Charlie’s, and tells Julian that he’s just the man she wanted to see. He says they’re closed, but she says, the door is open. He says they’re just closed to her. She says, of all people, she thought he would understand her struggle to put the past behind her, while the Corinthoses hold it over her head. He says he doesn’t even sell Sonny’s coffee anymore, and asks what she wants. She says she wants to make him a generous offer. From the heart.

Diane tells Michael to repeat what she said. He tells her, I will not let Nelle bait me in court. She says, now, Willow, and Willow says she won’t let Nelle bait her either. Diane says, let Nelle roll out her manipulation and histrionics, while they remain calm and stay the course, and Michael will be the same loving, committed, stalwart presence that he’s always been. Michael asks if she thinks he can manage that, and she says, of course (🍷). But she’s seen Willow give way to anger in the courtroom against Shiloh. Nelle is just as bad, if not worse. Willow says she understands, and she’s ready for Nelle. Diane says the two of them make an excellent team. They both know Wiley’s favorites, how to put him down for a nap, and his first words. Nelle is practically a stranger. Michael asks if that doesn’t support Nelle’s argument that she deserves more time with him. Diane says, let Nelle argue what’s best for Nelle, and they’ll argue what’s best for Wiley. After all the trauma Wiley has been through, it’s crucial that he stay with people he loves and trusts. They’ve already proven they’ll do what it takes for him.

Julian tells Nelle, she has five seconds. She asks why he’s in such a rush. There’s a light crowd, and it’s not like he has any family to get back to. Is anyone even speaking to him, besides Lucas and Wiley? He says, time’s up, and she tells him, don’t be a baby. They have one horrible thing in common. They’re both victims of Brad. He left Nelle unconscious by the side of the road after she gave birth to Wiley. It’s too bad she didn’t remember until after it came out. Julian says, bad timing. What he finds tragic is that she expects him to believe Brad pulled a number on her. She asks if that’s a compliment, but he says, no. What does she want? She says she wants to offer him a spot in her son’s life. On one condition.

Brook says, Dusty, pick up, but gets voicemail. She hangs up, and Chase says, don’t tell him that she’s run out of people to turn her down. She says, cut to the chase, Chase, and he says, according to the report… She asks if says anything about abuse of power or false arrest. He didn’t like her calling him out for betraying his girlfriend, and if he had any decency, he’d admit she’s not the only guilty party, and let her go. She might have a big mouth, but she’s not a lying jerk like him. He flashes back to lying to Willow about having his pretend affair with Sasha, and he says Brook is right. She says, what? and he says, about him; about everything. Goodbye. She says he can’t just leave her there, and he says she still broke the law. She tore up the citation, and disturbed the peace. Being right doesn’t change that.  She asks if she’s supposed to sit there until tomorrow, and he says she has a phone. Either find someone to get her out, or spend the night in custody. Either way, he doesn’t give a damn.

Diane says, Nelle’s lawyer might try to discredit Willow, as a woman unwilling to relinquish a child that’s not hers, but no one, aside from Michael has shown more backbone and been willing to sacrifice more than she has. And they have the legal documents to prove she’s put Wiley’s needs first. It’s gold. Willow and Michael thank her, and Diane leaves. Michael says, Willow heard her; she’s gold. Willow says he’s not so bad himself, and he says the only way she’d be a better advocate is if she married him.

Julian tells Nelle to run it by him one more time. She says, what’s complicated? Wiley’s custody suit is tomorrow. She wants him to testify on her behalf, as Wiley’s former grandfather and character witness, and tell them what a wonderful mother she is. He says he’d be lying under oath, but she says he knows the truth is that Wiley would be better off with his mother than with Michael, who’s not Julian’s favorite person. He laughs, and he says, the child in question, who he used to believe was his grandson, is better off with the same woman who left his father to die in a burning car? She says she was under stress because Michael was trying to take the child from her, and her hormones were raging. He says he’s not going help her, and she says he will if he wants to stay in Wiley’s life. When she has sole custody, Wiley can call him grandpa again if he wants. Again, it’s a very generous offer. Once she has sole custody… He says she likes saying that, like it’s a possibility. She says, it’s a lock. Once she has Wiley, he’ll never see a Corinthos or Quartermaine again – not even Willow – but he’ll have access. Julian says he can’t imagine Sonny being too happy, and she says, Sonny and Carly will suffer even more; they’re on the same page. He says, they’re not even in the same book. He loves Wiley, and cares about what happens to him. If anybody asks, he’ll say Wiley is better off with his father, and his mother is a heartless monster who only uses him as a weapon. So by all means, invite him to court to testify on her behalf. His phone rings, and he asks what the hell they want. Absolutely not. On second thought, he’ll be right there. Nelle asks if everything is okay, and he tells the waitress that he needs her to watch the bar. And don’t serve Nelle. She’s done here.

Chase goes into Charlie’s, where Nelle sits without a drink at the bar. He flashes back to Willow coming home, and telling her that he has wine and takeout, whatever she wants. She asks him to just hold her. Nelle says he looks like he could use a drink and some company. He says, no thank you, and she asks if he’s that afraid of her. He says that’s not the word he’d use to describe how he feels about her. She says, so he does have feelings for her. Now they’re getting somewhere.

Michael tells Willow, when they talked about getting married to protect Wiley before, it wasn’t an option for her. She says, it turns out, her situation has changed. She flashes back to seeing Sasha and Chase making out on the couch, and telling Chase that, never in a million years did she think he’d do this. When he said he loved her, she thought he meant forever, but she didn’t know him at all. She tells Michael, drastically, and Michael says, he knows it’s not how they imagined their marriages or futures, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a partnership that works. She says, if they do this, she needs to be upfront, and he says he expects nothing less. She tells him, despite what he did, she’s still in love with Chase. He’s the first man she loved, and until they broke up, she didn’t plan on loving anyone else. She’s not sure she’s even capable of it. Can he marry a woman who will probably never be in love with him? He says if they commit themselves to loving Wiley, and raising him together in a family that respects and supports each other, that’s all he can ask for. She says, okay then, and he says she needs to know she’ll be marrying a Corinthos and Quartermaine. Two powerful families, unique in their traditions and customs, with a lot of secrets. It’s like joining a club you can’t resign from, and life will be very different if they do this.

Julian says he paid Brook’s bail; let’s go. She promises to pay him back, and he says, damn straight. She thanks him, and he says, don’t mention it. He might have left her there, but she stopped him from throttling someone.

Michael tells Willow, they may not love each other romantically, but she knows how much he profoundly values her friendship. He flashes back talking to her about the grief group and her introducing herself; him saying he was nervous about speaking in the group, but then saw her face, and talked about Jonah; her telling him that she’s wiling help Kristina by telling her about Shiloh; Willow telling Michael about the adoption, and him saying he’s glad Wiley has her. He remembers Willow in jail, and then playing with Wiley. She tells him that she feels the same way. He’s helped her so much, from the support group to everything since. He’s been her rock. He says she’s been there for Wiley, which means she’s been there for him, so she’s been his rock too. He relies on her honesty. She says she relies on his too. She wishes there was a better way to say it, but she’s in awe of his integrity. He says, some people call it self-righteousness, and she says, there’s that in there too.

Chase tells Nelle that he can pay for his own drink, and no one should accept a beverage from her without a toxicologist checking it first. Nelle asks if he wants to sit down, but he says, no. Life is short; he doesn’t have time for her games. She says, one would think he wasn’t single, and had a hot teacher warming his bed. They’re both single, so who knows? Maybe she’ll give him a second chance. We flash back to Nelle going to his hotel room in Florida, and seducing him. He wonders how it is she’s become more delusional. He would have thought she’d reached a threshold by now. She says she gets what she wants. She’ll get Wiley, and if she wants Chase, she’ll get him. Anyone who underestimates her, including his friend Michael, is delusional. Chase stomps out, and Nelle heads the other way. To the bathroom?

Finn calls Chase, and asks where he is. Chase says, Pier 55; why? Finn says he talked to Willow, and Chase clearly didn’t take his advice. Chase says he’s not in the mood for a lecture, and Finn says, what about a beer? Does he want to meet at The Rib in fifteen? Chase tells him, some other time. He hangs up, and looks at the water.

Julian hears Brook come into Charlie’s, and says they’re closed. She says she doesn’t want a drink, and he says he figured she’d be on her way home. Why did she decide to call him to spring her? Isn’t there a houseful of Quartermaines who will send a butler? She says they used to have a butler, but he left in the 90s; it’s just housekeepers now. He says, bailing her out isn’t in the job description? She says he wasn’t her first call. Or her second or third. She got tired of reaching out, and hearing, I told you so. He suggests she should have called her father, and she says he was her first phone call, and her first, I told you so. Julian asks what made her think he’d get her out? and she says she has leverage. He proved that when he showed up, but he says, it was a good excuse get out of a bad conversation.

As Chase looks at the water, he remembers meeting Willow when she was crying in her car, and seeing the pamphlet for the grief group. He flashes back on bringing her home for the first time, and her saying she has no interest in being in his lair; her apologizing for overreacting, and him telling her that he likes her, and wants to spend more time together as a couple; her saying she wants that too. He remembers her throwing away her letter of resignation, and saying she’s staying; her saying he’s her first relationship, and thanking him for standing by her through the Shiloh trauma; and him saying she’s the hero, and he was just the backup, and kissing her.

Finn finds Chase at the pier, and says he can see why Chase didn’t want to meet at The Rib. It’s much better ambiance there. Chase says, it’s perfect, and Finn says, the smell of fish… and whatever that is. Chase appreciates Finn coming and wanting to help, but he can’t. Willow is gone because he wanted her to go, but knowing it was right doesn’t make it hurt any less. Finn says, believe him, he knows.

Willow tells Michael, it’s just her way of saying she knows he’ll always be straight with her, and treat her with the respect she never had until she met him. Michael says, and Wiley. He loves everything about Wiley, of course (🍷), but he especially loves the way Wiley smiles at her. We flash back to Michael introducing Wiley to her as his godson, and her saying she’s not able to stay away. They smile.

Chase says he appreciates Finn tracking him down. He’s sorry he acted like a jerk. Finn says, if it’s any consolation, Willow probably thinks it’s a family trait. Chase asks what he said, and Finn says he mistakenly believed Chase took his advice, and told Willow the truth. They talked for a while at cross purposes, and she probably thinks he’s okay with what Chase did. Why didn’t Chase tell her it was staged? Chase says, that would have been selfish. It’s not about how bad he feels, but what’s right for Wiley. He knows what Nelle is capable of, and whatever it takes is worth it. Finn asks what he can do, and Chase says, not a damn thing. It’s already done. Finn gives him a beer, and Chase toasts to Willow, a beautiful and kind woman, who he will always love. He could have been happy spending the rest of his life with her, but she wouldn’t have been happy if Wiley was suffering or hurting. So this is what he had to do; this is how he shows his love. He drinks.

Brook tells Julian, if he’d turned her down, she would have called his bluff and gone to Sonny with her suspicions. He says thanks for reminding him how she holds his life in her hands. She says, fortunately, she doesn’t have to use her leverage. It’s best for everyone, especially Lucas. It would break his heart, and he’s been through enough. They toast to Lucas, and Brook says, accommodate the occasional favor, and she doesn’t have to tell anyone that he tampered with Brad’s car. They clink glasses, as Nelle listens in.

Chase tells Finn, the first time he and Willow met, she was sitting in her car crying. She didn’t seem helpless or fragile. She’s beautiful, even in tears, and he could tell there was something rare and strong about her. Then he got to know her. People must have thought he was trying to rescue her, but she didn’t need rescuing. She’s so determined, and so fierce in her quiet way. He laughs, and says, it took a long time for Willow to love him, but he was a goner in the first ten seconds. Finn says he hears that. Chase says he got used to thinking they had a lifetime, and part of him still can’t stop thinking they won’t. He tells Finn, thanks, and Finn says, for the beer? Chase says for respecting his decision, even though he doesn’t agree with it. Finn says he thinks Chase is a well-intentioned idiot. Love has a way of making fools out of all of them. Chase says, he appreciates Finn coming, but… Finn says, he’d rather be on his own? and Chase says, yeah. Finn tells Chase, call him, even if he just wants Finn to sit with him. Chase thanks him, they hug, and Finn leaves.

Michael tells Willow, his son loves her, and he knows she loves him. So if she agrees, they’ll still have a marriage based on love; for each other as friends, and love for Wiley. She gets up, and he asks what she’s thinking. She flashes back to Chase asking if she still considers his apartment his lair. She says she considers it the place where he is; the place she feels happy and safe because she’s with him. She remembers them telling each other, I love you, for the first time, and him saying he knows what a good person she is, what a good mom she’ll be, and how he definitely wants kids with her. She tells Michael, it’s not the marriage she imagined, and he says, him neither. She says, but she has faith they can make it work. He says, if that’s what she wants. If not, no harm, no foul. She says, Wiley deserves a safe, happy future. One with parents who love and care for him, and care about each other, and she would like to be part of it. So her answer is yes. She’ll marry him.

Tomorrow, Cyrus is sure he and Jordan will cross paths again; Lucy tells Sasha that she knows what it’s like to be labeled the town tramp; Nelle tells Martin they need a counter move now; and Michael asks if everyone is ready for a wedding.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Adam tells Jenna, he’s used to flying solo, and it scares him to change it. Jenna says, this isn’t what it should be like. It either needs to be fixed or he pissed all over something she believed was there. She’s put him first in a lot of things, and it hasn’t always been reciprocal. Adam says he can be closed off, and she says he’s not used to supporting a partner. He says she’s probably right. He shuts down. She asks if there’s a reason why, and he says, maybe it’s because he traveled so much as a kid. She says he readily showed her affection, so it’s there, but he needs to trust her, and she needs to trust him. He says he has hard time with that, and she says she does too. She’s scared. He says he’s sorry for what he said, and they hug. In his interview, Adam says emotional attachment is hard for him. His parents worked internationally, and he was moved all the time. He’d go in and out of schools, make friends, and then goodbye. He wants a great relationship, but didn’t think he was capable of it. A producer asks if he thinks he’s the problem, and he says he knows he’s the problem. He tells Jenna that he’s going to make a valiant effort not to clam up. He’s sorry for that.

Guest Dina tells Kerry, tomorrow is going to be her day, and Kerry says she’s going to bed. Jenna sits on Adam’s lap in the crew mess. Georgia comes by to ask Jenna a question, but says, sorry, as you were, and keeps going. In Ciara’s interview, she says, they’re so wrapped up in each other, they’re not paying attention to anyone else. It gives couples in yachting a bad rep. Georgia comes back, and says, trying this again. She asks when they’re starting in the morning. Everyone goes to bed.

