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October 1, 2019 – Terry Confronts Franco, Hell Freezes Over, a Squeeze, So Close, Ignored & Halfway


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Hayden plays catch with Aiden in the park. As she runs backward, Finn grabs her.

Jax thinks Nina’s been avoiding him. She arrived late for the budget meeting, and left as soon as it was over. It’s clear she doesn’t want to talk to him. It’s no way to run a business. She agrees, and says professional communication is crucial. She asks if he has Crimson business to discuss. Is she falling short? He says they’re on budget, the readership is up; she’s delivered everything she promised. She says, they agree the magazine is thriving. Is there anything else he wanted to discuss? Unless he wants to discuss his campaign to undermine her fiancé.

Valentin walks into the MetroCourt restaurant, and sees Laura with Curtis. Laura tells Curtis she spoke to Spencer. He asks if Spencer was behind the search for the codicil in Mikkos’s will. She says her grandson has a casual relationship with the truth, especially if it’s something he wants. Curtis says, he denied it, and Laura says, uh-huh. He acted like it was no big deal, but she thinks he got her message. She wants to make it crystal clear that Spencer is not to be involved, or Lulu. The only person from her family who’s working with him is her.

Elizabeth runs into Charlie’s. Julian asks if something is wrong with Franco. She says she had him committed. It’s just for the time being. The more distance that’s put between him and Kim, the better, so Julian needs to leave town with her as soon as possible. Julian says he’s sorry, but he and Kim aren’t going anywhere. They’ve broken up.

Kim calls Franco from the park, and asks how he is. He says he’s been committed to Shadybrook, the latest in his humiliation. He’s glad to hear her voice though. She’s sorry Elizabeth is doing this to him; she has no right. He says, Franco is Elizabeth’s husband, and she thinks she does. He’s not insane. He’s in love with her, and what they have is real. She knows. Terry sees Kim, and asks if everything’s okay. Kim says no, but maybe she can help.

In the interrogation room, Diane says they all agreed, it was a clear-cut case of self-defense. Jordan says, that was before. New evidence has come to light. Diane says, it’s evidence based on hearsay. Jordan says, in addition to Sheri’s statement, they have evidence from another source that incriminates Sam. It’s Sam herself. Jordan plays a recording where Sam is saying she wants Shiloh dead and buried for what he’s done to her sister and the other women at DoD, and to her. She’ll do anything in her power to make that happen.

Finn tells Hayden, sorry. He thought she was going into the rocks. Aiden asks if Hayden is okay, and Hayden tosses the Frisbee back. Finn says he’s impressed, and she says he didn’t know she could throw things? She says, Aiden is great, and she’s realized, kids can be fun.

Sam says, that’s impossible, and Jason says, she’s being set up. Jordan asks if it’s her voice, and Diane tells Sam not to answer. She needs a moment with her client. Jordan steps out of the room, and Sam says, this is ridiculous. Diane tells Sam that she just moved from an uncontested, clear-cut case of self-defense to a possible charge of premeditated murder.

Valentin sees Curtis and Laura at the MetroCourt, and says, two birds with one stone. He can handle both of them. Laura asks why they need to be handled, and Valentin says he’s been a little busy planning the wedding, so it’s fortuitous to find them both in the same place. Laura says they were just discussing Cassandra. Unfortunately, the WSB won’t be able to extradite her to the Hague. Valentin says, she’s an international criminal. Laura says Cassandra will be standing trial there, and she’s going to have a front row seat. Who knows what secrets Cassandra will spill on the stand?

Terry asks what Kim needs, and Kim says Terry knows Elizabeth had Drew committed. Terry says she knows Elizabeth is concerned for her husband. Kim says Terry is Elizabeth’s best friend. Maybe she can get through. Terry isn’t sure she follows, and Kim says, what Elizabeth is doing is cruel. They sit on a bench, and Kim says, Elizabeth is punishing Drew. It’s not his fault. It was Franco’s choice to step in and save Cameron. Everything that happening is Shiloh’s fault, no one else’s. Terry asks what Kim wants her to do, and Kim says, Franco is gone; Drew is there. Her Drew. The Drew that remembers their love; Oscar’s father. Maybe she can help Elizabeth recognize that Drew is real. Pretending he’s crazy isn’t going to change anything. Terry takes Kim’s hands in her own, and says it was remarkable how Kim rallied again and again during Oscar’s illness, up until their last moment together. She was heroic Kim asks what that has to do with the pain Elizbeth is inflicting on Drew? Franco is gone, and Elizabeth needs to accept that. Terry says, maybe Elizabeth isn’t the one who needs to accept that someone is gone. Clinging to the memory of Oscar’s father won’t bring Oscar back. Kim says she should have known Terry wouldn’t understand. Terry says she understands Kim has experienced an extraordinary loss. Kim says, Franco is a memory. Drew is real, and he’s not crazy. Kim stomps off.

Elizabeth says Julian helped Kim through hell. He said he loves her, and Kim said herself that starting over with him was her only chance. Julian says, that was before she found another option. He’s sorry for what Elizabeth is going through. He thought all Kim needed was distance, but Franco has Drew’s memories, and Drew is Oscar’s father. Any connection to Oscar, no matter how tenuous, is more important to her than their relationship. Elizabeth says, so he’s just walking away? It’s clear that Kim is sick and confused. The connection she’s holding on to isn’t real. Franco is Elizabeth’s husband. Julian knows it’s a horrible situation, and he’s sorry she’s going through it, but there’s nothing he can do. Elizabeth says everyone knows who Julian is, and how willing he is to get his hands dirty. Don’t stand there and tell her that he won’t help, because he damn well will.

Julian says he’ll disregard what Elizabeth said because she’s angry. She has a right to be, but he can’t stop Kim from acting on her feelings. He’s truly sorry about that. She asks if he thinks saying he’s sorry will make it better. Sorry is when one of her kids comes home late or someone accidentally cuts her off. It’s not going to help her husband, or help Julian’s girlfriend from feeding into Franco’s illusion. She’s tired of everyone saying they’re sorry. They’re sorry they misjudged Franco; they’re sorry they didn’t catch Shiloh faster. They’re sorry there’s only a one in four chance she’ll get Franco back. She needs him to fight for Kim like his life depends on it, because hers does. She’s crossed lines she never thought she would to save her husband. She had him committed. Don’t offer her sympathy; help her.

Kim visits Drew, who says, it’s nice to see a friendly face; a beautiful face at that. He thanks her for coming, and she says, of course (🍷) she came. He needed her. He says it’s nice to be with someone who acts like they want to see him. She can’t believe it’s gone this far, and he says, Elizabeth is just desperate. She can’t accept that Franco is gone. He tried to convince Elizabeth that he’s real. Kim says they’re all victims of Shiloh, but he says he doesn’t think that helps. When he looks in Elizabeth’s eyes, he can see how she feels. Kim tells him, look into hers. He’s a good man, and she sees him. Bleh.

Jax tells Nina that he’s been dealing with the Cassadines off and on for many years. He trusts Alexis implicitly, but she’s the exception. Stephan and Nikolas tried to double-cross him, and he’d be naïve to think that Valentin isn’t a potential threat. Nina asks if he isn’t being a little melodramatic, and he says, not really. Since Valentin tried to drug him at their dinner party.

Laura asks if she said something upsetting, and Valentin says Cassandra means nothing to him. He’s too busy focusing on the wedding. Laura says she forgot what a hopeless romantic he is; always looking for his happily ever after. He says, it’s finally here. He heard Curtis is joining them at the bon voyage to his bachelorhood. Are they still on? Curtis says he can’t wait. Valentin tells Laura that Charlotte is looking forward to their visit, and asks when he should drop her off. She thinks it’s better if she spends the night at his place. Is that a problem?

Diane asks Sam, is there any chance… Sam says, none. Diane says even with their surveillance of Shiloh, which included allegedly illegal video and listening devices that she knows nothing about? Jason says, the house is clean. Diane says, it is now. Sam says she never said a word or expressed her feelings outside of there. If that’s her voice, the tape has been edited or cloned. Diane says then they’ll proceed with the argument that the tape is fake. Jason asks if they can request their own expert, and Diane says if he’s referring to Spinelli applying his illegal operations, it could be tricky. The court is about to close, and she has to act fast if Sam doesn’t want to spend the night in jail. Diane leaves, and Sam says they should have seen it coming. Of course (🍷) Shiloh would find a way to hurt them, even from his grave.

Valentin says Laura is Charlotte’s grandmother; she’s always welcome. He was under the impression that she was uncomfortable there. She says, because it was Nikolas’s home? He says, now it’s Charlotte’s home, and Laura says, that’s her point. Charlotte is excited about the wedding, and wants to help Nina get ready. Valentin thinks it’s a great idea. Charlotte will get the benefit of a good night’s sleep beforehand in her own bed. He asks what time she wants to come, and she says she’ll text what time she and Doc will be there. Valentin leaves, and Curtis says she’s good. Laura hopes it pays off. She only has one night to search Windymere.

Nina tells Jax that his statement is outrageous. He was perfectly fine at the dinner party. Jax says he told her Valentin tried to drug him. He thinks Hayden got the drink meant for him. Didn’t Nina notice how she was talking like she was given something to lower her inhibitions? Nina says maybe Hayden doesn’t know her limit. Jax says, true, he has no proof that Hayden got the drink meant for him. Nina says, or that the drink was drugged. Jax says he could press charges against Valentin for hiring Curtis to break into his office. Curtis would also be charged with corporate espionage. It’s a serious crime. Nina says he could do that, but there would be negative publicity for him. His security breached by the man he hired to run it? So much of business is the confidence people have in the CEO. Jax says, well played. They could call a truce. He likes her, and respects her judgment. Why she’s with Valentin, he’ll never understand, but she told him to stay out of her personal life, and he’s going to respect that. Nina has a better idea. Why not dive right in the middle of her personal life? If he wants to know the million reasons she loves Valentin, come to the wedding and see for himself.

Franco tells Kim, he’s being evaluated for schizophrenia, paranoia, and dissociative disorder. He has to prove his mind hasn’t been altered, and he’s capable of understanding his choices. Kim says she’ll be with him every step of the way. She’s going to help him find a lawyer to prove his competency. He thanks her, and says it would be great if he had an attorney interested in safeguarding his rights. She says he’s not alone. They’re going to face this together.

Hayden tells Aiden, nice catch, and he asks if he can get a snack. She tells him to stay where she can see him. Before he runs off, Finn says Hayden showed him Aiden’s finger-painting, and it’s a great use of color. Aiden says he doesn’t finger-paint; that’s for babies. Hayden tells Aiden to go quick, before there’s a line. She tells Finn, Aiden doesn’t like to talk about his finger-painting because it’s not age appropriate, and he doesn’t want to be compared to Jake. Finn says, you’re never too young for sibling rivalry. He asks how her stay with Elizabeth is going, and she says, good. She feels useful, like she’s helping out. He says she is. He feels terrible. Elizabeth was so happy on her wedding day. Now their lives have been turned upside down. Hayden says, and Elizabeth is watching the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with, build a future with someone else.

Sam tells Jason, it’s no secret that she hated Shiloh. Jason says the only person she told that to was him, and those weren’t the words she would use. She says what if she said it while she was drugged? He tells her not to fall into Shiloh’s trap, and doubt herself. They’re assuming the recording is fake. She just has to be patient. She says that’s his best virtue. Her, not so much. He says he’ll be with her every step of the way.

Diane tells Jordan that she’s going to make a motion that the recording be excluded as evidence. State law prevents anyone from being recorded without permission, and her client never gave it. Jordan says, only one person has to give their permission. Diane asks, who else was there? Jordan says, all in good time, and Diane says, the time is now. The recording is fake. Either Sam’s voice appears nowhere on it, or Sam’s words were pieced together. Knowing how she acquired this piece of evidence could point them in the right direction of the true criminal. Jordan says, Daisy disclosed it. She’s the one Sam is talking to. Diane says, Daisy remains an ardent supporter of Shiloh and Dawn of Day. She raided her trust fund to post Shiloh’s bail money. She’s hardly a credible witness. Jordan says that’s why Sam isn’t in jail. She made those threats… Diane says, which she ardently denies. Jordan says, until she hears back from audio forensics, Sam will remain in custody. Diane looks at Jason through the window, and shakes her head.

Jax says, Nina is inviting him to the wedding? She says he’s her boss. It’s only polite. He says she’s very generous, but he doesn’t know how her fiancé feels about that. Valentin walks in, and she says, ask him. Valentin says, ask him what? and she says she invited Jax to the wedding and he’s not sure how Valentin feels. Valentin says, clearly, Nina wants him there, so he should attend. Jax says he’d be delighted, and Nina says, it’s settled. She’s adding Jax to the guest list. He says he’ll see her tomorrow. He says he guesses he’ll be sitting on the bride’s side, but Nina says she and Valentin only have one side, and they’re on it together.

Elizabeth says she shouldn’t have gone off on Julian like that. Julian says he knows what it’s like to love someone so deeply, you start compromising what’s right. You start breaking rules before you realize it, you would risk anything. It’s a hard walk to walk. She asks if he thinks she’s going to quit, like he did with Kim. He says he didn’t quit. He just realized it’s not in his power to give Kim what she wants. Elizabeth says she knows Franco is in there, stranded behind Drew’s memories. What if he’s aware of what’s going on, and has no way of telling them. She can’t leave him like that. Julian hopes she gets what she needs, and she says, she needs her husband.

Aiden brings back a pretzel. Finn suggests mustard, but Aiden says he’s not a fan of yellow mustard; he prefers Dijon. He goes to play with the other kids, and Hayden says, he’s one of a kind. She likes the way Finn talks to Aiden, like he’s a person. Finn says he doesn’t discriminate based on height. His phone makes sounds, and he says it’s a time zone alert so he can call Anan when she’s awake. Hayden asks how Anna is, and he says, good. She can’t believe how much family Finn has accumulated in the time she was gone. He says he has a hard time wrapping his head around it sometimes. She must feel like that being with Elizabeth and her nephews. She says family is special to her, and he says he’s happy for her. He says he should go, and she says it was nice to see him.

Terry goes to see Franco. She says, hello, Franco, and he says if she’s waiting for him to recognize her, sorry. He doesn’t know her. She introduces herself, and says she and Elizabeth grew up together. She works with Kim, and she was Oscar’s oncologist. She grew fond of him and his parents. She’s there because Oscar would want her to look out for Kim. He says Kim isn’t in danger from him. On the contrary, he’s in love with her. Terry says, Kim is fragile. The strain of Oscar’s illness and death pushed her to the edge of reason. Franco asks if she thinks Kim being in love with him, and recognizing him as Drew, proves she’s crazy. She says, Kim is at her limit. Terry works with very sick kids, and knows the toll it takes on their parents. Kim is looking for healing and closure, and it takes time. She’s teetering on the edge of an emotional breakdown. The more swept up she gets in his situation, the closer she’s coming to losing herself completely.

Curtis asks Laura what that was about Valentin. Laura says, when Cassandra was arrested, she offered damaging information about Valentin in exchange for her freedom. Curtis says, and she turned Cassandra down? Laura says she didn’t see the point in exchanging on criminal for another, so she has absolutely no idea what it was, but Cassandra can provide a good distraction. Let Valentin think the threat is coming from Cassandra’s direction, while they proceed in another direction. Curtis likes the way Laura thinks. She says she only has tonight to search. Curtis says it’s a big house, and she’s looking for three sheets of paper, maximum. Laura says, hidden by Helena. She hates to admit it, but she knows how Helena’s mind works. It’s probably in a perverse location with a twist of dark humor. Helena appreciated her own sense of humor more than anyone else ever did. He asks if she thinks she can find it, and she says, if it’s hidden there, she can. Curtis appreciates how she’s staying on top of it, but they’re a team. He’s the P.I. Just lead him down the right path, and he’ll take it from there.

