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December 27, 2017 – Nathan is Gifted a Clock, No New Jersey or Siggy, WWHL Talk & Another Clock


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

At the hospital, Kiki congratulates Laura and Doc. Laura realizes they never discussed her last name.

Maxie needs to talk to Amy, and tells her it’s important. Amy says so are her patients. Maxie says she needs a DNA test done – fast.

Obrecht meets with Nathan at Kelly’s for breakfast. She tells him she’s been waiting a lifetime to give him this present.

At the station, Lulu finds out that Mayor Lomax has been indicted. She asks how long Lomax will still be in office. Jordan says a couple of months. The still have to do an investigation. Dante tells Lulu that she blew it open; now, the police have to connect the dots. Alexis says Lomax is an embarrassment to Port Charles, but an elected official can’t be fired.

Ava and Griff wait for Kiki at Ava’s place. Ava gives him her gift, a nice watch. Like a sports watch, not a blinged out Rolex. He tells her he can’t accept it. Sigh. What now?

Anna tells Finn he has two objectives. One is to put a card inside of Cassandra’s phone, so she can spy on her. She tells Finn to call her when he leaves, and keep his phone on so she can hear. His other objective is, don’t die. He tells her that he knew what he was getting into, so wish him luck.

Laura says she’s always been Laura Spencer. She and the name have survived a lot, and it’s who she is. Except it isn’t anymore. She wants to be Laura Collins. Doc says has a ring to it, and I start wondering if there was ever a Laura Collins on Dark Shadows.

Amy tells Maxie it’s against the law for her to just do a DNA test without following procedure. Maxie says so is fraud, but Nathan did that for her. She needs a comparison test. Amy asks what it’s for.

Nathan unwraps one of those old-fashioned cuckoo clocks with little doors. Like in the Geico commercial. Obrecht explains that she got it in Bavaria when she was pregnant with him. It reminds her of the fantasy she had of their life together, traveling the world. Her hopes were dashed, and they had to hide from Victor. Now the clock can hang in the nursery. She finally has a chance to set things right. Nathan says as much as he appreciates the gift, everything is not all right.

Ava thought the watch was as special as Griff is. He says it’s beautiful and thoughtful, and he appreciates the gesture. She says it’s not a gesture; it’s a present. Griff says he’s spent his entire adult life detaching from material things, and doesn’t feel comfortable with such an expensive present. For having been around the block and then some, Griff has zero social skills. Ava says she got him something from her world. She’s an art dealer, and her life is about expensive objects. She thinks his perspective must be liberating. She asks if he would keep it, if she promises to never get another one, and he agrees. She puts it on his wrist. Geez, seriously, it’s nice, but not like what they’re making of it, and the wristband sounded like it was plastic, for goodness’ sake. They kiss.

Cassandra tells her companion (does he have a name?) about Finn coming by. He says not to give him too much access. She appreciates that he’s protective. If she’s misjudged Finn’s character, he’ll be nearby to correct her mistake. Finn arrives. He tells her they have something important in common. With the business they’ll be doing, they can help people and make money at the same time. Cassandra says that pain management is both merciful and lucrative. On her end, Anna tells him to finesse. Cassandra tells Finn that she loves that he has no tolerance for nonsense; she’s the same way.

Alexis tells Lulu that if handled properly, Mayor Lomax might not want to stay. The key to getting rid of her once and for all lies in digging up dirt. Dante drags lulu into the interrogation room, and kisses her. She tells him that she needs to take down corrupt officials more often. He’s impressed with the way she stood up to Lomax, and asks how it feels. She says like she never wants to stop. They start making out, and I think, isn’t there a window there? Did he lock the door?

Maxie asks Amy if she’ll make it happen if she tells her why. Amy says her odds will improve. Maxie says it’s for Nathan. She starts to tell Amy about his mother, and Amy interrupts, asking if she means the obnoxious, demanding mad scientist? Maxie says she was going for squirrely, but it would insult the squirrels. Maxie explains that they think Obrecht might be lying about Victor being Nathan’s father. Amy says Nathan won’t go for it, and Maxie says not to tell her what her husband would do.

Obrecht says she adores Nathan. She’s overjoyed to be oma to their little one. He says her first test as a grandma is to say what isn’t she telling him about his father.

Griff tells Ava that he’s still planning her gift; it’s a work in progress. She loves the anticipation. He tells her to be patient; it will be worth it. Kiki knocks at the door. She and Ava hug, and Ava asks if she’s spoken to Dillon. Kiki tells her that Dillon said the movie is still in production. She misses him, and they’re supposed to exchange presents when they see each other, but she’s brought Ava’s. Ava says she and Griff had an adventure on Christmas, serving dinner to the homeless in Julian’s bar. She leaves the room to get Kiki’s gift. Griff asks Kiki if it’s set for tonight, and Ava overhears.

