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April 30, 2019 – Lulu Films Ryan’s Obsession, Dorit Won’t Budge, Ben Trashes Randal’s Place & Long Winding Week


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sorry, missed the first minute or two.

Stella finds Jordan unconscious. She asks if Jordan can hear her, but there’s no response.

Elizabeth tells Finn that she hasn’t heard from Hayden in quite a while. Why? Finn says there’s something he wants to tell her. The last number he has for her is disconnected. Stella calls for help, and Finn and Elizabeth run to her. Finn takes a look at Jordan, and asks for a gurney. He asks Jordan if she can open her eyes.

Curtis says, so Timmy doesn’t remember the name of the woman who hired him? Timmy says, offered to hire him. They didn’t exchange names. She was hanging out by the docks, and he found her there. Curtis says, it’s a small town. He was under the impression that everyone knew each other. Timmy says she was obviously not from around there. Curtis shows him the money.

Ava answers her phone, and says she can’t hear them. Who is this? Mac takes the phone, and asks who it is. He says, okay. No problem. He tells Ava it was a wrong number. It sounded like the woman was near a shipyard, which was probably why Ava couldn’t hear her. He thinks he scared her.

Doc tells Ava, it’s all right, but she says, a wrong number to a blocked line after the video was posted? She doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. Doc says, Occam’s Razor. In the absence of other evidence, the simplest explanation is the most likely.

Shiloh shows Sam his office, and says, nothing of interest. She asks why it’s locked. Isn’t DOD’s main tenet transparency? The full truth, no matter what the cost? He tells her office contains DOD’s chronicles, and it would be inappropriate to share them with her. She understands, and asks if the Trust members are allowed in. He says Trust members are afforded special privileges, and tells her that she needs to temper her inquisitive nature with patience. She says it means so much that she’s worth consideration. She wants to prove herself to him any way she can.

Valerie makes a call, and tells someone she’s getting creepy calls from a blocked number. She thinks her ex might be stalking her. She says, it’s not an official police request. She wants to keep it on the DL, but thinks they should be able to trace the call. She thanks them.

Alexis asks how long before she’s arrested for conspiracy and kidnapping? Sonny says he’s not the one who left his phone so Kristina could get it. Alexis says, sorry. She’s not experienced in kidnapping. Neil says Kristina wasn’t on long enough to tell Valerie where she was. Alexis asks what she said, but Neil says it’s privileged information. She asks if he doesn’t think the lines are blurred at this point. It would help to know what she communicated. Neil says they need strategy for their next session, but Alexis isn’t sure there will be one. Now that Valerie knows what’s going on, she thinks their time is about to be up.

Franco tells Drew it’s no secret the Quartermaine’s hate him, but he wanted to pay his respects to Oscar. Realizing his wording isn’t the best, he fumbles around, then says he’s the worst at this. Drew says he’s doing great, and tells him to go back inside. He says everyone in there hates him. He thought he’d just drop this off, and run away. He gives Drew a wrapped canvas, and Drew asks if he can open it now. Franco says he can hang it in Oscar’s room while he’s staying there. Drew unwraps a painting of a sunset with a tree in the foreground. He asks if Franco painted it. Franco says it’s kind of a departure. He had some paintings in the basement that Oscar and Cameron saw, and Oscar really liked that one, so he wanted him to have it. Drew thanks him, but Franco says, it’s just a gesture. He wishes could do something that counted. He’s sorry. Drew is too.

Curtis tells Timmy that he can have all of it if he tells Curtis what he needs to know. Was the woman American? Timmy says it didn’t sound like an American accent. He noticed a bumper sticker on her cat that said, North Madison High School, Class of ’94. It’s a few towns over, and this isn’t a destination for them, unless there’s something they have that the people can’t get there.

In a hospital bed, Jordan opens her eyes. Stella tells her, relax, and Jordan asks, what happened? Elizabeth says she collapsed, and Stella found her. Stella says she picked a fine place to faint. Finn comes in, and Stella and Jordan thank him. He’s glad she’s awake. He’s going to be the consulting doctor on her case now. Stella says he’s an infectious disease specialist, and he says her body is reacting to an infection in the remaining kidney. She asks what the course of treatment is. He says she’s allergic to penicillin, so they’ll try a different antibiotic, and see if it’s affective. Stella asks what happens if it’s not.

Sam says Shiloh told her that she might be ready for the next level, and he’d contact her. Shiloh asks if she’s being impatient. She says, maybe, but she wants him to know she’s willing and ready. Mark asks if he’s interrupting, and Shiloh says, no. Mark says he got distracted talking to other members, and asks Sam if they’re still on. He tells Shiloh that Sam offered to go to lunch with him, and help him choose courses. Shiloh tells them to go. He’ll talk to Sam later.

Neil tells Alexis and Sonny that he wants to talk about how they’re going to approach Kristina. The technique is called motivational interviewing. They can’t criticize DOD or the members. Kristina is too wrapped up in it, and if they criticize the group, they criticize her. The goal is to get her to realize for herself that DOD can’t meet her needs. Sonny says the sooner they clear Kristina’s head, the better. There’s a knock at the door, and Alexis answers.  It’s Valerie and Chase. Valerie asks if they can come in.

