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October 18, 2018 – Oscar Consults Alexis, LeeAnne is Misunderstood Again, Shams Ashes are Scattered & Staying Up


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Kim sees a reminder to pick up Oscar’s cake. Bobbie can’t get her attention, and asks if she’s thinking about Oscar. Josslyn is taking breakup hard; it must be tough on Oscar too, even though he’s the one who wanted it. Bobbie doesn’t expect her to explain the actions of fifteen-year-old. Kim says, sixteen. It’s his birthday today. She was thinking about when he was born. Bobbie hopes she has something special planned, and Kim says she hopes it’s a day he’ll never forget.

Cameron can’t believe what Josslyn is asking. She knows it sounds crazy, but it’s perfect. She tells him to come over, and she’ll explain. She hangs up before he can respond. Oscar asks what it was about, but Cameron isn’t sure.

Carly asks Josslyn if she’s gotten good news. Josslyn says, possibly; why? Carly says she’s smiling. She hasn’t seen that in a while.

Alexis has her laptop and papers spread out on a table at Charlie’s. Julian asks if Alexis has an office or is he unwittingly supporting a sit-in? She tells him they’re doing construction near her office. He says Kristina is coming in later.

Franco and Elizabeth meet with Aiden’s teacher, Willow Tate. Ooh, I love her name! Elizabeth asks why Willow wanted to meet. Is there a problem with Aiden?

At the MetroCourt, Curtis tells Jordan that Olivia will be there shortly. He asks if she’s sure it’s okay; he knows she wanted an outdoor wedding. She tells him the ballroom is more appropriate this time of year, and she can’t wait to finalize everything. Olivia comes in, and says she has bad news. When they changed the scheduling software, some long-standing bookings didn’t transfer. Unfortunately, there’s another wedding scheduled for the same date. Curtis says she booked another wedding on their day? and Olivia says, inadvertently. Should they choose to reschedule, they’ll get a special discount. Curtis says the other people need reschedule, but Olivia tells him it was booked over a year ago, and the invitations have already been sent. Jordan says they either have to postpone – Curtis finishes, or find somewhere else.

Willow is glad Aiden’s parents are so involved with him, and Franco explains he’s not Aiden’s father. He’ll be Aiden’s stepfather, since he and Elizabeth are getting married. Willow asks if they live together, and Franco asks if that’s okay. Willow says the more she knows, the better. Elizabeth says Aiden has two older brothers, and basically a happy, normal home life. Franco says, as normal as it can be with him around. Willow knows he’s an artist, and is a fan of his sandwich series. She says, Aiden is a great kid. He’s helpful. He feeds the fish, cleans the blackboard, and helped make a solar system for the classroom. Elizabeth says she never has to nag him about homework, and he loves to read. She can’t imagine why he’s in trouble. Willow says he’s not in trouble, but she suspects he’s having some trouble.

Julian knows Alexis had doubts about Kristina working for him, but it’s been great. She’s a virtuoso with the cocktail shaker. Alexis says that’s good for him, but what about Kristina? She doesn’t seem to have anything else going on. Julian wonders if Alexis is asking if she’s hanging out there because she has nowhere else to go. She apologizes for involving him in her family dynamic. She also shouldn’t be using Charlie’s as an office. He tells her that he still cares.

Bobbie asks Kim what she’s doing to celebrate. Kim says dinner and a cake, and Bobbie supposes he wants to celebrate with friends. She says it will swing around to where he wants to celebrate with her again. Kim says she has memories swirling around from the time he was a tiny baby to when he became a beautiful young man. Bobbie says she thinks about how Michael will never get to share those moments with Jonah. Kim is sorry, but hopes he has a family. Bobbie knows he’ll meet the right woman and start a family someday, and knows too well what it’s like to suffer the loss of a child. Kim didn’t know, and Bobbie says her daughter BJ only lived seven years on this earth, but touched many lives. She believes BJ goes on no matter what. Kim gets teary, and Bobbie asks if she’s all right. Kim says she’s fine, and thanks Bobbie for sharing.

Cameron tells Oscar that he has to go, and Oscar asks if he isn’t forgetting something. Cameron says, happy birthday, but Oscar says Cameron isn’t leaving until he tells him what’s up with Josslyn. Cameron says she needs help with some history homework. Oscar can’t believe she’d ask for Cameron’s help, but Cameron says it’s his best subject. Oscar thought that was lunch. He tells Cameron to stick to the script, and Cameron says he’ll keep lying until she hates them both. Oscar says by then, she’ll have moved on. Cameron tells Oscar he got a B- on his paper. Oscar says he told Cameron to dumb it down, not decimate it. Cameron says he took out the stuff about alienation, and Oscar says that was the whole premise. Cameron asks why he cares? He’s done with school and Josslyn, isn’t he?

Carly says it looks like the dark cloud is lifting, and Josslyn says it’s Oscar’s birthday today. She was dreading it, but then Spencer dropped by. Carly asks if he got kicked out of school, but Josslyn says he’s on fall break. He got her thinking. Carly loves him, but thinks his ideas are extreme. Josslyn says this time he was spot on. She needed a new viewpoint; a new outlook, and an outfit to go with it. She wants to go shopping. Carly is loving Josslyn’s change in attitude. A broken heart can mend, and you can move on. Josslyn says she’s right, and that’s what she’s doing. Carly hugs her.

Olivia knows horrible, and can’t begin to say how sorry she is. Jordan says it was a mistake, and Olivia doesn’t know how she can be so understanding. She offers them ten free massages in the spa to help with the stress, and she’ll do anything in her power to make it a perfect day. Jordan doesn’t know how to begin. Olivia knows rescheduling can be horrible, but knows a way they can get married on November 22nd. It’s an even better idea than the ballroom, and will be perfect.

Alexis tells Julian every good boss cares about their employees. He says, a happy bartender means happy customers. She says it’s good for business, but also good for her daughter. Julian says once you feel like part of a family, it’s hard to shut the feeling off. Alexis asks how things are with Lucas. They seem to have gotten closer since Wiley was born. He says it’s good, and he’s grateful, but he wasn’t thinking about Lucas. She asks if he was thinking about Kim and Oscar.

Oscar sees Kim at the hospital. He doesn’t want to argue, and she says she didn’t ask him to come there for that. He left early, and she didn’t get to wish him a happy birthday. She hugs him and tells him she loves him. She asks if he has any plans, and he says she’s not throwing a surprise party, is she? She says she didn’t think of it, but now that he’s brought it up… She promises no surprises, but she and his father would like to spend some time with him. She was thinking of dinner at his favorite restaurant. He asks if it’s a consolation prize for Mt. Kilimanjaro. She says she thought it would be something special. Oscar says, if she means it, give him a chance make up his own mind to live his life how he wants for as long as it lasts.

Carly tells Josslyn that she’s going to lunch with Bobbie, but she’d love it if Josslyn joined them. Josslyn says she can’t today, and Carly asks, what changed? Cameron comes in with a pizza, telling her, sadly, he already ate half. Carly asks why Cameron is there, and Josslyn says they’re working on a history project. Cameron says, it’s the six wives of Henry VIII or the eight wives of Henry VI. Carly leaves for lunch, and Cameron asks what game Josslyn is playing. She says it’s not a game. It’s how she’s going to get Oscar back.

Elizabeth and Franco look through Aiden’s papers. Franco says, gold star, gold star – wait for it – gold star. Willow says Aiden is super bright, and the first to understand new concepts, but he’s socially withdrawn, quiet, and sensitive. Elizabeth says he’s not quiet at home, and never withdrawn. Willow says they were outside looking at fall foliage. Aiden went inside and refused to come out again. He won’t go out for recess, and he usually spends the time alone. He’s working on projects, but she hates seeing him cut himself off from his classmates. Elizabeth says he’s been a happy, friendly kid. What dos she thinks is going on?

Willow says they know him better; that’s why she asked for a meeting. They can figure it out together. She asks if there have been any bumps at home; something that might impact him at school. Franco tells her about Aiden wanting princess pencils, and that Cameron teased him. Franco bought them anyway, and discovered Aiden was hiding them under the bed. Willow asks if they’ve seen a pattern. Elizabeth says he complained about a stomach ache, but she thought it was an excuse to get out of school. Franco thinks he knows what’s going on.

Carly meets Bobbie at the MetroCourt. Bobbie says she seems chipper. Carly says she was concerned, but Michael and Josslyn are resilient. Michael is getting on with life, and so is Josslyn.

Josslyn tells Cameron that Oscar wants her to think he’s dating someone else, and Spencer thought she should turn the tables. Make him think she’s fallen for another guy. Making him jealous will make him come to his senses. Cameron says, Spencer is an evil genius; a super villain waiting to happen. Josslyn says, forget the source. What does he think of the plan?

Kim tells Oscar that there’s a chance the experimental treatment will help his tumor. Oscar says it won’t change anything; she’s known that for two years. She says for two years, she’s kept looking for solutions. This has the possibility of retarding the tumor’s growth. In the meantime, a treatment could be discovered that can eradicate it. Oscar says it could also kill him faster. If today is his last birthday, let him celebrate in his own way. She says he’s right; she’s sorry. It is his day. Let’s not waste it. He tells her to stop pressuring him. She says he does have to start prepping; the sooner the better. He says, it’s not happening. He won’t be part of the trial. He walks away.

Julian tells Alexis that Kim and Oscar have been on his mind. Alexis says that Oscar wanted to talk to her about the limits of parental authority. He said it was for school, but she didn’t believe it. Julian says he was talking about dropping out. Maybe he changed his mind. She asks if Kim said anything, and tells Julian, sorry, it’s not her business. He says they’ve established that their business keeps intersecting. There’s something going on with Oscar, but Kim feels she can’t talk about it. At the risk of violating confidentiality, did he tell her why he was challenging parental authority. Alexis’s phone dings, and she says she has to meet with a potential client.

Franco knows what it’s like to be a sensitive kid, and rather stay inside drawing, but he still managed to make friends, even though it took time. Willow asks if anything significant has changed. Elizabeth says Aiden’s cousin Charlotte is in his class, and asks if they’ve connected, but Willow hasn’t seen it. Elizabeth says obviously, he’s struggling this year. What can they do to help.

Cameron tells Josslyn the truth is that Oscar has already moved on, and she should too. Not do some scheme. Josslyn tells him not to waste her time repeating Oscar’s lies. He’s not dating someone else; he would never cheat on her. Cameron says they broke up, but she says not because there’s someone else. She knows he loves her. Cameron says he’ll never believe the two of them. He kissed her before already, and she didn’t kiss back. Josslyn says it will take something more to convince him. Cameron says, convince him that two old friends are totally into each other. Josslyn says, what kind of friend would ask another to lie for them? Forget it.

Kim tells Julian that she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. She can’t say anything right. She’s angry at Oscar for being stubborn, and angry at herself because she can’t reach him. She’s angry about being angry. Julian asks if she wants to throw something, and she grabs the cocktail shaker. He thinks better of it, and says maybe she should just talk. She’s angry about something, but keeping him in the dark. She says there’s nothing he can do about it, and he asks if she wants a hug. She wonders why he’s being so nice. She’s a lousy friend, mother, and lover. He says, two out of three maybe. She says it’s Oscar’s birthday today, and the only thing he wants is the one thing she can’t give him.

Carly tells Bobbie, it was surreal, seeing Nelle in handcuffs, wearing an orange jumpsuit, and gushing over Wiley. Brad was there to pick up paperwork, and it was bad luck he was there at the worst time. Michael was there, and it was Nelle way of twisting the knife. She wanted him to think of Jonah. It’s not fair. Bobbie says she was talking to Kim earlier. As an obstetrician, she’s there when parents are less brokenhearted, but when she mentioned Jonah and BJ, it seemed to strike a personal chord. Carly sees Alexis sitting with Oscar.

Alexis wants to get to the point. She says Oscar’s story about the kid wanting independence isn’t hypothetical; it’s about him. He says she’s good, and she’s why he’s here. He says he needs advice, and asks if it stays between them. He’ll pay her fee; he promises. She says he can’t afford her, but he doesn’t need a lawyer. Whatever the conflict is, he needs to talk to his parents. He says he can’t. He has cancer, and they want to force him into an experimental drug trial. They think they know best, but they don’t. Will she help him or not?

Willow suggests Elizabeth and Franco observe Aiden’s behavior at home. Make a point to notice his interaction, and how often he chooses to be by himself. Elizabeth says he has a great home life. It’s busy; they have two other boys, and are planning a wedding. Willow tells her kids aren’t frozen in amber. They change and grow, and sometimes hurt in ways we don’t see. If they sense an opening, gently probe, He’s a wonderful boy, and she doesn’t want him to retreat. Elizabeth says nothing at home shows him retreating. He seems normal around the house. Willow says, the goal is to get him to open up about what his challenge is at school.

Josslyn tells Cameron that he’s right. Spencer’s suggestion is a brilliant, but bad, idea. Friends shouldn’t be something they’re not. Cameron says maybe it’s not a bad idea. She’s no fun when she’s moping around. It will be weird, but he’s in. She hugs him, and says if they pull it off, Oscar will never know they’re pretending.

Alexis asks Oscar if the doctors are sure, and he says Terry ran every test. He has a tumor, and there’s nothing anyone can do. Alexis is sorry. She knows what it’s like to get that diagnosis; she’s been through it with lung cancer. She’s in full remission, but she knows how terrifying it is, and the million emotions he’s feeling. She’s been cancer free for years. Oscar says that’s great, but his tumor is inoperable. She says they’re always coming up with new treatments. Oscar says this one is so new and so risky, it could kill him. His parents say it’s worth the risk, but it’s not their life on the line. It’s his.

Bobbie asks what’s fascinating Carly. Carly says it’s Oscar, the cad who broke her daughter’s heart. It was out of nowhere; he was crazy about her. He’s huddled with Alexis, and she’s tempted to go over there, and figure out what’s going on.

Oscar said he looked it up, and he can sue for independence. Alexis says it’s called emancipation, and it’s more than divorcing your parents. You have to prove they’re not acting in your best interest, and prove you can live independently. The court won’t consider it at all if you’re under sixteen. Oscar says he’s sixteen today, and if she won’t take his case, he’ll go to Scotty.

Julian says, obviously, Kim is worried as mom, and maybe a doctor. It occurred to him Oscar might not just be going through teenage things, and maybe it’s something medical. When Jason rushed him to the hospital, it wasn’t low blood sugar, was it? She says she can’t talk about it. She promised Oscar. He says she doesn’t have to say it. She didn’t. He just guessed. Oscar is sick, isn’t he?

Olivia, Curtis, and Jordan walk on the docks. On the phone, Olivia tells someone they’re saving her life. She asks what they think. Curtis says, it’s unusual, and Olivia says, it’s inspired, fun, unique, romantic, and her daughter-in-law will give them the reception as a wedding present. Curtis says, that’s generous of Lulu. Olivia tells them that they can say I do in church, and have their first dance as they sail of to their new life together. Curtis says that’s what it’s about, and Jordan says she loves it. Everyone is happy, which I’m sure won’t last long.

Elizabeth thanks Willow, who says if they work together, they can help with what’s troubling Aiden. Franco thanks her, and says they’ll be in touch. In the hallway, he shudders. He says no problem. They’ll help Aiden. They can all sit down and watch Belinda together. Elizabeth says, Calenda, and she thinks from what the teacher is saying, something bigger is going on.

Julian tells Kim that she doesn’t have to explain. He’ll do all he can, even if it means sitting there holding her hand. She cries, and he holds her.

Alexis tells Oscar that he doesn’t want to take this to court. Nobody wins, and definitely don’t go to Scotty. She asks him, please try to work it out. He says he tried, and she says, try again. The hospital has an amazing support system; patient advocates and counseling. Oscar doesn’t want counseling. He asks her to please look at it from his point-of-view. The trial can make his life shorter. How could his parents live with that? How would they feel if they made a choice that cut their child’s life short. It starts before the end of the year; he doesn’t have much time. She promises to think about it, but he has to think about it too. Once it’s set in motion in court, there’s no way to predict how it will end.

Josslyn tells Cameron, if they’re going to be convincing, they have to start acting like a couple. She takes a selfie with him, and says, smile for the camera and mean it.

Carly tells Bobbie she just wants to say hi, but Bobbie says she wants to meddle, and it’s never a good idea. If Josslyn has moved on, follow her lead for now. Carly says something is going on, and she doesn’t want Josslyn to get hurt.

Tomorrow, Curtis says the wedding is off, Stella wants Michael to grieve, and Jason wants to show Margaux that her father wasn’t a sainted victim.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Rich and LeeAnne go out to lunch. She asks if Cathedral of Hope is okay with him for their church. In her interview, she says even though Brandi and D’Andra don’t want to believe she’s having a wedding, it’s full steam ahead. Jump on the train, or stand in front of it. She asks if there’s something he wants to see from her, and he suggests no underwear. She tells us if she walked down the aisle buck naked, he’d clear his calendar for tomorrow. She tells him that she invited Stephanie to go dress shopping with her. She wants to invite D’Andra, but that’s not happening. Rich asks, why not?

D’Andra sits in Dee’s office after her staff meeting. She’s confused and nervous about deadlines. She’s only a few days late, but doesn’t want it to become weeks. She’s asking Dee’s advice. She doesn’t want the product to be delayed like last year. We flash back to when she was missing a main ingredient before a launch. In Dee’s interview, she says now that she’s turning the company over, D’Andra needs to work more on business, and listen to Mama Dee. Dee tells D’Andra to take the bull by the horns. If she doesn’t, she’ll be in trouble. In her interview, D’Andra is concerned that there’s no signed agreement. She doesn’t want the rug pulled out from under her again. She’s like a cat on a hot tin roof. Dee promises to help her and make calls if necessary. In her interview, Dee thinks D’Andra feels like it’s a competition, and she wants to guide her. She needs to make it big or fold it. D’Andra asks her to come to cooking class, and tells her about how she and LeeAnne got in a big fight.

LeeAnne tells Rich that just because she doesn’t drag him to events, D’Andra uses it as justification that they live separate lives. Rich asks what that means. Is this where he goes to Columbia to visit his other family? In her interview, LeeAnne wonders why D’Andra is looking for the negative in her relationship when D’Andra is supposed to be her best friend. She’s not sharing information as long as Brandi is D’Andra’s drinking buddy. If she’s sitting with Brandi, bitching about her and drinking, D’Andra’s not her best friend. She tells Rich If D’Andra wasn’t drinking with Brandi, she would tell her everything. She realized when Brandi attacked her, her words came from D’Andra.

D’Andra tells Dee that Rich and LeeAnne live separate lives. Dee says they’ve always each done their own thing. D’Andra says she wanted to do wedding activities, but LeeAnne thinks she’s poking and prodding for nefarious reasons. In her interview, D’Andra explains that LeeAnne didn’t like who she was engaged to before Jeremy, and did the same thing. Dee says maybe LeeAnne doesn’t want to get married, and we flash back to the dinner where LeeAnne was questioned about it. D’Andra tells Dee the dates have been changed a few times, and she won’t answer questions. She wants LeeAnne to be honest. Dee says maybe LeeAnne doesn’t want her to know what’s going on. D’Andra says LeeAnne would hate if she treated her the same way, but she doesn’t want to lose the friendship. She wants to talk to LeeAnne tomorrow, when Cary and Mark are opening their sales center. She feels like she’s just being a friend be asking questions. Dee asks what’s making her angry, and D’Andra says having to chase LeeAnne around. She can talk about D’Andra having only $200 in her bank account. I facepalm. Dee says she doesn’t give a rip. In her interview, Dee says Lee Anne has been in their lives for many years. She tells D’Andra it’s between Leeanne and Rich; don’t push it. Quit being concerned about that and be concerned about the business. In D’Andra’s interview, she says staying out of LeeAnne’s business won’t easy, but if it saves the friendship, maybe she should take her mom’s advice. Dee tells her to quit trying to prove a point. She wonders if LeeAnne has to get married for her to do it.

Biscuit gets a bath. Stephanie’s sister, Tiffanie, helps. She lives in Oklahoma, and Stephanie describes her like Travis with a vagina and a twang. She invites Tiffanie to come visit in the summer. The reminisce about the time Stephanie wore Tiffanie’s shirt, and Tiffanie peed in her shampoo. She tells Tiffanie about Travis going to the Harvard business program. Tiffanie says it’s a hard school to get in; he’s smarter than they are. Stephanie is nervous. The longest she’s been by herself is ten days, and she’s going to have a nervous breakdown. In her interview, Stephanie says she and her sister took different paths. Tiffanie is a teacher, and Stephanie has handbags that cost more than Tiffanie’s mortgage. She tells Tiffanie that she feels incompetent and scared to make her own decisions. In her interview, she says her dad coddled her too much. She had a clogged toilet in college, and he drove two and a half hours to fix it. She recognizes the same thing in her marriage, but she’s proud of finding her own voice in her friendship with Brandi. She wants that in her marriage as well. They talk about how their mother was the type that was always worried about other people, and Tiffanie was the rebellious one. WWTD?

Brandi and Bryan go for coffee with Bruin in tow. She says Bruin has been better with sleeping, or maybe she just feels like that because she has help. Bryan says she’s like a different person. In her interview, Brandi says she’s back on track with Bryan, and she’s excited. Bryan says it was crazy; she thought she had to do everything. Brandi thinks she had mom guilt. Bryan was the oldest, and remembers growing up with nannies. She feels like their family is complete. She tells Bryan that he’s an amazing father, and sets a good example for the girls. Now, she’ll have to do that for their boy. No girl will be good enough, because no one is as amazing as mommy. In Brandi’s interview, she says LeeAnne implied they got the baby to save their marriage, but it’s the opposite. They struggled a few years ago – we flash back to that – but they worked their asses off to be where they are today. They opened their hearts more, and Bruin came in. LeeAnne is fifty, with no family, and full of sh*t about the wedding. It’s a sad way to live life. Is it me, or are Brandi and D’Andra seriously delusional? It’s driving me nuts that Brandi doesn’t understand LeeAnne was using the baby thing as an example. Bryan says he’s sorry he didn’t step up more. They need to get back to a date night every week.

Cary and Mark are having the grand opening of the laser center. Cary says the high season is spring. Everyone wants to get ready for summer. They started seeing patients months ago, but now their 100% ready. She’s calmer than Mark, and she thinks it’s because he hasn’t had control of situation. She did it on her own. He fusses about the bar being set up.

LeeAnne is 100% into the preservation of beauty. Kameron and LeeAnne arrive. In her interview, LeeAnne says seeing Mark walk in made her heart pound. The last time she spoke with him, it wasn’t fun. We flash back to her repeating rumors about him, and then being confronted at the reunion. She says it’s awkward. He tells her it’s good to see her again. D’Andra thinks everything is great. Cary says she’s doing what she loves her way. In her interview, Kameron says nothing D’Andra is wearing is under $200. It must have wiped out her account. Kameron is a little conservative for me, but I do think she’s funny, and we’d probably get along, because, dogs. Brandi gives Cary a gift bag. In Brandi’s interview, she says she should have known LeeAnne would be there for free food and cocktails. LeeAnne says after Brandi attacked her, she’s not interested unless it’s a throwdown in the alley.

Cary makes a speech. In her interview, she says she’s proud of what she’s doing now. It’s not easy to be a businesswoman and a nurse. Running a practice is more than she thought she’d achieve in life. She thinks her dad was disappointed that she went into nursing instead of med school. She believes he’ll feel that she’s achieved something. She tells the guests they’ll be able to see some fun procedures before they make plans to have them done themselves. She thanks them for being there, and gets lots of compliments.

LeeAnne had gotten an invitation from Dee, that made her feel like there might be a resolution. D’Andra is willing to put her feelings aside to resolve the friction. She and LeeAnne find a room where they can talk alone. LeeAnne says she was knocked for a loop. Their relationship isn’t in a good place, but she’d never say anything about D’Andra’s marriage; she would be supportive. She didn’t know why Brandi would think she was unhappy, and doesn’t know what D’Andra shared. She didn’t understand why Brandi was thinking so negatively, and saying everybody was talking about her marriage not happening. LeeAnne asks D’Andra to keep her information to herself. She doesn’t feel safe with Brandi having that knowledge.

