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February 13, 2017 – Nelle is on Track, Candace Goes to Jail, the BH Wives Beat Another Dead Horse & LVP’s Gown


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason runs into Robin at Kelly’s. Robin thanks him for killing Faison. He gets it. She says never mind what he did to her, Jason, or even Nathan. He terrorized Anna most of her life. Jason set her free.

Sonny is finally home. Carly asks how their guest is, and voila! Mike appears bearing chocolates. He tells her he’s checking into a hotel, but Sonny says it’s already decided that he stay there.

Ava shows Elizabeth and Franco the studio, giving them a few ideas for the reception. She knows it’s not a traditional venue, but it’s fitting, since Franco is an artist; it’s her gift to them. Franco wants to think about it, but Elizabeth is on board. Ava says he’s the luckiest man alive, and asks how it feels to leave the past behind.

Drew goes to Kim’s place. She shows him a picture of Oscar with a black eye. He asks what happened, and she says, he did.

Sonny says they have plenty of room. Mike says he can make his own decisions. Carly asks if it was like this the whole way there. She says Mike is right. He should stay where wants to, including at the MetroCourt, but she would be offended if he doesn’t stay with them. Mike agrees, even if he is under surveillance. He goes upstairs, and Carly asks Sonny what’s going on. Sonny tells her that Mike is in some kind of trouble. He’s not letting him go back home until finds out what it is.

Drew says he’s seen his share of black eyes. Kim tells him if he teaches his son to fight, he’ll fight, and think best way to solve problems. Drew says he taught him to defend himself; it’s what Oscar asked him to do. Kim says they were doing fine before he came along to teach them lessons. They start to argue, and Oscar tells them to stop. He tells Kim that she couldn’t be more wrong.

Ava tells Franco and Elizabeth that she knows a DJ, and they can make space for dancing. Elizabeth says they’ll think about it, and Ava tells them to let her know. They leave, and Nelle comes in with roses for Ava. They’re from Griff, and the card says, yours today, tonight, and tomorrow.

Robin tells Jason that Nathan’s funeral was heartbreaking. She thinks Maxie is still in shock, but has a lot of people there for her, including Sam and Drew. She says she was surprised to hear they’re getting married. She’d hoped Sam would take a step back and evaluate Jason’s feelings. Jason says she wants a life with Drew, but Robin says that’s what she thinks she wants. If she abandoned Drew because Jason came back, she would feel disloyal, and that every I love you was a lie. She watched Patrick go through it with Sabrrrina. He loved her, but loved Robin more. She would bet everything that Sam loves him more. Jason says she sounds like Carly. Robin thinks that should tell him something; they actually agree. She reminds him that it’s Valentine’s Day, and gives him one of Emma’s candy hearts. It reads, Real Love. Worst. Tasting. Candy. Ever. Like flavored chalk.

Michael meets Jason, and they talk about Robin. Michael says that Carly made things hard for her and Jason. Jason says it was a long time ago, and it’s forgotten now. Michael asks if Carly used him to get closer to Jason. He thinks that’s what Nelle is doing with the baby.

Ava tells Nelle that a year ago, she never would have dreamed she’d be getting a beautiful bouquet from a wonderful man. A lot can change in a year. Nelle says a year ago, she never expected to be having a baby with Michael; they were just falling in love. He made her feel like she wanted to be a better person, and she was going to try, but it blew up in her face. Ava is right; what a difference a year makes. Ava says your life can turn around if someone believes in you enough. You should believe in yourself, but it helps a lot for someone to look at you like you matter. Nelle is happy for her. Ava tells her that a year from now, she’ll have her baby, and if everything goes according to her to plan, she’ll have her man too, and a bouquet of her own. Nelle says, from her lips to Michael’s ears.

Sonny tells Carly that Mike is a runner, and there was a problem with the money. She wonders if Mike is gambling again, but Sonny says he claims he isn’t, and Rita backs him up. He explains that Rita is Mike’s lady friend, and the best thing that ever happened to him. She’s good people. Carly thinks that’s great for Mike, but what about the money? Sonny tells her that Caruso called him about $10K that Mike lost, but he found it in Mike’s cigar box. Mike said he didn’t know anything about it. Carly says that doesn’t make sense, and Sonny says that’s why Mike is there. He’s going to figure out what’s going on. Mike comes back downstairs, and tells them that they don’t have to talk in hushed voices. He knows Sonny has his eye on him, and they don’t have to count the silverware. The doorbell rings. It’s Robin. She comes in and hugs Mike.

Kim tells Oscar that he might have the day off school, but he has a social studies project due. He goes into his room to work on it, and Drew apologizes to her. He says he should have thought of another way to solve the problem. He promises to do better, and Kim says she could have handled it better herself. Drew says they’re learning as they go. He asks about the bully, and Kim says that Oscar can tell him what’s going on.

Michael tells Jason that Nelle seems clear on them not being together, but never misses a chance to lean on him, hold his hand, or talk about the future. He thinks she’s using the baby. He doesn’t love her, and doesn’t really know her. She has something broken inside, and lies compulsively. He has no faith in her as a good mother, but doesn’t want a custody fight. He wonders what the best solution is, and Jason tells him that he wouldn’t try to make a family with someone he doesn’t trust; it will end up hurting the child. Michael had chaos around him, but also people who loved him. He tells Michael to be there day in and day out, regardless of what Nelle does, and the baby will be okay. Michael thanks him and jets. While Jason is paying the tab, Jake comes in with Elizabeth and Franco.

Ava asks Nelle if she wants to go shopping with her. Michael comes into the gallery. Ava tells him to wish Avery a happy Valentine’s Day from her mama, and leaves them to talk. Nelle tells Michael that Ava misses her daughter, and she’s starting to understand how some bonds can’t be broken. She tells him that she get an email confirmation about the mommy class, but Michael wants to talk about the apartment. Nelle hands him an envelope, saying she’s giving him the rent early, but he tells her to hold on to it. For both of their sakes, he’s decided to stick to the original plan. He’s putting the building up for sale.

Drew says Oscar told him that his friend was different, but not that different. Oscar asks if it matters, and Drew says yes, he admires him more for it. Oscar asks if Drew thinks having the alternative dance is asking for more trouble. He says, probably, but some things are worth it. Oscar asks if Kim is on board, and she’d rather he concentrate on his report before focusing on the party. Oscar tells them that they need to work on their co-parenting skills; he’s getting mixed messages. After he’s gone, Drew says he has a point. It’s nobody’s fault, but they did do something incredible together – making Oscar.

Mike looks at pictures of Robin’s kids, and tells her about his system for remembering all of the kids’ names. He associates family members with his favorite horses. He starts to get up, and sits back down, telling them he gets wobbly when he stands up too fast. He thinks maybe it’s low blood sugar, and Robin asks if he has the same issue when he sits down. Mike says he doesn’t have any issues. Robin says, sorry, it’s an occupational hazard, and she has to ask when his last checkup was. He says this is Sonny’s doing and that everyone is taking his temperature now. Sonny says he didn’t say anything, and Carly tells Mike that Sonny is just worried. Mike says, don’t. He had everything under control until Sonny showed up. Sonny says they’re family, but Mike thinks some family is better off staying apart. He’s going back to Brooklyn. Sonny tells him that he’s not going anywhere.

Jake tells Jason that he won first prize in the art contest. Jason congratulates him, and Jake says he did it with Franco’s help. Franco says it was all him. Jason tells him to enjoy his celebration, and Jake asks if Jason is coming to the wedding.

Mike asks if Sonny is flexing his muscles, or is he going to have his guys do it for him? Robin apologizes, saying that he looks great, and sometimes she can be overprotective. Mike says there’s nothing wrong with him, except the aches and pains that go with collecting a social security check. Rita calls, and he tells her everything is fine. He’s going to stay for a few days, but he’ll be back on Saturday, and maybe they can go dancing.

Nelle says Michael never told her that he’d bought the building. He says it seemed like a good investment, and she says, now it’s not? He thinks it’s better for the child if they set clear boundaries. She says, message received, and hopes he doesn’t take a loss. He doesn’t mean to make things hard for her, especially when she’s having a baby. She says she appreciates his past help. It’s all good; no worries. He promises not to sell it to anyone who wants to turn it into condos or hike the rent. She says she’s sure he’ll do the right thing, and asks if he’s sure he wants to do the classes with her. He says he does, and leaves. Ava tells her, nicely handled. Nelle still has a place to live, while Michael and his family get to be with Avery. She guesses they’re supposed to be happy with crumbs, but Nelle says she grew up with crumbs, and she’s done with it. It’s a momentary setback. It’s not over. Her goals are still on track.

Kim tells Drew that she’d like to take credit for how Oscar turned out, but he’s just a great kid. Drew says he’s clearly got her brains and heart, and he appreciates being his father. She says it’s going to take some getting used to sharing him, and letting have own relationship with Drew. It’s been just the two of them for years, but it’s good for Oscar that he’s there now. Drew says he’ll do his best. Kim knows he will. She still sometimes looks at Oscar like her baby boy. He tells her that she should be proud; he’s growing up to be a fine young man. It takes guts to stand up for someone else. She says his willingness to jump in and confront is from Drew. It reminds her of a time when they were together.

Jason tells Jake that he can’t make it to the wedding. Jake wonders if he said something wrong, and Elizabeth tells him no. Jason says that he found a new place to live, and maybe he can visit. Elizabeth and Jake go to the counter for cupcakes. Franco tells Jason that he’s going to be Jake’s stepfather, and Jason can hate him all he likes, but don’t put Jake in the middle. Jason says Jake doesn’t understand what Franco is. Franco says Jake doesn’t understand he had a brain tumor that made him do bad things. He wonders if it’s something like how Jason’s brain damage made him a stone-cold killer, and if there might be surprises coming from his time in the Russian clinic. Sam should be more afraid of Jason than him. Jason says Franco did what he did, and never paid, but he will. Sometimes I like Jason, but not right now.

Nelle doesn’t put it past Carly to take her baby away the way she took Avery from Ava. Ava says she’s probably already working on it. Nelle says she has to protect herself, and think of the long game. Ava tells her that pregnancy can make you vulnerable. Nelle says if Michael wants distance, that’s fine. Let him think they’re going their separate ways. Carly will be thrilled. Ava asks what’s next. Nelle says she’ll let Michael come to her. He’s going to need a friend soon; someone to lean on. Nelle will offer her shoulder. Her shoulder is sympathetic, and attached to the mother of his child.

Michael brings Avery home. He’s glad to see Robin and Mike, saying he didn’t know Sonny was bringing Mike back. Sonny says it was a surprise to him too. Mike asks who Avery is, and Carly says his granddaughter. Mike makes like he knew that, but Sonny looks like he’s thinking it over.

Elizabeth tells Franco to give her a minute, and he goes outside with Jake. She asks what just happened, but Jason says it’s between them. She says they’re getting married and it concerns her. Jake is excited, and wanted to include him. He says that means a lot, but he can’t. It’s her life and choice, but if he went, it would be the same as lying to Jake. Saying that it’s okay when it’s not. Elizabeth says Jake loves Franco, and Franco inspired him; he’s teaching Jake to be an artist. Franco has been there for him time and again. Jason says that might be true, but Jake doesn’t know Franco like he does. Hopefully, he never will.

Kim tells Drew they’d made plans to meet at a bar near the base. She got there first, and a guy hitting on her wouldn’t take no for an answer. He grabbed her shoulder, and tore the strap on her dress when she pulled away. Drew asks, what happened?

Ava hopes Nelle’s confidence is backed up by one helluva plan. She tried kicking Carly to the curb a few times. Nelle says she’ll never see it coming, and Ava has a stake in this too. She got Carly a special Valentine today; one she won’t forget. Griff calls. While Ava steps away, Nelle digs around in her purse and takes out a small tape recorder.

Robin tells Sonny that she has experience with strong-willed parents, but Mike should have a checkup to be on the safe side. She asks Sonny when the last time was he had one, and he says the last time he got shot. She suggests next time he’s due to omit the first part, and says goodbye. Avery gives Sonny a Valentine that she made. Mike watches them, all misty.

Kim feels strange telling Drew the story. He asks if he killed someone, and she says nothing like that. The guy tore her strap, and boom! he was there. He gently pushed her aside, and turned on him like an avenging angel. He says, they squared off in the bar? Did he win? She says he always won. Oscar listens from the hallway.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Franco has changed; everyone knows it. They don’t have to like him, but they’ve learned to coexist, including Michael and Sam. They’ve moved on, and he should do the same. Jake pops his head in to rush them along. Elizabeth says her family is waiting; her future. Maybe he should think about starting a future of his own. Things change, people change. She’s saying this with love, let it go. She wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day, and leaves. He sighs. If there was an Olympic event for sighing, Jason would win the gold.

Tomorrow, Kiki is glad Spinelli is there, Sam asks if Drew remembers something, and Danny wants his mom.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Justin beats on Wyatt. Jim comes running in, and pulls him off. He asks what the hell is going on, and tells Justin to get out. Justin tells Wyatt to call one more time and see what happens. Jim asks what Justin’s name is, and Justin says his name is go to hell. Jim says he has his badge number, and Justin tells Wyatt not to call Jeffrey again; he means it. Jim is like wth? He asks what Justin was talking about, and if there’s something he needs to know. Wyatt says Jim doesn’t need to know anything about his life. Jim doesn’t care if he’s attracted to Jeffrey, but is puzzled that he came in to find Wyatt and another guy fighting over him.

Wyatt tells Jim to get out. Jim says not until he has a conversation with his loving son. Wyatt has nothing to say, and Jim tells him to listen then. He asks if Wyatt thinks he’s scared of him. Wyatt says jail should scare him. He and Kathryn are both going. Jim ask if he remembers their conversation about the DA. Wyatt says they’re all going down. Jim asks what his life will be like after that, and Wyatt says, so much better. Jim says going from rehab to rehab, and waking up in his own vomit sounds like fun. How long is he going to stay clean? He wants that for him, and loves him. Wyatt says he has a helluva way of showing it. Jim says it’s not going to go well. He’s going to end up broke in a gutter, selling pencils for spare change. He’s already been duped with the overpriced apartment, and knows nothing about money; no one taught him. Wyatt says, yeah, they did a good job. Jim says what’s done is done. He doesn’t want Wyatt talking to this DA. Wyatt asks if he’s heard of witness intimidation. He’s going all the way to the Supreme Court if he has to. Jim says he’ll come crawling back, but Wyatt says never. He says it’s done. Jim wonders how he raised such a stupid son. Wyatt asks if he’s going to kill him too. Jim says he loves him, and Wyatt says love is scary. Jim isn’t trying to scare him, but tell him the truth. He wants him to remember this conversation when he crawls back. Wyatt says there’s no home to crawl back to, since his mom is divorcing Jim. Jim says he’s grossly underestimated the power of his father, but Wyatt says Jim has grossly underestimated the power of his son. Jim hopes so, for his sake. He asks if Jim is done, and says he and Kathryn have to stop coming around there. Jim leaves. When was Kathryn there? Like, three seasons ago?

The doctor goes in to see Veronica. She asks if anything is wrong, and if she has any internal injuries. He says all the tests were negative, and she wonders why she feels so bad. He says she was in a car that flipped over. They can discharge her; there’s no need to stay. He asks if she feels up to talking to the officer who’s been checking on her. She wants to ask some questions about the accident. Veronica agrees, and the officer comes in. Veronica asks where she was when a car tried to run her off the road, and the officer asks if she got a good look at them. Veronica tells her they were in her rear view. It was a truck, an older model, black. The officer asks if she thinks it was deliberate. She does. She says they just came out of nowhere and rammed her car. She asks if Veronica has any enemies. Veronica says she’s an attorney who’s represented a lot of bad people. She has quite a few ideas, but will let her know when she gets to the bottom of it. The officer says that’s their job, and Veronica says, do it. She’ll call her boss, since she doesn’t seem that bright. The officer leaves, and Veronica calls Benny. She leaves a message that she’s being discharged. She’ll get a car home, and asks him to call her back.

David paces at the station again. He must have worn a path in front of the reception desk by now. He says, that’s it, and calls Veronica. She asks what he wants, and he asks why she had Jeffrey arrested. She says he wants to be with the boys, so prison is the best place. He calls her a crazy, maniacal person, and she asks if he’s just finding that out. He tells her to call the DA and have the charges dropped. He’s their son, and she can’t control him. She says she can, and David calls her impossible. He says she’s a simple bitch, and she tells him to say it again and see what happens. He says they have to get Jeffrey out; he’s not doing well. She doesn’t care. David hangs up, and when his phone rings, he answers with saying she’s being a bitch. Erica asks if he’s okay, and wonders what’s going on. He tells her, nothing. He’s just trying to deal with a situation. She asks if it’s another woman, and he tells her that his ex did something terrible. He doesn’t know when he’ll be back. He’s got to deal with his son, and says he’ll see her later. He asks if she’s okay. She says she is, but she doesn’t seem like it.

David approaches Justin at his station desk. Justin has nothing to say. David thinks he does. He needs to know what’s going on with Justin and his son. He knows his son is gay. Justin says there’s nothing going on, and he’s not gay. David tells him there’s a video that says otherwise. He says he just read the report about Quincy’s body being found, and Justin was there. He tells Justin to leave his son alone. Justin says he’s not doing anything. David accuses him of planting evidence to incriminate Jeffrey because he’s a psychotic jealous lover (and David should know about those). He repeats, leave his son alone.

Sarah parks Candace on a bench outside of Jeffrey’s cell. He asks if they had her arrested too. She tells him, no, but don’t say too much. She tells him that his dad is there, trying to get him out, and he will. Jeffrey says he can’t go to jail. This is insane. Candace tells him to be cool. He babbles about the disgusting and dangerous people, and she says to play it right, and everything will be fine. He says he didn’t do this alone, and she tells him be quiet right now. She says not to panic; they have nothing on them, and his father can argue for him. He says he can’t be in here another hour, and she tells him to calm down. Sarah comes back. She tells Candace no talking to the inmates, and leads her away.

Mitch hears Melissa moaning, and opens the bedroom door. He sees her and Benny going at it, and Benny tells him to get out. He does, telling Benny to hurry up. Uh-oh. Veronica walks in. Mitch says he brought Benny to get her things, and she asks where he is. Mitch says upstairs getting her things, and she says he’s not answering his phone. Mitch says he might have left it in car, and offers to go get him. He sits Veronica on the couch, and runs upstairs. He tells Benny that Veronica is home, downstairs right now. Melissa asks what Mitch is doing, and he says trying to get his boy. Benny is throwing on his clothes. She says they didn’t finish, and asks if he wants to start. He asks if this is a joke, and she asks if it sounds like she’s joking. They get out while the getting is good.

Veronica tells Benny that she was discharged, so she didn’t need her clothes. He says she’s still beautiful, but he has to go. Melissa comes down in tiny robe, and Veronica tells her to put some clothes on. Melissa says Veronica always wants her to wear it, and Veronica says, for her son. Melissa says he doesn’t appreciate it, and Veronica tells her to go upstairs. Benny says he’s leaving, and Melissa asks him if he doesn’t want to finish. He says he doesn’t want anything. Veronica asks him to help her upstairs, saying she’ll deal with Melissa later. Melissa makes a snide remark about Veronica having to deal with the edges on her foundation. Benny helps Veronica up the stairs, and Melissa asks Mitch if Benny and Veronica are involved. He feigns ignorance, and she asks if it’s true what they say about tall men. She asks if he thinks she’s sexy, and jumps into his arms. He’s like, no way, and Melissa says she wouldn’t tell. He says, bye-bye, and she says, next time.

Benny sits Veronica down, and takes her shoes off. She asks if he’s going to tuck her in, and asks for a kiss. Benny is getting a lot of action today. She says he saved her life, She wishes she wasn’t in so much pain, or she’d take him right now. She asks him to come back to see her, and he says tomorrow. She calls him, her hero, and he tells her to get some rest.

In the hallway, Melissa blocks Benny, and asks him to come to her room; she knows he enjoyed it. He says he has to go. As he’s walking to the car, he zips up his pants, and Mitch and I both laugh. Mitch says that’s some crazy sh*t, and Benny tells him not to say anything. Mitch says homegirl won’t either. He says she’s touched, but sexy. Mitch still thinks Benny should work Veronica. Benny says she’s watching through the window; dude, drive.

Hanna arrives at Kathryn’s place – a gigantic old mansion. Kathryn shows Hanna around, and says it’s a new day. She’s embracing her femininity, and no more dark brown. She got married there, and shows Hanna the grand staircase she walked down. She still has good memories. Distant, but good  Hanna says it’s beautiful, and Kathryn says it should be, it cost enough.

She takes Hanna to the kitchen, and introduces her to Joanne. Kathryn tells Joanne that Hanna knos everything about her and her family. She practically is family. Hanna is going to show her the rope. Hanna says she knows how hard it is to learn a new family. Derek walks in and Kathryn says Hanna remembers him, right? Derek says he was working there, and Hanna is like, sure you were. Kathryn wants to take Joanne upstairs to show her something. She tells Derek that Hanna makes the best tea ever, and to stay for some. Hanna tells Derek that Kathryn thinks she’s slick, trying to get them to go out. He says he told her that Hanna turned him down, but didn’t tell her why, because Hanna didn’t tell him why. She says she has a lot going on, but he thinks that’s no excuse. He just asked her to have coffee. She says they’re going to have tea. She’ll make it, and if can be their coffee date. It’s not what he had in mind, but okay. Derek tells Hanna that he’s a widower, and has three kids; boys in college who play sports. He was married for thirty years until she died from cancer. She was a funny woman, who told him not to sweat the small stuff. He says, His eyes are on the sparrow, and Hanna asks if he goes to church. He’s a deacon, but she goes to a different church. He tells her to stop by. She tells him that she’s sorry for brushing him off. She prejudged him, thinking he was a dog. They laugh, and she says he seemed like he was on the prowl. He asks if he looked that desperate, and says he needs to work on that. He tells Hanna that he’s lonely; he misses his wife. Hanna says he’s a good-looking man. There must be plenty of prospects at church. She says Kathryn meant well, and asks if he was really fixing anything, or was it a setup? Derek says he did fix something yesterday, and Kathryn said she was coming over, so he came back. How about if they have tea, and see how they feel?

I just love watching these people work. This is real acting, and I’ll bet I never see one of them carrying a coffee cup that’s supposed to be full like it’s empty.

Candace is put in cell with Quita look, who says, who locked up now? Candace tells her to shut her mouth. Quita says they finally got her for what she did to Quincy. Candace says she doesn’t know what Quita is talking about. Quita says Candace killed her brother, and her ass is gonna fry. Candace says the only thing that’s frying is Quita’s brain from all that crack. Quita tells Candace that she better be scared of the electric chair. She says Quincy was good to Candace. Candace says he was an abusive psycho. Quita says he loved her, that’s why he hit her. He told her that he loved Candace every day. Candace applauds, saying she’s so glad. Quita says she stabbed him, but Candace says she doesn’t know what Quita is talking about. Quita says Quincy didn’t even get a proper funeral. She buried him in the backyard like he’s a nobody. She tells Candace, what goes around come on back around. She says it came back fast. Candace killed her brother, and now look her son. Candace tells her shut up. Quita says it happened because of what Candace did to her brother. Her son was shot dead in a bathroom. Candace attacks her, and the prisoners go nuts.

Next time, the DA talks to Candace, Oscar bails out Quita, and Veronica and Benny get busy.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I have to mention that the dress LVP wears in the opening credits is absolutely stunning, and probably one of the best I’ve seen on any of the Wives shows. It’s a glittery copper-colored gown, with straps on top and a full skirt. Simple in design, and it looks amazing on her.

The ladies gather in the kitchen at Teddi’s beach house. Dorit thanks Teddi, saying what a fun night it was, and we see a clip of everyone acting goofy. Erika ended up leaving. LVP doesn’t know why she needed to check into the hotel for stomach cramps, except those weren’t the kind of cramps she said she had. Kyle took Erika’s room, and Dorit says she had first dibs. Erica returns, and Kyle tells her she missed the fun; they were all ridiculous. In her interview, Dorit thought the first topic would be Erika leaving, since they’d talked about it the night before.

Teddi’s trainer Alex arrives, and gets the girls joggling in place, sans Erika and Dorit. In her interview, Dorit says she talked about Erika to the others last year without talking directly to her, and doesn’t want to get caught in that trap again. She tells Erika that she’d rather wait until the others are done, but she wants to be super honest. She tells Erika a couple of the girls were mad that she left. Erika wants to know who it was, and Dorit dances around it, but finally tells Erika that it was Kyle and Teddi. We see a clip of Teddi being annoyed that it was last minute. Erika isn’t too pleased about it. She had intentions of staying, but wasn’t feeling well, and doesn’t know what the big deal was.

Erika ambushes Kyle as soon as she comes in, asking if she was mad about her leaving, and saying that Dorit told her they’d had a discussion. Kyle wonders what sh*t Dorit was stirring up while the rest of them were working out. Teddi says it was weird that Erika said she was staying, and then didn’t. Erika thinks it’s weird she should care. (In all fairness, Teddi did have to prepare the rooms.) Teddi said she’s not mad, but she was just confused. Camille tells Dorit being a tattletale isn’t cool, and everyone should have been involved. In her interview, Camille wonders what Dorit is trying to do. Erika sys didn’t want to bleed all over the sheets. Teddi says it’s becoming a bigger deal than it should be. Camille says it’s because someone tattletaled (my spellcheck – which is pretty liberal – does not recognize that as a word).

Dorit tells Camille that it’s silly, but Camille doesn’t agree with some of the things she says or does. She says things to get attention, and it’s not cool. She can’t keep her mouth shut. She doesn’t think Dorit should have said anything. Teddi says everyone thought it was weird, and now she has to defend herself. In her interview, Teddi says If you’re not okay with it, don’t do weird sh*t. Erika is weepy, and Teddi says the only thing bothering her is that Erika feels badly. Erika brushes her off, saying she doesn’t need any more petting, when Teddi tries to touch her. I’m thinking she’s just emotional because she has her period. Geez.

