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September 8, 2019 – Logan With a Double Twist, Movie Sleep, Monsters & Back At Work


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Logan sets up a take what you need box. A woman radios, asking if anyone copies. He answers, asking if she’s at the Feedbag. He set that place up. She says her name is Serena, and he asks how he can help. She says she was following him and his partner. He says his partner is on route to where she is. We hear zombie noises, and Logan says, Desert Fox to Polar Bear. Does Clay copy? He gets no response, and asks if Clay decided to sleep in. He tells Serena that he’s coming to get her himself. She says, they’re coming in the back door too, and he tells her, hang on. He’s going as fast as he can. Keep talking, and barricade the door. She says, there are too many; the door’s not going to hold. Logan’s gas gauge shows he’s almost on empty. He tries again to radio Clay, saying, SOS at the Feedbag. The truck runs out of gas, and he jumps out. He asks Serena where she is, and tells her that he’s almost there. He hears the zombies attack her. He runs inside, calling for Serena. It’s quiet, and he finds the zombie’s feeding on her. They see him, and he shoots. He stumbles out, crying, and drops to his knees.

Logan looks up the road, and sees some people on horseback. A woman asks if he’s the man who was trying to help that girl. Their condolences. He says, she is? She says, Virginia. Most people call her Ginny. He asks what they want, and she says, to help. They’ve been watching him; listening. They want the same thing he does, but bigger and better. Together, they can get from yesterday to tomorrow. He says he’s listening.

Dylan picks a rat out of a bunch of them in a box. Max says, don’t worry. They won’t eat him. They put the rat inside of a small cage, and hang it up. There are several rats in cages hung up in a circle, making zombies work a wheel, the same way a carrot is dangled in front of a donkey. (I wonder if a good zombie always goes to the right?) The wheel causes oil to pump out of a pipe. Wen tells Sarah, they’re 3000 gallons ahead of schedule. He tells Luci, this is no place to store the tanker. His pillow looks like the Shroud of Turin when he wakes up. Luci says she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. Wen says he’s not worried about his hands; he’s worried about everything else. They hear a truck approach the barricade. Wen asks if it’s Sarah, and tells Luci, that’s not her rig. They draw their guns, and Logan busts through. Annie tells the kids to get down, and go. Luci approaches the truck.

Wen asks what Logan is doing there, and Logan says, he has to ask? He sees some of his people; he wondered where Clay stashed them. Luci tells him not to move, and he says, no one is firing a weapon. If he was her, he’d stop giving orders and start taking them. She why he’s there. He tells her, like the box says, take what you need and leave what you don’t. And they need it all.

Alicia paints a tree, and asks Victor if it’s too much phoenix. He says, Ross had clouds; she has birds. He notices her radio is on, and he says they won’t be able to charge it. They’re almost out of gas. She says, they can’t give up on him, but Victor says Wen told them he didn’t want help. Why would he want it now? A girl’s voice comes over the radio, saying she needs help, and giving them her location, and Alicia relays the message to John and June. June says, Sarah and Wen were going to the oil field. She thinks Logan found them, and no one’s heard from Morgan and Al. Alicia says she can’t reach him either, and June says they’ll help with the truck stop. They’ve got this. Victor asks Alicia, how do they know Logan isn’t trying to draw them away? and Alicia says, what’s the point of having gas if they can’t use it to help people?

Logan watches the wheel. A worker says, it was Clay’s idea. He wanted to see them do good. Doris hands Logan Clay’s journal, and says, there’s no instructions. Wen asks how he found them, and Logan says he watched their movie. They should have been more careful where they point the camera. As Logan looks through the journal, Luci says maybe he can remember what he used to believe. Logan says, that doesn’t mean he was right, and tosses it into the fire. Doris stops Luci from retrieving it, and Luci goes back with the others. Logan says, smart girl. She doesn’t want to make it difficult. It won’t make a difference. It’s only prolonging the inevitable; the survival of the fittest. Luci asks why he’s doing this, and he says he told Morgan that he was helping people, just not in a way they can get on board with. Wen suggests he try them first, but Logan thinks they’d have no stomach for it. Are they going to give him gas, or what? Luci says, no, and Logan says he didn’t think so. He radios his guys, and says they need to start cooking. The guy Dwight didn’t shoot (whose name I still don’t know) says he’s not as optimistic as he was before; they hit a roadblock. Logan says, unblock it. They’re about to start a new batch.

Dude says they have no time to find a new route. They have to get these off the road. He starts to move a container, and Sarah pops out, saying, some fellas will do anything to avoid asking directions. Lucky for him, they know the way. Dwight is glad he didn’t shoot dude while he had the chance. Now there’s no way he’s not helping. Dude is hesitant, and Sarah shoots and grazes him. She says, of all the sh*t she’s had to live with, she can’t abide that she killed Polar Bear for nothing. Him, she can live with. He wisely  gets in the truck.

In the past, Logan checks his watch, and looks at key points on a map.

Logan asks Luci, what’s the matter? and she tells him, it’s too windy. If the tanker gets too hot, the oil won’t separate. (I guess she’s the Walter White of FWD now.) Logan says that’s why he needs assistance. Here’s his cook now. Sarah pulls up instead. She and Dwight get out of the truck, and Sarah says Logan doesn’t seem happy see her. He says he wasn’t expecting her, and she says she and Dude had a little chat. He picked the perfect day to decide to stop being an a-hole. Watching with June from a cliff above them, John shoots one of the wheel zombies. He radios, that’s a friendly warning. In case he gets an itchy trigger finger. The zombie drags along in the circle, now literally dead weight.

Sarah tells Logan, they can walk their separate ways. These people don’t want no part of this sh*t show. He says, the problem is, the show must go on. They walked on stage, and they know how it ends. She says, do they? Logan says they had the chance to kill him and didn’t take it. That won’t change now. He radios John, saying, John may be a good shot, but this is one he’s not going to take. John cocks his hat, and says, not unless he has to. Logan says he’s bluffing. Sarah says, when he’s right, he’s right. They’re not here to make their iron bark, or to take over the oil fields either. She hopes he sees reason, and stops what he’s doing, or at least gets the point. She can’t undo how she got Clay killed. She has to live with regrets every day. When she saw him in the rearview, she could have stopped, and done the right thing, but she didn’t do jack. Wen says, she’s right. He’ll have to live with his conscience. Logan says he’ll be reasonable. The kids can go, if they can go back to work. It’s a reasonable trade. Sarah says they’ll need a car, and gas. Logan thinks he can spare a few gallons. Annie says she’s not leaving; they can help. Luci says they’re leaving, and Sarah says, the convoy is at the rendezvous. Do they know where that is? Annie says, yes, and Sarah says, skedaddle. Dylan asks Luci, what about the rats? and she says they’ll take care of them. Just be safe.

The girl tells Alicia, they’re starting to build up outside. Alicia asks her name, but she thinks it’s safer for her not to give it. Alicia says she needs to stay calm. Help is coming. The girl says, really? Victor says the inevitable has happened. They’re out of gas. Alicia tells the girl that they’re on their way. Do what she has to, to stay safe. Alicia radios to anyone listening that she can use help.