Mark encourages everyone to eat the meatballs. Brandi relates to Cary being a businesswoman pulled in different directions. She’ll have more best friends now that she’s fixing vaginas. LeeAnne tells D’Andra that she doesn’t want Brandi making fun of her. In her interview, D’Andra says LeeAnne is deflecting. This isn’t about Brandi; it’s about LeeAnne. LeeAnne says it’s not Brandi’s business, and now she’s saying LeeAnne is jealous of D’Andra.

Kameron asks Brandi what happened at the prom. Brandi explains she had lunch with D’Andra, and thinks LeeAnne is jealous. D’Andra is married and successful, and she was just being honest. Kameron asks what LeeAnne said, and Brandi tells her LeeAnne said what if she told people Brandi got the baby to save her marriage. In her interview, Cary asks, why are we here? and wonders if they’re repeating last year. It’s going to end in disaster. Kameron doesn’t see LeeAnne doing that. She knows LeeAnne is moving forward and being positive. Stephanie tells Brandi that no one is thinking that. Brandi thought they’d collectively decided not to hit below the belt. Stephanie thinks Brandi should talk to LeeAnne.

LeeAnne tells D’Andra it scares her that D’Andra would bring Brandi to an event she wouldn’t have asked her to. We flash back to Brandi being stupid at LeeAnne’s Black Tie event. D’Andra says it was bad timing. She had no idea Brandi was going to talk about anything. She thought they were just going to say hi, be supportive, and go home. LeeAnne says D’Andra wasn’t as lit. She wouldn’t want to see D’Andra like that in public, and feels like when she’s with Brandi, they end up drinking. D’Andra says that’s not true. If she’s not going back to work, she’ll have a glass of wine – or bottle. She doesn’t drink if she’s working. LeeAnne says, okay, and D’Andra asks if LeeAnne is saying she has a drinking problem. LeeAnne worries when she’s with Brandi. It’s always about all the stress at home, and Brandi wants to escape. LeeAnne doesn’t want D’Andra to be the she escapes with. She has a bigger life than that. In her interview, LeeAnne says D’Andra has struggled with alcohol in the past. Why wouldn’t she have concern? D’Andra accuses LeeAnne of being very calculated. Her father was an alcoholic who shot himself in the head while he was drunk. Whaaat? Now LeeAnne is hitting her with this accusation. LeeAnne tells D’Andra to listen to the words she’s using. There was no accusation. In D’Andra’s interview, she says LeeAnne is a master at not saying something, but implying it. D’Andra says they have nothing else to talk about in regard to this, and she’s done with the conversation.

Cary and Kameron ask D’Andra and LeeAnne if they’re having their own party. Cary goes back to her opening. In her interview, D’Andra says she’s boiling over. She’s so furious, she can’t keep it together. She leaves the room, and Kameron tells LeeAnne what Brandi claimed she’d said about the baby. LeeAnne tells Kameron that she’d said Brandi wouldn’t like it if said that, the same way LeeAnne doesn’t like it when Brandi is telling people she’s unhappy. LeeAnne is sick of Brandi twisting words and making up other words she never said. Now she has to correct it. I know this feeling. Half the time, people only listen to half a sentence, if that. It’s maddening to have to keep explaining something just because someone didn’t listen.

Eww! the procedures. D’Andra tells the other girls that she thought she and LeeAnne were okay, but then LeeAnne said she’s an alcoholic. Stephanie doesn’t think she drinks that much. D’Andra tells them LeeAnne said she’s always drinking with Brandi. In D’Andra’s interview, she says first, LeeAnne went for her bank account, now it’s alcohol. She tells them that her father committed suicide in a drunken rage. He called her up drunk, then three hours later shot himself in the head. She grew up with an alcoholic father, and it’s a sensitive topic. She’d thought they were okay. She starts crying, and says she’s mad and hurt. In her interview, D’Andra says the phone rang at 2:30 in the morning, and it’s never good news at that time. She remembers hearing her dad committed suicide. Stephanie says no one thinks that about her. D’Andra says they were having a wonderful talk until LeeAnne brought up her and Brandi drinking a lot. Cary thinks it must be a misunderstanding. Has that ever been a thing? D’Andra says she’s in shock and doesn’t know what to say. I’m not sure whether these girls are stupid or just so self-centered they don’t hear what someone else is actually saying. This show pisses me off at least every other week. Where’s Vanderpump Rules when I need it?

Leeanne tells Brandi for the thousandth time that she’d asked her how would she like it if she said this about her. it was an example. She was coming from a good place, where Brandi was coming from a hurtful, negative place. She never said that was the case. Brandi just stares at her, and LeeAnne tells her that Brandi can stare her down all she wants, but she’s not getting ugly. Cary says they’re not doing that here. Brandi says there’s a difference between an opinion and throwing something out there. LeeAnne says she didn’t put it out there. Cary thinks they should do this another time. In her interview, Stephanie doesn’t think Brandi is blameless. They’re both wrong. When you’re friends with both people, you can see it, but if you’re friends with just one, you’re blind. The party breaks up.

In the limo, Brandi tells Stephanie, you can’t teach an old bitch new tricks. She thinks LeeAnne is jealous because D’Andra has a good time with her. Stephanie says she’s been excited about the changes in LeeAnne’s persona. She thinks LeeAnne has changed, but Brandi thinks it’s an act. It’s a pattern with her, and tonight reminded Brandi of who she is. She’s been nothing but positive and supportive of Stephanie’s friendship with LeeAnne, but now she’s accusing D’Andra of being an alcoholic. She thinks LeeAnne is pretending to be friends with Stephanie to get to her. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, thanks, Brandi. She’s not good enough to be friends with someone unless it has something to do with her. Brandi says, it’s smoke and mirrors. Stephanie is nervous.

Next time, a cooking class with too much ketchup, LeeAnne talks to Dee, Kameron tells D’Andra that LeeAnne was trying to protect her, and sometimes the truth hurts.

The Shahs of Sunset

MJ meets with attorney Johnathan. He’s doing a prenup for her. Currently she makes more money than Tommy, and wants it to remain hers. In her interview, she says she has so many things to worry about, if the prenup is last minute, she could become completely unglued. It has to be done in enough time to review it and not be under duress. She tells Johnathan if Tommy’s company becomes successful, she wants fifty percent, and all of his income should be community property. No 50/50. In MJ’s interview, she says it’s feminist and smart. Pregnancy isn’t 50/50. She quotes Ivana Trump, saying, don’t get mad, get everything. She also wants their dog, Toya. She asks Johnathan if she seems aggressive, and he says no (is he afraid of her too?), but Tommy will have counsel, and they’ll see what the pushback is. In her interview, MJ says she’s protecting both of them. He doesn’t want her to be mad if they split up. She’ll do the crime and the time. Wow. Even I think she’s harsh.

Nema visits GG. He knocks rather than using the bell, and she wonders if it’s the police He says she’s all grown up, launching a company. She shows him some things she’s gotten for the company. He wants to talk to her about the elevator pitch. In his interview, Nema wishes she took it more seriously. He has a lot riding on this. If she does well, it’s great for him, but if she screws up, his partners will question his judgement of getting involved in the first place. He asks if she was nervous or too stoned during the pitch. He says he’s met three versions of her that he’s met, and takes out photos. The first on is GG, who will stab you. The next is G, who he has a crush on. Then there’s Golnesa. All three live in her, and he wants to talk to Golnesa, who’s about to embark as chairman of a company, and make a lot of money. He tells her when he was working on her presentation, she was playing with her cat. It’s her company; her baby. She asks why he thinks he knows so much, and he says he’s run four companies. He remembers his first year of each company, and he didn’t have a moment to breathe. In her interview, GG understands why he’s worried. She failed with the elevator pitch, but she’s invested so much money in this. She’s made drinks, inhalers, and vapes. She’s just not good at speeches. Nema tells her that he left a $4 million commercial shoot to talk to her. He believes in her, and wants to give her the best possible chance. She tells him to give her credit; she has the launch party coming up. He says he’s trying to help her succeed, and she says she’s on it.

Reza meets PI Monique for coffee to fill her in before Destiney gets there. Monique doesn’t understand why Destiney’s mother isn’t talking. Reza thinks Tammy is trying to protect her. In Reza’s interview, Reza thinks Tammy knows more than she’s sharing, but in her heart feels she’s trying to protect and do what’s right for Destiney. Monique needs something to work with. We flash back to the last meeting where Destiney had zero information. Reza wonders how Tammy could find Destiney’s father ten years ago, but now he’s disappeared like a fart in the wind. Destiney joins them, and Reza says her mom called her father after he went back to Iran, so she has a phone number. We see a clip of Tammy saying she doesn’t know anything. Monique says she’s working with a small amount of info, but came up with some answers. She brings out a list of people with Destiney’s father’s name. In her interview, Destiney says when her father came to America, she remembers shutting him out. He probably thought she didn’t give two sh*ts. Reza says he could be one of the names on the list, and wonders what he went back to in Iran. Reza says they have to get tough on her mom, and ask what number she called ten years ago. Destiney tells them that she said she didn’t have it, and he says, ask again. They have to pin her down. He suggests they call her, and tells Monique not to give up.

Reza tells Destiney to say their calling because Monique has information, so she doesn’t feel ambushed. Destiney calls, and tells Tammy about the list. Reza tells Destiney to get her grandparents’ names. Tammy asks what Destiney is going to do with the information. Reza tells her to get as much as she can. Tammy says she doesn’t need it; she’ll just suffer more than she’s suffering now. Destiney says she has to do this. Tammy tells her to stop this, but Destiney says she needs to know. Tammy wants to talk to Reza, and have him put a stop to this. She tells him stop this now; Destiney will suffer more pain. He says, not knowing is hard on her, and to give her permission. She isn’t doing any harm. Reza gives the phone back to Destiney, and Tammy says it’s difficult and embarrassing. Reza motions to keep going. Destiney gets her grandparents’ names, as well as her father’s two brothers and sister. In Destiney’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to regret not doing this later because she was scared to hurt her mom. She doesn’t want this to be a roadblock. She thanks her mother, Reza dances, and they high five. Reza says she found out some big sh*t.

Mike’s dad, Shawn, brings over wire for Mike’s dishwasher. In his interview, Mike says he’s lucky his dad is a contractor. He’s saved Mike a boatload of money. Mike tells Shawn about breaking up with Morgan. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s having a hard time dealing. He’s not sleeping or eating, and wants to move forward. He tells Shawn that she said he was angry about everything. Shawn was like that at one point, and Mike asks how he got past it. Shawn says when he came to the stage when life is set, and he had kids. In his interview, Mike says his mother and father built a family and home together, and it’s stronger today than it’s ever been, but he thinks it’s harder now than it was in 1975. Shawn says Mike has to work on himself. It’s not easy, but he has his mom and dad, and they want to see grandchildren. Mike doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and Shawn says don’t do it for him, but do naturally. Mike says, it’s hard.

Tommy and MJ take the dogs to the dog park. She’s brought some camera equipment. In her interview, MJ explains that dogs give love, and she’s started the Pablo Paws collar and leash line as a homage to her first chihuahua. We flash back to her keeping Pablo in the freezer after he died. She wanted to contribute in a meaningful way, and a portion of the sales go to local shelters. She and Tommy sit on a bench, and Tommy says if doesn’t work out, he gets Toya. In MJ’s interview, she says she’s protecting herself and him. People think she’s nice, but she’s more street than people give her credit for. She tells Tommy he’s going to give her everything; whatever she says. Tommy says, so anything he’s worked for is hers, and she just gets from him. Her income is not community property, but his is. In his interview, Tommy says he wants to keep it civil. He thinks it’s another test, and she wants him to prove he cares. We see a clip of Tommy with his attorney. He says it’s crazy, and his attorney says it’s a little one-sided. He tells her all this Persian-ness is a guilt trip. MJ says she’ll be giving him a baby. He says he’ll make sure their child is provided for, always. He doesn’t want to feel cornered, and wants it to be reasonable. The last thing she wants is a fight the week before the wedding, and he wonders if the sh*t will hit the fan at the lawyer’s office. MJ is tired of talking, and they have champagne.

In the limo on the way to GG’s launch party, she tells cousin Damien she’s supposed to make s speech, but has nothing. He says make it short and sweet. In her interview, GG says she fell on her face at the elevator pitch. She has a lot of screw ups in the past. She’s been angry and sad, drunk and on pills, and fighting. We flash back to some of that, and she says she’s so good now, she even looks better. She checks her phone, and tells Damien it’s a lot of people. She’s not prepared.

Reza picks up MJ, and asks if she’s ready to do this. They’re spreading Sham’s ashes at the beach. Reza says keeping them is not good feng shui. In his interview, Reza says his cat, Buzzy, passed away a week ago. We see a clip of him crying, saying it came so fast, and looking at pictures with Adam. He says that he got Buzzy as a kitten from MJ sixteen years ago, and he’s loved him more every day. I tear up because I have a sixteen-year-old dog I feel the same way about. Reza says Buzzy had a profound impact on his life. He can’t imagine being MJ. MJ says when she drives down the street, she can’t go a block without a hundred memories. In her interview, she says she and Shams discovered California together, and he’ll always be her best friend.

They get to the beach and stand above it on small cliff. MJ says it’s something she wanted to do before the wedding. Her father believed in reincarnation. He wanted to be cremated and spread at sea. The soul leaves the body anyway, why let it decompose? Reza sees a bunny, and says it’s a sign. Bunnies aren’t usually at the beach.  soul leave body anyway why decompose. MJ wants the occasion to be happy. Reza thanks Shams for being cool and making him comfortable enough to come out to. Reza thanks him for MJ, who rocks his world. He knows her personality comes from him. He loves Vida, but she’s a hater. MJ thanks Shams, saying he was an amazing person, and giving people what they needed. We see a clip of his memorial, and Vida talking about how many people he brought to the US. He helped hundreds. MJ hopes he knows how much she loves him, and Reza says, of course he does. She tosses some ashes, and they blow back in the wind. Reza gets MJ laughing. The same thing happens with the next handful, and Reza gets some in his mouth and starts coughing. They’re laughing hysterically, and MJ finally dumps the rest, which land on the side of the hill. Reza says, there’s her dad, and she says they’re beautiful.

GG gets to the launch party, where they’re still setting up. Party coordinator Stephanie tells her that the workers canceled, so she’s been moving everything. In her interview, GG says she wants to run. She tells Stephanie there aren’t enough tables. GG puts everyone to work, saying she always wanted to have bitches. Everything pulls together. Shervin arrives, and it’s dope. GG goes to get dressed.

Reza tells MJ that Shams is definitely all around; he can feel Shams’s presence. In MJ’s interview, she says she wants Shams to haunt her on a daily basis. She thanks Reza for his support, and Reza says Shams changed his life. He was the best. MJ says they’ll never lose his love. They’ll have it forever.

Mona and Nema have a drink before they go to the launch. Mike joins them. Mike calls Reza, and asks where he is. Reza says he’s in Malibu with MJ. They just scattered dad love and support GG, and they’ll celebrate her success with her another time. Mike asks to talk to MJ, and tells her that they love her, and he knows they’ll be there in spirit. He tells her to be strong. Nema suggest they transition all the love they’re feeling to GG. Since Reza and MJ aren’t coming, they should double their effort to support.

The party starts. Nema is impressed. He’s blown away by how stunning the room looks, and it’s packed. He was expecting an empty room with a tray of Subway sandwiches. He tells GG that he’s proud of her. Mike is in awe at how strong GG has been through her divorce. He was a mess, and she did the opposite. She’s a woman on a mission; hear her roar like the tiger she is.

He notices GG’s marriage is over, but the wedding band still lives on. Nema doesn’t understand why she wears it. She’s essentially holding onto the past. Mike thinks she should return it to Shalom. We flash back to the $155K appraisal. Shervin says she’s antagonizing and tormenting Shalom with the ring. They take an informal vote on who thinks she should give it back, and everyone votes yes except GG. IN her interview, she says she doesn’t really have a reason to still wear it, but… She does an imitation of Golem saying, precious.

GG gets on stage. In his interview, Nema says it’s like when your kid goes on stage for a solo. Please don’t screw up again. GG says the mic makes her want to sing karaoke. She thanks everyone for coming, and says she realized being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease was a hard battle. She felt it must be meant for something, and she wanted to share what helped her. In GG’s interview, she says, let your success make noise. People doubted her for good reason, but tonight was a success. She’s gone from Lochnesa to Bossnesa. She hopes everyone remembers how great her products are. Some guys from Greenstone Lab tells her it was a great vibe and great crowd. They’d like to take her to the next step if she’s willing to put in the effort. Nema says they’re a huge deal in the industry, doing manufacturing and distribution. He’s blown away. GG has come lightyears from bombing with the elevator pitch to CEO of Wusah. She’s taking it to the next level, and belongs there.

Nema tells GG that he’s proud of her. She asks if he’s going to call tomorrow and says she was all over him, when he’s the one all over her. He says when she gets hammered, they switch places. In Nema’s interview, he says she plays cool, but when the crowd disperses, her texts come. It’s not as one-sided as people think. He asks her to marry him one day.

Destiney says Nema is like catnip for GG. He’s feeding into it, and she’s all about that. They keep rubbing each other’s backs or arms, and GG thinks it’s been a while for both of them. They have to keep it clean though, because her parents are there.

Next time, MJ says if Tommy cheats he’ll be walking the earth without a penis, Asa talks to Adam, Reza tells Adam to stop pressuring him about having a kid, and Monique finds information for Destiney.

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October 11, 2018 – Nina Meets Sasha, LeeAnne Has Had Enough, Tommy Makes It To Vegas, Bad Little Decision & Something Funny


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Griff and Kiki are running in the park. Kiki wonders why he’s lagging behind. He tells her that he had to help an old lady across the street. Besides, he enjoys the view.

On the phone with Dante, Lulu tells him she needs to focus on her Ryan Chamberlain story. She tells him, don’t start.

Laura sees not-Doc at Kelly’s. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says, eating. She didn’t think he liked cronuts. He’d said they were an insult to French pastry. He says he developed a taste for them while she was away. She says they could have gone to breakfast together. Why did he leave so early?

Maxie meets Felicia outside of Kelly’s. Peter comes out, and Maxie asks how he’s doing. He says, better since yesterday, and tells Felicia that her amazing daughter helped him with a major elevator challenge. When he’s gone, Felicia tells Maxie they have some catching up to do.

Nina meets Curtis at the park. She wonders how she can be the fashion editor of Crimson, and doesn’t know what to where for the special occasion of meeting her daughter.

Drew tells Margaux enough with her game playing. She says she has the flash drive, the key to his identity. He tells her, prove it, and she tells him to see for himself, bringing up the title page on her phone. He asks where it is, and she says she has it. He asks how she found it. She explains she’d found an envelope in Peter’s old hotel room. She didn’t think anything of it until she heard Peter say he’d left it for Drew the night he disappeared. She followed a hunch, thinking maybe he dropped it. She asked to see the lost and found, and it was right there. He says the police swept the room, but she thinks Peter must have dropped it outside, but no one associated it with him. It’s lucky it got to the lost and found. Drew asks why it took her so long to tell him.

Not-Doc tells Laura that he woke early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so he figured he’d get some work done. He didn’t have the heart wake her up; she looked beautiful. He even kissed her, but she didn’t stir. She sorry she missed him. When she got home last night, he was sleeping. He says he turned in early; the cold medicine knocked him out. She asks if he feels better, and he coughs, saying it’s a stubborn bug, and he’s pretty miserable. She’s worried about him. He said he’d see a doctor. He say he saw one this morning, and she asks, who? He says there’s one looking at him every morning in the mirror. Laura is not amused. He says he is a doctor. It’s a stubborn virus, and he’ll just have to wait it out. She corrects him, saying they both have to wait it out.

Felicia didn’t realize Maxie and Peter were good terms. Maxie says they called a truce. Felicia says Maxie didn’t do anything wrong, but Peter lied to everyone. She says he’s her friend, and they’re working on it. Felicia says if she’s sure about that.

On a bench in the park, Ava hears Griff and Kiki talking. Kiki says they need to take a shower; not together. They decided they should be doing this for the right reasons, none of which involve her mother. He thinks they’re off to a good start; he never would have gone running with Ava. It’s completely their thing. He also would have never done what he did last night with Ava. The kiss, and Ava sees.

Curtis tells Nina that she looks beautiful. She’s brought flowers, and asks if it looks like she’s trying too hard. He says the flowers are a nice touch. He knows she put a lot of thought into every detail, but relax. Nina says Sasha sounded lovely on the phone, and Curtis says, she is. She reminded him of Nina. He thought he was imagining it, but after the second test. he knew he was right; there was something there. Nina can’t believe it’s not a dream. Her daughter is alive and she’s about to meet her. Sasha is late, and Nina starts to get nervous. Curtis says it’s probably traffic, but Nina says what if Sasha is having second thoughts, and decided not to come. Curtis asks what she expects to get out of the meeting.

Drew says Peter went to the hospital after the fire. It was months ago, and Margaux has had the flash drive all this time. She says it took her a while to grasp what was going on, and she wasn’t sure what to do with it. He says she had it the night he came to her hotel room, and found her with the other drive that had her childhood pictures on it. She acted so sanctimonious, and so offended, when it was a decoy, and she did have it. Why is she messing with his life?

Lulu knows Dante disapproves of her working for Peter, but they’re already revamping the paper. She’s excited to be on the ground floor, and proud of the work she’s doing. She needs to get back to it. She tells him both of their schedules are horrible, and her day is no walk in the park. She’s not guilting him, but if he hasn’t found anything by now… Peter walks in. Lulu says she’s not being critical; it came out wrong. She misses him, and he’s been gone for so long. She knows he’s on assignment, and tells him to take all the time he needs away from his family. She’ll hold it all together alone. Peter coughs, and she says please tell her that he didn’t hear that. He says he’s looking forward to working on the piece, and suggests they get to work.

Kiki says she and Griff weren’t with each other last night, so she can’t take credit for whatever he did. He says she can. He watched From Here to Eternity. All the couples faced harsh realities, but they didn’t really learn what they have; to forget outside influences, and focus on each other. His phone rings, and he says he has a surprise for her.

Ava meets Scotty outside Kelly’s. She asks why she’s there, and he says, coffee. She asks why else? Does he need to drum up business. He says business is booming. She’s not in any trouble, is she? She says, it depends on if lethal thoughts are punishable by law. He asks if she’s talking about her two-timing boyfriend, and her wayward daughter? She can kick Griff to the curb, but Kiki is will be her daughter forever.

Maxie tells Felicia she’s done with bitterness. Peter is her friend, and James’s only uncle. Trust her. Felicia says she trusts Maxie; it’s Peter she’s shaky on.

Laura feels like not-Doc is avoiding her, but he says, not at all. He says she just got back, and he has this terrible virus. They’re fine; don’t worry. She says he can tell her if he’s mad at her for staying away or whatever it is. Felicia walks in, and not-Doc calls her over. She says it’s good to have Laura back. Not-Doc missed her support. She hopes they get a chance to talk before she leaves. Mac is taking her on a cruise. Not-Doc says, no; she can’t do that.

Drew wonders how Margaux could access the files. Aren’t they encrypted? She says they are, except the title page. Andre can access them though. He says she’s the DA, and this has to be a crime. She stole hi identity. She says she hasn’t stolen anything, and he needs to tamp down his anger. He knows what she wants. For him to flip on Jason so she can get to Sonny. Now she’s using the flash drive as leverage. That’s blackmail.

Laura asks not-Doc why Felicia shouldn’t take a vacation? He says she’s running away. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders, and she’s distancing herself. Felicia says she is; what’s wrong with that? He says, it’s unhealthy. She should let him help her cope with her fears. She’ll be at the tip of Africa, and still haunted by the memories. Maxie doesn’t see what’s wrong with it. That psycho is better off forgotten, and Mac is the best medicine for her mom to make her forget. Let Ryan fade into obscurity, where he belongs.

