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May 27, 2016 – Good-by to the Nurses Ball & the Couches


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Curtis reminds Nicholas that he tried to kill Hayden once before and says maybe he wants to finish the job. Hayden adds, especially since Nicholas saw her with the police commissioner.

Robin asks if there’s anything Griff can’t do and Anna says she thought he couldn’t dance. That’s right, she gave him a tango lesson. That is totally different from break dancing though.

Sam goes to look for Lucas. Jason asks Carly where Michael is, and tells her about the ELQ assets being frozen. She says he’s out of town with Sonny. Jason wants to try and fix it before it becomes a bigger problem, and asks her not to say anything to Michael. Sonny, Michael and Morgan show up at the ball.

Bobbie sees Lucas on the floor next to her hospital bed.

Lucy says they have time to kill and asks if anyone would like to do an impromptu performance. No. So she asks to play an audience participation game called has anyone seen Lucas? Amy remembers that she was supposed to tell them he was at the hospital with Bobbie.

Finn puts a syringe away. Quick change artist Griff is already back at the hospital and while he’s talking to Finn, they hear Bobbie yell for help.

Lucy wants Epiphany to do something and she says magnificence takes time and her act can’t be rushed. Lucy grabs Kiki and Dillon. Kiki says it was supposed to be later, but Lucy says an empty stage means people who contribute money aren’t being entertained.

Hayden says Jordan shut her down. Nicholas asks her to come home and he’ll give her the diamonds. Curtis tells her not to go. He says she won’t get the diamonds unless she pries them from Nicholas’s cold, dead hand. Nicholas says he’s giving her a one time offer. She says if he’s leaving now, she’s not going.

Lucy introduces Kiki and Dillon. They do Shawn Mendes’s Stitches. Not bad. It looks like they make a connection while they’re singing.

Brad wonders why Lucas didn’t text him. He thinks Lucas got cold feet, but Felix doesn’t think so.

Griff tries to get Lucas’s heart started. Bobbie says he’s diabetic and wonders if that has anything to do with it. Lucas’s phone rings. It’s Brad. Bobbie picks it up and tells him to get to the hospital, but don’t alarm anyone about Lucas. Brad tells Felix that Lucas had a hospital emergency. He says Lucas is on break and he’s going to see him. Nice lying without technically lying. Brad has had a lot of practice at that.

Lucy is wearing the most fabulous outfit ever – a white lace, backless dress with bell sleeves and mermaid hem (lots of those this year) and the earrings are wow. She’s changed about four times already.

Sonny tells Dante about Sabrrrina.

Nina tells Kiki and Dillon they make her believe she can fall in love again. Dillon wonders why everyone thinks they’re a couple. He says Morgan is a fool for letting Kiki go. They kiss. Saw that coming miles away. Morgan walks in. No surprise there either, but dude, you told her to move on.

Michael asks Morgan if everything is okay. Morgan says it’s just hard to adjust. Carly thanks Andre for everything he’s done for Morgan and Andre says Morgan is almost ready to be discharged.

Robin talks to Sonny. Jason joins them. Robin says the Nurses Ball has always been about remembrances, but also being thankful for what they have.

Lucy takes the stage and explains why the ball is named after the nurses, and talks about how they’re the backbone of everything and have to take doctors’ orders. Dante’s phone rings. It’s Lulu on stage. Milo gets a call from Epiphany on stage. The girls sing Doctor’s Orders, with Epiphany leading. Lulu does a bit of a solo dance. They do those Supremes hand moves that I love.

Nicholas photographs the diamonds and texts Hayden saying they can come to an agreement. A storm comes up outside. Thunder and lightening starts happening.

Brad gets to the hospital where Griff is working on Lucas. They use the defibrillator.

Morgan says he feels a little overwhelmed, so he’s going to take off. Sonny says he’ll take him back and Carly says she’d like to come too.

Finally, Lucas has a heartbeat. Bobbie says she has no idea what happened. All of a sudden his heart just stopped beating. Damn. Even I was nervous for a minute.

Nicholas waits for Hayden at Windemere. Curtis asks Hayden where she’s headed. She says if Nicholas hasn’t killed her by now, he’s not going to. Curtis says she hadn’t crossed the line before, but Nicholas knows she talked to Jordan. She says it worked, and Curtis says he’s tired of saving her from herself.

Sam tells Jason she doesn’t want Franco to ruin his night. He says it’s not that, it’s the lawsuit. Michael joins them and Sam excuses herself. Michael says he wants to make Jason proud with his work at ELQ. D’oh!

Carly and Sonny discuss Morgan. Sonny tells her how great she looks and Carly claims she looks younger because of the Aveeno stuff in her gift bag. Nice plug.

Lucy introduces Robin. She’s like the person who explains the Academy Award system every year during the Oscars. She talks about a new medication that can prevent HIV, but there has been a rise in infection among young, gay men of “low means,” meaning poor or homeless. She talks about Stone, who died 21 years ago. She says she expects to live to see the day we conquer HIV/AIDS and the whole thing makes me cry.

Amy wants to do a song with Felix, but Epiphany says Sabrrrina owned the song. She’s like, okay, I’ll go solo and grabs the mic from Lucy to sing. Sabrrrina comes out and sings You’re Not Alone with her. As they sing, Sabrrrina goes down to the audience and hugs her friends. Epiphany joins them on stage. Where’s Obrecht? I need some comic relief here. I also think they could fill the room better. It doesn’t look like a whole lot of people are at the ball. It’s a junior high dance level crowd.

As they sing, we see Lucas, wearing a breathing tube, surrounded by Bobbie, Griff and Brad. Brad tells him to wake up. Finn enters the room. Griff says Lucas is hanging on and it seems like there’s an injection site on his neck. He asks Finn if he injected him with anything.

Jason walks into Windemere looking for Nicholas. He wants to talk.

Lucy plugs Aveeno and thanks everyone. Felix comes out to give her roses. She says it’s a new beginning – no one saw her panties. What?! Do we still have a minute?

Carly and Sonny get romantic.

Anna tells Robin it’s the first time she actually saw her speech. Michael tells Sabrrrina she brought the house down, after which Jordan arrests her.

Finn is like, how dare you? but Griff says he had to ask. Brad brings up the unexplained deaths at GH. Bobbie wonders if there’s a connection and Griff says it’s worth investigating.

Curtis makes Hayden promise she won’t go to Windemere before talking to the police. Sam enters Windemere. She hears a crash. Nicholas lies on the rocks below the window.

Tomorrow, Tracy hears about Sabrrrina, Carly tells Sonny about the video, and Nicholas lies unconscious or dead.

General Hospital – Friday

Tracy tells Baby Edward that she didn’t miss not going to the Nurses Ball. She shows him the pictures of Edward and Lila, and I tell her not to get me crying in the first second of the show. Dillon walks in and tells her she looks happy.

Michael tells Jordan it would be a mistake to arrest Sabrrrina. Sabrrrina tells him not to fight for her; she deserves to be arrested. He says she was a victim of Carrrlos too. Jordan says sorry, she helped Carrrlos out. Michael begs Jordan to let Sabrrrina see her son first.

Anna introduces Robin to Andre. Paul pulls Anna aside. He gives her something in an envelope. The charges against her are officially dropped. Andre and Robin chat. He excuses himself to find Jordan. Anna thanks Paul, but tells him there will never be anything between them. Ava grabs Paul. Robin asks Anna if she heard right, that Anna tried to kill Carrrlos.

Carly tells Sonny about getting Ava to back off. She tells him about the subverted furniture delivery and goes on to explain about the flash drive. Except she lies like a rug, saying she tore the place apart. She did not. She found it on the first shot.

Hayden tells Curtis he was correct in telling her to stay away from Windemere. She’s going to stay at the hotel.

Sam walks into Windemere, and sees Jason by a broken window. She asks where Nicholas is, and he tells her “down there,” where Nicholas lies unconscious (or dead?) on the rocks. Jason says he doesn’t know what happened and to call 911.

Dillon tells Tracy he’s on her side and she deserves some happiness. He says he hopes she isn’t going to be disappointed when she has to give up the baby. Tracy says she has an army of lawyers and no one is taking this poor orphaned child away from her. Dillon tells her that Michael found Sabrrrina.

Curtis says as soon as he turns his back, Hayden is going to be looking for the diamonds. She swears she’s not going back tonight. Curtis says that’s not true and he’ll go with her. Hayden says he’ll ruin any chances of her striking a deal with Nicholas. He says tonight, he’s her shadow.

Jason gets into the water to get to Nicholas. Sam picks up a cuff-link among the rocks, no doubt belonging to Nicholas.

Anna tells Robin the Carrrlos story. She says all her training and principles went out the window, and she shot him, but it was a set-up. Robin asks why she didn’t say something sooner. Anna says it was her mess and she wanted to clean it up herself. Robin tells her there’s such a thing as being too independent and she’s punished herself enough. It’s time to start healing.

Carly and Sonny gloat. Carly talks about losing her iPhone, but this gets me thinking that if Ava kept it, she might be able to delete that video from the cloud.

Ava tells Paul she’s not giving in to Carly’s demands because of him. He says what good is getting Avery back if she goes to prison. He says if the video gets out, he’ll make sure her confession goes public. Apparently, Ava wasn’t smart enough to get that phone, but even so, if Paul outs her for Connie’s murder, isn’t he going to implicate himself in some way? I tell myself not to think too hard here.

Anna tells Robin that Julian got off and there’s never any punishment for him. She says one way or another, she’ll get him to trial, even if it’s for murdering Carrrlos. Robin says nothing will bring Duke back, but Anna says maybe the closure will give her peace. Robin says peace doesn’t come from revenge, but living the best life you can. I refrain from making any jokes about her living in Berkeley.

Andre asks Jordan for a minute, but she asks if it can wait. He says he wants to spend the end of the night with her and she says ditto. Jordan asks Sabrrrina about the baby. Sabrrrina says she was just hoping for one night with the baby and she was going to turn herself in.

Dillon gives Tracy a note that Sabrrrina left earlier that night. It says she’s coming back later.

Jason can’t get to Nicholas. Sam says the police are coming. Hayden and Curtis arrive and see the mess. Hayden looks out the broken window, but doesn’t see anything. Sam and Jason come back to the house. Sam explains what they found and that they think the current took Nicholas away. Sam gives Hayden the cuff-link.

Sam and Jason go to wait for the police. Hayden sniffles over the cuff-link and Curtis asks if the tears are real. She says she did love him, but she needs to look for those diamonds before the cops get there. Ha-ha!

Carly tells Sonny the Avery battle is over and she’s thrilled. She says Avery is always going to be safe and happy. In Port Charles? She’s got to be kidding.

Ava tells Paul there will be an investigation and no doubt he has more secrets that will cause a worse scandal that them in bed together. She says his best bet is to ride it out.

Tracy tells Dillon that Sabrrrina won’t be coming back tonight. She says that it’s a safe bet she’s already in custody since Jordan attended the Nurses Ball.

Jordan says Sabrrrina is a flight risk and she can’t allow it. Michael says he’ll take full responsibility, but Jordan doesn’t want to take the chance. Michael says he knows Jordan was away from TJ for a long time, and he plays the mom card.

Robin says it would have been easy for her to lose hope when she was being held captive, but because of Anna, she didn’t. She tells Anna she’ll get past the anger, hurt and need to be vengeful. She needs to say good-by to all of that and to Duke. Anna tells Robin about the vision she had when she was stuck in the meat locker. She says he vanished before she could say good-by, and Robin says that’s probably because she wasn’t ready to.

Robin leaves, and tango music begins. Duke asks for the pleasure of this dance, but Anna says she has to say good-by. He says he’s glad to hear that and he loves her. He asks for one last dance and she says she’d love to.

Ava says she’ll take Paul down with her. He says he has an impeccable record of beating the odds. He tells her that he has the leverage he needs to keep her in line. He says if she lets the video go public, she’ll wish she had stayed dead.

Sam wonders if the police will think Jason had something to do with it, especially since they had that fistfight not that long ago. He wants to call Diane, but Sam says if he does that right now, he’ll look guilty. Can’t please her. Hayden walks in and Sam stupidly asks her if she and Nicholas had a fight. Hayden tells her not to be ridiculous and accuses Jason of pushing Nicholas out the window.

Sabrrrina and Michael arrive at the Quartermaines. Tracy tells her not to touch the baby.

Jordan tells Andre she’s officially done with work. Not quite. Her phone rings. It’s Curtis. She answers and says she’s on her way.

Anna starts to say what she wishes, but Duke stops her and says to save her wishes for someone else. He tells her to move on with her new life and bids her good-by. She tangos away from him and he’s gone. Anna stands alone on an empty stage. Robin asks if she’s ready to go and she says yes. Nice scene.

Paul texts Ava. She better hang on to that text, since it’s basically blackmail.

Carly tells Sonny she’s going to take a bath and will meet him in bed. The doorbell rings. It’s Ava. she says she’s there for Avery.

On Monday. Sonny tells Ava to get out, Hayden tells the police that Nicholas was pushed, and Tracy tells Sabrrrina that she’s the baby’s legal guardian.

The People’s Couch Quotes of the Week

I feel vindicated, since the Couches had the same reaction I did about the Whitney/Kathryn thing on Southern Charm. It’s obvious by the look on Whitney’s face alone that Craig hit a nerve and hit on the truth.

This is better than a Real Housewives reunion. Scott, referring to the argument between Craig and Whitney on Southern Charm.

God help her if she ever goes to your house. Brandy to Julie, referring to Patricia’s reaction to Whitney’s loft on Southern Charm.