It’s quiet in the kitchen. Dorit doesn’t think either of them should be upset, and Erika says it’s not personal. Teddi says she didn’t take it personally, but she extended an olive branch, and Erika blew it off, making her feel like sh*t. Erika says it’s her being hurt and embarrassed. Teddi says she’s been confronted like she did something wrong, when all she did was say it was weird. LVP feels badly for Teddi. She’s uncomfortable with entertaining in the first place, and the high-maintenance women are validating her fears. Teddi suggests calling it a day. In her interview, Kyle says no one was mad or said Erika was a bitch. There was nothing Dorit needed to repeat. Teddi thanks them for coming.

LisaR is on the set of The Middle. I’m not a sitcom person, but that show makes me laugh. She says yesterday was a long one, and over 100 degrees. She hasn’t done a sitcom in a while, and her comedy is rusty. She says I’s hard to do the whole day in the heat, and then your closeup is the last one. She’s been through it all on the soaps. She says you learn from your mistakes, and she’s learned a lot.

Everyone packs up. Teddi says she might need Kyle to talk her through Fashion Week. Erika says she’s sorry Teddi’s feelings were hurt, and it was embarrassing for her. Teddi says she had the same feelings when she tried to reach out to Erika.

In the car, LVP says Teddi is trying to hold it together; they’ve all been there. Kyle asks Dorit why, and Dorit says Erika asked her who said it. Kyle says everybody said it, and Erika didn’t single Kyle out, Dorit did. We flash back to Dorit even saying Erika’s abrupt departure was weird. Kyle says everyone thought it was odd. In her interview, Kyle says we all have moments of saying someone did something strange, but you don’t approach them about it the next day. Dorit says it wasn’t a big deal, but can become one. LVP says it just did.

Erika is back home with Tom. Tom has been doing well since the accident, but he’s still working from home. Erika says, in some ways, it’s kind of nice. She tells him about writing her book and writing some new music, and that it’s great, but overwhelming. She doesn’t know how he manages so much; what he does is massive. He says they appreciate each other. She says learned a lot from him. He’s impressed that Simon and Schuster sought her out. He says it means a lot. She’s excited, yet intimidated. She knows no one in the literary world, and is a fish out of water.

LisaR is accompanying Amelia and Delilah to Fashion Week in NYC. LisaR says there’s so much going on, her head is spinning. How this is different from any other time, I don’t know. Amelia wants to spend time with mom, and LisaR says her mom packed her off with a hug and smile. She wants to be able to do the same, no matter how hard it is for her.

PK’s parents are staying a while. Dorit says the kids love their grandparents, but don’t get to see them as often as they’d like. To have both sets to look after PK while she’s gone is a bonus, because he’s five.

Teddi comes to Kyle’s store. She needs what to wear help for Fashion Week. Kyle is having a party at her store in NYC.

PK asks Dorit how she got on with Teddi. Dorit says Erika wasn’t feeling well, and wanted to go to hotel, and it became a big deal. She’s having anxiety over the NYC trip. PK’s mother says time heals, and people won’t remember. Obviously, she doesn’t know this group at all.

Teddi says she couldn’t care less, and wasn’t like Dorit didn’t say something too. Kyle thinks it’s a crafty way of outing them, and stepping away from the fire. Kyle gives Teddi some things to try on. In her interview, Teddi explains that her babysitter is a stylist, and matches her outfits. Kyle puts on a very cute black lace minidress. She’s having fun unleashing Teddi’s inner fashionista. Teddi calls Edwin, and Kyle yells that all the money is gone. Teddi tells him any purchases are Kyle’s fault. She says he couldn’t care less, but it’s her own issue.

Giggy! Harrison! The ladies get ready for the trip to NYC. I wonder if anyone from the NYC cast will cross over. Omg, Lisa’s closet. Erika’s closet. Words can’t even describe them.

Dorit is hosting Bella magazine’s party because she’s on the cover. PK can’t come because he’s closing the deals on her swimwear line. He can’t believe she’s leaving him with all the parents and the kids. Just number him in the latter category.

LisaR shows us Delilah’s apartment. Which has no furniture unless you count clothes all over the floor. They go shopping, and LisaR finds some giant acrylic decorative capsules. We flash back to her pulling out her bag of pills. In her interview, she says she got hand me downs for her first apartment. I got the furniture that was already there. Delilah talks about having a clogged toilet, and not knowing what to do without her dad. LisaR tells us about the cockroaches in her first place, and how this is a whole other level. Yep. I had those too. God bless whoever invented Combat.

Kyle and LVP are going to store, and meeting the others at the hotel later. Erika talks about being eighteen in NYC and not going out until midnight or one a.m., and not getting home until six. She doesn’t think she’ll live there again; LA is easy. Funny, I think just the opposite.

Kyle greets store partner Lizzy when they get to the store. We see the space pre-store, and it was a shamble. Kyle says when she first saw it, she didn’t think they could create such a beautiful store. She tells LVP about the designers she carries. In her interview, she says she and LVP are supportive of each other. They have a history, and friendship isn’t something to be tossed away when something goes wrong.

The ladies meet for dinner. Camille shows us a picture of when she was on MTV as a youngster. LisaR says the girls are going to casting calls with big directors, and it’s humbling to know it’s not just you. They order deviled eggs, and I suddenly want one. Not so much the tuna tartare tacos. I like tuna tartare, but why mess it up with a crunchy shell around it?

Kyle buys some earrings from herself.

Erika asks if they filled LisaR in on the latest. She tells Dorit to go on and tell what happened. Dorit tells LisaR about the dinner with Kyle that LVP walked out of. Erika says very Alexis Carrington. Camille is diplomatic, but Erika says they’re competitive. In her interview, Erika thinks LVP loves them competing for her affection. Dorit talks about LVP and Kyle “getting into it” somewhat at the beach house, and Teddi says there wasn’t going to be a resolution. Then it comes. Dorit tells them about Kyle being outspoken regarding Erika leaving. In her interview, Camille says, here we go again. She can’t help herself. Teddi says she can only speak for herself, but she thought it was weird for Erika to go through the motions as though she was staying, and then leave. LisaR thinks the way they’re dealing with it is weird. Erika says Erika is going to do what Erika wants until the day Erika dies. Camille says there was a lot going on before she got there. Erika tells them that she drove down with LVP, who said she’d felt brushed aside. Camille asks if she might have felt ignored, and Dorit says she does. LVP told her privately that she feels when they’re in a group that Dorit doesn’t include her, and also talks over her. In her interview, Teddi says kindly SYFU. Dorit says she might have said she felt jealous. LisaR asks if she’s saying anything that she wouldn’t say to LVP’s face, and Dorit says she’d say it all to her. In her interview, LisaR worries for Dorit, bcause LVP isn’t going to be happy with what she said.

Next time, Erika wears sunglasses to die for when she meets with her publishers, Kyle talks to LVP about what Dorit said, Dorit confronts LVP, and Kyle confronts Dorit.

💮 I noticed reruns from the first season of Too Close to Home on TLC. Could this mean it’s coming back?

🌹 The Gown



February 6, 2018 – Alexis Gets Attacked By an Ad, Benny Gets Busy & LVP Steals the Comfy Chair


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny tells Mike to admit he took the money. The last thing he wants to hear is that his dad is dead in the street. Mike says he’s just an obligation to Sonny; a mess he has to sweep up. He doesn’t know what happened to the money. Sonny says he’ll cover it, but Mike has to be straight with him. Who does he owe and how much is the grand total?

Dante looks at Nathan’s empty chair. Jordan asks why he’s at the station, and he says he just wanted to follow up something. She tells him he’s on leave for a reason; Nathan was his partner. She says the department recommends speaking with someone, but he thinks there’s no need. He wants to focus on Nathan’s family. Jordan says her door is always open.

Curtis picks up the tab for dinner with Stella. He says it’s the least he can do. She needs to save her money in case the developer takes over the community. She says that’s not going to happen. Today is the cut off for voter registration, and she’s going back to knocking on doors; she’s been at it all day. Curtis isn’t happy about her doing it alone, but she tells him Charles Street is safe. He thinks he should go with her, but she says she’ll be fine, and calls him a nag.

After Stella leaves, Curtis check his phone. There’s a text from TJ, asking if he’s seen this. He opens the file attachment, and says, damn.

At the hospital, Alexis tells Finn if he ever quits his day job, he can get something in stand-up. Deanna approaches them, and asks to talk to Alexis. She says she supports Alexis in the mayoral race, and thinks she needs to see something. She shows Alexis the computer, where a campaign ad is playing. The ad asks how Alexis can make tough calls when she hasn’t made the right choices in her private life. The ad shows pictures of Alexis and Julian, saying that Alexis married a known mobster. She’s wrong for Charles Street, wrong to fight organized crime, and wrong for Port Charles.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, where Julian reminds her that his name is Julian. She says he seems more like a Charlie. He tells her that he has some avocado toast with her name on it. She says the last thing she wants to do after a long shift is cook, and her son has a more active social life than she does, so it beats eating alone. He asks what’s keeping her from a better social life, and she says she hasn’t met anyone she’s been interested in. He says the bar is a place to meet people, and they smile at each other.

Anna checks Spyder Finder, but there are no results for Henrik Faison. She hears a baby crying in her mind. Robin comes in, startling her.

On Sonny’s mother’s grave, Mike swears he hasn’t gambled in seven years, and he’s proud of his chip. He made the drop like always, and asks if Sonny thinks he’s lying. Sonny doesn’t know what to think. Caruso needs him, so why tell him that Mike lost ten grand when he didn’t?

Julian is glad to see Kim; he thought she got scared away. She asks, over what, and he says his daughter being married to her son’s father. A small crowd of press runs in and descends on Julian. One of them asks if he has a response to the attack ad using him against Alexis.

The end of the ad says it was paid for by people who want to elect Ned. Deanna says it’s gone viral, and she thought Alexis should know. Alexis thanks her, and sees Diane called to warn her. Finn says all politicians lie, but she says it’s still persuasive. Finn tells her that he’s still registered at his old address, and she drags him into the elevator, saying she’s getting him registered in Port Charles. She needs all the votes she can get.

Jordan asks if Dante is still working on the embezzlement case, but he says he’s clearing Nathan’s desk, so Maxie doesn’t have to worry about it. Jordan says he doesn’t have to worry about it right now, but he tells her since he’s on desk duty, he might as well. He talks about when Nathan first joined them. He’d been on the fast track with New York’s finest, and he wondered why Nathan was there, thinking he wanted the glory without doing the work. Nathan pulled out a Yankees mug, and they got to talking. He realized they weren’t that different after all. He could trust Nathan with his life, and gave his family to him. He was half as close to his family as Nathan was. He says no one gets a cop like another cop. It feels like he’s lost a brother.

Anna forgot Robin was coming. Robin says she would have reminded Anna had she answered her texts. Felicia and Mac told her that Anna was all right; she was starting to worry. She says she’s heartbroken for Maxie, losing her husband to Faison, of all people. She didn’t know Nathan well, but knew he made Maxie happy. They have to be strong for her sake. She tells Anna that at the very least, Faison is out of their lives forever. She moves some pillows, and Anna grabs her laptop.

At The Floating Rib, Alexis tells Finn he can take the sticker off now. He says he didn’t really want to be a walking billboard for civic responsibility anyway. Alexis says she didn’t expect Ned go that low, but Finn tells her not to assume he endorsed it, since there are often independent groups who make ads. Alexis says, except everything it said was correct.

A reporter asks Julian how he feels with his past being weaponized against Alexis. He tells them no comment, and Curtis steps in. He tells them they have five seconds to get out before he calls the police, and shows them the door. Kim says that was unexpected, and Julian wonders what it was about. Curtis tells him that he just saw an attack ad against Alexis, and Julian had a starring role. Kim asks why they’re using him, and Julian says, long story. He suggest he tells her over dinner, and asks her to join him.

Anna tells Robin that she’s doing confidential research for the bureau. Robin asks if it’s something about Faison or forensic research. Maybe she’s not sure he’s gone? Anna says he’s definitely gone; she confirmed it. Faison will never be a threat again. Robin says she hates Obrecht, but for the first time, she understands her. Obrecht gave up Nathan to protect his welfare. Trying to be a good mother was more important than the twisted game she was playing with Faison.

Dante tells Jordan that Nathan was there for them, and all he can think about is the kid he left behind. What if it happens to him, and Rocco is left without a father? Jordan tells him to go home and be with his family, and tomorrow they’ll honor his partner. The desk sergeant says there was an assault on Charles Street, and the perp is on the way in. An officer brings in a cuffed Stella.

She tells Jordan to do something. A man tried to steal her purse. A bedraggled dude says this woman assaulted him, but she says she put her self-defense training to good use. He’ll think twice before mugging another woman on Charles Street. She says she was working on voter registration, when the streetlights went out. Then this reprobate (one of my favorite words) tried to take her purse. The guy claims he thought she needed help, and she asks if he thought so when she clocked him. He says she just admitted assaulting him, and Stella says they struggled over her purse before the cops showed up. He’s a double disgrace, attacking an innocent woman. The guy says there’s nothing innocent about her. Jordan calls Curtis, and asks him to come to the station.

Mike tells Sonny maybe one of Caruso’s guys is skimming. Sonny says he’ll take care of it later; Mike is the priority. Mike says he’s fine, and Sonny asks why he took a bag man job? Mike says he needs to make living; he doesn’t exactly have a pension. Sonny says he can give him money, but Mike tells him a son isn’t supposed to support his father. Sonny says he’d rather give him money than worry. Mike says there’s been no problem until this week, but Sonny wants to stop the problem before it starts. He offers to give Mike an allowance, and says he’ll take care of Caruso later. Mike asks if he’s sticking around a few days.

Anna tells Robin about a drunk Obrecht coming to see her after Nathan went public about being Faison’s son. She seemed terrified. Despite her obsession, or maybe because of it, she understood the threat. Anna wishes she’d paid more attention and done something more. Robin says she’s not responsible. Faison came for his son, not her. The whole nightmare is finally over. No more head games; just peace. She’s sorry Anna had to go through it alone, but Anna says she didn’t. She, Jason, and Sonny were an affective team. Robin says she doesn’t want to gloat under the circumstances, and Anna tells her not to get carried away.

Alexis tells Finn the information was slanted to suit the opposition’s agenda, but it’s not entirely wrong; she’s mad bad choices. Finn says it’s true she’s no saint, but he’d be suspicious of any candidate who came off as perfect. Her past made her stronger, and Ned’s privileged life has made him no match for her. Kim and Julian walk in.

Curtis tells Stella that she had no business walking by herself. She tells him not to blame her, but the guy who tried to rob her. Curtis says he intends to have a few words with homeboy. Jordan says there’s a discrepancy between their stories, and Dante said there’s a store camera, but it was out too. Jordan believes Stella, but there’s no corroborating evidence, and his injury validates his claim. Curtis says unless she can prove her side, it might not end well for her.

Sonny tells Mike it’s all settled. He’ll take care of the debt, but doesn’t want him working for Caruso or anyone like him. They have a drink, and Mike offers Sonny a cigar. Sonny says maybe later, and asks about Rita. Mike says she takes care of him, keeps him out of trouble, and she’s a good woman. Maybe if they’d met ten years earlier… Sonny says he might not have appreciated her then. Mike says who knew Sonny was a romantic? Sonny says people grow. Mike tells him that here he is again, taking care of his dad. When he got into recovery, he moved back to make it on his own. He never wanted to be burden to Sonny and Courtney. Sonny says he means Carly. He tells Mike to let the past go. They’re together. They’re family, and something he’s learned is that nothing is more important. They clink glasses.

Anna says sorry she deceived Robin. She and Finn aren’t together. Robin asks if they broke up, but Anna says they were never together. It was just part of an operation she was running for the bureau. They had to make everyone believe they were involved. She was stalling in telling Robin, because she felt ashamed for misleading her. They all liked Finn, and she didn’t know how to tell them it was just pretend. Robin says it didn’t seem like pretend.

Kim greets Finn. She tells Alexis that it’s nice to meet her, and she has Kim’s vote. Julian asks for a word with Alexis. He saw the attack ad. She says him, and everybody else. He says it’s disgraceful, and she doesn’t deserve it. She says neither does he. He tells her that he keeps trying to make things right, even if it means staying out of her life. He’s sorry. No matter how hard he tries, he keeps hurting her

Jordan tells questionable dude that she ran his name through the system, and sees he’s out on parole. He says he’s the victim, and she asks how it will look if they find out he’s lying? She wonders how his parole officer might feel about false statements or an attempted robbery charge. She tells him that she’ll make it simple. If he declines to press charges, she won’t have to investigate any further. It’s his choice.

Robin says she saw two people authentically involved. There’s acting and being, and they were being a couple. They had a familiarity with each other like shorthand. Anna says only if that means gritting her teeth and smoothing over his catastrophic bluntness. She starts going off about how he acted like an expert about things he didn’t know, and wouldn’t take real expert advice. She feels better now that he’s back in his civilian role and off her conscience. Robin asks who Anna is trying to convince? Her or herself? Neither one is convincing, and she tells Anna to admit she has feelings for Finn.

Kim asks what going on, and Finn explains that Alexis is Julian’s ex-wife. Alexis tells Julian the ad wasn’t his doing, but he says it wouldn’t have existed if he hadn’t done what he did. He’s sorry it was used against her, especially with something so important. He thinks she’d make an excellent mayor, and he’ll do whatever he can to help. She asks if he’d like to endorse Ned, but Julian says that’s asking too much. She tells him that she can fight own battles. Julian sits down with Kim. Finn asks Alexis if she’d rather go somewhere else, but she says let’s just enjoy the evening.

Anna says Robin must be tired. Robin says she’s not sleepy, but she’s starving. Anna says she has actual groceries, but Robin wants to go out. She thinks they both need to get out of the house. She’s not trying to get into Anna’s business, but she seemed genuinely happy with Finn, and he seemed happy with her. She tells Anna to stay open to new possibilities. Faison is out of her life, and it might be a chance at a new beginning. Robin goes upstairs, and Anna looks on her laptop, seeing no results found for Henrik.

Jordan tells Stella that she’s free to go. Stella asks about pressing charges, and Jordan says she just convinced the guy not to press charges, and not to escalate it. Stella balks at letting him go free, but Jordan says they’ll keep an eye on him until there’s something to charge him with. Stella leaves to fill out some forms, and Curtis asks Jordan what the chances are of the streetlights and the cameras shutting down at the same time. She says slim to none. She has no basis to investigate further, but he can.

Mike tells Sonny that he has chili on the stove, and he used Ruby’s recipe. He leaves to set up the guest room. Sonny thinks again about the cigars, but when he opens the box, he finds a package of cash. I’m thinking maybe Mike has dementia.

Kim tells Julian she must be the only person in town who didn’t know he was married to Alexis. He says it never came up in conversation, and she says he’s full of surprises. He says they’re not all good. The attack ad took full advantage of the truth about his checkered past. She asks how much is criminal, and he tells her a lot, If she wants to leave, he understands. She says she’d be lying if she said her dream date is drinks with an ex-con, but her family believed in the power of redemption. If he’s paid his debt to society, and is now a law-abiding citizen, she doesn’t think he should pay for it the rest of his life. She asks if he’s committed to living on the right side of the law, and he says, totally.

Finn asks Alexis if she wants to go. She says she’s not ducking and running, but if he wants to, she doesn’t blame him. Anna and Robin come in. Finn says, on second thought, there is something to be said for ducking and running. Robin asks Anna to tell her again how it was just a work relationship.

Dante starts to leave with the box of Nathan’s stuff. He stops, and puts the Yankee mug on his desk.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Anna to conduct business with Valentin later, Sonny questions Mike about the money in the cigar box, and Lulu tells Peter that she doesn’t know much about him.

The Haves and the Have Nots

David paces at the station. He says he’s Jeffrey’s attorney, and he’s tired of waiting. The desk sergeant says he’s called the DA’s office five times, and David tells him to call again. DA George shows up, and David says these clowns won’t let him see Jeffrey. George asks the sergeant to bring Jeffrey to the interrogation room. Isn’t he already there?

Yep, he is. Justin plays with Jeffrey’s phone, while Jeffrey recovers from the headlock. Jeffrey wonders what happened, and Justin says he only put him to sleep. Jeffrey asks what the hell is wrong with him, and Justin says he can be as crazy as Jeffrey makes him. Jeffrey wants to go back to his cell and never talk to Justin again. Justin isn’t going to just let him walk away after all he gave up for him. Jeffrey says he didn’t ask him to give up anything. Justin says he lost his marriage. Jeffrey says don’t blame him, blame his mom, and accuses Justin of causing the accident. Justin says if he did, he was doing Jeffrey a favor. Jeffrey says he doesn’t need Justin to do anything for him, but Justin says too bad, Jeffrey is stuck with him. He agrees to take Jeffrey back, then throws him against the wall.

David walks in, and asks what the hell? Justin says the prisoner was getting rough. David says to get away from him, and get the cuffs off. He asks if Jeffrey is okay, and Jeffrey says he is. David asks for Justin’s name and badge number. He asks why Justin is handling Jeffrey in that way, and Justin says he was resisting. David begs to differ, but Jeffrey agrees. David realizes that Justin is calling Jeffrey by his first name, and Justin makes the excuse of not wanting a mix-up between the two Harringtons. David realizes Justin is the cop who came to his house, and tells him to get lost.

He asks Jeffrey if he’s sure he’s okay, and Jeffrey says he is. David asks why Jeffrey is in jail, and what did Veronica do exactly? Jeffrey says she told the judge and the DA that he murdered Quincy. David says he’ll do all he can. Jeffrey asks if his mother is okay, but David says his only concern is Jeffrey. David asks about that cop, but Jeffrey says there’s nothing to tell. David needs him to tell the truth about everything. Jeffrey says Veronica taped Justin in his room after they had sex, and showed it to his wife. David is like, damn, and Jeffrey says he asked. He asks why Jeffrey was so upset, and Jeffrey says Justin was aggressive; he’s very jealous. David asks if Jeffrey is in love with Justin. Jeffrey says, no, and he asks if Jeffrey is into him. Jeffrey says at times, and David asks if he needs help dealing with him. Jeffrey says what he needs is to get out of there. David says he’ll make some phone calls and work on it. He tells Jeffrey that he loves him, and Jeffrey says he loves David too. David leaves to make some calls.

Mitch takes Benny to the hospital, and says he’ll wait. Benny goes to Veronica’s room, and she calls him her hero. She gives him a hug, and thanks him. He says he did what anybody would have, but she says, not anybody. She says her husband wouldn’t have done it, or her son. He asks why not, and she says she has a way of trying to make people better, and they don’t appreciate it until it’s too late. Benny is like, okay, and says she has a way of making people crazy; she’s a control freak. She says that might be, but she can’t control him. She likes that. She owes him an apology. Their affair got out of hand, and she said some mean and rude things. He did too, but she gets it. She also lied. He is good in bed, and she wasn’t faking it. He says he knows, and she calls him arrogant. He says, just confident. She thanks him, and asks what she can do. He tells her just get better, but she asks what he needs. Anything. He says he’ll think about it, and she says he has an IOU she’s good for.

Before Benny leaves, Veronica says she needs a favor. She asks him to pick up some things at the house for her. She has to stay at the hospital for a while, and doesn’t want to look like a hag. As if. She tells him to check on the house as well. She has a house guest; her son’s fiancé. He asks if she’s gay, and Veronica says not gay, but she’s crazy. Benny tells her that Jeffrey tried to kiss him once, and he hit him. Veronica says she hopes Benny hit him hard. He had no business trying to kiss him, especially since they were involved. Benny says it was long before, and she asks if he thinks about her. He says he has to go, and gets the keys from her purse.

Mitch asks Benny if she wrote him a check, but Benny says she just wants him to get some things. Mitch calls him an errand boy. Benny asks when Mitch’s uncle is getting back. Mitch says if Benny plays it right, he won’t need his uncle. Benny tells him shut up, but Mitch says Veronica is in love with him. Benny says she’s more dangerous than Mitch’s uncle.

Landon tells Charles that he keeps getting better and better at speaking. Charles calls Landon his cheerleader, and Landon says he’s special. He’s cleared Charles’s morning, and has someone he can spend a long night with. Charles asks if she’s beautiful, but Landon was talking about himself. Charles says he’s exhausted and just wants to go to bed. He asks if he’s checked on “her,” and Landon says he might want to pay a visit soon. He’ll get on a plane after the interviews. They go over Charles’s schedule.

Erica finds Gia in the hotel lobby, and gives her a shopping bag. Gia asks if Candace is Erica’s pimp, but Erica says no. Candace arrives, and asks for her money. Erica says she’s also brought the clothes Candace asked for. Candace asks how it feels with no one watching her back; that’s what happens when she gets crossed. Erica says, sorry, and Candace says unless she wants a slap, don’t say that; she knew what was going on. She’d better work fast on David for the hundred grand. She tells Erica to get her ass out.

Candace asks glia if she has a room. She doesn’t, and Candace says she can use hers, but it’s the last time they’ll talk in public. After this, she doesn’t know her in public. She tells Gia to go ahead of her. Before Candace can follow, a guy walks up to her, saying she’s under arrest. Candace asks for what, and to see his ID. He claims to be from vice, and says she’s being arrested for robbery. Candace says she did nothing, but he tells her not to cause a scene.

