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December 17, 2018 – What’s In Those Brownies, Tales of James, Million Returns,Villains, Some Lala & Tuesday Morning


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the first minute or so. I swear, I could get up at the crack of dawn, and I’d still be running late.

Cameron asks Oscar how he’s feeling. Oscar says, not great but also not horrific. Cameron ask if there’s anything he can do, but Oscar says there’s not much anyone can do until they know how the trial is going. Cameron gets a text: Meet me in Charlie’s parking lot. Bring $$.

Franco brings the brownies to the hospital. He sees Josslyn and asks if he wants one. She asks what inspired him to bake them, and he says Cameron baked them; for the bake sale at school. She asks, what bake sale?

Sonny tells Carly they should take his dad home before he gets fuzzier. Carly says he’s a little preoccupied; give them minute. Marcus walks in as Mike kisses Yvonne. Marcus asks what Mike thinks he’s doing, and gets in Mike’s face. Sonny steps between them. He knows Marcus is upset, but asks him to back off. Mike says he can take care of himself. A staff member comes in, and asks if there’s a problem, but Sonny says it’s just a misunderstanding. They can take care of it. Marcus says this is totally unacceptable. Carly understands, and promises they’ll figure it out. Yvonne says Mike is her boyfriend; they’re going steady. She says he gave her this, and shows them her hospital bracelet. Marcus takes her aside.

Lulu tells Charlotte to go look at the tree, and Charlotte figures that means they want to talk about her. Elizabeth is shocked that Charlotte is the one who’s been bullying Aiden. Laura says she figured it out after she talked to Aiden, then talked to Lulu. Lulu says she and Valentin told Charlotte under no uncertain term I was unacceptable, and just plain wrong. Charlotte is very sorry, and wants Aiden to know that. Elizabeth is having a hard time processing. Why would Charlotte be so mean to him? Lulu isn’t sure. Charlotte said he’s different and sensitive, and that she was trying to help him. Elizabeth asks how? Why does she thinks he needs to fit in? Lulu isn’t sure, and Laura says now that it’s out in the open, maybe he’ll tell them more.

Jason tells Danny, maybe his mom can explain. She knows better about Santa. Danny asks if this is like Halloween, where Jason didn’t remember stuff because of his accident. Sam tells Danny that sometimes Santa and his elves need extra help. That’s how every kid in the world gets presents. Danny says, so he’s like an elf? and she says, he’s Santa’s helper – and Santa notices.

Franco tells Josslyn, it’s the drama club bake sale. Josslyn says she hasn’t heard about it. Why would Cameron be baking something? He’s not in the drama club. It would conflict with his soccer practice. Maybe he’s trying to be nice. Franco says, so she knows nothing about the bake sale or Cameron being affiliated with the drama club? Josslyn says she’s been out of touch. She’s been with Oscar, and been busy with school, so she doesn’t know either.

Sam suggests a visit to Santa. Danny asks if she means just her and him, or all three of them. Jason tells Sam if he wants him there, he’ll go, and Sam says they’ll talk later. Danny asks if dad is coming home with them. Sam looks at Jason, and says, yes? Jason says, yes, and Danny says, it’s the best day ever. He wishes they could always be like this.

Marcus tells Yvonne that all residents wear a bracelet; for safety reasons. The two of them wear wedding bands for the love they share. They live together. Mike asks Sonny if it’s true Yvonne is married. She doesn’t know this man. Sonny knows it’s hard, and Mike says he doesn’t know a damn thing.

Marcus tells Sonny that his father was kissing his wife. Sonny says his father didn’t know; his memory is diminishing. Marcus insists Mike is manipulating Yvonne, and has no respect or regard for their marriage. He wants her for himself, plain and simple.

Back at Sam’s place, Jason tells Sam that she has to tell him what Scout and Danny want. She says he doesn’t have to buy all of the kids gifts. Her phone dings, and Jason asks if she’s waiting for something important. She looks at her phone, and he says, not it? She says, no, and he asks if she wants to talk about it. She says, what? and he says, what’s bothering her. She seems flustered. It must be important.

