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November 8, 2019 – Lucas Talks To His Father, Costumed Daytime, Today’s Ian, Emmy Changes, a Divorce Off, a Divorce Back On, a Reunion, a Survivor, a Bear, Close To a Dozen Quotes & Big Apple Autumn


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam tends to the guard. Jason shows up, and asks, what happened? Sam tells him, Cassandra escaped.

Cassandra asks if Nikolas is sure he’s not driving in circles. He tells her the trees only look similar; they’ll get where they’re going soon. She suggests perhaps he take a more direct route to the private airport, but he says they could get caught. He tells her, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. She says she doesn’t have much choice, and he says, that’s the spirit. Don’t worry. He’s taken care of everything.

There’s a knock on Ava’s door, and she says, go away. Jax comes in, saying the doctor cleared him for a visit. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says he thought he’d check on her. How is she? She says, okay. She’s tired because they gave her a sedative. Her mind is playing tricks on her. He says what happened to her is his fault.

Lulu, Charlotte, and Maxie walk into Kelly’s Charlotte asks if when she finishes her homework, she can check on her pony at Windymere. Lulu is sure Butterscotch is fine, but Charlotte is insistent, and Lulu says she’ll think about it. Charlotte asks if she can sit at the counter so she can concentrate, and Lulu says, of course (🍷). Maxie says she’ll have to remember saying she’ll think about it after the homework, when James is old enough. Lulu says Charlotte loves riding, and she’s glad Charlotte can share that with Nina and Valentin. Although she thinks Valentin bought the pony so Charlotte would spend more time there, and asks if she sounds paranoid. Maxie says, not in the least.

Willow sees Brad sitting at the counter, and asks if he’s okay. He says, it’s been a tough day, but Willow is sure when he gets home, and cuddles with Lucas and Wiley, his bad day will disappear. Brad flashes back to telling Lucas about Julian, and says Julian is falling apart. They can’t let Julian drag them down with them.

Julian goes to the hospital, and tells Bobbie that he’s looking for Lucas, and asks if Lucas is on duty. She suggests he try calling before bothering her. He says Lucas isn’t answering, and he needs to speak to Lucas; it’s very important. She checks the computer.

Lucas is at Tony’s grave. He says he misplaced his trust in Julian, and his husband is lying to him – again. Right now, the one thing he knows for sure is that he could really use Tony’s advice. He says, I miss you dad. I’d give anything to talk to you again. He turns, as someone walks into the cemetery. It’s Tony, who says, hello son. It’s been a while.

Jason tells 911, the guard is semi-conscious, and the paramedics are on the way. She tells him, there was another guard. Chase and another officer show up, and Chase tells Jason and Sam to freeze. Sam says, the guard was hit in the head; she’s in and out. Chase tells the officer to check the guard. He does, and says, her pulse is good, but she’s out of it. Chase says he got a call from 911, and Jason says it was him. Chase says, and there was an escaped prisoner. Sam tells Chase, it was Cassandra Pierce. She hit the guard in the head with a shovel, and took off.

Nikolas tells Cassandra, it will be a few minutes; he thinks they should talk. She says, about what? and he says they had a mutual understanding, until she chose to blackmail him. Cassandra asks what he wanted her to do. Continue rotting in that local penitentiary? He knows how dangerous the environment is to a person with her constitution. The mildew alone is deadly. He says perhaps she should have stayed away from Port Charles altogether. She says, lucky for both of them, she’s on her way out. Just get her to the airport. She’d be happy to continue their partnership with mutually agreed upon terms from a safe distance. He says, that’s the problem. Her actions have dissolved their partnership.

Lucas hugs Tony, and says it’s good see him. Tony says since Lucas conjured him up, it must be important. He sees Lucas is a doctor now, and Lucas says just like his old man. And Tony has a grandson, Wiley. Tony says he’s proud of Lucas, and asks what’s on his mind.

Willow says she didn’t see Brad at the hospital today, and Brad says he switched his schedule around; he had errands to run. She says, in case she wasn’t clear, she doesn’t just think of him as just Wiley’s dad. She thinks of him as a really good friend. He says it’s kind of her to say, and she says, because of him, she has a place in her little boy’s life. He guesses he did do that, and she says he did, so if something is troubling him… He tells her like he said, it’s been a day.

Lulu suggests she and Maxie talk about something more gratifying. Maxie says, as in hot Dustin? but Lulu says, as in Peter. The way Maxie has been smiling, he must have done something wonderful. Maxie says there might soon be a change in their living arrangements. Lulu says, he got the place? but Maxie says, that didn’t work out. He’s moving in with her. Lulu thinks that’s even better, and Maxie says it’s been her home forever; more important, James’s home. Lulu says, it’s about damn time. Maxie says she was afraid, then he was afraid, then they took turns being afraid. They’ve finally accepted that they can be happy together, and the world won’t go up flames.

Ava asks Jax how her vacation from sanity is his fault. He says they should have kept an eye on the message boards after they did… She says, that hatchet job? and he says they were her words. He knew the reaction would be strong, but didn’t expect the rudeness. Ava says, rudeness? It was hatred; a complete lack of humanity and compassion. He says he doesn’t want to provide a platform for trolls. It was brutal, and he should have put a stop to it. Ava says she’s going to be more merciful to him than he was to her. The reason she’s there isn’t his fault. He asks, then why? She says she’s being haunted by restless souls. The line between the living and the dead has become very blurry. She just wanted to reach out to Kiki now… Tell her something. Does he believe they can awaken the dead?

Jax knows Ava has taken some questioning paths to contact Kiki, and Ava says, Kiki wants no part of her. Eternity isn’t even long enough for her to stay away from Ava. She’s being haunted by another lost soul. He was there at the gallery. She had him at gunpoint, and told him to take off his mask – it was Halloween and he had a mask on. When he removed it, there he was; so real, she could have reached out and touched him. Jax asks, who? and she says, Nikolas Cassadine.

Chase tells Sam and Jason, the prisoners are heading back to Pentenville. There will be a second transport for Sam as soon as he gets her statement. Sam asks about the guard, and he tells her, the guard is stable, and she’ll regain consciousness. He asks her to take him through it, and Sam says she was on work detail with Cassandra, and they were assigned to plant a tree. Cassandra had a shovel, and faked a sprained ankle. She hit the guard with the shovel and took off. There was a van parked across the road, and as soon as she saw it, she took the first opportunity. She tried to get the guard’s gun, but Sam stopped her from getting a weapon. Chase says, well done, and asks her to describe the driver. She says, it was pretty far, but the driver was male, and the van was white and not too old. She’s sorry, but that’s all she’s got.

Julian tells Bobbie, he can see the animosity. He’s proved himself to Lucas, and was accepted back into Lucas’s life and Wiley’s. He’s not walking away now, or ever. Bobbie reminds him that, whatever ground he’s gained with Lucas, there’s only one man who will truly be Lucas’s father.

Lucas tells Tony about Wiley running around nakey after his bath, and Tony says Lucas was the same way. He and Bobbie called him the streak. Lucas says it’s brought back so much of his childhood. Things he hadn’t thought about. Tony would be exhausted, coming home from a 36 hour shift, and still sit with Lucas to do homework, or put Lucas on his lap to teach him guitar. He always had time for Lucas. Tony says he never wanted Lucas to think being a parent was a chore or a favor. He wanted Lucas to feel safe and loved. He never wanted Lucas to doubt that he was the most important thing in his life . Lucas says he succeeded, and Tony says, good to know. Lucas wants the same thing for Wiley; to feel as safe and loved as he did when he was a kid. But he thinks he just burned it to the ground.

Cassandra tells Nikolas not to let a couple of tiny misunderstandings and setbacks dismantle an otherwise profitable arrangement. He says she put the entire operation in jeopardy. She admits her time in the claustrophobic confines of Pentenville may have compromised her judgment, and compelled her to misstep. Now they’re back on even ground, and no harm done. Nikolas tells her that she said she could deliver information that could destroy Valentin, and so far she’s come empty-handed. That makes her a liability. She says he’s not taking her to an airport, is he?

Nikolas stops the van. He says she wouldn’t appreciate it if he broke his promise to her. How is he supposed to respond when she breaks her promise to him? She says, it’s just been delayed, and he tells her, good. He hopes she considers this drive as an incentive to honor her obligation. She says as far as incentives go, she doesn’t see them any close to an airport. He says her actions have forced him to make alternate arrangements. She jumps out of the van, and runs.

