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October 25, 2020 – A Chance Meeting Happens, Felix Asks Elton For Help, Pumpkin Watching & Dead


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan checks out the baby, and Rachel looks through the haul. She says they brought back a lot, and he tells her that he brought back clothes and books too. She takes out a jar of homemade jelly, and asks where he got it. He says he knows someone on the inside. They don’t know where he is, and they won’t; not until he’s ready to get everybody else out. He starts to leave, and Rachel asks if he wants to hold the baby. He says his arms aren’t up to it yet, and she says, it will be nice to have a playmate. He goes out the door, and she asks where he’s going.  

Morgan  sharpens a stick, and tells Rachel, people didn’t used to change much, but it feels like he’s been sixteen different somebodies since it happened. He’s going to find Grace, and bring her there. He’s scared he won’t be the man everyone knows, and Rachel says either he changed or he’ll still be the man they know. He checks out the ax that he made for himself, having moved beyond the pokey stick.

Dwight breaks into a boarded up house, and we hear zombie noises. Al comes in behind him, filming, and he tells her, come on. She films and kills zombies at the same time, multitasking. Some things never change. She says, it’s day four, into the microphone, and asks Dwight how long he thinks they’ve been dead. He says, two or three months; let Ginny figure it out. She looks in the guy’s wallet, and says, Arizona. A straggler zombie toddles out, and Dwight says, he can be Alaska, but when he checks the wallet, it’s Montana. Al says she counted fifteen sleeping bags. How many did they get? He says, not enough, and suggests they check upstairs.

Al bangs on a trashcan in some kind of medical office, but nothing happens. She looks in some drawers, and hears someone on the radio, giving coordinates. She looks for a pen and starts jotting them down. While she’s distracted, a fairly fresh-looking female zombie comes up behind Al, and traps her against an examining table. Al tries to reach for her weapon, but can’t get it, and Dwight runs in and stabs the zombie in the head. He asks if Al is okay, and she says the zombie smells like formaldehyde. She thinks someone embalmed her. He wonders what kind of psycho would do that. He radios in; fifteen dead, no living. He says they’re at a funeral home, and there’s nothing worth scavenging. Al wonders how they died, but says they’re not staying. Dwight says, they have no choice, but she says, bullsh*t. He wonders how many they’ve checked, and she thinks a couple hundred. He says, it’s always the same sh*t. What went wrong, and why did they die? If Virginia gave a sh*t, she would have gotten to it before it happened. He tells Al, he said there was nothing worth scavenging, but… He shows her a six-pack.

They have a beer on the back stairs. Al says the beer is skunk, and Dwight asks if she’s thinking about beer lady (i.e. Isabelle); tell him her name. He spits, and says the beer would taste better with a bag of pretzels. They clink bottles, and the radio comes to life. Al grabs for it, but Dwight holds onto it. He asks who hell that is, and what’s drop sight Baker? She says, trust her. The less he knows, the better. He tells her, she says that every time he asks her about beer lady. It’s her, isn’t it? What’s Ground 17? Al asks if his camera is off, and takes the radio. She says, yeah; it’s her. She thinks drop sight Baker is in the city, and says they switch channels a lot, but she’s been trying to track Isabelle’s movements. Dwight asks if Al knows where she might be, and she says she does. He asks why they aren’t heading there, and she tells him Isabelle has protocol. He says, screw protocol, and Al says they have it too. He says, maybe beer lady is having the same conversation. Al can be there when the helicopter lands; meet her, and run away. Al says, if she goes AWOL, Ginny will kill her, and Dwight says, not if Ginny thinks she’s dead. They’ll find a walker who looks like her, a fairly recent one, and he’ll tell Ginny that she bought it. She says she can’t put that on him, and he says, he walked halfway across the country because his wife left a note. If Shari was out there, and Al didn’t push him, he’d kick her ass. She says she’d like to see him try. He says, let’s go find beer lady, and they get in the car.

Dwight sees a zombie on the ground, gurgling, and smashes its head with his boot. He says they’re at drop sight Baker, and checks the zombie’s wallet. He says, Alaska, and shows Al. He thinks it’s a sign. They go inside the building, and The End Is The Beginning is spray painted on the wall. Al says, the world goes to sh*t, and everybody is a philosopher. They investigate, opening a door, and a trio of zombies toddles out. They run through a door that has catwalks and stairs, and see a cage with a rat in it. A zombie drops down from another flight of stairs, and they see a bunch on a landing above that’s blocked with furniture. Dwight says, it’s not going to hold, and they make a run for it, shutting the next door quickly behind them. They turn around to see two live people holding a gun on them. A woman (Nora) asks what they’re doing in the building, and Al says they’re trying to get to the roof. Nora says, if they think whoever is landing on the roof is going to save them, think again. The man says the last guy who went up there got a bullet for his trouble. Nora asks why Al is recording, and tells Al, the guy was a friend of hers. They put Al and Dwight in an office and lock the door.

Dwight tells Al that he doesn’t know them. Does she think it’s beer lady who shot Alaska? She says he has no way of knowing, and Dwight asks how she knows she’s not going to get shot. She says she doesn’t, and Nora and the man come back. Nora asks if that’s what Al does, goes around recording, and Dwight says they hope to stop it from happening for the people still there. Nora tells Al to turn it on. They need her help.

Nora takes them to what looks like a makeshift camp in an office. She says, it’s everyone who’s left. She tends to a sick guy, slumped at his desk. Al takes Dwight to the side, and says, it’s the Bubonic plague. (Like a zombie plague isn’t enough.) She saw it in Algeria. Dwight says they’ll get them some antibiotics, but Al says she can’t do this. They head for the stairs, and Nora asks where they’re going. Dwight follows Al out the door, and asks if she’s going to let them die. Al breaks out a fire ax, and he says, she’s still going? She says he’s the one who convinced her to go, and he says that was before he knew she might get shot. She asks what the alternative is. Keep doing what they’re doing, and call it living? They made a game out of seeing where dead people came from. The last time she felt alive was with her. Even if means taking a risk just for a moment, she’d still choose that over this. He ask how much time they have, and she says, an hour. He tells her that she’d better get going.