Hayden tells Finn there’s something she’s been keeping from him, and she can’t do it anymore. She lied about losing their child. She thought it was the right thing to do; to let him move on with his life. But there hasn’t been one day she hasn’t regretted it. They didn’t lose the baby. They have a daughter. She’s beautiful; the best of both of them. He doesn’t know how many times she’s dreamed of this moment. They hug.

Nina asks if Valentin minds that she asked Jax to the wedding. He asks if she’s kidding. He won’t even notice Jax. Nothing else matters than seeing her walking down the aisle to him. Nina says, except Charlotte and Sasha. She loves him today, tomorrow, and all the days after. Valentin says he can’t wait to give her everything, and she says, how about a hamburger? She’s starving. He says, his bride wants a burger, then a burger his bride will get.

Jax sits with Laura and Curtis, and says Hayden told him that she might have revealed the content of the document they’re trying to find. Laura says, he’s involved too? Curtis says he still needs to fill Laura in. Jax assumed Hayden would have told her. She says it’s the first she’s heard of it. But now that the cat is out of the bag, why would Jax be interested in the codicil to Mikkos’s will? He says since Valentin has been in charge, he’s decreased the value of Cassadine Industries. He’s interested in a certain elements of the company, but knows Valentin won’t sell them to him. With Valentin disinherited, he won’t be a factor. She says so he’s looking for leverage in a business opportunity. Curtis says, that sounds like a wise move. Jax says secrecy is at the request of the person they’re trying help. Laura says she understands, and Spencer is no longer involved. Her family’s involvement begins and ends with her. Jax says he respects her concerns. What’s next? Curtis says he and Laura have a plan they’ve set in motion.

Kim goes to Charlie’s. Julian asks if she needs something, and she says she found some of his things. She gives him a box, saying she thought he’d want them for the move to Manhattan. He tells her, thanks, but he’s not moving anymore. She asks what about his plans for a new bar? He says he’ll figure it out. Manhattan was about her. There’s nothing there for him anymore. She says she’s so sorry. She didn’t mean to hurt him. He says he knows, and Kim says he was right. She was lying to herself about the way she feels about Drew. Even though he’s in Franco’s body, it’s nothing she can stop or control. He says he knows it’s out of her control.

Franco says it’s not enough that Elizabeth is having him committed or thinks he’s sick for believing he’s Drew. Now Terry thinks Kim is sick for believing he’s Drew. Terry says, Kim is already emotionally fragile, and the added strain of dealing with his situation is too much for her. He says, no offense, but Terry has no idea what it’s like live in this twisted reality, and to be in the entirely wrong body. To look in the mirror and realize, you’re someone you were never meant to be. I laugh because he has no idea. He says, Kim is the only person in the world who accepts him for who he is. He loves her, and she loves him. Who the hell is Terry to tell him to give that up?

Hayden says Finn didn’t come to Rome. He says he was angry, and tried to get over her. He loves Anna, but he never stopped wishing for the life they’d planned. She says, he’s not angry? and he says he’s furious, but they’ll sort that out. He wants to see their daughter. Take him to her. They can be a family together. Elizabeth asks where Hayden was just now. Hayden says, in an alternate universe where everything works out the way it’s supposed to.

Jordan gets the forensics report. In the interrogation room, Diane tells Sam and Jason, this is a good news bad news situation. The recording is troubling, but Daisy is a less than credible witness. Audio forensics is checking it out now. Providing they can prove it’s a fake, she’ll have Sam out in no time.

Kim tells Julian that she doesn’t know how she would have made it through these last few months without his care. She does love him. Julian said he thought his love would help ease her suffering. She says, it did. As best as it could. Julian says he can’t help worrying that she’s walking into hurt. He tells her, take care of herself. She says she won’t be alone, and Julian says, yeah. Like an unconvinced yeah.

Terry tells Franco that she understands how it feels to be trapped. In fact, she thinks Kim is trapped too. She’s trapped inside her roll as a mother. She’s not seeing clearly. And Franco reminds her about a love that’s in the past. Kim won’t heal or move forward if this goes on. If he loved her, he would set her free.

Elizabeth asks Hayden to tell her about the alternate universe, and Hayden says, it doesn’t matter. What’s going on with her? Elizabeth says, the same. When she sees Franco, he’s getting farther and farther away. She’s never felt so alone. Hayden says she’s sorry. It’s a terrible thing to live with. She wants Elizabeth to know she’s there for her. Elizabeth thanks her, and says she’s there for Hayden too. They hug.

Valentin and Nina go to the MetroCourt, and see Jax sitting with Curtis and Laura. Valentin says that’s an interesting sight. It doesn’t bode well with him. Jax shouldn’t want anything to do with Curtis after Curtis was caught spying on him. Yet there they are, talking to Laura, who despises him. Nina says they’re probably saying nasty things about him, and that she’s a fool for marrying him, but all that matters is that they love each other. Valentin likes the way she thinks. They kiss, but he still has an eye on the table.

Laura says Valentin and Nina will be out of the house. As soon as Charlotte is in bed, she and Doc are free to search. Jax appreciates her help, but in a few weeks, this has spread to a few people – him, Hayden, Curtis, Laura, and now Doc. The longer they drag it out, the more people there are to mess up. They need a swift conclusion. Laura says, with a little luck, she’ll find what they’re looking for tonight.

Jordan comes back, and Diane says she assumes the tape is fake. Jordan says she ran the test twice. There’s no indication that it’s been doctored, and it matches Sam’s voice print. Daisy agreed to be recorded, so it’s admissible. The arrest stands. She’s charging Sam with the murder of David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh, and taking her into custody. Sam is cuffed, and Jordan tells the officer, take her to booking. Sam looks at Jason as she’s being led away, and he makes a worried face.

Tomorrow, Doc reveals something at Windymere, Peter asks how you throw a bachelor party for someone who has no friends, and Maxie arranges a spa day for Nina.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

We go back to last week’s ending, with Vicki saying  none of them have any intention of hurting each other. Kelly says if Vicki has no intention of hurting her, why is she always looking for dirt on Kelly? In Shannon’s interview, she says she brought them there for healing, but so far, the trip is a sh*t show. 

20 hours earlier. Shannon is excited to be there. 18 hours earlier. Kelly gongs Shannon’s head. 15 hours earlier. Shannon goes to the ER. 4 hours earlier. Kelly tells Tamra and Shannon that bringing Vicki was not being her friend. Vicki ruined her freaking life. 3 hours earlier. Emily and Gina argue. Not long ago. Shannon is feeling like the trip is an epic failure

Now. Kelly walks out. Vicki says Kelly is blaming her for her own bad reputation. She’s not allowed at her daughter’s school. Tamra asks what she means. Vicki says she doesn’t know if it’s still happening , but she couldn’t go to her daughter’s school. Emily asks if Vicki means Kelly is legally not allowed on the property, and Vicki nods. Tamra asks if Vicki knows this, or just heard it. Vicki says she doesn’t have a daughter who goes to that school. Emily asks how she knows, and Vicki says, schematics. Let’s just say she wasn’t allowed. At the end of the day, she didn’t damage Kelly’s reputation.

Kelly orders some food for herself, Braunwyn, and Emily. Braunwyn is glad she didn’t go. She tells Emily they’re going to be okay. In Emily’s interview, she appreciates the optimism, but feels emotionally drained. It was a difficult fight with Gina. It went deep, and things were said that were uncalled for. She still feels hurt. Kelly can’t believe what Vicki said, and Emily tells Kelly that, after she left, Vicki said she’s not allowed to set foot on the property at her daughter’s school. Kelly says she is too allowed, and Emily says she asked if Vicki meant legally not allowed, and she said yes. Kelly asks if Vicki is insane. She’ll call the school now, and prove it. She calls Michael, and asks if she’s allowed at Jolie’s school, and he says there’s no issue about her being around Jolie anytime. Kelly says, Vicki is a psycho bitch. Where does she get this information from?

Gina says she’s tired, and wants to take a nap. Tamra tells Vicki that she can’t say things like that. Don’t talk about the things she hears. Vicki says the lady sitting next to her when she was getting her hair done, has a daughter who goes to school with Jolie. She said Kelly can’t go to her kid’s school. She didn’t tell anyone. Tamra says, she just did. In Tamra’s interview, she says, Vicki brings this on herself. She throws a bomb, there’s an explosion, then she wonders what’s wrong. She tells Vicki to shut her effing mouth. If she didn’t hear it from Kelly, don’t repeat it.

Kelly calls Shannon, saying she heard Vicki said she’s not allowed on daughter’s school campus. Is she insane? Shannon has the phone on speaker, and Tamra and Vicki listen. Kelly asks how the hell she can say that. Shannon says Vicki told them it happened a long time ago. Kelly says, she’s a goddam liar. She can’t stop lying. Kelly says she told Vicki, she can’t do that, and the second she leaves, Vicki does it. She makes up lies, and she continuously goes after Kelly. Vicki says, tell Kelly to leave her alone. Tamra takes the phone, and says she told Vicki straight out, it’s not cool. Kelly says, what next? She’s a murderer? She can’t be around a psycho. Vicki takes the phone, and says she’s not a psycho. Kelly says she is. She’s a pig bitch, and a bleeping bleepity bleep. Kelly hangs up, and Vicki asks if Tamra is okay with how Kelly was talking to her. Tamra says she’s talking like that because of what Vicki said . In Tamra’s interview, she says, Vicki and Kelly are a lot alike. That’s the problem. She wants them to get along, but neither one of them is taking the steps they need get to get to that point. Vicki says, it’s Emily’s fault for repeating a rumor. She wouldn’t repeat something. Tamra says she just did.

Emily says maybe she shouldn’t have said anything, but Kelly says, it would have come out anyway. Vicki just keeps going .The food comes, and Kelly says she doesn’t know where Vicki gets it. Braunwyn thinks she makes it up. They talk about getting a text from Shannon about going to a beehive demonstration. Shannon told them they’d better bee-have. Kelly says she’s not going, and Emily says she shouldn’t be around someone who constantly says defamatory things. Braunwyn tells Kelly, don’t give her the power.

Shannon wants everyone to wear the leggings she’s gotten them. They’re going to have fun. She wanted to give everyone a fun gift, and who doesn’t like costumes? The leggings have each of the women’s faces on them. In Shannon’s interview, she says, get over it. Put the leggings on, and put a smile on your face.

A sign says, warning: active beehive. Braunwyn says Kelly is on the couch. She couldn’t even read. She’s angry. Back at the villa, Kelly gets into the pool nakey. Beekeeper Noel teaches introductory bee class. I would love this. He says the name of the game is, no exposed skin, He wants every square inch covered. Tamra tries to matchmake, saying Shannon likes him. They get into their bee suits, and Tamra tells Noel that Shannon is nice, single, and has a lot of money. Noel demonstrates using smoke to distract the bees, which makes them easier to work with. It doesn’t sedate them; it’s not that kind of smoke. Shannon says she’s afraid of bees. Vicki tells Noel to put his hood on, and he appreciates her concern, but says he doesn’t always use the gear. He takes out the honeycomb, and explains how bees work. Tamra says Vicki think she’s the queen bee, and Noel says she probably wouldn’t want to be one, since they mate with up to thirty bees, then spend the rest of their life laying eggs. Although it’s worse to be the drone she mates with, since he hurtles to his death afterward.  In Gina’s interview, she says she’s not doing as well as the bees. It’s getting cold, and so they go back, and huddle under blankets to drink champagne. Tamra asks what they’re doing tonight, and Shannon says, cooking dinner. She’s annoyed that they haven’t done something as an entire group.

Kelly calls Jolie from the pool. She wishes Jolie was there. She says, the others went on a bee excursion, and Vicki is being an a-hole. She’s making up lies again, and told everyone Kelly’s not allowed at her school. Jolie tells Kelly, Vicki is making this stuff up because she has a boring life. Whatever. In Kelly’s interview, she says, Vicki has nothing going on. Her kids have moved out, and she has a boring boyfriend, so she wants to invest her time in talking about Kelly. She tells Jolie that she couldn’t find a suit, so she’s kicking it live. Jolie tells her, that’s gross.

Gina apologizes to Emily. Emily tells her that she said a lot of mean things. We flash back again to their fight. She’s been sharing things with others, and not telling Emily. It hurt her feelings when Gina said Shannon was her best friend now. In Emily’s interview, she says she’s always been there for Gina, and that’s why it hurt so deeply. Emily says she knows Gina thinks it’s weird, but it was hard without Shane, then hard when he came back. They weren’t getting along, and him surprising her was a good thing. When Gina put that down, it hurt her feelings. She felt abandoned by Gina. In Gina’s interview, Gina says, that’s not what it feels like. That’s not abandonment. She tells Emily that’s she’s been going through catastrophic emotions, and acting weird. Things happened that the others could relate to more. They were more open to it because they’ve been there. In her mind, it was separate from what was going on with her an Emily. She wants that close connection, but they both have to make the effort to fix it. They hug, and Gina says she’s sorry, but she’s glad it happened. It needed to come to a head. In her interview, Gina says she regrets their fight. She could have been kinder. Emily is one of her best and dearest friends. She’s real and authentic, and Gina can’t imagine not having Emily in her life.

The ladies dress for dinner. Braunwyn asks if Kelly had a nice break, and Kelly says she went swimming. Kelly calls Brian, who’s at dinner with friends. She tells him that Vicki drove her nuts, and he tells her to stay calm. Vicki is trying to get to her. Kelly says, she’s doing a damn good job, but Brian says, it’s silliness. Kelly says Vicki is trying to ruin her reputation. Not that she has one to uphold. He tells her to be herself. Braunwyn suggests if Kelly gets frustrated or stressed, excuse herself and call Brian. He has a calming effect.

Tamra asks Shannon what they’re doing tonight, and Shannon says, cooking some things. Vicki says she’s getting circles under her eyes, and wonders what procedure she needs to have done. Tamra says she’s tired, and needs to recover. Shannon says when she’s exhausted, the only thing that wakes her up is a drink.

Kelly says she hangs out with Shannon, and talks to Tamra every day. They hurt her by bringing Vicki.

Shannon tells them, have fun and don’t fight. They realize they’re all wearing blazers from the same designer. Shannon babbles something loudly in Spanish about the tres amigas.

Kelly says, Vicki is persona non effing grata. Braunwyn tells her, just smile and nod, and makes Kelly practice. In Kelly’s interview, she says that’s not like her. She’s more like this. She gives the finger with both hands. Braunwyn says they’ll have fun if it kills them.

In Gina’s interview, she says she just needs one fun moment. She needs it like a crackhead needs a hit. The other girls come to their villa. Kelly stays quiet. Tamra says all they have is vodka and tequila. She asks if Kelly is okay, and Kelly says she has a migraine. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s stoked that Emily and Tamra are getting along. Maybe a little too well. She wonders if she should remind them about the sh*t they said about each other, and laughs. They toast to fun. Kelly smiles and nods. They clink glasses. In Vicki’s interview, she says if Kelly wants to talk about it calmly, she’s all about it. If not, you can’t force a friendship. She’ll just ignore Kelly, and not look for her to be kind.

