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December 26, 2018 – Laura Gets Some Intel, Tradition, NJ Rerun, What’s On, GH Party, Marty Blames Bravo, Knew It, Horrible Horrible News, a Song & a Grinch


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🎄 Hope everyone had themselves a merry little Christmas! Moving on…

General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Laura looks at her wedding ring set and remembers getting married to real Doc, saying she’d love him every day for the rest of her life. Carly sits with her, and says she’s been there, and it’s nothing Laura did or didn’t do. Doc can’t be in right mind if he gave her up for Ava. Laura says that’s what she’s afraid of.

At Ferncliff, Not-Doc/Ryan wakes straitjacketed, real Doc up. He says sorry it’s been so long since his last visit, but he brings great tidings of joy.

Julian chats with Leo at Charlie’s. Olivia comes in, and Leo tells her about the family of snow people they made. Julian thanks her for letting Leo visit; he needed it. She says she figured that, and Julian thanks Leo for today.

Oscar looks at something on his laptop with Kim and Drew. Josslyn comes in, and Oscar’s parents jet for coffee. Oscar shows Josslyn the laptop, and says it’s not his car, but looks like it. Outside in the hallway, Kim tells Drew that she’s glad Oscar fell in love when he was well. Josslyn gives Oscar a Christmas gift.

At the prison, Nelle tells a guard that she doesn’t have a doctor, as she’s led to the visitor room. Obrecht is there, and says she does. Consider it a long overdue post-natal checkup.

Michael sees Willow at the hospital. She asks if he made it back to his parents’ house after the meeting. He says he did, and it was a fun holiday; what about her? She says it was better than expected. The meeting helped. He says speaking about her son was a big step. She tells him it felt good, saying her dreams for him out loud. She just wishes she could have made them come true.

Ava takes little pink mittens out of a box at Kiki’s apartment. Griff and Anna walk in. She asks what they want, and Anna wonders if they can help. Ava tells them that she read about a woman whose husband died in their apartment. She left a book he’d been reading open to what he’d last read, and called it an act of wishful thinking. Leaving it as it was when he died would keep him alive for her. She’d thought it was ridiculous, and that the woman was weak, but now she prays the same prayers. She tells Griff that prayers only work for the faithful, so it leaves them out of luck.

Michael tells Willow that he’s glad he went to the meeting. It was helpful to be around other people who lost a child. She tells him, be honest. He saw her, and felt bad. He says she was a deciding factor. Because of one terrible thing, they understand each other. She tells him that her pregnancy was a surprise, and she’d wondered what kind of life she and her baby would have. Michael doesn’t know if he’ll ever stop imagining what it would have been like to see his son grow up.

Nelle asks if Obrecht isn’t a fugitive. Obrecht says she had an unfortunate misunderstanding with law enforcement, but it’s been cleared up. Funny how life works. One minute, she was on her way to prison, and the next minute, delivering Nelle’s baby in the middle of nowhere. Now, Nelle is in prison, and she’s asking herself, where is that beautiful baby boy?

Doc asks where Laura is, and Ryan says he’ll get to it, but wants to share his news. He’s totally pulling this off. He tells Doc that he must be one heck of a shrink. His patients know how he’ll respond. Doc says Ryan is in no position to treat patients, and Ryan says, neither is he. Doc asks what he’s done with Laura, and Ryan says he’s been nothing but a gentleman. She’s lovely, but too staid for his taste. He had to put distance between them, but once the divorce is final, he won’t have to worry about that. Doc says, he’s divorcing Laura?

Laura tells Carly that she can’t help but be concerned about Doc’s mental health. Carly says, put in perspective, he seems distracted and detached. He blew her off when she wanted an appointment to talk about the anniversary of Morgan’s death. Laura says, that’s not like him. So many things aren’t like him. A few years after Ryan ‘s death, he had a psychotic breakdown, confusing his identity with his brother’s. The way he’s been acting, she’s afraid he’s headed for another breakdown. Carly says that would explain his odd behavior, but not his romantic interest in Ava. Is it possible Laura is looking for a reason to believe he doesn’t really want a divorce?

Ryan tells Doc that Laura had trouble accepting the end of their marriage. He hopes she makes peace with it, so he doesn’t have to employ other means of problem solving. Doc tells him, leave her alone, and Ryan says that’s what he’s trying to do. He tells Doc, she’s safe, but there’s only so much he can take. He’s already had to dispense two problems, and he’s hoping there’s not a third. Doc says, he didn’t kill anyone, did he? and asks if Felicia is okay. Ryan says, she’s fine. He’s not into her at all, but to answer his question, yes; twice. He’s murdered two people. Doc tried to fix him, but he’s not broken. This is just who he is. Doc tries to lunge at Ryan. Ryan tells him to be careful; he might hurt himself. As much as he enjoys the irony, Ryan needs him healthy and lucid. There are gaps in his knowledge of Doc’s life that he needs to fill. Doc says he won’t help, but Ryan says he will. Laura’s life depends on it.

Oscar opens Josslyn’s gift. It’s a five-year planner. She tells him to open it. He reads. January 1 – ring in the new year with Joss; January 11 – bake cookies with Joss; February 9 – take Joss on a hike; February 14 – watch Valentine’s Day movies and bake truffles with Joss. He asks if she did this for the whole year, and she says, just the first year. The rest, they’re going to plan together.

Lulu gives Laura a belated birthday gift from her, and handmade cards from the kids. The gift is a gorgeous opal necklace, and Laura loves it. Lulu says they love her. She knows it’s been hard dealing with Doc, and wants Laura to know how special she is her and the kids, Spencer included. Laura tells her, it means so much. A year ago, she and Doc were in love and happy. Now, they’re unrecognizable. She can’t fathom what happened to get them there. Lulu thinks, it begins and ends with an A. Laura knows that’s a factor, but they both insist they didn’t start seeing each other until after she and Doc separated. It’s something else that she hasn’t figured out yet.

Anna tells Ava that Kiki wouldn’t want to tear them apart. Ava says, probably not, but she’s dead, so she doesn’t call the shots. Anna suggests Ava use a service to pack up, but Ava says, no one is touching her daughter’s things. Anna says they’ll leave her then. Griff says he’d like to have something of hers, because he can’t read social cues, and doesn’t get that this is probably a bad time to ask. Ava tells him that he’s already had plenty. He didn’t kill Kiki, but took her just the same. Anna wants go, and Ava dares Griff to stay and watch her put evert bit of Kiki in boxes. She asks how it feels, being left emptyhanded. The same way she was when Griff stole Kiki away.

Anna tells Ava that they understand she’s in pain, but it doesn’t give her license to attack Griff. Griff says they’re both grieving, but Ava says his grief doesn’t compare. She asks if he knows what grief looks like. Kiki saved every bit of her childhood; every scrap. She pulls out a homemade card with a child’s handprint on it, and reads, for Mommy, who holds my hand when I’m afraid. She says, report cards, birthday cards, Kiki saved every card Ava gave her. She was going to make a collage one day. One day. She says all of the Kikis she knew and loved are there. The three-year-old ballet dancer; the six-year-old who loved roller coasters she was too small to ride; a short story she wrote when she was ten; a hat she tried to knit. Ava didn’t just bury one child, but all the little girls Kiki was while growing up. Anna asks if there’s someone they can call, but suddenly there, not-Doc says, that’s all right; he’s there. Ava cries, and he holds her. Griff wipes a tear from his eye.