Alexis ask to what she owes this unexpected pleasure. Neil hustles into another room. Valerie tells Alexis they want to talk to her, and Alexis asks if it’s official business. Do they have a warrant? Chase says there’s no need for one; they just have a few questions. Alexis says she’s in the middle of something, but lets them in. Valerie says she didn’t expect to see Sonny, and he says, likewise. Alexis says they were just going over some legal business. Chase asks if Diane is indisposed, and Sonny says he has different lawyers for different business. And I say, man, for this being unofficial, they sure are nosy. Valerie says Alexis claimed Kristina was out of town visiting a friend, and clearing her head, but she got a call from Kristina from an unknown number. She had the call traced, and the phone is registered to Alexis.

Finn says, most patients respond well to antibiotics, but Jordan says, most patents have another kidney to fall back on. Finn suggests they not get ahead of themselves. Stella tells Jordan that she’ll give her some privacy to get settled. Jordan says, give it to her straight. If can’t beat the infection, what does it mean? Elizabeth gives her something to make her more comfortable. Jordan says, hopefully, the antibiotics will clear up the infection overnight, and no one will need to worry. If that happens, she’ll be an anomaly, since it usually takes at least a week. Curtis calls, but she doesn’t answer.

Timmy says Curtis promised him a hundred dollars, but Curtis says he asked for the name, not a high school in another town. He calls Jordan and leaves a message that he’s got a new lead. It might keep him out of town a while. He’d rather be with her, but hopes it leads to Ryan. I thought the high school was actually a pretty good lead.

Jordan tells Elizabeth, she might not want to be there, but she’s reasonably comfortable. Elizabeth says she couldn’t help notice that Jordan ignored the call from Curtis. Won’t he want to know what’s going on with her? Jordan says Stella probably already told him, but Elizabeth thinks he’d want to hear it from her. It’s our instinct to help the people we love, and the people we love are in the best position to help us.

Curtis starts searching online for the high school. Jordan calls, and he says he turned up something. He asks if it’s okay if he sticks around and follows up. She thinks he should get back, and he asks if everything is okay. She wishes she could say yes, but she has to tell him something.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu says Ryan’s memorial is getting a lot of views. Doc says, if Ryan is one of them, he believes they think he’s dead, and will come out of hiding. Felicia says, then he’ll do something rash, and make a mistake. Mac says, don’t count on the timeframe. He’ll need recovery time. Felicia says, don’t count on Ryan recovering. When he sees Ava is with someone else, he’ll come running. Lulu says they have to reinforce the idea Ava and Doc have bonded. Ava says, let’s do it, and Lulu takes her to where there’s better lighting. Felica tells Doc that Ava’s not the only one with a target on their back. What he’s doing is really brave. She hopes he’ll be ready for when Ryan returns.

Lulu asks if Ava is ready, and starts to film. She says this is part one of her exclusive interview with Ava Jerome, the object of serial killer Ryan Chamberlain’s obsession. She thanks Ava, and asks what she can tell the viewers about her relationship with Ryan.

Franco says he thinks he’s done there, doing the thing he does best, making everything worse, but Drew asks Franco to stay a while, and keep him company. He doesn’t need one more person who wants to put a positive spin on things. He might snap on them. His son is dying; there’s no positive there. He just found out he had a son, a piece of his past he can’t remember. The worst part is his son has worse, losing every inch of his future.

Valerie asks Alexis if she has any idea how Kristina was calling from her phone. Alexis goes into her purse, and says she knew it. She has Kristina’s phone. Valerie says, she had it without knowing? and Alexis says, it happens a lot. They have the same phone, model, and case. Chase says she didn’t notice? Sonny says Alexis avoids her cell phone. She forgets it or doesn’t charge it. It’s hella frustrating, and if you text her, you’re not getting one back. Valerie suggests Alexis activate the tracking on her phone, but Alexis says she already knows where Kristina is. Is she under investigation? Chase says, not at all. They just wanted to verify her whereabouts. Sonny says they know where she’s at. Alexis says they’re respecting Kristina’s privacy, so unless there’s a compelling reason, they’re not disclosing it. Valerie says they’ll be in touch, and they leave. Alexis asks Sonny what the odd are that they bought any of that. Sonny says, not a chance. Alexis is going to be under surveillance, and can’t go to the session tomorrow.

Lulu says, it’s tough to understand. Ava’s feelings for Ryan were genuine? Ava says, yes. He was there for her when she needed him. He picked her up when she fell off course. She had no idea Ryan was behind what happened to her daughter. She came to rely on him completely. The irony of all of this is, she thought it was Doc who she’d developed a deep powerful connection to. Doc, who accepted her as she as. He saw the good in her. Now she knows it was Ryan imitating his brother. That’s how she came to fall in love with him. She fell in love with a man pretending to be his brother. The real Ryan murdered her daughter. We see someone watching the interview. Lulu says, it must be hard to live with. Ava says, if there’s any silver lining, she’s not alone. There is someone Ryan hurt almost as much; his brother. His brother is remarkable. Now that she’s getting to know the actual Doc, not an impersonation, he’s a remarkable man, and an invaluable source of support. Lulu thanks her.

Mac says, Felicia has a point. If it works, Ryan is coming after Doc. Is he ready? Doc says he has to be. He wants to do whatever he can to capture his brother. Felicia says she wishes… never mind. Doc finishes, turned him in? So does he. He looks at his justifications and excuses, and can’t believe his arrogance and how foolish he was. Three people died because of him. His greatest loss was just as devastating other loss just as devastating. People lost their faith, trust, and belief in him as a friend. Mac says he can’t help anyone by being a martyr himself. Luring Ryan out is one thing, but being a target is something else. Doc says if it helps capture his brother, he’ll do it; no hesitation.