They go to the resort restaurant. Emily wonders why they’re not making dinner, and Tamra says she can do that at home. Inside, stations are set up to make drinks. The instructor says they’re going to start with bartending, and learn how to make the restaurant’s signature drink Kelly flips her shaker a la Cocktail. In her interview, she says she has a master’s degree in partying. She has skills that can pay the bills. Shannon says she’s ready for food. They sit, and a chef says there are stations set up for them to create the first course – salad. Gee, that’s a hard one. In Emily’s interview, she says she’s an attorney and doesn’t think they should mix knives and alcohol with these women. Kelly has already committed two assaults. You don’t provide knives to batsh*t crazy a-holes. Tamra tells Kelly that she told Vicki what she said wasn’t cool. Kelly says, it’s obnoxious, and Tamra tells her that she said if Vicki doesn’t hear it directly from Kelly, don’t repeat it. In Kelly’s interview, she says, talk is cheap. Is Tamra sincerely trying to stop Vicki from spreading rumors? Not really. Braunwyn asks if Kelly has shared the texts Jolie got, but Kelly says she doesn’t need to. She doesn’t subscribe to still being friends with someone who causes her friends trouble. In her interview, she says she’s not an idiot. She knows Tamra is playing both sides. Where does her loyalty lie? She asks Tamra how she can continue being Vicki’s friend when Vicki does awful, disgusting things.

The chef tells them to take their salads to their seats. It does look good. Shannon says, cheers to an amazing salad. It’s called teamwork. Braunwyn demonstrates that she’s still lactating, and says she’s been nursing for nineteen years. A couple of takeaway points for me. She does look incredible for basically being pregnant for twenty years, and maybe it’s a mom thing, but how can they all be so interested in her mom boobs? Tamra says they are at the dinner table. Tamra asks Kelly about what they did after Vegas. She heard they crushed a car. We see a clip of them at the Dig This Amusement Park, doing exactly that. The car says Vicki and has a drawing of the emoji pic on the hood. Kelly says, they crushed sh*t up. She put Vicki’s face on it, if they must know. Tamra says Kelly destroyed Vicki’s face? and Vicki says she’s ugly; it’s okay. Tamra says they never said that. Kelly says she thinks Vicki is pretty, and Vicki thinks Kelly is pretty too. Everyone goes, aww! Shannon says Vicki told her that Kelly’s hair looked pretty at the airport. Vicki starts crying, and Kelly says she never hurt Vicki. She’s always been on Vicki’s side, and it’s disheartening to see her. Vicki doesn’t know what she’s done to Kelly. Kelly starts to cry, and says she never did anything to Vicki. She called Vicki a pig, and knew it hurt Vicki’s feelings, but she doesn’t really think Vicki is a pig. Gina thinks they love each other. Kelly doesn’t understand it, and Vicki says she surrenders. Kelly says it’s hard to look at Vicki, and Vicki hugs her, saying, they have a history. In Vicki’s interview, she says, hearing Kelly’s pain makes her feel bad. She feels accountable for the at least I don’t do cocaine comment. They locked eyes for the first time in a long time. Kelly tells Vicki that she doesn’t do cocaine or trains, and she’s allowed at her daughter’s school. Vicki says she’s done, and Tamra says they’re both sorry. Shannon wants them to make a promise; no more low blows. In Shannon’s interview, she says they’ve both been cruel, but she knows deep down, there’s a friendship. Kelly and Vicki hug. Kelly says Vicki ruined it with Jolie; she hates Vicki now. Vicki says she’s sorry, and Kelly says her too, but she’s only had Vicki’s back. In Kelly’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to continue with the ugliness. It hurts her feelings. She’s a kind person and has a heart. In Tamra’s interview, she says, hell has frozen over. She hopes it lasts. Shannon makes a toast, saying, cheers to the miracle of Miraval. Tamra says, let’s get naked, and Shannon says she knew that was coming.

Gina says Emily is her best friend, and she would never roll on her. She just got mad. Emily says she’s allowed. Tamra and Braunwyn get in the pool nakey. Vicki tells Tamra that she’s a grandmother and a mother; she needs to stop that. In Tamra’s interview, she says, to be part of the tres amigas, you have to be able to drink all night, take your clothes off at 3 am, and be a total a-hole. That means someone is getting kicked out. Bye, Vicki. Gina and Emily go to the hot tub at Gina’s casita. Braunwyn asks if it’s warm, and gets in. Gina says she’s not a nudie, but she’s adjusting. Tamra gets in next. Gina wonders what’s happening, and why is she the only one who brought an appropriate bathing suit.

Shannon gives a hard no to being outside and wet. Kelly gripes about getting older, saying, things are changing. Vicki says she’s going to be fifty-seven. How did that happen? They somehow get on the subject of furries (google it), and Braunwyn admits to having a threesome now and then. She and her husband have been together since they were teenagers. In her interview, Emily thinks it would be weird waking up the next morning. She asks where Braunwyn finds another girl, and she says it was a friend of a friend. Emily asks if they do it at Braunwyn’s house, but Braunwyn says, no; that would be weird. Like it’s normal to begin with. She says it’s more about her; her husband doesn’t have sex with the other girl. Gina is confused, and Braunwyn says she’s definitely straight, but she likes it occasionally, like every ten years. Tamra doesn’t think Eddie would go for that. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she’d pick Tamra out of the group, and in Tamra’s interview, she says Braunwyn does have those luscious lips. She might be a little curious. In the hot tub. Braunwyn laughs like a dolphin.

Next time, Kelly tells Michael it hurts, Emily gets together with Alexis, Shannon gets rejuvenation in her nether regions, and Gina tells Tamra it was a pity date.

👌 Butt He Didn’t Mind…

In case you’re following the RHOP butt drama.


🚇 Almost Done…

LuAnn sees the light at the end of the probation tunnel.


🚴 Well, She’s a Little Busy…

Like Bethenny has time to see more cabaret.


🌓 You’re Half Week Life Is Here…

So step lively.










September 22, 2019 – Living For Tomorrow, Exes Reunite, Frozen Joe, Vanderpump Spin-Off & Autumn Theft


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A video plays, similar to the one Al made, but it’s Ginny’s group. Tom says they got lucky. Then they got unlucky. The worst was when went things went bad. They couldn’t grow food. Another guy says, they lost so much. A third says, they needed help. The story goes on, switching between various people. They were ready to split when she showed up. Everything changed. They built something bigger and better. We’re alive because of them – because of her. Ginny says it’s not about her, or any single person. It’s about how they get from today to tomorrow. She talks about going to settlement after settlement, places filled with good people, and good ideas. They needed help. A guy says they fixed water the supply and helped them grow food. Before, they were barely surviving. Now, they’re thriving. Ginny says they’re building a future every day. Each one holds a key; that’s why they wear these. Ginny shows a key pinned to her lapel. She says, it’s not about how her group helps them; it’s about how they help each other. They fix what’s broken. The world gives people every reason to doubt helping each other, but they can. So if they see someone wearing a hat like hers, or a pin, they’re here to help. They can be reached on channel five on the walkie. Each of them holds a key to more help, and more future. Al says, that’s not the truth, and smashes the TV. The opening titles are seen through a cracked screen.

June says they’ve been driving five days; it’s tough. Al says she’s making another video to show everything. She begins filming. Morgan says, it isn’t easy; it’s hard. It’s not supposed to be easy. Alicia says it imparts the way they’re doing things, and Dwight says, the right way. June says one tank of gas can get them through tomorrow. Wen says, Luci stayed, but they’re going to get her back. Sarah says Ginny told them what they’re trying to do is impossible. Tom says they’re going to make the impossible possible. Al says they don’t have to make a fake documentary to prove them wrong. This is how they did it. This is the truth.

Grace gets intravenous something, and thanks Morgan. He asks if he can get her anything else. She tells him, candy beansies, if he sees them. June says Grace is dehydrated, and it’s hard for her to keep food down. Al asks if June thinks it’s the radiation, and June says, it could be, or it could be something else. She needs to find some medical journals .

Morgan says he wasn’t there when she needed him. He wasn’t there when the rest of the world needed him in Tanktown. He’s here now. Al says he told her that he needed to let Grace know something; did he? He says, no. It doesn’t matter. Grace thinks she has an idea, but she’s not sure if it’s just what she wanted them to say. Morgan says, being away from everyone was hard, but good came out of it. Tom says he thought they’d kill him when they  found him. Virginia was scared to trust people, but here he is. He guesses he’s lucky. He flashes back to seeing Janice coming up the road toward him. He says, they found his sister. Janice says, they found her brother. They found him. Tom says he wanted to help with the documentary. What they’re doing is working. What they’re doing has room for everyone – not just who Virginia deems useful. Everyone is useful. People need to see that.

Alicia paints a tree, and Al asks what she’s going to do when they find a home. She hopes she gets the chance keep doing this. When she first started, she’d hoped to find the artist, but it helped her. It’s how she wanted to be. Art makes sense to her. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Daniel radios from the strip mall, and June asks how the school is. He says, it burned down. There’s nothing left. On the video, June says she wasn’t thinking of anything except making sure they landed, and she picked the right direction. It felt right. Jacob says she has what some people spend their whole lives looking for. Wes says, he thought it was bullsh*t. He’s now part of said bullsh*t, and it turns out, it’s not bullsh*t. Al asks if he’s going to paint again. He says, we’ll see, and looks at Alicia painting a tree.

Grace teaches Charlie the guitar. On the video, she says she wants to be around long enough to see it. The look on everyone’s  faces when they get there. She wants to know everyone is going to be okay.

Morgan asks Grace if she has enough for one more push. John says they may have to leave some of the vehicles behind. Victor wonders if maybe they shouldn’t change direction. There’s nothing out there. Tom tells Al that she might want to turn the camera off. She might not want to document this. Al says she wants to show things as they are. Morgan says, breach, and Dwight kills a zombie that’s invaded their space. He takes something off of the body, and says, look at this.

On the video, Alicia says, sometimes the universe has a way of speaking to you. It’s a Sheriff’s badge, and John says, it’s from the Gulch. Maybe it’s closer than they thought. It was designed to operate without gas or electricity, and there’s a fence around the perimeter. Victor says John doesn’t know what it’s like; he hasn’t been there in years. Morgan says they’ve exhausted everything that’s in the area. If John is right, this will work. On the video, Dwight says, they saved his life before Maybe lightening can strike twice. June feels like it’s the right place, and Alicia says she thinks they found it. Daniel asks if it has a barbershop. Morgan says, if it’s what John says it is, it’s worth it.

Grace yells for June. Morgan runs toward the truck where Grace is resting. Tom is inside with her, and moves out of the way. June checks the pulse on her neck, and asks if Grace can hear her. She tells Morgan, Grace is severely dehydrated, her blood pressure is low, and she needs more fluids. Morgan says, or what? and June says they need to get moving.

Al films, and Daniel says he thought they should take everything they could at the mall. June says she thought she could help treat Grace, if she knew what was going on. She doesn’t even know what to do. She can treat the symptoms; it’s all she knows. Morgan asks how long Grace can go without fluids, and June says, not long. He tests the radio, and says they’ll circle back to the convoy, and get what they need. Sarah says it’s a detour, but there’s a shortcut further north. Morgan says Grace will want to see it. Tom says, this is the part you wouldn’t see on Virginia’s tape. It’s the part you never do.

John and Morgan look through stuff in a storage area. Morgan radios June and Alicia, and says, any luck? But Alicia and June are empty-handed on their end. Morgan thinks they shouldn’t have left, but John says it will be all right. Keep looking. Back with the others, John asks June if Morgan and Grace have something going on, but she’s not sure; maybe. He says, it’s a bittersweet thing, and she tells him, go ahead and ask. He says, okay. He doesn’t want wait anymore to get married at the Gulch, right away. June thinks it’s a great idea. John says he loves her, but keep it under her hat.

John radios Al, and asks how it’s looking, and Al says, got it. She tries to stab an errant zombie who gets the better of her, and they fall to the ground. Alicia nails it from behind. She picks up the fluids they’ve gotten for Grace, and smiles. On camera, Alicia says, it was the only thing she had, and it was taking over. Now it’s not the only thing she has. Morgan asks Grace how she feels, and she says, better. She thanks him, and they smile at each other. She asks, what is it? and he says he’s just glad she’s feeling better.

Sarah says they’ll take the shortcut back in the truck. Ginny can suck it. They made a detour because one person was sick. What they’re building is the future. At least he future they want to be a part of. Wen says, it was a risk. So were Christmas lights on the runway. John says, they were as good as dead, but they didn’t give up. Wes says, they risked their lives. Sarah radios that the bridge it out.

At the bridge, Charlie films. Part of the bridge is breaking down. Alicia says, the semi is too heavy, and Victor says he’s not so sure they should even be standing there. Morgan says they can leave the tanker behind, but John says they’ll never get to the Gulch. Morgan says they’ve got to figure out how to patch the hole. A cable on the bridge snaps. John yells, get off the bridge, and Morgan says, don’t back the tanker up. The bridge starts to give a little. Morgan thinks they should try to cross with one person every twenty feet. Dwight says they have company. Ginny drives up, with her entourage, and says it looks like they could use a hand. Guns are drawn.

Ginny asks if they’re having trouble with the tanker, but Morgan says it’s nothing they can’t handle. He sees they’re making good use of the gas, and Ginny says, it beats saddle sores. She tells everyone to put their guns down. If she’d wanted them dead, they would be dead. She says hi to Tom, and Al says he’s helping them get the story. Ginny asks, which story? He says where she gets her ass handed to her by them. The people need to know the truth. Ginny says, there’s truth and there’s truth. She hopes he picks the one that leaves the most people alive. Morgan asks how she knew where they were, and she says she’s had her eye on the convoy. They could learn something from each other. Morgan and his group have stretched the petrol farther than she thought possible. Then they went out of their way to get medicine, when people are dying. She can’t help if they don’t ask. Victor asks what she means by help, and she says, it means something different to everyone. Victor says, like what? Lay her cards on the table. She says she’s sorted out who provides what, and they need good people; there aren’t many left. Tom asks why she tried to kill him, and she says he became a liability. She’s not going to apologize for her methods, not when she gets results. She tells Dwight that she checked on his wife. He cocks his gun, but then lowers it. She says an engineer she met said he broke bread with Shari. She seemed worried about him. Morgan says, stop, and Ginny says Dwight never said her name. How else would she know it? Morgan says they’re here because they do things different from her. They’re going to keep doing to keep people alive. Ginny says, not much longer. They both want the same thing, they just have different ways of getting there. If anyone wants to try the way it works, they’re welcome. Morgan says, she’s right. If anyone would rather be with her, they should go now. There are no takers, and Dwight says he thinks the choice is pretty clear. Ginny says he has a good hold on them. Victor laughs, and says her strategy of following them isn’t particularly efficient. Ginny says, it’s not? Boys… Her henchmen shoot in the air, and she says it’s like calling the kids to dinner. There’s a herd down the road, and they might be the soup de jour. When they need her help, give a holler. I’m thinking her recruitment tactics aren’t the greatest.