Laura asks Lulu how she got her hands on such privileged information. Lulu says she was dropping off a care package to Dante ‘s partner. Laura says, and she just happened to see Mary Pat’s file? Lulu says, no. She was looking at Kiki’s file, where they’d noted similarities in the two killings, and suspected a pattern. Laura asks if they think it might be one killer. Lulu says in both cases, the body was moved, and found at a party or event, and they were both killed with a knife. Carly has been eavesdropping, and says she’s sorry to interrupt, but is Lulu saying the police are investigating a serial killer?

Oscar tells Josslyn, it’s hard to believe how different everything was last Christmas. They found his mother’s CD, and the letter. He didn’t even know Drew was his dad. Josslyn says it seems like Drew’s been his dad longer than a year. She asks if he wishes his parents were back together, and he says, it seems dumb, but yeah. She says, it’s not dumb, but he says he sounds like a little kid. It would make him feel better about everything if his dad was looking after his mom, but she still has Julian. Josslyn tells him, like he said, a lot can change in year.

Kim tells Drew that she’s praying the treatment works, but wondering what happens if it’s not reducing the tumor. Drew says they’ll just have to find a way to squeeze the world into the time they have left with him.

Willow tells Michael that she got to hold her son for a while. His weight and warmth helped; he was so perfect and fragile. She knew she had to give him up, but couldn’t let go. She eventually asked the nurse to take him, and her arms felt so empty afterward. At night, she has dreams of holding him again. Michael does that too. Dreams that Jonah is alive, and he’s holding him. When he wakes up and remembers, like she said, his arms feel empty.

Nelle tells Obrecht she had her baby alone, and it didn’t survive. Obrecht says he was born strong and vital. If he was an actor, she’d have given him a ten. Trauma didn’t kill him. Maybe Nelle did. Nelle says everything she did was to protect him and give him life, and Obrecht wonders why it doesn’t sound like he’s dead now. Nelle says she still feels him with her. She’s still in morning. Why is Obrecht mocking her grief? Obrecht says, while they’re on the subject, Maxie told her that Michael is devastated. She can only imagine his gratitude if he were to learn the truth.

Ava tells not-Doc that she needs to go through everything, and he says, she shall, but not everything needs to be done today. Anna says they came to help, but not-Doc doesn’t know how much help Griff can be. Me neither, and I actually think them showing up is rather insensitive. He says Ava can look through everything at home, and picks up the box, telling Anna and Griff to lock up when they leave. When they’re gone, Anna tells Griff not to let Ava’s anger and bitterness affect him. it’s the last thing Kiki would want.

Kim and Drew go back to Oscar’s room. Drew asks where Josslyn is, and Oscar says she took off on an errand. He tells them to check out his planner.

Josslyn goes to Charlie’s. Julian asks if Oscar is okay, and she says he’s doing good today. He says he was planning on stopping by later with a sandwich, and he wants to be there for Kim as well. Josslyn says, the best way to help Kim is to help Oscar. He asks if she has any idea how he can do that, and she says, give up Kim.

Laura asks Lulu how closely the police have linked the murders, but she only knows it’s being investigated, and has no specifics. Carly says she was framed for Mary Pat’s murder, and Griff was framed for Kiki’s. What if part of the pattern is the killer framing obvious suspects? Lulu didn’t think of that. Carly says there’s a strong possibility the killer isn’t finished, and will target someone else. Why haven’t the police said anything? Ned walks in, and Laura says, maybe the mayor can enlighten them.

Nelle tells Obrecht that Michael won’t listen to her. Obrecht says Nelle framed his mother for pushing her down the stairs. It’s not a stretch. And she doesn’t need to convince him; only suggest a DNA test on the deceased child. Nelle says Michael isn’t worthy of her son. He wanted to steal her baby, and let his bitch of a mother raise him. Carly doesn’t get to win. Obrecht is concerned about the baby. If Nelle doesn’t tell her the truth, she’ll be compelled to tell the police everything. Nelle’s move.

Nelle refuses to answer. Obrecht asks if she dispatched a baby, and switched them. Nelle says she didn’t kill any baby, and Obrecht says, prove it. Nelle says after Obrecht left, she made her way back to the road, thinking she’d hitch a ride to Sawyerville, and figure out a way across the border. She knew her plan would never work, and Michael’s family would never let her keep the baby. Fate stepped in. Obrecht asks how fate came to her assistance, and Nelle says, Brad was on the side of the road. The newborn that he and Lucas planned to adopt had died. Brad was a wreck, and Lucas didn’t know; he was still at the hospital. Obrecht says, fate showed up after all. It says it gave her a healthy baby, and she passed the other off as her own. Nelle says, with people who truly love him, and are more deserving than Michael and his mother.

Michael says Willow should meet his godson. Holding him helps. The family is crazy about him. Willow says, he’s a lucky boy to be so loved, and Michael says he brought joy back in their hearts. He thinks they’re the lucky ones to be able to love him the way they do.

Josslyn tells Julian that Oscar’s parents have a real connection. They rely on each other, and are getting closer all the time. It’s Oscar’s one upside to being sick. Julian says, that’s a fantasy. They’re not together. Josslyn says, they could be, if he stepped aside. He’s the one person who can make Oscar’s wish come true.

Laura asks Ned if the police have advised him that a serial killer is on the loose. He asks her to keep her voice down. They suspect there might be one. Laura says, the people have a right to know, but Ned says he doesn’t want a panic. The investigation is ongoing. Lulu asks if she can tell her readers that, and he asks if she wants to create paranoia and panic to sell papers. Olivia pulls Lulu away, asking if she wants an exclusive on what’s happening with the new pediatric wing, and let people read about good things for a change.

Not-Doc and Ava go to the MetroCourt bar. He orders two martinis, very dry with extra olives, just how I like Ava likes them. He says there’s a situation that requires his attention, but shouldn’t take long.

Back at Ferncliff, Laura approaches Doc, who’s lying on the bed. He tells her she’s not safe. Give him what he wants; walk away. Laura says she took a vow to stand by him, whatever life holds in store, and she’s going to keep her promise. She’ll love him every day for the rest of her life. Doc says it will get her killed. She touches him, and then disappears. He says he has to do something to save Laura.

Not-Doc comes up behind Carly, startling her. He ask why she’s jumpy, and she says it must just be the day. She asks what she can do for him. He says she wanted information about her neighbor at Ferncliff. She asks if he’s gotten more than name, and he says he did. He couldn’t wait to share the truth with her personally.

Nelle says, now that Obrecht knows everything, whatever she does, please leave her son with Brad and Lucas. They deserve him; Michael doesn’t. Obrecht tells her not to worry. She finds the truth is left best unsaid – until one really needs it. She leaves, and Nelle looks freaked.

Willow asks Michael, what godson? and he says Wiley Cooper Jones.  He shows her a baby’s first Christmas ornament that has his footprint on it. He says, it’s a mouthful, but the name suits him. Willow says, it’s beautiful.