Al comes up against a locked door, and says they have to find another way up. Dwight kills a zombie, checks the wallet, and says, Tennessee. Maybe Al is right, and they shouldn’t be doing this. She says it’s a game she played with her brother, using license plates and no dead people. He asks what she’s going to say to beer lady, and Al says, why is beer lady pointing a gun at her? Dwight says, when and if she puts it down, what will Al say? Al asks what he’d say to Shari, and he says he’s made peace with the fact it’s not going happen. She asks, what about Ginny? She said she knew someone who broke bread with Shari. He says, bullsh*t. He thought he heard her, but it was when he was dehydrated and thought he was going to die. They go into an office, and Al knocks on a door. They hear zombie noises on the other side, and go down the hallway to another room. Al knocks on a wall, then punches a hole in it, since it’s nothing but a sheet of plaster. She looks inside, where there’s a maze of pipes. They get in, and climb up the pipes to the next level. They start to crawl, and see loads of rats. Dwight says, they could be infected, and Al says, yeah, but they have to keep moving. Mind you, these are cute pet rats, which is always how they look in film and TV. They never look like subway rats. They bust through another wall.

They see tons of zombies, blocked in by furniture. Dwight says, the plague? And Al says, they died of it; let’s go. They run into a bathroom, and I think, why? You’re not going to find much in the way of weapons, and there’s usually no alternate way out. In this case, I’m wrong. There is another door, and Al asks what’s on Dwight’s neck. He looks at a wound in the mirror, and she says, he’s infected.

Zombies scrabble at the door, and she says she told him not to come. He says he was trying to help her, and got sick. He wants to make it right. He tells her, stay away. He doesn’t want her to get sick, but she says, it doesn’t spread that way, person to person. He asks how long it takes, and she says, two days, usually. He says, maybe there was a rat in his sleeping bag, and she says, maybe. He was trying to do a good thing for her. He says, it’s not over. He’s going to get her up to the roof. He went through so much crazy sh*t, trying to find Shari. It’s the least he can do. She says they need to get him some cipro, fast. They hear something at the door, then gunshots. The door is kicked in, and it’s Nora with dead zombies behind her. She says they’re lucky she didn’t shoot them. Nora tells Al, call her boss;  they need antibodies. Dwight says Nora was right. She won’t do anything, but he’s got a truck full of gas, and can go to a pharmacy. Nora says, Al has been exposed too, but Al says she can take care of herself.   

Nora looks at the crowd of zombies behind the furniture, and says, it was a holiday party. They have to get to the other side of the door. Al asks if Nora worked there. Nora says she did, and Al says, she knew them. Nora says they made it to the fifth floor when they started to get sick, and couldn’t go any further. Dwight says, let them out, and he’ll kill them. They’ll take it nice and slow. Al asks how many bullets Nora has, and Nora says, three. As the zombies come out, Nora stabs one in the head. Al bashes another with a piece of office equipment, and Nora whacks one with the bottom of an office chair. She lingers over it, and looks like she might cry. Al says they need to go, and Nora shakes her head. She says, don’t record. No one should remember them like this. It’s hard to remember what they looked like before. Al takes the chair bottom out of Nora’s hand. Al asks what Nora’s friend’s name is; the one who went to the roof? Nora says, Mark; why? and Al takes out his license, giving it to her. Nora cries, and thanks Al. Nora takes her knife, and heads for the door.    

Nora says, roof access is two flights up. Dwight says Al better get going, and she tells him to hit every pharmacy he can find. He says he will, and Al tells Nora to make sure Dwight is okay. Nora says she will, and Al says Nora still thinks she’s an a-hole, but Nora shakes her head. She says she sold timeshares to people trying to escape their boring lives, while she was too chicken to go to exotic locales. Al is braver than her, or maybe just stupid. They laugh, and Dwight says, if he saw Shari, he thinks he’d just hold her as tight as he could. He hopes Al gets to do that with beer lady. He doesn’t think she’ll shoot Al. Al tries to give him the recorder, but he says he left something on there for her. She goes out to the roof.

The landing pad is empty, and Al looks around. She sits on a cement block, takes out the camera, and looks at the video. Dwight comes on screen, and says she’s taking a leak or something, so he only has a minute, Wherever they end up, wherever they’re going to, crack one open for him. Don’t forget the present. He loves her. She puts the camera away, and sets off a flare. She radios ground 17, and says, reverse course. Isabelle’s voice says, who’s on this channel? and Al says, someone who wants to help her. She says, with what? and Al says, this place is filled with dead, infected with the plague. It’s not safe to land here. Isabelle asks if Al is infected, and Al says she doesn’t know. Maybe. Isabelle says, thanks for warning her, and Al should stay off this channel. Al copies that, and she says, there’s some beer in the supply crate. She hopes it’s not Al’s last. Al thanks her, and watches as the helicopter turns around. Al says, wait. She just wants to say it’s good to hear her voice… because there aren’t many people left. Isabelle copies, and radios her partner, saying, drop sight Baker is burned. Drop sight downtown. Al stands alone on the roof. She opens the supply crate, and takes out the beer. Underneath is a box of cipro. She radios Dwight, who asks why they’re talking. She tells him, stay where you are. She’s coming down to him.