Elizabeth tells Aiden that Charlotte has something important to say to him. Aiden wants to go back to his room, but she says it’s important he hear Charlotte out. Charlotte says she’s sorry she hurt his feelings. She didn’t mean to. She thought he would get along better if she told him what to do. She was kidding sometimes, but she guesses he didn’t think it was funny. There’s no excuse, and she was wrong. Lulu asks if he accepts her apology.

On the phone, Franco says he’s calling on behalf of Cameron’s mother, and wonders if he could speak to someone in the drama department.

Cameron texts: Told u deal’s off. He tells Oscar it’s nothing important. Oscar wasn’t paying attention anyway, and apologizes if he nods off in the middle of a sentence; the treatment makes him tired. Cameron says he’s forgiven. Josslyn comes back, and Oscar asks why she didn’t tell him that he snores. She says, he doesn’t – much. Josslyn asks Cameron if he joined drama club. Oscar laughs, and Cameron says he can be dramatic. Josslyn tells Cameron that Franco said he’d baked brownies for a drama club bake sale. Cameron asks where Franco is, and Josslyn says, outside, with the brownies. She grabbed one for Oscar. She hopes he doesn’t mind.

Sam tells Jason, the fact that he picked up on it, is an indication that she’s more worried than she’d like to admit. She asks if he remembers a con she used to run. She would marry older guys, using an alias, wipe out their accounts, and disappear. He says, yeah, and she says, someone who knows tracked her down.

Josslyn says the brownies must be delicious. It’s the most she’s seen Oscar eat. Oscar wishes he felt hungry, and Josslyn asks what the secret is. Cameron says he used a family recipe – enjoy. He’s got to find Franco, and tell him that he’s confused about a couple of things. He leaves.

Out by the nurses’ station, Franco tells Cameron that he ran out so quick, he forgot these, showing him the plate of brownies. Cameron says Oscar ate a couple of nibbles, so that’s good. Franco says he’s confused. Laura was under the impression that Cameron made them for a drama club bake sale. Cameron says that’s what he told her that he was doing. He gets a text: Don’t care if u don’t want merch <weed emoji>. Still want $. Waiting for u.

Carly tells Marcus, no one is in control, least of all Mike and Yvonne; they both have Alzheimer’s. It’s painful and horrible, but they can make it more bearable by showing each other compassion. Marcus says the only compassion he has is for his wife. He leads Yvonne away. Sonny tells Mike that he has to talk to him about something. Yvonne asks Marcus if she did something wrong. There was mistletoe. Is she going to get kicked out for kissing? She starts to cry, but he tells her that she’ not in trouble. He just wanted show her something. It’s their wedding picture. She’s his wife, and has been for thirty years. Sonny tells Mike, the thing is, that’s Yvonne’s husband. Mike tells Sonny, she didn’t say she was marred. Carly says she doesn’t think Yvonne remembers. Mike says he didn’t know, and Sonny says maybe he wanted to forget. Mike asks if Sonny thinks he forgot on purpose to make time with Yvonne? Is that how little Sonny thinks of him?

Jason looks at Leland’s obituary. Sam says Curtis is investigating some interesting stuff. There’s nothing definitive, but the email address attached to the paper is under the name of one of her own aliases, Linda Black. Jason says someone is messing with her; did she reach out? She says she emailed, but hasn’t heard back. Jason asks if that’s why she keeps checking her phone. Sam hates to look back on that part of her life. Jason says she’s not that person anymore. She’s learned from it and moved on. Whoever is behind it, they’ll deal with them. If somebody is trying to shake her down or hurt her, they’ll stop them. Sam tells him, easy. She doesn’t know if they have an agenda. She’s not afraid; she’s more annoyed. Jason asks how long it’s been since she reached out, and she says, yesterday. It’s already taken too much of her time. She’s not attaching her phone to her hip. Jason says they’re making her wait on purpose to get in her head. Sam says she’s not playing their games because she can’t be controlled, especially when she has important business to conduct. Jason asks, what would that be? and they gaze at one another.