Morgan says, get ready to cross. Everyone, out of the cars now. Said zombie herd starts coming toward them, Morgan says they’ll buy as much time as they can. Everyone grabs stuff out of the cars, and runs. Victor slices and dices. Morgan whacks the zombies with his new and improved pokey stick, and Al stabs whatever she can. The zombies barrel right through the line of cars. Dwight encourages the group to run. Morgan yells for them to get over the bridge. He asks how they’re doing with the patch, but Tom says, it’s not ready yet. Morgan tells Tom, forget it, just go, and another cable snaps. Morgan asks if they can get the tanker over the patch, but that’s a no, so they leave the truck. Tom refuses to go, and gets knocked down when the hole opens up more. The zombies fall through the bridge. I laugh, but then there goes the tanker. Tom jets to join the others, but he stops, saying, he has this. Cables snap as he’s talking, and he’s last seen on camera, screaming as he falls.

Back at the convoy, Al is editing, but the battery dies. Morgan says, it’s okay, but she says she has to get this right, for them; for him. Morgan says, then that’s what they’ll do. It’s not the end of the road. He won’t let it be. They go outside, where everyone else is waiting, sitting in front of the C&L boxcar. Morgan asks if Grace can walk. She says Tom died for the detour; for her. Janice looks in the water. Jacob asks if she wants him to say a few words, but she says, not here.

They stand in the woods. Morgan says Tom believed their story wasn’t over, and wanted to be with people who do what they did for one of their own. And he wanted Ginny to know that. Right, Janice? Janice says, he told her that he wanted to finish it, and Morgan says, then that’s what they should do. Right, everyone? They all nod, and he says, let’s go. He tells Alicia, it’s not going to be easy. They start to walk.

And walk… and walk. Wes tells Alicia, he’s been thinking when they get there, he’ll paint with her. It doesn’t have to be trees. He might need a new medium. She smiles. They walk some more. John approaches Jacob, and asks if it’s a good time for a question. Jacob says, it depends on the question. John asks if he does weddings, and Jacob says, gentiles? He’s always wanted to try one. Morgan asks if he just heard what he thought he heard. John says, it’s going to be a quiet affair, and June says she doesn’t want to make a big deal. Morgan thinks it might be what everyone needs. It will remind them why they’re doing this thing. John says if Morgan’s not busy, he needs a best man. The continue to walk. The road looks endless.

Dwight asks if Al is still filming. She says, as long as there’s a story to tell. Daniel says he doesn’t know Morgan that well, but hear him out. We don’t know how long we have in the world. If we have things to say, we should say them. They stop a moment, and Janice asks if Al is getting this. Al says, you bet she is. They see the billboard for Humbug’s Gulch. Janice says she wants Ginny to see this. See why she lost. I’m worried that it’s not going to be there anymore. Morgan tells Grace, good. One last push. He wanted to say… She tells him, don’t say it. It will make things harder. They look at each other. He he nods, and says he’s glad she’s here to see this. She says, her too, and squeezes his arm.

They finally make it, but it’s as I feared. Sort of. Al takes out the camera. Zombies have invaded the Gulch. Janice says, it can’t be. Maybe it’s the wrong place. John looks through the binoculars, and says they’re up against every gate. They’d be hard pressed to even get inside. Morgan says, they’ll find another way. Victor says, how? They have no food, no water, and their supplies are on the other side of the bridge. June says, there’s nothing else out here, but Jacob tells her that her faith got her this far. She says she needs more faith, and Alicia says they can’t give up. Charlie says they can walk back to the cars, but Wes says they’ll never make it. Daniel says they barely made it here, and Wen says, even if they could, there’s no gas for the cars. Victor says there’s one thing they can do. Al turns the camera off, and Victor asks, why? She wants people to see things the way they are. He does, and now she sees them the way he does. They got to somewhere; here they are. He reminds her there are children with them. The truth is, if they do this, they can live for tomorrow. Morgan ask if anybody can think of something else. Say it now.

Al says she thought this wasn’t going to be the end of the story, but it is. She knows what it means. Dwight says if they call her, there’s no going back. Al says, people are going to die, and Victor says they tried a different way. They can look at themselves in the mirror tomorrow. Dwight says, if they throw in with her, there might not be a tomorrow. He starts to leave, and Morgan tells him, don’t go. They’re miles from anything. Dwight says he’s walked this far before. June says she’s sorry, but John says it’s not her fault. They all thought it was a good idea. Al says, if they’re going to do this, then they should do it. Morgan tells Janice that he really is sorry. I say, don’t do this, but he radios, saying if Virginia is listening, they need her help. The camera pans out, and we see them clustered together on top of the hill.

Next time, Al thinks they can clear the Gulch, John says they have something to fight for, and Daniel says Ginny isn’t walking away without a fight.

🔥  No Disaster On This Potomac…

Things are heating up for Gizelle.


❄ Cold As Ice…

It’s not looking good for Juicy Joe.


But Teresa seems to be dealing.


🐾 Paws Crossed…

I’m still hoping for that Vanderpump Dogs spin-off.


🍂 More Like Grand Theft Summer…

Summer has been declared officially over. Moving on.

April 16, 2017 – A Curse is Lifted, Suicide Squad is Okay by Me, Potomac Goes to the Races & Atlanta Reunites


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Once Upon a Time

In Neverland, the Lost Boys chase Hook. He slides down a hill and is surrounded. He says he has treasure and rum, but they want him to pay for what happened to Peter Pan. All of a sudden, the boys drop like flies. Tiger Lily is in the shadows with a blowgun, and reveals herself. She says she never expected to see Hook back again, and he says it wasn’t planned. He thanks her for the rescue, and she pokes him in the neck with a dart.

David tells Emma they never would have put her in the wardrobe if they’d known all this was going to happen. Henry tells her it’s going to be okay, and she says she knows. David tells Regina that the story can’t end like this; Emma can’t go into the final battle without her family. Regina says she’ll have to make do with just one of them. She’s working on breaking the curse, but it might be dangerous or life-threatening. David says whatever she has, it has to work. It’s not like it’s their first time. We flash back to a few other curses the Evil Queen has laid on them.

Snow/Mary strolls through parallel Storybrooke, but everyone is in bad moods. Archie claims Pongo is off gluten. She runs into Regina, and asks if there’s any news about a John Doe in the hospital. Regina says it looks like he may never wake up. Snow ditches the flowers she was bringing to the hospital, and sees a bloom through the cracks of the sidewalk.

Snow brings the flower to David. It makes purple sparkles in the air. The machine he’s attached to goes off, and he opens his eyes. He struggles to get out of bed, asking where the Evil Queen is. He says the guards stabbed him, and the curse brought them there. He tells “Mary” that Snow White is in there somewhere, and somewhere inside, she knows he loves her. She takes his hand, and calls him Charming.

In regular Storybrooke, Snow tells Regina that they have to do this now. Regina says it’s going to hurt. Zelena and Regina take the combined heart of Snow and sleeping David, and put the halves into a potion. When the hearts are done basting, the witches return them, but Snow keels over. Zelena says the magic weakened the hearts. A revived Snow says that Emma will have to fight the final battle without them.

At the parallel hospital, David asks for Grumpy’s help. Snow tells Grumpy (calling him Leroy) to pay no attention to this mental patient she found wandering around. Snow tells David that it’s called a curse for a reason, and everyone else doesn’t know about it. She gives him clothing to change into. He says he put Emma in the wardrobe, so she must be there too. She suggests they find Gold, and tells him to meet her at an abandoned farmhouse in an hour. Snow tells Regina that David was sleepwalking and headed into the woods.

In standard Storybrooke, David shows Emma a video Snow left. She says they have to work together. David tells Emma that her mother found a way to break the curse, but didn’t know it. He shows them a picture of some flower petals, and Zelena recognizes them as pixie petals. She tells them that the enemy is already there.

The Black Fairy shows up at Gold’s shop along with Gideon. Gold says Gideon concocted a ruse to bring the fairy there, and Gideon says that one day he might understand. Belle comes out from the back, and tells Gideon he can still come back to them. Gold tries to make magic, but the fairy stops him with the dagger. She says she practically invented dark magic, but she won’t force him to do anything. When he joins them, it will be because he wants to, and then they can be the family they were meant to be. She and Gideon disappear, poof! in a puff of silver smoke.

In strange Storybrooke, David goes to Gold’s shop. He doesn’t think Gold is under the curse, and wants to know where Emma is. Gold doesn’t know what he’s talking about. David says they’ll have to find Emma on their own, but Gold says maybe he can help. Hearing Emma’s name was the appropriate wake-up call, and now he gets what’s going on. David knows that Emma is destined to break the curse, but doesn’t know where she is. Gold tells him that the pixie dust can reunite anyone who shares true love.

Back in the sort of real world, David says they need Snow’s tracking skills to find the flower, so he has to go to sleep. He knows Hook is out there fighting for Emma too.

Tiger Lily smacks Hook awake. He’s tied up in a cave. He says someone’s life is depending on him getting out of there, but Tiger Lily needs him to deliver something to another realm. He says his love is in danger. She doesn’t believe he could possibly fall in love. She shows him a piece of driftwood and says it’s really a weapon, and the only chance of winning the coming war. He says it’s not their war, but she says there’s a great darkness on the horizon, and the Savior will die without it. He says that’s the woman he loves, and tells her to look in his pocket. She takes out the ring. Tiger Lily says the Black Fairy is in Storybrooke, and this is the Savior’s only hope to defeat her. Hook asks if she has any magic, and she says Pan might, but the Lost Boys outnumber them. He says they don’t stand a chance.

No one can find David in sleeping Storybrooke. Snow says they haven’t looked everywhere in the woods. Regina suggests Archie and Pongo check the mines. When they’re out of sight, Regina reveals an electrical box. She says the tunnel is rigged for demolition; one push it all comes down. She says Snow and John Doe are both awake, which means the curse isn’t working. Snow/Mary claims she was just doing her rounds at the hospital. Regina says Snow is a hero, who would never let the cricket die, but Mary has never stood up to her. She asks what it’s going to be. Snow clutches a pair scissors. The townspeople arrive, and Regina backs off of the box. Snow disappears.

Sliding sideways, Snow and Emma find a small field of pixie dust flowers. Snow says they grow in the presence of evil. The Black Fairy appears, and says she’s been waiting to meet Emma. They’ve been destined to clash since the beginning of time. Gideon joins them. Emma asks if this is it, and the Black Fairy says everyone will know when the final battle begins. Gideon makes the flowers disappear. Emma shoots an arrow at the Black Fairy and Gideon, but they both disappear, poof! in a puff of black smoke.

Tiger Lily explains to Hook that the weapon is what banished Black Fairy to the realm where she was trapped, and that she was once a fairy. Hook asks why she gave it up, like it was tennis or something. She says she failed in stopping the Black Fairy, so she hung up her wings, and took refuge in Neverland. She points out a tree that contains the sap Hook needs to find Emma. The Lost Boys are having a Burning Man Festival, and Tiger Lily shoots an arrow at them. They run after her. Hook hooks the tree and gets the sap. One of the boys sees him, and sounds an alarm. Hook gives his own shadow the driftwood to give to Emma. He drops down into a cluster of the Boys.

David and Snow meet at the farmhouse in parallel Storybrooke. She says Regina is on to them, and gives him the flower. Gold shows up. He says they’re awake, but everyone else asleep. Gold tells David that if they find Emma now, the curse won’t be broken, and everyone will stay asleep. He gives them a vial, and says it will put David and Snow back to sleep, and make everything right again. He says the potion is the only way forward.

In real Storybrooke, Emma knows she can’t change her destiny, and tells Snow it’s not their fault. Snow says there’s something she doesn’t know. They see a pixie dust flower peeking out from the snow.

In snoozing Storybrooke, Snow sprinkles the pixie dust into her hand. David tells her to think about Emma and let the magic do the rest. She throws the dust in the air, and a door appears. David opens it. They see young Emma in her bedroom, reading. Snow says if they go through the door, she won’t be the Savior. David tells her that Emma will have new destiny with them. Snow remembers that Regina said Snow is a hero who wouldn’t let anyone suffer to get what she wants, and she’s right. She can’t sacrifice everyone else’s happiness for her daughter. She says everyone is separated from those they love, and they can’t sentence them to that forever. They have to believe that Emma strong enough to grow up without them. David wishes she wasn’t right. Snow tells Emma that they’ll see her again, and closes the door.

She tells David there isn’t much time, and starts to cry. She didn’t think they’d be saying good-by so soon. He says he’ll always find her. She says one day, Emma will find them. They kiss. He drinks the potion, and falls asleep. Then Snow drinks it.

Regina messes with the pixie dust in original Storybrooke. She gives it to Snow, and Hook’s shadow flies in, and gives her the weapon. She asks where Hook is, and the shadow drops his hook at her feet. She says there’s something wrong, and asks where he is again. The show touches her cheek and disappears. Henry says they’ll find him. She says they don’t know where he is. Snow says the magic can open the door to Hook, and explains how they used it in the past. Emma says they had to do what was right for everyone else. Snow says today she’s putting Emma first. She says they can’t allow Hook to be taken, after they’ve already taken so much. Not before the final battle.

The Lost Boys sentence hook to death for his crimes against Peter Pan. The door appears, and Emma pops out. She and Tiger Lily kick ass. Emma and Hook go through the door and Tiger Lily jets.

Emma gets Hook back to Storybrooke, and says she got his message. He says he should never have run away, but she says tells him that she didn’t make it easy. He says there’s something he has to do before he gets pushed to another portal. He takes out the ring and proposes. He says he’ll always be by her side. She says no. Just kidding. She says yes, and they kiss. He puts the ring on her finger. He says it’s time he faced her father, but David is asleep. Emma explains that they went into a sleeping curse so she could save him.

Regina says there might be another way, but it’s risky.

Everyone gathers together. Regina says once Snow and Charming had a chance to find their own happiness, they chose the good of everyone there. She wants the people to do something for them now. She shows them a chalice, and says if they share the curse, they might dilute its power. Hook takes a sip; then Regina and Emma. The chalice is passed around. Grumpy says he could use a nap. These people are taking some pretty big sips. It must be an endless cup.

Snow and David’s eyes open. They hug and kiss. He says she did it, and she says she didn’t do anything. They find Hook and Emma asleep, but they slowly wake up, along with everyone else. Hook asks if Emma told David his secret. David says Hook is a changed man now, and they’ve all seen it, and everyone is all happy. Regina says it wouldn’t have worked if Snow hadn’t inspired them – she gave up her family. Snow says she did it for a better one, and they’ll defeat the Black Fairy. She tells Emma that she won’t be facing the fairy alone.

Gold meets the Black Fairy. He asks why she gave the dagger back to him. She tells him that he has to choose to be part of this family. He says she has Gideon’s heart, and tells her about Gideon keeping the flower alive as a way of resisting her. He has his mother in him. Gold says he’ll get Gideon’s heart back. The Black Fairy tells him that if he comes at her, there might be nothing left of the town when they’re done. He says he’s willing to pay that price.

Next time, Zelena isn’t afraid of the Black Fairy and vows to kills her, and an ultimate sacrifice will be made.

💣 Suicide Squad

Although I’d wanted to see Suicide Squad in the movies, it never happened. I really shouldn’t complain, since I have 500+ FIOS channels that I pay dearly for, and probably should watch something other than BRAVO. From what I’d read, this film was panned by the critics, but I enjoyed it a lot.

As a kid, I read both the Superman and Batman comics, as well as some other random ones. Doom Patrol was, and remains, my favorite. By the time these characters came along, my comic reading days were long gone. Out of the Squad members, Harley Quinn got high marks, as she brought to mind another favorite from back in the day, Batman’s Poison Ivy. When my friends and I used to act out our comic books – what do you expect from someone who started The Rocky Horror Picture Show cult? – I was always Poison Ivy. Since I’m not part of today’s comic scene, I had no expectations, which might have made a difference in my perception. I had no reference material to compare this with.

