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August 21, 2019 – Drew Finds What Shiloh Wants, Morgan’s New Digs, a Charming Reunion Starts, Extra Kathryn & Goodbyes


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Jason asks Barry (the warehouse foreman) if he’s sure he didn’t misplace the money. Barry says, no, but the kid was listening while they were talking. Jason calls Dev over, and says he needs to ask Dev a couple of questions about the bank deposit.

At the MetroCourt, Ava finishes a martini. Sonny walks in, and tells her, tomorrow is her day with Avery. He hopes she’s not hung over.

Cameron sits in his car, while the engine runs. Trina comes by, and tells him, idling is bad for the environment. Cameron asks what she’s doing there, and she says she was going to ask him the same thing. The last time she checked, he wasn’t allowed to drive. He says he’s not driving.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that she’s looked through tons of medical journals, and even called Patrick for insight. Scotty says, and they don’t know any more than they knew yesterday. Franco’s condition is still irreversible. Elizabeth doesn’t understand how it was done in the first place. Drew joins them, and says, at least they know why now. The worst motivator – money.

Kim asks Franco what he wants to talk about, and he says, Oscar. In ten years, from the moment he was deployed until his life was stolen, she never thought to mention they had a son?

Lulu visits Maxie at Crimson, and Maxie says she’s been calling. Lulu says, sorry, and Maxie asks how it went. Lulu says, Olivia is in major denial, and thinks they can get through to Dante. Maxie says, if only that were possible. Lulu says, Sonny was great. He was supportive and sympathetic. Maxie asks if it’s official, and Lulu says she and Dante are divorced.

Shiloh sits across from Peter, and says welcome to his humble abode. Peter says he doesn’t know why he’s there. Shiloh does. He’s curious. Shiloh knows what he’d like forget. He knows more than Peter thinks.

Ava says, a lecture from the great Sonny Corinthos. It’s been so long. He says she slept with a serial killer who killed her daughter. Her life is falling apart. It’s not Avery’s fault, and he doesn’t want to take Ava back to court, but he will if she keeps slipping. She asks how she’s slipping, and he says she delivered a message from Kiki to Avery. Ava says, good God, he would. He’d take a daughter away from her mother. He says he’d be doing Avery a favor. After the magazine article about Ryan, he guarantees a judge would agree with him. He walks off, and Ava orders another martini. Chelsea arrives, and says Ava wanted to see her? Ava says, it happened. Last night, Kiki came to her.

Maxie asks how Lulu is feeling, and Lulu says, same old. It hit her this morning. She’s no longer Mrs. Dante Falconari. Maxie asks if she’s still Lulu Falconari, but Lulu doesn’t know. She hasn’t had time to think about changing her name back. She guesses she should, but Rocco might feel better if they have the same name. Maxie says Lulu has plenty of time. She shouldn’t have even asked. Lulu says, it’s a legitimate question. It feels weird, holding on to Dante’s last name when they couldn’t hold on to anything else.

Shiloh tells Peter that he’ll give him the Cliff Notes. In 2012, Shiloh was working as a contractor in Afghanistan. He and his buddy Tex were involved in illegal business deals. Drew found out, and was going to turn them in, but before that happened, Shiloh was contacted by Helena. She wanted a pair of twins delivered. Shiloh set Drew up, and knocked him out. Helena came to claim her prize, they made an exchange, and he walked away. Peter was hoping for something more dramatic, but Shiloh says he hasn’t gotten to the best part. He said he walked away, but he never said he left.

Kim says she had a relationship with Drew that she and Franco never did. Franco says he knows for certain this might not be his body, but these are his memories. He remembers her, the time they spent together in San Diego, and what it feels like to be in love with her. They had a kid who’s gone that he never got to know, and it breaks his heart.

Drew tells Elizabeth and Scotty that Shiloh was selling fuel on the black market, along with another SEAL, Tex. It was a huge sum, and Franco told him where they hid it. That’s why he was turning them in. Elizabeth says, but he never got the chance. Drew says that’s why Shiloh was dead set on finding it. Scotty says, all for some spending money. Shiloh is in lockup. Where is he going to be spending money? Drew asks Scotty for some privacy, but Scotty says, if it’s about his son, he needs to know. Drew promises it’s not about Franco. Scotty asks Drew to keep him in the loop, and leaves. Elizabeth asks where the money was hidden, and Drew says, in Tex’s wife’s car. She says, and Franco remembered? What now? Drew says, it’s a Subaru Outback. She says, like the car Oscar left Cameron. Drew says he thinks it’s the same one.

Trina asks what Cameron is doing, and he says, selling the car. There’s a buyer on his way to meet him. Trina says leaving Cameron the car was one of Oscar’s final wishes, and he’s just going to unload it? Cameron says, it’s been bad luck. If he hadn’t had the car, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped, Franco would still be himself, and his mom wouldn’t be miserable. Even before Oscar gave him the car, it was nothing but trouble. They got stuck in Niagara Falls, Oscar got insanely sick, and a serial killer showed up. It’s a curse, and the best thing to do is get rid of it.

Dev says he doesn’t know what Jason is talking about. Jason tells him, don’t start off by lying. Dev heard them talking about the deposit. Dev says he heard the conversation, but he never touched the money. Barry says, sure he did, and Dev says Barry is trying to get him fired. Barry says he tried, but this punk has got to go. He has nothing but respect for Sonny and Jason, but he runs a tight ship. There have been problems since Dev got there. He’s spilled more than one bag. He knows Dev is family, but he’s lazy, disorganized, and hasn’t done jack. He’s stealing, and it makes Barry look bad. Jason asks Dev if he’s been slacking, but Dev says, no. Jason asks if he’s dropped bags, and Dev says, a couple. He’s not good at loading, but it doesn’t make him a thief. Okay, he is a thief, but he didn’t steal the money. Sonny walks in, and says, what money?

Chelsea tells Ava that Kiki made it clear she wanted nothing to do with Ava. Ava guesses Kiki changed her mind. Chelsea asks how Kiki contacted Ava, and Ava says she thought she was sleeping, but when she opened her eyes, Kiki was there. She was standing at the foot of Ava’s bed, wearing the dress she had on when she died. Ava kept calling her name, but she didn’t answer. Kiki just stared at her. She couldn’t tell if it was with love or hared. Chelsea has to tell her; what does it mean?

Maxie says Lulu took her ring off. That’s kind of a big deal. Lulu says, it was the next logical step. She’s not married anymore. Maxie hates this for her, but having been there when Dante shot Peter, she thinks Dante is making the right decision in letting her go. It doesn’t make it any less painful, but the decision was made out of love, and what’s best for them. The only way to really honor that, is to move on. Lulu says she thinks it’s right. Conceptually, she gets that she should move forward with her life, but she doesn’t know how. Maxie says, she has a fantastic idea. What about Lulu’s hunky ride share driver? Lulu says his name is Dustin, and he’s not hers. Maxie is being ridiculous. Maxie says, why not? and Lulu says, they’re not in high school. Maxie asks to see Lulu’s phone, and says, here he is. Why does Lulu have his contact info? Lulu says, in case she needs a ride. Maxie says, what kind of ride? and I nearly fall off my chair, laughing. Lulu says she just lost love of life. Maxie says, he’s super cute and really nice. Lulu says what will help he move on is to forget men, and focus on her career.

Elizabeth says, no way it’s the same car that belonged to Tex’s wife; it’s been seven years. It’s just a coincidence. Drew doesn’t think so. He’s having flashes, pieces old life. Elizabeth asks if they’re memories, but he says, not as filled out. It’s more like instinct. Elizabeth says, part of him senses the memory he lost? He says when he saw the car, he knew he had to buy it. Elizabeth says, maybe if Drew is having flashes, Franco is as well, and Drew says, God willing. Elizabeth asks if he think the money would still be there after all this time. He says, there’s only one way to find out.

Cameron tells Trina, if Oscar knew about what happened, he’d be fine with him selling the car. Trina says, there’s been some crappy stuff, but don’t forget the good luck. Getting stranded, sharing a room, and talking the whole night. For the first time, he wasn’t just Josslyn’s friend, but hers too. Cameron says, it was pretty cool. A guy comes to the car window, and asks if this is the car for sale. Cameron says, yes, but Trina says, no.

Dev tells Sonny that Barry is accusing him of stealing money. Sonny asks, why? and Barry says Dev heard them talking. Sonny wonders what that proves, and asks Jason, what happened? Jason says they needed to get cash deposited, and Dev was close by when they were talking. Initially, Dev denied hearing them, but Dev says Barry is lying to get him fired. Sonny says, there’s one way to solve it. Search Dev.    

Chelsea tells Ava, in her experience, dreams just dreams, and she’s not an interpreter. Ava says, it was so real, but Chelsea doubts Kiki was visiting her. Ava says she knows it was Kiki, and Chelsea says she has a fairly good idea what Kiki would tell Ava. Pull herself together. She’s not doing anyone any good by sitting there drowning in martinis. Scotty interrupts, and Ava introduces Chelsea as her psychic, but Chelsea says, paranormal influencer. Before she leaves, she tells Scotty that he has her sympathy. Turmoil surrounds him. He sits, and Ava says, go ahead. This is where he tells her that she’s drinking too much, and to lay off the psychics and booze. He says, just the opposite. He’s buying. He calls for martinis.

Franco asks Kim what Oscar was like. Drew told him some things, but not everything. What did he want to do for a living? Did he have a hobby. She says, please don’t. She knows it’s difficult, but right now, it’s bordering on cruel. She just lost a son. Hearing him relive experiences they never shared. She has to relive Oscar’s loss all over again. He says he’s sorry; she’s right. Whatever he’s feeling is nothing in comparison to her grief. She had their son for sixteen years, but he’ll never have the chance to know him. She says he never gave himself… Drew never gave himself that chance. He left after Oscar was conceived. He didn’t know she was pregnant. They’d both decided it was best that it ended when he was deployed. He says, is that what she wanted? She says, nope, but she figured if it had been important to Drew, he would have reached out, but he never did. He asks what she’s saying. He wrote to her every month for two years.

The car buyer says, if they need to talk it over… Is the car stolen? Trina says it belonged to a friend who died from a brain tumor. He left it to Cameron in his will. It means a lot to them. He asks if it’s still for sale, and she asks if he’s serious. He has no heart; it’s so not cool. Cameron says think what they can do with the money. Trina says what’s happening now with his family sucks, but this won’t solve anything, and will only make it worse. Cameron gets out of the car with the paperwork. A payment statement for $9000 appears on Cameron’s phone. At the bottom, it says accept or decline. Cameron hesitates, and Drew appears. Drew says he has to talk to Cameron.

Peter tells Shiloh that he needs to talk to a lawyer or priest. This has zero to do with him. Shiloh says it has everything to do with him. He found a vantage point and hid. He had to see what Helena was going to do with Drew. He flashes back to Helena saying she’s so pleased to partner with him. We see Peter is with her. She says she knows he can make it happen. She’s found him very efficient.

Jason says Dev has no cash on him, and Sonny says, check his jacket. Jason pulls a wad of money out of the pocket, and Dev swears it’s a set-up. Barry planted it. Barry says, sorry. He knows Dev is Sonny’s cousin, but it’s obviously a lie. Sonny says, actually, he’s not sure it is. Jason says the deposit was $10K, and there’s only $7K there.

Lulu tells Maxie that her Invader story fell by the wayside. Maxie says, the online burglar? and Lulu says he’s struck another twenty times. She was pulled from the crime beat, and is now on lifestyle focus. She’s going to a wine tasting in Rice Park. Maxie says, tonight? and Lulu asks if she wants to come. Maxie says, Lulu had her at wine. She’s in.

Chelsea sees Elizabeth, and introduces herself, saying she’s a paranormal influencer. She knows Elizabeth’s husband now has Drew’s memories. She read all about it in The Invader. She says, yes. That’s what Sibley meant when she told Elizabeth to hold on tight to Franco. Elizabeth asks if Chelsea knows that, and Chelsea says she can sense it. Elizabeth says, since Chelsea has some understanding of what’s to come, has she lost her husband for good?

Kim says, he wrote letters? and Franco says he wanted her to know how foolish he’d been. He missed her and loved her, and wanted to have her in his life. When she didn’t respond, he thought she didn’t feel the same way. Kim says she never received the letters. in fact, she wanted to try and reach him. She was told by his superiors that his assignment was too sensitive; there was no way to reach him. He believes she knows him, and she has to know if he knew he had a kid, he’d move heaven and earth to be with his son – and her. He takes her hand, and suggests they go somewhere private and talk. He feels there are so many things unsaid. She says she doesn’t think that’s a good idea, and walks away.

Cameron asks what Drew is doing there, and Drew says his mother used the tracking app. He asks who the guy is, and Cameron says he’s there to buy the car. Drew says he’s selling it? He can’t, but it has nothing to do with Oscar. Trust him on this. The guy says, dude, do we have a deal or not? Cameron hits decline, and says, sorry; no sale. The guy says he’s got to be kidding, and Drew tells him he can leave. The guy says, thanks for wasting his time, and Drew says, thanks for leaving. He goes, and Drew tells Cameron, there’s something in the car that belongs to someone else, and he needs to look. Cameron says he cleaned the car himself; there’s nothing in there. Drew says, let him have a shot. If he can’t find it, he’ll give Cameron the money. He digs in the trunk for ten seconds, and says, found it. He brings out a package wrapped in brown paper that’s a good 12” x 10”. Cameron asks, what the hell is that? I realize I’m excited, even though this is a ridiculously unbelievable scenario, and it’s fictitious money in the first place.

Sonny says here’s what he thinks happened. He brought his cousin in, and put him to work, and it annoyed Barry. Barry says, that’s not what happened, and Sonny tells him, shut up. He thought to himself, three thousand bucks; he could use the money. He could blame the kid, because he thought Sonny wouldn’t do anything to his family. Barry pulls the money out of his pocket, and says, sorry. He knows it was stupid. Sonny says he’s stupid. He tells Barry, keep it. It’s his severance pay. Sonny hands him the rest, and says, take this too. He advises Barry to relocate to another coast. Barry can’t get out fast enough, and runs out the door. Dev is surprised Sonny believed him. Tell him why.

Shiloh says Peter was running a job, and helped load Drew into the truck. He didn’t know where they were going, but it was nowhere good. He remembered Helena had to acquire the other twin. Peter says, it’s an interesting tale, but he has no proof. Shiloh says, come on, Henrik, and Peter says his name is Peter. Shiloh says Peter is smarter than that. He took Drew, and they both know it.

Scotty tells Ava, Franco looks and sounds the same, but he’s not the same. Ava says, he really believes he’s Drew? Scotty says he doesn’t know what’s going on. Franco believes he’s a Navy SEAL who just got back from Afghanistan. Nobody has a clue how to bring Franco back. Ava says, lucky Franco.

At the hospital, Drew sees Franco, and asks if he’s all right. Franco doesn’t know if it will ever be all right. He asks if Drew got it, and Drew asks him to go somewhere more private. They go to a bench around the corner, and Franco asks if it’s all there. Drew says, $1.5 million. Franco says, it will be an honor and privilege to return it to the people of Afghanistan. Drew asks, how? and Franco says he’ll go today. Drew says he’s wearing a monitor, and Franco asks if he knows a way to get it off. Drew says, or Franco could breathe, take a minute, and let things settle down. Franco doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Drew says, wait. If this is that important, he has access to a private jet. Franco says, he’ll fly him to Afghanistan? Drew says, no, but he’ll go in his stead.

Sonny knows Dev steals, but he’s too smart to steal from Sonny. It’s not his way; it’s not professional, especially with Jason there. He says, the bags; don’t do it again, and tells Dev, get to work. Dev says, yes, sir. Sonny says Jason said there would be trouble. He was right. Jason says, it turned out to be a good thing. There were concerns about Barry. Sonny wants Jason to check on Barry. You never know what he’ll do. Make sure Sonny’s message is loud and clear. Jason says, will do.

Maxie tells Lulu, her mom and Mac are all set to watch James. Lulu knows Maxie is coming along for her benefit, and appreciates it. Maxie says Lulu would do the same for her, and has. She says she’ll meet Lulu downstairs. She’ll call a car. Lulu leaves, and Maxie calls Dustin. She says she needs to arrange a pick-up.

Trina tells Cameron, that was totally, completely insane. He says, it was in his car the entire time. Trina says it’s his car again. He says he should have listened. Maybe the car is good luck after all. Not that he’ll see any of the money. Trina says that’s why he keeps her around.

Scotty asks if Ava just said, lucky Franco. She asks if he knows what she’d give to forget the mistakes she’s made, and forget the terrible things that happened to her and Kiki. Franco has been given a gift. He’s a new person with no recollection of the atrocities he’s committed. Scotty says what about the Franco they love now? The artist, the guy who just got married. Doesn’t he want to remember that? Ava says they’re the same person. The Franco they loved knew things about himself that he didn’t like. He doesn’t have to carry the weight of that anymore. She thanks Scotty for the drink, and leaves.

Shiloh says, when Peter came to Port Charles, he forgot everything; his name, his background, how he kept that poor bastard prisoner for five years. Peter says Shiloh has lack of proof. Shiloh says he was an eyewitness. He heard what he heard, and saw what he saw. Peter asks who will believe Shiloh? Shiloh says, no one, especially the girl Peter brought to the Nurses Ball. Peter asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says, to get the hell out. And Peter is going to make happen.

Elizabeth asks if Chelsea has anything to tell her. Chelsea asks for her hands. She puts her hands under Elizabeth’s, and closes her eyes. She opens them, and says Elizabeth needs to keep a firm grip on the one she loves – no matter what.

Franco tells Drew that he’s never been in Afghanistan – that he remembers. He doesn’t know the locals. Drew says any contact Franco/Drew has had is gone – it’s been seven years – but Drew has contacts. Franco asks who he can trust, and Drew says he trusts his own instincts, the same instincts Franco has as him. Franco says Drew has so much keeping him there, but there’s nothing there for him. Kim comes by with some boxes, and Drew asks if she’s okay. She says, sorry to interrupt, and heads for the elevator. Franco says she’s not interrupting, but she gets in, and the doors close. Drew says, she’s still grieving. Franco knows, and says so is he. So is Drew taking the blood money back to Afghanistan? Maybe he’s right. Drew should take it back, and Franco will continue his journey there in Port Charles. Drew gives Franco some money, saying he’s going to need it for a new life and a place to stay. Franco asks if it’s a loan, and Drew says, yeah, although I doubt he means that. They wish each other good luck. Drew gets in the elevator, and the doors close.

Tomorrow, Curtis wants to pass a message along to Elizabeth from Drew, Franco asks Ava about the guy he is who he doesn’t remember, and Nelle tells Shiloh it looks like it’s just the two of them.

🏩 Morgan Checks In…

He now resides at the Grand Hotel.


Southern Charm – The Reunion – Part One

Chelsea says, everyone seems very angry. No one is making eye contact. Cameran says she’s fine. Everyone gets ready. Austen is wearing a barrette, and I wonder if he’s going to wear it on stage. Craig says, Shep’s a mess. The guys investigate the bar in the background of the set, but the bottles are all empty. Craig says it’s after a night with them.

Andy welcomes us to the Season Six Reunion, and tells us to get ready for some good old-fashioned pearl clutching. They have loose ends to tie up. We find out Craig’s pillows are gracing the couches. Andy greets everyone. They all look great, but Kathryn is the belle of the ball in a purple gown with matching eyeshadow. Andy says while the women were busy running the world, the guys were running around the schoolyard. He asks if Shep’s trust fund makes him unmotivated, but Shep says he hasn’t touched it in a long time, but did in his twenties. A viewer points out that Austen is attracted to entrepreneurial go-getters, when he’s been messing with a beer recipe for years. He should get it together or date less motivated women. Shep says, none of this matters. Just smile and try not to hurt anyone should be the goal. Andy asks if Shep was that way this season. He says, not necessarily, but if you punch first, he’ll punch last. A viewer asks Cameran who will mature faster, the boys on Southern Charm or Palmer? She says she’s seen changes in Craig and Shep. It’s slow, but they’re moving up. She says Palmer is going to be two, and she’s a Scorpio like Cameran, strong-willed and always moving. Andy says we watched Cameran struggle to be a stay-at-home mom, and still hang on to the old her. She says she used to party. She didn’t do drugs, but got drunk. She smoked weed two or three times. Andy says on a scale of Shep partying, and she says, probably a two. Andy reminds her about hooking up with Brad on The Real World, and we see a fifteen year old clip. I don’t remember it, so I’d probably stopped watching that show by then. Cameran says Brad was the total opposite of what she was used to in the South, and that’s what attracted her.

Viewers related to Cameran’s struggle to try and be the perfect mom, but others thought she was whiny. One viewer says she wishes working was an option and not a necessity. Cameran says when you’re on TV, it’s like a mirror. Watching that made her cringe, and she thought she was a lucky bitch to have the choice. She came across as stuck up and privileged. Kathryn says every mom thinks and feels the way she said. Cameran says she got more support than negative comments, but feels guilty complaining when she’s in a position of privilege. If she didn’t work, they’d still eat. She likes to feel independent, and gets both sides. Andy asks how many of the guys would like their wife to stay home. Craig doesn’t think it’s their choice. Shep says his mom did that, and with three kids, it was a full time job. Craig says his parents shared the roles equally. Cameran thought stay at home moms had it easy. Austen says he was raised by an aunt. Because his parents both worked, he had a live-in babysitter. He says he’s attracted to a woman with her own career who won’t not rely on him to bring home the bacon. Andy asks if Cameran ever hired a nanny, and she says she decided why pay someone when she can do it herself? Palmer is growing and changing so quickly, she doesn’t want to miss anything. Chelsea thinks Cameran is more emotional, and gets teary-eyed when she talks about Palmer. Cameran says, when you have a baby, another part of your brain opens that was never there. Craig says, look at her, all grown up.

Andy says, Shep finally has a reason to go home at night – Lil Craig. He asks if Shep’s had any luck picking up women at the dog run. He says no, and wants to be clear that he doesn’t do that. A viewer says, Shep is the last person who should own a dog, since he lost his date in a ditch. We flash back to him telling that story, and he says he’s always ahead because he gets anxious, and didn’t realize until he got to the ocean. Andy asks why he didn’t listen to Cameran in his pursuit of real estate. He says she doesn’t know James Island, but she says she does. She thinks he wanted to have a hand in something new. Andy says, he always does. Viewers found him to be bully on the camping trip. We watch mean Shep goes camping again. Craig says, Shep was awful on that trip. Shep says, it’s an older brother thing. Andy asks what Cameran’s reaction is, and she says, Shep takes it too far. He gets in the in zone, and there’s no getting through. It’s one of his few negative qualities. She thinks he needs to do some self-introspection, and figure out what gets him to that point. Craig says he gets to a nasty level, and it seems like there’s something darker behind it. He sees blood in the water, and smiles. Shep says he cops to it. He can be snobby, elitist, and rude, but he can also be generous, kind, and jovial. They all have those things within. Andy says they’re talking anger. Shep says he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Andy says he’s made them cry, and they’re his friends. Andy asks about Patricia’s dinner, when the women all said he’d made them cry in the past. Shep says it pissed him off, and Cameran says, wrong answer. Shep says, it’s in the moment, and apologizes to anyone who he upset. It denotes that they’re on a certain level, and he feels close enough to take it to another level. Cameran says he takes it to level ten. Shep says he knows everyone’s soft spot. He doesn’t want to go there – don’t make him – but if he does, he goes full speed. He’s not perfect. Andy suggests it’s suppressed anger. Shep says anger isn’t his overwhelming personality trait. If someone thinks it is, they don’t know him. He wouldn’t waste anger and emotion on someone he doesn’t care about. Andy says, it’s not just anger, but arrogance. Shep says he tries to suppress it, but it’s there. He grew up wanting for nothing, and his grandmother was a pistol, who would make snide comments. It can’t help but seep in. I dunno about that. I had a grandmother who said things like, they’re Jewish, but they’re nice, and I didn’t come out a bigot. (Although to be fair, she was also abusive.) Cameran says he needs to be aware that people who don’t agree with him aren’t necessarily evil or dumb. Andy says when he looks at those he’s upset, does he think he was out of line at times? Shep says, probably, but he knows he’s been forgiven. Andy asks, is it all forgiven?

We don’t get that answer. Back from the break, we move on to Naomie. She and Metul have been together a year and a half. A viewer asks if Naomie tracks him like she did Craig, and she says they share locations. Andy asks what’s the plan? and she says Metul has two more years of residency, followed by a fellowship year. He asks if Cameran has any advice, and Cameran says there are positives and negatives. Their partners are committed, solid, and independent, but the negative is, they work a lot. Some weekends, Jason works 48 hours. She doesn’t see him at all. Andy asks if Naomie and Metul have discussed the next step, and she says they’ve talked about moving in together. She sees him pretty much every day. Andy says Metul set off the Twittersphere, and asks what Jason thought about Cameran drooling over him. Cameran says, Jason wasn’t happy. She had to tell him it’s a joke. Andy says fans reacted not so well to Metul telling Naomie what eat. We see a clip of Metul instructing Naomie to stay away from bread, and Craig gives Naomie a Rice Krispy Treat. I guess he took it out of his pocket? Andy asks if it’s hard dating someone so regimented. Naomie says, Metul was just being nice, and came off like an a-hole. Austen says, it was not a good look. What was shown was him being controlling. We flash back to Metul and Naomie in the gym, where IMO, it seems like he’s acting like a trainer. A viewer asks if Metul really told Naomie not to go on the trip, but Naomie says he told her to do what she wanted, but it made him uncomfortable. He’d never tell her what to do. Shep asks if she thinks it’s cultural. His dad’s best friend and business partner is Indian, and said he understood. Naomie says, Metul was born in DC. She says, watching the show, his personality didn’t translate well. Not everyone is comfortable with cameras in their faces. Andy says Metul didn’t sign up for the show. Shep thinks Metul is funny, and Naomie says that’s because he knows Metul. Cameran thinks Metul is warm.

Andy says Naomie had an Icy experience of her own, when the others were in Colorado. We flash back to her meeting with Ashley. He asks what made her do it, and Naomie says, morbid curiosity. She wondered what Ashley could possibly say or do, and she wasn’t disappointed. He asks if Kathryn knew, but Kathryn doesn’t remember when she found out. She says Ashley is weird. She has no ability to read social situations. To say Naomie gave her the idea that Kathryn was open to talking to her, blew her mind. Ashley thought she was going to apologize, and jump right back into the group. Kathryn says Ashley called her Pippi Longstocking – which Kathryn thought was funny – when she came to apologize.

Andy says, last summer, in an effort to get over Naomie, Craig made a pilgrimage to the Bahamas. He came back with a new attitude and assistant, life coach and life manager Anna. We see clips of Anna trying to organize Craig’s life. Andy says it seems like Anna does everything for Craig, and Craig says, it’s nice to have help. Andy wonders if Naomie used to do the same thing, but Naomie says she basically yelled at Craig for not doing it. Craig says now he’s up to speed, and doesn’t need Anna as much. He wants to be the male Martha Stewart. Cameran says some of them didn’t believe he’d actually get started, but in the last few months, he’s put the pedal to the metal. Andy says there have been a lot of tweets on Craig’s progress. Craig says he stopped taking Adderall, and Andy asks if he has ADHD. Craig says the doctor said he does, but it wasn’t the healthiest thing for him to continue to take it after law school. Naomie talks about him abusing it, and Craig says he doesn’t sleep well anyway. He’d go until he crashed. He finally had a reason to stop in the Bahamas. Cameran says he looked healthier when he came back. Andy asks why he started taking Adderall again, and Craig says, because it was there.

