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March 15, 2020 – I Have No Words, the New West, a Big Slip, Kenya Goes To Greece & Wild


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

I made a lot of noises during this show. Be prepared for, what?!

Hilltop burns. Carol shoots arrows at the horde like it’s going to help. Some of the zombies are on fire, but continue to move forward. Daryl slices the top of one’s head off. It’s chaos. The Hilltoppers stab and slice, whack and stomp, but they’re way outnumbered. Mary tells Lydia that she can’t go back out, but Lydia says she’ll never walk with Alpha again. Ezekiel grabs the kids, and starts to run, but Judith is missing. Earl finds Judith about to stab a Whisperer (sans mask) who’s on his last legs anyway, and he grabs her, saying they’ve got to get to a safe place. Zombies crowd the gate. Eugene runs toward Hilltop, and Rosita runs after him. I say, this is hopeless. A zombie pile-up slows the horde, and Eugene and Daryl get medieval on the zombies.

Yumiko gets ready to shoot an arrow, and sees Magna walking with the horde. She’s covered in blood and guts to blend in. Yumiko lowers her bow. Carol watches as everything around her fall apart.

Negan, now wearing a mask, walks through a field, and whacks a zombie. Alpha says that was one of them, and he says, his bad. She says they have to gather and replenish, and he asks if she doesn’t want to savor the victory, but she says, it’s not victory. She doesn’t have everything she want. He says, Lydia, and Beta tells him, it’s not his concern. Negan says he’s seen her, but not among the dead. He won’t stop until he brings Lydia home to Alpha. Beta blocks his path, and Negan says he’s at Beta’s service. Beta tells him to gather, and Negan says Beta wants him to herd walkers? Beta walks away, and Negan says, he’s such a d*ck.

Negan sees zombies toddling around in the woods. He goes near one, and it walks past him. He’s obviously relieved, but the zombie doubles back, and he’s like, WTF? He says, screw this, and whacks the zombie with his bat, and laughs. He sees someone limping through the forest, and follows.

Aaron pulls Luke on a stretcher. He’s headed for a cabin in the woods (not to be confused with the cabin in the woods), and sees Negan. Aaron reaches for his sword, and Negan says, hold on, dammit. Don’t do something stupid. Aaron says the only stupid thing would be not to kill him. Negan says he can explain, and zombies start to gather. Aaron says, enough of Negan’s bullsh*t, but the zombies are coming closer, and he’s conflicted about what to do. Negan backs up, and Aaron is surrounded. He starts to chop at the zombies.

Lydia looks up at the trees. She sees Negan walking without his mask, and he grabs her. She struggles, but he tells her, stop it. He says, sorry, kid.

Kelly walks down the road, with Alden who’s holding Adam, while Mary follows. Adam cries, and Alden tries to quiet him. Kelly says, nobody likes a cute baby voice, not even babies. Mary says she can help, but he says he told her to stay back. She says she can help Adam, and he says, the hell she can. Kelly says Mary knows him, but Alden says, knew him. Her people left him to die. There’s no way she’s getting her hands on this kid. He tells her, move away. Adam continues to cry, and Mary tells Alden how to pat Adam’s head and make a shushing noise. He does, but Adam isn’t having it, and Mary asks him to let her try. He finally hands the baby over, and Mary smiles at Adam, bouncing him in her arms. He quiets down, and Kelly smiles at Alden.

Mary, Kelly, and Alden sit, and Mary rocks Adam. Alden asks what Mary’s sister’s name was; she never said. Mary tells him, Frankie. Her name was Francis. Adam meant everything to her. Kelly says, and Frankie was everything to Mary, right? Mary says if she had it to do all over again, Frankie should be the one there holding him, not her. She gets up, and says, they’re coming. They jet, but zombies are on either side of them. They run across the road, and Mary tells them to follow her. The run to an abandoned van, and Kelly tries to get the door open, but it’s stuck. The zombies are coming closer, and Adam starts to cry. They finally get the door open, and Kelly and Alden get in. Mary hands Alden the baby, and shuts the door. She screams, and leads the zombies away from the van, which is now surrounded. Alden is like, sh*t.

Mary leads the zombies to a creek, and stabs them in the head one by one. When they’re all down, she laughs and looks at the sun. A knife plunges into her stomach. It’s Beta, and she feebly hits at him. He says she’ll walk, and she rips his mask off, saying, never. He pulls the blade upward, finishing her off, and drags her body to a tree. He leans her against it, and picks up his mask. A lone Whisperer comes by, and says, it’s you. Beta puts a finger to his lips, and says, shhh… Then kills the Whisperer.

Beta waits. Mary’s hand twitches, and she rises. I say, bite him, but an arrow pierces her head. It’s Alden, shooting from behind a tree. Beta jets before Alden can get another arrow in the bow.

Carol sits in the woods with Eugene on a fallen tree, while Magna sits with Yumiko. Magna tells Yumiko, they were either dead or trapped under rocks. She kept pushing. They took turns, and before they knew it, they were in the horde. She and Connie were together, and Connie’s hand just slipped out of Magana’s. Magna cries a little, and says she couldn’t find Connie again. Carol starts walking, and Yumiko asks if she’s leaving. Carol says she wants to get there before dark, and Yumiko says Magna has been through a lot; she needs to rest. Carol says she can stay as long as she likes, and Yumiko asks if Carol is going to leave her behind again. Carol tells her, she didn’t say that, and Yumiko says, instead of ignoring Magna, Carol should be begging her forgiveness after the sh*t she put Magna through. Carol asks if Yumiko thinks that’s what Magna wants from her. Like it will fix anything. They go through sh*t to go through more sh*t. Yumiko half slaps, half punches Carol in the face, and walks away. Good. Somebody had to, and Daryl wasn’t going to do it. Yumiko goes back to Magna, and wonders what the hell is wrong with Carol? Magna asks if she should have done that, and Yumiko says, she’s so sorry, but she’s not going to sit there and take that. Magna says, things don’t always work out the way they want, and Yumiko tells her, she never said they did. Magna says she can’t do this anymore. She’s thought a lot about the last time they talked. Now she gets it. Yumiko was right to kick her out. At least Yumiko doesn’t have to worry about someone stealing her pillow. Yumiko laughs, and they both laugh/cry. Yumiko takes Magna’s hand.

Carol walks alone for a while, and sits. A hand comes out of the leaves, and touches her. She smacks it away. A zombie starts emerging, and Carol smacks at it again. Eugene comes by, and she stabs the zombie in the head. Eugene says he didn’t mean to intrude, but he thought he should keep an eye on her. She asks if he knows what it feels like to want something so bad, go after it with everything you have, pissing off literally everyone, and getting people killed, and still having nothing to show for it. He says he does, and sits next to her. He says, there’s a meeting of extraordinary importance; a moment of do or die proportions. The biggest meeting of his life is coming up quick. Unfortunately, he can’t share the details, but obviously he can no longer attend. It’s just that it’s not often you meet someone you… Carol says, if it’s important, it’s simple; you go. He protests, and she says, just go to her. He says he sincerely hopes she gets what it is she wants, and leaves.

Carol walks near to where the zombie popped out, and finds a Hilltop staff.

Daryl and the others cross a field. Rosita wonders about the kids, and Daryl says, they should be at the rendezvous. Nebila leans on Jerry as they walk, and says, it’s still burning. He tells here, they’re almost there. They see the cabin, and a zombie toddles out. Daryl starts to run, and Dianne shoots it in the head with an arrow. Rosita says, this is the spot, right? and Nabila cries, where are her babies? Jerry tells her, it’s okay, and Daryl says, let’s spread out.    

Inside the cabin, Judith asks Earl if he thinks they’re safe there. Did he see them? Earl says he won’t let anything happen to them, and she asks if he thinks Ezekiel is okay. There was so much smoke, she couldn’t see. Then he was gone. Earl says, he’ll be there. Ezekiel is one of the bravest men he knows. He tells the kids,  they’re all doing great. They’re all so good, and their folks will be so proud. A girl asks, soon? and he says, real soon. He tells them, shhh, and closes a curtain between the rooms. Alone, he overturns a desk, and takes out a hammer and railway spike. He pounds the spike through the desk, and rights it again. He rolls up his sleeve, and we see that he’s been bitten. Judith appears, and says he lied to them. He says he did. He did it to protect them. Judith says, he can’t do this, but he says he doesn’t have much choice. She says she can stay there with him, so he’s not alone. He says he has his son Alden, who will take good care of Adam, and Judith is so strong, so brave. Now he needs to keep the kids safe from himself. He ask her, please don’t come near him again. A single tear falls from Judith’s eye. She touches his hand, and leaves.

Bodies are everywhere at Hilltop, and the smoke is thick. Jerry approaches quietly, with Daryl following. A door lying flat on the ground, starts to move. Jerry gets ready to attack, but Ezekiel comes out from underneath it. Ezekiel says, the kids, and they all run.

Earl looks at the spike. He gets close to it, and slams his head down on it.

The kids sleep. Judith quietly slips into the other room, where Earl is now dead, his head lying in a pool of blood. She comes closer to check on him, and he grabs her arm and makes guttural zombie noises.

Daryl, Ezekiel, and Jerry approach the cabin. Daryl takes out a hunting knife, and pushes the door open. The kids come running out, and Jerry’s kids run to him. Daryl asks if Judith is in there, and looks inside, calling her name. He sees her sitting next to Earl’s body, her sword resting on her knees. He takes the sword, and sits next to her, putting his arm around her, and she leans on him (both literally and figuratively).

Negan approaches Alpha. He says the thing she’s been looking for? He found it.

Lydia is tied to a chair in another cabin. She struggles to get free.

Negan and Alpha see a zombie (ha! sounds like the name of a children’s book). Negan says, what he sees is a bag of bones, and gnarly-ass teeth. She says he’ll see soon, but he says he’s not ready to meet his Maker. She says he’s proved himself again, finding her. Like a lion cub leaves the pride, it’s time he finds his pride. He asks if she wants him to preach her gospel, and she says she wants him to become a lion. He says he may not be hip to the Greek alphabet, but Beta is not an Alpha. If she’s sticking with the lion thing, doesn’t the young lioness take her mother’s place? She tells him, walk.

Lydia continues to struggle against the ropes holding her.

Negan tells Alpha, a long time ago, before the meat lovers started showing up, he lost someone close to him to pancreatic cancer. When the disease wasn’t eating her insides, the chemo was kicking the sh*t out of her. Maybe the cancer put things in perspective. She was never more beautiful. It didn’t matter how frail she got; even when she lost her hair. Alpha says, be grateful death set her free, and Negan says, when she was gone, he didn’t feel much of anything anymore. He didn’t feel scared or happy. He didn’t feel anything; he was just there. She says, that’s his strength, and he says he’s dead to the world, but she’s pretending, thinking that it makes her strong. She thinks the emotions are real, and they’re animals, but it’s bullsh*t and she knows it. Now she claims she has to kill her own flesh and blood. Alpha says, it is her destiny. That disease took his wife because it’s what nature intended. She couldn’t take him with her, but every day she wishes she could. Lydia was made for this. To be free with her.

Lydia gets the ropes off her hands.

Negan asks if Alpha still loves Lydia. They look at the cabin, and Alpha says she has to do this because she loves Lydia. Lydia will always be her baby.

Lydia works on the ropes binding her feet.

Negan and Alpha kiss. She thanks him, and goes toward the cabin. Negan follows. Lydia gets the last of her ropes off. Alpha reaches for the front doorknob, as Lydia opens the back door. Alpha and Negan start to go inside, but Negan turns, and slashes Alpha’s throat open. He holds her, kisses her, and gently places her on the ground.

Negan tosses Alpha’s head, mouth gaping and moving, at someone’s feet. Carol says, it took you long enough.

I didn’t see any of that coming.

Next time, Michonne is back, along with her armless zombie buddies.

🐴🌎 Someone’s Not Thrilled…

I don’t care if it sucks canal water. Aaron Paul could read the phone book, and I’d probably watch. Ditto Ed Harris. I wasn’t able to see it tonight, but I’ll catch one of the 57 reruns encore performances.


🙊 Bad Rand…

Apparently Lala’s main squeeze let some private details slip in a very public way.


🍑 Meanwhile, In the ATL…

I can’t help liking Kenya. Maybe it’s the whole twirl thing.


🌈 This Too Shall Pass…

And probably before the toilet paper hoarders use up all those rolls.

February 26, 2020 – Taggert Shares Information, NJ Finale Plus Italy, a Prenup For Beau, MJ’s New World, a Dallas Farewell & Midweek


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ava tells Carly to notify the guard that she’s ready to leave. She says it’s inconvenient having an armed escort just to visit her daughter. Carly asks, more or less than living on an island? She wonders when Ava is planning on introducing Avery to her new husband.

Franco helps Cameron with his cufflinks, saying it’s a throwback to another era when men needed valets. He tells Cameron that he looks like James Bond, and Elizabeth says he looks adorable. Cameron says he doesn’t want adorable. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nikolas.

Brook sees Julian at the MetroCourt. He tries to ditch her, but she says, no drink for her? He says, she gets no favors from him. What she thinks she heard in a private conversation was out of context. She’s jumping to conclusions. He had nothing to do with Brad passing off Nelle’s baby as Willow’s. She asks if passing off is a polite euphemism for kidnapping. She doesn’t think Sonny will appreciate the difference. Does Julian think Sonny will believe him or her when she tells him about her suspicions?

At the Pozzulo’s office, Sonny asks Jason how Michael is doing. Jason says, happy mostly. He knows it’s not over, and he still needs to gain legal custody. The cops have found evidence, and he hopes it’s enough to convict Nelle. Sonny wonders if it’s enough to show that Nelle had help.

Curtis goes to Laura’s hospital room, and is surprised to find her dressed and ready to roll. She asks what he expected, and he says, she’s recovering from a gunshot; maybe extra recuperation time. She says she’s going stir crazy in there, and the doctors said she’s healthy enough to leave. He asks where Doc is, and she says he’s the guest speaker at a medical conference. He wanted to cancel, but she told him not to. Her driver is also her bodyguard, and she’ll get home safe. He tells her that she needs to rest, but she says the sooner she gets back to work, the better. Port Charles needs her.

On the phone, Jordan asks if she and Taggert are on for today, but he says he’s working his own plan. She asks, what kind of plan? but he’s already hung up.

Sonny tells Jason that he doesn’t buy Brad and Nelle pulling it off by themselves. There’s a knock at the door, and one of Sonny’s guards says it’s someone who claims they knew Sonny back in the day. Taggert comes in, and Sonny asks if he took a wrong turn. Taggert says he and Sonny may have a mutual problem. Maybe they can help each other out.

Sonny says, this is a first. Taggert is on the side of the angels. Taggert laughs, and says, there are no angels in this room, or in Pentenville. Sonny doesn’t follow, and Taggert says, Michael was targeted on Pier 55. Carly was caught in an attack on the warehouse, and Sonny was targeted in Brooklyn. Then an industrial warehouse turned into a Roman candle. Sonny says he doesn’t know anything about it, and Taggert says he’s not there to bust Sonny. Sonny says, since when? and Taggert says, since they’ve been trading information about Cyrus.

Jordan joins Laura and Curtis, and Curtis tells her that Laura plans on going back to work right away. Jordan says, sounds right, and he says he should have known better. Laura asks to be brought up to speed. She heard there was an explosion on the industrial pier, and asks how much damage there was. Jordan says, whoever planted the explosive was a pro. No loss of life, but the warehouse and its contents were obliterated. They did find traces of opiates though. Someone blew a major drug operation sky high. Laura wonders who’s stupid enough to take on Sonny.

Carly tells Ava, then again, what’s the point? Not all marriages are built to last. Ava wonders how Carly is judging her marriage when hers involves a sharpshooter on the roof. Carly says she’s not judging; she’s giving Ava a heads up. Sonny is going to want to know how much Nikolas is in his daughter’s life, and he’s not Nikolas’s biggest fan. Whatever game they’re playing, the less it includes Avery, the better.

Josslyn asks if that’s what Dev is wearing to the dance, but he says he’s not going. Josslyn says she wasn’t planning on it either, but Cameron and Trina will be there. The more she thought about it, she realized the first rule of having fun is showing up. He asks, why be around people he won’t be seeing again? After tomorrow, he won’t be living there. He’s leaving Port Charles.

Franco asks Elizabeth if everything is okay, and she asks if he minds hanging out with Cameron. He says he’ll get Cameron pinned up, and goes back inside. Elizabeth tells Nikolas, make it quick. It’s a big night for her son. Nikolas says, Cameron has grown up, and she says, kids do that. Why is he here? He says he’s determined to prove what he told her, and she suggests another time. He says now that he’s secured his inheritance, he wants to make a donation to GH; something specific. She says he can talk to Monica, but he says Elizabeth would know where it would do the most good, and she’s his friend. She says, is she? Inside, Franco pins a boutonniere on Cameron, saying he thought it was only for weddings. Cameron says he did too, but Trina disagrees. Franco says, Trina is a good friend.  

At the café, Brook tells Julian that she has a situation with a record producer. He says let him guess; the producer refuses to sign her. She says, just the opposite. He refuses to let her out of her contract. Julian says, get a lawyer, but she says she did, and it’s iron clad. He says, she’s a Quartermaine. Get daddy to buy him out. She says Julian doesn’t get it. Ned tried, but Linc won’t set her free at any price. He says she must be quite the talent. He’s not sure where he comes in, and she says she’s exhausted all legal alternatives. Julian has skills her father and the lawyers don’t have. Make Linc an offer he can’t refuse, and if he stonewalls, give him ten broken fingers for starters.

Julian tells Brook that her faith is flattering, but his days of breaking bones are over. He runs a respectable pub. She says he can either work with her, or take his chances with Sonny, and he says, there she goes again threatening him. Let’s talk about how that might go down. Say Sonny puts a bullet in his back. That’s a lot of weight to carry on her conscience. Does she want Lucas to lose another loved one because of her overactive imagination? Brook says, what Sonny does is up to him, and what Julian does is up to him. It’s his choice, and his funeral. Julian says, maybe there’s another way.

Elizabeth says she and Nikolas’s friendship wasn’t automatically restored. He says she was kind and sympathetic about Spencer, but she says that doesn’t take away the fact that her niece is without her mother because of Nikolas. He can’t buy her friendship with hospital donations. She tells him, find her sister. He says he hates disappointing her, and appreciates and respects their friendship; it means more than he can say. She says he needs to go. He says his inheritance wasn’t everything. You wouldn’t think Windymere could be colder or lonelier. She says he made his choices, and has to live with them. Unfortunately, so does Violet.

Ava says since Carly is so concerned about what’s best for her daughter, she doesn’t like Avery living under siege. Windymere is safer. Carly asks, how many have met untimely deaths there? And she doesn’t want Avery to be a witness to Ava and Nikolas’s spitefest of a marriage. Ava says she doesn’t know what Carly is talking about. Carly says she doesn’t know Nikolas well, but did know Emily, the love of his life, and Ava couldn’t be less like her. Now that Nikolas has his hands on the codicil, she doesn’t think Ava will be his wife much longer. Ava says Carly is very much mistaken. Carly says, we’ll see, and Ava leaves.

Elizabeth takes pictures of Cameron, and he asks if she has to take so many. The doorbell rings, and Trina comes in, looking gorgeous in a black and silver cocktail dress. Elizabeth asks if Cameron minds if she takes one more. Cameron says Trina looks great, and she says, he’s not so bad either.

Josslyn asks Dev, why leave town now? It’s only a few weeks until spring break, and they have the SATs and final exams. He says, it’s a top school, and they do that there; he won’t miss out. Sonny made it happen. She says, what about Gladys and Brando? What about everyone who cares about him? Everything is set up for Dev to stay there as Sonny’s cousin. He says he’s not dragging this out; it won’t change anything. Carly comes in, and asks for a minute with Josslyn. Dev gives them privacy, and Carly guesses Dev told her. Josslyn says, please don’t tell her Dev is leaving because of her.

Jordan tells Laura, there’s no proof that organized crime is behind what happened, but it’s happened too many times in this town. A crime lord decides he can make more money by taking over Sonny’s territory, and it escalates until it’s over – unless Sonny intervenes. Laura says she can’t help if she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. Jordan says, Cyrus Renault. He’s a major drug trafficker in the Pacific Northwest. He was busted ten years ago, but it appears he’s trying to expand his territory from maximum security in Pentenville.

Sonny asks what Taggert knows about Cyrus, and Taggert says, more than Sonny. He helped put Cyrus away. Jason says, when Cyrus was busted by a DEA task force, and Taggert says, right. When he left, he signed on with the DEA. Cyrus was a high priority, and his team did all they could to have Cyrus put away. Sonny says, Cyrus is behind bars, but still in operation. They underestimated his reach. Taggert says, right now, Cyrus has his eyes on Port Charles; that’s where Sonny comes in. He has more options than a former agent. He tells Jason, the warehouse explosion was a nice job, but Jason says he doesn’t know what Taggert is talking about. Sonny asks, what’s it to him? Taggert doesn’t live there. Taggert says there are people he cares about in Port Charles, and no one is safe when Cyrus is in play. Jason asks if Taggert is offering his help, or asking for theirs.

Sonny says, so Taggert wants to work with him to help take Cyrus down. Taggert says he has no use for Sonny’s business, but he knows Sonny’s not like Cyrus. Cyrus is bad news, and they don’t want him taking charge. He’s seen the ugly things this man can do. Sonny says, give him some time to think, and Taggert says, don’t take too long. He leaves, and Jason asks if Sonny buys that. Sonny says, every word.

Through Pozzulo’s window, we see Taggert’s shadow go by. A few seconds later, another shadow follows.

Jordan tells Laura, it’s a dangerous lot connected to Cyrus, and Laura says, someone is letting him pull strings while he’s behind bars. Curtis says, it’s convenient, and Jordan says she’d be interested in finding out how Cyrus landed there in the first place. Laura says he ride is there; they’ll continue later. Curtis asks her to tell him that she’s going home to rest, and she says, wars are fought on many fronts. Let them work on their side of the battlefield,  and she’ll take care of hers. When she’s gone, Jordan says **j has ocnn don’t have info can’t afford share until Cyrus is no longer a threat

Josslyn tells Carly, it was one kiss. She’s over it, and hopes Dev isn’t overreacting. Carly says, it’s not about the kiss. Josslyn says, Brando agreed to cover, but Carly says there’s only so much they can ask Brando to accept. Dev thinks it’s best, and she and Sonny agree. Josslyn says, Dev was there after Oscar died, and it helped. He drove her crazy sometimes, but she’ll miss him. Carly says she will too, and hugs Josslyn.

Brook asks what Julian’s plan is, but Julian says he doesn’t have one yet. He needs some time. She says every day she wastes is killing her career. She needs to get back out there before she loses the little momentum she had. It’s the only way out of her contract, so is he helping her or not? Nikolas approaches their table, and Brook says she doesn’t know whether to slap him or kiss him. He says he gets that a lot, and Brook thanks him for the call. She would have been offended if he’d come back from the dead and left her out. She heard he got married. Who’s the lucky lady? Ava joins them, and says, good; Nikolas got her message. She asks who this is, and he says, Brook Ashton, but Brook says she’s Quartermaine now. Nikolas says, this is his wife, Ava Jerome. Ava says, actually, Cassadine now. Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine.   

Cameron gives Trina a wrist corsage, and she thanks him, saying, it’s beautiful. He’s glad she likes it, and she says she wishes her dad was there already. He wanted to take some pictures.

Taggert walks near the piers, and someone follows. We see it’s one of the guys from Cyrus’s warehouse. Taggert goes around, and comes up behind the guy. He asks if the guy is looking for him, and the guy says, no. He’s looking for him. Another guy walks up, and they’re on either side of Taggert.

Sonny tells Jason, for Taggert to come to them, he must be desperate. Jason says, Cyrus was convicted ten years ago. Why is Cyrus after Sonny at the same time Taggert shows up? The guard knocks again, and says Sonny has another visitor. Sonny says he’s busy, but Laura asks if he has time to see an old friend.

Carly says, it’s so unfair. Josslyn has had all these losses, and now she has another one. Josslyn says, this is different. Letting Dev go is doing right by him, and she understands. She says she needs to get dressed if she’s going, and Carly asks, where? Josslyn says, it’s the mid-winter formal, and Carly says she thought Josslyn was going. Josslyn says she changed her mind. Cameron and Trina are going, and Trina gave her a whole lecture about showing up to show school spirit. She has a point. How can Josslyn expect her peers to show up to her volleyball games, and cheer her on, if she doesn’t support them? Carly says there’s no way Josslyn is leaving the house tonight.

Brook asks if she can borrow Ava’s husband, and Ava says as long as he brings her back a drink. Nikolas and Brook go to the bar, and Ava sits with Julian. She says she hopes Nikolas remembers she likes vodka martinis. Like any of us would forget that. She asks Julian why he was huddled with Brook. Or to rephrase that, what the hell kind of trouble is he in now?

Brook says Nikolas looks good for a guy who’s been dead three years. He says she’s still gorgeous, and impossible. She says if she didn’t know better, she’d think he was flirting, but he wouldn’t be doing that with his wife there. He says, true. Ava is never far from his thoughts. His marriage is more important than he can possibly say.

Sonny is glad Laura is up and about. She says she just got out thirty minutes ago, and he says she came straight to see him; he’s honored. He gives her his word that he had no idea who the people were targeting his family. She believes him, but asks, what’s really going on? How’s his family? She heard what happened in Brooklyn, and knows Mike was there. He says his dad is okay. Everybody is okay, and it’s going to stay that way. She says, he can’t guarantee that, and they both know it. So let’s talk – for real.

Jordan and Curtis find Taggert in an examining room. Jordan asks, what happened? and he says he got jumped by two guys. He realized he was being followed, and led the guy into an alley. Taggert got the jump on him, but another guy came from behind. He got a shot off, and they ran toward the 500 block. Curtis asks what Taggert was doing there, but Taggert says he’s answering Jordan’s questions, not Curtis’s. Taggert takes out a handkerchief, and gives it to Jordan. She unwraps a syringe, and says Taggert was going to OD, like the others.

Julian tells Ava that he thought he’d buy himself some time by getting Brad a lawyer. Now that spoiled pop star wannabe is tightening the screws. Ava asks, how? and he says she came into Charlie’s when he was arguing with Brad. He had no idea who she was, and they talked. He vented, and said too much. Ava asks how much Brook knows, and he says she figured out that he was helping Brad with the baby switch. Even better, she’s tight with Sonny and she’s threatening to get him involved. Brook laughs, and Ava says, she seems like a handful, all right, but Julian was already doomed when he got mixed up with Brad to begin with. He says he doesn’t know what to do at this point. He’s tired of the shakedowns. Ava says, too bad. If Brook goes to Sonny with her theory, it won’t go well. He asks what she suggests, and she tells him, just say yes for now; buy some time. Two Jeromes are more than a match for one measly Quartermaine.   

