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May 20, 2018 – The Ball Comes To a Close, VanderReunion Wraps, a Mention of Terror & Sherry Trifle


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Robert drags Valentin off the stage. Valentin suggests they discuss it like adults. Robert says they’ll do that, and cuffs him. Robin asks if Robert is okay; he looks terrible. He says he’s fine, and throws Valentin up against the wall in the hallway. Valentin says there’s an explanation, but Robert says he wants justice. He asks about Henrik.

Spinelli goes to Peter’s office. Sam tells Spinelli that Peter is Henrik.

Anna goes to the pier. She calls out for Henrik, but we know he’s busy delivering a baby. She asks where he is.

Maxie tells Peter there’s no time to go to the hospital. The baby is coming now. Peter calls for an ambulance, and takes her hand. He tells them it’s not an accident; it’s a baby.

At the Ball, Lucy says to give a hearty welcome to Port Charles’s own man of mystery, Robert Scorpio. Then says she’ll be right back. Mike remembers the Nurses’ Ball being crazy, but what was that? Sonny says Valentin just got arrested. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Robert says first Valentin poisons him, and then imprisons him. Valentin says it was just a diversion. Robert tells Valentin that he knows Valentin took Anna’s child and gave it to Faison.

Lying by the side of the road, Maxie asks Peter if he’s okay. He says he’s fine, and she asks him to help her breathe.

Spinelli types furiously, and says, voila! Henrik’s inbox. He looks for any emails regarding the manuscript.

Felix tells Kiki that her couture is liberating her bosom. Kiki thinks someone backstage can fix it.

Sonny asks Dante what’s going on with Robert. Dante tells him that Robert said he had it under control.

Stella asks if Sonny has seen his father. Mike gets up on stage, and takes the mic. (Mike takes the mic.) He says a lot of people know him, but he might not remember them. He’s Mike Corbin, and has Alzheimer’s. That’s one thing he can’t forget. Sonny starts to get up, but Stella stops him. Mike says he might not remember much, but he remembers that the event means a lot to his son. He tells everyone that the show must go on, and starts to sing Frank Sinatra’s Summer Wind, as a random pianist accompanies him. He puts on a fedora, and an orchestra appears behind him. He suddenly forgets the lyrics, and begins to cry. He was ripping my heart out with just the song, and now he’s stomping on it.

Sonny goes to the stage, and tell the accompanist to continue playing. Sonny help Mike through the rest of the song, and they receive a standing ovation.

Ava says, great, she has to follow that, but Griff says she’ll be wonderful. She tells him from his lips to God’s ears. She leaves to change. Bobbie tells Sonny and Mike that they make a great team. Mike says they should take their act on the road, and Sonny says, maybe they will. Drew tells Sonny it was a helluva thing to do for his dad. Sonny appreciates that.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s reminding herself of the things she loves while she’s in excruciating pain. She tells him that he has to look at the baby, and tell her what he sees – go! He looks, and says the head is coming. She says she’s going to push the baby, and asks if he’s ready. He says, as he’ll ever be. He tells her it’s coming, and she can do this.

Backstage, Kiki gives Amy her dress and thanks her. Amy says it will just take a second. David walks in while Kiki is in her underwear. She asks what he’s doing there. Griff follows him in.

Olivia gives Cook 2 a bouquet of roses, saying she saved the Nurses’ Ball. Cook wouldn’t go that far, but Olivia says she would. The guests were raving about the food; it was nothing short of a miracle. Cook says the staff was competent, and the kitchen was well-stocked, but she should tell the chef to have more seasonal offerings. Olivia says she’ll pass it along, unless… Cook says, unless what? Olivia says unless she’s interested in taking over as house chef of the MetroCourt.

Sam reads an email from Henrik’s mother, saying they should meet. Jason says Anna cut him off. She planned on posing as Henrik’s mother, and Lulu was going to orchestrate something to draw him out, with Jason as back-up. Spinelli wonders why Anna wouldn’t want protection, and Jason says Anna refuses to believe Henrik is a threat.

Anna thinks about Robert telling her that she can’t tell Henrik that she’s his mother. At worst, he could destroy everything they love. Robert says he must never know, and she promises not to tell him. Anna walks around the pier.

Maxie howls and pushes. Peter says, that’s it, and we hear a baby cry, Maxie says, we did it. Peter says, she did it; she was amazing. He wraps his jacket around the baby, saying he’s dressing him for his debut, and hands him to Maxie, telling her, Maxie Jones, meet your son. They laugh, and I think, that baby is pretty big for a newborn.

Olivia says she loves Chef David; he’s done fantastic work, but she thinks Cook is a true artist. Her talent is wasted working in a private home, even if it’s the Quartermaines. Cook says, and with her gone, Olivia will get to have the kitchen all to herself. Olivia swears she wasn’t thinking of that. Cook asks if she’s going to keep her end of the bargain, and never set foot in the Quartermaine kitchen again. Olivia says she took an oath on her favorite skillet, and she’s not breaking that. She just thinks Cook has more to offer the world. Cook says Olivia is right. She does.

David tells Griff that he was looking for the men’s room. Really? He couldn’t do better than that? Griff says it’s down hall; there’s a sign on the door. David says he’s obliged, and leaves. Griff asks if Kiki is okay. She says she’s fine, but starts crying. She tell him that she’s stressed, but don’t tell anyone. Griff holds her while she cries, and Ava sees them.

Robert says Valentin knows all about Henrik; who he is and where to find him. Valentin says he has Anna walking into a trap. They have to find her before it’s too late. Nina has walked in, and listens.

Mike says it’s Sonny’s first time on stage since the Christmas pageant. Sonny says his dad is the star; he’s just the backup. Lucy comes back in another fabulous dress, red satin, with one shoulder, and tied at the waist on the opposite side. She introduces a woman of mystery – the less you know, the better. Ava sings You Don’t Own Me, with male backup dancers in tuxes. She looks pointedly at Griff and Sonny throughout the song. Nice. Bobbie and Sonny scowl. Scotty claps wildly. Griff looks serious.

Bobbie tells Scotty that she’s not sitting with him after he got on his feet to applaud the woman who destroyed her grandson. She’s not ignoring what Ava has inflicted on her family. Scotty says, it’s the Nurses’ Ball. They’re not supposed to be holding grudges. Bobbie says it doesn’t count with this one.

Lucy tells Sonny the only reason she let Ava perform was because she made a substantial donation, and it wasn’t the number she rehearsed. Sonny says the night is too important to let someone like Ava ruin it. Ava asks if Griff enjoyed her performance. Kiki tells her the audience loved it. Griff says it wasn’t the song she rehearsed. Ava says she had some last minute inspiration, and she owes it to them.

Kim gets a text that Maxie is on her way to the hospital. She has to go, but the nearest car is twenty minutes away. Drew offers her a ride.

Valentin swears on his family that he’s telling the truth. Robin comes out, and asks if everything is okay. Robert says everything is fine. She looks at Valentin, and says, there’s that, and Robert looks like he was run over by a steamroller; so forgive her if she doesn’t believe him. Robert asks where her mother is. Robin says she got a message, and she took off. She asks if Anna is in trouble, and Robert says, not if he can help it. He leaves with Robin. Valentin is cuffed and sitting in a chair. Nina says she can’t stress the importance of honesty right now. How long has he known who Henrik is?

Olivia says, the Hotel Elysium? In Rome? Cook asks if she can believe it, and Olivia says, no. What are the odds a recruiter was here on the one night she filled in? Cook says, crazy, right? But she couldn’t have done it without Olivia. She tells Olivia to keep the flowers; she has to pack and write her resignation letter. Olivia says Monica is going to kill her. Cook says, probably, but the bright side is she gets to have the kitchen all to herself.