It’s time for pillow party talk. Andy asks about the eyeliner Craig was wearing, and Craig says it was the day after Halloween, and he got two days out of it. And the girls like it. Andy asks, what’s the deal with the nail polish? and Craig says it’s for a charity. He has one nail on each hand painted differently from the others, and he says it’s for the one kid out of five who doesn’t report being abused. Andy asks why Craig was upset that Austen had taken Chelsea’s advice about going home at a decent hour. Craig says Austen bailed on him. Chelsea says, it was like it was 9 o’clock. Austen says Craig had no running mate, and Craig says he needed a wingman. There’s nothing wrong with going home, but it was a Saturday night. Austen says it was a Thursday, and Craig is a crackhead. Cameran asks if Craig was taking Adderall. He says he was, and Cameran says that was probably why. Andy asks if Cameran thinks Craig is addicted, and she says, 100%. It’s prescribed for good reason, but when you abuse it, and mix it with alcohol and no sleep, it’s a recipe for effing disaster. That’s why Craig he went into rages. Craig says he hasn’t taken it in eight weeks. Andy asks if that’s what they were seeing in the airport, but Craig says that was Whitney, and justified, but he shouldn’t have acted like a nutjob at Cameran’s party. Austen says he apologized. Andy asks what exactly the airport anger was about, and Craig says Cameran wanted to spend time with them, and Whitney was trying to pull her off the bus. Naomie says if she’d gone on the trip, Craig’s anger would have been directed at her. Andy asks why Kathryn thought Craig was still in love with Naomie. Kathryn says, not so much in love as having unresolved feelings. He didn’t have closure. Craig says he felt it wasn’t resolved, but they had the conversation, and it was. Naomie says she realized she’d gotten closure in a different way, and couldn’t understand why Craig needed it. Craig says his frustration was gone after they talked. Andy asks for a show of hands if they think it’s over, and it’s unanimous.

Changing topics. Andy says Kathryn continues to navigate co-parenting and a custody battle. Kathryn says Kensie is five now, and Saint is three. Kensie will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Andy asks how often she sees them, but she tells him she can’t comment on any custody specifics, and she can’t disparage Thomas. He asks how the co-parenting is going, and she says she keeps it all business. She heard Thomas has a girlfriend. Andy says, not Ashley? and she says, no. He asks if she’s still dating Hunter, and she says she is. He says it’s the first time she’s dating someone her own age. Kathryn says, ever. There are definitely differences. She’s used to men twice her age and already established, but she and Hunter can grow together, and they connect on that level.

Andy reads a tweet from Kate Chastain (Below Deck), thanking Kathryn for making leather pants the go anywhere pants for 2019. Kathryn says they’re like yoga pants, but make you look dressed up when you’re not. She adds they’re from Amazon, and only ten bucks, but I’m sure they sold out by the time she finished the sentence. Andy says viewers are liking how the friendship with Kathryn and Patricia has evolved. They could run the world. One viewer says Patricia was awful to Kathryn for so long, she questions if Kathryn forgives her, or wants a seat at the table. Kathryn says she’s forgiven Patricia, like other people on the couch. She’s also stopped caring what people say. She’s been called every name in the book, but her favorite name is mommy. Aww! Andy asks about Whitney denying having sex with her. We flash back to when he told Kathryn they had different interpretation, and Andy asks if it’s a Bill Clinton situation, but Kathryn says, that’s a negative. There is no second interpretation. He doesn’t want to discuss what happened. A viewer says, if anyone should deny it, it’s Kathryn. Another one tweets, a fifty-one year old man is too terrified of his mommy and his perceived social standing to admit he’s been in love with Kathryn from the beginning. Andy says that’s what Craig has always maintained. Craig says he thinks Whitney has a soft spot for Kathryn, but at the end of the day, doesn’t want to discuss it. Kathryn says a lot pf people got pulled into the situation with her and Thomas that shouldn’t have been pulled in. The easiest thing is for them to distance themselves. Andy asks what Cameran thinks, since she and Whitney are friends. Cameran says she thinks he didn’t want to get pulled into the legal mess. Kathryn says, what sucks for her is, it’s unfair. She can’t control it, but it still falls on her. She’s afraid people won’t want to be around her or be her friend because of Thomas. We see some headlines, and Andy says in a Daily Mail article, Thomas claimed she’s a mentally unstable sex addict, with a prescription drug and shopping problem. I’m surprised he didn’t add that she was a kleptomaniac. He also alleges she failed a drug test. Kathryn thinks he’s diagnosed her with everything in the book.

Andy says fans accused Kathryn of being in another state during her last appearance on Watch What Happens Live. We see some clips, and he says they got lots of tweets. On Instagram she posted that it was her anxiety. He asks why she was so nervous, and she says she had so much going on with the legal stuff. It’s hard to edit everything you say to protect yourself; it’s stressful. Craig says he was bummed. Cameran says, it was uncomfortable to watch. It looked like something was the matter. Andy asks what’s the status of her sobriety. Kathryn says she doesn’t smoke weed; nothing illegal. Andy asks if she can drink, and she nods. He says, and she doesn’t have a problem. She shakes her head, and says it’s not like she’s out partying. He asks if she was drinking that night, but she says, no. He asks Austen if he saw the show, and Austen says he was very disappointed. We see a clip where Austen tweeted into the show, saying Madison lied and begged the guy not to tell Danni, and Kathryn saying, time’s up. Austen says he wondered what was wrong with her. He and Craig both got burned. Does she remember? He says it doesn’t seem like she remembers being there. Kathryn says she hasn’t re-watched the show because she’s too embarrassed, but don’t think he can come after her sobriety. He needs to back up. He can do this sh*t with Madison all day long, but seriously?

Next time – Part Two – Madison joins the circle, Shep is in the hot seat, and Danni also makes an appearance.

👠 A Little More Kathryn In Your Life…

People managed to write an entire article based on a nod.


What she couldn’t talk about.


⛅ How Did It Happen?

Like it’s not bad enough Southern Charm is nearly done for the season, how is it that summer is nearly over and I haven’t been to the beach once?























August 14, 2019 – Julian Is On the Move, Now Designing In Heaven, Ashley Crashes the Party, a First Reunion & a Harry Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam tells Jason that she’s proud of him. He says it was just a softball game, but she says he had three chances to let ELQ win. He says he’s not doing that, and she says she knows he thought about it. He wanted Michael to win. Jason says, Michael is worried about his girlfriend. It was a big deal that he even showed up to play. She asks if he considered it, and he says, maybe, but no one wants to win because you let them. Sam says that’s why she’s proud of him. She’s also proud that he hit the game winning run. She says, congratulations, slugger, and they kiss.

On the field, Obrecht says Peter has a blind bias. He called a strike, and it was clearly a ball. Maxie says she was crowding the plate, but Obrecht says she was asserting herself. Peter says they’re both right. He was trying to give them a taste of what it’s going to be like when they face Aurora. Jax is a great pitcher. Obrecht says, Jax will be there?

At the hospital. Hayden tells Jax that she looked at Sasha’s chart. Her symptoms sound the flu. There’s no reason to panic. He tells her not to be blasé around Nina and Valentin. Nina is beside herself. Hayden says since Nina and Valentin are both at the hospital, that means Windymere is deserted. They can get what they need and get out.

Lucas sees the for sale sign in Charlie’s window. He goes inside, and Julian asks if Brad is parking. Lucas says Brad had to go in to work. He says Julian is being pranked. Does he know there’s a for sale sign on the pub? Julian says, it’s not a prank; he’s selling. Lucas says he thought Julian loved the place. Julian says he does, but he loves Kim more, and they can’t take Charlie’s where they’re going. They’re moving to New York City.

Franco tells Drew, if Drew is him with a new face, how does Drew explain his face? Elizabeth says he hasn’t looked in a mirror, has he? He says, okay; he’ll play along. He’s not sure how much longer they’re going to try sell this. Drew tells him, look for himself, and hands him a mirror. Franco looks at his reflection, and says, who is this? Elizabeth says, it’s him. His name is Franco Baldwin, and she’s his wife Elizabeth. They got married last winter with bars between them, and vowed they’d never let anything come between them again because they love each other. He promised Cameron that he’d come back, so he’d better come back. She knows he’s still in there. Please, just come back.

Peter says he heard Jax was coming, but if they’re lucky he’ll be a no show. Word is that he has quite an arm. Maxie tells Peter that his mind games aren’t working. Don’t pretend he’s being intimidate by Jax. He grew up playing field rugby, or whatever they play over there. They’re going to kick Aurora all the way to Cooper. Besides, they’re down one player. Peter sees Lulu, and says here comes his knight now. She tells him that she’s just there as a cheerleader. She doesn’t know how to play.

Jax says he told Hayden no. She says Valentin has turned into lethal Valentin, but he says Valentin isn’t crazy enough to kill them. Hayden says they can’t afford to let the opportunity pass them by. He says the staff will see them coming a mile away, but she says she has a guy who can get them there undetected. The clock is ticking. Is he coming?

Lucas says Kim and Julian are really leaving? Kim says, not right away, and Julian says, finding a buyer for Charlie’s will take time. They have a lot to wrap up, and a lot of goodbyes. Lucas says, Brad isn’t going to be happy. They had no idea Julian was thinking about moving. Julian says it was a surprise to him too, but it feels like the right thing to do. New York has a lot to offer; there’s a lot of stimulation. Lucy calls, and Julian steps away. Lucas says Kim must be excited. She says she’d be more excited if she wasn’t taking Lucas’s father away from his children and grandchildren. He says she makes it sound like she’s kidnapping Julian, and she says Julian isn’t leaving for what Manhattan has to offer. He’s leaving for her.

Sam tells Jason, on behalf of the Corinthos Coffee team, she thanks him. He says she’s giving him too much credit, but she says he’s the hero this time. Next time, she wants to be short stop. He says Milo did well, but she says Milo belongs on first. Terrible Tony is terrible, but he pulled it off. She should have played. Jason says she almost died. She says she was glad she was able to sit and watch him. She’s grateful to be alive. They kiss some more, and Jason picks her up. He starts to carry her upstairs, and there’s a knock at the door. Robert says it’s their friendly neighborhood DA come for a chat. Jason puts Sam down, and she lets Robert in. Robert says she left GH without giving a statement. Sam says, so he came all the way there to get it? He says, among other things. He has a bit of good news, and a bit of bad news. What do they want first?

Franco says, Elizabeth, right? He knows she believes with all her heart that she knows him, but he doesn’t know her or this Franco person. He’s Chief Petty Officer Drew Cain, service number… Drew finishes the number, and says Franco has been given his memories. He knows it’s hard to believe. Franco says anyone with access to his personal file could get his service number. Drew asks, what about his face? and Franco says Drew doesn’t have it, and neither does he. Drew says, it’s hard to explain, and Elizabeth takes out Franco’s phone. She shows them a picture of them at their wedding reception last month. She says here’s his friend Liesl, and her boss Epiphany. Here are their boys. They love him and miss them. Does he think she’s fabricating all of this, and none of it is real? She shows him his driver’s license and his hospital ID, saying, everything has his face and name on it – Franco Baldwin. He says, they were issued in 2019. It’s 2012. Drew says, no, it’s not, and Franco says his last memory is from 2012. Where the hell have the last seven seen years gone?

Jax tells Hayden, no Spoon Island today. Hayden asks if there’s nothing she can do, and he says they have a prior commitment. Did she forget she’s Aurora’s CFO? She says he’s ditching their project for a corporate softball game? He says, next week, they’re playing Corinthos Coffee, and there’s no way he’s losing. She says while he’s goofing around, she’s doing the heavy lifting. He tells her to make sure no one is alerted to her presence. Get in and out clean. They’ll still be one player short. She says, it’s all taken care of. She leaves, and he puzzles over that.

Maxie says it could be good for Lulu to play, but Lulu says she doesn’t feel up to it. Peter says she doesn’t have to, but Obrecht says he’s the boss. He says, it’s supposed to be fun, not a chore, and she says they’ll smile while doing it. Fun will be had. She was prepared to strut her stuff. Now they’ll have to forfeit. Dustin shows up in an Aurora uniform, and says he was called in from the minors.

Sam tells Robert, when she came to, Jason was there and pried open the freezer. Robert asks if she got the feeling Shiloh had an accomplice. Jason says Shiloh claimed people were watching him, but he never saw anyone. He asks where Shiloh is, and Robert says, at the city slammer, cooling his heels. By this time tomorrow, he’ll be drowning in charges, thanks to Sam’s testimony and the others. Jason asks who else Shiloh went after.

Franco doesn’t understand, and Drew says he gets it more than anyone. He’s been where Franco is. Franco says Drew doesn’t know the first thing about him. He’d like to talk to his superior officer. Elizabeth says the Navy will confirm what they’ve been telling him. She knows it’s overwhelming. Franco tells them that he needs a minute to sort things out, and he does it better alone. They leave, and Franco gets up.

Kim tells Lucas that Julian is being kind, not telling him in front of her that she’s the reason he’s moving. Lucas deserves to know the truth. She kept telling herself things would get easier. She might not stop seeing Oscar around every corner, but eventually, it would get easier, but she’s still waiting for that day. Lucas asks if it’s not even a little easier, and she says hopes he never feels the emptiness that she does. She doesn’t even see it in sight. Not in Port Charles at least. She told his dad that she had to move. Lucas says Julian isn’t letting her go by herself, and she says, it’s one thing for her to leave; there’s little holding her there. It’s not the same for Julian. It comes at quite a cost. She tells Lucas, say the word, but Lucas says, it would break Julian’s heart. She says, say the word, and she’ll tell his dad that she has to do this alone.

Maxie asks if that isn’t Lulu’s ride share driver. Lulu asks Dustin what he’s doing there. He says he picked up a fair who hired him for the whole day. Peter says, they hired him as a substitute? and Obrecht says, it’s in flagrant violation of the rules. Peter says the team members work for their sponsors. Jax appears, and says he does. As of today, Dustin is the official driver of Aurora. Obrecht says they were wondering if Jax would make an appearance. Maxie says Obrecht was the only one wondering. Dustin says he wasn’t going to play, but found out they were playing The Invader, and thought maybe score some points off Lulu. Lulu says, is that so? but Maxie says, she’s not playing. Dustin says he spoke too soon, and Lulu asks if they have an extra mitt. Obrecht says they have all the necessary equipment for a team. Lulu says it looks like she’s playing, and asks Dustin if he’d care to make it interesting.

Jax tells Maxie that Nina is still at the hospital. He doesn’t think she’s leaving until Sasha’s fever is down. They need to pull this one out for her. His phone dings, and he sees a text from Hayden saying she’s in Valentin’s office, and moving to the trophy room.

Hayden takes out a tool to pick the lock.

Lucas says Kim made Julian a better man. He’s grown a lot, and the last steps he’s taken were because she inspired him. Kim says Lucas and Julian are just beginning to talk, but Lucas says they can still do that. He’ll miss Julian, but would rather see him be happy with her, than stuck there wondering what might have been. He tells her, go, and take his blessing with her. Julian comes back, and says Lucy is arranging a meeting with a prospective buyer. He asks if everything is okay, and Kim says she needs to get to GH. She leaves, and Julian asks Lucas, where were they? Lucas says, Manhattan is stimulating, and Julian says, they have the best theaters and museums, and no Sonny. Any day without Sonny is a good day for him. Lucas says he’ll be a long way from his family, but Julian says, it’s only an hour by plane. Lucas is glad Julian loves Kim enough to start somewhere new, but wants to make sure he’s not choosing to leave because Lucas made Julian feel unwelcome in his life.

Robert tells Sam and Jason, after Sam was put in the freezer, that wasn’t the end. Shiloh still had the flashdrive. Jason asks if it was recovered, and Robert says it’s intact, and is now evidence. They don’t know if it’s still fully functional after being used. Jason says, Shiloh used it? and Robert says, he tried to. Sam asks, on who? and Robert says,Cameron Webber.

Franco gets dressed. Elizabeth and Drew come back, and Elizabeth asks what Franco is doing. He says he’s getting ready to take off, but Elizabeth says he can’t leave. Franco says he can. Drew says the doctors aren’t ready to release him. Elizabeth says she knows he’s forgotten everything, but that can be fixed. They’ll find a doctor who can undo the procedure and get his memories back, so he can be Franco like he’s supposed to be. He says he doesn’t believe her, but say she’s right. What she’s telling him is that his memories were taken, and he was turned into a whole other person. Elizabeth says they’ll get his real memories back, and he can go back to his life being Franco. If the procedure was done, it makes sense that it can be undone, especially at GH. It’s one of the best hospitals in the country. Franco says, Port Charles, New York? Drew says he knows it? and Elizabeth says, of course (🍷); he lives here. Drew says what Shiloh did to him… Franco asks, who’s Shiloh? and Drew says he knows Shiloh by his real name – David Henry Archer. Franco says, Hank? Shouldn’t he be in prison? Drew says, he is, but not for what he did in Afghanistan. Franco says he lost seven years. They don’t get a say in what he doesn’t or doesn’t do. He starts to leave, but Drew says he’s not going anywhere.

Hayden keeps working on the lock, and finally gets the door open. She goes inside, and is startled by a cougar’s head.

Lucas says he kept Julian at arm’s-length, and wouldn’t let him near Wiley. Except when his family was threatened, he was self-centered, and asked Julian for help. He’s gotten used to the idea of Julian being involved, and likes Julian being in his family’s life, but it seems like it’s too late. Julian says Lucas doesn’t have to say it. He hears Lucas loud and clear. If he’d thought for one second there was no hope to have Lucas, Brad, and Wiley in his life, he would have left long ago. They hug.

Sam asks Robert how Cameron got pulled in. Robert says, Shiloh left the Midwood, and was skulking around, probably figuring out a way to leave town. He saw Cameron, who was easy picking. It was just bad luck. Sam says, Shiloh kidnapped Cameron? And Robert says he delivered Cameron to Cabot. He was desperate enough not to care who the procedure was done on. Jason says Elizabeth was looking for Cameron, and he helped her track him down. He was in a warehouse on Dewitt. Robert says, that’s where Shiloh was holding him. Sam asks what Shiloh did to Cameron, and Robert says, he let Cameron go. Franco wasn’t so lucky. Franco followed Cameron. They had prepped the kid, but Franco convinced them to use him instead.

Franco tells Drew, step aside. Elizabeth asks Franco to promise he won’t leave Port Charles. There are people there who care about him; he’s part of their lives. Enough people have been hurt already. Give them time. Franco says he’s asking nicely, and Drew says, okay. He’s free to go. Elizabeth tries to stop Franco, but Drew holds her back. She fights with him, telling him to let go of her, and says, Franco, please. Franco walks to the elevator, and looks in his wallet. He sees Kim walk by, and follows her. He says, Kim, and smiles.

Elizabeth tells Drew, please let her go. She needs to get her husband. Drew says, it’s not him, but Elizabeth says, he’s still in there. They can’t let him leave. Drew doesn’t think he will, but Elizabeth says they might never see him again. Drew says, they will. She says he doesn’t know that, but he says he knows. Because Franco is him, or some version of him. He wouldn’t be able to leave, and neither will Franco. Trust him. Trust Franco. He’s not going anywhere. He holds Elizabeth.

Lucas tells Julian, it’s a good thing Brad isn’t there. They’d be having a crying jag, Julian says Brad is tougher than Lucas gives him credit for. If Lucas needs backup, give him a call. Lucas says, Julian too, if things get tough. Julian knows there’s no quick fix. No move will make it easier, but Kim will be distracted in a new environment. It might help, and who is he to get in her way? Lucas says, something Kim said… He probably misunderstood, but when Julian was on the phone, it sounded like she said she was leaving with or without him.

Franco tells Kim that he’s glad he ran into her. She says she wanted to talk to Elizabeth. She decided to take Elizabeth up on her offer for the four of them to have dinner. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she knows it’s her day off, but she came in to talk to Monica. She’s giving her notice. He doesn’t understand, and she says she thought Elizabeth told him. She was thinking of leaving Port Charles, and decided to go. He says, him too. They can go together.

At The Floating Rib, Jax says drinks are on him. Peter says, they played a good game, and should have won. Obrecht had the winning run. Jax says she was on third, and got greedy. You don’t usually see those kinds of collisions on a softball field. Peter says he thinks she was trying to impress Jax with her prowess. Jax says, who?

Obrecht asks Maxie how she looks, and Maxie says, like she just slid into home plate. Obrecht says, it would have been a glorious victory. She tells Maxie not to let Jax leave. She needs to freshen up.

Lulu asks Dustin, what’ll it be? He says, the winning team pays, but she says they made a bet and she lost. He says she seemed distracted when he was up at the plate. He thinks she wanted to see him at bat.

Hayden turns on the lights, and asks, where does a lady hide her treasure? She sees the painting Helena left Nikolas in her will. I wonder why she didn’t close the door. Not very professional.

Dustin messes with Lulu’s phone, and she asks what he’s doing. He says putting in his contact info. Maxie watches as Lulu and Dustin clink beer bottles.

Jax says Peter thinks Obrecht has a thing for him? Peter tells him, see for himself when she gets back. Where did she go anyway?

Hayden wonders, where could it be? It’s not in Valentin’s office, and not there. From the doorway, Obrecht says, two pairs of eyes are better than one. Tell her what she’s looking for, and she might help find it. If she doesn’t, Obrecht will turn her over to Valentin.

Robert says Franco took Cameron’s place, and Sam asks, what about Franco? Robert says Doc thought there was definitely the possibility of brain damage, since Franco doesn’t share Drew’s DNA. However, he was sitting up and talking. Jason says, and he has no recollection of his past life. Robert says, Franco thinks he’s Drew.

Franco tells Kim, let’s get out of here. She asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s better after seeing her. Her hair is different; he likes it. She asks if something happened to him, and he says nothing she can’t fix.

Elizabeth says she’s sorry she hit Drew. He’s right to a point. Franco doesn’t see her as his wife, and there’s nothing anchoring him there. (Was that a pun?) They need to give him a reason to stay. Drew says, let’s go do that.

Lucas tells Julian not to listen to him, but Julian says he has it right. Kim told him herself. Lucas says, so it’s not an idea they came up with together? It makes him wonder, if Kim was going to leave without him… Julian says, why go with her?

Kim says maybe Franco should have a seat. She’ll find Elizabeth. He says maybe she should find that loving feeling while she’s at it. She says, what? and he tells her that he said it to her before; remember? He does. She was wearing heels with a little black number, and he had on his dress whites. He grabbed the mic, and does she recall what she said? Tom Cruise eat your heart out. She says, Franco? and he says, hell no. He’s definitely not Franco, and kisses her. Elizabeth and Drew see them.

The show was dedicated to Fernando Pardo, who did scenic design for the show. See below.

Tomorrow, Hayden asks Obrecht what she can offer for Obrecht’s silence, Lucas tells Brad about Julian moving, and Kim asks what the hell is going on?

😢 Gone But Not Forgotten…

A behind-the-scenes passing at GH.


Southern Charm

Patricia meets Kathryn at Gwynn’s to shop for party shoes. Kathryn gives the clerk a couple of pairs, asking for her size. Patricia asks if Kathryn’s new beau is coming to the party, and Kathryn says he is. They’re going with Austen and Madison. She thinks Madison is cool. Patricia says Madison never meant to hurt Danni. Shep pushed her too far, and was surprised when she stood up for herself. Kathryn says, Shep has an intense anger about something outside of Madison and Austen. Patricia says years ago, Shep told Madison that when she got a divorce, call him first. She doesn’t know if he resents her being with Austen. She observes that Kathryn’s shoes have spikes on them, and says Kathryn could kick someone in the ass with those. Kathryn says she should have worn them to the fox hunt. Ashley, let’s talk. Patricia heard Ashley was there, and asks what she said. Kathryn says, it was weird. Ashley talked about how she was so sorry for what she’d said, that it wasn’t her place. She said she respects Kathryn, and wants things to be good between them. Kathryn tries on shoes, and picks out a pair. Patricia says after Ashley and Kathryn talked, Shep overheard Ashley saying to her friends, Kathryn will never get custody of the children. Kathryn says Ashley makes her sick, and Patricia says that’s why she’s not buying the new Ashley, who wants to be pals with everybody. Kathryn says she doesn’t buy it for a second. Patricia thinks Ashley is vindictive, and will do anything get back at her. She’s given Ashley her rough time on social media. In Patricia’s interview, she says she turned against Ashley when Ashely started cyber-bullying her on social media, and defaming her. She’s not a shrinking violet, and Ashley is ill-equipped for that kind of warfare with her. She says Ashley is ballsy and shameless. Kathryn says, shameless is right.

Bailey visits Austen, bearing lattes. He says it’s the longest he’s been at a place. She says, coffee cheers, and asks, what’s new? He wishes they’d had a chance to talk at the fox hunt. She says she saw him with Shep. He says, maybe a little hiatus will be good. She tells him that she’s going to Patricia’s party, and he says, with Shep? She says, no, and he asks who Shep is taking. She makes a face.

Shep goes to Chelsea’s salon for a haircut. He tells her that his date for the party is named Chelsea as well. She’s the girl on the couch when Madison barged into Austen’s. We flash back to that. He says he begged Craig to take the other girl, who’s also in town. Chelsea asks how Austen feels about that, and Shep says he’s taking a step back. She asks how Austen is taking it, and he says, who cares? In Chelsea’s interview, she feels Shep’s been fighting hard to show that Madison is a horrible person, but at the end of day, she and Austen are together. Shep feels like he lost battle. Why he cares so much, she doesn’t know. She asks if he’s ever been with Madison, and he says, no. She asks if he tried, and he says he has a vague memory of thinking he could bang her. We flash back to a party four years ago, where Madison told Shep, don’t get any ideas. He says he’s glad it didn’t work out. She’ll never taste mom’s meatloaf.

Austen asks if he knows her, and Bailey says, yes. He asks, how? and Bailey says, she was there; Chelsea. Austen says, see what he means? Shep has no shame. Bailey says, Shep must have a relationship with her if he’s bringing her. Austen says, it’s called a booty call. He hopes Madison doesn’t get fired up. Bailey asks if he’s going to tell her, and he says he has to. In Austen’s interview, he says Shep claims Madison is a vindictive, revenge-driven person, and it’s exactly what he’s doing right now. He tells Bailey, this is sh*t.

Naomie’s mom Carole helps her paint the bathroom. Carole says Naomie is always busy, and Naomie says Carole always calls at the worst time when she’s working. Carole say she works with Naomie’s dad, and Naomie says she could never work with her dad. Carole says he couldn’t work with her either; she’s so opinionated. Naomie wonders why she’s like this, if her mom is so sweet, and Carole says she raised Naomie to have woman power. Naomie says, poor Metul. Carole says, they knew she could never have settled for typical or someone without their own mind. When they met Metul, they thought he might be it. It’s Naomie’s life, but she’s ready to be a grandmother. If Naomie ever gets married. In Naomie’s interview, she says she knows she wants to be married to Metul, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow. It can be the next day. They have tea, and Carole says when she was marrying Naomie’s father, another guy was trying to date her. The other guy was very handsome, and her dad was a little, chubby man, but his brain was tickling hers. She has to think, is she proud of this guy? Does she admire and trust him? Naomie says she wouldn’t date him if she didn’t think it could go further. She thinks she’s found a good partner in him. Carole says, that’s all that matters.