Brook says she’s sorry about what Nikolas has been through, and Nikolas says she’s the only person who hasn’t come down hard on him. His mom, his sister, his son, even his best friend Elizabeth, all judged him without caring about what he’s been through. Brook says, Elizabeth judged him? Shocker. He guesses Elizabeth is entitled to her feelings, but Brook says, so is he. It’s hard enough coming back without people lining up to criticize. She knows what it’s like to need a friend, and thinks maybe she can fill that void.

Josslyn tells Carly, there’s plenty of security. One of Sonny’s guards can stay at the dance, and Dustin is chaperoning; he saved her life. Carly says, he’s an English teacher, not a superhero. She and Sonny agreed, it’s best to avoid public gatherings, and she wants to err on the side of caution tonight. Donna cries, and Carly goes to tend to her, while Dev comes back into the kitchen. Dev asks if Josslyn’s mom explained it to her. She asks if he’s really okay with it, and he says, it has to be this way. Josslyn says, then he has to say goodbye to Cameron and Trina. She tells him, get dressed, and meet her in the living room in ten minutes.

Cameron tells Trina that their ride share is almost there. She says her dad hasn’t responded to her texts; she guesses he’s not coming. Cameron looks out, and sees an SUV. He says they’re going premium tonight. He tells Trina that he can talk to the driver, and see if he’s willing to wait, but Trina says, let’s just go. She thanks Elizabeth for the pictures. She’ll have some great shots to show her dad. Elizabeth tells them, have fun, and Cameron says, will do. Franco hustles them out, and Cameron wonders if he’s trying to get rid of them. Elizabeth reminds him to text the driver’s information to her. They leave, and Elizabeth asks Franco if Cameron is right. Was he trying to get rid of them?

Jordan says Taggert is lucky it wasn’t worse, and Curtis says, then there would be one. Taggert says Cyrus will find him if he wants to. Jordan says they’ve been catching up since Bob was killed, and it’s time to get in front. Taggert said he had a plan; let’s hear it. He says she’s not going to like it.

Laura says she and Sonny have been friends a long time. She knows there’s a line he won’t cross in his business; he has a certain integrity. When she took the oath of office, she vowed to put Port Charles above all else, including her personal relationships. Sonny understands where Laura is coming from, and says he’d never ask her to compromise for his sake. She appreciates that, but says she can’t look other way if a turf war threatens the safety of the city. Jason says, with all due respect, they care about the city as much as she does. She says she doesn’t doubt that, but in Sonny’s business, there can be some very ugly turns, and she thinks that’s what happened. Sonny says he didn’t start it, and she says she knows that, but it doesn’t matter. This is on her watch. When innocent people are shot at, the piers are a war zone again, and warehouses are blowing up, the people who live in those areas – low income people who don’t have a lot of choices – are afraid. The parents wonder if their kids will get home safe, or at all. All they want, is for it to stop. That’s why she’s there. If anyone knows how stop this thing, it’s him.

Elizabeth tells Franco, she thought Cameron and Trina were just friends, but after the way Cameron looking at Trina tonight, she’s not so sure. Franco says, it’s a big night for them – and him and Elizabeth too. He says, she thought he forgot. He gives her a small box, and says, happy anniversary.

Brook and Nikolas clink glasses. Ava says it will be her pleasure to help Julian handle Brook, and it might help her solve a problem of her own. She needs Nikolas to cheat, and she needs to have proof, or she can’t get out of the marriage. Julian says, that’s barely a minor inconvenience, and she says Julian is so grouchy when he thinks he’s backed into a corner. He’s lucky he has a sister who’s a pro at thinking outside the box. She was going to use Elizabeth to tempt Nikolas, but it’s important to have back up, and Brook just might fit the bill. Ava walks over to the bar and says, forget the drink. She’s changed her mind. She’d rather be home with Nikolas. She takes his hand, and leads him out. He asks if she’s jealous. She can always divorce him. She says, not on his life. They made a deal, and he’s sticking to it.

Brook returns to Julian’s table, and says, so before they were rudely interrupted, what’s his answer? He says, she told him, all ten fingers, correct? He holds out his hand, and they shake.

Laura tells Sonny, she came out of respect because he’s an old friend. She gets up, and says, but if she’s wrong, and Sonny isn’t able to end this thing before it escalates any further, she’ll have to do what she has to in order to protect the city. Sonny gets up, and says he wouldn’t expect anything less. After all, he voted for her. Jason holds the door open, and she walks out, holding back tears. Jason and Sonny look at each other.

Josslyn comes downstairs, looking lovely, also in a shimmery cocktail dress. Dev asks how she did that so fast, and she says nothing inspires her more than being told she can’t do something. She tells him, they have to go, and he follows her out.

Taggert tells Jordan, he’s crossed the line in the past. Each time, he weighed the risks, and made a choice, believing the ends justified the means. Now he’s crossed a line he never thought he’d cross. Curtis says, desperate times, and Taggert says, right. The stakes are too high for pride or holding a grudge. He went to Sonny, and asked if Sonny would work with him to take Cyrus down.

Carly sees Dev’s backpack, and says, really. The kids leave everything lying around. She picks it up, and everything falls out. While she’s picking it all up, she finds a bullet.

Cameron asks the driver if he can step on it; they’re a tiny bit late. Trina says she doesn’t mind, and tells him to take his time. Better safe than sorry. Cameron and Trina chatter back and forth, and we see the driver is the guy who followed Taggert to the pier.

Tomorrow, Neil tells TJ, if it feels right, go for it; Carly asks why there’s a bullet in Dev’s backpack; Taggert calls Curtis for help; and Cameron and Trina’s driver says, there’s been a change in plans.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

When Melissa met with Danielle, Danielle said boutique owner Steven told her to pull Marge’s hair, and Teresa encouraged her. We saw a clip of Teresa getting in Danielle’s face, and saying, do it! Do it! Do it! Melissa said she was shocked, and going to let Teresa know what Danielle said. Rather than badmouth Teresa, Melissa said it confirmed that Teresa was not in the right frame of mind. Danielle said Marge had put her through a lot, but Melissa wasn’t having it. She said Danielle had gone too far and shouldn’t have put her hands on anybody, and ended their friendship. At the house, the party was beginning to start, with an amazing barbecue that had just about everything imaginable on the grill. In Melissa’s interview, she said Danielle was a pathological liar, but she didn’t think Danielle would throw Teresa under the bus like that if it wasn’t true. And if it was, it was the end of Marge and Teresa’s friendship. By the time Melissa got to the party, it was in full swing, and there were tons of guests, including my favorite, Marge Sr.

Melissa was basically accosted by the group, who wanted to know how the meeting had gone. Melissa told them it was rough. She said Danielle said that Steven told her to pull Marge’s hair, and Marge didn’t believe it, but we saw a clip of that too. I find it a lot more disturbing that a grown man, who owns a boutique, is making this kind of suggestion to a woman, than table-flipper Teresa encouraging that behavior. Melissa said Danielle also said Teresa told her, do it. Marge didn’t believe that either, and of course everyone said what a liar Danielle always is. Melissa asked Teresa if Danielle was lying, and Teresa said she was drinking and everything happened so fast. In Dolores’s interview, she said it never crossed her mind that Teresa was involved in the hair pulling. Marge called Teresa an a-hole, and said Teresa’s good friend Danielle threw her under the bus to save herself. Marge walked off, and Teresa gave the finger to the camera, then went on a rampage, flinging a Solo cup at the camera, and throwing stuff around. Girlfriend was very stressed.

Teresa stomped inside, saying they were all effing a-holes. I’m not sure if she meant the group, the party guests in general, or the production team. She said she was going home. In her interview, Melissa said she’d known Teresa a long time, and when you call her out on something she shouldn’t have done, she doesn’t take it well. Teresa holed up in the bathroom, and outside the door, Dolores said the only way to rectify it, was to apologize to Marge and never talk to Danielle again. Melissa said she got that Teresa wanted to have fun with all the stress in her life, but she was choosing the wrong people to have it with. When Teresa emerged, she said she was glad Danielle stood up for herself. In Teresa’s interview, she said she was angry at Marge, and drinking a lot. Out in the yard, while Marge didn’t let this stop her from enjoying the food, Joe #2 said he thought they should talk it out. Marge said it made her sick. Dolores told Teresa that Marge deserved an apology. Right then and there, Teresa called Danielle, and told her that Melissa had outed her for outing Teresa. But ultimately, it was Danielle’s decision to pony pull. Danielle told Teresa that afterwards, she’d said she wished she hadn’t done it, and not to let this come between them. Teresa stood firm, and said they weren’t friends anymore. She told the others, she wanted to talk to Marge in private, and she’d be on the front porch.

Marge met with Teresa, who apologized, and said she felt bad. Marge said her first instinct was not to believe it. Teresa said she knows she shouldn’t have done it (can you hear this in her voice?), but maybe it had to happen for her to wake up, and be done with Danielle. Marge said she needed time to process it. In Marge’s interview, she said the idea of someone she’s close with being in on attacking her was mind-boggling. And on top of it, Teresa defended Danielle. In the backyard, Jennifer said, if any good came out if it, at least Teresa realized her friendship with Danielle is toxic. When Marge came back, she said she didn’t know whether to sh*t or go blind, and I wondered when was the last time I heard that phrase.

Since the second half-hour was dedicated to Teresa’s Italy trip with the girls, they did the finale credits here. There was absolutely nothing of interest, except that David still hasn’t moved into the new house. He’s living with Dolores and Frank. Dolores can’t get him to move out, or give her a ring. Whatever works.

Five months later. We sped through what happened with Joe, ending with him moving to Italy. He now looks like Mike The Situation Sorrentino. There was the fastest trip to Italy ever, not even using the Concord, and we flashed back to a previous trip when the girls were little. The girls were thrilled to see their dad, but two seconds in, Joe said he’d forgotten how stressful they could be. They checked into a gorgeous hotel, and Teresa asked if Joe expected sleep with her. They hadn’t been together in four years, and it was kind of weird. He was the same uncommunicative jerk he’s always been.

They took the girls to the Amalfi coast, and on the way, a rainbow dazzled us all. Gia leaning her head on her dad’s shoulder broke my heart. They went shopping, and in Gia’s interview, she said their family had been on an emotional roller coaster. It made her realize it was the little moments that count. She was holding on to every moment, and cherishing it. In Teresa’s interview, she said she thought Joe wanted to be a couple again, but she hadn’t been happy with him for a long time. She didn’t want to hurt him, but sometimes you can’t get over what happened, and need to move on. At a tearful dinner, Joe told the girls that he was sorry about what happened, but would always do what he could to keep them together.

Teresa asked Joe how he saw them, and said she wanted someone with her every day. She reminded him that he’d said hurtful things, like he wished he’d never married her. He was supposed to protect her, and she trusted him. Joe said it was a bogus crime that people don’t even do time for, and it was in the past. Teresa said she hadn’t been the same since. A lot had happened, and they lived in two different countries. He asked if she wanted to just end it now. In her interview, Teresa said it was infuriating. After four years, Joe still wasn’t taking responsibility for what he’d done. He hadn’t changed. She told Joe that she never wanted to hurt him, and wanted him to be endlessly happy. He said he felt the same about her, and that he’d spend the night with the girls. They hugged for the first time, and it seemed genuine.

Teresa said she wasn’t ready to tell the girls, and they were still fighting the appeal. There was still a chance Joe could come back to the US. She was just happy Joe was out and free, and that her daughters can be reunited with their dad, even if they had to get on a plane to do it. It wasn’t the end.

The ending text said that the girls spent Christmas with Joe. They were still waiting on the appeal, and were hopeful. Teresa said since now that chapter was closed, she could start thinking about what makes Teresa happy.

My big question. Why does everyone think a party is where to bring up a personal issue? In Melissa’s case tonight, she was immediately surrounded, but the traditional practice is for someone to bring up a hot button issue in the middle of a party. Usually the celebration of some poor, unrelated, unsuspecting person, and it ruins the good time. Even better, it’s often in public. I’m just glad I don’t know any of these people personally.

💰 She Does Have Bank Now…

I actually think this is one couple who won’t need a prenup because they’re going to make it.


👶🏽 Baby Shams Is Living His Best Life…

I’m not so sure going to the park every week is anyone else’s idea of tradition though.


🐎 Git Along Little LeeAnne…

I honestly think she’s just thoughtless, and I’m sorry to see her go. And it’s kind of like when new neighbors move in. Even if you’re glad to see the old ones go, you wonder what you’re going to get.


✌🏼 Two Degrees…

Middle of the week. Malcolm in the Middle. Life is unfair…

January 6, 2020 – Nikolas Explains, the Captain Steps In, Returns, Past Cast, a Tease, a Transformation, Facetious Deck & Is It Something I Said?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Before Nina can say her vows, the door bursts open. Nicolas walks in with Ava in his arms. He puts her on the couch where Jax tends to her. Laura says, oh my God, and touches his face, then hugs him.

Josslyn lights a 2020 candle, and tells Dev, happy New Year in Turkish. He says something back, but she says she only knows those two words, and he says, same to you. She gives him a gift bag, saying she learned that small presents were customary on New Year’s Day in Turkey. He says it’s cool of her, and takes something out. She says, before he asks, she didn’t buy them herself. Michael helped her. He says Michael must have done his research. A lottery ticket brings prosperity. She says, that makes sense, but explain the next one. He takes out a pair of boxers.

Cameron looks at the Christmas tree in Rice Plaza. Trina tells him, happy New Year. He mumbles something, and she asks what his problem is. At midnight, his probation officially ends, and he’ll be a free man. How does he want to celebrate?

Valentin asks Maxie and Peter to take Charlotte upstairs. Maxie tells her, it’s going to be boring grown-up stuff, and Valentin says, everything is going to be all right. Laura weeps, and says, it’s really him. Nikolas says it is, and moves on to Lulu, hugging her. She says, he’s alive, and Valentin looks at Nina. Lulu says she doesn’t understand. How is this happening? Nikolas says they have a lot to catch up on, and Lulu asks where was he? She turns to Valentin, and says Valentin was holding him prisoner. Valentin was behind this, wasn’t he?

Valentin says, no; he hasn’t been holding Nikolas captive. For three years, Lulu has been hounding him about Nikolas’s supposed murder, but he looks healthy. And Ava survived. Nikolas says, no thanks to Valentin. Valentin shot him and tried to kill Ava. Valentin pushed her over the edge of the parapet, but Nikolas was there to save her. Valentin says she’s drunk, and probably tripped. Nikolas says he saw Valentin. Valentin is always armed with an explanation, but not anymore. This time, there’s no way out. He loses everything.

Coming back from the skating rink, Trina says Cameron was impressive out there. He says she was too – by the third lap – but she says she fell on her face. He says, it was only once, and asks if she’s heard from Josslyn. She says Josslyn and Dev will be there at some point, and he wonders what they’re doing together. Trina tells him, admit it, and he asks, what? She says he’s totally into Josslyn, but he says he’s not. He’s known her forever. She says that doesn’t mean he can’t have feelings for her. He insists he doesn’t, and she tells him to prepare himself. Josslyn and Dev might be a thing. Dev is definitely into Josslyn, and Josslyn might be into him too.

Dev tells Josslyn, the boxers are awesome. He wants to wear them over his clothes. She says, that’s the custom in Turkey; to receive red underwear? He says, if it is, he hasn’t heard about it. Josslyn looks surprised, and he tells her that he’s kidding. It’s a New Year custom. He thanks her, and says when he was little, his parents would buy him funny red ones, saying if they laugh at midnight, they’ll laugh through the whole year. She asks if he misses them, and he says he bought her something too. He gives her a gift bag, saying, he can carry the Turkish traditions on in America. She opens a box containing a beautiful pen, and he says, for her journal. She says she loves it, and thanks him. He tells her, there’s more, and she takes out a pomegranate. He says, another Turkish ritual. If you smash a pomegranate on the threshold of your home on New Year’s Eve, you’ll have good luck. Josslyn suggests they go find a hammer.

Nikolas tells everyone, Mikkos made a codicil, and it was concealed in Helena’s portrait. Valentin says the portrait was destroyed, and Nikolas says, except it wasn’t. He has the codicil. He asks if Valentin can guess what it says, but then says he’ll do the honors. It says Valentin is disinterested. The entire Cassadine estate belongs to – wait for it – him.

Peter hands Charlotte her stuffed horse, saying, she was right. Electra was in the trophy room. Maxie says, PJs, check; teeth brushed, check. They could read her a story, but it’s so late, Charlotte must be exhausted. Charlotte asks if Peter can go downstairs to see what’s happening. Peter says he doesn’t know what’s happening, but he does know this. When he was a kid, big confusing things happened all the time around him, and he developed a bad habit of listening in. He found a really great hiding spot off the backstairs, in the hall closet. No one ever knew he was there. Looking back, he realizes that he was hearing only half of the conversations, making it much worse. Charlotte says, bad things happen, and Peter says, they do sometimes, but a lot of times, there’s nothing you can do about it. One of the best things he ever learned is that people are going to do what they’re going to do, and the best thing she can do, is let them. He knows she wants her papa and Nina to get married tonight, but whether or not that happens, he can tell her that they still love her the same, no matter what. That doesn’t mean the wedding’s not important. It means their love for her, and hers for them, is more important. He promises that everything will be better in the morning. Charlotte is already asleep, hugging Electra, which seriously chokes me up.

Valentin says Nikolas can produce any paper he likes, but he’s the rightful heir. Nikolas says, not so much, and Valentin says, it’s obviously forged. Nikolas wishes he could take credit for it, but it’s nothing he came up with. He can explain it though. The reason Mikkos amended his will to cut out Valentin is because Valentin isn’t his son. He’s Helena’s, which means he’s not a Cassadine at all. Everyone is like, wow.

Cameron and Trina sit on a bench. Cameron says he thought Trina was into Dev, and she says she was. He asks, what happened? and she says, nothing good. She tried to kiss Dev at the Halloween dance, and he gave her a polite, thanks, but no thanks. Cameron says he knows at least five people on his team who would kill to go out with her. She’s smart, cool, and funny. She thanks him, and says, but unfortunately, Dev isn’t into her. She senses he’s into Josslyn. He doesn’t talk to any other girls. Cameron says, maybe Dev is afraid he’ll slip up, and they’ll figure out who he is, but Trina doesn’t think that’s it. He says, what about Josslyn? If Dev hasn’t said anything, how does she know Dev is into her? Trina says she told Josslyn, and Cameron gets up.

Dev tells Josslyn that he had no idea the pomegranate would explode all over them. She asks if they don’t explode in Turkey, and he says he’s never actually done himself. There must be a trick to it. Josslyn says, there’s probably a how-to video online, and he says they’ll have to watch it for next year. He asks if he’s clean, but she says, no, and wipes his cheek with her hand. She asks if this means she doesn’t get good luck if they made a mess. He says, the mess has nothing to do with it. Smashing a pomegranate means she’ll be happy. He promises this year will be better for her, and she says, it already is, and she kisses him.

Josslyn asks, what’s wrong? and Dev says, nothing. She says, it’s obviously something. Was she out of line? He says, no; he just… She says he doesn’t feel that way about her, and he says he’s sorry. She says, don’t be, and he says, it’s just that… She tells him, he doesn’t need to explain. She got her signals crossed. He asks if she’s mad, and she says, no, embarrassed. He says she shouldn’t be; she’s amazing. She asks if they can not talk about it anymore, and he says Sonny and her family have been so good to him. He doesn’t want disrespect them. She says she gets it, and tells him, Cameron and Trina are waiting. I can totally get why he would want to keep his distance from her that way – she’s Sonny’s almost daughter. I’m surprised she didn’t think about that.

Cameron asks why Trina told Josslyn, and Trina says, because it’s the truth. Cameron says Dev wasn’t even on Josslyn’s radar before. Trina thinks it’s awesome, but he asks why she couldn’t have stayed out of it. She says she hates subtext; people not saying what they want because they’re scared. And Josslyn needs a number two to transition, and get her mind off Oscar. She’s not saying Josslyn is falling in love, but she’s moving on, and it’s a good thing. Dev is a nice guy. He’s not a player, and won’t hurt Josslyn. Cameron says if Trina wants to give advice, and go to college to get a degree in counseling, go for it. She says, if he wants to tell Josslyn himself that he disagrees, do that. Cameron doesn’t say anything, and she says that’s what she thought.

Valentin says, he’s Helena’s son? That’s rich, considering she hated him more than anyone. Nikolas says, that’s because he’s hers. He’s smart, evil, and calculating, and Helena was afraid of him. That’s why Mikkos wrote the codicil. He knew Valentin was a bastard, and didn’t want him to end up with the Cassadine fortune. Helena, with her endless games, made it a test for Nikolas. She had to overcome her own hatred and bitterness toward him, and look past it. Guess what? He’s a Cassadine, and Valentin isn’t. Valentin says Nikolas is spinning fairytales, and Nikolas says, they have happy endings. Lulu says, happy doesn’t cover it, but why was Valentin originally in the will? Nikolas says, it makes perfect sense, considering who his mother was. She passed him off, tricking Mikkos into taking care of him his entire life. It’s classic Helena. Valentin suggests Nikolas crawl back under whatever rock he’s been under. His mother and son fought his battles because Nikolas wasn’t man enough to face him. Now he’s made up a fake codicil. Laura says she needs to talk to Nikolas alone.

Maxie tells Peter, she can’t believe that just happened. He says, her and him both. She says she’s thrilled that Nikolas is alive, and Peter says she’s known Nikolas her whole life. Lulu must be beyond relieved. She says he sounds less than convincing, and she’s asking the same question. Where has Nikolas been? He doesn’t look like he just escaped a prison camp, wearing a nice suit. Peter agrees Nikolas’s suit is fabulous, and Maxie says Nikolas faked his death once before. Not that he’s worse than Valentin, but obviously, he’s not the sweet prince he used to be. Peter is the only person she can say that to. There’s no way she could say it to Lulu.

Nikolas tells Valentin, all of his lies are in ashes at his feet. If Valentin doesn’t believe him, ask Nina. Nikolas walks out with Lulu and Laura. Valentin says he noticed Nina isn’t surprised, and Nina says Nikolas is right. She knew.

Valentin says, now it comes together; why Nina invited these people who have no interest in watching them exchange vows. They all want her as far away from him as possible. It seemed off, but he was hoping he was wrong. Obviously, he wasn’t. You’d think he would have learned to follow his gut, not his heart, but he’ll always follow his heart when it comes to her. She’s put a lot of work into hurting him as much as possible. Is she done, or is there something she wants to say? She tosses her bouquet aside, and says she knew it was him all along. He nods and cries a little.

Maxie asks if Peter remembers a weird moment with Obrecht, and he tells her, be more specific. She says, when Obrecht brought up Valentin’s sordid history, she said something weird. She hoped Nina chose happiness. Maxie thinks Obrecht knew something was up. There’s the guest list too. Nobody there wants to see Nina marry Valentin; just the opposite. She thinks Nina invited them to watch her blow this up. She doesn’t think Nina intended to marry Valentin. Peter agrees, and she says, how awful to love someone and have them say they love you. To have them look you in the eye, and be lying about everything else. She can’t imagine anything worse, but Peter says, that’s the thing. Rotten people love too. That doesn’t mean Valentin is lying about loving Nina. Maxie says, Valentin is going to lose her, and Peter says, he knows.

Nina tells Valentin that when Sasha admitted she wasn’t Nina’s daughter, she knew he had to be responsible. She admits she loves him. She knows him, and he knows her. He’s the only person who would be able to find someone perfect enough to be her daughter, and get her and Curtis to believe it. She couldn’t figure out the DNA test, but Obrecht provided the missing piece. Obrecht says she regrets nothing, and Nina says Valentin took a swab from her mother’s corpse, then gave it to Sasha to give to Curtis, who he made sure came calling. When the test came back, he didn’t have to doctor the result, since it was from Nina and her mother. Valentin says, Nina… and she says, stop. Obrecht told her everything that she saw, and Nina believes her. All of this was a set-up; a way to ambush him, and make him understand. She can’t get through to him. If he’d told her the truth, he could have stopped all of this.

Nikolas tells Laura, Lulu, and Doc that Valentin shot him, and he flew out a window into the sea. Lulu says, thank God. Not the shooting part, but that he fell in the water. He says, it wasn’t fatal, and he started to swim. Laura says, it must have been painful, and he says, it didn’t feel great. A ship going to Pyrenees picked him up, and the crew got him medical attention. He realized how dangerous Valentin was, and knew he needed to be strong enough. He was almost fully recovered, when he found out Mikkos had amended the will, and Valentin would be inheriting everything. He couldn’t just come back and reveal that. He had to be meticulous; find a weakness, and a way to stop Valentin and reclaim what was his. He wanted to come back every day, and tell them how much he missed them. He hated what was going on. He asks Laura to tell him that she understands why had to stay away. Laura cracks him a good one across the face.

Valentin asks, may he tell Nina the truth? and she asks if he’s capable of it. He says, the truth is, he loves her. The truth is, his life is better with her in it. The truth is, on top of everything tonight, he thinks it’s just a problem he needed to fix. And the truth is, no matter what she does, no matter how badly she hurt him, she’ll never be the antagonist in his story. She’ll always be his love. And the truth might be, that no matter what he does, he might not have the skill to love her the way she wants him to. That might be the awful truth. Another truth is that he never manipulated her; not one time. She thinks Nikolas is more trustworthy than him, and Jax has obviously manipulated her since the beginning. Obrecht has known for months, and he’s the bad guy. He asks her to do something for him; one last thing. Think about who’s been using her. He walks out, and Ava says, that bastard just tried to kill her tonight. Why are they letting him walk away?

Trina tells Cameron, Josslyn just texted; they’re on their way. Cameron apologizes, and she says, for what? He says he knows she’s into Dev. It must be hard for her that Dev likes Josslyn and not her. She says she’s over it; Cameron said she can have her pick. She suggests if they’re still single when it’s time for the winter formal, they go together as friends, and he says, sounds like a plan. Dev and Josslyn arrive, and Trina asks where they’ve been. Josslyn says they got caught up at home, and they wish each other, happy New Year. Trina asks if they want to get their skate on, and Josslyn tells Cameron to show Dev where the rentals are. After they’re gone, Trina says, getting caught up at home is code for…? Josslyn says, the most mortifying moment of her life, and Trina asks, what happened? Josslyn says she kissed Dev because Trina said he was into her. Trina says, he is, and…? Josslyn says, he wasn’t.

