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June 17, 2019 – A Surprise for Peter, Mila’s Food Is the Worst, a Departure, a Retirement, GH Pride, a Return, Fake Apology & Myself


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Valentin sees Jax at the MetroCourt bar. He tells Jax that when he was at the launch, he notice a flashy new yacht. Is it his? Jax says it is, and Valentin says, it’s gorgeous. Jax hopes Valentin isn’t angling to buy it, but Valentin says he likes money too much to buy a yacht, but he does have a proposal for Jax.

At the hospital, nuNina asks Curtis how Jordan’s progress is going. He says, good. Her body hasn’t rejected the kidney, and there’s no sign of infection. Nina says, that’s a relief. What about him? She’s getting weird vibes. He seems distracted and stressed. He says Jordan’s surgery was a success, and he’s grateful for that, but now they have to figure out a way to pay for it.

Finn tells Jordan that she’s infection free, and officially no longer his patient. She thanks him, and he says, it’s all part of the job. She knows this case is outside of what he normally does, and he says Curtis is his friend, and Jordan is important to Anna. He understands, according to this relationship thing, that makes Jordan important to him. He wants to give Curtis the news, but she has a question first. How is Ryan doing? Finn says when he last saw Ryan, he was recuperating, and Jordan asks if he’s recuperating as well as she is.

At Kelly’s, Maxie asks if Mac is clear on the plan, and Mac says, yes. He knows what to do, and it’s going to work out great. She asks if they shouldn’t go over it, just in case. He says he knows what to do. Laura comes in, and says she’s sorry to interrupt, but does Mac have a minute? Mac says he’ll see Maxie later, and she tells him, don’t mess it up. She leaves, and Laura says she needs Mac’s help.

Maxie sits with Peter, and notices he ordered pie. He asks if that’s a problem. She says they came for desert, and she thought he’d get cake. Doesn’t he like cake? He says he does; he just prefers pie. She wishes he’d told her.

Lulu thanks Felicia for offering the restaurant for Peter’s party. Felicia says, Maxie is in full Maxie mode about it, and Lulu says, how great is that?

Kim and Drew come back to Kim’s apartment. Drew sees the refrigerator is empty, and suggests he get groceries. Kim says, no rush. All they have is time. Time to miss their son.

Josslyn puts a framed photo of Oscar on a table that has candles and a glass of water on it. Cameron and Trina arrive, and she thanks them for coming. Cameron asks if there’s a reason why they had to come through the back, and Josslyn says she doesn’t want her parents to know. Trina says, party time, and Cameron says, great idea to throw a rager at Sonny’s house. Josslyn says there’s no party, but if her parents knew what she was doing, they would worried, and they’ve worried enough.

Valentin says Jax has defied the business model. Jax says, some people flip houses; he flips companies. He finds it rewarding. Valentin can understand why Aurora was an attractive acquisition. Jax says, it still is, but it’s in need of some TLC. Valentin says Jax usually invests in things like pipelines and brokerage houses. He can’t imagine Jax is too attached to Aurora. He’d like to buy Jax’s half. Whatever his projected value is a year from now, that’s his offer. Jax will get all the money, and do none of the work. Jax says, it’s a generous offer, but he doesn’t need it. He isn’t sure Valentin would be doing this if it weren’t for Nina, and Valentin says he’s absolutely right.

Nina asks if the transplant wasn’t covered by insurance, and Curtis says, it was, but all the stuff around it, not so much, like the extended hospital stay. Nina says if she remembers correctly, she was the best person at their wedding, and she made a commitment to support their marriage. Let her take care of the medical bills; it’s not a problem for her. He thanks her, but says, no. They’ve got this. She tells him, if anything changes, let her know, and they hug.

Finn tells Jordan that he supervised the transplant, and Ryan is well on his way to a full recovery. Jordan says, good, but he says, not everyone agrees. She says not everyone has Ryan’s kidney keeping them alive.

Laura tells Mac, it’s hard to get Jordan to back off of work, and she needs to. She’s hoping to find someone to fill in. Someone with experience who she can trust, and who would be willing to walk away when it’s time for Jordan to return. Mac thinks it’s a smart plan, and she says, so he’ll do it?

Maxie asks, when Peter was little, did he want to be a baseball player or an astronaut? He says, ninja. Is she okay? She says, fine, and he says, what about her? She says, fashion designer, and if that didn’t work out, President. She tells him that she’s meeting Lulu, and she’ll see him later. He thought she was working later, and she says she meant they’ll talk later, or tomorrow, depending on how busy she is. She leaves, and he’s like, huh? This reminds me of when there was a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine, and I had lunch with her the same day. I came thisclose to saying, I’ll see you later, when we parted company.

Drew tells Kim that he put her bags in her room. She thanks him, and he says he needs to sleep about twelve hours. I think of how heavenly that would be, and he says he’ll check on her in the morning. There’s a knock at the door, and Drew answers. It’s Julian. He says he thought Kim might need some things, and he brought burgers from Charlie’s if Drew wants to stick around. Drew says, thanks, but he needs sleep. He leaves, and Julian puts his arm around Kim. She looks out the window, and says, while they were scattering Oscar’s ashes so close to the sky, it was like they were returning him to the heavens. Julian says, it sounds beautiful. Kim says, it was. Whenever she looks into the night’s sky, she sees Oscar in the stars.

Cameron asks, what is all this stuff? and Josslyn asks them to hear her out. She did research online and basically is trying to reach Oscar. Trina says, reach? and Josslyn says, communicate, summon, however they want to put it. She thinks this is how to do it. Trina says, a séance? and she says, yes. Cameron says no wonder she said she didn’t want to worry her parents. He’s worried. This isn’t her. It isn’t fair Oscar is gone, and Cameron believes his spirit is out there somewhere, but trying to talk to him in Sonny’s kitchen? Josslyn asks, what’s the alternative? What do they want her to do? Cameron suggests letting him go.

Cameron says there are other things they can do. If she wants to feel closer to Oscar, awesome. They can take a hike, or play guitar in Oscar’s Meadow. Josslyn says she tried that. She’s gone everywhere, and done everything. Trina asks if she’s never felt Oscar’s presence, but Josslyn says she only feels like he should be there and he’s not. She’s obviously doing something wrong. Cameron says, maybe she’s just missing him like they all do. Josslyn tells them that Oscar said he’d reach out. What if he is, and he’s just lost? Trina asks if that’s a thing, but Josslyn doesn’t know. She just wants to give him a chance. Trina thinks they should do it.

Laura needs to find someone she can trust to do the right thing, and she thinks it’s him. He asks how he can say no, and she says the city of Port Charles thanks him. Mostly she thanks him. She asks him to start tomorrow; she’ll alert the department. She says they’ll be able to see more of each other. He says, temporarily, and she says, of course (🍷). They hug, and Laura leaves. Peter comes over, and asks if Mac has a minute. Mac says that’s about all he has. There’s somewhere he needs to be. Peter thinks he knows where, and if he’s right, Mac needs to put a stop to it.

At The Floating Rib, Maxie says, everything looks great. Lulu says it’s perfect, but Maxie says, apparently not. Ninjas and pie are. She asks if Felicia has pie on the menu. Felicia says they have a beautiful cake in the back that Maxie ordered. Maxie says that’s before she knew pie was preferred. It’s a disaster. Felicia says, no; it’s not. Lulu asks, what’s going on? and Maxie says she wants Peter to like the party. Lulu says, he will, and Maxie asks how she knows. Felicia says because it’s from her.

Valentin says it’s just a business to Jax, but it means more to him. Nina is his fiancé and ex-wife. They went through a rocky phase, but he’s back in her good graces, and wants it to stay that way. Crimson is Nina’s baby, and she’s 100% invested in it. Jax asks if he’s concerned about Nina professionally. Valentin says, no, but the business means little to Jax and a lot to him. That’s why he’s willing to pay a premium. Jax appreciates Valentin’s honest, and wants to be honest in return. His reasons for buying Aurora have nothing to do with money. They’re entirely personal.

Jax explains that Josslyn is a lonely child right now, and tells Valentin that he’d like to live in the same place. Valentin says there are other businesses, and Jax says, true, but it was ideally suited to him. They needed a helping hand, and they’re located near Carly’s hotel. He can be around the people he wants to be around – with the exception of one or two. He respects what Valentin said, but no. Valentin tells him to name his price; everyone has one. Jax says Valentin sounds like his brother. He also believed that, but sooner or later you come across someone who doesn’t, and that’s him. Nina comes in, and asks, what’s going on? NuNina is going to take some getting used to. I keep thinking, who are you?

Maxie thinks the party is In good shape, and thanks Lulu and Felicia for helping. They’re happy to do it, and Maxie wants to check the kitchen. Felicia says everything is ready to go, but Maxie says she’ll be the judge of that. Lulu tells Felicia that she hasn’t seen Maxie like this in a while; nervous and excited wrapped in one. Felicia says she was skeptical of Peter at first, but slowly and surely, she sees he’s a good friend, and they’re good together. Lulu says, they help each other, and make each other better. Felicia thinks so too, but it’s nice to have it confirmed. Maxie comes back, and asks what they were talking about. Lulu says, nothing, and Maxie tells them not to pretend they weren’t talking about her.

The last thing Peter wants is to hurt Maxie’s feelings. Mac says, then don’t. Peter thinks a surprise party will be embarrassing. Mac says he’ll be in a room full of people who care about him, and want what’s good for him. After all these years, doesn’t he deserve it? Peter doesn’t know, but Mac says, Maxie thinks so. If he doesn’t want to show up for himself, show up for her.

Curtis tells Jordan that he just talked with the billing department. Jordan asks if the amount is a huge mistake. He wishes, but they can pay in installments over time. Drew stops by, and asks how Jordan is. She says, good; thanks to Ryan. He bets that’s a sentence she never thought she’d say. She asks how he’s doing. That was a long trip. He says they did what they needed to. Now it’s back to work. He tells her that he was responsible for the accident, and wants to know how can he help. Jordan says they don’t hold him responsible. Curtis says he went blind while he was driving; it’s not his fault. Drew says he can still cover the cost, but Curtis says, no dice. Drew asks Jordan to talk sense into Curtis. Jordan says, even if she wanted to, she can’t. Drew owns a major medical company, and accepting it could be construed as a bribe. She thanks him for his generosity, and he says maybe they’ll accept his counteroffer. Okay, at least that answers my question about Drew paying – even if the answer is pretty convoluted. Because technically, he did cause the accident, I doubt him paying her medical bills would be construed as a bribe.

Kim says she’s not hungry, but Julian says her body needs fuel. He tells her that she was a great mom. She says, was, and he says, sorry, but she says he’s right. She doesn’t know who she is now. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Finn comes into Kelly’s. He asks Peter how it’s going. Has he eaten? Peter says, no, and Finn says he thought maybe they could grab a bite. Anna thinks they should spend some time getting to know each other better. Peter suggests they get a table, and Finn says, there? Peter says, it is a restaurant, but Finn says he was thinking something more divey. Mac says, divey? and Finn says he meant more casual. Peter asks what he had in mind, and Finn says, The Floating Rib. Peter tells him, sounds good. Mac says he’s headed there himself, and Finn says, what a coincidence. Mac says, not really; he owns it. Peter says he knows about the party, and Finn asks why he didn’t say something sooner. Peter says he was enjoying this. Finn tells Peter not to say he spoiled the surprise. He’ll never hear the end of it from Maxie or Anna if they think he spilled the beans, and that’s its own special torture. Peter promises to act surprised.

Jax tells Nina that he and Valentin were just chatting about yachts, and this and that. How is their special project going? Nina says they’re already selling ads. Jax leaves, and Nina says, fantastic guy, isn’t he? Why doesn’t Valentin like him?

Drew asks Curtis to work for him at Aurora. Curtis asks if he’s for real. Doing what? Drew needs a security analyst, and Curtis says, him in an office? Drew thinks he’d be perfect for it. He honestly needs someone, someone he can trust, and there aren’t many people he trusts more. Curtis says he’ll think about it, and Drew asks him not to take too long.

Josslyn lights the candles. Trina asks what the glass of water is for. Josslyn says if they see a ripple, they’ll know Oscar heard them. She asks if they’re ready, and Trina says, let’s do it. They join hands. Josslyn says they’ve gathered tonight with open hearts, and wish to speak to their friend and loved one, Oscar Nero, who they miss so greatly. They’d like him to accept their loving invitation. Trina yowls, and says Cameron just squeezed the crap out of her hand. Cameron says, if Oscar is listening, he’s laughing his ass off. Josslyn and Trina agree, and they all laugh.

Everyone yells, surprise! and Peter does a good surprised act. He says he thought the place was closed, and Maxie says, it is to the public, but not to them. He says she did all this? and asks if Finn and Mac were in on it. Finn says, guilty. Peter says no one has ever thrown him a party before. Maxie says, yea or nay, and Peter says, definitely yea.

Laura sees Jax at the hospital, and says she heard he was back. He says he heard she was mayor; congratulations. He says he’s on the hospital board, and they’ll be working together now, but she says, when she became mayor, she had to step back. He asks if she can talk to him about Valentin.

Nina asks Valentin why he doesn’t like Jax, and he says he just doesn’t. Jax is coming between them and their wedding. Nina says he didn’t order her to postpone; it was her choice. She cares about Crimson. It’s her baby, and she wants it to succeed. He says he does to, and she asks, what’s the problem. He says there’s always an angle in dealing people, and there’s no angle with Jax. He can’t figure how to bargain with him. While there’s a legit reason for Jax swooping in, he hates it. He wants to marry Nina right now. She says so all they were doing was talking about wedding dates? Valentin says he tried to buy Jax’s half of Aurora, and Jax turned him down. Nina says, good for him. Her parents never let her fail; only because it made them look good. It gave her a distorted vision of the world. He says she turned out okay, but she says she’s not the person she was. If Valentin was her boss, all of her ideas would be brilliant. She can do no wrong in his eyes. She loves that trait in a husband, but it’s not necessarily the best trait in a boss. She kisses him, and says she loves him. He says he loves her, and would do anything for her. She says she needs him to stay out of this. He kisses her.

Curtis goes to get Jordan a smoothie, and she tells Drew that she’s drowning in kale. He says it’s good to see her looking well. She’s sorry she hasn’t been there for him recently, and asks how he is. He doesn’t know. Before, there was all this momentum; things to do, goals to meet. Now it’s done, and he doesn’t know what to do next.

Kim tells Julian, people talk about how your heart expands when you have a child, and it’s true. That kind of love is indescribable, immeasurable. He says he knows, and he’s so sorry. It’s going to take time. Kim asks if she’s healed when she no longer feels like a mother. The thought terrifies her. It would be like looking in a mirror and seeing a stranger.

Trina asks if they remember when Oscar laughed so hard, his milkshake came out of his nose. They talk about some funny times with Oscar, and Cameron says he never laughed so hard. Trina says, hey. There’s a ripple in the water, and they all look.

Mac toasts to Peter, whose steady hands brought their grandson into the world. Finn says he has a note from Anna, but he’s not doing the accent. He reads Anna’s happy birthday wishes, and Lulu says, to a kickass boss. Peter thanks them, especially Maxie for throwing together his first birthday party. Maxie says, it won’t be the last. He says it’s a wonderful feeling to look around, and see the people he cares about. He blows out the candle on his cake, and Finn says, not that hard.

Nina says Valentin misunderstands. The delay in getting married isn’t about her; it’s about Crimson. When she marries him, she wants to know everything is all right with her career, the girls, and them. When they say their vows, there will be no secrets, no ticking time bombs. When she marries him, she wants to know she’ll get the family she always wanted. It will be a beautiful September afternoon, and she wants it to be perfect and theirs. They kiss.

Laura thinks Jax knows how he feels after what Valentin did to Nikolas. Valentin is bad news, plain and simple. She’d say proceed with caution, but it’s best not to proceed at all. He says she’s a little late. He’s already involved. In that case, she hopes he doesn’t live to regret it. Jax has feeling he won’t be the one regretting anything.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s going to freshen up. When she leaves, he calls Curtis, saying he has a job that he can only trust Curtis to do. Curtis says he’s listening, and Valentin says he needs Curtis to find out everything he can on Jasper Jax.

Drew makes Jordan laugh, telling her how wiped out he was on his and Oscar’s first hike. Thank God there were a lot more. He thanks her, and she says, for what? He says, it’s nice to talk about how Oscar was. Remember the good things, and not focus on the fact Oscar is no longer there. She asks how Kim is holding up, and he says, not too good. She’s lost, and having a hard time finding her way back.

Kim tells Julian that she loves him. He says he loves her too, and they kiss. She asks him to make a baby with her.

Josslyn asks if it’s Oscar. They hear something outside, and go out on the terrace. Trina asks if Josslyn sees anything, but Josslyn shakes her head, and goes back in. They follow her, and Trina says she thinks it worked. She doesn’t know if Oscar was outside, but them hanging out being friends, and Josslyn laughing is what Oscar wants. He wants Josslyn happy and okay. Or maybe it was just a breeze. Who knows? Josslyn thanks them, and apologizes for wasting their night. Cameron says, it wasn’t a waste. She tells them to go out the front.

When they’re gone, Josslyn blows out the candles. Someone watches her from outside.

Tomorrow, Julian thinks it’s the best thing to ever happen, Margaux needs something from Drew, and Sonny says they have a problem.

Below Deck Mediterranean

The French Riviera. In the car, Travis says Mila’s opinion on gays is her opinion on humanity. Maybe he’s been with men, or gay men are his friends. He says she should just STFU. He tells her to sit on the opposite side of the table. and calls her an oxygen thief.

They stop at a restaurant. João thinks he might have a bottle of gin for dinner. Mila just wants to have a nice time, and doesn’t care what Travis thinks. They sit.

Drinks are ordered. In his interview, João says he can’t let Jezebub come out on the first night, and we flash back to some scenes starring his alter-ego last season. He says he’s a leader now, and needs to set an example or he’ll lose respect and be done. Anastasia tells João about her double-degree and how she’s passionate about the outdoors. In Mila’s interview, she wonders why expressing her opinion is bad. She has a gay friend who has done her hair since she was fourteen, and he doesn’t think her opinion is wrong about being open in public. (Or so he’s telling her. He’s probably afraid the place is bugged.) Anastasia asks, what happened? and Mala says she expressed an honest opinion, and Travis doesn’t want to sit at the same table with her. Maybe it was harsh but it is what it is. In Aesha’s interview, she says in the Republic of Georgia, no one is openly gay, but her mother is progressive in her views. To blame the culture is a load of sh*t.

Hannah goes for a smoke. Anastasia tells her about what Mila said, that being gay is wrong. Hannah says she doesn’t understand, and in her interview, says she’s in shock. Yachting is a multi-cultural industry, and the people working in it are usually open-minded. João passes a fish eye to Colin, telling him it’s a delicacy. Colin says he swallowed it like a pill. Aesha says she never takes pills. The body is designed to fix itself, and if you give it the right fuel, you won’t have to take pills. Hanna and Travis leave to have a cigarette. In his interview, João says, there’s a weird vibe; something is off. Hannah tells Travis that she doesn’t want to work with a homophobe who can’t even cook. Travis says, it’s a load of bollocks. She says she thought Mila was a sh*tty chef, but liked her as a person. It’s disgusting.

Hannah asks to switch seats with João, who can’t figure out what’s going on. In Mila’s interview, she says they’re not effing teenagers. Travis asks if she thinks gay people are animals, and why she thinks it’s disgusting. Mila says she doesn’t give a damn, and João asks, wtf is happening? Colin suggests a vacation on Fire Island. The crew moves on to a bar.

Hannah says she needs to stay away from Mila. Backhanding a bitch could get her fired. They go to a club called The Hop Store. João says it’s a yachty bar, and the beginning of all bad decisions. Mila is looking for Hanna. Travis makes himself scarce, and Hannah walks away. Everyone dances. In his interview, Colin says it’s a fun crew. They love to dance and drink, but maybe they’re a little too outgoing. Travis tells Mila not to touch him. In her interview, Mila says sometimes her opinion hurts people, but they’re there together, and can be friends. In that case, maybe she should have kept her opinion to herself. She tells Hannah that she’s going to have a long day tomorrow. Hannah ignores her and takes João outside for a smoke. He’s still clueless, and she tells him that Mila doesn’t think it’s right to be gay. João says some of his best friends are gay. Even though I have no doubt he means it, it always sounds so cliché when someone says something like that. In João’s interview, he says he grew up with his mother’s gay best friend, whom they called Auntie Shackle. He taught them how to put on cologne, and was the sunshine of their lives. Being gay is illegal in Zimbabwe, and he committed suicide. We both tear up. João says Mila is from a different culture, and they still have to work with her. Hannah tells him about the nachos she couldn’t take out; it was as bad as that. Her cake tasted baking powder. When you’re a chef on a super yacht, it’s reason to be fired. Mila says, sorry to interrupt. Hannah ignores her, and tells João that she’s gone above and beyond, but there’s nothing in her job description that says she has to show the chef how to do their job.

Hannah says, c’est la vie, and everyone goes back to the cars. The cheese Mila sits alone. Back at the boat, the crew gets ready for bed. Anastasia shoots whipped cream into her mouth from the can, and the can is passed around. Mila and Jack sit outside. Jack asks if Mila tried to sort it out with the others, and she says she did. He asks if she wants to go in the jacuzzi, but that’s a no. In Jack’s interview, he says, even if Mila’s opinions are sh*t, she’s sexy. Sexy Hitler. João cleans up

In the morning, Hannah tells the stews, let’s get this bitch ready for charter. João says Jack and Travis’s bunk smells like a brewery. He tells them it’s quarter after ten, and they look like d*ckheads. Everyone gets ready for the guests. Mila tells Travis that she’s sorry her opinion hurt him. He says, her opinion hurts humanity, and walks away. João says Travis looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, and he’s right.

Time for the preference sheet meeting. The primary is a return guest, Captain Sandy’s friend Jennifer. She’s a world renowned neurologist and LA’s top vaginal rejuvenation expert. We flash back to the last trip, which wasn’t stellar. They want to lay in sun, and keep the drinks flowing. In Hannah’s interview, she says Sandy was on high alert last time. We see a clip from the toast debacle. Hannah’s main focus is on the girls, and keeping the guests’ glasses filled. There can’t be one mistake. In her interview, Mila says she has to prove herself, and feels huge pressure. She tells the captain, she’s got this. Captain Sandy tells her to make sure the presentation is top notch. Ask her if anything is needed. She doesn’t care, as long as it’s good quality.

Last minute touches are done around the yacht. Aesha thinks the stews are a good team. Anastasia says she likes busting ass, but no one thanks you for it. The deckhands finish up outside. Colin goes into the beach club to get something out of a box of lines, and he slips. If you don’t normally watch this, the beach club isn’t really a club, but a storage area for the jet skis and such, and is occasionally cleared out and used for parties because it opens up to the outside.

João asks if Colin is okay. Colin says he’s hurt, but good. In his interview, he says, it hurt a lot. He slipped on grease. Jack suggests sitting down, and João tells him to take an inflammatory. In Colin’s interview, he says the signs are already pointing to he shouldn’t be there. Anastasia tells a story about discovering how poo comes out at the table while she and a few others are eating. In Jack’s interview, he says she knows she’s embarrassing herself, but she doesn’t care. it’s such a good quality.

Captain Sandy radios João, saying the water bike she ordered is there. The deckhands bring it onto the boat. The stews have a meeting. Hannah says the primary is one of Captain Sandy’s friends, and used to high standards. She wants them to focus on service, and over-communicate. The guys try to put the bike together, but no one knows what it’s supposed to look like. In his interview, João wonders how Jack got to be an engineer. The captain announces the guests will arrive at noon.

Everyone gets in their whites. Captain Sandy is happy the sun is out. They greet Jennifer and her friends. The captain thanks Jennifer for giving them another chance. She says Hannah will give them the tour, the luggage will be loaded, and they’ll take off. Champagne is served. Jennifer asks if there’s a jacuzzi, and the captain says there is. We look at the fabulous boat that even has a walk in closet. João drops the ground lines. It’s all clear, and they go. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says João is doing a great job because he cares and he wants it.

The table is set with a centerpiece of succulents, and crystal stones and stars. Anchor is dropped in Cannes. The guests sit for lunch, and the toys go in the water. Mila says she’s been working with the crab meat. At least it looks better than the nachos. Hannah gives the guests nibbles to start with, but they think the crab is a little fishy; make that super fishy. The entrée is served, and Jennifer wonders if it’s supposed to taste like that. She tells Captain Sandy the crab is fishy, and the shrimp is slimy. Bleh. In the captain’s interview, she wonders if they got bad fish or it’s Mila. She tells Hannah to take the fish off the table. In her interview, she says she wanted to knock it out of the park for her friends, and they won’t sugar coat it like the last charter. She tells Mila that they have a problem.

The captain says the fish is being taken off the table. She doesn’t want anyone to get food poisoning. She personally tastes the fish, and tells Mila that she has to make something else; she doesn’t think it tastes good. Hannah clears the dishes away. In Mila’s interview, she gripes about getting frozen shrimp from Viet Nam. If the fish isn’t good quality, what can she do? Captain Sandy suggests grilled chicken. Hannah comes in, and says one of the guests asked for grilled cheese. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she feels frustrated. Mila’s food isn’t matching her photos. Either you’re sinking or floating the boat, and right now Mila is sinking the boat. The captain calls Anastasia to help. One of the guests says, so she’ll lose a couple of pounds. The captain tells Hannah the food is awful.

João tells Jack to help with the dreaded slide. Mila says she’s never had food come back. She asks Anastasia to try her panna cotta; she’s scared now. Anastasia says it’s good. Hannah and Travis chat as they work. In Travis’s interview, he says usually the chief stew is off-limits to a deckhand, but he and Hannah had a good talk, and he’s seeing possibilities. Aesha tells Mila that the guests don’t want dessert. In Hannah’s interview, she says, dinner is an epic failure. The guests are unhappy, Sandy is unhappy, and not only is Mila a homophobe, she officially can’t cook.

Some of the guests go on the toys. Jennifer takes pictures. Hanna thinks Anastasia should stay to help out in the galley. In her interview, the captain says, Hannah is different this charter. She has drive and focus, and a different energy. Captain Sandy tells Hannah to put Anastasia in the galley for now, until she and Mila can have a conversation. Hannah relays the message to Anastasia, and tells her to help the interior when she can. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it feels good to step up for the team, but she’s thinking of a thousand things. Hannah tells her not to take any sh*t from Mila. She doesn’t work for Mila, she’s just helping, which shouldn’t be happening.

Travis talks to Colin about drugs. In Colin’s interview, he says he got along with everyone on the last charter. This time, they’re nice people, but he wouldn’t hang out with them. Travis says Colin is too pure for this work. Anastasia asks Mila, what about dinner? but Mila doesn’t know. Hannah tells Mila that she’s got Anastasia for the rest of the charter. Mila says she’s scared to cook for these people. Hanna is sorry, but she understands what the problem is. The quality just isn’t there.

The guests come back on board. Anastasia goes over the menu with Mila. Mila says, beef is the only option, and Anastasia gives some suggestions. Mila says she doesn’t know what to give them. In her interview, Anastasia is sympathetic on a personal level, but not a professional one. She gets that it’s hard, but come on. Hannah tells João that she’s giving Anastasia to the galley for this charter, and João says he’ll help however he can. In his interview, Jack says he’d be devastated if he was the chef. Anastasia calls home, and tells her mom about helping in the galley, and discusses the menu with her. In Anastasia’s interview, she says her mom is her rock. She grew up in the kitchen. She’s pretty much a direct reflection of her mom, who says, if you’re not doing your best, you’re not working hard enough.

Captain Sandy asks about the dinner menu. Mila feels bad, and the captain tells her, it’s not personal. It’s about quality. They need to have it. Hannah takes drink orders at the jacuzzi. Mila cries in the bathroom. Hannah tells Aesha to change into her whites. Anastasia tells Mila that she needs a jacket. A guest screams for a lighter and ashtray, the latter of which is right there. This one seems like a snippy drunk, and she complains about her husband having an orgy with husband in the jacuzzi, since she’s the only one not in it. Hannah wishes she’d shut up. In her interview, Anastasia tells us, no matter what position she’s in, you can always find her in the galley.

Hannah tells Aesha that they’re going to have to forego breaks. Jack asks Aesha how service is going, and she says there’s only two of them now. Jack thinks he should be on break, and João calls him a tool. In her interview, Hannah says Jack is one of those guys who will do the minimal amount of work to not get fired. Yep. Every crew has one.