Maxie asks Lulu if the dance was romantic or nostalgic, but Lulu says, it was a nightmare. On one hand, she was surrounded by teenage angst and ricocheting hormones; it was exhausting. Maxie says, on the other? Lulu says, Dustin was… Maxie says, hot? Sexy? Gorgeous? Lulu says, he was adorable and funny, and surprising. He had the biggest collection of dad jokes. They were so lame, she couldn’t stop laughing. Maxie says it was less romantic than she was hoping for, but Lulu says, it was romantic. Let’s just say, the kids weren’t the only ones hoping to score that night. Maxie is happy to see Lulu caught up with someone again.

Willow tells Brad, she doesn’t mean to pry, but Julian mentioned he was worried about him. She knows it was her idea to keep Julian away from Wiley during the adoption process, but she thinks Julian only wants what’s best for Wiley.

Tony tells Lucas, every parent worth their salt worries that they’re going to ruin their child’s life. But he can’t believe that, even accidently, Lucas would compromise Wiley’s happiness. Lucas says he let his guard down, and Tony says he should with the people he loves. Lucas says the problem is, the person he loves, he doesn’t entirely trust as much as he wants to. He loves Brad so much. Tony says he knows, but tell him about the horrible mistake Lucas made that torpedoed Wiley’s life. Lucas says, long story long, from day one Brad was an anxious parent. It’s been over a year, and he’s only gotten worse. They found out the birth father is a psychopath, but even though Shiloh is dead, Brad didn’t get any better. It was the opposite. Tony asks how Wiley is handling it, and Lucas says, he smiles. One thing they’re good at is hiding their stress from him. They’re experts. They can’t share it with each other either. Tony asks, how can he help? Lucas says he just keeps asking himself, what would his dad do? It made him desperate enough to let Julian back into his life; he wanted a father to lean on so badly. Tony says he was never Julian’s biggest fan, and Lucas says, him neither. Not at first. But he wanted to believe in him so badly, he let Julian get close to his son.

Ava says Jax doesn’t believe her, but he says he does. She says he believes that she believes it; that’s what Laura said. But Nikolas was as real as he is. Jax asks if anybody else saw Nikolas, like Laura or Lulu, but she doesn’t think so. He wonders why Nikolas would come to her first, and she says they formed a special bond in the days before Nikolas was killed. Would it be enough for Nikolas to show his face to her before anyone else? Probably not. Jax says, she seems to be arguing that Nikolas wasn’t really there, and she says, he was definitely there. He wanted to punish her. She was there when he was murdered, and she was going to speak out and tell the court what Valentin did. She’d promised Spencer, but Valentin made her an offer she couldn’t resist. (Thank you for not saying couldn’t refuse.) She’d been terribly scarred in a fire, and he said he could have her face restored in exchange for her silence. In the end, she betrayed Spencer and his father’s memory. Jax says he thinks she made the right call. Valentin would have slipped out of the charges anyway, and she would have been left scarred for life. Ava says they’ll never know, will they? Jax says she doesn’t believe Nikolas came back to haunt her because she chose to live life. She says she doesn’t know what to believe. She doesn’t know what’s real. That’s why she’s there. He asks why she thinks this happened to her now. Did something happen? Did she see someone or something that reminds her of the Cassadines?

On the phone, Chase says they have personnel in civilian clothes watching the airports, bus stations, and train stations, and they have roadblocks and traffic stops at the main roads out of town. He tells Sam, good news; the guard is awake and alert. Sam says, that’s great, and Chase tells her to make sure her lawyer knows. He’ll back her up, and it’s got to help. Jason asks, what’s happening with Cassandra? and Chase says they’re combing the city for the van and Cassandra. But he’d like to know what Jason was doing at the park. And before he says he’s not answering questions about his attorney, they could say Sam was an accessory to Cassandra’s escape. Sam says she tried to stop Cassandra, and Chase says, the more Jason cooperates, the better it looks for Sam. Jason says Sam told him when he visited, she’d be on work detail there, and Chase asks if Jason thought he’d pop over to say hello. She says she wanted to make sure her kids didn’t come there, and Jason says when he got there, the guard was on the ground, and Sam was doing what she could to help. Chase asks if it occurred to her to run, but she says, no. She was helping the guard. Why would she take off, and look guilty when she’s not?

Nikolas slams the van door shut, and says, dammit.

Bobbie sees Julian looking at the wall of staff photos. Bobbie asks what he’s doing, and he says he never thanked Tony. Bobbie says, when Julian was hiding, pretending to be Derek Wells, or is he referring to a more cosmic gesture of gratitude? Julian says Bobbie doesn’t think he’s capable of gratitude, does she? She says, no, and he says he knows he’s done terrible things. His efforts to go legit – and he’s succeeded – are probably too late. She says, there’s no probably about it, and he says he’s still a person; a father and a grandfather, and their son is a good man. She says, no thanks to him. He says he understands she and Tony loved and raised Lucas, and he’ll be grateful for the rest of his life. She says they didn’t do it for him, but he tells her, take the win and the thank you. He’s not trying to fill Tony’s shoes, but wants to carve out a space of his own with his son. He leaves, and Bobbie looks at Tony’s picture, saying, fill his shoes. As if.

Tony tells Lucas, the great thing about being dead is, everyone forgets your faults, or at least forgives them. He wasn’t a perfect parent. Lucas disagrees, and Tony says that’s sweet, but Lucas is proving his point. Lucas says if he wasn’t perfect, he was within the margin of error, and Tony says, so is he. Lucas says it doesn’t feel like it right now, and Tony says that’s because he’s going through a bad patch. Everything is gloom and doom right now. Did he forget the first time saw his baby smile, and realized he could take it personally? You forget the feel of your child’s hand inside yours when you’re going to the post office. He thinks when things get rough – and they did between him and Lucas’s mother – these happy memories, these little gifts, these miracles, are his arsenal of weapons against doubt, uncertainty, and fear. Those same memories will build a foundation for Wiley to lead a happy life. Okay, I’m about to lose it.

Lucas says, say he’s adjusted his outlook. Now what? He still can’t decide what’s worse; that Julian framed Brad for having an affair, or that he believed Julian. That’s the state of his family. Tony thinks Lucas knows who the most important person is in all this. Lucas says, it’s Wiley. Now he has to decide who to trust and keep in his life and Wiley’s life. Lucas asks if Tony can’t just tell him what to do, but Tony can’t remember it ever being all that effective. Lucas guesses he’s right, and Tony says when Lucas’s sister died, he didn’t have the strength or motivation to get dressed. He’d pick up his shoes, and just stare. Lucas asks what he did, and Tony says, not a damn thing. It was what Lucas did; does he remember? Lucas says, no, and Tony says, he came into kitchen and Lucas had put out breakfast. He wasn’t old enough to use the stove, so he put all his favorite cereals into a big mixing bowl. Lucas says, it’s starting to ring a bell. Tony says, next to it, Lucas had packed his lunch. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and a cookie. He’d had no intention of going in that day, but Lucas was having none of it. Lucas asks what he did, and Tony said he crawled next to him on the chair and said, dad, you have to go back to the hospital… Lucas says with him, all those sick people miss you. Lucas finishes, and they need you to make them feel better. Tony says, he remembers. He has a brave heart. All Wiley needs is for him trust it. He takes Lucas’s hand. Lucas’s phone rings. He answers, and I say, don’t go, Tony. It’s Bobbie. She asks if he’s okay, and Lucas says he’s fine. What’s up? Bobbie says Julian is combing the halls in the hospital, hellbent on finding him. He won’t leave. What should she tell him? Lucas says, tell Julian if he wants to see him, he’s with his father. He turns back, and Tony is gone.

Nikolas calls Jax, and tells Jax to call him back. Their situation has been compromised.

Ava thanks Jax. He reminded her of something she hadn’t realized she’d forgotten. He asks, what’s that? and she says she heard Laura call him after she’d seen Nikolas at the gallery. She overheard Laura tell him that he and Hayden shouldn’t ask her about the painting  of Helena. Now it makes sense why he’s there extending his sympathy. Jax insists it’s 100% genuine, and Ava says, right. He’s overflowing with sympathy for her; the woman he accused of killing Connie. The only thing he wants to unburden her of is the painting of Helena. Jax says he was going to ask her about it when she… She says, when she what? She sees him; him and his friend the mayor. So kind, thoughtful, and compassionate. Did they think they could take advantage of her? He says that’s not what’s going on, but she says, they’ll take nothing from her. Not now, not ever. She made the mistake of trusting him once, and she won’t make that mistake ever again. He’ll going to take advantage of her.

