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November 8, 2019 – Lucas Talks To His Father, Costumed Daytime, Today’s Ian, Emmy Changes, a Divorce Off, a Divorce Back On, a Reunion, a Survivor, a Bear, Close To a Dozen Quotes & Big Apple Autumn


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam tends to the guard. Jason shows up, and asks, what happened? Sam tells him, Cassandra escaped.

Cassandra asks if Nikolas is sure he’s not driving in circles. He tells her the trees only look similar; they’ll get where they’re going soon. She suggests perhaps he take a more direct route to the private airport, but he says they could get caught. He tells her, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. She says she doesn’t have much choice, and he says, that’s the spirit. Don’t worry. He’s taken care of everything.

There’s a knock on Ava’s door, and she says, go away. Jax comes in, saying the doctor cleared him for a visit. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says he thought he’d check on her. How is she? She says, okay. She’s tired because they gave her a sedative. Her mind is playing tricks on her. He says what happened to her is his fault.

Lulu, Charlotte, and Maxie walk into Kelly’s Charlotte asks if when she finishes her homework, she can check on her pony at Windymere. Lulu is sure Butterscotch is fine, but Charlotte is insistent, and Lulu says she’ll think about it. Charlotte asks if she can sit at the counter so she can concentrate, and Lulu says, of course (🍷). Maxie says she’ll have to remember saying she’ll think about it after the homework, when James is old enough. Lulu says Charlotte loves riding, and she’s glad Charlotte can share that with Nina and Valentin. Although she thinks Valentin bought the pony so Charlotte would spend more time there, and asks if she sounds paranoid. Maxie says, not in the least.

Willow sees Brad sitting at the counter, and asks if he’s okay. He says, it’s been a tough day, but Willow is sure when he gets home, and cuddles with Lucas and Wiley, his bad day will disappear. Brad flashes back to telling Lucas about Julian, and says Julian is falling apart. They can’t let Julian drag them down with them.

Julian goes to the hospital, and tells Bobbie that he’s looking for Lucas, and asks if Lucas is on duty. She suggests he try calling before bothering her. He says Lucas isn’t answering, and he needs to speak to Lucas; it’s very important. She checks the computer.

Lucas is at Tony’s grave. He says he misplaced his trust in Julian, and his husband is lying to him – again. Right now, the one thing he knows for sure is that he could really use Tony’s advice. He says, I miss you dad. I’d give anything to talk to you again. He turns, as someone walks into the cemetery. It’s Tony, who says, hello son. It’s been a while.

Jason tells 911, the guard is semi-conscious, and the paramedics are on the way. She tells him, there was another guard. Chase and another officer show up, and Chase tells Jason and Sam to freeze. Sam says, the guard was hit in the head; she’s in and out. Chase tells the officer to check the guard. He does, and says, her pulse is good, but she’s out of it. Chase says he got a call from 911, and Jason says it was him. Chase says, and there was an escaped prisoner. Sam tells Chase, it was Cassandra Pierce. She hit the guard in the head with a shovel, and took off.

Nikolas tells Cassandra, it will be a few minutes; he thinks they should talk. She says, about what? and he says they had a mutual understanding, until she chose to blackmail him. Cassandra asks what he wanted her to do. Continue rotting in that local penitentiary? He knows how dangerous the environment is to a person with her constitution. The mildew alone is deadly. He says perhaps she should have stayed away from Port Charles altogether. She says, lucky for both of them, she’s on her way out. Just get her to the airport. She’d be happy to continue their partnership with mutually agreed upon terms from a safe distance. He says, that’s the problem. Her actions have dissolved their partnership.

Lucas hugs Tony, and says it’s good see him. Tony says since Lucas conjured him up, it must be important. He sees Lucas is a doctor now, and Lucas says just like his old man. And Tony has a grandson, Wiley. Tony says he’s proud of Lucas, and asks what’s on his mind.

Willow says she didn’t see Brad at the hospital today, and Brad says he switched his schedule around; he had errands to run. She says, in case she wasn’t clear, she doesn’t just think of him as just Wiley’s dad. She thinks of him as a really good friend. He says it’s kind of her to say, and she says, because of him, she has a place in her little boy’s life. He guesses he did do that, and she says he did, so if something is troubling him… He tells her like he said, it’s been a day.

Lulu suggests she and Maxie talk about something more gratifying. Maxie says, as in hot Dustin? but Lulu says, as in Peter. The way Maxie has been smiling, he must have done something wonderful. Maxie says there might soon be a change in their living arrangements. Lulu says, he got the place? but Maxie says, that didn’t work out. He’s moving in with her. Lulu thinks that’s even better, and Maxie says it’s been her home forever; more important, James’s home. Lulu says, it’s about damn time. Maxie says she was afraid, then he was afraid, then they took turns being afraid. They’ve finally accepted that they can be happy together, and the world won’t go up flames.

Ava asks Jax how her vacation from sanity is his fault. He says they should have kept an eye on the message boards after they did… She says, that hatchet job? and he says they were her words. He knew the reaction would be strong, but didn’t expect the rudeness. Ava says, rudeness? It was hatred; a complete lack of humanity and compassion. He says he doesn’t want to provide a platform for trolls. It was brutal, and he should have put a stop to it. Ava says she’s going to be more merciful to him than he was to her. The reason she’s there isn’t his fault. He asks, then why? She says she’s being haunted by restless souls. The line between the living and the dead has become very blurry. She just wanted to reach out to Kiki now… Tell her something. Does he believe they can awaken the dead?

Jax knows Ava has taken some questioning paths to contact Kiki, and Ava says, Kiki wants no part of her. Eternity isn’t even long enough for her to stay away from Ava. She’s being haunted by another lost soul. He was there at the gallery. She had him at gunpoint, and told him to take off his mask – it was Halloween and he had a mask on. When he removed it, there he was; so real, she could have reached out and touched him. Jax asks, who? and she says, Nikolas Cassadine.

Chase tells Sam and Jason, the prisoners are heading back to Pentenville. There will be a second transport for Sam as soon as he gets her statement. Sam asks about the guard, and he tells her, the guard is stable, and she’ll regain consciousness. He asks her to take him through it, and Sam says she was on work detail with Cassandra, and they were assigned to plant a tree. Cassandra had a shovel, and faked a sprained ankle. She hit the guard with the shovel and took off. There was a van parked across the road, and as soon as she saw it, she took the first opportunity. She tried to get the guard’s gun, but Sam stopped her from getting a weapon. Chase says, well done, and asks her to describe the driver. She says, it was pretty far, but the driver was male, and the van was white and not too old. She’s sorry, but that’s all she’s got.

Julian tells Bobbie, he can see the animosity. He’s proved himself to Lucas, and was accepted back into Lucas’s life and Wiley’s. He’s not walking away now, or ever. Bobbie reminds him that, whatever ground he’s gained with Lucas, there’s only one man who will truly be Lucas’s father.

Lucas tells Tony about Wiley running around nakey after his bath, and Tony says Lucas was the same way. He and Bobbie called him the streak. Lucas says it’s brought back so much of his childhood. Things he hadn’t thought about. Tony would be exhausted, coming home from a 36 hour shift, and still sit with Lucas to do homework, or put Lucas on his lap to teach him guitar. He always had time for Lucas. Tony says he never wanted Lucas to think being a parent was a chore or a favor. He wanted Lucas to feel safe and loved. He never wanted Lucas to doubt that he was the most important thing in his life . Lucas says he succeeded, and Tony says, good to know. Lucas wants the same thing for Wiley; to feel as safe and loved as he did when he was a kid. But he thinks he just burned it to the ground.

Cassandra tells Nikolas not to let a couple of tiny misunderstandings and setbacks dismantle an otherwise profitable arrangement. He says she put the entire operation in jeopardy. She admits her time in the claustrophobic confines of Pentenville may have compromised her judgment, and compelled her to misstep. Now they’re back on even ground, and no harm done. Nikolas tells her that she said she could deliver information that could destroy Valentin, and so far she’s come empty-handed. That makes her a liability. She says he’s not taking her to an airport, is he?

Nikolas stops the van. He says she wouldn’t appreciate it if he broke his promise to her. How is he supposed to respond when she breaks her promise to him? She says, it’s just been delayed, and he tells her, good. He hopes she considers this drive as an incentive to honor her obligation. She says as far as incentives go, she doesn’t see them any close to an airport. He says her actions have forced him to make alternate arrangements. She jumps out of the van, and runs.

Maxie asks Lulu if the dance was romantic or nostalgic, but Lulu says, it was a nightmare. On one hand, she was surrounded by teenage angst and ricocheting hormones; it was exhausting. Maxie says, on the other? Lulu says, Dustin was… Maxie says, hot? Sexy? Gorgeous? Lulu says, he was adorable and funny, and surprising. He had the biggest collection of dad jokes. They were so lame, she couldn’t stop laughing. Maxie says it was less romantic than she was hoping for, but Lulu says, it was romantic. Let’s just say, the kids weren’t the only ones hoping to score that night. Maxie is happy to see Lulu caught up with someone again.

Willow tells Brad, she doesn’t mean to pry, but Julian mentioned he was worried about him. She knows it was her idea to keep Julian away from Wiley during the adoption process, but she thinks Julian only wants what’s best for Wiley.

Tony tells Lucas, every parent worth their salt worries that they’re going to ruin their child’s life. But he can’t believe that, even accidently, Lucas would compromise Wiley’s happiness. Lucas says he let his guard down, and Tony says he should with the people he loves. Lucas says the problem is, the person he loves, he doesn’t entirely trust as much as he wants to. He loves Brad so much. Tony says he knows, but tell him about the horrible mistake Lucas made that torpedoed Wiley’s life. Lucas says, long story long, from day one Brad was an anxious parent. It’s been over a year, and he’s only gotten worse. They found out the birth father is a psychopath, but even though Shiloh is dead, Brad didn’t get any better. It was the opposite. Tony asks how Wiley is handling it, and Lucas says, he smiles. One thing they’re good at is hiding their stress from him. They’re experts. They can’t share it with each other either. Tony asks, how can he help? Lucas says he just keeps asking himself, what would his dad do? It made him desperate enough to let Julian back into his life; he wanted a father to lean on so badly. Tony says he was never Julian’s biggest fan, and Lucas says, him neither. Not at first. But he wanted to believe in him so badly, he let Julian get close to his son.

Ava says Jax doesn’t believe her, but he says he does. She says he believes that she believes it; that’s what Laura said. But Nikolas was as real as he is. Jax asks if anybody else saw Nikolas, like Laura or Lulu, but she doesn’t think so. He wonders why Nikolas would come to her first, and she says they formed a special bond in the days before Nikolas was killed. Would it be enough for Nikolas to show his face to her before anyone else? Probably not. Jax says, she seems to be arguing that Nikolas wasn’t really there, and she says, he was definitely there. He wanted to punish her. She was there when he was murdered, and she was going to speak out and tell the court what Valentin did. She’d promised Spencer, but Valentin made her an offer she couldn’t resist. (Thank you for not saying couldn’t refuse.) She’d been terribly scarred in a fire, and he said he could have her face restored in exchange for her silence. In the end, she betrayed Spencer and his father’s memory. Jax says he thinks she made the right call. Valentin would have slipped out of the charges anyway, and she would have been left scarred for life. Ava says they’ll never know, will they? Jax says she doesn’t believe Nikolas came back to haunt her because she chose to live life. She says she doesn’t know what to believe. She doesn’t know what’s real. That’s why she’s there. He asks why she thinks this happened to her now. Did something happen? Did she see someone or something that reminds her of the Cassadines?

On the phone, Chase says they have personnel in civilian clothes watching the airports, bus stations, and train stations, and they have roadblocks and traffic stops at the main roads out of town. He tells Sam, good news; the guard is awake and alert. Sam says, that’s great, and Chase tells her to make sure her lawyer knows. He’ll back her up, and it’s got to help. Jason asks, what’s happening with Cassandra? and Chase says they’re combing the city for the van and Cassandra. But he’d like to know what Jason was doing at the park. And before he says he’s not answering questions about his attorney, they could say Sam was an accessory to Cassandra’s escape. Sam says she tried to stop Cassandra, and Chase says, the more Jason cooperates, the better it looks for Sam. Jason says Sam told him when he visited, she’d be on work detail there, and Chase asks if Jason thought he’d pop over to say hello. She says she wanted to make sure her kids didn’t come there, and Jason says when he got there, the guard was on the ground, and Sam was doing what she could to help. Chase asks if it occurred to her to run, but she says, no. She was helping the guard. Why would she take off, and look guilty when she’s not?

Nikolas slams the van door shut, and says, dammit.

Bobbie sees Julian looking at the wall of staff photos. Bobbie asks what he’s doing, and he says he never thanked Tony. Bobbie says, when Julian was hiding, pretending to be Derek Wells, or is he referring to a more cosmic gesture of gratitude? Julian says Bobbie doesn’t think he’s capable of gratitude, does she? She says, no, and he says he knows he’s done terrible things. His efforts to go legit – and he’s succeeded – are probably too late. She says, there’s no probably about it, and he says he’s still a person; a father and a grandfather, and their son is a good man. She says, no thanks to him. He says he understands she and Tony loved and raised Lucas, and he’ll be grateful for the rest of his life. She says they didn’t do it for him, but he tells her, take the win and the thank you. He’s not trying to fill Tony’s shoes, but wants to carve out a space of his own with his son. He leaves, and Bobbie looks at Tony’s picture, saying, fill his shoes. As if.

Tony tells Lucas, the great thing about being dead is, everyone forgets your faults, or at least forgives them. He wasn’t a perfect parent. Lucas disagrees, and Tony says that’s sweet, but Lucas is proving his point. Lucas says if he wasn’t perfect, he was within the margin of error, and Tony says, so is he. Lucas says it doesn’t feel like it right now, and Tony says that’s because he’s going through a bad patch. Everything is gloom and doom right now. Did he forget the first time saw his baby smile, and realized he could take it personally? You forget the feel of your child’s hand inside yours when you’re going to the post office. He thinks when things get rough – and they did between him and Lucas’s mother – these happy memories, these little gifts, these miracles, are his arsenal of weapons against doubt, uncertainty, and fear. Those same memories will build a foundation for Wiley to lead a happy life. Okay, I’m about to lose it.

Lucas says, say he’s adjusted his outlook. Now what? He still can’t decide what’s worse; that Julian framed Brad for having an affair, or that he believed Julian. That’s the state of his family. Tony thinks Lucas knows who the most important person is in all this. Lucas says, it’s Wiley. Now he has to decide who to trust and keep in his life and Wiley’s life. Lucas asks if Tony can’t just tell him what to do, but Tony can’t remember it ever being all that effective. Lucas guesses he’s right, and Tony says when Lucas’s sister died, he didn’t have the strength or motivation to get dressed. He’d pick up his shoes, and just stare. Lucas asks what he did, and Tony says, not a damn thing. It was what Lucas did; does he remember? Lucas says, no, and Tony says, he came into kitchen and Lucas had put out breakfast. He wasn’t old enough to use the stove, so he put all his favorite cereals into a big mixing bowl. Lucas says, it’s starting to ring a bell. Tony says, next to it, Lucas had packed his lunch. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and a cookie. He’d had no intention of going in that day, but Lucas was having none of it. Lucas asks what he did, and Tony said he crawled next to him on the chair and said, dad, you have to go back to the hospital… Lucas says with him, all those sick people miss you. Lucas finishes, and they need you to make them feel better. Tony says, he remembers. He has a brave heart. All Wiley needs is for him trust it. He takes Lucas’s hand. Lucas’s phone rings. He answers, and I say, don’t go, Tony. It’s Bobbie. She asks if he’s okay, and Lucas says he’s fine. What’s up? Bobbie says Julian is combing the halls in the hospital, hellbent on finding him. He won’t leave. What should she tell him? Lucas says, tell Julian if he wants to see him, he’s with his father. He turns back, and Tony is gone.

Nikolas calls Jax, and tells Jax to call him back. Their situation has been compromised.

Ava thanks Jax. He reminded her of something she hadn’t realized she’d forgotten. He asks, what’s that? and she says she heard Laura call him after she’d seen Nikolas at the gallery. She overheard Laura tell him that he and Hayden shouldn’t ask her about the painting  of Helena. Now it makes sense why he’s there extending his sympathy. Jax insists it’s 100% genuine, and Ava says, right. He’s overflowing with sympathy for her; the woman he accused of killing Connie. The only thing he wants to unburden her of is the painting of Helena. Jax says he was going to ask her about it when she… She says, when she what? She sees him; him and his friend the mayor. So kind, thoughtful, and compassionate. Did they think they could take advantage of her? He says that’s not what’s going on, but she says, they’ll take nothing from her. Not now, not ever. She made the mistake of trusting him once, and she won’t make that mistake ever again. He’ll going to take advantage of her.

Maxie tells Lulu, so they spent Halloween with a mob of teenagers. What’s next? Lulu doesn’t know, and Maxie says, please tell her that she said she had a great time with him, and can’t wait to see him again. Lulu thinks she generally conveyed that message, and Maxie asks if she conveyed it with a kiss. Lulu can’t believe Maxie is asking her that, and Maxie says she’ll take that as yes. She looks at Lulu, and Lulu says, what? Maxie says them, having tea and gossiping about themselves and others. Lulu says, are they becoming normal? Maxie wouldn’t go that far, but they can allow themselves one normal night. They toast, to besties; no drama.

Willow tells Brad that he has an open invitation if he wants to talk about anything. Brad says he’ll remember that. She’s sure he’ll sort it out, and tells him to give Wiley a hug for her. She leaves, and Brad smiles. As she goes out the door, Willow smacks into Cassandra. She asks if Cassandra is okay, and Cassandra says she’s fine. She just needs her evening sugar fix. Willow says, insider tip; they have chocolate chip, and chocolate chip with bacon. Either way, she’s a winner. Cassandra says she’s a lifesaver. Cassandra looks inside, and sees Charlotte at the counter.

Brad leaves a message for Lucas that he’s at Kelly’s, and to let him know if he can bring Lucas anything.

Julian shows up at Tony’s grave. He tells Lucas that his mom said he could find Lucas there. Lucas asks what he wants.

Bobbie looks at Tony’s photo on the wall, and touches it. She wishes he could be there, and see their son becoming a father. He’d be so proud of their boy. She feels Tony behind her, touching her hand. He leans his head on hers, and fades away. She touches her cheek, and smiles.

Jax says he’s sorry Ava misunderstood. He’ll come back when she’s more herself. Ava says, no, he won’t. She won’t let him get his hands on the painting, but have fun searching. She’s stashed that monstrosity in a place no one will ever find it. He tells her, take care, and feel better. Ava says she may be crazy, but she’s not crazy. (If this was a Tarantino movie, that line would be slightly different. There would be another word before the second crazy.)

A guard tells Chase that he’s there to take Sam back to Pentenville. Chase asks him to give Jason and Sam a minute. Jason and Sam hug, and he says he’ll see her soon. Be safe. They exchange I love yous, and the guard takes her. Chase’s phone rings, and he says, put him through. He tells Jason, Cassandra has been spotted.

In the van, Nikolas says he saw the woman they’re looking for. She’s on Telegraph near Parkland. Chase asks him to describe her, and he does. He adds that he can’t be positive, but he’s pretty sure she has a gun. Chase thanks him, and he says he’s just trying to do his civic duty.

Cassandra walks into Kelly’s. Maxie gripes to Lulu about closet space, and Cassandra goes up to Charlotte, sitting next to her. She says, remember her? Charlotte opens her mouth, and Cassandra says, don’t scream or Nina will be in a lot of trouble. Charlotte asks what she means, and Cassandra says, shhh… Charlotte can save her, but she has to do everything Cassandra tells her.

On Monday, Julian asks Lucas not to do this, Obrecht asks Brad what he’s done to cover his tracks, and Cassandra tells Charlotte that no one is going to find them.

🎃 Never Gonna Let You Go…

More Halloween. And whoa. Amy.



🚕 Catching Up…

I’ve loved Ian Buchanan ever since he said he doesn’t drive and he’s not going to. If someone wants him somewhere, they’ll get him there.


🏆 Ch..Ch…Ch…Changes…

Unless they’re giving all the Emmys to Roger Howarth, I’m not sure it matters.


💏 I Didn’t Even Know They Were Getting One…

Remember her? No reason you should want to. She was a d-bag.


💔 And I Thought They Weren’t Getting One…

I can’t even keep up with this.


🌍 Reunited and It Feels Like Italy…

Juicy Joe gets a visit from the family. No, not that family.


🌴 Remember Him…?

You really should. Not only the oldest ever, but he came in third.


🐻 Don’t Try This At Home…

That Aquaman, always full of surprises.


🎯 Quotes of the Week

A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.Marshall McLuhan

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

I don’t know how I know it. – dude on Cash Cab when surprising himself with his own correct answer

How do you fold egg? It’s impossible. It’s witchcraft. – Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini), King of Queens

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone. – Dorothy Parker

How are you late for work on a yacht? You have no commute. You roll out of bed, and you’re there. – Kate Chastain, Below Deck

What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest.Andy Warhol

You can’t ride two horses with one ass.Dr. Phil

Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else. – George Bernard Shaw

Don’t compare yourself to others as you never know what others had to or are overcoming.Emily Liou

The question is not how much time you spend, but how much value you create. – Author Tony Schwartz, talking about energy management over time management.

🍂 Favorite Season, Favorite Place…

See you on the deadside. And don’t forget to thank a veteran.


November 6, 2019 – Cassandra Calls Nikolas, LeeAnne Is Married, Instead of NJ, Return of NJ Wives & Birthstone


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason visits Sam at Pentenville. He asks how she is, and she says, hanging in there. She asks how the kids are, and he says, good. They’re at Monica’s, but he’s spending the weekend with them at home; just the three of them. She’s glad he’s able to spend time with them. She wonders how her mom is taking it that she went with Diane’s legal strategy. Jason tells her that her mom is in the hospital.

Kendra visits Alexis at the hospital. Kendra says she’s glad Alexis is okay; she was worried. Alexis says she’s getting there. Finn is working on a prognosis. Kendra says she’s there to help; what does Alexis need? Alexis doesn’t want Kendra to neglect her other clients, but Kendra says she has a friend subbing for her. She feels like she owes Alexis, since maybe she pushed Alexis too hard and too fast. If she hadn’t been run down, she might have been able to fight her illness. Alexis says Kendra isn’t to blame for her being in the hospital.

Robert goes to see Cassandra, and she asks what this is about. She’s not talking to him without her attorney present. He says her attorney remains indisposed, and she asks why she should speak to him without legal representation. He says he’ll be perfectly happy to wait until Alexis’s health improves, but the offer he’s bringing her has an expiration date.

Hayden brings Violet over to Finn, and tells him that Violet has something she wanted to tell him. Violet thanks him for making her feel better, and he says she’s very welcome. She asks Hayden if she can go draw, and Hayden tells her to stay where she can be seen. Hayden wants to thank Finn too. She knows he’s still mad. He says that doesn’t begin to describe how he feels. She says she understands. They’ll work it out. He says, yeah; they will.

Elizabeth opens the door to find Kim, and asks what Kim is doing there. Kim says she wanted to give Elizabeth some space after the hearing, but they’re long overdue for this. Unless it’s Elizabeth punching Kim in the face, I can’t imagine what’s overdue.

At Oscar’s Meadow, Franco thanks Scotty for coming. He has something to tell Scotty. Scotty says he has something to tell Franco too. Franco says before Scotty says anything, he wants Scotty to hear it from him, not anyone else. He and Kim are leaving town.

There’s a knock at Jax’s door. Nikolas gets up, and hears Laura ask if Jax is there. She needs to talk to him. She almost leaves, and Nikolas touches the door. She turns back.

Sam asks Jason, what’s happening with her mom? He says Molly found her at home on Halloween. She was weak, dizzy, and nauseous. Finn is treating her. Sam asks, for what? What’s the prognosis? He says, they don’t know yet. Finn is still running tests.

Alexis tells Kendra that she has the best doctor at GH, scrambling to come up with whatever it is. She’s sure it’s nothing, and wants Kendra to stop with the guilt. Kendra says Alexis isn’t just a client. Over the two months they’ve known each other, she thinks of Alexis as a friend too. Alexis says, same there. Julian pops in, and asks if Alexis is up for another visitor. He has a huge bouquet, and Kendra says she’ll go find a vase. Alexis says, good job; he scared Kendra away. Julian says he was under the impression that Alexis wanted to be alone, but Alexis says he was mistaken. He gives her the flowers, saying he was sure her shrink would have brought some. She says Neil brought her a book on Russian aristocracy. Julian asks if they’ve figured out what’s wrong. She says, not yet, but Finn is on the job.