Lulu says, that concludes part one in the series, The Object of Obsession: Surviving the Monster I loved. Ava downs her drink.

Franco tells Drew not to let anyone tell him how to process grief; it’s different for everyone. He grieves every day, but doesn’t talk about it. What’s the point? He has to go through it. Go through the motions, and stay present for the people he loves and who say they care about him. He misses Kiki – until he paints. He’s waiting for the time when he sees everything Kiki accomplished and gave of herself. Someday, Kiki’s life will no longer be overwhelmed by her death. It will happen. It’s hard, but he does it because it’s what she would want. It’s slow going. Drew says, yeah. Franco says he’s making the worst of everything today, but Drew appreciates it, and says he’s been a lot of help. Franco says he’d like to be a help to Drew. He doesn’t always have to talk so much. Drew laughs, and Franco says they might not be blood, but they’re still brothers. He’ll always be there for Drew. Drew says he’s grateful.

Alexis tells Sonny, it’s not an official investigation, but Sonny says they suspect something is up. She’s in their sights, and can’t go to the safe house. Neil says he can’t stress how important is for them both to be there, especially her. She has the most contentious relationship with Kristina. It’s a critical time. Sonny says they’ll be trailing her with the phone, and they can’t risk it. He has experience distancing himself from cops. Alexis says, it’s not a bragging point. Milo calls, and Sonny has to go. Alexis asks what about Kristina’s therapy, and Sonny says they’ll discuss other options. He leaves, and Neil asks Alexis says, it could mean anything. He could put her in the trunk of a car to take her to the safe house, or take them all to a private island. Neil says, that would be a disaster. She says, the whole thing is. She asks which one of them is right? and Neil says, unfortunately, both of them.

Mark – who I didn’t realize is Milo, since he hasn’t been on the show since the earth cooled – says he’s sorry he pulled Sam away, but he had to make sure Shiloh didn’t catch her. Sam is glad he texted her when he did. She got distracted by something she found. She should have stayed on point. He asks what she found, and she says a picture of her and Shiloh that she didn’t know he was taking. Nothing damaging, but it reminded her that she can’t trust a word he says. Even if he believes she’s all in about joining the Trust, she needs to watch her back.

Shiloh goes into his office, and opens a file drawer.

Doc asks how it went, and Lulu thinks it was convincing. If he’s out there, they got his attention. Ava wishes everyone would stop saying if he’s out there. He’s out there. Now, the public needs to think she and Doc have actually fallen for each other.

In the fastest trip back from Canada ever, Curtis goes to Jordan’s bedside. Stella is so glad he’s back, and he says Jordan was just about fill him in on what happened. Stella says she found Jordan on the hospital floor, and called for help. Finn walks in, and she says he can hear the rest from the expert. Finn says, first, they have to see how Jordan responds to the antibiotics. If she doesn’t, given the condition of her remaining kidney, she’ll need a transplant as soon as possible.

Franco finds Elizabeth at the reception desk. She asks where he disappeared to. He tells her that Cameron told him about Oscar liking one of his paintings, and he dropped it off at the Quartermaines. Elizabeth says that was generous, but he says it was just a gesture. He talked, and Drew listened, but he wishes he could help. Elizabeth thinks he just did. They hug.

Drew looks at the painting.

Valerie and Chase go to the MetroCourt for lunch. Valerie is surprised Chase wanted to eat there. He thinks they should eat some good food while they can, and drink some triple espressos. They’re going on a stakeout to keep an eye on Alexis. Maybe it will lead them to Kristina.

Alexis looks out the window. Neil says she has an elaborate tea collection, and she says she can never have enough calming tea. She doesn’t see anyone outside. Not that she would have. Neil says they have to try a different approach. They can’t risk leading the police to Kristina, and they’ll be monitoring Alexis; watching her every move. Alexis said they’ll be watching her car, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be following her.

Milo tells Sonny that he tried to keep Shiloh talking, but he got brushed off. Sam says, thank God that Milo texted her when he did, but It wasn’t a total waste. She knows where Shiloh keeps his secrets. Shiloh told her members of the Trust have more privileges. That means she’ll have to become a member, but she’ll do whatever it takes.

Shiloh looks at the picture of him and blindfolded Sam. He says he knows all of her secrets, and can’t wait to see what she reveals,

Tomorrow, Ned asks what someone is doing there, Drew says maybe Oscar isn’t fighting a losing battle, and Oscar tells Josslyn that he feels better.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika and LisaR drive to Erika’s friend’s studio, Merge. In her interview, LisaR says she loves their relationship. They built it over time; it didn’t just happen. There’s a survivor and hustler in Erika that she relates to, and she gets a kick out of Erika. She tells Erika about the TV show she did called Merge. In Erika’s interview, she says LisaR is fearless, and admits her faults. That’s a real friend. Not someone who will never admit they do anything wrong.

At the studio they get on the rowing machine. The instructor says LisaR’s ass is weak. In her interview, she brags about an exercise video she made ten years ago, and we see a clip. It’s not super professional. So what have you done lately? Cardigans? They do an exercise that actually looks harmful for the lower back.