Anastasia says she’ll do anything to help. She’s not there because she thinks she’s better – like put me in game, coach – but she doesn’t want to serve sh*tty food either. Jennifer gives Captain Sandy new vibrator. In Hannah’s interview, she says, last season, Jennifer kept vibrators behind closed doors; this season they’re right out on the table, but at least it’s something appetizing. Anastasia asks for help with service. She sees the captain with a vibrator, and asks if she can have one. The captain asks if she’s serious, but Anastasia says she already has one. Travis and João crack up.

Dinner is served. In Anastasia’s interview, she says when she makes something for someone – be it a friendship bracelet or a salad – she needs validation. She watches the monitor, and says, just one. One of the guests pronounces it, very good, to which the others agree. Captain Sandy tells Mila and Anastasia, it was a beautiful presentation, and the guests love it. The guests look at the lights of the city.

Hannah tells João that she has to get the cabins done at the same time she’s doing service. He asks if he can help. In her interview, Hannah didn’t think she’d say this in a million years, but she and João are getting along. He’s helping her, and she doesn’t want to punch him in the face. He helps Aesha make the beds, and she shows him how to get the pillow in the case properly. Anastasia thinks Mila shouldn’t leave the steaks on for so long, and in Mila’s interview, she gripes about a stew telling her what to do. She’s the chef. She cooks the food. Eff off. Anastasia asks a question about how the entrée is going to be plated, and Mila asks if Anastasia is telling her how to do it. Anastasia wonders if Mila is giving her attitude. The entrée is served. Jack says the guests are talking filth up there; talking absolute smut.

Captain Sandy checks on how the guests like the steak. They say it’s good, but in her interview, the captain says they were less than enthusiastic. Another guest thinks it’s dry, and one says it’s fine. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, people don’t charter a superyacht for just fine. She tells Hannah, dinner was a fail, and wonders, why me?

Next time, Jack flirts with Jennifer, Hannah tells Mila that they need Anastasia to cook because her food is sh*t, Travis says he has more work because Mila is a d*ckhead, Captain Sandy tells João that he did nothing wrong, and the captain doesn’t know what to do.

🔎 Margaux, We Hardly Knew Ye…

I don’t know if I’ll miss the character that much, but just when she got a little bit interesting, she’s gone. And with not much fanfare.


🚤 Ah, the Good Life…

Luke’s Tony Geary’s life in Amsterdam looks amazing.


🌈 GH Shows Some Pride…

This is actually an ABC campaign, but GH was involved.



I like the idea of Nelle and Ryan plotting together. I never once thought about them both having giving up a kidney – unwillingly, yet – so they have that interesting bond as well.


👑 You Know Something, Jon Snow…

This is not only well put together, it’s pretty funny.


👓 Sometimes I’m Me All Week…

Back to the old grind.


June 12, 2019 – Ryan Wakes Up, Bethenny Loses It, Live Anniversary, a Charming Pillow Party & Young Time


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the beginning, but it was nothing important, so moving on.

Ryan asks where he is. Valerie tells him, the Pentonville infirmary.

Curtis tells Jordan that he thinks it’s enough for today. Stella says Curtis owes her a coffee. He asks, for what? and she says, for convincing Ryan to donate his kidney. The lightbulb comes on, and he says he’ll be back. Jordan can’t imagine Ryan feeling e empathetic. It’s not making sense why he agreed. Why would a merciless killer choose to save her life? Doc walks in.

Ryan asks how he got there. The last he remembers, he was at GH. Finn says fogginess is normal after transplant surgery. Ryan asks what he’s talking about. He doesn’t remember any surgery. Why is he in so much pain? Finn says he’s feeling some discomfort, but Ryan says it’s excruciating in his abdomen. Finn says he’ll have a look, and checks under Ryan’s bandage. He says it must be the surgical site where they removed his kidney.

Nina says Ava already agreed, and Ava says, in principle. She knows Nina is excited about the possibility of landing her story, but words are not binding. She has yet to sign a contract. She tells Nina not to worry. She hasn’t received any competing offers since this morning. Nina says if she wants to take her story to the silver screen, have at it. She has full rights. Ava says, no business will be done until she reads the fine print. You never know what little tricks could be lurking. Nina says there are no tricks, but Ava says, better safe than sorry. Jax walks in, and says they’re not planning starting without him, are they?

Drew asks Kim if she’d like a liquor nip, and she says, maybe later. She’s feeling wiped out. He says, Kilimanjaro will do that to you. She says seeing their sons ashes just floating in the wind… She has no words. Drew asks if she wants to watch the sunset from the balcony, and she likes that idea. She wants to freshen up a little first. She tells him she’s feeling out of it, and collapses.

Drew sits on the bed next to Kim, and tells her that she fainted. He had the concierge bring a doctor. Does she remember? She says, not really. He asks if she knows where she is, and she says, where? He says, Tanzania. For Oscar. She says, Oscar’s there? He tells her the doctor said she needs rest. Just go to sleep. She’ll feel better in morning. She says, no, she won’t. When she wakes up, she’ll remember Oscar is gone.

Josslyn looks at Oscar’s old texts. She texts, I miss u and I love u. A text comes back, I miss u. I love you too.

Nina says she wasn’t aware that Jax was planning on attending the meeting. He says he’s very hands on. He tells Maxie that Josslyn is in the front office, and asks her to show Josslyn around. Maxie says, maybe later, but he thinks now is a good time, and she says, okay. Nina says they’re just waiting for Ava to sign the contract. Jax says, the ball is in her court, and Ava says, it appears so. She looks at the contract, and says, oh dear. Nina asks if there’s a problem, and Ava says, problems. Plural. She think they should take a seat. She’ll start with page one, line one.

Curtis tells Stella that he’ll be glad to put this place in his rear view. Valerie steps out of the elevator, and Curtis says, thank God. What’s the word on Pentonville?

Elizabeth and Franco leave Jordan to talk to Doc. He asks how she’s feeling, and she tells him, ask her when she’s not dragging and IV around. She’s happy to be alive. She asks if he’s spoken to his brother, and he says, before the surgery. She says, not since? He tells her that he said everything he had to say when he asked Ryan for help. Jordan says, and he refused. Doc says, Stella had better luck. Jordan wonders what she was able to say that Ryan’s own brother couldn’t. He says him talking to Ryan was doomed from the start, but he had to try. Ryan would do anything to spite him, but he was more receptive to Stella. Jordan would like to speak to Ryan herself. Doc says he understands the impulse, but it’s impossible. Ryan is in a coma, and has been remanded to Pentonville. She asks if he’ll wake up, but Doc doesn’t know. She asks him to help her up.

Curtis asks Valerie what else Ryan remembers. She says, it’s what he can’t remember that concerns her. Joran comes up, and Curtis asks what she’s doing up. She asks why he didn’t tell her that Ryan was in a coma? Does anyone want to tell her what’s going on? Valerie says, Ryan is awake, and Jordan says, good. His victims and their families deserve their day in court. Anything else? Valerie tells her that he’s been saying crazy stuff. Jordan asks, what kind of crazy stuff?

Nina doesn’t think Ava will like what she might find elsewhere. Untrustworthy editors, and ass kissing stylists. She’s not going to fawn over Ava, but she’ll be fair. If they follow the plan, she thinks they’ll put out a story that benefits the both of them, and the readers will be satisfied that they know the real Ava Jerome. Ava says, all her life, she’s been defined by her mistakes, and treated as less than. She gets up, and Nina asks if she doesn’t want to reclaim her narrative. Now’s her chance. She’ll get even-handedness, and the opportunity to tell her story her way, in her words. Jax says it’s ironic that Ava is concerned about preserving her integrity and her voice, since Connie Falconari has neither, thanks to her.

Maxie asks if Josslyn is okay. Josslyn says, sorry; she was just reading something. Maxie says Josslyn can talk to her, and asks, what’s going on? Josslyn says, this, and shows Maxie the texts. She says, whoever is reading them can’t be Oscar. She was actually going to delete the contact, and sent one last text. Someone is reading them. Maxie says, eerie. Josslyn looks again, and says, his dad. Of course (🍷). More texts come in, and she says, it’s Drew. Drew texts that he found Oscar’s phone in Kim’s suitcase. He didn’t know she still had this. They miss him too. He’s at rest on the Kilimanjaro summit. His greatest wish was for her to be okay. She says she can’t read anymore, and Maxie take the phone. She reads, it’s a hard thing to be, isn’t it? How can they be okay without Oscar? They have to try, and they’ll help her if she helps them. Maxie hugs Josslyn.

Kim rubs Drew’s shoulder. He says he’s sorry, but she tells him, it’s okay. He never has to apologize for showing his feelings. Drew turns to her, and she sees Oscar smiling.

Valerie tells Joran that Ryan acted like he was surprised, saying he never consented. Stella says he clearly gave his consent. Jordan says Doc is quiet, and Doc says he was afraid this would happen. Ryan is hoping to mitigate his crimes, and realized diminished capacity is more effective. Stella asks if he’s going to use this as part of an insanity defense, and Doc says, what better way to prove he’s losing time and was suffering from a fugue state when he donated the kidney? Jordan says, there’s no way in hell Ryan is getting out. She tells Curtis to get the ball rolling, and get to the bottom of this. They all leave, and Jordan calls Chase. She says she needs him to run down a couple of things, and be sure to keep them to himself.

Ryan says GH removed his kidney without consent, but Finn says his signature is on all of the paperwork. Ryan says, impossible. He never would have agreed. Finn says it’s normal to have gaps in memory. After his little chat with Stella, he saw the light. Ryan says he barely knows Stella. He never would have agreed, especially not to Jordan. That kind of sappy, selflessness… Kevin. It was him. Finn and his brother conspired to steal his kidney.

Ava tells Jax that his negotiating tactic is failing. Nina apologizes on behalf of Crimson. Ava says this is unprofessional, and Nina says she wants to define parameters. She wants readers to have a clear picture of her. Jax asks if that includes Ava’s body count. He was a personal friend of Connie’s, helping her build the magazine from the ground up. The magazine is Connie’s legacy, and it means a lot. This used to be her office, but Ava knows that; she killed Connie there. Ava says she doesn’t need to be reminded. It was a horrible night. Jax says maybe the readers need to be reminded. Nina says Jax doesn’t speak for her, and Jax says he speaks for the dead; a brilliant woman who was robbed of her life. At least she saw it coming, since Ava had a gun. Morgan wasn’t so lucky. He had no idea she was messing with his medication. Since they’re publishing her story, he wonders how Ava is planning to answer those questions.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Friday is the four month anniversary of their jailhouse wedding. It’s been even longer since their earthquake non-wedding. He thinks they should seize the day, barring any natural disasters or false arrests. They’ve talked about having a proper celebration, but there will never be a perfect time. The world isn’t going to stop spinning, even for them. He wants to publicly acknowledge a celebration of their marriage, family, and future. She thinks he might be right, and he tells her to brush off her dancing shoes.

Drew tells Kim, the side effects from the drugs the doctor gave her could cause confusion. She holds his face in her hands, and says she sees right through him. Just like she could his father. He should have seen his father m in navy uniform should have asked stick around maybe ll needed reason stay written told him about o maybe could have had chance to be a family the three of them or more can he imagine a little brother or sister drew says yeah o that would have been something she’s sorry he deserved more fam than gave him can he forgive he

Josslyn tells Maxie that she never got to actually say goodbye to Oscar. She never really said the words before he died. She was there when it happened, but she was asleep. When she woke up, he was gone. Maxie takes her hand. Josslyn says she keeps thinking about what could have happened if she’d stayed awake and talked to him, but missed her chance; he’s gone. Maxie says she can bring him back.

Kim tells Drew/Oscar that she’s sorry she failed him. Can he forgive her? Drew touches her face, and Oscar says, there’s nothing to forgive. She’s all the family he ever needed. She reunited him with his dad, and they all came together like she wanted. Kim says they almost made it, and he says, almost. He tells her, get some sleep, and she lies down. She asks if he’ll be there when she wakes up. He says he’ll always there with her. She asks if he promises, and he says he does. She closes her eyes, and Drew cries a little. I’m getting teary just editing that.

Josslyn says, bring back? Does she mean like spiritually? Maxie says, yeah. It sounds a little… Josslyn says Sonny told her how he feels sometimes. How the ones he’s lost stay with him. Maxie asks if Josslyn has ever felt that way. Josslyn says when she was singing at the Nurses Ball, she looked out in the audience, and swears Oscar was right there. She wishes there was some way to get that feeling back. Maxie has some ideas.

Nina tells Ava that she’s so sorry. Ava says she’s used to it, but not when person hurling insults wants something from her. Nina suggests they take a breather; settle down and get some fresh air. They can revisit this. She tells Ava the contract has a lot of wiggle room, and she can address Ava’s concerns. Ava calls it a hatchet job, and says she’s not giving Crimson her story. She has a little piece of business advice. A bait and switch should happen after the bait is swallowed. Nina says it’s a legit offer, but Ava says, hard pass, and leaves. Nina looks at Jax, and he shrugs.

Curtis tells Jordan that he has a call in to the warden. A visit will be arranges as soon as she’s ready. She says they need to talk. He asks who she was on the phone with, and she says Chase. He says she’s not supposed to be working, and she says she’s not. Chase just made a few calls on her behalf. Ryan always knew he’d be put away, and would never willingly part with his kidney. What if someone forced him to? The cause of the seizure was never identified. Curtis says it was probably an adverse reaction to medication, and Jordan says, maybe, but maybe it was intentional. We flash back, then see the scene unfold as she talks. Curtis asks if she’s suggesting someone poisoned him. Who would do that? She says, someone who wanted to see the transplant go through. Someone who could get in and out without arousing suspicion. Someone trained. He says everyone who went in was logged. She doubts they acted alone. They would have needed a lookout. We see Finn administering the shot, while Valerie stands at the door. Curtis says she’s got a conspiracy theory going. Ryan was poisoned, then what? How did that lead to him consenting to donate his kidney? We see Elizabeth and Finn with an unconscious Ryan. Jordan says Chase confirmed the tests occurred, and it was ruled a one-off, but what if it wasn’t? Ryan went to ICU, where he was switched out. What if it was Doc? He would know how to impersonate Ryan; he’s been doing it since childhood. If anyone could forge Ryan’s signature, it would be his twin brother. Chase is tracking Doc’s movements. Curtis says Ryan didn’t have surgery until the next morning. He had plenty of time to speak up. She says, unless he wasn’t switched back until right before he went to the OR. They could have put him where he wouldn’t be disturbed while everything was taking place. We see Finn and Elizabeth wheeling Ryan down the hall. Curtis asks if she thinks Franco is in on this. She says, why not? He hates Ryan, and he was working that night and morning. The records show Franco canceled his art therapy appointments because he spilled toxic material in the therapy room. Curtis says, making the room off limits. She says, and somewhere to stash Ryan. Curtis says maintenance would have had to go in there, but Jordan says, maybe they were working with someone familiar with the GH system, who redirected the maintenance crew elsewhere. He says that’s one hell of a plot, and kind of improbable. She says, it’s a stretch, but as smart as the conspirators are, there’s still one thing missing – someone to dream it all up. We see Doc, Finn, Valerie, Franco, and Elizabeth sitting together. Curtis joins them, and asks if they’re all in. They nod, and he says, good. This is how he sees it playing out. Jordan says, they need a ringleader.

Kim calls for Drew. She tells him that she’s groggy, and he says altitude sickness did a number on her. He asks what’s the last thing she remembers? She says they were going to watch the sunset. He says, that’s it. He’s going to get her water and some breakfast, and she says, okay. She snuggles into the blankets, and says, a little brother or sister. Can you imagine?

Josslyn asks if Maxie has actually done anything like this before. She hasn’t, but she knows Lucy is super into this stuff. Lucy says there’s no guarantee it will happen, but if she needs to get in touch with Oscar one more time, why not give it a try. They look at an article about séances online.

Nina asks what possessed Jax to go off on Ava like that. He admits it was unprofessional, but she says he doesn’t make mistakes like that. He’s the shark of all sharks. She says, that’s it. He says, what? and she says he’s been playing her. He wants to see her fail. He says he only proposed budget modifications, not even cuts. She says it will eventually lead to lower sales, which lead to layoffs, and then the death knell. Jax says he lost his temper, and Nina says, ya think? He asks what she wants him to do, and she says, go to Ava. She doesn’t care what he says. Just get her to sign.

Ryan says Finn did this. Finn and his brother. Finn tells him not to pop a stitch. Ryan says he’ll pay Finn and everyone else back. No prison ever held him, and one day he’ll get out. It’s only a matter of time. He’ll come for each of them, one by one. Finn asks if he knows just what he sounds like – crazy – and leaves.

Curtis tells Jordan, it’s quite a theory. Does she have proof to back it up? She says she could go looking, but it’s next to impossible. If the ringleader is who she thinks it is, there’s no way they’d leave evidence. He says, smart woman.

Someone with a laundry cart goes into Ryan’s room. He says, well now. Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Tomorrow, Ava says take her as she is, Shiloh says the most important thing is to find his son, Sonny tells Brad that he’s not letting anything happen to that little boy, and Nelle tells Ryan, welcome to Pentonville.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Bethenny asks Tinsley if Brett called, and Tinsley shows her his text. It says if she can escape later, let him know. He’ll take her for a down low drink. Tinsley asks what that is, and Bethenny says, somewhere not so crazed. She needs to talk to Sonja, who decided to stand on a glass coffee table the night before, and almost broke it, in addition to breaking a glass. We see a clip of drunk Sonja, and Bethenny in mom mode, saying she’s not playing games. Bethenny says it was too close to the night before, and too erratic. In her interview, Bethenny says she wants Sonja to enjoy herself, and not ruin the party. Bethenny is feeling like a top getting wound up.

Bethenny tells Sonja that the other night was relatively scary, and she’s genuinely worried. Sonja almost put her foot through the glass. Sonja says she was just being funny and dramatic. Ramona suggests less drinking, less drama. Sonja thinks Bethenny is being overly concerned, but Ramona thinks it’s a wake-up call. Bethenny suggests Sonja go with LuAnn to an AA meeting. It’s like free therapy. LuAnn is glad sge;s not only one who’s noticed. Someone else has finally taken the blinders off. Sonja says Bethenny is coming from a place of compassion, but LuAnn is coming from a judgmental place. Bethenny tells LuAnn that Sonja doesn’t want to hear it from her. In Sonja’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to go, and doesn’t think she’ll benefit from it; but if Bethenny and Ramona think it’s the proactive thing to do, she will.

Trainer Derek works with Barbara. Tinsley tells Ramona that Brett is off limits. Ramon says he’s not for Tinsley, but Tinsley says, it doesn’t matter. She can still kiss him. In her interview, Ramona says that no one is off limits unless they have a ring. They’re free game, In Tinsley’s interview, she thinks Ramona should take her ass back to Harry. She has this one. She brings up a picture of Ramona and Harry swallowing each other from the TMZ website. LuAnn says that’s not kissing; it’s sucking face. Dorinda says they’re suction cupping each other, and in her interview, says they were exchanging tonsils. Bethenny says they were having sex with mouths. At this point, you shouldn’t have to see the picture to get the picture. And really, you don’t want to.

Sonja comes out in a lacy top, and LuAnn says she looks fabulous, but she doesn’t think it’s appropriate for a meeting. In her interview, LuAnn says it’s AA, not Club Med for singles. Tone it down. Sonja goes to change, and Bethenny says Barbara doesn’t seem happy. Barbara says no one is interacting with her. She knows she’s different from them, and that doesn’t mean they can’t have great time together, but she feels like she’s doing it by herself. Ramona suggests she’s not bonding with the others because she’s giving off those vibes. They can feel the negative energy. Bethenny agrees she’s been a bit of a Debbie Downer. LuAnn says people pick up on the energy, and she and Bethenny say, it’s everything, together, which was kind of weird. In Barbara’s interview, she says she’s been on her own. LuAnn hasn’t helped her. She’s checked out, and is only worried about herself. Bethenny thinks Barbara wants leave, and Barbara starts to cry. In her interview, she compares it to being dropped off at camp, standing by yourself, seeing the mean girls nearby. That’s exactly what it feels like. Bethenny says LuAnn relied on Barbara, but now LuAnn doesn’t seem to be there for her. Barbara says she feels alone, and Bethenny tells her to start talking to people. Get her bathing suit on, and get in the game. Bethenny hugs her, and LuAnn says she’ll meet Sonja by the front door. Sonja mumbles that she doesn’t really want to go, and calls LuAnn a bossy bitch. Like she’s the first alcoholic who walked the earth. She meets LuAnn, and in her interview, Sonja says she had to change, and LuAnn’s skirt has a slit up to her who-ha.

Ramona says every day is Saturday in Miami. Coming back from the meeting, Sonja tells LuAnn, the cutest guy there tried to pick her up. In Sonja’s interview, she says she was cringing inside at the meeting. The whole time she felt helpless, and it only made her feel worse that she can’t help them. LuAnn was in her element. In the car, LuAnn asks what Sonja thought, and Sonja say she’s not into it. Like the guy who said he’s isolated. She’s isolated in her own head. In her interview, she says she can’t let their stories go. She plays them over in her head, and it makes her upset.

The women go to a cabana by a pool and the beach. Bethenny asks if anyone is hungry. Sonja changes her clothes in the car. Dorinda says she hasn’t eaten since yesterday at lunch. LuAnn and Sonja join them, and Barbara asks if they spoke. Sonja says LuAnn did. It’s another opportunity to get on the stage. Ha-ha! I couldn’t have said it better. Sonja starts fretting about everything being wet in the cabana. There’s sand all over. LuAnn says, they’re at the beach. So of course there’s sand. Sonja tells Bethenny this isn’t working for her. In Bethenny’s interview, she says she understands each meeting is different, and thinks where they went triggered Sonja in some way. Bethenny says they’ll leave. They move out, and Sonja wails about everything being wet. Dorinda says, that came out of nowhere.

Ramona asks, what happened? and Sonja says she didn’t like the meeting. There were people talking about living in the street. It’s like when you take the subway because you can’t get a car because it takes so long. If there was a camera here, this is where I’d stare blankly at it. She says she feels bad for the people. LuAnn likes to talk, telling them about getting arrested and getting out of the handcuffs, and she makes people laugh. It makes Sonja sad. It’s ironic that she’s in a happy place, but she feels alone in the process of her daughter’s life. Her daughter’s dad is getting old, and won’t be there forever. She feels overwhelmed. Bethenny suggests getting food to go. Sonja says she’s having a great time in the house. She can’t be where they are after what she saw. LuAnn asks, how about a swim? In her interview, Dorinda says LuAnn is in need of a hearing test. Can she not hear Sonja is upset? Give the swim a minute. Sonja gets weepy, and LuAnn asks if she wants to go to the beach. In her interview, Bethenny says, LuAnn has sequin earmuffs on. She’s not aware of her surroundings. LuAnn says she’s going for a swim. She’ll see them back at the house. In her interview, LuAnn doesn’t understand where this is coming from. Dorinda tells Bethenny that LuAnn just kept talking about going to the beach. Bethenny says LuAnn is devoid of humanity.

Sonja says she doesn’t like talk, but you need to get the hook for some of the people. Dorinda says, whatever works, and Bethenny says, if it works, keep working it (an AA saying). Everyone forgot about the food, and Ramona calls LuAnn, leaving a message for her to bring truffle fries back. Bethenny decides to make crabcakes. LuAnn sits in a beach chair. Bethenny says Sonja had a breakdown at the pool, and Ramona says LuAnn is so insensitive. Dorinda says she’s more worried about getting to the beach than Sonja. She wanted Sonja to go to the meeting, but then doesn’t hold her hand afterwards. In Sonja’s interview, she says she was upset that LuAnn was the only one who didn’t check on her after she fell. Now she needs to go to the beach. LuAnn should not just be with her, but with the group. Ramona toasts to Bethenny, and Sonja for having a meltdown.

LuAnn looks at the poster for her upcoming show, and grins at herself. In Bethenny’s interview, she says LuAnn’s favorite topic is LuAnn. Of course she’s want to visit her poster. She’s not aware that they’re full of the LuAnn buffet. LuAnn grabs some stranger to take a picture of her by the poster. Ramona tells them about LuAnn saying everyone is jealous of her success. Barbara says, she did not. She can’t believe LuAnn left her. It’s making her realize LuAnn is not really present; not for either one of them. She’s seeing the light. Bethenny toasts to Barbara feeling included. She tells Barbara that LuAnn was scheduled for a massage, but she isn’t there. She tells Barbara to take her place. Ramona says LuAnn has been absent all day. You snooze, you lose.

Two hours later. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she’s happy to be out of the house needed time clear head and chill (and look at herself). When she comes back, she finds Sonja and Dorinda waiting for massages. She say she’s glad she went to the beach. Sonja says everyone wondered where she was. They didn’t think she’d spend the afternoon there. Dorinda tells her that Sonja felt emotionally broken down, and thought LuAnn would spend time with her. LuAnn is shocked because Sonja seemed fine in the car. Sonja says she bring up some things, but LuAnn didn’t want to get in deeper. LuAnn says Sonja talked negatively about something she cares about. She says Sonja really went for Bethenny, and should go for herself. Don’t do her any favors. Sonja says it was a rough meeting, and LuAnn tells her not to judge. Sonja says she’s not, and LuAnn is judging her. Open her eyes. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she struggles between wanting to hug and kiss the old LuAnn, and be horrified at the new one, Sonja says she’s not an attention seeker like LuAnn. She likes to make people laugh so they feel better, LuAnn is a diva, but a good diva. LuAnn is like, okay, cool.

Bethenny gets her period, and says it’s a dry county there when comes to tampons. Barbara uses some self-tanner, and makes the white rug look like a crime scene. Tinsley says she and Brett have been talking all day. She shows Bethenny the texts. Brett says she’s adorable, and sends a kissy face. Bethenny sends a text to him, asking him to meet at a restaurant, and he can go when her friends come. Tinsley says she doesn’t know who’s meeting him now. In Bethenny’s interview, she says alcohol is its own excuse for Tinsley to call Scott in the middle of the night, and start the cycle again. Dorinda tells Bethenny that LuAnn was pissed because there was no massage table in her room, and she’s pouting. In her interview, Bethenny says, you can’t swim, visit your billboard, pray at the shrine of yourself, and be first in line for hair and a massage. Pick a lane. Ramona says she’ll check on Sonja, since LuAnn doesn’t give a sh*t about her. Bethenny says they’re taking two cars to dinner anyway. In her interview, Ramona says she’s not saying they’re not justified, but it’s not nice to leave LuAnn to get there on her own. Ramona makes a remark about Tinsley going on a date rather than spending time we them. Another blank camera stare from me.

Tinsley finds out Brett is in law enforcement, and tells him about her mug shot. She babbles about her mother, and says she might be okay with just chihuahuas. That’s good, because she might end up with just chihuahuas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

LuAnn gripes to Ramona that everyone got their hair blown out, and Ramona says, first come, first served. Ramona texted LuAnn earlier, and she didn’t respond. Getting in the car, Sonja says the air conditioning makes her poop, and Bethenny tells her, stop bragging. LuAnn says she’ll be three minutes. Ramona can’t believe the other women didn’t wait. She and LuAnn get in the car.

The first car gets to the restaurant, Barton G, and Bethenny wants a date update. She peeks in, and tells he others that Tinsley is kissing him already. Brett tells her, enjoy the night. In her interview, Tinsley says she’s no other kind of slut, she is but she is a kissing slut. Bethenny says, tell her everything, and Tinsley says they had fun. She likes him. Bethenny is dying; she so can’t believe it. Sonja thinks kissing on the first date isn’t a great way to start, if you want to get married and have babies. Um… really? LuAnn says she’s stressed out; she was the last massage on the list. She got one, but it was rushed. Dorinda says she wasn’t there. LuAnn whines that the hairdresser left. She’s always last, but it doesn’t matter. We all choke a little. In her interview, Dorinda says the hostess of Bluestone Manor wasn’t around to make arrangements for the Countess. LuAnn shows them her Instagram, with the picture of her in front of the poster, and tells them she’s still promoting the show.

