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February 6, 2019 – Franco is Framed, Jennifer’s Apology Tour, Sweet Advice, Channel Your Inner Franco, After the Deck, All About Terry & Too Many


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

🎱 My apologies for attributing Maxie and Peter’s conversation to the wrong characters yesterday. Luckily, and to my embarrassment, they repeated it today. That’s what I get for trying to decipher my shorthand in the wee hours. Moving on…

At the park, Nina can’t wait to see Charlotte’s face when she sees Sasha. She asks Sasha why she reacted the way she did when Nina told her Valentin proposed, but before she can answer, Charlotte runs up to Sasha and hugs her. Valentin follows behind Charlotte, and Nina says she has her family all together.

Maxie tells Peter that Nina is crazy about Sasha, but Valentin being involved makes her nervous. Nothing is what it seems with him. Peter says, and heartbreak follows. She asks if he’s talking about in general, or something specific. Peter says, with Valentin, the ends justify the means. Maxie says, in other words, he’ll do anything to get what he wants. Peter flashes back to asking Valentin how bad it is, and if it’s so bad he’s going to lose Nina. Maxie says, the problem is, what Valentin wants most is Nina.

Obrecht works at a table in the MetroCourt. Anna, Robert, and Finn come in and sit down. Finn says after he found Cabot in the book about identifying twins, he found out he was specifically studying them. Robert says, twins raised apart. He left the university after the study, and never resurfaced. Finn says he knows exactly where Cabot is.

Elizabeth finds Franco in the art therapy room and asks if he’s okay. She wants to see his drawings. He says don’t say he didn’t warn her. She looks at them, and says, someone was in a mood. He says he can’t figure out what bothers him more. That he’s the go-to guy when something bad happens, or that he feels like he could be. Elizabeth tells him to leave that part of his past behind him.

Not-Doc asks if Lulu can see his face. The man with the knife. She can see his face now. It’s Franco. He’s the killer. Not-Doc says, good. She’s remembering. She says, Franco is the one who attacked her, right? He says, yes, it was Franco. We can tell he’s tickled with himself. He’s going to count to three, and she’s going to wake up. When she does, everything she told him will be true.

Lulu wakes up. Not-Doc asks her to tell him what she remembered. She says she saw him. She saw everything. He asks who she saw, and she says, it was Franco. She saw Franco. He says she’s safe now. Just breathe. He’s having her mother and the commissioner come in. He brings them in the room, and Laura asks if Lulu is all right. Jordan asks if she remembered, and Lulu says she did. She remembered everything. His gloves, the knife, feeling trapped. She’s seeing his face over and over. Jordan says, who’s face? and she says Franco. Franco tried to kill her.

Nina tells Valentin that she was just bragging to Sasha about how happy the three of them are. Valentin says, like family should be. Charlotte asks if Sasha likes ice skating. Nina brought skates, so they can ice skate together. Charlotte asks if poppa is skating too, but he has to meet with Willow, and pick up her schoolwork. He can’t today. Nina says that gives her more time with her beautiful girls. They leave for the skating rink.

Robert asks Finn why he didn’t say something before, but Finn says he just confirmed it. Cabot was on staff at the university in Sweden, and retired, but ARCP journals are still being sent to his last known address. He’s at home. The waitress comes to their table with champagne, compliments of… her. Obrecht turns around, and says, guten tag, freunde. Robert says they’re not her freunde. She wants to celebrate her new job. Finn says a real doctor needs a medical license. Obrecht says, Henrik… she means Peter, hired her to work at The Invader. She raises her glass.

Peter tells Maxie, Valentin is a man of many secrets; Nina is right not trust him. Maxie says, on one hand, it’s wrong to condemn him with no evidence. On the other, it’s right because he’s a liar. The only honest thing about him is how much he cares for Nina and Charlotte. If he loves her, why lie? Of course she lies sometimes too. Peter admits he does too, sometimes; everybody does. Maxie says Valentin’s lies have caused damage, but so have others. Peter says they’re both doing their best, but Valentin lies when it’s expedient. Maxie says, sooner or later, the lies might come to light. Peter says, it could be nothing, but Maxie says, it could be everything to Nina.

Maxie tells Peter that she can’t stop thinking about the horrible things Valentin might be hiding from Nina. She’s talked to Nina, but common sense and logic take a back seat when the heart has other ideas. Peter asks what choice Maxie made, and she says she chose to follow her heart.

Valentin tells Willow he’ll take Charlotte’s schoolwork and be on his way. Willow asks him to wait. Charlotte’s situation has been on her mind. Valentin says she’s doing better, and her mother is in full recovery. Willow says she brought Charlotte’s workbook, and her classmates wrote her letters. They miss her in school. Valentin says, all of them? and Willow says no one is missed by everyone. He wonders if it’s a bit of a relief not having her around.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Aiden was so happy skating; not a care in the world. Elizabeth says he was free from everything he’s going through. He had a good time with Uncle Lucas and Brad. Franco says their elaborate and flawlessly executed plan worked perfectly. She says she wanted Aiden to enjoy himself as long as possible. They kiss.

Obrecht says Anna isn’t as close to her son as she’d hoped. Anna tells her congratulations, but Obrecht says only if she means it. Anna asks if Obrecht wants her say what she means. She doesn’t understand why her son gave a job to someone who tormented and tried to kill him, or why he didn’t send her to prison. She understands Obrecht’s cruelty is caused by her grief, and they both understand about keeping their child away from the clutches of a monstrous father. Obrecht says that’s the only way they’re alike. Anna says should harm come to her son, whether or not Obrecht caused it, she’ll see Obrecht dead. Finn tells Robert to remind him not piss off Anna. Robert asks if he still needs to be reminded. Obrecht says she’s processed her grief, and has been given a second chance to be a grandmother to Nathan’s son. She’s not wasting it. Anna says she’ll be back. She wants to find out why her son has lost his mind. Robert pours the champagne.

Jordan asks Lulu to tell them what happened. Laura says she’s still shaky, but Lulu wants to purge the experience. Jordan asks if she’s ready to tell the truth exactly as she told not-Doc. She says she’s ready.

Jordan sets up a recorder. Lulu says she was working at her desk, and heard someone at the door. She went to let them in. She wasn’t alarmed, and walked back to her desk. He followed her into her office, and closed the door. They must have talked, but she can’t recall what they said. She knows he scared her. She stood up, and tried to edge past him, but he blocked her. That’s when she saw he had a knife. Jordan says she keeps referring to the killer as he. Did she recognize him or does she know who he is? Lulu says, Franco. Jordan asks if she’s sure, and she says she can see his face as if he were standing there. Franco is the man who attacked her.

Sasha and Nina watch Charlotte skate. Nina asks, where were they? and Sasha says, Valentin’s proposal. Nina thought Sasha’s reaction would be all amazing and she’d want to be maid of honor, but it seemed tepid at best. Sasha says, sorry, but Nina says, no apology needed. Sasha says when she met Valentin, he was a stranger, wanting to get his ex back, but then Nina told her about the things he’d done. Nina says she’s gotten over it; why can’t Sasha? Sasha says it’s hard for her. Nina put her heart on the line, and risked it, all on a guy who… Nina says, who what? Found Sasha and brought them together, and convinced Sasha to give her a second chance? In the past year, that guy gave Nina her child back, and when she thought she’d lose Sasha, gave her a second chance. How could she not love him?

