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October 14, 2018 – Rick Builds a Bridge, Dedicated to Scott, a Bit of 90, Double Trouble, Goodbye Joe & This Little Piggy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Rick says it’s been a while since they had a talk. He does most of the talking anyway. He’ll keep it short. We don’t see who he’s talking to, but my guess is Negan.

Today is day 35. Things are taking shape. Not that long ago, they were fighting just to stay alive. It’s not like that anymore. They’re building and growing. They’re ready to deal with world on its own terms, but not letting it define them. They’re getting back a piece of how it used to be; how things were before this. it’s all happening. They’re not just fighting to survive anymore. They’re making a new beginning. Rick looks out from a platform over the new world.

Ezekiel says Henry should be proud. Someday, he’s going to cross the bridge with his grandchildren, and tell them how he built it. Henry thinks that would be a boring story, but Ezekiel says, it’s the lifeblood of civilization. Without it, there would be no trade. The structure connects them all. Be proud. He tells Henry to be ready in an hour; he’s going home. Carol gives Henry his pokey stick. She thinks he’s taller. Ezekiel says he’ll be in college before they know it. He’d stay to drive in the last nail if Henry didn’t have school. Carol says she’ll be heading back after. Ezekiel tells her, fairy tales and heroes live forever, but in this world, it’s about finding small moments. It’s just good-by for now; he’s not giving up on fairy tales.

Eugene tells Rick that with the spring rains, they have six to nine days before the dam overflows, but he thinks they can beat it. Rick says he’ll talk to the foreman. Rosita thinks should push along the blasting. Rick asks Eugene about runoffs, and he says they’ve been down in the last six in past months Zzzz… and that doesn’t stand for zombies.

At the infirmary tent, Siddiq tells Cyndie she’s lucky her wound didn’t get infected. Tara says she’s ready to take on anything. Rick tells Eugene that there’s a bug going around. Eugene tells him that Alexandria is slim on supplies, and it’s getting slimmer by the day.

Michonne rides into Hilltop. She tells Maggie that the Sanctuary didn’t get the supplies. Maybe the delivery guys were taken out or went AWOL. She’s hoping Maggie can tide them over. Jesus thinks they can do it, but Maggie is hesitant. Until they get fuel for the tractor, their yield will be short. Michonne asks what about the plow from museum, but Maggie doesn’t have what she needs to fix it. Michonne asks how long Earl is going to be locked up, but Maggie hasn’t decided. Michonne says that’s why they need to start talking rules, so there isn’t another situation like with Gregory. Maggie asks if Michonne thinks she should have let Earl walk. Michonne says, no. She hates what he did to Maggie and Enid, but if keeping him locked up means crops aren’t planted, it’ a problem. Maggie says they’ll be fine, but until the ethanol shows up, she can’t plant. She offers for Michonne to spend the night. Michonne takes her up on it, and Jesus says he’ll get her set up.

Ricks’ crew works on the bridge. Aaron tells Daryl about an exploding diaper, and Daryl says, good times… Aaron thinks Daryl will be a great dad, and Daryl laughs. Henry gives out water. Savior Justin takes a cup and wants more. When Henry won’t give it to him, Justin pushes Henry down, and takes it. Andy uses the side of his pokey stick to knock Justin down. Another Savior tells Justin that he had his ass handed to him by a kid too – although he was six at the time. Daryl tells Justin, the kid was just doing his job. Get back to work. Justin says, don’t tell him what to do, and Daryl punches him. He throws sand in Daryl’s face, and they start to scuffle.

Eugene is telling Rick about his scheme to turn expired food stuffs into gazpacho, when Rick hears the fighting on the bridge. He runs over, and tells them, break it up. He gets in between Daryl and Justin, and tells them to go back to work. Daryl asks if that a-hole gets a free pass. Rick doesn’t like it either, but the bridge needs to get done. Daryl says some of the Saviors have walked off already. They’re not going to fall in line just because he says so. Carol says they never had to work together; he can’t expect them to just forget. Rick says it’s about moving ahead together. If they keep doing that, they’ll see they’re all on the same side. Daryl says, are they? Rick says, you tell me, and Daryl says he’s trying to, but Rick doesn’t want to hear it. Daryl walks away, and Carol says, it’s complicated. He’s been different since Gregory, maybe before. Rick wants her to talk to him, and she says, and say what? Rick says she gets what he’s trying to do. She says he’s doing the right thing, but for some aren’t ready for it. He tosses A Key to the Future on the table.

Michonne hears talking outside. Jesus is telling Tammy, not today. She asks, when? She deserves an answer. Since her husband has been locked up, no one talks to her. She doesn’t have much, but she still has rights, and they can’t take those away. Jesus says Earl tried to kill Maggie. Give her time to figure it out. Tammy says, tell Maggie that she’s not moving until she’s allowed in there. She has no place else to be.

Michonne tells Jesus that Maggie should talk to Tammy about it. Jesus says she’ll do what she wants. Maggie asks what he thinks, but he says it’s not his call. Michonne asks if he agrees. He doesn’t know if the hanging was for everyone, Maggie, or both. He’s not against Tammy seeing her husband. Michonne tells him to talk to her; Maggie trusts him. He trusts her, but no one is right all the time. Michonne says that’s why they need to build something bigger than all of them.

Anne does a sketch, while Gabriel dictates the features. He says she’s talented, coming from a half-blind art critic. She says she likes doing it; it’s intimate, and makes her feel like one of them. He says she is, and she says, thanks to him, Rick, and Morgan. They reached out. He says the others will come around. No one trusted him at first either. Anne says they had good reason not to trust her, and Gabriel says, him too. Rick reached out; he’s good like that. Anne says, he’s not the only one, and takes his hand. He says that’s his job; being there.

Maggie tells Jesus they can move the school trailer until the heat wave is over. Eww! Imagine all those dead during a Georgia heat wave. No thanks. Jesus says he’s been thinking about how much she’s done for them. He wonders if she’s thinking about joining Oceanside. She doesn’t think they’ll get tired of asking, but she’s busy building a future there. He says Tammy is asking to see Earl; he’s been there over a month. Maggie asks if Jesus thinks she’s unfair. He thinks some decisions are too big for one person. That’s why they have laws. Michonne isn’t wrong. She’s a good person, and good people disagree.

Maggie takes Tammy to Earl’s cell. Tammy tells Earl that she’s been trying to see him every day. He says he’s okay; they’re treating him fair; more than he deserves. He was twenty years sober, and brought shame on himself. She says he made a mistake, and lost himself, but he came back. She forgives him. it’s not her forgiveness he needs though. He misses their son.

Enid blows something up. Decrepit zombies trundle through the woods toward the sound.

Maggie approaches Earl’s cell. She never thought when he helped her build them, he’d be the first person in one. She asks him to tell her about the drinking. How did he get there? He says he started drinking after he quit smoking. He was always a bad drunk. He was drunk the day Ken was born. He can’t remember the first time he saw he saw him. He joined AA when Ken was two. They were barely making ends meet, and the stress got to him. On the way to pick Ken up, he saw the sign for McDuffy’s. The sitter could smell the whiskey on him, and tried to grab his keys. He put his son in the truck, and the next thing he remembers is being pulled off the road. Tammy was there; he guesses the sitter called and told her that he was drunk. She took him home, and he thought she’d be gone, but she stuck around. She said he was sick, and swore they’d stay together no matter what. He never took drink after that. He wasn’t even tempted until… Maggie knows the rest. She thanks him, and starts to go. He asks why she hanged Gregory, but not him. He was drunk and weak, but what he did was in him. Gregory didn’t make him do anything. Maggie asks if he thinks she made a mistake? He says, no, and she says, good, and leaves.

Enid watches from a cherry picker, and radios Rick on the bridge. She tells him they’re on schedule, and Rick says, okay, let’s do this. Enid tells Jerry, crank it up, and he starts up a crank siren. A Savior whose name I don’t remember tells Rick that the Saviors making the supply delivery never got there. The people at the Sanctuary are getting worried. They want guns. Rick says they were disarmed for a reason. The Savior says they’re scared. Rick says he’ll protect them. The Savior says, if they work for him, they’ll protect him; who does that sound like? Jerry can’t get the alarm to work a second time. Enid radios Rick that it’s not going off. If the zombies aren’t diverted, they’re going to run right into his crew.

The horses start to get antsy. Daryl senses trouble. Zombie start coming. Daryl does a ballet move, and spears a couple of them in the head, but a zombie crowd forms quickly. He thinks they should get the hell out, but logs tumble down from a pile, and Aaron gets pinned. Daryl tries moving the log from on top of Aaron, but the zombies are getting closer. Aaron tells him to go. Daryl kills a few more, and gets someone’s attention to help get the log off of Aaron’s arm, which is pretty messed up. He pulls Aaron up from the ground, and they try to jet, but aren’t fast enough. A zombie grabs Daryl’s shoulder, but Rick and his crew arrive, slicing, dicing, and shooting arrows, Carol and Ezekiel join them. Rick shoots the rest of the logs, and they slam into the zombies. I laugh because it’s a little Three Stooges looking.

In the infirmary tent, Enid tells Aaron the bad news. Amputation and cauterization are the only way to stop the bleeding. Aaron is like, wait a minute, as we all would be. Daryl says, sorry, and ties off Aaron’s arm. Enid tells Daryl to hold him, and reads the instructions from a book. Aaron says, do it, and she does. He screams.

In one of the tents, Carol tells Justin that she doesn’t give a sh*t. Daryl says he was supposed to turn the herd. Justin says the walkie wasn’t charged. Daryl says, it’s solar, and he didn’t check? Justin says it’s not his fault the radio is sh*t. Daryl lunges at him, but Carol tells him to stop; he’s out of control. Some of the kids stand there watching. Carol says, don’t deal with him like this, but Daryl says, it’s the only way to deal with these a-holes.

Michonne visits Maggie. She says Maggie has done something amazing with this place. Maggie says she knows what Michonne came to do. She’s thought about it; talking about common law, but she’s not giving up the right to do what she thinks is best. Michonne says, what’s best for everyone? Maggie says, what’s best for Hilltop, and Michonne says, neither will they. Maggie asks Jesus to load up the food like she promised. She tells Michonne that Earl till owes a debt. He can pay it by working under supervision. She’s going to get the plow fixed, and the field planted. Michonne asks, what changed? Maggie says her daddy drank. He was a good man, and if he hadn’t gotten a second chance, a lot of people would have been worse off. Michonne counts herself as one of them. Maggie says, but Gregory had chance after chance, and he wasted them. She doesn’t regret what she did. Some people can be redeemed; others can’t. Michonne asks, who makes that decision? and Maggie guesses it’s one of the things they have to figure out.

Justin tells Rick to keep his dog on a leash, referring to Daryl. He tried to kill him over nothing. Rick says he knows Justin. He used to be a cop. Every Saturday night, he’d pick up a dipsh*t like him, trying to blame someone else for their own damn problems. Justin says he doesn’t have to listen, but Rick says he does. Rick gave him the benefit of the doubt. That’s done. Pack his sh*t, and get out in the morning. If Rick sees his face again, even stitches won’t fix it. Justin says he wouldn’t stay if Rick begged him to, and he’s not waiting until morning.

Rick tells Aaron it’s going to be all right, which is easy for him to say. He would have died if the wound had gotten infected. Rick sits, and says he’s sorry. They were all supposed to be working together, and he thought they were. He knows he was pushing hard, putting the project first, and he paid the price. Aaron says it’s worth it. When the dead started to rise, he thought he was seeing the end of everything. Rick changed all that. It’s not the end of the world anymore. It’s the start of a whole new one. He’ll always be glad he was there to be a part of it.

Gabriel and Anne sit near a pong. Gabriel says those are frog mating calls. There’s a wild frog party going on. Anne says, that’s a strange thing to know, and Gabriel tells her that he grew up playing in the woods. It sounds like home. She asks if he knows the woman he had her draw. He says he doesn’t ask her secrets, and she asks if that’s who she was; a secret lover perhaps. He says it was nothing like that. She was the organist at his church. He cared for her very much, but was afraid and lost her. Anne thought he was supposed to be celibate, but he says he’s Episcopal, not Catholic. His vows don’t prohibit him from… He kisses her, and she kisses back. Wow. I didn’t see that coming. Gabriel says he’s supposed to be on watch. She says, then watch, and kisses him again.

Everyone jokes around the campfire. Carol asks Ezekiel if he’s still carrying the old ring around. She just wants to try it on for a while. He tries to get on one knee, and she tells him, no. He says he wrote a speech, and she says she’s sure he did. He can read it to her later. He puts the ring on her, and they smile at each other. Rick watches.

Rick says, it was a hard day. The hardest in a while. A man lost his arm; the project fell behind schedule; people were at each other’s throats. As bad as it was, when the day was done, they came together. Not all of them, but enough. They chose to be together. See what he’s getting at? No matter what happens, it’s human nature to come together. It’s what they do.

Negan (I was right) says, it’s a real pretty picture Rick is painting. When does he get to see it? Rick says, never. He’s going to die behind bars. He knows that. Negan says, then as a final request, why doesn’t he bring… Rick asks if he ever gets tired of acting still he’s still in charge. Negan asks, does he? Does Rick think because they had a weenie roast he has it locked? When everything goes to sh*t – and it will – make sure to come back and tell him. Rick says they’re thriving without Negan. They’re building a future, like he said. Negan asks, for who? Carl? Rick tells Negan not to speak Carl’s name. Negan says Rick’s family is gone; the same as his. The bridge isn’t the future. It’s a monument to the dead. Rick isn’t saving the world. He’s just getting it ready for Negan.

In the cherry picker, Anne hears something, and looks up. She sees a helicopter flying across the night’s sky.

Justin walks along the road in the dark, alone. He’s drinking, which probably isn’t the brightest idea. He tosses the bottle, so he’s a litterbug too. He hears something, and brings out a sword. Someone comes out of the woods who he recognizes. He says they could have gotten themselves killed… What the hell?

Next time, the future belongs to all of them, rioting starts, and Maggie and Daryl walk a road together.

😔 Tonight’s episode was dedicated to Scott Wilson aka Herschel.


💍 Tonight was the finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The Couples Tell All is their version of a reunion, where at least one cast member has to SKYPE in because they didn’t get their visa or it didn’t work out. This time, there were several, and it was probably the messiest Tell All ever. Fingers in faces, walkouts, Shaun Robinson the worst host in the world. I read there’s an internet petition to get rid of her. A sad show made even sadder. That’s not to say it wasn’t the best thing since the invention of reality TV. One couple never even made it to meeting each other, and was a no show. Darcey and Jesse went from Jesse claiming he was going to file charges, to hugging it out. Karine announced she was pregnant, and Paul asked for another DNA test. Ricky decided to stay with his ex-wife, making him look like even more of an idiot, and leaving Ximena grateful she didn’t get more involved. Angela broke up with Michael, who was on SKYPE, because he brought up their age difference once again. It was apparently once too many. She ended up taking it out on Rachel when the couples present at the studio were brought together. We also found out that Michael did not steal all of Angela’s money when she gave him her PIN, and it was a bank error, probably the biggest surprise of the season. The only disappointment was that John wasn’t there in person, since I’m sure he would have had a fistfight with someone. After taking copious notes throughout the season, I’ll be submitting my analyzation of these couples in the near future.

👰 Almost Wife Meets Sister Wife…

Because being involved with one bad situation isn’t enough.


✈ Say It Ain’t So…

Looks like not-so-Juicy Joe might be getting the boot to the boot.


🐷 Best Music Video In a While…


September 21, 2018 – Two Huge Reveals, They’re Back (Almost), Dorit is a Horrible Person, Quoteadic & Spicy Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Cameron flashes back to overhearing Franco tells Drew he’s sorry about Oscar. Oscar and Josslyn are sorting some clothes for charity, and Josslyn tells Oscar they can do something later. Cameron says Oscar may not have a later.

Drew visits Franco. He tells Franco, judging from his message, Elizabeth must have told him about Oscar. Franco offers Drew a drink and a hug; like, a super manly hug. Drew thinks he’ll just take the booze.

Elizabeth and Kim talk about Oscar and Cameron’s fight. Kim says the boys have gotten the same assignment, sorting clothing. Elizabeth says they’ve made up, so what could go wrong?

Sam is at the bar, and Margaux sits next to her. Sam asks if it’s been a long day, and Margaux says, it’s getting longer. A DA’s job is never done.

Chase gives Jordan a file, saying they’ve confirmed the ID on the body. She wonders why he’s still at work, and asks if he isn’t having dinner with his brother and Anna.

At the MetroCourt, Finn suggests he and Anna go somewhere else. She says they’re waiting for his brother. Finn says he’s late; maybe he had to go on a call. Anna says he’ll be there.

Jason tells Sonny that they can get ahead of the investigation. Is he sure he doesn’t know anything else? Sonny says he was green. Skully gave him a name, and he took care of it. He didn’t ask questions. It doesn’t matter, since the one thing that connects the body to him is the gun.

Josslyn asks what Cameron is talking about. He says if Oscar’s mom reports the fight, they could both get suspended. He says Oscar just landed a lucky shot, and Oscar says, so much for the apology. Cameron thought they were cool. Oscar says they are; except Cameron kissed his girlfriend.

Elizabeth doesn’t think Cameron will be messing with Oscar again, and Kim asks if she told Cameron that Oscar is sick. Elizabeth says, absolutely not. But she did tell someone else.

Franco gives Drew a beer. He says Elizabeth must be hiding the booze from Cameron. He wishes he could give Drew better advice. He tells Drew they don’t have to talk. Drew feels like saying it out loud draws it closer. He just recently found he has a son, and now he’s being taken away.

Anna says if Finn is getting worked up about it, why did he invite Chase to dinner? He explains they did half-cups of coffee, and were working toward a full cup. Chase got excited, and said, what about dinner? Now it’s turned into a two-hour meal. Anna says she’ll make three if he doesn’t knock it off. He asks for a side of awkward pauses. He tells Anna relating to others isn’t his strong suit, and Anna says he’s charming when he wants to be. Chase is a good person. Finn says Chase likes him too much. He treats Finn like a hero; it’s uncomfortable. Chase reminds him of someone, and he’ll leave it there. Finn’s father walks in.

Jordan tells Chase he’s going to be late for dinner, but he says it’s a breaking case. She says it’s over thirty years old, and this is hardly a smoking gun. She was under the impression that he wanted face time with his brother. Chase says Finn has shot him down so many times, he feels like this is his last shot and might go straight to hell. Jordan says it will if he doesn’t show up. She’s going to get to know the victim, Vincent Marino.

Jason tells Sonny that he’ll call Spinelli to see what he can find out. They can figure out what the ties are to Skully. Sonny is worried about his dad, and Jason says he had nothing to do with the death. Sonny says he moved the body. If they can prove Mike was involved, he’ll go to Pentonville. Jason says Mike is sick, but Sonny says it didn’t stop them before when he took Avery. It’s not just the guilty who go to prison.

Sam tells Margaux that she has kids, and tries to limit her work time. Margaux says her father owns Charlie’s Pub, and Sam says father is a funny word. It’s not how she describes him. Margaux says her sister Kristina works there now, like Sam doesn’t know, and Sam says, so? Margaux says there’s not much love lost between Sonny and Julian. She has a lot of questions for all of them, including Sam’s ex. She means Jason, not Drew.

Finn asks his father what happened to Berkeley? His father says Berkeley isn’t a cage; they let him out. Finn introduces him to Anna, who he tells to call him George. He hopes she allows him to disabuse (a new word for me!) what Finn has said about him. She says, so far, he’s charming. Finn says they’re waiting for someone, and asks if George set it up. Chase arrives.

Sam tells Margaux, everyone wants to talk to Jason; take a number. Sam asks if she has something against him, and Margaux says she has something against anyone with a career in organized crime. Margaux wonders why he’s not more like his twin. Drew knows how to make a positive contribution to the world. Sam tells her to leave Kristina alone, and if she has something to ask Jason, ask it herself.