The plot was okay. It dragged in spots, and the whole Enchantress business isn’t exactly my thing, but while plot can be a plus, that’s not my reason for watching an action picture. I’m there for the action, colorful characters, and maybe a few good one-liners. On that, the movie delivered.

I also liked the subplot of Deadshot’s relationship with his daughter, and thought Will Smith’s performance was excellent. The costumes, the explosions, the effects – it was all good. And the soundtrack was fabulous. There was a lot of noise about the Joker not being in it all that much, compared to his presence in the previews, but I thought it was just enough. Jared Leto’s portrayal was so over-the-top, any more of it would have been overkill. I’d also heard that he took his Joker persona into his off-time on set, which gave it an extra eww! for me, since I find actors who do that rather creepy.

It’s on rotation on HBO now. If you’re paying for it, might as well watch it. It’s a lot of fun and you could do worse.

🏛 On tonight’s The Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies went to the Preakness, and of course wore hats. I went to the Belmont Stakes once. I’d never been to the racetrack before, and was surprised that a race takes about two seconds. I didn’t wear a hat, and I didn’t win anything, except a drunk guy trying to pick me up outside of the ladies room. True story. Ashley is finding out that the restaurant business isn’t as easy as she thought, like every single restaurant owner on Kitchen Nightmares. Charisse is having some renovations done on her house, and I have to admit that I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be wealthy enough to be able to add a “fierce champagne room” to my home.

🍑 The excruciatingly long, four-part The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion has begun. The women all look gorgeous, although I’m not loving Porsha’s dress. It looks like she’s wearing a kimono ten sizes too big for her. A sparkly kimono. Sheree also keeps pulling up the top of her strapless number. Is she wearing She by Sheree? Although dumb as a post, Porsha got my vote for quote of the night: Andy…he’s messy. Out of the mouths of stupid. Things didn’t start escalating until almost the end, when Kandi and Porsha started to get into it. Most of the show was nonsense talk, but it looks like Porsha will be the one walking off this reunion. Probably not next week. I’m guessing that’s the carrot being dangled to get us to watch all four parts.

April 9, 2017 – Gearing Up for a Black Fairy Battle & Are You Wives or Shade Trees?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Once Upon a Time

The Black Fairy carries a baby through the clouds. She lands in a coal mine. She tells a woman that this one isn’t for the mine. He’s to be cared for as though he was hers. (Or she could have said, it is mine. BA-DUM-CHH!) She tells baby Gideon that he won’t be needing the book any more, and tosses it aside.

In Storybrooke, Gideon tells Emma they’ll destroy the Black Fairy together. It’s impossible for Hook to return without her helping him. She knocks him down with some magic, and says if he doesn’t bring Hook back, she’ll make him do it. Gideon says she doesn’t frighten him; nothing does. She has no idea what he’s been through, being raised by the Black Fairy. He says that there are many waiting for him to protect them, and he’s very far from the bad guy. They have a common cause, whether she realizes it or not. He disappears, poof! in a puff of amber smoke.

Back in Gideon’s childhood days, the children the Black Fairy has imprisoned are being read to by Gideon. He says as long as he’s around, they’ll be safe from her. The Black Fairy enters, wishing them sweet dreams. She has a special bedtime story for Gideon, but she says that she sees he already has one, and takes the book from him. He says his real mother gave it to him, but she says she’s his real mother. Gideon says she’s not, and never will be. She says just because his mother was a hero, doesn’t make him one, and she’s going to show him exactly who he is.

She drags one of the children out of a cell. She tells him that if he wants to be a hero, to show her. The child cries to Gideon for help, but he does nothing. The Black Fairy calls him a coward, and says he has much to learn – from her.

In the present, Emma tells Gold that she has questions and she wants answers. She tells him that his son has a death wish. He banished Hook and wants her to help kill the Black Fairy. Gold explains that the Black Fairy is his mother. Belle says he wasn’t born evil; the Black Fairy made him this way. Gold says that’s not the only reason to save him, and that destroying the Black Fairy will save all of them. At present, she can only break out of her realm long enough to steal more children, but If she breaks free from her realm for good, it will be a disaster. He tells Emma that all of the darkness she’s ever faced comes from the Black Fairy, and if she isn’t destroyed, they’re doomed.

Regina works at the cauldron. She tells Henry that casting a curse is one thing, but breaking it’s another. Henry tells her that if anyone can break her own curse, it’s her. She says she’s undone everything, except the big one. She asks if Henry can go pick up some tongue of newt – not the eye. Henry suddenly starts writing furiously in some kind of code, and cataracts cover his eyes.

Some time ago, Gideon asks the Black Fairy what she wants. She says it’s his 28th birthday. She thought they should celebrate, since he’s grown into a strong, loyal son, and his magic has blossomed. She can’t find the key to her vault, and tells him it was stolen. She instructs him to go to the mines, find out who’s responsible, and make them pay. She puts something that looks like a dog whistle around his neck, and he goes.

Moving forward, Emma goes to the clock tower. She tells Gideon that he reminds her of Henry when he first needed her help. She asks for the sword, and he gives it to her. She says they have a deal, and let’s get her pirate back.

In another realm, Hook goes into a bar (not the start of a joke), and dumps out a load of gems on the card table. Blackbeard says he’s interrupting the game, and draws his sword. Hook says he needs a magic bean, and these are the finest gems from Agrabah. He has one more thing to offer. Blackbeard hasn’t had a vessel since he lost the Jolly Roger, and Hook asks, what’s a pirate without a ship? He suggests playing a hand of cards for the ship. Everyone gets out of the way, and Hook sits down.

Right now, Gideon takes Emma to the sorcerer’s mansion. Emma says extreme magic isn’t like hailing a cab, but Gideon says she has him. He zaps them both inside, and tells her to arrange the ingredients that are on the table. She lights a candle, and he hands her the napkin that has her tears on it. A huge claw comes bursting through the door, followed by a giant spider. Gideon says it’s a message. I guess the Black Fairy hasn’t heard about texting. They throw bolts of magic at the spider, and Emma tells Gideon to run. Since I’m not afraid of spiders, this has never been my horror thing, but as spiders go, this one is pretty scary.

Back at the mines, Gideon tells everyone to gather around. He says his mother has been generous to them, and one of them has stolen the key from her. If it’s returned now, they’ll only face his wrath. He says with just a bit of magic, he can turn them into vermin. He pulls a kid out, and another one steps forward, saying it was him. He asks if Gideon remembers him. He reminds Gideon that he once read to him, but Gideon says he has no choice. The kid says he had no choice then, but he has a choice now; he knows his old friend is still in there. He tells Gideon to be the hero that he was meant to be, and help defeat the Black Fairy.

In the Storybrooke realm, the spider shoots webs on everything. Gideon says Emma’s magic is the only one strong enough to get into the Black Fairy’s realm. Webs are going everywhere, and they jet.

Sliding sideways, Blackbeard asks Hook what’s so important. Hook says the woman he loves is in danger. Blackbeard thinks maybe he should have kept the ship, and shows his hand, which I guess is a good one, but I don’t play cards. I could barely remember the high-scoring roles of the dice in Yahtzee when I went through a Yahtzee phase. Blackbeard tells Hook that it’s time to pay up. They go to the docks, but Hook says he forgot to mention that the ship is in the realm where Emma is, and he’ll have to give him the bean to get there. He also tells Blackbeard that he saw the six aces in his deck. Blackbeard says well played, but he’s coming along.

In the here and now, Regina asks Henry what the writing is about, but he doesn’t know. He asks why this happened, but Regina has no answers. She does know someone who might though. They go to a hospital. Emma says if Henry’s problem is being the author, they should ask the last one. She says hello to Isaac, and says they need to talk.

Isaac says he’s heard of this happening, but it never happened to him. He doesn’t think what he did was enough to get him locked up, and Regina says that he tried to kill them all. He says a writer needs motivation and inspiration. He wants out and a sports car; he wants to go back to the Big Apple. She suggests she drive a sports car over his head. He repeats that he wants freedom, a sports car, New York City, and because she’s being a pain, Hamilton tickets. I literally LOL. He says Henry’s writing is taking over, and he’s more powerful than he realizes. It’s only going to get worse, and Henry could end up in the cell next door.

Gideon and Emma run from the spider. He tells her she should leave, but she’s staying to help him.

Back in the mines, the kid asks where Gideon is taking him. Gideon explains that the reason the Black Fairy is collecting dust in the mine, is that she’s obsessed with perfecting the Dark Curse. Gideon asks what happened after he left, and the kid says it’s better left unsaid. Gideon apologizes, and says he regrets his weakness every day. The kid says they were children, but now they must stop her before it’s too late. The Savior can help them. He’s heard rumors of a crystal ball that can help them communicate across realms.

In the present day sorcerer’s mansion, the spider is squirting webs all over, and they’re covering everything. Emma and Gideon can’t leave the house. Emma gets stuck in a web, and Gideon takes the sword. He says once she’s dead, he can use the sword to channel the powers to another realm. The spider blocks the door. Gideon tells Emma that Hook’s return is impossible, and says he told her to walk away. He disappears, poof! in a puff of ocher smoke.

In whatever realm they landed, Blackbeard asks Hook where the Jolly Roger is, but Hook says it’s not his realm; something went wrong. He says whatever dark magic banished him, must have kept him from getting back. They hear whooping in the distance. Hook thinks he knows what it is. The Lost Boys. They’re in Neverland. The Lost Boys come after them, and they run.

Back to today, Emma struggles against the web. The spider screeches. Emma breaks free, but the spider binds her in a web cocoon. She gasps for air. In the clock tower, the sword is aglow. Gideon slices the air with it, and opens a portal. Emma is pulled toward the spider. The portal door in the clock tower starts to fizzle out, the spider suddenly backs off of Emma, and Gold appears. He wakes Emma, the magic withdraws from the sword. Emma and Gold make the spider tiny, and Emma steps on it. Too bad things don’t work that way IRL. Gold asks where Gideon is. Emma says he tried to kill her, and she’s sorry, but he can’t be saved; he’s evil.

The kid and Gideon look for the orb in a magic fish tank. Gideon pulls it out, and the kid (sorry, didn’t catch his name and figure he’s dispensable, so he’s been dubbed “the kid”) thanks him. The orb shatters, and the Black Fairy appears. She says she led them here, just like she led Gideon’s friend to the key. Gideon says it was a test. She says he was supposed to be different; he was a gift. She says his parents abandoned him, but she shared everything with him, and this is how he repays her. She’s disappointed in him. He says he should have stood up to her years ago. He’s not letting her do something terrible; the people have suffered long enough. Her lackeys grab the kid, and Gideon smacks her. She says there are many ways to hurt a person. She turns the kid into a spider, and she steps on him. She says Gideon could have saved him eons ago, but didn’t, so this is on him – and her boot. Okay, that was good. He calls her a monster. He says he’ll find the Savior and the Savior will destroy her. The Black Fairy says she knows all about the Savor, and has plans for her, just like she has plans for him. She takes his heart, and says now he’s hers in every way. He’ll do whatever she says. He’ll find the Savior and kill her. When the Savior dies, the sword will free her from her prison.

In Neverland, Blackbeard says that he thought Pan was dead. Hook says he is, and the Lost Boys took over. They get to the shore, and Blackbeard knocks Hook out. There’s a single canoe, and he makes a run for it. He tells Hook to enjoy his stay, adding, we’re pirates, what did you expect? He reminds Hook that he still owes him the ship. Uh-oh, here come the Lost Boys bearing torches.

Snow and Belle meet with Gold and Emma. Emma explains what happened, and tells them that Gideon is evil. Gold says he needs help. She says he needs to take responsibility for his actions, and Gold says he’ll do what he can to stop Gideon from being harmed. Snow says that they didn’t start this fight. Emma suggests they go home.

Belle tells Gold that Gideon is ripping them apart. He’s only been there a few days, and already caused all kinds of destruction. She thinks Emma is right, but Gold says he’s with the two of them now, and the Black Fairy’s damage is over.

In the clock tower, Gideon says that the Black Fairy’s plan failed. The Savior survived.

The Black Fairy appears – no poofing, no smoke. Gideon says the portal closed, but the Black Fairy says that as Emma’s life ebbed away, the portal opened just enough for her to slip through. She tells him he played his part to the hilt, and he says that he had no choice. She says a part of him wanted to help her, part of him always does. He says of course. She says good, because they have much to do.

Isaac tells Regina that he wanted sports car, and wouldn’t drive this to a Ping-Pong tournament. This, is a station wagon. He supposes the Hamilton tickets are a no, and says nobody’s magic is that powerful. Very funny dialogue tonight. Isaac suggests that they follow him. He tells her that if she wants to know what’s going on, to take a look at the book. Henry says it’s the final chapter, and Isaac says, end of story. Henry asks what happens to the Savior, and Isaac says she fights the final battle – and nobody wants to be around to see that. He drives away into the night.

Next time, the Black Fairy squares off with Emma, history will be rewritten and the past will be altered, everyone could be trapped forever, and Snow and David must decide whether or not Emma will be born.

💀 Yeah, now that The Walking Dead finally reeled me back in, the season is over.

🍑 On The Real Housewives of Atlanta some of the ladies continue to act like children, mostly Phaedra and Porsha. Phaedra blows my mind, because she’s beyond shady; she’s downright nasty. She’s constantly after Kandi – I guess because she and Todd are friends with Apollo – but she never ceases to top herself. Now she’s involved in a lawsuit against Kandi by one of Kandi’s ex-employees. Bleh. Although when Kandi said that Phaedra was like Geppetto with a bunch of Pinocchios around her, I nearly fell off my chair, laughing. There was a party to unveil Chateau Sheree, and I have to say, both the party and house were very cool. Even if the house does have an unfinished basement, which Kenya made sure that we knew. Kim Zolciak Biermann made an appearance (is NeNe far behind?), and we had a fun flashback down Memory Lane, including the time Sheree tried to pull Kim’s wig off in the middle of the street. Good times… Kim and Kenya had an argument, and as usual, Porsha was falling out of her clothes. She also thinks her deceased father would be proud of her. For what? Assault charges, or not knowing that the Underground Railroad is not a real railroad? Cynthia tried to ditch Peter for the millionth time, so not much going on there. This was the finale, but the only interesting ending blurb was that Kandi wrote Ed Sheeran‘s recent hit, Shape of You. The reunion looks like it should be a doozie.

🍷 So far, The Real Housewives of Potomac is a bit of a snooze. Katie had her casino night, and everyone seemed way overdressed for the venue, which looked like a Holiday Inn meeting room. The night included a performance of the strangest tribute to the Jackson Five, or tribute to Michael Jackson (okay, I wasn’t paying attention, but it was a Jackson tribute), that I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen a lot of them. Or any really. It was a trio of dudes who looked and sounded like an act out of a high school middle school talent show. I honestly didn’t know what to make of it. We were introduced to new girl, Monique, whose husband is with the NFL. Maybe she’ll breathe some life into this already stale group.

🙌 And this goes for every other day of the week too…


April 6, 2017 – Nelle and Anna Know It All, Potomac Movers and Shakers & a Coupla Macaroons


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kiki wonders why Ava isn’t ready for their mani/pedi. Ava explains she’s still shaken up from the robbery. Kiki asks some questions, and Ava fills her in. Ava says they took something she doesn’t want anyone else to have.