The EMTs come, and Peter tells her that he’ll see her at the hospital. Maxie says her parents are out of town, and asks Peter to call Spinelli from her phone in the car. He tells her to take care of the baby, and he’ll take care of everything else.

Jason says there’s no way Anna would leave the Ball unless it was important. She’s meeting with Henrik. Sam says they have to tell her that he’s Peter. Spinelli’s phone rings. The call is coming from Maxie’s phone, and Spinelli asks if everything is okay. Peter says it’s him; Maxie asked him to call. She’s fine, and so is the baby. She’s on her way to GH, and she asked him to tell Spinelli to reach out to her parents. Spinelli says, on her way? He asks if she didn’t have the baby there. Peter says it’s a long story, and she’ll want to tell him herself; he’s got to go. Spinelli asks how is it that Peter is spreading the glad tidings? Peter says he delivered the baby, adding, goodnight, Mr. Spinelli. He hangs up, and Spinelli says, unbeknownst to Maxie, Nathan’s brother delivered her baby.

Peter takes a gun out of the glove compartment.

Anna waits. She thinks about Jason telling her it’s too dangerous. She’s way too close to this.

Nina tells Valentin, yes or no. If he’d spoken up sooner, would her brother still be alive? He knew who Henrik was, but tells her it’s impossible to say if his silence changed anything. Faison was on a collision course with both of his sons. He doesn’t think anything would have stopped it. Nina says she believes him. He says they have to get to the airport. Nina says he wanted to take them away, so when things blew up, no one would know his part in it.

Anna says it’s past midnight; he’s not coming. She hears someone, and says, Henrik? When she sees Peter come down the stairs, she says, Peter, but he says she was right the first time, calling her mom.

Maxie asks Kim how the baby is. Kim says a little underweight, but it’s to be expected. Otherwise, he’s in great shape. Maxie wants to be with her baby. Kim has an idea.

Sam wonders what the hell the deal is with Maxie’s baby. Jason needs Spinelli to look at the email again. He tells him to look for anything indicating a meeting with Anna.

Lucy says another fab, wonderful Nurses’ Ball is coming to an end. She thanks Olay, and I appreciate the product placement not being as heavy as other years. She thanks the performers, support staff, and crew who made magic happen. She thanks the guests, saying they broke the record; they’ve raised more money than ever. Since it’s the nurses’ night, they wanted to end it the way they started. Deanna, Epiphany, Bobbie, Felix, and Amy sing I’ll Be Your Champion. The other nurses join them. Nice harmony.

Ava thanks Kiki, who has an early day at the hospital. Ava says Griff has a room there, which is convenient. She leaves with Griff, and David tells Kiki that he’ll see her bright and early.

Valentin tells Nina that whatever she thinks is going on, there’s more to the story. She knows. He says he’ll explain, but she doesn’t know if she’ll believe him. Robert takes him away.

Kim tells Maxie that she can’t bring the baby in, but she has the next best thing. She shows Maxie her tablet, and says they have a webcam set up for virtual visits. Maxie says, he’s so wrinkly and tiny. Kim says she did great, and Maxie says, except for her water breaking in Peter’s car.

Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that the message was sent at 9:57 pm this evening. Midnight. Pier 55. Come alone. Jason wonders if he was going to the hospital, but Spinelli says Peter told him that Maxie was on her way. Sam says she’ll go to the hospital, and Jason says he’ll go to the pier.

Peter tells Anna so this is what the WSB has resorted to; posing as an abandoned boy’s mother to flush him out. He doesn’t know whether to be offended or embarrassed. Anna says there’s something he needs to understand, but he says no, he doesn’t. He takes out a gun.

Tomorrow, Nelle wants to go home, Nina talks to Lulu, and Anna tells Jason to put the gun down.

Today’s episode was dedicated to Rick Pessagno. You can find out who he was here:


Vanderpump Rules

Andy wants to talk about the surprising friendship of Jax and James. He asks how Jax went from wanting to punch James in the face to finding him amusing. We see a clip from the last reunion with James making fun of Jax, and Jax laughing. Lisa says they’re similar in the choices they make, and Tom says they’re both needy and compulsive. We see clips of them together, and Andy asks if Jax is a role model for James. Jax admits he shouldn’t be a role model for anyone, and James says they have fun. Lala says she was skeptical; they all know what happened with Jax saying James hooked up with Kristen. She didn’t see how they could be bros after all this time. Andy says she’s done it with a lot of people. James tells Lala to shut up, but Lala isn’t having it. Scheana says Lala is friends with everyone now, but wasn’t for a long time.

Andy asks Stassi about how the event planning started. Stassi says she wanted to be like Lisa, a boss-ass bitch. She wants to be well-rounded, and Lisa knows how to do everything. Andy asks if she was being bossy, but Stassi says she was scared to piss people off, and tried to treat everyone with as much respect as possible. Tom says it’s frustrating because Stassi quit, and then was handed a position of power. He thinks she should have been forced to be a server again. This is just about the stupidest argument for anything I’ve heard from one of them. Lisa didn’t need her as a server; she needed and event planner and had worked with Stassi as a stylist before. Stassi says they should be a team, and wonders why it affects Tom. Lisa says it’s what Stassi wanted to do, and she had a position to fill. Thank you, and thank you. Andy asks about Lala’s event, and Lala says Stassi was her bitch. Scheana tries to interrupt, and Lala asks if she can get a word out. Lala says, this chick, meaning Stassi, shows up an hour before she needed to, and she’s going to give credit where credit is due. Stassi made her job easy, and made the ambiance killer. We flash back to that.

Andy switches gears, and asks if it was about the pasta. We flash back to James using the catch phrase of the season. James says it was partly about the pasta. He was pissed off about it, and drank too quickly. We see a clip of him toasting to getting drunk. Lala says they were all drinking, and he and Logan started having a conversation that went south. He was her boy, and she defended him through thick and thin. James sneezes without covering his mouth, and everyone is like, wtf? Lala says she was joking, and it turned into him calling her man names and discrediting him; it was disgusting. We flash back. Lisa says James shouldn’t drink, and suggests he not even have a sniff of a sherry trifle. Lala suddenly jets off the stage, and Andy asks what’s wrong. Brittany says she could tell Lala was getting mad. James calls Lala dramatic.

Lala goes to the bathroom. Lisa starts talking, and Kristen interrupts. Lisa tells her to shut up, and I laugh. Lisa says James needs to understand Lala was loyal to him. She’d even said if he went down, she would too. She tells him that he needs to go out on a limb and apologize. Kristen follows Lala into bathroom. Lala says it’s not okay for James to say stuff like that. On stage, Tom says, dude… and James gets up. Tom tells James not to roll his eyes, and Andy says he just did. James says it’s just a nervous reaction, and Tom tells him to try harder. Ariana decides to get the other girls, and tosses her heels, since she can’t really walk in them. Lisa says they can’t all just leave, but then she goes too. Scheana pulls out her phone and gets sucked into the iVoid.

Lisa tells Lala to come back; James is going to apologize. She tells Lala that she’s a strong girl. Lisa asks if she’s upset because of everything or is it the place where she’s at? Lala says it’s what he did to her, and Lisa says tell him then. They come back out, and Lisa tells James and Lala to figure it out. Andy asks why Lala left, and Lala dabs at her eyes. Lisa changes places with Stassi, so she can sit next to Lala, and tells her to say it. Lala says James was her best friend. She would never tear him down, or his girl, and it felt like he really came for her. We flash back to James being nasty. She says she’s always been supportive of James and Raquel. Lisa asks why stick by him, and Lala says he’s a hurt person. Lisa thinks it’s coming from a place of jealousy; he’s always had feelings for her. Kristen says this is how he treats the people he cares about. Andy points out that Kristen and James were together for years. Jax thinks James is like a little boy, pushing a girl he secretly likes.

