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January 4, 2021 – Cyrus Accuses Jason Of Kidnapping, a Drunken Guest Takes a Midnight Swim, Not a Crush, a Hit, Unwelcome Return, She’s Still Here & Good


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Jason tells Carly, he had a shot at Cyrus, and she asks why he didn’t take it. He says, because she was there. If there was a witness or things had gone sideways, she could be an accessory and he couldn’t take that chance. He had to let Cyrus live. Cyrus knows why, and now they’ll be vulnerable. Carly’s phone dings, and she looks at it. She tells Jason, they won’t be vulnerable. She solved it. The house phone rings, and Jason answers. He says, send him up, and tells Carly, go upstairs; Cyrus is there. She says, it worked, and he says, what worked? What did she do?

Ava and Nikolas walk into an empty Charlie’s, and Ava says, Julian was so proud of this place. She was proud of him having it. It’s not easy getting out of the business he was in. This place gave him a foundation and a purpose. He poured his heart and soul into it, trying to make a legitimate living, but it wasn’t enough to save his life. Being a Jerome is a hard habit to break. Nikolas asks if she’s expecting trouble, and she says, nothing she can’t handle.

Portia looks for Mac, but finds Jordan in the office. She says she didn’t realize Jordan was back. She needs to speak to Taggert before he’s released. Jordan says she owes Portia an apology. She hopes to fix the damage that’s been done. Portia says it will just be an excuse, and she doesn’t have time for empty promises. They both know Jordan will do the exact same thing again.

Laura meets Martin at the MetroCourt. He says she seems to have something on her mind. In the spirit of their newfound status as siblings, can he do anything to help? She says, actually, yes. He’s guessing it’s about Cyrus, and she says she needs leverage against their brother.

On the phone with Josslyn, Jax says he understands. Let him know if she changes her mind… He’ll talk to her later… He loves her too. Nina asks if everything is okay with Josslyn, and he says, not really. His daughter refuses to come to Australia with him. Nina says she thought it was all set, and she’d agreed, but he says, she comes from a long line of stubborn women on both sides. Nina asks how much danger Josslyn is really in, and he says, that’s just it. As long as Sonny is missing, no one knows what the next move will be on his so-called territory. Seeing a mob war in Port Charles isn’t pretty, and his daughter is refusing to stay out of the line of fire. 

Carly opens the door, and asks how she can help Cyrus. He says she can’t. He walks up to Jason, and says, this bastard took his mother.

Nikolas tells Ava, the Jeromes attract their fair share of trouble, but the Cassadines have been known to cause chaos from time to time. She says they really are a perfect fit. Someone tries the door, and Nikolas opens it to Alexis. She says she saw the light on, and thought… She doesn’t know what she thought. Nikolas says he understands. Ava says she knows what Alexis is looking for. She blamed all of her problems on Julian, and now she’s realized too late that she wanted him back after all.

Portia says, Jordon doesn’t get to validate her feelings to assuage her guilt, and Jordan says, it was the only way. She wishes that wasn’t the case. Portia says, even if Jordan couldn’t tell her at first, why didn’t she say something after Portia started helping her? She falsified medical records for Jordan, and put her career on the line to buy her time. Jordan says, she appreciates the risk, and Portia asks if she didn’t do enough for Jordan to tell her that her ex was alive, and comfort her daughter with the truth. Jordan says she was trying to protect Trina, and Portia says they see how that worked out. Trina is devastated. Jordan took Trina’s father from her twice; once, pretending he was dead, and then destroying her faith in him.

Martin says Laura cuts right to the point, and she says she thinks they have the rest of their lives to get to know one another. Cyrus is dangerous right now, so she figured she’d start there. Please help her. He asks why she assumes he can, and she says she hasn’t known Cyrus that long. She never dreamed she’d have a half-brother who turned out to be an infamous drug lord. He reminds her that it’s alleged infamous drug lord. Cyrus was cleared of his crimes. She asks Martin not to tell her that Cyrus is a poor, misunderstood philanthropist. He sent a team of gunmen to Port Charles last winter, and she was one of the victims. He had a bomb planted in The Floating Rob that put her daughter into a coma. Martin says, something Laura has to understand about him, is that he’s a representative of the court; a servant of the law. He makes decisions based on evidence, not conjecture or hearsay. There’s no credible evidence to overturn Cyrus’s release. In the eyes of the law, he was cleared. That’s all they know, or can be sure of. She says she can’t tell if he’s turning a blind eye, or she read him wrong and he’s working for Cyrus.

Cyrus says his mother is a fragile, elderly woman, in need of constant medical care, and Jason asks what that has to do with him. Cyrus says, don’t BS him. Jason took her. Bring her back or there will be hell to pay. Jason says he doesn’t know where she is, but he can make inquiries. Cyrus tells Jason that he needs to do more than that. If his mother is harmed… Jason says, threats are not helpful. Like he told Cyrus on the pier, don’t try to escalate. If they keep the peace, no one will get hurt. Cyrus says, including his mother?

Jax says that he was counting on Carly to talk sense into Josslyn, and Nina says, maybe it slipped her mind. He says, her child’s safety? and she says, Carly’s husband is missing. He says, all the more reason for Josslyn, and the entire family to get out of town. What kind of a life is it for her? If he pisses someone off in his business, no one has to go into hiding. She asks if Josslyn told him why, and he says, she wanted to stay with her mother. She also mentioned Avery and Donna. She remembered Michael and Morgan being there during difficult periods of her life, and she wanted to do the same for her sisters. Nina says, she’s got a great heart, and he says he knows that, and he’s proud of her, but the agreement has always been, at the first sign of danger, she leaves with him. Nina says, he made the agreement when Josslyn was a kid. She hates to break it to him, but Josslyn isn’t a kid anymore. He asks what she’s saying. He should let Josslyn stay? She says, no. She’s saying maybe he needs a new agreement, but not with Carly – with Josslyn.

Laura asks if that’s how it is. Is Martin in Cyrus’s pocket? He says, no. He doesn’t work for Cyrus, or represent any of Cyrus’s legal affairs. She should be pleased to know they have no business aspirations in common. Laura says, that’s a relief, and he says, no matter how much he disapproves of Cyrus’s alleged misconduct, he owes Cyrus for his significant financial support of their mother. She says she understands family loyalty, and regardless of what Cyrus has become, he and Martin shared a childhood. She doesn’t have that loyalty. She and Cyrus are related, but they’re not family. Martin says, family are the people you come to love, no matter how. The city is an extension of her family, and she does what she can to protect it. Laura says she’d rather go against one brother than two, and he laughs. He says, he’s no crime lord, but he won’t be her enemy or adversary. She asks if he’ll be her ally.

Alexis says she saw the light, and was hoping… Ava says, for what, or who? Nikolas suggests Ava not kick Alexis while she’s down, and Ava asks if she should wait until Alexis sobers up. She was there when her brother did everything he could to win Alexis back, but it was never enough for her. Alexis thought Julian was unworthy. Alexis says, it’s an oversimplification, and Ava says, Julian made a million mistakes. He was a coward in many ways, but he was also heroic. Alexis says, he had his moments, and Ava says, generous of Alexis. She’s not blind. Julian had his faults. He made bad choices, scrambled to cover them, making worse choices, which eventually led to his death. If she wants to be angry at the people who hurt Julian while he was alive, she has the right to be. Alexis broke Julian’s heart. Nikolas says he gets it. It’s complicated. Feelings are complicated, but taking it out on Alexis isn’t helping. The momentary sensation of power Ava gets won’t ease the pain of Julian’s death. Ava says, power is better than grief, but he’s right. She has to consider that Julian never stopped loving Alexis. She doesn’t think he’d want her lashing out. Nikolas says, probably not, and Alexis says, are they kidding her? Is she seeing what she’s seeing, or is she that drunk? Have Nikolas and Ava fallen in love with each other?

Jason says Cyrus told him that he talked in facts not emotions. The fact is, Cyrus’s mother is missing, and making demands gets him no closer to finding her. Cyrus asks, what does? What does Jason want? Jason says he wants Cyrus to leave, and Cyrus says Carly is awfully quiet. She doesn’t seem that upset for a woman whose husband has vanished. Perhaps they arranged this between them. Carly says she can’t speak to his mother’s whereabouts, but she thinks his mother will find her way back to him. He’s lucky Jason is going to make inquiries; he usually finds what he’s looking for. Jason says Cyrus needs to leave before he calls the guards. Cyrus says, he and Sonny had their differences, but Sonny understood honor. He would never kidnap an elderly woman and use her as a hostage to guarantee Cyrus’s good behavior. Jason says, he’s not Sonny, and Cyrus leaves. Jason turns to Carly, and says, she took his mother? Carly says, they needed leverage. Now they have it.

Jason says Carly needs to tell him exactly what happened. How did she figure out where Cyrus mother was in the first place? She says, Laura, and sits down. She tells Jason, Laura’s biological father was Gordon Grey. He was married to Florence, and had two sons, Martin and Cyrus. Jason says, Cyrus is Laura’s half-brother? and Carly says, Laura just found out. She tracked Florence to a long-term care center in Vermont. He asks how she knows this, and she says, Laura stopped by, asking for Sonny. When she said Sonny was gone, Laura said they’d need protection, and Cyrus has a weak spot. Laura was referring to herself, but when she was explaining, she told Carly that Cyrus’s mother was in a facility in Vermont. After she left, Carly called Spinelli. He hacked into the facility’s computer, and arranged a transfer. Carly sent two guards and a nurse to take her to a safe house. Cyrus will never find her.

Alexis says, as absurd as a lecture is from the person who blackmailed her nephew into marriage… Ava says, what she’d like Alexis to understand is that she and Nikolas started out as adversaries, but found a connection deeper and more profound than they expected. Alexis says, that entire field has been fertilized how many times? The scenario is the same, and will play out for Ava and Nikolas, then end up the same way two people who are passionately in love with each other end up – at each other’s throats, fighting to the death.

Jordan tells Portia that she’s truly sorry Trina is hurting, but she was being watched. Because her grief was genuine,  Taggert was able to stay hidden. Portia says they let Trina go on in pain, and Jordan says it provided a cover for her to make sound choices. Portia says Jordan makes it sound easy, but Jordan says she knows how much Taggert loves Trina. They hated this, but genuinely believed it kept Trina safer to be kept in the dark. Portia says while she’s grateful for Trina’s safety, she doesn’t allow decisions for her child to be made in a vacuum. She has a right to know. How would Jordan feel in her place?

Laura tells Martin, even if he won’t side with her, he’s not going to interfere with Cyrus being brought to justice, is he? Martin says he hears what she’s saying… and Laura says, but he won’t help her. He tells her, he didn’t say that. Cyrus runs in, and makes a beeline for their table, saying, she’s gone. Martin says, who? and Cyrus says, their mother is missing. They kidnapped her. Martin asks, who’s they? and Cyrus says, their sister. It can’t be a coincidence that mere days after Laura discovered where their mother was, their mother disappears. He looks at Laura, and says, it’s all her, isn’t it?

Martin says, someone has taken their mother, and Laura knew? Laura says, of course (🍷) not. She swears it’s the first she’s hearing of it. She’d never put their mother in harm’s way. Cyrus asks if he’s supposed to believe that Laura didn’t tell Carly about her new brothers and their ailing mother. Martin says, the Corinthos crime family has their mother? Laura says, before she’s convinced, does Cyrus have proof? Cyrus says, whatever she told Carly, was passed onto Jason. He has a reputation for being lethal. He went there, and tried to guarantee their mother’s safety, but Jason refused. Laura asks if Jason said they have her, but Cyrus says, of course (🍷) not. That self-righteous bastard never incriminates himself, but he knows Jason has her. Laura says, if Jason has her – and that’s a big if – she can’t believe he’d let anything happen to her. Cyrus asks if that’s supposed to be a word comfort. Martin says, their mother needs constant care. If they don’t know where she is, how do they know she’s all right? Laura promises to do everything in her power to bring their mother back safe and sound. Cyrus says she’d better keep her promise. If anything happens to their mother, the fact that she’s his sister won’t help her.

Jason asks who’s taking care of Florence? and Carly says, the best nurse she knows; her mother. He says she brought Bobbie into this? She says, her mother was happy to help. Cyrus had Julian plant a bomb in The Floating Rib that put Lulu in a permanent care facility. She was willing to do anything. Florence is perfectly safe and receiving excellent care, and as long as they have her, Cyrus won’t hurt the people Carly loves. Jason says he has two options. The first, is taking Florence back to Vermont tonight, or play this out – on one condition. He plays it out. If Cyrus finds out Carly set this in motion, he’ll retaliate against her. Let Cyrus think he did it. From now on, Florence is his hostage. She says, everyone who knows him, knows he wouldn’t kidnap an old lady, but he says, that’s the deal; stay completely out, or he takes Florence back tonight. She says, fine, but she’s not sorry. He says he’s not asking for an apology, but it was a line he thought he’d never cross, and she just crossed it for him. He walks out.

Jax says, Josslyn feels that she’s old enough to stay. She knows the truth about Sonny, who Sonny is, and understands the courses that need to be taken, especially after a long, extended lockdown. Nina says, Josslyn sounds like she’s making an informed decision. Given what she’s had to live through, she’s wise beyond her years, and very strong. Jax says, that’s his point. She should just be a kid, and enjoy life, not mourn her friend who’s been killed by a bomb. Nina says she agrees, but that’s not her reality. She thinks taking Josslyn away, if she wants to go or not, will be a terrible mistake.

Nikolas suggest they sober Alexis up, but Ava says, a cautionary tale like this deserves two fingers. He tells her that she’s not helping, and Alexis says, it’s foreplay, isn’t it? Them sniping at each other? Nikolas says he’s not discussing what goes on in his marriage bed with Alexis, especially given her condition. Ava gives Alexis a drink, and Alexis says, he’s right. It’s inappropriate for her to discuss things like that with him. He thanks her, and she turns to Ava, asking, when Nikolas sees Ava – really sees her – does he see all of her? Not just the shiny smother parts, but the shards, the broken pieces that were swept away in the dark corners of her soul. Ava says she believes he does, and Alexis says, to expose yourself in that way to someone you know you’re not supposed to trust, but do it anyway is so intoxicating and forbidden, it makes you devour each other. Ava says now that Alexis’s law career is over, she can start a new one, writing romance novels. Alexis says Ava is wrong about her and Julian. It had nothing to do with him being unworthy. Ava says, Alexis could have fooled her, and Alexis says, he was bad for her, and she loved him because of it. Ava says she knows, and Alexis says, it was crazy love, but it was great. She never felt more angry or passionate. She loved every minute, even the parts she hated, because it was poison, like Ava and Nikolas will be. Nikolas says, that’s enough.

Jordan tells Portia, the situation had no good options. She made the choice that would save the most lives, and she stands by it. Portia says they have no reason to discuss it further. She’ll speak to the desk sergeant. Jordan says, she won’t be able to bail Taggert out; he hasn’t been arraigned yet. Portia asks when the arraignment will be, and Jordan says, tomorrow. Taggert will be charged with fraud for faking his death. Portia says, which Jordan helped with, and Jordan says, keeping Taggert in custody while Cyrus is free is the safest place for him. Portia asks, what about the Feds? and Jordan says, eventually, Taggert will have to answer for perjury and false testimony, but for now, they’ll figure things out one at a time. She can arrange a meeting with Taggert and Trina, and Portia says, Trina will want to tear into him. Jordan says, if Trina wants to tear into her too, her door is always open. Portia says she’s always been honest with Jordan about her conversations with Curtis. She saw Curtis Christmas Eve. She said she understood that Jordan lying to protect Trina made him angry, but she told him to go home and talk to her.

Jax says he thought Nina was with him on this. If it was her daughter, wouldn’t she want to swoop in and take her away from danger? Nina says, of course (🍷) she’d want to, but it would still be wrong. It doesn’t matter what she’d think she’d do. She’s never met her daughter; her child is a blank slate, abstract. He and Josslyn have a great relationship. Josslyn is strong and brave, and knows her own mind. He and Carly raised a great kid, who’s eighteen now. She suggests he respect Josslyn’s wishes, and preserve the bond they have. Josslyn will be safer, thinking she has a wonderful father she can go to when she needs to, rather than him breaking his word, and proving he doesn’t trust her judgement by taking it away.

Nikolas tells Alexis, he’s sorry she’s hurting. He can’t imagine how Julian’s death has affected her. She says he won’t have to if they keep going down this road. He says she can’t take out her grief, rage, and loss on Ava. Alexis tells Ava that she’s sorry, and Ava says, no harm done. Nikolas says Alexis was right about one thing; her relationship with Julian was toxic. Look what it’s done to her. He and Ava are far from perfect, but whatever issues they have, they’re nothing like her and Julian. Alexis hopes he’s right. She doesn’t think he is, but she’s been wrong before. Nikolas says, it’s been a long night. He’ll drive her home. She says, it’s not necessary, but he says he’s not letting her drive. She says, neither would the state of New York. Her law license isn’t the only license she lost. Try saying that three times. (It is kind of hard.) She doesn’t want them to make the same mistake. Nikolas says he’ll get her a car, but Ava says, no. If they can benefit from honest advice, she’d like to hear what Alexis has to say. Alexis says, at some point, the seduction will end, the bond will end. And it will just be lies, deception, and manipulation; looking over their shoulders to see what scheme their partner is scheming, who they’re lying to, and what lies they’re telling for them. Then it constantly replays over and over until it becomes exhausting, and one day they wake up and realize it’s not love, but addiction. She’s an addict, but so are they, just like her. She walks out the door, and Nikolas follows.   

Portia says she’s never seen Curtis happier than with Jordan. She hopes they can fix what’s broken. Jordan says, whatever choices she makes moving forward are her business, and Portia says, if she’s being informed by someone else’s experience, maybe Jordan can learn from their mistakes. Maybe there’s something Portia will say that can help, if Jordan decides to listen. Jordan says, all right, and Portia says she loved Taggert very much when they met and when they marred, even when she realized their marriage would always come in second. It was lonely. Knowing that his communication with his partner was more important than with his wife didn’t help, but they broke up because they couldn’t share a life together; she was shut out of so much of it. Jordan says, and Portia thinks that’s going to happen to her and Curtis? Portia says she knows it can, and it might be already. As angry as she is, she doesn’t wish it on Jordan or Curtis. She leaves, and Jordan sits at her desk, looking really sad.  

Ava asks if Alexis got off all right, and Nikolas says he put her in the car. Whether she goes home or to another bar, she’ll probably end up drinking more either way. Ava says, far be it from her to judge. At least on that account. Nikolas says, Alexis was wrong about their relationship. Her relationship with Julian was twisted, and they made it work, but what she and Julian did to each other isn’t them, and will never be them. Ava says, of course (🍷) it won’t. Their feelings for each other, the way they need each other… He says, it’s totally different, and Ava says Alexis is seeing it through vodka colored glasses.

Martin says he’s never seen Cyrus so… He was going say concerned, but that doesn’t cover it. He’s afraid. Cyrus says, of course (🍷) he is. Their mother is old, sick, and frail. Just moving her… Martin says he knows, but what’s frightening Cyrus most? Her dying or never forgiving him?   

Carly goes to Jax’s house, and he says he takes it there’s no word from Sonny. Carly says, not yet, and Nina says she hopes there is soon. Jax says, in the meantime, he’d like to know, if all hell breaks loose, will their daughter be caught in the crossfire?  

Laura goes to Sonny’s house, and Jason answers the door. She says she needs to speak to Carly right away, but he says, sorry; Carly is out. She walks past him into the house, and says, he’ll do.  

Tomorrow, Nina tells Valentin that she needs to quit kidding herself, Dante wants confirmation from the WSB, Laura tells Jason that he’s turned it into a war, and Franco tells someone to stop it.

Below Deck

Falmouth Harbour, Antigua. Ashling asks what time Elizabeth went to bed, and she says it was late. Ashling asks if she and James were in the hot tub, and Elizabeth admits they kissed. She wonders what James going to say. In Elizabeth’s interview, she says, it was amazing last night. She feels excited and giddy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use the word giddy in real life. Eddie texts his mom about the virus. Francesca asks him if it’s hitting the U.S., and he says they’ve had the first death. It’s everywhere now. James does pull-ups using one of the railings, and Ashling says she feels fresh. Elizabeth is washing dishes, and Francesca notes that she got straight into it. She says Elizabeth seems flustered, and Elizabeth says she isn’t; she started working at 8:30. Francesca meets with the stews, and says, despite what happened with Elizabeth, she doesn’t want animosity. She wants them to work as a team, and no one is better than the other. She asks Ashling to clean the captain’s room, and puts Elizabeth on laundry. In Francesca’s interview, she says she’s still pissed at Elizabeth. It was super immature, and she could have been fired even before that. Elizabeth keeps disrespecting her, and it’s time for a wake-up call.

The captain tells Eddie that the new charter wants to be picked up in Jolly Harbour, two hours away. That’s what  they’re about, making the guests happy. Eddie tells Izzy that Rachel bothered him last night. When she’s working, Rachel is a great master of her art, but when she’s drinking, it’s like an evil switch flipped. Izzy says, she’s like a gremlin on crack. The deckhands get the boat ready, and Rob says they’re living the dream.

The crew congregates in the crew mess, and Elizabeth is all giggly to be around James in close quarters. In James’s interview, he says he’s been in relationships on boats before. The less people who know, the better. He asks Elizabeth if Ashling knows, and Elizabeth says it was written all over her face. In his interview, James says he’s a little peeved, but he can’t let her know. Rachel calls Vincenzo, and tells him that she loves him. In Rachel’s interview, she says she’s worried. Vincenzo is traveling between France and Italy, in areas that are quarantined, and it’s scary. Milan has been quarantined, and the grocery stores are empty. Everything becomes overwhelming, and she needs to keep a clear head. Vincenzo is her best friend.

Eddie says he needs more sleep, and we flash back to Francesca telling Eddie and Rob goodnight, and Eddie telling Rob that she’s into him. In Rob’s interview, he says Francesca is giving off steamy vibes, but she’s above his paygrade. She’s like a steamy nut. Hot, but you can’t touch it. Rachel cleans up the galley, and the captain gets ready to dock. He tells the deckhands, they nailed it this time. Elizabeth and Izzy sit in the crew mess, and Izzy asks what Elizabeth did. Elizabeth says, nothing, but Izzy insists she did something. She asks if Elizabeth had kissy kissy with James, and Elizabeth admits she did. Izzy says she knew this would happen. In Izzy’s interview, she says she’s pretty sure James just wants a root to boot (new one on me), but Elizabeth wants to love on him and have an emotional connection. There’s no way it’s going to work out. Francesca wants to talk to Elizabeth, and they sit in the Sky Lounge. She tells Elizabeth that the reason she came in when Elizabeth was talking loud with Izzy, wasn’t because she was annoyed that they were talking about her and how Elizabeth felt. It’s how it’s affecting the crew by her screaming it. Trying to provoke Francesca and get attention is immature. Elizabeth says she tried not to talk about it, but Francesca says she doesn’t give a f***. Shut the door. Don’t get anyone else involved. Elizabeth agrees with Francesca, and Francesca says she’s letting Elizabeth know it’s unprofessional. Everyone gossips, but it’s the way she was doing it. Elizabeth says she respects Francesca, and wants to keep rocking the charter. In Elizabeth’s interview, she says Francesca took her stripe; now she’s taking her co-worker’s sympathy. Thank God for James

Izzy says she heard James had fun in the hot tub, and he pretends not to know what she’s talking about. She says she’s proud of herself. She called this happening three weeks ago. Did he use protection? Rachel tells Captain Lee that she’s making the space work for her. He says, if she hasn’t been efficient so far, he’d like to see what happens when she is. He’s impressed. It’s time for the preference sheet meeting.

Primaries Tina and Mark are avid boaters, and socialize with their yacht club friends, some of whom will be coming. In Francesca’s interview, she says, these people are bad news. Boat people know everything they do. They want a Great Gatsby party, with a six-course tasting menu, and the water toys and jet skis. They don’t sound too awful, but in this bizarro yachting world where the most-likely-to-be demanding guests turn out to be a delight (and having seen the preview), I have the feeling they will be. Eddie asks James about Elizabeth, and James again feigns ignorance. Eddie asks if James thinks he was born last night. In Ashling’s interview, she says she thinks Izzy has a crush on James, but she doesn’t like to express her feelings. She’s better off, since James is a f***boy. Sorry, Elizabeth. Boy, she couldn’t have been more wrong (see below). Francesca calls for party decorations, feathers, and headpieces.   

James texts Elizabeth, and they meet on deck. Elizabeth asks what James’s mom does, and he says she’s happily retired. Elizabeth says her mom is too. They talk dogs, and we find out James has French bulldogs, and the viewers collectively squee at their photo. In James’s interview, he says he wants to take it slow, and be careful. They discuss their common interests. and first loves. In his interview, James says she cheated on him, but never admitted it. It was five years ago, and why he doesn’t have relationships anymore. They go to bed, separately.

Everyone is up early for charter, and in Izzy’s interview, she says her body aches, and everything she eats tastes like sick. Provisions come in, and the captain calls Francesca for his pants. Elizabeth can’t find the starch, and radios Francesca, who asks Ashling where it is. Ashling says she told Elizabeth, and comes to the laundry room. Francesca says they’re stressing her out for no reason. They need to communicate. In Ashling’s interview, she says she’s always helping Elizabeth, and picking up the slack. She’s 100% team Francesca, and making her look bad in front of her boss is not okay. Francesca tells Elizabeth to listen more. Elizabeth brings Captain Lee his Cheerios. Funny, my dad had Cheerios every morning too, and also gave a bowl to the dog.

Francesca forgets to put on her third stripe, and Eddie asks if she demoted herself too. Elizabeth laaaaughs. The guests arrive, and Captain Lee says, they’ll get the luggage on board, Francesca will give them the tour, and they’ll get out of there. Eddie thinks it’s a good sign that they seem classy. Rachel makes a charcuterie platter. My Seanna moves out. All the lines are in, and Elizabeth pops more champagne. The crew gets in their blues, and the boat heads to Five Islands Harbour. Rachel finds her phone in the freezer where she put it by accident. In her interview, she says, her phone is frozen, and covid is happening. Now she can’t talk to her boyfriend. It’s f***ed up, and she’s going to have a breakdown. Will it be worse than the last one she had? Will she really punch someone in the scrotum this time?

Impatient for a drink, Mark wonders if the stews will be mad if they self-serve. Izzy tells Eddie that she’s run down, and has a head cold. He asks if she wants some vitamin C. Mark says, everyone is sober, but Tina tells him, it’s still early. He’d better pick up the slack for all of them. A couple of the guests wander to the galley, and tell Rachel that they’re looking for champagne. She radios Francesca, who radios Elizabeth, who’s already on her way. The guests tell her that she doesn’t have to ask if they want another. Alrighty then. In Izzy’s interview, she says she’s powering through. She doesn’t like to feel like she can’t do her job. One of the female guests tells Eddie that they need the shirt off his back, and he says he has a lot of shirts. Nice save. Rachel marinates some Wagyu beef, and prepares mahi-mahi for lunch. In her interview, she says, locally sourced products are really yummy. Did she go to the Rachel Ray School of Culinary Arts?

Eddie tells the guests that they have big trouble. There’s way too much fun planned. He tells them they have horseback riding on the beach slated for tomorrow, but Tina says she wants to go shopping in town. Another guest says, what about a party on the beach? and guest Karen says, put the slide up. I laugh, since it had to be a Karen. (Sorry, Karens of the world.) Primary Tina asks if Captain Lee can join them for dinner. In Eddie’s interview, he mimics the guests by talking with his hands, and says he hates boat people, making air quotes.   

The guests drink some more. Francesca tells Captain Lee, they’re coming at the crew from all directions. They want to do it all at once. He says they don’t have enough people for that, and she says, they invited him to dinner. It’s a roaring 20s theme. Ashling helps Rachel thaw out her phone, and tells her about James and Elizabeth. Rachel says, shut the front door. James tells Izzy that her body is freaking out. She needs to rest. The guests go on jet skis, and Delores rides sidesaddle. The captain tells Rachel that he’s not wearing a silly ass costume, but Rachel says, a tuxedo is Great Gatsby. The guests move to the hot tub. In Francesca’s interview, she says, the guests are drinking a ton. They just arrived, and they’ve almost cleaned her out of champagne. She doesn’t know if they’re making it to dinner, and she’s scared. Eddie tells Captain Lee to do whatever he’s got to do to get out of this dinner. This group is going to be difficult. Tell them he came down with a cold and needs to sleep.

Rachel’s phone comes back, and she tells Elizabeth, she can’t believe she froze it, but it’s working. Francesca pours a drink, and Delores says, one, two, three, four, now’s the time to stop the pour. Five, six, seven, eight, now your drink is really great. The toys come in, and Francesca and Ashling decorate for dinner. Ashling tells Francesca, romance has begun with James and Elizabeth. In Francesca’s interview, she says she’s not surprised. There’s no work ethic going on. It’s a match made in heaven. Eddie tells Izzy to call it a night. Rob says, the guests have been drinking since 1 o’clock.

Izzy calls her sister Tori, who asks what she’s sick with. Izzy say she doubts it’s the virus. She was on a plane three weeks ago. Now I’m scared. In Izzy’s interview, she says she hasn’t been this sick long time. She’s hoping her immune disorder isn’t acting up again. She doesn’t want to end up paralyzed in a hospital. She wants to end the season, and feel like she accomplished something.

Izzy sleeps, and the guests gaze at the fish in the water. Delores says she wants to get in. Rachel makes waffles out of sweet potato tater tots. In her interview, she says she wonders what Great Gatsby is anyway. Leo DiCaprio waddling around? To her, a roaring 20s dinner is shenanigans. Something different, bigger, more over the top. She loves it, and would sign up for that. Delores wonders if she has champagne eyes. Tina and Mark check out the tablescape – feathers, bowler hats, pearls – and Tina says, it’s beautiful. Rob thanks he and James met in a previous life. In his interview, he says, the chemistry of two lost wandering souls found each other at sea. He loves fun guys. The guests sit, and Captain Lee joins them, wearing his dress uniform. He tells them, this is as Gatsby as he gets. He answers questions from the guests, like how many years he’s been a captain – thirty-five – and does he have any tattoos – no. Delores suggests they bring him downstairs. I have no idea what that means, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to find out. James and Elizbeth wash dishes, and in Rachel’s interview, she says she and Elizabeth are friends, but she was super effing disappointed to find out Elizabeth and James hooked up. James has been hitting on all the girls, and he pushed harder on the weakest link. Rachel plates. At the table, Delores burps. Loudly.

The next course is served. Elizabeth scarfs down a shrimp in the galley. Delores looks like she might get sick, and definitely doesn’t know what Rachel is saying when she presents the shrimp scampi. James pours Prohibition shots. Delores suggests they talk about the elephant n the room, and says they haven’t seen the captain naked in the water. She babbles nonsensically, and Mark says he’s going to put her in time out. Delores asks, how? and says he can put her in the water. In his interview, the captain says, Delores is drunker than a four-peckered goat. I have no idea what that means, and neither does anyone on Reddit. The guests think the waffles are amazing, and Captain Lee says Rachel has quite an imagination. Vincenzo texts Rachel, telling her that he’s home and not to worry. She says, thank God.