Marcus shows Yvonne pictures, and asks if she knows the people. She says, they’re his friends? He says, their friends. They were so young; maybe that’s why she doesn’t recognize them. He tells her to look closely, and asks if she recognizes the guy next to her. She says, it’s him. How could she not? Her big brother. He puts his arm around her.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s not trying to make him feel bad; he wants what’s best. Carly says they believe him. Mike says they think he pretends to forget. Sonny says he’s done it before. In September, when the DA and the commissioner was breathing down Sonny’s back. Mike says he doesn’t know what Sonny is talking about. Carly tells Mike that she thinks Sonny doesn’t want anyone feeling hurt any more than they already are. Yvonne doesn’t remember she’s married. It has to be hard on Marcus, and tough on Yvonne. Maybe Mike could remind her that she’s married if she forgets. She knows Yvonne cares for Mike. Mike says he can’t remember anything for her, or even himself. Trying to hold on to facts, is like trying hold on to snowflakes. Yvonne wants Mike to take her back to her room. Marcus follows.

Lulu asks Charlotte what else she has to say. Charlotte says she won’t tease Aiden. She promises. She’s done trying to change him. He says, okay, and she asks if that’s all he can say. She just apologized, but he didn’t say he forgave her. Lulu asks, how about it? Charlotte sincerely apologized. Aiden accepts Charlotte’s apology, and she thanks him. He ask if he can go, and when Elizabeth says he can, he jets.   Charlotte asks Lulu if she and her papa are proud of her now. Lulu says she’s proud, and knows Charlotte’s papa would be too. Laura says it’s big of her, and it’s appreciated so much. It’s important to take responsibility for our actions. Elizabeth agrees, and thanks her. Charlotte is glad she made Aiden feel better.

Oscar asks Josslyn about volleyball practice. She says he must be tired of her hovering all the time. Just ignore her. She’s not trying to smother him, but it’s hard; she loves him so much. She promises to do better. Oscar doesn’t mind, but he hates her worrying so much. She gets it. She gets annoyed when people are worried. She asks if he remembers when her mom was in Ferncliff, and he was worried? Now she sees it from the other end.

Cameron tells Franco that he did bake them for the drama club. Not because he’s in it. There’s a really cute girl, kind of artsy – in a good way – who told him about the bake sale. He thought he’d help out. Franco says he brought them to the school, and he knows there’s no bake sale. Cameron says, that’s the problem. The artsy girl is kind of weird, and wasn’t clear. They were just thinking about having a bake sale, so he baked them for nothing. At least Oscar got a bite. Franco asks Cameron if he’s nervous. Cameron says he has somewhere to be, and jets. Franco sees that Cameron forgot his phone, and calls after him, but Cameron is gone. Franco struggles with himself, then looks at it. He sees texts, and says, oh, dude.

Oscar says they’re good brownies. Is she sure she doesn’t want some. He can’t believe Cameron baked them for him. Josslyn says Cameron is deeper than people give credit for, especially Cameron himself. I’m just going to say it. Either there is no weed in the brownies, Cameron didn’t know how to bake them right, or no one realizes they’re high.

Aiden asks Elizabeth if Charlotte is gone. She asks if he wants to talk about anything, but he says, no thanks. She asks if it’s okay if she talks; it’s kind of important to her. He says, okay. She says she wants make sure he knows that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed. If someone is making him feel bad, he has Franco and his brothers to talk to. She loves him, and wants take care of him. He says he can take care of himself, and she says she knows that, but they have his back too. He’s the most wonderful boy with the biggest heart. Never let anyone tell him different. They cuddle, and she tells him that she loves him. She says it’s over now, and everything’s going to be okay. Aiden says, yeah, but doesn’t seem convincing. He runs upstairs.