Peter asks Maxie to clarify what she meant when she said she was opening her heart. She says she meant to him. Clear enough? He says, it’s not at all murky. She wonders, how could he miss the hint? She’s never been subtle. He says he didn’t want assume after what she’s been through. She says after what he’s done for her, he has the right to assume. He says, good to know (which has replaced for what it’s worth as the phrase of the day). They almost kiss, but Anna blows in, asking, what the hell is going on? Has Peter lost his mind?

Lulu says she was at her desk, and he was scaring her. She tried to leave, but he’s right there. She saw the knife in his hand. She’s sorry, but that’s the last thing she remembers. Jordan knows it’s hard, and she’s doing a great job. Lulu wishes she felt great. Jordan says, anything else? Does she remember how she got from her office to the MetroCourt? Lulu says she can see Franco’s face, and the knife coming at her. We flash back to that, but it’s not-Doc saying, time’s up. Lulu says she should remember him stabbing her, but that’s it. Laura asks if Jordan has enough. Jordan asks if she remembered anything else. Lulu says she’s afraid not. Not-Doc says given the nature of her reaction, he’s not sure if she’ll recall any memories beyond the initial attack. Laura thinks it’s time to do what needs to be done.

Laura asks not-Doc to stay with Lulu, while she talks to Jordan. She tells Lulu to rest; she did a great job. In the hallway, Laura asks if Jordan knows where Franco is. Jordan says he’s not scheduled to come in today. Laura says he lives with Elizabeth and her grandsons. She doesn’t want them in the crossfire. Laura calls Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks if Lulu is okay, and Laura says, she’ll be fine. She needs to talk to Elizabeth, and asks if she’s at work. Elizabeth says she’s in the art therapy room with Franco. Does Laura want to meet In Lulu’s room? Laura agrees, and tells Jordan where Franco is. Jordan is on her way.

Lulu hates this; being so fragile, but not-Doc says that’s the last word anyone would use to describe her. He wouldn’t. She says that’s kind of him. She was shaking in terror. He says she was nothing short of magnificent. He says, don’t worry. It will soon be behind her. Laura comes back, and says Jordan is on her way to arrest Franco. Lulu hopes he’s put away forever. Not-Doc says try not to let it upset her. She’s entitled to her feelings, but it’s too much like allowing Franco to victimize her all over again. Laura helps her up. Not-Doc says Franco is his patient, and he might need to talk him down. He tells Lulu, good job. Laura seconds that.

Not-Doc closes the door to his office, and takes out his locked box. He goes through the driver’s licenses, and wipes his prints from them.

Peter says Anna must have run into Obrecht. Anna says Obrecht couldn’t wait gloat, and tell her that she was working for him. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome. She wonders what possessed him, and Maxie says he did it for her. She convinced him to hire Obrecht, and as long as they’re talking openly, she talked him into dropping the charges. Anna asks, why? Didn’t Peter help deliver her baby. Peter says it’s not her fault. It was his decision. He made the decision to hire Obrecht, and knows what he’s doing. Anna says, explain it to her then.

Willow says her description of Charlotte was both objective and accurate. She was bullying Aiden. Valentin says she showed genuine remorse, and Willow saying she was cheating was upsetting. He wonders if Charlotte hadn’t been bullying Aiden, would Willow have been so quick to jump to conclusions. She made a mistake. They all do that from time to time. Willow says her job isn’t just as an instructor. She wants to help the children interact with the world, giving them the best tools possible for when they when grow up. Charlotte is strong willed and intelligent. Valentin says, wise beyond her years. Willow says, clearly, she’s had a non-traditional upbringing. She thinks Charlotte needs room to be a kid, and learn kid lessons. She needs to learn how to get along with people, even when you don’t like them.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he just texted the boys. He wants them to be part of a family baking project. He feels it’s really important to show interest in what interests Aiden. Plus there’s dessert. Elizabeth loves him. They kiss. Jordan busts in, telling Elizabeth, step away from Franco. Elizabeth asks, what’s going on? and Jordan tells Franco to keep his hands where she can see them. Elizabeth says, what’s happening? Not-Doc shows up, and tells her to do what she’s told, and no one else will get hurt. Franco tells not-Doc to let them know, whatever they think he’s done, he couldn’t possibly have done it. Not-Doc says he’s getting agitated, and Elizabeth says they’re making him that way. Jordan says, Lulu remembered, and named Franco as her attacker. Franco swears he didn’t do it. Elizabeth tells him, don’t move; she’ll call his dad. He says, fine; move aside. He doesn’t want her in danger. She says she’s not in danger from him, but he says she’s in danger from Jordan. She’s got a gun. He tells her, it will be okay. Jordan reads Franco his rights.

Obrecht says she’ll tell Finn and Robert about her new position. Finn still doesn’t care. She says it’s a medical advice column. Maybe she can interview Finn, and on the dos and don’ts of self-medication. Finn says she knows where to find him. He asks if her first article is going to be on how to be a better kidnapper. She says it’s a pity she’s not a psychologist. Robert says she’s a piece of work, and Finn can’t wait to read her column.

Sasha says Nina told her more than once that she couldn’t go back to Valentin. Nina tells Sasha, she said love didn’t make a difference, but it makes all the difference. Married or not, they can’t love each other any less. Charlotte asks if Sasha saw her axel. Sasha says she did, and Charlotte offers to teach her. Sasha says she’ll be right there, and tells Nina, if they love each other, why say no. Nina says she has a bad track record with marriage. It’s always the beginning of the end of her relationships. She was happy for the most part, but Valentin couldn’t stop keeping secrets. She doesn’t want to worry about the future. She wants to live in the moment. She wants to start believing in the two of them.

Peter tells Anna that he has no love for Obrecht, but she’s part of Maxie’s family; James’s grandmother. She’s Nathan’s mother, and he’s not taking her away from the family he has left. Anna says he’s giving Obrecht more mercy than Obrecht will ever show him. She makes him promise to be careful, and says if Obrecht tries anything, come to her. He says he doesn’t need her fighting his fights. She tells him, humor her. She needs to know he’s safe. He can’t stop her. She leaves, and Maxie says she’s sorry. She didn’t consider what it would do to him and Anna. If he wants to back out, she’ll understand. Peter says, he and Anna have things to work through. One more struggle won’t make a difference. Who knows? Maybe Obrecht will be a good medical columnist. He’s sure she’ll have interesting ideas. Maxie laughs.

Finn asks Anna how it went with Peter, but she doesn’t know. She understands, but it makes no sense. She asks where they were with Cabot. Finn says, in Sweden. Robert says someone has to infiltrate, and Finn says he can speak to the researcher. Robert says they don’t know the last time Alex saw Cabot. It’s no reflection on Anna’s capabilities, but he has practical concerns. She says she understands. They have a better chance if she’s not there. She wants them to keep her posted. Robert says he’ll go put the ball into play, and steps away. Finn says he knows Anna is staying to keep Peter safe after what Obrecht did to him. She tells Finn, be careful. He’s had his share of mad scientists and crazy people. He asks, what could possibly go wrong? She says he has Robert to watch his back. He’s looking forward to that. Anna wishes he’d stay out of danger, but at this point… He says, she has only herself to blame. She tells him, stay safe, and he kisses her.

Charlotte thinks it’s cool that they all know how to skate. She wonders if it’s inherited. Sasha says maybe there’s a skating gene. They need to celebrate themselves. They go to the MetroCourt, and Nina says she has to make a phone call. She tells them to get a table; she’ll just be a minute.

