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January 20, 2020 – Nina Has a Deal For Sasha, Door Slamming On Deck, Spencer’s Return, Tyler’s Oval & Song For the Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ava tells Spencer, it’s wonderful to see him looking so well. She thanks him for meeting her, and he says the headmaster summoned him; he didn’t have a choice. She says she asked that he not mention her name, since she was afraid Spencer would refuse the visit. She knows the last three years have been difficult. He says she’s the woman who sold him out to his evil uncle, and she says she’s deeply sorry. She hopes he forgives her when he sees all is not lost. Spencer says he’s he lost more than enough; his inheritance, his home, and his father. Nikolas puts his hand on Spencer’s shoulder, and says, he hasn’t lost his father. He’s here.

Laura meets Jax at the MetroCourt, and he says he appreciates her taking the time to meet with him. She says she makes time for all her constituents, even the ones who withhold vital information.

Michael asks what Willow means by Wiley not being safe with Brad. She says she found Nelle there in her bathrobe, looking quite at home. When she got there, Brad seemed nervous, like he didn’t want her there, and two seconds later, Nelle appeared. She said she was staying there, and made it clear that she could give Brad all the help he needs. Michael says, Nelle is wrong about that.

Brad tells Nelle that she can’t take care of Wiley. Lucas’s entire family will be up in arms. Nelle says, contrary to popular belief, Lucas’s family doesn’t run the entire world. Brad says, Wiley’s life has been full of disruptions. He misses Lucas, and doesn’t know her. He knows Willow. Nelle says they just need mommy and me time. As soon as Wiley is back in her arms, he’ll know he’s hers.

Spencer says Nikolas is really there, and they hug.

At the Crimson office, Nina tells Charlotte, it’s the best collage ever. Charlotte thinks they need more pictures. Curtis walks in, and says, no school? Charlotte tells him there was field trip, and she didn’t want to go, so her mom said she could hang out with Nina. They’re working on a collage for Charlotte’s English project. She tells Charlotte that Maxie left some back issues for her, and tells her to go check them out. Curtis says Charlotte seems okay, but Nina says looks can be deceiving. Charlotte has been asking to talk to her father. Curtis asks if Nina has too.

Taggert tells Jordan that he knew she was meant for bigger, greater things, and she says it means a lot hearing him say that. He notices her there’s a ring on her finger, and she tells him that she’s married. He congratulates her, and she says, what about him? How’s his wife? He says, that went south a long time ago, and she says they have a lot to talk about it. He suggests they start with her. Why did she ask him to drop everything and come back to Port Charles?

At the MetroCourt, Gladys tells Carly, it’s too much. A spa day and a personal shopper afterward; how can she repay Carly’s generosity? Carly tells Gladys to focus on herself, and enjoy the splurge. Carly sees Michael, and tells Gladys to pick what she wants off the spa menu for brunch. She goes over to Michael, and asks, what’s going on? Michael says, Nelle is staying with Brad, and she’s expecting to take care of Wiley. Carly says, over her dead body. There’s no way that psycho is getting near Wiley. Michael says, she already is. Willow says, of course (🍷) she’s manipulating Brad, and of course (🍷) he’s letting her. 

Jax says that’s why he wanted to see Laura; to explain and apologize. He repeatedly asked Nikolas to reveal himself to her, but he said if Valentin found out he was alive, it would put her and Spencer in danger. He shouldn’t have been an accomplice for as long as he was, and he’s deeply sorry. Laura accepts his apology. After all, it wasn’t him who broke her heart. It was her son.

Nikolas says he missed Spencer more than anyone. Spencer says he’d pretend Nikolas was away on business, and imagine what they’d do when he returned. Where has he been?

Curtis sees the mock Crimson cover with Sasha on it, and asks Nina what that’s about. She says Lucy is resurrecting her cosmetics company, and Sasha is on board as a partner/spokesmodel. In a bold move, they asked Crimson to partner with them. They did have a clever business plan. He asks if she’s thinking of doing it, and she says she hasn’t made a decision. He asks, why wait? and she says, it’s not personal. She wants to make the right decision. Curtis says, one of the riskiest things when you’re under cover is developing feelings for the mark; you start to questions your loyalty and allegiances. Is she making a shrewd business decision, or is it a way to keep Sasha in her life? They were close, and he doesn’t believe it was an act on either of their parts. Nina misses her. Nina says she misses the idea of having a daughter. He asks if anything that came from her mother was ever true, and she says Valentin couldn’t prove if she did or didn’t have a daughter, and if he couldn’t do it, nobody could. She takes out the half-heart necklace, and says she’s never going to find out if she really had a baby. Um… wouldn’t her GYN know?

Brad brings out Wiley, and tells Nelle that he decided he’s too distracted to work. he suggests she not let them keep her, and go on with her day; enjoy. Nelle asks to hold him, but he says, Wiley has to get dressed. He gets cranky if schedule is interrupted. Nelle says she wants to hold her son, and Brad hands him over. She says, Wiley is right where he belongs.

Laura tells Jax that she’s glad he reached out. She has a good way for him to redeem himself, to her and the city. He says he wasn’t aware he’d wronged the city. She says she wants to renovate the waterfront, particularly the piers above Pier 26. She’s looking for partners in the business sector to get on board and do their civic duty. He says he read about it in The Invader, but she says the article was premature and not placed by her staff. She already reached out to ELQ, and now him. She didn’t think he’d want be left out. it’s going to decriminalize the waterfront for good. Jax says, it’s going to take quite a bit of financing, and she says she’s open to donations. He says, a charming shakedown. Gladys approaches the table, and says, hello. Jax introduces her to Laura, and Laura says Gladys must be related to Mike. Gladys is impressed about Laura being mayor, and says if she lived there, Laura would have her vote.

