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August 30, 2018 – Dallas Does Beaver Creek, No Shows, Two Quote Quads & a Laborious Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Real Housewives of Dallas

At her Bubbles and Bru party, Stephanie introduces their favorite ginger family. Brandi takes the mic, and says they’re honored to share the news with all of them about the new baby. Stephanie had everything to do with it, and she loves her. She thanks everyone for being there. LeeAnne is like, what? D’Andra is in total shock, thinking they were getting a divorce. Kameron wonders why they kept it a secret. Brandi asks to talk to LeeAnne in private. In her interview, Brandi says she doesn’t want to live her life fighting over nonsense. She wants LeeAnne to know she’s at a positive place and wants to start fresh. LeeAnne says she felt like they had a friendship, and was devastated. She didn’t know what to expect. At the reunion, Brandi had said she didn’t see a future for them. We flash back to that. She wants find a way to move forward. In her interview, LeeAnne says if Cary is willing to give her a second chance, she should give Brandi one. She tells Brandi they should take the good they had and move forward with it. They hug. Kameron doesn’t know what’s happening. They’re all getting along. Maybe it’s a magical baby, taking all the negativity out of the air.

LeeAnne tells Kameron about her talk with Brandi. Kameron thinks they’re all in a good place, and should go to Beaver Creek in Colorado. Her husband has built a place there. She tells everyone about her idea. In her interview, Brandi says she’s had three hours of sleep since Bruin arrived, and she needs a girls trip.

D’Andra congratulates Brandi. They laugh about how the baby looks like her. Brandi says podcast where S’Andra mentioned Adderall bothered her. She felt attacked. D’Andra says the podcast wasn’t about her, only abuse of the drug in general, but Brandi says D’Andra had been talking about her. In her interview, Cary says D’Andra already told her it was about Brandi, but she’s too chicken sh*t to admit it. D’Andra says that around Dallas, people are taking it like candy. In her interview, D’Andra says she didn’t mention names. She just said Adderall was abused in Dallas. Brandi doesn’t like to be accused of what didn’t do, and says she has a valid source who told her about it. Cary joins them. D’Andra says they’re good. Cary admits to having a conversation with Brandi about it. In her interview, D’Andra affirms she told Cary about Brandi. She says Cary made it worse by telling Brandi. Her issue isn’t with Cary though. She thinks Brandi should have asked her directly, instead of relying on what someone else said. Enjoy your baby and your Adderall. Okay. If she’s so innocent, why would she say it like that? These chicks get mean when they get caught. Brandi isn’t taking it because it’s party time.

Kameron tells Cary that she doesn’t have to be fancy in Colorado. She’s excited about the trip. She sends pajamas to everyone to wear on the private jet. PJs on the pj. Stephanie is also going to Italy, and packing for both trips. She’s doing half the trip to Colorado, and then going to Italy with the family. Brandi talks about D’Andra deflecting and not owning it.

D’Andra isn’t thrilled to go on the trip. She tells Jeremy that obviously Brandi has a problem and is making her look like a bully. This is what happens when you don’t communicate one on one. She says Cary isn’t helping the situation. She’s going to Colorado because she committed to the trip, but she’s not getting pulled into anything.

The Westcott family jet is ready to go. Brandi pops champagne. D’Andra isn’t wearing he PJs. She thinks her butt looks too big in pink stripes, and doesn’t cave to peer pressure when her ass is involved. In her interview, Kameron says she had the monogrammer on call; D’Andra better put them on. She passes out an itinerary, and tells them a private chef is coming. Brandi is going to miss the baby, but looking forward to sleeping in and having some drinks.

They head to Beaver Liquors. It took Kameron a while to get why people laughed about the name. I understand this, since it took me a while to understand why people were up in arms over Brooke Shields’s Calvin Klein ad. I thought she just really liked her jeans. The girls have a laugh over the novelty T-shirts. Brandi gets a naughty poster to hang up at Kameron’s house as a prank. Stephanie says, when you bring immature people to a place called Beaver Liquors, it’s to be expected. D’Andra starts drinking in the store.

No surprise, the house is fabulous. LeeAnne calls it architecturally stunning. It’s like log cabin meets Tudor, and over 11,000 square feet. There’s even a bowling alley. Kameron says, it’s like an adult slumber party. She was the queen of slumber parties as a child, until she got lice from sharing a pillow. The girls compare the elevator to the one in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Cary picks out her favorite toilet for pooping later.

Brandi wants to hang the poster in Kameron’s room. Stephanie wants her to have a god time with them. Brandi thinks every time she plays a prank, the stick in Kameron’s ass comes out a little more. D’Andra says, it’s the calm before the storm, and Kameron wonders what’s going to happen next. In her interview, Stephanie thinks if they bother Kameron enough, she’ll realize they’re fun and it’s okay to be stupid. Kameron finds the poster taped to her bed, and says, this is not okay. It is pretty rude, but not horrible. She comes out saying, what is this? In her interview, she says they want to get a rise out of her to see what she’ll do.

Stephanie asks if she likes it. In her interview, Brandi says Kameron secretly loves her. It’s like flirting when Kameron gives her a hard time. Brandi says Kameron’s liquor store sold it; she’s just honoring them. In her interview, Brandi expected Kameron to be more annoyed. She sees a glimmer of hope. LeeAnne thinks it’s just their sense of humor. D’Andra tells Kameron to act unphased. We flash back to Brandi’s various pranks. D’Andra says there are plenty things to be mad about, but this isn’t one of them. LeeAnne offers to teach Kameron meditation.

Stephanie and Brandi play in the snow, and I’m jealous. Kameron tries to mediate, but keeps laughing. She has a hard time sitting still and taking it seriously. LeeAnne agrees it’s hard not to think about fashion while clearing your mind. Cary brings them (I think) daquiris, and joins in. LeeAnne tells them to focus on breathing. She taps the bowl, and tells them let go of their thoughts. Kameron starts laughing again.

Kameron tells us that house manager Sophia is like Mary Poppins, and found an amazing chef. They sit down to dinner. Stephanie would rather have a conversation with D’Andra one on one, without a lot of opinions. Everyone has something to say about everything. The salad is served, and LeeAnne says, they don’t make this at Costco. Kameron wants them to know she’s fun. She’s brought out a game where you pick a card, and answer the question on it. Everyone is drinking, and LeeAnne just has water, but she says she’s good with that. In her interview, she’s afraid if she drinks too much, she’ll be vulnerable to being offended by stupidity. She’s not interested in opening herself up like that at this point. They do tequila shots, and the chef serves short ribs.

Kameron can’t believe Stephanie has a baby. She says Stephanie didn’t even blink while telling her tall tale. She could have just said she had surprise, instead of making her look like an idiot. Believe me, it’s not her tall tale that did that. In her interview, Kameron says she felt left out. I’m not sure why, since Cary is the only one that knew. Stephanie apologizes. Brandi takes the blame. Cary wants another drink. Kameron says she’s happy for Brandi. She loves games, but it wasn’t the game she wanted to play. In her interview, Cary says arguing with Kameron is frustrating. Her brain goes on repeat. She tells Kameron not to be a badger. Kameron reads from a card, asking, what reveals most about a person’s sexual skills; they way they drink, dance, or kiss? Brandi asks Kameron to kiss her, saying she has the best lips. Kameron says that’s sweet, but no. Brandi says she’s only been with one person. Kameron could be number two.

Brandi comes to Kameron’s side of the table. She says she knows Kameron doesn’t like her. Kameron says they’d just met, and Brandi chased her on the beach with a giant chocolate dildo. We flash back to that. Brandi grabs Kameron, and kisses her. D’Andra asks if Brandi is making up with her, and Brandi says she’ll make out.

They go out to the hot tub. Cary gets nakey. Kameron asks where her bathing suit is. In her interview, Kameron says, first, Brandi wants to make out; then Brandi and Cary get naked. Is she that irresistible? LeeAnne says she’s going to bed early. Too many shots and naked tw*ts spell trouble. In her interview, Cary feels like something is off with LeeAnne. She hopes the meditation helps her behavior. She thinks you can be fun and respectful at the same time.

D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is being reserved, and that she’s had too much to drink. Kameron asks if D’Andra felt left out. Cary thinks it’s stupid.  Brandi says if she doesn’t want to explain herself, she’s not attacking anyone. In her interview, Brandi says instead of celebrating, Kameron is making her feel like sh*t because she didn’t tell her. Kameron says she felt like she wasn’t really Brandi’s friend. Stephanie tells Kameron not to bash Brandi about adopting a baby. Kameron says she would never do that, and don’t put words in her mouth. Brandi leaves the room, and Cary follows her. Stephanie tells Kameron to quit making Brandi feel bad because didn’t know.

Brandi cries in the bedroom, and Cary comforts her. Kameron insists that’s not what she said. In her interview, Stephanie says Kameron shouldn’t bash Brandi about adopting a baby, but Kameron heard something different. She wants to live in her world where she’s a victim. In her interview, Kameron says Stephanie is staying in her home and accusing her of bashing Brandi for adopting a baby. Don’t put words in her mouth. Brandi wants to go home. Stephanie joins them. In her interview, Brandi thinks it’s a lot. She doesn’t owe Kameron anything, and didn’t think they were that close.

Kameron doesn’t understand why Stephanie is putting words in her mouth. Cary is right about her brain going on repeat. She was talking about Brandi’s behavior. Stephanie says it’s Kameron’s house, and as a classy woman, she should make Brandi feel comfortable and safe; not having to tell her that she’s sorry all night. Brandi says she has better things to do, like get out of there. Kameron doesn’t want Stephanie in her house right now.

Next time, Kameron wants Stephanie to leave, more fun in the snow, and D’Andra tells LeeAnne to get her act together with Rich.

🍹 The Shahs of Sunset was a repeat of last weeks episode about the passing of Shams.

👯 General Hospital was a rerun today, and ditto through Monday. There will be a new episode of Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday night, but no new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County on Monday, although Southern Charm Savannah is a new one.

😴 Since it’s doubtful I’ll be posting tomorrow…

👄 Quotes of the Week

Accountability is meaningless unless it’s for everybody.Stephen Colbert

Does the cheese come out of the cow with the holes? – Barry (Steve Carell), talking to Swiss client, Dinner for Schmucks

You know why God made snakes before lawyers? He needed the practice. – Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), Better Call Saul

It’s like they say. Location, location, koi pond. – Progressive TV commercial


Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them.Joseph Joubert

No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance, and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.Tim Notke

And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.Ecclesiastes 3:13



August 6, 2018 – Carly on the Loose, Gina Has Opinions, Ashley Appears, Tyler’s Too Close, Saul Returns & a Little Grumpy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam meets Jason at the docks. She tells him for a wanted man, he’s taking a lot of chances. He says he needs another favor.

At the hospital, Monica tells Drew that she got a call that someone made a generous donation to the hospital in Michael’s son Jonah’s name. They wanted to remain anonymous, but it was him, wasn’t it? BTW, real Monica, Leslie Charleson, is back, and she looks terrific. More like she was relaxing on an island somewhere, than she’d had an accident.

At Kelly’s, Julian asks Ava what’s in her bag. She says it’s what she wanted to talk to him about. He says the way she’s clutching it, it’s either valuable or incriminating.

Brad and Lucas see Michael at the station. He asks if Brad is there to see Nelle. She snuck past guards, and they thought she might reach out to him. Brad says he hasn’t heard from her, but Michael says, even if he had, she’s back in custody thanks to Josslyn. Lucas asks if she made a citizen’s arrest, and Michael says he’ll put it this way – she’s her mother’s daughter. Lucas says he almost feels bad for Nelle.

Nelle tells Jordan that her baby’s death was caused by Jordan’s department. She has blood on her hands; Chase and Michael too. Jordan is truly sorry for her loss, but it doesn’t change the fact that she escaped police custody and fled. Nelle says she’ll never be able to get justice in Port Charles. Michael’s two families run this place – the Quartermaines and the Corinthoses. Jordan says Sonny didn’t make her confess to Zack’s murder or the attempted murder of Michael. They have everything they need to put her away. Nelle says if they did, she wouldn’t be sitting here. There’s something they still want from her, and it has everything to do with Carly.

On the phone, Sonny asks if Josslyn is okay, and thanks Max. Carly asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She doesn’t think it sounded like nothing. Sonny tells her that Nelle escaped from the hospital. If Josslyn hadn’t stopped her, she would have gotten away. She has superficial bruises, but she’s fine, and Nelle is back in custody. Carly says she should have been there, and now she’s taking off with Jason to Canada. She shouldn’t leave when everyone needs her.

Jason tells Sam that he’s going to try something. If it doesn’t work, he might have to go on the run. If he does, he can’t help Michael. Sam heard the baby was stillborn, and asks if he’s seen Michael. Jason says he’s at the safe house. He’s toughing it out, or trying to. He knows Sam knows what it’s like to lose a baby. Sam says, so does he. He tells her that he can’t be with Michael, and neither can Carly or Sonny. She says he doesn’t have to ask. She loves Michael, and will do everything she can.

Drew tells Monica that he’s sure plenty of people might have made an anonymous contribution. She says if he’s thinking of Sonny, there are plaques all over with his name one them; he’s hardly anonymous. Drew admits it was him, and she says it was beautiful gesture. It means a lot to Michael. They can’t bring Jonah back, but it will help other newborns. His life was brief, but he’ll have a lasting effect. If he’d like her advice, even though he didn’t ask for it, he shouldn’t be anonymous. He’s Drew Cain. Own it.

Ava tells Julian that it’s nothing incriminating. Not directly to her anyway. He asks why she’s nervous, and she says she’s just reacting to something someone else did; a problem someone else caused. He says, so she wants him to undo the problem, and asks if the sudden urge to do the right thing was influenced by Griff. She says it’s as much Julian’s fault as Griff’s. He says he wanted to do and be a better man for Kim, and he inspired her to be better. He ask if she’s relieved that Nelle was caught, but she says Nelle’s baby was stillborn. No matter what she did, no mother deserves to lose a baby. Julian says Michael lost a baby too. He doesn’t have much use for Michael, but as a father, Michael has his sympathy. He asks why Ava needed to see him. She says it will be easier if she shows him. She pulls a corner of the blanket out of the bag, and he asks if it’s what he thinks it is. Carly and Nelle argued over a blanket that mysteriously disappeared, and now he knows why. Ava says she needed leverage to keep Nelle quiet over something Nelle was holding over her head. He asks if it’s also something someone else did, and she says it’s not important. The blanket can somehow reappear. It will prove Carly is telling the truth, and free her. He says she’s doing this for Carly? Don’t kid a kidder. She’s afraid Nelle will give her up. She say she wants to put distance and closure in all aspects of the situation. He asks how she’s going to do that without getting caught, and she says, he is.

Jordan tells Nelle that she’s entitled to a lawyer, but she says she’ll stick with remaining silent. Jordan says she just lost a baby, not to mention a husband and her chance to inherit his money if he died like she’d planned. What does she have to gain by keeping silent about what she did to Carly. Nelle asks who says she did anything? Jordan plays the part of the tape where Michael asks her about gaslighting Carly. Nelle tells Michael that she’ll tell him everything if he pulls over, but he tries to get her to say Carly didn’t push her. Jordan says she was about to admit Carly never pushed her. She tells Nelle to finish her story, and for once, so the right thing. Nelle asks what’s in it for her?

Carly tells Sonny she won’t be there to help Michael with his grief. She won’t be there for Josslyn, who’s fourteen, and it couldn’t be a worse time for her to without her mom. Sonny says it’s only a matter of time before she’s cleared. In the meantime, Michael and Josslyn are with people who care. Not her, but they’re not alone. Carly asks, what about him? Jason will be gone and Michael is grieving. Who’s going to help him with his dad? He says sooner or later, Nelle will be on trial and go to prison where she belongs. Carly says it’s going to take a lot of time, and it’s the one thing she doesn’t have. She just wants it over.

Lucas tells Michael that he’s sorry; they both are. Michael says everyone has been very kind. He tells them congratulations; it’s amazing. Brad doesn’t think Michael wants to hear about it, but Michael says he does. They waited for months; they must have been surprised when a miracle showed up. Lucas says the baby wasn’t expected for another week. He was in surgery, and came out to a thousand messages from Brad. Brad says it’s time for the baby to eat. Lucas says he’ll just check at the desk, and make sure they still don’t need to talk to Brad. Brad tells Michael that the baby’s name is Wiley. Michael likes it, and asks to hold him. Brad gives Wiley to Michael, and looks worried.

Sam tells Jason that he should do anything he can to stay in Port Charles, not just for Carly, but for himself too. It took her a lot of years to accept that he’d do anything for Carly, and she realized it’s mutual. Carly isn’t afraid to take care of herself, but she depends on him, and he would go to prison for her in a heartbeat. She suggests he find another way. The list of people who need him is long, and includes Danny – and her. She doesn’t know how to define their relationship, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Michael tells Wiley that he’s lucky, and his dads know how lucky they are. Lucas agrees, and asks if Brad is okay. Brad tells them he has to say something; something he should have said a long time ago. Michael says Wiley is the one good thing that’s happening. He’s going to be raised in love. He was planned for, wanted, and hoped for, and their lives are better because he’s in them. When he’s done with his Blue Fairy speech, Michael says he didn’t mean to cut Brad off. Brad tells Michael that he said it all. Michael gives Wiley back to Brad, and leaves the station. Lucas says Michael is right. They are so lucky.

Julian asks Ava is he’s supposed to drop the blanket on Sonny’s doorstep, ring the bell, and run. She suggests he plant it in the Quartermaine nursery. If anyone notices, he can says he’s there to see Leo. Julian says if he gets caught, he’ll never see Leo again. She tells him to just plant it there, and voila! He says a lot could go wrong, and it’s a bad time for him to get arrested. Wiley just arrived. Ava begs him to do this as a favor. If he puts it back, this can all be over. He tells her that he’s way nicer to her than she deserves. She asks if that’s a yes, and he says, hand it over. He leaves, and sees Margaux sitting outside. She asks if she can have a word, but he keeps moving. She says, I guess not.

Drew comes by, and Margaux asks if he saw Julian. Drew says Julian used to be his father-in-law once or twice. She asks what that’s about, and he says the short answer is, not anymore. She asks if he’d like to join her, and he asks for a raincheck. He thinks Curtis gave her the wrong impression, and wants to set the record straight.

Jordan tells Nelle cutting a deal might be tricky, since she’s implicated for murder. Nelle says what Chase and Michael did is called entrapment. She was cornered into saying what she didn’t want to. Jordan says she confessed in the car, and Nelle says it won’t hold up in court; she was coerced. She would have said anything to get Michael to stop the car before it crashed. Jordan asks how she knew it would crash, unless she was counting on it and arranged it? D-oh!

Jason comes back to the safe house, and Carly asks if Josslyn and Michael are okay. He says Michael is okay, but why Josslyn. Sonny explains that she stopped Nelle from escaping, and punches were thrown. He says she’s proud of herself. Carly is proud of her too, but Josslyn needs her. She might be strong on the outside, but on the inside, she’s a vulnerable teenager. Sonny asks if she’s having second thoughts about going to Canada, and Jason says they might not have to.

Jason shows them the consent form, saying he got it from Sam. Carly says the signature isn’t even close. She looks at the date, July 16th, and says it was before Michael’s wedding and before she was drugged. There’s no way she signed it. Jason says there might be another way, but it’s risky.