Maxie tells Lulu, so they spent Halloween with a mob of teenagers. What’s next? Lulu doesn’t know, and Maxie says, please tell her that she said she had a great time with him, and can’t wait to see him again. Lulu thinks she generally conveyed that message, and Maxie asks if she conveyed it with a kiss. Lulu can’t believe Maxie is asking her that, and Maxie says she’ll take that as yes. She looks at Lulu, and Lulu says, what? Maxie says them, having tea and gossiping about themselves and others. Lulu says, are they becoming normal? Maxie wouldn’t go that far, but they can allow themselves one normal night. They toast, to besties; no drama.

Willow tells Brad that he has an open invitation if he wants to talk about anything. Brad says he’ll remember that. She’s sure he’ll sort it out, and tells him to give Wiley a hug for her. She leaves, and Brad smiles. As she goes out the door, Willow smacks into Cassandra. She asks if Cassandra is okay, and Cassandra says she’s fine. She just needs her evening sugar fix. Willow says, insider tip; they have chocolate chip, and chocolate chip with bacon. Either way, she’s a winner. Cassandra says she’s a lifesaver. Cassandra looks inside, and sees Charlotte at the counter.

Brad leaves a message for Lucas that he’s at Kelly’s, and to let him know if he can bring Lucas anything.

Julian shows up at Tony’s grave. He tells Lucas that his mom said he could find Lucas there. Lucas asks what he wants.

Bobbie looks at Tony’s photo on the wall, and touches it. She wishes he could be there, and see their son becoming a father. He’d be so proud of their boy. She feels Tony behind her, touching her hand. He leans his head on hers, and fades away. She touches her cheek, and smiles.

Jax says he’s sorry Ava misunderstood. He’ll come back when she’s more herself. Ava says, no, he won’t. She won’t let him get his hands on the painting, but have fun searching. She’s stashed that monstrosity in a place no one will ever find it. He tells her, take care, and feel better. Ava says she may be crazy, but she’s not crazy. (If this was a Tarantino movie, that line would be slightly different. There would be another word before the second crazy.)

A guard tells Chase that he’s there to take Sam back to Pentenville. Chase asks him to give Jason and Sam a minute. Jason and Sam hug, and he says he’ll see her soon. Be safe. They exchange I love yous, and the guard takes her. Chase’s phone rings, and he says, put him through. He tells Jason, Cassandra has been spotted.

In the van, Nikolas says he saw the woman they’re looking for. She’s on Telegraph near Parkland. Chase asks him to describe her, and he does. He adds that he can’t be positive, but he’s pretty sure she has a gun. Chase thanks him, and he says he’s just trying to do his civic duty.

Cassandra walks into Kelly’s. Maxie gripes to Lulu about closet space, and Cassandra goes up to Charlotte, sitting next to her. She says, remember her? Charlotte opens her mouth, and Cassandra says, don’t scream or Nina will be in a lot of trouble. Charlotte asks what she means, and Cassandra says, shhh… Charlotte can save her, but she has to do everything Cassandra tells her.

On Monday, Julian asks Lucas not to do this, Obrecht asks Brad what he’s done to cover his tracks, and Cassandra tells Charlotte that no one is going to find them.

🎃 Never Gonna Let You Go…

More Halloween. And whoa. Amy.



🚕 Catching Up…

I’ve loved Ian Buchanan ever since he said he doesn’t drive and he’s not going to. If someone wants him somewhere, they’ll get him there.


🏆 Ch..Ch…Ch…Changes…

Unless they’re giving all the Emmys to Roger Howarth, I’m not sure it matters.


💏 I Didn’t Even Know They Were Getting One…

Remember her? No reason you should want to. She was a d-bag.


💔 And I Thought They Weren’t Getting One…

I can’t even keep up with this.


🌍 Reunited and It Feels Like Italy…

Juicy Joe gets a visit from the family. No, not that family.


🌴 Remember Him…?

You really should. Not only the oldest ever, but he came in third.


🐻 Don’t Try This At Home…

That Aquaman, always full of surprises.


🎯 Quotes of the Week

A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.Marshall McLuhan

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

I don’t know how I know it. – dude on Cash Cab when surprising himself with his own correct answer

How do you fold egg? It’s impossible. It’s witchcraft. – Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini), King of Queens

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone. – Dorothy Parker

How are you late for work on a yacht? You have no commute. You roll out of bed, and you’re there. – Kate Chastain, Below Deck

What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest.Andy Warhol

You can’t ride two horses with one ass.Dr. Phil

Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else. – George Bernard Shaw

Don’t compare yourself to others as you never know what others had to or are overcoming.Emily Liou

The question is not how much time you spend, but how much value you create. – Author Tony Schwartz, talking about energy management over time management.

🍂 Favorite Season, Favorite Place…

See you on the deadside. And don’t forget to thank a veteran.


September 26, 2019 – A Body Goes To the Morgue, No Fever For Disco, Cove This, Karma Is a Lawsuit, a New Way To Survive & Almost October


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis goes to Neil’s office. He says it’s unexpected, and she says she kissed him. He says he knows; he was there. She says she liked it, and he asks if that’s a problem. She wants to know how he feels about it. He remarks that the tables have turned, and she says she has two tickets for a concert in the park, but he says he has plans.

Julian leaves a message for Lucy to call. Ava comes in, worried that she didn’t get a chance to give her brother the send-off he deserves. He says she’s just in time to say, I told you so. He’s not going anywhere; at least not with Kim. They’re done.

Hayden meets Curtis outside Kelly’s. She congratulates him, saying he wasn’t even trying, and put an international fugitive behind bars. If it wasn’t for him, Cassandra wouldn’t have been caught. He says, right place, right time. She says he was searching the Haunted Star. Did he have any luck finding the codicil to Mikkos’s will?

Nina and Valentin walk into Charlie’s. Nina can’t believe they’re getting married in a few days. Valentin says he’s counting the hours. She says she has non-stop butterflies in her stomach. The best part, besides marrying him, is that her daughter made a full recovery. She can’t shake the feeling that there’s a connection between Sasha’s illness and their wedding announcement. She believes Cassandra targeted them because of their happiness.

At the hospital, Michael tells Willow, thank God Wiley is okay. Willow says, he’s safe and sound with Brad and Lucas. She even got to hold him for a minute. Michael ask how she’s doing, and she says, grateful. She was just in the chapel giving thanks, and praying Wiley is too young to remember this. Michael says, soon, Shiloh will just be a bad dream. He holds her, and Sasha sees.

Peter tells Laura, it was just one of those lucky things. Right place, right time. She says he’s not a cop or a mobster, so what was he doing down at Pier 55 so late at night? Maxie runs in, and hugs Peter, saying she’s glad he’s okay. He asks how she knew he was there, and she says, Amy called. She told him how Peter saved Wiley’s life when that psycho Shiloh kidnapped him. Peter says he didn’t do it alone. Laura says he’s being modest. If he hadn’t been on the docks, it all could have gone very differently. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s the PCPD, excusing herself to take the call. Maxie says she’s glad Peter was there to save Wiley, but why was he on the docks by himself late at night?

Laura asks if Chase has an update, and he says, the Coast Guard is still looking for the Haunted Star. They believe the fugitive is onboard with the hostage – Sam McCall.

Jason leans on the railing of the boat. Shiloh comes up behind him with a baseball bat, since they’re always playing baseball on the Haunted Star. He misses Jason by a mile, and Jason grabs the bat. Shiloh won’t let go, and they struggle. Shiloh finally trips Jason, and Jason falls. Shiloh says he’s so sick of Jason. He’s waited a long time for this. He raises the bat, but Sam shoots him in the back, and he falls into the water. Sam and Jason look at each other.

Jason tries to take the gun, but Sam doesn’t want his fingerprints on it, so she sets it on the floor. He asks if she’s okay. She says she’s good. She asks where Shiloh is, and Jason says he’s gone. She’s heard that before, but he says she shot him in the back with the signal gun (I was wondering why it was red). He’s gone. She says, thank God, and Jason holds her.

Peter tells Maxie, he was looking for an apartment. He’s tired of living in a hotel room, and decided to check out the loft conversions in the Riverside area. It’s supposed to be the next up and coming neighborhood. Maxie guesses that’s why he took all the cash out of the bank.