Willow says, Brad is completely unable to stand up to Nelle. Carly sees Gladys talking with Laura and Jax, and says, you’ve got to be kidding. She says they’re right to be concerned, and tells Michael, if there’s anything she can do, just ask. Right now, she has to handle something else. She goes over to Jax’s table and asks if everything is all right. Laura says, it’s fine, and Gladys says Jax was just introducing her to the mayor. Carly is sure Jax and Laura have business to take care of, and steers Gladys away. Laura says, interesting lady. She’s sure there’s a story there, and Jax says, for another day.

Willow asks where Michael is going, and he says, to get Nelle away from Wiley. Chase says he’s coming too. Half of this is his fault, and there’s no way he’s letting Wiley pay for it. Willow asks Chase to let her know what happens, and Sasha says, her too, and tells them to be careful.

Sasha asks Willow what Nelle is like. It’s hard to believe the creepy stories. Willow says, Nelle comes off all sweetness and light, a harmless waif, but just like that, she’s threatening. Then she says she didn’t mean it; she’s twisted. She even brought up Shiloh when they saw each other. Sasha says Nelle was probably trying to play with Willow’s mind. Sasha’s phone dings, and she says, it’s Nina. Willow asks if  they’re texting now, and Sasha says she and Lucy pitched a partnership with Deception and Crimson. Nina seemed less than thrilled. Willow says maybe Nina wants to tell Sasha that she’s on board, and Sasha says maybe Nina wants to tell her where to stick her proposal. Willow says she’ll go along with Sasha. She needs a distraction.

Nikolas tells Spencer that it was the best thing he could come up with. He had to regain his strength and think of a plan. Nikolas says, for three years he forgot who Spencer was. Nikolas says he was being protective, and Spencer says he stayed away deliberately. Nikolas says, Spencer has to understand he needed to be strategic, and get things in place for his return. Spencer says what mattered was that he needed his father. What could have mattered more than that? Nikolas says his grandfather’s will was illegitimate, and left everything to Valentin. Spencer says he knows. He tried to fight Valentin, but Aunt Alexis said there was nothing they could do. Nikolas says he found a way to take everything back. There’s a codicil that makes him heir again. Spencer says Nikolas stayed away because he wanted his money back. It was more important that Valentin think he was dead than for Spencer to know he was alive.

Jordan tells Taggert that she wouldn’t have called if it wasn’t important. She didn’t want to open up that part of her life, and she’s sure he didn’t either. He says he hasn’t forgotten a moment, and she says she needs him to look at something. She hands him Bob’s folder, and says, no outsiders. He says, agreed, and opens the file.

Nina says, sorry; she knows Curtis is busy. He says if she wants to find out if she had a child or where they might be, he’s there for her. She she says, no more searching. She won’t reopen that wound. She and Curtis hug, and she looks at Charlotte. She says, she already has a wonderful daughter right there.

Nelle says, Wiley is so big. She had no idea what the color of his eyes or hair would be. He looks like Michael, but underneath, he’s all hers. She tells Wiley that she’s his mom, but Brad says she’s going to confuse him. She asks Wiley to smile for her, and there’s a knock at the door. She opens it to find Michael and Chase. She tells Michael, they were just talking about him.

Michael says he thought Brad was taking Wiley to daycare, but Brad says, he called in. Nelle says she and Wiley are getting to know each other. Michael says Wiley doesn’t need to know her. He takes Wiley from Nelle, and when she steps toward him, Chase tells her not to get any closer. She asks if they’re not overreacting. They’re acting like she’d hurt a child. Chase says she’s a convicted felon; they’re not taking any chances. She says, Michael is also a convicted felon. Michael asks, what’s her angle? and she says she sees Chase’s girlfriend wasted no time in snitching. Brad is her only friend in town. Where else was she supposed to go? And after what happened to Lucas, who is she to desert a friend in need? She should become Wiley’s nanny instead of Chase’s girlfriend. Chase tells her, leave Willow out of it. She says, Willow is out, and she’s in. Michael says he has another offer he thinks Nelle will have a hard time refusing.

Carly tells Gladys, she’s confused. Gladys says she hates to sound ungrateful, but massages make her claustrophobic. She knows Dev has a part-time job at the coffee warehouse, and asks if Carly thinks she could arrange a tour. Carly says she has to stop by, and Gladys can take a look at it, but there’s not much to see. Is she sure she doesn’t want to visit the spa? Gladys is sure, and Carly tells her to make herself comfortable. She has a few things to finish, and then they can go.

Jax tells Laura, if ELQ is in, he imagines he will be too. Laura says she considers him a decent man. He won’t remain that way if he’s around the Cassadine fortune. Remember that in case Nikolas asks to work with him again. She gets in the elevator, and goes down.

Nikolas tells Spencer that it was torture staying away. Ava says Nikolas was thinking of his best interests. That’s why she’s there. Nikolas had to work in the shadows; to take back what was theirs. Spencer says he needed his father. He broke both legs, and had to stay in the hospital for weeks. Nikolas could have come back any time. Spencer never had to leave home. Nikolas says he’s sorry, and Spencer says he cared more about getting back at Valentin than he did abut loving him. Ava says Nikolas always loved him, and Spencer says he hated Nikolas for dying, now he hates him for not staying dead. Nikolas says he needs some air, and steps outside. Ava says she can see how angry Spencer is, and he has every right to be, but the person he loves most just came back to him. He’s the luckiest boy on the planet. Can’t he see that?

Nina tells Charlotte that she’s good at this. Maybe she should hire Charlotte as her new art director. Sasha and Willow come in, and Sasha says Nina asked to see her. She says hi to Charlotte, who ignores her and asks if Willow wants to see her new school project. Willow says, sure, and Nina and Sasha go into Nina’s office. Nina asks if Sasha felt the need to bring her sidekick along for moral support, and Sasha says Willow was keeping her company, and she does like the moral support. She asks if Lucy shouldn’t be in on the meeting, but Nina says it’s just about them. She looked at the proposal, and it’s good; better than she expected. Apparently Sasha picked up some things working there. She’s decided to move forward – conditionally. Sasha asks what she wants, and Nina says the Deception/Crimson partnership will be launched with an in-depth cover story on Sasha; every aspect of her life. Nothing will be left to the imagination. Those are her terms. Take it or leave it.