Dante looks at the evidence bag with the pills in it.

Anna tells Valentin that they’re tryst meant something to her, like it did to him. She apologizes and takes his hand. She says she’s given him a lot to digest, so she’ll go. He asks her to wait.

Lulu is getting ready for her visit with Charlotte. She’s on the phone with the case worker, who obviously has some bad news, and gets cut off. Griff comes by, and she says Valentin is sabotaging her visit with her daughter.

Carly tells Bobbie she’s had so much bad news, she needs to process it. Bobbie asks if she wants company, and Carly says she does. She tells Bobbie that Jax is in town, and that Lady Jane passed away. Even worse, he’s the one who paid for the kidney. Geez, she barely took a breath in between those news gems.

Nelle meets with Jax at Perks. He says she’s wrong about Carly. He says she never contacted Nelle’s father about finding a kidney for Josslyn. He did.

Valentin says that Anna can’t just walk out like there’s nothing more to say. Anna says he must be furious, but at least he knows she wasn’t just stringing him along. She says he believes it was just manipulation on her part, but she knows it wasn’t, and doesn’t know how to convince him. She wonders what he wants from her, but he doesn’t know.

Lulu tells Griff the visit was postponed until tomorrow. He asks why, and she says the case worker practically hung up on her. She’s convinced Valentin is behind it. Griff says Valentin loves to play games, and Lulu thanks him for his support. Griff tells her that Valentin is dangerous (like she didn’t know), and he doesn’t believe Claudette committed suicide. Lulu says no man who could shoot Nicholas point blank should be a father. She runs off, and Griff tells her not to do anything stupid, which is like telling fire not to burn.

Michael meets Sonny, and tells him about Lady Jane. Sonny asks if Josslyn knows what happened with Nelle, and Michael says yes. Sonny wants to see her, but Michael doesn’t think it’s a good idea, since she’s hoping he and Carly get a divorce. Sonny says she might get her wish.

Bobbie can’t believe Jax never told Carly about the kidney. Carly says she’s disappointed, but doesn’t want to be a hypocrite – she would have done anything to save Josslyn, and a part of her feels grateful.

Jax tells Nelle that he thought because Frank had connections, he could help, but never knew he was going to use his own daughter. Nelle is like, did you think he was going to ask random strangers? Jax says he was desperate, and didn’t ask too many questions. He tells Nelle how sorry he is. He hopes she realizes she should be angry with him and not Carly. She tells him to stop lying for Carly.

Kiki asks Ava what was so important, and Ava says they took her charm bracelet. Kiki tells her that she’ll get it back. Ava says she just doesn’t like being without it, and sometimes evidence gets lost. She says she won’t relax until she gets it back, and Kiki says she’ll wait it out with her and go along to the station.

Dante meets with one of the perps who robbed The Floating Rib and his lawyer. He shows him the pills, and asks where the guy got them from.

Sonny tells Michael about he and Carly being asked to be Scout’s godparents. He says they agreed, but Carly made it clear that she wants to end the marriage. Michael says he wants to check in on her. Sonny knows how he must feel. Michael doesn’t like it, but he loves them, and will support them no matter what.

Michael leaves, and Griff sees Sonny. He says Sonny looks like he needs someone to talk to. Sonny tells him that it didn’t go well with Carly. He doesn’t want to get into it, and Griff says he’ll keep Sonny in his prayers. Sonny says he’s not sure prayer is going to be enough.

Bobbie asks Carly if it changes how she feels about Nelle. Carly says Frank selling a piece of his daughter is a terrible thing, but it doesn’t give her pass. Carly says she played the perfect part, slept with Sonny, and waited for the perfect moment to blow up everyone’s lives. She’ll never forgive her for that.

Nelle thinks Jax is lying. He says when he first met her, he thought maybe she knew his part in finding the kidney, and then realized she didn’t. He asks if she didn’t notice how his attitude changed toward her, when Carly was welcoming from the start because she didn’t know anything. Nelle says her father told her what happened, but Jax says that he can prove that Frank was lying.

Anna says perhaps she and Valentin could give each other another chance, so they don’t have to be enemies moving forward. Someone bangs on the door. Lulu bursts in, saying that Valentin’s little game isn’t working. She asks if Anna is there to arrest him, and says he’s not screwing up her relationship with her daughter.

Ava asks what Kiki’s news is, and Kiki tells her about registering for nurse’s aide classes. Ava says it’s a step up from the MetroCort. Kiki says she likes feeling like she’s helping people, and Ava says they’re lucky to have her. Kiki tells Ava that she’s learning a lot in the psyche ward, and is hoping to work there permanently. Ava says she doesn’t remember Kiki being interested in that, and Kiki says she is now. She wants to understand what happened to Morgan.

The perp wonders why Dante is asking about the pills, and says they’re not his drugs. Dante says they were his brother’s, and there’s no reason the pills should be there. He wants to know how they ended up with the other stuff. Dante tells him that this is his chance to make a difference, and maybe a difference with the judge. He asks who the pills came from. Like the perp took attendance. What is amusing though, is that Ava was the only one asked for her name.

Before Griff moves on, Sonny suggests that he say twenty prayers. Sonny is about to leave, when Bobbie comes in. He says he knows what she’s thinking, but she says she doesn’t. She knows he loves his kids and Carly, but every time, Carly ends up being the one who gets hurt.

Michael visits Carly. She thanks him for being there for Josslyn. Michael tells her about running into Sonny. He asks if they’re getting a divorce. Carly says she can’t think about it right now. She and Jax have been discussing something important about Nelle.

Jax shows Nelle a copy of the cashed check. He says Frank insisted on a personal check; he probably wanted to use it for blackmail later. He explains that Carly thought the kidney came from Jake. Nelle insists that her father never saw any check. Jax shows her the copy on his phone. I have to agree with Nelle here that this would be an easy thing to fake. I don’t see how showing her a picture of a signature would be enough to convince her of anything.

Sonny tells Bobbie that in his defense, he was grieving, but he never wanted any of this to happen. Bobbie says she understands more than he realizes, and grief takes away the ability to reason. What she doesn’t understand is why he didn’t warn Carly. He says he wishes he had, and she says her too.

Ava suggests pediatrics, but Kiki wants to understand how Morgan spun out of control so badly. It’s a place to start, and she wants to help. It’s also about doing something worthwhile. Ava wants to see her continue to move forward, but Kiki says everything she learns makes it more puzzling. She spoke to a doctor who was struck by how fast it happened. Morgan’s moods went out of control within weeks. She wonders how his medication quit so completely and quickly. Ava tells her she’s not going to get an answer.

The perp says he doesn’t talk to cops. Dante asks if he’s going to throw away his chance. The lawyer says only the DA can make that call. The perp says he’s no snitch and he’s not helping. Dante tells him good luck with prison. He gives the pills to an officer to get prints and DNA.

Sonny gets a text and jets out of Kelly’s.

Lulu insists that Valentin is playing games with her visitation. Anna says he knows where to find her, and gets the hell out of there. Valentin doesn’t know what Lulu is talking about. Lulu says the visit was canceled, and he says this is the first he’s hearing about it. He looks at his phone, and says Mrs. Watkins had a family emergency. Lulu says he could have created the emergency. He tells her that she’s so self-centered and entitled, he doesn’t need to cause a problem for her. Lulu says maybe he did it, maybe not, but he kept Charlotte from her for years and no child is safe with him. She will get custody. He tells her to that it’s the same, tired argument, and asks what if they talk about something different, like Nelle? Lulu is the worst. She’s actually the one I think shouldn’t be around children. I’m also finding it hard to believe that visitation would be canceled because the case worker had an emergency, but it is Port Charles.

Nelle tells Jax that after the surgery when she was sick, Frank said he was waiting for the money and everything would be okay. She would be able to go to the school she wanted to. Then he disappeared for a few weeks, telling her that he had a great opportunity he had to take. When he came back, he said Carly never paid him, and it was an illegal transaction, so there was nothing he could do about it. She wanted to call Carly herself, so she found his address book. That’s when she saw it. She suddenly sits down, saying omg.

Valentin says he understands that Lulu introduced herself to Nelle, and that Nelle knows now that Lulu is trying to take Charlotte away from him. Lulu says the truth will come out to the court. Except for Nina, everyone in town hates him. Lulu says that Anna knows what he’s about, and Valentin says she’d be surprised what Anna knows.

Anna runs into Griff. He asks if everything is okay; he knows that she was searching for answers. She says she found them. It turns out she did do all the things that Valentin accused her of.

Michael says that Nelle’s story was true, except it was Jax, not Carly, but Carly says it’s not that simple. She understands how Frank’s lying could affect have affected Nelle, but she got twisted with revenge. Knowing Carly should have changed her opinion. She ruined all their lives, and Carly can’t get past Nelle using Morgan’s death to manipulate her. Everyone is sounding a bit entitled today.

Nelle says she believes Jax. Jax wants to make it right, but she wants to be left alone. He gives her his card, and tells her to call him. When she’s alone, Nelle says she did what her father wanted. She made Carly suffer. She made Carly hurt and hate her forever, and it was all a lie. Tears roll down her cheeks.

Kiki says she can’t forget about Morgan, and of course has questions. She asks why Ava is so upset, and Ava says she just wants what’s best for her. Kiki says working in the psyche ward is best. Ava gets a text to come to the station and identify her belongings. She tells Kiki to go to the salon without her; it’s going to be a non-event. She apologizes for snapping at Kiki. Kiki says she needs closure about Morgan.

Sonny goes to the station. Dante says it could be nothing, but something strange turned up in the robbery evidence – Morgan’s prescription bottle.

Anna tells Griff that it’s a long story, and she’ll tell him later. He says he’ll see her at her appointment tomorrow. They hug.

Valentin tells Lulu that if she has any future problems, to contact child services. When she gets outside, Lulu says it sounds like Nelle could be on her side. Although I’m not sure how she would get that from the conversation. Oh, maybe it’s that self-centered, entitled thing again.

Valentin recalls what Anna said and how she took his hand. Please, no.

Michael sees Nelle on the bench, crying.

Jax tells Carly that he told Nelle everything. He says she didn’t want to believe it at first, but something clicked. She had memories she didn’t want to share, but it hit her hard when she realized she’d been lied to her entire life. He asks if it changes the way Carly feels about Nelle, and Carly says not at all. He asks if it changes how she feels about him.

Sonny tells Dante that he’ll get the name of whoever had the pills. Dante tells him not to get involved. He’s having them analyzed for DNA and prints. Ava overhears.

Tomorrow, Jax asks Carly’s forgiveness, Michael tells Nelle that she can’t take it back, and Elizabeth asks Franco if he’s lying.

🏛 Trying to catch up with The Real Housewives of Potomac, and caught tonight’s rerun encore performance. The highlights were Ashley winning a dance contest for charity – or as Karen put it, “humping for a cause.” Apparently, Ashley has grown on Karen, which compels me to tell Ashley to run. Robyn and her ex main squeeze ex-husband guy she divorced, but is living with, have downsized, and now (horrors!) own a townhouse. Karen is also in the market for a new home – she wants us to know she’s “resizing, not downsizing” – and I thank God, my lucky stars, and the heavens that I’m not her realtor. The looks on the real estate agents’ faces as they show houses to her are priceless, and alone worth watching for.  (Yes, I know that was a grammatically terrible sentence – and I was an English major.)

🍰 Tonight, the kids on MasterChef Junior were mastering macaroons. Every single cookie looked fabulous, but unfortunately the pink lemonade ones – which sounded heavenly – were overcooked and crumbly. One boy attempted maple bacon macaroons, but I probably don’t have to tell you how that turned out. He definitely gets props for being bold though.


April 3, 2017 – Agrabah is Found, Rick is Found Out & a Coupla Wives Notes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Once Upon a Time

I’m not sure why, but I almost typed One Day at a Time. I must be having 70s TV flashbacks.

David paces as he processes that Hook killed his father. Emma tells him that she and Hook had a fight, and Hook left town.

The Nautilus speeds through the ocean. It goes out of control, and the crew is tossed all over the place. Nemo says they portalled into another realm. Hook says they have to go back to Storybrooke, but they need Kraken blood and Gideon used the last of it. I hate when that happens. Hook says they’re going hunting.

Jasmine and Aladdin are still looking for Agrabah. Aladdin insists it’s not there in the Enchanted Forest. He thinks they should just make a new home in Storybrooke, but Jasmine says sorry, she can’t. He tries to kiss her, and it’s a no. A ring falls out of her pocket, and she thinks the wish gave her a reminder of how she’s failed. She knows what she has to do.

Many years ago, in Agrabah, Jasmine’s father is offering a dowry, but she says there will be no engagement today. The king says he knows she wants to marry for love, but she has to think of duty; she needs a prince with an army. She says she’s already found a prince – Aladdin. Jafar pops in and says that Aladdin is a loser. He takes out a vial of sand, and tosses some of it at a potential suitor. He disappears, poof! in a puff of burgundy smoke. Jafar says the only way to save the kingdom is for Jasmine to marry him, but she says that’s not happening. He says if she doesn’t marry him by sundown, Agrabah will be destroyed.

In present time, Aladdin and Jasmine row across a lake. He reminds her that they can’t swim. Giant tentacles come out of the water, and they bat at them with the oars. You wouldn’t think this would be very effective, but an oar gets stuck in the creature’s mouth and it disappears. Hook rises out of the water on the Nautilus. He tells them to climb aboard before they get themselves killed.

David and Emma are interrupted by Regina who suggests that she, Emma and Snow have a ladies’ night out. I guess the curse is still going on because David goes home to trade places with Snow. Regina hears me and says she’s working on it.

Hook tells Jasmine and Aladdin that now he has no way to get back home, so thanks a lot. He says they could give him one of their wishes, but Aladdin says it won’t work. Jasmine says Jafar took Agrabah, but she can’t face him again. He took everything she cared about, and she’s afraid of him. She says they can’t find him anyway, but Hook says that’s not true; Jafar has revenge in his heart. He’s heard Jafar is handy with traveling between realms, and with any luck, they can all get back home. He tells Jasmine that she doesn’t have to face him alone this time. She says perhaps Agrabah has found its hero.

Emma goes through a box of treasures, and takes out a ring on a chain. Henry asks if she’s okay. Her phone rings, and she says she’s on her way. She tells Henry they’ll talk later.

Emma goes to the bar, Aesop’s Fables, and meets Regina and Snow, who tricked her into coming. Snow suggests she try an artisanal drink.

Jasmine asks if it helps Hook to stare at the sea. He says he never thought he’d live anywhere else, but every moment he stays there is killing him. He says it’s tough when the person you love doesn’t know how you feel. She agrees, and says she’s made some terrible mistakes in failing her people. She doesn’t think she deserves love. Hook says he was like that, and realized that hiding behind the guilt is the coward’s way. Jasmine says maybe she’s always been a coward.

Back in the day, Jasmine strolls through the market. A man chases a thief. She runs after them, thinking it’s Aladdin. The man takes the thief’s necklace, thinking he’s getting a bonus, and the thief turns into mermaid Ariel. Jasmine tells the man to give the necklace back to her and get lost. She gives the necklace back to Ariel, who says she didn’t have to do that. Jasmine says Agrabah is her city, and she doesn’t like guests treated poorly. I guess we’re ignoring the fact that Ariel stole something to begin with. Ariel says she’s’ looking for a prince. Jasmine asks if he has an army, and Ariel says he has a navy. Jasmine asks if she’s afraid of heights.