Kathryn visits Hanna. She asks how Hanna is, but doesn’t quite buy that Hanna is okay. Hanna asks what’s going on, and Kathryn says Derek thought she didn’t seem too happy. Hanna asks if she’s trying to get Derek to ask her out, but Kathryn says he wanted to. Hanna tells her about Derek doing the dishes, and Kathryn says she didn’t tell him to do that, but thought it would be nice for her to go out for coffee. Hanna says Kathryn knows what she’s been dealing with, and Kathryn says all the more reason to get out. He’s just asking for coffee. Hanna says it’s been a while since she laughed, and asks who he is. Kathryn says he’s worked on their properties for years. His wife died a year ago, and he’s been lonely. She tells Hanna she should go, and she won’t take no for an answer. She’s calling him, and telling him to take Hanna to dinner, even if she has to push her out the door. Hanna says no, and Kathryn says, fine. She asks if Hanna is coming by later, and Hanna tells her not to set her up.

Sarah comes to Jim’s hotel room. She says she can’t stay long. He tells her to suit herself. She says she’s getting married to a judge. Jim calls him an old bastard; old enough to be her grandfather. He asks what the judge did for her, and she says she worked hard. Jim – king of bad double entendres – says she worked him hard. Sarah says she won’t be intimidated. He tells her to relax, sit down, and shut up. He’s not letting the DA bury him without him burying all of them, including her. She asks what he wants. He wants every shred of evidence. She says he’ll find it out in discovery. He tells her whatever they have, make sure they don’t have. She says she can’t tamper with witnesses. The star witnesses are his son and Jeffrey; the rest is circumstantial. Jim wants what’s on record to disappear, like what was on record about her did. She tells him that she paid him for that, and he says the casual sex was his gift to her. She says she’ll do what she can, and starts to leave, but he tells her to take off her clothes. She says she’s getting married, and he says he’s been married for years. He insists, and tells her not to act like she doesn’t enjoy it. He’s the best she’s ever had.

At Veronica’s house, Mitch remarks what a nice place it is. He tells Benny to get that truck, and says he could be living there. Benny says he ain’t that dude. Mitch says it’s in his blood; look at Candace. Girl knows how to come up. Melissa comes out in a tiny robe over some gorgeous lingerie, and asks what they’re doing there. Benny says he’s there to get some things for Veronica, and asks if she remembers Mitch. She says she can’t forget, and calls him very handsome. She says Benny is too, and he says he’s just there to get her things. Melissa asks when she’s coming home, and Mitch says it sounds like Melissa doesn’t like her very much. Melissa says she doesn’t like her at all. He asks why she’s there, and she says Veronica wants her to marry her son. He asks why she’s living there, and she asks if he thinks she’s sexy. He says, hell yeah. She asks if Benny does, and he asks where the bedroom, so he can get Veronica’s things. She leads him leads him upstairs, and Mitch laughs.

In Veronica’s room, Benny looks for the clothes she wants. Melissa asks if he knows her son is gay. She’s been locked up a long time, not being fulfilled, Veronica watching all the time. Jeffrey looked at her like he was disgusted, and she was beginning to doubt herself. She thanks him for saying she’s sexy. She takes robe off, and he asks what she’s doing. He doesn’t know? She says trying to remember what feels like to be wanted and desired. Benny says he just came to get the clothes. Melissa says he could get more, and won’t let him past. She takes a condom out of his wallet, and says she knew he was ready. Benny keeps protesting, but not that hard. She pushes him onto a chair, and gets on his lap. He says Mitch is downstairs, and she says he can’t hear. Melissa doesn’t hear him saying no anymore, and Benny tells her to shut up.

Landon orders a drink. He’s sitting with a woman from the campaign whose name I don’t know. He tells her that Charles has back to back meetings, but he got him situated. The woman says Charles sounds like a five-year-old, and Landon says, a toddler. He’s always whining about how tough it is and how tough it’s going to be. It’s a lot. Landon starts talking about Candace, and the woman says she’s keeping everything in line, but Candace makes it hard. She keeps doing more bad things. Landon says she’s a thug, and he doesn’t want to know. He says Charles really wants that stupid bitch. She says she sees that Candace is getting under Landon’s skin. Landon tells her that Candace almost had a thug attack him, and Charles just melts for her. The woman asks if that’s what it is, or is it that Landon wants Charles to melt for him? She says he’s 100% straight, and Landon says he’s known some who weren’t – in practice.  She says Landon wants him; he’s in love with him. Landon says Charles is his boss, and he doesn’t want to hear it. Landon leaves, and the nameless woman orders another drink.

There’s a knock at Wyatt’s door. Justin yells for him to open the damn door. Wyatt tells him back away, but Justin bangs on the door. He gets it open, and comes in holding a crowbar. He asks if Wyatt is hard of hearing, and says he’s going to show him who belongs to Jeffrey. He asks why Wyatt has been calling Jeffrey, and Wyatt calls him insane. Justin says Wyatt claimed they were lovers. He’s not going to let a drug addict junky take what’s his. Wyatt tells him to get out again, and Justin says, don’t call him. Wyatt repeats that Justin is insane. Justin raises the crowbar, but misses Wyatt. They tumble over the chair, and begin to tussle.

Next time, Candace shares a cell with Quita, David threatens Justin, and Melissa moves on to Mitch.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

PK tells Dorit she’s amazing, and his party was beyond. We flash back to some highlights. He says her performance was great, but George likes to sing with people who can’t sing; it makes him sound better. She’s like, thanks a lot, and moves on to Teddi’s beach house invite. She tells PK about the argument, and how Kyle defended Teddi. In her interview, she says Kyle hurt her feelings by not sticking up for her. Dorit opens a box, and it’s a custom-made 3D figurine of her and the kids. They drop it, and the baby’s head pops off. Well, so much for that. It was pretty cool while it lasted though.

Lisa and Ken are at Vanderpump Dogs, fawning over a bag full of fresh puppies. The assistant tells them the lawsuit was dismissed. Huge relief for everyone. Lisa wants to celebrate. In her interview, she says a public figure is susceptible to litigious bullsh*t. Coupled with the puppies, it’s a glorious day.

Teddi and Kyle shop for athletic wear. They talk about the party. Teddi wonders why it has to be so hard, and tells Kyle the thing between her and Dorit is like water torture. She got excuses, but not an apology. In her interview, Teddi says you have to own your sh*t. Kyle says the ones who think they’re right will never back down. She likes Dorit, but sometimes wants to tell her to shut up and listen. Teddi tells Kyle nothing is easy with this group.

LisaR and Erika meet for lunch. LisaR says she’s in denial about everything. Daughter Delilah is moving to NYC, and she hasn’t processed it yet. She wants Delilah to be safe and healthy, and she wants it to be fine. Erika says it will be. She talks about her soap schedule, and they discus her character on Days of Our Lives. We see an ancient clip. Erika asks what it’s like to be a soap character for decades. LisaR says you have to learn a lot of lines. We see a clip of Erika on Eileen’s show.

LVP waits for Dorit, who calls saying there’s traffic. LVP says she lives around the corner from her. She’s going into Teddi mode, and it’s annoying. Kyle follows Dorit in. LVP immediately tells them about the lawsuit being dropped. They toast to that. Kyle says speaking of negativity, what was up with Dorit and Teddi? She asks if she shouldn’t have chimed in, and says she thought they needed an interpreter. Dorit thinks friends shouldn’t jump in. Kyle says LVP chimed in for Dorit, but Dorit says that was different. In her interview Kyle says now she needs an interpreter. Kyle says it was two against one, and LVP says she wasn’t against Teddi. Kyle says that’s not what she meant, but she thought Dorit didn’t get where Teddi was coming from. She feels ganged up on, and shuts down the conversation. She starts to get weepy, and both Dorit and LVP wonder where this is coming from. LVP says she waited a half hour, and she’s going; she’s had enough. She strides off, and Kyle tells Dorit that LVP is mad because Dorit is talking to her. in her interview, LVP says Kyle is crying over nonsense, and it has nothing to do with her. She wanted to celebrate, and wished she could have talked about that. She’s not dealing with bullsh*t. Kyle and Dorit go after her, and Kyle asks why she’s leaving. LVP wants Kyle to stop saying they were attacking her. She’s going home to her husband, who would rather spend time with her than they would. She leaves them with their mouths hanging open.

Kyle and Dorit go back to the table. Kyle is annoyed, saying LVP left because the focus wasn’t on her. She knew Kyle was upset. Dorit says it’s just because it wasn’t about her, and it isn’t adult behavior. She tells Kyle that LVP needs a lot of attention, and it probably goes back to her parents. We flash back to LVP telling Dorit that her parents weren’t demonstrative at all. Kyle is shocked that LVP never told her about it, and says it hurts her feelings. She’d like to think they’re closer than that, and it’s weird that she was never told. Dorit tells her about the photo shoot for the jewelry line, and Kyle didn’t know about that either. Kyle says she tells her close friends everything, and doesn’t want to feel like the friendship is unbalanced. Dorit says they have to address it, but LVP isn’t picking up their calls.

Delilah wonders how LisaR memorizes so much. LisaR encourages Emilia to get her driver’s permit. She’s dragging her feet, saying she still wants some childhood. LisaR says she forgets Emelia is just a kid. She worries about them growing up too fast, and says they can take their time. She asks Delilah about moving. Delilah says she just needs a bed. LisaR says they really need to pick out stuff, but Delilah is going to the spa for a non-surgical facelift. LisaR wonders how that will help someone who already has a baby face. So do I.

Teddi gets the beach house ready. Hopefully she has the right glasses. She wants everyone to be happy, and doesn’t know if these chicks can handle such a laid-back atmosphere. Dorit is late to pick up Kyle. She calls, saying her driver doesn’t know how to get there.

Giggy! Harrison! Schnookie! Erika picks up LVP. Erika is surprised to see turtles in LVP’s pond, and LVP says she has everything. She asks if Erika brought anything for the potluck. In her interview, Erika says she left her Jell-O salad with marshmallows at home. She tells LVP that she meant to bring a bottle of champagne, but forgot it. LVP brings a cake.

LisaR is busy at the Days set. She says it’s been twenty-five years, and it’s like going home. Before she started on the soap, she’d only done Taco Bell commercials, and it changed her life. She discusses wardrobe with the wardrobe guy. She tells us that she’s the OG Billie, but two other actresses have played the part, and her character has done things she doesn’t even know about. She says it’s a lot of pressure, and she has to be ready or she’ll look like a fool.

Dorit makes it to Kyle’s. She says if she can survive the limo ride from hell, she can survive her issues with Teddi.

LVP tells Erika about how the girls ignored her good news. Erika thinks there’s more depth to LVP than she shows; they’re alike in that way, with keeping things to themselves. We flash back to Kyle taking several calls while at dinner with LVP.

Dorit wants to know what’s going on with LVP. Kyle doesn’t like rocking the boat. She says LVP will hold their friendship hostage, and Kyle cares about her. Dorit thinks they should have a side chat. Kyle says she did nothing wrong.

LisaR calls Erika, telling her that she has twelve scenes coming up. Erika says she’s missing out on the beach excursion. LVP joins in the conversation, saying she has ruffled feathers. LisaR says it’s a shame she can’t be there. Erika says Dorit called Teddi a psycho. LisaR has to jet – it’s call time.

Teddi fluffs pillows. Erika and LVP get there first. Teddi shows them around, and it’s beautiful. LVP says doesn’t know why Teddi was anxious; she never met a beach house she didn’t like. She says it’s casual, funky, and bohemian, like Teddi. Dorit and Kyle finally arrive. Dorit thinks being on the ocean is magical. She brought tons of food since her mother is in town. Teddi says she got glasses just for her. Dorit calls it extending an olive forest. LVP asks if Dorit left late, and mentions waiting for her. Kyle had planned on talking to LVP about the aborted dinner, and wants LVP to cool her jets. Dorit asks if that’s why she left so abruptly. LVP says it was a couple of things. She’d been excited about the canceled lawsuit, and they ignored her enthusiasm. Kyle doesn’t think so. She thinks LVP felt brushed aside. Isn’t that kind of the same thing? In her interview, Teddi says, welcome to my beach house, and asks if they can’t chill for just a moment. LVP says she wanted to talk about something that was huge. Maybe she felt tired and drained, and didn’t like that Kyle was saying they’d planned to gang up on her. Kyle says it wasn’t about LVP for a minute. She felt left out in the moment, and that Kyle and Dorit were having a moment. She asks if LVP would have left had it been Dorit who was crying, and LVP says she doesn’t know. In her interview, Kyle says this is making her question where the friendship stands, and how LVP feels about her. The friendship isn’t balanced. LVP says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Everyone focuses on the food. Kyle goes to freshen up. She thinks LVP is going to want an apology, but she’s not getting one. Kyle wants an apology, but probably won’t get it.

Dorit says it’s peaceful by the ocean. Teddi and Kyle sit outside. Kyle says she’s pissed off. It would have been easier to just say she’s sorry, but that’s not the truth, and she wants them to be honest. Erika joins them for the sunset, and Camille arrives. LVP sits down, and Dorit follows. The sunset is breathtaking. Kyle tells Camille that she came at a more peaceful time, and Camille asks what happened. Erika says LVP was hurt, and LVP explains what happened at dinner. Kyle believes LVP doesn’t want to say that she really felt excluded. Kyle says she tells LVP everything, and wonders if LVP feels the same way about her. In her interview, Erika says all of them are petty, and this is really about three bitches competing for friendship. Kyle says she’s been LVP’s friend a long time. LVP says she doesn’t prefer Dorit over her, but Kyle feels LVP doesn’t treat her as well. The friendship doesn’t feel balanced (the word of the night). LVP tells Kyle she’s sorry if she was unfair, and asks Kyle to apologize for saying she was plotting against her. In her interview, Kyle says LVP’s sorry is a good sign. She didn’t expect it. Even though LVP isn’t being up front about why she left, she’ll take the apology. They agree to be honest with one another. Kyle says she feels like LVP is too hard on her sometimes. In her interview, LVP says none of it was worth crying over. Since they don’t’ understand each other’s point of view, she apologized. The friendship was too important. As soon as Kyle gets up. LVP steals her comfier chair.

Next time, the ladies take an exercise class, Dorit tells Erika the girls were mad she left, and Dorit tells the group something private that LVP told her.


January 30, 2018 – Drew Knows More Than He Knows, Hanna Tells Her Story, PK Turns 50 & Smelling Like Onions


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Drew tells Sam that Nathan is still in surgery. She’s glad the kids are at the Quartermaine’s, and glad they came back early. Now Drew can get Faison to tell him how and why he switched their lives.

We revisit Peter setting the trashcan holding the bulletproof vest on fire.

Faison tells Jason that he’s disappointed. He can’t manage a single gunshot? Jason says he can, and Faison asks why Jason kept him alive. Jason tells him that he wants to know why Faison replaced him with his brother?

Griff says the surgery on Nathan was a success. Obrecht asks if he’ll walk again. Surviving a procedure is one thing, but will he have quality of life? She asks what Griff isn’t saying. It’s probably nothing; he always looks worried like that. He says Nathan has bone fragments in his chest cavity from the bullet ricochet, but they removed the bullet without compromising his spine, and he’ll have full mobility. The fragments are another story. Obrecht says that kind of injury is a high risk for infection. Maxie wants to be with him.

Faison wants to know what’s in it for him? Jason sits down. He says Faison gets to stay alive. Faison asks for how long? Jason will cut him loose, hunt him down, and kill him without a trace; the perfect death threat. That’s why he took him. Jason asks why he took Drew, and Faison says because Jason has brain damage.

Finn tells Anna take a breath; Faison isn’t going anywhere, and she can let down her guard. She doesn’t know how to do that under any circumstances. Finn says if it’s any consolation, he doesn’t either. He wants to tell her that he’s an idiot. She asks why, specifically? He says he walked away from her, but he never should have, and has regretted it every day since. She has regrets too.

Maxie takes Nathan’s hand, and tells him that she loves him. She asks if he can hear her.

Nina tells Valentin about watching her brother sleep when she was young. Even then he was making the world safer.

Maxie talks to Nathan about baby clothes. She’s been thinking about sage green as a wardrobe base. He’s definitely going to wake up. Or die from boredom. She can’t wait to see what their baby turns out like.

Lulu and Dante arrive at the hospital. Lulu wants to go in, but the nurse says immediate family only. She says Maxie is her best friend, but Dante says they have to respect the hospital policies. Obrecht says she’s not immediate family, and technically, the nurse was speaking to both of them. Nina says let’s not do this here. Lulu tells Dante she’s going for coffee, and to tell Nathan that she loves him.

Griff tells Maxie that Nathan’s vitals are stable. Maxie says her husband is a fighter. She tells Nathan to take his time. She and the baby will be waiting.

Peter visits Sam and Drew. He says Nathan came through surgery, and Faison is still alive. Sam says they’re heading to the hospital soon; Drew has questions for Faison. Peter says when they first began, they wanted to keep their personal lives separate from Aurora, but the shooting just ended that. It’s a major story. Reporters will descend, searching for. Drew says, no comment. Peter tells them that the public will assume there’s a cover-up if they say that.

Faison tells Jason that mind control would be useless with him. Jason says Faison couldn’t force him to do what he wanted, so he found an alternative. Faison says that Andre had developed a procedure to map memories. He could copy Jason’s skills to someone Faison could control. Jason asks how Faison found Andrew. Faison says by happy coincidence. He saw that the Navy SEAL was the spitting image of Jason, and he was easy enough to abduct. Jason was more difficult. Once he got them both, he ran a DNA test. Faison struggles to speak. He tells Jason that he sent them to Andre while he was in Port Charles impersonating Duke. He trusted someone else with the job, and it was a near fatal decision.

Anna says Finn was almost killed twice; she can’t risk a third time. Someone she cares about being in her life makes them a target. Finn asks to whom, and she says anyone she tries to bring down. Her caring for him could get him killed. He says it hasn’t yet, but she tells him maybe the third time could be the charm. It would be smart to walk away, so if he won’t… He says he won’t. She gets up, and leaves.

Obrecht tells Nathan that he was her deepest, darkest secret for a long time, but fate had other ideas. She was glad, being able to call herself his mutter. In the last few years, he’s been her greatest joy, but if could go back in time, she would give it up. She should have kept the truth hidden, and not wavered. His evil father wouldn’t have found him. She kisses his hand, and says, don’t leave them. Maxie says he won’t; he’s going to make a full recovery. She gently leads Obrecht out, saying give him time to rest. Obrecht tells Maxie that she used to think she was just a bit of fluff, but she was wrong. She leaves, and Maxie tells Nathan that she used to hate it when people said “love and light,” but gets it now. He’s been that for her since he showed up at her apartment. She remembers it like yesterday. She thought he was hot and nice. He was her Prince Charming, but she didn’t know it yet. It took a pair of handcuffs and an abduction to make her wise up. Then he kissed her, and she realized her heart had chosen him, so she finally chose him. He’s her happiness.

Peter tells Drew and Sam that the only way to control the story is to own it. Make a statement, and lead with the truth. Sam says they’ll consider it. Peter hopes that’s not a polite way of saying no. Sam says it isn’t, and she’s glad Faison was stopped, and he wasn’t hurt. He says he’ll keep them posted, and leaves. Sam asks what Drew thinks. Drew thinks he’s right; lead with the truth. He owes it to his family, and himself, to find out who he really is. It’s time to confront Faison.

Obrecht marches toward Faison’s room, and Anna stops her, saying she can’t kill him. Obrecht asks if this is some cosmic attempt at humor. Why is she protecting him? She says she’s protecting Nathan. Faison will get the punishment he deserves. She needs to be with her son. Obrecht calls Faison a cancer, and says if Anna won’t let her kill him, she urges Anna to do it herself.

Faison tells Jason once the procedure was complete, Drew was sent to Helena’s programmer, and Jason was supposed to die. Henrik betrayed him. Jason wonders why, but Faison doesn’t know. He says Henrik is treacherous, deceitful, and consumed with jealousy. Jason owes his life to Henrik’s rebellion.

Nina visits Nathan. She’s proud of him. He’s amazing and incredible. He had all a child could want, except love. Valentin watches from the doorway. Nina says Nathan went to school with upper crust, socially acceptable kids, but despite that, turned out great. He rebelled by being an upstanding citizen. He was little when all that happened to her. She woke up, and saw an incredible man, a good man. Her baby brother became her big brother. He’s a reminder of everything good in the world; he’s good. He made Nina good. She loves him, and he makes her better. She tells Maxie that he has that effect on people. She kisses him, and says he deserves all the happiness in the world. She tells him to pull through this.

After she’s gone, Maxie moves on to talking about mobile themes and childproofing. She wonders if there are baby balls; like hamster balls, but for babies. She comes out, and asks Dante to sit with Nathan. She tells him not to leave his side, and tells Nathan she’ll be right back. She’s leaving him in the safest hands.

Finn sees Anna, and she says sorry she upset him. He says, she didn’t. He gets it. She’s complicated, leads a dangerous life, and it’s not fair to the people she cares about. They care about each other, and she doesn’t get to throw it away. She doesn’t get a choice; none of them do. He doesn’t want to feel this way, but can’t turn it off and can’t talk himself out of it. He wants to be with her. Anna says she doesn’t want to be with him. Finn says she’s lying. He knows it’s messy and dangerous, but who cares? Whatever it is, it could be a colossal mistake. She says it could get him killed. He tells her he spent years looking death in the face, and death is tired of him. Why don’t they see where it goes?

Jason asks Faison where Henrik is, but he doesn’t know. He suggests Henrik is hiding in plain sight, using an alias. He can tells Jason how to find him – for a price.

Peter sees Lulu at Kelly’s, and asks if she’s all right. She doesn’t know, and he sits down with her. She says she never wanted to marry a cop, but Dante… Even though she’s terrified when he steps out the door, it’s impossible not to love him, even though she could lose him. Peter tells her that he’s sorry. He can’t imagine what she’s going through. Lulu tells him that no one ever says it out loud, but there’s a dirty little secret to being married to cop. You’re proud of them, but more than anything, you want them to be safe. When a cop goes down, even when the cop is your best friend’s husband, the shameful part is that you’re grateful the fallen cop isn’t the one you married.

Dante tells Nathan how he appreciates what he did for him and Lulu. He was pissed at the time, but if Nathan hadn’t done what did, they might not be together. In a way, Nathan saved his life. He’s seen Nathan do brave stuff, but nothing so brave as locking him and Lulu in together.

Alone in the bathroom, Maxie cries.

Dante asks Nathan if the kid should have a say in who their godfather is. What if the kid takes one look at him and starts screaming? He suggests they make a deal. They’ll wait until they meet the kid, and see what happens. Maxie comes back, and asks how her guy is.

Anna tells Finn if she was different, maybe they would be able to pursue it, but she doesn’t have that luxury. They can’t just turn off feelings, but she thinks they should try. Finn isn’t buying it. She says it’s for the best. He says they might live longer, but who wants to live denying their feelings?

Obrecht tries to call Britt.

Faison tells Jason that if he tells him how to find Henrik, Jason has to meet terms. Mean Jason presses on Faison’s wound, and says no. Faison says he’s gotten all the information he can from him, and if he wants to know about Henrik, talk to his brother.

Finn tells Anna she owes him one good reason. She says she’s told him a billion times. He wants brutal, honest, masochistic clarity. She says they don’t fit. She doesn’t want him in her life.

Lulu tells Peter that everyone warned her, but she was arrogant enough to think she could face Faison. Peter says Nathan chose to reveal himself, and Lulu says, she helped him. He says she’s a good reporter, and not to second guess herself because it’s not the result she wanted. He tells her to follow up. Write a happy ending.

Faison tells Jason that his brother knows more than he realizes. Finn walks in, and says Jason can’t be in there. He doesn’t care if Faison lives or dies, but he won’t be complicit. Jason says when he dies, it won’t be because of anything that happened here.

Jason tells Anna that Faison explained why he replaced him. It’s because has brain damage. Whatever he does to control people, it won’t work on him. It was Henrik’s job to get them to Andre. He thinks Henrik is hiding in plain sight, and Anna wonders if he’s in Port Charles. Sam and Drew join them. Anna tells them that Nathan is in critical, but stable condition. Drew asks what about Faison? Jason says he talked to him, and he was in Port Charles when they were taken to Andre. Henrik was left in charge, but he doesn’t know why Henrik let him live. They have to find him. Drew wonders where to start, and Jason says Faison implied that Drew knows.

Maxie talks about a new house, and a swing set. Nathan finally opens his eyes in self-defense. She says she’s been waiting for him, and he smiles. She takes his hand. He asks if she’s okay, and she says he saved them. He says, Faison? She tells him, shot like he deserves. She tells Nathan to rest and get better. She thinks listening to her reading baby books out loud will help his recovery, and he wonders how many baby books there are. She kisses him, and says he scared her. He says, sorry, and she tells him that he’s forced to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. She feels baby move, and so does he.

Finn tells Anna that Faison is being moved. Anna says she’ll let Jordan know. He tells her to do that, and walks away.

Drew tells Jason that he has no idea what Faison is talking about. Jason says Faison told him that Drew knows more than he realizes.

Lulu writes on her laptop about Nathan fighting for his life with Maxie at his side.

Maxie tells Nathan that his eyes are like a hug. He says if the baby gets his eyes, he hopes it gets her smile. She admits she does have great smile. He says he loves her, and drifts off. Then he flatlines. I say, oh sh*t!

Tomorrow, Curtis hopes for a happy ending, Stella wants Jordan to do something about it, and Nina runs from Valentin.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Hanna tells Candace that her latest john is her father. Everyone is like, what? and dude can’t get out fast enough. Benny asks if Hanna is telling the truth. Hanna says you never know, and asks what stopped Candace from sleeping with him? Candace asks how she knows, and Hanna says she doesn’t, but he could be. He could be any one of these men, and she needs to think about that. She thinks it’s sad that Candace is letting men come in she doesn’t even know. Candace says Hanna told her that she didn’t know; she was probably whoring too. Hanna says that’s one thing she never did. Candace says just because they didn’t pay her when they were done, doesn’t mean they didn’t pay; she knows a whore when she sees one. Hanna says she came here to bring the letter; is this what Candace wants to do? Benny says either Candace leaves with them, or he’ll drag her out. She laughs, and Benny grabs her.