You know she slept with that guy on The Bachelor. She didn’t get to the final holding his hand. Teddi, referring to The Bachelorette.

There’s always somebody who looks like Weird Al Yankovic. Blake, referring to the singing competition, Eurovision.

Everything he sees is the worst thing he’s ever seen. Emerson, referring to Gordon Ramsey on Motel Hell. Truth!

This was the season finale <sob!>. Hope they keep the same Couches next time around.

May 20, 2016 – GH Plus GH Plus Couch Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Ava comes to the MetroCourt and sees Kiki. She’s happy Kiki is back out in the world. Ava tells her that everything has worked itself out and she’s ready to re-embrace the things that really matter, like bringing Avery home. Kiki isn’t too thrilled. Ava says Franco is a certified lunatic and that she’s not even exaggerating. She wants to start fresh with Kiki and Avery, and wants to leave Port Charles with them tonight.

Carly visits Morgan. Morgan asks what’s up because he can tells something is. She tells him about Jason getting his memory back. Carly says Jason has proved things can turn around in a moment, and she’s happy to see Morgan improving too. He apologizes for hurting her and the family.

Obrecht asks to talk to Monica. She tells Monica her management is a disaster and there are terrible things happening under Finn’s watch. She wants an investigation. Monica says she’s reviewed the patients in question and finds everything satisfactory. Obrecht says that it’s policy to investigate if there are two deaths of patients under a newbie’s care.

Ned and Dillon tell Tracy they heard about her antics in trying to keep the baby for herself. Tracy says she’s sure the baby is Sabrrrina’s and was left there on purpose. She talks about how she was friends with Sabrrrina and the guys balk at that. They think it’s more likely she left the baby for Michael. Tracy is like, what difference does it make when they live in the same house?

The baby is doing well and Michael speaks with the social services rep. Dante brings the results of the DNA test in and the baby is Sabrrrina’s. Dante is trying to grow a beard and ‘stache, and I’m thinking, not a good look. They discuss where Sabrrrina might be. Michael tells Dante about the visit to Sabrrrina’s tante and thinks they should contact her.

Finn talks to Roxie, who is wearing a little harness. He tells her he has to be careful about everything he does.

Carly asks Morgan for a Kiki update and he says they’re keeping in touch. He wants to make up for all the bad stuff that happened between them.

Ava wants to have a bonding weekend with the girls. She suggests Kiki can find a way for her to see Sonny’s side of things. She wants to be a family, but Kiki says something happens every time she says that. Kiki agrees to the trip. Her phone rings an it’s Morgan. She tells him she’s on the visitor list for today and she’ll see him after work. Kiki tells Ava she can’t go after all. She doesn’t want to leave Morgan right now.

No luck with Sabrrrina’s tante. The social worker says that they’ve found a long-term foster family for the baby. Another baby with no name. Michael promises No Name he’ll find his mom.

Dillon leaves and Ned wants to talk to Tracy. He can’t believe she wanted to keep a baby that wasn’t hers and Tracy brings up Olivia’s baby and how Ned pretended it was his. He says it’s a tough road when you become attached to a baby you’ll become separated from. She thanks him for the life lesson. When he leaves, Tracy gets on the phone and tells whoever is on the other end, “let’s move.”

Obrecht tells Finn his lab time has been canceled. Monica says he has to appear before a review board. The meeting commences. He and Obrecht go back and forth a little until Monica tells them to knock it off. Monica says the death reports are consistent with what Finn has said. Obrecht says one of the patients is still on ice and they need to wait for the autopsy. Finn accuses Obrecht of causing an upheaval because she’s mad at him for losing her job. Monica says she’s made a decision.

Dante found out that someone from San Juan did come to Port Charles and returned immediately. Michael tells him about the foster care. Oddly enough, the long-term foster caregiver is Tracy. She thanks the social worker for cutting through the red tape. She asks if Michael knows where the baby is, and she says for now he doesn’t, and Tracy says she’ll deal with giving him the news.

Dillon talks to Kiki, who thanks him for helping her get it together. He asks her how she feels about loud music and large crowds. He says he has a photography assignment to shoot a band called Glamour Boys and would like her to come along. Kiki says she was their biggest fan when she was in high school, but she never got to see them. She says she has to make sure her shifts are covered.

Ava visits Morgan. He’s surprised and she says she just wants to see how he’s doing. He asks why she’s really there. Me too, since don’t you have to be on the visitor list? She says at one time, they were everything to each other and she was hoping they wouldn’t have to cross paths again, but Kiki loves him. He says he’s hoping to get out soon and Ava says she’s glad he’s feeling better because she’s needed to tell him something for a while.

Monica sees nothing wrong and doesn’t think an autopsy should be performed. When she takes a vote, only Obrecht objects. Monica tells Finn her confidence in him was and is unwavering. Afterward, Finn says he’s glad Obrecht called the meeting because it cements her reputation as a lunatic, and to stay away from him. She says she watches everything and knows he’s hiding something.

Dante tells Michael whoever came to Port Charles can’t be found. The social worker says it’s not her place, but she’s wondering why Tracy went to such trouble for a temporary situation. Tracy says she’s right, it’s not her place, thanks her and tells her good-by. Tracy calls the baby Edward, saying it’s the perfect name. Any name would be perfect. Just name him already.

Ava tells Morgan that Kiki is in a fragile place. She says things between him and Kiki always seem to take a negative turn, and she’s concerned about it happening again. She says she knows they love one another, but he should do the right thing and break things off. Morgan compares her request to wiping prints off of a murder weapon. She asks if he can promise never to hurt Kiki again and although he says yes, she’s doubtful. She says he can prove how much he loves her by doing the best thing for her.

Finn talks into a tape recorder about the patients that died. Obrecht makes a call to find out the patient deaths during Finn’s tenure at the last hospital he worked in.

Ned comes in to Tracy giving baby Edward a lesson on stocks and commodities. Michael calls Sonny and asks for a favor.

Tomorrow, Nicholas tells Hayden the games are over, Sonny knows where Sabrrrina is, and Ava comes for Avery.

General Hospital – Friday

Hayden and Curtis are having lunch. Nicholas approaches, tells Hayden, “game over,” and places some documents on the table. One of them is a court order. He says if he finds anything else missing from his home, they’re both going to jail.

Lucy discusses the Nurses Ball with Dillon. She suggests his stunningly beautiful girlfriend be in his act, meaning Kiki. Lucy gives him flyers to put everywhere and runs. Dillon tells Kiki it would be fun to see her make a fool of herself along with him, so she should consider being in the show.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, Sabrrrina’s tante tells her that her son is safe in Port Charles. She also tells her that Carrrlos is dead. Sabrrrina is bummed because their child will never know his father. She talks about what a huge mistake it was to run away with him. She wants to go back to Port Charles, but her tante says that’s impossible.

Sonny tells Michael that his associates in San Juan are setting things up. Carly tells him he doesn’t have to look for Sabrrrina himself, but Michael says he does. Carly says he’s putting himself in danger and Sabrrrina has done nothing but cause trouble for him. He says she’s in trouble and he has to help her. Carly tells him to be careful. Sonny enters and asks who won. Carly says, who do you think? Sonny says the plane is ready.

Ava tells Morgan that Kiki has been through a lot and he should let her go so she can live in peace. Morgan says if Kiki wants that, she’ll say so. Ava says he’s dangerous, but Morgan says Ava is more dangerous than he is. Ava brings up some past incidents and says Kiki has been hurt because of him and his love isn’t healthy for her. She hopes he does the right thing.

Brad and Lucas are planning their wedding. Lucas suggest they get married at the Nurses Ball. They need to budget and the food, flowers and venue is included for free. He says it will be coming full circle for them. Brad agrees.

Lucy wants a word with Nicholas. Curtis leaves, but not before Lucy tells him no carbs before his performance. She’s looking for a check from Nicholas, since he’s their most generous donor. He says he doesn’t have his checkbook. She suggests a wire transfer and gives him a guilt trip. He says he’ll get it to her asap. When she leaves, Hayden says he doesn’t have the money, does he?

Carly says she disagrees with what Michael is doing, but respects why he’s doing it. Sonny finagles a kiss good-by from a miffed Carly who calls him a shameless manipulator. He tells her not to worry. I’m sure that phrase is on constant rotation at their house. Outside, Sonny tells Michael he thinks he knows where Sabrrrina is.

Sabrrrina’s tante tells her that her son Marcos has guards all around. She was able to sneak the baby out, but Sabrrrina is a little bigger. Marcos comes in. He knows the baby is gone and wonders how he can get out of this. The police are questioning everyone about Sabrrrina’s whereabouts. Maybe I missed something, but why does this guy even care?

Kiki visits Morgan. They make small talk. She tells him she might be in the Nurses Ball show and asks if he’ll be out in time to see it. He’s hoping the doctors let him out soon. Kiki wonders why he seems withdrawn and asks if it’s the meds. He says no.

Ava goes to Sonny’s place and tells Carly she’s come to take Avery home. Carly protests, but Ava reminds her that she’s the custodial parent. Carly says Kristina took her to play group. Ava says she’ll wait. She tells Calry that after today, they won’t see Avery again, and goes up to pack Avery’s things. Carly calls Max and tells him to circumvent a delivery of baby furniture going to Ava’s penthouse.

Hayden asks Nicholas if money is tight and he tells her it’s none of her business. She says she was willing to walk away with the prenup money and they could have avoided this whole mess. She tells him none of the ELQ money was his to begin with and asks if this is why he smashed the antique teapot. He tells her again to mind he own business and leaves. Curtis brings Hayden a drink.

Lucas asks Lucy if they can add something to the show. She starts to freak, and he explains that they want to get married on stage with her officiating. Of course she says yes. Lucy gets super excited and Lucas tells her to keep things under wraps. I’m already wondering how Lucy will end up out of her wraps.

Sonny says his guys are doing them a favor, so Michael has to let him take the lead. He says he’s confident they can find Sabrrrina, but in the end, Michael might not get what he wants.

Marcos says that now he has nothing but problems. Sabrrrina says to let her leave and she’ll never tell anyone he was hiding her and the baby. Sabrrrina’s tante tells him he’s known her since she was a baby and knows he can trust her. He says he has to pave the way, she can’t just walk out. Sabrrrina thanks her tante, who says she’ll be reunited with her son soon. She leaves and Marcos locks the door. He has a gun.

Nicholas also dropped off an inventory of everything in the house. Curtis can’t believe it, but Hayden says they have meticulous records down to the butter knives. He asks what she wants to do now. She says she’d be gone if she still had the diamonds. Which, as they speak, Nicholas is trying to sell. The dealer says he’s required to report any stolen gems and Nicholas says he can do that, but he’d lose out on a fabulous diamond.

Kiki tells Morgan that they’ve been through a lot, but they’ve both changed. She wants to know if something happened between the phone call and her visit. He says part of being in there is dealing with the truth, even if it sucks. He says they’re not good for each other and he doesn’t think she should visit again. He says they want to help each other, but they can’t have a relationship built on chaos. She says she didn’t see that coming, but fine, she’s done with worrying about him.

Ava tells Carly that Avery is never setting foot in Sonny’s house again. Her phone rings. Ava says the delivery people had an accident and if she didn’t know any better, she’d think Carly and Sonny had something to do with it. She says she’ll be back with social services. She leaves and Carly says she’s just started.

Marcos tells Sabrrrina that he told his mother what she wanted to hear. He says the cops will pick her up immediately if she leaves. They’ll trace her movements and that will be bad for business. Is he in business with Sonny? Sabrrrina says his mother will know, and he says maybe, but she’ll never ask about it.

Hayden tells Curtis that Nicholas’s financial issues must be more serious than she thought. She might actually be poor.

The dealer tells Nicholas they can do business.

Sonny tells Michael that he doesn’t approve of a relationship with Sabrrrina after she ran off with Carrrlos. He does admire Michael’s compassion though.

On Monday, Nicholas tells Elizabeth to keep something to herself, Sabrrrina begs for her life, and Bobbie and Valerie pump Lucas for information.

The People’s Couch Quotes of the Week

The blonde one with the fake boobs. Joe when asked which Housewife is his favorite.

I just choked on that shade. Scott, referring to Bethenny’s take on Erika Jayne.

This is like tilapia to me. Princella, referring to the Potomac area of Maryland.

We know where Potomac is now. Shadesville. Scott after watching The Real Housewives of Potomac.

May 13, 2016 — Two, Two, Two GHs & Couch Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Maxie is telling herself everything is going to be fine. Griff comes out and she asks about Nathan.

Anna tries to get out of the meat locker, but it’s locked, which makes sense for a locker. It must not be that cold, since we can’t see her breath.

Jordan says they’re looking for Carrrlos. Paul says he’s going to get away again.

Carrrlos asks why. Julian says it had to be done and stabs him a bunch more times. Bastard.

Alexis tells Sonny she can’t get ahold of Julian. Sonny says he’s going to Crimson and Alexis says she’s coming along.

Julian takes the envelope of money out of Carrrlos’s hand, saying he won’t need it now.

Franco tells her he’d forgotten how big his hands were. Ha-ha! Did Roger Howarth make that up? Nina doesn’t know what to say. They both agree that making jokes is a defense mechanism for them. Nina wonders how to react, and Franco suggests amused or charmed. She says calling 911 is an option too. Really? Just a wee bit overboard. Nina says the last time she saw him, he’d said their relationship was broken and twisted, but Franco says he’s the one who’s broken and twisted. He says he’s come to her with no defenses, no armor and no pants. He begs her to come back.