Hayden tells Finn that she spoke to Elizabeth, who says she and Violet are welcome to stay as long as they want. He asks how long that is, and she says until she finds a place to rent or buy. It’s important that Violet be in Port Charles with her mother and father. If he’s interested. Violet comes back, and asks if she can come visit Roxie. Finn says he’d like that very much, and Roxie will really like it. Hayden tells Violet, soon, and Violet says she’ll bring lettuce. Finn says, that’s Roxie’s favorite. He has to see a patient, and tells Violet to take care of herself. Violet says, okay, and they wave to each other as he leaves.

Cassandra tells Robert that she’ll have to decline any offer. The last she heard, his case was in jeopardy, since Sasha was exposed as a fraud. He laughs, and says, it’s embarrassing when your star witness is brought into question. His office is moving in another, more promising, direction. Alexis’s petition for Cassandra’s extradition to be delayed has been denied, so his office is now disinclined to want to pursue it. Sometime next week, Cassandra is going to be on a plane to the Hague. He’s not entirely helpless though. She says, he could have fooled her, but he says he can still pull some strings at the Bureau. He can get her a private cell, and an endless supply of hand sanitizer. She says, in exchange for what? and he asks who broke her out of WSB custody last year?

Laura asks if someone is there. Nikolas puts his hand on the doorknob, and she touches the door.

Kim tells Elizabeth that she wanted to check and see how she was doing. Despite the unpleasantness between them (unpleasantness? is that what she calls it?), she still considers Elizabeth a friend. Elizabeth can’t say the same. She’s been hurt too badly. Kim says she wants to try and make peace, and Elizabeth says, how? By showing up there, when Kim is responsible for her grief? Kim says she’s not doing this. Drew… Elizabeth says, Franco. Maybe Kim didn’t force him, but Kim slept with her husband. Yes, he’s still her husband. Until the divorce papers are signed, they’re still married, no matter who he thinks he is.

Scotty says being there must bring Franco closer to Oscar. He knows what it’s like, grieving a child you didn’t raise. Now that Franco has won the hearing, he can add him to the list. Franco says he didn’t realize Scotty had lost a child, and Scotty says, two. Franco says, sorry. He had no idea. Scotty says maybe that’s why he and Franco were so close. They both lived lives full of tragedy.

Kendra brings water for the flowers, and Alexis says, isn’t she the best? Julian says, she seems to be. Kendra asks how his face is, and he says, recovered. Alexis asks, what happened? and he says Kendra  witnessed an altercation between him and Kim at Charlie’s. Kim slapped him good. He’d disclosed personal information about her to Scotty.

Cassandra tells Robert, the last time she didn’t supply any information on the party who liberated her. What makes him think it’s different now? Robert says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what happens to her when she gets to Steinmauer, but wants her to know, they sleep twenty to a room. Unless you have a private cell. She says why doesn’t he give her suggestions, and she’ll say yes or no. He says, Valentin, but she says he wouldn’t life a finger to help her. He says what about someone close to Valentin? Peter. She tells him that he’s barking up the wrong tree. He tells her to guide him to the right tree. She says she doesn’t want to talk until her attorney is present and a proper deal is on the table. He says the only deal she’s going to get, runs out at midnight.

Jax walks up behind Laura, startling her. She asks if someone is staying with him, but he says it’s just him; why? She says she thought she heard somebody inside. He tells her, if an intruder was there, his security system would be blowing up his phone with alerts, and it’s not. He assumes she came see him, and she says she did. She went to visit Ava. He asks how Ava is, and Laura says, there’s a lot to tell. Should they go in? Jax says he has nothing in his cupboards, and suggests he take Laura out for coffee. She says, that would be great. She looks at the door again before following him. Inside, Nikolas ponders.

Alexis wonders how Kendra got dragged into Julian’s drama, and he says he ran into her in the alley by Charlie’s. Finn walks in, and says, someone is popular. Alexis jokes that she needs some security for her room. Finn hates to spoil the fun, but has to run some tests. Julian and Kendra leave, and Alexis asks Finn to tell her that he found a miraculous diagnosis, and an even better cure. He says he wishes. He wants to redo the pressure test to check her pain levels. She asks if that isn’t below his pay grade, but he says, not when it comes to friends. He squeezes her palm, and asks if it’s better or worse. She says she’s ready, but he says he already started. She doesn’t feel anything? She says she feels him touching her, but doesn’t notice any pressure. He says, now? and presses again. She says, no. What’s happening to her?

Jason tells Sam, he should get word soon, and he’ll update her on Alexis. Sam hates not knowing what’s going on. That’s the worst part; that, and her cellmate, Cassandra Pierce. Jason says he’ll call Diane. Cassandra might have a grudge against Sam, and Diane can petition the court that she be moved. Sam says she wants no special treatment or any attention. She just wants to keep her head low until her trial.

Kim says she’d hoped Elizabeth was better, but Elizabeth says how, with Kim stealing her husband? Kim says she and Drew love each other, and Elizabeth says, when Cameron saw Kim kissing Franco, she told him not to get angry because Kim was grieving. He’s a kid, but he’s not here. She’s furious. Her husband came by to say he was leaving with Kim tomorrow. She thought she’d have more time. Kim says to trash their relationship and tear it apart? She tells Elizabeth not to act like that’s not in her wheelhouse. Julian told Scotty how she drugged Drew to try and get pregnant, and dredged it up in court to make her look crazy. Elizabeth says she doesn’t think Kim is crazy, but thinks she needs help. She lost Oscar, and it takes time to get over a trauma like that. She knows; she lost a child. Kim tells her not to say she understands. Jake came back; Oscar never will.

Franco tells Scotty that he’s sorry Scotty is losing a son, but he’s not there to relitigate the hearing. Scotty says that’s not what he’s there for. He just wants to tell Franco something important. Hopefully, it will be enough to convince him to do the right thing of his own free will.

Violet literally runs into Robert, and Hayden asks what she said about running ahead, calling her Violet Barnes. Robert says she didn’t know Hayden had a daughter. Violet introduces herself, and Robert says she’s sweet. She asks if he knows her mama, and he says, yes, but he’s not sure he knows her daddy. Robert. Really? Saying that to a kid?

Finn tells Alexis, it’s a good sign that she can still feel something; she hasn’t completely lost sensation. Alexis asks if that’s going to happen, but he can’t say for sure. She asks what he can say, and he tells her that he’ll have more accurate information after more tests, and a better chance at diagnosis, so he can prescribe treatment. He asks her to revisit the day she started experiencing symptoms. She says she exercised, went to Kelly’s with Kendra, and went home to work on Sam’s case. Neil came by with takeout, but she couldn’t eat because Jason showed up to talk about Sam. That’s when she felt strange. She got the chills, and thought it was the flu. She didn’t feel like eating, and asked Neil to go home. She went upstairs to bed, and the next morning, she felt achy, and passed out on the couch. Finn asks if there was anything out of the ordinary preceding it. Any change in her diet? She says she’s been taking a supplement for the past two weeks, but she took it to her GP, who said it was safe.

Kendra asks if Julian is going back to see Alexis after her tests, but he says he has to go. She says she’ll stick around; she doesn’t want to leave Alexis alone. She thinks Alexis feels more scared than she’s letting on. Julian says he does too, and asks her to keep him in the loop. He doesn’t want to hover. Kendra puts her number in his phone, and says maybe he can return the favor. He brought up seeing her in Charlie’s earlier, but she’d prefer he not mention he’s seen her there. He asks, why? and she says the food and drink there is criminally good, but doesn’t fall into her fitness plan for her clients. They need to think she practices what she preaches. They don’t need to know what she eats when she’s off the clock. Has she seen The Rock’s cheat day menu?

At the little café, Laura thanks Jax for the tea, saying it’s a nice pick-my-up after the morning she had. He asks if Ava isn’t doing well, and she says she brought Scotty to cheer her up, but Ava’s in a bad place. She’s probably adjusting to the meds. Laura had no opportunity to talk about the painting. Jax asks how long Ava is going to be in Shadybrook, but Laura doesn’t know. However long it takes for her to stop seeing ghosts.

Nikolas wanders around Jax’s house. His phone rings. He answers, and the operator says there’s a collect call from an inmate in Pentenville. Does he accept the charges? (Wrong answer sound. They would tell him who was calling.) He accepts, and asks what they want. Cassandra says, now, now. Is that any way to great an old friend?

Violet tells Robert that she doesn’t have a daddy – or a puppy. Not a real one, but she has a stuffed one. He’s guessing she’d like a real one all her own. She says she would. Or a Pegasus, or a dragon. Dr. Finn has a dragon named Roxie. Finn joins them and says Violet has a playdate with Roxie. He tells Hayden that Violet’s doctor wants to do one more test before she’s discharged; they’re waiting upstairs. Violet tells Robert, goodbye, and goes with Hayden. Robert says, she’s quite the charmer. If they weren’t in a public place, he’d happily kick Finn’s butt to the moon for keeping his daughter from Anna.

Nikolas says he told Cassandra never to call him directly, but she says Robert just paid her a visit. Their timetable has been moved up. Nikolas says they’re not a team. She’s been a means to an end; that’s it. She tells him that she’s about to be extradited. He has to stop it, or she’ll give him up to Robert. She’ll tell Robert that he hired those goons last year to extract her from the WSB, and kidnapped Anna and Finn, coercing them into reviving her.

Jax knows how painful it must be for Laura, with Ava insisting that she saw Nikolas. Laura says, it’s upsetting, but Ava can’t help it. Jax suggests Laura visit later in the week, when Ava has adjusted more to her meds. Then she can ask if Ave remembers the painting. She says they don’t know if Ava has it. For all they know, it’s been sold. Jax doesn’t think portraits of Helena are in high demand, and it’s their best lead. Laura says, okay. She’ll try to talk to Ava about it. Jax says he has to speak to his Tokyo office, and left his notes. He leaves, and she finishes her tea.

Finn tells Robert that until two days ago, he had no idea. Robert says he’ll have some adjustments to make. Does Anna know? Finn says he hasn’t told her, and Robert asks what the plan is. Is he going to let Anna run into Violet like he did? Finn says he wants to tell Anna in person, so he’d appreciate Robert keeping it quiet until he has the opportunity. Robert says, it might be months before he sees Anna. So he’s going to perpetuate the lie for that period of time? Because that’s what it is – a lie by omission.

Jason tells Sam that Cassandra wanted to do business with Sonny, and he turned her down. That could go against her. Sam says Cassandra seemed more interested in her connection to the Cassadines, and Jason says, that seems random, but Sam says, it’s probably because of Valentin. She thinks he and Cassandra worked together at some point. The guard says, time’s up, and Sam tells Jason that she has to go. She asks him not to bring the kids for anything. She doesn’t want them to see her like this. She says, tell Danny and Scout that she loves them, and he says he loves her. She says she loves him too, and they put their hands against the glass. Sam looks back at him one more time before she leaves with the guard.

Scotty asks if Franco remembers living with Betsy Frank. Franco says, vaguely. He was really little when she gave him away to the state. Scotty asks if he remembers what Betsy called him. Franco says, Andy, and she called Franco Bobby. The two of them spent a lot of time together. Scotty asks if he remembers Betsy’s boyfriend Jim Harvey. Franco says, he used to babysit, and Scotty says, he shared special attention with Bobby; they went off together. Franco asks what he’s getting at, and Scotty says, Jim Harvey sexually abused Franco. Then he started setting his sights on Drew. Franco tried to protect Drew by putting him in the basement, but he fell down the stairs. Betsy thought Franco was trouble, and sent Drew away for his own protection. Franco was not so lucky. Franco says, Bobby was just trying to save him, and Scotty says, he did save him. He saved him, then stifled the memories of abuse for many years. When he was able to process it, and live a life – a happy life of his own – then he was robbed of that. He’s living it in Franco’s place.

Kim says Elizabeth has no empathy for her, but she can’t begin to know how Kim feels. Oscar is gone, and Drew miraculously came back; the Drew she loved. Elizabeth can’t blame her for fighting for him. Elizabeth says she blames Kim for refusing to acknowledge that Franco had a life first. Kim says the judge ruled in Drew’s favor, and she hopes Elizabeth can accept that, and make peace. Elizabeth says Kim just wants to ease her conscience for stealing her husband. She can’t give him to Kim; she won’t. Kim says she should go, and Elizabeth says, great idea. She opens the door. Kim says Elizabeth was her rock when Oscar was sick. She can’t repay her for that, but wants Elizabeth to know she’ll always be grateful for their friendship during that time. She says, goodbye. Elizabeth closes the door, and leans against it.

Robert asks Finn if Anna is going to have a fiancé by the time she gets back. He’s seen the looks Finn and Hayden have shared, and noticed Finn is angling to be a family. Hayden comes out, and thanks Finn, telling him, Violet is with Epiphany. She asks if he and Robert are okay. Robert says he’s fine. He’s not too sure about her ex. He leaves, and Hayden says she’s so sorry. She didn’t mean for him to find out. Finn says, too late, and she asks if Robert is telling Anna. Finn says let him deal with that, and Hayden says she’s available when he wants to talk. They need to figure things out. She tells him to check his phone, and he sees a picture of her and Violet when the baby was just born. She says she doesn’t know if it will make up for lost time, but maybe it’s a start.

Laura sees Robert at the hospital, and they hug. She says she was hoping to find him there. She’s trying to locate a portrait of Helena. He says, the nude? and she says, God no. It was done more recently, before she died. She left it to Nikolas, and it was hanging in Windymere. Valentin got rid of it, and it turns out it could be very useful. He asks, how so? and she says, as a weapon against Valentin.

Cassandra tells Nikolas that she’s been more than patient. It’s time for him to hold up his end of the bargain. Break her out tonight. Nikolas says she’s the one who insisted on coming to Port Charles, against his instructions. She got herself into this situation, and she’s in no position to make demands. She says he’s wasting time he doesn’t have. Break her out or she’ll blow his cover. She hangs up, and Nikolas makes a call. He says, it’s me. We have a problem with Cassandra. Take care of it.

Robert says, a weapon against Valentin? and asks Laura to tell him more. She wishes she had the time. An enemy may want to acquire it. Any idea who? He says, Spencer, the clan Cassadine; Cassandra is locked up, awaiting extradition. He asks her if everything is all right, and she says, nothing is all right. She had the weirdest sensation earlier, and she’s spent the day trying to shake it. He asks, what kind of sensation? and she says, it’s kind of hard to describe. It’s ethereal. Like someone walked on her grave.

Franco thanks Scotty for sharing, but what does he want Franco to do. Scotty says, the right thing. Franco asks if Scotty wants him to sacrifice his life for Franco. Franco saved his life when they were kids; it’s not his fault. Scotty says, or Franco’s fault. Just ask himself, is his second chance at life worth Scotty’s son’s first chance?

Hayden and Violet arrive at Elizabeth’s house, and Hayden introduces Violet to her aunt. Elizabeth says, it’s so nice to meet her, and Violet asks if she can have a hug. Elizabeth says she would love that. It’s exactly what she needs right now.

Finn sits down, and takes out his phone. He looks at the picture of Hayden and Violet.

Kendra goes back to Alexis’s room, and Alexis asks if Julian is still there. Kendra says he had to take off, but she’s there to provide a distraction. It must be maddening, not knowing what’s going on. Alexis says she’s going stir crazy, and Kendra suggests they go for a walk. Alexis says she doesn’t think she’s ready to be seen in public. She looks worse than she feels. Kendra gives her a mirror and brush, telling her to put herself together. She’s going to tell the nurse that they’re taking her IV pole for a walk. Alexis asks what she did to deserve Kendra.

Julian puts something into the dumpster, and a dead rat falls out. Surprise!

Alexis brushes her hair, and discovers it’s falling out.

Jax goes back home, and Nikolas asks how his mother is. Jax says, how does he think? She went to see Ava, and had to listen to her ramble about how she saw him. Nikolas says, another reason Jax shouldn’t have involved his mother. Nikolas says he can thank Hayden for that. She’s the one who brought Curtis and his mother in without his knowledge or consent. Not that it matters. Laura is a part of it now, but the longer he stays, the greater the chance of her finding out. Unless that’s what Nikolas wants. Nikolas says he can’t show himself until Valentin is neutralized.

Cassandra and Sam are brought into the hall, and Cassandra asks, what’s going on? Sam tells her, it’s work detail, but Cassandra says, these hands don’t do that. The guard says, they do now. She has work detail. Cassandra says, no one told her. The guard texts, it’s handled, to an unknown number. Sam guesses it’s Cassandra’s lucky day, and Cassandra says she supposes it is.

Tomorrow, Valentin tells Nina that he’s bothered by Jax, Carly tells Sasha that owning it goes a long way with her, and Nikolas says the chances of him getting recognized are non-existent.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

We backtrack a little. LeeAnne’s cousin Katie says LeeAnne’s mother isn’t there yet. Rich gets ready to go in, and says he’s walking the green mile. Katie calls LeeAnne’s mom. LeeAnne dabs at her eyes with a hanky.

Mom Margaret squeaks in at the last minute. LeeAnne smiles. The music from Ordinary People (otherwise known as Canon in D major, by Johann Pachelbel) plays. Rich’s daughter walks down, bringing the ring pillow, and Rich follows. The curtains part, revealing LeeAnne. The traditional wedding march plays. We flash back to Tiffany telling Rich that LeeAnne has to do it before she’s fifty, and him saying she told him she was thirty, so… Tiffany says, just give her a ring. We also see clips of D’Andra harassing LeeAnne about Rich cheating, and how they’re never going to set a date. I’m glad she’s not there. Margaret cries.

The pastor says blah-blah-blah be kind to one another. When Rich says, I do, LeeAnne goes, whew! Everyone laughs, and the pastor says he hates to tell her, but there are several more opportunities. They share the vows they wrote, and Rich says LeeAnne taught him true love and total acceptance. They’ve both said they come from the land of misfit toys, but they’ve managed to help fix each other, and will continue to do that for the rest of their lives. He promises to love, serve, and protect LeeAnne like a SWAT officer should. He says she’s scary smart and hilarious. It’s like he’s marrying  five women at one time. She says, just five? LeeAnne says she never felt loved, wanted, or accepted. Rich made her feel those things. He’s shown her how to love deeper than she thought possible. She promises she’ll be reminding him to do that for the rest of their lives. She tells him how special he is, and says her heart belongs to him always. The pastor has them repeat a promise to see the other’s innocence in their eyes, and Rich says, his eye. Everyone laughs, and they exchange rings. The pastor declares them married. As they walk down the aisle, Rich’s tag changes from fiancé to husband. In her interview, Kameron says, LeeAnne has waited so many years. It’s a real fairytale, and gives her the warm fuzzies.

In the hallway, Steve hugs Rich and LeeAnne. Margaret says LeeAnne is a great kid, but she wishes LeeAnne would come to the realization that she was loved as a child. I say it doesn’t matter what Margaret thinks, if LeeAnne didn’t feel it. Kameron says, it was the most amazing ceremony. In Kameron’s interview, she says she’s never seen such a big crown as the one LeeAnne is wearing. She thinks the break in between the ceremony and reception is a nuisance. Who wants to wear the dress they’ve been sweating in for five hours? (Just a thought, but, bring one to change into?) In LeeAnne’s interview, she says the purpose of a five-hour break is because she wants to shtup her husband. When I was a kid, I went to a lot of Lithuanian and Polish weddings, and it was traditional to have a wedding breakfast after the ceremony, and then hang out at someone’s house until the reception in the evening. I was actually surprised the first time I went to a wedding that didn’t have all that.

In the limo, LeeAnne tells Rich that she wants a footlong, and he says she’s already getting one. They get some fast food at a drive-through (Sonic?), and LeeAnne says, best wedding ever. Rich tells the person at the window not to tell anyone they’ve seen him. LeeAnne wants to eat in the car, and promises not to mess up her dress, but Rich is more worried about the car. When they get to the hotel, Rich lies down, and LeeAnne calls him lazy. He says he married her; that’s not lazy. She wolfs down a chili dog.

There are all kinds of acrobats, cowgirls on saddle swings, people in costumes made of mirrors, and living lamps with sequined bodies and lights on their heads. Kameron says, it’s amazing. Kary says, LeeAnne is back to the carnival. She wanted to relive the childhood she hated so much. I don’t think LeeAnne ever said she hated the carnival. LeeAnne copies me by having a castle as a cake topper. Friends made mine for me, since we could find one nowhere. In Stephanie’s interview, she says it’s everything she thought it would be. It’s like she took drugs; she doesn’t even know where to look. Where did LeeAnne find these people?

D’Andra and Jeremy are doing a cooking competition; a seafood challenge. Jeremy brings out shrimp, halibut, and softshell crab. In D’Andra’s interview, she says food is the most important thing in her life. She loves to cook. Jeremy says he’s going to work on the images for the website over the weekend. D’Andra is glad they’re not at the wedding. Who would have thought, eight years ago, they wouldn’t be there? In D’Andra’s interview, she says she looks back, and thinks it was a fun time. She and LeeAnne were close, but she’s lost hope for the future of their friendship. Celebrating her own marriage by she and Jeremy doing something together is just as satisfying.

LeeAnne changes to a different gown that’s more festive and sparkly. She and Rich are introduced as a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whatever-His-Last-Name-Is. Margaret complains that she can’t get close enough. LeeAnne isn’t unfriendly to her, but there’s a definite chill. Pictures are taken, and Margaret says she’s glad Rich has taken LeeAnne off her hands. Like LeeAnne is even around her much. Margaret leaves, and the dancing commences.

The drink glasses look like disco balls. Travis asks Rich if they’re still married, and Rich says, so far. LeeAnne removes the skirt from her outfit, and it turns into a jumpsuit. Cary, Kary, and Kameron pose on one of the saddle swings, and get their picture taken. Kameron says they’re a bad influence on her, and Cary says, the K/Carys are a bad influence. Stephanie complains that there’s not enough food, and says she’s glad she ate beforehand. I dunno. It’s not a dinner situation, but it looks like there’s plenty in the way of charcuterie trays and such. I prefer picking around myself.

In her interview, D’Andra says the cooking competition takes her mind off serious business, like saving the company. Jeremy says, let the ass whoopin’ begin. D’Andra keeps asking him for ingredients while they’re cooking. They sit to taste the dishes, and Jeremy says, 100% honesty. D’Andra thinks Jeremy’s dish tastes like sandpaper, and she gets one point for her shrimp.

Kameron tells Kary, they ran out of water at the bar, and she had to get it from the bathroom. Kary wonders, where’s the food? In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s been to a lot of weddings where there’s been just cake and nuts, but at least they had nuts. In Kameron’s interview, she says any event after 7 pm is required to serve a meal.

D’Andra has two points, and Jeremy gets one for his halibut. He tells her, since it’s the main dish, he should get two points, but she’s taking full victory. She tells Jeremy that she’s getting dessert. At the reception, the cake is cut. LeeAnne is happy, and says, it felt perfect. In her interview, she says the wedding was filled with nothing but love and joy. It’s the happiest day of her life. She and Rich get in the limo, and she says, baby, come to mama.

Brandi and Travis go out to lunch, bringing Bruin. Bruin sees a balloon up by the ceiling, and freaks. Brian asks Brandi why no daycare today, and she says they were snuggling. Brian says, because she needed sleep? He asks if she had fun in Nashville; he did. She says she has no regrets about missing the wedding. In her interview, she says she had a fantastic time with her husband, got wasted, and had sex. Brian asks if she has any details on Bruin’s potential sibling, but she says, not yet. Once you get to three or four, it’s no big deal. That reminds me of when I said, what’s one more dog? Brian says he grew up with four. She says they’ve got to move anyway. Brian says, with six, they’ll need a third bedroom. In Brandi’s interview, she says her heart is telling her that she needs and wants to adopt the baby. It’s Bruin’s sibling; his blood. How can she say no to that? Brian asks why she feels so strongly. She says, it make sense. They’ll always have each other. Bruin is making a humongous mess, and Brandi says she’ll clean it up. Um… they might possibly need a rug shampooer. In her interview, she says, to get Brian on board, she has to convince him that she can handle it all. She can never complain. She’ll be sucking it up and miserable, She can do this. Brian says, two at once will be a handful. What if Bruin’s mother has another one? It’s hard as it is, and Brandi wants to take on a newborn baby. She says she feels like it will be worth it in the end. She’s not worried about love; they have that. She just worries about handling it. Brian say he remembers being the oldest was hard. His parents had to give so much attention to the babies. He felt like his mom was busy with the babies, and worries about Brooklyn in particular, We flash back to Brooklyn being a mini bitch. Brian says, she’s close to being a teenager, and already acts like one. He remembers his sisters. In Brandi’s interview, she says maybe Brian is right that having another child will add more stress, with her being pulled in another direction. Brandi says, it’s especially worse when they’re in diapers. With four, everything will be doubled.