An incredible looking chocolate mousse dish is served, and Delores randomly tells Captain Lee that she could fix him up on jet skis he couldn’t imagine. He pretends to answer his radio, saying he thinks he heard an alarm. Mark says they can dress her up, but can’t take her out. The captain takes his leave, and heads for the galley, saying, that was full-on. He tells Rachel that the dinner was great. Francesca realizes she has to watch Delores, who wants to jump in the water. Francesca tells her, it’s not safe, and Tina tells her, there are sharks, and she doesn’t like sharks. The captain leans over the railing above, and says, no; she’s not getting in the water. That’s not happening. If he has to come in after her, she’s not going be happy. In his interview, he says, she’s very drunk, and it’s nighttime. She’s crossing the line, and he’s pissed. He’s not putting up with that; not for a second. Delores asks Francesca for peas, and says, fish like peas. She suddenly dives into the water, and Captain Lee says, son of a bitch, and runs downstairs. James offers to go in, but Francesca says he’s not going into the water either.  

In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, it’s the ultimate f*** you. She’s drunk, it’s dark, and he doesn’t need someone who’s going to jeopardize their own life on his watch. It’s not going to happen. The other guests have heard the splash, and wonder what’s going on. In Francesca’s interview, she says, WTF? It’s total disrespect to the captain, her, all of the crew. It’s about safety. This has reached another level. It’s just mental. Francesca asks the captain if it’s okay for James to jump in. Tina says Delores is a good swimmer, but Captain Lee says he doesn’t care; she’s drunk. He doesn’t need any dead bodies. Delores yells to them, asking if she can have a drink. Or maybe it’s peas she wants. I’m not sure. The captain says she’s not having anything, and tells her, get your goddam ass back to this boat now. He adds for her to go around the other side, since there’s no way up on that one. She wonders if he’s pissed at her, and he says, very pissed. In James’s interview, he says, this woman gives zero f***s. At the table, one of the guests says, now Captain Lee won’t like them anymore, and points the finger at another guest, adding, because Delores is their friend.

The captain says Delores has stepped over the line, and he’s not tolerating this behavior. Delores rambles about how much she paid, and he says he doesn’t give a sh*t. Tina tells Delores not to ruin their time, and the captain says her charter just ended. He’s done. Get her ass out of the water. He’s going back to the dock. Elizabeth tells Rachel about Delores jumping in the water in her white dress, and says, now the captain is screaming at her. The captain stomps over to the table, and tells Mark, their charter is over. There’s a guest in the water, drunk, and she won’t come out. He’s headed back to the dock. He’s not putting up with this. In the captain’s interview, he says he’s so mad he can’t see straight. He doesn’t want to be responsible for someone that reckless with their own life. He doesn’t need the liability. Get your effing sh*t and get off my goddam boat. This is total bullsh*t.

There was no preview. I guess they’re just leaving it up to our imaginations. Will Delores walk the plank? Will she be drawn and quartered? Will another boat pick her up, and give her an eye patch and a parrot? Is the charter really cancelled? No more champagne for you.

🔮 No Discernment Award For Ashling…

I don’t think Izzy had a crush on James.


⚾️ Hitting It Out Of the Park…

I’m actually half-watching this now, but I know I’ll love it. The only thing better than watching TV is watching other people watch TV. Combine it with the Deck, and you’re bound to have a hit.


🏖 They’re Ba-a-ack…

The awful people from Summer House are back on February 4th, to lead their double-lives as sub-human teens in the Hamptons on the weekends, while working high-level, high-paying jobs in Manhattan during the week. I’ve actually come to like Hannah Berner on Chat Room, but the only redeeming quality of this show is how easy it is to make fun of. Watch the trailer. If you dare.


🤷🏻 Is She Or Isn’t She…?

The details are sketchy about her collapse, but apparently, Tanya Roberts is still hanging in there. I’d read this morning in the New York Post that she had died, but I wasn’t sure what I was more upset about, her death, or that they hadn’t mentioned The Beastmaster. I met her once at a convention (remember those?), and she was a very gracious person. As of this post, she still is.


🕺🏽 A-Leaping Out Like the Eleventh Lord…

It’s time to reprogram myself away from full-time eating, TV watching, and napping. You’d think I meant after the holidays, but unless the holidays started in April… While I’m readjusting, stay safe, stay maintaining balance, and stay not disobeying the captain by drunkenly jumping in the water after dark to feed peas to the fish.

May 6, 2020 – Robert Drowns His Sorrows, Two Hours of Dreck, Teddi’s Retreat, Returning, Jimmy’s Soap, the Latest On Erika, Atlanta Reunites, Non-Essential, NOS4A-Part 2, a New Gala & Balloons


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I honestly don’t know wth happens. I think I have extra time, then I run late. I’m usually here by the time the opening credits roll, but still. So here’s the set-up. Robert is crying in his beer at The Floating Rib, and Anna arrives; it’s Dante’s birthday, and Sonny went to visit Mike; Brook and Michael spar at Sonny’s gym, and Jax catches up to Carly at the MetroCourt bar.

Sam tells Kristina, it’s no secret that Carly and Sonny are Jason’s closest friends. Jason knew them before she came along, and she’s fine with that. She supports it. Alexis asks Kristina, what’s going on? Why is she saying hurtful things to Sam? Kristina says she’s not trying to be hurtful. She’s trying to get Sam to see the truth. Molly says, it sounds like something Kristina learned from DoD, but Kristina says, just the opposite. She’s gained perspective since then, and is trying to be a better person. Molly says, so now Kristina is a relationship expert, despite never having had a healthy relationship herself? Is she jealous of Sam’s love for Jason?

At The Floating Rib, Mac thanks Anna for coming. Robert is sad, but okay. He’s been drinking a lot of beer. Robert says he can’t believe Holly is gone. He texted Luke, but he’s probably preoccupied with Ethan. Mac says, it’s horrible, losing a parent. Robert says, Holly could charm the pants off of you, steal your wallet, and you’d still be charmed. He really did love her. Anna asks how he is, and he says, lousy. Mac tells Anna, he didn’t lose a great love, but Holly was a great friend. Anna says she’s sorry, and Felicia says, Holly would want them to celebrate her life, not mourn her death. Anna says, champagne and caviar, everything first class. On someone else’s dime, of course (🍷). Maxie and Peter come in, and Maxie asks, what’s going on? Robert says, it’s a terrible time. He doesn’t need Peter around, so get out.

Sonny shows Mike Dante’s picture on his phone, and says it’s his grandson. Does Mike recognize him? Mike says, nice phone. Felix comes in, and asks if Mike needs anything. Mike asks if Felix wants to play checkers, but Sonny says he needs to talk to Felix. He’ll be right back. He leaves Mike his phone, and they go into the hallway. He tells Felix that his dad is struggling to eat, but Felix says, Mike had some applesauce when he woke up. Is it a problem? Sonny says, it’s not a problem. It’s just that Mike is eating the same thing his baby daughter is eating, and it’s strange for him. Sonny goes back into Mike’s room, where Mike is staring into space and smiling.

Jax tells Carly that Nina had a front row seat to the custody war between Lulu and Valentin, and they called a cease fire. Carly says, that’s great, but Charlotte’s case is nothing like Wiley’s. Nina said she wanted to protect Wiley, and that’s why she hired Nelle. He says, if there’s no smoking gun, Nina isn’t going to plant one, and Carly says, why not? Nelle has done it often enough. Turnabout is fair play. He says, Nina looks at Nelle and sees herself. She never got the love of a mother. She says, it’s the same sob story Nelle has given before. It’s an act. She’s a total manipulator, and Nina should know better.

Nina says Nelle misinterpreted the conversation. She wasn’t defending Nelle; she was just  trying to understand. Nelle says, that’s more than anyone else has done or tried to do. Nina says, if Nelle is honest, she’s given people reason to doubt her; even to fear her. Nelle says, she can’t deny that, but can’t people change? Learn from their mistakes, and become a better person? Like Nina. Nina says, it doesn’t matter what she thinks, what matters is what the judge thinks. Nelle says, the judge will listen to Nina, but Nina says she doesn’t know why she should get involved, since the custody hearing has nothing to do with her.

Brook tells Michael, he can hit harder; put some muscle into it. Get in touch with his anger. He needs to get his aggression out, or disaster will strike. He’ll see Nelle, and lose it, calling her out for the psycho bitch she is. Then Nelle will turn on the waterworks, and tell the judge he’s abusive and vindictive. Michael says, that’s why he’s going to be under control, but she says if he goes in cold and calculating looking to inflict maximum damage, he’ll regret it. That’s why he has to vent while he’s there. Pretend she’s Nelle, and let her have it. He punches harder, and she says, that’s it. Now pretend he’s that girlfriend stealing Chase, and give him what he deserves. Michael turns around, and sees Sasha and Chase standing behind him, outside the ring.

Anna tells Maxie and Peter, Charlie’s might be a better fit. Robert is hurting, and drowning in beer. Maxie explains to Peter that Holly was Robert’s ex-wife. He says, Robert was married to Anna, but Maxie says, you can have more than one great love; look at them. Anna says her relationship with Holly was complicated. Sometimes they were friends, sometimes enemies; they were frenemies. She feels bad, especially since Robert adored Holly. Peter says she’s right. They should go to Charlie’s. Maxie says she wants to give Robert her condolences first. It was so sudden. He must be devastated.

Sonny tells Felix, it’s great having him there for his dad, and Felix says he’s glad to help. Sonny says he knows it’s tough, putting in the extra time, but Felix says he’s glad Sonny reached out. He’s always liked Mike, and if his being there makes Mike more comfortable, that’s the reason he became a nurse in the first place. Sonny says, he appreciates it, and goes back into Mike’s room. He tells Mike, he’s learning things about him all the time. He likes his pillows firm, but not too firm. Now he’s learned Mike likes applesauce. Who knew? He’s tired of thinking about what Mike wants, and needs Mike to tell him what he needs. How does he want to live the remaining time he has left? Does he want the doctors to take every measure they can to save his life, or does he want them to do nothing? Mike’s got to tell him something. What does he want? Mike motions him closer, and says, Yankees.

Carly tells Jax, she gets that Nina has unresolved issues about babies and motherhood, but Nina will be to blame if Nelle gets her hands on Wiley. Jax asks if that’s not a little unfair. Carly says she knows Jax is thinking about what she said regarding Nina not being a mother, but she thinks Nina paints a romantic picture of motherhood. Just because you carry and deliver a baby, doesn’t mean you become a good and selfless person. Look at Nelle; there’s been no maternal bonding. Jax says Carly admitted she wasn’t good or selfless until she had Michael. Isn’t that what changed her? Carly says it did, but it wasn’t like a magic wand. She didn’t go to bed a gold-digger, and wake up a Madonna. She had to make choices, and had to give up things she liked. She hated it, and had to learn to sacrifice things she loved when she realized it was the best thing for her kids. Nelle never learned that. That’s why she’s dangerous.

Nelle wishes she knew how to convince Nina she’s changed. Nina says, if she agreed to testify – and it’s a big if – the only thing she could say is, in the brief time Nelle has worked there, she’s been a good employee. She can’t vouch for Nelle’s motive or character, or how she’d be as a mother. Nelle says they’ve talked about it. She told Nina what she’s up against, and why she needed the job. She knows what happened with Sasha still hurts, and how badly Nina wanted it. That’s how she feels about Wiley. Don’t believe Brad. She didn’t give the baby away; she believed he died. Now she has an incredible second chance to hold her son. Nina says, Nelle is good; she’ll give her that. Nelle says, she’s not good. Everyone knows that, but she has a chance to do better for Wiley. It’s a start, and maybe one day, she’ll grow into someone people admire, like Nina, but she can’t unless somebody gives her a second chance.

Sasha says she had no idea Michael would be there, and tells Chase, let’s go. Brook says, don’t leave on their account. Not that they care. Chase says it doesn’t involve Brook, but Brook says Michael has a custody hearing tomorrow, and can’t risk beating up a cop. She’s in a different boat. Chase tells Sasha, let’s go, and Brook says she was willing to give Sasha the benefit of the doubt; a bad girl who turned her life around because of the love of a good man. It was a fairytale she was willing to buy into, but Sasha isn’t just bad. She’s rotten to the core. A liar and a user; one step above Nelle. Chase tells her to stop, and she says, and him. A cheating cheater who cheats. Willow found out her baby died, and he jumps into bed with her supposed friend. Sasha says if Brook’s got a problem, bring it to her. Brook says Sasha’s got it.

Kristina agrees with Molly. Her love life has been like the Titanic, where she’s reaching for a life preserver that isn’t there. But she doesn’t want to feel desperate. She wants a relationship like Molly and TJ have. Molly says, the one where she cheated on TJ, and Kristina tried to convince her not to tell him? Sam doesn’t want to talk about Jason, TJ, or anyone else. All she wants is a drink right now. She looks at Alexis, and says, sorry. Kristina says their mom has been sober for years, and Molly says she doesn’t think mentioning a drink will send Alexis to a bar. Alexis says, since they’re being brutally honest, she’ll tell them what she’s already told Sam. She’s only been sober for two weeks.

Maxie tells Robert, she’s so shocked. It doesn’t matter how long they were apart. She knows how much he cared. Peter tells Mac and Felicia, sorry for their loss, and Felicia says that’s kind of him. Robert says, the late Holly Sutton. How does that happen? It makes it better when you say late. She’s not really dead, just late. Anna says he’s not being fair to Peter, and Robert says Peter always means well. He laughs, and says, Henrik, how is it that such a remarkable woman like Holly’s got to die, and a completely unadulterated dirtbag like you gets to live?

Sonny and Mike watch a baseball game on TV, and Sonny says, Mike’s got a hit. Felix says, it’s a nice father and son moment. Sonny says he asked his father what he wanted. He was thinking about life and death, but Mike said, the Yankees. They all love baseball, especially Dante. They didn’t raise him, but it’s in his DNA. Even with everything Mike’s forgotten, he remembers baseball. He wishes Dante was here. He’d love it as much as Mike.

Jax tells Carly, he knows Nina seems to be wavering, but she cares more about Wiley’s welfare than Nelle’s. Trust her to do the right thing. Carly hopes he’s right. On top of the hearing in the morning, there’s a lot going on with Mike. Sonny has some difficult decisions to make. Jax says he’s sorry, and she says, that’s why she was hoping to uncover something that would lock up the case for Michael getting custody, and it would all be over with Nelle. He says he would help in any way he can with either situation. He’d drop everything, and hopes she knows that. She says she does, because Jax is the guy he is. He’s the good guy who wants to swoop in to save the day, but he can’t. He says, as far as the custody hearing goes, he’ll talk to Nina. She thanks him, and says, if Nina will listen to anyone, it’s him.

Brook steps out of the ring, and tells Sasha that they can go ten rounds, but Sasha says she’s not like Lulu, who will back off after a few insults. Chase tells Sasha not to stoop to Brook’s level; let’s go. Michael suggests they all cool down, and Brook says, what was Sasha thinking? She’s obviously too shallow to appreciate Michael’s loyalty and commitment, but he’s the shining star of the Quartermaine family. He’s got prestige and connections, and a bottomless bank account. Sasha could have been sitting pretty. Instead, she jumped into bed with Chase. Brook punches Sasha in the face, and is like, oops.

Molly says she’s sorry, and asks if Alexis is okay. Alexis says, she’s fine. She had one drink, and went straight to an AA meeting. Molly asks, what happened? and Alexis says, maybe her and Neil testifying at the hearing. Maybe there was too much pressure, and she took the easy way out. Sam says, that’s not what happened. She went off on Alexis, and said some things she shouldn’t have. Alexis says, Sam didn’t make her drink; she did. If she drank every time they exchanged words, she wouldn’t have a liver. She’s ready for whatever comes. Kristina asks if she means Neil, and Alexis says she’s not sure.

Felicia tells Robert, no more beer; coffee. Peter says he’s going to get out of everyone’s way, and steps outside. Maxie tells Robert, she loves him, and knows the pain he’s experiencing, but he doesn’t get to talk to Peter like that. Robert asks why Holly had to die. He knows in his heart that she wasn’t ready; it wasn’t her time. Mac says they’ve all lost people, and Felicia says, no one ever thinks it’s the right time. Out in the hallway, Peter sends a text: Need answers. NOW. Maxie comes out, and says, sorry. It’s the grief and a lot of beer talking. Peter asks if she’s telling him not to take it personally, and she says, with Robert, it’s always personal, but it’s not Peter’s fault Holly died.

Sonny says, are you kidding him? He was off by a mile. He sees Mike is asleep. Carly comes in, and says she can hear Sonny down the hall. He says his dad wanted to watch the Yankees.

Nina tells Nelle, before she even considers testifying on her behalf, Nelle has to do more than promise to be a better person. A child is at stake. A child who’s been taken away from the only parent he knows. Nelle says that’s why she needs Nina. Michael’s family is going to raise Wiley to think that she didn’t want or deserve him. He’ll wonder why his mom is a stranger. She needs him to know she didn’t turn her back on him. Will Nina give her a second chance? Help her out? There’s a knock at the door, and Jax asks if he’s interrupting.

Brook tells Chase, she’s calling a Ride Share. She’s going to check on Michael at the hospital, and make sure he doesn’t do something stupid, like forgive Sasha. He says she can’t go around punching people, and she says, it was an accident. He wonders why there are always accidents when she’s there, and she says, look around him. It’s a boxing gym. People are supposed to throw punches. Don’t blame her for his bad mood, and that he lost his girlfriend because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Felicia tells Robert that he can use some more coffee.  Robert says, fine, and Mac says, drink up. Robert tells Anna, it’s not like he said anything bad, and she says he told Peter that he should feel guilty for being alive. He says that’s not the way he meant to say it, and Mac asks if there’s a right way. Felicia says Robert owes Peter an apology. Holly would want that. Maxie comes back, and Anna asks where Peter is. Maxie says, he needed some air. She doesn’t blame him.

Outside, a guy approaches Peter. He says he got there as fast as he could. What’s the problem? Peter slams him up against the side of the building, and the guy asks, what’s wrong? Peter says he told him to distract Robert, not kill Holly. The guy says, they were monitoring her, but had nothing to do with the incident. Peter says, if he finds out the guy is lying… and they guy swears it’s the truth. Peter lets him go, and he asks if Peter still wants them to do something to distract Robert. Peter says, there’s no need now. Fate seems to have done it for him.

Carly and Sonny go into the hallway. Mike says, the Yankees were Mike’s idea. He told Mike it was Dante’s birthday, and Mike mentioned the Yankees. He connected the two things. Carly says, maybe Mike was telling Sonny what he wanted to hear, and Sonny says, could be, but at least his dad connected it. He wanted to talk about the DNR, and asked Mike if he wanted the doctors to let him go or take extra measures. That’s when he brought up the Yankees. That says his dad isn’t ready to give up.

Jax asks if Nina is done for the night, and she says she is. Nelle says, actually, they were in the middle of a conversation, but Nina says, Jax is right. Nelle has a big day tomorrow, and should get some sleep. Nelle thanks Nina for listening, and hopes Nina thinks about what she said. Jax says, goodnight, Nelle, and Nelle grabs her stuff and leaves. Jax asks what Nelle wanted, and Nina says Nelle wanted her to be a character witness. He says, wow; she’s shameless. Nina doesn’t respond, and he says, she isn’t seriously considering it, is she?

Chase tells Brook, she needs to clean up her own life before she points fingers at him. She asks if it makes him uncomfortable; her pointing out that he’s a lying, sleazy cheat who betrayed her cousin. It’s a funny thing about the Quartermaines. They talk about each other, but close ranks when an interloper like Sasha. Chase says, what they do behind closed doors is her business, but… He takes out his ticket book, and says, disturbing the peace is his. He’s citing her for public disturbance. Be grateful it’s not misdemeanor assault. She can pay online or in person. He hands her the ticket, and she rips it up, saying that’s what she thinks of his ticket.

Maxie tells Mac, she knows how much he loved Holly too. Peter joins them, and Mac asks if he’s feeling better. Peter says, very much so, and Mac asks him to overlook Robert’s words; it’s the grief talking. Peter says he understands. What happened is tragic. Felicia tells Anna, when the shock wears off, they need to have a proper memorial. Not too proper; Holly loved a good time. She asks Anna, what is it? She’s been quiet all night. Anna says she read the report from the WSB about the incident where Holly was killed. Felicia wonders why the WSB is involved, and Anna says, Holly did contract work for them. Felicia asks if Holly was killed while she was working, and Anna says, that’s classified, but let it suffice to say, she saw enough to believe there’s more to the story.

Sonny tells Carly, he’s not ready to make a decision on how Mike should live his final days. He’ll  try to talk to Mike tomorrow. Carly asks if he wants to turn off the TV, so Mike can sleep, but he says, leave it on, in case he wakes up. He looks in on Mike one more time, and they leave.

Brook calls Chase a glorified meter maid, and he tells her that she shouldn’t have done that. She asks if he’s going to write her another ticket for littering, and he says, no. He takes out his handcuffs, and says, she’s under arrest – again.

Nelle sits at the MetroCourt bar, and calls Martin. She says he’s going to be proud. She thinks she may have found a character witness that will make the case a slam dunk. Um… hardly. Not only does Nina have a past of her own, wasn’t she just bamboozled by Sasha? That doesn’t exactly speak to her credibility as a judge of character.

Nina tells Jax, she didn’t tell Nelle that she would testify for her. Jax says she didn’t tell Nelle that she wouldn’t. She says she has a lot think about between now and the morning. he says he admires her compassion, and respects her opinion, but if she gives Nelle the benefit of the doubt, Wiley will end up paying the price. Can she live with that?

Kristina says, Neil lost his license because he and Alexis were involved? Alexis’s phone rings, and she says, it’s Diane; she has to take it. She asks Diane if it’s good news or bad news. She can’t talk; she’s with the girls. They’ll talk tomorrow. Sam asks, what happened? and Alexis says she’s been disbarred.

Tomorrow, Trina tells Portia that she doesn’t trust Jordan, Sasha tells Michael to stop being so nice, and Sonny says the plan is already in motion.

🤽🏻‍♀️ Since Andy Cohen hates me, RHOBH was on at 8 pm with no rerun encore performance tonight. Instead, Summer House had a two-hour finale – a final episode, followed by a reunion at home, doubling as Watch What Happens Live. Why those awful people should be allowed a two-hour block of air time is beyond me. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, but they had some huge party that I think was supposed to have a rave theme. Unfortunately, this stupidity is being stretched out, with a Secrets Revealed special next week. I don’t want to know.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It was the weekend of Teddi’s retreat, and she said she wasn’t tolerating any bullsh*t. Sutton decided to apologize to Teddi and go to the retreat, but Teddi acted like the unappreciative jerk she is, and was annoyed. It’s not surprising that she didn’t understand why telling people she didn’t care if they came or not caused a negative reaction. Her own feelings take up so much space, she doesn’t have room to decipher anyone else’s. Dorit was late, which didn’t sit well with Kyle, especially when she saw Dorit’s Instagram. Apparently, her tardiness was due to getting hair and makeup done so she could squeeze in a Glam Barbie photo shoot. Dorit screeched that she had a life, as though no one else did and commitments don’t matter. Oh, wait. That’s right. They don’t to Dorit. To Teddi’s credit, she did explain that she’d been put on the defensive when LisaR asked what if someone came and caused sh*t (the sh*t being caused wasn’t specified). She said it shifted everything for her. Although I stand by my theory that she was breaking up with them before anyone broke up with her, because she’s so insecure and afraid of failure.

After a boxing exercise, where Sutton looked lost, there was I have no idea what, then lunch, and free time in the afternoon for spa treatments, journaling, or whatever. Yeah. Like any of these women are going to write about their feelings when they could be getting a massage. I wouldn’t either. And I like to write. In the evening, there was an hour of meditation, and in her interview, Dorit said that she’d rather go to the DMV for a month than do an hour of meditation. Wow. Either she has one easy time at the DMV, or she can’t sit quietly for an hour. I can’t clear my mind either, but there’s no time for a nap like at meditation. When Dorit said she was going to be leaving early, Kyle called her out, saying she’d been hours late, skipped meditation, and now wanted to leave early. Dorit again said she had a life, adding an effing in there for emphasis. In Kyle’s interview, she said Dorit was shallow and selfish. Erika said it best and simplest when, in her interview, she thought they should just admit no one wants to be there. Although there are two different camps here. The ones who don’t want to be there, but they’re actually being supportive, keeping that to themselves, and participating; and Dorit, who makes it clear she doesn’t want to be there, and pretends she’s being supportive. Actually, there was a third camp. The ones who were supportive from afar.

Amelia was back from NYC, and feeling happier for it. She wanted to get an evaluation. LisaR said, when she’d seen Amelia in the city, she thought Amelia was in trouble. Amelia said, when things get difficult, her decision making tactics shut down. LisaR told Amelia that she barely made it through three months of college, then proceeded to gesture wildly to the paparazzi. Amelia said she was a handful. That’s one word for it.

Garcelle took her sons out for dinner, one of whom informed her he wanted Gucci. She told him, get a job, and he said he was eleven. She was like, exactly. So you don’t need Gucci. So far, I like Garcelle. In her interview, she said she grew up in a strict family with a Black mama who was not playing. She told her sons that they weren’t getting Gucci anything. It’s obnoxious.

Denise was over living in Malibu. She had PTSD from the fire, but didn’t want to move and take the kids out of school. She was getting ready to have everyone over for a not typical Beverly Hills dinner party in the backyard. They were having pizza made in a pizza oven, and a sundae bar that sounded magical. An ice sculpture carved into a huge diamond, like the ones they hold in the opening, was delivered. This thing looked absolutely beautiful after it got dark, and there were lights on it.

Apparently, Dorit had been on repeat, talking about Kyle sharing a bed with Teddi, and Kyle wondered if Dorit was jealous of their friendship. Dorit might be jealous of their more well-behaved children, since Jagger wailed and whined when Dorit had to leave the house. If that’s here effing life, no thanks.

When the women sat down for dinner, sexual exploits were discussed, with Garcelle saying she kissed a girl and liked it when she was a model, and Erika saying she had been part of a threesome with a couple (before Tom). Denise was concerned about the kids overhearing, and in Erika’s interview, she wondered why pearls were being clutched. In Denise’s interview, she says she’s open sexually – we flashed back to last season’s happy ending conversation – but that didn’t mean she wanted her kids hearing it.

Dorit said it was a pattern that Kyle had blind defensiveness when it came to Teddi, and in her interview, said Kyle and Teddi were a package deal. If you had an issue with one, you had an issue with the other, and she was frustrated with it. Kyle was mad at her for being late, when it was Teddi’s event, and Teddi wasn’t mad. Kyle said she was late to do her Glam Barbie look for working out, when she wasn’t going to work out. In her interview, Dorit wondered why TF Kyle cared. Kyle said she didn’t think Dorit was genuine, and Denise asked them to cool it when the kids were around. Erika took up somewhat for Dorit, explaining that Dorit thought Kyle blindly rushed to Teddi’s defense. In Kyle’s interview, she said she lost one of her closest friends defending Dorit, and Dorit had a selective memory. LisaR said Kyle was the same way with her, and defending her sister. Although, that was a whole different thing. LisaR was talking real smack, and it was untrue. Kyle insisted that wasn’t the case, and the text said, to be continued…

Next time, Kyle walks, and Denise gets into it with Kyle. I’m starting to notice, I’m making this more of a personality analysis than a recap.

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April 22, 2020 – Willow Tells Michael What She Saw, Summer Duds, Erika Lands Chicago & Not That Long


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Elizabeth comes by Mike’s room at Turning Woods, and says she misses Mike’s smile. She tells Sonny, she knows some days are better than others, and today was rough. She’s hoping the family and his surroundings will be a comfort. Sonny tells Mike to get some rest. When Mike is ready to talk, he’ll be there.

Willow goes to Charlie’s. She flashes back to finding Sasha and Chase together. She remembers telling Chase, when they thought she was pregnant, he said it would be a dream come true. He says, eventually, when they decide together. She says she thought they were on the same page, and he says, every waking moment, she’s consumed, and can’t let go. It’s like she got on the train, it left the station, and she never realized he got left behind. She goes into Charlies, and sees Michael there. He says he wanted it to be just the two of them without Diane. He loves Diane, but she’s a lawyer, and the last thing he wants is for Willow to feel uncomfortable. Willow remembers seeing Chase and Sasha kissing on the couch, and Sasha saying Willow wasn’t supposed to come home.

Chase and Sasha look at their wine glasses. She says, it’s not too late to go after Willow, and tell her the truth; they faked all this. They shoved it together, and it was stupid and crazy. Michael and Willow are the best things that have ever happened to them, and she’s so sorry. It might be awkward for a while, and maybe they can’t hang out together anymore, but they’ll have the people they love back. Chase says, it sounds amazing and awesome for them, but what about Michael and Willow? Does she think they’ll be happier with them, or together with Wiley?

Nina says Nelle is at work late, and Nelle says she wants to get it in while she can. She won’t be able to work nights when Wiley is living with her. Nina asks if Nelle isn’t getting ahead of herself, but Nelle says, it’s going to happen. As soon as she’s able, she wants to get a house. Something small, but sweet, with a picket fence, and a swing in the front yard. She always wanted that. Nina says, so did she.

Alexis meets Diane at the MetroCourt. She says she’s been looking forward to this all day,  and asks where Max is. Diane says he’s not joining them, and Alexis suggests they get a smaller table, but Diane says they still need a bigger one. Sam approaches the table, and Alexis says Diane set her up. Diane says, damn right she did, and Sam sits down.

Sonny tells Elizabeth that Mike took a fall today. The doctor said it was to be expected. Elizabeth says, that’s true with neurological disorders. Elizabeth asks if Mike is thirsty, and Sonny says he tried giving Mike some water, but he spit it out. Elizabeth asks if she can try. She puts a straw to Mike’s mouth, and asks him to take a sip. He doesn’t, and she says they’ll try again in a little bit. She has an idea, and puts some water on a washcloth. She dabs Mike’s lips with it, and then he sucks on it. She says, nice, right? She asks if he minds if she steals Sonny for a minute, and Sonny says he’ll be right back. They go into the hallway, and she asks when Mike started having a problem with drinking. Sonny says, it’s the first he’s seen Mike do that, but the staff said they were having problems getting him to eat yesterday. He assumed it was all the moving around. She says, people at this stage do better with a routine that’s not disruptive, but it seems to be more than that.

Sam tells Alexis, before she lays into Diane, this was her idea. She asked Diane to be here. Diane asks what Alexis thinks she’s doing, hiding from her daughter? Alexis says she’s not hiding, and that’s an aggressive word. Diane says she’s been with Alexis twice when she let calls from Sam go to voicemail. Alexis says she didn’t think it would be polite to answer, and Diane laughs. She says, complete avoidance. She can’t force Alexis to tell Sam what’s going on, but as Alexis’s bestie, she’s telling her that shutting her daughter out is hurting her, and she’s denying herself the support she desperately needs.

Chase tells Sasha, he can only speak his side; the Willow side. He fell in love with her the minute after he saw her, sitting in her car in the parking garage, in full-on tears. He couldn’t stop staring at her. We flash back to her wildly beeping the horn, and yelling that she’s being robbed, while he tries to tell her that he’s a cop; a detective. She tells him, listen, Sherlock, and threatens to run over him. He says, here’s his shield, showing her, and she asks if he thinks he’s Captain America. Chase tells Sasha, in all the time they’ve spent together, not once did Willow walk into a room and not take his breath away. Sasha asks why Willow was in tears when they met, and he says, she was crying over the baby she’d given up. He didn’t know at the time how fitting it was how they met. As deeply as he’s loved her this entire time, he knew her heart was with that child.