Eliza goes to get her extensions redone. Ashley walks in, and sits in the chair next to her. She asks if Eliza has any fun plans coming up, and Eliza says, Miss Pat is throwing a cocktail party. She says she hasn’t seen Ashley since the fox hunt. That went well. Ashley says her biggest regret was listening to Patricia, and siding with her and not Kathryn. She hates Patricia for doing that. She’s a POS. Ashley says she’s so regretful. She believed that bitch. She never would have said what she did to Kathryn if Patricia had steered her in the right direction. She was doing Patricia’s dirty work. Patricia was stirring the pot. Eliza says no one else has issues with Patricia, and Ashley says they see what happens if you go against her. Why is she the only person who sees it? That bitch called her a gold-digger. We flash back to that, and Ashley says she’ll never forgive Patricia for that. Eliza says she’s going to read Ashley some Bible quotes. Ashley says Patricia hurt her, and asks when the event is. Karma’s a bitch, and she’s going down. Eliza says she’s going to read her Bible app.

Madison calls Austen, and says she’s got a lot of work. He wants to tell her about his chat with Bailey. He says they talked about the ball, and he found out Shep is bringing Chelsea S. She asks why he’d do that, and asks how it makes Austen feel, but he says he hasn’t processed it. In his interview, he says Chelsea S is the girl who set up the video. Madison says he’s taking it better than she would, but she’s not surprised. Shep is a sh*t person. Austen says Shep is trying to get a rise from him, and he’s not giving Shep the satisfaction. He’s not going to run and hide. He tells Madison that they need to get their minds right, and should temper their drinking. Madison says she can’t wait. It’s just effing awesome.

At the Stag Party venue, event planner Stacey goes over things with Patricia. She points out the stag ice sculpture, shows Patricia the tables, and gives her the menu. In her interview, Patricia says, this year’s theme is a stag’s ball. It’s traditionally singles getting together to meet. It’s a European thing, and you can make it what you want, but even if it’s a casual event, she’s not lowering her standards. She tells Stacey that she’s going home to get a face lift and liposuction.

The girls gather at Kathryn’s place. Cameran sees the kids’ artwork, and says, it’s the best art ever. She can’t wait until Palmer is old enough. Kathryn says Kensie paints rainbows and hearts every day. They discuss what everyone is wearing. Kathryn says she’s glad they came over; it feels like a salon. She tells them a stylist is coming, and Hunter will be coming to the party. She says she calls him chicken nugget, and he calls her his honey mustard. Cameran sees that Naomie is wearing a promise ring, and says, the next one is a diamond. Kathryn says a friend overheard Ashley talking to Eliza at the salon, and Ashley said she was coming tonight. She’s going to climb that gate like, what up? We find out Metul and Jason are also coming, and Kathryn says she and Hunter are going with Madison and Austen. Cameron asks if Madison has apologized to Danni, but Danni doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. She wants a day to not talk about them. Kathryn says they’re going to see them tonight, and Danni says let her have an hour. She thinks it’s weird that Kathryn is going with them. Kathryn says she didn’t want to make Danni uncomfortable, and Danni says she doesn’t understand how Kathryn can allow Austen to be buddy-buddy with her. In Danni’s interview, she says, what Austen said was unwarranted, unfair, and mean. Her best friend should recognize that before anyone else. Kathryn says now she sees that it’s screwed up. She’s not going with them. She says she’ll text him, and Naomie says, that’s a real friend. Danni says she doesn’t have to, but Kathryn says she wants to. Danni is more important. On a better note, let’s have fun and be normal people. Naomie asks who Shep is going with, and Chelsea says, another Chelsea. She was involved in the threesome video.

Everyone gets ready. Austen suggests he and Madison skip the party. In his interview, Austen says he’s glad he reconfirmed his decision to go with his heart, rather than his drinking buddy. He’s finally doing what he wants to do. He fumbles around, trying to put Madison’s anklet on her, says he can’t, then gets it. He tells her, that’s love.

No surprise, the party looks glorious. A beautiful showgirl on stilts welcomes the guests outside, and there’s a purple carpet to walk. A contortionist does moves on a table inside, and there’s elegance galore. As she walks in, Chelsea says, fancy. Patricia introduces Chelsea to Mr. Kale, her bodyguard. She says, he’s security; she doesn’t want replay of last year. We flash back to Ashley calling Kathryn an egg donor. In Patricia’s interview, she explains that Mr. Kale owns a security company, and packs heat. Is that… yes it is. Jason. We never see him. Cameran sees the entrance, and says, this is extra. Whitney says, Jason made a guest appearance, and Chelsea says she heard the rumors. Kathryn arrives with Hunter, who’s really cute. Kathryn is wearing one of those dresses with a sheer bottom that I love. She suggests Hunter jam with Whitney, and Whitney says he shreds metal. We see a clip of that. Danni and Bailey come in together. Jason and Metul talk. Cameran is loving it, and says Metul smells good, getting into his personal space. Naomie says he’s being assaulted, but he says, it’s not assault if it’s welcome.

In the car, Madison feels sick. Austen tells her, rebound. They got this. She says she’s trying to be positive, and he takes her hand. She says she feels bad for anyone coming after her, but he doesn’t think anyone is dumb enough to do that. He kisses her, and tells her that he loves her before they go in.

Shep says, it’s gonna be fun; he’s into it. He’s also done in my book. I always thought of Shep as someone I’d never want to date, but would make a great friend. This is as immature and mean as it gets. I’m so disappointed. He has no business doing this to Austen just because he doesn’t like Austen’s choices. He’s being an insecure, arrogant pr*ck. Madison made a big mistake, but I think she exploded after taking his crap for a while. I’m not excusing it, because it involved Danni, as innocent a bystander as it gets, but Madison does not deserve this treatment. And while Austen shouldn’t have given her the ammo, Shep needs to face it – your dude friends tell their girlfriends the gossip you give them. An ex of mine couldn’t get to the phone fast enough when a mutual acquaintance told him something and said not to tell me.

Cameran tells Jason that Metul is her man crush. Austen and Madison come in, and Patricia and Whitney greet them. Shep and Craig follow. Kathryn points out the contortionist, who is now in a giant champagne glass. Chelsea bets she’s good in the sack. Shep is all excited, and I wish I could punch him. Craig is with Michelle, the other chick in the video. Austen says, it’s a total ambush. In his interview, he says, Craig is such a pawn. Cameran greets Shep and Craig. Austen says, this is total bullsh*t, but Madison says, it’s okay. Chelsea says Craig shouldn’t be friends with him. Cameran asks, which one banged Austen? Shep says, Austen claims neither. He thinks if they’re so secure in their relationship, they ought to be able to be in front of them. Cameran asks if he thinks Madison recognizes them, but Shep doesn’t give a f**k.

Don wants to unload Eliza’s purse that he’s been carrying around all evening. Austen tells Madison that Shep and Craig have a nerve to come to this. He asks Kathryn how she and Hunter met. Kathryn jokes that she’s a concert ho’, then says it was at a dinner thrown by mutual friends. Madison tells Danni that she’s about to lose her sh*t. They go to a terrace, and Danni is gracious. She says, regarding what happened between them… and Madison says she feels like sh*t about it. Dannie says she was hurt, and still wonders why. She doesn’t understand it, and she’s pissed at Madison and Austen. Madison says she should have bottled it, but Danni says maybe Austen told her in confidence, but it never happened. She was caught off-guard. Madison says Danni was caught in the crossfire. She hugs Danni, and says she’s sorry.

Craig joins ignores Austen, and greets Kathryn and Hunter. Austen asks, what’s up with Craig and Shep bringing those girls? Craig says if his relationship is solid, it shouldn’t matter. Kathryn joins them, and asks, what’s happening? Austen tells her that Craig and Shep brought the girls from the video as their dates. Kathryn calls Craig a d*ck. Austen says he doesn’t understand. There were plenty of other girls they could have brought. Kathryn tells Craig, good move. Craig says he needed a date, but he already knows what a big loser he is. Austen says he should call Shep an effing clown. He wants to be king, and make Craig a pawn. Kathryn says, he plays checkers actually.

Cameran tells Shep, of all the girls… and Shep asks if she doesn’t find the humor in it. She does, but at the same time. if he values his friendship with Austen… Shep says he doesn’t right now. She says, Austen is obviously happy. Why does he care? Shep says, it’s one of the biggest romances in history; everybody knows it. Cameran isn’t having it. Craig tells Austen and Kathryn, he never met her until tonight. Shep said she was a hookup from his past. Austen says Shep brought them specifically to slap him in the face. He knows that, but then Craig brings the other girl. How can Craig question that? In Craig’s interview, he admits he’s kind of being an a-hole. He didn’t really care about taking a swing at Madison and Austen, and now he feels bad that he got involved. He tells Austen that he thinks Shep doesn’t like seeing other people happy. Cameran asks if Shep is jealous because Madison and Austen are in love. Shep says, Austen is a real lucky man. Cameron tells him, she’s just saying, and Shep says if he could only find himself a Madison. Is she effing nuts?

Cameran stuffs her face. Patricia thought Whitney was going to shave. Chelsea thinks they should set the record straight, and Kathryn says they want to know if either of the girls screwed Austen. Chelsea goes up to Michelle and Chelsea S, and asks if they can talk really quick. She leaves with them to a more private spot, and the others follow. Austen asks to talk to Shep. Chelsea tells the two girls that everyone wants to know the truth. Cameran says Shep is using them to get back at Austen. Michelle says, that’s fine. It has nothing to do with what they’re doing; they’re just having fun. Chelsea S says they were hanging out, and passed out. Kathryn asks, did ya’ll screw him? and Chelsea S says there was nothing sexual. She woke up on the couch, and hears that crazy bitch screaming. Chelsea says she wouldn’t call Madison that, and Chelsea S admits she’d be crazy too. Cameran asks why she filmed it, and Michelle says they didn’t know what was going to happen with Madison screaming. Chelsea says, so the moral of the story is, neither one of them screwed Austen? They both say, no.

Austen tells Shep, be honest; what’s going on? Shep says Patricia was having a party, and he invited Chelsea. She’s one of the few people he could bring, and he thought it was funny. Austen says it was a slap in the face, and Shep did it to get a rise. Shep knows it was. Shep says, yeah, and drinks directly out of a wine (?) bottle. Austen says Shep is being petty. Shep says it was snippy and bad, but he’s not dying on the cross for Austen. It’s what Austen wants. Austen asks why he’s so angry. Shep sarcastically says he’s trying to destroy Austen, and Austen says Shep is mad at someone else, not him. It’s disappointing. Craig wonders in, and Austen tells him, eff off please. Craig doesn’t even hesitate, and turns right around. That, and the look on Craig’s face, make me literally lol. Shep says, sometimes a little revolution is a good thing, as usual, not even knowing what the hell he’s talking about. He says he’s not stopping the love story of the century, against all odds. They can go riding into the sunset. It’s called disassociation. In his interview, Austen says, Shep took the words right out of his mouth. The friendship is in total ruins. Don’t let the door hit him on the way out. Austen tells Shep that he’s got it. They go back to the party. BTW, Shep is also getting fat. There, I said it.

Cameran says if Ashley comes, she’ll give her credit. Whitney says it would take audacity and balls to walk into this viper’s pit. Shep sees Craig on the stairs. Craig says he’s kind of hiding, and Shep asks what’s up. wha up didn’t know ploy inferiority complex she p knew didn’t know brag looks like doin I t for a point not because he likes her; he wanted to take a jab at Austen

Madison asks Austen how it went, and he says they screamed, they shouted, and Shep admitted he was trying to get a rise out of Austen. He says he loves her, and kisses her. Whitney and Kathryn see each other. They make a little small talk, then Kathryn says it’s all good, but she was embarrassed by what he said. He says he was protecting both their reputations. We flash back to him telling the others that he and Kathryn never slept together. She says it was already out there, and she thought people would shut up if he just admitted it. In Kathryn’s interview, she says Whitney isn’t that big of a jerk. He knows he hurt her feeling, and probably feels bad about it. There’s some insecurity there, but she can’t put her finger on exactly what it is. Whitney says she has a lovely boyfriend. She says she’s happy, kisses his cheek, and walks away.

Patricia tells Madison that Craig overstepped the line. There’s a double-standard there, and she thinks he and Madison need to talk. Metul wants to do a shot, but says he still has to get up early. In his interview, Craig laughs, and calls them lame. Because they’re acting like grown-ups, and Metul is working toward being a doctor rather than sewing five pillows a year. Madison asks if Shep would be willing to talk to her. He says he’s a man of reason. She says his date is real classy. He says she’s a girl he hangs out with quite often really. For three years, on and off. Madison thought it was more of a nighttime thing. Shep says it usually is, but sometimes day leads into the night.

Madison says she’s going to tell him this one time only. She apologizes for saying what she said. It was inappropriate, and she crossed the line. She’s disappointed n herself, and not proud of how she made everyone feel. He thanks her, and she says Austen does value his friendship. She doesn’t want to feel like they can’t get back to where they were. She feels like Shep thinks they never will, and after tonight, probably Austen feels the same way. Shep says he doesn’t care, and Madison says, that’s obvious. She asks if he feels good about it, but he says he doesn’t care. Austen deserves it. She asks if he really wants to ruin the friendship, and he says he doesn’t give a f**k. She feels that Austen got caught in the crossfire of their hate for each other. He says he doesn’t hate her, but Madison says he did, He’s been calling her white trash from day one, and he didn’t like that she wouldn’t let him just say anything about her. She’s not taking it any longer, and she’s also doing it for Austen. Shep says he thought their relationship was stronger than a tire iron. They’ll be fine. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. (Something people trying to hurt you like to say.) She hopes he finds that, and he says he will. He’ll find it somewhere amazing, and he’ll have a big-ass grin on his face. She says, alone? He says, of course not, but she says he seems to want to be alone. He says he really doesn’t care, and she says she thinks they should cut the crap. She’s not doing this anymore.

They walk out, and Austen asks Madison, what happened? Are they best friends now? She says, no.  Shep asks if his date is having a good time, and asks if she ran into any insanity. Austen suggests he and Madison leave. Shep tells Chelsea S that he’s not worried about anything, and nuzzles her neck. Austen and Madison leave the party.

Fifteen minutes later. Cameran tells Jason that she and Metul have a running joke that they’re in love. Ashley comes in, and walks up the stairs. Eliza is starting her goodbyes. Patricia asks Stacey if she thought it was a good turnout, and Stacey thinks it was great. Ashley walks in, and goes over to Patricia. She says she and her friend were in the neighborhood. Patricia says she sees that, and nods to Mr. Kale. Ashley asks if Patricia has a moment to talk, and Patricia asks if she’s met Mr. Kale. Ashley idiotically introduces herself, and Mr. Kale says he has to ask her to leave. Eliza says she told Ashley to stay away from the party. Ashley gets loud, and says she knows what Patricia did, and the truth will come out. Kathryn goes to Patricia as Mr. Kale escorts the ranting Ashley out. Ashley tells Mr. Kale not to push so hard, even though it looks like he just has his hand on her back. Everyone runs out on the balcony, so they can watch. Patricia tells Kathryn that Ashley isn’t bringing her cat on hot trailer roof drama to this event. Kathryn can’t believe she showed up.

Outside, Ashley calls Thomas, and says they embarrassed her. The guy was pushing her down the stairs, and she was wearing heels. It was aggressive. It was so messed up. She says, okay, and hangs up. She tells her friend that he told her to call 911, Should she call 911? The friend shakes her head, while not even looking at Ashley. I don’t know if the cameras are distracting her, or she just wants to disappear. Ashley and the friend walk off. Ashley says she’s so pissed. Patricia says, it was the best money she ever spent.

One month later. We see a tweet from Ashley, thanking South Carolina for the life lessons, and saying she’s going back to California. She also has a new BFF – Landon.

Next time, the Reunion. My big question – why is no one mad at Shep, who apparently lied to Austen about Danni in the first place?

👗 A Southern Debut…

Good luck on your first reunion, Madison. You’ll need it.


🍭 Not My Thursday…

But I do love Nilsson.









August 7, 2019 – Shiloh Finds a New Subject, Shep Is Not Charmed & Don’t


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Blah-blah-blah. They’re telling me the weather is bad, even though I can look out the window too.

At the MetroCourt, Laura asks a distracted Scotty if he’s with her. She was talking about a retaining him if Lulu’s divorce should happen. He says he’ll do it pro bono, but he needs her to do a favor for him. She asks, what kind? and he says help him get rid of a con artist, looking at Ava’s table nearby. Laura asks if he means Chelsea.

Chelsea says Ava asked to meet, and now she’s messing with her cell phone. I know that feeling. Ava says she was shutting off her social media alerts. She thought the frenzy would die down by now, but guesses her fifteen minutes is lasting longer. Chelsea asks her to cut to the chase. Ava says she tried to do right by Kiki. She went to see Ryan, and asked him to exhibit remorse and let her go. Chelsea says she doesn’t need to have psychic power to know how that went over.

Valentin brings dinner to Nina and Maxie. Maxie takes the bag into the reception area, and Nina says she and Valentin need to talk about what happened last night. He says he thought it was excellent. She says, it was amazing, but she’s talking about before that, with Hayden and Jax.

Finn calls Jax, saying he got the number from Bobbie. He wanted to check on Hayden. He saw her earlier, and wants to make sure she’s okay. Hayden walks into the MetroCourt, and Jax says he’s looking at her right now. She seems fine. Finn thanks him. Hayden sits down, and asks who that was. Jax says, Finn.

In her hospital bed, Sam startles awake. Jason tells her, she’s okay. She repeats, she’s okay, but then says, she’s not okay.

Cabot goes into a brick building with the address of 721.

Elizabeth and Franco go to Rice Plaza. Elizabeth wishes Cameron would clean his room this well. He’s supposed to meet them, and he’s late again.

Cameron yells at Shiloh to let him go, as Shiloh ties him to a chair. Cabot walks in, and asks, what’s going on? Shiloh tells him, meet his new subject.

Laura tells Scotty that she sees two women having drinks. Scotty says he sees a woman with a hook in her mouth being reeled in. Laura asks what he wants her to do, and he says put his tax dollars to work. She says it’s not her place to tell Ava how to grieve. Scotty says, mayor, pillar, beacon, and Laura says, ray of sunshine? Scotty says, that too. She tells him, Ava lost her daughter in the worst possible way. How she gets through it is her business. He says he knows about grief. He’s got no problem with Ava getting on with her life, it’s who she’s doing it with that bugs him. Laura says she thought he came to Elizabeth and Franco’s reception with Bobbie, and he says they’re in talks right now. He’s not cozying up with Ava. They’re friends. Laura is a friend. If he saw vultures over her head, he would shoo them away. He’s just asking for old time’s sake. Do him a favor.

Chelsea tells Ava, she could have told her seeing Ryan wouldn’t give her satisfaction or closure, It’s not what psychotic killers do. Kiki appreciates the attempt, but Ava has to make a different kind of amends if she wants to reach Kiki. The kind that will test her like she’s never been tested. Ava says she’d do anything for Kiki. Suddenly, Chelsea stares into space, and says, give a hoot; don’t pollute. Chelsea says they’ll have to pick this up later; she’s leaving. She tells Ava, try not to be too mad at him. He means well.

Hayden asks how Finn got Jax’s number, and Jax says from Bobbie. He says Finn just wanted to know how she was. She was kind of out of it. She says she’s never been so obliterated. She needs some hair of the dog. He says he doesn’t get it. Unless she drinking before he picked her up – she says, no – she only had one drink. She says she can’t explain it, and he wonders if someone else can.

Nina asks Valentin if he still thinks Jax and Hayden were looking for something at WIndymere. He says, doesn’t she? He knew it the second Hayden went off with the nonsense about the diamonds. Nina says, what is it then? He doesn’t know, and she says, but he’ll be keeping an eye out? He says, always.

Maxie tells Sasha, a vacation together? It must be getting serious. Sasha thinks she caught the bug.

Sam tells Jason that she thought she’d die in the freezer. She did everything she could. She did not, and I’m not letting it go. She says she kicked, struggled, and tried to scream, but she couldn’t breathe; there was no air. She thought that was it. She’d never see him, Danny, Scout, or anyone she loves again. She knows everything is okay now, but.. Jason says, she’s scared, and she nods, saying it freaked her out. He says, whatever she needs, or whatever she’s feeling, he’s there. He knows her, and knows how strong and resilient she is. He knows she’ll get through this. Shiloh can’t break her. She’ll be okay. She hugs him.

Elizabeth leaves Cameron a message, telling him video games are a privilege, not a right, and she’ll take them away faster than he can say Minecraft. She tells Franco, you’d think the prospect of a car would instill responsibility. She doesn’t want to be late for work. He tells her, go. He’ll make sure Cameron gets home. She tries to hand him the car key, but he says, no. She asks if this is about what the psychic said. He says she told him, don’t take the drive. She knew it would be a nice night. Maybe they’ll bond on the walk.

Cameron tells Shiloh, let him go. This is crazy. He starts yelling, and Shiloh tells him, stop. He already told Cameron, no one can hear him. No one knows he’s there, or even knows he’s gone. Shiloh promises if he’s a good boy he won’t get hurt, but if he’s a pain in the ass, all bets are off. Got it?

Maxie asks if Sasha is feeling okay. Sasha says she’s just tired. She thinks the vacation caught up with her. Maxie says, there are worse reasons to be under the weather. She’s just going to say it. Michael is the best; the best of the best. And he’s been through the ringer. Sasha says she knows, and Maxie says she’s really lucky. Don’t screw it up.

Nina wishes she had a better read on Jax, and Valentin says, he can’t be trusted, and he’s connected to Cassandra. She says, Jax doesn’t seem like the type to team up with a drug dealer. He says, Jax’s brother is at the top of the WSB and Interpol most wanted list. Nina says they don’t think St. Peter is a murderer because of his father Faison. Valentin says, Jax is up to something. He might have a hard time convincing Nina that Jax is evil and sinister, but has he convinced her that Jax isn’t as transparent as she thought? How can he convince her more? She says he’ll never know until he tries, and they kiss.

Jax asks what was going through Hayden’s mind? She just put it all out there about Finn. She says she didn’t, but he says, she kinda did. She says she suddenly felt the need to tell the truth. It was building, and she couldn’t hold back. One drink, and it was out the window. It was like an out of body experience. She was talking, and nothing could keep her from telling the truth. He asks if she was going to tell Finn the real reason they were there, and she says, 100%. If Jax hadn’t jumped in, they’d have heard the whole plan. Jax says, which is what they wanted exactly. She says, oh my God. Does he think they laced her drink?

Laura says Scotty has been playing the old friend card a lot, and he says it’s the card he was dealt. Laura doesn’t think Ava wants to hear what she thinks, but Scotty says, go right for the psychic. There are laws in this state about crystal balls. Send her back to her carney folk where she belongs. Laura says, it could backfire, and maybe Ava is getting closure. Scotty’s phone rings.

Cabot tells Shiloh that’s not the subject they agreed on. Shiloh says Jason got the jump on him, but lucky for them, the universe dropped this kid in his lap. Cabot asks if he didn’t make it clear, the procedure is designed for twins. Shiloh says, improvise. Cabot asks, what about Drew? but Shiloh says he couldn’t get him. Cabot says they agreed Jason would be in the chair, and SHiloh delivered a child to him. Shiloh says it’s what they’ve got, and what they’re working with. He can’t go back. The cops will be all over him. Cabot says, then he’ll take his leave, but Shiloh grabs him, and says no one ever abandons him. Funny, since most of his followers did. Cameron continues to struggle against his bonds.

Franco sees Chelsea in Rice Plaza. He says he’s been avoiding cars, and golf carts, even though he doesn’t golf too much. She says she’s getting a different message. He asks her to elaborate. She stares into space, and he asks, what’s going on? She tells him, forget what she said. He has to take that drive.

Laura approaches Ava’s table, and Ava invites her to sit. Laura says Scotty is worried about her. Ava says, not worried enough to scoot himself over. Laura guesses he thinks the situation has progressed beyond that point. Ava asks, what situation?

Hayden asks if Jax thinks they tried to drug her with truth serum. He doubts Nina was involved, but poisons are a Cassadine trademark. They already knew there was an ulterior motive to inviting them to Windymere. Hayden says, oh my God. She could have told Finn… She could have demand he break up with Anna. Jax asks if it’s so bad if Finn knows how she feels. She says she would have gotten there eventually, and now she doesn’t know what to do. Jax ask if she wants his advice. She says, no, but he says he’s giving it anyway. He thinks she should let Finn go.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Finn what she missed. He says, the usual death-defying acts by Jason and Sam. He asks if she’s heard of Shiloh, and she says, the guy running the cult? Finn says, that’s the one. She looks at Sam’s chart, and says, Sam was trapped in a freezer? Finn says, she’ll be okay. They sure know how to keep it interesting. Elizabeth says she’s grateful for her uninteresting life. Which, IMO, is still pretty interesting.

Sam tells Jason that she went to the motel to look for the flashdrive. She found it, and was getting the hell out of there, but when she opened the door, there he was. She can’t remember what he did to her, but the next thing she knew, she was in the freezer and couldn’t get out. Jason says, it was a set-up. She was the bait, but Shiloh is after him. She asks, why? Drew has the information he needs from their time in Afghanistan. He says Shiloh wanted to imprint Drew’s memories in him, because they’re twins. Sam says from what Faison told them, memory mapping wouldn’t have worked because of Jason’s brain damage. Jason doesn’t think Shiloh cares. He’s lost it. That’s why he’s not going to win.

Franco says, Chelsea told him… She says she knows what she told him. She was wrong. He says, she’s a psychic. How could she be wrong? She tells him the drive is an easy decision. It’s what happens afterward that’s the hardest thing he’ll ever do. She’s sorry she wasn’t right the first time, but she’s sorrier for what’s to come. His phone rings, and he tells her, stay there. He answers, saying, it’s not a good time, and Scotty says, Cameron is in big trouble.

Cameron keeps trying to break the straps, but can’t get free. Cabot tells Shiloh, there’s no need for violence. Shiloh says, no one said that. In the eyes of the law, they’re co-conspirators. If he goes down, so does Cabot. The only way out is to download the information. Then they can disappear forever. Cabot begs him to see reason. The procedure has only been performed on twins. Shiloh says Cabot was looking to branch out. Cabot says, eventually. The idea was to apply the procedure to unrelated subjects, but only after further research. Shiloh says, he’s speeding up the timetable, but Cabot says, it was never meant for someone so young. There’s no telling the consequences on a developing mind. It could be altered in a way they don’t intend. He could be rendered insane or even killed.

Scotty says Franco’s kid just got a parking ticket. A meter maid used to date wrote the ticket, and he was parked illegally at 721 Dewitt. Franco asks since when is Scotty dating a meter maid, and Scotty says she saw his permit in the window. Franco says, Cameron lost his license, but Scotty says, he didn’t get the memo. Franco wonders what Cameron was doing in that neighborhood, and Scotty says, whatever he was doing, he’s not parked in the right place. He’ll buy the meter maid a T-bone, and take care of it. Just find him, and get the car up on blocks.

Cabot tells Shiloh, proceeding is dangerous at best, and at worst, lethal. Shiloh says they’ll shoot for the best alternative. They’re both facing life in prison; what’s one more crime? Get on with it. Cameron is freaking out. Shiloh and Cabot go back in. Shiloh laughs, and says he’ll have to tighten Cameron’s bonds, since they’re getting loose. When he comes near Cameron, Cameron kicks him, saying, freak; let go of him. Shiloh almost pops Cameron one, but Cabot stops him. Cabot says, it might be prudent to restrain his feet as well, and Shiloh says, good idea.

