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September 15, 2019 – Sasha Confesses To Michael, Jack Asks Aesha To Be His Girlfriend, Post Med News & Tuesday Groove


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu asks Dustin if he wants to again, and he says he’s game if she is. Laura and Curtis walk in. Everyone is in shock.

Franco goes to Kim’s apartment, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says he wanted to check on her. He asks if he can come in, and she says, sure. She tells him, it’s nice of him to check on her, but she’s really fine. He asks how she can be fine when she just lost someone else she loves? She says she knows who she lost. Oscar’s father – the real Drew Cane – but he’s a survivor. There’s still a good chance he’s alive. Franco says he appreciates her faith in them. She says she knows who Drew is, and if there’s a chance for him to find his way back, he will. Franco says, she’s right. She knows him; perhaps better than anyone else. He doesn’t quit, but if Julian is the man she wants in her life, he’ll stand down, and they’ll go their separate ways. He just needs to hear her say it once more. is that what she really wants?

Nina tells Valentin, Lucy is going to relaunch her cosmetics line, and wants Sasha to be the face. She doesn’t know if Sasha is going to accept, but how cool would it be? Obrecht says, how cool. Her followers and fans will be clamoring to know every detail. Nina says she can’t tell if Obrecht is really happy or not, and Obrecht says if Nina is happy, she is. Valentin says he’s happy about any success in their family. Nina thinks it would be fabulous if Sasha was the face of Deception. Obrecht says, a poetic choice, and Nina says Sasha will be on billboards and in magazines. She’s happy to tell the world how fabulous her daughter is. Obrecht says, they must also prepare for the downside. Sasha will be inviting the entire world into her life. They’ll want to know every little detail.

Sasha tells Michael that she needs to do this now, before she loses her nerve. Michael – who’s trying to grow a mustache, and I vote no – says she’s still recovering. She should give it time. She says she can’t decide if he’s being caring and considerate, or trying to delay the inevitable. He says, maybe a little of both. She said what she had to tell him is bad and he’s not going to like it. He can think of many reasons why it can wait. She says she can’t keep living in fear, and can’t lie anymore. He deserves to know everything about who she really is. Michael says, okay; tell him. What’s the secret? She says she’s not Nina’s daughter.

Laura says, oh my God. She’s so sorry. Lulu asks why she’s there, and Curtis thinks it’s time to go. He says, sorry for the intrusion. In the hallway, Laura says, wow. So maybe they don’t start in the staterooms. Curtis says, good idea. Maybe they should get some fresh air. She says, good idea. Dustin tells Lulu, it’s been a while since someone’s mom walked in on him. She asks if he was having sex with their daughter, and he says he was going to be a gentleman, but yeah. The mom in question was also mayor. Lulu says, really? and he says, no. She puts the blanket over her face, and he says, it’s not that bad. She says, oh God, and sinks further under the blanket.

Valentin tells Nina, as much as it pains him, he thinks Sasha should pass on subjecting herself to the public. Obrecht says. she calls it public scrutiny, but they’re on the same page today. Nina says they’re both missing the forest for the trees. It’s a wonderful opportunity, waiting for Sasha to say yes. Obrecht says, she and Valentin are in a rare state of agreement, and Nina says they can discourage it all they want, but it’s Sasha’s choice. Valentin says they all have faith in Sasha, and suggests they talk about something else. Obrecht says she was granted an interview with someone who has a rare and horrible disease. Nina asks if Valentin saw the way Sasha and Michael looked at each other. Obrecht says she was giving them good news. Valentin imagines it’s been quite a while, and tells Nina that he’s happy for Sasha and Michael, as he is for Sasha’s Deception. Nina says, it’s not Sasha’s; she’s going to represent it. Through Sasha’s room window, she sees Sasha and Michael talking, and says, Michael has been supportive and caring throughout Sasha’s illness. She can only imagine what they’re talking about. Valentin is sure it’s something earnest.

