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December 12, 2018 – Doc is Just Not Doc, a Final Skoal from Dallas, New Jersey Flash-cap & the First


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Sonny meets Spencer for breakfast.

Sasha gets a text from Valentin – convince Nina to return to Windymere. (Yes, that’s how he spelled it.) Nina joins her at Kelly’s, wanting the goodbye breakfast to be just the two of them. Spencer approaches, and Nina introduces Sasha. He says they’ve already been introduced, at the home Valentin stole from his late father.

Valentin goes to the interrogation room to see Obrecht. She says she summoned him last night. What took so long. He says she wasted her call. She needs a lawyer. She thinks he’ll be more effective than Darrow or Dershowitz. He’s not sure what he can do, and she says, make sure she isn’t punished for her vigilante justice against Peter.

Maxie meets Peter at the MetroCourt. He says they don’t have to do this, and she says, have breakfast? They absolutely have to.

In the elevator, Finn tells Anna that they said the words. She says, they did. He asks if she’s okay with that, and she says, more than okay. Him? He tells her they could probably say it again, and says he loves her. His phone rings, and she says she loves him too. He says it’s his brother. He asks what’s going on, and tells Chase that he’s on his way. Anna asks if it’s about Obrecht, but he says, someone else. He has to run. They kiss, and the elevator door opens. Anna gets out.

Maxie tells Peter it’s like hitting the reset button for them to start over. Peter asks, how?

Carly sees not-Doc at the hospital. He asks what she’s doing there, and she tells him, picking up a prescription for her father-in-law. She asks how Ava is, and he says, hanging be a thread; no thanks to her. She says Ava came after her, and he tells her, stop talking.

Ava looks at pictures of Kiki. There’s a knock at door. She opens it, saying she’s not up for a visit. It’s Laura with flowers.

Carly says, what the hell? Not-Doc wonders why she feels the need to criticize Ava at a time like this, since she knows what it’s like. She knows that Ava steamrolled him to get what she wanted. He says Carly’s past is just as checkered, even before she got together with Sonny. The deals he’s made are even worse than Ava’s, and she turns a blind eye.

Laura tells Ava that she wasn’t able to make it to the funeral, but she’s very sorry. Ava knocks the flowers out of her hands, and tells her, go to hell. She knows why Laura is there. She found Ava and Doc in an intimate moment, and that night, her daughter was found dead; killed by a maniac. Divine justice in just a matter of hours. Most people don’t enjoy satisfaction so quickly. Laura says she never thought that. She knows what it’s like to lose a child. Ava says that’s another reason Laura came to stick it to her, because she withdrew her testimony about Nikolas. Laura says she wasn’t thinking about it, but she is now.

Chase brings Griff into his apartment. Griff says Chase arrested him for a murder he didn’t commit. Where is Chase taking him now? Chase says his apartment. Instead of the drunk tank where he belongs. Finn arrives, and asks why he’s there. Chase says he and Griff are colleagues. He does the twelve-step program, and Chase figured he could help. Chase thinks Anna would want him there to help. Finn says Chase deals with drunks all the time, but Chase says, not one who just lost his girlfriend.

Maxie tells Peter that he’s James’s uncle, and helped bring James into the world. She also enjoys his company. He says he enjoys hers, and she tells him that she’s letting him into her life in a deliberate way. He says, the other night, they almost kissed. Does that go away? Anna approaches the table. She wants to let them know that Obrecht has been arrested and is in custody.

Valentin asks Obrecht if she’s hoping he’ll set her free, and she says, indeed he shall. He says they’re not on the best of terms. He cares about Peter, and she kind of held him captive, then set the fire that destroyed his stables. She says she’s a champion multi-tasker. He says, then she escaped. She says it’s not her fault the driver lost control of the vehicle. He says barring all that, the rest of crimes are enough to get her put away for life. She says he gave baby Henrik to his father, and she’s the problem? She knows Nina left him, and if he doesn’t spring her, he can say auf wiedersehen to Nina forever.

Nina asks Spencer when he was at Windymere. Sasha says, Thanksgiving morning. Sonny comes in, and Nina introduces Sasha. Spencer says it’s no surprise Valentin neglected to disclose their meeting. There were ugly threats on both sides. Nina asks Sasha what that’s about, and Sasha says there was talk about election tampering. They go to their table, and Nina asks what happened between Valentin and Spencer?

Sonny tells Spencer, before they order, why were he and Valentin talking? Spencer says, election tampering. He’s afraid there’s only one way to say this. He has heat on him.

Finn says Griff is coming back to work soon; that’s a good thing. Griff says he’s dreading it. It reminds him of Kiki. Finn knows the first impulse is to numb the pain, but drinking in the park in December? Really? Griff appreciates what Finn is trying to do, but can he leave him alone for a while? Finn gets what Griff is going through. When he lost his wife, the last thing he wanted was people doing things for his own good. Griff helped him with his addiction, and he hated him for it. Griff asks if it’s payback, and Finn says, yes. Every day that he’s free of the drugs, he thanks Griff. Not face to face; that would be weird. The best thing is for Griff to come back to GH. Not just for him, but everyone who loved and respected Kiki.

Laura admits she resents Ava not standing by Nikolas, Kiki’s death isn’t justice. Kiki didn’t deserve it, and neither does Ava. Losing a child is the most profound grief you can go through. Ava says she’s finding that out. Laura says, no matter what she’s feeling, her heart is with Ava on this. Ava thanks, and says, sorry, as she picks up the flowers. She asks Laura to forgive her for being defensive. She knows what people think of her. Laura sees not-Doc’s tie on the chair, and ask if he’s been staying there? Ava says, yes.

Carly wants to know how not-Doc can defend Ava. He says she’s done horrible things, but so has Carly. They all find reasons to justify their actions, but no one is all good or all bad, even Ava. What Ava needs and deserves is understanding and empathy, not judgement and condemnation. Carly says she’s saving that for later, and not-Doc says their conversation just went to the land of diminishing returns. Carly says she wants him to know that she got information about her neighbor at Ferncliff.

Sonny asks Spencer, what kind of heat? Spencer says he wouldn’t want incriminate Sonny or expose him to charges of conspiracy. Sonny says that’s why he has Diane on retainer; tell him. Spencer asks, what are his thoughts about election tampering?

Nina can’t believe Valentin threatened Spencer. Sasha says, he didn’t. From what she saw, he was very patient with him. Nina says that doesn’t excuse what he’s done in the past. Sasha hopes she’s not overstepping, but Nina seems to be making excuses to distance herself from Valentin.

Valentin says Obrecht thinks she has leverage on him. She says she doesn’t think it, she knows it. He says, let’s hear it, and she says he gave Nina a daughter who isn’t really hers.

Not-Doc asks Carly why she’s fixated on that patient. She says she knows what happened to her at Ferncliff. Maybe the same thing is happening to him, or worse. He says she knows nothing about him, not even why he’s in there. He could be anything from a schizophrenic to a murderer. She says she found out his name. It’s Wilson.

Ava apologizes, saying Laura didn’t need to see this. Laura says, it’s okay. She should have realized he as staying there. That’s why he acted like a trapped animal when she came home. He wanted to run back to Ava. Ava thanks her for her kindness. If she’d known Laura was stopping by, she would have hidden her husband’s tie. She says there’s something Laura needs to know. Laura says there’s nothing she needs to know. Her marriage was obviously falling apart under her nose, and she had no idea Doc was with Ava while she was away. Ava says if Doc was unfaithful while Laura was away, it wasn’t with her. The first time anything happened between them, Laura was there. Laura says, when she walked in at the gallery? and Ava says, yes. That’s when this started.

Finn tells Griff there’s nothing he can say to make any of it better. No matter how much he drank or took drugs, it didn’t stop the pain. The only thing that does is people who care, if you let them. He has at least two; counting him and his brother as half. He tells Griff to take a shower; he smells bad. Griff toddles to the bathroom with his coffee. Chase says, for a while, he thought he made a huge mistake calling Finn, but he turned out not to be too bad.

Anna tells Peter that Obrecht is in custody, for his sake. Peter asks, what’s next? and she says Obrecht goes on trial. Peter is glad they’ll be putting that monster away for life. Anna is too. She starts to leave, and Peter thanks her. She leaves, and Peter asks Maxie if something is wrong.

Spencer tells Sonny that he inserted malware that caused chaos at the polling places. He bought time for his grandmother to campaign. Sonny asks if Valentin knows what did, and Spencer says he does, which begs the unfortunate question, should he take care of Valentin? Make him go away?

Nina tells Sasha that she doesn’t need to find a reason to distance herself from Valentin. He provides reasons on his own. Sasha asks if Nina doesn’t love him, but Nina says she’s hopelessly in love with him, but it’s not that simple. Sasha says it’s as simple as she wants it to be. The connection between them could light up a stadium. Nina has been crazy happy at Windymere. Now that she’s leaving, why let go of the joy? Why not become a family again with Valentin and Charlotte?

Valentin says Obrecht’s great niece confessed to him personally. She asks why he would believe her, and he says he offered her freedom for the information. Obrecht says, then he double-crossed her. She respects that. He says he made it his mission to track Sasha down. Obrecht says, all to make Nina happy. Except that girl is not Nina’s daughter. Sasha is a stranger. He tells her two separate DNA tests were run at independent labs; there could be no mistake. She says he made a mistake. He took DNA from Madeline’s dead body while she was watching.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not making excuses for Obrecht, but when Nathan died, her grief was so deep, she needed someone to blame. She thinks taking it out on him was wrong, and if he’d died, she would have been devastated. Peter says he didn’t die, so she can forgive Obrecht? Maxie doesn’t know if she’d call it forgiveness, but she understands. She knows Anna will bring justice for him, like Obrecht did for her son.

Obrecht explains that she was disguised as a vagrant seeking shelter in the church. We see Valentin open the casket. He says, after everything she took from Nina, she can finally give something back, and uses a swab, as Obrecht watches. Valentin asks if she was watching him from the vestibule in the shadows, what did she see him do? She says he was procuring a DNA sample. She didn’t know what the purpose was at the time, but now she knows it was to present Nina with what wants more than anything. Valentin says all her story needs is a dinosaur in a spaceship. She says all it needs is an audience of one. She doesn’t want to break Nina’s heart, but her circumstances are dire. She’ll do what she needs to, unless he does it first.

Nina tells Sasha that she’s not ready. Sasha says Valentin brought them together; he wants to make her happy. Nina says, he did, and Sasha says it’s been a joy getting know her mother.

Not-Doc says tells Carly that he can’t confirm the name, and she’ll take that as a confirmation. He wonders how she got it, and she says she has a hacker friend. He asks what else she knows, and she says just a name, but it’s a start. He apologizes for being sharp. Maybe he’s protective of Ava, but this is an entirely different matter. She can get in serious trouble. He suggests they make a deal, and she let him take it from there, and he’ll follow up. Carly asks how she knows he’s not stalling, and he says he’ll be in touch, but in the interest of confidence and the law they’re both skirting, no one else knows? She says, just her, and Sonny of course. He says, of course.

Nina says she and Sasha will be visiting all the time. Sasha says Nina can come visit, but she won’t be setting foot in Port Charles until the serial killer is put away. She’s worried about Nina though. her for her sake go back to win

Sonny tells Spencer, taking a life is wrong, and Spencer asks if this is one of those do as I say moments. He’s most mad at himself. It’s his own fault Valentin found out. He got in an altercation with Charlotte while he was there. Sonny suggests if he wants to sneak around, don’ t announce it. He says he’ll keep an eye on Valentin, and Spencer asks if Sonny can keep an eye on his grandmother too. That rotten man has ruined her. Sonny says he and Carly are looking out for her. Spencer says he loves Sonny, and Sonny says he loves Spencer too. And it’s out of love he’s going to tell Spencer something he doesn’t want to hear.

Sonny says, when Spencer chose to do something wrong to get what he wanted… Sonny has done that, and had to pay a price. He wants better for Spencer. Spencer says he didn’t understand before, but he does now. He’s sorry. Sonny says he doesn’t have to be. Just keep the Feds off his tail. Spencer says, or worse; his grandmother being disappointed in him. Sonny asks if it makes him feel sick to his stomach. The next time he has to choose between right and wrong, think about it. Otherwise, he’ll disappoint Sonny too.

Nina tells Sasha, now she has a daughter to stay alive for. Sasha tells her to take care of herself. She just found Nina, and would hate to miss her. They hug. Nina says she loves Sasha much, and Sasha says her too, calling her mom.

Peter tells Maxie that Obrecht’s reasons and motives were never a mystery. She wanted revenge, and he was the best target. Maxie says she did it for her son, like Anna brought Obrecht in. Anna is her godmother, and Maxie loves and admires her. She’s not perfect. She made mistakes where Peter was concerned, but she’s bending over backward to make amends. Can’t he cut her some slack. He jokes even if he forgives her for what happened when he was a baby, he can’t forgive her lousy timing. He brings up their near kiss, and she says she thought they agreed it never happened. He says he remembers it, and she says she does too.

Finn asks if Griff is feeling better, and he says, a little. He thanks Finn for the pep talk. Finn says his secret is safe. He got Griff car, and told them he’s going to the hospital. Griff says he’s not in any shape to see patients, but he can look over files. Finn asks if Griff wants him to come, but Griff needs to do it on his own, and the best time is now. He thanks them, and leaves. Chase asks Finn why he’s not going with Griff; he should have insisted. Finn says he’s sending someone better equipped than him.

Ava tells Laura that she and Doc were already separated when she got involved with him. She knows it doesn’t help, and Laura says it actually makes it worse; his behavior makes less sense for it to be that sudden. She tells Ava to be careful, and Ava asks if Laura is threatening her. Laura says, no, but Ava has a long, painful road ahead with Kiki’s death. She knows Ava thinks Doc will be there for her and is going to help her through it. She wouldn’t say this if he was acting normal. Ava asks if Laura is warning her away from her lifeline, but Laura says she’s trying tell her something’s wrong with Doc. He’s no one she recognizes. He’s just not Doc.

Chase asks if Finn likes scampi. Finn says, for breakfast? Chase says he made dinner for Willow, and has leftovers. Finn asks how the date went, and Chase says it started rocky, but he thinks it ended in a good place.

Anna is waiting for Griff, and hands him coffee. She says Finn didn’t want him to do this alone; he texted her. He thanks her. He’s not sure what happens now, and Anna says he’ll see Kiki everywhere. He says that’s how he ended up in the park. Everywhere in the apartment, there she was. He asks if he’ll see her around every corner, and Anna says he will. She suggests they go for a walk. She’ll be with him every step of the way. They’ll face the ghost together.

Not-Doc goes back to Ava’s place. He says, beautiful flowers, and she says Laura was there today. He says, today is getting better and better. She says, it’s all right. Laura was surprisingly civil. He says Laura isn’t the problem; it’s Carly. He ran into her at GH, and she wouldn’t shut up. Ava says it’s only a matter of time before Carly uses this to keep Avery away from her, and will probably send her a dry cleaning bill. But if Carly thinks just because Ava shoved her in the mud where she belongs, let them try. Not-Doc says Ava won’t pay for it, but Carly will.

Carly sees Laura, and says she was about to call. She spoke to Doc, and Laura is right. Something is way wrong. Laura says the change in his personality happened sooner than she thought. Carly asks if she thinks it has something to do with the anniversary. Laura thinks that’s part of it, but there must be more than that to cause such a radical change. If she knew what it was, she could understand. Carly asks if she thinks the marriage could be healed. Laura doesn’t think so at this point, but it might heal Doc.

Sonny tells Spencer admitted he did wrong, and if he feels the urge again, he can always call. One bad move can change your life, and the last thing he wants for his favorite nephew is regrets in life. All he wants is the best for him. They hug.

Nina tells Sasha that she wanted someone to call her mom. Now she’s acting like an idiot. Sasha says now that she’s gotten to know Nina, she’s heroic. She survived what her mother did to her, and here they are. Nina says everything that kept them apart doesn’t matter. She’s happy she found the other part of her heart. They hug and Sasha leaves.

Valentin sees Maxie and Peter. Maxie tells Peter it’s not a date. It’s a mutually agreed upon breakfast, but not a date date. He says they agree the kiss that almost happened actually almost happened. What they don’t know, they’ll figure out. Peter’s phone rings. It’s Valentin, who says they need to meet at Windymere. It’s important. Peter asks what it’s in regard to, and Valentin says, Obrecht.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Sam they need to rethink this case, Maxie asks Nina what’s going on with her and Valentin, and Kim has a confession to make.

The Real Housewives of Dallas – The Reunion, Part Two

And we’re back. Andy tells us Kameron usually has plenty to say, but when she’s not talking, she’s nodding. We see clips of that. Kameron says it means she’s on another planet when she does that. Wow. She really looks like Nicole Kidman. Andy thought she was being judgy, and finds it hilarious. Kameron never knew she did it until she saw herself on camera. Andy asks how Sparkle Dog is doing, and Kameron says she has a distributor. He asks how she feels when court is being discouraging and she’s not thrilled, but investing in companies is what he does for a living. LeeAnne thinks it challenges her.

Andy says D’Andra and Kameron are part of a Dallas family feud. We see clips where family names and society are evoked, including Jimmy’s contribution. Now I’m watching to see if Kameron starts nodding. We flash back to one of my favorite quotes, when Kameron says, it’s a very slippery slope from a butt plug to a butt dart. I have no doubt it is. They end with Kameron saying D’Andra is on friend probation. A viewer asks what the difference is, society-wise, between marrying into a family and being born into it. D’Andra says when you’re a debutante, you’re always held to a higher standard. Andy thinks it sounds like Pine Valley. He brings up Jimmy telling Kameron that she shouldn’t be friends with someone. Kameron says Jimmy was just giving her advice. D’Andra says Jimmy told Kameron to stay in the middle lane, and thinks she’s telling Kameron what to do. Stephanie says they’re lucky if that’s all they have to worry about. Good point. Kameron says it comes up constantly, and shows a lack of security. She hates the word society, and thinks it has to stop. Andy asks how the experience of the show has been. Kameron says it’s a judgy town, with no tolerance for bad behavior, and Andy says she’s judgy. Kameron says she has high standards for herself, but doesn’t expect them from other people. Stephanie says she’s been looked down on. Friendship comes at a price. A viewer thinks the only reason Kameron aligned with LeeAnne, is that she’s afraid of her. D’Andra agrees. Kameron says she feels most confident that LeeAnne would be straight up, since she’s open-minded. Brandi says Kameron is LeeAnne’s puppet. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she says that about anyone who likes her. She said it last year about someone else.

Andy asks D’Andra if she thinks Kameron is scared of LeeAnne, and she says Kameron is LeeAnne’s doormat. She’ll take any spectrum of LeeAnne’s behavior, and find an excuse to make it okay. Andy asks if she thinks LeeAnne is sitting on Westcott family secrets, and D’Andra thinks LeeAnne has something on everyone there. Everyone is terrified of her, except Brandi. Cary asks what else LeeAnne could do to her? Stephanie says she’s not scared, but sometimes LeeAnne is self-sabotaging. She thinks Kameron is very loyal. LeeAnne asks is Stephanie hasn’t been loyal to fault to Brandi, and Stephanie admits that’s true. Andy asks Kameron if D’Andra is tarnishing the family name, but Kameron thinks that’s for Dee to answer. LeeAnne says there are two separate divisions in the Simmons family, and they’re not necessarily friendly to each other. Andy asks if D’Andra’s side is considered the black sheep side. LeeAnne tells him, it’s been said. D’Andra says LeeAnne isn’t part of it, so clap it. I guess that’s similar to Dorinda’s, clip! Cary thought D’Andra didn’t care about the society thing. Kameron wonders why D’Andra talks down to her about having married into it. What is she? From the ghetto? Cary says they sound like superficial bitches. Andy loves it. He asks which is the more important family, and Brandi says hers. He asks LeeAnne, who says she’s too intelligent for that conversation. Pass.

D’Andra and Kameron made peace in Denmark, but then Kameron told Cary that D’Andra was on friend probation. Kameron says D’Andra is the one who came up with the phrase, and D’Andra says it was a joke. Andy asks if she’s still on friend probation. Kameron doesn’t think so. She had taco salad at D’Andra’s after they came back. Stephanie says, bonding over taco salads, and Andy says, like the Montagues and the Capulets. (Romeo and Juliet’s families, for those not in the Shakespeare know, but I don’t think they bonded over taco salads.)

Andy asks if Cary and her dad are any closer after her trip to Copenhagen. She says, yes and no. They’re different people, and her getting in the hot tub naked didn’t help. They sometimes go months without speaking. She says, it’s unfortunate, and tears up. It’s something she’s always wanted, to have a deep connection, but she’s never gotten to that point. It’s now or never. She tells her mom, sorry about the hot tub.

Cary thought the trip to Copenhagen would help her bond with her dad, but it wasn’t all Danish and pickled herring. We see clips from the trip, including Brandi working hard to get sh*tfaced , the infamous Duber d*ck, and noooo! the phone. I’d forgotten for a minute. First, Andy wants talk about Brandi’s plan to get LeeAnne to admit she called Brandi an alcoholic. It seems not well thought out. Brandi says she thought it was a great idea at the time, and she’d prove a point. Andy asks if she admits she was trying to provoke LeeAnne; it was passive/aggressive. Cary says, it certainly was. Brandi says, it’s not fun throwing up fish. Andy asks why she cared that LeeAnne was taking a video, when the cameras for the show were there? Brandi says LeeAnne was being vindictive and malicious; she did it for selfish reasons. Cary’s family said, no cameras, and she wanted to respect that. LeeAnne says she had no malicious intent, and handed the phone over. Andy says Cary was totally naked, and seems less bothered. Cary says, again, feast your eyes, but she understands that Brandi doesn’t trust LeeAnne. At same time, there were other cameras. LeeAnne says they were still in a volatile state, and she shouldn’t have done it. Andy asks Brandi if she stole LeeAnne’s phone, and she says she didn’t; she found it in the bar. Stephanie says she saw the phone too. Kameron says Brandi lied when she said there were no missed calls. LeeAnne says she called several times. Brandi says she would have answered it.

Cary is asked what LeeAnne said about Brandi’s phone, and she says, LeeAnne cloned it. LeeAnne explains what she said was that her phone has an app that clones the nearest phone if you try three times to break in. She doesn’t really have an app like that. Cary says, that would be amazing. Brandi starts yammering. Stephanie laughs. Kameron says Brandi is lying that she didn’t call LeeAnne’s phone, and she’s lost Kameron’s trust. Brandi says Kameron lies all the time. She asks Brandi to stand up and tell her what she’s lied about. Andy tells everyone to stay seated. The most important thing, is that LeeAnne got her phone back.

Leeanne and D’Andra were best friends for over 10 years, but that changed when accusations flew over finances, infidelity, and alcoholism. We flash back to D’Andra questioning LeeAnne about stalling over the wedding, the – ugh! – bank account with only $200 in it, D’Andra questioning Rich’s faithfulness, and LeeAnne’s concern over D’Andra’s drinking. Andy wants to dial back, and go through it. It started when D’Andra was pressing LeeAnne. D’Andra thought they’d start planning after the engagement, but it didn’t happen. She started worrying if Rich did it just to appease LeeAnne. Without skipping beat, Andy moves on to the $200 bank account. He says LeeAnne claimed she was trying to help D’Andra, and asks, how? LeeAnne says D’Andra and Brandi were shopping; she thinks drunk shopping, and she thought D’Andra should return it. D’Andra admits it wasn’t a good time for her to be spending money, and shouldn’t have spent it. Cary says, people talk, and D’Andra was talking about it. Kameron says, in Copenhagen, D’Andra said LeeAnne gave her a golden ticket. America can relate to having only $200 in an account. She thought D’Andra was crying crocodile tears. Andy says after D’Andra’s comment accusing LeeAnne and Rich of leading separate lives, she insinuated Rich was having an affair. D’Andra tells him that she never said Rich was cheating. In the confessional, she’d said she heard it from multiple people. Stephanie says D’Andra should say something like that face-to-face. If she heard something like that in an interview, she would feel betrayed. LeeAnne says she and Rich don’t have problems; he’s never cheated. D’Andra says two of his ex-wives sought her out, and told her a different story. I wouldn’t believe what an ex-anything said. D’Andra says one of them told her that she had no idea what she was saving LeeAnne from. LeeAnne says she’s going low again, and Kameron says, the way D’Andra is treating LeeAnne, she’s losing her trust. D’Andra says she did the right thing in trying to help. Andy asks if LeeAnne just doesn’t want to admit it, and she says if Rich was cheating, she wouldn’t be with him.

Alcohol also played a role in chipping away at LeeAnne and D’Andra’s friendship. Andy asks why D’Andra insisted that LeeAnne called her an alcoholic, when she didn’t. D’Andra says LeeAnne implicates things, but I think she means implies. LeeAnne says she thought all D’Andra and Brandi did together was drink. D’Andra says, that doesn’t mean it’s a problem, and Cary says, maybe it’s just a problem when she’s with Brandi. Andy says D’Andra admitted to having issues at one time, but alcohol wasn’t one of them. D’Andra says, when she was twenty-nine, she had a cocaine problem, and went to rehab for three months. She was living in L.A. at the time, and got caught up in the wrong crowd. Andy says, since LeeAnne is someone who knows about that, wouldn’t it be fair to say she was legitimately concerned? D’Andra says, it felt nefarious in every way. Ha-ha! Like and anti-Mary Poppins. Andy says they both made what the other considers nefarious comments, and they both say they did it out of concern.

Andy is bringing someone out who can give them perspective. The great and powerful Mama Dee. He says he requested her presence, since she seems to be someone they all listen to. Dee comes out with her purse, joking that she has to give D’Andra her allowance. Andy says she hasn’t taken the keys to the company back, and she says she’s retired and loving it. Andy tells her LeeAnne claims to be the one who named her Mama Dee, and Dee says it was when they were talking about the show, and LeeAnne wanted her to talk D’Andra into doing it. Andy asks if the ketchup meatloaf was good, and everyone agrees it was great. LeeAnne says there were eight sticks of butter in the mashed potatoes, and Dee says when she gets down to eight pounds butter at home, she panics. Andy tells Dee that LeeAnne never said D’Andra was an alcoholic, and Dee says LeeAnne was worried about her becoming an alcoholic. We flash back to what she said, and that wasn’t it. Dee says that’s how she heard it, and when you’re almost seventy-eight, you hear things different. And apparently have a built-in excuse to be wrong.

Andy asks what Dee thinks the real issue is between D’Andra and LeeAnne. She says when people care about each other and move on, they lose a diamond while collecting stones. I have no clue what that means. She says it’s sad, because at one time, they were best friends. LeeAnne thinks D’Andra wants to win, and when she doesn’t feel like she’s winning, takes steps to make that happen. Andy asks if LeeAnne thinks it has something to do with the show, and asks D’Andra if the show tore them apart. D’Andra thinks it did. Andy asks what they can do to on track, and Brandi says, make out. He asks if D’Andra can apologize. She says she thought she was doing the right thing, but looking back, she didn’t do the right thing. LeeAnne says she already did apologize. Andy asks if Mama Dee thinks there’s hope. She does, and tells everyone, they can’t change the beginning, but can all start where they are to change the ending. Andy asks what specifically can be done. Dee says they won’t like it, but she doesn’t give a rat’s ass wrapped around a rain barrel. She wants them to be best friends again, and will help them work toward that. Andy asks if that’s a viable option, and LeeAnne would love to see a relationship coach. That’s where we’re at? There are relationship coaches for friendships now? She says someone not attached to the issue, and D’Andra is willing to do that. Andy is all, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? with Mama Dee. She tells him to look her up when he’s in Dallas.

In their final moments, Andy asks if they had one do-over, what would it be? Stephanie says she waits too long to say how she feels. She wants to get better at that, and stay in the moment. Cary says she was overly honest. She’s reigning that in. Kameron wants to hold back on questions, and let things go. LeeAnne and Cary high-five with her. Brandi apologizes to Kameron for saying she’s a liar, and admits she might have seen the calls if she’d tried harder. D’Andra wants to be kinder and gentler. She tends to be a bull in china cabinet. LeeAnne says she has lots of things to work on, but wants to continue her journey of being a peace-filled person. Andy asks if she and D’Andra have anything say to one another. D’Andra says she’s sorry, and sorry she poked at LeeAnne. She should have had a more private conversation, and didn’t take LeeAnne’s feelings into consideration. LeeAnne thinks sometimes Dee forces D’Andra to see things differently with her opinions, and misses being able to protect her.

In Beaver Creek, D’Andra and Brandi invented a new drink; the Spitfire, tequila and Fireball. Brandi serves everyone shots, and Andy makes a face when he smells it. They all get up, but Kameron’s foot is asleep. LeeAnne says the shot will wake it up. One last skoal. They drink, Andy says, it’s terrible, and we’re out.

💅 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Frank Jr. was home, so Delores was ecstatic. Marge had the most gigantic sunglasses ever, and I’m so jealous. Danielle was a Bridezilla. She wants it all, and it’s about them being there for her. She was very demanding of her bridal party. I just expected mine to show up. I enjoyed Danielle’s Roaring 20s bachelorette party, but it’s sad when you know the marriage is going to be over in a matter of minutes. One of the strippers scared me though. He picked Danielle up, chair and all, turned her upside down and spun her around, balancing the whole deal on his head. Which was in her crotch. Honestly, had that been me, where his head was at would have been the least of my worries. No wonder Teresa is cranky. It’s no fun to be in training for something, and existing on lemon water and four ounces of fish every day. Teresa griped to Danielle about Melissa not having her back, and Danielle said, I gotcha, baby. Teresa said Jackie needs to apologize or be gone. Next time, Bimini, Marty makes an appearance, and Teresa has it out with Jackie.