Griff tells Maxie that Nathan is incredibly resilient and he’s going to be okay. He tells her to stick close to Nathan and he’ll be fine. She says she plans to.

Jordan says just when she thinks Paul is out of audacity, he magics up some more. She tells him he doesn’t seem too broken up about Carrrlos’s escape. Felix enters and says Dante was stabbed with a really expensive pen. Jordan wonders how he got his hands on something like that.

Carrrlos calls for Sabrrrina. Julian kicks him into the water.

Anna looks around for something to use and finds a metal doohickey. She pries at the lock.

Sonny tells Alexis he knows how it is to want to believe someone, but when they lie to you over and over, it becoems difficult.

Michael finds Carrrlos, who asks for help. Talk about resilient.

Griff tells Maxie that Nathan is in recovery, but won’t be very communicative. She says she can talk for the both of them. She thanks Griff and he says he was just doing his job. She asks why he said he “owed it” to Nathan.

Jordan wonders where Anna is. She says maybe Carrrlos found Anna. Andre says he hasn’t heard from her since she got out of jail. He talks about Anna following Carrrlos to Canada, and Jordan wonders if Anna is at the pier because that’s the only route out of Port Charles. Andre wonders what will happen if Carrrlos finds Anna first.

Anna lies down on the floor.

Franco tells Nina he loves her and wants her to come home. She says it doesn’t solve their problems and brings up the children thing. She says every step closer she takes toward herself is a step away from him. He says apparently there’s no room for him in her life. She says that’s not it. The more independent she is, the less he wants her. She says he only wants her when she needs him. He asks if she can look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t love him.

Julian comes in and is like, what? Franco says they were having a conversation and Julian tells him to get out. Nina tells Franco the conversation is done and Franco leaves. Julian asks if Nina is okay. She says yes and asks what he’s doing there.

Michael pulls Carrrlos out of the water. He says he’ll help him if Carrrlos tells him where Sabrrrina and the baby are.

Maxie says Griff barely knows Nathan, so how could he owe him anything? He says that Nathan is part of the PCPD, but Maxie says it sounded more personal than that. Before he can answer, Obrecht runs in, asking about her son. Griff says he should be fine, but it’s been a busy night and it’s not over, so he has to go.

Michael pumps Carrrlos for information and Carrrlos tells him go to hell. Him and his father.

Julian says he doesn’t want to mean, but obviously Franco has issues. Nina says he’s a vulnerable man who was trying to fix things in an off-kilter way. She says she appreciates Julian’s concern, but everything is cool. She tells him his shirt is stained and asks what happened.

Sonny and Alexis get to the office. Michael calls Sonny and tells Sonny to meet him at the ER. The paramedics are at the pier and loading Carrrlos onto a stretcher. Jordan shows up and asks Michael what happened. Michael explains that he found Carrrlos in the water, stabbed and bleeding. Jordan asks about Anna, but Michael says he hasn’t seen her.

Andre finds Anna and tells her to wake up; it’s time to go. He says he’ll explain later and helps her stand up.

Obrecht congratulates Maxie on the engagement. She says she missed out on so many things with her son’s life. She tells Maxie a story about Nathan breaking his arm as a boy and shows her a picture of him at nine, already “a man of courage and daring.” She says her sister told her that he was in a cast for a month, but she was half a world away. She says she was never there for him, and Maxie says she’s there now and that’s what matters. Nathan is ready to have one visitor. Maxie tells Obrecht to go, but she says Maxie is the one he wants to see. Franco comes in and Obrecht hugs him.

Paul tells Jordan he’s alerted the hospitals to look for anyone who’s been in a struggle. Jordan says they’ll have to ask Carrrlos what happened and Paul adds, assuming he survives.

Andre brings Anna to the hospital. She asks him to get her some coffee and asks how he found her. Andre says he looked for a place where Carrrlos might contain her and the meat locker seemed like an obvious choice. She thanks him and says she’ll be eternally grateful.

The EMTs bring Carrrlos in.

Alexis comes into Julian’s office. He asks what she’s doing there and she says he wasn’t answering his phone. Nina comes out in a robe. He says they were having some red wine that got spilled, so he changed shirts. You can tell Alexis thinks something’s up. They leave the office and Alexis asks if he was there the whole time.

Anna wants to go in while their working on Carrrlos. Griff overhears. Sonny comes in and Michael tells him what happened.

Nina realizes Franco left without one of his socks. Maxie calls and tells her about Nathan.

Franco asks Obrecht what happened. She says Nathan was attacked by an escaped prisoner, but his prognosis is good. He tells her about Nina’s rebuff. She says her only son just survived a brush with death and he’s being self-absorbed. She says she’s always been supportive and when she needs him to return the favor, he can’t do it. He says he’s going through a rough patch and she says it’s going to get rougher. She’s no longer chief-of-staff and he’s on his own.

Obrecht goes in to see Nathan. She tells him maybe it’s time to consider a desk job. Maxie agrees, but he says he’s always going to be a cop. He asks what happened to Carrrlos.

Julian tells Alexis he can’t believe she brought Sonny with her. She says no one was picking up their phones and she had to make sure he wasn’t with Carrrlos. Now she’s going to call Sonny to tell him he was wrong.

Jordan wants info on the ships leaving the pier. Andre calls and tells her he found Anna and explains what happened with her an Carrrlos. He says she should come to the ER. Jordan says no one leaves until they find the weapon used on Carrrlos.

Good luck with that, since Julian is at home cleaning it off.

Carrrlos goes into cardiac arrest. Alexis texts sonny that Julian was at Crimson and he calls her a fool. Michael tells Sonny what happened at the pier.

Griff asks Anna if she’s the one who stabbed Carrrlos. She says no and fills him in. Felix comes out and Sonny asks if Carrrlos is alive.

Nina comes to the hospital to see Nathan. Franco looks dismally through the window.

Carrrlos is still alive and Jordan wants to know as soon as he can talk. She asks Michael to come to the station, but he says he’s not answering anything without his lawyer. Jordan asks Anna if she’s okay and says she’ll need Anna’s statement at some point. Andre tells her she knows where he is if she needs to talk. She thanks him and says he’s a real lifesaver.

Paul gets all loud about wanting to know the condition of the prisoner. Felix gets called back into surgery.

I missed this before, but Julian killed Carrrlos with the dagger Alexis’s mother was murdered with. Why it’s on display at their home, I have no clue, but Julian puts it back in the china cabinet. Alexis enters and says she just got a call from the PCPD and they found Carrrlos wounded on the pier, but he’s still alive.

Anna tells Sonny the only way Carrrlos can get out of anything is to give up Julian. Felix says he’s not going to make it to surgery. Anna says they need to talk to him before he dies. Felix says the only one going in is a priest. Griff says they have him; he’s a priest.

Tomorrow, Nicholas plans on making life hell for Hayden, Paul says Sonny is high on the list of suspects and Sonny grills a dying Carrrlos.

General Hospital — Friday

Anna wants to record Carrrlos’s confession. She says it’s their last chance to get what they need. She gets all up in dying Carrrlos’s face and Griff tells her to back off. Griff is going to give him last rites.

Elizabeth has found a new house, so she’s moving out of Windemere. She tells Nicholas his good mood has her nervous. She asks if he’s forgiven Hayden and he says quite the opposite.

Curtis is working out with the punching bag. Hayden comes into the gym. He says she obviously needs help, so what is it? She says she needs him to steal some diamonds from Nicholas. He tells her hell to the no.

Julian cleans off the dagger and puts it back in the china cabinet. Alexis comes downstairs. She says they found Carrrlos wounded on the pier and he made it to the ER still alive. Ha-ha! Julian must be crapping his pants. She says he doesn’t look surprised.

Bad Anna! She says they don’t have time for a religious ceremony. Griff begins anyway. Sonny crosses himself, but he tells Anna it’s not for Carrrlos, it’s just what you do. I see he’s an A&P Catholic.

What I’m wondering is, how did Griff have all this time to go to theology school, go through the years long process of becoming a priest and go to medical school, along with whatever schooling it takes for a specialty? He’s supposed to be around 28.

Commercial break with important information. Don’t forget Once Upon A Time’s 2-hour season finale starts at 7 pm this Sunday.

Elizabeth is hoping that Nicholas kicked Hayden to the curb and she’s getting nothing. He says not yet. She says she hopes he isn’t banking on Hayden changing. Nicholas says he has a plan. He’s going to make Hayden’s life a living hell.

Delighting all the ladies in the audience, Curtis is jumping rope. Hayden says she needs his full attention. She says if there was ever a day for her to start begging, this is the one. She says she has no family or friends, and he’s the only one she can count on. He starts to tape her hands and says he’s going to show her another way to work through her problems.

Julian says of course he’s surprised. Alexis says no one has more to gain from Carrrlos being dead. She asks if he sent someone to kill Carrrlos.

Griff continues to give last rites and my mind boggles that Anna and Sonny are allowed to stand there kibitzing. Carrrlos finishes the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish.

Paul tells Jordan the obvious, that calling in a priest isn’t a good sign. Anna tells Griff this has to stop. I wonder what world they live in where she can interfere with last rites. Oh yeah, soap world.

Anna acts like a jerk. Griff says he’s there as a priest. Anna argues with him about Duke. He says definition of faith… and I completely space out and miss possibly the most important moment of the show. Or at least Griff’s part in it.

Paul says Sonny must be on the short list of suspects (another reason he wouldn’t be allowed in the room). Jordan thinks if she can trace the pen to its owner, she’ll have who killed Carrrlos.

Julian promises Alexis he didn’t send anyone to the docks. I can just hear him justifying this to himself by saying that technically he’s not lying. He says she can check his phone, which would be useless since he could have deleted any evidence there or have a dedicated phone. She asks why Anna called and he says to ask him the same questions Alexis is asking. He says he’s going to the hospital and Alexis tells him he can’t go anywhere near there or he’s asking to be picked up. He says he has to go find out what’s going on.

Griff anoints Carrrlos while Anna won’t STFU. Sonny looks bored. Griff finishes the rites and absolves Carrrlos. I love Griff. He’s one of those do the right thing people who will even tell a best friend that they’re wrong. He asks if there’s anything Carrrlos wants to say and Sonny starts yelling at Carrrlos to admit Julian gave the order to kill Duke. Anna adds her two cents and Carrrlos flatlines. Anna insists Carrrlos would have given up Julian if they hadn’t wasted time with a pointless ritual. Maybe he would have if you two hadn’t screeched at him in the last moments of his life.

Alexis asks Julian why he needs to check on Carrrlos and Julian says he was a friend. Alexis isn’t buying that one and Julian tries to justify all the things he’s ever said about Carrrlos that weren’t very friendly. Alexis realizes there’s a window of time where Julian’s gun wasn’t accounted for. She asks if Julian came back for it.

Jordan is at the door. She’s there to talk to Julian and Alexis about Carrrlos. She tells them he’s dead.

Anna says this is the worst thing that could happen because now there are no ties between Carrrlos and Julian. She makes up scenarios about Sonny killing Julian and Sonny swears he’s on her side. Anna turns to go and almost smacks into Paul who says he’s sorry. Anna says Paul wanted Carrrlos dead as much as Julian and leaves. Sonny asks why Paul would want Carrrlos dead. He says Anna is out of her mind and Sonny says that doesn’t mean he’s not right. He brings up a few “coincidences.” Ava being connected to Julian, who is connected to Carrrlos, who is connected to Paul. Paul says Anna is disturbed. Sonny says Anna is a pro and tougher than Paul.

Griff goes to the chapel and asks for peace in his failings. He talks about finding out Duke was his father and the turmoil he went through with Carrrlos. He wants forgiveness for the satisfaction he felt when Carrrlos died and asks God to welcome Carrrlos into His kingdom and forgive him, since there was no forgiveness in this world for him. Anna watches.

Curtis teaches Hayden to box and tells her he does some of his best thinking in the ring. They spar and Hayden tells him about the diamonds that Nicholas found. She says right now she’s bluffing to keep them at a stand-off, but her resources are dwindling. Curtis suggest she sell her engagement ring online. She says it has sentimental value because it reminds her of when they were happy for five minutes. Curtis suggests selling stuff that Nicholas has around the house. She asks if he’ll help her.

Elizabeth is like, Hayden is still living in the lap of luxury, how is that a living hell? He says a loveless marriage is no cakewalk, but what he has on her will bring her down as much as what she has on him. He adds that Elizabeth gave him a great idea and leaves.

Anna is working my last nerve. While Griff is trying to talk to God, she confronts him and says the one chance they had to get a confession was squandered by him. She asks why he’s been lying to her.

Jordan suggests Carrrlos was still working for Julian. Julian says he was at the office, and Jordan asks what time Alexis saw him there. Alexis says 2:30 am and Jordan says Carrrlos was stabbed prior to that. Julian says Nina can vouch for the rest of the time. Alexis says Julian didn’t shoot Carrrlos and Jordan says who said Carrrlos was shot?

Paul says he wants an arrest for Carrrlos’s murder asap. Sonny tells him he’s putting on a good act and brings up the pen. Paul wants to know if Dante is giving out details on the case, but Sonny says he saw him come into the ER and wonders where the pen came from. He says Anna doesn’t like Paul very much. Paul says Anna is a valued colleague who’s going through a bad time. Sonny says he respects her and Paul says he does too, but it’s inappropriate for her to have a relationship with Sonny. Sonny says she’d bust him in a second if he did anything wrong. He says that if Carrrlos had stuck the pen in Dante’s throat, Dante would have died, and whoever put the pen in his hands, he’s going to deal with them. Paul says he’s making it his business to have a thorough investigation.