The cipro is passed out to the people still alive. Dwight asks Al, what happened up there? and she says she guesses she didn’t want this to happen again. They hug, and she tells him get himself some cipro. She asks if Nora has been there since the beginning, and Nora says, yeah. She looks at a travel poster of an island, and Al says, it’s not like that anymore. Not that it ever really was. Nora asks what it’s like where Al is from, and Al says she doesn’t want to go there. They’ll find her someplace better. Nora nods, and goes back to the others.

Al and Dwight stand near the rat cage, and Al wonders if the spread from the rats was an accident. Dwight says someone like Ginny could have made the people sick. Al says, if she had to guess, she’d say whoever spray painted  the message in the lobby, and points out an empty can of paint. Dwight says he’d better check in, or Ginny will start asking questions. A woman’s voice comes over the radio, saying, I saw a flare. Is someone in trouble? Dwight grabs the radio from Al, and says, honey, is that you? Shari says, Dwight?

He runs outside, and Shari is in at the end of the alleyway. He runs to her, and stops. She cries, and they kiss. Al and Nora come out. Al smiles.  

Next time, John tells Ginny that they’re making them safe, Ginny tells Dakota to get inside, a funeral, and Victor says if they go down this path, there’s no going back.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

As the group walked, Iris explained that the research place wasn’t where their dad stayed. Hope thought it was all shady as sh*t, and Elton said  they should feel lucky that the Republic hadn’t taken over the world, but Felix and Hope agreed they didn’t really know that. A storm was approaching, and they found a school hidden behind some overgrowth, and went inside. While she was looking at a yearbook, Iris imagined how things were before the pandemic apocalypse, when the kids were all lively, and roaming the halls. Felix suggested combing the place, and they split into twos: Silas and Iris, Felix and Elton, and Huck and Hope.  

This week, we saw some of Hope’s backstory when she flashed back on talking to her father. She told him she’d waited for him at the principal’s office, but he never showed. He said he was working between classes, and forgot. Then thought if she stayed there all afternoon, she’d think twice about setting off a stink bomb. Then, he forgot again. She said at least he’d done good with Iris, and he said the agency had told them that Hope and Iris shared a crib; they were inseparable. They’d bonded before he and their mother met them. He told Hope that he knew they would protect each other, even if their parents couldn’t protect them. He said she was exceptional. and wished could see herself the way he saw her.

Hope wondered about her dad putting himself in danger for people he didn’t know, but he insisted they were good people. She said if they were, they would tell him where he was going. He told her that his brain said any chance he gets to train people is the only way the world would survive. She told him the world he was trying to save was over. That’s what her brain was telling her. He said, if it was the end, it would be easy, but it wasn’t. They still had a shot, and he was going to take it. She promised not to be a screw up anymore, but he said that wasn’t why he was going. He told her that she wasn’t a screw up; she was just frustrated, and they’d talk when he got back – and he would be back. He said he wasn’t supposed to communicate, but had figured something out. He could be bad too. He told Hope that he loved her.

Huck and Iris noticed that Fall Out Shelter signs in the hallways were either pulled down or hanging off. Felix and Elton saw a streak of blood on the floor, and Elton wondered if it was an empty. Felix said, maybe, but maybe not. He radioed Iris and Silas, but got crickets. Felix and Elton followed the blood. They noticed a couple of zombies banging from the inside of lockers. I thought, geez. Even in the apocalypse, poor nerds get locked in lockers. Elton flashed back to being inside a locker himself, and Felix asked why he had the shakes. Elton made the excuse that he was claustrophobic, and Felix said he thought none of them were ready for this. He didn’t even know if he was ready. He told Elton that his tattoo was to remind him of everything and everyone he had lost. He lost his parents and friend, and the person who taught him how to pick a lock. He couldn’t lose anyone else. He said he needed Elton’s help to convince the others to turn around, and asked him to think about it.

In the gymnasium, Silas told Iris how he was made fun of, and said it wasn’t like that anymore. She asked him to play something for her on his portable CD player, and she was surprised at his choice. It was some kind of classical piece, and Silas said it was his grandma’s favorite. He told Iris that his grandmother took him to ballroom dance lessons at the senior center when he was four, and Iris asked him to show her, but he said he didn’t remember. She made him get up anyway, and they danced, imagining the gym filled with people at a dance. He made his grandmother sound so ancient, I did some quick calculations, and figured his grandma was probably between 40 and 50 when he was four. And probably listening to hip-hop.

Huck and Hope (sounds like a P.I. show) came across a wolf that wasn’t too friendly. They holed up in one of the classrooms, the wolf guarded the door across the hall like it was his/her job. They decided to just go, and the wolf let them pass. I was relieved Huck didn’t have to shoot it. Huck thought it was protecting its young, and that there was a whole other thing going on they didn’t know about. Hope thought maybe she had her dad’s sh*t all wrong, and maybe he was trying to protect her, but she didn’t know from what. They found a pantry, where Huck killed a zombie.

While one zombie clamored at the door, one of the grates inside the gym started to shake. Silas and Iris teased it in, and then ran past it, locking the door. Felix and Elton met Silas and Iris in the basement, and Felix said something was roaming the hallways that he didn’t think was friendly. He told Silas and Iris to stay put.

Zombies had Iris and Silas trapped in the basement, and then broke into the room. The two realized avoidance wasn’t possible, and they’d have to fight. Hope and Huck heard what was going on through the wall (there are a lot of flimsy walls in the apocalypse). Silas said, they always keep coming, and speared one through the head. He flashed back to whoever it was we presume he killed, and briefly to being choked himself. He then proceeded to punch the ever-loving sh*t out of a zombie, which isn’t the usual way, but whatever works. The others ran in, and Elton ran to pull Silas off the twice-dead zombie, but Silas threw him off. Felix yelled, and Silas snapped out of it, looking at his bloody hands, and saying, sorry.