Oil pumps out. Dwight says the fire is out of hand, and Luci says, it’s too big. Logan says she shouldn’t have sent his cook back. Get back to work. Sarah says, the real truth, what the hell does Logan need the gas for? Logan says she doesn’t need to be concerned. They’re going to help people. It’s just not going to be one person at a time. This mom and pop crap makes people think they have a chance. Sarah is sorry he feels that way, and Logan says he has her to thank. He got a call that someone needed help along Clay’s route. When Clay didn’t answer, he went himself.

We see Logan running. He says he didn’t get there in time. He had to listen to her get torn apart, and there was nothing he could do. All because Clay wasn’t there, because she stole his rig. He’s doing what he’s doing because of her. If she wants to help make a difference – over the radio,  Alicia says they’re close – walk away. They’ve already done their part. Nothing they do is going to make up for that.

June radios, saying she hopes she’s not interrupting, but they have to get out of there now. She looks through the binoculars, and sees zombies walking toward a cliff above where the tanker is. There’s nothing I love more than a zombie walking off a cliff. Unless it’s a whole horde of them walking off a cliff, like in the Grand Canyon episode of Z Nation. < We pause for a moment, and reflect on the passing of my favorite show.>

It’s nighttime, and John is shooting the zombies as the get close to the edge. Doris smashes one’s head. Luci watches the tank burn. Doris says she’s got to kill the fire, but Luci says she can’t; it’s burning too hot. June watches. Tons of zombies go splat below the cliff. Some get up; some don’t. Dwight says they need their weapons. John keeps shooting. June radios that they can’t take them out. They have to clear out of there.

It’s getting pretty messy, and Doris says they have a problem. Logan says they also have company. Someone deal with the dead. Dwight says they need gas, and Wen says, they need to be alive to do what they’re doing. Dwight asks if he thinks the gas in the truck will hold them over, and he, Wen, Luci, and Sarah head for the truck. Doris tells Logan, they need to bail, but he says, no one needs to be bailing. A zombie clutches at his pant leg, and he tells her, don’t just stand there, kill it. It starts crawling up his leg. Doris shrugs, and jets. The tanker burns hotter. Sarah gets in the truck, and looks at Logan. She says, sh*t, and gets back out. Dwight asks, what’s going on? and she says she can’t leave him. Dwight says Logan told them to walk away; he doesn’t want help. Sarah says if she’s not back in two minutes, get in the truck. Wen tells her not to go, but she says, don’t try to talk her out of it. She’s going to do what she should have done back then. Wes says, what they both should have done . Sarah goes into the fray. Man, I hope they don’ kill her off. I really like Sarah.

Alicia asks if the girl copies. She says she’s not sure how much longer the doors will hold. Alicia says there should be a generator, and she can broadcast from where she is. Does she copy? There’s nothing. Alicia and Victor look at each other.

The tank burns. Sarah drags Logan inside. He’s pissed, and says she should have left him out there. She tells him that he’s a real  sh*t-ass at thank yous. She just saved him. He says she prolonged the inevitable. If something else doesn’t get them, the dead will. They tried to help others, but no one is coming to help them. She says, maybe he’s right. The girl Alicia was talking to comes over the radio, saying she needs help. Logan says, more people to save, and she asks if anybody is there. Sarah picks up, and Logan says she’s got be sh*tting him. The girl says she’s trapped, and Sarah hands Logan the radio. He asks if there’s an ad for sunscreen on the wall. The girl says Alicia told her that he could help. Sarah asks if Logan knows her, but he says she’s like the one he was trying to tell her about. They’re giving the poor girl hope. He tells the girl,  the sooner she accepts this, the sooner she’ll understand what she has to do. She says she can’t kill them; there’s too many. He tells her there’s a gun in there. She sees it, and asks how he knew. He says he left it there.

John keeps shooting, and a zombie comes up behind him. June shoots it, and it looks like there are more coming, but it’s Tess and Jacob. Tess says they couldn’t stay with the convoy, and Jacob says they thought the group might need assistance. John says they need to keep the ones on the ridge from falling in.

She says, there’s only one bullet. Logan says he knows; he’s sorry. She sees the zombies clamoring at the doors, and coming through the trap door below. She says, don’t be. It’s better this way. I heave a huge sigh, along with Logan. She cocks the gun, and closes her eyes. They start to come in. Everyone listens on the radio. Logan says, no, and we hear a shot. Then more shots. Everyone is like, wha…? Sarah asks if she’s okay. Who’s there? Wes takes the radio, and says, the name’s Wes. He heard Alicia on the radio. She helped him, so he figured he’d pay it forward. Sarah looks at Logan, and says, what happened before, she’s sorry, but that’s no reason to throw this all away. They help people. We see clips of everyone helping  each other, and Sarah says, they help people. it’s hard to get bigger than that.

Alicia and Victor arrive at the Feedbag. The girl is surprised Alicia made it, and Alicia is glad she’s okay. Alicia introduces Victor. She says she was hoping Wes was listening. Victor asks, what happened to people are people? and Wes says, sometimes they’re not. He wasn’t going to listen to someone die over the walkie. He tells Alicia that he saw her trees. Not bad. He likes the phoenix thing. The girl says they shouldn’t stay. They’ll find her. The place she’s from, there are people she couldn’t be with anymore. She was trying to get out. That’s why she ended up there. Alicia says she’s with them now. Those people aren’t going to bother her anymore. They leave. Victor lingers, but then follows.

A zombie climbs out of a ditch, and Jacob pikes him with his trusty bayonet. John stomps another one’s head. Sarah and Logan come outside. Sarah says, this sh*t is worse than a tequila hangover. They all meet, and Logan says he recognizes Tess from the movie. Jacob, not so much. John says he couldn’t have cleared the place without him. June says these are people they helped. What’s left of Logan’s guys come out with guns. Logan tells them, guns down. There’s been enough horse sh*t already.  Doris tells him  that he said they’d take it all. Logan says he thought they needed it. She says he claimed it was their ticket to the Promised Land, and he says, it still could be – if they put the guns down. Doris lowers hers, and the rest follow suit. John says, okay, and they all lower their guns. Logan says, sh*t happens. Then more sh*t happens, and it makes you start to doubt what you’re about. double Some people do better with a partner. Clayton never did. He may have burned Clayton’s journal, but he didn’t snuff out what Clay was trying to do. Shocking us all, someone shoots Logan in the head, and then picks off the rest of his group. John and the others draw their weapons. Ginny rides in with a few people, and a bunch of others ride along the ridge above, and wait there.