Michael asks what Sasha means, and she says, exactly what she said. Nina isn’t her mom; they’re not related in any way. Michael says, there were multiple DNA tests, and Sasha says she doesn’t know how the tests were doctored, but when Curtis found her, he asked for a DNA sample. She’d already been provided with samples to give him that were a match with Nina. Michael asks why she’s telling him, and Sasha says, even though Nina’s not her mother, she loves Nina like family. That’s why she can’t bring herself to keep it up. He asks why she did it in the first place, and she asks, why does anyone do something like that? She needed the money.

Curtis tells Laura that he didn’t know Lulu had moved on, but it’s none of his business. Laura says, it’s not their business, except Dante wanted the divorce, not Lulu. She didn’t fight it, but that’s because…  never mind; it’s too much information. Curtis says they have plenty of other things to talk about. Laura says she’s surprised that Lulu moved on so quickly, and he says, him too. Does Laura want him to check the guy out? Laura says Lulu is a good judge of character, and she’s met him. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and she thinks his interest seems sincere. Curtis says, good for Lulu. Let him know if she has cause to doubt it. Laura says he’ll be the first call she makes. Curtis says, back to the business at hand. The only reason they got caught on the boat is because it’s supposedly closed. Lulu is going to ask why they’re here. Laura asks what they should say, and Curtis says, Dustin and Lulu might have been getting a little too busy for them to get in their radar.

Lulu tells Dustin, she’s so sorry. The boat is closed for repairs. No one is supposed to be there. She wonders how she’s going to explain this to her mom, and Dustin says, her mom doesn’t know she has sex? Lulu says, he doesn’t understand. It’s been a long time. Dustin says her divorce is final. She broke no vows or laws. Lulu says she’s going to see if they’re still on the boat. He says he’ll get dressed, and if he’s not there, he’ll be on deck. But hurry back. She tells him, hold that thought.

Kim tells Franco that she doesn’t want to have this conversation again. She made her decision. She wants to build a life with Julian. He says he doesn’t see how she can get away from the memory of their son. She says, her son. Hers and Drew Cane’s son. The man who’s missing is Oscar’s father. He was with Oscar at the end, and beyond. Not Franco. He says he’s the man she fell in love with. He’s more Drew Cane than Drew is. Drew doesn’t remember her the way he does. He gets where she’s coming from; he’s the only person who does. She says it’s what she wanted once upon a time, but Oscar is gone. It’s over, Drew. He says she called him Drew again, and she says, so? He wonders when she’s going to realize he’s standing right there. She knows him, and he’s as much in love with her as on the day he shipped off.

Kim says, sorry. He’s not Drew, and even if he were, it’s been a lifetime. Oscar’s lifetime. Her son with the man who’s missing. Franco picks up a snow globe with polar bears in it. He says he bought this for her. She kept it. She says she didn’t remember it was there, but he doesn’t believe she forgot. He hasn’t. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chase, and Kim says, what a surprise. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, fine. He tells her that he came to speak to Franco. She says she’s just about had enough of him tracking Franco. He’s not a criminal. He’s a victim who had his life stolen by Shiloh and that crazy scientist. The worst part is that probably no one is interested in getting justice for him. Chase says he apologizes. It’s not his intention to make things more difficult. He  has good news for Franco. The judge looked at the facts of the case, and found extenuating circumstances. The case was dismissed. Franco asks if he’s free to go, and Chase says, as soon as he removes the monitor.

Obrecht tells Brad, clearly fatherhood has changed him. She’s happy to see him, but Brad isn’t sure why they have to see each other. They’re done. Obrecht says she made a premature declaration before Sasha nearly perished. She was inspired to fight for her own life. She misses Britt. Brad says he isn’t sure Britt would say the same. Obrecht says she needs him to do her a kleiner Gefallen. He asks how many laws he’ll have to break for that, and she says she needs a little favor. He’s going to reunite her with her daughter

Michael says Sasha did it for the money? She says she was hired be Nina’s daughter, and he says, by whom? She says first, he has to know that not everything she said was a lie. She was raised in Chappaqua by a single mom, who she loved very much. after her mom passed away, all she had was her grandmother. Her grandmother fell ill and needed surgery, but even after Medicare, the costs were enormous. When she got the offer to pose as Nina’s long, lost daughter, she realized, in a few days she could make enough to pay the medical expenses. Michael says, from whom? and she asks who does he think? He says, Valentin. She says, exactly. She doesn’t know how he found her; a girl with no family who needed money and looked like Nina. Michael wonders why go through all that trouble, and Sasha says if he asks Valentin, he’d say to give Nina her heart’s desire because he loves her.