Iris thought she and Hope should have told each other about what happened the night the sky fell. They would have been there for each other. Elton was worried about Silas, and asked Felix how they could turn around. Felix said their best chance was in Mississippi, but he’d need Elton’s help. It’s how they could keep everyone alive.

Iris cleaned Silas up, and he said he was upset about hurting Elton. Iris said it was an accident. He said he knew she’d heard what was said about him, and asked if she thought he killed his dad. Avoiding giving an answer, she said it didn’t matter. Maybe she could have done it herself, and maybe he should have let her, but he saved them twice now. That’s what mattered.

The group reconvened, and Elton took a group photo. Iris wondered, since when did he take pictures of people, and he said, since now, and told them to smile.

Next time, Elton tells Felix, he didn’t say he was in, but Felix says, he didn’t say he wasn’t; the group comes across a collapsed bridge, and gets trapped by zombies.

🎃 It’s Free Streaming, Charlie Brown…

How to watch the Great Pumpkin, between October 30th and November 1st.


🧟‍♀️ Dead Walking…

I’m a zombie myself after this weekend, so I’ll see you on the virtual Deck tomorrow. Until then, stay safe, stay appreciating the little things, and stay away from diseased vermin. Of all types.

October 20 – Waves Of Walkers, First Meeting & Get Dead


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

6 am – Hour 1 – A timer goes off. Carol wakes, and takes a pill.

Hour 2 – Carol goes out of the gate. Above the wall, Eugene watches through binoculars.

Hour 4 – The older kids practice killing zombies, and show off to each other.

Hour 6 – Everyone gets ready for… something.

Hour 11 – Aaron is attacked by a zombie, but manages to pike it in the head.

Hour 13 – Eugene beckons to Aaron, who looks through Eugene’s binoculars. Eugene says, they keep coming, constantly. Wave after wave. Carol says, it’s her, and Michonne tells them, lock it down.

Hour 14 – Zombies continue to come. They stream in throughout hour 19, hour 22, hour 24, and hour 31. The Alexandrians continue to fight.

Hour 37 – There are lots of bodies. Gabriel rests. Michonne wonders, wtf? Judith sits by the window in Michonne’s bedroom, and says, well? Michonne says, well what? and Judith asks, is it safe? The radio crackles, and Aaron asks if Michonne copies.

Hour 48 – Michonne looks through the binoculars. More zombies are coming. She goes up into a windmill to get a better look through the window.

Michonne asks Eugene, how long until the next wave? He says, one hour from the north, and two from the south. Coming from the north, they’re thicker then fleas on a farm dog. Not so much from the south. He estimates they’ll be fighting through night again. Michonne snaps at Daryl, then apologizes. Eugene maintains his post. Daryl says, heads up, and he and Michonne meet Gamma at the gate. She says, north border, now. Michonne tells her to call off the walkers, but she says, it’s not them. Go to the north border, lay down their weapons, and  wait. Daryl asks, for what? Gamma says, her.

The Alexandrians have a meeting. Michonne tells Lydia, this is her mother, but Lydia doesn’t think so. Michonne asks, why? and Lydia says they crossed into Alpha’s land again, and they have to answer to that. Aaron says, they don’t have to do anything. They should just not go, but Lydia thinks that’s a bad idea. Aaron says, they’re already being attacked, but Lydia says if Alpha wanted them dead, she’d send a horde, not waves. Aaron thinks they’re being worn down. Eugene says he has every reason to believe the satellite and fire… but a woman cuts him off, saying she doesn’t want to hear anymore. They’re friends died trying to save the Alexandrians, and ended up with their heads on pikes. The Highwaymen want justice. All she wants to hear, is that they’re taking the lead bitch’s head off. She thinks they should put the Whisperers head’s on pikes. There’s a lot of mumbling, and Michonne gets up. She asks how many walkers have they seen in Alpha’s horde, and Daryl says, tens of thousands. Michonne asks what plan the Highwaymen have for taking them out. She gets silence, and says, that’s not a rhetorical question. The woman says they don’t have one, and Michonne says, does anybody else? Once again, it’s quiet, and she says, if Alpha sends the horde, that’s it. Right now, all she wants to do is talk, and they’re going to listen. Here, they’re going to focus on what’s coming from the north and the south. They’re tired and on edge, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but they’re not getting through it at all if they don’t act as one.

Michonne lays out a plan, with Aaron leading the fighting in the north, and Gabriel in the south. She and Daryl will be going to the border. Carol says, they’re going alone? and Daryl says they have no choice. Carol gets a gun from under her bed, and takes more pills.

Aaron tells Gabriel, they’re good, but Gabriel says Aaron is low on soldiers, fatigued, and Negan is on clean-up duty. Aaron balks, and Negan says, if it’s all the same, he’d like to stay there, picking tomatoes, and burying corpses. He tells Gabriel, look around him. People are amped, and pissed. and stirring up sh*t with each other. He doesn’t want the hateful vibes taken out on him. Gabriel says, Aaron is a saint. Gabriel tells Aaron, Negan can fight, and he’s low on fighters. PB meet J. End of discussion. He walks away, and Negan notices the spiked mace Aaron has in place of a hand. He says, it’s awesome that Aaron is putting the old stump to use.

Michonne heads for the border with Daryl, Carol, and a few others.

Aaron and Negan kill zombies outside the walls. Negan – who only got a less-than-pokey stick to fight with – picks up tire iron, and Aaron says, drop it. Negan says, God left it there for a reason. His broomstick ain’t cutting it. Aaron stares at Negan, and he puts it down. Negan says he’s trying to make things better. He’s not that guy anymore. A few zombies are headed their way, and Negan gives Aaron a thumbs up, and says he’s on it.

The group walks to the border to meet Alpha. It’s dark and quiet. They put down their weapons, and stare at the posts the heads were on. Daryl asks Carol if she’s all right. She says she needs a minute. She puts down her bow and arrow, but the gun is in the back of her waistband.