Michael tells Willow, whatever it is, they’ll fix it, but she says she has to tell him what’s going on. She doesn’t want to hurt him, but doesn’t want to lie to him either. He says he’s a big boy, and can handle whatever it is. She says, Chase and Sasha are having an affair. He says, what? He knows they’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, but did she just get that impression, or was there more to it? She says she got that impression when she came home and found them in each other’s arms. Michael wants to be clear, and says, she saw Sasha and Chase together? She says, on the couch, with his shirt off and hers unbuttoned. They weren’t having sex, but they were on their way. She’s sorry. He doesn’t understand. How and when? She says she asked the same thing. He says, and…? she says he’s not going to like the answer.

Diane asks if they’re just going to sit and look at each other. Alexis says, if it’s so important, you tell her. Diane says she’s not telling Sam. That doesn’t fix anything; only confronting it does. Diane starts to get up, but Alexis tells her to sit back down. She set up this half-assed intervention; she’s going to stay for the fallout. Sam asks, what’s going on? and Alexis says she had a drink.

Nina tells Nelle, she wanted a swing when she was little. Nelle says Nina lived in Manhattan, and Nina says that’s why she didn’t get one. Her parents set up an elaborate swing set in the Hamptons. Nelle says, that sounds nice, but Nina says, it’s not what she wanted. What she desired was a simple wood swing hanging from a tree. It’s not about the swing, but what it represents; a family, cozy and happy and loving. It was a fantasy she dreamed up for herself. Nelle says she had the same dream from the other side. They moved a lot to crap rentals, mostly condos. They all have a play area; sunbaked, cracked, and broken, not like what she’d dreamed. She never got her fairytale, so she’s going to make damn sure her son gets his.

Willow says she thinks it’s a combination of things. She’ll start at the beginning, or where she thinks is the beginning. Around Thanksgiving, she thought she was pregnant. It was only for a couple of days, but looking back, Chase had a different reaction than she did. He was wonderful and supportive, talking about someday kids. Michael says, but not today, and Willow says, when they thought it might be a reality, she could tell Chase was freaked out. In a sweet, loving way, but she understands. They hadn’t talked about kids, or even marriage. She thinks Chase was unsettled by it, and didn’t tell her because of the Wiley situation. Now, looking back, she guesses she didn’t notice where he was in life – or wasn’t. He wanted something less complicated, less lifetime commitment. He just wasn’t there. Michael flashes back to telling Sasha that he doesn’t expect her to be instamom, and her saying, obviously Wiley comes first. As for them, they’re good, and they’ll take it as it comes. They’ll figure out the Wiley part later. He tells Willow, Sasha wasn’t there either.  

Chase tells Sasha, by the time Willow realized her baby died, it didn’t matter. Not that it didn’t matter, but… Sasha knows what he means. Willow already loved Wiley, and thought of him as her own. Chase says he thinks Willow could be happy without Wiley, but if Wiley was ever hurting or suffering, and it was within Willow’s power to stop it, he doesn’t think she could live with that. For him, the best way to love her – and he does – is to tell this lie and let her go. Sasha says, what if he’s wrong?

Elizabeth tells Sonny, in cases like Mike’s, his literally memory is fading, but his body is struggling to remember how to work. Has he discussed palliative care with the doctors? Sonny says Mike isn’t ready for end of life care, but she says, it’s more like an extra layer of support. It can easily be done there; Mike doesn’t have to move. They’ll have a team of people, experienced in Mike’s condition. She thinks it would be helpful for all of them. He says, just when you think you’ve got a handle on the disease, it gets worse. She says that’s why she thinks it’s important that both he and Mike have support. They can answer any questions, and talk through the options. He gets the feeling Elizabeth has something specific in mind, and she says she couldn’t help but notice Mike has no DNR in place. At this point, she thinks he needs one.

Sam asks Alexis when this happened, and Alexis says when Sam left the bar, but… Sam says she’s so sorry. She should never have unloaded like that; it’s her fault. Alexis says that’s not the reason she had a drink. There were a lot of things weighing on her mind. It had nothing to do with Sam. Sam asks, what kind of things? and Alexis says, when she was in New York to testify at Neil’s hearing, they slept together. Diane says, what now? and Alexis says, she had sex with Neil. Diane says, she had sex with Neil? and Sam repeats, she had sex with Neil? Sam says, Alexis told her that they had no personal relationship, and Alexis says, when she agreed to testify, they didn’t. Diane says, hypothetically, sneaking around after what was certainly an amazing night with Neil, Alexis was far too wise to go down to the review board. Alexis says that’s exactly what she did; she lied. Sam says, under oath? and Alexis says, yep.

Nina tells Nelle, by no means does she have to stay, but if the copy she’s looking for comes, can Nelle run it to her? She’s meeting Jax at the MetroCourt bar. Nelle says, no problem, and Nina says she was thinking about what Nelle said. She’s sure Nelle and Michael want the same thing. Doesn’t Nelle think there’s some way to have a meeting of the minds? Watching Lulu and Valentin go at it, she can see they’ve lost sight of what’s best for their daughter. Nelle tells her, explain that to Michael. She tried. She’d love nothing more than to co-parent, but when she’s brought it up, she gets a lecture on how evil and toxic she is. He doesn’t see her love for Wiley. All he sees is an endless list of her perceived wrongs. Nina asks if it’s unjustified, and Nelle says she knows she’s made mistakes, but she wants to do and be better for Wiley. Nina is lucky that she can leave the past in the past. Nina says she’s very fortunate. If she can offer one piece of advice… if the opportunity for compromise presents itself, take it. She tells Nelle, don’t work too late, and leaves.

Sasha asks if she and Chase aren’t basically playing God, getting together to steer Willow and Michael, as if they can’t figure it out for themselves and decide what they should do. Chase says he thought they talked about it, and she says she was a 100% willing participant, but now that they’ve actually done it… He says he knows, and Sasha says, what if Michael and Willow blame each other, or end up hating each other, or some other terrible thing happens to make it not work out? Chase asks if she really thinks that’s a possibility, and she says what she thinks is that Michael and Willow are going to get married, because that’s what Wiley needs. She thinks they’ll do their best to be kind and supportive for the sake of the child. And she thinks before Wiley’s third birthday, or maybe sooner, Willow will be madly in love with Michael, and be the happiest woman on the face of the earth. She cries.

Michael tells Willow, everything changed when he found out Wiley was his son. She says, of course (🍷) it did. He says, Wiley came first, and Sasha was incredible about it; caring and supportive. Willow says, but… and he says, she made it clear that she was in no place to be a mom. Willow says, which, like Chase, is understandable. Michael says, she’d put the drama behind her and was on the brink of a new career she was excited about. She didn’t want an instant family, but made it clear nothing had to change. They defined the rules. She was fine with it in theory, but then Nelle showed up. Sasha stepped up, but like Chase, she was telling him what he needed to hear. Playing a part. Not that he was paying attention to what she would have told him, but she could tell Chase.

Elizabeth tells Mike, she’ll visit soon, and hopes today gets better. Mike says, he’s so tired, and she says she’s sure. It’s okay. Close his eyes, and rest. Sonny thanks her for visiting, and she says, of course (🍷). She tells him, think about what she said, and he says he will. They hug, and she leaves. Mike sleeps.

Diane says, all is not lost, and Sam says, it’s not? Diane says, not that she’s ever a fan of perjury, but as long as no one knows, and they were discreet… Alexis says, Britt knows. She saw them at the hotel; she was there the same night. Diane asks how it came up, and Alexis says the night she had the drink, she was trying to reach someone for a ride, and called Julian. He thought she drank because of Neil, and his snitch of a girlfriend told him that she and Neil slept together. Then Julian took it upon himself to attack Neil at the hospital, screaming at the top of his lungs that they’d slept together. Diane says, it gets better, and Alexis says, it’s out. Diane asks if Neil has heard from the medical review board, but Alexis says, not that she knows of. Diane says, hopefully, it will just go away, but she’s asking Alexis, please, go to a meeting and work on her sobriety. She thinks it’s going to be a bumpy night ahead. Alexis says, good idea, and Sam says she’ll drive. Alexis thanks Diane for being her good friend. Diane says, her pleasure, but let’s not ever do this again.

Michael says, he was so fixated on Wiley’s medical crisis. Willow says he doesn’t know the half of it. She didn’t tell him, she was so crazed went charging to Nina’s office, asking her to run an article in Crimson about how toxic Nelle is. She thinks Chase and Sasha are genuinely trying to be supportive, but Michael says, that’s got nothing to do with where Sasha and Chase were. Willow says, Chase isn’t grieving a child, like she is, and Sasha isn’t an overnight parent, like Michael. They’re onlookers, and the only people they could turn to were each other. Michael says, he can see it. They felt hurt, mad, frustrated, and one or both of them had too many drinks. Willow is sure once it started, it was something between them that they shared, that she and Michael couldn’t understand. He says, there are a million better ways to handle it than they did. He tells Willow, come on, and she asks where they’re going. He says she can’t go back to Chase. He’ll arrange a room at the MetroCourt. She says she should say no, and Michael says, they can’t be the friends who say what the other should hear. They’re not like Chase and Sasha. They say what they mean. She thanks him, and they leave.

Sasha tells Chase, she doesn’t think she realized how much she loved Michael until now. She was happy and things were great, but now that it’s over, he means more to her than she realized. Chase asks if she regrets it, but she says, no. She’s going to miss him though. Chase says she didn’t understand how much she loved Michael until now, but he knew how much he loved Willow all along. Sasha asks, which is worse? and he says he honestly doesn’t know.

Nina waits at the MetroCourt, and Willow approaches. She asks if Willow is okay, and Willow says she is, but Nina asks if she’s sure. Willow says she doesn’t know if Nina remembers, but when Willow asked about publishing an article about Nelle, Nina pointed out something. That it wasn’t her place to arrange Michael’s defense; she’s too close. The custody fight isn’t hers. Nina was right. Just not in the way she thought.

The doorknob on Chase’s apartment jiggles, and Michael tells Chase, open the door. Chase asks if Sasha is ready for this, and she says, no. He lets Michael in, and Michael sees Sasha. He says, wow. He didn’t think she’d still be there. He thought he’d talk to Chase, but now he can kill two birds with one stone. Just one question. Chase says, just one? and Michael says he’ll start with this one. How long this been going on?

Nelle looks through the files on Nelle’s desk, and moves the necklace out of the way. She finds the papers she wants, and leaves with it, not noticing what’s in the jewelry box.

Mike looks at Sonny, and Sonny asks how he’s feeling. He didn’t eat yesterday, so Sonny had something sent over, a surprise. Olivia’s manicotti. He tells Mike to smell it, and Mike closes his eyes, and sniffs. Sonny says, smells amazing, right? Don’t tell Olivia, but he thinks it’s almost as good as his. Mike says, almost. Sonny asks if he’ll have a bite to eat. Just one bite; nothing crazy.

Sonny opens the manicotti, and says it reminds him of the old neighborhood. Mike will love it. He holds out a spoonful, but Mike doesn’t respond. Sonny says, he’s got to eat. Please. Mike looks at him, and sniffs it. He says, smells like home, and Sonny says, it does smell like home. Here you go. He puts the spoon in Mike’s mouth.

Nina asks Willow how she’s right, and Willow says, never mind. She shouldn’t be talking about this. She’s so all over the place. Nina says her track record with Willow isn’t great, and she’s not trying to pry, but clearly something is bothering her. So if there’s anything Nina can do, even just listen. Does Willow want her to call Chase? Willow says, Chase is the last person she should call. Nina asks, why? and Willow says, because she just found out Chase and Sasha are having an affair. Nelle overhears.

Sasha tells Michael, she and Chase ran into each other at The Floating Rib when Michael was meeting Diane, and decided to grab a drink. Michael says he has a feeling they grabbed more than that, and she says they were feeling shut out and commiserating. They didn’t want to hurt Michael or Willow, but didn’t know how to tell them. Michael says he’s sorry he didn’t pick up on the cues. Sasha says it was wrong, but she can’t stand watching him hate her. She leaves, and Chase says, however bad they screwed up, it’s not that they didn’t care. Michael says, that’s for them to deal with, but how the hell could he do that to Willow? He’s heartbroken, and it kills him that Sasha would do that to him; that Chase would do that. But he’ll survive. He’s been through worse, but Willow is different. She believed in Chase as much as anyone could believe in someone. She trusted him with her heart, and deserves better. He destroyed something precious. He says he knows he contributed too. He leaned too hard and too often on Willow, but he’d never treat her the way Chase did, and he’s going to make damn sure it never happens again. He pushes Chase, and walks out. When he’s gone, Chase cries.

Tomorrow, Alexis asks Neil what’s next for them, Jordan has a good idea what Cyrus is planning, Laura tells Cyrus that she’s done all her homework on him, and Sonny asks Carly if she wants him to just let his father die.

🤽🏼‍♂️ About Summer House – I know, I know. I always only give one comment about this show, that the people are still awful. BTW, they still are. The guys are sleazeballs, and the girls are idiots. It’s not that I forget how awful they are, and watch it again, as I’ve done with other shows, like any incarnation of Jersey Shore, or Real World in its later years. A span of time would go by, and I’d forget why I stopped watching. Then I’d watch again, remember why I stopped watching, and stop watching again. This is different though. I guess I have some kind of horrible fascination with this show. Or maybe I want to be sure if I ever need an investment banker, or whatever it is they do, it isn’t one of them. Although they seem interchangeable. There’s a Kyle and Carl, which doesn’t help, and Kyle – at least I think it’s Kyle – has a doppelganger this season. Are they brothers? I don’t pay enough attention to know. I also constantly wonder, how is it at their age (mostly mid-30s), they’re still summering together in the Hamptons, and acting like it’s Delta house? Is this some weird latent extension of college life? What is this?


💎 Still on the fence about giving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills my full attention. I’ll never forgive them for driving LVP away, but I can’t wait for Brandi to screw her friend (literally and figuratively) over. Sadly, it has to be Denise, who I’ve loved since It’s Complicated. I wasn’t pleased with her minor involvement with taking LVP down, last season, but she seems like a decent person. I was also disappointed that she had a friendship with Brandi, but there you go. That went well. I wouldn’t trust that one as far as I could throw the amount of fillers pumped into her face.

Dorit has a new house; 9,000 square feet. We found out it was only in her name, which she seemed to think was common. I assume they’re talking about the mortgage, not the deed, which probably means they used only her credit score, alluding to PK’s bankruptcy. There was a lot of blah-blah-blah lawsuit, and an interviewer trying to ask her questions about it at an event. In an odd change of format, during interviews, we heard the producers asking the questions. While they do that once in a while, we don’t normally hear that side of the script. Maybe they’re trying to put a new spin on it? Garcelle also got a new house, a measly 3200 square feet. We got a little background on Garcelle, who’d thought ex-husband Mike was her last stop. Instead, she found out he’d been having an affair for the past five years.

LisaR’s Amelia was in NYC going to the New School, but having panic attacks and anxiety. She’d posted on Instagram about having a fear of growing up. Teddi said she’d reached out to Amelia, but maybe LisaR’s kids shouldn’t be so open on their social media. Truth! Teddi also invited the women on a retreat, a day and a half of health and fitness fun. In her usual way of begging for people to come, she kept saying she didn’t give a flying if they came or not. Erika said it was a disaster waiting to happen, and I tend to agree. In her interviews, Erika talked about Tom being older, and said she was tired of justifying her twenty-year marriage. She also got her Actor’s Equity contract to play Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway. There were some tender moments between her and Tom, and it’s clear she really loves and is thankful for him. She said, the same girl who worked at Shakers was now on Broadway, and actually seemed like a human being in this episode.

Kyle had dinner with Sutton, who I’m not sure about. She told Kyle that she felt like Rumpelstiltskin because she’d just woken up, mixing up her fairytales or legends or whatever, since that’s Rip van Winkle. I guess she never watched Once Upon a Time either. Charlie Sheen filed papers with the court, saying he didn’t want to pay Denise child support, even though he hadn’t paid in forever, and she’d never said a word. Denise also had some serious surgery. A hernia that turned into four hernias, and a six-hour operation, instead of the one and a half she’d been told. She figured the injury was most likely from lifting her special needs child, but she came through fine, albeit in pain. LisaR’s advice: take the pills. Sutton also opened her own boutique, something she’d wanted to do for a long time. The women were in attendance, except for Denise, who was still recovering. In Sutton’s interview, she said she didn’t need to make money, but thought it would be cool if she did. The mayor of WeHo made a speech, and Sutton griped to him about her parking tickets. Because, why not? Teddi carried on about how their coming to the retreat wouldn’t affect her, and I thought it would serve her right if none of them showed up.

Next time, Teddi tries to be chill, and people are following Aaron and Denise

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How long has it been now? A year? Two? What do you mean, it’s more like a month? You’ve made it this far, you’ll get there. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, or some athletic metaphor. In the meantime, stay safe, stay home, and stay out of trouble, whatever that means to you.

April 6, 2020 – Cyrus Gets Released, Free Day For the Deck, Isolated Live, Summer Mess, 90 Day Opportunity, the Queens Are Coming & Still Here


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam and Jason kiss. He asks if this is why she wanted meet. She says it is, and he says they shouldn’t be doing this. Carly offered them a safe house, but meeting there is a double risk. Sam says she was careful; no one knows she’s there. He says, that they know of. If she’s caught meeting with a felon on a property owned by Sonny, it’s going to be a problem. She says, but she won’t be caught.

At the MetroCourt, Nina asks if Jax is sure he doesn’t want to ice his back; he took quite a fall. He says only his pride was hurt, and she bets he even falls with panache. He says, one person enjoyed it – Charlotte. She has great manners, but she couldn’t quite hide her smirk. Nina says, that’s what troubles her.

Ava thinks she and Nikolas should make more of an effort with his family, but he says his family doesn’t need to endure more of their sham marriage than they have already, especially his mother. She says she likes Laura a lot, and unless their terms have changed, his family needs to understand they’re a package deal. Unless one of them cheats, and she’s not going to. What about him? He says, certainly not, dearest. They walk into the hospital, and over to Laura. Ava says Laura’s office said she’d be there, and Laura asks if something happened. Have they spoken to Spencer? Ava says, sadly, no. They were nearby, and thought they could take her out for drinks, or dinner if she hasn’t eaten. Laura says she’s in the middle of something there. Doc wonders why he was paged, and Robert comes in, saying he has the latest on Cyrus, and it’s all bad.

The Pentenville warden says Jordan could have kept quiet, and Cyrus would have stayed behind bars. They know how dangerous he is, and what a blow it is to release him. But she discovered false evidence, and respected the rule of law. Maybe others could learn from her. Cyrus walks in, and says, what is this? A late night visit from the Commissioner? What does she have to tell him that’s so important?

Josslyn lets Cameron in the back door of Sonny’s kitchen. He says he’s glad she’s home. Although she’s under house arrest, so why wouldn’t she be? He’s glad guard recognized him, and let him in. He begins to babble, and she asks, what’s going on? He says, Trina is hurting, and he doesn’t know how to help.

Trina relentlessly bangs Jordan’s door, and Curtis opens it. He asks why she’s there alone, and Trina says, where is she? Jordan’s not at the station. He says, she’s on police business, and Trina says she called. They said she was gone for the day. He says, not all police business is conducted at the station. She says she’ll wait for as long as it takes for Jordan to take back the lies about her father.

Carly says she thought Sonny wanted to decompress after what happened with Mike, but it was about the phone call. Who was it, and what the hell is going on? Sonny answers another call, and says, it’s going down tonight. Take the appropriate measures, and call Jason and Tony. Sonny tells Carly, Diane called. Cyrus goes free tonight.

Nikolas asks if he jsut heard Robert say that Cyrus is going free; the man who’s responsible for his mother being shot. Ava says, obviously, it’s not a good day for drinks, and Robert says he should have been quiet. Sorry. Laura says, when she was briefed, she knew it would be in a few hours. How did it happen so quickly? Robert says, it’s what he suspected when the Justice Department contacted him. Doc says, remarkable. A heads up would have been nice. Laura asks if there isn’t a way they can slow down Cyrus’s release.

Nikolas asks Ava, how they can let a drug trafficker go free? Ava says, Trina told her everything, and Jordan had expected it. Trina feels horrible. Nikolas hopes Laura doesn’t get involved any further, and she says he sounds like a concerned son. He sounds like he might have a caring heart after all.

Nina tells Jax, Charlotte was a big reason why she was conflicted about leaving Valentin. She was afraid of how the breakup was going to affect her. Charlotte is strong-willed, but underneath, she’s hurting and alone. Jax says, like his aching back, and Nina says, she knew it, but he says, it was just a tweak. She says, Charlotte might see Jax as part of the problem. Charlotte can’t blame Valentin for them breaking up, but maybe she blames Jax on some level. She’s worried that Charlotte feels alone and sad, with no one to confide in. Jax says, Josslyn went through the same thing, believing Carly was involved with the wrong man, and acted out. Nina says, he just referred to himself as the wrong man, and he says he did, but nothing was farther from the truth.

Carly asks how Cyrus is getting out tonight, and Sonny says, Jordan, Taggert, and two other agents worked together in the DEA. They conspired to frame Cyrus, and somehow Cyrus found out. That’s why he killed Taggert, and the two other agents. She asks if he threatened to expose Jordan, and he says, Cyrus kidnapped TJ. Jordan has to release him to save her own son. He and Jason came up with an idea. Jordan told the Department of Justice that she’d discovered the frame-up, and said the other three were in on it. Carly asks if Laura is in on it, but he says, no; just them, and that’s the way he wants it to stay. Jordan made the right choice, and he’d have done the same. She says, say it works out, and Cyrus goes free. What the hell will they do?

Cyrus says, it’s better than he could have dreamed. He walks out a free man tonight? The warden says, paperwork has to be processed, but essentially, yes. He called the DOJ, and confirmed the procedure. He tells Cyrus to take a seat, and Cyrus says, it’s amazing how polite everyone becomes when they realize you’re about to go free. The warden leaves, and Cyrus tells Jordan, good job. It’s great to have friends in high places. She says she wants her son, but Cyrus says he’s not out yet. She says she did what he wanted. She tarnished her partner’s good name, and he got his precious freedom. But if her son isn’t released unharmed, he’s going to be too dead to enjoy it.

Curtis asks if Trina wants something to drink while she waits, but she says she’s good. He sets a water in front of her, just in case. He says he knows she been through one major incident after another. She lost her father, and now this. She says, these lies? Jordan said she was her father’s friend. How can a friend lie? He says, they’re not lies. Sometimes good people do bad things for a good reason. She says she’s tired of hearing that. Her mom and Ava said the same thing, but she knows it can’t be true. He was proud of his badge, and would never break the law. Curtis says, her father was human. He and the team were driven and dedicated. They were the good guys, and knew Cyrus was guilty as sin, but no matter how hard they worked, Cyrus was too smart to incriminate himself. They couldn’t pin him down, so as a last resort, since they knew Cyrus was already guilty, they framed him, even though it was wrong. She says, not her dad, and he’s not there, so he can’t defend his reputation, but she can. She’s going to find a way to prove his innocence. She heads for the door, and Curtis says, it’s the last thing her father would want.

Jason tells Sam that Diane and Tony confirmed it. Cyrus is going to be released tonight. He knows it sounds crazy. They knew it was going to happen, but not this fast. Everyone is freaking out, and now they have to deal with Cyrus. There are a lot of decisions he needs to make, and wants her to go home and stay there. Sam asks when they can meet again, and he says they can’t. No more secret meetings. They can’t do it anymore.

Carly says, Cyrus came close to killing Sonny with the ambush, and will probably make a run for him again. Sonny says, maybe, but he and Jason are going over options. The way he sees it, Cyrus is far away from his base of operations. He doesn’t know Port Charles, and it gives Sonny the advantage. She says, maybe, but wouldn’t Cyrus stay safer on the west coast?

Robert says, the simple truth is, the legal system is on Cyrus’s side. Laura says, no parole; no one is going to keep tabs on him? Robert says he can come and go as he pleases, and Laura says, there’s nothing to keep him there. Maybe he’ll go back to Seattle. Doc tells her, don’t count on it. After their interview, he doesn’t see that as happening.

Nikolas tells Ava that he dated Taggert’s sister. He was a dedicated cop. If he compromised his ethics, it’s a good indicator of the danger that’s about to be free. Ava says they should talk to Laura, and get her to understand their concerns, but Nikolas says, no. Their marriage is simply an act, and a transparent one at that. No doubt his mother isn’t interested in what they have to say, so just don’t. She tells him, suit himself. She’ll see him at home.

Josslyn says, Cyrus gets to go free? and Cameron says, and Trina’s dad looks like a bad cop.  He couldn’t bear the look on Trina’s face when Jordan told her. There was nothing he could do or say. Josslyn says she could have been there if she hadn’t been confined to the property. Trina needs her, and she has to find her. Cameron says Josslyn can’t leave.

Curtis asks if Trina knows he used to be with the DEA. She says, so? and he says he’s aware of the toll it takes, day in and day out. All they see is anger, pain, dysfunction, and violence out of control. Their job is to help protect the innocent, and minimize the damage. Trina says, like her dad did, and he says, but sometimes it gets to be too much. One case will be so long and so unfair, you have to act for justice, even if it means going outside law, or maybe following the law, and turning your back. It becomes impossible to live with yourself; so much so, it eventually numbs your own conscience. She asks if that’s what he did, and he says, the point is, her father kept his law enforcement life from her. There was a reason Taggert didn’t want it to touch her. He knows Taggert wouldn’t want her dragged into a pointless quest to vindicate his name. He’d want her to live her best life, and make him proud. She says he’s the Commissioner’s husband. Of course (🍷) he’d want her to back off, but the official story is wrong, and she’s going to prove it.

Jason says, working around Sam’s parole is one thing, but Cyrus is going to be released. Cyrus is ruthless, and targets families. Jason can’t be anywhere near her or the kids. Sam gets it. Cyrus will use them to get to Jason, but she’ll do everything to keep the kids safe. They have to find a way to meet. He says they can’t. Cyrus can’t get to Sonny without getting to Jason first. He’s going to be a target. and he blew up Cyrus’s warehouse. He can’t risk her getting caught up in it. Sam says, it’s not just his choice to make. If Sam was a man, I’d say she’s thinking with the wrong head. When did she take an idiot pill?

Sonny tells Carly, Cyrus got revenge against the agents who framed him, and three of them are dead. She says, and Jordan released him. Why would he stick around when his base of operations would be more secure? He says, it’s not about security. Pride is a major factor. Cyrus works with powerful syndicates. He came to town to take over Port Charles, guns blazing. He can’t back down now; they’ll think he’s weak. And when you’re weak, you get eliminated. She says, so he’ll stick around, and keep coming at Sonny, but Sonny says, he’s too smart for that. Cyrus is going to lay low after his release; he can’t take any chances. Carly says, then they’ll stay on lockdown? He says, if it escalates, he’ll move the entire family, but he believes he can keep them safe. She says, she believes him, but Jax might have other ideas.

Ava goes to the MetroCourt, and says she stopped by to see Nina at her office. It seems the more time Nina spends with Jax, the less time she spends there. Jax says they enjoy their time together, unlike Ava and Nikolas. She says, get real. Neglecting his wife is the least of Nikolas’s failings.

Trina shows up at Sonny’s, and Cameron says they were getting worried. Josslyn was about to go looking for her. Josslyn says Cameron told her about Trina’s dad. She’s sorry. Trina says she doesn’t want their sympathy; she wants their help.

Sam says Jason never had to lose her; she had to lose him for five years. He came back, so how is she supposed to give him up again? She doesn’t want to waste time. Nothing matters more than being together. He says her life matters more, and the kids. All Cyrus needs is to be right once. What if there’s another ambush? She has to think. She says she doesn’t want to leave the kids motherless, but she doesn’t want another separation. She can’t take it. He says he doesn’t like it either, and sits next to her. He says, it was different when it was just the two of them. They could take whatever risks they wanted to, and always found their way back to each other somehow. Now, their actions have consequences. They have to give Danny and Scout the security they need. They can’t be together.

Robert tells Laura, he has a call into Judge Crawly to delay Cyrus’s release, but it’s pending further review. The warden says he was just on the phone with the federal district court. The paperwork has already been processed, and as soon as it’s signed, Cyrus is a free man. Cyrus walks in, and says it’s a pleasant surprise to see Laura. Is she there to escort him back to Port Charles?

Doc asks what’s on Nikolas’s mind, and Nikolas says he hopes the same thing that’s on Doc’s mind – Cyrus. Doc says, it’s a tragic situation, and Nikolas says, from the looks of it, his mother isn’t happy. She’ll probably press Cyrus. Doc says he shares Nikolas’s concern, and Nikolas tells him to do what he can to get her to back down. Doc says, she’s too stubborn. He can only ask her to be careful. Nikolas says, that’s not enough, and Doc says it will have to be. He loves his wife, and he’s supportive. It’s called mutual respect. Nikolas should try it sometime.

Ava asks Jax what makes him think he can judge her marriage. How many times has he been married? Jax says, enough to know blackmail when he sees it. Ava says he ought to be thanking Nikolas. If he hadn’t returned, Nina and Valentin’s relationship wouldn’t have blown apart, and Jax wouldn’t be sitting there, picking up the pieces. On behalf of her husband, he’s welcome. She leaves, and Jax says, who cares what she says? He’s enjoying every minute with her. Nina asks, how many times has he been married? and he says he thought they were talking surfing. She says, they were; in Fiji. He says there are isolated beaches there with nice, fun waves. Carly approaches their table, and says she and Jax need to talk about Josslyn.

Josslyn says, Trina is going to sue Jordan? Trina says Jordan slandered her dad. She’s going to prove Jordan is lying, and restore his name and honor. Josslyn doesn’t know, and Trina says she’s always told her that Diane is the best lawyer in the state. Josslyn says Diane won’t take a case she doesn’t think she can win, and it sounds like Jordan has proof that Cyrus was framed. Josslyn asks if Josslyn thinks her father is a dirty cop, after he gave his life to save them.

Jordan arrives home, and tells Curtis that she’s sorry she’s late. She stopped to get a good bottle of wine. Cyrus was released today, and he’s so pleased with himself. The owner recommended the vintage, and said it was worth the money. She starts to open the bottle, and he stops her. He asks, why not wait until TJ is released before they celebrate? She says they don’t have that luxury. If it’s their last night together, she wants to make it count.

Jason tells Sam that he’s sorry. She asks why he keeps apologizing; he has nothing to be sorry for. Is he sorry they met each other? She’s not. Is he sorry they made Danny? She’s not. Is he sorry he came back? She’s not. She wouldn’t change a thing. Jason says he wouldn’t either, and she says he couldn’t predict the future; neither could she. She remembers when they met each other at the station, and wouldn’t change anything. She wouldn’t miss out on a single second of loving him. He says, and he could never give up on loving her, or missing out on Danny and Scout. They’re his family. They’re everything, and he has to do everything he can to protect them. Cyrus is being released, and they can’t take risks anymore. Tell him she understands. She says, okay. They’ll stay apart. Don’t call, don’t come around, and don’t contact. Jason says he’s going to miss her, and they hug. She says she’ll miss him too, and they have a (IMO) skimpy goodbye kiss at the door. He says he loves her, and she says she loves him too. He leaves, and she closes the door and leans on it.