Valentin thanks Willow for looking out for Charlotte’s best interest. He’ll have her back in school very soon. Willow looks forward to it – honestly. Valentin says, in the meantime, if she needs to, she can contact him or Nina. She says, legally, the school is prevented from contacting anyone who isn’t a parent. Nina appears, and says, no problem. They’re getting married again. She’ll be Charlotte’s stepmother.

Maxie thank Peter for being open. He says, Obrecht might have useful information. She knows he’s doing it for James, so he can know his grandmother. He says that’s all the incentive he needs; James’s family. Maxie says that makes her Peter’s family too. If they find out Valentin is messing with Nina, or using her in any way, all bets are off. Peter asks if she just said, we. Maxie says it’s up to them to find out what Valentin is hiding, and to find out before Nina does.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’ll talk to his dad. Franco tells her to say he didn’t do it, but she says Scotty already knows, like she does. She kisses him, but a cop pulls him into the elevator. Elizabeth calls Scotty, leaving a message. She tells him to get down to the PCPD as soon as he gets it. Franco is in trouble. As she’s walking, she comes face to face with Lulu and Laura. She asks if this is why Laura needed to talk to her. Laura says, Franco attacked Lulu. He could have killed her. Elizabeth says they know he didn’t. He’s not the same person. Lulu says, it was him. She’s sorry.

Not-Doc looks at more licenses. He says, oh well. His friends are gone to serve the greater good. At least he still has them. A testament to a job well done.

Tomorrow, Terry has Oscar’s latest test results, Franco says when he’s done suing the PCPD he’ll own Port Charles, and Sonny tells Margaux he doesn’t want someone getting away with it again. I forgot Margaux was on this show.

😠 I can’t even say how irritating this storyline is. I don’t know much about hypnotism, but I don’t think that’s how it works. And to have Franco be the suspected bad guy? Again? Every single one of them should know better.

💋 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I’m confused as to why Teresa has taken Jennifer’s side so quickly – especially since Jennifer obviously goes insane on tequila  and also why Danielle is pissed at The Marge. Teresa claimed Jennifer reminded her of her old self, so we did get to see the gift that keeps on giving – the clip of Teresa calling Danielle a prostitution whore, and flipping the table. Marge found that someone else had the same idea about the children’s hospital gowns, called Brave Gowns, and they decided to pool their resources and have a giant fashion show, the Hospital Hero Gala. BTW, Marge Sr. looks amazing after her face lift. Both Marges have been blessed with smooth necks, so it works. Nothing worse than a tight face on a wrinkly pedestal. Jennifer was embarrassed about her behavior in Cabo, and was reluctant to tell her husband. He wasn’t mad, but told her she was wrong. I say don’t go around breaking glasses unless you’re really going to use them. Not that I advocate cutting a bitch, but it just ends up looking stupid. Joe #2 told Melissa, Danielle corrupts anyone and anything she’s around. He said, Marty was a stand-up guy until she got her claws in him. She’s like the black widow of New Jersey.

Frank asked Delores if he was holding her back, and said he wouldn’t hesitate to move out if it would make her happy. She said he was her safe place, and she didn’t really know what she wanted because she was so used to doing for everyone else. Of course Frank is holding her back. Who’d want to date her with Frank hanging around? Besides the elusive David. I’m also guessing Frank still pays the bulk of the bills. They’re co-owners of the gym, but I doubt people are coming to train with her, rather than a former Mr. New Jersey.

Marge and Teresa had lunch. Teresa didn’t understand why Marge dropped Danielle as a friend, but had to admit she didn’t know everything. In her interview, Teresa said she thought they were both wrong, but said Marge gave her a lot to think about. I hope her head doesn’t explode. Marge hoped Jennifer wouldn’t cocktail it up at her charity event.

After Marge told Jackie how hard she was trying to get back together with her children, Jackie decided to call her estranged sister. Wow. Something good actually coming out of this hot mess of a show is a true miracle. The call went well, and they made plans to get together with the kids. Jackie went to Melissa’s store and told her all about it. Melissa told her about how Joe #2 belittles her business. Maybe she should ask him how the restaurant business is going. Hint: it isn’t.

Marge’s ex, Jan, brought a date to Marge’s event, who was Joe #3’s ex-wife’s best friend. Jennifer and Marge seemed to squash their beef, with Jennifer sort of apologizing to several people. She was afraid to approach Melissa, since she’d broke a glass and put it in Melissa’s face. I think the time to have been afraid was immediately after she did that. Melissa would have had every right to thump her. It was a black and white affair, and Marge looked gorgeous, as well as the décor. They used a lot of white branches, which I love. The women also had the most fantastic HUGE earrings. When Jennifer showed up in a green jumpsuit, I thought maybe the color combo was just a coincidence, although she seems like the type who wouldn’t bother with the memo. The gala was a success, and everyone cried during the kids’ speeches.

Next time, the season finale, belly dancing, Delores is moving out, Marge thinks Danielle is dangerous, and Marge pushes Marty into the pool. That dude seems like a d-bag. Or at the very least, misguided.

🏡 On Sweet Home Jennifer designed for someone who apparently has two young children, but no possessions. I’ve never seen such an empty house. Jennifer had done the interior of the house ten years prior, so it was interesting to see how her taste had changed. A good takeaway point was to keep kids’ rooms neutral to give them longevity. Like if you buy a crazy bed, the kid isn’t going to want that for long. They can personalize with things like posters and unicorn pillows. Although I’d prefer llama pillows. I also have personal experience with this issue. When I was a kid, my father worked for Ethan Allen, and I was getting wallpaper from there for my room. I was probably about twelve or thirteen, and thought this psychedelic paisley wallpaper would be great. He talked me out of it, saying I thought so when I was looking at a swatch, but a whole room of it would be busy, and I’d get tired of it. A few years later, I knew he was right. I also had a canopy bed for a hot minute before I thought it was more trouble than it was worth. I won’t even get into the white rug…

🎨 Get to Know Franco Better…

Understand art therapy.


🏊 No Surprise…

Caroline is still overwhelmed


🎸 Surprise… 

Terry Dubrow’s (Botched) brother Kevin was the lead singer for Quiet Riot.


☁ Is It Possible…

I’ll float into dreamland early? Nah.



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January 9, 2019 – Margaux Visits Lulu, Hell in Allentown, a Turkish Engagement, an Interesting Combo, a Wives Listing, Some Sweet & Some Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis says an explanation of Cameron’s motives may or may not play with the judge. She’s hoping for one who has a soft heart. Judge Carson can be a bit of a hardnose. The bailiff tells everyone to rise. Presiding today, is the honorable Naomi Carson. The court comes to order.

At The Floating Rib, Laura thanks Carly and Sam for coming. She knows their family must have divided loyalties. Sam says Ned has done a great job, but the city isn’t a business. Carly says, Port Charles isn’t a building project; it’s a community, and Laura should run it. If nothing else, Laura hopes she’s made the public aware of some important issues. At the end of the day, it’s all they can hope.

Still looking through files, Curtis tells Jordan, this is some messed up stuff. It just keeps getting darker. He thinks Ryan did the world a favor by incinerating himself. Margaux walks in, and asks if there’s been any progress. She asks to talk to Jordan in her office, and Jordan wonders if she has a problem with Curtis being there. Margaux says she’s not comfortable with the PCPD bringing in a PI. Curtis offers to leave, but Jordan wants him to stay, saying they’ve realized the killer might be taking cues from Ryan Chamberlain. Margaux asks what kind, and Jordan says, the kind not available to the general public. They might have access to police files.