Luci says she killed Logan, and Ginny says they had to do this for a reason, and don’t take it lightly. She then says something in Spanish. She says they all know Logan was a liability who couldn’t be trusted. June asks what she knows about them, and Ginny says they’re not exactly hermits. They’ve been watching them for a while, on and off screen, and like what they’re doing so much, she thinks there’s a way they can all help each other. She gets down from her horse. She says their biggest weakness is, they think too small. Their convoy works – mostly – but mostly it doesn’t. Luci says, who is she to tell them how to help? Sarah says they don’t take tips from a killer. Ginny says think of them as pioneers. Settlers, settling everything, everywhere. It’s no different than what they’re doing with the outposts, but it’s bigger, and if she may, better. A hundred years from now, people might look back and think their methods are ruthless and unkind, but there will be people to look back. They have people everywhere, and they can help each other. She says, Dwight. If his wife is still alive, they can help  him find her. June. They can help find her the sweet little place she’s looking for. She looks at Sarah and Wen, and says they need someplace to brood. They can find that too. They brokered a deal with Logan to help expand on what they built; to help keep it going. There’s no telling what they can offer each other. Sarah says she can take her offer, and shove it straight up her poopshoot. June says, Sarah is right. They saw what Ginny does to people who take her deals. Ginny says they only eliminate what’s not essential. That doesn’t describe them. Dwight says, they’ll take their chances, and Wen says they can cook for themselves. Ginny says, leaving them high and dry, without what they came for? That makes them less essential. She raises her hand, and her people raise their guns. John and the others raise theirs, and John says, don’t. Everyone freezes.

Luci says, wait. She can stay. She tells Ginny, let them go. She can help make it. John says, they can get out of this. They’ve gotten out of worse scrapes. Sarah says, no, but Luci says, this way , they can keep everyone going; keep them alive. Ginny says, sounds like a deal to her. Luci tells her to give them a tanker of gas, and Ginny says, they can do that. Luci tells June, use it. Everyone leave, and then prove them wrong. Ginny doesn’t see that happening, but if they change their minds, do reach out. At the rate they’re expanding, they won’t have a hard time finding them.

The tanker pulls out, along with the other cars, leaving Luci behind. Ginny smiles.

Next time, Al and Morgan meet a group while on their way back to the convoy; Daniel says  it’s him, Grace, and a cat with serious behavioral issues; and Ginny says someone knows how to make an entrance.

😱 It’s Déjà Redrum All Over Again…

I need to hurry up and finish the book before the movie comes out. Even though it’s the sequel to The Shining, IMO, it stands on its own. I’m hoping the movie doesn’t disappoint – it looks promising.


👹 Nothing Better Than a Good Monster…

And a good quote. What’s scarier than a regular shambling zombie? Zombies that can run real fast.


🚶 How Does It Happen…?

Here we are again.



















April 22, 2018 – Madison Meets New People, Quite the Hat, Film Talk & More Than One Random Thought


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead


Everyone is sleeping like things are normal; like it used to be. Luci makes coffee for Nick, and everybody gets dressed, and ready for the day. All kinds of activities are going on.

Madison asks a little girl about her family, but she doesn’t want to talk. She asks the girl about some of her favorite things instead. Madison says it takes getting used to, but this is home now. She’ll do what she can to make it happen, but needs help. The girl nods. Madison asks where the girl was coming from, and she points. Madison looks out to see zombies wandering around outside the baseball stadium they call home.

Over a loudspeaker, we hear it’s been 365 days. Victor says they’re celebrating, and pours maple syrup over everyone’s breakfast. Madison hammers away at something, and Alicia brings her some food. She tells Madison that they’re leaving in twenty minutes.

The girl talks to Nick about a story that sounds like Faust; a guy selling his soul to the devil. The turnip crop isn’t doing so great, and the girl, whose name is Charlie, asks about food running out. Nick says they’re almost growing enough not to need scavenging.

Madison tells the others where she thinks Charlie is from, but it’s outside the range. Madison says they have to look for her family anyway.

The group gets ready to leave. Nick asks Luci to find Charlie a new book. If she’s reading Faust, hopefully Luci understands to bring back something at a higher reading level than My Little Pony. Luci says Nick should come, but he has a turnip situation. He asks her to make sure Madison comes back this time. Luci tells Madison that Nick has to come out at some point. Madison says he needs to feel safe right now, but he will. Nick finds out it’s weevils causing the crops to fail, and radios the car. They get out of range before he can finish the conversation.

Madison parks, and tells them eyes open, stay close, keep talking. Victor and Luci go through a building that’s been picked clean; even the lightbulbs are gone. Alicia and Madison find a mess and a burned-out car. Madison says it’s lucky Charlie got out alive. Victor realizes the place isn’t just void of survivors, but also the dead. It’s a ghost town without ghosts. (I said that, not him.) Madison sees half-eaten food, and tells Victor that they’ll be there in a minute.

Luci says Madison won’t stop until she looks under every rock. Victor says she wouldn’t stop until she found him. He still hasn’t asked why she helped him after what he did. Luci suggests he does.

Charlie messes with the radio, and Nick tells her it’s okay, they haven’t been gone that long. Charlie knows it’s not a regular run. Nick says if her family is out there, they’ll find them. He asks if she’ll help with the turnips. What is it with turnips? They grow them on The Walking Dead too. Considering my gardening skills lean more toward enthusiasm than actual talent, maybe I should try growing them.

Madison and Alicia look around, but there’s nothing. A woman comes up behind Madison with a gun, and asks for her keys. Madison tells her that she doesn’t have to do this, but the woman keeps a bead on her. Madison signals Victor on the radio. He says, sh*t! and takes off. Madison tells the woman about the settlement. She says they have strong walls, plenty of food, and good people. She says they took in a little girl named Charlie, and asks if the woman knows her, but she says she doesn’t have a kid, and tells Madison to stop. She takes the keys from Madison’s pouch, but runs up against Alicia, with Victor and Luci now behind her. The woman dashes past them. Madison follows.

The woman runs up some steps leading to an oil tank. Alicia asks her to put the gun down, and puts her own down. Alicia tells her to trust them; they’ll give her the car. The woman backs up, and falls into the tank. Lots of falling through roofs going around. It’s dark, and full of oily water. Zombies pop up everywhere. Madison tells Victor to get the hatch open, and jumps down. Victor and Alicia struggle to get it open, but finally do, and oil, water, and zombies flow out. They kill the zombies, and Alicia gets Madison out.

Luci finds a copy of The Little Prince. Well, it’s no Dostoevsky, but better than My Little Pony. Victor wonders why they’re bothering, and Madison says, no one is gone until they’re gone. The woman introduces herself as Naomie. She says she’s sorry; she wasn’t going to hurt her. Madison asks if she has any idea who let the zombies into the tank, but she just got there. Madison asks where she’s from, and Naomie says it’s been a long time since she’s been from anywhere. We hear zombie noises, and Luci says they should leave – now.

Nick burns the turnip crop. A zombie sticks its dead fingers through the fence. Suddenly, music is playing, then fades. Nick wonders if it’s a signal, and he and the others wait to hear it again. There’s just silence, and Nick asks Charlie to open the gate. He gets in a car, takes a deep breath, and rolls out.

Nick remembers being behind a fence, and blowing up the reservoir. Zombies grapple at the car, and Nick runs into something, hitting his head on the dashboard. A sniper from the settlement shoots at the zombies, and radios him to get back. He gets out, and starts walking toward the gate. A zombie starts to come up on him from behind, and in perfect timing, Madison returns and creams it with her car. Luci asks what happened, and Nick says he was out for a stroll. She tells him get in.