Curtis asks Jordan to tell him she didn’t do something reckless, like throw herself under the bus. She says, no, but if TJ isn’t released, she’s going to kill Cyrus. She knows it’s reckless, but it won’t be for nothing, and afterwards, she’ll turn herself in.

Carly tells Jax that they said they’d deal with the situation together as parents. He asks what the situation is, and she says, Cyrus is getting out of prison. Sonny has security measures in place, but she understands if Jax wants to take Josslyn and leave the country. He asks if that’s what she wants him to do, but she says, not at all. She’d miss Josslyn like crazy, but it’s his call. He appreciates her bringing him in, and she knows how he feels about Sonny, but he knows Sonny loves his family, including Josslyn. If Carly feels she’s safe there, he trusts her judgement, but she has to let him know if the danger escalates.

Ava tells Nina, she’s too good to be anybody’s second place. She may find Jax enchanting, but she shouldn’t get too invested. Nina says Ava is too cynical, and Ava says Nina is too smart not to realize that any woman in Jax’s life is always going to be second to Carly. Nina asks why Ava is there. She got what she wanted; she’s mistress of Windymere. Why isn’t she home with her doting husband?

Josslyn says, what if Trina files the lawsuit, and all they do is prove her father did it? Cyrus is as bad as it gets. What if her father knew that the only way to keep him off the street was to frame him? She’s not touching it. Sometimes the right thing is breaking the rules. Her father had the right thing in his heart. She doesn’t have to defend him if he broke the law for the greater good. It still makes him a hero in Josslyn’s book. She takes Trina’s hand, and says, trust her. Because this is something she knows. Trina’s father doesn’t have to be perfect for her to love him. He’s still her dad. Trina starts to cry, and says she misses him so much. Josslyn holds Trina.

Curtis tells Jordan, premeditated murder is different from self-defense. Like she might not know that. He says, it’s not in her; she can’t do that. She says he doesn’t know what she’s capable of. If the universe is going to make her choose what’s right, it’s not murder; it’s justice. He tells her not to throw her life over for scum, and she says she hopes it doesn’t come to that. If it’s their last night, just love her.

Sonny tells Jason, he doesn’t think Cyrus is going back to Seattle, and Jason agrees, saying, he’s committed for sure. Sonny says they have two options; take Cyrus out immediately, or wait and stay complacent while they figure out his weaknesses. Jason says, eliminate him, and Sonny says, it will give them a chance to send a message, but he wants to be clear. It’s not worth losing Jason over. Jason says he’ll only take a shot if he has a good vantage point, and can get away clean. If he can, he’ll take Cyrus’s ass out tonight.

The warden says the paperwork should be ready, and asks if Robert wants to look it over. Robert says he does, and asks if Laura will be all right. She says she’ll be just fine. They leave, and Laura tells Cyrus, she has a very selfish wish. She wants him to be somebody else’s problem, and return to Seattle. Do his business there. Cyrus says, if he doesn’t? and she says, if he should choose to stay, as mayor, he can rest assured when he’s killed she’ll do the utmost to find out who’s responsible and bring them to justice. He laughs.

Cyrus appreciates Laura’s commitment to justice in his behalf, in the unfortunate event it’s necessary. She asks if he won’t save her the work and his life, and just leave. He says it would look like he’s running, and he’d lose the respect of his business associates – and hers too. She says he doesn’t have her respect, and never will. He says, they’ll see. Robert and the warden come back, and Robert says Cyrus is a free man once he signs. Cyrus asks if he can borrow a pen. Robert and Laura don’t volunteer, so the warden gives him one.

Nikolas stands in the elevator alone, as Doc walks past. He messes with his wedding ring.

Ava messes with her wedding ring, and drinks a martini. Nina sees Jax put his hand on top of Carly’s.

There’s a song part. Josslyn holds Trina as she cries. Cameron hugs them both.

Jordan and Curtis get busy.

Sam throws everything around the room, and smashes stuff. Isn’t this Sonny’s house? She screams, and pounds on the door.

Jason loads his automatic weapon, and puts it in a case. He nods to Sonny on his way out the door.

Cyrus signs the paperwork, and shakes hands with the warden. He holds out his hand to Robert, but that’s a no. Ditto for Laura. He leaves, and Robert closes the door. Laura and Robert look at each other.

Tomorrow, Carly says it started with her, and she’s going to finish it; Willow wonders about Nina’s heart necklace: Jordan says she’s going to kill Cyrus; and Cyrus tells Jason, their meeting is long overdue.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Captain Glenn tells Jenna, obviously there’s an issue, and asks if they’re looking to replace Madison. Jenna says she thinks Madison has the skills necessary to be a good second stew, but her moods are up and down. She gets emotional and defensive. The captain thinks Madison is looking for a scapegoat. They have a job to do, and need someone to do it. In his interview, he says, if someone doesn’t do their job, it’s letting the team down, and they need someone to do it. Jenna says Madison is complaining that she’s tired when she’s staying up with Parker, and not doing her job. In Jenna’s interview, she says Georgia isn’t doing her job managing Georgia. She wants to complain rather than doing her job. Captain Glenn asks to see Madison, and Jenna tells her that she and the captain have been having a chat and want her to join them. Jenna says he’s noticed a decline in Madison’s mood and behavior, and gathers it’s coming from lack of sleep. Madison says she had a long charter with the last one, and then a long day. Anyone would be exhausted, but she hasn’t been sitting on her ass. We flash back to the beach, when Madison and Ciara were supposed to set up for the guests’ picnic, but sat around for five hours instead. The captain says there’s obviously a problem with her performance, and she needs to go to bed and sleep. Fatigue can cause accidents. Madison says Jenna is supposed to be supportive, but speaks bitchy to her, even though it might not be her intention. Jenna says, it’s hard to have a heart to heart if Madison thinks she’s bitchy. She’s direct because she has no time to sugar coat things. Captain Glenn says it’s Jenna’s department, and asks if Madison is open to the idea that there might be changes she has to make. In his interview, he says it’s his personal belief, if you want to be a good leader, you need to start off being a good follower. You have to respect the hierarchy. Madison has to find a way to get along and be effective. He tells Madison, if she’s not open to that, she’ll be off the boat. In Madison’s interview, she says, fire her. See if you can find a better second stew who will put up with this sh*t. You won’t. Well, we could be talking about literally every second stew on the other two Below Deck shows, so I think that’s definitely possible.

Paget flirts with Georgia. Zzzz… Everyone stops by for pizza in the crew mess. Madison gathers empty beer bottles, and Parker tells her, take a load off and chill. She says she needs a minute. He asks if she wants to talk, and they leave. In the captain’s interview, he says, it’s a small boat, and there aren’t many places for a conversation in confidence. He hopes Madison can get past her frustration, reflect, and come back strong.

Madison tells Parker, she feels dumb, but Parker doesn’t understand what’s going on. She says, the way Jenna speaks to her, and Parker says, tell Jenna that she’s being a bitch, and back the f*** off. He really doesn’t understand what a boss is, does he? He tells Madison not to take Jenna’s bullsh*t, and defend herself. In Madison’s interview, she says, Parker is like chicken soup; warm, comfy, and supportive when she’s feeling bad. Parker says he’s dealing with Jenna telling him that he’s still being breastfed by his mom, and Madison laughs.

Back on the boat, Georgia tells Madison that they’re going to have fun when they go out. Madison is happy for a day off. She’s done with boat drama. She asks if they can go to the bar nearby. Paget says the deckhands are done, and asks how the girls are doing. Parker texts with Kaiti. He feels like he’s getting cabin fever, and the drama cloud is weighing down on him. Georgia says Madison and Parker wear their hearts on their sleeves. Madison says she can’t help the way she feels. Parker tells Georgia and Ciara, Kaiti is still his love, and he can’t help who he doesn’t want to hook up with. In his interview, he wonders why he has to worry about hurting Madison’s feelings, when she hasn’t told him that she has a crush on him. Georgia tells him not to wait until a bomb blows up before he diffuses it. Don’t wait for it to go off, then say he knew about it. He asks if he should send a text. Ciara and Georgia laugh, and Georgia says, men are ridiculous.

The crew’s day off. In Glenn’s interview, he says he’s happy they have a day off. He’s been noticing a lot of tension. It’s good for them to enjoy a day of leisure, and see life from the other side. He tells them, it’s time to take it easy. Ciara asks, where’s her effing shrimp cocktail? Ha-ha! Adam says it’s the first moment he and Jenna can be a normal couple. They goof around on deck. Georgia and Madison drink wine, and Madison says, it’s the most perfect day ever. And Paget is the whitest dude ever, taking off his shirt and showing us all his severe T-shirt tan. Ciara jokingly offers him more sunscreen.

Georgia plays guitar and sings, and Paget says she’s effing good. In Georgia’s interview, she says, the situation is hard. Paget is flirting with her, and the more time you spend with someone, the more you like them. She’d never do this on purpose. Ciara asks Paget to put tanning oil on her, but he’s not receptive to that. She says, Madison will do it. In her interview, Ciara says, Paget flirts with everyone. That’s the problem. Just not her. She says, it’s okay. She doesn’t need him; she’s got Madison. He says she can do her, and he’ll do him, and Georgia says she’ll do him. Everyone starts bouncing around, and in Jenna’s interview, she says she loves dancing. Apparently, dancing does not love her back, and Byron wonders if it’s a bad dancing competition. Captain Glenn asks if they’re enjoying their day off. Despite his protestations, Parker takes an Instagram video with Jenna, pretending to breastfeed and calling her mama. Pick a lane. Jenna can’t wait to get in the water. In Parker’s interview, he says he misses his parents, but he’s trying to make them proud.

Glenn drops anchor, and tells the crew that the water taxi is there. They go to shore, and head for the Akron Beach Club, not in Ohio. In Madison’s interview, she says she feels like a rock star. They do shots, and goof around in the pool. Ciara smokes a cigar. In her interview, she says she wants to do something different to surprise people. In Byron’s interview, he says he’s got a lot of responsibilities being a dad and an engineer. They live for a day off. Parker texts Kaiti, and asks if he can call. She says he can, and he tells her that he misses her. He saw a dive shop, but doesn’t want to go without her. He asks, if he buys a plane ticket, will she come there? In his interview, he says Kaiti coming to Corfu, and that makes him the happiest person in the world. A producer asks if those are happy tears, and he says, he always has happy tears. I’m starting to think he’s also imbalanced. Adam and Jenna make out in the pool. In Georgia’s interview, she says, Madison is a loaded gun at the moment. Leave your feelings at home; she’s having a good time. Parker tells Ciara about his ex flying there, and she says, then she isn’t really his ex. In Adam’s interview, he says, it’s scary having feelings, and it’s difficult to accept it’s currently happening. There’s no doubt Jenna is breaking down his walls. In Jenna’s interview, she says it’s the first time she’s had a total connection with someone, and it scares her. She thinks she’s learned who’s going to take care of Jenna, and it’s Jenna, but she still has to let someone in, and she’s rejected that for a long time. She thinks there’s a bit of hope.

The crew showers and gets dressed for dinner. Parker says, once they all have a drink, he has a few words to say. Byron takes a selfie with the group. Parker tells the waiter that he’ll be giving a speech, and asks that no one interrupt. Adam says, it better be a good speech. After everyone orders, Parker gets up, and tells everyone that he was talking to Jenna on the bow, telling her about his parents, and it reminded him of a letter his mom wrote him. He thinks every word is applicable to all of them. It’s basically a letter of various quotes, like, whatever you are, be a good one, from Abraham Lincoln. In Adam’s interview, he says, it’s incredibly endearing, but every wall is a door explains everything about Parker. Parker says, cheers to his effing mom, and Jenna asks if they can talk about this breastfeeding thing. Byron says Ciara and Paget are a fun couple. Ciara is great on deck, and she’s sleeping with the first mate. He asks how Adam’s sex life is, and Adam says, it’s sticky but he’d like it to get stickier. It’s hard to find privacy. Byron asks if they’d like to sleep in the master cabin, and Ciara says, as long as the two of them don’t blow up, and take it out on the rest of them, they’re fine with it. Byron says, before he was married, he hooked up with a lot of stewardesses. There are loads of places; he’ll give them a list. Byron gives them his blessing to use the master cabin, and they leave for the boat. In Adam’s interview, he says, butterflies are happening and sparks are flying. It’s a great feeling, and he wants it to keep going. She has his heart, and he’s ready. When they get to the boat, Jenna asks if he wants to head to the master, and he says, show him the way. In Jenna’s interview, she says, there’s been so much build-up, she’s nervous, but excited. A champagne cork is popped, and I’m guessing something else is too.

In Georgia’s interview, she says she has feelings for Paget. She’s feeding them with tequila, because it’s not okay. There are moments she wants to take the inappropriate option. Ciara sits on Georgia’s lap, and tells her they’ll finish later. Byron dances with Madison, and Ciara kisses Paget. He tells her that Georgia is jealous, and she asks if Georgia wants to join them. She tells Georgia that they’ll see her later. In Georgia’s interview, she thinks she’s agreeing to a threesome. Sorry, mom. She’s got a bucket list.

Everyone goes back, intending to continue the party. Byron says they need to get the loose chicks on board as soon as they can. When they get on the boat, Byron tells everybody to be quiet, and not wake the captain. They wake him up anyway, handing him a flask, and he’s an amazingly good sport about it. In his interview, Captain Glenn says, a hurricane just blew in; a drunk hurricane. Ciara tells Paget that she’s tired of drinking, and suggests they go to bed. Byron and Parker get in the hot tub, and Byron says if Parker wants to have a successful career, he has to adapt. Parker says he wants to build his own charter business, but he hears Byron. Byron says he doesn’t think Parker does. Madison gets in the hot tub, and tries joining in the conversation. Byron tells Parker that he’s been doing this for sixteen years. Georgia walks through the crew mess, and says, come on, bitches. She looks into Paget and Ciara’s cabin, but they’re asleep. In her interview, she says she thinks it would have been nice. A girl can dream. In the hot tub, Byron says, you can always earn money, but you can’t get back time. Madison tells them, have fun, and leaves.

Adam makes coffee for Jenna, and says, it was the nicest ever. In her interview, Jenna says, it was phenomenal, and she thinks they both feel the same way. In Byron’s interview, he says, waking up, he’s ruined. Adam notes that Byron is still wearing his hat, and thinks it’s a good sign. Ciara says, people behaved themselves for the most part, but Georgia isn’t sure she behaved. In Georgia’s interview, she says she has whiplash. Last night was weird, and she’s still trying to process it, when suddenly they’re all back to business.

Adam plays guitar, and Jenna says, just when she thought he couldn’t get hotter. Then she plays and sings. Dammit. Does everyone play guitar except me? Adam says she has an amazing voice. She’s pretty good, but I wouldn’t go that far. Captain Glenn docks, and  tells the crew, they’re all getting straight back into it. He tells Paget, Jenna, and Adam, there will be a preference sheet meeting in the crew mess.

The new primaries are Maisa and Chuck. Maisa is an international model from Brazil, and a scout for Playboy Slovakia. Their friends will be joining them to celebrate Maisa’s birthday. Adam checks out the food preferences, and thinks he can find a happy balance. Jenna says they want the water toys, sun bathing, and a picturesque location for a photo shoot. Paget adds they want a beach barbecue. The cabins are readied, and provisions come in. Captain Glenn calls for them to change into their polos. Jenna tells Madison and Georgia, she wants them to bump it up, and put on their happy faces. She tells Madison that she knows her direction isn’t always flowery, but she’s not trying to be mean. In Jenna’s interview, she’s hoping Madison learns what to do to improve herself, and put it into action. She tells Madison that Georgia internalizes what she’s told, and figures it out. In Madison’s interview, she says she won’t be broken. She’s staying on the boat.

The guests arrive, and Glenn gives them a formal welcome. Jenna gives them a tour of their home for the next few days. In Paget’s interview, he says if you’re a junior crew member, you either follow what your superior says or you’re not a good worker, and you look stupid. Jenna tells Chuck, the wind isn’t strong, but they’re going to try to sail. Jenna reminds Madison not to leave half-rolls of toilet paper in the cabins. Georgia looks through Jenna’s pictures on Instagram, and sees a picture of Jenna with her ex; they went to Universal Studios together. In her interview, Georgia says she’s had two relationships, so the chances were quite slim that she and Jenna went out with the same guy. She tells Madison, who says, life is so effing weird. Georgia hopes Jenna hasn’t shagged her ex, and I wonder, if they’re an ex, who cares? The guests take pictures, and anchor is dropped. Parker tells Madison that he wants to meet; just the two of them. The guests use a rope to jump into the water a la Tarzan.

Georgia tells Jenna about how they dated the same guy, and says, he was the best d*ck ever. Jenna suggests they take a picture together, and send it to him. Parker knocks on Madison’s door, and they step into his room to talk. He says there’s definitely something he wants to get clear. He loves her as a friend, but he’s in no place to be in a relationship with anybody. So is he flying Kaiti to Corfu to tell her that? In Madison’s interview, she says, this is embarrassing. Is he effing kidding her? He says she has to know that, and be his friend. She says, cool. In Georgia’s interview, she says her relationship with her ex was significant, but she treats people like shit, and he let her, so the relationship ended. I have no clue what that means. She thinks it’s bizarre that Jenna dated him. In the crew mess, Georgia says Jenna had a chance with someone cool and good. Adam says, he’s cool and awesome. Don’t f*** it up. In Georgia’s interview, she says, put the guns away. Byron comes by, and asks if they’re having a moment, and Adam says they’re talking about other people’s moments.

Dinner is prepared. Madison tells Georgia about Parker saying he loves her as a friend. In her interview, Madison says, with guys, she’s always the bro. Jenna tells Byron about her and Georgia dating the same guy. She says their relationship was short lived, and Byron says, a half hour? She says, a couple of months. I like Byron; he seems normal, and he’s pretty funny. Glenn brings up the sails, and Chuck says, it’s one helluva a big sail. He tells Maisa, this is a blast. Jenna jokes that Georgia’s standards are low, and Georgia says they have the same standards. Adam says he takes offense it that. It makes him sick to his stomach. Georgia laughs, and he tells her to stop laughing. It’s not funny; it’s disgusting. He walks out.

While I really like Byron, and am gaining respect for Captain Glenn, I’m really not sure what’s up with the rest of them. They seem like a bunch of immature twits, and I’m still not feeling it for this show. I’m honestly not sure why Adam is behaving so unreasonably, but maybe he’s self-sabotaging.

Next time, Adam says, food is for sharing, but not his significant others; a photoshoot happens; Byron doesn’t like Parker’s attitude in front of the guests; and Captain Glenn wants to have a chat with Parker.

👩🏻‍💻 News Flash…

Tonight’s guests on Watch What Happens Live (home edition) were Melissa Etherege and Kristen Johnson. Melissa said she’s smoking less weed during isolation because normally, life is more mundane. If Melissa Etherege’s life is mundane, what does that make mine? Kristen Johnston has been in her PJs for two weeks straight, and clutched her dog like he was a life preserver. What is she going to be like when and if this goes into a month?

🏖 Better Never Than Late…

While Summer House is mostly background noise while I’m waiting for the next show – spoiler alert: they’re still awful people – I did note that Shep, Craig, and Austen from Southern Charm dropped by for a visit last week. They fit right in, since the housemates were having a fraternity toga party, which fit right in with their sophomoric personalities. Unfortunately, they were no John Belushis.

💍 Looking Forward To It…

Seizing opportunity in a crisis, 90 Day Fiancé has added a new show to the franchise.



👠 You Can’t Keep a Good Drag Queen Down…



👍🏼 You’re Still Here…

You’ve passed the two week mark. Stay safe out there. Or in there. Whatever.

March 11, 2020 – An Old Friend Returns, the Husbands Join the Wives, Poor Frank, Still Awful & Halfway


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Brad asks what Sonny is going to do to him, and Sonny says, it depends on what he says in the courtroom. Brad brought a lot of pain to Sonny’s family. He let Michael believe his son was dead. Brad says, and Sonny wants him to pay. Sonny grabs Brad by the collar and pulls him up. He says, they buried a child that Michael grieved for months. No amount of punishment will satisfy him, but he’ll spare Brad’s life if he goes into the courtroom and pleads guilty.

In the hallway, Scotty tells Julian, Brad needs more convincing. Julian was smart to hire him.

Brook finishes singing at Turning Woods, and Mike yells, encore! She says this is her man Mike. If he wants another song, she’ll be happy to sing it.

Molly and Sam come into Jordan’s office, and Molly says, TJ didn’t come home again last night. Jordan says he texted her, and Molly asks what TJ said. Jordan says maybe Molly should wait to hear from him herself.

Dr. Crouse says, to be clear, other than one impromptu night at bingo, Neil and Alexis have had no relationship of a personal nature after that night. Alexis says Neil made it clear that they couldn’t pursue a personal relationship. Dr. Crouse asks Neil to take the witness seat. They have his statement, and they’ve heard Alexis’s testimony. Can he corroborate they’ve had no personal relationship?

Brad tells Sonny that he agreed not to plead guilty, so Scotty could request less time. Sonny says his son will not go through a trial. Michael needs to get on with his life, and make up for the time he lost with his son. Brad says, his son, and Sonny says, Wiley was never Brad’s son, and he knows it. If Brad wants to take another breath, he’ll walk into the courtroom and plead guilty. Sonny walks out, and Brad whimpers.

Neil ponders, and flashes back to night before. He says, everything they need to know is in his statement. Dr. Crouse says, duly noted, but they need him to verbally and specifically confirm or deny. He says other than that one instance, his relationship with Alexis has been strictly professional. Dr. Crouse says, if there are no other questions, the board is going to confer in private as to whether Neil will retain his medical license. The board leaves the room, which is odd, since you’d think they’d ask Neil and Alexis to leave. Neil says, he lied to the board, and Alexis says they forced him to. He shouldn’t have his license taken away for one night. It’s not right, and wasn’t worth it. He says, what if he thinks it is?

Jordan tells Molly that TJ is taking time to think things over, and Molly asks if he said nothing about them. Jordan says she’s sorry, but Molly shouldn’t worry. Sam thanks Jordan for her time, and letting them know about TJ. Jordan says, for what it’s worth, she really is sorry. They leave, and Jordan tells Curtis she feels bad for Molly and TJ. And the more she thinks about the text, the more worried she gets.

Brad comes into the courtroom, where Lucas already sits. The bailiff says, all rise; Judge Lasser presiding. The judge says it’s the People of New York versus Bradley Cooper. Jennifer Arden introduces herself as DA, and Scotty and Brad introduce themselves. Judge Lasser says Brad is charged with an A-1 felony of kidnapping a minor, with the intent to pass him off as his own; and fraud, since he perpetuated this deceit for nineteen months. She asks how he pleads.

Alexis says, Neil can’t throw everything away and derail his career. All she could think about when she was talking, was how good he is at what he does. His patients need him. He says he needs her, and she tells him, he’s saying that now, but he might resent it tomorrow. She can’t let him throw it all away to be with her. He asks if that isn’t what last night was about. To hell with everyone who says they can’t be together.

Jordan tells Curtis, TJ is in medical school; he can’t afford the luxury of taking time off. Curtis says, maybe it was the better option. TJ and Molly have been together since high school. Finding out they don’t want the same things is a lot to process. He has to deal with frustration, anger, and self-pity. Maybe it’s better than messing up at the hospital. Laura shows up, and says she was just checking in. She asks what Jordan’s plan is about Cyrus, and Jordan says she has officers on the street, some of them undercover. She plans to intercept any shipments. Laura asks if she thinks it’s that simple, and Jordan says, since he’s in solitary, Cyrus has no contact with the outside world. Laura says, that’s the first step. The way to stop him is to use his own tactics against him.

Brook thanks her audience for letting her perform, and says she feels blessed. Mike says he and Adela were still together when that song came out. The first time they heard it, they were having dinner; meatballs and… He took Adela’s hand, and they danced. Sonny danced with them, his mouth still stuffed with meatballs. Brook says he’s in luck. She just happened to bring Olivia’s meatballs with sauce. He says, for him? and she tells him, stay there, and she’ll heat them up. When she gets back, he can tell her more stories.

The judge says they’re waiting, and Brad pleads guilty. Scotty says, hang on. That’s not what he and his client discussed. Brad is confused, and under pressure. The judge asks if Brad has weighed his Constitutional rights, and Scotty says, no, he hasn’t. Brad says he’s waiving his rights, and the judge advises him that he can be subject to numerous fines and prison time. He says he’s aware, but wants the court to know for the record, he’s not solely responsible. The birth mother was lying when she said he stole her baby when she was unconscious. It was her idea to switch babies. The baby he and his husband adopted had just died. He was taking the baby to the hospital, when he saw Nelle with a healthy infant in her arms, and she convinced him to switch babies. Judge Lasser says, those are serious allegations, and won’t mitigate his sentence. He says he wanted to give his husband the family they’d always dreamed of, and took Nelle’s offer. It was better than telling Lucas their dream had died. The judge says, before Brad is remanded to Pentenville to await sentencing, they need to prepare a waiver that stipulates he entered his plea knowingly and voluntarily, in case he changes his mind. Brad says he won’t, and she says, in that case, he’ll remain under guard until the waiver is prepared and signed. She tells him that he can have visitors, and court is adjourned.

Jordan asks if Laura wants her to stop what the police are doing, and Laura says, of course (🍷) not. But they need to look at who Cyrus has made contact with before he went into solitary. She also wants to know if any guards are driving a new sportscar, moved to a better part of town, or made any big purchases. Jordan says she’ll make that happen, and Laura says, even someone like Cyrus has people they care about. Does he have a wife, child, or a mother? She wants to know who’s important to him.

At the café, Molly tells Sam, seven years of shared dreams, supporting one another, crying on each other’s shoulders, and laughing like lunatics, and he’s ghosting her. How did this happen? He’s not at the hospital or gym, and he hasn’t moved back with Jordan and Curtis. Was her turning him down that life changing? Obviously it was. If he doesn’t want to work it out, fine. Let him go find himself. Who needs him? She pauses, and says he’s the only boyfriend she’s ever had. Why is he doing this?

Brook sees Sonny in the hallway, and says she just heated up some meatballs for Mike. It’s the least she can do. Mike and his friends are a terrific audience, and her ego likes the applause. Sonny tells her not to sell herself short.

Scotty asks Brad, what the hell is he thinking? He thought Brad was on board with pleading not guilty. Brad says, he’ll get fifteen years if he’s lucky… Forty if he’s not. Scotty says, he kidnapped an infant; they’re going to throw the book at him. He’s going to spend the rest of his life in a cage. Lucas tells Scotty, stop badgering Brad. Brad thanks Lucas for coming back, and Scotty tells Lucas, talk some sense into him. Brad says he wants to be alone with his husband.

Alexis asks if Neil had been questioned first, would he have lied? Neil says, probably not, but when she did, he felt he had to go along with it. He couldn’t betray her. She says, maybe he would have been betraying himself. They’re just two people; his work is bigger and more important than them. He thinks that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but she disagrees, given what he did for her daughter. The truth is, they did tell the truth in the first place. It happened after he treated her. Neil asks, what if the board sees though their lie, and he loses his license? She says he sounds like he almost wants that to happen. Neil says, the truth is, he doesn’t know what he wants except her. The board comes back, and Dr. Crouse says they’ve made a decision.

Dr. Crouse says there’s no question that Neil and Alexis’s impromptu evening was improper, even though she was no longer his patient. It just stopped short of being unethical. Neil doesn’t disagree, and says he’s questioned himself about that many times. Dr. Crouse says, however, according to both of their statements, their relationship has been strictly professional. Furthermore, the complaint was from a third party, not Alexis. In light of the fact that it’s the first complaint in an exemplary professional career, they’re not revoking Neil’s license, and he may continue to practice without limits or sanction.

Jordan says there’s no mention of a wife or children in Cyrus’s file, but Laura says, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Curtis suggests Jordan talk to Cyrus, and she says, that could work. She developed a rapport with him when she was working undercover. Laura says he knows she’s the one who put him behind bars now. She doubts he’ll open up. Jordan says she can try, and she can also talk to the warden. Curtis says, just stay safe, and Jordan leaves. Laura asks Curtis, please don’t think of going rogue, but he says sitting at home twiddling his thumbs isn’t how he rolls. Laura says he’s a civilian and a witness; don’t do anything to interfere with the police investigation. He says he’ll leave that to her and Jordan. She thanks him, but he says he should be thanking her, pushing him to attend Taggert’s sendoff. It turned out to be a disaster, but that’s not her fault. Laura says she’s sorry, but tells him to remember what she said. When it counted most, and Taggert needed him the most, he was Taggert’s partner. He says, unfortunately, Taggert’s daughter doesn’t see it that way.

Brook asks if Mike isn’t hungry. She says, the meatballs are hard to spear with a fork, and asks if he wants help. She feeds him, and says she wants to tell him a secret. She loves meatballs so much, if one falls to the floor, she’ll pick it up and put it in her mouth anyway. She calls it, the no second rule. He says she’s funny, and she says she wishes more people appreciated her sense of humor. Sonny joins them, and Mike says, look at the incredible feast Lois brought for him. She’s something else. Sonny says, she is.

Alone with Lucas, Brad says he’s so sorry. Lucas tells him not to say he did it for him; he did it for himself. Brad says he did it for them. All he wanted was to make Lucas happy. Lucas asks, how did that turn out?

Brad says Lucas can’t possibly hate him more than he hates himself. Lucas wishes he could hate Brad. It would make it a lot easier. He can’t believe how little Brad knew him, and how little he knew Brad. What happened to them? Brad asks if he’s ever going to see Lucas again. Lucas puts his wedding ring on the table, and says, the truth is, he doesn’t know if they’ll ever see each other again. Brad says Lucas knows where to find him if he changes his mind. Lucas laughs, and says Brad is joking until the bitter end. (That was pretty funny.) Brad says Lucas should move on; find someone better than him. Lucas starts to cry, and they hug. They both cry, and I almost cry. Lucas stumbles out of the courtroom, leaving Brad crying alone.

Mike wishes Sonny had heard Lois. She was better than the band. He remembers they loved that song, and Sonny says, Hooked on a Feeling. Mike says they would dance when it came on the radio. It came out just before Sonny’s birthday, and they bought him the record. Sonny says Mike played it more than he did, and Mike says they danced to it all the time. Sonny tells Brook about Mike giving his mother a birthday present. It was a big wrapped box, and inside of it, was another, and another. There was wrapping paper all over the place, and the last box was flat. Brook asks, what was in it? and Mike says, concert tickets. They got Sonny a T-shirt. He was five-years-old, and wore it for a month. He wouldn’t even take it off so his mom could wash it. Sonny says, good memories, and Mike says, small ones are so important. In the end, it’s family. It’s all they’ve got.

Neil says, it doesn’t seem right, getting his license back based on a lie. Alexis says, it doesn’t seem right that his career could be jeopardized by a third party with an ax to grind. He’s not happy that she perjured herself, but Alexis says she did the right thing, and would do it again. No one knew they slept together. He tells her, the walls have ears, and she says refuses to be paranoid. As long as they play by the rules, they’ll be safe. Neil says, which means they can’t see each other romantically for a very long time.