The trip to Big Bear is discussed, and James flirting with Lala in front of Raquel. We flash back to that. James says he loves Raquel, and Lala says he should have been flirting with her. In the past, James made her feel comfortable and confident, but things changed. She was sitting with her man – henceforth known as Randall, since they’re out now – praying that it wasn’t going to air. She doesn’t feel safe around him anymore. Andy asks James if he would get with Lala if she was available, and James says he’d still be with Raquel. Lala seconds that. Andy asks what it would take for them to be friends again. They’re in agreement on time. Lala reminds James of when they went for people about their physical appearance last year, and says she was mortified to see it. We flash back to them body shaming castmates in their interviews. Lala was hoping he’d learn from that with her, and he didn’t. She says the reason she stuck around is that he didn’t have the upbringing. He took on burdens someone his age shouldn’t have had to. But someone she adores might not shake it off as easily. James gets it and apologizes, promising to never say anything like that again. Lala forgives him, and Andy says, nice.

Andy asks Jax about the marketing position in Florida. Jax says it was marketing and social media. Andy points out Jax had said there was nothing holding him back from taking it. Jax says it’s not like he had an amazing job. Andy is like, um, you have a girlfriend who moved to LA for you. Brittany says he didn’t think about her. Lisa says he didn’t even ask her. Jax says he wouldn’t have gone without her, and it was misread. Lisa thinks he has a deeper appreciation for Brittany now. Andy asks him if he can say what Brittany’s professional passion is, and he stumbles around until he kinda, sorta gets that she wants to work with special needs children. He makes excuses for why he didn’t know this information about the person who is supposed to be closest to him that he lives with. Andy suggests that him wanting such a big change might have had to do with Schwartz and Tom moving on. Stassi says she can’t believe they took him seriously about the Florida job, and asks if anyone else saw it. Jax says he’s not making up, and Brittany says she heard him talking on the phone. Yeah, but did she hear anyone on the other end? Stassi says he’s always been the boy who cried wolf. Schwartz says it’s an annual thing with Jax. Andy asks why he didn’t take it, even though it was his dream job> Jax says he was scared, and Schwartz tells him to admit he loves LA as much as he’s said he hates it.

The finale party with Patrick is brought up. Stassi says she couldn’t sleep; she was so shook from the party energy. Andy asks Lisa how surprised she was when Patrick continually talked about her backside. Lisa says it was wrong on so many levels. They’d just met, and he was saying it in front of someone who works for her and is his girlfriend. We flash back to this obnoxious twit, calling Lisa girl several times, which irritated me the most of all of his detestable ranting. Stassi says she felt so bad, and reminds everyone that she was on Xanax and alcohol. Lisa said Stassi was apologizing to him, and was trying to make him feel welcome. She thinks Stassi finally had enough.

Andy asks if Scheana lost herself in the relationship with Rob even more than Stassi did with Patrick. Scheana says she hasn’t seen all the episodes, and admits to fast-forwarding through her castmates’ scenes. She claims she’s just behind in watching. Jax says watching it back, he wanted to punch Patrick, and Stassi should forget him. He says new boyfriend Beau is cool, and we see pictures. Everyone agrees they like him. Stassi says he’s fun, and not screwing up. Lisa tells her to just be herself.

Next up is the trip to Mexico. Andy asks Lala about her baby bottle. She says she’s on a low dose of anti-anxiety medication, and there are various things you can do, like snapping a rubber band on your wrist. She finds it comforting to have a bubba. It helps her not think about her anxiety.

Andy follows that with the rumor about James and Kristen hooking up. James says they were hanging out, and it turned into they fooled around and hooked up. Jax admits they didn’t, but says he didn’t say anything. We flash back to him saying something. He claims he only said the pillows were evidence. Lisa says he went all Secret Squirrel, and claimed they were banging. Kristen says James’s words were on the screen. Tom says there was a reason for that, but Andy says he heard it clearly without the subtitles. He says Schwartz had no idea what was going on, since he blacked out and went to another resort. Schwartz asks who doesn’t black out in Mexico? That would be Andy and everyone else. Andy asks if Jax doesn’t owe Kristen and James an apology, and in keeping with his tradition of being the worst human being on earth, Jax asks why? Lisa says he nearly ruined two relationships. Kirsten says she had to tell Carter before he saw it on TV. Brittany tells him he should apologize, and he does – for misinterpreting what was said. Tom apologizes too, since he thought the same thing. Andy talks about James telling Kristen that he never said it, and her throwing a drink in his face. She says her brain exploded, and she apologized to James. She says for Tom to go to her boyfriend was wrong. Tom says her boyfriend came to him. Kristen says Tom told him about what happened during their time together. He says he wasn’t trying to ruin the relationship; Carter came to him. Something I noticed from James’s unintelligible answer on the golf course, was that he said, a little bit, but not really, when he thought Tom asked if he and Kristen were hanging out. If they’d hooked up, that would be a pretty odd thing to say, even for James.

Andy says Jax lost it when he found out Scheana was trying to hook Brittany up with Adam – in his home. His rant at SUR is discussed. Jax says he decided to flip everyone off, and just then, Lisa and Ken walk in. He says Lisa’s eyes were bulging, and she says he was absolutely out of order. She had to get him out of there. Andy asks what he was thinking as he was storming down the street. Tom says it was like something got knocked loose. He exploded. Tom says he went back out, and Jax adds that the people across the street were watching. Tom says Jax was unstoppable, and Brittany says, like a bull seeing red. Jax says he was embarrassed, and went on a super apology tour the next day. Lisa says what about her? He says she and Ken have been nothing but amazing. She says she’s kept him in his job for years, and he says it’s a helluva thing to do.

Andy wants to talk about the break-up. Jax says he thought about it for a while, and went back and forth. Brittany says he’d bragged about them having sex that morning. The girls concur that it was hard to watch. Brittany was blindsided. Stassi says the sex thing made it really, really bad. Ugh! I agree. Jax says he honestly thought he was doing the right thing, and someone asks, why hook up then. We flash back to Jax saying why does anybody hook up? And answering his own question by saying, to get off. Andy says it’s kind of a mind f**k, and Brittany says it literally came out of nowhere. She couldn’t believe it, after she’d planned Mexico, his birthday at Hooters, and his birthday some other damn where. Jax thought it was the mature, adult thing to do, and Brittany says, beg her to stay with him, then throw it away? He says he thought he couldn’t be good for her. I wonder if his so-called Reiki master put that idea in his head, or just confirmed it? Lisa thinks those in unpredictable relationships should use contraception, and offers to buy Jax a condom. Andy asks how Brittany feels, when even Jennifer Lawrence is telling her to break up with him? Brittany says the first thing in her mind was to get out, since Jax wouldn’t leave. She told the Uber driver to pick a hotel. She’d put up with so much, and then for everyone to see that it was hard and effed up. She wouldn’t talk to Jax for a month. The girls all say she’s a badass. Andy says Jax wouldn’t leave the apartment? Tom said he was like, wtf? Brittany says she never hooked up with anyone, but seems a little vague about dating. She talks about staying in a hotel, and going back when Jax wasn’t there. She also did some traveling. Jax didn’t give up, and the feeling didn’t go away. She realized he’s the person she wants to be with. The pressure of fans wanting more for her was the hardest part. She’s tried to be a good person and live a positive life. She would never say mean things to someone she didn’t know. But in the end, she did what she thought was right, and put her heart first. Not that she thinks it’s okay to be treated the way she was. Andy asks other girls about that, and it’s unanimous that Brittany deserves a prince. I think Brittany should do Brittany, but I also still think Jax is vile. We’ll see if his father’s death changes him. Possible, but not probable.

