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June 6, 2019 – Harmony Visits a Cuffed Shiloh, a Challenge From Nina, Runway Observation, Abby’s New Dance, Old Tonys & Forever Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I only heard the first few minutes, so here’s a condensed version.

Carly dreams that Ryan took the baby.

Ryan is prepped for surgery.

Harmony shows up to harass Willow.

Shiloh wants Chase’s badge. Margaux comes in, and asks, what’s going on? and Shiloh says, a miscarriage of justice. Chase is arresting him. Margaux says, good work, and Shiloh is like, what?

Elizabeth, TJ, Stella, and Curtis are hanging out in Jordan’s room. TJ says, it’s going to be a long day. Stella thinks it’s getting crowded in there, but Jordan tells them not to go far. She wonders if she’s scaring them away. Elizabeth says she isn’t, but she needs to check on Jordan’s surgical team. Curtis asks if she’s nervous, and Jordan says, no. She’s focused on why the hell Ryan would donate his kidney to her.

Finn, Laura, and Doc sit in the waiting area, while Franco paces. He thinks Ryan’s surgery is taking too long, according to Google, and there’s still a significant chance the kidney will be rejected. Finn says he got all that from Google? Laura asks if it’s not best that Jordan be prepped now, and Doc agrees. Franco hates waiting, but Laura says Jordan is closer to getting a transplant then she was yesterday. Finn’s phone dings, and he says he’s gotten the news they were waiting for.

Carly says that Sonny was holding the baby, but when he turned around, he was Ryan, and the baby was just a bundle of blankets. Sonny tells her, take a moment and breathe. She’s under a lot of stress. Carly guesses everything is jumbled in her subconscious. Sonny says the good news is, Ryan’s been caught. The house phone rings, and Sonny says, it’s not a good time. He tells Carly, it’s Ava, and Carly says, let her up. Let’s get it over with. Sonny says, send her up, and tells Carly to go upstairs. She shouldn’t have to deal with this. Carly says she’s never run from Ava before, and she’s not doing it now.

Willow asks where Harmony was when she needed her? Harmony says she didn’t come to dredge up the past. She understands well the pain Willow’s been carrying. She remembers how it felt when Willow disappeared, leaving only the pregnancy test behind. Willow says it’s the best decision she ever made. Harmony says, it’s a lonely life, being away from your child. It doesn’t have to be like that. She can give Willow a family and refuge. Willow says, from Shiloh? and Harmony says, it doesn’t need to be like that. Shiloh is no threat to Willow and her child. Come with her, and she’ll prove it.

At Charlie’s, Alexis says she didn’t know Lucas and Julian were speaking. Julian says Lucas made an exception when the custody of his baby was up for grabs. She tells him that she can only say so much, and he says he might know more than she thinks. Willow is Wiley’s biological mother, and lied to Diane about not knowing the father. The father is a sexual predator, and could lay legal claim to Wiley. Alexis says if they could only reach a custody outcome that quickly. Julian thinks she might be able to, if she can handicap in Brad and Lucas’s favor.

Shiloh says Margaux ordered his arrest? She says Chase is acting on a warrant she requested, based on evidence. Shiloh says he was the one who was assaulted and almost killed when Jason threw him down the stairs. She says that’s news to her, since he declined to cooperate. She asks Chase if Shiloh knows the charges, and Chase says he was fully informed. She decides she’ll inform him again. She wants the case to be airtight, with no grounds for appeal. Shiloh is going away for twenty to life.

Alexis tells Julian, don’t think of interfering. If he really wants to help, stay out of it, or he might mess up the case.

Willow tells Harmony that her students will be coming in soon. The students we saw once on Career Day, and never appeared again. Harmony tells her that Shiloh was hurt, and is in the hospital. Willow says, Shiloh is a cockroach who will be back on his feet, and taking advantage of women no time. Harmony says if Willow shares the information with her, she can negotiate a truce. Willow says she keeps telling Harmony, there’s no child. Harmony says Shiloh is yearning to forgive Willow, but Willow says she doesn’t want or need his forgiveness. Harmony tells her, don’t say that. Shiloh is slow to anger, but a man can only be ignored and denied his rights for so long. Willow says, or what? and Harmony says she doesn’t want find out.