Olivia tells Ned, it’s easier to come in and criticize after the fact than roll up your sleeves and rebuild after an earthquake. She thinks people should be more appreciative of what he put in. He says, no matter what, he’s proud of what they’ve accomplished. Even when things went south after the earthquake, he had the best first lady. She says, the mayor wasn’t shabby either. He tells her that their interview with Lulu is about to start.

They put on the TV, and Lulu thanks them for inviting her into their home. By the time this airs, the campaign will be over, and people will be casting ballots. She asks how they feel. Olivia says she’s exhausted from the campaign trail, but excited for the future. Lulu asks, what about hopeful for a win?

Sonny drops by Lulu’s place. He was in the neighborhood, and wanted to check on her and the kids. She tells him that Charlotte is at Valentin’s this week, and Rocco is at the Quartermaine’s. Sonny says their family must be conflicted over the campaign. Lulu says she supports her mother, but her son is having a sleepover at her opponent’s house. Sonny is there to talk about a certain someone who’s off undercover. Does she know when Dante is coming home?

Laura thanks Mac for playing host. He says he’s happy to support her in any way possible, but wishes Doc was there to do the same. He supported her at the town meeting; he was warm and sincere. Maybe it’s a sign he’s coming around. She says she appreciates Doc’s support, but he doesn’t want to reconcile.

Carly can’t stop thinking about Oscar, and Sam can’t stop thinking about Drew. Scout will never know her brother; only through pictures and stories. She says Carly must be proud of Josslyn. It must be hard on her, but she wouldn’t be surprised if Josslyn found a cure or a miracle. Carly says, Josslyn is in denial. She can’t let herself believe she’s going to lose Oscar. She’s a fighter, and her first instinct is to take action and find a solution. Sam says, like her mother, and Carly adds, and her father. But soon she’ll have to face reality. Oscar will die, and she’ll be left to grieve. Sam is sorry, and Carly says she’s sorry too, and furious there’s no one to blame.

Margaux asks on what basis do they think the killer is mimicking the Chamberlain murders? Curtis tells her the driver’s license is missing from the victims; the same as in the other murders. Margaux says that information was never relayed, and Jordan says there aren’t any notations. It’s possible it wasn’t noticed until they made the connection. They were looking at the catalog of the victims’ personal effects. Curtis adds that they cross-checked it will all the victims’ files. They were all without driver’s licenses. Margaux says they never realized there was a pattern, and Jordan says there’s no way to know for sure unless they talk to Sean Donnelly. He was commissioner at the time. She gets out her phone, and asks for his number. She says she knows he lives overseas.

Sonny tells Lulu, dealing with his dad puts things in perspective. He doesn’t want to miss another holiday with Dante. Lulu says she heard from Dante on New Year’s Eve. He sends his love, but there were no details. He said he’d be out of touch for a while, so she got the impression that he’s going further undercover. Sonny asks if she told him what was going on, but she says she skipped that there’s a serial killer on the loose. Sonny tells her he has people watching her house, and she says she noticed. He says he can send a driver too, but she doesn’t want to be tripping over bodyguards. She told Dante everyone is okay, and work is keeping her busy. Telling him about the killer would worry him for no reason.

Olivia tells Ned the exit polls are neck and neck. She asks if he’s concerned about a repeat of the eleventh hour derailment of Alexis’s campaign. He says he and Laura kept their pledge; it was fair and square. They have a difference of opinion on some issues, but they both have mutual respect for the process, and a deep commitment to Port Charles. If he wins, he’ll do his best, and if Laura wins, he’ll support her. Olivia says, it’s possible to disagree and still respect someone as a person. She’s proud of how they both restored integrity to the politics of Port Charles. Ned tells Olivia that she’s been fantastic, and she says, so was he.

Alexis tells Judge Carson that her client is only sixteen-year-old. It’s his first offense, and has no record. It could be categorized as an error in judgement. Should it be used against him for the rest of his life? Judge Carson says the dealer is also a minor, and got twelve months in juvenile detention. Why should Cameron get a pass? Alexis says Cameron wrote a letter to the court, and asks if he can be allowed to read it. The judge agrees.

Cameron apologizes to the court and his fellow citizens for the mistake he made. He knew he was breaking the law, but did it anyway. He regrets it, and it won’t happen again. He’s not saying he won’t mess up – everyone does – but in the future, it won’t be illegal. He promises to learn from this experience, and be a better person. Alexis says, in light of Cameron’s sincere apology, she asks for an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. Elizabeth asks to speak, and the judge allows it. She says she’s proud of her son for taking responsibility, but his apology is incomplete, and the court should know why he did what he did.

Sonny’s heart goes out to Lulu, waiting for Dante, and raising the kids on her own. He tells her that he’s always there to support her. She says she knows, but it’s nice to hear it. He has to meet Carly at her mom’s party, and Lulu says she’ll be following right behind. She just has a little work on an article to finish up. Sonny says he has a simple request. Don’t be afraid to kick Dante in the butt. The next time she talks to him, tell him time to come home.

On the phone, Jordan says to send her regards to the commissioner from his PCPD family. She tells Curtis and Margaux, sad news. She spoke to Tiffany, and Sean is having trouble recalling what month it is, so he’s out of the picture. Margaux says, it’s a dead end. Jordan says, maybe not. There’s someone who still lives in Port Charles who’s closely involved with a woman Ryan was obsessed with.

Carly tells Sam that she doesn’t know what she’d have done in Kim’s place. She hopes she never finds out, but keeping Oscar’s diagnosis a secret affected a lot of people. Sam says, including Josslyn. Carly says when she looked in Josslyn’s eyes, she saw a girl who’s strong, resolute, and haunted. She’s way too young to look like that.

Mac says, the exit polls are too close to call. It could go either way. Laura takes comfort in knowing she’s running against Ned. If he wins, she won’t be horribly upset. They disagree on certain things, but she respects him. Mac says that’s exactly why she should be mayor; she’s a fundamentally fair person. Carly asks Mac for more beers, and asks Laura how she’s holding up. Laura says she’s more nervous than she cares to admit. Carly says she ran a great campaign, and she loved Laura’s platform, especially holding Ferncliff accountable. Laura tells her that Doc reminded her Ferncliff is for the criminally dangerous, and to proceed with caution. He said he’d keep an eye on Ferncliff. Carly asks if she believes him, and Laura says, yes; doesn’t she? Carly says, no.

Carly asks Laura if she remembers how she kept asking about a patient when they toured Ferncliff. She had a friend look into it, and they said the patient’s name was Wilson. Laura says, first or last? Carly says she didn’t know, but Doc said he’d check it out. He told her the patient’s name is Wilson Ritter, and he has a history of violence. She researched him, and came up with nothing. As far as she can see, he doesn’t exist. Laura wonders, if he’s as notorious as Doc said, is it possible he was admitted under an alias? Carly never thought of that. Sam joins them, and Carly tells her the patient at Ferncliff may or may not be Wilson Ritter. Curtis and Jordan come in. Sam thought Jordan can’t take sides, and Jordan wishes Laura luck, but says she’s not here for the election. She came to speak to Mac.

Mac tells Jordan that he’s current on his liquor license. Curtis asks if he can spare a few minutes, and they sit at a table. Sam wonders what that’s about. Carly asks if Curtis isn’t her business partner, but all Sam knows is that he’s working with the PCPD. It’s all hands on deck to find the killer. Carly says after Laura wins, she highly recommends the DA be fired.