Carly tells Marcus that they’re sorry about what happened earlier. Sonny asks where his father is, and Marcus says, in the screening room. He wasn’t about to put his wife in jeopardy, sitting in a dark room with Mike. Sonny says Marcus has to believe Mike didn’t know. Carly says maybe they should talk to Stella. With her insight, she’ll know what to do. Marcus hopes she has answers. He’ll be around more, so they’ll both remember who he is. Sonny knows he’s upset, but it’s a helluva thing. Marcus leaves, and Carly thinks they should take Mike home to watch the movie. They have the DVD, and they could all use some Christmas spirit.

Sam tells Jason, in the interest of teaching Danny the spirit of giving, she has something special. She goes upstairs, and Jason looks at the tree. He flashes back to when we were all a lot younger, and he and Sam brought home a Christmas tree. He tells her that she’s the only one who could go to the tree lot, determined get the biggest tree in the world, and get this. She says she felt sorry for it. It needs love, just like her. Sam comes back down, showing Jason a stocking with DADDY in glitter on the fur. Jason says it’s amazing. He wants to thank Danny, but she says, that’s the catch. Jason isn’t supposed to know it’s from him. She’s trying to teach him true generosity doesn’t expect anything in return. He tells her, the daddy part is a dead giveaway. She loves seeing Jason happy. Last Christmas, everything was muddled. Now, the kids are comfortable, and here he is. She was wondering if he could take a small part of his day and spend part of Christmas wit them. He says, of course. She tells him that he never says what he wants, and it’s impossible to figure out; Jason says he’ll prove it’s not impossible. What he wants for Christmas is just to spend the day with her.

Lulu and Charlotte go for ice cream. Lulu asks if Charlotte feels better, now that she apologized. Charlotte is glad she could be nice. Lulu is sure Aiden is happy that he won’t be bullied anymore, and Charlotte says, not by her, but there are other kids who think he’s weird too.

Aiden plays a video game. At the end, it says, you’re a loser Aiden. He closes the laptop.

Back at home, Franco looks at the phone. Elizabeth comes in. He says he needs to tell her something, but she’s not going to like it.

Cameron waits outside Charlie’s. He realizes his phone is gone.

Josslyn knows Cameron wants to help Oscar. Oscar thinks Cameron wants him well so he can kick his butt. Josslyn says the one time, Oscar beat Cameron up. Oscar says he was too embarrassed to admit it, but when Cameron said it was a sucker punch, he was right. Josslyn says it was stupid, and Oscar says it wasn’t. They were fighting over her. She says, exactly. It’s not up to them who she chooses. It’s up to her, and she chose him. She kisses him.

Carly tells the desk that Mike was supposed to be in the screening room. Sonny says he’s not there. The guy at the desk (the same guy who asked if everything was okay – apparently, they’re understaffed) says they’ll track him down. Marcus comes in, and says Yvonne isn’t in her room, but her bracelet was.

Sam says, Jason’s Christmas wish is to spend the day with her? He says, that’s it, and she says she doesn’t know how to fit it in the stocking. She says he might be more specific, and Jason says it’s up to her. They don’t have to do anything special. They can do whatever she wants for the kids. They don’t have to do anything extra for him. Just being with her, making breakfast, going for a walk, putting the toys together; whatever, as long as he’s with her. It’s the perfect present. Sam thinks that can be arranged. They get thisclose to kissing, and we’re out.

Tomorrow, Franco tells Elizabeth he has news she’s not going to like, Jordan asks Margaux if she’s defending Sonny, and Sam hears from “Linda Black.”

Vanderpump Rules

James says he’s a star. Katie tells him to pull up his pants. He says she shouldn’t be wearing those shorts; they’re not very flattering. As he walks away, he says, lose some effing weight. Kristen says she’s sober, but ready for a drink. Raquel tells Scheana that she doesn’t know what to believe. Hope isn’t a reliable source. Scheana doesn’t know what to believe either. In her interview, she says Hope isn’t to be trusted, but James cheats all the time. Raquel thinks he broke Hope’s heart, so now Hope is coming for her. In Scheana’s interview, she thinks Hope is exaggerating, but she’s not saying she’s lying. She adores Raquel. She’s new, and Scheana feels the need to be big sis. She tells Raquel that she doesn’t know what’s true.