Madison wants to talk to Charlie. Charlie says it’s okay; she knows Madison didn’t find them. Madison  tells Charlie that she has to ask another question; not an easy one. What happened at the camp? Who did that? Charlie says nothing, and Madison says they’ll talk later.

Nick gets his wounds dressed by Naomie, who was a nurse, at the ER, then the ICU. Madison doesn’t think it was a surprise to Charlie that they didn’t find her family. Nick leaves, and Naomie says Madison didn’t tell her it was a baseball stadium. Madison says Naomie didn’t believe she had a camp. Naomie asks how many, and Madison says forty-seven; forty-eight if she decides to stay. Naomie says she pulled a gun, but Madison says they’ve all done worse. She thought she’d lost her kids, but found them and found this place. They built it up together. They are who they are because of it. Naomie says they don’t know her. Madison says she doesn’t know them. They’re both taking a chance. She suggests Naomie take a shower, and Naomie is astounded they have one – with hot water.

Victor pushes the car Nick was driving, while another guy steers. Luci radios them to get inside now; ditch the car. They look behind them, where there’s a convoy of large vehicles driving in. They run in, and lock the gate. This doesn’t look good.

A dude rides around on a bicycle, music coming from the boombox on the handlebars. Another guy opens a boxcar, and takes out a ramp. Biking dude leads the zombies up the ramp, and goes out the other side, while the ramp guy locks the zombies in. He puts a flag up that says 12. (In last week’s episode, Al found a flag that said 51, and said she’d seen a lot of those.) A third guy gets out a lawn chair, sits in it, and cracks a beer. Everyone watches. Okay, they have me. I have no clue what’s going on, but obviously these numbers mean something.

Madison walks over to guy sitting down, and asks what he’s doing. He says, having a drink. She asks if there’s a problem, and he says, we’re good, and asks if she wants a drink. She says they have people inside with guns, and he says, that’s a helluva welcome. She tells him that she saw the camp, and the tanks. He asks if she thinks they did that, and she says she saw their flag. He tells her that they had to clean up the mess. The people never thought of what would happen if the bleeder valve got jammed. He warned them, but they didn’t listen. Madison asks what he wants. He wants them to listen. They have a mess of their own. He knows they had a bad batch of turnips, and says to tell Nick to check the other crops; weevils are a bitch to get rid of. Madison asks how he knows Nick’s name. He calls out for Chito, and Charlie walks over.

He tells Charlie, sorry he’s late, but he got her some new records. She smiles, and he tells her to get in the bus. He tells Madison that she’s a good kid. They found her a while back; she has a knack for finding good stuff, and they hit the jackpot here. Madison says they’re not taking anything. He tells her people often say that. They don’t take anything from anyone; not anyone alive anyway. He knows they’re good people, and how many guns they have. He says there’s a natural cycle to a place like this, and they’re due for something to go wrong. They can either give them their stuff and live, or join them. Become one of them, or they wait for them to die, trying to make things work. Either way, he ends up with what he wants. It’s not a threat; it’s the way it goes. He tells Madison that his name is Mel, and holds out his hand. She doesn’t reciprocate, and says they’re not going anywhere. Mel says he’s heard that too. She says they’ve been like them, moving from place to place, and they’re not going back to that life; they’ve found a better way. Mel says they just haven’t been tested yet, but they’re about to be. If she changes her mind, they’ll be waiting. I’m wondering where the women are in this merry band.

Nick toils in the fields. Mel and his friends play more music, country this time. The weevils still rule the turnips. Madison continues to hammer. The others put down their guns, and join her. Takeaway point: Country music makes people do carpentry.

Luci goes out to the bus. Charlie watches from the window as she leaves the book outside. Luci goes back, and joins in on the hammering. Nick remembers working on Jeremiah’s house.


Morgan and John are on their knees, with Madison and her group around them. Morgan says, we’re not who you think we are. Nick rifles through Morgan’s knapsack, and Morgan tells him to help himself. Luci says they must be with them, and holds up the numbered flag. Al asks, who? Victor says, the Vultures. Al has no idea what he’s talking about, and says, if you a-holes would put your guns down, we can help each other. Madison asks who put the flag up, and Al asks what is it to them? Alicia tells Al that she’s going to answer their questions. Al says they found it, and Alicia says show them where.

They get into Al’s truck, and move out.

Next time, Morgan and Nick tussle, Alicia fights zombies, and Morgan says it’s not going to work out how they think. And in case you didn’t know, Naomie is being played by Jenna Elfman.

😸 Ha-Ha!

On Talking Dead, when they say goodbye to those we’ve lost this week, they included Nick’s crop, calling them tur-nopes.

🍸 I barely glanced at The Real Housewives of Potomac, but I did see Robyn trying to have some serious words with Ashley about respect. Ashley was wearing a hat – a fascinator no less – the size of Potomac, and I wondered how Robyn could even keep a straight face, much less discuss anything important. This was during a garden party Gizelle had for a book she was writing (via ghostwriter) about pastor’s wives in the Black church, who are called First Ladies. It’s fiction, but loosely based on her own experiences. I’d definitely read that.

🏯 I was watching a mini-marathon of Abandoned episodes on Viceland this morning (I love that show!), and it led to my leaving the TV on when the original 1980 film of The Shining followed. I’ve never thought it was as good as the book, and thought Jack Nicholson seemed crazy from the jump. I would never let him babysit my hotel over the winter. And Shelley Duvall… well, she was Shelley Duvall. The remake (1997) had more of a sporting chance, since it was a mini-series and had more hours to tell the story. Sadly, although I finally got the topiary animals I wanted to see (Stanley Kubrick couldn’t get them to look right on film in the original, so they were scrapped for the maze), it was somewhat tepid, and lacked the intensity of the original Danny (Danny Lloyd) and Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers). Which brings me to my point. It was pretty much background noise until Scatman was on the screen. While I love looking at the hotel – sometimes the setting can be one of the stars of the film for me – my favorite scene is when Dick connects telepathically with Danny in the pantry, then explains the shining to him. They just seem so real. That it still captivates me after all these years is a testament to their acting skills. SPOILER – if you’re the one person who hasn’t seen this film. That’s what made it even worse that they killed him off, totally changing the end of the story, where he saves the day. I heard there was supposed to be a third time, again for the big screen. Whether that’s the charm or not, remains to be seen.

🎷🚬 The second episode of Southern Charm New Orleans was on tonight. While Charleston is your upscale country cousin, NOLA is your sultry, mysterious maiden aunt, who never ages, but has a portrait upstairs.

🔌 I saw a commercial for Amazon Echo, and it was a father telling Alexa to announce “ready or not” to his kids during a game of hide-and-seek. How lazy can you get????  Unplug now. Save yourself.

🔮 Danny Learns About His Gift…

🌎 Happy Earth Day! 🌍

February 8, 2017 – Franco’s Muse is Back, Scary Chefs, a Cuppla TV Tidbits & the Truth


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki asks Elizabeth about the reception. Elizabeth says they’re having a hard time picking the right venue. Ava suggests the gallery, and Kiki thinks it would suit them. Elizabeth says she’ll run it by Franco. He has a lot going on

Franco paints a stairway to heaven. I don’t really know what it is, but it looks like a black light poster from the 70s.