Ava tells Scotty that Julian talked her into reconciling with Kiki, and she found Griff in Kiki’s apartment. He moved in down the hall. Every time she turns around, they’re holding hands, and flirting. The even went running together. Scotty says apparently, they’ve moved on from their mistake of a one night stand. Ava says, to a full blown romance. They want to stick it to her. Scotty tells her, the more she lashed out, the more she pushed them together.

Nina tells Curtis, does she want Sasha to recognize her instantly, give her a huge hug, and cry tears of joy? Absolutely. Curtis doesn’t want her to be disappointed, but she says she knows it’s a fantasy. She’ll be happy if Sasha just shows up. Curtis sees Sasha, and thanks her for coming. He introduces them. Wow. They do look alike.

Sasha apologizes for being late, saying it was traffic. Nina says it’s nice to meet her. She thinks Sasha is a great name; a combination of exotic and down-to-earth. Nina gives her the flowers. Sasha doesn’t want to be rude, but she hasn’t seen the test results. Curtis gets them, telling her he had two tests done at different labs to make certain. Sasha looks at them, and says, probability 99%. The other says the same thing. Nina says she was shocked too, but DNA doesn’t lie. Sasha says, okay, so it’s true. She was adopted, and Nina really is her mother.

Peter likes the tone of Lulu’s peace. It’s honest, and gives respect to the victims. She’s given them a voice, and told about the effect on families and the community as a whole. He’d like to tweak one part. He sees where she’s going, but wants her to clarify it, maybe use more quotes. She says she was trying to revise it when she ended up in the fight with Dante. She misses him, but she never realized how much she relied on him with the kids. He’s her best friend, her husband. Now when they talk, they just fight about everything. Peter gives her a tissue, reminding me of Dr. Phil. Lulu says she’s being unprofessional, between crying in his office, and warning him off of Maxie.

Maxie says sorry to make not-Doc feel weird, but he says, not at all. Laura is happy for her; it sounds like an amazing vacation. Not-Doc says he’s out of tune with his nearest and dearest. He says he and Felicia will discuss the best way to cope when they get together to write the press release. He assumes it will be before she leaves. She tells him she emailed him a draft. He says he has a patient scheduled, and leaves. Laura excuses herself, and asks if he’s okay. He says he’s fine. She wants to finish the conversation, but he says he’ll be late; he has to go to Ferncliff. She tells him that she’ll wait up.

Ava tells Scotty that she didn’t push Kiki and Griff together. They’d been itching for each other for months. Scotty insists the more she lashes out, the more she drives them together. She storms into Kelly’s, and slams into not-Doc. She apologizes, and says she’s upset. She needs to talk.

Laura is impressed that Maxie has VIP passes to the film festival. Maxie says she owes a friend a favor. She has to get back to work, and leaves. Felicia says, daughters are full of surprises, and Laura says, so are husbands.

Not-Doc says he has a cancelation this morning, and he can see Ava now. She says she can be there in a little bit. When not-Doc is gone, Scotty tells Ava that he can’t believe she’s seeing that quack. He acts wise, but it’s just an act. He’s the one who needs therapy. Ava says at least he’s on her side, unlike Scotty.

Griff tells Kiki, prepare to be impressed. He got passes to all the screenings at the film festival. She is impressed, but warns him that the program is eclectic, with an emphasis on international titles and obscure films. He says he hoped with the right tutor, he could become a film buff. She asks if he wants to make the honor roll.

Margaux tells Drew it’s a trade. Drew says it isn’t. His identity was taken by force, and she’s using it as leverage to coerce him. How different is she from the criminals she prosecutes? She says she really likes him. She sees a good man. He say she wants to further her vendetta against Sonny. She says it’s her life; her father. She spent a lifetime without him, praying he’s come home. Sonny shot him, and put him in cement. Drew says she doesn’t know that, and she says she does. He say she can’t prove it; all she has are assumptions. She says it doesn’t need to be complicated. She wants justice for her father; he wants his memories. He has the evidence, and she can give him his memories. It’s not blackmail; it’s fair trade.

Nina suggests she and Sasha use an exercise Crimson uses for new employee orientation. She asks Sasha to tell her about her best day ever. Sasha says she’d get up early, and go riding. Nina asks, English or Western, and apologizes for interrupting; she’s excited. Curtis thinks they’re doing fine, and leaves. Sasha says she’s go on a long ride, with good gallop at some point. She’s stable her horse, go get good coffee, and maybe a blueberry muffin. She’d read an actual newspaper, and do the crossword. Then she’d go to the beach, do some swimming, lie in the sun, and read. Then repeat. Nina says she can totally see herself in Sasha.

Laura tells Felicia that she’s worried about Doc. He says it’s a virus, but he seems on edge. Why did he react like that to Felicia going away on vacation? She also thinks he’s making light of her concerns. Felicia thinks maybe he’s protecting himself, and is more upset about the anniversary than he’s letting on. She saw it in his office the other day. He seemed conflicted, like he was still trying to protect Ryan. Laura says he’s been doing research on serial killers. Maybe he’s trying to shed light on his brother, and understand him. Maybe that’s how he’s dealing with it; trying to turn it into clinical study. She knows Lulu is covering the story, but she’s sure Lulu will be fair and responsible about it. She can’t wait for it to be over. Dead and buried again, so she can have peace.

Not-Doc welcomes Ava into his office. She says she feels worse than the last session. He asks if she’s unsatisfied that she can’t stoop to revenge. She says she did get it on Griff, but it wasn’t enough. When she sees them, she wants them to pay, especially Kiki. She stays up at night, thinking of ways to ruin her. She thinks of the worst thing she can do; the one thing that would satisfy her need for revenge. Not-Doc says perhaps she should consider it. She asks if he’s saying she should kill her own daughter.

Peter tells Lulu that she’s an excellent writer. She’s compelling and she sells. That’s all he cares about. Of course, he cares about her, and gets it if she needs time off. She thanks him for understanding. She says policing his interactions with Maxie was overstepping, but he says they worked it out. She says Dante is always cautioning her about it; he’s her voice of reason. They talked every night, and now, the bed is empty. She starts to cry again, and apologizes. He says it’s okay; he understands. By this time, she probably wants adult conversation and companionship. He has an idea. Maxie listens outside the door. He says Lulu needs a night out, and suggests they go to the film festival.

Drew tells Margaux that she’s not the first person to offer the flash drive in fair trade. Peter offered to exchange it for breaking him out of prison. He told Peter the same thing he’s about to tell her – go to hell. He doesn’t care about the man he once was. Margaux says deep down he does. He can be that man, not a pale imitation of Jason Morgan.

Felicia asks how Doc feels about the coverage, but Laura says they haven’t had much time. He’s so busy offering support for everyone else’s feelings, she doesn’t think he took the time for his own. Felicia says it’s just like him to erase other’s pain without think of himself.

Ava asks if not-Doc is really suggesting she murder Kiki. She laughs, and says he had her going. Reverse psychology. He’s using her idea to make her realize she could never do it in a million years. Maybe Ava should go into the shrink business. She says if Griff was hit by a bus, she wouldn’t shed a tear, which is awful. Not-Doc says it’s normal. People are complex, some more than others. He understands her deepest, darkest thoughts; her desire for revenge. She says, at least someone does. She feels good, and can now open the gallery. He’s like to see her again; soon. She says he almost sounds flirtatious, but he’d never cross that line. He says, Dr. Kevin Collins would never do that.

Kiki tells Griff that she’s excited about the passes; it’s better than buying tickets to separate screenings. She doesn’t want him to break the bank though, and offers to pay half. He says he can manage. He has to go. He volunteered to repair the houses on Charles Street. She asks if he knows how to do that, and he says he put himself through college doing construction. Kiki says she hosted poker games. He says they have a lot to learn about each other.

Lulu tells Peter that she’s too busy to have fun; not that she’s opposed to it. He suggests mixing business with pleasure. She can write a movie review, or write about the evils of buttered popcorn. Lulu says, it’s a deal.

Drew tells Margaux that her leverage is worthless. Margaux says she has it, and no one else can access it. She’ll give him time to consider what he wants to do about his future – and his past. Margaux is the worst.

Sasha tells Nina she’s still trying make sense of it. She was even told a story about the night she was born. She wishes her adoptive mother was alive, and she could ask why she wasn’t told. Nina says she doesn’t mean to push, but she’s just excited. They can take it slow; get to know each other. Sasha thinks that sounds good. Nina say it’s almost noon. Does she want to go for coffee, or something stronger? Sasha says Nina read her mind.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Valentin the ball is in Sasha’s court, Nina shows Sasha the necklace, and Nelle visits Michael.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie meets Kameron and LeeAnne for lunch. In her interview, LeeAnne appreciates Stephanie seeing her in a new light, and wants the same for Kameron. They’re like Barbie and Skipper. It’s a fab friendship waiting to blossom. Stephanie tells them she was just at brunch, so she’s drinking lunch.

Brandi meets D’Andra for lunch. Brandi says she’s hired a nanny, and there’s a difference already. She’s getting me time. In her interview, Brandi says she really needs this. She can have bottle of rosé at lunch, and not have to worry changing diapers.

In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s the female Christopher Columbus. She’s exploring uncharted territory, and going into the land of pink. Kameron says time will tell if she’s pledging this sorority. LeeAnne talks about Brandi bring the beer bong to the bar. Stephanie tells them she’s getting vaginal rejuvenation – the main topic of all Real Housewives. In her interview, Stephanie says she practically has to wear a diaper. LeeAnne says it happens to her, and she hasn’t even had a baby.

D’Andra tells Brandi that she tried getting LeeAnne to tell her what’s going on, but she told her to stop digging at her. LeeAnne is pushing her away, saying it’s none of her business. In her interview, D’Andra says all of a sudden, it’s none of her business. She’s heard multiple people say Rich isn’t faithful. LeeAnne knows she knows, and refuses to tell her. If a wedding happens, she’ll be surprised. D’Andra said LeeAnne and Rich lead separate lives, and LeeAnne got upset. In D’Andra’s interview, she says if she points it out, ultimately it will be her fault. Brandi is willing to let everything in the past go, but when LeeAnne told D’Andra and Kameron to watch out for her, it stirred up old emotions. In her interview, Brandi says although she’s moving forward, LeeAnne telling people she’s a bad influence shows her nothing has changed. D’Andra says Kameron thinks LeeAnne is jealous. Brandi has an amazing husband, and married for love, but LeeAnne can’t get Rich to walk her down the aisle. In her interview, D’Andra says best friends are supposed to tell each other everything, but LeeAnne is telling her nothing. That’s the most hurtful thing.

Stephanie asks Kameron how is it that they weren’t getting along. Kameron says they’re the only two blondes. LeeAnne thinks the only division is other people. Kameron says she felt no connection because Brandi was between them. Stephanie is different when she’s away from her. In her interview, Stephanie wants to get to know the girls by herself. It’s easier one-on-one. LeeAnne tells them Cary told her that Brandi claimed she’s talking in Kameron’s ear. Why would she tell them not to be friends? She’s trying to bring the others together. Kameron says LeeAnne never told her not to be friends with anyone.

Brandi tells D’Andra, let’s get drunk, and orders tequila shots. Like tequila isn’t bad enough. I can’t imagine mixing it with rosé. Eww.

Stephanie asks about the 80s prom. Kameron says it’s a No Tie event, and it raises AIDs awareness. She doesn’t remember the 80s, but loves an 80s costume theme. Me too, but she just made me feel old since I remember them well. For the most part. They also have tequila shots, but no one seems to like them, and LeeAnne says she’s finally in the right group. I guess it’s my group too.

In Leeanne’s interview, she says in Dallas society, everyone socializes the most during charity season. She used to see D’Andra all the time, but now that she’s friends with Brandi, D’Andra’s priorities are in a tornado spin. She doesn’t see her anymore. Brandi could have a shove-cake-up-your-ass party, and she’d show up.

LeeAnne is at a Black Tie event, which isn’t really black tie, it’s just called that. D’Andra suddenly shows up, bringing Brandi. She tells LeeAnne they were having lunch and drinking. In her interview, LeeAnne calls it boozy-lunch, and says there are twelve minutes left to the event. She asks Brandi about telling Cary that she’s telling Kameron who to be friends with. She thinks they should all get together, so everyone understands each other. In her interview, LeeAnne points out that Brandi is sh*t-faced, and can’t even stand still. Truth! She’s laughing at Brandi’s ass. Brandi thinks LeeAnne is a buzzkill, and she’ll drink all day if she wants to. She has a nanny. D’Andra thinks they should talk; they’re not communicating. LeeAnne says what Cary told her bothers her. Brandi is like, huh? and in LeeAnne’s interview, she says, have another glass of wine, bitch. LeeAnne explains it again, and says she never told anyone not be friends with someone. Brandi calls bullsh*t. Years ago, she tried to persuade Cary that she wasn’t a good person. We flash back to that, and it’s not quite what she said. LeeAnne says that’s the way Brandi perceives it, but she didn’t say that. She told Cary to be careful. In LeeAnne’s interview, she wonders if D’Andra is going to say anything. She brought the chihuahua. Either give it a chew toy to shut it up or take it away. LeeAnne says, there’s no pattern. She says Brandi looks like she’s unhappy that the conversation isn’t going in the direction she wanted it to. How would she like it to go? Brandi says she’d like LeeAnne to own that she’s effing wrong. She can never admit anything; it’s always someone else’s fault. She spins it, and makes it about somebody else. In her interview, LeeAnne says she has no respect for Brandi. Brandi walks away, and D’Andra thinks she might have been the wrong person to bring. D’Andra says she’s told LeeAnne what she thinks, and has been honest. LeeAnne says she has too.

Kam talks to Court, telling him that she can’t get anything done at the house. The kids are banging on the door when she’s on a conference call. We see a clip of that. She says she skipped her workout for the business, so if she gets fat, he has to understand. In her interview, Kameron understands Court’s skepticism. She says everybody makes fun of the pink dog food because they say dogs can’t see color, but there’s been new research. Court says they need to see red and green; red means losing money. He tells her that she’ll have to sell five thousand bags a month. Kameron asks why he’s putting pressure on her, and he says it’s the reality of business. She tells him to beat up another company he’s invested in, instead of being so hard on her. In her interview, she says she’s furious at the pressure Court puts on her. He expects insane sales when she just launched the product. She’s not a typical CEO sitting behind a desk, and needs more time to see where it’s going to go. A distributor calls, and says Sparkle Dog is the kind of product they’re looking for that consumers understand. He’s on speaker, and Court asks if he thinks people would actually purchase it. He says he can see it on shelves in Hong Kong, japan and Korea; around the world. I’m nodding because I see it too. In her interview, Kameron says Court is shocked that there’s so much passion for the product. She hopes it’s a wake-up call. Sparkle Dog is happening whether he likes it or not. She thinks Japan will love their Yorkie icon. Of course they will. They gave us Hello Kitty. The guy asks for samples of empty packaging. Court is shocked, but gives Kameron a fist bump. She says, and this is only one call.

Stephanie goes to Cary’s practice for the rejuvenation. Cary says, when you’re happier down there, you’re happier everywhere. Stephanie says her life is being controlled by her bladder. Cary wonders why it’s funny when it’s Stephanie, and says her who-ha will be awesome. Travis will think he’s in the wrong hole. Wow. The procedure is quick, and I guess relatively painless, since Stephanie is surprised, thinking there would be fire on her hooter. She’s glad she did it, and is excited about the 80s party. She suggests she and Cary go together with Brandi. Cary says she needs to talk to Brandi, because she brought up a personal conversation that she shouldn’t have. Stephanie says Cary’s honesty is awesome, but don’t be stirring the pot. She might be overcompensating, and people take it the wrong way. In Stephanie’s interview, she says first, Carly told Brandi that D’Andra says she was abusing Adderall, then she told D’Andra that LeeAnne said she only had $200 – something that will never go away, along with the topic of vaginal rejuvenation. Now she says LeeAnne is Kameron’s ear. She has good intentions, but it looks like she’s a sh*t stirrer. Cary says she needs to reel it back. Stephanie says it becomes like playing telephone. She knows Cary’s not a pot stirrer. Cary says that’s not who she is, but I’m not so sure.

Stephanie gets her big 80s hair done, and puts some weird teeth in. She hates the 80s thing. The fashions were so ugly, you can’t be cute. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig. I beg to differ. There were a lot of cute fashions in the 80s. Maybe she’s confusing it with the 90s. She puts on a prom queen sash. Brandi pulls up in a limo, wearing a tux, with long hair and a bandana, and I think she looks more like she’s from the 70s. Stephanie says she always wanted to be prom queen. It’s her chance, and she’s taking it. Brandi says she’s expecting get laid tonight. In her interview, Brandi says she went to the prom with Bryan, but she didn’t lose her virginity like Stephanie. In Stephanie’s interview, she says her date lost the key to their room, and she lost her virginity on the floor of a closet in her parents’ house, but it was just the tip. Hey, I’m just the messenger.

Kameron shows up in a Madonna getup. She’s known for being involved in the community, and is the honorary co-chair. She thanks the other members of the committee. In her interview, she says she’s stretched her commitments, but this an honor. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she’s been an honorary chair. It’s basically sharing your wealthy contact info. Kameron is connected to the right people in the right places.

Cary doesn’t love the 80s. Why dress up in something tragic on purpose? Are they kidding??? She says it was the height of her hair days. She and God communicating via Aqua Net. Kameron say she was born later. LeeAnne needs alcohol.

Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary arrive. Brandi tells D’Andra that lunch was a good time. In her interview, Brandi thinks even LeeAnne isn’t happy with LeeAnne. LeeAnne dismissed her in the past, but continues to tell people to be wary of her. She’s less aggressive, but still trying to maneuver and control relationships. She thinks LeeAnne is manipulating and calculating, and is using Stephanie to get under her skin. Stephanie asks Brandi if they should make out now.

The bar dispenses drinks in magical light-up glasses. LeeAnne tells Cary and D’Andra bringing a drunk Brandi to the Black Tie event. Cary says Brandi is at home with kids, and needs time out. In her interview, Cary says LeeAnne doesn’t understand the stress of newborn, and she should leave Brandi alone. The co-chairs are introduced. Kameron tells everyone that their presence is beneficial for AIDS service of Dallas. Balloons are everywhere.

D’Andra arrives, and LeeAnne says she nailed the 80s – she looks like she did yesterday. Kameron has a table for all of them. Brandi wants talk to LeeAnne, and set the record straight. She wants to move forward, and have a good time. I can’t keep the emotions straight. LeeAnne reminds Brandi that she showed up drunk at the Black Tie event. Brandi says she needed an escape. She thinks LeeAnne does too. She’s not being herself. There’s no way she changed by natural design. Huh? LeeAnne says that’s her opinion. Stephanie wonders what they’re talking about, and D’Andra says, same sh*t. Stephanie thinks it might help. Kameron tells D’Andra said Brandi showed up drunk at the event, and D’Andra says it’s her fault. She should have thought about it. Yes, she should have. LeeAnne says she’s at peace. If Brandi doesn’t want to see her that way, she gets it. Brandi says it’s not open and honest. What’s going on with her and Rich. LeeAnne says she’s not hiding anything, and Brandi says, why not a set date? LeeAnne says it’s nobody’s business, and it’s her life. I’m Team LeeAnne all the way here. Brandi says she doesn’t want to repeat what people said, and LeeAnne says she doesn’t care. What if people were questioning that Brandi adopted a baby just to save her marriage? In her interview, Brandi says she wants to punch LeeAnne in the face. I think this is a legitimate comparison. She says LeeAnne deflects, twists the truth, and stabs you where it hurts the worst. Brandi tells LeeAnne it’s not about her. LeeAnne says it shouldn’t be about her. Brandi says everybody is speculating. They think she’s in a bad place, and is too chicken sh*t to admit it. LeeAnne says that’s her opinion, which seems to be what she says when there’s nothing to say. Brandi thinks LeeAnne is jealous of D’Andra. She married the love of her life. LeeAnne says, more than once.

Brandi call bullsh*t on LeeAnne. D’Andra joins them, and LeeAnne tells her that Brandi is saying she’s jealous of her. Everybody is talking sh*t about her engagement. D’Andra says, everyone is concerned. LeeAnne isn’t telling her anything. LeeAnne says she’s looking dresses next week. Does she want to come along? She tells D’Andra not to be concerned, and if she hears separate lives one more time, she’s going into a rage that nothing will pull her out of. D’Andra says if she’s not talking about what’s happening, she can’t be offended. So, if she doesn’t let everyone in on her plans, she can’t be offended if they make stuff up? LeeAnne says she and Rick don’t lead separate lives. In her interview, LeeAnne says, maybe Rich has another family in Chili. D’Andra is concerned because LeeAnne’s not getting married.

Brandi tells Cary they have an issue. Cary admits she screwed up. She shouldn’t speak other’s truths, just her own. In her interview, Cary says she’s a work in progress (another phrase I think is an excuse), and she’s well-aware she’s not doing the best job, but she’s trying. Brandi says she’s trying to be a dude, and not cry. In Brandi’s interview, she says she forgives, but will be selective in what she says now. LeeAnne tells D’Andra maybe she’ll share things if it’s not like this; she has to calm down and just talk. D’Andra says if she doesn’t get a straight answer, she’s calling bullsh*t. LeeAnne says she’s not doing this. She’s fine. Geez, this is wearing me out. It’s like they want something to be wrong.

The king and queen of the prom are announced, and the queen is LeeAnne. In her interview, she says she didn’t go to her own prom, so being crowned prom queen is like God saying he’s proud of her. Keep doing you. You’re a good person. She tells Kameron about not going to her own prom, and Kameron says it’s amazing. We see D’Andra walking out.

Next time, Dee tells D’Andra to be concerned about running the office rather than LeeAnne, Brandi repeats the example LeeAnne used about the baby, LeeAnne crosses paths with Mark, and LeeAnne tells D’Andra that when she’s with Brandi, alcohol is always involved.

The Shahs of Sunset

12 hours later. MJ is snoring at 1:24 pm. GG is doing her makeup. The others are eating. Shervin and Mike find Nema and Mona. Mike says, it’s a touchy subject. It wasn’t for everyone to know Morgan was moving out. It’s something to take to the grave. Reza betrayed his trust, and once the dam is opened, good luck closing it again. He understands they hold each other accountable, but it’s a deep hurt to be betrayed by someone you love. Did he think no one would notice she’d moved out? That’s what’s so stupid.

Reza has a surprise for MJ, who mumbles at him. Tommy is Reza’s bachelorette gift to MJ; this hunk of manness. MJ suggests he use some mouthwash, but I can’t imagine she must smell too good. In her interview, she says it’s the perfect bachelorette party. A day without Tommy, and a night with him.

Everyone gets ready to go out. They eat dinner in the suite, and plan on going to the club afterward. MJ comes in wearing a glittery jumpsuit. She drops her bag and tries to reach over the back of couch to retrieve it. In her interview, she says she’s how to do Vegas personified. They call it Sin City, not Nun City. Destiney says the vibe is uncomfortable. She feels the testosterone. Everyone keeps too much inside, and it’s going to be dangerous when it boils over. The rest of the crowd arrives at the suite. Reza wants to get the party up and running. It’s turn up time.

A party bus takes them to the club. In his interview, Mike says he’s an emotional person, and he knows where he stands with Reza now. Reza is a back stabber. Mike is trying to put his differences aside and enjoy the night. Dancing and drinking happens. Streamers fall. Mike chats up a waitress. Reza says a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Regardless of where they are or what’s happening, Mike will creep, and it’s a vicious cycle for him. By 3 am, MJ is ready to call it a night. Tommy falls over trying to help unzip her jumpsuit.

In the morning, Reza says MJ and Tommy’s room looks like a tornado hit. Destiney feels like a baby dinosaur waking up. GG stumbles out, and says, Golnessa isn’t available right now. Try your call again later. Another amazing spread of food appears. MJ comes in looking for a bottomless mimosa, and it’s turn up time again. Reza says the last day’s itinerary is a delicious breakfast and getting back to LA. Destiney wanders in wearing her robe. GG doesn’t know what she drank, but she has footage. We see it. She says she and Destiney changed clothes, and went with some others to another club. She points out that Mona is dancing on the table, and Mike is throwing money at random people. They wonder where Mike is.