Anna says too bad Griff was more concern with giving Carrrlos absolution than he was with Duke’s death. She says Carrrlos deprived them of Duke. Griff says he’d like to help her let go of the anger, pain and grief. She says she gets that his faith gives him comfort, but his lectures on forgiveness are insulting. She says he knows very little about the circumstances of Duke’s life and less about his death. She says Julian gave the order and she’s not resting until he’s brought to justice.

Jordan tells Alexis that Carrrlos was stabbed and it must have been one hell of a blade.

Curtis shows Hayden how to sell stuff online. Hayden says Nicholas is gong to go crazy when he finds out, but the goal is for him to give her money to go away. She thanks Curtis for being a good friend.

Nicholas tells Elizabeth that he’s donating all of Hayden’s clothes to charity. He’s instructed the staff to only keep a pair of underwear and ratty sweatpants. Elizabeth asks if this is just another chapter in their so-called love story. Nicholas says no way and just watch what happens. Elizabeth says hearing that almost makes her not want to move. Almost.

Sonny and Anna go in to where Carrrlos’s body is. Sonny says he spoke to the staff and she’s getting a last chance to say what she needs to say. She says she wants Julian to go down in a court of law. Sonny says that might not happen for Duke’s murder, but someone killed Carrrlos. Sonny leaves and Anna asks dead Carrrlos if he was trying to tell her that Julian murdered him. She talks about the irony of him being loyal to Julian. She says she should feel sorry for him, but she feels like he got what he deserved and somehow, some way, Julian will too.

Jordan says they haven’t found the murder weapon yet but she’s confident they will. She tells them they should call their lawyers since they’ll probably need them. She leaves.

Alexis goes to the cupboard and takes the dagger out. She repeats what Jordan said — it must have been one hell of a blade — and looks at Julian

On Monday, Alexis calls out Julian, Franco is fired from working with Jake, Obrecht wants to take Finn down, and Carly asks what Sonny is planning.

People’s Couch Quotes of the Week

Oh, the horse. All I care about is the horse. — Destiney, referring to Game of Thrones. I totally understand this. I’ve seen the Red Wedding episode at least six times, but never watched when the direwolf gets killed.

Betty White?! Rashawn while googling “Becky with the good hair,” during Lemonade.

What is a resting bitchy [sic] face?
Do you see your face right now? — Cathy and Destiney, respectively, while watching Below Deck: Mediterranean.

Chopped Junior sounds like a bris. — Emerson.

May 5, 2016 — Two GHs & Three Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Kristina stops by Sonny’s office with Aaron to pick up some paperwork. She leaves the room and Sonny comes in to find Aaron checking out his taxidermy.

Finn is dealing with Mr. Ellis, a patient who seems to think he’s sick when he’s not. He talks to Mr. Ellis for a while and says his test results are negative, but they’re still waiting on one. Finn sees Carly in the hall and she tells him the patient was clearly lonely and compliments him on his kindness.

One of Julian’s henchmen tells Carrrlos he has good news about the witness.

Anna tells Griff she thinks Julian ordered Hale’s murder.

Julian can’t believe Alexis is asking him if he had Hale murdered. I don’t know why, since he’s kind of known for that sort of thing.

Finn says he’s sure Carly has a good reason to be eavesdropping. She says most doctors would have just blown the patient off. Finn says if she’s suggesting he’s humble, she’s mistaken, but he can be very charming on his own.

Obrecht tells Finn he’s already abusing his privileges. She says the patient is a hypochondriac and he’s running more tests. Finn says the man lives alone and he feels it’s the right thing to do. He says it just occurred to him that he doesn’t have to listen to her anymore and doesn’t she have something better to do than harass doctors? She leaves and Carly says she wants to discuss Jocelyn with Finn.

Aaron says he never connected Kristina’s name with Corinnthos coffee and goes on about how much he loves it. Kristina comes out and explains they’re going on a date. Aaron says he’s going to culinary school and is obsessed with Sonny’s coffee. Aaron also talks about the restaurant Sonny owns. He asks how long Sonny has been in the business and Sonny says he inherited it. Aaron asks to look around the kitchen and Sonny says sure.

Sonny tells Kristina that culinary school is impressive. Kristina says she has no idea if this is going to even lead to a second date, but Sonny already has her married off. He says it’s nice she’s going out with someone her own age, alluding to her interest in her professor. He wants her to meet a nice guy who treats her right. She says about that, she has something to tell him.

Anna tells Griff about Hale turning up dead from an overdose and Alexis finding the body. He asks if she’s sure Alexis is involved. Anna says no, but since she was first on the scene, she thought she’d accuse her, hoping to get the truth from Julian. She says the whole thing is beyond coincidence. She says Julian knows that if Carrrlos is found guilty, Carrrlos will expose him. She says Alexis isn’t the first strong woman who’s compromised herself for the love of a man.

Julian says Anna refuses to accept that he was defending himself in killing Duke. He says she’d rather think Duke was perfect, even though Duke was going to have Julian killed, so it was self-defense. He says he didn’t even know the witness’s name, so how could he arrange for him to be murdered? Alexis says there are other ways to get the information. Yeah, like you leaving your pocketbook around. Alexis hears me and says everything was in her briefcase. Julian knew that and she left him alone with it. She asks if he looked at the papers.

Carly wonders if they can investigate Jocelyn’s donor at he hospital. He’s like, who’s “we,” and she says Finn and her. She says she needs a doctor to help with the technical aspect and get in places she can’t. She says she lets him keep his damn lizard at he hotel, and he corrects that to damn service lizard. She gives him a list of things she’s done for him and he says apparently she’s taking him on a guilt trip, and says he’ll help. Finn tells her they need to find the chain of care on the transplant organ.

Sonny says he may not love everything Kristina does, but he’ll always love her. He says she’s doing well at the office and she seems to be in a good place right now. He hopes he doesn’t screw things up with Aaron because he’s bound to find out who Sonny really is. Kristina says too bad for him then. Aaron comes back and is all happy about having looked at the equipment. He wants Kristina to take a look too and Sonny says he won’t be there long, so just let the guard know. They leave and Sonny gets a call from Max.

Hammer tells Carrrlos the witness met an unfortunate end. Carrrlos asks if they’re back to the original plan and Hammer says just don’t involve anyone else. Carrrlos says Alexis should be able to get the case thrown out now. Hammer tells him not to tell Alexis what he knows and let her tell him. The less she knows, the better.

Alexis says she left Julian alone with everything he needed. Julian says even if he’d had Hale killed, why would he have Alexis implicated? He says he wouldn’t have left him alive either. Alexis says she doesn’t know anything anymore. I’m not so sure how much she knew in the first place

Finn asks for the date of Jocelyn’s transplant. Carly says it’s like a science fiction movie. They go downstairs to the records department. Ha-ha! Obrecht is in charge of the department.

Anna says Carly and Sonny have a mutual acceptance, but Alexis lives in denial like Anna did. She says the difference is that Julian is scum and Duke would have never done to her what Julian is doing to Alexis. Griff asks if the case can proceed without the witness. She says they have the statement, but the case can be thrown out because there’s no way for them to cross-examine. He says he wishes she had the same passion for her own case.

Julian says either Alexis believes him or not. She says he’s lied to her before. He says he has faith in her ability to get Carrrlos off and says he thought she believed he’d changed. He gets all annoyed, but still never answers the question.

Sonny comes to Carrrlos’s cell, where Carrrlos is doing push-ups. (Side note: When I visited the One Life to Live set years ago, the guys did push-ups before scenes where they would have their shirts off so they would be “pumped.” That’s not what’s happening here. I’m just tripping down Memory Lane.) Sonny asks why Carrrlos is working out when he should be praying.

Aaron says everyone in culinary school aspires to open their own restaurant. Even though that’s not an option for him right now, he wants to try a food truck and wouldn’t mind having Corrinthos Coffee on tap. Kristina says there’s a lot he doesn’t know about her and maybe they shouldn’t even be going out.

Obrecht says she’d still be chief-of-staff if Finn hadn’t inflicted the hospital with his presence. Finn says and Tracy would be dead and they’d be facing a lawsuit. Carly explains why they’re there and she needs to know everything about the donor. Obrecht says she might not be chief-of-staff, but she’s not opening the hospital up to a lawsuit by giving out private information. Finn says Carly has the legal right to know. Obrecht suggests they go through legal channels then, and tells them to get out. I hope she ends up helping them, so she can be part of this storyline, since she’s one of the best actresses on the show and I hate seeing her underused.

Alexis says she heard everything Julian said. He says either she trusts him or doesn’t. She asks if he loves her. He says of course, and she says to tell her, and keeps asking him to repeat it. She starts crying and they hug. This is just embarrassing.

Carrrlos calls for the guard and Sonny says the guard is on break indefinitely. Sonny says he heard that the witness is dead and Carrrlos must be feeling pretty good. He says justice has to be served, and since the courts aren’t going to do it, he will. He reaches into his pocket.

Finn says a court order should only take a few months. Carly suggests talking to Monica. Finn leaves to deal with a patient. Carly sees Obrecht leaving the elevator and gets into the next one.

Aaron says he thought the point of going on a date is to get to know each other. Kristina says what if he’s disappointed. He says try him. Kristina tells him she was suspended from college. He says he looks forward to hearing the story. She says she was married and divorced already. He says he likes her and he’s not looking for problems. She says her family has a lot of issues and Morgan is just the tip of the iceberg. Aaron says he has baggage too, and they can exchange war stories over dinner. He thinks it’s cool how honest she is.

Carly goes down to the records room and sneaks in. She looks up something on the computer.

Griff says she needs to have faith that the jury will see the truth despite the dead witness. Anna says faith in what, because she doesn’t think God is smiling on her. He says he’ll have faith for the both of them. Anna asks if Griff ever feels as though God failed him. He says no, but he’s felt that he’s failed God.

Sonny says he’s not there to kill Carrrlos, he just likes seeing him look afraid. He says he meant what he said before, even if Carrrlos gets off, he’s a dead man walking.

Julian and Alexis get busy. Like now is the time for that.

Kristina asks if they’re going out to eat or if Aaron is whipping something up. They decide to go to some fusion restaurant.

Carly prints out a list of all the employees who were working the day of Jocelyn’s transplant.

Finn’s hypochondriac patient is dead

Anna asks how Griff let God down and he says that’s a story for another night. He says he doesn’t think she should be alone and asks to stay in the guest room.

Julian is asleep. Alexis sits there staring at him.

Sonny says Carrrlos might walk but he’s not getting far, and his life is going to be a nightmare.

Tomorrow, Carrrlos asks Paul for help, Maxie wants a discussion with Nathan, and Jason tells Sonny he might have a problem.

General Hospital — Friday

Obrecht tells Finn that his patient is dead, and that Finn apparently missed something that killed him.

Jordan and Andre continue to get busy. That’s one long song. And it’s not Stairway to Heaven or Light My Fire. Andre asks if Jordan has any doubts.

Lulu and Rocco are home with Dante. He asks if she’ll miss Windemere. She says aside from the maid service, a chef to cook the meals, her mother right down the hallway and all the other amenities, no. Ha-ha! Lulu being funny.

Maxie is hounding Nathan about the wedding plans. He says all he cares about is her saying “I do,” but promises to come up with some opinions if they can talk about it later. She says they’ll have an in-depth discussion leaving no wedding plan stone unturned. He says every time they do that, the discussion turns into an interrogation about Claudette.

Carrrlos tells Paul he needs his help.

Sonny is on the phone and says he wants to know if a motion to dismiss happens. Jason pops into his office telling him he might have a problem. Jason says he spoke to Michael and Sonny is right to be worried. He thinks Carrrlos was bargaining with Michael for info about Sabrrrina. He says he doesn’t think Michael is going to do anything stupid though.

Finn says there’s no indication of cardiac distress. Obrecht says he’s not as thorough as he thinks. Finn tells her she’s a long way from the records room. She says in reorganizing it, she had to check Mr. Ellis’s records and now they’ll be issuing a death certificate.

Lulu says any place with Dante is an improvement. He says he has a surprise for her.

Andre is like, what’s that sound? and Jordan says it’s her meditation tape that she uses when she’s stressed. He says she doesn’t seem stressed, and they listen to whale sounds. Jordan admits it’s a bit of a mood killer and he suggests a glass of wine to get the mood back. Jordan checks her phone and there are 8 messages.

Maxie says she’s not bringing Claudette up again. Nathan says he’ll see her later to discuss the pros and cons of a destination wedding. She looks at a paper that has Claudette’s address.

Carrrlos says Sonny is blaming him for Hale’s death like he could do something from jail. Paul says that’s a possibility. Carrrlos says Sonny is going to have him killed. Paul says sorry about that, but he isn’t clear on what Carrrlos wants from him. Carrrlos says to get him out of there right now.

Obrecht says the patient’s death was preventable and gross negligence on Finn’s part. She leaves and Carly talks smack about Obrecht to Finn. She brings up how Obrecht gave Finn grief when he didn’t show up for his presentation because he needed an insulin shot. He says she’s given it more thought than he has. He says sorry they came up empty as far as Jocelyn goes, but Carly says she got the records.

Dante says they’re making a fresh start, so why don’t they look into a bigger place? He says Rocco is getting huge and needs more room. Nice off-the-shoulder top on Lulu. She says Rocco never doubted for a second they loved him and anywhere the three of them are together is fine. Dante says he’d felt like he lost a part of himself when they were apart and he never wants it to happen again. He tells Lulu to check her email since he sent her links to some properties. Dante’s phone rings, it’s Jordan, shocked that Hale is dead.