Cassandra tells Finn that the chemist assures her that the formula is better than anything currently on the market. Finn says they all say that. She says that once he reads it, the deal is officially sealed. She tells him that she’s not comfortable having meetings with phones on, and he turns his off. He says now it’s just the two of them. Anna freaks out. Felicia sees her, and asks if she’s okay.

Stella congratulates Laura, and thanks her for speaking up at the meeting. Laura says she couldn’t watch the neighborhood being dismantled. Stella tells her about several buildings losing power and heat on Christmas. Laura asks if she thinks the landlord did it on purpose, and Stella says no question about it. Laura says the community can’t stand for that; it’s harassment. Stella tells her the landlord owns a lot of property, and with the mayor in his pocket, she’s afraid of what he might do next. Laura says they’ll see about that.

Nathan tells Obrecht there’s no proof Victor is actually his father. A simple screening can tell him. She says that he has the medical dispositions he needs, and his suspicions hurt her. As his true mother, she’s asking him to let this go.

Amy tells Maxie she didn’t mean to imply that she knows Nathan better, she’s just affirming that he’s an honorable man. Maxie says that’s why she’s there. She asks Amy how she spent her Christmas. Amy says it was great; she spent it with Chet. Maxie tells her that the Driscoll family yuletide wouldn’t have happened without her and Nathan’s help. Now help her put Nathan’s mind to rest.

Ava continues to listen. Kiki asks Griff if it’s better that Ava knows the truth. He says she can’t know yet. I know what she’s thinking. That these two have something going. That’s stupid, even for these people.

Anna tells Felicia that she was just listening to a podcast, but Felicia says she knows what surveillance looks like. Anna says she just got cut off. Felicia says if she didn’t know better, she’d think it was about Finn. Robin told her about them moving in together, and moving the relationship to the next level. Anna stumbles over her words a little, and says they’re just cohabitating. Felicia says, with benefits. Why else move in?

Finn points out to Cassandra that a banned element is in the formula, and says replacing it would be crude at best. He suggests something he developed for his immune protocol, but to change the chemistry of the product line, he’ll need access to the lab. Cassandra says he’s not the man she thought he was.

Laura tells Doc that the mayor caused deliberate sabotage. He says her fight is his, and he’s behind and beside her 100% – a week from now. Meanwhile, their honeymoon awaits. Laura doesn’t think they can leave right now.

Nathan tells Obrecht that whatever she’s hiding, whatever truth is, he can handle it. He needs her to be honest. She tells him that she’ll share her most shameful secret.

Alexis announces that the Port Charles charter has an ethics clause. Any elected official can have their salary withheld if they’re under investigation. They can refuse to pay Lomax, and how long will she want the job if there’s no money? I won’t mention that usually mayors have other jobs because the pay is not that much.

Ava gives Kiki a present, saying it’s a token of faith in her. Kiki unwraps a doctor bag. I note that they actually unwrap their gifts, as opposed to the old days, where soaps always gave gifts in a pretty box with a matching lid and built-in bow. Ava says she couldn’t have gotten through that horrible ordeal without Kiki’s comfort and support. Kiki gives Ava her gift, and Griff annoyingly reminds them that the true gift is their relationship with each other. He adds that Ava taught him to accept a gift with grace. Ava removes a scarf, and says it must be to hide in. Griff says that wasn’t the intention, and Kiki says she was the one dragging her outside not that long ago. Ava sarcastically says they always give her the other two most important things in her life, faith and honesty. She’s acting like a real jerk.

Anna tells Felicia that she and Finn are just getting to know each other. Felicia says he’s easy on the eyes, but Anna says looks only get you so far. She tells Felicia that Finn is very smug, irritating, and pays attention to detail. He’s also socially backward. Still, he’s a kind man, and funny, but what he doesn’t know, or refuses to believe, is that he’s caring. Worst of all, he’s a morning person, but she’s grown accustomed to his smile, and he knows how she likes her tea. Felicia says it says sounds like she’s in love.

Cassandra thought Finn would need more time to work out any problems, but he’s more of a genius than she thought. She says it’s a cause for celebration, and pours some champagne. Finn asks if she always has it around in case of a celebration, and she says all civilized people do. Uh-oh. I guess I’m out. They toast to civilization, Cassandra saying, may it be ours for the taking. Finn spills it on himself, and Cassandra leaves to get something to wipe it up. While she’s out of the room, he puts the card in her phone. Cassandra comes back just as Finn is finishing, and she asks what he’s doing.

Doc understands that it’s important, but asks Laura if it can’t wait. Someone else can fight the good fight until then. Stella comes by and says she’s on her way to the station to file a complaint. She asks if Laura will join her as backup. Laura tells Doc that she can’t run off; the people could get intimidated. She can’t ask others to do something, if she’s not doing the same. Doc says they can all go on the way to the airport. Stella is fine with that compromise; it’s good sense. Standing up against the mayor is important, but so is their honeymoon.

Amy says she’ll find a way to make the test happen. Maxie tells her to worry about the test, and she’ll worry about the means. If Nathan gets answers, he won’t care how they got them. I dunno about that.