Everyone gets back to their regular lives. Travis relaxes in the hot tub, and Stephanie asks how it’s going with his party. What do they need to do before his magical day? In Stephanie’s interview, she says Travis is going to be 50, and the theme is his life now – a midlife crisis. We flash back to Stephanie popping out of his cake. She says Travis wanted her to private message John Legend to sing at his party, but one, she doesn’t know him; and two, it’s insane and stalkerish. I’ll bet he’d do it though. He and Chrissy love Bravo. Travis says he has no idea how many people he invited. They have the DJ, the band,  the liquor, the caterer, the lights, and the yard has been redone. She asks if his dad is coming. In her interview, she says Travis’s dad travels between Thailand and Viet Nam a lot of the time, because he has friends there. Travis doesn’t think his dad is taking his meds, so he’s going to Thailand in a couple of weeks. In Stephanie’s interview, she says that Travis’s dad tends to stop taking his meds, and then has a hard time. He’s traveling, and Travis is concerned because he can’t get ahold of him. Travis says if Stephanie wants to come, this is probably the year to do it. Stephanie doesn’t want to be by herself if Travis is working, and suggests she bring her friends. She tells him, it seems like Kameron gets mad, and kind of blows up, spins, then they’re fine. In her interview, Stephanie says a few months ago, they were fine, and now they haven’t been able to get back on track. If she takes Kameron to Thailand to see an elephant, Kameron will like her again. Travis talks about ping pong shows, and Stephanie asks if they play ping pong. He says, not with their hands. She’s puzzled, and says, with their mouths? He says, lower. The lightbulb comes on, and she gets it, and she says, gross.

Stephanie calls everyone about the trip to Bangkok. LeeAnne is in right away. When Stephanie tells Brandi about the ping pong shows, Brandi asks if she’s planning on doing this. D’Andra says she doesn’t want to eat alone, and Stephanie will have to be an adventurous eater. Kameron says she’s going to need a long time to pack. In Kameron’s interview, she says she’s super shocked that Stephanie invited her. Is it her way of saying they’re good? Stephanie tells her, it will take at least a week, considering how much stuff she brings. It’s ridiculous.

Kary gets Stephanie’s call while going out to dinner with Eduardo, and asks if she’s serious. Eduardo says he’s jealous, and Kary tells him that she’s psyched. In Kary’s interview, she says she’s been to Thailand twice. She loves the food, the massages, and  the culture. Me too, even though I’ve never been there, and it’s doubtful I’ll ever go. Kary flashes back to telling D’Andra about the wedding, and how there was no food, only platters of cheese and whatnot. D’Andra says LeeAnne probably couldn’t get it donated. Eduardo thinks the food situation was strange. If there’s not enough food, people get sh*t-faced. They order, and Kary tells him that she’s excited about Thailand. She wants to go to the same store where she got pearls for her jewelry line, so she’ll be doing a little work. Eduardo thinks she should definitely visit a temple they were at. She points out that she’s wearing new earrings she just made (love them, also pearl). Because they’re having two different conversations, Eduardo starts talking about his mother’s walking program. Kary says she doesn’t care. In her interview, she says, it’s important to her to talk about her business, and he’s changing the subject to talk about his mom’s walking trip. She could give a sh*t. Eduardo say if she’s going to be like that, it can kill the mood.

Kary says, it doesn’t matter. They eat in silence for a while, and Kary finally asks what Eduardo is wearing to Travis’s birthday party. He says he hasn’t thought about it, and Kary says it will be there before they know it. In Kary’s interview, she says, Eduardo isn’t good at communication. It’s one of their biggest issues. She likes to talk, and he’s the opposite; he doesn’t want to talk at all. Kary asks if he doesn’t want to talk anymore, and he says she just wants to talk about what she wants to talk about. She says she doesn’t want to talk about his mom’s trip, and he says he’s turned off. Kary says he’s just going on and on about it (not really), and he cut her off when she was talking about her jewelry. He changed the subject, and it’s something huge going on in her life. He’s not asking questions, or showing more interest. He says they’re having a nice dinner. It’s not just about one thing. He’s been supportive the whole time. She says when Eduardo started his business, he talked non-stop about it. He says they’re both trying to catch each other up. Kary asks, what else is going on? and Eduardo asks what she wants to talk about. She says she’s been trying to tell him that she’s excited to go.

In Kary’s interview, she says she thinks it’s a power struggle between them, built on control. Eduardo can’t control her. The finances are the only thing he has over her. Eduardo asks how many girls trips she’s been on, and Kary says, a lot. She loves her girls trips. He asks if she can’t live without them, and she says can’t. it’s like her therapy.

Next time, Travis is knighted at Medieval Times, Stephanie feels like she’s never enough, Travis’s birthday party happens, and LeeAnne isn’t enjoying watching D’Andra getting drunk over and over, and making an ass of herself.

🍷 8 pm is too early for watching Wives, and I’m all about this season’s American Horror Story: 1984 at 10, so The Real Housewives of New Jersey has gotten a little abandoned. No recap, but here were the highlights and feels.

🍝 Dolores still lives with Frank, Frank Jr. is modeling, including romance book covers. Is he the new Fabio? David is more on the scene, and everyone is one big happy family. More power to them. I wish I had a Frank – a dude who will do everything for me, and expects nothing in return except my scintillating company.

The Marge is looking good, as is Marge Sr. who’s taken a bookkeeping job in Manhattan, and is reliving her youth. Go OG Marge! Not loving Jennifer at all. She’s obnoxious, and it often seems like she’s being dramatic on purpose to get camera time. Giving her props though, for looking well put together, even though a lot of it is via plastic surgery, being the face (or other body parts, as it were) of her husband’s practice. She caused a  rift with Jackie when she did an impression of Jackie (i.e. made fun of) in a restaurant, while Teresa filmed and put it on social media. When Jackie called her out on it during a Bring Your Booty Back event, Jennifer claimed it was just a joke. Then followed Jackie around the party, screeching at her.

Melissa defended Teresa for encouraging Jennifer’s dumbass behavior and stepping out on Juicy Joe with a dude so young he wears a backpack. She claimed he was just a friend. Uh-huh, I always hold hands with my male friends. Teresa was done with restitution, and putting in a pool. Joe #1 was detained on ICE indefinitely, awaiting the judge’s ruling on his appeal. If he went to Italy, he wouldn’t be allowed back in the country, and Gina had given him an old tomato ultimatum – if he went to Italy, he couldn’t have a relationship with her. Joe – who now looks like a mini version of Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation – felt he was wasting his life there. Well, we already know how that turns out.

Marge gave us the best quote of the night: cake fixes everything.

This season, hair pulling, a  trip to Jamaica, skydiving, Melissa wants another baby, Danielle blames Marge for her divorce, the news that Joe #1 is getting deported, glass throwing, and the best of friends become the worst of enemas enemies.

💎 When Did It Become Citrine…?

Brush with greatness moment. One time I was at the same Christmas party as Fred Schneider. They had karaoke, and I was singing Carrie Underwood‘s Before He Cheats. Fred walked by, and told me, nothing said Christmas like that song.



November 5, 2019 – Brad Spills (Some Of) His Guts, Tamra Is a Snake, New Jersey’s Return & It’s Here


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the beginning. I always think I’ll have time later to look at it real fast On Demand, but I never do. I live in denial. It was just a minute or two, so you’ll figure it out. Moving on…

Nikolas says he’s back to take what was stolen from him, and burn Valentin’s life to ashes.

Jax doesn’t understand; Nikolas was supposed to keep himself concealed. Ava saw him. Nikolas says, Ava is unhinged; just not as much as she thinks. If she keeps insisting he’s alive, she’ll get herself involuntarily committed. He’s dead, and that’s how he’s going to stay until the time is right. Jax says Nikolas was supposed to remain incognito on the other side of the world. Now he’s mingling with family and friends. How long before he gets caught?

The nurse tells Laura and Scotty that Ava is sedated, but it might take a while for it to fully affect her. Scotty says, she looks pretty out of it. The nurse says she was agitated, and claims she saw someone who’s not there.

Josslyn goes out on the terrace, and asks Lucas if he wants to talk about it. He says, her first. He heard she got drunk for the first time. Judging from her lack of a hangover, she must have already thrown most of it up. She says it’s the sickest she’s ever been, and he asks if her parents put the hammer down yet. She says, they’re having a summit about it now, and they’re talking about it later. Does he have any advice? He says, sorry. If Wiley got drunk, he’d be in lockdown. Josslyn says Carly told her that Lucas was the good kid. He doesn’t know what it’s like to mess up. He says she’d be surprised.

Brad goes to see Julian one more time. He tells Julian there’s no reason to destroy his family. Julian says Brad is a walking black hole, and destroys everything that he’s around. Lucas will have friends and family to see him through. Julian says it’s not about himself; it’s about him protecting Lucas and Wiley. If Brad loves them, he should understand, and make his exit. Brad says his leaving won’t solve the problems with Nelle and Obrecht. Julian says he’ll take care of them. The sooner Brad is gone, the better. Lucas will find someone else who won’t drag him down. Brad asks, what about their son? and Julian says Wiley is young. He won’t remember Brad. It will be like he never existed.

Franco apologizes for showing up at Elizabeth’s house unannounced, and asks if it’s a bad time. She says school mornings are never good, but invites him in. He asks if the other kids are there, and she says Bobbie took Aiden and Jake out for breakfast. Cameron is on home study. She tells Cameron to get to it, but he doesn’t budge. Franco says Cameron doesn’t want to leave her alone with him. He has good instincts; it’s a credit to her. She tells Cameron, she’ll be fine; go study. Franco says he doesn’t mean to throw a wrench in their day, and  tells Cameron, don’t go. He has something to say that won’t take long, and they both need to hear it. Elizabeth says if he’s in a hurry, they can do it another time, but he says that doesn’t work for him. Cameron wonders what plans Franco could have, and Franco flashes back to seeing Kim in the park by Oscar’s memorial. He mentions he was there, and Elizabeth says, it’s a beautiful memorial to Oscar. Cameron volunteers for the upkeep. Franco says, that’s great. It’s good to know someone will be there to do right by Oscar when… Elizabeth says, when what? and Cameron says, when he’s gone. He’s leaving Port Charles, isn’t he?

Laura goes into Ava’s room at Shadybrook, and says, there’s somebody else who came to say hello. Ava says she doesn’t want to see anybody. Scotty says, but they have a special relationship where she abuses him, and he keeps coming back for more. Ava says he shouldn’t have come when she’s like this. He says she looks like a million bucks, instead of two million like usual. He puts a bag on the bed, and says he stopped by her apartment and got her some stuff from her vanity. Laura is surprised Scotty has a key to the penthouse, but he says, the doorman is on the take. Ava owes him twenty bucks. He’ll collect when she’s out. Ava asks if Laura told him that she’s crazy. She saw Nikolas.

Jax tells Nikolas it was a stupid risk to go to the MetroCourt. Nikolas says it’s been years since he’s shown his face to his mother, sister, and son. Jax says, if Valentin finds out, he’ll consolidate his position or eliminate him. Nikolas says the reason he’s there is because Jax invited his mother and Curtis to his hunting party. Jax says, Curtis is a professional, and doesn’t Nikolas trust his mother? Nikolas says he doesn’t trust Valentin. One wrong word…  He wants Jax to go to Ava’s gallery, but Jax says he’s not going unless he’s sure the portrait is there. He’ll get to Ava; it’s second on his list. Family comes first. Nikolas asks if his mother seems well, and Jax says he heard she had a rough year, but she came out stronger on the other side. Nikolas says, imagine how much better she’ll feel when she sees him again.

Lucas tells Josslyn that he’s no paragon. She says Brad used to be bad, but it’s in the past tense now. Lucas is lucky to have him and Wiley. Wiley is lucky to have both dads, so many of her friends have parents who are separated or divorced. Lucas asks if she thinks life would have been better if her parents had stayed together, and Josslyn says she loves Sonny. He says that’s not what he asked. He’s just curious if she thinks her life would have been different. She says she used to fantasize about it when she was younger, but that was before she knew better, and realized some things just aren’t meant to be. That doesn’t mean the things that replaced them can’t be good; it’s just different. She asks if he’s ever wishes that grandma and grandpa Tony hadn’t divorced, and he says, yeah. Lots of times.

Brad says Julian is inhuman. Yeah, really; I’m not liking this at all. Julian says he’s just a father protecting his son. Brad says by destroying his marriage, and creating false evidence that Brad is cheating when he never has? Julian says so he’s innocent for once? Given time, Brad would do something bad to drive Lucas away. He’s just speeding up the timeline. Consider it a mercy. Brad has his youth. He can pick up the pieces and start over, far away. Brad says he’s nothing without his family, and Julian says, not his problem. Brad is going to tell Lucas that he’s having an affair, and make it believable. Say his goodbyes and go count his blessings. Brad asks Julian thinks he’s doing him a favor. He’s making a mistake. Julian says he knows how to make it stick. Brad needs to leave before Lucas loses his son because of him. I say, don’t do it, Brad, and Brad goes outside.

Nikolas looks at information about Laura online. Like he hasn’t seen a computer before today.

Scotty says, Nikolas, huh? and Ava says he was wearing a mask. He says, a Halloween mask? and she asks if he’s being patronizing. He says, no. Hallucinations can freak you out. Laura says, Nikolas passed away. Remember? Ava was there, and saw Valentin kill him. Ava says, Valentin shot him. Nikolas fell out the window, and was swept out to sea. She can see it so clearly, but then last night, she saw him. How can both things be true? Laura says, they can’t be, and Ava says, then why can’t he be alive? Wouldn’t Laura rather she be wrong about Greece than wrong about right now. Laura says asks if it’s the first time Ava has seen someone who isn’t there, and Ava says she can’t trust her own eyes.

Cameron says that’s what Franco is doing. He’s there to say he’s leaving Port Charles. Franco says Kim’s stuff is in storage. They’re leaving tomorrow. Cameron says, just like that, and Franco says Elizabeth asked him not to leave without saying goodbye. He wanted to wait, and let things settle, but the longer he takes, the worse it is for everyone. He’s sorry it has to be this way. He doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. Cameron says, then don’t. He knows he’s been tough on Franco, and Franco doesn’t have to see him again, but just stay. Franco says that’s not the reason he’s leaving, and Cameron says, then why? Franco flashes back to finding Kim in the park. He says if he’d known Kim was coming, they could have come together. Kim asks, why? So he could witness more of her messiness, like at the hearing? He already thinks she’s broken. He says he thinks she’s beautiful and in pain, and he thinks she needs help. Kim tells him, so he said. She holds up her hands to keep him from coming closer, and says she’s thought about it a lot. She’s turned it over in her head, and he’s right. She needs help, but she can’t get it there in Port Charles. In the present, Franco says, staying there is hurtful for Kim, and she’s the only person left there that he knows. Cameron tells Franco, leaving will hurt everyone who knows him. Sitting on the couch, Elizabeth closes her eyes.

Carly tells Jax, she’d rather be doing anything else than telling Josslyn that she screwed up. She was in no shape to go to the dance. Jax asks how Carly would have known that, and she says, Josslyn lost the watch Oscar gave her, and she was so upset. Not just because she lost it, but it was three days before she missed it, and she felt guilty. It makes sense that she wanted to stop feeling and reached for a quick fix. Jax says, it’s just her way of growing up. Their job is to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Carly says, united front, and he agrees.

Lucas tells Josslyn that he used to think they didn’t try hard enough to make things work. That if it was important, you fight for it. That’s what a kid thinks, but he’s old enough now to know better. Some things you can’t get over. She guesses he’s right, and Jax pops out, saying, it’s time to face the music. Lucas says, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Josslyn says she’ll keep that in mind. She goes inside, and Jax asks how she’s feeling. She asks, what’s beyond embarrassed? and he says, mortified? She says, yeah, that’s it. He tells her, take a seat, and Carly says they’re going to talk about what happened, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Brad comes up to the terrace, and tells Lucas the guard said he could come up. He supposes he should be grateful Carly hasn’t banned him from the property. He asks where Wiley is, and Lucas says, upstairs. Lucas tells Brad that he didn’t sleep well last night, and Brad says, neither did he. Lucas says he has to go to work, and Brad suggests he call in and say he’ll be late. Lucas asks, why? He has no intention of hearing Brad’s story. Brad says he didn’t cheat, but that’s what Lucas’s father wants him to believe. Julian set him up. My mouth actually falls open.

Carly wants to start by saying they’re incredibly grateful Josslyn is okay. They understand she’s upset about the lost watch, but she should have come to them, and not handled it by getting drunk at a school function. Jax says she could have fallen overboard, and Carly says, thank God she didn’t, but she knows the rules. Jax says she knows she’s too young to drink. Plus, she’s had a kidney transplant, and has to be even more careful. Carly says, when Josslyn is old enough to make that decision, she’ll have to weigh the risks, but she’s got years for that. Jax says it’s hard to trust her now.

Lucas says Brad has lost it, but Brad says, it’s true. Lucas can’t believe it. Every time Brad lies, his solution is a bigger lie. He tells Brad, don’t. He’s done. Brad says Julian sent the flowers. He convinced Brad to change his password, and had a guy send the photos. He admitted it. He saw Julian last night, and Julian told him everything. He’d gone to Julian to ask him for help proving he didn’t do anything, and Julian said, don’t bother. Lucas says Julian is Brad’s biggest supporter, and Brad says he thought so. But he wants them to break up, and made it happen. Lucas asks if he made Brad call out Michael’s name, and Brad says, no, but dreams are dreams. He did everything else. Julian gave him today to say he’s leaving town and never coming back. He set Brad up. Lucas asks why would his father want to break them up? and Brad says, because he found out about something Brad did.

Scotty tells Ava that he scooped up everything. She has three eye creams. She says he can use them if he likes. Laura excuses herself, and finds Julian in the waiting area. He asks how Ava is, and Laura says, right now, she’s calm. She’s sedated, and will probably be asleep soon. He asks if she said anything about last night, and Laura says, it was pretty much the same. She said she saw Nikolas, but today, she’s less sure. He says, good. The sooner she forgets that fantasy, the better. Ava tells Scotty that he’s always climbing out on a limb for her, and what does he get in return? Scotty says, out on a limb is where the fruit is. He enjoys her company. Ava says she knows she was insensitive when he told her what happened with Franco. Scotty says she was a little brutal. He’d lost his son, and she said she envied Franco’s second chance. She says she was wrong to say it. It was faulty logic. She thought Franco was getting something she wanted; a new chance, and a clean slate. But she was wrong. Franco didn’t need it. He’d already changed, and everybody knows. Scotty says she’s right, and also wrong. He did good before he did bad, but not everybody knows. Maybe it’s time to change that.

Franco says none of them asked for any of this. He’s doing the best he can. Cameron says, it really helps to know Franco is doing his best to blow up their family. He’ll be sure to tell Aiden and Jake that he’s out living his life, and the life they welcomed him into means nothing. Cameron slams out the door, and Franco says, he’ll be all right, right? Elizabeth says if she said no, would it change his mind? Franco flashes back to the park. He asks if Kim thinks uprooting her life is the best way to go, and she says, there’s nothing left to uproot. What’s the point? She has nothing left there. All that’s left are the memories of Oscar, and she’ll take those with her everywhere. Wherever she lands. He says she’s leaving with or without him? and she says, it’s not an ultimatum. If he wants to stay; if he feels he owes it to Elizabeth, she can’t blame him. She hopes he chooses to come, but if he doesn’t, he’s already given her more than she can repay. He gave her Oscar. Her once in a lifetime child. He puts his arm around her and she cries. In the present, Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s truly sorry for her and her family. They don’t deserve it. She says, neither does Franco. He says he’ll see her around, and she tells him to wait. She looks into his eyes, and kisses him. I say please, oh please, let it be like Sleeping Beauty and he wakes up. He’s not exactly not kissing her back.

Elizabeth looks at him, and says, Franco. She knows he’s still in there. Hear her. She’s done everything she knows to do. He needs to fight. He needs to do the rest, and come back like he promised. Franco says, he’s just not there. He wants to tell her different, but he can’t. He’s not the guy she wants him to be. Franco is gone. He leaves, and we all want to cry.

Julian says he was thinking about what Laura said, that she thinks this might be tied to a painting; the portrait of Helena she mentioned. She thinks if it’s there, it definitely has a bad influence on Ava. Scotty comes out, and says Ava would like a visit from Julian. Julian tells Laura that he’ll be in touch, and goes in. Laura asks how it went, and Scotty says better than he thought it would. She asks, how so? He gets a text from Franco, saying, I need to see you. Scotty says he’s got to deal with something, and he’ll catch her later. She says she has to be someplace anyway. Scotty calls Elizabeth, who tells him, Franco was just there. Scotty says Franco just texted him. He wants to get together. She says, to say goodbye. Franco said he’s leaving tomorrow with Kim. Scotty says, not if he has anything to say about it.

Lucas says, Brad did something bad? How bad? Brad says Obrecht made him use his position at the lab when Finn ordered another test for Sasha when she was sick. Obrecht thought the test would show Sasha wasn’t Nina’s daughter. Lucas asks Brad to tell him how Obrecht could make him do something. Brad says Obrecht saw he was wound up, and offered to get him anti-anxiety meds. He needed a hand, she was offering, and since she’s Britt’s mom, he never thought anything of it. Lucas says, he couldn’t wait? Brad says he tried. It took forever to get the appointment with Neil. Lucas says he risked his job, and prison to get drugs. Brad says Lucas has to believe him, but Lucas says he doesn’t have to believe anything. It sounds like Brad’s same old lies. He can’t believe his father would do something like this. Brad hits play on his phone, and they hear his conversation with Julian. Brad ask if Lucas believes him now.

Carly tells Josslyn that they need to know she’ll be making good decisions in the future. Her decisions don’t just affect her. Her sisters worship her. Avery and Donna will take their cues from her. Josslyn says she knows, and she’s sorry. She knows she messed up, and she’ll do better. Jax says, forgive them if they don’t take her word for it. Carly says, maybe after she’s grounded for two weeks, they’ll trust her. Jax takes her phone, giving her a flip phone, and Carly says she’ll use her computer downstairs to do her homework, there or in the kitchen, and the lock is coming off her door. Josslyn is surprised they’re doing all this over a few drinks at a dance, but Jax says, no more arguments. The more she argues, the more they think she doesn’t understand how serious this is. Josslyn says, they’re right; she’s sorry. Carly says they don’t like doubting her, but they’ll work together to regain trust. Josslyn asks if she can take a walk. She won’t leave the grounds, and needs time to think. Jax says, fine, and asks her passcode, but she’s gone. She opens the door, and Cameron is there.

Jax thinks they scared Josslyn straight, and Carly says she thought of another consequence. Jax thinks they came down hard enough, but she says, it’s not a punishment. Just a way to change Josslyn’s perspective. He says he’s all for that, and she says, good, because it involves him. She suggests Josslyn alternate between there and Jax’s new house. One week with her, and one with him.

Nikolas looks up Ava and the gallery online.

On the phone, Elizabeth asks Scotty if Franco is there yet. Scotty says, no. He’s in Oscar’s Meadow, but there’s no sign of Franco. She asks how he’s going to convince Franco to stay, and he says he’s going to fill in the blanks. Elizabeth says, what blanks? Does Scotty have a plan or not? Elizabeth’s doorbell rings, and she asks him to just tell her what he’s going to do. He says, if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, what’s the point? Elizabeth opens the door to find Kim. I’d slam it in her face. Obviously, I don’t care about Kim’s pain.