Jason tells Sam, layer by layer, Shiloh is losing things, and his options are becoming smaller. He’s fixating on Afghanistan, and the information Drew has. He’s got tunnel vision. Sam says, it doesn’t make sense, but Jason says, Shiloh doesn’t care. He’s losing it. The good thing is, the more desperate Shiloh becomes, the more sloppy he gets. Sam says, and the more dangerous he’ll be. Jason isn’t saying they shouldn’t be on their guard. They know what Shiloh is capable of, but his hold over people is done. He has no one to hide behind anymore. That makes him more vulnerable.

Laura says Scotty is concerned about the company Ava is keeping. She says, who? Chelsea? Laura says Scotty is convinced Ava is being taken advantage of, but Ava says she can take care of herself. Laura says she knows, but Ava is still grieving, and nobody wants to see her preyed upon again. Ava says Chelsea isn’t a serial killer, and to be honest, she’s helping. Laura hopes that’s true. Ava asks if she doesn’t believe in that kind of thing, and Laura says, she doesn’t know, but Ava deserves peace. Ava says there’s no peace for her, but that’s okay. She just wants peace for Kiki. If Laura thought Nikolas was as restless as she knows Kiki is, she’d do everything in her power to unburden him.

Jax tells Hayden, as one business partner to another, it’s been a while. Finn has obviously moved on. She should too. He asks if that’s why she agreed to work with him; so she’d have a chance to fight for Finn. Hayden says she’d be lying if she said it hadn’t crossed her mind, but things have changed. In the meantime, things with Valentin have gotten serious and personal. That eurotrash and his Park Avenue princess poisoned her. Jax says it was meant for him. He has no reason to suspect Nina, but she brought up Cassandra Pierce. Cassandra is the key. Why are they so worried about what he knows?

Sasha tells Maxie, she is lucky. Michael seems too good to be true. Maxie says, probably because he is. Sasha says she’s going to take it slow; make sure they’re on the same page about where they are, and where they’re going. And they’ll get wherever that is when they do. She asks Maxie if she passed, and Maxie says, with flying colors.

Valentin says he’s so glad he’s on Nina’s team. She tells him, funny he should say that. The Ava issue is done, they’ve relatively handled the Jax situation. They can turn the attention back on themselves. They have a date in September, and the preliminary arrangements have been made. Now they need to ramp it up. It’s around the corner, and she doesn’t want to waste one day or one minute before marrying him. They kiss.

Maxie comes in with a giant display of flowers, saying, delivery. Sasha follows her in, and Nina asks, how was the island getaway? Sasha says, unreal. They had the best time. She thought she’d catch up on work, but she’s beat. She’s going to head home. Nina wants to give her the big news first, and asks Maxie for a drumroll. Nina says, she and Valentin are getting married. Maxie says they knew that already. Nina says they probably assumed it would be postponed again, but no. They’re fully committed to the September wedding date. It’s going to take a lot of work. Maxie says she’s going to have to pull next month together, and Nina says she’ll help.

Jax says Valentin has upped the ante. He tells Hayden not to be fooled. There’s nothing refined about Valentin. Now he’s on to them, and they’re in a dangerous position. Hayden says it’s going to be harder to snoop around Valentin’s office, or that creepy trophy room. Unless they exploit a weakness; Charlotte – Jax says, that’s out of the questionor Nina. Jax doubts Nina knows anything. He thinks they should let Valentin think they’re harmless, and when his guard is down, get him.

Laura tells Ava, after Nikolas died, she didn’t know how to go on. Ava asks how she did it. How did she even get out of bed in the morning? Laura says, Spencer. She knew he needed her. Ava says she tries to feel that way about Avery. When Avery asks if Kiki is happy, she lies, and says yes, but she doesn’t know. Laura says she needs to look inside herself to find peace. Ava says what if she doesn’t find it, and Laura says, keep looking. Not with a psychic; that might prolong the pain, and they make money off of people’s pain. Ava says she is in pain, but she’s also still herself. Laura laughs, and Ava says that Chelsea knows things no one could possibly know. If Laura doesn’t believe it, try it for herself.

Jason tells Sam, there’s an APB out for Shiloh and his accomplice. Elizabeth and Finn come in, and Elizabeth asks if Sam is okay. Sam says, accomplice? Is it someone from DOD? Jason says, no. It’s the doctor who developed memory transfer – Cabot. Finn says, Arthur Cabot? His work was based on using twins. Anna and her sister were his initial subjects. Finn ran into him, and warned Drew, but had no idea he was working with Shiloh. Jason says maybe Cabot stands a better chance at getting something off the flashdrive. Finn asks doesn’t he need Jason or Drew to make it work? and Jason says, not necessarily.

Franco leaves a message for Cameron, saying he knows Cameron is on a joyride, but stay put. Franco is coming to get him, and Cameron is going to owe him big time.

Cameron says he won’t tell a soul, but Shiloh says, sorry; no can do. Cameron asks if they know Jason is his half-brother. His dad is going to kill them. Shiloh says he’s connected to Jason? Even better. Cameron says, please don’t do this. Shiloh says, Drew survived; Cameron will too. Cameron says they can’t make him forget everything, and Shiloh says he won’t even remember being scared. Cabot injects him with (I assume) a sedative.

Scotty sits with Ava, and she says his pal already took a crack at her. Scotty tells her to fasten her seatbelt. She’s in for a bumpy ride. She says her eyes are wide open, and it’s fine. He asks her to do him a favor, and keep the psychic away from his son. He doesn’t need that. She thanks him, and he says, for what? She says he knows what.

Laura calls Chelsea. Laura says she’s heard a lot about her, and understands she has a special way of helping people. She thinks she might be in need of that kind of help.

Jax tells Hayden that he has every intention of gaining Nina’s trust. Not just in a business sense; he genuinely likes her. She’s creative, intuitive, and smart. He’s way ahead of Hayden.

Nina asks how Valentin knew they’d have something to celebrate? He says he didn’t. They’re not from him. Nina reads the card. Thanks for making my early days at Aurora memorable. Here’s to many more. Jax. Sasha keels over.

Franco gets to 721 Dewitt. He knocks on the door, and yells for Cameron. He turns the knob, and the door opens. Wow. I would say Shiloh is getting sloppy, but Cabot was the last one in, so really?

Finn tells Jason that he thought the procedure was supposed to be used on twins. Jason says there’s a better chance of success, but theoretically, it can be performed on anyone. The real concern is the subject ending up in a vegetative state.

Franco hears Cabot and Shiloh arguing. Cabot says he wanted to complete his life’s work, and Shiloh tells him, stop whining and get the job done. Franco opens the door, and sees Cameron in the chair. He asks, what’s going on?

Tomorrow, Finn says it’s not looking good, Drew tells Curtis that he won’t believe who Cabot has been calling in Port Charles, and Franco asks if Cameron has been given Drew’s memories.

Southern Charm

Chelsea meets dad Ken for lunch. She says she missed him, and they order hushpuppies and fish bites. I guess it’s the Southern version of fish and chips. Ken asks how her boyfriend Nick is doing with his travels, and she says he gets to be on the water and travel; it’s awesome. In her interview, Chelsea says she knows her father’s fears about her dating someone who’s not around a lot, but you love who you love. She tells Ken that she’s still figuring her next move with work. She was thinking about going into business with Madison. Madison has been doing hair forever, but the more she thinks about it, it doesn’t make sense. Their personalities are different, and if they had a disagreement, it might be pretty intense. In Chelsea’s interview, she says, seeing how Madison reacted in a stressful situation, she wonders, would Madison attack her in a stressful business situation? She says, best friends go into business, and end up hating each other, and Ken says, he did. A couple of times. It’s good for years, then you’re faced with a lawsuit. He thinks if she can do it, do it on her own. He says, she can do it, and she says, strong like bull, something my father used to say.

Danni visits Kathryn, who says she’s in love. He lives in Nashville, and writes music. In her interview, Kathryn says a girlfriend invited her to Nashville for the weekend. There was a couples dinner, and the friend invited a guy. They hit it off. His name is Hunter. She thought he was dressed classic Nashville country singer. They stayed up talking all night talking. He’s silly, funny, and wonderful. Danni says she’s glowing. Kathryn unpacks the food Danni brought, and asks what’s up with her? Danni says she talked to Madison. We flash back to Madison making a jerk of herself, and embarrassing Danni. Danni says Madison feels bad, and said she took her issues with Shep too far. Unfortunately, Danni was involved. Kathryn thinks she’s genuinely sorry, but it doesn’t mean she excuses the behavior. Kathryn says she feels like she and Madison connect on a mom level, and she doesn’t want it to affect her friendship with Danni. Danni says she’s more put off by Austen. Everything stemmed from him. Kathryn says Eliza texted her. She’s finally having a fox hunt. Who would like to tally-ho? Kathryn swears Eliza googles classic Southern activities. She doesn’t even know what tally-ho means. She wonders if they dress up like it’s a reenactment. She has a red vel jacket. Danni says she has to go. Tally-ho.

Ashley visits Eliza at the hotel. In Eliza’s interview, she says she feels for Ashley, but she’s irritated and feels betrayed. She worked hard get Ashley a platform where she could apologize, and move on with a clean slate. We flash back to whatever mess that was. They sit, and Eliza says she hasn’t seen Ashely since Airy Hall. Ashley thanks Eliza for her facilitating that. If it wasn’t for Eliza, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity. Because of that day, she had had a chance to talk briefly to Naomie. Eliza asks if it went well, and Ashley says Naomie is a straight shooter. She asked if Naomie thought Kathryn would ever talk to her, even if they ran into each other; would she be open to talk? We see a clip of Naomie saying, no, no, and no. But since Ashley is delusional, she says she felt a little opening, and hopes to get another chance. In her interview, Eliza says, in the Bible, Peter was forgiven seven times. Six more to go. She tells Ashley that she has a fox hunt coming up.

Craig and Austen meet for drinks. Craig tells Austen that he has a partner in the pillow business, and they’re making moves. Austen says he had a conversation with Shep. Craig asks if Shep said he won’t be friends if Austen goes back with Madison or did he just say it a betrayal of his trust? Austen says, both.  Craig says, so it was basically an ultimatum. As a friend, Craig doesn’t think it’s healthy, but he’d still be friends. Shep looks at it as Austen is choosing sides. Craig’s personal opinion is that Danni should be mad at Madison for involving her, Shep should be mad at Austen for spilling his secret, and Austen should be mad at Madison for breaking his trust in various ways. Austen should also be mad at Shep for not being a good friend and giving him an ultimatum. He says Austen picked a hellvva spider web to be in. Austen says Madison called him up, and said he’s afraid of what his friends think, and it’s kind of true. He can’t bring her to a party without Craig and Shep looking at him like he’s an idiot. How is their relationship supposed to survive when they’re telling him what to do? In Craig’s interview, he says he gives Austen the same proposition he gave Naomie the day he left. If the world ends tomorrow, and he could take one person to go live on an island somewhere, who would he take? Who’s on the island with him? Austen says, he’d take Madison.

Cameran meets Shep for dinner. She tells him his sweater looks like Mr. Rogers, and he says he’s trying to be more domestic. He did his due diligence on the land he purchased. It’s going to be challenging. Cameran says, because it’s on a marsh. He asks, how did she know? In Cameran’s interview, she says, what does she know? She was only at the top in sales at her company last year. Shep orders ginger ale, and Cameran is impressed. She says she’s proud of him. He says they’ll see how long he can last. She asks how long it’s been, and he says, three days. He’s got to start somewhere. She asks if he talked to Austen, and Shep says he and Madison can ride into the sunset as far as he’s concerned. He won’t be around to watch. In Shep’s interview, he says, you think you know someone, but you don’t. It’s a shock to his system. He tells Cameran that Austen and Madison were buddy-buddy on the trip. Cameran says, maybe she has something on him. Maybe he’s a sexual deviant. Shep knows he is. He has information; he just doesn’t use it. Cameran won’t let up until Shep tells her. On Valentine’s Day, Austen spelled out butt stuff? in rose petals on the bed. She said okay. Cameran and I make the same face, and Shep admits, it was an amazing move. Cameran doesn’t even know what to say.

Kathryn calls Danni, and tells her that she got a text from Ashley. Danni says, what?! and Kathryn says that’s what she said. She reads the text to Danni, with Ashley saying she was invited to the fox hunt, and doesn’t want to have drama. She wishes Kathryn no ill will, and no pressure to talk. She wishes Kathryn the best. Kathryn doesn’t give a sh*t. She’s never done anything to Ashley. She has no mental space left for this mental person. She can’t. In Kathryn’s interview, she says she’ll give Ashley major props if she keeps to herself, but if Ashley comes to her, she’ll just tip her hat. I guess that means keep moving?

Austen meets Madison for dinner. He says he hasn’t seen her, and she says she doesn’t know how to act around him. He asks where her head is at, and she says she’s not 100% sorry for what she said about Shep, but she’s sorry for telling on him. He says he knows Shep pushed her, but it’s the second time now that she’s totally hurt him. The friendship is strained because if information he told her. In the beginning, he’d never been so happy, and it spooked the hell out of him. In his interview, he says in the beginning, Madison came to him, and said she was ready to put down her walls, and be with him fully. When that happened, something snapped in his head, and he wondered, does he marry her and jump into the daddy roll? He sabotaged the whole thing. We flash back to the aftermath of his infamous threesome. He tells Madison, that was clearly one of the worst decisions he’s made in his life. Since then. he’s had to claw his way back for them. He wants make it work. They’ve been through so much together. He loves her. She says she loves him too, and they kiss. I’m not a corny-loving person, but that made me smile. He says he truly wants to make it work, and she says, let’s do it. 100%, not half-assed any longer. He asks if she has an early day, and she says she moved stuff in case things went well. They clink glasses.

Airy Hall; Limehouse Plantation. The horses are unloaded. Eliza’s Aunt Nina is the master (ha-ha – spellcheck gave the selection of hamster) of hounds. In her interview, Eliza says she was tally-hoing when she was super little, but started joining the hunt at nine. Her aunt created the club, and is the founder. She says a lot of preparation goes into a hunt. The hounds need to be trained. They’re hounds, not dogs, and get offended if you call them dogs. You have the huntsman and the control masters. The huntsmen follow the masters, and the members follow the huntsman and hounds. Red coats are for masters, and black coats are for huntsmen. Tally-hoers provide refreshment for those riding. It’s basically being drug around while drinking.

Shep picks up Bailey. He asks if she’s wearing fox, and she says she wants to warn them what’s coming. Shep says he’s tired; he fell off the wagon. Bailey says he fell hard. He says he hasn’t seen a lot of people in a while, and he and Austen are in nuclear winter. In his interview, Shep says Bailey is a great friend. They had a brief romance – we flash back to that – and she introduced him to Austen. He tells Bailey that he’s disappointed and hurt by the whole thing. She ask if he’s going to try talking to Austen, but he says, no. He’s not giving Austen a big hug.

They get to the hunt, and Bailey says hello to Austen. Shep barely asks him how it’s going, and Austen says, well. In his interview, Austen says, Shep is like a stranger right now. He feels the tension. Naomie tells Chelsea it’s intimidating. Port is served in paper cups. Craig demands drinks immediately. In Eliza’s interview, she says, fox hunting is not for the feint of heart. You have to be able to hang on for dear life. Bailey gives Craig a cup of port. He takes a sip, and asks if it’s Robitussin. I agree. I don’t like port much either.

Danni picks up Kathryn. Her car beeps as she backs up, and Kathryn says, it sounds like Ashley when she tries to speak.

Ashley arrives at the hunt. Ready to ride in the back of a hay wagon, Craig sees Ashley, and says, take your positions. Ashley gets on. Craig asks Naomie how she feels, and she says, awkward. The bitch doesn’t listen. In Naomie’s interview, she says what did she tell Ashley? Don’t come near Kathryn. Don’t do it. Just don’t. And she’s here anyway.

Chelsea and Naomie think it’s too cold to ride, and decide to stick with the hay wagon party. Chelsea says she’s not snuggling with Austen, referring to Madison’s jealousy over an Instagram of her and Austen a long time ago. Eliza thanks everyone for coming. She thanks the masters and the landowners, her grandparents. She explains that no foxes would be harmed. They’re doing a drag with a fake scent. If they use a real one, the hounds will go after real foxes, and she wants to protect them. Oh, okay. I’d be into this then. It was creeping me out a little before. Craig says he has zero clue as to what’s happening. There’s no fox, no guns, and he’s on a hayride. It really looks like a lot of fun. If you’re outdoorsy. Which I am. The hounds lose the scent. In her interview, Eliza tells us, if they lose the scent, the hunt ends, and you’re done riding for the day. Craig puts a scarf on his head like a babushka.

Danni and Kathryn finally get to the hunt. Danni says she’s nervous. She doesn’t want to see negative people. Kathryn says everyone looks awesome. They talk to Eliza, apologizing for being late. Ashley walks past with some friend whose name I either don’t know or don’t remember. Kathryn’s hair is done in two long braids, and she’s wearing a nouveau Victorian outfit. Ashley tells the friend that Kathryn looks like Pippi Longstocking, and continues to call her Pippi. I realize my mouth is open, because I can’t believe she’s so juvenile and crass. She never disappoints in that area. She can’t control herself, even a little. Shep says he’s so hungry, he could eat a horse. Austen tells Craig that he and Madison are giving it another shot. Craig asks if he means at being exclusive, and Austen says he told Madison he loves her. Craig asks what she did, and Austen says she cried and said she loved him too. Craig has no problem with them trying again, but if she doesn’t treat Austen well, he’ll still be friends, but he’s not giving a f**k. They go in to eat. Cameron compliments Kathryn’s outfit, and Kathryn says she was channeling Beyoncé’s Formation.

A young German Shepherd and Lil Craig circle each other and sniff butts. Shep jokes that this is his cheat day. Inside, Don helps Eliza out of her riding getup, and she tells him that she invited Ashley and Kathryn. At one of the tables, Cameran suggests she and Kathryn role play; she’ll be Ashley. She does a perfect imitation, saying she wishes Kathryn the best, then saying she’s not listening. Kathryn says her coattails have holes. This show always makes me laugh at least once.

Ashley approaches Kathryn, saying her name, and I laugh because Cameran was spot-on. She asks if they can have a conversation. Austen says, oh sh*t. Shep says, hell has frozen over. Eliza watches from inside, and Don says, this should be interesting. Kathryn and Ashley go to a private bench. Craig says he’s going to make sure they don’t get physical – i.e. he wants to eavesdrop. Ashley thanks Kathryn for being approachable, and say she should have apologized a long time ago. What she said to Kathryn was none of her effing business. We flash back to Ashley behaving abominably. Ashley says who is she to tell someone how to raise their kids, or what kind of mother they are? Kathryn asks when she realized that, and Ashley says when she went home to visit her family in California. They didn’t talk to her; they were disappointed. Her sister said she’s a mother. If someone said that to her, she’d want to kill them. Austen says it looks like Ashley is doing a lot of a talking. Craig says that’s who should be talking. Ashley wants Kathryn to know she was never a threat. She wasn’t trying to break up her family. She was actually supportive of Kathryn and Thomas’s relationship. She was Kathryn’s biggest fan. Kathryn says Ashley said just the opposite to her. Ashley says, after the fact. Whatever the hell that means. Kathryn doesn’t know how Ashley could go from the polar opposite to here. She doesn’t buy it.

Ashley asks what it is Kathryn doesn’t buy; her apology? Kathryn says she doesn’t buy Ashley being nice to her. Ashley says they’ll probably never speak again after this, and Kathryn says she hopes. Ashley says she owes Kathryn an apology. It was never her place say or do what she did. She’s not asking for Kathryn’s forgiveness. She wants peace. If she sees Kathryn, she doesn’t want any hard feelings, animosity, or tension. They can wave, and wish each other well. I would totally buy this, if she hadn’t just insulted Kathryn a hot minute ago. Kathryn wants to feel safe and normal. Ashley says Kathryn needs to know that she’s deeply sorry; sorry for hurting Kathryn. She wishes she could take it back. Who was she to speak that way? Kathryn says she appreciates it. It was nice of Ashley. She gets up, says she does wish Ashley the best, and walks back to the party. Danni tells Shep that Kathryn is done. She gave Ashley her ten minutes. Shep says he tried to listen. Kathryn joins them, and says she was not emotionally prepared. In Kathryn’s interview, she says no way could she forgive the sh*t Ashley said about her. Hell no. Effing no.

Ashley tells her tiny group of pretend friends that she and Kathryn don’t speak the same language. They can’t understand each other. They’ll never get there. Eliza comes alongside Danni, saying she didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire. Danni says Eliza scared her. She thought Eliza was the one. She asks Kathryn how it went; she observed and it was stressing her out. Kathryn says they talked, but they’re not friends. Eliza says, it could be worse. Danni says, someone could be in the pool.

Lil Craig inspects the pool, but is a good boy, and doesn’t jump in. Shep says it would be freezing, but he’d have to jump in after him. Shep and Austen get drinks, and Shep walks away without saying anything. In Austen’s interview, he says, it’s so stupid. He’s tired of the awkwardness; they’re grown men. He sits with Shep, who says he’s missed having Austen around. Austen says this isn’t how they normally act, but Shep doesn’t know how to talk to Austen right now. Good Lord. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a dude wanting to end a friendship over the other dude’s girlfriend.

Austen says, the bottom line is, he and Madison decided to hit the reset button. Shep says, in the face of all that’s happened, Austen is still staying the course. Shep doesn’t know how to reconcile that. He thinks it’s crazy. Austen says he can’t help that he thinks about her. If it blows up in his face, it’s his own fault. He wishes he didn’t feel like that, but he does. Neither one of them knows what to say. Shep says he’s not that interested. Austen says he hopes it doesn’t drive a spike in their relationship. It’s so silly. Shep doesn’t know. In Shep’s interview, he says he’s never broken up with a friend before. It’s new territory for him. He tells Austen, he’s out, and the worst thing he can do is check out.

Next time, the finale – Patricia throws a cocktail party, Ashley says Patricia is going down, Austen says it’s an ambush, Ashley makes a scene, and Shep asks Madison if it’s the final straw.

🚫 Like Naomie Said…

Just don’t.

The following is a fake trailer used in Grindhouse. Some images may not be for children. Or maybe anyone.


July 29, 2019 – Shiloh Crashes a Party, Two Time Winner Aboard, Returning Listings, Birthday Surprise, Sneezy, Lots Of Wives, Honeymoon Over, MJ Update, No Charm & New Month


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco and Drew have lunch in Drew’s office. Franco says, it’s a little out there, but a psychic at the reception told him that he may not be feeling himself soon. To make it weirder, Ava is trying to communicate with Kiki somehow, and he saw another psychic at the hospital. She told him, whatever you do don’t take that drive. He asks what Drew thinks.

Ava asks if Chelsea would like to sit. Chelsea says they can talk about the article in Crimson, but Ava says that’s another way Sibley failed her. She could have warned Ava that she was walking into a hatchet job. Chelsea doesn’t think it was a hatchet job. It was honest, and didn’t take a side. Ava told her story in her own words. Some readers approved, some didn’t. Such is pleasing the public. Ava says she wasn’t trying to please anyone. She did it to make amends with Kiki, hoping Kiki would maybe forgive her.

Willow goes to Charlie’s to find Julian. She says Michael mentioned that today is Wiley’s birthday, but he’s at work. Julian says he didn’t think he’d be invited. Willow says she’s the reason, and she’d like to change that.

At the hospital, Shiloh approaches Epiphany at the reception desk. He says he called about getting a copy of his medical records, and she asks if he filled out a request form online. He tells her, no, and she says he needs to fill one out in person then. She can’t release them without a request form. She gives him the paperwork. Bobbie comes by, and tells Epiphany that she got her shift covered. Epiphany tells her to have fun at Wiley’s birthday party. Bobbie says, Lucas already left for the MetroCourt, and she doesn’t want to keep the guest of honor waiting. Shiloh listens.

Carly says she’s glad Sasha could be there, and Sasha thinks her for being included. She asks if she can help, but Carly says, no. Just be patient with the family. She promises they mean well. Alexis arrives, followed by Brad and Lucas with Wiley. Brad says Wiley is ready to party, and so are they. Lucas says Wiley has made them the happiest guys on the planet.

Michael tells Nelle that he didn’t come there to talk about them; he came talk about their son. Nelle says that’s what she means. She called him for a different reason, but now it’s all about their son. She knows something he doesn’t about what really happened to Jonah.

Julian tells Willow that he’s tried to keep his distance. Willow says, at the time, she didn’t know he’d put his past aside. She’s seen how people can change. Her mother changed, and she changed when she left DOD. She’d like to clear the way for him to be part of Wiley’s life. She thinks Wiley needs a grandfather like him.

Epiphany tells Shiloh, his medical records are being prepared now. He asks if there’s any way to expedite that. He has somewhere to be. She says, it’s a hospital, not a fast food counter. Paperwork comes second to patient care. She suggests he take a seat.

Bobbie says it’s Wiley’s birthday and gotcha day; the day he was adopted. Carly tells Sasha that the days were so close, they decided to celebrate them together. Brad asks Lucas if everything is okay, and Lucas tells him that Willow has changed her mind about Julian seeing Wiley. Brad says it’s fine with him, but he supposes it’s up to Lucas. Carly introduces Sasha to Bobbie, who says, oh, Michael’s girlfriend. Sasha says, they’re really just… but Bobbie says, nonsense. She asks if Wiley isn’t incredible, and Sasha says, he’s a charmer. She asks if Sasha wants to hold him, and Carly takes a picture of Sasha holding Wiley.

Nelle tells Michael, the night their son was born, she gave birth alone in the woods. She was in deep despair, literally out of her mind. She asks him to please try and understand. His phone dings, and he sees it’s a message from Carly. Nelle asks if Carly knows he’s there. Does she want him to come home and forget about her? He says, it doesn’t matter, but she tells him to open it. He does, and sees the picture of Sasha and Wiley. The text says, look who’s stealing your godson. Michael explains that Wiley is Lucas and Brad’s son, and his godson. She asks if Sasha is his girlfriend, and he says they’re seeing each other. That’s all he’s saying. What does she know about Jonah that he doesn’t?

Julian says he can’t thank Willow enough. She says she’s happy to do it. He says, ironically, he has Wiley’s birthday gift there. He was going to send it by messenger, but now they can take it together. He goes in the back, and Willow gets a message from Lucas, who hopes she can come to Wiley’s big day.

Franco asks what Drew thinks the psychic meant. Does he think it has something to do with the car Oscar left to Cameron? Drew says he had it checked bumper to bumper; it’s the safest car on the road. Franco says clearly, it’s bothering him. He didn’t want to saddle Elizabeth with it, and since Drew has nothing better to do than listen to him… He tells himself to stop babbling, and Drew asks Franco to do him a favor. Stop worrying. The psychic probably wants him to be curious so he’ll pay for a consultation. Drew tells him to enjoy his new life with Elizabeth. Franco says, that’s what’s bothering him; he’s happy. He’s happier than he’s ever been, and now he has something to lose. They both know how easy it is to lose things in this life. Drew tells him don’t do that to himself. Don’t rob himself of joy worrying about what he can’t see coming. Drew’s assistant brings in a package for him from the Department of the Navy.

As they walk, Ava asks Chelsea why they’re in the park. Does she hope to reach Kiki there? Chelsea says it’s a spot Kiki enjoyed. Ava says, Kiki loved it; she loved running there. She especially liked when the sunflowers were in bloom. They reminded her aliens visiting for a while. She had a quirky sense of humor. She was sweet, but not a pushover. She was so beautiful. Chelsea says, like her mother. It’s remarkable considering the fire she went through. Her surgeon must be in great demand. Ava tells her, the less said about the fire, the better. The only good thing was that Kiki forgave her. Chelsea says, for tampering with Morgan’s medication? and Ava says she’s not paying Chelsea to judge her. Chelsea says she’s not judging; she’s stating facts. Ava entered Morgan’s room under false pretenses, and switched his lithium with a placebo. It’s just like how she shot Connie. Ava says Chelsea is dredging up things best left forgotten. Why doesn’t she contact Ava’s daughter?