Sam leaves, and Margaux’s phone rings. Jordan tells her to get her dinner to go. She has something Margaux will want to see.

Sonny tells Jason that the only way they’d have a case against him or his father, is if the find the gun.  Jason thinks if Mike was covering-up, he wouldn’t leave the gun with the body. Sonny needs confirmation. Maybe they can circumvent any evidence to connect them. Not just him. The thought of his father doing down breaks his heart.

Josslyn says, Cameron apologized, they said it’s over, so it’s over. They’re supposed to be doing this for charity. Cameron decides to work on the other side of the room, and Josslyn asks Oscar if it’s her, or is Cameron acting weird? Oscar says weird is normal for Cameron, but he does seem off.

Kim can’t believe Elizabeth told Franco. Elizabeth says it wasn’t her intention, and Oscar won’t find out from them; she promises. Kim says Elizabeth promised to keep her confidence. Elizabeth said she told Kim she wouldn’t volunteer the information, but she wouldn’t lie. Franco knew something was going on. She couldn’t keep it from the man she loves and trusts. She tells Kim that she can trust Franco. Kim says she has no other choice.

Franco asks Drew if there’s nothing the doctors can do. Drew says he’s still getting up to speed. They’re meeting with Terry tonight, so there might be hope. Franco asks how he can help, and Drew says, listening is good. It helps him organize his thoughts about what to do next about Oscar. He doesn’t know he’s sick. Kim has her reasons for not telling him. She mostly doesn’t want his time left to be clouded. He agreed not tell Oscar until after his birthday, but he thinks it’s not fair to delay it. He doesn’t know if he has the right to intervene; he hasn’t even been in Oscar’s life for a year. Franco says, what difference does that make? He loves his kid, and his kid loves him. Drew asks how he tells his kid that he might be dying?

Chase asks George if their mom came, but he says she couldn’t make it. George congratulates Chase on his detective job. He was hoping to see Chase in action, and asks if there’s any chance for a ride along. Finn says Chase shouldn’t have ambushed him, but Chase says he had no idea their father was coming. George says he meant to surprise both of them. He’s staying there, and came down for something to eat, and saw Finn and Anna. Anna says its not unheard of for a father to visit his son. George says it’s not entirely a social visit.

Jordan tells Margaux that they have an ID on the victim, and he’s connected to Skully, who’s connected to the gangland shooting. Margaux asks what else she knows. Jordan says not all the records have been digitized, but the victim was Skully’s criminal defense lawyer, Vincent Marino. She asks if the name rings a bell.

Sam goes to Sonny’s house. Jason asks if she’s looking for him, and she says it involves them both. She ran into the DA, and she made it clear she’s gunning for them.

Drew asks what Franco thinks he should do. Franco says Drew asking for his advice is a first. He tells Drew they have the unique perspective of ignorance. The understand the benefits of not knowing. Wouldn’t Drew’s life be better if he didn’t know about Jason? Franco says if he didn’t know about Harvey and what he put him through, he’d be skipping through life with no cares. Drew says even when he didn’t know he wasn’t skipping. Franco says sometimes the truth sucks. He can let Kim tell Oscar in her own time, but he’s Oscar’s dad. If Drew was in Oscar’s position, would he want to know the truth?

Kim tells Elizabeth, until few days ago, no one knew. Now the number is growing. How long until the wrong person says the wrong thing? Elizabeth says the alternative is that she and Drew tell him, and Kim says they’re going to after his birthday. She knows what she’s doing; it’s worked so far. Elizabeth says, more people knowing can make it easier. She doesn’t have to carry it by herself. She has friends to share it with – if she’ll let them.

Oscar picks up a box, and Cameron says he’ll take it; Oscar was just in the hospital. Oscar says he can do it, and Cameron says he’s just trying to help. He drops the box, and Oscar says thanks for the help. Cameron calls him a jerk, and before it can escalate, Josslyn asks Oscar to pick up a box outside. Josslyn asks Cameron if everything is okay at home. He asks what she means, and she wonders if he’s in more trouble for the shoplifting than he told her, or is there new family drama? He says, everything is fine, and she tells him that he’s acting weird. Cameron insists he isn’t; Oscar is. Josslyn says he isn’t, and Cameron asks, why Oscar is lying to her then?

Franco asks Drew if he wasn’t Oscar, what would he do? Drew says skydive; grab Oscar and Scout and see the world. He’d fill every moment with family, and make things right with Sam, but they’re not talking about him. Franco says, what kind of a list would Oscar make? Drew says, Oscar wants to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. When Kim told him, she pointed out he’s just a kid, and it might send him into a spiral’ it’s overwhelming. Franco says the kid is half Drew’s, and he’s never let anything overwhelm him.

Kim thanks Elizabeth for reaching out. She asks Elizabeth to keep Oscar’s illness a secret, so he can live a little longer, having a normal life. Elizabeth says when he realizes Kim has been keeping it from him, he’s going to feel betrayed. Kim says it’s a small price to pay for Oscar to enjoy life instead of sitting in a cancer ward. She made a decision to prioritize his quality, rather than quantity, of life. She’d make the same decision again in a heartbeat.

Josslyn tells Cameron If anyone lied, it was her. She didn’t tell Oscar about the shoplifting, and pushed him away. He’s kind and supportive, and a good person. Cameron says he must have missed Oscar’s halo. Josslyn says he’s not perfect. He overreacted to the stupid kiss, and it wasn’t right to pick a fight, but she’s gotten worse cuts skiing. Why can’t it be over? Cameron says it is for him; Oscar keeps bringing it up. Josslyn asks if it’s payback, and what is Oscar lying about anyway. Cameron says the fight was one sided; it was a sucker punch.

Sam tells Jason and Sonny that Margaux was using Jason’s case file as bait. Margaux was playing her, and wanted her to know. She has her eyes on Sonny, and the people connected to him. She asks if it has anything to do with the explosion at Charlie’s. What actually happened? She doesn’t need details; she trusts them, but they need to watch their backs. Margaux isn’t fooling around. If anything happens, they won’t be the only ones paying the price.

Jordan asks if Margaux has heard of him, and Margaux says they should review what they know. The body was revealed after the explosion in a pub owed by Julian. Julian didn’t live in Port Charles then, and Charlie Delaney previously owned it, at the time of the approximate date of Vincent’s death. Charlie associated with Frank Smith, and Skully mentored Sonny.

George says he’s had a fever, rash, and aches, but it’s nothing to worry about. Anna says, it’s not nothing. It’s easy to ignore symptoms, but they’re an indication something is wrong. He says his wife agrees, and made him promise to seek out the best infectious disease specialist in the country – and here he is, looking at him. Finn doesn’t think he can treat his father due to ethical issues. George says there’s nothing illegal about it, and Finn says, unethical. They’re history could color his treatment. Chase asks if he’s going to nick an artery or overdose their father. Are things so bad he might make a mistake? Finn says, no, and Chase says there’s no good reason to deny him care then. Is Finn going to help their father or not?

Oscar comes back, and asks Josslyn if everything is okay. She says she thinks Cameron is just in a bad mood. Maybe it’s something with his family. She leaves to ask a question about the clothing, and Oscar approaches Cameron. He says Josslyn is his girlfriend, and Cameron’s friend. Can they try to get along, or at least pretend to? Cameron says he doesn’t get along with liars. Unless Oscar plans to come clean to Josslyn, it’s a hard pass.

Drew goes to Kim’s office. She tells him that he’s early, and he says he thought they could. Talk. She gives him a file Terry sent over about a cancer drug trial that ended last year drug. It was promising, but turned out to be a failure. Terry wants them to be realistic. Drew says he needs something from her.

Jordan says Mike’s sheet is peppered with little cons here and there, and Margaux says he had a gambling problem. Maybe he took a loan from Skully. Maybe Skully didn’t want payback in cash, and provided a weapon. Mike knew Charlie, and knew he could hide the body. Jordan wonders why Skully would use someone outside the family, and Margaux says, someone not connected could never give up names; he cold trust Mike. Jordan says they can make up stories, but it doesn’t bring them any closer to the truth. Besides, Mike has Alzheimer’s. Margaux says he took pains to remind them. Jordan says it’s not a good look for the commissioner to undercut the DA, and Jordan says it’s not a good look for the DA to take advantage of an infirm old man. His illness is documented, and any statement would be inadmissible. Margaux says if they don’t get it from him, they’ll get it from someone else.

Sonny tells Sam that he knows the DA is clear about coming after him. His phone rings, and he says it’s a blocked number; guess who? Jordan tells him that he’s on speaker. She and the DA have questions. Can he come down to the station? He says it’s late in the day, and she says they can come to him. Does he think it will disturb his father? He says he’ll be there shortly and ends the call. Jason says Diane is out of town, but Sonny says she’s just going on a fishing expedition; he doesn’t need a lawyer. Jason offers to come along, and Sonny tells him to hold down the fort. He knows better than to give anything up.

George apologizes to Finn, saying he meant the conversation to be private. He didn’t mean to guilt Finn into helping. Chase says he’ll help. He took an oath as a doctor, and their mom wants him to do it. Anna thinks it might be a good idea to revisit the subject tomorrow, in Finn’s office. Finn gives George him number, and tells him to call and they’ll make arrangements. George thanks him, and Finn says, think nothing of it.

Sam asks if Jason can do something for her, and Jason says, of course. She wants him to make plans with Danny; spend as much time as he can with him. Jason says he does, but he can squeeze in more. He asks if she wants to talk about it, but Sam says, no. He tells her that Charlie’s Pub isn’t on him, and nothing can take him away from Danny. She says he doesn’t know that; no one does. In an instant, it all changes. She asks for one more favor, if he can. She knows he and Drew have their differences, but if there’s a way for them to make peace, try. He asks what she’s trying to tell him.

Drew tells Kim he won’t hide the truth, and she says he agreed. He says he made a mistake. She tells him it’s not that long, just until his birthday. He says, it’s Oscar’s life. He should decide how he lives it. He’s like for them to tell him together, but if he has to, he’ll do it alone.

Oscar asks Cameron why he’s why being an ass. Cameron says Oscar’s an ass; he’s being unfair. Oscar doesn’t know what Cameron is talking about, and wonders if he’s up to a new strategy to come between him and Josslyn. Cameron asks why Oscar doesn’t just tell her he has cancer.

Jordan tells Sonny to sit, and he says, that long. Margaux says it depends. Jordan says the ID for the remains is Vincent Marino. Sonny pretends to consider this, and says he thinks the guy used to play shortstop for the New York Yankees. The name means nothing. Margaux says it means something to her. He was her father.

Well that was a one-two punch.

On Monday, Oscar asks Cameron not to tell, Margaux wants to nail the SOB who killed her father, and Sonny asks Mike to tell him everything he remembers.

🙌 FINALLY. Z Nation returns on October 5th. In less exciting news, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back on November 7th.

🐶 Bad Dorit!

LVP – who can do no wrong – has every right to be highly pissed off.


🍂 Quotes of the Week

Courage is to feel the daily daggers of relentless steel and keep on living. – Douglas Malloch

I’d rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special. – Shelby (Julia Roberts), Steel Magnolias

No man can be an exile if he remembers that all the world is one city. – from Till We Have Faces, CS Lewis

No one wins when no one hears the story.S.E. Cupp

Burnout happens when you try to avoid being human for too long.Michael Gungor

Make your monsters human.Boris Karloff

💥 Have a Spicy One…


January 31, 2018 – I Blame Lulu, Karma Hits Larry & a Little New Jersey


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan flatlines.

Lulu writes… Detective Nathan West is fighting for his life, his wife Maxie by his side… according to sources, Detective West went face to face with his father, notorious criminal Cesar Faison… She continues on, telling the story about Maxie being held hostage, and that they’re expecting their first child. Faison fled, but because of Nathan, Maxie and the baby are safe.

Jordan looks at a picture of Faison, and crumples it

At the hospital, Peter looks at the real Faison.

Amy gets Maxie out of the room. Felicia and Mac have arrived, and comfort her in the waiting area.

Amy charges the defibrillator. Griff works on Nathan. In the hallway, Maxie says, come on, Nathan.

Lulu writes… Wheeled out by paramedics, Detective West gave a thumbs up to his wife, a silent gesture that he would be okay, this would not be their ending. It’s the kind of man he is, strong, positive, reassuring others in the face of his own pain… The true definition of a hero.

Griff says, he’s gone. What the what? I swear, after reading the latest Soaps in Depth, I was sure it would be otherwise. Maxie cries, no! but Griff says he’s so sorry; Nathan is gone. Everyone is in tears, and I curse the TV.

Peter sees Sam and Jason outside of Faison’s room at the hospital. Peter tells Drew to take a crack at him, but be warned, he can’t trust a word that bastard says.

Drew and Sam go into Faison’s room. Faison says he sees Drew got the girl – Jason’s wife. He asks if Drew is there to thank him.

Curtis sits with Lulu at Kelly’s. He asks if she’s heard anything about Nathan, and she’s hoping no news is good news. Dante is with him, but hasn’t called. Curtis says he’s there to pick up an order for Jordan, and it’s going to be a long night. He asks what she’s working on, and she tells him an article about Nathan. He hopes it has a happy ending, and she says, it will; it’s got to.

Stella comes by Jordan’s office. She says her landlord is at it again; there’s no heat. Jordan says that’s awful, but Stella doesn’t want her pity; she wants something done about it. Jordan needs evidence of criminal activity, and Stella suggests she come over and take the temperature of the apartment, then find that greedy snake and arrest him.

Griff says he did everything he could, but the damage was too extensive. Maxie wants to see him, and I get distracted by Felicia’s terrific haircut. Amy tells Maxie to take as much time as she needs. Maxie tells Felicia that she doesn’t know how to do this. How does she say goodbye? She tells lifeless Nathan that he helped her recognize she had the strength to save herself, and asks if he remembers that from their wedding vows. She’s trying to find strength now, but it doesn’t work without him; nothing will. She talks about how annoyed they were to be chained together, but would give anything to go back to it. She couldn’t admit it at the time, but she’s standing next to the greatest man she’s ever known. She loves him and always will. She touches her stomach, and says they both will. She kisses Nathan’s hand, and I’m seriously confused. A secret well-kept, I guess, but I feel swindled.

Nina asks Amy if they have to take him soon, and Amy says there’s a procedure they’re supposed to follow, but no rush. Felicia tells Maxie that they have to go now, but Maxie doesn’t think she can leave. Felicia leads her to the door, and she takes a last look. Amy places his hand back under the sheet, thanks him, and says she’ll never forget. She starts to put the sheet over him, but Dante says he’ll take over. He tells Nathan he’s not going to make a big thing, since Nathan would just tell him to shut up. He was the best partner and best friend Dante ever had. He tells Nathan not to worry about Maxie and the baby. He has them. He puts the sheet over Nathan. Oh, I see. He gets to go in, but Nina doesn’t?

Nina can’t believe this is happening; it’s surreal. Valentin tells her how sorry he is. If he could make it so it never happened, he would. She asks him to check on Charlotte. She asks him to tell her that she won’t be there to tuck her in, but she’ll be there in the morning. She needs him to tell her that she loves her. He says he will, and leaves. Nina goes to Maxie, and they cry. She thanks Maxie for loving her brother. She was his world; she loved him like he deserved to be loved. Nina walks into the hallway.

Jordan gets a call from Dante saying Nathan is gone. She asks if he was taken to the morgue, and he says any minute. She hangs up, and tells Stella that one of her detectives was just killed in the line of duty.

Dante sees a message from Lulu, and calls her. He tells her to get over to the hospital. She asks if Nathan is awake, and he tells her to just get to the hospital. She wants him to tell her what’s going on, and he says Nathan didn’t make it. She’s like, no! and he says it happened fast. She asks about Maxie, but says never mind; she’s on her way. Curtis says he’ll take her.

Obrecht tells Dante that Nathan is dead thanks to Lulu. Dante says Lulu didn’t want this, but Obrecht says she made it happen because she’s a vain, shallow excuse for a human being, who had no idea what she was toying with. He did though, and should have stopped her. He asks if he should have stopped Nathan too. He wanted to take the risk. Obrecht says don’t blame him. He was naïve, and his courage led him to make a foolish choice, but Lulu put it in motion because of ambition, after being a reporter for five minutes. Dante says everyone is grieving, and she says, funny, she doesn’t hear him arguing with her.

Sam asks if it amuses Faison to play games with people’s lives. Faison asks her if she’s sure she wants to stay with the replacement, and tells her to go back to the man she loves. She says she’s not letting him play with her head, and Drew asks where the flash drive is. Andre put his old memories on a flash drive, and gave it to Anna. What did he do with it? Faison says he didn’t know it existed. Drew asks what his plan is. What’s his end game, and why keep Jason around? Faison says he wanted to kill Jason. He didn’t keep him alive. He’s too dangerous to have running around. Sam asks, then who? His son, who apparently Drew knows? Faison says, that’s correct. Drew asks where to find Henrik. Faison says let him out, and he’ll tell him, and he’ll answer all his questions. Drew says he’ll go the rest of his life not knowing a damn thing before he helps Faison. He’s going to spend his remaining days in prison; in a cage. Faison says let him make something clear, they still need Henrik. Drew hopes he enjoys hell, and Sam says they’ll find him on their own.

Peter asks Nina what happened. She says her brother is dead, and that SOB killed him. She asks Drew if that’s his room, and runs toward it. Valentin grabs her. She tries to get away, but he holds on to her, and she yells, murderer!

Jordan tells the people at the station that Nathan didn’t make it. It’s rough when they lose one of their own, and she knows they’ll join her in extending their deepest sympathies to the family.

Lulu gets to the hospital, and hugs Dante. He thanks Curtis. Curtis asks if Jordan is there, but he says not yet. Lulu asks how did it happen; how is he gone?

Felicia tells Maxie that she needs to eat, take a shower, and get some rest. Maxie goes back into Nathan’s empty room, and she thinks back to them feeling the baby kick.

Dante thinks Lulu should give Maxie some space. She doesn’t know what to say, and Dante says there’s nothing to say. She’s trying to put herself in Maxie’s position, but her mind shuts down. She can’t even handle the thought, and Maxie is living it. She feels terrible for them both. Nathan was Dante’s brother. She asks what she can do, and Dante says her being there is enough.

Jordan arrives at the hospital. Curtis asks how she’s doing, and she asks how Maxie is. He says beat up, as expected. She says it happened on her watch, but Curtis says she’s not responsible. She tells him Nathan is a good man, a good cop, and about to have a baby; it’s not fair. Curtis says it’s not, and holds her.

Felicia tells Maxie it’s time to go home.

Dante suggest he and Lulu grab coffee, and get some air.

Val brings Nina an empty coffee cup. I swear, they will never learn how to carry a cup so that it looks like it’s full on this show. He wishes he could do more. She asks about Charlotte, and he says she’s fine, and he followed her instructions. Nina says she used to tell Nathan that she wasn’t going to be there when he closed his eyes, but would be when he opened them. She says he’s never going to open his eyes, and cries.

Peter asks Drew if he got any information from Faison. Drew says he wanted to cut a deal. He’d help Drew find his son if Drew helped him escape. Peter says he’s sure Drew laughed in his face, and Drew says, something like that. Peter says Faison is a piece of work. Sam is thinking about Maxie, and how lonely she must feel. A couple of hours ago, everything was fine. Now, just like that, it’s not. It went from light to dark, and everything is different.

Amy brings out Nathan’s bag of belongings, but no one is left in the waiting room. She hugs the bag.