Franco thanks Scotty for meeting him. He has something to tell Scotty. Scotty says he has something to tell Franco too. I can’t wait to find out what that is.

Lucas asks what that’s supposed to be, and Brad says, proof that Julian framed him. He went to see Julian, giving him once last chance to let them be, but set his phone to record, just in case. Julian wouldn’t listen to reason. He said because Brad lied for Obrecht, so he couldn’t be trusted, and would wind up hurting Lucas and Wiley. He wanted to force Brad to leave, so Lucas would blame him and move on. Lucas asks why his dad wants to hurt him, and Brad says he thinks Julian is suffering. It’s affected his judgement. He’s lost Kim, and had to watch Ava slowly unravel. Julian is falling apart himself, but they can’t let him drag them down with him.

Julian tells Ava that he’s checking in to see how she’s doing. She says, don’t let anyone else in. She looks a fright. He says, Avery wouldn’t mind, and she says, like Sonny would let Avery within a mile of her. He tells her, don’t worry; he took care of it, and she says he’s the best brother in the world.

Cameron asks if Josslyn’s parents are home. He feels like he should apologize. Josslyn says, this is so not the time. In the other room, Jax says Carly wants Josslyn to move in. Carly thinks the more face time he has with Josslyn, he might catch what she misses. Jax thinks they should table the idea for now, and she asks if he doesn’t want Josslyn to live with him. He says he does, but thinks they should focus on what got Josslyn to drink, and her grief over losing Oscar. She refused therapy, but he thinks now is the time to bring in professional help. When they get Josslyn through that, then they can talk about her moving in.

Nikolas is looking at the laptop, and the doorbell rings.

Julian says he’ll be back, and tells Ava to sleep. She asks him to look under bed before he leaves. He does, and says, just dust bunnies. She thanks him, and asks if he’s really there. He says she’s not dreaming; he’s real. She says, sometimes it’s hard to tell. He tells her that he loves her, and to rest. Everything will be okay.

Jax’s doorbell continues to ring. Nikolas walks toward the door, and Laura asks if Jax is there. They need to talk.

Tomorrow, Hayden tells Finn that they’ll work it out, Kim tells Elizabeth it’s long overdue, and Robert tells Cassandra it’s the only deal she’s going to get.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Riding together in the car, Shannon tells Tamra that she’s still recovering. She went out with Braunwyn and Gina after the party. Tamra says she’s leaving at 6 am for Scottsdale. Shannon asks how Kelly is feeling, but Tamra hasn’t talked to her. Shannon says if someone said they’d love to attend her funeral or Tamra’s, she’d be crying like Vicki did. We flash back to Vicki’s reaction at hearing Kelly would like to attend her funeral. Tamra says that’s just how Kelly talks, but Shannon feels like Kelly is given a pass for that. She’s a smart girl, and knows she shouldn’t say certain things. Tamra says Vicki telling the world that Kelly is a coke addict and pulled a train is life altering. She’d also said David beat Shannon, so they’ve been on the other side. In Shannon’s interview, she says she’s frustrated, because it’s been up and down with Tamra. In Tamra’s interview, she thinks she’s more compassionate than Shannon. Shannon sees everything in black and white, while Tamra gives them the benefit of the doubt. She tells Shannon, it’s hard to pick a side.

Kelly can’t find the dog food, and gives her two dogs chicken soup. Jolie protests that it’s people food, but Kelly says, it’s organic. And I actually agree with her on this one. IMO, most people food is fine, as long as it’s clean and not processed. In Kelly’s interview, she says it’s hard taking care of geriatric dogs by herself. She has to take them for quite a few walks a day, and give them pills. She knows what Steve must feel like taking care of Vicki. I literally lol. Kelly says she’s going to dinner with Shannon and Tamra; there was drama again with the women. We flash back to Kelly being on the phone with Braunwyn. Kelly tells Jolie that she doesn’t like Vicki, so she didn’t want to go to her birthday party. Does that make her bad? Jolie says, no; she wouldn’t do it. Someone in her class that no one likes just invited her to a party. In her interview, Kelly says she feels like she’s back in childhood. There’s more to life than talking about Kelly. Kelly suggests Jolie decline the invite on Monday, since no one likes Monday.

Tamra asks what Shannon wants to come out of a discussion with Kelly. Shannon wants to tell Kelly that it’s not a good look. People are commenting. Tamra suggests approaching her as a friend who wants to help her. Shannon asks if Tamra thinks Kelly will get mad, and Tamra says, she’s going to explode.

Gina goes to see therapist Lynnette. Gina says she’s doing good. She’s surprised she pulled it together with Matt, but they went to dinner. She hadn’t seen him in forever, and one thing led to another. She slept with her husband. Lynette asks if Gina is feeling positive about that. I have to stop and mention Gina’s hair. She has her hair piled on her head, and since she did this platinum thing, it looks like she has grey roots. No. Just no. It was no before, and it’s still no. Gina says part of her feels that she wants to get it together. Matt has guilt, and he’s eager to repair the damage. Lynette asks if her fear is that it’s just for her kids. Gina wonders what if Matt does it again and stops showing up? In Gina’s interview, she says the problem is, she doesn’t know if it’s better for her or the kids if she’s with Matt or not. She’s scared to leave, but she’s scared to stay in a relationship that doesn’t work. She tells Lynette that Matt tries to make her feel guilty. He thinks he can float right back into their lives. Lynette says Gina  thinks she’s selfish if she doesn’t want to do it for her family, but divorces doesn’t have to hurt the kids. Her daughter had a sensory meltdown because of the emotional overload. We flash back to Gina taking her daughter to the therapist. Gina says she’s going to Palm Springs for the weekend, and doesn’t want to hurt Matt or make him angry. Lynette says Gina was hurt by lies, so it’s important to her not to lie. Gina says Matt runs hot, and she’s always nervous about his reactions. He always gives her a hard time about seeing someone else, and gets in her head. It’s complicated.

Tamra and Shannon meet Kelly for lunch at Driftwood Kitchen. Tamra wonders if Kelly will be in a feisty mood. She and Shannon arrive first, and order drinks, then Kelly joins them. Kelly tells Shannon that she looks pretty, and Shannon says, this is what a hangover looks like. Omg, my good days don’t look that good. Did she get an IV? Kelly says she heard that Tamra was talking sh*t about her. Braunwyn called her after the party. Tamra doesn’t understand Braunwyn’s motivation to call. Kelly says Tamra claimed Braunwyn was talking smack about her. Tamra says there was a lot of chatter about Kelly not being there, and Braunwyn was the ringleader. Shannon tells Kelly that Braunwyn brought up the fight she and Brian had. Kelly says Brian showed her a text at an inappropriate time, she told him it was inappropriate, and they immediately left because they didn’t want to fight in front of the kids. Tamra says Braunwyn made it sound like they fought in front of the kids. We flash back to that, and apparently, Tamra is making it up as she goes along, since Braunwyn said no such thing. Kelly wants to call Braunwyn. She does, and immediately launches into saying she was told Braunwyn brought up the Brian thing, and acted like Kelly didn’t leave with him. Braunwyn says she didn’t bring it up, and Tamra gets on the phone, saying Braunwyn brought up the situation at Vicki’s party. Braunwyn repeats that she didn’t bring it up. Shannon says Emily asked if Kelly and Brian broke up, and Braunwyn said they got into a fight. We flash back to the party again. Braunwyn says she always has Kelly’s back, but Kelly says Braunwyn shouldn’t have brought up her business to anyone. Braunwyn insists she didn’t, but Tamra says Braunwyn can’t say  she didn’t say what she said. Braunwyn says she did say that, but she didn’t bring it up. That’s two different things; she didn’t start the conversation. Braunwyn refuses to get steamrolled, and Tamra says she’s not. The truth is the truth is the truth. Please. Tamra wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the ass. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she thought she’d explain the fight, because it was less bad than the story going around. She was attempting to make it better, and once again, made it worse. Kelly says she’s never said anything bad about Braunwyn to anyone, and Tamra tells her, hang up. Braunwyn tells them, she’s not saying a word from now on, and Kelly says, okay, and hangs up. Tamra says it started with Braunwyn, then Emily, Gina, and Vicki were talking. She walked away and called Kelly. She felt uncomfortable, but everyone was talking about how Kelly had been acting. Sometimes her delivery is hard. Kelly says she’s been bashed for situations she’s joking about. She was joking about Vicki. Shannon says she got upset, and Kelly says she was being facetious. It’s asinine. Shannon doesn’t think death should be joked about, and Kelly says, it was a play on words. Um… does she know what that is? In Kelly’s interview, she says none of the women get her humor. You have to be smart to get… what’s the word? Sarcasm. You also have to be smart to understand Kelly’s alternate use of commonplace terms. Shannon says Tamra told everyone about a where Kelly broke someone’s hand. Kelly tells her, STFU. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Why was it brought up? Shannon says, Tamra brought it up, and we flash back to that. Tamra says she told Shannon, but Shannon brought it up at the table. Kelly says she told Tamra in confidence. In Kelly’s interview, she says she and a girl who’s a friend of Brian’s got in an altercation at a bar, and she defended herself. The girl invaded Kelly’s personal space, so she threw the girl’s hand off. Shannon says she’s Kelly’s friend, but Kelly says she’s not, and she’s sick of everyone attacking her. She starts to cry, and Shannon says she understands. Kelly was there for her when she was lashing out. We see a clip of Shannon telling Kelly that David says she’s selfish, worthless, and fat; and Kelly saying she’s none of those things. Shannon knows Kelly has a loving, caring kind heart, and wants everyone to see that. Tamra tells Kelly not to feel they’re against her, and Shannon says they want to see the best version of Kelly. In Kelly’s interview, she says she doesn’t know who to trust. She’s constantly questioning their friendship. Shannon has to go, because her kids have a play.

Braunwyn meets Emily for paddle boarding. She encourages Emily to try standing, and at first, that’s a no. Braunwyn tells her, just try it, but run into the cheap boats. Braunwyn says she needs to keep a sturdy core, and Emily says that’s the problem, and she keeps running into stuff. Braunwyn tells her, it’s hard to steer the first few times. She says she and her family spend the summers in Hawaii, and they’re members at the beach club she and Emily are at. Braunwyn mem there tells her about the phone call, and Emily wonders why bring up the fight? Braunwyn says she didn’t; Tamra is a liar. Emily says Braunwyn did say something because Kelly wasn’t there, but Emily felt like Braunwyn was trying to mitigate the situation. Braunwyn says she’s not used to a group of women who take what you say, and twist it to make it seem malicious, like you did something wrong. Emily says Braunwyn has to know the truth and who she is. If she doesn’t stand up just to avoid conflict, they’ll eat her alive. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says it’s easy to stand up for the people she cares about. Standing up for herself is hard, but she doesn’t want to lose her friendship with Kelly because she’s too shy or uncomfortable to stand up for herself. Emily says she remembers who said what. Braunwyn say she wants to do dinner with them. In her interview, Braunwyn says, Emily is a lawyer and she was sober. She knows what happened. The rest of them are cloudy.

Shannon cooks, and hangs out with Sophie in the kitchen. Adeline and Bella join them. In Shannon’s interview, she says it’s hard having one week on and one off with the kids. It’s a huge adjustment from seeing the kids every day, but compared to last year, they’re in a good place. Adeline whines about the random drug tests Shannon does, but Shannon says it gives her an out. If kids offer her drugs, she can just say her crazy mom tests her. In her interview, Shannon says these are the years to watch the kids like a hawk. She feels that she’s stricter than David. Hopefully, someday they’ll understand that she was tough because she loves them. She tells Adeline that she has a breathalyzer too. She just hasn’t used it yet.

Gina take her kids to haircuts. In her interview, she says it’s scary, raising three small children alone, and having the major role of primary parent. It’s exhausting. She can’t get sick or take a break; there’s no time off. She hasn’t had a nap in eight years. She feels sad for her kids. Her parents had a great marriage, as did Matt’s. It’s all they’ve seen or known. She asks them if they’re like it if mommy and daddy were back together (I hear the wrong answer buzz – why is she doing that?). Of course they say they would, and in her interview, Gina says she feels guilty that she’s not giving them that. She wanted to be great wife and mom, and feels like a failure. In the parking lot, one of the kids gets looney, and she tells him that he’s being disrespectful. She won’t have it.

Emily and Shane go out to dinner, and she asks if he’s excited to be on date night. He says he’s thinking, because he can’t say anything that’s not sarcastic or a joke, and finally says, yes. In Emily’s interview, she says Shane made an effort in Vegas, and she appreciated that. They had a good time, but when they came home, they had the same problems with their marriage. The fundamental issue isn’t going to be fixed by a surprise trip. He teases her with the bread bowl, saying he’s going to tempt her, and I want to smack him. In her interview, she says, everything is a joke to him. This is a serious issue. She’s gained a lot of weight. We see a clip of her telling a trainer that she’s gained twenty pounds in eight months. She wants to be able to play with her kids, and not feel like crap. Shane orders French fries just to bug Emily. Emily says she doesn’t need jokes; she needs support. She wants to do more family things. There’s a lot of separation. Shane agrees, but says that includes her. She can’t be saying she’s hung up with her friends. She says she rarely does that, and adds they need to fight less in front of the kids. Shane says they should fight zero. Emily says she was thinking they should go back to couples therapy, but he says, no. She says they went before, and went consistently. Shane says she didn’t want go, so he went by himself. Why now? Emily tells him that he keeps saying she’s not nice, and he says they can save the therapy money; just be nice. In her interview, Emily says she quit going because there was no self-awareness or change on Shane’s part. Shane says she has to show commitment, then he’ll join her. She asks why it has to be 100% on her, and he says last time, she stopped showing up or she would cancel. Emily says she understands she has anger, and lashes out a lot of the time, but he says things that push her there. He comes off as condescending. Shane says if she thinks it’s worthwhile, no one is stopping her, but she says she wants to do it together. He says he’s done. In Emily’s interview, she says for the last ten years, she’s had a problem with the way Shane talks to her. it’s what she’s dealing with every day. She cries, and says she has little kids. This is hard. She doesn’t know what to do.

The women meet for lunch, minus Tamra and Gina (and Vicki, but she’s just a friend now). In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she’s a pleaser. She’s trying please everyone to her own detriment. She was called a liar, and that is not okay; she’s pissed. Shannon points out there’s one handsome man at the bar, and Kelly says it’s like Shannon has radar. In Shannon’s interview, she says she doesn’t hunt men at the bar. She’ll have a conversation with someone who comes up to her, but she won’t be <air quotes> the man in the situation. Kelly tells Braunwyn that she told the women that she and Brian had a fight in front of the kids. Emily says Braunwyn didn’t say that. Kelly says Braunwyn made it sound like she stayed and partied while Brian and the kids left. Shannon say she did give the impression that Kelly wanted to stay. Emily says the topic came up because Kelly wasn’t there, and she’d asked if Kelly and Brian were okay. She’d seen on Instagram that Kelly had removed a picture, and that’s how it got brought up. Braunwyn says she was there, and saw that Kelly avoided an altercation because Brian’s son was there, and she didn’t want to do that in front of him. We see more clips from Vicki’s party. Braunwyn says she thought she’d make the situation better. Kelly sees now that Braunwyn was sticking up for her. In Kelly’s interview, she says she feels bad that she yelled at Braunwyn. She should been the bigger person, and come with love, not daggers. I see she’s Kahlil Gibran now. Kelly thinks it’s part of Tamra’s pattern. She likes to throw little bombs and walk away. Emily wonders why it even came up that Braunwyn was saying bad things. Kelly says Braunwyn called her and said people were bashing her, and Tamra said it was Braunwyn bashing Kelly. Braunwyn says, it was Tamra who said the word train. We flash back to when Vicki said there was a rumor, and Tamra reminded her of what that rumor was – at a table full of people. In her interview, Kelly says, Tamra was the one who was actually spreading the train rumor. She had no idea. She thought it was Vicki. She’s completely shocked and disappointed, and it makes her sick to her stomach that she trusted Tamra. Tamra acted like she was best friends with Emily, when Gina was mad at her, and Tamra talked smack to Gina, instead of facilitating a positive outcome. Emily says Tamra causes a problem, then acts like she has clean hands. Braunwyn says, Tamra is trying to come between them. She’s manipulating them, so they’re fighting among themselves. Kelly says Tamra has been talking smack about Shannon too. Shannon doesn’t believe it. In Shannon’s interview, she says Tamra is one of her best friends, and she’s not comfortable with people saying negative things. She doesn’t want anything negative in her life. Kelly tells Shannon that she doesn’t think Tamra has her back 100%. She’s had hours of conversation with Tamra about Shannon. Shannon asks if Kelly is serious, and Kelly nods.

We see clips of Tamra talking about Shannon. Shannon asks again if Kelly is serious; it’s negative? Kelly says Tamra claims Shannon is always kissing every guy at the bar. She suggested that she, Kelly, and Gina just room together on the next trip, and when Kelly bonked Shannon on the head, Tamra said there was nothing wrong with her. She’s constantly judging, and saying Shannon put on weight again. In Shannon’s interview, she says she feels like the wind has been knocked out of her. She has gained weight, and talked to Tamra about it. How would Kelly know? Tamra really must be talking about her. Braunwyn says Tamra is supposed to be Shannon’s best friend. Shannon says she is, even though last year they went to hell and back. We see clips of Tamra berating Shannon, and in Shannon’s interview, she says when she hears these comments, it opens up old wounds. Emily says Shannon told Tamra in confidence, and trusted her. Shannon says, not anymore. Kelly says, Tamra is two-faced. Shannon wants to cry, and everyone tells her, don’t. Shannon says they talk ten times a day. She feels like she needs to talk to Tamra, and Kelly asks what she’s going to do. She and Tamra talked last year. Did anything change? We see a clip from the reunion, where Tamra is saying Shannon is all about herself, and claims to be victim. Shannon says there will be an excuse, a reason, she’ll deny it, she doesn’t remember. In Kelly’s interview, she says she knew damn well who Tamra was, and didn’t go with her gut. Tamra is a snake. She sneaks around, pumping her venom into people. Vicki is a pig, and Tamra is a snake. Shannon says she’s fighting it; she’s not crying anymore. What Tamra is saying hurts.

Emily asks where they go from here. Shannon says she needs to have a conversation with Tamra, and Kelly says she would want to, but she knows the outcome. Emily says, it’s not going to stop. It’s who she is.

Next time, Gina talks to Tamra about Shannon, Kelly wants Jolie to see her grandma, Emily says Kelly needs to have a conversation with her mother, Tamra wonders what’s up with Kelly, and thinks Shannon is behind it. I’ll tell you what I think. Tamra isn’t a Christian; she’s more like Satan’s sister. She encourages someone to be an a-hole, then points her finger, saying, look at what you did. She infuriates me, and I’m glad we don’t live on the same coast.

💅 Get Ready…

Who knows if Teresa will be flipping tables, dancing on them, or turning them.


🍁 It Happens Every Year…

And after that <shudder> the holidaze.



October 28, 2019 – The Verdict Is In, Brandy Makes It Out Alive, Dualing Rogers, Maurice Works Overtime, a Better Joe & Halloween Thrill


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the very beginning, but it’s all self-explanatory today, except for Julian asking Willow what she’s doing at Charlie’s with Wiley.

At Kelly’s Alexis tells Kendra that she felt better post-workout than before. Is that possible? I’m confused at her confusion, since I thought that was normal. Kendra says, anything is possible if you put your heart and soul in it. Alexis says, and your glutes. Kendra says she’s proud of Alexis. She’s Kendra’s most improved most improved client. Alexis says, thanks to her. If Kendra hadn’t taken her on, she would have gone from fad to fad. She pauses, and says she’s lying. She wouldn’t be doing anything. Kendra says she can’t take credit. Alexis is doing all the work. If she follows the routine, she’ll achieve results she never expected. Alexis says, speaking of that… She takes the jar of her supplement out, and says she carries it with her now. Kendra says, it’s great stuff, isn’t it? and flashes back to putting whatever into Alexis’s supplement. She tells Alexis that she swears by it.

Michael and Chase spar at the gym. Michael says the situation with Sasha is driving him crazy. He comes there to let off steam, so he can be a rational person. Chase asks if it works. Michael knocks him down, and says, yeah.

Willow tells Julian that she’s babysitting, but she’d be happy to take Wiley elsewhere. Julian thinks it’s a strange choice to ask her to babysit, but she says if Brad and Lucas want her to be part of Wiley’s life, it’s their business. She won’t apologize for taking them up on it. Julian asks where they are, and Willow says, they had a doctor’s appointment. Julian says, both of them? Dammit! Therapy.

Neil asks about things between Brad and Lucas, and Lucas says, if it’s a difficult subject, Brad tends to deflect. Things between them are dreadful. Brad says Lucas pushes, and Lucas tells Brad that he’s worried. The doctor must be too, or he wouldn’t have asked Lucas to come. Neil asks Lucas to tell him, in his own words, why he came, and Lucas says Brad has always been sensitive, but since Wiley came to live with them, he hasn’t been normal. Brad asks if it isn’t normal for new parents to be neurotic. Plus, Wiley was kidnapped. Lucas says Brad was like this before the kidnapping; an insomniac tending to overreact, and with frayed nerves. He’d thought it was a new father thing, and let it go, but it’s not. Neil asks if Lucas had a hunch, and Lucas says he does think Brad is keeping something from him

Sonny tells Laura that personally he hopes Franco stays with Drew’s personality, and starts over on the west coast, but it has nothing to do with him. Scotty reached out, and wants him to get involved. He’s not asking her whether he should or not, but wants a sense of what’s going on. He respects her judgement. Laura laughs, and says she knows. She’s wouldn’t say this to Scotty or Elizabeth, but she feels sympathy toward the man who calls himself Drew, who desires more agency over his life, and the power to make his own decisions. Sonny says, but… and she says her heart breaks for Elizabeth, her grandchildren, and Scotty. Franco is hugely important to all of them, and now he’s just gone.

Judge Lasser tells the courtroom, while the witnesses had a positive effect, they have no bearing on the legal matter. The court’s riddle is not who the plaintiff is or who he should be, but whether he has the capacity to answer questions himself, and whether he has the autonomy to make a decision that could cost him his own life. Thus, there’s only one opinion that’s of concern. The medical witness has testified to the soundness of the plaintiff’s faculties, and she has no choice but to rule in favor of the plaintiff.

Elizabeth looks stunned, but tells Cameron, it will be okay. Cameron gets up, and says the judge can’t do this; it’s wrong. Judge Lasser understands they’re disappointed, but an outburst in court won’t be tolerated. Scotty tells Cameron to sit down, and look at him. It’s not over. The judge says she hereby releases the plaintiff from Shadybrook, and Elizabeth’s power of attorney is voided. Franco thanks her, and asks if he’s free to go. She says, court is adjourned. He goes to Kim, who welcomes him to the rest of his life, but he doesn’t really look too happy about it.

Julian ask Willow if that’s it; therapy? She says they just left a number. He tells her to give it to him, but she wonders how it’s his concern. Julian apologizes, saying he just needs to know where they are. Willow gets her phone, and gives the number to Julian. He calls, and says, dammit. They’re in Neil’s office. Willow asks what the big deal is, and he says he told Brad that he shouldn’t bring a shrink into their issues. Willow says, if they have issues, that’s the perfect person to bring them to.

Neil asks why Lucas doesn’t think Brad is being honest, and Lucas says Brad lied about where he’d been recently. Then mysterious flowers showed up. Brad says, oh my God. He has no idea who sent them, and he already explained why he went to see Nelle. Lucas said he’d let it go. Lucas says he spoke too soon. Nelle did horrific things to his family, and Brad insists on being friends with her. Neil asks how it makes Lucas feel, and Lucas says, abandoned, betrayed, and like his family doesn’t matter; he’s an afterthought. Brad says Lucas and Wiley have always been number one. Everything he does is for family. Lucas asks, then why would Brad speak at Nelle’s parole hearing? Brad says everyone deserves a second chance, like he had. Lucas says Brad wasn’t murdering people. Neil asks what Brad was doing, and Lucas says, lying to save himself, and keeping things from everyone. Brad says Lucas thinks he’s reverting to form. Ditching being a good guy, and starting to be bad Brad again.