Sam tells Molly that TJ is probably just talking things over with a friend; it’s not a big deal. She and Jason have done it. Molly says, but it’s not like them. TJ talks. He spills emotionally; they communicate. Sam says, until he popped the question. Molly says, without talking to her first, and Sam says, maybe he wanted to surprise her; make it romantic. Molly wonders if the only way TJ was going to stay is if she agreed to marry him, and Sam says she doesn’t know. She wishes she had the answer. Molly says, the only one who can tell them how TJ feels, is TJ. He has to come home.

Curtis says, Trina has a lot on her plate. She doesn’t need to carry unnecessary anger. Laura says Curtis is a good guy, and eventually Trina is going to realize he’s not responsible; the responsibility rests solely on Cyrus and his associates. He says, Trina needs someone to blame who’s right in front of her, and she says, she’s mourning. Portia seems like a capable woman. She’s sure Portia will make Trina see the truth. He says Portia is good at making people face the truth about themselves.

Cyrus is reading when Jordan comes in. She says, Machiavelli. Could he be more obvious? He says, it’s worth rereading, and solitary is so lonely. She asks if he expected a party. Kidnapping two children, and a daughter watching her father die. He says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She says she was in the ER when Taggert died, and his daughter… She would say he could imagine but that would require feelings of sadness and empathy. He says, contrary to popular belief, he does have feelings, and he loves children. They’re the brilliant next generation who will bring equality, heal the planet, and make medical discoveries they can only dream about.

Julian asks Brad why he changed his plea, and Brad asks why Julian thinks he did. Sonny paid him a visit. Julian says, and? Brad says, and what? and Julian asks what they talked about. Anything else besides changing his plea? Brad tells him, relax. He kept quiet; not for Julian, but for Lucas. He’s the reason Lucas lost his son. He won’t be the reason Lucas loses his father. Julian says he made the right decision, and Brad says, on second thought, don’t relax. Sonny didn’t have much to say, but it was all over his face. Sonny is going to have Brad killed, and he’s going to do the same to Julian if he figures it out. Julian asks why he would, and Brad says he’s going to be in prison soon. It’s over. Julian says he’d better hope so, and Brad says he hopes Julian covered his tracks. Speaking of which, what is he still doing there? Sonny might get suspicious. Julian leaves, and Brad sits alone.

Sonny asks Mike if he’s all right, and Brook says her aunt loved when Brook sang to her. She seemed more focused afterwards. She did some research, and found out music helps Alzheimer patients with their cognizant function. Sonny thanks her, and she says, no biggie. Mike and his friends appreciate her music. Sonny says, no one ever said it was easy. She’s smart enough to know that if her dream comes true, and she becomes a singing sensation, what matters in life and what counts is family. Even though his dad’s mind is cloudy, what he remembers is family. Brook says thanks him, and says she needed to hear that. She tells Mike that she’s got to get going, and it was good to see him. He thanks her for coming by, calling her Lois. She leaves, and Mike says he wishes Sonny could have heard her. He knows how much Sonny likes that song. Sonny says, it’s a great song. He remembers Mike getting the record for his birthday. Sonny asks if he remembers the swim trunks Mike got him. They were blue, and they went swimming. Mike stood, holding his arms out, and as Sonny swam toward him, he kept backing up. Mike says, then Sonny went under, and swallowed water. Sonny’s mom was so mad at him. Sonny says, at least he learned to swim, and Mike says, he sure did.

Brook calls Ned, and asks when take your daughter to work day is at ELQ. She’s ready to be part of the business.

Alexis tells Neil that she doesn’t want to say goodbye, and Neil says, last night was good. He wanted to tell the truth, but it would have ended both of their careers. Alexis wonders how happy they’d be if they couldn’t do the work they love. She says she wishes there was another solution, and Neil says if she comes up with something, let him know. They hug, and she leaves. Neil stands there alone.

Brad holds his head. Britt walks in, and says, it sure looks like he could use a friend.

Sam tells Molly, she’s the one on parole, and can’t see her guy. Molly says she seems to have no choice, but Sam says, of course (🍷) she has a choice. Her big sister is a P.I. She finds people for a living. Molly says, even if they don’t want to be found? and Sam says, especially if they don’t want to found. She’ll find TJ, and bring him back. Molly says, only if that’s what he wants, and Sam says, he will. That’s what big sisters are for.

Laura asks how Curtis knows Portia, and he says they knew each other back in the day, but haven’t seen each other in years. He had no idea Trina was her daughter. Laura says, hopefully, Portia can help him and Trina make peace, but he says, the best thing to do for Trina is to take down Cyrus, and make sure the man who killed Trina’s father is brought to justice.

Jordan says, now Cyrus is an expert on children? Aside from getting them hooked on drugs. He asks if that’s a problem in Port Charles. He wouldn’t know. He’s in solitary, cut off from the world. She tells him, if he has something to say, just say it. He says, no locked windowless room, no mayor, no Commissioner, no one can keep a very determined man from doing what’s necessary to get what he wants. She asks if he has her son.

Tomorrow, Stella asks what Curtis has gotten himself into, Chase tells Michael that they need to have a conversation about Nelle, Britt tells Brad they’re not going to let Nelle win, and Jordan says if Cyrus has her son, prove it.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Reunion – Part Two

Melissa called Jennifer an a-hole, and told her not to throw objects, or she’d walk with Danielle. (Not quite as bad as sleeping with the fishes.) Jennifer once again argued that she was throwing the fork and plate toward Melissa, not at her. Even Andy didn’t see much difference. A viewer asked why Teresa was so adamant about Melissa having her back, when she didn’t have Melissa’s. Melissa said if Marge threw something at Teresa, and then she left with Marge, Teresa would be pissed. Teresa went around that by saying she’s let a lot of things go that Melissa has done. Jennifer made a bunch of excuses, and said she’d been upset because Melissa said Jackie’s kids would be set-up for life, and hers wouldn’t be, which was not exactly what Melissa had said. Melissa said Jennifer just wanted attention, and the women made a pact to quit throwing things, Andy adding that it included tables. Keep in mind, these women are all way past adulthood.

They talked about the Superbowl ad Teresa did with Caroline, and Andy asked if Teresa still believed that Caroline was a rat who called the Feds on her and Joe #1. Teresa said she’d put it the wrong way, but thought Caroline had said things that contributed to their arrests. Andy asked if there was any chance of them rekindling their friendship, but Teresa gave that a hard no, and said Caroline wasn’t a good person. Andy said, now that Teresa had officially announced her separation from Joe, how were the girls taking it? She said they didn’t love the idea, but understood. We flashed back to Joe’s nasty phone calls, the  group discussing his cheating, and the Italy trip. Teresa said the girls always stick up for Joe, but she’s happy they love their father. She said Joe was a great father, but she wanted to find a guy who put her on a pedestal, including when they were in public. Marge thought Joe was insecure, and wanted to keep Teresa down, so she wouldn’t leave. Teresa claimed Joe only spoke to her like that on the show, because he wanted to act like a macho guy. Melissa begged to differ, saying his frustration was noticed more on the show, but he hadn’t treated Teresa well even in private. Teresa insisted it was a good marriage, and Melissa said she could do better.

Andy moved on to Teresa’s rumored sex life that made the headlines. He asked about the kids’ reactions, and Teresa said the girls don’t go online (which I find hard to believe), and Gia found out from Joe’s brother. Andy asked Marge if her comment about the 21-year-old rum was a dig, and Marge stuck to saying she just wasn’t thinking, and wanted Teresa to be with a doctor or a lawyer. Andy asked if Joe’s move to Italy gave Teresa the green light to have fun, and she said it did. He rudely asked if she’d been with anyone yet, but she said, no, and that she was tired of the old-school Italian dudes. She wanted something different, like a Jewish guy. She heard they make nice husbands, and she wanted to still try for a baby boy. Andy asked Jennifer if Teresa wasn’t too self-absorbed to have a baby, and Jennifer said, unlike Melissa, it would be a new experience for Teresa. For one thing, she’d be with someone new, and she’d never had a boy. Melissa wondered if she had to want a baby with someone else not to be self-absorbed.

The husbands, and Frank, joined the semi-circle, Jennifer’s Bill carried in on their shoulders. We found out that Frank had a new woman in his life, and Andy asked if she slept over. Dolores said she had a curfew, since she’s apparently in her mid-twenties. When asked about the house renovation, Marge said Joe #3 finally allowed other contractors to do some work. Joe said he had to approve of them, and they were all friends of his. We saw clips of what the men of New Jersey do when the women aren’t watching, and saw their poker game, Joe #2 telling Bill he needs to bang his wife more, and Bill having to be put to bed by the others, when he was too drunk to walk. Andy asked what the women thought about the guys watching Danielle’s sex tape, and there was a collective, ew! Joe #2 said, if one of the husbands had a sex tape, they’d all be watching. A viewer asked when Frank was going to kick David to the curb, and re-propose, but Frank said he respected David and Dolores’s relationship. Dolores said she had the best of both worlds, and Andy said, it is what it is for right now. Jackie’s lowkey kids’ party was brought up, and Bill said he didn’t criticize. Not missing a beat, pot-stirrer Andy said Bill left that to his wife. Andy said the guys had turned Bill into a Guido, and Jennifer said Bill was fully-loaded while Joe #2 was shooting blanks. Joe said he might only have three sperm, but he could get Andy pregnant from where he was sitting. (Call Ripley’s!) Andy said he thought that might be an HR violation. Jennifer said Olivia was finally out of their bed, and they were trying to have sex once a week now. Joe #2 held that up as proof he was a motivator.

Continuing on the topic of sex, Melissa confirmed she and Joe #2 did it at least five times a week. Andy said he heard Evan got an outpouring of sympathy when Jennifer said she refused to give BJs. Evan said he got offers, and Andy asked what it was like at work with his life being made so public. Evan said he thought they were embarrassed to talk about it. Andy said viewers didn’t believe that Frank and Dolores weren’t getting busy, and Frank said he was sticking with what Dolores said. Joe #2 predicted they’d get back together. Andy asked, if they weren’t married to their current spouse, which of the other spouses they’d want to be with, but there were no takers on that question. With the exception of Dolores and Joe #3, who are evidently each other’s BFFs. Looking at Teresa, Jennifer said there was only one Jewish guy.

Meanwhile, Danielle arrived, putting pup Fendi in a stroller.

Andy told us that the most notorious Housewife was there, and Marge said Satan had arrived in the building. Andy said, sometimes imitation wasn’t the sincerest form of flattery, referring to Jennifer’s imitation of Jackie that was posted online. Maureen from Ontario thought Jennifer was trying to impress Teresa with the video, but Jennifer said she just loved making people laugh. Maggie from Bedford said she’d never seen anything as hypocritical, since Jennifer’s daughter had been bullied, and we saw clips from Jennifer’s apology tour. Jennifer said she thought Jackie was boring, and very vanilla. When Jennifer said, who? Me? Jennifer asked if she stuttered. This was the kind of behavior she exhibited pretty much throughout the whole thing, along with talking over everyone non-stop. She said money couldn’t buy Jennifer a personality, and to her credit, she did tell Teresa to think about it before she hit send. Teresa said she thought it was funny. Jackie said, had she been there, it would have been different, and she might have laughed along. There was a difference between laughing at and laughing with someone. Jennifer wondered why Teresa wasn’t being held accountable, and said everyone was tiptoeing around her.

Andy asked why Dolores always defended Jennifer, but Dolores said it wasn’t always, and when she did, it’s because she knew Jennifer didn’t mean to hurt anyone. A viewer asked if Jackie’s party wasn’t to Jennifer’s taste, why didn’t she just shut up? (Is that possible?) Jennifer said she’d said something in a private conversation with Marge, and Marge was the one who brought it up. A viewer wondered if Jackie had it, why not spend it? and Jackie said they also gave the kids experiences, and talked about their yearly pilgrimage to see the Denver Nuggets. She said she just didn’t show it off. Jennifer, who couldn’t pass up a chance to contribute, said she was a thrifty shopper, with the exception of Chanel. Jackie said she had nothing against extravagance, as long as children were taught the right values, and that wealth isn’t all that matters.

A viewer asked why Jennifer couldn’t just apologize, and leave it alone. While Jennifer babbled, Melissa told Marge that Jennifer was desperate for attention. Marge said she was thirsty, and Jennifer yelled at them to shut up. Melissa pointed out that Jennifer didn’t like it when people talked over her. Andy threw Jennifer’s Sorry-Not-Sorry shirt into the conversation, and Jennifer said if her apology isn’t accepted, she takes it back. Which I think negates the apology, rendering it insincere, so no surprise. Jackie said she didn’t want a friendship with Jennifer, and didn’t like being around her. Jennifer said, ditto.

Backstage, Danielle said she needed to be heard, while Fendi ran around in a little ruffled dress. Danielle then demanded to sit next to Andy.

Next time, the intense conclusion. Andy asks if Teresa thinks Joe #1 is going for spousal support, Marge forgives Teresa, and Danielle won’t come out unless she’s assured she’s sitting next to Andy.

🥽 On Watch What Happens Live, Dolores talked about Frank’s recent accident, where he dislocated both knees and tore both quadriceps in a fall. He’s now living with David, in a house apart from her, and won’t be able to walk for four months. Apparently, David is taking good care of Frank, and getting up in the wee hours of the night to administer medication. Where does she find these guys?



🏖 Update on Summer House: They’re still awful people. And it still boggles my mind that these are professional people who should be too old to 1) be acting this childish, and 2) be summering together in the Hamptons. I’d rather eat glass than live with even one of the people on this show. This season, good friends Kyle and Amanda had decided to give romance a go. Acting like a normal boyfriend was just too hard for Kyle, so they put a stop to things. Kyle immediately asked another girl out in front of Amanda, and then invited her to stay at the house. Insensitive much? Again, there is no real update. The climate remains awful.

🎢 You’re More Than…

We are officially on the downhill slide to the weekend in this hellaciously long week.

February 5, 2020 – Sonny Faces Cyrus, Marge Celebrates 20 Years, TMI Already, NJ Tidbits, Goodbye Spartacus & the Other Elvis


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Violet says Peter will never defeat her, but he says they’ll see about that. She pretend shoots him while he stalks her. Finn walks in, and Violet says they were playing superheroes; Peter is the bad guy. Peter says, Violet’s choice, not his. Finn asks where Anna is, and she comes in with Violet’s backpack. She thanks Finn for the update on Laura, and asks how work is. He says, busy, and she says she let the time get away from her because they were having so much fun. Now Violet is late for the bus, so she’ll have to drive her to school. Finn asks Violet if they moved Halloween to January and didn’t tell him. Violet laughs, and says, no. He suggests she put something warmer on for school, and turn back into Captain Marvel when she gets home. She asks if he’ll still be there, and he says he wishes he could, but he has to go to work. Violet goes upstairs, and Anna says, Peter is good with her. Peter says, she’s a great kid. He can’t wait until she and Finn are married, and he and Violet are officially brother and sister.

As they walk into the MetroCourt, Maxie tells Nina about an idea for the Deception launch – the wedding of Crimson and Deception. It could look like an invitation. Nina isn’t sure she wants to talk marriage so soon after what happened. Nina sees Jax, and asks what he’s doing there. She says she heard about the shooting, and asks if Josslyn is okay. He says, physically Josslyn is fine, and she asks, what about him? He says he’s not handling it half as well as Josslyn is. He wants to focus on work. Nina says, work is good. Not good, like it’s a diversion, but it’s good to concentrate on something you can control. Alexis joins them, and tells Jax that she’s sorry she’s late. Jax says she’s right on time, and shows her to their table. Maxie says, what was that?

Alexis asks how Josslyn is doing, and Jax says, well; for someone living in an armed fortress. It’s Carly’s idea for her to stay there, but after what happened, it’s up for debate. Carly thinks it’s safer, but how do they know she’s not in the line of fire? He says he’s handling it, and asks how it’s working out for her, and she says, not well. He knows how she feels about unfinished business and family. He says, that’s why he invited her for coffee. She asks if he’s going to apologize for not telling her Nikolas was alive.

Michael tells Nelle, the boathouse has heating and plumbing, and is fully furnished. Her bags have been packed. She says he’s arbitrarily banishing her to the boathouse, while Sasha gets to stay in the main house. She didn’t pretend to be someone’s daughter, which is called fraud. Sasha says she wasn’t convicted for attempted murder. Michael says it’s best they stay away from one another, and Nelle asks why Sasha gets a free pass when she lied? Sasha says she’s in no position to judge anybody, and Nelle says, Michael does have a type, but why not put Sasha in the toolshed? Sasha says because she’s sleeping in Michael’s bed.

Julian shows up at Brad’s, and says he comes in peace. He’s brought cappuccino, from Perks, of all places. Brad wonders, why he doesn’t believe Julian comes in peace? He’s trying to keep his head above water, and Julian’s keep pushing it under. Julian says he knows he’s been hard on Brad, but it stops now. He’s here to help. Brad asks, what’s the catch?

Sam runs into Kelly’s, telling Spinelli that she’s sorry she’s late. He says, no apology necessary. He trusts all is well after last night, and Sam says, yeah, but her parole officer doesn’t think she should be with Jason. Spinelli says he doesn’t know what’s worse, keeping them apart or knowing Peter is a bad influence. Sam says that’s why she wanted to meet.

Jason tells Sonny that the guy who shot up the warehouse got loose, and their guy is dead. Sonny asks about the gunman, and Jason says he’s not a problem anymore. Sonny asks if he told Jason anything, and Jason says the gunman told him who he was working for before he died.

Anna tells Peter, she’s glad he stopped by. Emma is coming to town, and thought maybe she could be Black Widow. They say goodbye, and Anna asks Finn if everything is okay. He says she left Peter alone with Violet.

Jax tells Alexis, if he had it to do over again, it would be different, but at the time, he thought it might put Spencer in danger if Valentin knew Nikolas was alive. Alexis says she thought he was too smart to get involved with the Cassadines and their schemes, and he says maybe he’s not as smart as she thinks. She asks why he’s acting humble. What happened? He says, nothing, aside from hiding Nikolas and protecting his daughter from a mob war. She asks, what else is going on?

Maxie asks what’s going on between Nina and Jax? Nina was on the brink of babbling. Obviously something is going on, and if Nina doesn’t tell her, she’ll find clues on her own. She’s a great emotional detective, and she’ll figure it out. Nina says, if Maxie must know, she and Jax kissed.

Martin arrives at the Quartermaines’, and says Nelle texted him to come. She said she was being falsely imprisoned, and kidnapped. Sasha says she wishes. Michael says Nelle is unhappy with her current living situation, but he has a solution. They can increase the offer for her ELQ shares. Once she signs them over, she’ll have all the money she needs to move wherever she wants. Martin asks what the offer is in terms of numbers, and Michael says he had a proposal written up this morning. Nelle looks at it, and rips it up. She says, better, but not nearly enough. She’s not going anywhere.

Julian tells Brad that he was sitting with Lucas, and he realized how selfish he’d been. He needs to do what’s best for Lucas and Wiley, not just himself. Brad asks what that looks like, and he says he’d like to help take care of Wiley, and in turn, that will help take care of Brad. Wiley cries, and Brad goes to tend to him. Julian takes a plastic bag with some pills in it out of his coat.

Spinelli asks if Sam is going after Peter, and says he’s all in. Peter is unworthy of Maxie’s love. By chance, he saved Andre and Franco’s lives, and Maxie has taken his heroics as redemption. Sam says, she and Jason don’t buy it. They suspect Peter hired the gunman. Spinelli says, Peter shot him. Why thwart his own plan? Sam doesn’t know. To cover his tracks, or he had second thoughts. Maybe he had a change in heart to win Maxie over. Spinelli says, now Maxie is living with him. Sam says, if they’re right, Peter had a bigger part in the original memory transfer than he claims, and scrambled to cover his tracks. If she and Jason can find solid evidence, they can be together again.

Jason tells Sonny that he knows why it was hard to break the gunman. It wasn’t money; it was fear. Carly comes in, and Sonny says they’re having a business discussion. She says if it has to do with who targeted their family, she deserves to be part of it. She, Josslyn, and Michael were almost shot. She deserves to know who tried to kill her children, and what Sonny is going to do about it. Sonny says, let’s hear it, and Jason says, Cyrus Renault. Carly asks who that is, and Sonny says, a drug trafficker. He’s a heavy hitter who funneled drugs through Russia to the US, and paid off officials so he could operate in both countries. He has a reputation for being ruthless, and you don’t want him as an enemy.

Julian takes a pill out, and puts it in Brad’s coffee, shoving the bag into a container on the bookcase. Alexis is suddenly there, and says thank God he’s here. Brad’s been arrested for opiate use. He was found passed out, with Wiley in his crib, unattended. Julian guesses Brad cracked under the pressure of taking care of Wiley by himself. Alexis says, in the meantime, Wiley will need a new place to live until his fathers get better. Julian says Wiley can come home with him, and Alexis says he has a big heart. When Lucas wakes up, he’ll be grateful. This is just in Julian’s head, and he drops the pill on the floor. He fumbles to pick it up, when Brad comes back in with Wiley. Brad asks what he’s doing.

Jax tells Alexis, he’s been busy, and spending all of his spare time at work. Alexis says, Nina is dramatic. How are things going? He says, Nina isn’t letting her current situation get in the way of work. She’s a good thing for Crimson, and he wouldn’t know what do without her. Alexis says, something is happening between them.

Nina tells Maxie, she was upset about what was going on, and Jax wanted to give her a tutorial on the fun side of the island. Maxie says, what? and Nina says he brought champagne and some amazing cheese. They danced in the office. She was so happy; smiling and laughing. It just happened. Maxie asks if he’s a good kisser, then says, what is she saying? It’s Jax. She’s sure he’s a great kisser. Nina says, Ava barged in, so things are still unresolved. Maxie says, resolve them, but Nina says, it was just a moment of madness. Maxie says, or is she interested in Jax? Nina looks over at him.

Anna says she didn’t realize Finn felt so strongly that he wanted to keep Violet away from Peter. He says, Peter has killed people. He doesn’t appreciate Peter threatening his daughter, even if it’s just pretend. Anna says he can’t think Peter would hurt a child, but Finn says Peter’s done other damage. He’s been talking about this with Sam. Anna asks, what did she say? No. What did he say? He tells her, he said nothing, but he’s wondering how Peter is going to explain his ties to the man who tried to kill Andre and Franco.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s not changing her mind. He says the Quartermaines will contest her right to the shares, and tie her up in court for years. She says, after some thought, she thinks the boathouse is charming. Michael says, staying there isn’t going to drive the price up; take it and go. Sasha tells her, think of it as a fresh start, but Nelle says she has to be in Port Charles because of her parole. She might as well stay close to the family. Martin requests to confer with his client in private, and he and Nelle go into the living room.

Nelle says, if Martin is going to tell her to take the offer, save his breath. It’s not enough, and she’s staying put. He says she really loves Michael that much, and she says, for an attorney, he’s not that bright.

Jason says Cyrus has never been this far east, and Michael wonders why. Jason says, to eliminate the opposition, and clear the way to Port Charles. Michael says he’s not part of the business, but Jason says if Cyrus thinks there’s any obstacle, he’ll have to remove it. Carly asks how he can be stopped, and Sonny says, it’s not easy. Jason says he’s been running his business from Federal prison, and Sonny says, from everything they know about his operation, they’ll have to strike back, and strike back hard.

Alexis says she liked it better when Jax was mad at her. Did he sleep with Nina? He says, no. They kissed. That’s all.

Nina asks Maxie how she could be interested in Jax. She just left Valentin. Maxie says she was playing Valentin, and was out for revenge.

Jax tells Alexis, it happened without him thinking, but it was nice.

Maxie tells Nina, it sounds amazing. Go for it.

Alexis says she wants Jax to be happy, but Nina comes with a lot of baggage. Is he sure he can handle her? Alexis’s phone rings, and she steps away to take the call. Jax messes with his phone, and Nina sits down. She says she hopes she’s not interrupting, but can they talk?

Michael is surprised Nelle didn’t push back harder, and Sasha asks if he thinks she has a plan. He says, she always has a plan. This isn’t going to get resolved as easily as he’d hoped.

Nelle says, Martin thinks she loves Michael? She laughs, and says, he thought that was her reason for rejecting the offer. That she’s hoping if she hangs on long enough, she can get him back. She says, hell no. She can do better than Michael.

Julian tells Brad, he almost slipped on one of Wiley’s toys. Brad says he hasn’t been great at cleaning lately. He thanks Julian for the coffee, and says he needed a break. Julian tells him, sit; take a load off. He’ll feed Wiley. Grandpa will take care of everything.

Anna asks if Finn thinks now is the right time to have this conversation. He’s been up all night, and hasn’t slept. Finn says, that’s true. Then again, every time he asks, she dodges the question, like she’s doing now. She says she and Peter had a good talk. He ID’d Eurotech as one of Faison’s companies, and said he worked there. He said a lot of people did, and one of Faison’s associates could have easily targeted Andre. That’s probably what happened. It’s a connection to Faison, not Peter. Finn asks if she knows anyone besides Helena, Faison, and Peter who was involved in kidnapping Jason and Drew. She says, not by name, but it’s not like there’s a detailed record. Peter knew nothing about the assassin, and the authorities need more than a work association to link him. Finn says, how about her?

Sam tells Spinelli, Brice said Peter paid him to implicate her, it would make sense that he’d be behind the attacks on Drew and Andre. Spinelli starts to get up, saying he doesn’t want Peter anywhere near Maxie and the children. Sam stops him, and says, Maxie can’t know anything until they have solid evidence. Spinelli says, true. Peter will just talk his way out of it again. Sam says, that’s where Spinelli comes in. He says, do tell.

Jason tells Sonny  that he got a lead on Cyrus’s Canadian entry into the US. They should be able to track his shipment. Sonny says, do it, and tells Jason they uncovered something in Cyrus’s DOJ file. He’s not at Thompson Penitentiary anymore. He was taken out in the middle of the night; a top secret transfer. Carly asks where he went, and Sonny says, Pentenville.

Nina says she was telling Maxie how supportive Jax was when he brought the champagne and cheese to her office. He hopes she liked it, and she says she did – a lot. She’s very grateful, so that’s the reason she was acting weird when she ran into him. She doesn’t know how to act around him. He tells her, take it easy. The kiss shouldn’t have happened. She says, no?

Peter finds Maxie at the MetroCourt, and tells her that her office said she’d be there. She says she’s eating with Nina, who’s otherwise engaged. She asks how Anna is, and he says, better than he expected. He, Violet, and Anna were playing Captain Marvel. She says, Violet adores him, and he says, Emma is coming to visit, so next time, they’re playing Black Widow. Everyone is making an effort to include him in the family. She says, tell her everything, and he flashes back to Anna telling him that his link to David Black didn’t make it back into the case file. The incriminating documents are out of reach. He tells Maxie that Anna is very supportive. It’s nice to know she’s on his side. Maxie says, of course (🍷) she is. She’s his mom.

Anna asks why Finn can’t trust her judgement. He says he has to ask. He loves her, and the truth is, she has so much unresolved guilt, she wants to believe anything Peter is telling her. Anna says, maybe, but it could be the truth. He asks what Robert thinks, and she says, that’s meaningless. Finn asks if Robert is going to find anything incriminating, and she says, no. He asks how that’s possible. What isn’t she telling him? She says when she gave the file to Robert, she kept back Peter’s resumé and David’s employee record. He says even if she destroyed the documents, there’s still a connection. She says, it’s tenuous, and won’t hold up in court. He says that’s not her decision to make. If Peter wasn’t her son, would she still think he was innocent?

Sam tells Spinelli, as Georgie’s father, he has every right to insert himself into Maxie’s life. He doesn’t know if he can be cordial to Maxie’s boyfriend, but Sam says Peter might get suspicious, and there’s only one choice. Spinelli says, hack his computer, and she says, exactly. There’s probably a goldmine of information in there. Just don’t put himself at risk. He says with Maxie, Georgie, and James involved, it’s worth the risk. He’ll do it, even if it takes him all the way to Mount Doom.

Nelle says, Martin deals in facts, and the fact is, Michael is never going to love her, but she couldn’t care less. He’s not sure he believes her, or that Michael does. She asks if he’s ever heard the term, misdirection. You get them to focus on one thing, and they don’t see the trap until it’s too late.

Michael asks if Sasha is sure she’s not having second thoughts. She says, every time she sees Nelle, she’ll whisper, boathouse. Michael asks if Nelle got to her, and she says, no. He says, it’s okay. He’s the first to admit that sometimes Nelle lands one. Sasha asks if he thinks she’s like Nelle.

Martin asks what Nelle is really up to, and she says the longer she lives with the Quartermaines, the more they’ll want to get rid of her, and the more they’ll pay her to go away. She needs enough to live well for the rest of her life. She’s going to be too busy to work. He asks what she’s going to be doing, and she says she’ll have plenty to occupy herself with. New cult leader perhaps? Just a thought.

Anna asks, if Violet hadn’t entered Finn’s life, would he be more willing to see the good in Peter? When they get married, Peter and Violet will be brother and sister. He asks if that’s still the plan. Let him know. She asks what he means, and he says, when they got engaged, they talked about being married by now. But then she decided to take off for six months. She says, he told her it was okay. He says he doesn’t remember being asked. Violet comes back, and Anna makes a fuss over her getting dressed by herself. Finn says he’ll take Violet to school, and Anna asks if he’s coming back. He says he’s not sure. He has a lot to think about. He leaves, and Anna looks like she’s going to cry.

Maxie and Peter invite Alexis to join them. Seeing Nina with Jax, she sits down. Peter asks what she thinks about Nikolas’s return from the dead. She says, if it’s for The Invader, no comment. He says, change of subject. Tell him about something he wouldn’t want to publish.

Jax says he’s Nina’s boss; it’s inappropriate. She says he wasn’t sexually harassing her. He says, call it ill timing. She’s still dealing with the Valentin fallout. She doesn’t need him to make it more complicated. He thinks they should put the kiss behind them, and move forward as friends. That’s right. Jax just put Nina in the friend zone.

Michael tells Sasha, nothing Nelle said can hurt them, and Sasha says, he’s right. She can’t let Nelle get to her. He says as soon as he figures out Nelle’s end game, she’s out of their lives for good.

Nelle says she has one shot, and Martin asks, what’s the magic number? She says she’ll know it when she sees it. She needs an offer high enough so she can leave Port Charles forever. He says she talks as though Michael is no longer part of the plan, and she says, he’s not.

Brad drowses, sitting up on the couch, and struggles to wake. He thanks Julian for the time out, whatever the reason. Julian says he’s glad to help. Brad looks like someone who needs a break. He asks how the coffee is, but Brad says he hasn’t tried it yet. It would be nice if they weren’t at each other’s throats anymore, especially with Nelle out of prison. Julian says they need to work together, and Brad says they both forgot Lucas. Julian says they have to make sure he has something to come home to. They clink paper coffee cups, and toast to the to the future.