Drew tells Margaux that Curtis thought there was something going on between them. Margaux says he did seem wingman-y. Drew says he just got divorced. Margaux was already aware of it, and he asks how she knows stuff. She says Curtis is his buddy, and works with Sam. He bought Aurora Media with her, and when they had their launch, Jason came through the skylight. It’s a matter of public record, and she’s just trying to follow the sequence. Drew was a Navy SEAL, and had his memories replaced with Jason’s. He was hit by a car and forgot, but eventually Jason’s memories came back. Drew says she’s accurate so far. She says all of his memories were stored on a flash drive. Margaux flashes back to looking at the information. Drew says at this point, the flash drive seems to be lost. He says it was nice of Curtis to be his wingman, but he’s not looking. She understands and appreciates that, but thinks it’s only appropriate to tell him to get over himself.

Lucas tells Brad they only wanted to talk about Nelle. Now that she’s back in custody, they’re good to go. He asks Brad what’s wrong, and Brad says he keeps thinking about the germs circulating in there. Lucas wonders when he last ate, and Brad asks what say it is. Lucas suggests they get take-out from Kelly’s, and go home with their son.

At the Quartermaine’s, Julian mumbles that Ava had better appreciate the things he does for her. He leaves the blanket in a dresser in the nursery.

Nelle tells Jordan it’s Chase’s word against hers. Jordan says funny she said that, since it’s her words that they’ll use to convict her. She plays the part of the tape where Nelle says the only way she can survive is if Michael dies, and asks Chase to find a way. Jordan asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want a lawyer.

Carly tells Jason it sounds great, assuming it will work. Sonny says, playing devil’s advocate, Canada is safer, easier, and the best idea. Carly just wants to get back to her life. Sonny says they both know she can get fixated on something, and make more trouble for herself. She says it’s riskier for Jason than for her. Jason says it’s her call.

Michael picks up a toy from the crib. Monica sees him, and asks if he’s okay. He says, no. He doesn’t think he will be for a very long time. Monica says he’s right, but he will get through this. She did. He says she’s one of a kind, and she tells him, thank God. Even she couldn’t put up with another one of her. He’s going to grieve, but he’ll endure. He asks how long it will take. She says from her experience, it will seem like forever until it doesn’t. Michael says, something to look forward to, and she hugs him.

Julian tells Ava, mission accomplished. The housekeeper let him in. He didn’t see anyone, so he’s in the clear, but it’s her last favor of the non-legal variety, now that Wiley has arrived. Here they are now. Lucas and Brad walk in with the baby, and Ava gushes over Wiley, calling him a born heartbreaker. Lucas tells Wiley, watch out; here comes trouble. Julian takes a picture. Brad goes to get the food, and Ava asks if he’s heard from Nelle. Jordan called to see if she’d contacted Ava. Brad says Jordan called him too, but Nelle is back in custody. Ava says, it’s a shame. She did all she could for Nelle. He says he knows the feeling, and she says, no one should lose a child.

Margaux tells Drew he’s not the only one not looking, and if she was, she wouldn’t need a matchmaker like Curtis. Drew says, good thing, since he’s not good at it. She wonders if when they do start looking, they need to use dating apps. Her phone dings, and Drew asks if she’s swiped right already. She has to go, but if he decides to put a toe back in the water… She leaves her card on the table.

Lucas tells Brad that his father likes to control things. Brad says he’s gone forty-eight hours without sleep, but can’t blame Julian for wanting to be included. Family means everything. Ava looks at Brad, Lucas, and Wiley, and remarks what a beautiful family they are.

Jordan tells Nelle that they everything they need to prosecute her for conspiracy to commit murder. In New York state, she can get life. Jordan says she’ll let Florida and Maine wrestle over the charges for Zack’s murder. She only hopes Nelle admits what she did to Carly. Nelle says Carly admitted she was crazy, and Jordan says Nelle gambled and lost. Don’t make it worse, perjuring herself over a crime they both know she committed. She asks what happened, and Nelle says she doesn’t feel well. She wants to go back to the hospital. Jordan says, the hospital she broke out of? She doesn’t think so. Jordan says to tell her what she needs to know. If Nelle is really sick, she’ll bring in a doctor. Nelle says she would like a lawyer now.

Michael looks through the baby clothes. Sam comes in, saying she thought she’d find him there. He calls her a good detective. He thought he’d pack everything up for the shelter. Sam asks if he’s sure it’s not too soon. She tells him they can go somewhere he can scream his lungs out. He says she just keeps thinking about how the kids can use these things, and it would be selfish to hold on to them. She offers to help, and he accepts. He says his marriage was a lie, but the baby was real. He remembers the first sonogram, and the first time he felt the baby move. He realized how his life changed forever, and now… She says he still has Jonah. He may not have been in the world long, but he will always be a part of Michael’s heart. The love he feels is reason to keep living for him. Michael says he doesn’t know how to do this. Sam tells him every day is a victory; every hour he doesn’t give in to despair. She wants him to be proud. He knows and is proud. He starts to put things in a box.

Julian takes more pictures. Ava says he looks like a normal, doting grandfather, He says he is, more or less.

Sonny asks Jordan what to expect. She says if his wife turns herself in voluntarily, she has questions. He says what about? The set-up by an admitted murderer she has in custody already? Why not set up a case for that instead of searching for his wife?

Margaux sees Jason at the docks. She got his text and was intrigued. He thanks her for coming, but she tells him to save it. Give her one good reason why she shouldn’t turn him in.

Sam tells Michael it’s okay. He says he’s just remembering how he ordered everything. Nelle picked out some things, but it was mostly him. He says Brad and Lucas have everything picked out already. Sam says they have everything in the nursery decorated within an inch of its life, but not so much the clothes. Does he want to give some to them from Wiley’s cousin Jonah? He hands her some clothes, and opens another drawer. He sees the baby blanket, and says he can’t believe it. He asks Sam if it looks familiar.

Sonny tells Jordan that Carly was drugged and tortured at Ferncliff. She was in fear for her life. If Jordan won’t talk about it now, then he’ll talk about it with someone else; the government, press, whoever will listen. She tells him there’s no need to involve the press, but he thinks there is. Ferncliff forged Carly’s signature on a consent form.

Carly walks into the interrogation room. She tells Nelle, long time no see, and smiles.

Tomorrow, Griff tells Ava that he loves her, Scotty is going to do everything in his power to win, and Carly tells Nelle that she messed with the wrong family.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki takes Tamra for a follow-up on her foot. Vicki asks the doctor when Tamra can whoop it up again. Vicki embarrasses Tamra and the doctor by talking about Tamra being naked in the hot tub when she broke her foot. Tamra would rather see a hot doctor in the OC than a late night ER doctor in Mexico. It’s a slow-healing fracture, but the doctor says if it doesn’t heal, she’ll need surgery. Tamra says having a broken foot sucks. How is she going to work out? She asks if Vicki she’s talked to Kelly. Vicki says no, but she told Kelly that she and Steve are friends with Michael and the woman he’s dating. In her interview, Tamra is Team Kelly, and says this was a bad move on Vicki’s part.

Emily goes to the gym, and her husband’s family tags along. She feels like she married them as well as her husband, but they all get along great. Mother-in-law Pary (angel in Persian) asks about Shane taking the bar exam. He hasn’t passed yet, and she wants to know how to help him. Emily knows what it takes, and says she can’t push him. In her interview, Emily says Pary thinks because she’s Shane’s wife, she can motivate him. Pary says if he doesn’t take it, Shane should shut up about taking it.

Kelly meets Vicki for coffee. In her interview, Kelly says seeing Vicki’s name on her phone made her feel like she had a pit in her stomach. We see a clip of Vicki calling her. Kelly says she thought could trust Vicki, but she’s on Michael’s side; that’s not a friend. She says she gets it, but she was upset because she heard it from someone else. When you’re friends, you share things. Vicki says she was going to tell Kelly when they went to dinner with Jolie, but didn’t want to involve Jolie, and she didn’t feel comfortable telling her on the phone. Kelly says she doesn’t roll like that. In her interview, Kelly says she’s a ride or die friend, and Vicki is fair weather. Kelly says she was livid. Vicki says Kelly screamed at her and she doesn’t want to be screamed at. She deserves respect. Kelly says respect is earned, and Vicki insists she’s going to have it.

Kelly tells Vicki that if she and Steve break up, she’ll make sure Vicki knows how it feels. She’ll hook Steve up and go one a double-date with him. Vicki knows it doesn’t feel good, and wants to fix it. She wants it to be us again. In her interview, Kelly doesn’t think Vicki is really sorry. She can forgive her, but still not trust her. She accepts Vicki’s apology. In her interview, Vicki says she did nothing wrong, and Kelly needs to look in the mirror, and figure out why she’s so temperamental.

Shannon is experimenting with some recipes. In her interview, she tells us about her yo-yo of weight loss and gain. She realizes it needs to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. Every time she goes off one, she thinks, now she can eat. Her friend, Marcy, has a connection with QVC, and thought Shannon should do a recipe book. She’s making healthy meals with a lot of flavor. Her daughters are helping do the taste test. She tells them if QVC doesn’t like the food, there’s no deal. Golden Retriever Archie prays that one of them drops something. The girls like the food, but think it’s a little too spicy. In her interview, Shannon knows she’s not the only one struggling, but you don’t have to eat like Tamra, having a piece of chicken that tastes like cardboard. Despite the criticism, the girls think she’s got a winner. One of them doesn’t like cheese though, which boggles my mind.

Gina and her mom, Susan, bring the kids to the zoo. Gina says having her mom there from Long Island is a help, and she doesn’t have to pay her. Gina asks how Susan likes California, and Susan asks if Gina is ever coming back to New York. In her interview, Gina says she originally didn’t know they would end up living apart. Him getting home earlier was one of the reasons why they moved in the first place. She thought it was the beginning of an amazing life, but it’s hard. She sends her husband a picture, and checks in.

Tamra and Shannon are meeting Emily and Gina for dinner. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon hates everybody who’s new. We flash back to her being nasty to everyone who has joined the cast since she did. She doesn’t expect it to go well, and can’t wait. Tamra has a little scooter thing to get around in. Kelly and Vicki also join them. We find out Shannon went to law school, but dropped out after her second year. She was engaged, and stayed because her fiancé didn’t like her being there. When they broke up, she left. I kind of understand this, although my experience was the opposite. When I was in high school, my boyfriend wanted to take tap dance lessons (we were both in theatre), and it was cheaper if I took them with him. I hated it, he graduated early and moved to NYC, and I switched to jazz. Shannon says she didn’t want anyone telling her what to do.

Gina orders an Old Fashioned, and Tamra thinks it’s some kind of shot. Shannon talks about spanx. Gina is anti-Spanx, and Shannon says she’s wearing three sets, but when she was thirty-three, she rocked her natural stuff too. In her interview, Gina doesn’t understand why people think she’s from New Jersey. She’s not offended, but it’s a totally different state. In her interview, Shannon says she’s been making healthy choices, and thinks it’s not that hard. We see her ask for the pizza to be passed her way, and she adds, then it spirals. Since she had a pastry, she might as well have a doughnut. She tells the girls about the QVC gig, and says there’s a 20% chance they’ll like it. Kelly says Shannon that she looks great, and Shannon says she’s single now. She mentions David dating someone twenty years younger. Vicki says it’s bizarre.

Kelly says what’s bizarre, is that Vicki hooked her ex up with a friend. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly accepted her apology. She wasn’t going to bring it up again. Vicki says her friend wanted to meet Michael. Kelly says Vicki didn’t tell her, and Vicki says she thought they already discussed it. She doesn’t know why it’s being brought up now. In her interview, Kelly claims she just wanted to get some other opinions. Emily says you should stick with the girl. Gina calls girl code, and basically says Vicki is a loser. She says she would have told the friend, eff you, I’m not hooking you up. In her interview, Kelly hopes Vicki learned her lesson, since she was schooled in being wrong. Vicki says that’s not how it happened. In her interview, stubbornly missing the point, Vicki says Kelly divorced Michael, and he’s available to date who he wants. Emily says they should make a pact that no one hooks up anyone’s ex with a friend.

Kelly’s new boyfriend walks in, and there’s immediate PDA. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly thinks it’s okay to flaunt her new boyfriend in the midst of a girls’ night. Kelly introduces him around. In her interview, Shannon doesn’t know if she’s ready to date. Part of her thinks it would be fun, but part of her thinks she’d be sick to her stomach. The PDA continues, and everyone is creeped out. In her interview, Emily is glad she’s married and not dating. The grass is not always greener. Sometimes it’s a sh*tty condo sitting on a vacant lot. The girls jet one by one, and Emily says, we’ll just leave you two alone.

Shannon tells Tamra a few things were awkward. Tamra says it was weirdest dinner ending ever, even for them. We flash back to the endings of a few of those dinners. Vicki tells Tamra that she and Kelly had closed the chapter, and then she brought it up. In her interview, Vicki says Gina is stepping into a cesspool of chaos, and should stay out of it. In the bathroom, Gina tells Emily this is what they have to look forward to with any second opportunities.

Tamra lights sage to get the negative energy out of the house. Is she not a Christian anymore? Eddie tells her not to burn the house down, and she says she’s just staging it. She asks the spirits to stop sh*t from happening to her and Eddie. In her interview, she tells us about Eddie drilling into the fire sprinkler while doing renovation. A smell is coming from the drain, her foot is broken, and Eddie’s heart is broken. Eddie says the doctor is going to prescribe stronger meds to restrict his heart rate. He has a friend who was in the exact same boat, and it took another procedure to fix. Tamra says they’ll never have sex again. Eddie tells her not to worry about that.

Gina visits Tamra. Tamra doesn’t want to beat around the bush, and says Vicki sent her a message. Gina says Vicki hates her. Tamra says Vicki didn’t say hate, but she doesn’t like Gina. Gina knew she was on Vicki’s sh*t list, but that’s Vicki’s issue. Tamra says Vicki wants everyone to agree with her; it’s her personality. Gina says she’s totally not that person. Even if she’s friends with someone, she doesn’t blow smoke up their ass. Thank you. She says if she’s asked her opinion, she’ll give it. In her interview, she says in New York, you know who likes you; in the OC, four out of seven hate your guts, but smile at you anyway.

In her interview, Emily says Shane’s mom bringing up the bar exam gives her anxiety. It’s a touchy subject, and she doesn’t want to be in the middle, or have Shane think she’s pressuring him, or that she’s not on his side. She’s always respectful to her mother-in-law, but doesn’t want Shane to think she’s talking behind his back. She tells Shane what his mom asked, and he says he’s taking the exam for himself, not for anyone else. Emily says that’s the only thing she wanted. Shane says the last time he took it, it was a rush. They were moving, and everyone was adjusting. He needs certain things in order, like the children’s schedules being taken care of. Emily says she can do that, and he tells her that he’ll also need to take a break from work, so he put in a notice. She assumes it’s not the next one in two months, and he says the one after that, ten months. In her interview, Emily says it’s a lesson in perseverance. She asks Shane to tell his mother.

Vicki meets Gina for a walk. In her interview, Gina says Vicki has the right to say she’s offended, but she has the right to her opinion. We see a clip of Vicki talking on the phone with Gina, who invites her on the walk. Gina says she wants to get to know Vicki, but also felt that stuff came up at the dinner, which was between Vicki and Kelly, but since it was brought up at the table, she was vocal about it. Vicki says everyone has an opinion, but unless it pertains to her, Vicki’s advice is to be cool with everyone. I translate that to mean, if you don’t agree, butt out. Gina says girls should stick together, and Vicki asks if that means she agrees that Vicki shouldn’t have said anything because her friend asked her not to. Nicely spun! In her interview, Gina says it’s a Jedi mind trick. Someone does something awful that you’re opposed to, and they twist it so you’re the bad person. She says it’s impressive, and she’s going to master it. Then she’s going to Jedi mind trick all the California bitches. She tells Vicki that she’s not a sh*t talker. Vicki says Gina is from New York; she might be. Gina amends that to, she might be, but to the person’s face. In her interview, Vicki says Gina can’t school her. Then she says a whole lot of words that amount to, it’s her sandbox, and she gets to choose who plays in it. Gina says Kelly was upset, and Vicki tells her that Kelly was fine when they’d met earlier. Gina says she clearly wasn’t, since she was bringing it up. Vicki says Kelly wanted to cause problems. Gina says it’s cool Vicki is standing by her decision, but it’s okay to disagree. She’s out of it now, and she’s not running to Kelly to discuss it. Vicki asks how she’s adjusting to California. Gina says she’s getting there. Vicki says when she first moved there, she kept thinking her mom would follow, but eventually realized it was about her and her kids. Now, it’s her daughter and her family. She asks how old Gina is, and finds out she’s thirty-three, the same age as Briana. She says Gina could be her daughter.

Next time, Tamra coaches Shannon at the gym, the girls play poker, Kelly won’t let it go, and Tamra feels helpless about Eddie.

🍸 Well, bless her heart. Ashley made an appearance on Southern Charm Savannah, so I halfway paid attention. Not that Ashley; the one from Savannah last season, who’s not in the cast this season. She met with Daniel, who said he’d always had a soft spot in his heart for her, even though she wasn’t very transparent about herself. She was transparent in the clip they showed from last time, playing golf in lingerie after suggesting she and the guys play strip golf. She told Daniel that she didn’t want to hurt anyone, which he felt was an intense cop-out, and was pretty much what she said to all of the guys’ girlfriends after the golf game. Hannah had a Chrismukkah party, designed by Bruce the party planner. It was impressive, but nothing like Patricia’s Winter Wonderland Ball in Charleston.

👠 TLC is rerunning the first season of Too Close to Home in the wee hours of the morning. Another Tyler Perry effort, I love this one too. Trailer park trash, Annie, shuns her roots and works herself up to a job in Washington DC, after which she proceeds to have an affair with the President. He has a heart attack while they’re having sex, and all hell breaks loose. All hell being mostly in the form of the First Lady (Heather Locklear). Annie ends up a fugitive and goes back home, where she reconnects with the very masculine, yet gentle of soul, Brody. A good reason alone for the ladies (and some gentlemen) to watch. It’s a great story. Unfortunately, there are only 16 episodes, as it was canceled after the second season, but it’s just delicious.

💼 Better Call Saul is back for a fourth season. I really like this show, but my dance card is filled. If yours isn’t, give it a try.

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July 27, 2018 – Franco Helps Jason, Charm Reflections, 90 Note, LA Wine, HexaQuotes & Incoming Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason steps into the elevator with Franco. Franco says he’ll take the next one, but Jason says no he won’t. He stops the elevator, and wants Franco to tell him about his job at Ferncliff.

Mary Pat tells Carly that she’s had a lot of difficulties with her; she’s the most challenging kind of patient, refusing to accept she’s there. Dr. Lazarus has done wonders for others like her. She leads Carly into a room with ECT equipment. Carly freaks, and Dr. Lazarus says the machines appear intimidating, but they’ll change everything.

Chase and Sonny use Jordan’s office to watch the video streaming from Michael’s car. Jordan asks if Sonny is comfortable, and he says he’ll be more comfortable when Nelle is behind bars. Chase thanks Jordan for the leap of faith, and tells Sonny everything is under control. Sonny asks what if Nelle reaches out to someone else, but Chase tells him to trust Michael. Nelle truly believes the car is rigged to crash. As soon as Michael gets her confession, it’s over.

Nelle tells Michael that she didn’t want to be a high-maintenance pregnant woman, and she thinks she hasn’t been for the most part. She’s kept cool, except for the health scares, which were out of her control. They were caused by the earthquake and Carly. She tells him to slow down; she’s not going into labor, just seeing a lactation specialist. She appreciates him going the extra mile. He asks if she hasn’t figured out that he’d do anything for her.

Maxie visits Nina in the interrogation room. She called in some favors. Nina says Maxie doesn’t need to wait with her, but Maxie says they need to talk. She wants to know how Nina let Obrecht rope her into kidnapping Peter.