Byron drains the oil that had leaked. Guests Jennifer and Mark meet with Glenn and Jenna. Jennifer says this is probably never going to happen again, and they want to make sure to get the most out of every moment, and do activities. In Glenn’s interview, he says, it’s heart wrenching. The guests could ask for anything. He wants to make it the charter of a lifetime. Jenna tells Georgia, sorry about last night. Georgia says she’s not changing her vote, but Jenna says, it’s complicated. They need to work out some things, and there’s more to it than Georgia knows. In Georgia’s interview, she says, since they’ve gotten on the boat, Jenna’s half the person she thought she was, and Adam is showing his true colors. This guy is going to screw Jenna up later.

Breakfast is served, and Jenna tells the guests they’re going to do water skiing, tubing, and waterboarding, then have cocktails on the beach. Georgia and Madison straighten up the cabins. Madison says, someone has to do the work, instead of sitting in the galley. Jenna pops in, and Madison isn’t sure if she heard. Jenna tells them she’s going to clear everything from breakfast. When she’s gone, Madison says Jenna makes her uncomfortable. Paget and Chris work on deck, and in Paget’s interview, he says, Chris has brought a new lease on life to the boat; he’s very spongy. Little does he know he has very small shoes to fill. The guests jump off the boat into the water, and Jenna asks Madison to relieve Georgia in the laundry room, so Georgia can go on break.

A guest asks Byron for some vodka, and he tells Jenna. She asks why they told him, and he says, because she’s not up there. Jenna tells Adam that she’s going to lie down, and he asks if she wants him to come; he’s got some free time. He asks if her minions are lying down, and she says, Georgia is on break and Madison is on laundry. She asks Madison if she wants be on service. In Madison’s interview, she says, whew! We’re good. Adam tells Jenna, it’s his first break all season. In Madison’s interview, she says, Jenna isn’t in her bed, and Adam isn’t in the galley. We’re supposed to be working, not sleeping on someone’s d*ck. Madison gripes to Ciara, and in Ciara’s interview, she says, if someone isn’t doing their job properly, someone else has to do it, and it’s not fair. Madison says she knows there’s just one more charter, but still… Chris watches the guests in the water, and in his interview, he says, it’s astonishing that Kerry has cancer. She’s such a positive, vibrant person. He’s always been positive, but it’s a reminder that, no matter how sh*tty your life can be, there’s always something to be positive about. In Jenna’s interview, she says, given that she’s given the majority of her life in yachting, at some point, she needs to be selfish. She deserves this feeling, and she’s enjoying every minute of it.

Glenn asks who’s on service, as he helps Madison. In Madison’s interview, she says, thanks for being a third stew. In Adam’s bunk, Adam tells Jenna, he wishes they could do this every day. Ciara tells Glenn, Madison is on service and laundry, so Jenna can take a nap with Adam. She left the guests. Glenn asks if the guests are okay, and she says, they are, but they can’t have no one on service. In Ciara’s interview, she says, it’s none of her business, but she can give her opinion if the captain is asking for it. She’s been working in yachting a long time. She tells Glenn that Jenna spends more time in Adam’s lap than working. She adds that the guests want the inflatable hotdog. Madison asks Georgia to check the cabins while the guests are in the water. Several of the guests try to get on the hotdog at once, and fall off. Glenn asks Madison if there’s a problem. She says she thinks as adults, they should be able to handle it, but it happened a lot this weekend. Although they just have one charter left. Jenna and Adam hug. The guests finally manage to get on the hotdog, and it takes off, pulled by the tender with Chris driving.

Jenna asks about the evening’s weather, and Glenn says, it’s not supposed to be windy. She tells him the guests are having a PJ party. Chris helps Paget lift a water vehicle called a seabob, and in his interview, he says, as he was lifting, he felt his back go out. He’s spent his life playing rugby and working on yachts; two of the worst things for your back. He’s used to just getting on with it. Guest Dino tells Kerry that she’s a role model for him; so positive and living in the now. Kerry says it’s a shame she had to go through this to wake up. Jenna tells the stews that at 6:30, the guests are going to the beach. Then they’re having a PJ party tonight. She tells Madison to get the PJs for the crew. Adam and Jenna go out on the tender, and Mark passes out the PJs they’ve gotten for everyone. In Chris’s interview, he says he has a high threshold for pain, and when he’s got a job to do, he just gets on with it.

Jenna comes back, and tells Madison, the guests are ready to go. She’ll clean up, and Madison and Georgia can go with them. In Madison’s interview, she says Jenna’s tone is demoralizing. I dunno. She sounds like a normal boss to me. Chris, Paget, and Ciara also go with the guests. Glenn looks over his glasses at Adam and Jenna goofing around. In his interview, Glenn says the last thing he wants to do is upset people who are face to face with the guests on charter, but he doesn’t want lovey-dovey stuff in the crew mess. It’s unprofessional, and needs to stop.

Georgia welcomes the guests to their private beach. Chris tells Paget, Georgia’s shorts are particularly short. Paget says Chris noticed, and Chris says, every day. Back at the boat, Adam cooks, and Jenna cleans up. On the beach, Georgia brings out her guitar. Kerry suggests Paget sing and take his clothes off. Georgia says they’ll do one of Paget’s songs. In Chris’s interview, he says he’s picking up flirtatious energy from Paget and Georgia. The tender starts to float away, and Chris runs to grab it. It’s time for the guests to go back to the boat, and Paget tells them that they’re the most fun guests yet. As Paget dismantles the umbrella, Georgia says something suggestive about getting it in the hole, and Paget says her mind is in the gutter. He asks, what’s going on with Chris? and she asks, why? Is he curious? He says he begs her pardon. In Georgia’s interview, she says, it’s difficult, because she finds him endearing. She has moments where she wonders how it’s possible someone is so like herself. She hasn’t found anyone she’s had a weakness for. Knowing the season is ending is torture for her.

Kerry tells the guests to put on their jammies. Glenn and Byron set up the dining table on deck. The stews put their PJs on, and they’re cute. Button down short sleeve tops and matching shorts, maroon with pinkish piping, and various sleep masks to go with them. Chris blows up helium balloons, and inhales some, giving a weather report in a helium voice. Ooh, the table has fairy lights; my favorite. Byron says Madison has been in a grumpy mood, and she says just because she isn’t perky doesn’t mean she’s in a bad mood, which definitely makes her sound like she’s in a bad mood. Byron tells Glenn that he looks like Aladdin in his PJs. Everyone comes up, and stands in a line in front of the guests. Jennifer tells them to take their walk, and they’ll judge them. The winner gets a prize. Everyone does a crazy dance or model walk, and the guests take pictures. Chris says if he’s going to do it, he’s doing it properly. He does a bump and grind, slides into the hot tub, and ends with taking his shirt off. In his interview, he says, did it hurt? Yeah, but it was worth it? 100%. Chris gets the prize of a fancy robe and $200. In his interview, he says, it’s fantastic. It will probably go into a massage for his back. The guests are served risotto to start, which always makes me think of Gordon Ramsay yelling at chefs.

Georgia tells Madison that she’s taking a break, and Jenna calls Madison to the galley to help serve the main course; surf and turf, with chateaubriand and lobster. One of the guests says, if food shuts the table up, it’s good. Kerry says she’s going to cry when they have to leave. Guest Jacque says, it’s a special gathering, and Jenna says, it has a lot of meaning. It’s nice to be part of it. Kerry says she’s never eaten so much good food in her entire life.

Chris takes some meds in the morning. Guest Mark dives off the boat. Paget drops his radio while lifting the seabob (which is now officially a pain in the ass), and slips. In his interview, Paget says he felt his hamstring go. In Chris’s interview, he says he swears their crew has been cursed. They have to just push through the pain or they’re screwed.

It’s the last day of charter, and some of the guests jump off the side of the boat into the water. Jenna tells Georgia that someone is leaving clothes piled in a ball in the laundry room. Adam says, it’s because clothes keep being left in the washing machine. In Madison’s interview, she says, Jenna and Adam are the Kim and Kanye of yachting. They’re pretty to look at, but you don’t want to be in a room with them for more than three seconds. Ciara asks if Paget is okay, and he says, it really hurts. Glenn wants to look over everything. In his interview, he says, after the oil accident, he wants to make sure all the i’s are dotted, and t’s are crossed. He doesn’t want anything else to bite them in the ass. He tells Byron that he wants to send Chris up the rig. In Chris’s interview, he says, it’s dangerous, going up 60 meters on the mast. He’s putting his life in the hands of someone else. There’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong, but it’s what he lives for. Should he be doing this? Absolutely not. Does he want to? Hell yeah. He gets into a harness, and goes up, Byron holding the rope below. In Glenn’s interview, he says, the mast is 62 meters from the water, or 190+ feet. In his interview, Chris says he feels most alive doing scary, fun, adrenaline filled stuff like that. It’s the way life should be lived. He finds that a light isn’t working, changes the bulb, and comes back down.

Glenn asks the deckhands to put away the swim platform. Adam makes breakfast, and Kerry calls it, the last supper. Jennifer says her favorite part of the trip was seeing them in the hotdog, and Kerry says she doesn’t think she’s laughed that hard in a long time. Glenn docks the boat. Madison complains about helping with the luggage, and Georgia says, it’s part of the job. In his interview, Paget says, life’s not fair. As rich as you are, you might not be here. You need to live every moment like it’s your last breath. There’s no excuse not be grateful. Jenna says their favorite part was making Kerry happy, and Kerry says, laughter is the best medicine. Dino says they’ll never know how much the trip meant. They leave, and Glenn blasts the horn.

Chris tells Glenn about hurting himself when he was lifting the seabob. He says he can still do the job, just slower. Glenn suggests seeing a doctor, and tells Chris about getting an injection when he was injured. In Chris’s interview, he says, it sucks. There’s no mercy when it comes to an injury. If you hurt yourself, you’re off the boat. Glenn tells him, keep an eye on it, and let him know how he’s progressing. Jenna tells Madison to start making beds. Glenn radios everyone for a charter debrief.

Glenn says, it was charter number eight, and the ultimate charter. It was the most challenging, having the hydraulic oil spill on the deck. He tells Chris a doctor will be coming, and they’re going to retire the seabob. He thinks service has dropped a little compared to earlier, and wants to talk with them about that. He wants to make sure they iron out any issues moving forward, and finish on a high note. In Jenna’s interview, she says, it’s complete bullsh*t. The guests are always happy, and that’s a result of her guidance. Glenn says, they have another charter tomorrow, and need to flip the boat quickly. Their tip was $12,700, or $1400 each. Georgia says, it was the sweetest charter. They made such an effort to help each other enjoy themselves. In her interview, she says, she’d love to have a friend group like these people. They’re her kind of people. Glenn tells them to eat lunch, and get back into it. They have a quick glass of champagne, and some food. Chris tells Madison to have a seat, but she says she has a lot to do. In her interview, Madison says she doesn’t think Jenna wants to accept responsibility for what transpired this season. She should have been called out long ago. Jenna tells Adam that she’s pissed. They should have come to her. Tell her what the guests said. She’s trying to control her rage.

Glenn requests a doctor for Chris. Chris finds Georgia in the laundry, and asks if she’s back in her hole already. She says it’s safer in there. Paget lies down. Georgia suggests to Madison that she shouldn’t have spoken to Ciara about her issue with Jenna, since Ciara will go directly to Glenn. Madison says, don’t flip on this; she needs someone in her corner. In Georgia’s interview, she doesn’t know if Madison likes to play the victim, or thinks she actually is the victim. We flash back to Madison bitching, and she says, they’ve all been effected. Madison isn’t the only one who has to deal with this sh*t. Madison says she’s not saying anything against Jenna. Georgia says, it’s a combination of things. Jenna’s lack of performance has gotten progressively worse, and Paget and Chris have been hurt. They’ll have to pick up the slack on the last charter. Jenna is on the defensive, so let her be angry, and when she calms down, they’ll see how she acts.

Glenn asks if Jenna has a minute. In his interview, he says Jenna made a choice to get involved with Adam, and now her work life and personal life have run together. He tells her, a couple of things have come to his attention, and they’ve got a big problem.

Next time, Chris needs an MRI scan, the last charter of the season, Glenn is concerned about illegal substances on board, and says a guest will be in deep sh*t if he finds drugs in one of the cabins. Captain Lee kicked someone’s ass off the boat for that once.

🛥 FYI, Below Deck Mediterranean will return on Hannah, Hannah, June 1st.

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And be sure to catch the trailer.


⛴ A Three Hour Tour…

Check out the new boat on Below Deck Med.


🔮 Keeping You Busy…

Harry Potter reads Harry Potter.


🎤 Good Golly…

My best memory of him is when he officiated at Bo and Nora’s wedding on One Life To Live.


🏰 I watched the Downton Abbey movie over the weekend. Twice. It was great to see the Crawley’s back again, and all the servant politics. It’s the usual suspects, with the plot revolving around a visit from the queen. If you loved the show, you’ll love the movie.

🔎 Still Missing…

The Shahs of Sunset reunion. And absolutely no info. Zilch. Zero. Nada. What is it? A lawsuit? A restraining order? Everyone’s computers crashed on the same day? What?

🕯 Oh Say Do I See…

There seems to be the glimmer of hope on the horizon that we’re going to have a soft quarantine opening soon. Someday, you will know what day it is again. Until then, stay safe, stay following the guidelines, and stay remembering that giving yourself a haircut is a bad idea.

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What I Watched Today

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Shahs of Sunset

Your guess is as good as mine as to what happened here. Part one of the Reunion was supposed to air at 9 pm, but somehow it turned into The Notebook. I checked everywhere – Bravo’s site, Twitter, Facebook, Google – nothing. I saw the question being posed on the Shahs Facebook page, but no one answered. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I even checked through the entire next week of the digital guide, and nada. Is there a lawsuit pending? As soon as I find out what the blip is going on, I’ll let you know.

It was probably just as well, since I have a sick child dog who had to stay at the hospital tonight, and I’m just a wee bit distracted. I poured an entire pot of tea though, for your entertainment pleasure.

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My Little Man

🏥 Today, General Hospital’s Flashback Friday was the episode where Jordan and Curtis got married on The Haunted Star. Then found Kiki’s body in their wedding night stateroom. And they still haven’t gone on their honeymoon.

🤕 At Least He Didn’t Lose His Head This Time…

I love Joey Pants! Wishing him a smooth recovery.


👑 Two Degrees Of Royalty…

Along with Josh Altman giving his two cents.


👒 I Can See the Resemblance…

But does she still have that nutcracker?


🏝 Hawaiian (Re)Hash…

No earth shattering revelations.


👶🏽 A Distant Meeting…

GG’s baby Elijah makes his quarantine debut with the cast.


And takes a stroll(er).


💃🏽 Looking Good As Gold…

TBH, I kind of forgot about her.


🍽 Dinnerware Debate…

If you’re back is to the rack, you’re under attack.