Jasmine and Ariel fly around on a magic carpet. Ariel looks through a small telescope, and sees her prince’s flag. Jasmine says let’s find him and save the city.

On the Nautilus, Aladdin asks Hook where Jasmine is, but Hook tells him he needs to concentrate on the maps he’s reading. Aladdin acts like he’s in middle school, asking Hook if he thinks Jasmine likes him. Hook repeats that he has to focus, but suddenly, the Nautilus is jarred. Nemo enters, saying that the Kraken’s damage was worse than they thought, and they’re taking on water. Hook says they’ve stalled. Jasmine joins them, and holds out the lamp. She says she wants to go to the island. They all disappear. No poof! or smoke or anything though.

Regina asks Emma how she feels. Snow calls out some Vikings for leaving the bar without paying. She has a wager; they play darts, and the loser pays both tabs. Emma says she knows Regina wants her to open up, but she’d rather be distracted, and this is a good one.

Aladdin wonders what the price for the wish will be. Hook has to leave, and says good-by to his brother and Nemo. He, Aladdin, and Jasmine leave to find Jafar. They’re led to a hut in the forest, and Hook says he didn’t think that Jafar would be in an off-season tiki bar. Aladdin says it looks like a museum, and Jasmine wonders who needs so many corkscrews. Hook explains the frustration of a cork not coming out of the bottle correctly. Jasmine picks up a vial of red sand that she’s seen before. They think they’re in Jafar’s lair, but it’s Ariel walks in. She tells them welcome to Hangman’s Island. She says she and Jasmine go way back, and Jasmine says she needs Ariel’s help again.

Way back when, the carpet lands. Ariel thinks Eric won’t remember her, but Jasmine says if she misses another chance, shell regret it forever. She says Ariel comes from a world that’s all water, and now she’s in the desert being all strong; she deserves whatever her heart desires.

Jasmine goes into a tent and sees Eric. He thought she changed her mind, but she says she was just scared. She tells him that she hopes he can accept her for who she is, or at least who she is in the water. He says he was bored with regular girls, and he has a love for her people, especially poached with capers. We’re all like, did he just say what we thought he did? and he turns into Jafar. Jasmine says he’s not her hero, but Jafar says it looks like he’s coming to her aid. He tells her time has run out, and she’s going to marry him.

Moving forward, Hook suggests they set the genie free if he gives them what they want. Jasmine can’t believe she’s going to face Jafar on purpose. He appears, poof! in a puff of khaki smoke. He thanks them for his freedom, and knocks everyone out except Jasmine. He wonders if things will work out better for her this time.

Ariel is up and around again, and Jasmine thinks they should look for someone with the heart of hero. Ariel says she stole something she thinks is magic. Jasmine says it’s a weapon, and it’s terrible. Ariel says she can do this. Jafar says he needs an answer. He poofs Ariel back to the sea, and threatens to destroy Agrabah. Jasmine says for the good of Agrabah, she’ll be his wife. He tells her that this is the moment she truly fails her people. He didn’t want to marry her or rule that grimy place. He says they loath him, and he’ll wipe them off the face of the earth. She says that she gave him the ring so that he wouldn’t harm them. He says if she’d stayed strong, he wouldn’t have been able to harm them, but thanks to her weakness, he can. He says he’s taking it beyond mankind’s grasp. Agrabah disappears.

Jasmine says Jafar has already taken everything. He says he has no more business with her, but with the ones who trapped him. He tells her to bring better people next time. She says they’re all heroes, and they think she is too. She asks where Agrabah is. Jafar says the answer amuses him, and he wonders why she can’t see it’s at her fingertips. She says the first wish worked, and she sees a tiny Agrabah in the ring. Jafar says it’s as she left it, except smaller. He asks for the ring, but she won’t give it to him. She holds up the vial, and asks if it looks familiar. He tries to take the ring, and she throws the vial at him, and he disappears poof! in a puff of magenta smoke. When the smoke clears, he’s a walking stick.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Aesop the bartender (although he prefers mixologist) gives Emma some drink ideas. He talks about story writing and lost love, and she relates. She thought Hook would stick through things no matter what, but when things got tough, he took off. Aesop gives her a napkin to dry her tears. She tells Snow and Regina that she needs to move on.

Jasmine tells Hook she’s sorry she couldn’t help him get home. He says maybe someone in Agrabah can. She explains that it’s in the ring. He asks if she doesn’t want to use the last wish to bring it back. She says if she was to use it, it would be to free Aladdin. Her father told her that duty comes before love, but she finally realized that the way to get Agrabah back is the kind of magic thatc ould break any curse. She kisses Aladdin, and poof! the city returns. Hook is impressed. Aladdin calls Jasmine a hero.

Hook takes out the Jafar stick. Ariel says she’s sure he’ll find someone to help him. She gives him a shell, and says they can get a signal to Storybrooke if someone is there to pick it up. He says he has one just like it at home.

Emma gets back and hears a rumbling from her treasure box. It’s Hook calling shell to shell. He says he didn’t mean to leave, and Gideon sent him away. He’d never leave her, but Gideon wanted him out of the way. He’s trying to get home, and won’t stop until he does. He loves her. She says she loves him too, but he doesn’t hear it.

Aesop walks up to Emma with the napkin in his hand, saying that as long as he holds the tears of the Savior, Hook can’t hear her. She should be careful where she leaves them. Emma says he’s not Aesop, and sure enough, he turns into Gideon. He tells her that he needs her help. She says not in a helping mood. He says love makes us do things we didn’t know possible, and Hook will stay where he is unless she helps him.

She has to do the one thing he could never do – kill the Black Fairy.

Next time, Emma says she won’t help Gideon, Gold says all darkness comes from the Black Fairy, and we go back to Neverland where there’s a giant spider!

The Walking Dead

♫ Easy street! ♫ Just kidding. Sasha listens to some blues on an iPod. She hears someone tell her to wake up. It’s Abe. They kiss. He says he’s all kinds of glad to see her. She asks if he’s back, and he says not yet. He tells her that Maggie is in trouble. She tells him not to go.

IRL, Negan tells Sasha welcome to the first day of the rest of her life, and bears some food. He says she’s going to help him get things back on track. He says he doesn’t want to see her die, so she doesn’t have to. Someone does, but not her. They’re going to help solve some sh*t. He gives her pancakes with a smiley face in berries on them. She asks what he needs from her.

Rick asks Dwight why, and he says he wants it stopped; he wants Negan dead, adding that they’re all Negan. Tara says the girl he murdered had a name. Her name was Denise, and she was a doctor who helped people. He says he wasn’t aiming for her. Daryl grabs him, and puts a knife in his face. Dwight tells him go ahead. Michonne doesn’t think they can trust him. Dwight says what he did, he was doing for someone else. Now he’s here, and so is Daryl, because of her. Tara encourages Daryl to kill Dwight, but Dwight says if they work together, they can stop them. Daryl knows he’s not lying. Daryl pulls back with the knife.

Rosita says they have Sasha. She doesn’t trust Dwight, but trusts Daryl. Rick says Negan is coming tomorrow. Dwight says he can slow them down by blocking the road with some trees, and buy time for them to get ready. If they can take them out, that’s where they start. He’ll radio back to the Sanctuary where Negan lives, telling them everything is okay. They drive the trucks back, get the workers on their side, go from outpost to outpost, and build an army.

Daryl tells Rick that if Dwight is lying, he’ll kill him slow. Rick says if he’s lying, this is already over.

In the alternate reality, Abe tells Sasha that he has to go. She tells him she had a dream that he died.

Negan tells Sasha that’s the plan. When she comes out, they’ll stand down, if they haven’t already. Lucille will have her say, and they’ll move forward with a new understanding. Sasha sheds a tear, and he asks if that’s for real. She says no one has to die, and he says you can’t do anything without punishment; it’s how they built everything they have. She repeats that no one has to die. Negan suggests just one then. He was going to pull three out, but just one and just for her. She agrees. Negan says she has him wrapped around her finger, and if she had a d*ck, he’d still feel the same way.

Maggie says they don’t have Oceanside, but they have the guns. She doesn’t trust Dwight. She says if Negan figures things out, they’ll need help. Jesus says it’s a tough decision, but he’s glad she’s the one making it. Enid gives her the pocket watch that Maggie’s father gave to Glenn.

Carol and some of the Kingdom knights come across a blockade of shopping carts, and Morgan wandering around. Carol asks if he wants to ambush them on his own. She says if he kills anyone, they might lose their advantage. Ezekiel asks if he seeks to extinguish everything he was. Morgan says he doesn’t seek it, but he’s stuck. Ezekiel asks if he wants the Saviors dead. He does. Ezekiel says that the Saviors are a dragon with many heads, and they have to seek allies. He asks Morgan to join them. He asks if Morgan wears Ben’s breastplate to honor him or for himself. He tells Morgan to fight with them; the Saviors will be defeated, so no one will suffer under them again. Ezekiel, Shiva/Sheba/Shoo-be-doo-be-doo, and the others move ahead. Morgan follows.

Rick and company roll out with a bunch of trucks and bicycles. The Scavengers are with them. Jadis asks Michonne if Rick is hers. Michonne thinks they should get back to work. Stupidest. Scene. Ever. And Jadis is not understandable half the time.

Aaron, Daryl, and Rosita put together some bombs.

Negan and his dudes find the tree blockade. Eugene asks if he could have the opportunity to slow their jets and cool their roll [sic].

The Alexandrians prepare for battle along with the Scavengers. One of the Scavenger chicks says “we win” to Michonne, because they talk like three-year-olds.

Sasha listens to more music, and says you know how this is gonna end. Abe tells her they’re going to walk out the door together, kick sh*t, and eat snakes. She wants to sit this one out. She tells him they were at the beach and he got pulled under. He didn’t come back up, and she was trying to find him, but he was gone and she started to drown. He says he hates the beach, and talks about getting sand where it shouldn’t be. I relate. He tells her, lets go help Maggie. Sasha says just once sit one out. She says Maggie’s gotta take care of Maggie.

Eugene says Sasha must have changed her mind about dying. He tells her she’ll adjust, but she says she’s not like him. He says if people die today it’s because of the choices they’ve made.

There are intermittent scenes of Sash and Maggie sitting on a wall. I’m sure they’ll be significant later. Sasha asks Maggie why they’re there.

The lookout alerts Rick. Rick tells Rosita to get in position and he’ll signal. They wait. They hear Eugene over the bullhorn saying all points are covered. He gets out of the truck, and says hello to Rick through the bullhorn, and I laugh because he’s not that far from Rick at this point. Eugene says the bottom line is they might die, but he hopes not. He says the jig is up, and asks if Rick will comply. Jadis looks at Rick. Rick asks where Negan is. Eugene says he’s Negan. I understand the face rick makes. Sort of amused and disgusted at the same time. He gives the signal, Rosita presses the button, everyone ducks, and nothing happens. The Scavengers aim guns at the Alexandirans and open the gate. Bastards!

Dwight comes out of the truck with Negan. The actual Negan. I guess we don’t know if he was sincere or not. Jadis holds a gun on Rick. Michonne sees what’s going on, and that same Scavenger chick says,” we win” again. Well, sh*t.

Negan asks if he’s heard the one about the guy named Rick who thought he knew sh*t, but didn’t, and got everyone killed. Rick says he and Jadis had a deal, but she says she got a better one. Negan says he’s pushed, pushed, and pushed him. He just tried to blow them up. He says Eugene is one of his, and he stepped up. They’re a bunch of animals. The universe gives them a sign, and Rick shoves his finger up its ass. Negan certainly has a way with words. He tells Dwight and Simon, chop-chop.

They uncover a coffin. Everyone is like wth? They stand the coffin up. Negan says they must like Sasha, and so does he. He has her there, packaged for their convenience, alive and well. He brought her, so he wouldn’t have to kill all of them, but that might be complicated. He wants all their guns, every one of them, and a person of their own choosing for Lucille. He also wants Daryl back. And the pool table. Or Sasha dies. And then all of them. He says just because he brought Sasha in a casket, doesn’t mean she has to leave in it. He tells Rick that he sucks. Rick asks to see Sasha.

Negan opens the casket saying she’s not going to believe this.

Sasha tells Abe it felt real. Like they lost, but it’s just starting. He kisses her. He tells her to come on, and she says wait. He says he likes the way she calls bullsh*t, so let him return the favor. She’s going to tell him to stay and she’ll go. She wants to make up for what she said about Maggie. He tells her it’s always for someone else, and if they’re going to kick, there had better be a point to it. No matter where they are, Maggie is carrying the future. Sasha tells him that he’s right. He says putting yourself on the line for someone else, oh my, that is living. She laughs. They leave together.

We backtrack to before Sasha got in the coffin. Eugene walks out with Sasha. He says they could be watching the roads. He gives her an iPod, saying he wished he measured up. She says he still can, and she hasn’t given up on him. Sasha tells Negan that she can use a nap, and just give her a bottle of water. He says he knows this is tough, and appreciates it. She gets in the coffin, and he tells her that she’s something else.

Sasha looks at something – I couldn’t see what it was – and listens to the music. She takes the pill that Eugene gave her.

Negan opens the coffin and it’s zombie Sasha! She goes after Negan, and all hell breaks loose with everyone running around and shooting. Michonne and the Scavenger fight. Rosita is shot, but Tara gets her out of there. Jadis holds a gun on Rick. Sasha continues to try and bite Negan’s face off. Someone pulls her off of him, so she bites that guy’s face off. Rick tells Jadis they can make another deal, and she answers by shooting him, and then pushing him off him off the platform they’re standing on.

More shooting. Michonne is getting her head bashed in, and Jadis has Rick hostage. All kinds of dead people are lying around, who are going to be zombies any second. Jadis acts like a big a-hole, pushing Rick around. She brings him to Negan.

Michonne pushes a broken piece of pottery into the Scavenger’s neck. Jadis tells Rick to get down on his knees, and puts him next to Carl. Negan says that RIck had to go with these filthy garbage people, no offense. He and Jadis look at each other, and she says something stupid. He tells Rick that this is going to make him sad and wish he was dead. Negan says, he’d want a kid like Rick’s, which makes this harder. He tells Carl it’s over. Michonne continues to fight with Scavenger. Rick looks around, and sees someone fall from a balcony, thinking it’s Michonne. I highly doubt Carl is a goner. There will be huge protests of Tiger Beat readers. Is that still a magazine?

Negan says that Rick just lost someone important, and he chose this. This isn’t a warning now, it’s punishment. He’s going to kill Carl with one nice hard swing because he likes him. Then Lucille is going to take Rick’s hands. Rick says he can take his hands, but he already told him he’s going to kill him; maybe not today or tomorrow, but nothing is going to change that. Nothing. He’s already dead. Negan twitches a little. Then smiles. He says, damn, wow, okay.

Negan goes to take a swing at Carl’s head, when Shiva comes out of nowhere, knocking him sideways. I applaud. Here comes Ezekiel with the troops. He says Alexandria will not fall; not on this day. Shiva eats Negan, or somebody. Horses and knights and guns, oh my! Nope, the tiger didn’t eat Negan. Morgan joins in the fray. Negan runs out of bullets. Shiva gets busy flattening people. This is really good!. It also comes to my attention that Jadis has highlights, which seems odd for a garbage person, but also reminds me that I need a hair appointment.