LVP and Ken look at marble for the kitchen. It’s like a lumber yard, except there are huge marble slabs all around. Giggy! Puffy! In LVP’s interview, she says they’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel, and it’s getting expensive. She has to keep a lid on the budget or she’ll be in trouble. She says she’s going to choose the one Puffy lifts his leg on. Sure enough, Puffy pees, but she says that one isn’t quite right. She tells Ken that PK called her. We see a clip of them on the phone, saying they miss each other. PK tells her to have her people talk to his people. LVP says she is her people. She says it’s hard having a conversation about something you both disagree on. It just goes around and around. In her interview, she says she hasn’t seen Dorit since the wedding, and they all think LVP gave the story to Radar Online. If Dorit is going to call her a liar, there is no friendship.

Dorit needs a Beverly Beach office, and has designer Mat whip something up for her. She says she can’t operate out of her house anymore. She’s ready for the next level. Growing the business has been like having another child, and she loves that the kids can play together. It’s bigger and more gorgeous than most people’s apartments. PK arrives, and Mat is off to his next design emergency. PK tells Dorit that they’re having lunch with LVP. Dorit says she never thought something would happen and the friendship would be dissipated. In her interview, Dorit says they have a history. We see clips from the past, including LVP defending Dorit at a reunion. The loving part of her wants to make things right, but she’s not doing it at the expense of her integrity. PK says Ken wants to put things back together. Dorit tells him that his throwaway comment to Kyle was a tad insensitive. He says he’s happy to apologize, but he’s not discussing it for weeks on end. And they will.

In the car, Kyle tells Teddi that Sophia is coming home for weekend. She asks if Teddi has talked to anyone, and Teddi asks if Dorit reached out. Kyle asks if she’s wrong, and we flash back Teddi saying anyone who knows Kyle, knows she would be hurt, referring to PK’s remark. Kyle says it cost her friendship with LVP. He implied she did something wrong, when she spoke up and told the truth. He should be thankful. She says she’ll survive. They park the car, and walk around Lake Hollywood. Deer! Kyle says this is what she loves about living in LA. Like you can’t see wild animals anywhere else. Teddi says she loves doing things she wouldn’t normally, like the RV trip. She doesn’t know how far they’ll get. it’s the size of a tour bus. Kyle jokingly asks, how many bedrooms? In her interview, Teddi says she loves camping. It’s living the simple life, even if it’s only 24-hours. Kyle says they’re the only ones who think it will be fun. In Teddi’s interview, she says she’s trying again to take them out of their comfort zones, and see if they can relax together. The worst case, one of them doesn’t make it home. She and Kyle take a selfie with the Hollywood sign in the background.

Denise meets Camille for lunch. Camille tells her that it’s been a hectic time; raising teenagers, and blending a family. Denise asks if she feels differently about getting married now. Camille says it was David’s idea to have a big wedding. She wanted something small, but she’s glad she agreed. In her interview, Denise says she and Camille met when Camille was married to Kelsey, and they’ve compared notes on public divorces. They’re definitely survivors. Denise asks how the concert was, and if she needs a drink to hear about it. Camille says she might, so Denise orders a martini. Camille says the concert was great, but afterwards, PK said something to Kyle backstage about how she can’t keep a best friend. Dorit tried to explain later, but Teddi jumped in. She feels like Teddi is a bit of a know-it-all. In her interview, Camille says, Teddi needs to take a seat. Her youth is getting the best of her, and she sounds like an entitled millennial. She tells Denise that she’s getting to like Dorit more, but thinks something is off. Denise spaces out as Camille talks about everyone. In Denise’s interview, she says Camille wont shut up. It’s making her feel like Camille will be talking about her next. It puts her in a compromising position. She loves everyone, and doesn’t want to tell them what Camille is saying. She doesn’t want everything to blow up. She asks Camille if everyone is going to be fighting on the RV trip. Camille says, it’s going to be the RV from hell.

Aaron and Denise watch the sunrise while having coffee. In Denise’s interview, she says they wake up at five am, have a little hanky-panky, get the kids ready, coffee, gym, and get the kids off to school.

Kyle makes Portia breakfast, leaving it on her bed. She tells the dogs not to touch it, which would be meaningless in my house. In her interview, she says they’ve always done attachment parenting, and Portia still sleeps with them at ten-years-old. Okay… She says they want it, need it, and they’re happy. Okay… again. She doesn’t think she’s spoiling Portia. She’s just taking care of her. It’s her job. Just a thought, but her kids also seem to have a hard time leaving home, and part of a parent’s job is to prepare them for that. Maybe they’re a little too attached.

Denise says her girls love Aaron, and like his cooking better than hers. Parenting teenagers is challenging. The girls fight over who’s wearing whose clothes. In her interview, Denise says they’re pushing the boundaries for independence, and it’s hard to figure out what battles to pick. Sometimes it’s better to let them work it out. There’s no real handbook.

Kyle thinks it’s important for children to know they’re the most important people in your life.  Her world revolves around them. Kyle puts Portia’s socks on her, as Portia picks at the tray. Omg, I was getting myself ready by the time I was eight.

At Villa Blanca, LVP tells Ken that Dorit and PK are coming by. Since they’re not open for lunch, Ken suggests getting sushi. In her interview, LVP says the lunch might be a conduit for putting the friendship back together, if they can find a middle ground. If Dorit says she believes LVP, they can move past it, and be in harmony again.

PK insists this will make things better. Dorit says she still has be true to herself. Friends can have a difference of opinion, but if they both want to find a way to move forward, they can work it out. PK wants them to find a compromise, and is leaving that to them.