Reza says Mike isn’t there, but he and MJ are the reason he’s divorced. He says there is a reason Mike is divorced and that Morgan broke up with him, but it’s not because of what he did last night. GG says she has a video, and everyone looks at it. Reza says to the untrained eye, it looks like he’s just ordering a drink, but he’s probably asking what time her shift is over. Shervin calls, and says he’s still getting his sh*t together

MJ does some elaborate moves to put on perfume. Everyone packs. Adam can’t wait to get home to the dogs. Mike toddles in. Shervin says, you know that friend who’s always in the video? He says it looks like Mike is ordering a drink, but they’re very close. Mike asks if Shervin thinks he hooked up? Mike hunts down GG, and asks to see the video. Since the other guys followed him, GG kicks everyone out except for Mike, saying she’s not getting busted out. She plays the video for Mike, and he says he likes have a good time. They were talking about her boyfriend, and he was joking that he hated her boyfriend. GG says they’re really close, and it’s questionable, but she never said anything about touching. She doesn’t want to know what he touched, who, or where. In GG’s interview, she says Mike is being super defensive. If he’s not breaking the rules, why can’t she film him having good time?

Reza bought GG a bottle of wine, because he knew she’d be wearing a cute jumpsuit. Mike is wearing the same outfit he had on the night before. MJj says GG showed them the video. Reza says it’s their fault that Mike has no girlfriend. He doesn’t come home, and screws other women while he’s married, but they’re the reason he’s divorced. Mike says Reza has no boundaries. In his interview, Reza says, Morgan is moving out, and everyone else is to blame, but not him. Reza says Mike doesn’t screw around; he doesn’t lie, but it is him. It was same with Jessica. We flash back to Mike coming clean to her. Reza tells Mike to get his head right. He’s good at a lot of things, but owning up takes him a minute. In his interview, Reza says, be accountable. Mike tells Reza to STFU, and so much is bleeped, I have no idea what else he’s saying. Reza says Mike was telling Morgan how much loved her, while he was sleeping with other women. Mike says he hasn’t done anything, and Reza says, it’s all his fault. GG says Reza is older; he should know better. Mike walks out.

MJ starts to cry. Reza tells Adam, Mike is in a lot of pain. Destiney says, clearly, he’s hurt. Shervin knocks on Mike’s door, but he doesn’t want to talk. Reza walks in, and Mike says he doesn’t want to get aggressive. Reza asks why make him the bad guy? He does so much for Mike. Mike says all of his friends don’t know a hundredth of what he does. As his confidante, Reza betrayed his trust. They can never be 100% again. A piece of him died, and he’s afraid to trust Reza again. He tells Reza that Morgan called him from a Tony Robbins seminar, and said, I am enough. Mike starts to cry. Well, I didn’t see that one coming. I loved Tony Robbins in Shallow Hal. Yeah, I know some people have a problem with that movie. I don’t.

Mike says he doesn’t want to get divorced; a piece of him died. Reza says he didn’t ruin Morgan’s life; let it go. He’s a great person. In Mike’s interview, he says when he got divorced, he felt like the biggest failure. He carried a lot of guilt, and has deep rooted scars. He wants be in a relationship, but feels he’s not worthy. He tells Reza that he hurt her, himself, his mom, his dad, his family. He has to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Reza says he knows Mike doesn’t want to hurt anyone. People love and adore him. He wishes he could take back the hurtful things he said. He’s going to make it up for the rest of his life. Mike says this is what real friendship is about. Reza tells Mike that he loves him. In his interview, Reza says he had no idea the amount of pain Mike was in about Jessica. He’s in no place to be dating.

Reza comes back to the suite, and tells GG that he handled it. Mike joins them, and apologizes. Reza thanks his lucky stars they’re still a unit, and they can leave on a high note. They have a group hug, with Mike in the middle. I love the Shahs.

LA two days later. Craig, MJ’s trainer and bridesman, shows her some moves in the pool. She calls it a post Vegas detox; she never drank more champagne in her life than she did this weekend. She fell out of her workout routine, and she’s doing water aerobics, along with facial yoga that she saw on YouTube, which I actually think probably creates wrinkles. MJ and Craig do synchronized swimming like the old Martin Short skit from SNL.

GG talks to her COO, Sheri. She needs Sheri by her side for the elevator pitch. She’s known Sheri almost her whole life, and Sheri has been in the cannabis industry for years. The elevator pitch is coming up fast. In her interview, GG says she’s never had a job before. Now she’s a boss. She’s gone from never being employed to employing bitches. She doesn’t even know what projections are, but think they might have something to do with a positive attitude.

Reza apologizes to Mike for hitting below the belt. He’d take it back in a heartbeat if he could. He supports whatever makes Mike happy. In Mike’s interview, he says his friendship with Reza has many levels. It’s not that fake LA sh*t. At the end of the day, they’re always there for each other. Mike tells Reza that he never wants to get to that point again. Reza says if Mike doesn’t want to be held accountable, he’ll back off. Mike says he does, and he’s working on it.

GG prepares some food at her condo. Gorgeous leopard-spotted cat Malaika tries to score something when she goes to answer the door, but GG is on to the cat. It’s Destiney. GG tells Destiney that she opened a business account. Destiney says she’s growing up, and it’s new beginnings.

Destiney has to call the detective she’s hired to find her father, and can’t do it by herself; it’s hard. In her interview, she says she didn’t have the courage to ask questions the last time she saw her dad. She was scared of hearing that he started a new family. She calls Monique, who says she talked to Destiney’s mom, and got as much info as she could. Some of it was hard to understand, so she wanted to confirm some things. She asks what her dad’s birthday is, and Destiney says the day before hers, and starts choking up. In Destiney’s interview, she says whenever there was an occasion to send a father a card, she gave it to her mother because she was both. Monique says she has leads to share when she has more info and can come up with answers. GG says, they’ll find him. She has the time. Destiney says he’s older; time doesn’t exist. GG says she doesn’t hug often, and hugs Destiney.

Shervin picks up Nema. Nema is glad they’re doing this. It’s a huge, monumental moment for GG and her company, but he doesn’t know if she understands. Shervin says she’s never had a job. In his interview, Nema explains that an elevator pitch is like a mini shark tank presentation, and GG will be in the room with every power player in the cannabis industry. He’s doing her a favor, but his gut is telling him GG is winging it, and it doesn’t work that way. If she’s not crystal clear as to why they should invest, she’ll crash and burn. Shervin says, she’s nervous. Give her some confidence, and do it at her pace.

They arrive at the condo. GG says she’s losing her mind. She hasn’t eaten since they were last together, and opens a pizza. Shervin wonders why she doesn’t just smoke some weed. Nema wants to see what she has in terms of a presentation. In his interview, Nema says, presentation is everything. She needs clean, formatted photos that look professional. He cleans the pictures she has. GG has never done this before. She’s just going to pretend she knows the information. GG is amazed at how much better everything looks, and says she’ll give Nema a raise. He wants benefits. They head out. GG says she is so not ready, and she’s freaking out. Shervin tells her she’ll be speaking to a room of potheads.

Marketing expert Dan introduces GG. She struggles to get on a chair, balancing her water bottle and the mic. She says she has a high end brand that will carry everything, including one thing that’s unheard of, an inhaler. They’ll be doing it all. The audience looks both bored and annoyed, and surprised every time she uses the f-word. In his interview, Nema says it’s one of those awkward moments where a part of you dies on the inside. It’s so uncomfortable. GG tells the audience that she’s never had a job in her life, because she’s never been passionate about anything enough, but this is it. She shows the projected sales, but I’m not sure she even knows what they are. It’s pretty bad. Nema tells Shervin to say she killed it, even though Shervin says she didn’t do well. In Nema’s interview, he says he could take the Persian route, which is to reprimand, but in GG’s case, that would be a death wish. He’s trying to take a positive step forward. He tells her that she got out the jitters, and she has the rest of her career to improve. In her interview, GG feels like she screwed up. They go for a drink.

Reza goes to Mike’s house for MJ’s dress fitting. She’s a known procrastinator at the eleventh hour is having the designer meet them there, even though it makes zero sense. Reza asks Freddy if the dress is done, and Freddy says, you can’t rush couture. In MJ’s interview, she says she cares more about the dress than anything else. If everyone got food poisoning, but she looked great, it would be okay.

Shervin goes to the hairdresser. Mike and Nema meet him there, since it’s the moment they’ve been waiting for. Shervin says it’s two years of a commitment. Mike says he’s had more commitment to his man bun than anything else, but Shervin says that’s not true; he’s committed to his businesses.

Vida asks Reza if he doesn’t think she should be sitting with bride and groom. He humbly thinks they should sit by themselves, with her at the head table. She thinks she should sit with them, and asks, who’s more important than the mother of the bride? Reza says, just the bride, but I don’t think Vida buys it.

The big reveal happens. Everyone is all wow! and pretty! except Vida. In her opinion, the top doesn’t give enough support, and she doesn’t like mermaid. In his interview, Reza says she got married at eighteen in Iran. It was super traditional, and she had zero input, so now she sees herself as the bride. He says it’s like when they suck people’s souls out in Get Out. He’s talking to the bride, but looking at Vida. Reza tells MJ that she looks amazing and beautiful, and high five. He asks her to do a practice run of walking down the aisle, and she makes an entrance. In her interview, she says she’s hanging on to her whimsical fantasy of the days leading to the wedding being pleasant. Don’t rattle the cage. She tells them that she’s changing into a jumpsuit for the reception.

Mike tells Shervin and Nema that his biggest fault is bringing up Jessica as an example of why he will or won’t do something. Morgan wonders if she’s paying the consequences of what happened between them. He says, it’s done. We see a clip of Morgan telling him it’s become a pattern. He has a bad day and talks down to her. Enough is enough. Mike says the aftermath of his divorce has taken years to overcome. He didn’t feel adequate, and still needs to do some homework. He tells them that he didn’t realize he had issues, but if he lets them control his life, he’ll never be ready. Nema says he has to deal with it, and Mike says he thought he had. Nema tells him, divorce messes with your head. Shervin likes his new cut. Mike shows everyone pictures of Shervin’s look evolution, and they laugh at his Ryan Seacrest cut.

Next time, MJ scatters Sham’s ashes, Destiney’s mom wants her to stop, and MJ and Tommy fight about the prenup.

😕 Saw This Coming…

Someone needs to take the alcohol away from these girls. This is just sad.


🏊 Since the Synchonized Swimmers Were Unavailable…

October 5, 2018 – Maxie Forgives Peter, Zere Back, an Award, a Baby, Quotes of Five & Some Jarreau


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco brings Aiden to the hospital. Elizabeth thanks him for picking Aiden up. The nurse says he wasn’t feeling well. Aiden can’t tell her what’s going on, so she says they’ll get him checked out.

Cameron visits Josslyn. She asks if he’s seen Oscar. He says, no, and it’s lucky the homeroom teacher doesn’t take attendance or even notice who’s there; he’s skipped out twice today for her. She says he said he’d help her get Oscar back, and she’s figured out way.

Drew tells Oscar to chill. Oscar says he’s sick of waiting, literally. Drew thinks he should talk to his mother. When Kim asks, what about? Oscar says he quit. He’s not going back to school. What’s the point? He doesn’t want to waste the time he has left.

Griff and Kiki are still kissing at the gym.

Maxie tells Peter that they work in the same building. He doesn’t need to avoid her. He says he’s not; he has to get back to work. She asks if he doesn’t have a cell phone, and insists he is avoiding her. He says he’s been busy with the reboot of The Invader, but she knows Lulu told him to stay away. She gets that, but doesn’t get why he agreed.

Danny asks if Jason loves mommy. Jason says he loves mommy very much. Sam overhears.

Kiki tells Griff that she was going to skip boxing and go to yoga. He asks if it’s him she’s running from, but she says she’s not running. She told him that she wanted to remain friend, but in the back of her mind, she knew what it was like to be with him, and wanted it again. Griff says he was committed to make a reconciliation with Ava, but his heart wasn’t in it. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Kiki wonders what that means they should do.

Oscar asks if Kim wouldn’t mind him skydiving, and Drew tells her it’s sarcasm. Oscar is clearly his kid. Oscar says he doesn’t want to go, and why should he? Kim says, normalcy of life, his friends are there, and he’s always liked academics. He says that’s when he thought he’d be going to college. Why not use the time to read whatever he wants? Sleep late, and go hiking while he still can. He’s not a doctor, but he can do research online. The tumor he has, is as bad as it gets. She tells him that he can’t believe everything he reads, and everyone is unique. If he wants to take it day by day, fine, but he can’t lose hope. The trial is promising. He says, when it doesn’t kill the patient.

Cameron sees a bunch of balloons, and says, balloons again? Josslyn says they’re significant; symbolic. She wants to remind Oscar of their anniversary. Cameron says, when Oscar didn’t show up? Josslyn says he was in the hospital. It turned out fine; he recovered. She’s not convinced the break-up is real.

Peter tells Maxie that she’s still vulnerable and hurting, and Lulu pointed out that his presence in her life will make it worse. Maxie says she can speak for herself. He tells her Lulu was just being a good friend, and is happy they’ve reconnected; don’t blame her. Maxie says she knows Lulu meant well. She doesn’t like Lulu speaking for her though, and doesn’t know why he went along with it. Being stuck in the elevator when he had the panic attack was a bonding experience. He tells her that she’s one of the only friends he’s ever had, and he messed it up. If keeping his distance helps her, he’ll accept it. She says, what if she doesn’t want that?

Danny asks Jason if mommy loves him, but Jason says he’ll have to ask mommy. Sam comes back with snacks, and tells Danny that Monica is coming to pick him up. Danny asks if he’s staying overnight, and Sam says he is. He says there’s a problem. His castle isn’t finished; the pieces got mixed up. Jason says he can help Danny put it together, and Danny adds, when he’s at grandma’s house. I laugh. Slick kid. Sam says Jason will be sorry he said that.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not saying Lulu is wrong, but she and Lulu have been through a lot together, and not all of it pleasant. Maybe it’s Nathan’s influence, but she finds it harder to hold on to anger than to forgive. He asks if she means Lulu or him. She says she forgave Lulu. Her and Peter’s elevator experience was awkward, but she wanted to help him; from one human to another.

Elizabeth tells Aiden that his temperature is normal, and asks how his tummy is. He says, not so great. Franco says he was feeling good when they indulged in mud pie mayhem. Elizabeth asks if something happened at school. Aiden says, lunch was gross, and Franco says, no surprise. Elizabeth tells Aiden to rest, and asks Franco to get a ginger ale for him.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s staging an anniversary do-over. She’s decorating the bench again, but this time he’ll see it done right. Cameron thinks it’s over-the-top, but she says that’s because he doesn’t care about things like that. She could decorate ten benches, and he wouldn’t notice; Oscar would. She knows he still cares about her, but she doesn’t know what’s going on. Since he’s not responding to her texts, Cameron can get him there. Cameron asks, how? and she tells him, figure it out. When he gets there, she wants Cameron to take off. She wants to remind Oscar of how it felt. Like when he was at the hospital, and he showed her the video he made. Feelings don’t go away. She tells Cameron that if he meant it when he said he’d help, text Oscar to meet him in the park.

Oscar asks Kim if she was planning on telling him how the trial killed someone. Drew says they were advised of the risks. Kim says it’s important to get him enrolled, and ensure a spot. Oscar says she’s grabbing at the trail like a life preserver. Kim says despite the trial’s setback, it’s promising. No treatment works for everyone, but give it a chance to work for him. Oscar snarks that he’s so lucky. Drew says medical treatment is just part of it. He needs to stay positive; his mindset makes a difference. Kim says, the mind is a powerful weapon. Being positive can only help. Oscar asks if she doesn’t think he wants to hope. She lied for two years because she already knew he was going to die.

Sam and Jason try to put the castle together. Sam says it has a million pieces that have to be put in the exact right order. You have to be patient and meticulous, and he’s both. She tells him the problem is, Danny opened all the packages, but she has no idea where the directions are. Jason says they’d better get to work.

Griff tells Kiki, whatever’s next is up to them. She says, two cowards, dancing around their feelings. He must have a lot of faith in them. He says he does. There’s no stopping how far it goes. She says too bad they can’t go to a beach, and reenact the scene in From Here to Eternity. Griff has no clue about the film, and she explains the scene (google it if you don’t know either), and he asks if they had an interfering mother. Kiki   says, no; only the start of World War III. He says they got off easy. Kiki says Ava has done what she can to hurt them. They might as well do what they want. Griff agrees, and wonders why they’re still talking. They kiss.

Peter tells Maxie that she was compassionate, and she says, you don’t just watch someone gasp for breath and scream. He says he did not scream, did he? She says when she found out he was Faison’s son, and he’d been lying about who he was, she was incredibly angry and hurt. The more time passed, she thought less about the lies, and more about how much he’d supported her. He helped her give birth. What’s more important than that? Peter says it’s the most significant thing he’s ever done. She says she thought about how many people forgave her, and it’s the only way to pay it forward.

Cameron tells Josslyn, if Oscar doesn’t show, she’ll feel worse. She says she’ll feel worse if she doesn’t try. Her dad taught her that. You only really fail if you give into fear. You quit before start. Cameron asks what about her pride and dignity. She asks if he’s kidding. Is he going to help or not? Text Oscar.

Oscar tells Kim that he spent all night looking for a reason to hope. He only found reasons not to. Kim asks if he saw where it helped. Tumors shrunk. He says, that’s not a cure. Drew says if it can extend his life, he has a chance for a cure. Oscar says he doesn’t want to sit around pumped up with medicine. If the treatment doesn’t work, it could kill him faster.

Sam tells Jason she’ll look for the directions. Jason says they can figure it out. She says he’s dealing with the easy part now. It gets more difficult. He says they have to solve their own puzzle and mystery; her specialty she puts together litt person figured it out Jason puts them in a cube and say don

Kiki tells Griff that they’ll be asked to leave if they keep it up, and suggest they go back to her place. He wants to, but he also wants to make sure they’re doing this for the right reason; not just uncontained lust. Kiki asks what’s wrong with that, and he says he doesn’t want regrets. They’re better than that. He wants to get know each other, without the specter of Ava. Create something they can make last. She thinks it sounds good, and asks what he has in mind.

Peter says, not that Maxie has no right to her anger, but it’s a heavy burden. He’s glad she’s letting it go, so she can get back to being her, unencumbered. James deserves it. Maxie says she looks at his little face, and she doesn’t want to hold on to anything ugly. She wants only good for him. Peter says James is part of his family, and hopes she can find it in her heart to let him visit. Maxie thinks James should know uncle, and it’s a good place for them start. He says, something to look forward to besides murder and mayhem. He says he’s been taking the stairs. She’s glad he’s seen a doctor, and asks if it was PTSD from being held captive, or something else entirely.

Sam tells Jason he clearly has a gift. He says it wasn’t too hard, and she tells him not to rub it in. With the last one, she had the directions, and followed them, and still couldn’t get it to look like the one on the box. Danny didn’t care though, and said hers was cooler than the one on the box. And he meant it. Jason says she’s good at improvising, and they so at each other.

Oscar says Kim got to decide how he lived up to now. Now it’s his turn. Kim tells him not to make decisions based on anger. In the span of 24-hours, he’s quit school and broken up with Josslyn. Drew asks, why? and Oscar says, so many girls, so little time. Drew says, that’s not why.

Josslyn says Oscar didn’t text back, even though he didn’t know it was her. Cameron asks if she sees why it’s a bad idea. She asks what the alternative is, and he says, move on. She says, after a year, and finding Oscar’s long lost father together? She was tough on Oscar when her mom was in Ferncliff, and he never gave up on her. She can’t give up on him. Cameron asks if when she was pushing him away, if she ever actually told him to go away. Oscar did. He made it clear he doesn’t want to be with her. She says you can’t just go from love to breaking up for no reason. Cameron says, there is a reason.

Kim says Oscar is pushing people away that care. He thinks he can spare Josslyn from her boyfriend being sick. Oscar says he doesn’t want her waiting, every minute terrified he’s going to die. Putting every minute into saving him. She should be enjoying herself, not looking up holistic remedies and making kale smoothies. She’s happy now, and he wants her to stay that way. Drew says Oscar thinks he’s doing Josslyn a favor, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

Maxie doesn’t want to pry. Peter says since she talked him down, she has the right to know what caused it. Obrecht was a part of it. Being tied down for a week messed with his head, but some of it was from when he was a kid. Maxie can’t imagine what it was like. Peter says he thought he’d pass out; it’s happened before. It’s ancient history, and it should have been over it. Maxie says she can’t help if he won’t talk about it. He says he was seven. He didn’t know how to swim, and his father decided to take matters into his own hands. He threw Peter into the deep end of the pool. It was sink or swim, and he sank. When he came to, he was on the concrete. Triggers bring him underwater again, and he can’t breathe. Maxie says she’s sorry, and he says, don’t be; he survived. She says, no thanks to his father. What Faison did to him should never have happened.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she knows when Jake and Cameron are faking being sick, but even if Aiden knew how, what would be his motive? Hiding from a test? He does well in school. She wonders if she’s worried about nothing. I’m thinking Aiden has Princess Calenda-itis.

Kim says Josslyn is crazy about Oscar, and he feels the same way. Eventually, she’s going to find out. Oscar says he’ll be gone by then. Drew says he’s not thinking it through. He thinks he’s sparing her in some way, but think of how she’ll feel when she finds out, and knows he didn’t want to tell her. He didn’t trust her enough to be there, or worse, didn’t want her help. Kim tells him not to do this to himself. Make things right with Josslyn. Give himself that comfort. He leaves, and Kim wonders if she got through.

Josslyn says Cameron has to tell her if he knows. Cameron says, all he knows is, Oscar is an idiot. She’s put himself first, and dumped her without even trying to explain. Josslyn says it’s like he’s trying to make her hate him. Cameron asks if it’s working, but Josslyn says, no. She gets angry with Cameron, and tells him, just go, but then tells him to wait. She doesn’t agree with everything he said, but she’s sorry for going off on him. He accepts her apology, and says he’s sorry she’s going through this. She says if Oscar texts back, let her know.

In the hallway at the hospital, Oscar sees the message asking him to meet Cameron in the park. There’s a second one says he needs to see Oscar now. 911.

Jason is finished, and says, it’s not really a castle. No, it’s not. It looks more like an apartment building. Sam says, to Danny it is. He says it’s a collaboration. Sam thinks Danny will wreck it in ten minutes tops. Jason says they’ll put it back together as many times as Danny wants. He doesn’t mind. He likes working with her.

Griff asks if Kiki remembers the film festival, and she says she’s the one who invited him. She says it will make them feel cosmopolitan, but if it gets boring, they can just make out. He says, it’s a date.

Aiden is feeling better, and Elizabeth says she’ll get his homework. He says he doesn’t need it, since he might be sick tomorrow.

Cameron sees Oscar at the hospital. Oscar says he was on his way out, but had to wait. Cameron says he was just with Josslyn, and she’s suspicious that Oscar broke up with her for no reason. He can’t keep this up. Oscar says he promised he wouldn’t tell, but Cameron says he didn’t promise anything. Oscar told him to keep his mouth shut, but he’s not lying. Oscar has to tell her the truth.

Josslyn looks at pictures of her and Oscar on MyFace. She sends him a message, asking what’s going on, but she’s blocked. Then his status changes to single. Um… I think if she was blocked she wouldn’t be seeing a status update, but okay. She wonders what he’s doing, and says, it’s all wrong.

Cameron asks what Oscar just did. He says he blocked Josslyn, and updated his status to single. He has to make her stop hoping. It will be easier to hate him when he goes. Cameron asks if he’s trying to hurt her.

Drew tells Kim that Oscar is pissed, and he can’t blame him. Kim knows that, and knows he feels under attack. He’s afraid. He’s good and smart, and will come to his senses, and realize the trial is his best chance. It is, isn’t it? Drew hopes so.

Maxie tells Peter that she has to confess. Since they got stuck, she hasn’t ridden the elevator. He asks if she didn’t want to get trapped with an awful stranger. She says, what if they ride together. Peter says, no, but she says she’ll trust him if he trusts her. She gets in the elevator, and he follows. She takes his hand.

