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November 7, 2019 – Martin Gets New Information, Deck Extra, Headley Meditates & Strait Fall


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In the park, Sam and Cassandra are told to dig. Curtis comes by, and calls to Officer Sommers, asking if she remembers him. She does, and he asks if she minds if he talks to Sam. She’s his co-worker, and he promises to keep a respectable distance and make it brief. Sam goes over to him, and he says, hey, and  tells her that she’s rocking county orange. He asks how she’s holding up. She says there’s been some annoyances – she glances at Cassandra – but she’s okay. He feels bad that she got the short end of work detail. She says, that’s not bad, but Cassandra is her cellmate. He says she’s kidding him. Cassandra complains to the guard that she’s doing all the manual labor while Sam chit-chats.

Nina visits Nathan’s grave. She wonders who takes the change that’s left there, and hopes it brightens their day. She’s sorry it’s been a while. So much has gone on. It turns out Sasha is a fraud. Remember how she told him how much she loved Sasha? She loved Sasha with all her heart. She should be too mad to care, but hurts so much lose her. And now everyone is blaming her; judging her for being back with Valentin. She wishes he was there. He never judged her; not once. She could confide in him, and be honest. She wishes he was there, so she could tell him what’s really going on. What’s in her heart. Valentin joins her, and asks, how about him?

Coming in from the terrace, Nikolas tells Jax that he forgot how brisk early November is there. He should be gone before the snow falls. Jax hopes so, and Nikolas says how long he stays is up to Jax. The sooner they locate the codicil, and Valentin falls, he can go back to his life. Jax tells him, keep a low profile, entertain himself, and stay out of the way. Nikolas says he has somewhere to be, and Jax says, in Port Charles? What if someone spots him? Nikolas says, he’s dead. It would be odd if anyone recognized him, since he’s non-existent. The doorbell rings, and Jax says, Nikolas was saying? Nikolas makes himself scarce, and Jax opens the door. Josslyn says she came to check out his new place.

At Kelly’s with Wiley, Carly asks, how lucky is she? She gets alone time with Wiley, and a Kelly’s muffin. Wiley – who gets cuter every time we see him – reaches for a piece, and she gives him some. She says she loves being a mom, but aunt is awesome. She gets the cuddles and fun, but when it’s time for discipline, she gives them back to their parents. Michael comes in, and says he thought Wiley was with Bobbie. She tells him that Brad and Lucas needed some alone time, and their mom had to go to work, so she’s subbing. She asks, what’s going on with his life? and Sasha walks in. Carly guesses Sasha is there to see Michael.

Nelle glad is glad to see Martin. She’s not up for another parole hearing for another 525 days. He asks if she’s counting the hours, and she says she’s good with numbers. He says he expected her parole to be denied, but she was so convinced it would go her way, he did some digging to see if he missed something. It turns out he did. Nelle says he found out she has a husband? and he says, yes.

Jax asks why Josslyn didn’t tell him that she was stopping by. She says she wanted to surprise him. She loves his new place, and asks, what’s out on the terrace? Before he can stop her, she goes out. She says, the view is amazing. She loves that he’s close to the water. Jax is glad she approves, but that’s not the only reason she’s here. How did she get there? She says Milo dropped her off, and she didn’t call because Jax and Carly confiscated her cell phone. He says she’s lucky she has a car and driver at her disposal. Most kids who got caught drinking at a school dance would have to take the bus. Josslyn agrees that she’s lucky; it could be worse. She says it’s chilly, and wants to go inside. Jax says he’ll make a fire, and while he’s working, she can tell him why she’s really there. She says she’s there because she wants to move in.

Carly asks if Michael and Sasha are there for dinner, but he says they’re meeting Curtis. He wants to follow-up with Sasha on how things went down with Nina. Carly thought Nina dropped the charges against Sasha, but Sasha says Curtis wants to find out what went wrong for his own sake, since he’s the one who found her. Carly says she’d love it if they’d join her until he gets there.

Nina asks Valentin what he’s doing there. He says she wasn’t in her office, and she’s not picking up the phone. He knows how much she’s had on her mind, and thought she might be there. She doesn’t know if it’s frightening or flattering how well he knows her. He says he does know her, and he loves her. Whether she wants to talk or be left alone with her brother, say the word.