Andy says what brought everyone together was the untimely, unfortunate passing of Jax’s dad. Kristen says he had to be vulnerable and honest, and stop fronting. Jax says he was tired of himself. Andy asks if he treats Brittany better. Jax doesn’t think he would do wrong again, and he’s been putting her first. Brittany says everything is better. Jax tells her that he loves her. She says he’s more calm, and not talking down to her. Andy thinks his papa would be happy that Jax has found peace and happiness, and hopes it sticks.

Andy asks Lisa why she wouldn’t fire Jax. She says he would have taken on the victim role, saying he deserved it. The only decent thing was for him to resign. Andy asks if she can imagine him working at SUR. Jax quickly interjects that he’d pick up a shift if she really needed him. Lisa says she isn’t that desperate right now. Jax insists he wasn’t a bad person at work. He says maybe he can get a job at TomTom. Andy asks Schwartz when TomTom is going to have its first blackout and panic attack. Schwartz says he’s like a caterpillar who is going to emerge as a beautiful business butterfly.

The question of kids for Schwartz and Katie comes up, and Katie asks, who would want that? That would be everyone, and Katie says, soonish. Andy can’t wait to find out what Stassi’s new boyfriend thinks about Lisa’s ass, and asks if we’ll be seeing him next season. That’s a yes, but not so much Lala’s boyfriend. Jax hopes he and Brittany are together the rest of their lives, and Brittany ays it just keeps getting better. Kristen is happy with two dogs and boyfriend. Scheana claims she’s having fun being single, and is staying that way for a year. Andy says it’s been a big year for Lala, including stepping out in public with her man. He asks what the goal is, and she hopes to be together forever. Andy asks if Ariana has softened toward marriage, but that’s a no. However, that’s not stopping them from also wanting to be together forever. Andy asks what about kids, and Ariana votes no, while Tom is all thumbs up.

Andy asks again if it’s about the pasta, and says, yes, it is. He asks Lisa who’s next in line to get married, and she says, him. Lisa says she loves all of them. Being on a reality show is like looking in a mirror. They might not always like the reflection, but she hopes they grow from it. Andy says usually Ken and Peter bring out celebratory shots at the end, but this time, it’s not about the shots. Giggy! Ken totes the Gigster in, while Peter passes out “shots” of pasta. With no forks. It’s interesting to see the different ways they try to eat it. James suggests they chase the pasta with vodka, and they all say, cheers! Giggy!

Next time – Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed.

😱 The Terror wrapped its first season up tonight. The highlight was when Mr. Hickey offered his cut-off tongue to the spirit bear, and it ate his arm and ripped him in half. That didn’t work. I only half-assed watched this show, and hope to pay more attention if there’s a season two. The scenery was a standout, and I would think the desolation alone would be enough to make anyone go mad. Although I found it intriguing, it did remind me of seeing Jaws 2, or Jaws 3, or whatever installment it was, with my father. He leaned over and said, where’s the music and the shark?

🍨 Following Up On What James Shouldn’t Sniff…



April 29, 2018 – A Lot of Dead, a Little Rambling & Another One Bites the Dust


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Nick burns the crops. I guess he’s still not done fighting the weevils. Too bad they can’t feed the weevils to the zombies and get the zombies to do the farming.

Al asks what they did to Nick. She tells him that she’s just trying to help. They’re all breathing, which means they’re on the same team. Victor thinks they should have reached the turn-off by now. Al says she gave them the right directions, just not all of them. She wants their stories, and they want to know where she found the flag. She’s not letting them take her van or threaten them anymore. Nick says this is how it’s going to be, and Al asks if he knows how many times she’s been zip-tied. She manages to grab Nick, getting him to drop is weapon, and tells Luci to pull over. Nick tells Luci not to do it. They see a cluster of zombies, and Al says, change of plans; keep driving. There’s a scuffle, thanks to Nick, and Luci turns, but into a ditch. Nice going. Although a few zombies were creamed in the process.

Nick makes stupid faces as he comes to, and John reaches for the wheel.

Nick is back at the stadium. Madison asks if he’s okay, and tells him she’s going on a run. He says he’s coming; he wants to help.

Nick wakes up next to a pile of zombies, and John trying to get the truck out. Al says they have to get a tow. Then they’ll talk about whatever they have to – or not. They can go on their way if they want. Luci thinks they could use a truck from a service yard she saw. Victor says often the start of a negotiation requires an act of faith. John asks Al if she trusts him, and Al says, probably not. She unties all of them, hesitating when she gets to Victor. She ties Nick to the truck. Morgan says he’ll only slow them down, so he’ll stay. Al asks if he’ll be there when they get back he says if he’s not, something went wrong. John takes the others up the hill. Luci tells Nick they won’t be gone long.

Morgan reads, and Nick asks what he’s reading. Morgan is silent, and Nick asks for something to eat. Morgan cuts his ties, and tells him get it himself. Nick asks if he isn’t worried. He reaches for Morgan, and Morgan knocks him on his face, saying he’s not worried. (Ah-ha! in Nelson voice.) Nick gets a protein bar, and asks if Morgan likes peanut butter. He gives Morgan half, and introduces himself. Morgan says he’s going up to the road and not to move five feet from the truck. Nick picks up Morgan’s book, The Art of Peace, and flips though it.

Nick looks around the truck, and finds the video camera. He fast-forwards through John’s interview, and stops on Morgan’s. Morgan practices with his pokey stick, but his leg hurts. He sees car racing down the roads, and runs – as fast as he can anyway – back to the truck. He tells Nick to get down. Nick sees the car go past, and grapples with Morgan. They cause the horn to go off. It’s stuck, and just continues to blare. Zombies pop out of everywhere. Nick takes off. Morgan asks Nick to toss him his stick, and Nick runs. I’m annoyed that Nick is leaving injured Morgan to the zombies, so he can chase after a flashy old convertible.

We see a close-up of a zombie. Then a close-up of Al slicing its skull. Luci sees a huge wheel of cable, and thinks it would work. John hopes they can get Al’s truck out by sundown. They drive back in a flatbed truck, carrying the wheel. Victor believes Al’s mission is one of benevolence; they’re alive after an aggressive introduction. He asks if she’s doing it for a reason. She says she wants them to clean up the mess they made. He thinks there’s more to it than that, and she says, their stories. He asks, for who? and she says she doesn’t know how it ends. It might be the only thing left. Victor says there will be no one to see it, and Al says, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s captured. She sees a scar on his hand, and asks what happened and why is he trying to hide it? He asks her again, why? She says, the truth matters. That’s the trade; the truth about him for the flag. He says they’re just words, and she says, more than that. Luci joins them, saying she gets it. She says Al knows her sh*t, except for the sh*t about the truth. Victor says he’ll consider the offer.

Nick runs. He looks into the woods and sees some bluebonnets.

Nick and Madison drive past Mel and the Vulture gang. Ohh, the blue convertible is their car. Mel greets Madison, and tells her it’s slim pickin’s unless you know where to look. Madison says they’ll manage. He’s glad to see Nick is back out again. He tosses The Little Prince into their car, asking Nick to tells his girlfriend that Charlie doesn’t like children’s books. They drive away, and Nick says she didn’t stand a chance. Charlie was never staying with them, no matter what. Madison says they’ll get her back. Nick asks how Madison does it, and she says wherever she goes, she tries to look for something good. A ravioli billboard, an armadillo, a sign that people tried to help each other. She always sees something.

