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December 14, 2017 – A Fix Against Felicia, Star Finale for Now & Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Finn is on the phone trying to get a room. He asks what about room 237? He’s aware of its reputation, but poltergeists would be a step up from his current situation. Nothing is available, so he asks to be at the top of the cancelation list. Anna tells him it’s tough getting a room at this time of year. Lucky he has a generous host.

Valentin meets Cassandra at the MetroCourt. He’s surprised she wants a public meeting. She says she offered to entertain him in her room, but he could also invite her to the island. Valentin tells her that Windemere is off-limits, as well as his family.

Nina catches Lulu wandering around Windemere. Lulu says she was looking for Charlotte’s Christmas list. Nina says she sent Lulu an email, but Lulu says it must have gotten lost in her SPAM folder. Nina says good thing she was home, or Lulu would have had to break in. Nina leaves to look for the list, and Lulu roots through some piles of construction paper. Because the best hiding place is among craft supplies.

Kim looks at a family photo at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica tells her that Jason had just started college in that picture. He was going to be a doctor, but there was an accident. He dropped out of school, and moved out. They basically lost him. Kim asks if it stayed that way, and Monica says it was a long, slow process. They continued to love him, and she thinks he eventually loved them back. A few years ago, they had a renaissance of sorts. He was approachable, easier, and warmer, and she should have known then that he wasn’t Jason.

Oscar tells Drew his mom is at work, but Drew was hoping to see him. He asks if Oscar feels like talking, but Oscar says his mom would be pissed if he let a stranger in. Ouch. Drew says he’s not really a stranger, is he?

Jason tells Sam not to walk away; talk to him. She asks what he wants to know. He asks how Drew is doing; he knows the Navy dropped the charges. Sam says there’s still a review coming, but Commander Fuller told them it’s just a formality. Drew was exonerated because of him.

Laura stares at Valentin, and Doc asks if she wants to leave. She says no, but it doesn’t get easier. She tells him that Lulu keeps asking about a wedding date.

Lulu finds another ballot voting for Felicia in Charlotte’s scrap paper. She wonders why it’s there, and what’s going on? Nina comes in, and says she was wondering the same thing. She asks if Lulu is looking for these, and dumps out a bag of ballots.

Anna gives Finn a room with his own bath, and he asks if there are bars on the windows. She tells him that Roxie is relaxing in her terrarium, and everything is all made up; there’s even a great mud mask in the bathroom. He says she’s enjoying this, but she says she’s more accustomed to her bachelor life, as she hurriedly puts a coaster under his cup. She tells him that he has another option – bow out and leave Cassandra to her.

Sam gets annoyed that Jason doesn’t want any thanks, and he asks why she’s getting mad. She says it wasn’t fair to ask him to get involved, but she knew he’d come through. When they were at the station, she knew how much Drew was hurting, but didn’t pay attention to him, and how everything had been taken away. He tells her it’s okay, but she says, no, it’s not. She doesn’t know what else to do. She loves Drew; she married him. Jason says he knows.

Oscar says he guesses Drew found out he’s his son. Drew apologizes, saying he should have reached out first before just showing up. Oscar invites him in, saying sorry about the stranger thing. Drew tells him not to worry; that’s how people look at him now, and he feels like one. Oscar explains that he’s home because he skipped gym; they’re doing square dancing, and he’s a disaster. Drew says he has two left feet too. True story. My fifth-grade teacher was a professional square dance caller. We were her experiments.

Monica asks Kim to sit down, and thanks her for coming. Kim says she couldn’t decline an invite from her boss, but Monica says the relationship goes further than that. About an hour ago, she found out Kim’s son is her grandson. Kim says she believes he’s a descendant of Alan’s, but not her. Monica says she did her homework. Kim says it’s hit as hard and fast as it has with her. Monica says she doesn’t think it’s an accident that Kim and Oscar ended up where Oscar’s very wealthy family resides. Kim gets up, saying she wouldn’t want her boss to think she was shirking her duty. Monica tells her that she took the liberty of canceling the rest of Kim’s appointments for the day. Kim says they were doing fine on their own. She wanted to give Oscar a chance to know something about his roots. She got a good DNA sample, and followed up on an ancestry website, which got a lot of hits in Port Charles. Monica asks, enough for her to pull up the roots they had, and Kim admits she thought Drew might be there. She knew he’d gone AWOL, and thought maybe… Monica finishes, on the off-chance Oscar might bump into his missing father? Kim says Oscar is old enough to decide. She wanted to give him a chance, but had no idea Drew had a long-lost brother or ties to the Quartermaines. Monica says smart move, putting the information out there, so they would come to her. Kim tells her not to worry about her fortune. She and Oscar will have none of it – or her.

Drew says he knew something was up when Oscar and Josslyn dropped by, and tells him good detective work. He asks how long Oscar was looking, and Oscar says that Josslyn helped, but it took a couple of months. Drew says he didn’t know he had son’ there’s a lot he doesn’t know about his life. Oscar says it’s rough, finding out you have a whole other life. Drew says if anyone has a notion of how he feels, it would be Oscar.

Sam asks Jason if Sonny is okay. Jason tells her they got a lead on Faison. He was in Port Charles. They missed him, but were able to question his daughter. She told them that Faison didn’t even know he was alive until the story about the skylight broke. Sam thought it was Faison who sent him to the clinic, but Jason tells her that Britt said after the procedure, he was supposed to be killed. Faison was double-crossed by someone he calls the traitor. Whoever they are, they’re the reason he’s still alive.

Lulu and Nina look through the ballots. They’re almost all for Felicia. Lulu asks if Nina remembers the battle between Lomax and Felicia, but she says she wasn’t following local politics at the time. Lulu says this is big. Nina thinks it’s bizarre, but who cares? Lulu tells her the race was so close, there was a recount. If these are authentic, it’s hard evidence of tampering. Someone stole the election from Felicia.

Cassandra says she found a man who can complete her product, so they can progress. Valentin says he knows about Finn; he saw her out with him. She’s sorry that cynical, dangerous Valentin has mired himself in domesticity. She tells him when Finn joins with them, she’ll supervise from afar. He asks what if Finn doesn’t want to, and if she’ll extort him too.

Anna tells Finn it’s not too late. One call from her, and the WSB will make sure he gets a room. He says his tax dollars at work. He tells her he can get on the inside of the operation, and now she wants to turn him down. She says it has to be that way, and he asks, since when? She says since she cares about him.

Kim tells Monica it isn’t too late for her to stay out of the family drama. Monica apologizes for coming on too strong. Kim accepts, saying Oscar has the right to know them. Monica asks about Drew. She says she and Alan raised Jason together, but they never knew Drew existed. She’d like to know about the boy they lost.

Jason tells Sam that he keeps going over it. The call from Bernie, and how it was a setup, staged to cover his disappearance. He wonders what the point is. What would Faison get out of putting someone else in his place? The worst thing about it was that Bernie died for no reason. Faison knew he’d show up. Sam says yes, Bernie was a loss, but there were other losses that night.

Laura and Doc kick around dates. She asks why not elope? It’s not the first marriage for either one of them. Doc tells her to hold that thought. He shows her his phone, and says here’s a possibility. She says he can’t be serious. He tells her if they can’t find a date in 2018, why not 2017? She says, Christmas? He says, why not?

Lulu says she’s taking the ballots; they belong to the city. Nina asks if she’s really doing her civic duty, and Lulu says eventually. Nina wonders if Lulu thinks she’s Bob Woodward, and Lulu asks if she’s afraid Valentin stole the election.

Finn is surprised Anna cares about him, and she amends it to she cares about his safety. He says she had no concern before, but she tells him she was in charge, and planned to take the reins. She says he should stick to medicine, and he says he tried; she wouldn’t let him. Anna says he’s a valuable asset to the hospital, and an honorable man. She didn’t take that into consideration when she dragged him in. She asks that he let her redeem herself and cut him loose. She tells him to call Cassandra, and decline the offer.

Cassandra tells Valentin that with some financial incentive and ego stroking, she has every confidence in Finn’s cooperation. She says Valentin is a special snowflake, and not everyone needs motivation. He wants to talk to Claudette. Cassandra tells him to do his job, and she promises Claudette won’t tell the world why they think she’s dead. Her phone rings, and she tells Valentin that she needs his undying commitment. He says it’s understood, and leaves. She answers the phone, and tells Finn that she was just singing his praises, and asks if they’re going to partner up. He looks at Anna.

Lulu asks why Nina is flustered. Nina says Valentin didn’t even live there then, but her brother did. In fact, they found the ballots when her brother was still king of the castle. An investigation might take her places she doesn’t want to go. Lulu takes ballots and leaves.

Finn tells Cassandra that he’s given it a lot of thought, and he’s taking her up on it. They can do great things together. She couldn’t agree more, and tells him the next step is for him to review her chemist’s work. He tells her when he makes a commitment, he sticks by it. He doesn’t cut and run, no matter what. He gives Anna another look.

Kim tells Monica that she and Drew were only involved for three months. He grew up in an orphanage, but he was a Navy SEAL, the best of the best. He’s not the type to brag, but it meant everything to him, the brotherhood and the comradery. Monica says he has a real brother and family now. So does Oscar.  Kim says, a larger than life family. Monica admits the Quartermaines are a force unto themselves. They love each other fiercely, and welcome Oscar with open arms. Kim says Oscar has to decide what’s right for him, and Monica asks her to give him a message that he’s always welcome, no matter what he decides. And if he decides to learn about his family, she’ll be happy to be his tutor.

Drew doesn’t expect anything from Oscar; no pressure. He’s managed this far without him. Oscar guesses it’s late to have father, especially one who already has a kid. He and his mother did okay; she’s awesome. Drew says she clearly raised a great young man. Oscar tells Drew that he said himself that he knows nothing. Drew tells him what he’s trying to say is, he hopes Oscar gives him chance to find out.

Sam tells Jason the night he was shot, they searched, but the divers couldn’t find him. She didn’t believe them, and went in herself, but only found the phoenix figurine he’d given her for Christmas. Jason says Faison must have had people waiting. Sam says the story seemed off, and didn’t add up. She questioned Faison, and there were no answers, but she knew in her heart. Her instincts said he was still alive. She would come there at night and stare out on the water. She thinks part of her was waiting for him. She thought he came back; she thought his brother was him, but that doesn’t change anything. Even knowing he’s not Jason, she could never regret loving him. Jason sighs.

Valentin comes home, and Nina asks if tampered with the 2014 mayoral election. He has no idea what she’s talking about. Nina says never mind. Lulu implied that he was in on a shady deal. He tells her that she knows all about his shady deals. Can they start again? They kiss. She says she smells Enchantment, and he was with Cassandra.

Anna tells Finn there’s a spare blanket in the closet. He asks if she’s sulking, but she says she’s furious he can’t see reason. He says, right. He’s going to be able to give Cassandra everything she needs. Anna says unless he gets taken out first. Finn says good thing she’s looking after him. Now it’s her turn to say he’s enjoying this, and tells him that she guesses it’s better than him being alone, wallowing in his own misery.

Jason tells Sam about the manuscript, and that Britt said Faison didn’t write it. It just showed up, and shook him like nothing she’d ever seen. He tried to burn it, but the found it still intact, and Spinelli is analyzing it. Sam says it’s great to have tech genius as a friend. Yes. It is. He came through for Drew too, producing the service record. She didn’t think Drew would accept the truth unless it came from Spinelli. Jason says Diane deserves credit for calling him. Sam asks why Jason didn’t, and Jason says Spinelli is her friend too, and he didn’t want to put him in the middle.

Drew tells Oscar that he’s suggesting they play catch; he’s not a little kid, and has his own life. He’ll back away if Oscar wants. Oscar says it’s not like he was sitting around waiting for a  knock on the door. They each have their own life. Drew says that’s not what he meant, but Kim walks in. She asks what he’s doing there, and what’s going on? Drew says they’re trying to get to know each other. Oscar uses homework as an excuse to leave the room. Kim asks what Drew did, and he says nothing.

Oscar comes out, and Kim tells him Drew left. He didn’t want to interrupt Oscar’s studying. Oscar doesn’t want to talk about him, and Kim says he doesn’t have to. She tells him that she saw his grandmother Monica, and there’s a house full of people who can’t wait to meet him, but she said it was up to him. Kim tells him not to be hard on himself. It’s new to everyone; Drew is nervous too. Oscar blows her off.

Sam tells Jason that she should thank Spinelli. He’s probably a mess, blaming himself, thinking it’s his fault. Jason says she should have seen him trying to explain marrying them. Spinelli thinks he betrayed him, even though he couldn’t have known. They have to keep telling him they’re still his friends, and it’s not his fault. Sam realizes that her wedding ring is the one Jason gave her.

Lulu joins Doc and Laura, and Doc tells her they’ve set a wedding date. Laura says it’s on Christmas, but doesn’t want to infringe on time with the kids. Lulu says their main goal is keeping them from getting up before six, so as long as it’s not at eight am, it’s fine. Laura says it will be her first Christmas with Charlotte. Lulu says what better way to celebrate family than welcoming Doc into theirs, and offers to help. Laura asks what’s bothering her, and Lulu tells her that she can’t say much, but she has a major story that could reset the paradigm in Port Charles. Laura asks if it’s good news, but Lulu isn’t sure if she should report it.

Valentin tells Nina it was just business; nothing untoward. She says everything about Cassandra is untoward. He says it won’t be much longer before she’s out of their lives for good.

Anna says she dragged Finn out of his self-indulgence and melancholy. He says he was plenty fulfilled before she came along. She says living alone in a hotel room with lizard? He tells her Roxie is a better friend than most people. She says she dreads his performances as her boyfriend, no, lover, with his relentless sarcasm. He accuses her of being an elitist with ice water in her veins. He’s the only thing stopping her from sitting around in a bathrobe and getting a cat. She’s like, oh! the cat card, is it? She tells him plenty of men would jump at the chance to be with her. He tells her to show him one, and she says he’s right in front of her. He says she thinks he wants to be with her? She asks, doesn’t he? He grabs her, and kisses her.

Tomorrow, Scotty tells Julian to sign his life away, Kiki asks Franco what’s wrong, and Alexis tells Drew that he’s not legally married to Sam.

🎤 🌟 On Star, there was a lot of bouncing and voguing in the beauty shop – until the cops showed up, shutting them down for illegal cosmetic procedures. Miss Lawrence admitted to Carlotta that he was giving illegal butt shots to boost the economy, as well as butts. Sadly (for me, anyway), Carlotta had to fire him. I’m hoping there’s a reconciliation in the future, as Miss Lawrence is one of my favorites on the show. Simone ran to the roof after blowing the showcase because she took the pills Ayanna gave her “wrong.” Star talked her down, and told her that Ayanna is crazy, and she needs to get away from her. Ayanna’s father left her high and dry when he found out she’d been more than consorting with his enemies. He informed her that she no longer had a record label, and he no longer had a daughter. After finding out what had been going on with Simone, Star threatened Ayanna, going to her office with a gun. Ayanna said Star didn’t have the guts, and while those are usually famous last words, Carlotta interrupted, delicious side curls cascading to her shoulder. She told Star it wasn’t worth losing everything she’d worked for, and she’d only be doing Ayanna a favor. Star left the gun in case Ayanna wanted to follow up on it herself. Alex promised Derek that the Noah stuff was over after the showcase. When Noah made the moves on her after their performance, she cracked him one, but then they got busy. And no surprise, Derek wheeled in mid-business. Elliot died, and Omari told Cotton he was going to take people away from her until she gives him what he wants. She’s not living without him – literally. She told him everyone was right about him from the jump, and to do what he’s gotta do; there’s nothing left for her. Later that night, when she was in the bathtub, Omari was waiting for his moment, and drowned her. Maybe. I’m not positive she’s really dead. Carlotta’s house/beauty shop went up in flames, and Simone ran in to save Karen. At the end, all we knew was that it was arson, and someone is dead, but yay! Star will be back in the spring.

🌄 Technically…





December 13, 2017 – Jason Asks Drew for Help, New Jersey Goes to Milan & Star Deferred


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Here’s my excuse for missing the very beginning. I’d read there was going to be a press conference at 3 pm, which was no surprise since interrupting GH is de rigueur for Washington DC. I usually feed my dogs what I like to call luncheon just before the show, and took my sweet time, especially with my little old girl, who doesn’t see as well as she used to and sometimes needs help. The joke was on me. There was no conference. Not televised anyway. Luckily, I didn’t miss much.

Ava and Julian go to Kelly’s. Ava says the last time she was at the MetroCourt, she got a dressing down of epic proportions. If it was just Sonny and Carly, she could handle it, but stares follow her everywhere. Julian asks if a doctor can finish what was started, but she says not legally, and the ones who will risk it aren’t exactly the cream of the crop. Julian suggests investigating further, but she says it’s not worth it. Griff made her see reason, and he’s the one who has to look at her. He accepts her, and her life – most of it anyway. Julian says, just not her brother.

Monica tells Ned that both Jason and Drew love Sam and the children. They’ll find a way to co-exist. Ned thinks he hears the sound of Tracy, cackling from across the ocean. He’d like nothing more than for them to get along, but he’d also like turkey on Thanksgiving; some things are not meant to be. He says the Quartermaines are a study in conflict, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Monica thanks him for the pep talk. She leaves to answer the door, and Olivia-Q asks Ned if it would kill him to be supportive.

It’s Sam at the door. She was surprised Monica wasn’t at the hospital, and Monica says she’s taken a mental health day. She can’t imagine how difficult this whole thing is for Sam. Sam says she’s fine. The person she’s worried about is Drew.

Jason is trying to figure out what got him and Drew to this point. He tells Drew he has a lead on the backer. It’s Caesar Faison, who shot him. He checked the police files, and they had divers in the water within fifteen minutes of the shooting, yet there was no sign of him. Someone picked him up, and whoever did it, probably has the resources to take a Navy SEAL without a trace. Drew wonders what he would get out of it. Jason doesn’t know, but he has Spinelli working on it, and found out Faison was in Port Charles yesterday.

Kim is ready to really talk if Oscar wants to. Oscar tries to blow her off, saying it’s fine, and they can talk later. She tells him that she should have been straight from the beginning, and he asks, why wasn’t she?

Nelle, Sonny, Carly, and Michael sit down to discuss the impending birth, with Nelle ordering food like she’s having quintuplets. She tells Michael he’s being so formal. They’re not talking about a money transfer; it’s a baby. Michael says he’ll cover all medical expenses, if it’s proven to be his, and the bills can be sent to his office. Then they can hash out a fair custody agreement post birth. Nelle remarks that he only seems to be taking care of his child, so, no deal.

Olivia asks Ned if she doesn’t get to have opinions. He says he loves her opinions; it’s one of the reasons he married her, but she’s not seeing the big picture.

Sam tells Monica that Drew could use her. No guilt trip, but he doesn’t have a lot of people in his corner. Monica says she’ll get in touch with him today, but wishes she could do more than just listen. Sam says that’s enough. Monica asks how Sam is, adding that Drew isn’t the only one who had the rug pulled out from under her. Sam says it’s a lot. Every time they think they have a handle on it, another shoe drops. She says she doesn’t know if it’s her place to tell Monica, but in finding out Drew had a life before Port Charles, they found out he has a son. Monica has another grandchild.