They get menus, and LuAnn orders crabcakes. In Dorinda’s interview, she says they had them for lunch. If LuAnn is ordering the crabcakes she missed at lunch, she should order the truffle fries she didn’t bring them back at lunch. Bethenny has ordered some things ahead, including a special mocktail for LuAnn. Barbara tells LuAnn, there’s something that’s upsetting her. She doesn’t know if LuAnn remembers or acknowledges it, but when she was in rehab, Barbara legit stopped her life for LuAnn, but she doesn’t feel like LuAnn’s had her back. She was upset today. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, the potion has worn off, and the hangover is gone. Barbara has an opinion, and this time, maybe it’s not favorable. Barbara says she just wanted a hug. LuAnn wants to give Barbara a hug right now. Bethenny says she’s cutting Barbara off. She doesn’t want Barbara to get her thoughts out. In Bethenny’s interview, she says LuAnn forgot to give Barbara the Kool-Aid, and it’s wearing off. Maybe some will seep into Barbara’s pores, and she’ll get back in the cult. Barbara tells LuAnn that she feels that sometimes her relationship with LuAnn is more important than LuAnn’s with her. Bethenny was hugging her while she was crying, and telling her that she didn’t feel engaged with the group. Dorinda says Barbara was too busy taking care of LuAnn, instead of engaging with them. In her interview, LuAnn seems to think they’ve been brainwashing Barbara. Barbara says she’s been protective of LuAnn; she’s protective of the people she loves. LuAnn says that’s not her fault, but Tinsley says LuAnn let Barbara do that for her; protect her and be her shield. But she never stood up for Barbara. Tinsley trips over her words a little, and LuAnn makes fun of her, and that she’s drinking. When the rest of the table reacts, LuAnn insists she just didn’t understand what Tinsley said. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, when LuAnn started making fun of Tinsley slurring her words, it just hit her sideways. She asks LuAnn who the eff does she think she is? And calls her insufferable.

Tinsley says, yeah, she’s drinking. So what? At this point, the other patrons are starting to look at them. Tinsley says LuAnn didn’t see how much Barbara was hurt because she left. LuAnn says she goes for a swim, and look what happens. She has to be careful leaving the room. In her interview, she says, how selfish of her, going for a swim. She wonders if they built her up just to tear her down. She struggles every day, and it’s to put up with this bullsh*t? Bethenny asks when was the last time LuAnn asked her how she’s doing about Dennis? LuAnn says when was the last time Bethenny asked about her? It’s reciprocal. Bethenny says she asks all the time. She says LuAnn is intolerable; she’s never changed. She’s dining out on her sobriety. In her interview, LuAnn says that’s a low blow, basically saying she’s using her sobriety as a crutch. It’s insensitive and cruel. Actually, I took it to mean she’s profiting from it. She wonders if Bethenny thinks it’s easy, and says Bethenny is bully strong. Bethenny says Dennis helped her. LuAnn asks if she’s the only one who hasn’t checked in, and someone says they all have. Ramona says LuAnn is self-absorbed, which is mind-blowing coming from Ramona. LuAnn says she’s persona non grata, but Sonja says if they didn’t love her, they wouldn’t be upset. LuAnn says this isn’t enjoyable for her, and Bethenny says, because it’s true. She did an intervention for LuAnn, and her guy died of an overdose. LuAnn never even asked how she is, because LuAnn is always going through a lot. Life is not actually a cabaret. It didn’t have to come to this, but because she’s so self-absorbed, this is where they are. LuAnn tells Bethenny, look at yourself, and Bethenny tells LuAnn, look in the mirror. She’s never asked about Dennis. Bethenny starts getting loud, saying every second is about LuAnn.  She had no massage because she’s an a-hole who couldn’t even have lunch with them because she had to look at her own poster. Ramona starts to cry, saying LuAnn is missing Bethenny’s pain. It’s so sad. Bethenny says she had lawyers come in on a Sunday. She sat outside in LuAnn’s driveway to make sure she didn’t crash her car. LuAnn was running in a field in her negligee, and had to be taken in a cop car, but Bethenny made sure there it wasn’t on record so she wouldn’t be arrested. She’s a sicko, who left rehab early. The rehab that Bethenny got her for free. LuAnn says she had to work, and Bethenny says, it was cabaret. In her interview, Dorinda says she doesn’t think this is entirely about LuAnn. Bethenny has a lot on her plate, and she doesn’t know how much this is about Dennis. Bethenny can’t take the frivolity of the bullsh*t anymore. This is making me want to cry. Bethenny breaks down, bawling, and LuAnn looks totally dispassionate.

Next time, Bethenny wants to go home, and doesn’t want LuAnn near her; Ramona talks to LuAnn about Mario; Bethenny says Dorinda’s new place has no evidence of John; and LuAnn records a new song.

🙊 I almost died laughing when tonight’s secret word on Watch What Happens Live was cabaret. Dorinda and Sonja were guests stars. There will also be a week of special episodes, starting Sunday, June 16th, at 10 pm, celebrating the show’s tenth anniversary.

Southern Charm

Kathryn admitted to in her interview that she’s not always as communicative as she should be, as but she has a lot to deal with in constantly having to prove herself, so she’s not apologizing for it. As they made s’mores by the fire, Danni wanted Kathryn to know she had her back. Cameran was a little hungover, and wondered how the coffee bean grinder in their fairytale treehouse was magical. She told Chelsea, it was both relief and anxiety to leave Palmer. Some days she wished she was the one going to work, since being a mom was a job with no paycheck. Kathryn felt betrayed by Danni, who made her feel bad about herself. On the pillow front, Craig said he was not a good waker upper. Me neither. Assistant Anna told him, getting up, having good solid day, and not being hungover was the way to go. Pillow orders were piling up, and she said they were eventually going to need help eventually. Craig had the brilliant idea of a pillow party, where he would Tom Sawyer his friends into making pillows. Shep said the only thing he knew to do with a pillow was passing out with one under his head. Hanging out with Naomie – who gave a hard pass to the pillow party – Chelsea didn’t know if they were making pillows, sitting on pillows in a circle, or having a pillow fight.

For whatever idiotic reason, Austen had made a habit of talking smack about Chelsea to Madison. Now that they were broken up, Madison was sending the screenshots to Chelsea. Finding out about it during his haircut, Shep told Craig, he didn’t know what worse, the cheating or the screenshots. He thought that Madison was diabolical, and should write a book on warfare. The guys thought about renting an RV, and taking a road trip to do an intervention on Austen. I wasn’t sure for what exactly. Screwing up relationships? Naomie thought Chelsea should confront Austen, and Chelsea agreed that she couldn’t let it go too long without it being addressed. Danni met with her mom, and they talked about boring stuff.

Austen’s father told him, in business, expect something going wrong. Making a note of that. In his interview, Austen explained that his original brewer was too expensive, so he shopped around. He found what he thought was the one, and production came to a halt because of a needed part. His father said the devil was in the details, and the details had just bit Austen in the ass. Austen felt judged by his parents, saying in his interview, that they were his biggest cheerleaders, but also his biggest pitas. His dad asked about Madison, and Austen said their relationship was non-existent. His dad asked if Austen sabotaged relationships, and told him, to be happy was to be at ease with himself. Austen said he wasn’t at ease because he wasn’t where he wanted to be in his life.

Madison visited Patricia, and they had one of Michael’s famous bourbon sours. If LVP is unavailable, Patricia is a close second for my adoptive mother. Patricia said she’d known Madison for ten years, and had mentored her, giving her advice on marriage and divorce, being an expert. She didn’t want to talk at the salon, since Charleston is a small town. Madison told Patricia about the break-up, and explained revenge sex. Patricia said, in her day, they had revenge marriage, which made more of an impact.

Kathryn met Craig at the fabric store, and immediately broke into tears. She didn’t know how she was going to explain the charge against Thomas to the kids. Craig suggested making her a pillow, and they fabric-ed it out. In his interview, Craig told us that he thinks he looks cool in eyeliner, and the girls like it. He also said not a lot of straight males were in the home business, but I’m not so sure about that today. Cameran, the first guest at the pillow party, said it looked like Craig was wearing eye makeup. When he said he was, she was like, par-tay! She was hoping Whitney would get contacts, since she can never look at him now without thinking of Kathryn saying he kept his glasses on during sex. Everyone was shocked that the pillow party was really a ruse to get them to make pillows. Whitney wondered how anyone could be passionate about pillows, and Shep didn’t think Craig would be retiring on old pillow money.

Patricia joined the group, saying she usually left the kids’ parties to the kids, but she had a soft spot for Craig. He could be a knucklehead, but an endearing one. Cameran pointed out that in the South, they hug and kiss, and pretend everything is fine, even if they want to claw each other’s eyes out. Chelsea confronted Austen, who said the texting was a drunken moment. She told him he could take his drunken whatever, and shove it up his ass. It couldn’t be an excuse, and it wasn’t just one time. It went back months. She asked why he was talking about her boyfriend and sex life to his girlfriend. The group inside could barely contain themselves, straining to hear. Craig said it was finally happening. Chelsea was letting Austen have it. Chelsea said Austen must be bitter about something, and he says he felt railroaded by some things she said at the reunion. She said those were things she’d talk to him about up front, and there was no reason to be discussing her sex drive or how tall her boyfriend with his girlfriend. Shep explained to Patricia what Austen had done. Austen told Chelsea that he was embarrassed and apologized. She forgave him, but said things would get ugly if it happened again. Shep said if Austen got back together with Madison, he was disassociating himself. When Chelsea and Austen came back inside, Austen chugged bourbon from the bottle. Patricia and most of the others got out while the getting was good. Shep thought Austen needed a reset, and suggested a trip to Nashville.

Kathryn found Chelsea and Danni talking about her in the kitchen, and was pretty miffed even though it wasn’t anything horrible. She blew past them, and Danni followed her, wanting to have a mature conversation. She told Kathryn not to be fake; Danni had been a good friend. Kathryn told her to eff off, and Danni split. Craig asked if it was something that happened on the camping trip, and Kathryn said kinda sorta. Chelsea found Danni crying outside. Danni told Chelsea that she’d been a good friend to Kathryn, and we saw clips of that. Chelsea insisted they have a conversation, but Kathryn didn’t want to. Shep told her that she couldn’t get angry at genuine concern, and called her an effing child, at which point, she walked out.

Next time, Cameran interviews someone to help her with Palmer, Danni says Kathryn has trust issues, we meet Kathryn’s new squeeze, and the guys begin their road trip.

⏰ It Flies…

Whether you’re having fun or not. How the blip did it get to be 3:30 in the morning?




June 11, 2019 – Shiloh Freaks Everyone Out, Justin Goes To Jail, Beverly Hills Invades France, LVP Pride & Stuck


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Jason to give it a minute, but Jason doesn’t want Sam blindsided. Sonny tells him they can hate Shiloh now, and worry about it later. Jason says Sonny heard what he did. He drugged Sam until she couldn’t say no or fight. Franco drugged Sam, and he couldn’t intervene. He failed her then, and doesn’t want to wait. Sonny says they can plan it, but they just can’t do it now. They’ll get it done, but not this way, with anger and on impulse. Jason will end up in prison. Is that what he wants for Sam and the kids? Jason says, no, and Sonny says, then he’s got to wait. It’s for a reason. He doesn’t mind getting rid of Shiloh, but they have to do it right for everybody’s sake.

At Charlie’s, Shiloh asks for coffee. The waitress says she just saw Julian ask him to leave. Shiloh says, you can’t build a bridge without coming down the river. (Huh?) It’s just a coffee. She goes to get it, and he looks through the hospital list. He makes a call, asking to speak to someone in the birth records office.

Maxie asks if Peter has heard of hygge. He says, it’s the Danish word for warm and cozy. Maxie says they wanted to introduce it to American readers last year, but it didn’t happen, so she’s prepping for the October issue to make up for the missed opportunity. Peter says, by October, it should be enticing. I’m thinking Crimson wouldn’t be this behind the times, and isn’t there a new Danish word in vogue now? Maxie says Nina wants pick out everything, so she’s putting the elements in a large pile. He sees a pile of pillows and blankets, and says it will be warm and cozy in the office. He tells her that his weekend is cleared, and asks if she want to visit Robin in Berkeley. She looks at her calendar, and sees Peter’s surprise birthday party. She says her schedule is like an avalanche meets a tsunami meets some other insurmountable thing.

Chase visits Willow at her classroom. The classroom that’s always devoid of children. She says the school year is almost over. It snuck up on her. After she was told she wasn’t invited back, she didn’t want it to end, but here they are. She says she has feelers out in the Port Charles area. She tells him that she spoke with Diane, who reminded her of how many people are fighting for Wiley. Chase says, Wiley has an army. She says Shiloh thinks she had his baby, but without proof, there’s not much he can do, especially from jail. She sees his face, and asks, what’s wrong? He hates tell her this, but the charges against Shiloh have been dropped, and he’s been released.

In her session, Alexis tells Neil, Shiloh is the gift that keeps on giving. The real reason Willow left DOD was because she was pregnant, and didn’t want him to know. Unfortunately, she gave the baby up for adoption, and didn’t tell him. Now he knows, and he’s seeking parental rights. Neil asks how this connects to what they were talking about, and she says, just wait. One of the adoptive parents is her client, and also happens to be Julian’s son. Neil says, the clouds part. She says Julian came to her and asked her to help his son by whatever means possible.

Sam gets a call from Jason, and asks, what’s up? Jason says he wanted to let her know that Shiloh was released and the charges were dropped. She asks how that’s possible, and he says he’ll explain later, but she needs to keep an eye out. He might come after her. She walks into Charlie’s, and says she’s looking at him now. Jason asks where she is, and says he’s on his way. Sam walks past Shiloh, and this moron gets up and follows her. He says he’s glad she’s there. He wanted to look her in the eye when he told her this. She wonders what else he could possibly have to say to her, and he says he’s sorry. Seriously? Is that the best he can do?

Willow tells Chase that she doesn’t understand. They had proof. Chase says one of his followers claims she’s the one who drugged Kristina and Sam. Willow says, Harmony. Her mother, and Shiloh’s biggest fan. After he left, Harmony stopped by to tell her that she doesn’t believe Willow lost the baby. She said she was Willow’s only hope to broker peace, and she should tell Harmony where the baby is for her own sake. Chase says, or what? and Willow says, Shiloh is devious enough to think of something. Chase asks if Harmony threatened Willow on Shiloh’s behalf, and she says someone had to. She says Chase probably thinks there’s a sacred bond between a mother and child, but for her, there isn’t been. Chase says he’s been a cop long enough to learn that. She says her mother chose her over Shiloh, but it’s not personal. She chose Shiloh over everyone, including herself. Now she’s going to jail for him. Harmony brought her to DOD in the first place, and gave Willow to him. Now she’s choosing his freedom over hers and Willow’s.

Shiloh says he’s sorry Sam believes what’s being said, but now he understands why she was upset at the hospital. She says he drugged her and tried to have sex with her without her consent. He says she may have been drugged, but it was Harmony who did it. She says, oh, he’s blaming Harmony. She didn’t carry Sam up the spiral staircase when she was passed out or started fondling her when she couldn’t resist. Or did he think she was just relaxed? He swears he’d never do anything without her permission. Many people saw them together, and saw how she reacted to his presence. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. She’s attracted to him. She’d like to teach him a lesson. When a person can’t say no, they can’t say yes. She did not consent. He says he’s sorry for the misunderstanding, but at least the person responsible has been arrested. She says, just like Daisy with the crazy emails, and he says, exactly. Now they’re bearing the consequences. It’s behind them, and now they can look forward and continue the journey they started.

Kristina finds Sonny (once again in the kitchen), and he asks what’s wrong? Does it have something to do with Shiloh’s release? He promised she didn’t have to be afraid anymore, and he’s keeping that promise. Didn’t she feel things were on track when she got up this morning? Just because Shiloh was released, that doesn’t change anything. Kristina says she knows Sonny hates him. She does too, but she doesn’t want him to die.

Kristina tells Sonny that she knows she made a mess of things. He tells her not to blame herself, but she says it was her fault. She’s grateful for the forgiveness, but she has to own what did. She was stupid. Some guy said she was awesome, and could be more awesome if she did what he said. She should have known better. He says she’s not the only one, but she says she’s Sonny daughter. She’s Alexis’s daughter. She should have learned by now. She survived Kiefer and what happened to Trey. She’s in her twenties, and already a widow. She doesn’t understand why she didn’t learn from those tragedies.  She didn’t listen to him or her mom, but listened to her own insecurities. Sonny jokes that she should blame her mother; she married Julian. She says, don’t make her laugh, and he says he’s serious. He believes in her. He always will, and will never stop. She asks what reason she’s given him, other than being his daughter. He asks how much time she’s got, and she says, more time than he needs, but it’s nice of him to say. Sonny says he’s a nice guy; everyone knows that. She appreciates everything he does, but he has to stop fixing things, especially this.

Neil says, so Alexis’s ex came to her for help, and she took umbrage with that. She says it’s not the asking for help. It’s by whatever means possible that concerns her. Julian is supposedly on the straight and narrow, but has no problem compromising her ethics. Neil takes it she said no. She says he even had the gall to point out she can be more flexible when it serves her. Neil thinks when people break rules, it’s usually for a selfish reason, even if it’s for someone else. They get something out of it, or it’s not worth the risk. She says her thinking this way hasn’t led a moral high ground. Julian said that when they got Kristina out of the cult, Kristina didn’t ask for help, and they didn’t ask permission. If she could kidnap Kristina, why can’t she help his son? Neil says she sounds angry. She says she is, but Julian is probably right.

Peter asks if Maxie wants to grab a bite to eat. She wishes she could, but Nina is pitching Ava for the cover, and working out the details. She’s in the long stretch at the office. Back to work. She asks if he spoke to his mom, and if she has any idea where Dante is. He says he hasn’t been able to pin her down.

Shiloh says, now that he’s apologized, is Sam going to honor her promise to help him heal? She says she did promise that. She lied. She lied to get what she wanted, like he did. One thing she admires is his skill at a long con. He says that’s her area of expertise. She says, it could be, but she didn’t bring him here. She calls him Hank, and says he came there looking for her. It made him happy, thinking he had her, and she wanted him. Please. Who does he think is really running the con now? Her or him? He grabs her arm, and Jason appears. He tells Shiloh, careful. His next move could be his last.

Shiloh asks if Sam is as good a liar with Jason as she is with him. Does she make promises to Jason like she did to him? Sam says when she makes promises to Jason, she keeps them. He says, what a bond they have. It doesn’t matter. He’s a father. There’s a little baby waiting for him to find it. Sorry, he can’t stay and play. He tells Jason that he also reminded the police that Jason attacked him. He told them that Jason or Sonny might come after him, due to the misunderstanding. if something happens to him, even by accident, they’ll come looking for Jason. Jason says he’ll keep that in mind, and Sam says, good luck with that. Shiloh leaves, and Jason asks if Sam is okay. She says she is. She’s glad she doesn’t have to pretend to believe in Shiloh anymore.

Chase asks Willow if her mother has always been devoted like this. Willow says, with all her gurus and cult leaders? No. They never captivated her. It’s partly due to her dad. Chase says she never mentioned her father, so he assumed he wasn’t part of the picture. She says that’s her fault. It hurts too much to explain, so she glosses over it. It wasn’t fair to her dad, and he did try, over and over. She says he was a little more skeptical. Shiloh was the first person to convince her mother that he had the answers. Chase says, one of his hardcore followers, but Willow says, not hardcore, but she believed Shiloh was sincere, and that DOD was dedicated to helping and doing good deeds. Her mother loved every minute. She was a strong, fierce, badass woman because Shiloh said she was. They joined as a family, but before too long, her mother was all about Shiloh. He came between her and her dad. In Harmony’s eyes, her dad was weak, and Shiloh was Superman. He used Harmony to take advantage, but everything really changed when he created the Trust. There are no men in it, and Harmony was the first woman invited to join. After she slept with Shiloh, it broke her dad. Chase asks, what happened?

Kristina says she loves Sonny. He got her out of DOD – even if it was kicking and screaming – and she’s grateful. She sees DOD and Shiloh for what they really are. She says he always comes to her rescue, and Sonny says, that’s what dads do. She says she thought they were supposed to make sure their kids could fend for themselves. Sonny says, that’s with sons, and she says, sexist much? He says mothers do it with their daughters, and spoil their sons. Fathers do it with their sons, and spoil their daughters. It’s like the circle of life. Kristina says she needs him to try something different. No more getting her into colleges, offering her jobs, or paving her way. He needs to let her stand on her own.

Alexis tells Neil that Julian was completely inappropriate, but he inspired her to take moral inventory. He asks what she found, and she says some things he already knows. The big ones, but there’s a list of smaller, embarrassing things that featured prominently in the smear campaign when she was running for mayor. He can find them online. He says he’ll be sure to look those up. She says she had a shift in perspective about Kristina. She wonders if Kristina thinks she’s so ethically challenged, that she’s more dangerous than her father, and that’s why she made the Pledge about her. Neil says, it’s possible. What is she planning on doing? Alexis says, nothing. She’s listening to him, and letting it rest. It’s not easy. Even if the Pledge has been neutralized, Shiloh knows, and she’ll always be thinking about it. What would Neil do if his daughter knew something about his life that could ruin him? He tells her that their time is up. Alexis thought they had a few more minutes. He tells her that he’s paid to treat her, and talking about his private life is not part of the program.

Peter says it’s obvious how much Lulu misses her husband, and he understands Maxie is dumping focus on that or work, but tell him what’s really going on. She says Dante being away from his family is part of it, but she’s worried he’s not coming back. Peter tells her, for Lulu’s sake, why not trust herself again? Why not give Dante time to heal? It can take years sometimes, but give them room to breathe. She says they don’t need room; they need to get a room, and help each other make a stronger bond. She tells Peter, you don’t give up. Not on love.

Willow tells Chase that Harmony got her dad kicked out of DOD. Not long after, he… She starts to cry, and says, he passed away. That’s when Shiloh wanted her to join the trust. Chase asks if her mother was okay with that, and Willow says she wanted to score points with Shiloh by offering her daughter to him. But when he started to favor her, her mother was furious and jealous. When Harmony tried to stand up for herself, Shiloh told her that she was reacting from an evil place. Harmony may resent the man she loves for sleeping with her daughter, but she can’t deny him. Willow is sure Shiloh was livid when Harmony couldn’t give him any information about the baby. Her confessing to his crimes is her way making of it up to him.

Sam tells Jason she’s sorry. She knows he wanted to handle Shiloh. Jason says they know how it would have turned out. Sam says, she got a tattoo; she let herself be drugged, and almost raped. She doesn’t want this to be like last time. Jason says Shiloh will never touch her again. He’s going to make sure of it.

Maxie tells Peter that Lulu deserves to know her husband is safe. Why not let her look? Peter says Maxie isn’t married to Dante; she needs to respect Lulu’s decision. Maxie says Dante loves his family, but needs to know Lulu still holds him in her heart. She assumes he sees it differently, and if they can help him gain sight about how much they love each other, they should do that. Peter thinks he knows where she’s coming from.

Chase says Willow has done everything in her power to protect Wiley. She says but Shiloh still thinks the baby is out there. Running will make him think she has something to hide, so she’s staying put. She wants to make sure she has no connection to a living child. She goes into her purse, and says, this is all she has. The one moment he was hers. She shows Chase a hospital bracelet with Baby Boy Tait on it, and says she can’t risk keeping it.

Shiloh tells Shawna in the birth records department that he knew she was a kind person. He’s hoping to get his sister off the streets. She says she’s kind of a fan. She read his book, and is familiar with DOD’s work. The world needs more people like him, reminding them that they’re here to take care of each other. He says he’s glad his message spoke to her. He writes something down, and she says they don’t usually give out information. He says, normally, they’re not inclined to give out personal information on DOD residents, but he’s worried. He thought she might see her way clear to bend the rules a little; help someone in need. She says she’ll see what they have on his sister, if anything. He says ever since she ran away, she’s been using the alias Willow Tait. He hopes he’s not overstepping, but she’s give him comfort. Her being there seems like a sign he’s in the right place. She says they do have a record. She was admitted in July of 2018. He says she has no idea how much joy this brings him. I know there are exceptions to every rule, and that people break rules, but it annoys me when they do something that’s this unbelievable. It would have been a better choice to have him get her out of the room, and find the information himself. I’ve worked at a clinic, and there’s no way in hell he’d get this information, especially just walking in off the street. I don’t care what book he wrote.

Sam tells Jason it was her risk to take. He says he still has nightmares of being locked in a room, watching what Franco did to her, and he can’t get to her or stop it. He wakes up, reminding himself it was years ago, and memories fade. He thinks it’s because he didn’t do anything to save her. Deep down, he’s afraid it will happen again. Sam says he has to tell her these things, and he says she never asked him to change because he’s afraid, and he’s not asking her to change either.

Sonny asks if he can get Kristina an apartment. She says, no, and he says, a car? She says, tempting, but no. He says, what about a small business? She’s like, come on, and he says he’s teasing. He’s proud of her, and doesn’t want her to see him getting emotional. She says she can’t rebuild her life knowing her mistakes drove him to commit an act of violence. He says his choices are his own, and she says she’s not questioning that, but asking him to honor hers. She chooses not to have Shiloh’s blood on her hands.

Alexis goes back to Neil’s office. She says she doesn’t mean to barge in, but feels uncomfortable about how they left the last session. He knows about her, but she doesn’t know about him. She’s sorry to upset be accidentally invading his privacy. She doesn’t know anything except what he’s told her, or she looked up online. He appreciates her apology, but she asks if he accepts it. He’d like to request that she honor doctor/patient boundaries.

Maxie tells Peter that she’ll make order out of chaos until Nina descends on the office again. He lies down on the pillows and blankets, and she asks if she should move the props. He says, don’t, and she says he looks comfortable. She joins him, and he says he was thinking about what she said, how it’s important to let the people you care about know how you feel. Maxie says that’s why it’s important that he knows how she feels about him, so he’s not guessing. They kiss, and he says she’s the first person to ever teach him what love is. He still doesn’t exactly know what do about it. She says, it’s okay. Love is kind of her thing. He says he noticed, and she says, to be honest, she thinks he’s getting the hang of it. They kiss some more.

Chase tells Willow that he’ll hold on to the bracelet. When Shiloh is no longer a threat and she’s safe – which he promises will happen – he’ll give it back. She says she’d like that very much, and he hugs her.

Shiloh tells Shawna, sorry. He knows he shouldn’t ask, but does she know why his sister was there? No specifics. He just wants to know is she’s okay, and that it was nothing life-threatening. She says, on the contrary. She had a baby. He says he has a niece or nephew, and she says, a healthy baby boy. I say, fire her ass immediately, and he says, fantastic. He can’t wait to welcome his nephew into the family. I’m fuming, since not only would they never give out this information, if she read his book, wouldn’t she know that he doesn’t have a sister?

Sam asks Jason to tell her something. He says, it depends, and smiles. She says, seriously. When he has nightmares, if she’s with him, wake her up. If not, please pick up the phone and call her. He asks if she still has nightmares, and she says, sometimes. He says she can wake him up, and he’ll remind her that they survived. She says, they did, didn’t they? She loves him, and feels safe with him. He says he loves her too, and they kiss.

Jason’s phone rings. It’s Sonny, who says, about their conversation earlier, put the project on hold. Jason is sorry to hear that. Sonny is too, but that’s what it has to be for now. Kristina smiles at Sonny. Sam says, it sounded like bad news. He says, Sonny doesn’t want him dealing with Shiloh. She says, it’s not that bad. If Shiloh disappeared, Jason would be the prime suspect. Jason says, Shiloh needs be finished, one way or the other. Sam says, okay. They’ll figure something out. They’re good at that.

Tomorrow, Maxie says Josslyn can talk to her, Ryan wonders how he got there, and Kim collapses.

The Haves and The Have Nots

There’s no money in the account. Hanna says, his damn sister. Benny says, the money was just there. The officer says, now it’s not. He asks where it is now, and she goes to check the records. Benny doesn’t think it was Candace. If she had the money, she would have given it to him. She said she didn’t have it, and he wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Hanna says they’ll see. She says, both of the families are going to be after him now, but he tells her, hang on.

At the Artisian, RK goes to Scott’s room. He tells Scott the others are on the way. He suggests Scott take his clothes off. Scott says, him first. He asks if Scott wants a drink, and mixes one. Scott hears the President Elect stayed there; that’s pretty cool. RK gives him a drink, and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Rocky. Scott asks if they do drugs. RK says they like to party. Scott takes out what looks like an eye-drop container, and says they have to try this. When he puts it in his drink, if it changes color, someone is trying to drug him. He puts some in, and his drink turns blue. RK says, damn maids. Rocky is sure it’s nothing. Scott says there’s a nice cozy pub in London where Rocky can get a job, and speaks into a microphone on his collar, asking someone to come out. Broderick enters the room. Rocky says he’s supposed to be covering the bar, and Scott says, he’s not. They’re under arrest. Broderick says Scott knows everything, and Scott says they’ve been running a prostitution ring. Broderick says he’ll talk. He tells Rocky and RK that they don’t know how much Scott has on them. RK says, arrest him; he has nothing to say. Scott says if they testify against Candace, he’ll let them go. Rocky asks what he wants to know. She’s done a lot of evil things, and beat hell out of him. RK tells him, shut up, and he says RK is always on her side. Scott says if RK walks out, he’ll be arrested. RK says, fine. Scott radios his men to take RK out the back door. He doesn’t want to attract attention. I start wondering if Scott is the same character from Too Close To Home, since a lot of them worked for the government, but I look it up, and no.