Lisa walks down the street, hoping things are going as well at the other end. She gets to SUR, and asks Jax why the line is so long. He says they want to see her. Raquel talks to Hope. In her interview, Raquel doesn’t know what to do. If she believes James, she has to stand up for her boyfriend, but if she believes Hope, she has to break up with him. She asks Hope what went down at Coachella, and Hope says that was a minimal part of the big picture. James would tell her that he and Raquel weren’t really together. They had a falling out in November, and Hope thinks it was because he was afraid Raquel would find out. She’s been sleeping with him for years. She thinks Raquel is a beautiful person with a good heart. James is a horrible person, and Raquel isn’t. Raquel wants more proof. Because she is also a clueless person.

Stassi orders drinks from Jax. He asks what’s going on, and she tells him what James said. She says he’s said ridiculous sh*t to all of them. James blows in, demanding a lemon drop and a Pumptini. Stassi tells him to get out, and Billie carts him off, as he makes a suggestion about a dildo to Stassi. Stassi says she wishes. In her interview, Stassi says, if you took a bad James Bond villain, made him all sweaty and drunk on Fireball, and he was played by an emaciated Muppet, he would be less annoying than James Kennedy.

Lisa sees James, and tells him, don’t be drinking. He wants to know where Raquel is. In Lisa’s interview, she says he seems agitated and frenetic. Sometimes it’s best to let things be. If she talks to him right now, they’ll end up in a bloody row. She tells Raquel that James is on the edge. Raquel asks if he’s been drinking. Lisa says he has, and tells her to make sure he doesn’t have another sip. She’s sorry for the pressure, but she doesn’t want to deal with him.

Raquel tells James that Hope claimed she slept with him multiple times. He says, lies. Next. Raquel asks if he would tell her, and he says, tell that whore to go screw herself. Raquel says he’s getting way angry. In her interview, Raquel says she’s sick of girls walking in with accusations, saying they slept with her boyfriend. My advice is, get a new boyfriend, but she says the bottom line is, she wants to stay with James.

Lying on the couch, Schwartz asks Katie why they do it to themselves. Those half shots add up. Why do half shots when you do double the amount? Katie runs a blender, and he’s like, please, my head. She does it again, and he says he can’t take all that healthiness. Katie says Pride was intense. Schwartz says he loved Pride. She says it was fun until James got drunk, and tells him what James said. She says James looked at her body in disgust, and Schwartz says James has anger management issues. He went off on everyone. Katie says, she’s not okay with it. It can’t keep happening. In her interview, she says she’s not going to feel bad just because James feels rage, and has the gumption (yes, she used that word) to say gross words. We flash back for the second time. Schwartz says he’d give her a hug, but he can’t move. She comes over to him. He gets up, and he’s wearing a housedress. He says, it’s a mumu day, and he’s sorry James is an effing a-hole.

James puts together piece of furniture. Raquel says Pride was hectic. James says it was so much fun, then it was like he got hit by a bus. He thinks it’s bullsh*t the way they come for him. Raquel thinks it’s more like they came for her. In his interview, James claims he hasn’t had sex with Hope since he’s been with Raquel. Raquel says she’d want to know if he cheated. James’s phone rings. It’s Peter, who has to disinvite James to his birthday party. The way he was acting in the parking lot isn’t conducive to tonight. In James’s interview, he says it feels horrible. He guesses too much booze led to consequences. He tells Peter, happy birthday, and hopes he has a great night. Raquel says, actions have consequences. Remember that. He says it snuck up on him; Tom’s drinks don’t taste like alcohol. The next thing he knew, he was wasted. Raquel says she doesn’t love the guy he becomes when the drinking gets out of hand. She doesn’t want him to get fired, and Lisa wasn’t happy when she saw him. In her interview, Raquel says she wants him to stop drinking completely. Good luck with that.