Charlotte talks to Willow about horse books, saying she just finished Black Beauty. She says, it was sad in the middle, but at the end Beauty got to go back to where he used to live. All the bad stuff was just a mistake. Everything was fixed in the end. Willow says she likes happy endings, and Charlotte says she does too.

Sasha tells Nina to draw up  the paperwork. She accepts Nina’s terms, and a contract will need to be signed. Nina doesn’t think Sasha understands the terms. They’re going to unearth everything; nothing will be left to the imagination. They’re going to include how Sasha lied to her, and Michael, and Valentin. Sasha says Michael has already forgiven her, and Nina has made clear she never will. She tells Nina, print what she likes. If putting her life on blast helps pay for what she did, so be it. Have a lawyer draw it up. She asks if that’s it, and Nina says she can go. Sasha comes out of the office, and Willow asks if she’s all set. They get in the elevator, and Sasha says, if setting herself up to public shaming is all set, she’s great. She just gave Nina permission to beat her up in print.

Taggert continues to look through the folder, and tells Jordan, it’s crazy. After everything they went through, there’s no way in hell. Jordan says that was her reaction too, but toxicology was specific. He says Bob barely drank, and never went near drugs; it makes no sense. She says, not to her either… unless something worse is going on. He says she’s got questions; he’ll get answers, and she tells him, be careful. Laura comes in, and asks if she’s interrupting. Jordan says they were just finishing up, and introduces Taggert. Laura says she remembers him, and it’s nice to see him again. What brings him back to Port Charles?

Michael says Nelle needs a place to stay. She says she has one, and he says he has a better one. There’s more privacy, and he knows how important that is after prison. Nelle says it’s touching. but why is he offering it to her? They were only married a short time. They did have a baby, but after the tragic circumstances, he’s under no obligation to help her. He says he’s fond of Wiley, and it will keep her away from him. She says, It makes sense. Wiley is the same age as Jonah would be. Chase asks if she cares about Brad. One call to social services from a concerned party saying there’s a convicted killer staying there, and they’ll be nosing around and scrutinizing everything. Nelle tells him to mind his own business, and Michael asks if she’ll take him up on his offer. It more than meets her standards.

Brad comes out, and Nelle is gone. He tells Michael and Chase that he’s sorry how things turned out. Nelle showed up last night. He didn’t agree to her being Wiley’s nanny. Did Willow say he did? Chase says, it’s been a rough morning. They’ll talk later after they decompress. Michael says Wiley is the number one priority. Lucas being in a coma is a tragedy, but it shouldn’t be compounded by putting Wiley at risk. Brad says he didn’t, but Michael says, Nelle is dangerous. She tried to kill him, and she killed Zak. Nelle having access to Wiley is unacceptable. He took an oath as Wiley’s godfather to look after him, and he’s going to do everything to make sure Wiley is safe.

Sasha tells Willow that Lucy thinks the scandal will help Deception launch. It’s her past, and her scandal. She actually does want to live life out in the open, and if people don’t appreciate it, oh well. Nelle approaches them, and says she didn’t think she’d run into a friendly face.

Taggert tells Laura that he’s a lieutenant now. He was passing through, and thought he’d say hi to an old friend. Laura says, they know each other? and Jordan says, it was a long time ago, and Taggert says, almost a lifetime. He says it was great seeing her, and Jordan tells him, don’t be a stranger. He leaves, and Laura asks if they worked together. Jordan says, it was years ago, and Laura says she’s been making good progress on the waterfront. Jax will be on board, providing ELQ is. Jordan says, many a mayor has tried to rehabilitate the waterfront and been unsuccessful. Laura says, they haven’t met this mayor.

Nina and Charlotte work on the collage. Jax walks in, and Nina says she’ll get him the projections. She digs around in the mess on her desk, and says, things have been hectic. Maxie took on a lot of responsibility, but she’s back. The transition is bumpy, but it’s fine. She gives him the projections, and he says he’s sure it will be back to normal in no time. She asks why she gets the feeling that he’s humoring her, and he says, because he is.

Ava says Spencer has always had insight beyond his years. He’s old enough to know parents aren’t perfect, and his father no different. Spencer says his father stayed away; that’s not love. Ava says he stayed to keep Spencer safe; to protect him from Valentin. Spencer says his father could have seen him in France, and Valentin would have never known. Ava says Spencer has a rare opportunity; a second chance with a loved one. It’s a miraculous thing, so many other people would give anything for. Don’t waste it. Spencer says if Ava thinks her heartfelt pleas are going to make him forgive Nikolas, sadly, she’s mistaken. She says she won’t excuse Nikolas, but she’s seen how much he loves his father, and how losing his father affected him. Nikolas loves him, and she thinks it’s time they both stop hurting, and put the anger aside. Let his father love him. It’s so much better than being alone . Nikolas comes back in.

Nikolas says, Ava is right. He has so much to make up for, and he’ll do what it takes. If Spencer lets him, he wants to restore the family. It’s what he’s wanted the whole time. Spencer says he could have had it if he’d come back, but he didn’t. He let Spencer believe he was dead. Spencer has lived every day for the past three years alone because of Nikolas. He built up the memory of a noble prince, but Nikolas is as heartless as Valentin Cassadine,  and his legacy is more important than his son. Stay the hell away from him. Spencer slams out the door.

Nina tells Jax that she just met with Sasha, and decided to take the opportunity to rake her over the coals. This revenge thing is tougher than she thought. Jax says, people with good hearts have a hard time.

Charlotte cuts up the mock Crimson cover with Sasha’s picture on it, and smiles.

Curtis goes to Jordan’s office, and says he thought she could use one of these. He kisses her, and she says, always. They go into the office, and Taggert lurks in the hallway.