Jason asks if Sam really thinks it will only last ten minutes. She says, maybe one hour tops. He tells her to let him know when she wants to rebuild. She asks if he’s sure. If one piece gets lost, it could be hours. He says they’ll improvise; she’s good at that. She thanks him for staying, and he says, any time. She kisses his cheek, and they move in for a real kiss.

On Monday, Jordan says they’re dropping the investigation, Mike tells Sonny about the gun, and Jason and Sam get busy.

Z Nation

Last we left, Roberta had taken off in a drone, and it crashed.

The drone crash lands. It opens, and Roberta gets out. she sees the black rainbow in the sky, and realizes she’s wounded. She slowly makes her way across a field. She takes the tarp from some covered bodies to shield herself from the sun. She sees a farmhouse, but keels over before she gets there.

A farmer stands over her, and blurs out. A semi-conscious Roberta is on a pseudo surgical table. A man says he thought he lost her.

She wakes in a bedroom. She walks downstairs. Her clothing has been changed to either a really nice nightgown, or an understated formal gown. She sees pictures of the man and his family. The man is making breakfast. She peeks in on him. He asks if she’s hungry, and starts setting the table. She jumps when he moves toward her, and he tells her that he keeps the door unlocked. She asks where she is, and he says his farm. He found her on the ridge. He tells her that she’s a pretty thing, and he used to be a medic. He says she’s right to be careful. Roberta finds out she’s been there two weeks. He says she’s safe there, but Roberta says she’s not safe anywhere. She asks if he’s the only one, and he says, for some time now. Sarah and Claudette are gone. He’s Cooper. Roberta says she’s sorry, and he says she must be starved. Hopefully the food has minimal radiation, grown by him. He asks what she was doing out by herself. She wonders how he knows she’s by herself, and he tells her that he can look out for five miles; no one is there. She tells Cooper that she crashed her car; that’s how she got injured, and it’s totaled. Well, that’s kind of the truth. He tells her that she bled a lot, and serves her some spinach to help with blood loss. She thanks him for sewing her up, and he asks where she was headed. She says, Newmerica, and he says it’s been a while since he heard that. A lot of people used to come through, but not since the black rain. As far as he can tell, they might be the only ones left alive.

A woman runs from three zombies, but hits a cliff. Doc is… a zombie? She draws her gun to shoot herself, and Doc tells her don’t, apparently just pretending. Or rather, trying to fit in. Doc kills two real two zombies, and grabs her. They run into the woods, and Doc dispatches zombies with a hammer. He meets up with 10k, Sergeant Lilley, and Murphy. 10K tells Doc it’s his best makeup yet. Doc says, tell the artiste. Say my name; say my name. Doc says, it better come off. A few zombies show up, and mini Operation Bitemark takes care of them. Murphy asks if one of the zombies just said no. He pokes it, and says it’s not a living human; that’s good? Doc says, it’s getting harder to tell. The group they’ve been leading comes out and joins them.

Doc asks if everybody is okay, and if they can get food and water for the newcomer. Murphy complains about having another mouth to feed. Doc says, Newmerica, here we come.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch farm, Cooper says Roberta is hurting his feelings, and asks if she doesn’t like his cooking. Roberta says it’s great, but she just isn’t hungry. He says she’s suffered lot of trauma. It might take a while to feel like her old self. She’s not sure what that means. Al Jarreau’s Nothing At All is playing, and Roberta says she likes his musical taste. He says music saved his ass; it gets quiet out there. She asks how long it’s been since he was alone, and he says, over a year; how about her? She traveled alone the whole way? Even zombies aren’t safe. She says she has some friends who are probably looking for her. He says, if they’re still alive.

Roberta looks out over the farm. Nothing is moving, so she goes outside, grabbing a shovel and gloves. She watches Cooper working, and joins him in creating rows for the crops. They work quietly side by side

Murphy tells Doc, Granny don’t look so good. He could swear she coughed up a hairball. Doc is worried she won’t make it, and the others aren’t too much better. Murphy says if they weren’t talking, he’d swear they were Z’s. Just die already. Doc says it’s been like this ever since the black rain. Murphy asks why it’s always their fault, and Doc says because they do stupid sh*t. Once the others are safe in Newmerica, they’ll be someone else’s problem. Murphy wants to track down Roberta, and Doc says they  don’t know if she’s alive. Murphy says, she is. They have a special bond. They’ve shared bodily fluids. Doc says, ew-ew! and tells Murphy that he’s not leaving them. Murphy says he might.

Roberta sees a zombie coming up the road. She tells Cooper to be careful. He moves to shoot it, and it holds its hands up in a defensive way. He says, that was strange; has she ever seen that? Roberta says, she’s afraid. Cooper asks, of what? Dying? Roberta whacks her with a hoe, but she keeps going. Cooper says, have mercy, and shoots her.

Roberta serves Cooper dinner, saying, take note; it’s a rare sight. He says, duly noted. He makes a toast – may you have all you want, and want all you have. They dance. They kiss. Fade to black.

A sign says, Newmerica 452 miles – Apocalypse 3 miles. Murphy tells Doc this is where he gets off. Doc asks if he’s sure, and Murphy says if it was the other way around, Roberta would be looking for him. Doc guesses this is goodbye. Murphy tells him, like everything else in the apocalypse, it’s temporary. They’ll meet up. Doc says, take care of your red self, and Murphy says, people love him; he’s adorable. Murphy puts on his shades, and starts walking.

Roberta watches Cooper sleeping. She looks out the window, and there’s nothing moving. Cooper joins her, and tells her that she’s beautiful. She asks if he believes in fate, and he says he does now. She says it’s been a long time since someone’s arms were around her who wasn’t trying to kill her. He says it looks like the universe has given them a second chance. He doesn’t want to lose it. Neither does she.

Driving now, Doc tells the others shouldn’t be long now; they’ll be in Newmerica. Assuming it’s really there. One of the group says now that the coughed up blood, they don’t feel as bad. Another says, it’s the worst cold ever. Lilley says, Granny is missing. Doc calls for Mrs. Magilicutty, and 10K says, found her! and she’s eating some brains out of a head. Her son tells her, put that down, but she says she needs it bad. 10K doesn’t think she should be doing that. Her son takes the head from her, saying, let’s leave this here, and leads her away. She wonders what’s happening to her. She doesn’t know why she did that.

Roberta tells Cooper that he seems worried, and he says he is. He tilled enough food for one, if he’s lucky. She says they can till more, but he says they can’t do by hand. They need a tractor. She asks if there’s one nearby, and he says, ten miles. She asks if he’s got a car, but he doesn’t. She says it they double-time it, they can get there in a couple of hours on foot. If they’re lucky, they’ll ride back. He says it could be dangerous; infested with zombies. Roberta says, let’s hustle. He likes it.

Murphy sees zombies who have been in a fender bender. He says he’s looking for friend. One of the zombie’s brains are exposed, and Murphy eats a piece. He can see the drone crashing, and looks in that direction. He thanks the zombie for his help.

Cooper tells Roberta there used to be a lot working there; keep her eyes open. They don’t see anything, and Roberta thinks maybe they wandered off. He hopes the tractor starts, and she tells him that she can hotwire a space shuttle. He tells her, do it quietly. They don’t want to attract unwanted guests. He tells her to get it started, and he’ll hit the tiller. He sees zombies scrabbling underneath, and unhooks it. Half-zombies scramble after him, and one gets ahold of him. Roberta aims, but a full zombie grabs her from behind. Cooper throws off the zombie, shoots it, and shoots the one who has Roberta. Another comes up behind Cooper, and Roberta gets that one. A whole flock of them move in, and they knock off a few, and climb into the tractor. Cooper tells her to start the engine, and the zombies get shredded by the tiller. Roberta and Cooper smile at each other as they drive away. I’m smiling too. After nearly having a heart attack.

Murphy reaches the drone, and a bird flies out, nearly giving him a heart attack. He calls for Roberta, and sits on the drone, yelling, yee-ha! like he’s in a rodeo. He finally says, you find me; I’m right here. It’s starting to get dark and the cheese Murphy stands alone. A very deteriorated zombie toddles up. Murphy says he’s looking for a woman friend of his, grabs the zombie, and tells it. zombie focus up. Did it see the woman? Its jaw falls off, and Murphy says, sh*t. The zombie tries to talk. He eats a little of its brains, asking if it saw her. Then he asks why it didn’t say so in the first place. Which way did she go? Is it sure? He says, thanks buddy. Lightening starts to flash.

Doc tells 10K he smells sweet, fresh air. They must be close, Lilley rides with the others in the bed of the truck. One of them asks, are we there yet? and she says, a little father. Doc and 10K see something. 10K asks if that’s it. Doc says it’s smaller than he expected. Two people sit in front of a makeshift shack, covered in campaign posters and surrounded by junked cars and other things that should be in a dump. Doc tells the others stay put while they check it out.

A guy says, greetings stranger. Doc asks if it’s Newmerica, and he says, not yet; they ain’t voted. 10K asks, who is we? and he says, anyone still alive and talking. Doc asks what they’re voting for, and he says their lives. He says it looks like they’ve been on the road a while, and Doc says, the whole damn apocalypse. Granny tries to grab one of the others, and Doc and 10K separate them. There’s a melee with a few of the group, and one of the guys says, somebody didn’t get biscuits. A Rocker Chick stops him from shooting Granny. She takes a cookie out of her bag, and feeds to Granny, who settles down. She tells them they can let Granny go now. Granny hugs her, and Rocker Chick asks how long she’s been dead. Doc says they just thought she was sick; she’s talking. Rocker Chick says, no; she’s dead, and so are those two. They’re talkers. Since the black rain, people don’t just die and turn. Their bodies are dead, but their souls are conscious. They don’t just walk now; they talk. Cool! I’m very psyched for this.

Roberta splits logs. She opens the door to one of the barns, and sees a car inside. She looks through the window, and there’s a zombie inside. Cooper comes up behind her. She sidles past him, and runs out. Yeah, I think I know what’s coming. The zombie bangs on the car window.

Roberta asks if it’s Cooper’s wife and daughter in there. He says before the black rain, things got bad. His daughter, Claudette, got sick, and his wife couldn’t stand to see her suffer. He didn’t know how much Sarah was suffering too. When he was off looking for medicine, Sarah put their daughter in the car, drove into the barn, and left the engine on. That’s the way he found them when he got home. Roberta asks, why? Why are they still in there? Why hasn’t he mercied them? He says he wanted to think he’d find a cure. They were beautiful and conscious, and he couldn’t. He can’t. Roberta drops the ax in her hand, and says let her do this for him. She takes his gun from the holster, and says let her do it for them. He takes out his other gun, and goes into the barn. Roberta waits outside. We hear two gunshots.

Rocker Chick hands out cookies, saying there’s plenty for everyone. 10K is about to put one in his mouth, and she says he probably doesn’t want to eat one, unless he’s dead. Doc asks what’s in them. Rocker Chick says, nobody knows for sure, and nobody wants to know. Rumor has it, there are trace amounts of brains in them. It keeps the zombies happy, but eat enough of them, you’ll be one. Doc asks Granny how they taste, and she says, metallic; needs a little more sugar. Doc asks Rocker Chick if she’s the woman on the posters, and she says, everyone keeps saying that. She introduces herself as George, and introduces Lieutenant Dante; he’s dead. Doc says they’ve traveled a long way to get to Newmerica. Tell him this ain’t it. George says it doesn’t exist – yet. It’s just an idea. There are just outposts, trying to make it on their own, but they can’t. They’re voting on a constitution to make it a new nation. Doc asks if you have to be a citizen to vote, and George says anyone can become one. Lt. Dante says, you don’t even have to be alive. Doc is ready to sign up. She says the biggest outpost, Altura, is up the road; she has friends there. She says, anyone else want to be part of something great?  Granny says, she can vote, even though she’s dead? Everyone is in. George tells them, united we live; divided we turn. Doc says she is the woman on the poster, and George smiles, saying she’ll show them the way.

Cooper lights a funeral pyre. The bodies burn. Cooper puts his arm around Roberta, and they walk away from the fire.

Murphy thanks Bob for his service. He thinks he has it from here. He sees the smoke from the cremation in the distance.

Next time, a biscuit a day keeps the zombies at bay, and trace amounts of brains are an acquired taste. I’m loving it so far.

👴 Good News for Mike…

If Max Gail doesn’t get the Daytime Emmy, there is no justice in this world. But there is this.


👶 MJ Got Her Wish…

I couldn’t be happier for her. I wonder if they’ll name the baby Shams.


💬 Quotes of the Week

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. – Kinky Friedman

Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be ice cream, or be nothing. – Ron Swanson

Do you always have those with you?  **  Of course I do, I’m from Manhattan. – Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs), respectively, after Caroline takes a pair of heels out of her purse on 2 Broke Girls

Happiness is a warm puppy. – Charles M. Schulz

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else. – Fred Rogers

🎷 Smoothing You Into the Weekend…




October 4, 2018 – Ava Gets Analyzed, Shah Repeat, Oklahoma Reboot, No Fresh Kitchen & Fun in the Apocalypse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly comes downstairs and tells Jason that Mike is playing with Avery. Jason asks if he’s told her anything else. She says, about the gun or Croton? No. Jason wonders if Mike remembers what he told them. Carly asks what they should do, and he says, wait for Sonny. If Mike doesn’t tell him, one of them will. Carly thinks it should be Mike. It will help give Sonny closure. The house phone rings. At first, Carly says, tell her he’s not here, but then changes it to, send her up. Jason asks if it’s the DA, and she says, worse. She opens the door to Ava. She asks what Ava wants, and Ava says, her daughter of course.

Kristina comes downstairs, and Sam says, that’s the sister she knows, who stays out late like she sleeps in. She asks Kristina how the concert was, and Kristina says she doesn’t want to know.

Nina tells Maxie that she was right the whole time. Her daughter is alive. Maxie asks her to stop doing this, but Nina says she has proof. Her daughter is alive.

Peter sees Griff hitting the bag at the gym. Peter asks if that’s how he should treat a surgeon’s hands, but Griff says he doesn’t have to worry about doing any surgery. Peter says he heard Griff was suspended. Griff tells him it’s because of the unauthorized DNA test he ran on Peter.

Finn walks into the examining room to find his father with Chase. Gregory says he finally has his two boys to himself.

Not-Doc tells Felicia he’s grateful to get her all to himself. She says, what a coincidence. She was dying for some one-on-one time with him. She couldn’t talk at lunch with Lucy hovering. He tells her, nothing happened. Nobody died, and his marriage is safe. He asks what she wanted to talk about, and she says, about Ryan. What happened was horrible, but they have no reason to hide. They can be honest, and not sugarcoat. He agrees, and she can’t remember the last time they discussed it. He buried his brother literally, and buried him inside; it’s like pulling teeth. He doesn’t think they need to resort to creative dentistry just yet. She says they’re the only ones who really know what a horror show he was, and can tell the gruesome truth.

Maxie asks who told Nina that her daughter was alive. Nina says, Valentin, and Maxie makes a disgusted sound. Nina says he spoke to her mother. She said Nina had the baby, and didn’t miscarry. Her mother was afraid her baby girl would get her inheritance, and arranged for a black market adoption. Maxie tells her that Valentin specializes in lies, but Nina says, he’s not the one who found her. It was Curtis. He loves her, and would never lie. Maxie asks if he actually met her. Nina says, not only that; he had a DNA test run, and the test confirmed it. She shows Maxie the picture of Sasha.

Peter tells Griff, for what it’s worth, the hospital didn’t find out from him. Griff says he didn’t think so. He knows who did, and it doesn’t matter. It was illegal, immoral, and unethical. Peter says, and it didn’t even feel good. His sad attempt at a joke. Griff says he’s a bad audience right now. He did what he could, and he’s grateful Anna was okay with it. Peter tells him that Anna got a lead on Obrecht. Griff knows, and says Anna isn’t stopping until she knows he’s safe.

Ava has brought Avery’s ballet things, since she has class today. Carly says Avery is in a meeting and not taking visitors. She’s hosting an important tea party with her grandfather. Ava hopes not alone, and Carly says she’ll never know, and thanks her for dropping by. Jason says he’ll walk her out, and Ava asks if he realizes if it wasn’t for her, he’d be a zombie in Russia or dead. Carly wants to hear how she saved him again, and Jason says she gave him a paper clip. Ava says she gave him back to his family, and gave his family back to him. This is how he thanks her? He says he gave her the formula to get her face back. She says, his life and her face makes them even? Jason says Morgan was his godson, and they’ll never be even. She snarks about what a wholesome environment Sonny maintains for Avery, and Carly tells Jason to go. She’s looking forward to catching up with Ava. He leaves, and Carly says she’s impressed by Ava’s composure. It must be tough that the whole town knows Griff dumped her for Kiki.

Maxie asks Nina how Curtis found her daughter, and Nina says, lawyers, black market adoptions and channels.  She was raised by a single mom, and her mom has passed on. Maxie says it can’t be confirmed then. Nina tells her that Curtis said Sasha didn’t want to believe it, but he talked into a DNA test. He had it done at two different labs, and just got a confirm on the second. Sasha is her daughter. Maxie is happy for her, and asks when Nina is meeting her. Nina says, that’s not happening.

Not-Doc appreciates Felicia’s concern, but all this talk has had little affect on him. She asks how that’s possible. She’s been swamped with interview requests. He’s Ryan’s twin. Why wouldn’t they be more curious about him? He says he’s counting it as a blessing, and leaving it at that. He’ll be fine. She says he wasn’t fine for years. Has he forgotten about his breakdown He says, of course not, but it was a long time ago. He doesn’t live in that headspace anymore. Felicia wants to make sure he’s taking care of himself, and has a way to protect them both.

Gregory says he’s surprised Finn became a doctor. He didn’t like messy, and even cleaned his utensils a second time before eating. Chase says suggests the talk about Gregory. Gregory says he’s been to countless doctors. One suggested he had MS, but MS doesn’t disappear when you take antibiotics. Finn asks if antibiotics help, and Gregory says, temporarily. He tells Chase not to worry. The one thing his brother hates worse than him is failure. Finn says he doesn’t hate him, and Chase suggests Finn channel his energy into figuring out what’s wrong with Gregory.

Jason visits Sam. He asks how Kristina is, and she thanks him again for saving her life. He’s just glad she’s okay. She says maybe not okay, but she’s working on it. She has to leave, and tells Sam, feel free to make use of the privacy. Sam rushes her out.

Carly tells Ava that she’s a bit baffled as to why she put Griff on the stand. A woman as insecure as she is, letting the public know sleeping with her daughter. It’s not first time. All of Ava’s men prefer Kiki. Ava puts Avery’s backpack on the couch, and says she’ll expect Avery at the regular time tomorrow. Carly says Avery won’t be with her tomorrow. She’ll be with her family.

Maxie says Nina just found out her child is alive and well. Nina has seen her picture and knows her name, and she’s not going to contact her? Nina says, she’s not a baby; she’s grown. She doesn’t want to rip Sasha’s life away. Maxie says that makes sense, but she already knows. Won’t she want the test results? Nina says she did it thinking she’d prove she wasn’t Nina’s daughter. It isn’t always a slam dunk. Look at Peter and Anna. Maxie says, and if Nina doesn’t meet Sasha, Sasha has no chance to reject her. Might that be it?

Peter asks Griff if he’d consider working for him. Griff asks if he means as a personal physician, but Peter says, every good paper has a medical editor. He’s trying to turn The Invader into a good paper. Griff tells Peter not to take it the wrong way, but he hopes it doesn’t come to that. If it ever does, he’ll keep it in mind. He asks if Peter ever found closure. After everything that was done to him, did he find peace? Peter says, no. He did want revenge on his father, and got it, but it cost too much. Not just for him, but the people he used along the way. Peter leaves. Kiki has been listening, and looks at Griff.

Not-Doc asks how Felicia is going to protect them, and from whom? She says, the tabloids and Ryan Chamberlain groupies. They can issue a joint press release. Just a few lines, distancing themselves. One statement; their only response. Let the vultures feast elsewhere. Not-Doc asks what if they took the opportunity to guide the press? Tell the story accurately and with compassion. Felicia asks, for Ryan or the victims? and he says, everybody. She knows he believes Ryan could have been rehabilitated, but he was a monster the public wants to bring back from the dead. They can tell the truth, short and sweet, and end his notoriety and legend once and for all. Not-Doc says, all right; let’s do it. They’ll get together, and sort it out. He’ll page her. She asks if they’re back in the 90s. Not-Doc guesses the topic has put him in a time warp; he’ll text her. They’ll find someplace quiet and private, where they can think. She tells him to let her know when and where, and she’ll be there. It will be over soon; he’ll see. When she’s gone, he says, sooner than you think, Felicia.

Ava tells Carly the custody agreement is clear. If Sonny doesn’t abide by it, she’ll notify the court. Carly says the family will all line up in support of Sonny, including Kiki. She knows Ava banned Kiki from seeing Avery, and Kiki will point out her vindictive parenting style. Ava asks what’s so important about tomorrow, and Carly isn’t surprised she doesn’t remember. It’s the anniversary of Morgan’s death. Avery will be there to hear about the brother she no longer remembers. One day, Sonny will explain how Ava stole his medication and his sanity. She may as well have put him in the car. Ava says she didn’t know that would happen, and Carly says her son is dead because of Ava. Get the hell out of her house.

Nina insists she’s not afraid to meet her daughter, but her daughter might not want to meet or deal with her. Maxie can’t imagine she’d want to miss the opportunity. Peter walks in, saying he wanted to make sure Nina knew Anna was on a hunt for Obrecht. Maxie says she told Nina, like she said she would. Nina says, since he’s there, she’d like his take on something – for a friend. Her friend had to give a baby up for adoption years ago. She thought about her child all the time, and found out where she was as a grown woman, and she didn’t know she’d been adopted. Peter says, that’s tough. Nina says her friend is desperate to meet her daughter, but doesn’t want to disrupt her life. Nina wants to know his opinion. Should her friend try to have a relationship with her daughter?

Finn tells Gregory that he doesn’t think it’s life-threatening. He’s running some tests. If he’s right, they’ll figure out a course of treatment. Gregory says, as bad as it’s been, he’s happy to finally know. He’s tired of running in circles. Chase asks if there’s anything he can do, and Gregory says, join him for dinner. How about the three of them? Finn says his cases are backed up, but Gregory says, there are plenty of days ahead; pick one. Finn leaves to check on the test. Chase follows him out, and says, it’s just dinner. Finn says Chase asked him to treat their dad, and he will to the best of his ability. Chase needs to accept that’s as far as it goes.

Not-Doc is staring at Felicia’s picture on his computer, when Ava comes in. He says it’s a pleasant surprise, and she tells him, pleasant remains to be seen. He laughs, and says he has time if she’d like to talk. She says she’d like that very much, and sits down. He says she seems upset. Is it anything in particular? She tells him that she tried her hand at redemption and failed miserably. Was she wrong to want it in the first place? He says, go on. She says she did the honorable, moral, and right things, and was treated like dirt for sins she’d committed before trying to be better. He asks how she tried, and she says a good man convinced her that loving him could change her; that a better life was possible. She had hope, until he and her daughter betrayed her; humiliated her in public and in private. All the good she thought was inside is gone. He asks what’s in its place, and she says, rage. She was going to say, nothing, that she was empty and hollow, but she’s filled to capacity with nothing but rage. She needs to do something with it; something to them. She needs them to hate her as much as she hates them. She asks how crazy she sounds, and he says the way she described what she’s feeling was masterful. She asks him to tell her how to fight against revenge.

Sam brings Danny in, saying she has a surprise for him. He hugs Jason, and Sam says Danny is studying families, and how they come in all kinds of packages. She says she’ll get some snacks, and Danny can show his dad the book he made. Jason reads from the book. Some families have a mommy and daddy, some only a mommy or a daddy, some have two mommies, or two daddies. Danny says, like Uncle Lucas and Uncle Brad. Jason continues, some mommies and daddies each have their own house. Danny says, just like our family. Jason tells him, that’s right. Just like our family.