Griff tells Anna that he remembers the afternoon he and Kiki became neighbors. His radiator wasn’t working, and he came over to see what was going on. Hers was broken too, and she tried teaching him the subtle art of banging on it with a wrench. Even then, she was gorgeous; it was impossible to look away. He didn’t know it then, but he was already in love. Anna says, someday the memory won’t hurt so much, and he’ll be glad of them. Griff says he’ll have to take her word for it. He looks in the DVD player, and takes a disk out. He says he knew it would still be there. From Here to Eternity. Kiki loved that movie, and insisted he watch it. She said she was a hopeless romantic, and proud of it. Anna asks if he wants to go, and he says there’s nothing for him there. He takes a last look back before closing the door.

Olivia tells Lulu that they had to struggle to rebuild after the earthquake. They’re just now making a comeback. She’s hoping Lulu will make the right choice, and write about how people are coming together. Lulu says she writes the truth, but Olivia says there’s more going on in Port Charles than a murder investigation. She can choose to write about some of that.

Looking in the planner, Kim tells Oscar that she sees a lot of baking. How about, get teeth cleaned?

Julian tells Josslyn that he’s not walking away from Kim. She needs him. Josslyn says he’s wrong, and just being selfish. He doesn’t care that he’s taking away Oscar’s dream. Julian says Drew and Kim aren’t getting back together because Oscar wants them to. Josslyn asks if it’s ever occurred to Julian that they need each other. Oscar’s parents want to spend time together with their dying son. They’re a family. Why doesn’t he step aside, and let them be a family in the time they have left? I guess she’s never heard of co-parenting?

Doc thinks about what Ryan said. There are gaps only he can fill. He says, there may be a way to save Laura.

Not-Doc tells Carly that her Ferncliff neighbor’s name is Wilson Ritter. He’s an extremely dangerous sociopath, and committed unspeakable crimes. He’s been restrained for himself and other’s safety. His cries for help were manipulations. He’s glad she didn’t act on them. She could have gotten hurt if she’d gotten too close. She thanks him, and he asks if she can now leave Ferncliff behind and go on with her life. She says, that’s the plan. She’s glad she got nowhere near that guy.

Ned tells Laura that this is exactly the reaction he’s trying to avoid. How long before a homeless person is mistaken for the killer and shot? Laura thinks the public has a right to know. Ava approaches them, and asks if Ned hears himself. A killer is out there, and needs to be found before they kill someone else’s daughter. Either find them, or she will. Not-Doc listens from the sidelines.

Tomorrow, Anna asks someone to move in with her (I assume Finn, but we don’t see who she’s talking to), Laura thinks Doc is headed for another breakdown, a man sees Jason, and says, it’s really him.

📺 Tradition Lives On in Reruns…

Since they did end up showing the December 23, 2005 episode of GH on Christmas Eve, I got my traditional reading of the Christmas story. Even better, it was Alan who read it. IMO, one of their biggest mistakes was killing him off. An even worse mistake? Bringing him back as a ghost after they realized their first mistake. Did they think they were Port Charles?

👓 Recap on a Rerun…

Bravo aired last week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but I was able to pay a little more attention. So in case you didn’t see it…

Dolores wondered how Danielle had a ring on her finger, and she couldn’t even get new main squeeze David to commit to dinner. Marge had a brunch where everyone did facial masks, except Danielle, who claimed to be allergic to everything. Dolores defended Teresa, saying Melissa could have approached Joe #2 about spending more time with their father. Jackie horned in on the conversation, taking Melissa’s side, causing Teresa’s blood to boil. Jackie said she was too old to be screamed at, and Teresa told her to butt out of the family’s business. The verboten subject of Joe #1 came up, and it was on. Marge said instead of mud masks, it was mud-slinging, and Teresa was done with Melissa and Jackie. Melissa said it was either namaste or kill with Teresa; there was no in-between. Marge thought they’d be taking a lot of baggage to Bimini. Danielle was Bridezilla all the way, starting with not being able to carry her own bag off the plane. I love a Bridezilla. Only on TV though. I’d never want to deal with one personally, and I was as far from one as it gets.

Dolores talked with a group of women who were seriously down on their luck. Like on their way to the shelter down. In her interview, she said it was a reminder for her not to sweat the small stuff, and assured them that hard times were only temporary in her experience. I looked blankly at the TV, since Delores has probably had a better life experience than most people, and hard times can go on forever. In a moment of clarity, Teresa decided not to involve Gia in her argument with Joe #2, since being without her mother taught her that you can’t buy back time, and she wanted Gia to spend time with her uncle. Marty talked about choosing Danielle over his children, which Joe #2 thought was bullsh*t in his interview. Teresa and Melissa argued at dinner, and Joe #2 pulled them aside, saying it had to stop. He didn’t want to deal with their nonsense anymore. They had to love each other. They ended up hugging it out, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Next time, Los Cabos, naked dudes, Gia raps, and Melissa wants to go home.

🎉 The next new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be aired on Sunday, December 30th, at 9 pm. There won’t be much new anything on New Year’s Eve, but there will be a Vanderpump Rules behind-the-scenes special from 2016. The finale of Unanchored – or as I call it, Summer House at Sea – will also be aired, because no one cares. Andy Cohen will be hosting New Year’s Eve festivities with Anderson Cooper on CNN, where they will giggle the night away. He said he’d never do it again, but I wish Andy would have another New Year’s Eve special on Bravo. The night Giggy married Grandma Wrinkles was the best New Year’s Eve ever. And yes. I know how sad that sounds.

🎅 A GH Christmas…

Some great photos here.


💔 Bridezilla No More…

Excuses, excuses. You knew what you were getting into, Marty.


💸 No Surprise…

JD (bleh) is like the poor man’s T-Rav.


😭 Worst. News. Ever.

I just want to cry. Santa was good to me, but I also got two credit card bills, the news that a high school boyfriend had passed away, and the cancelation of Z Nation for Christmas.


😔 And a Song To Go With It…

Epiphany sings. <SOB!>


👎 The Network That Stole Christmas…

Syfy. Grinchier than the Grinch.



December 13, 2018 – Oscar Makes a Promise to Sonny, Leida Takes the Crown from Jax, a Little Chef, an Epiphany & More Epiphanies


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie asks Nina if everything is okay. Nina says, better than okay. Her daughter said she loved her. Maxie says, wonderful, but Nina tells her that she said it while saying goodbye.

Valentin asks Peter if he’d like a drink, but Peter wants him to get to the point. What’s this about Obrecht? Valentin says the PCPD is charging her with abduction and unlawful imprisonment, and Peter is going to refuse to testify.

Curtis meets Sam at Kelly’s, and asks, what’s up? She says, him first. How did things go with Stella? He says she wasn’t thrilled with them showing up at Turning Woods, and him trying to be slick, saying he was there to see her, while Sam snooped around. Sam supposes he couldn’t get her to tell him more about the newspaper subscription, but he says, no; she did. She asked Marcus if he ordered it for his wife, but he had no idea what she was talking about. They assumed a well-meaning caregiver got a subscription in her name – or that’s what someone wants them to think. Sam says she called the paper again, and said she was Yvonne wanting to confirm the name on the account. Curtis says, let him guess. No dice. She says, trust only goes so far in Galina, but don’t sweat it. There may be another way.