Kim doesn’t know where to start, and Oscar suggests where they met. She tells him it was in San Diego, where she was going her internship. His father was stationed there, and they knew he was going to be deployed. She also didn’t know where her residency would take her, so they agreed when the time came to say goodbye, they would leave it at that. Oscar asks if she loved him, and she says given time, she thinks she could have. By the time she found out she was pregnant, he was already overseas. She had no way to contact him, since his whereabouts were a secret. Oscar was born, and she felt their family was complete. There was never going to be a dad in the picture, so she thought there was no need to talk about him. She was kind of relieved Drew didn’t know. Oscar asks why, and she says because they were a team; Kim and Oscar against the world. She didn’t want that to change, but knows now that it has to.

Drew asks what Faison was doing in Port Charles, and Jason says traveling with his daughter. Britt got tired of running, and stayed behind. She told him that her father has no interest in going after Sam and the kids, and he figures she has no reason to lie. What good would it do her? Faison could also care less about Jason and his family. He thought Jason was dead. Apparently, he was supposed to be killed after the switch took place, but Faison was double-crossed. Drew doesn’t see how this affects him and his family.

Nelle says Michael is committing to the child, but not her. How is she supposed to take care of the baby properly? Carly says it’s called a job, but Nelle says she tried that, but thanks to Carly and her friends, it hasn’t worked out very well. She asks if she’s supposed to live in a hovel, and Michael says he won’t sell the apartment. She says it’s going to be stress on her body and the baby all day, and she’s already down one kidney. Michael says having a baby should be safe for her, and plenty of women work while pregnant. She says not the ones carrying his child. If he refuses to make her life easier, he’ll regret it. He can be involved, but it will be from a distance. Michael asks if she’ll be leaving town, and she says faster than you can say “child abandonment.”

Michael says she can’t keep him away, and Nelle says she didn’t say she would. Port Charles has been less than hospitable, and her prospects are dwindling. Don’t get her started about the winters. She might want to try her luck somewhere else. Michael asks what she wants, and she tells him to make an offer. Sonny says there’s nowhere he can’t find her, and she asks what he’s going to do? Keep her prisoner? He tells her she doesn’t want to find out. Sonny needs to watch it, or he’s going to get the reputation of being some kind of tyrant when it comes to the babies in his family.

Ava tells Julian that Griff didn’t give her an ultimatum. He can’t have a relationship with Julian, but he’d never tell her that she couldn’t. She can thread this needle, she just has to keep things separate. Julian says she shouldn’t have to play referee. She tells him to sit back and calm down. He’s her brother, and families stick together.

Sam tells Monica that Drew’s son is Oscar Nero. Monica says she just hired a Nero, and Sam says that’s Oscar’s mother. Josslyn and Oscar made the connection. She thinks they’re dating, and Monica thinks that should keep it interesting. Monica asks if Drew and Oscar have met, and Sam says briefly, but it was before they knew. Monica says two new additions to the family within a week. Sam says it must feel like a miracle, and Monica asks how it feels to her?

Kim tells Oscar it might be good to have a man in his life at this point, and he has the right to know his father. He doesn’t know what to think, and she tells him that it’s his decision. She’ll support him no matter what. He asks what if it’s a mistake, and she says they’ll deal with it together. From what she knew back in the day, and heard since she’s been here, he seems like a good guy; very open to getting to know him and being in his life.

Jason believes Britt is telling the truth. Whatever Faison was doing was blown to hell, and he’s running. Drew says that’s not enough; he needs to be stopped. Jason tells him that Spinelli is trying to find out more information. Jason does think there’s someone who might know what happened – Drew. They had him for three months before they got Jason. He might know more than he realizes. Drew says thanks to Andre, all of his memories are Jason’s.

Ned tells Olivia his issue isn’t Jason’s return, but what it means to ELQ. Olivia doesn’t give a damn, but cares about Michael. Ned say they haven’t always agreed on how to run things, but until now, the playing field was level. Now that went out the window. Olivia says it’s wonderful for the Quartermaines, but not so much for ELQ.

Nelle tells Sonny that he doesn’t scare her. He says she’s either bluffing or stupid; probably both. Michael suggest they work this out. Nelle says they might not like the terms, but she doesn’t care. It’s her body and her baby, and the decision is up to her. If Michael wants to be a father, he has to do better. She says she’s lost her appetite, and gets up. Michael asks her to wait, but she says she can’t. After she leaves, Carly tells him not to give in. Michael tells her to let him do it his way for the baby’s sake.

Oscar tells Kim that he’d be lying if he said he didn’t think about what having father would be like. He’s thought it would be cool; someone to hang with, and talk about stuff. Not that he can’t talk to her. She tells him not to feel guilty. He says for all he knows, it could suck. Drew might not want to be dad. She reminds Oscar that Drew has a daughter, but he says maybe he doesn’t want a teenage son. Kim says she’d be surprised, but the decision is up to him. She thinks he should give it a try. Oscar is worried that they won’t like the same things, or Drew might not like him.

Jason tells Drew if the mapping project was perfect, Drew would be just like him, but he made different choices. That could mean he’s still in there somewhere. Drew says it’s possible, but they have no way of accessing his memories. He tells Jason that it’s not like he hasn’t thought about him, or has no sympathy, but when he showed up, everything Drew believed, felt, and knew was true, was stripped from him. In return, the only thing he got was a service record.

Sam tells Monica she hadn’t thought about herself. She’s been focused on Drew, and will be happy if they can work it out. She doesn’t know how to deal with a teenage boy, but she’s had experience with the girls in the family. Monica says that not once has she uttered the word “Jason.” Sam says she came to talk about Drew; he’s her husband, and she loves him. Monica says he also has another family, including a son. Is she wondering if he goes back, will it give her the freedom to be with Jason?

Julian decides to change the subject, and asks Ava when she last saw Avery? Ava says it’s been a long time, but nothing is ever hopeless. She has to wait for an opportunity, and seize it when she it comes along. Julian has to meet with Scotty, and Ava says to tell him to step up his game. Julian says he’s been surprisingly competent, and she hopes that trend continues. Julian leaves, and Ava sees Nelle at the counter. She says hello, and tells Nelle she looks really good. Nelle says she’s probably noticing her glow. They’re about to be related, in a way. Avery is going to be an aunt.

Michael says he doesn’t care any more about Nelle than Sonny does about Ava. Nelle thinks she hit the jackpot. He can’t let her do that, but he doesn’t want what happened to Avery happen with his baby. He doesn’t want a tug-of-war legal battle. There has to be a better way, and  he’ll find it prior to the child being born, since Nelle won’t.

Kim thinks the possibility of Drew not liking Oscar is slim. Oscar is smart, interesting, kind, and compassionate. What’s not to like? Oscar says they seems so different, but Kim tells him to name a family that’s made up of carbon copies. Maybe Drew is a guy’s guy, and likes football and hanging out in a man cave. Maybe he’s never heard Mozart, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate it, or Oscar. All they need to have in common is to be good people. Oscar says he’s going to go for it. What does he have to lose? Kim says whatever happens, she has him.

Drew tells Jason that he stared at the service jacket for days, but noting. He can’t remember a name, face, sound or smell. He can’t think of anything, even why he served. What makes Jason think he can pull out something out about Faison? Jason tells Drew that he has brain damage. The first twenty years of his life is gone, and he’s never getting it back. Drew’s memories are just buried. Maybe he can still find them. Drew thinks it would be easier if he could flip a switch, but even if he could, is that really his life anymore? Jason understands, and thanks Drew for his time. Drew tells him that if he gets a lead and wants help, he wants Jason to know that he will.

Sam tells Monica everyone’s making it a bigger deal than it is. Drew and Kim barely knew each other. They had a son; it’s not like they had a family, like with her and Jason. Sam says she can’t say Jason’s name, let alone be around him. The memories come back, and she doesn’t know what to do with that. Monica asks if her feelings toward Drew have changed, and she says no. He’s her husband and she loves him. They’ve built a life together, but how is she supposed to go on? Monica thinks eventually things will come to a head.

Monica comes back to the living room, and Ned asks who was at the door. Monica tells him it was Sam. Olivia asks how she’s doing, and Monica says, overwhelmed. Michael comes in and says he has news. Ned asks if it’s sit down news, or popping champagne news? Michael says that depends. He’s going to be a father.

Carly says it’s all well and good, but at the end of the day, Nelle is having a baby, and she doesn’t trust her. Sonny doesn’t like it, but Michael said he can handle it. He adds, unless it becomes necessary for him to step in. He tells Carly she can’t overreact. If he takes action, everything will change.

Ava congratulates Nelle, and asks if there will be wedding bells. Nelle says, no; that’s not likely. They’re not in the best place. The only worse place is with his parents. Ava says, oh, the wrath of Sonny and Carly – her condolences. Nelle says she has to prepare herself for going forward; it could be just her and the baby; no family or friends. Ava says not as long as she’s around, and suggests they talk.

Monica tells Michael it complicates things, but it’s wonderful news. Olivia says she’ll have another baby to spoil, and Ned says that Cousin Leo can push him around. Monica says they have yet another addition, and Ned asks if there’s another Jason. Monica and I both go, ha-ha! She says apparently, Drew has a son, Oscar. Michael asks if she means Josslyn’s boyfriend, and she says she does. The family is growing by leaps and bounds.

Kim has to get to work. She tells Oscar that she’s sorry for not telling him the truth, and that he had to find out on his own. When she gets out in the hallway, her phone rings. She tells the caller that she has appointments, but understands. She’ll see them shortly. I’m hoping she’s not in on a scam of some kind.

Sam stands around on the docks. No surprise, Jason shows up. He approaches her. The look at each other with soap opera stares.

Drew goes to see Oscar.

Jason asks Sam not to walk away. Talk to him.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Finn to decline Cassandra’s offer; Valentin tells Cassandra that Windemere is off-limits, and Kim wants nothing to do with Monica.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa gets ready to go to Milan. She tells Joe #2 she’s going for business, but hopes that the change of scenery helps the girls mend fences. Since Italy is for lovers, she wishes he was coming.

Margaret says, the higher the heel, the better you feel. She tells her staff that the fashion show got ugly, and she wants it to blow over. No international incidents.

Siggy begs Michael for help with packing. She wants to spend one-on-one time with Teresa, Melissa, and Dolores. She wants to call Margaret out on her Hitler reference. She’s like a broken record. She fixates on something and it never goes away. Now that I think about it, that seems to be a Housewives trademark. Siggy says Italy isn’t the place to bring up this huge elephant though, insuring that she will.

Teresa says it’s bittersweet, since the last time she was in Italy was with the whole family. Her father says he’s charging her three hundred bucks a night for staying with the kids. I’m pretty certain he’s kidding, but I wouldn’t blame him.

Dolores is excited. She doesn’t know where they all stand, but it’s still nice to go with them. Wow. Desperate.

We’re already in Milan. Fastest. Airplane ride. Ever. Melissa has visions of handsome men tossing prosciutto into their mouths as they walk by. Melissa and Margaret have a meeting to go to, and the rest plan their day. Melissa and Margaret have the presidential suite, and Melissa has them draw for the other rooms, which are just as grand. Everything is huge and very Italian. Margaret and Melissa head for a showroom. Dolores just wants pasta. She and Siggy go shopping, while Teresa and Danielle decide to go to a restaurant.

Danielle tells Teresa that she modeled there when she was younger. Teresa tells her she was pregnant with Milania when she was there last time. She brought her mother’s rosary beads to bring her along. Teresa misses her, but feels like her mother is right beside her. They sightsee a little, and go for a drink. They toast to Teresa’s dad, and Teresa tries to drink through the stirrer. Danielle wants to get along with everyone, but feels like there’s an elephant in the room. She says Dolores thinks she hasn’t done anything wrong. Teresa says Dolores told her that she went off on Kim D., but Danielle finds it hard to believe, since it didn’t happen when they were there.

Dolores thinks Danielle is deceptive, and Siggy thinks Margaret goes out of her way to be offensive, making it hard for her to enjoy Italy. Dolores says Margaret owes her an apology.

Melissa and Margaret discuss Dolores getting in Melissa’s face at the fashion show. Melissa tells Margaret either Dolores dismisses her completely, or an explosion happens. In her interview, Melissa suggests the trip is like a ticking time bomb, and she’s dreading it.

The showroom has a giant unicorn in the middle of it. Melissa tells the designer (?) she likes classy, but sexy, and is shown some merchandise. In her interview, she talks about having to rebuild the store from nothing, after splitting with her partner. We flash back to the place emptied out. She admits to buying more stuff for her closet than the store, but says store is her closet. Melissa says, one for me, one for the store.

Margaret pops some champagne, and it goes everywhere. Danielle comes by, and Teresa tells Melissa about seeing the cathedral. Danielle talks to Margaret about the elephant. Teresa thought she and Siggy made up, but Danielle is right. Siggy should have stuck up for her in front of her. Melissa says she hates bringing stuff up. Margaret says things could get heated.

The ladies gather for dinner. Dolores says the pit in her stomach isn’t there, but you never know. On the way to the restaurant, they discuss being hangry, a condition from which I suffer, and is now recognized by spellcheck. They have a semi-private table, with a preset menu. Since we’re five, the girls play with the candle wax from the table candles. The drinks arrive. Dolores says she might get drunk. Danielle explains how to give a man a rainbow. If you don’t know what that is, google it. I’m not explaining.

Joe #1 emails Teresa, jokingly calling her cheater. Siggy doesn’t find it funny, and decides to bring up the elephant. What did I say? In her interview, Melissa says, told you – tick, tick, tick, boom! Siggy insists she defended Teresa 100%. Danielle says they didn’t see it, so who knows? Melissa says Kim D. was screaming and yelling at Teresa, and all she did was ask them if they were still walking in the show. Then she does a spot-on impression of Dolores getting an inch from her face, and says that’s what she got. Dolores says she felt bad when it was over. In her interview, Melissa says she was shamed like she was in grade school, and doesn’t know what kind of friendship Dolores is used to, but she doesn’t roll with that. Dolores says she and Teresa went against them with Margaret and Danielle, proving Melissa’s point that this is grade schoolish. Siggy says the argument Margaret used Hitler as a comparison wasn’t appropriate, and asks for a show of hands. All she gets is several women trying to explain what an analogy is. In her interview, Margaret says, deflect much? Kim D.’s only goal in life is to destroy Teresa and Melissa. How is she supposed to make an analogy about evil without using someone who is? Margaret tells Siggy that her husband and kids are Jewish. Siggy says she knows plenty of people who have married Jewish people who hate Jews. What?! Margaret says this is bullsh*t, and Siggy calls her anti-Semitic. After a beat of dead silence, it starts to get loud, and quickly escalates to stupid and nasty.

Siggy says, tell the bitch to sit down, referring either to Margaret or Danielle. In her interview, Margaret says Siggy doesn’t want the focus on her, because she doesn’t want to take responsibility for her actions. Siggy gets up, saying she’s not listening to Danielle. She’s known Teresa for ten seconds, and she doesn’t need Margaret or Danielle to understand her. She tells Danielle to stay out of it, calling her disgusting and a bitch. Danielle calls Siggy a bitch, a hypocrite, and a liar, and starts throwing things around. In her interview, Teresa says she called Danielle a “prostitution whore,” and flipped a table on her, but she’s never seen her this mad. Danielle and Teresa start to leave, and Siggy yells, go to jail! and, act like a lady! Melissa tells her to stop her mouth. On her way out, Margaret says they should go back to the United States. In her interview, Margaret says they’re constantly attacking her and Danielle, and not sticking up for Teresa and Melissa. Outside, Dolores tells Siggy to calm down and take a walk with her.

Margaret says Siggy knows she’s not anti-Semitic, and when she’s insecure, she resorts to name calling and taking potshots. Siggy says Teresa and Melissa not standing up for her about Margaret’s Hitler statement is beyond shocking. In her interview, Margaret says there’s nothing more vile than character assassination. She tells Teresa that their spat has turned into and all out war, and it’s going to have an epic ending.

Margaret, Teresa, and Danielle meet in the morning. Margaret says she was on the phone with Joe #3 all night. She’d thought they were fine, and should have listened to Danielle. Melissa joins. Danielle says that Siggy goes for the jugular with Margaret. In her interview, Danielle says that when Siggy dismissed her, it was a trigger for her. We flash back to some other times Danielle was triggered. She tells them that Siggy is always bragging about what a good friend she is to them; she must have missed something.

Dolores visits Siggy, who’s had no sleep. She doesn’t understand why Margaret wouldn’t admit that her remark was in poor taste. She knows Margaret isn’t anti-Semitic, but she’s ignorant.

Melissa tells the ladies that she’s booked a canal tour. Danielle has decided to lay low for the day and regroup. Melissa says Siggy isn’t coming, but Dolores is, and Danielle is like, omg, they’re separating?

Dolores tells Siggy that she’s going on the tour. Melissa comes by to tell Dolores it’s time to get ready. She asks Siggy how she’s doing, and Siggy is upset about last night. Melissa suggests she talk to Danielle. Siggy says she wasn’t dismissing her. She was mad at Margaret, and took it out on her. Siggy calls Danielle, telling her she wants to talk and clear the air. Danielle agrees to meet.

In the limo, Margaret says the need a mellow day. Teresa suggests a restaurant with separate rooms. Margaret says it’s too bad it has to be this way. Dolores has made a pact to stop, and apologizes. In her interview, she still doesn’t think it was wrong to walk in the fashion show, but doesn’t want to talk to her friends that way. She makes it clear that she doesn’t feel badly about Danielle though; she provokes.

Joes #2 and #3, meet with Frank, and Danielle’s boyfriend, Marty. They talk about their kids, and Joe #2 is at a loss about his daughter, since the boys will be after her. Marty thinks as long as she knows his concern, he just has to hope for the best. Joe #3 talks about his daughter sneaking out. Frank says trust her, but not the guys. Joe #2 says never mind their daughters, their women got kicked out of a restaurant in Italy. Frank doesn’t think it would be too funny if they got a call from jail.

The guide tells the girls stuff about the canal. Melissa addresses someone in half Italian, half Spanish. The ladies remark on how cute the guides are, and take pictures on a bridge. In her interview, Margaret says good thing Miss Crazy Pants isn’t there creating a scene or slandering people, but she misses Danielle.

Siggy meets Danielle on the terrace. She apologizes about being dismissive; it was uncalled for, and she didn’t deserve it. Danielle says Siggy has hurt her feelings before, but she became unhinged. She saw red, and she doesn’t want to see that color again. She introduced Margaret to everyone, and doesn’t know how they got to that place. Siggy says Margaret has done nothing but attack her. She knew about her hysterectomy, and called her Soggy. (sigh) The Hitler reference was hurtful to her, and once again, Margaret hit a nerve. Danielle says because Margaret isn’t there, she needs to say that she hasn’t seen that kind of intention. Not to demean what she went through, but it would have been better for Siggy to just say she didn’t like it, and pick another analogy. Siggy says she’s sorry she took it out on Danielle. She thinks Margaret’s energy doesn’t work with her. Danielle thinks it’s probably the same with Margaret. In her interview, Danielle says Margaret is one of the good ones, and she’ll always have her back, no matter what. She tells Siggy that she’s still hurt, but baby steps. They hug.

Melissa feels touristy and warm inside. They sit down for lunch. Dolores wishes everyone was there, and by that, I’m sure she means Siggy. Melissa says she talked to Siggy, and there has to be a way. She mentions that Siggy listens to Dolores more, but Dolores says Siggy has her own deal. Teresa asks if she thinks Margaret is anti-Semitic, and Dolores says no, but she thinks Margaret is anti-Siggy. Margaret says she wasn’t until last night. Dolores says Margaret wants to make a point about things she doesn’t know the dynamics of. In her interview, Dolores accuses Margaret of stirring the pot. She tells Margaret that she might have reacted the same way, but Margaret doubts it. Dolores says she doesn’t like being pitted against someone, and Margaret is pushing the limit; she’s getting annoyed. Do she and Siggy make up parallel bizarro worlds in their heads? Teresa tells Dolores that she thinks because Siggy doesn’t like Margaret, she’s not giving her a chance. Dolores says while she doesn’t appreciate how Margaret “handles” Siggy, that’s not the case. Okay, maybe she and Siggy are both just full of it. In her interview, Margaret says that Siggy could be holding a bloody knife, saying she didn’t do it, and Dolores would back her up. Dolores says in her honest opinion, Margaret and Siggy can never be friends. Melissa thinks the trip is going to be horrendous. Teresa says they’re like oil and vinegar, and after a moment in which everyone takes that in, they correct her. Now that was funny.

