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May 22, 2019 – Ryan Has the Upper Hand, an Upstate Birthday, a Charming Housewarming, Weird Crossover, Goodbye Star & a Margarita


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Scotty tells Ava it was quite number. Ava says, the audience seemed to like it. Lucy says, the Nurses Ball audience is the kindest audience in the entire world, and will clap for anything, no matter how obvious and cliché. Ava says everyone is there, especially her, to serve the greater good.

Backstage, Ryan tells an unconscious Doc that he saw his darling Ava. She gave the performance of a lifetime. It was like she was singing just for him. Soon, she’ll learn the reports of his demise are premature. Doc’s demise, however, promises to be timely.

Sonny says someone stopped by the house, and had an Uber outside. Cameron tells Sonny that he helped Oscar record a message that he promised to give Josslyn before the Ball. Carly says, Oscar wants Josslyn to sing their song.

Jax finds Josslyn, and says her mother was wondering where she was. He was too, but he’d never say that. He’s too cool of a dad.

Nina swills champagne. Michael takes it she didn’t like the last number. Valentin senses something amiss, and Nina tells Michael that his little friend has quite a mouth on her.

Willow tells Shiloh, excuse me, and tries to breeze past him. He wonders what that was about a child, and she says, Nina doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Shiloh says Nina seems convinced Willow has a child. Willow should just start screaming that he’s assaulting her.

Mac asks Chase what he’s got. Chase says Curtis and Laura found where Ryan was hiding. They got no help from the owner of the house, but they called later, and Laura and Curtis came back. It was a trap. Ryan had killed the owner, and ambushed them. They were immobilized, and the place was ready to explode. Felicia asks if they’re okay, and Chase says they got out just in time, but Ryan is coming back, and has a big head start. Felicia says, he could be anywhere. Ava says they know where he’s going.

Sam tells Lucas that she’s looking for her plus one. Lucas asks how DOD is working for her, and she says she’s learning a lot. I love how she never quite lies. Lucas says, Brad is getting a lot out of it. Brad comes back with their drinks, and says, what? Lucas says, Dawn of Day. He asks Sam, remember how anxious Brad was when they got Wiley? He’s not anymore. He used to wake up in a cold sweat, terrified they were going to lose Wiley.

Michael says, Willow is a good person, but Nina says, she’s not good at minding her own business. Michael says Willow isn’t going to be teaching there anymore because of her. Nina hopes so. Valentin says Willow only has herself to blame. She has a habit of interfering. Nina says Willow doesn’t think she and Valentin are suitable parents, and apparently, Willow gave up a baby, and didn’t want anyone to know about it. Michael excuses himself, and Sasha looks puzzled. Funny how it’s Nina who can’t seem to mind her own business here.

Willow says she doesn’t answer to Nina, who’s a self-involved drama queen. Shiloh says that’s why Willow hid. That’s why she ran, and changed her name. Willow says she’s not the only woman who’s run from him. She was taking her life back. He gets in her face, putting his finger in it, and actually seems kind of scary. He tells her, don’t lie to him. She was pregnant when she left. She says, yes, she was.

Lucy says she’s so proud that their community comes together to fight HIV and AIDS. The next act is a great example; an extremely talented couple who gets out for a good cause. Ned and Olivia sing Get Closer. Obviously ned has sung before – he is Eddie Mayne – but I don’t remember Olivia ever singing, and she’s pretty good. There’s much applause, and Ned and Olivia hug. I’m wondering how they pick the songs.

Shiloh insists it’s his child, and Willow says, sure about that? She asks, how does it feel to be lied to and manipulated, and be powerless? He doesn’t deserve a child. Shiloh gets a seriously scary face on, all angry and bug-eyed, and punches the wall. He grabs Willow, and she says she lost the baby; she had a miscarriage. He grabs her face, and says he sees it on her face and in her eyes. She’d better tell him where the baby is. She says, there is no baby, and Michael grabs Shiloh from behind, tossing him across the room like the garbage he is. Michael takes off his jacket, and says if Shiloh wants Willow, he has to come through him. Wow. Michael is impressing me for the first time ever.

Valentin tells Nina not to let Miss Tait ruin her evening. Sasha says it’s incredible. Maybe next year, they can perform together. If she makes it. Nina asks why she wouldn’t, and Sasha says she means if she makes the cut. Nina says nothing would mean more to her than performing with her daughter. She apologizes for her mood. She’s not letting Miss Tait ruin the Nurses Ball for her.

Lucy approaches Josslyn, and says she made it. Nothing keeps a Jax down for long. Josslyn says she’s sorry, but she can’t sing. Lucy had said that was okay. Lucy says she did, and she’s just glad Josslyn is there. She looks absolutely beautiful. They’ll talk later. Josslyn excuses herself. Carly says she’s going to have a word with Lucy, but Jax says she might embarrass Josslyn. Cameron says it’s his fault. He thought he did the right thing, but maybe it was too much pressure. Sonny says Oscar trusted him, and he had to do it. If Josslyn doesn’t want to sing, it’s up to her.

Chase tells Ava that they have an APB out, and checkpoints set up. Hopefully, Ryan knows better than to come back to Port Charles. Valerie says they’re working on getting protection for her. Chase says, meanwhile, she needs protection now. Does she have somewhere to go after the Ball? She says she does.

Backstage, Josslyn looks at the song, and hears Oscar’s voice saying, it’s your turn now. You still have everything ahead of you. He wants her to live her life to the fullest. Starting tonight. And when she sings their song at the Nurses Ball, know that she’s singing for both of them. He loves her. She says she just can’t. Sonny touches her shoulder. She says she thought she was stronger than this. Is he disappointed in her? He says, not now; not ever. Oscar wouldn’t be. She asks how he knows, and Sonny says, because he loved her. All he’d want is for her to smile and be happy. Know how he knows? He had a friend that died a while ago, and knows tonight is about helping people, but he didn’t get the help. It was too late. Josslyn says, Stone. Sonny says it took him a long time to figure it out. Stone ever really left him. He’s always there when Sonny needs him. He inspires Sonny when times get tough. Oscar is doing the same thing for her. She just doesn’t know it yet. He hugs her.

Scotty tells Ava that her date is a no show. Ava says she has no time for this, and Scotty asks, when she came off the stage, who was there? Him. Where was Doc? Asleep in his soup. She deserves better. He walks away, and she makes a call. She says she’s the owner of the Cedar Mountain property, and asks them to have the caretaker open the place. She knows it’s late, but she’ll be more than happy to pay generously. She’s on her way.

Sam tells Lucas and Brad that sometimes she wakes up during the night to make sure the kids are there and breathing. It’s called being a parent. They’re just finding out, and there’s no one to tell you, especially if you haven’t held your own kid before.

Michael says Shiloh has pushed his family too far. If he was Shiloh, he’d leave and not come back. Shiloh says he’s not going anywhere, because he’s a father. He tells Willow that he’ll see her soon. She cries, and Michael holds her.

Lucy thanks the audience and says, depending on who you ask, the next performer is either the second, third, or fourth most infamous Cassadine, but he’s definitely the most talented. She asks them to welcome Valentin, who accompanies himself on the piano, and sings Nothing Without You (which was hella hard to find using the lyrics).

Scotty sees Ryan, and thinking he’s Doc, says they need to have a little talk. Ryan says he’s in a hurry, but Scotty says he’s not going anywhere, and grabs his arm. His hand comes off.

We are interrupted by breaking news that says, this graphic is working. I’m not kidding. That’s all it says on the screen, like, five times. Thanks for letting me know.

Scotty says, Ryan, and Ryan hits him over the head with some kind of wrench. He throws his fake hand on Scotty and tells him, never let it be said he didn’t have the upper hand. He’s about to land another blow, when he hears Lucy and Epiphany arguing. Epiphany says she’d better not blame Josslyn. She’ll answer to Josslyn’s father, mother, and stepfather, and if not them, she’ll answer to Epiphany.

Michael tells Willow that he’s having that SOB arrested, but she says he didn’t do anything. Which is totally not true, since he had his hands on her, but okay. Michael tells her to sit down, and tell him everything.

Shiloh goes back to the table, and Sam asks if he’s okay. He says he just found out, in the worst way possible, he has a child, and the woman never told him. Sam says, that’s horrible. Michael and Willow sit back down. Lucas is like, hmm… Shiloh tells Sam, she claims she lost the baby, but he knows she’s lying. His child is out there, and he’s going to find it.

Jax approaches Josslyn. She asks if Sonny told him where she was. He says, yep, and he and her mom flipped a coin to decide who would find her. He won. He’s always been lucky like that. He asks how she’s doing, and she says she feels like she’s letting everyone down. He says she’s not, and the only opinion she should care about is her own. She doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Follow her heart, and she’ll know what to do. She says, what if the right thing is really hard? and he says he’ll be in her corner, no matter what she does. Oscar will be too. He hugs her.

Mac asks Lulu when was the last time she talked to her mom. She asks, what’s going on?

Ava checks herself out in her compact, and walks to the exit. Ryan watches from backstage.

Chase tells Valerie, the Ball is almost over; it’s going to get dicey while everyone is leaving. Valerie says, all of his likely targets will be in one place. Shiloh blows past, and Valerie wonders what that’s about. Chase doesn’t care, as long as that sleaze is away from Willow. Olivia and Ned approach them, and Olivia says the place is crawling with cops. What’s going on? Chase says he’s gotten word Ryan Chamberlain is alive, and it’s presumed he’s on his way back.

Epiphany sees Scotty struggling to his feet. He says, his head, and she says, too much fun tonight? She’ll call him a car. She thinks he’s drunk.

Sam tells Shiloh to look at her and breathe. Let peace flow through his body. Shiloh is all bent out of shape, but says, okay, trying to calm down. She tells him give himself a minute. He just found out he’s a father, and she’s worried about him. He thanks her for her commitment to him and DOD. It means so much. She knows what it’s like to have a child taken away, and doesn’t want him to go through the same thing. He appreciates her, and says, now more than ever, he needs her to be in the Trust.

Michael sits with Willow. Everyone shoots looks at each other. Lucas tells Brad he just had a terrible thought. Willow and Shiloh.

Jax comes back without Josslyn, and tells Carly that Josslyn has something she needed to do. Lucy takes the stage, and says she’s so excited. The next performer is no stranger to the Nurses Ball. She’s excited, proud, and happy that they decided to return again. She asks the audience to give a warm welcome to Josslyn. Carly asks Sonny if he knew about this, and he says he had a feeling. Josslyn sits alone in the fog with the lyrics in her hand, and begins to sing, It’s Never Goodbye. The song is a lot better than I expected. She sees Oscar, dressed up, standing in the back of the room. She smiles and sings to him. He disappears, and so does her smile, but the song is done. They audience applauds wildly, but I’m wondering why they’re not standing, since that took a lot of guts.

Ava goes to her mountain house, and checks around. She locks the doors, and opens a metal briefcase. Looking inside, she says, come and get me Ryan.

Jax is proud of Josslyn, and hugs her. Carly says, beautiful, and hugs her. Josslyn tells Sonny he was right. Oscar was there when she needed him. On stage, Lucy says, beautiful, amazing, and heartfelt. She thanks Josslyn, saying Josslyn reminds her of why she’s so very honored to be a part of this event. The performers make them laugh and cry, and that’s what the Nurses Ball is about – great big feelings, and she hopes big money, big donations. Before the closing number, she has to thank a few people. The performers, who were absolutely amazing. The backstage crew. Without all of them, they could do nothing. They’re the unsung heroes. And a special thank you to Donna and Dale. They know why she’s thanking them. (I’m assuming those are crew members they lost this past year.) Most of all, she thanks the audience. They showed up with their pocketbooks and compassion. They want to see change, and beat HIV and AIDS, and every year they get closer. She tears up, and Mac yells, Lucy! They all applaud.

Shiloh asks Sam to come with him tonight. He wants to initiate her into the Trust. She says, now? He says, there’s a fight coming. He feels it, and needs her strength. Give him her strength. She says, okay. Let’s do it. His sly smile returns.

Willow tells Michael that she told Shiloh that she lost the baby, but he didn’t buy it. He’s going to come for his child. In the hallway, Brad wants to go, but Michael says Willow used to be with DOD. Shiloh said he had a kid, and Willow went off on them about letting Wiley near Shiloh. Brad says they’d better get home, and Michael says he knows what that means. Willow and Shiloh are Wiley’s birth parents.

Chase sends an APB out for Ava, and a unit sent to her penthouse.

Epiphany helps Scotty to a chair, and Valerie asks, what happened? Epiphany says, he overindulged, but Scotty says, that’s not what happened. Epiphany tells him that he needs to go home. He says he’s not liquored up. He was clubbed over the head by Ryan.

Mac tells Felicia that she needs police protection as well. Lucy calls for someone to open the curtains for the final performance. The curtains open, and Doc is hanging there in a straitjacket. Everyone is speechless. Lucy screams.

Ava’s phone rings, and she turns it off. She picks up the case, and puts it out of sight, next to a chair. She unlocks the patio doors, and pours a drink. Ryan walks to the door. He stands on the patio, looking in behind her.

Tomorrow, Ryan tells Ava that she has no idea how much he missed her, Laura tells Margaux a woman is dead because of her, Willow says Shiloh knows about the baby, and Jason tells Spinelli, it’s time to move.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Not getting Bethenny’s point, LuAnn says she didn’t feel what Bethenny did was a celebration, but an intervention. Bethenny says it was celebrating her life. She’s not getting it, and it’s basic math. LuAnn agrees she should have let Bethenny know she was going on later, but it was beyond her control. Bethenny tells her not to say negative things about her then. LuAnn says, it wasn’t meant to be negative. She didn’t mean hurt Bethenny. Bethenny says she was hurt. LuAnn says nobody was there, and they tell her they all were. Did this woman go to a different party? Tinsley says she didn’t even notice. In her interview, Sonja says, they’re not fans, they’re friends. Bethenny says, in the Berkshires, LuAnn referred to her as the queen bee, and said if she didn’t stay in the room Bethenny was taking, she was leaving. What has she done except support LuAnn? LuAnn says – wait for it – queen bee isn’t necessarily bad. Bethenny says, it was derogatory. Not everything is about her. I, I, I. It’s her favorite word. They all have their own lives. Everyone has their own sh*t. LuAnn admits to being upset with Dorinda, and throwing Bethenny under bus. Bethenny says, so is she sorry? LuAnn says she’s glad Bethenny came, and sorry she missed her. Bethenny wonders if that’s the apology – sorry I didn’t get to see you – and in her interview, wants to move the sorry. LuAnn says she appreciates all of them. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she understands, but feels ganged up on. New boyfriend Paul calls Bethenny, and she steps into the bedroom. Sonja says, it’s getting serious, and Tinsley asks what Marley thinks. Might as well.

In the bedroom, Bethenny tells Dorinda that LuAnn doesn’t get it. Dorinda does a funny pantomime, mimicking LuAnn. LuAnn joins them, and Bethenny says she’s done what she can to be a good friend. LuAnn says she wants a friendship she can trust, and Bethenny has been there for her. Bethenny says she wants to trust, and she’s been straight up with LuAnn. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she feels like Bethenny helping her is a get-out-of-jail-free card. She’ll always be grateful, but Bethenny is overusing the card. Okay. I guess asking for common decency in their everyday interactions is asking too much. Bethenny says she wants a baseline of respect. LuAnn’s little digs add up. LuAnn says she was upset, and apologizes. In Dorinda’s interview, she doesn’t think LuAnn has never thought she had to apologize for anything, including her arrest. She doesn’t like to be held accountable. LuAnn says Bethenny was there for her in a big way, and she missed her not being there at that moment. It’s not easy for her. In the kitchen, Sonja imitates LuAnn. LuAnn says being there, and not drinking; she’s on her own a lot. She made the comment out of spite, and she shouldn’t have. They hug. In her interview, Bethenny checks it off. She says, it’s like junk food; not satisfying, just cheap. It was a cheap apology. LuAnn asks about Bethenny’s new boyfriend, and Bethenny says she’s trying to be relaxed about it. In Bethenny’s interview, she says they’re dating, it’s evolving, and she’s happy, but she still loves, misses, and is mourning Dennis. She tells LuAnn that she wants her to stay sober and healthy.

Bethenny, Tinsley, and Dorinda head to the hotel. Barbara asks LuAnn how she’s doing, and LuAnn says, that was rough. She’s trying to chill. In the car, Bethenny says, that was cathartic. She wanted to be kind, and not attack. At LuAnn’s, Barbara says Bethenny was aggressive. LuAnn noticed that Barbara wasn’t chiming in, and let her sink or swim. In her interview, Barbara says she felt like LuAnn’s soldier for a long time. She’s done. LuAnn is on her own. She’s done all she can. LuAnn thinks Sonja stirs the pot. Sonja comes in, saying she’s exhausted. LuAnn tells her that she didn’t do anything but gossip. In Sonja’s interview, she says she has LuAnn’s best interests at heart, and if she’s a pot stirrer, give her the spoon. She needs to hear it. She tells LuAnn that they didn’t feel she was gracious.

Dorinda, Tinsley, and Bethenny get to the hotel. They deem the rooms adorable. Tinsley says she finds upstate boring, and wants to drink. Out of respect for LuAnn, she’d rather get bombed at the hotel.

Ramona arrives at the hotel. She brought centerpieces from her birthday luncheon for LuAnn. In her interview, Dorinda says she was too cheap to get flowers, and she didn’t invite them. She’s rubbing it in.

Sonja says she cleans up good, as she makes her hair messy. Dorinda says Bethenny will say Sonja has her sh*t together. Sonja says, after a glass of rosé, she feels adventurous. Everyone gets ready for dinner. Ramona has also brought a cake along, and Bethenny tells Sonja, Ramona takes the cake. No pun intended. Yes, pun intended.

They go to the restaurant where Ramona hosted her mother’s funeral lunch. She says it used to be a church. She points out various landmarks; it’s the town where she grew up. Her childhood home is five miles from there. She can’t remember the last time she was there; it might have been her mother’s funeral. Sonja say she hasn’t been there in ten years, but everything’s the same.

Ramona gives the restaurant hostess the cake, as well as the candles for it. They’re seated at the same table Ramona used to sit at with her family, and she’s freaking out a little. Bethenny asks if she wants to sit somewhere else, but she says, no. In her interview, she says, how strange is that? There’s only one table for six. She tells the others that she didn’t go to her father’s funeral. Her brother had him cremated, against her wishes, because he wanted to save money. Everyone is bummed. Ramona says she would have paid for it. In Ramona’s interview, she says she was left outside, so there’s a lot of darkness on the inside. Her father was abusive to her mother, and it was a horrible situation. Dorinda asks if she wants to go by the house, and Ramona says, no, very quickly. She says her father left all her money to Ramona’s sister and brother, as well as the house. The will actually said to his daughter, Ramona, he bequeathed nothing. Everyone freaks a little. In her interview, Ramona says she was broken. She was already upset. When he died, they’d reconciled, and to see it in writing was awful. Not that I don’t feel for her, but I’m surprised they don’t know it’s standard to write it in the will specifically, so there won’t be any question that it might have been overlooked. It’s always done that way, and maybe her dad didn’t think she needed anything, or never rewrote the will after they’d reconciled. She says her brother died three years ago. He hit a tree with his truck, and had a heart attack. Geez. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she didn’t know all that. Ramona has never presented it that way. She’s just used it as an excuse. We flash back to a reunion where she does exactly that. They order food and drinks.

In the car, Sonja says she wants to kill Ramona. LuAnn says she’ll be seeing Ramona tonight. In her interview, Sonja says there was no reason for her not to be invited to Ramona’s birthday luncheon. She’s in the bathroom when Ramona takes a sh*t. There’s no reason for her to be excluded from anything. Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty close, but also TMI. You’re welcome.

Bethenny doesn’t want to go all the way back to where LuAnn lives to see an eighty-year-old cabaret person perform. My jury’s out. It depends. Bethenny toasts to getting rid of bad memories, and making good ones there.

The other ladies join them. Dorinda says Sonja’s messy hairdo looks like she put her finger in an electrical socket. Bethenny is jealous. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Sonja looks like a cartoon. LuAnn gets right to it, and asks how Ramona’s birthday lunch was. They saw her Instagram. Ramona say she brought LuAnn the flowers for her home. Sonja says she’s friends with the hostess, and she wasn’t invited. Ramona stammers for a millisecond, and says she didn’t make the list. We see the clip again where Lucia asks Ramona if she can invite Sonja, and Ramona says no. Ramona says she’s having another party for thirty that will be more fun. Does Sonja want to come? Sonja says she wants to ramonacize it right away. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s shocked at how much flack she’s getting. She has a lot of parties, and invites them, but she didn’t organize this one. Sonja says now the issue has been settled. Ramona says Rhinebeck is special, and Kingston is depressed. LuAnn says it’s happening, and Ramona tells her not to be delusional. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she has manners. She agrees the town sucks, but wouldn’t say it to LuAnn’s face. LuAnn says she wants to chill and relax. Dorinda says, she wants a blank canvas. Dorinda asks if it would upset LuAnn if they didn’t go tonight. Sonja says they can drink martinis there, and dance on the tables. Bethenny doesn’t want to argue. LuAnn says a friend of hers organized it. Bethenny says she doesn’t want to hurt the performer’s feelings. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, she’s starting a support group. It’s okay not to love cabaret. She’d rather relax at LuAnn’s house. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she put effort into this evening. It’s disappointing that they don’t want to come.

The birthday cake comes out, and they sing. Ramona and Bethenny blow out the candles, and make a wish. LuAnn hates to break this up, but hustles her group out.

Ramona, Dorinda, and Bethenny sit at the bar. Ramona says, everything came rushing back. This was her mother’s favorite restaurant. When she died, she wanted to have lunch there, but her father didn’t want to pay for it. Bethenny asks if they were still married, and Ramona says they were. Dorinda thinks it’s weird, and Ramona says her father’s mother beat the sh*t out of him, and that’s why he abused her mother. In her interview, Bethenny says, Ramona has never spoken about her past that way. Woman to woman; what she’s been through. It’s nice to hear she’s not using her past as an excuse for her present behavior.

the others go to the Crown Bar, where the cabaret act is, and also where the local gay bar is. In her interview, Tinsley says, only LuAnn can find a bar full of queens in the middle of nowhere. Did she fly them in? LuAnn say she met John while she was shopping to find furniture for the house, and he owned a fabulous bar with cabaret performers. Margarita comes out. She and LuAnn air kiss.

Bethenny tells Ramona, the name of the restaurant, Terrapin, means turtle. We flash back to turtle time, and Ramona gets the chills.

Barbara wonders who the guy with the hair is, and we see a youngish, dude with lots of hair. More on his head than facial, smiling at them. Sonja can’t believe she’s found the only straight guy, but that doesn’t mean she has to hit it. She tells Barbara not to cross the finish line before the race begins. Tinsley says, who are you people? Dude says hi, and Barbara asks if he’s saying hi to her or Sonja. He says her. Sonja thinks he should be left to LuAnn, who says she’s fine.

Ramona tells Bethenny and Dorinda that she had no love for her father. There was screaming and yelling, and as kids, they would hide under the covers. Bethenny says her mother weighed less than she does, and her father beat her. She would call the cops. In Ramona’s interview, she says she and Bethenny have both been through something similar that the average person wouldn’t understand.

There are no words to describe Margarita. Colorful just doesn’t cut it. She introduces herself, saying she’s from Cuba, and LuAnn got her the gig. She does an exceptionally weird version of Money Can’t Buy You Class, accompanying herself on the keyboard. In Sonja’s interview, she says LuAnn is preparing for her future; her retirement years. She can take over where Margarita leaves off. I can actually see that.

Bethenny tells Dorinda and Ramona that her mother complained that she gave up her whole life for Bethenny, and she was taken to nightclubs at fourteen. Dorinda says shame on her mother. That’s a disgrace. Bethenny says they’re all single mothers of an only daughter. She and Ramona are trying not to make the same mistakes their mothers made. Dorinda gets emotional because she didn’t know. Ramona says she and Bethenny are more alike than she thinks. Bethenny says they broke the chain. In her interview, Ramona says it hurts them both to open up, but Bethenny is more approachable, and they have a stronger connection. Ramona says Bethenny is a beautiful person.

Sonja and LuAnn get up and sing with Margarita. Because she only knows one song, and just one line from that song. Tinsley says it’s the best rendition of Money Can’t Buy You Class that she’s ever heard. In her interview, she says, sometimes being nice is not a good thing. She wishes she’d stayed with the other girls. Sonja dances with a guy and says, you’re gay, right? He says, that’s right, and she says, just making sure.

The next morning, Bethenny says her nightguard feels like cement in her mouth. Dorinda does an imitation of LuAnn. Tinsley come by, and Bethenny addresses her as Miss America. Bethenny says, the day after drinking, she feels like she was gang banged in a taxi in Times Square, and Tinsley looks like she’s ready to teach etiquette class. Tinsley imitates Margarita, and says, it’s next level crazytown. Bethenny asks if she smells a Grammy, and she says she does.

Barbara tells LuAnn and Sonja about the guy she met at the bar. We see a clip, and find out he’s a twin, and renovating his house. He tells Barbara that they have a connection, and Barbara says they can build stuff together. Sonja says Barbara looks mussed and fussed. Barbara says she wondered what LuAnn was thinking when she first said she was moving upstate, and now she feels a real need to get out of New York a little and spread her wings. LuAnn says there’s a whole universe out there. Sonja says, welcome to the Lu zone.

Bethenny, Tinsley, and Dorinda arrive. Barbara tells them about making out with the dude at the bar. Ramona gives LuAnn a gift box. Barbara says dude is renovating his house in Woodstock. LuAnn says they had a great time dancing, and Margarita learned to sing Money Can’t Buy You Class, which is debatable.  In her interview, Dorinda says she grew up in towns like this, and there are no great cabaret singers to woo them at eleven at night. Barbara has to get going. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she’s bummed that Barbara is the first one to leave. The others will be going in a few hours, and then she can chill.

Sonja says Ramona is acting nicer about the town today than last night, when she said it was a poor neighborhood. LuAnn opens Ramona’s gift of the candle holders. Sonja says, it’s one of those, I love it, but what is it? gifts. In her interview, Sonja says Ramona lights a stick of dynamite, then gifts. Bethenny tells them about the turtle revelation, and says they had an emotional sharing; a trust circle of single moms with one daughter. Dorinda says it was fascinating. Bethenny asks if she was a whiner, but Ramona says she opened up more.

It’s time to go. Dorinda has to regroup for a black tie event tonight. She tells Ramona not to give her attitude. Ramona says she’s not, but Dorinda says she made a face. Ramona tells her, don’t get defensive, and LuAnn says she saw it. Ramona says Dorinda said she was leaving by twelve, so don’t be surprised when she reacts. It’s like at the charity auction when Dorinda yelled at her. Dorinda says Ramona yelled back, and we revisit that embarrassment. In her interview, Ramona says she always make faces. If her friends got mad every time she made a face, she’d have no friends. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she gets an overall feeling from Ramona, and it builds up. It’s not specific, but it doesn’t make her feel warm inside. Tinsley tells Ramona that Dorinda is still upset about the charity event, but Sonja says Dorinda interrupted Ramona. Dorinda says she didn’t, and Ramona says Dorinda is the one who should apologize. Dorinda says Ramona wants to talk all the time, and imitates Ramona asking her to go to the Angel Ball, and telling her not to invite John. Ramona insists she told Dorinda to bring John, which is a new one. They flash back to Ramona switching place cards, like it isn’t already burned in our brains. No wonder Dorinda is still mad. She has to relive it every five minutes. Dorinda says Ramona is rude, and she ended up sitting at a table by herself. LuAnn says, that’s a big party to sit by yourself. Dorinda says, if Ramona doesn’t like it, too bad. Ramona says Dorinda wouldn’t let her speak, and Dorinda says, get stronger then. They do a no, you thing for a while. Ramona says Dorinda’s speech was fabulous, and Dorinda says, then what’s the problem? Ramona says, Sonja brought it up, and Dorinda says Sonja is starting trouble.

LuAnn says they always do this. Bethenny tells them, Dennis said, it changes so fast. Two of them are fighting when it started somewhere else.

Next time, Sonja says she doesn’t want to see LuAnn fail, a Miami trip, Ramona makes out with Harry, and Sonja tells LuAnn to STFU.

Southern Charm

Eliza was either bragging or complaining about being from a Charleston family, and said she comes from a mess. After her father’s baby mama drama, they were blocked from the social scene. She didn’t even get a debut, which I suppose is pretty devastating if that’s your thing. Cameron suggested she become more socially aware. She came on too strong, and didn’t know when to shut up. Kathryn has been burned, and didn’t have an easy life. Clueless Eliza told Cameran none of them had easy lives. Really??? Kathryn moved into a new house because she’s going to go for full custody after Thomas’s legal troubles. The rent is $6600 a month, so she must be doing well. Not to mention the place is gorgeous. She said it took her six years to be accepted by society, aka Patricia. Austen said Madison made him feel some type of way, and they’re exclusive. Kathryn thought their fighting was reminiscent of her and Thomas. Austen said she made him happy, and that’s all people should care about. Apparently, Naomie brings Gizmo to work. He is very cute. She started a women’s e-commerce apparel site, and it’s doing well. Her parents took tiny ideas and turned them into something special, and she wants to follow their lead. Her father taught her that no matter how successful something is, or how well it’s doing, you still go to work every day. Good creed. She also has a new boyfriend named Metul.

Craig now has an assistant, Anna. He needs someone to nag him who isn’t his girlfriend. She has her work cut out for her, since he doesn’t remember ordering a 55-gallon drum of beef jerky from Jack’s Links, or what a W-9 is. He thought over his position with Patricia while he was in the Bahamas, but can’t accept orders until he figures out how to make pillows faster. Because he’s never heard of outsourcing to a manufacturer either I guess. Shep and Danni discussed Austen and Madison. Danni couldn’t believe they’re still together, but Shep said, sometimes good guys have threesomes. Danni has a new main squeeze, Gentry, and Shep is kind of seeing this girl. He’s conflicted though, since he likes being by himself. Danni said he was a coward who’s afraid to be vulnerable.