Willow tells Michael that she was frantic. At one point, she even tried to convince Chase that she should go with Shiloh. Never mind they had no way to contact him, since he’s a fugitive. Michael knows how it feels to be desperate to help. She says for all the good she did, and he says she did him a lot of good. She pointed out the importance of forgiveness. Sasha joins them, and Willow says she should go. Sasha tells her that she’s glad Wiley is going to be okay. When Willow is gone, Michael admits he admits he talked to Willow when he was upset, but he didn’t give her any details about Sasha’s situation. She appreciates that, but she wouldn’t blame him. She has zero right to judge. He says neither does anyone else, including him. He’s made his share of mistakes. She says she hates being in limbo. She wants to get this over with and tell Nina the truth.

Nina tells Valentin that she wants their wedding day to be filled with happiness, but she doesn’t want to jinx it. When she put out the announcement, they were so happy. Maybe they were too open about their happiness, and Sasha paid the price. He says, they’re not to blame; Cassandra is. The authorities are dealing with Cassandra, and nothing, or no one, is getting in the way of them becoming husband and wife.

Ava asks Julian, what happened? He said things were going great between him and Kim. She says, let her guess. His past got in the way of his happily ever after. He says, not his past; Kim’s. He bets Ava wasn’t expecting that.

Alexis says she knew she made a mistake. Who goes out with their therapist, and takes them to drag bingo on a date? Who does that? She’s a boundary crossing, relationship challenged, disaster. She has the emotional IQ of a shovel. He asks how things are going with her new therapist. She says, not well. He says it takes time, but she says she’s only recapped up to age fifteen. She’ll be a hundred and ten by the time she gets to now. He wants to say something controversial in regard to their current situation. Let’s not over analyze. She says, one date, and two hours in an elevator, and she’s broken him. He doesn’t even know who he is now. He says he’s surprisingly open-minded and unexpectedly spontaneous. She says he should put that in his dating profile. He says maybe he shouldn’t have one.

Ava asks if Julian wants to talk about it, and he says, not particularly. He’s sorry she rushed over. She says that’s okay, but now that he’s staying put, there is an appointment she doesn’t want to miss. He tells her to go, and she says she’s there if he wants to talk. She’s glad he’s staying. He’s one of the few people in town who has her back, for whatever it’s worth. He says, it’s worth a lot. Ava starts to leave, and runs into Nina, who says, excuse me. Ava says, no. She doesn’t think she will. Nina is one reason her life is such a mess right now.

Curtis tells Hayden if he’d found anything, he would have told her. She says she’s just getting impatient. They’re no closer to finding the codicil, and his billing hours are growing. He says lucky for her, she’s not footing the bill. She asks why he decided to search the Haunted Star. The Cassadines haven’t owned it in decades. He says Laura thought it was worth taking a shot, and she says, he brought Laura into this?

Laura finds Chase at the pier, and asks if there are any updates. He says, the Coast Guard has the Haunted Star on their radar. A  speed boat is missing, backing up Dev’s story that Jason is going after the ship. Laura says, he’s trying to save Sam. She doesn’t fault him for that, but hopes he can get it done without anyone getting killed.

Jason tells Sam, Shiloh was wearing a bullet proof vest. He should have checked Shiloh’s pulse; he should have made sure. He’s sorry. She says, it’s better this way. The cops are always looking excuse to charge him. This way it’s obvious it was self-defense. He says she’s bleeding, but she says, it’s not a big deal. He wants to get her to the ER. He says he’ll pilot the ship. He thanks her for the save, and she says, anytime. They kiss.

Alexis says Neil is still on the dating site. He says he thought his profile would be deleted when he deleted the app from his phone. He gets on his laptop, and says, let’s make this definitive. He reads, are you sure you want to delete your profile? He hits yes.

Sasha tells Michael now that she’s decided to tell Nina that she’s not her daughter, it seems cruel to be part of the wedding, like she’s part of the family. Michael says, it’s for the greater good. It’s only until after Cassandra’s trial. Sasha says she knows. If she admits she lied to Nina, it will cast doubt on her testimony. He says they can’t risk it, but she says that doesn’t make it any easier. How is she supposed to make it through discussing wedding details with Nina and Valentin? He says he can go with her.

Ava tells Nina that Crimson isn’t the freshest voice, but Nina needs to have a conversation with her social media director. The comments are still coming in, and they’re vile; do something about it. Nina asks if they’ve crossed line to hate speech. Ava says the it’s because of the hatchet job of an article, but Nina says it’s what Ava agreed to, and she was well paid for it. Ava says she agreed in order to get her side of the story out there, so people would understand the hell she’s been through. Nina says, what was printed was the truth. If Ava is so upset about what people on the internet think about her, she suggests trying not to be a horrible person. She should look in the mirror instead of at the comments. Valentin asks if everything is okay. Nina says, it’s fine. Ava says, that’s something, Nina of all people judging her, after what Nina did to her. And now she’s getting ready to marry the man who murdered Nickolas. Nina says it was in self-defense, but Ava says she was there. She saw it, and it wasn’t self-defense. Valentin says she signed an affidavit saying it was. Spencer’s lawsuit was thrown out for lack of evidence. She should read what she signed, and remind herself when she sobers up. Ava tells Nina to get the trolls off her back.

Curtis tells Hayden that he and Laura worked a case a few months ago, and they work pretty damn good together. Laura is pretty motivated, since she doesn’t like Valentin. Hayden wonders if it’s too close home, and Laura might be a bit too biased. Curtis says he doesn’t need objectivity. He needs someone who knows Helena better than anyone.

Maxie says she found a bank slip in Peter’s room for $35K in cash; like a bank robbery amount. He says, it’s a seller’s market, and helps if he puts a down payment in cash. She says he had no reason to withdraw it before she asked him to find his own place. What’s really going on?

Jason and Sam arrive at the pier, and Laura asks, what happened? Chase asks, where’s Shiloh? and Jason says, he’s gone. Sam says she killed him, and Jason says, she had no choice. Shiloh was trying to kill him. Chase asks where the body is, and Jason says, overboard. Chase asks if Shiloh fell or was pushed. Jason says he can ask all the questions he wants with their lawyers present, but he has to get Sam to the hospital. She’s bleeding. Laura tells, go, and Chase says someone will contact them. Laura tells Chase that she has to draft a press release. Is Chase going to search the boat? He says, CSU will cover it, and will confirm or disprove Jason and Sam’s story.

Neil’s plans are with Alexis, and they decide to meet at the southeast corner of the park. Alexis opens the door, and Ava is there. Ava says she didn’t realize anyone would be here; she can wait. Alexis says she was just leaving. Ava says if Alexis wouldn’t mind, stop by Charlie’s if she has time. Julian is bent out of shape. He would never ask, so she’s asking for him. Alexis says she’s sorry Julian is having a hard time, but he’s not her concern anymore, and she leaves.

Julian asks Nina if he wants to know what that was about, but she doesn’t think he does. Sasha and Michael come in, and Valentin says Michael is a surprise. Michael says Sasha asked him to tag along. Sasha says she got hung up at the hospital, and Nina asks if everything is okay. Michael says, for the most part, yes. There’s a lot they’re learning, but Shiloh kidnapped Wiley. Julian says, Wiley was kidnapped? but Michael says, he’s okay, and he’s with Brad and Lucas at the hospital now. Julian picks up his phone.

Laura sees Curtis outside of Kelly’s, and tells him that she can’t work on the case for a few days. Hayden comes out with some food, and says, next time Curtis wants to bring in a third party, it might be nice to notify the person that hired him in the first place. She sees Laura, and says, hi. Laura says she won’t keep them, and Hayden says she knows Curtis told Laura about the codicil to Mikkos’s will. Laura says Mikkos left a codicil?

Peter tells Maxie that she’s right. He hasn’t been completely honest. He’s been searching for an apartment for weeks. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t say something, and Peter says he wanted to find a place big enough. Not just for them, but with room for James, and Georgie when she visits. He wanted it to be perfect, and he was waiting for the right time. She kisses him.

The nurse tells Sam that it doesn’t appear serious. She’ll clean it up, bandage it, and Sam will be good as new. She leaves, and Jason says, it could have been worse. Sam is glad Wiley is okay, and Jason asks if she is. She says, yeah. She has a clean bill of health. He says he’s not talking about her arm. She says Shiloh was coming after him. She did what had to be done.

Julian leaves a message for Lucas, saying he heard Wiley was mixed up in something with Shiloh. He asks Lucas to call him; he’s worried. Alexis comes in, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says she’s not sure. His sister said he was in a bad way, and could use a friend. Julian says he has a lot going on; it’s personal. She ask if he wants to talk. He says, no, and she asks if he needs to talk.