🌍 The Vikings Started It…

The first skoal.


December 5, 2018 – Chase Gets More Intel, Dallas Reunites, a Little Jersey, Tiffany & Amy Who?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Laura comes to the front desk. She tells Elizabeth her board meeting just got out, and don’t get her started. She asks if she can take Aiden to Kelly’s, and Elizabeth says, the more time he spends with his grandma, the happier he is. Laura asks if it’s okay if she talks to him about who’s bullying him, and Elizabeth says that’s fine; she hasn’t gotten anywhere. Laura asks how Franco is. She knows he and Kiki were close. Elizabeth says, he’s devastated. Kiki was like a daughter to him. She tells Laura that she’s a huge help with Aiden, and Franco will work through it the best way he knows how.

Franco paints in the art therapy studio. The tortured artist at work.

Willow stops by Lulu’s table at Kelly’s. She asks if Lulu has had a chance speak with Charlotte about the bullying. Lulu says, not yet. Valentin’s schedule and hers haven’t lined up. She was hoping things had calmed down, but Willow says, Charlotte’s behavior has become increasingly problematic. It’s at the point where she and the administration wonder if she’s in the right school.

Nina thanks Valentin for being able to stay at Windemere while they look for the monster who killed Kiki. He says she’s always welcome; his ulterior motives notwithstanding. He’ll sleep better with her under his roof, safe and sound. Charlotte runs in, and says Nina came home.

Drew says the first treatment wiped Oscar out, and Kim says Terry said it would. He wishes they could jump to the point where they know everything. Oscar opens his eyes. Drew says he did great, but he doesn’t feel so well.

Julian drinks alone at Charlie’s. The door opens, and he says they’re closed. Alexis walks in.

Chase looks at Kiki’s folder. Michael comes in, and Chase asks what he can do for him. Michael wants to know where they are in finding Kiki’s killer.

Drew tells Oscar that Terry said he’d feel worse before he feels better. Oscar says, so if he feels terrible, it’s working, but if he feels good, he’s in trouble. Drew says he wouldn’t say that exactly. Elizabeth comes in, and says she sees the patient is awake. Oscar says she means the guinea pig, and she says they’ll have him running on a giant wheel in no time. He tells her that he’s tired and achy, like he has the flu. She asks if he has a headache or nausea, and he says, not really. She tells him that Terry was her best friend in middle school, and he asks what Terry was like. Elizabeth says, always in trouble, mostly because of her. Oscar says Elizabeth was a bad influence? and she says, now, he couldn’t be in better hands. His vitals are good, so she’s going to check in with Terry. She leaves, and Drew knows Oscar is feeling rough, but he has something to make Oscar feel better. Oscar says he doesn’t even want pizza. He doesn’t know how anything could make him feel better. Josslyn comes in.

Lulu asks Willow if that isn’t extreme, and Willow says Charlotte has been very persistent in her behavior toward one student. She’s been sent to the guidance counselor and the principal, but there’s been no change. She might need a school with a more traditional approach to discipline. Lulu says obviously, they’d prefer not to move her. Willow hopes they can make it work, and Lulu says she’ll do everything she can to put an end to the bullying right away.

Nina explains to Charlotte that she and Sasha are staying for a visit. Charlotte says she’ll put Nina’s bags in her papa’s room, but Nina says, they’re just friends; they don’t sleep in the same room. Charlotte says they did in New York. Nina says the sleepover was fun, and they’ll do another one. She’ll sleep in the pretty pink room next to Charlotte, and when Sasha comes, they’ll do another sleepover; just girls. Valentin asks Charlotte to have someone fix up the room. When she’s gone, he apologizes if Nina felt uncomfortable. She doesn’t want to disappoint Charlotte, but thinks he should manage her expectations. She’s only staying in fear for her daughter’s safety. He says he and Windemere will always be there for her.

Michael tells Chase that Kiki was family. They shared a sister, and Kiki and his brother were in love off and on until he died. Now, she’s gone just as pointlessly. He’d just talked to her, and told her that Morgan wanted her to be happy. She deserved it. She deserved the best.

Julian knows Alexis means well, but he’s not in the mood for a lecture. She says, no lecture. Full disclosure, she’s representing Griff because she believes he’s innocent, and thinks Julian does too. Alexis wants the killer caught as much as Julian does. Griff being a viable suspect is a waste of time. Julian says Griff might not have killed his niece, but he wants Griff to suffer. He caused the estrangement between Kiki and Ava. Alexis says only one who caused that was Ava. She asks if he thinks Kiki would want Griff to suffer, and he says, no. He and Kiki weren’t close, but he assumed they’d have more time to know each other. He didn’t know it would be cut so short.

Elizabeth goes to the art therapy studio, and asks how Franco is. She hugs him, and he says he’s doing that thing where Kiki’s not gone. She’s just not there, and will walk in at any minute. Elizabeth says everywhere she goes, she thinks she sees her. She tells Franco that Cameron wants see him. She told him it’s not the best time and place, but he wants to see Franco anyway.

Lulu thanks Valentin for seeing her. She ran into Willow. They have to get Charlotte’s behavior under control before she’s kicked out of school. Nina says, not for teasing another child, and Valentin says Charlotte has to take accountability for her actions. Lulu is right. If they sit down now, before it’s gone too far, maybe the three of them can reach her. They have to put stop to it now.

At Kelly’s, Laura tells Aiden that his drawing has gotten good. She thinks he gets his talent from his mom. She asks what else he likes to do at school, and he says, reading. She says she likes to read too. What about his friends, like Bianca? What kind of games do they play? Aiden says, girls play girl games; boys don’t play those. Laura says, games are games; anyone can play. He says, not him. It’s against the rules. She thinks he just misunderstood the teacher. He says the teacher doesn’t make the rules in his class.

Josslyn is convinced Oscar can catch up with school as soon as he’s better. If all goes well, it will be before the PSATs. He says, if all goes well. He appreciates it, but asks if she isn’t jumping the gun. It’s his first day, and he feels terrible. She asks if that doesn’t mean it’s working, and he says, it means it’s happening; there are no guarantees he’ll get better. She asks if he’s worried he’s going to die, and spend his last few months on college prep. Any of them can die at any time, and he’s still there. If he’s on borrowed time, why wonder what’s the point? She thinks it’s better if he tells himself it’s only the first day, and things will get better. He’s in bed anyway; make most of it. He looks at her, and she adds, not like that. She asks if he wants to rea The Martian or Frankenstein.

In the hallway, Kim tells Drew maybe they shouldn’t have left Oscar alone, but Drew says, he’s with Josslyn. Kim says, he’s feeling badly, and Drew tells her that’s what Terry said would happen. Kim says, it’s hell being a doctor with a sick child. You know a lot of information. Drew asks what she’s read about the side effects, and she says, the fever means the therapy working. Unless it isn’t. Unless the symptom is a sign that something else is wrong.

Drew knows it’s hard for Kim to watch Oscar be sick, but no matter how bad it gets, they’re not God. Either way, they’ll wind up in the same spot; outside the hospital room, worried, and drinking too much coffee. Kim says Oscar could have skipped the trial, and then they’d be out of hope. Drew says, hope is a risky proposition, and tells her not to question her instincts.

Cameron visits Franco, who says, fair warning, he’s kind of a mess. Cameron just wanted to tell him sorry about Kiki. His mom told him that Franco was kind of like a father to her. Franco says from the time she was born until she was twenty-one, he thought he was her father. It turned out not to be true, but it’s close as he’ll come to having his own child. Cameron says, except for them. Between the three of them and mom, they still have a family. Franco is pretty sure Cameron doesn’t like him, and that’s okay. Cameron says Franco is okay. Franco gets weepy, laughs, and thanks him. They bro hug.

Lulu says, milk and cookies? and Nina says Charlotte’s not on trial. Lulu says they’re pointing out her bad behavior, not rewarding it. Charlotte sits with them, and Lulu says the three of them want to talk to her. Nina says she’s not in trouble, Valentin says they’re just checking in. How’s school? Charlotte says, good, and Lulu tells her, Miss Tate says the class was talking about respecting people’s feelings, and how what we say and do affects others. Nina says they know she’s never unkind on purpose. Valentin asks her if she remembers that he had a spinal condition when he was growing up. The other kids wouldn’t play with him. They teased him, and never knew who he was inside because they were so busy being critical about the outside. Lulu says, words and actions have consequences. To make another child feel bad, whether on purpose or by accident, is not okay. Nina asks if she understands that, and Charlotte says no one in her class looks like her papa. Can she go now? Lulu says they can talk about this more tomorrow. When Charlotte leaves, Nina says, see? Nothing is wrong. Lulu asks if Nina is kidding her.

Laura asks Aiden, who makes the rules if the teacher doesn’t? He says, someone, and she asks if they have a name. He says he can’t talk about it. Laura asks if he’s not allowed to say their name, and he says, the rules. Laura says she’s not in his class. The rules don’t apply to her. If someone is bothering him, he can tell her. He says, no thank you, and she says he doesn’t have to. She asks him to look at her, and tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her too, and she wants him know he can tell her anything. There are no rules about what they can talk about together.

Chase apologizes to Michael, saying he didn’t realize he and Kiki were close. Michael doesn’t buy that Griff did it. Chase tells him, all can he can say is that the leads are being followed by the book. Michael sees Mary Pat’s folder next to Kiki’s, and asks if Chase thinks there’s a connection. If someone set up Carly, they could possibly have set up Griff too. Chase says they’re following all the leads.

Julian drinks some coffee, and thanks Alexis for coming there. She must have something better to do. She does, but knows him, and knows he shouldn’t be alone. She asks if he called Kim, but he says Kim has a lot going on with Oscar. Alexis asks if he hasn’t told her.

Elizabeth tells Drew and Kim, Terry confirmed it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Drew appreciates it, and she says, after Kiki, it’s nice to be able to comfort someone. Kim asks, what happened? Elizabeth says, Julian was here. She assumed he told her. Kiki was murdered.

Drew sees Franco, and says he heard the news. He wishes he had some words of wisdom, but he’s fresh out. Franco says, people are being nice. He doesn’t like it. He wishes he could find the bastard who killed Kiki, and murder him. He knows he’s being dark, and Drew says he’s no stranger to that. He wishes he could put a face on what’s killing his son.

Lulu doesn’t want Charlotte to think she’s been let off the hook. Nina says Charlotte is smart, wonderful, and perfect. Lulu says Nina can’t keep telling Charlotte that she’s perfect. She thinks it means she’s better than everyone else, and the rules don’t apply to her. She thinks other people’s feelings don’t matter. Is that what Nina is teaching her? No matter what she does, she’s not in trouble, and gets milk, cookies, and praise from her? There’s a lesson that she needs to learn. Valentin suggests they pick this up another time. Lulu says, it had better be soon, before the administration finds a school with a more traditional approach to discipline. Actions have consequences that don’t come with chocolate chips. Nina needs to trust that they’ll do what’s best for Charlotte right now, even if she can’t. She leaves.

Cameron joins Josslyn and Oscar. He tells Oscar that Kim forwarded an apology, but it’s no big deal. Josslyn goes to get something to eat. Cameron asks what all the papers are, and Oscar says the schoolwork he missed. Cameron laughs, and says with all this waiting, does he still want to go through treatment? He adds that’s probably one of the worst things he’s said, and he’s a horrible person. Oscar says he’s a good friend. He’s a good guy, and Oscar is glad Josslyn has him as a friend. Cameron says, he is too, and he has to go.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s okay now; the worst is over. She says, it comes in waves that you can’t predict. Kim blows in, and Julian asks if everything is okay. She says, it’s the first day, and everything went well. She’s sorry to be interrupting, but Alexis says she was just on her way out. It’s good Kim is here; Julian needs her. Alexis leaves, and Kim asks why Julian didn’t tell her about Kiki. He says, it didn’t seem right. Oscar is fighting for his life. Kiki would want her to be there, fighting with him. She asks what does he want, and he just hopes Oscar gets better. They hug.

Cameron sees Josslyn, and says he has to go. She says she’s thought a lot about what happened. How she treated him; forcing him to be her fake boyfriend, then being rude to him when he told her the truth about Oscar. She knows she messed up. If he wants to pretend he doesn’t know her, she wouldn’t blame him. He says they’ve known each other their entire lives. It’s a little late to pretend they’re strangers. She repeats that she knows she messed up, and hopes no matter how he feels about her, he’ll still be friends with Oscar. Cameron says he hopes Oscar feels better soon, and jets.

Willow sees Chase at the hospital. She says, how are you, detective? That’s his first name, right? Detective? Chase says he’s been meaning to call, and she says if she had a nickel for every time she’s heard that. She asks if he’s there on official business, or is there something wrong with him? He says official business, but the commissioner says they should breaks. He asks if she’s free tomorrow. He’d like to take her to dinner. She says, her own police escort? Why not?

Josslyn tells Oscar, for real? She got one of everything, and he’s not in the mood for anything? He says he has a craving for gelato. He doesn’t guess they have it there. She says, even if they did, does he want hospital gelato? She’ll get him some, but he’d better mean it this time. She’s not doing all this again. He asks for pistachio. She leaves, and he takes out his phone. He asks if someone can come to the hospital. He really needs them.

Nina says Valentin was quiet while Lulu was unloading on her. She supposes he agrees. He says he was thinking that Charlotte is lucky to have Nina in her corner. Nina says, but…? Valentin says she’s the center of his being, and he has to take a hard look at what he’s teaching her by example. If anyone is responsible for her behavior, and thinking it’s okay to get what you want at another’s expense, it’s him.

Josslyn sees Michael. She’s happy he’s home. They hug, and he asks how Oscar is. Josslyn says, terrible. He feels horrible, and he keeps finding ways to tell her that he won’t make it. She finds ways tell him he will. Michael says, if anyone can convince him, she can. She says as long as she’s with Oscar, she’s positive; she doesn’t have time to mourn Kiki, but when she leaves the room, her heart breaks all over again.

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte has been watching him try to get her back, when she’s made it clear he should let her go. Nina isn’t excusing his behavior, but she understands. She nearly drove Sasha out of town. Valentin says he knew better, and he didn’t care. Nina says he cared deeply. One thing she knows, is that he’s an amazing father. And she loves him in spite of herself.

Cameron joins Aiden and Laura at Kelly’s. He looks at Aiden’s drawing, and asks what that’s supposed to be? Aiden says himself, and Cameron asks if he got hit by a shrink ray. He tells Aiden to enjoy himself as a bug, but don’t be a gnat. Be a ginormous bug that eats the entire city. Lulu comes in, and Laura tells the boys to go pick out cookies to take home. Lulu thanks Laura for letting her crash the party. Laura asks, what’s going on? and Lulu tells her that Charlotte’s teacher said she’d been bullying another kid. Laura asks if Lulu talked to her, and she says they both did. Surprisingly, she and Valentin are on the same page. She seemed unaffected. Like she doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that she’s being hurtful. Laura asks who the other child is, and Lulu wishes she knew. Laura looks across the room at Aiden.

Kim tells Julian that she’s there for him, no matter what. She hopes she didn’t do anything to make him feel otherwise. Julian says she didn’t. He didn’t want her to have two burdens. She promises she can take care of Oscar and be there for him, to give him all the love and strength he deserves. He kisses her hand, and they kiss.

Oscar thanks someone for coming. He needs to hire them again. Alexis asks what she can do for him, and he says, write his will.

Willow approaches the room where the bereavement group meets. She hesitates, and goes in. Michael gets out of the elevator, and also goes in.

Franco tells Elizabeth that during their last conversation, Kiki told him that she wanted him to have an incredible wedding. She wanted to have a celebration of family. Elizabeth asks if he feels he can’t do it right now, but he doesn’t feel they should postpone it again. Elizabeth says she loves him. The wedding will celebrate family, including Kiki and her memory, even if they have to wait a little longer. Seriously. I’d be afraid a dead body might show up.

Chase talks to a doctor, saying what he doesn’t get is why there isn’t more blood. The doctor explains that the instrument went through the sternum and punctured the lungs. Most of the blood stayed inside. Chase says, precision like that doesn’t happen by accident. The doctor says, either the killer is astronomically lucky, or skilled enough know where to strike.

Tomorrow, Willow asks Michael for help, Obrecht meets Finn and Anna, and not-Doc says it’s the last thing Laura is ever going to say to him.

The Real Housewives of Dallas – The Reunion – Part One

I already know we’re not going to get that teased secret about LeeAnne in Part One. They always do that with the previews. Omg, is Cary wearing something made out of tinsel? Andy says, the reunion starts now.

As always, Andy introduces the ladies. He asks Cary about dating Lance Armstrong, and she says it was only about six months. She was into athletes in her twenties and early thirties. Both Kameron and I are impressed when Andy guesses Kameron is wearing Tom Ford. Andy wants some peaceful vibes. LeeAnne says, focus on the sound until you can’t hear it any more. She makes an ohm noise, and everyone zens out, except for Brandi, who makes stupid faces. I’m not liking her at all this season.

Andy tells us, from mechanical bulls to beer bongs to Beaver Liquors, these Lonestar ladies kept the lol’s coming. We flash back to some of the funnier moments, like Kameron riding the mechanical bull at zero speed, and Callie-Roo the kangaroo. Kameron says, in her eyes, the bull was going fast. Andy makes Kameron say bowl and bull and they sound the same. Cary says It’s merging accents. Because the topic is going to follow me until I die, Andy asks about Stephanie’s vaginal rejuvenation. <sigh> He tells us that being in a Dallas legacy family comes with perks. We flash back to Beaver Creek, and Kameron’s massive home. Ugh. And Brandi getting emotional over something Kameron didn’t say. The queen of the group contest is also shown. We find out that Taylor Swift rented Kameron’s house. LeeAnne claims D’Andra said there wouldn’t be a show without her, and that’s how the queen thing started. LeeAnne says that D’Andra says they didn’t have a show until she got there. Brandi says LeeAnne claims to bring more to the show than anyone. D’Andra says she told In Touch that the show wouldn’t work without her, and all roads lead to LeeAnne Locken. We see that headline, but, tabloids. Andy says, it’s just kind of sh*t talking – i.e. no big deal. Leeanne says she’s the GIF that keeps on giving. Andy asks if a healthy ego isn’t part of being on the show.

Oh man, D’Aandra is going to make a liar out of me. That secret might be coming. We’ll find out after the commercial.

Leeanne tells D’Andra they need another sofa for her ego. D’Andra says she’s been holding a secret about LeeAnne for two years, and she’s revealing now. (Dammit!) LeeAnne told her that Cary fat shamed her husband during the first season, and would fat shame D’Andra. Cary says she never did that, and D’Andra has known her longer than anyone; she’d never fat shame anyone. Screw her for thinking that. We see a clip of Cary saying Mark was a fixer-upper. LeeAnne says she never said that, but Cary says D’Andra is the dumb bitch that believed it. That’s it? That’s the secret she’s been holding? She needs to turn in her Housewives card.

Andy asks LeeAnne if she was surprised Brandi and D’Andra made up. LeeAnne says she felt protective of D’Andra. Brandi asks what she needs to protect, and LeeAnne says it was an illogical feeling. Cary says she doesn’t trust Brandi, and LeeAnne agrees that she doesn’t, but in general, she’s not a very trusting person. Andy brings up how Kameron misheard what Stephanie said about bashing Brandi for adopting a baby. We flash back to that. Kameron says it was all a misunderstanding. Stephanie says it seemed like she was making it about herself. Cary says she should have just said her feelings were hurt for not being included and been done with it. LeeAnne thinks if she hadn’t been drinking, she wouldn’t have been as adamant. Andy wants to move on.

A viewer says Brandi is an inspiration, and asks about Bruin. I take a nap. Andy says Stephanie was the conduit, and Stephanie explains that she’d friends with a social worker, who told her about Bruin. She knew Brandi wanted a baby boy her whole life. She didn’t think it would happen. Another viewer asks how she came up with the surrogate lie so fast. She says she didn’t want to ruin the surprise, and it was the first thing she thought of. Kameron doesn’t think it’s okay to make a joke out of surrogacy, because of people going through fertility issues. Stephanie says she’s not making fun of people, and Andy thinks it was harmless. Kameron thinks she’s more sensitive because it took her a long time to get pregnant. D’Andra says it’s no one’s business, unless the person wants to share. Kameron says D’Andra gets in LeeAnne’s business all the time. Oh snap! D’Andra says, that’s the pot calling the kettle black, and Cary tells D’Andra not to flip it.

Andy says she lives in a new 10,000 square foot mansion in the most exclusive area of Dallas, but don’t let the glamorous façade fool you into thinking she’s shallow. We go down the Memory Lane of Stephanie revealing her history with depression. We see her vow renewal with Travis again. Andy says there was a lot of viewer feedback. She made a suicide attempt at twenty-two, and viewers want to know what motivated her to open up. Stephanie says she was sitting with LeeAnne, and she just wanted to open up. She and LeeAnne had never connected. She’d gone to a therapy retreat, and learned about the walls she’d put up. She realized LeeAnne didn’t know her very well, and it was an organic moment. Brandi says she knew about it, and Stephanie says she and her mom talked about it at first, but then it was ignored. She feels guilty because her family was terrified for years.  She made a rash decision because she didn’t love herself. She had no self-worth. She’d just come out of a bad relationship, and when it was over, she didn’t know who she was. Andy asks how her struggle manifests now, and she says she has to watch it. She’s been on antidepressants since she was a teenager. Andy asks if Brandi has been there when she’s been like that, and she says she has. LeeAnne says, brave people lead the way for other people to be brave. Andy asks if she’s worried about the show affecting her. Stephanie says she was concerned the first season. She wanted to please everyone, but got thicker skin. It’s one of the reasons why she went to the retreat. She’s the type of person who holds everything in and smiles, and it eats you alive. Brandi says she was asked who changed the most. She thinks Stephanie is braver, and has opinions of her own. LeeAnne says, it’s a beautiful thing to see. She wanted to find her voice, and she has.

Andy says she told us, if you can change yourself, you can change the world. We flash back on LeeAnne admitting her anger issues, her new zen, and making wedding plans. Andy asks if she’s still seeing a professional therapist or is she going to meditation classes? LeeAnne says she meditates every morning, and sees two therapists. One, once a week, for personal growth, and another, every other week, to make sure she’s taking the show in stride. D’Andra has a mini sh*t fit over LeeAnne not having told her that. LeeAnne says they’re not talking. Brandi wants their names. Tiffany (who I did not remember at all, but see below) told her that LeeAnne was never in therapy. LeeAnne says Tiffany has seen her go to therapy her entire life. Andy asks if she sees a life coach, but she says, nope. This is hardcore. She talks to the three-year-old and seven-year-old version of herself to investigate where her issues come from. Andy asks why she doesn’t want to give her therapists names, and LeeAnne feels it would violate their privacy. I wouldn’t do it either. Brandi says they can edit it out, and LeeAnne is like, yeah, right. Then Brandi will be on social media. Brandi says she’d give up the name of her GYN. Is she really this stupid? Or maybe she’s drunk. Ha-ha! Kameron says it’s none of Brandi’s business. A viewer brings up LeeAnne’s extra-large amygdala, and asks why she’s not on meds for her issues instead of blaming that. LeeAnne starts to answer, and D’Andra interrupts. She won’t shut up; then Brandi starts talking. Andy asks again, and LeeAnne explains that when emotion is triggered the blood all flows to the amygdala, which causes flight, freeze, or fight. D’Andra says last year, it was LeeAnne’s PTSD. LeeAnne says she still has it, and asks if D’Andra is making fun of people with PTSD. Cary says D’Andra is acting like an a-hole. D’Andra says Cary hasn’t had any opinions all year, and now she’s got a million. Cary say D’Andra is always telling her to shut up. Andy says LeeAnne seems more restrained this season, and D’Andra says, until the camera is off.

Andy says after LeeAnne talked about Mark getting sexual favors at the Round Up, why was she receptive to a friendship? Cary says she went in apprehensive. She also found out patient zero – who was the originator of the rumor – was her ex-florist, who was mad at her. Andy says, a disgruntled florist? and wonders if there’s any other kind. Cary says it was enlightening. LeeAnne says she’s still responsible for repeating it, and Cary says she was pissed as hell, but she gave grace. They’re working on the friendship. LeeAnne says she and Rich went to Cary and Mark’s place for dinner. D’Andra says it’s like an alternate universe. Letting someone into your house who claimed you got sexual favors. Cary says D’Andra has been in her house, and she’s made disparaging remarks. Like a diligent Housewife, Cary pulls out her phone, and says D’Andra hasn’t been a good friend.

Cary shows Andy a text where D’Andra basically said Brandi’s clothing line sucks, and Cary messes up people’s faces. Andy says it’s not like it was public. LeeAnne says she’s heard about it from other people. Cary says the bottom line is, she thought they were friends, and it hurt her feelings. LeeAnne says D’Andra has two phones, and D’Andra calls her effing delusional. Here’s where it gets convoluted because they’re all talking at once about some more nonsense phone stuff. Kameron asks if D’Andra thinks she made it up. D’Andra calls Kameron and LeeAnne Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Bitch. Kameron suggests they call AT&T, but Andy nixes that.

Andy has seen a lot of Housewives merchandising endeavors, but thinks LeeAnne’s dress is the best thing he’s seen. Me too! He asks if she’s had any offers from QVC, and she says, not yet, but she’s good with that. She wants the next six months to plan the wedding. Stephanie says, in the beginning, LeeAnne was trying hard, and resisted the temptation to react, but toward the end of the season, she was triggered. LeeAnne says she was pushed and pushed.

Andy says it looked like Brandi and LeeAnne were all right with each other, but when Brandi and D’Andra became BFFs, she wasn’t liking it. We flash back to LeeAnne telling D’Andra that she doesn’t trust Brandi, and Brandi saying she thought she and LeeAnne were moving forward. We revisit LeeAnne talking about Brandi and D’Andra getting drunk, and the fight at Stephanie’s party. Andy asks Brandi if she thought LeeAnne was going to hit her. LeeAnne asks if Brandi wanted her to. Andy asks if Brandi deliberately provoked LeeAnne. Doesn’t she see that she got in LeeAnne’s face? Cary tells her to admit it, and Brandi says she was, but she doesn’t regret it. She never touched her. Cary thinks she was antagonizing LeeAnne, and Stephanie agrees, but says LeeAnne was more aggressive. Andy says LeeAnne was hissing like a cobra, and asks if anyone was scared. Andy says back in the beginning, he thought Brandi and LeeAnne were fine, and Brandi says she was truly trying. LeeAnne asks what set Brandi against her. Andy even knows the answer to that one, and says LeeAnne warning D’Andra about Brandi. Brandi says when D’Andra told her at the rodeo, she knew LeeAnne was drunk, but waited until LeeAnne was sober to confront her. Unlike LeeAnne – who is a bitch – confronting her at a charity event. Kameron wonders how Brandi couldn’t have been drunk at the rodeo after two beer bongs. LeeAnne says she never told D’Andra not to trust her. She just said be careful. Stephanie thinks it hurt Brandi, and just snowballed.

Andy tells us about another accusation that rocked the group. He asks why LeeAnne thinks Brandi is an alcoholic. Kameron alerts D’Andra about her boob escaping from her dress. LeeAnne says when she went to Kameron’s event, she was tired, and shouldn’t have used that word. But if they go through all the footage of the season, it’s the only time she said that. Andy asks if she thinks Brandi has a problem, and she says, no. No one does, and he asks if she can understand why Brandi was upset. She was finalizing an adoption, and it’s a big accusation. LeeAnne tells him, when she said it, she didn’t attach it to anyone’s name. Regardless, it was wrong, she told everyone that, and apologized. Brandi say she did, but then said Brandi wasn’t sophisticated enough to be an alcoholic. LeeAnne says she was just being a smart ass. Brandi asks why she said it, and since she didn’t listen to LeeAnne’s previous answer, LeeAnne tells her that she shouldn’t have said it. She thinks Brandi likes to get drunk, but isn’t a drunk. Stephanie says when she was watching it, although LeeAnne wasn’t saying it, she was inferring it. She has to be careful of the words she chooses. Stephanie has known Brandi a long time, and knows she doesn’t have a drinking problem. It’s unfair because it’s untrue. It’s not okay. Andy thinks LeeAnne owes Brandi an apology. LeeAnne says she’s genuinely sorry. She said it in reference to Brandi, and it’s not her place. it won’t happen again.

Since we’re going to beat this to death, Brandi says LeeAnne wrote in her blog that she didn’t tell Dee that Brandi was an alcoholic, and she’d recorded the conversation. LeeAnne says she didn’t, but was certain she hadn’t said it. Andy says, so she lied in her blog. D’Andra calls her Lie-Anne. Andy says he was told she records a lot of conversations. LeeAnne says, phone conversations, and Cary says, that’s not okay, but LeeAnne says not with them. She’s talking about business conversations. Andy says, how Omarosa of her. He says she cops to lying a lot, and LeeAnne says she’s picking up from them. Brandi says, are you kidding?