Finn sits with Peter. Peter says, yes, he’s alive. Finn says good thing he never smoked. His lungs look good. There’s no permanent damage, and he doesn’t need the mask to sleep. He’s a lucky man. Peter says, thanks to him. Finn ran into a burning stable to rescue him. Anyone else would have let him die. Finn says, except for his mother.

Obrecht is sitting, cuffed and wearing orange, at the station. Robert arrives, and says, well, well, well. Dr. Obrecht, I presume. Cuffed and ready for prison. What a wonderful sight.

Jason doesn’t want trouble. He just wants Franco to tell him what he needs to know. He asks if Franco has an ID, and Franco says, of course. He knows it must be about Carly. He thinks they need to adjust her meds. She seemed like she was hallucinating. Jason asks where his ID is, and Franco says, in his pocket. He doesn’t think Jason can pass for him, but Jason says Franco is going to get him in.

Carly says she doesn’t want treatment, but she’s too weak to resist. Mary Pat gives the doctor the paperwork, saying, signed, sealed, and delivered. Dr. Lazarus tells the orderlies to put her on the table. Carly protests, and Mary Pat asks if she should stick around, but Dr. Lazarus says he’ll take it from there. Carly says she doesn’t want to do this. Mary Pat leaves, and smiles in the hallway.

Jordan sees Robert, and says she heard he was on his way. He says he got the first flight when he heard Peter was in custody. Obrecht too. He tells Jordan, good work. She says Obrecht is due for immediate transfer, but Peter is still recovering at the hospital. He asks if he can have a few words with his old friend. Jordan says, with all her insane behavior, she’s in deep grief over the death of her child. He says he’ll go easy on her, and Jordan says it’s up to him. He site with Obrecht, who tells him, the word of the day is schadenfreude; enjoy it. He says she left him in a coma for twelve months, and nearly had him convinced his daughter was dead. She says, karma is cruel justice. She understands his pain, but his child is alive; hers is dead. Robert says he used to think of ways to get even, but now, he doesn’t even want to kill her. She’s going to pay the ultimate price, and spend the rest of her life in prison.

Nina says she’s sure Maxie must have ideas. Maxie says she’s the daughter of the former police commissioner, and was the wife of a detective. Nina says the current commissioner is going to ask her questions, and the less Maxie knows, the better. Maxie understands, but before she goes, she wants to thank Nina for saving Peter.

Peter wonders why Finn would risk his life. Because of his feelings for Peter’s mother? Why is he so interested in the case? Smoke inhalation isn’t exactly an infectious disease. Finn says he realizes Peter doesn’t have warm and fuzzy feelings for Anna. Peter says she abandoned him, and never looked back. Finn says that’s not exactly true. She thought he went to a loving family. Valentin is the one who gave him to Faison. He’s entitled to his righteous anger, but Finn thinks he knows deep down that she did the right thing, and made a loving sacrifice. Peter knows nothing of the kind; a sacrifice involves love. Finn says he knows Peter has hated her his whole life, and thinks he doesn’t know how to stop. Peter says most people think of holidays when they hear the word family. He thinks of pain, anger, and betrayal, but Finn wouldn’t know about that, would he?

Nelle says they just passed the street they were supposed to turn on. Michael says he’s not going to the hospital. He thinks they should go to Sawyer first, then the hospital. Nelle remembers Chase telling her that after fifteen miles, the controls will fail. She suggests Michael let her out, and she’ll call a car. He tells her that she’s being ridiculous. There’s no way he’s going to do that. At the station, Sonny sees the look on her face, and says she knows the car is rigged, and wants to put his son in the ground. Chase says that’s not going to happen. Thanks to Michael, they’ll be putting her away for good. Sonny doesn’t know what he was thinking. He told Carly to let it go, and she knew it wasn’t good. Now a psycho is planning to murder his son. Chase says there’s no shame in getting played by Nelle. He thought there was some good in her. She was so bitter because of the hand life dealt her, that she turned into a master manipulator. She could give a master class in deception. No one sees it until it’s too late. Sonny says, only Carly.

Nina says Maxie is giving her too much credit. Maxie says she kept Obrecht from killing Peter, and she’s willing to bet Nina kept him alive the whole time. Nina says she’s not a saint in any of this. She asks if Maxie still cares about Peter. Maxie says, not at all, but that doesn’t mean she wants him dead. Nathan was Nina’s brother, and in a weird way, Peter is too. He’s James’s uncle. She’d never let him have s role in James’s life, but he’s better off not finding out his grandmother killed his uncle. In the first two months of his life, there’s been enough death. She wants to forget the anger and revenge, and focus on living. Nina thinks James is lucky to have such an incredible, wise mom. Whatever happened, Maxie doesn’t approve, but she doesn’t want Nina going down for this. Nina thinks she’ll be okay. Peter didn’t name her as an accomplice.

Peter tells Finn it looks like he struck a nerve, and asks if he has a deep, dark skeleton in his family closet. Finn says every family has a skeleton. Peter can lie in bed feeling sorry for himself or realize he has a second chance. He’s free from Faison, and his mother wants to connect. He tells Peter to get over himself and be part of life. Peter asks where his mother is. His father is dead; where is she? Maybe she only wants to connect when it’s convenient. She gives out love on her terms, with conditions and caveats. Finn says Peter knows nothing about her. Maybe he should use his recovery time to give it more thought. Robert comes in, and says he doesn’t think Peter will be hanging around. On behalf of the Bureau, he’s there to take Peter into custody.

Carly doesn’t want to do this. The doctor says she’s becoming agitated, and asks when her last dose was. He thinks it’s close enough, and tells her to try and relax. Carly wants her lawyer, Sonny, anything but the drugs. Dr. Lazarus gives her a shot.

Franco and Jason are at Ferncliff. Franco says he got Jason in there; Jason can take it from here. Jason says he’s going to need him. Franco says, for what? and tells him not to say a backup. He’s a hostage in this situation. Jason tells him, Elizabeth said he changed. Prove it. Franco asks what Jason wants him to do, and Jason says for now, stay there. Jason moves on down the hall, and Franco asks himself, why, why, why did he get on that elevator? Jason pulls a gun on Mary Pat and the orderly she’s with. Where’s Rupert? Did he quit? Jason asks where Carly is, and Mary Pat says, this is a crime, and tells him that he’s committing a felony. She lets him know what room Carly is in, and Jason opens the closest door, locking Mary Pat and the orderly in. Franco says, it’s going well; he’ll wait in the car. Jason says they’re not finished yet.

Chase apologizes to Sonny for not doing more when Nelle was gaslighting Carly. He thought she had a psychological problem because of the death of her son. Now she’s in an institution that she doesn’t need to be in. He takes his share of the responsibility, and will tell the judge. Hopefully, Carly will be released. Sonny says Nelle played his whole family. He and Michael pegged her as an opportunist, but Carly knew she was a killer. He didn’t know what she was capable of. Chase says now they do, and they’re ahead of the game. Sonny says it’s not a game to him. Not when his wife and son’s lives are on the line.

Michael has driven eight miles. Nelle says she doesn’t need the lollipops, but he says, yes, she does. She suggests they go to the hospital first; the specialist will be off duty soon. He says she’s married to a member of the board. The hospital will be open in thirty minutes; the store might not be. Once they get on the highway, he’ll step on the gas. She tells him to pull over. If they don’t pull over, they’ll crash.

Finn asks if Robert has official documents, and Robert hands him some papers. He says with the exception of fraud and breaking out of jail, Peter’s crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the Bureau. He says the reunion is postponed, and Finn says Anna doesn’t know. Robert tells him to release the prisoner into his custody, but Finn says Peter isn’t a prisoner to him. He’s a patient, and Finn can’t sign a release at this time.

Maxie guesses since Nina saved Peter’s life, he’s returning the favor. Nina wonders if it has something to do with getting back into Maxie’s good graces. Jordan comes in, and asks who authorized Maxie’s visit? Maxie says she let herself in; Nina is her sister-in-law. Jordan says they still have protocol. Maxie leaves, and sees Obrecht.

Jason wants Franco to keep watch for ten minutes. Franco says Mary Pat is the supervising nurse, and she’ll be missed. Jason says, for the next ten minutes, if anyone comes by, send them in the other direction. Franco suggests he just knock them over the head, and throw them in another room. Jason says, if he wants. Franco says Jason doesn’t care whose life he ruins, as long as he saves Carly. It’s the first time he likes his life, and can’t afford to be a convict. Jason leaves, and Franco checks the time on his phone.

Dr. Lazarus says it’s a precaution. Any degree of involuntary movement will disrupt the treatment. It’s for her own protection. Carly is prepped, and they put one of those rubber things in her mouth.

Jordan apologizes to Nina for taking so long; it’s been busy. She sees Nina doesn’t have a lawyer. Nina says she hasn’t called one. Jordan says, last night, she was adamant about not saying a word, not she’s ready to talk about what happened in the cabin? Nina says, nope. She decided to skip hiring a lawyer, and just sit there silently. Unless Jordan is pressing charges. She heard Peter’s statement, and she’s not contradicting it. Jordan says a quarantine was staged on Spoon Island. It’s not looking good for her. Nina says holding her is a waste of time. Jordan has nothing on her, and they both know it. She’ll sit there and wait for the clock to run out. Nina asks if Jordan and Curtis have set a date.

Maxie approaches Obrecht. Obrecht tells Maxie that she’s being transferred to Pentonville, where she’ll await trial. She’s considered a flight risk, and she’s a repeat offender. Obrecht is sorry she  failed Maxie. Maxie says, in what way? Obrecht says she kidnapped Peter for her and James. She wanted to get justice for Nathan, and some measure of closure. Maxie says, don’t say it; don’t even think it. Obrecht didn’t do this for them. Not even for Nathan. She did it for herself.

Robert says Finn might want to reconsider. This could be construed as obstruction of justice. Finn says Peter is his patient, and inhaled a near fatal amount of smoke. Does he look okay? He believes in taking extra precautions, so there are no unexpected complications. Robert asks how long these extra precautions will take. Finn says it could be a day or a few weeks. He doesn’t know. Robert says, as long as takes for Anna to get back?

Sonny takes to the screen. He says, easy. Get her on the line, and reel her in.

Michael tells Nelle that they’re not going to crash. He’s a good driver. She says she’s telling him if he doesn’t pull over, they’re going to crash. He says he’ll call the hospital when they get to the store. She grabs the steering wheel, and says, the car is rigged. Chase sabotaged it. Michael asks, why would he do that? and she says Chase wants to kill him. He tells her that her third trimester hormones are acting up. Chase wouldn’t try to kill him. She says if he doesn’t pull over, they’ll both die. The baby will die. The car is rigged because she asked him to do it.

Robert says Finn only turned up for part of reunion. Imagine what would have happened if Jason hadn’t shown up to prevent the shooting. Finn says Anna is in Berkeley, trying to make things right with Robin. Robert tells him not to bring his daughter into it. Finn says he’s not signing the release, and to take it up with the hospital administration or the court. Robert says, don’t think he won’t. He tells Peter, see you around, Henrik, and slams out.

Maxie knows what’s going on in Obrecht’s head. She wanted vengeance. She wanted Peter to feel the same pain. Obrecht admits she does. Maxie says she and Nina needed closure. Now they’ve got it. Obrecht says she’s going to prison, and Maxie says, after nearly torturing Peter to death. Did it fix any of this? Does she at least feel better? Maxie knows how much she loved Nathan, and it’s not what he would have wanted. All she accomplished was taking herself away from them. Her son lost his grandmother, and possibly his Aunt Nina, if she gets caught up in it, and he needs them both.

Jordan likes Nina, and appreciates her friendship with Curtis, but it’s not a game. She needs to start to take it seriously. Nina asks if Jordan is letting her go, and Jordan says, for now. The investigation is still going on. If Nina wants her advice, hire a lawyer.

Jordan sees that Obrecht’s ride has arrived. It might help her sentence if she cooperates. If she had an accomplice, now would be the time to say something. Obrecht says she did it as she came into the world – alone. She tells Maxie to make sure James never forgets his father, and his oma loves him very much. She hugs Maxie, who tells her to take care. Obrecht cries. I almost cry. She’s taken away.

Watching the screen, Chase says he almost got her. Sonny says, come on, son, like they’re watching a game. Michael tells Nelle that she’s not making sense. She says she didn’t want it to go this far, but he didn’t leave her much choice. Michael says, she hired Chase to kill him? She says he needs to pull over, but he speeds up. She says he didn’t marry her for love. He wanted to control her and get the baby. She knows about the will, and heard his conversation with Jason. Michael says, so she devised a plan to kill him over a possible custody dispute? She says he acted like she was disposable. She’s not letting it happen again. He asks if she killed Zack, and she says she had to; he was weak. If she’d waited, his family would have come between them, and they wouldn’t have gotten married. She didn’t want him dead, but didn’t have a choice. Michael says he makes his own choices too. Nelle screams for him to pull over. Chase says they finally got her.

Jordan tells Nina that she’s lucky her aunt backed up her story, but she’s still a person of interest. She says, and no, they haven’t set a date yet. She leaves, and Maxie asks if Nina is okay. Nina says she’s spent so much time being consumed by guilt, suspicion, and revenge. For first time since Nathan died, she doesn’t know what’s next. That’s the hard part; getting on with the rest of their lives. Maxie takes her hand.

Peter says Finn must have it bad for his mother. Finn would like to think he’s do this for anyone who was separated from their child. She made a tough decision, and suffered the consequences. He does care about her. Finn’s phone dings. It’s a text from Anna thanking him for looking after Peter, and saying things have gotten complicated. Come to Berkeley. Finn says be bought Peter extra time. Use it wisely. He leaves, and Peter scowls. He looks kind of like Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.

Outside, Finn texts back that he’s on his way.

Robert calls Robin, and demands she put her mother on the phone. She says she hasn’t seen her mother, and Robert says she’s supposed to be with her.

Sonny says they’ve got the confession on tape. Shut it down. Chase says Michael wants her to admit Carly didn’t push her. Chase thinks he can do it.

Michael says Nelle lied to his face about Zack, and everything else. Now she’s trying to kill him? She took everything from him and his family. HIs mom was right. Nelle was the one who made her believe that his brother was still alive. Nelle wanted her out of the way. Nelle says she’ll tell him everything; just pull over. First, Michael wants to know if Carly pushed her. Nelle won’t say until he pulls over, but he says, say it. Did she push Nelle? Nelle looks out the front window, and yells, look out! They crash. At the station, the screen goes black.

Franco asks himself what he’s doing. He’s marrying the most incredible woman on the planet, and they’ll live happily ever after. Assuming he’s not awaiting trial for helping to break out a mental patient. He’s trying to do the noble thing. The ruthless killer with the Botticelli eyes is a good friend. Not to him. Jason has plenty of reason not to like him, but his broad shoulders should be strong enough to handle a brain tumor. Franco wasn’t responsible, and he’s trying to prove he’s changed. He’s putting his life on the line for the last time. He looks at his phone and says, nine minutes.

The final preparations are made for Carly’s treatment. Dr. Lazarus says, it all seems alarming, but she’s receiving a gift. Anger and violence will be a thing of the past. Her whole perspective will change. Jason busts in with a gun, saying, nobody move.

On Monday, Jordan wants to know what’s going on, Franco tries to escape, and Jason tells Dr. Lazarus to shut the machine off right now.

🍹 And how about those Southern Charmers? Kathryn Dennis has definitely won the reality queen crown. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do such a 180, and claim their piece of the world the way she has. It also made me love Patricia Altschul again. Both are true ladies, and also big enough girls to apologize. I’ve loved the show from the beginning, but this was the best season yet. Kathryn was never a true villain, but omg, Ashley. And Thomas. Kathryn also gave one of the best quotes – although I’ll have to paraphrase – when she told Ashley that she was really out of touch with the fact she’s a complete a-hole. I just had to repeat it again. It was a masterpiece reality moment. I don’t often follow C-list celebrities on Twitter, but when I do, they’re usually from Southern Charm.

🔀 BTW, I’ve  been confusing my spin-off Charms. New Orleans is the one where the couple with the little dogs broke up. They were my main reason for sort of watching. Savannah lost Ashley, who was ditto. I was fascinated by how in denial she was. She insisted she was just one of the guys, and took off her clothes at every opportunity, proving to everyone that she wasn’t. Needless to say, the girlfriends of the guys she was one of, were not too happy. The villain of the piece, I wonder if she saw herself for the girl code breaker she was, and chose to opt out for that reason. I’m sticking with the originals, but keeping the other two in my periphery.

💍 90 Day Fiancé has moved into Tell All Territory, where lots of boxing gloves have been put on. On What Now? Danielle continues to stalk Mohamad, but also won’t leave online not-really-dating alone, and it looks like she might have been catfished. Here, she talks about not being so trusting after Mohamad, which apparently didn’t work out.


💋 Little Women LA wrapped things up for the season. I barely watched it, but did catch the episode where a very white Tara thought it would be a brilliant idea to come out with a wine called Black Girl Moscato. It wasn’t. She thought sisters would be down with that, but she did not make the Moscato happen. The entire rainbow said no, just no. These girls could give Lisa Rinna a run for her money the way they attach their names to products.

📋 Quotes of the Week

Nothing says middle-aged white man more than misunderstanding slang. – Dr. Terry Dubrow, Botched

Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are.Houssaye

The mystery of life is not solved by success, which is an end in itself, but in failure, in perpetual struggle, in becoming.Patrick White

The only thing I love more than hoarders are people too fat to fit through doors. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls (Me too! Max is my spirit animal.)

The problem with books is that they end.Caroline Kepnes, You

A man can’t improve their past. – a commentator on the firing of James Gunn

🎩 Bon Weekend…

😊 The good…


😒 The bad…

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😲 And the wtf?



July 16, 2018 – The Wedding Must Go On, the Return of the OC, Savannah & Annabelle


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As Ned says, if anyone can show cause that Nelle and Michael shouldn’t get married, speak now, Carly pops out of nowhere and says, hell no. Her son will not be getting married today. Sonny asks what she’s doing, and Carly says he knows what she’s doing. Jason tries to stop her, but she won’t have it. She refuses to let him marry Nelle. She says Nelle is not only dangerous, but deadly. Everyone is like, whaaat? Except for Ava, who gets on her phone.

Michael tells Carly that he loves her, but she can’t stop him; they’re adults and going to do what they want. She says it’s not going to end the way he thinks, and he says Nelle is the mother of his child. Nelle adds that they love each other. Carly says she wouldn’t survive if anything happened to him. Chase is on his phone. Sonny tells him not to involve the cops. He’ll call his lawyer and make it go away. He says the DA is gunning for him, and will make it into something it’s not. Carly isn’t a criminal; she’s a concerned mother. Chase says, too late. It’s on the record that she’s here after escaping from Ferncliff. Bobbie tells him that Carly is trying to save her son from making the worst mistake of his life. Carly says she’ll go, but wants Sonny to make sure it doesn’t happen. He says he’s coming with her, and Sam offers to take Mike home. As she’s being escorted out, Carly says Nelle didn’t do it alone. All the crap she pulled, she had help. She looks at Ava. So does Griff.

Bobbie says Ava wasted no time in calling the police. Ava asks if she should have waited for Carly to cart Nelle off to a stairwell. She was just looking out for a friend and her unborn baby. Bobbie says she was probably waiting with bated breath. She saw Ava at Nelle’s shower. When Avery called Carly mommy, Ava looked like she’d swallowed a cactus. Ava admits she resented how Carly kept her from her child, and Bobbie says this was probably the highlight of her year. Ava wonders if she’s the only person residing in reality, and Bobbie suggests she offer compassion. Ava says she’s fresh out. Bobbie says what Ava has done to Carly is going to come back to bite her, and she wants a front row seat.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she can’t believe what happened. Carly didn’t seem crazy. She kept it together, and was rational. She was different than she was at the baby shower. Oscar suggests maybe Ferncliff is helping her. Josslyn says she risked a lot to be there, and can get in a lot of trouble. It was obviously worth it to her to talk to Michael.