Nina tells Peter that he doesn’t have to answer. Maxie says, what Nina is trying to ask is, would it do harm to a child who’s now an adult, if the mother gets in touch after all this time? Peter doesn’t want to assume too much, since he doesn’t know the situation. This is just his opinion. His relationship with his parents was both horrific and non-existent, but he believes if love is offered to a child, it’s the child’s choice to accept it. There are no guarantees, but her friend might have comfort in telling her daughter that she cared. Nina believes it would, and Maxie says she should tell her friend. Nina says she has to get back to work.

Outside Nina’s office, Peter tells Maxie that he doesn’t know how helpful he was. She says he spoke from his heart, and it was exactly the right thing.

Not-Doc tells Ava, she says what she feels is rage, but what he hears in her voice is fear. Ava says she’s a multitasker, and can do both. He laughs, and says her anger is like a forcefield. He hopes that’s not too nerdy. Her anger is protecting her from something on the outside, but also something deep inside. What does she need protection from? She tells him that she has a recurring dream. Shrinks love dreams, right? In her dream, her baby girl is all grown up. She follows and watches Ava, and tells Ava that she sees her as she really is. Not-Doc asks, how? Ava says, ugly, scarred. Not-Doc says, that’s not true. He’s looking at her, and she’s beautiful. She asks if he has any brilliant deductions. Is Avery telling her that she’ll never escape the past bad things she’s done? All the ways she’s compromised to survive? Are the scars on her soul, if not on her face? In a typical shrink response, he asks what she thinks, and she says she doesn’t know. He thinks she does.

Finn goes back in the examining room, and Gregory says Chase went out for coffee. Finn says, that wasn’t necessary, but Gregory thinks it was. He just wanted alone time with Finn once in twenty years. He likes Anna. She’s smart and funny; great qualities in a partner. He knows Finn suffered when Reiko died, like he suffered when Finn’s mom did. He tells Finn it’s possible to find happiness again. Now Finn has moved on. Can he forgive Gregory for doing the same?

Griff watches Kiki use free weights. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, not really. They said no apologies, but – Kiki says, no buts. They slept together. They’re two consenting adults. He didn’t seduce or take advantage of her. She’s tired of pretending they didn’t want to. He can convince himself that he took advantage of her, or that she was tipsy, but it would be a lie. She invited him to her room. He says he could have not gone. Kiki says she could have done a million things, but didn’t. She wanted to be with him. Like she does now. Woo-woo.

Finn writes a prescription, and tells Gregory it should help with the discomfort. Chase comes back, and Finn tells them to enjoy dinner. He leaves, and Chase wonders what the problem is. It has to be more than Gregory getting married. Gregory says he’s been asking himself that for years. Chase is a detective; figure it out.

Ava tells not-Doc that she wants revenge on her daughter and her lover, but if they suffer the way she wants them to, it proves them right; she’s a horrible, wicked woman. If she does nothing, she has to let them go on unscathed, unpunished. How does she learn to live with it? He says, those are good questions. To be honest, not everyone is capable of tackling them with candor. He commends her. She says, for wanting to destroy her own child and boyfriend? He did save her life once. Not-Doc asks if it didn’t balance the debt when he took up with her daughter. She asks if not-Doc is saying he deserves it, but he says that’s not for him to decide. She’s surprised he’s not lecturing her about her moral failings, and wanting the wrong things. He says it’s not his job to lecture. His job is to make her hear herself, so she can decide what’s right for her. She says he’s been extraordinarily helpful, and thanks him. She’d like to see him again, and he tells her to set up a regular appointment. They can explore the concept of revenge and satisfaction together.

Maxie tells Peter that she’d passed along the information about Obrecht to Nina. Peter days he thought she might have forgotten. She says Nina’s fugitive aunt being hunted down by his spy mother? It’s not something she’d forget. He starts to excuse himself, and she tells him that he doesn’t have to bolt when he sees her.

Nina leaves a voicemail for Sasha, introducing herself, and saying she thinks Sasha met her friend, Curtis Ashford. She’s Sasha’s biological mother.

Griff is about to kiss Kiki, and says, only if she promises – she interrupts him, saying, no apologies; no promises. They start kissing passionately.

Jason tells Danny that he did a great job on the book. He learned all about families. Danny says the teacher said families are made up of people who love each other. Jason says his teacher is right, and Danny asks if Jason loves mommy.

Tomorrow, Griff tells Kiki there’s nothing stopping them, Maxie wants to know why Peter is avoiding her, and Oscar doesn’t want to go back to school.

🍹 A new episode of The Shahs of Sunset will be back next week. Tonight, Bravo took a trip down Memory Lane with the Passport Edition, which was really a repeat of Asa and Reza’s pilgrimage to the Iranian border during the Shahs’ trip to Israel. Next week is also the season finale. That was fast.

🐮 Sweet Home Oklahoma – underrated, and one of my favorites – has been rebooted, and turned into Sweet Home, premiering Friday, November 2nd, at 10 pm. The same cast will still be around, but it will focus more on Jennifer Welch – whose ex, Josh, is the only man in the world I allow a man bun – and her interior design business. You can read about it here:


🔥 Last week was so horrendous, I forgot to watch the Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies and Veterans premiere last Friday. I know I can catch it On Demand, but I like to watch the shows fresh. No surprise, it’s going to interfere with my viewing pleasure of Z Nation, which starts tomorrow. So, unfortunately, my Kitchen is going to be a little stale this season.

🎩 Speaking of Fresh…




September 27, 2018 – Where’s the Hospital, the Shahs Go to Vegas, Star Shines & Friday Face


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


There was no General Hospital today, due to the hearings. I thought this is why stations like CNN were invented. I watched about five minutes, then switched to People’s Court.

Shahs of Sunset

Some of the group meet at Mike’s before the Vegas trip. MJ says Vegas is about sinning, gambling, and bachelorette parties. Tommy told her go party on her own, but before she left, he told her not to do anything he didn’t like. She informs everyone she didn’t pack any underwear. Mike says, that’s good to know. MJ has fond memories of driving to Vegas in her first car with her dad. He told her, win or lose, your expression doesn’t change.

In Reza’s interview, He says MJ has a hardcore attitude toward bachelor parties. He was excited for his, but she turned it into a debaucherously, disgusting hot mess of a night. He was wearing underwear on his head and making out with strippers, but he’s not going to do her dirty the way she did him. Plus, he wants to see her get married. Reza tells GG that he’s excite for her to sleep with Nema.

Nema is finishing with work. Destiney in the blue hair, and Shervin in corn rows, come to pick him up. In her interview, Destiney says she can’t stick one color lipstick, never mind hair. She’s going to be who she wants to be in Vegas.

Everyone meets at the airport. On the plane, the pilot gives MJ a shout out. The limo picking them up is outrageously long, and Mike tells everyone to drink up. He’s sexier and funnier that way. In his interview, Mike says he spent most of his twenties in Vegas. Once you have a connection in Vegas, it never forgets you. We flash back to Mike on the last Vegas trip. He says he made money, spent ten years there, lost money, and came back with his tail between his legs.

When they get the Planet Hollywood hotel, Reza says, the turn up is real. Mike tells them to make it so they can come back again. There’s a table laden with food in the living area suite, and Reza says, Persians love to share food. As man of honor, it was his duty to have a beautiful buffet spread ready to chow down on when they got there. A sign says, same penis forever, and Nema tells MJ it’s her future. Mike tells Reza and Shervin four girls hit him up already, but he’s ignoring them.

Reza knows Morgan got angry, and left. In his interview, Reza says Mike claims to love Morgan, but he’s keeping her from meeting his parents. He thinks they’ll have a problem with her not being Jewish. Reza tells Mike that they’re both thugs, but Mike isn’t about certain things. In Mike’s interview, he says his parents have been through a lot with him. He wants to protect them from being nervous or anxious about what he’s doing, He’s not sure yet, so why rock the boat? Reza tells everyone to settle in their rooms.

Nema describes it as bedrooms upon bedrooms hidden in bedrooms. Everyone bounces on the beds, and gets situated. Reza brings MJ to the bridal suite, where there’s more food and rose petals all over the place. In her interview, MJ says she’s going to have mandatory sex in the champagne room. She’s clearly getting violated this weekend. Tommy said his bachelor party was a complete blackout, and she never questioned him. She says she might never leave.

Mike encourages Mona to drink more. GG says Shalom is obsessed with her, and Mike says he still loves her. In her interview, GG says Shalom wants the ring back, and he’s harassing her. Mike says he has deep-rooted love, and what she’s doing with the ring is so wrong. It gets back to him, Shervin’s heart bleeds for Shalom, but at the end of the day you can’t force it. In her interview, GG says it’s interesting how Mike is attempting to give her advice about Shalom. We flash back to him giving her a lecture at the last reunion. He says she’s implying a close relationship, and should take off the ring. It pisses her off, because she knows it’s all Shalom wants. Mike insists he’s not taking sides, and GG says he’s speaking for Shalom. She tells him, don’t get involved. Mike asks, why punish him more? In his interview, Mike says he’s the GG whisperer, since he’s known her forever, and can give her insight. He tells GG that he can make Shalom stop contacting her, and she appreciates it. Sammy arrives, and everyone drinks some more.

MJ gets ready with the bridesman/hairstylist, who is doing her hair in a high ponytail. In her interview, she says, the better you look, the worse you can behave. Reza wants to get going to the cabana he rented. Girls in bikinis hold up letters that welcome MJ. Reza wants to hit the pool, and hit it hard. He’s team MJ for life, and all people she loves are there; her dream team. Destiney takes photos. MJ is happy to be the person who’s not skinny in tough crowd who’s not going oh no. She feels sexy, and isn’t everyone’s type, but her fiancé loves it and she loves herself. Self-esteem on point.

Nema asks if MJ is ready for one d*ck forever. She says she’ll cheat on him if he doesn’t give her what she needs. In her interview, she says if she hits a dry spell with Tommy, she’ll panic. She says a good old-fashioned threat is a good way to keep people on their toes. She’ll do what she needs to do. The others try to get them in the pool, but Nema says they’re talking about marital sex. MJ finally joins them in the pool, which is huge and surprisingly not crowded.

Everyone gets ready for dinner. Destiney likes the way she smells; like spring. Reza says the reason Shervin is single is because he uses insect repellant as cologne. We flash to GG saying she’s plagiarized by his cologne. Reza says if you can’t breathe, stand next to him, and he’ll open your sinuses. He tells Shervin that Morgan decided to move out. While they’re having fun, Mike is dealing with sh*t. Maybe they can talk to him about breaking old patterns. In his interview, Reza thinks Mike should look at the situation with Morgan. He’s not catching on, and making the same mistake. It’s called insanity. As a friend, if he’s not catching on, he needs to help before Mike loses his girl. He thinks they should wait until Mike is a little drunk. Shervin agrees.

MJ’s makeup brushes are labeled with a label maker. I’m impressed. Adam asks, what’s the plan? and MJ says, do as much as she can without Tommy calling off the wedding. In her interview, MJ is pretty sure if something happened, this is the one time she can’t be convicted.

Everyone gets ready for dinner at Mr. Chow. Reza says, when Bugsy Siegel was thinking of Vegas, a Persian man must have been in his ea. Vegas was invented for Persians. They sit at an outside table. Reza is grateful to be there, and MJ says everyone looks great. GG asks Mike how he feels, and Mike says, good. She asks, when he feels good, if he likes to hurt others. She’s talking about his relationship with Shalom. MJ asks why they’re so close, and Reza says they’re both Persian and Jewish; there’s a connection. Mike says if she doesn’t want the guy, don’t wear the wedding ring. It’s a symbol of what they once had, and she’s giving mixed signals. He spoke with Shalom, and told him to stop bothering GG. We see a clip of him talking with Shalom on the phone. Shalom says he wants to be with GG, but Mike says she doesn’t see what he wants her to. Mike tells GG that Shalom promised to stop. MJ want to change the subject.

We flash back to when MJ first told everyone about Tommy. She says she fought for him. She’s not like the mama’s boys who live for their mothers. She lives for herself, and does what she wants. She tells Mike to take the opportunity to do the right thing. In her interview, MJ says he doesn’t want to introduce Morgan to his parents. They’ve all been misled by a Persian man, thinking they were his future wife, but then never meeting his parents. That’s not what Morgan wants. She asks Mike if Morgan knows he’s never going to marry her. After nine months, there’s no reason a forty-year-old wouldn’t introduce his girlfriend. He says wait until she’s married, and she says she didn’t marry someone and cheat on them. He can’t just pick on GG, and leave his life off the table. He says she slept with half the city, and she says she’s had the whole city. He gets up, and she follows.

MJ asks if Mike wants it. What about his 95,000 DMs? He says he’s not a whore, and she ask if he didn’t cheat on his wife. He says, sorry; it upsets him, and sits back down. In his interview, Reza says Mike has the nerve to call MJ a slut during her bachelorette weekend. It’s beyond him. Mike says MJ keeps on taking jabs, and Reza says, it’s two different levels. Reza thinks they should get real, and asks Mike what’s going on at home. Shervin asks if there aren’t any Morgan issues. Reza says the issue is, she’s gone, and Mike says not to antagonize him. In Mike’s interview, he says he doesn’t like when they get involved in his relationships. They try to force him into a position quicker than he’s comfortable. Shervin says he found out this morning that Morgan was moving out. Mike says it got out because he told Reza. In his interview, Mike says there aren’t too many people he confides in. He treated Reza like a brother. Why isn’t it reciprocal? He tells Reza, never again. He can’t trust him. He loves him like a brother, and would give him anything. Reza says this is a joke; he does everything. Mike gets up, says eff you, and leaves. GG says, let’s talk about Shalom again.

Destiney tries to get Mike to come back, but he doesn’t want to deal with sh*t. He gets in the elevator, along with Destiney and Shervin. He says he came to Reza as a brother, and he takes sh*t and twists it. Not cool. At the table, Reza says Mike is the most selfish human on the planet. He worked on Mike’s house for a year. We see clips of that. Reza says you would think Mike would check in on him, and see how he’s doing. In the elevator, Mike says he loves Reza, but he keeps doing this. It’s not fair.

Back at the table, Reza says after this much time, you’d think Mike could spring for a massage, but he hasn’t even gotten a card. he’ll say he appreciates it, but can Reza please finish his house?

Destiney and Shervin come back with Mike. GG toasts to MJ, and orders a Tito’s straight with no ice, as we’d all want to at that moment. MJ hopes the friendship is open enough to talks, and keeping it real. Keeping it strong, no matter what the cost. Mike refuses to clink glasses. In MJ’s interview, she says if they’re all in happy relationships, it’s best for the whole group. When there’s a breakdown in one, it has a domino effect. She knows Mike loves Morgan, and hopes he gets to that place where he needs them in order to make a decision. She leans on her friends. A win for them is a win for all. She apologizes for questioning Mike. Mike says it wasn’t a question; it was a statement. She says she’s sorry she crossed the line. Mike is sorry too. They hug, and Mike cries. He apologizes to GG like MJ has her arms around Mike from behind, and GG says if she did that, Mike would say she’s sexually harassing him. MJ tells him, don’t be mad at Reza. In his interview, Mike says he feels betrayed and it hurts. When it’s your best friend, it’s the worst feeling you can ever feel. If a friend betrays him, he cuts them out, and tightens the circle more.

They move on to the Tao nightclub. Congratulations to MJ and Tommy is on a big screen, and the bikini/letter girls are there, with MJ and Tommy. Reza isn’t letting Mike ruin his life. He’ll just keep his distance. Wtf? Let’s have fun. MJ says all her suitemates are on solo missions, but her gayntourage is there for her. She feels like Madonna probably did in the early 90s. Drinking, flirting, and dancing happens. MJ says she could chase after what Mike and Shervin are doing, but she’s doing right thing; going back to her room, and bonding with friends.

Back at the bridal suite, popcorn is everywhere and champagne is popped. MJ says she’s surrounded by amazing, talented people. She loves them and they love her, and she’s having the best time. It’s the perfect bachelorette party. It’s a memory that will be with her forever. It’s what fills her heart with love and joy. It’s not like her last trip to Vegas. We flash back to her being sloppy drunk, and Reza throwing her in the tub.

MJ gets the hotel guy to let her into Reza’s room. Reza and Adam are already sleeping, and she wakes them up, telling Reza it was almost perfect, except for Reza and Mike fighting. She doesn’t want Reza going to bed mad. Reza shows her to the door.

At the club, Nema chats up some women.

MJ wishes Tommy could be there. In her interview, she says, if anyone thinks she’d actually step out on Tommy, they need to modify their medication. She’s die hard, 100% there for him, and no one else.

Next time, last night in Vegas, trying to make sense of Mike’s crazy behavior, Morgan breaks up with Mike, and Vida doesn’t like MJ’s fabulous dress.

🍹The Shahs will return on October 11th.


When we last left, Carlotta and Cassie had drawn guns on each other. They struggled, and Gladys Knight ended up getting shot. Throughout the show, Simone kept flashing back to the plane crash, and the slightly stalkerish fan who ended up next to her on the plane. Noah was back from rehab, and flashed back to his father stopping him from jumping off the roof. His father told Noah that it was a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and he didn’t raise Noah to be weak. Noah said it was the first thing his father had done for him in ten years; make it the last. Miss Lawrence told Noah that he had also gone to rehab, and offered him a listening ear.

Carlotta had another problem on her hands, when Matteo decided he no longer wanted to be part of the music business, and the tour was canceled. He told her Midtown Sound was over. As usual, she planned a crafty move by staging a Take 3 concert at a business event. This was after Noah’s latest squeeze had pulled a gun out at an earlier business meeting, and was hauled away by security. Carlotta informed Matteo that Gravity Records was now part of his company. Matteo told her, nice move, and gave her six months to deliver.

Gladys Knight told Cassie and Carlotta to fix it between them. Cassie said she never wanted to go to war with Carlotta, and Carlotta said she tried to keep the dream alive, but failed. Cassie ruined the moment by saying that Andy forced her hand, not taking responsibility for Jahil’s murder. Carlotta told Cassie that she didn’t need a gun to get respect, and walked out on her. Cassie met with Maurice, telling him that Carlotta wasn’t the only one with big plans, and that she needed a partner.

Alex and Simone admitted to hating Star, but missing her too. Carlotta met with the girls, and Star revealed she was pregnant. Simone also said it wasn’t working out for her in the DR, and she was asking Angel for a divorce. Carlotta said they owed her another album, and they had six months to produce it. She told them they were happier when they were together. Derek danced with his grandma to Fire, and I thought of Hell’s Kitchen. Later, when Derek was out, his grandma was confronted by a rapist. It was a very uncomfortable scene, and I’m hoping Derek arrives back home in time to nail this sleazebag.

The episode ended with Carlotta talking to Jahil, telling him, all these secrets and lies. She didn’t know how much more she could take. After a little conversation with him, she said she had this, as long as she had him.

The best hairdo of the night went to Queen Latifah, as always, with heavy-duty bangs, and shoulder length loose spiral curls, in dark brown with thin white streaks. I loved it! Miss Lawrence came in second with a long side swept bang, like Bieber, but better.

Next time, Noah wants to know if the baby is his, Simone has movie star potential, and Carlotta tells Cassie she’s not winning this war.

🏃 Running on Empty, But…


September 20, 2018 – Mike Continues to Break My Heart, a Shah Passover, Steve is Out, Moses & Sofreh Aghd


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Stella arrives at Sonny’s place, and Sonny introduces Jason. Sonny asks if they had a meeting, but Mike comes in, saying he doesn’t have a lock on the pretty lady. She’s there to see him. They go out to the terrace, and Jason says Mike is having a good day. Sonny says it’s easy to forget bad ones, and asks where they were. Jason says they were discussing Julian, and Sonny says he’s more in control over the situation than they are.

Ava comes back to Charlie’s. She tells Julian that it’s not enough Kiki betrayed her, but she slept with Griff, the man she’d bared her soul to. Julian says he’s no fan of the fallen father, but maybe Kiki is telling the truth. Ava says, they accidentally slept together? and Julian says Ava has been accident prone on a few occasions. Ava asks if he thinks she’s overreacting to a complete betrayal, and he asks if a one-night stand is worth trashing her relationship with Kiki.

Kiki gives Griff a beer, saying at least her fridge works. Griff says he doesn’t even know if his does. He just opened a few boxes before he realized it’s 110 degrees. She says, welcome to the neighborhood.

At the hospital. Michael helps Maxie with James. She thanks him for rescuing a stressed mom. He says it’s his day for babies. He spent the morning with his cousin Wiley.

Lucas paces. Carly tells him to breathe. Whatever is going on, they’ll handle it. Brad comes flying in, and Monica joins them. Carly asks if she’s the specialist. Monica says she is, and Carly says she’s the chief-of-staff. Monica tells Carly she’s also a cardiologist, and was called for a consultation. Lucas asks what’s wrong with their baby’s heart?

Maxie tells Michael it’s refreshing to use both hands. She says Michael has the touch, but she’s not surprised. Growing up, he was everybody’s big brother. She saw him in birthing class, and knows he’ll be a great dad.

Monica says, no need to panic. There are preliminary markers that might point to a heart defect. Carly asks how serious, and Brad wonders how non-serious a heart condition could be. Monica says they won’t know until they do an electrocardiogram. Brad freaks, and Carly says the sooner they do it, the more information they’ll have. Brad says sooner is now; what do they do?

Ava asks Julian if she’s supposed to forgive and forget. He says Kiki forgave her for sleeping with Morgan. She tells him not to bring up her sordid details, and she won’t bring up any of his. He asks if she has any reason to believe Kiki and Griff slept together more than once. She says, no, and he asks how many times she slept with Morgan. She says she came to him for help, and this is the opposite of helping her. He says no matter what Kiki’s betrayal was, she’s stood by Ava. When Ava was in the hospital, where was Kiki? Ava says, by her side. Julian says she stayed with her mother when her mother betrayed her in ways far worse. He’d give anything if his kids would talk to him for more than five minutes. He tells her that he’s there for her, and Ava admits he has a point. It’s her daughter they’re talking about. She refuses to lose her over the likes of Griffin Monroe.

On the phone, Kiki tells someone that it’s so hot she could grow orchids, and the new tenant is having the same problem. She puts some ice cubes in a bowl on the table, saying it’s not air conditioning, but it’s the best she can do. She could go for an air conditioned theater, a bucket popcorn, and a movie. She asks what his favorite movie is, and he says he’s never been one for movies; he never had time. She says he must have seen some of the classics on TV, like The Wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain or Casablanca. He says he’s seen most of The Ten Commandments. She says, most of? and he tells her he fell asleep before the parting of the Red Sea. She says that’s the best part. The key is to get your nap in beforehand. He asks what her favorite is, and I miss the title, but it’s a French film involving a card game. She says it was her mother’s attempt at culture. She tells him the Port Charles International Film Festival will be there, and they’re going. She’s going to show him a whole new world.

Sonny trusts Jason’s instincts. He was thinking about sending Max over to Charlie’s with the check, but thinks Jason should take it. The house phone rings, and Sonny says, send her up. He tells Jason that Jordan is paying a visit. Jason asks if he should stay, but Sonny tells him to take the check over, and tell Julian to shut his mouth when it comes to Sonny’s father and the explosion.

Sonny tells Jordan that he had the feeling he was going to see her. Jason leaves, and she says she has a few more questions about the body. Sonny thought he answered all of them, but she says that was before they got the ballistics results.

On the terrace, Stella tells Mike it’s beautiful and peaceful. Mike says he does his best thinking there. He’s looked over the brochures from her suggestions, and she asks if he has any thoughts or questions. He says he wrote them down. She asks if he’s talked with Sonny and Carly. He says he tried; he’s losing time, more and more. Stella says she’s sorry. She can’t imagine how difficult it is. Mike says he’s decided he wants to move. He wants to go where his family will be protected from what’s happening to him.

Carly tells Brad, it’s the worst part of being a parent; the uncertainty. He’ll get tons of practice, but it doesn’t get any easier. Brad asks if he’s supposed to man up and get through it. She says he has until Lucas gets back to sob, scream, and cry. When he’s alone, he can be weak and vulnerable. He says, Wiley is special, and Carly says not just for him, but for the whole family. They needed a miracle. Brad says, he has to be fine, and Carly says before he knows it, Wiley will be back in his dad’s arms.