Neil sits with Ava, and suggests they begin with what brought her there. She says she hasn’t had the best experience with therapy, and he says, yet she still feels the need to find help. Why not talk about her experience with her last therapist? She says, the story was everywhere. The pathetic woman who unknowingly slept with her daughter’s killer. He says he doesn’t make assumptions before he’s met a patient, and she asks if it was some kind of a test to see if she’s telling the truth. He says she seems angry. Is she angry with him? She asks him to forgive her. She had an encounter just before she came, with one of the few people in the world who can manage to get under her skin, Nina Reeves. He asks, why? and she says they have a complicated history. It goes back long before either one of them lived in Port Charles. They know each other’s darkest secrets. Ava resents the new life Nina is creating for herself. It’s the height of hypocrisy when she wags her finger at Ava, and calls her an awful person, considering what she’s done to Ava. And considering she shares a bed with the man who took Nikolas from her.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s going to make sure everything is perfect. Nina doesn’t want her do all that maid-of-honor stuff. She just wants Sasha to stand next to her. And one other little thing. She hears Maxie is planning a bachelorette party. Does Sasha have any  idea what’s in store? Sasha says she’ll have to wait and see, and Nina says Sasha knows how much she hates surprises. D’oh! Sasha has a big one too.

Hayden says, Curtis didn’t tell Laura? Laura says he didn’t even tell her who he was working for, and Curtis says he honors his clients’ privacy. Laura asks if this is the document that could bring Valentin down, and Hayden says, yes. It seems Helena found out Mikkos named Valentin as an heir. Helena wasn’t having it; she wanted her progeny to inherit it. Valentin was a bastard, so she convinced Mikkos to name his children and descendants as his exclusive heirs. That means Valentin is out. Laura says, they know who stands to benefit the most.

Jason tells Sam, it’s never easy to pull the trigger, even on someone like Shiloh. Sam says she didn’t just do it to save Jason. She saw Shiloh standing over him, and kept thinking about all the horrible things Shiloh did to her sister, Willow, Wiley, and her. She wanted to make sure he never, ever hurt anyone again. The nurse comes in with a fresh bandage.

Chase looks around the deck of the Haunted Star. He gets a call on the radio from the Coast Guard, telling him that he’d better get over there. They found something.

Alexis says, Kim slept with Franco? and Julian says, Franco, Drew, whatever the hell he’s calling himself. Alexis says, the important question is, who Kim thinks Franco is. He has to admit, these are extenuating circumstances. She’s sure they can patch things up. Julian says, maybe if it was an isolated incident, but it’s impossible to have a relationship with someone knowing you’re always going to be in the shadow of the love of their life.

Neil says, Nikolas? and Ava says, Cassadine. He’s Alexis’s nephew; it’s a small world. She has no idea why she brought him up. Neil says maybe they should explore that. She says it’s hardly the most important thing on her mind. She’s suffered so much in the last few years. She buried her own daughter. Does he have any idea what that’s like? He says, why did she mention Nikolas? and she says, she told him that she didn’t know. He tells her make something up; the first thing on her mind. She says, he was the first… Neil says, first what? and she says, the first of the losses, each one more painful than the last. First, there was Nikolas, then Morgan and Kiki. Nikolas was murdered, and it feels like it was the beginning of this endless pain. Neil asks how long they were together, and she says she could hardly say they were together. They only became close in the last few weeks of his life. He says, yet the time they spent together had a profound impact on her. She says, when she compares him to the relationships she’s had with men since – Griff, who only saw the good in her; the light, and Ryan, who only saw darkness – they saw what they wanted to see. The caricature of a woman they could shape in their own design. Neil says, not a real person, who has wants, needs, and desires. Ava says, exactly. Nikolas saw all of her, and still wanted her. He asks if that’s rare in her experience, for a man to know all of her. She says she knows she’s not the first woman to feel the world sees her as an angel or a demon. That’s why she wanted to share her story; to show the world there’s more to her. She doesn’t deny she’s done wicked things, but beyond the headlines, labeling her as a victim or a monster; she’s a real person. Her daughter is gone, and her life has been destroyed. She’s in pain all the time, and they just want to pile it on. He asks, who does the piling on?

Laura says, that would make Spencer the heir, and Curtis says, that’s the theory. No one has actually seen the codicil. Hayden says, it makes sense enough that they believe it exists. Spencer is a great kid. She’d like to see him recover what’s his. Laura says, Spencer doesn’t always know what’s best for him, because he is a kid, and she’s his guardian. The Cassadine estate never brought anything to anyone but misery. Maybe he’s better off without it. Hayden says, why let Valentin walk away with the estate? It’s not his. Laura says she sounds just like Spencer right now. Is he the one who told her about the codicil and put her up to this search?

Maxie sees Sam and Jason on their way to the elevator and runs over to them. She hugs Sam and asks if she’s okay. Willow joins them and says Chase told her what happened. She thanks them and Peter for saving Wiley. She says they’re all heroes. A body is wheeled past, and Jason says, it looks like they found Shiloh.

Julian tells Alexis, he should probably get back to work. He appreciates the talk, but doesn’t need it. Alexis says she wants him to be happy. He deserves it. He tells her, thanks.

Ava tells Neil, after the article was published, she made the mistake of reading the comments online. Now she can’t stop, it’s like… He says, a compulsion. She says, yeah. The things they’re writing about her, they’re vile. They hurt. At least the hurt is coming from the outside for a change. She’s been in so much pain for so long. The grief, the feelings of betrayal, rage, and hatred. She needs for them to stop. She feels like she’s losing her mind. Neil says, the first step in getting better is admitting there’s a problem, and then asking for help.

Hayden says her associate wishes to remain anonymous. Laura doesn’t like Spencer getting involved. She doesn’t want him getting his hopes up about something that might not exist. Curtis hears her, but given the family politics, it makes sense that Helena would squeeze Mikkos until she had the codicil. If it exists, the estate belongs to Spencer, not the man who killed his father. Laura agrees, but from now on, they deal with her. Spencer is completely off limits. Hayden says, sure. She doesn’t want Spencer to get hurt either. On that note, she has to go. She asks if Curtis wants a ride, and Curtis says he’ll touch base with Laura tomorrow. Laura says, you bet you will. When they leave, she makes a call, leaving a message for Spencer. She says she knows it’s late where he is, but when he wakes up, give her call. They need to talk.

Nina is sure whatever Maxie has in store will be wonderful, but she wants Sasha to promise not to overextend herself. Sasha says she’s not, and tells Nina not to worry. Nina says she expects Michael to keep an eye on Sasha. She suggests Michael go to Valentin’s bachelor party, and Valentin says he still doesn’t think it’s necessary. Nina says he was determined not have one, but Peter convinced him otherwise, and Michael is like part of the family. Valentin agrees, and Michael says he wouldn’t miss the chance to give Valentin the send-off he deserves.

Chase says Willow probably doesn’t want to be there. The body is going to go to the morgue. She asks if it’s Shiloh, and he says, the body was recovered from the water; it’s all he can say until it’s identified. Willow says, she can do it. He asks if she’s sure, and she nods. He says, ready? Sam takes Jason’s hand. Chase brings Willow over to the body. The bag is unzipped, and it’s Shiloh. I’m pretty surprised, having thought they would leave his exit open. She says, that’s him. David Henry Archer. Shiloh. Chase thanks her. He says, the official identification has been taken care of. The autopsy can begin. Shiloh’s body is zipped back up, and wheeled away. Maxie says she wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but she’s going to sleep better knowing Shiloh can’t hurt anyone anymore. Peter says he couldn’t agree more. Sam can’t believe it’s finally over.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Olivia there’s nothing she can do about it, and Olivia says, watch her; Franco tells Elizabeth that she’s already lost: Josslyn says the problem is her, not Dev; and Jason says Sam saved his life.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve was more of a bit player this week, but still came in strong. The property he was showing – where they had the book launch that was shown in Gotham magazine – he was showing got more attention with him in a week, than it had in a year with other brokers. A Brazilian art collector showed keen interested, but his main concern was installing an elevator. He was in a wheelchair, and it was non-negotiable. Steve got an architect to draw up plans, had it greenlit by the board, and got the deal done. The seller did have to throw in a 400 square foot apartment they owned in the same building, but hey, that’s a closet to a billionaire.

Luis felt like he’d never left real estate. Since it was a buyer’s market, he decided to focus more on the buyer end. He told Steve about his new baby girl, Leela, and we saw a clip of mom Nikita giving birth. Leela was adorable, and I noted how gorgeous Nikita looked, in full makeup, immediately after giving birth. Luis couldn’t describe how he felt; humbled and grateful to be where he is, and to have Leela in his life. Steve had to keep quiet about his own pending fatherhood, since we know how superstitious his girlfriend is, and she doesn’t believe in announcing it until the 2nd trimester. Luis explained that he and Nikita weren’t together for now, but were co-parenting.