Kim comes into Charlie’s, where Julian meets her with a cortado, double shot. Kim says there’s no coffee in her apartment. She did a scavenger hunt, and even looked in the decorative container she only looks in once a year. I have containers like that too. She thought, even if she found it, what’s the point? She has no milk. That shows how long it’s been since she’s gone shopping. Julian says he’s there to help; he means it. Kim says it means more than he knows. She has to get back to the hospital to be with Oscar. He tells her, go, and she jets.

Josslyn quizzes Oscar on famous people. A nurse comes in, and says it’s time for his test. Josslyn says he didn’t touch breakfast, and he says he’s not very hungry. Drew helps him up and out, and Oscar goes with the nurse. Sonny approaches Drew in the hallway.

Carly tells Jason that he just missed Sonny; he went to visit Oscar. Jason asks how Josslyn is, and Carly says, good. Outside of sleep and school, she’s been at Oscar’s bedside. She thinks she can will him back to health. Jason is sure Oscar appreciates the support. Carly doesn’t mind, but she’s concerned about the toll it’s taking on Josslyn, especially if he… Jason says she’s strong enough to get through anything, but Carly says, just because you’re strong doesn’t mean your heart can’t break. The house phone rings, and Carly says, you’re kidding? She’s walking to door. Jason asks if everything’s okay. She doubts it. She opens the door to Margaux.

Valentin asks Peter to listen to him. Peter asks why he should, and Valentin says, because the water is cold, and if he doesn’t want to swim to the mainland, he’ll give Valentin two minutes. Peter says, fine. let’s say he had a change of heart about the woman who imprisoned and tortured him for months. Say he doesn’t want her behind bars, where she belongs. What is he supposed to say to the police? Valentin says, off the top of his head, Peter didn’t get good look at the person holding him captive. Peter says, there were witnesses. People saw Obrecht after she set fire to the stables – with him and Valentin’s wife inside. Remember Nina? Valentin ran into the blaze to get her out. Valentin says Peter went into the stables of his own volition. He was on the run, after all. Peter says, malnourished and gravely injured. Valentin isn’t making sense. Valentin tells him, make up something; he is the writer. He just wants the charges against Obrecht dropped. Peter asks why he cares. Obrecht must have something really incriminating on him.

Maxie brings Nina coffee. Nina says she and Sasha had breakfast at Kelly’s. Maxie says she’s going to miss Sasha at the magazine. She did a great job. She’s bright and capable, and that will take her a long way. Nina agrees. She doesn’t blame Sasha for leaving. First, she’s drugged by Ava Jerome; then her sister is killed, and she’s brought in for questioning. Not to mention, the murderer is still at large. Maxie says, tell her about it. She was still at the wedding when they found Kiki’s body. Nina says sorry she had to deal with that alone. Maxie says she wasn’t exactly alone. Other people were there; cops and stuff. But enough about her. She wishes Sasha could have stuck it out longer. It’s probably because she was staying at Windymere. She doesn’t know Valentin well. Although it’s not like she was alone. Nina says, no more alone than Maxie was alone at the wedding.

Cameron introduces himself to Julian. He heard there might be a position as a busboy. Julian tells him that he needs parental permission to give a teenager a job , and he has the feeling Cameron’s mom doesn’t want him working there. Cameron says she’ll be cool when he tells her why. Oscar is going to be in the hospital for a while, and Cameron wants to make sure he still has a job when he’s better.

Josslyn makes up Oscar’s hospital bed when he leaves for some tests. Kim tells her that she doesn’t have to do that, but she says she doesn’t mind. The nurses have enough to do, and should focus on getting Oscar better. She sees the tray of untouched food, and says he didn’t eat dinner either. Kim says loss of appetite can be a side effect, but Josslyn says, he needs to eat. Kim says they’ll figure something out. Josslyn knows his favorite foods from Charlie’s, and offers to get something to go. Kim knows she wants take care of Oscar, but she needs to take care of herself too. Kim asks, how about getting some rest, and Josslyn asks if that’s what Kim is going to do.

Drew sees Sonny at the hospital, and asks if everything is okay with Mike. Sonny says Mike is all right. He’s there to see how Drew’s kid is doing. Drew says Oscar is having tests done, but if Sonny wants to stick around, he knows Oscar would appreciate it. Sonny says Oscar is a great kid, and means the world to Josslyn. He wants Drew to know if they need anything, just say so.

Jason tells Margaux, we meet again. Is she there to talk to him? She says she’s there to see Sonny, but Carly says he’s not there. Margaux says Sonny loaned her his scarf, and she wanted to return it.

Curtis tells Sam, whoever bought the subscription, did it online. He can input the account number, and click forgot password. When they get the email address, Spinelli can work his magic, and trace the IP address. He gets on the laptop, and it tells him where the new password info was sent. It’s too bad it doesn’t work like that. It would have said a new password was sent to the email address on file, but okay. He says, Linda Black. Does Sam know her? Sam says, quite well. She’s Sam.

Drew sees Kim, and asks how she’s holding up. She says she had no coffee in her apartment, which is symbolic of her life right now. The doctor in her knows she should just take nap. Drew asks why she doesn’t, and she says she doesn’t want to be away from Oscar. She just wants to hold on to every memory. She apologizes for the poor choice of words, but Drew says, it’s fine. He has some news she should know. Kim asks if it’s about his memories, and he says his memories are closer than he realized.

Margaux tells Carly that she ran into Sonny at their son’s grave. Carly asks if she happened to be loitering there, and Margaux says her father is buried nearby. Carly says, that’s right. Margaux deliberately chose the spot so they wouldn’t forget. Margaux says she and Sonny got to talking about the people they missed. He noticed she was cold, and lent her the scarf. Carly tells Margaux, leave it there, and she’ll walk her out. Margaux says, that’s not necessary, but Carly insists. Margaux tells her to thank Sonny, and Carly closes the door. Jason tells her, count to ten, but Carly says, the hell she will. What was Sonny thinking?

Oscar is back in his room, and Sonny asks Josslyn if the prisoner is allowed visitors. Josslyn says Oscar is all his. Sonny tells Oscar he wanted to see how he was doing. Oscar says Sonny probably won’t unload on him, since he’s in the hospital. He made Sonny a promise that he wouldn’t hurt Josslyn, and he hurt her on purpose, but he was trying to protect her. Sonny knows what it’s like to protect the people you love, even if you go about it the wrong way. If Josslyn understands, he does too.

Julian tells Cameron that Oscar’s job will be waiting whenever he comes back. Cameron says he’ll leave Julian a copy of his information in case he needs someone next summer. Josslyn walks in, and tells Cameron she’s picking up an order for Oscar. Why is he here? He says making sure Oscar’s job isn’t given away while he’s in the hospital. Josslyn says that’s cool of him. She’s glad they can still be friends.

Sam tells Curtis that Linda Black was one of her aliases. He asks if she used it while she was married to Leland, and she says, no. She used a different identity diff id every time, and never used the same name again. Curtis says they seriously need to rethink this case. Somebody knows about her past, and is using it to get her attention.