Peter goes into Faison’s room. He tells Faison that he looks positively cadaverous. They might wheel him to the morgue before he’s ready. Faison says Peter would love that, and Peter asks if he can he blame him. He asks Faison how he’s feeling, and Faison says like he was shot. Peter says he has to admit Jason does good work. He couldn’t have found a better spot. Faison says, enough; what does he know about a flash drive? Peter says he doesn’t owe Faison any explanation; he doesn’t owe him anything. He says their days together are over, and calls him dad. This revelation is about as astounding as when George Michael came out.

Mac and Felicia take Maxie home. Maxie thinks about Christmas, and the stockings hanging on the mantel, including a tiny one for the baby. In her flashback, Nathan says, it’s perfect, and the prospect of being a father will turn him to mush. Mac suggests going to their place. There’s a knock at the door, and Amy gives him the bag of Nathan’s belongings. He thanks her. Mac starts to put them aside, and Maxie asks what he’s doing. He says there’s plenty of time to go through them, but she wants to do it now.

Peter asks Faison if he has any idea how exhausting it was, year after year, seeking his approval, and constantly being rebuffed. A light bulb finally came on, and he wondered why he was trying to be like him; he’s his own man. Faison says he’s a boy; scared, weak, and worthless. Tell him about the flash drive. Peter says that’s so him – slapping him with one hand, and asking for something with the other. Faison wonders why he wasn’t killed, and Peter says he had a bulletproof vest. Faison calls him a coward, saying he’s always been one. Peter says Faison always taught him to plan ahead. Faison says he’s so pathetic, he couldn’t even kill Jason. Peter asks, why kill a perfect assassin, when he can turn him loose on Faison? All he had to do was keep him contained until he was ready to see Faison die, get out of the way, and let Jason take his revenge. Faison says his perfect assassin didn’t take him out. Peter says he’s grateful. Now he gets to watch as Faison basks in the harsh reality of what he’s done. Faison asks if Peter means him, but he doesn’t. Nathan’s dead. He killed the wrong son.

Maxie takes out Nathan’s watch, saying he was always on time. Felicia says, unlike her. Maxie says he always told her that she was worth waiting for.

Nina tells Valentin that Nathan didn’t like him. He kept reminding her that Valentin broke her heart. Valentin says it’s his deepest regret. Nina says she told Nathan it didn’t matter, and he gave his blessing. He’d rather see her happy than be right. Valentin says he respected Nathan. Nina says he was the only good thing in that horrible family. The penthouse in New York was hell; like a hall of statues. Nothing was real; everything was fake, except Nathan. He was real, warm, and love. Everything about her hurts right now. She cries, and Valentin holds her, saying he’s not going anywhere.

Faison asks Peter if Nathan is really gone. Peter says, thanks to him. Faison says he didn’t get to know him. Peter says that’s the best part. He’s so old and frail, he didn’t recognize his own son before he pulled the trigger. Faison tells him to get out. Peter says, no; he’s waited a long time. All those years, Faison felt so superior, and treated him like dirt, kicking him around, when all the time he was playing him. He asks how it feels to be out maneuvered by the son he despised? Peter feels amazing. He has the ultimate leverage; he has the memories on the flash drive. Even better, he’s working for Sam and Drew, and they don’t realize. He thanks Faison for a beautiful set-up. Faison tells him again to get out, and struggles to sit up. The machines he’s hooked up to start beeping. Peter says, living well is the best revenge, and he’s living great; high in the catbird seat, spending Faison’s money. It should be enough, but it can’t be. The real revenge is knowing Faison killed the son he loved and wanted, while the one he rejected is alive and well. He wins, and Faison loses at his own twisted game. Faison reaches out, and Peter slaps his hand away. The machinery goes nuts.

Valentin suggests he and Nina go home, and cherish what they have. Nina says she loves him, and he says he loves her too.

Obrecht goes to Nathan’s empty room, and smiles. She remembers him calling her mother on Christmas, and thanks him.

Peter asks if Faison’s not feeling so hot. Faison tries to ring for help, but Peter grabs the buzzer away from him, saying he taught him better than that. He leaves as Faison reaches out.

Maxie looks through Nathan’s wallet. She finds a picture of the two of them. She takes out his badge next, and there’s a song part. She puts his wedding ring on her index finger. She takes out his jacket, and remembers giving him the sonogram picture, and him putting it in his pocket. She pulls it out, and it’s covered in blood. She cries, and Felicia and Mac hold her.

Geez, this was rough on several fronts.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Michael she found out something about Nelle, Jason says Faison is dead, and Doc gets what he came for.

If Loving You is Wrong

Eddie tells Larry to drive. Larry says way to avoid a crime is not going to next location. (Or, never go to crime scene number two, as Bo Dietl says) Eddie asks if Larry wants him to shoot him right here. Larry says, yeah, and Eddie makes like he’s going to do it. Larry tells him to get out of the car, and Eddie tazes him. He does it twice more, but Larry still won’t drive. Eddie knocks him out and into the passenger seat, and drives away.

There’s a crowd at Larry’s office regarding Travis, and he’s obviously not there. Ian tells the assistant the he’ll try to call him.

Eddie chains Larry up in a storage container, the same way he was trussed up at Randal’s house. He asks if this is the game Larry likes, and tells him to wake up.

The assistant says Larry asked for a press conference. Ian can’t find him. Lushion calls. He says he’s not doing good, and Ian says join the party. Lushion says the attorney isn’t calling him back. Ian tells Lushion that he did the best he could. Lushion says one minute he’s ready to help her, and the next, he’s not. Ian says Travis’s family is there, and wants a press conference now. Lushion asks Ian to call the lawyer. Ian agrees, and goes out to the mob scene.

Alex is folding laundry when Brad comes in. He says he’s going to the office for a while. She asks if he’s coming back for lunch, but he’s not sure. She asks if he’s coming back at all, and he says he is. She tells him she loves him, and she’s sorry. He says, okay. She says she’s really, really sorry. She didn’t go over to Randal’s house, and knows he doesn’t believe her. He says he’s done with it. Alex wonders if he means her, but he says he said it. She asks what she can do; she’ll do anything. He tells her not to talk to Randal anymore, and walk away if he tries to talk to her. She promises not to say anything to him. She tells Brad again that she loves him, and he says he loves her too.

Eddie smacks Larry awake. Larry laughs, and says Eddie’s had his fun; let him go. Eddie says he’s just getting started, but Larry says he has to get to the office. He asks what Eddie hit him with. Eddie says his gun, but Larry’s kinky ass has probably been hit with worse. Larry says he didn’t do anything to him. Eddie says he was chained and humiliated, but Larry claims to have passed out. Eddie asks what he did, and Larry says dress him up; it was just for kicks. Eddie punches him. Larry tells Eddie to let him go, and they’ll call it even. Eddie says his girlfriend took pictures, and the whole department knows. He knocks Larry around. Larry yells for help, but they’re in the middle of the woods.

Esperanza visits Kelly in her cell. She’s sure it has to be tough, and Kelly says she has no idea. She’s trying to positive, and Esperanza tells her to fight for it and maintain her composure. Kelly says all she can think about is Justice, but Esperanza says they’re all taking care of him; he’s fine. Kelly thanks her. She still hasn’t heard from Lushion or the lawyer. Esperanza says she’ll check. Kelly says she needs to get out of there. She tells Esperanza that these people have done horrible things, and Esperanza promises they’ll figure it out. Kelly thinks Esperanza is looking at her weird. She knows what she did was wrong. Esperanza warns her not to talk in there, and says she’s on Kelly’s side. Kelly tells her to see how Justice is acting; he acts out when he’s stressed, and please go easy on him. Esperanza asks if she needs anything, and Kelly says, out of here. Esperanza says it’s coming.

Brad is leaving for work, and Randal asks if he’s been served; the lawsuit is coming. Brad says good, and to get the ladder, so he can kick him off of it again. Randal says he’s going to own Brad’s house and him. He already owned his wife. Brad says he’s owning Randal’s wife right now, and their baby is going to be a star. He’s a strong kicker, like how Brad kicked Randal off the ladder. Randal walks away. Brad says he can’t handle it when the tables are turned. Randal says he’s turned a few with Brad’s wife. He repeats the lawsuit is coming, and Brad says he’s looking forward to it. Randal goes back home, and Brad gets in the car.

Esperanza goes to see Lushion. She says she just saw Kelly. She’s concerned about the lawyer, and she asks what’s happening. Lushion is still trying to get him. Esperanza says it’s serious, and Lushion says he’s supposed to call. She says Travis’s family knows everybody. He asks what she’s suggesting, and she wonders if it’s a legit referral. They represent Travis’s family. Lushion doesn’t think Ian is like that; he’s known him for years. Esperanza says he seems confident, but she isn’t. They don’t have that much time. Lushion says the lawyer has been in court. Esperanza asks which one, and he asks if she’s playing investigator. She says he has his hands full, and she wants to help. He says not that full, but she’s worried about her… their friend. She could get life in prison. She says the mother is talking about how Kelly wouldn’t leave Travis alone. They’re all crying on TV, and very convincing. Lushion says she’s lying. Esperanza says perception is reality, and she doesn’t look like she’s lying. They know Kelly, but she’s being made to look like a different person. Lushion says he’ll make some more calls. He also thinks Esperanza should stop fraternizing at work. Things with Eddie went bad, and she still has to see him. She asks what he’s saying, that Stephen isn’t a good guy? Lushion says he’s a great guy. In the beginning it’s all great, but then things change. She should know the rules before she starts. Esperanza says Stephen told him, but Lushion says she did. She says nothing is going on. He tells her that her face is priceless, and she should tell it to someone else.

Alex walks the baby. Randal pops out. She says, touch the stroller, and he’ll regret it. She tells him to get away from her house. He wants to see the baby, and she says he’s not hearing her. He won’t move, and she says, fine, and reverses direction. He touches her arm, and she tells him not to touch her. He says she used to like it, and she slaps him. He laughs, and tells her do it again. He follows her, and she tells him to leave her alone. Natalie comes out, and Randal tells her to get her ghetto ass out of the conversation. She says she cut him once, and asks if he’d like a piece of hot lead to go with it. He touches her arm, and she falls on the ground, and starts flailing around and yelling. He says he didn’t touch her, but then runs away. Natalie asks where he’s going. I love Natalie.

She tells Alex that she has to do something about him. Alex doesn’t know what. Natalie says to get rid of someone crazy, act crazier, and suggests Alex set him up. Alex says she and Brad are trying to do something, but Natalie says she started it, so it’s up to her. Alex says Brad is back, but Randal isn’t making it easy. Alex apologizes, saying she shouldn’t have let Randal think the baby was Lushion’s. Natalie says she’s not mad. If she was, she wouldn’t be standing there now. Alex thanks her. Natalie says if she hears nothing else, hear this – she needs to do something about Randal. Alex doesn’t know what to do, and Natalie tells her to think about it. Alex asks about Kelly, and Natalie says she’s not good. Alex tells her if she can do anything, let her know. She’s glad Natalie is in the neighborhood. Natalie walks her back home, and invites herself in for a drink.

Marcie is on the phone with Esperanza as she meets Ian for dinner. She tells him she was talking about Kelly, and asks why he’s not representing her? He says Larry is representing Travis’s family. Marcie says, it’s so wrong, and he says, we’re lawyers what do you expect? He knows Kelly is a decent person, and she’s innocent; he spoke to her. Marcie says she’s good at reading people, and there’s something he’s not saying. She thinks he has a heart, and that makes it hard for some lawyers. He asks what she reads. She says he’s complicated and tries to act tough, but he’s a softie. She wonders how he knows Kelly is innocent, but he says she was his client and he can’t talk about her. Marcie says it doesn’t feel right sitting there, while Kelly is in a cell. She sees Stephen, and realizes Esperanza is with him. She tells Ian she’ll be right back.

Marcie says Esperanza told her that she was at work. Esperanza says her mind is all over the place, and introduces Stephen. Marcie explains she’s having dinner with a client who just bought a house. Stephen says they’ve met, and she says he looks different out of his work clothes. Esperanza says they’re just having an after-work drink. Marcie points out that she’s not dressed for work, and Esperanza says she had a change of clothes in her car. Marcie goes back to Ian.

Esperanza tells Stephen the town is so small. Now, all the girls will know. He asks if he embarrasses her, and she says no; she just doesn’t want them in her business. He says they’re adults, and allowed to have business, so let it go. She says they talk to Eddie, but he says no one talks to Eddie. He tells her to let him worry about it, but he gets it; she likes being in control. They talk about ordering, and Esperanza says she doesn’t drink much. Stephen says the last time they were together, she took the bottle like a champ. She says sometimes she needs liquid courage, and he wonders why with him? She says it came out of nowhere and happened fast. He asks if she’s enjoying it, and she says, let’s jut order. He tells her to relax. She orders tequila shots, and he says, so much for not drinking.

Alex rocks the nameless baby, and puts him in the crib. She hears Randal cackling and playing music outside. She jets out, and tells him to turn it down. He laughs, and she says she’s tired of him, spraying his car with the hose. He tells her to get her ass back in the house, but instead, she gets in the car. He pulls her out, and she tells him that he’s awful. Why did he tell Brad that she came over? He says because she did, but she says, no, she didn’t. Why is he doing this? Doesn’t he have any conscience? He’s surprised she didn’t know that already. He tells her that Brad and Marcie are having a baby, but Alex says they aren’t. Randal asks if she didn’t know Marcie was pregnant. She did, but says it’s not his. Randal asks who’s is it? She tells him to stop this. He asks again, and she says it’s his. I shake my head. She tells him to check the calendar, harass Marcie, and leave them alone. He asks if it’s his kid, and she asks if he didn’t hear her. Randal thinks she’s messing with him, but Alex says she doesn’t want to mess with him again.

Brad comes by, sees them, and speeds off. Randal laughs, and says, he gone.

Next time, Lushion asks Ian what happened, Larry says Eddie could kill him, and Justice asks Valerie if his mother killed Travis.

🍷 I also watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Reunion Secrets Revealed, and it was a lot of fun. These Secrets Revealed shows often have the best clips, or at least the ones where the women are having the most fun with each other. God forbid we should see that on the actual show. Two of the best scenes were a Latin dancing lesson, and Marty asking Danielle to marry him. I guess this makes number twenty? As Teresa said, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs. We also saw Siggy getting along with the Marge. Too bad she couldn’t sustain that, and ended up being batsh*t crazy.


RIP Assman Landers Nathan

January 24, 2018 – Faison Meets Finn, NJ Reunion Wraps & Eddie Seeks Revenge


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason asks if Sonny has had any word from Sinclair. Sonny says he’s gotten nothing, but someone is intercepting the emails. Is Jason thinking what he is?

At her insistence, Finn meets Felicia at the MetroCourt. She asks when he’s telling Anna he loves her

Anna asks Sonny for a favor in Robin’s name. Back off PK Sinclair.

Maxie goes to the hospital for her appointment. Kim asks who her uniformed friend is, and Maxie says it’s Officer Shane; she’s in need of extra security. While Kim prepares for her appointment, Nathan joins Maxie. He tells her there’s been no trouble from the landlord or the protesters. She asks why he seems so stressed, and he says there’s been a Faison update. Apparently, he has a brother.

Lulu tells Faison that her husband is a detective. He’s Nathan’s partner, and they must be looking for her. Faison says, excellent. She going to bring his son into his arms. Obrecht tell him to leave her son alone. He asks Lulu if she thought she could outwit him? Look how that turned out. Lulu tells him that he’s making it more difficult than it has to be. She can set up a meeting if he gives her the phone. Obrecht asks if she’s insane, and if she wants Nathan and his family to die. Faison says she used the word “family,” and asks if there’s a grandchild. Obrecht says she was referring to his wife, and he tells her don’t lie to him. Does Nathan have a child? She says, no, not yet.

Maxie asks if Obrecht had two boys, but Nathan says his brother has a different mother. Maxie wonders who are all these women having sex with Faison? She admits she wouldn’t have Nathan, but yikes. She asks where his brother is, and Nathan says his mother gave him up at birth. He was raised by Faison, but hates him, and the feeling is mutual. Maxie asks what Obrecht said about it, but Nathan can’t get in touch with her. He needs more information before he can deal with it. Maxie can’t imagine how Nathan feels; everything he knew and is, is a lie. She tells him no matter how many people claims to be family, the only one that matters is theirs.

Faison says, their first grandchild, adding no congratulations or anything, and Obrecht lied. Lulu says to let her call, and he tells them both to shut up, calling them two pieces of garbage. Obrecht says not to Anna. His obsession is fond of Lulu if hurt. If he hurts her, Anna will never forgive him.

Finn tells Felicia, no appetizers; she’s going right into crazy talk. He’s not in love with Anna. Felicia doesn’t believe him. She’s all about the chase, but it’s gone on too long. Finn asks what she’s talking about, and she tells him to cut the crap. Everyone can see it, but neither one of them will admit it; they’re at a standoff, with no one making the first move. It has to be him. He asks why, and Felicia says Anna is hurt. They all are, but without betraying her confidence, Anna is more complicated than he realizes. She’s dealt with trauma, and he needs to do what she can’t. She tells him to be brave and man up. Tell Anna he loves her or he’ll lose her.

Sonny says someone is intercepting the emails, and Anna says that would be her. She asked him to notify her, but he refused. He says now she shows up asking for a favor? Jason asks why she cares so much, and Anna says she doesn’t care. She doesn’t know him, but she cares about what happens to him because she’s been there. He’s obviously been pushed too far by Faison, and wants to strike back. It’s not a position she envies. Years go by, and you think it’s over, then there he is, telling you he loves you, and all the time torturing you. She starts to tear up. She says there’s no escape, and thinks he feels the same way. Sonny tells her they’re on the same side. He wants to stop Faison from hurting anyone again. Jason needs to do that. They need his son.

Finn knows Felicia means well, but she’s wrong. He and Anna don’t fit. Felicia asks why? Finn says, because, and she tells him that he’ll have to do better than that. He says he’s still struggling with his recovery, and doesn’t know what the future holds. It could be forever, and Anna doesn’t need that uncertainty. Felicia says she’s a WSB agent; uncertainty is a way of life. Finn says that’s another thing. She’s an agent, dealing with guns and bad guys, and he’s in the market o save lives. Felicia thinks it’s the same thing, and Finn says Felicia gave him a B, a measly B. Felicia says it’s a solid B. When they got together, the way he and Anna looked to and spoke about each other, she knew they were faking it, but there was something real underneath. He can come up with a million reasons why not, but it’s up to him to find the one reason why they should be together. They’re both lonely, and they love each other. They’ve found the treasure – loving and being loved in return. She says he’s truly a curmudgeon, but doesn’t think he’s foolish, so do the smart thing. Choose Anna, and she guarantees she’ll choose him back, even though they’re both just as stubborn.

Anna asks why Jason wants Heinrich, and Jason says he was in the clinic because of Klein’s mystery client. Faison ordered him killed, but the traitor kept him alive. Anna says the assumption being they’re the same person, along with PK Sinclair. Sonny says The Severed Branch pissed Faison off so bad, he tried to burn it. Jason says they’re not just the same person; he’s Faison’s son. Anna asks if Jason wants to find out why he was kept alive, and Jason says, yes. Sonny says, but the real reason to draw Faison out is that he orchestrated the program to replace Jason with Drew. They want to know the reason for that. Anna asks if Sonny thinks it’s about him. Sonny doesn’t know, but the easiest way to get rid of him would be to get rid of Jason. Anna tells him to focus on Faison, and she’ll handle Heinrich. Jason says they can’t get to Faison without his son, and Anna says, then what? If they use him as a lure, Faison will kill him. Do they want his blood on their hands after Jason was kept alive because of him? Because of him, Jason isn’t dead; there has to be another way. Sonny says forget about him and Jason, she’s Robin’s mother, and Faison put her through hell, taking Robin away from them for years. No more. He has to go.