Nelle tells Willow, no introductions are needed. She recognizes Sasha from the picture on Michael’s phone. Nelle holds out her hand, but Sasha doesn’t take it. She says she knows who Nelle is. Nelle tells her not to believe everything she hears. They’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other better. Sasha doubts that, and Nelle says the Quartermaine mansion is big, but they’ll run into each other eventually. Michael asked her to move in. Willow says she’s lying, but what else is new? Michael doesn’t want her anywhere near him. Nelle tells her to phone him, and ask him herself.

Chase asks if Michael is sure he should invite Nelle back into the Quartermaine mansion. Michael asks if he’s heard about it being a good idea to keep your enemies close at times. This is one of those times.  He’s going to let her think she’s winning, and when she drops her guard, he’ll drop the hammer. She’ll never see it coming.

Tomorrow, Nikolas tells Ava that he’ll do it on one condition, Willow wants to know how she can be okay with Brad raising her son, and Carly tells Nelle to mention Jonah one more time and see what happens.

Below Deck

Kevin moans while sitting in the crew mess. He tells the captain that he just took a painkiller, and to give it fifteen minutes. Captain Lee says to take as much time as it takes. In the captain’s interview, he says he’s the only one who knows the galley. He’s worked in restaurants, and is good on the grill, but he can’t make a pimple on the ass of Kevin’s preparation and presentation. He tells Kevin, keep him posted. Anchor is dropped and locked. The mystery dude asks Kevin how he’s doing, and what’s the contingency plan? Kevin says, there isn’t one, and goes back to the galley. In his interview, he says he feels a little better. It’s not the ideal state, but he needs to do dinner service. Rhylee says she doesn’t give a flying anymore.

Kevin goes over the dinner menu with Kate. Tonight’s entrée is venison. Alexis and her friends are jammed into the hot tub, where it looks way too crowded to be comfortable. Brian talks to Ashton about Courtney. In his interview, he says he thought it was a step in the right direction, talking about what happened, but Courtney is inconsistent about sorting it out. Ashton tells Brian, it’s a grey area; are they together or not? Brian says he doesn’t want to force anything. Alexis asks if Andrew is getting down on one knee tonight. Subtlety seems to be no one’s strong suit anymore.

In Kate’s interview, she says, Alexis wants an independence themed party to celebrate her divorce and independence. They get it. Her dry humping her boyfriend was their first clue. Alexis tells Kate that they want to eat inside. She doesn’t want to take another shower tonight. Kate says she’s excited, but in her interview, she says she hates it. There’s no room for mistakes when you’re two feet from plating. Kate and the other stews decorate in red, white, and blue, while Kate sings Grand Old Flag. Kevin continues to curse his life.

In Kate’s interview, she says Tanner is cute. He has no shame, but it’s not even creepy. It’s cute. She tells him not to talk to her, and Ashton asks if they’re fighting again. It’s so cute. Boat-mances. Simone asks who Ashton is referring to; Kate and… In her interview, she says she can’t believe this a-hole is doing this. It’s not like they have feelings for one another, but wtf? Ashton asks if she’s okay, and she says, kind of. She wouldn’t have gone there. He asks if she regrets it, and she says she does.

Captain Lee joins the guests for dinner. Tanner tells Rhylee that they should spray down the deck after dinner, but Rhylee thinks they could get ahead by doing it during dinner, since the guests are eating inside. Tanner complains that everything is a problem with Rhylee. Why does her idea always have to be the right one? Ashton agrees that they should wait until after dinner. In her interview, Rhylee says it doesn’t matter whether she’s right or wrong. Kate tells Simone that she’ll be doing cabins, and Courtney will be helping her. In Kate’s interview, she says she never breaks girl code, but Simone and Tanner are no longer hooking up, and Simone has been annoying her, so her girl code is slipping. Alexis says she’s thankful for her life, and loves everyone. Kevin suddenly wants the bisque poured at the table, but Kate says they didn’t discuss gravy boats, and they’re locked away. In her interview, she says this is why they went over this beforehand. In Kevin’s interview, he says Kate would rather float with Tanner and leave him in deep water. Tanner tells Kevin that he’s never going to win.

Simone bitches to Rhylee about Kate and Tanner. Rhylee is surprised to find out Simone didn’t know they had kissed. In Simone’s interview, she says her blood pressure is up. Rhylee says it’s a good thing they didn’t go further. Tanner is a moron. Simone wonders why she’s always the last person to find out about these things. Alexis says it’s the first time she’s had venison, and pronounces it amazing. Courtney kisses Brian, saying she doesn’t want to fight anymore. In her interview, she says she doesn’t like fighting, but she feels like it’s not resolved. She doesn’t want to be acrimonious anymore, and he’s cute. Kate tells Kevin the guests loved the dessert. Simone breaks a glass, and Kate jokes that it’s okay; they only have one more charter. In her interview, Simone says she doesn’t respect Kate anymore. Go ahead and laugh, bitch.

Final day of charter. Kevin says he can bear through it. Brian tells Ashton that he and Courtney made up. Tanner oversleeps, and Ashton finally makes him get up. In Ashton’s interview, he’s concerned about Tanner making it a habit of oversleeping. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s at her wit’s end with this crew. She works as hard, or harder, than Tanner, but he’s one of the boys, so he gets away with murder.

Courtney takes breakfast orders, and the guests are happy. The captain asks Ashton how things are going with Rhylee, and Ashton says, much better. They’re great when they all work as a team. Captain Lee is like, wonderful, now that it’s the end of the season. Tanner and Brian are talking on deck, while Captain Lee and Ashton watch from the wheelhouse. The captain tells Ashton he’s going to wait for them to be distracted, and then blows the horn, giving them both a heart attack. He and Ashton laugh their asses off. The captain radios for the crew to put on their whites, and startles the guests with the horn while they have a drink on deck. Luckily, they find it funny. It’s like he just found the horn or something. Kate sees the first boat she worked on, and gets nostalgic. In her interview, she says that boat is the reason she got into yachting. The last time she saw it, she was getting fired in the Bahamas. It’s like seeing a long lost love by accident, out of town.