Curtis tells Sam, Cassandra is dangerous. If she has any trouble, let him know. Cassandra tells the guard, this is inhumane. She’s touching all this dirt, and coming in contact with pesticides and toxins. I love how they made her a germophobe. It’s little details like that, that add dimension to the characters. Officer Sommers tells her, back to work. Curtis says, Cassandra has a lot of enemies, and it’s hard to watch your back on work detail. When word hits the streets that she’s out and vulnerable, Sam might just find herself alone in her cell tonight.

Curtis asks Sam if Cassandra said why she’s in Port Charles. Sam says Cassandra keeps to herself, but seemed interested in the fact Sam is related to the Cassadines. Officer Sommers tells the other guard to take some of the prisoners to clear out the undergrowth on the other side. Curtis tells Sam, Cassandra and Valentin were allies before they were enemies. They have a connection. Maybe it will shake out when Valentin comes crashing down. Sam asks if that’s possible, and he says, an interested party is working hard to bring Valentin to justice. Cassandra asks the officer why Sam is allowed a personal interlude, while she’s left to toil alone. Officer Sommers tells Curtis to move along, and he thanks her. When he’s gone, Cassandra tells Sam that he’s married to the police commissioner. She doubts Sam can take advantage of him. Sam says, he’s a friend, and Cassandra says, please. Friendship is fleeting. What’s important is to know how someone can best serve you. She wonders how long they’re going to work. It’s getting dark. Sam asks, what’s wrong? Is Cassandra afraid one of her enemies might come and get her?

Nikolas sits waiting in the car.

Valentin tells Nina, it’s been hard since they learned the truth about Sasha. She says she’s sorry she keeps seesawing between anger and sadness, but he says she can vent to him. She says he seems distracted lately, and wonders why he came by Crimson. Is there something on his mind? He says she’s all that matters, and she says he’s sweet, but it goes both ways. Whatever is bothering him, he can tell her. He says, it’s not a what, but a who. Jasper Jax.

Josslyn knows she and Jax already talked about her moving in, but she’d overreacted when she saw the boarding school brochures. She gets why he didn’t want her to move into the hotel, but now he has a place, so why not? She’s not talking about anything permanent, but maybe she could do alternate weeks. He says she caught him off-guard a little, and he wants to think about it. She says he wouldn’t have to be by himself. She asks if she has a room, and he says, of course (🍷). She tells him, she can’t wait to see it, but he wants to speak to her mom. Does she know Josslyn is there?

Carly says Sasha must be relieved that Nina forgave her. Sasha says, Nina didn’t forgive her. Not even a little bit. She just decided not to move forward and not press charges. Michael says they’re thankful Sasha is free, and Carly says she’s happy for them both. Michael has been Sasha’s biggest supporter, and she’s glad his faith in Sasha has been justified. Carly’s phone rings, and she says, it’s Jax. Jax tells her that he’s there with Josslyn at his new place, and she has something important to discuss with them. Carly says she has something to do, and then she’ll be right over. She tells Michael, Josslyn is going through stuff; she’ll tell him about it later. She asks him to help her get Wiley in the car, and Michael suggests she leave Wiley with them. Carly says she’ll give Lucas a heads up, and offers Michael an anchor for the car seat. He goes out to get it, and Sasha thanks Carly for being cool. Carly says she told Sasha when they talked about her making amends, it’s a big deal. Owning what she did goes a long way with Carly, as long as Michael is happy.

Nelle doesn’t see how her recent marriage would have had any bearing on her parole hearing. Martin says, it would have shown stability; that she has a home and family, someone to support her. The parole board takes note of such things. That’s why they encourage affidavits from friends and family, like the one from her friend Brad. Why wasn’t her husband at the hearing? She doubts it would have impacted anything; his biography might not work in her favor. Martin says he checked the file, but didn’t see a name, only that her status changed to married. Does she want to tell him who this man of dubious distinction is? I’m thinking… Shiloh?