Sonny says, the timing of Cyrus’s transfer wasn’t a coincidence. Jason says, he must have pulled some strings. He’ll check to see if any politicians have received extra compensation. Maybe Cyrus made a new political connection. He leaves, and Carly asks if Sonny has dealt with Cyrus before. He says, no, but he’s stepping up to his reputation; no warning, no open negotiations. Carly says, if he operates out of the Pacific Northwest, why is he coming after Sonny now? Sonny doesn’t know, but he’s going to find out.

Jax promises Nina it won’t happen again. She says she’s not worried he’s going to ambush her with another one. He says, so are they free to continue as friends? She says, colleagues, and they shake hands. She says she should get back to work, and he says, Alexis left, so he should get going too. Nina heads back to Maxie’s table, and Jax goes to the elevator, looking back at Nina before he gets in.

Maxie says she’s proud of Peter, but why did he back off? Peter says when Alexis didn’t want to answer questions, and he realized he wouldn’t want Anna or Violet intruded on. Nina tells Maxie that she has to get back to the office. Maxie says she can go, but Nina tells her to stay and enjoy her coffee with Peter. She’ll see her later. Maxie tells Peter that she thinks she should probably go. Spinelli appears, and says, gracious greetings. It’s a joy to see them both. Can he join them?

Finn literally smacks into Sam at Kelly’s. She asks if he’s all right, and he says, obviously not. She says he must have had a rough night at GH. Has he gotten some rest? He says, not yet. He walked in… forget it. It’s not important. He starts to leave, and Sam says, wait, grabbing his arm. She asks if the something unimportant has anything to do with the conversation they had about protecting their children. He says, what do you when someone you love makes a mistake so big it could cost someone their life?

On the phone, Anna confirms with Robin that Emma is on the plane. She’s so glad Emma is coming to visit. She’s just the person Anna needs to see.

Sasha tells Michael, sorry for her moment of doubt. She won’t pay any attention to Nelle. Nelle can’t scare her off. Michael says, no matter what Nelle is planning on, they can get through it together, and they kiss.

Martin wonders if Nelle is going to enjoy being the houseguest from hell, and she says, let the games begin.

Brad’s phone rings. He listens, and says, what? Oh my God. He tells Julian, Lucas is awake.

Carly tells Jason that she got into it with Jax. He wants Josslyn to live with him. He’s worried about her safety, and she doesn’t blame him. Should she pack the kids up and go to California; get a place on the beach? Jason asks if Jax would let her take Josslyn. Sonny won’t let her take Avery. Is she going to leave Avery leave behind? And Michael’s not a kid anymore. Carly gets it; it’s impossible. Jason says, it’s just too soon. Cyrus had the advantage, but not anymore. He’s far from his home base, and they’re going to shut him down quick. Carly asks, what if they can’t? and he says, if it becomes too dangerous, he’ll tell her, and they’ll figure out what to do next. She takes his hand.

Sonny picks up the visitor’s phone at Pentenville. Sitting on the other side of the glass, Cyrus says, Mr. Corinthos. We meet at last.

Tomorrow, Julian says no way is Brad bringing him down, Sam tells Finn that he has to tell her if he knows anything about Peter, Laura says she was collateral damage, and Sonny tells Cyrus that he made a big problem for himself.

🍻 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa had forgotten the ID she and the girls needed to get in to see His Royal Juiciness. After making a few frantic phone calls, she was able to get in by showing them copies sent by Hot Joe (i.e. Joe #2). She said Joe #1 looked tired, and they had to visit through glass in this facility. At Dolores’s place, daughter Gabrielle was home, and about to go to vet school in the Leeward Islands, as she couldn’t get into any of the US schools. More power to her. My GYN was schooled in the Philippines, and he’s fabulous. Dolores said she was a realistic pessimist, and didn’t want to make a move to the new house with David without a commitment. She wasn’t keen on seeing someone else move in either, since she’d overseen every detail in creating it. Jennifer told husband Bill about Jackie having money, and Marge’s upcoming party. She felt bad about calling Jackie cheap. Bill told her to think about apologizing to Melissa, Joe #2 told him about Jennifer throwing the plate. Jennifer said she was just trying to get Melissa’s attention, but he said two wrongs don’t make a right, and suggested she carry a bell.

Melissa went to dinner with her mother and sisters, since she needed a dose of her family. They discussed raising kids during their teen years, and Melissa wondered when Antonia was going to stop being obnoxious. She told them about wanting another baby, and that the doctor said she was in prime condition. Her mom said she might have one egg left, and they toasted to that. At Teresa’s house, Bro Joe came over to fix a sink leak, and they talked about Gia going to the prom with Frankie Jr. Even I’m excited about that. In his interview, Joe #2 thought Teresa should stop spending money on attorneys for Joe #1, but understood the girls wanting their dad to be there. Teresa said Joe #1 told her to find someone else, and he feels nothing for her. Joe #2 told her that he never thought Teresa had a good relationship. Joe #1 never treated her the way she should be treated. He felt a real man could open up and say I love you.

Jackie visited with her dad Barry, and had arranged for some professional organizers to do their thing, starting in the kitchen. Some stuff was a little messy, but he was hardly a candidate for Hoarders. Jackie told him that she was concerned there was nothing in his fridge except mashed potatoes and iced tea. He said he hadn’t had a steak or pork chop in nine years, since he’d had lap band surgery. He couldn’t stand to gain five pounds, and said he weighs himself every morning. In her interview, Jackie said that her father’s yo-yo dieting had been a contributing factor to her eating disorder. She told him that his it’s almost worth it comment was almost an insult to her. There were times she licked ice cubes for dinner, but all he saw was the result. She knew anything they said to one another came from a place of love, but wanted him to understand that his insensitivity hurt. He seemed like a cool guy.

Marge got ready for her business anniversary party, and Joe #3 hoped his friends knew what cocktail attire was. Jackie admitted Marge was the best hostess ever, but told Bill that she’d had it with Jennifer. Bill said the guys had been busting his chops because of the way she acts, and said that she was frustrated sexually. Jennifer promised there would be no scene at Marge’s party, but we’ll see what happens. Marge told Joe #3 that she was considering having security at the party.

In her interview, Marge told us her brand was all about affordable luxury, and how you can make things amazing on a budget. She said she was unsinkable, and she and Marge Sr. would always be each other’s sidekicks. David didn’t show, and Jennifer wasn’t entirely sure David existed. Dolores told everyone she’d rented a house at the Jersey shore, and she wanted all of them to come, husbands included. I said a silent prayer that they never rent a house near me. Dolores felt her role in the group was peacemaker (really?), and she thought going there would bring them to a better place. Melissa said if someone was an a-hole, she was going to tell them that they were an a-hole, and Jennifer was being an a-hole.

When Jennifer got there, she barely acknowledged Melissa, and in her interview, Melissa wondered how Jennifer could throw sh*t at her, and then walk by giving her a lame wave. How about being an adult, and apologizing for being an a-hole? Marge said she told Jennifer, no hysteria, and I noted Marge’s housekeeper dresses better than I do. In Jackie’s interview, she said she thought Jennifer and her husband tolerated each other because he works so much, even though she spends every penny. Jennifer didn’t want tension at the Shore, and told Jackie that she felt terrible. Jackie said she’d ruined the trip, and Jennifer tried to throw Marge under the bus by saying she’d repeated a private conversation. In her interview, Jackie said, now it’s Marge’s fault. Jennifer needs to take responsibility. Jackie told Jennifer that it had been a number of times, and she wasn’t sure they mixed. Jennifer got pretty pissed that Jackie wasn’t having it.

Jennifer went running to Marge, saying Jackie was rude, and she told Jackie to take the stick out of her ass. Dolores said she didn’t want fighting on the trip. Good luck with that. Dolores said the husbands get along, and in Marge’s interview, she thought maybe the testosterone would calm the estrogen down. She told Jennifer to give it a rest. As for the husbands getting along, it looked like that might be on shaky ground. Joe #2 confronted Bill, asking what was up with his wife throwing food at Melissa? He said she’d also thrown a glass at Melissa before, and we flashed back to that. Melissa should have popped her one then, and been done with it. Bill said he couldn’t hold Jennifer back, and Joe #2 suggested he bang her more; she was frustrated. Bill walked away, and Joe #3 said he couldn’t take it. In Dolores’s interview, she said she didn’t want the husbands fighting because people could get hurt, and we flashed back to some tussling. Marge made a speech, telling everyone how she started her business on the kitchen table with no money. Her mom showed her how important it was to be independent, and they needed to raise and inspire strong women. She toasted to twenty years, and hoped for another twenty.

Dolores told Marge about Bill getting bombarded. In her interview, Marge said the event was a miracle – no glasses went flying, and no one embarrassed her – but the Jersey Shore was going to be a freaking sh*t show.

Next time, Gia’s prom and the trip to the Shore.

🏖 Tonight, Summer House won the award for TMI, and images I will never get out of my head. Amanda said she needed to stop picturing it – it being a sexual act that happened between Carl and Lindsay – and I said, no, I do. There’s already all kinds of yelling and sh*t, and it’s only the first week. I still can’t believe these people all have good jobs, and can afford to stay at a palatial home for the summer, while I go to back porchville for vacation.

🤸🏼‍♂️ In Giudice News…

Milania turns fourteen. It seems like just yesterday she was singing about wanting to grow up.


Same old Juicy.


👴🏻 I Had No Idea He Was 103…

I mostly included this so I could tell you how I mixed up both Mitt Romney with Mitch McConnell, and Kirk Douglas with Charlton Heston today. Take that, Samuel L. Jackson. I’m not Laurence Fishburne! We don’t all look alike!


💕 Getting the Valentine Ball Rolling…

I’m not much for the Hallmark channel, but I do love this song, especially this version.

February 3, 2020 – Brando Speaks, Oops, Chalk Up Another Deck, a New Deck, Unsure, Your Crew, More Sailing, He Belongs, Bowling Puppies & Here Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the very beginning because that guy was still talking, but it’s an easy catch-up.

Sonny tells Carly that his dad was chatting up the waitress. It was like he was his old self, and called Sonny son, like he used to. Then everything went to hell. Carly says she’s so sorry, and Sonny asks why she’s still in the ER. She says, Gladys, and Sonny asks if she’s hurt. Carly says, no. She’s fine, but her son was shot. Brando.

Gladys tells Brando, she knows she said he was dead to her, but she wished she could take back the words a million times. She tried, but he didn’t return her calls. She sits, and says, suddenly, Brando showed up at Sonny’s warehouse. Has he forgiven her?

Carly tells Sonny, the shooting started, and she crawled for cover. The bullets were getting closer, and all of a sudden, a man was there, and shielded her. He got shot, but Carly thought he was one of Sonny’s guys. When the shooting stopped, Gladys came out, went to him, and said his name. She was surprised, and to be honest, Gladys was too. She was really trapped and couldn’t run. That man saved her life.

Brando asks why Gladys is there, and how she got mixed up with Sonny. Sonny comes in, and asks Gladys for some privacy. She starts to protest, but he says, out, please. She goes, and Sonny says, so he’s Gladys’s son. Brando says, and he’s Sonny. Sonny says his family was ambushed, and nearly killed. He wants Brando to tell him what he was doing in the warehouse when it happened.

Gladys tells Carly that Brando is doing well; they had the most wonderful reunion. Carly says Gladys told them that he was dead. She played the grieving mother act to the hilt, when she knew he was alive. Why? Gladys says she shouldn’t have done that; not with Carly and Sonny. She’s sorry. Carly says she should be, and Gladys says, when Brando came back from the war, he wasn’t himself. Carly says, that happens to a lot of guys, but their mothers don’t go around telling everyone that they’re dead. Gladys says Brando got mixed up with some bad people, and the truth was embarrassing. It was easier to say he was dead. She told everyone he’d been redeployed and killed in Iraq. Carly says Gladys lied about being a gold-star mother; that’s terrible. Gladys agrees, and says she didn’t know where he was or what he was doing with his life. Carly says Brando knew what Gladys was doing with hers, and holds up picture of Gladys and Dev.

Brando tells Sonny that he doesn’t know anything about the ambush. He came looking for his mother. Sonny asks if Gladys told him that she was there, and Brando says, not exactly. He saw her MyFace page, and she said she was staying with Mike’s family. Sonny asks what Brando knows about him and his family, and Brando says, not much. He doesn’t think Sonny knows much about him either. Sonny says Brando came to his place of business, and Brando says when he got to the warehouse, it was under attack. He could see through the door, and saw a woman who was pinned down, so he covered her while she could get to a secure position. Sonny says that was his wife. She said Brando saved her life. Brando says he just reacted, and Sonny says he knows Brando was in the service and was trained well. Brando’s mother told them he was dead. Does he know anything about that?

Michael says his family is under attack, and he has no idea who wants them dead. Jax says, it’s because of his father’s business. Josslyn wonders if Brando knows about Dev. If he doesn’t, he could blow everything. Dev asks if he’s getting sent back to Turkey.

Nelle shows up to move in at the Quartermaine mansion, but Brook says Nelle tried to kill Michael; he hates her. Nelle says Michael is confused, and to tell him that she’s there. Brook says, it’s late, and Michael is probably out with his girlfriend, but Nelle says Brook is just looking for an excuse to avoid the truth. Brook says, Michael would have told Monica – it’s her house. Nelle says when she was pregnant with Michael’s baby, she and Monica were close, and Monica was nice to her. Brook says she tried to kill Michael. Monica won’t forgive or forget; no more than the rest of them. Nelle can’t be so delusional that she can’t see how Michael despises her. Even if he forgave her – and that’s a huge if – why would she want to live there?

At the hospital, Willow asks Brad, please accept the help. He says she’s concerned about Nelle, but does she hear herself? Willow says, it’s not about her; it’s about Wiley. Brad has to be strong. Brad says, after everything he’s gone through since he and Lucas brought the baby home; he’s walked through fire for that kid.

Nikolas tells an unconscious Laura, he was planning revenge on Valentin, when he should have spent the years with her and Spencer. Instead, he turned from everyone he loves, and let darkness in. Now that he finally understands that, it may be too late.

Willow tells Brad, that’s what parents do; they’d do anything for their children. She knows how hard it’s been without Lucas. Wiley’s kidnapping was scary for all of them, but it’s over. Brad says, it’s not over. He still has nightmares. He and Lucas took turns sleeping in Wiley’s room; they didn’t let him out of their sight. She says she gets it, but Wiley is safe now, and healthy. Brad asks if she thinks that’s enough. Carly is always hovering, and so is Bobbie. She says, they’re Wiley’s family, and they love him. He says, Michael is obsessed. He’s Wiley’s godfather, but wants to be his parent. She says Brad should be grateful Michael cares, and he supposes she thinks he should be grateful to her too.

Nelle says, it’s just them. Brook doesn’t have to impress her family by making a show of hating her. Brook says she meant every word; Nelle is a gold-digging psycho. Nelle says she’s a grieving widow, whose husband left her 5% of ELQ. It makes sense for them to get along. Michael is. Brook says he’s not home, and Nelle can go back to where she came from, and wait there. She opens the door, and Nelle says, she was staying with Brad, but for some reason, Michael thinks it’s not the best place for her. Brook says, okay. Now she gets it. She slams the door shut, and says Michael doesn’t want Nelle spending time with Wiley. She can’t say she blames him.

Dev says this is going to be more trouble for Sonny, and it’s the last thing Sonny needs. Jax says, Sonny can take care of himself, and Michael says, there’s no point in speculating. Josslyn says, it will just made a bad situation worse, and Michael says his dad is handling it. They need to sit tight, and they’ll get through it. He goes out to the terrace where Sasha is waiting. She says she was checking the news about the shooting, but it’s just clips repeating what they already know. He says if there’s any news, his mom will call, and Sasha ask how Carly is. Michael says, considering she just got shot at, he guesses she’s okay. Sasha says, how about him, or was that dumb question? Michael says it’s not, and he isn’t. Sasha says, talk to her, and Michael says they need to stop seeing each other.

Gladys asks how Carly got the photo, and Carly says, from the bag of Brando’s belongings. Gladys gets excited, and asks if Carly knows what that means. Brando was looking for her on social media. He cares about her. Carly asks why Gladys was on social media, and Gladys says Carly and Sonny made her feel like part of a family, so she wanted to post updates about her, Mike, and Dev. She loves saying she’s Dev’s grandmother, and guesses she just wanted everyone to see how happy she was. Carly asks if she was secretly hoping Brando would see, and Gladys admits, the family made her feel so good, maybe she did want him to see. Carly says, he did, and Gladys says she hadn’t heard from him in so long, she figured it was too late. She was surprised to see him.

Brando tells Sonny that he and Gladys haven’t talked years. Sonny asks, why? and Brando says they had one helluva fight. He left Bridgeport, and never looked back. He checked Glady’s MyFace page once in a while, and saw she was staying with Sonny. She posted pictures of her and some kid she said was her grandson, but he never had children. Who is he?

Dev gets that it’s all his fault, but Josslyn says, it’s not his fault; it’s Gladys’s. She lied to them. Jax says he blames Sonny. On the terrace, Sasha asks if Michael is breaking up with her. He says his family is being targeted, and Dev’s father showing up makes it harder. They have no idea who the enemy is. She asks what it has to do with her, and he says he doesn’t want her in any more danger. They need to go their separate ways. Sasha says, no; they don’t.

Carly asks if Gladys didn’t expect Brando to show up, and Gladys says it’s been years since they were in contact. She said harsh things that he took at face value. He left a hole in her heart, and when Sonny showed up, she got to heal. Doing a good deed grew her heart. Carly says, Sonny is paying her, but Gladys says, that didn’t keep her heart from swelling. She never should have shut Brando out her life. Carly asks why she did.

Sonny says he and Brando will talk about his mother later. Where did he go after Bridgeport? Brando says, Chicago was his last stop before Port Charles. Sonny asks if he brought any luggage, and Brando says it’s at the motel where he’s staying. His turn. Who’s the kid? His mom says it’s her grandson. Sonny tells him not to worry about that right now. Brando saved his wife’s life. He’s going to get the best care possible. Just rest.

Gladys says she told Carly already, but Carly wants to know why she feels like there’s more to the story. Gladys says, what’s important is that Brando came back; she wants to concentrate on that. Sonny joins  them, and says she has other things to concentrate on. Like how her son is here and alive. She says she’s sorry she lied to him, and he says, more than once. He doesn’t tolerate people lying.

Brad says Willow is just another problem. Don’t think he doesn’t see what’s behind it every time she deals with Wiley. She’s fantasizing about raising him herself. She’s made it clear that she doesn’t think he’s a good father. She says, maybe not. He hasn’t spoken one word against Nelle.

Brook says just because Michael doesn’t want Nelle with Wiley, doesn’t mean she has to stay there. Carly owns the MetroCourt. Nelle says she’d rather go back to Brad than stay in Carly’s hotel. She would think Brooke sympathizes. Brook says she thinks wrong. Nelle says she heard Carly led Brook astray, encouraging her to get in between Lulu and Dante. When it went south, she let Brook take the blame. Brook says, so Nelle thought they’d team up to take Carly down? It was a long time ago, and they’ve all moved on. Nelle asks how she can be so unfeeling? Nelle lost her kidney and her baby, and went to prison. Now, the Quartermaines refuse to recognize that she has a stake in ELQ. Brook doesn’t know what it’s like for all the Quartermaines to be against her. Brook says, Nelle doesn’t know what it’s like, but she will.

Nikolas tells Laura, it took her being shot to shake him up, and Spencer and Lulu’s anger. He shouldn’t have let them slip away just so he could discover he’s a vengeful and greedy man. He missed her every day. He wants to do better, be better, but he needs her to tell him that she forgives him. Without that, without her… Laura opens her eyes and says, Nikolas.

Willow asks what is it with Brad and Nelle? Why does he keep protecting her? He says, they’re friends, and Willow says she gets it. The pressure is getting to him, and he’s having a breakdown. He needs help. He says he’s fine, but she says the only person who can help him is a real friend; her, Michael, or Julian. But who does he leave Wiley with? Nelle. He says he can take care of his son on his own. There’s nothing she can do.

Gladys tells Sonny that she didn’t want to lie. She was so used to telling people that Brando was dead, in a way, it was like he was dead. Sonny says, but he’s alive. He says Gladys is going to tell Brando that some lady showed up and claimed he was Dev’s father. Gladys says, Brando always had a lot of girlfriends. Sonny says, one more thing. If she even mentions to Brando that he’s protecting Dev, she’s going to regret it. Understand? She thanks him, and asks if she can see her boy now. Sonny nods, and Gladys goes back into Brando’s room. Carly asks if thinks it will work, and Brando will believe it. Sonny says he’s not saying anything until he finds out who Brando is, and why he’s there. She asks what Brando said, and he says, not much. She says, Gladys was vague on details too, and he says that’s why he doesn’t trust either of them. But he can’t concentrate on that now. He’s got to figure out who targeted his family. Carly says, and him. They were all almost killed. She hugs him.

Jax says he’s glad Josslyn is okay; he loves her. She says she loves him too, and he says he’s going to check in and see if Sonny is back. She tells him not to be too hard on Sonny, but he says he’s not making that promise. He says goodbye to Dev, and leaves. Dev says Josslyn’s dad cares about her. He asks if she’s really okay, and she says, thanks to Michael and Dustin. Dev says, it could have gone the other way, and she asks if he was scared for her. He says he was, and he feels bad about the whole thing… She says, when he kissed her? and he says he wishes he could take back the way he reacted.

Nelle takes Brook’s hands, and says she’s not like the other Quartermaines. She’s open-minded, and less constricted from family expectations, which opens her up to more judgement. They’re not bad people. Brook says, Nelle is, and Nelle says she’s never done anything bad to Brook. Brook says, the night is still young. Nelle wonders how Brook can believe the lies the family is feeding her. Why can’t Brook judge her for herself? Brook wonders if Nelle’s BS really works. She plays the victim card, and if that doesn’t work, she tries to bond. Brook might have screwed up her own future, but she’s not going to plot to kill her fiancé and leave him to drown. She won’t stalk a family, and drug a grieving father, then plot to kill a second fiancé. They’re not going to bond, and they’re not friends. Nelle had better call a ride share, and start walking. She’s not waiting for pick-up on Quartermaine property.

Sasha says she doesn’t think Michael really wants her out of his life. He says he’d be lying if he didn’t say his life was better with her in it. This is the start of something bad, and he doesn’t want to drag her in. She says she just went through something bad of her own making, and went through it with the best person she knows. He says he wants to keep her safe, and she says she wants to keep him safe too – from Nelle, or anyone who’s trying to harm him. He says he doesn’t want her near Nelle, but she says it’s her decision. He doesn’t get to choose for her. Does he think she’ll stop worrying about him, and just walk away and get on with her life? He says he’s trying to protect her because he loves her. She’s got news for him; she loves him too. and they’re going to deal with this together. Consequences be damned. They kiss.

Michael’s phone rings, and he asks what Nelle wants. Nelle says she’s at the Quartermaine’s, and Brook won’t let her stay there. She could go back to Brad and spend time with Wiley. Michael tells her to put Brook on, and Brook says, please tell her that he didn’t tell that crazy bitch she can live there, and he says he’ll explain later. Please give her a room. Brook hangs up, and Nelle asks if it’s too late to ask Cook to make cherries jubilee for dinner. Brook asks if Nelle knows who else loves cherries jubilee? Her granny. She’ll put Nelle in the room next to her. Nelle says, Tracy? and Brook says, the one and only. There’s a bathroom in between the rooms, and she’s sure Tracy will love sharing. Nelle says she wanted a room with a lake view, and Brook says, and disappoint granny? Not a chance. Brook leads Nelle upstairs.

Sasha says, that didn’t sound good, and Michael says she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. She says, as long as they’re together, they can handle anything, and they kiss.

Willow wishes Brad could see she’s on his side, and asks him to let her help. She can take care of Wiley tonight, and tomorrow, Brad can pull himself together, and figure out what he needs to do to get back on track. Brad asks how many times he has to tell her. She’s not coming home with him tonight or any other night. She’s fired.

Nikolas asks how Laura is feeling, and says he’ll get the doctor. She tells him, wait. The things he was saying… He says she heard him? and she says she loves him. She’s always going to love him.

Jax calls Carly, and asks if she knows any more about Brando. She says, not a lot. Sonny is still trying to get the truth. Jax says, put him on, but Carly says, it’s not a good time. Sonny has his hands full. Jax says he’ll wait at the house until they’re empty. Josslyn tells Dev not to let it bother him. It was a dumb mistake, and after what just happened, it’s unimportant. He asks if she’s sure, and she says she’s positive. Dustin told her to write about what happened, and she thinks she’s going to do that now.

Gladys fusses over Brando. He says Sonny treated him like a suspect, but she says, don’t be silly. His bark is worse than his bite. She gets him some water, and he asks who Dev is. She says, his son.

Carly tells Sonny, Jax wants answers about Brando. He says he’s going to wait at the house. Sonny says, he’ll be waiting a long time; Sonny isn’t going home. He has to find out who’s after his family and why. Carly takes his hand.

Tomorrow, Nelle says she’s not going anywhere, Peter tells Anna that no one can save her, Carly tells Jax that she won’t be separated from Josslyn indefinitely, and Sonny says something is a problem for him.

⛵️  So here’s what happened. Unbeknownst to me, Below Deck was on at 8, because the new Below Deck Sailing Yacht was premiering at 10. When I realized _ as I stared stupidly at the sailing yacht for a few moments – I cursed my life, and just did a QuickieCap of the new show, and watched the OG at 11:30. That’s my long way of saying, I messed up, so now I can’t go to bed as early as I would have liked, even though I wrote less. I’ve put them in the order they were aired.

Below Deck

The d*ck cake is presented, and Kevin finds out primary Jemele went to bed. Kate tells Kevin that she doesn’t know if Jemele is coming back, but the others might like to enjoy dessert. Captain Lee says he’s not taking a bite. In Kate’s interview, she says, it can’t be the first time someone was underwhelmed when Kevin showed them his penis. In the galley, She says Kevin that the primary was too drunk to stay, and just get the plates. He snaps, it was a waste of a day, and she says that’s not her fault. In Kevin’s interview, he says, it’s the last dessert, and it’s embarrassing. He put a lot of effort into the cake, and he looks like an idiot. Kate says it was ordered on the preference sheet, but in his interview, Kevin says he’s never been so embarrassed, and can see the evil look from Kate. She’s an evil bitch. The cake – which really does look very tasty – is served. Courtney thinks the whole thing is awkward, but Kevin is overreacting.

Jemele snores in her cabin. Kate says Kevin has been in a weird mood all night, and has been screaming at her. Kevin sits in the tender, grumbling about Kate. Kate admits maybe she should have told him before he brought the cake out. In Simone’s interview, she says the season was a sh*t show, but Kate is enjoying Kevin’s embarrassment. It’s defeating when you’ve been working so hard. She thinks Kate is vile. Captain Lee bids the guests goodnight.

Ashton calls the deck crew for a meeting. He tells Brian and Rhylee that they’re on the late shift. He wants to finish strong tomorrow, and says, keep focused. In his interview, he says, in the beginning, he tried to make Rhylee feel included, and give her the voice she felt she lost with Chandler and Ross. I must have missed him doing that. We flash back to Chandler and Ross, and Ashton says, even though Rhylee disrespected him, he doesn’t want to finish with them fighting. He just wants to squash the whole thing. Simone gets a hug from a guest who wishes her the best. In his interview, the captain says the timing of the cake couldn’t have been worse. It’s embarrassing for the last charter. The guests had been having a ball, and enjoying the evening.

Tanner calls his mom, who immediately asks if there are sharks are there. Tanner wonders how she thinks. In his interview, he says he loves his mom; she’s soft and gentle. If she was there, she would ask why everyone is so upset, and tell them, please stop it. Kevin goes back to the galley, and Kate says, it’s been a great season. He tells her, eff off. Kate says he’s being weird; the cake was gorgeous, and Courtney adds that the guests all ate it. Kevin says he feels like Kate was squishing him down by withholding information. Why would she do that? She asks, why have him stand in front of the guests with his d*ck on a silver platter? He called her a d*ck today, but guess what? Today she wasn’t the d*ck. He says, the cake was, and Kate says he presented it perfectly. He says Kate can’t train her staff to do a beach party by themselves, and she asks if he doesn’t think they can. He says he thinks they’re more than capable, but for some reason, she goes to the beach. Um… I think that’s her prerogative as chief stew. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s secretly enjoying Kevin standing his ground. Karma is a beautiful thing. Apparently, she doesn’t understand what karma is and how it works, since Kevin’s not exactly embarrassing Kate. Kate says Kevin is being defensive because he presented his penis poorly, and he says she’s unprofessional. He tells Brian that he just blew Kate off in the galley. She’s getting on his nerves. In Kevin’s interview, he says he wanted to finish on a high note. Frankly, I think Kevin would have done something like that to Kate in a heartbeat, and he’s just jealous that he didn’t think of anything that good. Or as appropriate.

Jemele emerges, and her friends tell her about how they were having a serious conversation with the captain at dinner, and in comes this huge d*ck. Jemele says, apparently, she missed out on something. They ask Kate for a side of balls.

Ashton radios Rhylee to meet him on deck. To herself, she says, on my way, pr*ck, but tells him, yes, sir. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s their last night out, and he doesn’t want the same sh*t to happen. We flash back to their altercation in the market, and he says he wants to nip it in the bud. When Rhylee joins him, he hems and haws for a moment, and says it’s clear they have differences. He thinks it goes deeper than work. They’re two different people, and that’s okay. Who is he? Mr. Rogers? He tells her, it’s the end of the season, and he just wants to have a good night. She says she trusts in herself to hold herself accountable for her actions, and wants to end on an enjoyable night. He says they’re on the same page. In Rhylee’s interview, she says they have nothing to talk about. It’s their last night out, and she doesn’t give a f***.

The captain pulls anchor for the last time, and the boat heads out. Kate serves breakfast, which looks delicious. In Tanner’s interview, he says it’s their last night, and the odds are in his favor with Kate. It’s the fourth quarter, and they got it. Kevin has made custard buns, and wonders what to do with them, but Kate says, the last meal is over, and goes downstairs. Tanner says, someone has checked out, and Kevin says, someone checked out six weeks ago. In Kate’s interview, she says Kevin has made his fair share of large mistakes, and now he tried to embarrass her in front of the stews. He has two styles; a-hole and sleeping. The guests love the breakfast, and Kevin brings out the custard buns. Jemele says he looks like Tom Cruise. I’m not a fan, but I’d still say, maybe a poor man’s Tom Cruise. She says, about the cake… and apologizes for her absence. She heard he had an incredible d*ck, and he says he didn’t know she’d left. He thanks them, and says they’re his favorite charter this season. In his interview, he says, it’s such a relief to hear when you’re good at what you do. He made an amazing c*ck cake, and it was an amazing way to finish the charter.

Brain tells Courtney that she looks cute with her hair up. In her interview, she says, go away. Stop being cute. Honestly, maybe it’s me, but I don’t get the attraction that all the women seem to have for him. He has a bangin’ bod, but his face and personality is nothing to write home about. I’m not trying to be mean; I just don’t see it. The guests ask for a couple of bottles of champagne, and one of them says she’s living her best life. Kate gets the champagne, and they pop corks and shake the bottles out over the water. A+ for that. Sloppier guests would have just let it spray all over the deck. In Kate’s interview, she says Jemele was not her favorite at the beginning. She was the quintessential head mean cheerleader. But she realized she was wrong, and the grace to say it, and Kate respects that. It’s too bad the crew aren’t the same way. I think Kate’s personality is misunderstood because she’s not bubbly like a lot of the stews. Personally, I would find bubbly annoying, especially first thing in the morning.