Carly says, that woman is lurking at her son’s grave, and Sonny gives her a scarf? Jason says Sonny feels guilty. Carly says he had no regrets until Margaux’s one-woman crusade to defend daddy. Margaux wants to put her head on her husband’s shoulder, and make him feel guilty, and the worst part is, Sonny is falling for it. Jason asks if she knows why he is, and she says, don’t know, don’t care. Jason says, Margaux lost her father when she was a little girl, and because Sonny is losing his own father, it makes him vulnerable. She says, that makes it worse. They can fight with each other about it, but Margaux will exploit that. She hates it that Jason is right. She wants to unload on Sonny, but can’t, even though he’s being an insensitive ass. Jason says he’s grieving over Mike, and she knows how grief messes with your head. She knows that more than anybody.

Oscar tells Sonny that his visit means a lot. Sonny asks if Oscar wants to get rid of him already. Oscar says, no, and Sonny says he’s joking. He tells Oscar to use his energy to get better. He asks if Oscar remembers when they first met. Oscar stood up to him. He wanted to protect Josslyn because he cared about her, like now. It takes guts. He asks Oscar to promise him something. He wants Oscar to stand up to the disease the way he stood up to Sonny. Can he promise to do that? Oscar promises, and they shake hands.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she ordered Oscar’s favorites online, and lists what she ordered. Cameron say she’s making him hungry, and she wishes Oscar felt that way. It’s a side effect of the treatment; he doesn’t want to eat. Cameron suggests he try weed. He’s read it can help with cancer patients. Julian is on the phone, looking for someone to do odd jobs, like running errands, a few days a week.

Valentin tells Peter, they have nothing on him. Peter says Valentin wants Obrecht released because of his generous spirit? Valentin says he might loathe Obrecht, but she’s one of the few family members Nina has in town. Peter says he has no intention of setting the women free who tried to murder him. Valentin says if not for him, for Maxie.

Nina tells Maxie that she asked Peter to be her date, so Maxie wouldn’t be tempted. Maxie says, at least she didn’t move in with him, and Nina says It’s her maternal duty to protect Sasha. She tells Maxie they’re two amazing, intelligent, strong – and gorgeous – females, who make their own decisions and stick to them. Maxie says, every time they decide to stay away from certain people, they find their way back to them.

Sam tells Curtis, they might be trying to reenter her life. He wonders if it’s an old mark, or someone connected to them, whose holding a grudge. Sam says, Amelia Coffey; her father was Sam’s last mark. He attacked her, and she had to kill him in self-defense, but they made peace. She’ll have to call Spinelli, so he can do a background check, but Sam doesn’t think it’s her. He asks if any of Sam’s other husbands have kids. Sam say she’d marry them, and ghost out. They never knew her real name, so there’s no way their kids would know. Curtis says, so she thought. Someone did. Jason walks in.

Valentin says Peter can’t deny he has strong feelings for Maxie, although she keeps him at arm’s length. Peter says they’ve made progress, but Valentin asks how long it’s going to last? The holidays are coming, her first without her husband. Maybe it would be better for him to be a good Samaritan, and set Nathan’s mother free. He can’t make Maxie’s family whole, but he can fix one part. Imagine Obrecht home, playing with her grandson. It would be a great Christmas present, and they can start the new year with a fresh beginning for him and Maxie. Peter says he needs time to think it over, and Valentin tells him, think fast.

Maxie tells Nina, no judgement. When Peter brought her home, she was trying to be brave, but in the morning, she found he’d slept in hallway to keep them safe, and felt relived. Nina says they thought Peter had all that baggage, but the truth is, he didn’t have any. Maxie says, Nathan didn’t either… except and ex-wife she found out about later. Nina says Maxie had baggage, and Maxie says, two full sets and a foot locker. Nina doesn’t love the idea of Maxie and Peter being together, but she has no say. She thinks Maxie needs some light in her life, and owes it to herself to see if they can work it out. Maxie says she’s happy they can talk about it, and asks, what’s really going on with Valentin? Nina says it was nice being at Windymere with Charlotte and Valentin, even if she was in the guest room. Maxie asks where that leaves the two of them?

Jason is sorry to interrupt, but Curtis says he’s not. He has to make a call. He goes outside, and Jason asks if he can join Sam. She says, please, and he asks if she’s spoken to Drew. She asks, why? Is everything okay with Oscar? Jason says, Drew has the flashdrive. He can get his memories back.

Kim asks Drew if Margaux just gave him the flashdrive after all this time, and he says, pretty much. Kim says he’s now holding the key to his past. It’s what he’s been searching for, for a year and a half. Why isn’t he beating down Andre’s door? He says he has a lot to lose. His memories of the past several years mean the world to him, especially the ones of his daughter and son. He can’t risk losing them.

Sonny comes home, and sees the scarf. He asks where it came from, and Carly says, Margaux dropped it off.

Cameron tells Josslyn that medical marijuana is legal in their state, but highly regulated, and they’re very strict in what it’s prescribed for. Josslyn thinks it’s weird that Terry wouldn’t prescribe it if she knew it would help. Cameron says he went into the trial at the last minute. Maybe there wasn’t enough time to go through the steps. Josslyn says, for a second, she thought they’d found a way to help. She leaves, and we all know what Cameron is going to do.

On the phone, Julian says he wants it to be a surprise, so no card.

Kim says, sorry. It’s an important choice that Drew is making. Drew says, not really. He doesn’t want to lose a single moment with his kids. He thinks she’d do the same thing. Kim just looks at him, and he says, what’s up? She has a confession to make. She asks if he remembers how she told him their relationship burned fast and bright. She imagined them having a future, even before she found out she was pregnant. One day he dragged her to an old town; she didn’t want to go. They saw a boy separated from his parents, and Drew was so good with him. He wiped the boy’s tears, and told him it would be okay. Then, as they walked to the sheriff’s office, Drew promised he wouldn’t leave until the boy’s parents got there. He was so calm and kind. They were chatting away, and Drew was showing the boy his patches, talking about superheroes, and they were debating Skittles or Starbursts. Drew says, clearly Starbursts. Kim tells him that’s what he said then too. She remembers thinking he’d be a terrific father. Drew knows he’s doing the right thing, but he’s still sorry Scout and Oscar will never meet that guy. Kim says the guy she’s gotten to know in the past year is pretty great.

Sam tells Jason that she understands why Drew won’t let go of his memories, especially with Oscar being sick. After Jason disappeared, the memories kept her going. Jason says his memories of her helped him get out of the clinic, and find his way home.

Margaux sees Curtis outside Kelly’s. She wanted to ask him about Drew. Is there anything she can do for him while Oscar is in the hospital? Curtis says she’s already done more than enough.

Sonny tells Carly that he ran into Margaux in the cemetery. She was cold – Carly says, and he gave her his scarf; Margaux told her. She says it was no accident that Margaux returned it in person. Either she wanted Carly to know, or wanted to see Sonny again. Sonny doesn’t thinks she has an agenda. Carly says, since when? She’s gone after Mike, Kristina, Jason, and her. Or has he forgotten Margaux is the one who remanded her to Ferncliff. Sonny says he’s sorry. They shouldn’t have gone with Diane’s strategy. Carly says, now it’s Diane’s fault? Before he knew she was Vincent Marino’s daughter, Sonny rightfully blamed Margaux. Diane planned for Carly to go to Shadybrook. Margaux wanted her in Ferncliff. Sonny says, it’s not a big deal. She was cold; he gave her a scarf. What was he supposed to do? Carly says, let her freeze.