RK jets. Two guys come out, and he really jets. They fly after him.

Scott says Rocky knows her. He said she beat hell out of him. Someone radios Scott, and he says, what? Find him now. He asks Rocky and Broderick, where did he go? He got away. The other two don’t know, and he tells them, think. Broderick says he told Scott everything. Scott says if RK calls her, the deal is off. Broderick says Scott told him that if he talked, he could walk. Scott says, change of plans. He’s going to have them both deported, and put on the terrorist watch list. Broderick says, that’s not what they agreed on. Scott says, Broderick thinks he’s a man of his word? He’s there to win, and get it done. He leaves. Neither one of them know where RK is. Broderick says he’s just going to go, and Rocky is like, damn!

Hanna wonders what’s taking so long. Now she’ll have to call Kathryn. Benny says he’s not scared of that dude, but he doesn’t want that fool thinking he stole his money. Hanna asks why he’s so calm. Did he do something with the money? He says, no, but she thinks he’s too calm about this. She calls Candace, and leaves a message to call her back. Benny says she and Candace just got in a good place. Don’t accuse her. Hanna says she’s just going to ask, but Bennie says, don’t go blaming her. The officer comes back, and says the money was wired out. They’re trying to find out by who. They got a reverse notice from the delivery bank to send it back to where it came from, the Cryer Company. Hanna says, so it went back; good. Benny asks, when? and the officer says, a few days ago. He says, it doesn’t make sense, and Hanna says she’ll call them. The officer leaves. What really doesn’t make sense is how lax this bank is. The officer had said they were actually $4000 overdrawn. This happened a few days ago, and they didn’t let the account holder know?

Kathryn calls Broderick, who tells her the hotel has been busy. She wonders why he’s being so formal, and he says he has to call her back. She asks, what’s going on? but he won’t tell her. He hangs up, and someone else answers when she calls back. She’s told Broderick just left. He walked out, and didn’t say where he was going. She gets another call, and it’s Hanna. She says they’re at the bank, and the money was reversed back to the account; the Cryer Company. Kathryn says Jim didn’t tell her, and says she’ll call Hanna back after she talks to him.

Jim sees Wyatt, and asks if he’s high. I’d say so, since he barely understands Jim is there. Jim asks, what the hell did he do? and smacks him. He asks where Wyatt got drugs, but Wyatt is too out of it to answer. Jim says don’t make him toss the room. Kathryn calls for Jim, and he says their son is high. She asks where he got drugs. Jim has no idea, but he got them somewhere. Kathryn says, let him sleep it off, proving she doesn’t understand the difference between drugs and alcohol. Jim says, he’s high as a kite. She says there’s nothing they can do now, and she has to talk to him. He tells Wyatt, stay there, like Wyatt can even get up. Kathryn asks if Jim has $8 million waiting. Hanna just called, and said it’s already in the account. It’s been there since last week. Jim says, no, and she tells him, call Lloyd. There was a reversal back to the Cryer Company. He says that’s not his company; she’s playing games. He says he’s getting to the bottom of it, and Kathryn says, don’t go near Hanna or her son. Jim says he’ll do what he has to, but Kathryn means it. Leave them alone. He storms out, and she calls him an a-hole.

Charles tells Candace that he just has to pack some personal things. She says, speaking of which, what is this? She picks up a photo, and shows it to him. He says, it’s nothing. She laughs, saying, it’s something. Is it him? He nods, and says he was a kid. She says, he danced?  He tells her, there was a time when he wanted to be breakdance champ. She asks how old he was, and he says, sixteen. Thank God before camera phones. She doesn’t believe him, and asks if he can still do it. He says, it was a long time ago. She says she has to see this, and he says, no, she doesn’t. She says she does, and puts music on, shoving him off the couch. He dances for her, ending with the splits, and it’s pretty impressive. She applauds. He says he’s rusty, and I say, I thought he was Charles. BA-DUM-CHH! Candace says he really can dance, and he tells her that she’ll never see it again. The President shouldn’t be doing that. She says he’s a different kind of President. He’s the cool one.

Not-Landon comes in, and Charles says, he didn’t see that, right? Not-Landon says, no, he didn’t, but Candace says, he’s lying, and he says he is. Charles has a phone call, and Candace says she’ll go upstairs so she doesn’t hear top secret information. Not-Landon tells Charles, it’s getting worse. Charles asks where Landon is, and not-Landon says, on the phone. Charles doesn’t even say, hi, how are ya? He tells Landon, let him make one thing clear. If the story hits, and Landon can’t spin it, he’s fired. He told Charles that’s what he’s good at. He hangs up, and not-Landon says, he tried to. Charles says, did he ask not-Landon anything? Not-Landon says, no sir. Charles says they have to get out to DC. Not-Landon suggests a flight back to Savannah for Candace, and Charles says, did he ask not-Landon to do anything? Not-Landon says, no, but he thinks it’s best. Charles thinks it’s best not-Landon do what he’s told. Methinks not-Landon is going to be on the unemployment line along with Landon.

At the police station, Veronica watches a group of thugs being brought in. The last one gives her the eye, so I assume these are the guys she hired.

Jeffrey gets ready to leave David’s house. David asks where he’s going, and Jeffrey says he’s not staying there, but he’s not going back to Justin. As long as David is with Veronica, he means it. David says, it’s different. Jeffrey knows how angry he is. He wants to take the law into his own hands. Jeffrey says, then do it, and David says he won’t for the same reason Jeffrey pulled that boy off Veronica. Jeffrey says he didn’t want to see Justin get hurt. David says he doesn’t understand the situation. There are several major legal situations that they need her help with. If he can’t keep her calm and working with him, everything will go to hell. Jeffrey says that’s the same reason he’s trying with Justin. Justin’s life went to hell because of her. David says Justin could kill him, and Jeffrey says, maybe death better than being part of this family. David tells him not to say that. Things are bad, but not that bad. He’s on verge of being pushed over the edge. He’s tested every day, but once the legal situations are resolved, he’ll let her go. He promises she won’t bother them again, and they can live there in peace. Just stay. Jeffrey says, okay, and David thanks him. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost Jeffrey. They hug.

David’s phone rings, and he says, damn. Jeffrey says, her? and David says, yeah. Jeffrey goes upstairs to unpack, and David says they’ll talk later. David answers, and Veronica says she needs to talk to him. She’s at the police station. She needs him to meet her at her house tonight. There’ll talk by the pool, not in the living room. He knows why. He says he’ll be there.

Veronica waits. Justin is brought in. He says he told them she’s lying. Veronica says, is she? He has no idea what he’s done. Bye, girl. Enjoy jail. She bets he thinks twice before hitting a woman. Rainbows and unicorns, baby. He tells her, go to hell, and she says, him first. He says he’s been there since he met her. She says he hasn’t been there yet. One of the arresting cops says, he’s an officer. He’ll be in a cell alone. He won’t be touched. Justin asks if they can speed it up. As he’s led away, Veronica says, bye, Tootsie. Enjoy yourself. Life in tight pants. You better work. She laughs.

David tells Jeffrey he’s going out. Jeffrey says, to meet mom? and David says, to keep the situation under control. Jeffrey tells him that Madison said he needs to keep the bandages changed, and David asks him to help do that when he gets back. Jeffrey thinks he should have Madison do it. He knows David is mad at him, but he meant the best. He thinks David should have him come back. David tells Jeffrey to have Madison call.

Hanna and Benny get home. Wow the house looks very different during the day with no cars in front of it. They see flowers on the porch; a bouquet of yellow roses (which I think means an apology). Benny says they’re from Derrick, and Hanna throws them down. Benny asks what Derrick did, and she tells him, don’t worry about it. They go inside. Benny asks again what Derrick did, and Hanna says she’s going to ask Kathryn about the money, and that’s all she’s saying. Her phone rings, and Hanna asks if Kathryn got it. Kathryn says, no. It’s not making sense. Jim said it’s not his company. She thinks it’s a mix-up, and she’ll get to the bottom of it. Hanna says let her know. She’s sorry; it’s a lot of money. Kathryn knows she didn’t do anything, and she’ll find out what’s going on. Benny asks what that was about, and Hanna says, it’s not Jim’s company. He says, that’s crazy, and Hanna says, maybe. He says, it must be a mix-up at the bank. She says, maybe, and goes upstairs.

Benny calls Candace, and asks where she is. She says, Detroit, and he asks if she’s with him. She says she is, and asks, what’s going on? He says they tried to give the money back, and the bank said it had been sent back already; something about a reverse wire request. She’s like, what? She says, from the Cryer company? and he says, yes. She says, okay. So he got his money, but Benny says, no. It doesn’t make sense. Jim was just there threatening him again. Candace says he’d better not threaten Benny again, and why do that if he’s got the money? She has to call him back.

Candace looks on her laptop, and sees the money in the account. (To refresh your memory, the Cryer company is the dummy account Candace created to get the money in the first place.)

RK slips into Veronica’s house. She sees him, and says, get the hell out. He says he needs her help. They’re after him. She doesn’t give a damn; she wants him to get out, and she means it. He says the Attorney General is trying to throw him in jail. He needs a couple of days to hide out. She asks what the AG would want with him; what did he do? He says he was involved in running a prostitution ring out of the hotel. She says that’s not her problem. He says he’s loyal, and he needs help. She asks where her jewelry is. He says he messed up on that, but he’ll do anything; whatever it takes. She calls him little boy, and says he needs to get out of her house. She’s tired. It’s been a rough day, and she’s pissed off. She needs him gone. He says maybe he should have turned on Candace. She says, Candace Young? What do they want with her? RK doesn’t know, but they wanted him to turn on her. Veronica says he should have, and he says he ain’t no damn snitch. She says, he has a code. Then he needs to be locked up. She’s not going to help him. He says he’ll remember that. She tells him, do that, and don’t come back. He says, don’t worry; he won’t.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s the FBI, and RK runs upstairs. Veronica yells at him to come down. She opens the door, and says he’s upstairs, but they ask her to come with them. She says, why? On what grounds? Head guy says she can come for questioning, or they can arrest her and take her in. She asks again, on what grounds? He says they’re not the local police. They’re the FBI. They’ll think of something. Now get her ass in the car. She asks if they’re arresting her. He says they can, and she says she’ll have all their badges. Just let her get her purse. He says, no; she won’t. She says, it’s been that kind of day. She’s sick of all of them. Let’s tighten it up.

RK comes downstairs. He can’t believe his luck. He closes the door quietly, and says, that’s more like it. He’s going to make some changes around there. He goes to see what in the kitchen. I’m wondering what’s going to happen when David shows up, and he’s throwing a party or something.

Justin tells Officer Ray, come on. Ray knows he didn’t do this. Ray puts him in a cell, alone, and says he’s just doing his job. Justin asks if Ray can call someone for him. Jeffrey Harrington. Ray says he can’t do that. Justin knows who Jeffrey’s mom is. Justin says, so what? and Ray says, sorry, man.

The guys in the next cell stare at Justin. Justin asks what the hell they’re looking at? Because he’s stupider than he looks, Justin gets too close to the dividing bars, and a dude grabs him. They manage to beat him through the bars.

Next time, Justin is pantsed (yes, that’s how I meant to spell it), Jim isn’t leaving until he gets his money, Scott calls Jim, Candace calls Jim, and David tells Veronica that he wants to kill her. Three episodes left to the season.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Provence, France. A trip which will, no doubt, be wasted on this group. The women gather their luggage. In her interview, LisaR says she loves France, but has never been to Provence. She thinks it’s going to be magical. Teddi asks if it’s all vineyards. She’s having déjà vu. In her interview, Kyle says she loves France. Six years ago, she was in Paris. We flash back to her and LVP visiting the Eiffel Tower. Kyle says it’s weird not have LVP there. LVP kicked her out of the house, and she’s not speaking to anyone. It breaks Kyle’s heart. Denise and Camille were also coming until the last minute. We flash back to them talking about the fire on the way to the airport. LisaR says they had to evacuate, and it doesn’t look good. She and Teddi can’t get phone service in the car.

They gasp, seeing the gated entrance to Chateau Whatever It Is. The staff is lined up on the steps, and Erika says it feels like they’re in a movie. She never felt so rich. Local Host Pascha greets them, and they meet the staff. Dorit feels like she’s be living like a princes in a castle. Pascha hopes they have a wonderful stay, and gives them the tour. I salivate over both the house and its furnishings. She explains the house has been mostly restored to the historic model. It was built in 1612, and Erika is sure previous guests are still floating around. The Great Lawn looks like something at Buckingham Palace. Kyle says it’s seventeen acres, and fully staffed. The women are going to be waited on hand and foot, from breakfast until bedtime.

The group is shown their rooms, which are no less than amazing. In LisaR’s interview, she says they usually stay at a five-star hotel, which she likes, since she gets her space. If there’s a conflict, there’s nowhere to run. I’m confused. Nowhere to run on seventeen acres? They shout at each other through the open casement windows.

Kyle tells the chef about the fire in LA, and how people had to evacuate. She explains that two of the friends they’d expected aren’t coming. The chef gives her a run-down of the dinner menu. The women meet in the sitting room or whatever, and even though they’d said it was casual, they’re dressed up. In her interview, Dorit says, the French countryside, and no glam? But contrary to popular belief, she can travel without her glam squad. They order drinks. In Erika’s interview, she says, don’t tell her they’re going to be casual. Bullsh*t. France equals glamour.

Kyle calls Denise, who still can’t get an update about the evacuated areas. Kyle asks if the fire has been contained, and Denise says it hasn’t. Teddi asks about her house, but Denise doesn’t know. The whole thing sounds horrible. Kyle says they’re thinking about her, and asks her to check in. Dorit says, it’s so scary. Kyle calls Camille, who says she just found out her house is okay. She says, last night was insane. She’s never experienced a massive evacuation. In her interview, she says the fire was moving quickly. She grabbed her important documents, and a Wyeth painting, and they caravanned down the street. Their lives have been misplaced. I can understand this a little, having been through a flood. She tells Kyle, they don’t know what do, or where to go, but they’re safe. She doesn’t want to be a buzzkill. Kyle says everyone loves her. Dorit says, thank God she’s safe. In her interview, LisaR says it’s a relief to know they’re safe. Knowing their friends are suffering, they have to make the best of things, since there’s not much they can do. Teddi reveals that her childhood nickname was Butch because she was tomboyish. Kyle says she was Kyle Bitchards. We find out Dorit stole the family car at thirteen, and outed herself by leaving traces of white chocolate in the backseat. She says she was grounded for about ten years.

Dinner is served, and they sit. In Kyle’s interview, she says she doesn’t care where she is in the world, she’s ordering a margarita. She’s not a rosé person. Teddi says, Butch wants her margarita on the rocks. Her drink is a little intense. Erika doesn’t handle strong drinks at all. LisaR tells them that she has one thing to say, which probably means fifty. She had a good time playing Erika Jayne. Teddi says she thought LisaR lost her mind. Kyle says Erika doesn’t behave like that, and it was weird. LisaR agrees it out of place, but it broke ice with Kim. There was an elephant in the room. Actually a bunny.

In Dorit’s interview, she says, who doesn’t want a private chef and being served? It’s luxury to the nth degree. I’m in. Erika says she’s a little drunk. Kyle wants them know they’re effing amazing. They can all be batsh*t crazy, and things can turn in a second, but she’s thankful they’re there. In Erika’s interview, she says the five of them have been through some stuff on these trips. We flash back to some of the stuff they’ve been through. She says, this place is magical, like some sh*t out of a storybook. She wonders if the drinks are strong or she’s lost her mojo. She might even need a piece of bread.

At 5 am, Dorit is up. She feels sick to her stomach. She woke up to a video of Camille’s full of fire. They’d just spoken to her, and everything was fine. What happened? Teddi shows her what Denise posted. She got all the animals out, but everyone is in gas masks. She feels better about Denise, but her heart is breaking for Camille. In her interview, Teddi says, your mind starts going to the worst place, and you start thinking of your family. She wishes she could turn it off.

At breakfast, Erika asks if she’s the only one wildly hungover. She’s drunk from the night before, and is really hurting. She’s miserable, and at breakfast with effing sunglasses on. Dorit thought she was just being fabulous. Teddi says her coach’s house burned down. She got out with only her PJs. Erika asks if the fire has been contained, but Dorit and Teddi don’t think so. The wind shifted. Kyle is freaking, and says Camille has nothing. LisaR says Camille went from her happiest day to being devastated. Teddi says her house is in good shape. Pascha comes in, and Kyle asks about going to a market. Pascha suggests a local one. The women get ready, and head out.

Erika takes pictures. LisaR wants to focus on the moment. They go into the town, and Kyle says it’s like Amsterdam. She tries on some hats. LisaR says she isn’t ready for cheese. Kyle haggles, and feels overwhelmed. LisaR relents, and eats cheese. Kyle and Dorit become lost to shopping. In Kyle’s interview, she says she’s not leaving without a beret. LisaR wants coffee, and they stop at a café.

Erika seems to be the only one who is fluent in French. They order drinks and peruse the menu. LisaR tells them that Amelia has chosen to study nutrition, wellness, and psychology. After sharing her story, she became an activist. In LisaR’s interview, she says Amelia took something that was an issue for her, and turned it into a tool for helping people. We flash back to Amelia says she doesn’t want this to happen to other people. LisaR says Amelia is still getting through her life, and figuring it out. She’s an addict. Teddi says the fact that Amelia is openly talking about it, means she wants to actually fix it. She asks if they knew before she told them, and LisaR says they saw the best doctors. One feels it’s genetic. Kyle says, she never talks about this; not even to her daughters, but when she was younger, she had her own problems. She gets weepy.

She says she never wanted it to be in her daughters’ heads. When she was seventeen, she was on TV. Her sisters were tiny, cute, blonde, blue-eyed, and skinny. She said she didn’t like her wardrobe on the show, and they said if she lost weight, she’d get a better one. The more compliments she got, the less she ate. She’d take V8, pour it in a bowl, heat it up, and call it her food for the day. She weighed 99 pounds. Some days, all she had was six almonds for food. Her sisters and the models were skinny, and she was self-conscious. In her interview, LisaR says since Amelia opened up, she couldn’t pretend she didn’t know what it feels like. Teddi thinks if you share with your kids, they’ll share with you. LisaR says if she tells them, that doesn’t mean they’ll do it, but Kyle doesn’t want to put it into their heads. LisaR says they already have it in their heads from the world, which is a good point. Dorit suggests having a chat. In Kyle’s interview, she says she was terrified, and wanted them to have a healthy body image. She never says things like she feels fat. She just wants them to be healthy. LisaR says she’s done an amazing job raising her daughters. In Erika’s interview, she thinks it’s brave for Kyle to admit that she struggled with an eating disorder. Erika tells the others, she never had that. She was always a stick figure. Now she’s the heaviest she’s ever been. With all that dancing, I’m sure a lot of it is muscle. In her interview, she says she thinks it’s easier to be vulnerable in front of each other, since they don’t think they’ll be judged, or jabbed at, or the information used at a later date. It feels like a safe space because LVP isn’t there. Oh come on. Can they leave her alone now? They got what they wanted. Move on.

The go to Pont Something-or-Other, and tour the city. The walk on a bridge to nowhere, that extends to the middle of a river. Erika thinks the river kept destroying the bridge, and they just quit rebuilding. She says, it’s a privilege to be on a vacation in Europe. It’s thousands of years of history. Places you think about for the rest of your life.

Dorit calls home, and video chats with the kids. LisaR tries to talk French to Harry. She tells Harry about Denise, Camille, and the fire. She says, Camille lost her house. It burned down. Harry says, it’s tragic. It will be horrible to find out what other friends lost their homes. LisaR says the fire affected many, many of the people they know; whole neighborhoods. Her heart is broken. She says, thank God everyone is okay. At the end of the day, things are replaceable. Erika says hi to Harry, and the women meet downstairs

LisaR declares she likes the drinks. Ooh. I love Kyle’s skirt. It has strings of beads hanging from it like fringe. Everyone looks fantastic. LisaR thinks their group likes looks that are fabulous, except Denise. We flash back to Denise’s casual look, and in her interview, LisaR imitates Denise, saying those bitches are making her raise her game, and she doesn’t want to. She tells them, everyone in the group has style – and Teddi is coming around. In her interview, she says, Teddi raised her fashion game from a year ago. We see a clip of Kyle helping her do some shopping. In Teddi’s interview, she says she didn’t think her style had changed that much, but people keep saying she’s bringing her A-game. She’d thought she’d always been bringing it.

LisaR says, drunk Rinna is here! and kicks her leg in the air like she just don’t care.

At the restaurant, Teddi apologizes in advance for their presence. She orders a skinny margarita, and Kyle is like, not in France. They talk about favoring their dads, and Erika says her father is from El Salvador, which surprises everyone. In Erika’s interview, she says, it doesn’t mean anything. She never meant anything to them, so it’s just part of her heritage. Several of them order hamburgers, and in her interview, Dorit wonders, if they could order anything other than burger in France. She gets it though. They’re American.

Kyle asks LisaR about the Erika Jayne act. She thought it was weird. LisaR says, because she was playing a character, it helped her face Kyle’s sister. In Kyle’s interview, she says using the Erika Jayne persona allowed LisaR to call her sister the c-word. LisaR needs to take responsibility for her own words, since she’s the queen of owning it. LisaR says it flew out of her mouth. It happened, but it led to sitting and having a conversation where they decided to move on and move forward. We flash back to them kissing and making up. Kyle says it seemed inappropriate, since Erika wouldn’t talk like that to anybody. We flash back to (I think) Erika’s first season, when she wore the c-word necklace. LisaR says it was just her interpretation. Teddi says it would hurt her feelings. LisaR says she knows Erika’s feelings aren’t hurt, and Erika says, not at all. Kyle asks if it isn’t a betrayal of who she is. Erika says, it’s just a persona. Teddi says LisaR was hiding behind a character, and it was confusing. LisaR wonders what issue Teddi is having with her, and in her interview, says it’s not her issue, and none of Teddi’s business. Teddi says, it doesn’t make her like LisaR any less, and LisaR says she doesn’t care if Teddi likes her or not. Don’t put it all on her.

Even LisaR realizes how bad that sounds, and says, well, she does care. Teddi says she does. Otherwise, why are they hanging out? In Dorit’s interview, she doesn’t know why Kyle and Teddi are baiting Erika to say something. She thinks Teddi is Kyle’s henchwoman. We flash back to Teddi explaining (Teddi-splainin’) Kyle’s feelings after the concert. In LisaR’s interview, she says if not for Kim, they would have laughed and applauded. It’s just sensitive because Kyle’s sister is involved. Well, yeah… Kyle says everyone was uncomfortable, even Erika, who is starting to look bored at this point. Kind of like I do. Erika says it seems the two of them – meaning LisaR and Kim – came to a resolution.  In Erika’s interview, she says she’s not annoyed that LisaR used the Erika Jayne persona to heal her wound, but she’s annoyed that they’re not letting it go. Dorit says it’s an alter ego who’s free to be whatever. Erika says it’s a performance persona, and quit trying to bait her into the conversation. In Teddi’s interview, she says when she’s uncomfortable, she wants to discuss it immediately. Erika wants to shut it down before it starts. She tells Erika that she’s not being an idiot. She’s trying to have a conversation about something she doesn’t understand. Erika says she’s glad they’ve moved on. In her interview, Erika says if she was going to be upset, she’d have been upset weeks ago, not in France. Stop ruining her night. Kyle says now Erika is upset with them. Erika says she’s okay. In Kyle’s interview, she’s struggling to believe that Erika wouldn’t be embarrassed by being used as an excuse to be rude to someone. I’m struggling to believe anyone can make this big a deal out of pretty much everything.

LisaR says, anyone feel like dessert?

Next time, a helicopter ride, the women do (very good) imitations of each other, Denise goes back to the rubble that was her house, Teddi can’t be a moral compass for everyone, and Erika feels bullied.

👠 No Phobias Here…

While I’ve amassed a nice tea collection, it’s late and it’s been a long week, even though it’s not half over. So I chose the article that says it all after tonight’s RHOBHLVP and her crew at the Pride parade. Despite her Wives estrangement, she’s not letting any moss grow on her.


🎶 A Wednesday Type of Song…

Although I’ll never be able to hear it again without thinking of Reservoir Dogs.

June 10, 2019 – Two Part Post Tonight – Part One -Today’s Preempted GH, Because I Got You


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🚁 So I think, I’m finally on time, get in my seat a few minutes to the hour, and turn on GH, only to find breaking news. Okay, there was a helicopter crash on 7th Avenue – on top of a building – so that is pretty big news. As usual though, they have precious little information and are taking up way too much time with speculation and opinions. They just said, obviously, something went wrong. Gee, ya think?

In case you’re interested:


💻 At about 3:30, it was obvious they weren’t going back to GH, and said it would be on at 1:30 am. That was a no for me, so I went to my trusted bootleg video source, watched it, and did an editing quickie, because I wanted to get it out asap.

General Hospital

Bobbie finds Jax on the phone, wheeling and dealing on all continents, at the Crimson office. He’s excited to see her. He tells her that he’s staying in Port Charles.

Ava meets Nina, and Nina says she wants Ava for the cover of Crimson’s September issue, along with a full layout to support her interview. Ava says, of course (🍷), and what will the interview be about? Her career? Her achievements? Nina says, of course (🍷), and anything else she’d like. Ava tells her, admit it. She wants Ava to talk about Ryan, but she’s out of luck. Ava wishes she’d never met him.

Cary meets Lucas at Charlie’s. She says she and Sonny know that Shiloh is Wiley’s biological father, and Lucas tells her to shut up, as he should. Why is she discussing this in public? She tells him that he has resources other people don’t. Why didn’t he turn to her and Sonny instead of Julian? Julian comes out and says, because he’s Lucas’s father.

On the phone at the hospital, Chase says he’s waiting on the paperwork, and will move Shiloh out when it comes through. Jason joins him, and asks if there’s any update. Chase says, Shiloh is under arrest. Jason says he’s just making sure.

Kristina finds Sonny in the kitchen. He tells her that he has to make Carly eat healthy; it has to be perfect. She came by to give him an herb garden – and a hug.

Willow thanks Diane for coming. Diane says it’s been a while since she was in a third grade classroom. Willow figured it would be more private. She feels like someone is watching her all the time. Diane asks if it’s DOD. Is she being harassed? and Willow says, not yet, but her mother is convinced she had Shiloh’s baby, so there’s no telling what they’ll do.

Nurse Judy sees Shiloh hasn’t eaten, and says he has to keep up his strength. A sound mind is the instrument of a sound spirit. He says she’s taken some classes, and she says she’s sorry to see him like this. He says he’s innocent, and she says, of course (🍷). It’s a travesty. He must be uncomfortable in the handcuffs. He says, it’s just a minor annoyance. He has a child out there who needs him, and it’s the only thing he’s focused on right now.

Nina says Ava hasn’t heard her out. Ava says Nina is enjoying this. Nina warned her not to push Kiki away. She hasn’t forgotten Nina’s speech, telling her not to do what she couldn’t take back. At the time, Ava had said Nina didn’t know the first thing about motherhood. Now the joke is on her. Nina’s daughter is there, and Ava’s isn’t. Nina tells her, stop it. She takes no pleasure in what happened. Kiki didn’t deserve to die, and Ava didn’t deserve what Ryan did to her. She wants to give Ava the opportunity to tell the world.

Carly tells Julian that she’s having a private conversation with her brother, and Julian says it’s his place of business. Why is she warning his son away from him? She says his reputation made it nearly impossible for Brad and Lucas to adopt Wiley. He had to agree to stay away. Julian says, right now, it’s all hands on deck, and all of them are willing to do what they can to protect Wiley. Carly says, Shiloh has been arrested. He’ll have a hard time suing for custody. Lucas says, not all arrests lead to a conviction, and Carly agrees it’s never a sure thing. All the more reason for Julian to stay out of it.

Sonny tells Kristina that he’s not complaining, but why the hug and gift? She says he’s always been there for her, even when she’s been a royal pain. She thanks him for standing by her. Even when she pushed him away, he’s been there for her. He says they’re a lot alike. They’re both stubborn, hard-headed, and great looking. She laughs, and says she’s glad they got her to see the truth about DOD, and for getting Dr. Bern. He asks how that’s going, and she says she has work to do, but she’s getting there. Shiloh being behind bars helps. It’s the least he deserves. Sam said there’s evidence that he drugged and assaulted them, but she wonders if it’s enough without the Pledges. Sonny says, one step at a time. He thinks they have enough, but she and Sam will have to testify. She hopes Shiloh goes away for a long time. Sonny says, Shiloh is going to grow old in prison.