💋 Joanna Explains It Not At All…

I never heard someone use so many words to say they weren’t talking about something. Note to Joanna: I can’t comment on that is sufficient.


👉 Stay Out Of Women’s Business…

But if it’s a reality show, and the reality is, Denise’s husband wants to get involved with her issues, what’s the problem?



🍹 Methinks He’s Thirsty…

I barely remember this dude, and if he hadn’t brought it up, I wouldn’t have remembered this incident at all.


🖥 Virtual Reality…

Andy dishes on the VPR reunion.


🦥 Pandemics Make Strange Bedfellows…

It’s bigger than the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.


🗿 Quotes of the Week

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it. – Groucho Marx

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow. – Robert Tew

It’s a baby, not a weedwhacker. – Danny (Gary Valentine), King of Queens, when Doug wants to borrow his baby.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead

It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.Margaret Mead

We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems. – Margaret Mead

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.Maya Angelou

🍾 Everybody’s Not Working For the Weekend…

I hope you’re making the most of any new free time you have, and changing it up on the weekend. Remember…


May 1, 2020 – The Scene Of the Crime, Today In GH History, the Real Story, Ciao To Juicy Joe, Porsha Dishes, Goonies Reunite, One Dozen Quotes & Grooving


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Vida fauns over Baby Shams while out to lunch with MJ and Tommy. MJ says she had to cancel her baby shower because she was on bedrest, so she’d like to have a Sip N See to introduce the baby to everyone. In MJ’s interview, she says, traditionally, a Sip N See is having a few ladies in the living room to meet the baby. (Not according to Phaedra, RHOA. It’s more like a wedding with a baby, instead of a bride and groom.) She says, Persians put their own spin on things. They have it catered, decorate onesies, and tweak it a little. She tells Vida and Tommy that she wants a county fair theme. She’s thinking about having it at the Houdini mansion. Vida asks if that’s not better for Halloween, but MJ says it’s a gorgeous place. Tommy says it’s a beautiful mansion, and he thinks MJ can pull it off. MJ tells Vida that she talked to Reza, and saw everybody. Reza seemed genuinely remorseful, and said he was dropping the charges against Tommy. Vida asks if she’s inviting him to the shower, and Tommy jumps in, saying, no. She says she can’t because of the restraining order. In her interview, MJ says, in a perfect world she wishes Reza would be welcome, but there’s no way she can even entertain the thought until he drops the restraining order.

Reza and Adam go to a pottery making class. Adam asks if it beats Reza’s beekeeping thing, and Reza says the bee thing was amazing. He wishes Adam had been there. He had a really nice time, but then MJ said something to Paulina that upset her. Adam says, MJ is making a lot of people upset. In Reza’s interview, he says the reentry into his and MJ’s friendship is a bumpy flight. The attendants are still able to serve you, but there’s a lot of turbulence. He tells Adam, if his and MJ’s friendship is limited or not, Tommy having a felony record along with a newborn isn’t cool. He thinks karmically, the right thing is to not pursue criminal charges, and he’d rather do the right thing. Adam agrees, and says, at the end of the day, they’re in a great place, and everything is positive. He doesn’t care if Reza doesn’t go through with the criminal charges, but he still wants the restraining order in place. Reza says he totally forgives MJ and Tommy, and wants things comfortable for everyone, and to co-exist, but Adam says they’re where they’re at because of MJ and the Tommy situation, and he’s sticking by the restraining order. In his interview, Reza says he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. He’s caught between two people he loves. Adam says he’s glad they’re in a better place, and moving forward.

Destiney takes her pup Frank Sinatra with her to look for a baby gift. She calls Mike while she’s at the store, but he says he’s not going to the Sip N See. He says he was going to come, but then MJ made Paulina feel some sort of way. That shouldn’t happen. Destiney says, sometimes the stuff comes out of MJ’s mouth is toxic. In Destiney’s interview, she says, when they were in Hawaii, they were talking about bonds and how friendships matter. Does Mike want to lose that? She buys $250 worth of baby stuff.

Assistant Sienna tells MJ, everything is good. MJ asks her to text the guests that she’ll see them at 2:30, so they’re not late. Everyone starts to arrive, and it’s an amazing set up; games, all kinds of fair food, a donut wall. Reza says, it’s very MJ, and Nema says, it’s the most Iranian thing in the world; a three-month-old having a DJ at their party. Mike texts Nema that he decided not to come, Destiney arrives, carrying a load of balloons, trying to navigate the million stairs up to the party in her heels.

Mike and Reza have some batting practice. At the party, Shervin tells Nema, GG isn’t coming either, and we see her having some dental work done. Nema says, what the hell?  In Nema’s interview, he says, whatever their personal drama is, this is about MJ’s son. Party planner Lenora tells everyone that MJ and Tommy are coming, as Destiney finally makes it to the top of the stairs. Nema tells her, Mike’s not there, and she says he felt some type of way (the phrase of the night) about MJ’s comment to Paulina. He’s feeling that she disrespected him; that’s his woman.

MJ tells Shervin, she’ll love GG from afar, until things change. Shervin says, Mike isn’t coming either, and wonders what happened to their ten year friendship. MJ says she feels bad about what she said to Paulina. She had her guard down, and it was in the moment, but she thinks Mike doesn’t want to show up. She thinks it’s a deeper emotion than hurt. She thought he cared, but he’s shown her nothing. He wants to look good in front of his girlfriend, and she’s glad he’s not there.

Nema tells Sara, he can’t wait for Mona to have kids. He won’t be having any, since his parents effed him up too much. Sara says, break the cycle, and Nema says, easier said than done. He’s afraid he’ll repeat the mistakes his dad did. Mona says, it’s his choice. Sara takes Nema aside, and says she lost her dad suddenly in a car accident. He’d just dropped her off at work, and her dad got T-boned in a high speed police chase. He died instantly. When she hears him say he can’t get over it, she thinks he still has a dad. Cherish that. Nema says, a lot of people chime in, but only a few get him to stop and think. He wants to think about what she said.

Tommy takes the mic, and says, his wife is the most legendary creature that has ever graced the planet. When he sees his son, he falls in love with her ten times more. MJ thanks everyone for coming. If they’re there, it means they love them, and it means a lot. Having her son is everything, and she hopes she gets to pass along the things her father taught her. Tommy says if Baby Shams grows up to be half the man MJ’s father was, they’ve done their job as parents. In MJ’s interview, she says, it’s a dream come true. She’s sad that some of her friends have shown that whatever they’re doing in their lives is more important than her baby. She toasts to Baby Shams.

Mom Fatima visits GG, bearing Persian herb stew, among other groceries. In her interview, GG says her mom is her best friend, especially through the pregnancy process. Her mother has been her human punching bag, but GG appreciates that Fatima has been there for her. She tells Fatima that she went to the doctor, and she’s starting the process again in a month and a half. She’ll be doing injections for five weeks. Fatima tells her, congratulations. In GG’s interview, she says, there was a crack in the road, and she stumbled, but she’s going to keep going. She shows Fatima the needle, and it looks gigantic. Fatima tells her, say it’s for the baby, so she can do it with satisfaction. GG says she’s getting emotional, and Fatima says she wishes GG will be a good mother. GG says she had a good teacher, and hugs Fatima.

Mike tells Paulina, he’s going to Sara’s freedom party. We flash back to the disaster of a pool party, and in his interview, Mike says, the last one sucked. Oh sh*t; here we go again. Paulina asks if everyone is going, and says, at some point, they all have to take responsibility for their own actions. Mike says he’s concerned about not going to the Sip N See. They meet Mike’s parents for dinner, and Mike wears a gold medallion that his grandfather had gifted his dad, and his dad passed to him. He thought, why put it in a safe, when he can wear it proudly? Mom Sue asks how his project is coming. In Mike’s interview, he says his parents have doubts about his capabilities. He tells her, it’s going really well, and his dad asks if he’s got proof. Mike says his project manager emails him several times a day on the progress, and it looks good. Sue says he’s almost there, and Mike says, it’s going to be a good year. Sue says she’s proud of him. It’s a big deal. Mike set his mind to it, and he’s doing it. In his interview, Mike says, all he’s wanted is for his parents to be proud. It only took 41 years.

Nema goes to lunch with Mona, half-sister Sara, and dad Fred. In his interview, Nema tells us that his dad had another child with his stepmother, but he’s always looked at her like a full sister. She’s starting at UCLA in the fall, and he’s proud of her. He tells a story about Sara shutting off the X-Box in the middle of them playing, when she was two, and him thinking, he can’t do this parenting sh*t. Mona asks Fred if Nema should have kids, and he says, every dad wants grandchildren. Nema says, no way, and apologizes for bumming everyone out. Fred comes around the table, and hugs him. Nema gets emotional, and goes outside, and his dad follows. Nema says he’s tired of being angry. In his interview, he says he didn’t cause this. The actions of his mom and dad did. We flash back to Nema talking to his therapist, and saying he’s more angry at his dad after reading his mom’s letter. He tells us, he’s had twenty-five years of small talk with his dad. Fred says he knows how much he hurt Nema, and doesn’t want him to suffer. Nema means everything to him, and he hopes Nema can give him room in his life, because he loves him. Nema says, they don’t talk, but his dad says Nema is his son, and he loves him. Let’s fix this. Nema says, at this point, it’s too late, but Fred says, they’re ready for it. He wants them to be close, and wants to help Nema. Nema hopes so. In his interview, Nema says they have had a sincere moment of closeness in years. It’s been like a game of chicken. When they get back to the table, Fred says he loves all of them, and Nema says he forgives him and his mom. He doesn’t want to carry it anymore. He can’t spend the next 35 years like the last ones. He suggests they have more regular meetings as a family.

Tommy asks MJ if Reza is going to be at Sara’s party. MJ says, the scene of the crime. Tommy says he has a bat in the car; he’s got a softball game. MJ tells him, no jokes like that.

In Reza’s interview, he says he left Hawaii thinking he’d be dropping the charges. But Adam is clear that dropping the restraining order isn’t an option.   

In Destiney’s interview, she says she has no issue with Sara. She dated Sara’s brother; however, the last time, it was a disaster. We flash back to that. She says she can still be nice and sweet; that’s who she is. Plus, she can rub it in his face that she’s cute. When MJ arrives, she says, do-over, and in her interview, she says she has hella PTSD just walking in. In Reza’s interview, he says talk about going back to the worst experience. He hopes he gets three, four, or five sheets to whatever wind. He blows a kiss to MJ, who tells Vida not to attack him. Vida swears she’s not going to attack anybody. GG sees Sam, and in her interview, she says she needs to have a talk with Destiney. She doesn’t know what Destiney saw in that guy. The way she talked, GG thought he would look like James Bond. WTF?

Reza and MJ step away, and he says he’s trying to avoid her mom. He says he was glad they’re in a good place, making forward motions, but when he walked in, he heard Vida talking about him to Nema. MJ says she wants Reza to say hello; just acknowledge her. Reza gives Vida some polite conversation, and moves along to the bar. Mike tells Nema, he’s yet to get an apology from MJ, and Nema says he thinks it was wrong of Mike not to show up for the Sip N See. Mike says there’s plenty of time for them to catch up. Reza joins them, and Mike says he wasn’t there either. Reza says, it was because of the restraining order. He’s not going to file charges; he doesn’t want a felony case for Tommy, MJ, or the baby. But as far as the restraining order goes, Adam feels safer with keeping it in place. They don’t want to risk another moment of impulse control. Nema asks if MJ knows, and wonders how their relationship can survive. In Reza’s interview, he says, Adam wants him to take a stand for him and their marriage. He’s going to respect his husband’s wishes. How can he not?

Nema asks MJ how it went with Reza, and she says she hasn’t asked if everything is dropped, and Nema tells her that Reza isn’t dropping the restraining order. He just said it. In MJ’s Interview, she says she’s really hurt. She doesn’t believe Reza would make that choice, to double down on something that damaged their friendship beyond recognition. He’d assured her that he was dropping everything in his power. She tells Nema that their friendship is built on lies. Destiney joins them, and Nema says, there’s drama. Reza comes in, and Nema says, perfect timing. A conversation came up about the restraining order. MJ says, everything they talked about was a lie. Nema tells her, that’s not what he said, and she says Reza also talked to other people, and she doesn’t like anyone else being involved. Reza says, what transpired in his household… and MJ says, he changed his mind? He says they’re not pursuing the felony charges, but what if Tommy comes back in six months with a gun instead of a bat? MJ says, so he’s worried about the future? and Reza says, 100%. MJ says if there’s going to be a future between them, please don’t do this. He needs to give her credit for 30 years of being his friend. That’s why she apologized. She’ll burn this house down if he doesn’t lift everything. He says he’s sorry, and she says she can’t do this. In Reza’s interview, he says he doesn’t want the restraining order to be the nail in the coffin of his friendship with MJ. But at the same time, he had to pick between two people he loves. He’s still married, and picked his husband.

On the balcony, MJ yells, these people are full of sh*t, and she doesn’t need to be there. In Mike’s interview, he says, they’re not a bunch of fair-weather friends. This has gone too far. How did they get to this place? In her interview, GG says, certain people will find a happier ending, and certain relationships are completely done. Reza yells for everyone to come and take a family photo, and the guests all gather by the pool. In MJ’s interview, she says she’s heartbroken and gutted. She was open to fixing the friendship, but wonders how they can ever get back from this. She leaves the party.

Next time – the Reunion.

💿 For the Record…

Today on GH’s Flashback Friday, it was an anniversary episode from 2014. I don’t remember seeing this, but I might have still been dealing with repairing the house after Hurricane Sandy. AJ died after Sonny shot him, Lucy was still married to Doc, Noah had broken up with Bobbie, and the Nurses Ball was on the horizon. Since there were flashbacks within this flashback, we saw three different Carlys, and saw Sonny when he was practically an infant. At the end, AJ was met by Emily, Edward, Lila, and Alan, and took the stairs up to heaven. Which is really questionable.


🩹 Ouch…

TJ got roughed up IRL too. At least he doesn’t have to go to work right now.


👋🏼 Goodbye Joe…

For at least the third time. I feel bad for the kids, but it’s probably time to quit now. Face it, he’d just be a thorn in Teresa’s side.


🍑 Past the Peach…

For some reason, my brain translated Phaedra to Rosa. Probably because of Porsha’s misunderstanding of the Underground Railroad. History and pop culture have somehow meshed in my brain.


🧗🏼‍♂️ A Gathering Of Goonies…

One more fun, creative get-together to keep you amused during quarantine.