Shiloh says, attempted rape? He would never. Margaux tells him, save for a jury – if he’s stupid enough to get on the stand. He says he’ll give the jury an earful. Margaux tells Chase that he can leave, and when he’s gone, Shiloh says Margaux must have been pretending for Chase’s benefit. He’s sure she’s found a clever way to vindicate him. She’s sorry to disappoint him, but no. He asks what she means, and she says she wants to see him in prison, where he belongs.

Sonny is surprised Ava made bail for attempted murder. Ava says, it’s more like attempted justifiable homicide. Ryan is in custody. They’re welcome. Carly asks if she’s there looking for a compliment, but Ava says she’s there to see Avery. She was hoping to celebrate Kiki’s birthday. Carly says they already did, showing her a handmade card. Sonny says, on her actual birthday. He guesses Ava was busy. She says she’d like to see her daughter. Sonny says, Josslyn took Avery to the zoo, and Ava says, another wasted visit. Sonny suggests she call ahead.

Curtis tells Jordan, who cares why Ryan changed his mind? He did, and she needs the transplant. She wants to understand why the about-face. She doesn’t trust him. He’s too smart to think helping her will give him leniency. Curtis suggests maybe Ryan is getting a sick satisfaction, knowing she owes her life to him. Maybe he thought about meeting his maker, and that it was his last chance to avoid divine retribution. All that matters is that she’s getting the kidney. Finn tells them, Ryan is out of surgery, and his kidney is ready for transplant. Is she?

Sonny asks Ava if she actually meant for Ryan to find her. Is it true she lured him in? She says she did. He couldn’t wait to show himself. Carly says, so everything with Doc was all an act. Ava says they figured Ryan would be jealous, and follow her, and he did – armed with a knife. She played along, and then pulled her gun. She wanted to hear him beg before she took his life. Sonny asks why she didn’t, and she says Curtis showed up, and told her that Jordan’s life was hanging in the balance. The cops arrested Ryan, and on his way out, he said she could have never gone through with it. She grabbed the knife, and showed him, yes, she could.

Doc and Laura look in on Ryan. In Jordan’s room, Finn says, there were minor complications, but nothing to interfere with the transplant. There were no antibodies. TJ clarifies by saying that means there’s less chance of Jordan’s body rejecting the kidney. Curtis asks how long the surgery will be, and Finn says, two or three hours. Jordan says that’s fast, and he says the operation has been fine-tuned. They make an incision below her navel, put the kidney in, reattach everything, and that’s it. She’ll wake up with tubes in her, but they’ll be removed later. Stella thinks they should go, but Jordan says she needs a minute to speak to Stella alone.

Margaux says Shiloh seems surprised. Shiloh says she’s suffered a setback, and reverted to the sad, scared little girl who came to him in tatters over her mother’s betrayal. Why is she believing Jason over him? She says, evidence and eyewitness testimony; all of which are admissible. Shiloh says he’ll have no choice but to retaliate, and she says, with what? Blackmail? He says, no; the truth she pledged. She says, oh yeah, he means this, and takes her Pledge out of her bag. She says, nice try. He says, the physical copy doesn’t matter. He has it all up here. He taps his head, looking stupid. One day the truth will come out. Someone will dig around, and find out the truth, and her career will be over. She says she already beat him to the punch. She’s resigning as DA.

Alexis tells Julian that she guesses he feels helpless. Wanting to take action is understandable, but counter-productive. He needs to stay out of it. She’ll fight like hell to keep Wiley away from Shiloh, if it comes to that. He asks why it wouldn’t, and she says, it’s hard to get custody from prison. Julian tells her Kristina hasn’t mentioned DOD since she returned from clearing her head. Did she have some help with that?

Willow tells Harmony that she’s not afraid of Shiloh. He has no power over her. Harmony says Willow needs guidance. She’s made terrible decisions since leaving. She gave up her child, and it broke her spirit. Anyone who knew her before would see it. She seemed contented, now she’s lost and angry. Babies bring people together. Willow says Harmony isn’t listening, and Harmony says, the truth will come out, and the baby will be home where he belongs, with both parents. Willow says if Harmony thinks she’d let her or Shiloh anywhere near a baby… Harmony thinks if Willow miscarried, she wouldn’t be so defensive. It’s in her voice; her fervor and rage. Only a mother feels so passionately. She thanks Willow for confirming what she needed to know. Her grandson is alive.