At Alexandria, Rosita and Eugene team up, killing zombies at the gates. Eugen thinks the killing could go on all night. Rosita says, he wants to go back, doesn’t he? He says, yeah, but they keep going.

Daryl says, heads up, and they see the Whisperers walking toward them in the distance. The Whisperers stop, and Alpha removes her mask. She says they had one rule between their people; one law. Stay where you are. They disobeyed it. Daryl says the fire would have destroyed the Whisperers’ land, but Alpha says fire is part of nature. They have no conflict with nature. Michonne says it could have wiped out their communities. They couldn’t sit back and let it happen. They crossed once. Alpha says, three times. During the fire, they walked her land. During the winter storm, they walked her land. And when they searched the river, you – she points to Carol – and the man with the metal arm walked her land. That’s three times. They’re always watching. What did she tell them about crossing her borders? They have to be punished. The Whisperers draw their guns, and Carol starts to reach for hers, when Alpha says, but she’ll consider the context. There will be no bloodshed this time. Michonne asks what they want, and Alpha says, land. The creek is their new southern border mark. Carol says that cuts off their hunting ground. They don’t have to stand for their… Michonne cuts her off with, Carol! Alpha asks, their what? and Carol says, bullsh*t. Daryl says they’re done. Let’s go. Alpha says, they’re not. This one – again pointing to Carol – rolled her eyes to Alpha’s face. Carol faces Alpha, who says she should be afraid. Carol says she looks at Alpha, and feels nothing at all. Alpha says Carol’s boy called her name before they took his head. Carol whips out her gun, and shoots, but Daryl pushes her arm down, so she misses Alpha. He holds Carol back, and Michonne apologizes for her friend. She says, they haven’t slept, and Alpha knows what Carol lost. Alpha says she forgives Carol, mother to mother. This is her land now. Better run. Daryl says, let’s go, and pushes Carol in the other direction. Alpha smiles.

In the woods, they rest a moment. Carol tells Michonne, the bitch has to die. She walks away, and Daryl approaches Michonne. Michonne says Carol’s not the same since she got off the boat. Daryl thinks Carol is better off on it, but Michonne says she belongs with them. Daryl says Carol’s not sleeping, and she’s out all night. Carol sees a few Whisperers streaking through the woods, and shoots at them. Daryl asks, what happened? and she says, Whisperers; three of them. They decide to split up, and Michonne says, capture, don’t kill.

Aaron and Megan are still hard at work. Negan uses the tire iron on a zombie, and scratches at a rash on his arm. Aaron asks, what did he say? indicating the tire iron, and Negan says he had to. Aaron says he’s going to tie Negan up, and take him back. Negan says that’s the best freaking news he’s heard all day, but he’s not being tied up like a POW. Aaron says, yes, he is, and Negan says, or what, cowboy? Aaron takes out a knife, and Negan says, you know what he sees? Someone pretending. He tells Aaron, let’s go, and starts to walk past him. Aaron knocks him down, and Negan says, did Aaron just trip him? What is he, twelve? I laugh. I love Negan. Negan asks, what is wrong? He put his neck on the block for them all day. Aaron says, Negan doesn’t give a damn about them. If he did, he’d leave. That’s what everyone needs. Negan says he did what he had to back then. Aaron tells him, open that up. Tell him why the love of his life had to die. Negan says, okay. One simple fact. One truth. If you don’t protect what belongs to you, sooner or later, it belongs to someone else. That goes for your land, your wallet, your home, your country, everything. It’s your job as a man to protect it. That’s the story of America; of the whole goddam world. Nothing can change it. Not him; not nobody. Aaron asks if Negan is saying Eric’s death was his fault. If he’s saying Aaron killed Eric, then Negan killed his wife. Negan says, careful, and Aaron says, she died hating him, and he’s never seeing her again. He asks if Negan wants to say something, and Negan says, yeah; he does. Another group of zombies comes toward them, and one gets Aaron down. Aaron stabs it, and his vison is suddenly blurry. He calls to Negan, who jets.

Michonne tells the others to meet back at the creek. She tells Carol, there are no signs. no traces, no tracks, nothing. Is she sure she saw three? Carol says she’s sure. Carol shakes out another pill, and Michonne asks how long she’s been taking them. Carol says since she got back. She’s fine; they’re like coffee. Michonne says they can’t stay out there, and Daryl suggests they hole up for a while, and get some sleep

They walk into Barnett Academy. They shine a flashlight into the broken windows, and I wonder where they get batteries, since they never last very long in my flashlight. They walk in, and quietly look around. Daryl says, it’s clear. Carol steps on a book in the hallway, and picks it up. It’s a book on economics, Working in the Home. She stares at the picture of the family on the cover. Daryl tells her, come on. She looks at it again, and tosses it down. They go to the cafeteria, and Daryl says he’ll take first watch. Carol takes more pills, and Daryl notices.

Aaron stumbles around, looking for Negan. He goes into a cabin, and crashes around inside, being loud and reckless. Negan is there, sitting on the floor, but says nothing.

Daryl sits on the floor across from Carol, and she asks what he’s thinking. He says, about his dad. He was a trucker, and would tell them crazy stories about his trips. One time, he was flying down the highway in Kentucky. It was pitch black out, and he saw a girl on the side of the road. She looked like she was crying. As he got closer, she stepped out in front of the truck, and he slammed on his breaks. He called the local PD, and got out to look for her, but she wasn’t there. He looked under the cab, and there was nothing there or under the tires. There was no blood on the grill. Carol asks how that was possible, and Daryl says, there was no girl. His dad didn’t sleep much, and would sometimes stay up 24-hours to make one of his runs. Stay up all the time, you start seeing things. Carol says she’s not a snorting truck driver. She’s not his dad. She says, sorry, and he says, she’s right. That doesn’t mean he’s wrong though. Her alarm goes off, and he says, don’t take it. She needs to sleep. She says she can’t, and he asks, why? Bad dreams? She doesn’t answer.