Harrison! Lisa goes into SUR before hours, and Peter says Pride was a success. Teddi Mellencamp joins her, and Lisa introduces Teddi to Peter. Teddi says she hasn’t seen Lisa since… Lisa says it’s easier if she doesn’t talk about it. In her interview, Lisa says, normally, she knows how to cope, but since her brother passed away she doesn’t know how handle daily life. At first, she was a mess, and didn’t want to go out Teddi asks if Lisa remembers meeting her brother. He wants to officially move to L.A., and she was wondering if he could get an interview. He needs to make money, but also needs to meet people. Lisa asks Peter if they don’t need barbacks or bussers, and Peter says they can always use an extra hand. In a few years, her brother could be like him. He leaves, and Lisa says she’s sure if he’s related to Teddi, she’ll like him. She tells Teddi that she misses her brother. Teddi is sorry, and Lisa asks how many siblings Teddi has; it was just her and her brother. Teddi says there are five. She tells Lisa that she’s a good person; a kind person. Her brother knew how much he was loved, and it had nothing to do with her. In Lisa’s interview, she says she took a few weeks, but maybe it wasn’t long enough. Unexpected feelings surface, and she has to deal with it and keep going. She doesn’t really want to talk about it. I totally get the unexpected feelings. Grief can strike at odd moments. She tells Teddi that she’s happy to meet her brother and give him an interview.

Time for the birthday party. Scheana walks in with Adam. In her interview, Britanny says it’s surprising, after Scheana tried to hook her and Adam. Although she thought Scheana liked him, so not that surprising. Tom’s dad, Tony, joins the crowd. In Jax’s interview, he says that he loves hanging out with Tony. He never looks at him like Tom’s dad. He’s like one of the guys, and doesn’t look like a dad. The guys wonder who taught who to pose, and Tony mimics Tom’s squinting into the sun. He says he brought five pairs of shoes, and Tom is giving him sh*t for it. Kristen brings in a bunch of balloons. Peter arrives. Schwartz tries to inhale helium, and the balloon breaks, popping in his face.

Brittany asks for Scheana’s input about James. Scheana thinks Hope and James hooked up, but she’s not sure if Hope is telling the truth. She goes back and forth so much, Stassi wants her to clarify. Scheana says she’s always wanted to act like everything is okay when it’s not, but she’s not doing that anymore. In her interview, Stassi says she just flip-flopped on flip-flopping. Stassi tells Scheana that she wants to make sure everyone is happy with her, but it bites her in the ass. It makes everyone bitter because Scheana has no loyalty to anyone.

Peter tells Jax that he has good news. Lisa wants to put him back on the schedule. Peter jokes that Jax needs to pay off the ring. Jax says he needs more than that, but it will be a start. He hopes he remembers how to make a Pumptini. Ariana tells Stassi their party has to be ten times better. In her interview, Stassi says she always liked Ariana. Ariana is the one who didn’t like her. We flash back to Ariana being an insensitive a-hole and totally rude to Stassi for no reason. Stassi tells us that it was pretty easy to be friends. She just went to all the same parties and events, and followed Ariana everywhere. Either she was forced to take out a restraining order, or give in. It’s like stalking 101. In Ariana’s interview, she says she gave up wasting the energy it took to not be Stassi’s friend. They pinky swear, and hug. Scheana is worried she’s going to be on the outs. Ariana is one of her best friends, but she doesn’t know where she stands.

Tom makes drinks. Katie wants to have a girls’ night, without Scheana. Ariana thinks Scheana will be disappointed to not be included, but Katie says they don’t hang out with her. Katie is on a positive road with herself, and doesn’t want to be backsliding. Ariana says she doesn’t see Scheana as much as she used to. In her interview, Ariana says if Scheana isn’t invited, it’s up to her to work it out with them. She’s a big girl. Stassi says they’ve tried it all to be friends with Scheana. It’s on her.