Margaux shows up at Lulu’s house, wanting to ask a few questions. She promises not to ask about family secrets. She tells Lulu that her house is nice and homey. You’d never know Lulu was sitting on privileged information about a serial killer.

Ned channel surfs. He says it’s an hour before the last precinct reports. Olivia can’t believe he’s not monitoring the returns. He says he can’t sit there cheering every uptake, and agonizing over every loss. It’s out of his hands, and he doesn’t have to torture himself. Olivia asks if he thinks he can distract himself by binge watching. He asks if she’s willing to try with him, and she says she’s in it all the way.

Elizabeth tells the judge that Cameron didn’t do it for himself, but for a sick friend. She knows it’s an obvious excuse, but it’s the truth. Cameron’s friend has a serious form of cancer. Elizabeth is a nurse, and sees the ravages of cancer every day. His friend was constantly nauseous, and had no appetite. Cameron wanted to help by making brownies. He knows it was a bad judgement call, but his motives were good. He was trying to help a friend. Judge Carson asks if Cameron is a nurse or doctor. Alexis tries to interject, but the judge says she’s asking Cameron a question. Cameron says he’s neither one of those things. Judge Carson says, yet he thought it was appropriate to intervene. How did he know if he would make it better or worse? Drew has walked in, and asks if he can field that question. The judge asks who he is, and he says his son is the young man Cameron was trying to help. His son is Oscar Nero, and Oscar’s mom is Kim Nero, a doctor at General Hospital. She couldn’t be there, but if she could, she’d attest to Cameron’s character. He’s a good friend. Judge Carson says, no one is questioning him being a friend, but questioning his judgement and actions. Drew says Oscar was a friend in need, and you don’t abandon a friend who’s suffering, walking into a bright future and leaving them behind. Cameron didn’t stop to think if he’d get in trouble or if it would affect his ability to get into college. He didn’t just say the appropriate words about thoughts and prayers; he did something. He took action. In Drew’s eyes, he’s a hero. The judge says it’s a very emotional case, but it’s her job to separate emotion from the law. The court is in recess. Elizabeth thanks Drew, and hugs him.

Olivia turns off the TV. She wants to take this time to talk with Ned. She says he campaigned hard, and she still believes he’d be the best mayor. He thanks her, but she says, here’s the thing. In her heart of hearts, she’s not sure she wants him to win.

Lulu tells Margaux that she’s a Journalist. If she comes across information the public should know, she writes about it. It’s literally her job. Margaux says what gives her pause is how Lulu acquired specific police files on Ryan Chamberlain. Lulu says Peter requested she have access for a background on the series she’s writing, and the PCPD cleared it. Margaux asks if she shared it with anyone, and Lulu says, with her readers, and the cases were all closed. She wonders what the problem is, and wants to record the conversation. Margaux tells her, don’t. What she’s about to tell her is strictly off the record. Lulu doesn’t think that’s fair, but Margaux doesn’t care. What she says stays there. People’s lives are at risk.

Curtis tells Max that they’ve combed the lists of the victims’ possessions. Jordan says, none of them had a driver’s license, and Curtis says, it’s the same with Mary Pat, Kiki, and Peyton. He knows Mac was close to the case. He asks if Mac ever discussed it with the police, and Mac says he would have, if they’d all worked together. Sean would have told him anything. Curtis asks if there’s anything else he can tell them, and Mac says he can tell them about Felicia’s fear, and now someone is copying Ryan. Jordan says they have no reason to suspect Felicia is in danger. A more accurate picture of Ryan’s behavior might help. Mac thinks he knows someone who’s able to help. He hopes it’s not too late. I’m not sure what he means by this. Is he talking about the hour, or as in, oh no, it’s too late?

Sonny tells Laura to have her acceptance speech ready, and asks for a minute. He says it looks like it’s going her way. She’s going to be pressured to distance herself from him, and he’s okay with that. Laura says she’s not. He tells her that he knows she’ll do good, but not if she gets hung up on corruption charges. Laura says she’s known him a long time. It’s a little late to pretend they don’t know each other. He doesn’t want their association to cause her trouble. She says she has nothing to hide – including her friendship with him

Sam asks Carly to say her goodbyes. Carly says tell Jason she said hi.

Mac tells Curtis and Jordan that he has a contact at Pentonville who’s worked there forever. He was hoping to get information on Ryan, but no such luck. He was in isolation, and his contact with other inmates was minimal. He was a snob, and felt they weren’t wroth his trust or attention. Mac wishes he had more. If the killer is copying Ryan, he’s going to be hard to catch, and they’ll need all the help they can get.

Margaux tells Lulu that they have reason to believe the killer might been emulating Ryan, and used info contained in the police files. Lulu asks what kind? but Margaux says she’s asking the questions. When Lulu was doing research, did anything jump out linking the murders, other than Ryan? Lulu says if she’s asking if Ryan put a signature stamp on his crimes, she didn’t notice anything. She says there must have been something if they think this is a copycat. Let her write about it. Margaux says, nice try. Lulu says she could make the killer panic. They’ll slip up, and get caught. Margaux suggests Lulu forget they had this conversation; it’s safer that way. Margaux leaves, and Lulu gets on her laptop. She looks up the files on Ryan.

Ned asks if Olivia thinks Laura will make a better mayor, but she says she thinks he’s spectacular. He wonders why the eleventh-hour change of heart. She says there’s a serial killer who loves public spectacle. Election day is perfect for a public murder, and she doesn’t want him targeted next. He tells her he’s safer than most people. He lives in a huge house with security gates and surveillance cameras; he’s safe. Olivia says, maybe she’s over-exaggerating (isn’t that redundant?) the danger, but maybe it’s a convenient excuse to quit while they’re ahead.

The hearing is back in session. The judge has reached a decision, and says she’s agreed to an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal for twelve months. There will also be appropriate community service and drug counseling. Cameron has a year to prove himself, providing she doesn’t see him in her courtroom again. After that time, the charges will be dropped. The hearing is over, and Cameron asks Elizabeth if he’s on probation for a year.

Elizabeth thanks Alexis. Alexis says she and Drew did the important work. Cameron says, not all of it. He appreciates what Alexis did for him. Alexis says he did it himself. He was very persuasive while under pressure. Franco asks how it feels. Cameron says he won’t lie. Community service and drug counseling are kind of a bummer, but if it keeps him out of juvie and clears his record, he’s all for it. Elizabeth tells him that he’s getting a job to help with legal fees. Franco laughs, and Elizabeth says, Alexis isn’t cheap. Drew tells Cameron to stop by his office. He’ll try to find him a job. Cameron doesn’t know how to thank him, and Drew says he doesn’t have to. Just keep being a good friend to his son. Cameron says maybe the three of them can go hiking, now that Oscar is getting better. Drew says, that would be great, and congratulates him.

Sonny tells Carly it was nice to see Sam. Is there anything he should know? She says Sam is spending time with Jason. Laura tells them, thanks for coming out. They can stay, but if she was them, she’d get out while the getting’s good. Carly knows Laura is going through a difficult time, but she stepped up.  Like everyone else who voted for her, Carly is grateful.

Jordan says the police never made a connection, and Mac says, Lulu never picked up on it. Jordan is no longer sure the killer had access to the police files; it could be a coincidence. Mac says, two killers with the same taste in trophies?