Faison says Anna betrayed him, and left him to die. He feels nothing for her. Obrecht says then he won’t care that she’s found love again. He asks with who, and Obrecht says a good man, a world renowned doctor, Hamilton Finn. Faison says he didn’t keep her alive to punish her, but he’s sure she recognizes this. He puts a cannister on the ground and leaves, locking the door behind him. Lulu tries to open it, but can’t.

Kim asks about stress managing, and Maxie says it’s all good, thanks to Nathan. Kim tells her that a good partner is a huge gift, especially with parenting. Being a single parent is tough. She calls Nathan in, and does the ultrasound. Kim says the baby is perfect, but a little shy; she can’t determine the gender, but maybe next time. Maxie reminds her not to tell them, and she says she’ll put it in an envelope like Maxie asked. Maxie says Sam might not have been into her gender cake, but she is, although she did force it on Sam. Kim shows them the screen. Maxie says, we made that, and Nathan says, yeah, we did.

Lulu says, wth? Obrecht tells her it’s carbon sulfate, a lethal gas the DMX created. Their intention was to sell it. Anna thwarted the plan, but Faison escaped. Lulu finds what looks like a dog grooming tool, and cuts Obrecht’s bonds. She asks how old the container is, and Obrecht thinks about twenty-five years. Lulu thinks it can’t still be effective, but Obrecht says if the gas doesn’t kill Lulu, she will.

Finn knocks on Anna’s door, and let’s himself in. He calls to her, and when there’s no answer, he sends a text.

Anna says no one wants Faison handled more than her, but not at the expense of his son. Sonny says he took Robert from her, and took Jason; he’s only going to stop if they stop him. Jason thinks the best what is through Heinrich. He gives Anna his word that he won’t hurt Heinrich. He just wants to meet, and if Heinrich cooperates, he’ll do everything in his power to protect him. Anna gets a text from Finn. It says that he’s waiting for her, and they need to say what they haven’t been able to. She tells Sonny that PK Sinclair wants to meet, but no location is set. She gets another text, and says it’s set now.

Finn flashes back to his banter with Anna, where he told her that he’s the only thing preventing her from putting on a bathrobe and adopting a cat, and they ended up kissing. He hears the door open and close, and turns around to see Faison. Faison points his gun at Finn. I wonder why Anna gets all the cool guys.

Kim tells Maxie and Nathan that everything looks good. Maxie says she can’t with the cuteness. Nathan says it seems real all of a sudden, in the best way. Kim says except for the one scare, the pregnancy is going beautifully. Felicia comes by, and Nathan gives her his spot. Felicia looks at the screen, and says it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

Shane tells Nathan that Dante is trying to reach him. Obrecht called an Uber to Anna’s, but wasn’t there when it arrived. No one has seen her since yesterday.

Lulu balks at Obrecht saying it’s her fault. She just got him riled about Anna. Obrecht says he’s always riled about Anna. Lulu was like a child playing checkers with a nuclear device. Lulu says Nathan decided it was the right thing, but Obrecht says it was set in motion by Lulu, and for what? A story to further her career? Congratulations, she got her wish. Now they’re all paying the price. Lulu won’t apologize for trying to put an international criminal in jail. Obrecht says she’s arrogant as well as foolish. She tells Lulu here’s a reality check. Faison made Robin disappear, and did the same to Jason. Lulu thought she’d succeed where Sonny failed. Lulu says she wasn’t thinking, and Obrecht tells her that she kept Faison’s son from him for a reason, at enormous cost to herself. Now it’s for nothing. Lulu says maybe they’re not going to die in here. Obrecht says she can’t warn Nathan. She can’t do anything; it’s over. Lulu says not if they can find an escape.

Anna tells Sonny and Jason that PK will be at the park at 10 pm. Sonny says he’ll be there, and Anna says she will too. Sonny says Jason will meet with him, and he’ll monitor things from a distance. Anna says they’ll drive him off. It needs to be her. She might get him to lower his guard. She promises not to make a move without checking, and tells Sonny it’s better to work with her than against her. Jason says 10 pm, and Sonny says they’re going to find Faison. Anna says when they do… and pauses for a moment. She finishes by telling them to call the authorities.

Faison says Finn must be Anna’s new love. Finn asks who he is, and he introduces himself, saying Anna must have mentioned him. Finn says, not a word. Faison asks how long he’s been seeing Anna, and he says a couple of months, but she doesn’t talk much about her past. If he’s part of it, Finn can’t blame her. Faison says he’s not part of her past; he’s her destiny. He’s known her since she was a kid, and always knew. The more she fights it, the more he’s sure. She’s been his greatest opponent, and she’ll be his. Believe it. Finn tells him people don’t own other people, but Faison says he’s never experienced the love of the soul. Finn says he’s been salivating over her all these years, but it’s never happened. She’s not that into him. She’s smart, kind, and courageous, and no doubt looks for those qualities in a partner. He doesn’t want to be harsh, but she’s out of his league. Faison says, but she’s in his? Finn says he should be so lucky. Faison says his problem is he thinks Finn is a man Anna could fall in love with, but he doesn’t want her too. Does he kill him, or keep him alive and get the upper hand to make Anna do what he wants? Finn rushes Faison.

Felicia introduces herself to Kim. She says the prospect of having a grandchild in their home town has her and Mac excited. The lab calls, and Kim goes to get the sono pictures. Felicia tells Maxie at least she’s not blubbering like Mac when he put together the crib. They also have a glider and a changing table for when the baby spends the night. They’d started reminiscing about when Maxie’s sister was little, and Maxie says she misses Georgie, especially right now. Felicia says she’s with them in spirit. It’s a wonderful time for her. She has an amazing husband, a thriving daughter, and another baby on way that they can spoil rotten.

Nathan tells Maxie that it’s official; they made the perfect baby. Maxie is feeling better after seeing it; everything has been put in perspective. They’ll be fine. His father can’t touch them.

Lulu thinks there’s an entrance to a tunnel in the room. They just have to find it. When they get out, she’ll send Nathan to Anna, which is probably where Faison went. Either way, he’ll get captured. Obrecht helps Lulu look.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s never seen Anna like that. Nothing ever fazed her, and now she’s two seconds away from losing her mind. He says it’s the same look his mom had when Deke would hit her. She’d hear the door open, and freeze. He couldn’t do anything then, but he can now. Anna isn’t going to be living in fear anymore.

Anna sees a cigarette butt outside her door. She picks it up.

Kim gives Felicia a sono picture. Felicia thanks her for taking good care of Maxie. Kim says she’s lucky to have such a good family.

Maxie insists the baby has Nathan’s nose. Nathan says no matter whose nose it has, the baby will be so loved. Nathan gets text has to go back to work, and Maxie gives him one of the pictures.

Obrecht tells Lulu the walls are as secure as Fort Knox. Lulu says there has to be an entrance somewhere. The gas starts to release.

Sonny tells Jason that when Anna turned back, what she said about calling the police wasn’t what she really wanted to say. What she wanted to say was, don’t miss.

Anna goes in, gun drawn. Faison has his gun on Finn. He says, hello, Anna. Lovely to see you.

Sonny tells Jason to line up the shot. Jason says he won’t miss.

Tomorrow, Kiki thanks Griff, Amy visits Maxie, and Faison tells Anna to drop the gun.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Reunion Part Two

When we last left the reunion, Sylvia Miles Crypt-Keeper cock-a-roach Kim D joined the group. Kim tells Teresa, mess with her, and she’ll be back in jail, clink-clink. Teresa gets up, but thinks better of it, saying Kim is lucky she’s on probation. I don’t think I’ve ever used this word in regard to a Housewife or Friend of, but Kim D is repulsive. We flash back to Kim D’s highlights from this season, both on the scene and being talked about. Kim says Teresa wants to fist fight everybody, but Teresa says she wouldn’t give her the satisfaction.

Andy tells us that last season Dolores and Siggy were peacemakers, but not so much this season. They believe they did the right thing by walking in the fashion show, but claim they still defended Teresa. Teresa says they can see Kim’s track record. Kim says Teresa changes friends like underwear, but Dolores says they’ve been friends forever. Since Kim is totally wrong, she says that’s the way she sees it. The fashion show made a whole grand each for the two recipients of the event. Melissa thinks Kim got more out of it than they did, and Kim whines about having to pay for the dinner. Melissa hums circus music. She says Kim likes to stir the pot, and goes for the jugular and talking about people’s families. Kim admits to both pot stirring and going below the belt, and Melissa asks if she realizes she goes too far. She suggests Kim bring it down to a level where children aren’t hurt. Kim calls them all frauds. Teresa says if anyone would look at Kim’s W-2’s and 1099’s, it would be clink-clink for her too. Kim says she has two businesses, and Teresa says one of them is prostitution. Andy sure can pick ‘em.

Andy asks if Teresa is alleging she’s a madam, and Teresa says, yes, a magdum [sic]. Kim says she isn’t, but wouldn’t have a problem with it. Andy says he could kind of see it. Kim says Teresa steals from other people, and says something about Joe #2 that I don’t catch. Melissa tells her be gone, and Teresa says she’s dried up. Andy asks what’s up with Siggy. Siggy says Teresa has a right to be angry, but the county is small, and when you’re not getting along, it’s hurtful. Melissa says she can’t have her cake and eat it too. Andy asks Siggy how she’d feel if Kim said Michael was cheating. Siggy says she would be devastated, and hope the girls would have her back. Dolores says from now on, she doesn’t want to know anything. Kim swears she’s not a troublemaker, but thinks some of the things they say are evil. We almost say goodbye, but Teresa says Danielle didn’t get to say anything.

Danielle asks why Kim didn’t intervene at the fashion show a million years ago, when Danielle got her hair pulled? She asks if they were friends for real, or did Kim just want to get on the show? Kim says Danielle got uptight about things she should have let go, and that’s how the friendship ended. Kim leaves. Siggy talks about trying to set her up, but says Kim can’t get over her ex.

Siggy has two more books coming up; one about divorce, and another about bullying geared to children. The look on Margaret’s face is priceless. We flash back to Siggy’s world. Andy asks why she uses Michael’s last name when she talks about him – something I’ve been dying to know – but she just likes the sound of it. She talks about moving to Boca now that Josh is gone. She’s working less, and spending more time with Michael. Andy asks about the pellets, and she says she hasn’t had a hot flash in eight months and her sex life is great. She also encourages anyone with a credit card to have plastic surgery. Margaret says her advice is valid, but wishes she’d take some of it. Siggy says she practices what she preaches, but with Margaret, it’s a toxic situation. She claims Margaret doesn’t like her. Siggy asks how many lawsuits Margaret has going on, and acts like business bankruptcy is a big deal. Andy mentions the recent lawsuit where Margaret was accused of stealing a whale design. Margaret explains it’s common in her industry.

Andy mentions what great relationships the ladies have with their families. We see clips of Marge Sr., Teresa’s father, and the other parents. Margaret calls her mom a sex kitten. Andy suggests Marge Sr. hook up with Teresa’s dad, but Melissa says she’s way too modern for him. Teresa thinks he should find a rich woman to take care of him. Dina (from previous seasons) tweets that she loves Marge Sr. Dina’s home invasion is discussed. I’d forgotten about that. It was horrible. She’s lucky she’s not dead. Teresa says it’s still being investigated, and I get creeped out all over again.

The Franks are examined next. We flash back to Frank Sr. coming back home, and Frankie going off to college, as well as clips regarding Dolores’s absent boyfriend. Andy asks what’s going on with that. She says she and David are still together, and seeing how things go. A viewer questions her relationship with Frank. Andy asks if they’re getting back together, but she says they’re not apart. They are not, however, having sex.

Andy says while everyone else welcomed Danielle, Dolores thought she was back for revenge. We flash back to their altercations, including Dolores calling her a crazy scumbag, and accusing her of being on drugs. Dolores says she made up a story that Dolores said Teresa just cared about money, although Danielle remembers it vividly. She claims Dolores was basically bringing her up to speed, going through what was happening with each person. She says it wasn’t that big of a deal, but she thought Teresa needed to know what she’d said. Dolores asks why she would leave Siggy out. Well, because they’re joined at the hip. Danielle doesn’t think she had ill intentions.

Andy asks what proof Dolores has that Danielle is on drugs. She has none, but says Danielle seems off, and is maybe using Xanax or something. Danielle says she’s never done any such thing. She gets they don’t like her, but shut up and stop calling her names. Dolores immediately calls her a skank. Danielle tells her to STFU. Dolores also calls Danielle a professional victim, which is funny, since that seems to be Siggy’s role.

They take a break. and backstage, Danielle calls Dolores a piece of sh*t. Dolores says she loves to get Danielle “to that point.” Teresa tells Danielle it’s not true, so don’t even pay attention. Danielle calls Dolores a bully, and wants the camera off.

We move on to the Italy trip. Margaret says they sucked the life out of Italy, and she’s not sure if they’d be welcomed back. Melissa just wanted some authentic pasta and wine with the girls, but it didn’t happen. Next, we see how one comment changed a friendship forever, and stroll down Hitler Memory Lane, with Margaret using Hitler in an analogy, and Siggy deciding she must be anti-Semitic. Margaret says she was in shock. The comment was actually the opposite. She wasn’t calling Kim D “Hitler,” just making a point. She says it’s a common analogy, and she’s never had that problem before. Siggy said nothing at the time, and waited until they got to Italy to pull out her accusation. She says Kim D was assassinating Teresa and Melissa’s character, and she doesn’t just judge her friends by how they treat her, but also how they treat others. Siggy, who can barely sit in her seat, says she can’t do this. Andy asks if anyone knew what anti-Semitic meant. Everybody pretends they did, except for Teresa, who says nothing. Andy tries to ask Danielle a question, but Siggy won’t shut up. When Danielle points out she’s trying to answer, Siggy huffs and puffs, and says, oh, it’s her moment. Andy asks what was going on when she went nuts at dinner? Danielle says she hated seeing Margaret crying and upset. She’s not anti-Semitic, and has raised Jewish children. Margaret asks Andy what he thought, and he says he didn’t think the analogy was out of line. Siggy says her father said the name should never be spoken, and Margaret says she failed to mention Margaret had a Jewish husband and children, and even Siggy’s father thought she went too far. Siggy starts pointing her finger, and saying, shame on you. Margaret says Siggy wanted to hate her, and that was that; she’s sorry she made Siggy unhinged. Siggy says she’ll be going back to her fabulous life, and Margaret points out how she’s always talking about how much she has. Surprisingly, Andy jumps in, saying, he’s so on the other side with this. Not to take away from Siggy’s feelings, but he’d called his parents, who also didn’t think it was offensive. Siggy says the name should never be brought into casual conversation. End of story. It’s how she feels, and she doesn’t give a sh*t what anyone else feels. Alrighty then. At the beginning of the season, I thought, poor thing, she’s having a difficult menopause, but by the end, I realized she’s just insane.

Andy asks Danielle if she’s glad she came back. Shockingly, she says she is.

In the final moments, Andy wraps up season 8 with the rose and thorn thing; what’s the best and worst of the season for each of them. Dolores says the worst was her friendship with Teresa being questioned, and the best was that it didn’t break the friendship. Siggy says the pellets were the best, and fighting with Margaret was the worst. Margaret agrees that their fighting was the worst, and says she thinks it ruined everything for everybody. Andy wonders if that will ever change, or are they just not meant to be friends? Margaret says she puts things behind her quickly, but Siggy feels how she feels. Siggy says everything is timing, and she doesn’t bounce back quickly when she’s hurt. Andy thinks this means never say never, and says look at Teresa and Danielle. They’re friends, even thought it took eight years and “going away.” Our favorite jail euphemism. Siggy is visibly uncomfortable, and possibly embarrassed. I would be if practically everyone in the world told me I was wrong. Melissa says her thorn was watching the pain of the family when her mother-in-law passed away, and her rose was getting envy back on its feet all on her own. Teresa worst was losing her mom; she can’t believe she still standing. She says going away was nothing in comparison. She’d go twenty more times to have her back. It was the worst thing ever. I get seriously choked up, since I can understand her grief. She says the best part was watching her daughters. Since her mother’s been gone, there hasn’t even been a dish in the sink. She’s proud of them.

Andy says it was a long, but memorable season that started with a cake, so it’s only fitting they end with a cake. Melissa hopes no one throws it. It’s a replica of the one Siggy had made for Melissa’s birthday. They promise to eat like adults, but Teresa puts some on Andy’s face, and asks if she can lick it off. I’m not kidding. He nixes that idea, and says Joe #1 better come home soon.

And New Jersey is out.

Next time, The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Secrets Revealed

If Loving You is Wrong

Kelly finds out Travis is dead. Lushion is like, Kelly… Tony Isaacs says let her talk. He asks if Lushion is her counsel, but he says just a friend. Tony tells him to go. Lushion tells Kelly that he’ll make some calls, and don’t say a word.

Tony asks what happened, but Kelly wants her lawyer. Tony says she’s going to jail then. She asks if she has to go to jail if she talks, and he says she can talk to him or her lawyer. She starts to talk about Travis being at the window, but thinks better of it. She tells Tony that her lawyer’s name is Ian, and he tells her they’re trying to help; they’re friends here. She asks if they’re the same friends who wouldn’t listen about him stalking her. She refuses to say anymore, and he tells her it makes her look guilty. Kelly says she knows her rights, and she wants her lawyer. Tony tells her in the meantime, she gets a jail cell. She freaks a little, and backs away.

Tony accuses Lushion of coaching Kelly. Lushion says she knows her rights, and Tony says she knows how to wield a knife too. Maybe he meant to say that, but I think Tony is confusing the cases. She shot Travis. She’s accused of stabbing Ramsay. Lushion says her lawyer is Ian, but tony says not anymore. Lushion says Tony has been known to lie, but Tony says he’s been known to interrogate. Lushion says Travis was bad news, but Tony says he read both of their reports and it doesn’t look good for Kelly. Lushion tells him to look closer; there’s more to it. Tony tells Lushion to let him help Kelly, but Lushion says he can’t, and asks what church he goes to. Tony says none, and Lushion asks what about his wife? Tony says Lushion has done his homework. She goes to Travis’s father’s church. He’s biased. Travis has been harassing Kelly and destroying her life. Tony says he needs her to tell him that. Lushion says she will when her lawyer gets there.

Brad sits on his porch. He strolls over near Randal’s house. Randal sticks his head out the window, and asks what he’s looking at? Brad says he’s on his side of the yard. Randal says he’ll call the cops, and Brad tells him to go ahead. They both go back to their respective corners. Inside, Brad tells Alex that she lied to him. She’s like, what? He repeats it. He says she was over there to see Randal. She says no, but Brad says that’s what Randal told him. Alex says she wasn’t and Brad knows Randal. Brad says she knows him; he’s just learning. Alex says he should believe her; she’s his wife. He says that didn’t mean anything in the past, and she tells him not to go there. Brad asks how Randal would know that he left, and Alex says maybe he looked through the window. Brad says he’s trying, and she says she’s telling the truth. The baby starts to cry, and she says she’s not doing it; it’s upsetting the baby. Brad asks who’s baby, and she asks if this is how it’s going to be. He says he doesn’t think he can do this. He knew it was going to be hard, but he might have to leave. Alex tells him that it’s confusing for the kids, but he doesn’t know if he can trust her given the circumstances. Alex says she didn’t go over there, but he admits he doesn’t believe her. He goes back outside, and we see the cute, albeit nameless, baby.

Esperanza asks if Lushion talked to Kelly. Stephen wants to make eyes at her, but asks Lushion how it’s going. Esperanza leaves, and Lushion says not so good; how about the two of them? Stephen acts , and Lushion laughs and asks if he’s going to lie. Last night he was eye-sexing at the crime site, all cool on his motorcycle, and now he’s not talking to her? Stephen asks if they took Kelly in, and Lushion says she’s in a cell. He asks if Stephen knows a lawyer; Ian backed out. Stephen says he’ll make some calls.