Siggy calls Michael. She feels like it’s hard to explain what she’s going through with Margaret. Everyone is making her feel like there’s something wrong with her. That’s because there is. Michael says Margaret doesn’t like her. Siggy needs to take her own advice, and walk away from a toxic situation. His advice is to come home. Siggy says she’s done, and Michael tells her if she doesn’t put stop to it, he will. She says coming home.

Next time, champagne, a bike ride, cooking, Joe #2 has a sit-down with his girls, Siggy cries some more, and Margaret takes an informal poll about her being anti-Semitic.

🔊 Tonight’s Watch What Happens Live gave us a wonderful, appropriate quote for this show:

Kim D is in fact, a cockroach.Michael Rappaport

⭐ Star tomorrow; tired tonight.

😒 But I Have This…

Kim Gorga’s Ex Business Partner Fails to Get Attention with Lawsuit


😝 Ah-ha! in Nelson voice.

Siena Cathedral

Siena Cathedral






November 22, 2017 – A Quartermaine Tradition, Quotes of Gratitude, a Holiday Wish & Vintage Thanksgiving


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

So how will the Quartermaines end up with Thanksgiving pizza this year when everyone is going elsewhere?

Carly tells Sonny the turkey is too big, but he thinks it’s fine. He tells her to worry about the guests; he’ll worry about the turkey.

Oscar arrives in a tie. His mom told him to upgrade his look. Josslyn wonders where she is, and worries she figured things out, but Oscar says she forgot the pie she’s bringing. Josslyn says it seems like he doesn’t want his mom to meet her parents. He says it’s not them; it’s his mom. She’s cool, but can be a little much. They kiss.

Stella and TJ arrive at Alexis’s house. Curtis is stopping for extra cream – a nod to last year’s Thanksgiving when Alexis went out for some, and never came back. David comes out with appetizers.

At Lulu and Dante’s place, Ned arrives with fresh rosemary for Olivia-Q. Lulu demands to know if Maxie is pregnant. Ned is looking forward to turkey with all the fixings, and Olivia says the pizza place will wonder what happened. He says no one’s at the mansion this Thanksgiving; there’s a first time for everything.

Andrew is there. He looks at the family photos, and I already want to cry.

Jason asks Sam if “he’s” there, and Sam says no. He asks to come in. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he says it’s important. He needs her to tell him what she wants him to do.

Stella says there can never be too many hands; how can she help? Alexis says TJ can help by fixing the remote.

Curtis keeps messing with his phone, but Jordan says she doesn’t think his contact will run into Andre before they break the wishbone. He wants to be there for Andrew, but she says she needs his head in the game now. Stella opens the door.

Sonny tells us it’s all in the Creole seasonings. Michael is distracted with something on his phone. Sonny asks if it’s business, but he says it’s Nelle. Carly tells Oscar that she’s looking forward to meeting his mom as much as he must be looking forward to watching football with the guys. Josslyn tells her Oscar isn’t a football fan, and she says he can battle over the wishbone them. She has some advice though; Sonny likes to win.

Monica didn’t expect to see Andrew. He asks where everyone is. She tells him she was supposed to be in Mexico, but her flight was grounded. She’ll have to find her harmonic convergence experience at home. He says he’s going to Alexis’s house, but wanted to make sure they’re still good. First it was Carly and Sonny, now Robin thinks the other guy is Jason. He’s being told that everything he remembers, and his life, belongs to someone else. He ran into Robin at Elizabeth’s. She’d taken one look at the other guy’s face, and now he’s a stranger.

Jason tells Sam about Diane trying to hunt down his fingerprints. She asks why he’s telling her this. He says eventually, Diane will prove he’s Jason Morgan, unless he tells her to stop. Sam asks why he’d do that and stay in limbo? He says he has nothing to prove. He knows the truth, and can live his whole life never using his name again, if it’s easier for her. She says it’s impossible, and he’s making it harder.

Nathan tells Dante not to mention Man Landers; he’s heard it all. He’s glad his in-laws are celebrating with Anna, and Dante says he’s just delaying the inevitable. Dante tells him there’s something weird about Maxie, and Nathan is like, just today? In another room, Lulu wants to know if Maxie is pregnant. It’s Lulu and Dante’s anniversary, and she tells Maxie that she can’t deny an Italian a request on their anniversary. It’s in The Godfather. Maxie says she’s not Italian. She does have something to tell her, but not yet. Lulu insists it must be that she’s pregnant, but she says it has to do with Man Landers being exposed by The Invader.

Curtis gives Alexis the cream, and she promises to keep the culinary upsets to a minimum. Jordan asks if Stella brought her dressing, since it’s the best she ever had. David checks on the bird. Molly tells Alexis that David is sweet and helpful, and asks if she’s is going to be reaching out to Kristina today. Alexis wonders how Kristina is doing, and Molly tells her if she wants to know, reach out herself. Alexis isn’t doing this right now, and Molly says how about if they talk about Dr. McDashing?

Michael tells Sonny that Nelle wished him a happy Thanksgiving. Sonny is surprised they’re still in touch, and Michael says he’s still her landlord, and it’s best to be nice. He tells Sonny that it just didn’t work. Carly comes in with Oscar. Sonny asks if he wants beer, adding that he’s just joking. Carly suggests his sense of humor might be lost on people who don’t know him, like Oscar’s mom. She should be there any minute. Sonny tells Michael to make sure the guards are out of sight.

Monica tells Andrew his relationships with them are all real. He says now he’s just some guy they’ve known for three years. They’ve always been there for each other, but they think the other guy is Jason. How long until his family feels the same way?

Sam tells Jason that he has to choose between fighting for his life or giving it away. He says her husband is going out of his mind over this, and thinks he’s Jason. He remembers everything, all of it. Sam says suddenly someone told him it’s all a lie; what is he expected to do? Jason says that’s why he’s there. He’s willing to step back, let her husband use the name, and they can go on with their lives. Sam asks what would happen to him?

Molly calls Alexis a secret keeper, and she insists she’s not keeping secrets. Molly asks why Alexis didn’t say anything about inviting David, and she says she just found out he was going to be by himself. All Molly cares about is that his name isn’t Julian. Jordan asks David how it’s going with the real estate, and he explains he’s looking to move, and likes the area of Charles Street. Stella asks if that’s not where that woman set up her herb shop; the crazy lady who almost blew up the hospital. She saw her attorney on TV, reading a statement from her, admitting that she forced her brother to commit crimes. Molly looks at Alexis.

Sam asks Jason what he’s going to do? Climb on his motorcycle and ride away? She wonders if Carly and Sonny would let him go, and he says he’d explain why he had to leave. Sam tells him that they’ve spent five years missing him, wanting to hear his voice, believing they’d never see him again. Now they have him back. She doesn’t think he should leave. There’s a lot of sighing, and Jason says she saw the way her husband reacted to the DNA test. It wasn’t good, and this will only make it worse. Sam says let it get worse. The only way to move forward is to know the truth. That’s what she wants. She wants to know who’s Andrew Moore and who’s Jason Morgan. He says he’ll tell Diane to keep working. She, Max, Milo, and Epiphany are having Thanksgiving dinner together. She doesn’t know what’s crazier, Diane cooking, or Sonny giving the guards the day off. He says Milo is cooking, and tells her why the guys ended up with free time. They laugh about Sonny hiding the guards. Jason says they’re not gone completely; he’s just not advertising it. Sam says, good luck with that, and to tell everyone happy Thanksgiving. He says he will, and the same to her. Danny comes downstairs, and recognizes him as mommy’s friend from the hospital.

Monica tells Andrew that he’s not losing his family. He says he never thought he’d lose Sonny and Carly either. She says they’re not family, but she is. She tells him family doesn’t cut and run; they stay, and that’s what she’s doing. Andrew asks what if they find out he’s not family, which is stupid, because he’d still be family regardless of which twin he is. She says it doesn’t make a difference. They’ve formed a relationship in the last two years. He knows that, but sometimes thinks he’s not really himself. Either way, he’s grateful she’s his mother. Monica says she’s grateful he’s her son, and they hug.

Josslyn asks Oscar if he uncovered any more clues. He says he followed up on the guy they found online, but he’s gay, and never had any interest in women. Back to the drawing board. Josslyn says it’s okay; they’ll fine him. She tells Oscar to have faith. Sonny tells everyone heads up. He got a call from Nico, and Oscar’s mom is on her way up. Oscar says their lives will never be the same. Oscar’s mom arrives, and it’s Tamara Braun who used to be Carly. I wonder if it feels weird for old Carly to be working with now Carly.

Stella wonders if she said something wrong, and TJ tells her that Olivia-J is the sister of Alexis’s ex-husband. Curtis asks if Jordan knew about the press conference. She says the DA had just informed her that Olivia is taking the rap for everything, saying she coerced Julian into helping. Molly asks what this means for Julian, and Jordan says hopefully his appeal will be denied, but it’s possible he could be released. Andrew comes in, and asks where Sam is.

Danny asks if Jason is coming to his grandma’s for Thanksgiving. He wishes he could, but he’s having dinner with friends. Danny asks if they have a dog, and says his other grandma does. He wishes he was going there so they could practice; he’s teaching her tricks. Jason says he hopes he sees that someday. He leaves, and Danny tells Sam that he likes him; he’s nice. Sam says he’s special. You just know that kid is going to spill the beans to his not dad.

Oscar’s mom, Kim, exchanges pleasantries with Sonny and Carly. Carly says she’s glad they’re finally getting a chance to talk, and Sonny tells her that she raised a good kid. She hopes they’re not creating extra work, and Michael says it gave his dad an excuse to get the biggest turkey. Josslyn and Oscar go upstairs to check on Avery. Carly says she thought they’d disappear before Kim’s coat was off. Kim says they have a lovely place. Obviously, organized crime has been good to them.

Laura tells Ned that she heard he’s back at ELQ. He says just when he thinks he’s out, he gets pulled back in. He’s excited about the Charles Street redevelopment. Laura reminds him that she fought ELQ’s plans to build a toxic waste site there, but he tells her that Michael is environmentally friendly. Olivia-Q brings out the turkey.

Lulu is thankful that their family is stronger than ever now that Charlotte is a part of it. Ned is happy that his family has merged with Olivia’s. Olivia is grateful to get to know Monica better, and improve her communication skills. Doc is grateful for Laura, and convincing her to marry him, and Laura says it will be fun planning the wedding. Yeah, probably when you’re planning one for the fifth time, it’s less stressful. Nathan is grateful for his wife’s boundless patience. Maxie is grateful for her new job, her husband, her daughter, and good things to come. On the phone, Ned asks why Monica didn’t tell them her flight was canceled. He tells her to come over; there’s a plate with her name on it. She says it’s no big deal, and she’s fine with a turkey burger. She tells him to just enjoy the holiday. He smiles.

Sonny tells Kim that he’s a coffee importer. He doesn’t want to bore her with his business, but tells her to ask him anything. Michael gets a call from Ned, and steps away. Kim says she’s done her best to honor her son’s privacy, and hasn’t pressed him for information, but she’s done her due diligence. She knows what they are. Sonny tells her not to pay attention to bad press, but she says his name is attached to a long list of concerns. Carly says Oscar gave them one excuse after another not to meet. Kim admits she’s very busy with work, and he’s on his own more than she’d like, which can lead to bad decisions. Carly says Oscar and Josslyn have been together for months, and they’re great together. Kim isn’t objecting; she doesn’t think the relationship will last long enough to be a problem. Josslyn is Oscar’s first girlfriend, and he’s Josslyn’s first boyfriend. They’ll eventually get bored and move on. She knows that they’ve kept Josslyn out of the public eye, and is willing to let it play out with minimal friction. Sonny says he can’t fault her logic. The kids are young and new to this, but he’s not betting against them just yet.

Sam and Danny arrive at Alexis’s place. Andrew asks what happened that he beat her there?

Olivia-Q finishes putting out the food, and lists all the dishes that are on the table. Maxie watches as everyone loads their plates, and starts to get sick. Olivia hands her a plate, and she makes a grab for a napkin, knocking over the entire table. She runs to the bathroom.

Alexis brings out the turkey, trips, and drops it.

In the bedroom, Nathan suggests calling a doctor, but Maxie says she’s not sick. She’s been trying to tell him for days that she’s pregnant. He asks, like having a baby pregnant? and gets super excited.

David tells Alexis it’s good as new, and she says she’s sorry. He didn’t have to stay behind to help her clean up; she dropped the turkey. He says it’s not bad, but she says it’s a disaster, like her life; she’s the turkey. He tells her she’s a glorious, intriguing, attractive disaster. She wonders why he doesn’t want to run back to his bachelor pad after what he’s seen and heard, and then kisses him.

Carly tells Kim they probably won’t be spending their lives together, but Josslyn and Oscar have a special connection. She would know that if she spent time with them. Kim says she handled this badly, but Carly respects her. She’s also not one to let things go unsaid. Kim says she doesn’t have time to beat around the bush. Carly says it must be tough being a single mom, and asks if Oscar’s father was ever in the picture.

Sonny comes out, and announces fifteen more minutes. The doorbell rings. Kim tells Carly the situation with Oscar’s dad is complicated. Jason comes in, and Sonny introduces him to Oscar’s mom. She says, “Drew.” Uh-oh.

The entire crowd arrives at the Quartermaine mansion, bearing pizzas. They descend on Monica, singing, We Gather Together. We see a family tableau, framed by Olivia-Q’s decorations. I bust out crying. Hey, I grew up with these people and the traditional stuff gets me every time.

A rerun tomorrow, and football on Friday. Next week, Sam asks what Andrew is really afraid of, Kiki tells Griff that Ava has dropped looking for a new surgeon, and Jason tells Kim that she’s mistaken him for someone else.

Quotes on Gratitude, Giving Back & Doing Good

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. It is surprising how contented one can be with nothing definite – only a sense of existence… O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches. No run on my bank can drain it, for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment.Henry David Thoreau, The Portable Thoreau

No, you do not have thousands of years to live. Urgency is on you. While you live, while you can, become good.Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

This is what you shall do: Love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks.Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Live all you can; it’s a mistake not to. It doesn’t so much matter what you do in particular, so long as you have your life. If you haven’t had that what have you had?Henry James, The Ambassadors

The growing good of the world is partly dependent on un-historic acts.George Eliot, Middlemarch

The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them. — Ida B. Wells, The Light of Truth (Amen, sista!)

Let us be good, let us be young, let us be sincere! Evil is nothing but vanity; let us take pride in the good, and above all, let us not despair.Alexandre Dumas, fils, The Lady of the Camellias

We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. Choose a place where you won’t do harm…and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine.E. M. Forster, A Room with a View

No generous mind delights to oppress the weak, but rather to cherish and protect. – Anne Brontë, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Reflect upon your present blessings—of which every man has many—not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.Charles Dickens, Sketches by Boz

🍂 Happy Thanksgiving

Since Bravo is showing movies, and Star is a rerun, I’m calling it a night. I’ve got to get that turkey in the oven at 3 am. HAHAHAHAHA! Not really, but I’m looking forward to a buffet at the local Hilton on the beach. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with food, family, friends, and gratitude. (I couldn’t find a word that started with “f” for that last one.) See you on the Z Nation side on Friday.






November 15, 2017 – Valentin is Paying, Siggy’s Retreat, Brody is a Dog & the Queen’s Hair Rules


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie tells Nathan it’s not often they get a day off together, but he’s going to GH. Maxie wonders if Man Landers ever gets a day off, but he says Amy needs a friend. He leaves, and Lulu comes in with great news – she’s back. Maxie is excited that Lulu has brought her favorite pesto salad.

Nelle goes to see Laura about a job. She thought she was meeting with someone from HR, not the board. Laura says childcare is close to her heart, and she likes to have a personal hand in the daycare operation. She asks why Nelle left her last position.

Cassandra meets Nina at the MetroCourt. Nina has already ordered wine, and it’s her favorite. Cassandra says it must be fate. They don’t even know each other and already it’s like they’re old friends.  Nina tells her to cut the act. She knows Cassandra lied.

Alexis asks Valentin what his connection is to his friend Olivia-J. He says she’s no friend of his, and Alexis says he probably doesn’t have any friends, only co-conspirators. He says maybe that’s fair. She tells him that Julian was scapegoated, but he asks if Julian wasn’t an accomplice to several crimes. One could say he’s getting what he deserved. Alexis wonders where Valentin would be if they all got what they deserved. He tells her he’s not as sinister as she thinks, but she thinks sinister doesn’t even begin to describe what he is. She says their father in hell must be beaming with pride over him. He insists he has no relationship with Olivia, and Alexis asks who paid her legal fees. Or is he going to pretend he doesn’t know Nora either?

At the prison, Scotty tells Julian he was working on a case, but ran right over when Julian called. Julian says Scotty went against his wishes by telling Alexis what happened. If they didn’t have glass between them, he would reach over and wring Scotty’s neck.

Lulu has a confession, and Maxie asks if the pesto is from jar. Lulu says don’t insult her. She tells Maxie that she followed her heart about being an investigative reporter, and already submitted an article to Port Charles Parents. She didn’t want to jinx it by saying anything earlier. She says she was upset by the quality of the food at Charlotte and Rocco’s school, and did some probing. She thinks she has a knack for turning a little story into something big, and wants Maxie to take a look at it. Maxie frowns as she reads, and suddenly runs from the table.

Nelle tells Laura that she loves taking care of kids, helping them, and watching them learn. She was trained in childcare and education, and thinks she’s at her best when taking care of children. Laura agrees she was wonderful with Charlotte, but she can’t help wondering why she would have taken a job with Nina. Nelle says Valentin had some legal troubles, and no longer needed a nanny. Nina offered her a position while she was looking for work, and no one had showed that kind of faith in her before. Laura mentions Carly, and Nelle says that she was angry with Carly for reasons that turned out not to be true, and deeply regrets what happened. She took the job with Nina because she wanted the opportunity to prove she was up to the challenge, both for Nina and herself. Laura wonders why she would leave the glamour to go back to nap time, runny noses, and skinned knees?

Cassandra asks what Nina is talking about. Nina says she knows her name isn’t Cassy White, it’s Cassandra Pierce. She also knows Cassandra had a relationship with her husband at one time, adding that she and Valentin don’t keep secrets. Cassandra asks what else he told her, and Nina says they were involved, but not seriously; at least not serious to Valentin. Cassandra says she can explain, but Nina interrupts, saying she knows what Cassandra was doing, and to be honest, she doesn’t like her.

Valentin tells Alexis that Nora was his counsel in family court, and the reason he got custody. Alexis says until he was arrested for espionage. Valentin tells her that he and Lulu came to an agreement because they acted like grown-ups; she should look into that. Alexis asks if it’s an amazing coincidence that the same day he was awarded custody, Nora represented Olivia-J in her competency hearing. He says she’s an out-of-state attorney, and it makes sense. Alexis calls it collusion.