At the hospital, Nelle thanks Michael for coming to the appointment. He doesn’t want to miss anything. She suggests calling the baby by its name, unless it a problem.

Carly asks Jason how he likes his new decor. He approves, and thinks he’ll be comfortable.

Alexis asks Sam how things are going. She says, great, all things considered. Faison is dead, and the only lead they have is his newly discovered son Henrik.

Peter tells Drew that he’ll stay on board until they find a replacement. Drew refuses to accept his resignation without an explanation. He can’t walk away without saying why he’s going. Peter says he accomplished what he came to do.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. He tells her that for a seasoned professional, she’s making a mess of this. He’d play this game with her, but his wife wants her gone, so he suggests they cut to the chase. Why doesn’t she just ask him what happened to the child she had with Faison? She asks what he’s talking about, and he asks if that’s all she has. She’s a wonderful liar – it’s what made her a great spy –  but he understands the paradox of a secret too painful to keep. She starts to leave, and he tells her to go ahead and run away, but she’ll never get the answers she came for.

Michael says he knows Nelle meant well, but thinks they should come up with something else. Nelle says she thought it was a good way to honor Morgan’s memory, but Michael says it brings up painful memories about their loss and the mistakes they made while grieving. Nelle assumes it’s Carly who doesn’t want it, but Michael says he doesn’t either.

Elizabeth sees Franco’s painting, and says it’s illuminating. His muse is back in full force. He tells her the best way to work things out is with a paintbrush. She asks if this is the result of his session with Doc. He doesn’t want to give Doc all the credit, but it was Illuminating. Elizabeth thinks she knows what the painting means.

Carly babbles to Jason about having the boys over. She says now it’s Jason’s turn; it’s his place. The boys will visit, and they’ll make memories. He hopes so, and she tells him, don’t hope; make it happen. He’s the most determined person she knows. When he decides to do something, he does it. She tells him to decide to have a relationship with his boys. If anyone tells him not to, they’re wrong.

Peter tells Drew that he’s still in shock from the shooting. He was lucky to come away spared, but Nathan didn’t. He didn’t see Nathan get shot, but he saw the aftermath with Maxie begging him not to leave her. He tried to staunch the bleeding, but not enough. it sounds cliché, but afterwards, he questioned his life, and if wants to spend it behind a desk. Drew asks if he’s going to the Himalayas to search for enlightenment, and says maybe he should just take some time off. Peter says he knows what he needs to do. Drew tells him that since he’s been there, the revenues are way up, and so is the readership. Peter says he told Drew the company had potential, and he’s glad to realize some of it. Drew tells him that he’s part of the Aurora family, and he hates to see him leaving. Peter thanks him, saying up until now, he didn’t know what it was like to have family.

Valentin asks Anna if she isn’t tied of running. She says she’s tired of him talking in riddles. He says he was clear; he knows she had a child with Faison. She asks how he came to know? He talks about a school in London much like Hogwarts, but it was a spy school. There was a beautiful princess at the school, and a crooked man, ugly as a troll. He knows what happened on a dark sinful night, when the princess went to Brussels where a midwife was waiting to help deliver a child. Anna runs to the door. He says he thought it was Alex, but it was her all along. She asks why he’s doing this. He asks if she doesn’t want to know, and she tells him he wasn’t there. He tells her to let him finish the story without interruption, and she comes back in.

Elizabeth says the painting is Franco crawling out of a dark place into something new and unknown. He says that’s more than Doc would say. Elizabeth is proud of him, but doesn’t want to interrupt. He tells her she’s the most important thing to him. She explains how Ava offered the gallery for their reception. He thinks that’s uncharacteristically generous, and she was probably trying to impress Kiki. He’s glad though, since he thought they’d have to set up food trucks outside the brownstone. They decide to have lunch, and discuss the plans.

Nelle tells Michael she thought naming the baby Morgan would help the contention. He says it was after Morgan died that she drugged his father and pretended to sleep with him to hurt his mother, Naming the baby Morgan will only bring back old pain. His family doesn’t deserve that, and neither does the baby. He suggests they wait until the baby is born, and come up with a name they both like. She asks if he means a name he likes, and asks if there’s anything else he’d like to dictate. He tells her that he wants to discuss anything they can compromise on, and be by her side as much as she’ll let him. She calls him exasperating. One minute, he’s unreasonable, and the next, he’s incredible.

Jason tells Carly that Danny is coming over. He’s nervous about it, since Sam has always been there. Carly says Danny knows he can trust Jason, and is safe with him. Jason asks how, and she says she’s sure Danny senses that his mom feels the same way. Sam knows that if she needs him for anything, he’ll come through. She knows she’s safe with him.

Sam explains to Alexis how Jason and Sonny figured out Faison had another son – Henrik. They think he was involved in the switch with Jason and Drew. Alexis asks if he’s still at large. Sam says she and Drew didn’t know the truth until after Faison was shot. Drew accused Jason of withholding information, but she thinks he wanted proof before saying anything. Alexis wonders if Sam had been alone, would Jason have told her from the beginning? Sam agrees that he didn’t want to put her in the middle. Alexis says, like when they kissed on New Year’s Eve?

Drew tells Peter that if he feels the same way tomorrow, he and Sam will respect his decision. Peter doubts that he’ll change his mind. They part company.

Sam tells Alexis the kiss was mutual. They talked about it, and it’s over with. Alexis suggests she keep her distance just to be safe. Drew calls Sam, and tells her something came up at work. She says she can meet him at the office, but he says he’ll come to her. They need to talk, but he’ll explain when he sees her. She tells Alexis that she needs a favor.

Valentin continues his story. In spy school, the crooked man was hopelessly in love with the princess, and hoped to win her over with a daring act of devotion. He hoped she would see the real him, past his physical defects. Her most obvious weakness was ambition. She wanted to leapfrog over the other recruits, and wanted to bring down the biggest baddie – Cesar Faison. She knew he was already fixated on her, and saw an in using his weakness. Anna says she wanted to destroy him. Valentin says he saw her when she stole away from school. He followed her. Anna says he should have stopped her, but he says this isn’t about him; it’s a story from his perspective. He asks if she wants him to stop, but she says, no. He says he followed and watched as she blended in. He watched her go through a door and come out in disguise, looking like a common call girl. She fooled everyone but him. He followed her out of London, and she went to pub where Faison would be. He was drunk when she sat next to him, and she got him drunker before she left. Rumors were flying that she’d stolen intel from Faison. No one knew how, but he did, and knows she got more than she bargained for. Anna tells him to stop it, but he says she’s made it this far. If she leaves now, she’ll miss the best part of the story.