Esperanza comes back, and asks what’s going on with Kelly? Lushion says they arrested her; Travis died. He’s going to make some calls. Esperanza offers to help, but he says he has it. He leaves, and Stephen says, dinner? Esperanza says her friend just got arrested, and he’s asking her on a date? He asks if he’s being insensitive, and she says he’s being a pr*ck, and walks out. Eddie comes in, and Stephen says he doesn’t want to be what she already had.

Eddie says Stephen thinks he’s funny. Stephen thinks Esperanza likes him. Eddie thinks if he catches Stephen over at her place, he’s going to kick his ass. Stephen says Eddie is a crazy SOB, but so is he. Eddie says he has no idea. Stephen says Eddie’s crazy is fueled by cocaine and chaos; his is controlled.  He asks if Eddie noticed the rest of the station looking at him funny. Last night, he was the toast in some guy’s toaster. Eddie tells Stephen to stay out of his face. Stephen says Eddie is funny; he thinks he scares him. He thinks he’s a tough guy. Eddie tells him, take a walk, but Stephen says he’s not going anywhere, and tells Eddie to get his ass out. Go to the station down the street. They don’t want him there anymore.

Marcie pulls into Brad’s driveway, and calls Ian. She’s got the contract, and he asks her to come by the office. She asks if Larry is going to be there, and he says no. She asks Brad why he’s sitting there, and he says he’s waiting on her. He asks about her car, and she’s getting a rental. It’s totaled, and they’re going to replace it. Brad calls Randal a bastard, but she says his insurance will go up too, since his name was on it. He says Randal was shouting at him about the baby. He apologizes for Alex, and says she shouldn’t have told him. Marcie tries to tell him it wasn’t Alex, but he says she’s sick of her lying. Marcie asks how he knows, and he says Randal told him. Marcie says don’t believe him. She asks what Alex said, and Brad tells her that Alex denied it, but who else could have told him? He’s thinking about leaving, and asks if it’s okay to come back to the apartment. Marcie says of course. She’s missed him, and says it was a mistake to throw him out. He says at least she didn’t tell Randal it was his child. Marcie says she fired the divorce lawyer; it’s a long story. Brad gets in the car with her.

Lushion calls Ian, and asks what’s going on? He thought Ian would be there helping Kelly. Ian says he can’t. His partner and boss was adamant. Lushion asks if he’s going to leave her hanging, and he says he texted a new lawyer’s number. Lushion says Kelly doesn’t get to have her phone in jail, and Ian says he’ll send it to Lushion. Lushion doesn’t like the idea, but Ian insists he’s good. He tells Lushion what he’s done for Kelly so far is pro bono. He says he’s sorry, but Lushion says he’s not. It’s sad and wrong, and a a good woman needs a good attorney. He asks if Ian will at least let her know personally, and Ian agrees, apologizing again.

Kelly paces in the cleanest, neatest cell ever. Esperanza comes by. Kelly says she needs her lawyer, but Esperanza says he’s not there. Lushion is handling it, and it will be okay. Kelly says he came all the way to see her at Natalie’s last night. Esperanza tells her that she’ll pick up Justice from school. Kelly worries she won’t get out, and says she’s not in the wrong. She knows she shouldn’t have shot him. Esperanza tells her not to talk about it in there, and don’t talk to the other prisoners about it. Kelly starts to freak, and Esperanza tells her to maintain her composure. Esperanza says he provoked her, and they’ll figure it out, but she has to calm down. This is also the quietest jail ever.

Marcie comes by Ian’s office. He tells her Larry is in court. She tells him the inspections are, and the closing date has been moved up. He says hopefully it will be done before his kids get there for the summer. He gives her the paperwork, saying it’s signed and notarized, and it’s all good. She says he made her life easier. He says now the hard part; have drinks and dinner with him. He won’t take no for an answer. She says she’ll text her address, and she’ll bring the keys. He says he already has them. Marcie says he didn’t need her, and could have saved the commission. He says some things are worth the investment. She says whatever he thinks he’s getting, she hopes it’s worth it. Marcie wants to jet before Larry gets back, but ugh! Larry comes in. Ian says they were just talking about him. He asks if they were cursing him out, and Marcie says, you’d better believe it. Larry apologizes, and says what if he gets Randal to sign the papers. Then she can fire him. He glides out, and Marcie says she can’t stand him, but she likes him. Ian says that’s how most of them feel.

Eddie asks Lushion if he’s good, and Lushion says he’s busy. Eddie knows Lushion didn’t have to do what he did, and thanks him. Lushion says, don’t mention it, but Eddie says he has to. Lushion is a good guy. Eddie says he called so many people, and Lushion is the only one who picked up. That’s funny, since I could have sworn he’d only called Esperanza, and even Lushion hung up twice before talking to him. Lushion asks where Andrew is, and Eddie says Rusty probably did something to him. Lushion says he doesn’t trust Eddie, or like him. He doesn’t trust what he says, and he was just doing his job. He doesn’t give a damn about him. Eddie asks what he’s putting in the report, and Lushion asks if that’s what this is really about. He’s writing what happened, and wouldn’t have to do that if Eddie hadn’t shot at them. He wouldn’t have done anything. What grown men do is their business. Eddie says he was in the backyard, and they drugged him. He says maybe they had a laugh, but everyone knows who has the last word around there. Lushion tells him that Larry is well-connected, and to leave them alone. Eddie says all the more reason to take his ass out. Lushion says not to call him; he won’t be a part of Eddie’s crimes. Eddie says he’s not committing crimes; he’s trying to take out the cartel. They’ll have to agree to disagree, but he thanks Lushion from the bottom of his heart. He shakes Lushion’s hand, and Lushion asks where Andrew is. Eddie says there will be a time Lushion needs him, and he can count on Eddie. He’ll be there.

Larry goes to Randal’s house. Randal says he fired him, but Larry says he needs to sign the lawsuit papers. And something else; the divorce papers. Randal says he’s not doing that. Larry says he will if he wants to sue, but Randal says he’ll find another lawyer. Larry says he’ll do it for free. Randal thinks Larry feels guilty about letting it slip that Marcie is pregnant. Larry says he can make Brad’s life miserable, and Randal wonders why he wants it so bad. Larry asks why Randal doesn’t want to let it go? Randal says he just doesn’t. Larry says he wants the last bit of control, but Randal says it’s not about control. He wants her to suffer. Now that she’s pregnant, he wants her stressed the hell out. Larry says he’s not suing Brad, and calls Randal a piece of work. Randal says he is, and Larry loves it. Larry says just because he loves pain and suffering, doesn’t mean he likes to beg. He tells Randal to sign the lawsuit papers. Randal looks them over, and signs them. They shake hands. Larry jokingly (I think) says, love you, on his way out the door.

Larry gets in his car. He calls the office, leaving a message that he’s sending over some documents. Eddie pops up from the backseat, and holds a gun to Larry’s head. Larry asks what he wants, and Eddie tells him to drive.

Next time, Travis’s family holds a press conference, Esperanza apologizes to Lushion, Eddie beats up Larry, and Alex slaps Randal.

👯 What is up with these reboots of 90s sitcoms all of a sudden? Have we run out of ideas?


Faison & The Severed Branch

January 17, 2018 – All About Ava, the NJ Reunion Begins, Larry Has a Bad Day & Some Tabatha


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava looks at herself in the mirror and thinks about Carly insulting her. Julian stops by to wish her luck. She says she’ll take it. She’s out of options if the treatment doesn’t work. Julian says she’s still a knockout, and asks if it’s worth it. She says she’s been through hell, and it clarified things. He says he’s blamed a lot of people for his bad deeds, and the only way he found true peace was to take responsibility for his own actions. Maybe she should try it. She tells him that she has to make a stop before going to GH – she has some unfinished business.

Ava thanks Sonny for seeing her. She’s having a medical procedure, and you never know. She wants to see her daughter. He says Avery is with her mother, and Ava says Carly isn’t her mother. Sonny says Carly does what she doesn’t. Ava says that’s only because he won’t let her, but he says Kiki practically raised herself. Carly comes in with Avery, but Sonny directs them to the kitchen. He says his son is dead because of Ava. She tells him he has no right to punish her for what Olivia-J did. He says if he’d killed her after she murdered Connie, his son would still be alive. Carly comes back in, and Ava says they can’t keep her away forever, but Carly tells her when Avery finds out what she did, she won’t want anything to do with her. Ava says their house was built with blood money, and promises Avery will know her.

At the hospital, Kiki tells Griff that she tried to get some sleep, but had to be there for her mom. She’s concerned that Ava thinks it’s going to fix more than her face, but thanks Griff for pulling her back from the brink. They hug, and Ava walks in. Kiki tells her there’s still time to back out. She’s going through with the surgery and whatever the outcome is, she’ll accept it.

Ava lies on the table. The surgeon asks if she’s ready. He says when she wakes up she’ll be a new woman. He puts the mask on her, and tells her to count backward from ten.

Ava opens her eyes to Griff and Kiki. Kiki says it was successful. Ava wants to see, but she’s still woozy. She hears Griff say, here’s some lithium for the pain, but what he really said was ibuprofen. He says the bandages have to stay on overnight. He thinks she’ll be happy with the result, and says he can take her home when she’s ready. She’s ready now and asks if Kiki wants to come but she thinks they need alone time.

Time moves fast in Port Charles. The next morning, Ava looks at herself in the mirror. Griff asks if she’s ready. She wonders if it was for nothing, and doesn’t know if she can do this. He says they’ll do it together, and kisses her. He helps her remove the bandages and asks what she thinks. I think she looks pretty much the same minus that small blemish almost where you couldn’t see it. She says it worked, and Griff asks how she wants to celebrate the first day of the rest of her life.

At the MetroCourt of course. Sonny and Carly are also dining there. Ava says it’s been months since she was shamed away from the restaurant, and she’s done hiding. He tells her to get the drinks, and he’ll grab a table. She crosses paths with Laura, who says her face seems to have miraculously recovered. She hopes Ava’s appearance was worth selling her soul. Ava sees a woman go past, and follows her to the ladies’ room. Wow. The stalls are huge. There’s no one else there, and she wonders where the woman went. Carly comes in, and asks how dare she show her face there? Ava asks if she’s going to congratulate her on her recovery, but Carly says her son will never recover. Ava says she’s not going to continue to hide because Sonny can’t let it go. Carly says she’s not going to rest until the world sees Ava for the ugly soul she is. She leaves, and Ava gets a text from “Unknown,” saying they know who she is.

At Kelly’s, Ava complains about the portrait Franco painted. There are too many shadows, and she wants it to be about emerging from the darkness. The woman from the MetroCourt comes in, and picks up a to-go order. Ava follows her out, but she disappears again. Ava literally runs into Nina, and asks where the woman went. She keeps seeing her and getting texts. She asks if they’re from Nina, and asks why she’s sending them. Nina has no idea what Ava is talking about. Ava says sorry she doesn’t have a baby for Nina to snatch form her womb. Nina says she had a psychotic break, but she’s moved on, and doesn’t even think about Ava anymore.

Back home, Ava says someone is messing with her, but who? There’s a knock at the door. She opens it without looking through the peephole, which makes no sense whatsoever. It’s Morgan. He says he needs help. Is this whole thing a dream? Is Bobby in the shower? I’m guessing it is a dream, since the episode is focusing on one person, and every once in a while, the close-ups are a little odd.

Ava says this isn’t real; he’s dead. He says it’s real and it’s him. She takes him to the couch, and tends to a wound on his forehead. He tells her that he has a prosthetic hand to replace the one he lost in the explosion. She asks where he’s been, but he doesn’t know. He remembers taking a car, and got out to talk to Jason. Next thing he knew, fire was everywhere. He woke up in the hospital. His hand was gone, but he was alive. Ava says that means she didn’t lose him. She loves him so much. She says his injuries are new, and Morgan tells her that he couldn’t stay at the hospital. Someone is trying to kill him. He thought maybe it was the doctors, so he came there. Ava says the person who planted the bomb is in prison, and the doctors were trying to help him. They wouldn’t have known his diagnosis, and he needs his medication. He says he was a prisoner, and wonders if he’s making it up. She says sometimes it’s difficult to think clearly without his meds. He says he can’t trust himself. He was spiraling out of control before the explosion. She says it doesn’t matter. He’s alive, and they need to tell everyone. He says he screwed up. He tells her it wasn’t an accident, and someone is trying to kill him. He asks to stay there, and she says of course.

Ava wakes up, and sees Morgan on the couch sleeping. She says he’s really there. Kiki knocks on the door. She asks if Ava slept in her clothes, and Ava asks what she’s doing there. Kiki asks if everything is okay. Ava says she’s working hard on the show, and will see her later. When she’s gone, Morgan comes out, and Ava asks why he was hiding. He doesn’t know what he’d say to Kiki, and asks if she’s still with Dillon. Ava says he really loves Kiki, and he says with all his heart. Ava gets a series of texts from Unknown, saying they’re coming. They know who she is, and what she did. She tells Morgan she’s been getting weird texts. He needs to tell the family he’s alive. He asks what if they’re not at the house? She tells him not to worry. She knows how to tell everyone he’s back.

She brings Morgan to the gallery. She says half the town will be there tonight. Franco drops by. Ava stashes Morgan in the back, and Franco gives her the final portrait. She thanks him, and hustles him out. Morgan asks what’s going on? She wants to show everyone he’s alive, and that she’s changed. People will stop blaming her for what happened. She says he’ll hear things about her, but if he ever loved her at all, trust her.

Ava visits Carly. She says she has something important to tell her and Sonny. They need to show up at the gallery tonight; it will change everything. She tells Carly that she helped Jason escape. She’s done terrible things, but she’s becoming a different person. She needs them to be there tonight, and she’ll show them.

At the gallery, Scotty congratulates Ava, and makes a toast to her being back where she belongs. She sees the mystery woman serving drinks. She asks if Griff knows her, but there’s no one there. She tells him that she must be tired. Griff feels like she’s keeping him at arm’s length. She asks him to trust her and says everything will make sense soon.

Carly and Sonny come in. Sonny says it better be good, and Ava tells him to trust her. He says that will never happen after what she did to Morgan. She says Morgan is alive, and she can prove it. She calls to Morgan, and tells him to show them he’s all right. She insists he’s there. A woman comes out in a bloody dress and says, Hello, Ava. It’s Connie Falconari.

Ava doesn’t understand. She says Morgan was here, and Connie is dead. Connie says Ava would know. Ava shot her in cold blood, left her there to die on a cold floor, and she bled out slowly and painfully. Ava says Morgan was here, and Connie can’t be here. Connie says she dreamed him up to absolve herself, but she can’t. Just like Ava can’t absolve herself of killing her. Ava says she was protecting Julian, and Connie asks if that’s true, or was it because she told the world Kiki wasn’t a Quartermaine? She ruined Ava’s plans, so Ava murdered her. Ava refuses to be judged for the rest of her life. She says Julian abused his wife; Nina stole her baby daughter; and Valentin killed Nikolas right in front of her. She tells Sonny that bodies lie in his wake for the sake of his business. What makes him better than her? He says he knows who he is. He’s made bad choices, but she lied to everyone about what she is and what she’s done, and the worst part is she lied to herself. Connie says her lies are over. It’s time to face the truth.

Ava is alone with a light shining on her. Nina says Ava stole her husband. Laura says she betrayed Nikolas and Spencer by refusing to tell the truth. Connie says Ava shot her in cold blood, without conscience or remorse. Griff is there, and Ava says to tell them she’s changed; not just her face. Tell them there’s good in her. He says he thought there was, but after seeing this, maybe some souls can’t be saved. She asks if Kiki knows better. She’s Kiki’s mama, and loves her. Kiki says she’s jealous, and switched Morgan’s pills because she wanted him for herself. Ava yells, stop it!

She opens her eyes to see the mystery woman, who asks if she’s been getting the messages. She’s the one texting. Ava doesn’t understand; she doesn’t know her at all. The woman asks if she doesn’t recognize her own daughter. It’s Avery. Ava comes closer. She says it is her. How could she not see it? She hugs Avery, and says she loves her. She doesn’t understand how Avery is all grown up, and asks if she’s dead. Avery says no, but Morgan is, because of her. She took away the medicine he needed to be sane, and he died. She lies to everyone, but most of all to herself. Ava says that Avery’s father hates her, and kept her away. Avery says he was protecting her. Ava says Carly is wrong. Her soul isn’t ugly; she’s been cleansed by fire. Her new face will show everyone what Griff sees. Avery says Griff sees what he wants to see, to justify leaving the priesthood. Ava refuses to be defined by her past, and is going to move forward, like nothing ever happened. Avery says Ava claims to be terrified that Avery will never know her, but she thinks Ava is scared that she’ll see her for what she is. Franco’s portrait appears, with Ava’s face covered in scars, and suddenly, Ava’s face looks like it did right after the accident. Avery says, time to wake up. Griff tells Ava, welcome back.

At the apartment, Ava looks at herself. Griff thought she’d be thrilled. She says she is. She says he doesn’t judge by her past; he sees the real her. She tells him that she had a dream when she was under, and he says a lot of patients dream crazy things when they are. He wonders what it was about, but she says it’s not important. The only thing that matters is she’s been given a new lease on life, and she doesn’t want to waste it. She knows where he’s taking her.

Back to the MetroCourt. Carly sees them come in, and is like, no way. Sonny says he’ll handle it. He tells Ava that she’s not welcome there, and that she can eat somewhere else. She tells him that she chooses to eat there. They both have to live their lives, for better or worse. She goes to the bar, and the bartender puts a martini in front of her. She asks how they knew. It’s grown Avery, who says she knows who Ava is.

Tomorrow, Molly says she can take care of herself, Laura says all Jim cares about is the almighty dollar, and Alexis tells Ned she can’t support his campaign or platform.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Reunion, Part One

Jewel tones is the wardrobe theme. No pigtails for Margaret tonight though. Teresa wants to make out with Andy, who says he’s a great kisser. I sometimes think he’s a closet heterosexual.

We flash back to the ladies’ business ventures. The restaurant, envy, Margaret’s shoe line. Melissa says she didn’t want Joe #2 taking on another job, but when he talks about the family, she gets soft. Melissa says nothing will ever come between her and Teresa again, and everyone agrees they’re solid this time. Andy asks Margaret about how Melissa is running the boutique, and Margaret says she’s on point. We also find out Margaret sometimes wears pigtail extensions. Andy points out that Betsey Johnson tweeted while watching the show, that she still rocks pigtails at 75, and I almost pass out that she’s that old. She’s one of my favorite designers. Siggy pisses me off early on, rolling her eyes and making faces when Margaret talks about hearing from Betsey personally. Excuse me for missing it, but what is wrong with her talking about this? Andy brought it up and um… this is a reality show where people’s real lives are watched and discussed.

Margaret is up, and we go down Memory Lane with clips of her life from this season. Andy asks if the kids have reached out. She says they watch the show, but no. She says she’d be there at the drop of a hat and would take crumbs. Andy brings up that there are three husbands named Joe who are also contractors. A viewer asks if Margaret sees that she should have kept quiet. Margaret thinks she can be offensive, but it’s her humor. She says she apologized to Siggy a million times, and the only thing Siggy said truthfully was that she wanted to destroy Margaret. Siggy says she’s an Israeli, and Margaret tells her to bring it on. Dolores says this isn’t going to go well. Not unless everyone suddenly decides to act their age. And by everyone, I mean Siggy. I’ve decided she’s the most annoyingly stupid woman on earth. Or at least on Bravo, and that’s saying a lot.