The restaurant is all decked out for a celebration about gay rights in India, where homosexuality has just been decriminalized. Puffy! They sit down outside, and PK says it was cold this morning. LVP says she’s felt frozen out for a few weeks. They clink glasses, and Dorit wonders why LVP doesn’t seem very welcoming to her. LVP says everybody is focused on the Radar Online article. Dorit asks why LVP called TMZ instead of calling her, and saying it’s not true. LVP thought it would make a bigger statement. In her interview, Dorit says LVP should have called her to see how she was doing, instead of telling TMZ it was an outrage. Dorit tells LVP that they don’t talk via the media. LVP says one day Dorit is going to realize she was defending her, but she’ll find out too late that LVP was in her corner. In Dorit’s interview, she thinks LVP planted a false story, and then swooped in and defended her. LVP wants to say she was the one who saved Dorit. Dorit says it’s difficult to believe LVP didn’t do it. LVP says if Dorit believes she gave the story to Radar Online, they don’t have a friendship. Does she want LVP to take a lie detector test? PK wonders why they can’t just say things got effed up, and move. Ken says they can only move on if Dorit understands LVP didn’t lie, and is the best friend she’ll ever have. If she doesn’t, there’s no friendship. PK says Ken is trying to control their thoughts, but Ken says he’s trying to convince them that LVP is the most honest person they’ll ever meet. In LVP’s interview, she wonders why Dorit would want to have lunch with a liar. She wouldn’t want to be friends with a liar. Why would they? Dorit says she can’t believe LVP wants to throw away a friendship that she thinks is stronger and more powerful than this incident. LVP says everyone is bringing the gavel down on her just because they want to believe something. Dorit says LVP can say it happened, but Dorit loves her enough to put it behind her. Ken says she’s still saying she doesn’t believe LVP. Dorit says they can agree to disagree, but Ken says they can’t. PK thinks they’re looking at it too black and white. Ken says he knows PK is trying, but his wife isn’t. If she thinks LVP is lying, they can’t be friends. Dorit says she can only hear that someone doesn’t want to be friends with her for so long. PK believes someone in LVP’s camp leaked the story. LVP swears on her kids’ lives that she didn’t, and doesn’t know who did. PK accepts that, but Ken says his wife doesn’t. PK says he’s a trusting and forgiving person, and he can’t control his wife. Dorit says he’s asking her to dig deep, and not be true to herself. PK says he believes LVP. Dorit says, it’s painful. She cares about the friendship, but believes LVP had something to do with the initial story and the Johns. Ken says he’d like to be friends with PK, but… He and LVP go inside.

PK tells Dorit that she wasn’t helpful. She doesn’t think it’s fair. She doesn’t want a conditional friendship. Inside, LVP tells Ken that she doesn’t care. Dorit comes in, and tells LVP that she respects LVP and loves her. LVP wonders how, since friendships are based on honesty. Why would she want to move forward with someone she thinks lied to her. She gives Dorit cheek kisses, and says she loves her. Dorit wonders how she can say that, and LVP says, actually, she doesn’t. This is the first time she’s lied. In Dorit’s interview, she says it’s clear that LVP is still holding a grudge about Dorit saying she’s needy, and needs attention. We flash back to Dorit saying just that, and that LVP’s parents didn’t fulfill her love and attention needs. She says she apologized seven million times. We flash back to that too, but’s it’s more like three times. She says, it’s payback. Remember last year? There you go. A huge question mark hangs over my head about how she came to this conclusion. LVP tells Ken it would be easier to address Congress than talk to that bloody cow.

Yuk! Kyle cuts Mauricio’s toenails. She says as long as her husband is in the house with her, her job will never be done. A photographer comes to take holiday card photos. In her interview, Kyle explains that when she was growing up, her mother always did photo cards. They weren’t professional, but when she had kids, they became a big thing. And she’s going to keep doing it when they have kids. She asks if this is the most Sophia has slept since she went off to college, and Sophia says, yes; she goes to bed at 6 am. In Kyle’s interview, she says she’d worry if she didn’t think Sophia was a responsible kid. The equipment is set up. Kyle goes to get dressed, and tells Mauricio she needs him in jeans and a white button-down shirt.

Everyone sits on the stairs, and gets ready for the photo. Kyle suddenly realizes someone left the gate open, and they all run outside. Romeo is on the loose, and Kyle drags Storm back to the house. In her interview, Kyle says she always feels that her life is like Whack-A-Mole, and I totally relate. Somehow, the photos get taken.

In Teddi’s interview, she says her M.O. for having a catered dinner where the women are taken care of is – news flash – when they go camping, they’ll have to do it themselves. LisaR can’t believe the RV sitting in the driveway. She’s stressed out about it. In her interview, she says she doesn’t like to be uncomfortable. We flash back to her aversion to Harry’s tent. And that’s not a euphemism for anything. She says she doesn’t like to be trapped with anyone, and feels like she will be. In Kyle’s interview, she says she doesn’t like the awkwardness with her friends. She doesn’t want her anger toward PK to trickle down. She thinks she had every right to be angry.