🎺 Quotes of the Week

Remember, No one’s more important than people! In other words, friendship is the most important thing – not career or housework, or one’s fatigue – and it needs to be tended and nurtured. – Julia Child

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.Soren Kierkegaard

David is not a terrorist. He’s a Catholic. – woman being catfished on Dr. Phil

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. – Oscar Wilde

It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot

It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. – Lewis Carroll

Well-behaved women seldom make history. – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

The most common form of despair is not being who you are. – Soren Kierkegaard

Nobody wanted to be in this situation. It is how we react to it that will define us as people. – David Toborowsky, 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?Rumi

Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.Voltaire

I had to think of a new and creative way to embarrass my children.Sarah Michelle Gellar on why she dyed her hair pink during quarantine, TheSkimm. (She sounds like my father.)

📝 Summing Up the Week…


You made it through another one. And I’ve added more things to my list of what I never want to hear/see again, like WFH (I’d actually thought it mean what fresh hell when I first saw it), and #alonetogether (I just want to be alone). The doors are slowly starting to open, and you’ll be out there again soon. See you when it’s time to sail away on Monday. Until then, stay safe, stay on your good behavior, and shake your groove thing like nobody’s watching. Unless they are.

April 29, 2020 – Finn Says Chase Made a Mistake, LisaR’s Game Goes South, Hills Newbie, GG Is a Mom, Culture Backlash, Best Bromance Ever & Staying


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the first couple of minutes, but it was mostly a replay of the end of yesterday’s show, and Sam harangued Brando some more about Molly.

Brando asks Sam if Molly knows she’s making ultimatums on her behalf. She says, stay away from Molly.

Lulu runs into Crimson, and Nina says, Valentin is with Charlotte in her office. She asks Lulu to give him a chance to make it right. Charlotte asks if Valentin still loves her, and he says, with all his heart. She says, then take her away. They can be together, the way it’s supposed to be. He says, it’s not that simple, but she says they can run right now, and no one can stop them.

At the MetroCourt, Nelle tells Willow, she didn’t mean to eavesdrop. She wants to apologize. Willow asks, for what? and Nelle says, it was rude when she said Willow meant nothing to Wiley. Willow asks, which time? and Nelle says, all of them, but especially at Crimson. Nina helped her realize that they’re just two mothers who had their children cruelly taken from them. Willow says, forgive her if she doesn’t want to form a support group, and Nelle says, now Chase is throwing Willow away like he did to her. She wondered how she could be so stupid to fall for him, but under that gorgeous face and sweet veneer, is a liar and a seducer. He’s an expert at seducing vulnerable women.

Michael tells Carly, he found Chase and Sasha together. Carly says, as in sleeping together? and he says, it had been going on a while. He and Willow were so focused on Wiley and the custody fight, Sasha and Chase turned to each other. Carly says, so Chase and Sasha were jealous and angry that he and Willow were spending time with Wiley. He says Carly told him not to get in too deep with Sasha, but Carly says she doesn’t think she said that. He says she did, and she was right.

Brando tells Sam, he let Molly know that TJ won’t hear from him; it’s not his place. Since Sam decided to insert herself in their business, he asks if Molly is going to be coming clean. Sam says Molly is an honest person, so she assumes so. Brando says, she’s honest, but didn’t tell him that she had a boyfriend. Sam says Molly thought she was single, and was heartbroken. She’d never sleep with someone like him. He says Sam doesn’t know him, and she says she knows he hurt Kristina’s feelings. He says, he apologized, and she should stop butting into things that are none of her business. Sam says Molly is her sister, and he says, she’s an adult. Sam says she doesn’t care. She’ll always protect Molly. He says, even if Molly doesn’t want her to?

Molly says there’s nothing Kristina can say that will convince her the truth isn’t the right thing, but Kristina says, why risk everything for a one-night stand that didn’t mean anything? Molly says, their relationship is built on honesty, and she has to be honest for it to work. It will be written all over her face anyway, and if she gets caught keeping a secret, it’s not worth it. Kristina thinks Molly confessing is a way to make herself feel better, at TJ’s expense.

Valentin tells Charlotte, neither one of them is going anywhere, but she won’t see him for a while. She says, because she’s bad? but he says, she’s a good girl. She says she wants things like they were when she was little; just the two of them. He loved her then. He says he loves her now, and always will. They hug, and she asks why he won’t fight for her. He flashes back to telling Charlotte that he wishes she’d never been involved, and he’s sorry. She says, it’s not his fault. It’s Nikolas and Ava’s fault, and Sasha for lying. And mommy too. She doesn’t like him, and didn’t want him and Nina to be happy. He’s going to fix it, right? Find a way to get Windymere back, and make Nina love him again. Then they can have their happily ever after.

Nina asks Lulu if she has any idea why Charlotte was so upset, and Lulu says she thinks Charlotte overheard her talking to Laura about Valentin choosing not to fight her custody petition. It was a shock. Her mom thinks he’s sincere, but she still doesn’t trust him. Valentin comes out with Charlotte, and Lulu hugs her, saying, she was so worried. Charlotte can’t run off like that again. Charlotte says she couldn’t let papa leave her. He’d do anything to keep them together. Lulu says she knows he would, and Charlotte says she had to show him that she would too.

Willow tells Nelle, go to hell. Nelle says, she’s just trying… and Willow says, to manipulate her, like she did Chase and her mom? She knows who Nelle is. She murdered her first fiancé, and tried to murder Michael. When it didn’t work, she left Michael to die in a burning car. If there’s one thing Brad is telling the truth about, it’s that Nelle gave him her baby. Nelle wanted Lucas to keep him, so Michael wouldn’t have him. She used Willow’s dead child like a prop, to convince Michael that their child was dead. Nelle says, all’s well that ends well. Sasha is more Chase’s type anyway. Willow says, goodbye, and walks out.

Finn asks what makes Chase think that Willow and Michael will get married? and Chase says, because as sure as Finn was that he was lying, he’s positive once the road is clear, Willow will follow her heart straight to Wiley. Finn sighs, and says, bro, bro, bro. He guesses Chase’s intentions are honorable. Chase thanks him, and says, just so he knows, Sasha has been incredibly stand-up. She’s no happier than he is, but they agreed Wiley’s safety comes first. Finn says Chase isn’t going to like what he has to say. His intentions are good, but his method stinks. He made a huge mistake.

Valentin tells Charlotte, there’s a right and wrong way to keep a family together. Charlotte asks what the right way is, and he says they have to figure that out. They’ll always be family, even if they don’t see each other for a while. She doesn’t want him to go away, and he asks if she remembers when he went away on long trips. Claudette would take care of her, and he always came back. She says, what if he doesn’t come back this time? and he says, impossible. He would miss her too much. Loving her keeps his heart beating. She says, hers too, and Lulu asks to speak to Charlotte. Charlotte says, no, he can’t leave, but Valentin says he’s staying right there; he promises. Has he ever broken a promise to her? Charlotte shakes her head, and Valentin goes out to the reception area. Lulu says she needs to ask Charlotte a question, and Charlotte needs to be totally honest. She won’t be in trouble. Did she hear Lulu and her grandmother talking?

Valentin thanks Nina for calling, and Nina says, of course (🍷). She’s sorry Charlotte is going through this. He says, he is too, and she says, Lulu said he’s not fighting her petition for full custody. He says, he’s not, and she says, wow. She never thought he’d give up on his daughter.

Sam tells Brando, Molly likes to see the best in people; she’s more realistic. She knows he’s been locked up. He says, that makes two of them, but he’s completely free, legally speaking. Isn’t she on parole? Now he gets it. She asks what he thinks he gets, and he says, this isn’t about Molly. It’s about her and Jason

Kristina asks Molly, if TJ had called, and said he was angry and needed time, would she have slept with Brando? Molly says, of course (🍷) not, but TJ didn’t ghost her. He was taken against his will. Kristina says, she had no way of knowing that. Did she sleep with Brando to get back at TJ? Molly says, no, and Kristina asks why she did it. Molly says because she was tired of feeling frustrated and angry, and Brando made her laugh; it felt good. Kristina says that’s exactly her point. It had nothing to do with TJ. There’s no reason tell him. TJ walks in, and says, tell him what? Ha-ha! I love soap moments like that.

Kristina says, her future domestic-partner-in-law. Molly told them the big news, and she’s so happy. He’s now stuck with the Davis sisters forever. He says, that’s been the plan for a while. Molly says she wasn’t expecting him to show up, and he says, that was the idea; he wanted to surprise her. He picked up her car. He knows how hard it’s been for her, and how lonely she must have felt. Molly says she’s been a bit of a mess, and Kristian says, was she ever. TJ says, something is wrong, but Molly says, no. He’s there now. He says the way she was looking at him… She says, sorry. It’s just the past few days have been surreal. He says, they’re together now, and he’s going to do everything to prove they’ll stay together from now on.

Sam asks what Brando could possibly know about her and Jason. He says Josslyn said they can’t be together because of her being on parole. She says, that’s none of his business, and he says, like what happened between him and Molly not being hers. How about if they find their own business? He needs to get back to work. She says, don’t dismiss her; she’s not done. He says, he’s done. She’s welcome to watch him work. She tells him something about the mechanics of a nearby bike, and he asks if she’s a bike expert.

Valentin tells Nina, she’s said things to him that he’s earned, but she knows better. He’d never give up his daughter. She says, then fight for her; stay in her life. He says he’s trying to do the right thing. He’s a bad influence, and has to keep his distance. She says, he could do that, or he can be a better man.

Charlotte tells Lulu, she came down for a snack, and heard them talking about papa. Lulu wishes Charlotte had told her that she was there, but Charlotte says Lulu never wants to talk about papa in front of her. She always changes the subject.

Michael tells Carly, he loves Sasha, and thought what they had was real. She says she thinks it was real, but doesn’t think Sasha is the woman he needed. He thinks she’s right. The whole Wiley situation blindsided them both. Sasha wasn’t ready for an instant family, and consciously or subconsciously, she got out. Carly says, they’ll get him through this. He’ll get custody of Wiley, and find the woman he deserves. She hugs him.

Molly says she has to call Sam; she was going to pick up the car. TJ says he ran into her, and she knows he has it. He was surprised to see her. He figured they’d still be talking. Kristina says, they have busy lives. Her lunch break is over; can she get them anything? TJ says, a veggie burger and fries, and asks if Molly wants something. Molly says, now that she has the car back, she has to run errands. He asks if she wants company, but she tells him, enjoy his burger. She’s going to the library to pick up a law book, and maybe she’ll research some precedents. He says, remember, be home by dinner. They start to kiss, and Kristina says, a veggie burger and fries coming up. TJ says he loves Molly, and she says she loves him too.

Brando tells Sam, he’s not there to cause trouble; the opposite. She asks what that would be? Solving people’s problems? He says he’s staying there to help cover for Dev because Sonny wants him to. She asks what exactly is he getting out of the deal, the garage? He says he has no ulterior motive, and she says, everything was out of the kindness of his heart. Sam says she’s calling a car, and getting the hell out of there. He says, she doesn’t have her own car? but she says she came to pick up Molly. Hers is in the shop, if he must know. He hopes she’s satisfied with the service. If she is, they never have to cross paths again.

Nina says Valentin has done terrible things. He can be a better man, and stay in Charlotte’s life. Be the positive influence she needs, instead of proving you walk away when the going gets tough. He says he’s trying to do right by his daughter, but Nina says, she’s a little girl. She won’t see it that way. He says he’s lived a life fueled by resentment, but she says he’s capable of great love. He’s not sure he is, and she says, he’s Charlotte’s papa. She’ll love him unconditionally for the rest of her life. He says, she’ll see he’s trying to do the right thing, and Nina says, she’ll see what it’s costing him. It doesn’t have to be that way. The right thing he has planned is just wrong. He says, she’s right, and she says, of course (🍷) she is. The one time he’s trying to be noble, he’s screwing it up.

Charlotte tells Lulu, she said papa was walking away for her own good, and said she was glad. Lulu says she’s so sorry, but Charlotte heard part of a grown-up conversation she didn’t understand. She wishes Charlotte had talked to her, instead of running. Charlotte says Lulu didn’t ask how she feels. She doesn’t care that Charlotte misses him every minute.

Carly asks if there’s anything she can do for Michael, and he says she already did. She listened and didn’t judge. She says he didn’t do anything wrong, and he says he can’t afford any more mistakes. He feels like he’s jumping out of his skin. The custody situation is in limbo, and he doesn’t know what Nelle will do next. He’s got to do something. She suggests he go for a run; clear his head. He says, good idea, and she says he should always take her advice. Carly flashes back to calling Sasha a con artist, and saying she thought Sasha was different. She remembers telling Sasha that she’s willing to give her a second chance, but make the most of it. She doesn’t give a third when her kids are involved. I guess Carly forgot to flash back to when Sasha told her about how she’d be willing to step aside for Michael to marry Willow.

Chase tells Finn that when he said he was glad Finn was there, he was wrong. He opens the door, and says, get out. Finn asks if love and family aren’t about being honest, no matter how difficult. He read that somewhere. Chase asks if Finn doesn’t see how hard this is for him. He loves Willow, and hated breaking her heart, and his was torn to shreds in the process. Finn says he should have told Willow what was at stake, and let her make up her own mind. He can’t make those decisions for her. She has to make her own choices. Chase says, it’s too late. It’s over; done. Finn says Chase has to find her, and tell her the truth. If he comes clean, he’ll have a chance to save the relationship. Chase says he doesn’t know, and Finn says, there’s only one way to find out, and no time like the present. He needs to move on this. The longer the lie festers, the smaller the chance he has of winning her back. Chase says, Wiley needs Willow, and Finn says, let her decide how to help him. It’s not fair to her, Michael, or Wiley if her decision is based on a lie. Go find her and fix this.

Michael gets ready to run in the park. He flashes back to telling Sasha, he’s had the best time of his life on the island because of her, as they bask in the afterglow. He remembers telling her that he loves her, and her saying she loves him too. He thinks about her saying that she felt shut out, and she and Chase were commiserating. She never wanted to hurt him, but didn’t know how to tell him. She was wrong, but she can’t stand watching him hate her. He begins his run.

Sasha goes to the MetroCourt bar, and Nelle says, proceed at her own risk. Carly is going to strike Sasha down for cheating on her precious son. She might save herself from the humiliation of being thrown out, and leave on her own. Sasha tells her to find someone who cares, and Nelle says, it saved her lawyer a phone call. He wants Sasha to be a character witness against Michael. After what happened, she can’t be staying at the Quartermaines. Did she move in with Chase? Where can Nelle reach her? Sasha says she can’t believe what a bitch Nelle is, and Nelle says she thinks Sasha’s been warned. All of this from a backstabbing, boyfriend stealing slut. Nelle walks away, and sees Carly coming. She says she heard Michael had his heart broken again. She’ll talk to Carly soon.