Ava asks if Jordan isn’t hearing this. Valentin shot Nikolas, tampered with a corpse, defrauded Nina, and tried to kill her tonight. Martin says she’s a rambling drunk woman, saying, Ava’s vodka consumption earlier was quite impressive. He says, the accusation of corpse tampering, as weird as it sounds, came from Obrecht, who has a rap sheet a mile long. Obrecht says she knows what she saw, but Martin says, due diligence would be prudent here. Ava suggests he seek out somebody else for a retainer, because Valentin is going down. She tells them, there’s somewhere else she needs to be, and excuses herself. Curtis and Jordan exchange a look.

Laura says Nikolas could have come home. Spencer spent the last three years grieving. Never mind her, Lulu, and Alexis; they’re adults. Spencer is a child who has already lost so much. He let Spencer sit there and watch, while the man Spencer thought killed him, took his home and everything he loved about it. Where was Nikolas? Off plotting revenge? Really? She asks if he knows who else was plotting revenge; his son. Spencer goaded Valentin over and over; it became an obsession. Valentin came to her, and threatened that if she didn’t take care of Spencer, he would, so she put him in boarding school on another continent, because Spencer believed it was his duty to avenge his father’s death. She hates Valentin, and what he did to Nikolas and Spencer, but it pales in comparison to what Nikolas did to his own son. Spencer needed him. Spencer needed a father, and where was he? Plotting revenge for three years? How could he?

Josslyn tells Trina, it was so embarrassing. She kissed him, and he turned her down. So awkward. Trina says she knows, and Josslyn asks, when? but Cameron and Dev return. Trina says, no more probation, and Josslyn says she’s going to miss the orange vest. Trina agrees that it’s Cameron’s color. Cameron says, hilarious, and Dev says, the reflector was the best. Cameron thinks he needs new friends, but Josslyn says he’d be lost without them. He admits he would, and Trina suggests they get their skate on. They leave for the rink.

Curtis tells Jordan that he knows Ava can be a little extra, but don’t tell him that she’s falling for that lawyer and his BS.

Jax approaches Nina, and she tells him not to ask if she’s okay. He says he was going to ask if there was anything he could do to help.

Nikolas tells Laura that he’s sorry. He hated it as much as they did. Laura says she doesn’t think so. He knew they were alive; it’s not remotely the same. She says, the Halloween party. The man in the mask was him, wasn’t it? Why didn’t he reach out to her? He says he wanted to, and she says, but he didn’t. He followed Ava to the gallery, and took off his mask. Ava told her that she saw him, but she didn’t believe Ava. She thought Ava was having a nervous breakdown. Ava’s brother convinced her to commit herself when she was perfectly sane. Doesn’t he see the affect he’s had on everyone? He says, maybe what he did was wrong… She says, maybe? He says, he did it for Spencer. Laura claims she knows how dangerous Valentin is, but she doesn’t. The only way to secure the estate, and keep Spencer safe, was to take down Valentin. Laura says, it was worth anything, and he says, a temporary sacrifice. He won. It’s finally over, and now the damage can be repaired.

Maxie asks if Peter believes what he said, that everything will be better in the morning. Valentin walks in, and wakes Charlotte, telling her that they have to go right now. He picks Charlotte up, but Maxie says he’s not going anywhere. Not with her.

Jordan tells Curtis, they’ve been yanked around by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. Clearly, a crime has been committed, and they need to bring Valentin in for questioning.

Nina tells Jax that she’s surprised how much she liked the dress. She was torn whether or not to get such a lovely dress. It turned out to be a revenge dress. It’s a pity, but he warned her. Jax says, it’s a beautiful dress, and Nina says she should change. She heads upstairs.

Laura tells Nikolas, she honestly doesn’t know what to say. He thinks she’ll eventually understand, but Laura says, right now, it feels unfathomable. Lulu says, what matters is Nikolas is home, and they’re grateful. They’ll figure out the rest later. Ava comes in and tells Nikolas, she’s sorry to cut the reunion short, but it’s time. Doc says, for what? and she says Nikolas didn’t tell them the happy news? She and Nikolas are getting married tonight. Everyone is in shock. I’m in shock that she negotiated that so quickly.

Tomorrow, Ava asks Laura to stay for the wedding, Nina just wants to get away from Windymere, Valentin punches Peter, and Anna won’t be satisfied until she gets all the answers.

Below Deck

Kevin flashes back to Justine telling him, chef to chef, he needs to go more upscale. The guests are talking about his cooking behind his back. She’s just looking out for him. Nicole and Zak are happy, but the other guests aren’t. Kevin tells her that he doesn’t need her to look after him. In his interview, Kevin says he’s pretty sure she flips burgers and takes pictures. Justine goes back to her girl crew, and says repeats what Kevin said. She tells them, If she was working on a boat, she wouldn’t want the guests not liking her food.

Ashton has a meeting with the deckhands to go over the schedule, and says they’re aiming for a 2 o’clock beach picnic. Kevin tells Courtney, Justine told him that he needs to step up his game. In Kevin’s interview, he says he works hard, and what he puts out contains a bit of him, and he takes it extremely personally. He asks Courtney if he thinks they like cream cheese in their sushi, and she reminds him that they have guests who don’t like dairy. He says, screw these people.

Simone gets drinks for the guests, and Kate tells them about the beach picnic. She asks Rhylee about the fishing trip, and tells her about Ashton going to the captain, and blaming her for going to the wrong spot. He said, since Rhylee was in charge, she should have researched it more, and it annoyed her. Kate thinks since Ashton is the head of the department, it should fall on him. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s not surprised Ashton threw her under the bus; she’s an easy scapegoat. She was technically leading the expedition – we see a clip of her and Ashton looking at a map – but to put the blame solely on her is infuriating.

Captain Lee tells Courtney about giving up his room to Lauren. Courtney thinks it’s weird that she accepted, but he says he doesn’t blame her for not wanting to sleep on the sofa, and she paid money for that. In the captain’s interview, he says, it’s her vacation. He couldn’t believe Jamie’s attitude, she was a spoiled brat. If he’d been the primary, he’d have told her to take what she got or got the eff off the boat. Kevin makes sushi.

The guests talk about the weather. Jamie says she’s overheated – probably from the 99 mimosas she’s had before breakfast – and goes to her room. Rhylee and Brian set up the pool, and Brian tries to find fault where there is none. She dared ask him where to place it, telling him she hasn’t been there when they did this before. In his interview, he says, when it comes to Rhylee, he tries, but she’s stubborn. We flash back to some so-called altercations, which are really a lot of nothing, and he says he doesn’t understand why it has to be that way. They put the pool in the water.

The captain advises Ashton on places to scout for the picnic. In Kate’s interview, she says she doesn’t hate Ashton, but she doesn’t respect him. She’s never had a bosun try to punch out a window in a fit of anger and rage. If she couldn’t do a job every time she worked with someone she didn’t like, she’d be unemployed. Kate tells Courtney that she’s going on ahead, and to send Simone with anything they’ve forgotten.

They unload the supplies at the beach, while the guests jump off the boat, and play in the water. Kevin asks where Katie Boo-Boo is, and Courtney says, she’s at the beach. Simone is going over with the food, which is news to Simone. In Simone’s interview, she says communication is bad on the boat, but she’s happy to do something different. Ashton says someone will have to sit next to him, and no surprise, Molly volunteers. Captain Lee tells Ashton that he’s subtle. In Ashton’s interview, he says, working on  yacht, there are always beautiful people. Molly is an absolute cracker, but he’s not going to cross the line, just possibly brush the line. He wonders if that’s a thing.

Kate tells the guests that they have sushi and salad for lunch, and Simone pours champagne. Justine tells Lauren that she just had a short conversation with Kevin, and thinks she scared him. Back on the yacht, Brian tells Ashton that Rhylee doesn’t listen. It’s her way or no way. Ashton says it frustrates him, since they have a cool vibe with Tanner. Rhylee tells Courtney about Ashton talking to the captain, and saying she should have known where fishing was legal. Brian says Rhylee comments here and there, and she’s not even lead deckhand. In Ashton’s interview, he says he can’t fault Brian for speaking to him. It’s draining, having to keep the peace. Now other crew members are saying they’re affected by it. Something has to change. Ashton asks if anyone wants to go snorkeling, but he has no takers. This is a lazy bunch.

The guests return, and are met with watermelon popsicles. Kevin goes over the evening’s menu, and Kate tells him that he’s doing a great job. Kevin wants to make ceviche, but he doesn’t get where the guests are coming from. Some want a cheese course, some don’t want cooking in Teflon pans, some are vegetarian. There are too many options; he doesn’t know where to start. For whatever reason, some of the women want to take posed photos with Ashton; Molly, who is a model, and it looks like Justine, who’s confusing me now. In his interview, he says, so far, he’s had to do a striptease and a lap dance. Now he’s doing a photo shoot with professional models. The Ashton sandwich will have good flavor. They take photos, while the captain watches from the bridge, and Nicole says, it’s like the cover of a romance novel. In his interview, Ashton says he’d expected the models to be stuck up, but they’re the kind of girls he could mix with. Brian and Courtney have a quick kiss in passing.

Rhylee tells Kate that she’s frustrated, but Kate tells her, don’t take everything so personal. Rhylee says she’s literally treated like nothing on deck, and Kate says, it’s like they want to have a girl who sucks. Abbi was bad at her job, so they were nice to her. She tells Rhylee that she’s better at her job than the rest of them. In Kate’s interview, she says, Rhylee has a temper, but works hard, and is very good at her job. If Ashton can’t manage Rhylee, she could use her in interior. She’s probably a better stew than Simone.

The guests get ready for dinner, and the captain sighs in the Sky Lounge, digging through his bags. Kate tells Tanner, G-V-O, and he responds by singing, good vibes only. Lauren tells Courtney that Jamie is in her cabin, but they don’t want to go to dinner without informing her. Courtney is it. Captain Lee gets dressed, and Courtney knocks on Jamie’s door. In Courtney’s interview, she says she doesn’t like getting involved in guest drama, but they all hate Jamie. What’s pettier than refusing to share a room, and making another guest sleep in the communal area? She tells the others that she called Jamie’s name, but there was no answer. Rhylee asks if Ashton wants to talk quietly. Captain Lee checks himself out in the mirror, and guesses it will work. It’s all he’s got.

Rhylee asks Ashton about throwing her under the bus. He says Kate told her about what he discussed with the captain. She says she constantly feels dismissed, and if he can take a second and understand what it’s like in her shoes. This is the second year she’s been dealing with this, and she’s been calm and quiet. Ashton disagrees, and wonders if it’s her insecurities. He says he’s on her side, but she says the problem is, she gets no support from him, even in this conversation, and it sucks. Ashton says maybe she should check how much of it is her insecurities, and how much is the rest of the crew. She says he’s not even listening. She’d like for him as bosun to figure out a resolution. He hasn’t even looked at her once during the conversation. He says he’s been tolerant of her, and she asks what that means. He says her attitude, her behavior, and body language. The way she does things gives off a negative vibe, and the other crew members see it. She says, it’s not her insecurities. It’s 100% the way of the vibe on the boat. He says, so it’s everyone else? and she says she told him, it’s the way of the vibe. He starts pointing at her with his finger, and she tells him not to do that. He says, the conversation is done. He’s her superior. She asks if he just dismissed her. He points his finger some more, and says the captain warned her. She tells him to quit pointing his finger at her, and he says she doesn’t give a f*** anyway. She says he’s right, and he tells her, go to bed. She says she’ll go to her quarters. I hate Ashton at this moment. He is dismissive of her, certainly isn’t like that with the dudes, and I can’t stand when someone doesn’t look at me while I’m talking. It can mean a lot of things, but regardless, it’s disrespectful. That’s his problem. He has more respect for the guys than he does for the women.

Kevin makes beautiful starter plates, and Kate calls the guests for dinner. He says, the plates are pretty, and waiting for the Gram. The captain joins the guests for dinner, and thanks them for inviting him. Kevin says, Justine will probably say there are maggots on her plate, but she declares it good. Molly says, the plating is fantastic, and Kate tells Kevin the guests are loving it. Nicole asks if Captain Lee if he ever goes to Charleston, and he says it’s one of his favorite places. She invites him to look them up when he’s there, and he says he looks forward to it. Kate serves scallops as the second course, and everyone agrees it’s great. Kate lets Kevin know the guests are super happy, and asks if he is. He ignores the question, since he’s busy charring something with a blowtorch, and Kate goes up with the dessert; crème brulee and deconstructed cheesecake. Lauran says, clearly, Justine put a fire under Kevin’s butt. Courtney makes up the Sky Lounge for the captain, who excuses himself, saying he has work to finish. Tanner asks Brian if he should make a move on Kate tomorrow, and Brian says, why not? Tanner says he’s going to roll the dice.

Rhylee tells Kate that she’s on early tomorrow, but was told to go to bed in a demeaning way. Ashton said he tolerated her, and she’s insecure. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she is who she is. She was seven when her mother married her stepfather. They moved from Alaska to Florida to open a bed and breakfast. Nobody goes on vacation to see and hear kids, who should be seen and not heard. In their case, they weren’t even seen, and would be forgotten. If she has to defend herself about something, she’ll do it, no matter what. She tells Kate, it’s humiliating. Captain Lee asks the deckhands to turn the bridge lights off. He can’t sleep with it lit up like a football field. The guests go to bed. At 4:03 am, Tanner has a nightmare, and screams his head off. Brian asks if he’s okay, and says Tanner nearly gave him a heart attack.

In her interview, Rhylee says, the situation with Ashton is not going to fix itself, but no matter what, she’s going to do her job as best she can. The captain talks to himself, saying, travel the world; it will be fun. Now he’s homeless, living out of blue bags. Tanner helps Simone wipe down the tables. In her interview, she says she’s hooked up with him and seen him naked, but wants to be mature about things working out. Ain’t no man going to distract her from her job. Ashton asks to talk to Captain Lee, who says he feels like he was rolled up in a bedsheet and beaten with baseball bat. Ashton says they have the same issues as last year. He’s tried to address Rhylee’s attitude. She works hard, but that’s only one aspect of the job. The crew has to get along. He would never speak to the captain the way Rhylee speaks to him. He’d rather do the last two charters a man down. Captain Lee says, it’s only six days. He really doesn’t want to make a radical change this late in season, but he’ll talk to her one on one. In his interview, the captain says he has two people bumping heads. That means he has to get involved, and no one will like it. It’s his responsibility to make sure things run smoothly. If you’re acting like a d*ck, I’m going to tell you. He radios Rhylee, and asks her to see him in his new office.

The captain tells Rhylee to have a seat. He says she and Ashton have a bit of an issue, and Rhylee says Aston told her that he tolerates her, whether he wants her there or not. It’s a totally different dynamic than with the guys and their banter. On deck, Tanner tells Brian there’s built up negative energy, and they compare Rhylee to cancer. Rhylee says she offers her opinions and tries to help, and Captain Lee says, sometimes when she offers an opinion, it comes off as criticizing people. People in general often don’t see how the way they express themselves is taken. He’s not saying it’s a one-way street. That’s where he thinks the real issue lies. They should confront problems head on, not run away from them. He’s going to talk to other members of the crew, and see what they think is going on. In Rhylee’s interview, she says, it’s a scary situation. If he’s going to talk to everybody, their opinions will be bias, and against her.

At breakfast, Zak asks Simone if they’re serving real maple syrup from Canada. (I’ll let it go that most people would think Vermont first.) She says she doesn’t know if it’s from Canada, but it’s the real deal. He says he doesn’t care where it’s from, as long as it’s not corn syrup. I can’t say as I blame him there; that stuff is crap. Simone assures him it’s not corn syrup, and brings in muffins. Captain Lee calls Tanner and Brian to the bridge. He says he’s going to ask them some questions, and he’s not interested in bullsh*t; he wants the truth. Ashton and Rhylee are going at it like a burlap bag of bobcats trying to get loose. Give him the skinny about what’s going on. Tanner says, it’s tense, and Rhylee doesn’t make it easy. Brian thinks she’s not right for the crew. She doesn’t like to listen, has a temper, and she’s disrespectful. Tanner says she’s difficult, and Brian says she’s mean and doesn’t respect any of them. Tanner says, it builds up until it explodes. The captain asks if they can’t tolerate it for another six days, but Brian says he’d rather deal with the last two charters a man down. Tanner says the energy transfers like a cancer. Captain Lee thanks them for their candor. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but he has to do something.

Zak tells the other guests that his bedroom smells a little funky, and it’s not from the bathroom; the bathroom smelled better. Courtney tells Kevin that he’s taking everything too personal, and he says Justine called his food sh*t. Justine slides into the galley, and says she apologizes for making him uncomfortable. Dinner was great, and everyone was impressed. He thanks her, and after she leaves, Courtney says he didn’t even look her in the eye. In Courtney’s interview, she says, look her in the eye, and say you appreciate the apology. She meant it. It’s their job to be nice to guests, but it’s also common courtesy. I doubt Kevin knows what that is, but nice try.

Captain Lee radios Kate, asking if he can impose on her for a bowl of Cheerios. Kate brings the cereal, and asks if he wants to eat in the breakfast lounge – i.e. another couch. He tells her about talking to Brian and Tanner, and she says it’s three against one. He says Rhylee seems difficult to get along with, but Kate says she thinks Rhylee is lovely, and asks what Rhylee had to say. He tells her that Rhylee accepts none of the responsibility, and thinks she’s getting picked on. Kate doesn’t feel that’s the bigger issue, and thinks everyone is wrong, but the responsibility falls on Ashton. Why give him the responsibility of being bosun, if he doesn’t want to be responsible for his team? Being a department head means helping the team work together. In her interview, Kate says, Ashton is a big time d*ck. If he wants to play the game where we talk bad about each other, let’s play. No one is putting Ashton in check, and it’s time someone does. He’s an ego tripping power cocky d*ck. On deck, Tanner tells Brian that Ashton has been patient with Rhylee, and Brian says more patient than he would be. He thinks Rhylee knows she’s leaving, and Tanner says she has a radio. She knows who’s being called to the bridge. In Tanner’s interview, he says, Rhylee has to go; they can’t all be miserable. They have to get rid of her. Brian says, it’s not fair. The anchor is pulled into the pocket.

Kate asks Ashton how his morning was, and Ashton says, there’s a lot to be thought about. The situation was aggravated when it didn’t need to be. She’s not in the position to discuss what he said to Captain Lee with Rhylee. Rhylee walks past, and all three of them are quiet. Ashton doesn’t think it’s right for Kate to get involved in the management of his team, and she tells him, don’t say anything in the presence of another crew member that he wouldn’t want repeated. He says he expects privacy and confidence. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’d never tell Courtney or Simone what Kate said, which I find hard to believe. He says, anybody with a sane mind would know this, but the rules don’t apply to her. We flash back to Kate complaining about Ben and Kevin getting involved in her management. Ashton says, it’s not her team, and Kate says the only reason she brought up the issue is that it needed to be addressed. He says he knows how to manage his team, but she says she doesn’t think he does. He wants to fire Rhylee, and that’s management; it’s quitting. He thinks she should apologize for getting involved in his management, but she tells him to feel free to bring up anything she says out loud. She has no secrets. He goes to his bunk, and calls her a bitch. The captain calls for the crew to get into their whites.

They dock, and Captain Lee calls the crew to the aft deck. In his interview, Kevin says this has been his favorite charter so far. He’s kidding. He hopes he never sees Justine again. Nicole says they had a fabulous time. She can’t thank the chef enough for making her favorite foods. She gives Captain Lee the tip envelope, and Zak says look them up if they’re ever in Charleston. The captain tells everyone, back to work, and Kevin sings about boiling water

Brian calls his daughter, and tells her that he’ll be coming in one week. In his interview, he says he hasn’t gotten to the stage of introducing anyone to his daughter. He’s going through it in his head, wondering about him and Courtney in the long term. They’re coming to the end of the season, and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Ashton tells Tanner that Kate pushes his buttons. She feels the needs to give her two cents about what happened with Rhylee. Tanner says, it’s not her business, and Ashton says she’s adding fuel to the fire, and causing more problems. Kate tells Rhylee that Ashton told the captain to fire her, and Rhylee says, for what? In Rhylee’s interview, she says, this is their leader? Instead of bringing her up or helping her, he’d prefer her to be fired. If she’s fired over something like this, her career in yachting might be in jeopardy. Where does she go from here? The captain calls everyone to meet in the crew mess.

Captain Lee says he thinks it was a good charter. The chef nailed it, and the girls did good. The tip was $17,700; $1600 each. He thinks it was appropriate, and he’s happy with it. In Kate’s interview, Kate says a lot of people don’t realize, she’s not a chief stew because the job is fulfilling. The money is fantastic. The captain says, the exterior had a lot stuff going on. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased. He’s not sure yet how he’s addressing it. You can’t kick sh*t down the road, and think it’s going away, because it don’t. That, they can take to the bank. In his interview, Captain Lee says, the deck crew is behaving like little effing kids. Unfortunately for them, he doesn’t babysit. He’s fed up with the whining and bitching, and has to make a decision. This closely resembles a clusterf***. It’s a sh*t show.

Next time, the captain tells Rhylee they have a situation, and it’s a yacht, not Alaska; Alexis Bellino celebrates her divorce with a charter; and Tanner hooks up with Justine from this charter.

📡 News Flash: Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell and Back premieres tomorrow at 9 pm. The Haves and the Have Nots, and Vanderpump Rules are also premiering at 9, and I would think the universe hates me, were it not for the fact Gordon’s show will repeat on Saturday at 8 pm.

📺 And heard on Bravo: The Shahs of Sunset is coming soon. A date would have been nice.

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Kate gets drunk.


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November 19, 2019 – Franco Says What We’ve Been Waiting To Hear, Braunwyn Has a Weaning Party, Worst Date, New Wife, New City, Stassi Spins Off, Teresa’s Latest & Adam Gives Thanks


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Elizabeth tells Franco, it’s not a good time; she’s working. He asks her to get someone to cover. It’s important. She tells him, he already said goodbye. What’s left to say?

Kim opens the door, and Hayden is there. Hayden says she was supposed to meet the agent for a walkthrough. She just rented the apartment.

Anna fiddles with setting the table, and tells Finn that she’s almost done. He says, it looks great, and gives her a huge vase of flowers. She tells him, they’re beautiful, and he says, like her. He asks if she cooked, and she says, Pizzulo’s cooked; she plated. Some things never change. Finn says, some things do, and she nods.

At Charlie’s, Julian tells Brook Lyn to hit the road, but she says he hasn’t told her what the fight was about. He asks why she cares, and she says, it must have been juicy for him to close up shop before the dinner rush. He says maybe he doesn’t need the business. She asks what he does need, and he says, time to think. If that’s okay with her. She says, bartenders are always listening to other people’s problems. It sounds like he needs someone to listen to his. And she needs a refill. How about if they make each other happy?

Lucas tells Brad, all he has to do is tell the truth. Is Obrecht holding something else over him? If he loves Lucas, it shouldn’t be this hard to tell the truth. Brad says he does love Lucas, and Lucas says, then trust him. What did Obrecht mean when she said she knew the cold hard facts about Brad and Wiley’s father? What else is Brad hiding from him?

Olivia hopes Ned doesn’t mind, but she asked Sonny to come over. Ned asks, why? and she says she’ll let him know when Sonny gets there. In perfect soap timing, Sonny walks in. She thanks him for coming, and he asks, what’s going on? She shows him a big manila envelope, and says she got it from the WSB.

Judge Madrigal says, after careful consideration of the evidence and testimony, both oral and sworn affidavit, she’s prepared to make her ruling. She asks the defendant to rise. She says, for the charge of murder in the first degree, she finds Sam not guilty. Sam hugs Diane, and Jason smiles.

Elizabeth tells Franco, don’t make it harder than it already is. Franco says he had an intense conversation with Scotty. She says she knows; Scotty told her. He asks if she knows what it was about, and she says, yes. He asks why he had to hear it from Scotty. If she knew that Franco had saved him when they were kids, why not tell him?

Kim tells Hayden, she didn’t realize there was already a renter. Hayden introduces herself, and asks if Kim owns it. Kim says she does. She was going to sell it, but Lucy told her it’s a buyer’s market, so she went back to making it a rental. Hayden says she got the same speech. She hopes she didn’t come too soon, and Kim asks if she’s moving in today. Hayden says, no. She’s just measuring, but she’s glad she caught Kim. Is there anything she should know? Kim says, it’s a great apartment. It’s spacious, and has beautiful views. She hopes Hayden will be as happy there as she was.

While they eat dinner, Anna says, another medical mystery solved thanks to Finn, but Finn tells her, it was a team effort. TJ first thought of rat poison, but they still have to figure out how Alexis ingested it. He congratulates Anna on rescuing Charlotte, but Anna says that was also a team effort. Jason arrived in a timely manner, and Charlotte was impressive. Most children would be too frightened to make a move, but she saw her chance, and didn’t hesitate. It was a thing of beauty. Cassandra was distracted, and Charlotte bit her. She thought Cassandra would have a stroke, she’s so worried about infection. She admits she shouldn’t take satisfaction in it, since Cassandra is most certainly dead. Finn says they can’t pretend they’re not relieved. Anna says she’d like to know who arranged it, and Finn asks if it wouldn’t be Valentin.

Olivia tells Sonny that she’s been writing to Dante. He asks, where? The WSB won’t tell them where Dante was sent. She says she sent the letters to the WSB office in Manhattan, then out of the blue, she got this back. Ned says, through some back channels, he contacted some old school friends who work in defense and intelligence. Maybe the WSB is ready to give them some answers. Sonny wonders if the WSB is giving Dante treatment for his PTSD. Maybe he’s recovered enough to tell them what’s going on. Olivia says that’s why she asked him over. They’re Dante’s parents. She thought they should open it together.

Sam takes Jason’s hand, and the judge tells Diane to advise her client that court is not adjourned. The defense made a compelling case for extenuating circumstances. Shiloh’s history of violence against Sam and her family is undeniable. The court finds her act wasn’t premeditated, however, the court isn’t persuaded that she acted solely in self-defense, nor that she exhausted her duty to retreat. Evidence and testimony indicate that Jason is more than capable of fending for himself, and his life wasn’t in jeopardy. Had Sam not chosen to fire the flare gun, Jason could have subdued Shiloh alone. For those reasons, on the charge of manslaughter and negligent homicide, the court finds Sam guilty. Please. Is she kidding me?

Gabriel says a bench trial was requested to expedite the proceedings, and he’s prepared to accommodate that by asking for immediate sentencing. Diane says they intend to appeal, and thinks it’s premature. The judge says they have the right to appeal, but the prosecution’s point is well-made, and she’s prepared to hear their arguments.