It’s time for goodbyes. In her interview, Kate says the guests were nice, but she can’t wait to untuck her shirt and stop waiting on people. Alexis says it was the best vacation she’s ever taken, and Andrew gives Captain Lee the tip envelope. The crew has lunch, and none of the guys will slide over to let Rhylee sit. Courtney finally moves over, and Tanner gets up to eat at the counter, saying she can take his spot. In Simone’s interview, she says, they’re like mean kids on the playground. Rhylee eats in her cabin, and Ashton tells the others, it’s like a kid throwing their toys around; don’t pay attention. In Kate’s interview, she says when she started out on this adventure, she was a bad stew. She’s come a long way. She thinks it’s special the boat showed up in Thailand, but she can’t be yachting forever, and thinks she’s ready for a new adventure.

The tip meeting commences, and this time it’s $17,500, or S1590 a piece. The captain tells them to go out for dinner tonight, but they have an early morning with guests at 11:30 am. While she cleans the boat, Rhylee sees Brian and Tanner taking a smoke break. She thinks she should take up smoking. She can have twenty breaks, and alleviate the stress. Ashton whines that her comment isn’t constructive, and she says she was commenting in jest, like the dudes do. Ashton tells her, just calm down before it gets heated, and I desperately want to punch him in the face. He says she has an attitude and isn’t being constructive. He thinks the best thing would be for her to take a break. Rhylee says, the best thing would be for her to clean by herself, away from them. Ashton leaves, and she asks if he’s going to suggest firing her again. He tells Brian and Tanner that he’s done. In Tanner’s interview, he says, Rhylee is like a champagne bottle on New Year’s. She shakes it up, and you don’t know when the cork is going to pop. One more charter, and they’re done with Rhylee. The captain calls Kate, Kevin, and Ashton to the crew mess for a preference sheet meeting.

Captain Lee says their final guest will be sports broadcaster/writer Jamele Hill. It’s going to be an all ladies trip. They love delicious food, so he suggests Kevin feel free to pull out all the stops. She’s getting married later this year, so this is her pre-bachelorette party. They want a 90s theme party, and an all-white dinner party, which the captain is invited to attend. Jamele has requested dirty themed drinks, and Captain Lee asks if they can find those little d*ck lollipops. Kate says, anything for him. They also want a penis cake, and the captain says Kate can give Kevin ideas, harkening back to her talents with towel folding. She says, if it’s standing up, it will be more fun. Captain Lee thinks it’s going to be a great last charter. Kevin can’t believe he has to make a penis cake.

Rhylee tells Simone that she doesn’t think Kate particularly likes Tanner. Simone says she knows he asked Kate out at the beginning. How was she the easy bitch? In Simone’s interview, she says a lot of guys have let her down; her father being the prime example. She tries to be open and let people in, but when she does that in relationships, it doesn’t work out, and reminds her of the pain from the past. She tells Rhylee that she has to see him every day. She thought it was going to be casual, and be done. In her interview, she says she opened herself up to Tanner, and he played her. It’s hurtful and disrespectful. Rhylee suggests she get under someone else.

In the guys’ taxi, they toast to the last charter. They made it. In the other taxi, Rhylee says she thinks she’s underappreciated, and it has to do with one person in particular and their attitude. Kate says, it’s hard to watch it happening. In Kate’s interview, she says Rhylee deserves a chance work with a manger who manages. Ashton is too big for his bosun britches, and he’s not a good leader. Kevin asks if Kate is being too much of a bitch for Tanner. In his interview, Tanner says he wants to get laid; the bitchier the better. He thanks the guys for their support.

The crew heads to a Thai market to get food. A woman walks by with a cat wearing glasses and riding in a snuggly. Rhylee is excited about the market, and wants a scorpion on a stick. In Kate’s interview, she wonders if a scorpion is her spirit animal. They’re nice, then they kill you. Rhylee says it tastes like a corn nut, but saltier. Tanner sees the crickets, and says, Jiminy Cricket. In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s a chef in a Thai market, and if he has a chance to buy insects, he’s going to buy insects. He bogarts the fried crickets. Rhylee keeps trying to get in to order something, and he cricket blocks her. He tells the guys about how he pissed her off, and I want to smack Brian if he says bru one more time. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s not stupid. She knows Kevin is talking about her. Ashton anticipates drama? Here comes drama. There are some quick back and forth insults, ending with Rhylee calling Ashton a misogynist pig, adding that he’s arrogant and egotistical. In Simone’s interview, she feels like she and Rhylee are similar, but Rhylee actually says what Simone would like to say. Rhylee tells Kate that she wants to smash Ashton’s face in. Courtney tells Brian not to accelerate the situation, and he asks why she’s taking sides. Rhylee starts to get teary, and walks away, and Tanner says she wants a reaction.  Simone says Rhylee isn’t crying for attention, but because she’s upset. Rhylee tells Ashton, eff off; she doesn’t like him. In Brian’s interview, Brian says that Courtney needs to see that it’s Rhylee stirring the pot. Courtney says he’s allowed to tell Rhylee to calm down, but gets mad at her for doing the same thing he does. He tells her that she’s being ridiculous, and Courtney starts to cry. In her interview, she says she’s not used to someone she cares about being aggressive and yelling at her for no reason; it’s shocking.

Back in the taxi, Courtney wonders why Brian is so mean. Rhylee follows Ashton to the guys’ taxi, and asks if he thinks she should be fired. He says he’s not saying anything. Courtney says, whenever she has an opinion, it’s not valid, but when Brian does, it counts. He’s hot and cold. In Kate’s interview, she says it started off being a nice night eating scorpions, and they ended up with Rhylee in full rage and Courtney sobbing. When Rhylee screams at her, she feels like it’s in a sister way. Rhylee knows she’ll take it. Brian – wait for it – gives out friendship bracelets to all the guys, proving that they really are fourteen-year-old girls. Rhylee says Kate isn’t the one getting the brunt of it, and Kate asks Rhylee to stop talking. They head back to the boat, and Rhylee asks if her time is over to feel bad about how she’s treated. She asks Courtney, what happened? and Kate says, what does she think? She didn’t notice while she was in a blackout rage. Rhylee tells Kate, get off her jock.