Valentin tells Nina, it kills him to think he’s abandoning Charlotte, and Nelle says, show her that she’s wrong. He says he hopes he gets the chance, and she says, the Valentin she knows doesn’t wait for a chance; he makes one. He says, the old him that she told him not to be? She says, be the Valentin she knows. Lulu comes out with Charlotte, and says she and Valentin need to talk.

A car horn blows, and Sam says, it must be her ride. Brando says, don’t be a stranger. Molly walks in, and says, Sam is still there? Why? Sam asks what Molly is doing there, but Brando thinks Molly has the better question. Why doesn’t Sam answer her? Molly says, this saved her the trouble of telling them separately. She’s decided not to tell TJ about their night together. Brando say, it’s her business. He already told her that he won’t say anything. She thanks him, and Sam says she has a car waiting, if Molly wants to walk out with her. Molly tells her, go ahead. She wants to talk to Brando for a second. Sam says she’ll check in on Molly, and Molly says she knows Sam will. Sam leaves, and Brando asks if there’s something Molly needs to say.

Nina suggests she and Charlotte look at pictures from the shoot. Charlotte can help her pick some out for the spread. Charlotte says, they’ve been in there forever, but Nina says, they haven’t, and asks Charlotte to come over there. They have to take their time, because they’re talking about the most important thing in the world – her. Charlotte says, that should be a no-brainer. Nina laughs, and says she wants Charlotte to understand that, whatever their decision, it’s because they love her. Charlotte says she understands, but she doesn’t have to like it. Nina says, she doesn’t, but whatever they decide, she’ll always be there for Charlotte, no matter what. They hug, and Valentin and Lulu come out of Nina’s office. Charlotte says, well? and Lulu says, time to go home. Charlotte asks what about Valentin? and he says he’ll pick her up tomorrow. They have some riding to do. She says he’s not going away? and he says, never. Lulu says, they’ll be better. Charlotte deserves to be loved be both parents. Charlotte hugs both of them, and Valentin smiles at Nina.

Molly serves TJ his meal, and asks if he’s okay. He asks how Molly seems to her, and she says he sees her more. What does he think? He says, to be honest, she seems a little shaky. She’s usually strong and steady, but since he got back… Kristina says, from being kidnapped. Molly thought he’d ghosted her, and was heartbroken. Then to find out what really happened… She knows it’s hard for him to imagine. Molly is strong, but she was lost without him. He’s her rock, and she thought she’d lost him forever. He’s sorry Molly had to go through that, but Kristina says, it’s not his fault, which is good. They don’t have to hate him forever. He says it’s good he was kidnapped? and she says, understand the silver lining. He and Molly have their whole lives ahead. Put the past behind them, and move on. TJ says, agreed. There’s nothing he’d like to do more than look forward to the future with Molly.

Molly hopes Sam wasn’t too hard on Brando, but he says he can take it. He doesn’t want to be on Sam’s bad side. She says, definitely not, and he says, Sam is her big sister, and family is supposed to look out for each other. She says, it’s one thing the Davises are good at. He tells her, no reason to worry. He’s not going to say anything. She says, one more thing she wanted to be clear about. She made her own choices that night. Everything she did, she wanted to do. He didn’t take advantage of her, but it can never happen again. He says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Nothing happened between them. She thanks him, and says, for what it’s worth, she’s sorry. He says, nice knowing her.

Sasha tells Carly, before she says anything… Carly says she spoke to her son. He blames himself for what happened, but she wants Sasha to know she blames her.

Michael slows down, and stops. Nelle appears, and says, bad day? Does he want to talk about it?

Chase looks at a picture of him and Willow. He says, find her and fix this. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Willow, and he says, it feels weird having her knock. She says, it feels weird to knock. She won’t stay long. She’s just picking up her stuff. She starts to go into the bedroom, and he says, Willow…?

Tomorrow, Sonny has something to tell everyone, Julian tells Brook to stay out of his bar, Michael says he’ll never trust Nelle, and Carly asks why Sasha cheated on her son.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tonight’s show began with PK making extremely important decisions from his hot tub. Apparently, there are his and hers hot tubs at their house. Mauricio and the kids welcomed Kyle home from NYC. She didn’t exactly relax, immediately getting ready to have sixteen people for dinner. Erika rehearsed for Chicago, and said her mother’s critical voice in her head always interfered with her psyche. In the picture they showed of Erika with her mother, her mother looked stern and unyielding, like a retired nun, or a Nazi. According to Erika, she acted like one too, but Erika said at least she was honest.

Teddi disagreed with LisaR on whether Amelia should come home from NYC, but didn’t want to call LisaR’s parenting skills into question. In Teddi’s interview, she said she’d wanted to come home from L.A. when she was younger, and her parents told her to say there. I understood this, since there was a moment I’d wanted to leave NYC, and go back home, and my father suggested I stay put. We got a glimpse inside the gift bags Sutton passed out last week, and it included a clutch worth almost $2K. How do I get on the next gift bag list? Sutton told Teddi that she’d be coming to Teddi’s retreat, and hoped Teddi gave a sh*t. Sutton thought Teddi’s I-don’t-care-if-you-come-or-not invite wasn’t the right approach with girlfriends, and in LisaR’s interview, she said it was fun to rile Teddi up; it didn’t take much.

Denise was still recovering from her hernia operation, and said she was used to sucking it up; it’s how she was raised. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick was at Kyle’s party, and Garcelle arrived wearing the most amazing tulle high/low ballet skirt. When dinner was served, I started wondering why there always has to be a foam of some kind. I don’t want any food foam on my plater. Every time I hear it, it makes my stomach turn a little. Kyle thanked her husband for doing a stellar job holding down the fort. LisaR got the bright idea to play a game by telling the person to their left what their first impression was of them. It was a mutual admiration society until they got to Sutton, who said she thought Teddi would be boring, and she was pregnant, God help us. But then she found that Teddi had more depth than she’d thought. She added she thought it was strange for Teddi to tell everyone she didn’t care if they came to her retreat, and this was the final straw for Teddi, who started crying, which prompted several of the women to gather around and hug her. The guys all looked at their plates, and Edwin said all she heard was boring. Mauricio said she was going to magnify the word all night, and it would be like a Pacman. Sutton said she was sorry to offend Teddi, and in LisaR’s interview, she said, what you see is what you get with Sutton.

Kyle asked Aaron about what he did, which prompted a long and rambling speech about the splitting of atoms being able to cause a nuclear reaction, when we couldn’t cure cancer. At first, I thought he must have gotten stoned with Mauricio, but I deciphered he had something to do with alternative medicine, and was against Big Pharma. Denise said people were following them, who didn’t want Aaron publishing his results, and in her interview, Garcelle said it started off awkward, and went to bizarre, and then more bizarre. Denise finally told Aaron to quit talking about it, and everyone guessed the sex of Teddi’s baby. The general consensus was a boy, but we saw a clip of the reveal party where the confetti was pink. Teddi told them they were wrong; it was going to be a girl. Denise apologized, and she and Aaron left, and Kyle announced it was time for Fireball.

Sutton told Kyle, she thought Teddi was pissed at her, but Kyle said if Sutton was being honest, then she was cool. In Kyle’s interview, she said she sensed Sutton felt intimidated by all the women. I got the feeling Sutton wasn’t used to there being zero etiquette at a party. We saw clips of Kyle rocking it out afterward, and Mauricio filming her doing the splits. The next day, Sutton got together with Kyle, and said she’d felt picked on. Kyle said she’d wanted everyone to get to know one another, but it went awry. At lunch, Erika asked how Teddi really felt about Sutton coming to her retreat, and Teddi said she didn’t want Sutton there. For being the only one not holding a diamond, Sutton sure gets a lot of screen time. And from the preview, apparently Sutton goes to the retreat, and LisaR picks on Kyle at dinner.

Aaron had the best quote: if you live up here for a while, you want to drink tequila.

🥄 Garcelle’s Digging In…

And Kyle’s not having it.


👶🏽 It’s an Elijah…

GG gives birth to her baby boy.  🎉 Congratulations!



🎶 Singing My Tune…

Rather than being the great equalizer celebrities have touted, it’s more like the pandemic widened the divide. While I begrudge no one a lavish lifestyle, I’m tired of celebrities having undue influence. Just stick to entertaining, dammit.



🏆 Couple Of the Year…

I love Deadpool.


🌱 Soon…

As we get close to another (what’s a) weekend, it looks like restrictions are starting to be lifted. I hope you kept your job, or at least your sanity, and have used the time to hone a useful skill, like calligraphy, or solo beer pong. Stay safe, stay smart, and stay ready for not having to stay.

April 24, 2020 – Paulina’s Birthday Luau, Sonny Looks Back, Flashback Padding, Soap Story, Back With Vengeance, AMC Scares, a Goodbye, Open Secrets, Quarentinial Quotes & Sail


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Reza tells us, when Persians are on vacation, and shelling out cash, they don’t like wasting a moment of time. Except Destiney. Everyone is in the kitchen early for breakfast, but Destiney is still sleeping. Mike asks who’s doing surfing and who’s doing the bees. He puts tattoos on everyone. In Mike’s interview, he says he thought Paulina might have a hard time, bringing the group along on her birthday trip, but they’ve been awesome. He’s helped by acting like a camp counselor. In MJ’s interview, she says she loves Mike, but he can be controlling, and the girls he’s with become subservient. We see a clip from the reunion where Mike didn’t want Jessica to come out, even though she wanted to speak her piece. MJ says, Mike is happy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the same tendencies to be the guy he’s been for the last 35 years. GG asks where Destiney is.

MJ video chats with Tommy, and looks at baby Shams. She tells him, yesterday was hard. She felt homesick. She asks if Shams has changed, and Tommy jokes that he’s smoking cigarettes now. MJ shows him a lizard on a nearby rock. She says she and Reza had a nice, long conversation. He said his intention was to drop everything. She asks if Reza’s attorney has communicated with Tommy’s, but he says, no. In MJ’s interview, she says she’s going to be there for the man she married, and has a family with. She wants Reza to realize he’s wrong, and drop the charges. She says she’s going to try and have one nice day.

GG wants to do rosé all day, and wonders how MJ is going to surf in her thong bathing suit. Paulina says she’s going surfing, rather than joining Mike on what I find out later is a trip to a bee farm. MJ says Paulina is finally thinking clearly. In GG’s interview, she says, it’s been a while, and she’s having floating thoughts. In the car on the way to the farm, she asks the guys – Nema, Reza, and Mike – questions about sex. In Nema’s interview, he says he and GG haven’t had anything physical, although they’ve had moments that were close. We flash back to the almost-kiss on the ski trip. GG allows him to kiss her, although it’s nothing passionate. In her interview, GG says, less teeth and more lips would have been helpful. Nema says, it was a preview.

Destiney explains that her sister was stung by a bee while doing a handstand in the pool, so she’d rather go surfing. Shervin, MJ, Paulina, and Sara are also in the surfing group. An instructor shows MJ how to stay on a surfboard. She says she has an aggressive thong, which sounds painful, but she masters the stance. Although since the surfboard is on land, it’s kind of meaningless, since the ground isn’t rolling around beneath her. Destiney and Paulina just hang out on their surfboards in the sun. In Destiney’s interview, she says it’s like how Persians go to a pool party, but they don’t go in the pool. It’s same with the beach. It might ruin your hair.

At the bee farm, bee guy Joe gives the other group lots of bee information. GG tells him about seeing a shaman who said her spirit animal was a bee. She used to sting people, but now she wants to stay alive, Reza gets the complete protection suit, but the rest wear variations of gear, and GG just wears the hat and gloves. Reza says, a bitch lost 50 pounds, but the suit is still snug. GG says she knows her homies won’t sting her. Want some honey, honey? True story. The only time I was ever stung by a bee was when I was around four, and I tried to pet it. I love bees. Bee guy Joe takes out the shelves from the hive that are covered with bees. Nema thinks he and GG are two bees who need to pollinate, and Mike says he’s sweating like a whore in church.

The surfing group gets back first, and MJ wants a shot of Patron, even though she doesn’t like Patron. I don’t like it either, but that’s why I don’t drink it. MJ tells Paulina, she knows how it feels to be under a strict regime. It takes her back to her Persian boyfriend. She’s glad she married a white boy. Shervin shakes his head.

Bee guy Joe demonstrates how to make a candle, and the group gets sheets of beeswax to make one. Reza says, they’re expensive; make three or four. Paulina texts Mike, MJ is effing foul. In Mike’s interview, he says, MJ thrives off antagonizing people. It’s like a drug for her to poke at people. It gets her high. Mike says he has to go. He has to see WTF is happening.

Mike stomps in, asking, what happened? and Paulina says, MJ told her that she and Mike remind her of when she used to date Persian men. He says, WTF? and Shervin says, it doesn’t end there. Reza tells MJ that Paulina is upset. Something MJ said hurt, offended, or disrespected Paulina. In her interview, MJ says she’s shellshocked. She thought they were bullsh*tting, having fun, and bonding over men. Paulina tells Mike that MJ said she was glad she married a white guy, and Mike was so controlling. He tells her that he’s sorry she had to go through this. In his interview, he says he vowed never to be like that again, and his prayers were answered with Paulina. He says, MJ needs to know not to f*ck with him and his girl. He tells MJ that there’s been a lot of sh*t talk behind people’s backs, and he doesn’t like his girlfriend being upset. MJ says she loves Paulina; why is she upset? He says MJ told her that she was sorry Paulina was dating a Persian guy. She says she didn’t say that, and Mike says Paulina heard it that way. MJ says the Persian relationship situation reminded her that she married an American, and it’s very different. She didn’t say anything insulting, but she’s sorry Paulina heard it that way. In GG’s interview, she says, MJ is being her authentic self, someone who damages people. GG wants no more to do with it. Mike asks MJ what she’s thinking. Does she not like Paulina? MJ says Paulina is like a breath of fresh air. In Reza’s interview, he wonders why MJ would say what she did when she’s in a huge group, mostly of Persian men. MJ says, it’s a fact that American men are different, and Mike said she was pointing out that things are better. Trying to flip it, MJ asks why it has to be a comparison, and Mike says, she’s effed up. She tells him, she didn’t say he was controlling, which is exactly what she said. GG doesn’t understand how anyone can insert themselves in someone else’s life. Mike says, stop engaging. GG leaves, while suggesting MJ get her own life. Mike admits he’s opinionated, but says he’s not controlling. MJ says if they don’t want her there, don’t invite her, and Mike says he wants her to act right. She asks what she’s doing wrong, and when he wants to apologize, hopefully she’ll be open to it. Destiney says Persian men are controlling, but she loves them. Shervin tells Reza, Adam called and asked if he could fart.

GG goes outside and sits with Paulina. She says she’s sorry she wasn’t there earlier. They thought Paulina was having a great time, then all of a sudden, Mike was raging, In GG’s interview, she says, it’s confusing, having a friend like MJ. They’ve had some amazing times – we flash back to some of those – but on the other side, MJ preyed on her vulnerability – we flash back to MJ and Reza blindsiding GG with Shalom’s ex-wife. GG says they’re talking about the woman who single-handedly sh*t on everyone.