The crew gets into their whites. Kate tells Tanner that he’s so cute. The guests pack, and Jemele says it’s going to take a month for her to recover. Anchor is dropped, and the captain scares Rhylee with the horn, which seems to be his things this season. Did the other boats not have one, or is he just getting bored? He calls everyone to the aft deck, and tells Kate that he’s savoring the last goodbye. Jemele says they thought everyone was amazing, and hopefully the tip reflects their value. They were all awesome. The guests leave, and Kate suggests they all jump off the boat right now.

Time for the tip meeting. Captain Lee says they made it. It’s the first time he didn’t need to terminate someone, and that says a lot. He tells them that they performed remarkably well. The tip is… $20K, or $1800 each. Yes! Finally. He says their total for the season was $154K; $7146 each. In Kate’s interview, she says, it’s a good amount of money; they made it through the gauntlet. It wasn’t an easy season, but the tips make working with Kevin almost worth it. The captain tells them, tonight, a full moon party on a private beach has been arranged for them. In her interview, Kate says she doesn’t know what a full moon party is, but it sounds like a rave on the beach with a full moon. She never paid attention to the moon when she was at a rave, and doesn’t know what to expect.

The boat is cleaned, and laundry folded. Kate calls Rhylee, asking her to come to the pantry. Kate pours champagne for the girls. She says, it’s like a friendship bracelet, but better. In her interview, she says she’s never had a season where it was guys versus girls. The girls became extra bonded because the guys were such a-holes. In Simone’s interview, she tells us that she has a lot of things to say to Kate, but she’s not doing it. She just wants to say goodbye. The guys jump off the boat, and have a beer on deck. Courtney doesn’t know if she has anything more to say to Brian. They’ve basically been avoiding each other, and she has nothing to say. They’re not getting back together, and will probably never see each other again. They’re friendly, but it’s just weird.

Everyone gets ready to go out. The guys have shots. Tanner says it’s his last night, and he knows he’s having fun. He’s ready to effing go. The crew gets on a tender, and heads for shore. Brain and Ashton talk bro stuff, and Courtney tells Kate  that she was in their way. The beach looks amazing; it’s all done up like some awesome, weird carnival. There are ladyboys and girls in practically nothing, fire dancers and fire eaters, a private cabana, lots of liquor, and giant letters of fire spelling out MY VALOR. In her interview, Kate says, it’s a reason to drink alcohol and make bad decisions in the dark. Simone gets on a tree swing. The fire eater/dancers put on a show, and a guy twirls sticks with fire on each end. Kevin jumps over some of the fire letters, and by some miracle, manages not to get hurt. On the boat, Captain Lee does some ironing.

Brian gazes at Courtney, and finally sits next to her. He says he doesn’t want to end things on a bad note. It’s a little awkward, but he had fun with her. The whole season was about her. He doesn’t know what to do, and asks what she wants to do. She says, about what? and he says, just leave it as it is? She says, okay, and he says he was asking a question. She tells him that he’s full of sh*t, and then kisses him. In her interview, she says she just wants to end the season nicely. Kate tells Rhylee, Brian unleashed his secret weapon; he took his shirt off. Tanner sits with them, and Kate says he’s a breath of fresh drunken air.

In Ashton’s interview, he says he wants no negative feelings or regrets. He’s going to be a good boy. Kate, Rhylee, Simone, and Kevin take a selfie. Kevin says they had a good run, and Kate says he was a pain in the ass sometimes. He says the big mess up was when she stopped caring. They could all feel it. She asks if he thinks she’s not a good chief stew, and he says he doesn’t. She says she thinks he’s not good yacht chef either. He’s just a baker. He says she doesn’t know all about food, and Tanner says Kevin did a great job. He tells Kate, sorry, and she asks what Kevin did that was phenomenal. Kevin says Kate has nothing to back it up, and Kate leaves. Tanner tells Kevin that he was trying to defend him. Rhylee tells Simone that she thinks Kate feels vulnerable, but Simone says she’ll think things are okay between them, and then Kate says something that’s a jab. Tanner, Kevin, and some unidentified guy have shots. On the boat, the captain picks up an empty Greygoose bottle and calls it a dead soldier.

Tanner stumbles around after Kate, who keeps changing location. Rhylee chants, get it, get it, get it. Tanner tells Kate that he’s wanted to kiss her all day. She says he’s an idiot. HA-HA-HA! She tells him that he said Kevin was right. It’s never going to happen; she’s a lesbian. She’s getting more lesbian by the second, the more he talks. She tells him, get over it, and leaves. In Simone’s interview, she says she doesn’t have to deal with this sh*t anymore; she’s happy. It’s amazing that she can now wash her hands clean, and get on with the rest of her life.

Kevin kicks sand at Kate as he goes by. She says he got sand in her eyes. Brian tells him to say he’s sorry, and Kevin says, eff off. It doesn’t matter what happens. Then the subtitles tell us that Kevin says, I walrahrahrah. Kate wakes up Ashton, and tells him they have to go. He rounds up everyone, and they get back in the tender. Brian says this was the best experience of his life, and Kate says, except for the sand in her face. He tells her not to worry, and she asks if he’s sh*tting her. In his interview, Brian says, even though Kate is who she is, you don’t kick sand in someone’s face. He still thinks Kate is overeating. It’s what she does best.

When they get to the dock, Kate gives them the finger, says, eff off, and jets back to the Valor. Kevin tries to run on the dock, and Ashton stops him. When they get inside, Ashton tells Kevin that he has to cook now, and he also has a whole beach on his ass. Kate gives the camera the finger before she closes her cabin door. We see Kevin’s naked butt, which I never want to see again. He wraps his nakey self in a towel, and Ashton tells him, go to bed. I’m not quite sure what Kevin does under that towel, but I think it has something to do with a sparkler, since Brian says he’s going out with a bang, and they all die laughing. Tanner says, Jiminy Cricket, and Courtney leads Brian to the guest room.

It’s the final day. Tanner says he’s staying drunk so he doesn’t get a hangover. He’s still wasted. Kevin smiles at Kate, and she asks, why? He says he’s happy they’re getting off the boat. She says he kicked sand in her eye, but he insists he didn’t. She says, he did, and in his interview, he says he doesn’t remember doing it, but if he did, it was for a reason. She called him a sh*tty yacht chef. Tanner tries to get information out of Brian, who won’t kiss and tell. In his interview, he tells us to use our imagination. Kate tells Rhylee that Kevin didn’t bother to apologize. In Simone’s interview, she says Tanner is a child, and that’s a problem, but she might call him in the future. Not like that, but possibly platonic. She thinks saying goodbye to Kate is disingenuous. She did learn a valuable lesson; to be self-reliant. She wants to continue in yachting, and get more experience. Tanner asks if Kate wants a quickie, but she says, no. In his interview, Tanner says it makes him stay humble. In Kate’s interview, she says she doesn’t regret that they didn’t hook up, but if they’re ever in the same zip code, it’s a sure thing. Tanner tells Captain Lee, it’s the best job he ever had, and the captain tells him, be safe. Tanner says he’ll see them on the flipside.

Ashton tells Brian, it worked out nicely. Brian says, the drama washed away. Courtney is a cool chick, and he’s going to miss her. Ashton says, well done, bru, which is now like nails on a blackboard to me. Brian thanks Courtney for being so amazing. In her interview, Courtney says, saying goodbye to Brian is bittersweet. They had an easy friendship. When she gets back home, she wants to go out to a nice dinner that’s not pad Thai. She stops to play with a dog on the dock. Kevin thanks Captain Lee, who says he did an outstanding job. In his interview, Kevin says he knows where he wants to be now. He’s ready to go home to his daughter, take her on holiday, and go back to cooking food. He says, there are only so many fake apologies he can give to Kate. He walks out without saying goodbye. Kate says, goodbye, Thailand. It’s over. It’s the final straw.

Kate calls out, bye, Kevin. See you never. She tells Rhylee, Kevin didn’t even say goodbye, and Rhylee says, he’s a pr*ck. These people are a-holes. In Brian’s interview, he says it’s been a roller coaster ride, but in the end, he pulled through. He’s staying in yachting, and eventually becoming a captain. When he sees his daughter, he can relax. Rhylee says, seeing Ashton is going to be awkward, and Kate tells her, be civil; it’s over. Rhylee says, one day you’ll be a great bosun? but Kate says, that’s not civil. She tells Rhylee, no matter what anyone says, she’s a great asset. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she doesn’t know if it’s the yachting world, or it’s her in the yachting world, but she’s thankful for Kate. Without Kate in her corner, she might not have stuck it through. She says goodbye to Captain Lee, and tells Ashton, it’s that time. In her interview, she says she’s not disappointed in her behavior. She showed reserve, and she’s proud of it. She tells Ashton that she appreciates him tolerating her, and he says, all the best. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s going to keep yachting in her back pocket, but right now she’s going back to Alaska and a fishing charter. She’s going to slay it, and not think twice about Ashton.

Kate guzzles a beer in the galley. In Ashton’s interview, he says he and Kate are leaving on good terms. They had two big fights, and he thinks she crossed department boundaries. She disrespected him, and he’s disappointed in the situation. He’s glad to say goodbye. In Kate’s interview, she says their goodbye was like their other interactions during the season; civil, but fake. Ashton tells Captain Lee, it’s been quite a year, and the captain compliments Ashton’s nice farmer tan, saying he has to even that sh*t out. Ashton thanks him for the bosun position, and guiding him through it. Captain Lee says Ashton had to grow, and he grew a lot. In his interview, Ashton says it was his first season as bosun, and he learned a lot. The captain tells him, no sailor ever learned anything in calm seas. In his interview, Ashton says there were things he could have handled better, but he learned he’s capable. He’s going to spend some time with Ross in Florida, then join a crew with no redheads.

Kate and Captain Lee hug. She tells him, chalk up another one. They made it again. She’s going to miss the boat. She says she’ll see him around Florida. He says, it’s been a slice, and she says, always is. In Kate’s interview, she says, it was a personally challenging season. She’s going to spend a week alone at a resort, then head back to Florida, pack up her life, and move to New York. She’s scared to move there, but she was scared to start yachting. She needs a new adventure.

Captain Lee says, he doesn’t know what it is about Thailand, but he still has best goddam job in the world.

Next time, the Reunion, and it looks like a doozie. Otherwise, I’d be completely bummed this season is over.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Captain Glenn of the Parsifal III, explained that he, deckhand Paget, and stew Ciara were a core family, and he’d brought Paget and Ciara in during the off-season. In her interview, Ciara said she and Paget had been friends, moved in together to save money, and then decided to date. Ciara never went to a conventional school, and grew up on a sailboat. While she’s technically a stew, Captain Glenn decided to put her on deck. Since she and Paget have never worked in the same department, this should prove interesting, as well as a test of their relationship. Chef Adam – a transfer from Below Deck Mediterranean – told us he’s spent a solid year driving around in a van with his dog, and cooking over an open flame. His jam is focusing on food and being single, and he assured us that he was still the same a-hole, d*ckhead (his words). Jenna, the chief stew from Canada, said she came up like a Navy SEAL, has high standards, and expects everything should be perfect. Second stew Madison told us that she was made for yachting, and is like the Energizer Bunny, living on candy and caffeine. She tries not to overwhelm people with her energy. She had been a competitive figure skater, and said she’d transferred her work ethic to sailing. Georgia is the third stew from South Africa, but said her British mother gave her and her siblings fake British accents. She gets more British when she drinks, and becomes the Queen of England by midnight. Chief engineer Byron (love that name!) is married with a young daughter, and finally, deckhand Parker said he grew up sailing, and was confident on smaller boats. This is his dream job.

In a first meeting, Jenna told the stews that she’s forward and direct, but not a bitch, which remains to be seen. She said she didn’t mind the stews having opinions, but didn’t want to be challenged, telling them, give it a few days. In her interview, she said she didn’t expect to be a mom, and her primary focus was on the guests, not whether the crew feels happy or loved. Adam remarked that the boat had been sitting on the dock too long, and looked like Ciara and Paget’s apartment. I don’t know what their apartment looks like, but if the boat is any indication, they’re both bad at housekeeping.

Captain Glenn told the crew that he’s laid back, and likes the crew to run their own departments. If anyone had a problem, they were to go to the department head first before going to him. In Adam’s interview, he said it was a welcome change, since he’d been under Captain Sandy’s thumb on Below Deck Med, and we flashed back to some of that. The captain added that he was also hands-on when it came to pitching in with work, but didn’t like fixing things in front of guests. Jenna made it clear that she was looking for attention to detail. If the a stew is paying attention, she knows she can trust them. In Georgia’s interview, she said she was never properly trained, but would love to have someone tell her if she’s doing it right.

During the preference sheet meeting, the captain told Paget, Jenna, and Adam that their first guests would be Alan and Jennifer. Alan had been a high level software engineer at Apple before retiring. Their daughter and friend Peyton would also be joining them, as well as friends Guy and Alessia, who were getting married just before the trip. They were looking to do some adventurous activities, and sailing. I guess they’re in the right place for the latter. Jenna said the boat looked like it had been boarded by pirates, and there were trash bags everywhere. In his interview, Paget said he didn’t want Ciara and himself to be that couple cuddling in the corner. Madison told Jenna about her five drunk tattoos, and in her interview, said she tries to be responsible when she’s drunk by keeping the tattoos to areas not normally seen. Then she pulled out her lower lip to show us MEOW inside, and said she didn’t like cats. I’m not even sure what to say about that. Everyone agreed the boat was a sh*t show, but somehow managed to get it cleaned up, and got on their green polos for greeting the guests.

Everyone counted only four people coming up the boardwalk, and Guy said their friends had been delayed, but were taking a plane in from Athens. It was the same routine as on a regular yacht, with the guests being greeted with warm towels and champagne, and the chief stew giving a tour. The boat is gorgeous, but of course, not as palatial as the motor yachts. Captain Glenn did enlighten us that sailboats have motors, without which it would be difficult to get in and out of port. The captain was impressed at how easily they got off the dock, but said the true test would be when they set the sails up. And unlike a motor yacht, everything loose has to be secured.

While Adam was anxious to cook Greek food, all of the preference sheets listed sushi, so he decided to go with that for the first meal. He wanted to get the job right. The dining area décor was really pretty, but for some reason, it reminded me of funeral home. The guests were happy with the sushi, as I would have been – it looked fabulous. Jenna told Adam that he wasn’t just a pretty face. He told us the galley was a fraction of the size of a motor yacht galley, and any nook or cranny was like gold. It’s like everything was cut in half. Right out of the gate, the hot tub was reading 75*, but the water was still cold. In his interview, Paget said if anything was wrong, it was on him, but he couldn’t figure it out. Byron came to the rescue, telling him, the heater switch has to be turned on. I would have laughed, but I’ve had those moments of stupidity myself. In Jenna’s interview, she said nothing was prepared, but she had to have her stew face on, hands behind her back, looking proper. After arriving at Miko Nisi in Corfu (Greece), there was some difficulty taking the sails back down, but Captain Glenn said they’d wait until the guests were off the boat to fix it. Apparently, it’s difficult to get the sails down, since they have to fold perfectly into something called a donkey d*ck – hey, I didn’t name it – which looked sort of like a gutter.

Jenna told Adam that she’d been engaged once, and he said he had been engaged once too. She asked what happened, and he said, yachting. In her interview, Jenna said her past ten relationships had been unhealthy ones. She always goes for the wrong people, and wanted to find her person. It didn’t take long before there was a major problem – no steak knives on board. Damn. Even I have steak knives. Adam said serving steak with improper cutlery in a fine dining scenario was the worst of the worst.

Alessia and Guy arrived by tender, and told everyone that they’d missed their own wedding because they never got to Vegas. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s not the one getting married, but the person who is going to get screwed is her. Guy asked if the captain couldn’t marry them, and did he have an Elvis outfit.

This season, Madison says the sh*t is going to hit fan while they’re sailing, horrible guests, Adam and Jenna hook up (!), Jenna is told she has an attitude problem, someone (it looks like Parker) is on thin ice, and Parker asks if Paget thinks it’s funny that he’s still being breastfed. What? Please tell me that was the TV equivalent of clickbait.

⚖️ I don’t know if I’m going to love this show the way I do the others – the OG Below Deck being my forever favorite. This captain is a little too laid back for me, but the close quarters should make for some interesting drama, and the clip of those horrible guests was intriguing. In other words, the jury is still out.

🍾 Your New Crew…

Meet the newbies on Deck.


🏖 A Little More…

A supplement on the newest baby in the Deck franchise.


🤽🏻‍♀️ I see Shep Rose is going to be on Summer House. He belongs with those immature twits.

🐶 They’re All Winners…

The only bowl that matters.


🎄 Why Not…?

They’re always having it in July.

January 29, 2020 – The Scoop On GH, Jennifer Is a Jerk, New Same Old House, Another Ripple, Another Loss, Handsy Jax, Don’t Do It, I’m With Beau, a Reprieve, It’s Coming & the Drug Is Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Here’s what I got. Supposedly, ABC is letting the new episodes loose now. I checked their site, and it’s showing the episode with the shootouts, so I’m ahead by two. When this airs on real TV, I’m not sure, but if the site has them, On Demand should have them too. On Demand has been akin to the devil during this blackout, listing an episode as new, when it’s a random rerun. Merry Christmas, Shiloh! Anyway, I’ll keep my eye out for news, and recap again as soon as they’ve caught up to me.

What ABC says:


What Soaps In Depth said:


About Brando (and it sounds like a good theory):


The Real Housewives of New Jersey

When we last left, Jennifer had tossed a fork and plate at Melissa in a restaurant because she has absolutely no manners whatsoever. She said, blah-blah-blah, don’t talk about my kids, when no one was talking about them. She’s one of those people who likes to change the narrative to suit themselves, and it’s working my last nerve. Apparently, Melissa’s was also being worked, since she said she wanted to pop Jennifer one. Jennifer left, staring daggers at Melissa the whole way to the car, and since we’re in middle school, Teresa and Dolores went with her. Marge wondered why Teresa always leaves with the uninjured party, which is a good question. The topic of Jackie not eating was addressed, and Jackie explained that people don’t understand about how difficult it is getting past an eating disorder. We saw a clip of her watching a video of her younger, overweight self with her father, and he said, it was almost worth it. While I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a malicious way, that’s really an awful thing to say. She told Marge and Melissa about eating only apples and canned tuna during a trip to Mexico with her husband, and putting herself into treatment when they got back.

In the car, Jennifer claimed she didn’t want people criticizing Jackie, when she seems to be the only one doing that. As soon as they got back to the house, she started making noises about leaving, and of course the other Musketeers, Dolores and Teresa, said they’d go too; Teresa saying, since they all came together, they would leave together. When Jennifer told Jackie that she’d be leaving, in Jackie’s interview, she suggested Jennifer take her kooky tequila-ass self and walk back to NJ. I couldn’t have agreed more. Melissa asked Teresa to stay, and Jackie wondered if she was back in high school. (Thank you.) Teresa decided she didn’t want to choose friends over family, and in a rare move, did the right thing and stayed. Jackie said she’d wanted the weekend to heal wounds, but it was worse than ever.

The guys also got together over the weekend – Joes #2 and #3, and Frank Sr. – for drinks. It wasn’t lost on me how when the men get together, the atmosphere is the opposite of the women getting together. The guys always encourage each other, and have a lot of laughs. If there are any altercations, they’re solved in ten seconds with a beer. They have so much more fun than the women do, and no one throws anything. Well, maybe a football. In the Hamptons, the remaining women – Jackie, Marge, Melissa, and Teresa – went out to dinner to a restaurant on the water (gorgeous!), and somehow it was uneventful. Probably because Jennifer had taken her tequila-ass self home.

Back in New Jersey, Melissa told Joe #2 that Jennifer got gangster on her, and asked why crazy people intrigue Teresa. Joe said Teresa was going through something, and they give her attention. Despite her legal/financial troubles, Marge was celebrating 20 years in business, and invited Marge Sr. for a visit. She said she worried about Marge Sr. more than Marge Sr. worried about her, and now that Marge Sr. was in Manhattan, she felt like a kid again, who didn’t want her mom to go to work and leave her alone.

Teresa met Joe #2 for drinks and apps, and told him about Not-So-Juicy Joe saying no one would want her, since she had so much baggage. Joe #1 said Not-So-Juicy was just trying to mess with her head. On the way to taking the girls to see their dad, Teresa realized she’d forgotten her wallet, and they had no ID. The problem was, they were already an hour and a half into the trip, and had to be there at a certain time. To be continued…

🤽🏼‍♀️ Tonight, Bravo aired a half hour of a Summer House retrospective/sneak peek of the new season. The best blast from the past was Amanda saying Kyle was like one of those little dogs humping your leg. You just want to kick him off. And then getting engaged to him. As for the future, from what Kyle told us, we should expect them to act like family – drunk, obnoxious, and dysfunctional, but in a loving way. While I think all families are dysfunctional to a degree because they involve people, he’s not describing my family. Although it might explain why he’s the way he is. There will be a few new faces, and the good news or bad news, depending on how you feel about the show, is that the people are all still awful.

🏀 A Sad Six Degrees…

That crash was far reaching, and a lesson in how temporary our life here is.


💔 Another Farewell…

Bidding adieu to a grande dame of the soap world.


🍹 Hunk Being a Matter Of Perspective…

And how did Lance Bass get involved?


🍾 Brittany Continues To Get Jaxxed…

Watch What Happens Live viewers gave their marriage six years, but how do we know she doesn’t just want to torture him for life?


🍜 It’s Not About the Pasta Either…

For the record, I’m on Beau’s side. Tom seemed cool early on, but he’s kind of a d*ck.


👠 The Queen Of Second Chances…

I doubt there’s much LVP doesn’t have the power to do, but she does tend to give many do-overs.


🐲 If We’re Still Here In 2022…

And maybe old George will have those books finished by then.


💋 Because It’s Almost Valentine’s Day…

Okay, it’s not that close, but this never gets old. They’re like Riff Raff and Magenta 2.0, and Oscar Isaac is yummy.

December 30, 2019 – Sam Gets an Invitation, Kate Decides To Return, an Opinion, a New Season, an Addition, the Captain Speaks & Another One


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly joins Jax at the pier, apologizing for being late. She asks Jax to fill her in. Now that the codicil is gone, what’s the plan? Jax tells her that Nikolas is gone.

Ava sees Curtis at the MetroCourt, and he says she seems chipper for someone who just lost out on a major art deal. She says, everything can change in an instant, and he says, or burst in flames. She says, whichever. There’s no point in looking back. Onward and upward. Curtis tells her, if she says so, and she says she’s convinced 2020 is going to be her year. I tell her, me too! She steps away to call Nina. She says, the wedding is just hours away. Is the bride ready for her moment in the spotlight? Nina says, it’s all set, but Ava says she doesn’t sound exited. Nina says she’s not, and Ava says, she ought to be. Valentin is about to get what he deserves. Nina says she’ll be leaving behind a lot of collateral damage. Charlotte brings in Nina’s bouquet, telling her, the flowers are there and they’re so pretty. Valentin tells Charlotte that Nina is on the phone, and Ava says she senses hesitation. Don’t back out on her now. Nina smiles at Charlotte and Valentin.

Sonny asks Gio how the special assignment is going, and Gio says he put the tracker on Carly’s car. She’s on Front Street, near Pier 17. Sonny says, she has no good reason to be there. What else did he see? Jason comes in, and asks if there are problems at the warehouse.

Sam goes to Turning Woods, and sees Willow. Willow says she was happy to hear Sam got released, and in time for Christmas. The kids must be thrilled. Sam says they’re pretty much over the moon, and Willow says Sam upstaged Santa. Now if Lucas wakes up, things can go back to normal. Sam says she heard Willow has been there a lot, and Willow says, kind of. Sam asks if she was on her way out, and Willow says she thought she’d stop and see if Julian needs anything. He’s been by Lucas’s side as much as Brad. Julian walks in, and says it’s good to see Sam.

Ava looks at her phone, saying, Nina hung up on her. She literally bumps into Laura, and says, sorry. Laura says, no harm done, but she wishes she could say the same about Helena’s portrait. Ava says, the auction took a bit of an unexpected turn, and asks how Charlotte is. Laura says, fully recovered; no signs of hypothermia. Ava asks, what happened? and Laura says, Charlotte took an unexpected dunk in the harbor. Luckily Lulu and Dustin were there to fish her out. Ava says Laura must be relieved, and Laura says she is. She asks why Ava burned Helena’s portrait.

Sonny tells Jason that Gio is examining something, and tells Gio to let him know what he finds. Gio leaves, and Jason asks if he can help. Sonny tells him, no, and says he’s glad to hear Sam is home. Jason says, things worked out for once, and asks where Carly is. Sonny says she’s running errands, and Jason says, maybe Gio knows. Sonny asks what Jason means, and Jason says, the job Gio is doing involves Carly, doesn’t it?

Carly asks if Nikolas left town, but Jax doesn’t know. After the painting was destroyed, he dissolved their partnership. Carly doesn’t get Nikolas’s motive. He knows his family is grieving, and he should fix it. Jax says, Nikolas has changed a lot since he’s been gone. He’s always angry, and the codicil is all about revenge. Nikolas could go bankrupt tomorrow, and Jax doesn’t think he’d care. He wants to destroy Valentin. Carly asks what about Valentin’s reversal of fortune that Jax predicted? With Nikolas gone, will it still happen?

Willow jets, and Julian wonders if she got scared away. Sam says, not by her, and asks how Lucas is. He says, there’s been no change, and she asks what the doctors say. He tells her, the doctors say Lucas might never wake up. Sam refuses to believe it. Lucas has too much waiting for him; he’s going to fight his way back. Julian says, Lucas shouldn’t have been in the car in the first place. He was supposed to be at work, but went home to see Brad. Now he’s unresponsive in a hospital bed. Brad walks in with Willow, telling her about what he did on Christmas. He knows Wiley misses Lucas, and it kills him how much Wiley has gone through when he’s not even two years old. Willow says she feels terrible about almost letting Nelle hold him. Julian says, what?

Ava tells Laura, she had nothing to do with it. Laura asks if they could please get past the point of denial. The painting was in Ava’s facility, and her staff was taking care of it. Now it’s a pile of ashes. Why would Ava help Valentin? Ava says she didn’t, and never will. She’s sorry Laura didn’t get the pleasure of denying Valentin something he wanted, but she tells Laura, don’t worry. People like him always get what’s coming to them. Laura asks what she means.

Valentin asks if they’re interrupting, but Nina says it’s just the art department; if it’s not one thing, it’s another. She looks at the bouquet and says it’s gorgeous, and exactly what she wanted. Charlotte thinks they’ll look pretty with her dress. Charlotte asks when they’re getting ready, but Nina says not for a few hours. Charlotte asks if they can go for a ride; she’s tired of resting. Nina tells her, it’s going to be a long night, but Charlotte says she feels fine. Please? Nina says, maybe tomorrow, and Charlotte asks if Nina can help her look for Electra, her stuffed horse. Nina thinks Electra is in the stables; Charlotte had been playing there yesterday. Charlotte goes to get her coat, and Nina says Valentin has a very resilient daughter. He says it helps that she has something to look forward to. All the setbacks and trials are behind them, and they’ll officially be a family in a couple of hours.

Valentin asks Nina, what’s wrong? She says she’s just worried about Charlotte. It’s easy to say things will be good, and they’ll be a happy family, but it’s still fraught with Lulu. He says after the first of the year, he’s going to discuss his petition to the court for full custody. Nina asks if he’s sure. Charlotte is comfortable with the arrangement, and while Lulu isn’t her favorite person, she is Charlotte’s mother. Valentin says she knows how hard he’s tried with the joint custody, but Lulu despises him too much. He’ll be generous with visitation, but Charlotte is going to be living with them. Besides, in a matter of hours, Nina will be her stepmother and have her for always.

Laura asks why Ava thinks Valentin is going to get what’s coming to him, and Ava says, doesn’t Laura? Laura says, of course (🍷), but she doesn’t know how or when. Does Ava? Ava thinks Valentin’s day of reckoning is coming soon. Curtis asks if he’s interrupting, and Laura says, no. She and Ava were just having a conversation about karma. Curtis says, what about it? and Ava says, how she always delivers. She’ll see them at Valentin’s wedding. Curtis asks if she’s going, and Ava says she wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Sonny tells Jason, Gio is tailing Carly, and Jason asks if it’s that bad. Sonny says, it’s not great. They had peace at Christmas, for the kids’ sakes. Jason asks if Sonny thinks following her is going to make things better, and Sonny says, at least he can protect her from herself. Jason says they’re under a ton of stress, and Sonny says Carly told him herself that she’s keeping something with Jax. Jason says if things get calmer, they can talk. Sonny wonders when his life has ever been calm, and says he knows what he’s doing.

Jax tells Carly that he’s reasonably certain Valentin is going to fall. She asks if he’s going to be the one to push Valentin, but he says he’s an interested party. He’s going to wait and see what happens, and step in. Carly asks if he’s going to tell Nikolas’s family that Nikolas is alive. Jax says, no. He doesn’t think it’s fair if he tells them, when they might not find him. He’s hoping Nikolas does the right thing, and comes forward on his own. Carly supposes a few more days won’t hurt. She can’t wait until it’s over. Sonny is suspicious. It’s getting tense at home, and the situation is getting worse. Gio listens in. Jax asks if Carly has been sleeping, and she says Donna had a bad night, and Lucas is in Turning Woods. There’s Josslyn and Dev, and now a surprise distant cousin is staying with them. It’s just a lot right now. Jax hugs her, and Gio watches. Jax tells her, if it’s too much, he’s always there for her.

Willow tells Julian that she had no idea; Nelle seemed so nice. Sam says, that’s her M.O. It’s all underneath. Willow says Nelle told her that she missed her baby, and she almost let her hold Wiley. Thank God Michael showed up in time. Julian asks where Brad was, and Brad says by his husband’s hospital bed. He had no way of knowing Nelle was at the hospital. Sam says she thought he and Nelle were friends. He doesn’t think she would have done something to Wiley, does he? He says, no. He knows how Lucas feels about Nelle. Sam asks if Brad can blame him, and he says, no. If they’re done hounding him, he’d like to get back to Lucas. Julian says Brad needs some rest. He should go for a walk, and get some air. They start to leave, but a nurse tells Julian that he needs to fill out some paperwork on his son’s behalf. He tells Brad, go to the pier. Brad says they can talk tomorrow, but Julian says he’ll be right behind Brad; it won’t take long. Brad leaves, and Sam tells Willow not to blame herself. She didn’t know who Nelle was, and Nelle has fooled plenty of people.

Nina hopes taking Lulu back to family court doesn’t work against him. Valentin asks, how could it? Lulu was supposed to be watching Charlotte, and she ended up in the harbor. Nina says, after Cassandra kidnapped Charlotte, Lulu can argue that Charlotte isn’t safe with him. Valentin says he could argue that too. She says, forget court for a minute, and legal technicalities. Remember the night Cassandra took Charlotte? He was so worried that his past was coming back to haunt him. Does he really think that’s over? Does he really think it’s behind him? He admits he has no shortage of enemies, but he can’t change the past. He can change his actions moving forward though, and make sure Nina and Charlotte are safe. That’s all he wants. No… The love they give him is all he wants. Charlotte comes in with a big stuffed horse, and says Electra was in the stable. She’s glad she found Electra, since she was worried the horse would disappear like her bodyguard.