Hanna tells him stop. Benny says he’s not letting her stay, but Candace says he doesn’t have a choice. Hanna wonders what’s wrong with Candace. How can she let these men do this to her? Candace says Hanna doesn’t even know who her daddy is. Hanna asks if it really hurts her that bad, not knowing, and does she really want to know? Candace says, speak, Hanna. Hanna says he was a rapist. She was a kid, drinking and feeling free, hanging out with her friends at the club. She was walking home at 3 am, but she was with her friends. She lived two blocks away from them, and couldn’t find her key, but kept walking. She passed a man who asked if she was all right. She said she was good, but there was something about him that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She started walking faster. She wanted to run, but her feet wouldn’t move. She could see the house, and looked back, but he wasn’t moving. When she ran up on the porch, she still couldn’t find the key. Her aunt wasn’t home, and she crouched down, but she could hear him coming. He passed, and she didn’t move. She stayed there for two hours, and her aunt came home high like always. Her aunt passed out on the couch, and Hanna thought she was okay. She locked the doors, and went in her room.

When she woke up, he had his hand on her throat, and she could feel him inside of her. He told her if she screamed he’d kill her, so she just laid there, screaming on the inside. Tears are rolling down everyone’s face at this point, including mine. All she could see was his eyes and his nose. Candace’s eyes and nose. She could also see his tattoo, and won’t forget it. She wasn’t going to tell anybody. Her aunt ended up in a 12-step program, and they both started going to church. She felt better until she realized she was pregnant. She didn’t want Candace. She didn’t want a rape baby. She wanted an abortion. Her aunt said no. If she wanted to stay, she couldn’t abort a baby. She felt lost, scared, and alone. She looked for something in men, and kept making mistakes. Then one day, Candace kicked. She felt her, and knew it was something that belonged to her. She loved Candace, and when she came out, she was beautiful. Even though she had his eyes and nose, on her, they were beautiful. She was innocent and pure, and Hanna felt so much light. She loved her. She was still lost, and looking for herself in men. Candace saw it, and Hanna saw her light getting dimmer as time went on. She’s sorry she wasn’t always nice to her. She wishes she could have been nicer, but loves her still. She wishes she could see the light in Candace’s eyes again. When Candace told her she’d been raped, it devastated her. She went back to God, and her joy and strength came back. She knew who she was. She loves Candace. She always has and always will, but hopes one day she sees the light come back. If I was alone, I’d be freaking bawling. That was absolutely heartbreaking.

Candace says good job, good story. She doesn’t believe most of it, except how Hanna treated her like hell. Hanna thinks maybe she shouldn’t have said anything. Candace says she can leave now. Hanna says she can, but sits and takes off her shoes. She claps the soles of her shoes together, and Candace asks if it’s voodoo. Hanna says, Matthew 10:14. She and Benny leave. Candace cries like I want to. BTW, the verse from Matthew is about shaking the dust of your shoes off when someone won’t receive what you have to say. I’m paraphrasing, but I knew that’s what she was doing.

David goes to the station. He asks to see Jeffrey, saying he’s Jeffrey’s attorney. The officer has to call the DA first. There’s no answer, and David responds the same way I would, asking what does he mean, it’s the DA’s office? The officer asks David to have a seat. A woman asks if he’s a lawyer, and starts telling him her problems. He says actually, he’s a judge now, and she calls bullsh*t.

Sarah calls Jim. She says she can’t meet him. He says she can. She says she’s in a different position now. He asks if she’s appealing to his moral sense, because he doesn’t have one. She tells him that she can’t talk about cases. He tells her be prepared to talk – into a pillow. She hangs up, and looks like she has a headache.

At home, Benny asks if Hanna is all right. She just wants to lie down. He asks who’s Derek, and reads a note on the counter: Hope your day gets better. Hanna says he fixed the sink and washed the dishes; she needs to thank him. Benny says he knows it’s true, and he’s sorry. She says it was a long time ago, and it’s over. We look to the Lord and move on. He asks if she had counseling. She says from where and with what money? He thinks she should talk to someone, but she says she talks to the Lord. He thinks she’s in a lot of pain, and asks if she’d talk to a therapist. He’s going back to work with Mitch, and he’ll get some money together. She agrees. He tells her he loves her, and she says she loves him too.

Benny goes upstairs, and Hanna calls Derek. She thanks him for doing the dishes, and says he didn’t have to. He says the sink should have been fixed, and it’s the least he could do. She asks what she owes him, but he says it was under warranty. She could go for coffee with him though. She wonders if he’s asking for a date, but he says it’s just coffee. She asks why, and he tells her that he thought maybe he could make her smile. She thanks him, but doesn’t think so. He says she has his number if she changes her mind. She tells him that she’s dealing with a lot. He says she could use some good company, but she says she doesn’t know him.

Kathryn asks Derek what she said, and he realizes she was eavesdropping. Derek says she turned him down. Kathryn wants to call her, but he says no. He understands begging won’t stop her, and says, please. Kathryn says fine – for now. He tells her that Hanna didn’t sound happy, and Kathryn says maybe she should call and see if she’s okay. Derek thinks Hanna will know they talked, and Kathryn accuses him of making things difficult.

Benny calls Mitch, but gets a call on another line. It’s Veronica, who’s still in the hospital for observation. She says she owes him; he saved her life. He says anyone would have done it. She says the girl she was with didn’t do anything, and asks if he can come by; she wants to thank him in person. She’s in debt to him. He agrees to come.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s new girl. Candace says, never keep her waiting. She introduces her self as Gia, but Candace says her new name is bottom bitch, and Candace is her new pimp. Gia is working in several pimps’ territory, and she’s offering protection. Gia says she’s going, but Candace says she’ll beat her ass herself. She rips Gia’s dress and looks her over. She says she’ll make her a lot of money, but needs a dress that isn’t from the dollar store. She’s giving her Erica’s number, and telling her to get Gia clothes; Maria can do something with her hair. She’s pretty, but needs to know how to work it. Gia insists she’s not a prostitute. Candace grabs her bag, and looks at her ID. She sees Gia is her real name, and says she was born to be prostitute, but needs a fake ID. Gia tries to get her purse back, but Candace tells her, grab it again and she’ll beat her. Gia says it’s her first time, and Candace says she’ll show her the ropes and protect her. She can make Candace up to $10K a night. She has older clientele. They’ll blackmail some of them, but when they’re done, she’ll be happy. Gia wonders why Candace isn’t doing it herself, but Candace says she’s on to bigger and better things; Gia will pick up the slack. Candace tells her to unlock her phone. Gia says no, and Candace slaps her, telling her to never make her ask twice. She puts her number in the phone, and tells Gia to check in with the bartender; she’ll be working on Tuesdays and Fridays. She tells Gia rule number one is that desperation leads to arrest. Candace texts Gia’s number to herself, gives her stuff back, and tells her goodbye.

David waits at the station. The officer says he called the DA. David tells him to call again, but the officer says, sorry. David calls Jim, and asks if he knows someone with pull at the DA’s office. Veronica had Jeffrey arrested for Quincy’s murder. Jim asks why she’d do that, and it dawns on him that Veronica still refuses to accept Jeffrey is gay. David says they won’t let him see Jeffrey. Jim says Kathryn’s father’s name still moves mountains. If he calls her, she’ll hold a grudge because David came to him first. David needs to make the call. Jim tells David to let him know what happens.

David calls Kathryn. He needs her help. She says she’s not doing anything for Jim, but he says it’s for Jeffrey, and explains about Veronica having him arrested. Kathryn says that bitch is treacherous. David says they’re not letting him see Jeffrey, and asks if she knows someone at the DA’s office. She says she does, and he asks if she would please do something. She can’t believe it, and says if the accident had been any worse, it would have done them all a favor. David has no idea what she’s talking about, and Kathryn tells him what happened. He asks how Veronica is, and Kathryn says, who cares? She’ll call him back.

Justin gets Jeffrey out of lockup. He cuffs Jeffrey, and shoves him to the interrogation room. This is getting old. Jeffrey asks if Justin found his dad, and Justin says he should bash Jeffrey’s face in. He throws Jeffrey’s phone on the table, and it starts to ring. He tells Jeffrey to answer it, which is kind of difficult while wearing handcuffs. Jeffrey picks up the call, and Wyatt asks why Jeffrey isn’t answering his phone. Jeffrey says he can’t talk, and Wyatt asks why he answered? Wyatt tells him to keep that a-hole from calling him. Justin asks if he’s the a-hole, and Jeffrey tells Wyatt to hang up. Wyatt asks what’s with this guy, and Justin asks what’s with him; are they lovers? Wyatt says they are, and Jeffrey tells him not to do that; just hang up. Justin asks if he’s at home, and tells Wyatt to stay there. Wyatt says he’ll be waiting, and calls Justin toots, making me laugh, and Justin hangs up.

Justin says Jeffrey lied, but Jeffrey says Wyatt is lying just to get under Justin’s skin. He tells Justin to stop it; it’s crazy. Justin says there’s something up; look at how many missed calls. They must be lovers. Jeffrey says they’re friends. Justin says he heard Jeffrey say he loved Wyatt, but Jeffrey insists it’s as a friend. Justin asks what’s up with the emails, and reads one where Jeffrey says how much he loves him and wants the best for him. Jeffrey repeats it’s as a friend, and Justin asks what about him saying he still wants him. Jeffrey says those emails are private; they’re to himself. Justin says don’t make him send Jeffrey back bloody, and Jeffrey wishes he’d try it. He tells Justin again that those were private emails. It’s how he journals, and they’re to himself. Justin doesn’t believe him, saying he sacrificed everything for him. He’s been looking for an apartment for them. Jeffrey says he’s in jail, but Justin says he’s getting out.

Jeffrey says this is crazy; he doesn’t want to do this. Either take him back to his cell or he’s banging on the door. Justin tells him to go ahead. Jeffrey starts kicking the door and making noise, but Justin puts him in headlock.

Next time, Justin confronts Wyatt, Mitch says Veronica is in love with Benny, and Melissa comes on to Benny.

If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. – Matthew 10:14

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle and Erika go shopping. Kyle is into velvet. I am not. She says the store reminds her of Pretty Woman. Erika says Tom is almost ready to go back to work. She’s enjoyed taking care of him. He could be bratty, but there was something sweet about it. She explains to us how her life dramatically changed after meeting him, and she is Pretty Woman. She tells Kyle that PK’s birthday is a 007 theme, and talks about driving the Pagani. She enjoyed being with Dorit, and says they had a chance to communicate. She buys a baseball jacket that’s $300, and I think of my beloved baseball/letter jacket that cost me $35 at the vintage clothing store in Red Bank. I like mine more.

LisaR goes over her schedule with her assistant. She says the town is built on 20-year-old girls, and one of the smartest thing she did was branch out early. We see a clip of her on QVC. She gets an email from Emelia, and Harry has agreed to get a puppy. She has more than she can handle, and now he wants to add a puppy into the mix. She says she’ll just be its fairy godmother. #ThatsWhatHarryDid

LVP and Teddi go riding. There’s a stable near the Fairmont Hotel, and LVP likes to spend the night there to be near her horses. It’s absolutely beautiful on the trail, and Teddi calls it a mini-paradise. LVP’s horse only speaks French. Why am I not surprised? They have tea afterwards. Ken brings out a tray for them. Giggy! Harrison! Schnookie! Teddi passes on the muffins, and LVP tells Ken about Teddi having once been two hundred pounds. She thanks Teddi for the spa day. We see clips of Teddi’s beach house, and she says she’d love to invite everyone, but doesn’t want to worry what wine glass goes where. LVP says, who cares? It’s like not offering a ride in the Rolls Royce because it’s dirty. She wants to know who said it. Teddi won’t say, but tells her someone complained about the wine being poured into the wrong glass, and LVP thinks she knows who it is.

Dorit brings LVP out to the yacht she’s having PK’s birthday party on. She wants the party to be extravagant. She wants an exclusive, glamorous event, and says, who better to bring along? They’re going to fly in on a helicopter, and LVP jokes that PK will laugh when he gets the bill. Dorit thinks a responsible amount to spend is between a Range Rover and a Rolls Royce. LVP thinks she needs to focus; sometimes she can get scattered. Really? I hadn’t noticed. Dorit says Boy George wants to do a duet of Fever with her, and she’s conferred with Erika. LVP asks if she’s seen the kind of moves Erika does, and says she feels nervous for her. LVP tells her about riding with Teddi. Dorit admits she’s the one who got upset about the wine glass. LVP explains not everyone is comfortable with the lavish lifestyle, and thinks Teddi is sweet. She stressed that it wasn’t a problem, but she didn’t feel comfortable. Dorit says she does pay attention to those things. In her interview, LVP doesn’t think she should put Teddi down, but asking for the right wine glass isn’t judgmental. Dorit is finding Teddi a bit tightly wound. I don’t think it was that she wanted a different glass. She didn’t ask outright, and wouldn’t shut up about something she saw as a major faux pas.

Mauricio and Kyle meet Teddi and Edwin for lunch. Edwin talks about the beach house. In her interview, Teddi says she’s a casual person. She doesn’t have to be the perfect host, and her friends are fine with that. Edwin tells them about meeting John Mellencamp for the first time, and realizing Teddi was telling him the truth. Teddi says for as long as she can remember, with anyone who came into her life, her dad made it clear not to mess with his daughter.

Dorit tells assistant Mollie she can’t take the stress. She’s rehearsing with George, and PK keeps asking what’s up. She thinks he’s going to be surprised to see his parents, since neither one of them like to fly. PK shows them his new glasses, and George thinks maybe he shouldn’t go shopping on his own.

LisaR visits Kyle. Kyle is freaking out. Her house is a disaster zone, and at this rate, she could be living like this for years. Kyle talks about the party being on a boat, and LisaR hates boats. Every time they take a trip on one, it’s gone bad. She lists all the trips the Wives have gone on, where boats were involved, and it was a disaster. We flash back to all that, including the slap by Brandi heard round the world. Kyle says she thinks Teddi is intimidated about inviting people to her beach house. The invite says they can stay at a hotel, and that she’s not a master chef; she’s more into potluck. LisaR wonders what you’d bring to a potluck. We flash back to LVP teaching Adrienne Maloof how to prepare a chicken.

Erika and Mikey join Dorit and George at the rehearsal studio. Erika says the more you sell it the better it comes off. Oddly enough, Fever is one of my best karaoke songs, torch singing being my specialty. George says it’s like the perfect song, and Erika tells her to channel Billie Holiday. Mikey gives some stage direction, and Erika tells her to draw the audience in. Stare someone down, and dare them not to like your performance. I like that. Dorit says it’s like tango, and Erika says it’s like hooking on Sunset. We see a clip of Mikey directing Gretchen Rossi for her performance with the Pussycat Dolls.

Dorit is wearing a fabulous grey strapless gown. She tells PK what to wear. He thinks they’re having a birthday dinner, and has no idea what’s really going to happen. She needs to get him to a helicopter, a yacht, a speedboat, and another yacht. James Bond music plays.

All the women have a hard time walking down the gangway to the yacht in their heels. LVP wonders how it will be going back after some champagne. Everyone looks gorgeous. Erika thinks the plans are impressive, and PK’s mother says she thinks Dorit is trying to beat what PK did for her birthday. Kyle and Boy George talk about being on Celebrity Apprentice together.

PK doesn’t know the area, and wonders where they’re going. The arrive at an airport, and he thinks they’re going to Vegas.

The MC says PK and Dorit will be flying over them shortly. The helicopter lands, and they get into the speedboat. Another accomplishment for a woman in heels. PK tells Dorit that she’s clever. The guests gather to yell surprise. In her interview, Dorit says when PK sees his parents, he’s going to lose his mind.

The guest of honor arrives, and everyone yells, surprise! PK tells Dorit it’s too much to take in, and LisaR tells her good job. LVP says PK is normally the caretaker of everyone, and it’s wonderful to see him so overcome. Dorit says she poured her heart and soul into the party, and it means everything to her to see him so emotional. LVP says she wants to stick her face in the caviar. In her interview, Teddi says these women go for weeks without eating, but put some caviar in front of them and they’re like pigs at a trough. Kyle wonders if Mauricio is taking and Uber copter. LVP is surprised that Dorit got everything together so quickly.

After dinner, the MC tells everyone to head upstairs where there’s a casino and a special performance. Dorit says she’s dying. She tells PK she’s going to the bathroom, and Erika gives her some last-minute coaching. She tells Dorit it will be adorable, and just do what they did in rehearsal. Dorit is appreciative of her support, and says it’s the only thing getting her through. Dorit, wearing a slinky, sparkly black gown, takes the mic, and tells PK how much she loves him. She can’t let his 50th go by without it being epic. She calls out George, and they sing. Erika says it takes a lot of balls. LVP says it’s actually not bad, which is my assessment too. Dorit thinks she nailed it, and tells PK she loves him again.

Dorit asks Teddi for a quick chat. Dorit says she really likes Teddi, and thinks they get on well. She brings up that LVP mentioned the wrong glass issue without naming names. Teddi says they’re going to be different, but should like each other for it. LVP and Kyle join them. LVP says it shouldn’t have been such a big deal. Dorit says it’s etiquette. Teddi says Dorit is better at that, but she doesn’t really care about it. Dorit says when things aren’t a big deal, she doesn’t say anything. Kyle interjects, and Dorit asks if she’s speaking for Teddi. In her interview, Dorit wonders how she got to be the bad guy in all this. Teddi says it made her feel weird with Dorit focusing on a glass. Dorit says Teddi isn’t just exaggerating, she’s lying and making sh*t up.

Camille, LisaR, and Erika talk about how great Dorit’s performance was.

Dorit calls Teddi a psycho. I’m not sure what’s wrong with Dorit that she has these overreactions to certain things, and ends up blowing them up even more. Kyle says they keep repeating themselves. Teddi keeps saying it’s fine when it’s not, and Dorit isn’t going to shut up. Kyle says they’re all psycho, and leaves; LVP a beat behind her. Teddi asks Dorit if they’re okay, but Dorit says Teddi plays like she’s casual, but she’s really high strung. She hugs Teddi, and says thanks for coming. Teddi escapes.

Next time, Teddi says Dorit is like water torture, Kyle feels like LVP and Dorit are ganging up on her, and LVP walks out of a conversation.

😯 I watched Stripped again, and it gave me a better perspective of the show. Social media influencer Richie found out what it was like to be away from the likes, and have to ask for help. Apparently, they are allowed to be gifted with goods and services, but not items. In being away from everything, it showed him that he had people in his life who really cared about him; not just followers. It also gave me two great quotes:

Richie smelled like onions today. I was so confused at that odor. – one of Richie’s friends, who he went to dinner with, wearing literally nothing but overalls. And –

Depression is the luxury of people who don’t have to fight for survival. – a counselor, mastermind, or whoever they are, from the show, who Richie met with.

😑 It’s Been a Long Day…


January 23, 2018 – He’s Ba-a-ack, Candace Turns the Wrong Trick, Teddi Gives Thanks & Some Random TV Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Ned tells Laura that he hates to see her drop out of the race. Lulu says at least he doesn’t have to write a concession speech now. Ned tells Olivia that her husband is going to be the next mayor of Port Charles.

Alexis and Molly go to Charlie’s. Julian asks how TJ and Kiki did on their exams. Molly says they probably did great. Alexis says it’s even more impressive, considering TJ had to suffer through their apartment building’s conditions. Molly thinks Alexis should  pick up the torch from Laura, and run for mayor. Julian thinks it’s a great idea.

Anna talks to Robert, making sure the emails from PK Sinclair will be rerouted to her, and Sonny won’t know. She goes to the station interrogation room. Dante and Nathan are dressed in their blues, since they’re going out to help with the protests on Charles Street. Nathan is tacking up pictures of all the people Faison might target. He tells Anna he’s still trying to wrap his head around Faison being his father. She says if it’s any consolation, there’s no resemblance. Dante says they’re waiting for him to make the first move, but wonders where he’ll strike next and who’s his next target.

At Aurora, Lulu tells Peter she knows she’s supposed to go through the proper channels, but her article went viral, and now she’s being lobbed softballs like covering the cat show. She wants to pitch directly to him. She says if she’s right, Faison is hiding on Spoon Island.

Finally, we see him. Faison tells Obrecht to shut up. He says they’re on the island, and she can scream as much as she wants, but no one will hear. I swear, it looks like he’s trying not to laugh, and I’m so excited, I can barely type.

At the MetroCourt, Jordan tells TJ sorry that she’s working so much, but it will help with his med school bills. TJ says he’s going to pay his own way, but Jordan says they’ll see what he says once he gets the bill. She tells him that she called for special deployment to supervise the protest. He asks what about the power outage and the fake gas leak. She says if she finds that it’s harassment, the law will come down on them like a ton of bricks. Ned and Olivia approach. Ned makes small talk, and says he’ll put their brunch on his tab. Jordan says no thanks. It’s not appropriate for her to accept a gift from a candidate. She and TJ leave. Olivia says that was smart of Jordan. Ned says he’s not the enemy. Once he takes office, he’ll be the mayor the city needs.

Molly can’t believe it, but she and Julian are on the same page. Alexis says she can’t hear her over the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse opening at the same time. She tells them that she’s a lawyer, not a politician. Julian and Molly try to talk her into it. Molly points out that Ned’s wife is the poster child for the public breastfeeding case that Alexis won. Alexis repeats General Sherman’s words, saying if nominated, she will not run, and if elected, she will not serve. Julian says they’re at war, and the neighborhood is fighting for its life.

Lulu tells Peter that she used to live at Windemere, and there are many places to hide, like secret passageways and catacombs. Her brother owned it most of her life, and she spent a lot of time there, and knows a lot of them. Peter asks what if Faison is still there? Lulu says not only can they take down a psychopath, it will boost the publication into the stratosphere.

Faison tells Obrecht she lied to him, and not to make it worse. All the years she claimed to worship him, she never said she’d had his son. She says she thought it best, and he tells her, no more lies. He asks why she thinks he brought her out here? She says he must have found her at Anna’s house, but he doesn’t want to talk about Anna. She’s dead to him.

Anna says Faison has the uncanny ability to anticipate what others thinking, and is always one step ahead. Nathan says the only reason he did the article was to draw him out. Dante looks at the photos, saying Obrecht kept him a secret, he’s still obsessed with Anna, and he orchestrated the memory switch between Jason and Drew, but they don’t know why. Anna says there should be another person there. They have no photo or description, but there’s one other person he’s targeting. Jordan has walked in, and asks, who? Anna says his other son.

Julian says he might have a terrible reputation, but he’s a legit small businessman now. These are his streets, and the people are his customers. Keeping them in their homes isn’t just the right thing; it’s good for business. TJ comes in and tells them that the apartment building has been padlocked, and the property condemned. Alexis says they should have received a notice from the Board of Health. TJ says all their stuff is still in there, and Molly says some of it can be replaced, but what about their gifts and mementos? TJ says it’s not like they’re homeless, but what about the other people? Julian says they’re going to lose their homes unless someone fights for them.

Peter tells Lulu that she has an editor. Lulu says her editor thinks the piece on Nathan was a fluke. Peter says anyone can write about a criminal and make it exciting, not so much a cat show. Lulu says he needs to tell her editor that he has faith in her, and do it before Faison claims another victim. She says Valentin is out of town, and it’s the perfect time. Peter says the police call that trespassing, and breaking and entering. Lulu tells him that she and Valentin share a daughter, and he asks if it was a wild, drunk night. She says it’s a long, complicated story, but if Charlotte left something there, she’d just be being a good mom to go looking for it. While she’s there, she could be compelled to explore. He tells her that Faison didn’t become the most wanted by being stupid. Lulu says the cops will be the ones to bust him, but they have to find him first. Maybe he left a trail of breadcrumbs, and with permission, she can follow them.

Obrecht doesn’t believe Anna is dead to Faison, and says Anna despises him. He must realize she’ll turn him in. Even now, Obrecht would do anything for him. He tells her to give him back the years he never had with his son. She says she misspoke. She can give him anything but that. He tells her to either help him or he’ll kill her. She tells him to go ahead, but leave Nathan alone. He wants to know about his son, and she says he’s nothing like either of them; he’s good.

Nathan says he has a brother? Anna says a half-brother according to Obrecht. His name is Heinrich. Obrecht came over super drunk and talkative. Jordan asks why Anna didn’t tell her, but Anna says she needed it confirmed. She just talked to Sonny, who discovered an unfinished novel about a son obsessed with destroying his father. They think Heinrich wrote it using the penname of PK Sinclair. Nathan puts a blank page up alongside the photos, saying, my brother.

Outside Charlie’s, Ned tells Olivia that he doesn’t want to scrounge for votes today. She says even if no one showed up at the polls, he’d still win. He thanks her for being beside him, but she says if she disagrees with anything or thinks he’s being an ass, she’ll let him know. She tells him to turn on the charm, and convince the doubters. They go into Charlie’s. Julian asks if “Ted” would like a table for two outside. Alexis says the last time Ned was there, it got testy. He promised a clean campaign before getting sidetracked, and Ned says he comes in peace. Since Laura is out, he’s the de facto mayor, and as such, he’d like to rise above their petty differences. Measure A is still on the ballot, and he’d like to form a special commission to oversee the Charles Street development. He’d also like Alexis to chair it.

Faison ties up Obrecht. She tells him that Nathan is a detective, and it’s his job to arrest him; he has no other choice. She begs him to do what he wants with her, but leave Nathan alone. He says he already did what he wanted with her, and because of it, they have a son. When he gets what he wants, he won’t need her anymore. He tells her to sit tight and relax.

Nathan tells Anna that his mother is a control freak; she never gets sloppy drunk. Why would she come to Anna? Anna says she’s terrified of Faison. Jordan tells them she caused a ruckus, and the neighbors called the police, but by the time she got there, Obrecht was gone.  Nathan asks how they know she’s okay, and Anna tells him that she got a text. Dante asks how his father got involved. Anna says the situation isn’t ideal, but Sonny wants to be involved. Jordan asks how that’s going, and Anna says she’s working with him, and they’ll leave it at that. Anna leaves, and Dante asks if Jordan bought that. She says, not one bit.