Margaux tells Curtis that she’s trying to make amends with Sonny’s family. Curtis says making amends is good. She works closely with his wife, and he respects that, but Drew is his friend. He’s got Drew’s back. If she wants to know if there’s anything she can do, she can keep her distance. He walks inside.

Jason tells Curtis, good luck on the case, and leaves. Curtis tells Sam it doesn’t look like they talked about what’s going on with her. Sam says she’s keeping that between them, and he asks what’s their next move?

Valentin says Nina is home early. She says she’s not staying. She’s packing up her things, and going.

Maxie starts to get in the elevator. Peter is there, and says he was going to the MetroCourt for coffee – or something stronger. Would she like to join him? She says she pressed wrong button, so she’ll stay. She tells him not to wait too long to give her a call. They owe it to themselves to see this through. Dinner, she means.

Drew thanks Kim for sharing the memory. Kim says when she found him again last year, she has to admit she’d hoped they could pick up where they left off. Be a happy family. Drew says, in a way, he guesses they are that; a family. She puts her head on his shoulder. Julian sees them.

Oscar tries to eat an onion ring, but it’s not happening. Josslyn asks if he’s not in the mood for onion rings, and he says he usually loves them, but he’s not hungry. He appreciates her getting all of this. Josslyn says she’ll take them to the nurses’ station while they’re still hot. She also got a club sandwich. He can have it later if he wants, since it doesn’t matter if it’s hot.

Cameron writes a text. Trina, does the guy you’re seeing still have a weed hookup? Yep. Knew it.

Sam gets on the laptop, and Curtis asks if she’s going to poke the bear. She says, it’s better than being attacked by it. She writes, okay, Linda. You’ve got my attention.

Jordan tells Curtis that she’s not seeing what’s in front of her, Lulu asks if Laura is telling her that Charlotte is bullying her own cousin, and someone is fired.

👑 Now That Jax Taylor Has Lost the Crown…

There’s a new worst person in the world on the block. Leida from 90 Day Fiancé, who understands nothing about priorities, budgets, and being engaged to someone because you love them, not because you want to live the good life in America. Honestly, I don’t know what these people are being told, but we are not all millionaires here. This woman has been bitching, whining, and screeching from the moment she set foot on US soil. It’s beyond me what Eric sees in her. Even if the sex is phenomenal, it can’t be worth listening to her tirades. From how he put her luggage in the car, to wanting a bed that cost five grand, she’s done nothing but complain. So far, when making wedding plans, she can’t shut up about the lavish, gargantuan first wedding her wealthy parents paid for, that hosted 2000 guests. I can’t imagine she has even two friends, and it’s no surprise it didn’t work out. I was actually having difficulty understanding why she got engaged to him in the first place, until she made one slip, saying that she could find someone else to marry and stay in America. Unfortunately, that comment blew past Eric, who didn’t even flinch, much less kick her not-that-attractive ass out of his car. I’d have left her by the side of the road and told her, goodbye and good luck, tossing her Louis Vuitton suitcases after her.

Internet trolls have been less than pleased with her behavior, and while I would never advocate threatening anyone – welcome to social media! – Leida is against bullying? Funny, coming from the person who’s been doing nothing but, and tried to bully her fiancé into abandoning his own child. Pissed because Eric has to pay child support, and won’t be keeping her in the manner to which she is accustomed, Leida demanded he stop paying it. Apparently, she also doesn’t understand it’s the law, and when he tried to explain it, she thought he should give up his parental rights. If things were so great for her in her own country, why the hell is she so desperate to be here?


🍤 On Top Chef, the contestants were taken to the Maker’s Mark distillery, and challenged to make a meal of Kentucky classics using Maker’s Mark. Padma was enamored of a creation called a banana corn dog, which prompted Tom to persist in making jokes about her having carny in her blood. An extremely pregnant Gail Simmons said a contestant’s catfish and pickles were an atrocity. I can’t imagine anything more sad and embarrassing. Which is why I would never be on one of these shows.

🚑 Just for Fun…

Get to know Epiphany, my favorite GH nurse.


💡 Epiphany Comes in Many Forms…















September 18, 2018 – Curtis Meets a Possibility, the Captain, GH Tidbits & Midweek Mark


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Drew tells Kim that he doesn’t think Sam will tell anyone about Oscar. She feels the same way about Elizabeth; she respects their wishes. Kim asks if they can get through Oscar’s next birthday without him knowing about the tumor, and Drew says, sure. She says he deserves to blow out the candles without worrying. He says, her gift, and she says, their gift.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she’s not defending Oscar. She just doesn’t want him to make things worse. Oscar was out of line, but Cameron kissed his girlfriend. Oscar punched him, so let that be the end of it. She asks Cameron to be the bigger person. He’s a strong guy; he can can take it. Cameron says Oscar isn’t as fragile as she thinks.

At the MetroCourt, Ryan (as Doc) tells Lucy it’s good to see her. Which is weird, since they must have gone there together. She says he’s usually polite, but this is nice, compared to how it’s been after what she did. He says, it’s water under the bridge. She tells him that she’ll never forgive herself for throwing their marriage away for a fling with Scotty. He asks if she’s drinking from the poison well again, and she says so much for the bridge.

Maxie meets Lulu at the MetroCourt, apologizing for being late. She took the stairs. Lulu says, from the lobby? Maxie doesn’t trust the elevators anymore. The last time she was on one, she got stuck. Lulu asks for how long, and Maxie says, long enough. Although alone would have been better than being stuck with Peter.

A young woman meets Curtis. She says he looks like his picture. He says it’s nice to meet her, and calls her Miss Gilmore. She tells him to call her Sasha. She wonders what the deal is with the mystery meeting. He says it’s about her mother.

Anna asks if Nina has spoken to Valentin, and Nina says that’s why she’s there. Finn woke the beast that is Cassandra. Anna says, there were extenuating circumstances, but yes, she’s awake. Her whereabouts are unknown. Nina says Valentin thinks she’s in danger. Is she?

Julian arrives at Kim’s place, as Drew is leaving. He sees Kim’s face, and asks, what’s wrong?

Sam thinks she and Oscar should hang out; take Scout to the park. He says he’d like that. They could feed the ducks. She says that’s Scout’s favorite thing. He suggests ice cream too, and she says she lied. That’s Scout’s favorite. Oscar says they have a plan

Elizabeth tells Cameron that Oscar was probably feeling insecure. He asks if that makes it okay for Oscar to punch him? Franco is in the other room, and says she’s just asking him to see it from Oscar’s point-of-view. Elizabeth says, it happened, it’s over, let it stay that way. She tells him to apologize to Josslyn. Cameron says he did, and she says, do it again. You can’t kiss someone who doesn’t want you to. He says he’ll call her, but Elizabeth wants him to do it in person. He can get an Uber, and be there in ten minutes.