Chase tells Jason they have Shiloh on extortion, attempted rape, and assault, as well as some other charges. He hasn’t heard the recording, but understands it was pretty damning. The DA has had a definite change of heart. She’d been sympathetic, if not biased, but not anymore. She slapped Shiloh with every possible felony. Jason asks how Shiloh reacted, and Chase says, like any perp; scared, pissed, no sign of enlightenment. The DA is also resigning, effective immediately. Jason thanks him for the information, and Chase thanks Jason for not disappearing Shiloh. He’d rather send Shiloh to prison than send Jason there for killing him.

Diane tells Willow that Shiloh was placed under arrest. Willow says that should be comforting, but she knows how he works. He’ll manipulate his way out of it. Diane says she did research on cults, and cult leaders make their followers believe they’re omnipotent, but they’re not. Diane says, it’s not their concern right now, and they need to focus on potential complications with the adoption. She asks how Willow’s mother found out. Willow says, from her, and Diane can’t believe Willow told her. Willow says, not in so many words, but her mother knew Willow was pregnant when she left. Willow told her mother that she’d miscarried, but her mother insisted the baby was alive. Her mother kept hammering at her, and Willow blurted out, if she had a baby, she’d never let it near her mother or Shiloh. Diane wishes she’d been more discreet. Willow says her mother claimed that only a mother would be so passionate, and said the baby was alive. She’s sure her mother went straight to Shiloh. Diane says, it’s pure speculation. There’s no proof the baby is alive. Willow says Diane’s own records are proof.

Shiloh tells Judy that he’d prefer to focus on finding his child’s birth certificate. Judy says she didn’t realize he was a father. He says he is. His biggest fear is the mother suing for permanent custody. He has no doubt he’ll be exonerated, but she’s going to strike now when he’s at his most vulnerable. It’s amazing how father’s rights are overlooked. He wonders how a birth certificate can be tracked, and Judy says, it’s not that hard. You contact the hospital where they were born, and ask for the records department. Then, give them the mother’s name, and it can be tracked down. He thanks her for being helpful, but says the trouble is, he’s estranged from the mother. She took off with another man while she was pregnant, and is keeping his child from him. He doesn’t know where his child was born. He thinks it’s within a hundred mile radius of Beecher’s Corners, but he’s not sure. Judy says she can put together a list of hospitals, and he says, fantastic. He tells her that he doesn’t have a lot of time, and she says she’ll get right on it. He says she’s an angel sent from heaven, and remember, no matter how dark the despair, perseverance is born in the light of the dawn. Zzzzzzz…

Bobbie tells Jax that she thought she’d peek in and see if Maxie was working, so she could check out the latest pictures of James. Jax says he hasn’t met James yet, and Bobbie says he must be focused on Josslyn. She’s glad he’s there for her, and asks how she’s doing. Jax says, she pretends to have it all together, but she’s still hurting inside. Bobbie says, she’s tough like her mom, and Jax says, like her grandmother. Bobbie says they all handle grief in different ways, but Josslyn can never have too much support. She asks how long he’s staying. He always seems to have a business deal going. Does he have anything to keep him there? He says, most definitely.

Ava isn’t interested in anyone’s voyeuristic interest in her life. She doesn’t need their ridicule or pity. She slept with the man who murdered her daughter. It’s her pain, and no one else’s. Nina says she’s not the first woman to give her heart to a bad man, and won’t be the last. Ava says Nina should know about that, since Valentin murdered Nikolas. Nina says, this isn’t about her. It’s about Ava; on the cover, wearing cutting-edge couture, shot by an award winning photographer, and getting to tell her story to the world. What does she say?

Julian tells Carly that he’s not staying out of it. He’s going to do what he can to protect Wiley from Shiloh. Why don’t they all just take out a billboard? Carly says, he’ll make things worse, if he hasn’t already. Julian says her guy threw Shiloh down the stairs in the first place, and she pretends not to know what he’s talking about. Lucas says he appreciates the help, but Julian already took non-violent steps. Carly says, God forbid there’s a custody battle, and the court is made aware of Julian’s involvement. He could compromise their position. Julian says she’s late for the party. Julian is already involved, and Willow is doing her part like everyone else.

Diane tells Willow that she’s not the only one with records. The Cooper-Joneses have one, and so does the state. Willow says she’s no good at lying. The records in Albany have been replaced. Diane says, how? By whom? Don’t tell her. She doesn’t want to know about tampering with legal documents. Willow says Diane has the last copy. She needs to do what it takes to make sure Shiloh never gets his hands on it. Diane asks if Willow is suggesting she destroy her files.

Shiloh is brought out, and Chase says, the arraignment is scheduled for tonight. Does he have an attorney or does he need a public defender? He says he doesn’t need a lawyer, and in a move I never saw coming, Harmony appears and says, he’s right. Shiloh is innocent. She drugged Kristina and Sam.

Ava asks Nina if she has any idea how many tabloids begged her for her story? She’s not interested in having people leaf through the pages of her life at a checkout. Nina says Crimson is hardly a tabloid. Ava says, sorry; a very high end publication. Does she think a woman with a $500 haircut will judge her less harshly? They’ll all be bonding over her stupidity, and certain it won’t happen to them. Nina says, but it would, and it does. The details might be different, but the pattern is the same. All women get duped and abused, whether it’s physically or psychologically. She’ll be helping them. She’ll be like the phoenix, helping them rise from the ashes and take control of their own lives. Ava says, wow. It always surprised her that Nina was able to do that.

Diane tells Willow there’s no way Shiloh can get access to the files. She knows the law, and trust her. Willow’s baby is safe with Brad and Lucas.

Carly asks how many people know, and Julian says, it will take as many as it takes, including Sam and Jason. Carly says they know the saying. Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead. This is way more, and someone will blow it. Well, for one thing, they can all quit talking about it in public. Julian asks if her real problem is that Lucas came to him instead of her and Sonny.

Kristina tells Sonny that she can’t wait for Shiloh to be in prison. She’s been dreading running into him on a street-corner, Sonny tells her, don’t worry anymore, He’s got her. She’s sorry for how she acted. It was foolish for her to reject him and her family. She chose DOD over people who have known and loved her for her entire life. What was she thinking? Sonny says, it’s over, Everything is good. She says, thanks to him, her mom, Sam, Jason, Michael, Willow, Dr. Bern, and even Molly; her own village. They gave her life back to her, and she’s so lucky. She hugs Sonny goodbye. Jason comes in, and she hugs him too. Sonny tells him, this just made everything they did to help her worth it.

Chase says, if Harmony has evidence or a testimony, she has to contact the DA’s office. Harmony says she mixed the drink, and put it in the tea. She told Shiloh it was chamomile meant to relax the inductees. Chase asks if she’s willing to give a sworn statement. Shiloh asks why she did it. The inductees didn’t need coercion. She says she thought she was helping. She wanted them to feel wonderful, calm, and happy for their experience. She didn’t know it would be a problem. Shiloh says, he trusted her the most, and she says she’s sorry she let him down. Chase keeps trying though, and asks if she’s an accomplice to attempted rape. Shiloh says, it wasn’t rape. It was consensual. Chase tells Harmony, if Sam and the others say otherwise, this will be considered obstruction of justice. She says she won’t let Shiloh take the blame for her mistake. Shiloh is innocent, and she’s willing to face whatever the consequences are, for him to walk free. Chase tells an officer to take her into custody, and reads her rights while she’s cuffed.

Sonny shows Jason the herb garden, and Jason says, Kristina seems like her old self. Sonny says she’s back with her family, where she belongs, but still has to tie up some loose ends. He asks if it’s true that Shiloh is Wiley’s biological father. Jason says he is. Willow is his mother, and lied, saying she didn’t know who it was. Shiloh never consented to the adoption, or to give up his parental rights. If he finds Wiley, and proves they’re related, he can file for custody. He guesses that’s why Lucas went to Julian, and Julian got Sam to help. Sonny hopes it works out, but Jason says, if Shiloh goes to prison, there’s no chance of him getting custody.

Julian asks Carly what Sonny would have done. They know his way of dealing with problems. Shiloh is walking just fine, and they got Kristina out. Lucas says, with no violence, and Julian tells her, let them handle it. Kristina brings out drinks, with a mocktail for Carly, and says the round is on her. Julian is grateful to have his number one bartender back. Kristina says she’s grateful for her job back, and has some ideas for new signature drinks. She makes a toast, to Shiloh’s arrest, and to things going back to normal. Kristina wonders what the three of them are up to with their heads together. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Bobbie tells Jax, Michael is Wiley’s godfather. Jax is sure it’s a comfort for him to be around Wiley after what he’s been through. He hopes Michael is moving on with life. Bobbie says, he has. He’s seeing someone who seems good for him. Jax is shocked Carly approves, and Bobbie says he might have seen them together at the Nurses Ball. Her name is Sasha, and Sasha’s mom is Nina.

Nina says, people get hit with hardships, losing a child or a loved one as a victim to violence. They’re all vulnerable. Ava suggests Nina write her own damn story. Nina’s mother put her in a coma, and stole Nina’s baby. When Nina woke up, she stole Ava’s baby. Print that. Nina says it’s true, but she was institutionalized, got help, and was able to heal. Ava asks if being on cover will heal her. Nina says she felt the same despair Ava does; it’s debilitating, but she can reclaim her life. Don’t allow it to sit inside and fester. It’s poison to her soul. She can be in control of what she puts out in the world, and help other people, but she’ll also be helping herself. Who doesn’t like a comeback story? A woman triumphs over the monster who killed her daughter. Just think; the public will be on her side, and it will help with her trial. Nina leaves, and Ava ponders.

Jax tells Bobbie that he’ll be working closely with Nina. He bought half of Aurora Media, including Crimson. She says he’s always had the golden touch. How does he like working with Nina? He says, she’s dramatic and opinionated, but Bobbie says he’s comfortable with strong women. He tells her that Lady Jane taught him well. She tells him, try and keep it cool with Sonny, and he says, doesn’t he always?

Diane tells Willow, there are tons of legal hurdles Shiloh would need to clear to see the records, but first he has to prove she actually had a baby. He can’t access her medical records, and barring that evidence, no court would grant him standing. If he can’t petition the court for a DNA test, he can’t connect biologically to Wiley. Willow says, it makes sense, but Shiloh doesn’t care about the law. He breaks rules, and people look the other way to do him a favor. Diane says, in the unlikely event he continues his pursuit, he’s up against some formidable opponents. Alexis is representing Brad and Lucas, and she’s brilliant. Lucas’s brother-in-law is Sonny, who employs Jason. They have a knack of getting things to turn out their way. And she’s the best lawyer in the state, if not the country. She’s not bragging; look her up. The law is on Willow’s side, and there are statutes to protect her privacy if the law is broken. Any evidence will be inadmissible. All evidence gathered illegally is inadmissible. It’s the law, which means Wiley is safe.

Carly says her mocktail is delicious. Kristina says they didn’t tell her what they’re up to. Carly says why does she think they’re up to anything? She came to talk to her brother, and Julian broke into the conversation. Kristina tells Carly, be nice to her boss. She asks Lucas if Wiley is talking yet, and Lucas says he’s making sounds. She offers to babysit on her night off. Family is important, and she’s glad to be back.

Chase thanks Sonny for seeing him. He wanted to talk to both him and Jason. Sonny asks what’s up with the arraignment, and Chase says, there is none. Harmony confessed to drugging Sam and Kristina without Shiloh’s knowledge. The DA made the call. Her last act before resigning was to put Harmony under arrest, and let Shiloh go.

Nina sees Jax in her office. She’s glad he’s still there, and tells him that she has good news. Ava agreed to the cover.

Jason asks, what about the attempted rape? and Chase says, Shiloh claims it was consensual. It can’t be proved; it’s he said/she said. Jason says this happened before in Beecher’s Corners. He was arrested, and another member cleared him. He gets poor, deluded people to take the blame. Chase says he’s not done building a case, but in the meantime, he’s asking them to not take matters into their own hands. If something happens to Shiloh, they’ll be at the top of the suspect list. Sonny asks if that’s a threat, and Chase says, the opposite. He’s requesting their cooperation. They managed to work together before, and he’s hoping they can preserve that spirit. Whatever they’re thinking of doing – don’t. He leaves, and Jason ask what Sonny wants to do. Sonny says he heard Chase. If anything happens to Shiloh, it can’t be traced back to them.

Julian tells Kristina, she’s welcome, and if she’s grateful, she’ll take out the recycling. Carly says Kristina seems to be doing great, and Julian says he plans to keep it that way. Lucas tells her to go; let this play out. She says she’s afraid he’s latching on to a person who gives the illusion of control. He has to think like a parent. Given Julian’s track record, she’s not sure he’ll take the most effective action.

Kristina opens the door, and Shiloh is there. He says when she’s done, he’d love one of her magical lattes. Julian tells him, stay the hell away, and Carly tells him, leave Kristina alone. What’s he doing there? He says he came in for coffee, and Carly says she thought he’d be in jail. He says, they arrested the wrong person. He’s innocent, and has been cleared. Kristina asks if he’s free, and he says free to enjoy one of her lattes. Julian doesn’t think so, and tells him, take a walk. Shiloh says Julian has no legal basis to throw him out, and Julian says, sue him. Get the hell out. Shiloh thinks Julian could benefit from a seminar. He tells Lucas to remind Brad that they’re starting the Enlightened Parent/Happy Baby course that he signed up for with Wiley. Lucas should feel free to join them. By the look on Lucas’s face, I don’t think that’s going to be happening.

Willow feels better knowing Diane is committed to protecting Wiley. Diane says, Wiley is well-loved and cared for. It’s like a fortress has been built around him. She tells Willow, when she gets nervous, remind herself that as long as Shiloh can’t prove a baby exists, he can’t touch her son.

Shiloh calls a hospital, and asks for the birth records department.

Tomorrow, Chase hates to tell Willow something, Maxie tells Peter not to give up on love, and Jason just wants to do it and get it done.

🚣 See you a little later on the Mediterranean.


June 6, 2019 – Harmony Visits a Cuffed Shiloh, a Challenge From Nina, Runway Observation, Abby’s New Dance, Old Tonys & Forever Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I only heard the first few minutes, so here’s a condensed version.

Carly dreams that Ryan took the baby.

Ryan is prepped for surgery.

Harmony shows up to harass Willow.

Shiloh wants Chase’s badge. Margaux comes in, and asks, what’s going on? and Shiloh says, a miscarriage of justice. Chase is arresting him. Margaux says, good work, and Shiloh is like, what?

Elizabeth, TJ, Stella, and Curtis are hanging out in Jordan’s room. TJ says, it’s going to be a long day. Stella thinks it’s getting crowded in there, but Jordan tells them not to go far. She wonders if she’s scaring them away. Elizabeth says she isn’t, but she needs to check on Jordan’s surgical team. Curtis asks if she’s nervous, and Jordan says, no. She’s focused on why the hell Ryan would donate his kidney to her.

Finn, Laura, and Doc sit in the waiting area, while Franco paces. He thinks Ryan’s surgery is taking too long, according to Google, and there’s still a significant chance the kidney will be rejected. Finn says he got all that from Google? Laura asks if it’s not best that Jordan be prepped now, and Doc agrees. Franco hates waiting, but Laura says Jordan is closer to getting a transplant then she was yesterday. Finn’s phone dings, and he says he’s gotten the news they were waiting for.

Carly says that Sonny was holding the baby, but when he turned around, he was Ryan, and the baby was just a bundle of blankets. Sonny tells her, take a moment and breathe. She’s under a lot of stress. Carly guesses everything is jumbled in her subconscious. Sonny says the good news is, Ryan’s been caught. The house phone rings, and Sonny says, it’s not a good time. He tells Carly, it’s Ava, and Carly says, let her up. Let’s get it over with. Sonny says, send her up, and tells Carly to go upstairs. She shouldn’t have to deal with this. Carly says she’s never run from Ava before, and she’s not doing it now.

Willow asks where Harmony was when she needed her? Harmony says she didn’t come to dredge up the past. She understands well the pain Willow’s been carrying. She remembers how it felt when Willow disappeared, leaving only the pregnancy test behind. Willow says it’s the best decision she ever made. Harmony says, it’s a lonely life, being away from your child. It doesn’t have to be like that. She can give Willow a family and refuge. Willow says, from Shiloh? and Harmony says, it doesn’t need to be like that. Shiloh is no threat to Willow and her child. Come with her, and she’ll prove it.

At Charlie’s, Alexis says she didn’t know Lucas and Julian were speaking. Julian says Lucas made an exception when the custody of his baby was up for grabs. She tells him that she can only say so much, and he says he might know more than she thinks. Willow is Wiley’s biological mother, and lied to Diane about not knowing the father. The father is a sexual predator, and could lay legal claim to Wiley. Alexis says if they could only reach a custody outcome that quickly. Julian thinks she might be able to, if she can handicap in Brad and Lucas’s favor.

Shiloh says Margaux ordered his arrest? She says Chase is acting on a warrant she requested, based on evidence. Shiloh says he was the one who was assaulted and almost killed when Jason threw him down the stairs. She says that’s news to her, since he declined to cooperate. She asks Chase if Shiloh knows the charges, and Chase says he was fully informed. She decides she’ll inform him again. She wants the case to be airtight, with no grounds for appeal. Shiloh is going away for twenty to life.

Alexis tells Julian, don’t think of interfering. If he really wants to help, stay out of it, or he might mess up the case.

Willow tells Harmony that her students will be coming in soon. The students we saw once on Career Day, and never appeared again. Harmony tells her that Shiloh was hurt, and is in the hospital. Willow says, Shiloh is a cockroach who will be back on his feet, and taking advantage of women no time. Harmony says if Willow shares the information with her, she can negotiate a truce. Willow says she keeps telling Harmony, there’s no child. Harmony says Shiloh is yearning to forgive Willow, but Willow says she doesn’t want or need his forgiveness. Harmony tells her, don’t say that. Shiloh is slow to anger, but a man can only be ignored and denied his rights for so long. Willow says, or what? and Harmony says she doesn’t want find out.

Shiloh says, attempted rape? He would never. Margaux tells him, save for a jury – if he’s stupid enough to get on the stand. He says he’ll give the jury an earful. Margaux tells Chase that he can leave, and when he’s gone, Shiloh says Margaux must have been pretending for Chase’s benefit. He’s sure she’s found a clever way to vindicate him. She’s sorry to disappoint him, but no. He asks what she means, and she says she wants to see him in prison, where he belongs.

Sonny is surprised Ava made bail for attempted murder. Ava says, it’s more like attempted justifiable homicide. Ryan is in custody. They’re welcome. Carly asks if she’s there looking for a compliment, but Ava says she’s there to see Avery. She was hoping to celebrate Kiki’s birthday. Carly says they already did, showing her a handmade card. Sonny says, on her actual birthday. He guesses Ava was busy. She says she’d like to see her daughter. Sonny says, Josslyn took Avery to the zoo, and Ava says, another wasted visit. Sonny suggests she call ahead.

Curtis tells Jordan, who cares why Ryan changed his mind? He did, and she needs the transplant. She wants to understand why the about-face. She doesn’t trust him. He’s too smart to think helping her will give him leniency. Curtis suggests maybe Ryan is getting a sick satisfaction, knowing she owes her life to him. Maybe he thought about meeting his maker, and that it was his last chance to avoid divine retribution. All that matters is that she’s getting the kidney. Finn tells them, Ryan is out of surgery, and his kidney is ready for transplant. Is she?

Sonny asks Ava if she actually meant for Ryan to find her. Is it true she lured him in? She says she did. He couldn’t wait to show himself. Carly says, so everything with Doc was all an act. Ava says they figured Ryan would be jealous, and follow her, and he did – armed with a knife. She played along, and then pulled her gun. She wanted to hear him beg before she took his life. Sonny asks why she didn’t, and she says Curtis showed up, and told her that Jordan’s life was hanging in the balance. The cops arrested Ryan, and on his way out, he said she could have never gone through with it. She grabbed the knife, and showed him, yes, she could.

Doc and Laura look in on Ryan. In Jordan’s room, Finn says, there were minor complications, but nothing to interfere with the transplant. There were no antibodies. TJ clarifies by saying that means there’s less chance of Jordan’s body rejecting the kidney. Curtis asks how long the surgery will be, and Finn says, two or three hours. Jordan says that’s fast, and he says the operation has been fine-tuned. They make an incision below her navel, put the kidney in, reattach everything, and that’s it. She’ll wake up with tubes in her, but they’ll be removed later. Stella thinks they should go, but Jordan says she needs a minute to speak to Stella alone.

Margaux says Shiloh seems surprised. Shiloh says she’s suffered a setback, and reverted to the sad, scared little girl who came to him in tatters over her mother’s betrayal. Why is she believing Jason over him? She says, evidence and eyewitness testimony; all of which are admissible. Shiloh says he’ll have no choice but to retaliate, and she says, with what? Blackmail? He says, no; the truth she pledged. She says, oh yeah, he means this, and takes her Pledge out of her bag. She says, nice try. He says, the physical copy doesn’t matter. He has it all up here. He taps his head, looking stupid. One day the truth will come out. Someone will dig around, and find out the truth, and her career will be over. She says she already beat him to the punch. She’s resigning as DA.

Alexis tells Julian that she guesses he feels helpless. Wanting to take action is understandable, but counter-productive. He needs to stay out of it. She’ll fight like hell to keep Wiley away from Shiloh, if it comes to that. He asks why it wouldn’t, and she says, it’s hard to get custody from prison. Julian tells her Kristina hasn’t mentioned DOD since she returned from clearing her head. Did she have some help with that?

Willow tells Harmony that she’s not afraid of Shiloh. He has no power over her. Harmony says Willow needs guidance. She’s made terrible decisions since leaving. She gave up her child, and it broke her spirit. Anyone who knew her before would see it. She seemed contented, now she’s lost and angry. Babies bring people together. Willow says Harmony isn’t listening, and Harmony says, the truth will come out, and the baby will be home where he belongs, with both parents. Willow says if Harmony thinks she’d let her or Shiloh anywhere near a baby… Harmony thinks if Willow miscarried, she wouldn’t be so defensive. It’s in her voice; her fervor and rage. Only a mother feels so passionately. She thanks Willow for confirming what she needed to know. Her grandson is alive.

TJ asks Curtis what he thinks Jordan and Stella are talking about. Curtis says, whatever it is, it’s not good, and it’s causing his blood pressure to rise. Jordan tells Stella that she requested a DNR. Stella doesn’t think it’s necessary, but Jordan says it’s a precaution in the event something goes wrong. She doesn’t want to continue in a vegetative state. Stella says, there’s almost no chance of that, but Jordan says Stella knows she believes in being prepared. She’ll need an advocate to make sure her wishes are followed. She doesn’t think Curtis or TJ will do it.

Finn asks Doc how the patient is. Doc says, asleep, but it’s odd. Laura says she’s going to check in with the DA. Doc is free to join her, but Doc says he’d like to stay there. He tells her that he’ll be fine, and to go ahead. Franco comes by, and asks how it’s going. Doc says, there were a few minor complications, but the operation was a success. Franco asks if that’s good or bad.

Ava tells Sonny and Carly that Ryan agreed to the transplant. Sonny says it won’t make a difference to his sentencing, but Ava thinks it will. He’ll be sent to a lesser facility, where he’ll escape, and the nightmare will start over. Carly says, it’s horrible, thinking the person responsible for your child’s death will go free. Ava says she’ll call and discuss picking up Avery tomorrow. Sonny tells her to keep the card. It might do her some good.

Shiloh says Margaux is bluffing. There’s no way she’d resign. Her career means everything to her. She says she’s already drafted a press release. It’s done. Maybe it’s time to learn something else. Her final act as DA will be to leave her successor a solid case. She wonders what they’ll find when they dig deeper. He’s only been Shiloh for so long. She’s sure his time as David Henry Archer warrants investigation too.

Willow tells Harmony that she’s delusional. There’s no baby. She miscarried. Harmony says her grandson is out there somewhere. It’s only a matter of time before Shiloh finds him. Willow says if Harmony has any love left for her, she won’t say anything else to Shiloh. Harmony says she’s going to, but it would be better if it came from Willow. Willow says she’s not going anywhere near Shiloh. Harmony says she’d better; she gave him a Pledge. Willow says, that’s right, but somebody gave it back to her, and the others were destroyed. Harmony says, that’s impossible, but Willow tells her to look for herself. Shiloh has no leverage over her, and when his crimes are exposed, he’s going down. Harmony says she’s lying, but Willow says, it’s happening right now. He’s going to prison. Harmony says she’ll see about that, and storms out.

Julian asks Alexis if Kristina chose to clear her head, or did her parents make that decision. She says it’s none of his business. He can’t believe how hypocritical she is. He can’t cross lines, but it’s acceptable for her. She says she doesn’t have to apologize or justify her actions. He says he’s not asking for that. He just wants her to have understanding. Lucas came to him, panicked, and not thinking clearly. Alexis tells him, stay out of it. He asks if Kristina knew she could come to Alexis for help, she never would have fallen down the DOD rabbit hole in the first place.

Finn tells Ryan that he can’t play possum forever, but gets no response.

Franco asks Doc, how about them woodchucks? Does he think they have a shot at the pennant? Doc says he doesn’t follow baseball, and Franco says him neither. He’s just making a distraction from hypotheticals. Like how easy it would be for Doc to sneak in and put a pillow over his brother’s face. Doc asks if he would care. Franco says, Ryan dead is one in the plus column, but in the minus column, a lot of people would feel the loss if Doc is spending time in Pentonville. Including one or two of his special favorite patients. And there’s the whole moral question. Ryan is helpless. He can’t fight, or even open his eyes. Could Doc live with himself? Could he justify killing, even if Ryan deserves to die. Doc appreciates Franco’s support, but says he doesn’t need to be there. Unless he wants to be. Franco says he sure as hell doesn’t, and walks away.

Stella says Jordan consulted with her doctor, and signed the DNR, which is her right and prerogative, but leave her out of it. Jordan says if it’s needed, she’s asking Stella to speak on her behalf. Stella is the only person she trusts to make it all right. Stella says Curtis and TJ will be opposed to it. Jordan says, says the woman who stared down Ryan Chamberlain. They’ll fight with everything they have, and Jordan needs her to don that cape of hers, and pull off the heroics she’s famous for. What does she say? Stella takes her hand, and says Jordan can count on her.

Alexis goes to Sonny’s place. He asks if Kristina is okay. Alexis thinks probably the thought of Shiloh being arrested is encouraging, but she needs help with something else. She not asking Carly to intervene per se, but she’s asking if Carly will keep an eye on her brother.

Julian shows up at Willow’s classroom, where she teaches ghost children. She says he needs to leave right now. Julian says if she wants to keep Shiloh away from Wiley, she’ll hear him out. She closes the door, and says, make it quick. He says the only way to make sure Shiloh never finds out is through the adoption file. The file in Albany is no longer in play, but Willow’s lawyer has her own copy. If they could somehow eliminate the records, there will be nothing tying Willow to Wiley. Willow says, Diane would never destroy the records, and Julian says, she wouldn’t.

Chase tells Harmony that no one is allowed in the prisoner’s room. She says, this is absurd. He’s done nothing wrong. Chase says he’s officially in custody. Margaux comes out, and asks if Harmony needs help. Harmony says Chase won’t let her see Shiloh. Margaux asks if she was an accessory. He was using the Pledges to blackmail the members, drugging them, and sexually assaulting them. Harmony says she has no idea what Margaux is talking about, and Margaux says Harmony needs to work on her denials. She’ll most likely be subpoenaed, and might be charged. She should stay as far away from Shiloh as possible, but it’s her call. She’ll allow Harmony to see him. Harmony stomps into Shiloh’s room, and Margaux says, what she thought. With any luck, Harmony will follow Shiloh straight to prison.

Laura says she’d like a word with Margaux. Ryan is out of surgery. She’d like an overview of the prosecution’s case. Margaux says she needs to address something else first.

Harmony asks Shiloh how this happened. He says the detective made groundless accusations, and arrested him. Harmony says, Margaux is convinced they have a case. Shiloh says Margaux has completely lost her way. Jason almost killed him. He had to give over the Pledges. Harmony says he did what he had to, and he asks if she talked to Willow. She says, he was right. He has a child out there.

Carly says, Wiley’s biological parents are Willow and Shiloh? and Alexis says, it stays in this room. Shiloh doesn’t know, and she wants to keep it that way, or he’ll fight for custody.  Sonny says, he’ll make a bad situation worse, and Alexis says they need to keep Brad and Lucas calm and focused. If Lucas doesn’t push, Julian won’t do anything rash to keep Wiley from Shiloh.