Scotty tells Julian that he’s not apologizing for sending a flare up to Alexis. Julian wants him to keep her out of this, and Scotty says his job isn’t to keep her out, but get Julian out. Julian says some guys have a grudge against him, others don’t care, and some just want to see blood fly. Scotty says it’s prison; what did he think? It isn’t prayer circles and yoga classes; these are hard core criminals. Julian needs to keep his head down until Scotty can get him out.

Alexis says it’s obvious he and Olivia-J share a common enemy – Anna. Valentin says they’ve reached a détente, and they’re good. He loves her carpet-bombing him, but doesn’t have the time. She says it is just a theory, but she might be compelled to share it with someone who has influence and resources, and blames Olivia for the death of their child. Valentin says she must mean Sonny. Alexis says if he knew, he might feel the need to dig until he digs Valentin’s grave. Valentin says that’s colorful, but what is it she wants? She needs to talk to Olivia, but can’t get access to her because of Nora. She wonders what the odds are of them sharing an out-of-state attorney, and she bets Sonny knows. Valentin says she wants Olivia to exonerate Julian, and if Valentin doesn’t help, she’ll tell Sonny. He says she has no proof, but a grieving father will listen on her say-so. She must really want him free. She tells him to talk to Nora or she’ll talk to Sonny.

Julian tells Scotty that the last thing he wants is Alexis being involved. Being involved with him almost cost her career and her life. He can’t afford any more damage. He says to keep her out of it. Scotty says he might have married her, but she doesn’t take orders from him. Why would she listen? He tells Julian the trouble is, he doesn’t have enough ammo for the appeal. He’s looked at it from every angle, and has nothing. If Julian has a silver bullet, he needs to use it now.

Nelle tells Laura that Nina has been good to her, and she doesn’t want to tell her that she’s looking for a job. Why, Nelle, why? This girl is never going to learn her lesson. Nelle says she was happier when she was watching Charlotte, and is convinced GH’s daycare is the right place for her.

Amy sees Nathan, and says Chet hasn’t been discharged yet, but he’s in occupational therapy if Nathan wants to talk to him. Nathan says that he came to bring some reading material. Amy tells him that if it’s not Sports Illustrated, he probably won’t be interested. Nathan says it’s for her. He’s brought the Man Landers book. He tells her that the presales are good, and Quinn thinks it will be a blockbuster. Amy says the only reason she did it was for Chet, and now he’s mad at her for even trying to help. Nathan suggest she read her own book. He has something marked on page six. Amy starts to read.

Lulu asks if Maxie thinks it was the salad, but she says she only had two bites. Lulu is afraid it was her article, but Maxie says she reads bad writing all the time without throwing up – not that the article is bad. Lulu says maybe it was the details about sour milk and moldy cheese. Maxie says she’s not helping, but it’s not her fault, and she runs to bathroom again. Lulu says omg, Maxie’s pregnant.

Maxie comes back, saying she’s not pregnant, just stressed out about her own article and photo shoot, and her husband having a dangerous job. On his day off, he went to see his needy nurse friend who has a family disaster. She realizes she sounds selfish, and Lulu says, a little bit. Maxie says add the article about spoiled lunch, and no wonder she’s sick. Lulu says she’s ignoring the obvious. She and Nathan have no doubt been making up for lost time. Maxie says she can’t be pregnant; they haven’t talked about it yet. Lulu tells her that’s not a required step. Maxie tells her that Nathan loves kids, and they’ve talked about someday, but not right now; the timing is wrong. Lulu says a funny thing about nature is, it doesn’t care. Maxie suggests a career in fortune cookies. Lulu tells her with all the money Nathan has made with the book, he could be an amazing stay-at-home dad. Maxie says that will never happen. He loves his job and she loves her life the way it is. The last thing they need is a complication.

Amy reads, is it possible to love someone too much? The writer’s husband is an addict, and she wants to know how to keep from losing him. Nathan tells her to read what Man Landers said. The surest way to lose him is to lose herself. Addiction isn’t just an individual’s problem, but involves the entire family. She needs to join a group to help her find strength and courage, and to realize that you can’t force someone to save themselves. They have to come to that on their own. It’s painful, but she’s not alone. Nathan says now comes the hard part, to take her own advice.

Laura tells Nelle she definitely has the right experience, and asks if she has any question. Nelle says the online job description was clear, and Laura says most people ask about the package. She’ll get medical and dental, and a 401K, but HR will go over it with her. She says the salary is every two weeks. Nelle seems disappointed that it’s not weekly, but says she’ll make it work; the kids are what matters. Laura says everything looks great on paper, and the rest should be a formality. Nelle asks to look at the daycare center.

Then, my good friend, George Stephanopoulos interrupts. Because nothing can ever wait until four o’clock. Heaving huge sigh. Once again, thank God for YouTube.

Nina says that when Cassandra tripped over Charlotte’s skates, she couldn’t have known who she and Charlotte were. Then when she found out, what was she going to say? She didn’t want to put Valentin on the spot. She tells Cassandra that she knows about their past, and also present, connection.

Maxie tells Lulu just because she threw up twice, doesn’t mean she’s pregnant, and says, take it back. Lulu says the sooner she knows, the better for prenatal. Maxie says she doesn’t need a lecture on babies from her. She apologizes, and Lulu says they have a complicated history with babies, but it’s in the past She thinks Georgie would love a little brother or sister. Maxie talks about the time she missed with Georgie, and Lulu says she missed years with Charlotte. Maxie starts thinking about the joys of motherhood, and says they have to stop this; she’s not pregnant. They make plans for a future lunch.

Julian tells Scotty that it’s his job to find reasons for the appeal. He’s not paying a retainer to himself. They have to prove something wrong with initial trial and judges don’t want to anger other judges. St. Jerome was patron saint of librarians and students, not knocked around convicts. Julian says he didn’t claim to be a saint, but Scotty says he’s acting like one, and they’ll need a miracle to get him out. Julian says he’ll stop acting like a saint when Scotty starts acting like a lawyer. He needs something to make the appeals court stand up and take notice right now he has nothing. Julian could spend the next fifteen years there if he doesn’t come up with something.

Nina tells Cassandra that Valentin told her that she’s getting treatment from Finn. Cassandra says she did. Nina hopes it’s nothing serious, but she wouldn’t have come all this way for a hangnail. Cassandra says it’s nothing contagious, and Finn is zeroing in definitive diagnosis. Nina says there’s no one better, and Cassandra says she’d be tempted to flirt with him if he wasn’t involved with Anna. Nina plays along, and says Anna went after Valentin. Cassandra can’t blame her. He has charm, wit and is infused with danger; does anything make a man more desirable? No. Oh, sorry, I thought I was part of the scene. Nina says that he can be dangerous, but so can she. She tells her to ask Ava what she’s capable of if someone goes after her man. She realizes what that sounded like. Cassandra says it sounded like a warning. Nina says that’s crazy. She would never do that; their relationship is in the past. Cassandra makes a hand gesture as if she’s waving it away.

Valentin visits Nora. She says a visit from two people from Port Charles in as many days. Sensing early frost. He tells her Alexis told him about speaking to her about Olivia-J. Nora says she’s heard Alexis is a formidable attorney, but made a rookie error thinking Olivia could make a statement exonerating Julian. Valentin says that’s exactly what he wants her to do.

On the phone, Laura thinks Nelle is an ideal candidate for the job. Lulu overhears and says to call them back. Laura hangs up, and Lulu says there’s a lot she doesn’t know about Nelle.

Amy says it won’t be easy, but she’ll try to take her own advice. Who knew she was prematurely wise? She’s lucky to have him as a friend, especially after she turned his life upside down getting him involve. He adds in something he didn’t think he wanted to get involved with. It turned out to be rewarding and long after Man Landers is gone, he’ll be her friend. He signs her copy of the book.

Laura asks to speak to Nelle. Nelle asks if she has more questions, and then sees Lulu is there. Laura says just one. Why did she lie about being fired from Crimson? Nelle thanks her for her time, and walks away. She sees Nathan signing Amy’s book.

Cassandra thanks Nina for being so enlightened and forgiving about her foolish subterfuge. Nina understands, and Cassandra says she was completely caught off-guard, finding out Valentin was her husband. Nina says everything is out in the open now, right? She thinks Cassandra is great, and thinks they have a lot in common. She doesn’t have many girlfriends in Port Charles, and would love for them to be friends. Cassandra says cool, but she has to go. They make plans for lunch. A lot of that going around. When Cassandra is gone, Nina says, keep your friends close

Scotty sees Alexis at the bar. He orders a drink and tells the bartender to put her fizzy water on his check. It’s his way of thanking her for seeing Julian and putting some sense into him. He says he’s not looking for trouble, but it’s finding him. Alexis wonders if it’s a slow-motion suicide, and Scotty says because of her, he’s seeing signs of life. He’s a better guy on the inside than he ever was on the outside.

Valentin tells Nora an innocent man is spending time in prison for crime he was forced to commit. Nora says Julian is far from innocent, and she’s not his attorney; she represents his sister. Valentin says, maybe, and maybe he can’t, in good conscience, pay Olivia-J’s legal bill, but if she makes a public statement exonerating Julian, he might change his mind. Nora says that’s blackmail, but Valentin says, no, it’s a choice. Olivia can exonerate Julian, or try her luck with a public defender. He tells Nora to present her with the options and get back to him.

Amy thanks Nathan. Nelle flashes back to hearing Maxie talk to Nathan about Amy writing the column, and Nathan says they would both be in trouble if that came out. At the time, we didn’t see Nelle listening. Nelle makes a call to a celebrity tip line, and asks how much they pay for a story. She says they should definitely meet. She has inside information on Ask Man Landers.

Laura thanks Lulu. Lulu tells her that Maxie didn’t know the details, but got a strong impression that Nelle did something underhanded to Nina, not professionally, but personally. She says it’s not hard to believe. She’s just one of those people looking for a weakness to exploit. Laura says they can’t have someone like that looking after the children. Lulu says speaking of children, she doesn’t want to jinx it, but a close friend might be pregnant.

Maxie comes home with a pregnancy test.

A guard has a message for Julian – watch his back tonight.

Scotty tells Alexis unless he finds grounds for an appeal – and he doesn’t know where – Julian could be spending the next fifteen years in prison. The way things are going, it doesn’t look like he’ll survive the next fifteen days. Alexis says they might be closer to the answer than he thinks.

Nora tells Valentin it never occurred to her to ask, but what connection does he have to Olivia-J? He says it doesn’t matter. The only question is if he’s going to continue to pay legal fees. He tells her to encourage her client to tell the truth. Nora says once this matter is settled, their business is concluded. Valentin says he doesn’t know about that, and leaves. Nora makes call, saying she needs to talk to Olivia.

Tomorrow, Maxie wonders baby or no baby, Ava begs Griff to finish what Klein started, and Nelle says she has the goods on Ask Man Landers.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Margaret and Joe #3 go wallpaper shopping. She wants something grand; he wants traditional and normal. He asks why they need fabulousity; he wants normalousity. She says it’s a statement room. She tells him about meeting with Dolores. She’s hoping she’ll go back and calm Siggy down. In her interview, she’d thought she and Siggy had mutual respect for each other and never thought she’d be so overreactive. They talk about her stepchildren, and he says they’re holding a grudge. In her interview, she gets weepy about missing a piece of their lives she can’t get back.

Dolores says the one time Teresa could have had her back, she didn’t, but it’s a friendship worth fighting for. They meet for lunch. Teresa wants to see where her head is at. Dolores tells her to lay it out. Teresa says Dolores’s vibe is that she’s not sticking up for her. In Florida, Siggy was saying crazy sh*t, and Danielle said Dolores told her that Teresa thinks money is more important than anything else. Dolores says, don’t trust her; something isn’t right. She suggests Danielle does drugs or is on medication for being crazy. Teresa says she does yoga and is into healing. Dolores says Teresa doesn’t have her back either. She joined in with the girls making fun of her relationship with Frank. Teresa says Dolores is in another relationship. Why would she let Frank move in? Dolores tells her twenty years ago, she didn’t want to put up with what Teresa did. Teresa asks if she’s trying to say Joe #1 cheated on her. I’d say that’s a yes.

Dolores gets quiet. In her interview, she says she’s never approached Teresa about her marriage, rumors, or lack of disrespect, and although Teresa attacked her relationship, she has to be diplomatic. Dolores tells Teresa that she never saw him cheating (interesting choice of words), and Teresa asks what she’s trying to say. Dolores says he was a lot of work, and she’d never stand by someone who got her in trouble. Teresa deserves all the respect in the world. Teresa says hopefully he’ll get his sh*t together when he gets home. She tells Dolores that if it was a choice between believing her or Danielle, she’d believe Dolores. They’ve known each other a long time. Dolores is glad they talked. What a sidestep.

Siggy makes some ice cream sundae thing, topped with what has to be an entire can of whipped cream. Dolores comes over. Siggy says she can’t fit into her jeans, and Dolores asks why she’s eating that. Siggy tells her that she’s stressing out. Michael wanted her to slow down, but she wants to take the next step in her career and do overnight retreats. She has to figure out how to juggle everything. Dolores says she can do it, but be realistic about it. Siggy has booked a retreat at Crystal Springs, and wants to test small group activities with her friends. She doesn’t want to include Margaret, but Dolores says she should.

Siggy calls Margaret, and tells her about the retreat, extending an invitation to her. Margaret appreciates it. After she hangs up, she tells Dolores they’ll see. She asks if she should invite Danielle, and Dolores says go ahead. It wouldn’t be fair not to ask her to give Danielle another chance, when she encouraged her to give Margaret one. She’s not going to hug her though.

Margaret and Melissa meet for lunch. Melissa feels like her kids have an agenda now, and are more work than when they were babies. Well, of course. I don’t even have kids and I know that. Her biggest problem is trying to separate Envy from the other boutiques. Margaret wants everyone to do well, and offers to help. She says the food was amazing at the tasting, but the behavior was another story. A grown woman stuck her tongue out at her, and tried to humiliate Melissa at her party. Melissa says she was invited to Siggy’s women’s empowerment event. Margaret says she got an invite, and wonders how she can go when she feels belittled by her. She’s crossing her fingers that Siggy doesn’t display her anger. Melissa says her biggest issue is that she cries or gets dramatic to deflect when she doesn’t like something. Margaret says Siggy is afraid she’ll steal her friends. She’s a friend thief. Melissa suggests she say a couple of Hail Marys and an Our Father.

Michael hopes the event is successful, but hopes she doesn’t do too many. In her interview, Siggy says he sees it as time away from him; she sees it as building her empire. She tells him about inviting Margaret.

Margaret says Siggy has a lot of issues. Her assistant suggests she walk behind Siggy when she’s hiking.

Frank says he’s an alpha male, and Dolores thinks he’s her bitch. She says it’s hard to take him seriously when he’s holding a mop.

Melissa says Siggy embarrassed her, but encourages women to life each other up. She’s going to have to say something. Joe #2 tells her not to come home if she doesn’t. He wants a tough wife. Melissa goes to Teresa’s house, where they’re being picked up. Teresa’s dog has a pink tail and ears, and I wonder if she’s been hanging out with LVP. Teresa says the crazy thing is, Siggy invited Danielle. The van arrives, and they get in. Dolores is already there, and Margaret joins them. Teresa warns Dolores that Danielle is coming. Dolores says she doesn’t care. She lost her sh*t twice, and Danielle isn’t getting her a third time.

Siggy is excited, and goes over the program with her assistants. She says it’s about helping and empowering people.

Dolores tells them to go with open mind. Margaret asks if they saw Siggy’s Instagram post. We see a picture of her with a bow and arrow, looking like Katniss Everdeen. In the text, she says the last thing anyone wants is her hating on their ass. Margaret hopes it wasn’t directed at her. She says she’ll ask at dinner.

The van arrives at the venue. Guests are already trickling in. Siggy greets everyone with hug. She thanks them for coming, and she and her assistant, Vikki, explain the retreat goal. It’s an opportunity to be open and vulnerable, with no one judging. They should get emotionally naked. They’re to be inspired to live their authentic self, and trust their instincts. What people say doesn’t change who you are. The key is to surround yourself with positive people; negative influencers can make you feel worse. Geez, I could have come up with this. Siggy starts talking about someone she couldn’t get through to, and how if someone is hurting you, you have the right to say eff-you. Melissa thinks Siggy is about to publicly shame Margaret. Yes, she is. She asks Margaret if she’s right.

She says she and Margaret got off on the wrong foot. She felt that she got emotionally naked and it wasn’t working, but it takes two to tango. She withheld a lot. She’d been bullied about her name while she was growing up, and when Margaret called her “Soggy,” it her back. She hated her childhood. She might be a relationship expert, but she has issues too. Character flaws make us unique. I hope it’s more than that. In her interview, Margaret says had she known, she wouldn’t have done that. Siggy thanks Margaret. She tells her that they’ve had no chance to know one another, and maybe she doesn’t want to, but she’s rooming with her and Dolores.

Siggy invites everyone to the “Zone room,” and I think of the Zen room in Rocky Horror. There are different experts they can consult with, like stylists, makeup artists, a plastic surgeon, and a photographer. She says the takeaway is that when they leave, she wants them to understand it’s about them, not her. She also has some swag available, and one of her T-shirts says “Soggy Flicker” on it. Margaret thinks she’s handling it well, and Siggy tells her that she’s getting a percentage. Siggy thanks them again.

Teresa tells Danielle about meeting with Dolores. She wasn’t sure if Danielle was trying to come between them. Danielle says, absolutely not. Teresa lets her know that she’d said if she had to pick, she’d believe Dolores. Danielle says they’ve known each other longer, not necessarily because she’s more believable. Teresa tells her that Dolores thinks she’s on drugs. Danielle laughs, and says that’s never been said before. In her interview, Danielle says Dolores has called her a scumbag and garbage, and is now starting baseless rumors. She has no imagination, but she has an imaginary boyfriend.

They fawn over their rooms. Margaret tells Siggy she appreciates it, and they got off to a wrong start. Siggy says it was a crazy time, and she has difficulty letting go. She has things to work on.

Teresa thinks it’s funny that Siggy is all about knowing your worth, but all the people there are for superficial improvements.

Margaret calls Joe #3, and tells him she was concerned when Siggy called her out, but it went well. They’re rooming together in a suite. She thinks they’re on a good path. At the end of the call, Joe doesn’t understand how to shut FaceTime off.

The ladies meet for dinner. Margaret and Dolores don’t drink, since they’d rather spend the calories on food. Vikki makes a toast, and Siggy asks what they thought. Melissa says she never heard Siggy speak, and was impressed. She was sincere, and had good chemistry with Vikki. In her interview, Melissa hopes they go deeper, and the next day is more about the inside. Danielle says since they’re being open, Dolores is saying she’s medicated, and Dolores asks if she is. She’s so nasty. Danielle says no, and Dolores says she thought she was “off,” since she was making stuff up about what she said. In her interview, Melissa says Dolores said the conversation never happened, but it’s not okay to accuse someone of being a drug addict. Dolores doesn’t trust her motives. We flash back to 2009, and the infamous book. Danielle wants to know what she’d have to gain. In her interview, Dolores calls her a pathological liar and crazy. Danielle says she repeated something Dolores had said that she was confused about, and Dolores says she should have talked to her then. Dolores challenges Danielle, asking what she’s going to do, Danielle says she knows who she is. Margaret doesn’t know what happened, or why it’s at this level. Siggy thinks Dolores should take the high road, and it’s getting out of hand. Vikki, who everyone forgot was there, says there are more workshops to get through. They can make a bad situation positive, and they’re not done yet.