Maxie tells Lulu, in a way, she feels sorry for Peter. Lulu says a big, strong guy having a panic attack; she can’t picture it. He’s always in control. They agree he might have PTSD. Maxie says he was hyperventilating. He freaked out, and took off his shirt. Lulu is like, what? and says, it must have been intense. Maxie says, his abs have abs. Not that she was paying attention.

Ryan tells Lucy it sneaks up on him every now and again, but it’s in the past. Lucy says now he’s happily married to Laura. Lucy asks how she is, and he says, good. She asks when Laura is coming back, and he says, unfortunately, no time soon. Spencer is having trouble at school after losing a student council election. Lucy says he’s still struggling with his father being murdered. It doesn’t just go away. Ryan says, no it doesn’t. She says she’s sorry. He’s newly married, and his wife is across the ocean. It must be lonely.

Anna asks Nina why Valentin thinks Cassandra is a threat to her. Because of Cassandra’s infatuation with him? Nina says Anna knows what she did to Cassandra. She did it in self-defense. Anna says, it’s a pity she survived. Nina agrees. She says, Cassandra is on the loose. She could turn Nina in, or retaliate.

Sasha tells Curtis that her mom died two years ago. Why is he bringing her up? He explains he’s a PI, and was contacted for a client, and good friend, to possibly find her daughter.

Anna tells Nina, given how sick Cassandra was the last time she saw her, she thinks Nina is safe. For now. There’s no promise for the future. Nina says Valentin thinks she needs a bodyguard. Anna says the last thing he wants is to lose her, but Nina says she’s already lost to him.

Curtis tells Sasha that his client gave birth while she was in a coma. The baby was taken and given to a woman who adopted her. He’s following leads using records from an attorney who was involved, and there’s a possibility it could be her. Sasha says she’s not adopted.

Elizabeth asks Franco if she messed that up, and he says she handled it beautifully. She says Oscar was technically the one at fault. She’s not asking Cameron to apologize for the fight, but to Josslyn. He should, right? Franco says, absolutely. Elizabeth says Oscar doesn’t have much time. The tumor is growing. Kim has exhausted all medical avenues, so he’s possibly dying.

Julian says Kim can talk to him. She knows, and she will someday. He says, so something is going on. She says she’s asking him to understand. She can’t tell him right now. Julian says, okay, and asks what else is going on. Are lots of babies being born at GH? She says she was in the ER with Oscar.

Maxie laughs with Lulu about Nina’s face when the elevator door opened. Lulu points out that they’re still talking about it, and Maxie says it was traumatic. She’s changing the subject, and asks Lulu how’s work? Lulu says there’s side to tabloid journalism that’s very freeing. Maxie asks if Peter is pushing too hard, but Lulu says he pushes the perfect amount. She was worried she’s spend too much time working closely with him, but they’re actually working on a story. Which brings Lulu to why she asked Maxie to dinner. The Ryan Chamberlain piece Peter is publishing? She’s writing it.

Lucy knows her and Doc’s relationship has been strained for a long time, but she hopes he knows he can talk to her anytime about anything. He bets Felicia feels the same way, and Lucy says, of course, but this is different. She doesn’t want him to always think of her as the cheater. She’s the one he opened up to about his and Ryan’s trauma as children. He said he felt freed afterwards when he realized it was over, and knew he couldn’t save Ryan from his own mind. It helped him to be able to become the man he is today. Ryan says, enough. No more tripping down Memory Lane.

Maxie thought Lulu wanted nothing to do with the story. Lulu says she didn’t, but Peter was going to run it, no matter what. He came to her, wanting to give her first crack at it, saying she was his most ethical reporter. She’s going to be as sensitive as humanly possible. Maxie says, even still, be prepared for backlash. Has she talked to Doc. Lulu says she did, and he gave her his blessing.

Lucy apologizes. She knows it’s painful to think about the way Ryan tortured Felicia and Maxie. She heard that Lulu was writing a story about it, and Ryan says he’s okay with that. Lucy is surprised, and he says, the more we know about the psychotic mind, the better. (Insert tinkly the more you know music here.) Maxie hears, and says that’s enlightened of him, but she doesn’t think her mom will feel the way.

Kim tells Julian it was low blood sugar; it’s happened before, and unfortunately will happen again. Julian says now he understands why she’s worried about him. She says Julian’s timing is perfect; she’s been missing him. He says, it’s nice to be missed. He missed her too, but he’s there to see Oscar.

Drew joins Sam and Oscar. Sam says she was just leaving. Scout is still sleeping, and Danny has Annabelle in his room. She hopes it’s okay with Drew if they stay the night. Drew says he’d love it. He asks Oscar how the project is going, and Oscar says it’s getting there. Sam asks to talk to Drew, and they go out on the patio. Cameron comes in, and Oscar says he thought Cameron was grounded. Cameron says his mom gave him a pass to see Josslyn.

Sasha tells Curtis she’s heard the story a hundred times, about how she was almost born in the car during a snowstorm. Curtis says, what if it’s just that? A story. If there’s the slightest chance, wouldn’t she want to know? She says he has the wrong person. He sees her wallet, and it’s decorated with equestrian designs. He says he sees she loves horses. The woman who hired him is a champion rider.

Nina tells Anna that she and Valentin are getting divorced; the papers just need to be signed. Anna was there when she left. Anna says she thought he’d figure out a way to win her back. Nina says, what he did with Peter was monstrous. Anna says she agrees, but they were young, and the situation untenable. It had nothing to do with the child Nina lost. Nina says when she woke up from her coma, her child was gone, along with any chance to have another. It hit her in visceral way. She has to admit, it’s all emotional, and not rational. She wonders why she’s talking to Anna, since they’re not friends. Anna says, maybe that’s why. It’s easier. She tells Nina that she’s sorry for her loss.

Elizabeth tells Franco, as a mom, she can’t wrap her head around it; it’s a parents worst nightmare. You don’t want to think about something like that happening. Poor Drew. Franco says, oh no. He did something stupid. They were discussing kids, and he said something clever like, it’s great how they grow older and mature. Elizabeth says he didn’t know. Just like Cameron doesn’t know. His resentment is normal, but when Oscar doesn’t make it, he’ll remember being mean, and wishing Oscar would disappear to clear a path to Josslyn. Franco says, survivor’s guilt is part of the process. She says she can only make sure he doesn’t do something where his shame is warranted. Franco says the boys are probably bonding as they speak. Elizabeth hopes so.

Cameron tells Oscar that his mom forced him to apologize to Josslyn again. He feels like he and Josslyn had worked it out, and he tried to tell her, but she wouldn’t listen. She freaked out. Oscar says his mom is acting weird too. He asks if Cameron’s mom knows he’s there, and Cameron says she’s all for it. She wants them to be friends. Oscar asks why? and Cameron says they are friends; he doesn’t want it awkward. Are they cool? Oscar says, no hard feelings, and Cameron opens his arms for a hug. He says he’s kidding, and Oscar should have seen his own face.

Sam apologizes to Drew. She didn’t mean to mention it to Kim. Drew says it’s okay. Kim is dealing with it herself. It’s against his advice, but that’s the way it is. He says he wanted to talk to Kim about what they’re going to do next. Sam is guessing it didn’t go so well.