Peter says Lulu has a nose for news, and a lot of guts, even when sane people are saying to drop it. She asks if that’s what he’s going to tell her editor. Peter says her editor gives her the assignments, but what she does on her own time is her business. Whatever she chooses to do, be careful. His phone rings, and he tells her to promise she’s not going to do anything crazy. She smiles, and leaves. It’s Anna on the phone, and Peter asks how he can help her. She says she realizes they haven’t met, but would like a minute of his time.

Alexis wonders why Ned doesn’t campaign to preserve the area, rather than knocking it down. Ned says it’s an area in progress, and thinks it will benefit he city. Molly says they were locked out due to a gas leak that’s not real, and they’re not going down without a fight. Olivia says maybe they don’t need one. Alexis appreciates his offer, but she can’t consider it unless he discusses the elephant in the room. The giant elephant that covers 90,000 square feet when the arena gets built. She asks if he thought he was going to slip it past the voters without them noticing.

Nathan calls Obrecht and leaves a message. Jordan thinks she’s probably still sleeping it off. Dante says no one has seen anyone matching Faison’s description, but Jordan says he can change his appearance. Nathan wonders what if he never left Port Charles?

Peter says it’s an honor to meet Anna; she has quite a reputation in Port Charles. Anna says Nathan gave the interview in hopes of drawing Faison out. He hasn’t taken the bait, and wonders if Peter would be interested in a follow up story. He asks how she knows they’re not working on one already. She says what about a piece, stating an unnamed WSB source claims Faison is locked in a life and death fight with his son? Peter says he and Nathan have never met, but Anna isn’t talking about Nathan. She says another son is out there. He asks how she knows that, but she says it’s classified. He wonders how the article would flush Faison out, and she tells him they’ll include a clue leading to the son’s location. Peter says they’ll basically be writing something false to lure him in. Anna thinks just this once, it would be fine, but he says that’s where the trouble starts. He knows about justice, but also about ethics, and he’s not compromising for her or anyone.

Obrecht struggles against her bonds. Lulu walks in. Once again using a Star Trek transporter to get there.

Alexis wonders how Ned thought he could sneak something large enough to hold a hockey team past the voters, who will be footing the bill. Ned says corporate naming rights will help with the cost, but she says the taxpayers won’t see a penny. Running it will also cost money, and venues are known for skipping on utility bills. Clearly, someone is needed to speak for the people. Ned tells her that their voices will be heard, and she wonders how, over wrecking balls and jackhammers? Ned says they’re not looking to get rich; he can afford to do what’s right. Some things are coming down, but good things are going up. Life and progress are about change. They’ll thrive, and people and businesses will have a Charles Street they can be proud of. Alexis says they’re already proud of it . They want it restored and revitalized, not redeveloped. He tells her that unless she chairs the committee, it will be a done deal, but she says, no.

Anna tells Peter there’s nothing fake about the story. Faison does have another son; it’s a fact. That the son is determined to bring him down is also a fact. Peter says he needs proof to protect the paper. She says it’s not like they’re going to get sued for slander, but he says he wouldn’t be surprised. Actually, neither would I. He needs to verify that they’re doing the right thing. Anna says public safety is more important than the paper’s integrity. They’ll be held up as heroes. Peter says, and no one will believe anything else they say. She thought he wanted to help, and he says if he gets verifiable information, they’ll jump on it. She says it’s about shedding the light on truth using deception. They’ll be deceiving a dangerous criminal. They get their man, he gets his scoop, everybody wins except Faison. Peter tells her he’s not compromising the integrity of the paper. She asks what about Drew, who lost all of his memories? He’s the co-owner of Aurora. Peter says if she wants to go above his head, that’s fine, but in the meantime, he’s running the company to the best of his ability. Anna doesn’t believe he really wants to help, and asks why? He doesn’t know what she means, and tells her good day. When she’s gone, he ponders. Rumor has it, he’s the other son.

Nathan tells Dante he has a father from hell, and a brother who’s a chip off the old block. Dante says he hates Faison; how bad can he be? Jordan tells Nathan that she has round the clock surveillance on Maxie. Dante says Lulu has done her first and last story on Faison.

Obrecht tells Lulu to hurry; he could be back at any moment. Lulu says the knots are complicated, and Obrecht tells her to find something sharp to cut them. She can’t find anything, and decides to call Dante. Too late. Faison takes the phone out of her hand. He says if she wants a story, she’s got one

Ned tells Alexis sorry they don’t see eye to eye, and she says he sounds like a politician. He says opinions and suggestions are always welcome. She tells him it’s not a suggestion; it’s a political platform. He asks whose? He’s running unopposed. She says, not anymore. She’s officially running for mayor.

Anna sees an email from PK Sinclair. It says, ready to meet tonight.

Nathan leaves another message for Obrecht, saying he’s worried and to text him. He needs to know she’s okay. Jordan says Faison has evaded capture for years, and has to know they’re looking for him. Whatever brought him to Port Charles, he’s not leaving empty handed.

Faison tells Lulu thanks for the article, and Obrecht says, see what hell she unleashed? He tells Lulu that she should have stayed out of it. Now what is he supposed to do with her?

Tomorrow, unless I have a heart attack from all the excitement, Maxie asks what’s wrong, Felicia wants Finn to tell Anna that he loves her, and Anna asks Sonny for a favor.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Hanna says Benny doesn’t learn. He tells her that Veronica was in an accident. She says that doesn’t explain why he was holding the snake by the tail, and tells him to stay away. She wonders why he won’t listen. She says they just buried the baby, and she’s not burying him. She asks if he’s still sleeping with her, but he swears he’s not. She says Veronica is dangerous. He says he and Mitch just happened to be there and asks why she’s at the hospital. She tells him that she had to go to the morgue for Quincy Jr’s things, and shows him the letter. God please help grandma to stop yelling at mommy and help mommy to be a better person and take care of me. Hanna asks where Candace is, and Benny says the Artisian. Hanna wants to show it to her, but Benny says she’s not in a good place. Hanna says she never is. He asks her to think about it, but she says she’s not thinking about anything, and to leave Veronica alone. She never actually says Veronica’s name, but calls her “that woman.”

Hanna asks Benny what room she’s in, but he doesn’t want to say. He tells her if things get bad, Veronica can help him. She says Veronica won’t help anyone but herself. She’ll bury him, and not think twice. She doesn’t get why he won’t listen. The nurse comes out, and says Veronica is asking for him, but he says he’s busy. Hanna asks what’s going on. He says Veronica just needs somebody, and Hanna suggests she ask for her husband, but remembers he won’t have anything to do with her either. Mitch asks if Benny is leaving, and Hanna says he is. Mitch says he’ll catch up with Benny later.

At the Artisian’s bar, man asks if he can buy Candace a drink, and she compliments his watch. She orders a drink, and asks him to hand over his credit card to the bartender. She asks what he wants, and he says to be nice to a beautiful young lady. She says time is money, and he’s like, oh, okay. He says a beautiful woman like her sitting alone at a bar says a lot. She asks what it says, and he tells her that she’s working. She tells him it says she’s expensive. She asks what he does, and he tells her that he’s a truck driver, but she doesn’t buy it. He asks what she does, and she says make men like him very happy. She says to meet her in an hour or get lost. He calls her a mean one. She tells him to call his wife and say good night, since he’ll be busy, and he says yes ma’am.

Charles and Landon have a drink in the hotel room. Landon says Charles will make a lot of money when he gets out of office with book deals and speaking engagements. His popularity is off the charts already. They toast to the voters. Charles gets another drink, and calls Landon a lightweight when he doesn’t want one. Landon asks about the Army. Charles didn’t see combat, but he learned discipline. He needed to change his life, and get away from a girl. Landon says he probably has a crazy effect on all women. They’re all over him, and they all want to be the First Lady. Charles says he’s not into any of them, and doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure. Landon says he doesn’t do it, but it could be okay with someone with as much to lose who could keep secrets. Charles says don’t let him find out he’s running around with one of these women, and Landon says he’ll never have to worry about that. Charles decides to turn in. Landon watches as he takes off his shirt and flops on the bed.

The DA calls for Jeffrey, who’s taken out of lockup and brought to the interrogation room. George introduces himself. He wants to chat about Jeffrey’s case. Jeffrey says he wants a lawyer, and he’s not talking. George says he’s just curious why his mother would give him up like a tossed salad. Jeffrey isn’t saying anything, except that his dad is his lawyer. George tells him that his mother said it was her, but Jeffrey says she lied. George wonders if she’s getting back at him for telling Jennifer he’d testify. He asks if Jeffrey knows Judge Marsh. When he says no, George says he knows her husband, and asks if he isn’t sleeping with him. Jeffrey wants his lawyer. George says his mother was in an accident. Jeffrey asks if she’s okay, but George doesn’t know. She was in a car that flipped over, along with his fiancé. George asks if his fiancé knows he’s having an affair. Veronica seemed excited about it, but he told Jennifer he was gay, and she was making him live a lie. George asks why his lawyer’s not there? Jeffrey says he called, but doesn’t know. George says they’ll give him another phone call, and lets him go back.

Erica compliments David on the dinner. He says sorry it was on the floor, but she thinks it was romantic. They talk about furniture, and he asks if she’ll help him decorate. She says what if they get to know each other and find out they don’t really care for one another? He thinks they’re past that, and it’s not going to happen. She thinks she should just leave, but he says, and go where? She doesn’t know. Wherever she goes, he’ll find her. Her sister is the only family she has. He tells her to stay there with him. She agrees, and they toast to themselves. He kisses her. He’s going back to his condo to get his furniture, and tells her to stay there. She tells him the police are at the front door.

It’s Justin, who tells David that his son told him to get in touch, since his calls were going to voicemail. Jeffrey needs his help. He’s in jail because Veronica had him arrested for Quincy’s murder. David thanks him, and goes back inside. He asks Erica if she’s okay; she’s shaking. She says her ex is an officer. David says it was about his son, and he has to take care of something. He’ll leave her the keys and call her when he’s on the way back. Outside, he leaves a message for Veronica, telling her she went too far this time, and answer the damn phone.

Justin’s phone rings. It’s Wyatt calling Jeffrey’s phone. Wyatt asks if it’s that damn cop, and says to put Jeffrey on the phone. Justin tells him to stop calling, and Wyatt says the jealous thing is ridiculous. Justin says call Jeffrey again, and he’ll bash Wyatt’s head in. Justin hangs up, and Wyatt calls again. He asks who Justin thinks he is, and Justin says he’s coming over to show him. Wyatt calls back a third time, and gets voicemail. Wyatt leaves a message asking where Jeffrey is, and why that thing is answering his phone.

Derek arrives at Kathryn’s house. He tells her that she doesn’t owe him anything for Hanna’s sink; there was a loose ring causing the clog. She has a couple of small jobs for him, and asks if he met Hanna. He wonders what she wants, and realizes she’s playing matchmaker, but Kathryn insists she’s not. He asks if she created the clog in the sink. She ignores that, and asks what he thought. Derek says Hanna seems like a nice lady. She wants to give him Hanna’s number, but Derek says to give Hanna his number. Kathryn says Hanna is a traditional southern woman, and he has to go after her. He says between her and Veronica, he doesn’t know what to do; Veronica also keeps trying to hook him up. Kathryn tells him not to listen, and Derek tells her about the accident.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Melissa all the tests look good. He asks when she last had a checkup, but she doesn’t know. He thinks they should make sure the baby is okay, but she says she’s fine and doesn’t want any tests; she doesn’t give a damn about the baby. She wants to know where that bitch is, and is disappointed to find out Veronica is going to recover. The doctor seems kind of shocked at the way she’s talking, but geez, you’d think he’d be just a little more concerned.

Bartender Rocky asks if Candace wants another drink, and she says she does. He asks if she’s had a hard day, and she tells him to pour the damn drink, so I guess that’s an affirmative. He tells her careful. He heard people talking, and there’s a guy who looks like vice. She asks about new girl, checking out a young woman at one of the tables. Rocky says she’s doing well, and Candace asks if he got his cut, telling him you always pay the house. He asks when that started, and she says now; she’ll talk to her.

A dude comes up to Candace, introducing himself as Leonardo. She says he’s vice; she can smell them. He asks if she’s a working girl, and she says she’s a college student. He asks why whores come to nice places, and not keep in their lane. She says she’s studying law, and if he doesn’t stop bothering her, he’ll be fired, and to get away with his cheap-ass aftershave. He moves on to new girl. Candace tells Rocky that he’d better warn her, but on second thought, don’t. See how it plays out.

Melissa goes to Veronica’s hospital room. She sits on the bed, and tells Veronica she looks bad. We should all look this bad. She looks maybe a little bit tired. Veronica says Melissa tried to kill her, and Melissa says she tried to kill the both of them. Veronica says she’s crazy as hell, and Melissa says, that makes two of us. Veronica says she’s not taking care of Melissa’s mother anymore; she’ll be starving and hungry. Melissa doesn’t give a damn. She says Veronica doesn’t get it. She’s a crazy-ass girl who’s out of control; she has a rebel streak a mile long. Her dad died, and she didn’t get to say goodbye, and it’s now Veronica’s problem. Veronica says people die, and it’s a good thing Melissa is having her grandchild. It’s the only thing keeping Veronica off her ass. She asks why Melissa is there. Melissa says she needs money, and starts digging in Veronica’s purse. Veronica asks if she’s lost her mind, and Melissa asks if she just figured it out. She calls Veronica a bitch, and screams as she leaves the room. That was interesting, and I wonder if the director (does Tyler Perry direct these too?) just let her have at it.

Veronica calls the courthouse, and leaves a message for one of the judges. She says her daughter-in-law is unstable. She needs to have her committed, at least until the baby is born. After she’s finished, she says the dumb bitch doesn’t even know when she’s being set up.

In his office, George talks to Sarah. He says they have Jennifer’s body with the note pointing to the Cryers; their son Wyatt says they did it; and Jeffrey is going down for Quincy’s murder after Veronica gave him up. He states the obvious, saying it’s one messed up family. He still wants more information; enough for an indictment. Veronica is such a snake, he wants to make sure all the T’s are crossed, and the case is solid, so she can’t wiggle out. Sarah wonders what more he could want, but he says they’re dealing with the Cryers, the Harringtons, and lost money. He needs some DNA. Presenting a dysfunctional family at each other’s throats won’t work; he needs something solid. Sarah says they’re working on it.

Out in the hallway, Oscar comes up to Sarah, and hands her a phone, saying it’s for her. It’s Jim, but she pretends not to know who he is. He says he needs her at a hotel room at lunchtime. She tells him it’s not possible, but he says, sure it is. He thinks she’d better get her ass there, and hangs up. Oscar asks if the call was unpleasant. As he walks away, he says if he was her, he’d be there.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s Benny and Hanna, but she doesn’t want to see them. She doesn’t want to hear anything Hanna has to say. Hanna asks, not even from her own baby? and gives her the letter. Candace reads it, and Hanna says the baby knew this needed to be fixed. Candace says there’s nothing to fix; she let them kill her son. Hanna says, no, she didn’t. Candace says she doesn’t have time for this; she’s busy turning tricks. Hanna asks what it’s going to take, and Candace says, her dying. Hanna says the Bible says we should forgive, and Candace calls her the perfect saint. Hanna tells Candace that she never said that, but she’s wondering where all this anger came from; she doesn’t understand. Hanna says she’s sorry. She’s prayed, stopped praying, and doesn’t know what else to do. Candace doesn’t care. Benny says he’s not doing this anymore. He tells Candace that their mom has a nice house with plenty of room. Candace tells Hanna not to worry about her stepping into the house Hanna’s “massa” got her. Hanna hoped the letter would shake up something, but guesses there’s nothing. Candace wonders how the bullets missed Hanna. Hanna begged her for Quincy, and he would have been safe in foster care; he’d be alive. She says it’s just as much Benny’s fault, and to get out. Benny says War wasn’t after him. Hanna says that Candace has to make it the way she wants it, and to let it go; she’s hurting. Candace says Hanna knows nothing about her and to get out. There’s a knock at the door, and the truck driver (or not) comes in. He thinks he has the wrong room, and Candace says they need to go.

Hanna says Candace has to let truck driver dude go. He’s her father.

Next time, Kathryn continues to play matchmaker, Justin attacks Wyatt, and Hanna tells Candace she was an unwanted baby.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

LVP arrives at Vanderpump Dogs. She meets Peanut who came from a hoarder. She’s incredibly tiny, and I want her. They also have her sister. LVP thinks having the puppies come in feeds her addiction. She says Ken is going to want this one. He’s very attached to Giggy, and wants him cloned. It costs fifty grand, and LVP isn’t too sure. She thinks of what the money could do for the rescue. In her interview, she says he’s never talked about cloning her. They discuss the lawsuit. They were going to merge with another rescue center, and Ken thought they should withdraw. He had given them $40K, and now the woman is suing, saying Ken reneged on the partnership. Ohh, Peanut is sleeping half inside Ken’s shirt. LVP thinks Ken needs to be more stringent and careful.

Teddi visits her esthetician, Josh. She’s not into shopping, but likes a facial. She’s a fan of Botox, but has steered clear of fillers until now. She tells Josh about the Vegas trip, and thinks bringing Josh over is an appropriate thank you gift. She says they don’t have a lot in common, but they’re all concerned with their appearance.

Kyle is hands-on with American Woman, and we see clips of her involvement with the show. She says they film in the same lot that she and Kim grew up on. Kyle gets choked up watching an episode. She says as a child, her mom hid her vulnerability, but she can see it with an adult perspective now. She feels her sisters don’t understand the project, because it’s “inspired by” not “based on” their life. If she wanted something new as a kid, her mother would tell her to get a job and work for it. That’s how my father was. True story. The summer before my senior year of high school, my boyfriend was in NYC attending summer acting school. I wanted to visit, and my father was like, no way. I argued that I couldn’t do anything there that I couldn’t have done already where I was, since I was home alone while my dad was at work. He saw the logic in this, but told me although he’d pay for the plane ticket, I had to pay for the rest. That was fair.

Dorit asks Erika to come along to shop for PK’s birthday gift. Erika is glad they’ve put their differences behind them. The shopping trip is a chance to communicate without outside influences. They discuss men acting like infants when they get hurt. The rich – they’re just like us! Dorit goes to a Pagani dealership, but neither one of them know anything about these cars. The dealer tells her there are only thirty of them and the car is three million. Erika says Mr. Gerardi would have a problem with that. They take it for a test drive with Erika driving. She thinks it’s like driving a spaceship. It blows away her Lamborghini, and she’s like Little Sisters of the Poor in comparison. Dorit says if she buys this, PK won’t be thinking about the car, but taking her to an insane asylum for spending so much.

LisaR puts heavy cream in Harry’s tea, and it curdles. Harry says there’s a reason he does the cooking. He’s doing three different projects. LisaR gives Harry credit for turning down roles when the kids were small, so he could be there with them. Harry thinks Delilah going to NYC before she has things lined up, gives her too much leeway, so he doesn’t want her going before classes start at NYU. LisaR thinks the kids have to learn the hard way, and that sometimes you have to get your heart broken. Harry says his mind goes to scary things, but LisaR says she has a bubble of white light around them. He says he feels so much better now, and asks if creeps bounce off the bubbles. He wonders if maybe they could sell them.

Little dogs! Peanut! I want her! Kyle brings Portia and her friend, Elle, to Vanderpump Dogs, along with one of her dogs, Storm. One of the groomers has called in sick, so LVP pretends she forgot to tell Kyle. In her interview, LVP says she just likes to mess with Kyle, and they’re going to groom the dog themselves. Storm is not liking the bath one bit, and I can identify with this, since my Juliet screams like a banshee. It takes both of them to lift him onto the grooming table for drying, and LVP attacks Kyle with the hair dryer. Afterward, Kyle tells LVP that she got Storm from the rescue they were almost involved with. She says something like that is bound to happen when you own multiple businesses. LVP says it takes its toll, but she wonders how Ken is doing. She says it’s out for public consumption. She wonders why Teddi is so upset with Dorit, and we flash back to Lategate. Kyle says it was an argument over time that became something else, and does a wonderful impression of Dorit.

Teddi calls Dorit, and asks her to come early, before everyone else, so they can chat. In her interview, Dorit acts like an idiot about having to come a whole fifteen minutes earlier.

Teddi and her party planner, Jaime, grew up riding horses together. Teddi isn’t big on entertaining, but gets OCD when she has an event. Dorit manages to get there early. She says bright and early, but it’s just after four pm. They both get a drink. Dorit wonders why she got her rosé in a champagne glass. She tells Teddi that she’s not letting anyone touch her face. In her interview, Teddi says she was good with that ahead of time, and even mentioned it on the invite. She tells Dorit she didn’t really care that she was so late, and they immediately disagree on the time they were supposed to meet. Teddi tells Dorit that she’s never wrong about time; she’s an accountability coach. Dorit asks if she really thinks she would lie, but Teddi doesn’t know. She’s defending herself for something she didn’t do wrong, and talking about it to someone who isn’t involved. Dorit wonders how she got to be the villain. Teddi says it was obviously a miscommunication, and Dorit thinks she’s overreacting. Teddi says Dorit put her in the position of having a conversation with another woman about her. Dorit asks why Teddi didn’t talk to her, and if she’s talked to the others. Teddi says she did, and Dorit wonders what she did wrong. Teddi says she also hurt another girl’s feelings, and brings up Camille. Teddi realizes she’s not getting anywhere, and says, fine, let it go. Dorit says she’s changing her glass. I think the problem with Dorit is that she’s just plain rude.

LisaR says she’s always up for a spa day, and she needs a fluff and puff. Dorit brings up the glass again. LisaR understands the glass differences, but doesn’t give a sh*t about them. Dorit tells them she’s planning a 50th birthday surprise party for PK, and she’s thinking old school, Frank Sinatra. PK has never had anyone plan a party for him. She has family and friends flying in. His family lives in London, and she feels like there couldn’t be anything better. It’s also black tie. Teddi doesn’t focus on aesthetics, and is uncomfortable about being out of her element. LVP joins them.

LVP says she heard about LisaR mentioning her husband. LisaR says she read about it, and wondered how they were doing. LisaR insists it was nothing malicious, although it didn’t seem that way to me. In her interview, LisaR says it’s all over TMZ, so you’d better believe she’s talking about it. Not malicious? She’s so full of it.

Kyle and Erika round out the group. Erika tells us that Tom has never been at home this much during the entire time they’ve been together. She needed an escape. Dorit pounces on Kyle about the time thing, and it’s like she’s watching a ping-pong match between Dorit and Teddi.

Camille arrives. Dorit says this is the most childish conversation ever, and Teddi says drop it, and gets on the table for a procedure. In her interview, she says her glam circle is more like a circle of death. Dorit tells LVP that Teddi claims Camille was offended by what she’d said. Erika says she left the house to get some peace, but instead of a glam circle, she entered a hen circle. Everyone gets various treatments done. In her interview, LVP says if poking fun at LisaR were a sport, she’d get a gold medal. There’s also a station with flowers and terrariums and crystals. I don’t know what that’s about, but it looks really cool. I love terrariums.

Dorit thinks it’s funny to bug Camille during her treatment. Camille tells her that the c-word is harsh, because she’s too stupid to know this. Camille also wasn’t happy with her strap-on comments.  Dorit says it came out of nowhere, and if her actions caused Camille hurt, she apologizes. In her interview, Camille is sure she’s sincere, but it would take a lot to trust her. They hug, and say they’ll do lunch.

Next time, LVP discusses Teddi with Dorit, PK’s party happens along with Boy George, and Dorit calls Teddi a psycho.

🍁 Since there was a block of time between shows, I saw Stripped. It was day six, so I figured they’d at least be somewhat clothed, and I wouldn’t have to see what I didn’t want to, even if it was blurred. I thought it was a rip-off. From what I understood, the participants started off with nothing, and each day they were allowed to reclaim one item, be it a fork or pants. The two guys I saw were totally dressed, including one wearing a baseball cap, and they kept going out to dinner with friends who paid for everything. There was an interesting moment at the end where they grilled some food, and used palm fronds as plates, along with twig utensils, but on the whole, this show was nothing like I thought. And I call cheating.

💃 I’ve also kind of been watching I Am Jazz, but I feel the same way I do about Sister Wives. I like the people a lot, and there’s the dynamic of living outside the norm, but it’s just day to day stuff. My neighbors are probably more interesting. Well, maybe not my neighbors, but somebody’s.

😵 I re-watched Vanderpump Rules. Jax’s face at the end, when he sees Brittany’s mother has come to visit, is worth the whole hour.


A Pagani Car

January 16, 2017 – Josslyn Gets The Talk, Candace Turns Oscar Down, Dorit is Late & Some Fluff


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Josslyn says Carly sounds serious; it must be major. Carly says it is.

Kim tells Oscar that they have to talk.

Michael shows up at the gallery, saying Nelle didn’t need to have the lab results sent to his office. She wanted to make sure he knew they were real, and he says he thought she might want to be there when they were opened. Nelle tells him she already knows what it says, but wouldn’t mind seeing the look on his face when he sees he’s the baby’s father.

At the hospital, Griff asks Ava how it went. She says she has the all clear. In a few hours, her scars, and all the ugliness they represent, will be a bad memory.

Jake visits Drew at the office. He needs to ask a question. It’s Father/Son Day at school next week, and Jake needs him to be there.

Jason and Sonny look at PK Sinclair’s last email. You referred to the sequel. Clearly you haven’t read the ending. Jason says it ends with the son killing the father. Sonny says PK wants to kill Faison.

Carly tells Josslyn that seeing her in the cocktail dress scared her. She looked beautiful and grown up. It’s fun to try on being adult, but she’s fourteen and just discovering who she is. The next few years are pivotal, and Carly doesn’t want her to slingshot to the end. When she tells Josslyn she wants her to slow down, it’s because she wants her to experience all of it. She wants Josslyn to get to know herself and who she is, so she can make big decisions from a place of self-control and responsibility, not because she’s being pressured. Josslyn asks if this is “the talk.”