Chelsea got a fixer-upper, and did most of the work herself. She also has a new boyfriend, Nick, a professional sailor who drives a truck. She’s happy. Cameran, Naomie, and Danni went to lunch. They discussed Kathryn’s rent being too damn high. Cameran wanted Kathryn to invest her money rather than throwing it away on rent. She told the others about Ashley getting an award for being an outstanding nurse, and they looked at a video of her making a speech, since no one believed it. Cameran said if she was getting an award for altruism, she couldn’t be 100% bad, but Danni said she was 100% evil. Cameran thought maybe if they’d met her pre-Thomas, it might have been different, but Danni and Naomie were like, no. Just no. Cameran said she might text her, and congratulate her. Naomie told her not to do them like that, and she said she was kidding. I want to get to the part where Ashley gets kicked out of some party. They made it seem like it was earlier in the season.

Chelsea had a housewarming party. While setting up, she wanted to plastic wrap pretty much everything, and have a designated area for Shep to sit. We saw some before and after pictures, and her work is quite impressive. Cameran didn’t think she should let anyone upstairs if they’d been drinking, and Chelsea said she didn’t want to let anyone in the front door. Their tequila faces looked like mine, and I wondered again why on earth anyone drinks that stuff. Austen was embarrassed that he’d gotten hit with costs, and had to put his beer business on the back burner. Shep got dumped before the party, and Whitney’s flight was delayed, so he couldn’t make it. They played several drinking games, one of which I think they were making up as they went along. Shep went on a bike ride, lost his girlfriend when her bike ran into a ditch, and found her at the wrong house. That wasn’t why she dumped him though. She’d seen Instagram pictures of him with girls on a couch. Even though he went to bed alone, Instagram got him again.

Kathryn got together with the girls, an asked for the gossip. Cameran said Kathryn and Whitney had a rendezvous in LA. In her interview, Kathryn said, the first time they hooked up, she was intimidated and didn’t tell anyone, but he ended up telling everyone. She was idiotically in love with Thomas, and he outed her. Now, she doesn’t give a sh*t. Cameran asked what it was like, and Kathryn said, it wasn’t bad. It made Naomie wonder if Craig was right that Whitney had been jealous way back when.

Austen and Craig met Whitney for lunch. Craig asked the status of Austen’s company. He said the beer wasn’t there to drink. Whitney asked what he missed at Chelsea’s party. Austen asked if he was dating anyone, since he and Kathryn were close. Whitney told Austen, eff you, and said Austen had no downtime between girlfriends. He didn’t get what was going on with Madison. Once it was done, it was done, but Austen said, not true. They discussed who Debbie was and why she was a downer.

Cameran has the cutest little dog, Elvis, who joined her and Shep while they checked the crab trap at Cameran’s place. Shep asked if she was giving him crabs, and she was surprised he didn’t have them already. That makes two of us. There was only one in the trap, and Shep insisted on putting his hand in to get it out. No surprise, the crab didn’t take kindly to being in the trap in the first place, and showed his displeasure by pinching Shep good. He let the crab go because he showed gumption. The crab reminded him of him; defiant and brave.

Shep said he almost fell out of his chair when he heard Whitney and Kathryn had hooked up. Cameran said Whitney was like a dog with a bone. She doesn’t think they’d have gotten together if Kathryn wasn’t friends with Patricia now. Shep said, mother approves. Cameran said that’s one way Patricia could get the grandchild she wants. Shep thought it would be perverse and wonderful, but the universe was not that good to them. Shep told Cameran that Madison had asked what his problem was with her. Cameran wondered how Madison’s infidelity was any different than Austen’s, and Shep reiterated his theory that it’s worse to have revenge sex; that person is more culpable. Cameran didn’t think he’d say that if the roles were reversed, but he swore he would. Everybody in town knew, and Austen looked like a clown.

Next time, Shep and Danni tells Austen that Madison tried to hit on Gentry, and Shep makes Austen call her on it.

😘 I love this show. It gives me an equal balance of humor and scandal, and/or hair-pulling. While I’ve dropped a few Housewives from my radar, and others are coming close, I look forward to Southern Charm. It lives up to its name.

😧 I saw the first crossover episode of Summer House and Vanderpump Rules, where Stassi, Beau, Katie, and Schwartz hung out in the Hamptons. Katie discussing Kyle’s love life with him was just weird.

😢 Sad TV News…

Even sadder than I still haven’t seen any of this season, is that Star has been canceled. Along with Queen Latifah’s hair.


😮 No Words…

Enjoy some Margarita.







March 27, 2019 – Shiloh Practices Forgiveness, LuAnn & Dorinda Make It Nice, Randal Meets the New Neighbor, Sorry Star & All Night


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Mike tells Sonny that he doesn’t like surprises too much these days, but Sonny says he’ll like this one. Sonny opens the door, and says, look who’s here. It’s Dante, who says he missed Mike. Sonny says Mike knows who he is, right?

Franco, Elizabeth, and Aiden go to Kelly’s. Aiden says he missed Franco. Franco wants to have a family meeting, and Elizabeth asks, what about? He says about them. Jail isn’t exactly the wedding she deserves. She says she’s happy. They’re a family now; that’s all that matters. Franco says, they’ll talk, and Aiden says he has a lot of recipes. Elizabeth sees a little girl at a nearby table talking on the phone about a party. She asks if that isn’t Kiley from Aiden’s class. There’s a party today? Aiden says, mom, but it’s too late. Elizabeth introduces herself to Kiley, and asks if Aiden is coming to the party. Kiley says it’s Bianca’s birthday today. I can’t believe Elizabeth is actually eavesdropping on a kid. That’s beyond helicopter parenting.

Chase meets Willow outside, and gives her coffee. You know, an empty to-go cup. He’s glad she took the night to think about leaving town. She can trust him to keep Shiloh away, and he hopes she can believe that, and tell him she’s staying.

Shiloh comes out of an examining room, where Sam is waiting. Sam asks if he got stitches, and he says, five. She’s sorry about this. He says he tried to keep it lowkey so there would be no record of Jason attacking him, but when he woke up, he was still bleeding. He had to come in. She asks if there’s any concussion, but he says, no. He’s hard headed. Kristina runs up to them, and asks Shiloh what Jason did to him.

Jason is in the interrogation room, and Jordan comes in. She says she says he’s put her in a dilemma, and hopes he can help. He tells her that he has nothing to say without his attorney. She says, understood. She went through his records, and he’s the guy who never loses control. He’s often been a suspect, rarely prosecuted, and never convicted. He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t lose control either, until yesterday. He lost his cool for no apparent reason. Did Shiloh give him one? Does he know something about Shiloh and DOD that he’s not saying? Margaux asks for a word. Jordan tells Jason maybe this time it’s in everyone’s best interest if he cooperates.

Willow tells Chase that she’s sorry, but she’s handing in her letter of resignation. She has to leave immediately. He asks, why? He’s a detective; doesn’t she trust him? She says she doesn’t trust Shiloh. He’s relentless. He can’t find out about the baby. Chase says it was a closed adoption, but she says he’ll find a way; he’ll get someone to help him. That’s how he works. He makes people open up. Everyone at DOD seems kind and caring. There’s a sense of acceptance, like you belong to a family, but instead of building you up, he brings you down. He strips you bare.

Margaux tells Jordan that she has enough to prove assault, but Jordan says one witness is Jason’s ex, and the other was a waitress who admitted to being more focused on her customers that the altercation. Margaux says Jordan agreed the attack was unprovoked. Jordan says she was acting on information that Shiloh’s life might be in danger, but no name was mentioned. Margaux says it might be enough to prove attempted murder.

Mike looks at Dante again, and says, Dominick? Dante says, close enough. He used to be Dominick, but goes by Dante now. Mike says he used to be someone who was all there. Sonny gets a call, and steps away. Mike asks where in the blazes has Dante been? Dante says he took a job, and was gone too long. Mike says he’s gone sometimes even when he’s there, but Dante came back. Some parts of Mike might not be coming back. Dante says the best parts are still there. Sonny comes back, and Dante suggests they go out to wat. Sonny says he has things to take care of. Jason was arrested, and Diane is in trial until the afternoon. He tells them to go, and have a great time. Dante says, let’s roll.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he’s fine, He just needed a few stitches. Why is she there? She says she heard he was attacked; everyone at DOD is worried. When she heard it was Jason, she got scared. He asks why, and she asks why Sam didn’t warn him. Jason is a hitman. He’s worked for her father for years, and anyone who gets in her father’s way, he eliminates. And it’s not just guns; he’s strong. Sam tells her, that’s enough. Kristina doesn’t know what Jason does or doesn’t do. The stories she’s repeating are highly inappropriate and exaggerated. Kristina says what if he kills Shiloh next time? Sam says Jason attacked him because of her. She’s not defending Jason, but he lost his temper. He’d never try to kill Shiloh. Shiloh thinks Sam is correct. Jason misinterpreted him, and reacted with violence. He doesn’t condone it, but he knows where it’s coming from. Kristina says she doesn’t. Her dad is back in town, and she said she’d see him. She stomps off. Sam asks Shiloh what he’s going to do, and he says it depends on if Jason tried to kill him.

Willow tells Chase that he wouldn’t believe what she’s seen; the secrets that came out in workshops. Sometimes Shiloh used pressure. Other DOD members would come into the room with him, and together they’d keep badgering the errant member with hard truths. Chase says, brainwashing, and Willow says it’s not illegal, and no one would speak up if it was. She’s afraid she might crack under pressure, and say something about the baby. She can’t risk it; it hurts too much already. Chase asks where she’s going, but she doesn’t know yet. Somewhere she can be anonymous. He ask her to let him find a place, and set her up where she’ll be safe. She says she’ll handle it. He asks if he can visit when she’s settled, and she says, we’ll see. He says he’ll take that as a maybe, which almost always means no. She says she can’t think straight. She’s going to miss everything about this place; her students and him, more than he knows. He wishes they could have had a chance. She says she does too. He kisses her, and leaves.

Elizabeth ask Aiden why he didn’t say Bianca was having a party, and Aiden says he forgot. She says he and Bianca have been friends since preschool. Is he excited? He says, no. She said she wanted him to come, but he’s not allowed. Her parents didn’t want him there.

At the MetroCourt, Mike asks Dante if they didn’t go to a party there. Dante says they did, but Mike says the place looked different, like the club he used to work in. Dante says, Luke’s. They resurrected Luke’s for one night. It was a good time. He’s glad Mike remembers. Mike says he remembers other good times too, like the night Dante spent in a jail cell with him. Dante is surprised Mike looks at it as a good time. Mike says he’s always had a soft spot for Dante. That’s why he took Dante on as a tenant at Kelly’s. He knew from the start Dante was the right guy for Lulu. Has she forgiven Dante for being away. Dante says, he probably doesn’t deserve it, but he almost wishes she hadn’t. Mike asks, how come?

Kristina asks how Sonny is feeling. He says, good. He did what he set out to do. He brought her brother home. She ask if Dante is okay, and Sonny says he is now. How is she? Kristina says she’s doing great. Sonny asks if she’s sure, and she asks, why?  Her mom got to him, didn’t she? What did she do? Tell him hysterical accusations about Shiloh? That’s why he asked Kristina over. He’s siding with her.

Sam tells Shiloh that she didn’t want to say this in front of Kristina, but if Jason wanted to kill him, he’d be dead. Shiloh says maybe he should press charges for his own protection. Sam says she’s not making excuses, but what he said to Kristina is true. Jason overreacted; he’s an overprotective father. She’d hate for the boys to lose time with him. Shiloh asks if she thinks he’s a decent role model, using violence instead of words. Sam says, DOD teaches forgiveness. She read in his book, forgiveness leads to a lighter heart. She’s hoping he believes that, for Danny’s sake.

Chase asks Jason what he knows about Shiloh. Jason says he’s saying noting without his attorney. Chase says he set Shiloh up, waiting until he made the first move, and laid him out. He helped Jason out, and Jason’s attorney can subpoena his notes. The waitress stated he was provoked, but if the DA wants to press charges, she won’t make it past the first arraignment. He could have killed Shiloh, and wanted him to know it. Why? Is he threatening someone close to Jason? Because he’s threatening someone close to Chase.

Mike tells Dante that his mind is full of holes, but he can still tell when something’s wrong. Dante says, he always could, and Mike asks what he can do. Dante says this is in confidence, but Mike says, chances are, he won’t remember it to tell anyone else. Dante says, there’s an upside to everything. He didn’t leave because he wanted to; he left because he had to. Or he thought he did to keep his family safe. That’s why he went to Turkey. It was a mission turned into an obsession. Mike doesn’t think anyone has a problem with that. He caught the guy; he succeeded. Dante says, at what cost? So much happened while he was away, to him and the people he loves – none of it good. Mike says Dante seems the same to him. Dante says, on the outside, maybe, but not on the inside. It scares him. He’s afraid of what was done to him, and what he might do because of it.

On the phone with Bianca’s mother, Elizabeth says she appreciates the honesty. The hatefulness and closed-mindedness, not so much. Franco asks what she said. Elizabeth says she claims she tries to maintain a wholesome environment for her daughter. Franco says, she used that word? Elizabeth wonders what that even means, and Franco says they both know what it means.

Willow thanks Brad for meeting her. She’s leaving Port Charles, and wanted to see her son one last time.

Sonny tells Kristina, relax. He didn’t call her over to side with her mother. He misses her, and wanted to lay eyes on his girl. She thanks him, and apologizes. Everyone has been judgmental, but she appreciates that he’s been supportive. She says he and Carly should take a seminar. She knows he’s read Shiloh’s book, but brought a copy for Carly, and a pamphlet on the upcoming courses. She thinks they’d benefit from them. He says he’ll mention to Carly. He has to get something out in in the open. Her mother is concerned, and so is he. Kristina has had a tough couple of years, and he’s hoping she isn’t being pressured into doing something she doesn’t want to. She asks if he thinks she’s gullible. He says he has faith in her, and wants her to happy, but wonders why she’s choosing DOD over her own family.

Chase tells Jason that Shiloh has a cult. He’ll take anyone, but especially young women. If Jason finds any evidence that can be legally used against Shiloh, bring it to him. Help him send Shiloh to prison, instead of going there himself for murder. Margaux comes in, and tells Chase that she wants to go over his notes with him. He leaves, and Margaux tells Jason she doesn’t need to look too hard to uncover a motive. He’s jealous about the attention Shiloh is paying to his ex-wife, or her attention to Shiloh. It made him sloppier than usual. Maybe it’s the straw that’s going to break his back.

Chase tells Shiloh the commissioner is busy, and Shiloh says he’ll wait. He asks how Chase’s meeting went with Miss Tait; his child is in the best of hands. Chase says he didn’t expect a follow up, and asks what Shiloh was going there. Shiloh says reconnecting with an old friend, and asking if she’s going to return to DOD. Chase says, as what? A volunteer? A member? She didn’t seem receptive. Shiloh say she’s a valuable member of the DOD family, and greatly missed. He’s not giving up that easy. He asks Chase to let the commissioner know he’s there, and Chase says he’s on it.

Margaux asks if Jason is sure he has nothing to say. He asks if his attorney if there. Jordan says she’s in the middle of a trial, and will be there some time in the afternoon. Chase pops his head in, and says Shiloh and Sam are there. Margaux suggests they move to the squad room, and tells Chase to bring Jason. Margaux tells Shiloh his timing is good. How can they help him? He says he’s there to about accountability. He wants to address what happened yesterday.

Dante asks if Mike remembers when he took Avery, thinking she was Courtney. They were gone all night, and Dante found them in the stable. Mike says he wanted to show her the horses, and got Sonny in trouble. He didn’t want to, but he screwed everything up. He didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t help it; his mind played tricks on him. Dante says it’s happening to him too, because of whet he went through. His mind is messed up. He doesn’t know what he might do, or if he’ll remember he did it. Mike knows where he’s coming from, and he’s sorry to hear it. It’s a helluva thing.

Kristina wonders why Sonny doesn’t want her to be a better person. She’s following the path to enlightenment, and seeing the possibilities in her life. Sonny asks, other than DOD, where does she see herself in the world? She says DOD is her world. Sonny says, it’s a narrow world. Doesn’t she see herself as anything other than a follower?

Margaux tells Shiloh there’s something more serious, a possible threat made against his life. Shiloh says everybody is capable of that. He doesn’t condemn the violent, but heals them. He believes that can come to a place of compassion and understanding. Jordan says, that’s a lofty belief. He says he has to practice what he preaches, and wants the charges against Jason dropped. Sam gives a sly look at Jason.

Willow tells Brad, something came up. She has to leave town. She’s sure that makes him happy. He admits he’s relieved. Whenever he sees her, he pops antacids like candy. She says now that she’s out of the picture, he can relax. At least he has a conscience, and isn’t a deceitful or duplicitous person. She chose him and Lucas because she wanted her baby to be safe and loved, and to never know his father. Brad thought Wiley’s father was out of the picture. He ask if she’s leaving to be with him, and if he knows about Wiley. She says, absolutely not, nor will he ever. This is about her. It’s the last time she’ll see her son, or at least until he comes looking for he as an adult. Brad asks if she wants that, and she hopes he’ll want to find her, but that’s a long time from now, if it happens. This is all she’s going to get for now. She asks if she can hold Wiley. Brad tells her, how can he say no? and gives Wiley to her. She tells Wiley that she’s doing this for him because she loves him so much. Brad gets Wiley’s blanket, and Willow sees a DOD pamphlet in the stroller.

Franco says they have every right to be angry. If he hadn’t pretended to be a serial killer, he wouldn’t have made his past public. Their family doesn’t fit into Bianca’s mom’s stereotypes. He should call her himself. Aiden is a sensitive and superb human being, and doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t accept him for who he is. Elizabeth says maybe there’s something they can do.

Willow asks if Brad is associated with DOD. He says he met a guy, Shiloh, who suggest a course in peaceful parenting, so he’s going to sign up. His sister-in-law knows him, so he must be okay. He hopes it calms him down. He wants to be the best possible parent. She says he won’t need it. She’ll be gone, so he can relax. He says, if only. He saw another seminar on destructive secrets, and how to free yourself from them, so he might… He sees how tightly Willow is holding Wiley, and says he should probably get back. Holding him longer won’t make it easier.

Sonny knows Kristina is getting something good out of DOD, but she’s excluding her family in the process. With all this talk of enlightenment, he’s losing sight of his own daughter. She says she’s evolving. Sonny likes that, but she can’t make DOD her whole world; it’s unhealthy. She tells him not to judge her choices, but he says he’s her father. If he sees her going down a dangerous road, he’s going to say something. Kristina says, ironic. He says they’re trying to wipe out her identity and make her believe her family is worthless. He loves her too much to allow that to happen.

Margaux asks Shiloh if he doesn’t feel his life is in danger or Jason is a threat. Shiloh says no. She says given the statements of the two eyewitnesses that the attack was unprovoked, she can’t dismiss this. Shiloh says that’s where the accountability comes in. Earlier, Jason saw Shiloh with his son, and Shiloh thinks it ultimately triggered the attack. Any attempt on his part to get Jason to take a class with him, exacerbated the situation, and Jason snapped. He gets it. Jason may not forgive him, but he forgives Jason. He understands Jason’s pain, and hopes he uses it as a springboard to evaluate his situation. It’s time to let the healing begin, so let him. Margaux says she’s in no position to argue. She’s dropping the charges, and Jason is free go. Chase takes Jason for processing, and tells him to remember what he said. If Jason finds evidence against Shiloh, bring it to him.

Willow looks distressed, and Brad asks her to give him his son. She tells Wiley that she’ll always love him. Brad leaves, and she cries. Her phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, who asks if Willow can meet with her. Something happened with Aiden, and she wants to know more about what’s happening in his classroom. She’s at Kelly’s now, if Willow is available. Willow says, sure. She takes out the resignation letter, tears it up, and throws it away. Chase sees her, and says he couldn’t help notice that she threw something away, but tore up first. Please tell him it’s her letter of resignation. She says she never turned it in. She’s staying. They hug.

Dante thanks Mike for letting him vent. Mike says Turning Woods is serving turkey clubs for lunch. Yvonne has been gone a while, but she’s back now. Has Dante met his girlfriend? Dante says he missed that, and Mike suggests meeting her right now. Dante says okay. Mike asks if he knows how to get there, and Dante says he knows how to take Mike home. Mike says, how about himself? Does he know how get himself home? That, Dante isn’t too sure about.

Kristina tells Sonny that she’s an adult. She can think for herself, and make her own choices. He doesn’t get to control her life. It was him, wasn’t it, who sent Jason after Shiloh? He says if she thinks he’ll let Shiloh, or anyone else, take away his daughter, she’s forgot who he is. Kristina rolls her eyes, and stomps out, slamming the door. She’s getting good at that. Sonny looks angry.

Sam thanks Shiloh. She appreciates what he’s doing. He says her words mean a lot. He can’t be a mindful teacher unless he practices what he preaches. But if Jason comes after him again, he’ll assume Jason is beyond redemption.

Jason comes out, and Margaux tells him that Shiloh is an extraordinary man. Jason owes his freedom to Shiloh’s generosity and tolerance. Don’t count on it happening again. If Jason harms Shiloh, she’ll take him down. Jason asks the desk sergeant for his gun. The sergeant looks at Jason’s license, and gives it to him. He loads it and puts it in his waistband. He leaves, and Jordan is like, hmm…

Tomorrow, Monica says they have to prepare Oscar for the end, Nina hopes she and Elizabeth can put the past behind them, and Lulu doesn’t trust Valentin as far as she can throw him.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda tells Bethenny that she’s getting her nerve up to talk to LuAnn. LuAnn approaches them, and Bethenny says, it’s happening now. John wonders if he’ll have to clean up the mess. LuAnn joins them at the bar. Dorinda compliments her hat, and LuAnn says she’s having a bad hair day. In Dorinda’s interview, she says LuAnn is more afraid than she is. She can’t even make eye contact. She tells LuAnn that she misses seeing her, and LuAnn says they’ll talk another time. Dorinda says, it’s all about Sonja tonight. Bethenny feels like she’s in the way, and in her interview, says, this is a tension that has to be broken. Something has to happen for something to happen. LuAnn says, tonight’s not the night. In her interview, LuAnn thinks it feels fake. She jets back to the other side of the room, and Bethenny tells Dorinda that she thinks it went clean. Dorinda tells Bethenny that LuAnn told her they’ll talk another time. Bethenny says it’s all she wanted for tonight anyway. Dorinda says at some point they’ll have a watershed moment. The foundation is good, but they have to fix the windows on the house. In Bethenny’s interview, she wonders how far LuAnn is going to push things. It’s bending, but if it breaks, they might not be able to put it back together.

LuAnn tells Barbara, they agreed tonight is not the night, but they were cordial. Barbara says, it’s a start. Sonja says Tinsley is mad because she said Tinsley is not effable. She’s dressed like a doll to be put on a shelf. In Tinsley’s interview, she says, sitting next to these ho’bags, anyone would seem un-effable. Dorinda says she’s trying to be welcoming, and see if she can break the wall.

Ramona has a date, so she has to go. She tells Bethenny how sorry she is. In her interview, Bethenny appreciates that they didn’t get mired in conversation. She just said, sorry, and kept it moving. It’s best for both of them. LuAnn tells Ramona not to talk about her anymore, or she’ll burn Ramona’s dress, and Ramona will walk home naked. I’m not so sure that’s much of a threat. A girl Sonja met at the bar earlier comes by, and kisses Sonja. Like in a romantic way. Tinsley hides her eyes, and they kiss some more. Sonja feels the girl’s butt. In Bethenny’s interview, she says the girl was like a Venus flytrap. She swooped over, locked lips with Sonja, and disappeared. It was like a drive-by lesbian moment. Sonja says she saw them at the bar, and thought the girl was going to give her a card, not slip her the tongue.

LuAnn goes to God’s Love We Deliver for her community service. Under the rules of her probation, she has to perform fifty hours of it. She says she’s done it in the past, so she doesn’t mind. Since I have too (not because of probation; I was a volunteer), I’m curious, but we flash back to when she talked to some young homeless girls or something. Not exactly the same thing. Team leader Stephen shows her around, and introduces her to Chef Ryan. He’s made garbanzo and barley soup, which sounds pretty good. He gives her instructions on being a ladler. One straight scoop no double dipping. In her interview, LuAnn says she takes her community service seriously. Every ladle of soup is a reminder of what her life will be like for the next year. I’m assuming she means being tied to doing it, and not that she’s going to be in a soup line. She says, it’s not that easy to not double-dip; the ladle is heavy. She tells one of the women she knows that she saw her parole officer. She’s no-nonsense, and asked for her ID and car registration. LuAnn said she was going away on Friday, but the officer said, it’s can she go away. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she has to get permission to go away, there’s drug testing, and she has to be on her best behavior. Next to her parole officer, Dorinda looks like a lightweight, and LuAnn doesn’t want to mess with her. She and her friend clink soup containers, and sip some soup. Ryan catches them. LuAnn says, if you’re going to soup it out, you have to taste it first. He says that’s a first.

Tinsley is meeting her mom at a super fancy bar. She orders her usual, and champagne for Dale. Dale arrives with tiny dog Bambi. In her interview, Tinsley says her mom is by herself. She has Tinsley’s dog, but uses every excuse to see her in New York. She’s most at peace and calm when she’s with her children, even if she’s not peaceful and calm. Dale shows Tinsley her new shoes, and Tinsley is appalled that they’re from Topper’s new wife’s shoe company. I’m appalled too. Dale says she loves her things. Tinsley says she does too, but it’s her ex-husband’s new wife. Dale says Topper has the most beautiful baby she’s ever seen. We flash back to Tinsley crying over seeing a picture of her eggs. She’s happy for him; it’s all good. In her interview, Tinsley says her mom thinks she doesn’t know anything. Dale shows her a needlepoint she’s working on. It’s a stocking for Tinsley’s dad for Christmas. Tinsley says she wants one for Scott, and Dale says they’ll see how it goes. In Tinsley’s interview, she feels like her relationship is always on the chopping block, and she has to defend it. They still have things to work on, but they’re in it together. She’s invested time, and loves him. She’s going to do what it takes.

Sonja goes to the townhouse. She hasn’t been there since the renters left, and a new guy is coming. She does a smell test, and it passes. She finds some curtains are wet from leak that stemmed from the sky-roof. She wasn’t able to caulk, and nobody caulks a sky-roof as good as she does. She has to show the townhouse to a new perspective tenant. Dorinda comes by, and Sonja shows her the curtains. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Sonja shines in her new apartment, but when she sees Sonja in the townhouse, she gets a Paranormal Witness feeling. It grabs Sonja’s personality, and she’s manic. Dorinda tells her to take the curtains off until the leak is fixed. She’ll get Sonja a good deal on cleaning them. In her interview, she says everyone has a lot to say about John, but when it comes to dry cleaning, he’s a saint. She asks how Sonja feels there, and Sonja says as soon as she walked back in, it was a weight on her. She can’t wait to get the hell out. Dorinda tells Sonja that she saw an amazing apartment. In her interview, Dorinda says lots of fantastic things happened in her apartment, but there were also a lot of endings. It’s time to start fresh. She tells Sonja she immediately thought, this is her home. It’s on Sutton Place. Dorinda describes it as Londony, but I describe it as very expensive real estate. She says she feels elegant and grown-up, and she can walk to Bergdorf’s and have lunch. They take down the curtains.

Ramona meets her date, Marc. Omg, Marc and Singer. But believe me, he’s no Marc Singer. He slips in that he’s been to Paris as they’re saying hello. In her interview, Ramona says she doesn’t know which way to swipe, and went with a matchmaker she met at a speed dating event. She showed Ramona a photo of Marc, and he’s no red scarf guy. We flash back to red scarf guy, and yep. He’s not even that. She says he is educated, successful, and worldly, so she thought she’d give it a shot. He says he was born in Germany, but where he was conceived is more interesting. They order a bottle of wine, his deciding factor being he likes the soccer team from where the wine is made. He says he lived in Paris for two years, and speaks French and German. Ramona says she only speaks English, and sometimes not too well. In her interview, she lists her requirements. She wants a man who’s been married – Marc says he almost got married eight times – someone who doesn’t have to work from 8 am to 8 pm – he says he works all the time – someone who likes to be social – he loves total isolation – and someone with strong morals – he tells her he thinks it’s unnatural to be monogamous. Ramona says, do what works for you, and he says, judgment will kill you; it’s toxic. In Ramona’s interview, she says, there are a lot of red flags. He babbles about his views on marriage, even though she doesn’t want to hear it. His own statistics show only 10% of marriages work. She’s obviously not thrilled.

Bethenny has invited LuAnn, Barbara, and Dorinda to a lunch in Little Italy, where the attire is to be gangster. In her interview, Bethenny says, whether they punch each other, make love, or end up in a dumpster with duct tape over their mouths, something will happen. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she and LuAnn are on different pages, and there has to be some movement with group to break the tension. Dorinda is wearing athleisure and pink hair. Bethenny had to come from another appointment, and Dorinda thinks she looks like the prosecutor. Bethenny asks if Dorinda is nervous. LuAnn doesn’t really want talk, but they can’t say everything is rainbows and unicorns forever. She doesn’t want the unrest. In Bethenny’s interview, she thinks they both need to be accountable for what they did; cop to something. LuAnn arrives, in normal attire. In her interview, Dorinda wonders what happened to fun LuAnn. Maybe the Countess doesn’t do gangster. LuAnn talks about her new house; it’s midcentury and round. Dorinda explains that houses were designed that way to keep out the devil. The devil can only catch you in a corner. LuAnn says it’s good Feng Shui. In her interview, Bethenny thinks they’re both whack jobs. She doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s real estate. Barbara joins them, sporting a fedora. In her interview, she complains about LuAnn not dressing up. Just because she spent time in jail, doesn’t make her gangster.