Nick picks a flower. This is one of those episodes where they go back and forth in time. I hate that. If I want to watch that, I’ll watch Once Upon a Time. We hear zombie gurgles. Here they come. Nick whacks them with a hammer, but gets knocked down. One zombie comes close, like a few inches from his face, but Morgan whacks it and stabs it in the head. He tells Nick that they need to find someplace safe, and helps him up.

Morgan and Nick ease on down the road. Nick says the others will wonder what happened, but Morgan says they’ll find them. They come to a town where there are a few zombies toddling around, and they kill them. Nick asks if Morgan is okay. Morgan suggest they sit tight. Nick asks why Morgan helped him, and Morgan says he doesn’t kill.

Madison and Nick find that stinking convertible in front of a church, with a bunch of canned goods in crates in the back. It’s Mel’s brother, Ennis. Nick asks if he’s following them, and Ennis says they were there first. He tells them to get a faster car. Charlie comes out of the church, and Ennis says Mel told them she has a knack for finding the good stuff. Nick tells Charlie that she doesn’t have to listen. Ennis says she wants to. He found her, and taught her how to make it. Nick moves toward Ennis. Madison tells him, now is not the time. Ennis says he keeps his family safe. Nick is on him, holding a knife to his throat. Madison tells him to stop. Ennis is bleeding, and tells Charlie, let’s get out of here.

Morgan tapes his leg. Nick asks if he wants help, and Morgan says he’s got it. Nick tells him to lay off the karate. Morgan tells Nick to stop getting himself in trouble, and its not karate. Nick asks what it is, and Morgan says, just not karate. Nick thinks they should find a car before they come back. Morgan says, the El Camino? telling us what kind of cool car it is. Morgan says it’s not going to work out how Nick thinks, and asks what they did to him. Nick says he bets Morgan has killed, and asks why did he stop? Who did he lose? He says he saw the tape, repeating Morgan’s words; I lose people, then lose myself. Morgan says he’s not telling him. If Nick wants to hunt down the ones who hurt him, it’s his business.

The horn on Al’s truck is still blasting, and zombies crowd around it. They see an arrow made out of sticks on the ground, showing them which way Nick and Morgan went. Al says she’s not leaving, and they won’t find out about the flag; not from her anyway. John says Morgan might need them; it’s just a van. Al says she has things in it, and tells him to go; she’ll be fine. Alicia says they’ll get the van out, and Victor says it’s their act of faith. He tells Luci to go find Nick. Alicia tells Al they’re not going to try anything with two of them out there. Victor says why not just tell them; how did she find those people? Al says she’ll answer all of their questions; let her film them doing what they do. Alicia says, deal. They can turn off this horn any time now.

Alicia gets the zombies’ attention, and picks them off, while Al shoots at the others. Alicia hooks the van up to the flatbed. She crawls underneath the truck, and out the other side. She gets in the cab. Victor starts up the flatbed, and pulls the van out.

Morgan sees Ennis, who tells Morgan to keep walking; there’s nothing for him there. Morgan says Ennis needs to leave, and Ennis says, or what? Ennis sees Nick, and says, holy sh*t! He didn’t think he’d see Nick. Morgan tells Nick to walk away, and Ennis says he should listen to his friend. It’s been good to see him, but he has to get some pimentos back. Unless Nick wants to give him a hand. Nick looks Morgan in the eye, and asks if he’s going to do what it takes to stop him. Morgan steps back, and Nick says, didn’t think so.

Nick tells Madison that Charlie saw everything, but didn’t do anything. He would have been trying to do the right thing, but she did the worst thing. Being out there makes him feel more trapped, like who he’ll be is closing in on him and suffocating him.

Nick jumps Ennis.

Morgan walks away, and keeps going.

Nick and Ennis fight. Ennis cracks Nick in the head with a jar of pimentos.

Morgan is like, dammit, and turns around.

Ennis has a knife a millimeter away from Nick’s eyeball. A deer head has fallen down during their scuffle, and Nick pushes Ennis back onto the antlers, where he’s impaled. That’s not good enough, so Nick pushes on him, until he’s finished. Great. A zombie with a deer head attached to it. Just what everyone needs.

John looks at a downed zombie, and says looks like a stick-based trauma. He asks Luci why Nick was worried she wouldn’t come back, and she says one time she didn’t. Al comes by in the truck. John asks if Luci left because she didn’t love Nick. She says she left, but still loved him.

Morgan finds Nick, his hands drenched in blood. Nick asks what he wants. Morgan says it was his wife, his son, and his friends. That’s who he lost before he lost himself. He knows where Nick is; he was there. He didn’t know how to make it stop, or if he wanted it to. He didn’t think he could find his way out. Then he met someone; a man who didn’t have to help him, but did. The man showed him all life is precious, and it helped; It still dos. Nick asks, how exactly? Morgan takes out the book, and says the books is part of it. Nick says, too late, and Morgan says, believe me, it’s not. He puts the book into Nick’s bloodied hands. He says they can talk about it; talk about anything. Nick takes the book.

Sitting on some steps, Nick reads. Al comes with the others in the truck. Al checks through her tapes. She puts one on top that says, The Bog, along with the dates it was filmed.

Nick puts the book in his pocket, and takes out the bluebonnet. He contemplates it.

Madison drives while Nick navigates. She stops by a field of bluebonnets. Nick lies down in the middle of them.

Nick hears a gunshot. He puts his hand on his chest, and realizes he’s been shot. Charlie stands in front of him with a gun. She backs away, and he falls. Luci and Alicia find him. Charlie disappears. Victor tries to stop the bleeding. Alicia tells him to look at her; it’s going to be fine. That’s highly doubtful, since blood is pouring out of his mouth and he’s gasping for air. Nick tries to talk, but he’s never going to talk again. He’s dead. Victor looks at Luci. Morgan is like, damn, I want my book back. Alicia wails over Nick’s body. Luci cries silently, and Victor holds her.

Nick lies in the bluebonnet field.

Next time, Al does some interviews, Mel asks if Madison wants a weenie (spoiler: she says she’s good), and we see the amusement park.

💬 Funny aside. On Talking Dead, during Nick’s “obituary,” it said no one told him, never look at the flowers. Two of the episode writers were guests, and said they liked the idea, but if it was a reference to Carol in The Walking Dead, it was subconscious. They did add that was one of their favorite episodes though. You decide…

🍑 Tonight, The Real Housewives of Atlanta had a 10th Anniversary special. It was fun to see all the wigs gone by, and the pulling thereof. Also the many noses of Kim and NeNe. What’s with Kim anyway? Why does she seem human on Don’t Be Tardy, and she’s a raving lunatic on Housewives? And was she a cast member without a peach this season? That was confusing. Kim is confusing. And why does she want to look like she’s fifty when she’s barely past thirty? So many questions I will never have answered.

⚓ I’m almost caught up with The Terror, having watched a marathon today. My town had a marathon today too, which bounced me out of bed at the crack of dawn, with the base from a loudspeaker blasting bad music. But that’s another story. The Terror is a cool show – no pun intended. The icy scenery is fabulous though, and makes you feel cold just looking at it. The atmosphere is creepy as hell. Like Ravenous, but on a boat, and without the Civil War and cannibalism. No cannibalism yet anyway. Being out in the middle of frozen nowhere, long before we had radios, is scary enough, but with an unknown entity – they keep saying it’s a bear, but no way it’s a bear – that keeps chopping people in half, it delivers what the title promises. I’m through episode five – I think tomorrow is seven – and in it for the long haul. Or short, or whatever the haul is.