Next time, Mama Dee joins the group, D’Andra thinks Kameron is LeeAnne’s doormat, and phonegate.

🍝 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa told her two sisters that there might be another sister out there. She got this information from a psychic reader. Since this might be news to their mother, they were unsure of how to proceed.  Danielle and Marge mended fences. Daddy Gorga had eye surgery, and did a shot with Joe #2. Joe #2 heard he was the topic in Oklahoma. Melissa wondered why it was always two against one, and how Delores became part of their family conversations. There was a huge debate on whether any of them could control their husbands. The old school thinkers believing, the man is the head of the family, and the woman is the neck, and the wife has control over her husband emotionally. This led to new Wife Jackie putting in her in her two cents, which wasn’t well received by Teresa. Jackie asked if Teresa thought her husband would be in jail if she could control what he did. D’oh! Melania came in, and Teresa didn’t want to fight in front of her, but said it wasn’t effing over. Melissa appreciated Jackie sticking up for her, but didn’t think it was going to end well. Next time, a 1920’s themed party, and Danielle’s wedding plans. Well, we all know how that marriage ended up.

👣 Where is Tiffany?

Consider my memory refreshed.


📓 The Limbic System…

Where the amygdala resides.

🔬 The way your science teacher sees it…

Brain Cross-section with labels

😱 The way a zombie sees it…


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Brain Anatomy - Limbic System










November 28, 2018 – A Body in the State Room, Dallas Ends with a Frat Party, New Jersey Collides with Oklahoma & More OK


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina hurries Charlotte. Charlotte comes out in a party dress with sparkly polka dots and a sparkly unicorn headband. Nina says it’s the perfect dress for The Nutcracker. Valentin comes to the door and Charlotte says, surprise! She found someone for the extra ticket.

Josslyn visits Cameron. She says she talked to Oscar, and he asks how it went. She says he has an inoperable brain tumor, and didn’t break up with her because he didn’t love her, but wanted to protect her. It makes her crazy, thinking about all the time they lost. Cameron asks if he told her about the experimental trial, and she says she convinced him to do it. If not for himself, for her. Cameron assumes they’re back together, and she says, of course. He guesses she’s not that mad at Oscar for not telling the truth. She says, no. She’s mad at him.

Elizabeth, Franco, and the boys join Laura at Kelly’s. Laura asks Elizabeth how Thanksgiving was, and she says, great. Laura asks about the movie, and Elizabeth says Aiden picked it. Aiden isn’t very enthusiastic, and Laura suggests they have their annual post-movie pie. The waitress brings the menus, and tells Laura that she can’t imagine how hard it was to go public with her separation. Jake says, she’s not married to Doc anymore?

Not-Doc arrives at Ava’s apartment with pie and wine. He knows he’s late for dinner, but was hoping she had time for dessert.

On the Haunted Star, Griff asks Maxie if Kiki ever showed, but Maxie hasn’t seen her. She suggests he check the deck.

Outside of their room, Curtis tells Jordan that he wishes he had a better way to say this. She’s surprised the smoothest talker she knows is out of words. He says he loves her, and thanks her for marrying him and making him the happiest man alive. She loves him too, and he says she didn’t always make it easy. She tells him, the best things never are. They kiss, and Curtis asks if she’s ready to get their wedding night started. She says, let’s get this party started, but he wants to carry his queen over the threshold first. He picks her up, and carries her inside. They see something, and he puts her down. She says, oh my God, and we see someone is in their bed; a woman with her arm hanging out of the covers. Jordan says it looks like they have company, and Curtis says this is their room… Hello? They go over to the bed. Jordan touches the woman’s arm, and says she’s cold. She checks the woman’s wrist, and tells Curtis, there’s no pulse.

Valentin guesses Nina didn’t know he was coming. Charlotte told him Nina invited him. Charlotte says she wanted to do something special, like they used to as a family. Valentin says he’ll leave, but Nina says there’s no reason he shouldn’t join them. Charlotte says, yay! and Nina tells her, but she’s sneaky. She’s sitting in the middle.

Jordan tells Curtis that it’s officially a crime scene. She asks him to get Chase and Valerie. Tell them what happened, and that she needs them now. He leaves, and she calls to report a homicide in the state room at the Haunted Star. She needs uniforms and CSI.

Josslyn asks Cameron how long they’ve known each other. He says, forever. She says they practically grew up together. She assumed she could trust him, but he lied to her face multiple times about something important. Cameron knows it was important, but Oscar begged him to keep the secret. Josslyn says he was scared and hurting; not the best place to make decisions. Cameron is supposed to have her back. He says he didn’t want to be in the middle. If he could go back and not know, he would, but he can’t. Oscar was practically forcing him to keep the secret. Josslyn asks if he ever thought about how it would affect her, and he says, all the time. He figured Oscar deserved the bigger favor. Put herself in his shoes. What would she have done? Josslyn says she would have told him, and he says, really? He says she asked him to be her fake boyfriend, they were spending time together, and it was great. They started kissing, and he wanted to enjoy it, but he couldn’t because he knew the truth. It wasn’t happening because Oscar’s insensitive ass dumped her. It happened because Oscar is dying.

Laura tells the boys that keeping secrets can hurt people, so she chose to bring it out in the open. If they have any questions, it’s okay to ask. Jake asks if can have apple and chocolate pie. Franco takes Aiden and Jake to the counter. Elizabeth tells Laura that she should have prepped them better, but Laura says she chose to release it to the press. It’s one thing to write the words and another to live it.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he understands the art world can be cutthroat. Ava says, you have to trust your instincts, and be ready to act aggressively at a moment’s notice to get what you want. He asks if it works, and she says, you tell me.

Curtis tells Chase and Valerie there’s a body lying face down in his honeymoon suite. Chase tells everyone to stay where they are. The ship just became a potential crime scene. Someone asks what the crime is but he says it’s all the info they have. When they find out more, they’ll pass it along. Valerie and Chase go to the room, and Jordan says they have to secure the ship and do a search. No one goes in or out except law enforcement.

Chase tells Curtis that he’s secured the boat, and they’re waiting for back-up. Curtis says, hang tight. Valerie thinks they might benefit from Griff’s expertise, and asks him to come to the room.

Cameron is sorry, but Josslyn gets it. She never thought about how it was for him. She’s sorry. He was put in an impossible situation, and she’s being a total bitch. He says, maybe partial. She asks if she’s forgiven, and he says he’s joking. He wants it to be done; all the drama. He wants his biggest worry to be his soccer game or what’s for dinner. Josslyn and Oscar can walk in the woods, read poetry, and listen to symphonies, and he’ll be there playing video games. You do you.

Laura tells Elizabeth that Franco is good with the kids. Elizabeth says, sometimes better than her. Laura asks if she’s surprised, and tells her to join the club. She left one husband when she went to Paris, and came home to a different one. Elizabeth asks, what happened? and Laura says she keeps asking herself the same thing. Is it because she was gone to long or is it something with his brother? Elizabeth says, maybe both, but Laura says, there’s another factor. Elizabeth asks, what? and she says, not what; who. Ava Jerome.

Ava is sorry to be forward, but not-Doc likes forward. She says, in light of what’s happening with him and Laura… and he says, Laura doesn’t matter. It’s the two of them who matter. Ava says she’s worried she’s taking advantage, and he says this is where he wants to be. She shouldn’t hide her desires and instincts, or even dim them. Be proud, because she’s incredible.

Valerie brings Griff to the room, and Jordan says she couldn’t find a pulse. She thinks she’s dead. Griff says, she? They go in, and he drops the pashmina. He turns the woman over, and it’s Kiki. He checks for a pulse in her neck, and asks, who would do this to her? He tells Jordan, she’s dead. Jordan knows he wants to stay. She would too, but he needs to leave. They can’t contaminate the crime scene any further. She leads him out, and he picks up the pashmina on the way.

Franco asks Jake how Aiden is doing in school, but Jake doesn’t know. He heard some kids say Aiden is weird. Franco says, weird how? and Jake says, he doesn’t fit in. At the table, Laura says enough about her dysfunctional marriage; any improvement with Aiden in school? Elizabeth says they met with his teacher. She thinks he’s being bullied. Laura asks, by who? and Elizabeth says, apparently, the teacher isn’t allowed to say. It’s probably a good thing. Franco would show up with choice words for the parents Laura wouldn’t blame him. It’s hard to deal with at this age. She asks what the teacher suggested, and Elizabeth says, supporting him being open without confrontation, and how to self-advocate. Laura says, easier said than done, and Elizabeth adds, especially when you’re a little boy intent on shutting everyone out.

Griff comes back crying. Curtis says, oh no, Lulu says, no, and Maxie says, Kiki.

Not-Doc kisses Ava’s neck. She asks him to promise she won’t find him in bed with her daughter. He’s sure she’s a lovely girl, but youth makes her shallow, vapid, preachy, and judgmental. Why would he want that when he can have her?

Jordan asks if Griff is up to answering questions, and he says, sure. She asks when he last saw Kiki, and he says when they were at the apartment, getting ready. He got a call from GH, and they decided to meet there. Jordan says she never showed up, and Griff says he went to the apartment. The door was ajar, but it’s something that could happen if somebody left in a hurry. He found a broken vase on the floor, but again he thought she was just in a hurry. Jordan asks if that’s Kiki’s shawl he’s holding, and he says, it has blood on it. Jordan asks to see the shawl, and Chase bags it. He says it was a couple of drops, and he thought maybe she got cut from the vase. He never thought he was  walking in on a murder scene.

Nina, Charlotte, and Valentin return to their hotel room. Charlotte is all excited about having seen The Nutcracker. Nina says this ballerina needs to get her Pjs on, and Charlotte goes to change. Nina tells Valentin the carriage ride was a nice touch. He says he made arrangements before he knew he was invited. Nina asks if it bothers him that Charlotte lied. He thinks the word lying is a stretch. No harm was done in being manipulative to make the people she loves happy. Nina says he just outlined Charlotte’s total mindset. He asks if that means she’s happier because he’s there. She says it means she’s hungry, and wants room service.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s sorry, and he says, stop apologizing. Oscar is sick, so he gets a free pass. She was lied to, so she gets one too. She says, what about him? and he says, it always falls on the messenger. He quotes from Antony and Cleopatra, and she says, he just quoted Shakespeare? He tells her that they had a test last Friday, and she says there was no school. He says it was sometime last week. He steers her to the door, saying, call if she needs anything, but this is for her and Oscar to figure out. Next time they feel like keeping a secret, lying, or creating fake relationships, find someone else. She asks if she’ll see him soon, and he says he’ll be around. She leaves and he looks at a copy of Antony and Cleopatra he’s been reading.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she wishes Cameron was more sensitive. He wanted to watch football. Aiden had been begging them to take him to the movie, and she thought it would be nice to go as a family. If Cameron had gone, Aiden would have had more fun. Laura asks if Elizabeth said anything, but she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. She wonders if she did the right thing, and Laura says she’s a wonderful mother, and never question that. All that matters is that she loves the boys, and they know she does. Franco thinks they should go. Jake is second guessing the two pieces of pie. Elizabeth tells Laura that she’s better than a thousand Ava Jeromes, and don’t forget it.

Chase asks Lulu if she can think of anything else of relevance, but that’s a no. She’s the owner, but isn’t involved much in the day to day running of the place. Today, she’s just a wedding guest. Maxie says, it’s sad. Kiki had her entire life ahead. Chase asks if Maxie is ready to make a statement. Peter ponders and frowns in the background. Jordan says Kiki was killed elsewhere, and moved there. Valerie wonders how it was done without anyone seeing. She’s pulling up whatever they have on Griff. Jordan hates it, but thinks it’s the right call.

Ava and not-Doc get busy.

Crime scene photos are taken. I have to say, I didn’t see this coming.

Chase asks Maxie if she noticed anything suspicious in the parking lot. She says everything seemed normal, except Kiki not bang there. Griff kept checking his phone, and left briefly before the vows. Chase asks, how briefly? and she says, five minutes at most. He stayed at reception, left, and came back. She assumes he was looking for Kiki.

Jordan asks if Griff is comfortable with them searching his place. He says, whatever helps find Kiki’s killer. She tells Chase to do a thorough search of Kiki and Griff’s apartments.

Nina, Valentin, and Charlotte play Go Fish. Nina tells Charlotte to get the fishing rod out. Nina is looking for a six, and Valentin says he has one. She says it’s a nine, and he tells her to turn it upside down. Charlotte says he would do anything to give Nina what she wants. Valentin tells Charlotte it was wrong to lie to get Nina to invite him. Charlotte asks if she isn’t having fun, but he says that’s not the point. Charlotte says the point is them being together, and here they are together. Nina says, that’s a tough one to argue with. Valentin says Charlotte gets it from her.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Cameron is trying to redeem himself by letting the boys tell him about the movie, but Jake is doing all the talking. Aiden picked it, but it’s like he thinks his opinion doesn’t matter. Franco says, about that, and shows her a picture Aiden drew of the family, with himself as a tiny figure in the back corner.

At Kelly’s, the waitress tells Laura that she’s looking forward to having a strong woman in office. Laura says, if she wins, but the waitress says she will.

Ava hates to end the evening, but has to pick up Avery. She still has one daughter who loves her. Not-Doc thinks Avery can wait a few more minutes. As for Kiki… Ava says, put Kiki out of her mind? but he says, better yet, pretend she doesn’t exist.

The all clear is given for the guests to leave. Curtis thanks Lulu and Maxie for making the reception beautiful. Maxie is sorry it ended this way. He is too; not for them, but Kiki and those who loved her. Lulu tells Maxie she’s sticking around to see what else she can learn. Maxie wants to go, and Peter says he’ll drive her.

At home, Elizabeth tells Cameron, no more football. He’s done for the day. She shouldn’t have let him refuse to come. He knew how important it was to his brother. Can’t he see Aiden is struggling? She just asked for one day, and he couldn’t even do that. Does he have anything to say? Cameron says he knows Oscar has brain a tumor, and Josslyn knows too. He told her. He’ll try to be more careful with Aiden next time. He stomps off, and Elizabeth asks Franco if she could have made it any worse. He says, probably.

Josslyn goes to Kelly’s, and asks for a slice of apple pie to go. She takes Cameron’s gift out of her bag and opens it. it’s a picture of them together. She flashes back to when she told him that she had a crush on him when they were younger, and he kissed her.

Nina calls the desk to get Valentin a room for the evening. There’s nothing, and she asks them to bring up some pillows and blankets. She tells Valentin that he can sleep on the sofa. Charlotte says, a sleep over! and says they can have breakfast together in Central Park. Nina tells her, sleepy time, and Charlotte says, it was the best Thanksgiving ever. Valentin tells her to sleep well. Charlotte asks if Nina gets a kiss too, and Nina gives him her cheek. Nina and Charlotte go to bed, and Valentin looks proud of himself.

Jordan asks Lulu to leave with other the guests. She can’t have press at a crime scene. Lulu says she knows this isn’t the way Jordan wanted it to turn out, but she’s a beautiful bride. Curtis seconds that. Lulu leaves, and Curtis says, some wedding, huh? Jordan says she’s sorry, but he tells her it’s not like she asked for this. He likes watching her do her thing, and she says good thing he married her then. He says, it is, and they kiss. Her phone rings. Chase is at Griff’s apartment, and thinks he found something.

Someone bangs on Ava’s door, and she wonders who on earth that could be. It’s Griff.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Britt that she’s bringing Obrecht to justice, Carly thinks it doesn’t make any sense, and Obrecht asks Britt if she’s colluding with Anna.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie is excited for Travis to go to Harvard. She has everything covered, and thinks a frat party is the way to send him off. In her interview, Stephanie says, when she was in college, she made every mistake you could make. Some of her best memories were on the floor of a frat house. She adds, not having sex, and I’m not sure what to think. Brandi stops by. In Brandi’s interview, she says she didn’t drink or party in college because of the potential weight gain, but is ready to make up for it. Stephanie says there was a choice between a foam pit or a wet T-shirt contest, and she’s already seen enough from Cary’s dip in the Baltic Sea. So foam pit it is. She tries it out, and I wonder, where’d those baby ducks come from?

LeeAnne and Rich go to the Cathedral of Hope to check it out for their wedding. LeeAnne explains that it’s one of the most popular LGBTQ churches. You’re not judged for being different. She’s different, and fits in there. Reverend Dr. Neil comes out to greet them; he’s excited. LeeAnne says it sounds clichéd, but they complete each other. Where she’s weak, he’s strong, and vice versa. It seems more like she means they complement each other. Complete always irritates me. It sounds like you’re incomplete on your own. In her interview, LeeAnne says they found their way, no matter the bullfh*t created by her friends. They leave that outside of their universe. She and Rich check out the smaller venue, and decide on the date, April 27th. LeeAnne says it’s been a long journey.

Jeremy tells D’Andra that he’ll believe it when it’s signed. They’re meeting Dee at a restaurant. Today, she’s officially turning over the company. D’Andra says it’s just family and co-workers. She didn’t want any tension in the room. Dee thanks everyone for being there, and says it’s D’Andra’s time to shine. They sign the contract. In her interview, D’Andra says she’s fearful of future, but it’s the best time of her life. She can make it happen.

Afterwards, Dee and D’Andra sit and talk. D’Andra wishes her grandmother was there. Dee says, it’s a great day for family. She tells D’Andra that all she has to do is say, mom, I need you, and she’ll be there. All D’Andra wants is for Dee to be proud of her. Dee tells her that she keeps saying that, but Dee is proud of her today. She thinks D’Andra will reach heights she didn’t. In D’Andra’s interview, she says all she wanted was to hear her mother say she thought D’Andra was a success. Tonight, she did, and she believes it.

Kameron and LeeAnne meet to go shopping for Travis’s gift. LeeAnne chooses a beer bong. In her interview, Kameron says she doesn’t know what to get someone for a frat party. They’re usually more interested in being wasted. LeeAnne thinks it will be an attack LeeAnne party. No one believes Brandi stole her phone. In Kameron’s interview, she thinks Brandi took her time bringing it back. LeeAnne says if she’d cloned Brandi’s phone, the phones would have had to be near each other. If Brandi doesn’t like the word alcoholic, she has another one – stupid. She thinks it’s unbalanced. Stephanie hasn’t called her, and she hasn’t heard from D’Andra. Every ounce of her wants to walk in and say, the peaceful bitch is at home, banging on the singing bowl, and bitch LeeAnne is back to kick ass. She asks Kameron if Court is coming; Rich is out of town. They decide to go together if Court doesn’t go. They decide to get a cocktail.

Stephanie sets up for the party. Brandi shows up wearing her cheerleader uniform from high school. Oh, bully for her. In her interview, Stephanie says Brandi is reliving her glory days, and she’s all for it. The fridge is packed with Jell-O shots, and they do a couple. Stephanie says LeeAnne is going to be there, and Brandi says there are only so many times she can forgive and move on. She can’t take LeeAnne seriously because of Kameron’s voicemail. Now it’s a joke. We see a clip of Kameron leaving a message, saying LeeAnne was joking about cloning the phone. Stephanie says Kameron has LeeAnne’s back. In Brandi’s interview, she says she doesn’t think it’s funny. Brandi doesn’t get why Kameron thinks she owes LeeAnne. Stephanie thinks LeeAnne is a sense of security for her. LeeAnne is a strong personality, and protects her. In Stephanie’s interview, she says sometimes supporting someone isn’t being a good friend, but being a doormat. Stephanie says LeeAnne is Kameron’s safety net.

LeeAnne comes by Kameron’s place. She’s still in her robe, and says she didn’t wash her hair. She wants to dunk it in the bathtub, and asks if LeeAnne will help her wash it. LeeAnne is like, no way, as I would be. In her interview, Kameron says she always said no to foam parties because they’re gross and dirty. Kameron shows LeeAnne the costume she got; the yellow plaid suit from Clueless. They decide to be twinsies, and LeeAnne leaves to get something matching while Kameron gets ready.

Jeremy is ready to rock. D’Andra calls Dee, and says she’ll be seeing LeeAnne. She doesn’t know what happened. In her interview, D’Andra says she made an effort to mend the friendship at the fashion show, and was honest with LeeAnne. We flash back to LeeAnne telling D’Andra that she wouldn’t have been invited if they weren’t talking. D’Andra says it was a low blow, and Dee tells her, if it’s not working for all parties, they should go their separate ways. Jeremy agrees. He tells D’Andra to be strong, say her piece, and be done.

LeeAnne meets Kameron in a matching outfit. Kameron says everyone will stare at them like they’re mean girls. Kameron tells LeeAnne that they should stay positive, and not let anyone be mean to them. In Kameron’s interview, she says she’s nervous about what might happen between Brandi and LeeAnne. Brandi gets away with way more. LeeAnne says she heard Brandi is wearing her cheerleader outfit. Kameron says Brandi never stops talking about being a cheerleader. When will it end? There’s more to that girl than being a cheerleader. LeeAnne says, is there?

The guests arrive. Mark asks Cary if he looks stupid. She says no, because everyone is entitled to their opinion. Cary is wearing a crop top and booty shorts. In her interview, Stephanie says Cary bought Converse, and thinks it’s a costume. Foam blows everywhere, even on the tables of food. Bleh. Mark is a Jell-O virgin, and takes a shot. Callie-Roo the kangaroo is back along with owner Chase. Brandi thinks it’s fitting for a frat party.

D’Andra tells Cary, Stephanie, and Brandi about her mother giving her the company. Kameron and LeeAnne arrive. D’Andra thinks Kameron is working LeeAnne. Brandi says LeeAnne couldn’t think of anything better to wear, since she didn’t go to college. How mean is that? And interesting how they both assumed it was LeeAnne’s idea. In Cary’s interview, she says the best thing about it, is that a third girl, who’s nineteen, showed up wearing the same thing.

Mark chugs out of the keg. Stephanie asks LeeAnne to please tell her that she didn’t tap into Brandi’s phone. LeeAnne says there’s so much evidence Brandi had her phone, that she wanted her to feel the torture she did when she lost her phone. It caused genuine stress in her life, and thought she’d put some in Brandi’s life. Stephanie says, so it was like tit for tat, and LeeAnne says, 100%, but her tat will always bigger than Brandi’s tit.

Brandi tells Kameron that she loves her, and it was shocking when D’Andra said LeeAnne claimed she stole her phone. She didn’t know LeeAnne was upset; she just picked up the phone and returned it. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that she can only take so much, then has to give the person a dose of their own medicine. She has no ability to clone a phone. Stephanie says, so it was a lie, and LeeAnne says, it was a joke. In her interview, Stephanie says she wants LeeAnne to listen, and not feel attacked. She doesn’t want her to go back into that crazy hole either; it scares her. Kameron tells Brandi that she gets why Brandi would want the phone. She would steal a phone that had picture like that of her. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that there’s no rule that allows her to light someone on fire. If there was, so many people would be in flames.

Brandi says LeeAnne is not a reasonable human being. She left her phone in the bar. Who could believe Brandi was even that close to her? Brandi gets loud and squeaky, and tells Kameron to use her brain. In her interview, Brandi says, it’s hard not to think that LeeAnne puppeteers Kameron. Brandi says LeeAnne blames her for being drunk and leaving her phone, and tried to hurt her family. Kameron says LeeAnne thought she stole the phone. Cary thinks they should talk to LeeAnne. In Brandi’s interview, she says Kameron is supporting LeeAnne when she’s wrong. She’s officially LeeAnne’s bitch.

D’Andra joins the group, and says any lie is not okay. Kameron asks if D’Andra is done with LeeAnne too. As usual, D’Andra makes wishy-washy um sounds, and says she’s done with the lying. She’s had it up to there. When they were at the fashion show, she told LeeAnne that she would never not support her, but LeeAnne said if they weren’t speaking, D’Andra wouldn’t have been invited. In her interview, D’Andra says she realized she was disposable. LeeAnne used her to social climb, and now she’s using Kameron the same way. I’m not sure why what LeeAnne said was such a big deal. If they weren’t friendly, why would LeeAnne invite her? Stephanie doesn’t think Brandi stole the phone, but LeeAnne thinks it was because of the video. She wanted something on LeeAnne. Stephanie suggests they talk, but LeeAnne doesn’t want to ruin the party. Stephanie pulls Brandi over.

In Brandi’s interview, she says, out of respect for Stephanie, she’ll speak to LeeAnne. Stephanie tells Brandi that LeeAnne feels that Brandi stole her phone, but she told LeeAnne that she doesn’t think so. LeeAnne says she thinks Brandi thought she still had the images, and wanted to make sure they were gone. Brandi asks why would she hand it over? LeeAnne left it in the bar. LeeAnne thinks Brandi knew she’d eventually find it in the next room. They don’t believe each other. Brandi says the difference is LeeAnne lies. LeeAnne says it’s was a joke. When Brandi called her the wicked bitch of the west, she cried. Brandi tells LeeAnne that she didn’t say west. LeeAnne said she was an alcoholic. LeeAnne doesn’t think she ever actually called her that, but the not pot stirring pot stirrer, Cary, says she inferred it. LeeAnne says, that’s a totally different thing, and we flash back to that. D’Andra says that her mom said LeeAnne was concerned because she was an alcoholic. LeeAnne says she told Dee that she thought D’Andra was drinking too much, and she’ll deal with Dee. Brandi asks LeeAnne who she thinks she is, and gets in LeeAnne’s personal space, pointing her finger in LeeAnne’s face. So LeeAnne actually pokes Brandi with her finger. Yeah, I know, but I don’t blame her, and Brandi is obviously provoking her. That should be a codicil regarding the law about touching people. Brandi tells LeeAnne to take her ass out of there, and repeats variations of that. LeeAnne glares at her. Stephanie gets in between them, and Brandi says LeeAnne doesn’t scare her. Cary tells LeeAnne to stop it, and LeeAnne says, what about Brandi? Cary says, both of them stop it. In Cary’s interview, she says LeeAnne has impulse control issues, and jumps to aggression when she’s backed into a corner. Brandi is trying to make it worse. Cary tells Mark, they’re both effing crazy. Brandi starts crying. LeeAnne tells her, go ahead and cry. Be the MF-ing victim she created for herself. Brandi wails that she just wants LeeAnne out of her life.

Kameron and Cary go to the table where LeeAnne is sitting. Kameron asks what she’s doing, and LeeAnne says, watching Brandi cry after attacking her. LeeAnne asks Cary if Brandi didn’t attack her, and Cary confirms that, but says LeeAnne has to be better. LeeAnne says she didn’t try to escalate the situation, and Cary says, just walk away. LeeAnne lies on the ground, and asks Jesus to tell her wtf to do. She’s so alone. Cary says she’s there. Brandi is still weeping, and Cary tells LeeAnne, get up. LeeAnne asks Cary what she wants her to do. In her interview, Cary says, dramatic much? LeeAnne says Brandi started it, and thanks Cary for saying what she saw. In Cary’s interview, she says Brandi was pushing LeeAnne’s buttons, trying to get her to flip her sh*t to prove she hasn’t changed. Kameron gives LeeAnne kudos. She walked in, knowing Brandi was on the attack, and kept her cool. She stayed away, and Brandi came after her. In her interview, Brandi says it’s Stephanie’s party, and she feels caught in the middle. Why would Stephanie be in the middle? She’s Brandi’s best friend. LeeAnne doesn’t deserve her as a friend. I say, jealous much?

LeeAnne tells Stephanie that she thought she had as much right to be there. Stephanie says she’s not asking LeeAnne to leave. LeeAnne says Brandi started it.

D’Andra tells Brandi that, when LeeAnne stepped back, she saw LeeAnne’s personality change; it scares her. In her interview, she says it was the old LeeAnne, rearing its ugly head. At this point, she’s more interested in Brandi’s lightheartedness and fun. LeeAnne lives in a dark, looming, dreary place. D’Andra does some beer pong. Since it’s the finale, the text tells us that the company is doing well, D’Andra hasn’t spoken to LeeAnne, and she has more than $200 in her bank account. Are we going to have to hear all about that again at the reunion?

Cary suggests everyone get in the foam. We see that Kameron has found a distributor, but still needs a partner, and she’s developing a Sparkle Dog spray made from edible glitter. I saw her dog food online not that long ago. We’re told the renovations were completed at Mark and Cary’s house, but were an inch off-center, and it had to be redone. We also learn that Mark’s $70K stove has its own Instagram account. That’s just sad.

The date for LeeAnne and Rich’s wedding is April 27th, 2018, and D’Andra won’t be the maid of honor – for now. Since she’d actually be the matron of honor, I’ll just assume that’s what they meant.

Stephanie tells us that tonight was horrible, but her marriage is in an amazing place. She feels empowered. She’s learned life isn’t about loyalty, it’s about being real, and true to yourself. She wants to be authentic. We read that she survived without Travis for a month, but he’s going back to Harvard in February.

Kameron says she’s learned her instincts are on point. LeeAnne has been an inspirational person in her life, and she’s lucky to call herself LeeAnne’s friend. LeeAnne says Kameron is her rock. Kameron says she wants to make out with LeeAnne, but that would be inappropriate.

Brandi stands at the top of a human pyramid. We see that Bruin has been officially adopted. He’s learning to talk, and says, excuse me, when passes gas – which is often. Of course. D’Andra catches Brandi as she dives off the pyramid.