Jason brings up Hale’s death and Sonny asks how he knew. Jason says he was at the station. Sonny says Julian had him killed and he knows it. Sonny describes what must have happened and says he was forced to take the needle once. He says Julian had Duke killed and he’s been covering his ass ever since.

Paul says he sympathizes with Carrrlos, but there’ nothing he can do since he rejected the plea deal. Carrrlos says he might get the urge to tell someone about the skeleton in Paul’s closet. He thinks a lot of people would like to know about the circumstances surrounding Sloane’s death. Paul says he can transfer Carrrlos and give him extra security. Carrrlos says Sonny has people everywhere, and Paul says his location will be secret and he’ll be transferred within the hour. Carrrlos isn’t happy. Paul signs something and wipes his prints from the pen. Carrrlos sees the pen and a paperclip next to it on the table.

Finn tells Carly nice work, but they should pretend he doesn’t know anything about it. She says about what? Finn says if she has any questions, he’ll help. Obrecht joins them, saying the family denied her request for an autopsy due to religious reasons. Finn says he’d like to know what happened himself. Obrecht leaves and Carly says she’s sorry. Finn says sometimes patients die. He says he’s fine, but thinks he needs to get back to work.

Dante tells Jordan that Hale died from an overdose. He says they questioned Alexis, but had to let her go. Jordan says she doubts Alexis would do something like that, but Dante explains that he and Anna were hoping Julian would spill his guts. Jordan says it does seem funny and asks if he can go over to the station now and see if he can find out anything further. Dante tells Lulu he has to go and she tells him to text her if it’s going to be an all-nighter.

Andre comes back with the wine. Jordan tells him about Hale’s death and that it was possibly murder. He says he’s sure Anna was counting on him and asks if it’s okay to talk about her. She says she’s worried about Anna too. Andre says he’s more worried about Jordan and starts kissing her. He asks if there’s something else on her mind. She says she doesn’t think she’s going to be good company tonight and wants to get back to the station. She tells him to stay and get some sleep. He says he’ll go in to work too, and do some catching up. He says there will be other nights and Jordan agrees.

Sonny tells Jason that Julian poisons everything around him, Alexis for example. Jason says there’s no love lost between him and Julian, but he’s Sam’s father so he’s chosen to maintain a neutral position. Sonny says he doesn’t have that luxury and it has to stop. Jason says sorry, but he can’t be involved.

Jordan gets to the station. Paul tells her Carrrlos doesn’t feel safe in the jail. Jordan says there’s nothing she can do about it and Paul tells her about the transfer and how Carrrlos needs security. She says it will be 24 hours. Paul says they can’t wiat that long and Nathan volunteers.

Carrrlos takes the pen and the paper clip and hides them in his sleeve.

Sonny tells Jason he won’t confuse him with the old Jason who would never lie to him. Sonny makes it up as he goes along, saying Jason said things he didn’t say. Jason says he doesn’t work for him and Sonny asks what he’s doing there then. Carly comes in and asks what’s up. Jason says he thinks Michael is going to be fine and he’s sorry, he can’t be part of this life.

Maxie visits Lulu. She asks why Lulu didn’t tell her she’d moved back. Lulu says she and Dante were inspired by Maxie and Nathan. She asks how the wedding plans are going. Maxie says she sees why brides go crazy and says she has a question for Lulu.

Nathan tells Dante about accompanying Carrrlos. He says Paul pushed it through and he doesn’t think Alexis even knows. Dante asks to tag along. Carrrlos says Dante’s father is a known criminal who’s threatened his life and Dante says Carrrlos will just have to trust him.

Maxie asks Lulu to be her Maid of Honor. She can’t imagine having the wedding without Lulu being a part of it, and says she can even pick out what she wants to wear. Lulu says of course.

Andre introduces himself to Finn. He says Mr. Ellis was a frequent patient and it seemed like he was just suffering from loneliness, but apparently that wasn’t the case. He says he knows it’s not easy to lose a patient. Finn says sometimes death can be a release and Andre asks what he means.

Sonny tells Carly that sometimes Jason seems like his old friend, but then he shuts down. He tells her about the witness turning up dead. He says Alexis will file a motion to have the case thrown out. Carly says she always knew Alexis was a hypocrite and all she cares about is keeping Julian free and in her bed. Sonny says the bigger problem is that Carrrlos is going free unless he does something.

In the car, Carrrlos asks if he scares them so much, they both had to come along? Nathan says Anna is a friend of his and Carrrlos says Anna caused him a lot of pain. He says all he wants to do is live in peace with the mother of his child and how come everyone is hassling him? While he’s giving a mini speech, he gets free of the handcuffs.

Finn says he’s talking about a spiritual release. Andre says it’s a funny attitude for a doctor who’s job is to defeat death. Finn says he wants to reflect on things alone and leaves. He locks himself into an examination room and sinks to the floor. He gives himself a shot.

Maxie tells Lulu there’s so much to do she’s overwhelmed. Lulu says they need to tackle one thing at a time, and asks what Maxie is going to wear. Maxie says she’s made plans to check out some designers in New York. She says she also has something else to take care of. She’s found out where Claudette lives.

Jordan says it’s not going to be easy, but they can still win the case with the sworn statements. She asks Paul if that isn’t what he wants to do.

Carly tells Sonny to leave the fate of Carrrlos with the justice system and to have faith.

Carrrlos practically climbs into the front seat, and the car swerves, colliding with something or someone.

We see Jason lying on the road with his motorcycle, along with the car Carrrlos was in.

On Monday, Jason remembers things,

People’s Couch Quotes of the Week, Plus One

Sometimes I miss the good old days when it was just sort of, well, don’t die. — Emerson, referring to taking care of a baby, while watching Thicker Than Water.

Hugh Laurie. Remember him from House?
What house? — Ayn and Sue respectively, while watching The Night Manager.

And the secret to longevity — who knew?

Don’t wear beige: it might kill you. — elderly model, Sue Kreitzman.

April 29, 2016 — Make It a Double GH Garnished with a Quote


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Tracy argues loudly with Obrecht while a crowd gathers outside her room. Monica hears Finn making plans to leave and tells him she has the feeling there’s a change in the air. Obrecht comes out looking like she was in a prizefight. She tells everyone to get back to work and Tracy tells her that her reign at GH is over.

Maxie wakes Nathan up, asking him ruffled or naked? He’s like, wha…? and she shows him wedding cake photos. She wants to make sure there are no repeat performances and asks him to tell her about his first wedding.

Michael shows up late for Sonny’s birthday party. Sonny says at least he got a tan out of it and asks how Puerto Rico was. Carly and Sonny tell Michael that Sabrrrina made her own decision and he should move on.

Sam and Jason wake up to a rooster alarm. Jason wants to stay, but Sam says they told Danny they were only going to be away one night. They kiss and Sam decides one more night won’t kill them. I wonder if the person watching them will try.

Nathan tells Maxie it wasn’t much of a wedding and that they just went to the courthouse. He says it was a marriage of convenience. Maxie says he fell in love with Claudette later, so some of the memories might have changed to good ones. He says if she wants to avoid any comparison to Claudette not to cheat on him.

Obrecht goes on about how she changed things and made GH thrive. Tracy says HR might think otherwise, since the employee turnover rate is massive. Obrecht pulls her name tag off and throws it aside. Monica says there’s an offer on the table and Obrecht says a demotion is as good as dismissal. Tracy asks Monica if she wants Obrecht to stay on.

Michael asks Carly how many times someone had to save her from her own decisions. Sonny tells him Carrrlos is dangerous and he doesn’t want Michael anywhere near the situation.

Sam and Jason leave the barn. They see muddy footprints outside.

We segue into seeing Franco’s feet walking into his condo. (Nice editing!) Nina asks what happened to him and where has he been.

Maxie asks if Nathan is headed to the station and he says yes. She asks if he knows that she wouldn’t cheat on him and he says he’s sorry for mentioning it, since she’s the opposite of Claudette. Maxie says if Claudette had returned Nathan’s feelings, they would have stayed married. Nathan is unsure about that and Maxie wonders what if Claudette showed up today. Nathan says that’s highly unlikely, he loves Maxie, and doesn’t want this to keep coming between them. He tells her to get her questions out of the way, but she says she’s done and it’s behind them. If you believe that, I have some land in Florida that you might like to buy.

Obrecht is shocked that Monica is her replacement and says it’s nepotism at its worst. Tracy asks if Monica wants the position and she says yes. Monica says she wants to discuss a new position with Obrecht. Tracy suggests something janitorial. Obrecht says she won’t be made a fool of and leaves. Tracy says she’ll be back. As her first decision, Monica asks Finn to be a part of the staff. He declines.

Michael tells Sonnyy he’s not going to walk blindly into danger, but he’s not walking away from it either.

Jason says whoever was there was watching for a while. Sam wonders if it’s the barn owner. Jason says they got a good show. They both get phone calls and head out.

Nina asks what Franco was doing out all night in the rain. He says he had car trouble. She says all night? He says he’d been doing some painting, went out to a bar, and after a few drinks realized he shouldn’t drive home, so he ended up sleeping in the car. He says the car was stuck in mud and he had to push it out. She says he could have called her. Franco says they’re at a fork in the road and have to decide if they want to go down it together.

Finn says he likes it at GH fine, but when he came there, he was in the middle of doing some research. Monica says they’re known for their research. He asks for unfettered access to the lab and says he doesn’t play well with others. Monica tells him whatever he wants, he has it, and Finn says then they have him.

Sam meets Maxie at the bar. Maxie says her life is teetering on the edge of ruin and pulls some straw out of Sam’s hair. She tells Sam she needs a P.I. She says Nathan has been lying to her and she can’t marry him until she knows what he’s keeping from her and why.

Nathan meets Michael at the station. Michael wants to talk to Carrrlos, who has taken up residence in the interrogation room. Nathan advises against it, but Michael doesn’t listen.

Jason comes to Sonny’s office. Sonny tells him Michael is in trouble.

Nina says she didn’t sleep all night, worrying about him and thinking about them as a couple. He tells her she’s projecting and she says she’s trying to hold them together. She says it would help if he’d listen to her. Franco says she does whatever she wants anyway. He says he was’t trying to hurt her, but just cheer her up. Nina starts to cry and says she lost 20 years of her life, her baby and the ability to have another one, and she doesn’t know how to get over it. She says she needs understanding and compassion, and she doesn’t feel like he’s capable of giving that to her.

Franco just looks at her and she says all the time and effort in the relationship is down the drain. Franco says they can move forward, but she just needs to say good-by.

Nina says it’s not what she wanted for them. Franco says he can’t give her what she wants and it’s not going to change. Nina wonders if there’s no way around it. Franco says if there’s no way for her, then there’s no way for him, and he wishes he was enough. Nina walks out of the room. This is too sad. I love them together.

Maxie tells Sam about Nathan’s previous marriage and how he lied about it in the beginning. Sam says what else does she need to know? She says that’s what she needs Sam to find out. Sam says as her friend, she can’t take the case.

Obrecht comes to the station and Nathan asks what’s wrong. She wants to take him to breakfast, but he tells her he just got to work. He asks what’s wrong again. She tells him she’s no longer chief-of-staff at the hospital and starts to cry. Geez, this is a bummer of a show today.

Finn tells Carly that Tracy has been released back into the wild, and lets’ her know about the position he’s taking at GH. They sit down at a table in the MetroCourt, and he asks about Jocelyn. Carly says she’s doing fine. He says her concern was understandable, especially since Jocelyn had a kidney transplant. She says he doesn’t know the half of it, but then again, neither does she. When he asks what she means, she tells him GH is a great hospital, but it has a dark side.

Monica gets loaded down with a stack of files that Obrecht had been dealing with. The secretary tells Monica it’s all time sensitive and there’s a meeting in 20 minutes. Tracy looks over Monica’s shoulder and makes comments. Monica suggests scheduling a colonoscopy for her if she doesn’t leave.

Michael asks Carrrlos where Sabrrrina is. Carrrlos says she’s safe and last he checked, Michael was the furthest thing from her mind.

Nathan says GH will never have another chief-of-staff who works as hard as Obrecht. She says his support means everything to her and let this be a lesson to him. She says she said some things she regretted and confession isn’t always good for the soul. She tells him to say nothing about Claudette to Maxie.

Sam tells Maxie this isn’t a road she wants to go down if she loves Nathan. Maxie says she does, but she’d asked him what would happen if Claudette showed up and all he said was he can’t see that happening. She says she needs to know what he’s hiding and if Sam won’t help, she’ll find someone who will.

Carly tells Finn that Jocelyn’s kidney didn’t come from Jake. He says organs don’t just come out of nowhere, and Carly tells him Sonny is investigating it.

Jason says if Michael didn’t listen to Sonny, he’s not going to listen to him. Sonny says they have a different relationship, and if trouble comes along, Jason can also handle it.

Carrrlos says Sabrrrina is trying to forget about Michael. He says she sees him for who he is, a pig just like his father. I wouldn’t go that far, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Nina is carrying some bags, says she’ll be at the MetroCourt, and Franco can forward her mail. He says it’s her apartment, but she says no, it’s his and Kiki’s, and she’ll send for her things. She starts to cry and says she’s never broken up with someone before. Franco says you just put one foot in front of the other and keep on going. He says it’s never easy, but it’s something you have to do. She asks if he’s going to be okay and he says it doesn’t matter.

Nina leaves and Franco says he’ll be just fine. He knows exactly how to handle rejection.