Oscar can’t believe Kim is doing this in public, but she says she didn’t bring her megaphone. She thinks he needs a refresher course, and asks why is he pretending that what’s happening, isn’t? He asks what she’s talking about, and she asks why Josslyn has condoms. He says it has nothing to do with either of them. Josslyn is holding them for a friend (yeah, I used that one too). Trina is afraid her mom will find them. Kim says they shouldn’t do it, and he says they’re not doing it. She tells him, good, because fourteen is too young.

Nelle tells Michael she would say congratulations, but isn’t sure it’s something he wants to celebrate. He’s glad he knows truth, and she asks if he thought it would say something else. He says, no. His gut told him that it was his baby. Nelle says, so it’s just for his parents. She says Carly is going to hate it, but Michael says all that matters is the baby. Whatever they can do to raise a healthy, happy child, sign him up. She asks what he’s doing next Monday.

Ava tells Kiki that she can’t thank her enough; she doesn’t deserve it. Kiki wants her to feel whole, but tells her to be careful. She doesn’t want Ava to think because her face is fixed, everything else is fine. She needs to figure out what’s going on inside. Ava says she might be pleasantly surprised. Once this horrific chapter is behind her, the rest will fall into place.

Drew tells Jake it must be important. Jake says they eat doughnuts with their dads, show them around the classroom, and do a cool science project together. Drew says if Jake wants him there, he’s there. Elizabeth comes in, and Jake asks if he’s in trouble. Elizabeth says it depends on why he’s there, and Jake says he wanted to tell Drew about Father/Son Day. Elizabeth says she would have brought him, but Jake says he thought maybe she would want him to take the other guy.

Jason tells Sonny there was a backer who Andre never saw. Faison is their best guess, and they have reason to believe the traitor is his son. Jason wants Faison, and wants to know why he did the switch. Sonny says they’re going to figure it out, and use his son to do it

Josslyn says this is coming out of nowhere, and Carly says that’s how she felt when the condoms fell out of Josslyn’s backpack, and no, she wasn’t snooping. Josslyn says she was holding them for a friend, and Carly says that’s the oldest excuse in the book. Josslyn tells her that Trina is seeing a junior, and was afraid her mom would find them. Carly says, thank God; she’s too young. Trina is too young too, but Trina isn’t her daughter. She’s not doing it, is she? Josslyn says no, and Carly asks if they’ve talked about it. Josslyn says, not once. Carly thinks the universe is trying to tell her something, and asks Josslyn to have a seat.

Kim tells Oscar when she heard about the condoms, she was actually happy that at least what she’d told him had sunk in. Oscar says they haven’t even talked about it. Kim tells him if and when they decide, it’s really important that they’re both on the same page, they both feel the same, and want the same things. As much as people say it’s not a big deal, it is. Oscar keeps rubbing his arm, and Kim asks what’s up with that? He tells her that Drew was teaching him some boxing moves and strategies, and it was really cool. Kim says she’s glad they talked, grabs her stuff, and jets, leaving both Oscar and I puzzled.

Nelle tells Michael that maybe he wants to come to her next prenatal visit. She’s having a sonogram, and he can see the baby. She says it’s really cool to listen to its heartbeat; it sounds like a horse galloping. She tells him that Kim thinks it’s important to have the father involved for bonding, but he doesn’t have to be. Michael says he wants to be, and plans to be as involved as he can. The paternity test isn’t the only reason he came to the gallery though. He thinks Ava has an ulterior motive, and that she’s setting Nelle up.

Griff asks if Ava is nervous, but she says she’s energized. She has to run by the gallery to check on an important client. She calls him a guardian angel, and says he saved her.

Jake tells Elizabeth it’s not that doesn’t like Jason; he doesn’t know him. Elizabeth understands, and asks if he feels pressured about having a relationship with Jason. He says no, but she talks about him a lot, and he thought she’d want him to take Jason to the Father/Son Day. She says no one expects that of him; not until he’s ready. He asks, what if he’s never ready, and she says it would be a shame. Jason is a great dad, and he’s lucky to have two amazing fathers. Jake says Jason is a stranger. Elizabeth agrees, but says he didn’t go away because wanted to. He was taken, like Helena took Jake; taken away from everyone he loved and what belonged to him. The cool part is that he didn’t try to grab everything back even though he could have. He respects everyone’s feelings, and loves Jake and Danny. She’s not saying how he should feel, but thinks it’s important that he knows Jason only wants what’s best for him. He’s Jake’s biological father, and she hopes one day when he’s ready, Jake gets to know him.

Sonny tells Jason when he finds Faison, he’s not going to question him; he’s going to kill him. Jason wants answers. Sonny thinks he knows. Obrecht said Faison was looking for an enforcer. It was impossible to have Jason, so he turned him into Drew. Jason wonders if it could be that simple. Sonny says that Jason eliminates quickly and cleanly, and does whatever Sonny asks him to. Who wouldn’t want that? Jason has to hear it from Faison. Sonny says he might be able to, once they smoke him out. Jason asks what Sonny has in mind?

Carly asks Josslyn if other kids are talking about it, and she says, some. Carly asks if they’re doing it or just talking, and Josslyn says, both. Carly suggests she take what she hears with a grain of salt. Kids think sex will make them grow up, and they pretend to do it or actually do before they’re ready. She asks if Trina’s boyfriend is pressuring her. Josslyn doesn’t think so. Trina seems to be into it, and says it’s no big deal. Carly says it is a big deal. It’s intimate and personal, and there’s only once chance for the first time, so it should be memorable. She and Oscar aren’t ready. Josslyn says she seems to be forgetting they’re not having sex. Carly wishes she had waited, and could look back and smile, but she can’t. Her first time was with an older man who didn’t really care about her. Josslyn asks why she did it, and Carly says she wanted to be a woman and make own choices. At the time, it was the biggest choice she could make, but it didn’t make her feel older or cooler, it just complicated things. She wants Josslyn to have a different experience, when she’s older and emotionally ready. She wants Josslyn to be with someone she trusts and feels safe with, in a loving environment, so it can be something she’ll look back on and smile.

Michael tells Nelle that Ava is a liar at best, and a murderer at worst. Nelle says she was the only one who would give her job, and she’s been nothing but kind. Michael says she wants something. He doesn’t know what, but when people get close to her, they get hurt. Nelle thanks him for the warning, but when it comes to Ava, her eyes are wide open. Funny. That’s what Michael told Carly about Nelle.

Griff tells Ava she’ll have confidence of who she is at her core. She dances into her surgery appointment.

Drew loves Jake, and loves being his dad, but Jake owes it to himself to get to know his biological father. Jake asks if it won’t upset Drew, but Drew says Jason is just another person to love him, and that’s a good thing. Jake asks if he’ll still see Drew, and Drew says Jake will get sick of him. Jake says never. Drew says Jake’s mom is right. He knows Jason does the right thing, and that makes him a good guy, but he’s missing out because he has no Jake in his life.

Jason writes an email to PK Sinclair: I can help you get the ending you want. He says, now we wait. Michael calls Jason asking him to meet at Kelly’s. Sonny says he’s going to call Spinelli and have him link the email accounts. Jason leaves, and Sonny says, PK Sinclair, come out, come out, wherever you are.

Carly wonders why Josslyn was telling Oscar that something was going to blow his mind. Josslyn realizes she thought they were talking about sex, and tells her she was clearly wrong. There are new attire guidelines for the dance, and one prohibits kids not dressing according to their gender. There’s one kid who identifies as female, and is being forced to wear a guy’s clothing. Carly thinks it’s awful, and Josslyn says it’s kind of her fault. Her friend has been bullied, so they complained, but instead of punishing the bullies, they’re punishing her with stupid rules. Carly says, good for her, sticking up for her friend, but Josslyn says she’s not done. They decide to throw an alternative dance – come as you are, wear and be want you want. They planned it the same night as the school dance, hoping for a boycott, but it could be grounds for suspension. It’s not ideal, but she’s committed to seeing it through. Carly says she should. Caring for people and doing what feels right is important, and Carly is proud of her.

Griff runs into Kiki, who wonders how is it she never sleeps, but can’t manage to talk to Dillon. He hopes he didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, and Kiki says no. Her mom is way off base. He asks how things are with her and Ava. She says it’s not the first time Ava has hurt her, and it won’t be the last.

Kim bursts into Drew’s office, saying she didn’t raise her son to be soldier. He’s teaching him boxing. What next? Target practice or ROTC? She tells him not to turn Oscar into something he’s not. Drew says, fair enough, but he’s no longer in the Navy. This is what he does now. He doesn’t remember being a SEAL, and is pretty sure he was never a recruiter. He’s not trying to get her son to do anything. Kim apologizes, and says he did nothing wrong.

Michael tells Jason about the paternity results. He’s a father. He’s never been so terrified and excited at the same time. Jason says welcome to parenthood. Michael says he got involved with an unstable woman, and now they’re having a baby. He’s taking responsibility, but what if the baby isn’t okay? Jason says it will be; it will have him.

Sonny tells Carly it’s early for wine, but she says not after the conversation she just had with Josslyn. He asks if she wants to talk about it, and she says not really. Sonny tells her she’s taught Josslyn by example to be strong, confident, and demand respect; sometimes too confident. Carly wonders if they’ll survive the teenage or will it kill her? Sonny says not if he can help it.

Josslyn joins Oscar back at Kelly’s. He asks what was up with her mom, and she says, awkward mom stuff. He knows.

Kim tells Drew she’s been having this conversation for fifteen years, and Drew says, now he suddenly shows up. She says her son was never aggressive, now he’s boxing. Drew explains that Oscar asked him. Apparently, a friend is getting bullied, and he wanted to defend them if necessary. Kim wonders if Oscar was really talking about himself, but Drew says he believes it. Kim says Oscar is a terrible liar, so he’s probably telling the truth. She apologizes for overreacting, saying she barged in and practically accused him of pumping Oscar full of steroids, when Oscar came to him. Drew says it shows he’s a good kid; she’s raising him well.

Ava goes to gallery. Nelle thought she’d be prepping for surgery, and Ava says she’s on her way. She asks about a painting, and Nelle gives her the receipt. Ava says maybe she’s catching on, but asks if that’s the only thing making her smile. She says that, and Michael was there. it went really well, and she might be on her way to being friends with him again. If she plays her cards right, maybe more than that eventually.

Jason tells Michael that he was the first baby he remembers holding. He had no idea, and knew nothing about kids. Michael says he got on the job training, and Jason says Michael taught him how to be father. Michael taught him how to open his heart up to another human being, and he learned to love someone else more than himself. Michael says there’s so much at stake. What if he messes up? Jason says he won’t. He has great instincts. No matter who the mom is, the baby has a right to everything good, and he knows Michael will do that. Michael says his life is going to majorly change, and Jason says, in the best way. There are one and a million amazing things he’ll see; the first times – a smile, words, the first everything, and he’ll be there. Michael says it’s a gift, but terrifying. Jason says he’s happy for him, and happier for the baby. The baby could do worse for a father. Michael says he’s got this. They hug.

Kiki says Ava is lucky to have Griff, but he says he’s the lucky one. The road might be longer and rougher, but he believes today will be a turning point.

Ava tells Nelle it means zip with that family. They forget nothing, and don’t forgive. The Corinthos family has closed their ranks forever to her. Nelle asks what she should do, and Ava tells her to cut her losses, and move on to a new Prince Charming. Anything else is an exercise in futility. Nelle says she’s probably right. The hormones are making her sentimental. Ava tells her to hold down the fort.

Kim tells Drew it will take time; it’s been just them for so long. Drew promises he won’t overstep or try to be an insta-dad if Oscar comes to him. Kim thanks him.

Jason tells Michael to practice deep breathing; he’ll learn as he goes. Michael asks, what about Nelle, and Jason says that’s not his problem. Michael and Jason part company.

Nelle tells the baby not to listen to Ava. Daddy is the only Prince Charming she wants.

Elizabeth takes Jake to Kelly’s. He sees Jason through the window. Jake hesitantly waves. Jason waves back.

Sonny gets a message from PK Sinclair saying they should meet. Jason comes back, and he says Sinclair took the bait; he wants to meet. Is Jason ready? He’s ready.

Tomorrow, Ava is ready to be a new woman, Scotty toasts to Ava, and Ava sees Morgan.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica starts screaming that she smells gas. Melissa tells her to keep screaming. She wanted to take the scenic route, and no one can hear her. She didn’t care that Melissa’s father died, and now it’s her turn. Jeffrey is going to dance on her grave. Veronica keeps calling for help, but Melissa refuses to do anything. She’s going to sit there and wait for Veronica to die. She’s never smelled fried bitch before.

Benny and Mitch drive by and see Melissa sitting near the overturned car. They tell her to get away; the car might blow, but she hopes it does. They realize someone else is in the car. Mitch asks if Melissa is crazy, and she says after dealing with Veronica, it’s a possibility. Mitch runs to get a fire extinguisher. Veronica is going nuts, and Benny tells her to relax so he can help. Benny pulls her from the car.

At the hotel desk, Jim tells Broderick that his room key doesn’t work. Broderick says that’s because it’s not his credit card. Jim says if Broderick doesn’t get him in his room now, there won’t be a need for hotel policy; he’ll burn this bitch to the ground. He says he knows about Broderick and his wife scheming against him. Broderick gives him a new key.

Jim watches the news in his room. The DA says they’re close to making an arrest. The reporter wonders if it’s going to be a Cryer. Jim watches, and says, I know you. Oscar calls, and tells him to open the door. He asks what Oscar has. It’s good news and bad news. His son’s accounts are offshore, but they’re in luck, because he’s a bit of an addict. He went looking for drugs, and a thug got his ATM card, but they were arrested. Oscar thinks they should have recovery in a week. He asks where Jim wants the money to go, and Jim says he’ll text the information. He wants to get in touch with Sarah Duffy at the DA’s office, but no one can know.

Benny tells Melissa to be careful what she says. She says Benny should have let her die; she’s a wicked bitch. Benny thinks Melissa should go to the hospital, but she doesn’t want to. The EMT says it’s policy, although I’m not so sure about that. Veronica begs Benny to go with her to the hospital. Mitch tells him to go ahead, and Benny gets in the ambulance.

A guy does paperwork in Wyatt’s apartment. Wyatt walks in, and he introduces himself as Isaac. He says Anna called to be reassigned, and he was sent over. She’s been compromised because of the two of them sleeping together. Wyatt wants to talk to her, but Isaac says it’s not possible. Wyatt tells him to get out. Isaac knows Wyatt is upset. Anna is a recovering addict, and felt weak with him. Wyatt asks why she didn’t tell him, and Isaac says in the past, that’s how these situations have been handled. Wyatt tells Isaac he’s fired, and hustles him out. Wyatt calls Anna, and leaves a message. He can’t believe she walked out on him like that.

Oscar calls Wyatt, saying he’s with the Savannah police department, and they have someone who tried to use his ATM card. Wyatt says she tried to rob him. Oscar asks her name, and Wyatt tells him it’s Quita. Oscar asks if he wants them to file a report with the bank, but Wyatt says no, and hangs up on him. Oscar calls him an arrogant ass.

In a hotel stockroom, Broderick talks to Rocky, about Jim, saying he’s going to get Jim’s wife. Rocky says revenge is a good way to ruin the plan they have going. Broderick says they need to start making other plans. Rocky thinks they should get more girls, but Broderick isn’t down with that plan anymore. He needs bigger money than that. Rocky doesn’t think Kathryn will be interested, but Broderick says anyone married to a prick like that isn’t happy. He can at least fool her long enough for her to think she is. He tells Rocky that she’s worth $250 million, and Rocky is like, damn, that’s a lot of money. Broderick says he just has to make her feel special and get out. Rocky says everything is about appearance, and no way she’d be seen with him in public on her own. He doesn’t want their plan jeopardized. Broderick says that’s not going to happen.

Hanna sings Amazing Grace as she cleans. The bell rings. It’s a man Kathryn sent to fix the leak. He says he built the place, and introduces himself as Derek. He asks how long it’s been leaking, and Hanna says she just moved in, but she’s just staying until she finds a place. She says she can’t afford it there, and asks if he knows of a place that’s a third of the price. He does, but it’s on the other side of town. She’s fine with that, and he says he’ll leave his card.

The morgue calls. Hanna says she’ll come down and get them. She asks the Lord to help her. Derek has to shut the water off, and asks if she’s okay. She says her grandson was murdered. The morgue found something in his pocket, and she has to go get it. He asks if there’s anything he can do, and she says fix the sink.

Kathryn’s phone rings. It’s Hanna, who tells her about the morgue calling. Kathryn asks if Hanna wants her to go along, but Hanna just wants to know if it’s okay to leave Derek there. Kathryn says he’s completely trustworthy, and to call her when she gets back.

David puts a bed together. Erica says he works fast, and he says she shops fast. He’s hoping she likes the bed, but she thinks it’s a little masculine. He asks her to help him with his feminine side. His phone rings, but he doesn’t recognize the number, so he doesn’t answer.

Candace asks to pay for another night at the hotel, but it’s been paid for a month. She says she must have forgotten, and Broderick tells her it was paid for in cash. She goes to the bar, and Oscar sits next to her. He tells her that he paid the bill, and she asks why. He says he still has the mark, but she says she’s not interested. He asks what’s wrong with her, and why she’s so angry. She says she wouldn’t be if he hadn’t stolen her money. Oscar tells her she’s not getting it back, but he’s trying to help her, and Charles still asks about her. She tells him to leave her alone, and he says he’ll cancel her stay. She’s like, okay, and he wonders what her plan is. Candace says it’s to get him the hell away from her.

Oscar’s phone rings, and he asks about Quita being arrested. Candace asks what he knows about her. He says she robbed someone, and he wants information to do a recovery deal. She asks if it’s Jim, and Oscar says it’s his son; Jim’s trying to get back his inheritance. Candace says it should be easy; he’s an idiot, and Quita is a bigger idiot. She suggests she help him, but he says he’s got this already. He asks if she has any idea what First Ladies make after leaving office. The mark is primed ready to go, and she’d rather bully old men. He asks what happened? She had a fire in her when they met, but now she’s like a regular old whore, waiting for the next john. He says Jeffrey is sitting in jail for a murder she’s responsible for. Candace is surprised to hear that, and Oscar says if he was her, he’d think about securing his future in case Jeffrey decides to talk. He tells her she’s running out of time, and she tells him to get away from her. She calls Veronica, and leaves a message to call her back.

The morgue guy gives Hanna a plastic bag of Quincy Jr’s things. She takes out a piece of paper. It’s a letter that starts with, God, please help… Hanna clutches it to her chest, and says she’s sorry.

Justin gets Jeffrey out of his cell. Again? All the prisoners hoot and holler as they walk past. Justin takes Jeffrey to the interrogation room, and tells him to have a seat. Justin sits on the table and asks if he’s okay. He hates that Jeffrey is in there. He found David’s cell number, but he’s not answering. Jeffrey gives him the password to unlock his phone, and says try calling from there. Justin says he’ll be okay. Jeffrey asks to go back to his cell, but Justin says it’s shift change; they have time. He sits on Jeffrey’s lap and Jeffrey says someone could walk in. Justin says it’s more fun that way, and Jeffrey asks if Justin’s wife thinks it’s fun. He asks if Justin has talked to her. Justin says he doesn’t care; he just cares about Jeffrey. Jeffrey says she could make it worse for him being a judge. Justin says he knows Jeffrey loves him. Jeffrey says he barely knows him, and asks him to stop and just find his dad. Justin says if Jeffrey doesn’t love him, it will mean he did all this for nothing. He tells Jeffrey to say it, and Jeffrey says, I love you; now find his dad. Justin starts kissing him.

Landon asks Charles what’s going on? Charles can’t get his tablet to work. He doesn’t know what he’d do without Landon, and Landon says ditto. Charles says it’s just a job for him, but Landon says he’s wrong. He loves his job, but it’s also his pleasure to work for Charles. He admires and respects him. He hasn’t met anyone like him; he’s real, decent, and honest. He has true compassion for people. He tells Charles that his top-secret clearance is causing his apps not to work, but he’ll take care of it. He says Charles has a late start tomorrow, and asks if he wants to go for a drink. Charles says okay, but as his friend, not his employer.

David pours drinks for himself and Erica. His phone rings and he ignores it. Hers rings, and she decides to do the same. He asks what if it’s her ex, and she says she blocked the number. She looks at the phone, and says it’s her sister. She calls back, and it’s Candace. David wanders away, and Candace says she wants to get this bastard, or Erica’s ass will be dead. Erica says she’s sorry, and asks how she can make it up. Candace says a few hundred grand. Erica asks how much time, and Candace says when she calls back, Erica had better have it. Erica tells David that her sister was just checking up on her.

Veronica is wheeled into the hospital on a gurney, with Benny holding her hand. Hanna is coming toward them, and she and Benny lock eyes.

Next time, Jeffrey won’t talk to the DA, Justin is going to bash someone’s head in, and Melissa harasses Veronica in the hospital.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit needs an uber caffeine boost for her swimwear meeting. She was on the cusp of going to the next level, when she met PK, and postponed her career to start a family. She wouldn’t trade it for anything, but is ready to get back to work. She thinks it’s going to be a killer collection. Nava means beautiful in Hebrew, and is Phoenix’s middle name, so that’s what she’s calling the line. She wants to launch for resort 2017. I’m not sure when this was filmed, but her assistants tell her she’s cutting it short. She thinks the line should reflect her, and it’s agreed that red is having a moment.

Teddi, who is a nice balance for this show, is meeting Dorit for drinks at four. She’s punctual, and believes it’s polite. We’re totally on the same page there. I hate, hate, hate when someone keeps me waiting. It’s disrespectful. She has a glass of wine, and has been waiting for a half hour. In her interview, she says if she wanted to have some wine alone, she would have done it in the comfort of her home. After forty minutes, and a bunch of unanswered texts, she’s calling it a day. As soon as she asks for the check, Dorit tells us she was laser focused on her teleconference meeting. In her interview, Teddi says she’s not an electronical wizard but is pretty sure Dorit could have sent a text while she was on the phone. She tells Dorit, another time, and Dorit babbles that she didn’t realize. Dorit is about fifteen minutes away, but Teddi is like, later. Dorit is all, sorry, sorry, sorry. In her interview, Teddi says thanks for the apology, but it’s a different kind of person who doesn’t even realize they’re that late to meet someone.

Kyle says she doesn’t have swans or horses, but still feels like she has a zoo with all her dogs. Ha-ha! Yes, she does. The little one just peed on the wall. Rich people – they’re just like us. LisaR video chats from Canada. Kyle asks when she’s coming back. She’s filling in for Kelly on Kelly and whoever-it-is-now in the morning. In her interview, LisaR says she was very close to being Regis’s co-host, and does a decent impression of him.

Lisa goes to Vanderpump Dogs and plays with a puppy. She says it’s been a labor of love, and we look at different clips of their progress. She says they were throwing in with another organization, but decided it was too sketchy. She loves having the rescue center, even though it’s riddled with emotional turmoil. Every time they get a dog that was going to be euthanized a good home, it’s worth it. The staff shows her a stray dog they brought in from the street, and she says it looks like Ken. They show their pictures side by side, and by God, she’s right.

Kyle meets Erika for lunch, and orders beet juice. She asks about Tokyo, and Erika had a great time. LisaR’s daughters are doing well on the modeling front, cut her no slack, and it was hilarious. Kyle tells Erica that she has two shows in development. In her interview, Kyle says every time she has an idea, she thinks her sisters will be upset, but she has exceptional stories to tell. Erica tells her about Tom breaking his ankle in a car accident. In her interview, she says he’s a 78-year-old who’s 50. It sounds like the car didn’t make it though.

Erika confers with her assistant. They talk about jet lag, how you think you’re cool, and then you’re not, and I identify. Erika tells him about Tom’s accident, and says it could have been worse. In her interview, she says she realized that one day she’ll be alone, and things can change in a moment. It’s the first time she’s seen Tom not super human. He’s in a lot of pain, and he doesn’t like to acknowledge it. She saw a flash of fear, and she’d never seen that before. It’s scary.

Kyle visits Teddi’s gym. Teddi says for the first five minutes, Kyle might hate her. Instructor Adam teaches them on a climbing machine. Teddi says Kyle did better than she did the first time. Afterward, they go to a porridge bar, which I’ve never heard of, but sounds intriguing. Kyle gets a juice, and Teddi gets a salad. Where’s the porridge? Kyle tells Teddi that Dorit claimed she was twenty minutes late meeting Teddi, and she was annoyed. Teddi says she was waiting almost an hour. She gets it if someone is busy, but she hired a nanny for the kids and is there waiting, and Dorit couldn’t even text saying she was going to be late.

LisaR checks into the NYC hotel. Wow. A fruit plate, champagne, and all kinds of stuff. She immediately wipes down everything with alcohol wipes, then calls Harry. She tells him she’s been getting texts that are saying he’s mean, and he says he’s being firm. He’s determined to get the girls in shape. In her interview, LisaR says he’d say she was the more lenient parent. They talk about Amelia doing her own laundry. Amelia FaceTimes with her, and doesn’t understand why she’s being subject to such menial tasks. In her interview, LisaR says she wants to prepare them to be on their own. She knows it sounds like stuff everybody should do, but everybody doesn’t.