Martin says, Nelle is a widow? His condolences. She says, sadly, yes. Her marriage was short-lived. She had nothing to do with his death. Martin says he didn’t ask, but given her history, it’s reassuring to hear. She says now that he knows, does it change anything? Can he get her a new hearing? He says, probably not, but she tells him to find some way to expedite her release. He says he’s not sure he wants to represent her, and she says, he’s dropping her as a client? He says technically, she’s not a client. He’s working pro bono, and hasn’t seen a dime. He’s not comfortable with her lack of forthrightness, and wonders what else she’s not telling him. She asks if she’s still protected by attorney/client privilege, and says as soon as she gets out, there will be a large payday waiting for her, and for whoever represents her. He says, is that so?

Sasha plays with Wiley. Michael comes back, and asks if Wiley is making moves on his girl. Sasha says, she’s a goner. Nice knowing him. He says she’s good with kids, and she says she did a lot of babysitting in high school, but she hasn’t been around kids since then. Until Charlotte. Michael says, Nelle was Charlotte’s nanny for five minutes, when she was pretending to be a beacon of kindness. He got to know Charlotte, and she’s a sweet, bright, funny kid. Sasha says, she’s Valentin’s saving grace. He loves her like nobody’s business.

Nina tells Valentin, if it has anything to do with Jax helping her after the wedding, don’t worry. He’s not a threat. Valentin didn’t mean it like that. Jax and Hayden were looking for something the night they were at Windymere, but he doesn’t think they found it. He thinks Laura is up to something, but doesn’t know if there’s a connection. She’s interested in the portrait of Helena, but her story makes no sense, claiming Spencer wants it. The artist supposedly hid messages in his paintings, and he wonders if there’s something to that. Nina asks if he has any idea what it might be, and he says Laura thinks it’s something detrimental to him. He’s glad it’s rotting in a landfill.

Carly tells Jax that she loves the house, and asks, what’s going on? Josslyn says she loves the house too, and not just because it’s super cool, and matches his personality. Jax suggests she’s buttering him up, and she says, it’s a place where Oscar never was. She can look on the stairs and not see him sitting there. She can go out on the terrace, and watch the sunrise without seeing them together. She thinks she needs a break from everything Oscar, and staying there with her dad could help.

Sam tells Cassandra, this is a two-person job, and Cassandra says, which she did mostly herself while Sam was chit-chatting. Sam says Cassandra made almost no progress; she just moved dirt around. Cassandra wonders where Sam’s tenacious can-do attitude is; her claim to fame. She tells Sam, go for it. Sam says, if they risk leaving it unfinished, it could disqualify them for work detail in the future. Or maybe Cassandra is just a bitch. Cassandra says Sam has no idea. She looks around. Nikolas waits impatiently in the car. Cassandra grabs a shovel, and looks at the guard.

Curtis comes into Kelly’s, and asks who Michael and Sasha’s friend is. Michael says it’s his godson; Brad and Lucas’s little boy, Wiley. Curtis and Wiley fist bump. This kid is killing me. Curtis knows Sasha has cause for celebration, since Nina let her off the hook, but he didn’t. Michael tells him to say his piece, but be respectful. Sasha tells him, whatever he has to say, she totally deserves it. Curtis says he’d like to hear the truth from her. He’s been turning it around in his head since Nina got back with Valentin. Sasha took full responsibility for everything, including, and he quotes, a well-placed friend, who manipulated three DNA tests. She’s one smart cookie. Michael says, it’s between Nina and Sasha, and it’s over, but Curtis says let him explain his investment. He’s the one Valentin convinced to protect Nina, and he became an unwitting accomplice to fraud; something he doesn’t take lightly. He says if she knows how to pull something like that off, sorry, but prove it. Who else was in on it? He doesn’t believe she did it alone, but she says she’s not getting Valentin into trouble over something she did. Curtis appreciates her integrity, but it’s misplaced. He’s the one who ordered the original test, and he just ordered another one using the original samples. Subject A is closely related to Subject B. They’re a match as mother and daughter.