Brittany and Jax go to a cheese shop. Brittany explains that she wants to make beer cheese. It’s a concoction from Kentucky, and she’s bringing it to L.A. It’s her mamaw’s recipe, and she grew up on it. It’s normally made with cheddar, but she wants to mess around with it. She’s going to make some test batches. The cheese concierge, or whatever he is, brings over a plate of different cheeses for them to try.

Jax tells Brittany that he likes it at SUR, and he’s glad to have his job back. Plus, he’ll be working with her. She tells him about the girls’ night, saying they’re going for Hollywood glamour. He says he’s going to be hanging with the guys. She feels sad for Raquel, and Jax says she looks dumb. Brittany isn’t comparing James and Raquel to them, because Jax told her truth, and James will never admit it. In Brittany’s interview, she says she int knows how it feels to be new in town, and have people questioning your relationship. We flash back to Stassi asking her, what if she’s wasting her best years? Brittany doesn’t want Raquel to go it alone. She wants to make sure Raquel knows she can be strong, stand up, and say he can’t do that. Jax says it’s bad when you can’t go anywhere without someone wanting to kick your ass. In his interview, Jax doesn’t see that James wants to change. He thinks he wanted to be better, but James doesn’t want it. Brittany calls Raquel to invite her, and Raquel says it would be awesome. Jax’s eyes bug out.

Jax asks what’s in a vodka and grapefruit. James wonders how they survived without him, when he has to be reminded how to make a two-ingredient drink. Tom comes in with Tony. In Jax’s interview, he says they have a different computer system and there are different bartenders, but he knows how to do his job. He doesn’t think anyone is looking at him under a microscope. Tony, Tom, and Schwartz sit down. Jax joins them, and Schwartz says he’s irritated. James is a complete a-hole, and insinuated Katie was fat. Jax corrects him, saying fat whore. Tony says he has to nip it in the bud. In his interview, schwartz says he’s not good at confrontations, but James insulted the love of his life, so reluctantly, he’s going to have to put his foot down.

James starts apologizing the second he sees Schwartz. He say he has no excuse; he’s a twenty-six year old man, and he’s embarrassed. Schwartz says James crossed the line. Katie isn’t fat; she’s sexy and luscious. Ooh. Much better than the usual curvy. In his interview, James says everyone is blowing it up into a humongous thing; bigger than her. What is wrong with this dude? He tells Schwartz what he did was disgusting, and he’s so sorry. He drank too much, and when he’s drunk, he goes for the jugular. Schwartz suggests he get some self-awareness, and get it together.

The girls meet all dressed up. in her interview, Stassi says it’s the perfect girls’ night; stiff drinks, outfits on point, and she doesn’t have to struggle to listen and talk over the sound of Scheana’s nails tapping on her phone all night.

Guys’ night is at Schwartz and Katie’s. Schwartz is making dinner when Tom comes in. Tom tells him that it’s one thing to be behind the bar, and another to have your own shaker. He gives a metal shaker to Schwartz, who says it looks like a sex toy, but he likes it. Jax comes in on his cooler scooter, which Tom thought he’d retired. He passes out beer, and tells the guys that he and Brittany are business owners. They’re starting a cheese company. Schwartz brings out the cheese-filled steaks he’s been cooking, and Tome says he still has PTSD. We flash back to the time Schwartz served Jax and Tom steaks that had been in his butt crack. Tom says, the steaks were really good though.