Danielle asks Teresa and Melissa if they think Siggy making up with Margaret was genuine. She thinks it was a little fast. Teresa thinks of course Siggy is going to be all kumbaya, since the retreat is supposed to be about uplifting each other. She thinks Siggy wanted to make a display of fixing her own relationship so she can show how good she is.

Siggy asks Dolores about the Danielle thing, saying Danielle takes it personally and she’s hurt. Dolores says the only redeeming thing about the situation is that she and Teresa are good. Siggy says you can’t buy history.

Melissa says they’re supposed to have a special surprise. She’s hoping it’s mimosas on an island somewhere.

They go to an outside space. Vikki tells them they’re going to have their first activity, and it sounds more like camp than a retreat. She tells them that some things still need resolution. Each person is going to tell another one thing that’s wrong with them using role playing. Sounds like a great exercise for this group. She asks who wants to go first, and there’s dead silence. Siggy volunteers. She says she and Margaret have come a long way, but they haven’t had a chance to say what they’ve wanted. Um… what about that lunch? Vikki tells them to come out and tell the group why they feel hurt. Siggy says when Margaret called her “Soggy,” she struck a nerve and I hurt. Margaret says she thought Siggy was being hypersensitive, and was taken aback. Vikki says there’s no right or wrong, and they’re to role play being the other person. Margaret starts to wail about the cake, Josh, and the cake again. Teresa thinks it’s hysterical, but doesn’t think Siggy likes it too much, judging from he expression. Nope. She doesn’t. In her interview, Dolores wonders if Margaret is off her rocker. Margaret continues to go on about the cake, and Danielle says this is not going to be good.

This season, a trip to Milan, Margaret’s birthday, a visit to Joe #1 in the pokey, Teresa and Dolores fight, Danielle and Siggy fight, and there will probably be other fights they didn’t have time to show clips of.

🌟 On Star, Carlotta went to bat for Simone, but the judge wasn’t having it, and Simone had to go back to the facility. Star told her to focus on the music, and it’s what will get her out. I love the way the music is incorporated into the show when it’s a regular scene (i.e. not a performance). Ayanna suggested emancipation to Simone, and Carlotta said unless it’s business, stay away from the girls. Brody got a load of cash to steal photos from Star’s phone, and gave $10K to the benefit. He hoped to impress Star, but she called him a dog anyway. Alex and Star worked different angles to get Joyce Sheree on their next track. Alex got friendlier with Gigi, and when Noah took a selfie with Alex that went viral, Gigi told her to use it for publicity. Ayanna hit the sheets with Jahil (Carlotta said she’d been there, done that), and was working overtime to restore Midtown’s image, tarnished from the shooting and Noah’s tweets. She ended up giving a press conference, where she sounded like the Queen of England after Diana’s death. Cotton’s old boyfriend also came back to haunt her. Queen Latifah wore some luscious curls this week, and Star rocked some blue lipstick, which I’m usually skeptical about. The next episode will be in two weeks, when the girls perform in the showcase.

🎼 Patti LaBelle and Brandi Norwood will also be coming on board this season, as Carlotta’s mother and younger sister.

🎆 Not the Only One Obsessed…




November 8, 2017 – Jason is Sprung (Again), Teresa Goes to Puerto Rico, Brody is a Snake & The Greatest


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Finn tells Chet that his vitals are better. It’s like he improved overnight. He congratulates Chet on surviving, saying it’s a good day to be alive.

Nathan shows up at the hospital, and Amy asks if he’s going to arrest her brother.

Anna finds Valentin sitting on her couch, and asks if he’s making a habit of breaking in now. He tells her that he wants to help bring Cassandra down.

Maxie babbles at Nina, saying if Nina doesn’t like the article, she can start over from a different angle. Nina says it’s great. Maxie asks if it’s not a problem that she embellished, and made herself the inspiration. She doesn’t want to contribute to fake news. Nina says it’s not like the fate of the nation is hanging in the balance. She’s is impressed that Maxie sounds like the uber confident and uber supportive wife of Man Landers, and she made Nathan out to be amazing. Job well done.

Nelle walks into the Crimson office, and her phone rings. It’s a notice that her account is past due. Maxie is glad to see her, and says they need to get to work.

On the phone, Carly tells Sonny that Diane is seeing the judge. She says Diane will convince them that Real Jason had a reasonable belief that Franco was a threat. She doesn’t think they’ll drop the charges, but he’ll get bail. Sonny says the most important thing is to get him out. Carly adds, and back to his life. At Pizzulo’s, Sonny tells Michael about Diane working on getting Real Jason released. Michael asks if he’s sure it’s Jason.

At the jail, Real Jason stares at Klein. Klein asks what he’s waiting for, and Real Jason says answers. Klein doesn’t have any. There’s been no name attached to anything. Real Jason can’t find his client. Real Jason says yes, he can, and Klein is going to help him.

Valentin tells Anna that he changed his mind. He’s decided to take her offer. He thinks there’s no better way to bring down Cassandra’s operation than from the inside. Anna asks what changed. The last time she saw him, he threatened to expose her. He says he went home and thought about it, and is concerned about protecting his daughter. He wouldn’t wish this on anyone, and he’ll be damned if Cassandra is going to profit from it too. Anna thinks that’s too altruistic to be his motive, and asks what Cassandra did.

Finn tells Chet he’s in Port Charles at General Hospital. Chet asks if they’re done, and Finn says he’s not dying of pneumonia. Chet starts to pull out the IV, but Finn asks him not to. Not only will he have to clean up a mess, Chet isn’t done with the antibiotics. Chet asks why he cares, and Finn says Chet’s not only his patient, but he’s Amy’s brother. Chet doesn’t want to see her, and Finn says she’s been wearing a hole in the linoleum. Chet will have to break it to her himself. Finn says to be honest, he’s afraid of her.

Amy tells Nathan that Chet is the person who OD’d. Somewhere between the rehab center and Port Charles, he got his hands on some painkillers. She had no idea he was addicted. She tells Nathan that he’s been through surgery after surgery with combat wounds; he must be in so much pain. Nathan hugs her.

Maxie tells Nelle that she’s heard a lot about her from Lulu, and Nelle sarcastically says Lulu has always been so kind to her. She’s heard about Maxie too, and they’ve both been the subject of public gossip. Nelle thinks it’s best they don’t believe anything they’ve heard. Maxie asks if it’s true Nelle was a nanny, and Nelle says she also has experience as an executive assistant. Maxie is glad about that, since she’ll be needing Nelle. She’s going to be sharing the space until her office is ready. She tells Nelle to start with hanging up her coat. Nelle goes into Nina’s office, and Nina tells her that she needs Maxie working out there, and there must be a productive way they can coexist. Nelle says that’s not what this is about. She needs a raise.

Sonny tells Michael he should go see Real Jason for himself. Michael says he tried to visit him, but he’d been released already, but he’s back in jail again? Sonny says he beat the hell out of Franco. Michael questions Sonny believing that he’s Real Jason, but Sonny says once he sees him, he’ll know it’s him. Michael is disturbed that Sam married an impostor. Sonny tells him it’s more complicated than that. It’s a set-up. Someone put him in Jason’s place, and now Sam’s husband is trying to hold onto a life that doesn’t belong to him.

Real Jason gets it; it was a job, but the job went wrong. If Klein doesn’t want to take the fall, tell him who’s behind it. Klein doesn’t think Real Jason is in any position to be making ultimatums, but Real Jason says he has friends. A guard comes in, saying Klein made bail. Klein asks who paid it, and the guard asks if he’s particular. Klein says all that matters is he’s free and Real Jason isn’t. Carly comes in and tells Real Jason they’ve got to stop meeting like this.

Nelle tells Nina that she knows Nina said she’ll have to wait, but she’s been an exemplary employee; she spent time in a Moroccan jail for the magazine. It’s embarrassing, but she’s strapped. Nina thought she was getting a roommate, but Nelle says it fell through at the last minute, and although she’s staying in the apartment, she couldn’t get her deposit back from the movers. She’d expected to be sharing expenses, and the holidays are coming up. Nina says Nelle has been perfect and invaluable, but it’s hard with the whole takeover. Crimson has creative autonomy, but financially, they’re still on hold. If she could, she would, but she thinks Nelle will find what she wants in her Christmas stocking. She asks Nelle to go for coffee, and when she gets back, wants her to look at Maxie’s article. Nelle sees that Maxie’s stuff is still all over her desk, and Maxie asks her to bring back a mocha latte with soy and a dusting of cinnamon. Can we collectively smack her?

Sonny says Michael will feel better when sees Real Jason. Michael says if it is Jason, what is he going to say? He was like a second father, a brother, a friend. How can he look him in the face and explain how he thought another guy was him? Sonny says, since he’s Jason, Michael doesn’t need to say anything. There’s nothing to forgive. Michael wonders how he can justify it to Jason or himself.

Real Jason tells Carly that he wasn’t crazy; he was justified. He doesn’t care about Franco having a brain tumor. He just cares about who Franco hurt. Carly gets it, and says his hatred for Franco is a beautiful thing, but Franco is reformed, or at least pretending to be. He’s not going to hurt anyone. Real Jason needs to focus on himself, get out of there, and get his life back.

Valentin tells Anna he’s giving her what she wants; why the resistance? Anna says she’s not just bringing Cassandra down, but the whole operation. She has to trust and rely on him. His motive could be his greatest asset or his biggest liability. She asks if it’s a personal vendetta or what? Valentin gets a call, and steps away. It’s Klein. He says he thought Klein was indisposed, but Klein says that’s no longer the case. He’s calling to thank Valentin for his generosity in posting bail. Valentin says it wasn’t him, and don’t call him again. As he’s hanging up, he hears Klein say, hey, let go of me.

Amy thanks Nathan for the shoulder, and says she guesses it’s time for Man Landers to turn into a cop. Nathan says he’s not taking Chet in, but needs to know where he got the painkillers from. Finn joins them, saying Chet is awake and stable. Amy runs into Chet’s room. She says he scared her, and tells him that he can always call her. Chet tells her if she really wants to do something for him, get out

Real Jason asks Carly how Sam is, but Carly hasn’t seen her. Real Jason doesn’t want her pressured; she’s dealing with a lot. Carly says it’s hard to believe, but they’re friends now. They bonded in their grief over him. If it weren’t for Danny, Sam would have disappeared; that’s how much she loves him. Real Jason says she loves Other Jason too; she’s married, and Other Jason is going to fight him with everything he’s got. He doesn’t want to put Sam through that. Carly says they need to focus on getting him out. Sonny will post bail, and she even went clothes shopping. He can’t look like a fugitive. She tells him that she had the sergeant throw out his old clothes. Great. What’s in the pocket?

Nelle sees Michael at the MetroCourt. She says she’s worried about him. His family is jumping from one crisis to another, with no help from her this time. She’s sure he has questions about Jason, but Michael says he’s working it out. Nelle tells him it helps to work with someone else. Someone who cares. Someone who never stopped caring.

Klein realizes it’s Sonny who has him. Sonny tells the guards that he needs to talk in private. He says Klein kept his friend prisoner, and drugged him to keep him in control. Klein says it was nothing personal, just business. Sonny says he provided a service, and he wants to know who hired him to provide it.

Anna says Cassandra will keep Valentin on a tight leash, and use anything as leverage. Their pasts keep on going, no matter how they outrun them. Valentin says he’s made peace with his past. He has regrets, but nothing that’s stopping him from a better life. Anna asks if Cassandra has gotten to his family, and he says not yet. Anna says he’ll have to get her to trust him, and then betray her. Any lapse in judgement can be fatal. Is he willing to take that risk? He asks if she’s worried, but she says just concerned about the operation. Valentin says he’s her best chance to bring Cassandra and her sordid operation down. Anna says she’ll be watching his every step. He tells her not to threaten him when he’s risking everything. The doorbell rings, and Valentin says someone has awful timing. Or what I like to call, soap timing.

Klein says Sonny is obviously a powerful man, and must have enemies. Sonny says as far as he knows, everyone loves him. Klein says imagine he was paying to keep an enemy alive and sedated; would he want to be defied or get what he paid for? Sonny says it’s a good point, but when Real Jason escaped, he tracked him down. Klein says he doesn’t care; he was glad to be rid of him, but he was ordered to do it. Sonny asks if he always follows orders, and Klein says he’s not unlike Sonny’s men. Sonny asks who gave the order, but Klein doesn’t even know their name; he’s contacted by phone. Sonny has Klein’s phone, and says it’s a burner phone and untraceable. He’s just going to put it on the table, and they’ll wait until it rings, and hear who it is.

Michael says there’s nothing Nelle can do. She says she can listen. She knows she hurt him, and he might not forgive her, but she wants to be there for him. She needs him to know she’ll never stop loving him. Let her be there for him; they can help each other. She puts her hand on his, and Carly sees.

Amy says okay. If that’s what Chet really wants, she’ll go. She leaves, but immediately returns. She says she left, and now she’s back. Chet says he doesn’t want her there. Amy says she got that, but too bad; she’s not leaving him – ever. She knows he suffered and the recovery is painful, but he’s a hero who served the country. He tells her the heroes are the ones who didn’t come back. She says he’s not just a hero, he’s her hero, and she loves him too much to let him quit. Chet tells her that she’s wasting her time; save someone else. She’s says she’ll go, but only because he’s pissing her off and she’s working. She tells him like MacArthur, she’ll be back. He tells her that’s the Terminator. MacArthur said, I shall return. She says she’ll do both.

Amy tells Nathan that all Chet has left is his pride, and he can’t take it away.

Anna answers the door, and it’s Finn. Valentin says he heard they were seeing one another, and Anna says Valentin was just leaving. After he’s gone, Finn asks what that was about, and Anna says spy business; the thing he’s no longer part of. Finn says, what if he wants back in?

Maxie tells Nathan that Man Landers is bigger than ever. Everyone will be looking to him for answers. He says he doesn’t have them; not a single one.

Finn explains to Anna that Roxie’s whole world is her aquarium, and sometimes his room if she gets out. Anna is like, huh? He says he was like Roxie. Since Hayden left, he was hiding out. He has a patient who’s in pain, but can’t hide. He tells her that she was right, adding that he’s a doctor who just admitted he was wrong. She says it’s complicated, and he says it wasn’t when she was blackmailing him. Anna says she’s found another way. Finn says, Valentin? Hell, no.

Michael doesn’t want to hurt Nelle’s feelings, but can’t go back to way they were. He thinks it’s best they went their separate ways. Nelle says he’s right; she’s sorry. She leaves, and Valentin sees her in the hallway. He asks what’s wrong, and she says she’s glad she ran into him. She needs his help, and he might be her only hope.

Carly asks if Michael and Nelle had a lover’s spat. He says they’re not lovers or even roommates. He tells Carly to break out the champagne. He and Nelle are over.

Klein begs to go, saying nothing is being served by holding him. He can make a fresh start, and can help others like Mr. Morgan and Ms. Jerome. Sonny says he’s not a fan of Ava’s, and it wasn’t Klein’s best work. Klein says he wasn’t able to finish. Sonny says as far as second chances, ask his friend if he deserves one. Klein says he’s still in jail. Real Jason walks in, and Sonny says, he’s right here. Real Jason tells Dr. Klein he told him that he had friends.

Anna appreciates Finn’s concern, and he tells her that’s what people say when they don’t appreciate it. She tells him to do what he does best; take care of patients. Do what he’s trained to do, and she will too. He tells her that he has choices; his patient doesn’t. He also has PTSD that’s fueling the cycle. Finn has a network of people now, but he was like this guy. The drugs almost killed his patient, and he’s not losing him. He doesn’t want to just deal with the symptoms; he wants to get the disease – Cassandra and those like her. Anna says he already cut her loose, telling her about the negative test results. Finn says he’s still waiting on one of the tests. Anna says she needs to be clear. She’s not strong-arming him; he’s doing this of his own free will. He could be putting his reputation and career at risk, maybe even his life to bring the organization down. He tells her some things are worth the risk.

Amy goes back to Chet’s room. She says he was always an angel when he was sleeping; he fooled everyone but her. He can’t talk back now, and she wants to set something straight. She loves him, and is never, ever going to give up on him, and that’s an order. She tells him not to give up on himself.

Maxie asks Nathan what happened. He says it wasn’t even in line of duty. A friend needed help, and couldn’t figure out what to do or say; he was useless. Maxie says he was there, and gave a damn; that’s what counts. Nathan tells her how lucky they are. Nina sees them hugging, and smiles, looking at her ring.

Nelle tells Valentin that Nina has been wonderful, and told her she’s in line for well-deserved raise, but Crimson answers to a higher corporate authority. She thinks that during the transition, Nina should assert her independence with the parent company. She might not want to hear it from an assistant, but maybe she would listen to her husband. Valentin asks why he should help. Nelle says if he doesn’t, she’ll blow his marriage out of the water.

Michael says Carly was right and he refused to see it. Carly says the last thing she knew was that they were moving in together. She’s relieved it’s not happening, but can see he’s hurting. She tells him he can talk to her, and he says there’s nothing to talk about. She can rest assured no one is going to sabotage his kayak or steal his money. She says if he can’t talk to her, there is someone he can talk to.

Real Jason says he won’t forget Klein drugging him or keeping him prisoner, or leaving Sam to drown. Klein says it was nothing personal; just a job. Sonny asks if he wants to die for that job. Klein asks what it will take to let him go. Sonny says the name of the person on the other end of the phone. Klein says he would if he could, and they’d both be out of danger, but he doesn’t know. The phone rings, and Klein stares at it.

Tomorrow, Oscar and Josslyn need Sonny’s help, Valentin tells Nelle it’s a mistake to threaten him, and Real Jason asks Klein how much his life is worth.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa gets ready for the trip to Puerto Rico. She’s bringing her dad along. He explains that Speedos are the Italian bathing suit, and everyone wears them. I hope that’s not a foreshadowing of anything.

Siggy gets ready to see the doctor about her hormone levels. Please put a rush on that. She hates Margaret for making fun of her being over-emotional, but admits that she’s having a problem getting control. No surprise, Dolores accompanies her to the doctor. The doctor says she has virtually no numbers, and they’re going to restore them. He says not to blame him if she’s chasing her husband around the block. Why does Siggy always refer to her husband as Michael Campanella? I know that’s his name, but it never seems to be just Michael. She says she agreed to be civil with Margaret. Dolores says they’re claiming her relationship with Frank is weird, yet Teresa visits her husband in jail, and Danielle has been engaged twenty-two times. I thought it was nineteen. Siggy excuses Teresa, because she just lost her mother and has been through a lot, but Dolores isn’t having it. The doctor gives Siggy the pellets, and we’re done.

Margaret gets a visit from her mom, Marge Sr. Margaret tells her about the altercation with Siggy at the Gorga’s party. Marge laughs when Margaret tells her Siggy stuck her tongue out. She says she apologized twice, and Dolores also had a fight with Danielle. Margaret says she gets along great with her ex-husband too, and doesn’t think Dolores should be judged. Marge thinks she should call Dolores, and she does. She tells Dolores that she felt badly about everything going south. Dolores says they need some degree of civility, and they make a date for the next day. Margaret hopes Siggy doesn’t try to blow up her house, since she lives in the same neighborhood.

Puerto Rico looks wonderful, although sadly, this was filmed before the recent hurricanes. It’s day two, and Teresa thinks her daughters are already sick of her. Danielle calls, and Teresa says her father is sunburned and passed out. They discuss the tasting. Teresa says Dolores came at her too; maybe because they’re friends. In her interview, Teresa says that Dolores accuses Danielle of starting sh*t, but she’s the one doing it.