Michael says, so Sasha agreed to impersonate Nina’s daughter. Then what? She says she was supposed to leave; glad Nina found her, but going back to her life. It was supposed to be the end. He asks why it wasn’t, and she asks if he’s met Nina. She’s nothing if not persistent. Nina invited Sasha into her home and life, and introduced her to Charlotte. He asks, what about Valentin? and Sasha says, he got what he wanted. Nina took him back. He says she let Valentin use and manipulate her. Sasha says, the more she got to know Nina, the more she cared about her. She wanted out, but knew if she told the truth, she would lose Nina and Charlotte. She convinced herself that she was still helping out. She convinced herself that she was doing the right thing, and he says, she convinced herself that lying was doing the right thing? She says she told herself that she wasn’t taking anyone’s place, and giving Nina what she’d always wanted. He asks what about her grandmother? and Sasha says, her grandmother died shortly after she went back home; complications from surgery. When she got the call from Valentin that Nina wanted her back for another visit, she should have refused, but as strange as it sounds, they were the only family she had left. For a while, it was better than good. They bonded, and then she got to know Michael. He says, she tried to slam on the breaks. She says he told her about Nelle; the lies and the manipulation. She says she knows she was selfish. Lying brought him and Nina into her life. She didn’t want let them go, but she can’t lie anymore. She starts to cry, and Michael asks when she’s telling Nina. She says, as soon as they’re alone. Nina says, knock-knock. Time to get a move on, and comes in with Valentin, and asks if they’ve interrupted something, but Michael says, it’s okay. He and Sasha are finished. He leaves, and Nina asks, what happened? Valentin’s eyes look like they might fall out of his head.

Curtis asks what Laura would tell Lulu if she demands answers? Laura says he claims the document might undermine or weaken Valentin, but Curtis says he doesn’t think anyone else should know at this point, especially Lulu. Lulu comes out and says she has no idea why they’re here, but about what they saw… Laura says they don’t need an explanation. Lulu says her divorce is barely dry, but Dante forced her hand and pushed her to move on. She shouldn’t have to explain what she’s doing, even to Laura. Laura says, she’s proud of Lulu, and hugs her. She says she wanted Lulu to move on. She’s entitled to a private life. it’s their fault; they invaded her personal space. Lulu asks what they’re doing there. Clearly, they weren’t expecting to run into her. What were they planning on doing in the stateroom? They’re having an affair? Curtis says, she’s punking them, and they all laugh. Lulu says she knows Laura is in love with Doc, and Curtis loves Jordan so why are they on the ship?

Brad tells Obrecht, if Britt wants to speak with her, she’ll reach out. Obrecht says, surely he understands how devastating it is to be estranged from your one’s kinder. Put himself in her place. Think of Michael, grieving over a child who’s not dead, serving as his godfather, when he’s more than that. Another troubling thought is how sons resemble their fathers, but most people are sheep. They see what they want to see. His secret might be safe. She tells him, look into her heart. Given the circumstances, won’t he reconsider reaching out to Britt? She leaves, and Julian asks what the hell she wanted.

Franco says, that’s it? and Chase says, he’s a free man. He tells Kim, for what it’s worth, she’s not the only one who thinks Drew Cane and Franco Baldwin deserve justice. She thanks him, and he leaves. Franco says, all right. He can go where he wants, but there’s only one place he wants to go – anywhere with her. Kim says, not happening, and he says they can go back to San Diego. They can go to the zoo. She tells him, don’t, and he says she told him that she wanted to see the giraffes. They can go to Savannah. Kim says they can’t go to Africa, and he suggests Italy. She said she wanted to learn to make pasta. Kim says, when she closes her eyes, and just listens, the voice is different, but her heart makes her believe the things he says; he’s the Drew she loves. He says he is, and she says, but then she opens her eyes, and she’s faced with truth. He’s her friend’s husband.