Curtis says there’s no love lost between Ava, and Valentin and Nina. He’s curious as to who sent her the invitation; the bride or groom? Ava tells him, who said she was invited? Save her a seat. Laura says she’s not going. She has no idea why she was invited. Maybe for Charlotte’s sake. Ava is sure there are reasons, and hopes to see them both there. She leaves, and Curtis says, she is so up to something, and wanted to make sure they knew it. Laura says Ava really wants them to go to the wedding.

Carly thanks Jax for his support, and he says, of course (🍷). She says she may take him up on it, and he says she should. Brad comes along, and Jax asks if he’s okay. Carly asks if something happened, but Brad says, there’s been no change. He just needed some air. Jax says he has to go, and Carly asks him to keep her posted. She asks Brad if he’s slept at all, and he says, Wiley has been difficult. She says if he needs a break, he can leave Wiley with them. He says, no one is taking Wiley from him, but she says she didn’t mean it like that. What he’s going through is hell, but he doesn’t have to go it alone. He says he’s just pissed that Nelle almost held Wiley, and Carly says, she’s evil. He says he’s seeing that more clearly. If not for Nelle, he wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. Carly asks how Nelle is responsible, while Gio continues to listen.

Sonny says he feels like Jason is siding with Carly, but Jason says, no sides. He just wants Sonny to consider that what he’s doing could backfire. If Carly figures it out, she’s going to push back, and make the situation worse. Sonny should just sit back, and let things happen. Sonny says he doesn’t let things happen; he acts. Jason asks if Sonny thinks maybe he’s taking action with this because he can’t with Mike. Sonny does admit it was difficult not having his dad there at Christmas, and Jason asks, what happened? Sonny says the doctors recommended Mike stay at Turning Woods. They thought he might become disoriented because of what happened on Thanksgiving, and Sonny agreed. Jason asks if he saw Mike on Christmas, and Sonny says he went there in the late afternoon, but Mike gets worse at night. Jason says he’s meeting Sam there; she’s visiting Lucas. He’ll check in on Mike, and let Sonny know how he’s doing. Sonny thanks him, and Jason tells him, try to remember, whatever Carly is doing, she’s not working against him. Instead of following her, maybe they could talk it out.

Willow says Michael talked about Nelle, but she always pictured Nelle differently; more openly menacing. Sam says, faces can be deceiving, and Willow says, anyone who knows Shiloh knows that. Both of their phones ding, and it’s an invitation. Willow asks if Sam just got the same chain text, and she says she did. They’re cordially invited to celebrate the life of Shiloh. Willow asks, who would want to celebrate Shiloh’s life? Harmony walks in, and says, hello.  I’m wondering why she would be there.

Nina suggests Charlotte sit and talk with them. Valentin tells Charlotte that he takes her safety seriously, but he didn’t hire a bodyguard. Charlotte says maybe her mommy did, and that’s why his picture is on her phone. She showed her grandma, and her grandma looked surprised. Valentin wants to get it straight. Charlotte’s mother has his photo on her phone? Charlotte says she saw when she looking through photos, and showed her grandma. Valentin asks if her grandma recognized him, and Charlotte says she thought so. She wants to go play, and show Electra the pretty flowers before the wedding. Valentin tells her, go do that. When she’s gone, Nina says, it sounds like Lulu and Laura are withholding information. Valentin says he’ll talk to Laura, unless Nina doesn’t want him to. She tells him, do what he needs to, but don’t be late.

Jax sees Laura and Curtis at a MetroCourt table, and says he didn’t realize Laura would be joining them. Laura says she didn’t realize it either, and Curtis says he wants to tell them something. Curtis says Jax retained his services on a new project that he thinks will be interesting to Laura. It might be useful in helping if Valentin takes Lulu back to court. Jax says he didn’t want to get her hopes up; Curtis is just doing some digging. She says, it’s too late for that. Fill her in. Jax asks if she remembers their conversation about Claudette. He has reason to believe Claudette is alive, and he wants Curtis to find her.

Carly says, Nelle is behind bars, and asks Brad how she could be involved in the accident. Julian joins them, and reading my mind, Carly says, there’s a lot of traffic on the pier. Julian says he and Brad decided to take a walk, get some fresh air, and talk things out. Carly says she’ll leave them to it, and tells Brad, don’t hesitate to call. There are plenty of people to pitch in with Wiley. After she leaves, Julian tells Brad, stay away from Carly. He doesn’t want Sonny to get wind of anything. Brad says, Nelle is back in Pentenville already. He talked to her by himself in her room. No one saw except the guard, who thought he was working. Julian tells him, stay away, or Nelle won’t be Brad’s biggest threat; he will. Gio keeps listening.

Jax tells Laura, he has it on good authority that Claudette was alive after her supposed suicide. She asks if he can tell her his source, and he says, of course (🍷) not, but he can tell her that he trusts them. They have no reason to lie. Curtis says Claudette could have possibly faked her death to get away from Valentin, and Laura says, or Valentin forced her to disappear, relocate, and change her name. Jax says, either way, Claudette has information that Valentin wanted buried.

Willow asks what Harmony is doing there, and Harmony says she has a job interview. One of the conditions of her parole is that she find employment. She asks Willow, what’s wrong? Is Wiley okay? Willow says, Wiley is fine. She’s upset because she got an invite to a memorial for Shiloh. Did Harmony arrange it? Harmony says, no, and her phone dings. She looks, and says, here it is. Whoever did this should have their head examined. As far as she’s concerned, the sooner Shiloh is forgotten, the better. The only good he did in the world was Wiley. Sam asks who she thinks is behind it, and Harmony says she guesses it could be Daisy, and a few others. They built their lives around Shiloh, and without him, they have nothing left. Sam wonders why invite them? She killed Shiloh. Why would they want her to attend? Harmony says, maybe they want to confront her and make her feel guilty, or maybe they want to forgive her; it’s impossible to say. They’re sick, sad people with their own agendas.

Willow says, as creepy as it is to know someone wanted a memorial for Shiloh, she’s glad Harmony isn’t involved. Harmony says, never again. She lost too much. Now, she just wants to do better for Willow. Willow says Harmony can do anything she sets her mind to, and Harmony says she doesn’t know about that, but she nailed the interview. She starts tomorrow. She asks why Willow is there, and Willow says she has a friend in long term care. Harmony says she’s sorry, and asks if it’s someone Sam knows too. Sam says it’s her brother. Jason comes in, and asks if it’s Harmony or Lorraine. Harmony says, a little of both. She goes by Harmony Miller now. She was fortunate to get early parole, and she’s glad Sam was too. She says it’s good see him. She wants to thank him for convincing her to do the right thing. She didn’t realize the power she had until he reminded her. Jason says she’s got a second chance; make it count. She says she intends to. She has to go, and says it’s good to see Willow. She leaves, and Sam asks Jason if he got the invitation too. Someone wants to have a memorial service for Shiloh. Willow says, and it’s not her mother. Sam says, Shiloh may be dead, but someone doesn’t want him forgotten.

Gio reports back to Sonny, who asks why Carly was on the pier. Gio says she was there to meet Jax, but seemed torn up about Sonny. Sonny says, she should be, and asks if they said anything about a secret. Gio says he got the feeling Carly thinks it will be over soon. Sonny says, maybe; maybe not. Gio says, there’s something else. After they left, Julian showed up, and was vilifying Brad. Sonny asks, what about? and Gio says, he mentioned something about Sonny and Michael. Sonny asks what he said, and Gio says he doesn’t know what he meant, but Julian warned Brad about going against Michael. Apparently, Brad’s kid ran into Nelle.

On the phone, Nina asks if it’s ready, and a lab tech at the hospital tells her, the DNA results are in. Nina asks her to send them over, but the tech says, they can’t be released without a signature. Nina says she’ll make a special trip, but please have them waiting. She has big plans tonight.

Jax tells Laura, ideally, Claudette has leverage they can use against Valentin. They know Claudette is receptive to financial inducement, but they have to find her first. Julian meets Ava at the bar, and Jax wonders what’s up. Curtis says Ava looks happy, and Laura says, she doesn’t look like someone who just burned a painting that would have put half a million dollars in her pocket. Curtis says, maybe she’s excited about the wedding. Jax asks what he means, and Laura says Ava told them that she’s crashing the wedding tonight.

Ava and Julian sit at a table, and Ava asks how he’s holding up. He says he’s keeping it together, but it’s been awful seeing his son like that. And Brad is driving him up a wall. It should have been Brad. Ava says, it shouldn’t have been either of them. They both could have been killed, and then what happens to Wiley? He says he doesn’t know, and she says, he really doesn’t? Who’s named as guardian in their wills? Julian isn’t sure, and she tells him to find out. And make sure he sees the most recent version of their wills. Trust her. He doesn’t want a codicil showing up and ruining everything. Valentin watches them talking.

Laura says they need more information before she can mention a word to Lulu. Curtis guesses it’s back to Canada for him, and Laura says it looks like she’s going with him. He’s not thinking about leaving tonight? Curtis says he has no intention of leaving his wife on New Year’s Eve. Jax asks if she and Doc have plans, and she says she thinks they do. At Windymere. She’s starting to think they should go to the wedding.

Omg. They’re showing the outside of the hospital, which rarely happens. Nina waits for the technician, and Jax calls. She says she can’t talk, but he says he wanted to give her a heads up. Ava is planning on crashing her wedding. She says Ava is the least of her worries. She’ll see him tonight. She hangs up on him, and the tech meets her. She signs for the envelope, saying, perfect timing.

Valentin sits at the bar, and tries to listen in on Julian and Ava’s conversation. Ava asks if Julian’s will is up to date, and he says he had it amended after Wiley was adopted. What makes her so interested all of a sudden? She says she recently had a crash course in codicils, and tells him to make sure his final wishes are spelled out clearly. Otherwise, it can cause a boatload of trouble.

Jason tells Sam that Shiloh has no family they know of, and Sam says they think it might be Daisy or someone like her. Willow says, even after everything that came out, Shiloh still has followers. It’s no less strange for them to invite her. She hated Shiloh, and testified against him. Sam says, it doesn’t make sense. Why would someone want Shiloh’s enemies at his memorial? Jason says, possibly someone is looking for revenge. I’ve decided Sam must have gone brain dead in the past year.

Sonny asks why Julian would care about Nelle, and Gio says he’s not sure, but he seemed pissed. Carly walks in, and says she never sees Gio away from the warehouse. What’s going on? Gio says he was on his way out, and leaves. Carly asks, what’s up? and Sonny asks where she was just now. She asks if it’s another interrogation, but he doesn’t know. Unless she wants to confess. She says she confesses that she’s sick of her husband treating her like the enemy. He says he wouldn’t if she just told the truth. She says he’s right. It’s time to tell him exactly what’s going on.

No preview, but it’s the time of year they show all of the credits, while a jazzy version of Jingle Bells plays. New Year’s Eve’s GH is a rerun encore episode, and New Year’s Day, it’s preempted for football.

Below Deck

Rhylee asks if Kate wants to talk to Captain Lee, but Kate says, no. Kate tells the camera people not to follow her, and walks off. The cameraman says, Kate is gone. Ashton tells Tanner that Kate said something about his family, and he crumbled. Family is everything. Don’t bring that sh*t up. Tanner tucks Kevin in. Rhylee says, Kate made it clear; she left. In Rhylee’s interview, she doesn’t know what Ashton did, but he was drunk out of his mind, and completely wrong. They have thirty hours until another charter, and without a chief stew, they’re screwed. Tanner asks, what’s going on? and Ashton says, a lot of emotional sh*t.

The sun rises. Rhylee wakes, and calls to Kate, but she’s not there. Everyone wakes up and gets their sober bearings. Simone wonders where Kate is, and Rhylee says Kate and Ashton got into it last night. Kate didn’t appreciate it, and walked away. Courtney says, no. The less people, the more work. They’re screwed. Ashton says Kate made a comment about his family, and it ticked him off. He doesn’t remember what it was though. In his interview, Ashton says he’s putting together pieces. We flash back to Smashton coming out. He says, it’s vague. There was too much alcohol, and things that needed to be dealt with. Kate came at him in the wrong way at the wrong time. We flash back to him screaming that she thinks she’s better than everyone else, but she’s not. He says he’s not proud of it.

Captain Lee checks the weather. Ashton calls the deck crew together, and asks where Kate is. Rhylee says, she left last night. She texted Kate, but didn’t hear back. Ashton says, sh*t. Someone needs to fill in the blanks. Tanner says Ashton kept saying something about defending his family; he was ticked off and it got heated. Tanner and Kevin argue over who calmed Ashton down, until Kevin says they both did. The captain radios for Kate, and Tanner says, sh*t. Ashton wonders if there’s anything he can do, and Kevin tells him, don’t stress out. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’s going to have to tell the captain. He radios Captain Lee, and asks to see him.

Simone tells Courtney, they have to iron, but Courtney says she’s not emotionally ready. In Courtney’s interview, she says you can use your worst nightmare to describe any unfortunate situation, but Kate being gone is truly her worst nightmare. She’s not happy. Ashton goes to the bridge, and the captain asks if he has sunglasses on so he doesn’t bleed to death. Ashton says there’s probably something the captain should know, and Captain Lee tells him, spit it out. Ashton says he and Kate had words. His family was brought up, but he doesn’t remember exactly what was said. It became heated between them, and Kate walked off the boat. The captain says, but she’s here now, right? and Ashton says they haven’t seen her. In his interview, Captain Lee says, Ashton has every reason to have fear and panic on his face. He asks, what happened? and Ashton says he doesn’t like to get angry or upset, and the captain asks, at what point in the evening was it? Ashton says they were on their way back, and the captain says, so it was late. In the captain’s interview, he says Thailand isn’t the place to be wandering around for a single female at three or four in the morning. They’re in the middle of a charter in Thailand, and it’s unacceptable. Ashton says he’ll do what he can, and Captain Lee says, please do.

Brian tells Courtney to have fun hiding. Kevin makes some kind of casserole. In Kevin’s interview, he says it’s not really a surprise that Kate left. She doesn’t give a flying about anyone, or the charter season. Good riddance. They have less than 24 hours, and the show must go on. The boat is readied for the guests. Courtney tells Simone the iron isn’t doing anything, and Simone says the iron knows Courtney doesn’t like ironing. Ashton tells the deckhands about talking to the captain, and says he shouldn’t have reacted the way he did. Rhylee says, Kate feels alienated, and Ashton says, she alienated herself. Tanner says Ashton got it off his chest, and Rhylee says he got everything off his chest. Kate being who she is, she’s not going to take it lightly, and she has the ability to make everyone’s life hell. The captain tries to call Kate, but it goes to voicemail. He says, dammit to hell. In Simone’s interview, she hopes if Kate doesn’t come back, that Captain Lee gets someone who will teach her something. That would be great. She wonders what she’s doing with her life.

Kate finally wanders back. She radios to all crew that she’s there; back on the boat. Captain Lee radios Kate, and Kevin remarks that she’s wearing last night’s outfit. In her interview, Kate says she’s not a quitter. Why should the a-holes stay on the boat, and not her? But she doesn’t have to be nice anymore. She doesn’t give f***. Kate tells Rhylee that she’ll own her part, but she didn’t do anything to warrant what happened. The captain waits on the bridge, saying, it better be good. Rhylee says Kate brought up Ashton’s family, and Kate says he wanted to kill her. Then Tanner kissed her. It’s the most ridiculous situation she’s ever been in.

Kate goes to the bridge, and Captain Lee says, WTF? Kate tells him that she’s sorry for any worry. He says the last thing he wants to do is have to try and find her. Kate apologizes, but says, in the moment, it was the best thing for her to do. He tells her, don’t do that again. In his interview, he says he’s disappointed and pissed. Kate is like family to him; she’s like a daughter. This sh*t is unacceptable. Screw everyone, and leaving. He doesn’t think so. He tells her that he has no idea what transpired, and Ashton has no recollection. Kate says it was a total overreaction on Ashton’s part, and the captain says she and Ashton need to rise above. He needs it to go away. Kate doesn’t think it will happen again, and he says he hopes not. In her interview, Kate says she doesn’t feel guilty about leaving. It was an intense situation. She doesn’t owe anyone anything. Perhaps she should have left a note for the captain, since he worried, but she came back. You’re welcome.

Tanner asks Simone how she’s doing. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s doing everything in her power to keep her head down and do her job. She’s not giving away her power. Kate says she would never leave Courtney. Ashton radios Kate, asking if she has a moment to chat. In Ashton’s interview, he says when he was younger, he had a bit of a temper. I’ll agree if by younger, he means last night. He says he comes from a broken home. His parents divorced, and he felt the need to defend his family. He still needs to take control of his own emotions. He doesn’t expect Kate to apologize, but he’s going to be the better man. They sit in one of the lounges, and he says he knows it got heated. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying this, since Ashton was the only one who got what you could call heated. He says he doesn’t remember what made him upset, but he doesn’t think his behavior was okay, so he apologizes. Kate says she completely accepts and appreciates it, and they hug it out. In Kate’s interview, she says, it’s not okay if you’re a maniac who needs help. She’s forgiving him out of pity. It’s good they work in different departments. She worked with Kevin all season; she can handle Ashton.

Time for the preference sheet meeting. Captain Lee says, they’re all good, right? and everyone agrees. He says, let’s get on with it, and tells them the primaries are Nicole, a behavior analyst, and Zak, an attorney. Nicole is bringing friend Lauren, also an attorney, and Justine, who’s a private chef. Nicole’s cousin Jamie is also coming. It’s both Zak and Jamie’s birthday, and they want a black and gold masquerade theme party, as well as fishing in the morning on the second day. In Kate’s interview, she says the guests seem high maintenance, but with Ashton’s antics lately, at least one is a behavior analyst and another an attorney. They can either help her figure Ashton out, or file a restraining order.

Rhylee asks Kate how she feels, and Kate says, it’s been an emotionally exhausting 24 hours. She doesn’t want to talk about, think about, or do this anymore. In her interview, she says, it’s been a horrible charter season. She’s deeply insulted to be on a boat with so many people who dislike her. No amount of money can make her tolerate disrespect from children and psychopaths. She’s starting to question what’s next, because she doesn’t need this sh*t. The provisions come in. Rhylee tells Tanner that Kate said he kissed her, but he says he didn’t. He knows he’d remember it. I guess not. In Tanner’s interview, he says he feels Rhylee taking the whisk to stir the bullsh*t. Then again, he doesn’t know. Maybe after all this time on the boat, he’s looking pretty good. Rhylee tells him that she’s disappointed. Courtney says she hates working and she’s grumpy. The captain calls ten minutes.

The guests are greeted with champagne. Justin tells Kevin that she’s a chef, so she’s watching him. The captain welcomes the guests, tells them Kate will give them the tour, and they’ll get this party started. Simone says, what an ass, referring to the chef. Cousin Jamie gripes about having to share a bed, and says she was told she’d have an actual room. In Kate’s interview, she says they’d all like their own room, but this is how many room they have. Her potential roommate Lauren says she’ll be odd man out, and Kate says she’ll make the Sky Lounge nice. Where’s Dorinda when we need her? In Kate’s interview, she says it’s because of guests like Jamie, she’s over it. They ship out. Kate makes up the lounge, and shows Lauren. Jamie gripes to cousin Nicole and Zak that there’s a room situation. She can’t share a full size bed with another adult woman. Zak says they’ll have to throw someone overboard, and calls her a trooper (for what, I’m not sure, since Lauren is the one with no room), and in another room, the other guests call Jamie an a-hole.

In Kevin’s interview, he can’t believe Justin said she’d be watching him. Just let him do his thing. He says their food preferences are across the board, so he’s making pizza. The water toys are put out, and the female guests discuss who’s hottest among the crew. Jamie drinks, saying, when in Rome… or Thailand. Nicole asks if there’s any pizza without cheese, pointing out that it was put on the preference sheet. Kate shows Kevin that one says, can’t have cheese, and Kevin says, fudge. But he doesn’t really say fudge. In Kate’s interview, she says, as a chef, if someone says they can’t eat dairy, pizza is not the first thing that comes to mind. In Kevin’s interview, he says, they have so many preferences, it’s bullsh*t.

Zak gets excited about the trampoline, and the guests put on their suits. The captain laughs watching some of the girls jump off the boat, and Ashton showering them off when they come back. In Ashton’s interview, he says Molly (who was never mentioned during the preference sheet meeting) is the type of girl he’d talk to in a bar; approachable and fun. She’s perfectly put together, but bosuns can’t hook up with charter guests. Be a good boy, Ashton. The other guests use the slide. Ha-ha! Zak slips and falls back into the water when he tries to get back on. Kevin makes matzoh ball soup, and the toys are brought back in.

Ashton tells Rhylee that he wants her to take the lead on the fishing trip. In her interview, Rhylee says, after last season, and Chandler not letting her go on the fishing trip, she’s excited AF to show off her skill set. Kate does up the table in black and gold, with coins, masks, and netting; and puts out gold chargers for the place settings. In her interview, she says she loves a theme party, but masquerades are a little creepy. Like they’re for swingers. Sure enough, one of the guests tells Zak he looks like he’s from Eyes Wide Shut. (FYI, I could not keep my eyes wide open during that movie.) The soup is served, and Jamie says only her cousin would go to Thailand and want matza ball soup. In Tanner’s interview, he says he thinks the flirtation is picking up with Kate, because he’s extremely delusional. He asks Ashton and Brian if he kissed her. In Brian’s interview, he says Tanner had better be careful with Kate. She’s a praying mantis, and will probably eat him after sex. Kate tells Kevin, the guests love the meal. They’ve been sipping on the boat.

Tanner puts on a mask, and says, I’m Batman. Kevin tells him, STFU. Kevin makes up plates with a serving of rainbow cookie, and a scoop of ice cream sitting on top of a short glass. Kate worries that they’re going to fall in during transport. Kevin tells the guests, it’s his first time making it. Jamie says, rainbow cookies are Nicole’s favorite. The cookie is declared delicious, and Jamie asks if they’re not getting a birthday cake. Overhearing, Kate says, oh fudge. But she doesn’t say fudge. In her interview, she says, they’re not friends on Facebook. How is she supposed to remember their birthdays? She tells Kevin, birthday, and he says, who’s birthday? She says, it’s supposed to be a celebration for the guests. He’d said he was putting candles in the cookie cake. He says he forgot, and she says so did she, but that’s because she was concerned with the balls falling. He knows how she gets when balls drop. He says he doesn’t even have candles, which you’d think would be a smart staple on a luxury yacht. Kate says they’re in trouble.

In Kevin’s interview, it’s no surprise that he doesn’t take responsibility. He says, since Kate quit, she’s been in Lalaland. They would do better without her. He makes up some kind of green shots, and gets a blowtorch ready. The crew sings Happy Birthday, and he lights the shots on fire. Jamie says she thought they forgot. Zak asks, who wants to fish? and Nicole makes sure they’re going to eat what’s caught, so it will be ethical. Agreed. Nicole goes to bed, and Tanner tells Kevin, nice job. Kevin says, if they’re lucky, they’ll get $1100. Jamie says, happy birthday to her. On the stairs, Lauren and Molly discuss Jamie, and Molly says she wants Jamie out. Kate tells the other crew members, they all hate Jamie. Ooh , this could be good. Like the one with the guest in the shame cocoon.

Ashton says he’ll listen to Rhylee’s instruction on the fishing trip. The guests load into the tender. He asks if Jamie is coming, and Nicole thinks she’s still n bed. In Ashton’s interview, he says Rhylee is the professional, so he’s giving her the responsibility. It’s her time to shine. Lauran asks to talk to Captain Lee, and he meets with her in one of the lounges. She says she doesn’t want to be a diva, but she didn’t know the dynamics of the room situation, and she’s been off put by someone not willing to share. She’s on a couch with no shower or bathroom. In the captain’s interview, he says he’s pissed. She’s sleeping in the Sky Lounge, and has no privacy or bathroom. That’s her luxury vacation. Jamie is being a selfish, insignificant little twit. He tells Lauren to go fishing, and he’ll see to it that she has her own room. When Lauren leaves, he tells Simone to strip his room. It’s the only room available. She has an hour and a half. He’s going to make sure Lauren has her own room.

On the boat, Lauren asks Rhylee what they’re fishing for, and she says, your guess is as good as mine. In his interview, Ashton says, something isn’t feeling right about the area. He doesn’t see any other boats. He calls the harbor master to find out if they can fish there. He tells us, sure enough, it’s not zoned for fishing. On the boat, the captain helps Simone to get all of his stuff out of the room. Simone asks if this is about the guest who wouldn’t share, and he says, doesn’t play well with others. Meanwhile, Jamie sips coffee, alone, on deck. Kate tells Simone that Lauren was being sweet, and had said it was fine, but it’s not fine. So now the captain is sleeping in the Sky Lounge.

Ashton brings the boat back, although why they couldn’t have just moved to another location is a mystery to me. Kate asks if they caught anything. When they say, no, she says, then breakfast is ready for them instead. The captain tells Lauren that she’ll be staying in the captain’s quarters, and Simone will give her the tour. Ashton gripes to Tanner and Brian that Rhylee looked to him to find a fishing spot, when it was her trip. One guest says they didn’t even touch a fishing rod. Ashton says they didn’t have supplies, and Rhylee should have had everything they needed. In his interview, he says, it’s one trip he thought would go smooth, since Rhylee is a professional Alaskan fisherman. So I guess she should have known about fishing zones in Thailand? He’s trying to keep his cool, but he’s fuming inside. He tells Brian that he’s going to have to speak to her, but Brian says, she’s not going to listen. She’s one of those peeps.

The guests order breakfast. Justine, and some quiet guy whose name I never caught, want to test the chef’s creativity, and leave their eggs up to him. Kate tells them, the chef is going to love this. In her interview, Kate says, Kevin is going to hate this. Sorry, not sorry. Kevin says it’s the worst breakfast order since he started. Lauren brags about being in the captain’s quarters. Kevin asks Courtney to find whatever she can that would be nice for an omelet. Justine and quiet dude think the omelets are salty, and Zak says his egg sandwich was too.

Ashton goes to the bridge, where Kate is doing some work. He tells he captain that they had a bit of trouble with the rangers. They were fishing in place you’re not allowed to fish. In his interview, Ashton says if there’s an issue where the guests might be unhappy, he likes to tell the captain as soon as possible. He’ll be pissed if a guest approaches him about it. He tells Captain Lee that the professionals on board should do more research. Kate says fishing isn’t exactly one of their main activities, and Ashton says he’s unhappy with some of the preparation, but he hears her. In Kate’s interview, she says, Ashton is making Rhylee look bad, and himself look better. It’s not cool. In Ashton’s interview, he says he doesn’t tell Kate how to run the interior. He wants to focus on his own team, and she should focus on her department. Zak tells Courtney about the over-salted omelets and his sandwich, and she apologizes, saying she’ll tell the chef. Justine says, chefs shouldn’t serve what they haven’t tasted, but it’s a common mistake. That’s one mistake I would never make. If I was a chef, I’d weigh a ton. Justine decides to talk to Kevin herself, and tells him that she wants to have a bit of an uncomfortable conversation with him, but it’s chef to chef. She thinks he should go more upscale. Everyone is talking about his cooking behind his back. Nicole is happy, but everyone else is like, we’re having pizza and matzoh ball soup? She’s just looking out for him. He tells her that he doesn’t need to be looked out for.

Next time, Simone decides she needs to train herself, Ashton takes the guests on an excursion, Tanner wants to make a move on Kate, and the captain tells Rhylee they have a situation.

📣 My two cents. I’m starting not to like Ashton. He has some major insecurities that end up affecting other people, and he cannot drink. The combination of those things is completely toxic. He totally overreacted to what Kate said, and he has picked incessantly on Rhylee. While he might have been right to go to the captain before one of the guests did, it was the way he presented it. What Kate said. We didn’t see the conversation about how the spot was chosen, but I also would have thought it was the bosun’s responsibility to know the rules and regs. She suddenly flew in from wherever to help them out. On the other hand, while I don’t like Kevin much either, what’s happening to him this charter is unfair, and terrible behavior on the Justine’s part. I compare it to an actor going backstage before another actor’s play, and saying they’re basically watching to see if there’s a screw up. It’s creepy. And Justine isn’t looking out for him; she’s deliberately trying to unnerve him. It’s creepy and mean.

🏊 Summer House is back for another season. Why? Who knows, but it starts Wednesday, February 5th. The promo promises that relationships sink to new lows, and it looks like Shep (Southern Charm) pays a visit. Why? Again, who knows? Slumming maybe. Here’s a first look.


Is the Van Down By the River…?

More on the new Deck in the franchise. Hint: Chef Adam lives in a van.


Straight From the Captain’s Mouth…

When Captain Lee found out what really happened.



🎉 Call Me Sentimental…

That’s the last GH of the year, so I’ll see you on Wednesday. I’ve done it all, from the sublime to the ridiculous, but whatever you decide to do on New Year’s Eve, be safe. Wishing you health, wealth, and all good things in 2020. This will always be one of my favorite New Year’s Eve songs. Like there are so many.


May 27, 2019 – No Hospital, VPR Fake Out, a Double Dose of Gordon, Thrones Explained, Leslie’s Final Watch & Remembering


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As I thought it would be, today was a rerun. At least it was a special one – the April 2nd episode where the characters had a scavenger hunt at the hospital, per the instructions in Gail’s will. Even though it was an enjoyable episode, I chose to watch People’s Court, which I love, but hardly ever get to see. I’m pleased to report that Doug Llewelyn is still just as annoying, sticking his microphone in the defeated litigant’s face, saying, so how does it feel to be a big loser? It always boggles my mind that no one has punched him out… yet.

Vanderpump Rules/Summer House

Tonight, even though the season has ended for Vanderpump Rules, the digital guide said Bravo was airing a new episode, describing it as a mash-up with Summer House. But what was listed as Vanderpump Rules was really a retrospective of the past Summer House season with some of the VPR cast – Stassi, Beau, Katie, and Schwartz coming on the scene forty-five minutes in. I felt ripped off, since it all turned into a two-hour episode of SH, half of which I’d seen already. I was like, yay! I get to hear about new cast member Jordan’s ED problems all over again. Kyle wanted to propose to Amanda, even though he’d cheated on her five minutes ago. Stassi advised against the timing, and Kyle broke down in tears. Carl did give a nice mixed metaphor when he said he got past first base and scored a touchdown. I don’t know much about sports, but I do know bases and touchdowns are from two different types of games. Next week is the finale, which is sure to have an amusing moment when Kyle asks Amanda’s father for his blessing. Her father’s response? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Looks like there might be more tears coming for Kyle.

🍳  MasterChef will begin it’s 10th season this Wednesday, May 29th at 8 pm, followed by Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back at 9 pm. I need one of those TVs where you can watch more than one show at the same time.

🐉 They Keep Me Hangin’ On…

A happy ending for Jon Snow. No, not that kind.


The Geeks explain.


Leslie Jones’s final watch. I love her.


🍻 🍗  That Went By Fast…

If you were blessed enough to have one, hope you enjoyed your long weekend, but also hope you remembered why you had one.