😢 Sigh…






March 25, 2018 – A Battle at Hilltop, Returning Fear, a Terror, a Scary Muumuu & the Worst Dread of All


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

While watching for the Saviors, Morgan sees a vision of Gavin, who tells him that he knows what it is, and says Morgan was supposed to. Supposed to what, we don’t know, but Morgan says, no! and fights with nothing. He hears a car horn beep, and beeps back. Daryl blows an airhorn, and more cars honk theirs. Back at the ranch Hilltop, Jerry says, it’s on. Henry asks Ezekiel for a weapon, but Ezekiel tells him to stay and guard the place. Carol tells him he’ll die if he goes out during the attack. I see this ending badly.

Dr. Dana complains that Siddiq has no experience. He tells her he’s already performed three surgeries. She asks if he can shoot a gun while holding someone down. She tells him that someone who doesn’t know enough, is more dangerous than someone who doesn’t know sh*t. Siddiq tells her to stop asking what he’s done, and start telling him what to do. She says she likes him, and tells him to get ready.

Everyone waits. The Saviors arrive.

Simon has his men remove a roadblock. Maggie radios for Negan. Simon says he’s Negan, although his birth certificate says Simon. He offers condolences for what has happened, and what has about to. (Shades of Roscoe Lee Brown in The Cowboys.) He tells her that he personally received her care package. It was in the box he gave her in good faith; the trick was on him. Maggie says the bill is due, and they have to pay. They have thirty-eight of his people, alive and breathing. He’ll leave if he wants it to stay that way. If he doesn’t, she has thirty-eight bullets she’ll personally fire. Alden says it’s too nice a night to spend dying slow. Simon tells her that it’s highly regrettable, but they’re damaged goods. They got into their own pickle. The idea is to avoid capture, and now they’ll have to figure it out on their own. His own sh*t way of saying, screw them. Gregory tells Maggie that her cockamamie plan didn’t work, but she says it will.

Simon tells his men the plan has changed. They’re not aiming merely for infection, but conclusion. They’re doing away with all of them. Dwight says that’s not what Negan wanted, and he could still be out there. Is Simon sure he wants to face that with him? Simon tells Dwight it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Daryl rides past on his bike, shooting.

The gate opens, and Daryl drives in. The Saviors begin to follow, but the Hilltop bus suddenly blocks their path, and the first car rams into it. The Hilltoppers start to shoot. The Saviors shoot back, some using arrows. Alden asks Maggie to let him help defend the place. Maggie yells something I don’t hear. There’s lots of shooting. Carol runs to Tobin, who’s been hit. Siddiq comes by to relieve her, so she can go back to the fray. Simon and Dwight sneak around. Daryl sees them. Simon throws an ax, and hits someone. Michonne tells Daryl that they have to go. They shoot out the car headlights. It’s suddenly silent and dark.

Simon is such a jerk. He Captain Obviously says he can’t see sh*t. He sneaks around with a group of Saviors, and says he wants place surrounded. He tells them, slow and quiet. Dwight asks where the rest are, and Simon tells him that they’re making a house call. If Hilltop is at home, it’s time to do some proper slaughtering. He whistles, giving me a headache, and annoying the crap out of me. The Hilltoppers shoot at them, I’m so happy because it stops Simon’s whistling. The Saviors run. Some headlights come on, and here comes Rick, gun blazing.

Rick kicks ass, and almost whacks Siddiq. He tells Siddiq to stay low. Morgan’s Gavin vision tells that he knows what it is. Maggie and Rick shoot at the Saviors who are leaving. Maggie says she wanted them dead. All of them; Negan most of all. Rick says, him too. She asks if Rick saw him. Rick says he wasn’t there tonight, be he saw him out there. He tried to kill him, but didn’t. Maggie thanks him.

Tara thinks Dwight is on their side. She reminds Daryl that she was once with the Governor. Daryl’s brother was with them too. Daryl says if he’d stuck with his brother, they probably would have ended up with the Saviors. She says maybe Dwight figured out who they were. Daryl asks if that was before or after he killed Tara’s girlfriend, or are they square now? Tara says they are; he saved her life. She saw him try to help them. Daryl says he saw what he saw too.

Optimistic Rick takes the boards off of the windows in his house. Michonne saved him a turnip, but he says he’s good. He tells her that the generators were turned off to save gas, and the kids will need air. She asks to look at his cut, but he wants to finish first. She starts to help. He tells her that he saw the convoy, and he had to try.

Jerry digs graves. I mean literally, not that he thinks they’re cool. Maggie tells Alden he can bury his people, but he says they’re not his; he’s glad to see them that way. He tells Maggie that she’s a good leader. He knew it before, but last might she saved the community; she saved lives. Maggie says it’s because they sacrificed theirs, indicating the graves. She says it came at a cost, but her only regret is that Negan isn’t in the pile of bodies.

Carol nurses Tobin. He tells her if he knew getting stabbed got him this kind of attention, he’d have done it sooner. She tells him that she’s sorry for leaving, and for what she did. He says she doesn’t owe him anything. He asks if any of it was real, and she says she didn’t want it to be. She was pretending, trying to live a lie, because she couldn’t be around any more fighting and dying. At the time, maybe it felt like it wasn’t going to be pretending anymore. Tobin tells her that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him. He asks if she’s leaving again, but she doesn’t know. She might accept that some are lucky to live, and some are lucky to fight. He asks what about after it ends, but she doesn’t think it does. He tells her the end is what they’re fighting for. Carol says it just means they get tomorrow. Maybe one more night; one more morning. After that, there’s no guarantees. As she’s talking, Alden buries the Saviors. Henry picks up a gun, and sneaks out. We see a clock ticking.

Rick loads his gun. Siddiq says he can treat Rick’s wound; he doesn’t want an infection. He tells Rick about a prayer for the dead he remembers from when he was little. Do not send us astray after them. He says, those who die, don’t. Rick gets up and leaves.

Holding a hurricane lamp, Maggie goes through the hallways crowded with people. She asks a man how he’s feeling. He says the doctor stitched him up. She says they’re lucky to have him, and the man says they’re lucky to have her. Gregory was all about himself and what he wanted; that’s not her.

In the infirmary, Tobin is startled awake at 2:13. Another guy wakes up, and asks what’s going on. One of the patients says he’s going to get the doctor, but just before he gets out the door, Tobin grabs him, and takes a bite. Oh well. I don’t know what this clock thing is about, but we keep seeing various timepieces.

Now it’s 4 a.m., and Dana walks in. She looks down, and realizes she’s standing in a pool of blood. Tobin takes a bite of her too. We hear zombie noises, along with the baby crying. The guy Maggie was talking to is now a zombie. He ambles, no, falls down the stairs. Hey, everybody, wake up!

Henry pokes at Gregory through the fence with his gun. Gregory asks Henry to let him out. Henry asks who killed his brother, but Gregory doesn’t know. He tells Henry that he isn’t one of them. He says Henry has a dangerous weapon, and he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. He asks Henry to give it to him, and they’ll talk. He’s sorry about Henry’s brother, but killing them won’t bring him back. Henry says it will make him feel better. He did it once before; why not there? He asks if he has to start shooting until someone tells him who killed Ben. Alden says his brother died too. Killing his murderer sounds good in theory, but won’t make him feel better. Henry says it will for now. They hear screaming from inside.

Maggie sees chaos – running and biting, Daryl stabbing zombies in the head. I’d just leave. Michonne does a nice sword through the head move. Outside, Jared says it’s music to his ears. Henry asks if it was him, but Jared doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Henry lets himself into the Savior pen. He wants to know now. Alden says words are easier to live with than actions, but Henry says be a man and step forward, so he doesn’t have to kill their friends. He’s going to start counting to ten. When he gets to four, a zombie bites one of the Saviors, and there’s a free-for-all. Jared grabs the gun, and the Saviors run out, Gregory running along with them. Henry is left lying in the pen.