Back in New jersey, Joe #2 and Melissa make dinner and talk with the kids. Little Joey says he has three girlfriends, and Joe gives him a high five. He tells Antonia no boyfriends, and questions her until she finally leaves the room. Melissa thinks he’s too strict. In her interview, Melissa says Joe’s and Teresa’s parenting styles are completely different. Joe tells her that God trusted Adam and Eve, and look what happened. Good point.

Siggy is on her way to meet Margaret, when Siggy calls. She tells Siggy about Margaret suggesting a meeting. Siggy is glad she’s not there. She says she doesn’t want to let her temper get the better of her.

Margaret is already at the restaurant. Neither one of them drink, and Margaret says they’re the lucid ones, which is good. She asks why Dolores was upset, and Dolores tells her it’s about her calling Siggy “Soggy.” Margaret says she thought it was funny, and Dolores says poor timing, poor taste. She says if she was introduced to a new crowd, when things are heated wouldn’t be the time for a joke. Margaret says humor diffuses the situation. She thinks Siggy’s behavior isn’t rational, but Dolores disagrees, and Margaret can’t believe Dolores won’t admit Siggy is at fault. In her interview, Dolores confesses Siggy needs hormone therapy, but says Margaret isn’t hearing it from her. If she has an opinion about Siggy, she’ll share it with Siggy, and only her. Dolores tells Margaret that Siggy felt their questioning of her relationship was a personal attack. Margaret says she defended her; she’s close with her ex too. She thinks it should be emulated, and that it’s impressive. Dolores says she wanted a close family for her kids, so Frank would come over every night for dinner. Instead of being invited out with her friends who were couples, she became the babysitter. For years it was her, the kids, and Frank when he had time. In her interview, Margaret is starting to get why Dolores is friends with Siggy. Margaret talks about her own ex, who had three children that she raised. The marriage fell apart when the kids moved away, and when she fell in love with Joe #3, her stepkids stopped talking to her. She says time doesn’t heal all wounds. Dolores says she can’t imagine the hurt, and says Margaret’s feelings go deeper than they gave her credit for.

Teresa says it’s strange to be on a family vacation without Joe #1. The girls need him, and Milania especially misses him. Teresa has one-on-one time with her, and the eat French fries, the universal food. Teresa talks about missing her mother. Milania says she knows how it is; Teresa was gone and they missed her. Teresa hates that she had to leave them “because of the situation her husband put her in.” Milania doesn’t want to talk about it. Teresa says if anything is bothering her to say something, but she says nothing is. In her interview, Teresa wants them to show emotions, not like when she was a kid, and they were told not to cry.

Melissa takes Antonia shopping. She wants Antonia to talk to her about things like crushes. She wonders what she has to do to get her to talk. Antonia says they’re strict. Melissa says she’s not. Antonia tells her that daddy is, and Melissa says he’s old school. She’s been dealing with daddy a long time. She thinks there’s a middle ground between Joe #2 and Teresa. She promises to talk to him.

Teresa does a professional photo shoot with the girls. She says Joe #1 did one for her when she was in the slammer, so she’s returning the favor. Gabriella doesn’t want to do a photo, Teresa’s father makes noises like a dinosaur, and Milania and Audriana act like toddlers. Teresa tells the photographer not to have four kids.

Joe #2 takes Antonia to a trampoline place. Melissa wants him to spend more time with her. She thinks Antonia is terrified of him, but he’s happy to jump around with her to get Melissa off his back. It looks like fun. They do a bunch of flips and somersaults. Joe says when Antonia was born, he gave her all his athletic ability. He tells her about how he loved her from the moment she was born. He says that Melissa thinks she doesn’t talk because he’s strict, but he just wants to protect her. He says if she would talk a little, maybe he wouldn’t be so strict. In his interview, he’s concerned with peer pressure, and reserves his right to lock her in the house. He tells Antonia he won’t be as strict, but she has to promise to be honest if she thinks a boy is cute. He tells her he loves her, and they have a very sweet exchange.

Dolores and Frank meet Siggy and Michael for dinner. Siggy asks Frank how it is being back at home, and if he sleepwalks (wink-wink). Dolores asks how the pellets are. Siggy says she’s sore, but feels energetic and more sexual. Michael says he paid the pellet guy to put in extra. Some gorgeous seafood platters are served. I should have made note of this restaurant. Dolores says Margaret reached out to her, and they met, and tells them how it went. Siggy says Margaret is allowed to get emotional, but makes fun of her crying. Dolores says she was nice to talk to one-on-one, and she’s not mad at her. There’s no reason they can’t talk and be in the same room, but Siggy says it will never happen. Because even with the pellets, she’s an unreasonable jerk.

Siggy says she’s not going to tell Dolores who she can be friends with. Dolores insists that Margaret was very compassionate and vulnerable; her heart broken over the kids. Siggy understands how that can be painful. In her interview, Siggy says there is a heart in there. She can relate on a mother level, and trusts Dolores. She tells Dolores that she makes sense, and it’s time to move on. The four of them toast to Margaret, and giving her a second chance.

Teresa tells her father the last time they were at the beach was before Adriana was born. Her father says the girls are spoiled. She says they’ve been through a lot. He says she has too. Teresa doesn’t want to fight with them. In her interview, she says her parents raised her and Joe #2 differently. All they had to do was look at them, and they peed their pants. She wants balance, and wants them to open up. Her dad says when she asks something of them, they’re supposed to do it. Teresa thinks they wonder why they’ve lost so much – their mom and dad, and then their grandmother. Her father tears up, and says how much he misses her. Teresa says she does too, and wishes she was there. He says maybe she watches them.

In her interview, Teresa says her father is always so macho. Seeing him cry makes it okay to open up, and cry with him. They’re both without their partners, and need to lean on each other. She wishes Joe #1 had been on top of things more; she would have had more time with her mom. She tells her father that Joe had better be a changed person when he gets back. Her father says she has him now, and she kisses the top of his head. She’s happy he’s moved in with them, and he says he’s always there for advice. Teresa thinks they need a man in the house. Maybe he can help with the discipline. He says maybe he should just take off his belt.

Next time, no belts taken off, but Siggy has a retreat, Teresa asks if Dolores is saying Joe #1 cheated, and Margaret gets emotional about the family dynamics.

🌟 On Star, Ayanna’s father met with her. He told her that he discovered Gigi, and she’ll never get credit for it, but he wishes her well. I’m not trusting Brody at all. Star called him a snake when he showed up at their performance, so we’re on the same page there. Simone’s roommate got transferred to another facility for missing curfew. Derek and Alex broke up and got back together again. Alex had an abortion, and poured her heart out to Carlotta in church. Carlotta told her to believe in God; He believes in her.

Take 3 is the new name of the group, but to be honest, I never knew the group name in the first place. Noah’s best friend Lucky, was not so lucky. He got shot by a cop, who thought he had a gun. Simone wanted to forgive Brody, and Star told him if he messes with her sister, she’ll kill him. He believed her. I would too. After the shooting, Ayanna wanted to “feel something,” and decided to feel Benjamin Bratt. While they were feeling each other, Carlotta walked in.

I’m loving Benjamin Bratt, and the relationships between the characters; the acting is superb. The characters behave and react the way real people would, making them believable and relatable. But of course, the highlight for me is always Queen Latifah’s hair. In addition to an attractive dark bob, Carlotta wore some lovely lilac locks tonight. Definitely one of my favorites among her looks so far.

📜 A Bonus Mid-Week Quote

💪 Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.Muhammad Ali

💥 Brush with Greatness…

😍 I saw him standing in an elevator once at a hotel I worked in. He smiled at me. He was gorgeous.

Muhammad Ali



October 18, 2017 – Ava Carries a Message, a Truce in New Jersey, a Little Star & Psychedelic Fabulousity


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Oscar tells Josslyn the wholesome family life is different, but she says a life being followed by bodyguards is hardly wholesome. He says it’s still a family, and it’s new to him. He wonders where they begin to look for his father. Josslyn says that they can do this, and they will.

Carly tells Sonny that she likes Oscar, but they can’t be too careful. Sonny says she can’t hover. She says she can, but just can’t make it look like they are. She tells him it doesn’t hurt to set limits, and Sonny warns her not to turn Josslyn into a rebel and cause her to do things she’s not ready for. He tells Carly to leave them alone.

At the hospital, Finn asks if Cassandra is done with her tests. She says she’s done for now. She doesn’t mind enduring it, since she has faith that he’ll get to the bottom of her illness. She points out that his lover is here, and we see Anna on her phone.

At Crimson, Valentin tells Nina it’s official; Jason and Sam have acquired Derek Wells Media. He’s thought it was a perfect acquisition for them to run together, but Nina says it’s freedom to start over. He tells her it’s easier to acquire a company that exits than start their own. She says Jason will clean house and she probably won’t have a job by the end of the week. Jason walks in, and she says make that by the end of the day. She says she knows why he’s here, and he says good, it won’t take long then.

Betsy comes home to Franco sitting on her couch. She says he didn’t say he was coming over, and he tells her that’s because she would have found a reason not to be there. She’ll do anything to avoid telling him the truth about Jason’s twin, and he needs to know. I like the realistic touch of her calling Franco “Bobby,” the same way Nina is the only one who calls Nathan “Jay.”

Patient 6 asks Ava if there was bad blood between Jason and Julian. She says Julian has bad blood with pretty much everyone in Port Charles; even they’ve had their moments. She’s just surprised that he sold the one legitimate enterprise he had. She says he’ll be glad his daughter will benefit, but not so much Jason. Patient 6 asks if she has a picture of Jason.

Finn says, hi, honey, to Anna. She says she was just looking for him, and explains to Cassandra that she has a blood condition and was there for her treatment. Cassandra says it’s hard not to be jealous of a couple in love. She leaves, and Felicia asks them if they’re dating.

Valentin tells Jason that he and Nina were hoping to acquire the company, but Julian accepted his offer, so he must want to keep it in the family. He didn’t know Jason and Sam had backgrounds in communications. Jason says they’re fast learners. Nina says that it’s obvious he came to fire her, so get it over with.

Betsy says she’s told Franco everything. Andrew died from an undiagnosed heart defect. Franco says he’s not sure that’s the truth. He looked for a death certificate, and came up empty. He wonders if Andrew is still alive.

Ava looks on her tablet for a press release, telling Patient 6 that Sam is Julian’s daughter. She wonders why he’s so fascinated with Jason, then says she thinks she knows. He’s been away from Port Charles so long, he must have thought Jason was dead. Everybody else did.

Nina tells Jason she’s not going out without fight. Julian thought she’d sink the Crimson ship and he’d get a tax write-off, but she made the magazine a huge success. Valentin tells her there are other companies she can work for, but she says no boss could be worse than Julian. She made the magazine rise from the ashes, and kept it soaring. Jason would be a fool to fire her. Jason says he knows; he’s asking her stay.

Ava tells Patient 6 to brace himself; it’s a helluva story. Before she came to Port Charles, Jason was shot down at the docs by Faison. He was in a high-tech Duke Lavery mask, and it was very Mission Impossible. He fell into the water, and Helena found him. She kept him in a clinic, but he escaped. He was recaptured, and escaped again, but was hit by a car. His injuries were severe, and he required complete facial reconstruction. Patient 6 asks if he had an ID. She says no ID, no face, and for two years, he didn’t even remember his name. He asks why they thought he was Jason, and she says Carly figured it out.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s almost at the point where she’s going to force Oscar to introduce her to his mother. Sonny asks what she’s going to do if Oscar’s mother forbids him to see Josslyn, and Josslyn blames her. He suggests waiting until she asks to meet, but Carly says she has to do something now.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he asked his mom about his dad again, and she told him to leave it alone. Josslyn says it’s up to them then. He tells her the father was left blank on his birth certificate, but he was born in Austen after his mom moved there from San Diego. Josslyn says they’ll start in San Diego. He says his mom’s name and a city isn’t much to go on. They almost kiss, and Carly pops in, asking how the homework is going.

Betsy says if Franco couldn’t find the death certificate, it must have been misfiled or has a typo. Andrew existed for a brief time, and doesn’t deserve to be forgotten. It broke her heart to say goodbye to him. Why would she lie? Franco asks if she’s kidding after telling him that Andrew was imaginary. She says she did it to protect him, and he says there was no reason. He’d thought she was the one person in the world who would never lie to him, but he’s starting to question it. She says she did nothing wrong, except take in a child the Quartermaines didn’t know existed. Franco asks her to help him find peace. He wants to see Andrew’s grave.

Josslyn tells Carly that they were just wishing each other luck on their projects. Carly says luck is good, but hard work is better. Oscar says she sounds like his mom, which is a perfect segue for Carly, who wants to meet her. Oscar says she works a lot; she’s a doctor at Mercy Hospital. Carly says she works a lot too, but can Oscar make it happen? He says he’ll try, and Carly says she’s sure they can come up with a mutually convenient time. When she’s gone, Josslyn says she’s impossible. Oscar says it’s okay. His mom is so busy, it probably won’t happen – ever. Josslyn asks if her mom seems like the type to let things go.

Inside, Sonny tells Carly they’re kids, and meeting parents is a big step. Carly says they’re making a big deal out of nothing, and they’ll get along fine.

Jason doesn’t want to mess with success. Nina wonders why he didn’t just say so, and he says she didn’t give him a chance. Valentin takes Nina aside and asks why she wants to work for a CEO with no experience. She says she didn’t have any either, and she loves her job. He tells her that she’s exceptional, but Jason has the good sense to keep her on, so he’ll leave her to negotiate. He leaves, and Jason tells Nina that he didn’t seem very happy. She says he isn’t, but he supports her career and independence. She’s sure she wants to stay, but they need to iron out a deal about creative autonomy.

Valentin gets a text from Cassandra, asking if they can pick up where they left off last night.

Felicia wants to know why Anna didn’t tell her about her new beau. Anna says it’s new, unbelievably new. Felicia says she and Mac have had a renaissance in their marriage, so she’s glad to see new love. She tells Finn to treat Anna right, and Finn says, do no harm. Felicia tells him the healing gods are watching, and she can’t wait to tell Mac. When she’s gone, Finn asks Anna if they have to fool a whole city, and she says, yes, honey.

Franco says Betsy must have visited Andrew’s grave. He babbles about how she can tell him stories about the two of them as toddlers during the ride. She says they both crawled and walked at the same time, and talked baby talk to one another as if they were the only two who understood each other. Andrew learned his numbers faster, but Franco was better with crayons. Andrews first word was Franco’s name. He asks what his first word was, and Betsy says “mine.” She doesn’t want to visit the pain again, and Franco asks her to just tell him where the grave is. She says he doesn’t want to go to that place – to the truth about Andrew and him.

Patient 6 asks Ava why Carly would think the guy was Jason. She says there were DNA tests, and whatever was found was enough for her to interrupt Jason’s wedding. He asks if Jason was marrying Sam, and she says no, Elizabeth Webber; they had a child together. He finally recovered enough memory to realize he was still in love with Sam. She says they’re surprisingly old-fashioned and believe they’re soulmates whose love will never die. She asks why he’s so interested in Jason.

Valentin sees Cassandra in the park. He says she took a risk confronting him at the restaurant. She says it wasn’t a confrontation; she kissed him. He says it felt like one. She says she was just sharing a moment with an old friend. They used to be business partners and partners in bed, and she’d like to rekindle both.

Jason tells Nina that she’s done an amazing job. She says she was no expert when she started. He tells her he’s committed to making it work, but it’s new to him, and asks if she has any advice. She says when she started, she hired someone who knew what they were doing, and they showed her how to run the place. He asks if she means Maxie. Nina says Maxie was brilliant at her job, but she had to fire her because she betrayed Nina’s trust. Jason says sometimes there’s no coming back from that.

Josslyn goes to a website where she says you can find out anything about anybody. She finds out what we all do when you try that – it costs money. She tells Oscar that she has a credit card for emergencies, and thinks this qualifies. What if he needs his medical history?

Ava asks if Patient 6 knows Jason. He looks at a photograph, and she tells him it’s her daughter, Avery. The picture was taken in her father’s house. He asks if her father is Sonny, and Ava says he obviously knows him well enough to know the inside of his house. That would explain his connection to Morgan. She says that she and Sonny have a kid, the one great thing from a one-time mistake. Patient 6 says that he and Sonny are friends, and he needs her to give him a message.

Franco doesn’t want to cause Betsy any pain. She tells him to stop then; why does he need to know? Andrew is gone. Franco says not from his thoughts and dreams. He’s having nightmares, and can’t focus on anything but Andrew. He can’t do this and be with Elizabeth. He needs peace. Betsy tells him that Andrew didn’t die and didn’t have a heart defect. She made it up. For all she knows, Jason’s twin is still alive.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she’s not his best emissary. He tells her to just take the note to Sonny. She says there’s no point, and he tells her there is if it comes from him. She tells Patient 6 that Sonny won’t read it; he hates her. Patient 6 tells her to figure out an angle, and he can take it from there. Ava would rather not provoke Sonny.

Anna tells Finn if they shut Cassandra down, they’ll saves lives; doesn’t that mean something? He tells her that he only went into medicine for the money and the chicks. Of course it means something. She says then work with her and help her.

Valentin tells Cassandra that his circumstances have changed considerably. He’s married to a phenomenal woman. He has more to risk and lose; home, family and love. Cassandra calls him noble and principled, but says principles don’t pay well. He tells her about inheriting the Cassadine estate, and says he’s fabulously wealthy. She says being rich is expensive, and her business is booming. He says people are dying from her opioids. She says she doesn’t kill people, drugs do, and they choose to pay for them. He says he quit while he was ahead and she might consider following his lead. She says while she has a hugely successful enterprise, money can’t buy health. She needs him to shoulder the burden, and asks if he wants what she has to offer.

Josslyn tells Oscar that sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. His past has just been paid for.

Patient 6 tells Ava that she wanted to prove she’s a good person, and this is how she can do that. Take the note to Sonny.

Sonny tells Carly that she wants to manage the situation. She says she wants to protect Josslyn. He says it’s her first real relationship, and she’s going to get hurt. Carly says it’s not a relationship; it’s friend dating. Sonny asks if that’s a thing. She says it had better be. He asks what if another girl catches Oscar’s eye, and Carly says she’ll kick his ass. Sonny says he should probably keep an eye on her, and they kiss.

Oscar sees his grandparent’s address, but says they died when he was little. He has no other family, so they’re no closer to an answer. Josslyn says they really need his father’s name. Maybe his mom has something hidden. He says it’s not going to happen. Maybe there’s something hidden, but he tried looking once, and was afraid she’d find out. Josslyn says it’s a big secret, but since she was six, she’s been able to find her Christmas presents every year without anyone finding out. She asks if he wants to go looking now.

Betsy tells Franco that Andrew could be alive; she doesn’t know what happened after he left. Franco is like, he was three; how far could he go? She says he was the kind of boy who said goodnight to every one of his stuffed toys. She gave him up. She loved him and still does, and prays to see him again. She wants to know that he’s okay, and what kind of man he became. She’ll never stop missing him. Franco asks why she let him go, and she says he wasn’t safe. Franco asks why.

Felicia suggests that she and Mac double-date with Anna and Finn. Anna says that would be fun, and Finn says fun is an understatement.