Kyle says there are three tents with room for two and the RV. She’s assuming LVP isn’t coming. Teddi says she didn’t hear from her about tonight, and asks if anyone has talked to her. Erika says LVP texted her about the celebration of Indian gay rights. We see clips from the party. Ken dances with Giggy. Dorit says she and PK had lunch with LVP and Ken. The essence was that either Dorit believe LVP had nothing to do with the article, or they’re not friends. Everyone gasps, and this is so shocking, why? Denise says LVP needs to apologize, and Kyle asks if she’s a comedienne now. In LisaR’s interview, she says, you need to realize you can’t be perfect, and LVP can’t do that. Kyle asks why Dorit is trying so hard. Erika asks how PK feels, and Dorit says PK is the eternal optimist, and wants to continue trying. Kyle brings up PK’s remark to her, saying one of them should have called her. Dorit says PK didn’t mean anything by it, and he apologized to her. Kyle says it wasn’t really an apology. We flash to PK saying, sorry, it was just a joke. Dorit says PK wants to continue to be friends with Ken and LVP, and she’s the one who got tossed aside. Erika asks how that’s working at home. If it was Tom, she’d be showing up there. Dorit says the friendship isn’t more important than their marriage. Kyle thinks something else is going on. In her interview, Kyle thinks it’s odd that PK is protecting the friendship. Maybe it’s business or London secrets. She can’t put her finger on it. It’s probably nothing except he doesn’t want to lose his friends of thirty years. These women are so ridiculous. Dorit says, it’s a deep friendship, and Kyle says she’s better friends with LVP than PK. Dorit knows Kyle thinks so. Camille says she never heard about Dorit and PK until two years ago. Dorit says the people who have known LVP and Ken for thirty years know them. In Erika’s interview, she says here they are again, with these two arguing about who’s a better friend to LVP. We see a clip of the Dorit-Kyle-LVP triangle. Erika says LVP isn’t home worrying about either of those two. Dorit says their friendship isn’t based on whether Kyle heard of them. Kyle says friends know each other’s friends. Dorit says she doesn’t know all of Kyle’s friends, and Kyle says maybe they’re not that close of friends. Dorit can’t believe where the conversation is going. Kyle is hurting her, and she’s asking her to stop.

Denise says she can’t wait for the effing trip they’re going on. Ha-ha!

Next time, the RV trip – which is probably enough – grocery shopping, Teddi thinks PK is acting out, and Teddi confronts Camille about being two faced.

My two cents. I half-jest when I say LVP can do no wrong, but I totally get what she’s saying. If someone clearly stated they didn’t believe me about something – and this is kind of a big something – but still wanted to be friends, I’d wonder why too. What are they getting out of being friends with someone they think is a liar? It’s weird. I’m also with LVP on that I wouldn’t want to be friends with a liar. That’s actually a deal breaker for me. Obviously, it depends on the lie, but it’s definitely a cause for breaking up. She’s also not saying that someone from her camp didn’t leak it. She just doesn’t know who. Even Radar Online has said she had nothing to do with it. While they’re certainly not credible, the bottom line is, there’s no proof. There’s only a bunch of women speculating, with no real evidence. A guest on Watch What Happens Live tonight, Dorit said it was just a feeling she had. Dorit doesn’t get that LVP would always be thinking that someone who’s supposed to be her friend, believes she’s a liar.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Alex tells Ian to get off of her. He thought it was what she wanted, and she tells him, get out. He says, okay, Jennifer, and she says her name is Alex. He says she really doesn’t remember him? She sent him text messages. She says, it wasn’t her, and he says they met. They’re adults. If he’d known she was married, he wouldn’t have said anything. He was married too. She asks what he’s talking about. He says they met at the Maxine hotel. She told him about the break-up. She was so nervous, she kept looking over her shoulder. He doesn’t know why. She says, that never happened. He must be drunk; get out. He says he wouldn’t have said anything if he knew she’d be upset. He talks her down, and says he’ll take the divorce papers home, and bring them back tomorrow. She says he can call her with any advice; he doesn’t need to come. Well, she could do worse. He’s divorced. she’s about to be. and Marcie isn’t interested. so why not?

Eddie comes over to Lushion’s desk with to-go (empty) coffee cups. (I have this thing about actors not making it look like the cup is full. Where is the direction when it comes to this?!) Lushion says Eddie is a fool if he thinks he’s going to drink it. Eddie says he’s trying to be nice. Lushion says, no. Eddie doesn’t know how to be nice. What’s going on? Eddie says, when he’s being normal, Lushion thinks he’s up to something. Lushion says he’s always trying to raise hell. Eddie says, no secrets. He knows they’re FBI, and he’s DEA. They both want to take down the cartel. Instead of hiding stuff from each other, they should work toward a common goal. They should share information. Lushion likes it, and tells Eddie, go first. Eddie starts talking, and Lushion asks what this is about. Eddie asks why Lushion stopped asking him about Andrew. Lushion isn’t a quitter. Lushion asks if Eddie wants to tell him where Andrew is. Eddie says he knows as much as Lushion. He asks if Andrew is in protective custody. Lushion asks if he’s worried about something. He asks again if Eddie knows where Andrew is. Eddie says he has no idea. He came to extend an olive branch, and it’s not happening. He’s still trying to take Eddie out. Lushion says, with everything inside him. Eddie says, enjoy his latte, and Lushion dumps it in the trash. Eddie says, that’s $4.95, you son of a bitch, and leaves. Rick walks in and says he hates that guy. That was weird, Eddie was behaving like we’ve never seen him, and even his voice sounded different. What’s up with that?

Lushion tells Rick, join the club. Rick has something. He gives Lushion a file, and says he talked to Margaret. She gave him that. It’s a file of the women the church tried to hide, who were being stalked by Travis. Lushion says it’s exactly what they need. Will they talk? Rick says, they’re afraid to. Lushion says what they have should be enough. Rick asks if he can tell Kelly, but Lushion says, not yet. Rick says he’ll just tell her that they’ve got something good, and Lushion says, okay. He appreciates rick, and tells him, great work. Rick asks if he’s saying they’re going to get her off. Lushion says, they’re going to try.