Nelle says she sees Michael has moved on from the loss of their son. Michael says he thinks of Jonah every day, and she asks if he dreams about Jonah every night. She does. He says he’s supposed to be at a party, but came there to honor Jonah’s memory. Whatever she has to say, say it now, or he’s leaving. She says she wanted to tell him about a dream she had. It was so real. Jonah was surrounded by angels. They were singing to him, and he was smiling. He was at peace, and so beautiful. She wanted to share it with Michael. Michael says they’re never going to see each other again after this. He calls for the guard, saying he’s done. He leaves, and Nelle cries a little. She says, this is not goodbye. She’s not done with him or their baby.

Sasha tells Lucas that his son is a charmer. Lucas says they like to think so. Bobbie asks Carly if Michael and Sasha are serious, and Carly says, we’ll see. She asks if Bobbie can have champagne, and Bobbie says, a little. It’s a special occasion in more ways than one. It’s the first time Carly has liked, or even approved, of Michael’s girlfriend. Carly says she likes Sasha, and the contrast is like night and day. Michael seems light and happy. She adds, until today. Nelle called, and Michael is on his way to see her.

Alexis tells Brad and Lucas that she has no idea how Shiloh made bail, but it doesn’t change anything regarding Wiley. Shiloh is banned from making any claim in family court until his criminal charges are adjudicated. Brad can’t wait, and Lucas says, today is about Wiley and family. Julian comes in with Willow, and Carly asks what the hell he’s doing there. Lucas says Willow gave him permission, and Brad says he’s been a lifesaver. Willow says she’ll contact Diane and make it official. Bobbie says, anything for her grandson.

Drew asks his assistant if she has any idea what this is about. She says Oscar wanted him to have his military medals. He filled out the paperwork, and she got Drew to sign it. He thought he was signing a contract. He says his son co-opted her into getting his signature without his knowledge? She says it was back in February, and asks if she’s getting fired. Drew says she’s getting a raise and an extra week’s vacation. She asks if that means they’re okay, and he says they’re great. After she leaves, he says, that kid. Franco says, Oscar probably went to a lot of trouble. Drew should take a look.

Drew opens the box, and it’s filled with jewelry-type boxes. He opens one, and says, the Silver Star. Franco says, wow, and asks if he can open the envelope that came with it. Drew tells him, go ahead, and Franco reads that it’s from the Secretary of the Navy for his gallantry in actions against the enemy. Some of it is redacted, but Drew saved lives, and whatever he did was impressive. He should check them out. Drew wonders what made Oscar want to request them. Franco says Oscar was curious about Drew’s past. Maybe he thought these would help explain it. Or maybe he was proud of his old man, and wanted Drew to have them. And he should. He earned them. Drew just wishes Oscar could see them.

Carly asks if they’re ready to toast the birthday boy. Michael runs in, telling Sasha that he’s sorry he’s late. Sasha tells him, don’t apologize. It’s been great, and his godson is darling. Michael says, Wiley definitely has a way of bringing people together. Lucas toasts to their son, Wiley. He’s only been in the world a year, but his impact on the family is immeasurable. Shiloh strolls in (I’m sure we all saw that coming), and says sorry he’s late. He says his invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, and out-smirks himself.

Ava asks Chelsea, please contact Kiki, and ask what she thinks of the article. Chelsea says she can’t do it on demand, but Ava begs her to try. She’s got to reach Kiki one way or another. Chelsea looks into the distance, and says, my goodness. It’s the Coachella of dead people. It’s a crowded field. Connie is there, and someone named AJ. Ava says she doesn’t want to hear from them; she wants to hear from her daughter. Chelsea says, there’s a very elegant women named Helena who has a message. Ava says, she’s Nikolas’s grandmother. Chelsea says, Helena claims Ava knew Nikolas killed her, but didn’t tell anyone. Ava says she didn’t bring Chelsea there to contact Helena. Where’s Kiki? Chelsea says, sorry. She hears an infant crying. Ava says she didn’t kill a baby, and Chelsea says, so she knows nothing about a dead baby boy and his mother?

Carly tells Shiloh, it’s her hotel; get the hell out before she calls security. He says, no one is looking for a physical confrontation, and it would only upset Wiley. Willow tells him, get out, but he says he only wanted to wish love and light to their baby boy. She says he’s nothing to Wiley. Shiloh says he should have known when he saw Wiley’s smile; it’s her smile. Wiley is the miracle they created. Michael tells him, leave now, but Shiloh says not until he gives his son a present, reminding me of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.

Franco tells Drew, in 2012 he saved a civilian contractor. He should let them know, so they can send him a fruitcake every Christmas. Drew says, he already knows. He goes by the name of Shiloh.

Shiloh says they can’t object to a gift, but Lucas says they don’t need or want anything from him. Shiloh says it’s important that Wiley has the medical records of his biological parents. Lucas says they already know about the heart condition, and Brad takes the envelope from Shiloh, hustling Lucas away. Alexis tells Shiloh not to make a scene or she’ll have his bail revoked. Brad tells Shiloh, just stop, but Shiloh says Wiley is his son, forever and always, and one day, Wiley will be his. Michael asks Sasha to call for the elevator. Shiloh says they can’t force him to leave. I’d like to know how he figures that, since it’s a private party, but Michael says he wouldn’t dream of it. The elevator doors open, and Michael gives Shiloh the bum’s rush into it. Everyone is like, wow, and Michael suggests they get back to the celebration, and what’s important; Wiley’s birthday. Wiley smiles like he knows what just happened.

Harmony ask Nelle how the visit with her baby’s father was, and Nelle says, disappointing. Harmony says she’s sorry, and Nelle says, her too. She was going to tell him something important that would have changed everything. Instead, she realized he doesn’t deserve to know. Harmony thought Nell had said she still loved him, and his mother was responsible for sabotaging the relationship. Nelle says, she did, but he let her. He didn’t need to, and could have fought for them. He could have committed himself to them, but he let his mother ruin it, and convince him that she was trash. He’s as much blame as Carly is. He doesn’t deserve their son.

Ava tells Chelsea that she had nothing to do with the death of Nelle’s baby; they were in a car accident. Chelsea says it’s something to do with a baby blanket; yellow and green. Ava says she can see that? and Chelsea says there’s no telling what pops up. She senses a hidden secret. Ava is a magnet for restless souls and psychic turbulence. Ava asks where Kiki is. She must be seeking closure. Make her listen. Chelsea says she can’t make Kiki do anything, and Ava asks if she can locate Kiki. Chelsea says, she’s there. Ava wishes she could see her, and asks what she’s doing. Chelsea says she’s refusing to come any closer. Ava says she’s so sorry. She loves Kiki so much, and wants them to have closure. Not just for her, but for Kiki, so she can rest in peace. She asks if Kiki understands, but Chelsea says, no; sorry.

Drew thinks he should send that medal back, but Franco says, who knew Shiloh would come back to the US and start a cult? Drew says, to hear Shiloh tell it, they were best buddies, but it doesn’t sit right with him. How could he be friends with someone he doesn’t trust? All the times Shiloh was fishing around, hoping Drew would remember, or hoping he didn’t. He may or may not remember Shiloh is a total sleazeball, or know something that might have legal ramifications. He’s been trying to get Drew to open up and find out what Drew knows to reassure himself. The gap in his memory is one thing, explaining it to his son was another. Shiloh convinced Oscar that he and Drew were friends. So much so, Oscar left his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Fortunately, he made a second bequest to use them to endow a foundation for deserving children to climb Mr. Kilimanjaro. Franco says, it sounds more like Oscar wanted to neutralize Shiloh’s claim, so he had no leverage. Drew wishes he knew what happened.

Shiloh meets with a lawyer, who tells him that she’s been assigned as his public defender. He’s entitled to a defense. Shiloh says, even if he’s broke? He has no home, and his accounts have been frozen. She says he still has the right to an attorney. The charges are formidable. It’s her job to handle that, and they have a lot of work to do. The evidence is extensive. Multiple women have come forward, saying he drugged and assaulted them at the DOD house here, and in Beecher’s Corners. He says, those poor, deluded women. She says there’s also a prescription for whatever that drug is, under his name. (I keep trying to figure it out. I thought she said carfentanil, but that’s illegal in the US). Harmony also confessed her complicity in drugging the women. She produced concrete evidence of fraud and blackmail with personal, privileged information about his followers that was used as leverage. He asks if it isn’t her job to discredit that, but she tells him to be realistic and assess the situation. He’s not going to beat the charges. He says, so that’s it? She’s not even trying? She tells him, she’s saying he has a choice. He can go to trial, be convicted, and spend the rest of his life in prison, or take a plea. Twenty years, and he’ll be out in fourteen. The only question is how long he wants to stay in prison. Twenty years is a gift. Take the plea, or spend his life behind bars.

Alexis says, at least they have Shiloh’s medical records, but Lucas says they already knew about the heart condition. It probably came from Shiloh. Brad tells Julian that Lucas can’t see the records, but Julian says, he’s a doctor and will eventually. Michael tells Lucas that his trip to Pentonville wasn’t a total waste. Nelle is manipulative as ever, and the next time she calls, he’s refusing the charge. Lucas is glad Willow came, but Brad says he’s sorry she had to witness Shiloh. She says she also witnessed how the family stepped up to protect Wiley. Lucas says she’s at the top of that list. She trusted them to have Wiley in the first place, and then continued to protect him. Being thrown jail was heroic. She says, all that matters is Wiley is safe now. Lucas says they’d love for her to be part of Wiley’s life, and Brad adds, if she’d like to be. Willow says she would, more than anything. Sasha tells Michael that Wiley is one lucky baby with him as a godfather. Michael says he loves Wiley like his own.

Ava asks Chelsea, if Kiki won’t forgive her, even after the article, is there anything else she can do? Chelsea says, Kiki seems to think so. Ava says she’ll do anything. Chelsea says Ava is a truly haunted soul. The afterlife clings to her like cat hair on a black suit. Kiki is angry that Ava fell in love with a serial killer. He won her over by validating her worst impulses. Kiki hates that Ava gave him her soul when he doesn’t have one. She was so desperate for attention and admiration, Ava was blinded to the danger. Ava says she knows that, but how can she fix it now? Chelsea says Ryan has no soul, but he still has a heart, and it belongs to Ava. Ava asks what the hell that means, but Chelsea says she’s just the messenger. Suddenly, Ava says, oh my God. She has to go, and runs out of the park.

Shiloh tells the lawyer that he needs time to consider his options. She says, it’s not difficult. Twenty years or forever. He says not if he’s a ghost, but she tells him, don’t think of trying to run. He says he’s not running. His son lives there, and he has the utmost faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. He’ll get back to her. She says he has her number. She leaves, and he says, resources. He flashes back to Drew telling him not to take it personally, and asking Drew if there’s any chance his memory might return. Again, he says, resources.

Wiley unwraps presents wrapped in very LOUD wrapping paper. Lucas tells Brad that their son is opening presents. He doesn’t want to miss any of this day. Everyone gets excited over a toy car.

Nelle tells Harmony it’s too late for her to undo what’s done. She needs to think about what to do. She says Harmony needs to keep Shiloh away. Do anything she can to affect the outcome. Harmony says she’s fully cooperated with the prosecution, and she’s going to testify. Nelle asks if Harmony is sure the prosecution has enough evidence. Harmony thinks so. Shiloh has run out of people to do him favors. Nelle hopes she’s right. Whatever it takes, it’s worth it to keep the baby safe.

Ava waits in the prison visiting area. Ryan sits down on the other side of the glass. I gotta say, the Miami Vice unshaven look suits him.

Franco asks Drew if he didn’t say there was a procedure to help recover his memories, but he decided not to pursue it. Drew says nothing is more important than his memories of Oscar and Scout. He’d never jeopardize that. His memories are on a flashdrive, safe and sound in his office, and that’s where they’re staying. Drew looks at his credenza.

Shiloh wanders around outside, and finds a dollar. He remembers Drew saying that there’s supposedly a procedure that could possibly undo what’s been done. Shiloh makes a call. He says he’s glad they picked up. He was afraid they’d duck his call. It’s been a while. He says he’s got a job for them.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Stella that the mystery relative is closer than they realized, Sasha asks Valentin how he proposes they handle Obrecht, Jason tells Shiloh not to approach his family again, and Ryan asks Ava how he can help her.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, new stew June had left the table during the crew’s night out to get sick in the bathroom. Hannah asks if she’s crying, but Anastasia says, no. In June’s interview, she says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her personal life, but it’s no one’s business. Colin says he’s been in her shoes, and it can be intimidating. June returns to the table, and asks where they’re going next. They head out to a club. Jack suggests he and Travis not party too hard, since their big double date is tomorrow. João tries to be Colin’s wingman, but Colin isn’t into it. He’d rather talk to June than randoes. Jack wants to kiss Aesha, but he’s too wasted. In Hannah’s interview, she says, Travis is easy on the eyes, but there will be no feelings involved this season. The producer asks what about making out with him, and Hannah says, that’s not a feeling. I think she’s confusing the word feeling with emotion here.

In the taxi going back, Hannah says she thinks Jack and Aesha are cute. Jack licks Aesha’s foot, and asks for a little nibble of her bellybutton. Jack says she looks like she’s been raped. Aesha says she has been, and it’s not funny. Can they not talk about it? In Aesha’s interview, she says there are few things she won’t joke about, and rape isn’t funny at all. Jack asks if she’s okay. He feels badly about it. The crew gets back to the boat. In her interview, Aesha says, you don’t know what people have been through, so you should watch what you say. Amen to that. The crew sleeps.

The producer asks if Aesha is normally this open. Aesha cries, saying she remembers she kept apologizing to her mother, thinking it was her fault. Her mom said they all get wasted, and they have the right to feel safe. She thinks it’s important for women not to blame themselves. You should be able to party and not worry about it. João gives Jack a priority checklist. In Jack’s interview, with tears in his eyes, he tells us that he said something stupid. He jokes about sex all the time, and he’s a d*ckhead. He wants to talk to Aesha. They almost have me crying here. They’re both very sweet, and it’s unfortunate he made that mistake. I don’t think she’s holding it against him though.

Jack finds Aesha, and hugs her. He says how sorry he is. She says she knows Jack isn’t malicious. She’s just making people aware. He feels bad for her. In her interview, Aesha says she doesn’t want to be a gilded survivor. That’s not her. She’s just her, and it happened to her. It’s not who she is. She tells him that he’s the sweetest man.

The crew cleans up. In her interview, Hannah says Travis is adorable, but she’s not emotionally invested. Jack and Aesha will be there, so it will be easier to swallow. Not in a sexual way. June asks Anastasia where some glasses are, and Anastasia says she doesn’t really know. In her interview, June says, Anastasia gets a little crabby. You’d think she would have more sympathy and help her out. It’s confusing. Anastasia says she has other things to worry about, and June says she’ll figure it out. In João’s interview, he’s surprised Hannah is going out with Travis. He feels protective of the people he likes, and he likes her. He thinks she deserves more.

Jack and Travis are technically off the clock, and begin drinking beer. It’s time for the preference sheet meeting, so the captain gets together with Hannah, João, and Anastasia. The primary is Johnny Damon, a two-time World Series winner, once with the Red Sox, and again with the Yankees. He’s coming with his wife Michelle, and a bunch of other people. One of their requests is to visit Monaco. Hannah says they have a long preference sheet. She says they want local food, and anything with truffles. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s feeling confident. If she can please the Queen of Versailles, she can please this guy.

An alarm goes off, and black water system flashes on the computer screens. Travis and Jack continue to goof off. Even though he’s being radioed by everyone, engineer Mike doesn’t miss a beat in doing his strength training. João says it means no toilets or water. The captain tells Jack and Travis, stop drinking, and find the engineer. If they can’t fix it, they have to cancel the charter. Captain Sandy mumbles about them being drunk, and says, it’s ridiculous. It’s not cool. Travis looks for the engineer, while Jack has a smoke. Travis says it’s not their job.

In his interview, João says it’s not against the rules drink after work hours, but it is against the rules to ignore alarms. It’s the lowest level of respect being shown to him and the captain. Captain Sandy continues to look for Mike. Water is backed up in one of the work rooms. Hannah doesn’t want to go on a date with someone who’s wasted. Travis says it’s not his job to check the alarms, and Jack finds Mike. Mike goes to deal with the problem, and Captain Sandy asks Jack if he’s been standing there the whole time. She tells him, today’s not the day not to hustle. He’ll be off the boat so fast. When she sees him next time, he’d better be moving. She tells him, get the room cleaned up. Mike says, it’s clogged. Jack mops. The captain says she’s going to strangle Jack. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, the clog was related to the pump. They repaired the pump, and got the toilets working. Jack tells Travis, hide the beer.

Travis and Jack step off the boat. Travis says they have no connection to the problems happening. Jack says they can have a beer after work. Hannah approaches, and asks Jack if they can do the date another day. She doesn’t want to go after he’s been drinking beer all day. He says it was a stupid move on his part, but he’s going with or without her. She tells him, have fun. In his interview, he says he feels bad. He’s not actually drunk. He tells her, just come, but she goes back to the boat. Jack says, she’s playing hard to get. João joins them, and says they’re pissing the captain off. Travis tells João, it’s five o’clock. In João’s interview, he says he realizes he can’t come out guns blazing with these guys. He has to be diplomatic. Travis says, no beer before five.

Hannah finds Captain Sandy in the crew mess. She says she wanted to make sure the captain isn’t stressed, and tells her they’ll be fine. The captain gives her a hug. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s felt Captain Sandy’s wrath before, and doesn’t want to again. The captain says, it means a lot, and Hannah says the captain doesn’t have anyone above her to tell her that. Anastasia goes over the menu. In her interview, Anastasia says, people who excel have raw passion and raw skill. June does laundry. In Colin’s interview, he says he finds it hard to talk to June. He’s working on his game.

Aesha asks Jack where they’re going on the date. Travis says he and Hannah aren’t coming. Jack feels badly, but just wants to have a good time tonight. Aesha chooses her outfit. Jack gets dressed up. Aesha is excited. She says with other boyfriends, she’d get drunk, and barely remember their first kiss. She wants to remember all the nice things. She deserves it. Jack puts on in his suit. In his interview, João says he can’t control people’s personal lives. He’s happy Jack is going on a date, but if it was him, he’d lay low because of the mistake he made.

Colin listens to music. Travis gets in his suit, and approaches Hannah, who’s sitting on the bow of the ship. In Jack’s interview, he says he likes Hannah, and hopes this isn’t too awkward. He scares hell out of her when he suddenly appears, and she asks what he’s wearing. He says he decided to make himself look pretty to sit with her. In his interview, he says his parents don’t drink, and wouldn’t appreciate his pinhead antics. Hannah asks why today, when he knew they had a date? In his interview, he says with any job that’s physically demanding, you feel like you’re entitled at the end of the day, and it’s the start of bad habits. She hugs him.

Jack asks for little kiss, but Aesha says, later. She wants the right timing this evening.

João says, oh the irony. Last season he had to worry about his job and two girls. This season he’s in a good place if he can just fix the sh*t show of a deck team. Hannah takes a selfie with Travis. He asks if he should get some rosé.

Aesha toasts to their first night. She says Jack isn’t her type. In her interview, she says she likes the alpha male, who can be an a-hole. Jack is a bit softer. She tells him they can be the most disgusting version of themselves with each other. In his interview, Jack says he’s witnessed true love, and wants it. A guitar player serenades them. On the boat, Hannah and Jack make out

Aesha tells Jack, this could be his moment, and they kiss. In Aesha’s interview, she says she thinks a kiss changes the dynamic of a relationship, bringing in an intimate side. She’s exited to have that with Jack. She likes him, and has no idea where it’s going, but just wants to have fun, and take day by day. They make out in the taxi, and she tells Jack he’s getting greedy. Hannah snacks in her bunk. Back on the boat, Aesha jumps in bed with Travis, while Jack takes a pee. Aesha takes a peek, and tells Jack that he has a nice willy.

The next morning, Colin asks Jack how the date went, and if he and Aesha are Facebook official. The boat is readied. Aesha thanks Jack for last night, saying, it was the nicest thing ever. Hannah cuts lemons and limes. In her interview, she says she’s concerned about June. She’s not answering the radio, she’s struggling with cabins, and the beds haven’t been turned down. Hannah isn’t sure what’s happening, but she was clearly a bit of a twat in her last life. It’s like the last three seasons all over again. Captain Sandy announces the guests are arriving at noon. Colin burps. The crew lines up.

The captain welcomes the guests. Colin shakes Johnny’s hand, and in his interview, says he’s not washing his hand again. Captain Sandy tells João that he’s taking them off the dock. Hannah does the tour, while the captain walks João through the steps. In her interview, she says she’s not rewarding him for last night, but he needs to feel responsibility. She wants to show him how he needs to teach his crew. In João’s interview, he’s thrilled that the captain is giving him the opportunity after what’s gone wrong. It proves she has his back, but anything can go wrong at any time. Aesha gives champagne to the guests, one of whom is a GYN, who’s already talking loudly about vaginas. Hannah is like, oh my God. Captain Sandy points out a boat at the bow that Jack missed. In her interview, the captain says, coming up as a woman in the industry wasn’t easy. She had to constantly work harder than her male counterparts. If a crew member has the willingness to learn, she wants to give them the opportunity. She tells João, good job. In his interview, he says there are few moments in his life he’ll talk about forever, and this is one of them.

In June’s interview, she says, Aesha is patient and kind. You don’t meet many people like that, but she’s not used to scowls. They put fresh flowers in the napkin rings. Anastasia thinks simplicity is key with these guests. She wants to make it fancy, but more low key than sea urchin and caviar. Hannah tries to get June on the radio. June finally comes upstairs, and Hannah tells her to keep her earpiece in. Aesha tells June, it’s all good, and let it go over her head. Johnny says he’ll bang everyone. In her interview, Hannah says somehow she doubts it. Me too.

Aesha asks if she can get the guests anything. Johnny says they’re fabulous. Lunch is Caesar salad, and in her interview, Hanna says, it’s like a meal you can get from your local Chili’s. I dunno about that, unless her local Chili’s is a lot more sophisticated than mine. As much as she wants Anastasia to succeed, she wants her back because she’s selfish. Johnny continues bragging about his sexual prowess. In Jack’s interview, he says he’s over doing double duty. The guests play in the water. June tends bar, and has a problem opening the wine. Clouds come, and the guests get nervous, especially when the boat starts rocking. Captain Sandy says the sea is rough there, but when they go around the corner, it will be calm. That sounds like the weather in my area. Colin and João try to get the jet skis back onto the boat. Colin wonders where the rest of the deck crew is. Johnny steps in to help, and pulls the jet ski back on deck with his teeth. Not really, but he’s pretty jacked, and gets the jet ski in. In Colin’s interview, he says it’s embarrassing when two deckhands can’t get the jet ski back because of a swell, and they have a two time World Series champion helping them.

Anastasia calls Travis to the galley. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s gotten closer to Travis since he’s been in the galley. He has depth to him, but uses alcohol to suppress his emotions, which a lot of people are guilty of. Captain Sandy radios the deck crew, saying the slide is still on the side of the boat. She needs it brought in now. Travis seems annoyed at helping, and she asks, why the attitude? June irons. Aesha tells Hannah that June is doing well. Colin tells João that Travis is helping in the galley, and in his interview, João says he’s going to have to put a stop to that. Pointing to another yacht, João says, that’s fifty meters, right? and Colin says he doesn’t know what a meter is, but sure. I literally lol. Colin is a funny guy.

For some reason, Hannah isn’t thrilled with the food. The guests are talking about circumcision, and ask Hannah’s opinion. She says she’s never had to worry about it. In the galley, Anastasia asks the other crew members to lower the volume while she’s plating. In Aesha’s interview, she says, Anastasia does two charters and all of a sudden, she’s an artist who needs quiet time. The entrée is filet mignon. A few of the guests want it cooked a little more, and Hannah brings their dishes back to the galley. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it’s annoying to her that the steaks aren’t cooked properly. She’s a perfectionist, and thinks it comes from her mother. She thinks you have to be a perfectionist in the industry, and adds she’d rather undercook something than overcook it. Good point. You can’t exactly take it back. The guests proclaim it’s all good. June tells Colin about Anastasia being annoyed with too many people in the galley. He suggests she call Anastasia out on it, but she doesn’t want an issue. She tells him that she doesn’t feel welcome. In her interview, she says she dropped her life because they needed her. She treats people with respect, and expects to be treated the same way. She tells Colin not to say anything.

João calls Jack to the bridge. He goes over some navigational things, and gives Jack some seafaring hints. In João’s interview, he says he wants to motivate the crew, and teach them what he knows. He wants it to work out for all of them. Hannah cleans up dinner, and the guests act stupid in the lounge, wrestling each other. Johnny announces bedtime, and flips his wife over his shoulder.

Hannah tells June not to have her phone with her all the time. Colin tries to get the anchor up, but it’s stuck. He says, it’s getting caught on something. Captain Sandy says, there’s definitely something on the chain. She calls Travis to get on the tender. João says at 17 meters, he can scuba. They need see what’s going on. Colin tells João, the best thing about yachting is that nothing ever goes well. Sandy tells João to go in, and radios Travis to go with him. The captain tells the guests the goal is to get them to Monaco, and they’ll meet them there. Hannah tells Aesha and June that they need to distract the guests. In Jack’s interview, he wonders, for the wages they get, what’s the point of doing the scuba dive? He wouldn’t want to risk his neck. In Travis’s interview, he says if you get pinned down by the chain at 40 meters, you’re dead. Hannah radios June. Sandy watches as João gets in the water. Hannah decides to look for June. In her interview, Hannah says she doesn’t care if you make a mistake, take too long, or even sleep on your break. Just keep your earpiece in when she radios. Sandy continues watching out for Travis and João. In her interview, she says, if they don’t communicate, one slip could be the end of their life. Hannah tells June that she’s been radioing her.

Travis and João start to go down the chain, and the guests leave for Monaco.

Later in the season, partying, putt-putt, a guest is king of the world, Colin gets another injury, Captain Sandy says yachting isn’t Hannah’s passion, Hannah says Anastasia has gotten too big for her britches, Travis is called out for his drinking, a storm comes up, and Ben is back.

🗽 Million Dollar Listing New York is back on Thursday, August 1 at 9 pm.  

😮 A Surprise Surprise…

I was more surprised than Jason Momoa, when I saw two of his guests were Neil and Lucas from General Hospital.


🏰 Farewell To One of Storybrook’s Finest Citizens…

An untimely for a Once Upon A Time cast member.


🍵 A Cup of Wives…

Shannon makes it Instaficial.


Camille takes a walk.


Ken stands up for his lady love. Ken is the best.


Vicki has me confused. Did I miss something?


Yes, I did miss something. Be sure to check out the Southern Charm video after the RHOC trailer.


While I rarely watch RHOA anymore, I think Cynthia deserves all good things. But poor Peter. He’s really going to have to give up now. Or step up his game.


They’re back.


🌴 In Another Part of Beverly Hills…

Already Jax and Brittany have problems. What a shock.


They also have a $2 million dollar home. I wouldn’t call it a mansion though.


👶 Sad News For MJ…

But she does have baby Shams, and a beautiful pregnancy photo.