Valentin tells Cassandra that he’s learned that if something is to good to be true, that’s usually correct. She says her security is tight; no one will tie him to her. He tells her that it’s important to be a good example to his daughter. He doesn’t think he could live with himself, knowing that people are dying from a product he distributed. Cassandra says he’s forgotten who he’s talking to. He did his fair share of killing, and could look someone in the eye while they were dying and his heart rate wouldn’t even waiver. She wonders why the sudden attack of conscience. Well, he just explained that, and he killed because he was a spy and a mercenary in his other life. I’m disappointed that he doesn’t say that. They talk a bit in French. I took two years of it, but can only tell you how to pack a suitcase and curse you out. Cassandra says Valentin is at his best when he’s dancing on the edge; it’s the only place he feels safe. She says we are what we are, and he’ll go absolutely mad not being himself. Valentin tells her that he’s not jeopardizing everything he cherishes for the thrill of a game. She says he’ll change his mind – sooner than he thinks.

Josslyn tells Carly that they’re going to the library. Carly says she’ll drop them off. And pick them up. Josslyn says that’s not necessary. Sonny says it’s not like they can get away with anything. Josslyn says they wouldn’t even try. Carly tells Oscar to text his mom, and get some dates when they could get together.

Nina tells Jason that she’s not sure if she and Maxie could ever overcome their differences enough to work together again. She tells him his problem is finding someone who’s not afraid of telling him when he’s wrong. He says he thinks he’s looking at her.

Betsy says Franco has one more chance to step away. Franco says he’s not taking it. She tells him that one day after Andrew’s third birthday, she was fixing diner and heard screaming. He was lying at the bottom of the stairs, twisted and bleeding, and nearly dead.

Ava thanks Sonny for seeing her. He says whatever she’s asking, the answer is no, so go ahead and leave. She says if he sends her away, he’ll miss out on something important.

Jason looks around Ava’s place. He puts his stuff in his pockets, checks his guns, and leaves.

Betsy tells Franco that Andrew was badly injured. He had broken bones and a concussion. It was a miracle he survived. Franco doesn’t understand, and asks what caused the fall. She says he did. Saw that coming.

Tomorrow, Lulu tells Laura to say yes, Doc tells Griff that he doesn’t look like a man at peace, and Sonny asks who gave Ava the note.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Margaret discusses her launch party for cosmetic bags with her staff. She’s throwing a party in her house, which is still under construction. She says it looks like a bomb hit, and it kinda does. Her contractor husband won’t let anyone else work on it, because he thinks the other men will hit on her. She says he’s delusional, but adorable. Margaret talks about Siggy being unhinged at the party.

Michael instructs Siggy on making meatballs. She’s upset about the weekend. She’s sad about Teresa and Melissa, but livid about Margaret. She tells Michael about Margaret calling her Soggy. Michael suggests just working it out with Teresa and Melissa.

Margaret talks to her friends about the weekend. She says she didn’t know they weren’t going to yoga, and that Siggy has no uterus, so she has no reason to cry every day. Margaret is willing to move past it. She says she doesn’t hold grudges, except against her mother. I think that’s a joke.

Frank says Dolores folds clothing wrong. In her interview, she says he thinks he’s going to rule the roost because he’s back, but it’s not happening. He created an issue between himself and Frankie because he overreacted. He tells her it’s the first time Frankie has had both parents in the same house, and they parent differently. She suggests they meet in the middle. He has no problem with that. We’ll see.

Teresa moves her dad’s furniture into her house. She wants him to be as comfortable as possible. Melissa and Joe #2 help. Joe asks what happened in Boca. Melissa says in a nutshell, Siggy thinks she’s too good for them. Joe wonders where Dolores’s loyalty is, since she’s known them forever, and knows Siggy for less than a year.

Dolores tells Frank about what happened, and says if Siggy said she didn’t call them animals, she believes it. She thinks Margaret is no good. She turned on Siggy after Siggy brought her into the group.

Melissa checks out the new merchandise at Envy. Margaret comes by, and she loves it. Melissa tells us that they bonded over being in the same industry. She says she’ll introduce Melissa to the right people. She’s up for any constructive criticism Margaret has. Danielle drops in. Margaret tells them about the cosmetic bag launch. She tells them Siggy blocked her on social media, and Melissa thinks it’s childish. I agree. I don’t even like the word unfriend; it seems immature. (Although don’t let this stop you from watching the movie with that title. It is scary good.) Melissa wonders why Siggy is mad at Margaret, since she’s the one who walked out. Margaret says Melissa and Teresa stormed out, but by the time they got home, she was the mortal enemy. Danielle thinks it’s because Siggy brought her in, and she feels like Margaret should have leaned on her more. Margaret says she thinks she was in shock after Siggy’s eff-you. She calls Siggy from the store, saying that they haven’t spoken and have tons to discuss, but she’s calling to invite her to the launch party. Siggy says she appreciates the invite, but too much happened in Boca that she’s upset about. She doesn’t want to go and be all phony, but she hopes it’s a success. Margaret asks if they can’t move past it, and Siggy says no. She introduced Margaret to everyone, and Margaret called her Soggy. Margaret says she hopes Siggy can move past it, and hangs up. She says that Siggy has to grow up. She’s the type who feels like she owns you because she introduced you around. She says she’s going to text Dolores, and tell her that her sidekick isn’t coming.

Dolores and the two Franks go out to eat. Dolores reminds us about how Frankie’s counselor called about him lagging behind with college applications. Frank says Dolores thinks he’s too rough on Frankie, and asks what colleges he’s seriously considering. Frankie gives him a few names, and says his girlfriend wants to see if they can make it work. Frank said he made the mistake of not breaking it off before college and it was a disaster. Frankie says Frank is more of a multiple girl guy, where he’s a one girl guy. Dolores laughs. Check please.

Joe #2 tells Melissa that the mausoleum wants to know what should be written on the granite. He’s thinking of love will never die in Italian. He says he goes there every morning, and has it together until he walks in and starts bawling. Melissa tells us that he puts on a happy face for the family, but struggles every day with the loss of his mother. Joe tells her that every time he has to deal with something, it’s like reliving the moment and feels like a punch in the gut. He asks Melissa how long before the pain goe away? She says she lost her father when she was seventeen, but it never does. She suggests keeping busy, and Joe says he has to keep his father occupied. In his interview, Joe says they were married thirty-seven years. He’s only been with Melissa thirteen, and would be a mess if he lost her.

Siggy meets Teresa for drinks. Teresa says the last time didn’t end so well. Siggy thinks when Teresa is with the others, she gets caught up in the moment, but one-on-one, she’ll see where Siggy is coming from. She tells Teresa that she’s upset about the cake thing. Teresa admits to letting loose a little bit, and says the alcohol played a part, but Siggy said a lot of things out of character, and then reprimanded them the next day. Teresa says she walked out because she didn’t like what Siggy was saying, and she’s sorry. They’ve both said things they didn’t mean, and she feels bad. Siggy wants to know what Margaret’s excuse is. She and Margaret have a bigger issue. She says she wants to pull the pigtails out of Margaret’s head, she hates her, and everything out of her mouth is another dagger. Stellhe doesn’t want to go to her party. In her interview, Teresa wonders if she’s getting Soggy Siggy or Psycho Siggy; she’s becoming unhinged. Teresa asks why she can’t just come, and Siggy says she hates that effing bitch. Geez.

Margaret tells her husband (yet another Joe) that she can’t live like this with all the construction. Joe #3 says that they’re two months out. She says the design company is about selling fabulousity, and she doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

Melissa and Joe #2 go out to lunch. They go to an Italian pizzeria, and there’s no one else there. Joe tells her that he bought it. He bought into an existing restaurant, but he’s changing the name. He tells her that he can’t keep all his eggs in the real estate basket. In her interview, Melissa says she’s biting her tongue, and doesn’t want to own a restaurant; it’s a lot of work. He shows her the kitchen, and introduces her to the chef, Nicky. Nicky brings out some penne vodka, and Joe declares it fast food, but gourmet. Melissa says when she opened Envy, she let him know about every step along the way, and he totally blindsided her. Joe says it will give his dad something to do. Melissa tells us they’re all worried about his dad, but it feels like an excuse, and she wishes he’d talked to her. Joe tells her that his dad is excited about it.

Teresa goes to a meeting about her new book, Standing Strong. It’s her sixth one. She wants herself in a tree pose on the cover. The editor says she went deep with the last one, but thinks there’s more and Teresa can go deeper. She says in the last one, Teresa still seemed to have her guard up, and the fans want to know about how her life isn’t perfect when she’s getting the girls up for school at 6 am, or missing Joe #1. She thinks it will be financially rewarding. In her interview, Teresa says she feels pressure as the sole provider. She just paid off the restitution, and has to save for the girls’ college. The last book was number two on the NY Times bestseller list, and they’re hoping for number one this time.

Margaret tells her makeup guy that her house is a sh*t show. She finds out the oven isn’t working. She tells Joe #3 to fix it. She ends up calling a neighbor and asks if she can use their oven. The assistants prepare the food for transport.

Dolores goes to Siggy’s house. They’re having a slumber party, and they’re both in pajamas and pigtails. Ugh. Siggy says she’d rather stick a hot poker in her eye than go to Margaret’s party. In her interview, Dolores says that she was vulnerable when she met Siggy, and just coming off of a failed engagement. Siggy made her come out of her shell, and she’ll always have her back no matter what. They do a peel-off mask.

The food comes back, and the party comes together. Melissa, Teresa, and Joe #2 arrive. Melissa says Margaret’s house is over-the-top, psychedelic, and reeks of fabulousity.

Dolores tells Siggy this is better than Margaret’s party. She says Siggy was mistreated in her own house with her own friends; just imagine being in Margaret’s house with her friends. She’s hoping Teresa and Melissa defend them if their names come up. They’re idiots.

Melissa has a cotton candy martini, and my stomach turns just thinking about it. Margaret tells them Dolores isn’t coming. In her interview, Teresa says Dolores is becoming a Siggy minion. She’s sent a text to Margaret, saying she doesn’t know what loyalty is. Teresa says she’s known Dolores for twenty years. Danielle wonders if Siggy or Dolores really sent the text. She can’t tell them apart. To be honest, it was hard for me at the beginning of the season.

Siggy wants to put on music so they can dance. She shows Dolores some of her new dance moves, and the whole thing is ridiculous.

Joes #2 and #3 wonder what’s up with these women. Teresa tells Margaret about how Siggy hates her. Margaret says she can move past almost anything. Danielle suggests she text Siggy. At Siggy’s house, she says Margaret just checked her. She reads the text to Dolores. It says sorry she’s not at the party, and sorry she’s not with the girl who introduced her to everyone. She’s hoping they can meet and put it behind them. Dolores says she’s only saying this because she has to. Siggy feels that she owes it to herself to meet. Dolores doesn’t think it will go well. She thinks Margaret is a sneak who wants to take Siggy’s place in the group. Oh brother. Siggy says they’re meeting at the diner tomorrow. Dolores tells her to close the chapter. At the party, Margaret hopes they can put it to rest, but if the waterworks start, she doesn’t know what she’ll do.

The next day, it’s miserable out. Welcome to New Jersey. Siggy and Margaret meet at the diner. Margaret says she missed Siggy. Siggy says after what happened in Boca, she was hurt. Margaret doesn’t know what she did that was so awful, and Siggy says she didn’t even think to call her about the memorial. Margaret says there was a group text, and it wasn’t intentional. Siggy complains that Margaret had been hanging out with her friends all day, and Margaret points out that Siggy was hanging out with Dolores. Why is Siggy so angry with her; she’s the one who introduced them. Siggy tells Margaret that she insulted her in front of her friends, and she was deeply hurt. Margaret says it didn’t sound like she was coming from a place of empowerment. Siggy says she doesn’t want to empower, but destroy Margaret. Margaret says this is hypocrisy at the highest level. They should be able to laugh at themselves the way they laugh at others, and Joan Rivers would have loved her Soggy remark. Siggy starts getting weepy, and Margaret suggests maybe she should be on medication. Siggy says she’s getting some kind of hormone pellets in her butt, and asks if Margaret wants to come to the appointment. I have the feeling she needs more than pellets in her butt to straighten her out. This chick is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Margaret says the last thing she wants to do is make a girl feel bad. It wasn’t her intention. In her interview, Margaret says Siggy crying in a group of people is theatrical, but when they’re alone, it makes her feel horrible. She says she’s a wiseass, but doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Siggy says Margaret doesn’t realize how sensitive she is. She feels like they don’t know each other, and Margaret says it’s like they’re dating. She says she was just trying to be funny, and truly apologizes. In her interview, Siggy says she’s going to hold Margaret at arm’ length, and take baby steps. Margaret tells Siggy that she’s obnoxious, but can’t help it. Siggy says now that she knows, she won’t be as offended, but Margaret thinks she could use some toughening up. Siggy says when they meet again, she’ll have pellets in her ass.

Next time, Teresa asks Melissa if she’s going to wait tables, Siggy takes a poll about the cake, and Dolores goes off on Danielle.

🌃 On Watch What Happens Live, Siggy admitted she overreacted about the cake. My opinion is that giving someone a fancy cake is like putting the dog in a costume on Halloween. After you take the pictures, then it’s theirs to destroy.

⭐ On Star, Ayanna thought she would cut the girls out after Star tried to strangle her publicist. No surprise, they went to Ayanna’s big party anyway. When they caught the attention of a temperamental celebrity that Ayanna was trying to woo, she had no choice but to kiss their collective asses. Ayanna told Star that she was lost, but Star said they seem to be trying to do the same thing, jump through hoops to impress Ayanna’s dad. While Star figured her own dad, Brody, showed up because he smelled future money, he insisted that wasn’t the case, showing her a childhood drawing she made for him that he carries with him. Carlotta had to rescue Simone from herself, when she went out to create chaos with ex-cellmate Karen, and Derek confronted Alex about her stress shopping. He also admitted that he’d been hiding from the outside world, and confronted a racist a-hole at the deli, although that didn’t exactly turn out well, when the racist overturned Derek’s wheelchair. Queen Latifah’s hair wasn’t that eventful this week, but she sang her heart out at a worship service, while simultaneously, the girls sang the same song at Ayanna’s party, and it was this week’s everything. Star will return after the World Series, when Star threatens to kill Brody.

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October 11, 2017 – Griff Has to Decide, Siggy Wants an Apology, Jahil is Alive & a Giggy Wedding Pic


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

There’s a tribute to Morgan in the park. An easel has been set up with pictures of him.

Kristina walks Parker to class. Parker says that Kristina has made it possible for them to be together. Kristina says it’s the best decision she’s ever made. The dean knocks at the door, and says they need to discuss how Parker’s conduct affects the university.

Ava tells Kiki how sick of hospitals she is, and talks about things they can do today. Kiki says she can’t spend too much time today. Ava thinks she’s mad, and Kiki says that Ava only lied and snuck off to a bootleg clinic in Russia where she could have died. She was relieved when Griff called. Ava says he moved heaven and earth for her. Kiki tells her that’s because he felt responsible, and wants to know why. What happened between them?

In the chapel, Griff tells God that he’s sought clarity through prayer, scripture and faith, but needs discernment and guidance. A priest walks in, and says at the risk of sounding conceited, he could be the answer to Griff’s prayers. Father Corey is there to take him back to his parish where he belongs. I didn’t even know he had a parish.

Ava tells Kiki that she and Griff had a disagreement, and let’s leave it at that. Kiki says it must have been quite a disagreement, but she’s glad he got there when he did. Deanna pops in, saying there’s been a glitch, and Ava’s release papers will take longer. Kiki says she’ll be back later She’s spending the morning with Avery. Ava wants to see her, but Kiki isn’t sure about that. She doesn’t think it’s the best thing for today. Ava says she hasn’t seen her in a while. Kiki tells her to text when she’s ready to go, and Ava says to take pictures if she can’t bring her. Kiki says she really is glad Ava is back home.

When Kiki is gone, Laura appears. She says she saw Kiki leaving. She’s a lovely girl, and Ava must be proud, although she wonders if she’d be as proud, if Kiki knew how Ava betrayed Nikolas. Which makes no sense unless we were talking about Kiki being proud of Ava.

Father Corey says he hasn’t heard from Griff in weeks. Griff tells him that he just got back from a trip. The priest says it must have been some trip; St. Gabriel had an easier time reaching the Virgin Mary. He’s not shaming Griff, but not even sending a pithy emoji makes him think that Griff is avoiding him. Griff says it wasn’t because he didn’t want to speak with him, but he was afraid of being told his leave of absence is over. Father Corey tells him as they say on Wednesdays, bingo! The bishop needs him back immediately.

The dean tells Parker that pursuing a sexual relationship with a student is against policy, and she was seen kissing Kristina. Kristina says that she’s not going to school there anymore, but he says it was prior to her withdrawal. She wants to know who said something, but Parker says it doesn’t matter. The dean tells her that her paperwork will be waiting. Kristina asks what paperwork, and Parker tells her that she’s just been fired.

Laura tells Ava that she’s the one holding up the release papers. Ava knows how much Laura hates her; she hates herself. Laura says she should. She chose vanity over conscience, letting a murderer walk out into the world, and Spencer will have no peace of mind. Ava wonders if he could appreciate the irony. She ruined her chances of getting her face back by helping somebody. Laura asks if she thought she’d get applause for her noble victory, when she helped the man go free who murdered her son. Nikolas died for her. She tried to take comfort that he died a hero, but now she knows it was in vain. In the end, Ava valued her looks over Nikolas’s memory, and Laura will never forgive her. Any attempt at apology is wasted, but she’s the least of Ava’s worries. She sold her soul to the devil, and one day, will have to pay up. She gives Ava the release papers.

Griff apologizes to any inconvenience, and says he’ll call the bishop and ask for an extension. Father Corey says he already took more time than usual, and the time has come to an end. Griff says he has patients and cases, but the priest says there are other doctors. His parish needs him. Aside from his indiscretion, he was an exemplary priest, which is why they agreed to the extended leave. Griff says he appreciates it, and Father Corey tells him to act like it. He’s had more than enough time, and they have every confidence that he’s learned to resist temptation.

Kristina tells Parker that she can call father’s lawyer, but Parker says that she broke the rules. She tells Kristina not to blame herself, but Kristina says she only blames whoever was spying on them. Alexis walks into the room, and Kristina says she’s not surprised. It was her.

Kiki arrives at the park, and thanks Michael for inviting her. He says no one blames her for what Ava did. Molly says that they’re there to honor Morgan’s life and outrageous sense of humor. I wish I’d seen this sense of humor they keep talking about. I don’t remember him having much of a sense of humor at all. Molly gets a text from Kristina, saying she can’t make it. Josslyn wonders why she’s blowing it off, since it was her idea. Molly doesn’t want to speculate, but Josslyn thinks she knows something. Molly says that Kristina dropped out of PCU, and their mom is upset, so they’re probably talking. Michael says Morgan would sympathize.

Molly gives out Perks new signature drink, which was Morgan’s creation – the Morganchino, hot chocolate and espresso. She says that the profits from it will go to the foundation. Dante says it packs a punch, and Michael adds that he won’t be sleeping for days. That’s my kind of coffee. Josslyn says the ceremony wouldn’t be complete without Perks hats, also Morgan’s creation, and passes them out to everyone. Dante talks about the time they first met, and Michael takes a group picture with everyone wearing their hats.

Kristina tells Alexis that Parker was just fired because of their relationship, and Alexis says, imagine that. Kristina says that she’s no longer enrolled at PCU. Alexis says that she knows, even though Kristina didn’t tell anyone, but she wasn’t the one who said something to the school. Kristina says that Alexis would do anything in her power to sabotage them, and Parker adds that she has been relentless. Kristina tells her to admit it. Alexis insists she didn’t do it, but whoever did, did Kristina and PCU a big favor.

Doc meets Laura at Kelly’s. He tells her that he got her message, and asks if she’s okay. He has a feeling, and she admits she neglected to tell him something. He says she can tell him anything, and she says that she went to Wyndemere and threatened Valentin with a gun.