Lushion calls Ian, and says he’s got something. Nine women who Travis stalked, and proof the church settled. Ian asks, how did he get it? and Lushion says, he got it. Ian says, does he know it’s legit? and Lushion says, he knows it is. Ian says it’s too close. If they go down that road, Larry already thinks it’s him. He’s still in, but has to think it out. Lushion says he’s trying to trust Ian. Be straight up. Ian says he’s in. Give him some time to figure it out. Lushion wants Kelly out, and Ian says he’ll call when he’s out of court. He asks how long Lushion has known Alex, and Lushion says, a while; why? Ian asks if she’s the type to step out on her husband. Lushion wonders if he’s asking if she’s available, but Ian says he’s just. Lushion asks him to come over with the kid lawyer later, and Ian says he’s on it.

Ian calls Carl, and says he wants to talk about a case. It has to stay very private. He knows Carl met with Kelly; it’s about her. Don’t tell a soul. He’ll text Carl with the address.

Rick beings Kelly some pudding. He says they got it. Several other women at the church, but they’re afraid to talk. Kelly says she could be stuck in there, but Rick says Lushion is talking to a lawyer, and they’re both going to talk to the DA. Kelly asks if there’s a chance they’ll know she’s not lying, and Rick says, yeah. She asks, how long will it take? He doesn’t know, but not long. They’re working on it. She thanks him for the pudding, and he thanks her for not hating him for not believing her. She says he didn’t know, but he says he should have; he’s an officer. Kelly says, she slept with him. She should have known. Rick says, it’s over now, but she says, no, it’s not. She’s in jail. He says they’re getting her out. She loves his confidence, and he says that’s how he feels. He tells her, if she likes pudding, she can always hit him up.

Dr. Raston calls Alex, to make sure she’s on time for the board meeting. In the time it takes for me to think, geez, she doesn’t ned a babysitter, the phone rings again. It’s Brad, who reminds her that he’ll be over today, and she needs to sign the papers. She says she hasn’t had a chance for the lawyer to look them over. He says he gave her 24-hours. Ooh, what a prince. She promises to sign them, and he says, nothing is changing. She has something to tell him first. He doesn’t care, but she says the baby’s not Randal’s. Brad laughs, and asks if she expects him to believe that. She thinks it might be his, and he says she’s out of her mind. There’s no way it’s his baby. Alex says the doctor told her sometimes genes skip a generation. He says there’s no one of that ethnicity in his family, and she asks if he’s sure. He wonders what kind of game she’s playing. She ask him to please double-check, and he says she’s insane. She better be there tonight to sign the papers. He hangs up, and Marcie asks what that was about. He tells her Alex says he’s the father. The DNA test said Randal isn’t the father. Marcie thought the results were switched, and Brad says he just wants the divorce. She’s out of her mind. He just wants to be free. Marcie says they’re almost there.

There’s a knock on Alex’s door. It’s Ian, who asks if he can come in. He promises whatever happened, it won’t happen again. He was drunk, and he’s very sorry. She lets him in. He tells her that Brad is pretty much taking everything. She gets the house, 50% of his income, and joint custody for two of the kids. He can get her more, but she says she only wants what’s fair, and Brad is being fair. Ian says, he’s only providing for two of the kids, and she says, it’s fine. She’ll sign. He says if she changes her mind, let him know, He’s really sorry, and asks her to please forgive him. He leaves, and she sits down.

Natalie gets the mail. Ben is driving by, and says, hi. She says she needed talk to him. He asks, what happened? and she says, nothing. His wife was saying Randal was looking into their house, and she was on her way to the store and saw him. He was looking with binoculars, and she wanted to let him know. He thanks her, and she says maybe they could close the curtains. He says his wife likes the light, but he’ll talk to Randal. Natalie doesn’t think that will do any good, but Ben says he can be convincing. She says she’s never known anyone who can stop Randal, and Ben says she’s never met him. She says, no, she hasn’t. She offers to get Lushion, but he says he’ll handle it, and thanks her.

Ben asks Tanya how she is, and sees the painting of Randal at the window. Ben says, it’s beautiful, and she says she’s been working on it all day. He asks what it’s about, and she says he’s just looking at the girl across the street. Ben asks if this really happened, and she says, no. He asks why the man is naked, and she says, he just is. She tells him that she made dinner. He looks beyond annoyed, and says he forgot something in the car. He leaves, picking up a spray can of paint on his way out the door.

Ben bangs on Randal’s door. There’s no answer, so he goes around the back, and kicks that door in. He grabs a bat, and goes absolutely apesh*t on the house. Throwing things out of the drawers, ripping up artwork, taking the bat to whatever is on the counters and tables, smashing things, and turning over furniture. There go a couple of glass tables. On the wall, he paints, bitch, next time I burn this down 😊 Smiley included.