Dorinda tells LuAnn she knows why they’re here. She loves LuAnn, and hopes they can work it out. She thought they were on a good path. She cares for LuAnn, and even if they can’t be friends, she wants peace. LuAnn wishes Dorinda well too. She doesn’t want to keep it going, and feel uncomfortable. She wants to move forward. Bethenny says, there’s no perfect relationship. Everyone has their own sh*t. Everybody makes mistakes. LuAnn says she’s gone over a lot of the things that happened. We see clips of Dorinda making a jerk of herself in Mexico. Dorinda says she apologized, and LuAnn says they were good until her cabaret show happened. We flash back to Dorinda yelling, Jovani! Dorinda starts to talk, but LuAnn doesn’t want the John story again. Dorinda says she was hurt that John wasn’t invited. Bethenny says Dorinda should just admit she heckled Jovani. Dorinda doesn’t think she did. In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona is the apologizer, but Dorinda is the denier. Dorinda thought they were past it, and they agree to give time. Dorinda says, if it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, everything has an ending. In Barbara’s interview, she says Dorinda can’t say that she’s wrong. She always has a excuse for everything, and is her own worst enemy. Bethenny doesn’t know why she did this. She doesn’t think they’ll ever get deep. LuAnn says it’s a truce. In her interview, Bethenny says she’ll be there with popcorn when they finally duke it out, but right now, they’re just making it nice. They toast to truth. LuAnn says they’ve put their guns down. Dorinda and LuAnn hug. In her interview, LuAnn says, the conversation is over. An apology isn’t going to happen. Just move on. Everyone seems happy. For the moment.

Dorinda welcomes her real estate agent, Laurie. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Laurie is a true New Yorker, and a bit of a broad. She looks like a bit of a broad. Like a tough old babe from the Mad Men era. All she needs is a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Dorinda says Laurie sold her the apartment in 2001, and has stories that would knock your socks off. She opens champagne, and tells Laurie, it’s time to sell the apartment. She wants a fresh start. She got a new apartment, and doesn’t want this one empty. If she can’t sell it, she’s thinking of renting it out. Maybe in the future, Hannah will have a baby and want to move in. They take a selfie. Why? Who knows.

Sonja waits at a rooftop bar for Tinsley and Dale. She says Dale is her cup of tea. She learns things from Dale that make her a better person; she has good manners. Tinsley and her mom arrive, and Sonja shows them pictures of her daughter’s cum laude certificate. Sonja thinks Tinsley undervalues herself. In Tinsley’s interview, she says one week, Sonja tells her that she has a big ego, and the next week, she undervalues herself. Sonja says all the guys should be chasing Tinsley. Dale says Scott is a great guy, but she’d prefer him as a son-in-law. When she was their age, six months was enough to know. Tinsley says between their separations and breakup issues, they’ve technically only been together a couple of months. Dale says Tinsley isn’t giving it much more time, but Tinsley says she’s happy with him. She doesn’t need a ring, and she’s not getting rid of her boyfriend. Dale says, not another three years. In her interview, Sonja says Tinsley is in her pattern. She meets a guy, becomes co-dependent, and he treats her badly. She hangs around for a couple years, and all she has is empty promises and wasted time. Sonja says she has too many guys. She wants someone serious, with a life and friends of their own, who can take care of her, since she knows how to take care of a man.

Barbara visits Dorinda, who says she wants her apartment redone. She wants to spruce it up. Barbara agrees she needs the floors refurbished. She wants to reface the cabinets as well, but Barbara says she would rip out the whole kitchen. Dorinda says that will cost $100K, and Barbara tells her that she doesn’t know the right contractor. Geez. It’s not that big. I don’t think a small kitchen in a house would cost that much to redo. In her interview, Barbara says she’s taken aback. She expected Dorinda’s place would be more refined. Really? I wouldn’t.

They sit down with some wine, and Dorinda asks Barbara how she thinks lunch went. She says LuAnn was happy they moved past it, but was surprised Dorinda wouldn’t budge on an apology. We see a clip of LuAnn telling Barbara that she was dissatisfied not to hear some sort of ownership. Barbara asks her if she trusts Dorinda like she used to. LuAnn says, no. The relationship ha changed; it’s a different friendship. Dorinda tells Barbara that LuAnn is stuck. She feels sorry for her. She wants to victimize herself, and villainize Dorinda. She’s almost obsessed, and Dorinda thinks she should talk to someone. Are we hearing the same conversations? Barbara asks if Dorinda isn’t happy, and Dorinda says she felt great after the lunch. Barbara says they’re coming from two different perspectives. Dorinda tells Barbara, be careful. It’s looking like she drank the Kool-Aid. Barbara says she’s not like that. In Dorinda’s interview, she thinks Barbara doesn’t want to go forward.

Barbara mentions how Dorinda talked about LuAnn’s lawsuit. Dorinda insists that didn’t happen, but we see it did at a lunch with Sonja. Dorinda says she didn’t wave papers around; it was Sonja. Barbara asks if Dorinda expects her to believe Sonja was waving papers around, but Dorinda insists she did. In the clip, no one is waving papers, but Dorinda is clearly showing Sonja the paperwork on her phone. Barbara says it’s no one’s business, and she would hate someone talking about her ex and children. In her interview, Barbara says Dorinda should have shut the conversation down. She tells Dorinda, it’s not supportive of other women. In Barbara’s interview, she wonders if Dorinda ever takes any blame or responsibility for her own actions. If she’s drinking Kool-Aid, Dorinda is sniffing glue. Dorinda starts winding up, saying she’s been LuAnn’s friend for over thirteen years. She’s been ride or die. She starts to cry, saying she was there when no one else was around. She was there to the point of humiliation. I have no clue what she means there, since the only one who’s humiliated Dorinda is Dorinda. She says there’s only so much she can take; it has to end. Barbara can go if she’s going to aggravate her. She can’t have it. Barbara says, no problem. Dorinda can do the renovation herself. Barbara lets herself out, and Dorinda goes in her bedroom, and slams the door.

Next time, Bethenny feels guilty that her only way off the ride was Dennis dying, a doggy fashion show, and Halloween at Bluestone Manor.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Esperanza gets in the bar fight, jumping on Eddie. Some dudes separate Eddie and the other guy. Eddie says he’s cool. Esperanza leaves, and Eddie buys a round.

Randal looks out his window, sees Tanya, and smirks. For someone private, she has no window coverings. He gets out binoculars, and says, what the hell? I have no idea what she’s doing, but it looks like swirling something around in a jar. He laughs and says, all right. She’s putting on a show; here’s a show. He takes off his clothes, and stands in the window. She looks up, and he says, like what you see? You like that? We see his silhouette from her perspective.

Esperanza arrives home. Stephen is waiting. He’s glad she didn’t drive. He’s going to wait for his car; he just wanted to make sure she got home safe. She says, after the night had with Eddie. He started a barfight. He says she knows how to pick them, and she says she picked him. She asks where’s the girl he left with. Is he talking to strays? He says, not right now, and asks if her daughter is home, and she says, yeah. She left her daughter alone and went out. She’s with her grandmother. He asks to come in, saying, the porch light is on. He wants her. She wants him. He doesn’t want to play games. She tells him goodnight, and he says to stop telling him to go when she wants him to stay. She says she’s been with a lot of losers, and can’t afford another one. He says they’re not dating; what’s the big deal? She says they’re on two different pages. He asks what page she’s on, but she doesn’t know. He says she’s confusing as sh*t. She says she wants him. He says, that makes two of us, and she asks if he wants him too. She invites him in, and he says, on one condition. He leaves when he’s ready. She says, fine, and lets him in.

Duncan and his crew watch and wait in a car across the street. Duncan calls Eddie, and says, she let him in. What does he want them to do? Eddie says, stick to the plan. No traces. Duncan says he’ll cave Steven’s pretty face in. Inside, Esperanza lies on the bed, taking her clothes off. Steven gets into bed with her. The phone rings, but he turns the ringer off.

Randal calls Alex, and tells her go to the window. She’s not doing this right now, but he says he wants to see her when they talk. She goes, and he says she’s beautiful. She asks when he wants to see the baby. He says, now, and she says, he’s asleep. She’d rather it was when the kids were at school. He says, Marcie took the tapes; there’s no proof. Alex doesn’t care. She just wants it to stop. He says he’s divorced now. Soon, she’ll be divorced too, and they can finally be together. He knows she misses him. She repeats, she’s not doing this. She just wants to raise the baby together. He says they need to talk DNA, and she wishes he’d just let it go. Why can’t he drop it? He says maybe he’s sexually frustrated. She can help. She says she’s hanging up, and he says he’ll see her tomorrow. He punches in another number. He leaves a message saying Larry wants to avoid him, but all he wants is to hunt his ass down. He sees Tanya through the window. He says, you all the way gone, and stands in the window. He says, see you soon baby. Doesn’t he work? Don’t any of them work besides the police force? Even Eddie works more than Randal and Brad. Put together.

Ian pulls up outside his new house. He tells Marcie sorry he’s late. She says, it’s been a rough couple of days. She has his key. He says he just has to get furniture. She knows a great store, and has a friend who does interior design work. She can help him. He says he wants her help. He thought she was interested, but she says she’s not interested in anything right now. He says he’s trying to be a friend. Is she sure everything is okay? She doesn’t know if she’s coming or going these days. He asks if the SOB across the street is still bothering her. He’ll get him to leave her alone. She says, if he does that, she’ll take him to dinner – twice. He says he can be persuasive. She asks what else it will cost, and he asks what else she wants to pay. She says her husband cheated on her, but she stayed faithful. He slept with a friend and neighbor, and they had a baby. She fell in love with the same neighbor’s husband, but he didn’t want her. She thinks she’s paid enough got the rest of her life. He says she’s a beautiful woman. She can’t blame him for trying. Geez. No I’m sorry that your life is in the toilet? She says she’s tired. He offers to take her to dinner, but she says, not tonight. He asks if there’s any homeowners association whose rules he needs to follow, and she says, not at all. She drives off.

Lushion and Natalie do the dishes. Natalie says, it was selfish and unfair of Kelly, trying to take her own life. Lushion says she’s going through a lot. Natalie says she’s been through too much. She let a man get the best of her. Lushion says Natalie has never let him forget it. It’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes. She says she’s been there already. She’s more vulnerable with him than she’s ever been. He laughs, and she says it’s a sore subject for her. Joey is in jail (I forgot all about him!), the kids… Lushion says she has him. She says she appreciates him every day. She loves him. They kiss, and she says she hopes Kelly will be all right. She asks if he thinks she can see Kelly, but he says he had to sneak in. He looks outside, and she asks, what’s making that noise out there? He says Ian is moving in some boxes. He’s been ignoring Lushion’s calls. Lushion says he’ll be right back.

Lushion goes out, and calls Ian. Ian looks at the phone, and puts it back in his pocket. Lushion laughs. Ian brings in a box. Lushion waits outside, and when Ian comes back out, he says, so that’s what we’re doing now? Ignoring calls? He saw Ian moving boxes. It’s kind of late. Ian says he works late, and didn’t know Lushion was up. Lushion says maybe Ian didn’t want him to be up. He’s been ignoring Lushion’s calls all day. Ian says he was in court all day, then moving. Lushion says he’s been trying to reach Ian to talk about Kelly. Ian says he can’t help Lushion with that. Lushion says, she tried to commit suicide, and Ian says, no. Lushion says he was the one who cut her down. Ian says she doesn’t seem like the type of person to take her life. Lushion says she was humiliated. Travis took all her money, and she snapped and shot his ass. The one person who owes him favors won’t rep her. He sent a kid, almost his son’s age. He was terrible. Ian is sorry, but he can’t, and Lushion says that’s what makes him good lawyer. He doesn’t care about nothing or nobody. Ian doesn’t get why she tried to kill herself, but Lushion says he does get it. He tells Ian, sleep well, and starts to leave. Ian asks how she is now; it’s important. Lushion says, why? He doesn’t care. Welcome to the neighborhood. He doesn’t have to sneak in. Lushion won’t bother him. He knows where he stands.

Lushion comes back in, saying, some people. Natalie says, what? He says he wanted to get Kelly a good lawyer. Natalie says, an expensive lawyer. Lushion says she tried to take her life, and he didn’t even care. Natalie says, wow; that’s horrible. Natalie knows he has some money and wants to help. She knows how he is, but if he wants to give Kelly money for a lawyer, she’d appreciate him talking to her. She knows it’s not her money, but they have the kids. He understands. She doesn’t mind him helping, as long as he doesn’t hurt them. He tells her, let him handle it. He’s always thinking about them. They go to bed.

Brad knocks on Marcie’s bedroom door, and asks if he can come in with her. She says he can, and he gets in bed with her, putting his arm around her. He says she’s been amazing to him; he means it. She says, as he’s been to her. He’s sorry about the baby. She says, it wasn’t meant to be, and he says they’ll have one. She says, it hasn’t happened yet. She can’t carry. Brad says, maybe it’s not meant to be with Randal. She’s thought about that. She’s divorced now. Brad says he will be too. He’s giving Alex the divorce papers tomorrow. Marcie says, don’t be too sure she’ll sign them. She can make it ugly. He says he doesn’t want to because of the kids. If Alex has any decency, she’ll sign and let him out. Marcie says, she has no income, and Brad says he’ll have to hire a lawyer. As mad as he was at him, Larry is a good lawyer. He should give him call, or Marcie’s boyfriend. Marcie says he’s not her boyfriend. Brad says Ian wants her, and she says, a lot of guys do – except him. He says, that’s not true. If Alex signs, he thinks they should date. She laughs, and he says, if she wants to. She suggests they take it slow. She says, Randal and Alex will not like it, and Brad says, the hell with them. Brad’s phone rings, and he says, speaking of the devil.

Marcie says, don’t answer, but Brad says, she’s called ten times. it could be the kids. Alex says she’s sorry to bother him. Peter has a fever. If it stays the same, she’s going to keep him home tomorrow. She repeats she’s sorry, but he says he doesn’t care. She says the kids want to know when he’s coming home. He says tell them he’ll see them at school. He’ll pick them up and drop them off. She asks about helping them with homework, and he tells her, don’t do this; use the kids to get to him. She says she’s not doing that. She didn’t call to argue. He asks why she’s calling. Is she going to beg him to take her back? She says she doesn’t want that, and he asks if that’s reverse psychology that Randal taught her. She says he’s been drinking; she can tell. He says she makes him drink. She’s a loathsome bitch. She says he’s not speaking to her that way, and he says she deserves it. He’s coming with divorce papers, and she’d better have a damn pen. Didn’t he just say he wanted to talk to a lawyer? Did he just print out something from the internet? Marcie says, yeah, take it slow, and kisses him.

Tanya is unpacking. Randal comes out, and marches over there like Michael Myers from Halloween. He knocks on the door, and says he came to apologize that she saw him coming out of the shower. She says she didn’t. He says the house has been empty for so long, and she repeats that she didn’t see him. He asks if her husband is home, and she says, he’s at work. Randal holds out his hand, and introduces himself. She says they met earlier. She asks if he’s feeling better, and he says he’s fine; her? She wonders why he’s asking, and he says he saw her going to the mailbox, back and forth. She says she’s waiting for a package, and he says the mail comes after six. Wow, and I thought four was bad. He thinks should paint the wall in the living room red, and she sternly says, no. She doesn’t like red. He asks what her favorite color is, and she says blue. He says his bedroom is an off-blue. He asks what she does, and she tells him that she’s a stay-at-home wife mom-to-be. He says he’s a psychologist, and she says, great. He asks if she has anything to drink, and she says she was just unpacking. He says it’s not a good idea if you’re on medication anyway. She asks if he’s on medication, and he says, no; she is. She says she’s not, but he says he saw it on the counter. She says he can see from there, and he says his vision is 20/20. She says it’s for their dog; he’s around here somewhere. Randal says he has a bottle of wine. Throughout the conversation, she keeps fiddling with her shirt. It’s an off-the-shoulder Flashdance deal, and she keeps pulling it up. She says when her husband gets back, she’ll tell him that Randal stopped by. He tells her that she needs a better lock. Pointing to Alex’s house, he says, there’s a whore in the neighborhood who will spread her legs for anyone. The one next to her killed a man, and there were two people murdered in the house on the end. They should lock their doors and windows, hide the wives, hide the kids, hide the husbands. He says she’s seen what his penis looks like, and she thinks he should leave. He says, time to go, but keeps his hand on the door. He tells her that he just wanted to say, welcome to the neighborhood. She closes the door. She calls her husband (I assume), but he doesn’t pick up. She throws the phone, and sinks to the floor. I must say, this storyline is intriguing me.

Rick flirts with the nurse, and gets in to see Kelly. She asks what the hell he wants, and he says to check on her. She says, it’s too late for that, but he disagrees. He asks how she’s doing, and she says, how does it look like she’s doing. He says, dumb question. He apologizes, and she asks if he’s in on this too. Travis’s plan destroy her. He says that’s why he’s saying he’s sorry. He should have taken her more seriously. She says it doesn’t matter now; he’s dead. She wishes she could take that whole night back. One night that she doesn’t really remember. She heard him, and lost herself. Rick says he wouldn’t have stopped coming for her. People like him don’t, until they destroy your life. She says, he won, but Rick says, no, he didn’t. She says she’s up on charges for murdering Ramsay and Travis, but she didn’t kill Ramsay. Travis started messing with her son, and she couldn’t let that happen. He backed her into a corner. Rick says he’ll do all he can to help her. She says, it’s too late, but he says, it’s never too late. She says she’s in for life. Rick says they have to take her to a regular hospital; it’s the rule. She says she’ll be in handcuffs, and he says, one thing at a time. The nurse says, it’s time to go. He tells Kelly that he’ll be back, and the nurse says, not in here.

Larry picks up his private line, saying he got caught up at the office, but it’s Randal. He says he’s been calling all day. Larry says Randal wouldn’t believe what he’s been though. Randal says Larry had him sign a bunch of papers, and slipped the divorce papers in there. Larry says that’s absurd, and Randal asks how the hell it happened. Larry says, maybe he signed them when he was drinking. Randal says he’s coming to Larry’s office, but Larry says he’s leaving. Randal says he’ll come to the house, and Larry says, good idea. He’ll have his wife cook something, and they can catch up. Randal hangs up.

Steven tells Esperanza that he’s going home; his rules. She doesn’t want him to, and he says, all the more reason. He wants be in control, and says he’ll see her tomorrow. He tells her, sleep well, and she says she’d better not find out he’s meeting up with the girl from the bar. He says, what girl? He tells her, lock the door, but she says it will lock behind him.

He comes out, and the dudes from the car surround him. They knock him down, and start beating on him. They drag him toward the car.

Next time, Larry tells Ian his career will be over, Kelly tells Rick there were others, and Natalie hears screaming outside.

🌟 Regarding Star. As much as I love that show – I await Queen Latifah’s hair every week with bated breath – I wasn’t even aware it had started again. And since Tyler Perry hates me right now, and If Loving You Is Wrong is on Wednesdays, I’d be on overload trying to add it. Hopefully, I can catch up with On Demand on the weekends. Pardon me while I brood about this…

🌜 Not Quite…

But if I’m up much later, it will be. I’ll sleep in the next life.





November 14, 2018 – A Letter for Finn, Dallas Takes a Dip, Cassie Gets a Few Surprises, Mini NJ & Thursday Deal


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna finds Finn at the hospital. She thinks there should be guards, but Finn says Britt won’t get far with her ankle bracelet. Anna says she’s worse than her mother. She has to stay away from pillows, or she’ll start feeling the need to find out what it’s like to shut her up. He says he’s not available to bail her out today. The future of GH depends on him.

Charlotte says the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s Career Day. Chase walks in, and loudly says, for all.

Elizabeth hurries Aiden. He’s already missed the bus. Franco says he’s happy to drive him. Elizabeth asks where Aiden’s backpack is. He tells her, upstairs, and suggests staying home, since he’s late already, but Elizabeth doesn’t think so. She tells him to get it.

Curtis is waiting for Nina at Crimson. He says he came to find out what he did wrong. He’s not feel the love there for him. She asks why, and he says she hasn’t RSVP’d.

Max is having coffee at the MetroCourt. Peter says she’s doing it wrong. You’re supposed to be inconspicuous on a stakeout. Valentin and Sasha are there, and Valentin asks for a word. Sasha says she can’t be late for her first day at work. She took Nina up on her offer to work at Crimson. He says they need to talk, but she says there are eyes on them. Valentin says that’s why she should go. She knows; the longer she stays, the more likely she’ll be found out. Why is he worried. No one will tell Nina; no one knows. She’s treading lightly. Laura appears and asks Valentin who his friend is.

He introduces them, and Laura asks how they’re acquainted. Valentin tells her that Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Laura wasn’t aware she had one, and Sasha says, neither was she. They recently met. Laura says Nina must be thrilled she’s visiting Port Charles. Sasha says it’s more serious than that. She’s starting a job at Crimson today. Valentin says he’ll go up with her. Laura welcomes her to Port Charles.

Peter tells Maxie that Sasha must have missed the memo to avoid Valentin. Maxie says Valentin is the one who tracked her down. Peter thought it was Curtis, and Maxie says Valentin hired him. Peter says that explains why she has her guard down. He wonders why Maxie isn’t getting involved, but she says she’s not putting her nose in places it doesn’t belong. She accuses Peter of looking at her like she’s backsliding. He asks if it’s that hard, and she says, especially when she’s sitting across from someone she has a burning question for. Is he planning on going to Curtis and Jordan’s wedding with Nina or not?

Nina tells Curtis that she has the invitation right there, and shows him. He says he’ll accept a verbal confirmation, and she says, of course it’s yes. He has a favor to ask. Nina says, yes, and he says she doesn’t know what it is. She says it doesn’t matter. He says even if it means standing up for him? Drew has a personal situation. She wonders if he’s asking her to be his best man, and he says, best person. Someone he trusts, who has his back, and wants the best for him and his bride. The true definition of a friend. She says she’d be honored to be his best person, and hugs him.

Finn feels warm. Anna asks if he’s nervous. He says he keeps telling himself that they’re just third graders. She says he’s a doctor on career day. It’s a match made in heaven. She doesn’t know why he’s worried; he’s great with kids. Emma is a fan. He says Emma is biased. She says either he’ll inspire the next generation to be doctors, or send them running to law school. She believes in him.

Lulu is happy Chase could make it. He says it’s community outreach. She asks if he volunteered when he knew Charlotte’s teacher was having Career Day. Willow welcomes their special guests. Michael and Stella are also there. Willow says they have everything from a police officer to a reporter, and some in between. Charlotte tells her, not everybody is there. Where’s Aiden?

Elizabeth checks Aiden’s backpack, and takes something out that looks like a belt. She asks if he’s wearing this, and tells him he knows the rules. He says, just for lunch, but she tells him no, hand it to her or lose screen time. He hands it over. Franco says goodbye, and leaves with Aiden.

At the hospital, Scotty tells Elizabeth that his client in 009 is getting the short end of the stick, and asks if she can swing by his room. He’s headed toward suing the hospital on top of the taco truck. She snaps at him to wait a second.

Franco tells Aiden that he’s a good kid, and his mom loves him. Nothing will ever change that. He gives Aiden some money for lunch, and an extra dollar not to tell Elizabeth about the conversation. Then another dollar not to tell her about the extra dollar. Aiden goes into class. Finn sees Franco, and asks where Willow’s room is. Franco gives him long directions that end with going through the gym and out the double-doors.

Maxie accuses Peter of ghosting Nina. He says he’d be more comfortable making the decision if he knew why she’d invited him. Maxie suggests he ask. Laura approaches, wanting to thank him in person for The Invader’s endorsement. He thinks she’s the right choice, and wishes her the best of luck. She appreciates the support, and needs all she can get if she’s going to take advantage of the election postponement. She hopes to get the chance to prove herself. Anna joins them and says, that makes two of us.

Curtis asks if Nina is bringing a date. She says she’s asked, but they’ve yet to confirm – it’s not Valentin. He says he’ll leave her plus one blank. Nina says if they can’t come, she’ll ask Sasha. Curtis asks if she’s staying in Port Charles. Nina says she is, and Curtis is surprised. He thought Sasha felt they were getting too close too soon. He asks what changed her mind. Nina says they’re getting to know each other, and Sasha is working there now. It didn’t work out with temp agency, and they had an opening. Curtis asks if she doesn’t think it’s too much. Sasha comes in.

Franco is reading a child psychology book, when the doorbell rings. It’s Scotty. He says Elizabeth was late for work, and he’s lounging around; some people are having a productive morning. He has some clients at GH who could use art therapy. Franco says his first appointment was canceled so he’s brushing up. Scotty asks which kid is having a problem. He says the boys are angels, and Scotty asks why he’s reading a child psychology. Franco says he works with kids. Scotty says Elizabeth is would as tight as piano wire, and Franco is catching up? There’s obviously something wrong. He’d thought by now if Franco had a problem he’d come to his father.

Laura runs into Elizabeth at the hospital. She asks if Elizabeth is okay, and Elizabeth says she has everything under control. Laura says, control is key when raising three boys, but she’s not at home, and doesn’t have to be in control in front of Laura. Elizabeth says she has nothing under control, and feels like she’s failing.

Willow introduces the first speaker – Stella. Finn runs in, out of breath. Willow is glad he made it. He says he took a wrong turn, and she says she’s glad he’s here now, and tells him to take a seat. Chase says, smooth, and Finn tells him, shut up. Willow introduces Stella. Stella says people think she’s just an average citizen, who no one would look twice at. They don’t know what she really is, but she’s letting them in on the secret. She’s out there fighting to make sure everyone gets treated decently. She takes off her jacket and has a shirt that says SWW. She’s Social Worker Woman! Finn says, she has a costume.

Lulu gets up next, and explains the basics of reporting: who, what, when, where, and most important, why and how. She says it’s not a reporter’s job to tell them what to believe, but to provide information, so they can make up their own mind.

Michael asks, who knows what ELQ does? No one raises their hand, so he says, let’s find out together. He says they make important chemicals for innovative technology, and pours something in a beaker. The kids are like, wow… He shows them a giant pumpkin, and says they also fight world hunger. They grow food with special seeds, and he’s brought seeds for all of them to start their own gardens. I start wondering if GMOs are involved, and if they’ll all get giant vegetables like in that Gilligan’s Island episode. Finn frets. Michael says, a good CEO helps his company help the world, which leads to their motto – do a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of good. Chase tells Finn not to worry. Chase is called up. Finn says he’s not worried at all, and fans himself.

Nina asks Sasha if she remembers Curtis. She says she has him to thank for being there. He’s just glad she found her way to Nina; Valentin was the brains behind the operation. Sasha says they’re both her heroes. Nina says Curtis is her hero. Sasha thought Valentin would make the cut. She puts something on Nina’s desk and leaves. Curtis asks Nina what about her and Valentin, but Nina says he just had them over for dinner. There’s nothing to be worried about.

Anna asks to borrow Peter, and they step away from the table. Anna appreciates his discretion. He tells her, enjoy it while it lasts. He can’t hold off Lulu much longer. She says the gag order has been lifted. He asks what about the plan to nail Obrecht. She tells him that his sister at GH in room 510; she’s been taken extremely ill. She has an infirmity they can’t diagnose. Peter says she didn’t seem ill at The Floating Rib, but Anna says, looks can be deceiving. He says she once asked him to plant a false story, and he refused. She’s refined her strategy by giving him false information. She asks if he wants to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. The less he knows, the less he has to worry about. He says she sounds like Valentin; one more thing they have in common. She says, sharing goals? and he says, having to make things right. Anna asks what Valentin can do, and Peter says, for one thing, he reunited a mother and child, separated through no fault of their own.

Chase says, if trouble arises over the next ten minutes, he’s deputizing Charlotte. He shows them how to do fingerprinting. Charlotte asks if it isn’t digitalized now, and he says it is, but before that, it was done on cards. No two people’s fingerprints are exactly the same. Even identical twins. He says he’s brought his special assistant, and goes to get him. Stella asks Michael if he has any idea what Chase has planned, and Michael says, no idea. Chase brings in a gorgeous German Shepherd, saying, this is Thor. Chase worked with the K9 unit before he was a detective. One of Thor’s favorite parts of the job is public outreach. He loves meeting people. He tells Thor to say hi, and Thor barks, and shakes hands with Willow. Chase goes on to bike safety, ending with how they should never illegally park. Willow says time’s up, and Chase quietly says he wasn’t talking to them. Finn says if he knew it was bring a cool animal day, he’d have brought Roxie. Willow says they have one more speaker.

Franco asks Scotty, what if a kid changes his personality from outgoing to uptight? Scotty says kids sometimes go through phases that run their course eventually. Franco doesn’t think that’s the case. Scotty suggests talking to him, but Franco says Aiden is shutting him out. Scotty says what about talking to his teacher; maybe she can shed some light on it. Franco says she can’t. Scotty says, it’s a tough case, and Franco wonders where that leaves him. Scotty says, where it leaves all parents – worried.

Elizabeth starts to cry, and Laura says, everyone has their moments. What does she think she’s failing at? and Elizabeth says, motherhood. Laura finds that hard to believe. Elizabeth says, something is wrong with Aiden.

Finn gets up, and says, so many little kids. He asks if anyone knows why the cookie went to the doctor, and Charlotte says, it felt crummy. She asks where he went to medical school. He tells her, Stoneybrook, and she balks at a state school. Willow tells her not to interrupt, and Finn says, it’s a good school. He asks if anyone has heard of the bird flu, and Charlotte asks if he has it; he looks like a bird. I wonder what’s gotten into her, and Willow says she’ll see Charlotte after school. She asks if Aiden as a question, and Charlotte says, he never talks. He might not have a voice. Chase asks if it’s true that Finn saved a patient from brain worms. Finn says it was his most fascinating case, and the bell rings. One of the kids says, time for gym, and they all run out. Willow thanks the guests.

Maxie asks Peter what that was about. He says he and Agent Devane have a difference of opinion as to what constitutes accurate reporting. Maxie says, Agent Devane? He says he’s not feeling the bond, and probably never will. Maxie asks, where were they? and he says, Nina’s invitation. She assumes he’s going to accept.

Anna says Valentin has been busy in her absence, and he asks what he did now. She says he gave Nina the one thing she couldn’t have. She wonders if he thought he’d find redemption in conjuring up a daughter. He says there was no conjuring. There were two labs, and two separate tests to prove they’re related. He could think of worse things to make a play for redemption. Maybe he can win back Peter’s friendship, and maybe hers. She tells him to stay away from her son.

Peter asks Maxie if it was her idea for Nina to ask him to the wedding, but she says, it was all Nina. He says it’s nice of her, but he doesn’t think he should be within a mile of it. The wedding will be loaded with police, and people who care about Nathan. It might be insensitive. Maxie is sure no one will notice. Nathan would be fine with Nina taking anyone but Valentin. Peter tells her that he’ll go, but first, he wants to know who she’s taking.