MJ tells Reza, she said Mike was strict, and he still continues to pop off. Let her cool off. Reza says, it’s Paulina’s birthday; talk to her. MJ goes out, joining Paulina and GG. GG is telling Paulina, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s not right. What credibility does MJ have? MJ says she’s sorry if she upset Paulina when she said Mike was strict. They haven’t hung out that much, and Paulina seems easy-going, so MJ let her guard down and was talking sh*t. GG slips away, and MJ sits down. She tells Paulina, she says things that sound harsh, but her intention isn’t from a bad place. Paulina says, hearing that, she wondered what going on. She felt the drama between MJ and Reza, and wondered if she was next. In MJ’s interview, she says she’s realizing, before Paulina has a chance to get to know her, she’s been told bullsh*t. Paulina says it means a lot to her for MJ to explain herself.

Nema says Paulina is adjusting to the group, and how everyone is in everyone’s sh*t. He doesn’t consider it malicious, but just thoughtless. In Destiney’s interview, she says MJ is sh*tty with her comments sometimes, and always comes back with she didn’t mean it, and how much she cares. It makes you think you’re crazy. She’s not sorry; it’s a pattern. Mike says, it’s time for the luau dinner.

A conch is blown. It reminds me of Lord of the Flies, which isn’t far off. A pig has been roasted, and there are hula dancers with a three-piece accompaniment. They toast to a beautiful evening together. MJ hugs Paulina. In Mike’s interview, he says, even though he appreciates MJ’s apology – it’s big of her – it’s more of a concern what a persona says behind his back than in front of his face. In Reza’s interview, he wonders, WTF were they thinking? Who’s eating the pig? He’s half Muslim and half Jewish. He doesn’t screw with swine. I didn’t even think of that. GG says, the pig is scary. I was at an event that included a pig roast once, and they’re gross, but the smell is incredible. It tasted good too, but by the time I got there, almost nothing but the head was left, so all I got was a taste.

Paulina thanks everyone for coming on the trip her love planned for her. Nema says, in 2018, Mike was a pain in the ass, but the 2019 Mike is amazing. Reza says Paulina made someone they loved better, and they toast to her. A beautiful cake comes out, almost like a small wedding cake, decorated with real flowers. The group sings Happy Birthday in Persian. Mike hopes all her wishes come true. Fire dancers come out, and GG ducks behind the table. In her interview, she says she has Puff the Magic Dragon with her, and she doesn’t want to die. They drink some more.

Nema compliments GG, and Mike says they want to see a kiss. Nema says they saw that once today, and the guys all make fun of him. Mike asks GG to show them again, and she says she’s definitely drunk enough. Nema tells her, come on, and she says that’s probably why he’s still single; he has no swag. Mike asks if he ever smashed Erica, and Nema says, he has a major emotional attachment to her. He had no sense of family growing up, and has a hard time letting go. In Nema’s interview, he says, not having a key maternal figure, he doesn’t process relationships the same way, and that’s why it’s hard to let go of Erica. Nema says Erica saved him after his divorce, at his lowest point. He doesn’t like their disrespectful comments. He goes inside.

GG says, Nema needed a break from the conversation. It didn’t work out, and it’s sensitive for him. Why is it fair grounds [sic] to talk about it? She goes inside and sits with Nema, but sees a roach walking across the floor, and freaks out. MJ is on her way in, and GG tries to stop her, telling her about the bug. In his interview, Nema says he knows GG likes to get high, but she’s a little crazy. Who knows what she sees? He swipes the bug outside with his foot, and she sees another one on the ceiling. She’s worried his friend is going to come for her now.

Nema tells GG, any criticism of Erica is difficult for him. GG says he should marry Erica, and he says she wants and deserves tradition, but he can’t give her what she wants. GG asks, why? and he says, it’s awkward to say that he loves her, but he’s attracted to other women. GG says he needs someone who understands that he wants to have fun. If her brain could be put into Erica, it would be perfect. Nema says he would marry her, and GG says then he’d have his cake and eat it too. He asks which she is, the cake or what he’s eating? She says she’s always an option. Paulina interrupts, and says she has a ritual she wants them to do. Nema says, saved by the bell, and GG says, he was saved by the bell. She asks what flavor cake she’d be, and Nema says, red velvet. GG thinks she’d be devil’s food.

Back at the table, Paulina says, for her birthday, she wishes they could have deep friendships, but they’re afraid to be honest. She wants them to write down, anonymously, how they feel. In his interview, Reza says, bad idea, and Paulina tells them, write down what you’re scared to say. In Reza’s interview, he says, give them a slice of coconut cake, and be done with it. Where’s the hula dancer? Where’s Don Ho when you need him? This is a bad, bad idea. Paulina says they’re going to burn them afterward. They move to the fire, and Paulina reads, Nema is passive/aggressive. The next one says, Shervin is too buff. He needs to eat a salad some time. Shervin says, it’s in crayon. It’s Mike. Mike starts to laugh. Paulina reads another one that says, if I hadn’t been vulnerable, I wouldn’t have hurt the people I love. They all seem to know it’s Reza, and she reads, I don’t like to see people who thrive on people in pain. She picks up another, and says, Sara needs to clear out the skeletons in her closet. Sara says, wow, and Mike says, that’s been the chatter amongst the group behind her back. We flash back to Sara talking to Reza about her time with R. Kelly. Sara says, none of them would know what to expect; what it’s like seeing your ex on the news. It’s a ridiculous statement. Destiney says she didn’t write it, but she’s glad someone did. GG insists on switching seats, so Destiney and Sara can talk it out. In Destiney’s interview, she says, even though she and Sam are no longer dating, there’s been some tough sh*t with the R. Kelly situation. She’d never want to make another woman feel less than. They clasp hands. Sara says she feels like everyone is on the hunt. It’s the worst thing, exploiting the situation. MJ says the people they’re closest to, are the people they pick on. Something they need to flip the script on, and learn to be better. MJ says the person she wants to be isn’t hurtful, and she wishes she’d never hurt anyone or ever gotten hurt. She wishes it was different. Reza says the situation between him and MJ was hard for him. He needed to have conversations, and make apologies and promises. Mike says, it has to stop, for everyone’s piece of mind. He wants to move forward. No more sh*t talking or back stabbing. He needs Paulina to be okay. Reza says they need to act nicely, and let this sh*t stay in Hawaii. Burn the letters. Mike throws them in the fire, and says he doesn’t want to hear one more negative thing.

The next morning, GG asks if Nema has any memories of last night. He was pretty wasted. Nema says she was too, and she says she was beyond wasted. We see her clips of GG dancing around, and saying she’s so drunk. She says, mission aborted, and Nema says, between them. In Nema’s interview, he says, GG made it clear that she was open and willing to have sex. We see GG saying, Nema, now! He says, five minutes, and she says, okey dokey, artichokey. GG says, obviously, he was comfortable enough to have sex, or at least take it where it was. Nema says, there may have been a hot tub moment. They both use paper dolls to illustrate their narrative. They got in the hot tub, and Nema put his back against the jets. GG told Nema that he looked good, and he said she did too. GG was drinking and smoking weed, and pulled Nema closer. Nema says, she bit his lip; it hurt. Her hands were feeling around, wondering, what’s going on down there? GG suddenly tosses the paper dolls in the air. In his interview, Nema says, here’s a beautiful woman, who’s been drinking a lot. He doesn’t know if she’d feel the same way if she was sober. One  time GG told him that she could get any guy she wants. It’s nice to be the one. He smiles, blinding us with his teeth.

Reza and MJ sit outside on the lawn. Reza says, it took coming there to give them perspective in their lives. They have it so good, and have one another’s backs. He puts his head in MJ’s lap. He says he wants to tell her what’s been going on, and how rough sh*t has been. He can’t go through this again. MJ says they’re on the right track, but her worst fear is that he and Tommy aren’t on the right track. They’ve yet to hear what the status is on the restraining order. Reza had said he was lifting it, and not pressing charges. We flash back to MJ and Tommy talking with their lawyer. Reza says, when he gets home, he’s going to have a conversation with his attorney, and let him know that he doesn’t have an interest in pursuing it any more. MJ says when he finally follows through, it will be a big message to Tommy. In MJ’s interview, she says the judge will most likely dismiss the vandalism, and her husband won’t be a felon. Maybe there’s a chance in hell of healing this catastrophe in their relationship. MJ tells Reza, fingers crossed, they’re in the pool in 2020.

In Reza’s interview, he says, clearly, MJ wants him to drop the charges. He’s figuring out if their relationship will get better after he does. It feels like it will, but…

Next time, a Sip and See for Shams, and Mike isn’t going; Reza talks to Adam about Tommy, but Adam wants to stick by the order; and MJ tells Reza if there’s going to be future between them, please don’t do this.

🏥 On General Hospital’s Flashback Friday today – a flashback in a flashback – Sonny remembered his early days, and changed the past in his head – Dante was married to Sam, and working for the Jeromes, along with Jason; and Anna was police commissioner, but had given up on life after Robin died from AIDS. Sonny realized that whatever we choose, there’s a price to pay.


🎞 And There’s Also the Moss…

While tedious, they do their job.


🧼 You Know You Love Them…

My husband always gets mad when I say The Sopranos is a soap, but it is. And so is Game of Thrones.

noun: soap opera; plural noun: soap operas

  1. a television or radio drama series dealing typically with daily events in the lives of the same group of characters.

I rest my case. This show, detailing a look into daytime’s history, is very promising. The Story of Soaps airs Tuesday, May 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.



😱 I Can’t Look Away…

Seriously. It’s like a horrible accident.


⚰️ And If You Like It Scary…

Some new stuff coming to AMC.


🎭 A Great Actor Gone…

I had the privilege of seeing Brian Dennehy in Inherit the Wind on Broadway (co-starring Christopher Plummer, no less). He was an amazing actor, who put the same amount of energy playing a neighborhood bully in a TV movie as he did in playing Matthew Harrison Brady.


🍪 In Case You’ve Had Too Many Quarantine Cookies…

Katie shares her secrets, which aren’t really very secret.


🥁 Quotes of the Week

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. – William Shakespeare (Who just got a birthday shout out on April 23rd. )

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. – Andre Gide

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. – Marilyn Monroe

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).Mark Twain

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas A. Edison

A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt

We are the forgers, the survivors, and our dance is fierce. – Patti Smith

If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then you should cease asking scary questions. – Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction

🛫 Even If Just In Your Mind…

Do something different to make the weekend separate from the week. Take in an online Broadway show or concert, tour a museum, a zoo, or Venice. Just think, it’s not often you can just hit pause and go to the bathroom or get a sandwich in the middle of a gondola ride. Do a workout. The online or DVD choices are endless, and you can still go outside. Or read a book. Remember those? Stay safe, stay moving, and stay creative.

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What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Mike and Paulina go for coffee with pup Whiskey, who is absolutely adorable and surprisingly well-behaved. Mike asks how she felt about seeing everyone at Boots and Brews, and we flash back to that. Paulina thinks they’re dramatic, and Mike says they’ve gone through so much drama, the friendships have been tainted somewhat, but he still loves them. in Mike’s interview, he says they have to start communication, healing, and moving forward. He tells Paulina that he’s planned a trip for her birthday to Hawaii, and she says, how fun. He tells her that he’s invited the crew, and she says Mike is in his early 40s. Come on. He says, it will be an excuse to regroup. The bullsh*t is getting old. In his interview, he says, it’s common sense that just the two of them on the trip would be romantic, but he loves his friends, and wants to show them a great time. Risking Paulina’s love for the love of his friends is a catch-22. He tells her that he wants to share their happiness with his friends, and start fresh. She says, they’ll make it fun.

Nema and Mona’s mom Moshgan is visiting from upstate new York. In his interview, Nema says, when his mom comes to town, she likes to soak up family and kid time. Moshgan says, it’s been the best trip, and she’s been getting in some sun worship. Nema says they’d love it if she made it a permanent thing. Mona says, when she has kids, Moshgan is going to move there. Moshgan tells Nema, if he doesn’t have kids, when he gets old he’ll just have his dog. In Nema’s interview, he says after their parents divorced, his sister stayed with his mom in New York, while he went with their dad to California. It caused damage and trauma that he can’t put into words. Nema says he doesn’t want to upset Moshgan, but his childhood was so traumatic, it strengthened his resolve not to have kids. Moshgan says she’s sorry, but he can’t use what happened in the past to affect what happens with the rest if his life. Nema says it’s hard to hear her say, just get over it, but she says she’s not saying that. She wrote him a letter two years ago about what happened. It was emotional, and it took time; did he read it? He says, it’s frustrating for him to hear that it’s been two years. In his interview, he says he’s too worried about what it says to read it. He’s afraid he’ll read something he can’t come back from. It might taint his relationship with his dad, which is already not strong. Moshgan says, if he wants to know what happened, read her six-page letter.

Destiney meets with MJ at a smoothie place. MJ says she likes Destiney’s energy, and feels like they’re on the same page. She wants them to be good friends in a good place. A lot of lies happened, and it’s where things went south. In MJ’s interview, she says she apologized to Reza at Boots and Brews. We flash back to that, and MJ says, now she wants to open the line of communication, and fix things with Destiney. She tells Destiney, she’s  there to apologize, and be transparent. Something small between Ali and Reza evolved into giant nonsense toxic bullsh*t. After the crying and confrontation that happened, she doesn’t want it to be the same thing. In Destiney’s interview, she says she thought she and MJ were like sisters. We see clips from their relationship over the years, and Destiney says, MJ hurt and betrayed her. MJ doesn’t see it, or she’s acting like she doesn’t, and Destiney doesn’t trust her. She tells MJ, she thought MJ had her back, and they were sisters, then sh*t happened. Ali walks in, and Destiney looks shocked. In her interview, Destiney says whatever MJ and Ali have cooked up, she wants no part of it.

MJ goes to the counter to order, and Ali asks how Destiney is. In MJ’s interview, she says, ultimately, she wants both of them in her life. She’s missed Destiney, and her intention is to fix this. When she comes back to the table, MJ says she wants full transparency from everyone. Destiney says she wants to figure out what’s going on, and where they all stand. MJ says she knew Ali had an issue with Reza, and wanted to talk to Destiney, so she said, go for it, but be ready to be real. Destiney says she let her emotions take ahold of her, and regrets how it came off. MJ says, the negativity has been toxic and poisonous. From her perspective of the big picture, Ali had been a close friend, but told Reza she’d said she was concerned about his marriage. Ali says he did improvise there, and MJ tells him, don’t drag her name into it, and say it’s about her concerns. In Destiney’s interview, she says, MJ is making sh*t up to save herself. Ali had said MJ put him up to it, but now he’s kissing MJ’s ass. Ali says he’s sorry he drew that conclusion, and MJ says she wants to be friends, and be on the same page. She asks Destiney if she can have a hug, and Destiney reluctantly gets up. They hug, and Destiney asks MJ to promise she has good intentions. In her interview, Destiney says she wants to believe MJ has good intentions, but deep down, she’s not comfortable.