Kim says it’s bad for everyone involved, including his wife. One thing she’s clear on; she loves Julian. And the life she wants that lies ahead is with Julian. He says, what about them? She says, them? That was seventeen years ago. She had to find the strength to let him go then. She has to find the strength to do it again. She’s starting a new life with someone else, and they have to say goodbye.

Curtis tells Lulu that her mom is helping him with a case. Laura says he asked for her help, and she agreed. It’s as simple as that. Lulu says, if Laura is so busy running the city, how does she have time? Why is this case so special? Laura says, it will have a big impact on a small group of citizens in Port Charles. Lulu asks if The Invader can help, and Curtis says, not yet, but he’ll let her know as soon as something is noteworthy, newsworthy, or whatever. She can have an exclusive. Lulu says it’s still unclear why he recruited her mom. He says the case led to the Haunted Star, and he knew she had an intimate knowledge of the vessel. Lulu says, she owns it; why not call her? Curtis says, she’s a member of the press, and he’s honoring his client’s confidentiality agreement. Lulu says, if what he’s looking for is newsworthy, she knows everyone who works on the ship. If what he’s looking for is there, they might have seen it. He says, if it’s there, chances are it was hidden a long time ago. She asks who hid it, and he says, that’s where the confidentiality agreement comes in. Laura says they can come back another time, but Dustin comes out and says he doesn’t think that’s necessary. Sorry to eavesdrop. Lulu says, he remembers her mom, and Laura says, nice to see him again. Lulu introduces Curtis, a P.I. and close family friend. Laura says they’re so sorry for interrupting their evening. Lulu says she hopes they find what they’re looking for – quickly. She and Dustin leave, and Curtis says, it could have been worse

Nina tells Sasha, she doesn’t know what happened, but she’s seen the way Michael looks at her. When she was lying there, he looked at her with such love and care. Whatever the problem is, is a little bump. Sasha doesn’t think so, and Nina says she’s there if Sasha needs a shoulder to cry on. Valentin thinks they should give Sasha some space. She’ll tell them what’s going on when the time is right. Nina asks if she’s crowding Sasha, but Sasha says she’s not. It’s wonderful. She’s lucky to have Nina. Nina says she’s the lucky one. She tells Sasha that Finn wasn’t comfortable with her living so far away from the hospital, so they’re putting her up at the MetroCourt. Sasha says, as long as it isn’t the room where Ava drugged her. Nina says she’ll make sure, and soon Sasha will be home with her, safe and sound.

Brad tells Julian that he told Obrecht it was the last time he was helping her. She made it clear she would always be there, holding Wiley’s birth father over his head, and can destroy his family at any moment. Lucas sends Brad a picture of Wiley, and he shows Julian. He asks how can he let Obrecht jeopardize Wiley’s happiness? Julian asks what he has in mind. Push her overboard? Brad says they both know what Julian is capable of, and he’s begging for Wiley’s safety, and Lucas’s peace of mind. Julian tells Brad to keep an eye on Obrecht, and he’ll take care of the rest.

As they search one of the rooms, Curtis thanks Laura for not telling Lulu what they’re up to, and she says, Lulu would just get fired up. She’d be trying to bring Valentin down herself. She’s have too many questions, and ultimately tip their hand. Curtis says, she’s going to continue to press. What is Laura going to say? Laura says that she knows Lulu is a reporter, and as far as she’s concerned, Lulu’s safety is more important. She already lost a son to that man. She couldn’t bear losing her daughter on top of it. Curtis says, keep an eye on Valentin, and don’t let Lulu too close. Laura says, that might be difficult; they share a child. Charlotte loves her father, and he’s got Nina snowed pretty good too. Laura opens a drawer, and takes out a scarf. She says, what have we got here?