We see clips of everyone’s kids, so I take a nap. Then there’s some who-ha talk. Melissa’s phone rings. It’s Ramona Singer (!). Andy answers, and tells her they’re in the middle of the effing reunion. She says goodbye, and Andy tells Melissa to put it on airplane mode. A question is asked about discipline of Teresa’s girls. She says they’ve lost a lot, and nobody is walking in her shoes. Preach it! Andy outs Teresa about banning Melissa from visiting her in prison. She says she wanted to deal with the friendship when she got back. We see clips of how the family was affected when Teresa lost her mother. Andy says seeing her dad crying struck his heart. Mine too. Teresa says he goes to the cemetery every day. Andy wonders if she’s still going to blame Joe #1 for the year she lost when he gets back. She says he has a lot of making up to do, and it was therapeutic for her to get it out in her book. Andy asks if the others would stick around, should their husbands “go away.” Melissa says she’d give Joe #2 more hell. Teresa says there wasn’t a time she seriously thought of leaving. Andy asks if Joe #1 seems different, and she says he watches the show, and realizes he’s an a-hole. Andy brings up the possibility of him getting deported. Teresa says whatever God’s plan is, is what’s going to happen, and she’ll embrace it as best she can.

Ugh! Next is Siggy and Margaret. It started with the memorial thing, and how she and Dolores felt left out. Siggy says she brought Margaret in; where’s the respect? Siggy comes off looking like an airhead Mafia wife from a comedy starring Joe Pesci. Margaret’s best line: It’s draining; you’re fifty. Andy brings up Siggy selling the Soggy T-shirts, and she says she likes to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Teresa thinks both Siggy and Margaret went below the belt. Siggy claims she never starts it. Maybe not, but she’ll sure keep it going. Margaret says she didn’t realize they weren’t coming to the memorial, and it turned into a debacle like she had a nefarious plan to leave them out. Siggy thinks when she ordered the flowers, she should have called. A viewer says Siggy and Dolores are about as mean girls as you can get, but Siggy insists it’s just fighting back. Margaret says she can dish it and take it, but she did apologize. Siggy is on a roll, and won’t shut up, even though Margaret is trying to answer her questions. Margaret thinks Siggy blaming her behavior on menopause and having a hysterectomy is victimizing women. She says Siggy is abrasive on social media. Apparently, Siggy wanted to report Margaret to PETA, because she has a taxidermized bear in her foyer. Margaret points out that veal is a baby cow who is force fed. Siggy says if Margaret makes fun of her foyer, she’s going to do the same. Margaret says Siggy always takes things to the next level. This is unbelievably stupid.

Andy tells us because of unlikely friendship, Danielle came back to the Garden State. Danielle comes out, and even Dolores thinks she looks amazing. She does. Andy says this season must have been different for her, as compared to season two. He says he never thought they’d go from flipping tables to having each other’s back. We flash back to moments of their friendship, starting with the table and ending with Teresa’s apology to Danielle’s daughters. Andy reminds them about Teresa pushing him during the last reunion Danielle attended. Melissa takes accountability for stirring the pot, saying she genuinely liked Danielle when no one else did. She never saw anything that Danielle did wrong. Teresa says there was never any real ill intent. Danielle talks about her children having been affected by the things Teresa said, and at one point, they moved because of it. We find out Danielle had sex in the bathroom at the Gorgas restaurant, but she says she got permission. Alrighty then. Siggy says it was inappropriate and disgusting. Dolores says Teresa is a big girl, and if she wants a friendship with Danielle, it’s up to her, but if that changes, she promises not to hold it over Teresa’s head that she warned her. Yeah, right. She and Siggy are like, fourteen mentally, at most.

Here comes Cakegate. Andy says it led to tears, a never-ending feud, and a memorable therapy session. We see clips of the cake fight, and Siggy’s subsequent embarrassment of Melissa at her purse party. Siggy is insane. Siggy says a lot of thought, time, and effort went into the cake. Melissa says she understood why Siggy was upset. Melissa had no idea the cake was going to end up on her face, but when it did, she had fun with it. Teresa says she was upset that the bottom was plastic. Melissa says the name-calling was upsetting. Siggy acts like she had too much to drink, and doesn’t remember, and says she owns it. Margaret says that doesn’t make it right. Siggy says they hold her to a higher ground, but I think she means standard, and says it must be the kosher thing. What? A viewer asks about her calling out Melissa, and Siggy makes it sound like we missed something, didn’t see both sides, and she was just being funny. Melissa says Siggy tried to shame her, and she was embarrassed. Siggy says she was just trying to make a point and wanted her feelings acknowledged. Margaret says if someone did that to her, she’d be all sensitive about it. Siggy thinks Melissa should have had her back more. Melissa says it was a different Siggy than last year. Siggy apologizes if Melissa was embarrassed. Margaret points out the if – something I hate too – and Siggy says Margaret inserts herself where she doesn’t belong. Siggy says they shouldn’t overanalyze it, but Andy says it’s a reunion; they overanalyze everything.

Teresa says Melissa handled it well, and doesn’t think she would have. Melissa says she doesn’t like to be talked down to, and doesn’t think she deserved it. They talk about Siggy saying her IQ is 167. Siggy says she just made the number up, and Margaret says like she made up her career with no degree. Ouch! Siggy says she tried her hardest to bring friendships together, but she’s accepted it, and moved on. Andy asks Melissa if she understands why Dolores and Siggy insist on staying friends with Kim D. Melissa is baffled, saying Kim D tries to ruin businesses and families, and it’s not like they’re related to her. Dolores says if it hadn’t been a fundraiser, she wouldn’t have done it. Siggy says she knew Kim D five years before Melissa, and Melissa says, who cares? Margaret tells them that Kim D hurts the entire family, and it’s complicit to associate with her and defend her.

Andy says, guess what? She’s here! Teresa goes, blech, and the witch comes out. Teresa says she thought it was Real Housewives of New Jersey, not Tales from the Crypt. Kim D is like, ha-ha-ha, so funny. Teresa says if Kim D takes jabs at her family, Teresa will take jabs at her. Kim D says if Teresa messes with her, she’ll go back to jail – clink-clink! Teresa gets up.

Next time, Dolores and Danielle go at it, Kim D accuses Teresa of stealing, Siggy screams at Margaret, Teresa says Kim D is a madam (or magnum, as she puts it), and Danielle walks out. Now that Teresa has brought it up, Kim D does look like an old, washed-up madam. Like Sylvia Miles in that horror movie about the carnival. Oddly enough, she’s dressed like a nun next to the others.

If Loving You is Wrong

Eddie is shooting like a wild man, and Lushion punches him out. He asks if Eddie is crazy, and Eddie says Lushion knows he is. Larry says he’s a wild one, and he loves it. Eddie says he’s going to kill them, and Larry says he’s taking notes. Eddie tells them they have no idea what they’ve started. Larry says he’s going to break Eddie like a stallion, and that Eddie is really only a Shetland pony. Eddie says Larry is going to be in a box by the end of the week. He leaves, and Natalie asks what happened. Lushion tells her not to ask.

Stephen arrives on his motorcycle, and asks Lushion if everything is all right. Lushion says everything is under control, and thanks for showing up an hour late. Stephen tells Esperanza he’s not there because of Travis. He asks if she saw Eddie in his new get-up. She has a picture, and he wants to see it. She shows him her phone. He asks if Eddie is into this kind of stuff, but she says if he is, she never knew. He says it’s all over the station, and she says he’s going to have a rough day tomorrow. Stephen asks if he can meet Esperanza at her place, but she tells him to go home. He begs, and she tells him to stop. He says if he sees the porch lights on, he’ll come by. She says they’re always on, and it’s not the old West. She gets in her car, and calls him. She tells him not to flirt in front of the others again. She doesn’t want them in her business. He says, so now they have business? She says no, but her porch light will be on.

Ian tells Lushion Kelly isn’t good. He says representing her is a conflict, and Lushion has to find her a new lawyer. He can recommend someone, but it’s competition, and he has to run it by Larry. Lushion asks if Larry is into the S&M thing. Ian says he’s heard some things, but tries to stay away from that. He’s heard Larry and his wife throw wild parties though. Lushion says Larry had a run-in with a bad officer. Ian asks what he did. Lushion says he had him in a crazy position, and Eddie isn’t going to let it go. Ian says Larry is formidable and ruthless. That’s why he doesn’t know if he can do anything for Kelly.

Natalie says she’ll make something to help Kelly sleep. Kelly thanks her for everything. She doesn’t know if she’ll get through this, but Natalie says she will. She thanks Lushion, and he tells her to get some rest.

Stephen knocks on Esperanza’s door. She tells him to come in. She lounges provocatively in a lingerie ensemble. She asks if this is what he wants, and he says, yes ma’am. He says she knows he likes her. All the coffee he brings her at the station, and the flirting. He tells her he’s being respectful because of her, not Eddie. She says Eddie has run off every boyfriend she’s tried having. He asks if he’s her boyfriend, but she tells him she didn’t say that. They’re just two people who clicked. She loved that he didn’t run away, and he asks if that turned her on. She says he turns her on, and tells him to take his clothes off. She’s going to sleep with him when she wants to, see him when she wants to, and when she says it’s over, it’s over. He says he’ll take whatever she wants to give. She tells him to get on his knees.

Alex asks why Brad didn’t wake her up, but he says there was no need to. She wonders if he didn’t want to talk to her, and he says it’s nothing like that. She asks for a hug and kiss. He barely hugs and kisses her, and she thinks it felt forced. He asks what she wants. She says she didn’t go over there, and would like him to believe her. He says, okay. He tells her he’s going to wait outside for Marcie to bring the car back. He tells her he’s trying to get past it, but it’s not easy.

Esperanza says it’s time for Stephen to go. She tells him not to look at her strangely at work, and he feigns ignorance. He asks if she thinks she’s that good, and she says she knows. She says he’s okay; she’s had better. He doesn’t believe her, and says she smiles when she’s lying. He has a trained eye. She tells him not to leave his socks or little Stephen trinkets behind. She tries to keep her daughter out of the madness, but it’s getting harder. She tells him her daughter comes first, and she’s coming back today. She says when you deal with a sociopath like Eddie, you understand the need to be in control. He tells her to let him know when they can meet again. She tells him not to even acknowledge her at work today. He leaves, and she smiles as she makes the bed.

Ian calls Marcie. He says if everything goes well, he’d like to close this week. She says she’ll call the inspector. She asks what he knows about Larry. She asked him to rep her in the divorce, but she was at the house when the shooting happened, and he was there. He was drunk and strange. Ian says he’s an incredible attorney, but he can be out there. Marcie wonders if he’d break privilege. She told him something she hasn’t told Randal. Ian thinks she should talk to Larry about it.

Marcie calls Larry. Larry is sleeping, and Randal picks up. She idiotically starts the conversation with, I know you didn’t tell Randal I’m pregnant. Randal says, so you are, and she asks what he’s doing with Larry’s phone. He asks what she’s doing pregnant? She hangs up, and he calls back. He asks if she’s having the bastard’s baby, and she says she is. He asks if she’s taking it that far, and she asks if it upsets him. He hopes she has it, and she asks if he’s threatening her. He says she hasn’t been able to carry one before. She calls him a sick bleeped-out-word, and hangs up. She’s like, great.

Randal dumps a bucket of water on Larry, who jumps up like a cartoon character. Randal says, so she is pregnant; she just told him. He tells Larry to get out of his house. In the car, Larry calls Marcie. She’s like, wth? and asks if Larry told him. Larry says he was talking about Alex. She asks what kind of sick friends they are, and he says he’s sorry. She says he’s also fired. Bad day for Larry.

Randal sees Brad on the porch. He says Brad did it. Brad says what? and Randal says Marcie is pregnant with his baby. Brad says she is, and Randal says, good. Brad asks if Marcie told him, and Randal says don’t worry about it. Brad asks if it was Alex, and Randal says, it was. He asks when, and Randal says last night. Brad asks what time, but he doesn’t know. He claims she wants him back. Brad says he’s lying. Randal tells him to ask her, but Brad isn’t giving him the satisfaction. He says as a man, he’s telling Brad the truth. Brad says to get off his property. Randal says he’s on the sidewalk. He has a really funny look on his face, like he’s bummed. Brad says he’s tired of Randal. If he thinks the ladder was something, wait until what’s next. Brad says Marcie is coming to pick him up, and accuses Randal of putting sugar in her gas tank, calling him immature. He asks if it doesn’t get old, and Randal says he’s not done with this. He goes back home.

Lushion comes home and asks Natalie what time she went to bed. She says around four, but Kelly’s been up all night. He says that’s not good; she has to give her statement to the police today. She asks if anybody talked to Justice. Lushion says he doesn’t know if anything happened. Natalie wonders if Kelly can get off. He says if Ian was handling it, she would, but he has a conflict. His partner represents Travis and his church. He tells Natalie that Kelly has no money, and they’ll have to figure it out.

Kelly is sitting on the couch, and tells Lushion it’s a beautiful day; almost like nothing happened. She asks how Travis is, but they haven’t heard anything. He tells her he’ll call, but they have to go to the station. Natalie comes out and asks how she is, but Kelly doesn’t know. Natalie tells her it will be okay. Kelly starts to cry. Lushion insists that they have to go. Kelly says she hasn’t heard from Ian, and Lushion says they’ll call on the way.

Larry has a headache, and rightly so. Ian asks what he did last night, but he says Ian doesn’t want to know. Ian says they have a problem. Larry says shoot, but Ian says wrong word. Travis was shot last night. His parents want a press conference at noon. He asks if Larry realizes he’s not nineteen. Larry asks who shot him, and Ian says his ex-girlfriend. He was representing her before this, and they found strange evidence he was stalking her. Larry says it was the other way around, but Ian says Travis drove by her house 46 times in one day, and it gets worse. He hacked into her accounts, pretended to be her husband, and misrepresented her on several loans. He’s worse than his brother. Larry asks if the DA has it, and Ian says, not yet. Larry says then they bury it. Ian says she’s innocent, and Larry asks when they gave a sh*t about that? Ian tells Larry that he was representing her. Larry says now he’s not. Ian doesn’t want to let it get buried, and Larry says he’s too naïve. Travis’s parents and church pay them millions. It’s getting buried. He doesn’t want to hear about it, and Kelly needs another lawyer. He reminds Ian who owns this place. He’s owner and senior partner. If it falls in their lap, he’ll be upset. Ian says he’ll take care of it.

At the station, Kelly freaks about going into the interrogation room. She tells Lushion that she can’t do this again. He tells her to just breathe. She asks if he’ll wait with her, and he says he will. She says her lawyer’s not calling her back. He tells her not to say a word until she gets a lawyer. A man comes in, introducing himself as Tony Isaacs. Kelly says she’s not talking without a lawyer. He tells her that she’s under arrest for the murder of Travis Caine.

Next time, Alex insists she didn’t go over there, Larry tells Randal that he’ll sue, and Brad thinks about leaving.

🔎  Relative Success with Tabatha shows a lot of promise. Tabatha is tackling family businesses this time around. I love how much Tabatha looks like a pixie, and how she hasn’t really changed her style. I’m all for changing it up, but I also think if you find something that looks good on you, keep it. Tonight’s episode was about a large family of pizzeria owners. The father, and main owner, had to decide whether to go with an investor or hand the business over to the kids. Their need was consistent brand identity, and the kids were always at odds about how to run things. Tabatha’s recommendation was to go with the investor, who seemed to want to preserve the family legacy. In the end, the kids came together, and the father amicably parted ways with the investor. Tabatha told us that although she felt the investor was the way to go, the family changed her mind. That’s another thing I like about her, she’s someone who really does own it. She’ll stick to her guns and tell you what’s on her mind, but she admits it when she’s wrong and also keeps an open mind.



January 10, 2018 – PC’s Mayoral Candidates Meet, Teresa Visits Joe #1 in Prison, Twice the Tyler & Tabatha is Back


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jim tells Franco that he dated his mom when Franco was a kid. He was an artist even back then; a regular Jackson Pollock. Jim says he used to get into all kinds of things. Franco doesn’t remember him, and asks what he’s doing there.

Olivia-Q tells Ned that Port Charles has been home for more years than it hasn’t, and now he’s raising a family there. Ned says she’ll be the perfect politician’s wife; beautiful, stylish, down-to-earth, competent, and she can get things done. She says before you know it, she’ll be feeding cannoli to the entire town. Ned says she’s right. He’s running for mayor. Olivia says there’s the man she married; the man who can do and be anything he puts his mind to. He asks if he can count on her vote, and she tells him he can count on anything from her. She’s going to be one helluva campaign manager, and together, nothing can stop them.

At Charlie’s, Doc tells Laura it’s her chance to be a champion for the city she loves. Laura says he’s right. She’s running for mayor. He says at last she sees reason, and she says she knows he wasn’t going to let up. He tells her that he knows how important it is to her. She says after meeting Jim, it was clear that someone needs to push him back, and it’s her. Doc says, hallelujah, calls her madam mayor.

Charlotte sees Laura through the window, and runs in, shouting, grandma! She tells Laura about her skating, and Laura says she can’t wait to see her in the Olympics. Charlotte shows off her outfit. She tells Laura that she got another one from a nice lady named Cassandra, but Nina made her return it.

Valentin’s doorbell rings. It’s Jordan. He asks if he should call his attorney, but she says she’s just tying up loose ends regarding Cassandra. Her assistant confessed to putting her in a coma, and she wonders why Valentin visited him shortly after he was arrested.

Finn tells Anna that he doesn’t need a babysitter. She tells him she got flowers. They’re probably not as nice as the ones he got, but they’ll do. He asks, do what? and she says Cassandra sabotaged their New Year’s Eve dinner, and they’re going to have one. He didn’t know it was going to be tonight, and she says why wait. They can say a proper farewell to their partnership.

Elizabeth points out that Franco went out for milk, and came back with champagne. She tells Jim that they just set a date for their wedding, and Jim congratulates them. Elizabeth invites him in, and he promises to keep it brief. He tells Franco he’s come a long way, and calls him Bobby, but then says he’s now Franco, the famous artist. Franco says Jim knows a lot about him, and Jim says everyone has heard of him. He and Betsy also keep in touch. He says she’s proud of him, and Franco says she has a funny way of showing it. Jim thinks they must have had a misunderstanding, but Franco says he’s not discussing it with him. Jim says it has to be; Betsy thinks world of him, and he was her world when he was a kid. Franco asks why Jim suddenly turned up now. Did Franco’s mom send him?

Olivia toasts to the future mayor. Ned reminds her that any number of people might want to join in the race, but she says they don’t have his pedigree. He says it’s a pedigree with a checkered history. She tells him Jim obviously wants to do business with him, but Ned says that’s before he quit his job. She says he didn’t quit; he pivoted. He saw a need and followed his conscience. He says he’ll need an ally in city government.

Laura tells Charlotte that if it didn’t fit, Nina would have to return it. Nina says it wasn’t appropriate, because the nice lady turned out to be not so nice. She and Charlotte leave to get hot chocolate (the official drink of Port Charles), and Doc asks what Laura thinks. She says he’s the shrink, so he should tell her.

Valentin tells Jordan that Eric tied him and Anna up, and was prepared to kill them both. He wanted to look Eric in the eye, tell him to enjoy prison, and that he’d be waiting when he gets out. And yes, it was a threat. Jordan doesn’t think Eric was feeling guilty or had something to gain. She’s skeptical that the confession happened so early on. Maybe someone paid for his attack of conscience.

Finn toasts to the glamorous life of a secret agent. He tells Anna she has a lovely laugh when she’s not doing her Emma Peel thing. She says she can laugh when she’s not inflicted with his irony. Even though they were fake dating for a while, they know little about each other. Finn says he’ll always be an addict, but Anna says it doesn’t scare her. She asks if he was cynical as baby, or did he grow into it? He asks if she was always playing cops and robbers, but she says it wasn’t that. She wasn’t weird, but wasn’t like the other girls; she was solitary and secretive. Finn says he was loner, and Anna says what a shocker. He says too bad they didn’t get the chance to know each other, and find out who likes Van Gogh, and who thinks caviar is overrated. She says, and who sleeps naked, and they both raise their hands. Finn says finally something in common. She gets up and starts to walk past him, and in the smoothest move ever, he grabs her arm, stands and kisses her.