Ava asks what’s a wedding without drama, and if Nelle wants to take it from the top. Bobbie says they’re not seriously thinking of going through with it now. Nelle isn’t considering not doing it. She’s not letting Carly ruin the day. She suddenly gets a cramp, and Michael calls Lucas over. Nelle says she’s fine, and to go on with the ceremony, but she’s not fine. Michael leaves for the hospital with her. Her wedding bouquet lies on the floor.

At the PCPD, Sonny insists there’s no reason they should be there. Jordan says his wife escaped from Ferncliff, but he says she wanted to keep her son safe. Jason says, she didn’t do anything wrong, but Jordan says she overpowered the head nurse, and injected her with a sedative. It’s up to the judge to decide if she goes back to Ferncliff. Sonny says, or somewhere worse.

Sam tells Mike that she’ll take him home. He asks what happened to Michael, and Drew explains he had to take Nelle to the hospital. Mike guesses there isn’t going to be a wedding, and Drew says, not today. Drew decides to go with them.

Bobbie would say Nelle was faking, but she left before the I dos, so something must be wrong. Lulu hopes the baby is okay, and Brad says, not Nelle? Did it ever occur to them that she loves Michael and wants to start a family with him, and there’s no ulterior motive? Bobbie says it never occurred to her. Brad gets a call and steps away. Ava sees Griff, and says she’s been missing her handsome date. He says it seems like she’s been trying to avoid him.

At the hospital, Michael asks how Nelle is. Lucas says Kim is there; he can breathe. Nelle and the baby are fine, but they want to keep her overnight for observation as a precaution. She’s asking for Michael, and he goes into her room. He tells her that she gave him a very big scare. He’s glad nothing is wrong with the baby. Nelle adds, or her? and he says, of course. He thinks she should relax and get some rest, but she says they need to finish what they started. They need to get married tonight.

Michael says, not tonight, but Nelle says, if they don’t, Carly wins. He says it’s not about her, but Nelle wonders how he can say that. Francesca tells Michael that she can’t allow Nelle to be upset, but Nelle wants him to stay. Lucas asks how it’s going, and Michael tells him that Nelle wants to go through with the wedding. She says after everything they’ve been through, if they don’t do it now, she’s afraid it will never happen. Michael says, then let’s do it. Get married right here, right now.

Ava asks Griff why she’s be avoiding him, and he says, you tell me. She says she can’t, because she’s not. He says she’s distant, but she tells him that she’s worried about Nelle. Griff notes that in Carly’s parting shot, she looked at Ava. Ava says she’s used to being on the receiving end of Carly’s vitriol. It just proves she’s delusional, and clearly her paranoia has just been fueled. First, it was irrational hated toward Nelle, now she’s imagining a grand conspiracy. He can’t be buying into Carly’s ranting.

Michael calls Ned, and tells him they’d like to finish the wedding at the hospital. He say he’ll be there, and tells Olivia, apparently, they’re dead set on getting married tonight. They must want their child to have what Leo has; two parents, a house, and a loving relationship. Olivia says she’s not taking away from anyone, but maybe he should pump the brakes. Ned promised to come, and asks her to join him, but she says it would be too crowded in the hospital room.

Jason doesn’t understand why Carly did this. Jordan tells them about Michael taking Nelle to the hospital. Carly thinks she’s faking it; Nelle barely looked at her. Jason says they can’t prove it, so it doesn’t help her case. Michael calls Jason, and tells him they’re going ahead with the wedding. He needs his best man. Jason tells the others that apparently, Nelle is well enough to go through with wedding, and Carly says Sonny has to stop her. Sonny says, Michael has a plan, but Carly says, it’s not worth his life. Jordan tells Chase to try and have a chat with Nelle. Sonny says Carly’s goal was to get out of Ferncliff, but now she’s made it harder. She says her goal is to save her son.

Sam and Drew take Mike back to Sonny’s house. Drew says it’s been a long time since he was there; it feels like another life. Mike knows how he feels, but says, it is what it is. He asks if they’d like a drink. They would, and he asks how Drew and Sam met.

Brad sees Lucas at the hospital. Lucas says if he’s here for the wedding, it’s going down now. Nelle is determined to marry Michael tonight, come hell or high water. Brad says he’s there with news about the baby.

Josslyn and Ned show up at Nelle’s hospital room. Michael didn’t know if Josslyn would make it, thinking she must be upset at their mom’s surprise appearance. Josslyn tells him she said she’d be there, and she is. Nelle thanks her. Nelle says it must have been awful, hearing her mom spew horrible lies, but she must know Nelle’s heart belongs to Michael. She’d never hurt him. Jason arrives, and Ned says, it looks like the gang’s all here; let’s get this show on the road, sounding like someone out of an old Bob Hope movie. Chase lingers in the doorway.

Ned says no one would blame Nelle if she’d rather wait. They’d understand if she wants all the bells and whistles. Nelle says everything she’s ever wanted is here in this room. Chase disappears.

Sonny asks what Carly is thinking. She wants him to look Michael in the eye and make him understand. Sonny says it’s being handled, but Carly says, he’s not handling it, since he’s marrying a murderer.

Ned wants to cut to the chase. No, not that Chase. He asks Michael if he takes Nelle, blah-blah-blah, and he does. Ned says ditto to Nelle, and she does too.

Carly asks Sonny what the worst moment of his life was. He says she knows. She says they’ve been to hell and back, and lost people they didn’t want to, but she wants to hear him say it. He says when he pulled over and saw the wreckage of the car, and was told Morgan was gone. He didn’t believe it, and searched and searched. Everyone was watching and… He asks why she’s doing this, and tears up. Carly kisses his forehead.

Jason gives Ned the rings. Michael tells Nelle that he gives her this as a symbol of his love, blah-blah-blah, for as long as he lives. Nelle says the same, and they exchange rings.

Carly asks Sonny to remember the night he told her. She refused to believe it. She kept calling Morgan’s phone to make it not true, but when she realized she’ll never hold her baby again, it was the worst moment of her life, the worst pain ever, and she’s never going to feel it again. She refuses won’t lose Michael. Sonny says, so she drugged Mary Pat, and broke out of Ferncliff? She says she would do it again. She doesn’t care if people thinks she’s crazy. Sonny understands why, and isn’t sure he’d do it any differently, but now she has to go back.

Ned pronounces Nelle and Michael husband and wife. Michael kisses the bride.

Ava joins Griff at the bar. She knows Sonny is his friend. She doesn’t understand it, but accepts it. She knows he feels compassion for Carly, but he has to acknowledge that she’s completely irrational. He says there’s nothing medically wrong, and Ava says that proves it’s psychological. Griff says, probably, but not necessarily. Carly swore she got the message to go to the cemetery. Ava says, then poof! It was gone. Griff says Carly smelled his cologne too, and the both of them smelled it the other day. Ava says so Josslyn got Oscar the same cologne her brother wore. Griff wonders if it’s possible someone was wearing it when Carly smelled it. Ava says, at Morgan’s grave? He says, by accident or on purpose, but if it was real, how do they know the message wasn’t real? Ava asks how it could be there one minute, and gone the next, but he doesn’t know.

Josslyn congratulates Nelle, who’s grateful that she was there. Jason tells Michael that he’ll always have his back, and he knows it.

Sonny tells Carly that his influence is limited. Maybe he can get her out, but he doesn’t know how long it will take. He has to call in favors, but if he’s too obvious, the DA will shut him down. Carly says she’s scared, but can handle it and wait to get out, but she wants Sonny to get Michael out. Whatever it takes.

Francesca tells Nelle’s guests that she warned them; they have to keep it short. Ned says they still have to sign the marriage license. He asks if anyone has a pen, and Jason gives him one. I wonder if it’s invisible ink.

Jordan says Carly has been remanded back to Ferncliff pend judicial review. She’s sorry, and hopes it’s over soon. Carly tells Sonny to take care of Michael. He says, whatever it takes.

Ned presents Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corinthos. Josslyn takes a picture, telling them to say married. Nelle thanks them, and says it was nice to have a family member officiate. Ned says they’ll have a proper toast when the baby is born. He’s taking the license to be filed. Francesca says her patient needs some downtime, and they leave. Francesca congratulates the couple, and Michael guesses he should go too. Nelle doesn’t want him to leave on their wedding night, but he says they have the rest of their lives to make up for it. When he’s gone, she looks sadly at her ring.

Lucas asks Brad if it’s good, and Brad says, no; great news. Their baby passed the last checkup with flying colors. Their baby is perfectly healthy. It’s happening. They’re about to become parents.

Michael asks Josslyn if she wants a ride home. He says she seems distracted, and wonders if it’s because of Carly showing up. Josslyn says that, and a situation she doesn’t know how to handle. He asks if it’s about their mom. She says she’s worried about her, and Sonny, but they have Jason to make sure things are okay. It’s about Nelle and Chase.

Chase goes into Nelle’s room. He says he couldn’t leave without kissing the bride. Isn’t it supposed to be just the husband who does that?

Drew tells Mike that he and Sam used to be married. Mike is sorry to hear they’re divorced. Drew says maybe it’s not meant to be. Mike says he told himself that about Sonny’s mom. You have no way of knowing what’s will happen going in. You can only follow your heart. Sam thinks it’s time to get some sleep, and Mike says it’s time to mind his own business. He goes upstairs, and Drew and Sam clink glasses.

Jason asks Sonny where Carly, and Sonny tells him, Ferncliff. Jason say she did this for nothing. Now it’s going to get bad, with Mary Pat’s retaliation alone. Sonny says he should have known. She was calm and reasonable when she heard about the wedding. She did say she hated it, but didn’t act like she normally would. Jason says she knew the risk and the consequences, and no one on earth could have stopped her. Sonny has no control over Ferncliff, so Michael’s plan better kick into high gear, before Carly is in too deep.

Back at the Cliff, Rupert tells Carly that she had a sweet deal. Mary Pat doesn’t like her, but Doc was her guardian angel. Her husband even got special privileges for her. Carly says he’ll be grateful and generous if they continue. If they don’t, he’ll be disappointed, and nobody wants Sonny Corinthos disappointed. Rupert ask if she’s threatening him, but she says she’s stating a fact how is it going to go

Griff thinks they should call it a night, and Ava asks if he means together. She knows something is wrong, and he says he can’t stop thinking about Carly. She says, that’s just what every girlfriend wants to hear. Ava says she’s concerned about Nelle, and has Kiki’s trial to worry about. Weddings are supposed to inspire romance, and she’s feeling inspired. She kisses him, and they leave.

Sam says, Mike is right. All you can do is follow your heart. Drew asks, even if it leads to disaster? and she says, disasters happened every day, whether they’re brought on by ourselves or random. If you’re afraid to fall in love because you don’t want to get hurt, that would be a complete disaster. She thinks you would be cheating yourself. He asks if she had it to do over again, even knowing how it ended up, would she? She says when she signed the papers, she said she didn’t regret the time they spent together, and she never will. He kisses her shoulder.

Olivia asks Ned how the nuptials went, and he says short and sweet. Once it’s filed legally, they’re married. Lulu would have bet money that Carly could get through to Michael, and make him believe her. Olivia says, who said he doesn’t? It might be as bad as Carly says, but at the end of the day, Nelle is the mother of Michael’s baby. Like Carly demonstrated today, nothing changes your priorities like parenthood. They toast to the couple and their bundle of joy.

Sonny calls Diane to work on a strategy in light of recent events. Jason says they don’t have to prove Carly was set-up to make the DA look bad. Sonny says the DA wanted to get a Corinthos, and when she couldn’t get him, she got the next best thing. Imagine how embarrassing it would be. Jason thinks they might agree to vacate the sentences to make it go away. He calls Spinelli.

Carly tells Rupert that Sonny always pays his debts, whether he owes a favor or payback. I guess he’s also part Lannister. Rupert says he’s just an orderly, and does what he’s told. It’s Mary Pat she has to worry about never. She never lost control of a patient until her, and she didn’t like Carly to begin with. Any special arrangements will have to be made with her, but he doesn’t think she’s be very interested. He asks Carly why she did it, and Carly asks if he’s heard stories about mothers lifting cars off of their children. They’re true. When a child is in danger, a mother can do anything.

Nelle tells Chase that he almost had her convinced Michael didn’t love her, and was only obligated because of the baby. He had every opportunity to back out or postpone it, but he wanted to get married as much as she did. Chase asks, what now? A ring won’t stop Michael from taking her child; it’s just a piece of jewelry. If Michael really loves her, why leave her alone on her wedding night? He wouldn’t. He kisses her, and she moves to slap him, but he grabs her wrist. He tells her congratulations, and leaves. She gets out of bed.

Josslyn tells Michael, when she came back from getting ice, Chase was kissing Nelle. Nelle stopped it pretty quickly, but she got the feeling Nelle kissed back. Michael says he’s not worried about it. She says he’s not worried about his wife making out with another man? Michael tells her to trust him. He has everything under control. Nelle overhears from around the corner.

Tomorrow, Franco needs to tell Elizabeth something, the DA asks what Sonny and Jason’s involvement is, and Drew needs a new wife.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

They’re ba-a-a-ack! Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson are the newbies this season, replacing Peggy and Meghan.

Tamra and Eddie are moving. Eddie lived in the house with his ex, and Tamra wanted a place they could call theirs. Eddie wants a housewarming party but doesn’t want to invite Vicki. Tamra asks what if she apologizes, and he thinks that would be a start. In her interview, Tamra says it’s been baby steps with Vicki. She tells her mother about Eddie being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib), and needing heart surgery. They have to cauterize part of his heart. She says his body is letting him down at age 45. Her mom says she’ll have a hard time keeping him down. Tamra tells her that Eddie said he doesn’t want to die that way, and she starts to cry. Her mom hugs her.

Vicki asks Steve when he’s moving in, and he says he can’t be any more in. In her interview she says he’s been living with her for two months, but hasn’t done a change of address. She doesn’t understand why he can’t commit fully. She tells him how Shannon is hurt by David moving on. Brooks is getting married next weekend, but she pities the girl he’s marrying. In her interview, she hopes Steve proposes. She doesn’t like being alone, and wants a husband. She’s happy she and Tamra have been able to not harbor bad feelings and move on. She needed to make it right. She tells Steve that she’s keeping her opinion to herself from now on, and Steve says, some things are better left unsaid. She tells him the girls mean a lot to her.

Tamra directs the movers to where the furniture should go. They’re moving in while the house is still under construction, because they wanted to do it before Eddie’s surgery. Shannon calls Tamra, who says she has no sink, and it won’t be done for another twenty-eight days. She’s worried the others think the new house is something special, and it’s only 4000 square feet. Only. Shannon says it’s more special than where she and Kelly live right now.

In her interview, Shannon says it’s hard to be a single mom to teenage daughters. It’s disappointing that, after twenty years, her family is breaking up. She also went down to 4000 square feet. Boo-effing-hoo. She says each of her daughters is different with emotion but they all want their parents to be happy, and weren’t seeing it at home. She’s worried about she and David’s future at being co-parents. They’re only communication is through text and email, and it’s not pleasant. There’s a lot of bitterness on his part.

Kelly says dating post-divorce is like fishing with dynamite. She doesn’t like everybody, but it’s easy to find a date. She’s loving her new townhouse. In her interview, she says she and Michael had separated before for two years, but Jolie understands more now, and she’d rather they not be fighting. Jolie does her homework, and Kelly is no help. She says the only prime she knows is hers at 42.

Shannon meets Vicki. She’s trying not to obsess, and is down ten pounds. In her interview, Shannon says the last time she and Vicki interacted, she saw authenticity in Vicki’s remorse about she and David divorcing. We flash back to that at the reunion. Shannon says she has high hopes they’ll get to a better place. She tells Vicki that she and the girls are doing well, and they order breakfast. Vicki asks if Shannon’s heart is broken about David having a girlfriend. Shannon says it hurts to know how easily replaceable she is. The first couple of months made her sad. They talk about his posts on social media, and how Shannon found out that way. She says he’s doing what normal people would privately in a text. She thinks the girlfriend is young, and wants to be taken care of. Shannon says, after a lot of tears, she’s excited to see where this year will take her. Vicki says positive thoughts will being positivity to her life. I look to see if she’s reading a bad fortune cookie. In her interview, Vicki hopes Shannon knows she’s there for her. Shannon is glad they’re in a place where they can have a normal conversation.

It’s Eddie’s surgery day. He and Tamra leave for the hospital. She’s still trying to process it, but knows everything will get better. He says he’s a spartan, and she says, strong like bull, as my father used to say. She thinks she should be the one having issues. In her interview, Tamra says Eddie is tired of not being able to work out. His world is health and fitness, and when you take something away that someone loves, it changes them. She’s worried about the surgery.

Ryan and Tamra get coffee while Eddie is in hour six. She tells Ryan that she’s flustered. She gets the good news that Eddie is out. Ryan asks how it went, and she gets teary. She says they fixed the problem with AFib, but found out that his heart is beating irregularly, which makes him at greater risk for it coming back. Vicki calls, and Tamra says she’s holding up. She explains about Eddie’s heart still not working properly. Vicki offers to get Tamra a juice or something, but Tamra says she’s with Ryan. Ryan says, juice helps people in troubling times. Giving us our best quote of the week so far.

Kelly and Jolie go out for dinner. Vicki joins them. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly was unhappily married, and we flash back to that. Kelly says she’s doing well now. For the first time in her life, she’s doing things on her own. Vicki tells her David is dating a 34-year-old, and she hopes Michael finds a girlfriend. Kelly thinks Shannon should date, and Vicki says she has a friend of Steve’s for her. Kelly insists she’s not dating, but Jolie pipes up that she is, and Vicki says she knows way too much for sixth grade. Kelly thinks they should go on a ropes course to build trust. Vicki says she’s not good at athletic sh*t.

Tamra meets friend Emily in the park. Emily is a party planner by night, and a kickass attorney by day. They met three years ago, but something happened that pissed Tamra off, and they haven’t seen each other for two years. Emily says she’d invited Ricky to her 40th birthday party, but didn’t know the circumstances between him and Tamra. We flash back to Ricky making comments about Eddie being gay. Emily thinks she’s seen Gretchen once since then. In her interview, Tamra explains that Emily was hanging out with people that she needed to distance herself from. Tamra tells Emily that she never had anything against her, but saw pictures of them on social media and couldn’t be part of it. Emily understands, but at the time felt like she was in the middle and was like, screw you. She missed her though. In her interview, Emily says she decided to reach out after she was in therapy to resolve issues with toxic relationships. She thinks when the trust comes back, they’ll be great friends. They talk about Eddie’s surgery. He’s now at home, going crazy.

We watch Emily chase after her kids. She calls daughter Annabelle, her feral child, since it’s like they picked her up in the woods. She also has Luke and Kenner, three-year-old twin boys. She tells us she’s from Ohio and grew up poor. She was the kid in the free lunch program. Hey, I washed dishes in exchange for lunch. It pissed me off when, not too long ago, it was made to seem like a crime to offer a kid this option. It saved money and taught me the value of a dollar. Mini rant over. Emily feels appreciative of where she came from, since it made her who she is. She wanted an education and a better life. She tried to make good choices, and it worked out. Husband Shane comes home. She says they’d worked together, but never really dated. They became friends, and one day he asked her, hey, want to get married? on Google Chat, and she had nothing better to do. They got married a few weeks later. It’s their anniversary soon, and Shane says he got her a card. They lose Keller in their massive house, but he’s found on the couch.