Chase sees Michael, and says he heard Sasha is making a full recovery. He must be relieved. When she’s up to it, the four of them should go out and celebrate. Michael says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Julian screws with Obrecht’s car. He starts to cut the break line, and flashes back to Kim telling him that she wants the man she’s come to love, not the one he promised he’d never be again. He remembers her saying what she needs is right in front of her, calling him Charlie, and saying she loves him. He does… something. We don’t actually see what.

Brad tells Obrecht he was thinking about her request. She asks why the simplest favor causes him to break out in a cold sweat? He says, Britt can be… high-spirited. He doesn’t want to be on Obrecht’s bad side, but doesn’t want Britt to be mad. Obrecht says she has no time for this. Does he want her advice? He says, by all means, and be as detailed as she likes. She says, talk to Britt or suffer the consequences. He’s evaded them until this point. It might be today his life changes. Stop being a coward, and reach out to her daughter. Obrecht gets in the elevator. Brad texts Julian, saying he’s stalled as long as he could. She’s on her way.

Julian’s phone dings. He closes the hood of the car, and leaves.

Curtis asks if Laura thinks the scarf is Lulu’s, but Laura says, it’s not her style. She can still smell the perfume on it. The boat is closed, and there are no staff or guests. They’re not the only people on the boat. He says neither were Lulu and Dustin. Someone spies on them.

Chase asks if Michael is okay. Michael says, actually, no. Not at all.

Nina walks down the hallway with Sasha, and suggests they grab something to eat. Sasha sees Michael talking to Chase, and Nina says she doesn’t know what happened, but they can talk at the MetroCourt. Valentin says they want to respect Sasha’s privacy, but Sasha says she does need to talk to Nina. Valentin bounces around, looking pretty nervous.

Julian sees Brad, who asks if it’s over. Did he finally stop Obrecht? Julian says he did what he needed to do.

Obrecht gets in her car, and starts the engine.

Franco touches Kim’s hand, but she pulls back. He says, sorry, and she says she spent years missing him.. He knows this is hurting her, and wants to respect her wishes, so he’ll be on his way. She thanks him, and he says when he gets where he’s going, he’ll let her know where it is. He’ll send a postcard. She says, please don’t. He says he needs her to know where to find him, even if she chooses to never look. You got to give a man something to hope for. He starts to leave, but she says, wait. She can’t say goodbye again. They kiss.

Brad asks Julian if it’s over, Curtis suggest he and Laura combine forces with someone else, Finn asks Andre if he can reverse the process, and Chase needs to tell Elizabeth something about Franco.

Below Deck Mediterranean

The water is seriously rough. A guest literally crawls out on their hands and knees to the deck. Anastasia radios that there’s a man down. Captain Sandy says she wants to get out of this, and it will be better once they turn. Anastasia tells the sick guest to keep her eyes on the horizon, and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. She tells Hannah that they have a stage-five thrower upper. Hannah tells the guest to go upstairs; the higher up you are, the less you feel it. She rubs the guest’s hand. In her interview, Hannah says the poor guest is so seasick, she has to work on their pressure points. She thought her career in giving handjobs was over. They get to a calmer place and anchor down, and the guest starts to feel better. She says Hannah saved her life. Ben makes breakfast. Captain Sandy is jealous of a slide on another boat. In the captain’s interview, she says now that they’ve found calm anchorage, the crew needs to turn it up and make it amazing for the clients. She tells the deck crew to put out all the toys.

The guests eat breakfast, and the crew puts the water toys out. Hannah tells Ben, everyone is all good. Ben is thinking about pale food for the white party. In his interview, he says he likes a theme party; it simplifies everything. He’s thinking cauliflower, white fish, and white truffles. He places an order for provisions. Aesha suggest they put on white glitter makeup, but Hannah doesn’t like the idea. Aesha says maybe they can just use whitening toothpaste before dinner. Hannah orders one hundred white balloons. In her interview, Hannah says a white party looks elegant, but you don’t have to try that hard. Aesha asks Captain Sandy about doing white glove service; she thinks they should make everything as white as possible. The captain likes it. In Aesha’s interview, she says she worked with a crew who did white glove service in synchronization. It was so amazing, even she got shivers.