Anna doesn’t deny her ambition, and isn’t apologizing for it. She wanted the glory of bringing him down. He was sick, and paid women to impersonate her. She thought she could pass herself off as one of them. Valentin says it was a dangerous game that went further than she expected, which brings them back to Brussels. He talks about the creaky stairs the midwife had to go up. Anna wonders how he could know that. He says she took a spontaneous leave of absence from school. There was a lot of speculation, but a contact told him where she was. By the time he got there, the room was empty with no sign of a mother with her child. Anna asks how does he know what happened, and he says he never did. She just confirmed it. She just confirmed she knows nothing whatsoever about birth control too.

Drew tells Sam that Peter tendered his resignation, saying he did what came to do, whatever that means. Sam thinks maybe he was shaken up over the shooting. Drew says he asked Peter to take time to think it through, but he seemed certain. Jim intrudes, saying the fates conspired in his favor. Sam introduces them, and Jim says he plans to be a major advertiser when the Charles Street project kicks into gear. Drew reminds him that’s if the proposal passes, but Jim thinks it will. He goes to the bar to get drinks.

Franco and Elizabeth come in. Franco sees Sam and Drew, and says it’s busy; maybe they should go somewhere else. Elisabeth says she’s ready for comfort food and beer. She tells him that if he’s going to stare, he should just say hello. He thinks Drew would prefer he play in oncoming traffic. They sit, and Jim says, hey, Bobby, small world.

Kiki doesn’t want to overstep, but asks Michael and Nelle if the baby is okay. Nelle says they’re just there to sign up for mom classes. She says she’s exhausted, and asks Michael to sign them up. She leaves, and Kiki says, so Michael is getting his Lamaze on; she wants a video. He says that’s not happening. She’s glad to see he’s getting along with Nelle, as long as she understands. She says they seemed affectionate, but Michael says Nelle understands there’s nothing between them. Actually, there is. It’s called a baby.

Ava tells Nelle it looks promising, and Nelle says the baby is bringing them closer. Ava asks what about Granny Carly, and Nelle says that’s a bit of a setback. Ava says that Carly is not going to give up without a fight, but Nelle says she won’t have fight left in her after what she’s planning. The details have yet to be finalized, but she might need Ava’s help to pull it off.

Jason tells Carly that Sam wants him to keep his distance. Carly insists Sam needs for him to wait until she can admit her love for him. Alexis comes by to drop Danny off. Danny thinks the place is cool. Carly says great taste runs in the family. Danny is puzzled by that, and Jason explains she means that she picked everything out, and is glad he likes it. He tells Danny welcome to his new place; it’s Danny’s new place too.

Danny brought Jason a present; a drawing of him and Annabelle II. Danny tells Jason about a Star Wars game he likes, and Carly says what a coincidence. There just might be Star Wars stuff in his room. He and Jason go to check it out, and Carly asks Alexis why Sam couldn’t bring Danny. Alexis says she had a work issue. Carly questions if it’s really that she can’t trust herself around Jason. Because Carly knows how everyone in the world thinks and feels better than they do.

Jim sits with Drew and Sam. He says it wouldn’t hurt to have a mayor who’s pro-business, and asks if they’re planning to endorse anyone. Sam says that would be unethical, since her mom is a candidate, and Drew is related to Ned. Jim asks if it’s Drew as in Andrew. He’s putting it together for the first time, and explains that he used to know Drew and Franco when they were kids. He dated Betsy, and used to call them Bobby and Andy. Sam asks if he knows anything else he can tell Drew about his past. Jim says, not much. He and Betsy broke up, and later he heard Drew had died, but that turned out to be untrue. He’s clearly alive and well. He says what a crazy coincidence that the three of them are in the same town. They were meant to reconnect. Drew stares at Franco.

Valentin tells Anna that he had the word of the midwife, but never knew for sure. Now he knows the truth; she gave birth to Faison’s child. Anna says the child had a monster for a father. Valentin agrees. That’s why he never told anyone. Crying, she thanks him, and asks if he knows what happened to the child.

Kiki tells Michael she’s celebrating with her mom about getting into med school. He tells her that the hospital is throwing a celebration for incoming students, but she says it seems to be a couple’s thing. She doesn’t want to go and be interrogated about where Dillon is. Michael tells her not to let him ruin her moment. She should go to the party and celebrate. She says she’ll think about it.

Ava asks Nelle how she can help. Nelle says she’ll need more flexible hours. She’ll get her work done, but needs extra time for the baby’s sake. Ava tells her to consider her hours as flexible as she needs.

Jason asks Carly if she wants to stay for dinner, but she says it’s a big night for them. They should order pizza and watch basketball. Jason asks what kind of pizza Danny wants, and Danny says whatever Jason is getting, calling him dad. Carly tells him to get used to it. It’s who he is to Danny, and always will be.

Sam asks if Jim can shed any light on Drew’s past. Jim says Drew is lucky to be alive after what Bobby did. The little psycho tried to kill him by shoving him down the basement steps. Drew gets up to go after Franco, but it’s all in Franco’s head. In reality, Jim tells Drew that he was always building things. It’s not surprising that he built a company. He’s looking forward to them doing business together. He leaves, and Sam asks if it’s her, or was he holding something back? Drew was wondering the same thing. Franco looks at his lucky rabbit’s foot.

Valentin tells Anna that the midwife said she couldn’t bring herself to look at the baby. He assumes it’s because if she did, she would never let go. The midwife told him that Anna begged her to find the baby a home; a place she could grow up happy, healthy and unaware of her father. Anna says, she? Valentin tells her that she had a girl. Surprise!

Kiki tells Ava that she wants to go to The Floating Rib, but Ava says she deserves champagne, not a bib. They’re going to the MetroCourt. She says maybe soon, she’ll have something to celebrate too.

In the hallway, Carly’s phone rings. It says unknown, and no one is there when she answers. Nelle hangs up at a payphone. I haven’t seen one of those in years. No wonder Jim thinks Port Charles is behind the times.

Franco and Elizabeth get ready to leave. Drew gets up, and asks why Franco never told him that Jim knew them as kids. Franco says it’s ancient history. Drew picks up the rabbit’s foot that Franco dropped and hands it back.

Valentin tells Anna that the story has a happy ending. The midwife honored her wishes, and found a happy home for the child. She never knew who her father was, and Faison never knew she existed. So Anna got what she wanted. He tells her good night, and she leaves. Outside, she smiles, and says she wanted a girl.

Peter’s phone rings. He answers, telling the caller they should be aware he’s leaving Port Charles. Valentin says that would be a mistake.

Tomorrow, Nathan’s funeral.


Mike’s girlfriend, Rita (Suanne Spoke), was also the NYC bartender who helped Jason hide when he was on his way back from Russia. He gave her Huxley’s “lucky” watch, so I wonder if this is ever going to factor in. I’m sure that watch was more than a watch.

🍰 This week’s Top Chef had the contestants cooking up desserts in the Stanley Hotel, which inspired The Shining. The challenge was to create their worst nightmare on a plate. For the most part, it was disappointing. One cook had been afraid of seeds as a child. Okay… Another cook wanted to recreate an egg exposing an unborn chick when cracked, which he claimed was a real thing. It was all I could do not to scream at the TV that this is a misconception. When you crack open an egg, and there’s a spot that looks like blood, it’s not a pre-peep; it’s a discoloration. In order to produce a chicken, an egg has to be fertilized. By a rooster. Farmers aren’t going to do that if they only want eggs. Bruce ended up having to pack his knives because of some undercooked barley. At least it wasn’t risotto, although oddly enough, he had wanted to cook it like risotto. Step away from anything risotto.