Valentin shows up at Nina’s office. Curtis says he’ll consider that her RSVP. She wants the table next to Stella. He tells her Stella won’t be there, and they’ll talk next time. He leaves, and Valentin has something he thinks belongs to Nina. He found her earring under the couch where she fell asleep. She tells him she has a deadline, and he asks if she has time to talk about what happened. Or they could talk about what could have happened.

Willow thanks the guests for making Career Day a success. Finn thinks he can be left off that list. Willow thinks they could do another day, and asks Michael to bring seeds for her next time. Stella says she’s bringing props next time. They leave, but Chase lingers, and asks Willow for her contact information. He says it’s for Finn, and she says she can give it to him directly. Chase says Finn is nervous, but he’s a bright guy. Willow says she can catch up with him, and Chase says, or she can give him her number.

Franco tells Scotty, hopefully the book is more enlightening. Scotty says Franco has the sense God gave a goose, and should trust it. Kids need a roof over their heads, clothes, and food. He can figure out the rest. Franco says he needs Aiden to trust him now, so Elizabeth believes he’s a good parent. Scotty asks if his problem is with Aiden or Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she snapped at Aiden because he missed the bus. She should be focusing on him, not him being late. She sure he thinks she doesn’t care about him. Laura says she’s a good mom; she just had a bad morning. Elizabeth says Franco is going to do art therapy with Aiden to see if it helps like it did with Jake. Maybe she’ll talk to Doc. Laura suggests maybe she talk to someone else – Lucky.

Chase asks if he can call Willow to ask her out sometime. She says maybe she could be persuaded if he brings Thor. He asks when, and she says she hasn’t said yes. He says she didn’t say no. She tells him it’s been a while, and he says for him too. He says they can see who’s the worst first date, and she says she’ll knock him out in round one. She gives him the number, and says she looks forward to his call.

Laura asks if Elizabeth has told Lucky. Elizabeth asks if Laura thinks she should. He’s not part of Aiden’s life, but if he knew what Aiden was going through, he’d come running. She thinks it might do more harm than good, and Laura says she could be right. Whatever she decides Laura is there for her and Aiden. They hug.

Scotty asks what’s really bothering Franco. Is his problem with the kid or proving himself to Elizabeth. Franco says, both. Scotty wants to help. Maybe he should take Aiden out fishing or hiking. Franco doesn’t think he’d be interested, and Scotty says figure what he is interested in, and eventually they’ll connect. Problem solved. The bride-to-be will know he’s the man for the job. Franco says it’s not bad advice, and Scotty says, ten bucks. Franco thinks that’s steep for the family rate. Scotty suggests they play catch, but Franco says Scotty knows he doesn’t do well at that; he has trouble with his spiral.

Willow calls Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks if everything is okay. Willow thinks it’s time for another conversation about her son.

Valentin tells Nina they have unfinished business. Nina says she has meeting to go to, and asks that they at least agree the conversation is far from over. Sasha says Nina has another visitor. Valentin says she’s busy, but Peter says he’ll just be a moment. He’s accepting her invitation. Valentin asks, for what? and Maxie says Curtis and Jordan’s wedding. Nina invited Peter as her date.

Anna runs into Finn at the hospital. He wonders why she’s still there, and she says she came to check on a patient. She asks how the presentation went, and he says the look on his face is how he’s thinking; he’s bleeding. Anna asks, how could he go wrong? Curtis approaches them, and says this came in the mail, and gives an envelope to Finn. He says, it’s from Hayden.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Finn what was in the part he didn’t read to her, Curtis says Drew is being generous, and not-Doc asks Franco what makes him think he can catch the killer?

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Day 2 – Copenhagen. LeeAnne is tired; it’s late. D’Andra and Kameron are the only ones still up. D’Andra is sorry she hurt Kameron’s feelings. She didn’t mean to hurt Kameron’s family. Kameron says she’d never intentionally try to hurt someone she loves. D’Andra says they know each other differently. No one else understands the family dynamic. In her interview, D’Andra says she and Kameron bonded over the pressure of Dallas society, and how you have to be a certain way. D’Andra tells Kameron she has principles. She got mad and thought Kameron wasn’t a loyal friend. In D’Andra’s interview, she admits she was wrong, and never meant to hurt Kameron. She was wound up because Kameron and LeeAnne poked and tag teamed. D’Andra says when her dad was there, he was the defender. She has a small family; it’s just her and her mother, and they’re not getting along. She thinks it’s finally settled, but she just has her husband. Kameron says she’ll always be there for D’Andra. She knows D’Andra is dealing with stuff. D’Andra apologizes, saying it’s time for her to learn and to be better. She hopes they can move on. If it takes time, she understands. She’s going to do her best to be a better friend. She gets teary, and says, it’s hard. They hug it out. In her interview, Kameron says their families are in similar social circles, and they understand each other because of that. Kameron thinks they can move forward, and there are more hugs. In her interview, D’Andra says she doesn’t know if they can go back to where they were, but they have peace. They laugh over last night when D’Andra got in Kameron’s elevator.

D’Andra feels lighter, like a weight lifted. LeeAnne asks Cary what the agenda is, and Cary says, biking. Everyone shuffles out. Kameron jokes that she’ll decide what to do depending on who she wants to hang out with. LeeAnne says her ass is sitting on the boat. Stephanie says whatever Brandi decides, she’ll go along with. In Cary’s interview, she says, these girls have been clinging to their besties for dear life. Not today. LeeAnne and Kameron, separate; Brandi and Stephanie, separate. Brandi says LeeAnne would look like the wicked witch on a bike, and LeeAnne asks if she’s still mad. LeeAnne says they need to talk, but Brandi says it’s too early. LeeAnne walks off. She tells Stephanie that Brandi is still mad, and Stephanie says she’s mad about the alcoholic stuff. LeeAnne wonders why D’Andra acts in a more violent manner – we flash back to her putting her finger in LeeAnne’s face – but there’s no repercussion. LeeAnne says Brandi thinks she’s the punching bag of the group. Kameron agrees. Kameron thinks the only way to move forward for LeeAnne, is to get an apology.

D’Andra, Stephanie, and LeeAnne go on the boat. Stephanie isn’t a fan of boats, but she’s a fan of hot captains. They drink rose, and the hot captain says it’s the best way to experience Copenhagen. He explains a bunch of stuff in Danish, and they reply, skoal! Kameron loves biking because she’s more in control of her environment. Brandi and Cary go biking with her. In her interview, Cary says she dated Lance Armstrong, who taught her a thing or two. Cary remembers the shopping area. She says she was ten when she was in Denmark, but just wanted to be home with her boyfriend and friends. She iddn’t stop and smell the roses. Ten seems too young to have a boyfriend, but I can identify, having gone to the Bahamas with my father when I was fourteen. I just wanted to get back home and enjoy the summer with my friends. Oh how I wish someone would take me on that trip now. On the boat, they go past the backside of an old world palace. Carved dragon tails make the main spire. It’s just beautiful.

Cary wants to stop at a trampoline park. The boat goes past, and the girls yell they have wine. Cary says it’s a small city, but it’s crazy. What are the odds they’d run into each other? These bitches can’t be separated. She wonders who has the tracking device. The hot captain, who really can speak English, drops them off. Some of them bounce on the trampolines. Cary steers, while D’Andra sits on the front of the bike. Stephanie, D’Andra and LeeAnne stop for lunch. In her interview, D’Andra thinks Stephanie is a calming force, and can help them get back on track.

D’Andra excuses herself to go to the bathroom. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that they’re pretending like nothing is wrong. It’s what old people do. LeeAnne wants to keep the caps from their beer bottles, and talks about saving things like the bouquet from D’Andra’s wedding. In her interview, Stephanie says she sees two close friends who have drifted apart. It reminds her of what she went through with her best friend. D’Andra comes back, and Stephanie tells them that she wants them to talk and be friends. She asks if D’Andra loves LeeAnne. After a pause, that might or might not be editing, she says, yes. She doesn’t think they’re not friends. LeeAnne feels like D’Andra doesn’t respect her. D’Andra says LeeAnne made her financial situation clear. I roll my eyes, and LeeAnne says she mentioned it once, and said it out of love, but D’Andra is still harping on it a month later. She wanted to solve a problem for D’Andra, and she’s said she’s sorry a million times. She thinks their tit for tat isn’t helping them move forward. D’Andra says if they promise not to talk about it anymore, they can put it to bed. LeeAnne doesn’t think D’Andra has respect for her or their friendship. D’Andra thinks they’ll get past it. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she’s done everything she knows to do, except apologize. And why not? She says she and LeeAnne have a long history. They’ve shared a lot, and she wants her friend back. She says great things are happening in LeeAnne’s life, and she’d love to be there to support her. She understands it might take time, but she’ll do her best to make it up. LeeAnne says when D’Andra took away the opportunity to love her, she took LeeAnne’s heart. In her interview, Stephanie says she’d love to see them be friends again. LeeAnne says she’d love to turn back time. Stephanie says she’s super proud of both of them. They’ve been friends for a long time, and they’re great people. LeeAnne thanks her for being a calming influence.

Cary says they’re going to Tivoli Gardens, and artsy amusement part in the center of town. And they’re wearing Danish girl outfits. Yes, they are. They skip across the street. The park is so cool. I would love this place. LeeAnne says this is how carnivals got started. She grew up with Siamese twins, and a snake pit where she put a python around her waist. She had a larger than life, vibrant childhood. it gave her a view on world no one else has. She adds, by the way, no one dressed like this. Cary wishes Zuri was there, but it’s cool being there with friends. They look like idiots.

They ride the carousel. The Ferris wheel has seats that look like hot air balloons. They have a beer, saying, skoal! since it’s all they know. Everyone agrees it’s been fun. D’Andra says Stephanie was calm and centered. D’Andra and LeeAnne concur that they’ve had a breakthrough. In her interview, Brandi says they had lunch with Dr. Phil, now everything is okay. Cary says she told Brandi that LeeAnne was upset about her joke, and LeeAnne says Brandi is still mad. Brandi says LeeAnne told people to be careful about her, and that she had a baby to save her marriage. The bottom line is, if LeeAnne is feeling hurt because Brandi called her a wicked witch, she’s not apologizing. LeeAnne says she doesn’t have to, and she wouldn’t expect it. Brandi says maybe she should have said wicked bitch. LeeAnne says she’s apologized, and obviously Brandi doesn’t want to accept it. She’s agitated and angry. Brandi says it’s just going to happen again, and that’s why she feels done with LeeAnne.

Cary is bringing the girls to meet the rest of the cousins. They’re having lunch at Cousin Lotte’s house. She tells D’Andra that she should have brought a swimsuit. It’s tradition to swim in the Baltic Sea. In her interview, Cary says you’re supposed to be naked, but it’s cool if you wear a suit. They head out. Everyone looks at their phones on the bus. D’Andra says her husband had a party. LeeAnne says she got a message at midnight that Rich loves and needs her. Brandi says, and send naked pictures.

The neighborhood is adorable, with sweet, little houses. Cary meets all the cousins, and Camilla is there. There’s a spread outside, and Lotte says she has one more cousin to introduce. She brings out Zuri, followed by Mark. Cary is beyond excited. Zuri says they came to Copenhagen for her. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, this is what life is about – family. It’s the one thing she doesn’t have. It’s beautiful to watch and be a part of, even for a second. Geez, even I’m tearing up. Mark tells Cary that he worked it out with her dad. In her interview, Cary says for him to come all that way with her baby girl; he knows how important it is for her to have a relationship with her family. Copenhagen is incredible.

Time to eat. Lotte says it’s a traditional Danish lunch. They start with spiced herring. Zuri tells Cary that she doesn’t have to eat the pickled herring, but Cary says she’s going to try everything. Stephanie has a hard time putting a piece in her mouth, and chews for a long time. In her interview, she says, it tastes like salty a-hole; gross. I’ve had it, and disagree totally. Mark says he has another surprise. Cary’s dad is on FaceTime. It’s 6 am where he is. Everyone waves. In Cary’s interview, she says everyone who matters to her is in the room. It’s a blessing to be there, and feel the love, the sense of belonging, and energy. She wants to pack it in her suitcase, and bring it home to her dad. They do shots. Lotte tells them to look each other in the eye, and say, skoal!

Cary says it’s tradition to take a naked dip in the Baltic for good luck in the year to come. You go in naked, come out, and put your clothes back on, It’s not a big deal. It’s also 50*F. Zuri asks if there are sharks, and that’s a no. They see a fisherman, and Zuri says, okay, you don’t get privacy? I die laughing. Cary explains that it’s okay to be naked there. In her interview, she says she’s all about experiencing the culture. She’s going to do the plunge the way the Danes do. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Cary loves being naked. If she had to see her family naked, she’d need fifteen years of therapy. LeeAnne says she passes. She has a fashion show coming up, and doesn’t want to get sick. In her interview, LeeAnne says the last time Cary persuaded her to swim naked in the Mexican ocean, she came home with a flesh-eating bacteria. Plus, it’s thirty degrees. Stephanie says there are vaginas and franks everywhere. In Brandi’s interview, she says she thought it was liberating and freeing to get in naked, and then she saw LeeAnne take out her phone. Have some respect. Stephanie takes off her extensions, and she and Kameron get in with suits on. Mark and Cary go in, and in her interview, Cary says it’s the infamous Duber d*ck that allegedly got s*cked at the Round up. Feast your eyes, ladies; feast your eyes. Lotte says Brandi and Cary passed the Viking test. Cary tells them it’s hard to say goodbye. She tells Zuri that they’ll meet back at the hotel. In her interview, she says she’s just getting to know everyone again, but she will be back, 100%.

On the bus back, Cary thanks everyone for making the day special. Mark made reservations for them at a Michelin star restaurant. Brandi says she needs to collect LeeAnne’s phone. She asks why LeeAnne would do that, and LeeAnne says the video isn’t seeing the light of day. Brandi says, it’s disrespectful, and LeeAnne deletes it. Brandi tells her to delete it from her trash too. She does things like that, and will use them against people. LeeAnne tells her that she’s wrong. In Brandi’s interview, she says, why take it in the first place? She knows LeeAnne is vindictive. She could have texted it, or emailed it to herself, or put it in her iCloud. She calls LeeAnne a manipulative bitch, and says she wants to use it against them. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she’s special, which shuts her up momentarily. I think she doesn’t know how to respond to that. In her interview, Kameron says they’re on national TV, and wonders why Brandi is angry about a cell phone. Cary confirms the deletion. Stephanie says, everyone is good.

Back at the hotel, LeeAnne says she genuinely thought the video was something they’d want to see later. Kameron thinks Brandi is paranoid. LeeAnne says it was spur of the moment, and she thought she was doing a good thing. She didn’t even think about them being naked. Everyone gets ready for dinner. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Brandi is agitated because she hasn’t broken a glass, called people names, or started a fight. She wants the old LeeAnne to be the dragon, so she can act afraid, and everyone will hug her.

At Hõst restaurant, server Ken suggests a tasting menu, and starts them with champagne. In her interview, Kameron says the food has been fancy and sophisticated; everything Cary wants to eat. She’s hungry. Stephanie points out that the shrimp has eyeballs. D’Andra says, don’t look, just eat. Stephanie thinks it’s lazy not to take the head off the shrimp.

Cary asks about everybody’s favorite moment. LeeAnne says hers was Tivoli. D’Andra thought the boat was fantastic. Brandi – who is wearing way too much bronzer – says meeting Cary’s family, and the bonding thing was great. Because she just can’t STFU, she adds she does feel hurt by LeeAnne, so that took away from it. LeeAnne says she had no malicious intent. Brandi asks how she’d like it if she filmed LeeAnne’s sunny-side up boobies. Omg, I can’t believe her. I think 1) LeeAnne is right; Brandi’s pissed because she’s not getting a rise out of her, 2) she’s overtired and yes, drinking too much, and 3) she’s also pissed that Stephanie is now friends with LeeAnne. In LeeAnne’s interview, she taps the bowl that makes the meditative sound, and keeps tapping.

LeeAnne says she didn’t sneak around to do it, and Kameron says it was about capturing the moment, not blackmail. Stephanie doesn’t think there was anything wrong about it, but understands why Brandi didn’t want her doing it. LeeAnne says it was deleted. Brandi says she’s insecure about that. How does she know? LeeAnne says Brandi can look at her phone. She shows D’Andra that it says, no photos or videos. LeeAnne says if it went elsewhere, she’d know who did it. Cary says, that’s true. LeeAnne says, it was done in innocence. No one gets the same amount of punishment, and LeeAnne thinks the street is unbalanced. Stephanie says it wasn’t malicious. Brandi says it’s a trust issue, and in her interview, whines once again about LeeAnne making up rumors that she’s an alcoholic and had a baby to save her marriage. Brandi says LeeAnne always has an agenda. She’ll use against Brandi when she gets mad at her. She’ll talk to everyone else, except her. In her interview, Brandi says, LeeAnne is pretending to be Zen, but can only keep it up for so long. She’s a good manipulator. LeeAnne says she’s not mad at Brandi, nor is she going to be, or let herself get that way. Brandi says she doesn’t trust LeeAnne. LeeAnne says she doesn’t trust Brandi either. LeeAnne says she’s not going down History Street again

In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Brandi wants to prove the old LeeAnne exists. She does. She just controls her better. It’s called maturity – try it. All LeeAnne can say is, sorry, she can’t trust Brandi. Brandi doesn’t think anyone there trusts LeeAnne.

Next time, Brandi calls the group fake bitches, D’Andra is on friend probation, and LeeAnne has her fashion show – one dress worn 175 ways.


Cassie heard sirens, and DEA and FBI agents raided the club. She got her gun ready, and then we saw, 24 hours earlier…

Cassie found out Xander was taking his wife to an Atlanta gala, when she thought it was over. He tossed an engagement ring to her as she was about to drive away.

Star’s biggest fear was depending on someone else. She told Jackson they weren’t from the same place. He didn’t understand.

Alex confronted Derek about the girl at the club, but he said it wasn’t like that. She had to trust him. He left, and she had a panic attack.

Maurice told Noah that he was cool with whatever Noah and Megan had going on, as long as it didn’t interfere with business. He said Noah was slipping, but Noah said, hits don’t come overnight. His plaques and Grammys spoke for themselves. Maurice said he needed to step up his game; there was always someone who wants it just as bad. Noah wondered if that was a threat, but Maurice said he was talking business.

Take 3 and Miss Bruce met with Maurice, who thought they needed to up their social presence game. He introduced Chloe, who he’d hired to help with that. He thought Noah needed to engage with the fans more. Miss Bruce said the festival was supposed to showcase Take 3, but Maurice said Noah was the comeback kid. Mateo hired him to do as he saw fit, and that’s how he sees it. Miss Bruce told Take 3 to take to the stage and figure it out. Star suggested getting Chloe’s attention on them. The girls were in.

Cassie wanted to go to the gala with Xander. He told her that Karma was too hot, and still had a rat problem that she was supposed to handle. It was affecting his business and reputation. He called Cassie a sloppy bitch, and told her fix it. Then he asked her to marry him.

The undercover girl told Derek not to lose his focus. If he worked smart and fast, they’d find a way to get closer to the action.

Cassie told her thug, Mike, they had to find and plug a leak. Derek came looking for a job, and Mike said he could use more manpower. Cassie told him that she was doing it for his granny, and what goes on in the club, stays in the club.

Noah was confronted by a girl whose DMs he was ignoring. She insisted they’d slept together when he was on tour, and he was so good, he gave her the clap. He said he’d never met her, but she showed him a photo of the two of them looking intimate. She wanted $20K or was going public. Maurice said the truth didn’t matter; it would be bad publicity. Megan said it was extortion, and they should call the authorities. She told Noah, whatever he decided, she’d make it work, but if he paid the blackmailer, she’d keep coming back. Noah went with his lawyer.

Star said she was all the baby has, and Jackson said she acted like he wasn’t a part of it. She wouldn’t move in with him, or even talk about it. It was his baby too, and he was going to be there every step of the way, but he and Star were done.

Mike told Derek he’d have to sweat to make cheese. If Derek wanted real money, mike said he’d contact his boys. Cassie sang, and Xander confronted her about Cotton going to the police. Cassie said it was a family problem, and Cotton had nothing to do with this. She had Cotton under control. He saw where that had gotten them, and said he wasn’t sitting back and letting her throw away the future. She said she had him, and he said he trusted her.

The accusations against Noah ended up on TV. Maurice asked if he was someone Megan wanted to be with.

Mike brought Derek in the back of the club, saying Jamal had been skimming off the top. Jamal said, just once, and Mike held a gun to his head. He asked Derek what he thought, and handed him the gun. Derek thought of his grandma, and took it. It was a set-up, and Mike was just seeing if Derek would have his back. Jamal said he almost believed him. Mike said Derek proved himself, and had a job. Derek said he was a quick learner. Mike told him to keep his mouth shut, and his grandma’s mortgage would be paid sooner than he thought. Cassie thinks she’s calling the shots, but she ain’t.

At the salon, Star said they were busting ass, but couldn’t get press. Cassie blew in, and told Cotton, you don’t snitch on family. Cotton told Cassie that she was paranoid, and Miss Bruce told Cassie, stop coming for family. Cassie insisted she was protecting them from the cops sniffing around Carlotta. Miss Bruce suggested she leave Xander alone. He beats her ass. Cassie told them it was none of their business. Miss Bruce said she was on a roller coaster ride she couldn’t get off.

Simone told Alex to quit pretending everything was okay, and talk to her. Alex said she thought Derek was cheating. She saw him and a girl at the club. Simone never saw a man more sure of his love, and said they’d been thought too much not to fight for what they had.

Cassie told Xander everything was locked down. Star came to Cassie’s office, and said Cassie was letting any man treat her any way. Cassie told her get the hell out. She didn’t know about life, especially Cassie’s. Star said she got her ass beat when she was with Hunter, and kept coming back. Something good was waiting on the other side of the decision if she dumped Xander.

Derek talks to the undercover girl before the club opens, and kisses her when Mike looks at them, but Simone sees them too. Maurice tried to convince Megan that Noah wasn’t who she thought, but Megan said every time she looked at Maurice, she saw their daughter. It was too painful. She needed to move on, and he had to let her. With Megan’s help, Noah proved the photo was fake. He said, whatever is done in the dark will come to light. He didn’t press charges, just wanting to focus on his music.

Star, Simone, and Alex created a ruckus, pretending to fight. Chloe fell for it, and filmed them. Alex said she was glad it was their last album, and Simone pretended to be shocked that Chloe was filming them. Alex grabbed her phone, and threw it.

That’s when it went back to the beginning. Cassie hearing sirens, and seeing the raid. And getting her gun ready.

Cassie confronted Xander at the gala. She thought he was coming alone, but he said his wife decided to come at the last second. She told him the feds raided the club, but she got out before they could talk to her. There was no evidence, since she wasn’t sloppy. He told her it wasn’t just cash; he had boys running drugs in her club. She said she should blow his brains out. Xander said he did it for them, so they’d never have to worry, and he was filing for divorce. He said he loved her, then asked her to take the fall. She slapped him instead.

Star brought Jackson to a new house where there was plenty room for a kid. She wanted Jackson there too. She couldn’t change the past or how it happened so fast, but she wanted to try and make sure the future was better. Jackson said it was too late, but Star asked him not to walk away. They’d both done that their entire relationship. She wanted the baby to have a functioning family, like Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv. Jackson didn’t know if they’d ever be that great, but they could try.

Derek told Alex it wasn’t what she thought, and she asked if it was payback for Noah. He said he couldn’t explain right then, and he got a call from undercover girl. Alex told him to go be with that bitch; she was done with him. He said he loved her more than anything.

Noah and Megan were walking outside, when a guy with a gun came up behind them, and knocked Noah down. He told Noah to stay down when Noah asked him not to hurt Megan.

At the studio, Alex told Simone she was right. Simone started crying, and said it wasn’t just about Alex and Derek, but her and Nina. Alex asked what she meant, but Star interrupted, telling them Chloe’s video of their fight went viral. She showed them the comments, and one said, not missing their last performance. Alex said, it happens all the time; people grow apart. Star said people were calling it their goodbye album. They were trying to help Carlotta, but they’re different artists with different dreams. Alex told Star that they did everything they said they would. Star said, they did more. Simone thought it was right. Their last album. Star said they were going to do it right.

As Take 3 went over their plans, behind the club, undercover girl tried to get Derek on the phone, but Mike grabbed her. Cassie put the ring back in the box. Mike strangled undercover girl. Cassie went to the cops, and turned herself in.

Next time, the finale, Xander says he always wins, Carlotta is back, and Noah pulls a gun on Derek.

✂ There was no great hair tonight, except for an extra dude in the studio with interesting dreads.

💅 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, once again, dog poop was the great leveler. When Melissa invited new wife Jackie and her kids over, they had to dance around an accident in the hallway. That’s right, no matter how much money you have, that dog is going to poop in the house. Jackie is a mom blogger, and said if anyone doesn’t like her style, she cordially invites them to go eff themselves. I like her already. Teresa pressured BroJoe to spend more time with their father. She’s still in training, and was fretting about an upcoming trip to Oklahoma, where no doubt her friends would encourage her to drink and eat. This prompted a great quote from trainer Tracy – no chicken pot pies for you.

🐛 Inching Toward the Weekend…





November 7, 2018 – Britt Meets Another Friend, Chandler Makes Screwing Up an Art Form, Lil Dini Joins the Festival, the Deal & Happy Trails


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the beginning because of Sessions getting the boot. Whatever happened to them just running a headline at the bottom of the screen?

Nina gives Maxie a pair of shoes, and wishes her a happy belated birthday. She figured shoes were a safe bet. She apologizes for not being with her the night before; she didn’t want Maxie to be alone on her first birthday without Nathan. Maxie says she wasn’t alone, and Nina asks, who was with her?

Peter and Lulu go to Charlie’s. Lulu can’t believe the election was tampered with. Peter says things are happening fast, and there’s so much to cover. He might push her final chapter of the Ryan Chamberlain story. She says, fine with her. She isn’t so sure it should be published at all now. It might have inspired someone to murder that nurse.

Kay asks not-Doc how his patient is, and he says, resting. She says he’s so heavily sedated, she wonders how he could be resting. He’s in a black hole. Not-Doc tells her it’s necessary until extra security measures are put in place.

Carly tells Jason that she takes it back. She doesn’t want him going near Ferncliff. It’s her issue, she’ll do it on her own. He tells her, too late. Curtis comes in saying he’s from the Coil Protective Services, and he’s been retained to look for irregularities in a state-run facility.

Spencer tells Laura that his father made mistakes. People do wrong things for the right reasons. The way she talked about prosecuting whoever upset the election seemed scary. Did she mean it? She tells him, to corrupt an election is to destroy the fabric of democracy, even on a small scale. She can’t allow it to stand. Spencer says now she has time to campaign and win, but she says she’d rather have lost than see something like this happen in her home town. He says he didn’t realize, and he’s sorry. She says he doesn’t have to be. In a strange way, it’s a perfect ending to an unbelievably late day. She has something to tell him, and she’s afraid it might make him feel sadder, but he has the right to know. He asks if it’s about Doc. He already knows.

Not-Doc tells Kay they’re under Intense scrutiny, as they should be. it’s even more important now to keep people from getting into certain rooms, like Mr. Wilson’s. Kay says no one will get into his room without her permission, and not-Doc says, excellent.

Carly is concerned Curtis will be recognized. He says he only dealt with Mary Pat. He can’t help thinking she’s somehow connected to the mystery patient. Perhaps she knew something. Carly says that might be why they’re taking extra measures to keep him under wraps

Britt is astonished that Michael is the baby’s father, and asks, how?… what?… why? She congratulates him for rendering her speechless. Brad says he’s many things, but proud isn’t one of them. She says he really is a wreck. She’s never known him to feel shame, and he says he never took a newborn from its father. Britt begs to differ, but he says he didn’t steal the embryo for his own gain, and didn’t understand how deplorable it was. How did she live with herself? Britt asks who the mother is. Brad says he hasn’t told anyone, not even his father-in-law, who he was forced to turn to for help. He came through. Britt says, so will she. Tell her everything.

Michael says it’s not like Bobbie to be indecisive; what did she see that got her rattled? Bobbie says she thought about not mentioning it to him, but here he is. It concerns him, but it might be upsetting. He asks if it has to do with Wiley, and she says, no; Jonah. He says Brad is always a nervous wreck when he sees Wiley. He thinks Brad is afraid he’ll freak out when he sees the baby, but he’s not going to fall apart. Whatever it is, she can tell him. She gives him an envelope.

Inside the envelope, there’s a silver baby spoon. Michael says it was for Jonah. Bobbie knows Michael was kind enough to give Lucas and Brad clothing and supplies originally meant for Jonah, but thinks he didn’t mean to give something so personal to them. Why did he want to divest himself of all the memories?

Brad says she took their baby, and gave him hers. Britt says, wow. Nelle really told Michael their baby was dead? Brad says she hates him and his family that much. Britt says Nelle beats her. At least she loved Ben like any mother, but Nelle just handed her baby over. Brad says whenever he sees Michael smile at Wiley, he gets physically sick. Suddenly, Michael is everywhere he turns. He barely saw Michael before. Britt says Brad did make a pass at him, but Brad says he was misguided. Ever since he stole Michael’s baby, he runs into him all the time. Britt says he’s the baby’s caring father, and needs to get it together. Brad says Sonny is the baby’s grandfather. He’ll be six feet under in the pine barrens by sundown if Sonny finds out. He asks if this isn’t the part where she tells him that he’s exaggerating, but Britt says she knows what Sonny is capable of, but he won’t find out. Brad wonders how she can say that. She tried to keep a baby that wasn’t hers, and now Rocco is living with his parents while, up until now, she spent her days in prison. How can she think this won’t blow up and destroy his life?

Peter doesn’t think Lulu’s article could have spurred the murder. There are any number of stories or podcasts that could have influenced the killer. She can’t blame herself. He needs her on the crime beat, and off of the election. She thought there might be a conflict since Laura was a candidate, but he says it goes deeper than that.