Fredrik wasn’t getting a bite on the disco pad, and only a few nibbles. A drag queen who looked, but couldn’t do loud, explaining a drag queen’s 9 to 5, is 9 pm to 5 am. With the construction in the area going on, it wasn’t going to work. And in the boy-did-I-have-it-backward department, Fredrik was also bummed by Derek saying that he wanted to move to L.A. From the previews, I’d gotten the impression it was the other way around. The recent snowstorm wasn’t helping any, and Derek complained that he hated New York in winter. He’d grown up in Africa, enjoying life outside, and wanted their kids to have the same thing. Fredrik had thought they’d move one day, but his idea was that it would be more in the future.

Tyler wasn’t having the best day either. Wanting to move on to higher priced listings, he managed to get a smaller unit in a building in the hope of getting a larger one when it sold. The coolest thing about this property was coving lighting. LED lights come out from the top molding near the ceiling. The whole place was done using it, and it looked beautiful. The developer had never heard of Triplemint, where Tyler works, but Tyler talked his way in by playing up how the have the best lead generation platforms, and algorithms like no one else. I’ll take his word for it. The developer did. Tyler told us it was undeniably challenging to be competing with someone who had over a billion dollars in sales, i.e. Ryan. Tyler had a 9 a.m. open house, where only one broker showed. That was a complete bust, since she was sure her client wanted more space for their kids, and it was only something like 4500 square feet. Tyler said he was the definition of an emotional eater.

Ryan told us that he thought it was adorbs how Fredrik was opening a chain of offices, just like Ryan had already done. The photographer friend he had in mind for Fredrik’s disco pad had definite interest. Ryan told driver Gary, when you dance, you put positive vibes out in the universe. In response, Gary applauded. It was the sound of two hands clapping. Ryan started his campaign for his new property near Hudson Yards. It didn’t dampen his enthusiasm when he found out they were giving several units each to various brokers, and Ryan got three when he thought he was getting the building. The area being in no man’s land, Ryan began by rebranding the whole neighborhood, SoHY – south of Hudson Yards.  He pasted decals with the announcement on sidewalks and in the middle of the literal street. He said the only people looking up or out are tourists, and I had to laugh. He’s right. He told us New Yorkers were looking down as they walked, at their phones. I look down too, but it’s to make sure I’m not stepping in sidewalk gum. He thought he probably needed a permit, but time was money. He’d rather ask for forgiveness than lose the deal while asking for permission. He made an offer on Fredrik’s listing, but neither side was budging.

Next time, and insane penthouse, Ryan dons a magician’s cape and top hat to promote SoHy, Fredrik goes to LA, and Amelia goes into labor.

💡 Just In Case You Were Wondering…

What light coving looks like.

LightCoving LightCoving2

🐶 Don’t Mess With the Dog Lady…

I don’t have to tell you what pride goeth before.


🌍 Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, Outmentor…

I haven’t watched this in a while – and really, how was anyone ever going to top Richard Hatch establishing the rules of the game? – but it’s interesting to see how they try to keep it fresh.


🍂 It Won’t Be Long Now…

And the countdown to Halloween begins. And the song begins about two minutes in.

April 13, 2017 – Charlotte Visits Lulu, Survivor Outs a Contestant, the Kids Wellington Some Beef & a Random Thought


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Brad tells Monica the hospital is leaving itself open to a lawsuit because of an impaired doctor.

Hayden brings Finn a fresh shirt. He wants to talk to Monica about going to rehab.

Ned asks Olivia if she’s ready for a surprise. He told his mother they were engaged, and she said she’s happy for them. Olivia wasn’t expecting that, and Ned says he thinks she’s being genuine. Olivia says their most challenging test is still ahead of them.

Lulu lets Rocco go on a playdate, so as not to overwhelm Charlotte. She has scones, toys,  and arts and crafts. She tells Dante she feels like she’s forgetting something, and he suggests breathing. She’s sure Valentin will screw things up.

Nina tells Valentin that she believes him about everything, but when it comes to Anna he sees what he wants to see. Anna listens in on their conversation. Valentin says he doesn’t trust Anna. She’s part of his past and he can’t change that, but his priority is his family, namely her and Charlotte. He says the social worker is coming to pick up Charlotte, so she has to get ready. Nina notices his new watch, and asks where he got it.

Ned tells Olivia whatever she wants to do in planning the wedding is up to her. She says she was talking about her son, and she doesn’t mean Leo. I had to think about that for a minute.

Lulu goes on to Dante about how Valentin will probably sabotage all their visits. Dante says telling her not to worry would make him feel like a hypocrite. She’s relieved to know she’s not scared by herself. She suggests they put her nervous energy to good use. They kiss.

Anna talks to herself, saying that Valentin doesn’t want his wife to know he gave her the watch. Valentin tells Nina that he bought it himself. He apologizes for not talking to her about Anna. He says he should have been straight with her the way she always is with him. She tells him that she went to see Anna. Anna laughs to herself, remembering slamming Nina’s head on the desk, and I’m disliking her more every second. Her doorbell rings. It’s Andre.

Hayden tells Finn that she’s the money person, and even she thinks Monica is reasonable. With him, she’ll be talking to another doctor. Finn tells her he appreciates the pep talk, but has to face the reality that this could hurt his career. She says the hospital wouldn’t be open if not for him, and if Monica doesn’t factor that in, she doesn’t deserve him.

Finn sees Brad come out of Monica’s office. Monica tells him to come in. She says she wants a private conversation.

Hayden sees Brad and tells him he got his request for lab equipment. He says she can find the money for that, but not the people who operate it. He gripes about not getting a raise, and she says he wasn’t singled out. He says maybe if a hotshot doctor got fired, there would be more money, and it couldn’t be happening to a more deserving jerk.

Monica tells Finn that she just had a difficult conversation with Brad. He asks if his name came up. She says she doesn’t give credence to gossip. Finn says his decision to confess is probably too late, and he should have come to her sooner. He tells her that he’s an addict.

Anna apologizes for not picking up Andre’s call. He says he’ll come back, but she says she can take a break.

Valentin doesn’t suggest provoking Anna, since she’s a trained agent. Nina says she made it clear that Anna should keep her hands off her man. Charlotte comes in, whining that she doesn’t want to go on the visit.

Lulu tells Dante that the deck is stacked against them, but they’ll make it through it. Dante asks if she wants him to stay, but she tells him next time.

Charlotte says she’s busy having a bear tea party. Nina says she’s going to have her own tea party with her pony friends. She tells Charlotte that it will take her a while to prepare, but by the time she comes back, it will be ready. Valentin talks to Charlotte in French, and she goes with the case worker. Damn. I’d rather live with them than Lulu.

Ned doesn’t think Dante is going to have a problem with them getting married. Olivia says he’s protective, and Ned asks if he’s a momma’s boy. She says he has high standards, and Ned says too bad he didn’t talk to him first. Olivia says it might take time, but he’ll come around. No time like the present, since Dante appears.

Hayden asks Brad who’s getting fired. He tells her that the odds of a two-income household in her future are slim.

Finn explains everything to Monica. He says he intended to quit when he was cured. He tried, but was dependent. She says she had no idea, but she’s glad he came to her. He’s surprised that Brad didn’t say something, but she says she doesn’t go on what Brad has to say. Finn says that he thought he could detox himself – not one of his better ideas. He tells her about trying to score at the docks, and that he took meds from the hospital on one occasion. His patients never suffered, but that had more to do with his dumb luck. He knows he’s in no position to ask, but wonders if he’s out of a job. She says that’s the least of his problems.

Lulu greets Charlotte. Mrs. Watkins tells Lulu to pretend she’s not there. Lulu suggests they check out the playroom, but Charlotte says no thanks. Lulu moves on to the swing-set, but Charlotte doesn’t like swings. Lulu says they can do whatever she wants. What Charlotte wants is to go home.

Nina asks if Valentin wants to talk about Anna, and understands if he’s angry that she went to see her. He says he wonders if Anna legitimately wants peace, but it doesn’t matter; there’s not much she can do to him.

Anna tells Andre that she was listening to Mozart on the computer, and asks if something is troubling him. He says he bumped into Jordan with Curtis, and he’s not sure if it hurt more because he misses her or because he knows that she really wanted someone else. Anna suggests time and comfort food will be the cure. She asks if he wants some tea. She goes to the kitchen, and he listens on the earbuds. She comes back in, and he looks at her like she has two heads.