In her yard, Shannon comes across the great leveler – dog poop – and picks up after Archie, who is adorable. Tamra visits, and asks if Shannon is staying there a while. Shannon says, no; she’s just renting. Tamra wonders if, when the divorce is over, she’ll get some money. Tamra feels badly for her, but says David has moved on, and it’s time for her to sign the divorce papers and figure out next part of her life. Shannon says she’s frustrated that in less than three months after her marriage of seventeen years ended, he’s found a girlfriend. In her interview, Tamra says she was the first to find out, and stalked them. She found out the relationship went back as far as when David and Shannon were still married. Tamra was worried about telling Shannon, but Shannon says it’s over; it doesn’t matter. Tamra says it’s time to take her ring off. Shannon says it doesn’t represent David, but that she’s a wife and mother. In her interview, Shannon says not be wearing a wedding ring means she doesn’t have her whole family together anymore. Tamra says it’s like the final step.

Shannon says she’s never taken it off except when she was pregnant. It will seem like she’s naked. She knows the marriage is over, and she never wants to go back. It’s tight, but she suddenly decides she wants it off. Tamra helps using some soap. Shannon tells Tamra to rip her knuckle off. It finally comes off, and Shannon says she feels naked and like her hands look old.

The girls drive to the ropes course together. Kelly wants to talk about her date. Shannon says she claimed she wasn’t dating, and Vicki begs to differ. The course looks high up and scary. Shannon says the activity is really about making a commitment and trust. Everyone has trust issues, and Vicki says they’re rebuilding what’s broken. They put on helmets and harnesses. Vicki falls over before they even get on the course, and we flash back to her doing a lot of that over the seasons.

The guide explains the course, and the girls start to climb up. Tamra and Shannon go first. Kelly asks if it’s scary. Shannon is afraid of heights, and says, eff you. Tamra encourages her to walk on these floating logs, but she says she’s not strong enough and starts to panic. From down below, Kelly says it’s nothing compared to what she’s been through, and it’s good for her daughter to see. Shannon says she’s kind of right. Vicki and Kelly start to go up.

Tamra tells them not to look down; one step at a time. Shannon explains how to get across to Vicki. The guide says they’re a group. Shannon gets stuck, but it’s also made the ropes trap Vicki’s hand, and Vicki starts squealing. Shannon starts crying, and somehow, Tamra helps extract Vicki. Kelly is the first to zipline back down. In her interview, she says it’s the most terrifying thing she’s ever been through. Shannon gets scared, and tells Tamra, if she dies, let the kids know she loves them, and tell David to eff off. IMO, the ziplining looks like the easiest, and least scary part, so I’m confused. Not that I’ll ever be doing one of these.

Shannon says she feels strong, and can do whatever she sets her mind to. She knows they have her back. They’ve all been though what she has, and are there to support and lead her through it. Tamra says it was a good thing for them to do. Trust is gigantic, and as friends, they have to help each other. There’s a picnic waiting, and they toast to a new beginning. In her interview, the OG of the OC, Vicki, says she’s learned her lesson. She’s moving on and having fun. They all cheer to Team OC.

Next time, Gina is introduced, Vicki has one more hurdle – Eddie, and Vicki tells Kelly not to care about Michael moving on.

🍹 Southern Charm Savannah started its new season tonight, but I only watched it peripherally. I’d been on the fence about it, but was starting to like the couple with the little dogs. Then they broke up. Now I’m on the fence again.

😔 Very Sad News…

Annabelle Neilson from Ladies of London has passed away. She was only 49, and so far, no details about how she died. I loved that show, and was praying for its return. She was one of my favorites too. She was quite the equestrian, and had gotten severely injured during (I think) the first season. She was a trooper though, and things seemed to be looking up. I wonder if there were eventual complications from the accident. Unfortunately, it also sounded like she was depressed.

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June 14, 2018 – Kiki Confronts David, Austen’s Beer Launch, Shah Day & More Charm


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis comes out from the secret passage at Wyndemere. He tells Sam that she was right; it’s a damn maze. He didn’t find anything, and wants to come back check the stables. Sam says Peter isn’t there, but she found something that might put them on the right track. She shows him an invoice, and says Valentin has a charter service for a plane. She can’t think of a better way for Peter to get out.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s heard you shouldn’t make important life changes if you’re under stress, but if they stay married, she’ll be under stress for the rest of her life. She wants a divorce. Valentin says he’d give her the world, but not that. She asks what he means, and he says he’s not giving up without a fight.

Doc says Alexis must have opened the envelope, and asks if it held the answers to what she’s looking for. She says, not exactly. It was the watch Mikkos gave to her mother. Doc can’t imagine that was helpful. He asks what it told her, and she says, a lot. Just not the way she was expecting.

Elizabeth asks Sarah who told her that she was getting married. She says, he’s pretty amazing all right. Always full of surprises.

David finds Kiki in the locker room. He says he just heard about the article in the paper. It’s disturbing that she should be going through these things at all, not to mention within the walls of the hospital. He tells her that he’s available if she needs someone to talk to. She says she’s good. She starts to leave, but he blocks her. She tells him to get out of her way. He says not until they clear something up.

Mary Pat says GH is a fine institution, and asks Jason why he wants to leave to join the team at Ferncliff. He says he heard there were more available hours, so he can work more shifts and make more money. She appreciates his honesty, and says they do have problem keeping custodians. He’ll be mixing with patients who are seriously disturbed. She asks if that’s a problem, and he says, no. She tells him, working with the mentally ill, slash criminally insane, isn’t for everyone. He says, a mess is a mess, no matter where it is, and it’s his job to clean it up.

Carly opens her eyes to see Rupert watching her.

Nina says Valentin is a piece of work. He says she loves that about him. He refuses to accept it’s the end of the road, and she says he should have thought about that before lying for the ten thousandth time. She’s tired, and it should be easier. He says he made a terrible mistake; he doesn’t disagree with that, but he doesn’t agree to a divorce. She says it’s a no-fault state. He says it’s only no-fault if neither one contests it. She says she’ll file on grounds then. He says he hasn’t been abusive, but she disagrees. He’s lied to her. He betrayed his wife’s trust. It’s cruel, and nothing could hurt worse.

Alexis tells Doc that Valentin promised clarification on what kind of man her father was, and gave her the watch. Doc asks what his intent was. She says when she went to Wyndemere, he was listening to a recording of her mother singing. Doc asks if she thinks he was goading her to provoke a reaction, but she has no idea why he does what he does. He even gave her a picture of her mother. She doesn’t trust him, but to have those things… She has nothing of her mother’s, and it was nice to hear her voice. The picture is of an unguarded moment, and she looked like she was just living her life. She has few memories of her mother doing that. Doc asks about the watch, and Alexis says it made her feel uneasy, but she doesn’t know why. She stared at it for thirty minutes, and had a realization. She has so few memories of her mother, yet her mother’s choices changed her life in ways she never even considered.

David tells Kiki that there are rumors going around, and some people assume he’s the doctor in question. It would benefit both of them if she cleared up that misunderstanding. She tells him to cut the crap. It is about him, and she’s the one who filed the complaint. It’s gone on long enough. He tells her the suggestion of misconduct could cost a man his career; he could lose his job over mixed signals. Kiki says she calls it harassment. Someone has to stop him or the cycle will never end. He says, and she’s that someone? She tells him that he’s right again. She’s also exploring legal action. The rumors are the least of his problems.

Franco says he was going to tell Elizabeth that he called her sister. Elizabeth says she’s not upset, but it’s pointless to reach out. Sarah is too busy to fly out, which is what she expected. He asks if she’s disappointed, and she says she’s used to it. He asks why she didn’t tell her sister that she was getting married, and she says she didn’t not tell her. It wasn’t intentional; they just haven’t spoke for a while. He says she needs to tell him what’s going on.

Mary Pat asks Jason if he has any questions. He doesn’t think so. She suggests she give him the tour, so he can see what Ferncliff is all about.

Carly slips into sleep. Rupert says, see you around, Caroline. When he’s gone, she whispers that her name is Carly.

Mary Pat tells Jason that this is the wing for particularly violent offenders. She asks if cleaning it is a problem, and he says he’d like to see it first. She likes his attitude. She tells him most of the patients there are in solitary. He asks if that’s on the doctor’s recommendation, but she says, mostly hers.

Sam tells Curtis that it must have been done at the last minute; there’s no flight plan. He says, even if Peter was on the plane, they can’t tell where he was headed. Sam thinks knows someone who can help. She calls the charter service, and says she’s Nina. She has some questions about her husband’s account.

Nina tells Valentin that she doesn’t blame him for her brother’s death; she blames him for lying. One of the reasons she fell in love with him, was because he trusted her instincts, and believed in her when no one else did. She told him something was off with Peter, and he was too close to Maxie. He made her doubt herself. He says he didn’t want her to see the worst thing he’d done; it crushes him to disappoint her. He insists the marriage isn’t over. She says she’s not giving second chances (even though this would be like, the fourth or fifth). If he won’t agree to the divorce, she’s prepared to take action. He suggests they make a deal. He’ll have thirty days to prove himself to her. If he’s successful, there will be no divorce. If he fails, he’ll sign whatever she wants.

Alexis tells Doc that her mother knew exactly who Mikkos was. He was dangerous, and married to someone dangerous, yet she chose to stay there. Doc says maybe she had no other options, but Alexis says she did. She was on the verge of a successful career. Doc says maybe she was in love. Alexis says he killed her mother, and almost killed her. Doc asks if she sees a parallel, and she says, a glaring neon one. She seeks out bad men, and can’t stay away. She is her mother. She wonders what’s wrong with her; if it’s in her DNA. Is she hard-wired for it, or did she just see the example of her parents? Doc says he’s ready to explore it if she is.

David tells Kiki her case will never make it to court. She says, wait and see, and he asks, what grounds? She says a revolting one. He says he helped her get into med school. She brings up his saying he’d give her a better evaluation if she had sex with him. He says it was a joke, and she says what about the massage and the kiss. He says, big deal; he got the wrong message. This is the real world. Things happen when people work closely together; grow up. She says it was completely inappropriate. If he thinks otherwise, he’s delusional. He tells her to file her ridiculous suit. He can’t wait to see how she handles the fallout. How does she think her peers will feel when she goes public? Any male doctors will be uncomfortable sticking their neck out for her, or even bringing her coffee. They’ll be living in constant fear that their actions will be misconstrued. If she goes ahead with it, she’ll be killing her career before it starts. Griff comes out of nowhere, and grabs David, saying, that is enough.

Elizabeth doesn’t know how to explain it to Franco. It’s just not where they are. Her family wouldn’t show up whether she was getting married or being inducted into the nurse’s hall of fame. He asks if it doesn’t bother her. She says disappointment turned into resignation, and she has zero expectations. He says, this time might be different. She doesn’t think so, and asks him to let it go.

David calls Griff the resident white knight. Kiki tells Griff to let him go. David sees she’s okay with the chivalry of some doctors; she gets to pick and choose. Hmm… maybe he should grow up. She says what he did wasn’t chivalrous, and she’s going to take him down. He says she’ll be laughed out of court. She says she has options, unlike him, and he says, we’ll see.

Nina tells Valentin that she already hired an attorney. He says he can fight it for weeks or years; it will get expensive. She doesn’t care, and he says he’s offering her a contract. At the end of thirty days, she can either drop him for good or spend the rest of her life with him. He writes something on a napkin and gives it to her. She says, this is a contract? and he says his signature is on it. That’s right. People’s Court Judge Marilyn Milian says it doesn’t matter – get it in writing, even if it’s on a piece of toilet paper with a crayon. Valentin warns her that he’s going to pull out all the stops to remind her how rare and precious their love is. She tells him not to get his hopes up.

On the phone, Sam says they’ve been extremely helpful. She tells Curtis that by helpful, she means not at all. Nina isn’t an authorized user. They confirmed the flight was scheduled, but not the destination. Curtis’s phone dings. He says Nina can’t stall any longer; they have to go. Sam says, no way. They’re not going anywhere.

Alexis tells Doc that all this time, she’s been focusing on the dysfunctional family dynamic. Her mother sacrificed her life for a sociopath who was married to a sociopath. Doc says that’s one aspect, but they also tried to out evil each other. She says while that’s not something she pursued, she’s following in her mother’s footsteps with one hideous relationship after the other. She tried to break the cycle, and dived into a relationship with Finn as a solution. She needs to try and figure out why she’s still attracted to the wrong men. Doc says it’s definitely a layer, and Alexis says, there are other layers? She wonders if, since she can recognize the patter, she can break it, and he wishes it were that easy. She asks if they just keep talking until she’s attracted to normal men or dies alone. He says they’ll work until she’s able to confront the person or persons who are at the root. She says her parents are dead. There’s no one left to share cathartic moments. Doc says, not necessarily.

Mary Pat tells Jason none of the patients are there because they’re nice people. He says it’s not his place to judge one way or the other. She points to Carly’s room, and says, this one pushed a young pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. He asks how long she’ll be there. Carly sees Jason through the window, and says, thank God. Mary Pat says until she’s deemed a sane, functional member of society – whenever that is. Carly and Jason lock eyes. Carly says, you’re here. Mary Pat sees she’s awake, and tells Rupert that she needs a higher dose. She introduces him to “Jesse,” and he tells Jason to stick to mopping floors, and leave the patients to the professionals. Mary Pat says, that’s a good point. If a situation arises, he is to notify the staff immediately. She says they’ll finish in the day room.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry if he overstepped a boundary. She thinks it’s sweet, but says not to feel badly for her. He thinks she’s incredible, and doesn’t understand why they’re not a part of her and her children’s lives. She says there’s no room. Their work is their life. They’re not malicious; it’s just them. The bright side is, even though they say you can’t pick your family, she kind of got to. She has amazing friends, the boys, and him; they’re the only family she needs. She’s pretty lucky. He says, she is, but if her parents magically showed up, wouldn’t it make her happy? She says, in a Cinderella kind of way, but life isn’t a fairy tale, and she’s okay with that.

Kiki tells Griff that he shouldn’t have done that. Griff wasn’t going to let David threaten her, but Kiki says he could be charged with assault. Griff doesn’t care, and says it was David in the article, wasn’t it? He knew something was going on. With the weirdness at the Nurses’ Ball, he should have seen what was right in front of him. Griff says, he didn’t…? and Kiki says, no. It was just toxic for a long time, and last week, he actually propositioned her, using her evaluation as leverage. Griff says, it’s disgusting, and wishes she’d come to him. She says after what happened between them, he’s the last place she could go for help.

Doc tells Alexis it might be helpful to have one of the men she dated join them. Not to unload how hurt she is, but they could see how the relationship evolved. Why it was good, and when, and when it went bad, how it got there. She’d be surprised how different their takes might be. She says Jerry Jax is an international fugitive, and not available; Ric hates her, and won’t help; and Sonny is a little busy. That leaves Julian. Doc says, it does, and time’s up. He tells her there’s no need to make a move yet, but think about it. She says she will.

Valentin comes home. He flashes back to Nina asking for a divorce. As he pours a drink, he says, you two are not nearly as stealthy as you think. Sam and Curtis come out, and Sam says they weren’t trying to hide. Curtis says they have some questions about Peter.

Nina looks at Valentin’s contract. Her phone dings. It’s Charlotte, asking when she’s coming home. She misses Nina.

Valentin asks if they want a drink, but they pass. Sam asks where Peter is, and Valentin says he’s not the one who put the cameras on loop or distracted the guard. Curtis says he must have provided shelter, and Valentin says he searched the property; any sign? He didn’t think so. Sam says he chartered a plane the same night he was found in Peter’s cell. Curtis asks if he can see why they think he’s holding back, and Valentin says, absolutely, and he is.

Alexis packs a box for charity. Is this another Maxie move? She looks at the picture of her mother.

Mary Pat tells Jason, if all goes well with his references, he can start later today; they’re short-staffed. He says it works for him. Carly’s door opens, and she says, you’re here; I knew you’d come, but it’s Doc.

Jason asks where he’d start, and Mary Pat says the public areas, until he gets acclimated. She thinks he’s a good fit, and he agrees. Doc asks Carly if she was expecting someone. She says she thought she saw something, but doesn’t know if it was real. He says, like with Morgan, and asks if she’s all right. He wonders how many meds they’re giving her. She asks if he’s actually there. He says he is, he’s real, and he’s going to do everything he can to help her.

Elizabeth suggests she and Franco talk about something happy. She’s super excited about getting married. Other than having the kids, it will be the most important moment of her life. The ER calls, and she has to go. Franco tells her to go and save lives. She tells him to wait up for her. When she’s gone, Franco calls Sarah, and wonders if she can put him in touch with her parents.

Kiki tells Griff, for her mom’s sake, they need to stay as far away from each other as possible. She knew things would get messy after they slept together. He says he never wanted her to think she can’t lean on him; she can’t face it alone. She says she has Elizabeth and Lulu, and Alexis agreed to represent her. She thanks him anyway, saying he’s a good friend. He says it feels wrong to do nothing. She says Monica tried, and it didn’t work. He says, so that’s it? She doesn’t need or want help? She says, not from him.

David slinks around the hospital. He looks at a picture of Kiki hugging Griff on his phone, and smiles. The only problem I have with this is, Griff is also her mother’s boyfriend. It wouldn’t be all that inappropriate.

Nina texts Charlotte that she misses her, and will see her soon. She flashes back to Valentin saying they did everything in reverse, and giving her a ring.

Valentin says, during the altercation, Peter took his phone. Peter must have pretended to be him, and contacted the pilot. He’s as shocked as anyone. The jet was fueled and ready to go. Curtis asks why he didn’t call the police, and Valentin says it never left the ground. He got stuck with the cancelation fee, and Peter must have found another way to get out of town. Curtis asks if that’s his story, and Valentin says it’s the truth. Curtis and Sam leave. Outside, Curtis says, dude is lying through teeth. Sam says he’s helping Peter. Curtis wonders if he never took off, how did he get away? There were check points everywhere. Sam says, unless he never left town. Peter is still in Port Charles.

Alexis listens to the recording of her mother, and looks at the watch on her wrist.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Julian that he’s stuck with her, Sonny asks Mike if he talked to someone about Skully, and Carly asks Doc to help her get out.

Southern Charm

Is Ashley still on the show?

Craig meets Austen, who tells him his hand is gnarly. Craig severed two tendons in his pinky. Now he’s wearing an archaic device for two weeks. They’re headed to pick up Austen’s first batch of beer. He wants to have a tasting party on Saturday. He’s inviting all of their friends, including Chelsea. Craig asks if she and Victoria have been in the same place since he started dating Victoria. He says they’re not speaking. Victoria thought Chelsea was inappropriate. In his interview, Austen says Victoria lets her emotions get the best of her more often than not, and it’s frustrating to deal with. Craig says, girls are crazy.

Naomie goes to the beach with Chelsea and her dog, bringing her best friend’s dog along. Chelsea loves that Naomie posted pictures of Thomas and Kathryn at Saint’s birthday party. Naomie says she knows Ashley looks at her stories, and she’s that petty. Chelsea hopes they don’t have to deal with her much longer. Naomie says she claims she’s not going anywhere. She asks how it’s going with Austen. Chelsea says if he’s happy, that’s awesome, but she can’t hang out with him like they used to; it’s not comfortable for her. Naomie says that’s normal and understandable. In her interview, Naomie thinks Chelsea still has feelings for Austen. She asks what it would take for Chelsea to be comfortable, and Chelsea says, dating someone super-hot.