Jim says Franco hasn’t changed; he was always a tough nut to crack. He sees the painting of the brothers, and says it’s fascinating, and asks what the inspiration was. Franco tells him it’s always life. It appears to be one thing, and ends up being something else. Jim says he’ll just put it out there. He’d like to buy Franco’s art studio.

My friend George Stephanopoulos interrupts. Yay. A news conference with the Norwegian prime minister. Because something like that can’t wait a half hour. I tried YouTube, but the quality was so bad today, it just wasn’t worth it for a few minutes.

Jordan tells Finn that she assumes Cassandra had a computer. Finn says she had a laptop, and Jordan says it’s missing.

Valentin tells Anna he couldn’t have drugged Cassandra, since he was with her. Cassandra’s operation just lost tens of millions of dollars. Maybe someone wanted to express their displeasure. Charlotte runs in, telling Valentin that the costume Nina got her is much nicer than the one from Cassandra. Nina glares at Anna.

Valentin talks to Charlotte in French, and says it’s past her bedtime. Anna tells her sweet dreams, and Nina takes her upstairs. Valentin asks if they’re done, and Anna says she got what she came for. He asks if it ever occurred to her that Finn put Cassandra in a coma. She asks if it matters. It’s all tied off now. Valentin says strange as it might seem, it was a pleasure doing business with her. She laughs, and says strange as might seem, it was.

Olivia tells Doc the ink of the marriage license isn’t even dry, and he’s encouraging his wife to run for office. He says she and Ned are still newlyweds, and ditto. At the same time, Ned and Laura both say they love Port Charles and want to do what’s best for everyone who lives there. Laura says they need someone to fight for their town, and it’s her. Ned says they need someone to bring their town into the  21st century. The press shows up, and both Doc and Olivia say they sent for them.

Finn tells Jordan that maybe the laptop was destroyed. She says if that’s the case, they failed miserably, since the information is in the cloud. They’ll find it, and it will lead to the rest of the operation. She tells him she’ll call Anna later. As she’s leaving, she says she knows they pretended to be involved as part of being undercover. Finn says he was just following orders. Jordan says she’s been in a similar situation, and had to learn the hard way. It’s one thing when there’s danger in the air, but when things settle down and go back to normal – whatever normal is – you realize how much you really don’t know about each other. It’s none of her business, but she hopes things are different for them. She leaves, and Finn looks at the flowers.

Nina comes back down. Valentin tells her that Anna left; she had questions about New Year’s Eve. Nina says, omg, she figured it out. We flash back to Valentin finding Nina at the MetroCourt. She says she was nervous. She didn’t know what to do or how to rescue him. He asks how she knew he needed to be rescued, and she says Cassandra told her. He asks when she saw Cassandra.

Nina bangs on Anna’s door, yelling that Valentin is missing and they need to talk. The door is unlocked, and she goes inside. Cassandra is there with the syringe, and says Anna is with her husband, but not for long. Anna will be dead soon, and Valentin will live long enough to suffer. Nina tells her not to hurt him, but Cassandra says Nina is the one who did, making him love her. She’s going to kill Nina and their daughter. They struggle, and Nina plunges the syringe into Cassandra, who keels over. Nina runs out.

Valentin tells Nina that was the end of that, but she says what if the nightmare is just beginning? He says when he found her at the MetroCourt, he never wanted to let her go. She’s glad she told him. We flash back to the MetroCourt again. Valentin tells Nina they have to call the police. Nina says she spent time in a mental institution for assault, and they’ll use it against her. She has a new life, and begs him not to make her go back to the old one. He says he understands, and will take care of everything.

They both go to Anna’s house. There’s no answer, and Valentin goes inside. He tells Nina to come in. Cassandra is on the floor, and Nina asks if she’s alive. He says barely. He takes out the syringe, and wipes it. He asks if she’s sure they weren’t in the living room; there are signs of a struggle. Nina says no, and he tells her he’ll clean it up to be on the safe side. He fixes up everything, and picks Cassandra up. They leave with her. In the present, Valentin says he regrets his past, but it afforded him certain skills, and he’ll always protect her.

Laura pledges to run a clean campaign, and allow Port Charles to decide who they want for mayor. Ned says it will be a fair fight, and may the best candidate win. Doc tells Laura that he couldn’t be more proud. The next stop is the mayor’s mansion. Olivia tells Ned the same thing. Jim says Ned has his full support. Ned needs someone to share his vision of what Port Charles can be. Laura sees them, and says, game on.

Franco rips up Jim’s card. Elizabeth asks if he’s sure, and he says he has a firm rule – don’t do business with people who call him Bobby. He suggests the crack the champagne and celebrate setting the date.

Anna comes back home, but there’s no Finn. She sees a note by the flowers. It says, Good news. The MetroCourt had a suite available. Roxie and I are going back to where we belong. Back to normal – whatever normal is.  

Valentin takes out a laptop. He deletes Cassandra’s photo of Claudette, and says, in the past.

Tomorrow, Maxie talks to Peter about a mutual friend, Julian says someone is trying to send him a message, and Curtis finds something.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

This might be the finale, but it’s doubtful I will ever get Siggy’s loudmouth voice out of my head. I heard she’s not coming back. Good.

Margaret and Marge Sr. go to check out Margaret’s dress for her 50th birthday. She feels like a young girl because she’s delusional (her word); she’ll always be in her twenties in her head. I like the mermaid style, but it’s a white burnout pattern which isn’t for me. The collar is also a little high. Danielle joins them. She asks if Margaret finds Siggy rational at all, and Margaret says no. She hopes Siggy can hold it together at her party. Margaret tries another size, and I’m loving it on her, especially the cutout back.

Siggy and son Josh go tuxedo shopping for prom. She can’t believe he’s graduating high school, and will be leaving her soon. She wants to spend every moment with him. He’s made a decision about college. It’s only 3½ hours from the house, and she promises Josh that she’ll be there every weekend, totally freaking him out.

Melissa and Joe #2 arrive with the kids for Teresa’s birthday. Melissa has the kids hide. Teresa comes in and asks her dad what’s for dinner, and they all pop out. The kids wrote letters of appreciation, and read them to her. She feels badly for them, and knows they take their frustration out on her, but they also wow her. She thinks maybe she didn’t do so bad. She tells them she’s going to see daddy this weekend, and asks who’s coming. Gia has cheerleading, and won’t be able to. Teresa hasn’t been there since her mother died. In his interview, Joe #2 says it’s a long time. She might say it’s because she’s busy, but he knows she’s angry. He thinks she’s afraid to show Joe #1 her anger. Teresa tells us that she wants an apology, and needs to express it, or it won’t be a good thing. She wishes her mom was there, but is happy she has the girls.

Dolores goes with the two Franks to the bowling alley where Frankie hangs out with his friends. Dolores says when Frank first moved in, she worried about them getting along, but they’ve worked it out as a family. They’re savoring the last few weeks before he goes to college. She doesn’t know how long she and Frank will be living together. People want to put their relationship in a box, but all that matters is that they’re happy. Dolores gets a gutter ball, and Frank says at least she’s getting better. I think my high score is 90, so no judgement.

Margaret’s housekeeper is excited that there will be disco dancing at the party. Interior decorator Joyce arrives, and Margaret is thrilled about the renovation. She’s hoping when Joe #3 sees the rendering, he’ll get in gear. He’s not keen on all the white. Again, not my taste, but it’s beautiful. Margaret says it won’t be done before the party, but she’s hired someone to make it look fabulous.

Teresa heads out with the girls, minus Gia, to see Joe #1. The last time she had to turn around, because her mom was in the hospital. She feels like it’s Joe’s fault that she lost time with her mother. Milania wishes they could rewind time, and so does Teresa. In her interview, she says life sucks. She doesn’t like bringing up serious stuff around the girls, but wants them to know Joe is sorry for letting them down. Cameras aren’t allowed inside the prison, so we don’t see the visit.

The girls say it was an amazing visit, and they love their dad. Teresa tells us that she got choked up, and the courage she built up, went away.

Joe #2 and Melissa go to Jonathan Adler, the store Margaret would like gifts from. Joe wonders if Joe #1 apologized. He says he’s never heard Teresa talk like this before, and thinks she might walk if he doesn’t. Melissa agrees. Teresa joins them. Melissa asks if there was resentment. Teresa says she was nervous and emotional. She told her husband that what he did wasn’t just to her, but their daughters, and she wanted to hear he’s sorry. He asked if she’s read his letters where he’s written it a million times, but she told him that she wanted to hear it right from his lips. Everyone ended up crying. In his interview, Joe #2 says Joe #1 is the hardcore old-school Italian, and not the type for apologies, but he cracked. Teresa says she thinks about her mom, and when he comes home how it will be different because she won’t be there. She says everyone makes mistakes, and Melissa says it was a big one. Teresa says he’d better make it up to her when he comes home

Josh is ready for prom. Siggy drags out childhood photos. What’s with the white burnout pattern? Josh’s girlfriend is wearing a similar dress to Margaret’s birthday gown, but  with a more youthful skirt, and a plunging neckline that I like much better. Siggy says their relationship isn’t going to end because he’s leaving, and she’ll get through it.

Margaret says tonight is the big night, and she’s a train wreck. Her party planner insists he can do magic. And he does. It looks amazing. She wants to leave it until the renovation, and Joe #3 says it is the renovation.

Dolores calls her boyfriend, but there’s no answer. She says she has respect for his work, but he needs a life too. Frank is coming with her to the party. For now, he’s filling the void, but she doesn’t know if it’s going to be okay in the future.

Siggy says she and Margaret don’t have great chemistry. Margaret is so insensitive, Siggy can’t believe she’s gracing Margaret with her presence going to Margaret’s party.

Margaret says Dolores looks like if Diana Ross and Sophia Loren had a baby. Dolores says Siggy is running late, and hopes things are cool when she gets to the party. Everything is all Studio 54 and disco balls. For her grand entrance, Margaret is hoisted onto a horse statue, and led into the party. I guess this is supposed to parallel Bianca Jagger‘s Studio 54 entrance? She thanks everyone for coming. She says she’s lived a blessed life, and starts to cry. In her interview, she tells us the only thing missing is her kids. She can look back when she’s 90, and remember that she was a lucky girl. In her interview, Dolores says they’ve had a bumpy road, but Margaret understands her relationship with Frank. The dancing commences.

One of the guests tells Margaret she’s heard a rumor. Dolores gets a text. Everyone is looking at their phones. Margaret tells Danielle that Siggy isn’t coming, and might be in the hospital. Some people will do anything to get out of an invite.

Margaret makes the rounds. Dolores says Siggy fell. Melissa hopes she isn’t hurt, but wonders what the chances are that she fell on the way to Margaret’s party. She thinks if it’s an excuse, it’s genius. Danielle talks about Siggy being a jerk, and Dolores calls Danielle a slob. In her interview, Dolores says if Siggy didn’t want to come, she would have said no. We flash back to Siggy being a moron throughout the season. Teresa doesn’t think she’d fake an injury, and doesn’t want to question it. Everyone gets texts except Margaret, but Margaret doesn’t think Siggy is crazy enough to fake it. She’s kind of glad, thinking the night will be drama free.

Melissa announces that she’s tipsy. Joe asks Melissa if she’s saying Siggy threw herself down some stairs. He says she was crazy enough to embarrass Melissa at her party, and we flash back to that. She also called Melissa trash, and the cherry on top, she defended Kim D. Melissa says you should always have a way out, and cheers to her. Dolores tells Frank that Danielle is looking to pick a fight with Siggy.

Apparently, Siggy has fallen down eighteen stairs (she counted), and has a sprained ankle and a contusion on her arm. She tells husband Michael that she still has to go to the party, since she keeps getting texts from Dolores, saying Danielle is talking about her. She’ll go in, do what she has to do, and get out. What is she? The Mafia? She wants to steal Dolores, Teresa and Melissa out of the party. Is there no end to this woman’s rudeness? What boggles my mind is that she keeps saying how insensitive Margaret is, yet she wants to take guests away from her party. I’m so glad she’s not going to be on the show anymore. With time, the urge to hunt her down and smack her in the face will pass. True story. My husband was going to San Francisco for his job around the time Puck was still on The Real World. I told him if he saw Puck, to smack him. He was at a gas station, and asked the attendant if he knew where Puck was, because his wife wants him to punch Puck in the nose. The attendant had no idea what he was talking about, and possibly thought he was crazy.

Nice of Siggy to hobble in and steal Margaret’s birthday thunder. Teresa is under the mistaken impression that her appearance means she wants to make things better with Margaret. Siggy explains she missed a step in her heels. Dolores calls Danielle over. Melissa jokes that Siggy threw herself down the stairs to avoid the party. Siggy says she loves herself too much for that, and in her interview, says she can’t believe Melissa drank the Kool-Aid. Melissa tells us that Siggy has a point. No one loves Siggy more than Siggy. Siggy admits she didn’t want to come, and in her interview, Margaret says there’s no reason she should have come if she didn’t want to. And she had nothing to worry about in coming. Margaret never publicly called her names or was deliberately rude, and when they made up, she thought they actually had. Siggy is the game player, not her.

Margaret says Siggy was very nice about it when she invited her to the party. Siggy says she doesn’t want to be friends. She just came to be with Melissa and Teresa. Teresa says she must be there to wish Margaret a happy birthday, and in her interview, Melissa calls Siggy a mega-bitch. She’s not asking her to be BFFs with Margaret, but just be cordial. Margaret tells Siggy that if she doesn’t want to be there, she should go. In her interview, Siggy says God is good, like someone had been holding her hostage. Dolores decides to leave with her. She thinks Siggy isn’t in the right frame of mind. She’s in pain, and annoyed that everyone said she was copping out of coming to the party. Melissa wonders who comes to a party and says that sh*t? Especially when she had an out if she didn’t want to come.

Teresa insists that Siggy must have come a little for Margaret, but Siggy says she doesn’t want to be a phony. Someone needs to explain the difference between being a phony and being a polite human being. Teresa says Siggy’s behavior hasn’t been the best, but she’s known Siggy longer, and she’s been there for her. We flash back on their friendship. Teresa feels badly for Siggy, and decides to leave with her. Dolores is glad Teresa sees where her loyalty should lie. Again, is this Mob Wives? Melissa can’t believe Teresa left without even telling her, since they came together.

They have the end blurbs, but apparently no one on this show has done anything very interesting. The most noteworthy thing was that Joe #1 was transferred to a new prison. Melissa says they’re a group divided, but she knows she’s on the side of right.

Next time, the Reunion.

If Loving You is Wrong

Tyler Perry – round two!

Some noise wakes Natalie. She wakes Lushion, saying she thinks she heard gunshots. She knows she did She quietly goes to the window.

Travis lies dead in front of Kelly’s door. Kelly tiptoes to Justice’s room, and goes inside. He’s sleeping, and she gets in the bed with him. He asks if she’s okay. She says everything is fine.

Natalie goes back to the bedroom, and tells Lushion he needs to get up. She saw Travis’s car. That gets him up. He gets his gun, and tells her to stay in the house.

Lushion calls for Kelly. He sees blood coming out from under her door. He yells for Natalie to call the police and an ambulance. He goes inside, and calls to Kelly. He asks if she’s all right, and she tells him to keep his voice down; Justice is asleep. He asks what happened, and she starts talking about putting Justice to bed. Lushion says, no, what happened here? Doesn’t she see a man on her floor? She’s like, Travis, oh yeah. He tells her call an ambulance, but she says she wants him to die. Lushion says he still has a pulse, and they have to save him. Kelly asks, why? So he can keep torturing her? She starts to go back to bed, and Lushion tells her to stay there. She says she shot him. Lushion calls 911, but they already got a call. Kelly is totally out of it, and keeps saying she shot him, and doesn’t want him to live.

Lushion asks what happened; did he break in? Kelly says he was at the window, and the alarm didn’t go off. Lushion asks again if he broke in, but she says she let him in. Natalie tries to come through the front door that Travis is blocking. Lushion tells her to leave, and Kelly says she shot him. Lushion asks for the gun, and she points to it on the counter. He needs her to understand, and asks how Travis got in. She says she opened the door. Lushion is freaking out, and tells her not to say anymore. Kelly says he kept banging and saying let him in. She let him in and shot him, and kept shooting, and shooting, and shooting. Lushion needs her to focus. He says she’s in shock. She shakes her head, but he says he needs her to do something. Don’t say a word. She says she did it. She shot him, and that’s what happened. Lushion tells her the police will be here, and don’t say that.

He asks Natalie to come in, and tells her to look at him as she walks around Travis. He needs her to take Kelly and justice next door, out the back. He tells her to watch her step. Kelly asks where she’s going? Lushion tells her it’s okay, just go. He needs her to be quiet. Poor Lushion. He always has to fix everything. He makes a call to Ian, waking him.

Ian says it’s late. Lushion says, sorry, but there’s a problem. Kelly shot Travis. This wakes Ian up real fast. He asks where, and if Travis is dead, and Lushion says at Kelly’s house, and he has a pulse. Ian asks if the cops are there, but Lushion says they’re on their way. Ian says he is too. Lushion says he’ll try to keep her away from them and making a statement, but hurry.

Lushion keeps saying, damn, Kelly. He tells Travis to hang in there.

Marcie is all weepy. She tells Brad she’s an idiot. First she marries Randal, then throws herself at Brad. Brad says she’s human, and she says another word for weak. He says she’s one of the strongest women he knows. He really loves her, but loves his wife too. It doesn’t make her less special; it just makes the timing wrong. She asks if it will ever be right, but he doesn’t think so. His phone rings. It’s Alex, but he decides not to answer. He doesn’t want to make her jealous and upset. Marcie says she already is. She’s been threatening to tell Randal that Marcie is pregnant, and wants her to stay away from Brad. Brad says he’ll talk to her.

Alex calls again, and Brad answers. She tells him to hurry home. There were gunshots next door, and the police are there. He says he’s on his way. Marcie plays a message of Randal asking if she’s pregnant, and insists it must have been Alex who told him. No. It was that drunk idiot Larry.

Natalie gives Kelly some water. Esperanza is there, and asks if she’s okay. Kelly says he just wouldn’t stop; she shot him. Esperanza says she’s sorry, and Kelly says don’t be; she isn’t. Esperanza says she has to talk to the police at some point, and she can’t say that. Kelly says he deserved to die for what he did. She starts to freak, and they hold her back and get her into a chair. Natalie says she’s not talking to anybody. Kelly asks if they know what he did to her, and says she’s not okay. She’s going to lose her job, her credit is bad, and he raped her. It was the day Lushion came over and she said nothing happened. She starts to freak again, and the girls calm her down. Natalie says, self-defense.

Travis is taken away in the ambulance. Brad and Marcie pull up. Brad asks Lushion what happened? Lushion says Kelly shot him. Marcie asks if he’s okay, but Lushion says they don’t know. She asks where Kelly is, and Lushion says his house, so Marcie heads over. Alex comes out, and Brad asks if she’s okay. She says she is, and Lushion asks how many gunshots she heard. She says a lot. Brad gripes about Kelly having a gun, but Lushion says just think what would have happened if she hadn’t had it. If it hadn’t been him, it would have been her. Brad says she brought it to the neighborhood, but I’m not sure if he means the gun or the problem of Travis. Lushion says it’s over now, and Alex and Brad go home.

Alex says, it’s sad, and Brad says it’s sad she told Randal that Marcie is pregnant. She says she didn’t do that, and Brad says she threatened to. She admits she did, but didn’t follow through. Brad says she couldn’t wait for him to leave so she could go over there. Alex insists she did nothing, and Brad asks why Randal left a nasty message on Marcie’s phone? Alex says he’s having a hard time believing her, and asks if this is how it’s going to be now? He’ll get to choose whether he believes her or not. She didn’t go over there, and didn’t tell Randal anything. She asks if he believes her, but he doesn’t answer.