🔎 The Plot Thickens…

And in a move we didn’t think possible, T-Rav becomes an even sh*ttier person.


🏄 Oh Come On…

How is August almost here? And why aren’t there more songs about it?

July 24, 2019 – No Show Shiloh, a Charming Dinner For Some, a Tweet, It’s Back Ya’ll, a Whole Pot of Beverly Hills Tea & How Does It Happen?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Um… That’s what I said when I was hoping for some Shiloh scenes, and instead saw Robert Mueller on my TV.

Here’s what their FB page said: Due to the ongoing hearings on Capitol Hill, today’s episode of #GH will instead air tomorrow. Believe us when we say that it’s worth the wait. Stay tuned.

Here’s what I said: People’s Court, here I come.

Here’s what Soaps in Depth said:


Southern Charm

It’s morning in Colorado. The group trickles downstairs (or up, in Shep’s case) for breakfast. Austen says Madison is already out skiing. Chelsea wears a hat inside because she’s a wimp cold. Craig is making breakfast, and Shep thinks Craig is in the early lead for the MVP of the trip. Craig tells Cameran it’s strange with Austen and Madison. Austen says they have lessons set up for those who don’t ski or snowboard. Eliza says she just knows how to ride a horse. Kathryn comes in wearing some kind of undereye mask things. Craig asks Austen if he and Madison hooked up. That’s a no, but Kathryn asks if he was thinking about it. In his interview, Austen says it’s clear he can’t help himself around Madison. If the opportunity presents itself, he’s jumping at the chance.

Cameron is concerned she’s not on the rest of the group’s level with skiing, and she’s accident prone. In her interview, she says the trip was planned for her to get her mojo back, but she’s a mother now. She drives at the speed limit and doesn’t partake in dangerous activities. God forbid she won’t be there for her child, and she doesn’t want Jason to remarry. She FaceTimes with Palmer. As much as a baby can FaceTime anyway. Shep has to sit things out because of his injury. Whitney says he broke an ankle skiing once. Just one wrong angle and… Cameran doesn’t want to do it now.

Shep wonders why he’s always the first one ready. Even though Madison is already out there, and Austen is sitting there waiting. Craig joins them, bringing along his own snowboard. Shep asks why Eliza takes so long, and she says this is high maintenance, indicating herself. Either accept her or don’t. Kathryn comes in wearing a red ski outfit, with giant furry red earmuffs. Shep asks what planet she’s from, and she says, not this one. I hear that. The bus arrives, and they head out. When they get to the ski resort, Craig says, Kathryn looks like a Teletubby. Austen say he’s getting excited, and Craig says this is his Hallmark dream.

Everyone gets equipped, and those taking lessons go with the instructor. Cameran says she knows how to ski, but she’s sticking with the students. Whitney and Shep decide to get something to eat. Whitney shows Shep how to get oxygen out of something that looks like an airhorn. He tells Shep it helps you get acclimated, but Shep thinks it might be the biggest scam in the world. Clearly, he knows little about scams. They watch Eliza, Danni, Cameran, and Kathryn take a lesson. Madison meets the others, wondering what they’ve been doing. She’s been out since eight. The instructor tells the girls, the number one rule is don’t fall off, as he puts them on a conveyer belt, where they try to balance themselves.

The others take a lift to the hilltop. Shep takes pictures of the lesson. Cameran says she’s too old for this. Chelsea does great, until she falls. Don starts going too fast, and falls, but says, it was amazing. Cameran says they’re all pros now. Don sees a sign that says Happy Hour, and says that’s his next stop. Cameran suggests getting food. Shep, Austen, Madison, and Craig snowboard. Austen asks Madison for a hug, and asks if she missed him. Craig tells them to stop making out, and Austen says he wishes they were.

Danni and Kathryn take the gondola to meet the others. Kathryn freaks a little because she’s going backward. Danni asks what the plans are for dinner, and Kathryn says there’s a chef preparing a marijuana infused dinner at the house. She’s the white elephant [sic] in the room. In her interview, Kathryn says at her lowest point in life, she smoked weed, and her life turned upside down. We see a clip of her saying it was her drug of choice. She says it was the reason she lost her children for a while. She tells Danni, it’s like a big slap in the face – and rude. She also feels awkward about Whitney, and tells Danni that she still has the message in her phone. He asked her to come over, and she said she was with her mom. We read the text of him telling her not to say where she’s going. She tells Danni he wanted to have a quiet night. Danni reads the whole exchange, and says she feels like she watched them have sex. She tells Kathryn that men confuse her sometimes. I don’t know if I believe it, but see below for something I saw on twitter as to a possible reason for Whitney being a jerk. Besides him just being a jerk in general.

Naomie is in the car when Ashley calls. Ashley wonders if she’d be up for grabbing a drink. In Naomie’s interview, she says she’s never gotten a colonoscopy, but sounds better. A bikini wax, a severed arm, her foot run over by a car. She tells Ashley that she’s heading back to her office in Mt. Pleasant. Ashley knows a bar there, and promises to make it quick. Naomie groans. In her interview, she says, everyone deserves a second chance, even if it’s her 27th chance.

The group meets for lunch. Shep says they have a weed dinner tonight, and have more grams than they effing know what to do with. Whitney says they’re like Cheech and Chong. Kathryn and Danni join them, saying the ride was beautiful. Austen says, it’s pretty, but too freakin’ cold. A bell rings in the bar, and they hear a chant, ring that bell. Austen rings it like a maniac, and Shep finds out, when someone rings it, they have to buy a round for the bar. Shep says, Austen is going bankrupt. The total is $250. Austen goofs around with Madison, and Madison tells him, Shep is getting mad. Austen says Shep wants him to be single. Shep says Austen thinks he’s king of the bar. Austen suggests putting it on Shep’s tab. I really get the feeling that Shep is jealous of those he puts down, but I can’t figure out why, or what exactly he’s jealous of.  He’s insecure in some way.

Naomie goes to the bar, and orders an extra-large glass of rosé. She downs it before Ashely comes in. Ashley arrives, and Naomie asks for another. Ashley says, maybe make it a bottle. Naomie says, so..? Ashley says she appreciates Naomie meeting her. Naomie is straight shooter, like herself, and their convictions are strong. It’s obvious Naomie wishes she’d get to the point, and Ashley admits she made it uncomfortable for everyone when they last met. We flash back to her appearance at Eliza’s brunch. Ashley was hoping to get a second chance. She knows it’s wishful thinking, but she doesn’t want to hold a grudge. Naomie says Ashley’s behavior is erratic, and she doesn’t know what she’s going to get; is Ashley going to be nice or call her a bitch? Ashley says, it was just one time, and Naomie asks if it needs to be more. Ashley says she had a lapse in judgement, and besides, she said it in a nice way. Naomie is a bad bitch. In Naomie’s interview, she wonders why she does this to herself. She feels tired. Yep. There are some people who drain me just by hearing their voice. Ashley says she also wants Naomie’s advice on her relationship with Kathryn. Looking back, she’s had no chance to apologize, and wonders how she goes about that. If she runs into Kathryn, should she approach her? Naomie wisely says, no. She doesn’t think so. She doesn’t think Kathryn would be receptive. Ashley wonders, what if she just says, hello, and Naomie says, no. She called Kathryn an egg donor. Ashley says people put things in her head. She owns her actions, and wishes she could go back and fix it, but it’s too late. She’s actually on Kathryn’s side. Naomie asks for more wine. Ashley says she’s done, but doesn’t want to be enemies.

Shep and Austen split a gummy. Shep admits he’s been stoned all day. In Austen’s interview, he says, weed is legal there, and he thinks hiring a skilled chef is a fun thing to do. Get that man a thesaurus. Chef Roilty arrives.  The chef explains there will be four courses. He uses a small amount, and it builds. Shep asks if it will make anyone wild, but Chef Roilty assures him, he knows how to do this.

Craig tells Madison, it’s nice she and Austen are getting along, and asks what’s going on with them. Madison asks what he means, and he says they were being cutesy. Be honest. She says Craig and Shep seem to have something to say about her and Austen’s relationship. They’re a couple of hypocrites, giving advice on a relationship they know nothing about. Craig doesn’t think they should be together, and Madison says, if Austen isn’t asking his opinion, don’t give it. That’s all she asks.

Chelsea says, it smells delicious. The chef explains that he has infused olive oil and infused butter for the meal. Chelsea asks why Austen’s eyes look jacked up. The chef brings out some CBD wine. Chelsea asks if Austen is stoned, and he says he just took a gummy. She can’t believe he did that just before the dinner. Cameran comes in and says, it smells like ganja. She doesn’t want any weed in her food, but takes a sip of the wine. She tells Austen that his eyes are barely open. Chelsea offers Whitney some of the CBD wine, and he asks what that means. I find it hard to believe he’s never heard of it. I’m sure he goes on the internet.

Next door, Kathryn teases her hair. Madison shows up next, dressed in black. Shep says she looks like a femme fatale, and looks extra special tonight. She asks why he’s being nice to her, and he says he’s nice all the time. She asks for a gummy, and they go into the other room. He tells her not to have a whole one, since she’s probably only half his weight, but she says. let her be the judge, and pops one in her mouth. He says he’s starting to think she’s cool, but she should admit she’s toying with Austen’s emotions. She says Shep called her white trash, and she’s not tolerating that kind of behavior from him. He’s making a comment without even knowing her. Shep says it kept coming up, and he’s going to take his friend’s side. She says she thinks he’s a bad influence, and he says, free will’s a MF-er. She asks why he’s getting involved, and he says Austen doesn’t behave like his normal, fun-loving self, and he thinks she brings out the downer in him. She says it’s probably because Shep is breathing down his neck. He says she doesn’t like them hanging out, but she says she’s not controlling; she doesn’t care. In the living room, Austen wonders what tale Shep is weaving. Madison tells Shep she’s not saying she and Austen are going to live happily ever after, or that they’ll even be together, but they do feel some kind of way. Shep says they’re both attracted, but that seems to be the only thing they have in common. He then admits, maybe he’s wrong. She says, 100%, and he says he was angry, and said things he shouldn’t have. It was rude, and he apologizes. Does she accept? She says she’ll think about it. Madison comes back past the kitchen. She says, it smells weird. She sees the chef, and says, sorry. She’s sure he’s doing a great job.

Madison tells Austen that Shep apologized, but she doesn’t care enough to really focus on it. He tells her not to concern herself with it. Chef Roilty says, dinner is ready. He’s decorated the table with leaves he brought from home. He tells them nothing is infused unless they want it to be. He puts the salad dressing and melted butter for the pasta on the table. Eliza thinks they should say a blessing. Cameran is like, not over weed, and Shep thanks God for this leaf. Eliza says they’ll go to church when they get back. Craig asks about the strength, and the chef says it’s five to ten milligrams per serving. Nothing crazy. Craig asks what it tastes like, and Shep says, it tastes like victory. Cameran sniffs the butter. Shep says, drink it, but she says she’d be toasted, and call 911. He tells her, just go to bed if that happens, and she says, ya’ll are peer pressure. Shep and Austen laugh over nothing. In Cameran’s interview, she says it’s entertaining to watching her friends get high on the wacky weed, but she’s realizing there’s no getting her mojo back. Her mojo is retired.

Kathryn wants to let Austen know that it’s okay for her to be around this. It’s not awkward. He doesn’t get what she’s saying, so she says, it would have been nice if he’d asked if she was cool. He says he just assumed, and she says she’s not worried about wanting to do it, but she went to rehab for it. She couldn’t see the kids because of it. He says he’s sorry, but she says, don’t be sorry. She’s just glad it’s not an awkward situation. In Austen’s interview, he says he should have thought about it. He definitely doesn’t want her to feel isolated. Don wonders who will take care of Austen and Shep later on when they can’t speak English. Kathryn says, not her. Shep swallows a spoonful of the butter, and pretends to be all weird. Kathryn shows Craig and Danni something on her phone, and says Whitney said she was a drug addict sociopath. We see a 2016 clip from Watch What Happens Live with Whitney, Landon, and Cameran as guests. Whitney says Kathryn seems like this poor single mother, but she’s a drug addict, violent sociopath. Kathryn say she was just recalling when she had trouble; reminding herself. She says she has to go to the bathroom. It gets quiet as she leaves. Outside, she says she can’t do this.

Madison says these are Austen’s friends. Austen says they have fun together, and Madison says she sees why he doesn’t go home. Craig goes looking for Kathryn. He finds her in the other house, and asks if she’s all right. She says she just needed a minute. She thought she’d be cooler about it, but it’s bringing up memories of a traumatic time in her life. She says she doesn’t want to make a big deal, but Austen never said anything. In her interview, Kathryn says he planned it ahead of time, but never thought it might bother her in any way. It just shows where their focus is – on themselves. Kathryn just wanted him to ask if she’d be cool with it. Back at the table, Chelsea wonders where Kathryn and Craig are.  Kathryn says they talked so much sh*t about her. Whitney has given her a million eff yous. He looked her in the eye, and said they didn’t have sex, but he’s flattered. She gets that he doesn’t want his personal sh*t out there, but it’s already out there. She tells Craig that she’s just processing so she can get over it. I’m so with her on this. They’ve been flaunting legal weed in her face since they got there. Not on purpose, but they’re being thoughtless. It’s not like she just stop smoking either. That was a big deal.

Danni films Shep eating infused potatoes. He demands more weed butter. Craig comes back, and Austen asks if Kathryn is okay. Craig says, she’s not, because of him and Shep. She’s taking a breather because she got a blast from the past. Shep and Chelsea can’t stop laughing. Craig says Austen didn’t ask Kathryn about the weed dinner before throwing it in front of her. Cameran says, didn’t Austen ask her? and he says, no. Austen thanks Craig for saying something, and he says it’s not as much about him as Whitney. Cameran asks, what’s wrong? and Whitney is oblivious, and says goodnight. Craig asks if Whitney isn’t going to make sure Kathryn is okay. Whitney wonders what’s going on, and Craig says he denied hooking up with her, and made her feel like sh*t. He made her cry. They know he and Kathryn had sex. Shep asks how Craig knows. Did he smell Whitney’s junk? Craig says, the person he claims is his friend is upset, and he could care less. Shep says, couldn’t, and Craig corrects it to, couldn’t care less. He says, years ago, Whitney said she shouldn’t have her kids because of what she’s doing, and now they’re celebrating it. What would it cost him to make sure she’s okay? Whitney says Craig is a busybody, and should focus on himself. Craig says he should talk to her. In Craig’s interview, he says if someone denied having sex with him, it would hurt his feelings. He’d be like, he wasn’t that bad. Kathryn doesn’t fit on Whitney’s level of society, and it’s a dirty little secret for him.

Whitney goes to the other house, and looks for Kathryn. He doesn’t see her anywhere, but finds her outside on the porch swing in the dark. He asks if everything is all right. Someone said she was upset with him. She say she doesn’t want talk about it. Please let her be. He leaves.

Next time, the group goes swimming, Shep says he has nothing to hide, Austen doesn’t want to lsoe Madison, Danni wonders what’s wrong with Shep and Austen, and Shep wants ot know why Austen lets Madison walk on him.

🐦 Patricia Agreed...

Reality TV Bliss tweeted: @RealityTVBliss Replying to @ellenburnham and @Pataltschul  Are you keeping up with the custody hearing? Thomas is trying to have cast members deposed and production.  Some already have to go in. He’s alleging she’s a sex addict so YES he would be next on his hit list of witnesses #SouthernCharm

In other words, Whitney is pretending nothing happened so his ass doesn’t get dragged into court. Apparently, in a desperate move, Thomas is saying Kathryn shouldn’t have the kids because she’s a sex addict. I think at this point, the court will probably laugh at him. He’s done. Regardless, Whitney is still being a wuss.

🐮 The Real Housewives of Dallas returns, Wednesday, September 4th, at 9 pm.

🍸 Meanwhile, In Beverly Hills…

Camille worked hard for the money.


Sadly, it hasn’t been LVP’s year.


She still soldiers on though. Project Angel Food is the best. When we were more broke than we are now, some friends got together and had food sent to us through them. The name fits. It was heavenly.


Like the Reunion itself isn’t enough, there’s the rehash afterward.


It’s like the Energizer bunny.


Reality TV isn’t a job for the faint of heart. It’s too bad. I have to admit, although I wanted to like Billie, she was becoming more and more like just one more drama queen. We already have Scheana for that.


❓ No Explanation…

No matter what time frame I have, I always end up running late. I had extra time today, so why…?















July 10, 2019 – Oscar’s Will Is Read, the Return of Ashley, a Life Well-Acted & Rise Up


dWhat I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Sasha is about to renew her gym membership on her phone, deciding between monthly and yearly, when Shiloh walks up and says, hi there. She asks if she can help him, and he says he was about to ask her the same thing. She says she’s fine, and she’s waiting for someone. He says she seems troubled. He sits, introducing himself, and holds out his hand. Michael comes out of nowhere, and knocks him off of his chair, telling him, back off.

Mac asks Chase how Willow is. Chase says she’s doing as best she can. Max wishes there was another way. He sees Robert, and says maybe this is a good omen.  Robert says he’s meeting with a client. Sam arrives and says it’s her. She has evidence against David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh.

Jason goes to Sonny’s office. Sonny asks why he’s not in the safe house, and he says he’s just checking in. Sonny say Jason can’t be walking around. He’s considered a fugitive. Jason says, not for long. Brick comes in, and asks if it’s Jason who’s relocating, but Jason says his situation is about to be resolved. Sonny asks if Brick has everything, and Brick tells him, take a look. Sonny says, birth certificate, social security, driver’s license. Jason asks, who’s getting a new identity?

Cameron sees Dev outside Sonny’s house, and says he’s picking up Josslyn. The reading of Oscar’s will is today. Dev says it must be tough for them; he’s sorry. Inside, Josslyn gives Carly some juice. Carly asks if Josslyn has joined the green juice brigade, and Josslyn says Sonny wants her to drink the whole thing before she leaves; there’s tons of kale in it. Carly sarcastically says, thanks, and Josslyn says they want to make sure the baby is okay. Carly thanks Josslyn for real, and asks, what about her? Today is going to be hard. Carly asks if Josslyn wants her to come along to the Quartermaine’s.

Alexis asks If Monica needs help setting up. Ned and Olivia come in, and Ned tells Monica he said he’d handle it. Monica says she needs to keep busy. If she doesn’t, she’ll think about how much the family has lost.

Kim sees Drew at Oscar’s Meadow. She thinks they should probably talk before the will reading. She doesn’t know how much he remembers. He says he remembers she drugged him because she wanted to conceive a child to replace Oscar. Did he miss anything?

Shiloh says Michael just attacked him. Michael says he tripped; how clumsy. He tells Shiloh, be careful. Next time he might break his neck. Shiloh asks if Michael is threatening him. Michael says he didn’t, and Sasha says she didn’t hear any threat. He did sit down uninvited, which she interpreted as an unwanted advance.

Chase tells Robert and Mac that Carol took the blame for giving Douglas Miller the drugs that killed him. Sam says Carol lied to cover for Shiloh. He has too much influence in Beecher’s Corners, and has the PD wrapped around his little finger. Carol wears an ankle monitor, and they’ll have to get a subpoena to bring her to Port Charles to give an official statement. Robert says it might not be as easy as they think.

Josslyn tells Carly that she’d rather go by herself. Carly doesn’t want her to be alone, but Josslyn says she won’t be. Cameron comes in, and says he’s going with Josslyn. He asks if she’s ready, and she says ready as she’ll ever be. Carly tells them to text if they need anything. They leave, and Carly turns around to see a smiling Dev.

Sonny tells Jason the kid helped him and Dante in turkey. Dev came to Port Charles to find him, and got mixed up. Jason says, he came all the way from Turkey? Sonny says, Raj wanted him dead, and he had to flee. Brick is helping him fix things. Jason looks over the papers, and says, good work. Brick says, the best for the boss. Jason says, Sonny is making the kid part of his family? and Sonny says, keeping him close is the safest move. Brick says he’ll be the grandson of Mike’s cousin. Jason asks where Dev is going to live, and Sonny says at his house. Jason asks if he’s sure that’s a good idea.

Alexis says, there’s no way to tactfully say it, so, no fighting. Oscar didn’t want the family fighting. Ned says, they’re Oscar’s last wishes, so they won’t fight. He asks if Alexis found Jason, but she says, he’s off the grid again. She tells them, he doesn’t have to be present for the reading. Olivia asks how many people are expected, but Alexis doesn’t know. She’d delegated the details to her assistant.

Kim tells Drew, nothing happened. Not that it excuses her behavior. Drew says, it doesn’t. He’s worried about her. What she did crossed the line. Why? She doesn’t know, and says she’s so sorry. She doesn’t know how it got to this point. Drew says he does. She couldn’t take no for an answer, and took matters into her own hands, trying to conceive a child with him without his consent. She says she’s disgusted with herself, and grateful Julian came in and stopped her. She tells Drew that she’s ready to deal with the consequences. He asks what she means, and she says she could be arrested for what she did. She could lose her medical license, but she takes full responsibility. If he wants to press charges, she understands.

Sam asks Robert why they can’t just use Carol’s statement. Mac says, Shiloh clearly convinced Carol to lie. Robert says he’s with them, but he has to argue it before a judge. Sam says Carol was forthcoming. It’s her own voice, and she used her own words. Robert says, the judge might interpret it as hearsay, but Sam says there’s no doubt about Carol’s involvement in the cover-up, and the statement is from Carol firsthand. It’s not like there’s a third party involved. Robert says, unfortunately, there is. Mac asks, who? and Robert says, Sam.

Shiloh says Sasha misinterpreted his actions. He’s sorry. He tries to explain himself, and Sasha cuts him off, saying she doesn’t care. She doesn’t know him, and doesn’t want to know him. Michael tells him, run along before he has to ask the manager to throw him out. Shiloh jets, and Michael says what Sasha did was a thing of beauty. She says Michael knocked him off his butt. She just gave him a verbal smackdown. She assumes he’s the guy bothering Willow, and Michael explains that Shiloh runs a cult in Port Charles, and his sister was briefly involved. He recruits young women, but Sasha saw through that. She says she just thought he was hitting on her. Never in a million years. Even if she wasn’t… Michael says, wasn’t what? and she says, even if she wasn’t already with him.

Drew tells Kim that he’s not pressing charges. She says he’s well within his rights, but he says she needs to get help, and he wants her to concentrate on that. She says he’s right. She had a session with Dr. Massey this morning. She has a long way go to get better, but she wants to. She wants to be okay, and feel like herself again. He’s sure she will. He says, no matter what happens, Oscar is their son, and they’re forever bonded because of that. She cries a little, and he says they don’t want to be late. They should get going. She says, okay, and thanks him.

At the Quartermaine’s, Josslyn says it’s weird being there without Oscar. Olivia asks how she’s holding up. Josslyn thinks she’s okay. Monica asks how the reception was, and Cameron says, Obrecht went overboard. She claims she was pushed. His aunt also came back. Monica says, Sarah? but he says, Hayden. Alexis says, that ought to throw Finn. Monica says that’s not the word she’d use, and Cameron says he takes it Hayden isn’t her favorite person. Monica is worried what trouble Hayden will bring to the hospital.

Jason gets that Sonny owes Dev a debt, but Brick has already given him an airtight identity. Brick says Jason has a point. Jason says he can make other arrangements. There’s a knock at the door, and Carly brings Dev in. She says she’s dropping him off on her way to work.

Sam tells Robert, she’s not the one making the statement. It’s Carol’s story in her own words. Robert says Sam recorded it. There’s no context, and no proof there wasn’t coercion. The judge might think she was held at gunpoint. Sam suggests Robert subpoena Carol if he has to, and bring her to the judge. Chase asks why they’re wasting time. They have proof. Shiloh coerced Carol; she explicitly stated that he was responsible. Robert asks Mac to take a walk with him, and let Chase calm down. Sam says Chase losing his cool isn’t helping Willow. He doesn’t feel like they’ve done enough. What the hell is the point of being on the right side of the law, when they’re putting the wrong people behind bars?

Michael tells Sasha that he feels they’ve progressed, and he’s not complaining. She says her neither. Maybe they should skip breakfast, or better yet, order room service. He says he’d love to, but he’s on the way to his cousin’s will reading. She says she’s sorry; it must be tough. He says Oscar made them promise, no tears. It’s good to see her though, even if it’s for a little while. He was thinking about getting away for a little bit; getting out of town for a few days. She says, like the Martha’s Vineyard trip? And he says, but for longer, and further away. And no business meetings. He asks her to come with him. She doesn’t know, and he says he knows her time in Port Charles is limited. She says, who knows? A lot can change between now and her mom’s wedding.

Drew and Kim arrive at the Quartermaine’s. He thanks Monica for hosting, and Monica says it’s not easy, but they’re all in this together. Olivia asks how Kim is holding up, and Kim says she’s just getting through the day. She goes into the living room. Josslyn looks at a box, and Alexis says they’re personal items that Oscar left behind for everyone. Josslyn says, Oscar was so full of plans and ideas. There were so many things that interested him. Places he wanted to visit, and things he wanted to learn. Now all that’s left is in that box. Kim listens.

Carly hugs Brick, and Sonny introduces Brick and Jason to Dev. Sonny says Jason is like family, and Carly says if Dev needs anything, he can trust Jason. She leaves for work. Sonny tells Dev that Brick was nice enough to produce documents for him. He wants Dev to look them over. Dev says, a birth certificate, social security, and driver’s license; thank you. Sonny says Dev can start thanking him by memorizing the details. Brick says he wants to make sure his answers are as natural as possible, and takes Dev out to practice. Sonny asks what Jason thinks. Jason thinks there are a lot of ways to provide for Dev, but Sonny doesn’t have to let him move into the house. Sonny says, it’s a big house, but Jason says, what about Avery, Josslyn, and the new baby. It’s generous, but maybe he needs to consider how Dev fits in with the people who already live there.

Jason sits in his Thinker position. Sonny knows it will be a hard adjustment. Dev has been through a lot, and needs stability. Jason asks how much Sonny knows about Dev. Sonny knows Dev saved his life, and Jason says it’s a great reason to help him, but not move him in. What about Dev’s family. Are they alive? Dead? Is someone after them? He has different experiences and comes from a different world. Sonny can drill him until he can recite everything in his sleep, but he still has a past Sonny knows nothing about. Sonny appreciates what Jason is saying, but he needs to help Dev. He owes Dev, and sees potential. I’m wondering if Jason is jealous in some way.

Sam tells Chase maybe she’ll give Diane a call. Chase wonders how she can help, and Sam says, some sort of legal maneuver. Chase says Willow is jailed, and they can’t get Carol, their potential witness. Sam says maybe Diane can get the judge to issue a subpoena as part of Willow’s defense. She tells him that she’s going to get going, and he thanks her for going above and beyond. She says she’d do anything to see that bastard get his after what he’s done to Kristina and Wiley. Kristina is her sister, and Wiley is her godson, which makes him family. And she’ll do anything to make sure her family is protected.

Carly tells Sasha, whatever she wants, it’s on the house. Sasha appreciates it, and Carly asks if she can join her. Sasha says, of course (🍷), adding, it’s nice when someone asks. Carly says, that’s cryptic, and Sasha tells her, some jerk sat right down and started making personal remarks. Carly says she’s sorry. The staff shouldn’t have let them… Sasha says, Michael ran him off. For a nice guy, he has a side you don’t want to mess with. Carly says it’s perceptive of her to notice. Michael is kind and non-judgmental, but can’t be pushed. Sasha likes that about him, and the more she gets to know about him, the more she likes him.