Julian tells Brook Lynn, what he says goes no further. He and his associate had a disagreement. Brook Lynn says Julian was staring daggers at the guy. Julian says, maybe he deserved it. They were involved in a high stakes situation. Reputations were at stake; familial loyalties. Things money can’t buy. She says she knows all about family. She spent many years making sure her paths didn’t cross her nearest and dearest. Like a black cat. One of them is bad luck for the other. Julian says, that would be an understatement. His associate can’t be trusted to hold up his end of the deal, and she says, why risk it? Terminate the partnership. He says she took the words out of his mouth.

Brad asks Lucas if they can go somewhere more private. Everyone already assumes he’s in the wrong. Lucas says he’s Brad’s husband; the man who loves him. Talk to him. What does Obrecht have on him? Brad says, nothing, but that doesn’t stop her from inventing more lies and messing with them. She’s a miserable woman. Her own daughter prefers him over her. Lucas asks if it’s about Britt, but Brad says, no. Obrecht just wants to make him look bad, like Julian did. Lucas asks why everyone is after him, and Brad says, they’re jealous. Julian’s relationship history is a minefield, and Obrecht has been alone forever. He and Lucas are happy, and they’re not. Right? They’re happy, aren’t they?

Elizabeth asks what Scotty told Franco, and Franco says that he and Franco shared a part of his childhood. Jim Harvey sexually abused Franco, and Franco pushed him down the stairs, trying to protect him. He was injured and sent to a state home. At the time, it was assumed Franco was disturbed because no one had any idea what was going on. She says she considered telling him, but didn’t think it was her place. If she’d told him about Jim, she would have felt like she was betraying Franco’s trust. She hopes he understands. He says, after all she did, all her fighting to get Franco back, there was a line she wouldn’t cross because she loved him that much. She says she still does, and always will.

Gabriel tells the judge that Sam shot Shiloh in the back. She fired no warning shot, didn’t ask him to stand down, and gave him no chance to surrender. By her words and actions, she considered herself judge, jury, and executioner. She has an extensive criminal record of fraud and larceny. She was a grifter. That way of life first put her in the path of Shiloh. She has ties to the criminal underworld to this day, and the people request the maximum sentence.

Diane says, several weeks ago, a fellow prisoner, a vicious woman named Cassandra Pierce, injured a guard in an attempt to escape. When Sam had the chance to escape, she chose to stay with the guard until the police and paramedics arrived. That’s not the action of a criminal or a con. Sam fired the gun to save Jason, her ex-husband and the father of her son. She has two young children waiting for her at home, and strong ties to the community. Incarcerating her accomplishes nothing, but allowing her to return to her place as a productive member of society, benefits them all.

😱 Sidebar: Just as Franco begins to talk, ABC interrupts with the hearings again. No warning; no nothing. I momentarily freak. I can’t believe they’re busting in on the moment I’ve been waiting for. Then I get a grip, and go to my trusted secret site.

Franco tells Elizabeth, ever since he came to Port Charles, people have been weighing in on Franco; the good, the bad, and everything in between. He didn’t think it affected him. It was like hearing stories about a stranger. He doesn’t remember much about his life before he was sent to the state home. Names and faces; Bobby was one of them. To find out Bobby saved him, and made it possible for him to have a life… He was a SEAL, and he loved being a SEAL. Bobby made it possible for him to meet Kim, and he loves her. They had a child. There’s a lot about his life to love, but it’s not his life, is it?  This life belongs to Franco, and it’s time for him to give it back.

Hayden tells Kim, she’s been staying with her sister. It will be nice to have her own space again. Kim says she lucked out with the neighbors. Hayden says give her the dirt, and Kim says the lady upstairs is hard of hearing, and the man next door keeps to himself. Hayden asks how he is with noise, and Kim says, he’s tolerant. Just don’t play any metal. Hayden says she has a little girl. She’s a single mom, and thought the apartment would be the right size for the two of them. Kim says it’s cozy, but big enough that they won’t be on top of each other. Hayden can tell this place meant a lot to Kim, and Kim says, it did. It was home, and now it’s Hayden’s. If she has any questions, just have Lucy reach out to her. Kim takes her bag, and Oscar’s stuffed toy falls out. Hayden says, she’s a mom.

Finn asks about Anna’s travels. Any closer to finding Alex? She says she went through Alex’s records in Hungary, and followed her trail form Paris to Singapore to Dubai. She’s convinced Alex is more of a dilettante than a spy. She goes wherever the wind takes her or the money beckons. She guesses she’s been looking for answers, but she only has more questions. Finn asks why she came back. She says she hit a dead end, and had nowhere else to go. He says, he was the default, but she says her life is with him. She came back to be with him.

Ned says Olivia and Sonny probably want to read what’s in the envelope in private, and he has to call the probate lawyer anyway. He leaves, and Olivia says she’s afraid to open it. Sonny takes it, and opens it. He says he’s sorry; they sent them back. She spills her letters out on the table, saying, they never sent them. Sonny pulls a single sheet of paper out, and Olivia asks if it’s a form letter. They regret to inform her that her son no longer cares about her. Sonny says, it’s not a form letter. It’s for her. She looks at it, and says, it’s from Dante. She reads; mom, stop sending me letters. Sonny holds her while she cries.

Judge Madrigal thanks Diane and Gabriel for their well-considered arguments. She sentences Sam to two years in prison. Diane gets up, but the judge says she’s not finished. Diane apologizes, and the judge says, the sentence is neither the minimum or maximum. She took into consideration the threat posed by Shiloh, and Sam’s heroic actions during Cassandra’s escape. Accordingly, the court will ask that Sam be allowed early release, and to finish her sentence on probation or parole. Until that time, she’s remanded to Pentenville immediately. Court is adjourned.

Diane tells Sam and Jason that she’ll do everything in her power to persuade the parole board to release Sam. Jason asks, what about an appeal? Diane says she was under the impression that Judge Madrigal was fair and impartial. She doubts there will be any grounds for appeal, but she’ll do her best. Sam says she’s actually going to prison, but Diane says there are many avenues she can pursue. Jason asks for a moment, and Diane steps away. Sam whines that she’s going to be in prison for two years, but Jason tells her to just focus on what’s in front of her. That’s how they’ll get through this. One day at a time.

Julian says Brook Lynn is a good listener, and she says, it’s a gift. He says it helped to get it off his chest and clarify things. He puts some money on the bar, saying, time is money. She could have earned more elsewhere. She says he’s paying her for her time? He thinks she’s a hooker? He says he’s not judging. He heard her on the phone with her boss, saying he doesn’t own her. She says, that’s right; no one owns her. And no one pays her. He can keep his money. She hopes his partner screws him royally. She walks out. Outside she takes out her phone, saying, it can’t wait any longer.

Lucas asks if Brad thinks he’s unhappy in their relationship. Brad doesn’t know; is he? Lucas says all he’s ever wanted is Brad and Wiley. If anyone seems unhappy, it’s Brad. He doesn’t remember the last time Brad went a full week without being stressed out or snapping about something. Brad says he’s sorry, and Lucas says, what they had has grown into something bigger. They’re a family now. That’s why it hurts so much to think Brad is keeping things from him. Brad says Lucas has no idea what he’s done for their family. The choices he’s made; the prices he’s paid. Lucas says, obviously not, so clue him in. What has Brad done for their family that he couldn’t do with Lucas?

Elizabeth says she doesn’t understand, and Franco says he’s volunteering for the procedure reversal. He hopes it brings Franco back to her. She says, what about him? He was leaving town, and starting over with Kim. He says, Kim has to heal. He’s not someone who can help her with that. She asks if he told her, and he flashes back to his conversation with Kim. He says he told Kim that he owed it to Franco to do everything he could to get him his life back. Kim said, no matter what, she was leaving Port Charles, so he guesses he is too. Just in a different way. Elizabeth wipes a few tears away.

Anna says she missed Finn; she missed them. He says, he did too, but can’t help wondering if something else with Alex comes up, will she take off again? Anna admits she wants closure. She worries about Alex blowing back into town, and claiming Peter as her own. Finn understands. She’s gotten close to Peter. She’s been good to him, and shown him there’s a life after Faison. She says Alex could undo all that. If she comes back, and tells Peter that she’s his mother, whether she has proof or not, she could ruin everything. Finn says, it’s just a thought, but maybe if Anna spent more time with Peter, and had more influence in his life, it would lessen the impact. Instead of chasing after Alex, maybe Anna should commit to spending more time with Peter. Anna says things have changed a lot since she left. Now Finn has a daughter.

Finn thinks they could put off the discussion about Violet for tonight, but Anna doesn’t think they’ll do themselves any favors by avoiding it. Violet is going to change Finn’s life. He says, she already has. It all happened so fast. He knows he’ll need her help to figure things out, and he wants Violet to know her.

Kim tells Hayden that it will be a great apartment for her. Hayden apologizes for holding Kim up, but Kim says, it’s fine. Hayden wants to give her a proper sendoff. She takes out a bottle of champagne, and suggests they have a toast. From one mom to another.

Franco tells Elizabeth if she can put him in touch with Andre. Hopefully, they can start the procedure sooner rather than later. She asks, what about him? Does he want to take time for himself? He smiles, and says, after months of fighting, and insisting he have this procedure, taking him to court to have him committed, she’s trying to talk him out of it? She says, no. She wants him to have the procedure, but realizes it wasn’t her choice to make. It’s his. He asks what Franco told Cameron to tell her, and she says that he loves her and he’ll be back. He says, because that was Franco’s intention. Because Franco wants to come back to her, to his life with her. Franco has already decided and made his choice to have the procedure. He’s choosing to get out of Franco’s way.

Lucas says Brad doesn’t have to go it alone; they’re a team. Brad says, that’s the idea, but not the reality. The truth is, he’s been the one making the sacrifices and taking the hits. Lucas asks what he’s talking about, and Brad says Lucas doesn’t even see it. Lucas says he doesn’t, so let him in. Brad says he’s telling Lucas how he feels. Why isn’t that good enough? Lucas says because Brad isn’t being fully transparent. He’s clearly keeping secrets. Brad says he’s keeping their family together. If Lucas can’t accept that, and keeps looking for problems, he’s going to break them up. Is that what he wants? Lucas tries to grab Brad as he starts to walk out, but Brad brushes him off.

Ned asks, what’s going on? and Olivia tells him, don’t worry. Dante’s not dead. Sonny says, they’re dead to him. Ned looks at the paper, and says he’s so sorry. Olivia says, he’s ashamed of breaking. He feels that he has to protect his family, so he’s pushing them away. She gets that, but he can’t get better if they can’t reach him, and he’s refusing to let that happen.

Sam is cuffed, and she tells Jason to let the kids know she loves them and will call as soon as she can. Don’t bring them to see her. He says they’ll figure it out. They exchange I love yous, and she leaves with the guard.

Anna wishes she could see into the future, and Finn says he thought she was all about the unexpected. She says not where her children are concerned. He’s about to find that out for himself. He says he’s already there. Now that Violet is a part of his life, he’s obsessed with finding out what comes next. She says, whatever it is, she’ll be there for him. His phone dings, and he says, it’s Chase. He says it’s really important. Anna tells him, go. She’ll be there when he gets back. She promises. He kisses her, and says he’ll be quick.

Kim tells Hayden that she has a plane to catch, but save it, and share it with someone special. Hayden says she’ll take good care of the place, and tells Kim, good luck. She’s glad to have met her. Kim says, her too, and leaves. Outside, she looks a little stunned.

Franco asks if Elizabeth is all right. She says there are a million things she wants to say, but all she can come up with is thank you. He’s making a big sacrifice. He says, however it turns out, he’s ready. She says she’ll call Andre for him, and he says he’ll talk to her soon. She watches as he leaves.

Lucas looks at picture of Wiley and Brad on his phone.

Brad goes to Charlie’s and sees it’s closed. He bangs on the door, and asks Julian to open up. He knows Julian is in there. Julian turns the lights out, and Brad says he needs Julian. They can help each other. They need to stick together. Julian disappears into the back, and the cheese Brad stands alone.

Olivia grabs the letters, saying she’ll shred them or burn them. There’s no need to keep them. Sonny tells her, hold on. Don’t do that. Someday Dante will come back to them, and she’ll want them. She asks what she’s supposed to do. Say more prayers? Write more letters? For how long? Sonny says, for as long as it takes. Dante is protecting them, which means he still loves them, and he’s coming back. Ned tells her, you know what they say. Home is where they have to take you in, no matter what.

On cue, Brook Lynn breezes in, saying she almost broke her ankle getting back there. Ned says, Brook Lynn, and she says, hi daddy. I’m home.

Tomorrow, Chase confronts Finn about Violet, Valentin says Ava has Helena’s portrait, and Jason says he should have killed Shiloh from the start.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki and, Tamra meet for lunch. Tamra asks if Vicki has seen what Kelly is doing on social media. She’s been blocked. Vicki says Kelly blocked her too. Tamra says that Kelly claims she said Kelly pushed her mother down the stairs, but she’s taking the conversation out of context. Someone secretly recorded her conversation with Shannon, and posted it on the internet. She was telling Shannon about the terrible things that were said at the tea party – we flash back to that – but she was supporting Kelly, not spreading rumors. Tamra must think we’re all blind, deaf, and really, really stupid, along with having short term memory loss. Emily joins them, and Tamra says it’s been a crazy morning. Kelly’s gone to a level that’s psychotic.

While waiting for Shannon at a restaurant, Kelly calls brother Eric and mom Bobbi. In her interview, Kelly says, not having a relationship with her mother for the past two years has been hard on her. She tells Bobbi that she loves her, and she’s sorry for everything. She doesn’t like this. In Kelly’s interview, she says it takes a big person to say they’re sorry, but it feels good in her heart and conscience. She tells them that she misses them, and Eric says he misses her too. Bobbi says they’re good. She has no problem with Kelly. Kelly says she’s being attacked by everyone. Tamra said she threw Bobbi down the stairs. Bobbi says, you can get sued for defamation of character. She doesn’t know where Tamra is coming from, saying hateful things like that. In Kelly’s interview, she thanks Tamra, and says getting her mother back was the silver lining. She didn’t throw her mom down the stairs, she put her outside the door. She tells Bobbi and Eric that she’s meeting with Shannon. Shannon arrives, and Kelly says she just got off the phone with her mom and brother. Shannon tells Kelly that she looks pretty , and it’s possibly the first time she and I have agreed. I’m loving Kelly’s blue and white striped top. It’s tailored like a waistcoat. Shannon says she was up until three. She woke up saw Kelly’s text. Tamra told her that she was defending Kelly. She was repeating what was said, but she told Shannon that she felt like the others were bashing Kelly. Kelly says, they were, and Tamra is the culprit of all of it.

Tamra asks if they’ve seen what Kelly is doing. She’s been tagging Jim Bellino, when Tamra and Shannon are in a lawsuit with him. In her interview, Tamra says, she and Shannon are in a lawsuit together, and they’ve spent a half million dollars on legal fees. It’s been financially devastating. In Emily’s interview, she says she’s good friends with Alexis. We flash back to Alexis and Jim, being his usual a-hole self. Emily says Shannon and Tamra went on a podcast, said negative things about Jim’s personal life and business, and Jim sued them for defamation. She tells Tamra, it has nothing to do with Kelly. You can’t talk about someone publicly; there are repercussions for that. Tamra says Kelly knows what it’s cost her financially. Her kid’s college fund is being taken away.

Shannon says Kelly’s low blows cloud her good points. In Shannon’s interview, she says even though she won the case Jim had against her, they’re moving to the court of appeals. It’s like starting over again. She says Kelly knows the damage it can do. Kelly says Tamra did damage to her sick mother, and Shannon always sticks up for her. In Kelly’s interview, she says Shannon is of high intellect, but she’s getting manipulated by trailer trash Tamra. She thinks Tamra was probably Patty Heart’s captor. Look up Stockholm Syndrome in the dictionary, and there’s Tamra’s face. She tells Shannon that she can’t be a part of it. She says, Tamra is telling everyone that Shannon is a drunk, and Shannon says, give her a break. Kelly says she has the text, but she’s not stooping to Tamra’s level. In Shannon’s interview, she says she believes Tamra. They’ve reached a point in their friendship where they tell each other the truth. Shannon must be delusional.

Vicki says, Kelly needs psychological help. Emily says Kelly lashes out from a place of hurt, and Vicki tells her, they’ve all been through sh*t. Emily says she’s not giving Kelly a hall pass; it’s not right what happened with Shane. We flash back to Kelly calling him a little bitch, which I totally agree with. Vicki says, Kelly is an effing victim all the time. In Emily’s interview, she thinks a line has been drawn between Tamra and Kelly, and they’re only allowed to choose one side. It’s difficult, because she has no issue with either one of them, but if she has to pick a side, she’s going with the person she trusts, and that’s Kelly. Tamra says Kelly crossed a line.

Kelly tells Shannon that Tamra can do what she wants. Shannon doesn’t see her point-of-view, and Kelly is tired of it. Tamra has knocked her down, and she’s not putting up with it. Shannon is sorry Kelly feels that way, and Kelly says if Shannon wants to be a part of it, she’ll have to remove herself from the tres amigas. She gets up, and says, the good news is, she got back with her mother. Her mother hates Tamra. She told Kelly that Tamra is an evil person, and to stay away. She’s right. Kelly leaves Shannon sitting by herself.

In the car, Braunwyn tells Sean that her apartment will be perfect for her weaning party. In her interview, she says it’s something she invented. After 18 years of breastfeeding, she wants a celebration. She tells Sean that she told everyone to bring only inappropriate gifts. She’s excited to see what she ends up with. She hopes everyone embraces the spirit. Sean says she’ll have as much fun as she wants to, and Braunwyn says, it’s going to be epic. She and Sean stop at a gift store, and Braunwyn wants to get a humorous tea towel for Kelly. She wonders why Tamra wants to fight. Kelly said Tamra called her a drunk. Sean doesn’t understand why, since Tamra says nice things to her face. That’s not a good friend. She has to ask Tamra why. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she’s shocked that Tamra said this. (I’m not.) They hit it off quickly. We flash back to them making out. Braunwyn says, if it’s true, it hurts, Sean asks if Tamra is coming to the party, and Braunwyn says when she invited Tamra, she thought Tamra was a friend. Sean says she’ll have to reach out. I suggest she do a freeze out. I’m so sick of Tamra. She does all the things she accuses others of doing. She’s not a Christian, she’s a freaking Pharisee.

On the way to a sex accessory store, Emily tells Gina that Shane thought she said Braunwyn was having a weenie party. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s never been to a weaning party unless you consider drinking an entire bottle of wine by herself when she was done breastfeeding, a party. Emily asks about Gina’s date, and Gina says, on one hand, meeting Dr. Hottie is the best thing that could happen to her, but Matt was so upset, he cried. It’s the first time she’s seen him cry in twelve years. In her interview, Gina says, seeing him cry for the first time, she feels he gets it; the family was impacted. And she believes he’s committed to wanting to repair it. Emily says, on the other hand, Matt hurt her deeply. In Gina’s interview, she says, on one hand (phrase of the night), she’s moving on, but on the other side, it feels good to be wanted and loved. It’s confusing. I’m not confused. He’s a dog with a bone, shedding crocodile tears. Stay away. They go into the store, and Emily asks if Gina is ready for some inappropriate gifts for the party. Emily explains to the clerk what they need, and the clerk says there’s no shortage of inappropriate items there. In Gina’s interview, she says, it sounds like it’s going to be a crazy orgy. She’s going to chuck dildos and run. In Emily’s interview, she says, anytime you get to be someone different is fun. She asks Gina if she thinks Braunwyn would like a swing, and asks the clerk if it’s good for three people or only two.

Shannon irons. Lots of ironing going on in reality TV this week. She gets ready to go to her first deposition. David’s attorney is going to ask her questions about the marriage. The divorce has been completely contentious. David’s attorney is Tamra’s old attorney, and she hears he’s a bulldog, so who knows how it will go? She calls her business manager, and says it needs to be up and running at the latest mid-July. In her interview, she says she created a low calorie food line, and she’s launching a website. She doesn’t want to rely David financially, but she’s uneasy not knowing what the final settlement will be. Her manager tells her to breathe. In Shannon’s interview, she says she still gets emotional, and a pit in her stomach, when she sees David. There’s so much anger when she sees him, but she feels stronger, both mentally and physically. She’s not very organized though. She’s trying to balance all of these folders and books, and I’m wondering why she didn’t use a tote bag.

Braunwyn meets Tamra at a bar. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says normally, if she’s uncomfortable, she doesn’t pick up the phone, but she hasn’t seen Tamra since the tea party, and wants to find out what made Tamra call her a liar Braunwyn says she doesn’t know where to start. Tamra called her a liar, but she didn’t bring up Kelly’s boyfriend. Emily asked how they’re doing. We flash back to the tea party, and Tamra says she wasn’t talking about that. Braunwyn says she thought Tamra meant she brought it up, and she owns her sh*t. Tamra says, as she does, and I choke on my coffee. Braunwyn says, the next night at dinner, Kelly said Tamra thinks she’s a drunk and didn’t like her tea party outfit. Tamra says Kelly asked what Braunwyn was wearing, and she said it was cute. Kelly takes a little information, and twists it. Braunwyn says she’d love it if Tamra would come to her if there’s a problem. Tamra asks if she looks like the type who wouldn’t. In her interview, Braunwyn says she was conflicted. She believed Kelly, but now she believes Tamra. She’s sure the truth is somewhere in the middle, but it doesn’t involve her. She’s taking a step back. She’s good with both of them, and it’s not her problem. Tamra says Kelly is going dirty, and she thinks it’s best if she doesn’t go to the party. Kelly’s temper scares her. Braunwyn suggests she come early and hang out beforehand. Tamra says, okay, but if Kelly comes at her, she’s leaving. Braunwyn says, fair enough. They hug, and Braunwyn says she was nervous because she really likes Tamra. Tamra says, what’s not to like?

Tamra gets her hair done, and Vicki joins her. Tamra shows her the cake, a pair of boobies with a bikini top double nip slip. Vicki says someone told her they’re lactating tonight; the party is about boobs. Tamra says, it’s weaning, and Vicki says, it sounds like a puppy. Shannon FaceTimes Tamra, and Tamra asks if she’s been crying. What happened? Shannon says she just got back from the deposition. She made the most money she ever has last year, but less this year, and they won’t look at that. Tamra says, no way Shannon is walking away with nothing, but Shannon says, it’s a possibility if they can find a case to support it. In Shannon’s interview, she says, even though it was common property, David started the business before they were married. The bulk of it grew after they were married, but if that’s not applied to her, she’s screwed. Shannon tells Tamra, seventeen years count for nothing. Tamra says all she can do is move forward. It’s just money. They hang up, and Tamra tells Vicki that Braunwyn just sent a picture of her boob. Vicki says, Braunwyn likes herself. Tamra is the one who invited her; she never heard from Braunwyn. Tamra says, Braunwyn has loyalty to Kelly, and Vicki says she’s going to drug test Kelly. We flash back to the reunion where Kelly said go ahead and test her.

At Braunwyn’s love shack, the bartenders take their shirts off, and the DJ sets up. The guests arrive, and it gets crowded pretty quickly. Vicki says she doesn’t need a swing. She has jungle gym with Steve at home. I find this really hard to believe. Tamra tells Braunwyn, Vicki thought it was a lactating party. Braunwyn says, that would be less fun. She’s done, but instead of being sad about having no more babies, she’s celebrating. She tells them that Kelly isn’t going to be there. She didn’t want the focus on her, since it’s about Braunwyn. Tamra breathes a sigh of relief.

Kelly goes out with friends to a restaurant. She thanks them for coming and supporting her. Drama free night. In her interview, she says she knows if she goes to the party, the sh*t will hit the fan. She wants to disengage, and be a stronger person. They toast to loyalty.

Gina is impressed be Braunwyn’s apartment. She asks about Kelly, and Tamra says she’s not coming. Gina asks if it’s a kind gesture, and Tamra shrugs, telling Gina, she has no words.

Kelly says Tamra told everyone she did a train, and threw her mother down the stairs. Pump the breaks, Becky. She admits to going off the handle, and she’s tried drugs, but doesn’t do them. Her brother put some things out there on the internet, and her mom took Eric’s side. Kelly says they’ve made amends, but any information Tamra knows about, she twists it. She’s dumber than a box of rocks.

Shannon shows up at Braunwyn’s party, and Braunwyn asks how it’s going. Shannon says her divorce trial starts on Monday. Gina asks what she means, and Shannon says David’s lawyer found a case that would support her getting nothing. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says, a stay-at-home mom raising three daughters is a job. If she and Sean got a divorce after she raised seven children, she’d expect to get everything. Vicki tells Shannon that Kelly isn’t coming, and Braunwyn says Kelly decided it’s her night, and didn’t want to be a distraction. Braunwyn knows they got into it a little at the tea party, and she bores Vicki, but she loves them all. She wants them to come with her to Miami, where she’s from. She and Sean are checking on some places they own. In her interview, Braunwyn feels that her personality will make more sense to them when they see her in Miami. They say she’s too loud, but everyone is like that there. She’s not crazy, she’s just from another city. Well, maybe a little crazy. She passes out gift bags that contain little blackboards inviting them to a party in Key West. Shannon says she’s not going; it’s where David started his affair, but Tamra says she’ll stay with Shannon. In Shannon’s interview, she says David went on a trip with an organization that included one woman. She believes David started his affair with her on one of the group retreats, and it was in Key West. She remembers him calling her. We flash back, and Shannon says David called her at midnight last night. He’s up until midnight when he’s in Florida. Why is he up late with other people, and not her? He says they’ll have to change that, and she tells him she’s going to hold him to it. She thinks that’s the night the affair started.

Emily spanks one of the bartenders. A pseudo cop comes in, with a woman in a low-cut shirt that says SWAT. He says there have been complaints of loud noises and lewd behavior. He looks at Vicki’s butt, and says it’s as he suspected. They have crack. Okay, I laughed. Vicki wonders if it’s a bachelorette party. Braunwyn gets lap dances, and tells Tamra that she’s not cheating on her. Tamra says that’s why she didn’t get a blonde. In Emily’s interview, she says she was thinking breasts, not shirtless guys, and not strippers. In Vicki’s interview, she says, here we go again. It reminds her of Mexico. She tells Emily, it’s not her jam, and Emily asks if Vicki wants to paddle her with the bitch paddle. Vicki leaves, and Tamra says, that’s the way to get Vicki to go; hire a stripper. Emily rides on a dude who motorboats her, and in her interview, Tamra says she thinks that’s the most action Emily has gotten in a long time. Braunwyn shouts, no more babies! Gina wonders if this is the way everyone does it when they stop breastfeeding. Braunwyn nearly falls, and flashes everyone. Gina says she didn’t have this sh*t at her bachelorette party.