Maxie tells Michael that James is quite the charmer. Most of the time, he looks like a cute version of Churchill or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. But when he smiles, it’s like she’s looking at Nathan again.

Griff tells Kiki that she doesn’t have to do this. She says if he’s suspended, he has the time, and she can change her work schedule. After the dust settles, she’s going to be shadowing Finn. Griff says, he’s quirky, but brilliant. She says Griff and Finn are living proof that David is the exception, not the rule. Griff says he’s sorry, and she says he doesn’t need to apologize again.

Jordan tells Sonny that DA was direct, and she saw the approach was difficult for Mike. That’s why she came alone. Ballistics found the gun was used in a gangland shooting in Brooklyn before the murder, and Mike was living there at that time.

Jason goes to Charlie’s, and gives Julian the check. Julian says Sonny could have sent anyone, but sent him. If he’s reading the signals right, the check isn’t the only message. Jason says he doesn’t know Julian well, but Julian put a knife to his Alexis’s throat. Julian says he was saving her from a psychopath. It was theater, but he couldn’t say that until it was too late. Jason says Sam doesn’t buy his story. That’s why she doesn’t want him to be around her or the kids. He’s there because Julian showed up at Sonny’s and threatened Mike.

Mike tells Stella that his son loves him too much to send him away; it’s complicated. She says he can tell her anything. He says he worries that he’s already told her, and he’ll get boring. She says he might be many things, but boring will never be one of them. He says he’s ashamed of how he abandoned Sonny, when Sonny was just a boy. He abandoned Sonny and his mother, and his mistake has haunted him ever since. He knew it was wrong. Now he knows it’s wrong to stay. He needs her to help him do right by his son before there’s not enough left in him to do it. He needs her to help Sonny let him go.

Maxie tells Michael that she and Nina tell each other all the time that James looks like Nathan, but they’re biased. What does he think? Michael agrees, and Maxie says when she’s at her most neurotic, James looks at her, and she has both her guys back. Michael says holding James makes him feel better. Maxie tells him that Nina thinks babies have healing properties; they’re magic. Michael asks James if he’s magic.

Carly tells Brad if he doesn’t have the strength to pull it together, fake it. Fall to pieces at night, after he turns on the monitor. There are no right answers; just a series of well-intended mistakes. Lucas will be back soon, so if he needs to kick something – not her – or scream in a pillow, now’s the time. Brad says it’s the only thing he wanted to give Lucas – the family he wanted. Carly says he’s done that, and Brad guesses he has.

Kiki tells Griff that he apologizes too much, and he says, sorry. He’s kidding. She says he and her mom were constantly apologizing to each other. She does an imitation of Griff and Ava, which is pretty accurate, and Griff laughs, saying she nailed it. She wants him to promise to stop apologizing for being a good person. He says he’s not fighting with the person picking the movies. There’s a knock at the door. No surprise, it’s Ava. Ava says Kiki is her daughter; her baby girl, and hugs her. She says they both got carried away and said terrible things they didn’t mean. Ava loves her so much. She sees Griff, and says she thought he’d suffer in solitude.

Griff says it’s not what she thinks. Kiki says the radiators are going crazy, and Ava admits it seems warm. Kiki says they don’t owe her an explanation, and Ava says it paints a cozy picture. Her beautiful daughter wearing next to nothing, spending the afternoon with Griff. Griff says he rented the studio apartment. He’s out of work, and what he can afford. She says it’s nice of her daughter to help him land on his feet. Griff asks, what’s more disappointing? That her daughter has his company, or he’s not lying in the gutter?

Monica says Wiley has a small abnormality in a major vessel. It’s a structural problem that can be fixed by surgery or medication, or it could go away by itself. Carly says, that’s the same condition Michael had as a baby.

Stella tells Mike If Sonny isn’t ready, there’s a daytime option. Mike says, that might work, but he gets worse in the evening. He doesn’t really know, since he doesn’t remember. He’d hate to think of them just seeing the worst of him. He says Sonny might like it, but also give Sonny the brochures on the ones he wants to visit. He invites her to stay for lunch, and she says she can’t resist him and lunch. He appreciates that she understands what he wants to do, and helping to be his voice, She says she’s honored to be his friend, but he says the honor is his. He wants her to promise that when he can no longer remember her, that she’ll remember how much he wanted to. He takes her hand, and we all get weepy.

Julian finds the amount acceptable, and asks Jason why he’s there. Jason says to make sure Julian keeps the agreement. Julian says he spent some hard time in prison, and ended up in the infirmary more than once. Another time would be it for him, but thanks to Alexis, he got released. When he got out, he lost his taste for the business; the life he was raised on. It was the first time he made the decision. It’s ironic how you can lose your taste for winning, when you don’t want to risk what’s in your life. Jason asks why Julian is telling him. Julian knows Jason is assessing if he’s a threat.

Sonny tells Jordan that his father is no saint, but he’s not a killer. Jordan says they’ve cross-checked the people involved, and his name came up more than once. Sonny says it’s circumstantial evidence of a murder that happened thirty years ago. She can’t blame someone who doesn’t even remember what happened yesterday. She says she has sympathy, but she also has a body and a hungry DA. The walls are closing in.

Mike and Stella go inside, and Mike asks if everything is all right. Sonny says he remembers Jordan, and introduces Stella, who says they’re well acquainted. She’s engaged to Stella’s nephew. Mike says, so she’s the one. Jordan says that’s what Curtis tells her. Stella tells Mike they’ll talk soon. He sees her to the door, and thanks her. She asks if he needs her to stay, and he says whatever this is, he doesn’t think it has to do with him. What happened to lunch? You’d think they’d at least mention it.

Mike says Stella is one fine lady, and asks what brings her there? What trouble is Sonny in this time? Or is it him? He has nothing to hide. Sonny says Jordan doesn’t need anything from him; isn’t that right?

Ava says she never wanted Griff in the gutter. Griff says, but she did. She knew he’d suffer if she talked to Monica and the monsignor. Did she think she could scorch things around him and he wouldn’t burn? Ava says she can dream. Kiki says she only believes in forgiveness when it comes to herself. Ava says Kiki never asked for forgiveness. She clearly doesn’t regret what she did, and can’t wait to do it again. Griff tries to step in, and Ava asks if he’s rescuing Kiki again. Griff tells Ava that the darkness runs so deep, there’s nothing that can make her whole again. Kiki tells her, get out, and closes the door.

Monica tells Carly, it’s the same condition; AJ had it as well. Carly says Michael needed surgery; so did AJ. Monica says, Wiley doesn’t. He’ll need periodic exams, but she thinks it will go away. Lucas wonders why they didn’t know. Carly is concerned that the birth mother kept it a secret. Lucas asks, what else don’t they know about their son?

Maxie tells Michael feel free not to answer, but is James too much for him. Michael says, the opposite. James makes him feel closer to Jonah. Maxie gets it. She knows he’s grieving for Jonah, but he’s also dealing with his grandfather. He says holding James makes him miss who Jonah would have turned out to be.

Julian tells Jason that he doesn’t have to worry about him tangling with Sonny. He has more important things to do with his life. They’re done. Jason starts to leave, and Julian says, one more thing. There’s no love lost between him and Drew, but he does respect him. He loved Sam enough to get out of the business. Does Jason love her enough to pull her back in? Jason says, what Sam does is up to Sam.

Ava goes back to Charlie’s and tells Julian, it turns out he’s wrong. Families can’t just rise above anything. Her daughter is no longer her daughter, and the feeling is mutual. Kiki has made that clear, and it’s fine. Kiki is just another enemy who took something from her, and people who steal from her pay the price. She downs a shot.

Kiki gives Griff another beer, and asks if he’s all right. He says, actually, yes. Her? She’s great; she’s free. He says, but? She says, no buts; she’s just sorry. He says they agreed they’re not the ones who have anything to be sorry for. The super calls, and Kiki says, the radiators are going crazy. Hers and the studio apartment. She tells Griff, the super is on his way, and Griff says he has to go back and wait for him. Which, if it’s anything like real life, should be about three days.

Maxie has to go back to work. Michael asks what she does with James, and Maxie explains that Felicia and Mac babysit, and she has a nanny on the other days. He tells her to let him know if she needs help; he had a had fantastic time. She wants him to know she gets it. You’re not just missing the person you lost, but the life you would have lived with them.

Brad says rushing to the birth mother conspiracy theory is a lot. She gave him to them without a fight. They don’t want her to second guess her decision. Lucas asks what if there are other health issues? Brad says he has access to a lab. Monica has to leave, but tells them to call any time for any reason. Carly says she’s with Lucas on this. They should contact the birth mother. Brad says, it’s against the law, but Lucas says it’s out of medical necessity that they find out who she is. Brad thinks they should just leave her alone. Carly says, if she’s keeping secrets, they need to be brought to light now.

Jordan says Mike has a long checkered past, but he says she’s wasting her time. He has no connection to the body. Jordan’s phone rings, and she says she’ll be right there. She tells Mike and Sonny that forensics has identified the remains. If they’re connected to Mike, they’ll know soon.

Tomorrow, Franco asks Drew if he’d want to know he was dying, Finn’s father visits, Cameron says Oscar might not have a later, and Jordan has something Margaux might want to see.

Shahs of Sunset

MJ, Vida and Tommy meet wedding planner Lenore at The Jeremy. In her interview, MJ says she doesn’t want to fight about minutiae. She wants to be an easy breezy bride. It has to be the way she wants it, but she’s still chill. Vida is concerned about the sun on the terrace, but Tommy tells her science is awesome, and it sets the other way. They discuss sofreh aghd, a table setting with symbols of everything they want to enter into a marriage with. Vida says it’s an old custom belonging to fanatic families, and they’re not fanatic. She thinks it’s too cheesy. In her interview, MJ says Persians have believed this is how to send a couple off in marriage for thousands of years, and she’s having it. I would too. I love this stuff.

Reza meets Mike at a restaurant for dinner. They’re waiting for Adam who just had a mikvah. We see a clip of Adam doing something that looks similar to baptism. In his interview, Reza says Adam knows how he grew up with tension and turmoil because his parents were of different faiths. He wanted himself, Adam, and their future kids all on the same page. He tells Mike that he broke it to Adam about investing in the shampoo business. Mike asks if he really wants a child, and Reza says he wants a family. Adam joins them. Mike asks if his conversion is accepted in the state of Israel, and Reza says they have paperwork. Adam asks if Morgan is a Jew, but Mike says no. Adam wonders if she’s going to convert. In his interview, Mike says his parents loved Jessica, and overlooked two fundamental things they’d wanted for his wife – being Persian and a Jew. When the marriage failed, they pinpointed those things as being why the relationship was doomed. Mike gives them an open invite for all holidays. In his interview, Mike says with being in his new home, and Adam being converted, it’s a great opportunity to host Passover. He asks Adam if he’s getting circumcised, and Adam says, dude, he’s been circumcised. Is Mike really that ignorant?

Destiney meets MJ for drinks. MJ asks for sourdough bread, saying she needs to gain weight for the wedding. She tells Destiney that her dad wanted her to show independence, and her mom thought every man was a cheater. Destiney says she never saw a relationship growing up. Her older sister was born in Iran. They lived in Santa Monica until her middle sister was born, and then her dad went to Iran. He came back long enough to get her mother pregnant, and she didn’t see him until ten years ago. In her interview, she says it wasn’t an emotional or affectionate meeting. She didn’t even ask the questions she wanted to. She was scared, and shut down again. She tells MJ that she’s looking for her father. MJ tells her that his choices and mistakes have nothing to do with her. Destiney says she told him that he wasn’t her father, since a father would never leave his children. He replied by saying she wasn’t his daughter, because a daughter would never speak to a father like that. She excuses herself to cry in the bathroom.

MJ tells her it’s okay. It takes a strong person to be vulnerable. In her interview, MJ says she sees a younger version of herself in Destiney. She has solid armor, and is dedicated to staying protected. You can’t live like that. She tells Destiney that she has the future she wants, but she can’t stay in that lane and have it. She wonders how Destiney can look this fierce and be having this conversation.

GG meets Nema for a photo shoot at what looks like a sports equipment place. In his interview, Nema says he’s never seen her like this. He expected her to come in like a star, but she’s shy and insecure. The tough ego is not always who she is, and it’s endearing. He says he wants her to be the face of her company. She says by the time it takes off, she’s hoping to be pregnant. She needs someone who wants to have a kid, but not a relationship. Nema suggests Shervin, and she can imagine what the baby would look like with her sideburns and Shervin’s chest hair. Nema says the baby would be pure hair. In her interview, GG says she never thought she’d be a boss. She and her sister started a hair extension company, but her sister only wanted her to be the face of it. Her heart wasn’t in it, but her heart is in this. She gets nervous, and Nema kicks everyone out. In his interview, he says he normally doesn’t get involved with the photo shoot, but he wants her to channel Golnessa, and leave GG at the door. Golnessa radiates, and he thinks the world will fall in love with her, and she’ll sell a billion products. Everyone is happy with the photos.

Reza sees therapist John, who looks like a grown up Howdy Doody. He tells John that his best friend’s father just died, and it started him thinking about how he’ll feel when his dad passes. His mom dedicated her life to raising the family, and his dad dedicated his life to doing what he wanted. He wants nothing to do with his father, and wants to be okay with it when he dies. In his interview, he says growing up, he thought of his father as a huge ho. Years went by, and they didn’t talk. We flash back to him telling his father how he felt a few seasons ago. He says, it’s hard to have a relationship with someone who’s not accountable for their sh*t. He tells John that his father has dementia now, and needs the people he abandoned. John asks what he’d want his dad to understand, and Reza says that he was a big disappointment. Until his father can say he effed up and Reza deserved better, there’s not much hope of forgiveness. John says he’s not at the point he’s able to say those words. He asks Reza to imagine himself as a parent. Reza says amazing, hands-on, and proactive. John says he’s spent his life trying not to be his dad. He needs to let that go as motivation, and find a way to be driven by a positive force.  In his interview, Reza doesn’t want to be that person. The person who doesn’t want to do that to their kid, but does it because it’s all they knew. He says he has some cleaning up to do before he becomes a dad.

Destiney prepares lunch. Mom Tammy arrives. In her interview, Destiney says she’s going to look for her father, but her mom went through a lot of pain, and she doesn’t want to hurt her. Tammy asks why she’s sad; whenever Destiney sees her, she starts to cry. In her interview, Destiney says she just wants answers. She can’t give up. This ancestral trauma isn’t helping anyone. She says when her mom is hurt, she gets closed off. Tammy says her own mother had six kids, and her dad died when she was three months old. Reza joins them. In her interview, Destiney says he knows her mom from back then, when his mother was going through the same thing.

Reza asks what Destiney has told her mom so far, and she tells him about Tammy’s dad dying when she was small. Reza tells Tammy that when Destiney talks about her dad, she starts crying. In his interview, Reza says Destiney needs something, so she’s able to turn the faucet on and let it bleed. He asks if Tammy would support Destiney looking for her father. Tammy doesn’t want her to just sit and cry. Reza says she has rage toward him bottled up, and it’s not good. Tammy says her father isn’t a bad man; he has problems. Reza says Destiney is at a fork. If she keeps this bottled up, she’ll never get married, and if she does, she’ll repeat the pattern. Tammy says, the truth is always bitter. Destiney says, it’s the same pattern. Reza tells Tammy that Destiney needs to know she’ll help her, and Tammy says she will. In her interview, Destiney knows it’s now a Persian thing to be afraid of your mother, but her mom gave her a look like, let’s do this.

Tommy and MJ meet Mike and Morgan for drinks and bowling. In his interview, Mike says Morgan is the most mature of all of them. She’s twenty-six pushing forty, and the rest of them are forty pushing fourteen. He teaches Morgan some bowling moves. Tommy gets a split, and so does Mike. MJ is more my speed, getting a gutter ball. My high score is 90. Morgan gets a split, and Tommy says she’s hustling them.

MJ tells Morgan that Mike’s mom is his Achille’s heel. In her interview, MJ doesn’t think his parents are comfortable with the relationship. We see a clip of Morgan saying that Mike keeps their relationship separate from his family, and asking him to make it a priority. Mike tells her that he can’t speed it up. MJ doesn’t think they’re in the same relationship. How can he not introduce her to his mom. It’s so shady. Morgan wants security and to be able to trust him. Mike gripes that Morgan cracked his bowling ball, and she says she thinks that was there already. MJ is glad her boyfriend isn’t a tyrant. That’s her takeaway from tonight.

GG’s parents, Fatima and Mahmoud come by her place for take-out Chinese food. GG gets out a notepad. Fatima tells her she has no experience in running her own company; she can’t believe it. In her interview, GG says her parents are behind her 100%. They’re being good sports compared to normal parents, who might not appreciate their daughter becoming a legal drug dealer. She asks if she needs a bank account. Doesn’t she even read? In her interview, GG says she’d never let her own child be as old as she is and not have a job, but she was different. She was kicked out of ten schools, and arrested at fifteen. Mahmoud tells her to go to a headhunter to get employees, and she asks Alexa where she finds one. She wants to make it work because she believes in it if. If she’d believed in her marriage the same way, it would have been successful. She’s not only the president, she’s a client. And was a client long before it was legal to do so. (I said that last part, not her.)

MJ, who is going blonde for tonight to go with her outfit, and Tommy join the others at a bar. Reza asks if she’s getting excited about the bachelorette party. In his interview, Reza says he’s dreamt of the day he can take MJ to Vegas for her bachelorette weekend. And he was thinking the day would never come. Bottle service with sparklers happens. Reza says, the turn up is real. They’re going to Vegas. Better be ready. They all yell, Vegas! and clink glasses. MJ asks Morgan to come to her bachelorette party. Mike’s parents will be there (I assume not for the actual partying), and she says Morgan can meet them then. In her interview, MJ thinks Mike should introduce her or cut her loose.

Shervin’s Parisian friend, Vahid, joins them, and GG flirts with him like crazy. In his interview, Nema says he feels like the Persian Crocodile Hunter. It’s like watching a lion feasting on a little French deer. You want to see the carnage, but feel bad. She’s using him as bait to make Nema jealous, but she can’t Jedi mind trick him on this. She asks how old Vahid is. He says he’s twenty-five, and GG says she’s not ready to be a cougar.

Reza goes with Destiney to meet the PI. He tells her, knowing is better than the unknown. It’s having a huge negative pull on her. Her shoulders are up around her neck like an English bulldog. She’s a hot mess because of unknowns, and what we assume is ten thousand times worse than the real thing.  PI Monique arrives. Destiney says she hired her because she’s Persian, and also understands the culture. Monique asks when was the last time Destiney saw him, and Destiney says, ten years ago. She doesn’t know how, but her mom found him and brought him there. He spoke seven different languages, and worked in several different countries. She doesn’t’ know much more, but says she went through his luggage and found a bunch of different IDs. She’d wondered if he had another family. Reza asks about siblings, but Destiney says her mother never told her about any. Reza thinks her mom knows everything, and it’s a weird dynamic. The mother thinks she’s protecting the kids, and the kids think their not knowing is protecting their mom. Destiney doesn’t even know how long they were married. In his interview, Reza says Destiney has so much frustration, the only thing to do is cry. He tells her, this is no way to live.  

Morgan has a little white dog named Royce. This has nothing to do with anything, except, little dog! Mike and Morgan set the table for Passover. Adam brings in the last four bottles of kosher wine available. Mike says that’s enough for MJ, what are they going to drink? In his interview, Mike says he’s honored he’s hosting Adam’s first high holiday in his home. He says, Morgan isn’t Jewish, so thank God for Google. Mike’s business partner Eddie and his wife Elaine arrive, followed by MJ and Tommy. The table is beautiful – lots of gold and flowers. Prince Fred joins them, heir to the throne in Abu Dhabi. In his interview, Mike says, 137 people would have to die, but technically he’s a prince. He’s not Jewish, but Mike likes having everyone of all or no faith there. They have a common bond – they’re friends.

Mike explains the Passover table. In his interview, Reza says they retell the story of the Exodus, and there’s a lot of waiting before they eat. They get to realize what it was like with their ancient ancestors wandering around in the desert, and what they went through before they got to eat. Everyone duels with scallions. Reza decides a buffet is the best idea, and helps Morgan in the kitchen. He asks MJ if Tommy is coming to Vegas, and she says, ask him. Reza thinks it’s weird, and asks him to please come. Tommy says it’s MJ’s weekend. Reza asks Mike if Morgan is coming, and Mike says if they want her to. In his interview, Reza says, it’s like letting the Israelites free. Let your girlfriend go to Vegas. Mike says it will be a tamer version if she comes. MJ announces dinner is ready, and it looks wonderful. Royce yawns, Morgan tells Mike, every year it will get better. In his interview, Mike says, it’s time for the crew get effed up and be together. He doesn’t want her to come, but he doesn’t want to look like an a-hole. Well, it’s a little late for that. He asks Morgan to come to Vegas.

This season, pools, poles, Vegas, unlimited alcohol, Mike crying, the PI tells Destiney her father is being kept hidden, Asa makes an appearance, GG’s launch party, and MJ’s wedding.

🚫 Not Quite a Brooks…

But Steve isn’t Vicki’s Prince Charming either. I really didn’t like him at Tamra’s party. I wish Vicki would stop choosing a-hole boyfriends because she’s desperate not to be alone.


🔄 Typical…

After 39 years and 11 months of stubbornly wandering the desert, Moses' wife decides to ask for directions to the promised land,

👰 Sofreh Aghd


September 13, 2018 -Robin Meets Peter, a Happy Shah New Year, NuJordan & Nowruz


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital         

Anna asks Robin what she meant about having unfinished business with Peter. Robin wants to talk to him, and Anna thinks maybe they should all have lunch. Robin was thinking of something less orchestrated; something impromptu with just her and Peter. The bell rings, and Maxie arrives with James. Robin fusses over the baby, and Anna smiles tentatively at Maxie.

Lulu tells Peter if he’s trying to rebrand The Invader as a legitimate news source, maybe he doesn’t want to splash the Ryan Chamberlain murders on the front page. He’s thinking the reverse. That it will get them the high-profile readers they need, and as his lead reporter, he wants her to write it.

Ryan (as Doc) speaks into a recorder, but decides he needs to be more dour. He recommends the patient be committed to high observation solitary confinement. Living a long time can do wonders, like make one focus on what’s truly important. He looks at a picture of Felicia on his laptop.

Sam asks why Kristina wants to work for Julian. Kristina says it’s a job, she’s a good bartender, and he had an opening. Sam asks if she’s not avoiding her feelings by running headfirst into a fight with Alexis and Sonny. If she wants a fight, working for Julian is the way to do it.

NuJordan, who totally confuses me for a moment, tells Margaux the remains are from a male, thirty-five to forty-eight, and estimate the body has been there approximately thirty years. She’s requested dental records. Margaux thinks they should pull all the building permits that have been filed, and is going to acquaint herself with the original owner, Charlie Delaney.

Julian tells Sonny that he didn’t want Charlie’s; he wanted what’s buried beneath it. Jason asks if there’s a problem, and Sonny says Julian was just telling him about something buried beneath the pub. Julian says, not something; someone. There was someone in his basement, and the police are digging them out.

Julian says the explosion tore up the foundation, exposing the skeleton. He wonders how long it’s been there. Sonny asks, why come to him? Julian says he had a passionate interest in buying the place, so he thought Sonny would be interested. Sonny asks if they found anything else Julian thinks he’d be interested in. Julian says the place was torn down to the studs, and anything found is with the PCPD. Sonny says, he didn’t inquire? and Julian says he’s keeping his hands clear of this one. Far be it for him to get in the way of justice.