Aaron keeps crashing around the house. Zombies come toward it because he’s making so much damn noise, and inadvertently flashed the lights. He ends up letting them in, and Negan kills them. The tire iron drips blood. Aaron says, Negan? Negan asks if Aaron is all right. Aaron says he can’t see, and Negan explains what was on the walkers was hog weed. It’s nasty sh*t, and causes rashes and blindness. (I learn on Talking Dead that hog weed is an invasive species that kills all plant life around it.) Aaron asks if it’s permanent, and Negan says, sometimes. He asks if Aaron washed his eyes out with water. He says he did, but his water is gone, and he’s parched. Negan gives Aaron some water to drink, and helps him up. He starts to go, and Aaron says, wait. Where’s he going? Negan says, to keep watch. They’ll leave first thing in the morning. If that’s okay with Aaron. Aaron says, yeah.

Carol wanders around the school. She sees a broken pane of glass with blood on it, and follows a trail of blood to a woman sitting on the floor with her head bowed down, looking like something from out of The Grudge. She hears Henry say, mom, and he’s standing behind her for a moment. Daryl’s light startles her, and Daryl asks where she went. She’s been gone a half hour. She says she was on patrol. She’s fine. She’s not his dad seeing ghosts. Daryl says, what? and she says the story about the girl, and his dad, the truck driver. He says, his dad’s not a truck driver. Carol’s timer goes off, and she takes a pill. He says, come on, don’t take that, but she does, saying, one more hour, and Daryl says, all right, and leaves her. She checks her gun, and I worry she’s going to end up shooting the wrong person or wasting the bullets. She sees a shadow, and follows it to the gymnasium. She sees a Whisperer coming toward her, and walks over the broken glass that’s everywhere, right into a snare trap. She’s suddenly hanging upside down, and shoots at the Whisperer. She begins slashing at them, and shoots again. She sees a pack of zombies and/or Whisperers coming toward her, and yells for Daryl to help her. She manages to cut herself loose, and falls to the ground. She stabs the zombies. An alarm goes off. She’s standing there with bodies all around her. Daryl and Michonne come in.

Back at Alexandria, Daryl tells Siddiq that Carol fell and cut her arm real bad. Siddiq needs them to leave. He tells Dante to pull the shard out, and he’ll go in. Siddiq remembers the Whisperers, and Alpha with a knife. Dante says Siddiq plans on going in? and Siddiq says he’ll be fine. Dante says he’s not, and takes the instrument out of Siddiq’s hand.

Michonne and Daryl are outside, and Siddiq tells them, Dante got it out. She’s all patched up. Daryl says, great, and Michonne pats Siddiq’s arm. They go back in.

Negan looks out the window. Aaron wakes up. Negan asks if Aaron can see him. Aaron nods, and says, yeah. Negan says, good

Finished for now, Rosita and Eugene sit down inside. Rosita says she’s tired, and Eugene says she was a badass today. She says he didn’t do too badly himself, and he asks if he was as tough as a stewed skunk. She says, a batsh*t badger. He asks about Coco, and she says the baby is with Barbara. He says Coco can’t be without her mama, so he went with her today to protect her. Rosita says she taught him how to fight. She says they’re never going to happen. He’s not Coco’s father, and they’re not together. She needs him to hear that. She says, sorry it was harsh. She’s tired, and she feels drunk. Eugene asks if she’s familiar with the expression, a drunk mind speaks a sober heart. When you’re under the influence, the secret truth pours out, and it’s similar to when you’re tired. When she says it’s not going to happen, it’s the unfiltered truth. She says she’s been trying tell him that, but he didn’t listen. He says he thought someday, they’d have something special, but there’s nothing; there never was. She asks if he thinks their friendship is nothing; his unfiltered truth? He says he’s in the midst of experiencing a moment of crushing clarity. Their friendship was premised on the mistaken belief that she’d change her mind, and rezone him to love town. What kind of friend is that? He says he’s sorry, and leaves.

Siddiq sits outside. Eugene looks at him, and keeps walking. Michonne says, still awake? and Siddiq says they’re both awake. She asks how he’s  holding up, and he says he should be asking her. She says, as a mother, no sleep is her baseline reality. He says he’s a father, and he’s tired. She asks if she’ll see him later, and he says they’ll be good as new. She tells him, speak for his damn self. She leaves, and Dante comes out with some moonshine. Siddiq shakes his head, and says he has to sleep. Dante says that’s why he brought it. Siddiq says, cheers, and they clink mason jars. They each take a sip, and Dante says, you go in one person, and come out different. When he was in Iraq, there was one guy everyone knew; cocky, broad-shouldered. The dude the never broke. Until he did. He came back from the war broke, with the shakes, and thousand-mile stares. Siddiq asks, what happened to him? and Dante says, you’re looking at him.   

Carol sleeps, and music plays. She wakes up, and goes downstairs. Daryl is cooking. She says they need jam, and he says, there’s probably some at the store. He hands her some money, and she asks if he’s sure they’re open. Henry sits at the dining table, and asks where she’s going. She wakes, and looks at the empty pill bottle. She goes downstairs, and Michonne asks, how is it? Carol says, it hurts. She says she did see the Whisperers. Michonne says she’s the only one who did, and there were seven of them out there. Carol says she did see them, and Michonne says, only she did.

Michonne sees Judith by the window, and Judith asks if it’s safe. Michonne says, for now. They get on either side of RJ in the bed.