Nina knows Laura wasn’t with Maxie, since she was an eyewitness to the head incident. Maxie says Nina makes her sound a loser who has no friends, but Nina says she doesn’t think that. She wonders if Spinelli and Ellie flew in with Georgie, so she could spend Halloween with her little brother. She asks if James looked cute in his costume. Maxie shows her pictures, and Nina asks if that’s Peter in the baseball player costume. Maxie says it is, and Nina says, she spent her birthday with Peter?

Curtis tells Carly that he’s going to distract the staff, while Sam and Jason check the patient’s cell. Carly says Jason is on a watch list. She doesn’t want him going to prison to satisfy her curiosity.

Kay asks not-Doc if Mr. Wilson needs to be so heavily sedated with the new security measures in place. Not-Doc says when he’s conscious, he begins to howl. The sedation gives his troubled mind peace, until medicine advances to a point where they can help. She says it’s obvious he cares about his patients. Even a lost cause like Mr. Wilson.

Spencer says he overheard Laura talking to Lulu. Laura asks what she’s told him about eavesdropping, but he says his lack of etiquette is beside the point. Doc abandoned her. How could he sink so low? He gave Doc a piece of his mind. Laura says Doc is confused, but Spencer tells her not to make excuses for him. He hurt her; the best of all women. She should confront him and tell him she doesn’t need him. She can stand alone. She’s Spencer’s rock, and if she throws herself into the campaign, she can be the rock for all of Port Charles as well.

Britt tells Brad that she loved Ben, and wanted the life with Nikolas that she couldn’t have with Patrick. She had a glimpse before it fell apart. They were the happiest days of her life; Nikolas, Spencer, her, and Ben. Brad says, now it’s gone, and she’s an ex con at the mercy of Anna. He’ll probably end up like her – or worse. She says he needs to man-up. Her mistake was letting her guilt get to her. She wrote a confession to make herself feel better. No one else was supposed to see it, but someone found it. Has he written anything? He says it’s the first time he’s told anyone. She’s the only person who knows it’s Nelle’s baby. Britt says she’s in prison, and getting sympathy points for being a grieving mother. The only thing he isn’t safe from is his own conscience.

Michael tells Bobbie it’s hard to look at. He imagined feeding his kid, the kid banging it on the high chair, throwing it, and seeing how many times he’s pick it up. Bobbie says he did mean to give it to them, and now she stepped in it by giving it back. He says he was blindly throwing things in a box, and didn’t know he gave it away. Now that time has passed, he’s happy to have it again. He thanks her, and she says he can talk to her about anything, whenever he wants, in his own time. He says he’s learning to deal with the loss, and actually getting help. There’s a group for parents like him. That’s why he’s there; to see when the next meeting is. Bobbie hugs him, saying she’s proud of him. He says he’s slowly starting not think about Jonah all the time, and starting to feel like he could be happy again someday. Bobbie says he will be. A lot of people care about him and ask about him. One nurse in particular. He took her to dinner once.

Not-Doc sees Laura and Spencer at the hospital. Spencer tells not-Doc that his grandmother wants a word with him. He’s going to the tenth floor, where the superior vending machines are. Not-Doc tells Laura there’s nothing left to say. She says she knows why he wanted to separate so quickly. There’s a third person in their marriage, and she thinks she knows who it is.

Curtis tells Carly that’s why he’s providing cover, but Carly says Ferncliff has their own set of rules. She doesn’t trust anyone there, even with the changes. Curtis says she was in a bad situation, and it’s his job to find out the truth. Sam says they’re going to find answers and put it to rest. Carly thanks them and tells Jason, please be careful. He says, always.

Nina asks Maxie what happened between her and Peter, and Maxie says, nothing. He discovered it was her birthday, and brought a cake. They watched The Brady Bunch, and he left. Where was Nina last night? Nina says she wanted Sasha to meet Charlotte. Maxie says she didn’t go Windemere, did she? Nina says Valentin wanted Sasha to come for dinner, the storm started, and she got stuck on Spoon Island. Maxie asks if they all had a sleepover, while Valentin was brooding in his turret. Nina says she was alone with him the whole night, and intended to sleep in the guest room, but she fell asleep on the sofa – completely alone. Not that it’s any of Maxie’s business. They don’t need to argue about this. What they need to do stay away from toxic men. Maxie says, what if they don’t want to?

Peter tells Lulu that The Invader is endorsing Laura; no whiff of nepotism. It’s better if Lulu stays on crime. She mentions Britt’s early release, but Peter says the authorities want it kept quiet. He also knows she’s his biological half-sister; some family he has. He can’t believe what Britt did to Lulu. It must have been unbelievably painful. Lulu says it was like a slow motion nightmare. When Nikolas forgave her, Lulu was furious. Her biggest regret is that she can’t get the time with him back.

Britt asks Brad if Lucas suspects, but he says Lucas is too into being a dad to notice anything is wrong. She tells him that he has to pull it together for the sake of his family. She asks what about Michael. Brad says he’s amazing with Wiley. He’s not letting grief interfere with his and Lucas’s happiness – at his own expense. Britt says the baby came out of nowhere when Brad needed it. Everything happens for a reason. The baby was meant to be his. He says she just said how dangerous Sonny is. He could get hurt or go to prison. Britt says Sonny shot Dante, Michael took a bullet, and Morgan got blown up. Morgan wasn’t his fault, but violence constantly surrounds his family. Wiley will be infinitely safer with him and Lucas. Brad says Sonny will always be a target. Britt tells him, when guilt tiptoes in, remember his obligation to keep Wily safe and out of harm’s way. That’s reason enough to stop. Let himself be the father that he always wanted to be.

Michael asks if Bobbie is talking about Francesca. They ran into Nelle on their first date, and she didn’t want to be pulled into a complicated situation. Bobbie says Nelle is locked up; it’s not complicated anymore. Carly joins them, and asks what they’re talking about. Michael says, nothing, and asks how she is after seeing the head. Carly says it was shocking, but she’s fine. Bobbie says she’s rallying. Carly says she has to make peace with Ferncliff in her own way, and knows how she’s doing it.

Curtis sneaks around Ferncliff, and slips into a room where there’s a medicine cart. Kay finds him, and asks who he is. He tells her Dale Coil from Coil Protective Services. He was sent by the state. She asks how he got in, and he says that explains why he’s here. He showed the security guards a fake ID. Two of them were playing on their phones, and the other was asleep. He took photos. An orderly left this cart unattended where anyone could grab it. He picks up one of the medications, and says when taken improperly, it can cause brain death. She says he has her attention.

Sam and Jason sneak to where Carly’s room was. Sam says, it must have been a living hell. Jason says it really affected Carly. That’s why she’s fixated on her neighbor. She’s afraid he’s innocent and trapped like she was.

Britt tells Brad the best part is that Wiley will have a better life with them than being Sonny’s grandson. She says to enjoy Wiley and Lucas. Love them, and don’t think about blowing it like she did. He hugs her, and says he loves her. She loves him too.

Spencer looks up penalties for minors who do election tampering. Brad sees him, and asks if he’s Spencer Cassadine. Spencer asks, who wants to know?

Brad comes back to the examining room, telling Britt that he has a surprise. Someone wants to see her. She says, besides him? Impossible. Spencer says, it’s possible, and runs to her.

Michael says he knows Carly is working with Laura. Carly says, specifically, on Ferncliff. That’s why she’s there. She wants to talk to Doc. She asks Michael what he’s doing tonight, telling him there’s a live band at The Roadhouse. One night out would do him good. Michael says he’ll think about it, and leaves. Bobbie says he’s not going to call Francesca, but it has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with Nelle.

Kay says Curtis’s information seems to be in order. He says he was hired by the state to identify and repair breeches. She says she’s sure he won’t mind if she checks his credentials. He tells her that the website for his firm shows the dozens of organizations they’ve worked with. She can read the testimonials. She tells him that they’ve already started securing the dangerous patients using modern measures. He asks if she wouldn’t mind pulling the information up on her tablet and showing him.

Sam looks through the door window, but can’t see anyone. Jason tells her that Carly said the room looked empty. She tried to go in, but the head nurse stopped her. Sam says, maybe the room wasn’t so empty after all. He sees the new lock, and asks Sam if she thinks she can get inside.

Not-Doc tells Laura that he’s not having an affair; there’s no third person. Laura thinks there is. It’s not a woman. It’s his brother. She thinks the renewed publicity is getting to him, and he needs help. She wants him to find another professional to talk to. It’s clear he’s not able heal on his own. He says he’ll be the judge of that, and she asks what happened to him. Has he cut himself off from everyone? He says he told her that he needed time alone. She says he also said he’s moving out, and she’d like him to get that done as quickly as possible. Carly sees them, and is glad they’re both there. Not-Doc asks what he can do for her. She says she’s decided what to do about her neighbor at Ferncliff.

Spencer asks why Britt is at the hospital. She says she’s fine. It’s just a routine check-up after her release. He says seeing her makes the day more bearable. She says it’s his father’s birthday. She wishes it had turned out differently. If it hadn’t gone so wrong, his father would still be alive. Spencer says sometimes he dreams about all of them being back at Windermere. She says, so does she. If only. Spencer says, if only.

Maxie tells Nina that she likes Peter as a friend; Nina loves Valentin. They seem to be having a problem keeping away from the people they should be staying away from. Nina says leave it to her. She can kill two birds with one stone. Maxie asks, how? and Nina says, watch and learn. She calls Peter, saying she has a proposition for him. How would he like to be her plus one to Curtis and Jordan’s wedding?

Not-Doc tells Carly he thought they discussed her going to Ferncliff. He strongly advises her to put the patient and her experience behind her. She says, in her own way, she’s getting closure. It’s part of her healing, and as her doctor, he’s 100% behind her, right?

Curtis thanks Kay for her cooperation. She says if Albany sent him, her job is to do everything to help him. He says he’s already noticed a few lapses… no, loopholes in their security system. He’s going to identify the areas that need to be addressed. She gets message, and has to check on some of her staff. She leaves, and Curtis gets out his phone.

Sam gets the door unlocked. She and Jason go into the patient’s room. They look shocked.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth questions Cameron, Oscar tells Kim there’s nothing she can do about the lawsuit, and Sonny visits Jeanette.

Below Deck

Ashton doesn’t even enjoy fishing, and wonders why he’s the one going on the trip. He stumbles out of bed, and curses his life. The guests get ready. Chandler says they’ll find a good shelf. In his interview, Chandler says anyone can be a fisherman, as long as they know how to set up lines. It’s not that hard. From my observation, Chandler talks a good game, but everything is hard for him. Adrian makes breakfast, and the tender is stocked with Bailey’s. The breakfast of champions.

Caroline whines about her foot. Josiah says he sliced his foot open and could barely walk, but still worked. She has to work through the pain.

Ross radios Captain Lee, telling him the fishing expedition left. The captain says a fishing boat is out there, and he has no idea where, who’s with it, or what they’re doing. A pound of flesh will be extracted.

On the fishing boat, Chandler barrels through the water, and a guest thinks he should go slower. Ashton says it’s an absurd situation. Primary Chris suggests using live bait, since the fish don’t like Chips Ahoy. More selfies are taken. Waiting in the other boat, Ross calls the captain again, connecting him to Chandler. Chandler says it was uneventful, but everyone had fun. Captain Lee is annoyed that he wasn’t briefed, and Chandler says he’d assumed someone told him. The captain tells him to get back; they’re departing as soon as possible. Chandler should have known better. Breakfast is served.

Rhylee asks if they caught anything, but it doesn’t look that way. Chandler says they’re all set to roll, but the captain isn’t seeing anyone on the bow. Chandler gets the anchor up. Kate talks about swimming with stingrays to Adrian. Chandler asks Kate to meet with him, and she tells him to go to the wheelhouse. They discuss the set up for lunch. Chandler thought they could do the stingray thing while the interior is setting up.

Chandler bitches about having to set up in knee high water. Ross says if he was bosun, there would have been someone on the boat when they all went fishing. He doesn’t think Chandler thinks things through. They drop anchor by a beautiful green mountain. Kate flirts with Adrian. In her interview, she says it’s probably inappropriate, but she likes it. Chandler criticizes Rhylee for nothing. She tells Ashton that Chandler is too intense, and she’s tired of him speaking to her like he does.

Caroline limps around. The water is incredible, and so clear. Sharks and stingrays swim around. Chandler says he’s never set up with sharks around, and pitches the tent. A German Shepherd bounds through the water, and I wonder why no one is concerned. Kate tells the guests about the stingray/lunch plan. In her interview, she says it’s hard to tell if they’re happy or not. She thinks they don’t know if they’re happy or not. Rhylee directs the guests, and the tender is loaded. Caroline bitches about Kate, who sends her to wash dishes. Chris pronounces the water turquoise turquoise. Ross says reef sharks are like kittens. I’m so jealous. I would love to swim with sharks and stingrays. Rhylee thinks for safety’s sake, the guests shouldn’t touch the sharks. Rhylee says she’s always wanted to swim with the sharks, but she’s deathly afraid. She does it anyway, and says it’s one of the better days she’s had. Kate tells Josiah about Caroline. In Kate’s interview, she says Caroline keeps finding ways not to work, but she finds ways Caroline can work. I see your injured foot, and raise you a stool.

The captain radios for a hand with something, but gets no response. It pisses him off that no one is answering the radio. They should know better. He tells Kate to get lunch ready. Adrian makes sushi. The captain is waiting when Chandler gets back, saying he took a long time. Chandler says they went as fast as they could. The guests head out, and Kate tells Caroline to check the guest rooms while they’re gone. Kate says this is crazy, but the scenery is beautiful scenery. Caroline curses as she tidies the guest rooms.

The lunch set up is so cool – it’s right in the water. No surprise, lots of selfies are taken. Kate says she’s been doing this for so long, it’s rare to do something she hasn’t done already. A halfway under water lunch is exciting.

The hot tub is overflowing. Once again, there’s no one around, so Captain Lee has to deal with it himself. A storm comes up, and he takes in the cushions. He radios Ross, Chandler, and Ashton. He’s pissed that on a boat this size, there isn’t one swinging d*ck on board. It starts raining. Kate asks Chandler to get the tender. He remembers there’s no deck crew on board the yacht. In her interview, Kate says it’s like he’s trying to suck at his job. He tells Kate he needs to get back to the yacht before the sky opens up. He tells Ross to shuttle the guests back.

The guests return to the yacht. Captain Lee asks Caroline to see if the guests need anything. A few are in the jacuzzi, and order various drinks. In her interview, Caroline says, coconut water with one blueberry> She takes the orders, and asks Adrian for the fruit. He tells her to look in the walk-in freezer downstairs. She’s sighs audibly.

Rhylee cleans up. Caroline doesn’t know how to make any of the drinks, and radios Kate. She gets flustered explaining, and Kate says she’ll be right up. In Kate’s interview, she says she just served underwater lunch in shark infested waters, and Caroline is freaking out. Chandler knows he screwed up, and expects a thorough lashing. Never leave a boat with no deck crew.

Ashton farts, and Ross thinks someone called him. They die laughing. I’m not one for juvenile humor (with the exception of Animal House being one of my favorite movies), but that was pretty funny. Chris says he touched a shark and some stingrays. His girlfriend wonders how they’ll go back to reality. Kate tells Caroline to go back to folding. The crew gets into their blacks. Captain Lee calls Chandler to the wheelhouse, and tells him to have a seat. That can’t be good. He tells Chandler that he hates babysitting, and he’s doing it right now. Chandler is missing obvious things, and left the boat without telling him. They have an experienced fisherman on board, who should have gone on the fishing trip. He’s had to fill the jacuzzi five times. Enlighten him. Like the irresponsible baby he is, Chandler says Ashton was responsible for the hot tub. The captain isn’t appreciating Chandler palming off the responsibility, but Chandler wonders how he’s supposed to check everything. Some things go by the wayside. Captain Lee thinks if he’s missing stuff, it means he’s not checking everything. In his interview, Captain Lee doesn’t know if Chandler gets out of bed, and says he’s going to be a total f**kup today. Chandler admits it’s definitely all on him; it’s all his job. In Chandler’s interview, he says he’s there to make the captain’s life easier, not harder, but at the same time, the crew needs to be looking out. There’s not enough of him to go around. He leaves, and Captain Lee calls him an effing a-hole.

Kate tells Caroline she’ll do the late shift. Chandler calls the deck crew to the beach club. He tells the deckhands that he just had his ass chewed out by the captain. It falls on him, and he’s going to be double-checking everything. If it seems like he’s micromanaging, he is. In her interview, Rhylee says Chandler takes advantage of his position, and it backfired. Don’t blame her for his screw up.

Kate decorates the table in a tea party rave theme, with tea set pieces and glow sticks. Adrian says breakfast is the start of the day, at lunch, you’re getting into it, and dinner is an epiphany. He puts a lot of love in his food. Rhylee is irritated to the point of talking to the captain. She wouldn’t be as irritated if Chandler wasn’t a pr*ck. She asks Ashton if he doesn’t think Ross should be bosun. Every mistake today was on Chandler.

Dinner is served. The guests are so happy they take more selfies. Chris and his girlfriend go to the crow’s nest, and another couple sits in the hot tub. Caroline tells Kate that she’s 90% sure there’s a couple having sex in the crow’s nest. Caroline, Adrian, and Kate watch on the monitor, and laugh.

I don’t know what kind of pancakes Adrian is making, but I want some. And I don’t even like pancakes. Only the harvest grain and nut pancakes from iHop. Kate tells Caroline to fold. In her interview, Kate says Josiah is like a show dog. He performs well, he’s groomed, has a shiny coat, and a great gate. Caroline is like a chihuahua they found in the street. It’s hungry, and when you close the door loudly, it sh*ts itself. The crew gets in their whites. Chris takes yet more selfies, blocking the captain’s view while docking. The guests depart. Josiah hopes they don’t find any more extra-large surprises. Chris says it was a great experience. On the way down to the dock, he tells his girlfriend that she’d better charge her phone. He’s probably afraid of missing a selfie. His girlfriend is afraid she caught a disease from the mosquitoes or whatever.

Tip time! Captain Lee says it was an interesting charter. He has a lot of people with talent, but there’s a slight breakdown in utilizing that talent, and the communication from one department to another. Chandler thinks it was a sh*t show, but from this point on, it’s going to be different. The tip is $15K, or $1230 each. The captain says, nicely done. They have a short turn around, but they but can go out tonight. Caroline says her foot is popping, and gets weepy. Kate calls Lee to make another doctor’s appointment.

Chandler tells the deckhands, the faster they’re done, the sooner they can get beers, because he’s a genius. Chandler knows he’s going to piss off Rhylee, and tells her that she didn’t put her tools away. She says she did, and he needs to ask whoever’s on the morning crew. In his interview, Chandler says his department isn’t operating the way it should, and he doesn’t want it to reflect badly on him. Chandler keeps repeating that Rhylee didn’t put her tools away, and she’s like, wtf?

After she sees the doctor, Caroline tells Kate that he didn’t know what it was, and told her to stay off her feet for two months. Kate says it’s frustrating, but it doesn’t make any difference. She’s already doing Caroline’s work, but she’s not carrying the weight all season. I had a foot injury once, due to a miscalculation in an aerobics class, and the doctor said to stay off my feet for two months. No way I could do that and work. I had to just suck it up.

Caroline wonders why Rhylee is pissed. She guesses it’s Chandler, and asks if it’s worse or the same. Rhylee says he’s a pompous pr*ick. Kate tells Caroline to stay horizontal. She wants Caroline better. The crew gets ready to go out, and leaves for shore, sans Caroline. Kate loves the entire crew, even Rhylee. They get to the restaurant, and order drinks. Rhylee tells Ross, at this point, she’s going to pop. In his interview, Ross says she’s not going anywhere. She’s part of the team, and they need to sort it out. Rhylee’s goal isn’t to piss anyone off, but if she gets drunk and does something, so be it. Drinking and dancing happen. Kate says it’s like Dirty Dancing Tahitian night. Every girl is Jennifer Grey, and Ashton is Patrick Swayze.

Everyone goes back to the boat pretty drunk, and some of them drink some more. Ashton drinks something out of a pitcher, and makes a face. Rhylee instructs her clothes to stay on the hangers. Ashton is looking for a hookup, but Rhylee says it’s not happening. She doesn’t mind having fun with him, but she’s not doing that when they’re drunk. Caroline wants to get back in her room, but Ashton tells her to go and rest, pushing her back toward the guest cabin. Kate thinks he’s disrespectful.

Kate tells Caroline that she can stay in the guest cabin for two days, and then decide if she wants to stay or go home. It’s her home base for a few days. In her interview, Caroline understands rank, but she’s a human being, and doesn’t deserve being talked down to. She cries. In Kate’s interview, she says Caroline should know after two days whether she’s getting better or not. She’s seriously injured, and needs to rest. She needs to heal and get better, or go home.

Next time, a four-day charter with children, Kate needs to know if Caroline can work, Rhylee tells Ashton to calm down, the captain wants someone’s ass for dinner, and changes will be made and not all the crew will be happy.


Star insisted Jackson was not her man, and said they only make music together. Simone pointed out they made music and a baby. Derek told Alex forget about the tape, and do what she came there for. At Karma, a reporter asked if she was using the tape to further her solo career. Noah was asked if he thought quantity was better than quality. He hoped to do both. Simone told Mateo that he didn’t know how to promote the Rhythm and Bells festival without Carlotta. He said that’s why he brought in new headliner Lil Dini.

There was a panel discussion of the festival artists. Lil Dini took over, and Star told him to go back to the dark corner of exploitation he crawled out of. He made fun of Alex, and Star had enough. She went after him, and was held back, but she threw a drink at him before storming off stage. Her signature move. Miss Bruce told Take 3 it would be a breach of contract if they dropped out, and they couldn’t do that to Carlotta. They felt because the festival was about non-violence, music, and community, Mateo should dump Dini. Star wanted something fresh, and thought a duet with Noah was it. Jackson thought it was time she got rid of the bag she’s been living out of her whole life, but that was a no.

Xander told Cassie there was an informant at the club. Cassie said she was clean, except for his dirt. He said they had a rat problem, and if she interfered with his business, he’d be forced to shut down the club.

Noah told Miss Bruce that he was seeing someone, but wasn’t supposed to this early in his sobriety. He didn’t think he could handle another loss. Miss Bruce told him not to speak it into existence. Noah said Miss Bruce sounded like his pops, and Miss Bruce said, GMTA. Cotton told Miss Bruce to speak the truth; look what secrets did to her family. She missed her mom.

The sportswear company dropped Alex because of the tape, so she decided to do a show about her life behind the music, and put herself out there, even if she hated it. Noah made s secret plan to meet someone. Nina told Simone they were cutting Black Ivy. She told Simone she was going to suggest casting Jackson in the lead, since he was a hot commodity. He’d make the investors keep the project alive. Simone wasn’t keen on a love making scene with her sister’s baby daddy, but said she’d do it.

Cassie was pissed at Maurice, thinking he was talking to the cops. He said she was trippin’, but she said she couldn’t trust him. He said he was in charge of saving the festival, and he was closer to building his music empire. She reminded him it was their empire. Alex refused to be another ratchet Black girl on reality TV. Star suggested she use the internet. Lean into it, like Star did with her baby daddy drama. Simone told Star about Jackson being in the movie. Alex said, awkward, but Star said she couldn’t care less.

Maurice didn’t want any bad press, and suggested Take 3 squash the beef with Dini. Dini apologized, saying he wasn’t trying to ruin the festival, and shouldn’t have come in all hot. Star asked if that’s all he had, and to take his apology to his mother, who deserved it. Maurice told Dini if he wanted to be a part of the festival, he had to get back on track. Dini said he’d put out a statement.

Cassie visited Cotton, and told her, sometimes when God wants us to relax, he slows us down. Cotton asked what happened to Cassie finding her father’s killer. There was a tense moment when Cotton picked up a knife while she was washing the dishes, and Cassie started to fish in her purse for her gun, but Cotton’s son came in, breaking the mood.

Star and Jackson worked on a new track. Jackson had an audition for Black Ivy. Noah said since he was supposed to do the role, he knew what they were looking for, and could help, but Jackson blew him off. Star told Noah to work his magic, since the track needed work. Derek walked in, shirtless in a towel, while Alex was filming. He was not happy, and didn’t want to be involved with the show.

Jackson and Simone were awkward during his test. She said she knew where his mouth had been. Mateo told Nina that he couldn’t pitch it as is. Nina said it just needed some work. First, he gambled their money, now, he’s too afraid to fight for her passion project. Simone rehearsed by herself. Nina found her, and said working hard would make her a star. Simone told Nina that she couldn’t get past kissing Star’s baby daddy. Nina said that the movie spoke to her personally. The woman steps out of her comfort zone to find herself. Simone said she wanted something all hers, and Nina told her, fight for it. She said Simone should imagine Jackson was someone she cares about, like her husband. Yeah. It’s called acting.

Megan kept calling Noah, who finally picked up. He accused her of pushing off the relationship because it might interfere with her career. Dini posted an apology on Gravity’s media page. He started by saying it was from his heart, then said, psyche! and acted like an idiot. Star wanted the video down, but Mateo thought it would drive traffic. He said they were singing tonight, or it would be a breach of contract.

We found out Maurice and Megan had a baby when she came to his office. She said she couldn’t go there, and he told her it wasn’t her fault. Megan said she found their daughter dead in her crib, and he wasn’t there. He said he couldn’t bring her back, but wanted Megan to have the life she deserved. They kissed, and Noah walked in. Maurice ended up punching him. Megan found Noah, and told him it was the anniversary of their daughter’s death. Maurice was comforting her, and it got out of control. She said she thought she could block out the pain by being with Maurice. Noah was cool, and told her that he was just getting sober. This was too deep for him. She said she could refer him to someone else for attorney services.

At the club, Take 3 called out Dini, saying his read name was Steven Cardini, and he was basically an upper middle-class dude. The girls started the crowd chanting, girls up, pimp down. Miss Bruce had gotten the information, telling them, it pays to have play with the sound man. Bobby called Miss Bruce, who said he was hearing from husband material. Cotton followed him out. Alex looked at the pictures from the club, and saw Derek with his arm around another girl.

Cotton at Cassie’s place with a gun. When Cassie came home, Cotton told her that she didn’t deserve to be in the family anymore. Cassie reached behind her, feeling for her gun, but it was the one Cotton was holding. Cotton told Cassie that she grew up without a dad. She got one, and he accepted her like no man ever will. Cassie took him from her. Cassie told her to do it; she deserved it. But killing her wouldn’t make Cotton feel better. It would change her the way it changed Cassie. She hates herself for doing this to her family. She told Cotton the cycle keeps going, and it’s going to break the family apart. The only one strong enough to bring them back together was her. Cotton couldn’t do it, and they hugged it out.

Noah went to Megan’s. He told her that he went to the liquor store. He was going to drink, but went to her house instead. She couldn’t be the cause of him relapsing. He said he was in good place with her, and he wasn’t letting it go. He handed her the bottle.

The next make-out scene was a lot better. Simone thought of Nina. Later, Nina asked to see Simone, who thought it was bad news, but Nina told her the investors were in. Nina apologized, saying she didn’t mean to betray Simone. Simone said she didn’t think about her husband. She thought about Nina. She said she didn’t know what that meant and she loves her husband, and jetted before Nina could say anything.

When Derek came home, Alex was waiting with the picture. She asked if it was payback for Noah, and he told her, chill. He said he was taking a walk outside, so she could take a minute. She told him not to walk out, but he did, and she hyperventilated.

Jackson accused Star of writing the new track about Noah. She said she was wrong for putting him off, and made their relationship Instagram official. Noah was their first like.

Outside, Derek got in a car with the girl from the club. We found out he’s a criminal informant, and she told him she needed dirt on the club. Then they could find out who raped his grandma. She told Derek that she’d be in touch.

Next time, Take 3’s goodbye album, Alex says they’re dysfunctional, and a raid at the club.

✂ Even minus Queen Latifah, tonight’s episode had some marvelous hair. Cassie had a shoulder length shag, worn both full-bodied and straightened. The Bridget Bardot look really works for Star, blonde with dark roots, worn loosely down or in an updo. Tonight, she wore it in loose teddy bear ears with side bangs hanging loose – a better version of Miley Cyrus’s look a few years back. The real winner was Derek, whose hair was au natural when he came out of the shower, in spiral curls. We’ve never seen him without a tight ponytail or a man bun. He should wear it that way more often.

🃏 Here’s the Deal…

I was able to catch The Real Housewives of Dallas at 10 pm, but still have to edit, so I’ll be posting that tomorrow. The Real Housewives of New Jersey began a new season tonight, and although I did have it on in the background at 11:30, until Dallas is over, I can’t do both. Damn you, need for sleep and real life! In a nutshell, Teresa is training for a body-building competition, Frank was disbarred, and because she’s going into the dating pool, Marge Sr. got vaginal rejuvenation, a topic I will never, ever be able to get away from.

🐮 So Until I Get to Dallas…







October 31, 2018 – Happy Halloween, Cuts, New Money Charter, Carlotta Admits Her Pain, Quick Dallas & a Buzzard


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🎃 A Happy Halloween to you, even if a little late!

Sacrifices had to be made because so did candy bags. It was Halloween on General Hospital, and I listened in a little. No Halloween can ever compare to when Faison and Obrecht were Beetlejuice and Heidi (or whatever), so moving on. The Real Housewives of Dallas also didn’t make the cut, although they got a brief mention. I’ll be back to my usual long-winded shenanigans with Thursdays shows. Without further ado…

Below Deck

Caroline’s foot is swollen and she’s over the two-faced bullsh*t. Chandler complains about crew mess being disgusting. He suggested everyone clean up after themselves. In her interview, Caroline says it’s a mind f*ck. People telling her they’re happy with her to her face, and then talking behind her back. She tells Kate she heard them talking. She says tries to respect others’ feelings, and sometimes she screws up. Kate tells Caroline that she was drunk, and everyone talks about what annoys them. In her interview, Kate says that’s real life. Caroline forgives her, and says it’s not an issue. She shows Kate and Josiah her swollen foot. When she leaves, Josiah tells Kate that he doesn’t even remember what they said.