Dorit meets Kyle at a Mexican place for lunch, and manages to be on time. Dorit talks about being tardy only six minutes, and says it’s an unfair recollection of the truth. In her interview, she says they were supposed to meet at four thirty. Teddi’s leaving was abrupt, and she doesn’t understand why it happened. Kyle says she’d never wait an hour for anyone. I WANT HER EARRINGS. They’re rose gold tassels, and HUGE. Kyle talks about selling her show ideas. She starts to cry, telling Dorit how her mom was all about the girls sticking together, and a victory for one, was a victory for them all. She doesn’t feel like she can call them about it though. She doesn’t know the reaction she’d get, and her parents are gone, so she kept it to herself. She says she and her sisters used to talk every day, but it changed after she produced American Woman. She says the shows are inspired by her life, and not theirs. She tells us Mauricio worked for her brother-in-law for years, and when he struck out on his own, it changed the family dynamic.

LisaR tells the hair guy to make it look not frizzy. She talks about teasing Regis that she’d the next co-host. Kelly was perfect, but she was close, and loves coming back. She says the first time she co-hosted was seventeen years ago. If she had gotten the job, their lives would be different. When Harry said how happy he was in Beverly Hills, she knew it was right because, family first. I loved the show that she co-hosted with Ty Treadway, Soap Talk. Alas, it was on the Soap channel, that also is no more.

Hanky! Panky! Dorit visits LVP at Villa Rosa. But not long enough.

Kyle meet Camille and Teddi for lunch. They’re waiting for LisaR coming in from New York. Kyle asks if Teddi has talked to Dorit.

LVP and Dorit go out for lunch. LVP asks about Dorit having another baby, but she’s swaying toward not doing it. She has two toddlers, plus PK, and is starting the swimwear line. She’d be crazy to throw another baby in the mix. Dorit tells LVP about how upset Kyle was, not being able to share her success with her sisters. LVP is surprised that she was that open with someone she doesn’t know well. Dorit says she feels that they’ve bonded and have a connection. In her interview, LVP is surprised that Kyle was so overcome with emotion, and was showing it to Dorit. Dorit says she’s put off by Teddi right now.

Teddi isn’t irritated about Dorit being late anymore, but it bothers her that she changed it to twenty minutes.

Dorit shows LVP Teddi’s text at 4:36.

Teddi shows the girls the text where Dorit thought they were supposed to meet between 4:30 and 5:30. She wonders who gives between an hour to meet at a restaurant?

Dorit says she couldn’t have apologized more, but Teddi couldn’t wait any longer, even though she was ten minutes away. Another five minutes shaved off.

Teddi says she thought she could just get over it, but then Kyle said Dorit claimed she was only twenty minutes late.

Dorit says Teddi Claims she was kept waiting fifty-four minutes. She’s exaggerating times, and making her out to be an idiot and a bad guy.

Kyle says Dorit told her that she was six minutes late. In her interview, Camille says Dorit is a little bit self-absorbed, and a bottomless pit of BS. Teddi says she understands if you can’t make it, but don’t lie about it.

Dorit says she has strict time restraints that others might not understand. I choke on my coffee. LVP gets how important that can be, and says a friend gives you slack. LVP changes the subject to Dorit calling Camille a stupid c-word.

Camille says she was bringing David around for the first time, and she was nervous enough. She was embarrassed. She thinks Dorit talks and drinks too much, and might be desperate for attention. In her interview, Kyle thinks saying someone drinks too much is a big deal. I don’t. Dorit was talking too much because she was drinking too much. Kyle brings up LVP using the word, but Dorit isn’t British. It’s true. They don’t think as much of that word as we do.

Dorit says she doesn’t have an issue with Camille, but was just being stupid. LVP suggests Dorit look at it from Camille’s POV. She has a new boyfriend, and introduced him to the group for the first time. A light bulb comes on over Dorit’s head, as she realizes she might have been rude.

Camille says Dorit hurt her feelings. She was inappropriate, and it really is a nasty word.

LVP says Dorit can mess with her, but some people don’t have the same sense of humor. Maybe she needs to apologize. Dorit wonders why she always puts her foot in her mouth.

Camille says she’s getting Dorit a ball gag as a gift. In her interview, Kyle says Dorit’s mouth is like a tennis ball machine. LisaR arrives. She tells them how much fun she had, then blurts out that she knows “this little thing.” A “little lawsuit thing” with LVP. Allegedly something happened with Ken and a woman who was running a charity. Perhaps the sketchy organization LVP referred to? Allegedly, Ken assaulted her somehow. Kyle says assault implies physical violence, and he’d never do that. Ever. She tells LisaR that’s hard to believe, and gives her the evilest eye ever. I don’t buy it either. And little lawsuit thing? That’s just distasteful.

Next time, LVP attacks Kyle with a dog hair dryer, Harry talks to LisaR about the boys being after the girls, LVP addresses LisaR, and Kyle and Teddi have it out.

🏄  Summer House is returning – Monday, January 22, at 10 pm. I’m not sure why. I kinda, sorta, half-assed watched its first season, but once crossover Stassi (Vanderpump Rules) was gone, so was my interest. It’s like a mini Real World, but with older “kids.” Definite train wreck watching.

🍲 For those who like their cooking competitions with a Spanish flair, MasterChef Latino airs on Telemundo Sunday nights. Although I’ve enjoyed watching The Beastmaster in Spanish, I didn’t actually watch this show, but noticed it skimming around the digital guide, and thought it worthy of a mention.

To celebrate the middle of the week, employees at Gortney Industries built an actual hump.



January 9, 2018 – The Painting Follows Franco, HAHN Returns, Dorit Tops Her Own Idiocy & Giggy!


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Julian the landlord is sketchy at best. Julian says he’s across the street, and can be there in thirty seconds if he sees anything is wrong. Alexis tells him not to think he’s going to get anything in return.

Laura is visiting Elizabeth, and Elizabeth asks if she’s happy. Laura says she thought she’d never love again, but it can surprise you. Elizabeth says yes, it can.

A guy delivers the painting of the brothers to Franco’s office. Franco says it was supposed to go to his studio, but the guy tells him to call the company if he has a problem. Franco asks the painting why it won’t leave him alone.

Olivia-Q tells Ned that she’s his wife, and he’s supposed to love, honor, and listen to what she says. He would be a perfect candidate. He says he’s not running for mayor.

Michael says that Carly is cleaning and organizing. From his experience, that means something is bothering her. He asks if she wants to talk about it, and she asks how much time he has.

Sam thanks Jason for coming. He asks if something is wrong. She says it’s not life or death, but a problem needs to be addressed. She needs a divorce.

Alexis asks Molly what’s going on? She says Curtis hasn’t been able to prove sabotage with the boiler. Alexis says something will come up, and Molly says they intend to expose the landlord for the greedy rat that he is.

Franco tells the painting it’s only a gruesome reminder that when he was three, he pushed a kid down the stairs. It was long before the tumor. He wonders how Elizabeth would be able to love him if he told her. He’s sure she would touch him, and say he was just a kid, and she still loves him, but what if she freaks out and goes back to Jason? He would die. He loves her too much to risk losing her. He can’t risk losing the best thing in his life, even if he doesn’t deserve it. He’s sorry for what he did to Drew.

Jim Harvey calls Ned, and says he has an arena with his name on it. He’s wondering when they’re moving to the next step. Ned says they would if he was still with ELQ, but he left, thinking it best for everyone concerned. As far as the redevelopment, he’ll be dealing with Michael moving forward. Jim says Michael has been less than receptive, and Ned tells him good luck. Olivia joins Ned, and tells him she also believes it’s best for everyone. He asks her if she’s including the city of Port Charles. He’s a businessman, not a politician. She tells him that they’re not mutually exclusive, and his experience gives him a leg up. He says she’s not giving up, is she? and she asks if he’s met her.

Carly wonders why Michael has no reaction to Nelle working at the gallery. He says he’d prefer she sought employment somewhere else, but it’s none of his business. Carly reminds him that Ava caused Morgan’s death, and he knows what Nelle is capable of on her own. Who knows what will happen with Ava’s influence. He says it’s not his call. They told her get job, and she did. Carly thinks it’s just a strategy to get him back. Michael says that might be, but his eyes are open, and he sees her for what she is. He knows she’s playing a game. What she doesn’t know is, so is he.

Sam explains to Jason that she and Drew were originally married under the wrong name. When they went to get the marriage license, there was a problem with the paperwork – she and Jason are still technically married. She needs a divorce. It only changes things on paper, but it’s important to her. Jason tells her it’s okay. He gets it. Just send the paperwork to Diane, and he’ll sign it. Sam doesn’t want to complicate things, but he says he won’t fight her on anything. She knows that, but they need a reason, even if it’s not contested. She shows him a list of reasons for divorce, but he says none of those are them. She wonders what is?

Jim goes to Charlie’s, looking for the manager. Julian introduces himself, and asks what he can do for Jim. Jim was hoping he could do something for Julian.

Molly tells Alexis they’re going to have a rent strike. They’re going to hang banners from every window, and everyone will know the injustice being done. Maybe the local news will get involved, and they can out the creep for the rat that he is. Alexis says no.

Jim tells Julian he’s offering him more than enough to relocate. Julian says Charlie’s is staying put.

Molly asks Alexis what about defending people’s rights? She watched her mother do that her entire life. Now she’s telling Molly that she shouldn’t?

Laura tells Elizabeth that she would have laughed if someone told her she’d be married to Doc. The truth is, she was scared. Maybe Elizabeth can relate to love not working out. Elizabeth jokes that she has no idea what Laura is talking about. Laura says she was gun-shy, and Elizabeth asks why she took the risk. Laura tells her because of how Doc looks at her and makes her feel. It was the smartest move she ever made.

Doc visits Franco’s office. He says the painting is fascinating. It’s beautiful; the depth and the mirror image of the boys. He also had twin. Saying his twin was a tortured soul is an understatement, and he died some time ago. Franco says he’s sorry, but Doc says he made peace with it. He feels peace when he looks at the painting. The boys are companions, trying to get to an idyllic world that represents safety. If they could break through, they’d have everything they want. That’s how he sees it. Franco says that’s one way to look at it. He tells Doc it’s on its way to storage. When he looks at it, it evokes a different set of emotions. Doc says for what it’s worth, he’d think twice about putting the painting or his emotions in storage. It’s amazing what you can do when you face them head on.

Michael says he hears Carly, but it’s already in motion. He has no legal recourse, and can’t tell Nelle who to work for or who to associate with. The more he pushes, the more she’ll do the opposite, He has to make her think she’s winning him over. Carly says as long as she doesn’t. It scares her. It’s not like him. She’s the one who plays people, and he didn’t inherit that. He asks if she’s calling him a pushover. She says he has the ability to see the good in people, and gives them the benefit of the doubt, which makes him more vulnerable. Michael says he was that baby in an endless tug of war. You don’t go through that and not learn something. He tells Carly that he only cares about his child.

Sam tells Jason sorry about New Year’s Eve; it shouldn’t have happened. She says the divorce isn’t because of that, and she feels badly that things are screwed up for him. he says it’s not her fault. She says it’s not his either. Neither of them could have known what was ahead when they got married. He asks if she would have changed it, and she says no. He says neither would he. Sam tells him that she said the vows because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Jason says he wanted to make her happy, and still does. If divorcing her makes her happy, then he will.

Alexis tells Molly for the sake of sanity, don’t escalate things. At least not until Curtis finds out what they need to know about this guy. Alexis leaves, and Julian tells Molly that her mom is right. She says nobody asked him.

Laura tells Elizabeth that Doc is probably out printing up buttons and posters for her campaign. Elizabeth thinks he might be on to something, but Laura says one successful speech doesn’t a mayor make. Elizabeth tells her not to sell herself short, and Laura says she’s a risk taker now. She thinks sometimes the way to find happiness is to let go of what feels safe and comfortable, and go for it. She leaves, and Elizabeth closes the door, saying, just go for it, to herself.

Carly thinks it’s kind of ironic how she acted when she was pregnant with Michael, and wonders if what goes around comes around, Michael tells her that he’s not saying she behaved well, but he believes the decisions she made were in his best interests, because she loved him. She says she still does, and it scares her. She doesn’t think Nelle is wired that way. He says he’ll be careful, but Carly says she still worries about him. He tells her that he has to talk to Ned.

Michael goes over to Ned’s table. Olivia says she has to get back to work, but the conversation isn’t over. Ned says it never is. Michael tells Ned that he believes the company’s strength comes from it being a family operation. His offer is genuine, and if Ned feels like Michael treated him with anything other than respect, he sincerely apologizes. Ned accepts, and Michael asks if he’ll reconsider his resignation.

Franco brings the painting home. Elizabeth kisses him, and he says he’s going to go out and come in again; he likes the way it’s going. She says she wants to set a wedding date right now can’t wait to marry him. They kiss some more.

Sam says it seems strange to thank Jason. He says they didn’t break their promises, they just didn’t keep them in the way they expected. Sam says he made her happy back then, and made her whole or got her to a place where she could become whole. She can’t repay him for that, but he tells her to just live, and find joy in being a wife and mother. Sam says she does, and Jason says he can tell. He’s glad she’s getting to live the life they both know he couldn’t give her. He starts to leave, and says, irreconcilable differences. They should use that, because he loves her, and she loves Drew.

Laura sees Jim’s card near the register at Charlie’s. Julian says if she’s looking for him, he’s right there. She introduces herself, and he says she would like to talk to him about the redevelopment project. He says he heard about her speech, and was hoping their paths would cross. He says his plans were misunderstood; he has only good plans for Port Charles, and hopes she would share his vision. She says she has a particular interest in the area, especially the children and families living there. She asks how his vision is going to benefit them.

Olivia asks if Carly is okay. Carly says that Nelle played their family from the second she landed, and now she’s going to be part of their family. Mothers have all the rights and all the say, and it drives her crazy, thinking Nelle is calling all the shots after what she did to the family. Olivia says if Carly needs her help, to let her know.

Ned says at least Michael has the guts to admit when he’s wrong. Ned is happy Michael has come around to his way of thinking. Michael says in terms of the Charles Street project, at this point, it’s still off the table. Ned asks why invite him back then, and Michael says he wants Ned to run the South American division. It needs ramping up, and they need someone of his caliber to oversee it. Ned says it’s unbelievable. You don’t send someone of his caliber and experience to the boondocks. He wonders if Michael is afraid that it’s painfully obvious Ned should be running ELQ instead of him.

Franco asks if Elizabeth is sure. She says she’s done with being comfortable and easy. People like them stay safe after they’ve had trouble in relationships, but it’s time to rock the boat. Franco says he’ll rock whatever she wants him to, and she says that’s even better.

Jason sees Carly at the MetroCourt. She says she’s so freaked out. Michael says everything is under control, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Jason is the only person he’ll listen to, and she’s afraid to push him. She asks where Jason was, and gets all excited, realizing he was with Sam. She asks what happened, and he says there’s nothing to tell. Sam asked for a divorce.

Alexis asks Sam what’s so urgent? Sam needs help with divorcing Jason. They’re 2011 marriage is still valid, and technically, they’re still married. She blurts out that they kissed the other night. It was like being transported back in time. She doesn’t want to be that person; that person doesn’t exist anymore. They both have to let go. Alexis asks if she’s letting go for the right reasons.

Julian tells Molly that her mother is worried about her. Molly says she clearly asked Julian to keep an eye on her, but she doesn’t want him anywhere near her. If she has a problem, she’ll call Sonny, Jason, Drew, the garbage man, or anyone who’s not him.

Jim tells Laura that growth comes at a cost. She says it doesn’t have to, and offers to show him around personally. He tells her he’s committed to the plan as written, and hopes she’ll come around. It’s a struggling neighborhood that finally has the chance to reach its full potential. She tells him not to hold his breath. He tells her it was nice meeting her, and leaves. Doc comes in, and asks what he missed.

Michael asks if Ned thinks he’d compromise the company to avoid agreeing with him. Olivia returns, asking if everything is okay. Ned says Michael just reinforced his decision to leave ELQ. Michael is sorry he feels that way. He wishes Ned the best, and tells him the door is always open. Olivia tells Ned to take deep breaths. Ned says behind those puppy dog eyes, is an ice-cold shark. Michael is making a mistake not listening to him, but Olivia says maybe it’s for the best that they carve out their own paths. Ned asks if she thinks his should be to the mayor’s mansion, and she says he’s smart, has a head for business, and has lived in this town forever. It’s true that in getting things done, it’s who you know, and he knows everyone. Ned asks if she really thinks he can do this, and she says she knows he can.

Franco chugs milk from the carton. He tells Elizabeth that he forgot to pick up more, and has to go. When he comes back, they’ll do something, like plan a wedding. Elizabeth suggests they practice for the honeymoon, and he tells her that practice make perfect.

Carly wonders if Jason and Sam are rushing things to avoid dealing with their feelings. Jason says they’re not rushing. He loves her, and she wants the safe and stable life she can have with Drew. Carly says, but she won’t have him, the one thing Drew can’t offer her, and it’s the one thing Sam wants, even if she won’t admit it.

Alexis is concerned that Sam is having emotional upheaval and is confused. Emotions are running high, and if she’s marrying Drew because of Jason, Drew will pick up on it not. She’s not saying to go back to Jason, but to not do anything right now. Jason is an inseparable part of her life. She needs to make peace with that before she thinks of marrying Drew.

Jim rings Elizabeth’s bell, and asks to talk to Franco. Elizabeth says he’s not home, so Jim leaves his card. He asks if Franco used to go by the name of Bobby Frank; he thinks he knew him as a kid. He remarks that Elizabeth’s home was part of ELQ’s renovation project. He says he hopes to do the same for Charles Street. Franco arrives, and Jim says, man, have you grown. Well, let’s hope so.

Laura thinks the renovation will be a disaster for Charles Street. The worst part is the spineless local government, and she doesn’t see anyone stopping them. Doc says he does. Sitting across from him.

Ned can’t believe he’s considering running for mayor. Olivia says he’s lived his whole life there. Ned says she would make the perfect politician’s wife. She says before they know it, she’ll be feeding the whole town cannoli. What does he say?

Doc tells Laura that this is her chance. Laura says he’s right. Both Ned and Laura say they’re running for mayor at the same time.

Sam tells Alexis that Jason was her first love, and she’ll always love him. Whether she marries Drew now, or ten years from now, that love will always be there, but they don’t act on it. Alexis promises that one day, Sam will wake up and not think about it, and that it will get better.

Carly tells Jason that she wants it for him, but knows he’ll be fine no matter what. She’s worried about Sam, and Drew wouldn’t want a wife who was in love with someone else. Carly had the best life with Jax, but she wanted to be with Sonny, and their marriage couldn’t take it. Jason isn’t nearly as toxic as he thinks he is. They can still have a future. Jason says, not if Sam doesn’t want to.

Sam tells Alexis that she’s actively choosing to marry Drew because she loves him, and loves their life together. She loves everything about him, and wants everyone to know it. Alexis says okay. She’ll help her with the divorce.

Tomorrow, Olivia wants to start campaigning, Charlotte asks Nina why she’s mad at Cassandra, and Jordan questions Valentin.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Justin calls for Harrington at the jail, acting like he doesn’t know Jeffrey. He tells him to step out of the cell and put his hands behind his back, and cuffs him. He takes Jeffrey to the interrogation room, and moves in for a kiss. Jeffrey says there are cameras, but Justin says he doesn’t care – since he made sure they’re not working. He asks how Jeffrey is, and Jeffrey wonders what kind of question is that? He asks what happened with Justin’s wife, but he hasn’t been home. It will be there when he gets there. Jeffrey says Justin needs to talk to her. Justin says Jeffrey is his man, and he did all of this to have him. Jeffrey needs him; he’s all Jeffrey’s got right now. Jeffrey tells him to back up; he’s not doing this. Justin says everything will be fine; he’ll make sure of it. Jeffrey says he’s sorry for what Veronica did, and Justin says he’ll handle it. Jeffrey asks what that means, but Justin is evasive. He says they have that bitch. She got him in it; they just have to get him out. Jeffrey asks if he killed her, but Justin says not here, and don’t say a word to anyone. He kisses the back of Jeffrey’s neck as he cuffs him again.

Kathryn, Hanna, and Benny come back from the funeral to Hanna’s new home. Hanna tells Benny to stop worrying about her, but he says that will never happen. He goes upstairs, and Kathryn says she’s sorry, but Hanna says there’s nothing they can do about it. Kathryn says pray for waves; waves of grief. Hanna told her that, and it helped. Hanna hopes it will help her, and Kathryn says just keep on praying. Kathryn asks how she’s getting settled in, and Hanna says it’s still new. Kathryn tells her to relax; she’ll get used to it. Hanna says she’s never lived anywhere she hasn’t paid. Kathryn suggests she come back to work for her. Her maid isn’t getting the hang of it at the new house. Their families have been through too much, but they can move on. She needs Hanna, and isn’t going to stop asking.

There’s a knock at the door. Benny answers. Hanna wishes she’d been there earlier. Quincy Jr. would have been safe. Mitch comes in to check on Hanna. He tells her if she needs anything, let him know, but she says she’s good. Kathryn’s phone rings. It’s Broderick at the hotel. She asks what her husband is doing there, and saysof course his credit was declined. She tells Broderick she’ll come there, and he can come to the desk and grovel. She tells Hanna that she canceled all of Jim’s cards. Hanna says she’s serious about the divorce. She asks who Broderick is, and Kathryn says the hotel manager. She’s not letting Jim stay, and is going to enjoy this. Hanna says she might stop by the new house and help the maid get settled in, just long enough to help her figure things out.

In the kitchen, Mitch asks, whose house? Benny tells her Kathryn gave it to his mom. Mitch says she seems like a nice lady, but Benny reminds him that she covered it up when her son hit him. He shows Mitch a truck for sale on his phone, saying they have to get back on their feet. He was thinking maybe Mitch’s family could give him a loan. Mitch says that’s a bad thing. Benny says he’s tried everything, but Mitch says the interest will be crazy. He says they were raking in the money before Candace did what she did. Benny says Mitch has to help. Mitch says Benny is his boy, and he’ll try to hook it up. Benny says he has no other choices. Mitch says okay, but know if something happens, there’s nothing he can do. Benny says he can handle it. They can be a team and keep it tight. No hurdle can knock them off the dream. Benny asks, hypothetically, if he messes up, will it come back to his family> Mitch says his family won’t be in it, but he will, and his knees, and arms. He’ll be buried in the reeds. Is he sure? Benny says let’s do it. Mitch says he’ll call his uncle. Benny asks to stop at the hotel on the way. He has to talk to Candace.

In her hotel room, a businessman type dude tells Candace she’s beautiful. She tells him to take his clothes off. He asks how much it will cost, and she says give her his wallet. She takes out the cash, and asks if that’s it. He says it’s $1800. She says it’s not enough, and tells him to get out. He says he’s not leaving until he gets what he paid for, and asks if she knows who he is. She says, actually, she does, and to get out. He asks what she’s saying, and she says he’s been robbed. She took his money, and she’s not having sex with him. She sees the tan on his ring finger. Obviously, he’s a corporate guy who worked hard to get where he’s at. Does he want to lose it all? He calls her a whore, and she says that’s right. She tells him that she saved him; go meet his wife. He calls her a bitch, and leaves, saying he’ll see her again. Geez, if it was that easy, we’d all be doing it.

Benny comes in, saying he came to check on her. Candace says he should call first. He asks if she’s turning tricks, and she says, see what happens if you don’t call? He tells her that she’s smarter and more capable than this. He’s her brother, and he’s not going to sit by and let her do this. Quincy Jr. dying was hard on all of them. She says he was murdered, and wasn’t his child. He says it hit them all hard; their mother is sick. Candace says she doesn’t care. Benny says she does. He knows she’s hurting and mad at the world. She tells him to go, and he says he has to talk to her. She says she has another john coming, but he says he’s going nowhere right now. If she’s not sleeping with them, how is she getting the money? Candace says she’s robbing them, and Benny says, like that makes it better. He tells her that their mother has a nice house with four bedrooms. They should be together; they’re a family. She says she’s never going to be around Hanna again; she let them kill her son. She’s going to get even with every SOB who ever did anything to her – Hanna, Jim, David, all of them. Benny says she started it, and Candace says she’s going to finish it. He should go before she calls security. He tells her when she’s past the anger, her family will be waiting. Candace says her family was cremated, but he says they’re her family too. He’s going back into business; she doesn’t have to do this. He says she should go back to school, get a legit job, and they’ll be good. She tells him to keep dreaming, and pushes him toward the door.

Jim tells Broderick to try the card again. It’s declined, and he’s like, wth? He asks if Broderick knows who he is, and says his family owns the hotel, with him and his wife owning 70%. Kathryn suddenly appears, and says, wrong.  Jim tells her his credit card was declined, and she wonders how that can be. Jim says this isn’t any fun, but Kathryn thinks it is. He demands she reactivate the cards, but she tells him the lawyer said they should keep their money separate until the divorce. He asks what he’s supposed to do, and she says he’s resourceful. This reversal of fortune might do him some good. Like one of the two-dollar whores he’s had, it’s time for him to pay for what he did. He tells her that he’s not taking this lying down. He’s reached his limit. She tells him to find somewhere else to live; take the easy way out, and sign the papers. He says they’ll no longer have spousal privilege, where they can’t be forced to testify against one another. She doesn’t give a damn, and tells him to sign the papers. She’ll give him $250K, and if he won’t take it, she’ll squeeze him until he does. Jim says she’s going to bring out the old Jim, and he’ll take her ass to the woodshed (whatever this means). Kathryn says she looks forward to it. She wants Wyatt’s address, but Jim won’t give it to her. She tells him that she’s getting security to escort him out.

Oscar watches as someone uses the ATM (maybe Quita, but it’s hard to tell). Oscar says, you’re not Wyatt. The police come and take the thief away.

Wyatt and Anna go back to his place. Anna insists something triggered him and he wants to use. He says it was nothing, but she won’t let up. Wyatt says he saw him, a priest who molested him. Anna says he’s safe now. Wyatt starts to cry, and says that’s why he uses. Anna says if he uses, he gives him the power, and they’re not doing that. He says he thought they were all dead, and she repeats they’re not giving them the power. She’s crying too, and he’s surprised she’s so emotional. She’s sorry he had to go through that. He asks if she wants to use, and she says they’re not using; they’re dealing with it. He asks if it happened to her too. She says her aunt. She’s strong in every situation but this. He hugs her, and moves in for a kiss, but she says they can’t; it’s not right. Wyatt kisses her anyway, and Anna kisses back. They get busy.