Monica is approached by a board member who congratulates her. She says thanks for the vote, and he says he wasn’t on the team that wanted her, but they were voted down. Monica asks Tracy if she was behind Monica getting the job. Tracy asks if Monica will hassle her if she says yes, and Monica says she will, so Tracy says no.

Sam tells Maxie she’ll dig up the information, but says Maxie might be sorry they had this conversation.

Nathan tells Obrecht that if he tells Maxie, she’ll tell Dante and Lulu. Obrecht says if that happens, he’ll end up in Pentenville.

Finn tells Carly how the kidney became available might not be a happy story and is she sure she wants to know.

Jason tells Sonny that he doesn’t remember the work he did for him, but he must have retained muscle memory. Sonny says he does what he has to do when the family is threatened. Sonny tells Jason that Michael has it in his head that Carrrlos kidnapped Sabrrrina. Sonny says there’s no proof of that, but he’s worried it’s going to end badly.

Franco is sketching. It’s a crazy-looking pic of Nina. Although it could possibly be argued that Franco was going for a 60’s retro effect.

Sonny tells Jason he wouldn’t be asking him to do this if there was another way, but the more he tries to protect Michael, the more Michael pushes back. He says if Michael keeps going, he’ll end up in serious trouble.

Michael says Carrrlos must have Sabrrrina under lock & key. Carrrlos says even if Michael finds her, she doesn’t want him, because Sabrrrina is his wife now.

Tomorrow, Paul tells Anna she’s in even worse trouble (like that’s possible), Jordan asks Michael about Sabrrrina, and Finn thinks the kidney came from the black market.

General Hospital — Friday

Carly explains about Jake’s past to Finn and how everyone thought he was dead. She tells Finn they’d thought that Jocelyn’s kidney came from Jake, but then he was found alive. Finn says she might not want to know the truth.

Brad and Lucas discuss the upcoming nuptials. Lucas nixes The Floating Rib as a venue. Thank you. He thinks Brad is stalling because he keeps moving the date up.

Jordan tells Anna she has her full support. Scotty says he has a secret weapon and Anna says she was afraid of that. He tells Paul he’ll be sorry he ever messed with Anna, but Paul says she’s in more trouble than she knows.

Carrrlos tells Michael that he and Sabrrrina had a boy, and his wife and son are waiting for him. Michael says Carrrlos is looking at a life sentence, but Carrrlos says he’s getting out.

Sonny wants Jason to help Michael in any way he can. He asks if there’s a problem with that and Jason says it depends.

Brad says he’s not stalling. Lucas points out that the date has gone from May to October. Brad says he wants May, but Lucas doesn’t want city hall, which is the only place they can get. The MetroCourt is booked too, so Brad says they’ll find another place. They profess their love for one another. For Pete’s sake, do you mean to tell me that two guys who both make a decent salary can’t afford something outside of Port Charles? They’re supposed to be close to NYC too.

Carly asks Finn if he thinks Jocelyn’s kidney came from the black market and he says it’s a good possibility. Carly asks what his definition of black market is, and if some poor parent whose child died had to sell the organ. Finn says that’s one way, and she asks if he’s talking about murder.

Sonny tells Jason he was Sonny’s best friend. He says Michael’s life is potentially at risk. Jason knows good and well that Sonny wants Carrrlos dead, and he asks if he’s supposed to create the opportunity for that like he did when he worked for Sonny. Sonny says he has to respect that Jason is different now, but Carrrlos is going to use Sabrrrina as leverage and Michael could end up as a hostage or dead. He’s just asking Jason to stop him.

Michael asks if Carrrlos married Sabrrrina so she won’t have to testify against him, and Carrrlos says they love each other. Michael says if he loves Sabrrrina and the baby, he’ll tell Michael where they are so he can help them. Carrrlos says his lawyer took care of everything and he’s going to be getting out. Enter Alexis, who asks Michael to leave.

Paul wants to talk to Anna, but Scotty intervenes. Anna tells Scotty it’s okay, but he tells her it’s not smart. Paul tells Anna that she went out of her way to get arrested. She says she’s taking responsibility for her actions, unlike him, who jumps through hoops to avoid responsibility. He says Carrrlos will testify against Julian for a reduced sentence. Anna says the only way it’s going to end is with a jury deciding if all of their actions were justified.

Paul leaves and Anna asks Scotty about his secret weapon. She thinks they’ll need it. The hearing starts.

Anna pleads not guilty. Scotty petitions for Anna’s release and Paul says the people request she be held without bail. Judge Chua asks on what grounds. Paul talks about Anna’s training as an agent and how she could disappear. Scotty says she wants her day in court. Paul says her mental state has deteriorated since Duke’s death. He brings up a psyche evaluation by some doctor we don’t know.

Finn says Jocelyn seems healthy, but Carly says there could be problems down the line. Finn says that would be the case regardless. Carly says what if there are health complications from the kidney down the line?

Jason says he doesn’t want to stop Michael from doing what he feels is right. Sonny says Jason had one rule, he’d make his own choices right or wron, and face the consequences. It took Sonny a long time to get him to understand that sometimes you have to intervene if someone is vulnerable or comes up against more than they can handle. He asks again for help with Michael and Jason says why him?

Michael warns Alexis, saying he hopes she rethinks this for Molly and Kristina’s sake. He leaves and Carrrlos says Michael is just like his father, arrogant and full of himself. Alexis tells him the motion is dead because a witness came forward who saw him shoot Duke.

Anna tells Scotty she was perfectly composed during the sessions, but the judge says the report is cause for concern. Scotty says if Anna wanted to disappear, she could, but she believes in truth justice and the American way, unlike Paul. Paul says the evaluation speaks for itself and she’s deteriorated since Dukes death. The judge says her mental state makes her a likely flight risk. Andre comes in and says he has something to say about that.

Brad finds an open date on May 24th, but thats the Nurses Ball. Thanks for letting us know. Mark your calendars.

Carly tells Finn they’re friends now.

Sonny tells Jason that Michael will listen to him more than anyone else. Jason has doubts. Sonny says he feels badly for Sabrrrina, but she chose her own life and he doesn’t want Michael to risk his. He says he got a call that Michael was talking to Carrrlos and asks why Jason won’t help him.

Michael asks Jordan for an update on Sabrrrina. Why is this kid allowed the run of the station house?

Alexis tells Carrrlos about the eyewitness. Carrrlos thinks it sounds shady and Alexis says they’re looking into it. She tells him what Hale said and how he ID’d Carrrlos as the shooter.

Jordan says as far as they know Sabrrrina is hiding to keep from testifying. Michael asks if anybody thought she’s being held against her will. Jordan says there have been new developments as far as Carrrlos goes, but she’ll let him know if they hear about Sabrrrina.

Carrrlos thinks Sonny is behind it. Alexis says they have no evidence of that. Carrrlos says if she doesn’t figure something out, he’ll testify against Julian.

Carly tells Finn about her friendship with Jason and how it was never judgmental. She says she doesn’t see him often now, but she tries to pay it forward. He asks if that’s what she’s doing with him. She tells him he shouldn’t be eating a cookie if he’s diabetic. He tells her to butt out in a nice way. I’m thinking Finn isn’t diabetic and maybe he’s the reason for the drug dispensary audit. What say you?

Sonny says he’s just asking Jason to talk to Michael and tell him to stay away from Carrrlos. Jason says Carrrlos is locked up. Sonny says he owes Jason the truth and asks if he wants to hear it, but Jason says no. He says he has too much to lose to go back to being Sonny’s heavy.

Andre tells the court who he is and says he’s there to speak on Anna’s behalf. Paul objects because Anna and Andre are friends, and says that Andre recused himself from evaluating her. Andre says after thinking about it, he thought he might have input for the court. He’s sworn in.

Andre tells the court that Anna was referred to him by Doc because she was having insomnia. He talks about what happened with Anna nailing Carrrlos in South America and how she followed the letter of the law. He says she’s a person of honor and integrity, and upheld the law even when the system failed her. He tells the judge that Anna is brave and principled, and one of the sanest people he’s ever met.

Brad tells Lucas they’re officially at an impasse. Lucas says when two people are in love like they are, anything is possible. Brad needs to talk to Finn and leaves the search to Lucas. He welcomes Finn to the staff. He says he knows Finn requested lab time and asks what for.

Sonny tells Jason he’s always been free to walk away and he won’t ask him for anything again. Enter Carly. Jason tells Sonny sorry about the misunderstanding and leaves. Carly asks if Sonny is okay, and Sonny tells her what happened. He wishes he could reach Michael.

Alexis says the witness is a junkie and once she examines him, no one will believe a word he says. Carrrlos suggests Julian make the witness disappear, but Alexis says there are other ways of dealing with things.

Andre tells the court that whatever Anna says, they can believe. The judge sets bail at $500K. She tells Anna not to make her regret her decision. Anna thanks Andre. They hug and of course Jordan sees it.

Finn tells Brad he’s conducting some specialized research and prefers to work on his own. Brad says the lab is his responsibility and he doesn’t like anyone around when he’s not there. Finn says open access to the lab and confidentiality were part of the deal

Scotty tells Paul he’s a sore loser.Paul says Anna is mentally unsound. Scotty tells him not to go after Anna again, since he and Andre know the truth.

Andre apologizes for making things more difficult and says he had no right to doubt Anna. He says he meant every word he said to the judge and she’s a person of extraordinary integrity.

Michael goes back in the interrogation room, and Carrrlos says he and his father can go to hell. He says Sonny is trying to frame him. He says what’s bad for him could be good for Michael, and maybe they can make a deal.

Carly tells Sonny sometimes she sees flashes of the old Jason. She says she wants to hit Jason sometimes and Sonny says he’d pay to see that. She says she wants Jason to understand that he’s still the same, but Sonny says maybe he’s not.

Michael asks what Carrrlos could offer and says there’s not much he can do for him. Carrrlos says he’ll tell him where Sabrrrina is for a price — his freedom. He wants Michael to help him break out. Jason watches through the window.

On Monday, Sam asks Julian if he had anything to do with Duke’s murder, Jason interrupts Michael and Carrrlos, and Jordan slaps Andre. Girl, please.

Quote of the Week

No People’s Couch <sniff>, but I did pick up this little gem the other day:

You’ll worry less about what people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.
— David Foster Wallace

April 22, 2016 — Happy Earth Day, GH & a Quote


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Carly comes into Sonny’s office. She says he left so early, she didn’t get a chance to wish him a happy birthday. She pulls out a muffin with a candle in it.

Julian takes Alexis’s last bite of toast at the MetroCourt, but he’s really being nosey. He doesn’t get a chance though, because Olivia interrupts with Leo news.

Finn and Tracy are playing backgammon for real money and Finn is losing miserably. He gets Tracy’s test results which are excellent.

Jordan is on the phone asking for files, saying that Lomax is breathing down her neck. Andre comes into the station.

Paul visits Anna. She tells him as soon as she posts bail, she’s going after him again. He tells her she’s not getting out on bail.

Monica tells Tracy that Griff says she can go home in a few days. She says Tracy shouldn’t go full steam back to ELQ though, and had better come back for follow-ups. Tracy says maybe Finn can win his money back, but he says he’s leaving Port Charles.

Sonny and Carly share the birthday muffin. They talk about how it’s been a rough year, but Sonny is glad that Carrrlos is behind bars and says they’re closer to getting Julian.

Olivia tells Julian that Leo can stand now. She goes to get the video. Alexis tells Julian not to ask her any more questions about the case, if he wants marital harmony to continue, since she has to stick to attorney-client privilege.

Olivia turns around to see Ned, who is looking good. She says she didn’t know he was back in town and asks if Tracy is okay. He says she’s on the mend and asks how Olivia is doing. He asks to see pictures of Leo. She hands him her phone and says just keep swiping, since it’s all Leo. He says he heard she told Julian the truth and it must have been a relief. Olvia says she and Julian are co-parenting.

Alexis says she’s already pushing ethical boundaries, and tells Julian to quit pestering her. He says he has complete faith in her, so he’ll back off. Alexis leaves for work.

Tracy tells Monica she can’t let a doctor of Finn’s caliber slip away. Tracy says they need an infectious disease specialist on staff. Monica suggests making his position permanent. Finn hesitates and Tracy asks if his board game reputation means nothing to him. He says she’s right and steps outside with Monica.

Finn tells Monica that Obrecht is adamant about wanting him gone. Monica says the Quartermaine name pulls a lot of weight and she’ll change Obrecht’s mind. Obrecht overhears and asks just how she’s going to do that.

Carly says there are more birthday surprises coming. Sonny says he enjoys celebrating now because of the kids. He asks if there’s going to be cake, and Carly says she’s going to spoil him rotten. She talks about a surprise again and leaves.

Sonny gets back on the phone. He wants to know if there are any developments on Carrrlos.

Andre tells Jordan he’s there to evaluate a prisoner and doesn’t want to pick up their argument again. Jordan apologizes, saying she was just worried about Anna. She tells him that Anna is in custody now. Andre is shocked. Alexis comes into the station and wants to talk to Jordan about Carrrlos.

Paul says she can’t post bail without a hearing and he’s not sure if she’s of sound mind. He says if she was granted bail, she might be considered a flight risk, and she might also be considered irrational. She says she’s perfectly sane, but Paul says he’s having an evaluation done. Enter Andre.

Ned says Olivia seems happy and is glad that the co-parenting thing is working out. He says the reason they couldn’t be together was because of the lie. Olivia asks how long he’s in town. Ned says a few days, but maybe they could get together for a movie. They plug the new Captain America film. He says he won’t be there by the time it opens, so maybe they can get coffee.