Lulu looks at the victim files, and compares them to Ryan’s.

Olivia tells Ned that she enjoyed being First Lady, but it’s a lot of work, being out, smiling, watching every tweet and word. Living in fishbowl is only suitable for fish, not humans. Ned misses his privacy too, but believes in what they set out to do. So does she. She’s sorry she’s whining, but she’s over it. Public service is hard, but important and worth it. She’s with him all the way. They kiss.

Alexis runs in to The Floating Rib, telling Laura that she just made it to vote. Laura says, every vote counts, especially now. Alexis has a good feeling. She thinks Laura will win. Laura says they’ll find out soon. Everyone looks at the TV.

Tomorrow, nothing would make Finn happier, the voters have spoken, and Mac tells not-Doc that something has to stay between them.

🍕 Tonight’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back featured Shanty on 19th in Allentown, PA. Gordon said it was living up to its name. He disguised himself as a member of the local hockey team, and dined on not-fresh but frozen scallops, sour shrimp, and burnt scallops masquerading as blackened. Hell on Wheels showed everyone such hilarities as the owner’s father spitting in the food – possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on one of Gordon’s shows; and that’s saying a lot – a filthy kitchen, moldy food, sending out raw fries – a big no-no; raw potatoes can make you sick – the owner drinking on the job, and the employees screaming at one another within earshot of the patrons. Chef Kennedy said she wasn’t allowed to make changes, and owner Joe bought cheap stuff, but expected her to make miracles with it. She reminded me of Kim Zolciak’s Chef Tracey, and another one of the kitchen staff looked just like Jesse (Jesse Borrego) from Fame. Joe Sr. said Joe Jr. had a problem delegating authority, which prompted Gordon to say he didn’t have a problem delegating alcohol. BA-DUM-CHH! Joe Sr got the boot almost immediately, after smirking his way through watching his gross behavior on film. Gordon said it was the most dramatic 24 hours yet (yeah, yeah), with an owner who was drinking himself into oblivion and a disempowered chef. He hoped they stayed on point. He said the chef was a delight, and it was the toughest, but most rewarding of his makeovers. We saw a clip of Joe and the restaurant three months in, and he said they were doing fantastic. They learned to communicate, and he’s had to hire more staff because they have so much business. His wife commented on how Gordon fixed their marriage as well, because he is literally all things to all people, and the hardest working man in show business, next to Tyler Perry. Next time, a restaurant in Waterbury, CT, where the owner is exploiting his mother, and a chef is driven to the brink.

🍰 Not a lot happened on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Probably because there were two events that held no drama. Jennifer was disappointed that her husband don’t care about article Jackie wrote, referring to their kids. We got advice from Frank – don’t buy boats. Jackie told Teresa that she’s a grown woman, and Teresa’s behavior at Marge’s wasn’t acceptable. Teresa insisted Jackie came at her first, which is her M.O., and no one else has thrown the situation in her face. We found out that Jackie’s dad did six months away, and both of her parents were on house arrest for IRS fraud. She thought it was amusing. She promised never to bring Juicy Joe up again. Teresa made peace, but in her interview, said, strike two. Frank is helping Teresa with her last three weeks before the fitness competition. He told her to lose twelve more pounds. I guess she’ll have to live on air. Normally, I would be pissed that anyone would tell a woman something like that, especially when it looks like she doesn’t have an ounce of body fat already, but bodybuilders are nuts, and she’s competing, so…  Marge had everyone over – sans Jennifer and Danielle – to her unfinished house, which still looked fabulous. She and Danielle are on the outs after Danielle’s wedding antics. Marge is done, and doesn’t want to have the same fight again. Dolores set up a day of pampering for the ladies from the shelter, and Marge contributed gift baskets. It got me thinking if this was a good or bad thing. Do they suddenly know what they’re missing and life is more of a bummer, or does it give them a goal? Either way, it was definitely a lovely gesture. The other occasion was the promise of engagement party for Jennifer’s brother. Everyone in the family is thrilled, since he’s forty-five, and they were giving up hope. The party was in Turkey, and I always love the traditional family stuff, like on Shahs of Sunset. I also love traveling without leaving my house. Both Jennifer’s and Delores’s spreads were incredible. Jennifer got pissed all over again about the article, and said Jackie has it coming. Next time, we’ll see what comes Jackie’s way, and Marge says she can’t associate with Danielle. Speaking of which…

👯 As Andy Cohen put it, the combo you didn’t know you needed, Danielle Staub and Lindsay Lohan on Watch What Happens Live. Lindsay looked glamorous, like a bombshell babe from the 40s, but Danielle’s face looked… not real. I’m not sure if it was too much Botox and fillers, or the makeup, or a combination of both, but I wasn’t loving the look. A scene from The Parent Trap with Andy and Lindsay on Clubhouse Playhouse was just embarrassing. And not for Lindsay. She also did not plead The Fifth, and according to her, has not even met Jax, much less hooked up with him.

💸 Dorit and PK (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) will be clients on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Should be interesting. Those two are a trip. I wonder if Boy George will make an appearance.

🐮 Sweet Home is now on Wednesdays at 10 pm. I hope it does well in this slot, but I assume anything does better when not in the Friday night death knell spot. I’m loving this show just as much as I did their original Sweet Home Oklahoma. Tubbers, Pumps, and man-bunned Josh are still just as much a part of it, and that’s all that matters. A nice addition has been the street interviews with Oklahomans, asking about everything from drag queens to current events. This show is prime.

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December 19, 2018 – Margaux Rescues Mike, Bimini Wasted, Sweet Move, My Delay & It’s Closer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Why even say it today?

Sonny tells everyone that Mike and Yvonne are at club Gemini. Carly says they broke out to listen to jazz? Marcus says they didn’t both break out; it was Sonny’s father. Sonny says his father probably didn’t know where he was going. Sonny wants to pick them up, and assumes Marcus is coming, Marcus says he is. He wants to see that Yvonne is okay. Sonny says she’s not in any danger, and Marcus says, not anymore. Sonny asks Jason to take Carly home, and leaves with Marcus. Carly tells Jason, of all people to rescue Mike; it’s Sonny’s new best friend, the DA.

In the interrogation room, Cameron explains that he and Josslyn were at Charlie’s, trying to figure out what Oscar could eat. They looked online, and found out that weed helps sick people have an appetite, but Alexis knows how long it takes for an application to be approved. Alexis says, a long time, and not long enough for Oscar. Elizabeth says there are going to be serious ramifications. Cameron asks if he’s going to jail.

Nina leaves Sasha a message, hoping she got to Chappaqua okay, and telling Sasha that she misses her. Valentin brings in some wood, and Nina asks when he started bringing in his own firewood. He tells her that he’s going for the brawny everyman. She says he’s a lot of things, but not an everyman. He says he heard her leaving Sasha a message. Nina says it’s not like she’s not going to see Sasha again. Valentin says have dinner with him, and she asks if it’s an invitation or demand. He says, whatever works. She opens the terrace doors, looks outside, and tells him, yes. She just wanted to check for an impending storm to strand them. Valentin says, no storm. Just him, her, the fire, and food. Nina says, and wine? He says, and wine. She says she’ll stay.

Sam asks Kristina if she wants to talk. Kristina says, no, then tells Sam that she completely humiliated herself. She tried to kiss someone who’s clearly not into her that way. Sam says maybe it’s not as bad as she thinks, but Kristina says, it was, and the worst part was coming home to her. Sam is like, thanks, and Kristina says Sam has a guy who loves her. She loves him back, and for reasons no one understands, refuses to be with him.