Chandler is rattled. We flash back to the captain telling him that he wants a clear line of communication. Chandler says he needs to check everything everyone is doing from now on. Adrian tells Kate that she was on fire last night. Rhylee relays the message about the crew mess, saying whoever is on the schedule has to be on it. Kate says she’s been busy, and might take herself off the schedule for the rest of the charter. All she does all day is clean up and take care of others, so she’ll just keep doing it. In her interview, Rhylee says, Kate is used to being the bitch in charge, but she doesn’t care if Kate is a bitch or in charge. Boy, is she in for a reality check if she keeps that up. Chandler’s dad calls. He says he doesn’t think his dad would put up with what’s going on.

Kate sees Ashton cleaning the windows while wearing a harness. Joking around, she radios him, asking if she can ride on it when he’s done. Rhylee hears, and says she thought Kate was so busy. Ashton thinks Rhylee needs to sort out her attitude. She doesn’t know her place. Caroline tells Captain Lee about her foot. She wants to see a doctor, and he says, of course. She asks Kate to make an appointment. Kate asks her to fold laundry while sitting in the meantime, because there is no rest for the weary wicked.

Kate tells Adrian that calling him an alien is a compliment. He was offended, and she tells him to meditate on it. Rhylee tells Ross that she’s not irritated yet. Ashton asks to talk to her, and tells her that Kate is chief stew and outranks her. Don’t challenge her. Rhylee asks if he has any advice; is she just supposed to take it? He says, yes. Rhylee says she cares about rank, but doesn’t give a f*ck if someone wants to speak to her in that manner. She’s not sitting down like a dog. Ashton says he gave her advice. It’s up to her what she does with it.

The car comes for Caroline. Kate, Chandler, and Adrian are called to the wheelhouse for a preference sheet meeting. Charles Yim, the primary, invented a smart phone breathalyzer, and is bringing his girlfriend and some friends along. Kate says, new money. It’s more, bigger and faster, and impatient because it hasn’t had the luxuries yet. Swimming with stingrays is on their list (cool! I can’t wait!), along with a sandbar picnic. Kate thinks it will be a fun charter. Captain Lee does too. Kate frets about Caroline not coming back. She wants Caroline better, since her injury gives Kate more work, and she’s done enough laundry in her life. Everyone gets the boat ready. Adrian makes pizza and they get take out chine

Caroline returns, and we find out she had an infection, and the doctor gave her antibiotics and pain meds. She was told it was the nature of living there. A scratch or bite can become easily infected. Putting it on my list of nice place to visit, but. She’s trying not to be baby, but it really hurts. Kate tells her to have something to eat, ice her foot, and go to bed. Kate and Josiah do Caroline’s job. I think it might be a little easier on Kate with Josiah around. He actually gets the concept of yacht work. In her interview, Rhylee says it’s never been this difficult fitting in. She’s used to being in an authority role, and has to reign herself in. She’s not in charge, and has to accept it.

In his interview, Adrian says he started cooking when he was young. His dad owned a barbecue restaurant, and he worked there. He was a chubby kid. It was hard to stay skinny with barbecue around all the time. We see a picture of him as a kid. He tells Ashton that he doesn’t use recipes, and Ashton says, it’s an insane talent. Chandler says Adrian just feels it. Chandler tells Ashton that he can go over the deck crew game plan, but it’s usually the same routine.

Rhylee apologizes for how she spoke to Kate. In her interview, Kate says she loves an apology, especially an inauthentic one. That means they’re really swallowing their pride. I never thought of it that way. We see a Golden Retriever on the dock. Wth?

Chandler has a team meeting, and says they should expect everything off shore with the next charter. They’re interested in excursions to soak in the Tahitian culture. He wants the tender fully stocked. Ashton thinks the meeting had no substance. They still don’t know what’s going on. There needs to be a game plan, and there isn’t.

Josiah doesn’t want anyone injured, but at the same time, Caroline’s foot isn’t broken. Caroline goes out for a smoke. Everyone changes for the guests’ arrival. In Caroline’s interview, she’s confused about the dynamic between her and Chandler. He’s sweet, but not open. Who are you? Give her something.

The guests arrive and are given flower crowns. Selfies begin immediately. Josiah is already over it. Kate gives the tour. She thinks these guests will be high maintenance. Every time we see them, they’re either taking selfies or filming. Kate says they’re disgustingly obsessed with their phones and social media interaction, and I concur. She thinks it’s the next level of Darwin’s natural selection, and Darwin is coming for them.

Chandler tells Rhylee not to drag the fender across the deck. In his interview, Chandler says he’s told her dozens of times, and it’s frustrating. In Rhylee’s interview, she says Chandler is good at telling you what you do wrong, and never what you do right. She’s just trying to do her job. While I understand Chandler’s frustration, I’ve had bosses like that, and it’s counter-productive. Chandler tells her, work smart, not hard. The guests order drinks. Ashton gets that Chandler doesn’t like Rhylee, but he needs to set his emotions aside and be professional. Caroline has a hard time keeping up. The guests are getting annoyed because they’re waiting so long for their drinks. Kate asks Josiah to stick around. Caroline is getting flustered. The guests wait twenty-five minutes for their drinks. If that was a normal bar, I’d be pissed. Never mind a luxury yacht. Caroline apologizes.

Captain Lee is excited about the anchorage; it’s gorgeous. It’s just a slice of utopia. He asks for the tow line to be brought in, and they drop anchor. He described it perfectly. It doesn’t look real; like something out of a fantasy movie. A sun shower happens, and it makes me think of that song by Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. True story. One time when I was in a bar in Greenwich Village, the friend I was with put a token in the jukebox by mistake. We wanted to play Cherchez La Femme, and instead, it played the flipside, Sunshower. And it kept doing it. At the end of the song, we would hold our breath, and when it played again, we’d die laughing. Finally, some chick went over and gave the jukebox a kick, and it moved along. Ashton is pissed because Chandler wanted everything out, and now they have to bring it back in again. These guests are ridiculous with their phones.

Lunch is served. Adrian visits the guests. In his interview, Ashton thinks it’s too bad the guests are so deeply into social media. Put your camera down, and appreciate the sunset. Charles says Adrian has skills. The guests get on the jet skis. Chandler asks to meet with Rhylee, and tells her that she’s going to be the late guy. He’s giving her a break now. She’s never done the slide, and he doesn’t want her in the way when they put it up. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she never gets a break when she really needs it. Kate tells Caroline that it’s a large boat, and they need three stews. In her interview, Kate says Caroline is useless, and she’s spending her time coddling her, and caring about her feelings and swollen ankle. She doesn’t care. She has work to do, and now she has extra work.

The slide is put up. The crew always hates it, because it takes forever and it’s awkward. It looks like a blast thought. The guests ask Chandler to take pictures. A lot of pictures. The master suite rings. Kate goes, and Charles answers the door naked. He asks for smoothies. In Kate’s interview, she says it’s not like he didn’t know she was coming. Captain Lee calls Chandler, and tells him to break down the slide. Kate delivers the smoothies and says, it’s naked smoothie time.

In Caroline’s interview, she says her foot is painful, but doesn’t know how to shut it down. Kate calls Chandler, but gets no response. The captain calls, and ditto. In his interview, Captain Lee says he thought he could change frequency arbitrarily – wrong. Caroline calls Chandler. The captain tells him to let someone know if he’s going to change frequencies. In the captain’s interview, he says it’s a safety issue. What if assistance is needed, and no one is answering the effing radio? Are you effing kidding me?

Flower crowns are donned for dinner. Kate wants to make it fun. The captain calls Chandler to the wheelhouse. Chandler apologizes, saying the deck crew was talking a lot, and he didn’t want piss off anyone else who needed the radio. Captain Lee says he has four guys he can’t talk to. There’s no reason not to be on one channel. In his interview, Chandler is disappointed in himself for letting the captain down. Keeping Captain Lee happy, and making sure the guests have fun are what he’s here for.

Caroline is afraid to ask Chandler for help; he’s always busy. He tells her not to give him sh*t for wanting to go to bed. In Chandler’s interview, he says, eff off. He just got chewed out by the captain. Leave him alone. Kate tells Ashton they’re going Tahitian, and asks if he can dance Polynesian style. In her interview, Kate thinks the guests are obsessed with their phones and social media. He needs to give them a Tahitian rumba. Caroline asks Ashton what it’s like to work so hard all day. She says all of the deck crew think what they do is more important than the interior.

In her interview, Caroline says she thought Chandler could help, and he has no reason not to, except he’s a d*ck. The appetizer involves a watermelon cloud. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds heavenly. Ashton says the last thing he feels like doing is stripping to his underwear, with a leaf covering his junk. Why him? Kate adjusts his costume, and puts a leaf crown on him, calling him a Tahitian king.

Ewww! Caroline finds a used condom on the nightstand. Joking around, she asks Ashton to clear off the nightstand, and he almost touches it. She grabs it with plastic bag. That is unbelievably disgusting and thoughtless. The guests as for a fishing expedition for the next day. Rhylee says, she’s a fisherman by trade, and it’s her time to shine. Caroline tells Kate there was a juicy condom on the nightstand. I am totally grossed out all over again. In Kate’s interview, she says, unless I was part of the party, I don’t want to clean up the party favors. Ha-ha! I love Kate. She’s wicked funny.

Ashton helps serve, adding Tahitian flavor. Rhylee tells a sleeping Chandler about the fishing trip. He says it will be him and Ashton going. In her interview, Rhylee says she’s an experienced fisherman, and he’s a pr*ck. She tells Ashton, who says he doesn’t know anything about fishing. In Ashton’s interview, he says it makes sense for Rhylee to go. Ross says if they don’t rest and recover, they’re going to start making mistakes. Ashton is pissed off.

Next time, sharks circle the boat, the stingray excursion, Ashton is looking forward to turning it up, and the captain hates babysitting.


Carlotta was missing. Because she was getting down and getting funky with Jahil in the studio. For a dead guy, he’s very active. In reality, she was sleeping in a diner. She got feisty when a waitress called the cops, and ended up arrested.

Megan told Noah that his music was good; like when he first started. He flirted with her, but she didn’t take the bait. Mateo borrowed money to feed his addiction, and promised Nina he’d fix it. Miss Bruce met with Carlotta’s potential backer, who wasn’t turning over a million dollar check without meeting with Carlotta.

Carlotta ended up in the psych ward, and said, anytime a Black woman does anything other than smile, they think she crazy. Ugh. That made me think about how strange men will tell a woman to smile on the street. Google that and see how many women hate it. Carlotta told the psychiatrist that she ended up in a coffee shop, and the next thing she knew, the sun came up before she did. She told the shrink to google her, but she already had. She’d seen an article about Carlotta’s public argument with Cassie, and another previous incident. Carlotta demanded to be let out, but the doctor put her in a 72-hour hold.

Take 3 remixed I Bring Me. Miss Bruce gave them the news about Carlotta, and told them to make sure to nail their performance tonight. He told Star make sure she could twerk without the baby falling out. Olivia wanted to keep her mind off of Bianca’s birthday, and Alex told her to stick around.

Maurice insisted that Noah was using Megan to try and get to him. Megan said he makes everything about him, and he said he still loved her. Nina told Mateo that Carlotta was found, but wouldn’t be able to be there for a while. Miss Bruce bonded some more with Bobby. He told Bobby about his bad experience growing up in the church, and said, Stevie Wonder can see more than church folk.

Cotton visited Carlotta, who told her that Cassie was the reason she was there. Cassie wanted Andy dead, and the bullet that hit her father was meant for him. Cassie killed her daddy. Carlotta couldn’t hold the lie any more.

Olivia took pictures of herself while holding up Alex’s clothes against herself. Star confronted her, saying she heard about what Olivia did with Alex’s solo. She told Olivia not to try it again. Olivia gave Star a veiled threat, and Star said if Olivia threatened her again, she’d be buried next to her dead sister. Star told Derek that Olivia was crazy.

Cotton told Cassie about Carlotta being in the psych ward. Cassie thought it might be good for Carlotta, since she’d been trippin’ lately. Mateo told Cassie that Take 3 wasn’t big enough for the festival, and he wanted Noah. Cassie told him to chill. Carlotta was her blood, and he’d better watch himself.

Star told Alex that Olivia was in her head. Miss Bruce gave Take 3 the bad news that they were out of the festival after Mateo found out about Carlotta. Simone went to Nina, saying she’d trusted her. Nina said Mateo was her husband; Simone was her artist. Alex went to Olivia, and said she had to respect Star or they couldn’t hang out. She suggested Olivia spend some time with her family. Olivia asked Alex to come along. Alex agreed, but you could tell she’s getting tired of this.

Cassie got in to see Carlotta using another name. Carlotta said she’d let the devil sit on her bed first, and told her to get out. Miss Bruce told Noah that he left Carlotta high and dry, while he was busy worrying about himself. Maurice wanted to celebrate with Magen, but she said, not tonight. Cassie stuck a gun in Maurice’s ribs at the club, trying to get Take 3’s gig back. He shrugged her off, and told her she needed to think about who was really running things.

Star asked Derek to find where Alex went. He called Olivia’s mother, and found out that it was Bianca’s mother, but not Olivia’s. Olivia wasn’t Bianca’s sister. She’d tried hurt Bianca, and her mother told them to stay away. Like a bad penny, Cassie turned up to visit Carlotta again. She showed Carlotta Take 3’s performance, and said, they killed it – for her. Carlotta said Cassie was the reason she was there; the blood dripping off her hands. She asked who Cassie was killing next, and Cassie said she didn’t kill Andy. She told Carlotta, let it go, and be the big sister that she was when daddy left. She didn’t really know him. He loved Carlotta more. Carlotta told her to go. Carlotta needed her on her A-game, so she could whoop Cassie’s ass. Her, and Maurice.

At Olivia’s mother’s house, some woman kept screeching at Olivia. Olivia told Alex it was her aunt. When Olivia left the room, Alex found a shrine to herself, and tried to get out.

The investor told Mateo his show was legit, and he’d have access to the funds right away. Nina said, no he wouldn’t. They were to be put in escrow until Carlotta came back. Carlotta was released, but the doctor suggested she seek help. Carlotta told her about Jahil, saying he was the only person who really knew her, inside and out. He was the only person she let in. She told the doctor that she has anger. Cassie wants to compete with her, but had no idea what Carlotta did for her. Carlotta always took it, and Cassie thought her daddy loved Carlotta more, but it wasn’t love. The doctor told Carlotta that she had to deal with the pain. It wasn’t selfish; it was freedom. Preach it, sister!

Wielding a baseball bat, Olivia told Alex that she wanted to be friends, but Alex listened to bitch Star. Bianca was really a girl she went to high school with, who never paid attention to her. She said people like Alex were never friends with people like her. She wanted to know what it was like to be famous and be seen. Her life would be different if she could be seen. Alex asked if what she wanted was to be seen like this, as the cops pulled up. Alex told Olivia that she would explain to the cops, and Olivia said she wouldn’t have to, and raised the bat.

I guess they got inside in time, because Alex seemed fine. Star and Simone were there to get her home. Carlotta also came home, and told them that they had it together, and should be able to handle things while she was gone. She was leaving for a retreat in Jamaica. She’d been holding in things she needed to deal with. She apologized to Cotton for not telling her sooner. She made Cotton promise she wouldn’t do anything. She couldn’t protect Cotton if she wasn’t there. Cotton said, I got you.

Simone told Alex not to push down her feelings. She cared about Bianca, but it wasn’t her fault. She told Alex, get off the plane. She was alive; act like it. Star said they had an album to make.

Miss Bruce met Bobby at the church. He felt stuck, and said the strongest woman he knew found healing. He had to find it too. Some Sundays, he was still that little boy praying to be normal.

Noah told Megan that he got everything he asked for, but there was one more thing. Then he kissed her.

Miss Bruce sang a beautiful rendition of Jesus Loves Me. Carlotta asked Jahil for help, put on his hat, and thanked him. We heard Jahil say goodbye, and the studio was empty. Bobby said, and yet we rise, and Miss Bruce said, I suppose we do.

Alex apologized to Derek for not believing him. Star called them, and told them to get online. They saw a gossip headline saying, Like father, like daughter. Alex Crane sex tape leaked. Alex remembered Olivia said she’d been watching her for a while. She smashed the frame and found the camera.

Next time, I wasn’t really paying attention, but Star tussles with someone more famous than her during a panel interview.

✂ While Queen Latifah wore some beautiful natural braids, and also had a nice, long side swept ‘do in auburn with dark roots, my vote for best hair this week goes to Miss Lawrence. Loved the bowl cut in brown with a blonde streak on the side.

🐮 I did watch The Real Housewives of Dallas, but didn’t take notes. Not much happened anyway. Cary invited the girls to Copenhagen. No surprise, Stephanie didn’t know where that was. Stephanie and Travis renewed their vows, with Brandi and Cary being the only Wives in attendance. The rest was more of the same about the alcoholic stuff. Next time though, there’s a big fight, and Stephanie needs tequila and a hug.

☝ Because, Why Not?

Pictures of our Jurassic Bark themed Halloween in the next post, but in the meantime…



October 17, 2018 – Nina Bonds with Sasha, Charter Guests with Bad Luck, Carlotta Flashes Back, Dallas Mañana, & Salute the Queen


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny checks out Spencer, whose publicist working on his Instagram. She’s only eleven, but Parisian so she’s taken seriously. He tells Sonny it’s mid-term break, but he also came back to Port Charles to right a terrible wrong.

At the MetroCourt, Maxie asks if Nina is okay. Nina says nothing she won’t survive. She’s supposed to meet her daughter. Not only was she stood up, she probably will never see her again.

Valentin sees Sasha trying to jet from the MetroCourt. He asks if he can have a moment of her time regarding her biological mother, Nina Reeves.

Laura comes by Lulu’s office. She says not only does Lulu write for The Invader, she appears on Page Five. Laura shows Lulu her tablet where there’s picture of her and Peter at the film festival. She says it looks like they have some catching up to do.

Drew leaves message for Oscar, wishing him a happy birthday.

Oscar sits in the park. His phone dings, and he sees a missed call from Dad.

Peter goes to Drew’s office to find out what Drew needed help with. Drew says he needs to clear something up. If his memories were restored, would he forget the past five years?

Maxie tells Nina there are a million reasons why Sasha might be late, but ditching her isn’t on the list. Nina says when it comes to sisters-in-law, she won the lottery. Maxie thinks Sash will realize she won in the biological mother lottery. Maxie says, by the time she gets back, they’ll be so deep into bonding, Nina won’t notice she’s there.

Sonny wonders if Spencer’s visit has anything to do with his vendetta against Valentin. He says he promised his grandmother that he’s set aside fighting for his birth right to avenge his father. Sonny is proud of him, and Spencer says, new fans are always welcome. Sonny tells him about Mike living there, and Spencer says his grandmother told him that Mike has Alzheimer’s. He asks if Sonny thinks Mike will remember him. Sonny thinks so. Mike talks about Spencer’s mom, Courtney, a lot. He tells Spencer to let Mike lead. Let him tells stories, and they can get to know each other for as long as they can. Josslyn comes in. She’s excited to see Spencer, and asks how his legs are. Spencer says the healed bones are even stronger. He tells Josslyn that he heard about her and Oscar on social media, and knows she must be devastated. Sonny leaves them to talk. Spencer says when he saw her Instagram post, he had to return. How can he leave his dearest friend halfway around world with a broken heart?

Cameron meets Oscar in the park. He says Oscar is lucky he had nothing first period, but he wouldn’t know since he’s not in school. He asks what Oscar is doing, and Oscar says, stuff. Cameron says they’re reading Moby Dick in English class, and it’s boring; there’s a whole chapter on knots. He tells Oscar that his fake girlfriend plan caused Josslyn to be obsessed with finding  every detail about a girl who doesn’t exist. It’s twisted, and he’s out. Oscar says Cameron can’t quit. The sooner Josslyn is convinced the girl is real, the sooner she’ll get over him and move on. Cameron says he’s already over him. He kept Oscar’s secret, and showed Josslyn the fake girlfriend. He feels like he has an ulcer. Oscar says he doesn’t, but Cameron says that’s not the point. They had a deal. If it didn’t work, Oscar has to tell her. Oscar says, it is working. She believes it. All Cameron has to do is one last thing; make up a story. Cameron says, and lie point blank to his oldest friend. It’s not happening. Just because Oscar is sick doesn’t give him a free pass to be a jerk.

Sasha thinks Nina is Valentin’s boss, and he was sent to intercept her. She tells him to let Nina know she’s sorry. She already had a mother; a great mother, and she’s not in the market for another one. Valentin says he understands the people they love aren’t interchangeable. She misunderstands. He wasn’t sent there to intercept her, and he’s the last person she would send. Nina doesn’t trust him, for good reason. Sasha asks who he is, and why is he talking to her? He knows firsthand what it’s like to have Nina turn your world upside down. She means well. Sasha says it’s a lot; she’s a lot. Valentin agrees Nina can be overwhelming, especially where her daughter is involved. Sasha says she doesn’t know Nina, but Valentin says at one point, she was Nina’s whole world. The next moment, it was twenty years later and she was gone. She hasn’t had time to adjust to the joy of Sasha still being alive. It’s not much to ask. He knows what it’s like to be embraced and loved by Nina, and it’s something she doesn’t want to miss. He also knows what it’s like to be deprived of it, and she’ll regret it for the rest of her life.

Sasha says that may be the case for Valentin, and asks who he is. He introduces himself, saying he’s Nina’s ex-husband. Sasha says when they met yesterday, it was obvious that Nina wanted more than she can give. He says it might have seemed that way, but Nina is a giver. She’s utterly overwhelming, and it can be infuriating at first, but she’s generous. Sasha says she sounds lovely, but it’s too much. Valentin tells her the one thing Nina wanted more than anything was a child of her own. The closest she’s come is being stepmother to his child. Her loyalty and devotion is unmatched. Sasha says she wasn’t loyal enough to stay with him, but Valentin says it’s all on him. Sasha says it’s never only on one, but he tells her in this case, it is. She stood by him through it all. Sasha asks why they’re not still together, and he says he abused her trust. He broke her heart, and he’ll regret it and love her until the end of his days. All Nina wants is her time, and he guarantees it will be time well spent.

Lulu finds it hard to believe Laura came all the way to discuss a picture. Laura says she’s just checking in. She knows Lulu was upset about her marriage. Lulu says, and she happened to be reading Page Five? Laura says correct her if she’s wrong, but Peter isn’t her husband’s favorite guy. Lulu says Dante doesn’t have to like all of her friends. Laura says Peter is her boss. Lulu says, and her friend. If Dante doesn’t like it, he can come home and tell her to her face. Laura asks if Lulu is trying make Dante jealous, but she says she just accepted an invitation. She misses her husband. Laura asks if Peter knows that, and Lulu says he does. Laura says if the message Lulu wants to send is that she loves and misses him, the photo isn’t going to help her. Geez, it’s just a photo of them standing next to each other, smiling. It’s not like they’re groping each other.

Nina starts to leave, and Sasha runs in. She asks if she’s too late, and Nina says, never.

Peter thinks Drew should talk to Andre, but Drew says he’s doing classified research for the WSB. They won’t share his location, or even give him a message. Peter is his next best resource. Peter says he just delivered Drew and Jason. Drew asks if he was there for the procedure. Peter says he was, but didn’t understand the science. Drew asks if he can outline what happened. Break it down. When new memories are implanted, do the memories that are there disappear? Peter says, yes, and Drew says, then the last five years will be a blur. Peter says, to the best of his knowledge. Drew says, so he can forget Sam and Scout. He’ll be Drew again. He’ll remember being a SEAL, but forget Monica and Oscar. he apologizes for rambling, and thanks Peter. Peter asks if it’s still hypothetical, or does he have the flashdrive? Drew says he doesn’t have the flashdrive, just questions. Peter is sorry he’s no help. Drew deserves better. He doesn’t have the right to offer Drew advice, but from one man whose past was run by Faison to another, he’ll find no peace in looking backward.

Sasha and Nina sit down, and Nina apologizes for coming on like a tsunami. She also apologizes for what she said about Sasha’s mother. She didn’t mean any disrespect. She was angry and frustrated with herself, and a little jealous that Sasha’s adoptive mother got to raise her. She’s glad Sasha was raised by a woman who inspired love and loyalty. Sasha says they did love each other very much. Nina has an envelope, and says she also wanted to give Sasha this. She’s not Sasha’s only long lost relative. She has other family. They’re colorful, but incredible. Does she want to hear about them?

Spencer gives Josslyn a framed map of Paris, all the places he’d love to show her. All they have to do is just get on a plane. She’s happy he’s back; it feels like he’s been gone forever. She can’t remember the last time they hung out. She says he hasn’t changed, and he says she got taller. (I actually think it might be the other way around.) She tells him that her volleyball coach is appreciative. Spencer asks how she is, and she says, stressed. It’s Oscar’s birthday, and he’s celebrating with his new girlfriend. Spencer says he cursed them. Josslyn says, even though he’s with someone else, she can’t help wishing him a happy birthday, and takes out her phone. Spencer asks where her dignity is, and says it’s a giant mistake.

Oscar can’t believe Cameron just called him a jerk. He has a brain tumor. Cameron says that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Oscar asks if Cameron knows something the doctors don’t, and Cameron says he can still turn this thing around and not be a jerk. He asks if Oscar knows how much time he has, but Oscar isn’t sure. Cameron says he’d better hurry then. Oscar thinks this is better than heartfelt talk with his parents, and asks Cameron to say something mean again. Cameron says he’s not a trained seal. Didn’t the doctors tell Oscar how much time he had? Oscar says it’s not a question anyone wants to answer. Cameron says you’d think his parents would be more specific with the details. Oscar’s phone dings. He says he misses things not being important. Everything is significant now. His mom gets teary taking him for ice cream, thinking it will be the last time. He’d like to see a movie trailer without wondering if he’ll live to see the movie. He wants to hate Spanish class, and think random thoughts, and wishes not everything was so important. He looks at his phone, and sees Josslyn’s message wishing him a happy birthday.

I miss a little bit here because, dogs. Drew has told Sonny about Margaux’s offer of the flashdrive. Drew says he’ll tell Sonny the same thing he told Margaux. The memories aren’t his to share. Jason and Sonny also helped him. Sonny says Jason did it to protect the people he cares about, and Sonny cares too.

Valentin sees Peter, and says the photo is a helluva thing. What message is he trying to send? Peter says if two friends going to a movie is news, it must be a slow day. Is he insinuating that Peter is trying to undermine Lulu’s marriage, since that would help gain traction with Charlotte. Valentin says Peter’s mind goes to dark places. Peter has earned the trust of those who didn’t trust him before; Maxie and Lulu. Peter says, and Nina. Valentin says, good for him. He’s able to live openly among those he hurt. No hidden identity; no hidden agenda. Peter didn’t realize they’d be so quick to forgive. He wonders what’s bothering Valentin. Is it that he gets to go on with his life in Port Charles, while Valentin has fallen from grace?

Nina shows Sasha pictures as she talks. She wishes Sasha could have met her brother; everyone loved him. Maxie is more like a sister than a sister-in-law. She works at the magazine, and has the most incredible baby ever – James, the light of their lives. Sasha also has a half-sister, Kiki; they share the same father. Sasha asks about her father. Nina is certain he doesn’t know about her. Nina’s mom would have worked it out that way. His name was Silas Clay, and they were very much in love. Sasha was definitely conceived out of love. Sasha says that means a lot to her. She noticed Nina was using the past tense, and Nina says he died a couple years ago. Another long story. She puts the pictures in the envelope, and says these are the ones closely related to her. Feel free look at the photos at her leisure, or not; it’s up to her. As for seeing Nina again, she appreciates that Sasha came back. Sasha says it’s her pleasure. Nina says she doesn’t want to miss her flight, but Sasha says she can cancel it. She’d like to stick around for a few days, if it’s okay with Nina.

Lulu tells Laura that Dante should trust her, and know nothing is going on. If not, they’ll get past it like they always do. Laura thinks that’s a bad plan. You can’t live in the world as it should be, but as it is. He’s still mourning the death of his partner, for which Peter is partly to blame. The photo rubs his nose in all of it. She can’t take things for granted. Sometimes absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. Lulu asks if things are still off with Doc, and Laura says he’s definitely avoiding her. Spencer also dropped out of the sky, and his presence isn’t putting the spark back. Lulu offers to take him for a few days, but Laura thinks Doc will feel the pressure and it will make it even worse. She’s never seen him like this; so distracted and distant. Lulu says as soon as the anniversary of his brother’s killing spree passes, he’ll be back to his old self. Laura says, in the meantime, she’s going to check on Spencer. Lulu thanks her for the tough love. She missed Laura. Laura tells her to take good care of the people she loves. Life doesn’t always go as planned.

Sonny tells Drew not to underestimate Margaux. She assumes she has the one thing that will get him to do what she wants. If Sonny goes down, so does Jason, and it will effect Sam, Elizabeth, and Jake. It will hurt a lot of people. Margaux is banking on Drew’s resentment of Jason getting him to flip. Drew says he’ll never let her get to him, and Sonny wonders why he’s so sure.

Nina tells Sasha, of course it’s all right; she’s thrilled. Why the change of heart? Sasha says she’s not finished yet. It came as shock, and it’s finally started to wear off. She replaced her anger at Nina for telling her, with anger at her mother for not telling her. Nina understands why she would want to walk away, but she brought the pictures so Sasha could see them. She’s not using them to make her stay. Sasha says, it’s not just the photos. She had an enlightening conversation with Nina’s ex-husband. When Nina said she was willing to let her go, she seemed sincere, and just proved what he said about her. Nina says, Valentin got her to stay?

Valentin tells Peter few people’s opinions mean anything to him. Nina, Charlotte, and him. He doesn’t believe wrongs can’t be righted. Peter asks if he should pass Valentin’s regrets along to Nina. Valentin doesn’t care. He doesn’t need Peter’s help to prove his love is worth saving. Peter says he’s heard the way Nina talks about Valentin. Valentin says she’s absolutely right. Peter wonders why Valentin thinks he has a chance in hell to win her back. Valentin says he believes it with every fiber in his being, and he’s going to make it happen.

Lulu goes to see Maxie at her office. She asks how Nina is, and Maxie tells her about Nina meeting with her daughter. Lulu says Maxie must have seen the photo, but Maxie says she hasn’t, so Lulu shows her. Her and Peter on Page Five. Her mom is worried it will look like it’s more than it is, especially to Dante. Maxie asks if they went to dinner beforehand, but Lulu says they went straight from work. Maxie asks if they went out afterward, and Lulu asks if Maxie is upset that she went with Peter. Maxie says, no; she’s just being protective. Maxie says she knows what to do. Go behind Lulu’s back, and tell Peter not to confuse her. She’s a married woman, isn’t she?