Braunwyn asks if Shannon is okay. Shannon says she’ll go to Miami, but Key West is on her no fly list. She believes David started his affair there. Emily asks if he was there for work, and Shannon says, it was a work retreat, and there was one woman on the trip. Emily suggests it might help her heal to go, but Shannon says she’s not that kind of person. She doesn’t want to think about it. Emily says if she conquered it, she might feel empowered. Gina  tries to interrupt, telling Emily that Shannon said she’d conquered it. In her interview, Gina says she remembers when she found out about the affair with Matt. She couldn’t function or breathe. If Key West is a trigger, she doesn’t know if Shannon should go there. Shannon say she’s not emotional about the demise of her marriage, but she doesn’t want to bring up the memories. Braunwyn says Shannon has a legit girl gang with her.

Shan visits lawyer Ben, and says she’s been emotional since the deposition. Ben says he doesn’t blame her. Shannon says she was told no facial expressions; not a peep. It was hard watching David burst into laughter and smirk. In her interview, she says, it’s as nasty as it can be. A part of her wants to be amicable because she wants to be the best co-parent she can be. Shannon says she knew if she said anything, she’d start to cry, so she stayed silent. Ben doesn’t think she lost it; she kept it together admirably. He wanted to orient her as to where they’re going when the trial concludes. It’s common for permanent support to be less than temporary support, and her income has increased since the end of the marriage. Shannon says, it’s declining now, and Ben says it’s not the ideal time for her to go to trial, but he doesn’t know where it’s going to crack up. She says when David started his business, it was out of his rented place. He didn’t get his first million dollar job until after they were married. Shannon says, there’s no way they can argue it was a separate property. She helped him grow the business. They were married seventeen years, and she’s the mother of his kids. In her interview, Shannon believes she can support herself, but never thought it was a possibility that she was entitled to nothing. She guesses being at home with the kids adds up to nothing. She tells Ben that she’s emotionally and physically exhausted, but she’s not going to let David get the best of her.

Next time, Gina and Mett get a hotel room in Laguna, Shannon can’t wait clean her hands of the marriage and move on, the Miami trip, and Vicki gets engaged.

🙈 I’m being forced into watching Blind Date because it’s wedged into the half hour between two other shows. The second episode was as bad as the first. Worse, because it was the same. It’s like they took the worst people, put them in the worst show, and sent them on the most boring date. The name of it should be, Two Jerks in a Hot Tub, since that’s what it seems to amount to. It’s like watching the worst Tinder date ever. Maybe not the worst, but pretty bad. Tonight, one guy went on about how he had to take a pee, and then when in the hot tub, remarked that the water was warmer. Eww! Please, Bravo, get rid of this show yesterday.

🗽 Replacing Bethenny…

The new Real Housewife of New York


🙋 Joining the Franchise…

This should be interesting. Will we see Sister Real Housewives?


🍔 Basically…

Stassi is on a roll.


🍷 In Giudice News…

Not so happy reunion.


Teresa at Bravocon.


Keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.


🍗 Before Hanukkah Comes…

Definitely drumstick worthy.

November 14, 2019 – Already Posted, Tea For You, a Reason, a Kiss, an Ex, an Engagement, Not So Basic, a Jerk, a Joe, Playing Dress Up, the Family Plath & Him That Has


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As I thought, today’s episode was a repeat of what I recapped yesterday. If you missed it, you can go here:


The information about Friday’s episode is vague, but I’m guessing it’s going to be preempted. We’ll see.


🍵 Bravo had repeats of Below Deck again, so I watched a documentary about Preppy Killer Robert Chambers, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Edward Albee never gets old. In lieu of any new TV, here are some cups of tea I’ve collected.

🍸 At Least We Still Have VPR…

As much as I’ll miss her, I totally understand why she left.


😘 The Kiss Heard Round the Deck…

Kate stopped just short of going, ack! Pooey!


🏡 He’s Just Mad He’s Not a Housewife…

Who knew Frasier was going to be such a d-bag? And a full of it one at that. Camille barely even mentions him anymore.


💍 That Didn’t Take Long…

But it looks like Kelly traded up. Nice ring too.



👰 I Can’t Wait…

I’m sure the whole wedding will be next level.


Stassi is proving her beyond basicness.


💸 Another Reach For Relevance…

Frankly, I think Brooks owes us all some compensation.


Give the Guy a Break Already…

While I’ve never been a fan, I don’t think he’s being treated fairly. He should at least be able to come back to visit his family.


🎃 Yes. I’m Still Gawking…

What can I say? Like Shannon Beador, I love a costume. And yes, I looked at all of them. How many Halloween parties can the Kardashians possibly go to?


🐣 I’ve also been watching Welcome to Plathville – Tuesdays, 10 pm on TLC, my second favorite channel. It’s about a family that lives somewhat off the grid. While they’re not like the Amish – although the Amish aren’t even like the Amish anymore, so many have cell phones – Kim and Barry Plath have raised their children minus a lot of the media that most kids are joined at the hip to today. They don’t know who Justin Bieber is or have ever had soda; IMO not bad things. The Plaths aren’t tyrants, however, and it looks like we’ll be watching some new experiences for the kids in this limited run series. I can identify somewhat, at least in their surroundings, since I grew up on a pseudo farm, and being in the great outdoors is still a passion of mine. (I know, you wouldn’t think so, since I watch so much TV.) I wonder if the parents fear, as I do, that the exposure from the series will drastically affect the family, and not in a good way. Hopefully, these kids will never lose their core values.



🐕 It’s the Simple Things…

Forever to be missed, a man who knew what he got. And I get to go to bed early. Woohoo!












August 1, 2019 – Neil Tells Alexis About Joanna, New York Brokers Are Back, OC Soon, Stassi’s Reward & French Chick


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Puerto Rico. Michael says he has seen Cassandra before, in Port Charles at the MetroCourt restaurant. His mom is the owner, and he’s there all the time. She says he has a good memory for faces. It was a couple of years ago. She’d been there for a meeting, hoping to interest Michael’s father in a business proposal. Sasha says she must not be in the fashion industry, and Cassandra says she likes to keep up with the trends, but no. Michael asks what business she’s in, and she says, nothing nearly as exciting. Import/export.

Nina downs her drink, and on the side, Valentin tells her to pace herself. One of the drinks has the truth serum in it. She asks, which one? but he says, it’s hard tell now, since everyone has their glasses. She tells him to stay near her, and if she rambles, stop her. Jax tells Finn that he wants to be clear, he and Hayden are business associates; nothing more. Any indication that she’s given Finn that they’re together isn’t true.

In a hallway upstairs, Hayden says, if Valentin is following Nikolas’s footsteps, this should be the office. She starts to open a door, and is startled by someone behind her. A housekeeper asks what she thinks she’s doing.

Lulu drinks to true love; something Peter knows nothing about. Her doorbell rings, and she says, go away. Laura says, let her in. Lulu opens the door, and Laura tells her, it’s nasty out there. Lulu is lucky she has no place to be. Lulu says, no place to be; no one to be with. She’s so lucky. She drinks some more.

Carly calls Enrique in Puerto Rico. She’s wondering how Michael is doing, and if he’s having a good time. She wants to send them some champagne. Sonny takes the phone from her hand, and talks to Enrique in Spanish, including Carly’s name. Carly asks if Sonny just told him not to accept her calls. He says, his island, his rules.

Alexis and Neil are in the elevator, when it stops. Neil says, it must be the storm. The power is out, Alexis says, excellent, and Neil says it looks like they’re stuck.

Cassandra says she almost feels guilty; it’s storming back home. Sasha hopes Nina’s dinner party wasn’t rained out. She tells Cassandra that Jasper Jax and Hayden Barnes are the dinner guests. Why she would tell a total stranger this, I have no idea. Cassandra says, the names sound familiar. Maybe their paths crossed in Italy. She excuses herself to make a phone call. Sasha says, she seems nice. Michael says he knows who’s nicer, and Sasha says it had better be her. He says, definitely her, and they kiss.

Carly tells the MetroCourt patrons that she’s sure they came out for a nice, relaxing dinner, but the storm had other plans. The MetroCourt is going to take care of them though; the night is on them. If they haven’t received an entrée yet, they can’t cook with no electricity, but there are cold items and a generous wine list. She tells them, enjoy their evening. Sonny says, that’s pricey, but she says everyone will talk about how fabulous they are. Besides, her hotel, her rules.

Neil pushes the elevator buttons. Alexis says he was right about Kristina going to group therapy. Kristina thinks it’s helpful to talk to other cult survivors. He continues pressing all the buttons, and she tells him, stop doing that. They’re going to be in there until the power comes back, or someone comes to get them. He says he has no phone service. He’s got to get out. She says she has places to be too, but they’re there for the foreseeable future. Why doesn’t he bill her? They can do a session, and make good use of the time. He says he’s serious; he has to get out. She asks, what’s wrong? Is he claustrophobic? He says, no, but she says he’s clearly upset. It can’t just be because he’s stuck with her, could it? It’s a little extreme for that. He repeats that he has someplace he needs to be.

Hayden says she must have gotten turned around. The housekeeper wonders who she is, and Hayden introduces herself. The housekeeper asks if Valentin knows she’s there, and Hayden says she’s an invited dinner guest. She was looking for the restroom. The housekeeper says, that’s not it, and Hayden says she used to live there. She thought she could find her way, and was over-confident. The housekeeper asks if Hayden would like her to show the way back, and Hayden says, please.

Jax tells Nina that he was thinking about the idea she pitched, in the light of the favorable response to the Ava issue. Valentin thinks he’s downplaying that, and Nina says, it was a home run. Jax says he’s concerned about a continuing series on dangerous women. Nina suggests calling them complex or mysterious. She can think up a fabulous title. Jax says he doesn’t want their magazine to be the one that glorifies murder. The Ava issue was a one-off. Nina says, creativity is a bad idea that leads to a good one. There are a lot of interesting women. Helena Cassadine. Valentin says, no, and Jax agrees. Nina says, what about Cassandra Pierce? Finn nearly chokes on his drink. The woman comes in with Hayden, saying, she lost her way – or so she says.

Alexis asks Neil if she’s allowed to ask where, or is it a violation of their boundaries? Neil says his daughter died five years ago tonight. Alexis says she’s sorry. She doesn’t know what to say. He says, it’s almost cliché. A therapist who can help everyone, but those closest to him. He doesn’t know where or how, but somewhere, his daughter became a lost soul. Every time he tried to reach out… He says she knows how it is.

Laura gives Lulu some coffee. Lulu asks if Laura is sure she doesn’t want to open another bottle of wine. Laura is sure, and Lulu says, party pooper. Laura asks if that’s what this is; a party? Talk to her. Lulu says she’s trying to understand why Dante left. She’s put herself in his shoes. What would she have done? On one hand, as an objective outsider, she can see his perspective. But as his wife and the mother of his children… Laura says she’s sorry. She hates that this is happening to Lulu. Lulu says, that’s it exactly. It’s happening to her. She has no say and no choice. Not when Dante left, and certainly not when the divorce papers were delivered. Now she has to decide whether to let her marriage end or fight. No discussion, just an enormous decision she has to make completely alone. Laura says she knows it’s very hard, frustrating, and scary, but Lulu’s not alone.

The housekeeper says she found Hayden trying get in Valentin’s office. Jax says she must be mistaken. Windymere is a bit of a maze. She says, Hayden lived there, but Jax says, it was years ago, and Hayden has a notoriously bad sense of direction. She probably couldn’t find the powder room. Hayden says, no. She was snooping, and this lady busted her.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s calling the company who makes the generator. They’re going to fix it, and give her restitution, or she’ll sic Diane on them.

Alexis says that explains why Neil dedicated his life to helping others get out. He says he’s sorry. This is supposed to be her session, not his. Alexis sits on the floor. She says she’s had her share of AA meetings. She’s become an expert listener. Neil sits, and says, there were all the tell-tale patterns. She cut off her family, turned from her friends, and sold all of her possessions. Alexis says, and gave them the money, like Kristina did. He says, partly. This cult was into drugs. Alexis says, it must have been terrifying. He says he tried the tactics he used on others, but none of them worked on his own daughter. She took her own life. She was found in a bathtub, an empty bottle of pills on the floor, and pronounced dead right about now, at 9:47.

Alexis says now she knows why this night means something to him. She’s truly sorry he’s not getting to have a memorial for his daughter. Hopefully, it was postponed because of the storm. He says, it’s not that kind of memorial. Every year on the anniversary, he goes to a karaoke bar and sings a song from her childhood. She had trouble sleeping some nights, and the song put her out. He says, it’s a strange way to celebrate his daughter’s life, but Alexis says, not at all; it’s beautiful. She has trouble imagining him singing karaoke though. He says, it’s not pretty, but Joanna loved it. Until she joined the cult. She was fearless like that. Him, not so much. It’s a test every year to see if he can get through the song. Alexis says, but he does, and he says, yeah. A tribute to his daughter and an act of penance all in one. She asks, what song? and he says, Hush Little Baby (apparently, the only song ever sung to a child). Since they’re stuck in there, the guys will be spared this year. She says she’s not. She’s a captive audience; so sing.

Laura tells Lulu, Dante is a good man, who loves her and the kids more than anything. Lulu says, that’s what makes it so insane. Laura says, if he considers himself so broken that he’s willing to give them up, Lulu might not agree, but she can respect where the decision came from. Sometimes things can’t be fixed, and more damage is done by hanging on, and not accepting the loss. Lulu says she doesn’t want this. Laura says, if Lulu wants to fight it, she’s behind her 100%. All she can say is that she believes Dante made the choice out of love, and she doesn’t think he took it lightly. If he considers himself this far gone, maybe he is.

Sasha asks Michael what it was like, growing up with his own island. He says he was a holy terror as a kid, and she says, no way. He says, there were some rocky times. Times when it was really dangerous, or his parents were fighting and at odds, and they’d send the kids there. it was a safe haven. They could put away the crap hanging over them in Port Charles. It was still there when they came back, but while they were at the island, they didn’t think about it. A lot of people had troubles with their childhoods, but never had a refuge like this. (How insightful. Really, Michael?) He says he relaxes when he’s there. Sasha says, that’s what different.

Jax tells Hayden that she’s funny. She says, no. She went looking for Valentin’s office, knowing what she was doing. She was looking for the diamonds. Nina says, what diamonds? and Jax says they were something she left behind, and was hoping to locate them. Fleur says she needs to get back to Charlotte. She’s in the taxidermy room naming all the animals. Jax says, not every little girl likes taxidermy, and Fleur says, Charlotte isn’t every little girl.  Nina says, if Hayden wanted access, why didn’t she just ask? Jax says she didn’t want them to think she had an ulterior motive. She just wanted to reclaim what’s hers. Hayden walks over to Finn, and asks if he ever thinks about her. She can’t stop thinking about him. I guess we know who got the truth serum.

Michael says, so Sasha thinks he’s guarded and stiff. She says she didn’t say stiff. He’s warm and charming, and a million other wonderful things when they’re at home. People respect him, and the companies he runs. She starts listing his assets and the charities he’s involved with, and he says he gets it. There, he’s loosey goosey. Sasha finds a $25 chip on the floor, and gets all excited. Michael asks if she wants to skip sailing and go gambling. She says, that would be awesome, and he asks if she wants to gamble with real money or the house’s’ money. She asks what he means. He says the dealers are let known that the guest is going to win, and they have the best luck. Sasha says, that’s cheating, and he says, basically. She wants no part of that. She’s limiting herself to $100. If she wins, great; if she loses, so be it. He says she’ll only have to cough up $75. Cassandra returns, and asks if they’d like to join her for breakfast tomorrow at 8:30. They agree to be there, and she watches them leave.

Jax tells Hayden that she looks flushed. He’s getting her some water. He tries to drag her away from Finn, but she says she needs a moment alone with him. She brings Finn into another room. Valentin asks Jax if he thinks she’s all right. Jax says he’s not sure. He’s trying to figure out how she got so drunk on one drink. Nina says, Valentin makes strong martinis, and Jax says maybe she should stick to champagne next time. Nina says that’s his trademark. He brought it to her office to celebrate the magazine. He asks why she’s saying celebrate like it’s in quotes, and she says his own agenda was written all over it. He was trying to butter her up.

Lulu says it sounds like Laura is telling her to give up on her husband. Laura says she wants Lulu to trust her husband. Believe he has their best interests at heart. Laura believes he does. Lulu says she still doesn’t know what to do. Laura says she gets it, but this is life; things change. If she hadn’t been able to let go of Lulu’s father, she never would have found the happiness she has with Doc. It doesn’t happen for everyone, but sometimes life has a second act. She’s grateful she got hers.

Dev brings out a tray with caviar and champagne, and Carly asks what he’s doing. He says he thought she’d be okay with it, and she says, if it’s going to go bad, she is, but who gave him the keys to the champagne closet? He says he picked the lock. If she wants to keep it safe, she needs to up security. He goes back to work, and Carly tells Sonny, on one hand, she appreciates his initiative, but on the other, they won’t be able to afford it. Sonny says he’s got her covered.

Neil tells Alexis that she’s crazy, and she says that’s why she’s seeing a shrink. He says, the whole point is that he goes someplace where no one knows his name. She says, the anti-Cheers. He says, it’s between Joanna and himself. She says she’ll turn away and put her hands over her ears. Don’t let this stop him from doing something he needs to. He thanks her, but no. She says she’s apologizing in advance, but she has no choice. She starts to sing, hush, little baby, don’t say a word…

Hayden tells Finn that he’s stalling. Answer the question. Does he still think of her? He says, it doesn’t matter. He’s moved on. Hayden asks if he loves Anna, and he says he does. Hayden broke him when she left. It took him a long time to pick up the pieces, but he did. She says she knows he hates her. He says she saved his life, and she says he saved hers first. He says he couldn’t hate her, but she says she doesn’t know that.

Nina says it’s impossible to trust Jax. Valentin says his offer to buy the magazine still stands. No questions asked. Jax says he loves Crimson too, and he loves working with Nina. There’s nothing nefarious. He looks forward to the day he can prove that. Finn comes in, and says Hayden needs water. Hayden says she gets it; he’s moved on. But that doesn’t change the fact… She trails off.

Sasha is just out of the shower, and Michael asks if she’s okay. She says the last thing she feels like doing is putting on makeup and getting dressed. He says, the casino will still be there, and she has a standing invite. She says, and she has a $25 chip. He says, it’s fate. She has to come back. One question though. Since she doesn’t want to go gambling, what does she want to do instead? She kisses him, and they get busy during a song part.

Dev serves champagne. Sonny calls him over. Dev asks if there’s something wrong, and Sonny says, the opposite. Carly says, he’s doing a great job, and Sonny says he wants to give Dev more responsibility – working for him. He has a job if Dev wants it. Dev says he does, and asks if he’s to report to Jason or Sonny. He wants to learn from the best. Sonny says that’s exactly what he’ll be doing. Learning about the coffee business.

Neil and Alexis sing together. When the song is done, they look at each other. The elevator starts to move.

On the phone, Cassandra says, don’t say anything; just listen. She’s been compromised, and needs to relocate again needs to get something. A little gift for a new friend.

During pillow talk, Sasha thanks Michael for bringing her there; it’s special. He says he’s loved the island all his life, but this is the best time he’s had. She asks, why is that? and he says, Manuel’s mojitos, and adds, because of her. She asks if he answers every question with a joke first. He tells her that she’ll get used to it, and she says she plans to. They get busy again.

Carly says, what a night, and tells Sonny, Sasha is a nice girl. It’s nice (WOTD) to see Michael with someone his speed, enjoying life again as an adult. Sonny says, don’t mess things up. She says she’s not getting involved. She just wants to know how things are going. Sonny says, when Michael tells her, she’ll know. She says they should go to the island. He says, yeah, yeah, and steers her out.

Laura says, it looks like the rain stopped. Lulu thanks Laura for riding it out with her. The storm outside and the one that’s her life. Laura says she’ll figure it out. She’s just a phone call or text away. They hug, and Laura says, no more wine. Lulu agrees, and Laura leaves. Lulu looks around at her empty place, and looks at the divorce papers.

Neil tells Alexis, it looks like the power is back on, and Alexis says, that’s good news. They look at each other.

Valentin tells Finn, good news. The storm has passed, and the launch is ready. Finn says, it’s great news. As he leaves, he says, sorry again for interrupting. Have a beautiful evening. Outside, he leans against the door for a moment.

Jax says they’re heading out too. Hayden says, they are? Jax says they don’t know if the weather will take another turn, but thanks Nina and Valentin, saying, it was a lovely evening. They’ll have to do it again. They leave, and Nina says, that was a bust. Valentin doesn’t think so. Jax revealed he has an agenda, and they know he and Hayden were looking for something. They just have to figure out what it was. Nina says, not right now, and they kiss.

Tomorrow, Cassandra makes plans for important guests, Kim wants something from Franco, and Shiloh says it’s what he needed to make his day.

🗽 The new season of Million Dollar Listing New York made its premiere tonight. Those crazy brokers – Fredrik, Ryan, and Steve – are still showing me drool-worthy real estate that makes me want to cry, because I will never, ever be able to afford such fabulousity. Nor have I ever. The best I can say about the apartment I had in Manhattan is, it was in Manhattan, and my apartment in Queens was kind of nice. We found out Ryan and Amelia are expecting a girl, and Ryan had to sell an apartment near the BQE – i.e. near a lot of noise. He tried to distract his potential buyers from that by bringing in his own marching band. Steve has a serious girlfriend – who, since filming, has also revealed a pregnancy – and his property cross to bear was in upstate New York, Hudson Valley. It was quite a property too. He got the listing from a billionaire friend, who bought an agricultural complex built in 1902. Now an historic landmark, the friend had intended on turning it into a hotel, but got too busy with other projects. As the current caretaker said, not in live-in condition. It was in total disrepair, a mess, but oh-so-amazing. Fredrik and Derek’s twins were turning one, and he had a dated apartment to unload. He spent a whole bunch of money into throwing an 80s party there, telling us that he loved the 80s because it was extra, like him. Me too. I love the clothes. It was a costume party, so of course he went all out. and created a totally tubular event. The really sad thing was, his client found a buyer of his own, and per the contract, Fredrik was out a commission. $800,000. I hope the deal falls flat, and the client comes crawling back. It hardly seems fair that Fredrik wouldn’t at least get his expenses back, which certainly had to go into the tens of thousands. I have no clue why he wouldn’t have added that in the contract, but maybe he thought it would never happen. God knows his ego is that big. At the end, Luis crashed a party for the twins. He’s back, and charming as ever. It also looks like there’s going to be a new broker in town next time.

🍊 The other program on Bravo’s menu tonight was a rehashed half-hour called The Real Housewives of Orange County: How They Got Here 2019. No new news there, but their new season begins on Tuesday, August 6th, at 9 pm.

💍 Stassi, We Salute You…

After suffering through the dregs of humanity – I’m talking to you, Jax and Patrick – Stassi has finally found her best beau.

The announcement.


With the friends at Villa Rosa.


The ring.


Something extra.


🎧 Been Hearing This Lately…

On a television ad for a phone or something (I don’t really pay attention), and over the end credits of A Simple Favor, which was a direct rip-off of Quentin Tarentino‘s Death Proof end credits. That’s where I first heard it, and I loved it. Tarantino’s soundtracks are always impressive.

June 10, 2019 – Part Two – A Chef Who Can’t Cook, Lotsa Lisa, Lisa’s Spinoffs, Who Antoinette Went Home With & a Winner


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


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Below Deck Mediterranean

Nice, France. Mila puts steaks in microwave to warm them up. I hear Gordon Ramsay screaming at her in my head. The steaks are served. Hannah gripes to the other stews about the microwave, but the guests like the food. Even the one who’s tough to please with a steak. Hannah is relieved. In her interview, Mila says she feels happy. It’s good that even though she was sick, she still managed. I’m cursing my life, since not only do Aesha and Anastasia have names that start with the same letter, they look similar. This is going to be a tough season.

Captain Sandy scarfs down a taco. She sees the infamous nacho chips, and asks Hannah how the guests are doing. Hannah says, okay. In Hannah’s interview, she says the last few seasons were rough. We flash back to that. She says communication with the captain is her main priority. She doesn’t want Captain Sandy seeing food, and wondering why Hannah didn’t say anything about it. The captain tells Hannah, the nachos look terrible, and Hannah says that’s why she didn’t take them out. The captain thanks her, and they high-five.

Travis says, they’re rolling towels and living the dream. Hannah asks João for a schedule. He says he’ll stay up until the guests go to bed. The nachos are tossed.

In the morning, Captain Sandy says they’re getting ready to leave, and checks on the guests’ dinner. In the captain’s interview, she thinks the guests are being nice, but she’s being cautious. She asks the crew to return radio one, and Jack brings it back. The last thing he wants is for Captain Sandy pulling his ear like a naughty schoolboy, and slapping his ass on the bridge. She tells them to start hauling anchor. The anchor is home, and they go into gear.

The beach picnic is today, and Hannah wants to go over the meal plan with Mila. Sandwiches and salads should be ready to go at 1:30. Mila says she’ll go and get inspiration, which I think means take a nap. Aesha serves breakfast, pointing out that every dot on a strawberry is an ovary. In her interview, she says, because she’s happy, people think she’s an airhead, but she’s smarter than she appears, and has a double science degree. One of the guests looks up the ovary thing online, and says she’s correct. It does sound like something somebody would make up.

João tells Travis about the schedule. Travis can’t believe he’s lead deckhand. He’s driving blind, and doesn’t know where he’s going with the tender. Captain Sandy says there’s only one beach there. In her interview, she explains they have to find private places for beach picnics, but if the guests want something, they get it. Hannah tells João to quit stalking Brooke’s Instagram. In his interview, he says, as much as he tries to hide his feelings about Brooke, they still linger. He says Hannah has brought an energy this season he never thought he’d see. Rut-roh.

Mila says if she was on a boat, she wouldn’t ask for club sandwiches, but you have to give the guests what they want. She’s making salads, and they’re nearly an hour behind schedule. Hannah doesn’t know how you can be late, making sandwiches for five people. Captain Sandy asks the sky not to rain. The food is on it’s way, and Hannah asks Mila if they don’t need a few things like a knife. In her interview, Hannah says things are happening that shouldn’t happen on a superyacht.