Brian asks if Tanner is still going to bang Kate, and Ashton says he’s not getting involved in any more drama. Rhylee says Kate acts like the queen bee. It’s not a not yacht crew; it’s just dumb effing nonsense. Back on the boat, Courtney ignores Brian. Brian tells Rhylee to smile, and I’m shocked she doesn’t deck him (no pun intended) right there. Simone asks how Courtney is feeling, and Courtney says Brian is mean to her about everything she has an opinion on. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’s over it, especially when Brian has been drinking. She doesn’t get conversation; she gets, I can’t believe you did that. He deals with conversations like a toddler.

The guys sit at a table, drinking on deck. As they see Kate coming toward the boat, Ashton says, Tanner has an agenda tonight. Kevin says, he’s on a mission. Tanner says when the Rhylee sh*t happened, he knew that was it. The guys make lewd comments and laugh. Kate comes through, and asks if she can get them something, calling them a bunch of sh*ts. In her interview, she says she can’t her what they’re saying, but she’s been around them long enough to know when her name is involved, she can be pretty sure they’re talking sh*t about her. She slams the door, saying, eff you, and going back inside. Kevin suddenly remembers his cricket purchase, and goes to get them in the galley. Kate tells him, get out of the interior, and won’t let him through, saying, go the long way. In Kate’s interview, she says Kevin has put his foot down, and made an argument out of everything. She heads a department too. Her department is the interior, and he can’t be in it. She slams the door to the galley access. In Ashton’s interview, he says, she’s acting like a little brat. Kevin tells Kate, don’t be dramatic. He goes back to the table, shouting, wake up the captain; Kate is being dramatic!

Captain Lee says, eff me, and comes out of his cabin in PJ bottoms, sans shirt. Kate tells the guys, she walked up on them talking sh*t. She heard them on the dock. Captain Lee walks out, and asks, wtf is going on? Ashton shrugs, and the captain says, no one knows, and he doesn’t want to know. Ashton points a literal finger at Kate, and Captain Lee says, he doesn’t want to know. All he wants is them to get to bed, and be ready to go in the morning. The rest is irrelevant bullsh*t. In his interview, the captain says they have charter guests coming in less than twelve hours, and the crew is up kicking a dead horse. He’s madder than a pissed on chicken. They’re acting like a-holes, and there’s going to be hell to pay in the morning.

He says, at this hour, he doesn’t need to be hearing slamming doors and yelling. If anyone takes issue with that, they can see him in his quarters. The captain goes back in, slamming the door. Kevin says, oh sh*t.  

Next time, Brian asks Courtney for no more drama; Captain Lee says if anyone feels they can’t get along, they can pack their bags; and Kevin asks Kate why she’s being a d*ck.

📠 Everything Old Is New Again…

So glad to see Spencer back! And that he’s the same actor.



📺 Weekend Watching…

Besides overindulging in 90 Day Fiancé, I discovered yet another Tyler Perry gem. It’s not exactly new, having premiered in fall of last year, but I kept missing it. There’s nothing I love more than a marathon, and BET had Tyler Perry’s The Oval on rotation. I. Loved. It. It stars Ed Quinn (Randy, Two Broke Girls) as POTUS, who is one nasty piece of work. Although he’s nothing in comparison to FLOTUS (Kron Moore), who beat up a woman and tased her own daughter in the first episode. They’re not like any first family you’ve ever seen, and the show is like Dynasty times ten on crack. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to catch it, but it’s definitely worth catching.


🕊 Apropos Of the Day…

And one of my favorite songs from Hairspray, from one of my favorite artists.

October 13, 2019 – Alpha Blasts To the Past, Small Talk, Beta Speaks, Tyler’s Latest, Paul Entertains His Bride, Bong Does It Again & Alpha’s Tune


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


This was one of those episodes that goes back and forth from past to present, and I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible. The present is also set in the same time frame as last week’s episode, but from the Whisperers’ point of view.

The Walking Dead

Seven years ago. A car has crashed, and the woman inside is unconscious, but her head is on the steering wheel, causing the horn to blare. Zombies come toward the car, but she can’t get the driver’s side door open. She opens the passenger door, kicking them away, and tries to crawl under the car, but it’s too late. They grab her and rip her apart. A little girl walking with the zombies screams, and her mother grabs her and they run. It’s Alpha and Lydia covered in zombie yuck. Alpha tries to find an unlocked door, and isn’t having much luck. They run to a rehab, and Alpha struggles with the door, but finally gets it open. A zombie pulls at Lydia, but they get inside. Lydia says, sorry. They’re in a hallway, and see a man wearing a ski mask standing in the doorway. It’s Beta.

The present. Beta tells Alpha, it’s time the pack returns. She says they’re far from the enemy, and the pack’s fear will subside. She asks if he doubts her and their mission, but he says, never. Alpha looks at two girls making masks, and says, the sisters have a real gift.

Seven years ago. Alpha tells Beta (at this point, they don’t actually have names, so for clarity’s sake), they don’t mean harm. She asks, can he talk? She moves closer, but he hits a bat against a pipe as a warning. Lydia says she doesn’t like this, calling Alpha mama. Alpha tells him, if he tries to kill them, know two things. She doesn’t tire easily, and he’ll have to kill her daughter. She won’t leave without her. She readies herself, and he says, one night. She thanks him, and he says, do not leave the hallway. Lydia asks Alpha if she can wash up; the smell. Alpha asks, is there water? and he points. Lydia asks if he’s a monster, and Alpha says, we’re all monsters now.