Jax says he thought he and Carly agreed to table the idea for now, and Carly says, don’t look her. Josslyn says, they were already discussing it? Jax says they discussed the possibility. Carly understands that Josslyn wants a break, and how painful it was to lose the watch, but Josslyn didn’t lose it deliberately. She was focused on the volleyball game, which shows her perspective is shifting. She’s looking to the future. Josslyn says, then help her. Living there will take her away from the reminders of the past. Jax says, as long as she doesn’t think of it as a place to hide.

Valentin tells Nina that Laura sought him out at the Halloween gala. She was talking about the portrait again, and said his time at the Cassadine table is almost up. It could mean anything or nothing. Nina says the more he dwells on it, he gives Laura what she wants. Valentin says Laura blames him for Nikolas’s death, even though Nikolas was a fugitive, and it was self-defense. She buys that Nikolas was a defenseless innocent, and she’s his eternal avenger. Nina says she’s sorry, and he says he’ll handle Laura. She asks if he isn’t getting tired, putting out one fire after another, but he says he’s good at it. Cassandra is the WSB’s problem now, or the state of New York’s. She asks if he thinks it’s that simple. Someone went to a lot of trouble to break her out before. What if they decide to do it again?

Nikolas says, come on Cassandra. Cassandra wanders around, and Sam urges her to go back to work. Cassandra says, the aesthetics are all wrong. Is Sam sure she’s digging in the right place? Any competent landscape designer wouldn’t pick that spot for a tree. It will spoil the symmetry of the vista. Sam has cost them extra work, prepping the hole in the wrong place. Cassandra suddenly doubles over like she’s in pain, and when the guard comes to investigate, Cassandra smacks her with the shovel.

Cassandra stands over the guard, and Sam tells her, stay the hell away. Cassandra jets, and Sam yells for help.

Cassandra gets in the car with Nikolas. She says he could have warned her about where he was going to be. He tells her, you’re welcome, and tells her to change in the back. He doesn’t want anyone to see his passenger wearing orange. She asks what the plan is, and he says, same as it was. She asks how he can say that, when he’s already changed it?

Nina says Cassandra is a threat to their lives. She threatened Sasha’s life with a virus. As angry as Nina is, she knows Sasha’s suffering was real. When she was in isolation, Sasha was brave and strong, despite her fear and how bad she felt. She hopes Cassandra dies des in prison, but hates to think she might escape. Valentin thinks Cassandra is out of friends. He says, speaking of Sasha, there’s something he’d like Nina to consider. She tells him not to tells her to forgive Sasha or be reconciled with her. She said she won’t press charges, but that’s as far as she’ll go. He says he’s on a completely different track, and asks if she wants to continue the search for her real daughter. Maybe her mother was lying, and there’s nothing to find, but they’ll know they’ve done everything they can to find her. She says Valentin told her that he came up with nothing. He says he did, but they can do it together, and maybe find her. At the very least, Nina will have closure.

Curtis tells Sasha and Michael, the GH lab reran the tests. For Nina’s sample, Valentin got hair from her hairbrush. What did Sasha provide? Sasha flashes back to Valentin telling her to be reluctant to do another test at first, but then agree, and give them this. He hands her a container. Curtis says all this time, he thought the tests were tampered with. Now he believes the samples were compromised. If Sash provided a sample that matched Nina’s, the only person with the means and the motive is Valentin.

Nelle asks if Martin understands now why she didn’t say anything. He says he has to hand it to her. If she pulls this off, there will be a significant pot of gold at the end of her rainbow. She says she still has a fight on her hands, and can’t pull it off if she’s locked up. That’s where he comes in. He needs to do everything he can to expedite her release, and look after her interests. He says there’s one flaw to her plan. By her own admission, she’s guilty of capital felonies. As good as he is – and he’s very good – he can’t undo a situation she’s created. Early parole isn’t an option. She says, make it one. If she doesn’t move fast, the pot of gold will be gone.