Pointe d’ le Something. At the beach, Aesha radios Hannah, asking for a ten minute warning, but Hannah says the guests are coming now. They arrive, and Aesha welcomes them to lunch. She makes drinks. Back at the yacht, everything is cleaned and tidied. Hannah double-checks everything. She thinks it’s a miracle that it’s all done. She’s happy with a strong third stew in Anastasia. It’s been testy for the past few years. We flash back to the duds. In her interview, Anastasia says she likes being the best at what she does, whether it’s cleaning toilets or cooking a five-course meal. Thank you. I’m with her on that.

In the galley, Mila tells João and Jack about pursuing her culinary school dream.

Aesha realizes they forgot the tequila. In her interview, Hannah says she has so many balls in the air, she’s not surprised she dropped one. She needs everyone to do their jobs. João brings two bottles. Colin says he’s like Aquaman. He’s got the goods, and he’s saving the day. Then Colin ruins it. João tosses the bottles to him, and he drops one.

Captain Sandy sees rain coming, and hopes it goes the other way. Jack says he’s going to make her the best tea on board. He doesn’t think she’s seen him at his best yet. Mila says the guests have requested Italian tonight, but she can’t give them prosciutto, since there’s no machine to slice it properly. Hanna says she has Mila’s back, but in her interview, Mila says she hates fake people, and thinks Hannah is fake. Well, she’s just a co-worker. Who cares?

A storm comes up, and the captain hears thunder. She tells João to get the guests back in the boat. Everything on deck is covered. On the beach, Jay says, it comes in fast. Hannah radios João, and tells him to help pack up and get the guests back. Aesha says, they’re coming. The captain greets them, saying she didn’t want them struck by lightning. João goes back again, and helps Colin pack up at super speed.

Jack wants quick cuppa tea, but João suggests he help with the work. Jack says he’s not standing in the rain, but João says he will if they need him too. In João’s interview, he says Jack should think like the engineer he is. If João is going to be a more efficient as a leader. he has to figure out what motivates Jack. This is a good question. Does anything? Hannah asks Captain Sandy how the weather is looking, and the captain thinks it might pass, but they should have dinner inside, since she still hears thunder. Hannah tells Mila that Carol wants a white cake with white frosting for her birthday. In Mila’s interview, she says she’s not a cake person. She didn’t do a patisserie course, and hopes they like it. Come on, man. How hard is it? Even I can bake a decent cake.

The table is set, balloons are blown up, and crepe paper is streamed. Captain Sandy decides she’ll try and slice the prosciutto. Her father was in the meat business. She tells Mila. you don’t give up. If the guests want ham, they get ham. Holy! She is really good at that, slicing it thin with a big knife. She says it’s like being back in the meat shop, which she never liked, but it made her night to contribute. I like Captain Sandy because you know she’d never ask you to do something she wouldn’t do. That’s a good boss.

The guests get ready. The stews try the cake, and at first it’s all yum, but then Anastasia says she bit into some baking powder. They realize it the baking powder taste is too strong. In her interview, Anastasia says, it’s baking soda in cake form; it’s disgusting. Hannah says she can’t serve it to the guests. Mila insists it’s not that strong, and says she’ll serve it. I always forget they don’t wear shoes on the yacht, and get startled when I see their feet. Hannah takes a piece of the cake to Captain Sandy, who says, wow. It’s so bad. She says they’re in trouble. She’ll handle it. In her interview, she says a lot of chefs are good at cooking, but not baking. However, a yacht chef has to do both. She can’t discuss all that now, because there’s no time. She has to get Mila to focus on the food and making a good meal. Anastasia suggests cupcakes. In her interview, she says she was a chef on the last boat she worked on, and thinks there’s no excuse. Baking is in her blood. Her mom was a pastry chef, and she’s got this. She tells everyone what she needs, and Hannah tells the captain that Anastasia is taking over with the cake.

Carol thinks the décor is really pretty. Anastasia rocks cake making. Captain Sandy tests the batter, and loves it. She says, teamwork. Jack hides while the other guys work. Hannah serves a caprese salad.  Anastasia says she was happy to bang out another cake. Jack sits in the galley, eating. In her interview, Anastasia says she has a dirty mind, but she’s not promiscuous. She’d rather watch the Gilmore Girls. Truffle pasta is served. Carol says, it’s beyond good. Mila ices the cake. Hannah calls the crew to sing, and tells Anastasia to carry the cake since she made it. In Mila’s interview, she says she feels bad already, and Hannah had to say Anastasia made the cake in front of everyone. Don’t give her a fake smile next time. Happy Birthday is sung, and Carol blows out the candles. She says she’s going to cry. In the galley, Captain Sandy says, good job, and she and Jack clink teacups. The cake is served, and Jay says it’s the best cake he’s ever had. He asks if Mila does the baking, and Aesha says Anastasia baked the cake. Mila is annoyed with Aesha, and says it was nice of her to let the guests know. Aesha says they asked, and she wasn’t going to lie. Besides, Anastasia deserved it. For whatever reason, Mila refuses to believe the guests asked about the cake. I’m starting to think Mila might not last through the season. She gripes to Anastasia, who doesn’t think Aesha meant anything by it, adding the day has been stressful. Mila says she knows what was being said. Colin and João talk about Hannah and Mila going after each other, and João compares them to cats.

Breakfast served. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, Aesha is crazy and inappropriate, and the guests love her. The guests continue to rave about the cake, saying Anastasia is so talented, which must be killing Mila. Anchor is hauled up. Jack says he’s not experienced in that, and has no clue what’s going on. He’s just out there to get some sun. I don’t know if he’s lasting either. João discusses the lines with the captain. In his interview, he says although he’s worked with her, it’s never been in this position. He needs to prove she can trust him under pressure. If she trusts him now, she’ll trust him all season. He asks Travis to do some nautical things. In Travis’s interview, he says people who work on yachts think they’re all that, even though they’re really an effing janitor on a floating toilet. But if his boss tells him to do something, he’ll do it.

The guests pack. The captain says there’s a bit of current, and docking is a little tricky. João and Travis help guide her in. Jack asks if he could be shown how to do it next time. Captain Sandy says, maybe, and tells João that he did nicely. He says, nailed it, and he and Travis high-five.

Aesha says she got a head start on going out. She’s soaked her tampon in vodka. Hey, I just report what I’m seeing and hearing. In her interview, she says she’d never do that, but it sounds interesting, and she’d like someone else to try it. Maybe she can get Jack to do it. The guests don’t want to leave. The crew is called to the dock. Jay gets weepy, and says they’re amazing. It was the greatest vacation of his life. He wishes them a great season. In her interview, Mila says Russian men don’t cry, even at their mother’s funerals. It makes her feel uncomfortable and weird. Geez, the dude is probably crying because he has to go back to work soon. And didn’t she spend a bunch of time in France? I bet they cry there.

Tip time! The captain says, in spite of Mila being sick, they came together. She thanks the interior for taking charge in the galley. She can trust them. She doesn’t know about Jack though. In Jack’s interview, he says it’s lucky he has his smile. He paid enough for it, so he’s using it to get himself out of trouble. The tip is 13K euros, which I had to look up, and it translates to $14,706.19 – 1175 euros each, or $1329.21. They have some champagne, and laugh a lot. The boat is cleaned up, and the crew cleans themselves up. Sitting outside, Mila asks if Jack prefers boys, and he tells her, piss off.

Captain Sandy calls Mila to the bridge. In her interview, the captain says just because the charter guests liked the food, doesn’t mean it’s up to standard, and she knows what standard is. She needs to see the standards of someone who was trained in Paris. She shows Mila photos of how she should be plating food. Ouch. But yeah, her plating is crummy. Those MasterChef Junior kids are a million times better. She tells Mila that she’s been doing this a long time, and worked with a lot of chefs. She has to know Mila can do this, and right now, she doesn’t know. She had a rough start because she was sick, but she’s not sick now. Captain Sandy says, let’s do this. She has it, right? Mila nods, and in her interview, says she’s grateful for the captain’s opinion. Captain Sandy’s words make her feel like she really wants to perform more. She worded it like that, not me.

Jack can’t believe Mila with her hair all blown out. He says she thought he was gay, and Travis says, it’s a compliment. Jack says he didn’t think he was giving that vibe. Mila comes by with beer, and asks if they’re stepping out tonight. Jack says he’ll step out with her.

Everyone heads out. In Jack’s interview, he explains that he was going out with girl when he left. He was honest, and told her that he wouldn’t be loyal. He’s going out for a few drinks, and a little wiggle. And maybe have a crack on with one of the girls. Who knows what will happen? In the car, Colin asks how dinner was. Mila is in the other car, and Hannah says, the experience or the food? She thinks if you’re working on a yacht this size, and serve that kind of food, you’re not a good chef. She’s not being a bitch. She thinks Mila is a nice person.

In the other car, Travis says, Russians are homophobes, and Mila agrees. She’s also happy to be one. She doesn’t care what people do at home, but she doesn’t want her son growing up seeing two men kissing, and think it’s normal. It’s not.

João says Mila is sweet, and Hanna says, she’s a lovely person. I laugh, thinking, just wait. Mila says she’s proud of Putin, and glad he doesn’t let them have gay parades in their country. Travis tells her, STFU. Get out of the van. Um… he’s not driving, so I don’t think he gets a say in that. Travis says he’s never going to speak with her again. Maybe he’s been with men, or maybe those are his friends. Mila tells him, all she said is that she doesn’t want to see it openly. He says her opinion of gay people is her opinion of humanity. She says, it’s not normal. Is being with an animal normal? There’s a millisecond of silence, where they all can’t believe what they just heard. In Travis’s interview, he says, her mindset is warped. He tells her to sit at the opposite end of the table, calling her an oxygen thief.

Next time, the primary is Captain Sandy’s friend the vibrator queen, Colin gets hurt, Hannah doesn’t want to work with a homophobic pr*ck who can’t cook, the guests don’t like the food, and Anastasia gets put in the galley.

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What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On his phone at the MetroCourt, Sonny tells his dad to check his schedule and pencil him in. He’s kidding. He’ll coordinate with the kids, and see him on Saturday. Brick sits with Sonny and asks how his dad is doing. Sonny says, if you ask him, he’s great, but they had to put him in permanent care.

There’s a knock at Kim’s door. It’s Carly. She’s happy to hear Oscar is going back to school. Kim asks if she’s looking for Josslyn, but Carly wanted to see how she’s doing. She brought bagels. She sees the scarf, and says, it’s pretty. She didn’t know Kim knitted. Kim says, calling it knitting is being generous. She was showing Drew her handiwork, and forgot to put it away. Carly says, so Drew was there last night.

Drew goes to Charlie’s, and tells Julian he wants to talk about favors. A housekeeper, car maintenance, meals. He’s sure Julian’s intentions were clear, but it’s time to stop. Julian says he and Kim might have broken up, but that doesn’t stop him from caring. Drew guesses that’s why he cheated.

Olivia-Q sees Ava come into the MetroCourt bar, and says she doesn’t want any trouble. Ava knows how Carly feels about her. Ava says she’s there for Olivia. Olivia can’t imagine what they have to discuss. Ava says she wants Olivia’s help to track down Kiki’s killer.

Alexis shows up at not-Doc’s office, saying she’s taking advantage of his open door policy. She asks if he has a few minutes, but he says he’s in the middle of something pressing. She says she should have known open door was a metaphor. He says, since she’s there, he’d like to talk with her. It has to do with his ex-wife.

Jordan sees Curtis at the hospital. She heard Lulu was transferred out of ICU last night. She’s sure Lulu’s family and the medical staff feel more secure with him there. He wishes he could do more. He really wants to catch the killer. She says he might get his wish. They have a suspect. Laura overhears.

Elizabeth asks Franco why he was working so late. He tells her that he wasn’t at work. He’s just going to come out and say it. The PCPD called him in for questioning. They thinks he’s the killer.

Laura asks Jordan if she heard right. The police have a suspect? Jordan says they brought someone in for questioning last night. Laura asks, who? but Jordan can’t share the details until they know more. Laura says they have her full support. Jordan asks how Lulu is, and Laura says, exhausted and frustrated. It’s weighing on her that she can’t remember. She finally got Lulu to sleep after some coaxing.

Lulu dreams she’s back in her office. The door handle jiggles, and she opens the door. She screams, no, no, no!

Sonny tells Brick that his dad is comfortable at Turning Woods. It was his decision. He even has a girlfriend there, but it wasn’t easy letting him go. They’d been thinking about it for months. It was time. Brick asks how Sonny is holding up. Sonny says, it’s pretty weird. For the first time since he was a kid, he felt like his dad was watching out for him.

Julian tells Drew that his relationship with Kim is between them, and doesn’t concern him. Drew says Oscar is his son, and Kim is his mother. That makes her family. She’s dealing with something painful; he doesn’t need to make it harder. Julian says, right. He hired a service to make it harder. After he saw them on New Year’s Eve, he thought it would help if he backed off, and cut ties, so Drew could take his place. Drew asks if he knows how bad he hurt Kim. Maybe he should do what he can to never hurt her again. Julian says, maybe he’s right.

Kim tells Carly, nothing happened, but Carly says she wasn’t implying otherwise. She knows they’ve been spending tome together with Oscar, and hopes they’re taking care of themselves. They should remind each other from time to time, and, for record, no one would blame them if… Kim says they’re the only ones who know what’s happening with the other. If they’ve found comfort in that, it’s not something they’re thinking about. Carly isn’t sure Drew feels the same way.

Laura tells Lulu that she’s safe, and to catch her breath. She was having a nightmare. Jordan says it was about the attack. Can she says what happened in the dream? Lulu says she was in her office, and someone was trying to open the door. She went to let them in, and was just about see their face, when she woke up. Jordan says it’s frustrating, but a good sign. Her memory is returning. Lulu says she still doesn’t know who attacked her, and killed Kiki. Jordan tells her there are methods to help unlock memories, but Laura says Lulu’s not ready. She needs to rest. Lulu says she won’t get any rest while that monster is still free. Laura says she hired Curtis for extra precaution. Jordan says he’s happy to help. Lulu is scared for everyone else. The killer is still out there, and could strike again.

Ava knows Olivia has no reason to help her, but whatever she thinks about Ava, Ava doesn’t think she had anything against Kiki. As a mother, she must want justice for Kiki and her own daughter-in-law. Olivia asks how Ava thinks she can help. Ava says when she first arrived in Port Charles, she was told Olivia possessed certain abilities; visions, premonitions. Olivia needs to use her magic to tell Ava who killed her daughter.

Olivia tells Ava that she’s sorry, but doesn’t think she can help. Ava says she has the potential to help another mother. She even did an act at the Nurses’ Ball. Olivia says, it was a joke; an act for charity. Ava asks if it was an act when she was consulted by the PCPD on cases. Can she do it again? Ava shows her a picture of Kiki as a little girl, and puts it in her hand. She also gives Olivia a piece of jewelry, saying, she loved sunflowers. She asks if there’s anything Olivia thinks would help; tell her. Olivia says Ava doesn’t understand. Her visions don’t make sense. She only sees the future; never the past. Ava says she can prevent him from hurting someone else. Olivia says it’s been years since she had them, and Ava says, please try. Olivia looks at the picture.

Elizabeth says, that’s crazy, absurd, but Franco says Jordan disagrees. He gets why they’d want to talk to him. That’s why he went in and answered their questions. He was sure he wouldn’t hear from them again. It’s been difficult to put that part of his life behind him, when darkness is harkening at the door. Elizabeth suggests he talk to Doc, but Franco says Doc dumped him.

Alexis tells not-Doc, as Laura’s attorney, she’s bound to remind him that she can’t discuss the divorce. Not-Doc says he hasn’t asked her to betray her client’s trust. All he’s asked for is a clean break, and no runaround. Alexis says, Laura isn’t stalling. He says he’s eager to move on, and she says she’ll do her best to expedite it. He says he also has to settle the matter of the prenup. He lost his copy. She says, not a problem. She’ll get him another one. He says she heard him out; the least he can do is reciprocate. What did she want to talk about? She says she wanted to start sessions again.

Ave says, anything? Olivia is sorry. She has nothing.

Brick tells Sonny that he’s sorry about Mike, and he’s just a phone call away. Sonny appreciates how he modified the house for Mike. He’s refusing to pretend; there’s nothing he can do. Mike thinks he’s going to be right back. He hopes Brick never feels this desperate. There’s also whoever stabbed his daughter-in-law. It seems the only way they’re going to get caught, is if they try again. Brick says, be patient; Lulu will remember. Sonny goes over to Olivia, and asks if everything is all right. Ava says they’re done, and leaves. Sonny asks Olivia what that was about, and Olivia says, grief. Ava is looking for answers; grasping at straws. She can’t say she blames Ava. Nobody knows where their boy is, and no one can reach him. He needs to know what happened to Lulu. Sonny might have something that can help.

Drew runs into Carly outside of Charlie’s. Carly says she just saw Kim. He asks how she’s doing, and Carly say she’s on her way to do more knitting. Drew says, nothing happened, and Carly says, Kim said the same thing. She thinks it’s great that they’re closer. It’s a difficult time, and it’s important that they have someone to lean on, and share things with. If he can be that, she thinks it’s great. He asks, why the sudden interest in his relationship with Kim? Not for his sake? She asks, who else? and he says, Jason and Sam.

Julian drops in on Kim, who says she’s getting ready for work. He says they have unpacking to do after last night, and she says, ya think? He let her believe that he slept with someone else. He says he never meant to hurt her. She says he did everything he could to drive her away, when Oscar took a turn for the worse. He says he shouldn’t have done it. He loves her. She says he has a funny way of showing it, and he says he wasn’t convinced mending their relationship was the right thing. He was glad they broke up. She asks, if he loves her, why is he saying that? He says he sees the way she and Drew look at each other.

Alexis tells not-Doc, the sessions were helpful. He asks why she stopped coming, and she says, hubris. She thought she figured it out. She wants to feel like she did when she and Julian were together. She has more work to do. He says he can refer her to a colleague. He can’t treat her as a patient again.

Sonny introduces Brick to Olivia. She asks how Sonny knows him, and Brick says he works in IT security. Sonny says Dante needs to know what’s going on. Brick says he’s trying to bust an arms dealer named Rog. Sonny knows that name. He says they’ve been trying to make contact, but don’t want to blow his cover. They need a third party; basically a friend. Brick says he’ll see what he can do.

Ava approaches Lulu’s room, and tells Curtis, she’s there to see Lulu. Lulu says, it’s okay. Ava says she heard Lulu is going to make a full recovery. That’s wonderful. Laura says they appreciate Ava’s concern, but Lulu has to rest. Ava says the police believe the same person who attacked Lulu killed Kiki. There must be something she can tell them. Laura says, Lulu isn’t up to this, but Lulu says, it’s okay. She tells Ava that she tried to remember. Ava snaps, try harder, and Laura says, stop it; this isn’t appropriate. Ava says she’ll never see her child again. She shows Lulu the picture of Kiki, and asks her, please look at it, and promise to remember who took her daughter. Ava is crying, and Lulu starts to cry. Laura says, how dare she?

Drew is sure Carly knows what’s going on with Jason and Sam. She says she does, and she’s happy for them. She’d be just as happy if he and Kim reconnected. He doesn’t remember her, but they share a past. Maybe that’s why they’re being pushed together now. Or maybe what they have now is strong enough on its own. He’s been fighting too long, and deserves a partner who knows everywhere he’s been. He says, that’s a tall order. Carly says, if Kim fits it, she’s lucky.

Julian tells Kim, maybe it’s not the kiss. Maybe it is. Or maybe he realized what she’s going through is impossible, unthinkable, and she and Drew need each other. He’d never forgive himself if he ruined her having a relationship with Oscar’s father.

Alexis tells not-Doc she thought he said come back any time, but he says that’s before his ex-wife became her client. He understands conflict of interest, and says he’ll give it some thought, and come up with the best referral. Jordan pops in, saying she’s sorry to interrupt. Alexis says she was on her way out. Not-Doc asks how he can help her, and she says she has questions about one of his patients – Franco Baldwin.

Elizabeth wonders how Doc could dump Franco. Franco says Doc claimed he plateaued, and offered a referral. He’s the only shrink that actually heard him. Elizabeth says they’ve been through a lot together. Franco can’t think about going through that again with someone new. Elizabeth thinks he should give it another shot. If Doc knew what he went through, she’s sure he’d see Franco.

Olivia asks Sonny how Lulu is, and he says, resting and recovering. She still doesn’t remember who did it, so Laura hired Curtis to watch her room. Olivia says, it’s good to be cautious. That’s another reason Dante should be there. Sonny says he’s been gone six months. No one thought it would last that long. They have to stay smart, and not blow his cover – assuming it hasn’t been blown already. Olivia says she’s worried. She’s a mother, and an Olympian at worry. What if something has gone terribly wrong? Brick comes back, and Sonny asks if he had any luck. Brick just looks at him

Curtis asks, what’s going on? Laura says Ava is on her way out, and she’s not coming back in. Curtis asks if Ava needs assistance. Ava and Lulu lock eyes for a moment. Ava walks to the door, and says she hopes Lulu will do whatever she has to, to remember. Laura follows her, and asks how dare Ava attack her daughter like that?

Sonny says if they find Rog, they find Dante, but Brick says he’s been off the grid for three years. Sonny suggests Brick contact one of his guys. Brick says he’ll stay on top of it, and tells Sonny, stop worrying. This ain’t over. They’ll get Dante home where he belongs. Olivia looks at Sonny. A lot of meaningful looks today.

Ava tells Laura, sorry she’s not sensitive enough for her. Her daughter was murdered. Laura says that doesn’t excuse her behavior. Lulu needs to recover, and pressure won’t help, especially if it puts her back in ICU. Ava is sorry. She’s just so angry and sad. She cries. Laura feels for her; she knows the pain, but Ava can’t do that to her daughter. Ava says she’s glad Lulu is better. She really is. She hurries away.

Curtis tells Lulu that he had the feeling the visit wasn’t going to end well. Lulu takes full responsibility. Curtis says, rest assured, he’ll be way more selective from now on. She can refer to him as the gatekeeper. Laura comes back, and thanks him. Lulu asks how she’s doing; it sounded nasty. Laura doesn’t blame Ava is frustrated. She just wants justice for Kiki. Lulu says the longer she can’t remember, the more likely the killer is to get away. She asks Laura to call Jordan, and ask her to come back. She has an idea.

Jordan says not-Doc has talked to Franco. He asks if they’re concerned that he’s the killer. Jordan says he’s important to the investigation. Not-Doc says sharing their conversations would be an ethics violation; he could lose his license and the trust of his patients. Jordan says she can get a warrant, but he makes no promises then either. She thanks him for his time, and he mulls things over.

On the phone, Elizabeth tells Cameron that he needs to come straight home to help his brothers with their homework. They need extra attention, especially Aiden, so don’t rush. She sees Laura, and asks if Lulu is okay. She heard Lulu was out of ICU. Laura says she’s physically stronger, but still can’t remember. She’s getting pressure from all sides; it’s a tough position to be in. She’s the only one who can ID the killer. Elizabeth says it will be a relief when they start focusing on the real killer, and quit wasting time questioning Franco. Laura flashes back to Jordan saying there was a suspect.

Carly knows Drew’s situation is extremely complex, but hopes he’s  paying attention to how he’s feeling. He hopes this isn’t a self-care lecture, and I identify. She says what kid wouldn’t want his parents together? Drew says Oscar has a lot going on. What if it doesn’t work out? She thinks that’s a fair concern, but what if it did?

Kim asks Julian why he thinks it’s okay to make decisions about them without her input? He says he sees her and Drew drifting back to one another. She admits they’ve gotten closer and are bonding as parents. No one else knows the grief and fear they’re going through on a daily basis. But she thought they had their own understanding. She misses how he made her laugh, and how special he made her feel. Things were easy with him. There was no cancer, no ticking clock, no fear. She misses him. He misses her too; a whole lot. She asks what they do now. He says maybe he messed up past the point of fixing it, but if he did, he wants her know how much she’ll always mean to him. She says, her too. He tells her if there’s anything she and Oscar need, let him know. Until then, he’ll see her around. She asks him to wait. She tells him that she does need him, and kisses him.

Sonny tells Olivia, sorry. He thought Brick could help. Olivia says he tried, and she appreciates it more than he knows. It looks like they’ll have to wait this one out. Sonny says, there might be one person who could help them reach Dante. Spinelli?

There’s yet another knock at Kim’s door. She says, it doesn’t stop. She opens the door, and Drew is there. He says, sorry, and she tells him, it’s been a busy morning with the door. She’s glad he stopped by. She wants to tell him face to face that she and Julian decided to give their relationship another go. She has to run to work, and breezes past him. He says, bye.

Ava goes to Charlie’s. Julian gives her some coffee, and says he wanted to thank her for her advice. She asks if that means he’s taking a vacation. He says he’s not leaving Port Charles. He has unfinished business to attend to. She knows the feeling.

Not-Doc writes, Franco? on his notepad. Franco walks into the office, and not-Doc says he was just thinking about him. Franco says his new assistant is ruthless. Not-Doc asks what brings him by, and Franco says he needs not-Doc’s help.

Terry calls Elizabeth, and she has to go. Alexis asks Laura if she has a minute to talk about – Laura says they’ll catch up later. She’s gone before Alexis can finish saying, her prenup.

Jordan returns to Lulu’s room. She asks if Lulu remembers something. Lulu says, no, but earlier, Jordan mentioned other methods that can help unlock her memories. She’s on board. Jordan asks if she’s ready to try hypnotherapy, and Lulu says, absolutely.

Franco knows not-Doc told him that he’d plateaued, but with all due respect, he thinks that’s wrong. His life is on the verge of falling apart again. This time, for something he didn’t do. He needs to deal with the feelings or he’ll do something to make it worse. No one knows his mind better. He made it possible for Franco to deal with everything he blocked out. He asks if not-Doc would consider seeing him again. Not-Doc says, excellent idea, and Franco is like, huh?

On Monday, Ava asks Chase what he’s doing to find the monster who killed her daughter, Lulu is all for hypnotherapy, and Sonny asks Anna for help.

🔥 On Hell’s Kitchen, Ariel won a tableside challenge and got a day in Malibu complete with horseback riding. She chose Bret to come along with her. Mia and Motto (no comment) had to prepare things for the bar – Mia called it the never ending pit of citrus – and do some general prep for that evening’s dinner. They claimed there were VIP guests and celebrities at the dinner, but they only showed Amber Rose. Who, I might add, was pretty excited about seeing Gordon IRL. Each of the chefs took a turn at being in charge, and there were deliberate sabotages in the kitchen to test the them; such as the wrong pasta for carbonara, swapping orzo for rice, and tuna tartare when it should have been beef. Another thing you never want to hear Gordon say is, who made this?