TJ asks Curtis what he thinks Jordan and Stella are talking about. Curtis says, whatever it is, it’s not good, and it’s causing his blood pressure to rise. Jordan tells Stella that she requested a DNR. Stella doesn’t think it’s necessary, but Jordan says it’s a precaution in the event something goes wrong. She doesn’t want to continue in a vegetative state. Stella says, there’s almost no chance of that, but Jordan says Stella knows she believes in being prepared. She’ll need an advocate to make sure her wishes are followed. She doesn’t think Curtis or TJ will do it.

Finn asks Doc how the patient is. Doc says, asleep, but it’s odd. Laura says she’s going to check in with the DA. Doc is free to join her, but Doc says he’d like to stay there. He tells her that he’ll be fine, and to go ahead. Franco comes by, and asks how it’s going. Doc says, there were a few minor complications, but the operation was a success. Franco asks if that’s good or bad.

Ava tells Sonny and Carly that Ryan agreed to the transplant. Sonny says it won’t make a difference to his sentencing, but Ava thinks it will. He’ll be sent to a lesser facility, where he’ll escape, and the nightmare will start over. Carly says, it’s horrible, thinking the person responsible for your child’s death will go free. Ava says she’ll call and discuss picking up Avery tomorrow. Sonny tells her to keep the card. It might do her some good.

Shiloh says Margaux is bluffing. There’s no way she’d resign. Her career means everything to her. She says she’s already drafted a press release. It’s done. Maybe it’s time to learn something else. Her final act as DA will be to leave her successor a solid case. She wonders what they’ll find when they dig deeper. He’s only been Shiloh for so long. She’s sure his time as David Henry Archer warrants investigation too.

Willow tells Harmony that she’s delusional. There’s no baby. She miscarried. Harmony says her grandson is out there somewhere. It’s only a matter of time before Shiloh finds him. Willow says if Harmony has any love left for her, she won’t say anything else to Shiloh. Harmony says she’s going to, but it would be better if it came from Willow. Willow says she’s not going anywhere near Shiloh. Harmony says she’d better; she gave him a Pledge. Willow says, that’s right, but somebody gave it back to her, and the others were destroyed. Harmony says, that’s impossible, but Willow tells her to look for herself. Shiloh has no leverage over her, and when his crimes are exposed, he’s going down. Harmony says she’s lying, but Willow says, it’s happening right now. He’s going to prison. Harmony says she’ll see about that, and storms out.

Julian asks Alexis if Kristina chose to clear her head, or did her parents make that decision. She says it’s none of his business. He can’t believe how hypocritical she is. He can’t cross lines, but it’s acceptable for her. She says she doesn’t have to apologize or justify her actions. He says he’s not asking for that. He just wants her to have understanding. Lucas came to him, panicked, and not thinking clearly. Alexis tells him, stay out of it. He asks if Kristina knew she could come to Alexis for help, she never would have fallen down the DOD rabbit hole in the first place.

Finn tells Ryan that he can’t play possum forever, but gets no response.

Franco asks Doc, how about them woodchucks? Does he think they have a shot at the pennant? Doc says he doesn’t follow baseball, and Franco says him neither. He’s just making a distraction from hypotheticals. Like how easy it would be for Doc to sneak in and put a pillow over his brother’s face. Doc asks if he would care. Franco says, Ryan dead is one in the plus column, but in the minus column, a lot of people would feel the loss if Doc is spending time in Pentonville. Including one or two of his special favorite patients. And there’s the whole moral question. Ryan is helpless. He can’t fight, or even open his eyes. Could Doc live with himself? Could he justify killing, even if Ryan deserves to die. Doc appreciates Franco’s support, but says he doesn’t need to be there. Unless he wants to be. Franco says he sure as hell doesn’t, and walks away.

Stella says Jordan consulted with her doctor, and signed the DNR, which is her right and prerogative, but leave her out of it. Jordan says if it’s needed, she’s asking Stella to speak on her behalf. Stella is the only person she trusts to make it all right. Stella says Curtis and TJ will be opposed to it. Jordan says, says the woman who stared down Ryan Chamberlain. They’ll fight with everything they have, and Jordan needs her to don that cape of hers, and pull off the heroics she’s famous for. What does she say? Stella takes her hand, and says Jordan can count on her.