Josslyn can’t believe Oscar hasn’t replied; not even a polite thank you. Spencer tells Josslyn that she should be more strategic. Why should he reply? He knows she’ll always be there. She asks if she should go silent and hope he notices. Spencer asks what’s bothering her more; not hearing from him or imagining him with someone else. She says, both, but he asks, what’s worse? She says seeing the post of Oscar and the other girl made her sick. Spencer says Josslyn is smart and beautiful. Plenty of other guys would be thrilled to date her. Perhaps Oscar should see that for himself. Josslyn hugs Spencer, and he says this went better than he thought. She says he’s a genius, and he says he is. She knows what to do.

Cameron picks up a leaf, and tells Oscar it’s like a leaf of their friendship. It goes from green to brown. It reminds him of Oscar’s breath. He says he’s feeling a haiku coming on, and Oscar tells him, shut up.

Josslyn says she’s going to figure out exactly what to do to get Oscar back. She knows who can help – Cameron. She calls him, but when Cameron’s phone rings, Oscar tells him, don’t answer.

Lulu tells Maxie that Peter is her boss and friend. It’s all they’ve been or ever will be. Maxie says, not according to Page Five. Lulu says it’s just a picture; they didn’t say anything. Maxie says, they didn’t have to. A picture is worth a thousand words. Lulu says Maxie can’t possibly believe something is going on, and Maxie says Lulu jumped to the same conclusion about her. Lulu says, that’s different, and Maxie asks, why? Because she’s a lonely widow? She cleared up the misunderstanding. Lulu told Peter she wanted him to stay away, but she didn’t. Lulu thinks she should be more careful, but Maxie doesn’t think she needs to be more careful than Lulu does.

Cameron answers, and Josslyn says she needs him to be her boyfriend. Spencer facepalms.

Laura sees Peter. She doesn’t know if he remembers her, but she’s Lulu’s mom. He asks what he can do for her. She tells him that like many people in the town who were affected by his father, she’s sorry he had the misfortune of being his son. She’s sure it was awful. He says, it was. Valentin listens. Laura says Lulu told her how much he’d like a fresh start. Not just with The Invader, although it’s infinitely more readable now. She tells him, good luck with the paper, and everything. Valentin says she’s exhibiting unprecedented generosity today. She says Peter was the victim of one monster, and the pawn of another – namely him. He says she’s subtle, and she says she doesn’t owe him subtlety. He’s the criminal who murdered her son. She owes him nothing.

Sasha tells Nina that Valentin recognized her, and convinced her not to go. He said she’d regret it if she left, and Sasha sees he was right. Nina asks if he told her why they got a divorce. Sasha says, no, but she imagines it’s another – they finish together, long story. Sasha can’t begin guess what went down, but she has to say she’s never heard anyone talk about another person with so much love.

Sonny says that Drew could have gotten payback, but didn’t. Drew says, there was no incentive. Sonny says maybe Margaux does have it. If she wants to come at him, bring it on, but don’t let her do it through him.

Tomorrow, Olivia-Q has bad news, Kim thinks this could be the solution, and Carly is tempted to find out what’s going on.

Below Deck

When we last left, Rhylee was griping about Chandler in the crew mess. Ross says Chandler is her boss, but Rhylee says he wasn’t in the van when Chandler told her to speak freely. Kate asks what happened, and Rhylee said she asked Chandler if she could speak freely. He said she could, and she told him that if he made everyone get up at 6 am, he was going to piss off the whole deck crew. He told her to stop talking, and she asked if he was saying that as a boss or friend. He said, both. Kate says he was right. Rhylee tells Kate that she said she’d do whatever was required, and he stormed out of the van. In his interview, Ross knows why she’s frustrated, but she needs to stop talking now. She needs to know her place; she disrespected Chandler. Chandler comes out of his bunk, and says Rhylee straight up lost her sh*t. Apparently, he’s never seen someone lose their sh*t. Rhylee says she told him that she’d do what he asked. Sorry to speak while he’s effing interrupting. In his interview, Chandler says he’s never dealt with such disrespect. I guess he doesn’t know what that is either. He goes back into his bunk. Kate understands what happened, but the only person raising her voice is Rhylee. If she was Rhylee, she’d go to sleep now, since she has to be on deck at 6 am. Rhylee says she’ll do what she wants. In her interview, Kate says Rhylee has no experience in yachting. She needs to respect those above her, and everyone is above her. It’s 3 am, and Ashton and Ross go to bed, Rhylee says it’s bullsh*t, and Caroline has a cigarette on the dock.

In Rhylee’s interview, she says she can go on no sleep and still do her job. She does it all summer, and it won’t affect her. Ashton tells Chandler there’s a gap, and asks what he missed. He doesn’t know what’s going on. Chandler says they were waiting for him for an hour and a half, and Rhylee got out of hand. In his interview, Chandler says he’s glad Rhylee is working like a professional this morning, but she dug a hole last night, and still has to dig out of it. He tells Ashton that he has to have serious conversation with her.

Caroline gets an email from her mother, saying she has early onset dementia. Caroline says her mother has struggled with it, but has been in denial. Finally hearing it from her puts Caroline in a sad, dark place. It’s heartbreaking.

Chandler won’t even talk to Rhylee, and they work in silence. Josiah loves that Chandler made them start work at six, but Kate says she’d never punish the crew that way. Rhylee knows she has a temper, but not talking to her makes Chandler a pr*ck. Kate has breakfast with Captain Lee, who asks who effed up. Kate says Rhylee doesn’t have respect for Chandler, but the captain says she will and she should.

Captain Lee calls Adrian, Kate, and Chandler in for a preference sheet meeting. The co-primaries are Alan and Danyelle. They’re returning guests, who Kate says are the lovliest guests ever, but also have the worst luck. We flash back, and they were the guests aboard when Chef Leon quit. She says they deserve the perfect charter. It’s Alan’s 53rd birthday tomorrow, and they also just got engaged. They want massages, a midnight PJ party, a picnic on the beach, and an excursion to the natural caves. Kate wants to make sure the experience will be fun for them.

Adrian says he uses his third eye to plan the meals, and it always works out. Ashton says whatever he’s doing, keep it up. It’s working.

Caroline is obviously distressed. Josiah asks if she’s excited for the next charter, and she says she’s stoked, but starts to cry and runs out when Kate walks in. Kate is like, wth? and asks Josiah to help. He looks for Caroline, and finds her on the stairs, crying. She tells him that she’ll be okay in a second. In Caroline’s interview, she says she worries about her mom. It’s hard to see somebody lose their mind. She can’t control it, and feels helpless. Kate asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s just going through a rough patch; it’s nothing about the boat. She tells Kate about her mom, but says she’s not missing the charter; she’ll pull it together. Kate is sorry, and Caroline asks if she can take five. In his interview, Josiah says the yacht is like a weird marmalade. They have work to do, but if someone is going through something, you have to be there for them.

Adrian talks to his girlfriend on the phone. In his interview, he explains he’s not ready to commit, but Felicia has the same views as he does. She’s so calm and stress free. He needs it with how hectic the boat is. Like the aggression last night. The sun is setting, and the deck crew comes in. Chandler needs a conversation with Rhylee, but doesn’t have the capacity to deal with what comes out of her mouth. He tells her some things were said that they both probably regret, and he didn’t handle it as well as he should have. They’re good, but he wants to talk to the captain. She says when he asked her to shut up, she did, but he says after that, she carried on in the mess. He’s not here for petty stuff, and she can’t disrupt him. In her interview, Rhylee says she’s also a captain. She understands, but doesn’t demand respect. It has to be earned. Kate is thankful for Josiah. She couldn’t flip boat without him. The crew goes to bed.

In the morning, Kate confirms the ukulele player, and asks Captain Lee if they can host the PJ party in the beach club. Caroline is feeling better, and the provisions come in. Adrian says his food is made with love and a spark of craziness no one else can give. The guests have had a bad experience in the past, and he wants to rectify that. The ukulele player is confirmed, and the captain says, it’s showtime. They change into their whites. Chandler literally has them toe the line for greeting the guests.

The guests are impressed with the crew. Kate gives the tour. The luggage is brought on board. Captain Lee says, of course the effing wind picks up, and has the crew move the chairs back in. Rhylee keeps apologizing for everything. Ashton tells her, calm down. In his interview, Ross says she’s proved that she’s hard working, but needs a plan for her unacceptable attitude. The captain says they’re out of there, and the go off into the blue, blue water.

Adrian prepares a beautiful lunch of roasted chicken breast. Alan says it’s spectacular. The deckhands are moving around some railings, and Rhylee tries to explain something, but Ashton says it’s not her problem, and tells her again to calm down. Alan says lunch was legit. The captain says the weather is not looking great. Chandler wants a team meeting, but tells Ross that he doesn’t want to make it about one person – even though it is. He doesn’t want it to look like they’re ganging up on Rhylee. They can’t have the awkward tension. Ashton says every time she talks, it’s irritated feedback. He’s trying to help, but she’s shutting him down, telling him what’s going on in her mind. In Ashton’s interview, he says she’s a junior deckhand, and should never give a superior attitude like she does. Chandler says it’s unprofessional, and he can’t have that happening with the guests on board. Kate says there’s still luggage on the deck. At the meeting, Chandler tells them that he knows he said no pecking order, but that’s changing now. Kate drags the luggage to the main salon herself. Chandler says Ross is the lead deckhand, then Ashton, and then Rhylee. He’s basing it on experience. He says it’s not a democracy; he just wants professionalism. Kate radios, asking if he’s super busy, and Chandler says he’s having a team meeting. She says there’s guests’ luggage in the main salon, and he says he’ll get it when he’s done. In her interview, Kate says the guests can’t change because the deck crew is having a powwow. The captain gets on the radio, and tells Chandler he wants the luggage moved right now. Kate feels lucky that the majority of the drama is with the deck crew.

Captain Lee says it’s funny how it always looks calmer a hundred yards away from the boat. Kate gets the massages set up on deck. Alan and Danyelle sip drinks while the masseuses go to work. The captain says, it’s not looking good. They’re coming into a squall area that popped out of nowhere. The massages get interrupted by wind and rain. Both the crew and the guests scramble to get inside. In Kate’s interview, she says Alan and Danyelle can’t catch a break. It’s lucky they’re lovely and easy-going, or it would be a nightmare.

The captain asks for anchor to be dropped. Kate doesn’t like looking at the weather doppler. It makes her feel like she’s psychic. Everything needs to come out of the beach club for the PJ party. The beach club is like a separate room on the yacht, which opens out directly to the water. It’s also where the water toys are stored when they’re not being used, so this is a project. The captain wonders what’s up with creasing throw pillows at the top, and Josiah tells him it’s where they punch them when it rains. Alan wanted the chef to surprise them for dinner, so Adrian is making veal. Kate is impressed at how easy going he is; he just goes with the flow. The table is set, and the ukulele player is in place. He serenades the guests as they come in. I note that the napkin rings are giant cocktail rings. Like you would wear. That’s a cool idea.

Adrian makes ohm sounds over the appetizers, some kind of avocado thing that the guests say are phenomenal. When they find out the entrée is veal, it’s a whole different reaction. Alan says none of them are getting what they like. One of the guests says, dead baby lamb, and another says they don’t eat baby animals. I never quite understand this, unless you don’t eat meat altogether. What’s the difference between that and eating a full-grown cow who’s lived a whole life just to be slaughtered? It makes no sense. Kate says so far, Adrian has been a skilled chef. Who is she to question him? Caroline brings out the entrée, and everyone looks unhappy. Bacon is involved, and Alan asks how Adrian came up with that. Adrian says the preference sheet indicated that he loved bacon, and Alan says no one had veal on their sheet. Adrian reminds Alan that he said to surprise them, and thinks they’ll still be blown away. Alan takes a bite, and say it’s really good. Everyone is surprised. Kate says Adrian is amazing. Alan toast to friends and family. Adrian says his angels told him dinner would be good.

Ashton has had no break. He’s tired, and not happy about being on early call. Adrian presents the birthday cake. He tells us that food, like life, is about balance. He was risky with the main course, so he’s staying safe with dessert. Alan loves beaches, and it’s decorated with a beach theme. Adrian makes some peaches flambé to go with it, setting the pan on fire while the guests watch. Alan says he’s redeemed the other charter

It’s time for the PJ party. The beach club is done up with disco lights, and a trampoline. Music plays, and everyone dances. Kate asks Caroline to have the guys take out the trash when clean-up is over. When the guests go to bed, Chandler starts breaking everything down. Caroline asks if he can take out the trash, but he says he has another hour of work before bed, and needs to focus on the skis. Trash is the last thing on his mind. Caroline says, thanks, bye, and calls him a d*ck after she disconnects the call.

In the morning, Captain Lee suggests the caves. Chandler thinks getting the guests off the boat will be a nice change. He’s also getting a vacation from Rhylee’s nonsense, since she and Ross are going with them. At breakfast, Alan says the chef is killing it. Kate sees a lengthy note from Caroline, who was hoping Chandler would help out with the trash. Kate doesn’t want a dear diary note, just what needs to be done to get through the charter. Maybe she’ll have a meeting, so Caroline doesn’t feel singled out. She wants the guests back by 2:15.

My mouth falls open when see the caves. They’re breathtaking. One of the guests starts to feel seasick. Rhylee is from the school of ralph and rally. She doesn’t know what the problem is with Ross. She thinks he can’t take suggestions from a junior deckhand. The guests want swimming. Ross thinks they have time, and Rhylee reminds him they need to be back by 2:15. In his interview, He says she’s a junior deckhand; he’s in charge. Shut up. I don’t like any of the deck guys too much. I think they don’t like that she’s a female deckhand. They’ve had female deckhands on charter before, and it’s been cool, but this is a new crew.

All of a sudden, Ross wants them out of water, because it’s not safe. He tells Rhylee to call them out. She does what he asks, but he gets pissed because he thought she was going to say something. In her interview, Rhylee says he has no faith in her abilities, and questions her judgement. The waves are pushing the tender into the reef, but Rhylee helps get them back in. Ross says, this isn’t good. In Rhylee’s interview, she says Ross got flustered because of the weather picking up, but the guests should never feel like they’ve lost control. She’s capable of getting them back on board, as long as she and the captain are on the same page.

Adrian makes sushi. Caroline comes out looking like hell, and wanders around on the deck before she plops down in a corner. Captain Lee sees her, and calls Kate. Kate tells her that the captain would rather not have her walking around outside on deck not wearing her uniform. In her interview, Kate says if she had a more uniform-looking sweater, it would be okay. It’s a luxury yacht, and she looks like a Muppet who came out of a cave. It actually looks like one of my after-the-flood outfits. What I wore after Hurricane Sandy, when we had no electricity and it was freezing and damp.

The guests freshen up. Ross is sorry there’s a lack of communication, but doesn’t know if he can have confidence in Rhylee. In her interview, Rhylee says she knows what needs to be done, and the safest way. Next time she’ll keep her mouth shut, and let him get close to the rocks. She’s also a captain; it’s what she does for a living. Ross thinks there’s no reasoning with her. He respects that she’s strong minded, but won’t tolerate disrespect.

Adrian thinks he must have been Japanese in another life. Kate is feeling that. The sushi looks like something from Japanese heaven. Alan says it’s ridiculous. Ross tells Chandler that Rhylee isn’t cooperating, and not taking instruction. Chandler tells him just get through the charter. The, they can figure out what they need to do. In Ross’s interview, he says Chandler’s decision making process is frustrating. This behavior can’t be tolerated. He goes to the captain. Wow. I can’t believe this bunch of babies. Loving the interior this season though. Josiah is a lot of fun, and Adrian… I’m not sure what he is, but I like it.

Next time, Ross talks to Captain Lee about Rhylee, Caroline has issues with Chandler, Rhylee flirts with Ashton, and Kate thinks Caroline is a moron.

🏊 I’m really enjoying the late night reruns of previous Below Deck season. I forgot Leon was such a tool. The poor guests from this episode were the same ones who bore the final brunt of his anger. He was angry all the time, since he had limited talent, and wasn’t meant for yachting, where guests can demand such difficult things as sliders and cream cheese brownies at midnight. And also pay more than your house costs for a charter. He’d only worked on cruise ships. The worst of it was, he took his anger out on Kate. When Captain Lee finally had enough, he gave Leon the business, but instead of finishing the season, Leon stomped off. Get that man a pacifier. Chef Ben finally came to the rescue, and no one was sorry to see Leon go.


Carlotta told Take 3 that they needed to get their new track down before they could engage in solo efforts. Star found out that Maurice named himself producer on her latest song, and took half her money. Maurice bragged about his new label and the club, and his ex-wife Megan returned.

Cotton told Carlotta she needed a break, but when Carlotta tried to get good night’s rest, she dreamed of Jahil getting shot. Star confronted Maurice at the club, telling him that he was so untalented, he had to steal from other people. He claimed he was the one who pushed her to the top, and she told him that he’d better watch his back. She smashed up his bottle service table at the club, so he called security. She said she could kick herself out, and reminded him that he was also stealing from the baby now. Like anyone could forget she’s pregnant. Every outfit now has a crop top.

Derek thought Olivia was coming up way too strong with Alex, but Alex said she was still grieving her sister.

Noah wanted to put his club gig on hold club until he got a new record out, but Maurice told him it was once a week. Noah said Maurice had promised him creative freedom, and Maurice said he still needed him to headline the club. Noah told Maurice that he’d traded one plantation for another, and Maurice told him, freedom comes at a price.

Cassie’s thug beat up on Andy. Cassie told Andy he could sing like a songbird, but messed it up. He cost her Carlotta, her own blood. Now her sister wanted to destroy her because of him. She told him when he was gone, she was done with this life. It would be a whole new Cassie.

Carlotta wanted to have a multi-media event called Rhythm & Bells, to introduce them into Atlanta high society. She needed a perfect host, and wanted Ryan, but he was already scheduled for Orange Night, a gun violence benefit. She still thought he’d be perfect, and Mateo told her the window was closing fast. She insisted her event would be money in the bank, and he told her she’d better get it done.

Nina explained to Simone that she and Mateo had an open relationship, but have rules. She liked that a friend was looking out for her though. She wanted Simone to give a speech on Orange Night, telling her to be the same badass she was when she pitched herself for the movie. Carlotta approached Ryan about hosting her event, and he told her Orange Night was about keeping children from dying. Her event was shameless self-promotion. She said she wanted to create an impact on people’s lives. It was about rising from the ashes. Carlotta encouraged Alex to finish her song about the plane crash, and sing it for the Rhythm & Bells event. It would make a strong social impact.

Maurice wanted to make it up to Megan. He messed up when he got injured. Megan said he replaced his career with women, but Maurice said he never gave up until he played every play in the book, and he wanted her respect back.

Cotton tried to have the RV towed to get Carlotta out of the past, but Carlotta told them to get the hell off her property.

Olivia was all over Alex while she was song writing in the studio. Derek thought he was talking to Alex in private, but Olivia knew which button to push to listen in. Derek thought Alex should have a break from Olivia, but Alex said her solo on Orange Night was going to be about the pain of the crash. He told her to be careful.

Noah went to Megan for professional advice. He needed someone who knew Maurice’s weaknesses. He thought Maurice gave him the short end of the deal. Star told Jackson she had to find a way to get back into Karma.

Xander came to Cassie’s office, and tried to persuade her to launder money again. He asked why she was trying to go legit. Why was she trying be someone she’s not? She’s a cold blooded killer. She is who she is, and she’s not changing. She told him to get the hell out, and go back to his wife with his slimy ass.

Carlotta sang, which is always a treat. Miss Bruce told Carlotta that she needed to figure out how to release her pain. Carlotta said she was good or at least getting there. Jackson got Star into the club by her pretending she was a little drunk, and him helping her in the door.

Cassie cut Andy free. She told him to get away, and never show his ass in Atlanta again. It wasn’t about him; it was about her. There’s no such thing as one more kill before going legit. She told him to do her right, and he got the hell out of there. Derek got jumped, but the police came. Olivia told Alex she felt that Derek didn’t get why she and Alex were close

Carlotta introduced Mateo to Ryan. Mateo said Orange Night was a cause close to his heart, bur Ryan wondered if it was just PR. Mateo insisted he was part of the solution. Carlotta hoped Alex’s song would speak to him Ryan. Star snooped around Maurice’s office, telling Jackson that her daddy was a con. It was in her blood. Jackson asked her, please don’t teach their kid. Star found a locked box, and took a ring from it. Nina told Simone to forget the speech she memorized, and use the teleprompter. Simone said she couldn’t read that. She wasn’t illiterate, but not good at it, and was passed on in school to be the next person’s problem. She told Nina to keep her secret, since she was keeping Nina’s.

Orange Night began, and Ryan said you’re twice as likely to get shot in Georgia than New York, which surprised me. He read the names of those they’d lost, and Carlotta thought about Jahil again. Alex began to sing, and suddenly Olivia was with her on stage, making it a duet. Alex was not happy. Mateo told Carlotta to fix it. Alex said, what the hell? and Olivia claimed she thought she was helping. She messed up. She knew Alex was nervous, and she and Bianca used to do that. Alex told Olivia it was supposed to be her first solo performance, and not to pull a stunt like that again.

Ryan thought that instead of sharing a message, Carlotta had pulled a PR stunt. Carlotta promised that Rhythm & Bells would be different. He said that’s what she told him about the solo. She said life hadn’t been easy, and she’d lost the love of her life; he died in her arms. Now her purpose is work. It’s not who Mateo is, but who she is. Carlotta could see she got through to him, but Ryan said he wouldn’t make any promises, and told her stop smiling

Star thought they could get $50K for the ring, but Jackson said Maurice knew they’d jacked it; there were cameras all over. He didn’t want the mother of his child going to jail, and was giving it back. He told her, we’ll find another way, and she told him there was no we.

Andy limped out into the night, but Cassie’s thug saw him. He chased after Andy who was hit by a car. The thug ran off, the car drove off, and Andy was lying there, spitting out teeth. He managed to get to Carlotta. He managed to tell her that he’d done what she told him to, but Cassie found him. Carlotta told him he’d be okay; she had him, and wasn’t going to let him die. Once again, she flashed back to Jahil, and Andy died in Carlotta’s arms the same way. I said, oh no, and Carlotta said, not again.

Andy’s body was picked up, and Simone asked how it happened. Carlotta said he was in with bad people, and she failed him. The girls gathered around her, Miss Bruce said she was in no state be working. Carlotta said she’d be fine, and Cotton said, no, not fine, but Carlotta insisted she had work to do.

Xander went to Cassie, saying he hadn’t treated her right, and never had. She told him not to play her. He told her he was sorry, and she said he could take his sorry, but he kissed her instead.

Star told Jackson that Andy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and still couldn’t make life perfect. She got why Jackson gave ring back. Jackson said Star had lost a lot, and couldn’t afford to lose any more. He told her that he had a home studio.

Noah confronted Maurice at the club with his new lawyer – Megan. She suggested Maurice give her client what he wanted; she’d found clauses in the contract giving him leverage, but he was willing to compromise. As she walked away, Noah pointed out how fine she is.

Derek told Alex that he got arrested. It got him thinking that he couldn’t keep going like this; he couldn’t lose anyone else. He was done with it. They kissed, and the camera in the photo frame blinked.

At the end, Carlotta was alone, crying and drinking. Cotton saw her bed was empty, and looked for her, as she walked down the road, drunk, a bottle in hand, and looking so real.

Next time – in two weeks – Carlotta is on 72-hour hold in the hospital, and Olivia shows her deadly obsession.

💈 While Carlotta sported a nice not-too-messy top bun tonight, my favorite do was her loosely spiraled shoulder-length curls look. Star also had a beautiful, definitely messy, updo. Again looking very Bridget Bardot.

🐮 Tomorrow, The Real Housewives of Dallas. I don’t understand why Bravo waits to rerun that until 11:30, rather than at 10. We really don’t need to see the OC Wives five times a week.

👑 Because the Queen Rocks…


October 10, 2018 – Margaux Pesters Drew, Steve’s Foam Party Part Deux, Noah Decides, Deck Rerun, Dallas Delay, Queen, a Fish & More Queen


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the library, Josslyn looks at a picture of her and Oscar at the Nurses’ Ball. Cameron asks if it’s a new study technique, associating Oscar’s face with historical figures.

Kim sees Oscar at the hospital, and asks if they can talk. He tells her one upside to quitting school is, his days are wide open. She might want to hurry though, because tick-tock. She knows he’s trying to cut off the people love him, but they’re not straying off course

Finn tells Gregory the test results are in. Finn knows what wrong with him.

Mike, Stella, and Carly eat at the MetroCourt. Mike is nervous, and Stella says it’s just a tour. They’ll explain the daily process. Drew walks in with Margaux, who stares at Carly. Carly stares back.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s waiting for an update. Mike went to the care center with Carly and Stella. He wanted to go, but Stella thought Mike might not be honest with him there. Jason says she’s probably right. Sonny fills Jason in on what happened at the cemetery. He and Carly were paying their respects to Morgan, and the DA showed up. She buried her father nearby, so when they visit their son, they’ll see the grave of the person he killed. Jason says they have to continue to be careful; it’s a personal grudge. Sonny says when it gets to personal, it’s always more dangerous.

Mike introduces Stella to Drew. He asks if Drew knows Carly, and Carly says they go way back. Mike tells Drew the lady he’s meeting with is the DA. Drew knows, but thanks him. Mike says, she has an agenda. Drew promises to keep his guard up; no worries. He goes back to his table, and Mike wonders what a nice guy is doing with a shark like that. Carly was wondering herself.

Cameron thinks Josslyn should do herself a favor and get rid of the photo. Move it somewhere else where it’s not causing her pain every time she opens her textbook. She says it’s not causing pain. Oscar is hurting, and what he’s going through is causing him to push her away. It doesn’t matter; she’s not giving up. Cameron thinks it’s unhealthy, but Josslyn says however rotten Oscar is being to her is nothing compared to what he’s going through. She can see it a mile away. He’s in pain and taking it out on her. She only wishes she knew what it was.

Finn says Gregory has PTLSD, a post Lyme disease issue. Gregory says his test came back negative, and Finn says the first test is often a false negative. That’s why antibiotics helped him feel better, but it returns again after treatment. Gregory is disappointed. He wanted something curable or sexy and glamorous, and it’s neither. Chase asks if Finn can fix it. Finn says he’s sent a course of treatment to Gregory’s Berkeley doctor. Any doctor can help; he doesn’t need to stay Port Charles. Gregory says both of his sons live there. It’s a compelling reason to stick around.

Kim tells Oscar that Josslyn is concerned. He asks if she told Josslyn, and she says she respected his wishes, but Josslyn knows him, and knows there’s more to the breakup than he’s saying. He says he’ll have to do something else then. Kim says she’s disappointed in him. He’s lashing out, and using his illness as an excuse to treat people badly. He says he’s dying, but Kim says he’s not; there are options. He says none of them are good. She tells him that he can’t treat people like this. Just tell Josslyn the truth, or better yet, be with her. He keeps saying he doesn’t have much time. Instead of pushing people away, he should make every moment count.

Mike is excited. Carly says it’s just a visit; a trial run. They don’t have to stay any longer than he wants. Stella says they’ll have a tour, and if he wants, he can take part in an activity. Carly says they’ll meet with the director, and then go home. They leave the MetroCourt.

Drew asks Margaux what her proposition is. She asks if he’s okay; he sounded rough on the phone. If he wants to talk… He says, maybe; when the time is right. She says right now, he’s not the only one who needs a friend.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she even went to Oscar’s mom. She said she couldn’t get involved, but also said Josslyn is good for her son, and kind of implied she shouldn’t give up. Cameron thinks she’s hearing what she wants to, but she says she’s trusting her instincts. Something is going on. She doesn’t understand, but whatever Oscar is going through, she want to be by his side.

Kim tells Oscar that he doesn’t have to agree with her decision, but it’s the right thing to do. It’s a medical fact that emotional support and connection helps patients respond to treatment. He doesn’t want to spend time watching Josslyn grieve. He wants her to be glad he’s dead. Kim says she wouldn’t be glad no matter how much he hurts her. He’s wasting precious time. He says it’s not fair, but she tells him to fight. Let the people who love him fight with him. He says he’s not a lab rat, and asks if she’d really make him undergo treatment he didn’t want. Kim says she’s loved him since she knew he existed. He’s her child, and she’ll do what it takes to make sure he has a future. He asks if she’d force him to go through a medical procedure he didn’t want, and she says she would if it was going to save his life. He storms off.

Drew asks Margaux how he can help. She was hoping he’d reconsider helping her put Jason and Sonny away. He says he can’t. She says he won’t; there’s a difference. He says he’s not going to be part of her vendetta. She understands, but she’s not asking as the DA now. She’s asking as a woman wondering why her father left and didn’t come back. He may have been killed by Sonny. Help her make Sonny pay for his crimes.

Sonny tells Jason, when it’s personal, people get sloppy. Their emotions get in the way, and they make mistakes. He can see what it’s doing already. Jason doesn’t think they should go on the defense with Margaux, but instead treat her as a threat. Sonny says it’s been two years since Morgan, Nelle took a chunk out of his life, and they lost Jonah. Jason says, exactly. That’s why they need to get Margaux to back off.

Margaux tells Drew that she can still make Sonny pay, even if it’s not for her father. Drew says even if he could, it won’t establish probable cause. She says one memory could open the door, and help her make a case.

Chase leaves to call his mom. Gregory says he Finn freeze up at the mention of his wife. Finn’s stepmom was grateful when she heard he was taking the case. When is he going to stop hating her? She didn’t know Finn’s mother, and wasn’t trying to replace her. The only thing she’s guilty of is loving him. The one regret Gregory has is that being with her caused so much pain for him – and her.

Julian sees Oscar in the park, and asks why he’s not in school. Oscar says he quit, and Julian says, right. Oscar says he’s serious, and Julian asks, why? He loves school. Oscar wonders if his mom didn’t tell Julian why he quit. Julian tells Oscar that she respected his privacy, and he promised not to press the issue. Oscar says, good. Julian says if getting Oscar is trying to get back at his mom for something, he might want to rethink it.