Obrecht tells Nathan that she hopes the child is a boy. She was able to raise his sister, but wasn’t given that privilege with him. She hopes she can imagine those years with her grandson. Nathan asks what she’s not telling him. Obrecht says she told him what he needs to know. She says to look to the future, where the answers lie ahead, not behind him. Don’t look there anymore.

Kiki says she’ll return the scarf, but she doesn’t know what Ava means. She’s always been honest; can Ava say the same? Griff tells them not to leave it like this. He tells Ava that Kiki didn’t think about her hiding behind the scarf, and Ava tells him not to think he knows her daughter better than she does. Scarves are a reminder of what she lost. Kiki says she got it all back and then some. Whatever she’s got going on today, get over it. She leaves, and Griff asks what happened? Ava tells him to ask Kiki. Maybe she’s missing Dillon or sad about having to work, but she also has work, so it’s best if he goes.

Felicia tells Anna it’s been a long time since she was in love, not since she lost Duke. She’s happy, and in love. Anna says the problem with people like her, is that they think everyone else should be like them. Felicia says she was practically gushing. She’s fighting it tooth and nail, and Felicia thinks she’s afraid of love. She’s terrified, but that’s stupid. Felicia tells her that she’s been given another chance. Dive in. She says that you don’t get to choose who you fall in love with, but get to choose what you do with it. If he feels the same, don’t fight it.

Finn tells Cassandra that he was clearing his work schedule. She wipes at him with a cloth, and says she can think of more inventive ways to celebrate. He suggests a waffle stand, but she’s thinking a side trip after the factory. Finn says he’s flattered and tempted, but can’t. She tells him no one has to know, but he says he would. He wouldn’t feel right. Cassandra asks, because of Anna? and he tells her, yes.

Felicia sees Doc at the station, and he explains that he and Laura were on their way to their honeymoon, when there was some community activism to take care of first. Jordan tells Felicia about the landlord, and how he owns several buildings. Lulu joins them, and says she wrote a follow-up about the board confirming massive voter fraud, and how Lomax stole the election. So, I guess there’s a daily newspaper at Aurora? Dante says she was indicted this morning. The results will be overturned. Lulu asks if this means Felicia is mayor, and no surprise, Felicia isn’t exactly interested anymore, but Alexis says there will be a special election in four weeks, if she wants to run. Felicia says she’s moved on, and they’ll need a viable candidate. Doc knows who his vote would go to. Someone with the character, history, and heart to protect the people and legacy of Port Charles. His wife, Laura Collins.

Maxie comes running into Kelly’s, saying she’s sorry she missed breakfast with his mom. He doesn’t believe that, but she says Obrecht is never boring, and Maxie loves the way she pronounces the names of the pastries. Nathan shows her the gift, and she’s like, great, a cuckoo clock that will wake up the baby every hour, and suggests maybe Obrecht had one as a child and that’s why she’s the way she is. Nathan says there’s been no headway on the father front. Maxie says maybe they can solve the mystery themselves.

At the hospital, Kiki tells Griff that it’s becoming a problem. He asks if she has any second thoughts. She says exactly the opposite. She can’t wait to see where it leads. He says, him too, and they part company. In another unsurprising moment, Ava sees them.

Finn tells Anna, mission accomplished. She sees his wet shirt, and he says he can double glass with the best of them. He tells her it was like James Bond meets The Three Stooges. Anna says she didn’t hear anything after he hung up. He says he told Cassandra he cleared his schedule to see the factory, and she proposed a private getaway. Anna says as soon as she places a call to the factory, she can trace it and get the location, and have it destroyed. He asks, then what? and she says then this whole charade will be over, and they can go back to their lives.

Tomorrow, Lulu wants to follow up with something just as good, Cassandra wants to eliminate Sonny, and Sonny accuses Jason of wanting to get away from Sam.

🍅 While there was no new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight, I did hear the news that Siggy Flicker is not coming back to the show next season. I’m guessing that her behavior hasn’t been good for business. It’s hard to be credible as a relationship expert when you can’t seem to handle your own. Whether it’s a hormone issue or not, she comes off as irrational. I watched the last two episodes again, and it’s mind-boggling. She makes excuses for everything, and can’t apologize to save her life. And, wtf Dolores?

🎉 I’m not sure why there was nothing new tonight. God knows, Andy Cohen takes more vacations than anyone I know, so maybe the whole place had off this time. (Watch What Happens Live will be back after the first of the year.) I know he has a gig with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve, but I’ve always wondered why he never did a WWHL New Year’s Eve party again. He even said he was never doing one again, and I’m pretty sure I heard distaste in his voice. What happened? Sadly, the night I watched it was one of my best New Year’s Eves. I can never resist Giggy.

😂 At least it gave me leave to watch Carol Burnett’s 50th Anniversary on CBS. For those who never saw the show, or are too young to remember it, it was one of the funniest programs ever on television. And it was on Saturday nights, when TV is often a wasteland.

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