Robin and Maxie talk about their kids. Robin says Patrick has already bought Noah a toy stethoscope. Maxie says Georgie has already made a list of what she wants to teach James. She sees being a bossy big sister in Georgie’s future. Robin wonders where she got that from. Maxie says she loved being a big sister, when Georgie wasn’t driving her crazy. Robin says, speaking of siblings… Maxie apologizes for being insensitive. She hasn’t even asked how Robin is feeling since she found out Peter was her brother. Robin says it’s a lot to take in. Maxie says visiting there is a good sign. Robin says when her mom first told her, she had a delayed reaction. She felt numb, then started to hurt. She felt angry and betrayed; not how she wants to feel toward her mother. She needed distance, and guesses she got her wish. Anna was held captive for more than a month. She didn’t even know, and wishes she’d reached out sooner. It was strange knowing that Anna was keeping a huge secret; she’d thought it was just the two of them, but her mother had a memory of another child in her heart. Maxie says it doesn’t mean Anna loved her any less. Anna is bringing in tea, and stops outside the door, listening. Robin says she never doubted her mother’s love, but it’s a big change. Maxie asks where Peter fits in, and Robin says she can totally understand why her mom wants him in her life, but she’s not so sure she wants him in hers.

Lulu is afraid other reporters will totally sensationalize the Ryan Chamberlain story. Peter tells her if she wants to insure it’s handled with tact and sensitivity, she’ll have to write it. She says, that’s blackmail, but he says, it’s journalism; does she want it or not? She tells him many of the victims still live there; some of them are close to her. She won’t move forward unless she can give them a heads up personally. She’s not blindsiding anyone. Peter says he can’t ask permission to publish. If she writes the truth, and doesn’t violate any laws, she’s done her due diligence. She says if it can be published without collateral damage, fine; if he doesn’t think so, he can find himself another reporter.

Julian says, Mike knew the pub owner, Charlie Delaney; isn’t that why Sonny wanted to buy the place? Sonny says his father has Alzheimer’s, and he gets confused. It’s hard for him to remember what’s real or not. Julian say he was pretty confused and distraught over the gas leak. Jason says he should have the gas line checked to make sure there are no more accidents. Julian says he intends to. Even with all the delays he’s had with the renovation, it probably wouldn’t have been found for few more months, except for gas leak. Funny, huh?

Sonny thanks Julian for bringing by local gossip. He and Jason have some business to attend to. Julian says, speaking of business, since his demolition plans have been expedited, he plans on going ahead with the renovation. He also thinks he’ll be going with a different coffee distributor. He thinks it’s time they went their separate ways, since they have a clean slate between them. Sonny says fine, but don’t blame him if the customers complain about inferior coffee. Julian says, one more thing. He hired Kristina. Sonny can get the details from her. Sonny wants them from Julian, and Julian says Kristina came into his place prior to the explosion, and filled out an application. He was short on bartenders, so he hired her short term. After the explosion, he thought he’d never see her again, but she showed up this morning for work. Sonny says he’ll talk to her, and Julian says, good luck. She’s like her mom, with a strong mind of own. He says he’ll let himself out.

Sonny thanks Jason for grabbing the wrench. Thank God he got Kristina out. Jason says she was just trying to protect Mike, and Sonny says she has a big heart, and it gets her in trouble. Jason says he’ll keep an eye on her, but Julian could still cause problems. Sonny hopes not. Julian has his expansion and the coffee contract is over, but Julian has his daughter working for him; now he can’t make a move. Jason wonders if Julian manipulated her, but Sonny thinks he’s thinks he’s telling the truth for once. She wants to work for him. She’s a rebel. Thanks, Sonny. Now I’ll have He’s a Rebel in my head for the rest of the day.

Kristina makes a drink for Sam, who’s impressed. Kristina says she worked in a bar in Eugene. She had fun talking to different people. They want a good drink, and she makes them. It’s simple and satisfying. Sam says, and Parker? Kristina doesn’t know how many other ways she can explain it. She got caught up in a fantasy; running away, starting new life together, love conquering all. Parker’s new job gave her a life, but Kristina didn’t fit in.

Robin has an errand to run. The star of the afternoon is going to sleep now anyway. Maxie says she sees how she rates; she thought they were talking. Robin says they already agreed Peter being her brother is complicated, but they have each other get through it; they’re family. Peter kept his own secrets. It’s unclear of his intentions, but Maxie got caught up in the middle. He knows Anna would do things differently if she could, but life can’t go backwards, so they just have to figure out what comes next.

Peter tells Lulu that she’s the only reporter he wants write it, and she can write it however she sees fit. He thinks it’s fascinating, but has no interest in exploiting the victims. He expects her honest opinion, no matter how unpleasant, when it’s needed. She tells him not to worry about that. He appreciates her coming to work for him, and possibly go down in flames with him. There aren’t many willing to give him a second chance. She says pub opinion doesn’t dictate what she does. She became a journalist to make a difference. He says it is a great story that would have taken her years to get at the Press, and it’s better than covering PTA meetings. She tells him that Ryan Chamberlain was the boogie man when she was growing up. Isn’t it every kid’s dream to unmask their nightmare?

Ryan says her tears were always beautiful, as he looks at a picture of Felicia from Nathan’s funeral. Laura calls, and he says he meant to call, but time got away from him. He checks his phone, and sees four missed calls. He says he’s sorry. He turned off his phone while he was in sessions at Ferncliff. He was distracted by a patient. He was a tough nut to crack; get it? He says he’s not stressed. It’s probably nothing less coffee won’t correct. He says he’s not overdoing it, and asks how she is. He looks at Felicia’s picture, and promises when he calls tomorrow, he’ll be back to his usual self.

Anna tells Maxie that James is gorgeous, and Maxie says he’s looking more like Nathan every day. Anna is glad he’s safe and healthy. She feels partly to blame, since she delivered Peter’s letter. Maxie says she didn’t know at that point, but Anna says she was intervening. She needed Maxie to believe in the good Peter showed her. Maxie says she feels the same way about James; he’s the most developed and advanced baby in history. But she doesn’t just love him. Sometimes, she doesn’t feel like anyone else exists. Anna is glad she has him. Maxie doesn’t think she would have survived otherwise. She says Robin is right about family. She’d also change things if she could. She knows what it’s like to grieve someone. Love isn’t always a rational process. Things come into her mind, things that remind her of the loss, and she’s back in it. Anna says if it’s easier for Maxie not to see her, she understands and will keep her distance.

Jason tells Sonny, if the DA has sequestered the remains, he can find a way in. Sonny says, too risky. The DA has both of them in her sights. He tells Jason to stay clear, and don’t let them think he has any interest. Jason suggests Spinelli hack into the evidence log to see if there’s a gun. Sonny hopes not.

NuJordan and Margaux agree that Charlie was quite a character. Margaux says he was working for kingpin Frank Smith. She says there was a renovation in the early 80s. It would have been easy for Frank Smith to disappear someone. Yes, she said it that way. Jordan looks at her laptop, and says they died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Margaux asks if a gun was recovered, and Jordan says they’re still looking.

Maxie says she was there the night Peter almost died, and the stable was burning. Valentin got Nina out, and until she said something, no one knew Peter was inside. Then Finn ran in. She was freaking out, and thought for sure the both of them were dead. It was a miracle when Finn hauled Peter out. Anna is surprised it was Finn, and Maxie says he did it for her. He’d never let her son die. Didn’t he tell her? Anna shakes her head, and Maxie calls him an unexpected hero. Anna says he seems to have knack for that. Maxie says she waited at the hospital for Peter to wake up; she’s not sure why. Anna says she’s a good, kindhearted person. Maxie says Anna is too. Her love for Peter doesn’t dishonor Maxie’s grief. It just makes Anna his mother.

Robin sees Peter at the MetroCourt. He says he has a lot of work, and sometimes he likes to get away from the office to focus. He asks if she’d like to sit, and she says she thought they should talk. She has no idea what it’s like to grow up with Faison as his only parent, but she knows what it’s like with a mother who was perpetually afraid of him. She lost years away from her family because of his obsession with her mother. Peter says he’s sorry. His father was good at inflicting pain. In a way, they both grew up in Faison’s shadow, and she’s going to make sure her kids don’t live the same way. Peter says his father is dead. She asks if he plans to pick up where Faison left off, and he says he’d never hurt their mother.

Sam tells Kristina, sometimes love isn’t enough. Kristina wonders where the big sister offer of advice is. Her life is in freefall, and she can use all the help she can get. Sam tells her not to be so down on herself; she’s just scared. Kristina says she’s been lost for so long; chasing sense of purpose from relationship to relationship, from school to school. Sam says she’ll recognize the right fit if she finds it. Slow down, and tell her how she feels now. Kristina says like a bartender; comfortable, good. Sam hates to ask, but does she really think this place is the right fit, or the right place to pick a fight?

Ryan looks over information about Felicia. He notes she married Luke’s ex-brother-in-law. He says she got more interesting in the last few years. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Lulu, who’s name he gets from quickly looking at her picture. She wanted him to hear it from her directly. Peter wants her to oversee a special edition of The Invader. He congratulates her, and she hopes he still feels that way when she finishes. It’s going to be a standalone collector’s edition about the 25th anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain crime spree. Ryan says he no idea there was still interest in the story. She says revisiting serial killers is popular these days, and Ryan is a local legend.

Lulu won’t be conducting the interviews personally, but will oversee them. She’s not happy dragging up that dark time, but it’s a critical part of the town’s history, and Peter made it clear that he’d do the issue with or without her. She thought it was better in her hands than a stranger’s. Ryan agrees, and he’ll back her up with Laura if she need him. She thought he’d object, but he says the previous coverage was inferior; they made Ryan a one-note caricature. This will be the coverage he deserves – from an anthropological viewpoint. It’s been years, and it’s still the most fascinating case study. Science will never understand a mind like Ryan’s, until they’re not afraid to bring it out of darkness to light. Insert cuckoo clock sound here.

Peter tells Robin that he’s living in the open. He started a new, better life. She asks, why Port Charles, if he’s moving forward? He says it’s the first place he’s felt at home. She asks what about their mother. He says he doesn’t know. Robin grew up with her; any advice for her big brother? She says if he chooses to have a relationship with her, it’s between them. She’s not going to lobby for it. She doesn’t have to. Their mother is a remarkable person, and stands on her own merits. She tells him she has two kids, and he remembers Emma from the Nurses’ Ball. She says it’s a miracle that someone who’s HIV positive has a healthy baby. Emma and Noah are miracles. Emma is obsessed with her grandma, and wants to be her when she grows up. She’s lucky to have a loving, supportive family. Emma is curious about him. She told Emma that she was going to meet him. She wasn’t sure if he could be her uncle. He says, maybe one day. She says, maybe, and leaves.

Anna says she should have known Maxie would feel like this. She has a big heart. Maxie says she’s a mother too. She can’t imagine being separated from James. She gave up Georgie because she felt it was better for them both. It wasn’t until it was too late, she realized she was wrong. Maxie understands how, when Anna looks at Peter, she sees the hurts he’s carried because of her choices. Anna understands the loss Maxie feels when she looks at James, knowing he’ll grow up without Nathan. Maxie says she loves Anna. Anna is her godmother. She could never cut Anna out of her life. They hug. Anna thanks her. Maxie says she can’t promise ever letting Peter in.

Julian checks out the drinks. Kristina explains the penicillin. She didn’t name it, but it cures what ails you. Julian is impressed. Sam says she is too. Julian is surprised she’s not against Kristina working there, and she says she’s choosing to support her sister. Julian asks if Sam wants to tell their mom, but Sam says, no, that’s Kristina’s job.

Sonny tells Jason that he always knew there was a possibility he’d be put away, and Diane has protections in place. Michael will be in charge of his legitimate businesses, and personal decisions, and Jason will handle everything else. Jason says they can try to shut down the investigation, and can get him out of town at a moment’s notice. Sonny says this has been hanging over his head since Skully gave him the job. If finally comes to light, he’s not running.

Ryan tells Lulu that he’s prepared for what lies ahead. His brother is never far from his mind. Lulu says she’ll be in touch. When she’s gone, Ryan makes call. He asks someone if they’d like to get a bite. He’d love to catch up.

Robin tells Anna that she saw Peter; they also need to talk. Anna asks how it went, and if she thinks they can build a relationship in the real world. Robin says she’d have to trust him first, and she’s not sure she does yet. She doesn’t think he’s picking up where Faison left off, but that being said, he did hold Jason prisoner, and almost shot Anna. It’s a lot to overcome. Anna says it was just a reaction to Faison. Robin says Anna is his mom and can defend him, but Robin accepting a relationship with him is out of Anna’s control. The same way Anna’s is out of hers. None of them know what’s going to happen next.

Peter goes to the elevator at the MetroCourt. Maxie is picking up some take-out. She grabs the bag, and runs to get in before the elevator doors close. Peter smiles at her.

Sam knows Kristina is a great bartender. Kristina says, not everything is a jab at mom. She asks if Sam is really okay with her working there, but Sam didn’t say that. Kristina is an adult, and Sam respects her decisions, but as long as she’s in Julian’s orbit, Sam isn’t taking her eyes off Kristina. The pub better stay a family friendly place. Wait. Doesn’t she mean non-family friendly? BA-DUM-CHH! Kristina says, message received. If Sam wants to spend more time together, bring it on,

Jason tells Sonny, if the DA connects him to the body, he’ll be put away for life. Sonny knows it’s risky, but he’s not running. He doesn’t care what they find. He’ll stay and face it. Nothing can make him leave.

Tomorrow, Margaux finds something, Peter and Maxie get stuck in the elevator, and Mike says it’s time to rethink things.

The Shahs of Sunset

GG goes to a jewelry store. She wants her ring appraised. In her interview, she says she’s decided not to give the ring back. She’s thinking of having it reset, so it doesn’t look engagementy, or she might sell it, since she’s starting a business. She’s hoping it’s not as fake as Shalom was. Shervin meets her, and the store owner says she’ll call her diamond sources. GG and Shervin talk about not being ready to marry. The woman comes back, and says in her opinion, she thinks it’s worth about $165K; don’t give it back. In her interview, GG says she likes the respect it gives her, and understands about kissing the ring.

MJ and Tommy go to counseling. In her interview, MJ says when they disagree, she feels powerless and helpless. She has no tools to cope; her toolbox is empty. She tells the counselor that she’s fully committed. She loves and adores Tommy, but wants better communication. Tommy tends to yell when has a feeling, and screams so loud, the whole street hears. Tommy says he hears a lot about what he does wrong. He knows she hates hearing it, but she’s a lot like her mother, and he can only take so much. The counselor asks if she’s communicating so he can hear her. Tommy says if he doesn’t jump when she tells him to, it’s a problem. She asks what he’s feeling, and he says he doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves. The counselor talks about the idea of assertive communication. When a mess is noticed, MJ could say she gets frustrated and was hoping he’d clean it up. Both of their needs are important. MJ wants it to be positive. In her interview, MJ says when you love someone, you want to understand where they’re coming from. She realizes they both came with their own sh*t. Tommy says they’ll be together until they’re covered with dirt. MJ says lot of people don’t have what they have, and the counselor says, exactly.

Reza’s car, Miss Moo is going blind, and Reza suggests sending her to an institute to find out where the bathroom is. They discuss Adam converting to Judaism, and we flash back to him talking to the rabbi. Reza isn’t the only reason he’s converting. He realizes how amazing it is, and he’s also motivated by the future baby. He asks when they’re having kids; what’s the time frame? Reza says, if he wants to take on that burden, he’s in charge; make it happen. IN his interview, Reza explains that Adam makes 9 to 5 money; not the kind he makes. Team work makes the dream work, except Adam will be making the babies. Miss Moo gets on the table and Reza says, you have a lot of nerve, bitch.

GG and Shervin go to the beach. In her interview, GG explains that it’s the holiday the week before the new year, and it’s tradition to make a fire to jump over. When she was a kid, her parents were the first to use the beach. More and more people came, until the city designated the area for fire pits. It’s something awesome her parents started. Nema arrives, and says he’s never done the fire jump. In his interview, he says their parents wanted to Americanize them. His father didn’t want him to have an accent, and face the racial things he faced in the 80s after the hostage crisis. Shervin tells him don’t fall. In his interview, Neva continues that it wasn’t until they were adults that he and Mona realized the value of the culture. It’s also a cool opportunity to meet GG’s family and know the other side of her. He has to make good impression. If the family doesn’t like you, you’re dead in the water. Mike explains that it’s a national holiday for their culture, not religion, and dates back before Islam and Judaism. Morgan is half-Persian, and he’s a Persian Jew.

Reza’s new house was broken into, and it’s a mess. He says as his friends are fire jumping, he’s dealing with emotions. He feels totally violated. They got into all the boxes from Rancho Mirage, and his prized keepsakes and knickknacks are all gone. He can’t describe how weird it is to walk into his own property and know someone else was there going through his sh*t, taking what they wanted like they were at an effing store. It doesn’t seem real. This can’t be happening. Ugh. I know the feeling. My first NYC apartment was burglarized. Not that my stuff was worth nearly what Reza’s was. I actually thought at first my apartment had been tossed because of a case of mistaken identity, since I had nothing much to steal. Hope they enjoyed the cheap jewelry, and the used makeup inside a box they must have thought contained jewelry.

At the beach, the jumping starts. Mike says, no more self-anger. He wants to be more proud of his accomplishments. As each person jumps, they say, my paleness (pain) is yours; your redness (health) is mine, and say what they want to leave behind. GG flashes back to her engagement. She says she’s not throwing away the experience, but moving on. She burns her marriage license and jumps. In her interview, she says she didn’t believe in marriage, and thought she’d have it framed to prove she was wrong, but it’s burning and it feels good. Everyone eats, drinks, and takes selfies.

Shervin, GG, Mona, Nema, and Destiney go out to dinner. In her interview, Destiney says the best Persian food is cooked at home, but there’s nothing like a Persian restaurant to know exactly how much spice to put in. Destiney says she’s been dealing with some heavy things. Her father wasn’t around when she was growing up, and she has questions. As a woman, she needs closure. Nema says talking about it will give her closure, but Destiney says the only closure she’ll have is if she sits across from her father. In his interview, Nema says they’re all products of immigrants, separated from their home country. They all have the same bond, and feel the same pain. Destiney has hired a PI. In her interview, she says what better time to close the chapter on what held her down. They do some dancing. Destiney says her happy place as kid when she was in pain was dancing. It’s in her soul. We learn the phrase gher bedeh, which means, shake it.

Reza makes dinner for the holiday. It’s the new day; the first day of spring. They have a table with symbolic items similar to those used in Rosh Hashanah, and he explains what they represent – health, growth, and prosperity. Unfortunately, the symbolic goldfish has died, and Reza says a Hebrew prayer for wine over it. It’s the only prayer he’s memorized, and it was that or nothing.

Because her parents’ house is under construction, GG hosts the get together with family. She explains that everything has to be brand new, even your underwear. I’m liking these holidays more every second.

Nema is nervous around his dad because of his childhood need for appreciation. His dad thinks he sold himself short in life. The guests begin to arrive. Nema says his dad is an academic at heart, and his dream was for Nema to be a lawyer or doctor, not be in media. He sees a sense of pride when his dad looks at his sisters. It bothers him that his dad won’t say he’s proud of him. It’s caused resentment, and severed their relationship in a lot of ways. Nema thinks they should talk to their Persian family, and they FaceTime with some cousins. In his interview, Nema says when people see him, they see a guy who’s Americanized, but he’s Persian. He spent a formative year in Iran, and feels the pain of separation from his family every day.

MJ and Vida arrive at place. Vida has to count the items on table. She notices there’s no goldfish, and in his interview, Reza is like, effing Vida. Mike and Morgan join them. Reza explains that the holiday is based on the lunar calendar, and the first day of spring starts in Iran at 9:15 am. They count down and make a toast. This is so cool and the food looks so good. Destiney asks if Morgan is going to Mike’s mom’s in the evening, and Mike says they’re not there yet. It’s a lion’s den and his mom is a lion. In his interview, Reza says Mike doesn’t want to disappoint his family again. Mike says he wants to do things correctly this time. Reza has gotten a $16K emerald for his mother, that he wants to have set in a ring that he designed. He shows it to everyone, and they pass it around. Adam drops it, and the corner breaks. In his interview, Reza says now it’s missing 25% with one corner gone. Adam says he’ll replace it, but Reza says he can’t afford it. Some of the things Adam does boggle his mind. In his interview, Reza says he wrote the $500K check and deceived his husband. Then a bitch gets robbed. He didn’t tell him about buying the emerald, and Adam dropped it. It’s supposed to be new beginnings, and this explains why the goldfish is dead. Mike says, time for bigger and better things, and the party breaks up. Do these people ever sleep?

Adam apologizes, but Reza is a little standoffish.

Mike says conversations with his mom are shallow. He messed up with Jessica, and wants to do things right this time. He hasn’t introduced anyone to them since Jessica.

Vida arrives for the party at Mike’s mom’s place. She points out how many fish there are, and none of them dead. Reza tells Mike, Vida has one mode, and Mike says, it’s evil.

The party also starts at GG’s. The table has mass quantities of beautiful food, and GG says she’s been working hard. Destiney says, in her mind. A dude in a red fez and tutu dances in, and GG explains it’s Hajji Firuz, the official mascot of the holiday, similar to Santa. Her favorite memories are getting gifts from him. He dances with the guests and passes out money. In his interview, Nema says it’s the first time he’s had Persian friends. It’s beautiful and an inclusive aspect of the culture. He’s gaining brothers, best friends, and family, and it feels great.

They FaceTime with Mike’s party for a while. Mike asks MJ if she and Tommy have picked a venue, and MJ says they’re having the wedding at Jeremy’s. She tells him to make sure she has a good bachelorette party. She wants it in Vegas. Vida says she’s going to be the chaperone, and asks if they’ll be getting wild. MJ says, yes, and we flash back to Vegas 2011, when Reza had to dump her in the bathtub. Reza says they’re getting crunk, and Mike explains that means crazy and drunk. Destiney Facetimes with Reza, and asks where Morgan is. He tells her Morgan wasn’t invited. In her interview, Destiney says, if you don’t bring your lover to Nowruz dinner, there’s a problem. Either you’re embarrassed of them or don’t want your family to meet them. She feels bad.

More fabulous food is eaten Mike says he’s had a lot of issues he’s dealt with, and he’s leaving them behind tonight; it’s a clean slate. He commends MJ on how strong she’s been. In her interview, MJ says it’s her dad’s birthday, and she feels happy and sad at the same time. It’s the first day of spring, and she feels strength from the love and support of her friends. Mike thanks them for coming and allowing him to share the holiday. They toast to Shams. I too, feel happy and sad at the same time.

Reza and Adam go to the fertility doctor. In his interview, Reza says, he assumes Adam brought a check if he wants eggs. No babies are being paid for by him. The doctor asks if they’ve considered what kind of donor they want. Reza says they want a Caucasian egg donor, and they’re hoping for twins. In his interview, Reza says since he’s half-Persian and Adam is Caucasian, it’s the closest thing he can get to having a biological kid with his husband. Reza asks the cost, and the doctor says it’s $125K, but that’s just for one surrogacy. If they want twins, they’re looking at $10K to $15K more. He asks if Adam has the money, and Adam says he has some of it. Probably smelling discord, the doctor excuses himself to do whatever.

In his interview, Reza says he feels dirty about the $500K writing check that Adam doesn’t know about. His stomach is in a knot, and he’s afraid of his husband. Two feelings he’s not used to feeling. He tells Adam that he spent $500K on the shampoo business. Taking it amazingly well, Adam says he knew Reza was going to invest, but not to what extent. Reza says he wasn’t going to tell Adam, and Adam asks if he was just going to lie. Reza says, not lie; just not say anything. Adam points out that’s still lying. Reza says he did it for their future; so when they’re older, they won’t have to work or worry about things. In the meantime, he doesn’t think he can carry another huge financial burden. When the house is done, they can refinance and buy a kid then. Adam says, it sounds like a plan. Reza says that’s why the house has been his number one consideration from the jump, but Adam was pressuring him. Adam insists that he hasn’t, but we flash back to the million times he’s whined he wants a baby now. Adam says it was Reza’s hard-earned money he invested, but when he makes decisions on his own, it makes Adam feel that what happens in their world is other than theirs. In his interview, Reza says, he just learned a lesson. Being open and honest is the antidote to the evil eye. They’re going to sell a lot of shampoo and be rich.

Next time, Vida doesn’t want any cheesy traditions, GG wants to make Nema jealous, and Destiney says it’s all going wrong.

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Meet NuJordan.


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