Alexis goes to Sonny’s place. He asks if Kristina is okay. Alexis thinks probably the thought of Shiloh being arrested is encouraging, but she needs help with something else. She not asking Carly to intervene per se, but she’s asking if Carly will keep an eye on her brother.

Julian shows up at Willow’s classroom, where she teaches ghost children. She says he needs to leave right now. Julian says if she wants to keep Shiloh away from Wiley, she’ll hear him out. She closes the door, and says, make it quick. He says the only way to make sure Shiloh never finds out is through the adoption file. The file in Albany is no longer in play, but Willow’s lawyer has her own copy. If they could somehow eliminate the records, there will be nothing tying Willow to Wiley. Willow says, Diane would never destroy the records, and Julian says, she wouldn’t.

Chase tells Harmony that no one is allowed in the prisoner’s room. She says, this is absurd. He’s done nothing wrong. Chase says he’s officially in custody. Margaux comes out, and asks if Harmony needs help. Harmony says Chase won’t let her see Shiloh. Margaux asks if she was an accessory. He was using the Pledges to blackmail the members, drugging them, and sexually assaulting them. Harmony says she has no idea what Margaux is talking about, and Margaux says Harmony needs to work on her denials. She’ll most likely be subpoenaed, and might be charged. She should stay as far away from Shiloh as possible, but it’s her call. She’ll allow Harmony to see him. Harmony stomps into Shiloh’s room, and Margaux says, what she thought. With any luck, Harmony will follow Shiloh straight to prison.

Laura says she’d like a word with Margaux. Ryan is out of surgery. She’d like an overview of the prosecution’s case. Margaux says she needs to address something else first.

Harmony asks Shiloh how this happened. He says the detective made groundless accusations, and arrested him. Harmony says, Margaux is convinced they have a case. Shiloh says Margaux has completely lost her way. Jason almost killed him. He had to give over the Pledges. Harmony says he did what he had to, and he asks if she talked to Willow. She says, he was right. He has a child out there.

Carly says, Wiley’s biological parents are Willow and Shiloh? and Alexis says, it stays in this room. Shiloh doesn’t know, and she wants to keep it that way, or he’ll fight for custody.  Sonny says, he’ll make a bad situation worse, and Alexis says they need to keep Brad and Lucas calm and focused. If Lucas doesn’t push, Julian won’t do anything rash to keep Wiley from Shiloh.

Ava walks into Charlies. Julian is drinking down a shot, and she asks if he’s sampling his own wares. He asks what it looks like. She says, it looks like he could use a drinking buddy. He says, circumstances call for it, and she says, that’s always the way for the Jeromes. They drink.

Willow calls Diane, and leaves a message. She says her mom knows about the baby, and is going to tell Shiloh. She’s scared. She gets another call, and asks Diane to call back asap. It’s Chase, and she asks, what’s going on? He says, it’s done. Shiloh has been arrested. He put the cuffs on Shiloh himself, and there’s plenty of damning evidence. She says, finally, some good news. He tells her that she can rest easy tonight. The law is on her side.

Shiloh says he has a child, and Harmony says, he’s a father. He says, amazing. Boy or girl? She says Willow refused to say, but they’ll know everything soon. He says the police are going to lock him away from his child. She wishes she could help. He says she can.

Margaux tells Laura that she’s resigning, effective immediately. Her staff is up to date, and more than capable of handling things until a special election for a new DA can be held. She thought it would be welcome news to Laura. Laura says she knows they clashed, but she respects Margaux’s passion and dedication. Margaux says her passion was misplaced, and her office compromised. She’s in no position to carry on as an effective DA. Laura appreciates her stepping down. Margaux says it helps knowing the people of Port Charles have Laura looking after them. Don’t let them down.

Finn tells Doc that he’s getting a neurologist to consult. Ryan may have slipped into a coma. Laura returns and asks if Doc has spoken to his brother. Doc says, he’s still unconscious. God help him, he hopes it stays that way.