Sonny tells Laura that he feels bad for Elizabeth. Laura says, it’s a confusing time, and he says love makes you desperate. She jokes that they wouldn’t know anything about that. Sonny says, who? Them? Laura says you don’t think rationally, and don’t make the wisest choices. She asks him not to blame her for using the friend card. She knows there’s no love lost between him and Scotty, and he says, that’s putting it mildly. She says, Scotty is a dad, scared for his son. As a father, she thinks Sonny might find some small measure of compassion. Sonny says, comparison for Scotty? Laura says she knows it doesn’t exist, but Sonny says, for her, he’ll try, and they hug.

Alexis shows Kendra that she’s carrying the supplement with her. Kendra says it’s good she’s making it last; it’s not easy to come by. She suggests Alexis think about being a distributor, and Alexis says she should probably take Kendra up on that; it would be cheaper than a therapist. She shares some supplement with Kendra, who says she can’t imagine Alexis needing a therapist; she seems so well put together; successful, beautiful, a career, a loving family. Alexis says, it didn’t happen overnight, or without sacrifice. Kendra says, no pain, no gain; she gets that. She recently suffered a major family loss. Alexis says she’s sorry; she didn’t know. Kendra says she doesn’t talk much about her brother. He was taken far too soon, and too young.

Alexis says she’s sorry for Kendra’s loss. Sonny comes by, and she introduces him to Kendra as Kristina’s father, and introduces Kendra to Sonny as her trainer. Sonny asks if Alexis can talk for a second, and Kendra excuses herself to give them a minute. Sonny says, trainer? and Alexis says he should be glad. Exercise keeps her from freaking out about Sam. He says, Diane has it covered, and Alexis says it’s a challenge not to be involved professionally. She has no idea what’s going on with Sam in prison.

Michael and Chase both lie on the matt. Michael asks if Chase is alive, and Chase says he’s not sure he’d call it alive. How’s Michael’s face? Michael says, it’s still there. Chase says he’s surprised; he didn’t expect Michael to be such a good boxer. Michael tells Chase not to let the nice guy fool him. He practically grew up in the ring. Chase can see that, or more accurately feel it. Michael says he took the Sasha stuff out on him. Chase says he’s the one who asked to spar; it’s okay. Falling in love? He knows the feeling. But just so it’s clear, he did let Michael win. Michael says, lies, and Chase says he’s just playing.

Julian tells Willow he thinks Brad and Lucas are making s mistake seeing a shrink. She asks, why? and he says, Brad’s been acting erratic lately. It’s starting to effect his relationship with Lucas. Willow says, then it’s good they’re getting help, but Julian says it’s never a good idea give a shrink access into your head. Just ask his sister. Willow says, Ava was seeing a madman not a therapist. Julian asks if there’s a difference.

Brad says Lucas thinks he’s regressing, but Lucas says, no. Brad says Lucas just thinks he’s the same as he’s always been, and Lucas tells him, that’s not what he said. He believes in Brad, but also believes Brad is keeping secrets. He thinks somewhere Brad lost faith in him, in them. He wants things back like they used to be. Brad says he wants that too, and Lucas says, does he? Neil says, his two cents. They began the session talking around and at each other. Now they’re talking to each other. It’s not pretty, but it’s real. Like it or not, it’s called progress.

Franco asks Martin, now what? There’s something he has to do. Martin says he can do anything he cares to. He’s his own man; free to be whoever he wants. Martin tells him, good luck, and they shake hands. Kim thanks Martin, and he says, it was his pleasure. Now he’s going to get some friend chicken. Just kidding. He starts to leave, and tells Scotty, that was fun. Until they meet again. Scotty says he’d better hope they don’t. I call Martin a creep. Cameron says, Franco is gone, and Scotty says he’s golng to be off like a jack rabbit. They’re never going to see him again. Cameron tells Scotty that he can handle it, but he doesn’t know if his mom can. Elizabeth says he doesn’t have to take care of her, and Scotty says they’ll figure it out. Cameron asks, how? Scotty says he’ll figure out how. Doc understands it hurts, but his hands were tied. Scotty says, not his, and punches Doc. Laura walks in.

Laura asks if Doc is all right, and Doc says he’s fine. She asks Scotty, what’s wrong with him? and Scotty says, Doc took his case. He had the one chance to save them, and he blew it. Doc says he had to tell the truth. and Laura says she was just defending Scotty, saying he should be treated with compassion. Hit Doc again, and he’ll get none from her. She tells Doc to sit; he’s bleeding. Franco tells Elizbeth, Cameron, and Scotty, this the way things are now. They need to accept it. Cameron runs out of the courtroom, and Trina follows him. Scotty says he thought Ryan had the lock on destroying families, but his twin is just as skilled at it. Franco looks at Elizabeth.

Chase tells Michael that he’s going to have to reschedule his date for an ice bath. Michael says tell Willow that he’s sorry, and adds, it’s getting serious. Chase says, living together will do that. The other day, they were watching Wiley, and Willow blew him away, seeing her with her son. He couldn’t help think… one day, maybe. A part of him is saying it’s too soon, but he told that voice to shut up, and enjoy the ride. Michael says as an incredibly wise beat up man once said, he knows the feeling, and he’s happy to say it.

Lucas and Brad arrive at Charlie’s, and Willow says she told Wiley that his daddies would be back. Lucas takes Wiley, and Willow says, he was an angel. Julian asks how the appointment was, and Lucas says, fine. Willow needs to make a phone call, and Lucas needs to change Wiley, and they step away. Julian says Brad and Lucas went to therapy after all, and Brad says they’re making progress. He said he’d handle it, and he did. He looks at his phone, and says, dammit. Obrecht was forcing him to do something, and now she wants him to undo what he shouldn’t have done in the first place. This day keeps getting better. Julian suggests Brad change his password while he’s at it, in case she got into his phone.

Alexis tells Sonny that Jason always has Sam’s best interest at heart, but he always makes the situation worse. Something terrible happens, and Sam end up in the hospital, or in handcuffs. She knows the only way for her to help is to not help. In which case, she’s still helping. Sonny thinks it’s good Alexis has a workout regimen. Kendra dumps half of her water bottle out in a tub of dishes, and peeks out from around the corner. Doesn’t anyone notice her lurking?

Sonny leaves, and Kendra comes back. She thinks it’s cool that Alexis and Kristina’s father are so close. Alexis says they’re a good match on Kristina’s behalf. Kendra loves how they come together for their daughter’s sake. Alexis says, when push comes to shove, they do, and there’s been one push and shove too many. She thinks those days are over, since Kristina seems to be doing well. Alexis checks her phone, and has to go. She tells Kendra that she’ll see her later.

Julian tells Brad that Willow was asking questions about him and Lucas. Nothing major, but maybe he wants to chat her up, and let her know thing between him and Lucas are copacetic. Brad says, even if they’re not? and Julian tells him, just go. Lucas comes back with Wiley, and Julian says he meant to ask Lucas about the florist he used to get Brad the flowers. Lucas says he’ll have to ask Brad. Julian says he didn’t realize it was a sore subject, and Lucas says Brad didn’t know who they were from. Julian suggests Lucas make a video; he and Wiley were practicing for the Nurses Ball. Lucas asks if it isn’t a little early, and Julian says, it’s never too early; ask Lucy. Lucas says he’d rather not. He picks up Brad’s phone, but can’t unlock it. Julian says Brad changed his password, and Lucas wonders why.

Sonny goes to the gym, and tells Michael to let him know if he needs help with Valentin. Michael says Sonny is strictly back-up. Michael leaves, and Sonny is about to close up, but Cameron and Trina come in. Sonny says they can stay, but tells Cameron to go light on the heavy bag. Cameron tells Trina he was thinking about Oscar. As much as he feels horrible, and wants to scream, and punch people, he knows if Oscar was there, he’d feel the same about his mom. They’re both ripped apart. Trina says it’s not simple. There are no bad guys… except that sleazebag lawyer. Cameron says, and the people who did this in the first place. Trina is sorry, and wishes she could make it better. Cameron says she can hold the bag.

Laura finds Elizabeth in the hallway. Elizabeth says she needs a minute, and Laura says she’ll stay with her. She doesn’t want to go home to the boys in that state. Doc tells Laura, he almost lied. He almost said what Scotty wanted, but if he had to hurt someone, it might as well be with the truth. Laura says he did the right thing. He leaves, and Laura goes to Elizabeth. She suggests they get out of there, and clear their heads, but Elizabeth says there’s just one thing she needs to do first.

Kim tells Franco it was hard with Cameron. Is he okay? He says, it was just a lot. Elizabeth comes in, and says you can’t leave. Kim says court is over, but Elizabeth says she’s not talking to Kim. She’s talking to the man who took her husband’s place. He can’t leave without saying goodbye to their family. If he does that, she’ll let him go. She walks out.

Chase joins Willow, and Willow asks Brad if everything is okay. Brad says it’s never been better. Sometimes you need an outside perspective. As Brad goes back to Lucas, Chase says he thought his brother was tightly wound. Willow says, so it’s not just her, and he says, no.

Julian tells Lucas that people change their passwords all the time. Lucas says not when they’re married with a baby. You grab the nearest phone. Julian says he doesn’t think about that stuff, but he’s sure Brad had a reason. Elizabeth and Laura come in, and Julian hands Wiley back to Lucas, leaving to wait on them. Brad joins Lucas, and Lucas hands Brad his phone, saying he forgot it. He asks why Brad changed his password. He went to shoot a video, and couldn’t get into the phone. Brad says he read about spyware and keyloggers, and it freaked him out. They should all be worried about personal information. Lucas says, personal, or secret?

Kendra dumps out the rest of her water bottle, and switches Alexis’s supplement container with one from her backpack.

Outside Kelly’s, Alexis calls Neil, and says she just finished. He says he just said goodbye to his last client. Does she want to meet up? She says she would, but she has some legal research. They agree on another time. Kendra comes out, and says Alexis forgot her supplements. Alexis says, heaven forbid. It helps her a lot, and she has a lot of work to do.

Julian asks Elizabeth how it went, and she says, it was all for nothing. They ended up losing Franco. Julian says he’s sorry, and she says, her too.

Kim thinks she and nuDrew should go and celebrate, but he doesn’t feel like celebrating. Kim tells him, it’s not a betrayal to be happy. It doesn’t make him a bad person to want to start the rest of his life. Franco asks, what life? He got everything he was asking for. Now what does he do with it?

Cameron hits the heavy bag, as Trina holds it. He starts to go nuts, hitting it harder and harder. Then he starts to cry. Trina goes to him, and they hug. Sonny watches.

Laura takes Elizabeth’s hand. She tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t have to go through this alone. Elizabeth says she keeps trying to think what would Franco tell her? What advice would he give her? But it’s getting harder and harder to hear him. It’s really happened. Franco is gone.

Kim tells Franco, they’ll figure it out together. Start fresh. Go somewhere far away. He asks if she wants to leave Port Charles, and she says there’s nothing left for her there. Is there something left for him?

Sonny hears someone come into the gym, and says they’re closed. Scotty says he’s not there to fight. Sonny owes him, and he has to collect.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Peter what’s going on, Jason isn’t comfortable putting Sam’s life in the hands of one person, Kim tells Franco that he’s what’s best for her, and Scotty wants Sonny to make it right.

Below Deck

Still at the beach picnic, Helen says Brandy is impacting her time; it’s her vacation. Kate calls Captain Lee to confirm they’re getting Brandy to the boat as soon as possible. He tells her, affirmative. They put Brandy in some kind of stretcher, and Brian says he’s freaking out because it’s not safe. They tell Brandy that it’s okay; they’re getting her back. In her interview, Kate says this is why she loves guests like this. Their friend is being carried off because of a medical emergency, and they’re just not letting it ruin their vibe. One of the guests says Brandy will be okay in a few hours. Obviously, they’ve been at this rodeo before. Helen asks Kate to take a picture of her and her girl squad.

Captain Lee says he’s getting a medic to the boat. Kevin assumes he has one less for dinner. In the captain’s interview, he doesn’t know what’s wrong. He’s seen a lot of situations, and if you hesitate, someone could die. He sits at Brandy’s bedside like he’s her dad. The picnic breaks up, and the guests get ready to head back.

In her interview, Simone says she used to get bullied, so when Kevin said her job wasn’t rocket science, she felt hurt. Kate understands, but keeping her away from service could be worse, Courtney radios Kate, who’s still at the beach, saying she’s been with Brandy. She asks if Simone can switch places with her now that the guests are coming back. The captain says, the medic is on his way. In his interview, he says he’s responsible for every swinging d*ck on board. Like it or not, it’s his responsibility. He has to keep everyone safe. If he has to call a professional to do it, there’s no doubt that’s what he’ll do.

Kate cleans up on the beach with Tanner. Abbi and Brian bring the supplies back, and the captain notices Abbi’s hair isn’t tied back. Tanner asks if Kate would like to split a bottle of wine after work tomorrow. In Tanner’s interview, he says, Kate is like a friend/aunt. She’s sexy and beautiful, and you never know. You have to roll the dice. Helen tells Kevin, lunch was fabulous. In his interview, he says he wants to make the dinner on their last night special, since the seafood extravaganza turned out to be just fish. His standards are high for himself. It can’t be midcore. He’s stepping it up for tonight’s dinner.

The picnic supplies are unloaded, and the captain tells Ashton to remind Abbi to put her hair up. He does, and she says she gave her elastic to Brandy. Ashton suggests she have more than one, and I’m thinking, is she kidding? She couldn’t find something else? She doesn’t seem to grasp that her hair could get caught in something. Like gears. Courtney serves the guests drinks while they’re in the hot tub. Captain Lee tells Brandi the medic is there to look at her. The doctor asks how she is. He asks her a few questions, and she claims she’s feels fine now. Kate is just glad she’s breathing. It’s all she can hope for. The doctor asks if Brandy has been drinking, and she says only been drinking champagne for the last two weeks. If I’d had coffee in my mouth, I’d have done a spit-take. He tells her to only drink juice now, and she agrees, but I believe it if you believe it. The doctor’s diagnosis is that Brandy has had too much alcohol, and Brandy goes back to sleep.

Tanner tells Simone that he and Brian were in the water all day, and he has a rescue under his belt. He says he’s getting hammered tomorrow after work. Ashton tells Tanner to help Brian bring in the water toys. Brian tries to use a pulley to bring up the slide, but it gets stuck. There are a lot of bleeps, so I’m guessing this is a really bad thing. Brian says he screwed up the davit, and the captain is going to be pissed. He goes to the bridge to talk to Captain Lee, while Tanner pulls up the slide manually. Brian says he wanted to tell the captain face-to-face. He messed up the cable on the davit. He wasn’t thinking. The captain says let him guess. He was lifting the slide, and the cable came out of the roller. He says, it’s not going to be easy to fix. It’s a lot of work, and expensive. Brian takes full responsibility. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, this is a major screw up with a $60K piece of equipment. Once is a mistake; twice is a pattern. He appreciates Brian coming to him, but the screw up is on Ashton’s shoulders. It’s his department; make it run right.

Kate says Brandi is all right; she’s sleeping. In Kate’s interview, she wishes every guest on every charter would sleep for the entire charter. She could do that forever. Kevin tells Kate, there are seven showing up for dinner, plus the captain. He’s going to do some Asian sh*t first. He was digging around in the freezer, and found some fresh fish, along with local prawns. Simone is back on laundry duty, and the captain calls Ashton to the wheelhouse. He tells Ashton about the massive screw up, and that Brian tried to use the davit to pull up the slide, and broke it. It’s difficult and expensive to repair. To Brian’s credit, he came and told him, but he should have told Ashton, his supervisor. Captain Lee says he doesn’t tolerate fools. Kate sets the table for seven people.

Abbi hates the uniforms, saying, that’s not what boating is; it’s bullsh*t. Ashton tells Brian about Captain Lee calling him out. He had no idea Brian was using the davit to pull up the slide. Again, there’s a lot of bleeping, and Brian says he doesn’t normally screw up. In Brian’s interview, he says he’s had enough experience to know he should have gone to Ashton, but the adrenaline was pumping through him, and he wasn’t even thinking. Kate jokes about Courtney’s radio voice. The guests pick out which Rolex to wear tonight.

The captain calls Kevin to the wheelhouse. In his interview, Captain Lee says he doesn’t like to babysit, but when the chef is being vindictive with the interior, and Kate brings it to his attention, he knows it’s serious. He tells Kevin that he understands there was a dust-up in the galley. Enlighten him. Kevin says he got flustered when he had to call Simone for service. He told her that he was sorry, and they hugged it out. In his interview, he says it was between him and Simone, and they’d sorted it out. That Kate told Captain Lee about the incident pisses him off. At least he knows where he stands. They don’t like each other. Grow the eff up. Kevin tells the captain that he tried sort it put as quickly as possible. They’ve got to have a happy boat. Kevin turns and walks out, and in his interview, Captain Lee can’t believe Kevin had the balls to turn his back on him, and walk out. Kevin doesn’t have to like him, but he has to respect the rank. He’ll own Kevin’s ass in a heartbeat. Will we end up seeing Ben on this show too?

Ashton tells the deckhands, it’s been a challenging day. They’re becoming adapt at overcoming them. He tells Brian not to feel bad, but if something goes wrong, tell him first. In Ashton’s interview, he says, there seem to be a lot of little mistakes happening. We flash back to the stuck tender, Abbi’s radio issue, and the davit. Ashton says he’s in a leadership role. He knows the captain is watching and it sucks.

Brandy sleeps on. Kevin says he’s making Thai street food on a classy level. I don’t even know what that means, except he leaves the heads on the prawns. Everyone seems to like it, and I guess they’re drunk enough to eat a whole prawn head. Kevin tastes the next course – a piece of fish wrapped in a leaf or something – eating the whole thing. Kate asks where the seventh dish is, and Kevin looks confused. He says, fu-u-udge, but he doesn’t say fudge. He tells Kate that the captain isn’t getting one. Courtney says, they just don’t give him one? In Kate’s interview, she says, Kevin forgot an entire main dish for the captain. For a chef so particular, he served his mistake to his boss on a silver platter. I say, or not, to Kate. Helen says, it’s like a piece jewelry on a plate. She must be really drunk. In his interview, Captain Lee says Kevin pissed him off, and now he’s not going to feed him? He’s not in a good mood. Kevin tells Ashton that he ate one to taste it, and Ashton is like, are you kidding? Kevin says he used the rest for the extravaganza yesterday. Ashton leaves the galley, making a face like he might die laughing any moment.

Oh man this is one of the most amusing episodes in like, forever. Since the foam party.

The captain ends up eating a garnish, and in his interview, asks if he looks like a rabbit. He will have Kevin’s ass for this. Kate can’t believe Kevin didn’t try to fake something. Brian tells Courtney, Tanner is going to be sipping wine with Kate, just the two of them. Tanner says he suggested they split a bottle, and Kate said, how about two? Well, she did say that, but I translated it to mean she wanted her own bottle. She jokes around with him, but no way would Kate sleep with this dude. Kevin cleans up the kitchen, and says goodnight, no doubt hoping to avoid the captain. The captain lingers over a drink at the table, and Kate asks about dinner. Captain Lee says he’s not completely full. Kate says, everyone had a full meal except for him, and he says then Kevin acted like it’s what he wanted, patting him on the shoulder. He calls Kevin a condescending little pr*ck. In his interview, the captain says, if you’re going to be an arrogant pr*ck, don’t piss off the boss. He asks Kate, what would he have served if Brandy showed? It’s piss poor planning. Kate tells the stews that they did a good job. I’m loving Abbi’s nightgown or robe or whatever it is. Very boho. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s disappointed to be back on laundry. She doesn’t want to be the laundry girl. Abbi suggests Simone tell Kate that she wants to practice service, and ask if Courtney can do laundry.

Kevin sneaks around. Courtney and Kate look at Tanner’s Instagram, which is filled with photos of Tanner showing off his physique. In Courtney’s interview, she says that kind of body is a negative for her. She doesn’t like people who work out that much. That means they don’t have time for her, and they’re not cuddly. Kate says, if he would just… Courtney says, not do that? They call him an a-hole.

Uh-oh. Brandy is up and moving. She wanders around, and asks Courtney for juice. She wonders where everyone is, and Courtney says, no one is up. Brandy asks what time it is, and Courtney tells her, 12:30. Brandy says, at night? In Courtney’s interview, she says she wants to scream. Brandi asks for champagne with the juice, and Courtney asks if she wants a mimosa. In her interview, she says she’s only serving, not making judgement calls. She’s not going to correct someone who had an exorcism earlier today. Brandy flops down on a couch and makes a phone call, yelling at the person on the other end. Courtney tells Kate, already in bed, that Brandy is in the main salon and wants a mimosa. She wonders if she should just put sparkling water in the juice. Kate pulls some clothes on, and goes back with Courtney. Brandy asks why Kate is up. She looks tired. Brandy starts yelling into the phone again. Kate tells Courtney, this is not real life. In her interview, Courtney wonders what is going on right now. Brandy wanders off again. Kate says, she’s asleep, and she and Courtney run to bed.

The guests wake up to a buffet. The captain says, let’s get out of here. The anchor is in the pocket, and they’re moving. Simone tells Kate that she’s getting the hang of it. In Kate’s interview, she says, the great thing about Simone is, she’s trying. Her intentions are to improve, and Kate can work with that.

Kevin goes to the wheelhouse, and asks the captain how the dinner went down. Keeping his eyes on the horizon, and not looking at Kevin, Captain Lee says, it was okay. Kevin says, sorry about missing out on the fish. Still not turning to Kevin, the captain asks how it happened. Kevin says he thought he had eight plates, and could test drive one. Captain Lee says, good thing the other guest didn’t show up. They’d have been screwed. It’s a helluva way to run a railroad. Kevin has an unlimited budget, and instead of having more than enough, it seems like Kevin has just barely enough. There’s silence, and Kevin slips out. In Kevin’s interview, he says he messed up, but he didn’t expect the captain not to address him or look at him. That the captain thinks he didn’t do a good job got in his head.

Tanner asks Kate if she’s down for wine action after work, and she says, always. Helena hands Kevin a little velvet pouch with panties and pearls in it. She wants him to put on the panties, take a selfie, and send it to her. Kevin is confused. Kevin reads that it’s an erotic self-love kit. They debate what the pearls are for. Courtney doesn’t think they go inside anywhere, and Kevin asks what she thinks they’re for. She says she’s leaving. The panties look like something lacey from Victoria’s Secret, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Everyone packs. Brandy says, YOLO. They dock, and Brandy is still drinking. Ashton tells Courtney that Brandy’s suitcase is heavy, and she says, there must be a lot of deep emotional problems in there. I literally lol. Helena gives Captain Lee an envelope, saying it’s a reflection of how amazing they are. Richard says they can handle anything now. After the guests leave, the captain says, they’re gone; get after it, and they do.

At the tip meeting, the captain says the have number two in the books. He’d said he was waiting for the other shoe to fall, and it dropped. He compliments Ashton for coming through on the tender. He looks at Kevin for a moment, and moves on, telling Kate, good job with service. In Kevin’s interview, he says the captain made a point of indicating he’s not doing a good job. The tip is $20,000, or $1800 each. Abbi’s never held this much money, and says she feels like a baller. Captain Lee tells them to have fun. Simone tells Courtney about Tanner having a date with Kate. She’s gotten good FBI skills from working in the laundry. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’s into it; she’s nosy. She wants to know all about it. Kevin comes out to help the crew. Ashton says he likes Courtney, but she’s not his type of girl. He likes to banter. In his interview, he says she’s a stunning girl, but not open. He wants to know what’s going on inside. He says, there’s always a possibility. Never rule it out. Ashton tells the deckhands, when he drinks, there’s an Ashton inside that wants to get out.

Kate gets her to-do list done. Courtney says she heard Kate might have a date with Tanner. Kate tells her that she said she’d share some wine with him, but Courtney says, he thinks it’s a date. In her interview, Kate says a glass of wine at the bar is now a date. Tanner is adorable, but before she agrees to a date, he has to have the balls to call it one. She tells Courtney that she’ll wear her new uniform.

Tanner paces while Kate gets ready. In her interview, she says he’s adorable, but if it’s a choice between Tanner and washing her hair, she’s going to wash her hair. The crew does shots. Ashton laughs because Tanner can’t find Kate. She finally comes down, and says she washed her hair. She can’t do that in the bar, but she can have wine with Tanner there. They head out in a party bus. Ashton says he loves Courtney; she’s a team player. In Abbi’s interview, she says, the charter was long and terrible. She’s ready to get hammered.