Hannah asks Travis to pick up the balloons. Captain Sandy tells Travis that he’s the best tender driver she’s ever seen. In Travis’s interview, he thinks the captain has taken a liking to him because he knows wtf he’s doing. Last night they had a conversation about his drinking. We flash back to that, and Captain Sandy saying she’s been where he is. He says he thinks about the same thing. He thinks maybe he’s in control, but then wonders, when was the last time he had three beers and went home? Colin holds the balloons (filled with helium) in the back of the tender. He says he’s nervous, but Travis says he won’t be upset if Colin lets go; he’ll think it’s funny. Jack tells Hannah that he and Aesha haven’t had sex yet. Travis and Colin get back with the balloons. It sure doesn’t look like 100 of them. Aesha tells Jack it was a stealth balloon mission. João and Jack take some of the guests out for a ride, pulling an inflatable boat on a jet ski. The jet ski dies out on the water.

In João’s interview, he says if a jet ski doesn’t turn over, it’s either a small problem – the battery is dead – or a huge problem – the engine is dead. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says it’s João’s job to make sure the equipment is working. She sends Travis on the wave runner to help.  João thinks the battery isn’t connected properly. Ben starts to prepare for dinner. Aesha tells Hannah about the white glove service, but Hannah says she doesn’t want to. In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s going to stop pitching ideas. Everything gets turned down. Hannah tells the stews to get in their black dresses. In Ben’s interview, he says the white theme has had a drastic effect on him. White jacket, white food on white plates, and Hannah and the stews are in black. Anastasia puts the white gloves on, but Hannah thinks it’s old school and looks tacky. The table is set. In her interview, Hannah says she sent Anastasia shopping for table décor, but she came back with no décor. She can only work with what she physically has. She hopes the balloons are enough. Captain Sandy takes a look at the table, but it’s not what she expected. She’s witnessed them do better. We flash back to the last white party. In her interview, the captain says she wants white glove service. She wants the guests to have the ultimate five-star experience. It’s on Hannah, and Hannah needs to bring it.

In his interview, Jack says, it’s weird. He and Aesha are having a relationship and live together, but the last time he waited this long to have sex was from when he was born to when he turned sixteen. Aesha has finally made an honest woman of him. He’ll have to take it to the next step. Ben says he’s found an amazing job for Jack. A white party requires white pepper. He has Jack separate the peppercorns, and Colin helps. The guests are seated. Jack crushes the peppercorns. The starter is cauliflower/cheese soup. Hannah can’t seem to keep the menu straight, and in her interview, she says, Ben doesn’t like planning, and there are consequences for that. Either give her a meal plan, or don’t get mad if she can’t remember the exact elements of a dish. Hannah gripes to Aesha.

João says he needs to find out what’s wrong with the jet ski. Either it’s the battery or the engine over-heated. He tells Captain Sandy that he hopes it’s the battery. Ben says he’s making a special risotto, and tells Hannah it will be ready at 10:15. In his interview, he says he comes from a line of perfectionists. His dad is a best-selling author. He’s hard on himself, and realizes perfection is an illusion, but he wants that illusion. Hannah tells the guests that a special risotto is coming, and it’s going to take a little time. João tells the captain that the engine in the jet ski isn’t even turning over. It could be the battery or the whole thing is shot. The entrée is served, and the guests deem it phenomenal. Captain Sandy suggests it might be the spark plug, but João insists it’s not. She tells him, just look, calling him a know-it-all. She says if he thinks it shouldn’t be done, it doesn’t get done. She’s the captain, and she wants it done. She talks to him nicely, but his ego takes over. In the captain’s interview, she says he’s showing a lack of respect to her as captain, and it pisses her off. She instructs João that when she tells him to do something, he’s to jump really effing high and do it. In her interview, she says, when she asks, he’s supposed to say yes. She tells him to switch the spark plug. Travis radios that the anchor is dragging.