Griff says that his ordination was the happiest day of his life. Father Corey remembers what the priest said about justice and consistency, and all the virtues that should be reflected in a priest’s actions, as well as keeping pure and spotless. He says it’s a gift of a high calling. Griff remembers everything, including his vows. He wants to resume being a priest, but he has to be completely sure; his parishioners deserve it. He asks for a few more months, but Father Corey says he already asked the bishop, and Griff is needed now. His replacement is needed elsewhere, and the bishop was firm. Griff says he can’t, and Father Corey tells him that he has an important decision to make then. Does he want to continue being a priest?

The group at the memorial toasts Morgan with coffee. Ava appears, saying she’s sorry to intrude, but Kiki said Avery would be there. She asks if Avery can say “hi” to her momma, and Michael tells Molly to take Avery into Perks. She asks if he had to do that, and Kiki asks what she’s doing there. She was supposed to text when she was ready to leave. Ava says she got released right after Kiki left. Dante says so she thought she’d barge in, but she tells him that she didn’t know what was happening. Kiki wonders why she didn’t turn around and leave when she noticed, and she says she wanted to see Avery. Michael says she saw her; Avery was having a good time, and she ruined it. I laugh, because maybe she ruined it for the others, but Avery didn’t even know what was going on. Michael insists she can feel the tension (again, not coming from Ava). They’re remembering Morgan instead of being with him because of her.

Father Corey says that he told Griff not to be hard on himself. Things happen. They fail, and fall, but they gather up their courage and learn from their mistakes, emerging stronger with renewed faith and better resistance. He tells Griff that the diocese has supported him because he means so much to them. It shouldn’t be a question of obligation. In the seminary, he embraced the church; what’s changed? He asks if there’s another woman, and Griff says yes.

Alexis tells Kristina that Parker violated her position of trust, and should have discouraged a relationship. Kristina says Parker never did anything inappropriate. Alexis says PCU disagrees. Parker says yes, they did, but she doesn’t have to defend or explain herself to anyone except Kristina. Alexis says that it’s hard to watch Parker manipulate her daughter. Kristina says she came to see if her plan worked, but Alexis says she has no control over what the dean does. Kristina asks why she’s there then, and Alexis wants to find out why she quit school.

Laura tells Doc that the gun wasn’t loaded, but Valentin didn’t know that. He sarcastically says that’s a relief, and she says she knows it was wrong and stupid, but she wanted to see the fear in his eyes for a change. She says Spencer can’t win the civil suit without Ava’s testimony, and it gave him a sense of purpose. Valentin gets away with everything, and she felt helpless. Doc says no judgement. He knows how fierce she can be; it’s one of the many qualities that attracts him to her. Laura gets a picture from Spencer on her phone, and she says he misses them, and will never forget their walks along the Seine before school started. He wants to know how the lawsuit is coming along, but she doesn’t want to let him know how Ava betrayed him.

Michael says they know Ava didn’t mean for Morgan to die; just go out of his mind and break up with her daughter. Dante tells her that she’s not welcome. Ava says that she’s still Avery’s mother. Kiki tells her to please go. Ava says all right, and when she’s gone, Kiki apologizes for letting it slip that she was seeing Avery. She asks if they can continue to celebrate Morgan’s life, but Josslyn is taking her to see the penguins at the zoo, and wants to do it before she’s tired. Kiki says that her mom ruined the memorial like she ruins everything she touches.

Father Corey asks if Griff had sex, but Griff says no. There was some physical contact, but he stopped it. He tells the priest this is different than his experience with Claudette. At the time, he had strong feelings and thought he loved her, but not enough to overcome his love of God and the priesthood. Father Corey asks why he’s reluctant, and Griff says God is still first in his heart, but there’s something about this woman. He’s drawn to her without understanding. It’s more than physical. She had been injured, and closed herself off from the world. At first, he wanted to help, and still just wants to help. Father Corey asks if he wants something more. Griff doesn’t know, but he does know that he can’t return without an answer.

Alexis tells Kristina she found out about her quitting school when she got a refund check. She didn’t have the respect and decency to tell her to her face. Kristina says she thought she knew what the reaction would be, but she underestimated Alexis. She didn’t think she’d get back at her by tanking Parker’s career. Parker says it doesn’t matter; she’s fired. She’s going to Oregon, where her parents left her a house. Kristina is sure she’ll love it. She’s going with her.

Doc asks what Laura told Spencer. She told him that they miss him too, and the civil suit is moving through the judicial system at a glacial pace, which isn’t exactly a lie. Doc says it’s not exactly the truth either. She says the suit means everything to Spencer. He’s Hamlet avenging his father’s death. It’s how he’s dealing with his grief, and losing Ava’s testimony will be hard because he wants to win badly. Doc asks, or does she? She says both, but she can handle the disappointment; she doesn’t think he can. Maybe something will happen to change it. It breaks her heart that Spencer won’t have justice for his father’s murder.

Father Corey says that Griff can’t have it both ways. He can’t use the priesthood as a shield against life. Choose one and deal with the challenges. He suggests Griff pray about it, but Griff says he’s been doing that. The priest says he’ll pray too, but if the answer isn’t with God, Griff has to look inside himself. He needs to have the guts to listen, and in the end, he’ll know what’s right, and no doubt find the answer. I love this actor, but can’t find out who he is.

Doc doesn’t want either of them to suffer. They might not get justice, and will have to find peace another way, but he’ll be here for her no matter what. He wants to be there in the good times and the bad; that’s how love works. Laura says she doesn’t know what she would have done without him. He says she would have managed. She says maybe, but this latest twist knocked her for a loop. She doesn’t know how Ava can justify her actions, and how she lives with herself. She’s destroyed so many lives.

Ava gets thank you text from Spencer. She says can’t go on like this.

Josslyn thinks they should give the picture board to the foundation, so the kids can see the person who inspired it. Kiki adds that they can see Morgan was just like them; he struggled, but loved life. Michael asks if she wants to come to the zoo with them, but she says no thanks. When they leave, she thinks about what Michael said to Ava, that she used the idea of love and concern to destroy his brother and control her daughter. Kiki ponders this, and tells Morgan that she’s sorry for what Ava did because of her. He’s not here now, and she knows it’s Ava’s fault. Michael said he’s never going to forgive Ava, and maybe she shouldn’t either. She doesn’t know what to do.

Alexis tells Kristina that she’s being ridiculous, and she’s not going to Oregon. Kristina says she is – if Parker wants her. Parker says of course. Alexis blocks the door and says if Parker has any shred of decency, she can’t do this. Parker says that she loves Kristina; she never would have trashed her career otherwise. Alexis says it’s a mistake, but Kristina says the only mistake would be letting Alexis control her life. Alexis tells her that she’s only trying to help. Kristina says she loves someone who loves her back, and their starting a new life together. Alexis can stay and judge – what she does best.

Doc tells Laura that people invent all kinds of ways to justify doing wrong. Some blame others, some take what they think they deserve, some play the victim. Understanding Ava’s psyche won’t make her feel better. She says she has to do something; she doesn’t want to lie life like this. She knows it’s not what Nikolas would have wanted. He’d have wanted her to live her best life and find peace, but she doesn’t know how. Doc says maybe he can help, and asks her to marry him.

Ava books the next flight to Paris. She says that she’s sorry to Spencer. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff.

Tomorrow, Curtis found something, Dillon says Kiki is shutting him out, and Alexis tells Sonny that they have to keep Kristina from throwing her life away.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

We revisit Teresa throwing the birthday cake at Melissa, and Siggy overreacting, ending with her telling Margaret to go screw herself. In her interview, Margaret says while she wouldn’t throw a cake at a party, they were just having fun. The scene continues a little longer, with Siggy calling the girls just about every name in the book. Siggy says if they can’t behave, they’re not coming back.

Teresa calls her father. She misses talking to her mom every day, and her daughters miss her too. Melissa calls Joe #2, and he asks how the birthday dinner went. She says Siggy got “fancy pants” on them, and got mad. She tells Joe about the cake fight, and he laughs. Melissa says that Siggy called them animals. She says that’s what women do, and he should be happy he’s not one of them.

Siggy tells her husband that they were all drunk, but it was no excuse for throwing cake. She’s humiliated and embarrassed, and wants an apology. She continues to bitch to Michael. He says to come home already; it’s ridiculous.

Back in New Jersey, Frankie pours dried pasta into a bowl. I’m hoping it’s going into some boiling water, and he doesn’t put milk on it. Frank lectures him about acting more mature, and doesn’t think he’s taking going to college seriously. He tells Frankie not to embarrass his parents.

The ladies head to yoga. Siggy and Delores didn’t answer the group text, and Margaret tells them not to wait. Danielle talks about Siggy saying that she’s more intelligent than the rest of them. She could understand if it was a real fight, but they were just goofing around. In her interview, Danielle calls Siggy a control freak, and says the moment she wasn’t in control and they started having fun, she lost her sh*t. She might be right here. They were having fun, but not her fun. Danielle tells the others that Siggy did say she’s a Gemini. We flash back to her getting weepy every other minute, and Margaret calls her Soggy. Melissa says that she’s two different people – the one from Boca, and the one from New Jersey. She’s hoping New Jersey comes back, because Boca is no fun.

They set up towels on the beach. Teresa is a certified instructor, and tells them go at their own pace. In her interview, she says that yoga changed her mind. She learned to be more positive. If it wasn’t for yoga, she wouldn’t have rekindled her relationship with Danielle. Danielle does a difficult pose, and Melissa says that her flexibility is the reason she was engaged nineteen times. Hahahahaha!

Siggy and Delores go to a juice bar. Siggy says she tried to make the weekend perfect, and was disrespected for her trouble. She bitches to Delores, and says that it’s her town. Delores gets why she’s upset, but says she doesn’t think it was deliberately disrespectful; it’s just the way they act. She’s seen Teresa throw people and tables across the room. Delores suggests Siggy talk to them before they go to tennis at her friend’s house.

After yoga, Melissa wants a drink immediately. A man brings a white floral wreath down to Margaret. Margaret says that it’s a healing time, and she thought setting the wreath out to see as a memorial to Teresa’s mom would be appropriate. She’d seen it done in Hawaii. How thoughtful! She feels that Teresa opened up, and wanted to do something special. Each of them takes a rose and a notecard where they write something to a lost loved one. Everyone is crying, and they read their cards out loud. I start to cry. This is one of those rare moments that is truly real and touches your heart. Of course, Teresa writes to her mother, and I’m surprised she can get through it. In her interview, Melissa says it takes a while to get to a place where you want to keep living. Teresa says Margaret is an amazing person. They tie the flowers and cards onto the wreath. Margaret didn’t think it would be so emotional. They have to take the wreath out on a paddleboard with an instructor. Teresa says that one of the difficult things about grieving is being alone, but now she’s sharing a special moment with those who lost love ones. She tells us that Margaret wouldn’t have known it, but her mom loved beach, and she knows she’s watching.

In the Garden State, Teresa’s girls aren’t thrilled with grandpa’s cooking. Joe #2 comes over with his kids. In his interview, Joe says the grandkids are his father’s life, and he lights up when they’re around. He teases the girls about boyfriends, and says his daughter will be 48 when she gets her first one.

Siggy whines to Delores that they’ve had all morning to reflect. She hopes they realize they took it too far. Everyone gets in the limo and it’s pretty quiet. In her interview, Siggy says they’re in the car like nothing happened. There’s intermittent small talk. Delores tells us that the one thing that can make it go away is if someone apologizes. She feels an eff-you attitude in the car.

When they get to the house mansion, Siggy says things went too far last night. She doesn’t want tennis rackets to go flying. Teresa wonders, if Siggy feels that way, why are they even coming here? In her interview, Siggy says they’re lucky they didn’t get time out. She tells them to please respect her friend’s house. Melissa feels like she’s being schooled. Margaret says they’ll talk about it later.

The girls are introduced to Lori. The house is humongous and impressive, but I don’t love it. Siggy wants them to have a taste of her lifestyle in Boca. Teresa is pissed, but Lori planned amazing day for them, so she’s rolling with it. None of them want to be there. They sit on the patio, and Lori explains that she and her husband became friends with Siggy and Michael when her husband was Siggy’s OB/GYN. Some of the girls are going to play tennis, and the others going to the pool. Lori arranged for a lifeguard to teach Teresa how to swim. Wow. Another thoughtful gesture. Danielle tells her about the wreath ceremony, and no surprise, Siggy feels disrespected that they didn’t call her. In her interview, Delores says she’s known Teresa and her mother since she was a teenager, and is shocked she was excluded. Because It’s all about them. I might add that they did not answer the group text, so too bad.

Siggy’s tennis dress matches the blue court so well, it’s like a special effect. Margaret plays tennis like I do – badly. Siggy is concentrating on having good time, but it’s hard, because she’s sad about fighting with her friends. I notice that the instructor has man bun. Only Josh (Sweet Home Oklahoma) is allowed to have a man bun. Swim instructor Lee takes Teresa out in the water, and she’s terrified. She has to keep a grip on him, but doesn’t really mind since he’s hot. He instructs well, as she ends up swimming alone across the pool.

Siggy takes Lori aside, and tells her about the cake, leaving out a few details, like it wasn’t malicious, and she was nasty. Lori says no one in her world operates like that. Siggy is glad someone agrees with her, because she thought she was in the twilight zone. They agree a sit down is needed. Delores tells Margaret of course Siggy is upset. Margaret says Siggy did say a few things that were dismissive. In her interview, Delores thinks Margaret needs to learn about loyalty. Who brought you is who you stay with. Yeah, if you’re going to the bar. How about leaning on the side of the right one? Delores is angry that they weren’t invited to the memorial. In her interview, Margaret says it was about Teresa’s mother, not Siggy and Delores. Again I say, if they hadn’t ignored the text, they might have gotten an invite.

Melissa doesn’t want to apologize for having fun at her own party. Good point. They’re having dinner at Siggy’s place. Everyone gets ready.

Siggy is annoyed with Margaret, and hurt. She wanted to be part of it. Delores says Margaret should have texted her, and I yell, she did! you didn’t answer! at the TV. She says they weren’t up for yoga because of the way things went the night before. But she obviously couldn’t be bothered to let them know that. She says had they known about the memorial, nothing would have stopped them from coming. In her interview, Margaret calls Delores a mini Siggy. Margaret relays to the others that Delores said they should just accept that Siggy says things like she has a higher IQ; that’s the way she is. Danielle says it’s an insult. In her interview, Teresa says she never would have believed she and Danielle would be on the same side of an argument.

Margaret says the house is a shrine to Siggy. There are even pictures of her in the bathroom. Siggy has hired Sexz Chef for the dinner. While they have a cocktail, Siggy tells Teresa that she has a hangover from last night and her head is spinning. Teresa says that her head is spinning from last night too. In her interview, Siggy claims she was getting the eyeroll attitude, but I didn’t see that. It was more like Teresa was trying to be funny, but didn’t know how to handle Siggy’s remark.

At the table, continuing with her passive aggression, Siggy says they had great food last night. Melissa says that she enjoyed being outside. Siggy says she can’t stand it. They’re acting like nothing happened. They were both rude, and it was validated by Lori. Melissa is like, nice, throw us under the bus. Siggy says they threw her under the bus by not apologizing first thing the next morning. Melissa and Teresa say, what?! at the exact same time, and it’s too funny. Melissa is shocked she wants them to apologize for being playful. In her interview, Melissa says that they didn’t ruin the night; Siggy did. Siggy goes blah-blah-blah about how she had this special cake made for Melissa, like it wasn’t going to get eaten in five minutes anyway. Delores thinks they should apologize, not necessarily for what they did, but because it upset Siggy, which doesn’t take much. Melissa asks why Siggy doesn’t apologize for the things she said, like calling them freakin’ animals, and she’ll have to explain they’re from New Jersey.

Siggy claims she never said that, and she remembers everything. We flash back to her saying that. Teresa says Delores didn’t have much to drink, and asks her if Siggy didn’t say that. Delores starts making it up as she goes along. She’s not saying Siggy didn’t say it, and has her back. In her interview, Teresa says Delores was like her sister, and isn’t backing her up. Delores claims she doesn’t remember, and Melissa says that means she’s pleading the fifth. Melissa says that Siggy also told them to eff themselves. Siggy wails why isn’t she allowed to have feelings? Margaret asks how she’d act in a real crisis (thank you), and who cries about a cake? Margaret calls her Soggy. In her interview, Melissa says she’s been called a lot worse names. Danielle says that since the cake was a gift to Melissa, she should be able to use it the way she wants to. Another good point. Siggy accuses her of kissing Teresa’s ass. She whines that she extended this invitation to everyone, and now they’re ganging up on her. She says they’re not getting it. Melissa says that she talks down to them, and Siggy accuses Melissa of always talking down to her. She’d expected her friends to have a certain level of class in a public place. Margaret says that Siggy caused several scenes, and we flash back to her screaming and hollering to people in the first restaurant they went to. Siggy says this is her town, and they’re acting like trash.

Melissa says that you never refer to a woman from Jersey as stupid or trash. Danielle is insulted that she used that word (and you don’t get more Jersey than her). Siggy starts saying trashy, trashy, trashy, and Melissa asks if she’s on drugs. Siggy says putting a little cake on each other’s faces was fine, but not throwing the whole thing. Melissa asks if doing it properly would have made it okay. Siggy tells her if that’s how it’s going to be, maybe they shouldn’t have dinner again. Melissa says okay, bye. Teresa follows her, saying the crab cakes were salty. Margaret and Danielle aren’t far behind. Way to break up a dinner party.

Siggy says she doesn’t give a sh*t. Delores says they started the weekend as close friends, and then two interlopers snuck in, Margaret and Danielle.

Next time, Siggy wants to pull Margaret’s pigtails out, Margaret calls Siggy a hypocrite, and Siggy is out to destroy Margaret.

This was a really good episode. There were the usual fights, but we got an unusually touching moment, and there were quite a few laughs.

🍸 Oh wow. I’d just been thinking about the time Andy Cohen had a Watch What Happens Live New Year’s Eve show. Giggy married Grandma Wrinkles, and it was one of the best New Year’s Eves I ever had. Sad, I know. For whatever reason, he said he’d never do another one, and I was bemoaning that, which is even sadder. Anyway, on tonight’s show, he said he’ll be hosting with Anderson Cooper this coming New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t totally listening, but I assume on CNN. Not quite the same thing, but it sounds intriguing. I also assume that he’s replacing Kathy Griffin, whose career no one killed except her, and that was long before the election.

🌟 I missed Star last week, and apparently missed a lot, because Benjamin Bratt is still alive, and still wants to produce the group. They weren’t down with that, but maybe they should have been, since latest producer Ayanna scheduled them to sing in a mall. It didn’t go well, and Alexandra dropped the mic (stand) all the way through one of the speakers, causing a power outage in the food court. I was kind of on Ayanna’s side here, since the girls complained about having to perform for a not-that-receptive audience. They should try off-Broadway, and perform for almost no audience. She told them it wasn’t what she meant by a smash performance, and as punishment, they had to be back-up singers for some dude. Star tried to get him to promote them, and that was a no, but it was a yes to getting busy with her later, where she threw him a no after getting him hot and bothered. Queen Latifah dancing at home with the girls to I’m Every Woman was all of us. Next week, another father for Star shows up.

📡 Quote of the night: I’m not throwing shade. I’d throw a palm tree at her ass if I thought it would work. – Miss Lawrence

Yes, I even took pictures of the TV…


Giggy Marries Grandma Wrinkles – 2010