Anna asks what he thinks he’s doing, and Andre tells her that he thought it was Mozart. He says he’s not familiar with that requiem. He says instead he heard a private conversation between Valentin and Nina. He asks what she’s doing, and she says going on the defensive. She’s taking Valentin down.

Nina and Valentin play backgammon. He says she hates the game, and she says he hates losing the game. He’s worried about Charlotte, but Nina says Lulu isn’t going to do anything stupid with the case worker there. She tells him he’s not in it alone.

Charlotte tells Mrs. Watkins she wants to go home and doesn’t like it there. Lulu engages her, and they get in a conversation about scones. Lulu says she wants to make them for a party, but needs a mixer. Charlotte says she’ll do it if she can come to the party. That was quick, and I find it doubtful that Charlotte would have warmed up over making scones.

Brad tells Hayden that he told Monica about Finn’s addiction. He says Monica seemed surprised, but Hayden doesn’t. He asks how many millions in lawsuits she’s risked.

Monica tells Finn that dealing with his addiction has to be his first and only priority. He says he’s been looking at rehabs. She tells him to go today. Humble himself and seek help; he can’t do it alone. He says you’d think a doctor would know that already. She tells him that doctors are the worst addicts, because they think they’re above he rules since they create them. She says that she’s been sober since 2008, and. when he comes back, she’ll tell him all about it. She survived rehab; he can too. He asks if he’ll still be a doctor after he does.

Olivia wonders why Dante isn’t at the visit, and he explains they thought it might be too overwhelming for Charlotte. He notices her ring, and Ned tells him that he proposed. He asks if it’s a problem because Olivia didn’t think it would be an easy sell. Dante wonders what she told him. Olivia says she’s always relied on Dante, and now she’ll be relying on someone else. Dante says he just wants what’s best for her. Olivia says Ned is best for her. She knows he worries about her, and now he doesn’t have to. He says he’ll still worry, but it’s nice to know he won’t be the only one.

Monica says she’ll stop by for support once Finn has started his program. Hayden catches Finn before he leaves, and tells him that Brad knows everything. He says he should have given her credit for caring. He explains that he’ll have to go before a review board when he’s done with rehab, and if they approve, she’ll have him back. Hayden says it’s a start. He tells her that he only has one unresolved situation – what happens between them?Brad overhears, and shakes his head. Foiled again!

Lulu pretends to find an Easter egg, and tells Charlotte the Easter Bunny must have come early. They find a few more eggs, and she talks Charlotte into an Easter egg hunt. They go outside.

Valentin is worried, since Mrs. Watkins hasn’t called. I had to laugh at myself when Mrs. Watkins came to pick up Charlotte. Call me name-judgmental, but in my mind, the name implied a lady who looked like an old-fashioned grandma, and she’s nothing of the kind. She’s young and fashionable. Nina says Lulu never bothered to find out what kinds of things Charlotte likes, so as a responsible parent, Valentin should go over there and give her the information. That sounds like a terrible idea.

Andre says Anna is being aggressive. She says she’s learned there’s more to it. She pieced together the story with a WSB expert. Andre feels inadequate, since their sessions were thorough, but Anna says it was buried so deep, it took a lot to dredge it up. She says Valentin is a criminal, and she has to bring him to justice. Andre asks how she’s going to do that.

Brad accosts Monica. She says GH doesn’t show a staff member to the door because they’re ill, and they have a holistic policy if there’s a chemical dependency involved. She explains that a board will ultimately decide. Brad is livid that Finn isn’t losing his license. She tells him that all humans are flawed, and says that Finn’s research brought in the money to save the hospital. Crying before he’s hurt, Brad whines that Finn took all the credit, but Monica says he made it clear that Brad’s input was invaluable. She thanks him for his concern, and thinks that’s why Finn opened up. Brad might have saved his career, and even his life. I laugh as she shows Brad to the door. Foiled once more, but with kudos.

Finn tells Hayden that he doesn’t know how rehab will go. He doesn’t even remember how he is off of drugs. She might not like him sober. Hayden says get healthy, and deal with the rest later.

Olivia is shocked that Dante is giving his blessing to her marriage. Dante says they already talked; Ned wondered why she had turned him down. Dante says Ned is deserving of her, and welcomes him to the family.

Nina messes around with her collection of plush ponies. She looks at the note again. Then throws it out. She looks into the garbage can and reaches back in.

Anna tells Andre that if she wanted to kill Valentin, he’d be dead. He has to pay for his crimes legally. Andre asks how. She says she gets his version of the events, and can use it to get close to him. Lolling him into a false sense of security, and getting a confession. Andre says she’s playing a dangerous game. Anna says it’s her job, and she’s told him too much already. She doesn’t want him involved. If Valentin sees through her, he’ll retaliate, and she doesn’t want Andre to get hurt. She tells him not to tell anyone, and makes him promise.

Charlotte and Lulu come in talking about the bunnies they saw outside. Valentin arrives.

Nina sees the watch box. She puts to and two together. She reads from the note, saying, time heals all wounds. Good episode.

Tomorrow, Jason talks to Alexis, Dante asks about Morgan’s pills, Nelle wants to talk to Carly, and Sonny wants to kill someone.

🌴 Re the Survivor outing debacle. Unless you live on the moon, by now you’ve heard about the outing of transgender Zeke Smith by Jeff Varner during tribal council. While personally, I file this under who cares? I can’t believe that I haven’t seen one person propose that this might have been a set up for an old, tired show that should have been canceled years ago. First of all, none of that needed to be aired. Take it from me, I’ve been on a reality show myself, and editing is freaking magic. Secondly, Jeff Probst knew that Smith was a transgender. Apparently, so did half of the internet. In nosing around, trying to find out how Varner knew, I got no definitive answer, but took note of the fact that this has been an online topic of conversation for a loooong time. Funny how suddenly, this worn-out program that hasn’t been relevant for a while, is a topic of conversation everywhere, and is now current. It’s common knowledge that Survivor manipulates its contestants. (At one point, I was nearly convinced that Probst was the Antichrist.) At the end of the day, this seems as though it will be a win for everyone except Varner. Just sayin’.

👶 Will someone please give the father of the “Cash Me Outside” brat custody of her, before she ends up dead in an alleyway somewhere? I don’t have kids, nor do I fawn over those who aren’t in my life, but the attention that she’s getting for bad behavior, is disturbing even to me. She is not going down a good path, and she’s only 13 years old.

🍜 Tonight, the MasterChef Junior kids split into teams and created gingerbread houses. I can’t even make a house of cards using graham crackers. Gordon and Christina dressed like Will Ferrell in Elf, and a live gingerbread man (chef Aarón Sánchez) joined the group. The kids got sprayed with icing, and a good time was had by all. The babes in cookland also made a holiday dinner using Beef Wellington as the entrée. One little girl said she’d never cooked it before, so she hoped it was “cooked with a miracle.” Honey, that’s how I always cook. Unfortunately, there was no miracle for her, and she and another kid had to go home. But I hope they take heed in what Gordon said, that they’re moving on to another chapter. Chef Sánchez also offered one of them a job, making a ten-year-old further along in his career than most adults I know. Next time, they’re down to eight and some sushi happens.



September 23, 2015 – GH, LA Women & Listings


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Morgan has his own logic going on about going to a shrink. Yes, he promised he would go, but he promised he would go after the wedding, and the wedding didn’t happen, so now he doesn’t have to keep his promise.  I guess he’s not going to get in trouble for shooting Julian? Now Julian and Alexis are relaxing, while Julian nurses his wound with…an ice bag. Giving him the Tough Guy of the Year Award.

Sam is weeping over her old wedding ring and boxing up her Jason memories as Patrick serenades us on his new guitar. This is giving me a headache. The other thing hurting my head is Elizabeth and Jake. Although I appreciated Jason in a nostalgic kind of way (as he was one of the Quartermaine clan), he was never one of my favorites, but I do like “Jake,” and desperately want to see his real identity revealed. You’d think Elizabeth would have even half a clue. The longer she stretches this out, the worse it’s going to be for her when he eventually finds out from someone else. Actually, that’s the only thing making it all worth it for me. She’s pushing him for a wedding date, like that might save this situation instead of piling more karma on.