The present. Beta tells Alpha, gather all of them; every last one they can find. As they walk, Beta signals to another Whisperer using two fingers. On of the sisters looks up at clouds. Sister Two sidles toward her, and says he’s watching her. Sister One says she feels different today. Does she feel that? It’s like it’s burning into their skin. Sister Two says, stop it. Her head’s in clouds. She should have left her sister behind while she had the chance. The Whisperers whisper.

Seven years ago. Alpha washes Lydia in an old steel tub. They hear zombie noises, and Lydia covers her ears. Alpha kisses her head. She looks around, and finds some canned goods. She looks through them, humming. Alpha paces in the background, and asks if she’s singing. She says, if you call it that, and he says, don’t do it again. She keeps looking, quietly. He asks if she has a name, and she says, the dead don’t have names; they shouldn’t either. Names are the past. They’re strong enough to be alive. The dead fear nothing, and only feed. They’re free. She asks how he ended up there, and he says he got into a tussle with the dead. They ran over his camp. She asks why he wears a mask, and starts to walk toward him, but he’s not receptive to that. He says he likes it; the sound of the dead. It’s the only song he never wants to end.

The present. Beta looks into a parking  garage containing a small crowd of zombies, and bangs on the security gate. He makes zombie noises, and runs his hand over the gate. The gate rises.

The Whisperers walk through a field. Sister One looks at clouds again, and Sister Two tells her, stop it, but Beta sees her. Sister One flashes back, and we find out she was the girl who had to leave the baby that Connie ended up rescuing. She remembers putting the baby down, and Alpha shrugging. She starts to make anguished sounds, and the real dead notice. Alpha kills them, and Sister Two asks what’s wrong with her? Beta says she will pay. Why he just didn’t let her get eaten, I have no clue

Beta throws Sister One down in a clearing. She whimpers, saying, she’s gone. Beta brandishes a knife, and Alpha says, stop, glaring at him. Sister One continues to weep. Beta asks if she’s uncommitted now. Her actions threaten the entire pack. Her child broke her. Alpha says she understands how Sister One feels, abandoning her child. Alpha’s child was dead to her long before Alpha ended her. She sharpens a knife, and tells Beta that she’s going to the deeper place. She’ll be waiting.

Seven years ago. Alpha tells Lydia that she’ll sleep in there and guard the door. Lydia asks, why not lock it? but Alpha tells her walls could never contain someone like the man in there. Lydia asks if she likes him. Alpha holds out a stuffed bunny, but Lydia says she doesn’t want it. She’s not a baby anymore. She doesn’t want a stupid bunny. She doesn’t want to be scared. She wants to be more like Alpha. Alpha says she’s waited so long to hear that, and hopes Lydia will be. If she can’t, Alpha will have no choice but to leave her behind. Lydia begs Alpha to never leave her, and says she’ll do better. Alpha will see. She says she loves Alpha, calling her mama, and Alpha says stop calling her that.

The present. Sister One goes into a cave. Alpha reveals herself, and Sister One says she’s sorry. She begins to beg, and Alpha tells her to remove her mask. She does, and Alpha says, kneel. Alpha lifts her face, and putting her hands on either side of Sister One’s head, squeezes. Sister One screams. Beta hears. Alpha pets Sister One’s head, saying, shhh. Sister One thanks Alpha.

Omg, the first three commercials have a TWD promo in the background. Are they that desperate to make people look at what they’re pushing?  Just because Michonne and Eugen are the wallpaper, doesn’t mean I’m going with Sprint.

Beta sees Sister One. Sister Two goes to her, and she says she’s thinking about that place. Sister Two grabs her, and takes her away from the group. Beta is like, wtf? He finds Alpha, and tells her it was unwise. Alpha says if Sister One strays again, she’ll skin her alive. Beta says, she unsettles the pack. Her moment of weakness will affect the others. Alpha says, being alive is a fantasy, and Beta says, the pack must learn it again; see it up close. She says, they will; soon. He asks if she’s content, and I laugh, because it seems like an insane question. He says he’s seen her wander away from the camp alone at night. She says she’s right there, as she’s always been. I dunno. Maybe being alive is a fantasy, but being a Whisperer seems like boring drudgery.

Seven years ago. Alpha wanders through the building, humming. A zombie appears, and she pikes it in the head. More zombies come down the hallway, and she nails them one by one, until one gets the better of her, and pins her up against the wall. Beta has been watching, and skewers it from behind, then finishes the rest of them off. She smiles at him, and follows him. They slaughter more zombies together. #Bonding. We can tell, she likes him. She slices into one of the zombies, and puts the guts into a container. She says she’s different. She never trusted people. She doesn’t trust anyone. He asks if there’s a reason why, and she rips open another zombie. She tells Beta that his name is Big Man. He’s like, no, and she says, Mr. B. He says he thought they had no names, but she says, it’s not a name; it’s a letter. He says if B is his name, what’s her name? She says, A. He asks if she can move with them when she’s covered, and she says, you’ve got to become them. Feel what they feel. He asks what they feel, and she says, nothing. There are only two kinds of people left. Those brave enough to walk with the dead, and everybody else. Tell her, which one is he? She reaches toward his mask, and he grabs her hand, saying, don’t. He walks away, and she hums.

The present. It’s nighttime, and the sisters lie together, unmasked. Sister One says, can you imagine? Alpha is so powerful; so calm. Her head feels right again. Alpha sacrificed her daughter. She said when she watched her daughter die, it was gentle. Sister Two says, Alpha doesn’t cry. Sister One says she’s sorry, and Sister Two says she’s risking what they have there. Don’t do it again – ever. Sister Two asks if she meant what she said before? That she wishes she’d left her behind. Sister Two says, did she say that? and rolls over, turning her back.