😬 This weekend, AMC will be having a Walking Dead marathon, as well as a preview of season 8B. When did seasons start sounding like apartment numbers?

🎭 Imposters returns to Bravo on Thursday April 5th at 10 pm. It’s a great show and worth checking out. Lots of fun, lots of drama, and lots of surprising twists.

✋ What’s up with this “my truth” business? The truth is the truth; there’s no yours or mine. What people seem to mean is their point of view of the truth. Everybody has one, but usually the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. #StopItPlease




September 8, 2017 – Maxie Wants a Job, Tarantino’s Dogs, Quotes to Ponder & It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie and Nathan kiss, but she stops because of her makeup. She says her meeting is too important to arrive smudged. She asks if he’s told her the whole truth about Amy.

On the phone, Ava asks why Valentin can’t come to her. He says that he’s otherwise engaged. She sees that Griff is calling her, and makes arrangements to meet Valentin.

At The Floating Rib, Lulu tells Valentin that Nina isn’t a part of discussing Charlotte’s custody, but Nina tells Lulu that she and Valentin are back together.

Stella tells TJ he’s a hard-working young man like his father and brother. She says Curtis didn’t come home last night, and thinks he must have been on a stake out.

Nope, he’s in bed with Jordan. She wonders how they managed to stay away from each other.

Elizabeth comes downstairs, and Franco puts the photo under the couch. He tells her that the kids are on the bus. She says all three? and he goes, you mean we have three? Ha-ha! I love him. He called the hospital, and asked someone to cover for her. He tells her that she needs sleep. He says he was worried about her. She keeps thinking about Jason, and Franco says he does too. He says her son’s father is in a coma, and it’s as good a reason as any for a personal day. She asks what if Jason isn’t okay? She’ll always wonder if the time she stole from him would have made a difference. Franco is pretty sure everyone is going to blame themselves, but thinks that Elizabeth can make more productive use of her time than beating herself up. He suggests inviting Monica over. She says they’ll talk about it when she gets home from work.

Elizabeth runs into Scotty on her way out. Franco asks if he knows him. Scotty says it’s not his fault they haven’t seen each other in ages. Franco tells him about Jason, and says he’s the last person who’s qualified to give comfort. Scotty says he’s not going to make things better.

Stella asks if TJ needs help paying for school. He tells her not to worry; he’s good. She jokes that the wages must be considerable, and there’s no shame in talking help, but he wants to do it on his own. She says Curtis was the same way. They never needed much looking after. TJ says that doesn’t mean they don’t love her. She says it’s time she went back home and left them in peace.

Curtis tells Jordan that he stated his position clearly. Jordan repeats that he’s dangerously this close to falling in love with her. He asks if she has something to say, but she says the person she needs to talk to is Stella. They have to tell her they’re back together.

Nathan says he’s told Maxie everything. She says she knows; she’s just pulling his chain. She tells him it’s a rare opportunity, and she wants to enjoy someone else in the hot seat. Amy comes by. She fumbles trying to talk to Maxie, and Maxie says she understands. She would have done anything for her sister, but she’s hoping that’s all they have in common. She tells Nathan to wish her luck and jets. Amy tells Nathan that she doesn’t blame Maxie, especially since it’s not over between them.

Valentin tells Lulu that the hearing is a mere formality. Lulu says that she and Dante have custody, but Valentin reminds her that it’s temporary custody. The charges were dropped, and there’s no proof of criminal wrongdoing on his part. They’re just as fit to parent as Dante and Lulu. Lulu says the only reason he got back together with Nina was to score points in family court. Really nice, since Nina has been nothing but gracious. Nina says they got back together because they love each other, and Lulu tells her that she hopes Nina isn’t counting on Charlotte being included in their life. Valentin tells her he wants joint custody, because he wants to act in his daughter’s best interest; does she?Lulu says they have different ideas of what that means. Valentin suggests all four of them go with Charlotte for her first day of school. Lulu thinks that’s a good idea, but wishes they had even more family members to join them. She tells him her mom is still in Europe, taking care of Spencer –  remember him? Nina says it’s hard to forget false accusations, and Lulu says that Valentin killing Spencer’s father is hard to forget too.

Stella tells TJ that she’s cramping Curtis’s style. He never said it, but he’s been waiting for her to go since she got there. TJ says they’ll both miss her. She tells him that she wanted to make sure he had a good head on his shoulders, and that Curtis had his screwed on straight. Now that it’s confirmed, her work here is done.

Curtis tells Jordan that deep down Stella wants him to be happy, and Jordan makes him happy. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince her, but he can’t figure things out on an empty stomach. He suggests breakfast, but Jordan says she can wait. They get busy again.

Ava listens to Griff’s message. He feels terrible, and tells her that he doesn’t want it to get in the way of her recovery. He wants to fix things, but even if that’s not possible, he’s her friend. Ugh. Friend zone.

Elizabeth sees Griff in the chapel. She wants to say a quick prayer before her shift. He’s surprised that she’s working, but she says it’s good to keep busy. He hopes she isn’t doing it to avoid her feelings. Elizabeth says he sounds like Franco, and Griff says that’s a first. She says that Franco can be very perceptive, but can understand how he would seem.

Scotty tells Franco about Lee passing away. He says it’s not like Franco knew his grandfather, and didn’t want to bother him. Franco says he’s Scotty’s son, and hugs him.

Valentin meets Ava at The Floating Rib. She accuses him of picking a public place on purpose, to give her incentive to take the deal. He tells her that he was there already, and as for the deal, he just needs a yes or no.

Maxie walks into Nina’s office. She says Nina looks great, and Nina says that Maxie is probably sensing she’s back with Valentin. Maxie says she’s back in Port Charles for good. Nina says Nathan must be excited to be in the same time zone. She tells Maxie that she has to prepare for a meeting, and Maxie says it’s with her. Nina says of course – Max Jones – and asks if she was in Portland figuring out to catfish her old employer, Maxie says that she didn’t think Nina would see her otherwise. She wants to come back. Seriously? Nina didn’t give pause over that name?

Amy tells Nathan just one more time. and Nathan says she tells him that every time. She explains that Quinn has arranged for a book launch party, and Man Landers needs to be there. She talked to her lawyer, but the fine print states that if Man Landers doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain, the contract is null and void. He suggests finding someone else, but she says Quinn has already met him, and it would raise questions. She’ll have to give the advance money back, and won’t have anything to pay for her brother’s recovery.

Stella tells Tj that she’ll visit, or he can come to Baltimore and she’ll take him out for real crab cakes. She says med school is a serious undertaking, and as long as he keeps his eyes on the prize, it’s fine with her. She’ll be back sooner if Curtis can’t keep his act together. Curtis and Jordan walk in holding hands.