Michael arrives at the will reading, and sits with Josslyn and Cameron. Alexis thanks them for coming, and says Oscar knew his time was limited, and also knew his love for them was infinite. She’s already gone over practical matters, but Oscar wanted to share some personal mementos with them. She gives them the standard beginning of a will, and reads, sorry for sounding so formal. Alexis said he had to be, in order to make it stick, and it’s important that it sticks. What he’s leaving behind is the only way to tell them how important they are to him.

Sonny tells Jason, Dev was dealt a bad hand. He’s a fighter, and took control of his life. Sonny is thinking with a home and family, he can get Dev on track. Jason says, what if it doesn’t work? and Sonny says, he’d rather keep Dev close, where he can protect him. Jason’s phone rings, and he says he has to take it. He answers, saying he was hoping to hear from them.

Alexis continues to read. Oscar thanks Ned and Olivia for welcoming him into the family. They both inspired him to pursue music and express himself. He’s leaving his keyboard in his room, and wants them to give it to Leo. He knows Leo has a little one, but thinks he’s ready for the real deal. Music runs in the family. Ned says, yes, it does. Olivia tells them, Oscar said no tears, but he’s making it difficult. Alexis reads, Michael was the first person to welcome him, while everyone else was arguing about shares or something. He showed Oscar the darkroom AJ built in the basement. He’s no professional, but thinks he got some good shots when no one was looking. Alexis hands Michael a framed photo of himself with Wiley. Alexis moves on to Monica. His grandma convinced him life was worth fighting for, and showed him the ins and outs of Port Charles. He wishes he had lived long enough to give her a tour of his hometown. The best he can do is give her this book. He’s flagged pages, and written in pointers, and if she ever has a chance to go to Cleveland, take it with her, and think of him. Monica guesses she knows where she’s going on her next vacation. Alexis says, Oscar says Cameron got his license first, even if he screwed up. Oscar is partially to blame, and wants to give Cameron some compensation. Alexis takes out some car keys, and says her instruction is to toss them to him. She does, and Cameron tears up. Me too. Alexis resumes, saying Josslyn told Oscar. life is about the journey, not the destination. Just because you don’t know where you’re going, doesn’t mean you’re lost. She gave him this, and he’s giving it back. May it guide her on her next adventure, wherever she goes. No matter what, he’s on her side. Alexis gives Josslyn the compass. Josslyn says she can’t do this, and runs out.

Sasha tells Carly that she and Michael aren’t official, and Carly says she’s not butting in. It’s just that they’ve barely said two words to each other, and she’d like to get to know the young woman who makes her son happy. Sasha says they agreed to be casual. Partly because her plans are in the air. Carly says she thought Sasha was going back to Chappaqua after the wedding. Sasha says it’s been great getting know Nina, and Carly is sure Nina will be sad to see her go, but she’s sure Sasha has a big life waiting for her. Sasha says, sure, but Carly says that doesn’t sound enthusiastic. Sasha says she had a job, but not a purpose, and Carly asks what’s stopping her from finding a purpose there?

Chase tells Sam that he’s worried. In the rush to protect Wiley, no one is looking out for Willow. She asks if he isn’t, but he says she’s been detained. She’ll stay as long as she has to, to protect her son, and he’s worried. Sam hopefully they can get Carol on record. The murder investigation will be reopened, and Shiloh will spend the rest of his life prison. Then it won’t matter if he knows about Wiley.

Carly say she knows how Sasha feels – stalled. She stalled a few times. She grew up in Florida, and didn’t have much purpose. Sasha asks what brought her to Port Charles, and Carly says she was tracking her biological mother. She’s sure Sasha did better with Nina than she did. Long story. When the dust settled, she found more than a purpose. She found a home. Maybe Sasha’s purpose is right in front of her. Carly hopes she hasn’t said too much. She’s going back to work. Sasha thanks her, and says it was nice talking to her. Carly hopes they do it again soon. She renews her gym membership for a year.

Dev and Brick come back to Sonny’s office. Brick says Dev is a quick study. Dev gives Sonny his deets, and Brick tells him, never recite your driver’s license. No one knows it by heart, and they’ll be suspicious. And he needs to wait for people to ask where he’s from. Don’t blurt it out. He suggests Dev do a deep dive into Bridgeport. The more he knows, the better. Brick leaves, and Dev says, when he came, he knew it was a long shot, but Sonny has done more than he ever imagined. He can’t thank Sonny enough. Sonny says, that’s what friends are for.

At Oscar’s meadow, Josslyn looks at the compass, and flashes back to when she gave it to Oscar. He says he loves it, and loves her. Cameron finds her, and says he thought she might be there. Is she okay? She says, no. She gave Oscar this compass so he’d never get lost, but he won’t find his way home this time. Cameron puts his arm around her, and she puts her head on his shoulder.

Michael tells the others that Cameron is with Josslyn at the park. Alexis says they can take a break, but Michael thinks they should continue. Monica agrees. Alexis says, to Drew, dad. He and Josslyn stole this glass to run the DNA test. He knows it violated Drew’s privacy, but he’s glad they did it, since it proved Drew is his dad. He figured in time, he’d give it back. Alexis gives Drew a shot glass, and reads, he’s sorry he never made it to Kilimanjaro. He loves Drew. Monica says Oscar would have been so proud of them for going. Alexis says, to mom. There’s literally nothing he can give her to show how much he loves and appreciates her sacrifices. She got him Mr. Bear when he was scared on the first day of preschool. Alexis gives her a loved-on stuffed toy. Alexis says, Kim always found ways to make him feel happy and safe. He knows she’d say it’s her job, but this is proof that she’s great at it. She was the best. Kim tries to hold her tears back. Alexis says, now for the distribution of ELQ shares. Oscar leaves the voting shares to… Ned says, what is it?

Mac tells Sam and Chase that jurisdiction matters. Robert says they need a corroborating witness, and they don’t have one. Chase says he should have known. He’s going to check on Willow. It is the law, after all. Someone has to. Robert says he wants this to work, but he can’t do anything without a witness. Sam says she can’t find one – Jason comes in – but he can. Mac says there’s an APB out for him, but Jason says he’s surrendering himself. He’s bringing them a witness who will bury Shiloh.

Ned tells Alexis to just let them know who got the shares. They promised not to fight. She says she’s releasing them from that promise, and Monica asks, how bad is this?  Alexis reads that Oscar has decided to leave the shares to somebody who helped him when he needed a roof to sleep under. I say, oh no! out loud, like, three times. She reads, he’ll use it to take care of other people. Shiloh walks in, and says, hello, everyone. How is everything? And of course (🍷) he smirks.

Tomorrow, Hayden tells Finn they should move on, Franco questions Obrecht about Wiley’s father, Harmony is ready to tell the truth, and Shiloh asks Kim if she wants to second guess her son’s last wishes.

Southern Charm

Everyone interacts with their pets. Lil Craig is the cutest.

Eliza answers the phone at Meeting Street Inn. Mom Susan comes in bearing food. In Eliza’s interview, she says, it’s a lot to handle. She comes from one of the oldest families in Charleston, and people hate her off the bat. They assume she’s a spoiled polo brat, but her family owns three hotels, and she’s been working in them her whole life. One day, she’s going to inherit the properties, and she’s learning every aspect. You name it, she’s there. Susan comments that the sofas are early funeral parlor, and Eliza says they’re getting them recovered. She remarks that Eliza’s nails need to be redone. In her interview, Eliza says Susan is a Southern mom all the way. She’s a proper Southern belle, and if Eliza has chipped nail polish, she tells Eliza she looks dirty. Eliza tells Susan that she was going to have a fox hunt this weekend, but the weather is looking dicey. She already sent out invites, so she’s changed it to a skeet shoot/Southern brunch. Susan asks if she can at least date someone closer to her age, since boyfriend Don is fourteen years her senior. Susan admits she’s not good at picking men, and wonders if Eliza is looking for a father figure. Eliza tells her, stop right there. In her interview, Eliza tells us that Susan has the idea she should marry into a family like the Limehouses, but her own marriage was a big mistake. No thanks. Her dating Don threw her mother for a loop. He’s from Jersey and a wildcard. Nothing about him fits the mold. She’s sick of the double-standard that women should marry, have children, go to church, and take care of their husbands. She tells Susan she likes Don, and doesn’t agree. Susan says she and Eliza’s father had counseling before they married, and the priest, who was also Chip’s cousin, said maybe they shouldn’t. They should have listened.

Cameran and Naomie meet for a pedicure. Cameran is drinking wine when Naomie gets there, and Naomie says she’s crazy. We flash back to Cameran’s party. Naomie asks if anyone stayed late. Cameran says Craig, Danni, and Kathryn stuck around, and Craig let it all out about her. In a nutshell, he feels like he and Naomie had no closure, and thinks her relationship with Metul is miserable. We flash back to Craig talking stupid. Naomie says, he’s asinine, and Cameran thinks it’s called denial.

Craig meets Shep, who’s walking Lil Craig. Craig says Shep’s dog has a good personality. Shep says he’s confident. He wants to keep Lil Craig warm, and puts him inside his jacket. Shep says Craig was shot out of a cannon at the oyster roast. Craig says he wants to shake Austen sometimes. He had a weird conversation with some of the girls about Naomie not going on the trip because of him. He’s dumbfounded. Well, maybe the first half…

Naomie thinks Craig lives on a different planet, and Cameran asks if she’s had a conversation with him about Metul. Naomie says there’s no point; it’s been over a year. Cameran says he’s hung up on what they had, and he’s convinced Naomie had it better with him. In her interview, Cameran thinks Naomie was Craig’s first love, and it’s hard for him to let go. She tells Naomie it might be therapeutic for her to sit down with him, and explain Metul is he man she sees herself marrying.

Craig tells Shep that he and Naomie never had closure. Shep says the awkwardness after they had so much fun is tragic. In Shep’s interview, he thinks they should look on their time together as a good ride, and cherish it. He tells Craig that he’d never try to interfere in any of his relationships, and wishes him nothing but the best. Craig says he needs to write that down.

Kathryn, Austen, and Chelsea take a barre class. Austen says, namaste, but instructor Jackie says, that’s not what they’re doing. Kathryn thinks Austen would look awesome in a tutu. They start with stretches, and Austen has a hard time. They do pliés, and Austen says, oh my God. Kathryn is feeling it too, and says her legs are on fire. Afterwards, Austen says he feels good. Chelsea is glad he joined them, and asks if he’s getting home by eleven. He says he is, and he likes it sometimes. Kathryn says Craig was going crazy on him, but Austen says they were texting that night like nothing happened. In his interview, Austen says, when women bicker, they go back to 2003, but men have the memory span of a goldfish. Chelsea asks if they’re going to Eliza’s party. Kathryn says her brother is getting married, so she won’t be in town. Chelsea asks if Eliza is friends with Ashley, and Kathryn says, yes. Chelsea says they don’t think she’d show up, do they? Austen does, and Chelsea says they probably shouldn’t have guns. Kathryn says Ashley is the one who shouldn’t have one.

Eliza calls Ashley from the car. Ashley says she’s working, and going out every night. She and Thomas got Botox together. He’s obsessed with her, but she’s just helping him out, since he’s single again. Ashley says they broke up. The allegations changed their life together. They used to travel, and now he can’t leave the state. That made it hard for them. Eliza says she misses Ashley, and wants to see her. She invites Ashley to the brunch, and tells her everyone except Kathryn is coming. In Eliza’s interview, she says she knows what it’s like to be an outcast, and wants to be inclusive. It’s Ashley’s opportunity to make peace with everyone, and Eliza is the only person who can help, since she’s the only one who doesn’t have a problem with her. She tells Ashley she can be her normal self, and not be dealing with the Kathryn issue. In her interview, Eliza says that Kathryn and Ashley are different, but are the same in that their relationships with Thomas took a toll on them. Ashley was sweet when they met. Now she’s a mess.

Cameran is meeting Shep and Naomie for lunch. Shep gets their first, and says, Lil Craig is on a playdate. He’s like a single father. Cameran says now he knows what it’s like. Shep says, before Naomie gets there, what’s the plan? Cameran says she doesn’t want to Craig. Shep tells her that he can say Craig’s past it, but Cameran says he’s not. Does he honestly believe Craig has no feelings for Naomie? Shep thinks Craig knows it’s never going to happen. He grabs a nacho off Cameran’s plate. Naomie joins them, and Shep says Cameran won’t share her nachos. Naomie says he doesn’t ask anyway; he just takes. Cameran says she wants to cut to the chase. She and Shep are there to convince her to come to Colorado. Naomie says Craig needs to be more chill. It’s so over. Shep says he talked to Craig days ago, and he’s happy for her. Naomie says it’s not important enough to make Metul uncomfortable. He said he wouldn’t go on a trip with his ex. Cameran asks if Naomie was single, would she go? Naomie says, yeah, and Cameran says, then it’s not about Craig. Cameran says, it’s a bad way to start a relationship, with… Shep says, parameters. Naomie understands where Metul is coming from. What if the roles were reversed? Cameran says Jason wouldn’t care, and she loves him more for it. Shep says she wants someone who’ll trust her, but Naomie says she’ll never get someone as good as Metul. Shep loves Metul, but tells her not to give up on Cameran’s real 35th birthday. Give Craig a chance.

Whitney comes down to an incredible breakfast spread. Austen joins him, and asks if he’s had any word from Craig. Whitney says, speak of the devil, as Craig walks in. Whitney asks if they’re bosom buddies again, and Craig says they shouldn’t be. Austen shouldn’t listen to the girls. In Austen’s interview, he says he shouldn’t be listening to Craig. Because he did, he’s not with the love of his life. Craig suggests Austen consult an Irish witch. Austen says Craig is an Irish witch, and Craig says he’s Dutch.

Eliza’s party is set up. In her interview, she says she learned her party skills from her mom and grandma. It’s a Southern woman thing. The plantation originally belonged to her grandma’s ancestors, but the house burned down during the Civil War. Not because of the war; it was a candle fire. It was rebuilt on the original ground. She begins to greet guests. Shep brings Lil Craig, and asks his cousin Marcie if he’s trying too hard; it wouldn’t be the first time. Shep introduces Marcie to everyone. Lil Craig plays with Boo, another, bigger, French bulldog. Chelsea says, he’s like the real life Craig. He runs from women who are trying to hump him.

Shep brings out the gun his dad gave when he was a little boy, and stashes Lil Craig with someone else. Skeet shooting is readied. Shep gets one on the first shot, and everybody does pretty well. Whitney orders green juice and whiskey. It’s unclear if he means in the same glass, which would be disgusting. Austen doesn’t do so well shooting. Cameran asks Craig if they can talk. She asks if he remembers what he said at her party. He says what they were telling him elicited a reaction. At the drink wagon, Naomie tells Austen that she wants to talk to Craig and get it over with. Craig tells Cameran that he was hammered, and she says, when you’re drunk, the truth comes out. Naomie approaches Craig, and Cameran tells them, go talk. They walk away, and Chelsea wonders if they can hide behind a tree and listen.

Craig tells Naomie that he had no idea her not wanting to go on the trip was a real thing. He’d hate to be the reason for her missing it. She has eight other friends going. If she reconsiders, he won’t bother her. She says, it’s a respecting thing. It would be a slap in face to Metul, because Craig isn’t over it. Craig insists he is, but she says she’s heard it over and over. Craig tells her that’s not what he said. What he said was they didn’t have normal closure; they just walked away. We flash back to their final discussion, where Naomie had enough, and did walk away. She says, a year ago, she was depressed and angry. She thinks he’s in a similar place. Craig agrees, and says he hasn’t figured out how to fill the void. He takes his mind off stuff by going out. Naomie wonders why he doesn’t deal with things head on, and he says he doesn’t know how. He tells her, it obviously took him a while to come to terms with it, but he’s happy for her. In Craig’s interview, he says he didn’t realize it would be this tough. Running into Naomie and Metul reminds him of what he used to have. He felt like their chapter was left open, even though they were writing new books, but now they can close the chapter. That part of their lives is over for good. Naomie says it’s been nice talking to him like a normal person. She’s gotten more out of this conversation then the last two hundred conversations combined.

Scotty dogs play one the terrace, and a band tunes up. Everyone plays games, eats, and drinks. Cameran asks when Ashley is coming, and Eliza wonders who spilled the beans? She tells them, it’s a Christian thing. She likes to forgive and forget. In her interview, she says she worried about inviting Ashley, since she’s finally in a good spot with everyone, but she believes in forgiveness and making peace. Cameran says Ashley said nasty things about Whitney’s mother. Eliza says she didn’t know that. Whitney says she did, but she insists she didn’t.

Here she comes. I hear Here Comes the General from Hamilton in my head.

Naomie says, no way, and walks away from table. Chelsea suggests she hide under it. Craig and Shep meet her on the walkway. Shep says hello, but Craig jets. Naomie tells Chelsea that he left skid marks.  Craig pretends to talk to the staff at the food table. Ashley goes over to Eliza. Austen moves leaves with Whitney. In her interview, Danni says she had a good first impression of Ashley, but she was really wrong. Really, really wrong. We flash back to the ferry ride during the trip to Hilton Head, where Ashley and Thomas terrorized the girls.

At the drink station, Shep asks if Ashley is still with Thomas, and she says he’s diving right into it. It was the worst year of her life. She says she needs a cocktail first, and gets one. She tells Shep that she’s not with Thomas anymore. He introduces her to Marcie. Naomie wants Austen to go with her to get a drink; she’s scared. He says he is too. In her interview, Naomie says, Ashley is crazy. If you’re not scared of her, you should be. Whitney offers to get the drinks. Ashley says, good seeing you, and Whitney says she talked sh*t, unfairly, about his mother. Ashley tells him that she could say the same for Patricia. She’s almost eighty – <gasp!> she went there – and Ashley thinks she should know better. In Whitney’s interview, he says Ashley insists on besmirching his mother’s reputation with conspiracy theories. We see a clip from the reunion where Ashley insisted it was Patricia who turned her against Kathryn. Whitney says she’s delusional, and Ashley says, same. Patricia made her life hell, and she has nothing kind to say about her. She doesn’t want get into it. Over at the tables, Shep says Eliza is also to blame, but he’s not talking clouds on a sunny day. I like that! He says he’s going to have fun.

Ashley sits next to Danni, and kisses her cheek. I think it’s all Danni can do not to wipe it off. At another table, Eliza says she hasn’t had any bad experiences with Ashley. Naomie says Ashley called her a bitch in front of an entire restaurant. Danni says she was Ashley’s friend, and she doesn’t think Ashley was very good to Kathryn. Ashley says she’s a nurse, but still needs to empathize more. She’s sorry she hurt Kathryn. The other Madison, owner of Gwynni’s, points out how Ashley trashed everyone on social media. Ashley acts like it was in the past, and Madison says it was two weeks ago. Ashley says she doesn’t want to get into it, so Madison should keep her mouth shut. It has nothing to do with her. Madison says they’re friends with Kathryn, and Ashley is talking about her. Danni asks if Ashley just told Madison to keep her mouth shut. Ashley babbles some total nonsense, and says she just wants to find peace, and they’re making it bad. Why even bring this up? Madison says because they’re close to Kathryn. Ashley says that’s who she needs to speak to. Danni says Kathryn isn’t going to do that, and Ashley says she’ll write her a letter. She leaves to get another drink. Madison asks if they’re in The Twilight Zone.

Eliza goes over to Danni’s table, and says they must hate her, since she invited Ashley. Madison says, no one is mad at her. Eliza says she wanted to give Ashley the opportunity to make peace. Ashley moves on to Chelsea’s table. She says Chelsea has a puppy (Lil Craig) in her hands, so she figured it would be safe. Cameran asks if Ashley is still living there, and Ashley says she is; she loves it. Wasting no time (probably since she has so little free time), Cameran asks why Ashley tweeted that they were all losers? Ashley tells Cameron that she’d said Ashley was a horrible person. We flash back to the reunion, when Cameran called Ashley a horrible human being. Cameran says Ashley called Kathryn an egg donor. That’s pretty effing bad. Shep and Craig are doing some fishing, and Craig says it figures Austen is with the girls. Ashley tells them that Patricia is the one who talked smack about Kathryn, and she respected Patricia, and thought Patricia can’t be lying. In her interview, Ashley says Patricia made Kathryn her enemy. We flash back again to the reunion, where Ashley said Patricia didn’t want Thomas to get back with Kathryn again. Chelsea tells her, if she’s there for Eliza, go sit with her. Ashley says she’s not asking them to lunch, but she wants to be civilized. She’s just saying hello. Chelsea says when Ashley ran into Naomie, she called Naomie a bitch. Ashley says, rumors, and Austen says, Madison was there. Ashley says she called Naomie a bitch because she was one. Madison says if Ashley is trying to make it right, calling someone a bitch doesn’t work. Ashley says she’s right. She should have just walked away from the bitch. Eliza wonders if she needs to ask Ashley to leave. She’s got it.

Chelsea tells Ashley that she can’t be calling people bitches, and expect them to be nice. Ashley asks why Chelsea’s friend isn’t nice to her? They restaurant was empty. Chelsea says she would have waited until Naomie was done with dinner to call her a bitch. In her interview, Eliza says she did not intend for this to happen. She knows Ashley is in survival mode, but she’s digging a bigger hole for herself, and making her look like an idiot. Ashley agrees she shouldn’t have done that, and says she has so many regrets. She just wants to say she’s sorry.

Austen calls Naomie over. Chelsea says, well… and Ashley says she wishes it had been different. They might have been friends and had fun together. Austen isn’t buying her crocodile tears. Naomie says Ashley called her a bitch, and Austen says she just called them losers. It’s impossible to believe anything she says. Ashley says she’s not talking to him. She doesn’t care about them. Craig tells Shep, it takes a certain amount of crazy to even show up. Shep says he’s incredulous. Ashley says she just wanted to be friendly to Naomie. Naomie says she was in a restaurant, and Ashley called her a bitch in front of her friends. Ashley now says she was joking, making me wonder just where on the insanity scale she falls. She’s gone just about everywhere possible with her reasoning. She tells Naomie that she had only good intentions. Naomie says, no. Ashley came up to her while she was eating, and wanted a hug. When Naomie said she wasn’t giving her a hug, she called Naomie a huge bitch. Austen says, that’s pretty on brand. Eliza says she tried, and it’s all she can do.

Whitney tells Kathryn they have a different interpretation of events, Cameran invites Madison (Austen’s ex) on the trip, Chelsea says she has a bigger d*ck than Craig, and welcome to Denver.

💥 A Final Farewell To the High Priest Maax…

Or Malox as I’ve often called him. While Rip Torn did it all, I’ll always remember him as the villain in The Beastmaster.


👂 Because I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head…



July 3, 2019 – A Rejected Proposal, Shep Gets a Puppy, Victor Seen, Two For the Fourth & My Independence Tradition


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Breaking News – traffic is backed up and there are delays on the road. Because of the July 4th weekend. Thanks. I wouldn’t have guessed.

On her phone in a waiting room, Alexis looks at the death notice for Neil’s daughter. Neil walks Kristina out of his office. Neil says Alexis is early, and she says she was in the neighborhood. A client canceled. She didn’t know it was Kristina’s normal appointment time, but if Kristina is concerned, Alexis didn’t hear anything. Kristina says, it’s fine. Alexis says it’s nice see her anyway; she’s barely seen Kristina lately. Kristina says Julian has been giving her extra shifts, and she’s taking baby steps to rebuild her social life. Alexis hopes Kristina isn’t avoiding her because of the Pledge. That’s not what’s happening, is it?

On the phone with Carly, Sonny says Gladys will be there soon, and they can stop worrying about Dev getting deported. Carly says Dev thinks he’s trying to be helpful, and Sonny asks if he’s still overselling the humble bit. Carly says she can relate. Sonny says he’ll feel more secure soon, and Carly says, let her know how it goes. Josslyn comes in, and asks, how what goes?

Franco and Elizabeth are at Charlie’s, when Laura comes in with Cameron. She thanks him for setting up the tables for 4th of July. If not for him, the people would have no place to eat. He says, it beats picking up garbage. Franco says there’s going be plenty after the 4th. Elizabeth says, speaking of community service, Cameron’s day off was approved. Franco says he can come to the reception, and bring a date if he wants to.

Carly tells Josslyn that Sonny is working on something she may or may not need know about. She asks Josslyn to cut up celery and carrot sticks for Avery. Maybe Dev could help her. Dev says he’s practically an expert. Josslyn takes the vegetables out of the refrigerator, and Dev says she’s still mad at him, isn’t she?

At the hospital, Scotty tells Bobbie that she doesn’t have to do any of this alone. She says, that’s sweet but… He says there was a time when they were more than just friends, not that long ago. He was thinking they can recapture that. He tells her, think about it this way. They’re in an RV, going down the road; potholes, flat tires, and everything that goes with that. All she has to do is just say yes. Will she marry him? She says she’s not dying. She doesn’t want a pity proposal. He says, it’s not like that. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She asks, since when? and he says, the hell with it. What does she say? Let’s go get hitched.

Kristina says she’s not avoiding Alexis, although she still feels guilty for what she shared with Shiloh. Alexis says Shiloh manipulated her, and not to feel guilty. It might make Kristina feel better to tell her what she told Shiloh. Kristina says she doesn’t think it’s necessary, and Alexis says, no pressure. Kristina thinks Sam is right. She should put the guilt behind her, and let it go for good. Alexis says, Sam is a smart gal; she agrees. Kristina has to get going, and hugs Alexis.

Bobbie asks if Scotty wants a reference for Shadybrook. He’s clearly lost his mind. He says he hasn’t. Finally, things are starting to make real sense. She tells him, that’s what people say who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He says he’s been doing some soul searching. They go way back. She says she goes way back with a lot of her friends. That doesn’t mean she wants to run off to the chapel with them. He says they’ve had so many stops and starts. They’d be fools not to make a real go of it. They’ve been chasing crazy, wild love, but it’s not sustainable. They should invest in something concrete. She says he makes it sound more like a business transaction than a marriage proposal. He asks if she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with someone comfortable, like an old, well-worn shoe. She says, no. He did not just compare her to an old shoe.

Cameron says he doesn’t think he’ll be bringing a date to the reception. Franco says, it doesn’t have to be a date date. Maybe a friend. Cameron says, it’s a family party. It’s not like everyone in school is dying to come. Laura thinks she should get Cameron fed, and they go to order. Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s sure Cameron didn’t mean anything by that, but Franco is sure he did.

Cameron suggests they order a bunch of appetizers. Laura says, first, she’d like to know what’s going on with him.

Josslyn tells Dev that he’s not doing it right. He asks how hard carrot sticks can be, and she says, Avery is a connoisseur. She won’t eat them if they’re too big or too small. Dev says she can do it then, pushing the carrots toward her. She says, yes. She’s still mad at him. He says he never would have guessed. She says the more she thinks about what he said, the madder she gets. He says, stop thinking about it then. She says, too late. He says he’s sorry her boyfriend died. Maybe she’s right. Maybe his spirit is reaching out. She says he doesn’t believe that. He says, no, he doesn’t.

Gladys arrives, and Sonny says he appreciates her coming. She says he can show his appreciation by cutting to the chase. She hasn’t seen Mike in ages. His mom used to send Christmas cards, and there were some Corbin get togethers, but those were decades ago. And all of a sudden Mike’s son wants to meet with her. Why? It’s about her son. She says he was killed in the war in 2003; Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sonny is sorry, and she thanks him. She says that was the last time she heard from Sonny’s old man; he sent a lovely note. Sonny says, Mike has Alzheimer’s. His memory is fading quickly. She’s sorry to hear that. She doesn’t want to sound insensitive, but he didn’t come all this way to share his sorrows. Why is he really there, and what does it have to do with her son?