Adam comes home to Reza, Smokey, and Miss Moo. In Reza’s interview, he wishes he could say things are amazing, but they’re not. He tells Adam that he’s going to be gone next week, so no naked Jenga when he’s not there. In his interview, Reza says he’s committed to and loves his husband. He hopes in time, this will be a distant memory. He asks Adam when they’re going to play naked Jenga, and Adam says he wants to have a conversation about that. Reza says he sounds serious, but Adam says, not as serious as Reza is making it sound, and they sit. Adam says when he went through his texts, he saw Ali was right. He did mention naked whatever, but he said immediately that he was joking. Reza says he doesn’t care about Ali; he cares about Adam doing things that make people think he doesn’t have respect for their marriage. He doesn’t like finding out his husband was potentially engaging in inappropriate behavior. People divorce over these kinds of issues, and it literally plants the seed of doubt and paranoia in someone’s head. Adam asks Reza to stop and listen, instead of shutting down. When Reza gets angry, he doesn’t listen. He interrupts and says Adam’s not making sense. He says he knows Reza mentioned a trip to Hawaii, and Reza says it would be making more of a statement if he didn’t go, and would become a big deal. He and MJ were at the Boots and Brews thing together, and he doesn’t want it to be an issue in the group. Adam says he needs to get something off his chest. He never wants MJ there again. Reza says, it’s Adam’s house too. If Adam doesn’t want her there, no problem. Right now, they’re not in a great place anyway. Adam says, if MJ and Reza get back to a good place, that’s fine, but he doesn’t want her to be around. He can never talk to her again; not even a hello. In his interview, Reza says he wants to respect his husband, but at the same time, he has a yearning for someone who used to be bigger in his life, and it’s something painful to process.

Nema and Mike head into a clinic, and Nema says, real men get Botox together. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s 41, and wants to keep it looking young. Nema says he’s stoked for Hawaii. Mike asks if Mona is coming, but Nema says Mona is mad at him. He sent his parents a text saying they screwed up his life; he has a lot of anger under the surface. Mike says he uses it to justify keeping his life from them. Nema says, if he didn’t care, it would be easy, and Mike says, it’s causing stress, and stress is going to kill him. In his interview, Mike says Nema is a good dude, but he doesn’t understand his Persian parents. They had to flee their country, and started with nothing. It’s hard for people to understand the struggles they face. He tells Nema, when you’re young and in a new country with no money, it’s difficult. They didn’t know any better; he can’t blame them. He needs to have an open heart and mind. Nema says his mom wrote him a letter, talking about her feelings on her end. In Nema’s interview, he says he was finally ready to read it, but it was frustrating. He reads from the letter, his mom writing that watching him leave was the hardest experience of her life, and has haunted her for twenty-five years. She was only twenty-five and powerless. She went back and forth to see him, and worked 70 and 80 hours a week, often the third shift, in order to afford the trip, because she had no assistance. Nema says, but it doesn’t address why he and Mona were separated. He hates the letter because it doesn’t give him an ounce of closure. Mike says, life is short. He prays Nema finds it in his heart to forgive. Come to Hawaii, and chill out. Nema says he’s going to eat his body weight in sushi. The doctor comes in, and Nema says they’re here for a tune-up. Mike looks skeptical, but gets the Botox. He says, Hawaii, here we come.

Destiney, Sara, GG, and MJ meet Paulina for a girls night out. Mike told her to go for a night out with the girls before they leave, and just have a good time. In Destiney’s interview, she says since she and Sara’s brother are no longer talking, hopefully Sara will be in a better mood. They sit outside, and MJ says it’s her first girls night out since having the baby. Tommy’s dad is watching Shams. In GG’s interview, she says MJ doing what she did is one thing – we flash back to MJ’s concern for GG when she got sick at Boots and Brews – but her taking it as an honest gesture is another thing. She’s definitely over having enemies. It’s a heavy burden to carry. They clink glasses, and toast to girls night; no boys. There’s silence, and Sara says, it’s gorgeous, but chilly, and they decide to go inside. MJ shows them how she can line her lips without using a mirror, and GG says she has skills. MJ asks if GG is feeling better, and GG says, it was an effed up situation. Paulina says she didn’t know anything about it, and GG explains that she had her fallopian tubes removed. The baby was seven weeks when she ruptured, so she’d barely been pregnant. It was a fluke of nature, since ectopic pregnancies are rare. MJ is sorry that GG went through that. In MJ’s interview, she says she feels compassion for everything GG has been through. She tells GG, it sucks they’re not closer. They could have had their experiences together. GG says she’s sorry, and admits there’s a jealousy factor. She would have rather had a child at the end. She’s read to give a baby love. MJ says she’s sure it will be a reality for GG soon, and asks if she can give GG a hug. When they hug, MJ says she didn’t know GG was getting pregnant, and GG asks if that would have made MJ not be mean to her. In her interview, GG says, for many years, she and MJ had a toxic friendship, but GG is a different person now. She doesn’t want MJ as an enemy or a friend. The best thing is to let it go. The girls toast to Paulina’s birthday.

Nema goes to see therapist Todd. He tells Todd that his mom is in town. He wishes it meant more than it does, but he’s frustrated and on edge. Todd asks how often Nema has discussed it with his mom, and Nema says she wrote him a letter on her feelings. She said, when his parents were going through the break-up, Nema’s dad reached out to his grandfather for assistance, and suggested his dad do him the favor of taking the kids to Iran for a month, while they figured things out. She was against it, but they convinced her it was a good idea not to let the kids see them fighting. It was only supposed to be one month, while they figured it out. His first response was wondering how one month turned into nine. His second response was that he’s thirty-six, and still dealing with the fallout. That they did this because they didn’t want the kids to see them arguing makes him angry, and prevents him from having a conversation with them. He’s more angry at his dad. He has an early memory of going to the grocery store with his grandfather, and there being an Iranian guard with an AK-47, watching people. Todd says, he’s in this new world, and the transition didn’t include a conversation about it. His mom laid it out, and wants him to understand where she’s coming from. Nema doesn’t want to be mad, but can’t avoid it. Nema says he has two volumes. One is, he doesn’t give a sh*t, and the other is, listen MF’er. It’s either zero or ten. Todd says, when we bury emotions, they manifest, and he needs to release it. Nema says, the status quo isn’t working. In his interview, Nema says he’s tired of being the victim of what’s happened to him. He’s been angry too long. Todd says if he has a conflict, he needs to put it out there and articulate what’s bothering him. In Nema’s interview, he says he needs his parents to come together, so he can ask why they did it, and tell them why it was wrong. That’s closure. He tells Todd, one step at a time.

As Mike packs, he realizes he always wears black T-shirts. Paulina says, that’s all he needs.

Reza packs 10,000 pairs of shoes. In his interview, he says, he’s not excited about the trip. He and MJ barely scratched the surface in moving forward, but their history makes it worth going.

MJ tells assistant Sienna, it’s weird. Hawaii is where she wanted to go with Reza, Adam, and Tommy, since neither couple had a honeymoon. Obviously, they’re not going on a honeymoon together. In her interview, she says, hopefully, they’ll get where they need to be. She tells Sienna, they’re going to be staying at a multimillion dollar property, and she wants to get back to when their moments of having fun and making fun of each other. She’s not leaving her newborn for no reason. She’s investing in their friendship. In MJ’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to leave Baby Shams for five minutes, but she knows she needs to do this for the friendship. She’ll do or say whatever it takes to help fix things.

Mike says when they travel as a group, they always act the fool. He’s hoping everyone gets along, and Paulina experiences the amazingness of his friends that he’s told her about. In Reza’s interview, he says he plans to be cordial, and ease into interaction with MJ. They fly to the island of Hawaii, and take a limo bus to the property.

Homeowner Goldie greets them, and they’re given leis by the cultural attaché Stephanie. In Nema’s interview, he says, the vibe with MJ and Reza is like an unexpected run-in with an ex. You don’t expect it to be cool, but it’s awkward. Stephanie welcomes them, and says they’re going to do a traditional Hawaiian greeting. They’re to pair up, and touch foreheads, nose to nose; inhale and exhale, then hug. In his interview, Reza says he was hoping to ease into the interaction, but it’s like, boom! Forehead to forehead. Nema and GG face each other. In his interview, Nema says he and GG are in a great place now. In GG’s interview, she says, after a few drinks, she could see Nema as bedroom worthy, but that’s as far as she’ll go.

MJ texts Tommy, asking how Shams is. I covet GG’s headband with two palm trees sticking up from it. Tommy texts back that Shams is great, and tells MJ to have fun. As usual, the food spread is fabulous, as is the property. Everything is beyond. Nema says, it’s going to be fat Nema resurrected in Hawaii. GG says she got fun headbands for the girls, and tattoos for the guys. MJ chooses a headband with flamingos, and I want that one too. Reza approaches MJ, and says he wants a grown up conversation with two people who are special to him. He asks why MJ and Destiney are still engaging with someone who didn’t have his best interest at heart? We flash back to two minutes ago, when Destiney, Ali, and MJ got together, and in Destiney’s interview, she says she tells Reza everything. MJ wonders, instead of confronting his friend of thirty years, why isn’t he saying Ali must be full of sh*t? Why didn’t he come to her? Reza asks why MJ and Ali are super tight, and in MJ’s interview, she says few people showed up at her father’s deathbed. Ali showed up in ways none of her other friends did. MJ says Reza has done stuff to her in the past, but when he came for her, she did nothing. There are certain things she resents, but if she wanted to get mad and screw him over, she would have done it then.

Mike says, this is killing him, and Paulina asks if they’re done. Everyone disperses, and Mike tells them to figure out the room situation among themselves. The rooms are incredible, and the views are stunning. I can’t imagine ever being rich enough to go there, but if that happened, you’d have a hard time prying me out. MJ tells Reza, he’s literally the worst. Reza asks, how? He’s apologizing, and owning every bit. MJ asks where was the call she deserved? Reza says she should have told him that she was feeling five kinds of ways, and she says she wanted him to be in the delivery room. He says he wanted to be, and it broke his heart. In Reza’s interview, he says he didn’t go to see MJ in the hospital because they weren’t in a good place. We flash back to Reza calling MJ while she was recovering, and grilling her about Ali. MJ says she saw him making a huge choice not get clarity from her, but they both lacked empathy. Reza says, it’s unimaginable that his closest friend entertained someone who did something not positive to him. The outcome was sh*tty and effed up. He wants to own his part in that, and that it affected her life in a negative way. MJ says she didn’t think about what he was going through, since she was wrapped up in what she going through. Reza says that’s all he needed. From the bottom of his heart, he forgives everyone, and apologizes with his whole heart. He did to Ali the same thing Tommy did; stand up for his spouse. It made him see Tommy in a different light, and let go of the anger. That’s all he needed from her; to own her part. They can take baby steps; time and action. In Reza’s interview, he says, Adam wants nothing to do with MJ. Now he feels that he has the insurmountable task of respecting his husband’s wishes, and getting back to a beautiful place with his best friend of thirty years who’s gone. Reza asks if MJ doesn’t think this is amazing. MJ says their realization that they both lacked empathy is a breakthrough. Reza says, a big breakthrough.

Next time, fire eaters and sea life, surfing lessons, GG flirts with Nema; and Mike says, there’s lots of sh*t talking and he wants them to act right.

🍸 On Watch What Happens Live tonight, the word of the night was Reza. They said it a total of 33 times. Andy said if we were playing, don’t drive, but I say, if you were playing, you’re probably dead.

🙌🏾 Some Happy News…

Sheree’s mom has been found.


👠 A New Wife In the Hills…

I really liked Garcelle. She might end up being a saving grace of the show, although it’s only the first week.


Photo gallery.


Dishing the dirt.


👨🏻‍⚕️ Botched Quarantine…

If anyone can entertain themselves, these two can.


👰🏼 Marriage Postponement…

She’s not getting married unless it can be televised.


🍼 New Nassif On the Way…

Take two for Paul.


💋 Kyle Pours the Tea…


I find it doubtful she and LVP will ever be friends again.


🛣 Memories…

Before their faces consisted only of fillers and Botox.


💰 In Defense of Profit…

Because they need money after building that humongous house.


🥣 She Don’t Wanna Start a Fight…

Pink gives back.


🎭 On Broadway…

A quarantinable reminder from the Great White Way.


📣 Quotes of the Week

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to be well-known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. – Fred Allen

Without music, life would be a mistake. – Friedrich Nietzsche

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.Pablo Picasso

People are telling me I’m viral, but I say, don’t worry, I’m fine. – Leslie Jordan, new internet sensation

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. – Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Helping my son with his math homework makes me wish homework and numbers and children didn’t exist. – Mike (@dadandburied), on Twitter

Not everyone you lose is a loss. – Dr. Phil

The struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’ we laugh about tomorrow. – Aaron Lauritsen (Ain’t it the truth!)

🪁 It’s Still Just the Weekend To Me…

No Dead on Sunday yet, so see you when it’s Sailing time. Stay safe, and get out of those PJs.

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What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🩺 Just for the record, today’s General Hospital was the episode where Nelle left Michael to die in a burning car, and gave birth in the woods. All alone. Except for Obrecht.

Shahs of Sunset

Would they please change the opening song? Or at least move on to a different verse. It’s been eight seasons now of the same six lines.

GG and Destiney want to exude good fortune, so they go to a clinic to get fillers. Destiney doesn’t like needles, and in her interview, GG says she wants to get back in the swing of things, and forget she lost the pregnancy. With the physical pain of a needle, you feel the pain, and afterwards, it’s like a release. She realizes she sounds crazy. She tells Destiney that she wants to back to her life, and Destiney wants everyone to be on good terms with positive vibes. GG says, it’s wishful thinking. A couple of people are getting along with MJ, but personally, GG doesn’t want to be around her. In GG’s interview, she says MJ used to be there for her. We flash back to them being friends, and GG says MJ was a person who she felt secure to be around, but she doesn’t feel that way anymore. Owner Nayera says Destiney looks nervous, and tells her, don’t get scared. GG tells Nayera, she wants Botox, but not a whole lot. Nayera puts numbing cream on GG’s face. In her interview, GG says she’s been doing fillers since she was twenty-seven. It makes her feel amazing and fresh. Destiney can’t watch. GG tells Nayera that she wants a little everywhere, and Destiney compares it to basting a turkey. She tells GG that she’s crazy. Nayera puts numbing cream on Destiney’s lips, and GG holds Destiney’s hand while taking pictures with her other hand. GG says she hasn’t laughed this hard in so long. She’s going to have to wear diapers next time. After what she’s been through, it’s exactly what she needed.