Ian arrives, and I wonder why the cops didn’t stick around. Lushion meets him, and Ian asks for the details. Lushion says Kelly claims she shot him. She opened the door and turned off the alarm. That’s not what she said. She said the alarm didn’t go off. Lushion didn’t have his listening ears on, as Judge Judy would say. Ian asks if Travis is okay, but Lushion says they don’t know. Ian says his family is going to make it difficult. His father is the biggest pastor around, and there are nothing but lawyers and judges in the congregation.

Natalie lets Ian in. Kelly says she shot him. Ian says he knows, and asks for privacy.

Larry and Randal are passed out on the couch. Upstairs, Eddie’s arms are cuffed to opposing walls, and he’s wearing a bondage costume. He tries to slide his phone over with his foot. Lushion gets a call. He sees it’s Eddie and he’s not answering. Lushion tells the women that Kelly said she opened the door and turned the alarm off. Esperanza says she lured him in to kill him. She’s praying Kelly didn’t call him over there, and asks how she had a gun. The one she had is in evidence. Natalie says it was hers. Eddie was in Alex’s backyard, and scared her, so Natalie gave it to her. Esperanza says Natalie can be in a lot of trouble. Lushion says, especially if he dies. Eddie calls again, and Lushion refuses to answer.

Eddie calls one more time, and Lushion asks what he wants. Eddie says it’s not a joke; he’s in serious trouble. Lushion says he’s not helping, but Eddie says Lushion is all he’s got. He’s at Randal’s. Lushion asks what he’s done now, and Eddie says they have him chained up. He begs Lushion to get him. Lushion says he has a lot going on, and Eddie says he’ll explain, just please help. Lushion doesn’t want to know. He tells Eddie to stop calling, and hangs up. Natalie asks what’s going on, and Lushion says Eddie is talking crazy, saying he’s chained up at Randal’s house. Marcie wonders why Larry is there this late; she saw his car. Lushion asks if he knows Eddie. Esperanza’s phone rings, and it’s Eddie. I’m laughing my ass off.

Lushion tells her go for it. Eddie says he needs help, and she says she knows that. BA-DUM-CHH! She asks what he did, and he says he’s in Randal’s house, chained up upstairs. It’s the same thing he told Lushion. Natalie thinks they should go see, but Lushion says no. Marcie thinks Larry’s car being there is weird, and realizes he must have told Randal about her pregnancy. Eddie calls Esperanza again, and they decide to go over there.

Lushion knocks on the door, and Marcie uses her key to let them in. Randal pops up from the couch, and tells them to get out. Lushion asks him to call Eddie, but Randal says he’s tied up (groan). Larry says he doesn’t have a warrant, but Marcie says it’s still her house, and they need to talk to Eddie. Lushion asks to take a look upstairs, but Randal says no. Marcie says it’s okay, but Larry says if he goes upstairs, it will be the last time Lushion will work this beat. Randal tells them to get out of his house, but Marcie tells him to shut up. Randal wants to know about the baby. Idiot.

Lushion goes through the rooms upstairs. He finds Eddie, and says, wth? Eddie asks for help, and Lushion says he thought he’d seen it all. Eddie says just get him out of there. Lushion says he’ll get the key. Eddie wants his gun. Lushion goes downstairs, and asks what’s happening. Randal and Larry act like they don’t know anything, and Larry says his client has nothing to say. Lushion says Eddie is chained upstairs; give him the key. They both act ignorant. Marcie says, let’s go upstairs to the girls. Lushion tries to stop them, but not too hard. He asks if he has to call a locksmith, and Larry says they don’t know what he’s talking about.

The girls are stunned to see Eddie hanging there. Esperanza takes a picture with her phone, and closes the door. They go back down, and outside. Lushion dials a locksmith, but Larry throws him the key, saying his work here is done. Lushion says don’t think about moving. He doesn’t know who Larry is, but if they kidnapped Eddie, he’s going to jail. Larry says, we’ll see. They didn’t put Eddie in that position; he did it himself. Lushion balks at this idea, and Larry says he’s very limber. Randal suggests Lushion ask him about it. Lushion goes back upstairs with the key.

Lushion tells Eddie this is beyond the call of duty. He unlocks one arm, and gives the key to Eddie, telling him he should be ashamed of himself. Eddie says all Lushion’s dreams are coming true. They tricked him. Lushion doesn’t want to know, and asks if Eddie wants to press charges. Eddie says he’ll handle it himself.

Lushion tells Larry and Randal that it seems Eddie doesn’t want to press charges. They laugh, saying they already knew that. Larry says he’s heard about Eddie, and isn’t Lushion glad he got his comeuppance? Eddie comes downstairs, and Larry calls him the belle of the ball. I laugh because he’s still wearing a leather collar. He grabs the gun out of Lushion’s waistband, and starts shooting.

Next time, Lushion tells Kelly not to say a word until the lawyer comes, Lushion asks Ian what he knows about Larry, and Esperanza and Stephen get together again.

  Tabatha Coffey is back on Bravo with Relative Success with Tabatha, beginning next Wednesday, January 17th, at 10 pm. I’ve enjoyed her other efforts. She reminds me of a female Gordon Ramsay. She wears a lot of hats, one of them being therapist to whoever is getting the makeover. She’s the stoic with a heart of gold, and will be advising on family problems this time around.

👠 I got an email where the subject line said, Those shoes you want are on sale. I was like, cool! and opened it. Not even close. As a matter-of-fact, they were the kind of shoes I hate.


December 27, 2017 – Nathan is Gifted a Clock, No New Jersey or Siggy, WWHL Talk & Another Clock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the hospital, Kiki congratulates Laura and Doc. Laura realizes they never discussed her last name.

Maxie needs to talk to Amy, and tells her it’s important. Amy says so are her patients. Maxie says she needs a DNA test done – fast.

Obrecht meets with Nathan at Kelly’s for breakfast. She tells him she’s been waiting a lifetime to give him this present.

At the station, Lulu finds out that Mayor Lomax has been indicted. She asks how long Lomax will still be in office. Jordan says a couple of months. The still have to do an investigation. Dante tells Lulu that she blew it open; now, the police have to connect the dots. Alexis says Lomax is an embarrassment to Port Charles, but an elected official can’t be fired.

Ava and Griff wait for Kiki at Ava’s place. Ava gives him her gift, a nice watch. Like a sports watch, not a blinged out Rolex. He tells her he can’t accept it. Sigh. What now?

Anna tells Finn he has two objectives. One is to put a card inside of Cassandra’s phone, so she can spy on her. She tells Finn to call her when he leaves, and keep his phone on so she can hear. His other objective is, don’t die. He tells her that he knew what he was getting into, so wish him luck.

Laura says she’s always been Laura Spencer. She and the name have survived a lot, and it’s who she is. Except it isn’t anymore. She wants to be Laura Collins. Doc says has a ring to it, and I start wondering if there was ever a Laura Collins on Dark Shadows.

Amy tells Maxie it’s against the law for her to just do a DNA test without following procedure. Maxie says so is fraud, but Nathan did that for her. She needs a comparison test. Amy asks what it’s for.

Nathan unwraps one of those old-fashioned cuckoo clocks with little doors. Like in the Geico commercial. Obrecht explains that she got it in Bavaria when she was pregnant with him. It reminds her of the fantasy she had of their life together, traveling the world. Her hopes were dashed, and they had to hide from Victor. Now the clock can hang in the nursery. She finally has a chance to set things right. Nathan says as much as he appreciates the gift, everything is not all right.

Ava thought the watch was as special as Griff is. He says it’s beautiful and thoughtful, and he appreciates the gesture. She says it’s not a gesture; it’s a present. Griff says he’s spent his entire adult life detaching from material things, and doesn’t feel comfortable with such an expensive present. For having been around the block and then some, Griff has zero social skills. Ava says she got him something from her world. She’s an art dealer, and her life is about expensive objects. She thinks his perspective must be liberating. She asks if he would keep it, if she promises to never get another one, and he agrees. She puts it on his wrist. Geez, seriously, it’s nice, but not like what they’re making of it, and the wristband sounded like it was plastic, for goodness’ sake. They kiss.

Cassandra tells her companion (does he have a name?) about Finn coming by. He says not to give him too much access. She appreciates that he’s protective. If she’s misjudged Finn’s character, he’ll be nearby to correct her mistake. Finn arrives. He tells her they have something important in common. With the business they’ll be doing, they can help people and make money at the same time. Cassandra says that pain management is both merciful and lucrative. On her end, Anna tells him to finesse. Cassandra tells Finn that she loves that he has no tolerance for nonsense; she’s the same way.

Alexis tells Lulu that if handled properly, Mayor Lomax might not want to stay. The key to getting rid of her once and for all lies in digging up dirt. Dante drags lulu into the interrogation room, and kisses her. She tells him that she needs to take down corrupt officials more often. He’s impressed with the way she stood up to Lomax, and asks how it feels. She says like she never wants to stop. They start making out, and I think, isn’t there a window there? Did he lock the door?

Maxie asks Amy if she’ll make it happen if she tells her why. Amy says her odds will improve. Maxie says it’s for Nathan. She starts to tell Amy about his mother, and Amy interrupts, asking if she means the obnoxious, demanding mad scientist? Maxie says she was going for squirrely, but it would insult the squirrels. Maxie explains that they think Obrecht might be lying about Victor being Nathan’s father. Amy says Nathan won’t go for it, and Maxie says not to tell her what her husband would do.

Obrecht says she adores Nathan. She’s overjoyed to be oma to their little one. He says her first test as a grandma is to say what isn’t she telling him about his father.

Griff tells Ava that he’s still planning her gift; it’s a work in progress. She loves the anticipation. He tells her to be patient; it will be worth it. Kiki knocks at the door. She and Ava hug, and Ava asks if she’s spoken to Dillon. Kiki tells her that Dillon said the movie is still in production. She misses him, and they’re supposed to exchange presents when they see each other, but she’s brought Ava’s. Ava says she and Griff had an adventure on Christmas, serving dinner to the homeless in Julian’s bar. She leaves the room to get Kiki’s gift. Griff asks Kiki if it’s set for tonight, and Ava overhears.

Cassandra tells Finn that the chemist assures her that the formula is better than anything currently on the market. Finn says they all say that. She says that once he reads it, the deal is officially sealed. She tells him that she’s not comfortable having meetings with phones on, and he turns his off. He says now it’s just the two of them. Anna freaks out. Felicia sees her, and asks if she’s okay.

Stella congratulates Laura, and thanks her for speaking up at the meeting. Laura says she couldn’t watch the neighborhood being dismantled. Stella tells her about several buildings losing power and heat on Christmas. Laura asks if she thinks the landlord did it on purpose, and Stella says no question about it. Laura says the community can’t stand for that; it’s harassment. Stella tells her the landlord owns a lot of property, and with the mayor in his pocket, she’s afraid of what he might do next. Laura says they’ll see about that.

Nathan tells Obrecht there’s no proof Victor is actually his father. A simple screening can tell him. She says that he has the medical dispositions he needs, and his suspicions hurt her. As his true mother, she’s asking him to let this go.

Amy tells Maxie she didn’t mean to imply that she knows Nathan better, she’s just affirming that he’s an honorable man. Maxie says that’s why she’s there. She asks Amy how she spent her Christmas. Amy says it was great; she spent it with Chet. Maxie tells her that the Driscoll family yuletide wouldn’t have happened without her and Nathan’s help. Now help her put Nathan’s mind to rest.

Ava continues to listen. Kiki asks Griff if it’s better that Ava knows the truth. He says she can’t know yet. I know what she’s thinking. That these two have something going. That’s stupid, even for these people.

Anna tells Felicia that she was just listening to a podcast, but Felicia says she knows what surveillance looks like. Anna says she just got cut off. Felicia says if she didn’t know better, she’d think it was about Finn. Robin told her about them moving in together, and moving the relationship to the next level. Anna stumbles over her words a little, and says they’re just cohabitating. Felicia says, with benefits. Why else move in?

Finn points out to Cassandra that a banned element is in the formula, and says replacing it would be crude at best. He suggests something he developed for his immune protocol, but to change the chemistry of the product line, he’ll need access to the lab. Cassandra says he’s not the man she thought he was.

Laura tells Doc that the mayor caused deliberate sabotage. He says her fight is his, and he’s behind and beside her 100% – a week from now. Meanwhile, their honeymoon awaits. Laura doesn’t think they can leave right now.

Nathan tells Obrecht that whatever she’s hiding, whatever truth is, he can handle it. He needs her to be honest. She tells him that she’ll share her most shameful secret.

Alexis announces that the Port Charles charter has an ethics clause. Any elected official can have their salary withheld if they’re under investigation. They can refuse to pay Lomax, and how long will she want the job if there’s no money? I won’t mention that usually mayors have other jobs because the pay is not that much.

Ava gives Kiki a present, saying it’s a token of faith in her. Kiki unwraps a doctor bag. I note that they actually unwrap their gifts, as opposed to the old days, where soaps always gave gifts in a pretty box with a matching lid and built-in bow. Ava says she couldn’t have gotten through that horrible ordeal without Kiki’s comfort and support. Kiki gives Ava her gift, and Griff annoyingly reminds them that the true gift is their relationship with each other. He adds that Ava taught him to accept a gift with grace. Ava removes a scarf, and says it must be to hide in. Griff says that wasn’t the intention, and Kiki says she was the one dragging her outside not that long ago. Ava sarcastically says they always give her the other two most important things in her life, faith and honesty. She’s acting like a real jerk.

Anna tells Felicia that she and Finn are just getting to know each other. Felicia says he’s easy on the eyes, but Anna says looks only get you so far. She tells Felicia that Finn is very smug, irritating, and pays attention to detail. He’s also socially backward. Still, he’s a kind man, and funny, but what he doesn’t know, or refuses to believe, is that he’s caring. Worst of all, he’s a morning person, but she’s grown accustomed to his smile, and he knows how she likes her tea. Felicia says it says sounds like she’s in love.

Cassandra thought Finn would need more time to work out any problems, but he’s more of a genius than she thought. She says it’s a cause for celebration, and pours some champagne. Finn asks if she always has it around in case of a celebration, and she says all civilized people do. Uh-oh. I guess I’m out. They toast to civilization, Cassandra saying, may it be ours for the taking. Finn spills it on himself, and Cassandra leaves to get something to wipe it up. While she’s out of the room, he puts the card in her phone. Cassandra comes back just as Finn is finishing, and she asks what he’s doing.

Doc understands that it’s important, but asks Laura if it can’t wait. Someone else can fight the good fight until then. Stella comes by and says she’s on her way to the station to file a complaint. She asks if Laura will join her as backup. Laura tells Doc that she can’t run off; the people could get intimidated. She can’t ask others to do something, if she’s not doing the same. Doc says they can all go on the way to the airport. Stella is fine with that compromise; it’s good sense. Standing up against the mayor is important, but so is their honeymoon.

Amy says she’ll find a way to make the test happen. Maxie tells her to worry about the test, and she’ll worry about the means. If Nathan gets answers, he won’t care how they got them. I dunno about that.

Obrecht tells Nathan that she hopes the child is a boy. She was able to raise his sister, but wasn’t given that privilege with him. She hopes she can imagine those years with her grandson. Nathan asks what she’s not telling him. Obrecht says she told him what he needs to know. She says to look to the future, where the answers lie ahead, not behind him. Don’t look there anymore.

Kiki says she’ll return the scarf, but she doesn’t know what Ava means. She’s always been honest; can Ava say the same? Griff tells them not to leave it like this. He tells Ava that Kiki didn’t think about her hiding behind the scarf, and Ava tells him not to think he knows her daughter better than she does. Scarves are a reminder of what she lost. Kiki says she got it all back and then some. Whatever she’s got going on today, get over it. She leaves, and Griff asks what happened? Ava tells him to ask Kiki. Maybe she’s missing Dillon or sad about having to work, but she also has work, so it’s best if he goes.

Felicia tells Anna it’s been a long time since she was in love, not since she lost Duke. She’s happy, and in love. Anna says the problem with people like her, is that they think everyone else should be like them. Felicia says she was practically gushing. She’s fighting it tooth and nail, and Felicia thinks she’s afraid of love. She’s terrified, but that’s stupid. Felicia tells her that she’s been given another chance. Dive in. She says that you don’t get to choose who you fall in love with, but get to choose what you do with it. If he feels the same, don’t fight it.

Finn tells Cassandra that he was clearing his work schedule. She wipes at him with a cloth, and says she can think of more inventive ways to celebrate. He suggests a waffle stand, but she’s thinking a side trip after the factory. Finn says he’s flattered and tempted, but can’t. She tells him no one has to know, but he says he would. He wouldn’t feel right. Cassandra asks, because of Anna? and he tells her, yes.

Felicia sees Doc at the station, and he explains that he and Laura were on their way to their honeymoon, when there was some community activism to take care of first. Jordan tells Felicia about the landlord, and how he owns several buildings. Lulu joins them, and says she wrote a follow-up about the board confirming massive voter fraud, and how Lomax stole the election. So, I guess there’s a daily newspaper at Aurora? Dante says she was indicted this morning. The results will be overturned. Lulu asks if this means Felicia is mayor, and no surprise, Felicia isn’t exactly interested anymore, but Alexis says there will be a special election in four weeks, if she wants to run. Felicia says she’s moved on, and they’ll need a viable candidate. Doc knows who his vote would go to. Someone with the character, history, and heart to protect the people and legacy of Port Charles. His wife, Laura Collins.

Maxie comes running into Kelly’s, saying she’s sorry she missed breakfast with his mom. He doesn’t believe that, but she says Obrecht is never boring, and Maxie loves the way she pronounces the names of the pastries. Nathan shows her the gift, and she’s like, great, a cuckoo clock that will wake up the baby every hour, and suggests maybe Obrecht had one as a child and that’s why she’s the way she is. Nathan says there’s been no headway on the father front. Maxie says maybe they can solve the mystery themselves.

At the hospital, Kiki tells Griff that it’s becoming a problem. He asks if she has any second thoughts. She says exactly the opposite. She can’t wait to see where it leads. He says, him too, and they part company. In another unsurprising moment, Ava sees them.

Finn tells Anna, mission accomplished. She sees his wet shirt, and he says he can double glass with the best of them. He tells her it was like James Bond meets The Three Stooges. Anna says she didn’t hear anything after he hung up. He says he told Cassandra he cleared his schedule to see the factory, and she proposed a private getaway. Anna says as soon as she places a call to the factory, she can trace it and get the location, and have it destroyed. He asks, then what? and she says then this whole charade will be over, and they can go back to their lives.

Tomorrow, Lulu wants to follow up with something just as good, Cassandra wants to eliminate Sonny, and Sonny accuses Jason of wanting to get away from Sam.

🍅 While there was no new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight, I did hear the news that Siggy Flicker is not coming back to the show next season. I’m guessing that her behavior hasn’t been good for business. It’s hard to be credible as a relationship expert when you can’t seem to handle your own. Whether it’s a hormone issue or not, she comes off as irrational. I watched the last two episodes again, and it’s mind-boggling. She makes excuses for everything, and can’t apologize to save her life. And, wtf Dolores?

🎉 I’m not sure why there was nothing new tonight. God knows, Andy Cohen takes more vacations than anyone I know, so maybe the whole place had off this time. (Watch What Happens Live will be back after the first of the year.) I know he has a gig with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve, but I’ve always wondered why he never did a WWHL New Year’s Eve party again. He even said he was never doing one again, and I’m pretty sure I heard distaste in his voice. What happened? Sadly, the night I watched it was one of my best New Year’s Eves. I can never resist Giggy.

😂 At least it gave me leave to watch Carol Burnett’s 50th Anniversary on CBS. For those who never saw the show, or are too young to remember it, it was one of the funniest programs ever on television. And it was on Saturday nights, when TV is often a wasteland.

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