Aesha tells Ben, empty bowls, which makes him happy. João tells Colin, it doesn’t turn; it’s not the sparkplug. Dammit. I wanted it to be. Jack says, off topic; he wants to ask Aesha to be his girlfriend. He’s going to write it on a bedsheet – will you be my girlfriend? The guests repair to the longue for some drinking. João tells Colin, he’s good at a lot of things, but he’s tired. Colin chants, four more days! Four more days! In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says since their conversation, Travis has been trying, and is acting like an experienced deckhand. Jack and Travis wake João and Colin up, wearing lifejackets and blowing whistles. João feels like he’s running on pure exhaustion. He’s three hours sleep a night  for five weeks now.

The deckhands get the anchor up. Colin explains what’s going on to a curious guest. The guests go to bed, and Colin works on a rap piece while on anchor watch.

Anastasia says Ben does so many things that she got sh*t from the captain for, like not wearing a uniform. He says he gets away with more than most people. He’s been doing this for more than twenty years, and the captain probably respects that. She says that doesn’t make it annoy her any less. Breakfast is served, and the table looks really pretty with a centerpiece of flowers, but also individual bouquets at each place. Ben says, the food is ready to go, and there are no stews in sight. The guests pay a sh*t-ton of money for an experience, and deserve every ounce of their energy. He’s serving eggs benedict, my absolute favorite breakfast food. One guest wants the white cooked more, and Ben is like, wtf? He makes another dish, and goes up with it. He asks if it’s okay, but she wants it cooked even more. Now I’m saying, wtf? He radios Hannah to come to the galley, saying, when there are hiccups in the galley, he needs as much support as possible.

The captain hears Ben on the radio, and goes to the galley. He says, the eggs were sent back again, which is really odd. In Hannah’s interview, Hannah says she was making drinks; come get her. Captain Sandy calls for help. Hannah tells the guest, the third time’s the charm, and the eggs are finally okayed. Ben asks what Anastasia is doing, but Hannah says she can’t have two people out, and Aesha is sleeping. Ben asks how long they sleep, and she says eight hours, and she’s not getting Aesha up. Ben says he only gets five, and she asks if he wants her girls awake in case he screws up. Captain Sandy calls for the crew to get in their whites, and the guests pack. The crew lines up in the main salon because of the bad weather. Primary Jennifer says they couldn’t have asked for a better trip, and Daniel tells Ben, the white party was awesome. His passion is beautiful. He knows they were demanding, and thanks the crew. He gives the captain an envelope, and the she tells the crew to meet back there in thirty.

Aesha tells Hannah that she doesn’t know what she wants to do after the season. She’s been planning on going to New Zealand for three months. That’s another reason she doesn’t like meeting guys on charter. Now she has to see him once a month or something. She always said she doesn’t want a boyfriend in yachting; it’s too hard to maintain a relationship if you’re not on the same boat. Jack spray paints his message onto a sheet, along with some hearts, and Travis paints a question mark on Jack’s chest. It’s time for the tip meeting.

Everyone gathers and the champagne is poured. Captain Sandy tells João that she knows how tired they all are, and he’s forgiven. In João’s interview, he says he clearly wasn’t himself when spoke back to the captain. He’s glad she’s giving him a chance to move on. The captain tells Ben it’s a pleasure to see his passion in the galley. She asks how the white glove dinner went, and Hannah says, the guests loved it. Captain Sandy asks if they did the white glove service. Aesha looks at Hannah, and says they didn’t do it. The captain asks, why not? and Hannah tells her that she said no. She thought it was a bit yuk. Captain Sandy says, it’s not. The white glove service being squashed really irritates her. It’s not that hard. Talking about herself in the third person, she says, Sandy’s not happy with the interior, and it starts with Hannah. She tells Hannah, step up to the plate and do her job. In Hannah’s interview, she says if Aesha had told her it was something Sandy wanted, of course she would have done it. The captain says, everyone in the interior is all lovey-dovey, and that’s great, but they’re not delivering what she wants from service. She wants the interior to match the galley and what happens on deck. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Hannah needs to lead the team, not make friends. Be firm, but fair. She knows the interior is taking a hit, but it’s better than Ben taking one. Hannah asks if a stew should be taken off cabins. The captain says she wants service to be impeccable. It’s something people remember. She wants to knock the remaining charter out of the park, slipping in one more baseball reference before the end of the season. The tip is 16K, or $1260 each.