The Whisperers walk through a field. Beta does that signal thing again. A pack of real zombies ambles toward them. They see the fire streak in the sky from the satellite. Beta is startled, and looks up for a moment. He says, do not break; there’s too many. Sister One smiles, looking at the clouds again. A zombie wearing a baby carrier toddles toward her. She remembers putting the baby down, and Alpha shrugging. She suddenly breaks her zombie character, and jumps on Alpha’s back, yelling, and attracting the zombies’ attention. Beta starts stabbing the zombies, and Sister Two pulls Sister One off of Alpha, throwing her sister into a group of zombies, who feed on her. Beta looks at Alpha.

Alpha asks Sister Two if she regrets what she did, and tells her to take her mask off. Sister Two does as she’s told, and says her sister wasn’t committed. She no longer belonged with them. She had to protect the Alpha. Beta says she did. It’s her destiny; the purest most honest way to avoid chaos. Her purity will never be forgotten. Alpha says there’s a tear in her mask; she should repair it. Beta tells her, leave us, and she leaves. Alpha removes her mask, and Beta asks if she’s hurt. She says, no. She feels calm. He says they lost three of their own. It was mayhem. Alpha says there’s a clarity amid the chaos. She is no more. Alpha walks away. Beta grunts, and follows her.

Seven years ago. Lydia explores the building, and finds the buckets of guts near where Beta is sleeping. Covering herself with them, she walks the hallways, saying, we’re all monsters now.

The present. Alpha tells Sister Two, for her bravery and sacrifice, and putting the needs of the pack above her own. She dubs Sister Two, Gamma. Everyone says, to Gamma. Alpha looks skyward.

I don’t know if it’s me or it’s that the Whisperers whisper a lot, but I’m having a hard time hearing the dialogue in the episode. I don’t think I’m going dead deaf…

Beta approaches Gamma, and says Alpha has been gone for hours. Gamma asks if he’s angry, and he says he feels nothing for her, and Gamma says she’s also empty, as Alpha wants. Beta asks, where is she? and Gamma says, she was moving toward the old camp a while ago.

Seven years ago. Alpha wakes and looks for Lydia, who’s busy roaming the halls. Lydia walks up a staircase, saying, we’re all monsters now.

The present. Beta strides through the forest. Even though he said he feels nothing, I’d say he’s pretty angry.

Seven years ago. Lydia hears zombie noises behind a door, and walks toward it. Alpha follows Lydia’s bloody footprints, and takes a visible breath. Lydia reaches for the door knob, and opens the door. Alpha whispers Lydia’s name. Is she practicing for being a Whisperer? There’s a display case on the wall, and Alpha sees pictures of two men with their faces scratched out; one tall guy, and a shorter guy with a shirt that says, Have A Happy Day. Presumably, the tall guy is Beta. A shadow falls over her.

The present. Alpha goes to the old camp, which is very Blair Witch. Beta shows up, and she asks if he lost his way. He says, has she?

Seven years ago. Beta says he told Alpha never to go over to that part of the building, but she says she doesn’t care. She needs to find her daughter.

The present. Alpha holds the stuffed bunny, and Beta says she kept that? She says, it’s for Lydia, and he says Alpha claimed she was dead. She said she killed Lydia, but she wants Lydia back. Alpha says he shouldn’t have come there. Why? He says, why did she lie? Lydia is never coming back, no matter how much Alpha wishes she would, or how hard she tries to replace her with someone else. She is gone.

Seven years ago. A zombie walks in behind Beta. It’s the guy wearing the Have A Happy Day shirt, and Alpha kills him. Beta says, noo!

The present. Alpha tells Beta, Lydia is her baby; her daughter. She couldn’t kill her. He holds out his hand, and she takes it, whimpering silently. She says they can’t know that Lydia is alive. He says, they won’t. Alpha says Lydia is dead to her; the moment she was born. Lydia wasn’t like her. She repeats, Lydia was not like her. She throws the bunny, and kicks and breaks things, smashing up the old camp. The whole time yelling, she’s not like me.

Seven years ago. Beta throws stuff around, and picks up his sword. Alpha says she knows him better than he knows himself. He’s just like her, but not broken. He goes after her with the sword, and hits the glass case instead. Lydia comes out and says Alpha was trying to save him. She goes to Alpha, and says, she’s strong. Alpha says she is. She’s proud of Lydia, but don’t dare do it again. She holds Lydia, and says, the world went dark so they could see a new path. Beta caresses his zombie friend’s body, and Alpha says, come walk with her in the darkness. He’ll never be alone again. Her Beta. They are the end of the world. She lifts his mask, smiles, and puts it back. She says, come with them. Beta says he can’t leave him, and she says he won’t have to. She hands him a knife, and he peels the guy’s face off.

The present. Alpha tells Beta that she saw smoke by the borders; the enemy crossed. They’re going back. He hands her mask to her, and she puts it on. They interlace their fingers, and say, we walk in darkness; we are free. We love nothing; we are free. We hear nothing; we are free. We need no world; we are free. We embrace death; we are free. We see the pack begin to walk again, as they say, this is the end of the world. Alpha and Beta walk with the pack, but Alpha breaks away to find Carol standing on the cliff, and stares at her. They say, we are the end of the world.

Next time, Gamma tells Daryl to go to the border and wait, the Highwaymen want justice, Alpha confronts says they have to be punished.

📡 Thora Birch (Gamma) and Ryan Hurst (Beta) were guests on Talking Dead tonight, and I got two takeaway points. TWD sounds like a fantastic place to work, and Beta is a funny guy.

⬅ Beta’s Backstory…

Nice interview with the man behind two different masks.


👍 Max’s Boyfriend For President…

Tyler Perry has a new drama coming out, and it stars Ed Quinn, aka Randy from 2 Broke Girls. Pay no attention to that Mariah Carey speech video in the middle of the article. Unless you want to. Personally, I don’t know her.


🎤 Not As Bad As You’d Think…

But no Bradley Cooper either.


🎬 My Kind Of Bong…

The latest from the genius who gave us Snowpiercer.


🎶 Hum Along With Alpha…

Night winds whisper to me/I’m lonesome as I can be.