Elizabeth sees Kim with her head in her hands, and asks if she wants to talk. Kim says, not really. Mostly because she’s embarrassed. She told Oscar he was disappointment, and it was horrible. She knows he’s angry that she didn’t tell him, but he’s lashing out at Josslyn. Elizabeth says he’s pushing her away because he’s sick. Kim thinks maybe she shouldn’t have judged so quickly. He thinks he’s doing the right thing. Elizabeth says he’s upset she did same thing, but – let her guess – he said it’s different when he’s doing it. Kim says, it is his life. He had the right to know, and because she kept it from him, he’s lost any faith in her when he’s facing the fight of life.

Sonny tells Jason that Margaux is relentless. She blames him for her father’s death. How can they get her to back off? Jason says Spinelli is looking into Vincent Marino. Jason has also learned a lot from her personal avenging. Sonny asks how they spin it. Jason says, it was Carly’s idea and it’s a good one. If they can prove Margaux’s father wasn’t the hero she thinks he was, they might be able to stop her.

Drew tells Margaux that he’s going to say it one last time, and he wants her to never ask again. He has no desire to dig into another man’s memories to help her out. He’s not digging into Jason’s past. Does she understand? She says, just one memory. It doesn’t need to be something criminal. Just a clue, an event, or a situation; a direction to point her toward, and she’ll take from there. Drew says he has to go. She asks him to hear her out one last time. Somewhere along Sonny’s ride to power, he made mistake. Drew says he’s sure Sonny made a lot of them, and he covered them up a long time ago. Margaux says with an organization of that size that’s been around this long, there has to be a mistake. He tells her, good luck. He hopes it brings her peace. She says she’s given up on peace, and will settle for justice for her father. He says he can’t help her, and walks away. She follows him. She says, what if by helping her, he could get his memory back. Drew Cane’s memories. Would he help then?

Oscar tells Julian that his mom isn’t why he dropped out. Julian starts to ask why, then says, never mind. He promised not as questions. Oscar says it’s nice to know Julian is looking out for his mom. Julian says he likes her very much. Oscar apologizes for being a jerk. Julian won’t ask what’s going on, but if there’s anything he can do or help with, he’s there. Oscar asks if Julian cares about him by default. Julian says he does, but he’s also made plenty of mistakes. One daughter won’t talk to him or let him see her children; another barely acknowledges him; and he doesn’t know his son. The one person he’s hurt the most – Oscar says, Miss Davis? Julian says Alexis has moved on, but it was never truly okay. Oscar asks why Julian is telling him this. Julian doesn’t want him to have regrets. If he wants to quit school, fine. He’s smart and will figure it out. It’s not as easy with people. The space you put between you and them, you might never get back. Oscar thanks him, and says he has to meet someone.

Jason asks Sonny if he saw Margaux’s dad flash a lot of cash around. Sonny says he was constantly showing off his money clip. He was on good terms with Skully, and willingly took part in the business. He liked the cash, and was no innocent by a long shot. Jason wonders what they need to show Margaux, when Carly comes in.

Sonny says that was fast, and Carly says Mike had enough for today. Stella comes in with Mike, and says he’ll have a buddy to help show him around. Carly says Mike should tell Sonny about part he liked best. Mike says, they have cards. Carly says they barely got past the game room, when Mike had settled in to a Crazy 8s game. Sonny wonders if gambling is the best idea. Mike says it’s a place for people like him who have trouble remembering. The play for pennies and chips. There are no loan sharks. Carly says it’s well-organized, the staff is attentive, and the clients are super nice. Mike enjoyed himself. Mike says the cards are great; the food, not so much. Carly says he’ll be having dinner with them every night. Sonny asks, what’s the plan? and Mike thinks he can do this.

Elizabeth says if Oscar can’t hear Kim, maybe he’ll hear Drew. Kim says he seems to blame them both equally; it’s unfair. She made Drew wait. Now Drew is losing out on time with his son. Elizabeth says they’ll work together, and do everything they can to get Oscar better. She asks where Julian is in all this.  Kim says Oscar didn’t want to tell anyone, and she’d already broken his trust in a major way. He agreed to no questions as long as he can be there when she needs him. She can’t wait to tell him everything, and have a good cry in his arms. In the meantime, she and Drew have to regain Oscar’s trust. Elizabeth says with everything going on, she needs all the support she can get. Julian offering to help with no questions asked? She’s take him up on it.

At the park, Cameron tells Oscar that he can’t summon him every time he needs help breaking up with Josslyn. Oscar says Cameron is the only person he can ask. Cameron knows he’s sick. Cameron says he can come clean, since none of this is going to work. Josslyn is too smart and stubborn to fall for it. He’s a downer, and he’s throwing Josslyn away. Oscar wants to make sure she’s over him before he’s gone. Cameron says the only person who needs to get over him is himself. Oscar says Josslyn is the only girl he’s ever loved or will ever love. He wants her to remember him as her first love, not the boy she watched die.

Finn says he sent over everything Gregory’s doctor needs to know in an electronic file. He may want something to help him sleep, as lack of sleep exacerbates the symptoms. Gregory says he opened a vein and told Finn how he felt, and Finn doesn’t even ask how he’s doing. Finn says he’s doing his best. Gregory says that’s not good enough, and Finn says that’s the story of his life. Gregory might consider meditation. Gregory says his wife has been trying to convince him of the same thing. They have something in common. Finn says, exercise helps. Gregory says, that’s two. Finn says, Chinese herbs, and Gregory says, that’s three for three. They’d have a great time together. Finn tells him, good luck with his recovery. He’ll have the discharge papers drawn up. Gregory says he’s has a wonderful, rich life, but there’s only one thing missing – Finn.

Julian sees Kim at the hospital. He says he ran into Oscar, and given the shape he was in, the thought she might need support. She says, he talked to Oscar? Julian says he told Oscar that she didn’t tell him what’s wrong, and offered him the same deal. His help with no questions asked. He doesn’t need to know what’s wrong to help. Kim says he’s a good guy. Julian tells her no one has ever said that about him before. Kim says he snuck up on her. She thought it would be casual. They would see where it goes; no strings. Julian says they did that. Kim says they did, and here they are. She has no doubt she’s fallen for him. He supposes it’s only fair, since he fell for her a while ago. She says, funny. She recently told someone, when they find love, don’t turn away from it. He says, good advice, and she kisses him.

Cameron tells Oscar that he’ help one last time. Josslyn has been his friend – Oscar says, since they were in diapers. He gets it. Cameron says Oscar is hurting his friend. He shouldn’t help, but he will, on one condition. If it doesn’t work, that’s it. Oscar comes clean, and lets her decide if she wants to suffer with him or he suffers alone. It’s what he deserves. Oscar says he’s dying, but Cameron doesn’t let that stop him. Cameron asks if Oscar has a problem with that, and Oscar says, just the opposite; he appreciates it. Cameron says it doesn’t make sense, but those are the terms. If it doesn’t work, Oscar comes clean. Oscar says, deal. He promises it’s the last thing he’ll ask Cameron to do. He asks if Cameron can doctor a photo, and shows it to him on his phone. Cameron says he can do it, but after this, Oscar has to let him go.

Sonny says if Mike is in, he’s all for it. Mike says, let’s do this. Stella says she’ll notify the facility, and he can start late this week. He asks if she’ll take him on his first day, and she says she wouldn’t have it any other way. He walks her to the door. Carly tells Sonny it’s a really nice place, and Mike wants to go, Mike thanks Stella for helping him with Sonny. Stella has the feeling it’s the best thing for the both of them. Mike tells Sonny and Carly that he’s going to take a nap. They can go back to talking about hm. Sonny says they weren’t, and Mike asks, why? Is there something more interesting to talk about? He goes upstairs, and Carly asks Sonny, guess who was having a cozy breakfast at the MetroCourt?

Margaux says she can’t imagine what it’s like for Drew. He can change that. Drew says all the options are gone, and he’s made peace with that. She mentions the flash drive, and he says it’s long gone. She says, actually, it’s not.

Finn tells Gregory that he included his number should Gregory’s doctor want to reach him. Gregory says Finn is his doctor, but also his son. Finn says he knows. Chase returns, and thanks Finn again. Finn says he was just doing his job, and leaves. Chase follows him into the hallway. He tells Finn that his mother is grateful for the care Finn has shown for their father, despite everything that happened in the past.

Oscar looks at the doctored photo, and hits send.

At the library, Josslyn is studying with Cameron. Cameron’s phone dings. Cameron looks at it, and says, whoa. Josslyn says, nothing like being obvious, and wants to see it. He says, no, but she grabs his phone. It’s a picture of Oscar with his arm around another girl, smiling. She asks Cameron to leave. He goes, and she touches the photo of her and Oscar.

Oscar sinks to the ground. His phone says, message received. He says, goodbye, Joss. I love you.

At the library, Josslyn sits alone and sad.

Julian tells Kim he doesn’t want to overstate, but he thinks he had a breakthrough with Oscar. No one is more surprised than he is. He’d always hoped Oscar might grow to like him – in fifteen or twenty years. Kim says that’s a sight she’d love to see.

Sonny says Margaux had breakfast with Drew? Carly says she’s pulling out all the stops. He remembers every crime Jason committed. Jason says, if he does, it’s not admissible, and he’s always been careful. Carly says it’s still a threat. Sonny says, if Margaux isn’t successful this way, she’ll just come at him a different way. Even if they find proof her father was dirty, which he was. Even if they can convince her, it’s no guarantee she’ll back off.

Drew tells Margaux that Peter was holding the flash drive when Obrecht carted him off. Either he’s lying, or he dropped it, and it’s gone. He can’t get it back. She says, it’s not gone. She has it. He should smack her.

Tomorrow, Curtis asks Nina what she expects to get from the meeting, Maxie tells Felicia someone is her friend, and Laura thinks not-Doc is trying to avoid her.

Below Deck

When we left, primary return guest, Steve, was refusing to wear a lifejacket, and acting like a half-drunk Tasmanian devil on the jet ski. What that dude needs is a straitjacket. And possibly AA.

Ross says they have to be stern. Captain Lee isn’t happy that he has to chase Steve down. Steve sidles up to the boat, and the captain tells him to put a jacket on. Steve says no, and the captain says he’ll have to take away the jet ski, like Steve is a petulant child. In his interview, Captain Lee says it’s hard to tell a charter guest they can’t do something, but it’s especially hard if it’s a friend. He’s pissed at the deck crew, who should have known the hazards, saying, it’s hard to have good time when you’re dead. He wants them to lock the jet skis up. He’s going to keep Steve safe whether he likes it or not. Steve finally comes back in. Chandler says there was a lapse on the deck department’s side, and it’s a shame the captain had to get involved. It’s uncomfortable having him come down, and undermines Chandler’s position.

Steve wanders into the galley, wondering where breakfast is. Chandler tells Captain Lee that they have the beach picnic planned for today. In his interview, Chandler knows the captain is pissed, and wants to make sure the picnic goes without a hitch. The captain tells him the water will probably be knee deep. Get as close as they can, and see what they have to work with. Steve demands breakfast, saying, it’s like noon. Kate tells him it’s 9:30. Adrian makes one of my all-time favorites Eggs Benedict, and his version looks amazing. Steve thinks so too, telling one of the guests to take a picture of this sh*t. A real gentleman, that Steve.

Chandler looks for someone help set up. Ross volunteers. Kate is also sending Josiah, giving him a list to check off. Chandler starts loading the tender. Adrian isn’t sure about the guests, but Caroline thinks it’s just the primary they have to worry about. Adrian thinks Caroline is crazy, but has her feet on the ground. Josiah thinks she can snap easy. We flash back to her getting annoyed at being shushed. She says she’s hyper-sensitive about being dismissed. Adrian wonders if it goes back to a childhood issue. In her interview, Caroline says her father was on the narcissist spectrum, and she had sh*t parents. Adrian says a lot of reactions can be traced back to childhood. In his interview, he thinks Caroline seems fragile. You have to put your emotions aside on charter, and sometimes it’s hard for sensitive people.

Ross says the anchor comes loose on the tender, because of the reef situation. They need someone to stay on the boat. Ross, Josiah, Ashton, and Chandler go ahead to set up. Rhylee is annoyed they’re not using her, since she’s used to heavy lifting. Steve loves the captain, but gripes that he’s all about safety. Steve screeches beeeeeeach! while wearing a flower crown over his hat. The captain watches the beach with binoculars, and Kate asks what’s going on. Chandler radios back that the location won’t work; the anchor could drag. In his interview, Chandler says safety is number one; then the guests’ happiness.

Kate has to bring the bad news to the guests. Steve has a graphic tuxedo shirt for Captain Lee to wear to dinner. The captain explains that the beach is too steep, so they can’t set up there, but Steve won’t listen. Kate tells him that they can set up a Polynesian picnic on the deck, but he won’t have it. He says he spent a lot of money, and promised his guests a fun time on the beach. This is an embarrassment. I guess refusing to wear a lifejacket like a five-year-old and riding a jet ski drunk isn’t embarrassing. The captain says he’s not embarrassing Steve – leaving out that Steve does that just fine on his own – he’s just keeping him safe. Steve says he can do what he wants; they were promised a fun time on the beach. He wants to get off the boat, and demands they make the picnic happen. Kate says she can’t manufacture a beach, and Steve says he’s ready to dive off the side of the boat.

Adrian is told to proceed with lunch think, and Kate has to explain again to Steve that the beach is too dangerous. She’s setting up the picnic on deck. Captain Lee tells Steve again that they can’t do it, since everything has to be repeated several times for this guy. In his interview, the captain says Steve will push the line with anyone to have a good time, but his patience is wearing so thin, it’s transparent. Steve decides he’s jumping off the bow, and asks who has champagne. The captain calls Chandler to the wheelhouse.

Caroline tells Steve that she knows he’s not totally happy, but is he content? The captain tells Chandler to jump in with Steve, and make sure he gets back okay. The table setting for the picnic is fabulous, and IMO better than the beach. Who wants sand in their food? Or other places. Steve and Chandler jump, and Steve yowls the whole way down. Then he won’t come back. Kate says, have a nice trip, and live your best life. Adrian has made a moonfish (a local offering) for the entrée. Steve continues to float around on his back, and Jen says he told her he’d meet her in Bora Bora. Steve finally gets back on the boat, and greets Jen as though they’d never met.

Kate gives Caroline instructions. Ashton hoses Steve off. Kate is thrilled with Josiah. Rhylee asks Chandler what’s up, and he gives her the schedule. She’s in the middle. He likes being the early person, and trusts Ross to be the late guy and do what needs to be done.

Steve says the great thing about yachting is drinking champagne in the bath. I think you can do that without spending $100K. Josiah tells Kate about Caroline seeming panicky; she had tears in her eyes. Caroline tells Chandler that she learned she comes off as someone who could snap, and she doesn’t like that.

At dinner, everyone wears variations on the graphic tuxedo shirt. Captain Lee tells us that he’s already said no enough times to Steve. If Steve wants him at dinner, his ass will be there. Adrian makes an off-color joke in the galley. Kate likes Adrian. He’s young, which explains his humor. It’s like when you know have good dog, but it’s still humping everyone’s legs. Dinner is served, and pronounced fabulous.

Ross and Rhylee talk in the crew mess. Ross likes Rhylee’s enthusiasm. She says it’s her first yacht job, and everyone else knows what they’re doing. She can do nothing but learn and pitch in wherever she’s needed. She doesn’t want Chandler to forget she’s there. In Alaska, she’s a captain, and can learn fast by being shown once. Chandler pops out, wanting them to hold it down, since he’s a light sleeper. In his interview, Ross sees where Rhylee is coming from.

Adrian says his flavors are all about balance. He’s makes it up as he goes along, and it comes together in the presentation. Tonight, is New Zealand lamb. Steve says his low carb diet is out the window. He wants to get in the jacuzzi after dinner, and supposes the captain won’t be joining him. Captain Lee says, nope. In his interview, the captain says he expected a sh*t show at dinner, but the Steve he knows and loves is back. There’s foam something in the dessert in honor of the foam man. Steve hugs Captain Lee, who says it’s good to have him on board.

Steve is ready for jacuzziing. Jen doesn’t not want to go in, and neither does anyone else. They go back to their cabins. Steve insists Jen being them back out, but she refuses. Kate wonders what Uncle Steve would be without a surprise. Steve dumps a container of liquid soap into the jacuzzi, since the last time, he had a foam disappointment. We flash back to that. The bubbles start to churn. I know exactly what happens when you do this, since I tried it myself by putting bubble bath in a hotel room jacuzzi while on vacation. It was like a Lucy and Ethel moment where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to stop them, and had visions of bubbles filling the hallway. Josiah asks where the bubbles are coming from. Steve yells, I love foam! Josiah can’t allow this. Ross is on anchor watch, and gets out while he can. The stews hide downstairs, and the foam goes over the edge of the jacuzzi and everywhere. Steve is lost in the bubbles, and cries that he wants Kate in there. He tosses bubbles around, demanding Kate. He says if no one wants to join his foam party, screw them all.

Caroline says she’s letting sh*t go, even though she was disrespected. She and Josiah have a good thing going, and she doesn’t want to throw it away. Steve bugs the captain in the wheelhouse. Chandler tells the captain the anchor is leading under the bow, and to thrust to port. Captain Lee wonders how that’s possible, since the anchor seems to be going in the other direction. Chandler says is bad. The captain says the guys are screwing up, and Steve says even he knows that sh*t. The captain wants the bridge cleared, saying Ross gives better directions than Chandler on anchor. Ross thinks Chandler needs relax and keep it simple.

The captain tells Chandler that he prefers hand signals. There’s no chance to mentally screw up. Breakfast is a cavalcade of delicious seafood in a quiche, combined with poached egg. Chandler thinks docking is stressful, and Rhylee’s questions give him a headache. In her interview, she says if she asks during this charter, she doesn’t have to ask on the next one. Caroline tells Josiah that she’s happy to work with him, and doesn’t want him to think she’s ungrateful. In his interview, Josiah thinks she’s too sensitive, and just has to move on. As Yoda would say, with this one, I see problems ahead.

The crew gets on their whites. Steve says, another year has come and gone. Does he think he’s been on the boat for a year? Chandler says it’s a new boat with a new crew, and he’s nervous to dock. He hopes it goes well. The water is so blue, I get hypnotized. It’s time to tell Steve goodbye. His friends all seem normal. Steve says the food was fantastic, he had a foam party of one, and they made the jet ski happen. He gives the captain a cloth bag with the tip inside, because he didn’t want to use a ratty envelope. In his interview, Captain Lee says charter guests can be a pita when they’re d-bags, but Steve isn’t malicious. He hopes Steve never grows up. It kind of surprises me that they’re friends.

Tip time! I hope it’s a good one. What a hassle that guy is. Captain Lee says it was a difficult first charter, but they did a good job. He commends Adrian, says the interior team was flawless, and Ashton wore a diaper. We flash back to Steve screaming when he saw Ashton as Cupid.  The captain says some people on deck are trying too hard not to make a mistake, but Ross was outstanding. The tip is $15K – $1250 each – disappointing all of us. Josiah says they put a grown man in a diaper and that’s all they get? The captain tells them that they can leave the boat tonight, but remember the rules; don’t embarrass themselves or the boat. Chandler, the bummer of all time, tells them to remember they still have to work tomorrow.

Caroline pops the leftover balloons. Rhylee explains that she and her ex-fiancé got tattoos of each other’s Instagram names. With her in Alaska and him in Florida, it was too difficult on the relationship, but she doesn’t regret the tattoo. Caroline and Josiah talk, and Josiah thinks she should date Chandler. I hope he’s joking. She asks if Josiah likes boys, girls, or both. He says he likes guys, but he’s from an old school village, where everyone kept saying he doesn’t look gay. They wonder what gay is supposed to look like. In his interview, Josiah says every person is different. His family is very loving and kind, and he wasn’t scared to tell them, but he doesn’t think you should necessarily come out. Just live your best life and be who you are.

The crew gets ready to go out. Rhylee isn’t wearing a bra under her slip dress, and the deckhands act like fourteen-year-olds. Kate wonders why Rhylee is naked. She doesn’t know what look Rhylee is going for, but doesn’t think it’s legal. They head for shore to the Pink Coconut for dinner, and start with weird cocktails. Kate asks Ashton how he got started in his career, and he says he was a dancer and came across someone looking for a butler. He explains that his dancing was always tasteful. Adrian asks Rhylee if she’s ever had Vegemite, and she says she’s had Spam. In case you don’t know, those are two totally different things, the former being a sandwich spread and the other being fake meat.

In his interview, Ashton says it’s a boat full of single people, and no one is getting any. They’re definitely thirsty. They move on to a club, drink some more, and turn it up on the dance floor. Ashton flirts, and feels like child in a candy store. Someone asks if he’s gay. Chandler says they’re starting work at 8 am at the latest. He likes to have fun (I doubt it), but their choices reflect his leadership. Ashton and Rhylee dance with each other. Chandler wants to back, but the others want to stay and drink. He tells Ashton that everyone is going back, but Ashton says he’s staying. Caroline tries to get him to go, but he says they just started having good time. Chandler says they came as a team, and they’re leaving as a team. Caroline tells Kate it’s bullsh*t.

Ashton finally agrees to leave. Kate says just because he wants to show off his male stripper moves, doesn’t mean they all want stay up and watch. Chandler says he wanted to leave an hour ago, and decides they’ll start at 6 am, just to piss everyone off. Rhylee asks for what valid reason is he doing this? and he tells her for Ashton’s actions. The two limos head back to the boat.

Josiah and Adrian go to their happy place, while Adrian ohms. Rhylee tells Chandler that she’s talking to him as a person, and he’s going to piss everyone off. In her interview, she says he told her that he’s not her boss off the boat, and can’t treat her like a complete savage. He asks her to stop talking, and she asks if he’s speaking as a boss or a person, and he says both. He jets out of the limo. Ashton suggests they all go back. Rhylee tells Ross she’ll be to blame, and the whole team pays for it. Ross understands, but thinks Ashton was out of line. On the boat, Chandler says he heard Rhylee complaining in the van, but it’s one way; his way. She asks if he’s effing kidding her. Ross says he’ll sort it out, and asks her to leave.

Rhylee goes to the galley to get desert, saying she got kicked out of Chandler’s room. Chandler tells Ross, once is fine, two, you’ve effed up. Kate and Josiah listen from the stairs. Rhylee tells Adrian that Chandler is a d*ck. Ross asks Chandler to be lenient, and if he’s disrespected again, follow through. Chandler says, too bad, see you at six. Rhylee thanks Ross for trying, saying Chandler had told her to speak freely. In her interview, Kate says, a green yachtie being sassy to a bosun; she’s not sure how this is going to work out for Rhylee. Chandler sticks his big nose into the conversation, and Rhylee says he told her to speak freely, and stormed out of van because he got upset at how it went down. Chandler says she disrespected him, and straight up lost her sh*t. Rhylee says she did what he asked her to do. Sorry to speak while he’s interrupting. In his interview, Chandler says he’s never dealt with this kind of disrespect, and he’s not having it.

Next time, Caroline freaks out, seriously bad weather, and Ross goes to the captain about Rhylee.


Carlotta gave a TV interview, and said music was in her blood. She just signed a major deal with the Karma nightclub, and is going to have a weekly live stream. It will be a game changer. Mateo said it was all on her.

Simone saw Mateo getting busy with the same reporter who interviewed Carlotta. After backing away from the scene, Simone ran into Mateo’s wife, who said Simone had convinced them. She was going to star in the movie with Noah.

Bobby tried giving Noah advice, but Noah wasn’t too keen on taking it from someone sleeping on his couch. Noah finally threw money at him, saying he wasn’t good enough for Bobby when he had nothing. He told Bobby to get out.

Cassie swore no more street hustle or blood on her hands. She was all about the club. Carlotta was surprised to find out Cassie owned the club, and said she had no experience or track record. Cassie wanted Noah working for her, but Carlotta said Cassie wasn’t going to win this war.

Alex brought Bianca’s (the fan who died in the plane crash) sister, Olivia, to visit her. Olivia was thrilled to be in Alex’s presence and see the glamorous life. Alex told Olivia about her guilt, and being brought out of the plane before Bianca was. Olivia asked if bringing her there made Alex feel better. Her sister was dead because of Alex.

Carlotta gave Andy an envelope of money, and told him to stay gone. He told her that he was sorry, but she said that wasn’t going to change anything. Just stay safe. Jahil appeared – he’s growing a beard in the afterlife – and Carlotta told him that Andy feels guilty. She had to deal with the Cassie mess, and knew someone was bankrolling her. Jahil asked what she wanted in return. Noah wanted to pull out of their deal, and Mateo told Carlotta, just make sure the club event was a success.

Star’s baby started to kick, and Star told Simone that she was going to give her kid what they didn’t have. She was thinking of looking for Brody. He messed up, but they’re grown now. Simone said they needed to find his ass then.

Ruby was feeling the aftereffects of the rape. She told Derek, when she closed her eyes, all she could see was his face, and him holding the gun to her head. She said, he had a brand.

Mateo gave Noah a new, flashy sportscar, along with a new contract. Noah told Mateo that Carlotta promised him creative control over his third album. Mateo said they’d discuss later. Bobby asked if tap shoes came with the contract.

Carlotta met up with Cassie’s businessman bankroller, Xander. She told him that he couldn’t play her like her sister. If she found out his money was dirty, she’d call the cops so fast, he’d think she was a white woman.

There was a birthday party for Jaden at the salon, and Cassie showed up with a gift. Cotton told Carlotta that she wanted Cassie in her life. I love the scenes in the salon. It always seems so real. Carlotta told Cassie that Xander was going to want something in return. He was going to drag her ass from the sewer to the gutter. Carlotta wanted Cassie to drag her ass out of her life. Cassie accused Carlotta of fornicating with a pastor, and Carlotta called Cassie a bottom feeder.

Alex visited Olivia, and heard her singing hears her singing. She told Olivia she could write or produce a song for her.

Maurice told Noah that if he signed with him, he would be king. Noah said he was already king of Gravity Records. Maurice said he just wanted to make sure Noah’s voice is heard. He needed his own empire; to create his own sound. Carlotta suggested next time come with a proven track record. She thought Noah should stick with her.

Cassie thought about what Carlotta said, and broke into a song.

Mateo told Carlotta every investor would be watching. Carlotta says she didn’t write checks she couldn’t cash. Just before Take 3 was about to perform, Star got a phone call about Brody, and took off like a rocket, Simone along with her. Bobby came to Noah, and told him Black men had it hard enough; they couldn’t be perceived as weak. Being a gay Black man was even harder. He was was wrong to leave. He’d seen Noah’s Dance with My Father performance. He tells Noah that Paul died. He lost Paul, but had promised him that he’d find Noah, and make it right. It took his whole life to figure it out who he was. Noah came out of his momma marching to his own beat. Whatever he does in this world, it ain’t about the fame; it’s about the freedom.

Cassie introduced Noah in a silver jumpsuit that not many could pull off. Noah sang Papa Was a Rolling Stone, and it was superb. While Noah sang, Star’s investigator told her that he checked the jails and the John Doe’s. It looks like electrocution. Star identified Brody’s body, and received his personal effects. She took out his wedding ring.

Take 3 was late, and Miss Bruce said his blood pressure was up because of this Mexican harassing him, referring to Mateo. Alex wondered what was going on, and Simone returned, telling her Brody was dead. Star remembered her last conversation with him, where he told her not come after him, and that he loves her always. She had to leave the stage, and told Jackson to get her out. Simone told Mateo life was short, and his wife is her good friend. She saw him with the reporter. Mateo made some excuses, but I don’t think his wife cared a whole lot. Olivia brought Alex a framed picture of Bianca. Alex introduced Derek, and I thought Olivia’s hand lingered a little too long on his arm. Derek saw a guy with a brand, but then couldn’t find him in the crowd.

Noah told Carlotta he wanted independence, and he was going with Cassie. Cassie said she was winning, and there wasn’t a damn thing Carlotta could do about it, bitch. Carlotta thumped the hell out of Cassie right at the club bar, and there was hair wig and weave pulling, and rolling around on the floor. A wigless Carlotta threatened to kill Cassie.

Carlotta said it was the biggest night of her life, and she lost Noah. She told Cotton that Cassie had gone too far. She didn’t now who Cassie was or what she’s capable of. Cotton wanted to know what was going on, but Carlotta wouldn’t say.

Alex put the framed photo on a dresser, and we saw a light blinking on the back of it. I knew there was something up with that frame.

Star told Jackson that she felt stupid. She couldn’t put things back together. He said he knew what she needed, and danced for her.

Xander met with Cassie, and said he was proud of her. He wanted her to him a favor. Run some money through the club. Cassie protested, saying she was going legit, and he said she would. Just one favor. She said, that’s always how it starts. After Xander left, a guy with a brand dragged Andy in to Cassie. She asked if Andy missed her, and kissed duct tape on his mouth. Ruh-roh.

Next time, Derek is concerned about Olivia, Mateo tells Carlotta that she’d better get it done, and Carlotta walks a road alone.

💈 Tonight’s hair win went to Star for a Bridget Bardot bouffant, blonde, and updated with dark roots. Star got second place as well, with long, loose retro curls, half piled on her head, the rest cascading down. Alex gets a fashion mention with a white long-sleeved button-down shirt. Similar in style to a man’s button-down, but the sleeves had slits and no cuffs. Kind of like angel wings.

⚓ I’ve been watching the Below Deck reruns that Bravo has been airing in the wee hours, and caught the one where chief stew of the Honor, Adrienne, ended up being a guest for a day when she rode the coattails of some other guests. You could see Adrienne eyeballing Kate the whole time, and yes, Adrienne, Kate is so much cooler than you can ever hope to be. Adrienne was the worst, both as a chief stew and a guest.

🐎 Because of the pesky need for sleep, The Real Housewives of Dallas still needs editing, and will be in tomorrow’s post.

🎤 Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic of Queen, opens November 2, and looks impressive. I saw Queen twice at Madison Square Garden back in the day. Freddy Mercury had such a big presence, I didn’t even mind the seats in mountain goat territory.

😨 Scary Below Deck Entrée… 

Behold, the moonfish…


🎶 Enjoy…