Aesha tells Hannah, sorry. Hannah says, sorry they’re lovey-dovey. Anastasia doesn’t care what anyone says. She thinks they’re doing a good job. Colin tells João, the girls got ripped, and João says the captain wasn’t wrong. In her interview, Anastasia says it’s hard to take criticism, but she doesn’t give a sh*t anymore. Time for the final preference sheet meeting.

The next primaries are Randy Madrid, a financial adviser, and his long-time girlfriend Nicole. They’re being joined by their beach buddies, and want a Great Gatsby themed dinner the first night, and a Moulin Rouge dinner the second night. The weather is supposed to be horrible, and Ben says, an interior based charter wants impeccable service. In Hannah’s interview, she says she has two choices. Pick herself up and work around the clock, or say, screw you. You won’t know what you’ll get until it hits the table. She’s responsible for table décor and service, and suggests the stews stay o the boat tonight, go through it, and pull out what they need. Aesha says it’s not fair that she has to stay there to work. Jack tells Hannah about Operation Aesha, and she asks if he’s proposing. Travis says, he’s asking Aesha to be his girlfriend. Hannah gives them an idea of how to present the sheet, and puts together some champagne and a cheese plate.

Colin wakes Aesha up, and asks her to get dressed. He needs to talk to her. In her interview, she wonders what’s wrong that Colin needs to take her outside in the cold to have a chat. The guys scramble to get the sheet ready, so the message shows out the window. In Jack’s interview, he tells us, if she says no, he’s going to feel like a d*ckhead, but God loves a trier. On deck, Colin raps to Aesha about a surprise for her. He says there’s something above deck that she wants to see, and to enjoy her surprise. She sees the sheet, and when the guys drop it, Jack is behind it. He hugs Aesha, and everyone applauds. She cries, and he says he didn’t want to upset her. Hannah fills the champagne glasses. Aesha tells Jack, it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. Hannah cries a little, and says she’s overwhelmed. In Aesha’s interview, she says it’s the cutest way anyone has asked her out before. Anastasia thinks it’s the cutest thing. Who can say no to a bedsheet proposal? Colin says João never did anything like that for him. Bastard. Hannah tells Aesha that she’s not angry with her, and tells her to go out. Ben sees the sheet, and says it looks like someone’s been murdered. Hannah says, they did pretty much the same thing.

Aesha and the guys leave. Hannah and Anastasi dig though everything. Anastasia suggests getting out anything red, black, or gold. Anastasia and Jack go for dinner on their own, while the rest of the guys go to another restaurant. Travis says he wants to hold his  sh*t together. João thinks the chicks have to pick up their A-game. He wants to end the season with a bang. Jack and Aesha have a romantic dinner, and Jack tells Aesha that he used to be a girl before he met her. Everyone heads back to the boat.

João tells Colin that he’s dead. In João’s interview, he says his immune system is shot. It couldn’t have hit him at a more vulnerable time. Aesha tells Jack that he made her romantic dreams come true. In her interview, Aesha says they can have sex now. They can have a lot of sex now. João wakes up with a fever. Colin tells the captain, João is shivering, but it’s a million degrees in their room. Captain Sandy checks on him, and says, he has a bad effing fever. In her interview, she says the charter begin tomorrow, and she has no idea what’s going on or what she’s going to do.

Next time, can-can dancers perform for Moulin Rouge night; Ben says when guests are stuck, there’s nothing else to do but eat; and Hannah has chemistry with a guest.

🚤 In Other Deck News…

Boo, hiss. No reunion.


This made me want to cry.


✌ Sounds Like a Plan…

Although I’m sure my Tuesday won’t be as outtasite, right on, and solid.