The doorman tells Mike, no cover, no entry. Yvonne asks if they’re in trouble. Mike says, what for? They’re just trying have fun. Margaux approaches, and asks if he needs help. She tells him that he knows her; they go way back. Mike asks if she works for the club, and she says, no, but she has some pull. She tells the doorman, how about going inside and getting them a table? He goes in, and Mike tells Yvonne that he told her it would work out all right. Marcus and Sonny show up, and Marcus asks if Yvonne is okay. Mike asks who the hell he thinks he is, and Marcus says, her damn husband.

Yvonne asks what’s going on. Marcus says, everything is fine. It’s him; Marcus. She says she doesn’t know a Marcus, and doesn’t know him, and Mike tells him, back off. Yvonne asks when the trio is going on. Sonny suggests they skip the club tonight. Margaux wants to ask Mike a question, and Sonny says this is no time for that. She asks him to trust her, and asks Mike who the greatest jazz pianist is; the first five in ascending order. Is he up to the challenge? He says, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans – Yvonne interrupts, saying she can’t believe he put Evans ahead of Monk. Mike switches them, and says, and the top one… And yes, I missed it, but he and Margaux said it together.

Jason asks Carly if she’s okay, and she says, no; she’s scared. He says, of Margaux? and she says, of where this is headed. If Sonny does this again, and gets with that woman, she won’t take him back. She won’t be able to.

Nina can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. Valentin says it sneaks up on you. She says it’s sparkly and magical, and the whole world glows. Valentin adds that everything smells good. She asks what he got Charlotte, and he says, what didn’t he get, but he thinks her favorite gift came from Nina. Nina says she didn’t get anything yet, but he says it was a doll she gave Charlotte when they first moved in. She told Charlotte, it’s easier to move with a friend. Valentin appreciated it, and Charlotte did too. Nina says it was the night of their first kiss. She’s not counting their one-night stand. He is. He’s glad it turned into so much more. She’s about to kiss him, and he says he’s tired, and she is too. Let’s call it a night.

Cameron tells Alexis that he texted Weed Guy to tell him the deal was off, but Weed Guy kept texting him, so Cameron went to meet him. Not to buy anything, but tell him in person the deal was off. Weed Guy said he couldn’t back out, and still owed the money, so he gave in. As he was handing it over, the cops showed up. Elizabeth asks why he didn’t just walk away. Alexis says she’s going to check on the charges, and see what they’re dealing with. Cameron swears he was trying to do something good. Elizabeth hugs him. She knows his intentions were good, but he not only broke the law, from a medical standpoint, it could have turned out badly. They don’t know how it would interact with Oscar’s condition or treatment. Introducing something new without approval could have been life threatening. Cameron asks if Oscar could have died, but Elizabeth is just saying they needed more information. That’s the reason fifteen-year-olds aren’t allowed to vote or buy alcohol. Cameron says, because they’re idiots, and Elizabeth says, they don’t think things through.Actions have consequences. The next time he has an idea, come to them. Franco says they promise to try and understand. Elizabeth says they’ll help him. Cameron tells them that he’s sorry, and Elizabeth knows he is. Alexis comes back, and Cameron asks how much trouble he’s in. She says she’ll talk him through what happens next.

Sam asks Kristina how this got to be about her and Jason. Kristina tells her to explain one more time why she and Jason aren’t together. Sam says, for one, Drew. She’s not throwing the relationship in his face while he’s dealing with Oscar. Kristina makes a sound like the wrong answer on a game show, and says they’re all adults. Sam says Danny; it’s confusing. Kristina makes the wrong answer sound again, and Sam asks what that noise is; it’s annoying. She tells Kristina, not to mention their mom is already concerned and has enough to deal with. Kristina says she’s grasping at straws. What’s next? Too dangerous? Sam sys she never said that, and Kristina asks, then why is she afraid to be with him? She says she’s not. She just needs to be sure of herself, so can be with him and still be her, if that makes sense. Kristina says, it does. Sam asks what Kristina is doing with herself, and Kristina has no idea, but she’s open to suggestions.

Nina asks Valentin, what just happened? She was about to kiss him, and he freaked out. He says he didn’t freak, he just said she should be leaving. She asks, why? Valentin says she knows he loves her. He’s desperate to kiss her, and wants sleep with her every night, waking up to find her there. But she’s said time and again it’s not what she wants. He’s being a gentleman. She thanks him, but isn’t it her decision? He says she already made it. She says, maybe she hasn’t. Is it up to her? He says it will always be up to her. Every time he’s with her, he wishes for something real, but it doesn’t happen, and he deals with it. He doesn’t want to have her if means she wakes up with regret. Nina says she’s not going to do that. She thinks he’s learned his lesson and won’t hurt her again.

Marcus says Yvonne must be tired. Is she ready to head back? She says Mike will take her, and Mike says, after the session. Marcus tells Yvonne, he can’t tell her how worried he was. She asks, why? and he says because she’s not supposed to be here. She says he doesn’t know her. Sonny tells Margaux that he wouldn’t have guessed she’s into jazz; you learn something new every day. she says, if you’re lucky. What about him? He says he had to acquire a taste for it. He was dating a girl in the 90s. She says, it always comes back to a girl, and he says, usually. She thanks the doorman for playing along, and he says they seem like nice enough people. Mike calls Sonny over, and Yvonne asks if she did something wrong. Marcus says, not her. A cop is there, and he says this man kidnapped his wife. He wants Mike arrested.

Carly tells Jason that they both know what happens when Sonny gets soft. Jason says, he feels sorry for Margaux, but doesn’t have to be that. She says, what if it is? He’s always been attracted to weaker women, and what happens every time?  Jason says, they fail him, and he comes back. Carly says, what if it turns into something else, and Margaux fails him. Where is Sonny going to go? She won’t be there for him. She’ll be done.

Alexis tells Cameron that he’s being released in his mother’s custody. They’re preparing the paperwork. Franco thought weed was legal, but Alexis says, it’s decriminalized. He’ll have to appear before a judge, who will figure out his punishment. She tells Cameron, in the meantime, no matter how well-intended, don’t bend, break, or misuse the law. Cameron asks if this is good, and she says, it’s better than jail. On her way out, she says he’s a good friend. Elizabeth says, a good friend who messed up big time.

Sonny asks to talk to Marcus. He says Marcus doesn’t want to do this. Marcus says he didn’t want his wife taken without consent. Sonny says Mike’s not in his right mind. Does Marcus want him to suffer for having Alzheimer’s. Marcus says it’s not about his father; it’s about his wife. Mike’s illness isn’t as advanced. He can still do things like this. Yvonne just goes along. She doesn’t know what’s right, true, real, or an unsafe situation. It’s not okay, whether Mike knows what doing or not. Sonny isn’t disagreeing, but hauling Mike into jail isn’t the answer. Yvonne asks Marcus if they can go home; she’s tired. He hugs her. Margaux thinks that’s a good idea. She tells Sonny to take Mike home. She’ll talk to Marcus. Mike tells Sonny it’s too bad he and his friend couldn’t join them. They would have had a good time. Sonny pats Mike’s back, and says, come on, pop.