Carol goes out on the patio, and sees Daryl. She says, Michonne doesn’t believe her. Does he? Daryl says, yeah, but I don’t think he sounds convincing, and neither does Carol.

We see the blood bath in the gym, and follow it outside where the Whisperer that Carol shot lies on the ground. She opens her eyes.

Next time, the people are restless, and want to silence the Whisperers; Earl says they’re already at war; and the battle continues.

Alpha, Meet Beta…

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💀 Appropriate For Both the Show and Season…

From my personal Halloween favorite, The Midnight Hour. The song is actually called Get Dead.














October 31, 2017 – Is Real Jason Other Jason, Most Annoying Guests So Far & a Halloween Mix


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

🙀 It’s only Tuesday, but already it’s been a bad week for this show. Yesterday, the news about Russia couldn’t wait, and today, a guy plowed into a load of people in Manhattan because the world has officially gone crazy. While yesterday’s interruption was only ten minutes, they never went back to the show today. I’d intended to catch it later on YouTube, but omg, I’m exhausted. Not only did I have to put my makeup and costume on for the second time within a week, I almost ran out of candy for the trick-or-treaters. There was a moment when I seriously considered giving the kids packets of instant oatmeal, and did have my Trader Joe’s dark chocolate and nut bars ready just in case. Anyway, the Halloween prep was all too much this year, and due to job responsibilities beyond his control, my husband was not here to help. Although I often have to beg him to hand out candy while I make a bathroom run, he was also not available to make the yearly Taco Bell run for nachos belle grande. That being said, here are the takeaway points I’ve gathered from other sources.

Doc proposed to Laura, luring her in with an old Hollywood themed party. The party was him asking her to marry him. Finn found out nothing is wrong with Cassandra, and told Anna it’s over. He wasn’t treating her for something she doesn’t have. I assume it’s not over for them as a couple though. Otherwise, all that smiley stuff after their kiss was for nothing.

This wasn’t what Andre signed up for (join the club), and he parted ways with Klein. Devlin, the henchman who grabbed Sam, was discovered by Valentin at the docks, where he was walking with Nina. It must get crowded there. Mobsters, kids, thugs, lovers; never a policeman in sight though. Devlin had been shot, so Nina called 911, and Valentin translated his French, but not really, telling Dante something different. He wondered how Devlin knew Klein, and I’m wondering why Devlin only speaks French all of a sudden. Valentin got a text from Klein saying he needs help, but he ignored it. Good. Klein is a whining pita. He’s been doing nothing but complaining from the first time we saw him.

Real Jason didn’t stand in Other Jason’s way after he brought Sam to Sonny’s. Other Jason went with her to the hospital, while Real Jason went to the station with Jordan. Sonny called Real Jason “Jason,” which bothered Other Jason, who insisted to Sam that he’s the Real Jason. At the station, Real Jason wouldn’t talk without a lawyer, and Carly appeared, saying Diane was on her way. Jordan said she’d have to arrest Real Jason, and they’d be running his prints, and Carly said they were going to show he’s the Real Jason.

Oh, and Sam is going to make a full recovery.

A friend of mine, who sees the show an hour earlier, so saw it in its entirety, pointed out something interesting. She said Andre told Klein that Patient 6 was on his way to the people he thinks are his family. Does this mean Real Jason is really Other Jason, and therefore Andrew?

Below Deck

Sara, girlfriend of primary guest Robbie, wants her luggage in the room yesterday. Kate’s getting the feeling she hates these people. Jen is trying to let everything roll off her shoulders. Sara finally gets in her bikini, making all the male guests and crew members very happy. Anchor is dropped at Rendezvous Bay. Kate thinks they’re all nuts.

Matt is making a sirloin for lunch, and fish for dinner. He’s in a good head space right now, and is sure the guests will love the meals. Nico thinks the chick in the bikini is effing amazing. Sara requires music. They need the jam. Another beautiful table is set. Sara makes another demand for music. Kate tells Bruno where to look, and he says they’re pushing his buttons already. Sara toasts to the wonderful life they have, and makes mmm noises about lunch. Kate says she’s definitely in it for love, and Jen nearly dies laughing. After lunch, the guests play on the water toys. Kate feels like she’s at summer camp for drunk third graders. I always wonder about that drinking/swimming stuff though. I know they let the guests do pretty much whatever they want, but isn’t that an insurance liability?

It’s nearly six o’clock. Time for shots. A cucumber gimlet is also demanded requested. Nico tells Bri that his brother is arriving in two days, and he’s excited. The guests dance badly on deck. Matt’s sesame seared tuna looks amazing. He says cooking for intoxicated guests isn’t pleasant, but makes the job easier. Kate says if she could have this Matt’s food all the time, it would be great. She tells the guests that after dinner, the pajama party is happening. She asks the deckhands to make a pillow port. EJ and Baker work on it. He suggests making a sort of igloo. He thinks her aggression is intriguing, but makes him nervous. As Jen is helping a guest with something in her room, the guest says her husband likes Jen, closes the door, and shows Jen things she doesn’t want to see. She tells Kate she’s not going downstairs for the rest of the charter. She’s never been propositioned by a married couple before. Me neither.

EJ welcomes the guests to the ultimate pajama party. They want the best scotch possible. Kate tells Matt it’s not a drive-through for alcohol. Baker thinks she’d drink every drop of liquor if she was on a charter, so she can’t fault them. Here’s a hint. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to consume it.

Bruno helps the stews with kitchen duties. He seems like a nice guy. Nico says he can handle putting up the beach party. He wants to prove to Captain Lee that he can be responsible. In his interview, EJ says he’s fine with it; Nico needs to put his money where his mouth is. Kate wonders how many chefs are too many, when Bruno gets in her way. I’m surprised the guests are alive for breakfast. Kate gives Jen a whistle in case she doesn’t feel safe on the beach. Matt says there are things like jellybeans and tacos on the preference sheets, but Kate has other ideas for lunch. She likes working with him, since she suggests the obvious, and he thinks she’s a genius. That’s why I love babysitting three and four-year-olds. Put a paper plate on your head, and you’re Einstein.