Next week – The Reunion – Part One – D’Andra reveals a secret she’s kept about LeeAnne, Stephanie still struggles with depression, a disgruntled florist is the one who spread rumors about Mark, Mama Dee makes an appearance, and D’Andra insists Rich is a cheater.

💫 When Housewives Get Personal…

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the trip to Oklahoma was still on, and when the ladies (term used loosely) went to Bartlesville, I got excited. What could be exciting about a town called Bartlesville in Oklahoma, you ask? Or you don’t, but I’ll tell you anyway. My abundant love for Pekingese dogs led me to join an online Peke dog group ages ago. Every few years, some of the members get together. Not enough to call it a convention, but a gathering perhaps. After I’d been in the group a while, they began to organize another one. I wasn’t planning on going, but found out it would be in Bartlesville. Which wouldn’t be exciting on its own, but my closest internet friend, who was not in the group, also lived there. We had never met in person, but she’d recently gone through a nightmare divorce, and we’d been wanting to visit one another. Cue Twilight Zone music… Seriously, what are the odds? I ended up having a blast, and although my friend only had a cat, she became an honorary member of the group. It was like a four-day PJ party. I have to warn you, should you decide to visit, all meals are beef with a side of beef. There is also okra. While I tolerate it in gumbo, I hate okra. But you’ve never tried it made the right way, they said. I did. I still hate it. Loved the breading, but inside, it was still okra.

Besides going to Bartlesville, the NJ Wives also learned how to show an animal. In this case, cows. They were given a lesson on to groom them in preparation for a show, and had a mock showing with just them. Teresa was afraid of the cows. Afraid. Of. Cows. And we’re not talking about a herd of stampeding cows either. Apparently, she isn’t a fan of large animals, including big dogs, because they can’t talk to you, so you don’t know what they’re thinking. Or they could ram into you. Did she learn nothing in prison?

The other standout was new Wife Jennifer, who I’m not too impressed with. I’m not sure what her deal is, but when she wasn’t bragging, she was complaining. My favorite part was when she FaceTimed with her little girl, who wailed that she couldn’t live without mommy, until mommy said she’d get her a $400 Barbie Dreamhouse, and the tears dried up real quick. Jennifer was incredibly rude to their hostess, who was a close friend of Marge’s. When Marge said Jennifer had the worst manners of anyone she’d ever met, Jennifer asked what she was going to do about it? Are we on a playground at an elementary school? At the end, she claimed she was just trying to fit in, but I don’t think that’s the way to do it. There was the usual Joe #2/his father drama, and Joe #3 got stuck playing nanny/butler/foot masseuse to Marge Sr. while Marge Jr. was away. Next time, we’ll see the fabulous house Jennifer kept bragging about, and other new Wife, Jackie, dares to bring up Joe #1 being in prison to Teresa.

🐮 Where New Jersians Meet…











November 21, 2018 – Spencer is Everywhere, Dallas Returns Home, New Jersey Does Oklahoma & Thanksgiving Wishes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason comes to Sam’s place bearing doughnuts. Danny asks if he wants to watch the parade from the roof.

Cameron visits Josslyn, who needs help with place cards. They’re looking like not turkeys. He picks one up, and asks if this is supposed to be a turkey. She says that’s why she needs help. He says, first… and gives her a present.

Oscar meets Alexis at the MetroCourt. He hopes he’s not wrecking her Thanksgiving. She says she doesn’t cook, she caters. It’s going to be simple, since Jordan and Curtis’s wedding is happening. He says he’s closing Charlie’s after the breakfast shift, so people can go home to their families. She says he has one too. Spending time with them might do him some good.

Kristina is at Charlie’s bar, taking notes from a book. Sonny brings a press pass for the parade. She’s surprised he’s going, but he says, when Avery says go, we go. He asks her to come with them. Laura comes in and sees not-Doc. She says they could have done this at home, but he says he didn’t want to intrude on her holiday, and it’s easier to talk without Spencer being around. She says he’s at the parade. Not-Doc says she wanted to see him; he’s here. What is this about? She takes something out of an envelope.

At Windemere, Valentin hears the fireplace crackle. He goes into the living room, and Spencer hopes he doesn’t mind; it’s drafty at Windemere. Although the cold doesn’t bother him much anymore. The fires of vengeance keep him warm. That kid cracks me up.

Nina tells Sasha that after the wedding, they can pick up Charlotte and go to New York for The Nutcracker. She doesn’t want to overstep, but she’s excited about spending the holiday with her girls. Sasha says it sounds great, but she can’t go. Not after last night.

Ava speaks with a man at the gallery, confirming two tickets, one for her one for her kid. The flight to Montenegro is in three hours. He says they were the last two in business class one way like asked daughter and her leaving Port Charles and never coming back

Sam tells Danny to check on Scout. When he goes upstairs, Jason asks if Sam is okay. She says obviously, she’s sick. She felt it coming on last night at the bachelor/bachelorette thing, and woke up feeling like hell. He asks what he can do for her, and she says, leave. He doesn’t want what she has. He says he’ll manage. She just admitted she can’t make it upstairs. They planned to watch the parade together. She says, don’t say she didn’t warn him. He asks if he can get her breakfast, but she says she’s not hungry. She starts digging in the doughnut box, and Jason says he thought she wasn’t hungry. She says, she’s not. Not for food food, but these are doughnuts. She sneezes, and says, there’s always room for doughnuts.

Sonny can’t believe Kristina has to work on Thanksgiving. He says, there should be a law, and she says, there is; time and a half. He asks if she’s bailing on her family for cash, but she says it’s just for breakfast. He wonders when she’s coming by for turkey. She says she has other plans. He asks if she’s going to see Alexis, and she says something else. He asks what’s more important than family, and she says serving those less fortunate. Daisy comes in, and Kristina introduces her to Sonny.

Alexis asks Oscar, what about the Quartermaines. They’re good people and care about him. He says his dad will be there, and the second he shows up, Drew will call his mom. Then it becomes about him and the choices he’s making or not making. Alexis says it’s just about family spending time together. She doesn’t want him to spend it alone, and asks if there’s anyone else he’d like to spend Thanksgiving with.

Cameron tells Josslyn the gift is nothing major. He was hoping they could talk first. The phone rings. It’s Ava saying she’s going to be there in ten minutes to pick up Avery. Josslyn thought Sonny was taking her to the parade, but Ava says they agreed she would do it, and drop her back this afternoon. See that she’s dressed and ready. Ava looks at a picture of her and Kiki.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s physically fine, but it freaked her out. She’s sorry about The Nutcracker. Nina tells her, don’t worry. Just focus on getting well.

Valentin heard Spencer was back in town. He asks if Laura knows he’s there. Spencer says, the next mayor of Port Charles. She’ll be taking over, and the first thing she’s going to do is get rid of him.

Not-Doc tells Laura that he has a problem with one thing. He reads, we ask for space and privacy as we take time to strengthen our marriage. She asks if he wants her to rephrase it, but he’d prefer she remove it. She asks, why? and he tells her, saying they expect the marriage to survive intact feels like a lie. She thinks it’s funny he should say that. Everything about it feels like a lie to her.

Cameron tells Josslyn couples do stuff when they’re alone. She asks, what kind of stuff? She doesn’t want to give her parents the wrong idea. He says, it’s a little late. Everyone thinks they’re dating. She says they’re good at this, and he guesses they are.

Oscar tells Alexis not to worry about him. She says she’s a lawyer; it’s in her job description. He asks if it isn’t the mom in her talking, and she says, maybe. You can’t turn it off when you’re a parent. He says her daughters are lucky. They grew up with a mom who supported their decisions. She says she’ll pass that along to them when they want a laugh. He says, they wouldn’t agree? and she says, no, especially Kristina.

Kristina tells Sonny that they’re going to help serve dinner to the homeless, and they’re eating at the house afterward. Daisy asks if Sony wants to join them for dinner. Kristina says, to rescue others is to rescue yourself. Daisy says Kristina told them what a positive impact he’s had on her life, and he says not nearly the impact she’s had on his.

Not-Doc tells Laura, don’t do this. She says she’s heard his reasons, and doesn’t buy them. He’s sorry she’s distrustful. Maybe if he’d come to France… She says he’s not even trying to fix it, and he wonders what she can’t accept. She says the person there isn’t the guy she married, and she’s not letting up until she finds him again.

Valentin says he was letting Spencer be. He was hoping Spencer would outgrow his obsession, but he underestimated him. Spencer says, most people do. Big things come in small packages. Valentin says, noisy ones too. He heard from Charlotte that he was bragging that Laura’s chances at being mayor increased. It reminded him of how Nikolas thought he was ensuring the previous mayor. Has he taken a page from his father’s book? He wonders if Spencer knows the penalty for election tampering. Spencer says Valentin has a weakness, and he’s going to find it. Sasha comes in, and asks if she’s interrupting. Spencer asks who she is, and Valentin introduces them.

On the phone, Ava says, one quick stop, then straight to the airport. Nina steps into the doorway, and asks if she’s going somewhere. Ava doesn’t have time; she has a car waiting. Nina told Ava to keep away from her daughter, and she didn’t listen. She’s too hell bent on ruining her own daughter’s life. She gave Sasha a roofie; that’s assault. Before she calls the police, did Ava think it was going to work? Did she learn nothing from Morgan’s death? She does the same things over and over, and doesn’t think they’re bad, but they end up being very, very bad.

Laura knows not-Doc is keeping something from her. If it’s not about his brother, what is it? He doesn’t want talk about his brother, and she says, that’s the problem. He doesn’t want talk about anything. She keeps guessing and making assumptions; what’s the truth? If it’s not his brother, what is it. He says, them. He tried to be kind and gentle, but she refuses to hear it. She says she doesn’t believe what she’s hearing. She’ll tolerate a lot of things, but not being lied to. He says she wants honesty? Be careful. The truth hurts. He leaves.

Sasha asks how Valentin knows Spencer, and Spencer says he’s the rightful heir to the Cassadine estate. She asks what that makes Valentin, and he says, out of patience, and Spencer out of his house. Spencer says it’s his grandma’s house, and Valentin tells him to give her his best. Spencer says, as if she’d take anything from him. When he’s gone, Sasha says that kid has an attitude. Valentin says that’s the polite way of putting it. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, no.

Alexis tells Oscar that she butts in plenty. He asks if she’s ever forced her daughters to do what they didn’t want to, and she says, all the time. Parents do that, especially when their child is in danger of getting hurt. Safety is a priority. He asks why she’s on his side. She tells him that if a girl wanted an abortion in New York, she could do so without parental consent. There’s no reason he shouldn’t have the same autonomy over his own body. He asks, what if it was Molly or Kristina? What would she do then?

A bunch of construction paper turkeys are on the table, and Cameron says he’s more crafty than he thought. Josslyn thanks him for everything. He’s a good friend, and they have fun hanging out. He says they’ve known each other forever, haven’t hung out since they were kids. Josslyn says she had a crush on him back then. Too bad she was dressing up as ears of corn. He says he likes the look, and kisses her. He hopes that was okay, and she says, it was fine; more than fine. She wanted to. Cameron says, not like the first time, and she says, exactly. He asks what her plans are today. She tells him dinner and football. He says, her and the rest of the country. She says he’d be surprised. Last year, Oscar forced her to go on a hike. She apologizes, saying she shouldn’t have mentioned it. Cameron says she still likes him, doesn’t she?

Jason tells Sam that Scout is asleep. She’s jealous, and he says she can nap, but she’s not missing the parade. She says she took some medicine, and will feel better in no time. Danny goes to the kitchen, and Sam tells Jason that she knows she says she doesn’t need to be rescued, but sometimes it’s nice to be. He hands her tissues. She thanks him, and he says, anytime.

Josslyn says of course she still likes Oscar. They dated for over a year. Feelings don’t go away. He ended it, it hurt, and she did stupid stuff because of it. She’s done with that. She’s feeling good again, and Cameron is one of the main reasons. He asks if she meant that, or is she just trying get over Oscar. If there was no Oscar, would she be into him? She doesn’t know. There was. He helped her through it, but she’d be lying if she said fake kisses don’t feel nice. If he wants, they can try it for real, and see where it goes. He shakes his head, and says she wouldn’t be saying this if she knew. She says, knew what? and he tells her, Oscar’s sick.

Alexis tells Oscar that she’d like to think if she was in his mother’s extremely difficult position, she’d have the courage not impose, but he has to understand that parents, no matter what age their child is, still look at them as their baby, their responsibility and heart. What she knows for sure, is she’d fight to the death to make sure they had every moment on earth due them and more. She knows it’s not what he wanted to hear, but she’s not his parent; she’s his lawyer. Her goal is to make sure he has what he wants, and she’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen. She’s going home, and going to hug her daughters extra tight tonight, and be grateful for every second she has with them. She kisses his forehead, and tells him, happy Thanksgiving.

Sonny thanks them for the address, and says he’ll send all the food they need. Kristina thinks they’re all set, but Daisy says they can use more. She says Sonny is generous, and he says, that’s what today is all about. He leaves, and Kristina says, sorry. She’s not used to accepting handouts. Daisy says she’s getting there, or she wouldn’t have quoted chapter six verbatim. She’s a good student.

On his way out, Sonny tells Laura that she has his vote. She wishes everyone had his good sense. She says a check from Ava came across her desk. He thinks maybe she should return it, and she says that’s her intention.

Ava says Nina is preaching to her, when she ripped Ava’s child out of her womb. Nina says she had a psychotic break. What’s Ava’s excuse? You don’t see her cruising the maternity ward looking for kids. She calls Ava soulless, and they go at each other. Not-Doc steps between them. Nina asks if Ava wants what’s coming to her, but not-Doc says she just made it serious. Nina says she’ll let the cops take from there, and hopes Ava chokes on her turkey. She storms out. Ava says she’s a lunatic; tossing accusations at her after what Nina did to her. Not-Doc says he’s there now, and won’t let anything happen to her.

Jason comes back downstairs, and finds Sam asleep on the couch. He looks at the medication she took.

Spencer comes to Charlie’s. Laura thought he was at the parade, but he says the seats weren’t close enough, so he left. Sonny says he has passes, and asks if Spencer wants to come. Laura thought he was going to be her date for the wedding. Sonny asks where Doc is, but she says he can’t make it. Sonny tells Spencer to show the cops a good time, and Spencer asks if they think the FBI will be there. Sonny says Jordan used to be with the DEA, and you know how they are. Spencer thinks Laura should go without him. He might cramp her style.

Valentin asks if Sasha knows what drug she was given. She says no, but she was knocked out, and she’s still woozy. He says he’s sorry. She’s had to deal with way more than he thought she would, and deserves more compensation. She says she’s fine, and he says she might not be if she’s sticking around. She says she’s leaving, and he says he can’t make her stay, but urges her to reconsider. if anything else happens, he’ll buy her the next ticket home; no questions asked. She looks at the check, and says in some ways it’s sad. Nina will never know how much he loves her, and the lengths he’d go to make her happy. It’s a huge romantic gesture, in a twisted way. He says twisted is kind of his thing. Nina sees them.

Ava tells not-Doc that she’s got to get out. She’s going to Montenegro to start; then underground. Not-Doc asks if they have any evidence. When she says no, he says, of course not. She’s too smart to be traced that easy. This is her home. Don’t let them run her out of it. People will miss her. She laughs, and says Julian is absorbed in his new life, and Kiki will throw a party. The whole town can come. There’s nothing for her there. She has no one. Not-Doc says she has him.

Oscar runs into Charlie’s, apologizing for being late. Kristina says, yeah, thirty seconds. She goes to get her stuff, and Daisy asks if he has another headache. He says he tried the breathing thing, and she asks if he’s been reading. He hasn’t had the time, but she tells him not to abandon the teaching. If you think it, it can be. Thinking hard about a million dollars right now.

Josslyn asks what Cameron means by sick; with what? He thinks she should talk to Oscar, but it’s bad. She says, how bad? and he asks if she remembers when Oscar went to the hospital with low blood sugar. It wasn’t low blood sugar. She asks how he’s long known, and he says for a while. His mom was acting weird – it’s a long story – and he figured it out. Josslyn asks if Oscar admitted it, and he says, yes. Josslyn says so that’s why he broke up with her. It’s the reason for everything, and he knew. She asked him over and over. She could tell something was going on, but all he did was sidestep and make excuses for Oscar. What about her? Why didn’t he try harder? He said she shouldn’t try to get back with Oscar, and now he’s going through this terrible thing and she’s not there. Cameron says he didn’t know what to do. Oscar was freaking out, and ordered him not to say anything. He doesn’t want to not honor a dying man’s wish, or lie to her. Which is worse? What was he supposed to do? Josslyn says, trust her with the truth, and let her figure out a way to deal with it. She goes upstairs, and he picks up the still-wrapped gift.

Kristina is ready to go. Daisy asks if they’ll see Oscar at the house dinner, and he says, maybe. Outside, Kristina thanks Daisy for something positive today. Daisy asks if her Thanksgivings are usually negative. Kristina says she eyeballs Sam while they compliment an inedible turkey. Daisy would love to know her whole family.

Alexis asks Danny how the parade was, and he says, awesome. He asks if she wants to go up to the roof and see, but she says they promised grandma they’d be there. She asks where mommy is ,and he says, upstairs in bed with daddy.

Jason tells Sam that she took the wrong medication, and knocked herself out. He tells her to get some sleep. Alexis is there to pick up the kids. She asks him to stay with her. He gets in the bed, and spoons her.

Sonny comes home, and sees Cameron there. He asks if he’s seen Josslyn, and Cameron says she left. He asks if Sonny can do him a favor, and give this to her. He hands Sonny the gift, and jets. Spencer is there, and tells Sonny, don’t look at him. Cameron has always been a mess.

Oscar hears Charlie’s door open, and says, sorry, they’re closed. It’s Josslyn.

Sonny tells Spencer that Avery will be down soon. She could get used to having her big cousin around. Spencer says don’t get his hopes up. The more he thinks about it, the more he’s convinced his place is in school in France.

Nina tells Valentin that she brought the dress Charlotte wants to wear today. She asks, what’s going on? and Valentin says he was giving Sasha some cash to buy Charlotte something nice in New York. Nina says she’s not going; she should be recuperating. Sasha says she’s worried and angry with Ava – Valentin says, and rightly so – but she’s more worried about Nina confronting Ava. Nina says she already confronted Ava, but Doc showed up before she slapped Ava into next week. She’s going to let the cops deal with Ava. There’s nothing and no one who can save her from what she did.

Ava asks how does she have not-Doc? He says he can’t be her psychiatrist, but they can have a different kind of relationship. One not bound by professional mores. They’re kindred spirits, and know each other in a way no one else ever could. She says he’s been more like a friend than a therapist. He tells her that she’s been more like a goddess to him than a friend. He kisses her, and Laura sees.

On Monday, the wedding and Thanksgiving, Nina needs to talk to Curtis, Josslyn tells Oscar to stop lying, and Laura doesn’t accept blood money. Tomorrow, a rerun of the November 27, 2000 episode.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Cary thinks LeeAnne’s delivery has changed for the better, and thinks LeeAnne is working on her behavior. Brandi says LeeAnne is talking behind her back; the same as before. Kameron thinks she’s not being fair. Brandi asks how it’s not fair, when LeeAnne is talking behind her back. Kameron says she doesn’t do that. Brandi asks, what about Mama Dee? Brandi despises LeeAnne. She hasn’t done anything to Kameron, so Kameron always has her back. She’s walking on eggshells. LeeAnne asks if Brandi thinks Stephanie is lying to her. Brandi says she thinks they’re all fake bitches. In her interview, Brandi knows LeeAnne hasn’t changed. She doesn’t understand how everyone can forgive and move on. LeeAnne has talked about people’s marriages and their finances. She even said that she and Bryan are adopting a baby to save their marriage. We flash back to that, a clip Brandi has apparently never seen because LeeAnne clearly says, how would you feel if I said… in making a comparison to what Brandi was saying about her. Brandi says, now she’s an alcoholic? It’s bullsh*t. Brandi leaves the table. LeeAnne holds back tears.

Stephanie follows her. D’Andra feels stuck in the middle again, and Stephanie says, so is she. In her interview, Stephanie says Brandi is her friend too, and no matter what, she can’t win. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that she would never put her in the middle; it’s not worth it. She’d rather suffer the loss of the friendship than see that happen. Stephan wants to have Brandi’s back, but LeeAnne says she has nothing to prove. They’ve seen what a good friend she is. Stephanie gets why Brandi doesn’t feel supported. In her interview, Stephanie says they are kind of all fake bitches. She’s not being a friend to LeeAnne by not saying anything, making LeeAnne think what she’s doing is okay. Stephanie says LeeAnne has been calm, but one thing she needs to work on is not digging deep. She gives low blows, and says things that can’t be taken back. LeeAnne admits that when she’s hurting, she likes to hit them and watch them crawl away.

D’Andra calls Brandi, who’s at a bar down the street. D’Andra says she’ll meet her, and Brandi texts her the address. LeeAnne doesn’t want Brandi’s feelings to drag her and Stephanie back, but Stephanie says she’s her own person. In Cary’s interview, she says she expected someone to pitch a fit at dinner. She hopes nothing ever happens to her while they’re at dinner. She’ll be lying on the floor, and they’ll be fighting. LeeAnne asks what hope is left for her and D’Andra? She walked out the door – choice made. In her interview, Kameron feels badly. They’re all running away, but she has a bowl of ice cream in front of her and hasn’t eaten all week.

Stephanie meets Brandi and D’Andra, saying she left her phone at the hotel. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’s glad they came, but feels betrayed. It’s easier to be friends with LeeAnne than have her back. Brandi thinks if they could feel what it’s like to be in her shoes, everybody would feel the hurt and anger she does. She thinks they should have supported her more. In her interview, Stephanie knows why Brandi is upset about the video, but she should have had a stronger opinion about LeeAnne calling her best friend an alcoholic. Stephanie says she warned LeeAnne about low blows, and saying things she can’t take back. D’Andra says sometimes she feels like she’s being split as a friend, and there’s no way it can be 50/50 with both of them. Brandi tells Stephanie not to feel stuck in the middle

Cary is taking Zuri to Tivoli tomorrow. She can’t be happier to send the women home, and spend time with Mark and Zuri.

Back in the US, D’Andra says she leaves town, and everything falls apart. Stephanie’s plants are slowly dying.

Leeanne goes to KB Studios, where she meets with the team for the fashion show. The show basically to launch her Infinity Dress that can be worn 175 ways. They discuss logistics. LeeAnne wants it intimate. She says it went from a vision in her head, to samples, to a stop motion video, to the fashion show. She’s invited everyone who can give her an opinion on whether it’s a viable product. She says, it takes a village, and thanks everyone.

Kameron says she didn’t eat enough in Copenhagen. She likes American food, and she was starving. She visits Cary, after stopping for a milkshake. Cary tells Kameron that she made a light lunch, and Kameron thanks Cary for feeding her. They toast to being back. In her interview, Cary says she stayed an extra day. It was fantastic; a life-changing trip.  Kameron can’t get over D’Andra and LeeAnne. She’s never been yelled at like that. D’Andra is scary. Cary asks if Kameron feels better since they talked, and Kameron says D’Andra is on friend probation. She has to earn Kameron’s trust back. Cary asks what happened with Brandi, and Kameron says, the last night in Copenhagen, LeeAnne lost her phone. She gave up looking for it, and was about to go to sleep. Brandi found the phone in a cushion, and brought it to the room. LeeAnne was like, uh-huh, and thinks Brandi went through the phone to make sure the video was gone. Cary says she loves Brandi, but doesn’t think she would know how to get into LeeAnne’s phone. Kameron doesn’t think it was intentional. Neither does Cary, but I do.

Stephanie walks with Brandi and Bruin in a stroller. Brandi tells her that LeeAnne thinks she stole her phone. In Brandi’s interview, she says LeeAnne’s phone was at the bar. When she knocked at the door, LeeAnne didn’t even make eye contact. She tells Stephanie, if she was going to do something, she would have flushed it down the toilet, or shattered it.

Kameron tells Cary that LeeAnne told Brandi, she cloned Brandi’s phone. Cary asks if Kameron thinks LeeAnne knows how to clone a phone, and in her interview, she says, it’s like CSI on crack.

Stephanie asks Brandi if she thinks LeeAnne knows how to clone a phone. She can’t imagine that LeeAnne would do that, but she’s tired of constant threats. In her interview, Stephanie says she thinks LeeAnne is trying to get even with Brandi and freaked her out. Now they’re fighting about a phone. Brandi says LeeAnne is the most vindictive person she’s ever met.

Kameron tells Cary that she’s going to LeeAnne’s fashion show. Cary wants to talk to her, and ask if cloning a phone is real.

Cary, Mark, and Zuri are living in her parents’ house, and as projected, the remodel took longer. The house isn’t livable yet, and probably not for another month. Her parents are coming for a visit from Palm Springs. They’re staying at a hotel because it’s too weird. Ann and Chris arrive. Ann says she’s sure Zuri must have stories to tell, and Zuri says, mommy went swimming naked. In her interview, Cary says, kids are so honest. Mark shows Chris pictures of Zuri in Copenhagen. Cary says she took the trip to honor Chris, their legacy and heritage. She wants him to know how much she loves and respects him. In Cary’s interview, she says that she and her father are alike in burying their emotions deep inside. They have a hard exterior shell to keep from feeling vulnerable. Chris says it made him happy. It’s the beginning of a new relationships. Cary gets choked up. In her interview, she says she and her father have always struggled with common ground. This is something they can share and bond over.

Kameron says, it’s great to be back. She loves not dealing with drama in the morning. She just has spilled milk and cereal drama. Court asks for the latest on Sparkle Dog, and Kameron says she has eighty emails. A national distribution agent was interested – we flash back to that – but now she’s mortified and embarrassed. He won’t think she’s professional if she didn’t respond quickly. She doesn’t want to give up Sparkle, but she has guilt trips about the children. Court says she can’t work full time at both things. She’s going to miss stuff. He wants her to chase her dreams, but he wants her at home. She says she hasn’t figured out the balance thing, but she thinks she’s going to find a business partner. One with more experience in the industry. Court thinks it’s a good idea. She has to be CEO of the house before she’s CEO of Sparkle. In Kameron’s interview, she said she’d been thinking about it, and it’s good to have priorities, but she can make Sparkle her second priority. She says she wants to focus on the children, especially since he says he doesn’t want another one. He says if the Sparkle sales do well, and she spends less on tacky pillows, maybe they can talk about a third kid. Kameron says she’ll have to sell lots of Sparkle.

Everything is set up for the show. LeeAnne is grateful, and loves her friend Steve (the event designer). That’s why he’s doing her wedding.

Cary joins D’Andra in her makeup room. They’re both still tired. Cary asks if D’Andra is nervous. Has she talked to LeeAnne. D’Andra says they haven’t spoken. Cary has chains put in her hair. They call Brandi. Cary tells her that they’re getting ready for the fashion show, and Brandi says she wasn’t invited. She’s making her kids feel special tonight. Brooklyn was mad, and destroyed her closet. She also took Brandi’s phone to school. D’Andra says, like mother, like daughter. She asks Brandi, what happened with cellphone clonegate? and Brandi says LeeAnne was crossing line in threatening her. She should have left LeeAnne’s phone in the bar. D’Andra says LeeAnne asked Rich to clone Brandi’s phone.

LeeAnne directs the name tags for the chairs. She says, drama queens all in a row. Flowers arrive from Stephanie, who’s sorry she can’t be there. LeeAnne thinks it’s the sweetest thing ever, and calls her. Stephanie is sorry, and would be there if it wasn’t Travis’s birthday. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she wanted to support LeeAnne, but didn’t want be in the middle of the phone situation, She dodged a bullet.

Cary tells D’Andra that she’s on friend probation with Kameron. In D’Andra’s interview, she says Kameron made a joke about it, and now she’s dangling it in her face. An adult doesn’t put someone on friend probation. Rich people problems. D’Andra gets why Kameron was hurt, but this is ridiculous. In her interview, Cary thinks D’Andra should STFU about it. Is friend probation a thing? She thought it was a joke. She tells D’Andra that you have to eat crow sometimes. D’Andra thought she already did.

Leeanne thanks her team, and says she believes in all of them; they’re amazing. In her interview, she says the dress is a hugely important potential money earner for the rest of her life. Honestly, I’d be surprised if it didn’t do well. The girls arrive, LeeAnne tells Cary that she nailed it with the chains. Kameron loves the set up; it’s like New York Fashion Week. D’Andra has no idea what to expect. It will either be a hot mess, a train wreck, or amazing. LeeAnne says Rick is out of town. D’Andra isn’t saying anything. Cary is surprised D’Andra knows nothing about the dress, since she and LeeAnne are supposed to be best friends.

Steve welcomes everyone to the launch of the ultimate little black dress, and introduces LeeAnne. She says it’s an idea she had fifteen years ago, and tells the audience, 175 ways, one dress. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says the best case scenario is everyone thinks the dress is amazing. The worst case, they leave without saying goodbye. Cary says she’s more simplistic in style; she’s not a fruff – whatever that means. D’Andra thinks the attachments are an interesting choice, and if you don’t have a huge budget, it could be the answer to that. Kameron thinks it’s genius, and the dress is going down in fashion history. I agree; it’s amazing. In Cary’s interview, she says she’d rather buy 175 dresses, but she’s proud of LeeAnne. LeeAnne is introduced again as the diva of Dallas, and the queen bee. We flash back to the question of who is queen of the group. LeeAnne comes out in the basic dress in white, wearing a veil and carrying a bouquet. In her interview, she says, D’Andra claimed she’d never be in white walking down the aisle. Here you go, bitch! She’s in white, and walking down the aisle. D’Andra says it’s a jab directed at her. Both the comment and walk. She’d thought they were trying to patch things up.