Julian tells Kim that he’s trying get Oscar to like him more; or at least have it not so toxic. Kim says Oscar has high standards, and Julian says he got tickets for Hamilton. He’d like to take her and Oscar; would he like it. She says he’s crazy about the recording, and thought they’d have to turn it into a movie for him to see it. She ask when they’re going, and Julian says April 17th. Okay, two things here from someone who would also like to see Hamilton, but can’t afford it. I’m pretty sure Julian would be able to get tickets for a date sooner than next April, and Lin-Manuel Miranda has promised it will eventually be on DVD with (hopefully) the original cast. That’s probably when I’ll see it.

Ryan tells Maxie that he’d prefer not to delve into the past, but the story was going to be told regardless. Isn’t it better if Lulu tells it? Maxie is worried about her mom, and Lucy says they all are. Ryan says she’s the first thing he thought of. Maxie says when she told Felicia it might happen, she was shaken. Lucy says, it doesn’t go away. Ryan murdered someone in front of Felicia terrorized her, and kidnapped her child. Ryan says he’ll do anything to help. Maybe he can talk to her, and they can work through their feelings together. That would be seriously weird for a psychiatrist to suggest.

Anna says maybe Nina needs to focus on working through her feelings about the child she lost. Nina says it’s a long story. Her mother died, and left something that might imply the child is alive. It’s silly, but she’s been fantasizing about her child being alive. She knows it’s completely crazy, but one part of her mind can’t keep it straight, and Valentin is tied up in that. Anna says she’d be the last person to defend Valentin, but she can say that he really loves her, and honestly thinks he would do anything for her.

Sasha tells Curtis that all of her friends’ moms are terrified of horses, and hers is too. Does she live in a cult? It’s not like there’s an equestrian gene; it’s probably a coincidence. Curtis says it would mean the world to his friend to find her daughter. Sasha says it’s not her. Her mom is her best friend. He says he’s just asking if she’ll take the DNA test. If she’s telling the truth, she won’t ever see him again. He asks her to at least consider it.

Lucy asks Ryan if he’s sure he wants to reopen old wounds. He says he can manage – for Felicia. Maxie tells him to be casual. Don’t mention that they talked about it. Just act like the awesome friend he is. He says he’s on it. He knows exactly what to do. Maxie goes back to her table, and Lucy says she’ll send a text to Felicia. They can invite Mac and Felicia over. It will be like old times. Ryan says he was hoping get her alone. I’ll bet.

Maxie tells Lulu that Doc is fine with the story, but she seemed off get the vibe that Lucy was trying to distract him. Lulu says, he’s having a meal with his ex, and Maxie says, Lucy wouldn’t do that. She’s just being paranoid.

Julian asks Kim if something is wrong with April, and she says, it’s a long time away; next spring. So much could happen between now and then. He says, between them? She’s not being very optimistic. She asks if they could focus on the here and now. He suggests doing both, and she agrees. He says he knows what he wants to do right now, and kisses her.

Drew tells Sam that he gets what Kim feels. Part of him agrees, but Oscar needs to hear it from his parents that he’s sick. Imagine if he found out another way. Sam says that’s horrible, but doesn’t think it will happen. Drew says, secrets have a way of coming out, and not in the way we want. Sam tells him to feel free to ignore her observation, but what’s bothering him is that it’s out of his control. The only part of the situation he can control is telling Oscar. Drew says, it’s dishonest. Sam gets that, and Drew has been carrying the weight for Oscar because he loves him and Oscar is his son. If it gets too heavy, he can lean on her. Drew says he really can’t.

It’s time for Franco and Elizabeth to divide and conquer. She’s going to help Cameron with his math, while Franco helps Jake with his book report. Elizabeth tells Franco that what she told him about Oscar stays between them. His parents will tell him in their own time, and in their own way. He promises not to screw it up. Elizabeth goes upstairs, and Franco looks on his laptop at the site for the Port Charles Children’s Brain Tumor Institute; leaders in pediatric brain cancer. He calls Drew, leaving a message that Elizabeth told him.

Drew tells Sam that he wants to accept her offer, but he can’t. When she’s around, he wants what they used to have. It’s not good for either one of them. He says, thanks, but he has to go through it alone. Sam tells him, good luck. Alone, he watches Oscar through the window.

Elizabeth calls for Franco, and he says he’ll be right there. Cameron starts to come in. Franco is still on the phone, and says if Drew wants to talk, he’s there. He’s so sorry about Oscar. Cameron hears, and slips back out. Franco goes upstairs, and Cameron comes inside. He sees the laptop, and says, brain tumor?

Kim thanks Julian for coming by, even if technically, it wasn’t to see her. She needed this. She needed him; more than he knows. She kisses him. He picks her up, and carries her to the bedroom. I presume that’s where he’s headed anyway.

Nina thanks Anna for the tea and talk, and Anna tells her, any time. Nina asks Anna what it’s like, reuniting with her son. Anna says, a fraud. It’s the best word she can come up with that defines their relationship. If she can even call it that. It’s tenuous; a sliver of a thing. Nina says, but Anna knows where he is, and he knows who she is. Nina would give anything for that.

Sasha asks Curtis how does she know it’s not a scam, and he’ll use her DNA to clone her? He says his client is just a woman, desperate to find out if her child is still out there. The odds are that she’s not who they’re looking for anyway, but it will help him scratch her name off the list, and take the search in a different direction. Curtis puts an envelope on the table. He tells Sasha to take it at her convenience, shoot him a text, and he’ll pick it up. Sasha says, fine. Even if it’s only to prove she’s not his client’s daughter. She does kind of look like Nina, but are we not getting the satisfaction of playing the guessing game with the characters we already have?

Lulu has to get back to work. She promised to bring Peter something to eat. Maxie says he can order and have it delivered. Lulu says she told him that he’s only allowed to ask about her every three hours. He talks about her and James incessantly, to the point that they weren’t getting any work done. Maxie asks Lulu to tell Peter that she hopes he feels better about the elevator.

Ryan tells Lucy, no, but she says Felicia needs all of them. She tells him, too late. She already sent the message, and got the quickest confirm ever. It’s a win-win. He’ll be with friends to lift him up, and they can all reassure Felicia that Ryan will never hurt her again.

Tomorrow, Ava says Julian isn’t telling her everything, Valentin tells Curtis to proceed with caution, and Michael isn’t okay.

⚓ Along with The Haves and the Have Nots, Below Deck (the Original) will return on October 2nd. Tonight, besides a rerun of their last reunion, Bravo treated us to Captain Lee’s Yachtrageous Moments. It was basically Captain Lee narrating clips of what’s happened up until now. It was very enjoyable, since not only do I have a daddy crush on Captain Lee, we got to revisit such classics as Steve’s foam party and Eddie’s avoidance of admitting he was sleeping with Rocky. A colossal f*ck up, in the words of the captain.

🏥 Six Degrees…

On today’s rerun of 2 Broke Girls, Sonja Eddy (Epiphany, General Hospital) made an appearance as The Coupon Queen of Williamsburg.

💔 The Man Who Breaks My Heart…

If Max Gail doesn’t get an Emmy for his portrayal of Mike on GH, they should just stop giving them out. And I never knew Maurice Benard was referred to as Mo.


🚵 Marking the Midweek…