Ava walks into Charlies. Julian is drinking down a shot, and she asks if he’s sampling his own wares. He asks what it looks like. She says, it looks like he could use a drinking buddy. He says, circumstances call for it, and she says, that’s always the way for the Jeromes. They drink.

Willow calls Diane, and leaves a message. She says her mom knows about the baby, and is going to tell Shiloh. She’s scared. She gets another call, and asks Diane to call back asap. It’s Chase, and she asks, what’s going on? He says, it’s done. Shiloh has been arrested. He put the cuffs on Shiloh himself, and there’s plenty of damning evidence. She says, finally, some good news. He tells her that she can rest easy tonight. The law is on her side.

Shiloh says he has a child, and Harmony says, he’s a father. He says, amazing. Boy or girl? She says Willow refused to say, but they’ll know everything soon. He says the police are going to lock him away from his child. She wishes she could help. He says she can.

Margaux tells Laura that she’s resigning, effective immediately. Her staff is up to date, and more than capable of handling things until a special election for a new DA can be held. She thought it would be welcome news to Laura. Laura says she knows they clashed, but she respects Margaux’s passion and dedication. Margaux says her passion was misplaced, and her office compromised. She’s in no position to carry on as an effective DA. Laura appreciates her stepping down. Margaux says it helps knowing the people of Port Charles have Laura looking after them. Don’t let them down.

Finn tells Doc that he’s getting a neurologist to consult. Ryan may have slipped into a coma. Laura returns and asks if Doc has spoken to his brother. Doc says, he’s still unconscious. God help him, he hopes it stays that way.

Jordan is wheeled out on a gurney. Curtis says they’ll be waiting for her. He loves her. He kisses her, and she says she’ll see them on the other side. He kisses her hand, and she’s wheeled in.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells Nina it’s her turn, Doc says his brother is hard to kill, Carly is sure Jax has an excellent explanation, and Franco has good news for Ava.

Project Runway

The designers have had five months and $10K to create a collection of ten pieces. Christian went around to their homes to check on them. No surprise, Hester’s house in Santa Fe is crazy cool, like a teenager’s bedroom, or my first apartment. When Christian traveled to Fort Lauderdale to see Sebastian, he said the city was like a gay island. A far cry from the one time I was there, and it was more like a retirement home. Baltimore’s Bishme said he was homeless when he applied to Project Runway. He was living in his studio. Um… I don’t think that’s exactly homeless. Sadly, he’d lost a family member, and found out his sister had colon cancer. He only had eight pieces ready, but hoped to catch up in the time left. Costume king Garo lives in Phoenicia, New York, and I have no idea where that is. He had a lot of sparkle and texture going on, and balanced out Bishme with having fourteen pieces ready.

The contestants met back at the ranch new studio, and I wondered why Hester hugs people by first walking toward them with arms outstretched, like Frankenstein. I’d find that kind of scary if she came at me like that. They visited Nina at the Elle magazine office, and she showed them the room everyone wants to see – where the fashion is housed. It was about a skabillion times bigger than the closet in The Devil Wears Prada. Nina told them their challenge was to show three looks – two from their collection, and an 11th look based on Nina’s suggestions, which would also be cohesive with the other two. From Bishme, she wanted sporty outerwear; Hester was to be devoid of print (against her design philosophy); Garo was given the task of a tailored suit that could go from daytime to nighttime; and she wanted more movement from Sebastian, who took his tailored craftsmanship to another level..

When Hester jammed a sewing machine needle through her finger, my first thought was, it figures she’d decided on white for her non-print garment. I’m sure that was her second thought after screaming in pain. I don’t think it’s what Christian meant when he suggested she do something in red. Sebastian raged against the machine, designing a gown with leggings under it, when he was supposed to be designing a gown. Christian steered him back to gown territory. Without Christian’s kibitzing, these designers might not have made it this far. He always seems to be right on the money. The guest judge was Steven Kolb, president and CEO of the CFDA, and the dude who met with them last week.

Before runway time, Bishme had a moment, which is what we used to call breaking down and crying, before we needed euphemisms for everything that’s not rainbows and unicorns. He didn’t even want to look at his latest look. Garo’s suit was so ill-fitting,  even I noticed.

Hester ended up creating a totally different outfit – in red – and did it in three hours. Nina said Hester was resistant, but was glad she pushed her, and Brandon said her faux fur material was unconventional. We found out that Sebastian was a ballet dancer, and suddenly the way he designs made total sense. Nina said Bishme’s new piece – some sort of patchwork hoodie dress – had no direction whatsoever. He’d started off wanting to make a moto jacket, so I wasn’t even sure how he got there. Brandon told him when life was giving you lemons, you had to go on autodrive. Besides the atrocious fit, Brandon thought Garo’s suit was too Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, and lacked freshness. Garo actually begged for mercy. Nina was shocked and crushed about Bishme, and it was agreed his dress was like a potato sack. I had to admit they were right, even though I confess to once having a bubble dress that was quite similar.

Hester and Sebastian were in first. Garo joined them, and Bishme was out. I immediately thought, it might seem like a horrible moment, but maybe his family needs him right now. You know, that thing we tell ourselves when it all goes wrong – everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, it does. Nina said it might not be the right time, but it would be his time. I believe that too. He had some wonderful designs. He was happy about making it this far, and letting everyone see his process; the good the bad and the ugly. I think the deciding factor was really that he only had eight designs. The judges seemed somewhat concerned about that. Bishme peaced out, the others congratulated each other, and there was a group hug.

Next time, the finale – a meeting with Diane von Furstenberg, some of the clothing gets damaged, and it’s time for the final runway.

👀 Extra observation. I saw a lot of online agreement that this was the best and freshest Project Runway season in a long while. I’ve mentioned before that I’d never gotten into this show. Mostly because there was another show that trumped it, but I’d given it a try a few times, and felt ho-hum about it, even though I love looking at clothes I will never be able to afford. This time, one of the things I enjoyed was the dynamic between the cast members. For the most part, Nadine and Tessa aside, it was a genuinely copacetic atmosphere. I don’t mind some kvetching, or even a little hair-pulling, but these Housewives have gotten me to the point where I’m like, enough already. I also think with the timeframe they have to create and produce, ain’t nobody got time for that. Which brings me to how, in pondering this, I finally got my tagline. I’m just too busy to be bitchy.

👯 It’s often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest star. So said Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms. I checked out new season, and it was pretty much what I expected. Abby said the last year has been a living hell, but damn, she looks good. Her cancer is also in remission. The kids seemed more mature and sassier, although I hate hearing the standard, I’ve been working for/dreaming of this my entire life, coming from a twelve-year-old. It’s like, you do realize you’ll most likely live past twenty, right? It was fun to see Abby screaming at the kids, and calling them losers again. As soon as the new team was chosen, she told them, I made you, and I can break you just as easily. No, wait. That was Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror. She did say she was giving them an opportunity, and could take it away from them, which to a little kid, is probably just as menacing. For a moment, I thought the moms were more mature as well, but it didn’t take long until they were straight out of All About Eve. As in previous seasons, the dancing was mesmerizing and beautiful; amazing work from kids so young. Even though Abby can be a tyrant, she must be doing something right to produce such remarkable talent.

🎭 The Play’s the Thing…

The first Tony Awards, just after the earth cooled, although I’m most fascinated with the prices back then.


🏄 You’re There, Baby…

I don’t know about forever, but at least for a day.







June 5, 2019 – Chase is Psyched, No Art for Ramona, Girls Trip in a Treehouse & Easy Charm


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny thanks Margaux for stopping by. She says this is the last time she’s responding to a summons. Next time, make an appointment. She sees Jason, and asks, why is she there? Sonny didn’t think she wanted to hear the information he has in public. She asks, why? and Jason says they have something that will send her friend Shiloh straight to prison.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Peter and Maxie, it was a twist no one saw coming. Maxie says the only reason Ryan agreed to donate his kidney was to get a break on his sentence. Peter says, not likely, since his crimes span several states. Maxie says it doesn’t sound like Ryan on any level, and Lulu suggests, maybe he’s in it for the headline. Peter says, if anything is front page news, that is. Lulu says, speaking of front page news… Peter asks how her story is coming.

Harmony goes to Shiloh’s hospital room. He says, she came, and she says, of course (🍷). There’s no place she’d rather be. Tell her if there’s anything he needs her to do. He says there’s only one thing she needs to do. He grabs her arm, and demands she tell him about her part in keeping his child from him.

At Charlie’s, Michael holds Wiley while he sits with Brad. He says he missed Wiley. So does Willow. Brad tells him to be careful. What if DOD members are listening? Michael says, a lot of people love Wiley, and will do everything they can to protect him. He asks Brad how he and Lucas are holding up. Brad says he’s wreck – what else is new? – but he’s never seen Lucas this afraid.

Lucas goes to Willow’s classroom. Lucas says he’s been wanting to talk to her since the Nurses Ball. She asks him to shut the door. He does, and says, he can’t stop thinking about her relationship to his son, and what it means for the future.

Sam and Julian stand outside a county clerk’s office. Julian gives Sam a manila envelope, telling her it has ID, a passport, and driver’s license. Everything she needs is all there. Sam looks through everything, and thanks him. He says she might as well be a decent criminal. She goes into the office, and tells him that she needs help regarding an adoption. He checks her ID, calling her Miss Tait. She tells him, call her Willow. She gives him a court order, and says she wants to alter some information on her son’s adoption. He’s their son now, and she wants him to stay their son, but if he comes looking for his birth mother, she wants him to know how to find her. She acts distressed, and Julian comes in. The clerk leaves to get the records, and Sam pokes Julian, saying he’s early. He says, when the clerk comes back, it’s go time.

Jason tells Margaux that they have recordings proving Shiloh gave Sam drug-laced tea, which were confirmed by the toxicology report. Then he moved Sam to a second location without her consent, where he sexually assaulted her. Margaux asks if Shiloh raped Sam, and he says, no, but it was clearly Shiloh’s intent, until he interrupted them. Margaux says that might explain Shiloh’s sudden unexplained injuries. Sonny says, maybe Shiloh is just clumsy. She says Sonny’s daughter Kristina is a DOD member, but he says, not anymore. She gets it. He’s protective of his children, but it looks like Kristina found s man she looked up to more, and Sonny forced a wedge between them. Sonny says the only thing he did was tell the truth, and Kristina made up her own mind. He’s hoping Margaux does the same. She says, what truth? and Sonny says, that Shiloh is a sexual predator. She thinks Sonny might have manipulated the evidence, but Jason says the recordings are on the flashdrive, and it’s Shiloh’s voice. Sonny says if she won’t take his word for it, take Shiloh’s.

Harmony asks what Shiloh is talking about. Is he sure? He says, it explains everything. Why Willow ran and his. She was carrying his baby. Harmony suggests maybe he’s just seeing what he wants to see. He says the truth is that Willow had his child, and she’s keeping the child from him. Did Harmony help? She says, no. Why would she? She’s his most loyal follower, and knows what s child represents. He says Willow had his child, and is keeping it from him. it’s Harmony’s mission to unite them.

Michael tells Brad that he knows things are difficult, and emotions are running high, but Willow is not the enemy. Just the opposite. She sacrificed everything to keep Wiley safe. Brad says he’s not insensitive, but finding out they could lose Wiley because Willow didn’t tell the father isn’t great news. Michael says Brad was blindsided, and it’s understandable, but now that he’s had time to process it, there are some things he should be aware of. When Michael met Willow, she had no idea Wiley was his godson. They met in a support group for grieving parents, and eventually, she confided in him that she gave her son up for adoption. Brad says she didn’t notify Shiloh. Michael says she couldn’t. She would have been dragged back to the compound in Beechers Corners. She wasn’t negligent or deceptive; she was incredibly brave. Chase comes in, saying he’s glad he caught Michael. Michael asks how Chase knew he was there, and Chase says he’s a detective – and someone at Michael’s office told him. Michael says, someone is getting fired. He’s just kidding. Brad says Wiley’s grandmother is expecting them. Chase says the baby really likes Michael. I have to laugh. Wiley is wearing a little bow tie, and smiling his baby butt off at something off-camera.

Lucas asks if Willow’s mom knew what was going on. Willow says, she was one of the first to be initiated. She considered it a great honor when Shiloh chose Willow for the Trust. She was all for it. Shiloh convinces you to trust his will over your own. If he wants you to recruit or organize, you do it. She found out she was pregnant, and maybe it was maternal instinct, but she realized what Shiloh was doing was wrong, and didn’t want that for her child. She had to escape. Lucas is sorry. He has so many questions; he doesn’t know where to begin. She says she’s an open book, but doesn’t see how it matters. She thought she did everything she could to keep Shiloh from finding out, but it wasn’t enough. She should have hidden better or kept going. Lucas says if she had, Wiley wouldn’t be with them. He’s grateful she made a plan to protect him. She says, except it didn’t work. She doesn’t want Wiley trapped in the life she risked everything to get away from.

The clerk comes back, and gives Sam a folder. Julian says he’s in a hurry. He’s on the clock, and time is money. A smoke alarm goes off, and the clerk goes in the back. Sam and Julian shuffle the papers all around, and exchange them for other papers. On the phone, the clerk says, that’s the third time this month. There’s no fire. He returns, and tells Julian and Sam, false alarm. Between pranksters and an outdated system, this happens too much. Julian says he’s out of time. Thanks for wasting his morning. Sam says, how rude, and the clerk says he’ll file the documents. Sam thanks him, saying it will make a big difference to her little boy’s life.

Lulu feels like she’s missing something, and Peter asks if she interviewed the victims and got police reports. She says she did, but she feels terrible saying it seems like front page news. Peter says that’s the nature of the beast. She’s not hoping for another serial killer, but the story feels cheesy. Maxie says, the story is important to women who were looking fall in love, and who got robbed instead. Lulu says, Maxie is right, but she wants to make an impact. Peter suggests she let the police do their job. Lulu says they’re not prioritizing it. To them, it’s just stolen property, most of which was insured. Maxie asks if Lulu thinks she’s the person who should bust the guy, and Lulu says she thinks she’s in a position to do so. Peter says, as her boss and friend, he’d like her to consider another way to prove herself without actively looking for trouble.

Harmony tells Shiloh, that’s impossible. He can’t prove Willow had his child. Even if he could, there’s no chance Willow will confide the truth in her. Shiloh says he’s disappointed in Harmony’s absence of common sense. Doesn’t she think he can see her for what she truly is? A sad, insecure, empty vessel, jealous of her own daughter. When she should be elated, she chooses to prefer thinking the child doesn’t exist or can’t be found. Harmony says, that’s not true. The child would be a blessing for all of them. He asks if she means that, and she says, with everything in her. He says, then she should be grateful for the opportunity to redeem herself.

Lucas apologizes for how he treated Willow at the Nurses Ball. She says he was blindsided and it was understandable. He says angry and paranoid isn’t who he wants to be, and when he had time to process everything, he realized Michael thinks highly of her, and he thinks highly of Michael. Willow says Michael is a great guy. Lucas says his husband has his own concerns, but realized she wants the best for Wiley, and they decided to trust her. He’s not sure why, but he’d gotten it in his head that she was the enemy, and he was mistaken. She says they’re on the same side; team Wiley all the way. He asks why she let them keep Wiley, and she says they lived up to all their promises in the application. She ultimately realized Wiley might have been her baby, but he’s their son. She loves him, but as much as it hurts to let him go, she has no doubt Wiley is where he belongs. Lucas says they’d wanted an open adoption, and now that they know her, it would be an honor if she would be part of Wiley’s life. She thanks him, but she’s afraid that’s not possible. She can never see Wiley again.

Chase thanks Michael for staying with Willow at the Nurses Ball. Michael says he heard Chase caught Ryan, and congratulates him. Chase says it was a strange team effort. He’ll tell Michael all about it sometime. Meanwhile, there are other people he’d like to see behind bars. Michael says, Shiloh? When he found Willow, Shiloh was looming over her, using physical intimidation. Chase says Willow didn’t tell him that, but he’s happy Chase was there for her. He doesn’t know what might have happened, or what he’d have done if Shiloh hurt Willow. Michael says they’ll do anything to protect Wiley. Speaking of which, he needs to ask, how long did Chase know Wiley was Willow’s child? Chase says he put the pieces together a while back, but it wasn’t his truth to tell. The more people who knew, the more danger Wiley was in. Michael says they’re past that now. They need to be willing to do anything to stop Shiloh. Chase says, he’s in.

Lucas asks Willow, why? Shiloh? She says, as long as Shiloh is breathing, it will never be over. He’ll find some way around any roadblocks. The only reason she’s talking to him now, is that Shiloh is in the hospital. He has no time to send his minions to spy on her. Once he’s out, he’ll gather his most trusted followers, telling them about the woman who’s too selfish to allow him to raise his own child. There will be eyes on her day and night, watching where she goes and what she does, and especially who she talks to. Lucas says, no last goodbye, and she says she can’t risk it. Neither can he. It will give Shiloh no reason to connect them. Lucas says, what about Michael? He’s Wiley’s godfather. She says she’ll stay away from him when he’s with Wiley. If Shiloh or the DOD members see how she looks at Wiley, they’ll know he’s not just some random kid. Lucas is really sorry. He wishes Wiley could get the chance know his brave, remarkable mother. She says, just keep him safe. He thanks her for everything. The courage to get away from Shiloh, for choosing them, and giving Wiley up. One day when Wiley is old enough, he promises to tell Wiley about his mother and how much she loves him.

Harmony tells Shiloh that she’d do anything to prove herself. He’s relying on that. She asks how she finds a child they’re not sure even exists. He tells her to remember the day she came to him, eager for guidance. He took her under his wing, and gave her a home. She says she’d be lost without him. He believes that, and would hate to see it happen, but if she doesn’t bring him his child, she has no plac in DOD, the Trust, or with him.

Margaux watches the video of Sam being drugged by Shiloh. Jason says, after that, Shiloh took Sam to another location. Margaux asks if Sam gave consent to the recording, and Jason says, yes. It’s admissible in court. She says she knows New York law. Sonny tells her to think of how many others he’s scammed out of money, secrets, and their free will. She says she gets it. Jason says she heard what Shiloh told Sam. It’s clearly a ritual. He drugs them, tattoos them, then has sex with them, and there have been multiple victims. Sonny says he’s going to do everything in his power to see that Shiloh is exposed for the sexual predator that he is. She has to figure out if she’s going to bring him to justice or be his accomplice. She says there are circumstances that prevent her from taking action, but Jason says he found Pledges; personal, incriminating letters and audio recordings from DOD members. She asks what he proposes to do with them, and he says he already destroyed them. Sonny says, except this one, taking an envelope out of a drawer. Jason says he has to be somewhere. Sonny says he’ll take care of the rest of this. When Jason is gone, Sonny asks Margaux, what next?

On the phone, Margaux tells someone to text her when the judge signs off on the warrant. Sonny says she won’t regret it, and she tells him, go to hell. He loves dangling her Pledge over her. He says that’s not what he’s doing, but she says he loves every minute of it. He says Shiloh exploited his daughter. What he’s doing isn’t about her. It’s about saving innocent victims from a con artist and rapist. She has to be the hero. Shiloh has nothing to hold over her. She says, but Sonny does.

Lulu says the thief is probably using a different picture each time. Her profile is dull. She wouldn’t even rob herself. Maxie suggests a night out would lift her spirits, but Lulu says, a night out with a man who’s not her husband won’t lift her spirits.

At Charlie’s, Jason asks Michael how Kristina is doing. Michael says she’s trying to convince everyone that she’s not as fragile as she is. Jason says he has news that might help. They’ve talked to the DA, and there’s a good chance Shiloh will be arrested. Sam joins them, and says she thought Michael would be at the office. He asks if that’s her way of getting rid of him, but she says, never. Jason says everything is taken care of. Margaux just needs to arrest Shiloh. She heard the recording of Sam and Shiloh at the DOD house. Michael asks if he wants to know, and Sam says it was vile and disgusting, but it’s over. Michael says, once Shiloh is behind bars, the people he hurt can begin anew.

Chase visit’s Willow’s classroom. She tells him, Lucas is a good man. She’s glad she picked him to be Wiley’s father. Brad too, but Lucas stood out. He even offered to make room in Wiley’s life for her. She wanted to say yes, but there’s no way with Shiloh lurking around. Chase says, it isn’t forever. Too many people have Shiloh on their radar. She says, he has a way of getting out of trouble more easily than he gets in it. Chase’s phone rings, and he says, right away. He tells Willow that he’s psyched. A warrant has been issued for Shiloh’s arrest. Someone must have finally pressed charges for sexual assault. He’ll be too busy with the trial and going to prison to look for Wiley. Willow says she’s not jinxing it by saying anything. She’s not believing it until Shiloh is truly behind bars once and for all. Chase says the first step is to arrest him, and this one is his pleasure.

Michael asks Sam how Danny’s birthday was, and she says Danny got a great present. So did she. Jason is moving back in. Michael says, it only took two years, and Jason says, some things are worth the wait. Sam approaches Julian, and orders coffee. She thanks him, and he says he couldn’t have done it without her. It’s nice to be on the same team. Sam kind of smiles.

Brad comes into Charlie’s, and tells Julian that Lucas texted him to meet there. It sounded urgent. What’s going on? Julian thinks Lucas should fill him in.

Shiloh tells Harmony that he’s said what he had to. Goodbye. She says, don’t do this, and he says he’s not doing anything; neither is she. I desperately want to punch him in the face. He says she has one simple task. Bring him the child. She doesn’t know where to start. He says if she brings his child to him, she’ll be the most important person in his inner circle. He starts touching her face, and she says she’d love that more than anything. He says, then she knows what to do. The only thing that matters – now he’s grabbing her face – is for her to bring his child to him. He pushes her back, and she says, of course (🍷), and leaves. Shiloh gives his creepy look.

Lucas comes into Charlie’s, and goes over to where Michael, Jason, and Sam are sitting. He says he was expecting to just meet Brad, and asks if Jason knows. Jason says, he knows everything, and Sam says she has good news for them. Brad says Lucas looks calmer, and Lucas says the fear of losing their son made him understand the desperation Brad has been feeling. They’re in this together. He spoke to Willow, who cleared everything up. He wanted her to know she’s not alone in the fight. Michael says he thought Sam swore she’s never cooperate with Julian under any circumstances, but Jason says she was motivated. They still can’t trust Julian though. He has his own agenda. Sam says, Wiley is in a safer place than he was yesterday. She takes that as a win.

Sonny says Margaux put out the arrest warrant because of her Pledge, but Margaux says, she did it because it’s her job. For as long as she has it. She tells him, let’s be honest. If the Pledge becomes public, her career is over. Sonny’s got her where he wants her. He asks if she’s sure about that. She says her mother conspired to have her father murdered, and he has proof she covered it up. He has all the leverage he needs. Congratulations. He wins.

Lulu tells Peter and Maxie that she has to get started, and jets. Maxie says she thought Lulu would never leave. They have to get moving on their plan to get Dante home. Peter says, the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks it’s a bad idea. Dante’s condition is unstable. If there’s a chance something could go wrong, and Lulu or the kids could get hurt, he doesn’t want to put Dante in that position. The most important thing is Dante’s complete healing. Maxie says, without Lulu, he can’t completely heal, but Peter says he has a psychological issue. Maxie says Lulu won’t be happy without him. Peter says, it’s not up to her to decide what makes Lulu happy. She says, good point. He says, at the very least, they need to know what they’re dealing with. She says, to do that, they have to find Dante.

Margaux gets ready to leave, and Sonny tells her, wait. Don’t forget this. He gives her the envelope, saying, it’s the only copy. He doesn’t want any part of her life in his hands. As far as leverage goes, blackmail is a crime. He takes it she’ll do the right thing, and tells her to take care of herself.

Julian tells Lucas that if the birth father goes looking for a paper trail, he won’t find one. Lucas asks if he’s sure, and Julian says Lucas asked him to handle it; it’s handled. Lucas and Brad hug.

Sam says, here’s one for the good guys. They scored a victory. They clink coffee cups.

Harmony goes to Willow’s classroom, and Willow asks what she wants. Harmony closes the door. She says she just came from seeing Shiloh, and Willow says, color her shocked. Harmony says, he knows his child is alive, but Willow says she told him the same thing she told Harmony – she lost the baby. Harmony says she doesn’t believe that. Willow says if her lack of belief could magically bring her baby back, that would be great, but it’s not how life works. Harmony says, of all people, Willow should know who she’s dealing with. Willow says Shiloh isn’t an unstoppable force of nature; he’s a man. Harmony says, exactly, and she knows what kind of man he is. Harmony protected her secret, and kept it from him all this time. Willow needs her help again. Tell her where the baby is.

Chase tells Shiloh that he’s under arrest. Shiloh asks, what for? and Chase says, extortion, attempted rap, sexual assault, and other assorted offenses. He cuffs Shiloh to the bed, and reads Shiloh his rights. Does he understand? Shiloh glares at Chase, who glares back.

Tomorrow, Jordan needs to speak to Stella alone, Harmony thanks Willow for confirming what she knew, Carly isn’t running from Ava, and Shiloh trusts Margaux has a way to vindicate him.

The Real Housewives of New York City

When we left the women, Sonja had just taken a drunken fall at the dinner table after saying she was going to knock Bethenny out.

Upstairs, getting ready to go out with Tinsley, Ramona digs for a Ziplock bag of make-up. Barbara and Bethenny examine Sonja’s head. Bethenny wants the paramedics to come, so she knows Sonja is okay. She puts Sonja in bed, and Sonja says Bethenny’s ass is amazing. Tinsley asks, what happened? Bethenny gets in bed with Sonja, and Tinsley asks if they’re not going out now. Ramona says they’ll be back in an hour. Bethenny asks Sonja how many fingers she’s holding up. After Sonja answers correctly, she asks who the President is. Sonja says, Clinton, but after a few tries, gets it right. Ramona tells Tinsley, Sonja is in good hands. She’s out of there.

The paramedics come. Bethenny tells them that Sonja tripped, and she wants to make sure she didn’t hit her head. Sonja declares the paramedics hot, and asks if they can check Bethenny too.

Ramona sees a gurney outside, and blathers about going to the hospital after a car accident. Tinsley thinks it looks scary. Sonja yowls as the paramedics take some blood. In her interview, LuAnn says, after everything that was said, she can’t look at Sonja right now. The paramedics ask if Sonja takes any medications, and she says she’s allergic to dust mites. Okay… Bethenny is relieved that Sonja’s pupils don’t look like she’s taking anything, and wants to shove that up LuAnn’s ass. It’s not a cavalier thing you go around saying.

Tinsley and Ramona go to a bar. Tinsley doesn’t want be super annoying, but Miami brings up Scott. In Tinsley’s interview, she says it brings up the fun and excitement of something she thought was forever. Miami was their first long date ever, and he got her flowers. We flash back to the mammoth flower heart that he had delivered. She says he sent flowers when she was in Mexico too, and we also see those. She says they’re not together now, and no flowers. Ramona asks what kind she wants. She’ll buy them. In Ramona’s interview, she says Tinsley is obsessed with Scott, and needs to get back in the game. She tells Tinsley that she can’t put all her eggs in one basket. Ramona demonstrates what life is about using wine glasses.

LuAnn wonders why there’s no one to help in the morning. Bethenny says even though the evening was a traumatic experience, she liked how much they laughed. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she needs time to be alone, and process; ease her way into the day. She’s not in a rush. She does a yoga class.

Dorinda wakes Ramona. She’s decided to do yoga, and says it’s too beautiful out to sleep. Sonja asks if they took blood (they did). In her interview, she says, Miami Vice houses aren’t made for going all four legs out like a pony, but she learned to fall from horseback riding. She apologizes for scaring everyone.

Sonja tells Bethenny that since she came to dinner late, she missed the drama with LuAnn. She left before Bethenny got there. Bethenny says LuAnn was just screaming at someone for coffee. Where are her minions with the coffee? In her interview, Bethenny says LuAnn is the Joan Crawford of coffee. She’s making her success look bad.

Ramona tells Sonja that they’re looking good. All this working out is working out. She and Sonja are ready to go to the water. Bethenny decides to make breakfast. Sonja says she feels great, but has a bruise. She thanks Bethenny, and they agree LuAnn is in her own world. Dorinda says she tries to treat LuAnn with fragility, but LuAnn makes her feel like less of person, and she doesn’t want to deal with it. In Dorinda’s interview, she says LuAnn is a narcissist, and she doesn’t want to deal with narcissists.