Mom Jana calls Brandi. Brandi tells her to be careful what she texts or emails. LeeAnne hacked her phone, and has all of her private information. Jana thought that was illegal. In her interview, Brandi says she was relieved that her mom thinks it’s bullsh*t, but LeeAnne is officially a complete liar. She tells Bruin that grandma is opinionated, but they love her.

LeeAnne thinks it was a fabulous launch, and they did amazing. People totally got it. She and her team toast. LeeAnne mingles. A woman tells her the fabric is the bomb. Kameron asks where Brandi and Stephanie are. Cary explains that it’s Travis’s birthday, and Brandi is with her kids. D’Andra says Brandi wasn’t invited. Kameron says she’s still upset about the phone thing, and asks if they think LeeAnne really cloned the phone. D’Andra says, they can do that?

LeeAnne joins them. D’Andra is glad she made it. Come hell or high water, even if LeeAnne wasn’t talking to her, she’d still be there. LeeAnne says if they weren’t talking, she wouldn’t have invited D’Andra. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, that’s rude. She’s made every effort to mend the friendship, and LeeAnne is jabbing at her. LeeAnne says they’ve had a rough couple of months, and she wants it to get better. They’re like sisters. D’Andra says she could have opened LeeAnne’s phone with facial recognition. LeeAnne says she’s glad to have her phone back, and she didn’t clone Brandi’s phone; that was bullsh*t. D’Andra says, that’s not nice, and Cary says it was a joke. D’Andra says that minimizes what LeeAnne said. No one else thought it was a joke. It makes her sound insane. LeeAnne says, don’t steal her phone .She wonders why everyone focuses on what she does, instead of what that bitch does. She knows she’s supposed to be older and wiser, but how about mature Brandi up. It was her little punishment, like ice cream at the end of the day. Sorry. She deserves it. In her interview, LeeAnne says they refuse to see the mean girl side of Brandi. She’s gingerly sweet, with a side of bullsh*t that no one has seen. I dunno. I’ve seen it. And she stopped talking to Stephanie for months without even telling her why. Cary says she doesn’t think Brandi stole LeeAnne’s phone. Kameron thought she might have looked through it to see if the photos were gone. She sees both sides. In her interview, Cary says she gets that Kameron is a supportive friend, but she always agrees, and it looks like she’s playing both sides. D’Andra says LeeAnne is on a new path this year, and LeeAnne thinks she’s done well, except for that little lie. In her interview, D’Andra says LeeAnne isn’t changing. The reality is, she’s still the same person. If she’s going back to her old habits, she’s not changing. She might be banging on a bowl, but she’s still the same person.

Next time, the finale, Rich and LeeAnne look at the chapel, D’Andra wants her mother to be proud of her, Stephanie has a frat party to send Travis off, and Brandi gets in LeeAnne’s face.

🐮 The highlight of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was their trip to Oklahoma. Marge had been there before, and was apparently sh*tting her pants over the existence of coyotes. Melissa called Joe #2 via video chat to tell him that they woke up to a cow, and to show him the cow. No surprise, Teresa – who is still preparing for the fitness competition, so you can’t blame her for being cranky – got in a fight with Melissa. Teresa was glad to hear Joe #2 was hanging out with their poppa, but thought it was because Melissa wasn’t there, and he’d been choosing her over their dad. Melissa was ticked because she thought Teresa was tolerating her, instead of treating her like a real sister, and she didn’t think that was ever going to happen. She said she was never going to be what Teresa wanted, but regardless, they’re family, so they should try to make it work. They decided to enjoy the trip, but you know it’s not over. Speaking of sisterhood, Melissa thought she might have a long lost sister. Next week, more Oklahoma, and more fighting.

🍗 Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving…

A bountiful table and good company…


Things to be thankful for…


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And a cornucopia of fun!












November 14, 2018 – A Letter for Finn, Dallas Takes a Dip, Cassie Gets a Few Surprises, Mini NJ & Thursday Deal


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna finds Finn at the hospital. She thinks there should be guards, but Finn says Britt won’t get far with her ankle bracelet. Anna says she’s worse than her mother. She has to stay away from pillows, or she’ll start feeling the need to find out what it’s like to shut her up. He says he’s not available to bail her out today. The future of GH depends on him.

Charlotte says the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s Career Day. Chase walks in, and loudly says, for all.

Elizabeth hurries Aiden. He’s already missed the bus. Franco says he’s happy to drive him. Elizabeth asks where Aiden’s backpack is. He tells her, upstairs, and suggests staying home, since he’s late already, but Elizabeth doesn’t think so. She tells him to get it.

Curtis is waiting for Nina at Crimson. He says he came to find out what he did wrong. He’s not feel the love there for him. She asks why, and he says she hasn’t RSVP’d.

Max is having coffee at the MetroCourt. Peter says she’s doing it wrong. You’re supposed to be inconspicuous on a stakeout. Valentin and Sasha are there, and Valentin asks for a word. Sasha says she can’t be late for her first day at work. She took Nina up on her offer to work at Crimson. He says they need to talk, but she says there are eyes on them. Valentin says that’s why she should go. She knows; the longer she stays, the more likely she’ll be found out. Why is he worried. No one will tell Nina; no one knows. She’s treading lightly. Laura appears and asks Valentin who his friend is.

He introduces them, and Laura asks how they’re acquainted. Valentin tells her that Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Laura wasn’t aware she had one, and Sasha says, neither was she. They recently met. Laura says Nina must be thrilled she’s visiting Port Charles. Sasha says it’s more serious than that. She’s starting a job at Crimson today. Valentin says he’ll go up with her. Laura welcomes her to Port Charles.

Peter tells Maxie that Sasha must have missed the memo to avoid Valentin. Maxie says Valentin is the one who tracked her down. Peter thought it was Curtis, and Maxie says Valentin hired him. Peter says that explains why she has her guard down. He wonders why Maxie isn’t getting involved, but she says she’s not putting her nose in places it doesn’t belong. She accuses Peter of looking at her like she’s backsliding. He asks if it’s that hard, and she says, especially when she’s sitting across from someone she has a burning question for. Is he planning on going to Curtis and Jordan’s wedding with Nina or not?

Nina tells Curtis that she has the invitation right there, and shows him. He says he’ll accept a verbal confirmation, and she says, of course it’s yes. He has a favor to ask. Nina says, yes, and he says she doesn’t know what it is. She says it doesn’t matter. He says even if it means standing up for him? Drew has a personal situation. She wonders if he’s asking her to be his best man, and he says, best person. Someone he trusts, who has his back, and wants the best for him and his bride. The true definition of a friend. She says she’d be honored to be his best person, and hugs him.

Finn feels warm. Anna asks if he’s nervous. He says he keeps telling himself that they’re just third graders. She says he’s a doctor on career day. It’s a match made in heaven. She doesn’t know why he’s worried; he’s great with kids. Emma is a fan. He says Emma is biased. She says either he’ll inspire the next generation to be doctors, or send them running to law school. She believes in him.

Lulu is happy Chase could make it. He says it’s community outreach. She asks if he volunteered when he knew Charlotte’s teacher was having Career Day. Willow welcomes their special guests. Michael and Stella are also there. Willow says they have everything from a police officer to a reporter, and some in between. Charlotte tells her, not everybody is there. Where’s Aiden?

Elizabeth checks Aiden’s backpack, and takes something out that looks like a belt. She asks if he’s wearing this, and tells him he knows the rules. He says, just for lunch, but she tells him no, hand it to her or lose screen time. He hands it over. Franco says goodbye, and leaves with Aiden.

At the hospital, Scotty tells Elizabeth that his client in 009 is getting the short end of the stick, and asks if she can swing by his room. He’s headed toward suing the hospital on top of the taco truck. She snaps at him to wait a second.

Franco tells Aiden that he’s a good kid, and his mom loves him. Nothing will ever change that. He gives Aiden some money for lunch, and an extra dollar not to tell Elizabeth about the conversation. Then another dollar not to tell her about the extra dollar. Aiden goes into class. Finn sees Franco, and asks where Willow’s room is. Franco gives him long directions that end with going through the gym and out the double-doors.

Maxie accuses Peter of ghosting Nina. He says he’d be more comfortable making the decision if he knew why she’d invited him. Maxie suggests he ask. Laura approaches, wanting to thank him in person for The Invader’s endorsement. He thinks she’s the right choice, and wishes her the best of luck. She appreciates the support, and needs all she can get if she’s going to take advantage of the election postponement. She hopes to get the chance to prove herself. Anna joins them and says, that makes two of us.

Curtis asks if Nina is bringing a date. She says she’s asked, but they’ve yet to confirm – it’s not Valentin. He says he’ll leave her plus one blank. Nina says if they can’t come, she’ll ask Sasha. Curtis asks if she’s staying in Port Charles. Nina says she is, and Curtis is surprised. He thought Sasha felt they were getting too close too soon. He asks what changed her mind. Nina says they’re getting to know each other, and Sasha is working there now. It didn’t work out with temp agency, and they had an opening. Curtis asks if she doesn’t think it’s too much. Sasha comes in.

Franco is reading a child psychology book, when the doorbell rings. It’s Scotty. He says Elizabeth was late for work, and he’s lounging around; some people are having a productive morning. He has some clients at GH who could use art therapy. Franco says his first appointment was canceled so he’s brushing up. Scotty asks which kid is having a problem. He says the boys are angels, and Scotty asks why he’s reading a child psychology. Franco says he works with kids. Scotty says Elizabeth is would as tight as piano wire, and Franco is catching up? There’s obviously something wrong. He’d thought by now if Franco had a problem he’d come to his father.

Laura runs into Elizabeth at the hospital. She asks if Elizabeth is okay, and Elizabeth says she has everything under control. Laura says, control is key when raising three boys, but she’s not at home, and doesn’t have to be in control in front of Laura. Elizabeth says she has nothing under control, and feels like she’s failing.

Willow introduces the first speaker – Stella. Finn runs in, out of breath. Willow is glad he made it. He says he took a wrong turn, and she says she’s glad he’s here now, and tells him to take a seat. Chase says, smooth, and Finn tells him, shut up. Willow introduces Stella. Stella says people think she’s just an average citizen, who no one would look twice at. They don’t know what she really is, but she’s letting them in on the secret. She’s out there fighting to make sure everyone gets treated decently. She takes off her jacket and has a shirt that says SWW. She’s Social Worker Woman! Finn says, she has a costume.

Lulu gets up next, and explains the basics of reporting: who, what, when, where, and most important, why and how. She says it’s not a reporter’s job to tell them what to believe, but to provide information, so they can make up their own mind.

Michael asks, who knows what ELQ does? No one raises their hand, so he says, let’s find out together. He says they make important chemicals for innovative technology, and pours something in a beaker. The kids are like, wow… He shows them a giant pumpkin, and says they also fight world hunger. They grow food with special seeds, and he’s brought seeds for all of them to start their own gardens. I start wondering if GMOs are involved, and if they’ll all get giant vegetables like in that Gilligan’s Island episode. Finn frets. Michael says, a good CEO helps his company help the world, which leads to their motto – do a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of good. Chase tells Finn not to worry. Chase is called up. Finn says he’s not worried at all, and fans himself.

Nina asks Sasha if she remembers Curtis. She says she has him to thank for being there. He’s just glad she found her way to Nina; Valentin was the brains behind the operation. Sasha says they’re both her heroes. Nina says Curtis is her hero. Sasha thought Valentin would make the cut. She puts something on Nina’s desk and leaves. Curtis asks Nina what about her and Valentin, but Nina says he just had them over for dinner. There’s nothing to be worried about.

Anna asks to borrow Peter, and they step away from the table. Anna appreciates his discretion. He tells her, enjoy it while it lasts. He can’t hold off Lulu much longer. She says the gag order has been lifted. He asks what about the plan to nail Obrecht. She tells him that his sister at GH in room 510; she’s been taken extremely ill. She has an infirmity they can’t diagnose. Peter says she didn’t seem ill at The Floating Rib, but Anna says, looks can be deceiving. He says she once asked him to plant a false story, and he refused. She’s refined her strategy by giving him false information. She asks if he wants to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. The less he knows, the less he has to worry about. He says she sounds like Valentin; one more thing they have in common. She says, sharing goals? and he says, having to make things right. Anna asks what Valentin can do, and Peter says, for one thing, he reunited a mother and child, separated through no fault of their own.

Chase says, if trouble arises over the next ten minutes, he’s deputizing Charlotte. He shows them how to do fingerprinting. Charlotte asks if it isn’t digitalized now, and he says it is, but before that, it was done on cards. No two people’s fingerprints are exactly the same. Even identical twins. He says he’s brought his special assistant, and goes to get him. Stella asks Michael if he has any idea what Chase has planned, and Michael says, no idea. Chase brings in a gorgeous German Shepherd, saying, this is Thor. Chase worked with the K9 unit before he was a detective. One of Thor’s favorite parts of the job is public outreach. He loves meeting people. He tells Thor to say hi, and Thor barks, and shakes hands with Willow. Chase goes on to bike safety, ending with how they should never illegally park. Willow says time’s up, and Chase quietly says he wasn’t talking to them. Finn says if he knew it was bring a cool animal day, he’d have brought Roxie. Willow says they have one more speaker.

Franco asks Scotty, what if a kid changes his personality from outgoing to uptight? Scotty says kids sometimes go through phases that run their course eventually. Franco doesn’t think that’s the case. Scotty suggests talking to him, but Franco says Aiden is shutting him out. Scotty says what about talking to his teacher; maybe she can shed some light on it. Franco says she can’t. Scotty says, it’s a tough case, and Franco wonders where that leaves him. Scotty says, where it leaves all parents – worried.

Elizabeth starts to cry, and Laura says, everyone has their moments. What does she think she’s failing at? and Elizabeth says, motherhood. Laura finds that hard to believe. Elizabeth says, something is wrong with Aiden.

Finn gets up, and says, so many little kids. He asks if anyone knows why the cookie went to the doctor, and Charlotte says, it felt crummy. She asks where he went to medical school. He tells her, Stoneybrook, and she balks at a state school. Willow tells her not to interrupt, and Finn says, it’s a good school. He asks if anyone has heard of the bird flu, and Charlotte asks if he has it; he looks like a bird. I wonder what’s gotten into her, and Willow says she’ll see Charlotte after school. She asks if Aiden as a question, and Charlotte says, he never talks. He might not have a voice. Chase asks if it’s true that Finn saved a patient from brain worms. Finn says it was his most fascinating case, and the bell rings. One of the kids says, time for gym, and they all run out. Willow thanks the guests.

Maxie asks Peter what that was about. He says he and Agent Devane have a difference of opinion as to what constitutes accurate reporting. Maxie says, Agent Devane? He says he’s not feeling the bond, and probably never will. Maxie asks, where were they? and he says, Nina’s invitation. She assumes he’s going to accept.

Anna says Valentin has been busy in her absence, and he asks what he did now. She says he gave Nina the one thing she couldn’t have. She wonders if he thought he’d find redemption in conjuring up a daughter. He says there was no conjuring. There were two labs, and two separate tests to prove they’re related. He could think of worse things to make a play for redemption. Maybe he can win back Peter’s friendship, and maybe hers. She tells him to stay away from her son.

Peter asks Maxie if it was her idea for Nina to ask him to the wedding, but she says, it was all Nina. He says it’s nice of her, but he doesn’t think he should be within a mile of it. The wedding will be loaded with police, and people who care about Nathan. It might be insensitive. Maxie is sure no one will notice. Nathan would be fine with Nina taking anyone but Valentin. Peter tells her that he’ll go, but first, he wants to know who she’s taking.

Valentin shows up at Nina’s office. Curtis says he’ll consider that her RSVP. She wants the table next to Stella. He tells her Stella won’t be there, and they’ll talk next time. He leaves, and Valentin has something he thinks belongs to Nina. He found her earring under the couch where she fell asleep. She tells him she has a deadline, and he asks if she has time to talk about what happened. Or they could talk about what could have happened.

Willow thanks the guests for making Career Day a success. Finn thinks he can be left off that list. Willow thinks they could do another day, and asks Michael to bring seeds for her next time. Stella says she’s bringing props next time. They leave, but Chase lingers, and asks Willow for her contact information. He says it’s for Finn, and she says she can give it to him directly. Chase says Finn is nervous, but he’s a bright guy. Willow says she can catch up with him, and Chase says, or she can give him her number.

Franco tells Scotty, hopefully the book is more enlightening. Scotty says Franco has the sense God gave a goose, and should trust it. Kids need a roof over their heads, clothes, and food. He can figure out the rest. Franco says he needs Aiden to trust him now, so Elizabeth believes he’s a good parent. Scotty asks if his problem is with Aiden or Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she snapped at Aiden because he missed the bus. She should be focusing on him, not him being late. She sure he thinks she doesn’t care about him. Laura says she’s a good mom; she just had a bad morning. Elizabeth says Franco is going to do art therapy with Aiden to see if it helps like it did with Jake. Maybe she’ll talk to Doc. Laura suggests maybe she talk to someone else – Lucky.

Chase asks if he can call Willow to ask her out sometime. She says maybe she could be persuaded if he brings Thor. He asks when, and she says she hasn’t said yes. He says she didn’t say no. She tells him it’s been a while, and he says for him too. He says they can see who’s the worst first date, and she says she’ll knock him out in round one. She gives him the number, and says she looks forward to his call.

Laura asks if Elizabeth has told Lucky. Elizabeth asks if Laura thinks she should. He’s not part of Aiden’s life, but if he knew what Aiden was going through, he’d come running. She thinks it might do more harm than good, and Laura says she could be right. Whatever she decides Laura is there for her and Aiden. They hug.

Scotty asks what’s really bothering Franco. Is his problem with the kid or proving himself to Elizabeth. Franco says, both. Scotty wants to help. Maybe he should take Aiden out fishing or hiking. Franco doesn’t think he’d be interested, and Scotty says figure what he is interested in, and eventually they’ll connect. Problem solved. The bride-to-be will know he’s the man for the job. Franco says it’s not bad advice, and Scotty says, ten bucks. Franco thinks that’s steep for the family rate. Scotty suggests they play catch, but Franco says Scotty knows he doesn’t do well at that; he has trouble with his spiral.

Willow calls Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks if everything is okay. Willow thinks it’s time for another conversation about her son.

Valentin tells Nina they have unfinished business. Nina says she has meeting to go to, and asks that they at least agree the conversation is far from over. Sasha says Nina has another visitor. Valentin says she’s busy, but Peter says he’ll just be a moment. He’s accepting her invitation. Valentin asks, for what? and Maxie says Curtis and Jordan’s wedding. Nina invited Peter as her date.

Anna runs into Finn at the hospital. He wonders why she’s still there, and she says she came to check on a patient. She asks how the presentation went, and he says the look on his face is how he’s thinking; he’s bleeding. Anna asks, how could he go wrong? Curtis approaches them, and says this came in the mail, and gives an envelope to Finn. He says, it’s from Hayden.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Finn what was in the part he didn’t read to her, Curtis says Drew is being generous, and not-Doc asks Franco what makes him think he can catch the killer?

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Day 2 – Copenhagen. LeeAnne is tired; it’s late. D’Andra and Kameron are the only ones still up. D’Andra is sorry she hurt Kameron’s feelings. She didn’t mean to hurt Kameron’s family. Kameron says she’d never intentionally try to hurt someone she loves. D’Andra says they know each other differently. No one else understands the family dynamic. In her interview, D’Andra says she and Kameron bonded over the pressure of Dallas society, and how you have to be a certain way. D’Andra tells Kameron she has principles. She got mad and thought Kameron wasn’t a loyal friend. In D’Andra’s interview, she admits she was wrong, and never meant to hurt Kameron. She was wound up because Kameron and LeeAnne poked and tag teamed. D’Andra says when her dad was there, he was the defender. She has a small family; it’s just her and her mother, and they’re not getting along. She thinks it’s finally settled, but she just has her husband. Kameron says she’ll always be there for D’Andra. She knows D’Andra is dealing with stuff. D’Andra apologizes, saying it’s time for her to learn and to be better. She hopes they can move on. If it takes time, she understands. She’s going to do her best to be a better friend. She gets teary, and says, it’s hard. They hug it out. In her interview, Kameron says their families are in similar social circles, and they understand each other because of that. Kameron thinks they can move forward, and there are more hugs. In her interview, D’Andra says she doesn’t know if they can go back to where they were, but they have peace. They laugh over last night when D’Andra got in Kameron’s elevator.

D’Andra feels lighter, like a weight lifted. LeeAnne asks Cary what the agenda is, and Cary says, biking. Everyone shuffles out. Kameron jokes that she’ll decide what to do depending on who she wants to hang out with. LeeAnne says her ass is sitting on the boat. Stephanie says whatever Brandi decides, she’ll go along with. In Cary’s interview, she says, these girls have been clinging to their besties for dear life. Not today. LeeAnne and Kameron, separate; Brandi and Stephanie, separate. Brandi says LeeAnne would look like the wicked witch on a bike, and LeeAnne asks if she’s still mad. LeeAnne says they need to talk, but Brandi says it’s too early. LeeAnne walks off. She tells Stephanie that Brandi is still mad, and Stephanie says she’s mad about the alcoholic stuff. LeeAnne wonders why D’Andra acts in a more violent manner – we flash back to her putting her finger in LeeAnne’s face – but there’s no repercussion. LeeAnne says Brandi thinks she’s the punching bag of the group. Kameron agrees. Kameron thinks the only way to move forward for LeeAnne, is to get an apology.

D’Andra, Stephanie, and LeeAnne go on the boat. Stephanie isn’t a fan of boats, but she’s a fan of hot captains. They drink rose, and the hot captain says it’s the best way to experience Copenhagen. He explains a bunch of stuff in Danish, and they reply, skoal! Kameron loves biking because she’s more in control of her environment. Brandi and Cary go biking with her. In her interview, Cary says she dated Lance Armstrong, who taught her a thing or two. Cary remembers the shopping area. She says she was ten when she was in Denmark, but just wanted to be home with her boyfriend and friends. She iddn’t stop and smell the roses. Ten seems too young to have a boyfriend, but I can identify, having gone to the Bahamas with my father when I was fourteen. I just wanted to get back home and enjoy the summer with my friends. Oh how I wish someone would take me on that trip now. On the boat, they go past the backside of an old world palace. Carved dragon tails make the main spire. It’s just beautiful.

Cary wants to stop at a trampoline park. The boat goes past, and the girls yell they have wine. Cary says it’s a small city, but it’s crazy. What are the odds they’d run into each other? These bitches can’t be separated. She wonders who has the tracking device. The hot captain, who really can speak English, drops them off. Some of them bounce on the trampolines. Cary steers, while D’Andra sits on the front of the bike. Stephanie, D’Andra and LeeAnne stop for lunch. In her interview, D’Andra thinks Stephanie is a calming force, and can help them get back on track.

D’Andra excuses herself to go to the bathroom. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that they’re pretending like nothing is wrong. It’s what old people do. LeeAnne wants to keep the caps from their beer bottles, and talks about saving things like the bouquet from D’Andra’s wedding. In her interview, Stephanie says she sees two close friends who have drifted apart. It reminds her of what she went through with her best friend. D’Andra comes back, and Stephanie tells them that she wants them to talk and be friends. She asks if D’Andra loves LeeAnne. After a pause, that might or might not be editing, she says, yes. She doesn’t think they’re not friends. LeeAnne feels like D’Andra doesn’t respect her. D’Andra says LeeAnne made her financial situation clear. I roll my eyes, and LeeAnne says she mentioned it once, and said it out of love, but D’Andra is still harping on it a month later. She wanted to solve a problem for D’Andra, and she’s said she’s sorry a million times. She thinks their tit for tat isn’t helping them move forward. D’Andra says if they promise not to talk about it anymore, they can put it to bed. LeeAnne doesn’t think D’Andra has respect for her or their friendship. D’Andra thinks they’ll get past it. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she’s done everything she knows to do, except apologize. And why not? She says she and LeeAnne have a long history. They’ve shared a lot, and she wants her friend back. She says great things are happening in LeeAnne’s life, and she’d love to be there to support her. She understands it might take time, but she’ll do her best to make it up. LeeAnne says when D’Andra took away the opportunity to love her, she took LeeAnne’s heart. In her interview, Stephanie says she’d love to see them be friends again. LeeAnne says she’d love to turn back time. Stephanie says she’s super proud of both of them. They’ve been friends for a long time, and they’re great people. LeeAnne thanks her for being a calming influence.

Cary says they’re going to Tivoli Gardens, and artsy amusement part in the center of town. And they’re wearing Danish girl outfits. Yes, they are. They skip across the street. The park is so cool. I would love this place. LeeAnne says this is how carnivals got started. She grew up with Siamese twins, and a snake pit where she put a python around her waist. She had a larger than life, vibrant childhood. it gave her a view on world no one else has. She adds, by the way, no one dressed like this. Cary wishes Zuri was there, but it’s cool being there with friends. They look like idiots.

They ride the carousel. The Ferris wheel has seats that look like hot air balloons. They have a beer, saying, skoal! since it’s all they know. Everyone agrees it’s been fun. D’Andra says Stephanie was calm and centered. D’Andra and LeeAnne concur that they’ve had a breakthrough. In her interview, Brandi says they had lunch with Dr. Phil, now everything is okay. Cary says she told Brandi that LeeAnne was upset about her joke, and LeeAnne says Brandi is still mad. Brandi says LeeAnne told people to be careful about her, and that she had a baby to save her marriage. The bottom line is, if LeeAnne is feeling hurt because Brandi called her a wicked witch, she’s not apologizing. LeeAnne says she doesn’t have to, and she wouldn’t expect it. Brandi says maybe she should have said wicked bitch. LeeAnne says she’s apologized, and obviously Brandi doesn’t want to accept it. She’s agitated and angry. Brandi says it’s just going to happen again, and that’s why she feels done with LeeAnne.

Cary is bringing the girls to meet the rest of the cousins. They’re having lunch at Cousin Lotte’s house. She tells D’Andra that she should have brought a swimsuit. It’s tradition to swim in the Baltic Sea. In her interview, Cary says you’re supposed to be naked, but it’s cool if you wear a suit. They head out. Everyone looks at their phones on the bus. D’Andra says her husband had a party. LeeAnne says she got a message at midnight that Rich loves and needs her. Brandi says, and send naked pictures.

The neighborhood is adorable, with sweet, little houses. Cary meets all the cousins, and Camilla is there. There’s a spread outside, and Lotte says she has one more cousin to introduce. She brings out Zuri, followed by Mark. Cary is beyond excited. Zuri says they came to Copenhagen for her. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, this is what life is about – family. It’s the one thing she doesn’t have. It’s beautiful to watch and be a part of, even for a second. Geez, even I’m tearing up. Mark tells Cary that he worked it out with her dad. In her interview, Cary says for him to come all that way with her baby girl; he knows how important it is for her to have a relationship with her family. Copenhagen is incredible.

Time to eat. Lotte says it’s a traditional Danish lunch. They start with spiced herring. Zuri tells Cary that she doesn’t have to eat the pickled herring, but Cary says she’s going to try everything. Stephanie has a hard time putting a piece in her mouth, and chews for a long time. In her interview, she says, it tastes like salty a-hole; gross. I’ve had it, and disagree totally. Mark says he has another surprise. Cary’s dad is on FaceTime. It’s 6 am where he is. Everyone waves. In Cary’s interview, she says everyone who matters to her is in the room. It’s a blessing to be there, and feel the love, the sense of belonging, and energy. She wants to pack it in her suitcase, and bring it home to her dad. They do shots. Lotte tells them to look each other in the eye, and say, skoal!

Cary says it’s tradition to take a naked dip in the Baltic for good luck in the year to come. You go in naked, come out, and put your clothes back on, It’s not a big deal. It’s also 50*F. Zuri asks if there are sharks, and that’s a no. They see a fisherman, and Zuri says, okay, you don’t get privacy? I die laughing. Cary explains that it’s okay to be naked there. In her interview, she says she’s all about experiencing the culture. She’s going to do the plunge the way the Danes do. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Cary loves being naked. If she had to see her family naked, she’d need fifteen years of therapy. LeeAnne says she passes. She has a fashion show coming up, and doesn’t want to get sick. In her interview, LeeAnne says the last time Cary persuaded her to swim naked in the Mexican ocean, she came home with a flesh-eating bacteria. Plus, it’s thirty degrees. Stephanie says there are vaginas and franks everywhere. In Brandi’s interview, she says she thought it was liberating and freeing to get in naked, and then she saw LeeAnne take out her phone. Have some respect. Stephanie takes off her extensions, and she and Kameron get in with suits on. Mark and Cary go in, and in her interview, Cary says it’s the infamous Duber d*ck that allegedly got s*cked at the Round up. Feast your eyes, ladies; feast your eyes. Lotte says Brandi and Cary passed the Viking test. Cary tells them it’s hard to say goodbye. She tells Zuri that they’ll meet back at the hotel. In her interview, she says she’s just getting to know everyone again, but she will be back, 100%.