They go to The Kee in Phucket. It’s getting harder to refrain from making jokes. Ashton toasts to a challenging charter. Brian says he learned his lesson last time, and we flash back to him bugging Courtney about smiling more. He says he’ll do shots, but not as many as last time. Kevin just wants to drink. In his interview, he says he cares about the captain’s approval – seriously? – but it is what it is. He’s ready to drink this one away. In Kate’s interview, she says a sober Tanner is super cute, but a sober Tanner is never out with them. Tanner reminds Kate about their wine date, and she tells him that she said she’d have wine with him. In her interview, she says he has to be more sober, or she has to be more drunk. Brian asks if Tanner is all right, and he says, nope. Ashton tells Courtney that she’s beautiful and an old soul. He wants to learn more about her. He asks what her two biggest flaws are, and she says, that’s a dumb question. In Courtney’s interview, she asks if this is a job interview at McDonald’s. She hopes he doesn’t think he’s romantic.

Simone dances. Brian, who’s suddenly wearing a red and white sailor shirt, asks if Courtney wants to have a drink with him. Kate loves that Brian is being hardcore in a sailor shirt. Kate tells Ashton that she likes them together, and Ashton is bummed. Someone says, let’s bounce, and Ashton almost gets left in the elevator on the way down. Everyone is half asleep going back in a taxi. Courtney asks Brian to carry her to the boat. Kevin has his head in Kate’s lap. Walking down the dock, Abbi tells Simone that she was serious about her drinking. She falls down, but bounces right back, saying she loves to sail, and  they’re heading back to a motorboat. Everyone goes to bed, but Abbi stays in the galley, eating everything in sight, saying, she loves meat. She finally goes to bed.

It’s another day until charter. Brian wishes he could have kept the shirt. Ashton had fun, but wishes he could remember everything. Abbi tells Simone that she can’t get up; she tried. In Simone’s interview, she says, it’s like Abbi is on her deathbed. This is why Simone doesn’t like drinking a lot. Walking on the dock, Kevin thinks the captain’s comments are getting to his head. He’s definitely not a quitter, and doesn’t want to make this the first time. It would be a bad move, but he could hop off here, and they can cook for themselves.

Ashton tries to call Abbi, but she’s not responding. Tanner says she sent a group text that she doesn’t know if she’ll be up by nine, and needs to be near a toilet. In Ashton’s interview, he says, she’s there to be a deckhand, not have a good time. Where does she get off? He tells Tanner, he was on deck at nine, no matter how hard it was.

Next time, a girls trip charter, Tanner gets sick, Ashton feels like the wheels falling under the bus, and Captain Lee says if Kevin doesn’t step up, he’s going to be fired.

👦👦 Two Todds In One…

My absolute favorite talks about playing a dual role inside the same person.


🚴 Hardest Working Man In Soap Business…

And a mighty good man.


👓 Juicy Once More…

Why is it, every reality star who goes into prison, comes out looking better?


👹 Halloween Is Coming…

And you probably knew this would too. Remember where you were the first time you saw it? I do, and we’ll just leave it at that.


















October 25, 2019 – Doc Surprises Everyone, Jersey Finger Pointing, Heidi’s Halloween, Two Spectra Of Quotes & Dusty’s Slant


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Due to circumstances beyond my control, Halloween festivities postponed until tomorrow. Therefore here’s the whole enchilada.

General Hospital

At Crimson, Valentin asks if Nina wants to go shopping. She asks if it’s fun shopping or boring shopping, and he says fun shopping. They talked swapping out the artwork at Windymere, but the wedding preparations got in the way. Now that they’re back on track, he thought they should check out some local galleries. Nina says she’d love to, but she’s swamped. He says they could do it another day, but she says she trusts him, and he has exquisite taste. Anything is an improvement over Helena’s portrait. Nina’s assistant Judy (where did she come from?) delivers a box for Nina. Valentin says it’s not from him. There’s a bottle of champagne inside, and Valentin says, it’s expensive. He wonders who wants to curry favor from her, but Nina says she wouldn’t go that far. A note congratulates Nina for kicking Valentin to the curb. It’s from Spencer.

On the phone at Kelly’s, Laura thanks someone, and fauns a little. Doc walks in, and asks if he should be jealous. She says, which answer will get her a kiss? And he tells her, any of them. She says she was talking to Dr. Clark, the art professor at PCU. Doc asks if she’ll be able to contact the artist who painted Helena’s portrait, but she says, unfortunately, J. Garrin passed away. He asks if she still believes there are clues in the painting. She says she does. That’s why it’s important that they find it before it’s too late.

Ava explains to Trina that the back room is where they keep the paintings that are in rotation. They store the other art in a facility. Trina asks if she only keeps records online, or does she have handwritten backup? Ava says, that’s a shrewd question. In art, providence is everything, so she keeps handwritten records as well. Trina suggests they put Helena’s portrait in the back room. It’s like the eyes are watching her everywhere she goes. Ava looks at the painting, and thinks Trina is right. It might be bad for business. They carry it to the back.

Lulu goes to Dustin’s classroom, and he asks if she’s still speaking to him. He’s sorry he had to cancel their date, but the faculty assembly ran long, and he has a bunch of essays to correct. She tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize, but he says he feels bad. She figures he hasn’t had a break, and brought the date to him. She knows it’s traditional to bring a hardworking teacher an apple, but – she closes the door, and takes a bottle out of her tote bag – will cider work instead?

Jason and Diane visit Sam at Pentonville, and asks if she’s okay. She nods, and says she misses the kids. She misses him, but it could be worse. Her cellmate is in solitary right now. He asks if she knows why, and Sam says she attacked her cellmate. Okay, I laugh. She asks Diane if there’s any chance she’ll be out soon, but Diane says there’s only so much she can do. Brice is gone, and there’s no one to corroborate his statement. They also lack evidence to debunk his claim.

Outside Nina’s office, Maxie says Peter knows Valentin better than anyone. Is there the slightest chance Valentin is telling the truth, and he and Obrecht had nothing to do with it? Peter doesn’t answer, and she says he won’t stop staring at his phone. He says he’s getting updates on Franco’s competency hearing.

Scotty asks Kim how far she’d go to lessen her grief over Oscar. She’s not sure what he means, and he asks if she doesn’t want another baby. Martin says, relevance, and the judge lets it slide, but urges Scotty to get to the point. Scotty asks if it’s true that Kim drugged the original Drew Cane, so she could conceive a child against his will. Kim stammers, and He says, yes or no. Did she drug a man to have a child with an unwilling participant? She says, yes.

Valentin tells Nina that Spencer hasn’t lost his proclivity for being annoying. He’s going to have egg on his face when he sees what he spent for nothing. Nina says she’s going to send it back. She’s trying to be virtuous. She tells him to go make art selections, and she’ll finish up at Crimson.

Sam asks what the chances are she’ll be convicted of Shiloh’s murder? Diane says it’s net neutral, and the only real evidence they have is Nurse Sheri, but that’s hearsay. That the PCPD was so ready to dismiss the charges speaks volumes. She’d say the odds in Sam’s favor are good. Jason asks what the time table is, and Diane says they have one option that could speed up the process.

Maxie tells Peter, she thought spending time with her would be more interesting than the competency hearing of a man he barely knows. Peter flashes back to Shiloh telling him that Drew might know more about him than he thinks. He tells Maxie, it’s an historic ruling, one way or the other. Maxie says, whoever wins, it’s going to be devastating. Why can’t The Invader run good news? Lucy comes in, and says, if it’s good news Maxie wants, it’s good news she shall receive. She’s about to make Peter’s dreams come true. (Oops. From the preview, I thought it must be Sasha.)

Kim says she didn’t go through with it. She admitted it and apologized. Scotty says did she have a change of heart, or did someone stop her? She says someone stopped her, and Scotty asks if it’s true that she’d have gone through with sexual assault if she hadn’t been stopped. Martin objects, saying this is a specific event that didn’t happen, and the judge says, sustained. (Boo! Hiss!) Kim says she knows it’s inexcusable, but she was grieving for her son, and confused. Scotty asks if she’s still grieving, and she says, yes, of course (🍷). He says, so is she still confused? Is that why she wants Franco to retain Drew’s memory? Perhaps she’d like to have another child with a dead man.

Martin says, objection; badgering the witness. Scotty says the witness is Martin’s biggest advocate for Franco’s medical competency. Franco gets up, and says, stop, but the Judge tells Martin to control his client. (She’s back on my good side.) Scotty says he’s made his point; no further questions. Martin has no redirect, so the judge says they’ll take a brief recess. Kim goes back to her seat, and Elizabeth tells Scotty, that was so brutal. He says, it has to be. He told her that he’d do what needed to be done.

Dustin tells Lulu the cider is even better than an apple, and she asks if he doesn’t mind that she showed up uninvited. She hasn’t seen him since she ruined Nina’s wedding. Dustin says, by telling her the truth. Lulu says, the situation was spiraling out of control. She thanks him, saying she has no one to confide in. Maxie’s too close to it. Dustin can’t imagine how confused Charlotte is. She loves Nina so much, and it must have been distressing for Nina to move out instead of getting married. Lulu says, that’s the thing. Nina took him back.

Alone at her desk, Ava flashes back to when she asked Laura if she gets the sense of being watched, and asking if Laura thinks she’s crazy. Valentin walks in, and Ava nearly goes through the ceiling. She says, what the hell? Why is he sneaking up on her? He says he wasn’t aware coming in the gallery door was sneaking up. He’s looking for some new artwork; maybe commissioning a portrait. She wonders if he’ll be on his trusty steed, but no matter what pose, he’ll considered overcompensating. Valentin says he was thinking of a family portrait; him, Nina, and Charlotte. Ava says if he thinks Nina is going to forgive him, he’s beyond delusional. He tells her that she’s behind the times. Nina took him back, and they’re more committed than ever.

Judy asks if Nina wants her to send back the champagne, but Nina says, it’s too nice to go to waste. She gives Judy some other office work.

Laura asks Doc how it went with Ava. He says, Ava’s not officially his patient, but… She understands; he wants to protect Ava’s privacy. She asks if he isn’t supposed to be at Franco’s competency hearing. Doc says he’s Scotty’s last witness. She’s surprised Doc’s not there already, and he says he didn’t want it to be hard on Franco. He must feel like he’s on display. He adds that she might want to come along. Elizabeth can use all the support she can get.

Martin asks Franco where he was stationed when he met Kim, and he says, San Diego. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2003, and recorded as missing until 2012. Martin says, nine years. He asks if Franco remembers where he had shore leave, and he says, Barcelona, Berlin, and in July of 2010, he was in Turkey. Scotty objects, saying, these are the life events of Drew Cane. The witness is perjuring himself. Martin says he’s answering questions citing time and place; events as he remembers them. The judge says, overruled. Martin asks if Franco recalls what Kim just admitted to, saying she drugged Drew Cane. Franco says, of course, it was like, two minutes ago. Not really, but come on. Franco says, yes, and Martin asks, was she saying she drugged him? Franco says, no, it was the other Drew Cane, the one whose plane went down. Martin says, she never did that to him? He says, no, and Martin says the plaintiff just demonstrated awareness of time, space, and situations. His process of recollection determines that he’s of sound mind and body, as they’d need to prove in order to make a will, or agree to surgery. This has gone beyond the scope of egregious. He has no further questions. Franco looks a little confused. Is he rethinking this?

Cameron asks Elizbeth, what is it? She doesn’t know why, but July 2010 is significant. She can’t remember why. She suddenly says, oh my God. Scotty says, what? and she says, nothing. He says, if she doesn’t tell him, he’ll look it up.

Ava tells Valentin it’s impossible that Nina took him back. He tells her, take it up with Nina. They’ve rescheduled the wedding. She says, it’s because he’s Valentin Cassadine, the man who gets away with everything. Not this time. She grabs her jacket, and walks out. Valentin says, he guesses he should show himself out? He leaves, and Trina comes out, looking for Ava.

Diane tells Sam, the law entitles her to a bench trial, where the judge will render a verdict. It has the benefit of being quicker than a jury trial, since they don’t have to choose and question a jury. The judge stipulates the facts and evidence. She has no reason to doubt it won’t work in Sam’s favor. Jason says, it’s all up to the judge, and Diane says the judge who’s set to hear the case is Judge Madrigal; she’s famously pragmatic. Sam says, it’s a lot to think about. She asks Diane for some privacy, and when Diane leaves the room, she asks Jason what he thinks. He says he’s not comfortable putting Sam’s future in one person’s hands.

Peter says Lucy is going to make his dreams come true? She says the luxury condo he couldn’t get? Now he can. The buyer fell through, and she has first crack at it. He can have it if he acts fast. Maxie say’s he’ll take it, but Peter says he’s not ready just yet.

Scotty says Franco testified that he was on leave in Turkey in 2010. Franco says, right, and Scotty says, would he also say that included July 23rd? Franco says, yes, and Scotty says he’d like to enter into evidence, an article from the L.A. Prodigal from that date. Martin tries object, and the judge – who is playing with me today – tells Scotty, proceed. He reads Murder at the Mocha. A strangling at the art show on July 23rd; it’s believed the artist was the culprit. Does he have any idea who that was? Franco says, nope, and Scotty asks if he’s sure. Franco says he was in Turkey, and Scotty says, even if he was in Turkey, didn’t he read about it? How does he explain this? Scotty asks if this rings a bell, and shows Franco a picture of himself.

Maxie says she thought that was the condo Peter wanted; one big enough for all of them. It’s the one he took the $35K from the bank to put a down payment on. What changed? Ava storms out of the elevator, asking if Nina’s in there. Before Maxie can say anything, she walks into Nina’s office. Lucy wonders what that’s about. Ava tells Nina that she wants her scotch back. Nina says she thought it was a peace offering, and Ava says she thought they understood each other. She not wasting time burying the hatchet on a woman who would take back Valentin Cassadine.

Valentin sees Laura outside of Kelly’s, and says he wants a word. Doc says he doesn’t think so, but Laura says, it’s okay, and tells him to go on ahead. She tells Valentin, she’s assuming this is about Charlotte, but he says it’s about another of her grandchildren; Spencer. She’s his guardian, and responsible for him. Is she aware of the hell he’s trying to create?

Scotty asks Franco if the artist seems familiar, and tells him to read the caption under the picture. Franco reads, the artist Franco is being questioned in two murders. Scotty says, it’s a picture of him, but Franco says he wasn’t there. Scotty says, clearly, he was. He wasn’t in Turkey; he was in L.A. The LAPD was questioning him on two murder charges. Franco says, no, they were questioning Franco. Scotty asks how can the plaintiff be mentally competent when he can’t remember being questioned for two murders. No more questions. Elizabeth says she didn’t want Scotty to do what he did, and he says he’d do anything to get his son back.

Lulu tells Dustin that Valentin acted just as surprised as Nina, saying he had nothing to do with it. Dustin says, come on, and she says, that’s how he’s spinning it. Dustin says, and Nina chose to believe it. Lulu tells him, Sasha and Obrecht didn’t say it outright, but they implied Valentin was in on it. He says no wonder she’s a reporter, and she says to be honest, she came by it naturally. Both of her parents have a pathological need to right wrongs, and be heroes. He needs to get used to it if he’s going to be around her. He says he’s glad she thinks he’ll be around long enough to get used to it.

Lucy asks what Maxie and Peter think Nina and Ava are talking about. Not a follow-up piece? Or maybe Ava is mad that they’re not doing one. Maxie says Peter suddenly doesn’t want the condo? Lucy says she’s seen it before. When it gets to signing on the dotted line, the buyer panics. She tells Peter not to be nervous. She needs his commitment, or someone else will snap it up. Peter says, the condo is fine. It’s just… Maxie tells Lucy that Peter will call her, and Lucy says, don’t take too long. She leaves, and Maxie says she thought this is what Peter wanted; something big enough for her and James to move into. Isn’t that what he wants? He says he wants it more than anything, but he’s worried about something getting in the way of their happiness. Maxie says, like what?

Jason tells Sam that just a judge will be determining if she’s innocent or guilty. It still scares him that it’s just one person. Sam says, a jury could be bias, especially if they know her history. They could find her guilty. Jason says they need to  catch Peter. Sam says, especially if Franco loses. Then they can forget it.

Martin says his medical witness has been unavoidably detained, but thinks she’ll be there within the hour; there was an emergency. Trina slips in. She tells Cameron that she figured he needed a friend, and it’s more interesting than anything she’d binge watch. Doc comes in, and Scotty asks if the judge can hear his testimony now. Doc thinks they need to talk first, but Scotty says he’ll be fine. Martin agrees, and the judge tells Scotty, okay. Scotty tells Elizabeth, he’s going to send it home. Doc is sworn in, and Scotty says he’s the closer; the cat’s in the bag. Scotty tells Doc that he’ll just cut to the chase. Doc is Franco’s regular therapist, right? Doc says he is, and he recently had a session with him at Shadybrook for the purpose of determining Franco’s competency. Scotty says, in Doc’s expert opinion, is the man in question completely in control of his faculties? Doc says, yes, and Kim smirks. I want to smack her.

Jason tells Sam that he doesn’t like the idea of a bench trial, but he’s not the one sitting behind bars. It’s her decision, and he’ll support no matter what. She says she knows. Diane thought the judge would be objective, and they’ll get it over with faster. She hates being away from Danny and Scout, and doesn’t want to be away from them any longer

Scotty believes Doc misunderstood, but Doc says his answer is definitive. After speaking with Franco, he meets the legal standards. Really? It’s okay to think you’re someone else now? Another real person? There must be a lot of Jesuses out there. Scotty asks if Franco said he was Franco, and Doc says, no. He believes himself to be Drew Cane, but that doesn’t mean he’s unaware, and incapable of making medical decisions. Scotty says, the man in question is legally Franco. So how can Doc say he’s in his right mind? Martin says Scotty is badgering his own witness. Scotty asks for permission to refer to the witness as hostile, and the judge asks, on what grounds? He’s Scotty’s medical expert. Scotty has no further questions. Martin says, just to be clear. Doc doesn’t support Elizabeth continuing as Franco’s medical proxy. Doc says, no, because the man he examined, however he identifies himself, is fully aware of making decisions, and capable of choosing medical care. I have a headache, and the judge asks if there are any other witnesses except for Martin’s expert. Martin says they don’t need to wait. He concurs with Scotty’s witness. No other witnesses are necessary. The judge says she’ll take a short recess to deliberate. Scotty looks defeated, and Cameron says, this is bad, isn’t it? Franco holds Kim. Bleh.

Well how about this? If Franco thinks he’s a totally different existing person (I know Drew is dead, but he was a real human), wouldn’t he be making medical decisions for someone else? He’d need Franco’s permission. It’s not like he thinks he’s a woman, and that’s the kind of situation they’re comparing it to. This is driving me nuts. Come on, Scotty, think.

Nina tells Ava that she needs to leave, and Ava says Nina needs to wake up. She doesn’t honestly think Sasha came up with all this on her lonesome; faked three DNA tests, and duped Valentin? She’s barely old enough to rent a car. Nina says it’s not Ava’s concern, and she knows nothing. Ava tells Nina to open her eyes. Valentin is obsessed with her; she’s gotten under his skin. He’ll tell himself that he’s doing it in her best interest. He’ll tell any lie, and break any rule. He’ll do whatever he can do to keep her by his side, and he’ll never let her move on. Nina asks if Ava is still talking about her, or projecting what Ryan did to Ava?

Valentin says Laura had no idea that Spencer sent champagne to Nina’s office, no doubt on her dime, taunting them about their interrupted wedding. As a child, he was a nuisance; as an adolescent, he’s becoming problematic. If he ever becomes a threat, Valentin will deal with Spencer the way he deals with threats. Laura asks if he’s threatening to harm her grandson. He says, of course (🍷) not, but he knows things that would make life difficult for Spencer. She says, like what? and he tells her, tighten the leash. That’s all he has to say.

Ava tells Nina, throwing Ryan in her face is a low blow, even for her. Nina says she’s sympathetic to what happened to Ava. It was sick, horrible, and beyond imagination, but Valentin isn’t Ryan. He’s not a killer. Ava says he killed Nikolas right in front of her. Nina says Ava was quick to offer her support, but not to help her; to hurt Valentin. Ava may have been a fool for Ryan, but Nina is nobody’s fool. Ava says they’ll see about that an walks out. Nina takes out the champagne.

Lulu tells Dustin, not that it wasn’t fun, but she’d love to get a real date on the books. She asks how his schedule is tomorrow, and he says, even more harrowing. He’s chaperoning the Halloween dance. Lulu says, the Haunted Star is hosting it; she’d forgotten. He says she must be taking Rocco and Charlotte trick-or-treating, but she says, Olivia and Ned are taking them with Leo. She has a rare night off. What about next week? He says he’s allowed to bring a guest. Would she like to be his date to the dance?

Diane tells Sam and Jason that she double-check, and the judge is still confirmed to hear Sam’s case. She sweet talked the clerk, and can get it heard in a couple of days. Jason asks what she thinks, and Diane says she thinks the judge is fair, but it’s a big decision. Ultimately, it rests with Sam. Sam says she wants to get home as soon as possible. Let’s do the bench trial.

Peter wonders if they should check on Nina, but Maxie says, she can handle Ava. She wants to talk about them. What could get in the way of their happiness? Peter’s phone dings, and she says, it’s a teachable relationship moment. This is not the time to be on the phone. He stares at the phone, and she says, what is it? He says, the hearing. The judge is coming back with a decision.

Kim tells Franco that she’s sorry he had to hear about what she did to Drew. It was a horrible time for her. The judge tells everyone to be seated. She’s made a determination in the competency hearing of Franco Baldwin.

Julian is surprised, Lucas and Brad go to therapy, and the judge renders a decision.

🔫 Dueling Cheaters…

Did he/she or didn’t he/she?


🎃 It’s Not Halloween Without Her…

A retrospective of Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes over the years.


🎇 Quotes of the Week

It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt

Make yourself heavy. – Evelin Villegas, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, when coming down with Corey in a hot air balloon

🎼 Classic Meet Classic…

Great version of this song, and perfect for the season. See you on the night of Dead.






September 22, 2019 – Living For Tomorrow, Exes Reunite, Frozen Joe, Vanderpump Spin-Off & Autumn Theft


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A video plays, similar to the one Al made, but it’s Ginny’s group. Tom says they got lucky. Then they got unlucky. The worst was when went things went bad. They couldn’t grow food. Another guy says, they lost so much. A third says, they needed help. The story goes on, switching between various people. They were ready to split when she showed up. Everything changed. They built something bigger and better. We’re alive because of them – because of her. Ginny says it’s not about her, or any single person. It’s about how they get from today to tomorrow. She talks about going to settlement after settlement, places filled with good people, and good ideas. They needed help. A guy says they fixed water the supply and helped them grow food. Before, they were barely surviving. Now, they’re thriving. Ginny says they’re building a future every day. Each one holds a key; that’s why they wear these. Ginny shows a key pinned to her lapel. She says, it’s not about how her group helps them; it’s about how they help each other. They fix what’s broken. The world gives people every reason to doubt helping each other, but they can. So if they see someone wearing a hat like hers, or a pin, they’re here to help. They can be reached on channel five on the walkie. Each of them holds a key to more help, and more future. Al says, that’s not the truth, and smashes the TV. The opening titles are seen through a cracked screen.

June says they’ve been driving five days; it’s tough. Al says she’s making another video to show everything. She begins filming. Morgan says, it isn’t easy; it’s hard. It’s not supposed to be easy. Alicia says it imparts the way they’re doing things, and Dwight says, the right way. June says one tank of gas can get them through tomorrow. Wen says, Luci stayed, but they’re going to get her back. Sarah says Ginny told them what they’re trying to do is impossible. Tom says they’re going to make the impossible possible. Al says they don’t have to make a fake documentary to prove them wrong. This is how they did it. This is the truth.

Grace gets intravenous something, and thanks Morgan. He asks if he can get her anything else. She tells him, candy beansies, if he sees them. June says Grace is dehydrated, and it’s hard for her to keep food down. Al asks if June thinks it’s the radiation, and June says, it could be, or it could be something else. She needs to find some medical journals .