What’s all this lady mob boss talk about Ava? I don’t remember her really having much to do with that other than being Julian’s sister. Paul is telling Dillon all about how he scored the DA job and how he’s going to put her away along with all the other mobsters. In the meantime, Ava has told Scotty he can earn a cool million by getting Avery back for her. Yes, I’m aware they call him “Scott” now, but he’ll always be Scotty to me. We grew up together. Love Ava’s earrings and how they match her dress. Maybe orange is the new black. Ha-ha! Dillon is talking about how noble Paul is. I’m guessing it will be another year before his real intentions are revealed.

Morgan has a moment of clarity when Carly says Ric will be helping them with Avery’s custody case, and says they shouldn’t trust him. Carly says they have no choice (huh?) and that he’s a very talented attorney. Talented at getting himself in trouble maybe, but I haven’t seen much evidence of that (no pun intended). It’s bothering me that Morgan is the voice of reason about anything.

Holy crap! Ava just showed up at the hospital and Avery looked at her and said, “Mom.” Sign that kid up for life. It’s unusual for an infant to even look at one of the actors, much less respond to them appropriately.

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance

I haven’t watched Survivor in a long time, but I’m thinking of going back in this season. I’ve dabbled in it here and there, but I kind of stopped watching seriously after Pearl Islands. Jonny Fairplay lying about his grandmother’s death was such a brilliant move, I didn’t think it could ever be topped. It’s like how, when you read a really good book, you don’t want to read another one for a while.

This time they’re in Cambodia, and the cast is made up of players who have already been in the game before. It’s also entirely made up of players that fans have voted for. For some, it’s been as long as 15 years. And it looks like it. I’m thinking that any body fat these people have will be gone by the end of the game.

As usual, the playing field is gorgeous, and I’d totally love to be there if I was staying in a hotel. I readily admit, I wouldn’t last five minutes in this game. I’d be crying for my tablet and hair dryer. I would have made a lousy pioneer too.

At the beginning of the game, I don’t even try to remember everyone’s names. That won’t happen until it’s narrowed down to like six of them. This time, the first challenge is the same as the first one on the very first Survivor. The challenges always cause my brain to freeze. Even if I made it to the first one, I’d never make it through the first one. I wouldn’t even remember the list of instructions.

Until Andy Cohen came along, I was convinced Jeff Probst was the antichrist of reality TV.  The website says Jeff has a “spunky” attitude. Is that what we’re calling “antagonistic” now?

It figures this has to be on for 2 hours tonight. I’ll be back, but for now I’m switching over to…

Little Women LA

The ladies are going to the racetrack, so Terra and Tonya are making fancy hats. I went to the Belmont Stakes once, but I didn’t wear a hat at all. I’d never been to a horse race before, and I was pretty surprised at how quick a race is. I don’t know what it was I’d expected – maybe more of a marathon than a sprint. I placed a small bet, but didn’t win anything except a drunk trying to pick me up near the ladies room.

Brianna never showed for the second day of the video shoot, feeling she gave Tonya enough time. She’s bitching to Matt about the girls. I still don’t have a handle on him yet. He seems okay, but I respect Terra’s judgment. Even the rest of the ladies, with the exception of Jasmine, don’t like him much either.

Huge surprise. Christy had once been the victim of domestic violence, which resulted in her needing neck surgery and contributed to her subsequent alcoholism (which we did know about). She’s meeting with a doctor to see if there’s something that can be done about the pain she’s still suffering from. She has two bulging disks and will need surgery before she can try to get pregnant again.

I’m just going to say it. I don’t think Brianna can sing all that well. This kind of means nothing, since Kim Zolciak had a hit single and they can make anyone sound good, but she has the opportunity to work with Berry Gordy’s son, Kerry, so she needs to get it together. She doesn’t seem to take criticism well either, which will make it tough for her in the music biz. She says she “wasn’t prepared” for it. Brianna, people pay big money for that criticism. It’s called instruction. I studied musical comedy with the guy who originally directed The Fantasticks. Two weeks out of the year, the woman who’d first played the lead in that show would sub for him when he went to Texas to direct it fresh there. It was the worst. She loved everything we did, which gave us all nothing to work on. Time and dollars wasted.

Tonya’s cousins are grilling her boyfriend, which seems a little late in the game, since they’ve been seeing each other for a while. Tonya says she would like him to take the lead more. Good luck with that, Lil Boss.

Elena is getting her dresses together for her vow renewal – a white one for the ceremony and a red one for the reception. She’s wearing this neon violet lipstick in her interview segments that I’m not so sure I like, but she’s so gorgeous, it really doesn’t matter. She asks Terra to be her matron of honor.  I hate that title. I also had a matron of honor and understand it’s the distinction between an attendant who is married and one who isn’t, but since it’s a variant of the word “matronly,” it doesn’t come off as sounding very attractive.

Off to the races! Everyone gets a hat, they watch one race up close and then head to the box where there’s booze and food. They discuss throwing a bachelorette party for Elena. She says that since she’s been married for 4 years, it’s a little late for penises other than her husband’s, so they decide on a spa day. Now they’re eating some giant ice cream concoction that I wish I had a spoon in. Brianna is being a stick in the mud because no one is talking about throwing a party for her. Maybe I missed something, but as far as I know, she doesn’t even have a date set yet. Tonya brings up Brianna not showing up for day two of the video shoot and how things like that cost money.(Are those Van Cleef & Arpels earrings on Brianna’s ears?) This quickly degenerates into a conversation about Matt – right in front of him like he’s not there. Jasmine, who is literally sitting in the middle of the argument, with hand gestures happening in front of her face, decides to leave.

Tonya uses one of my favorite phrases, telling Brianna that she’s “the common denominator” in the problems. Tonya’s boyfriend looks like he’s zoning out. Brianna claims she isn’t jealous of Elena’s upcoming vow renewal event, but she just got done whining “what about me,” and she’s not fooling anyone. Terra suggests she and Matt leave. Ouch!

It looks like a secret will be revealed next week involving Brianna and Matt. Could they be married already?

Million Dollar Listing LA

We start off with Josh F. sending Josh A. a glitter bomb. He hates glitter. So do I. It gets in places it was never even near and won’t go away. I hate Play-Doh too. It gets in the treads of your shoes and you will never, ever get it out.

I’m starting to think that maybe these brokers do earn those high commissions, since a lot of the sellers are d-bags who think they can sell their properties for more than they’re worth. I can understand this somewhat from the broker’s point of view. I occasionally sell things for other people on eBay. They’ll see that someone else has the same pair of sunglasses they own, and it’s being listed for $7000, and they want me to do the same. But in their eagerness for cash, they don’t research it thoroughly enough. What they failed to discover is that those sunglasses have been sitting there for years, there’s been one offer, and the seller didn’t take it because he still thinks he can make that much. I can list everything for a million dollars, but it doesn’t mean anyone will buy it at the price. Like I always say, it’s worth what it’s worth to the person who wants it.

Josh A. is having the same problem with his client and even pointing out comps isn’t helping. It’s worse than trying to convince a woman she has to eat to lose weight. While anything is possible (especially with the magicians on this show), he also wants a done deal in 48 hours. Okay.

Josh F.’s grandmother, Edith,recently passed away. She was a feisty old broad, who lived a colorful life, and I’m going to miss her appearances on the show. She helped save quite a few Jewish lives during WWII and even had some notches in her belt for shooting Nazis. They don’t make them like that anymore. Oscar Schindler’s great nephew has sent a condolence letter, and Josh’s husband has had it framed. Very impressive.

David and James are two guys who look like brothers (they’re best friends since the beginning of time) and, like Simon McCord from The Real Housewives of NYC, would be great candidates for Graham Norton’s Gay or Eurotrash? game (Eurotrash). They’re having an open house designed after Burning Man. Although that’s another reason these guys deserve the bucks they get. The expense of staging houses and having parties to show them comes out of their pockets, and it can get very pricey.

Commercial break. Crimson Peak looks like an absolutely incredible film, but now that the price of movie tickets is close to that of a small car (thank goodness for the dollar store, or I’d have to take out a second mortgage to get snacks), I’ve gotten really picky. I hate when you see the best part of the film in the trailer and you spend the rest of the film wondering why you just threw your money in the toilet. This one looks promising though. And I can’t wait for Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight to open on Christmas. I saw Django Unchained on Christmas, thinking there would be no one at the theatre. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I was lucky I got a seat.

Houdini Josh A. has worked some miracle and sold the loathsome client’s house at the price he wanted. He outmaneuvered the slick investor he was working with. It is kind of fun watching the way these guys work.

James David (seriously, they look alike) is showing another broker a house for their client. The seller is supposed to be away, but the locks have been changed, there are cars in the driveway, and there’s a Rottweiler barking on the other side of the fence. Nice.