On the bus back, Cary thanks everyone for making the day special. Mark made reservations for them at a Michelin star restaurant. Brandi says she needs to collect LeeAnne’s phone. She asks why LeeAnne would do that, and LeeAnne says the video isn’t seeing the light of day. Brandi says, it’s disrespectful, and LeeAnne deletes it. Brandi tells her to delete it from her trash too. She does things like that, and will use them against people. LeeAnne tells her that she’s wrong. In Brandi’s interview, she says, why take it in the first place? She knows LeeAnne is vindictive. She could have texted it, or emailed it to herself, or put it in her iCloud. She calls LeeAnne a manipulative bitch, and says she wants to use it against them. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she’s special, which shuts her up momentarily. I think she doesn’t know how to respond to that. In her interview, Kameron says they’re on national TV, and wonders why Brandi is angry about a cell phone. Cary confirms the deletion. Stephanie says, everyone is good.

Back at the hotel, LeeAnne says she genuinely thought the video was something they’d want to see later. Kameron thinks Brandi is paranoid. LeeAnne says it was spur of the moment, and she thought she was doing a good thing. She didn’t even think about them being naked. Everyone gets ready for dinner. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Brandi is agitated because she hasn’t broken a glass, called people names, or started a fight. She wants the old LeeAnne to be the dragon, so she can act afraid, and everyone will hug her.

At Hõst restaurant, server Ken suggests a tasting menu, and starts them with champagne. In her interview, Kameron says the food has been fancy and sophisticated; everything Cary wants to eat. She’s hungry. Stephanie points out that the shrimp has eyeballs. D’Andra says, don’t look, just eat. Stephanie thinks it’s lazy not to take the head off the shrimp.

Cary asks about everybody’s favorite moment. LeeAnne says hers was Tivoli. D’Andra thought the boat was fantastic. Brandi – who is wearing way too much bronzer – says meeting Cary’s family, and the bonding thing was great. Because she just can’t STFU, she adds she does feel hurt by LeeAnne, so that took away from it. LeeAnne says she had no malicious intent. Brandi asks how she’d like it if she filmed LeeAnne’s sunny-side up boobies. Omg, I can’t believe her. I think 1) LeeAnne is right; Brandi’s pissed because she’s not getting a rise out of her, 2) she’s overtired and yes, drinking too much, and 3) she’s also pissed that Stephanie is now friends with LeeAnne. In LeeAnne’s interview, she taps the bowl that makes the meditative sound, and keeps tapping.

LeeAnne says she didn’t sneak around to do it, and Kameron says it was about capturing the moment, not blackmail. Stephanie doesn’t think there was anything wrong about it, but understands why Brandi didn’t want her doing it. LeeAnne says it was deleted. Brandi says she’s insecure about that. How does she know? LeeAnne says Brandi can look at her phone. She shows D’Andra that it says, no photos or videos. LeeAnne says if it went elsewhere, she’d know who did it. Cary says, that’s true. LeeAnne says, it was done in innocence. No one gets the same amount of punishment, and LeeAnne thinks the street is unbalanced. Stephanie says it wasn’t malicious. Brandi says it’s a trust issue, and in her interview, whines once again about LeeAnne making up rumors that she’s an alcoholic and had a baby to save her marriage. Brandi says LeeAnne always has an agenda. She’ll use against Brandi when she gets mad at her. She’ll talk to everyone else, except her. In her interview, Brandi says, LeeAnne is pretending to be Zen, but can only keep it up for so long. She’s a good manipulator. LeeAnne says she’s not mad at Brandi, nor is she going to be, or let herself get that way. Brandi says she doesn’t trust LeeAnne. LeeAnne says she doesn’t trust Brandi either. LeeAnne says she’s not going down History Street again

In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Brandi wants to prove the old LeeAnne exists. She does. She just controls her better. It’s called maturity – try it. All LeeAnne can say is, sorry, she can’t trust Brandi. Brandi doesn’t think anyone there trusts LeeAnne.

Next time, Brandi calls the group fake bitches, D’Andra is on friend probation, and LeeAnne has her fashion show – one dress worn 175 ways.


Cassie heard sirens, and DEA and FBI agents raided the club. She got her gun ready, and then we saw, 24 hours earlier…

Cassie found out Xander was taking his wife to an Atlanta gala, when she thought it was over. He tossed an engagement ring to her as she was about to drive away.

Star’s biggest fear was depending on someone else. She told Jackson they weren’t from the same place. He didn’t understand.

Alex confronted Derek about the girl at the club, but he said it wasn’t like that. She had to trust him. He left, and she had a panic attack.

Maurice told Noah that he was cool with whatever Noah and Megan had going on, as long as it didn’t interfere with business. He said Noah was slipping, but Noah said, hits don’t come overnight. His plaques and Grammys spoke for themselves. Maurice said he needed to step up his game; there was always someone who wants it just as bad. Noah wondered if that was a threat, but Maurice said he was talking business.

Take 3 and Miss Bruce met with Maurice, who thought they needed to up their social presence game. He introduced Chloe, who he’d hired to help with that. He thought Noah needed to engage with the fans more. Miss Bruce said the festival was supposed to showcase Take 3, but Maurice said Noah was the comeback kid. Mateo hired him to do as he saw fit, and that’s how he sees it. Miss Bruce told Take 3 to take to the stage and figure it out. Star suggested getting Chloe’s attention on them. The girls were in.

Cassie wanted to go to the gala with Xander. He told her that Karma was too hot, and still had a rat problem that she was supposed to handle. It was affecting his business and reputation. He called Cassie a sloppy bitch, and told her fix it. Then he asked her to marry him.

The undercover girl told Derek not to lose his focus. If he worked smart and fast, they’d find a way to get closer to the action.

Cassie told her thug, Mike, they had to find and plug a leak. Derek came looking for a job, and Mike said he could use more manpower. Cassie told him that she was doing it for his granny, and what goes on in the club, stays in the club.

Noah was confronted by a girl whose DMs he was ignoring. She insisted they’d slept together when he was on tour, and he was so good, he gave her the clap. He said he’d never met her, but she showed him a photo of the two of them looking intimate. She wanted $20K or was going public. Maurice said the truth didn’t matter; it would be bad publicity. Megan said it was extortion, and they should call the authorities. She told Noah, whatever he decided, she’d make it work, but if he paid the blackmailer, she’d keep coming back. Noah went with his lawyer.

Star said she was all the baby has, and Jackson said she acted like he wasn’t a part of it. She wouldn’t move in with him, or even talk about it. It was his baby too, and he was going to be there every step of the way, but he and Star were done.

Mike told Derek he’d have to sweat to make cheese. If Derek wanted real money, mike said he’d contact his boys. Cassie sang, and Xander confronted her about Cotton going to the police. Cassie said it was a family problem, and Cotton had nothing to do with this. She had Cotton under control. He saw where that had gotten them, and said he wasn’t sitting back and letting her throw away the future. She said she had him, and he said he trusted her.

The accusations against Noah ended up on TV. Maurice asked if he was someone Megan wanted to be with.

Mike brought Derek in the back of the club, saying Jamal had been skimming off the top. Jamal said, just once, and Mike held a gun to his head. He asked Derek what he thought, and handed him the gun. Derek thought of his grandma, and took it. It was a set-up, and Mike was just seeing if Derek would have his back. Jamal said he almost believed him. Mike said Derek proved himself, and had a job. Derek said he was a quick learner. Mike told him to keep his mouth shut, and his grandma’s mortgage would be paid sooner than he thought. Cassie thinks she’s calling the shots, but she ain’t.

At the salon, Star said they were busting ass, but couldn’t get press. Cassie blew in, and told Cotton, you don’t snitch on family. Cotton told Cassie that she was paranoid, and Miss Bruce told Cassie, stop coming for family. Cassie insisted she was protecting them from the cops sniffing around Carlotta. Miss Bruce suggested she leave Xander alone. He beats her ass. Cassie told them it was none of their business. Miss Bruce said she was on a roller coaster ride she couldn’t get off.

Simone told Alex to quit pretending everything was okay, and talk to her. Alex said she thought Derek was cheating. She saw him and a girl at the club. Simone never saw a man more sure of his love, and said they’d been thought too much not to fight for what they had.

Cassie told Xander everything was locked down. Star came to Cassie’s office, and said Cassie was letting any man treat her any way. Cassie told her get the hell out. She didn’t know about life, especially Cassie’s. Star said she got her ass beat when she was with Hunter, and kept coming back. Something good was waiting on the other side of the decision if she dumped Xander.

Derek talks to the undercover girl before the club opens, and kisses her when Mike looks at them, but Simone sees them too. Maurice tried to convince Megan that Noah wasn’t who she thought, but Megan said every time she looked at Maurice, she saw their daughter. It was too painful. She needed to move on, and he had to let her. With Megan’s help, Noah proved the photo was fake. He said, whatever is done in the dark will come to light. He didn’t press charges, just wanting to focus on his music.

Star, Simone, and Alex created a ruckus, pretending to fight. Chloe fell for it, and filmed them. Alex said she was glad it was their last album, and Simone pretended to be shocked that Chloe was filming them. Alex grabbed her phone, and threw it.

That’s when it went back to the beginning. Cassie hearing sirens, and seeing the raid. And getting her gun ready.

Cassie confronted Xander at the gala. She thought he was coming alone, but he said his wife decided to come at the last second. She told him the feds raided the club, but she got out before they could talk to her. There was no evidence, since she wasn’t sloppy. He told her it wasn’t just cash; he had boys running drugs in her club. She said she should blow his brains out. Xander said he did it for them, so they’d never have to worry, and he was filing for divorce. He said he loved her, then asked her to take the fall. She slapped him instead.

Star brought Jackson to a new house where there was plenty room for a kid. She wanted Jackson there too. She couldn’t change the past or how it happened so fast, but she wanted to try and make sure the future was better. Jackson said it was too late, but Star asked him not to walk away. They’d both done that their entire relationship. She wanted the baby to have a functioning family, like Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv. Jackson didn’t know if they’d ever be that great, but they could try.

Derek told Alex it wasn’t what she thought, and she asked if it was payback for Noah. He said he couldn’t explain right then, and he got a call from undercover girl. Alex told him to go be with that bitch; she was done with him. He said he loved her more than anything.

Noah and Megan were walking outside, when a guy with a gun came up behind them, and knocked Noah down. He told Noah to stay down when Noah asked him not to hurt Megan.

At the studio, Alex told Simone she was right. Simone started crying, and said it wasn’t just about Alex and Derek, but her and Nina. Alex asked what she meant, but Star interrupted, telling them Chloe’s video of their fight went viral. She showed them the comments, and one said, not missing their last performance. Alex said, it happens all the time; people grow apart. Star said people were calling it their goodbye album. They were trying to help Carlotta, but they’re different artists with different dreams. Alex told Star that they did everything they said they would. Star said, they did more. Simone thought it was right. Their last album. Star said they were going to do it right.

As Take 3 went over their plans, behind the club, undercover girl tried to get Derek on the phone, but Mike grabbed her. Cassie put the ring back in the box. Mike strangled undercover girl. Cassie went to the cops, and turned herself in.

Next time, the finale, Xander says he always wins, Carlotta is back, and Noah pulls a gun on Derek.

✂ There was no great hair tonight, except for an extra dude in the studio with interesting dreads.

💅 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, once again, dog poop was the great leveler. When Melissa invited new wife Jackie and her kids over, they had to dance around an accident in the hallway. That’s right, no matter how much money you have, that dog is going to poop in the house. Jackie is a mom blogger, and said if anyone doesn’t like her style, she cordially invites them to go eff themselves. I like her already. Teresa pressured BroJoe to spend more time with their father. She’s still in training, and was fretting about an upcoming trip to Oklahoma, where no doubt her friends would encourage her to drink and eat. This prompted a great quote from trainer Tracy – no chicken pot pies for you.

🐛 Inching Toward the Weekend…





November 8, 2018 – Margaux Faces the Truth, MJ is Late to Her Wedding, Dallas Does Copenhagen & Sofreh Aghd


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Margaux drives with Sonny in the passenger seat. He asks if she’s sure, and she says, absolutely. He tells her that her mom wanted her father dead. She needs to ask herself, does she really want to hear her mother say those words?

Kim walks into Charlie’s. Julian senses it’s for a reason other than to see him. Kim says he senses correctly. She has to do something that goes back on her word to Oscar. She goes over to Oscar, who says he’s working. She knows Drew talked to him about a trip. Oscar says he turned Drew down. He wants control over his medical decisions. He’s looking forward to the lawsuit, and there’s nothing she can do about it. She tells him, don’t be so sure.

Josslyn comes in from practice. Carly is catching up on hotel business, and shuffling the loudest papers on the face of the earth. Josslyn asks if Carly is sure she’s okay. Carly says it was horrible, but she just wants them to find who did it, and lock them up. Josslyn wants to go change. Cameron is coming over, and they’re studying together.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s going to Josslyn’s house to study. She asks, what about Oscar? and Cameron says he doesn’t need to study; he quit school. She meant how is he going to feel about them spending time together? Cameron says he told her, he and Josslyn are just friends. He opens the door, and Chase and Jordan are there. He raises his hands and says he didn’t do it.

Curtis tells Kay that he needs to ID the areas that need to be addressed. Kay has to check on the staff, and steps out. Curtis texts Sam, 11 41 77. Kay comes back and asks who he’s texting. Is he checking or violating security?

Inside the mystery patient’s room, Sam and Jason see Nelle rocking a doll, and singing Rock-a-bye Baby to it.

Sonny tells Margaux, when he proves her mother was involved, it’s going to break her heart. He doesn’t want to do that. Margaux says he can back out, but if he does, she’ll know it’s a lie.

At Charlie’s bar, Daisy tells Kristina it looks like she’s hard at work. She should hang out with them more. Kristina thinks she’s one of those people who’s better off flying solo. Daisy suggests she’s creating an emotional barrier between her and everyone else. What would happen if she let go, and lived life openly?

Josslyn comes back down, and Carly wonders if she wants to look nice for Cameron. Josslyn says she was all smelly and gross from practice, and could they please not do this. Carly says she’s not trying pry, but Josslyn says that’s what it feels like. Carly says it’s nice seeing her smile. If Cameron is the reason, great, but rebound relationships can be tricky. Josslyn says she’s not on the rebound. Carly says it’s not criticism, just an observation. She and Cameron have been friends a long time. He’s supportive, and they have a lot in common. If Josslyn enjoys spending time with him, there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s about the two of them, and not a reaction to Oscar.

Cameron tells Chase and Jordan that he’s totally reformed. He doesn’t even jaywalk. Jordan says, keep it that way. Elizabeth apologizes, and pushes him out the door. Jordan says it’s okay; she’s had a teenage boy. They’ve come to speak to Franco, and hoping for advice. Franco asks if they want to know about expressionism, but Jordan says, nothing that esoteric. Franco says they’re here for special insight into the trick-or-treat murder. They think he did it.

Curtis tells Kay he was contacting an associate about their security analysis. There are areas that need improvement. She gave him access to their mainframe. He asks how she checked his credentials, and she says she checked the website. He says dozens of bad actors can whip up a website. She should have contacted the state agency. She says she’ll call right away.

Nelle calls the baby Jonah, and says daddy sent friends to visit. She tells them he sleeps through the night and never cries. Jason says she’s good, but Carly was better. Nelle says, sorry. Daddy didn’t send them; they’re mean, and he wouldn’t do that. Jason reminds Sam about when Carly was at Ferncliff, and pretended a pillow was baby Michael. He says she was amazing. He almost bought it, even though he knew she was faking. Sam says Nelle did her research, and is copying Carly. Unless it’s not an act. Maybe her obsession with Carly finally caused a break with reality, and she thinks she’s living Carly’s life.

Carly lets Cameron in. Josslyn says she set things up on the terrace. Carly says it’s cold out, but Cameron says it’s an astronomy project, and his house has more light pollution. Josslyn drags him outside, and he asks, where’s the fire? Why is she in a rush to get away from her mom? Josslyn says her mom is worried she’s rebounding. It’s kind of great because she buys it, but if they spend too much time around her, she’ll realize they’re faking, and the plan will blow up. Her mom says she should accept the break-up, and find a way to move on. Cameron says he’s with her mom on this one. Josslyn says her mom messed up a lot when she was younger, and stop her from making the same mistakes, but she wants to make her own mistakes. Not that this is a mistake. It’s going to work, because she knows Oscar still cares. They just need to make him jealous enough to admit it

Carly tells the guard to send her up. Kim comes to the door. She apologizes for just showing up, but she was hoping to speak to Josslyn.

Kristina tells Daisy that she’s not whining about her life. She has nothing to complain about. Unlike Oscar, who’s going through something major. She says it was nice of Daisy to give him a place to stay. Daisy says he’s great, and fits right in. Everybody is welcome.

Elizabeth says it was a horrendous crime, so Franco is the first person of interest? Jordan asks if he doesn’t work at Ferncliff. He says he’s not on staff, but goes there once or twice a month. Chase asks if he worked with Mary Pat, and Franco says they’re paths crossed. Elizabeth asks why they’re starting with Franco, and Chase says they thought he could provide insight. Franco says they don’t want to talk to him as an art therapist. They want to talk to Franco the killer.

Margaux checks the wire, and asks Sonny to say something. He says he takes the fifth. He’s sorry about what’s going to happen. He goes to the house, and rings the bell. Jeanette asks if she can help him, and he says he’d like to speak to her about her late husband. She invites him in, and asks if he’s from the insurance company. He says, no. He knew her in her previous life. She asks who he is, and what this is about. He says they have a friend in common. Her friend, his boss, Joe Skully. She says he was a client of her husband’s, and she met him a couple of times, but he certainly wasn’t a friend. Sonny says that’s not how he remembers it. She’d like him to leave, but he says she might want to hear him out. He knows a bit about her, her husband, and Skully. She asks what he wants, and he says he wants answers about why her husband was killed.

Carly asks Kim why she needs to speak to Josslyn. Kim says it’s about Oscar. Carly says he and Josslyn broke up; he dumped her. Kim says it’s a complicated situation, and asks if she can have five minutes. Carly doesn’t think it’s a good for Josslyn. She took the break-up hard, and she’s just starting to get back on her feet. Carly doesn’t want her to get hurt again.

Josslyn tells Cameron it’s easier in Australia. They look at the sky, and she says her dad is big on camping and sailing. He’d live his life outdoors if he had the chance. Long treks are their thing as a family, and this makes her miss him. She has one life with him, and a different one here. For various reasons, there’s not much overlap. Cameron wonders if he’s supposed to ask why, and she says her dad and Sonny hate each other. The one thing they agree on is they don’t want her to pick sides. She tries to stay neutral, but it leaves her sadly lacking in northern astronomy. Cameron says he was a PC Pioneer, and talks about the Northern Star being a constant in the night’s sky. If they stayed out all night, the other stars turn, but Polaris won’t move. She says, cool, and he looks at her.

Daisy tells Kristina that they’re helping to repair the Charles Street community center, and asks if she wants to help. Kristina says she’s the opposite of crafty, but Daisy says if she can carry a bag to the dumpster, she qualifies. Julian asks Kristina to keep eye on Oscar. He agreed to hire Oscar if he kept up with his schoolwork, but he doesn’t seem to be keeping his end of the deal. Oscar sits at a table trying to read, and rubbing his head.

Franco tells Chase and Jordan that he had a tumor, and wasn’t legally responsible for his actions. Jordan says they’re not pursuing criminal action, and Chase says they just want insight into what motivated the killer, and how they might have carried out their plan. Elizabeth tells Franco that he doesn’t have to, but Franco says he’ll share anything. He wants to help. If Elizabeth wants to leave, it’s okay, but she says nothing he says can shake her faith in him. Franco says, let’s do this.

On the phone, Kay says she has the Coil Protection consultant right there, and asks for advance notice next time they make a scheduled visit. Curtis asks if he checked out, and Kay says he knew he would. Sam texts Curtis that they need him asap, and Kay asks if there’s a problem.

Sam asks Nelle if she remembers who she talked to, Nelle talks to the pseudo baby, saying they want to make mommy say something she shouldn’t. Jason tells her that Ferncliff is worse than Pentonville, especially for someone like her. Sam says, without allies working to release her, she could find herself in a tighter trap.

Nelle says they think they’re so smart. This is just a stop along her way to freedom. Sam wonders who fooled Nelle into thinking this was a way out. Nelle says it worked for Carly. She had two counts of attempted murder, and didn’t go prison; she came there. Jason got her out, and now she’s back with her rich, happy family, sure that she won. She didn’t win. Carly isn’t beating her. When Nelle gets out, Carly is going to lose. Curtis walks in with Kay, and tells her to go on. Don’t let them interrupt.

Franco says, one word drives a killer- power. Absolute power over life and death. Jordan asks if that’s what drove him. Franco says he had a brain tumor, but his motive was always Jason. He was told Jason was his twin, and he wanted to be better, with more power and cunning. He wanted to be harder to catch. Chase says, so in his mind, it was competition. Franco suggests they talk to Doc. Different people might exhibit the same symptoms and psychosis, but they don’t’ always lead to murder. They came to the right place.

Carly tells Kim that Josslyn is trying to figure out how to move past her first heartbreak. She doesn’t want Josslyn hurt again. Kim says Oscar is hurting too. If Josslyn understood why, she’d be sympathetic.

Cameron points out a constellation. Josslyn gives him a token of thanks and appreciation. A Taurus keychain. He says he’s lost four house keys this year, and it will inspire him to be more careful. He thanks her, and his mom thanks her too. Josslyn asks if he told his mom, and he says, no, but she’s getting suspicious. She thinks they’re more than friends. Josslyn says then it’s working. She knows the last thing he wants to do is pretend to be her boyfriend. He tells her to stop apologizing. He gets someone to sit with at lunch, homework help, and a new keychain. She didn’t shoplift it, did she?

Kim tells Carly that Oscar doesn’t know she’s there. He’d be furious. Carly says maybe she should trust that he knows what’s best. She says the point is that he doesn’t. She thinks Josslyn is the only person who can get through to him. Cameron and Josslyn come back in, goofing around and laughing. Josslyn asks what Kim is doing there.

Julian asks if Oscar is okay, and has Kristina get him some water. Oscar tells him not to make a big deal. Sometimes a headache is just a headache. Kristina asks if he wants some aspirin, but he says it usually goes away in a couple of minutes. Julian wants to call the hospital. Daisy thinks maybe she can help. She puts her hands on his head, and tells him to hold his breath, then let it out.

Sonny says Jeanette has good scotch; he appreciates good liquor. He tells her that he owns a restaurant, and ran a couple of nightclubs. Back in the day, he worked at the Skylight in Brooklyn. He used to see her, and thought she was one of Skully’s girlfriends; he didn’t know she was married to his lawyer. She says he must have her confused with someone else, but he says he’s not confused. She went to Skully’s apartment all the time, then stopped coming. She asks what he wants, and he says her husband’s body was found in the basement of Charlie’s Pub. She says she’s aware of that. He says the cops suspect someone close to him, and they’re being harassing. She says, if they’re guilty, they should pay, but he says she knows better than anyone that they’re not. She says she didn’t know her husband was dead until recently. For all she knew, he was in the Caribbean. Sonny says she knew he wasn’t hiding. She knew he was dead. She wanted Skully to kill him. She says that’s a lie, but he says he has proof – her own words.

Nelle says the mean people are leaving. Kay asks Curtis if Jason and Sam are his associates. He says they gained access to the most restricted area. Sam says Nelle isn’t supposed to be there, but Nelle tells Kay not to listen. She’s crazy, and she’s supposed to be there. These are Carly’s friends. Kay says if she’s saying she’s crazy, she’s not crazy. She tells Curtis that he has a team of outstanding professionals. She’ll report this right away. We’ll just let it slide that there should probably be further diagnosis.

Franco says at his worst, he was told he was very charming. He was an artist who’d had some success, and people wanted to know him, but he didn’t let them. He was an egomaniac, and manipulated people. He didn’t differentiate between right and wrong, or good and evil. Jordan wonders if the killer is someone who’s respected, but hiding their true nature. Franco thinks they should talk to Doc. Whoever killed the nurse, enjoyed it. Jordan’s phone rings. She says it’s forensics, and they have to go. She thanks them. Franco says the killer part of whoever it is needs to be fed. He won’t stop until they stop him.

Carly says Kim would like to talk to Josslyn about Oscar. Josslyn says anything she has to say, she can say in front of Cameron. Kim’s phone rings, and she has to take it. Julian tells her that she might want to come back. Oscar has a bad headache, and he’s refusing to go to the hospital. She jets, and Josslyn wonders if it was about Oscar.

Sonny tells Jeanette that she wanted Skully to kill her husband. It was the only way they could be together. She asks if he was spying on them, and says, unless he has a recording, then they have nothing to talk about. Sonny can’t figure her out. Was she in love with Skully or playing him? Either way, she wasn’t discreet. The first rule of thumb – don’t put it in writing. She says, no, and checks the desk. Margaux listens in. Jeanette says, they’re here, and Sonny says, where else would they be? He gets why she kept them when Skully was alive; they were leverage. But why keep them after he was dead? She says he’s right. She should have gotten rid of them. She tells Sonny that Skully got him started in the business, and was good to him. This has nothing to do with him. Sonny says someone he cares about is being wrongly accused. He wants the truth to come to light. Jeanette says she’s going to burn them, and he can’t do anything about it. Margaux walks in, and says, maybe he can’t, but she will.

Kim sees Daisy working on Oscar. He says his headache is gone, and asks how she did it. She says she didn’t; he did. He says she talked him through it; she’s amazing. She says she’s glad to help. Julian apologizes to Kim for the false alarm. Maybe Oscar was right; sometimes it’s just a headache. He asks how it went with Josslyn, and Kim says it didn’t. That ship has sailed. Her only option in fighting for Oscar’s life is in court.

Kristina asks Daisy how she did that. Daisy says any of her friends could do the same thing. Kristina asks if it’s something they learned. If it is, she wants to learn. Daisy takes out a book, and tells her to try reading this. It might help in her own life. Kristian looks at the book – Every Day is a New Dawn.

Franco asks Elizabeth if talking about his past freaked her out. She knows the past is in the past. She admires that he was willing to revisit it to help the police. He tells her that it’s just an act, and it’s not the killer’s last performance. He says he can do more to help the police. He can go to the dark side if they need him to.

Sam says she’ll get in touch with Spinelli, and he can hack into Ferncliff’s mainframe. Maybe he can figure out the name of Carly’s neighbor. Jason says someone is going through a lot of trouble to cover up. They can’t get even get a name, and within days of Carly’s visit, the patient was moved and replaced with Nelle. Sam doesn’t think it can’t be a coincidence.

Cameron leaves after reminding Josslyn where the Northern Star is. She goes back in, and Carly ask if she had fun. Josslyn says they finished their astronomy project. For a guy who pretends to be a dumb jock, Cameron knows a lot about stars. Carly says so does Josslyn, but Josslyn says she’s a novice in the north. Carly is glad she enjoyed her time with Cameron, and Josslyn asks that they leave it at that. She ask if Kim said anything about Oscar, but Carly says, no. Whatever she wanted to talk about, she guesses Kim changed her mind. The bell rings, and Carly wonders why the guards didn’t call.

Jordan and Chase are at the door. Chase says they need Carly to come down to the station and answer some questions. Carly asks, about what? and he says, there was DNA evidence on Mary Pat’s body. Jordan says, and it’s Carly’s DNA.

Tomorrow, Margaux says she came for the truth, Carly wonders why Ava isn’t a person of interest, and not-Doc is ready and waiting for Ava.

Shahs of Sunset

MJ had a random, crazy dream about planning a wedding. Then she and Tommy were back in therapy, and her wedding dress fitting was a disaster. She was in Vegas and there was a prenup. She was writing checks to pay for the wedding with her best friend from third grade, Kerry. There was a rehearsal dinner, and her mom gave her a wonderful surprise. After that, it was kind of a nightmare. Tommy was making fun of her. Holy! This is actually happening. She’s supposed to get married today.

Terry tells MJ she’s getting married in a few hours. Johnny calls she asks what best man’s job is today, and if he can make sure Tommy isn’t blackout drunk by the time he walks down the aisle. She’s worried he’s going to be drunk through the entire wedding. She can’t really do anything about it, but probably should.

Tommy is already drinking. Tommy gives out fresh Jordans to all the groomsmen. He says, it’s going to be a pretty Persian affair, with some NYC flavor.

Kerry asks Jesus to take the wheel. It’s three and a half hours until the wedding. MJ finally gets out of the pool. She goes back to the bridal suite, where Lenora meets her. Reza arrives. He thinks if MJ had married in her twenties, she’d be divorced by now. When she met Tommy, she knew who she was as a person. She met him on Tinder, and it effing panned out.

Destiney goes to Mona’s to get her makeup done. The glam team arrives. Destiney wants Sophia Loren Hollywood glamour. Nema says, at a Persian wedding, there will be a room of people judging what you’re wearing and how expensive it looks. They’re sizing you up immediately, and deciding whether to let you into the circle. Shervin and GG show up together, followed by Mike. There are lots of sparkles on the girls.