Austen and Craig get to the brewery. Everything went off without a hitch. Austen is excited; it’s the moment of truth. He sniffs the beer like it’s a fine wine, and says he smells the grapefruit. It’s definitely what he wanted; not too sweet, dry, or weak at the end. Craig thinks it’s more lemon than grapefruit, and kind of woody. In his interview, Craig says he’s still a college beer guy, who drinks Bud Light. Really? That’s better than Coors Light, but still… He asks if Austen is happy, and he is. Everything has worked out with the distributor, and it will be in by Friday.

Cameran is exhausted. Baby stuff is everywhere. Her mother comes over, and Cameran says she just took her first shower in two weeks. Her armpits were on the verge of looking like a man’s. Her mother brought some vintage baby linens, but Cameran says, to be honest, she’ll never use them. Maybe when she has a second kid. She says, psyche! Nothing is coming out of there ever again. She tells her mom that she was sobbing uncontrollably at two am, asking Jason, what have we done? They had a great life; why did they ruin it? She can’t sleep when the baby does, since she wakes at the slightest sound. Her mom marvels at maternal instinct. Cameran says she saw a lactation consultant, and has an oversupply of milk. She can’t go out, and it’s like Groundhog Day. Her mom says it’s only a short time. Cameran knows it’s fleeting, and Palmer will be an a-hole teenager one day. Her mom says if Palmer gets Jason’s personality, she’ll be great to live with. If she gets Cameran’s, payback is hell.

Craig meets Kathryn for coffee. She says he’s like Edward Scissorhands. She’s working, and enjoying it. We see a clip of her styling someone. Craig can tell she’s genuinely happy. She says Thomas told her that her energy field is amazing. She tells him about Thomas texting her lines from the poem If by Rudyard Kipling.  If you can keep your head when all about you, are losing theirs and blaming it on you… Kathryn calls it a badass poem. Craig thinks Thomas is losing his mind. If Ashley was going to get a job, she’s been there long enough to have done it already. Kathryn says she thought it was a one way free ticket to spend someone else’s money. Thomas is usually frugal as hell, and is probably using it to keep her at bey. In her interview, Kathryn says Thomas is good at his game, and Ashley thinks he’ll take care of everything. So did she. We flash way back to Thomas telling Kathryn that everything he has is behind her. She says, he doesn’t keep a single promise – good luck. He’s not going from being frugal to spending tons of money. She tells Craig that Thomas isn’t consistent. Craig doesn’t think Ashley will be cool with him spending money, then suddenly cutting it off. Kathryn says she’s all over the place, and Craig says she’s not very stable.

In his interview, Thomas says Ashley is still in California. When she left, they weren’t in a good place. He does find fault with her, and thinks she’s too controlling, but he’s not the easiest guy to be with, and he wants a partner in the business of life. Whitney meets him at the jewelry store. Thomas needs another family crest ring, since he lost his. Oops. Whitney shows off his ring, which was crafted by the Queen of England’s jeweler. Thomas is thinking of getting himself and Ashley matching rings. Whitney asks if it would be a promise ring, and I wonder how old we are. He’d thought Thomas sent her packing; what is he doing? In his interview, Whitney says Thomas doesn’t make sense. He’s hot one minute, and cold the next. A squad of analysts couldn’t figure it out. Thomas says Ashley was a hit at his stepmom’s birthday, and his sister loves her. In his interview, Thomas says it’s important for his family to approve. He tends to get caught in the emotion, and makes bad decisions. Whitney tells him that a signet ring will signify a future, but Thomas doesn’t want to send false signals. Whitney asks if he wants to marry her, but he’s not sure. Whitney tells him not to waste his or Ashley’s time, but he says he’s not making a decision right now. He wants to think it through.

Craig goes to his favorite sewing store, and tells manager Kathy that he’s presenting a sample design for a pillow he’s been commissioned to make. He shows her several designs on her phone, and she gives him her opinion. In his interview, he says he’s known Kathy a while, and when he can’t make a decision, whatever she says, goes. Kathy tells him that she’d buy the design with two dogs under palm trees, and shows him some fabric, while making suggestions. In his interview, he says it feels like success is going to happen for the first time ever.

Shep goes to the bowling alley. In his interview, he says he’s allowed to use a knee brace for certain activities, but the doctor didn’t specify bowling. He would probably be admonished. Kathryn joins him. He says he’s not very good, but after four beers and one shot of whiskey, he’s the best bowler ever. He says Chelsea is supposed to find a cute physical therapist for him. When someone nurses you back to health, you fall in love with them. Actually, I fall in love with the first thing I’m able to eat after I feel good again. Kathryn remembers bringing the soup to Shep. She gets a gutter ball. In her interview, she says, thinking back on their time together, maybe they cut the cord too quickly. They had a lot of fun. She says after Kensie was born, they hooked up a few times, but it never went anywhere. The sex was good sex, he’s cute and fun. Shep says he’ll let her win, but she says she can win on her own. She tells him that she had a dream about him. He was in a big house with a bunch of women, who were fighting for him. She fell asleep for two days, and when she woke up, he was outside her door, saying he was in love with her. In his interview, Shep says he does love Kathryn. That’s not a lie.

Austen’s friend Alexandra visits for the beer tasting. Austen says they met in college, and she’s his best female friend. He calls her with girl drama. She knows everything that happens, and they’re open and honest with each other. She asks if she’s meeting Victoria and the infamous Chelsea. She thinks Austen is smitten with her; he said he was in love the next morning. Austen insists he didn’t, but then says he probably did. He tells her about Victoria’s problem with Chelsea. He wants to be respectful, but also be friendly with who he wants to be. He’s nervous, but says they’re grownups. Today his girlfriend is his beer. Yep. That sounds really grown up.

Thomas encourages Ashley to get ready faster, and she mumbles her discontent with him from the bathroom. He was hoping she’d return from California refreshed, but he’s not sure things improved. They might have regressed.

Rob from House of Brews is working the beer party. Austen is stoked, and says he’s in his hoppy [sic] place. He’s giving out comment cards, and will maybe take them into consideration, or throw them out. He’s nervous, because everyone is coming there for him; his family and friends, his ex and his current. He has a lot stressing him out, and he’s trying to keep it together. There’s also a wall done with chalkboard paint, set up for beer name suggestions.

Chelsea’s friend, Addie, helps her pick an outfit. She wants to look like a badass. In her interview, Chelsea says she didn’t think she’d be nervous, but now that she’s getting ready, she has butterflies. She’s proud of Austen. She tells Addie he talked a lot, and there was no action, but now it’s a tangible thing. Addie says Victoria is going to be there, and Chelsea says she hasn’t seen her. Addie says she asks about Chelsea all the time, and she thinks Victoria wants Chelsea’s approval. Chelsea thinks she’ll be fine, but doesn’t know. Seeing them together could hurt her heart. Addie says she could be cool, and tell him that his beer sucks. Chelsea asks if Victoria is hotter than her, then tells Addie not to answer.

Austen’s family arrives. They try the beer, and they all like it. His parents are anxious to see what everyone thinks. Naomie pronounces it, so good. JD (bleh) joins the crowd, followed by Chelsea. Good thing Victoria isn’t there for the hug. It’s a good one; he lifts her off the ground. Thomas and Ashley show up next. Thomas says it tastes like beer. Chelsea expected something more Austen-y. Kathryn congratulates him, and Thomas tells Craig that Kathryn is taller. Ashley tells him, don’t stare, and he says, why not? Here comes Victoria. She barely acknowledges Chelsea, who figured it would go like that. Austen has a less enthusiastic hug for her.

Craig asks Ashley if she’s spoken to Kathryn, and Ashley says, Kathryn who? because she’s just that immature. Thomas goes over to talk to her, and gives her a forehead kiss. Ashley tells Craig that they’ve been struggling since she got back. She feels like she’s self-destructive in some ways. Everyone rates, and tries to name the beer. Whitney arrives, and does a spit-take with the beer to be funny. Chelsea tells Craig about Cameran coming to her salon with Palmer. Shep tells everyone that Kathryn is the best bowler ever. She bowled two strikes and then gutter balls. She thinks Thomas is being weird. Shep likes his sweater, but points out he’s getting a gut. Craig wishes Ashley a belated happy birthday, and she says she’s thirty-three; too old for Thomas now. You could have fooled me. I thought she was in middle school. Shep tells Kathryn to consider it a good thing that Ashley isn’t talking to her.

Austen thanks everyone for supporting him, and says, cheers ya’ll! Thomas tells Whitney that he and Ashley were kind of arguing, and that she’s trying to control him. Whitney asks if he’s still getting the rings, but Thomas doesn’t know. JD shakes his head. Austen’s mom is proud of him; he exceeded expectations. He says his family’s approval is everything. It’s a major success, and he wants to cry. Victoria wonders if trepidation is a word. I heave a sigh. In her interview, Chelsea isn’t liking the bad energy. She doesn’t know what to expect with Victoria. She tells Victoria if they’re happy, she couldn’t be happier. And if Victoria feels like she if feel crossed boundaries, talk to her. Victoria says she saw Chelsea’s lips on Austen’s arm in the video, and it was like a punch in the stomach. Chelsea says it was freezing, and she was blocking the wind. She wonders if her and Austen’s friendship is too close for Victoria to be comfortable with. Victoria says Austen told her it was cold too, but it was the body language. Chelsea says she didn’t think it was anything sexual, like cuddling. Victoria agrees no boundaries were crossed.

Austen talks to Alexandra about Chelsea and Victoria.  Austen says there’s passion with Victoria, but Chelsea means a lot to him. Alexandra calls bullsh*t. She doesn’t think Victoria is the one.

Next time, Cameran is free, Naomie and Chelsea are concerned about Kathryn, and Thomas gives Ashley a gift.

🍹 🍇 I can’t wait for the Shahs of Sunset: How They Got Here on Monday, June 18th at 9 pm. I love the Shahs! There will also be a Shah marathon most of the day. Sadly, MJ’s father, Shams, has passed away since last season. I’m glad she has Tommy by her side. He seems like a stand-up guy, and the only one who can keep MJ from getting in her own way.

💐 Southern Charm Savannah will be premiering its second season Monday, July 16th at 10 pm. Here’s a first look:


June 26, 2017 – Lotsa Gettin’ Busy, Two Charming Finales & the Zen Room


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nelle and Michael almost get busy. He says they should stop, but she says no.

Hayden has morning sickness at night. She throws a giraffe toy across the room, and almost hits Curtis.

Griff asks Finn if everything is okay with Hayden and the baby. Finn says everything checked out with the OB/GYN, and in case Griff was wondering, she’s keeping the baby. Griff asks if he’s ready to be a father. Finn says no.

Obrecht tells Ava that her injuries put a lot of stress on her heart. She notices the DNR, but says that Ava seems to be healing. She asks if Ava isn’t cheered by that news.

Julian approaches Alexis at Kelly’s where she’s eating a gigantic ice cream concoction. He asks if she never eats at home, and she asks him the same question. She says she ran out of ice cream. He asks if it’s helping.

Josslyn tells Oscar about the horse her parents leased for the summer. He didn’t know she rode, and says it fits her; she seems like someone who cares about real things, instead of taking selfies and accumulating likes. She asks if he cares about real things. I’m not usually into the summer kid storylines, but these two are cute.

Carly and Sonny are also getting busy, but she pushes him away. He asks if he did something wrong and why she stopped. She says he’s doing it again. She was almost out of his life, but then was so afraid she was going to lose him, she could barely breathe.

Julian asks what brought on Alexis’s drinking in the first place. She says it doesn’t have to be any one thing specifically. She wanted to feel something other than nostalgia and regret, and it’s not all about him. He talks about loneliness and loss, and says he’s right there with her.

Griff tells Finn that he was terrified when he thought Charlotte was his daughter. He’s glad to see Finn is taking charge of his life, like he did with getting sober. Finn says he needs time to breathe, and find a way through it.

Curtis asks if Hayden is okay, and she says that she’s fine. He asks why she called him, and she tells him that she has a job offer. She explains about Finn’s drug tests coming back positive even though he’s not using anymore. Curtis says the road to recovery isn’t a straight line, and Hayden asks why he doubts Finn. Curtis says he knows Finn loves her, but addicts lie. She says they know who’s tampering with the tests, but need him to help prove it.

Ava tells Obrecht that she’s not exactly optimistic these days, and Obrecht asks if she’d like to talk to someone. Kiki comes in, and Obrecht says the best medicine is here. She’d give anything to be with her daughter. She leaves, and Kiki says she thought Ava would feel better after hearing that she’s going to recover. Ava tells her about seeing what she looks like, and that it’s the price she has to pay for what she did to Morgan and Kiki. We haven’t seen under the bandages, but she actually looks pretty good for someone that injured. And then we do have her perfect manicure. Just sayin’. I also know they would have taken her nail polish off before doing any procedures involving anesthesia, since I worked at a women’s clinic for a couple of years. Sorry. Nit-picky, I know. After 50 years, I feel entitled.

Josslyn tells Oscar that when she rides, she doesn’t think of anything else. He says he feels that way when he plays music – his favorite thing is to let go and just feel it. She says it feels good not having to think about problems. She moves in for a kiss, then says OMG. Her grandmother is here; she heard the car.

Sonny tells Carly that the assault came out of nowhere. She says it’s his entire life. If Jason hadn’t shown up, they’d both be dead. She can’t stand remembering when he was shot, and making him promises that she thought she could keep, just so he’d live. He asks if they can’t think about how they survived and pulled each other through.

Michael and Nelle get busier.

Carly tells Sonny that they’re in the same place they always end up, but this time it was faster. She says their relationship is love versus violence, bliss versus grief, and hope versus loss. They barely survived, and she’s so angry she could scream. He says he doesn’t blame her; he’s angry with himself. She hates caring about him, and all of this. He asks if she hates him.

Bobbie walks into the house. Oscar introduces himself. She says she sent the half-naked kids in the hot tub packing, and they’re lucky they have their clothes on. Oscar gets out while he can. Josslyn says she can explain, and Bobbie says she’ll be doing the explaining.

Kiki tells Ava that surgery will do a lot. Ava says Kiki is too kind and good to write her off, but it would be easier if she hated her. Kiki says easier for who, her or Ava?

Finn tells Griff that circumstances not under his control lost his job for him. He explains how he and Hayden thought Brad was trying to sabotage him out of greed, when it was really someone who was envious. He says that it’s been her goal to destroy his career since he got there. Griff is like, she? And Finn tells him it’s Obrecht. She stares at them from across the room.

Hayden tells Curtis about her urine being tested. She says it was positive for opiates, and… She trails off.

Julian reminds Alexis that they got through the first night of her sobriety together. She says that night is long past, but he says here they are, together again.  He tells her that maybe he was meant to run into her.

Ava tells Kiki that it would be easier for both of them if she’d turn her back. Kiki says part of her thinks her life would be better, and Ava tells her to do it. Kiki asks if Ava really wants her to go and not come back. Scotty comes in, and asks if he’s interrupting. Ava says that Kiki was just leaving.

Hayden explains to Curtis that Finn is suspended, and can’t be reinstated until they prove otherwise. Curtis says he has ideas, but they have to talk money. She asks if they aren’t friends, and he says if they are, she can start by telling him about the baby.

Finn tells Griff that someone has been doctoring his drug tests to make it look like he’s under the influence.

Alexis talks about Gordo Garvey, saying she tried to call Sonny, but went right to voicemail. Julian tells her that he passed along the information to Jason, and would have heard if everything wasn’t okay. Alexis says he went the distance today. Julian says he might be going to prison, so he made a last effort to make a difference. She asks if he’s in danger now.

Bobbie tells Josslyn that she got a call about kids in the hot tub, and thought it was impossible, since Josslyn was spending the night at Trina’s. Josslyn says she wasn’t planning on drinking, but Trina brought friends with wine coolers, and she didn’t know what to do. She says she wants to have fun and hang out, and not think about her parents or Sonny or any of it. Bobbie asks if she was successful, and she tells Bobbie that she had the best time.

Sonny tells Carly that he felt the same, thinking she could die. If she had, he couldn’t live without her. Carly says she can’t live without him. They go back to getting busy.

Julian tells Alexis that he wouldn’t be there if he thought he was in danger; he wouldn’t expose her to that, but it means a lot that she asked. She asks if he saw Sam, and how is she? He says hostile as usual, but she seemed fine. Alexis says that Sam has been agitated lately, but when she asks about it, Sam gets even more agitated. Julian says she’s probably not happy that Alexis came to his defense about seeing Leo. He asks Alexis to keep him posted.

Obrecht questions Finn about his belief that someone is sabotaging his career, and he says he knows it. Griff says he believes it too, and she tells him that compassion is clouding his judgement. She says they rely on science, not sentiment, and they’ve been more than generous with Finn. The hospital has lost an excellent doctor, but there’s nothing they can do. As soon as she’s gone, Griff tells Finn that he’s right; now how do they prove it?

Curtis tells Hayden that he’s trained to observe, and she’s about to be sick. She mumbles something about questionable chicken salad, but he’s not having it. He says she almost told him something else about the test, and she hasn’t left the giraffe toy alone since he got there; she’s pregnant. She admits that she is, and he congratulates her. He asks if Finn is cool, and she says he’s great. He asks if she’s cool.

Josslyn tells Bobbie that she was in there the whole time talking to Oscar, and that’s all they did. Bobbie says she was drinking. Josslyn says it was just one, but Bobbie says besides her being underage, it was wrong because she lied. Josslyn tries getting around Bobbie by asking if she didn’t do anything wrong when she was young, but Bobbie isn’t going there. She says she can’t allow her to have boys in the house without an adult present or any drinking at all. Josslyn says she’s sorry, and it won’t happen again. She asks if Bobbie is going to tell Carly, and Bobbie says yes, she is.

Kiki tells Scotty that she guesses she’s leaving. Ava says she loves her; she’s just not very good at it. After Kiki leaves, Scotty says it sounded serious. Ava tells him not to worry, but he says he does. He brought her balloons and candy, but they wouldn’t let him bring it in because it’s not sterile. He apologizes for taking so long to visit, and she says he’s just afraid she’ll tell the cops what he did to help her with Morgan’s pills.

Michael and Nelle hit the sheets, and there’s a song part.

Hayden tells Curtis that other than Elizabeth and a couple of others, nobody knows she’s pregnant. Curtis is surprised that she told her sister, but Hayden says that she practically threw up in front of her and Jake. She doesn’t want everything revolving around the baby when Finn needs help. Curtis says who else can she talk to but him?

Finn tells Obrecht not to throw the party just yet, but he might be back. There is something he can do about the test.

Scotty tells Ava that he’s there because he cares. What happened made him sick. He wonders how things would have gone if they’d gotten her out of town. She tells him not to bother with the coulda, shoulda, woulda. He tells her that Lucy is the one who spilled the beans. He managed to divert Dante, but now he’s on a fishing expedition for information. He asks if Dante was there, and Ava tells him no, but Sonny was. She adds that she didn’t say anything about Scotty being an accomplice, and he asks if she will if Dante shows up.

Griff sees Kiki in the hallway, and asks what’s going on. She says her mom wants her to hate her. He asks if part of her still loves Ava, and Kiki says yes.

Sonny and Carly bask in the afterglow. She says for them, love has never been a problem; it’s everything else. He says he’s done. He’s getting out of the business.

Bobbie tells Josslyn that she’d be irresponsible not to tell Carly, and it would look like she was condoning what Josslyn did. Josslyn says that she’s going through a lot, including her mother going to a disgusting love shack with Sonny. Bobbie says turning it around will get her nowhere. Josslyn begs her not to let her mother take her life away, and why burden her with more problems? Bobbie says not to try to manipulate her. Josslyn says sorry, but then do it for her. One mistake doesn’t make her a screw-up, and they love each other. Bobbie says just clean the place up.