Monica tells Obrecht they want to put Finn on permanent staff. Obrecht says Monica is a heart surgeon, not in charge of hiring. She says Monica’s opinion is irrelevant. Carly comes by and asks what Obrecht’s problem is.

Anna asks if Andre is working for Paul now. He says of course not, and he had no idea she was the prisoner they were asking him to evaluate. He tells Anna he can’t objectively evaluate her anyway, and asks what the blip happened.

Alexis asks if the file is all the evidence they have. Jordan says they have some statements, one of which is from Sabrrrina. Alexis says Sabrrrina might be biased and there’s little physical evidence. Jordan says by the time Carrrlos goes to trial, they’ll have more. Alexis is going to make a motion to dismiss.

Sonny hears Alexis on the phone and asks if she’s working hard to get the man who almost killed him off. Like Sonny is some kind of angel.

Olivia shows Julian the video. He asks her if something happened because she was gone a while. She says it was just hotel business. They’re both delighted about Leo standing as only parents of the standing baby can be, like Leo is the first baby to have done this. Olivia says Julian seems distracted. She asks if Carrrlos is on his mind.

Anna tells Andre she’s done with subterfuge, so she confessed, and she also told Jordan about Paul killing Sloane. She says Lomax got Paul out, and she thought once she was out on bail, she could continue her investigation. Andre says the more she escalates, the more desperate Paul will become and he’s capable of murder. She says he won’t hurt her, but she needs to get out and collect more evidence against both Paul and Carrrlos.

Ned pops into Tracy’s room. She says he’s a welcome sight in such a dreary place, but she’d rather see him around the breakfast table every morning. She says now that she’s not dying, he has even more of a reason to stay — ELQ is back in the family’s hands.

Carly asks Obrecht what she has against Finn. Jocelyn says he’s smart and cool and has a bearded dragon as a service animal. Obrecht thanks Carly and offspring for their input, but as chief-of-staff, she’s going to make sure Finn doesn’t get hired. Monica says maybe it’s time for that to change.

Andre says for someone who was just arrested for attempted murder, Anna has a big to-do list. She says the only person who can confirm that Carrrlos killed Duke is Sabrrrina. Andre asks what she plans on doing when she gets out. He says he last time he turned his back, she put Paul in handcuffs and took off for South America. He says it sounds like that’s what she wants to do again.

Paul is from the ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away school of dealing with things, and acts like nothing happened with Jordan. Jordan tells Paul that Carrrlos is acting like he’s not going to take the deal. Paul says Alexis would be negligent not to tell him to take it.

Alexis tells Sonny if he has evidence, to take it to the DA. Sonny says after a decade of Alexis lecturing him, she’s fallen off her high horse. He says her ethics went out the window when she hooked up with Julian.

Julian says he’s out of the business, so Olivia doesn’t have to worry about Leo. She says she’s worried about him and his past catching up with him.

Carly says she wanted to do a follow- up to make sure Jocelyn is okay. Finn says that’s a good idea and Jocelyn leaves to use her phone. Finn thanks Carly for having his back.

Tracy says Ned has shown interest in the company, but he says it was just to keep it out of someone else’s hands. He says she keeps saying “we” when she always wanted to keep ELQ to herself. She says the reason they got the company back was because of Jason and everyone rallied around her when she was sick, so maybe it’s time to be a family again.

Ned is shocked that Tracy is speaking so fondly of the family. She says she’s capable of change. He wonders if she can keep from bickering with Monica and Tracy says Monica always starts it. She tells Ned that Port Charles is his home. Ned asks if once she’s on her feet, she won’t scheme to get ELQ back again. She says there are things more important than power.

Carly says Jocelyn’s class needs to study an animal, but she has no pets. Jocelyn says Roxie is cooler than a cat or a dog and she’d like to observe her in her native environment. She asks if she can study Roxie and Finn says they’ll set something up.

Alexis tells Sonny what she does is none of his business. Sonny says the DA is going to get Carrrlos to flip on Julian, but Julian sent her to stop him from taking the deal. He asks where her ethics are now and she says the same place they were when she defending his guilty ass. She says Julian is out of the business now, unlike Sonny. Sonny says she’s defending a madman to protect him and it’s going to come back to bite her. He says be careful because there are too many people who have too much to lose. He doesn’t want his daughter to lose her mother because she was in the line of fire.

Anna asks Andre if he’s kidding her. He says her behavior is bordering obsessive. Paul comes in and asks Andre if Anna is fit for bail.

Tomorrow, Paul underestimates Anna, Jordan wants Andre to choose between her and Anna, and Nina gets a surprise.

General Hospital — Friday

Felix and Michael meet with Sabrrrina’s father. Michael says he’s hoping Senor Santiago can help them find her. He asks if she’s in trouble.

Nina is too young for this kind of hangover, but she has one. Franco says he’s happy she was home when he got there, even if she was passed out. He assumes she wants to work things out, so he brought her a present.

Nathan sets up a surprise party for Maxie at the MetroCourt.

Griff says he’s not cleared to see Anna. Jordan says that’s correct.

Andre says he can’t make the bail call for Paul. (Say that 3 times real fast.) He tells Paul he has a prior relationship with Anna.

Maxie tells Lulu she and Dante look almost as happy as they were when they were together. Lulu says there’s a reason for that and Maxie says it’s the best day ever.

Paul asks how he knows Anna, is he her lover? Andre says it’s none of his business how they know one another and he has to find another psychiatrist for assessment. Paul tells Anna even her friends are refusing to help her, but she says Andre is refusing to help him.

Jordan asks Griff if he’s family. He says no. She says she’s restricted visitation to family and counsel. Andre comes in and asks Jordan if she knew that the psyche evaluation was for Anna and tells her that he recused himself. Jordan acts stupid because bottom line, she’s jealous.

Michael says they’re worried because they haven’t heard from Sabrrrina, and anything Senor Santiago can tell them would be helpful. He says if she needed help, she’d call her tia.

Franco has presented Nina with a puppy. He says her name is Daisy, but they can name her whatever Nina wants. Franco pretends the puppy is saying “momma,” and Nina realizes it’s his substitute for a baby. She tells him he’s out of his mind. Pets never last long on this show, although I have high hopes for Roxie.

Hi Felicia! Felicia asks Dillon if he’s seeing anyone and Mac tells her to back off. She says spring is in the air and it’s time for Dillon to find love.

Lulu and Dante are obviously back together. Dante says he needs to talk to Nathan, but Nathan says he needs his help with another surprise. Maxie tells Lulu there is still the small matter of Claudette, and Lulu tells her to let it go. Maxie says that’s what she’s doing and she told Nathan she didn’t want him proposing to get over her.

Jordan brings Andre into the interrogation room because that’s where all meetings take place. She says how is she supposed to know where they’re headed when he keeps straddling the line with Anna. She asks if he wants to be in a relationship with her or Anna.

Anna tells Paul that he probably enjoys nothing more than having a strong woman look at him with affection, but it’s not her. She says he wants her to look at him all teary eyed and beg for help. She says Paul tells women whatever they want to hear and most of them are so stupid and needy they go along with it. She tells him he’s only motivated by self-interest and extortion isn’t a foundation for trust. She says this is the third time she wound up in custody because of him and he’s done everything to find her weakness. She says at some point he’ll have to admit defeat. He tells her to wait for her victory lap until she’s out. She says the situation is too far-reaching for him to manage. She says he doesn’t really know what Carrrlos is going to do. She says if he tries to manipulate the situation any further, he’s going to lose. Scotty comes in and tells her to shut up.

Michael thanks Felix for coming along. They visit Sabrrrina’s aunt. Michael tells her they’re friends of Sabrrrina’s and asks if she’s there.

Franco says he knows it’s not the same, but the puppy will give her unconditional love. He says he thought it was something they could do together and that she needed something to love. She says the thing she was willing to love was him. She’s shocked that he knows so little about her that he thinks a dog could replace a baby.

Lulu says Nathan’s heart belongs to Maxie and Claudette is in the past. Griff comes in and Maxie tells him it’s her surprise engagement party. She asks him to stay and hang out. Nathan has the lights lowered and gets down on one knee. Griff has a weird look on his face.

Anna asks Scotty why he’s there. He says Christmas has come early for her, or is it Boxing Day in her world? He tells Paul he can slap a restraining order on him for harassing his client before she’s been formally charged. Paul leaves. Scotty talks to Anna with an Australian accent, intimating that Robert hired him.

Andre says there’s nothing romantic going on between him and Anna and Jordan has no reason to be jealous. She says Anna is her friend, but she’s always in the room with them even if she’s not physically there. She starts babbling on and Andre silences her with a kiss.

Scotty tells her from now on, don’t engage with someone who wants to put her behind bars. She says she and Paul have a complicated relationship and he asks if she’s sleeping with him. When she says no, he says too bad, he could have used it. He says being an ex-spy, he’d consider her a flight risk. Anna says Paul is manipulating the situation and tells him about Andre.

Nathan tells Maxie that she’s his world. He says she signs a positive light on everyone and everything, and she’s everything he’s ever wanted. He asks her to marry him again and gives her a real ring. She says yes and tells him the first one didn’t count. Griff drops a bottle on the floor.

Paul walks into the party and asks Dillon what’s up. Dillon explains it’s Maxie and Nathan’s engagement party. Paul says he clearly chose the wrong restaurant for lunch and Dillon asks why he’s so upset.

Mac tells Nathan he’s proven his love to Maxie even when she didn’t want it. He says they’ve had their share of hurdles, but they’ve overcome all of them. He says he raised Maxie and he’s happy for both of them. Nathan promises he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy.

Maxie shows off the ring to Lulu. Lulu asks about Claudette and Maxie says it’s not over.

Sabrrrina’s aunt asks how Michael and Felix know her. Michael explains they’re friends of hers from Port Charles and talks about how highly Sabrrrina always spoke of her. She says she hasn’t spoken to Sabrrrina in months and wonders if she and her baby are all right. She says the last time they spoke, Sabrrrina said she’d let her know when the baby came and she hasn’t spoken to her since last fall.

Nina has to go to the engagement party and then she’s going to work. Franco says he understands the puppy is not going to replace a child. Nina says she was willing to let go of her pain and longing to be a mother for him, but now she doesn’t know who he is. She says he knows so little about her that he thinks a dog can replace motherhood for her. She says the dog is very sweet, but if he doesn’t get rid of her, they can both find another place to live.

Maxie tells her that she knows Nathan is committed to her. Lulu says it’s time to move on. Maxie says she agrees and that’s why she has to find out everything possible about Claudette. Griff wants to leave, but Maxie wants to introduce him around.

Dante wonders who Griff is. Nathan tells him that Maxie is convinced Griff has a secret. Dante asks if he thinks Griff is cool, but Nathan says that depends on the secret.

Griff meets Felicia and Mac and they talk about Anna. Felicia says Scotty is a shark and will figure out a way to get her released.

Anna tells Scotty about her relationship with Andre. She says Paul is trying to deem her incompetent and a flight risk. Scotty says he’ll be back and leave everything to him.
Franco says he’s sorry to Daisy. He says it’s you and me kid, and puts her back in the box.

Nina shows up at the party and congratulates Nathan and Maxie. Nathan asks if she’s okay. She says wonderful and starts to tear up. She says she hopes they have a slew of children in all possible genders.

Dante asks Lulu if she’ll come home for good. She says she thought he’d never ask.

Paul tells Griff he’s sorry about everything happening with Anna. Nathan talks to Griff, who can’t get out fast enough. Dillon says he didn’t know Griff and Nathan were friends. Nathan says they’re not, but he thinks Griff has a thing for Maxie.

Andre tells Jordan he hopes the kiss answers her confusion about who he wants in his life. She says it does. He leaves and she looks at her reflection. Outside, he confirms he’s not on call and says he has plans he can’t break. Scotty introduces himself and asks for a word or two.

Jordan tells Anna she understands why she did what she did, but in not telling her, she disrespected the office and their friendship. Anna apologizes. She says she’ll always regret shooting Carrrlos, but if she had it to do over again, she doesn’t think it would be any different. Jordan says she hopes Anna would include her. She says they need Sabrrrina.

Tia tells Michale and Felix she’s sorry she can’t be of more help. Michael sees a baby toy on the floor.

On Monday, Danny inherits a puppy, Julian pages Carrrlos, and Ric asks Sonny if he’s going to kill Carrrlos.


Since The People’s Couch didn’t air tonight, I leave you with this:

“Movies are real! Music is real! It affects people, it’s real. … The other night I went to a club and I watched a DJ control an entire room. Even politicians can’t do that.” — Prince


April 15, 2016 — Two GHs & Three Couches


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Sonny is home. Carly is thrilled that he’s in one piece. She asks what happened and Sonny says the found Carrrlos and Carrrlos got what he deserved.

Dante comes to see Lulu and they kiss. A lot.

Laura finds Nicholas having coffee that he just put a shot in. The breakfast of champions! He tells her about selling the ELQ shares to Jason.

Jason has sent messages out for the family members to meet him at Tracy’s hospital room.

Finn comes to Tracy’s room, finding her eating a gourmet meal from Cook. She wants to go home and he says it should be soon. Finn asks what a healthy Tracy does with her time. She says believe it or not, she used to have a real job at ELQ.

Jason looks over the shares. Sam knocks at the door. She tells him if he takes the next step, there’s no turning back, and he says he thinks it’s the best solution for the family.

Laura asks if Nicholas sold the shares to Jason because of Hayden. Lulu and Dante walk in at that moment, and Lulu asks what Hayden made him do. Dante goes to deal with Rocco and Lulu asks Nicholas why he sold a company he worked so hard for. He says his business deals are none of her business.