At the meeting, Alex says Dr. Raston didn’t switch the tests. It was totally her. She lied to cover up something she did. The judge asks if she’d testify to that in court, and she says, yes. The doctor says, she also signed an affidavit. The judge says he’s heard enough; bring in Randal. Alex freaks, and Dr. Raston says he had to be a part of it. Larry comes in with Randal, and Randal says he’s going to fry this bitch for his pain and suffering. The judge says the board is satisfied that Dr. Raston did nothing inappropriate. He asks who the hell switched it, and Alex says they weren’t switched. Alex asks the doctor to explain it to him. The doctor says there were three remaining samples. No one switched the DNA. Randal asks, what went wrong? and she says there’s no way he can be the child’s biological father. Randal laughs, and says that’s why he’s suing the hell out of this place – for lying. Dr. Raston says he’s welcome to take the child to his own lab, and Larry asks to see the results. He looks over the paperwork, and Randal says, it’s his kid. Larry says he never saw a hospital put themselves under this much scrutiny. These tests are legit. He knows the hospital’s reputation. He asks if Alex would like to share., Randal goes cross-eyed, and guesses it’s not his baby. He says, okay, so she was cheating on him. He laughs, and says she’d do this to him. He starts getting manic, and Larry pulls him toward the door. He yell, this is my kid, and laughs some more. Larry pushes him out.

Esperanza calls Larry. She really wants the papers filed. He’s in his car, and says the office can file for her, but he needs to be present when she signs. She asks when Eddie will be served, and he says, today. He wants to make it easy for her. She asks if they can prepare them and shell call when she wants him to be served, but Larry thinks it’s a good time now. There’s a knock at door, and Steven comes in. She tells him that she didn’t want to talk at the station. She’s about to do something that could ruin Eddie. He’ll be mad as hell. She’s going to take full custody, and take his job away. He’s not going to take it well. Steven asks if she’s afraid of him, and she says, no. It’s how he’s going to act and react when he loses his job. Steven says it’s not her problem, but she says his job all Eddie has. Steven says, the guy is horrible, and she asks if she can count on him. He asks if she’s scared of Eddie, and she admits she is, a little. He’s going to flip out. Steven asks if Eddie has hit her, but she says, no. She just wants to know that Steven has her back. She asks if he’ll come with her to the courthouse, and he says, let’s go. She hugs him, and he says she’s shaking. She says, it never gets easier, and he says, that’s going to change.

Ben watches as Randal pulls in. Randal’s phone rings, and he asks what the hell they want. It’s Marcie, who says she heard it’s not his baby. How does it feel? She guesses he can’t make a baby either. How does it feel to lose every hope? He calls her an evil bitch, and she says, he’s the evil one. He’s the devil. Who was that whore sleeping with? He says she thinks it’s funny, and she says, yes. He has to live next door to her. It looks like now, neither one of them have kids. He says he just got started, and she says, her too. He hangs up, and goes inside.

As soon as Randal walks in, he starts yelling. He screams, Alex! although why he assumes it’s her and not Marcie, I have on idea. He paces around saying, are you serious? Stupid bitch! He says, okay. All right, bitch. He laughs, and says, you’re done. he paces some more, and storms out. Ben watches as Randal gets in his car.

Ian gives Larry some papers. Larry says Ian wouldn’t believe the day he’s having. Randal found out Alex’s kid isn’t his. Ian says, they had a kid? Larry says, so he thought. Today Randal found out that’s not the case, and he’s going crazy. Larry asks, what’s going on? and Ian thinks they have a problem. He thinks some officers are on to the settlement with the women in the church. Larry asks if Ian said anything, but Ian says, no. Lushion has been asking him to help Kelly out. Naturally, he said no, and Lushion said they’d found something. Lushion thinks he’s on their side, and he thinks he should play it in the middle. Larry says it’s hard to believe the loyalty is there if he is in the middle. He tells Ian, stay on top of it. Otherwise, it’s his ass. Ian says he’s all over it.

Lushion comes home, and tells Natalie that Ian and the kid lawyer are coming over. She needs to tell him something. Randal has been staring at the woman across the street with binoculars. There’s a knock at the door, and she says she’ll let him handle it. Ian comes in with Carl. Lushion tells Carl that he wants him to rep Kelly. Carl thought he didn’t want that, but Lushion says he changed his mind. Carl asks, what about Ian, but Ian says he can’t; there’s a conflict. Carl is going to walk into the DA’s office, lay out the evidence against Travis, and convince them to drop the charges. Carl says the DA is tough, but Ian says he’s tougher. He’ll give Carl all of his notes. Just pay close attention. Lushion tells him, just breathe. Ian says someone gave him a shot; now it’s Carl’s turn. They shake hands, and Carl leaves.

Lushion asks if Ian thinks he’ll be okay. Ian says, he’ll be fine. It’s textbook. The DA is a bulldog, but he’ll be fine. There’s a knock at the door, and this time it’s Brad, his lawyer, and Alex. They need a witness. Natalie tells Lushion that she said she would. Lushion didn’t know this was happening there. Alex signs, Natalie signs, and Brad gives the papers to his lawyer. He tells Alex, now she’s free to screw anyone she wants to. Randal or a random guy on the street. Don’t say that’s his kid again. She says he should take the DNA test, but he says he’s not doing a damn thing. He leaves, and Natalie says she’s sorry. Alex says she’s got to go, and Natalie promises to check on her later. Ian says he’ll see them later, and Lushion says he hopes it works. Ian says, it will be fine.

Alex cries on the way home, Ian runs after her. He asks how many men there were, and she says, excuse me? He asks how many men she slept with. She says, go to hell, and he says he knows it was her. He looked at all the profiles he got with a screen grab. It was her. He shows Alex her profile picture on his phone, and says, Jennifer. Is there any chance the baby could be his?

This was the finale. I think we’re going directly to The Haves and The Have Nots next week.

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