Morgan pikes zombies in the head. Daryl wonders if the zombies got in with the Saviors. Morgan says it’s their own people. Tobin is busy upstairs. Carol pulls him off someone, and stabs him in the head after only a momentary hesitation, and no doubt quick trip down Memory Lane. Daryl asks if she’s okay. She says he wasn’t bit, but he turned. Rick tells them about Negan’s bat being covered in zombie blood. They realize that anyone who was wounded is going to turn. A dude in one of the hospital beds says one of them will have to do it for him; he can’t. Everyone looks sad.

Rick tells the others that the house is clear. Tara asks how it happened. He tells her the Saviors did something to their weapons. Whoever was cut up or shot, got sick, and some turned. Daryl says Tara told him that she was done waiting. He could have killed Dwight, and should have. She says, no; he wanted to be there with them, but no matter how hard he tried, she wanted him dead. She couldn’t let it be anything else. Karma’s a bitch. Rick ponders that.

Outside, the struggle is real. Alden tells Maggie that some of them are trying to keep the gate closed. She sees some of the Saviors bracing the gate against the zombies. Siddiq tells her that he went to check on the prisoners, but the pen was empty. She asks Alden where they went, but he says they just ran. He tells her that he and the ones left had plenty of chances to run, but maybe it doesn’t matter to her.

Carol looks for Henry with Ezekiel. Enid tells them that he broke into the pen before the Saviors escaped. Carol says she told him this would happen, like that helps. Morgan thinks this over. Gavin appears, and keeps repeating, you know what it is, until he’s yelling. Morgan says, no.

Jerry and Jesus bury their people. Diane asks Maggie, what is it? and Maggie says, the cost. Rick nods sagely, and we end with a crane shot of all the graves.

I wonder why they kept focusing on Rick’s wound…

Next time, Rick goes hunting, Rosita wants the bullet maker, Jadis drags Negan out of the container she’d kept Rick in, Ezekiel wants to look for Henry and calls Carol a coward.

👹 Fear the Walking Dead returns on April 15th, and looks promising. The group takes over an amusement park, and raises sheep. Morgan also joins them, and Victor sports a new hairdo.

 Talking Dead was bumped up an hour tonight to make room for a sneak preview of new series, The Terror. Set in 1847, and based on a true story about a ship that disappeared, the crew of a Royal Naval expedition searches for the Arctic’s treacherous Northwest Passage. Instead, they discover a monstrous predator. The two-hour premiere begins at 9 pm on Monday. The first hour was basically a set-up for the horror to come, but it looks good.

🍑 Kenya’s husband finally made an appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, when she launched her PSA on domestic violence. The main takeaway point for me though, was what the hell was NeNe wearing? A muumuu?  That outfit was worse than the one Sheree was wearing for the pictorial she sent to her incarcerated boyfriend. Next time, a Halloween costume party. I’m not sure what difference this will make from any other episode at this point.

😔 It’s Ba-a-ack…

March 18, 2018 – Even When He’s Not There Negan’s There & a Terrorfying Premiere


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Negan smiles, Simon squints, Dwight looks like he has a headache. Negan tells Dwight, welcome home, and says it’s good having him back. He needs his top guys out in front acing this sh*t. He heard Dwight had a close call. Dwight tells him that they were ambushed, and makes up an explanation. Negan says his people need to keep their business in order. He tells Dwight to slug a beer, and put on his best clothes. They have work to do.

Negan has his men gut some zombies. He says Hilltop will drop to their knees when they see what he’s packing. Simon says it’s about scaring them. No head shots, just flesh wounds, and if they die, let them turn; don’t kill them. He tells Dwight to ride with him. Dwight says he’s going to scout on his bike, but Simon says they have more expendable scouts for that. Not that Dwight is expendable. Ride with him, and he’ll bring Dwight up to speed on the plan. Dwight gets in the truck

Negan puts the business end of Lucille into a bucket of zombie guts.

Rick cuddles Judith. Daryl approves. Rick visits the graves of those they’ve lost. Daryl thinks about the people who are gone, and the ones still there. It ain’t right or fair. He says he’d just wanted it done at the Sanctuary, and didn’t care who was there. Rick says he didn’t want to risk killing innocent people, and should have just cared about theirs. Daryl says, keep fighting. Rick is going to Hilltop, and Daryl says he’ll go too. Rick thinks they should split up; cover as much ground as they can. He insists he’s okay, and tells Daryl thanks Rick for getting them there.

Maggie wonders if they’ll come back. Rosita says they’ll just keep things going. It will be harder when it’s quiet. Maggie says, not if Negan’s dead; not for her. Rosita says not her either. Maggie looks through binoculars, and sees someone messing with a milk crate near the forest.

Simon asks what Dwight makes of the road trip. He says, let’s rap; let’s get candid; let’s get weird. There’s nobody here but us chickens. Here’s the point where I would jump out of the moving car. In Simon’s analysis, Hilltop will cower and cave when they deliver yet another warning. Dwight says they don’t get paid to think, but Simon values Dwight’s opinion. He’s been on both sides of the iron. Simon has his doubts it will deliver the desired outcome. Dwight asks if Simon thinks they should do something different, but he says, no. They’re going with the big man’s plan. They’ve thrown a lot at Rick’s people, but they keep fighting. He keeps seeing the same answer – they don’t scare. I’m wondering why they would at this point, since they live in a world run by zombies.

Maggie gets a message from the milk crate person, asking for food and phonograph records in exchange for the key to the future. Michonne says they’re not Saviors. Rosita says if it’s a trap, it’s obvious. Maggie tells them that’s what makes it a trap. Michonne asks, what if they’re trying to help? Maggie thinks there are two outcomes; they can miss out or die. Michonne says she’ll go. The last time she took chance, it changed everything. Rick might not agree or understand, but eventually he will. Maggie keeps looking through the binoculars, and decides they’ll go.

Simon and Dwight decide to stick to the plan, and don’t engage. Looking through his binoculars, Rick sees the Saviors coming through. He sees Negan driving by, and gets in his car.

Rick follows Negan, who steps on the gas, and Rick gives chase. Dwight and Simon see, but don’t realize it’s Rick. They follow, and Simon tells the others to stay in their lane; they might have company. He thinks there might be others. He meets the rest of the Saviors, and tells them that someone pushed Negan off the road, but it looks like just one driver; nothing they can’t handle. Just in case, he and Dwight are going to check it out; it might be a ploy to divide them. He made sure no one else could come that way by turning the truck sideways to block the street. He tells the others to do the same on that end, and cut down anything that comes close. He and Dwight are going to locate their benefactor.

Negan’s car is on it’s side, and he opens his eyes to a car full of guts. Rick gets out shooting, and Negan scrambles out of the car. Zombies are coming from everywhere. For the first time ever, Negan looks scared, and runs into the closest building. Rick runs after him, but Negan is waiting, and whacks him with Lucille. Negan jets, and Rick runs after him, shooting. Zombies begin to amble in. Negan runs upstairs, and Rick runs out of bullets. Negan tells him to come on up, and Rick chucks an ax at him. Dodging it, Negan crashes into the railing, which breaks apart, and he falls. He manages to hang on, but as Rick is about to bring down the ax on his hands, he lets go, but doesn’t miss the opportunity to call Rick an a-hole.

Michonne, Maggie, and Enid come to a van turned sideways in the road. Three women stand in front, and the leader, an older blonde woman, introduces herself as Georgie. The other two are her dark-haired protectors, twins Hilda and Midge. Georgie thinks they must be curious to see what they get for food and music. She adds that the records must be music; no spoken word. Because they’re out there, she sees they can take care of themselves. She doesn’t share with the weak.