Ramona goes out to talk to LuAnn. She asks how yoga was, and LuAnn says it’s what she needed. Last night was awful. What was awful was the girls getting trashed, and trashing her. She thinks they have a problem with her success. Ramona disagrees. LuAnn says she found something she loves, and they’re trying to rip it apart. We flash back to the dinner the night before. Ramona thinks the women feel she has an attitude toward the group that’s aloof and condescending. LuAnn says, they hide behind calling her the Countess because they don’t want to support her doing well.  She adds that she’s trying to stay sober while they’re getting wasted. She can be around people drinking, but not sloppy drunk. They don’t want to see her do well. Ramona says she’s completely wrong, and LuAnn asks, why treat her that way then? Did Ramona see what happened at the table, or is she blind?

LuAnn says she has a bone to pick with Sonja. Every time she sees Sonja, she’s drunk. As a friend, she can’t watch Sonja spiral into darkness. She’s lucky she didn’t kill herself. In LuAnn’s interview, she says after Sonja said all these devastating things to her, no one checked on her, and Bethenny was extreme. Sonja tells the other women that she had five drinks, and in her interview, Dorinda wonders in what kind of glass. A 24-ounce tumbler? Sonja says, the welcome drinks always get you. LuAnn tells Ramona that she’s going to ask if Sonja wants to join her at the AA meeting. She’s not asking her to join the program, but just come along. Ramona says, everyone is in discord. LuAnn doesn’t want it like that. She needed this trip. Ramona says, it will work out.

They wonder where Barbara is. Bethenny says Barbara experienced trauma. In her interview, Bethenny says it was mean of Ramona to exclude her. Maybe it’s like she’s at the wrong lunch table, and it’s not her vibe. LuAnn asks if Sonja is okay, and Sonja says she feels great. LuAnn says she’s worried about her. It’s not normal to face plant at the dinner table. Sonja says, you, who fell in the bushes, and we see the clip that’s the gift that keeps on giving. LuAnn says she owns it, like that makes it okay. Sonja says she just needs to find that place of moderation. LuAnn say she worries about Sonja. Sonja asks why LuAnn is complaining about her to the girls, and not coming to her? If Sonja went around saying that about LuAnn, LuAnn would be in jail. LuAnn claims she tried to talk to her, and Sonja says she has to keep between them. LuAnn says she’s worried about Sonja, and Sonja says she heard her; she’s got it. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she’s not the drinking police, but she doesn’t want the same thing happening to Sonja that happened to her. She asks if Sonja wants to go to a meeting with her, and Sonja says she’ll see how she feels. In her interview, Sonja says she doesn’t want to go to a meeting with LuAnn while they’re on vacation. She doesn’t think she has a drinking problem. They go back inside. Sonja says they have two points of view, but they’re good. Dorinda says, just treat each other with respect. They decide it’s bathing suit time, and LuAnn says she’s going to a meeting first.

Seeing LuAnn on her way back in, Barbara says she went for a run. It was a tough night. LuAnn laughs, and says she’ll see Barbara at lunch. Ramona apologizes to Barbara. She says they both have strong personalities, and aren’t easy to handle. Ugh. She’s one of those people who says, we were all drunk, when they were the only one behaving like an a-hole. The women go to the pool.

Bethenny is first in the pool. Dorinda comes out, and realizes she didn’t take the plastic off the crotch of her bathing suit. She asks how many people are coming to dinner, and Ramona says, thirty in total. In Bethenny’s interview, she says Ramona is controlling how many people are coming, and has a whole bunch of rules. Dorinda takes picture of Bethenny, and Ramona photo bombs, going by on her pool noodle.

Ramona tells Tinsley that Mario met her in the city with the girls, and he’s going to come tonight. LuAnn joins them, and Bethenny asks Ramona if Mario could be a friend with benefits. LuAnn says, it’s hard to put on old slippers. Bethenny asks if Mario is bringing someone, but that’s a no. Ramona, however, has invited someone for herself. Bethenny asks if that isn’t a double-standard. Mario can’t bring a date, but Ramona gets to flirt. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, thank God the women agreed to leave the house for a day. She’s taking them out for some culture to Wynwood Walls, an artist enclave. Bethenny says she doesn’t want to go crazy tonight. Her goal is to find men for Tinsley to meet. Tinsley says her sister Dabney is coming.

When they get to the venue, Ramona says she’s visiting friends in another hotel. In her interview, she says the women are going to be walking around for two hours, and they have a big party tonight. She’s invited a date and Mario is coming. She has to figure out how to play both men. Alrighty then. Sonja wonders, how many guys can one woman handle?

LuAnn introduces the women to artist Peter Tunney; she’s known him for years. He’s a New York based artist, who moved to Florida. Bethenny buys a piece of his art, and he gifts everyone with something cool from his collection. Afterwards, they go into another building, where Bethenny’s friend, artist Romero Britto, works. Bethenny says he’s all about joy and love and fun, the same as his art. In her interview, she says she wanted give the girls a gift; something special to remind them of the trip. They’re not being vapid arguers when they do something like this. Romero gives each of them a sparkly heart sculpture. Bethenny says Ramona doesn’t get one, since she couldn’t be bothered to come. Another bar, another pool, Ramona doesn’t get two pieces of signed art.

Getting ready for dinner, Ramona feels like she’s going to the prom. In Ramona’s interview, she says she loves entertaining, and knows it will be a great party. She planned the menu, and invited great people. She’s psyched. She tells Sonja about her date, Kevin. She told him that her ex would be there. In her interview, she says she wanted a buffer. She didn’t want Mario to feel like she was pressured to be with him all the time. Oh come on. Bethenny tells Tinsley to have fun, but not keep her awake all night.

Mario arrives. In Ramona’s interview, she says she can’t help it. They’ve always had chemistry, and always will. We flash back over several years of that. She says that’s why they were married for over twenty years. In Sonja’s interview, she says she wants to watch how much she drinks tonight. She doesn’t want to go overboard. Ramona picks a wedgie out of her ass right in front of everyone. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’s never seen Ramona flirt. Is that sexy? She thinks she missed that chapter. She doesn’t know if Ramona has Mario there to play with him, but she’s jsut sitting back and watching. She tells Mario that Ramona told her date he was going to be there. So there won’t be any funny stuff. Ramona acts like she’s fourteen, and I’m embarrassed. In her interview, she says a little part of her wants to make him jealous.

LuAnn looks amazing in a red strapless jumpsuit that has a cut-out neckline. Even with all the men around, Tinsley is more excited to see Dabney. LuAnn says she plans on having fun, and hanging out with her friends. No repeat last night. Ramona tells Mario that Sonja makes sh*t up all the time. Mario wonders who Ramona’s date is, and asks each of the men, are you the guy? causing Ramona to act juvenile and stupid. Sonja eats an eel sushi, and Dorinda laughs at how she chugs it down. Sonja tells Dabney that she just deep throated a sushi.

Kevin arrives. Bethenny asks Mario how he’s doing, and he says golfing, tennis… She says he’s living the good life. In her interview, Bethenny says the dynamic between Mario and Ramona is modern. She’s jealous, and she loves it. She asks if Mario and Ramona are friends, and have consciously uncoupled now. Out by the pool, Kevin asks Ramona which one is her ex, and how long they’ve been split. She points out Mario, and says four years; he had a midlife crisis. Tinsley tells Dabney, the place suddenly became Scott, and gets squeaky weepy. Dabney says Tinsley needs to appreciate and respect herself, and not beat herself up over someone who couldn’t handle how special and awesome she is. In her interview, Tinsley says Dabney is her little sister, but gives tough love. She knows what Dabney is saying is from her heart. Dabney is wiser than she is, so she listens.

Bethenny tells Tinsley to come downstairs. There’s a guy she wants Tinsley to meet. In Bethenny’s interview, she says Tinsley wants to meet a successful, good-looking, wealthy guy, and she knows him. She was set up on a date with Brent, and he was a lot of fun. Even if he’s just a temporary distraction from Scott, it’s a win. Tinsley can’t talk to him, and tells Dabney that she’s a loser. She has more game than this, but she can’t do that right now.

Dinner is served. In Bethenny’s interview, she says Ramona takes joy in this being her house and her party, so they’re going to play with her. Dorinda makes a toast. She thanks everybody for coming, and says what a beautiful house it is. They’re happy to have everyone there, and she thanks LuAnn for bringing them to Wynwood Walls. She thanks Bethenny for arranging to have the sculptures made. They came home with thousands of dollars’ worth of art. Ramona – probably in hearing that it was free- said she missed out on art? Dorinda says the pieces were worth at least twenty grand. One artist is working with the Pope, Presidents, and the Queen Mother. Bethenny adds, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and starts laughing. I do too, since it was perfect. In her interview, Bethenny says, if you play for a bigger, better deal, you miss out on some special deals. You flooze, you lose. Ramona claims she was trying to organize something, but Sonja says she was at the hotel with guys. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s surprised they didn’t bring something back for her. When Sonja didn’t go to the clambake, she brought back lobsters. We flash back to her dumping food in her tote bag.

Ramona introduces Mario to Kevin. In her interview, she says she and Mario are in a good place, but she doesn’t mind giving him a taste of his own medicine. Mario says something about Avery, and Kevin wanders off, looking for coffee. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she feels sorry for Mario; it’s so awkward. She doesn’t know if Mario is jealous or horrified.

Sonja tells Mario about Ramona making out with Harry. Ramona says she did not, and tells Sonja to shut her effing mouth. Dorinda wonders what difference it makes, and Mario asks if Sonja is jealous. Sonja says she doesn’t want Harry, but Harry’s in love with her. In Ramona’s interview, she wonders what Sonja is thinking. She’s not thinking. Mario asks if Harry is back in the picture. Dorinda says there’s a lot of cross-pollination in the group. Then Mario says something I totally miss. I’m pissed because it’s obviously the punchline for the end of the show, and has irritated Dorinda. Dorinda says she’s not a loser.

Next time, Sonja feels alone and overwhelmed, Sonja says LuAnn is judging her, and Bethenny tells LuAnn that life is not a cabaret – then breaks down.

Southern Charm

Austen was thankful that Craig and Shep set him straight about Madison. Craig said Madison was so sneaky. It seemed like she’d done this before. I thought she couldn’t be that sneaky, hitting on the boyfriend of a girl in the group. Craig summed it up perfectly, saying, people suck. Chelsea didn’t have much sympathy about Austen being upset, since they’d already cheated on each other. Do better and you’ll find better. She told Shep that Austen had talked sh*t about her. She finds it odd that he’d talk about his ex to his girlfriend, and then his girlfriend told his ex, i.e. her.

Cameran felt like she was drowning in motherhood. Some women flourish in it, but she didn’t think she was up to the task. She thought maybe it was a lesson from God that she needed to allow someone to help her, but she was afraid something bad would happen to Palmer.

Danni told Naomie that Kathryn was MIA again. We flashed back to last year when Kathryn shut out the world, and also when Danni told her that she had to communicate. Danni told Naomie it was draining her. Cameran told Chelsea that even though it was Kathryn’s trip, they were doing something even if they couldn’t hunt her down. She already told her husband she was leaving, and wasn’t missing the opportunity.

Kathryn returned home to a million texts, and smiles at the ones from new boyfriend Joe. She was in New York and Miami. She called Danni, who made a big deal about it, and Kathryn said Danni was the only one who’d called. She’d made concrete plans, and didn’t know why it was an issue. Cameran said the best thing was to not meddle in Kathryn’s business. She always resurfaces. The girls met at Kathryn’s house. Kathryn made plans for them to go to a vineyard and dinner, but wanted them to mainly relax. In the car, one of the girls announced that people were shoving gummi bears up their butts. Cameran didn’t understand why anyone would shove anything up there, including a wiener, and I’m totally with her there. Kathryn talked about Joe. He wants to open a law office in Charleston. Kathryn says it’s the first time since meeting Thomas that she felt excited about someone.

Eliza went home to where she grew up, Airy Hall lime plantation. Her dad was her idol, but after his public affair they didn’t talk for a year. She just wanted to hide. While she’s forgiven him, she doesn’t think it will ever be like it was. She’d been scheduled to go to the Bahamas, but boyfriend Don forgot his passport. She was pissed that the missed the plane – until it crashed. She told her father about not being as welcomed by society since his affair, and the hugged it out. We haven’t met him yet, but he already seems like a million times cooler on his worst day, than Thomas is on his best day.

Chelsea thought the forest they’d be staying in was like Robinhood, Prince of Thieves, but Naomie thought it was more Blair Witch Project. They were staying in fancy treehouses, and Cameran said it looked like something from a fairytale. I had to agree; the whole place looked magical. Danni had concerns about Kathryn, but Naomie said Kathryn was acting normal, and to leave it alone. At the vineyard, they did a wine tasting, with Kathryn having juice from the same vineyard. Kathryn got a text from Whitney, saying, yo, where u at? How old is he? Nineteen? The girls asked Kathryn what Whitney was like, and pumped her for information. We found out he kept his glasses on, and I literally lol’d. So did they.

On a sad note, Whitney’s dog Smoochie wasn’t able to walk. Whitney said she was the only woman who hadn’t let him down.

Danni wanted to call Kathryn out, but didn’t want it to be counter-productive. Dinner was served in another treehouse. Cameran toasted to having wonderful men, but not needing them. She said the sign of a good man is when they never put you down, even in an argument. In her interview, Kathryn said she always had to learn the hard way, and we flashed back to one of Thomas’s not-so-shining moments. Kathryn wanted the girls to meet Joe, and said he was going to be in town next week. She felt there was something special between them; he’s easy to be around, and encourages her success. Danni chose that moment to ask why Kathryn was MIA all week.

Kathryn said she went to a charity event in NYC, and missed her Charleston flight, so she went to Miami (presumably to be with Joe). Danni said Kathryn had built so much, and she thought Kathryn was self-sabotaging. She wasn’t responsive, and they thought she’d be home sooner. Kathryn said she had no reason to be back, and was feeling attacked. Danni said she was worried. Kathryn had been testy, and her moods coincided with her seeing a new guy. Danni said she knows how Kathryn avoids, but Kathryn insisted she wasn’t avoiding. Danni whined about Kathryn not being accountable for day to day stuff, like being late. Kathryn says she’s changed homes a bunch of times, and has had no structure, while dealing with depression. She wasn’t doing it on purpose, and was working her ass off to get her sh*t together. Naomie said, everyone has a battle, and Kathryn said she was doing her best. If they had any suggestions for time management, she’d be glad to hear them. In her interview, Cameran said she thought Kathryn was under a lot of stress, but had to put on her big girl panties.

Naomie pointed out that Kathryn had bought a new, expensive car. She said she wouldn’t be a friend if she didn’t tell Kathryn it was foolish. She wanted Kathryn to think things through. The perception wasn’t great, In Kathryn’s interview, she said what she did with her money is her business. She didn’t ask them these questions, because it’s of no concern to her. She wondered why Naomie should care, and Naomie said if Kathryn claimed she was fine, it was the only answer they needed. Kathryn said it had gotten considerably awkward.

Next time, Shep says Madison is diabolical, Austen admits he sabotages relationships, Craig tricks the group into helping him make pillows, and Kathryn tells Danni to eff off.

🍹🍹 Yep, It’s a Repeat…

But worth hearing again, and I’m tired.

June 4, 2019 – Ryan Makes a Decision, a Wrong Supposition, Kyle Plans a Trip, Losing LVP, Another 90 & Provence


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Sonny that she just saw her first firefly. I’m baffled, thinking she means the first ever, but she means this season. She asks if he remembers when Morgan would try to get them to follow him in. Sonny says, he didn’t want to catch them, and wanted them to follow him. That way, they could be friends. She says, he loved this time of year; school ending, and summer on the way. Sonny says, he’d leave the house, and not come back until dinner. She says, Josslyn is the same way, but not this year. There’s no excitement, no smile, no laughter. She doesn’t know what to do about it. Josslyn comes in with her guitar, and says she took an online lesson. She’s trying to build on the chords Oscar was teaching her. She plays for them.

In Tanzania, Drew comes to Kim’s room with Oscar’s ashes. He didn’t know if she wanted them in his room or hers. She downs some coffee, and he asks if she thinks that’s a good idea. They have a long hard climb ahead. She says she’ll be ready. He tells her Kilimanjaro is the biggest mountain in Africa. She says she doesn’t want to sleep.

TJ tells Jordan that he can’t believe that bastard won’t give her a kidney. Instead, he’s giving her a death sentence. She says she wants him to forgive Ryan – and forgive her.

Someone puts an injection into a sleeping Ryan’s IV. The machine starts beeping, and he wakes up. He begins to have a seizure.

Curtis sits in the waiting area. Stella sees him, and says she takes it Ryan refuses save Jordan.

Elizabeth and Finn run into Ryan’s room. Elizabeth says he’s seizing. Finn holds Ryan, asking if he okay. He asks if Ryan can hear him, and says he had a seizure. He says, don’t try talk. They’re going to take some tests to find out why it happened, and prevent it from happening again. Ryan says he’s going to die.

In a hallway, Franco takes off a pair of surgical gloves, and tosses them in the trash. Cameron asks when he became a doctor. He’s wondering what Franco needs gloves for.

Drew asks Kim, what’s wrong, aside from having to scatter Oscar’s ashes? Why doesn’t she want to sleep? She says, because when she sleeps, she dreams Oscar is still alive. It’s so real that she wakes up, and goes into his bedroom, fully expecting to see him there, and he’s not. So she’d rather stay awake. Even as much agony as it is, it’s better than losing him over and over again.

Carly loves that Josslyn is making good use of Oscar’s guitar. Josslyn says she wanted to learn before Oscar died. He was in the middle of teaching her, but she’d get impatient, and ask him to play instead. They never got very far. Sonny says she’s a natural, and they’ll get her lessons after she finishes school. She says she’d like that. She’s supposed to make plans and keep moving. Carly tells her to feel whatever she’s feeling, and come to them when she needs help. Sonny says, it will take a while to get on track. Josslyn keeps thinking about Oscar’s final words. He told her everything would be all right; that she would be all right, and she promised him that she would be Carly says she’ll get there. Take it day by day, and somehow remember to breathe. Josslyn doesn’t want to breathe. She doesn’t want to be dead, but it’s hard. She’ll do it for Oscar, and for everyone who’s supporting her. Carly feels the baby move, and asks Josslyn if she wants to feel her little brother or sister. Josslyn puts her hand on Carly’s stomach, and says she can feel it. They all smile.

Josslyn says, amazing, and a little weird. There’s a person inside Carly’s body. She asks what it feels like, and Carly says like she swallowed a bunch of butterflies. Josslyn says, stuff just got real. There’s a little life in there. Sonny says it scares him to death. There’s a little person waiting to be born, who needs to be loved and protected. He doesn’t want to fail. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world, and the most terrifying thing in the world. Carly says, true. Having a baby is crazy. Sonny says, a reminder that life goes on.

Franco tells Cameron that he was using acetone to clean up some paint. It eats at the skin. Cameron says it sounds nasty, and Franco says, cleaning up is nasty business, which is an interesting choice of words. He asks how Cameron is doing, and Cameron says, with? Franco says, Oscar’s death. He must miss his friend. Cameron says if he wants to talk about Oscar, or anything, he’ll Franco know. He leaves, and Elizabeth comes out. She tells Franco that Ryan had a seizure, and is getting tests. Franco says, good. He hopes that’s the end of him.

TJ asks what Jordan did that needs forgiveness. She says she tries not to dwell on what she’d do differently, but she’s sorry for the time she missed with him.

Stella tells Curtis that she’ll talk to Ryan, but he says, leave it be. She says she most certainly will not. He says he doesn’t want her in the same room with that twisted freak. She says if he’s going to tell her that he thinks Ryan will manipulate her, she just might be offended.

Josslyn asks how she’s supposed to not think about Oscar, and get used to him not being there. Carly says, you never get used to the absence of someone you love. You just kind of grow around it. Other people come into your life, and take up space in your heart, and one day you find yourself surrounded by friends and family. You look up, and realize you didn’t think about the loss for just a minute. You were able to let go. That minute stretches to another minute, then an hour. The hole in your heart is still there; it just aches little less. Sonny tells her to keep Oscar’s memory tucked away, and eventually it will be a comfort. He promises. Carly says, until then, her family will be there for her. They’ll always take care of her. She holds Josslyn.

Kim tells Drew that she knew losing Oscar would be the most painful experience of her life. The most unimaginable pain. She didn’t know how to prepare for it. She’s not a person who likes to be caught off guard. She’s a doctor, and like procedure and facts, but it’s not about her being doctor. She’s a mother who lost her son. Drew sits next to her, and she says she doesn’t know how to feel from one moment to the next. She doesn’t know if she’ll burst out in tears when she’s pumping gas, or come across Oscar’s coat in the hall closet and smile. (While I’ve never lost a child, I can totally identify with this.) She doesn’t know how she’s going to do this. How is she going to make the journey up the mountain to scatter their son’s ashes. Drew says he’ll tell her how; because she’s a great mother. She says she thought it would help, but she doesn’t know what do with it, or how say goodbye for last time to her only child. Drew doesn’t think you ever say goodbye, but he makes her a promise. As long as he’s alive, she doesn’t have to do it alone. They hug.

Elizabeth tells Franco the alarms went off, and she couldn’t help think it’s what Ryan deserves. He doesn’t know how she manages to be a kind and healing nurse. She says, it’s her job. She spent time with Jordan earlier, and thanked her for Franco’s award. He says it still blows him away. As sick as Jordan is, she found the energy to acknowledge him. Elizabeth says he did something heroic, but he says he didn’t volunteer, and was pretty much bitching the whole time. He’s glad Jordan coerced him though. Sometimes the end justifies the means.

Curtis says he appreciates Stella trying, but it won’t do no good. She asks how he knows. He says they’re going to fight with everything they have. Stella says he’s done everything he can and more. Let her have a go. Finn approaches them, and says he has news about Ryan.

TJ understands what Jordan had do and why. It’s not a pretty story, but somehow through it all, her, him, Curtis, and Aunt Stella are a family. Jordan thanks him, and he says he can’t lose her. He wants her to see him become a doctor and hold her grandbabies. He wants to make her proud. She hugs him, and says, he has. a million times over. There’s a knock at the door, and Finn, Stella and Curtis come in. Finn says he has something to tell them about Ryan.

Josslyn practices on the terrace. Cameron comes out, and says she’s getting better. When she builds up calluses, it will be easier. She calls him Mr. Stealth Guitar Player, and asks when he started playing. He tells her, seventh grade. He had detention, and the teacher said it would be in both their interests to keep him occupied, and keep his fingers busy. So he taught Cameron guitar. Josslyn asks why he never told anyone, and he says he didn’t think it fit his image. The teacher gave him the guitar at the end of the year, and he’s been playing ever since. He didn’t get serious until… Josslyn says, Oscar got sick. Cameron says, music can let you say things you don’t have the words to say.

Finn says Ryan’s seizure turned out to be an allergic reaction to one of his medications. Stella asks if Ryan’s kidney is still good, and Finn says it is. Ryan is conscious now, and came back charming as ever. Jordan asks if Ryan is under guard, and Finn says he can’t hurt anyone. Curtis says he’s going to get Jordan a kidney.

Elisabeth asks where Franco went earlier, and he says, Kiki’s grave. Today would have been her birthday. She says, if she’d known, she would have gone with him, but he says it was spur of the moment. He thought with Ryan in custody, he could find serenity and a way to accept what happened. She asks if he did, but he says, not at all. Ava was there, and talking to her made him realize how much rage he still has about all of it. Kiki had so much to live for; so much to give. The only value Ryan has is to maybe help save Jordan’s life.

TJ approaches Ryan’s room, where Valerie stands guard. She says he’s wasting his time. TJ says Ryan is the only one who can save his mom. Valerie can argue with him, or wish him luck. She says, good luck, and he goes in. Ryan asks if he’s come to see the wounded animal, and revel in his suffering. TJ says nothing, and Ryan says, no. He’s here for the most mundane reason of all; to beg for his mother’s life. Save it. He’s heard it all. Outside the room, Stella asks Valerie if TJ is in with him. Valerie says she tried talking him out of it, but he was determined. Stella says TJ is a wonderful young man, but he’s no match for that filth. Valerie asks if Stella thinks she is, and Stella says, watch her. Ryan says, kid, listen. Nothing less than his unconditional release and subsequent freedom will convince him to give up a kidney. Not him, his mom, not even the Mother of Dragons. It’s useless. Stella says, listen to him with his posturing attitude, ranting and raving. She tells him that he won’t be getting any rest tonight. She’s not leaving his room until Jordan gets his kidney, one way or another.

Cameron tells Josslyn that he knows the kids at school are weird, but it will stop. She says, it’s not that. She just had a deep conversation about Oscar with Sonny and her mom. She got to feel the baby move, and it was pretty cool. Cameron says, sounds good. She says she was all, life goes on, but felt like she was outside of her body, watching herself pretend be a functioning person who will someday be okay. She wasn’t lying to herself, but she doesn’t feel that way. She doesn’t want to be okay. She doesn’t want to stop thinking about Oscar, because that would be like losing him all over again.

Sonny and Carly go to Morgan’s grave. Sonny says, the first lilac of the summer. Morgan loved it because he knew summer was coming soon. Carly wishes Morgan was there. He was a great big brother. Josslyn puts up a good front, but she doesn’t want to hover. Josslyn hates it as much as Morgan did. Sonny says they know deep inside, there’s a lot of pain. Carly says Morgan could always get Josslyn to open up and be herself. She had that with Oscar too. Sonny brushes leaves from the tombstone, and says Morgan would have liked Oscar. Keep an eye out for him up there. He’s gonna need a pal.

Ryan says, the dreaded social worker. Please spare him the bleeding heart. Stella doesn’t give a flip if he mocks her. She’s a believer. He says, in what? and she says, in a higher power. A higher power we sometimes appreciate, and sometimes beg for mercy. A higher power we sometimes question, and sometimes curse. Curtis and TJ don’t understand how the stars have aligned to spare Ryan’s life and not Jordan’s. He says, only the good die young? She says he’s cheated death a few times, and it was all leading to this moment. All the horrible acts he’s perpetrated, all the victims he’s killed and damaged; every move he’s ever made, brought him to this pivotal moment. Nothing could kill him. Does he know why? He has the feeling she’s going to tell him. She says he’s obsessed with himself. He can’t bear the thought of ceasing to exist. He’s tenacious; holding on to life. If he refuses, ignores fate, and doesn’t do what cosmic forces are telling him, those forces will come together and painfully kill him. He’ll take his final breath and go straight to hell. No more quests for victims or chasing after Ava. Give up his kidney and live, or withhold it and die. The choice is his. Wow. Not what I expected.

Jordan tells Curtis the moments with him and TJ have been the happiest moments of her life. She’s happy they moved there. Curtis feels the same way. Jordan says she wanted to get her affairs in order, but she doesn’t need to. Curtis can take care of everything. He tells her, don’t give up, but she says she doesn’t have much choice. Her body can’t keep going. She loves him, and will die loving him. He says he loves her, and always will. Jordan wants him to pick up the pieces and go on living. He’ll find someone else. He says, don’t talk like that; he’s not hearing it. TJ runs in, and tells them, Ryan said yes. He’s giving Jordan his kidney. Stella got through to him. Curtis says he’d better find out. It might be a cruel joke. He leaves, and TJ tells Jordan, it’s going to be okay.

Finn asks if Ryan is consenting. Ryan says, don’t get any ideas. He’s not doing it because of Stella’s nonsense about fate and a higher power. He just wants to get her to shut up. She says, whatever works. He says, surgery without anesthesia would be less tortuous, and Finn asks if he’d like to forego the anesthesia. Ryan says, it’s called hyperbole. If he signs the forms, and he never wants to see her again. Stella says, fine with her. He says she’s the most annoying person he’s ever crossed paths with. Curtis and Stella hug.

Valerie tells Stella she was right. Ryan was no match for her. Stella tells her, don’t say that until he signs. Finn gives him the papers, and Curtis says, let’s get this ball rolling, handing Ryan a pen.

Drew tells Kim to get some sleep. He’ll be right next door. She asks if he really thinks Oscar is on the mountain. He says he can’t believe a spirit like Oscar’s could just be gone. He’s out there somewhere; wherever he wants to be. She wants to see him one more time, and know he’s okay. Her good, sweet boy out there. Drew says that’s why they’re there. All she has to do is believe.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she was thinking at the Nurses Ball. When her voice was getting thin, and she thought she’d have to stop, she looked at the crowd, and Oscar was there. He helped her through. Cameron says, amazing. He could tell Josslyn was thinking about him. Josslyn says her mom and Sonny tell her, in time, the ache will be less, and she’ll grow around Oscar’s absence. What if she doesn’t want to? No one is asking her to forget, but she doesn’t want to feel better, move on, or get over Oscar. She wants to remember how he was and is. She tells Cameron, look! Fireflies!