MJ realizes it was a huge mistake not insisting on another fitting. She wishes she could turn back time. Designer Pedram comes with the dress. He adjusts MJ’s spanx. She wiggles into the dress. The bodice isn’t tight enough, and she says she’d rather have a nip slip than wide boobs. She wants it tighter with mega cleavage. She doesn’t want to feel like an a-hole; she wants to feel pretty. Reza thinks the dress has no structure al. All they have is the exoskeleton; they didn’t get the shell. He tells MJ whatever she needs to do, they’ll do.

MJ wants her eye makeup to look like Princess Jasmine on crack. She starts going over her vows, but thinks everything sounds cliché. He tells her that she needs something. Vida enters, and immediately criticizes MJ’s makeup, saying MJ looks Chinese, and she hopes MJ turns into Persian. Reza says she can’t help herself. In his interview, he says Vida won’t be able to control herself today. As much love as she has for her daughter, Vida is Vida, and will tear someone’s head off. At the end of the day, she’s a tiger, and will eff you up. Vida says she told MJ what she wants, and won’t be ignored. She gives directions to the glam squad. Reza laughs. In MJ’s interview, she says her mom’s criticism is pressing her buttons. Vida thinks MJ’s makeup is too heavy and dark. She starts berating makeup artist Marine, saying she’s MJ’s mama, and they have to listen. She starts yelling about being ignored. In her interview, Vida says she worked in the cosmetic department for thirty years. The more she tries to be nice, the more she’s ignored. Now it’s too late. MJ apologizes to Marine for Vida’s behavior, saying she knows how Persian moms are. She tells Vida, talk sh*t to her own people. MJ feels like a tsunami has taken over everything. Vida complains to Kerry. MJ doesn’t know why God gave Vida a child who wants to be dark, when Vida wants Morgan Fairchild.

It’s noted that GG is no longer wearing her ring. In her interview, GG says she got married for the wrong reasons. He wanted to get married. GG doesn’t think marriage is a good idea, but wishes MJ the best. They toast at Mona’s.

MJ comes out fully dressed. Reza says they basically cut the scoop on the neck, and she looks stunning fully made up. She does look pretty. Like a princess. Vida knocks repeatedly, but MJ says her mom isn’t allowed in until later. Now she’s surrounded by the people who make her feel good. All the green M&Ms have been extracted. Vida finally gets in. There’s silence, and then she says, very beautiful. In MJ’s interview, she says the love thing looks good on Vida. She should wear it more often. They put the blusher (front veil) on MJ, and she starts to cry. Pedram says Shams will be there with her, walking her down the aisle. In her interview, MJ says her dad was all right with Tommy, who will fill that void as her husband. He was her best friend, and always will be. We see a Shams flashback. MJ says she’s winging the vows. Everyone leaves except Reza.

At Mona’s, the card is signed. It’s getting close to time, so they head to the venue. Destiney feels that she’s blessed to be around them. They’re lives are changing. The wedding itself is a blessing, but it’s also a blessing for them to be there together, going through a new journey in life. Several of them have never been to a Muslim wedding. Me neither. They take pictures and mingle with the other guests. There’s an aroosi box for the money, and Destiney explains that money is given to start a new life with this person. Ha-ha! A baby in a tux. He doesn’t look happy about it though. Shervin says he’d cry too, if Mike was holding him like that. The centerpieces on the tables are just beautiful. Music begins to play.

Everyone gets seated. Mike wants a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres. MJ has a run in her bodice from picking up a child. In MJ’s interview, she doesn’t want to feel pressure, and this isn’t helping. She wishes she’d practiced walking in her dress and that she wrote vows. She feels pale. It’s forty-five minutes past the wedding time. Vida swears MJ was ready. Tommy looks nervous, and says, good times… Mike says, in true MJ fashion, she’s even late for her own wedding. MJ looks for the vodka. Reza tells her to enjoy herself, and focus on herself. She’s marrying the love of her life, she has eggs on ice, let’s go get married.

The entrance music starts – Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major, more popularly known as the theme from Ordinary People. Mike says, let’s get this party started. Tommy comes down the aisle, and slaps hands along the way. In his interview, he says it’s the easiest decision he ever made in his life. Neither one of them would mesh well with a lot of people, but they work. Aw, I like him. Vida is glad MJ has someone in her life to share her life with. She’s happy with Tommy, so Vida is happy with Tommy. She gained a son and it’s wonderful. It’s one hour past start time. MJ takes a deep breath.

Tommy says it’s an overwhelming moment. There are a lot of people there, and the longer he stands there, the longer he feels like an idiot. Reza comes down, and the flower girls spread petals. The bride follows. At the top of the stairs, she says, okay; she’s going. And it’s like Lucille Ball going down the stairs in that big headdress. Someone wisely helps carry the veil. I think MJ is a little drunk. She greets everyone along the way, hugging and chatting. Mike wonders if she’s ever been to a wedding; it’s not a concert. You go down the aisle to the groom, who’s been waiting an hour and a half. You can hug and kiss afterward at the reception. Tommy tells her that she looks phenomenal. She tells him to put the veil back. He does, and leads her the rest of the way. She asks the crowd if everything looks okay. Tommy steps on her veil. In her interview, MJ says the wedding is so them. Imperfections and bridal faux pas. They’re two clumsy people.

The officiant says they’ve been waiting a long time, so he thinks a short sermon is in order. MJ tells Tommy that she can’t believe this is happening. The officiant explains the sofreh aghd, and the significance of each item on the table. It’s similar to the new year’s table, except for the eggs equaling the number of children to come. Next is the sugar ceremony. The sugar cloth is held over the couple. MJj nearly trips on Julio, who is wandering around, probably looking for food. The officiant asks Tommy if he takes MJ, and he says, abso-effing-lutely. The officiant says, elegantly put. In his interview, Mike says it was in true Tommy fashion. They love each other so much, it oozes from them. He’s happy MJ found Tommy. He’s rough around the edges, but his heart is pure, and his love for her abundant. The couple stands in front of the mirror. Tommy says he’s keeping the vows short, but MJ wants long vows. He says he’s never seen a smile like hers. She’s his kryptonite. She’s a smart, sexy, lunatic of a woman. He’s going to do everything he can every day to make her smile as much as possible. If he can do that, everything else will take care of itself. Vida says, thanks [sic] God.

MJ tells him that she couldn’t do the vows in advance. She says when she met him and started to love him more, all she wanted to do was love hm more. Reza starts laughing, and gets Tommy laughing. MJ tells Tommy, STFU; she’s talking to him. She says she can’t do this, and says, for better or worse blah-blah-blah. She tells Reza, get out of the frame. She tells Tommy that everybody there loves them, and he’s also one of those people. Tommy says, the bar is open. She says all she wants in life, is to make him feel more loved than today. The traditional do you take is done, and the rings are exchanged. MJ’s ring is the one her father gave to her mom. The officiant says the rings symbolize an unbroken circle of love. He tells the guests that the honey is tasted to sweeten their mouths for their first kiss. Reza holds the honey, and they dip their pinkies in, then feed each other. MJ and Tommy are pronounced husband and wife, and Tommy may kiss his bride. Everyone cheers. MJ and Tommy make out. In MJ’s interview, she says she was once that girl who wouldn’t put on a wedding dress, tried to convince her friends not to get married because they’d only get divorced, and couldn’t see a reason for marriage. She’s taking a leap of faith. What makes this so meaningful is that they’re doing it with their friends and family. It’s better than the prom or Valentine’s Day.

The reception décor is simple and elegant; white and gold everything. In Mike’s interview, he says he had insecurities, and projected them at weddings he was invited to. He realized it just wasn’t for him and Jessica, but hopes it works out for MJ and Tommy, and someday for him. Vida says this is her daughter’s wedding, so she can have the filet mignon and the lobster. Adam tells Reza that GG isn’t wearing her ring. Reza thinks that could mean one of two things. GG is growing or she hocked that MF’ing ring when she found out how much she could get. We flash back to the jeweler telling her it’s worth $165K.

The DJ introduces the newly married couple, and starts to spin. MJ wears a white lace jumpsuit. Sammy tells Reza it’s good to be in love with someone that much; it’s very sweet. Tommy and MJ dance, and everyone cheers again. Outside, Reza asks Adam if he liked the ceremony, and he says it was lovely. Reza says, thank God MJ was a trooper, and she had a great time. He talked to Brent, and the house is on track. He feels good, and thinks they can put the condo on the market, and start looking for eggs. He’s cool with fronting the money, if they use the condo money to pay for the kid. That way, they’ve both kicked in. He doesn’t want to feel like it’s always him. He wants it to be a team effort. When it feels one-sided, he thinks it’s an imbalanced relationship. He wants an even playing field. Adam thinks he needs to communicate more. Reza tells Adam, zip it, which doesn’t go over well. Adam doesn’t like his tone. That escalated quickly. Reza says, chill. Adam fronts like a white person in front of others, but at home, annihilates him. He calls Adam slick as sh*t, and says he needs a team player. Adam says he’s on board, and they’ll use the proceeds from the condo to get the eggs. Reza wants a pact from now going forward; it’s going to be a team effort. He sits on Adam’s lap, saying he wants to be Adam for a moment. In Reza’s interview, he says sometimes weddings bring out the best in people. Maybe the this one is having a profound impact on Adam. He’s showing Reza that he gets it.

Mike talks to his mom outside. He tells her that he gets emotional at weddings. In his interview, he says his mom is his best friend. She’s a cancer survivor, and his confidant. He tells her a lot of baggage came along when he got divorced. He’s the reason his parents were upset. His mom says she was unhappy for him when she saw him sad. He says it was hard for him, and she asks if he was innocent in the relationship. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s the first one to divorce in his family. He wishes he could do it over, and not make the same mistakes. His mom tells him that he’ll find the person who will take him and his baggage. She guarantees it. She tells him to put the divorce behind him. Mike is ready forgive himself, and move on. He’s ready for the woman of his dreams, having children, and tackling forty.

Everyone hits the dance floor. Reza asks GG about Nema, and she says she’s having fun with him. In her interview, she says she feels like a vixen (not a word we hear very often today); very Angelina Jolie. She tells Reza that Nema helped her a lot lately. We flash back to Nema reworking her website. Reza says Nema is super into her, so he’s more present. GG says he’s been there. She kept thinking he was going to try something, but he hasn’t. He’s been genuine. He’s good people. Mike and Shervin join them. Reza says he and GG were having a moment. Forty years from now, they’ll look back and say, do you remember? He says GG is like a flower blossoming. Someone hacked the garden, but she’s blooming again. Nema and Destiney sit with them. Reza says GG was saying some beautiful sh*t about Nema. GG says he’s been nothing but helpful. She thought it came with a catch, but it didn’t. Nema says anything for her. Reza says they might talk sh*t, but they have their moments. They’ve been together through thick and thin, and when push comes to shove, if any of them needed anything, they could pick up the phone, and one of them would be there. They’re hard on each other, but they step the f**k up.

The cake is next. It’s square, white layers, gilded in gold filigree and flowers. They feed each other without incident, although there was a tense moment. In his interview, Reza says his biggest fear was that he and Adam would have to take care of MJ because she’d be alone, but when Tommy came into her life, he had hope. Now she’s married. MJ climbed her way up to the top, broke nails, and lost a weave along the way, but she did it. He tells the guests that he told Tommy, don’t let the gay exterior fool you. He’d eff him up if he ever hurt MJ. Reza is honored and humbled to be part of the wedding. He didn’t think it would ever happen. He thanks MJ for the honor, and thanks Tommy for treating her like the queen she is. He tells Tommy that he’s one of them. He congratulates them, and wishes them both the best in life. He loves them. Best man Johnny gets up. He says Tommy has made a lot of boneheaded decisions in his day, but joining Tinder wasn’t one of them. It was certainly love at first swipe. He recognizes those who are there in spirit, including heaven’s newest angel from the group, King Shams. We all tear up.

Bagpipers walk through, playing Amazing Grace. MJ says they vibrated into her soul. It was an amazing homage to her father, and Tommy filling the void as her husband. It’s time to embrace a new chapter.

MJ says they’re all severe works in progress. The wedding is a rite of passage for all of them. She knows they’re all inching their way to growing up. It’s time to make some babies. The dancing continues.

Next time, The Reunion.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

The ladies arrive in Copenhagen is. Stephanie still doesn’t know where it is, and hopes they speak English. Cary says the circus has arrived. They get on the limo bus and have champagne. Today is a chill day, with a nice dinner at the hotel. Tomorrow is the album release party. Kameron says she’ll wear her leather jacket. LeeAnne asks who she is. She wants Kameron to go gangster rapper. Kameron took a pill to sleep, and don’t think it’s worn off. Kameron spills champagne on D’Andra, and says karma’s a bitch. In her interview, D’Andra says Kameron is the bitch who spilled the champagne.

They’re met with more drinks at the hotel, and are led to the penthouse suites. The design is as you would think, Scandinavian furniture, sparse clean lines, and minimalist beautiful. Stephanie thinks everything is small and it’s super weird. Kameron brought three pairs of pajamas, but that’s just the beginning. She unpacks a thousand items. When she gets to the shoes, she explains that some of them have a two-hour limit. LeeAnne is astounded at the amount she’s packed.

D’Andra tells Cary that she’s looking forward to the trip, but dreads hearing that people are talking about her. Cary says the only thing they’re talking about is Beaver Creek. In her interview, Cary says the entire Dallas society wasn’t there, so one of six leaked the information. She’s guessing Kameron or LeeAnne.

In her interview, Stephanie explains Brandi’s idea of getting really drunk to see if LeeAnne will call her an alcoholic to her face. Stephanie thinks Brandi should just tell LeeAnne that she knows what was said, and face her head-on. Pretending to be an alcoholic to have a conversation seems passive aggressive. I’d use the word stupid, but okay.

Cary says Copenhagen is a trendy food destination, and food is her thing. She’s discovered a Michelin Star restaurant where they go for dinner. The waitress tells them a new menu was launched today. Sweetbread is on it, and Stephanie thinks fancy food is disgusting. People trying to act like they know what they’re talking about, and paying a high price for sh*t no one else wants to eat. Kameron says the menu is intense, and can’t find anything she wants. She likes hamburgers and fries, and doesn’t have a sophisticated eating palate. Um… she doesn’t have a sophisticated turn of phrase either. I think it would be just palate. They toast to Denmark.

Carly says, tomorrow, they have a choice of touring a brewery or a cooking class. Brandi announces that she likes all alcohol. She’s doing the brewery. In her interview, Brandi’s plan is to be an alcoholic, so she’s getting as wasted as possible. Game on. Scallops arrive, but Kameron can’t do raw. The waitress gives everyone a shot, and tells them to say, skoal, when they drink. LeeAnne gives Brandi hers. I guess it’s not that tasty, since Brandi ends up drinking nearly everyone’s shot, then has some wine. Cary takes it away. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Brandi is proving her point; she’s a drunk. I can’t believe LeeAnne can’t figure this out. Brandi makes a pyramid with the glasses, and Cary puts a shot glass on top. In her interview, Brandi says she was a Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleader. She knows how to make a pyramid. Stephanie didn’t know Brandi was going to go this far, playing a game with LeeAnne, and thinks she’s only hurting herself.

Cary asks about LeeAnne’s wedding plans. LeeAnne says when she gets back, she and Rich are checking out the Cathedra of Hope. Cary asks how dress shopping went. LeeAnne wishes D’Andra had been there, but D’Andra says LeeAnne didn’t call until the day of, and she’s busy running a business. Cary wonders why they’re having trouble communicating. Kameron asks why D’Andra didn’t call LeeAnne, and D’Andra says it’s none of her business. It’s between her and LeeAnne, not the three of them. LeeAnne says, it’s a lot. She doesn’t know where this is coming from. Cary wants to hear both sides, and Kameron tells her to watch out; she’ll get attacked. In her interview, Cary says Kameron likes to push buttons, and D’Andra is like the dashboard on a 747. D’Andra feels ganged up on. Kameron says she’s being a good friend, but D’Andra doesn’t feel like she is, and tells her to stay out of it. Kameron tells D’Andra to look at her level, and asks if this is how D’Andra’s mother yelled at her. At this point, people are starting to look at them. D’Andra says Kameron is condescending, and she’s not putting up with this crap from her or anyone else. Kameron asks what she did to D’Andra. D’Andra says Kameron left the party after Jeremy’s mural unveiling. Kameron says she felt attacked, and felt D’Andra was also attacking her mother-in-law. D’Andra says she never did that, and Kameron calls her a liar. D’Andra says she’s full of crap. In her interview, Cary says they’re both acting like monkeys in the restaurant. Kameron is worried about the vocal level. Brandi looks like she has a headache. Kameron says D’Andra has gone from a butt plug to a butt dart, and leaves.

Cary decides to pay the bill. Brandi wonders what’s happened. She’s so drunk, she has no clue what’s going on. Her plan was foiled. D’Andra sees Kameron at the elevator. D’Andra doesn’t want to be near her, and Kameron says, disgusting. Kameron says she’s never done anything to D’Andra, and D’Andra came against her at the lake, and attacked her. D’Andra says, no, you, and Kameron calls her a psycho. She can’t be around D’Andra; she’s delusional. In her interview, Kameron says this is the second time she’s been attacked. She tells the other girls that D’Andra is nuts. The elevator opens, and D’Andra is in it, like this is some creepy horror film. Kameron says she’s not getting in. She says she doesn’t know what happened at the lake, and D’Andra says blah-blah-blah Jeremy. Kameron says she doesn’t even know him. Drunk Brandi goes back and forth between D’Andra and Kameron, trying to shush them and make peace. Eventually, the group splits up, and some go with D’Andra. Kameron asks why she would hurt D’Andra. LeeAnne agrees it’s ridiculous. Kameron says she’d never intentionally hurt someone. Stephanie thinks D’Andra feel judged by her mom, and everyone else. She claims she doesn’t care, but Stephanie thinks she does.

LeeAnne says people get angry, but no matter how much buttons are pushed, it can be expressed without elevating. LeeAnne says she’s doing well so far. D’Andra says LeeAnne has only been at it six months. LeeAnne says D’Andra is not always right, but she’s acting like she is. In her interview, LeeAnne says, grow the eff up. Kameron keeps asking what she did. Cary doesn’t know. In Cary’s interview, she says she’s never seen Kameron this upset, and thinks it’s because it involves her family. LeeAnne comes back, saying D’Andra wants to prove she’s right. Kameron says, tell her she can win; she doesn’t care. In Kameron’s interview, she says D’Andra has been poking at LeeAnne for months, but she better watch out. D’Andra joins the group, and says clearly, something was up. How would Jimmy know if Kameron hadn’t told her? Kameron says Jimmy is her best friend; of course she told her. In her interview LeeAnne calls bullsh*t on D’Andra not caring what people think. She cares so much, it’s pathetic. Kameron asks why D’Andra is bringing her mother-in-law into it. LeeAnne tries to say something, and D’Andra tells her, shut up. LeeAnne stands up on the couch, like she’s going to crack D’Andra. Brandi tells them, stop it, and gets in between them. LeeAnne tells D’Andra, don’t tell her to shut up, and don’t put her finger in her face. Kameron asks D’Andra to leave the room. In her interview, Cary says, congratu-effing-lations. D’Andra got LeeAnne to react. LeeAnne says she’s going to bed. D’Andra’s aggressive behavior is rubbing off on her. She’s exhausted with D’Andra never being wrong, and everyone else is. She’s exhausted. Her weave is exhausted. The panty liner in her underwear is exhausted. In Stephanie’s interview, she says the two phrases, I’m sorry and I’m wrong, go a long way. Everyone should try it. She thinks Brandi wants more show, since her plan didn’t work. It was the worst idea. Go home. You’re drunk. LeeAnne tells Kameron, this is insane. Stephanie needs a tequila shot and a hug. Cary says, best first night of a trip ever.   

The view from the rooms is spectacular. Stephanie asks Brandi if she’s alive. In her interview, Stephanie guesses Brandi’s plan executed perfectly in her mind, but she got nothing accomplished except throwing up fish. Bleh. Stephanie says Brandi sure showed LeeAnne last night, and I laugh. Brandi feels like a pile of sh*t. Kameron thinks she knows which one of them needs anger management, and does an imitation of D’Andra, using a devil voice. LeeAnne says if D’Andra’s head turns around, she’s getting out.

Cary and D’Andra are going to learn to make Danishes in Denmark. D’Andra is glad to be cooking after last night. She’s shocked an adult woman would try to clock her. Cooking is relaxing; her therapy. And she’s in need of therapy. Stephanie tells LeeAnne that if she wants to go beering (not a word in any language), meet them there. They ask the driver how far away the brewery is, but he doesn’t understand English. They try again using Scandinavian accents.

Brandi says after throwing up all morning, she’s ready for some hair of the dog. They taste different beers. One is called Jerry’s Hole, and they make jokes the bartender doesn’t get, and it’s probably just as well.

Cary goes to the cooking class. D’Andra joins her. It’s going to be just the two of them.

Kameron thinks the brewery is adorable. It does sort of look like Ikea in bar form. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s opting for beer, which she can’t stand, instead of being with D’Andra. Kameron doesn’t know what there is to work out; she did nothing wrong. D’Andra twists everything. If Karmeron says, hi, she’ll say she’s being attacked. Brandi says D’Andra is in a better space today. LeeAnne tells her to go ask if D’Andra isn’t going to poke her today.

Cary and D’Andra bake.

LeeAnne says she wanted to punch D’Andra. Thank God, Cary grabbed her arm. It’s a good thing she left. LeeAnne and Kameron think it’s not fair. LeeAnne feels like her standards are Statue of Liberty level, and D’Andra’s are in the basement. In LeeAnne’s interview, she wants to keep focused on her peaceful journey. She’s not letting it happen. Everyone agrees that LeeAnne has been great with holding her temper, but Brandi doesn’t say anything.

D’Andra tells Cary that she can’t move forward. When she tries to talk to one, the other inserts themselves; it’s like a tag team. In her interview, D’Andra feels badly about how she handled her anger. She was wrong. The chef calls the pastry spandauer, and they sit to eat. Cary says they just made Danishes in Denmark, and they clink glasses.

Stephanie and Brandi call home. Stephanie calls her husband, and Brandi calls her mom. They get ready for the album release party. Cary says it’s going to be hipster. She’s worried about seeing her family. It’s been twenty-five years. What if they think she’s weird or don’t like her? Cary says hello to a million cousins. In her interview, she says it’s calming to be around family. She’s still shaken from the blow-up. The band’s name is Eugenia, and comprised of Cary’s cousin Camilla, and her husband Johan. They’re well-known on the European Indy pop culture circuit. LeeAnne says it’s a cool vibe; they don’t fit in there. Kameron thinks she fits in, since it’s an artsy crowd. The band is pretty good. I like foreign pop, and I’m feeling it. Carly hasn’t seen Camilla since she was eight-years-old, but she feels a sense of joy. She feels connected, and being there is surreal. It feels like her dad handed off the torch, and she wants to pass it to Zuri, so she can have that connection in the future.

Back at the hotel, everyone goes to the bar. Cary thanks them for coming, and they do some shots. LeeAnne thanks her for letting them share her experience. Cary says she wanted to cry at the party, but then she felt like a dork. LeeAnne says they’ve all come a long way. In Brandi’s interview, she says she tried to drink everything on the table. Her plan didn’t work, but she’s not letting that bitch get away with it.

Brandi tells LeeAnne that Mama Dee claimed LeeAnne called Brandi an alcoholic. They had a conversation at the lake. LeeAnne doesn’t believe she said that. We flash back to her telling Dee that Brandi only seems to appreciate D’Andra when she’s drunk. Cary says LeeAnne said Brandi was an alcoholic at Kameron’s party. LeeAnne says the only time she’s seen Brandi lately is when she’s been drinking. We flash back to that… and that… and that, and LeeAnne says that doesn’t mean she’s an alcoholic. Kameron doesn’t think she said that; it’s a big word. In Cary’s interview, she thinks Kameron is being a p*ssy, siding with LeeAnne because they’re better friends. Brandi says the adoption isn’t final yet, and something like that could hurt her. LeeAnne apologizes, but Brandi doesn’t think she’s sorry. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she said it in a moment of anger. In her interview, LeeAnne says it’s not like she calls up adoption agencies, and says that Brandi is an alcoholic. Stephanie tells Brandi, no one thinks that. Kameron hugs Brandi, who has something hard to say. She was never an alcoholic, but when she was at her lowest point, she was drinking a bottle of wine a night. And there have been triggers going on. In Brandi’s interview, she says Bryan had been traveling a lot with work, and things got harder. We flash back to when they were having dinner in a restaurant, and he walked out. She says she closed herself off, and resorted to drinking wine. In her interview, LeeAnne doesn’t think Brandi is sophisticated enough to be an alcoholic. They have to hide their problem. She thinks Brandi is just a drunk.

To be continued…

Next time, jumping on trampolines, a canal trip, nakey swimming, and Brandi calls LeeAnne a manipulative bitch.

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The Sofreh Aghd table…

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November 7, 2018 – Britt Meets Another Friend, Chandler Makes Screwing Up an Art Form, Lil Dini Joins the Festival, the Deal & Happy Trails


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the beginning because of Sessions getting the boot. Whatever happened to them just running a headline at the bottom of the screen?

Nina gives Maxie a pair of shoes, and wishes her a happy belated birthday. She figured shoes were a safe bet. She apologizes for not being with her the night before; she didn’t want Maxie to be alone on her first birthday without Nathan. Maxie says she wasn’t alone, and Nina asks, who was with her?

Peter and Lulu go to Charlie’s. Lulu can’t believe the election was tampered with. Peter says things are happening fast, and there’s so much to cover. He might push her final chapter of the Ryan Chamberlain story. She says, fine with her. She isn’t so sure it should be published at all now. It might have inspired someone to murder that nurse.

Kay asks not-Doc how his patient is, and he says, resting. She says he’s so heavily sedated, she wonders how he could be resting. He’s in a black hole. Not-Doc tells her it’s necessary until extra security measures are put in place.

Carly tells Jason that she takes it back. She doesn’t want him going near Ferncliff. It’s her issue, she’ll do it on her own. He tells her, too late. Curtis comes in saying he’s from the Coil Protective Services, and he’s been retained to look for irregularities in a state-run facility.

Spencer tells Laura that his father made mistakes. People do wrong things for the right reasons. The way she talked about prosecuting whoever upset the election seemed scary. Did she mean it? She tells him, to corrupt an election is to destroy the fabric of democracy, even on a small scale. She can’t allow it to stand. Spencer says now she has time to campaign and win, but she says she’d rather have lost than see something like this happen in her home town. He says he didn’t realize, and he’s sorry. She says he doesn’t have to be. In a strange way, it’s a perfect ending to an unbelievably late day. She has something to tell him, and she’s afraid it might make him feel sadder, but he has the right to know. He asks if it’s about Doc. He already knows.

Not-Doc tells Kay they’re under Intense scrutiny, as they should be. it’s even more important now to keep people from getting into certain rooms, like Mr. Wilson’s. Kay says no one will get into his room without her permission, and not-Doc says, excellent.

Carly is concerned Curtis will be recognized. He says he only dealt with Mary Pat. He can’t help thinking she’s somehow connected to the mystery patient. Perhaps she knew something. Carly says that might be why they’re taking extra measures to keep him under wraps

Britt is astonished that Michael is the baby’s father, and asks, how?… what?… why? She congratulates him for rendering her speechless. Brad says he’s many things, but proud isn’t one of them. She says he really is a wreck. She’s never known him to feel shame, and he says he never took a newborn from its father. Britt begs to differ, but he says he didn’t steal the embryo for his own gain, and didn’t understand how deplorable it was. How did she live with herself? Britt asks who the mother is. Brad says he hasn’t told anyone, not even his father-in-law, who he was forced to turn to for help. He came through. Britt says, so will she. Tell her everything.

Michael says it’s not like Bobbie to be indecisive; what did she see that got her rattled? Bobbie says she thought about not mentioning it to him, but here he is. It concerns him, but it might be upsetting. He asks if it has to do with Wiley, and she says, no; Jonah. He says Brad is always a nervous wreck when he sees Wiley. He thinks Brad is afraid he’ll freak out when he sees the baby, but he’s not going to fall apart. Whatever it is, she can tell him. She gives him an envelope.

Inside the envelope, there’s a silver baby spoon. Michael says it was for Jonah. Bobbie knows Michael was kind enough to give Lucas and Brad clothing and supplies originally meant for Jonah, but thinks he didn’t mean to give something so personal to them. Why did he want to divest himself of all the memories?

Brad says she took their baby, and gave him hers. Britt says, wow. Nelle really told Michael their baby was dead? Brad says she hates him and his family that much. Britt says Nelle beats her. At least she loved Ben like any mother, but Nelle just handed her baby over. Brad says whenever he sees Michael smile at Wiley, he gets physically sick. Suddenly, Michael is everywhere he turns. He barely saw Michael before. Britt says Brad did make a pass at him, but Brad says he was misguided. Ever since he stole Michael’s baby, he runs into him all the time. Britt says he’s the baby’s caring father, and needs to get it together. Brad says Sonny is the baby’s grandfather. He’ll be six feet under in the pine barrens by sundown if Sonny finds out. He asks if this isn’t the part where she tells him that he’s exaggerating, but Britt says she knows what Sonny is capable of, but he won’t find out. Brad wonders how she can say that. She tried to keep a baby that wasn’t hers, and now Rocco is living with his parents while, up until now, she spent her days in prison. How can she think this won’t blow up and destroy his life?