Motto felt he proved himself, but decided to put himself up for elimination. Bret was like, holy curve ball. Motto felt, at the end of the day, the place he needed to be was back home. He wanted to raise a family, and raise the culinary standard in Baton Rouge. He wanted to use what he learned to mentor others. Ariel wept at the level of Motto’s understanding of what he wanted. I agree that took guts. Gordon was actually speechless. Motto said it was an incredible experience, and he wasn’t giving up, but going forward. Gordon said he never met a chef so sincere, and when he was done in Baton Rouge and ready for his next move, call him. Motto left with his head held high. What brought him in was the opportunity to prove himself. He had rough starts and shaky moments, but stayed true to himself. The big city and spotlight might come in the future, but he was going back to push the hell out of the envelope. Gordon told them another chef would be leaving – now. He asked each of them why they belonged in the finale. They all said blah-blah-blah that they were ready for the big time. I had the feeling Gordon already knew his decision though. Ariel went through to the final round first. He said she’d been a consistent performer, and the change from season six was incredible. Bret crossed himself, and… to be continued. Next time, veteran Bret and rookie Mia will face off in a roller coaster ride of an episode.

🍕 MasterChef Junior returns on Tuesday, March 5th. It looks like Christina will be dressing up like one of those cake dolls, where the skirt is the cake part. Maybe you had to be there, but it looked really cool.

🍷 Mini Stassi Rant…

I think this article is unfair. Stassi’s mom was a handful from the jump, drinking too much, and putting Stassi down to her boyfriend over and over. Bleh. She treated Stassi like dirt and embarrassed her; then created drama, making the dinner about herself.


📣 Quotes of the Week

And that, my dear, is how you run an asylum. – Matron Grady (Judith Light), Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.Eleanor Roosevelt

Reality is a sliding door.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sabrina can go from zero to bitch in about fifteen seconds. – Jerimiah, Return to Amish

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.Margaret Mead

Adults are obsolete children.Dr. Seuss

I’d play, but I have that hip thing going on. Meaning I’m too hip to play. – Earl (Garrett Morris), 2 Broke Girls, to Han, who’s forming a diner baseball team

I have no plans, and no plans to plan. –  Mario Cuomo (That sounds about right.)

Half a truth is often a great lie.Benjamin Franklin

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. – e. e. cummings

🐟 This Never Gets Old…

I find her beautiful, but I’m not sure if this dude is brave or stupid. Says the person who was only stung by a bee once – when she tried to pet it. I was four, okay?

January 14, 2019 – Not-Doc Adds to His List, a Mom/Girls Night, Stassi’s Mom, Habitrails & LA Slide


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Valentin sees Curtis at the MetroCourt. Curtis asks where Nina is, and Valentin wonders if Curtis is there to see her. Curtis says he’s evaluating the security system to make sure it’s on point. He asks about Windymere, and Valentin says his home is a fortress. Curtis asks if he has any idea where Nina is staying, and Valentin says she’s back home, where she belongs.

Obrecht say there’s something Nina needs to know about her daughter. Nina says she just found out her daughter was alive; there’s a lot she still has to find out. She tried to pack in a lifetime of experiences into Sasha’s visit without overwhelming her, but they have miles to go. She’s enjoying the journey, and nothing Obrecht says will diminish her joy. Obrecht suggests her joy will turn into disappointment one day. Wait and see.

Franco flips through Doc’s patient files. He sees the locked box, and takes it out. Carly asks what he’s up to. He says she almost gave him a heart attack. She says, if only, and asks why he’s ransacking Doc’s office. He says he’s doing research. He’s trying to find out why Doc would treat him like dirt. Franco wants to talk, but Doc has been putting him off, and nothing he says makes sense. Carly says that’s why she’s there too.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he thinks they should leave town. She says she’s not in any mood for a vacation, but he says he’s not talking about a vacation. Forever. He thinks they should leave Port Charles for good. She doesn’t understand. He wants to her to move away with him? He says, yes; far away, like Lisbon or Madrid. She says not long ago, he convinced her to stay. He says he didn’t want her to walk out of his life. He didn’t anticipate the opposition to their relationship, and it was before Kiki was killed. If they move, she won’t be haunted by memories, and see Kiki around every corner. He can take her away from all that. Just the two of them. They only need each other. No one will ever find them. He asks her. please say yes.

Alexis brings a big gift-wrapped package to Charlie’s. Sam says she shouldn’t have. Alexis says it’s for her sister, but she can get one for Sam. She got it for Kristina’s new home, since she found out Kristina moved out of Sam’s. She’s not judging. Kristina didn’t give her an address – she’s still not judging – and she thought Kristina would be working today. Sam had the same idea, and Alexis asks, where’s her gift? Sam says she doesn’t have a gift, but a warning about Kristina’s new home.

Sonny meets Jason at the MetroCourt. He has information about Kristina. Sonny says, when he saw her, she seemed confident and positive. Jason tells him that Sam said the same thing, but he thinks there are things Sonny might not realize. Has she mentioned Shiloh to him?

Sonny asks, who’s Shiloh? and Jason says he’s the leader of the people Kristina moved in with. Sonny says, leader? Jason says he was surprised too. Sonny thought Kristina was moving in with a group of friends, but Jason says, there’s definitely a guy in charge. He calls himself Shiloh. Sonny asks what he was called before that. Kristina approaches the table and says she can’t believe it. Why? Does Jason want her dad to worry? Jason thinks there’s something he should know. Kristina says she’s giving Jason her power. She allowed herself to react negatively, but she can change that, and focus on the positive energy from collecting food for the soup kitchen. Sonny asks if they’re the same people she spent Thanksgiving with. She says yes. She’s happy, and perfectly safe. Jason says he and Sam don’t think so.

Alexis says, yesterday, Sam was giving her blessing, and took her anxiety about Kristina down a notch. Should she put Kristina back on top? Sam says that’s why she’s there; to talk to Kristina. Alexis asks if it has to do with the serial killer, but Sam says, it’s not that bad. Alexis asks what happened between yesterday and today; what’s going on? She needs to know.

Nina says the only person disappointing her is Obrecht. She went along with Obrecht’s delusional plan to hold Peter captive, and thought she could be trusted. Obrecht says she’s trying to help. She doesn’t want Nina to end up with a broken heart. Nina says Britt broke Obrecht’s heart; her daughter won’t be doing that to her. Obrecht says she taught Britt to be pragmatic. She’s out of prison, and Obrecht is grateful. Nina says Britt betrayed Obrecht to save her own skin. She’s done nothing to alienate Sasha. Obrecht asks who’s to say Sasha won’t alienate Nina?

Franco says it’s unusual for he and Carly to be in agreement. She says they might both be there for the same reason, but they’re dealing with it differently. She showed up to talk to Doc; he’s ransacking Doc’s office. He has no business looking through patients’ private files. Franco says he’s looking for his own file. Carly asks if he wants to switch therapists that bad, but Franco says it’s not his choice. Doc doesn’t want to see him anymore. He spilled his guts to Doc, and now he’s telling Franco to get lost.

Ava says not-Doc has patients who rely on him, and good friends he’s known for years. He says he thought about that already. His associates can take over his patients. He’s been so focused on her; his patients have taken a backseat anyway. All he wants is to be with her. As for his friends, they turned on him when he left Laura. With friends like that… She can open a gallery anywhere in the world. Investors and artists will appreciate what she can do for them. He’ll do anything to make a life with her. She says he makes it sound wonderful, possible, and exactly what she needs to heal. But he’s forgetting about Avery. She couldn’t leave her little girl.

Curtis says, Nina and Valentin are back together? That’s unexpected, since she seemed determined to stay away from him. Valentin says when they love each other, why stay apart? Curtis says finding Nina’s daughter must have been the key to her heart. Valentin says, it didn’t hurt. He thanks Curtis for his help. He made Nina happy, and that makes Valentin happy. He’ll keep her safe from the killer, and anyone else intent on harming her.

Nina says Obrecht is giving her vague hints on how Sasha will disappoint and hurt her, when she knows nothing about Sasha. Why is she doing it? Obrecht hates to see Nina wallow in the blindness that accompanies love. She needs to keep her eyes open, and not be taken in again. Obrecht was aware of Faison’s true nature, but Nina refuses to see Valentin for who he is. Nina asks how dare she compare Valentin with Faison? Faison killed her brother. Obrecht says, Valentin killed Laura’s son. How is he better than Faison?

Sam tells Alexis that Kristina is crazy about Shiloh. He’s the head of the charity Kristina is working with. She shows Alexis a picture of him on her tablet, and says Dawn of Day is also the name of the house Kristina is living in. She says he turned her life around. Alexis wonders why Sam doesn’t like him. Sam asks what’s in the box, and Alexis tells her, that’s not even an artful dodge. She expects better from Sam. She wants to get 100% behind Kristina, but it sounds like she’s in over her head. Sam thinks that could be the case.

Sonny says Jason told him that’s the guy who runs the organization Kristina loves so much; Shiloh. Kristina tells him that he says it in an ominous way, like Shiloh must be running from the cops. Jason says he checked, and Shiloh has no police record. Sonny says if Kristina doesn’t want Jason telling him, she should tell him herself. She says his name used to be David Henry, and he went by Hank. He changed his life after Drew saved him in Afghanistan. Drew pulled him out of a fire fight. When he came back to the states, he started a charity, but Jason and Sam think he’s too good to be true. They’re questioning him for no reason. Shiloh has taught her so much. She loves helping people; it makes her happy. Sonny is happy to hear that. She says she gets it. They’re looking out for her, and she appreciates that. She hugs Sonny, and leaves. Sonny asks Jason, what’s really going on? Jason says, Shiloh isn’t just connected to Drew, but he’s also linked to Sam. She was married to his father.

Ava tells not-Doc, as wonderful as it would be to get away from hateful people, she wouldn’t want to leave her daughter. He says it was thoughtless of him. He has an easy fix. Take Avery; they can be a family. Ava says, that’s not possible. He asks, why? and she says, because of Sonny and Carly.

Carly sees how disconcerting it is to Franco. Franco says Doc coaxed horrible memories out of him, then said they’d plateaued. He doesn’t want see Franco, and is pawning him off on another therapist. Carly says Doc is in crisis. He’s pushing everyone away, including his wife, and hanging out with Ava. If that’s not a cry for help, she doesn’t know what is. He’s doing it to everyone. He’s blowing her off, and she has unanswered questions about Ferncliff. She says Franco taught art therapy there. Has he ever encountered a Wilson Ritter?

Nina tells Obrecht that Valentin killed Nikolas in self-defense. He’s nothing like the freak Faison was. And what does that have to do with her daughter? Obrecht says Nina should be alert. She’s looking out for what she has left of her family. Nina says Obrecht’s love is the most hurtful thing about her, and asks her to leave until she’s ready to speak with her again. Obrecht tells Nina to remember what she said. In the reception area, Obrecht runs into Valentin. Valentin asks what she said to Nina, and she says nothing that will warrant triggering her fail-safe. Nina is convinced there are similarities in Nathan and Sasha, and that will only make it more crushing when Nina discovers Sasha isn’t her daughter.

Franco says he dealt with a lot of patients at Ferncliff, but none of them were super chatty. Does she have something else for him to work with? Carly says the patient knew Morse code. Did he ever hear the staff mention him. Supposedly, he was the worst of worst. Franco says they didn’t allow him to work with the violent patients, saying they were too far gone – which is crap – but it kept him from getting stabbed with a paintbrush. She asks if he’s ever heard about him when doing research, but he says, no. She says there’s no mention of him online. How was he able to avoid publicity? Franco suggests he was lucky. Publicity follows him like toilet paper on his shoe. Maybe the answers are in this box.

Not-Doc says Ava can make arrangements. Sonny and Carly should be amenable to longer visiting periods. She asks if he’s met them. She’s pretty sure amenable isn’t in their vocabulary. She had to fight to see Avery on a regular basis in the first place. Not-Doc says it would be in Avery’s best interest for them to agree, but Ava says Sonny doesn’t think so, and keeps threatening to take her back to court. With Kiki gone, she can’t handle being without Avery. Not-Doc says he’ll talk to Sonny, and make him rethink his position. He can be very persuasive.

Sonny asks if Kristina knows Sam was married to Shiloh’s father. Jason says he and Sam confronted Shiloh, but he claimed it never occurred to him. Before he was on their radar, Sam was receiving emails from someone who clearly knows her past. Shiloh said he wasn’t involved, but who else could it be? Shiloh is using Kristina as payment, and giving her individual attention.

Sam asks if Alexis remembers the obituary she got in the mail. Alexis asks what that has to do with Kristina, and Sam says, a lot. Kristina walks in, and says Sam and Jason are on the same page. She just left Jason who was warning Sonny about Shiloh. Alexis says she wasn’t expecting to see Sam. She has a present for Kristina. She hands her the gift, and says, it cooks fast using less energy. Kristina says it’s incredibly thoughtful, and thanks her. Alexis hopes it comes in handy. Sam tells Kristina that she’s sorry it got heated. Kristina thanks Sam for the apology, and says she’s there for the unused perishables for the soup kitchen. Sam says she wants to tell Alexis something that happened, but thinks they both need to hear it. Kristina asks if it’s a dire warning because Shiloh used to have another name. Sam says, more than that. She used to run a con when she was younger. She’s marry rich guys, drain their bank accounts, and disappear. She married Henry Archer, Shiloh’s father, and is afraid he’s using Kristina to get back at her.

Carly tells Franco that she’s taking the simple route, and will ask Doc when he gets there. Obviously, he’s having a difficult time, but that doesn’t negate the good he did for them. Maybe Franco should just accept it and move on. Franco says he doesn’t want another therapist. He trusted Doc, and Doc bailed on him. He doesn’t want to open a vein to a stranger. He tells Carly that his file isn’t there. Maybe the Doc’s patients aren’t the only ones with secrets.

Ava tells not-Doc not to take it the wrong way, but he’s a gentle soul, and far too civilized to go up against Sonny and Carly. He says under the right circumstances, he’s a force to be reckoned with.  He asks if she wants to give up. She says she’d go to the ends of the earth with him, if they could have Avery with them. But short of Sonny and Carly falling off the face of the earth, she doesn’t see that happening.

Jason tells Sonny that he can’t be sure; anything is possible. Sonny hopes he’s wrong. He doesn’t want Kristina to think he’s questioning her judgement. Jason just thought he’d give Sonny a heads up, and Sonny says to tell him if Jason uncovers anything else. No one is using his daughter.

Sam tells Kristina and Alexis that she started receiving messages about her past. Kristina says she thinks Shiloh is responsible, and Sam says it seems like a possibility. Kristina says not if she knew him. He has no ill will toward the woman who stole from his father; he wrote about it in his book. He didn’t mention a name, since she used an alias anyway. Sam asks if she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Kristina ended up in his son’s group. Kristina wonders how Sam is making it about her. It could have been anyone; she doesn’t care. All she knows is that Shiloh said she was a bridge to his betterment. Something you get over on your way to a better life. Just like they’re a bridge to her betterment.

Valentin tells Obrecht that Nina’s daughter brought her joy, but Obrecht says it was a lie to get Nina back in his bed. When exposed, it will break her heart. Valentin says Obrecht is the only one who knows, and if it’s exposed, he’ll break more than her heart. Obrecht say, what if Sasha slips? Nina is quite intelligent, and not everyone is as good as they are at subterfuge. Valentin says Sasha is back in Chappaqua, but Obrecht says, it’s a temporary solution. Nina is pushing to see the woman she thinks is her daughter.

Nina is glad Sasha answered. She just wanted to hear Sasha’s voice, and tell her that Paris still on the table.

Valentin tells Obrecht to Just focus on keeping her mouth shut. He’s aware of the letters she has in place, so they’re at a stalemate. She doesn’t know about him, and he doesn’t know about her. She gets in the elevator, and the door closes.

Valentin goes into Nina’s office. She says she missed him. He asks what she and Obrecht talked about. Nina says Obrecht predicted her daughter would disappoint her, and compared Valentin to Faison. She made Nina feel like her daughter would be snatched from her, and Valentin would let her down. Valentin asks what he can do to reassure her, but she says he did already. She’s also spending two weeks in Paris with Sasha. He asks, what about Charlotte; Nina is her champion. She asks if Valentin doesn’t want her to go. He does, but he and Charlotte need her.

On the docks, Obrecht asks Franco if it’s wise to be out alone with a serial killer on the loose. He says the last time they were there, she knocked him out. She says he had kind words about their friendship because he was trying to prevent her from killing Peter. He says, that didn’t make it less sincere. She says it’s good to see him, and he asks how she beat the charges. She says, it helps know other people’s secrets.

Not-Doc sees his office door open. Carly is there, and he says it’s late for therapy, but she’s not there for therapy. He’d said the Ferncliff patient’s name was Wilson Ritter. If he’s a sociopath or serial killer, why is there no mention of him anywhere. Is he trying hide something about Wilson or Ferncliff? Not-Doc says maybe she couldn’t find it because someone else decided not glorify him. It would be refreshing not to reward him with fame. Carly asks if he did that.

Ava sees Sonny, and asks to discuss something important about Avery. She needs to leave town. There are too many memories of Kiki. He says she can leave, but that doesn’t mean she gets extra time. She says she’s not being clear. She’d like to relocate to another country, but Sonny would have to let her have Avery for extended periods. He asks, how extended? and she says, weeks; maybe a month. People who share customers do it all the time. It’s common and it work. They’ve been working well lately, and she asks if he would consider it.

Sam asks Kristina to consider the possibility that Shiloh is as much of a con as she was. Kristina says they’re like reactionaries, who protest art and movies before they’ve even seen them. Shiloh is trying to affect change and growth in the individual. You can change the world when you change yourself. She asks if Sam and Alexis would come to a seminar that might reevaluate their attitude toward him. She looks at a list, and says, loving without judgment. Jason comes in, and she says, perfect timing. She saw a seminar for him and Sam; handling personal relationships. They should check it out. If they want what’s best for her, explore what she’s discovering. Until then, she doesn’t have much to say. She thanks Alexis and leaves.

Alexis says, some of what Kristina said made sense, and truthfully, it’s the calmest discussion they’ve ever had. It’s a little woo-woo, but it doesn’t seem be doing any harm. She’ll check it out if Sam is game. Sam is. Attending a seminar is a good way to let Shiloh know they’re watching him.

Valentin suggests to Nina that they go to Paris during Charlotte’s summer break. She says they can go as a family, and he says it will be great.

Obrecht asks why Franco is brooding out there. Franco says someone bailed on him, and he’s figuring out his next move. She asks who betrayed him, and he says someone who knew all his secrets, but he doesn’t want to see anyone else tied to a bed. She says, secrets can be destructive in the wrong hands. He asks what secrets she’s keeping, and she says ones that affect important people.

Not-Doc suggests Carly stop focusing on Ritter and Ferncliff, and focus on what’s important – her family. She asks if he’s saying she’s neglecting them, and he says she’s pouring out a pattern of obsession. She was so obsessed and out of control, her family believed she pushed Nelle down the stairs. Don’t let her hate and fixation drive her to a frenzy. She says, this isn’t the same thing, but he says she’s waiting for him in the middle of the night to tell him that he’s lying. Stop thinking about the pitiful patient, and focus on her kids; Josslyn, Michael, and little Avery. She tells him, nice try, but she’ll get to the bottom of this. She leaves, and he takes out the box. His list is in it, and he writes Carly on the bottom.

Sonny asks Ava, how far away, but she’s not sure yet. She tells him, Europe. He says Avery can stay there and she can visit, but Ava says he can’t understand how different it is there without Kiki. He says he understands. He misses Morgan and Kiki. He’s not adding Avery to the list of those he’s loved and lost. He walks away, and she calls not-Doc. She tells him Sonny was hateful. He said no just like she said he would. He wouldn’t even consider it, and threw Morgan in her face. He’ll never let her leave.

Not-Doc adds Sonny to his list.

Tomorrow, Finn asks how Chase got into this, Josslyn asks Cameron why he’s on probation, and Franco asks Aiden how long he’s liked baking.

Vanderpump Rules

The remains of the party are strewn about, although Kristen cleaned up most of it. Schwartz is under the table, supposedly looking for his contact. Katie tells Brittany that Stassi almost made it through the party without freaking out. Kristen says, it was going great. Katie says, things were winding down, and Beau just wanted to kick it with them. She doesn’t understand the problem. Stassi called him fifteen times, then came out and screamed at him. She ordered him into the bedroom, and he was crying, saying he wasn’t her punching bag. Kristen says, that’s how Stassi spent the remainder of her birthday night.

Stassi is sitting outside, when Beau comes out with coffee. She’s sorry. Beau says she d*ck-punched his heart. Whatever that means. Stassi doesn’t want be mean. He says he tried to leave, and she lost it. She says that sets her off; it’s terrifying when he walks away. He says they had nothing to accomplish with the argument, and he walked away for his own sanity, and she freaked out. He says she has to figure out what makes her turn on him. She doesn’t know; that’s what scares her. She’s concerned he’s going to leave her because of how she acts. In her interview, Stassi says she won’t find someone like him again. She has to be careful not to screw it up. He asks how they can change It, but she doesn’t know. She cries, and he holds her. In Beau’s interview, he says he looks at every fight like a learning experience. Stassi calls herself an erect d*ck. Okay… Beau says he’s not walking away. They’ll work it out. He’s in love with her.

Meanwhile James goes to the ice cream place and hunts down his friend Arthur. Arthur used to be the PUMP manager when James worked there. He’s gone to him when his life wasn’t going the way he needs it to go. We flash back Arthur asking James what it told him when he got fired, and James saying, don’t drink. Arthur asks how not drinking worked for James. James says it worked, but after a while he fell back to his James ways. He wants Lisa to see a difference, and to see a difference himself. Arthur says they’ve had this conversation before, and he’ll believe it when he sees it. He’s a big believer in mantras. He asks for three words that James would use to describe being sober. James says, honest, caring, and driven. Arthur says, an honest, caring, driven man wouldn’t take a drink, knowing what will happen. James says he wants to be honest and caring to those he loves, and driven in his own accomplishments.

Lisa has a staff meeting. She wants everyone’s opinion on the James fiasco. When there’s a shake-up, she likes to bring everyone together. It’s important to let them know she’s listening. James’s behavior is unacceptable, and she’s keeping the lines of communication open. Peter talks about how everyone is doing a great job, and he’s glad to see Jax is back. Tom wonders about possible employees for TomTom. Maybe some people want to pick up a couple of shifts when they open. Lisa says he’s thinking like a businessman. She tells them, James has been let go. Peter knows he acted out during Pride, but says Tuesday nights are one of their best nights. In his interview, Jax says, James is okay, but he’s not Skrillex. He can find someone with an accent and iPod who could do the job without insulting his fiancé and calling Katie fat. The manager, whose name I never remember, says, from a business point of view… She shrugs, and Brittany says she doesn’t appreciate only looking at it that way. She’s not thinking of their feelings. Lisa is like, hey, but Brittany says she’s never been disrespectful. She’s mortified, and it’s hard not to get emotional. Lala suggests not working Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scheana says the tips have tripled because of James. She’s not defending him; just trying to see both sides. Jax doesn’t give a sh*t. Lisa says he can roll his eyes, but he’s lucky to be there as well. He doesn’t have to be. He says he’ll just be quiet, but she says she can see his attitude and body language. She heaves a huge sigh. Billie says Kristen is a trigger, and Katie tells her not to blame James’s issues on Kristen. Lala says it doesn’t give him the right to call her fat and call Lala a whore. In her interview, Lala says no one holds James accountable. His girlfriend is a yes man, and so are his friends. He’s surrounded by people who let him slide, and it’s a recipe for disaster. She thinks Lisa shouldn’t employ James. Lisa says she doesn’t support talking badly about each other or fat shaming. Aren’t they more evolved than that? James isn’t working there, and she doesn’t support how he spoke or rapped. In her interview, Lisa says it would be easy to give James his job back, but how women are treated is of paramount importance. If James isn’t echoing sentiment, how can he work for her?

At her apartment, Stassi asks Beau if she looks literary chic. She’s wearing a dark, fitted sweater with a white shirt color peeking out. He tells her she looks like Stephen King’s daughter; she just needs a knife and some blood. She’s going to be SKYPE-ing with her editor, Natasha. In her interview, she tells us she got a book deal for Next Level Basic. It’s about embracing your basic bitch; it’s like a manifesto. Natasha says she’ll keep in touch to get a sense of how the writing is going. She’s thinking September 1st is a good time for the book to come out. Stassi says she’ll make it happen. When the call ends, she hyperventilates, and tells Beau she’s sweating. She says she has so much else to do. Kristen’s mom is in town, and she’s having a mom/girls night. Katie and Stassi’s mom are best friends. They love to drink wine and gossip. They’re basically older versions of Katie and Stassi. Stassi says her mom doesn’t care how she acts or makes uncomfortable. She wonders if that’s her future. Beau says it’s his future. Great.

Giggy! Lisa and Ken sit outside at SUR, and Lisa wonders what they’re waiting for. She tells Ken that they’re having a party on the 11th at TomTom. It’s not technically an opening, but Daily Mail TV has asked if they’d host their annual party host. They’re not ready, but they’ve committed to it. The invitations have gone out. In his interview, Tom says that Pandora has taken over the cocktail menu, but nothing has been finalized. Lisa asked them to come up with three cocktails to possibly serve at the party, and there’s still a chance they could go on the menu. Lisa and Ken taste various cocktails, and Lisa gives advice on a few. In Schwartz’s interview, he says they have twenty-five to thirty cocktails that they love, and they want to deliver. Lisa thinks one looks too healthy, and Tom says it has matcha tea in it. Apparently, it tastes better than it looks. She likes it. The last one has hibiscus in it. I’ve never tasted that, and flower-flavored anything always seems weird to me, but Lisa loves that one, saying, it’s off the hook. She tells them, good job; they surprised her. In her interview, Lisa says she’s not a mixologist, but some of them were damn good.

She says the next step is the part she adores, apart from making the food; making it look beautiful. And she the perfect person to do it with – Nick Alain. We flash back to her meeting with him in Las Vegas. She says he’s strict, and wants no one but them in there. His first exposure to the Toms was after they’d been drinking for three days in Vegas. We flash back to that. She says after the installation, she’ll bring them in for the reveal. It’s not finished, but they’ll get the idea. She asks if they can carry her out.