Scotty says Franco isn’t known for his affection, and Franco says he’s just being supportive. Scotty tells him that he misses Lee every day. He was kind, fair, and had unshakable integrity, none of which Scotty has ever lived up to, but he knows Lee loved him. Franco says he doesn’t know a whole lot about the family or his own life. Scotty asks if it’s something in particular, and Franco says his relationship with Jason, and shows him the photo.

Scotty says that it’s Franco and some blonde kid. Franco says Monica would say it’s Jason. Scotty says even he looked like that as a kid, and wonders where Franco is going with this. Franco tells Scotty that he spent most of his adult life obsessing about Jason, and this proves they knew each other. Scotty says it proves him and whoever it is, happened to cross paths. Franco points out that they’re dressed identically, and thinks it’s odd. Scotty says that doesn’t mean anything, and it’s just Franco and a friend. Franco says he didn’t have any friends; he made them up. He’s thinking his imaginary friend might not have been imaginary.

Jordan asks if Curtis wants to do this by himself. He tells her that from now on, they do everything together. Curtis tells Stella that he didn’t come to make trouble, but they have something to settle. Jordan and he are together, and staying together. They’ll have to figure out a way to live with that peacefully.

Nina says she offered Maxie her job back, and she declined. Maxie says circumstances have changed – to Nina’s benefit.  She shows Nina her portfolio. Nina tries not to act interested, but she is she. She tells Maxie that she’ll have no problem finding a job. She didn’t fire her because of her work, but because she didn’t trust her

Elizabeth says she knows something is bothering Griff. He doesn’t have to say anything, but she’ll listen. He says that he did something stupid, but he’s not sure he knew he was doing it. He treated someone that he cared about clumsily, which is a really strange word choice. Elizabeth suggests an apology, but Griff says he needs to do more. She asks what it would take, and he says figuring out how he feels.

Valentin is surprised that Ava agreed to meet. She says he’s not her favorite person, and he says she’s in no position to compare transgressions. She tells him that she thought she could piece together a life, but if there a chance to look normal. she wants it. He suggests they talk terms.

Scotty says he has no recollection of the picture, and Franco is creating a half-baked theory. He says they look like a million other blonde kids. Maybe it was a coincidence they had the same outfit on, met by chance, and his mom took the picture. Franco tells him that he’s grasping at straws, and Scotty asks why he wants to revisit the past. Franco says he wants to know what it means.

TJ wishes Curtis and Jordan well. Stella says so this is where Curtis was, and he says sorry to worry her, but he doesn’t know if she would have felt any better knowing where he really was. He knows how she feels, but they have to find a way to work together. He loves her, but he loves Jordan.

Nathan wants to do what he can. Amy says that he made huge difference in Chet’s life. He’s doing a lot better, but rehab is tough, and he isn’t always the happiest camper. She wants to move him to Port Charles, where he can be surrounded by familiar faces. Nathan says that Chet is lucky to have her; not everyone would do so much. Amy says he would. Look what he did for a complete stranger. He’s continued to come through over and over, but she doesn’t know any other way. He admits being Man Landers isn’t his favorite thing, but he doesn’t regret it, and won’t stop now. He has one condition – that he gets wardrobe approval. Amy hugs him.

Nina says she valued Maxie’s work, but relationships are based on trust, and Maxie went behind her back. Maxie says she’s right. Nina’s family is none of her business, and she has no right to insert herself in it, but was it the worst betrayal she ever suffered? If she can forgive others, why not Maxie?

Valentin has two contracts. The first is Ava’s agreement to have the surgery done. Ava gives him photo of a 16th century tapestry. She says she thought it would look good at Wyndemere, and add considerable value to his assets. He’s like, cool, and says the other contract is a retraction of her statement about Nikolas. She doesn’t want to sign it, but he says that’s the deal. She says the tapestry is the deal. He tells her if that’s the case, she’s wasting his time and her own.

Amy has no idea how to repay Nathan. She says she’ll dedicate her next book to him – the man behind the woman behind the man. He just wants his identity not to be revealed. He’s thinking about Chet too. She tells him she can name on one hand the people who know – her, Nathan, Nina, and Maxie – they’re totally in the clear. Nathan looks like he’s not too sure about that.

Nina tells Maxie that she might consider giving her a second chance, but needs more than a promise of loyalty. She wants something valuable, something Crimson needs that no one else has. She tells Maxie she has meeting to prepare for.

Curtis tells Stella that he hopes she understands, and they can be family. She says that she loves them too much to sacrifice a future with them now. She leaves, and Curtis is like, wow, he saw that going worse. TJ realizes that she left her phone, and follows her out.

Outside, Stella says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. He says the way she handled that was pretty impressive. She says her illness has taught her to deal with adversity, and not let adversity deal with her. TJ suggests that they all have dinner before she leaves, but she says she’s reconsidered her plans. Port Charles suits her fine for now.

Griff asks Elizabeth if she has any words of wisdom. She tells him that she would go and talk it out, and make sure the last words spoken are how he really feels.

Lulu and Maxie are having lunch at The Floating Rib. Lulu stares at Ava. Maxie asks if they can put their lunch on hold.  She tells Lulu that the future of her career depends on something, and she’ll give her the details later.

Valentin tells Ava that Spencer has the mistaken belief that her statement will help in his wrongful death suit, but nothing could be further from the truth. She asks why he wants her to rescind it then. He says that he wants to spare Charlotte from the whole mess of a trial, and Spencer from hearing that Nikolas might have faked his death a second time. Valentin says there’s no proof he’s dead, and doesn’t want Spencer to wonder if his father abandoned him. Ava insists that she knows Valentin killed Nickolas. Valentin says she has two choices; she can look like that for the rest of her life, or sign.

Scotty says that he won’t stand in Franco’s way, and Franco says he was hoping that Scotty would volunteer to be an asset. Scotty tells him that he didn’t even know Franco was his son until a few years ago. Franco asks who he might talk to, and Scotty suggests Monica. Franco is hesitant, since Jason is in a coma. Scotty tells him to go to the one who set everything in motion. Heather Webber.

On Monday, Franco believes that he and Jason were always connected, Sam wonders if Jason has woken up, and Lulu wants to know what that was about.

🐶  I watched Reservoir Dogs last weekend, and now Stuck in the Middle with You is Stuck in my Head. If you’ve never seen Quentin Tarantino’s first effort, and don’t mind a lot of blood, you should do yourself a favor and check it out. A story about a heist gone wrong, it also has a killer cast. Steve Buscemi, Chris Penn, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen and Tarantino himself, kick ass and get their asses kicked. It leaves no doubt that Tarantino found his true calling early on.

📌 Quotes of the Week

Learning starts with failure. The first failure is the beginning of education.John Hersey

Wherever the truth is injured, defend it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you fall, make it part of the dance.  – Luann de Lesseps

⛵ Because It

Take a look at the It Experience where there are a lot of clowns. I wondered if the somewhat accommodating clown was pissed off because he couldn’t find his nose. The lit up floor with the bugs is fantastic. It would be great for a Halloween party.



Battle of the It Clowns