Alexis wants to go home. Julian asks if she wants a ride, but she tells him that too much sugar doesn’t mean she can’t operate heavy machinery. He tries to entice her with a playlist of music they used to listen to, and asks her to let him take her home.

Ava tells Scotty that she’d never rat on him. Scotty thanks her, and says, if only. She tells him it doesn’t do any good, and she’s tired of thinking about it. She’s just tired. He says he’ll be back. He cares about her.

Griff tells Kiki that Ava really needs her. Kiki has been traumatized too, and they have resources to help her with choices. He says for forgiveness to work, you have to find your own way to it. She has to make whatever decision gives her peace of mind. She looks in the window of Ava’s room.

Curtis tells Hayden that it’s okay to be scared. Becoming parent is a huge change, and he’d be petrified. She says that she thought she’d have an amazing connection with her baby immediately, and feel hope and joy, but instead she’s ambivalent. She doesn’t know if she wants to be a mother. Finn overhears.

Julian suggests driving on the lake and listening to tunes. Alexis says he needs to hear her – she’s not letting him in again.

Michael and Nelle bask in the afterglow. And get busy again. Geez.

Josslyn gets everything cleaned up, but doesn’t see that there’s still a bottle under the table. She tells Bobbie that it’s like it never happened. Carly will never know – unless Bobbie tells her.

Sonny tells Carly that he’ll quit that part of his operation and do everything he can to make a good life for her and the family. She says he might believe he can, but she doesn’t.

Tomorrow, Obrecht asks Kiki for help, Julian wants Sam to see a doctor, and Carly broaches the possibility of all-out war.

Southern Charm

Ha-ha! I almost typed Southern Comfort, but I was thinking of the movie, not the drink.

I want to know how Kathryn got her hair into that topknot. Did she do that by herself?

When we last left, Landon surprisingly defended Kathryn to Thomas. He’s stunned, which probably doesn’t take much when you only have a few brain cells. Cameran tells us the tides have changed.

The gang is still in Key West. Everyone is doing something different – jet skiing, a massage, Kathryn is reading, some are by the pool. Naomie told Craig that if he was disrespectful, it was over, and she says that’s pretty much what happened. She and Jennifer book. Craig says he doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Austen and Chelsea do some parasailing. He thinks Chelsea feels like she caused a rift with him and Shep, but everything is cool now. Kathryn joins Danni and Elizabeth (half bleh) by the pool. She says things seem unresolved because Landon hasn’t taken ownership of what she said about Kathryn. She says things don’t just switch around like that. Elizabeth tells her what Landon had said earlier, but Danni thinks her approaching Kathryn was genuine, and tells Kathryn how Landon stood up for her and called Thomas a d*ck. Landon joins Cameron and looks like she has a hellacious hangover. Suddenly, it’s like she gets Kathryn, saying Thomas is being a bully who pushes her, and she doesn’t want a man like that. She still doesn’t want to be around Kathryn either though, since she’s not sure what she’ll get.

Elizabeth tells Kathryn that you should give second chances, but she sees red flags. Kathryn thinks Landon isn’t that deep.

Cameran gets a party bus to go to dinner. Thomas recognizes Kathryn’s fabulous dress from when they went out on New Year’s Eve. In her interview, Kathryn says now that she sees what Thomas is like when he holds all the cards, she wants to encourage him to remain on good terms. They arrive at a gorgeous restaurant – lots of candles and twinkling lights. Outside, Kathryn tells Thomas she understands the consequences of her actions, but getting iced out from the person who has her kids isn’t good for her or them. She says they’re at the point where they don’t need mediation, and should handle it themselves. She calls the second baby Julien and I get confused. I thought his name was Saint. Has she been away from them so long, she forgot his name? Thomas tells her he’d like that, since he’s paying ten grand a month for lawyers, and I choke. In his interview, Thomas says if her actions match her words, they can successfully parent.

Suddenly, Danni doesn’t feel well, and keels over. Everyone just stands around looking stupid, but at least Thomas calls for an ambulance, and she’s taken to the hospital. One of the girls calls her fiancé, Todd.

Commercial break. Ha-ha! I love Justin Guarini as Lil’ Sweet. I also love Dr. Pepper, but it’s more than a lil’ sweet. I drank a whole two-liter bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper once, and in the morning thought I suddenly needed glasses.

JD (bleh) gets a call from Elizabeth. He, Shep, and Landon decided to ride mopeds to the restaurant, and took a wrong turn, so they’re late. He tells the others about Danni going to the hospital. Cameran gets a text from Danni saying she was dehydrated. Everyone finally gathers for dinner. Craig says it’s good they got Danni help when they did. Thomas makes a snarky remark about sitting far away from Landon. Landon suggests they be nice to each other, and no jabs. In her interview, she’s glad that she got the full Thomas, since it gives her an out. She marginally feels sorry for Kathryn, who will have to deal with him for life. Drinks are ordered. Craig asks if Whitney had to give up cheese or oral sex, which would it be. Whitney says cheese, but Craig says he really loves cheese.

Craig brings out a onesie with Arriving Soon embroidered on it that he whipped up for Cameran. He wanted to give the baby its first outfit. Does he cook too? Man, too bad I’m old enough to be his mother. Maybe when Patricia’s butler, or whatever he is, retires, Craig could take his place.

Danni gets back, and in the morning, Shep tells her how worried they were. We see a clip of the girls picking her up from the ER in the party bus, and she says that she’s fine. Cameran tells Shep that he’s wasted, and every day is Groundhog Day in his life. She thinks maybe he should just have water if he wants to get on the plane to go back home.

Cameran wants to talk to Craig. She says he has to become aware of how he speaks to Naomie, especially in public. He says therapy blew up in their faces, and she says maybe they have the wrong therapist. In his interview, he says she left without saying good-by, but he had a better time once she was gone. Cameran says from an outsider’s perspective, he’s the one who looks like the a-hole, but he says in private, it’s a different story and Naomie cuts deep. We flash back to some of Naomie’s finest moments. Cameran says they need mutual respect. Shep comes bearing biscuits and gravy for Cameran. And a beer for himself. He is getting wasted, and if he doesn’t get un-wasted, they’re not going to let him on the plane. He says what a great time it was, and Cameran tells him they need to be in the lobby in ten minutes. He spends a few of them talking to the fern.

Commercial break. The Beguiled looks excellent. I saw the original, but barely remember it.

Everyone manages to get back in one piece. Patricia is wearing giant curlers, like the orange juice cans women used to use, and Whitney tells her she looks like Joan Crawford. She’s not so sure that’s who she wants to look like,

Thomas visits JD (bleh), who tells him that Shep and Craig missed the connecting fight. Thomas says he and Kathryn seemed to get along, but Landon surprised him, coming to Kathryn’s defense about things she knows nothing about. He thinks she should both sympathize and empathize with his situation since she’s dealt with it too. JD (bleh) says the one person who should always have his back is his lady. I can’t help it. The Pillsbury Dough Boy has more personality than JD.

Landon visits her sister, Pebbles Bam. She shows Bam a video from the trip, and says that she and Kathryn even got along, but now Thomas is mad at her for sticking up for Kathryn. She got a text from him, quoting Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and she sent a quote back. Because they can’t think of their own words.

Thomas tells JD (😐) he dodged a bullet, and quotes his quote – my good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. In his interview, he says he feels enlightened rather than betrayed. Well, maybe a little betrayed. He wants a woman who feels privileged and honored to be with him (gag), but she’s lost her opportunity. JD (🎧) says he has a black-tie event coming up, and asks if he should uninvite her. Thomas says he can be cordial, like she’s a waitress. Even though I’m not crazy about her, I’d say Landon is the one who dodged a bullet.

Landon tells Bam that Thomas was speaking to Kathryn the way her ex spoke to her. She starts to tear up. She’s tired of men thinking they can control women with money and power, and it struck a nerve with her. Kathryn is trying hard, and Thomas should shut up. She says it was like a warning. He could turn on her too.

Kathryn meets Naomie for dinner. Naomie asks how the rest of the trip was. Kathryn says Craig seemed closed off, and Naomie says not a lot of people know him like Kathryn does. She says they haven’t been getting along, and Kathryn wonders what’s at the bottom of it. Naomie says she just wanted to blame him, and she’s obsessed with telling him not to think so highly of himself. Kathryn says he feels he’s being judged, and overcompensates. Naomie thinks her anger is coming from him lying about taking the bar for a year. She says she hasn’t been very good to him, and feels badly because no one sees her being rude to him. They continue the argument outside, and Naomie suddenly acts nice. In her interview, Kathryn can’t imagine Naomie being mean, saying that she’s not even a bitch to bitches. Kathryn tells Naomie that maybe Craig needs affirmations, and gives her some tips. In her interview, Kathryn says that going through such a complicated relationship has given her insight into people. She thinks if they work at it, they’ll be fine.

Cameran’s mom, Bonnie, comes to visit. She says her birthday was good crazy, and shows Bonnie some stuff she bought from Home Goods. She wants to turn the guest bedroom into a Zen room (shades of Rocky Horror), and says one day it could be a baby nursery. She tells her mother that she’s stopped taking birth control, and shows Bonnie the onesie that Craig made. Bonnie says she never wanted children, but she had them and loved it. She says maybe Cameran is scared of babies, like she was. Cameran says she thinks it’s the initial shock of having your life changed, and her mother says it’s instinctive and profound. She tears up, saying it’s a wonderful experience.

Craig is studying, and Naomie comes in from her last exam. They haven’t talked about the trip, and she’s acting like it never happened. He feels like he was finally himself when Naomie left, and doesn’t want to hide from it anymore. She says she realizes that she has a huge part in the arguments, and the things she says behind closed doors are wrong. She apologizes. He appreciates it, and says it’s nice to hear. She says she’s not saying he’s not an a-hole. Nice follow-up. He says it’s hard for him, because he’s extremely angry. He could never do what she did to someone he loves. He doesn’t think she feels the way she thinks she does about him, and they’re not healthy together. They’re not happy anymore, and he needs a positive influence. She says she’s had similar doubts and thoughts, but she doesn’t want to be with anyone else. He says she seems disgusted with him, and she says she has been judging him and feels badly about it. He says she needs to think about if she wants to put in the effort. She acknowledges what she’s done, and says all she can do is be aware of herself. In her interview she says she doesn’t want to lose Craig. She says they have a lot to process and think about. He says he’ll always love her, and they hug. I have the feeling he just wants out at this point.

Kathryn visits Thomas, and he gives her some photos of the kids with Santa. The kids are in the kitchen having dinner, but since it’s not her day, they can’t go back there. Okay, Thomas is even creepier than I thought. Even if it’s court mandated, he could give her a break. In her interview, Kathryn says she wants to show him she meant what she said about working together. She tells him that she thinks he’ll be pleasantly surprised. He tells her that her energy is powerful, and if she directs it positively, she can accomplish anything. She says during the times they were together, she felt diminished, but now feels like they’re equals. When he goes on about her body in his interview, I wonder if he thinks so. He says he’s seeing a different Kathryn. If she can take pride in who she is, they can make things work. He tells her that he’ll see her tomorrow,and quotes Gone with the Wind, saying tomorrow is another day. She says she totally gets Scarlett. They hug, and he thanks her for coming by. He says he thinks about her a lot, and she says she thinks about him too, and kind of wants to kiss him. Is baby number three far behind?

Sermet’s farewell party is about to happen, and everyone gets ready. Chelsea tells Austen he looks like Richard Gere. No. Just no. Cameran flashes back to some party where she got so drunk she fell on the floor. Thomas thinks Austen looks like James Bond. That would be a no too. Patricia thought it made sense to put Landon and Thomas together, but it didn’t work – next. We find out that Shep wasn’t allowed on the plane. What did I say? Naomie tells Cameran that Kathryn and Thomas kissed because we’re in high school. Then the information goes around the room for the same reason. Landon isn’t surprised.

Kathryn comes in, and Thomas tells her she looks beautiful. Cameran says that she told everyone they were making out. In her interview, Kathryn says love is crazy, and so are they.

Shep brings ex Bailey to the event. We flash back to her putting him in the friend zone. Dinner is served. Shep thanks Craig for being a good friend at the airport. In his interview, Craig says that he didn’t want anything bad to happen. Craig tells Shep about a fight he nearly had that he doesn’t remember, and Shep talks about getting a chicken wing stuck in his throat. Good times.

JD (🐰)gets up and goes blah-blah-blah. Austen mingles. Kathryn asks Naomie how it’s going, and Naomie says better, and thanks her. Bailey asks Austen what the deal with Chelsea is. She’s hugging him, and Chelsea says she’ll let it continue for a minute, and then say her piece. Seriously.

Craig talks about Kathryn and Thomas making up. Austen sits by Chelsea. She tells him that when he has another woman on his lap, and he’s running his hand up her butt and back, it makes the girl he came with look like an idiot. Austen says he didn’t realize. It’s the first he’s hearing that she even cares. Well, regardless, if you came with someone else, you don’t do that. He asks her what she wants, exclusivity, or to stop it altogether because she’s scared to get hurt. It’s come to a crossroads. She asks him what he wants, and he says he’s crazy about her. She says she thinks the same about him, and wants the exclusive route. They kiss.

Craig mentions the first dinner in Key West to Landon and Shep. He says he made himself vulnerable, but it freed up his life. He tells Landon that it’s not true that she never said anything bad about Kathryn. He doesn’t think they all really get along, and Landon asks why he cares because she’s so shallow. He tells her that putting a band-aid on things doesn’t help. Shep keeps interrupting, and Craig tells him to shut up. Craig starts suggesting something to Landon, and Shep interrupts him again, so Craig whacks him on the leg. He says next time he’s punching him in the mouth. Shep says he’s incapable of receiving criticism.

Shep calls Kathryn over. She tells Naomie she’s going to mediate. He asks her if Craig was the worst mediator ever seen. Craig says before drunk ass Shep got involved, he was telling Landon to apologize for what she’d said about Kathryn. Shep says Landon admitted it, and Craig calls him a drunk a-hole. Shep says Craig is, and f-u. Craig says they missed the flight because Shep wasn’t allowed on the plane, not him. Shep says Craig is the one with anger issues, and walks away, telling Craig that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns, and never forget that he’s the bull. I can’t believe anyone even talks like that. Landon gets up, saying, well done, don’t quit your day job, which is more how normal people talk. In her interview, Cameran says it’s obvious that Shep is the a-hole, and that maybe it’s time to face reality, even if it comes from Craig, of all people.

Shep leaves the venue, and later everyone is dancing. Kathryn and Thomas sit on a couch. Kathryn says that it’s nice how they’re not the ones creating the drama for once. Thomas flirts with her, poking at her Spandex leggings, and telling her she should wear silk. Cameran wonders if they’re in love again. Kathryn is glad their friends again. Thomas says that they communicated more last night than in the last two years. He’d thought she didn’t love him, and she asks if he’s kidding. She loves him, and always will. Austen asks Whitney what he thinks is going on, and he says they’ll end up in bed or killing each other – or both.

This was finale, so next time is the reunion. BTW, Cameran is pregnant. The psychic was right. Cue Twilight Zone music.

🍹 Just a bit on Southern Charm Savannah, which also had its finale tonight. I keep saying I can’t decide, yet I’ve watched pretty much the whole season, even if in bits and pieces. Somehow, this group seems to have more histrionics, but still manages to also be kind of boring. I even had a hard time keeping their names straight, and one of the girls is named Happy. The one stand-out is Ashley, who I think is a wannabe actress, since much of the drama has revolved around her. She has a son named Izzy, and up until tonight, they both lived with her husband, who has only been her friend for some time. In the final episode, she’d found a new place, and it ended with them having “a talk.” Ashley also had a masquerade ball to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. A few of the group decided to split their time, and ended up arriving too late. Ashley told them never to darken her door again. Lyle also tried to propose to Catherine, and it turned into a total mess, with both of them getting weepy with high pitched voices. Apparently, he hadn’t even discussed things with her first, and she felt there was a lot they needed to work out before getting married, like life and finances. The whole thing was embarrassing, and I don’t even know if I like these people. I also don’t know if they’re worthy of a reunion either. There have been no ads for it, and there was no preview afterward.


He’ll probably be in… the Zen room!

June 12, 2017 – Ava Speaks, Shep Oversteps Friend Boundaries & a Little Savannah


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jordan is like, wow, Aunt Stella. She tells Curtis that she put Stella in the back of her mind, and now she’s front and center. Curtis asks if she’s thinking of backing out of their relationship, and she says not to put words in her mouth. She tells him that maybe Stella has a point, and he should turn away from her.

Stella is at Kelly’s and asks the waiter what’s good, not realizing it’s TJ because he has his back to her. He says the BLT’s are the best in the world. She says hers are the best in Baltimore, and he realizes who she is.

Spencer tells Laura that he was just defending Emma’s good name. She asks If Hayden deserved that kind of disrespect. He says he’ll write her a note, and Laura says he will – after he washes her car. He says he doesn’t do chores, but she tells him that he does now. Scotty comes by and tells Spencer nice haircut. Laura sends Spencer into Kelly’s, and asks Scotty what’s going on. He asks if she heard about Ava, and she asks if he was involved in helping her to hide what she did to Morgan.

Kiki says she knows she told Ava that she’d lose her forever if she played a part in Morgan’s death, but she still loves her and wants her to come back. She always told Kiki that she could do anything she set her mind to, and Ava can too. Kiki needs her to make up her mind. Ava opens her eyes.

Carly tells Sonny that it was all grief and they were helpless; they didn’t know how to deal with the pain or accept the loss. If Ava dies, maybe they’ll have justice and some peace. Sonny says peace for their son and for them. She says maybe they can really heal, and kisses him. Josslyn walks in, and makes a soap opera face at them.

TJ asks when Stella came to town, and how did she know he was at Kelly’s? She says she just got here, and she didn’t. She can’t believe how grown up he is. She says he looks tired and should pace himself. As a doctor, he should know that. He says he’s not even a med student yet, but she says it’s only a matter of time. She says his father had drive and focus, but Curtis is stubborn, and has always been his own worst enemy, focused on himself.

Curtis tells Jordan that they finally got to a place where they shut out the noise. He says Stella will get there or not. He doesn’t care about the challenges, because he’s where he wants to be – with her. Jordan says Stella is in pain because of her, but Curtis says he doesn’t care. She says what if it comes down to her or Stella?

Laura says she’s known Scotty a long time, and he’s capable. He says if he helped Ava – and he’s not saying he did – it’s because of attorney/client privilege. She says that doesn’t excuse a crime, and he says maybe he was saving Ava from Sonny. Laura says she would have been better off being arrested, and Scotty says it haunts him every day.

Ava tells Kiki they need to talk, but Kiki wants to get the doctor. Kiki tells Dillon that Ava is conscious and talking. He says she brought Ava back, and they hug. Yes, let’s waste time when you should be getting a medical professional. And she’s a Nurses Aid. I’ll say it again, if this was the only hospital in the world, I will never, ever check In here.

Josslyn asks Carly what Sonny is doing at their house. Carly says they were talking. Sonny says they’ll pick it up another time, and it’s good to see Josslyn. Josslyn says nothing, and he says he’ll see himself out. Carly asks how movie night was. Josslyn gives her a look, and goes upstairs.

Commercial break with maybe interesting information. After a nearly thirty year hiatus, Battle of the Network Stars is back on July 29th. I’m intrigued, but have we learned nothing from whoever wore a Speedo the first time around? I’ve mercifully blocked it from my memory.

Curtis asks if Jordan wants him to choose. She says no, and he says they’ll go about it carefully, but together. If they’re patient and respectful of her feelings, maybe Stella will come around. Jordan says they have to tell her that TJ isn’t Tommy’s son. Curtis says they will, but when the time is right.