Josslyn asks, what’s the difference between hiding and taking a break? Jax says, one is restorative, and one is paralyzing. They don’t want her to distance herself from her friends, family, and volleyball. Oscar wouldn’t want that. She told him that Oscar said she could do anything she wanted. He’d be glad her life is filling up with things to look forward to. Carly says that doesn’t mean she loves or misses Oscar any less; it means she’s healing. It would be nice if healing was pain free, but it doesn’t work that way. The only way out, is through. It’s normal and it’s progress. Josslyn tells them, Dustin said the first year is the hardest. She’s already six months in, so she guesses she is making progress. Jax says they’re proud of her, but Carly says, don’t think her punishment is lifted. Josslyn knows it’s been a lot, but she looks at what Cameron is going through, and it makes her realize how lucky she is to have so much love and support. Carly thinks it might be too disruptive, one week on and one week off. She thinks they should start small with weekends. Does that work for Jax?

Nelle tells Martin, if she’d had a decent attorney to begin with, she wouldn’t be there. She was without the means, but that will all change. Martin says, so her expectation is that she’ll come into money? Like she expected money from Zack and Michael? Both times, she was disappointed. Who’s to say she won’t be again? She says she has him on her side, and he’s the best. He’ll get his full price, as soon as she gets what she has coming. He has to get her out. She calls him Martin, but he says his friends call him, Marty, and they shake hands.

Sasha tells Curtis, it’s a misassumption, and he says he just needs her to tell him what went wrong. He’s not pursuing a personal agenda. Michael says he doesn’t like Valentin either, but that doesn’t give Curtis the right to pressure Sasha. Curtis says he’s just finding out the truth. He wants to know what Nina is up against with Valentin. He gets it. Sasha doesn’t want to involve Valentin to spare Nina the pain, but she’s not helping in the long run. Sasha knows Curtis has the best of intentions, but it’s not his call. Michael says they appreciate that he wants to sort it out personal for Nina, but it’s been tough enough. Curtis says, so Valentin is walking on sunshine. Sasha says, let Nina have her life, and let her have hers.

Valentin tells Nina, they’ll do it together. He’ll get a referral for a good security firm. Nina says she already knows the outcome. They’ll look, but they won’t find her daughter, because the baby was never born. The locket her mother gave her was a tease; another way for her mother to hurt her. A lie, like what her mother told him. She’s done. She can’t keep getting her hopes up, and have her heart broken again. He says he really wants to make things right. Nina thanks him, but says he’s already done more than enough. I swear, she keeps dropping these hints, like when she said she could tell Nathan what’s really going on. Valentin’s phone rings. Nina touches Nathan’s gravestone, and kisses Valentin. She leaves, and he answers his phone, saying, this better be important.

Martin says, good news is always important. The project he wanted to explore? A new avenue just opened up.

Jax says he needs to do some work on the house. He knows Josslyn can rough it, and if that was their only option, he’d make it work, but she’s still in school. He thinks it’s best they wait a little. Josslyn is fie with that. She’s not trying to run away. Donna is there, and she’s totally adorable, and Avery is her little shadow. She’s fine with waiting, but since she’s there, can she check out her room? Jax says she can. She can give him some input. They go upstairs.

Cassandra tells Nikolas, wait. This isn’t the way to the airport. Where is he taking her?

Sam tells the guard, it will be okay, and asks if she can hear her. There’s no response, and Sam reaches for the guard’s waistband, saying, she’s not going for the gun. She takes the radio, and says she needs paramedics. She’s in Rice Park. She’s a prisoner on work detail. A guard is down, and a prisoner escaped.

Cassandra says Nikolas told her that he was taking her to a private air strip, where a plane is waiting. Nikolas says he’s taking her back to where no one will ever find her.

Tomorrow, Willow tells Brad that Julian just wants what’s best for Wiley, Jax tells Ava what happened to her is his fault, and Nikolas tells Cassandra don’t worry – he’s taking care of everything.

🚤 Tonight, Bravo had reruns of Below Deck’s latest season, as well as Behind the Episode 701. It was basically a rerun of the first charter this season, but included behind-the-scenes content from the crew and producers. And by content, I mean little dialogue boxes with extra info. It was fun, but nothing earth-shattering was revealed.

🙇 My Kind Of Meditation…

Funny, but warning – bad words. Probably most of the bad words you can think of.


😴 Early To Bed, Tea Tomorrow…

And since it’s early for me, it’s chilly, it’s fall, and we went straight to fall from summer here, this would be apropos. Sort of.