Katie, Brittany, and Stassi go to Rage Ground, an establishment where Stassi says, you get to break sh*t, and there are no consequences. She’s going to be living out her fantasy. They’re outfitted in hazmat type suits and helmets with masks. They go into a room with all kinds of stuff to break, like bottles and printers. I think about how I’d like to smash my printer. Stassi says she’s getting all the rage out of her system, from the boyfriends who have cheated on her to not enough sides of ranch being delivered with the pizza. She breaks things because she was an angry drunk on her birthday. Afterward, she says, it’s better than sex. They feel lighter, and everyone is in a good mood. Stassi wonders if Jax was on Brittany’s mind. Katie says it’s something she wanted to talk about. It got bad, then they got back together, and when his dad passed away, they swept everything under the rug. Brittany hates that people are saying it’s only because Jax is playing the dad card. Stassi says getting over betrayal takes a long time, and Brittany says she’s still working on it. In Brittany’s interview, she says she wants people to believe in their relationship. Stassi says Jax seems to be listening to Brittany now. Katie asks if they’ve seen the live post from Scheana’s date; she’s with Robby from The Bachelorette. Stassi says Scheana loves The Bachelor people.

Scheana tells us that Robby is a former Bachelorette contestant during JoJo’s season, whatever that means to you. She met him at SUR when he was there with Adam. They roomed together at college. She says he’s supportive, reliable, gorgeous, and those absyes please. He makes her feel special. They go down that clear slide on the side of LA’s tallest building. If things keep going well, she sees herself falling for him. Stassi says Adam is a cheesy douche. Katie says he and Robby were roommates, and she amends that to the cheesiest group of dudes ever. In Scheana’s interview, she says Adam is gorgeous, but friendship was the only option, since he won’t give in. Stassi says Scheana is dating best friends, and not having sex with either one. Back at Scheana’s date, she tells Robby he’s not her type; he’s too perfect. They kiss, and he says, still not her type? She says, nope. They kiss some more. In her interview, she says he’s showing interest, and she thinks he’s there for the right reasons, because she forgot what show she’s on. Stassi says Scheana is living her real life Bachelorette.

Lisa says Nick has put everything together in his factory, and he’s bringing it to TomTom. She’s excited. She tells Nick they need so much muscle, maybe they should have the Toms help. That’s a hard no. Nick thinks they’ll be too excited, and they have too much to do. In Lisa’s interview, she says Nick needs to focus without distractions, and those distractions include Tom and Tom. In his interview, Schwartz says she told them explicitly don’t come, but he thinks it’s a test. He tells Tom, it’s a tease. They’re one hundred and fifty feet away. He has professional blue balls. They walk toward the restaurant, but Lisa intervenes, saying they need to have respect for Nick, and give him space. In her interview, Lisa knows they’re excited, but she want it to be a surprise, like taking the blindfold off. She tells the workers they’re on a deadline. Tom suggests they celebrate at Kristen’s T-shirt party. Schwartz thinks they should lurk, but Tom says, no.

Kristen is having the relaunch of her james.mae line. She’s invited friends, family, and media outlets, hoping to get the buzz going. She tried the launch before, but it didn’t work out. Scheana squeaks when she sees Kristen’s mom. Katie says, in additions to Kristen’s mom being in town, her mom and Stassi’s mom are in town. Sh*t’s about to get weird.

Lala talks to Ariana about having a conversation with James. She feels she owes it to the friendship they used to have. Her dad never held a grudge, and she needs to take on her dad’s heart, sit him down, and be caring and feeling. She needs to do it for her dad. She unblocks James, and calls him. He asks why she’s calling, and she says because she’s a human with a beating heart. She thought she’d reach out, and asks if he has time to chat tomorrow. He asks what she’s trying to get out of this. He doesn’t trust her. Which confuses me since it should be the other way around. She wants talk in person. She says they don’t have to be friends, but human beings who care for other human beings. He says he’ll see her tomorrow. She tells Ariana that she’s not wearing lashes tomorrow. I don’t know if this is because she might cry, or James just isn’t worth her putting them on.

Brittany tells Jax about getting out the anger. She says they were talking afterward, and Katie wanted to make sure they were working on their relationship. She hopes they don’t get almost to the wedding, and end up having the same problem she and Schwartz did. In his interview, Jax says Katie calling Brittany out is like throwing stones in a glass house. He says they don’t know what happens behind closed doors. He has to remember that when he’s talking about James. Brittany hates Lisa being disappointed in her. She’s never chiming in again. Jax says she has to stand up for herself. That’s one reason why he’s her fiancé. She says she loves him.

Ariana understands why Lisa is keeping the Toms away, but the whole thing was that they needed to listen and learn. How can they do that when they’re not allowed to be there? Tom tells her that Lisa loved the cocktails. Schwartz says that the Daily Mail asked James to DJ. We see a clip of Lisa saying she promised Katie that she and James wouldn’t cross paths, and Tom saying Katie doesn’t have to, but Schwarz says she’s his plus one for life. Aww! Schwartz tells Katie that James will be in the booth the whole time.

Stassi’s mom, Dayna, talks to Beau, saying he was brave at party. She left when the meltdown started. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere. She thinks he’s perfect for her daughter. Her clock is ticking, and she needs grandchildren. Beau tells Stassi they’re talking about babies. Dayna doesn’t want Stassi to be herself and mess it up. She hopes Beau is strong enough to go the distance. In her interview, Stassi wonders why her mom is giving her relationship advice. She’s never seen her have a healthy one. Dayna says Beau is way above Stassi, and Stassi wonders what parent says that? Dayna tells Beau that Stassi hasn’t frozen her eggs yet. I suddenly realize that I have the exact same sweatshirt Beau is wearing. I’m not saying a dude can’t wear a sweatshirt that has flowers on it, but I have the exact same one. Dayna is concerned that Beau hasn’t seen Stassi at her worst. Stassi says he’s seen the worst part, and Dayna asks if she’s sure.

James meets Lala. She borrowed daddy’s Rolls for the day, and likes it. She thinks she needs one. James says she unblocked him. He doesn’t know where to start, and she tells him, look in her eyes. They need to put everything aside, and get to the bottom of this. Why does he thinks he needs to attack at such a vicious level? He says, the alcohol, she says she’s the same way, but at some point, they have to realize they’re too old for that. They can’t be attacking people’s girlfriends or boyfriends, and calling them fat and a whore. He says he doesn’t remember everything. He knows that’s no excuse. He’s been helping his mom financially, and putting his brother through school. He misses their friendship. In his interview, James says he doesn’t know what’s close, and now they’re not, and it’s hitting him. He can’t clean the slate overnight. He asks if he can have time. He needs to fix himself first before he can fix anything else. He says she surprised him, and thanks her. She says they’ll all be okay. They talk music, and James asks if she wants to get in the studio again. She does.

Going into the restaurant, Dayna says she hopes her daughter grows up to be half the woman Kristen is. What? Is she drunk already? They go in to dinner, and Kristen’s mom, Faye, toasts to her. They toast to hot moms and hot daughters. Kristen checks her receipts, and says she made $9018 from the launch. She wondered what Dayna and Beau were talking about. Dayna says she stalked Beau like a hamster in Habitrail. Stassi doesn’t know what a Habitrail is, and I wonder if I should feel old. Dayna says she prays Stassi doesn’t take old baggage into new relationships. Stassi is getting annoyed. This is like last night, when Beau suggested Stassi’s issues come from old boyfriends, but Dayna said she’s always been like this. Her mother is always contradicting herself; she’d just said it was because of old boyfriends. Dayna tells Stassi that she’s going through menopause, and never cries, but Stassi says she’s always cried. This woman hasn’t even been on the scene that long, and I can tell she’s a crier. Kristen says Stassi is stuck in her bitchy place, and she hates that. Stassi says she’s putting her hands up, and Dayna says she needs help breathing. Kristen whines that no one babies her, and says Stassi is in a bad mood. Katie says Kristen is the one who started it, and Dayna suggests they all stop thinking about themselves, and think about how they’re all together. Stassi says she has to feel her feelings, and Dayna asks if she can feel them later. I laugh, partly because I can’t believe Stassi has had to deal with this woman her whole life. Stassi says, no, she can’t, and Dayna stomps off. Faye and Teri follow her. She starts bawling in the hallway, wailing that she feels like an outsider. Katie suggests that Stassi find a way to make her mom feel special. Dayna says she needs be held, and told she’s loved. Stassi says she loves her mom. In her interview, Katie says, the situation feels familiar. We flash back to Stassi pitching one of her many fits.

In Stassi’s interview, she says it feels like she’s watching her past and future worlds colliding. She has freak-outs like her mom, and sometimes has the victim mentality. Everything about tonight sucks. It all sucks. And she’s scared one day that will be her.

Next time, Tom plays the trumpet badly, Lisa tells Brittany to show respect, Brittany freaks out, and Billie gripes about not being included.

😠 I have a few things to say about Stassi’s mom. I like Stassi. She seems like the kind of friend I would have had at her age. She can be dramatic, but she’s mad smart, and has a wicked sense of humor. The former is why I’m surprised she hasn’t seen it herself. Her mom is where she gets it. This woman is toxic. I’m not saying she’s a bad person, although I think she should stay away from the alcohol, weed, or whatever the hell she’s doing. It doesn’t suit her. And she is a bad parent in several ways. She wanted Stassi to do her job – hold her and tell her that she loved her. I’m not saying that should never be done by a child, but Stassi had just ruined her own birthday – and owned up to it. She’s the one who deserved a pat on the head, not her inappropriate mother. I also have the feeling this has been going on her whole life. On top of it, in every single scene, Dayna belittled her own child. While I’ll be the first to admit there’s the magic of editing, none of it should have happened. She embarrassed Stassi at the party, by talking about Beau’s package, and intimated that Stassi had better not screw it up. Then when they were at Kristen’s launch, she wouldn’t shut up about how Stassi wasn’t good enough for Beau, had a screwed up personality, and she hoped he understood he was in for a lifetime of a nightmare. Putting the cherry on that cake, she told Beau her clock was ticking. She’s definitely an attention seeker – look out when she talks with her hands, which is always – and managed to make everything about her in some way. Which brings us to the dinner. Wow. Talk about a drama queen. The other two moms should have left her to cry it out by herself. I guarantee she wouldn’t have been gone long. I’m appalled that Kristen is encouraging her behavior, just because Dayna is being complimentary, and suggesting that Stassi isn’t as good as Kristen. Again putting Stassi down. Why isn’t Kristen standing up for her friend? I’m surprised Beau doesn’t see it either, since he’s no slouch in the brains department. I hope Stassi doesn’t lose him, but regardless, keep going to therapy, girlfriend. You’ll figure it out sooner or later, and decide what to do about it. Keep doing you, but try not to drink so much on your next birthday.

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December 27, 2018 – A Stranger from Drew’s Past, Wars Begin, Some RealiNews & Beautiful Bites


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny meets Jason at the MetroCourt. He’s going to surprise Carly, and take her to the city. He says he’s been dealing with a lot with his father, and wants Carly to know she comes first. Jason tells Sonny that his problem is with the DA.

Griff doesn’t want wear out his welcome, but Anna says he’s family. He doesn’t think she and Finn need a house guest. Finn comes in, bringing Emma with him, who’s a young lady now (same actress though – brava!).

Kim says Oscar is sleeping and smiling. You’d never know what he’s fighting. Drew suggests she get a meal and massage, and she asks why he’s trying to get rid of her. He says, it’s New Year’s Eve. Oscar wants her to have fun. He feels bad, keeping her hostage at the hospital. She says she’s not a hostage, she’s his mother. Drew tells her Oscar said she would say that, and wants her to prove she cares by going out. Julian isn’t Drew’s favorite person, but he thinks Julian is what she needs right now. Kim asks how he knows what she needs. They didn’t even know each other until last year. He says he’s learned a lot in one year.

Laura goes to The Floating Rib, and asks Felicia if she can talk for a few minutes. She asks if Felicia is willing answer a few questions about when Doc had a breakdown, and started stalking her.

Not-Doc sees the back of someone sitting in not his desk chair. He asks if he can help them. A man turns around, and says, he guesses by the look on not-Doc’s face, he never expected to see him again. Not-Doc says he guessed right.

Emma tells Anna that her mom said she’s fine with the visit, as long as they don’t engage in international espionage. She asks Griff for a hug, telling him that she heard about Kiki, and she’s sorry. Griff appreciates that. She tells him that he shouldn’t be alone on New Year’s Eve. He says he’s happiest at the hospital helping people, so he’ll probably be there. She asks him to join them tomorrow for New Year’s Day. She wonders what Finn is holding behind his back; is it for her? He hands her a beautiful hatbox – the kind you only see on a soap opera – and tells her, open it and find out. It’s a fascinator. Anna puts it on Emma’s head, and Finn takes a picture of the two of them.

Laura tells Felicia that she’s trying to understand what’s going on with Doc. Felicia says she and Mac are trying to figure it out too. Laura says, it makes no sense. She thinks he’s headed for another breakdown. Felicia says, normally, she’d tell Laura to talk to a shrink, but Doc is the best one she knows.

Not-Doc assumes Peyton is there about the documentary on his brother, and asks how it’s going. Peyton says, great, thanks to him. Not-Doc asks if he wants a follow-up interview. He can even narrate to make it more authentic. Peyton says he has that wrapped it up with his own authentication. He’s here to shoot exteriors, but would love for him look at a rough cut. Think of it as a private screening. Not-Doc has a few things to clear up first, but will catch up with him. He asks if Peyton is still working out of the rental space at the pier. He is, and not-Doc says he’ll see him later. Peyton leaves, and not-Doc looks at his tablet. He sees an Invader article about the murders.

Jason tells Sonny that Margaux wants to take him down. Sonny says she stopped Marcus from having his dad arrested. She has a long game, but if her short game works for his dad, it will work for all of them. Margaux approaches their table, asking if it’s too soon to wish them a happy New Year. Jason says they were just talking about her. He was about to tell Sonny that she gave Drew the flashdrive with his memories. He’s not sure what she thought she’d get out of it, and she says, maybe she was just doing the right thing. Jason says, maybe. He has to go, and jets. Margaux apologizes to Sonny, saying she didn’t mean to drive his friend away. Sonny says she couldn’t if she tried. She has no leverage with Jason like she does with Drew.

Kim tells Drew that he and Oscar are trying to get her to go out with Julian, and Julian insisted she spend the evening with Oscar. Drew says, that’s generous; almost selfless. He doesn’t know if he could do that. If it was him, he’d want to celebrate with the woman he loves.

Anna says she’s going to get Emma settled. Emma tells Griff that she’s available to dance, if wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. They go upstairs, and Griff says, it’s amazing. All it takes is a funny hat and a memory of his father in a tutu, and all is right in Emma’s world. Finn says, it’s a good place to be. He tells Griff, what he’s feeling, he’s been there. Griff appreciates everything they’re doing, but nothing seems to help. Finn agrees, saying, people care when you don’t want them to, and inflict caring when you want to curl up in a ball alone. You don’t realize it until later. Griff wants to believe that – more than anything. He leaves, and Finn says, happy New Year.

Laura thanks Felicia. She knows none of these are good memories. Felicia says that’s why she and Mac went on the cruise, to get some distance from the anniversary of the murders. But she realized that if she was running from the coverage, she’d still be running from Ryan. A quarter-century later, he would still be affecting her. So she decided to do an interview with a television producer who’s doing a documentary. Laura asks, why? and Felicia says it would be done with or without her. She wanted them to know that Ryan wasn’t intriguing or glamorous. He was just a monster.

When not-Doc comes into Peyton’s work room, the film is running. Felicia is saying she survived Ryan, and his attempt to exorcise his own demons. Peyton says he’d appreciate not-Doc’s thoughts, but it’s a work in progress. He thinks Felicia is beautiful, and it’s easy to see why Ryan was obsessed. Felicia says, they first met in Texas. He was calling himself Todd Wilson. She should have sensed something was deeply wrong. Not-Doc breaks a pencil, and Peyton asks if he’s okay. Not-Doc apologizes, saying he’s fine. Felicia is dear old friend, and Ryan was his brother; his twin. It’s a bond even death can’t break up. Peyton says twins always talk about a special connection. Felicia touches on it; it’s a compelling interview. Felicia says Ryan made her life a living hell. It’s fitting that he died in a hell of his own making; an inferno.

Felicia feels just as in the dark about Doc as Laura. Laura says they both know he’s a good man. If he’s not acting like himself, something is wrong. Laura checks her phone, and sees the Invader headline: Two Gruesome Killings – One Killer?

At the hospital, Griff looks at the same article.

Margaux says Jason doesn’t approve of her. Sonny asks if she can blame him. Everyone knows she doesn’t approve of Sonny. She says he has his moments. He made a very compelling argument that she was losing herself in her vendetta against him. She decided to turn things around. He asks if that’s why she gave Drew the flashdrive. She says she was wrong to hold something as sacred as someone’s life and memories as leverage to get something on Sonny. She’s glad it didn’t work out. Sonny says he almost believes that.

Jason shoots pool at The Floating Rib. A strange man approaches him, and asks if he’s Drew. He can’t believe it; it’s really him. Jason says he’s Jason Morgan; Drew is his twin. The guy says he didn’t know Drew had one. He’d said he was brought up in a state home. Jason says they didn’t know until year ago, and the guy says, it’s such a trip. He knew Drew in Afghanistan. He was an independent contractor, and there was a lot of overlap with the SEALs. He introduces himself as Hank, and asks, how about a game? Jason racks, and Hank asks if Drew is still a SEAL. Jason can’t say, and Hank tells him that he didn’t mean to pry. Jason suggests he ask Drew himself; he’s living in Port Charles. The guy says, what are the odds of that? Jason almost clears the table in one shot.

Drew tells Kim that he can take her home, and there’s plenty of time to get ready. She says she’s not going anywhere, and reminds him about being stuck in New Year’s traffic last year. She asks if he remembers finding the CD, and says, Oscar is such a romantic. He was convinced she kept it in hopes of finding him. Drew says, it makes sense. He’s heard about himself, and he was fantastic. She says he was all right. She tells Drew, that kid never gives up, and Drew says, just like his mom. She adds, and his dad.

Margaux tells Sonny that Drew didn’t want the flashdrive. He said the past is past, and was more concerned about what’s best for his son right now. Sonny says, the kid’s got guts. It’s a shame he’s so young. Margaux says, it’s a shame for anyone; a kid or a jazz lover like Sonny’s dad. Sonny is grateful, and Margaux says he’s welcome, but wants it to be clear. He says, she’s the DA, and he’s an alleged criminal. Margaux says, alleged, and Sonny says, nothing has changed.

Emma gives Anna a bulldog keychain, and a bearded dragon keychain to Finn. She says the keys are to Anna’s house; it’s symbolic. Anna says, it’s very thoughtful, and Finn thanks her. She says she’ll leave them to discuss things. When she’s gone, Finn says he didn’t have the heart to tell her that he already has a key. Anna says, it’s not so much the gesture as the symbolism. Emma is saying that Finn should move in with her – again.

Griff is waiting at Doc’s office, and Laura asks if there’s a line. Griff says he’s not there. A shrink is like a cop or priest. There’s never one around when you need them. She’s glad she ran into him, and asks if he read Lulu’s article. He says that’s why he’s there; he needs answers. He thought someone who has looked into the darkest corner of the soul, and made a study, maybe… Laura says, maybe he can understand why Kiki had to die?

Doc is being interviewed in the film. Peyton asks what Doc can tell him about his brother. Doc says, he was misunderstood, like any artist, and he was an artist in his own way. He was too sensitive for this world. His pain was so intense, he needed others to feel it too. Like Goya and Van Gogh needed to experience it themselves to be appreciated. Not-Doc says, quite powerful, but he would cut all the stuff about Todd Wilson, and just focus on Ryan in Port Charles. Peyton says that would mean leaving out Gloria Wilson’s murder. Not-Doc suggests he just say Ryan killed his wife. Why mention Todd Wilson when there’s no such person? Peyton says, or is there? The funhouse is now a coffee franchise, and you’d never know it was there, which is fitting. Not one speck of Ryan’s DNA was found. That’s what inspired his ending. He asks if not-Doc would like a sneak peek. Not-Doc says, more than he could possibly know.

Hank tells Jason, good thing he didn’t bet money. He doesn’t remember Drew being this good. Jason says they’ve never played. Hank asks if Jason has Drew’s information. He wants to get in touch. Jason suggests he get Hank’s information, and he’ll pass it along. Hank grabs a napkin and pen, and writes it down. He says, tell Drew his buddy Hank is looking for him. He’ll remember. Jason says, memory is a funny thing, and takes a shot, finishing the game. Hank says remind him never to shoot pool with Jason again, and asks if he wants a rematch. Jason has somewhere to be, and Hank says, next time. When Jason is out of earshot, he calls Sam, saying there’s a quick change in plans. He needs to make a stop before coming over.

Margaux tells Sonny, don’t make problems for her, and she won’t for him. She has bigger fish to fry. He asks if she means a possible serial killer. She says two isolated homicides don’t make a serial killer, but he says, not according to the article. She says all it is, are theories. The police have yet make a connection between Kiki and Mary Pat’s murders. Sonny says, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Finn wonders if 2018 went uphill or downhill since his and Anna’s last New Year’s Eve. She says Cassandra tried to kill him, and he says Cassandra’s henchman tried to kill her. She says they lost Nathan. He remembers her pain, and he’s sorry he couldn’t take it away. Anna says he did. He says, not a lot, and she says, enough. She tells him that she found her son, and he says, pointing a gun at her. Anna asks, who hasn’t at some point? Finn tells her, on one hand, her fearlessness is attractive; on the other hand, it makes him realize how much he’d hate to lose her. She says she’s not going anywhere. Emma comes back downstairs, and asks if they’ve reached any important life decisions, like asking Finn to move in. Anna says she’s oddly old-fashioned, and thinks it should be up to him. Finn says, it’s 2018. He’s not sure that it’s necessary for the man to propose, and Anna quickly tells Emma, he means moving in. Finn says, there are no rules anymore for cohabitation; someone just asks. He begins to stumble over his words, says, yeah, and walks out. Anna says, did he just leave?

Griff doesn’t think they should just walk into Doc’s office, and Laura asks what Griff thinks he’ll do; get moodier? She just has one quick question, then Griff can talk to him. Doc took an oath to help people in pain. Griff is thinking of going to the gym; he just wants to smash something. To think it might be the same person, and the start of a pattern with more victims. He wants justice, but at the same time, it seems pointless. Any justice that comes will be too late for Kiki.

Not-Doc tells Peyton not to keep him in suspense; show him the ending. Peyton says it’s not taped yet. It just occurred to him last night. He hasn’t told another soul. He puts the film back on. Peyton is talking to the camera.What if Ryan didn’t die in the funhouse? No way out? What if there was a trap door, or the blast itself propelled him to safety? What if he walks among them? What does he look like? Perhaps anyone. Even me. Even you.

Sonny tells Margaux that he’s taking Carly to the city tonight, but just so she knows, Kiki was family. So if she needs help with whoever did this, all she has to do is ask. Margaux asks if he’ll reach out to his contacts in the legitimate coffee import business. He says he’s just trying help. He means what he said about paying back debts. Margaux says he owes her nothing, and she’s not sure they can ever be even. Some debts can’t be repaid. Some things can’t be taken back. He’s sorry she feels that way, and she says, it is what it is. He starts to leave, and she tells him, have a happy New Year. He says, same to her.

Kim tells Drew that she’s going to check on Oscar. He says he’ll go next; they can be a tag team. Oscar can spend double the time with his parents; he’ll love it. She says they’re getting good at it, but wishes they didn’t have to be. She leaves for Oscar’s room, and Jason comes in. He asks how Oscar is, and Drew says he’s sleeping, but all things considered, he’s pretty good. Jason doesn’t want to give him anything else to deal with, but a guy approached him at The Floating Rib, claiming he thought Jason was Drew. Drew says Jason doesn’t believe him, and Jason says he was too anxious to tell his story. He hands Drew the napkin, saying the guy said he used to call him Hank. Drew looks at the napkin.

Hank shoots pool badly by himself. He ponders while drinking a beer.

Emma tells Anna that she wanted the keychain to convince Finn to move back in. Anna says she wants that, and Emma asks if she doesn’t want it too. Anna says, he’s very tidy. Emma hopes she didn’t hurt his feelings, but Anna says he understands she meant well. It’s just that men like to think they make their own decisions. Emma says, then they should make them faster. Anna tells her, they’re not all the same. Some are more anxious and tightly wound souls, like Finn. It’s best not to push them. Finn let’s himself in, carrying a suitcase and Roxie’s cage. He says he used his keychain. So do they want him to move in or not? Anna and Emma say, yes! and Finn and Anna hug.

Laura tells Griff that she was never one to believe evil wins out. That’s why she chose to run for mayor. He says, to fight evil? and she says, to do some good. She’s sure she sounds naïve, and Griff says not to him, but he probably sounds naïve to a lot of people. She says they have that in common. She wants to make the world a better place. She’s sure he wanted that when he chose be a priest and doctor. He says he took an oath to do no harm, but if he could get his hands on the person who killed Kiki, and take a life for a life, part of him thinks he’d be doing the Lord’s work.

Not-Doc says, it’s a heck of an ending. Has he screened it for anyone else? Peyton says, not yet. When it’s put together, it’s going to be a real eye opener. Not-Doc says, that it might. Peyton asks what he thinks, and not-Doc says he has a few notes, and closes the door.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Drew that Oscar was conceived on New Year’s Eve, not-Doc says he’ll see if anyone is looking for Peyton tonight, and Laura tells Scotty that Doc is sleeping with Ava.

🍗 On Top Chef, the remaining twelve were surprised to hear they were going into restaurant wars in Lexington. On previous seasons, the wars didn’t happen until they were down to eight contestants, but this time, there would be three restaurants instead of two, with the teams already decided. First, a Quickfire challenge was in order. It was an amuse bouche-based challenge, and the chefs had to come up with the quick, perfect bite, that begins a meal to get you wanting more. Michelle won immunity with what Padma deemed, one beautiful bite. When the teams were divided, training the staff seemed to be harder than the cooking, with few having prior experience, and not many of them retaining what they had just learned. The show ended just as the chefs were about to open their restaurants, and Tom threw them a curveball, telling them it would be a double elimination.

🍵 A Little RealiTea…

Bad below deckhand.


I’m looking forward to Denise joining the pack, but I’m still just in it for the LVP.


I’m more shocked that Anfisa is waiting for Jorge while he’s in the slammer.


Stassi (Vanderpump Rules) got a cameo of them for Christmas from her beau Beau. I knew Beau was the right one for her. Colt and Larissa are possibly the most interesting 90 Day Fiancé couple this season. I think she’s really interested in him, which boggles my mind. And there’s already a cheating scandal. With him being the culprit. Mind more than boggled.



And the sweetest 90 Day couple. Come on, let him come to this country. So he punched out a few dudes. It’s not like they were strangers or his SO. The football players we have here already have done much worse.


🍤 Amuse Bouche…