David tells Erica come on in; they’re at his house. He thought he and Veronica would be together there, but never showed it to her. He had it on the market, but is thinking of holding on to it. He says it’s too much house for a single man, and Erica says he won’t be single forever. He asks if that’s a proposal, but she says it’s a keen observation. He tells her it’s secluded, and no one could find her there. He wouldn’t mind living there if she was with him. Erica says they just met, but David says he knows her well enough. He’d enjoy being with her. She says she only has the clothes on her back, and he gives her a credit card, telling her to buy a wardrobe. He wants to know the name of her ex, but she doesn’t want him involved with all of her stuff. They move on to the kitchen. Wow. She hit the jackpot with this one.

Jim knocks, then walks in. David comes out, and he says he needs to borrow a credit card. He needs David to reserve a room in his name at the hotel too. Kathryn kicked him out. He was trying to give her enough space to get her mind back, but she’s close to pissing him off. Maybe he can get her back in line. He tells David, nice house, and wants to see it, but David says he has company. Jim wants to meet her – because he has nothing better to do – and David says another time. Jim asks if David has spoken to Mama Rose; she’s not returning his calls. David thinks the best way to get through is with Hanna’s son, Benny. He’s tight with her grandson Mitch. They’re the reason this mess started in the first place. Jim says he’ll talk to Hanna. He can’t believe Kathryn gave her maid a condo, and kicked him out of the hotel. David gives him some cash, and sends him on his way. Jim calls David a rascal.

Veronica’s car lies overturned and smoking. Wow. Six months later, and no one has called 911. It’s not far from the road either. Melissa crawls out of the window. Hanging upside down, Veronica asks for help, and Melissa says she’s the devil; keep calling her name. Melissa laughs. Veronica says she smells gas, and starts screaming. Melissa says, die, bitch.

Welcome back, Tyler Perry.

Next time, Melissa tells Veronica she’s going to sit there and wait for her to die, Jim threatens Broderick, Oscar tells Candace that Charles is still asking about her, and Justin tells Jeffrey he did everything for nothing.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

LisaR is flying to Tokyo to join her daughters doing their modeling thing. Erika is joining them as the teenage model wrangler. And of course, the glam squad will be there.

LisaR meets her daughters at the airport. There are some fans, and it blows her mind that they were working at the deli just over a year ago. She wonders what Kris Jenner would do, but it’s really not even close to that level yet.

LVP is having Kyle, Teddi, and Dorit over for lunch. Teddi says hello to the swans on her way to the door at Villa Rosa. LVP shows her around. In her interview, Teddi says it’s like a zoo castle, and wonders if unicorns are around the next corner. She meets the ponies. Next on the tour is LVP’s the closet. Teddi says her husband has the bigger closet, and LVP says that would be grounds for divorce. Dorit and Kyle arrive.

Kyle talks about how beautiful the vacation was. She raves about Croatia, and I want to cry. She says she had the genius idea of having the floors ripped up while they were away, thinking they’d be done when they got back. That didn’t happen. She says she’s going to have a party when they’re finished. Lunch is served. LVP says they’re supportive friends. They joke around, and Kyle says LVP is on the table now instead of being sneaky. LVP says Kyle holds her to a higher standard. Teddi wonders if LisaR knows a lot of the conversations revolve around her. In her interview, Teddi says there are two side to Dorit – the fun girl and the trash talker. She says one of them will turn on her soon enough. Everyone is laughing, but it’s probably true.

Teddi likes to keep active with the kids, and do real life activities. She says she lets the kids have a tablet when they go on a trip, and when they come back it’s like getting them off crack. She and Edwin take the kids on a jog on a mountain trail, with Edwin pushing a double-stroller. She wants them to have the childhood she didn’t since her parents divorced when she was nine, and wants them to have a joking banter about their parents’ love.

Giggy! LVP tells Hanky he’s a naughty boy. Bill and Susan from Beverly Hills Life magazine come over. LVP is editor and chief now, and thinks making decisions suits her perfectly. She shows them some jewelry samples she created with the fashion editor, and informs us that being without glamorous jewelry in Beverly Hills is a cardinal sin. She’s thinking of asking Dorit to model the jewelry. Susan says Dorit embodies the lifestyle, and thinks she must have modeling experience, since her social media is impeccable.

Erika tells us that she needs levels of clothing for Tokyo. It’s all about fun, and there are no fashion rules. LisaR says it’s crazy there. She goes to a store opening or something, where the girls are being featured. She says their careers have skyrocketed, unlike her own, which took forever. Erika gets all excited to hear the girls are doing Vogue Taiwan. LisaR says they’re categorized as millennials who are the children of famous people. The Kardashians opened the door, then the Hadids. They might get in the door quickly, but have to work hard, since the window will close in a hot second.

Dorit is getting her makeup done. She says it was ultra-last minute, but LVP says she doesn’t need a lot with her natural beauty. In her interview, Dorit wonders why LVP didn’t give her more of a heads up. She’s honored, but wants to look her best. She says it’s different from what she was told, but in spite of feeling uncomfortable, who could say no to LVP? She looks at the photos, but doesn’t like anything. She thinks she’s too shiny, but everyone else seems to love the pictures.

In Tokyo, Erika and LisaR wander around. LisaR loves that her daughters are killing it, but is bummed about them growing up. They’re not her babies anymore, and she’s glad Erika is there. She tells Erika about the horse show, and how she realized she’s done with the Dorit feud. Dorit doesn’t think she did anything wrong, but LisaR owned her part. Erika asks if she’s prepared to put it behind her for the sake of peace. Erika thinks LisaR has changed because her daughters are growing quickly, and she needs to set an example.

Kyle says it’s not the most opportune time to entertain. The floors still aren’t finished, and her OCD is in overdrive. She’s just going to keep the tequila flowing.

Erika dons a pink wig, and heads out with LisaR. They go to what LisaR calls a geisha house, but I think she means tea house. She proclaims it an authentic Japanese experience. They have to take off their shoes, and LisaR has to help Erika with her Gucci thigh-high boots. I’ve decided I don’t like watching LisaR eat. Both of them have some difficulty eating the local cuisine – things like whole baby fish – although they’re polite about it. LisaR wonders where her California roll is. Back in California. Erika talks about her son, who’s a police officer. She says you want them to be independent, but it freaks you out. LisaR says she’s been fortunate with no sexual harassment, but she knows what’s out there. She wants her girls to be able to trust their gut. A lady comes in with a stringed instrument and sings, while another woman dances. It’s kind of like the Japanese hula – a lot of hand gesturing.

The lights go out at Kyle’s place. Assistant Glen says everything is fine. Kyle says she’s always been worried about the power going out when she throws a party, and now it’s happening. Glen insists they’re not canceling. He says they’ll candle things up. Dorit and PK arrive first. Dorit says it’s one hundred degrees, and drinking is about the only thing that will get them through. The guests trickle in, while dog Storm makes a play for the buffet. Dorit wonders if there are any fans. I’m realizing that Dorit is a complainer. I hate that.

LVP comes bearing a hostess gift candle, which is more appropriate than she realized. Camille’s boyfriend David is coming. She met him at a Halloween party, which is pretty cool. Mauricio comes home. He says the neighbors have power, and asks if Kyle has called DWP, which I assume is their power company.

LisaR’s daughters meet her and Erika for dinner. Erika tells them that she and LisaR ate out of their comfort zone. They talk about a YouTuber who eats on camera, and show a clip of a girl eating pizza. Erika doesn’t understand what’s interesting about watching people eat obsessively. I’m not sure, but I don’t understand what’s interesting about this one in particular. In her interview, LisaR says she tries not to make food weird. The subject of porn comes up, and Delilah (or maybe it’s Ameliah) says LisaR’s sex book taught her some techniques. I vaguely remember this book, and puzzle over why anyone would want to read it. LisaR says if you’re going to learn it, learn it right. She reads aloud in her interview, and wonders how she could put these things in a book. She says your job as a parent, is to give your children the tools to conquer the world, but she didn’t think she’d give them this.

Mauricio is working on the power situation. Kyle asks if he’s sure he paid the bill. Camille introduces David around. LVP says it’s been a tough journey, and she’s happy for her. In her interview, Kyle says there’s Dorit on her own, and Dorit with a couple of shots. It’s like she has an evil twin. At the table, Dorit does an imitation of LVP. In her interview, Kyle thinks LVP is a little jealous of her connection with Dorit. Dorit claims to be the only one not scared of LVP. Camille says they’ve all seen each other at their worst, but Dorit says she hasn’t seen Kyle that way. She brings up her discussion with PK about having another baby. Camille says she doesn’t have a uterus, so she’s out. Dorit goes off on a tangent about Camille, starting with saying she’s naming a sex toy line after her. In her interview, Teddi says sometimes Dorit can be a show pony, and she tunes her out. Dorit yells that Camille is a stupid the-word-all-women-hate. In her interview, Camille says that everyone is allowed to act stupid sometimes, but Dorit has abused the privilege. At this point, she doesn’t care about her, but she cares what David thinks. Dorit kind of apologizes, and Mauricio tells her to shut up.

Next time, Lisa does a morning TV show, a found dog makes its way to Vanderpup Pets, Kyle cries with Dorit, and LisaR gossips about LVP.

😍 LVP was on Watch What Happens Live tonight, and – Giggy!


December 28, 2017 – New Year’s Eve in PC Begins, a Little Chef, a Little Real Estate, a Little News & a Lotta Laura


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Aurora, Peter proposes a toast. He complements everyone, and toasts to a great new year at the company. Nina hopes the champagne didn’t come out of Crimson’s budget, but he says it was a gift from their landlord.

Carly tells Michael she can be there if he needs back up with Nelle. He tells her to enjoy the night, and happy new year. Sonny isn’t surprised, and Carly wonders if it was Nelle’s plan all along to start the new year with Michael. Sonny is like, in the hospital? And she says, could happen. Jason comes b,y and tells them that he has a plane to catch.

At the hospital, Nelle asks if her dizziness is normal, and Michael says that’s what they’re here to find out. Kim is off for the day, and Monica is her replacement.

Anna is working two laptops, and tells Finn don’t touch that or that or that; one tweak in the wrong direction, and everything is useless. She thinks he should go for a walk. I might point out it’s like, zero degrees today where they’re supposed to live. Finn calls her a glory hog, and says she’s stuck with him whether she likes it or not.

Valentin comes home to Cassandra and her companion in his living room. Or whatever they call it at Windemere. She’s bringing him good tidings. He asks if she’s leaving town, and she says she is. And he’s coming with her.

Finn asks if the bug is working, and Anna says it’s great. He’d be happier if she’d admit he’s not a bumbling amateur, and she says he has his uses. He says she can’t do it, even though she blackmailed him into this mess. Anna says he’s the one who refused to stop. She says they’re at the end, and can now pinpoint the location. Finn says, thanks to his bug, but she says technically, it’s hers. He tells her that he installed it, and she calls him impossible. He asks how long this will take, but she’s not sure yet, and it makes Finn a little nervous. Anna says she thought he said he had Cassandra eating out of his hand, and he says Cassandra needs to keep hands to herself.

Cassandra wants Valentin to put in appearance, and familiarize himself with the product. He says he has nothing to do with quality control, and she tells him to consider it a gesture of solidarity. He says it’s her brainchild, but she insists it’s time for him to get his hands dirty, and eliminate Sonny.

Jason wants to go back to Russia. He thinks somebody at the clinic might know something about Faison. Sonny says he might get killed, Jason he insists that he has to go. He steps away to take a call. Carly says he can’t get on the plane; he needs to be here with Sam. Sonny says whatever she’s planning – no. She runs off to talk to the chef, but he notes she’s going in the wrong direction.

Peter asks if their fearless leaders care to share any plans for the new year. Drew tells him they’re off the clock; take it easy. Maxie reminds Peter that tomorrow is a holiday. Carly pops in, and they thank her for the champagne. She says anything for her favorite tenants, and invites them to the party downstairs. Drew and Sam have other plans, and Lulu tells everyone that they rented out the Haunted Star to watch the fireworks, because it’s totally her business. Well, the Haunted Star is her business, but not shouting out Drew and Sam’s plans. Drew says, first, he’s dropping by the hospital to wish Monica a happy new year. Carly tells Sam it looks like Aurora has stabilized, and Sam says she’s looking forward to a profitable year. Carly is glad it worked out. She sees Sam’s ring, and asks if it’s new. Sam says Drew gave it to her after they agreed to remarry. She thought it was great for a fresh start. Carly says everyone could use one, and congratulates her.

Finn tells Anna that Cassandra toweled him off like he was a grease fire. Anna says maybe it was more innocent than that, and he says, employee harassment. She says, the nerve, especially since he’s completely unavailable. Finn says he is as far as Cassandra is concerned, and Anna wonders if he gave the wrong impression, and led her on. Finn says he would never cheat in a fake relationship – or a real one – but he guesses they’ll never know.

Valentin asks if Cassandra wants him to assassinate Sonny, and she wants it dealt with before they leave. It’s time to refocus, and he was right. Sonny is a paragon of virtue when comes to drugs. Valentin says he doesn’t tolerate traffic in his town, and Cassandra asks what he thinks will happen when his town is the hub of opiate traffic. It’s self-preservation. He has to kill Sonny, before Sonny kills him.

Jason tells Sonny his flight was delayed, but he has to find Faison now. Sonny thinks it’s more like he wants to get away from Sam, but Jason thinks it’s a good idea to keep his distance; Drew isn’t handling it well, and it’s killing Sam. Sonny says at some point they have to stop this, and make it okay. They need to figure it out for themselves. Him leaving isn’t going to change Sam’s feelings, and either Drew moves forward, or it will consume him; it’s not on Jason. Jason says Sam made her choice, and he needs to honor it.

Maxie tells Sam that they’re going to feel like the only ones in the world on the boat. Sam says that’s the idea. Maxie asks if that’s what she’s wearing, and when Sam says it is, she asks how many times she has to ride to her rescue in dressing appropriately. Friends don’t let friends do drab. She asks Nina for permission to raid the Crimson closet.

Michael waits for Nelle, and Drew walks in. He tells Michael that he came to see Monica. Michael says it’s good to see they still have a relationship. Drew says he’s a lucky guy, and asks why Michael is there. Michael says he’s there for Nelle.

Nelle thanks Monica for seeing her. Monica says even if she wasn’t on duty, she would have made herself available. Nelle says the Quartermaines stick together, and Monica says, you’d better believe it. Nelle asks if that’s a threat, and Monica says, no. It’s a promise to her unborn baby. Monica asks about the dizzy spells, and Nelle says they’re usually the same; she gets lightheaded and has to lie down. Monica tells her that everything looks good, but wants to do a full workup to be sure. Nelle asks if she wants to make sure she’s not lying; it’s clearly what she’s thinking. Monica tells her not to get upset; it’s not good for the baby. Nelle says it’s frustrating to consistently judged, but Monica wouldn’t know what it’s like. Monica says she does.

Sonny tells Jason if he thinks it’s the right move, he’ll back him, but doesn’t want him to take off and disappear. Jason says he’s not giving up his life there. His kids know he exists, and he can’t cut out on them; he would never do that. Sonny asks if he’s spending time with them. Jason says he saw Jake on Christmas, but Jake wanted nothing to do with him. He says Jake has been thrown so many curveballs, and now he shows up out of nowhere. Sonny says it’s not his fault. Jake needs time to process. Jason thinks maybe it’s good for him to go away, and give Jake time. He got lucky with Danny. Sonny says eventually, Jake won’t be able to deny it any more than Sam will.

At the Haunted Star, Maxie gets impatient. Sam comes out in a bodycon red number, with a keyhole neckline. Maxie says, me likey. Me too, but come on. Sam is gorgeous, and does her makeup impeccably every day, yet doesn’t know how to dress?

Lulu asks if Peter is going to the party, but he has a few things to finish up. She thanks him for giving her an opportunity. He says she’s the one brought the story, and thanks her. She wants to follow up with something just as big, or bigger, and wonders if he has any ideas. He says one comes to mind. The question is, does she have the guts to tackle it?

Anna balks at the two of them in a real relationship. She says Finn would drive her crazy. He says ditto, with her tea and crumpets, and accent. She says he loves her accent, and he admits that he does.

Cassandra’s phone rings, but she ignores it, and asks Valentin why he’s so squeamish? Just take Sonny out.

Anna gets a signal from Cassandra’s phone. She thinks it’s the factory, and calls Robert. She asks if he’s getting it.

Cassandra answers the call, and tells Valentin that the lab agrees Finn’s formula will work. She says they’re to leave immediately, and get packing. Valentin says his daughter is sleeping, and his wife is expecting him. Cassandra threatens to call Nina herself. Valentin throws her phone across the room, saying there’s only so far she can push him. Great. Now what? Eric! Her companion’s name is Eric! Cassandra has Eric fetch the phone, and says she’s capable of compromise. They can leave in the morning. It’s what’s best for everyone; trust her. And you know when someone says that, it’s the last thing you should do.

Anna looks at a map along with Robert. She tells him she’s looking for a water source; it would be needed to produce drugs. They find one, and she tells him to look for a road. Finn watches as she works. They find an airstrip, and Anna says to send in the strike team. They’ve got her.

Nelle is surprised to find out that Monica didn’t know who AJ’s father was. Monica says they didn’t have DNA tests then. Nelle says she hasn’t been with anyone else, and it’s obviously Michael’s baby. Monica says she’s not implying her story is the same, but maybe Nelle can learn from her experience. Nelle asks how she handled it, and Monica says it wasn’t easy, but she learned to focus on what was important – her child. Nelle needs to focus on that. Being born a Quartermaine comes with host of things. Nelle says for the baby, but not for her. Monica tells her that she’s not the first woman to have a Quartermaine baby, and she won’t be the last, but if it makes her part of the family remains to be seen.

Drew asks Michael if he’s sure the baby is his. Michael says they’ll know once they have a test, but the timing is right. Drew congratulates him, and says it turns out he has child from a former life. They agree at least their lives are interesting.

Peter suggests Lulu write an article about Jason and Drew. He can’t think of a more interesting story. Lulu says everyone else is covering it. He adds, except them. He figured it was on purpose because of Sam and Drew. Lulu says the story might never see the light of day, but Peter thinks maybe with a friendlier approach, and they can control it themselves. He suggests instead of focusing on the victims, focus on the perpetrator – Caesar Faison. YES!!!

Jason tells Sonny that Sam deserves a safe life for her and the kids, and Drew can give it to her. Sonny says she also deserves to be happy. Jason says if that’s what she wanted, he’d thank God, but she picked Drew. Sonny says that Jason is the person she’s meant to be with.

Maxie tells Sam that Drew will combust when he sees her. Sam isn’t totally in, and tries on the next dress. It’s black, very low cut, and sleeveless with sparkly shoulders. Maxie says that’s good too. Both are good choices, so she should just go for fit, style, and comfort. Strike comfort; it has no place in fashion. She tells Sam that they both match the coat she’ll need if they’re going to be outside. Sam says she has a coat, but Maxie scoops up her motorcycle jacket, saying it’s not appropriate. She says her work here is done, and leaves.

Monica sees Drew, and they wish each other a happy new year. She wants to steal Michael for a minute, and says she’ll be back. She tells him that Nelle and the baby are fine. He asks if she has any idea what’s causing the dizzy spells, and she tells him, low blood pressure. She’s been pushing herself too hard, and needs to take better care of her health, but the baby fine. Michael thanks her. She says they’re family, and that overrides everything. Focus on the now.

Jason tells Carly that his flight was delayed. He asks where she went, and she tells him, Aurora. She was hoping Drew would admit they own the company because of him. Jason says it doesn’t matter, and he doesn’t want her handling his battles for him. She tells him that he and Sam belong together, and she needs to realize that. He tells her, Sonny just said that. She suddenly gets a text from Sonny, and tells Jason that Sonny wants to meet him at the Haunted Star; he might have information on Faison. What? How dare they be so far up in Jason’s business?

Lulu tells Peter that people have a morbid curiosity about Faison, and would probably eat up a profile on him. He tells her to think bigger – a profile and interview. She wonders if she’s supposed to track him down, and pray he doesn’t kill her. I dunno. He’s kind of an egoiste. He might actually go for it, especially if he thinks Anna would read it. She asks how she’s supposed to find him when the WSB couldn’t? Peter says she has a gift. She has two things, aside from raw talent. One is her husband. She says Dante isn’t going to tell her anything, but Peter says he’s sure she has ways of convincing him. She also has her father. The feud between Luke and Faison is legendary. He tells her to sleep on it. If something comes from it, career made.

Nathan is still waiting for Maxie at the party. Dante tells him they’re wasting valuable time. When the baby comes, they won’t have any time, and the time they have will be spent talking about kids. Nathan says he’ll trade that for the baby being okay. He still isn’t sure who his father is. Nina says, that’s why Maxie pulled a hair out of Valentin’s head.

Cassandra tells Valentin they’re expected on the tarmac at nine am. He says he’ll see her in 2018. Outside, she tells Eric what way to start the new year. She’s going to need a phone replacement before the morning. Eric hands her the card, saying it fell out. Oh, Valentin, what have you done?

Anna tells Finn the factory was just hit. They were taken by surprise, and there was minimal resistance. A mass quantity of drugs was found; it was a large-scale production. They’ve officially secured the factory, and taken it over. Finn asks what that means. Did they win? She says the battle, not the war. He says, but it’s over and no one got hurt. He grabs her and spins her around. Yep. I like these two together. Finn says Anna could benefit from loosening up once in a while, and she’s like, says man who organizes his flatware. She says they still have one more thing to take care of. He asks if it’s Cassandra, and she says, make that two.

Nina is wondering where Valentin is. Nathan suggests maybe he stopped for a crime spree or a kidnapping.

Anna calls Valentin, telling him that her investment paid off. He’s concerned about retaliation, but she says they have a team out after her. Valentin tells her where Cassandra is headed, and she thanks him. He tells her to thank him after she’s in custody. Anna tells Finn that it’s finished. He guesses so is their partnership.

Cassandra walks back into Valentin’s house, along with Eric, who has a gun pointed at him. He’s wondering what the what, and she tells him not to play innocent; it doesn’t suit him. She doesn’t want him killed there, and tells him to come quietly, for his family’s sake.

Nina texts Valentin, but there’s still no answer. Lulu and Peter arrive at the party. Lulu tells Dante she’s his for the rest of the night. Maxie joins them, saying she was late for a worthy cause.

Michael tells Nelle that Monica said to take it easy. She says she’ll try. She found a job, and starts the day after New Year’s. He asks if the hours are flexible, and she says she needs the money. He says they can revisit the financial support issue. She’s not supposed to have any extra stress. She blows him off, saying she has the feeling this job will solve all of her problems.

Sonny tells Carly the party is off to a good start. She tells him it was rude to leave his date, and he points out that she actually left first. He asks what she’s up to, and she says he’s off the clock. Sonny asks where Jason is, and Carly says somewhere he needs to be. Oh, I see. She just said the message was from Sonny. I didn’t think Sonny would get that involved.

Jason runs onto the boat. He sees Sam in the black dress. They soap opera gaze at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn would like to stay, Sonny tells Carly that her plan isn’t going to work, and Cassandra has the crap beat out of Valentin.

💣 I have to mention that I’m really enjoying Jessica Tuck playing he hell out of Cassandra. As over-the-top as the character is, she makes it believable with a very understated, controlled performance. I’ll bet she’s having a good time too. Cassandra is a world away from One Life to Live’s Megan. I don’t suppose it will happen, but it would be fun if she were in a scene with Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva, Max, OLTL).

🍲 Television is still in holiday limbo, but I’m catching up with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and Top Chef, both having new episodes this week. Tonight, the chefs cooked meals that were “pieces of themselves.” Most picked something reminiscent of their childhood, bringing to mind my father’s neckbone soup. While we probably ate things no kid would touch today – he often cooked “Depression food,” since that’s when he grew up – it was one of my favorites. I joke a lot about my avoidance of cooking, but can get ambitious occasionally, and did make it myself once when I lived alone. IMO, it was good, but not the same. Probably because the love was missing.

🌉 I knew long ago I could never be a chef, top or otherwise, but the jury is in on my being a broker too. My career would be over the first time I smacked a condescending client with a superiority complex, and way too much money, in the face. Tonight, one of Madison’s clients wanted to be on a certain road at a certain price for two months. It was the peak season, and she waited until the last minute. Like what I do when I’m getting my hair cut before the holidays begin. He did find her something slightly (slightly in terms of the wealthy, so I mean $100K) more than she wanted, but she compromised. I’d like to think her demanding attitude was to play for the camera, but holy! She was a witch of the highest order, and not very couth. Bringing up the price in front of the client is never good form. My interest was also piqued when James and David checked out what they deemed to be the future of real estate in LA, namely, luxury apartments. At first, when they used the term “vertical living,” I thought it must be some futuristic Japanese design. I was pretty surprised when everything looked like what it’s looked like in NYC for as long as I can remember, but it was cheaper.

🎭  Tyler Perry will joining us again soon, but this season, it’s The Haves and the Have Nots on Tuesdays, and If Loving You is Wrong on Wednesdays.

Good Advice

🎬  Steven Spielberg‘s advice to Laura Dern: From New York Magazine’s new profile of the actress: “’When I was 23,” says Dern, “right before a close-up on Jurassic Park, Spielberg said to me, ‘People will tell you what you could do to your face years from now. Don’t you ever touch your face.’ He was saying, ‘Your face is perfect, it’s female, it’s emotional.’ I am determined to be human in my acting, and when you own your power and your womanhood, you grow into your beauty. Your face finds you.” (Thank you.)




😉 And Because I Couldn’t Resist…


Jurassic Pug