Laura is going to meet a cryptographer at the MetroCourt (where else?). She found “Dr. K” online and Lulu thinks it sounds sketchy. Laura tells Nicholas to go easy on the booze and leaves. Lulu asks what’s going on with him.

Finn says he’s sure the loss of the company was difficult, but Tracy says it’s not permanent. Finn says he has no reason to stay in Port Charles, but Roxie has gotten used to the pampering at the MetroCourt. Tracy says she’d like to see him stay permanently. Monica comes in and Tracy suggests Finn become a member of the GH staff. Finn leaves.

Obrecht sees Finn in the hall and reminds him about a presentation he’s supposed to make later.

Sonny tells Carly that Carrrlos is alive and well, and in police custody. Carly is glad Sonny didn’t kill him, and Sonny says he wanted to. He tells Carly about how Carrrlos pretended to be the padre and what happened at the chapel. He says Anna talked him out of killing Carrrlos, but he also did it for her. He says she wanted him to do things differently and he was worried he’d never see her again when the gun was at his head. He says he loves her with all his heart and they kiss.

Jason meets everyone in Tracy’s room. (Ha-ha! She even has her monogrammed pillow on her hospital bed.) Jason says he’s the new owner of ELQ.

Carly says she knows how hard it was for Sonny. He said that Anna reminded him he could go to prison and he didn’t like that thought. He says the one good thing about being in the wheelchair is that it gave him time with his family and he realized how much he loved them.

Jason gives everyone back their shares. Tracy asks how he got them and Jason says he bought them. Monica balks and Tracy asks what the leverage was. Michael is like what difference does it make, ELQ is back in the family.

Lulu suspects that Hayden is behind the sale of the ELQ shares.

Laura goes to the MetroCourt to meet the cryptographer. It’s Doc! Oh cool, I love him. I’m also hoping Lucy isn’t far behind.

Doc says when he got her email from the cryptographer’s chat room, he never realized she was the Laura who sent it. She says she had no idea he was Dr. K. She asks if he quit being a psychiatrist, but he says cryptography is just a side gig. He tells her with social media the way it is, he doesn’t want to broadcast what he ate for breakfast. He wonders how long you have to get to know someone before you let your geek flag fly.

Finn is being anal with the MetroCourt chef about his eggs. Carly and Sonny watch from a distance. Carly says Finn walks to the beat of his own unusual drum. She introduces Sonny to Finn. He makes pleasantries and says he needs to check on Roxie and take a power nap. Sonny asks if Roxie is Finn’s girlfriend and Carly says no, she’s his service lizard.

Sonny asks about Morgan and Carly fills him in. He says he’d like to see Morgan come home. They both lose their appetites.

Finn gets to his room and gives himself a shot. I’m assuming he’s ill in some way and not on heroin, although that would be a great storyline.

Lulu says she’s not trying to judge Nicholas, but she wants to help him. She says if Hayden pressured him, they have to fight. Nicholas says it was a choice between Hayden and Jason and he chose Jason. Lulu says she can tell Hayden must have something on him and if he doesn’t have her arrested, she will. He says if she does, people she cares about will go to prison. Dante comes in and asks what’s going on.

Jason had everything divvied up according to Edward’s instructions. Tracy says that means she gets nothing and asks if Jason is going to run the company. He says he wants his old job back and for Michael to run ELQ. Everyone is all grateful. Michael asks him to work for the company, but he takes a pass. Monica asks Tracy if she can muster up some grace and say thank you.

Ugh! Breaking news, which is very rarely anything important. The NJ Turnpike is closed. I guess all those people watching TV in their cars need to know this.

Doc asks Laura if there was anything unusual about the reading of the will. Laura says it was on video and the items were weird or downright creepy. She tells him about the dagger left to Alexis. Doc asks if she’s concerned that Helena is manipulating her from the grave.

Nicholas tells Dante it’s just a sibling disagreement. He leaves and Dante asks Lulu what she thinks is going on. Lulu tells him about Hayden really being Rachel Berlin. She says Hayden was trying to swindle Nicholas out of his stocks and she thinks Hayden has something on him. She asks if Dante can arrest her. For what? Nothing happened.

Tracy says she’d rather not be coerced, but says thank you to Jason. She says that even though Edward didn’t want to forgive him, she’s certain that Edward is smiling down on him now. Jason and Sam leave, and Monica says she knows it wasn’t easy, but Tracy says she meant what she said.

Carly tells Sonny that Finn just ordered a couple of cases of distilled water and wonders what he wants it for.

Finn lies down after his shot and goes to sleep.

Michael joins Carly and Sonny, and tells them about ELQ and that Jason put him back in charge. Michael says Jason made Nicholas an offer he couldn’t refuse and that he thinks Jason is really starting to care about the family. One of the staff whispers something to Carly and she says she has to go.

Michael tells Sonny he knows who he is and he’s part of both families, but he’s the man he is today because of Sonny. Sonny tells Michael about Carrrlos. Michael asks about Sabrrrina, and Sonny says sorry, she wasn’t there.

Dante says a crime wasn’t committed. Lulu says she can’t believe Hayden is going to get away with it. Dante wonders who Nicholas was talking about when he said other people would get arrested if Hayden did.

Laura and Doc toast to solving the puzzle.

Sonny says they found Carrrlos in Ecuador but no Sabrrrina and no baby. He says Carrrlos said they were in Puerto Rico, but consider the source. Michael says no point in thinking Carrrlos would tell the truth.

Sam and Jason arrive home. Sam can’t believe Tracy actually told Jason thank you. Jason gets a call from Diane. He has to deal with his offshore accounts in person, so he’s got to fly to The Keys right away. He asks Sam to come along.

Dante asks Lulu if they can stop going down this rabbit hole right now. He says Nicholas knows she’s there for him and that’s the best she can do. They go to eat cookies with Rocco.

Jason says his business shouldn’t take long and they could have some fun. Sam says getting a sitter would be impossible, but she’d like to throw him a party. Now let me get this straight. She can’t find a sitter on such short notice, but she can pull together a party in the same amount of time.

Monica says she knows how much ELQ means to Tracy. Tracy says she’s glad she lived long enough to see it back in the family. She tells Monica she’s proud of Jason. Tracy makes a promise to Edward they’ll never lose ELQ again.

Obrecht ambushes Monica. She says Dr. Finn never showed up for the lecture he was supposed to give. She texted and called, but he never responded. She says he’ll be on staff over her dead body.

Carly is worried because Finn requested a wake-up call and isn’t responding. She leaves. Sonny tells Michael if Sabrrrina wants to be in touch, she’ll call him. Michael says once you’re involved you can’t just walk away.

Carly knocks on the door to Finn’s room. There’s no response. She obviously doesn’t want to, but she lets herself in. She sees him passed out and his works on the floor next to the couch.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Jordan about shooting Carrrlos, Nina asks why Nathan won’t be truthful with Maxie, and Carly wonders what Finn did to himself.

General Hospital — Friday

I came in a little late, so…

Julian tells Ava  that Carrrlos has enough to put him away for so long, he might never enjoy a spring day again.

Anna waits in the interrogation room. Paul tells Jordan that as the DA, he should be present for questioning. Jordan tells him Anna isn’t under arrest, she’s just talking to a friend. Jordan goes in and Anna tells her about shooting Carrrlos. She says Carrrlos took her future with Duke away, and he was right in that he would have ended up going free. She says she couldn’t stand the perversion of justice, but there was no question that it was attempted murder. Jordan says it was a set up and that she knew something was wrong.

Anna says she understands she’s going to be arrested. She tells Jordan the only reason she can accept it is that she knows Julian will go down. Jordan asks what Paul’s connection is. Anna says that he knew if Carrrlos came back, he had a lot on Paul. Jordan asks what Carrrlos knows.

Obrecht walks into Finn’s room. Carly says they’re having a private conversation, but Obrecht wants to know why Finn didn’t show up for his lecture. Obrecht looks in Roxie’s cage and says Roxie is waving her arm in submission to her. Carly isn’t surprised. Obrecht asks how can she trust Finn to be responsible for patients when he couldn’t even make the lecture. Carly tries to defend him, but Finn says Obrecht is right. Obrecht says as soon as he’s done with Tracy, he’s leaving GH. When Obrecht leaves, Carly asks why he didn’t tell her he’s a diabetic.

Franco tells Kiki he doesn’t think his natural child would be as cool as her and he probably wouldn’t make a good father. Kiki says parenting isn’t for everyone, but she wishes she could help with Nina.

Nina says a lie of omission isn’t like Nathan. She asks if the subject of exes didn’t come up. Nathan says no, and later he didn’t want to burden her with the details. In case any men are reading this, here’s a clue. What you did is always minor in comparison to you not telling us what you did. Nina says as a kid, Nathan would confess to things he didn’t even do, so why was he less than truthful with Maxie?

Maxie apologizes for being rude to Griff. She says his father having been murdered must be traumatic. Griff says Duke died before he had a chance to meet him, and explains the history. He says the murderer is now in custody. Maxie says they have Duke Lavery’s killer in custody and asks if it’s the same guy. Griff says Duke is his father.

Ava asks what Julian is going to do now that Carrrlos is in custody.

Anna tells Carrrlos she had her best night’s sleep since Duke’s murder. She says the DA and Commissioner are going to question him. She says she knows she’ll be arrested afterward, so to do what he needs to do. I have the funny feeling Carrrlos isn’t going to do anything. I think he’s going to hang on to this information so he can use it forever.

Nina won’t respond to Franco’s calls or texts. He wants to find her and Kiki says she’ll come along. She says she wants some fresh air, but Franco thinks she doesn’t want to be by herself. She tells him to go ahead, she’ll stay, but there’s a loud noise and she freaks.

Nathan calls Nina out on lying to Franco and then shutting him down. She tells him he’s projecting. She notices that Maxie was researching Claudette on her tablet.

Maxie tells Griff about Duke and says Griff would have liked him. She says she doesn’t believe that love dies, and she tells him about Georgie being murdered. She says she’s never going to forgive Georgie’s killer like Griff will probably not forgive Carrrlos.

Carrrlos says he wants to talk to the DA. Anna and Jordan leave. Paul tells Carrrlos that he’s charged with the murder of Duke and the attempted murder of Sonny. Paul says he’ll go easy if Carrrlos turns on Julian.

Ava says she’ll never forgive herself if Julian goes back to the mob. He says no worries, it’s not that big a deal and just temporary. He adds too bad he didn’t find Carrrlos first though.

Finn says he’s sure Obrecht would frown on his condition. Carly says that’s discrimination and Finn says he doesn’t want to discuss his health problems with anyone. Carly says when he checks out, she’d better not find any stray worms or crickets, or he’s going to be charged with a hefty bill. Finn says she wouldn’t, would she? She makes an oh-come-on face at him.

Franco calms Kiki down. She apologizes and he tells her she doesn’t have to say she’s sorry to him.

Nina says she doesn’t know what Nathan is hiding, but he’d better come clean with Maxie. He says she’s a fine one to talk, but she claims she’s going to come clean with Franco. She tells Nathan to tell Maxie he just wants to see her happy, he’ll do anything to achieve it, and that he doesn’t want to lose her.

Griff says forgiveness is a conscious effort to lose all resentment toward whoever hurt you. He says now that Carrrlos has been captured, he’s made losing Duke reality.

Jordan says it’s good Carrrlos didn’t say anything about Anna. Anna says just give him time.

Carrrlos says if he goes against Julian, he’ll be a target. Paul says he’ll be protected and to just give him enough to put Julian away.

Julian is concerned about what Carrrlos is going to say. Ava says there’s only one way to stop him from talking. Julian is like, wait a minute, I thought you wanted me out of the business. Ava suggests he talk to Hammer. Julian says he’ll think about it.

Finn says thank you to Carly and asks her to keep his health problems between them. She says no one is going to hear about it from her and leaves. Finn tells Roxie not to look at him like that and he knows he screwed up.

Nina comes home to Franco. He says he was worried about her, but it doesn’t matter now that she’s home. She says she had a talk with Nathan and has come to a decision about them.

Griff has to check in with the hospital and steps away from the table. Nathan comes in and tells Maxie that he would sacrifice everything to make her happy as long as she promises they can spend their lives together. He asks her to marry him. Griff sees Nathan down on one knee and says, “Oh my God, it’s him.”

Paul leaves the interrogation room and Jordan asks what’s going on. Paul says Carrrlos wants his phone call to call his lawyer. He says it’s anybody’s guess what Carrrlos is going to say.

Carrlos calls Julian. Julian asks if he said anything. Carrrlos says Julian will find out when he gets there.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Alexis that everything they fear is coming to pass, Sam asks Kristina why she’s avoiding Sonny, and Nina suggest that she and Franco split town.

The People’s Couch Quotes of the Week

She’s gotta have the baby. They gotta name it Hope, because the first new baby after the end of the world is named Hope.
Or zombie snack — Scott and Emerson respectively, referring to The Walking Dead.

There’s no excuse for a handlebar mustache, even in the Apocalypse. — Blake, referring to The Walking Dead.

He’s the winner nobody talks about. They don’t want to admit it happened. — Scott, referring to Taylor Hicks on American Idol.

What if Simon walked out and was like, this is very cruise ship. Scott, referring to Jennifer Lopez’s performance on American Idol.

This is getting tense.
You want a pill? Ayn and Sue respectively, referring to American Idol.

I don’t need to necessarily find out I come from a family of chimney sweeps. — Brandy, referring to Who Do You Think You Are?