Jordan is wheeled out on a gurney. Curtis says they’ll be waiting for her. He loves her. He kisses her, and she says she’ll see them on the other side. He kisses her hand, and she’s wheeled in.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells Nina it’s her turn, Doc says his brother is hard to kill, Carly is sure Jax has an excellent explanation, and Franco has good news for Ava.

Project Runway

The designers have had five months and $10K to create a collection of ten pieces. Christian went around to their homes to check on them. No surprise, Hester’s house in Santa Fe is crazy cool, like a teenager’s bedroom, or my first apartment. When Christian traveled to Fort Lauderdale to see Sebastian, he said the city was like a gay island. A far cry from the one time I was there, and it was more like a retirement home. Baltimore’s Bishme said he was homeless when he applied to Project Runway. He was living in his studio. Um… I don’t think that’s exactly homeless. Sadly, he’d lost a family member, and found out his sister had colon cancer. He only had eight pieces ready, but hoped to catch up in the time left. Costume king Garo lives in Phoenicia, New York, and I have no idea where that is. He had a lot of sparkle and texture going on, and balanced out Bishme with having fourteen pieces ready.

The contestants met back at the ranch new studio, and I wondered why Hester hugs people by first walking toward them with arms outstretched, like Frankenstein. I’d find that kind of scary if she came at me like that. They visited Nina at the Elle magazine office, and she showed them the room everyone wants to see – where the fashion is housed. It was about a skabillion times bigger than the closet in The Devil Wears Prada. Nina told them their challenge was to show three looks – two from their collection, and an 11th look based on Nina’s suggestions, which would also be cohesive with the other two. From Bishme, she wanted sporty outerwear; Hester was to be devoid of print (against her design philosophy); Garo was given the task of a tailored suit that could go from daytime to nighttime; and she wanted more movement from Sebastian, who took his tailored craftsmanship to another level..

When Hester jammed a sewing machine needle through her finger, my first thought was, it figures she’d decided on white for her non-print garment. I’m sure that was her second thought after screaming in pain. I don’t think it’s what Christian meant when he suggested she do something in red. Sebastian raged against the machine, designing a gown with leggings under it, when he was supposed to be designing a gown. Christian steered him back to gown territory. Without Christian’s kibitzing, these designers might not have made it this far. He always seems to be right on the money. The guest judge was Steven Kolb, president and CEO of the CFDA, and the dude who met with them last week.

Before runway time, Bishme had a moment, which is what we used to call breaking down and crying, before we needed euphemisms for everything that’s not rainbows and unicorns. He didn’t even want to look at his latest look. Garo’s suit was so ill-fitting,  even I noticed.

Hester ended up creating a totally different outfit – in red – and did it in three hours. Nina said Hester was resistant, but was glad she pushed her, and Brandon said her faux fur material was unconventional. We found out that Sebastian was a ballet dancer, and suddenly the way he designs made total sense. Nina said Bishme’s new piece – some sort of patchwork hoodie dress – had no direction whatsoever. He’d started off wanting to make a moto jacket, so I wasn’t even sure how he got there. Brandon told him when life was giving you lemons, you had to go on autodrive. Besides the atrocious fit, Brandon thought Garo’s suit was too Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, and lacked freshness. Garo actually begged for mercy. Nina was shocked and crushed about Bishme, and it was agreed his dress was like a potato sack. I had to admit they were right, even though I confess to once having a bubble dress that was quite similar.

Hester and Sebastian were in first. Garo joined them, and Bishme was out. I immediately thought, it might seem like a horrible moment, but maybe his family needs him right now. You know, that thing we tell ourselves when it all goes wrong – everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, it does. Nina said it might not be the right time, but it would be his time. I believe that too. He had some wonderful designs. He was happy about making it this far, and letting everyone see his process; the good the bad and the ugly. I think the deciding factor was really that he only had eight designs. The judges seemed somewhat concerned about that. Bishme peaced out, the others congratulated each other, and there was a group hug.

Next time, the finale – a meeting with Diane von Furstenberg, some of the clothing gets damaged, and it’s time for the final runway.