Dev tells Josslyn, that’s the great thing about America; everyone thinks what they want. She can believe she’s getting messages from the afterlife, and he can believe Oscar is gone. Josslyn wonders how this turned into a patriotic explanation, and Dev says he’s pointing out the freedoms she takes for granted. Carly comes back, and tells them, Sonny got hung up. They’re on their own for 4th of July. Since he was going to grill, that means ordering out. Josslyn suggests Angelo’s. They’re organic, and Carly has to eat healthy. Carly asks Dev to do her a favor, and help Max close the boat house. She’ll finish up there. He leaves, and Carly says, it seems a little tense. Josslyn says, he’s annoying. Carly knows Dev was a surprise, and Josslyn says she’d like to know the plan. Dev is there illegally. What are they supposed to do about that?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he can’t figure out where he stands with Cameron. One minute, they have a connection, and the next, it’s like Cameron is allergic to him. It’s exhausting. Elizabeth tells him, welcome to parenting a teenager. She’ll see if she can get Cameron to lighten up; he’s going through a lot right now. Franco says he has to go, and asks her to tell Cameron, see you.

Laura asks Cameron, does he mind if she makes an observation? Cameron says, sure, and she says, this morning, he was pleasant with his mom, but just now, he was short. She’s guessing the X-factor is Franco. Cameron says Franco is his stepdad, but he doesn’t have to be happy about it. Laura says it’s understandable that Cameron would be cautions, given Franco’s history, but he should judge. Cameron says Franco judges him too, and knows nothing about him. Laura says there’s no doubt Franco has made mistakes, but Cameron needs to ask himself what good it is to hang on to resentment. In pulling away from Franco, he’s pulling away from his family. He says he loves his mother and brothers, but Franco is temporary. She says, there it is. She knows why he’s having a hard time accepting Franco as a father figure. He’s had a lot of them come into his life, and they let him down.

Scotty tells Bobbie, that’s not what he meant. It was a compliment. She says, just what every woman wants to hear. He says, let him explain. He’s been chasing the action so long, and suddenly the end of the road is looking closer than the beginning. Bobbie asks if he’s afraid of dying. He says, dying is easy. Comedy is tough. She laughs, and he says they’re on same page. She gets his jokes. When she fainted and he brought her there, he was looking at her, and could picture them spending the rest of their lives together. Close friends, confidants; they’re on the same team. She laughs, and says she does think of him sometimes that way, even when he drives her insane. But he’s forgotten one thing in his impromptu proposal. He says, flowers? and she says, he never said he loved her.

Alexis tells Neil that she’s being transparent. She didn’t know Kristina had moved her session. Maybe she’s been seeing Neil more. Neil just looks at her, and she says she gets it; boundaries. Does that mean they can’t talk about Kristina at all? He says they just can’t talk about what he and Kristina discuss in their sessions. She says she could use his input. Kristina has been distant with her. Neil asks if she thinks it has to do with the Pledge. She says if she knew what Kristina told Shiloh, she would be able to assess the situation. Neil says nothing, and she says he’s not taking the bait? He says, not a chance. Maybe they should examine how she feels about Kristina sharing damaging information. Alexis says she almost doesn’t care what Kristina said. She just doesn’t want issues between them. She thinks about what other parents are going through, and knows she’s lucky. She has no reason to complain. She knows some parents who just lost their son to a brain tumor, and has to coordinate the reading of the will. She had to meet with the dad, and he was in so much pain. No one understands the pain involved in losing a kid, but she knows Neil does.

Kristina goes to the jail. She tells a prisoner that she thought it was time she came to see them. It’s Willow.

Sonny tells Gladys that he was hoping for her help with a project he’s working on. She says she’s stopping him there. She’s heard the stories, and seen the headlines. She did her research, and he’s one of the biggest mobsters in New York state. He says, alleged. She doesn’t want to waste either of their time, and asks what business does he have with her son? Sonny says, it’s not with him, but with her grandson. She says, Brando didn’t have a kid. Sonny takes out an envelope, and puts it on the table, saying, he does now.

Carly tells Josslyn that Sonny is trying to make arrangements for Dev. Josslyn wonders, why go through all that trouble? She gets it. Dev is nice, in an annoying way, but why is Sonny trying to keep him in the country? Carly says, Dev helped Sonny and Dante escape. He’s the reason they came back alive, and Sonny wants to repay the debt. She knows it’s an adjustment. It’s a lot to process, but they’ll figure it out as they go along. She asks Josslyn to make allowances for Dev. He’s in a strange county, alone, trying to keep a step ahead of the authorities. Put herself in his shoes. Josslyn says she can’t, but she’ll try. Carly says they’ll talk more later; she has to go to grandma’s. It will be okay. Josslyn says she’s good.

Scotty tells Bobbie, of course he loves her. That goes without saying. She says, it’s usually something you state when proposing. He says he’ll take it into consideration next time. Doesn’t she love him? She says, sure, as a friend. There have been times when they’ve been more than that, and she thought they’d have a real relationship, but every time they took a stab at it, it was blown apart, disastrously. He says it could be different, but she says not the way she’s looking for. She wants that passionate, epic love that sweeps you off your feet. She deserves more than a comfortable pair of shoes, and so does he. He says she’s right. He doesn’t know what he was thinking. He was out of line. Bobbie says she was having dinner with Carly, but she can reschedule. Does he want to go to Kelly’s? He says, for some rejected proposal dinner? She says she feels like he has a lot on his mind, and she’s there for him. They can talk. He says he’s done enough talking. He’s scooting out, and hanging on to what dignity he has left.

Kristina says Michael told her that Willow was there, and came to see how she’s holding up. Willow says she’s very kind, but Kristina says she at least owes Willow a visit. She owes Willow her life. Willow doesn’t know about that, but Kristina says if Willow hadn’t shared her experience with Shiloh and DOD, she’d probably still be there. Willow is glad she isn’t. DOD is like quicksand. The harder you fight to get away, the deeper you sink. She asks if Michael told Kristina why she’s there. Kristina says, contempt of court, and Willow says Shiloh won’t discover the whereabouts of her son. She can’t let Shiloh find him. Keeping a secret is a different kind of prison; in some ways, worse than a cell. Kristina knows the feeling.

Alexis says she’s just glad her children are healthy. Neil says she told him that he knows the pain of grieving a child. She says he’s a psychiatrist, and she’s sure he’s dealt with grieving parents. He says he’d appreciate an honest answer. She says she knows lost he lost a child. He says he’s ending the session. He can no longer treat her, and tells her, please leave.

Alexis asks, why? He says he made it clear his personal life is off limits. She says she’s sorry she overstepped, and he says she’s repeatedly crossed boundaries. Alexis says it wasn’t her who looked him up; it was her friend. Diane researched him online, and she’s not responsible. She finds their sessions invaluable. He says there’s no point in arguing; leave. She says he’s taking his anger and grief out on her.

Bobbie meets Carly, and tells her about Scotty asking her to marry him. Carly asks if she said no, and Bobbie says, of course (🍷). He basically said they might as well settle for each other, and compared her to a comfortable old shoe. She still believes in finding real lasting love. Carly agrees, but says for someone to find love, they have to be proactive about finding it.

Scotty has a bone to pick with Franco. He says he proposed to Bobbie. By how Scotty looks, Franco is guessing she said no. Scotty says, a hard no. It’s the last time he’s taking Franco’s advice. Franco says, no way he told him to propose to Bobbie, and Scotty asks, what was with the pep talk about the RV? Franco says that was how he was connecting. Scotty asks what’s the matter with him? It got Scotty thinking about the life choices he’s making, none of them good, when saw Bobbie. He thought fate had stepped in and said they belong together.

Laura tells Cameron that they all have problems with their parents from time to time. He asks if she did, and she laughs, saying, yeah. It’s a complicated relationship, and keeps changing a you get older. It’s been quite the journey with Leslie, but she officiated at Laura’s wedding. Cameron doesn’t see that happening with him and Franco. Laura says Cameron has had it rough in the father department. And he’s putting up walls in case it doesn’t work out. Cameron doesn’t know, and thinks Franco’s past is complicated. Laura says he’s absolutely right, but she wants him to put a positive spin on it for his mom. He has good reason not to give Franco the benefit of the doubt, but he’s a part of the family; the only father Aiden remembers. Cameron says he doesn’t say anything bad about Franco in front of Aiden, but Laura says the fact remains that he’s the oldest brother. His brothers look up to him, and like it or not, he leads by example. How he behaves, and the choices he makes, like how he treats Franco, definitely shape what the family is going to be. The reception is a great opportunity for him to put his best foot forward, and show everyone how much he loves his family. Elizabeth approaches, and asks what they ordered. Cameron says he has to do something. He’s thinking of bringing a date to the reception. It might actually be fun. He jets, and Elizabeth is guessing she has Laura to thank for Cameron’s change of heart.

Gladys asks what this is, and Sonny says the start of a series of payments every six months. She says, in exchange for…? He says some people will be coming by her house. She asks, what kind of people? and he says government officials. They’ll be asking questions about details she needs to confirm. She says, like what? He says her son married a woman in Iraq, brought her back to the United States, and she died giving birth to Gladys’s grandson. want her to tell cover story boy thre illegally pushes env back not thick enough

Alexis says Neil’s daughter’s name was Joanna, right? He says, yes, and she says she doesn’t know the details, and it’s none of her business. She’s very sorry for his loss, but she can see his grief is fresh, and he’s taking it out on her. He says, that’s not what happened, but she asks if it’s that hard to be in the same room with someone who knows what he lost. He says she’s not a professional, and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He’ll refer her to a colleague so she can continue treatment. She says, that won’t be necessary. Whoever he sends her to will know something about him, and she wouldn’t want to cross anymore boundaries.

Scotty tells Franco that he made fool of himself with his oldest friend. Franco is proud Scotty gave it a shot, but Scotty says he failed horribly. Franco says maybe he’s looking in the wrong direction. Scotty says, not another pep talk, and Franco says, a little. If he’s looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with, he should stop looking backward, and look around now. Scotty says every once in a while he peeks back, and when he does, he sees Bobbie. Franco says, maybe she’s the one for him, but he should ask her for coffee, not the rest of her life.

Carly agrees that Bobbie deserves real love, but she won’t find it unless she puts herself out there, and takes a chance. Bobbie says she makes it sound easy. Carly says, it’s not, but the best things are always hard to get. She might meet someone new, or maybe there’s someone she’s taken for granted, who means more to her than she realizes. The first part is showing up, and taking a chance.

Gladys says Sonny is asking her to lie to the authorities. That’s perjury, and if it all falls apart, not only does the kid get deported, but she’ll do hard time. He has to make it worth her while. He takes out more money, and says she’ll get the same amount every six months. She reaches for the envelope, and he puts his hand on it. He says she did her homework, and knows what happens to people when they double-cross him.

Neil looks at Alexis’s folder. Kristina pops her head in, and says, good; he’s still there. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she wanted to speak with him together with Alexis. She wants to talk about the Pledge she gave Shiloh.

Back at the hospital, Carly tells Bobbie they have to hurry; the kids are starving. Scotty comes out of the elevator, and she says she’ll order online, and leaves. Scotty apologizes to Bobbie for the proposal; it was silly, out of line, and wrong. Bobbie says, it was, but it’s not like she hasn’t acted on impulse. He doesn’t want jeopardize their friendship, and she says, her neither. He asks if she’s going to the reception. She says she is, and he suggests they go together. She says she’d like that, and he says, they’ll make it a date. Overhearing them, Carly smiles.

Elizabeth says she had the feeling Cameron was making an effort just now, and Laura agrees. Elizabeth thanks her for working her magic. Laura says, no magic. The magic is Cameron. He’s a great kid, which is a credit to Elizabeth. Elizabeth takes Laura’s hand.

Josslyn tells Dev, driving a car is nothing like driving a boat. He thinks it would be easier; less chance of collision. He eats one of the carrot sticks, and she tells him not to take too many. They’re for her mom and Avery. She breaks one in half, and gives half to him. He says he’s stunned by her generosity. Cameron comes by, and she tells him to make a sandwich. Make twelve, just don’t touch the crudités. Cameron says she’s angry, but she says, not at him. He was wondering if she’s not doing anything tomorrow, would she go with him to the reception? Dev smiles, mixing me up, since I thought he might be interested in Josslyn.

Gladys takes the money, and says Sonny’s got himself a deal. Does her grandson have a name? He says she’ll have all the details by the time they come. Hold up her end of the deal, and he’ll take care of the rest.

On Friday, Zahra asks if Shiloh’s goal is to reclaim his , or the child’s mother; Kristina tells Neil that if she doesn’t talk about the Pledge now, she never will; Sonny tells Brick that he needs protection for a friend; and Jason says Harmony owes Willow the truth about how her father died.

Southern Charm

Shep puts a crate together. Cameran arrives. Seeing a pair of black thigh-highs in his living room, she asks why he has hooker boots. He says, she’s not a hooker, just a friend. Cameron doesn’t know what to say anymore. He asks if she’s ready get on the road. She asks if he got potty pads, and points out that what he got is reusable. It’s like a mom using cloth diapers. I’m not sure why she’s against these pads, but then again, she probably figures he’d never wash it. In her interview, she says, puppies are like babies. If Shep treats the new puppy like he does women, the puppy is going to be looking for a new home within five days. Shep says, his last hours of freedom.

Austen meets Chelsea for fishing. He has live bait, but she says she’s never fished with worms in saltwater, which makes total sense, even though I don’t fish. In Chelsea’s interview, she says she was born and raised in the low country near the water. She was taught to spearfish before she could walk. She should have known better than to rely on Austen for bringing gear. She asks how the trip to Nashville was, and he says Craig and Shep wanted to get him out of town, but had a selfish agenda. She asks what happened with Shep calling Madison white trash? He says Madison wishes he’d punched Shep in the mouth. Chelsea says, that’s what her boyfriend would have done. As women, we love our men to stick up for us.

Cameran says Madison told her to tell Shep eff you when she found out they were traveling together. She said he called her a white trash hairdresser. He says he did. He doesn’t hate her, but doesn’t like the way she behaved in the relationship. She says his words were kind of strong, and he says, sometimes he says bad things about people, but not to their face. I guess that makes it okay? In Cameran’s interview, she says when someone feels entitled, they feel like they’re above fixing themselves, but she couldn’t be friends with Shep if she didn’t believe he had a good heart. He’s just troubled. He says he doesn’t want be around rednecks, and she says, one of his best friends is choosing to date her. He says, not anymore; there’s no love lost.

Chelsea tells Austen that he lets Shep get away with sh*t. He was pissed when Shep tried to kiss her. We flash back to that, and Austen says Shep has a silver tongue. Their relationship seems shallow at times, but he’s been a great friend. Chelsea asks, in what way? but Austen doesn’t know, and stumbles over his words. She says, they drink together. There’s so much potential in Austen; more than the friends he’s hanging out with. Has he thought about surrounding himself with people who aren’t a bad influence, and won’t be dragging him to bars? He thinks she’s right. It’s made him realize a lot of things. He misses Madison. Chelsea asks, what’s going on? and he says they aren’t together. She says, to be in a healthy relationship, he can’t be partying non-stop. Madison is waiting for him to step up to the plate. He says he never had someone he wanted to do that for.

Orangeburg, South Carolina. Shep tells Cameran he feels like he’s about to meet someone he likes a lot, and he’s nervous. They go into the house, and oooooooh! Puppies! Tiny French bulldogs everywhere. Cameran asks how many were in the litter, and breeder Samantha says, seven. Cameran thinks there’s nothing cuter, and picks one up. Samantha says, time to meet Craig. He knows his name already. Shep thinks Little Craig is nervous, and Cameran tells him, sit and bond; skin to skin. She puts the puppy inside Shep’s shirt. Samantha says he’s a good eater, and sleeps through the night, referring to the puppy, not Shep. She gives him the vet record, and he tells Little Craig this is the beginning of the rest of his life. Cameran promises he’ll have a wonderful life. Shep puts the dog bed in his lap, and Cameran places Little Craig in it. She says this is so unlike him.

Kathryn and Naomie go to hypnotherapist Stephanie, who tells them that hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. We slip into it seven or eight times a day. It’s the zone that allows you to open up to your deeper self. Naomie is working on being more positive, and Kathryn says that would be great for her. In Naomie’s interview, she says, being with someone who wasn’t a good match, drove her crazy. We flash back to some of her miserable moments with Craig, ending with her telling him that he’s all talk and no action. Stephanie tells them, get comfortable and relax; eyes closed and breathe. She says they feel more comfortable, empowered, and bah-blah-blah about inner strength. They’re more than worth it, and good enough. She tells them their eyes are opening and they’re feeling good. She spritzes rose water on and around them, and says she’ll step out so they can enjoy their hypno-bliss. Kathryn tells Naomie don’t make her do this again. Naomie says she takes private sessions, and she’s learned if she tells herself out loud that it’s okay, and she just needs to relax, it helps. Metul’s parents meditate, and she wants to get on that wavelength. She tells Kathryn about Craig texting her, and says she doesn’t know what’s going on, but she wants to be respectful of Metul, and doesn’t want be talking to Craig. He knows she wants to marry Metul, and he’s not cool with it. Kathryn says he keeps telling them that he and Naomie had was no reason to break up. In her interview, Naomie says Craig isn’t part of her life anymore, and it’s kind of sad that he hasn’t moved on, and should have. Kathryn asks if she can be friends with Craig, but Naomie doesn’t think Craig can be friends with her. Kathryn says, at least they don’t have kids.

Cameran goes baby shopping, and meets her friend Leva. In her interview, Cameran says they had babies around the same time. She had hers first, so she prepared Leva. Women don’t talk about how hard it is because it makes you look weak. I guess that’s a Southern thing? Leva asks if she’s going for number two, but Cameran says, not unless a miracle of God happens. Leva reminds her that she said that the first time. Cameran thinks she’s more of a little kid person, and Leva says it’s too bad they can’t get them halfway grown. In Cameran’s interview, she says motherhood doesn’t come naturally to her, and she gets frustrated. She’s not a bad mom, just an every-little-thing-irritates-her mom. She doesn’t think she can handle more than one mentally and emotionally, and tells Leva she’s one and done. Leva says she wants another, but she’ll be forty next year. In her interview, Cameran says if she’d had a kid at twenty-five, it would have been a mess. She tells Leva that she’s going to be thirty-five on Saturday. Leva wants to get a present for Palmer, but Cameran nixes that. In Cameran’s interview, she says she’s had control issues her entire life. She doesn’t embrace the chaos. She tells Leva, no toys. The kid won’t rule the roost in her house. Leva says she’s a buzzkill.

Shep lets Little Craig run around. In his interview, Shep says it’s been a shock to his system. We see clips of Little Craig chewing on furniture, shoes, and Shep. Shep says Little Craig has a childlike wonderment, that occasionally frustrates the hell out of him. He puts Little Craig in the backyard. Shep thinks they’re doing well, and hopefully, he’ll make Craig into the coolest dog. Little Craig bites Shep’s finger. Shep tells him it’s time for his close-up.

Shep brings Little Craig to a photo studio for a shoot. He tells the photographer that he doesn’t want it sentimental. They take pictures, and in addition to standard snaps, Shep holds Little Craig up like Simba, and like a football. Craig joins him, and Shep drags him into the pictures. Craig says it’s like a wedding picture, and Shep says, my two dads. In his interview, Craig thinks Little Craig is awesome, and a fine namesake. He wonders which one of them is the namesake, and ponders that a while. They wait while the photos are being developed. Craig says Cameran is going an oyster roast in her backyard for her birthday, and he’s bummed. She’s been telling them she wants to get her mojo back. Shep says she was always lame (his word for responsible) even before she became a mom. Craig says they have to take the initiative. Shep suggests a big, fun trip. He’s miffed that when he was picking up Little Craig, Cameron told him about Madison saying he’d called her a white trash hairdresser. She and Austen are the worst match. Austen doesn’t deserve them as friends.

Kathryn visits Danni, whose having a problem getting her texts from her tablet. She left her phone at Gentry’s house. They talk about Cameran’s party. Danni asks if she thinks Eliza will be there, and Kathryn says, who? Danni says she and Naomie road horses with her, and Eliza is bothered that Kathryn won’t give her the time of day. She doesn’t know why. Kathryn says, you can’t force friendship. Everyone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. In Kathryn’s interview, she says she and Eliza have never been friends. It just feels like a lost cause. She’s just going to let her talk and talk and talk, and then be done.

In Cameran’s interview, she says she can remember thinking someone who was thirty-five was old. Now she’s that someone. She doesn’t feel as hip as she used to be. She’s a homebody now, and thinks she used to be more fun. She can’t hang like she used to. Her party is being set up. She gets a drink, and Jennings the oyster guy comes with the goods. In her interview, she says she’s typically in bed at 8:30, so a late party isn’t for her. A daytime oyster roast is more her speed. She takes a shot.

Chelsea brings a cake that says, Halfway to 70, and gives Cameran a giftbag. Cameran says Palmer is with her mom, and Jason is on call. She opens Chelsea’s gift of fabulous gigantic earrings. Cameran thanks her, saying she needs to be more stylish. Eliza and Don show up next. Cameran asks if they’re bf/gf now. Eliza thinks so, and Cameran asks their age difference, which we find out is fourteen years. Naomie examines the seafood on her way in. Metul couldn’t make it, and Cameran says she has a crush on Metul. She gets her third drink, and they start on the oysters. Shep and Little Craig, who’s wearing a little jean jacket, arrive. Shep says someone gave him the jacket for Little Craig, and he thought it was apropos for an oyster roast. He says he’s proud of Cameran. She went out on limb, and left the house and everything. Cameran says, Big Craig is rare form; he wants to kick Austen’s ass. Shep says Austen is dead to Craig.

Austen comes with beer. Cameran grabs a can (drink #4). The last time she had a proper buzz was a long time ago. We flash back to that. Austen meets Little Craig, and says he likes this Craig better than the other Craig. Craig comes with a bunch of other people. Little Craig and Elvis play together, and are the cutest things on earth. Shep eats a giant oyster, which isn’t so cute. Craig brought bourbon, and asks Cameran to take a shot with him (drink #6, so I missed one somewhere). Craig snarks about Austen calling it an early night because Chelsea told him to go home. Naomie wonders what a world we live in that Austen gets a gold star for going home at a decent hour. Austen asks why Craig is mad; what did he do? Craig says he’s a loser. Austen invited him out, and when he got there, Austen left because his ex told him to. Austen says that’s not what happened. Craig says he claimed Chelsea told him to be home by eleven, and left Craig with people he didn’t know. Austen says, it was a bar, and Craig says Austen is losing his goddam mind.

Chelsea asks Craig what’s wrong with his friend bettering himself, and Craig tells her that she sucks. She’s not his mom; why is she still in his life? Chelsea asks why he’s so angry, and he says they’re nuts.  Cameran, Danni, and Kathryn sit on the porch. Kathryn says they’re about to kill each other. Craig says they’re awful, and they effing suck. Chelsea says he’s foaming at the mouth, and Craig stomps off. Austen says, good for her. In Naomie’s interview, she says it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before. She’s glad it’s not her problem. Craig tells Shep he’s just realized they’re friends with losers he doesn’t want to have anything to do with. Austen invited him out, and he left Craig with his guests. Shep says he didn’t know Craig was a social warrior. Naomie says it’s a reminder that what Craig is doing is effed up. He doesn’t like being shown what he’s doing is bad. Shep tells Craig that he tried to kiss Austen’s girlfriend, and they’re still friends. Naomie says it’s hard to say no, especially when they scream at you, and say you’re dead to them. For going bed early. Shep tells Craig, calm down. Craig says, it’s a mirror image of America. Deflecting, and not talking about the issue.

Shep wants burgers. Cameran insists she’s not drunk. Shep says she is, and it makes him happy. He supports it. Cameran falls on the ground, and takes Chelsea down. In Chelsea’s interview, she says she’s never seen Cameran this drunk, and she loves every second. Cameran says she’s not wasted, and then twerks on the steps. Shep says it’s been a lot of fun so far. Cameran says she isn’t in her in right state of mind. Shep says, but she looks fantastic, which is what’s important. She says she feels like a loser. Shep wants her to branch out; get out of town. They were talking about Colorado. Cameran says she’s married with a baby, but he says, just two nights. Jason will take care of Palmer, and Shep is sure he’s the best dad ever. She says she’s down for it, and yells she’s going to Colorado. In Austen’s interview, he thinks they could have told her they were going to Disneyworld, and she would have been like, yes!  Chelsea can’t find the cake cutter, so she forks the cake directly.

Kathryn joins Shep on the porch. He says he hasn’t seen her in a while. He just invited Cameran to Colorado and hopes she’ll consider coming. She says she’d love to get out of town. She asks about new Little Craig, but Shep says Eliza took him and doesn’t want to let him go. Kathryn says she hasn’t seen Eliza since Patricia’s dinner. Cameran sits with Naomie and Danni. Naomie doesn’t want to go on the trip. Why would she go on a trip with her ex-boyfriend? Danni says they’re all friends. Naomie says she loves everyone else, but doesn’t want to be with Craig. Cameran asks if it’s Metul, but Naomie says he’s secure and not threatened by Craig. Cameran asks, what if Craig was out of the equation? and Naomie says, then it would be no problem; it’s him. Everyone starts to leave. Craig drinks directly out of the bourbon bottle.

Kathryn asks if Cameran picked Colorado, and Cameran says Craig and Austen tried to go last year. Craig says Austen is a p*ssy, who answers to his ex. Austen says the relationship isn’t as effed up as Craig’s and Naomie’s. Craig says anyone who has a curfew given to them by their ex won’t be friends with him. Austen tells him to get some sleep. Danni asks why Craig is being like this. Is he aware Naomie won’t go on the trip because he is. Cameran says it’s inappropriate, and might upset Metul. Craig says they can’t be around each other because they never had closure. It’s easier for Naomie to act like it never happened, and him going on the trip will make it harder. Cameran tells him to say it; he still loves her. Craig says he loves her and he hates her at the same time. Cameran says, just say it. Kathryn says, admit it. Craig says he thought they would get married. Of course he loves her. In his interview, Craig says it terrifies Naomie to think that she cost herself one of the best things that ever happened to her for no reason. Kathryn thinks the reason Naomie isn’t comfortable around Craig, is that you can tell he has feelings for her, and it makes her afraid to be around him. She doesn’t know what will happen; if he’ll blow up or get upset. Danni says Naomie doesn’t want be an element of that. Craig says, now Naomie looks at their relationship, and realizes she was never as happy as she was with him, and it reminds her of that good time. Cameran thinks Naomie is very happy in her current relationship. They all agree, and Craig says, the guy who can go to every wedding. Oh wait, he can’t because he can’t get off work. I love how he totally misses that he’s saying Metul actually has a job, which is one of the things Naomie wanted Craig to have. Cameran says Naomie is looking at the rest of her life. Craig says why doesn’t Cameran tell the truth for one day in her life? and storms off. The girls just look at each other.

Next time, Austen takes a barre class with a couple of the girls, Cameron tries to convince Naomie to go to Colorado, Eliza wants an apology, and #HiAshley returns.

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In childhood, the daylight always fails too soon – except when there are going to be firewroks; and then the sun dawdles intolerably.Jan Struther

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – from The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson

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Of course I have my own copy of the film, but if you don’t, you can watch this version of the play, pay a couple of bucks to see the film on YouTube, or watch the film pretty much scene by scene for free there. Enjoy the holiday, and remember why you’re free to have whatever flag you like fly.