Morgan says he wasn’t there when she needed him. He wasn’t there when the rest of the world needed him in Tanktown. He’s here now. Al says he told her that he needed to let Grace know something; did he? He says, no. It doesn’t matter. Grace thinks she has an idea, but she’s not sure if it’s just what she wanted them to say. Morgan says, being away from everyone was hard, but good came out of it. Tom says he thought they’d kill him when they  found him. Virginia was scared to trust people, but here he is. He guesses he’s lucky. He flashes back to seeing Janice coming up the road toward him. He says, they found his sister. Janice says, they found her brother. They found him. Tom says he wanted to help with the documentary. What they’re doing is working. What they’re doing has room for everyone – not just who Virginia deems useful. Everyone is useful. People need to see that.

Alicia paints a tree, and Al asks what she’s going to do when they find a home. She hopes she gets the chance keep doing this. When she first started, she’d hoped to find the artist, but it helped her. It’s how she wanted to be. Art makes sense to her. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Daniel radios from the strip mall, and June asks how the school is. He says, it burned down. There’s nothing left. On the video, June says she wasn’t thinking of anything except making sure they landed, and she picked the right direction. It felt right. Jacob says she has what some people spend their whole lives looking for. Wes says, he thought it was bullsh*t. He’s now part of said bullsh*t, and it turns out, it’s not bullsh*t. Al asks if he’s going to paint again. He says, we’ll see, and looks at Alicia painting a tree.

Grace teaches Charlie the guitar. On the video, she says she wants to be around long enough to see it. The look on everyone’s  faces when they get there. She wants to know everyone is going to be okay.

Morgan asks Grace if she has enough for one more push. John says they may have to leave some of the vehicles behind. Victor wonders if maybe they shouldn’t change direction. There’s nothing out there. Tom tells Al that she might want to turn the camera off. She might not want to document this. Al says she wants to show things as they are. Morgan says, breach, and Dwight kills a zombie that’s invaded their space. He takes something off of the body, and says, look at this.

On the video, Alicia says, sometimes the universe has a way of speaking to you. It’s a Sheriff’s badge, and John says, it’s from the Gulch. Maybe it’s closer than they thought. It was designed to operate without gas or electricity, and there’s a fence around the perimeter. Victor says John doesn’t know what it’s like; he hasn’t been there in years. Morgan says they’ve exhausted everything that’s in the area. If John is right, this will work. On the video, Dwight says, they saved his life before Maybe lightening can strike twice. June feels like it’s the right place, and Alicia says she thinks they found it. Daniel asks if it has a barbershop. Morgan says, if it’s what John says it is, it’s worth it.

Grace yells for June. Morgan runs toward the truck where Grace is resting. Tom is inside with her, and moves out of the way. June checks the pulse on her neck, and asks if Grace can hear her. She tells Morgan, Grace is severely dehydrated, her blood pressure is low, and she needs more fluids. Morgan says, or what? and June says they need to get moving.

Al films, and Daniel says he thought they should take everything they could at the mall. June says she thought she could help treat Grace, if she knew what was going on. She doesn’t even know what to do. She can treat the symptoms; it’s all she knows. Morgan asks how long Grace can go without fluids, and June says, not long. He tests the radio, and says they’ll circle back to the convoy, and get what they need. Sarah says it’s a detour, but there’s a shortcut further north. Morgan says Grace will want to see it. Tom says, this is the part you wouldn’t see on Virginia’s tape. It’s the part you never do.

John and Morgan look through stuff in a storage area. Morgan radios June and Alicia, and says, any luck? But Alicia and June are empty-handed on their end. Morgan thinks they shouldn’t have left, but John says it will be all right. Keep looking. Back with the others, John asks June if Morgan and Grace have something going on, but she’s not sure; maybe. He says, it’s a bittersweet thing, and she tells him, go ahead and ask. He says, okay. He doesn’t want wait anymore to get married at the Gulch, right away. June thinks it’s a great idea. John says he loves her, but keep it under her hat.

John radios Al, and asks how it’s looking, and Al says, got it. She tries to stab an errant zombie who gets the better of her, and they fall to the ground. Alicia nails it from behind. She picks up the fluids they’ve gotten for Grace, and smiles. On camera, Alicia says, it was the only thing she had, and it was taking over. Now it’s not the only thing she has. Morgan asks Grace how she feels, and she says, better. She thanks him, and they smile at each other. She asks, what is it? and he says he’s just glad she’s feeling better.

Sarah says they’ll take the shortcut back in the truck. Ginny can suck it. They made a detour because one person was sick. What they’re building is the future. At least he future they want to be a part of. Wen says, it was a risk. So were Christmas lights on the runway. John says, they were as good as dead, but they didn’t give up. Wes says, they risked their lives. Sarah radios that the bridge it out.

At the bridge, Charlie films. Part of the bridge is breaking down. Alicia says, the semi is too heavy, and Victor says he’s not so sure they should even be standing there. Morgan says they can leave the tanker behind, but John says they’ll never get to the Gulch. Morgan says they’ve got to figure out how to patch the hole. A cable on the bridge snaps. John yells, get off the bridge, and Morgan says, don’t back the tanker up. The bridge starts to give a little. Morgan thinks they should try to cross with one person every twenty feet. Dwight says they have company. Ginny drives up, with her entourage, and says it looks like they could use a hand. Guns are drawn.

Ginny asks if they’re having trouble with the tanker, but Morgan says it’s nothing they can’t handle. He sees they’re making good use of the gas, and Ginny says, it beats saddle sores. She tells everyone to put their guns down. If she’d wanted them dead, they would be dead. She says hi to Tom, and Al says he’s helping them get the story. Ginny asks, which story? He says where she gets her ass handed to her by them. The people need to know the truth. Ginny says, there’s truth and there’s truth. She hopes he picks the one that leaves the most people alive. Morgan asks how she knew where they were, and she says she’s had her eye on the convoy. They could learn something from each other. Morgan and his group have stretched the petrol farther than she thought possible. Then they went out of their way to get medicine, when people are dying. She can’t help if they don’t ask. Victor asks what she means by help, and she says, it means something different to everyone. Victor says, like what? Lay her cards on the table. She says she’s sorted out who provides what, and they need good people; there aren’t many left. Tom asks why she tried to kill him, and she says he became a liability. She’s not going to apologize for her methods, not when she gets results. She tells Dwight that she checked on his wife. He cocks his gun, but then lowers it. She says an engineer she met said he broke bread with Shari. She seemed worried about him. Morgan says, stop, and Ginny says Dwight never said her name. How else would she know it? Morgan says they’re here because they do things different from her. They’re going to keep doing to keep people alive. Ginny says, not much longer. They both want the same thing, they just have different ways of getting there. If anyone wants to try the way it works, they’re welcome. Morgan says, she’s right. If anyone would rather be with her, they should go now. There are no takers, and Dwight says he thinks the choice is pretty clear. Ginny says he has a good hold on them. Victor laughs, and says her strategy of following them isn’t particularly efficient. Ginny says, it’s not? Boys… Her henchmen shoot in the air, and she says it’s like calling the kids to dinner. There’s a herd down the road, and they might be the soup de jour. When they need her help, give a holler. I’m thinking her recruitment tactics aren’t the greatest.

Morgan says, get ready to cross. Everyone, out of the cars now. Said zombie herd starts coming toward them, Morgan says they’ll buy as much time as they can. Everyone grabs stuff out of the cars, and runs. Victor slices and dices. Morgan whacks the zombies with his new and improved pokey stick, and Al stabs whatever she can. The zombies barrel right through the line of cars. Dwight encourages the group to run. Morgan yells for them to get over the bridge. He asks how they’re doing with the patch, but Tom says, it’s not ready yet. Morgan tells Tom, forget it, just go, and another cable snaps. Morgan asks if they can get the tanker over the patch, but that’s a no, so they leave the truck. Tom refuses to go, and gets knocked down when the hole opens up more. The zombies fall through the bridge. I laugh, but then there goes the tanker. Tom jets to join the others, but he stops, saying, he has this. Cables snap as he’s talking, and he’s last seen on camera, screaming as he falls.

Back at the convoy, Al is editing, but the battery dies. Morgan says, it’s okay, but she says she has to get this right, for them; for him. Morgan says, then that’s what they’ll do. It’s not the end of the road. He won’t let it be. They go outside, where everyone else is waiting, sitting in front of the C&L boxcar. Morgan asks if Grace can walk. She says Tom died for the detour; for her. Janice looks in the water. Jacob asks if she wants him to say a few words, but she says, not here.

They stand in the woods. Morgan says Tom believed their story wasn’t over, and wanted to be with people who do what they did for one of their own. And he wanted Ginny to know that. Right, Janice? Janice says, he told her that he wanted to finish it, and Morgan says, then that’s what they should do. Right, everyone? They all nod, and he says, let’s go. He tells Alicia, it’s not going to be easy. They start to walk.

And walk… and walk. Wes tells Alicia, he’s been thinking when they get there, he’ll paint with her. It doesn’t have to be trees. He might need a new medium. She smiles. They walk some more. John approaches Jacob, and asks if it’s a good time for a question. Jacob says, it depends on the question. John asks if he does weddings, and Jacob says, gentiles? He’s always wanted to try one. Morgan asks if he just heard what he thought he heard. John says, it’s going to be a quiet affair, and June says she doesn’t want to make a big deal. Morgan thinks it might be what everyone needs. It will remind them why they’re doing this thing. John says if Morgan’s not busy, he needs a best man. The continue to walk. The road looks endless.

Dwight asks if Al is still filming. She says, as long as there’s a story to tell. Daniel says he doesn’t know Morgan that well, but hear him out. We don’t know how long we have in the world. If we have things to say, we should say them. They stop a moment, and Janice asks if Al is getting this. Al says, you bet she is. They see the billboard for Humbug’s Gulch. Janice says she wants Ginny to see this. See why she lost. I’m worried that it’s not going to be there anymore. Morgan tells Grace, good. One last push. He wanted to say… She tells him, don’t say it. It will make things harder. They look at each other. He he nods, and says he’s glad she’s here to see this. She says, her too, and squeezes his arm.

They finally make it, but it’s as I feared. Sort of. Al takes out the camera. Zombies have invaded the Gulch. Janice says, it can’t be. Maybe it’s the wrong place. John looks through the binoculars, and says they’re up against every gate. They’d be hard pressed to even get inside. Morgan says, they’ll find another way. Victor says, how? They have no food, no water, and their supplies are on the other side of the bridge. June says, there’s nothing else out here, but Jacob tells her that her faith got her this far. She says she needs more faith, and Alicia says they can’t give up. Charlie says they can walk back to the cars, but Wes says they’ll never make it. Daniel says they barely made it here, and Wen says, even if they could, there’s no gas for the cars. Victor says there’s one thing they can do. Al turns the camera off, and Victor asks, why? She wants people to see things the way they are. He does, and now she sees them the way he does. They got to somewhere; here they are. He reminds her there are children with them. The truth is, if they do this, they can live for tomorrow. Morgan ask if anybody can think of something else. Say it now.

Al says she thought this wasn’t going to be the end of the story, but it is. She knows what it means. Dwight says if they call her, there’s no going back. Al says, people are going to die, and Victor says they tried a different way. They can look at themselves in the mirror tomorrow. Dwight says, if they throw in with her, there might not be a tomorrow. He starts to leave, and Morgan tells him, don’t go. They’re miles from anything. Dwight says he’s walked this far before. June says she’s sorry, but John says it’s not her fault. They all thought it was a good idea. Al says, if they’re going to do this, then they should do it. Morgan tells Janice that he really is sorry. I say, don’t do this, but he radios, saying if Virginia is listening, they need her help. The camera pans out, and we see them clustered together on top of the hill.

Next time, Al thinks they can clear the Gulch, John says they have something to fight for, and Daniel says Ginny isn’t walking away without a fight.

🔥  No Disaster On This Potomac…

Things are heating up for Gizelle.


❄ Cold As Ice…

It’s not looking good for Juicy Joe.


But Teresa seems to be dealing.


🐾 Paws Crossed…

I’m still hoping for that Vanderpump Dogs spin-off.


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August 28, 2019 – Cassandra Must Be Found, a Reunion Ends With Charm, Posh World, Without Joe, Laverne’s Wisdom, Breaking Now, an Idea & Victoria’s Heart


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General Hospital

Jordan tells Curtis she’s clear. She’s gotten the go ahead to work full time. His baby is ready to roll. She asks, what’s wrong? and he wonders why she can’t work part time. She says she could, if she didn’t mind losing her sanity. She can only delegate so much for so long. She needs to get back to work.

Michael tells Sonny that he just came from the hospital. Sasha is sicker than they thought.

Monica thanks Jax for coming to the hospital. She’s called anyone who worked in close proximity to Sasha. They’ve identified her illness. It’s the Avian flu, a strain they haven’t even seen before. In the meantime, anyone who’s had contact with Sasha has to be tested, and have a round of anti-virals. He asks if the symptoms wouldn’t have shown up by now. She says, in all likelihood, but it’s a precautionary measure. They’re using an abundance of caution. He asks about the prognosis, but she says she can’t even speculate. They don’t even know if they caught it in time.

Valentin talks on the phone to Charlotte, who’s in the park with Lulu and Rocco. Charlotte tells him about her softball game. He says he’s sorry he can’t be there today, but she says her mom took a video. She gives Lulu the phone, and she asks how things are going. Valentin says, it’s all wait and see. She tells him, please give Nina her best, and tell her that she’s praying for Sasha. Don’t worry about Charlotte; she’s totally fine. He thanks her, and says he’ll be in touch. Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte successfully stole two bases. She gets it from her father. Nina says she needs something else from him. He says, anything, and she tells him that she wants Cassandra – alive or dead. Can he arrange it for her?

Jason sees Cameron at the hospital, and asks if he’s waiting for his mom. He says he’s here on his own. He wants to talk to Franco’s doctors.

Elizabeth says, hi, and Franco says if she’s on her way out, he can come back. She says, that’s okay. She was going out to look for him. He asks if she’s there by herself, and she says the boys aren’t there; just her. He says he figured that he owed them both a conversation. He can tell her a little bit about himself, and she can tell him about the man he used to be. She invites him in, and says, welcome home.

Robert shuffles through files, looking for one on Shiloh, and another on Cabot. Mac finds them for him, and asks why he won’t use the software. Robert says he likes the feel of paper, and he’d also have to learn it. He thanks Mac, even if he alluded to Robert being some kind of dinosaur. Mac says he didn’t,  and Robert says they work well together. Where else can he kick his little brother around? Mac says his days as Commissioner are over.

Jordan tells Curtis that congratulations would do. He congratulates her, and she thanks him. He says he’s really concerned that she’s pushing it, but she says she got clearance to work full time. She’ll be drawing full pay, and he can ditch his job with Valentin, or Jax, or both. He asks why he’d do that, and she says he’s bordering on corporate espionage. He says it’s helping them making bank, and they can knock out the medical bills and put away some for TJ’s college fund. She asks what he’s going to do if Jax finds out he’s taking money from Valentin? He says he’ll handle his business. She says, and she’ll handle hers, but he can escort her to the station first.

Elizabeth shows Franco a drawing Jake did. She says Jake is her middle child. He’s an artist like the both of them. He was instrumental in promoting Jake’s talent. She asks if it looks familiar. He just looks at her, and she says she knows he needs time. She ask if he’s hungry. Her youngest, Aiden, baked cookies. He’s the one who discovered Aiden was a gifted baker, and he’s Aiden’s sous chef. He says he already ate, but she says she’ll bring some out anyway. He must still have the same taste buds, and he loved Aiden’s cookies. He says he thinks it would make things easier if she didn’t refer to him as Franco. He’s Drew. Elizabeth says, sure. She didn’t mean to offend him. He says, nobody does. Except maybe that German woman, the doctor. Elizabeth says Obrecht considers herself a good friend of his… of Franco’s. She’s direct and intense. He says she also slapped him. She actually tried to slap some sense into him. Elizabeth says, sounds like her. What did she have to say? He says she told him the life he’s living doesn’t belong to him, and to get out of Franco’s way. He doesn’t understand. Why would anyone want that? Why would they want to be around a killer?

Cameron tells Jason that he tried to register for a class with a philosophy professor, but it was too early. He read that Descartes said, I think, therefore I am. If Franco started to think he was Franco, and really believe it, it might help. He thought he’d run it by Franco’s doctors. He asks if Jason thinks it’s dumb, but Jason says he can talk to Monica, and arrange it. Cameron thanks him, and says it’s just hard to understand how everyone is going along with this. How could Franco forget his family and loved ones? Jason knows what it’s like, doesn’t he?

Jax tells Monica, the flu is contagious. It’s strange how only one person contracted it. Monica says, especially since Sasha has never been to Asia. It’s a matter for law enforcement now. It’s no accident that Sasha came down with the flu.

Nina asks Valentin how they can make it happen. He says they do nothing. He’ll take care of it. Nina needs to know there are no more threats to her family. She can’t do this again. She feels helpless and out of control. Valentin says, those days are over, but she says that person is still inside of her. She knows the signs. He says he knows she’s a strong woman, and knows he loves her. He has those protective feelings too. He tells her to take care of Sasha, and he’ll take care of the rest.

Michael tells Sonny, as a precaution, he’s getting a round of anti-virals. Sonny asks what about Sasha? and Michael says they’re afraid they took too long to diagnose her. They’ve never even seen the strain in this hemisphere. Sonny wonders how Sasha contracted it, and Michael says it was on purpose by someone on the island – Sandy Lance. Sonny knows her by Cassandra Pierce.

Charlotte asks Lulu when they’re going home, but Lulu says Rocco’s game isn’t over. Charlotte wants to go to Windymere. It’s been forever, and she left her doll in the trophy room. Lulu knows Charlotte misses Nina and her papa, but they’re taking care of Sasha. Charlotte asks if Sasha will be better soon. Rocco runs over, and says he hates this game. He wants to go home. Lulu says he can’t quit, and Rocco says, it’s okay for his dad to quit, but not him? He asks if his dad is ever coming home. Dustin appears, and asks if someone lost their glove.

Mac tells Robert that he thinks Jordan is returning tomorrow; end of mission. Robert says, what if it doesn’t happen? What if Jordan gets kidnapped by pirates, and the mayor gives Mac the job? Mac says he’s not out to steal Jordan’s job. Robert says he’d rather sling drinks and keep cleaning up after drunks than admit he likes police work? Jordan comes in, and says she just got clearance to work. From the sound of it, it’s not a moment too soon.

Sonny tells Michael that Cassandra wanted him to help her import something, but he told her he wasn’t importing it into Port Charles. Maybe Sasha is collateral damage, and Cassandra was trying to get to him? Michael says, no. She sent a picture to Nina as a message. She wanted Nina to know it was payback. Sonny says, for what?

Elizabeth says, Franco’s not a killer. Franco says, kidnapping, assault, arson, murder. She asks where he got this, and he says, the internet. She tells him, Franco did bad things while he was sick. He found out he had a brain tumor, and when it was removed, he was cured. Franco says now he knows he’s not sick, but Elizabeth disagrees. He says she’s not the only one objecting, She says she’s lost a husband, and her children love him, and want him back. He says, wanting doesn’t make it so. She says if anyone can undo what happened it’s Andre, the man who perfected the procedure. Drew is bringing him back from Ethiopia.

Cameron says Jason used to be a Quartermaine until the accident; that’s what his mom told him. Jason says, that’s right. Cameron says he didn’t remember his old family, changed his name, and found a new one. Jason says it wasn’t as easy for him as it seemed. The Quartermaines wanted him to be someone he wasn’t. Cameron says, that’s what’s happening to Franco. Jason says he used to feel that way about the Quartermaines, but time passed, and he eventually found a new relationship with them. They got to know him as he is now. Cameron asks how long it took, and Jason says, years. Cameron says his mom and brothers don’t have years for Franco to figure out that they matter to him.

Curtis gets a text from Valentin – Must see you asap at GH. He tells Jordan that he has to go. Jordan tells Mac and Robert that she doesn’t officially return to full time until tomorrow. Sonny comes in with Michael, and says he’s there about Cassandra Pierce. Robert says they’re aware of the situation, and Mac says they’ve been pulling files. Sonny wants her found before someone else gets hurt, and Mac says, odds are, she’s not in Port Charles. Robert says they were on to her after she escaped. Mac says they know she’s flying under the radar. Sonny knows all about that.

Jax asks Nina how Sasha is, and she says she’s waiting. He says, alone? and she tells him that Valentin just left to take care of business. Jax says Monica filled him in a little; how can he help? Nina laughs, and says, him? He says he knows Finn has a good reputation, but he has connections. She says he can drop the phony concern. She knows he doesn’t care about Sasha or her. He says, that’s not true, and she says he wouldn’t know truth if he was shot up with the bird flu. He’s been lying to her since he came into her office. She knows about his secret file on Cassandra Pierce. That woman is the reason her daughter is sick. That psycho almost killed her daughter.

Jason tells Cameron, there’s no way to predict what will happen with Franco. They don’t even know if it’s reversable. Cameron asks what he should do, and Jason says, try not to pressure Franco. Cameron has to accept Franco is as confused as he is. Jason didn’t make allowance for how other people felt, and he regrets that. Cameron says Jason’s loved ones were older, and had perspective. His brothers are still young, and look up to Franco. Jason admires that Cameron wants to fix it, but he’ll have to wait. Cameron says his brothers need Franco. The more time he’s away, the more screwed up they are, and they’ve been through so much already. Franco needs to suck it up, and come home.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Drew was going to Afghanistan for him, but never mentioned Ethiopia. She says he just found out where Andre was yesterday, and diverted the plane. Franco says Drew didn’t mention it to him, and Elizabeth is sure Drew was in a hurry.  Franco thinks it’s part of a larger plan to keep him there, but Elizabeth says, Drew wouldn’t do that. Franco says, he’s wasting a trip. He’s not talking to any doctor. As soon as this bracelet is off, he’s gone. Elizabeth tells him not to do that to the people who love him. They can help him. He asks why he’d want help. Help means the end of him.

Monica asks Jason for a favor. He says, anything, but she tells him, don’t say that until he’s heard her out. Jason was with Franco when he got arrested; how did he seem? Jason says, angry and confused. He insists he’s Drew. Monica is afraid he might bolt. This might be her only chance to find out what Drew was like growing up; the son she and Alan never got to raise. She doesn’t want to let the opportunity slip through her fingers. Jason says she may have to. It might already be too late. I’m surprised at Monica being so selfish. She already went through this with Jason, and should know better than to push. I could understand if she wanted it for Drew, but for her own personal interest? Really?

Franco says the doctor will screw with his head, and chances are, it might not work. Or even worse, it does. She knows it’s incredibly selfish, but she’s asking anyway. The boys want her to fight for him. He says he doesn’t know them, and they don’t know who he is and who he loves. It’s his chance to get back the life he was robbed of. She says, that Drew was robbed of. He’s robbing her of her husband. He says, it’s not him. He doesn’t remember marrying her. The ring he’s wearing, a symbol of vows he doesn’t recall making. Wearing it is dishonest. He tries to hand it to her, but she doesn’t take it. He says he’s not trying to hurt her or her children, but he wants to get on with his life. He puts it on the table, and Cameron walks in.

Lulu introduces Dustin, saying, he’s a teacher. Rocco asks what he teaches, and Dustin says, including and not limited to, snake wrangling, jumping out of planes, a bunch of other crazy stuff, and baseball fielding. Lulu tells Rocco, if he’s nice, Dustin will give him some tips. Dustin says, only in exchange for a signed game ball, and gives a ball to Rocco.

Jordan tells Sonny, there’s only so much they can do in their jurisdiction. Robert says Michael and Sasha encountered Cassandra on Sonny’s island, and Sonny says he’s made some calls. If anything goes down, he’ll hear about it. Jordan asks if he’s going to share, and Sonny says, share and share alike. Nina said Cassandra is after her. Don’t they think her story might help give them a lead? Jordan says they know how to do their job. Sonny says, then they don’t need him, but Robert wants to ask Michael some questions. He wants to know more about their interaction with Cassandra. Michael tells Sonny to go. Michael goes into the interrogation room, and Jordan asks, what if Sonny finds Cassandra first? Mac says let him look. It will keep him out of their hair… her hair. Jordan says, about that…

Curtis tells Valentin if he wants another update on Jax… Valentin says, forget Jax. He needs help with something more important – protecting his family.