Peter doesn’t think Lulu’s article could have spurred the murder. There are any number of stories or podcasts that could have influenced the killer. She can’t blame herself. He needs her on the crime beat, and off of the election. She thought there might be a conflict since Laura was a candidate, but he says it goes deeper than that.

Nina knows Laura wasn’t with Maxie, since she was an eyewitness to the head incident. Maxie says Nina makes her sound a loser who has no friends, but Nina says she doesn’t think that. She wonders if Spinelli and Ellie flew in with Georgie, so she could spend Halloween with her little brother. She asks if James looked cute in his costume. Maxie shows her pictures, and Nina asks if that’s Peter in the baseball player costume. Maxie says it is, and Nina says, she spent her birthday with Peter?

Curtis tells Carly that he’s going to distract the staff, while Sam and Jason check the patient’s cell. Carly says Jason is on a watch list. She doesn’t want him going to prison to satisfy her curiosity.

Kay asks not-Doc if Mr. Wilson needs to be so heavily sedated with the new security measures in place. Not-Doc says when he’s conscious, he begins to howl. The sedation gives his troubled mind peace, until medicine advances to a point where they can help. She says it’s obvious he cares about his patients. Even a lost cause like Mr. Wilson.

Spencer says he overheard Laura talking to Lulu. Laura asks what she’s told him about eavesdropping, but he says his lack of etiquette is beside the point. Doc abandoned her. How could he sink so low? He gave Doc a piece of his mind. Laura says Doc is confused, but Spencer tells her not to make excuses for him. He hurt her; the best of all women. She should confront him and tell him she doesn’t need him. She can stand alone. She’s Spencer’s rock, and if she throws herself into the campaign, she can be the rock for all of Port Charles as well.

Britt tells Brad that she loved Ben, and wanted the life with Nikolas that she couldn’t have with Patrick. She had a glimpse before it fell apart. They were the happiest days of her life; Nikolas, Spencer, her, and Ben. Brad says, now it’s gone, and she’s an ex con at the mercy of Anna. He’ll probably end up like her – or worse. She says he needs to man-up. Her mistake was letting her guilt get to her. She wrote a confession to make herself feel better. No one else was supposed to see it, but someone found it. Has he written anything? He says it’s the first time he’s told anyone. She’s the only person who knows it’s Nelle’s baby. Britt says she’s in prison, and getting sympathy points for being a grieving mother. The only thing he isn’t safe from is his own conscience.

Michael tells Bobbie it’s hard to look at. He imagined feeding his kid, the kid banging it on the high chair, throwing it, and seeing how many times he’s pick it up. Bobbie says he did mean to give it to them, and now she stepped in it by giving it back. He says he was blindly throwing things in a box, and didn’t know he gave it away. Now that time has passed, he’s happy to have it again. He thanks her, and she says he can talk to her about anything, whenever he wants, in his own time. He says he’s learning to deal with the loss, and actually getting help. There’s a group for parents like him. That’s why he’s there; to see when the next meeting is. Bobbie hugs him, saying she’s proud of him. He says he’s slowly starting not think about Jonah all the time, and starting to feel like he could be happy again someday. Bobbie says he will be. A lot of people care about him and ask about him. One nurse in particular. He took her to dinner once.

Not-Doc sees Laura and Spencer at the hospital. Spencer tells not-Doc that his grandmother wants a word with him. He’s going to the tenth floor, where the superior vending machines are. Not-Doc tells Laura there’s nothing left to say. She says she knows why he wanted to separate so quickly. There’s a third person in their marriage, and she thinks she knows who it is.

Curtis tells Carly that’s why he’s providing cover, but Carly says Ferncliff has their own set of rules. She doesn’t trust anyone there, even with the changes. Curtis says she was in a bad situation, and it’s his job to find out the truth. Sam says they’re going to find answers and put it to rest. Carly thanks them and tells Jason, please be careful. He says, always.

Nina asks Maxie what happened between her and Peter, and Maxie says, nothing. He discovered it was her birthday, and brought a cake. They watched The Brady Bunch, and he left. Where was Nina last night? Nina says she wanted Sasha to meet Charlotte. Maxie says she didn’t go Windemere, did she? Nina says Valentin wanted Sasha to come for dinner, the storm started, and she got stuck on Spoon Island. Maxie asks if they all had a sleepover, while Valentin was brooding in his turret. Nina says she was alone with him the whole night, and intended to sleep in the guest room, but she fell asleep on the sofa – completely alone. Not that it’s any of Maxie’s business. They don’t need to argue about this. What they need to do stay away from toxic men. Maxie says, what if they don’t want to?

Peter tells Lulu that The Invader is endorsing Laura; no whiff of nepotism. It’s better if Lulu stays on crime. She mentions Britt’s early release, but Peter says the authorities want it kept quiet. He also knows she’s his biological half-sister; some family he has. He can’t believe what Britt did to Lulu. It must have been unbelievably painful. Lulu says it was like a slow motion nightmare. When Nikolas forgave her, Lulu was furious. Her biggest regret is that she can’t get the time with him back.

Britt asks Brad if Lucas suspects, but he says Lucas is too into being a dad to notice anything is wrong. She tells him that he has to pull it together for the sake of his family. She asks what about Michael. Brad says he’s amazing with Wiley. He’s not letting grief interfere with his and Lucas’s happiness – at his own expense. Britt says the baby came out of nowhere when Brad needed it. Everything happens for a reason. The baby was meant to be his. He says she just said how dangerous Sonny is. He could get hurt or go to prison. Britt says Sonny shot Dante, Michael took a bullet, and Morgan got blown up. Morgan wasn’t his fault, but violence constantly surrounds his family. Wiley will be infinitely safer with him and Lucas. Brad says Sonny will always be a target. Britt tells him, when guilt tiptoes in, remember his obligation to keep Wily safe and out of harm’s way. That’s reason enough to stop. Let himself be the father that he always wanted to be.

Michael asks if Bobbie is talking about Francesca. They ran into Nelle on their first date, and she didn’t want to be pulled into a complicated situation. Bobbie says Nelle is locked up; it’s not complicated anymore. Carly joins them, and asks what they’re talking about. Michael says, nothing, and asks how she is after seeing the head. Carly says it was shocking, but she’s fine. Bobbie says she’s rallying. Carly says she has to make peace with Ferncliff in her own way, and knows how she’s doing it.

Curtis sneaks around Ferncliff, and slips into a room where there’s a medicine cart. Kay finds him, and asks who he is. He tells her Dale Coil from Coil Protective Services. He was sent by the state. She asks how he got in, and he says that explains why he’s here. He showed the security guards a fake ID. Two of them were playing on their phones, and the other was asleep. He took photos. An orderly left this cart unattended where anyone could grab it. He picks up one of the medications, and says when taken improperly, it can cause brain death. She says he has her attention.

Sam and Jason sneak to where Carly’s room was. Sam says, it must have been a living hell. Jason says it really affected Carly. That’s why she’s fixated on her neighbor. She’s afraid he’s innocent and trapped like she was.

Britt tells Brad the best part is that Wiley will have a better life with them than being Sonny’s grandson. She says to enjoy Wiley and Lucas. Love them, and don’t think about blowing it like she did. He hugs her, and says he loves her. She loves him too.

Spencer looks up penalties for minors who do election tampering. Brad sees him, and asks if he’s Spencer Cassadine. Spencer asks, who wants to know?

Brad comes back to the examining room, telling Britt that he has a surprise. Someone wants to see her. She says, besides him? Impossible. Spencer says, it’s possible, and runs to her.

Michael says he knows Carly is working with Laura. Carly says, specifically, on Ferncliff. That’s why she’s there. She wants to talk to Doc. She asks Michael what he’s doing tonight, telling him there’s a live band at The Roadhouse. One night out would do him good. Michael says he’ll think about it, and leaves. Bobbie says he’s not going to call Francesca, but it has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with Nelle.

Kay says Curtis’s information seems to be in order. He says he was hired by the state to identify and repair breeches. She says she’s sure he won’t mind if she checks his credentials. He tells her that the website for his firm shows the dozens of organizations they’ve worked with. She can read the testimonials. She tells him that they’ve already started securing the dangerous patients using modern measures. He asks if she wouldn’t mind pulling the information up on her tablet and showing him.

Sam looks through the door window, but can’t see anyone. Jason tells her that Carly said the room looked empty. She tried to go in, but the head nurse stopped her. Sam says, maybe the room wasn’t so empty after all. He sees the new lock, and asks Sam if she thinks she can get inside.

Not-Doc tells Laura that he’s not having an affair; there’s no third person. Laura thinks there is. It’s not a woman. It’s his brother. She thinks the renewed publicity is getting to him, and he needs help. She wants him to find another professional to talk to. It’s clear he’s not able heal on his own. He says he’ll be the judge of that, and she asks what happened to him. Has he cut himself off from everyone? He says he told her that he needed time alone. She says he also said he’s moving out, and she’d like him to get that done as quickly as possible. Carly sees them, and is glad they’re both there. Not-Doc asks what he can do for her. She says she’s decided what to do about her neighbor at Ferncliff.

Spencer asks why Britt is at the hospital. She says she’s fine. It’s just a routine check-up after her release. He says seeing her makes the day more bearable. She says it’s his father’s birthday. She wishes it had turned out differently. If it hadn’t gone so wrong, his father would still be alive. Spencer says sometimes he dreams about all of them being back at Windermere. She says, so does she. If only. Spencer says, if only.

Maxie tells Nina that she likes Peter as a friend; Nina loves Valentin. They seem to be having a problem keeping away from the people they should be staying away from. Nina says leave it to her. She can kill two birds with one stone. Maxie asks, how? and Nina says, watch and learn. She calls Peter, saying she has a proposition for him. How would he like to be her plus one to Curtis and Jordan’s wedding?

Not-Doc tells Carly he thought they discussed her going to Ferncliff. He strongly advises her to put the patient and her experience behind her. She says, in her own way, she’s getting closure. It’s part of her healing, and as her doctor, he’s 100% behind her, right?

Curtis thanks Kay for her cooperation. She says if Albany sent him, her job is to do everything to help him. He says he’s already noticed a few lapses… no, loopholes in their security system. He’s going to identify the areas that need to be addressed. She gets message, and has to check on some of her staff. She leaves, and Curtis gets out his phone.

Sam gets the door unlocked. She and Jason go into the patient’s room. They look shocked.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth questions Cameron, Oscar tells Kim there’s nothing she can do about the lawsuit, and Sonny visits Jeanette.

Below Deck

Ashton doesn’t even enjoy fishing, and wonders why he’s the one going on the trip. He stumbles out of bed, and curses his life. The guests get ready. Chandler says they’ll find a good shelf. In his interview, Chandler says anyone can be a fisherman, as long as they know how to set up lines. It’s not that hard. From my observation, Chandler talks a good game, but everything is hard for him. Adrian makes breakfast, and the tender is stocked with Bailey’s. The breakfast of champions.

Caroline whines about her foot. Josiah says he sliced his foot open and could barely walk, but still worked. She has to work through the pain.

Ross radios Captain Lee, telling him the fishing expedition left. The captain says a fishing boat is out there, and he has no idea where, who’s with it, or what they’re doing. A pound of flesh will be extracted.

On the fishing boat, Chandler barrels through the water, and a guest thinks he should go slower. Ashton says it’s an absurd situation. Primary Chris suggests using live bait, since the fish don’t like Chips Ahoy. More selfies are taken. Waiting in the other boat, Ross calls the captain again, connecting him to Chandler. Chandler says it was uneventful, but everyone had fun. Captain Lee is annoyed that he wasn’t briefed, and Chandler says he’d assumed someone told him. The captain tells him to get back; they’re departing as soon as possible. Chandler should have known better. Breakfast is served.

Rhylee asks if they caught anything, but it doesn’t look that way. Chandler says they’re all set to roll, but the captain isn’t seeing anyone on the bow. Chandler gets the anchor up. Kate talks about swimming with stingrays to Adrian. Chandler asks Kate to meet with him, and she tells him to go to the wheelhouse. They discuss the set up for lunch. Chandler thought they could do the stingray thing while the interior is setting up.

Chandler bitches about having to set up in knee high water. Ross says if he was bosun, there would have been someone on the boat when they all went fishing. He doesn’t think Chandler thinks things through. They drop anchor by a beautiful green mountain. Kate flirts with Adrian. In her interview, she says it’s probably inappropriate, but she likes it. Chandler criticizes Rhylee for nothing. She tells Ashton that Chandler is too intense, and she’s tired of him speaking to her like he does.

Caroline limps around. The water is incredible, and so clear. Sharks and stingrays swim around. Chandler says he’s never set up with sharks around, and pitches the tent. A German Shepherd bounds through the water, and I wonder why no one is concerned. Kate tells the guests about the stingray/lunch plan. In her interview, she says it’s hard to tell if they’re happy or not. She thinks they don’t know if they’re happy or not. Rhylee directs the guests, and the tender is loaded. Caroline bitches about Kate, who sends her to wash dishes. Chris pronounces the water turquoise turquoise. Ross says reef sharks are like kittens. I’m so jealous. I would love to swim with sharks and stingrays. Rhylee thinks for safety’s sake, the guests shouldn’t touch the sharks. Rhylee says she’s always wanted to swim with the sharks, but she’s deathly afraid. She does it anyway, and says it’s one of the better days she’s had. Kate tells Josiah about Caroline. In Kate’s interview, she says Caroline keeps finding ways not to work, but she finds ways Caroline can work. I see your injured foot, and raise you a stool.

The captain radios for a hand with something, but gets no response. It pisses him off that no one is answering the radio. They should know better. He tells Kate to get lunch ready. Adrian makes sushi. The captain is waiting when Chandler gets back, saying he took a long time. Chandler says they went as fast as they could. The guests head out, and Kate tells Caroline to check the guest rooms while they’re gone. Kate says this is crazy, but the scenery is beautiful scenery. Caroline curses as she tidies the guest rooms.

The lunch set up is so cool – it’s right in the water. No surprise, lots of selfies are taken. Kate says she’s been doing this for so long, it’s rare to do something she hasn’t done already. A halfway under water lunch is exciting.

The hot tub is overflowing. Once again, there’s no one around, so Captain Lee has to deal with it himself. A storm comes up, and he takes in the cushions. He radios Ross, Chandler, and Ashton. He’s pissed that on a boat this size, there isn’t one swinging d*ck on board. It starts raining. Kate asks Chandler to get the tender. He remembers there’s no deck crew on board the yacht. In her interview, Kate says it’s like he’s trying to suck at his job. He tells Kate he needs to get back to the yacht before the sky opens up. He tells Ross to shuttle the guests back.

The guests return to the yacht. Captain Lee asks Caroline to see if the guests need anything. A few are in the jacuzzi, and order various drinks. In her interview, Caroline says, coconut water with one blueberry> She takes the orders, and asks Adrian for the fruit. He tells her to look in the walk-in freezer downstairs. She’s sighs audibly.

Rhylee cleans up. Caroline doesn’t know how to make any of the drinks, and radios Kate. She gets flustered explaining, and Kate says she’ll be right up. In Kate’s interview, she says she just served underwater lunch in shark infested waters, and Caroline is freaking out. Chandler knows he screwed up, and expects a thorough lashing. Never leave a boat with no deck crew.

Ashton farts, and Ross thinks someone called him. They die laughing. I’m not one for juvenile humor (with the exception of Animal House being one of my favorite movies), but that was pretty funny. Chris says he touched a shark and some stingrays. His girlfriend wonders how they’ll go back to reality. Kate tells Caroline to go back to folding. The crew gets into their blacks. Captain Lee calls Chandler to the wheelhouse, and tells him to have a seat. That can’t be good. He tells Chandler that he hates babysitting, and he’s doing it right now. Chandler is missing obvious things, and left the boat without telling him. They have an experienced fisherman on board, who should have gone on the fishing trip. He’s had to fill the jacuzzi five times. Enlighten him. Like the irresponsible baby he is, Chandler says Ashton was responsible for the hot tub. The captain isn’t appreciating Chandler palming off the responsibility, but Chandler wonders how he’s supposed to check everything. Some things go by the wayside. Captain Lee thinks if he’s missing stuff, it means he’s not checking everything. In his interview, Captain Lee doesn’t know if Chandler gets out of bed, and says he’s going to be a total f**kup today. Chandler admits it’s definitely all on him; it’s all his job. In Chandler’s interview, he says he’s there to make the captain’s life easier, not harder, but at the same time, the crew needs to be looking out. There’s not enough of him to go around. He leaves, and Captain Lee calls him an effing a-hole.

Kate tells Caroline she’ll do the late shift. Chandler calls the deck crew to the beach club. He tells the deckhands that he just had his ass chewed out by the captain. It falls on him, and he’s going to be double-checking everything. If it seems like he’s micromanaging, he is. In her interview, Rhylee says Chandler takes advantage of his position, and it backfired. Don’t blame her for his screw up.

Kate decorates the table in a tea party rave theme, with tea set pieces and glow sticks. Adrian says breakfast is the start of the day, at lunch, you’re getting into it, and dinner is an epiphany. He puts a lot of love in his food. Rhylee is irritated to the point of talking to the captain. She wouldn’t be as irritated if Chandler wasn’t a pr*ck. She asks Ashton if he doesn’t think Ross should be bosun. Every mistake today was on Chandler.

Dinner is served. The guests are so happy they take more selfies. Chris and his girlfriend go to the crow’s nest, and another couple sits in the hot tub. Caroline tells Kate that she’s 90% sure there’s a couple having sex in the crow’s nest. Caroline, Adrian, and Kate watch on the monitor, and laugh.

I don’t know what kind of pancakes Adrian is making, but I want some. And I don’t even like pancakes. Only the harvest grain and nut pancakes from iHop. Kate tells Caroline to fold. In her interview, Kate says Josiah is like a show dog. He performs well, he’s groomed, has a shiny coat, and a great gate. Caroline is like a chihuahua they found in the street. It’s hungry, and when you close the door loudly, it sh*ts itself. The crew gets in their whites. Chris takes yet more selfies, blocking the captain’s view while docking. The guests depart. Josiah hopes they don’t find any more extra-large surprises. Chris says it was a great experience. On the way down to the dock, he tells his girlfriend that she’d better charge her phone. He’s probably afraid of missing a selfie. His girlfriend is afraid she caught a disease from the mosquitoes or whatever.

Tip time! Captain Lee says it was an interesting charter. He has a lot of people with talent, but there’s a slight breakdown in utilizing that talent, and the communication from one department to another. Chandler thinks it was a sh*t show, but from this point on, it’s going to be different. The tip is $15K, or $1230 each. The captain says, nicely done. They have a short turn around, but they but can go out tonight. Caroline says her foot is popping, and gets weepy. Kate calls Lee to make another doctor’s appointment.

Chandler tells the deckhands, the faster they’re done, the sooner they can get beers, because he’s a genius. Chandler knows he’s going to piss off Rhylee, and tells her that she didn’t put her tools away. She says she did, and he needs to ask whoever’s on the morning crew. In his interview, Chandler says his department isn’t operating the way it should, and he doesn’t want it to reflect badly on him. Chandler keeps repeating that Rhylee didn’t put her tools away, and she’s like, wtf?

After she sees the doctor, Caroline tells Kate that he didn’t know what it was, and told her to stay off her feet for two months. Kate says it’s frustrating, but it doesn’t make any difference. She’s already doing Caroline’s work, but she’s not carrying the weight all season. I had a foot injury once, due to a miscalculation in an aerobics class, and the doctor said to stay off my feet for two months. No way I could do that and work. I had to just suck it up.

Caroline wonders why Rhylee is pissed. She guesses it’s Chandler, and asks if it’s worse or the same. Rhylee says he’s a pompous pr*ick. Kate tells Caroline to stay horizontal. She wants Caroline better. The crew gets ready to go out, and leaves for shore, sans Caroline. Kate loves the entire crew, even Rhylee. They get to the restaurant, and order drinks. Rhylee tells Ross, at this point, she’s going to pop. In his interview, Ross says she’s not going anywhere. She’s part of the team, and they need to sort it out. Rhylee’s goal isn’t to piss anyone off, but if she gets drunk and does something, so be it. Drinking and dancing happen. Kate says it’s like Dirty Dancing Tahitian night. Every girl is Jennifer Grey, and Ashton is Patrick Swayze.

Everyone goes back to the boat pretty drunk, and some of them drink some more. Ashton drinks something out of a pitcher, and makes a face. Rhylee instructs her clothes to stay on the hangers. Ashton is looking for a hookup, but Rhylee says it’s not happening. She doesn’t mind having fun with him, but she’s not doing that when they’re drunk. Caroline wants to get back in her room, but Ashton tells her to go and rest, pushing her back toward the guest cabin. Kate thinks he’s disrespectful.

Kate tells Caroline that she can stay in the guest cabin for two days, and then decide if she wants to stay or go home. It’s her home base for a few days. In her interview, Caroline understands rank, but she’s a human being, and doesn’t deserve being talked down to. She cries. In Kate’s interview, she says Caroline should know after two days whether she’s getting better or not. She’s seriously injured, and needs to rest. She needs to heal and get better, or go home.

Next time, a four-day charter with children, Kate needs to know if Caroline can work, Rhylee tells Ashton to calm down, the captain wants someone’s ass for dinner, and changes will be made and not all the crew will be happy.


Star insisted Jackson was not her man, and said they only make music together. Simone pointed out they made music and a baby. Derek told Alex forget about the tape, and do what she came there for. At Karma, a reporter asked if she was using the tape to further her solo career. Noah was asked if he thought quantity was better than quality. He hoped to do both. Simone told Mateo that he didn’t know how to promote the Rhythm and Bells festival without Carlotta. He said that’s why he brought in new headliner Lil Dini.

There was a panel discussion of the festival artists. Lil Dini took over, and Star told him to go back to the dark corner of exploitation he crawled out of. He made fun of Alex, and Star had enough. She went after him, and was held back, but she threw a drink at him before storming off stage. Her signature move. Miss Bruce told Take 3 it would be a breach of contract if they dropped out, and they couldn’t do that to Carlotta. They felt because the festival was about non-violence, music, and community, Mateo should dump Dini. Star wanted something fresh, and thought a duet with Noah was it. Jackson thought it was time she got rid of the bag she’s been living out of her whole life, but that was a no.

Xander told Cassie there was an informant at the club. Cassie said she was clean, except for his dirt. He said they had a rat problem, and if she interfered with his business, he’d be forced to shut down the club.

Noah told Miss Bruce that he was seeing someone, but wasn’t supposed to this early in his sobriety. He didn’t think he could handle another loss. Miss Bruce told him not to speak it into existence. Noah said Miss Bruce sounded like his pops, and Miss Bruce said, GMTA. Cotton told Miss Bruce to speak the truth; look what secrets did to her family. She missed her mom.

The sportswear company dropped Alex because of the tape, so she decided to do a show about her life behind the music, and put herself out there, even if she hated it. Noah made s secret plan to meet someone. Nina told Simone they were cutting Black Ivy. She told Simone she was going to suggest casting Jackson in the lead, since he was a hot commodity. He’d make the investors keep the project alive. Simone wasn’t keen on a love making scene with her sister’s baby daddy, but said she’d do it.

Cassie was pissed at Maurice, thinking he was talking to the cops. He said she was trippin’, but she said she couldn’t trust him. He said he was in charge of saving the festival, and he was closer to building his music empire. She reminded him it was their empire. Alex refused to be another ratchet Black girl on reality TV. Star suggested she use the internet. Lean into it, like Star did with her baby daddy drama. Simone told Star about Jackson being in the movie. Alex said, awkward, but Star said she couldn’t care less.

Maurice didn’t want any bad press, and suggested Take 3 squash the beef with Dini. Dini apologized, saying he wasn’t trying to ruin the festival, and shouldn’t have come in all hot. Star asked if that’s all he had, and to take his apology to his mother, who deserved it. Maurice told Dini if he wanted to be a part of the festival, he had to get back on track. Dini said he’d put out a statement.

Cassie visited Cotton, and told her, sometimes when God wants us to relax, he slows us down. Cotton asked what happened to Cassie finding her father’s killer. There was a tense moment when Cotton picked up a knife while she was washing the dishes, and Cassie started to fish in her purse for her gun, but Cotton’s son came in, breaking the mood.

Star and Jackson worked on a new track. Jackson had an audition for Black Ivy. Noah said since he was supposed to do the role, he knew what they were looking for, and could help, but Jackson blew him off. Star told Noah to work his magic, since the track needed work. Derek walked in, shirtless in a towel, while Alex was filming. He was not happy, and didn’t want to be involved with the show.

Jackson and Simone were awkward during his test. She said she knew where his mouth had been. Mateo told Nina that he couldn’t pitch it as is. Nina said it just needed some work. First, he gambled their money, now, he’s too afraid to fight for her passion project. Simone rehearsed by herself. Nina found her, and said working hard would make her a star. Simone told Nina that she couldn’t get past kissing Star’s baby daddy. Nina said that the movie spoke to her personally. The woman steps out of her comfort zone to find herself. Simone said she wanted something all hers, and Nina told her, fight for it. She said Simone should imagine Jackson was someone she cares about, like her husband. Yeah. It’s called acting.

Megan kept calling Noah, who finally picked up. He accused her of pushing off the relationship because it might interfere with her career. Dini posted an apology on Gravity’s media page. He started by saying it was from his heart, then said, psyche! and acted like an idiot. Star wanted the video down, but Mateo thought it would drive traffic. He said they were singing tonight, or it would be a breach of contract.

We found out Maurice and Megan had a baby when she came to his office. She said she couldn’t go there, and he told her it wasn’t her fault. Megan said she found their daughter dead in her crib, and he wasn’t there. He said he couldn’t bring her back, but wanted Megan to have the life she deserved. They kissed, and Noah walked in. Maurice ended up punching him. Megan found Noah, and told him it was the anniversary of their daughter’s death. Maurice was comforting her, and it got out of control. She said she thought she could block out the pain by being with Maurice. Noah was cool, and told her that he was just getting sober. This was too deep for him. She said she could refer him to someone else for attorney services.

At the club, Take 3 called out Dini, saying his read name was Steven Cardini, and he was basically an upper middle-class dude. The girls started the crowd chanting, girls up, pimp down. Miss Bruce had gotten the information, telling them, it pays to have play with the sound man. Bobby called Miss Bruce, who said he was hearing from husband material. Cotton followed him out. Alex looked at the pictures from the club, and saw Derek with his arm around another girl.

Cotton at Cassie’s place with a gun. When Cassie came home, Cotton told her that she didn’t deserve to be in the family anymore. Cassie reached behind her, feeling for her gun, but it was the one Cotton was holding. Cotton told Cassie that she grew up without a dad. She got one, and he accepted her like no man ever will. Cassie took him from her. Cassie told her to do it; she deserved it. But killing her wouldn’t make Cotton feel better. It would change her the way it changed Cassie. She hates herself for doing this to her family. She told Cotton the cycle keeps going, and it’s going to break the family apart. The only one strong enough to bring them back together was her. Cotton couldn’t do it, and they hugged it out.

Noah went to Megan’s. He told her that he went to the liquor store. He was going to drink, but went to her house instead. She couldn’t be the cause of him relapsing. He said he was in good place with her, and he wasn’t letting it go. He handed her the bottle.

The next make-out scene was a lot better. Simone thought of Nina. Later, Nina asked to see Simone, who thought it was bad news, but Nina told her the investors were in. Nina apologized, saying she didn’t mean to betray Simone. Simone said she didn’t think about her husband. She thought about Nina. She said she didn’t know what that meant and she loves her husband, and jetted before Nina could say anything.

When Derek came home, Alex was waiting with the picture. She asked if it was payback for Noah, and he told her, chill. He said he was taking a walk outside, so she could take a minute. She told him not to walk out, but he did, and she hyperventilated.

Jackson accused Star of writing the new track about Noah. She said she was wrong for putting him off, and made their relationship Instagram official. Noah was their first like.

Outside, Derek got in a car with the girl from the club. We found out he’s a criminal informant, and she told him she needed dirt on the club. Then they could find out who raped his grandma. She told Derek that she’d be in touch.

Next time, Take 3’s goodbye album, Alex says they’re dysfunctional, and a raid at the club.

✂ Even minus Queen Latifah, tonight’s episode had some marvelous hair. Cassie had a shoulder length shag, worn both full-bodied and straightened. The Bridget Bardot look really works for Star, blonde with dark roots, worn loosely down or in an updo. Tonight, she wore it in loose teddy bear ears with side bangs hanging loose – a better version of Miley Cyrus’s look a few years back. The real winner was Derek, whose hair was au natural when he came out of the shower, in spiral curls. We’ve never seen him without a tight ponytail or a man bun. He should wear it that way more often.

🃏 Here’s the Deal…

I was able to catch The Real Housewives of Dallas at 10 pm, but still have to edit, so I’ll be posting that tomorrow. The Real Housewives of New Jersey began a new season tonight, and although I did have it on in the background at 11:30, until Dallas is over, I can’t do both. Damn you, need for sleep and real life! In a nutshell, Teresa is training for a body-building competition, Frank was disbarred, and because she’s going into the dating pool, Marge Sr. got vaginal rejuvenation, a topic I will never, ever be able to get away from.

🐮 So Until I Get to Dallas…