Carly tells Jason that if Sonny disrespects his marriage and family, they’ll have to live with the loss. Jason takes Carly’s hand and says she’s never failed him. They have each other, and if the worst happens, they’ll deal with it, but believe it’s not going to happen. She says, all the signs are there. Jason says Sonny killed Margaux’s dad, and feels guilty. That makes him vulnerable, but there’s a difference between vulnerable and doing something stupid; throwing away everything that matters. He’s not going to do that. She asks what she’s supposed to do. Jason says, watch and wait. He knows she can be patient, and he’s asking her to because this is killing Sonny. He’s losing Mike little by little. She asks who’s standing by his side, and he says, she is, but it’s the toughest thing Sonny ever had to deal with. He needs her to get him through it. Carly says, fine, but if he sees Sonny taking things with Margaux too far, he has to promise to tell her.

Back home, Mike tells Sonny that he’s disappointed for Yvonne. She was so excited. He was too. Sonny says he’ll help Mike figure out some way to make it up to her. He says Mike knows he’s not supposed to take her out of the facility. Mrs. Godfrey isn’t like him, and can’t leave. Mike says, Mrs. Godfrey? and Sonny says that’s her full name. Her husband was very anxious when he found out she was missing. Mike asks if he knew she was married, and Sonny says he did. Mike says, sorry, and Carly tells him not to be. She suggests he go upstairs, clean up, and rest. It’s been a long day.

Jason asks Sonny how Margaux found them. Sonny says they were going into a club, and she saw him arguing with the bouncer. He doesn’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t shown up.

At Turning Woods, Margaux asks Marcus if Yvonne is okay. He says, safe and sound. She asks Marcus to sit with her. She understands the day was terrifying, but pressing charges against a sick man won’t help. He’ll have to prove Yvonne left against her will, or worse, that she’s incapable of making her own choices. Does he thinks that’s good for her in her condition? He doesn’t know what to do, and she tells him maybe think what Yvonne would want. Mike’s only crime was in doing something nice for her. Does Marcus think Yvonne would want him punished for that?

Alexis goes to Sam’s place. She tells Sam and Kristina that she was just at the police station with Cameron. He came up with the idea to make pot brownies for Oscar, but unfortunately, got arrested. Sam says it was poor judgement, but his heart was in the right place. Alexis tells Kristina that Cameron said he and Josslyn came up with the idea at Charlie’s, where she works. Did she tell them Alexis had pot when she was under chemo, and give him the idea. Kristina says, unbelievable. She didn’t see them, and didn’t tell them anything, but that’s the first place Alexis’s mind went. Never mind they could have looked it up. She just assumed it was Kristina making a bad decision. Good to know some things never change. She stomps upstairs.

Cameron takes it he’s grounded for the foreseeable future. He asks if Elizabeth is disappointed, and she says she’s worried. A lifetime of never being in trouble, and now she’s had to pick him up at the police station twice in a month. She understands, but he needs to pull his weight; not just words, but actions. He says he’ll be better. She hopes so. Franco tells him that they’ll work it out. Elizabeth tells Cameron that he has to sign the papers. Franco tells Elizabeth that Cameron did good, and she says, he learned. Franco kisses her forehead, and Cameron watches.

Nina says she blames Valentin for things that can’t be his fault. She wants to keep him away because she loves him. She’s never denied that. She tells him that she just needs to talk, so shh. He’s made her happier than she’s ever been. When he’s hurt her, it wasn’t deliberate or intentional. You’d think she’d be happy to be without him, or it would bring less pain, but she still feels it, She has feelings for him. She starts to cry, saying, she can’t stop loving him, so she’s doing the hurting. She’s hurting herself, but keeping them apart makes her unhappy, as well as him and Charlotte. There’s no reason for it. She asks if he still loves her, and he says like he never loved anyone. She says she never asked him to be perfect, and thank God, he never asked her to be. It comes down to that she’s happier with him in her life than she is without him. She’s going to take a leap of faith. Valentin says she’s done that, and regretted it. Nina says she never regretted it – ever. She still doesn’t. Valentin asks if sure. She grabs his face, and kisses him.

Mike comes downstairs. Carly asks what he’s doing; he’s supposed to be resting. He says he tried. He can’t stop thinking about what happened, and feels awful. Sonny tells him, don’t do that, and Carly says he was just trying make Yvonne happy. Jason says they can’t fault him for that. Mike wants to figure out some way to say he’s sorry. Sonny says he’ll help him. Carly says they all will.

Nina and Valentin get busy, and there’s a song part.

Elizabeth asks if Cameron is ready to go, and they leave the station.

Sam tells Alexis, sorry; it’s rough on both of them. Alexis asks how she can love someone so much and be incapable of communication? Sam says Kristina loves her too. She’s just going through a lot of crap right now. This didn’t help, but for whatever reason Kristina is giving Alexis grief, pushing against her is Kristina’s biggest motivator. Alexis says, lucky her, and Sam says it’s just Kristina’s thing. Alexis says she has her things too. She asks Sam if she should go upstairs, but Sam says, no give. Give her some space. She thinks Alexis should go, and hopefully, Kristina will accept her apology. Alexis says she won’t hold her breath. She tells Sam she loves her, and to tell Kristina the same.

Kristina calls Daisy. She says she hopes Daisy meant it when she said Kristina was always welcome to stay. She wants to take Daisy up on it; she’s ready. Sam sees another message from Linda Black. It says, I want to help you.

Margaux calls Sonny and asks how his father is doing. Sonny says, he’s resting now. She says she got Marcus to back off Mike. Sonny says that’s a huge relief. He’ll let his dad know. She tells him that he’s saying that like he’s off the hook; he’s not. The trio was one night only, and won’t be back for a year. He says he’ll make sure she has a front row seat next time. She says, that’s more like it. He says he appreciates what she did for his dad. He owes her.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Brad to stop torturing himself, Maxie tells Peter that Nathan wouldn’t want his mother going to prison, and Nina tells Valentin that she knows everything.

🚤 On Real Housewives of New Jersey, the girls and their guys, sans Joe #1, who’s away, went to Bimini. Apparently, Marty’s kids aren’t crazy about Danielle, who thinks they need to give her respect, or get out of her space. As usual, a gorgeous island was wasted on a bunch of harridans, and there were spats, along with Danielle acting all Bridezilla. The Marge wondered if that was even allowed the third time around. Juicy Joe (#2) couldn’t deal with Teresa and Melissa anymore. Teresa felt like Melissa should have had her back when Jackie commented on her husband, otherwise known as Joe #1, Not-So Juicy Joe, or Jailed Joe. She also didn’t want Joe to have any regrets after their father is gone, since she lost a year (when she was away) of time with their mother. Joe #2 said family is everything, Teresa came to the conclusion they should stick together, and the three of them hugged it out.

🏡 Sweet Home is moving to Saturday at 9 pm, but won’t be on this weekend. This is a really cute show. A reboot of Sweet Home Oklahoma, it’s much the same show, with Jennifer Welch at the forefront, and Tubbers, Pumps, and ex-husband Josh – the only man allowed a man-bun – as her sidekicks. The focus is also on Jennifer’s interior design business. She’s good at what she does, but also puts an interesting spin on things. Last week, she was renovating a house, once owned by a locally famous late drag queen, for her parents. As a surprise for her mother, she got a group of drag queens, who’d known the previous owner, to begin the demo. A nice departure from screeching Wives, Sweet Home is a hybrid of an HGTV program coupled with family-style reality, and it’s a perfect blend.

🐶 Why I’m Always Tardy For the Party GH

In her golden years, my little princess likes to take her sweet time eating lunch, as she’s being hand-fed.


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