Bruno thinks the interior crew is dysfunctional when no one can tell him where the limes are. The captain is annoyed that no one is answering their radio. Nico, Bruno, and Kate set up for the picnic. The guests whine that everyone is moving slow AF. Captain Lee thinks it’s not rocket science, and Nico should be more on top of it. The cabana starts flying away, and one of the posts ends up getting broken, making it unusable. A guest bitches that she’s missing sun time. Kate thinks Nico is stressed, and in over his head. No one is answering the radio. The same bitchy guest wonders if they should start complaining; it’s taking forever. Like no one noticed she’s been complaining. Robbie says it better be one helluva set up. The captain thinks it’s going nowhere fast, and calls it a clusterf*ck.

Kate thinks the guests are lucky Jen turned them down, since she never finishes any job she starts. Sara uses a bubble wand, and complains that the bubbles are cheap AF. Bitchy says she’s asked for water three times now. Sarah wants to go back, and says her swimsuit is giving her life. I don’t believe for one second she’s with this guy for his sparkling personality or good looks, but he is getting no prize whatsoever.

The captain asks Nico and EJ to meet him at the bridge. Bitchy asks for more food, talking with food in her mouth. Captain Lee says the crew isn’t paying attention to details. He’s disappointed in Nico not living up to potential. In his interview, he says that everyone knows that if he has a pet peeve, it’s not answering the radio. EJ is upset because he wants Nico to succeed, and be at the level he needs to be, or he’ll be out.

Robbie seats a teddy bear at the dinner table. Jen is serving, and gets creepy compliments. EJ tells Baker that he’s lost hope getting on Nico’s ass in gear; it doesn’t make a difference. Nico doesn’t want to be better. The husband of the aggressive couple asks Jen to pick something up, and when she does, Mrs. Aggressive touches Jen’s butt. Kate says if they pay enough, they think they can sexually harass you. She tells us that experience teaches you how to deal with it, but Jen isn’t a yachty. The wife is drunk off her ass, and asks Jen to bring some water to her room for before she goes to bed. Kate tells Jen to be careful not to give mixed signals.

Nico wanted to show the captain that he could run the team and take responsibility, but he failed. Yes, he did. Nico and Bri get busy. EJ likes Baker’s style; her accent turns him on. Jen and Kate put water in aggressive couple’s room, and run like hell. Jen says she’s scared. I don’t blame her. These people are weird and boring at the same time.

Bruno and Nico agree it went horrible, but the guests say the trip flew by. The dock isn’t clear because someone took their parking spot, and the boat has to wait two hours. Captain Lee decides to take the guests to the shore by tender. Everyone gets ready for the guests’ departure. Robbie says he knows they can be a handful, and Sara says the hot mess express is out. Bri compliments Jen on going above and beyond. Kate is happy, and agrees. Wow. That’s an accomplishment. Jen says if she had to label these guests, it would be GTFON. Google it. I had to.

The captain tells the crew that some have made strides forward, but some are only treading water. He isn’t happy being mediocre. The tip is $18K ($1620 each), which he says is okay, but he’d like to see it in the $23-24K range. He tells them to take to heart what he said. Nico says he’ll be grabbing a beer with his brother. Josh comes on board the boat, and EJ tells him to take his shoes off on the deck. In his interview, Nico says after his other brother died, Josh reset his brain, and helped him emotionally. Nico introduces Josh to everyone. Jen thinks he has the potential to be an ex lover of hers.

The crew goes to the beach on their off time. Baker discovers Nico has a third nipple. She does too, and tells him welcome to the triple nipple club. Nico and Josh walk on the beach. Nico tells Josh that it was hard starting over with a new crew, and they have an unneeded new bosun who’s a d-bag. Kate teases Bri about meeting Nico’s family now. Bri says they’re just having fun, but doesn’t think about it in the long term. Nico tells Josh he’s been misbehaving. Melissa was putting stress on him, and Bri is a cool chick who’s also beautiful. Nico says he’s slept with her, but not with her. Josh tells him don’t always look to run when things get tough, but it’s okay to be a little loose.

Jen wants to build a fire. The sun sets. EJ is nervous about Baker. He doesn’t know if he should hug her, or kiss her, or what. The group ends up going to a bar. Nico says Freako is coming out. Jen twerks, and then dances with Josh. She feels his vibes. She says he’s young, but her type.

They go back to the boat. Several of them are barefoot, and EJ realizes his feet are filthy. He tells everyone if their feet look like his, to wash them, and calls out Josh. Josh says get the hell out, but EJ says they don’t want that sh*t all over the boat; he’s cleaning his. In his interview, EJ says they’re both d*cks; like brother, like brother. Nico starts talking smack about EJ again.

Next time, EJ doesn’t want a dirty deck, two drunk Nicos, the next primary is a restaurant owner who looks like another idiot, and Nico needs to go to the hospital.

🎃 Hope you had a Happy Halloween. Despite my near candy catastrophe, I found it entertaining. Because I knew I’d have no break, I modified my Harley Quinn costume to make it easier to jet around in, and ditched the wig, putting my own hair in pigtails. Hopefully, no one thought I was Margaret from the New Jersey Housewives. I usually have at least one toddler who walks boldly into my house, but this year I had one who walked into my door. Literally. He was dressed as Batman. My own Batman, my dog Casey, punked out on me, sleeping through the whole evening. Some hero.

👻 Let Bette Midler Put a Spell on You…


👄 Feel Free to Dance Along…


👹 Get Dead…