The Scavengers throw Molotov cocktails using soda cans. Everyone runs. The smoke begins to clear. Ezekiel says we finish this, and some of them run after the Saviors. Maggie is there too. Negan gives the finger as they drive away. Ha-ha! The gate closes. The Saviors are gone – for now.

Rick finds the Scavenger who had been fighting with Michonne dead on the ground. Michonne is all bloody, but alive. Rick is pretty happy about that. She says, we, we, we, and Rick says, we are, we will, and kisses the one spot that isn’t bruised. Michonne, Rick, and Carl form a tableau.

Back at Neganland, Negan looks at Eugene, wondering how Sasha ended up dead. Eugene thinks she ran out of air. Negan gets close to his face and says, maybe. He announces that they’re going to war, and everyone goes, yeah!

Maggie goes down Memory Lane with Rick, talking about how she made the right decision to come. She says the decision was made a long time ago. They were strangers and now mean the world to each other. She says Glenn didn’t know them, but put himself in danger for them, and that started it all from the farm to the prison to Alexandria, to this moment, not as strangers, but as family. As she talks, we see all of the characters interacting with one another. Daryl takes a little carved soldier out of the coffin, which I assume was what Sasha had been looking at. It says didn’t know on the back of it. Neither do I. Maggie says that because Glenn chose to be with him on that day, it was the decision that changed everything. It started with them, and grew; all of them to sacrifice for each other.

We see Maggie and Sasha sitting on the wall, smiling at each other, as Maggie continues. To suffer, to stand, to grieve, to give, to love, to live, to fight for each other. Glenn made the decision; she was just following his lead. We see Glenn’s watch in her hand.

Tonight’s show was in memory of Bernie Wrightson, an original creator of DC’s Swamp Thing, an illustrator, and creator of other wondrous creatures.

The Walking Dead will be back in October.

👠 I saw enough of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to see Phaedra get “Porshafied,” which apparently means wearing a wig and having your bosoms fall out of your dress. Another thing I caught was Sheree and Kenya bonding. The sad part was how they were relating over the aggressiveness of the men in their lives.

🏛 The jury is still out for the new season of The Real Housewives of Potomac. I’m just catching it now. For whatever reason, they decided to show triple the Atlanta and wait until the wee hours of the morning to rerun this one. A girl has to sleep sometime.

February 22, 2017 – The Jig is Up for Sam, Star Talk & Lots of Randomness


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly keeps trying to get ahold of Nelle, and leaving messages. Sonny asks who she’s talking to.

Michael wraps Nelle in a towel. He says the fire will do the rest. They almost kiss, and she says she can’t.

Ava calls for the guard, saying she wants to see the commissioner. She’s going to sue everyone because of a gross miscarriage of justice. I wonder how I can get a denim prison shirt like she’s wearing. Orange will never be the new black, but that shirt looks amazing, and apparently the Port Charles jail is fashion forward. Julian shows up. Ava asks if he’s there to get her out. I thought she didn’t want to be out?

Tracy is impatient, and Hayden says to let her work. Tracy asks if the Quartermaines will be able to save the hospital or not.

Jason sees Monica at the hospital, and tells her about how he was supposed to meet Sam there. He says the wires must have gotten crossed because there wasn’t an appointment listed. Monica thinks that’s odd. Jason says she’s probably on her way back home.

Olivia-J tells Sam about starting over. She notices Sam looking at her keyring, and asks if Sam knows what it says and if the characters mean anything to her.

Julian says he doesn’t like seeing Ava behind bars. She tells him to spring her then; tell them she had nothing to do with the bomb. He says if he could get her out, he would. She says he can tell the police it’s not her on the recording. She tells him that when he was on trial, she did everything she could to make sure he was acquitted. She blackmailed Paul, and this is how he repays her? Julian says he’ll get her out soon.

Olivia-J says the characters obviously struck chord with Sam. Sam says it’s beautiful. She tells Olivia she knows a  little about the Chinese culture, and was married in a Chinese restaurant. (Not the Chinese food pawn remedy shop.) She tells Olivia about the family who owned the restaurant. Olivia says that for those who believe, the symbols can infuse you with power and remind you of who you are against tremendous odds. Sam asks what it means to Olivia. Olivia says it means reincarnation.

Monica tells Jason that Hayden and Tracy are crunching the final numbers. The board meets tomorrow and will decide. She thanks Jason for his contribution, and he says he knows what the hospital means to the family. Monica gives him a blanket, and tells him that Lila knitted it when he was born. She was thrilled, and thought he’d be a blessing, and she was right. Jason thanks her, and they hug.

Hayden tells Tracy that it’s only a quick assessment and needs adjustment. Tracy asks if they can keep the hospital open. Monica pops in, and seconds that. Hayden says she thinks they did it.

Michael tells Nelle that he knows it’s awkward, but he won’t try to kiss her again. She says it can’t happen. He says he knows she has an agreement with a guy, and he can respect it if that’s what she wants, but if it’s her boyfriend’s idea, he’s crazy.

Carly tells Sonny not to worry, and it’s about his surprise. He wants to know what it is, but she says that she’s going to dangle it until she springs it. She says it involves a magic trick to make the whole world disappear. She has errands to run and leaves. Sonny calls Jason. He says they need to talk.

Hayden tells Monica and Tracy that nothing is settled, but they can risk a little celebration. Tracy says the board might still want to sell. She says some are concerned with the hospital’s well-being, but others are greedy bastards – to put it delicately. She says Fred Gray is leading the charge, and she thinks he’s made deals with the developers. She tells them that they don’t have time to prove wrong doing, but they need to make sure they have the necessary number of board members on their side. She tells Hayden that’s her job.

Ava asks Julian when she can expect to go home, and Julian tells her to be patient. She says another night kind of patient, or the next few years will fly by kind of patient? He says he’s left instructions with Alexis. Ava says Alexis hates her, but not as much as she hates Julian, and wants to know how Alexis will get her out. Julian says she’ll know soon, and to trust him. He says Alexis won’t know the instructions until she doesn’t hear from him, puzzling Ava.

Sonny tells Jason about talking to Robin, and that Ava isn’t Julian’s only sister. Jason says they did some digging, but she died in 1990. Sonny wonders if there’s another sister, and Jason suggests that maybe she’s not dead.

Olivia-J tells Sam that reincarnation has a particular meaning in her life. Sam flashes back to talking to Jason about Julian’s family. She asks Olivia what it means.

At Carly’s office, Bobbie talks to Felicia on the phone, and asks if she’s found out anything about Nelle. Carly comes in to get some champagne for the cabin. Since she keeps all the champagne in her office. Bobbie tells her that she was going through mail so that things didn’t get to behind, but now Carly can do it while they chat. Bobbie rests her hand on Nelle’s envelope.

Michael tells Nelle that he knows it’s none of his business, but he wouldn’t have said anything if he thought she was happy. She says she is, but he says she doesn’t seem like it. He says she plays things close to the vest, and she says it’s a defense mechanism. If you don’t give people details, they can’t use them against you; if you don’t share secrets, no one can betray you. Michael says if you keep yourself so closed off, it helps keep away those who will hurt you, but also keeps away the ones who could care about you.

Carly says the mail can wait; she has to get going. Bobbie asks about the latest Ava development. Carly says she wanted to kill Ava, and Bobbie says it does no good for her to throw her life away for that. Carly tells her that Sonny said the same thing. Bobbie says despite her objections in the past, she’s glad they’re back together. Carly tells her about the cabin, but Bobbie says the roads are impassible, so no romantic getaway.

Nelle says Michael means well, but doesn’t know her. She says not everyone is as lucky as he is. He doesn’t know where she got the idea he’s led a charmed life. He says he always had money, but he’s also been betrayed. She says he can get past it because he still has a loving family, but it won’t work out that way for her.

Jason tells Sonny that supposedly Julian killed Olivia-J (also Olivia St. John), shooting her in the back. Sonny says it’s possible she survived. Jason says if she did, there’s a good chance that she killed Morgan.

Ava asks Julian what’s going on, and Julian says it’s too dangerous; he can’t tell her. She asks who’s stopping him, and says that he seems terrified. She begs him to trust her. She might be able to help him even if she can’t help herself. She says they’ve betrayed each other and threatened to kill each other, but those experiences brought them closer. When it really matters, they stand together. Whatever danger he’s in, it affects her too. She asks what the hell is going on.

Olivia-J sneakily takes a picture of Sam in the car with her. She tells Sam that she had a defining moment when she became sober, and left her past behind. It was the epitome of reincarnation. She asks Sam if she’s ever had a defining moment.

Ava tells Julian that she’s the only family he can rely on. He says he wishes he could tell her. She says if their bond means anything, he will. He says okay, but his phone rings. It’s a text message from Olivia-J.

Sam tells Olivia-J that she’s a social drinker, but she knows she doesn’t have a problem, since she easily gave it up when she became pregnant. Olivia says she wasn’t referring specifically to drinking, but a turning point where she thought all was lost, and an opportunity presented itself. Sam asks her to pull over.

Hayden wonders how she’s supposed to convince the board members. Monica says Michael and Laura are on their side. Tracy says even if Hayden’s powers of persuasion aren’t great, they have a reasonable certainty of winning. She tells Monica to get out the bubbly. It’s almost a done deal.

Carly calls the caretaker at the cabin. She hopes Nelle doesn’t try to get off the mountain, but thinks she should be fine. She thanks Bobbie for not trashing her. Bobbie admits to being unfair.

Nelle tells Michael that when she was little, she dreamt of growing up, getting away, and finding someone to love her. But the older she got, the clearer it became that the deck was stacked against her. She made the decision that if she couldn’t have happiness, she’d settle for satisfaction, and she’ll do whatever is necessary to get it. Michael says it sounds like she’s fighting for something less than she deserves. He asks if it’s what she wants, and she says it’s all she’s going to get, and that she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Michael hugs her and says, yes, she does. Playing Michael must be the most boring acting job in the world.

Jason talks to Spinelli on the phone. He tells Sonny no luck yet, but if there’s any trace of Olivia-J on the internet, Spinelli will point them toward it. He talks about the picture of Julian as a kid that they found, and the Chinese characters. Sonny wonders if they’re false leads, and if Jason isn’t seeing what’s in front of him. Maybe it is Ava.

Olivia-J sends Julian the picture of her and Sam in the car. Ava wonders what he’s looking at, but he says he can’t tell her.

Sam tells Olivia-J that she has to go to the bathroom. Olivia suggests going to a gas station, but Sam says she has a friend who lives just over the footbridge. Olivia says she can’t let her do that.

Tracy, Hayden, and Monica toast to the hospital.  Hayden is going to call Finn with the good news. Tracy says to tell her backgammon partner that she scored the biggest win of all. Monica says they all did.

Jason tells Sonny that they need to make the right person pay. Carly walks in. She tells Jason that she heard he doesn’t think Ava planted the bomb. Jason tells her that he wants to be sure before moving on anything; he wants to do some digging, but they’ll be the first to know if he finds anything. After he’s gone, Sonny tells Carly not to keep him in suspense, but she says the surprise has been canceled.

Olivia-J tells Sam that she’ll drive her to the house. Sam says the roads aren’t paved, and if no one is home, she knows where the key is. Sam gets out of the car, and starts walking across the bridge. She begins to call Jason and drops phone. Olivia kicks it, saying that Sam must think she’s stupid and underestimates her, as many have. She says they might as well drop the pretense.

Monica says it’s a good end to lousy day, and she’s going home. Tracy says she’s glad she thought of the solution, and Monica says she didn’t. Hayden tells Tracy that Finn isn’t answering and when she called the hotel, he’d canceled his reservation.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s done awful things. He says he’ll still be there. She says she almost believes it, and he tells her that she should, since he’s a terrible liar. He says that he’s a Corrinthos, Quartermaine, and Spencer, which makes him arrogant and determined, with a tendency to gloat. Nelle says she thinks she’s ready for a new path.  He asks if he’s on that new path.

Bobbie tells Felicia that she almost got caught, and ask if she’s found out anything about Nelle. She says, oh God no, and that’s what she was afraid of.

Sonny asks what the surprise was going to be, and Carly tells him about the cabin. She says they can’t go, since there’s a blizzard. Sonny tells her that they don’t have to leave to block out the world. They have champagne, a fireplace, and each other. They kiss.

Julian tells Ava that he’s sorry. Ava says he was about to talk, gets a mysterious text, and clams up. He says in time he’ll explain. She says she doesn’t know why she thought he’d help, since he’s the reason she’s in there. She’s done with him playing games with her life. She tells him that she should have let him go to prison, and he’s dead to her. He says she has no idea.

Sam says Olivia-J is freaking her out, and to give phone back. She says if Olivia won’t give it to her, to give it to Alexis the next time she sees her. Sam starts to walk across the bridge, and Olivia draws a gun. She says Sam has figured out who she is, and no one else can know.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Valentin to tell her what she doesn’t remember, Gray tells Julian that complications have come up, and Hayden wonders why Finn is still taking the drug.

🌟 Still loving Star, although it’s the kind of show that breeds kids who can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket, yet audition for American Idol. You know the ones I mean. The ones who claim that music is “their whole life” and their parents have told them that they sing like Mariah Carey. And then they open their mouths to sing. Jahil’s (Benjamin Bratt) latest vocal find is a girl he saved from white slavery about five minutes ago, who can suddenly shake, rattle and roll better than J-Lo — and also suddenly speaks perfect English. Although I have to admit, I’m obsessed with the distressed knee-high boots she was wearing. This week, there was also an excellent musical fantasy jailhouse sequence that included Queen Latifah, who is too fabulous for words. The minor characters are exceptional as well. Besides my fondness for Miss Lawrence (who knew he had such lovely acting chops?), one of my favorites is Maggie (Helena Kallianiotes, who was in one of my favorite movies of all time, Kansas City Bomber – 1972), who rules the local strip club like an aging Elizabeth Taylor.

I’m surprised I don’t hear more about this series, or that it hasn’t been slammed for being inappropriate in some way, either by the overprotective or the ultra-PC. Like a favorite dog breed or design of jeans, it’s become a double- edged sword.  I want more people to like it so that it sticks around, but I don’t want it to become so popular that it implodes.

🎭 Another newbie that’s growing on me, with only three episodes under its belt, is Imposters on Bravo. The plot centers around a group of con-artists, at the middle of which is Maddie (Inbar Lavi), who marries rich men, or women, and absconds with their fortunes. While there are a couple of familiar faces (like Brian Benben and Mary Kay Place), most of the cast is relatively fresh. Uma Thurman has just made an appearance, and I can’t wait to see what she stirs up. Maddie is also developing feelings for a man she met on the way to a mark, which doesn’t make her boss too happy. It airs Tuesdays at 10 pm, so it’s a nice break for me between The Haves and the Have Nots, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bravo is doing well with its scripted shows. There’s an astounding amount of great television now – especially for those of us who remember having only four channels and a sign-off at one am – but the cable is still too damn high.

🍳 BTW, I can’t bring myself to watch My Kitchen Rules, even though I want to. Because, Brandi Glanville. What happened to the show with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg? Is that gone already? I thought it was a brilliant idea.

🌺 Southern Charm returns on Monday, April 3, 9 pm. I was just thinking about that show, and wondering if it was coming back during my workout. There’s a triceps exercise that always reminds me of Thomas “raising the roof” in his election ad.

🏛 The Real Housewives of Potomac also makes a comeback on Sunday, April 2, 9 pm. So much to look forward to! Kind of sad that I just said that.