Reza and Mike go to an arcade, and it looks like a blast. They play games for a while, then get drinks and something to eat. Reza tells the girl at the counter that he’s going to order an obscene amount of food. She introduces him to Guillermo del Pouro, their robotic bartender. The food comes, and it is an obscene amount, but it’s all fair food, like corn dogs and curly fries, and I wish I was there. Mike says he doesn’t like corn dogs, and Reza and I say, what? Mike asks when Reza became a white guy, and Reza says, when he married Adam. Their marriage is hanging on by a shred. Mike says, it all happened after the stupid accusations, and Reza says, that’s not lost on him. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s trying to get them to admit what they’ve done wrong. They both effed up. If MJ will take responsibility, maybe they can meet in the middle, and get it done. Mike tells Reza, if he’d taken the moral high ground, everyone would have been on his side. Reza says, sometimes bitches get caught up in their feelings. Mike says, Reza was upset and hurt, and retaliated. He had misdirected anger against Ali. In Reza’s interview, he says he needs to apologize. A real Persian man stands up in his truth, apologizes, moves forward, and doesn’t make the same mistake over again. Mike tells him, fix this, please.

In the car, MJ tells assistant Sienna that Tommy wants Baby Shams to learn Spanish rather than Farsi, but anyone can learn Spanish. Farsi is hard. Tommy says, no one cares about Farsi, and MJ says, gracias. MJ tells them, Reza texted that he hasn’t been in a good place since the rumors about Adam being unfaithful. He wasn’t ready to meet up when she texted, but he is now, if she’s willing. In MJ’s interview, she says, Reza has proven he’s despicable as a friend. He verbally assaulted her, assaulted and slandered her and her husband online, called the cops on her husband, and lawyered up. He’s on a tear. Who takes a friend to court over a broken bowl? She slept on it, and decided in order for them to heal as a group, she’s going to meet him. Tommy says Reza knew she almost died. He made it seem like she was sitting around like a puppet master. If he thinks she’s capable of that, he’s not her friend. That’s the reason people stopped hanging out with OJ. They couldn’t believe he was capable of murder. In her interview, MJ says she’s going to meet with Reza  because she wants to see if he has a decent bone in his body. Tommy tells her, Reza needs to grovel.

Nema meets with Annette and Vincenza, organizers of the Boots & Brew Country Music Festival. In his interview, Nema explains that they’re a multi-million dollar client, and his company creates branded content. We flash back to him helping GG with her cannabis business. He says they’re going to take an already cool thing, and make it ten times cooler on social media. Annette and Vincenza show him around the grounds. In Nema’s interview, he says he invited everyone. His invitations to Reza and MJ are personally selfish. He had to invite both of them, or the one who wasn’t invited would be mad, and he learned his lesson at Sara’s party that the element of surprise can go the wrong way. He’s hoping the collective beef will outweigh their individual beef.

In Destiney’s interview, she says she’s been seeing Sam for two months, It’s his birthday, and he’s coming to L.A. She likes nothing better than putting a smile on the face of someone she cares about. Their relationship is super casual, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be bougie and make him feel good. She goes to a swank hotel, where she’s gotten a suite. Sam arrives bearing roses. In her interview, Destiney says Sam’s sister definitely doesn’t want her talking to her brother. If Sara knew about it, she’d be flipping out. Clearly, she doesn’t give a sh*t.

Tommy calls MJ as she drives, and she tells him that she’s on her way to meet Reza. He asks, what’s the plan? and she says, to bring some sense into this sh*t. He says, she’s known Reza for thirty years, and she should handle it however she thinks she should. Reza is waiting when she gets to the restaurant. He gives her a shopping bag, and says, it’s a gift for the baby. He starts to cry, and says he originally got a baby bracelet, but flushed it down the toilet. He puts on his sunglasses to hide his tears. In MJ’s interview, she says the reason she’s skeptical is, she’s been down this road before. We flash back to Reza telling her that nothing can get between their bond, then fighting with her at the reunion, and then them hugging it out. He tells her he wanted to get a bottle of whiskey, but got something light to drink. MJ laughs, and says she didn’t know he was going to make her laugh right away. He says, it’s better than being angry, and asks how she is. She says she’s looking at her best friend of thirty years. He says he couldn’t respond after her text message. When he had to meet Ali, he thought they’d just be talking naked Jenga, but Ali brought a stack of papers. He was devastated, and asked Ali why he was doing this. He told Reza that MJ told him to do it. MJ says, that’s completely bullsh*t. She had Destiney telling her that Ali claimed she had set it up. Reza says, from that day, his life at home was a living hell. You can’t talk about things in someone’s marriage, and not think it won’t have a ripple effect. It made him a miserable human being. He didn’t have his best friend, and his husband was cheating. He was in the darkest place in his life without her. He can’t compare it with her being in the hospital, but he didn’t set out to hurt her on purpose. He was told his husband cheated, then Ali said Adam was sexually harassing other people, and that MJ had told him to bring Reza the information. He was going crazy. She asks why he didn’t call her, and he says, why didn’t she call him? She says she wishes she had. Reza blows his nose in a napkin, and MJ says he never gave her respect and love when it counted. He could have picked up the phone. It’s very effed up. Destiney lied, Ali lied, and she’s the person who fell on the sword giving birth, and lost her friend of thirty years. He popped off on her at the party, and put her personal information on Instagram. Tommy vandalized his landscaping, and here they are. He says Tommy called and said he’d kill Reza when he was on his way to Reza’s house. He and Adam were petrified in their own house. He freaked TF out. Then MJ was saying she wished everyone has a husband like Tommy, and she was glad he did that. MJ says, if she’s honest, she was holding onto things that happened at the pool party. Reza says he did the most vile thing, and he’ll try to make it up to her for the rest of his life. He wishes he could turn the clock back. He’s forgiven Tommy, and he’s not going to pursue any charges or do anything to hurt him. MJ appreciates it, and apologizes for anything  and everything Reza has been through. She’s sorry they’re not closer, and could be there for each other. Reza suggests taking it one step at a time. He wants to go slow, and see where it goes. He doesn’t expect anything; just a little crack so they can text occasionally, and see what happens. MJ says she looks forward to Reza meeting Shams, but Shams needs her right now. Reza says he understands, and asks if he can have a hug. Please. They hug, and she says he kind of smells weird, which is unusual. I’m guessing it’s nervous sweat, which can really stink. She tells him, if he wants to text, don’t hesitate. In Reza’s interview, he says he misses her, and it’s very sad.

Destiney and Sam go to a private room in the hotel restaurant, and order drinks. In Destiney’s interview, she says she’s trying to make his day special. They’re enjoying their time together, and not thinking about the future, but of course she is. They kiss, and Destiney orders steak for both of them. Sam suddenly starts acting really weird, and talking gibberish. In her interview, Destiney says, something is not right. This is not the Sam she’s been talking to. She doesn’t know if he’s on something. Sam adds burping to his craziness. In Destiney’s interview, she says, this isn’t good. She’s all about manners, and she’s over this sh*t. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of it either.

Nema arrives at the festival. In his interview, he says, it’s a Rolex-free day. He gives his drone operator Cody instructions. In Nema’s interview, he says he’s a pretty amazing producer. Part of his job is to work with the talent, and sometimes the talent is eccentric. He might be the best one to produce the group’s reconciliation. Methinks Nema is a tad narcissistic, although not necessarily in a bad way.

Shervin and Reza meet at Mike’s place. Mike says Shervin looks like a gay cowboy.

Sara goes to GG’s condo, and GG says her stomach is bloated. She’s going to need to stay in a wheelchair 80% of the time. In her interview, she says it’s been less than a week since her surgery. She tells Sara, she’s dying to get dressed like a cowgirl and yeehaw.

Destiney joins the others at Mike’s, and Mike wonders why she didn’t bring Sam. In Destiney’s interview, she says, Sam was like an abstract painting. She was super intrigued, and wanted to keep looking at it. She wanted to understand it, but then things changed. We see a clip of later in the evening of Sam’s birthday. He keeps burping, and being weird, and she quietly walks out with her suitcase. She says, they’re no longer talking. GG arrives, carrying a stick pony. Everyone gets into the limo.

Nema meets MJ at the festival, riding a scooter. She tells him that he looks stupid. He supposes there will be no panty dropping.

In the limo, Reza asks when GG saw MJ last, but she doesn’t remember. She says she’s not looking forward to it. She doesn’t think MJ is a good person. Frankly, I think MJ is a confused person, who had Vida for a mother, and misses her dad terribly.

Nema tells MJ the scooter is for GG. She had some medical sh*t go down, and needed emergency surgery. He didn’t think she was going to be able to come. In MJ’s interview, she says, once Shalom came into the picture, she and GG drifted apart. We flash back to MJ and Reza setting GG up by inviting Shalom’s ex to an event. MJ says, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care when something serious happens. She asks Nema when GG had surgery, and he says a week and a half ago. She says she saw Reza, and he was crying the whole time. She just tried to appear calm, and listened to what he had to say.

Reza says he still forgives MJ, even though he knows she was involved. The limo parks, and they all get out. Nema scooters over to them, and MJ says, hey. Nema says he’ll show them the VIP area. GG complains that there’s no cup holder, and wants to roll up like gangsters. They do the slo-mo crew walk, and go to a tent that has tables and booze. They take a group photo, and Nema says he wouldn’t have thought this would happen two weeks ago. And I’m sure he’s mentally patting himself on the back. He says, Persian has gone country, and they wander around. They stop to eat, and GG says it’s the best mac and cheese she’s ever had. Nema admits to loving country music, and Reza asks if they can turn the volume down.

Suddenly, Mike gets up, and says he wants to ask a question. He asks if MJ knew about naked Jenga. We should have had a drinking game with that phrase. We’d have stayed drunk for weeks. In Mike’s interview, he says, in the past, his honesty has been questioned, and they need to come together and get the story straight. Someone needs to tell the truth. MJ says she wanted to tell Reza about the situation as soon as sh*t went down. Mike asks if she knew about the texts, or are the other two liars? She says she knew Ali wanted to bring up an issue with Reza, but he wasn’t clear on what the issue was. Mike says, the problem is, she’s lying. Ali has diarrhea of the mouth; there’s no way he didn’t give the details. He says he loves MJ, and wants her to speak the truth.

In Mike’s interview, he says, it can all be fixed if the truth is told. Reza says, when he sat with MJ, she wanted him to believe her hands were squeaky clean. He just wants to get to a better place. MJ thanks him, and says she appreciates everything about yesterday, but her hands aren’t clean. She knew about the Jenga texts, and knew Ali had an issue about it, but she doesn’t know what happened. Ali made it bigger than it was. She apologizes that they had to go through any of it. She’s sorry that when she found out, she didn’t think it was important enough tell them that she knew. Reza thanks her for taking accountability. In MJ’s interview, she says her intentions were to fix it. She has no problem apologizing, and wants to get to a better place. She thanks Reza, and asks if they can be friends again. He says, absolutely. He’d like to get to a place where they can move forward. They have a lot of chapters, and MJ says they’ll have a lot more. In GG’s interview, she says MJ has been Reza’s BFF for thirty years, and she feels for him. She wants to open his eyes, but he needs to go through it to understand it for himself; there’s no making up with MJ. Mike says he’s proud of MJ for mending the disconnect in the friendship.

They do some line dancing, and GG says she needs to lie down flat somewhere. She goes to the limo, and the others get ice cream. Shervin follows GG, and she tells him to get an ambulance; she’s having a piercing pain. A producer asks if she wants a medic. In her interview, GG says she has a high threshold for pain, so it must be a lot. She tells the medic that she had surgery recently, and he says she has three incisions that could be open. The others run back to the limo, and Shervin tells them what’s going on. Reza thinks GG should go to the hospital, and not risk it. GG says she’d rather go closer to where she lives. She thinks it’s because she hadn’t eaten, and then ate to much mac and cheese. She’s lactose intolerant. MJ tells her to stay lying in the same position. In GG’s interview, she says she guesses MJ woke up on the right side of the bed. She’s being compassionate and caring, and wants to be the big sister. But GG knows tomorrow, MJ might not wake up on that same side. The group heads back.

Mike shakes his head, saying, too much mac and cheese? What? MJ calls to see how GG is doing, and Mike says, she’s sitting up and blowing kisses toward the phone. GG gives him the finger, and he says, now she’s making a heart sign. She tells him it’s for him, not MJ. MJ says they sound like drunken clowns, and Mike says, they are drunken clowns. GG says, it hurts to laugh.

Next time, MJ surprises Destiney by inviting Ali to their meeting; Reza says Adam doesn’t have respect for their marriage; Nema tells his mother, because his childhood was traumatic, it’s strengthened his resolve not to have children.

💰 Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles will begin their new season on May 5th.

💋 The new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins April 15th.

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The Countess dishes the quarantine dirt.


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On giving her the middle finger.


And giving back.


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A PSA from Randy Newman.


🧻 For the Bored Or Overly Ambitious…

Or if you’re really desperate.


🚽 Because We’re All Wondering…

A possible explanation on the shortage.


🔮 Get Your Harry Potter On…

Even Hogwarts has free online classes.


🎁 My Man Tyler…

One more reason to watch Temptation Tuesday.


🗽 And a Side of Ramona…

Instead of watching the GH rerun, Bravo had a marathon of an old favorite, NYC Prep. I loved this series, and was very disappointed when they didn’t have a second season. For the most part, it was awful rich kids, who I figured would turn into equally awful adults. For whatever reason, this article also plopped a Ramona (Real Housewives of New York) video interview in the middle of it, so it’s double the fun.


🗯 Quotes of the Week

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. – B. B. King

My morning fiber cookie has better taste than Sophie. – Han (Matthew Moy), 2 Broke Girls

To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now. – Fred Rogers

She’s at track number none. – Robert Springs, Pillow Talk: 90 Day Fiancé, referring to a cast member meeting a probable catfish

Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular. – Roy T. Bennett

Just because things hadn’t gone the way I had planned didn’t necessarily mean they had gone wrong.Ann Patchett

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. – Oscar Wilde

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.Abraham Lincoln

Do one thing every day that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt

If I ever hear it again after quarantine, I’ll just burst in tears and curl up on the floor. – Daisy Tainton of Queens, whose neighbor keeps playing the same Ed Sheeran song, over and over, from The City

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

Guests of guests don’t bring guests.Jessie Leavitt, NYC Prep

🏋️‍♀️ Yes, It’s Still Called a Weekend…

And you made it to another one. Since no Dead are walking, see you on Deck on Monday. Stay safe, and wishing you a blessed Easter and Passover.