Sonny tells Morgan, in the middle of everything, they got incredible news. No one can take his place, but they have a new baby coming into the family. Carly says they’re going to tell the baby all about him. Sonny says, maybe the fireflies will come around and light the place up. Carly says, look! There they are!

Josslyn catches a firefly, and tells Cameron, Oscar said if you catch the last firefly of the season, and make a wish, it will come true. Maybe it works for the first one too. Cameron covers her hands with his own. She closes her eyes, and says, okay. She lets it go, and they watch. Josslyn says when she first did this with Oscar, she wished they’d fall in love, and it came true. How lucky is she? Cameron smiles.

Ryan asks if Finn realizes the most loathed man in Port Charles is about to sign a paper that says they can put him under and remove a vital organ. He’ll be vulnerable, and he wouldn’t put it past them to mess with his anesthesia. Finn says he’ll be treated with the same care and respect as every other patient. Stella says she’ll speak up for him at his sentencing. He has her word. They wait, and he finally signs, surprising us all. He throws the pen down, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Tomorrow, Willow tells Chase it’s not possible, Michael says they have to be willing to do anything to get Shiloh, Harmony visits Shiloh, and Sonny tells Jason to take Shiloh’s word for it if Jason won’t take his. In other words, lots of Shiloh tomorrow.

The Haves and The Have Nots

When we last left, David was identifying what he thought to be Jeffrey’s body, and Veronica was surprised to see someone.

David says, it’s not him; it’s not his son. Madison says, no, it’s not. David gets pissed at Madison, who says the call was from that address. He’s sorry. David says he’s fired, and stomps off. Madison cries on Tisha’s shoulder.

The door opens, and Veronica sees Jeffrey. After she gets over the initial shock, she says he’s leaving there. Justin says, it was just a joke. Jeffrey tells Justin not to talk to him. Shooting a gun with a blank isn’t a joke. Jeffrey walks off, and Veronica tells Justin that Jeffrey is leaving him. Justin says, shut your mouth, bitch. She’s already taken everything from him. She says he still has his life, and Justin says, it’s nothing without Jeffrey. She says she’ll remember that. Go back in your house, girl. Justin slams the door.

Veronica follows Jeffrey to the parking lot, where she has his car blocked. A woman asks Veronica to move her car. Veronica ignores her, and says Jeffrey needs to talk to her. The woman keeps asking Veronica to move her car, and Veronica gets in her face, telling her, shut up, bitch. The woman says she’ll call building security, and Veronica says, please do. Jeffrey tells Veronica to stop blocking his car, but she says she just wants to talk to him. She asks if that boy put a gun to him and pulled the trigger, and Jeffrey says, yes. She says she and his father thought he was dead. What the hell is happening? He says, what’s happening is her moving her car. She says she’s not moving it until she’s finished, and he says they’ll stand there all day then.

The woman brings Justin over, and points out Veronica. Echoing my thoughts, Veronica says this is their security officer? Justin says he’s an officer of law. She laughs, and says he’s got to be fired. He tells her to move her car, but she says she’s not done talking to her son. Justin says her son doesn’t want to talk to her. Veronica asks if he’s been reduced to a remedial cop now. The woman tells Justin that they should call the police, and he says he is the police. Veronica says, used to be. She calls Justin a little bitch, and he cracks her across the face, asking, who’s the little bitch now? Jeffrey steps in, and Justin slams him up against a car. Veronica beats on Justin with her bag, and the woman says she’s calling the real police. Jeffrey gets Justin in a choke hold, and David shows up. He asks, what the hell is going on? and separates them.

Veronica tells David, that thing hit her. He asks if Jeffrey is all right, and Veronica says she was the one who was hit. David tells her to stop it and calm down. Jeffrey says she wouldn’t move her car. Veronica says that boy hit her and David’s precious son, and Jeffrey let him do it. Jeffrey says he didn’t. Veronica wishes Justin had killed Jeffrey’s ass. Jeffrey can’t believe what she said, and she says it slapped her, and Jeffrey took his sweet time intervening. She can beat Justin better than Jeffrey. David tells her again to calm down, and she says he’s on this queen’s side. It doesn’t matter what happened to her; just like before. She says they can all kiss her ass, and gets in her car. She points at Justin and says, you, little girl hit the wrong bitch. You’ll see.

David asks, what happened? Justin says, his son, and David says get out of his face. Justin says David should pay him for slapping that bitch, since he can’t. Jeffrey tells Justin to go, and Justin says Jeffrey’s whole family is screwed up. Like Jeffrey doesn’t know this already. David says they thought Jeffrey was shot. He can’t see that boy again. Jeffrey says, but David can see Veronica. David says, that boy is deadly, and Jeffrey says, and mom isn’t? Jeffrey is forcing his hand. He asks Jeffrey to come home, and Jeffrey says he’ll get his things. He’s not staying there, but he’s not staying with David either. David says he can’t tell Jeffrey what’s going on with Veronica, but it’s not what he thinks. Meet him at home, and he’ll explain. Jeffrey relents, and says he’ll be there.

Wyatt paces in his room. He looks out, and sees RK coming back with the car – and the coke. RK gets out of the car, and does a little dance. Wyatt asks where the hell he’s been, and RK says, around. Wyatt tells him, throw the stuff up, but RK says, throw the money down. RK decides to knock on door, and see if anyone is home. He knocks and Wyatt flies down the stairs, yelling, he’s got it. Jim says he’ll get it. RK comes in, and Jim asks if he just walked in. RK took his wife’s car. RK says he did, but she said he could. Jim tells RK that he said he couldn’t. How did he get the keys. RK points to Wyatt, and says, his boy. Jim asks why Wyatt did that, and RK echoes, yeah, why? Jim tells him, shut up and get the hell out of his house. Wyatt says he’s stuck there, and wants RK to hang out. Jim tells RK to give him the keys and get out. Wyatt jets back upstairs.

Wyatt says goes back out on the balcony, and tells RK he’s got the money. RJ says he ain’t doing this with him, but Wyatt says he has a watch worth six grand. RK tells him, get it, and Wyatt goes into Kathryn’s room. He takes the watch, and tosses it down. He tells RK, throw it up. RK says, no, and starts to walk away. He turns back, saying he was just messing with Wyatt, and tosses the bag up. Nice catch. Wyatt says, this is it? RK says give him more jewelry, and he’ll get more product. He works at he Artisian; call him there.

The Presidential motorcade pulls up at Charles’s house mansion. He tells Candace he’ll show her around. She’s impressed, and says, it’s modern classic. She wouldn’t have figured it. He says that’s him too. She sees a picture of his wife, and says she was beautiful. He thanks her, and asks if she wants a drink. Candace says, wine, if he has it, and he pours a glass of red for both of them. She marvels over the art, and Charles tells her that his wife painted them. She says, he misses her; he says her name in his sleep. He says, like what she does with her son, and she says they’re both in the same boat. He guesses they are, and she says, it’s good they have each other. He says, exactly right, and thanks her for being there. She says for the first time in her life, she feels like she can breathe. He says that makes two of them… since his wife died. He doesn’t want to lose her, and she says she’s not going anywhere. He says, it’s not going to be easy. She says they have each other. He tells her that he’s just getting a few personal things for him and the kids, and she asks if she can help. He says he’ll show her the rooms.

Back at the hotel, Scott places the drink order that’s code for ordering a prostitute. RK says the drink doesn’t sound appealing (and it doesn’t), but Scott says it’s what he likes. He’s tired, horny, and thirsty. RK says the hotel can help him with being tired, and he can help with thirsty, but horny he doesn’t know. Scott says he must know the spots, and RK tells him to talk to Rocky. Scott says, what if he wanted a threesome or foursome? RK says he’s heard of those things being arranged, and gets Scott’s room number. He asks if he should bill it to the room, but Scott says he has ten grand, and wants RK, Rocky, and some random woman he points out, to come to the room. RK says, two guys and a girl? Scott asks if he didn’t say he was a freak. RK says give him an hour.

RK goes behind the bar, and tells Rocky that he was offered ten grand. Rocky says, to do what? and RK says, to get with the two of them and her. Rocky says she’s not a working girl, but RK says, don’t worry about that. He’s going to rob the dude’s ass. Rocky says the guy looks smart, and RK says, not to him. It doesn’t matter. Rocky thinks they should go together. RK tells him to ask Broderick to cover the bar. Broderick, who I again was calling Roderick. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me and names, but it happens IRL too. I wish everyone would just wear name tags. Rocky says, let’s make some money.

Rocky tells Broderick, it looks like they got an easy ten grand. A guy wants him and RK, and a girl. Will he watch the bar? Broderick says, sure, and Rocky asks what’s up with him? Broderick says, nothing, but Rocky says it’s written on his face. It’s Kathryn, isn’t it? Is she still all over him like cheap suit? Broderick says she’s not why he’s upset, and tells Rocky, take care of business.

Jeffrey pulls up to David’s house mansion. Madison is sitting outside, and Jeffrey asks why he’s out there. Madison says he came to get his things. David fired him. Jeffrey asks what did he do? and Madison says he made a mistake. They got a call about a gunshot victim, and Madison thought it was Jeffrey, since it was on the same street as Justin’s place. He’s sorry. Jeffrey says it could have been him. Justin pulled a gun on him. He had two guns; one on Jeffrey, and one on himself. He said one gun had a real bullet, and the other had a blank. Justin likes playing games. He actually pulled the trigger, and almost blew out Jeffrey’s eardrum. Madison asks if Jeffrey wants him to look at it, but Jeffrey says he’s fine. Madison says, it’s serious. If he doesn’t see Jeffrey again, he can’t let Justin do this. Jeffrey says he knows it, and hears enough from his parents. He says his dad should be behind him, and lets Madison in.

Madison says he’s sorry. Jeffrey says he is too, and Madison says they could have been good together. Jeffrey says Madison doesn’t even know him, but Madison says he’s seen enough to know Jeffrey goes for troubled guys. He’s punishing himself. Jeffrey repeats that Madison doesn’t know him, and he has actually studied this. Madison says, it’s always the student who can’t see, and Jeffrey tells him, get his stuff. Madison reminds Jeffrey to get on his dad about changing the bandages, and keeping his wounds dry, and goes upstairs.

Jim calls Lloyd. He needs $75K, cash, and he’s picking it up today. Lloyd says, well.. He doesn’t have it in his account. Jim says they, but Lloyd says he’s had strict instructions from Jim’s wife. She won’t give him any money. Jim asks how much is in his account, and Lloyd says, $3400. Jim asks if Kathryn knows, and says not to tell her. He’s waiting for an $8 million transfer. He’ll call when it gets there.

Outside the kitchen, Kathryn says she’s called three times. Call her back. Jim asks who’s not calling her back, and Kathryn asks what he did. He says, nothing, and she asks if he didn’t threaten Broderick. He says he didn’t have to. Broderick isn’t interested in her. She says he seems to be, and Jim says she’s going to get her ass sued. Contrary to popular belief, sexual harassment works both ways. She tells him to go find something to do. He says he could find someone to do, but she’s out of town. Jim tells her that he needs $75K in cash, and she says that’s his problem. He says it sounds like it’s their problem. If the money doesn’t get to the Malones by the end of the day, they’ll put a hit out on their son. Kathryn asks, what kind of hit? and he says, how many kinds are there? They’ll kill him. Does she think he’s talking about a hit record? Kathryn says Wyatt bought that much in drugs? Jim says, no; they’re saying it’s for pain and suffering. She says, give it to them, and he says he doesn’t have it. He needs her to call Lloyd. She asks why she should. He says, would she like to bury another child? She says, that’s not fair, and he says, call and get the money.

Kathryn calls, and makes small talk with Lloyd. She tells him that she needs $75K cash. She’ll send her errand boy to pick it up. Lloyd might know him. His name is Jim. She tells Lloyd not to say that about Jim, and laughs. When she’s done, Jim asks if that was so difficult. She says, it better be for Wyatt, and he says, who else? She says, one of his whores, but he says, her whores are the ones currently charging those rates. Last night’s wore took her car. She says, it’s back, isn’t it? He says she’s some piece of work, and she says he’s some piece of sh*t.

Scott tells the Attorney General that he was right. The AG asks what Scott found, and Scott gives him a folder. The AG says, he knew it. Scott asks if he was robbed at gunpoint, and the AG says, something like that. Scott says the Artisian keeps security records. The head of security is ex-military, and runs it like it’s war time. He got the tapes, and also got this. He gives the AG another folder. It shows the time the AG spent in Candace’s room. The AG says, it’s perfect. Scott shows him Jim’s picture, saying he’s a judge who was running for governor, but was disgraced by his mistress. She blackmailed him for a lot of money. Her name was Candace Young. The AG says, it gets better and better. He tells Scott, set up a discreet meeting. Scott says, that could backfire, but the AG says, this man is his kind of guy.

Veronica goes to the station. For a second, I think the desk sergeant is Rick (If Loving You Is Wrong), but it’s not. Veronica says she’s been assaulted. He tells her to fill out the paperwork, but she says she just wants him arrested. It’s Officer Justin Lewis. The sergeant says, okay. She says she wants him picked up. He was harassing her son, and when she stepped in to help out, he hit her. She shows him the mark on her face, but he doesn’t see it. She tells him, look closer, and he says he needs the paperwork. She pulls the restraining order out of her bag, and says she also has a lawsuit against him. And in the event of his death, a lawsuit against his estate, his wife, and his children. If he doesn’t have Justin picked up now, his job is on the line. She asks if he’s new, and he says he is. She tells him, get someone experienced who can handle this, and he says okay, probably desperate to get rid of her.

The Chief comes out, and Veronica tells him what happened, and says to let her know when Justin is in custody. He says, it doesn’t work that way. She says wants Justin arrested, now. The Chief wants to know what he did, and she shows him an affidavit. He looks at it, and says, okay. They’ll pick Justin up. Veronica asks what jail he’ll be taken to, and the Chief says, this one. She says they can call her when Justin gets there, but he says, that’s not protocol. She says she’s not their average bitch, and he says, okay. Because by now, he’s been sufficiently terrorized enough to just say okay to anything.

Veronica makes a call. She tells someone she wants him and five others to get themselves arrested in Precinct 11. She tells him to find some friends who like to rape and maim. He needs to do it quickly. She’ll give them $5K to split. She tells him to get arrested now.

Hanna and Benny go to the bank. The officer says she still has their signatures, and leaves to get the paperwork for Benny. Benny starts to talk, but Hanna says, nothing out of his mouth. They’re giving the money back. The officer returns, and Benny signs the papers. Hanna says they want to transfer everything except $20K. The officer looks at the account, and asks how much she thinks is in there. Hanna says $8 million, plus interest. The officer says, sorry, but the account is overdrawn by $4K. There’s no money in the account. Hanna looks at Benny, and says, his damn sister.

Next time, Charles says if the story hits and Landon can’t spin it, he’s fired; Justin gets arrested, and Veronica tells him that she bets he thinks twice before hitting a woman again; Jeffrey tells David, maybe death is better than being in this family.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

We see clips of the wildfires in California. Kyle, Teddi, and LisaR are in a car on the phone with Camille, then Denise. Camille is under mandatory evacuation. Denise thinks her house might be burning down.

Five days earlier. Dorit is choosing girls for a photo shoot. Kyle fixes Portia’s hair. Teddi gives Slade a riding lesson.

Erika meets LisaR for Mexican food. Erica compliments LisaR on her CVLUX cover. LisaR says it was a fun shoot. She asks if Erika had fun at the party, and Erika says she had the best time ever watching LisaR. We flash back to them on the Ferris wheel. In her interview, Erika says she loves that LisaR came to Farrahween as Erika at Coachella. When you’re a Halloween costume, you’ve made it. I have to agree with that. LisaE says she and Kim have moved on from their feud. In LisaR’s interview, she says she always liked Kim, and it’s time for the healing to take place. She tells Erika that she’s totally cool if someone says something negative to her face, but Camille says one thing to them, then talks behind their backs. Hmm… Isn’t she doing the same thing right now? Erika says Teddi told her what happened in the van. LisaR says Camille said a couple of things about Dorit that weren’t lovely, and said some things about Teddi to Denise. In Erika’s interview, she says she understands they’re frustrated with camille. They’ve gone to her events, and they’re feeling betrayed. Erika says Camille has a beef with pretty much everyone. LisaR says, she doesn’t know she has a beef with Dorit, and Erika says, but she’s about to.

Dorit talks the models through the shoot. She’s so excited and proud of her line growing, and becoming something she’s proud of. In her interview, she says, today is important. They’re shooting footage for a Kitson window display. I’m confused, since I thought Kitson went out of business. She says, it’s an incredible honor, and she wants to nail it. PK brings the kids to the shoot, and she tells Jagger that he needs to help mommy sell boys shorts. Jagger poses for pictures solo, and then with other models. Dorit’s assistant, Kimberly, forgot some pieces. In her interview, Dorit says she’s done a ton of photo shoots, and never remembers a time when something didn’t go wrong. It’s important for everything to be perfect. A lot of time, money, and effort goes into it, to make it go without a hitch. They have to make the most and best of the situation. They do a final shot of all the models together with Jagger. Everyone applauds.

Kyle’s dogs are out of control, and she runs out after them. She wonders why they can’t behave. She calls Marlena from Hosted Villas about a Chateau Ventoux in Provence. She says she’s thinking of bringing girlfriends, and wants to check dates. In her interview, she says they’ve been doing a lot of trips, and she saw the chateau is a Vogue article about Provence. She thought it was perfect. She asks Marlena about the staff, and asks if they can have a chef. She thinks it sounds amazing, and says she’ll call back after she confirms with the other girls.

She calls the others to lock down a date. In Kyle’s interview, she says the Bahamas was fun, but tense. The camping trip was really fun, but not glamorous. She wants go somewhere fun, chic, and exiting, where they can relax and bond. Teddi tells Kyle that she’s 99% sure she can go, but wants to run it by her husband. Kyle says maybe she should do that too.

Harry gets ready to grill. LisaR says it’s hard to keep track which daughter is vegetarian. In her interview, she says more than anything she loves having the whole family home. Lately, Harry has either been in Canada or camping, and the girls have been traveling. When she’s alone, she comes up with things to entertain herself. We see her bouncing around on Instagram. Harry is trying to hunt down the cheese he bought. Amelia pretends she knows nothing about it, but tells Delilah and LisaR that she ate it. In LisaR’s interview, she says Amelia has issues with food. We flash back to Amelia talking about anorexia. LisaR says it’s two steps forward, and one back. It’s not easy, and they do it one day at a time. She wants to fix it, and make it go away. You don’t want to see your child in pain. She asks Amelia to have a little something, and Amelia says she’s even allergic to corn. LisaR wonders if Amelia is going to have this forever. Amelia insists she’s not hungry. LisaR says she loves Harry, but the veggie burger tastes like rubber.

Harry says maybe Amelia doesn’t want to eat, but he’s having dessert. Amelia gives him the finger behind his back. In LisaR’s interview, she says maybe they did something; she doesn’t know, but it’s hard to watch Amelia be in pain. Amelia asks if it makes Harry angry that she’s not eating his food. If so, they have to work through it. She says the energy is effed up, and asks why he’s so passive aggressive. LisaR says he fathered these children. He says he doesn’t think he’s responsible for their behavior, and thinks she’s responsible. Me too, and it’s no surprise he’s never around.

The women get together for a lunch. Kyle shows them photos from the party. LisaR says it took a long time to get out of Erika Jayne. In Kyle’s interview, she says things were rough between Kim and LisaR before the party. She thinks LisaR was using Erika’s persona to speak rudely to her sister. She doesn’t want to say anything right now, but thinks it’s complete bullsh*t. Dorit talks about the photo shoot, and says she’s doing the Kitson window. She’s super excited. She says she spoke to PK, who’s in London, and he told her to go on the trip. LisaR says Harry told her to go. I’ll bet he did.

Erika arrives last, and asks, what’s happening? Kyle says she closed her store, and felt so bad, she started bawling. She opened seven years ago. In her interview, she says seeing her name on a corner she drove by her entire life felt exciting. We flash back to the opening. She says the rent in Beverly Hills is through the roof. Because of that, combined with more people shopping online, it didn’t make sense to stay open. LisaR says, it’s sad, and agrees about the rent. In her interview, LisaR says when she had a store, she and Harry were relying on it as income, so they were in a more precarious position. Luckily, Kyle is in a position where Mauricio is doing well, and she’ll be fine.

Kyle shows them the chateau website on her phone. Erika says she’s been to Provence, but nothing like this. In her interview, LisaR says she likes a hotel with her own room, where she can escape if she needs to, but she’s open to it. She likes the word chateau. In Erika’s interview, she says, the house is beautiful, and it’s the French countryside; no need for glam.

LisaR asks if Camille is coming. Kyle says she left a message. Dorit asks LisaR what Camille said, but LisaR says it’s not her place. She says she can tell Camille that she thinks she should talk to Dorit. Kyle thinks LisaR should just let them know. I think this should be an all or nothing situation. LisaR should have either kept her damn mouth shut about it, or told Dorit everything. To me, it’s nasty to tell someone that a friend is talking about them, but not what was said. It’s not fair to just leave them hanging and imagining what it must be. In LisaR’s interview, she says that if she hadn’t been mad at Camille, she wouldn’t have said anything. That’s nasty to. Point proved. We flash back to LisaR telling Dorit that Camille was talking about her. She says she doesn’t want to hurt Dorit’s feelings. Kyle says if Camille is pretending to be nice, yet saying nasty things behind Dorit’s back, LisaR has to tell her. Dorit thinks it’s scary that Camille is acting nice, but might have residual feelings from their past altercation. Teddi says wait until LVP hears what Camille said about her teeth. We flash back to Camille saying LVP needs dental work. Teddi says it didn’t please her to hear Camille say that, even though she and LVP are not on the best terms. Kyle says you wonder what the person is saying about you.

Camille talks to a friend whose name I don’t catch, but we’ve seen before. Camille thought the wedding was perfect, and couldn’t be more thrilled. In her interview, she says it’s a great feeling, having a life partner. She missed the love and family part of being married. The friend says Teddi was odd at the airport, and in Camille’s interview, she explains that when they were leaving, her daughter said hi to Teddi, who snubbed her. Mason felt bad, and that’s when her mommy claws come out. She tells the friend that she doesn’t like how Teddi is acting toward her. She’s gotten too big for her britches. She’s been taking jabs at Camille, wanting her to pick a side with the LVP thing. She’s been around LVP and Kyle a long time, and sees LVP’s point of view, but feels for Kyle. She knows the dynamic, and LVP has been there for both her and Kyle. Camille wants to bring it up, but doesn’t think Teddi can take criticism. Yet she’s an accountability coach. Go figure.

Denise asks Kyle if Camille is invited, and Kyle says, of course. In her interview, Kyle says she and Camille aren’t on the best terms, but to not invite her is making a statement.

Denise goes to a restaurant. We already know she’s meeting Brandi (bleh), although they try to surprise us. Brandi arrives, and says dumbass stuff. In her interview, Denise says a mutual friend introduced her and Brandi. They went to dinner, and hit it off. She thinks Brandi is crazy fun, and likes her. Brandi says they have a lot in common. In Brandi’s interview – where she looks like a horror show – she says she and Denise have been through the wringer together with public divorces. What you see is what you get. Period. No bullsh*t. Denise is just like her. Maybe in that way, but no. Denise is actually a kind person. Brandi is not. I’m sure some past thing is why she lashes out, but she refuses to recognize that, so pfft! Brandi says she saw Denise’s Instagram pictures wits Patrick, and asks how her husband is handling it. Denise says, he’s so supportive and fine with it. Brandi says, it’s fine until it’s not. Denise says, if it was her, she wouldn’t like it. We flash back to a reunion where Brandi talked about slitting Eddie’s tires. Brandi tells Denise about some dude named Casamigos, who says she hit him in the face. She might have slapped a pretty, older English woman in the face once, but not slapping dudes in face. Classless as ever; another thing Denise is not. Brandi says wasn’t even there. Denise tells Brandi about some story the women think LVP planted with Radar Online. She says she doesn’t know LVP well enough to know if she leaked it. Brandi says, of course she leaked it. In Brandi’s interview, she says she and LVP were best friends for five years. We flash back to that time. Giggy! Brandi tells Denise, whatever LVP wants out there, gets out there. We flash back to Brandi telling Kyle about LVP wanting her to bring the tabloids with her on vacation. She says if you cross LVP in any way, which she did – Denise asks if she crossed LVP or disagreed with her. Brandi says, a bit of both – you get punished. Denise wonders why do that to a friend who’s never done anything wrong. She thinks Brandi should come to Provence. Brandi orders two glasses of wine in one. She tells the waiter, if he brings two separate glasses, she’ll kill him. In her interview, Denise says Brandi can drink her under the table. Denise doesn’t do shots. She sips that sh*t. Me too. I’d make a much better friend for Denise. Public divorce aside.

Brandi (who is friends with Kim now?) tells Denise that Kim called her a bitch. We flash back to Denise telling Kim that LisaR is really a nice person. I’m beginning to think Denise needs help picking friends. Denise tells Brandi that she was just reassuring Kim that LisaR didn’t man anything by it. It was bad timing, and LisaR shouldn’t have said it, but they all make mistakes. She thinks LisaR and Kim should move on. It’s an effing bunny. Again, I’m no fan of Kim’s, but LisaR is the one who brought it up, and used the c-word in reference to Kim. Why isn’t Denise calling her out on it?

Denise meets Aaron at Compass, where he’s unpacking fitness equipment. He says they just got the power on. In her interview, Denise says it’s been crazy busy. She’s traveling a lot, but they try to make sure not too much time goes by before they see each other again. Denise says she got the pictures of Sami’s messy room and the bathroom. Aaron says she uses every towel. Denise feels terrible, leaving him while the fitness center is being put together. Leaving stresses her out, but she gives Aaron credit. As a new husband, he’s being supportive. He says when he approaches Sami in a cool and calm way, she says stop yelling at her. Denise says his voice carries, and a thirteen-year-old perceives it as yelling. In Denise’s interview, she says, Charlie is the easier going parent, while Aaron has strict boundaries, but they make the girls feel safe and secure. She tells him that she owes him a beach party in Vegas.

Walking down a commercial street, Kyle tells Erika it’s depressing to close the store. They go to the building where the store was, and it says for lease. Kyle realizes she didn’t take the chandeliers, and has to get them. She says she did find a space she likes, but she’s never done anything from the ground up. She needs help. She tells Erika that she has a lot to think about. In Kyle’s interview, she says it’s a challenging time for her. As they pass Villa Blanca, she thinks of fun times with LVP. We flash back to some of those. Kyle doesn’t focus on what happened recently. It makes her sad to think that chapter of her life is closed. She and Erika go shopping, and look for scarves. Erika says, what’s more French than a scarf and beret? All they’re missing is a baguette and some cheese.

Camille calls Kyle, and says she went over her schedule, and talked to her family. She can go. She’s excited to be included. Kyle and Erika pay for whatever they just bought, and it’s 800 bucks for the tiniest bag of stuff ever.

Everyone gets packing. Again from closets as big as a small country. Kyle considers taking a machete.

Breaking news. There are three separate wildfires in California. Malibu is evacuated. Kyle, Teddi, and LisaR are on their way to the airport. Camille calls, saying it’s stressful. She lives in a canyon, and can see flames in the next canyon over. She has to leave her house now. In Camille’s interview, she says they got stuck in traffic, and could see the flames and smoke moving faster than the cars. She was terrified. Kyle tells her to make sure she’s safe, and keep them posted. In Teddi’s interview, she says, it’s heartbreaking. They’d planned on talking with Camille, but tragedy has a way of putting things in perspective. Oh nice. Once again they want to pick an inappropriate venue to air their grievances. It’s doubly nice that the person who they have a grievance with, would have no means of escape. LisaR calls Denise, who finally has cell service. Denise says she’s never seen anything like it. It’s effing insane. LisaR tells her to keep in touch. They’re not on the plane until 3:30. Denise says she thinks her house might be burning.

Next time, the trip to Provence; LisaR says it’s like Downton Abbey, but in France; Dorit says it makes you feel like you’re in Europe; Camille’s house burns down; Teddi and LisaR clash.

🏇 If She’s Out, So Am I…

Even worse, it looks like Brandi is inching her way in. Sorry, Denise, but I can’t.


💍 A Taste of the New 90…

I’m already loving this show. As usual, there are a couple of decent people, but they’re mostly horrible.


🏰 I Wanna Go Too…

Must be nice. I could make a joke here about it being Provence, not Nice, but I’ll let it go.