Brittany tells the other girls about inviting Raquel. Kristen thinks maybe her getting away can help her to figure it out. Brittany tells them that Raquel said she was coming. Stassi and Katie are like, whoa. Truth. I don’t get what these girls see in James. He has beautiful eyes, but other than that <noise like you got a wrong answer on a game show>. He’s scrawny, and his music is only okay. I’m not even a huge Kanye fan, and I can tell you that he’s certainly not the white Kanye. Ariana says Raquel doesn’t have any girlfriends, and Brittany says without them, she would have broken down. In her interview, Brittany says the only way she got through it was because she had a great group of girlfriends. know smile through it and dying inside might bring redneck out in her

Raquel arrives, wearing a jean jacket over a glam, sparkly fringed dress, and I can’t decide whether I like it or not. Kristen asks if James still has a job. Katie asks who needs to pee, and Kristen and Stassi go with her. To a bar on the other side of the room. Brittany tells Raquel that she wanted to check on her. Katie tells Stassi that she’s curious how Raquel feels about James being so derogatory towards women. Brittany asks Raquel if James was freaking out because she was going to be with them. Raquel says he was anxious, thinking it was going to be an ambush. Brittany says she wouldn’t let that happen, and Ariana say no one wants her to feel like she’s being attacked. Brittany asks if Raquel is aware that James has done some sh*tty sh*t. Ariana say Jax was the same way, and Brittany says she’s been there. She doesn’t want Raquel to be blind like she was. Raquel says it’s when he drinks. He doesn’t remember the conversation. He becomes a different person. In Brittany’s interview, she says that it’s easier for Raquel to believe James just has a drinking problem, to cover up the other problems. She’s not buying it. Katie and the others come back. Katie asks if Raquel knows that James made another rude comment to her. He goes as low as possible, and wants to hurt her. Kristen says he has a sh*tty temper when he’s sober. They hope he isn’t doing that to Raquel, and Raquel says, not unless he’s had way, way, way too much to drink. In Stassi’s interview, she says she felt put down all the time in her last relationship. She was blinded by what she thought was love. She wanted to make it work, and couldn’t see it for what it was. Raquel says she doesn’t want him to drink at all. Stassi say she doesn’t know Raquel very well, but as an outsider, taking in all these stories, it’s not good. Raquel says they don’t see the James she sees. They only see the guy who’s going out, partying, and getting drunk. It’s not a good side of him, but the James she sees, treats her like a queen. In Katie’s interview, she feels like she’s living in a Twilight Zone world, where monsters are able to do and say whatever they want. She tells the other girls that it’s making her not feel good about going to work. She’s talking to Lisa. This has to effing end.

Katie asks to talk to Lisa. Lisa asks if she’s okay. She says she is. Lisa asks if she has reason to be scared, and Katie says she doesn’t think so. They sit, and Katie says she was out back during a break at Pride. James came be, clearly drunk, and she told him to fix his pants. He gave her a disgusting stare, and said she should not be wearing those shorts. She’s fat. She says it was disgusting; he was so derogatory. Lisa doesn’t want Katie questioning how beautiful she is, since there was a time it would have affected her that way. She says James is in an idiot. Katie says, he gets away with abusive language toward women. In Katie’s interview, she says James has hurt and offended almost every person who works at SUR. We flash back to several clips of that. She tells us that his comment was the last and final straw.

Katie tells Lisa that she can’t show up at work and be subject to that kind of language. If he’s speaking to her like that, he’ll say it to anyone. Lisa didn’t realize the level and extent to which he was rude and ignorant. She saw him drunk at Pride, but chose not to deal with it. He was riding high, loving himself, doing his DJ thing. She glad Katie told her, and says she’ll deal with him. In her interview, Lisa says she doesn’t like anything that makes women feel less. She wants a place where people come to make money, has a joie de vivre, and where people can have a fantastic night. The people who work there don’t want to be insulted. Katie wants to know what Lisa is going to do, but Lisa says she doesn’t know yet. Katie says SUR has been her home and family for almost nine years, but she won’t work in a place where this is tolerated. Lisa asks if it’s an old tomato ultimatum. Katie says she’s only made one in her life – to Schwartz. We flash back to when she gave him six months to put a ring on it or she was moving on with her life. She says, and it worked. So maybe this is an ultimatum.

Next time, interviews for the TomTom staff, Ariana and Stassi plan their party, Lala tells Raquel to wake up. Lisa asks James who the eff he thinks he is, and as usual, James cries.

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