TJ asks if Stella is here for Curtis’s birthday. Stella says just ask what he wants to know. He asks if she knows about Curtis and his mom. She says she does, but quickly changes the subject to his schooling. He says it’s been so long since they’ve seen each other, he wondered if she stopped caring. She asks why she’d stop caring about her sister’s grandson.

Josslyn says she wants to go to bed, but Carly says they need to talk. Josslyn says she’s welcome, since she just saved Carly from Sonny – and herself.

Laura says if Scotty feels guilty, then she’s relieved. That means the Scotty she knows is still in there. Scotty says, still is. Spencer comes back, and Laura says they have another stop to make, and have to go. Scotty asks if he’s still worth rooting for, and she says she wishes he’d make it easier.

Still dawdling, Kiki tells Dillon that she’s fine; no more falling apart; her mom needs her. She has plenty more hell to come. Finally, the doctor is summoned, and he tells Ava that she’s doing well, but she’s still critical. She went into cardiac arrest. She asks why they didn’t let her die. The doctor says their job is to keep her alive; she didn’t have a DNR. He asks if she wants one, and if she wants them to let her die if her heart stops again.

Dillon tells Kiki that Ava has a big fight ahead, but she has Kiki. and Kiki has him. She says Ava will go through hell just to face criminal charges, but Sonny and Carly have every right. She asks the doctor if Ava is out of danger. He says she’s stable, and they can start treatment on her wounds, removing dead tissue and replacing it with grafts. He tells Kiki that her mother would like to see her. Kiki tells Dillon to go home and recharge. She’ll call if anything happens. She thanks him for being there, and he says where else would he be?

Stella asks why TJ would think she didn’t want to see him. He says it’s been a while, and he figured after what Jordan told him about her and his father, she might not. Stella asks what she said. Before he can answer, Curtis and Jordan walk in. Curtis says he thought Stella was going to a hotel. She says she did, but didn’t want to pay twenty bucks for a hamburger. She tells them that Jordan has been feeding TJ lies about her not wanting to see him. She says he was led to believe that she chose to stay away from him, and asks Jordan what she’s been putting in his head.

Carly tells Josslyn that she didn’t need saving, and things aren’t always what they seem. Josslyn asks if she wasn’t kissing Sonny. Carly says she doesn’t have to explain herself, and it’s not a crime. Josslyn says that It should be. He’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to Carly.

Laura visits Sonny. She says she has someone who wants to see him, and Spencer says, surprise!

Stella asks Joran if she told TJ that she didn’t want to see him, and Jordan says she didn’t mean for that to happen. Curtis says they still kept in touch, and tells Stella to take a deep breath. Stella says she doesn’t want to breathe, and she missed out on everything. Jordan says that if she had it to do over, she would have done things differently. She would have never taken the DEA job, and stayed home with TJ. She can’t change the past, but she can take responsibility for her mistakes, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. She wants to make it better, and to move forward. She hopes Stella will give it a chance.

Spencer gives Sonny a cookie. Sonny says it’s good, but as an adult, he doesn’t like sweet stuff as much. Spencer is astonished at anyone not liking sweets, and Sonny explains that as you get older, you get more tolerant, and the more you enjoy life. Wise Sonny. He asks how long Spencer is staying, and Spencer says that Laura has him for life. Laura says they’re working out the details. Sonny wants to take Spencer to Brooklyn before the old homestead changes. Spencer asks if they can bring Emma.

Carly says Josslyn isn’t an expert in her relationship with Sonny, and the good outweighs the bad. Josslyn asks who she’s trying to convince, Josslyn or herself? Josslyn says Sonny does something bad, apologizes, and Carly eventually accepts it; it’s a cycle. Carly says they really love each other, and wanted to do right by the kids. Josslyn says deep down the only real reason she goes back, is that she doesn’t believe she deserves better. She deserves more, and this is her chance to find it.

Kiki tells Ava that she’s doing well. Ava moans, and Kiki asks one of the nurses about pain management. As she’s looking at Ava’s chart, she sees the DNR. She questions Ava about it, and Ava says, no extraordinary measures – she has to let her go.

Curtis asks Stella to take it down a notch; TJ works there. He says Jordan admitted her mistakes and apologized; what else does she want? Stella says she intends to be a part of TJ’s life, whether Curtis likes it or not. Like he’s been stopping her. TJ realizes that Jordan hasn’t told her. Jordan tells him that they’re still his family, and be kind to Stella; help break it to her gently. He says he missed Stella, and hates to keep lying. Jordan says they need time to ease her into the truth. TJ says it seems tense between them. Jordan tells him not to worry about her, but think of Stella’s feelings right now. She’s with him no matter what he decides.

Sonny has given Laura and Spencer lunch, and Spencer says it’s the best sandwich ever. Sonny says it’s nothing in comparison to a Bensonhurst deli he knows. Laura says they ate dinner in reverse. She asks Spencer to take his plate in the kitchen. He sighs, saying more chores, and she says it looks good on him. She calls him sassy, but Sonny says he’s a good kid. Laura isn’t sure what’s going on, but it’s suddenly important for Spencer to be with family. She says he’s not easy to read. Sonny says any time he wants to come around he’s welcome. Laura says he’s a handful, and there’s no Carly. Sonny tells her that things change when you least expect it.

Carly tells Josslyn that she knows it’s complicated, but it’s never been black and white; she’s hurt Sonny too. Josslyn says that’s not the sign of a good relationship. She’s like, omg, you’re taking him back, and Carly says she doesn’t know. She says it’s easy for Josslyn to have opinions when she doesn’t have a clue. Josslyn says she understands enough not to want a relationship like that, and asks if that’s what Carly wants for her. When Carly doesn’t answer, Josslyn says she didn’t think so, and it’s sad she wants more for Josslyn, but not for herself.

Kiki tells Ava that she can’t do it, and wants to tear it up. Ava says It’s her choice. Kiki says what about her and Avery, and Ava says they’ll be better off. She begs, and Kiki closes chart. Ava says there are arrangements to make, just in case, but Kiki says the doctor is coming up with treatment plan; she’ll be fine. Ava says she needs to say something. She talks about Morgan, and cries.

Scotty asks Dillon what’s going on with Ava. Dillon says she regained consciousness, and the doctor is talking about moving forward. Scotty calls her a fighter, and asks about visitors, but it’s just family. Scotty asks what about cops? He says she’s on goofballs, and as her lawyer, he doesn’t want her to say anything while she’s delirious. Dillon punches him in the mouth.

TJ asks if they can celebrate Curtis’s birthday without killing each other. He asks Stella about making a pineapple cake, and asks how long she’s staying. She says she was only going to stay for a few days, but they have so much catching up to do, she’s extending her stay to be open-ended.

Scotty is like wth? Dillon says that Ava is fighting for her life, and he’s worried she’ll implicate him in the cover-up. Scotty says that he has nothing but sympathy, however, as her lawyer… Dillon tells him get out. He doesn’t know how Scotty lives with himself. Scotty says he doesn’t either.

Ava tells Kiki that she never wanted to hurt Morgan; she was trying to protect Kiki. She should have left it alone, and she’s so sorry. Kiki says that she can’t right now. She needs Ava to focus on getting better.

Laura thought that Sonny and Carly were divorcing. He says that was the plan, but plans change. Laura says she was hoping they could work things out. Sonny tells her that it’s not a done deal, but things are looking up.

Carly says she thought money and success and love would make her happy when she hit the magic number. But life is just life, and she realized there’s always someone with more and someone with less. The secret is to love the life you have, and the people you’ve been blessed with. She says Sonny hasn’t always been a blessing, but neither her she. Josslyn says she’s talking herself into forgiving him. Carly says there’s as much strength in forgiveness as walking away. Walking away always her strong suit; she didn’t realize that there were other options. Josslyn says it’s not strength when it’s over, it’s hopelessness, like their conversation. She tells Carly to go ahead; it’s her life, and she’s going to do what she wants anyway. She always does.

Tomorrow, Carly wants to talk to Sonny, Amy 2.0 needs a favor, and Nina wonders if there’s a chance for Valentin to go free.

Southern Charm

Cameran calls Chelsea from the car, saying she’s bored. Chelsea asks if she wants to come help pick out outfits for Kathryn’s photo shoot. Cameran wants to be in Kathryn’s corner, now that she’s taking steps to better herself. Oh boy! The Cameran seal of approval.

Thomas visits JD (bleh) at the bar. JD asks how it’s going with Kathryn, and Thomas tells him about Kathryn’s photo shoot, and how she’s bringing the kids. He says he wants her to have a relationship with them, and JD says it’s a tough balance, dealing with her as a mom, but also as a person. Seriously? It’s that hard? I feel sorry for the both of them. Well, not really. JD asks if Thomas and Landon are going on dates. He’s not sure Kathryn would be real excited about that. We flash back to Kathryn calling Landon f-ing crazy.

Landon’s father comes with her to see a property. She tells him about working on her website, and how there are technical difficulties in that they need to find a new name. Someone needs to explain to her that the name problem is because they didn’t do enough any research; it’s not a technical difficulty. In her interview, she says real estate is tangible, but it’s hard to talk to her father about the website. When they get to the lot, Landon’s father asks her about managing the sale for him. The commission would be 100K. I’m in if she doesn’t want to. He thinks she could make a living in real estate, but she was hoping to make a living with the website. HAHAHAHAHA! They sit on the dock. Landon says the website is the first thing she’s done on her own that’s just hers. She starts crying, saying she doesn’t want to be handed something. Her father says that he encourages her to dream, but she has to pay her bills. Yes, it’s called a day job. Ask any waiter in Hollywood or NYC. What Landon doesn’t realize, and those waiters do, is that it takes a while to see revenue from something like that.

Shep is reading, and Cameran thinks it’s weird. His place is clean, it’s noon, he’s alone, up, and dressed. She mentions him missing the appointment, and he says it perfectly illustrates why he wants to move. Cameran wonders if he’ll miss the downtown life. In his interview, he says he wants a buffer for when someone texts him to go out. Unless it’s a good offer, like a cheerleading squad.

Cameran says she saw Chelsea, and she looks good and she’s cool. Shep says she’s with Austen, but Cameran thinks if he’s vulnerable to her, she’d never look at Austen again. She says they both have issues with being vulnerable – with Cameran, it’s with having a baby, and with him, it’s a relationship. She says they’re both happy, but Shep says he isn’t. Cameran insists he is. He says he’s not scared of being hurt; he’s afraid of hurting someone else, since he basically has no feelings.

Kathryn and Chelsea look for an outfit. Kathryn says she’s changed age brackets, and she’s between party girl and mom now. Cameran joins them. Chelsea says they’ll tackle it together. Cameran gets a drink, even though Chelsea doesn’t think they should drink in front of Kathryn. Chelsea tells Cameran that she should do a sexy photo shoot before she has a baby and there’s no going back. Ha-ha! Cameran’s face. Kathryn comes out in a romper that’s adorable. Cameran invites them on a trip for her 33rd birthday. She asks if Kathryn is okay with her inviting Thomas and Landon. She is.

While Kathryn is changing, Cameran tells Chelsea about having to rouse Shep when he missed their appointment. Chelsea wonders if there’s any hope. Kathryn comes out in a cute dress and amazing shoes that I could never wear.

Austen picks Chelsea up after work. He says he’s doing his best to not work. His parents are coming to town, and he asks if she wants to go for drinks with them. She asks what he’s doing tonight, and he says having drinks with the guys. She wonders if she should tell him something, and decides that if roles were reversed, she’d want to know. She says when they were all at the bar, Shep grabbed her arm, steered her outside, and went in to kiss her and she was like what are you doing? She says he did it two or three times, and since Austen was in the bar, it took some nerve. He told her they have chemistry, but she and Austen are a joke. Shep thinks Austen is better off with Landon, and Chelsea thinks that he believes she’s naïve. She asks Austen about Landon, and he says it’s ridiculous. In his interview, he wants to believe Shep wouldn’t do this, but knows he would.

Commercial break with great news! New episodes of Sweet Home Oklahoma start on Monday, July 10th at 10 pm. I love that show. It’s so upbeat. Pumps! Tubbers! Girl power! I can’t wait!

The guys meet for drinks. Austen tells Craig about Shep trying to kiss Chelsea before Shep gets there. He says Shep has zero reverence for their friendship, and Craig says he’s a sh*tty person. Whitney and Shep arrive. Austen can’t believe Shep can act like nothing happened, and calls Shep the king of compartmentalization. Shep says that Austen is highbrow since he’s in a relationship. He says he’s happy for them, and Austen asks if there’s anything Shep needs to say. When Shep has nothing, Austen tells the guys about what Chelsea told him. Shep asks if it was wrong, and says it was a test; he was thinking about Austen. Please. Craig talks about Shep hitting on Naomie, and says that no matter who he marries, Shep will try to have sex with her. Shep brings up Austen facetiming with Landon, and says everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too. Whitney thinks it wasn’t Shep’s finest moment, but Austen is overreacting. Shep says he thought it was just casual. We flash back to the initial conversation where Austen said he was “hanging out” with Chelsea, and Shep said he should have told him first. Shep says if he doesn’t know, how is he supposed to know, and apologizes, saying sometimes his maleness gets the better of him. Then he says maybe Chelsea likes him, basically negating the apology. In his interview, Craig says that Austen is forcing a mirror in Shep’s face, and it’s hard to see someone you don’t like. Ouch. They move on to the next bar.

Craig and Austen talk to some wannabe named Beau, who asks if Shep thinks he made a mistake. Craig says that Shep is Shep. He always tries to screw the girls you like, and it is what it is. Austen says he thinks he’s better than everyone else. We flash back to Shep saying Chelsea is slumming with Austen. Austen says he laughed it off at the time. Craig says he should live his life and be happy with himself. Shep sits down, and asks what’s going on. In his interview, Whitney says they didn’t kiss; let’s move on. Shep tells Beau he was drink and she said no. Beau tells him that Austen claims Shep thinks he doesn’t have enough money for someone like Chelsea. Shep gets irritated, and Austen says he let it go when it happened. Shep says Austen is on thin ice with him, and Austen says that’s just mind-blowing. I guess it doesn’t take much. Shep gets more ridiculous and irate. He finally gets up, and Austen says he’s walking away when they should resolve it. Shep says that he has a million friends, and leaves. Whitney says let it go, and Craig says he guesses it’s okay for Shep to go after their girlfriends. Austen says he’s had about enough.

Kathryn meets with the photographer. Chelsea is there for support. They lay out the kids’ clothing. In her interview, Kathryn says it’s weird and awesome at the same time that Thomas is agreeing to this. She thinks maybe he’s made some progress, and loves him for this. Thomas arrives with the kids. Chelsea tells them it’s a dress up game. Thomas decides to stay for the duration. He and Kathryn talk about the kids while she gets her hair done.

Kathryn and Kelsie come out in their first outfits. Kelsie is a natural, and I mean that. Kathryn is pretty good, and I think the pictures are going to be fantastic. Kathryn is thrilled with them being together as a family. Thomas and Kathryn agree that Kelsie is a ham. She doesn’t want to leave either when it’s time to go home, and wants to get in Kathryn’s car. Kelsie pitches a fit, and Thomas says she’ll see mommy soon. She pitches more of a fit. Thomas tells Kathryn she did a great job, and Kathryn gets weepy going back in.

Chelsea asks what’s wrong, and Kathryn tells her that Kelsie wanted to go home with her, and she hates this. It’s hard. It’s been a long time now, and she’s paid the price for what she did already. In her interview, Kathryn says Kelsie misses her mommy, and the only way she can express it is through crying. Chelsea says she’s sorry Kathryn is going through this.

Commercial break with repeat information. I know I said this already, but it’s one of my favorites. Shah’s of Sunset begins on Sunday, July 16th at 8 pm. Are Jessica and Mike getting back together???

Cameran visits Chelsea. They sit outside and have a beer. Cameran says she’s started packing for the trip. So far, it sounds like everyone except Landon is going. Chelsea tells Cameran about Shep steering her outside when Austen was at the bar, and swooping in for a kiss. He told her that she and Austen were a joke, and he wants her to get over it. Then he tried again. Cameran says he liked her, and didn’t have the balls to pursue her. Chelsea says he should man up and say something, instead of blaming other people. She says that Shep told her Cameran encouraged him. Cameran says she did, but had expected him to be a grown ass man, not a middle schooler. Chelsea says she should know bette,r but Cameran says she felt sorry for him. Chelsea tells Cameran that she knows guys who feel entitled and never faced any consequences because they have money, but eventually, it has to end. Cameran says that she’s going to snatch a knot in Shep’s head. I have to remember that one.

Naomie and Craig go to counselling (sounds like a new children’s book). Craig says they had a few good days, but it’s back to how it was. Naomie says they had a conversation that was heated, and Craig says she told a lie about him to get laughs. We see a clip of Naomie telling everyone that Craig confused vegetarian with Presbyterian. Craig says he feels like he’s living with someone who’s on everyone’s side but his. Naomie thinks he’s overly sensitive, but he says all of their arguments are based on her trying to change him. We flash back to her going wah-wah-wah, like Charlie Brown’s teacher. He tells her to let him live his life. She says he can’t do it with her; it affects her to watch someone sleep all day. She says they don’t understand each other, and Craig thinks he’s perfect. He says that’s not true, and if that’s how she perceives it, maybe that’s the problem. He says he can’t take it anymore. He doesn’t like being put down, and told how wrong, bad, and stupid he is, and what a loser all the time. Naomie says if that’s who he is, go he himself, just not with her. She doesn’t like who he is. Geez. Didn’t she know him before they moved in together? This show isn’t Married at First Sight.

Cameran meets Shep, and tells him she’s saving the love doll for someone else. She says she talked to Chelsea, who said he tried to kiss her twice. Shep claims not to remember, and Cameran thinks he should control his primal urges or stop drinking. She says there’s a proper way to do it, not grabbing her at a bar when she‘s with his friend. He says he saw a bright, shiny object, and now I want to snatch a knot in his head. Cameran tells him that he’s not entitled to just kiss anyone he thinks is hot. In her interview, Cameran talks about peeling back the layers with Shep, and that he’s a kind, smart human being. She hates to see him be at bad point because of decisions he’s making. She asks if he’s jealous of Austen and Chelsea. He says he doesn’t care and she calls bullsh*t. He says that’s crazy.

Next time, Shep apologizes to Chelsea, Craig thinks he and Naomie should separate, Landon insists there’s no girl code (excuse me? she’s clearly not a girl), and Cameran and Kathryn talk.

🍹 At least the group in Charleston keeps busy, even if it isn’t with what a friend of mine calls “square jobs.” I still can’t figure out what any of the cast on Southern Charm Savannah do, except play games, drink, and gossip. A main focus of the show, Ashley, claims to be a stylist, who also works for Delta ten hours a week. Doing I’m not sure what. She’s one of those people who stirs the pot and runs. I hate that. Her mannequin-like look is freaking me out a little too, but I can’t stop staring. Hannah said dealing with her is like playing mental Ping-Pong, and I’m wondering why Hannah sometimes sounds like a Valley girl. Does she watch too much of the Kardashians? There seems to be a lot of sweeping feelings under the rug in Savannah, like when Hannah found out her father was engaged through a customer. Not even through a Tweet. The subplot of the show is Ashley confronting Hannah about something, tonight being Hannah starting a clothing line without consulting Ashley first. It got to the point of being nonsensical. The other highlight was a white guy apologizing to another white guy about using a Jewish slang word that’s apparently a racist term. Rich white people problems.


Happy (yes, that’s her name) and boyfriend, from Southern Charm Savannah, and how I look watching the show.