Rosita pats the women down. Maggie wants them to give what they have, but Georgie says she can’t do it. What she’s bearing is knowledge, which is primarily in her head, and she’d prefer to keep her head where it is. This isn’t a trick; it’s a trade. Maggie asks, why, and Georgie says, what else should she do? Rosita looks in the truck, but Georgie says what’s in there isn’t part of the deal. She asks how many are in the community, and Maggie says not many. Georgie says they have something special. The apocalypse has brought out the best and the worst of people. So far, the worst are out-pacing them, but it won’t last forever, and the good will be worthless without a sustainable future. Enid says there’s no way people survive doing what they’re doing. Georgie says they do, and will. She can divine that they’re a fine group, manners notwithstanding. Maggie says they’re coming back to Hilltop.

Negan whistles, the thing I hate most about him. Rick asks if he’s still alive. Negan says he’s a goddam cat. He looks for Lucille, and a zombie drops down. Rick asks where Negan’s people are; shouldn’t they be here by now? Negan says they’re coming, but Rick says this is where he dies, in the dark, all alone. Negan asks what the hell Rick’s problem is. He thought they were working through sh*t, but Rick is the most stubborn pr*ck he’s ever crossed d*cks with. Was Negan a sailor before the apocalypse? Negan asks Rick to let him save them. He’s good at it. Their kids will grow up safe. They haven’t lost one in the communities he’s taken over. They were doing fine until Rick came along. Rick sees a door with boards nailed across it. One of them says EATERS!

Negan says Rick failed his boy, and failed his people. It makes him sick thinking about it; the wasted potential. He says there’s still hope for Rick though. A onetime deal made in memory of Rick’s badass son, someone he actually respected. If Rick gets his people to fall in line, the arrangement is back in place and all is forgiven. He’ll even lower his take to 25%, but Rick has to work for him doing janitorial work. His people will live like 75% kings. It’s like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all rolled into one. Rick says, after what he did to Tardis’s Jadis’s people? Negan is like, huh? and Rick says they killed a whole community of scavengers. A whole community wiped out; is that how he saves people? Negan says, son of a bitch. Rick says it’s times like this when you realize who your true friends are. No one is coming for him.

Rick finds Lucille.

Simon figures Dwight must have thought about clipping Negan himself. Negan took his wife and burned his face. Dwight says, no, not once. Simon is impressed, saying Dwight chose to survive instead of focusing on his own discomforts. Dwight says he did what he had too. Simon tells him their leader isn’t doing the same. If it was his call, he’d branch out, find new places, and make new relationships. He’d make sure the Saviors survive and move on from past discomforts (his word of the day), as Dwight chose to. What does he say? Dwight says, move on.

They see Negan’s car, but no Negan. Simon thinks he could be anywhere; alive, dead, or somewhere in between. They could face a distasteful moment, or walk away, get back to their people, and make things better. This is a critical point in history. Something to tell their grandkids about. Dwight lights a cigarette, which is what we’d all do at this point. He takes a drag, then flicks it at the car, which bursts into flames. Simon tells him, good answer.

Maggie tells Jerry that it will be dark soon, and to get ready. He knows what to do. Michonne says she should make a deal with Georgie, or let them go before the Saviors get there. Maggie says she can’t let them go. She has mouths to feed, and they have crates of food. Let me just stop here and say, excuse me? Is she suggesting they do basically what the Saviors do? Enid says Maggie is right. If they don’t take it, someone else will, and kill them. It’s a miracle they’re still alive. The Saviors are on their way, and they’re going to fight. Why give a sh*t about people who don’t give a sh*t? They need to stop pretending things just work out; they don’t. Michonne says Carl rescued Siddiq. Now they have a doctor and a friend. She says Carl was brave, and Enid says, now he’s dead. Michonne tells Enid to step back, and Enid wisely leaves without arguing. Maggie tells Michonne things just don’t work out, and Michonne says, no, they don’t. Carl knew that, but didn’t give up on what Rick wanted him to be, and they can’t either.

Rick tells Negan he can’t save him, his people, or anyone, because he doesn’t care about people. He uses them. The only thing he cares about is his bat, and he can’t even save that. He’ll make a deal with Negan. He can kill her goodbye. Negan says, don’t touch her, and Rick sets Lucille on fire. He tells Negan to come get her. He starts battering the boards across the door. Negan rushes him, and they both fall into the room.

Zombies grab at them. Rick tries to whack Negan, and sets a couple of zombies on fire. Negan calls him, a goddam psychopath, saying he’ll get them both killed. Rick says as long as he goes first. Negan shoves him, and they tussle. Negan gets Lucille back. Rick punches out some zombies, and Negan climbs out a window. Rick follows.

Negan comes out to the parking lot, and is like, dude, where’s my car?

Michonne brings out records. Georgie says she’s changing the terms. They can have a sizeable portion of the food. They need it more. Maggie wonders in exchange for what? Georgie says, records and good faith. It’s not a gift; it’s a barter. She’ll be back. Maybe not for a while, but she expects great things. She takes out a thick manuscript, with the title, A Key to the Future. She tells Maggie there are handwritten plans for windmills, irrigation, and such; a book of medieval human achievement. They can have a future from the past. The originals are in her head, but she made a few photocopies. Maggie thanks her. Georgie tells her to build the place up. She wants a crate filled when she comes back. Maggie says she’ll see what can do. Georgie and her friends leave. I swear, I saw the same guy walk behind Maggie in the exact same way twice during that conversation.

Enid tells Michonne that she killed Netanya. I’m hoping Enid feels like a big jerk right about now. She says Netanya was out there, killing whoever she came across, so she killed her. She killed someone, and is alive; Carl saved someone, and he’s dead. How are they supposed to do this? Stop fighting? Michonne doesn’t think Carl wanted them to stop fighting. He’d want them to fight for the future, but to get to the future, they have to do more than fighting. The Saviors are coming. They’re going to fight them, but they have to be something after.

The Saviors stand around picking their noses. Dwight and Simon return the group. One of the Saviors asks where Negan is, and Simon tells him that they couldn’t find him. Dwight says he wasn’t in his car, just blood. The Savior asks, what’s next? and Simon asks who he is. He says, Negan. Simon tells them that they’re all Negan. It doesn’t matter if he’s not there. They’re still Negan. They don’t know if he’s gone; he could be back, but their plan is Negan’s plan. They go to Hilltop, and put the fear of God in them until they get with the program. After what they just did, it’s beyond time for them to accept it, but once they do, it will become crystal clear. They have one thing left to do. They must expunge them; redact them. They’re a mistake that shall now be erased. They’re moving on. He sounds like Negan. Dwight ponders heavily about Negan.

Negan sleeps in a car, while someone else drives. It’s Xanax Jadis, who has a gun on him with her free hand. He opens his eyes, and laughs. He says, well, sh*t. She tells him to shut up, and whacks him in the head with the butt of the gun.

Next time, Maggie says, here we go.

😱 Next week, March 25th, Talking Dead will be on an hour later. Following Walking Dead, AMC will be showing a sneak preview of their new series, The Terror, which premieres on Monday, March 26th. Based on a true story, The Terror is about a Royal Naval expedition searching for the Arctic’s treacherous Northwest Passage. Instead, they discover a monstrous predator. From what I’ve seen, it looks freaky good, and I’m definitely giving it a look.

⛲ I’ve been watching To Rome for Love, but face it, we already know the end to these long-distance romance stories. Unless they end up on 90 Day Fiancé, it ain’t happenin’. Seriously, if you want a crappy relationship, you can find one here.

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