Jax asks Nina, how sick is Sasha? She says, Sasha and Michael crossed paths with Cassandra, and now Sasha has been diagnosed with a strain of bird fly never seen in this hemisphere. She shows him the picture, and says, then she got this text. Does he know where Cassandra is? Jax swears he doesn’t, and Nina says she feels so much better. Never mind about the angle he’s been working against her and Valentin since she caught him in her office unannounced. He has a file on Cassandra. Jax says he has nothing to do with her. She asks if she’s supposed to take his word, and he says he has nothing against her. He admires her. Valentin is another story. Nina says while he avoids answering her questions, her daughter could be dying. Spare her his false concerns and empty promises, and tell her the truth or get out. He says, it is the truth. What’s happening is horrible, and all he wants to do is help. He thinks there’s more to Cassandra’s relationship with Valentin than he’s letting on. She might want to protect herself. No matter what she thinks of him, he’s not her enemy. She says, if this is how he treats his friends, she doesn’t want to be his friend. He leaves, and she sits on the bench and sobs.

Jordan wants to clear the air. She knows Mac enjoyed himself. He says he has, and she says she understands he’s done a terrific job. Word is, her people wouldn’t mind keeping him around. Robert says he knows Mac wants to be in a leadership position, so he can affect change. Mac says he never considered this more than temporary, and Robert says it was his idea. Jordan says it was hers; he just agrees with her. She asks Mac, how does Chief of Detectives sound?

Curtis tells Valentin that protecting his family isn’t a one person job, but he can reach out to his contacts. Valentin says he can hire his own bodyguard. He needs Curtis as a detective. He needs Curtis’s problem solving skills. He needs him to find Cassandra before the WSB does, but Curtis doesn’t think she’ll be easy to find. Jax sees them talking.

Sonny approaches Nina, who tells him, go away. She already had enough with Jax. Sonny says she has a problem with Jax? Been there, done that. Nina says, and he’s overwhelmed with sympathy. He says she’s worried about her daughter, and he may be able to help. He tells her to round up Valentin, and tell him about their history with Cassandra.

Jason tells Monica, Drew knew Alan was his father. He figured it out in high school. He saw Jason’s picture in the paper, and knew Jason had to be his twin. He assumed they just wanted one twin. Monica says, nothing could be farther from the truth. He says, Franco did not want to listen, but she says she has to let him know. He doesn’t think Franco cares. Sorry, but his best advice is to let Franco be.

Cameron says Franco is home, but Franco says, it’s not like that. Elizabeth says, he just came by talk things out. Cameron asks why she looks upset, and she says, it’s been upsetting. Cameron says Franco can make it easier, but Elizabeth says. he’s doing the best he can. Franco says they haven’t met, and Cameron introduces himself. He knows Franco doesn’t remember, but those two freaks, Dr. Cabot and Shiloh, wanted to do a memory transfer on him. He was hooked to the machine, when Franco showed up and took his place. He owes Franco more than he can ever repay. Franco asks if he’s okay, and Elizabeth says they’re all okay. Cameron asks Franco to stay for dinner, but Franco asks if they can just agree to take things slow. He’s had his fill for tonight. He starts to leave, and Cameron stops him, saying, he doesn’t get to leave

Monica says she has to reach out. Drew should have been a Quartermaine from day one. Jason says she won’t get through on the first try, or probably the second or third. She says she’ll try as long as it takes for him tell her his story. So she can tell him hers. Jason is sorry, but she says, don’t be. He says, not for that. For the way he treated her and Alan. It took too long for him to see from their perspective. Monica says, he’s himself, and that’s all that matters to her.

Cameron says Franco has to stay. Franco says he’s not the guy Cameron wants him to be, but Cameron says he just needs Franco there. Franco had a life, and a family, and it’s on him to try and keep it going. Franco says, sorry. He can’t be something he’s not. He walks out, and Cameron slams the door. He asks, how anyone can be that selfish? Elizabeth says, he doesn’t mean to be. Cameron says, his wedding ring, and picks it up. He says, that’s why Franco was there,  to return the ring. What’s wrong with him? She says, it’s not his fault, but Cameron says he stole Franco’s life, and there’s nothing they can do to get it back. Elizabeth says, please, Cameron. He starts to cry, and slaps the ring into her hand. He runs upstairs, and Elizabeth looks for her phone. She makes a call, and says she needs a lawyer.

Lulu says she knew Rocco could do it. Dustin says, he just forget to close his glove. He has the same problem. Rocco whispers something to Lulu, and runs off. Dustin asks what he said, and Lulu tells him that he said, Dustin is cool. He says, best review ever.

Mac says Robert knew about this, and was pulling Mac’s chain. Robert says, it was a test, and he passed. Jordan says, her team respects him, and the squad could use his leadership skills. Say yes. He says he has to clear it with his lady, unless they told her in advance. Jordan says, with her approval, welcome back.

On the phone, Michael tells Diane he doesn’t need a lawyer. He tells Robert that Diane wanted him to remind them that it’s voluntary cooperation. Robert says, duly noted and appreciated. He read Michael’s account, but wants to hear it. He might remember something he’s not aware of. Michael says he’s been replaying it over and over, and thinks Robert is right. He may know how to find Cassandra.

Val knows Curtis cares about Nina, and will do what he can to protect her. He’s not asking lightly. Curtis says he’s not taking it lightly. If he finds Cassandra, he’ll turn her in to the WSB. Valentin says that does him no good. Find her, and walk away. And ask no questions.

Sonny tells Nina, something has to be done about Cassandra. The cops can’t find her, and she escaped from the WSB. He doesn’t want to see Nina hurt, and she’s a target. Nina says, please leave, but he says he’s not going anywhere. She says, fine, then she will. Sonny says he’s not through, and Jax says, yes he is. Is there a problem?

Tomorrow, Robert says they have their best lead, Valentin tells Curtis that he’ll get $5 million if he finds Cassandra, and Sasha asks Finn if she’s terminal.

Southern Charm – The Reunion – Part Two

Backstage, Madison is nervous. In another room, Danni says it was personal, and not a good example, especially for a mother to be saying.

Andy welcomes us back like we were the ones who left, and welcomes Danni, who’s joining the reunion. Andy starts with Kathryn’s sobriety. Austen says what she did on Watch What Happens Live was ridiculous. He couldn’t believe the things she said. We flash back to last week, where Austen said he was upset when he tweeted in, and Kathryn said don’t think for an effing second he can come after her sobriety. Back up. Naomie says she got aggressive with Austen just now, but someone saw her drinking when she was on the show. Kathryn asks, who? and Naomie says, a mutual friend. Kathryn says she’d tell them if she drank, because she can. Cameran says, no one is coming at her, but at the same time be honest. Craig says, no one knew if she was allowed to drink, so they just said she wasn’t, and covered for her for the last six months. Andy says there were several reunions where Kathryn felt they were coming against her, and they say the opposite. Shep says, what they’re  trying to say is, they protected Kathryn more than she knows.

Andy says Kathryn planned the treehouse trip, and then was MIA for the days before it. A viewer says, Danni isn’t Kathryn’s mom. If she seems testy, maybe it’s because Danni is crowding her. He asks what Danni meant when she said Kathryn was never held accountable? Danni says, Kathryn gets a lot of passes, especially from her. She wanted Kathryn to have valid reasons why she wasn’t responding. It can be perceived as obnoxious or irresponsible. Kathryn thinks she made a bigger deal about it than it was. Andy asks why she was defensive, and Kathryn says she’s used to her phone ringing, and it being Thomas, or her lawyer, or something else not good. Cameran says she can’t alienate other people who don’t have ill intentions. Kathryn says she talks to her actual friends, and Chelsea asks if they shouldn’t expect a  response since they’re not real friends? Just tell them she’s busy. Kathryn says just so they know, Thomas can bring this up in court. Danni rolls her eyes. Andy asks if that shouldn’t motivate her to be better, and Kathryn says she’s just trying to focus on her kids. Andy says she knows how that makes people feel, and Kathryn says when it’s more than one person, she gets overwhelmed with being ashamed, and portrayed as a terrible friend. Andy asks if she and Danni think it was an unfair representation of their friendship. Danni says they have a unique friendship. She can depend on Kathryn, but not all the time. She says Kathryn has been hanging out with Madison, and Kathryn says their kids play together. Austen says they didn’t hang out just one time, and Kathryn tells him, she didn’t say that. She needed someone for supervision with the kids. Austen thinks she’s playing both sides, and Kathryn says she has no one else, and Andy explains, Thomas approved Madison to supervise the kids. Kathryn says she thought it was okay with them, and she was being decent. Shep says she shouldn’t have to ask if it’s okay. She knows it’s not, because it bothers her friend. Danni has been there for her. Kathryn says she’s in the middle, and it’s a hard place to be. She loves Danni. Danni is her best friend, but it’s way more complicated in her mind. She doesn’t want Madison to feel like she did when no one talked to her. Cameran says, Madison put herself there. Craig says he thinks Madison is manipulative. It’s hard to see Kathryn with someone who caused problems. Andy says she didn’t realize it would go to that level. Naomie says Madison is manipulating Kathryn to hurt Danni, or Kathryn is afraid of her, and wants to keep her enemies closer. Austen says she’s not just asking Madison to watch the kids. If she likes Madison, admit it. Kathryn says she does. Madison makes her laugh. We take a break. Well, they take a break anyway.

Andy says, fresh off a family scandal, Eliza wasted no time getting back in the saddle of society. He asks if it was the hardest time after her father’s affair, and she says she doesn’t like to talk about it. She starts crying – that didn’t take long – and says they were so close. She felt uncomfortable and unwanted everywhere she went. Andy says he’ll change the subject, but she might not like this one either. After her debut at Patricia’s dinner party, viewers thought she was like a bull in a china shop. We flash back to her talking stupid at the party, ending with her saying Kathryn could be a surrogate. Andy assumes she meant no harm by the comment about Kathryn, and Shep says, Eliza is harmless, sweet, and docile, but her social awareness is lacking. Eliza says she’s only twenty-three; she’ll learn. Cameran says she talks too much, and Eliza says she does when she gets nervous. Andy asks if Eliza feels unfairly judged for her relationship with Thomas. Eliza says she’s used to people not liking her because of her family, but she can’t control that. Connie from Houston asks what she sees in Ashley that the rest of the world doesn’t? Eliza says she sees the good in everyone in her life. Ashley didn’t hurt her, so why be mean? Andy asks why she invited Ashley to the skeet shoot. Did she think Ashley would mend her relationships. Eliza says she knew Ashley said mean things to Kathryn, and she thought it was terrible, but she didn’t know Ashley had offended almost everyone there. We flash back to that fiasco. Chelsea says she’s all for forgiving, but Ashley goes about it all wrong. Eliza says Ashley made her look like an idiot for giving her a second chance. Andy asks if they’re still friends, and Eliza says they talk occasionally. He asks if her family is still friends with Thomas, and she says, absolutely. She can’t speak on his behalf, but she’s not leaving him hang out to dry for something that she has no involvement in.

Andy tells us that Chelsea has a brand new house, and brand new man. Dating a professional sailor means a long distance relationship, and it’s causing some to wonder how they keep it afloat. We find out no one has met Nick, and Chelsea says, when he’s in town, his time is short, and they’re trying to spend time together. A viewer asks why Chelsea is so trusting. For all she knows, he has a girl in every port. Andy says, it’s a fair question, and Chelsea says they communicate often and well. Andy asks how dangerous his job is, and Chelsea says, very. There were two fatalities in the last race. A viewer says Chelsea’s dad seems hesitant about her picking men who aren’t around. Chelsea thinks he’s afraid of her moving away, since she’s done it before. Andy asks what Austen thought about her dad calling him a housecat. Austen says she seems like more of a housecat, since she goes to work and goes straight home, but Chelsea says, a housecat is a gamer who hadn’t gotten out much, and her father shouldn’t have said that. A viewer asks if Chelsea feels like an anomaly among her privileged, trust fund friends. Chelsea says she doesn’t think about that, and Austen says no one has a trust fund except Shep. It’s a silly thing to say. Andy says the perception is that they don’t have jobs. Shep says it’s not like he’s raking in government money. Would he be more liked if he worked in a coal mine? Chelsea says she’s had a job since she was fourteen. Even if she won the lottery she’d have a job. If she wasn’t working, she’d feel worthless.

Andy switches gears. There’s been a new drama with Austen and Chelsea every year, and this year it was the screenshots Madison sent to Chelsea of Austen talking about her. Austen says he was venting to Madison, and guesses he was angry. Chelsea says when she first posted about Nick, there were comments about her finally finding a man, and getting rid of Austen. Austen was tagged, and she’s sure it made him angry. Andy says, it wasn’t flattering. Shep asks if Austen didn’t regret it, and Austen says he ate crow. Andy says Chelsea forgave Austen, and took him under her wing to reform his party ways. We flash back to her saying Shep and Craig are bad influences Shep says it bothered him, and made him angry. Chelsea says Austen asked for her advice, and he can take it or leave it. It won’t hurt her feelings. Kathryn says he respects Chelsea’s opinion; that’s why he asked. Andy says goodbye to Eliza, who we already forgot was there anyway.

Craig says if there was ever a time for him to take Adderall, it would be now. Madison comes out, and Andy asks what the status of her and Austen’s relationship is. Austen says they’re not together, and Andy says they’re not friends with benefits? Austen tells Andy, he didn’t say that. Madison says, they’re not together together. Danni asks when they last slept together, and Madison says, last night. Andy says, it’s complicated is the answer, and he promises not to play the video. He does want to talk about it though. Austen claimed he didn’t hook up with the women, and nothing happened. Austen says he’s as honest as a heart attack. Kathryn shakes her head, and says, he hooked up with the blonde one. Craig seconds that. Austen says he was so drunk, and Madison says he blacked out. Andy asks why the blonde’s panties were off, but Austen honestly doesn’t remember. A viewer doesn’t understand how Austen possibly cheated and it was recorded on video, but Madison hooked up with someone when they were temporarily broken up, and she’s the crazy one. Andy asks if Kathryn thinks it’s a  double standard, and Kathryn says, it’s definitely a pattern . It’s typical of the men to blame it on the girl. Shep says they’d tweeted they were together. Austen says he thought things were good between them. Madison says she saw Michelle at a party, and said, woman to woman, did she have sex with Austen? and she said, yes. She told Austen, eff this; she’s done, and they didn’t talk. Cameron says, that’s not a solid relationship. Shep says, it doesn’t matter. You can do anything to Austen. Madison thinks Shep should focus on his own relationships, and leave theirs alone. Craig says Austen calls him crying because she posted a picture, and she tells him to mind his own business. Andy asks what they fight about, and Madison says, mostly Shep and Craig. Craig says she blames them for the DM stuff. They didn’t send it, she did. We flash back to Danni telling Craig about a friend DM’ing Gentry about Madison. Craig says she deflects to everyone else. Austen says, it was made into a big deal, but what mattered is, she didn’t personally send it. Danni says she clearly communicated what happened. She didn’t say Madison sent it. Madison says, after the video, her clients were saying, girl, come on, get out there, and a friend wanted her to meet Gentry. Danni says she heard enough chit chat around town. She didn’t think it was a big deal because she thought Madison was single. She couldn’t keep track of their relationship. Craig knew their status, and did what he wanted with the information. Andy asks if Danny regrets telling Craig, and she says she does. Craig says, it’s Madison’s fault, and no one else’s. Danni says Madison started a bunch of sh*t, and reached out to her boyfriend. Chelsea says thinks it got blown out of proportion, and Madison took her anger out on Danni. Dannie says all she did was try to mitigate it. Madison is a bully and a psycho. Madison asks why she’s so upset, and Danni says, for many reasons. Andy says it’s a great spot to take a break.

Andy says, while the boys whisked Austin away on an RV trip to get over his breakup, Madison divulged to Chelsea that Shep called her white trash. He asks what the definition is, and Madison says, working class, not born into money, and he’s better than she is. Austen says Shep said it to him, and he wasn’t pleased. Shep says Austen told him she’d cheated, and he told Austen, good; get rid of her. He says you have country, who are the best folks, but also have redbacks. I guess those are like rednecks? Cameran tells him not to say white; just say trash. Kathryn says Shep called her white trash at the pillow party. Does he feel that way about her? He says she was acting trashy. It was crazy talk. She thinks it’s harsh to call someone trash. Andy says Shep had to know it was going to get him labeled elitist, which he’s already labeled all the time. Shep says Andy should see his Palm Beach friends, but Andy says it doesn’t sound like he wants to. Shep says it manifests when he sees someone not raised properly. Andy asks what he means? Is it good manners to call someone trash? Shep says, Eleanor Roosevelt said, if you can’t say something good about someone, sit next to me. (Not totally accurate, Shep, but close enough that I’ll let it pass.) The hoity toity aren’t exactly the bastion of being nice to one another. Andy says, Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady, not Brooke Astor. Shep thinks he means that etiquette lady (I assume he’s referring to Emily Post or Amy Vanderbilt), and Andy has to explain who she is (New York socialite and philanthropist). For Shep claiming to be so well-read, he’s not really. He knows some big words. A viewer thinks Madison turned Shep down at some point, and Shep says he’s never made a secret of that. He was whispering in a cheap blonds ear (ugh. he just can’t not insult people), and she wasn’t having it. We flash back to a barbecue where she told him, don’t even. Andy says, another theory is that, in Shep’s world, the one thing worse than losing a girl, is losing one to Austen. A viewer who works in couples therapy says she’s seen couples who hate each other, and as a professional, doesn’t think Shep hates Madison. In fact, he loves her. She asks if he’ll ever admit it to himself. Shep says, they’re both too strong willed. He would never admit defeat, and neither would she.

Changing topics. To help Cameran get her mojo back, the gang headed to Colorado, and Craig unloaded emotional baggage before they got to the baggage claim. We flash back to Craig losing it at the airport, ending with Chelsea telling him to check his pants for a vagina, because he’s being a p*ssy. Chelsea says she was mortified, and the feminists were on her ass, but she’d had enough. Craig says he was just trying to get them on the bus, but Andy says he was frothing at the mouth. Andy says, the weed dinner was fun to watch, and Shep says, it was awesome. In case everyone forgot, Andy says, Kathryn got upset. BadGuyAndrew tweeted, they’re hypocrites. They attacked Kathryn, treated her like an addict, and said her kids should be taken away, then got high the whole trip like there was nothing wrong. Andy says, Austen knew her history and never checked with her or thought about it? Austen says, she knew for weeks, but Kathryn says, that’s not true. She knew a week before, but don’t be dramatic. Austen says, she was silent until she finally asked who arranged the dinner. Kathryn says, on the after-show, he said she did it for attention. We see a clip of that. Andy says Cameran said she didn’t two f**ks. Kathryn say she thought she’d be fine. It was literally the first time she’d been around it. I have to add, it wasn’t like they just passed a joint either; it was everywhere and in her face. And these dudes are LOUD when they’re high. Andy asks what bothered her more, being around it, or no one asking if it was okay. Kathryn says what bothered her most was the guilt that she wasn’t with her kids for months. Austen genuinely apologizes, and Kathryn says, bullsh*t. He says she’s right, it is, and Danni is like, what? Shep says they’ll do a mushroom dinner next time Andy says, we’ll leave it there.

Andy asks if Madison thought she and Austen would get back together in Colorado. Madison says, yes, and Andy says she was obviously upset after talking to him in the hot springs. We flash back to that, and Andy says, after talking to Shep, it escalated, and she revealed something private. What made her go there? She says, at that point, she had so much rage, she blacked out and said something she shouldn’t have. She felt provoked, and felt like Shep was constantly coming after her. Danni asks why she got brought in. She knew both Madison and Austen had animosity toward her, but didn’t know to what extent. It was hurtful, humiliating, and not true. She starts  to cry, and says she doesn’t know how Madison came up with it. Andy asks if Austen made it up. We see a clip from eight hours earlier, where he’s telling Madison that he didn’t make it up. Austen says it could have been misconstrued; maybe he took it wrong. Kathryn asks if he’s sure he didn’t make it up for fun. Austen says he would never make it up for fun. Andy says, so Shep told Austen. Shep says he and Danni dated eight years ago. Practicing to be a future Housewife, Danni says she has her medical records with her. Andy says they called Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine, who said it’s pretty common. Cameran says, it’s effed up. She would be mortified if someone said that about her. She thinks any of the women would be. Andy brings up Shep saying Austen should tell Madison STFU. Andy asks what Cameran thinks, and she says she kind of agreed. Austen asks if she’d want Jason to tell her STFU, and she says he has told her that when she’s been out of line. So she STFU. Andy asks who thought it was wrong for Shep to bring the girls from the threesome video to Patricia’s party. Austen says, it was a d*ck move. Shep says, it was salacious. See? Big word. Andy says it was messier than any of the Housewives. Andy says Shep has been espousing manners and upbringing; how well people are raised. Is that an example? Shep says he’s not fighting back with fists. It’s his little way of fighting back. Danni says it’s his way of saying Austen and Madison’s relationship is a joke. She says she’s not surprised at anything  hateful toward her from them. Andy asks if Shep enjoyed inflicting pain on them, and Shep says they bicker all the time; it was just another night. He and Chelsea have a history. Chelsea asks him to say her last name, so no one thinks it’s her. Shep says he might have taken her anyway. The other girl was manufactured be him, and approved by Craig. Naomie says they could hardly form words, and Kathryn does a Valley girl imitation. Andy asks if Shep has any regrets, and Shep says, not giving the proper amount of respect to Austen’s relationship, despite his protestations. Andy asks Austen and Madison what’s happening in regard to them sleeping together. Austen doubts tonight and Madison says, probably not. Andy is leaving it there.

Outside, Madison tells Danni that she feels sh*tty about what she did. Danni says, it’s a nightmare when the guys get together. Whenever they’ve had bad communication, the guys are involved. They agree to call each other directly from now on, and hug.

Martinis are passed out, with Kathryn opting for water. Andy thanks them for being there, and sharing their lives. He has one final question. Last year, Naomie was a strong voice for female empowerment, but this year, came off less strong. Naomie agrees, but says she was navigating a new relationship. It wasn’t just about her any more, and she was mindful of another person’s feelings. She thinks that’s normal, if not healthy. Andy asks if Craig is ready to put his angry outbursts in the past, and focus on his burgeoning pillow empire. Craig says he’s working toward being happy, enjoying every day, and finding someone. Andy asks what’s happening for Kathryn in the next year, and she says, hopefully, she’ll be settled in the house she’s renovating. Her kids will be happy and safe, and that will make her happy. He asks if Austen and Shep repaired their friendship, and Shep says, never better. Austen says they took time apart, now they’re better than ever. Andy says, even if Austen dates beneath him? and Shep says he’ll be supportive as possible. Andy asks if Cameran is positive she’s one and done, and she says one is all she can handle. He asks if Chelsea has any upcoming adventures with Nick, and she says, New Zealand. He’s going to be there for eight months. Andy wants to see him on the show, but Chelsea says, he’s not about it.

Andy gives Shep the last word of the season. Shep says, it’s been a tough one for a lot of them, but they’re going to keep doing it and have fun. They enjoy each other’s company, and he’s a better person for having known them. They’ll always be connected, for better or worse. They toast to that. Andy says, Patricia sent a toast via Dorothy Parker. I like to have a martini, two at the very most. After three I’m under the table; after four I’m under my host. Shep says he had a toast, and Andy tells him, go ahead. He says, there are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be. Shep tells them, they earned this, and they drink.

Even though Shep infuriates me, I’ll miss them. <sniff>

✈ Spicy Vacay…

They invited me, but I couldn’t make it. I was washing my hair.


👙 While Juicy Joe Rots On ICE…

Teresa goes ringless in Greece.


🌈 A Lesson For Us All…

Laverne Cox tells it like it should be.


💣 Break This…

A little tease.


Walter Jr. has grown up nicely.


🎭 During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Betty Gilpin (GLOW) suggested a remake of Streetcar Named Desire using the Vanderpump Rules cast. Jax as Stanley, Lala as Stella, and Stassi as Blanche. I thought about this for a hot second, and it actually might not be a bad idea, but I’d switch it to Stassi as Stella and Lala as Blanche. After all, Lala has always depended on the kindness of strangers. The ones with private jets.

💫 Sometimes It’s In My Head All Day…

A catchy tune from solo Posh.