👀 Extra observation. I saw a lot of online agreement that this was the best and freshest Project Runway season in a long while. I’ve mentioned before that I’d never gotten into this show. Mostly because there was another show that trumped it, but I’d given it a try a few times, and felt ho-hum about it, even though I love looking at clothes I will never be able to afford. This time, one of the things I enjoyed was the dynamic between the cast members. For the most part, Nadine and Tessa aside, it was a genuinely copacetic atmosphere. I don’t mind some kvetching, or even a little hair-pulling, but these Housewives have gotten me to the point where I’m like, enough already. I also think with the timeframe they have to create and produce, ain’t nobody got time for that. Which brings me to how, in pondering this, I finally got my tagline. I’m just too busy to be bitchy.

👯 It’s often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest star. So said Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms. I checked out new season, and it was pretty much what I expected. Abby said the last year has been a living hell, but damn, she looks good. Her cancer is also in remission. The kids seemed more mature and sassier, although I hate hearing the standard, I’ve been working for/dreaming of this my entire life, coming from a twelve-year-old. It’s like, you do realize you’ll most likely live past twenty, right? It was fun to see Abby screaming at the kids, and calling them losers again. As soon as the new team was chosen, she told them, I made you, and I can break you just as easily. No, wait. That was Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror. She did say she was giving them an opportunity, and could take it away from them, which to a little kid, is probably just as menacing. For a moment, I thought the moms were more mature as well, but it didn’t take long until they were straight out of All About Eve. As in previous seasons, the dancing was mesmerizing and beautiful; amazing work from kids so young. Even though Abby can be a tyrant, she must be doing something right to produce such remarkable talent.

🎭 The Play’s the Thing…

The first Tony Awards, just after the earth cooled, although I’m most fascinated with the prices back then.


🏄 You’re There, Baby…

I don’t know about forever, but at least for a day.







June 12, 2016 – No Shahs, Just a Throne Game


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

Because I watched the Tonys – what a shame Hamilton was such a loser – hahaha! – just kidding – congratulations to them – I only saw the first half of Shahs of Sunset. No doubt I’ll catch up with them later, but the takeaway point I was left with was that Tommy is done with MJ. What? He took his clothes and everything. I thought they were making babies together, and now this? Quel disappointment. I also don’t want Vida to be right.

Game of Thrones

We’re back at that play about the Lannisters. Lady Crane has taken Arya’s advice and put more anger in her monologue. The crowd goes wild. And I keep thinking about that carrot cake in my refrigerator.

Lady Crane is about to have her usual apres-monologue booze, when she hears Arya backstage. Arya is practically bleeding to death. Lady Crane dresses her wounds and tells Arya how she came to learn nursing; she was always stitching up her bad boy boyfriends. Lady Crane asks Arya to come with the troupe, but Arya say she can’t. She says there’s someone with no name after her. They talk for a while and Lady Crane gives Arya something to help her sleep.

A bunch of guys sit by a fire in the forest, jackassing around. I guess they’re the guys who killed The Hound’s peeps because he strolls right up and slaughters them.

Cool! It’s the market in Meereen. I’d love to haggle there. A woman makes a speech to a small crowd about how they should support Dany and wait for her. Tyrion and Varys stroll through the market. Tyrion hopes that Varys is right about his mission. Varys says if he doesn’t come back Tyrion will know he was wrong. That’s the spirit! Tyrion says he’ll miss Varys, and they part company.

The High Sparrow sends messengers to ask for Cersei. She says he can come see her, but the head messenger insists. Cersei says the Sparrow promised she could stay in the Red Keep until her trial, but the messenger says, oh no he didn’t. The Mountain comes out in his armor. The messenger says if Cersei doesn’t come willingly, there will be violence. Cersei says she chooses violence and The Mountain makes quick work of one of the messengers. Cersei tells the pretty startled speaker of the group that the Sparrow can come visit her any time.

A bunch of soldiers approach Brienne and Pod. She says she’s there to talk to Jaime and says she has his sword. At the camp, Bron goofs on Pod and then wonders if Brienne and Jaime are doing the nasty in the tent. Bron offers to give Pod fighting lessons. He immediately smacks Pod and says lesson number one is to understand that everyone wants to hit you.

Jaime and Brienne talk in the tent. She tells him about Sansa and says she’s come for The Blackfish. She tells Jaime that Sansa intends to take back her seat at Winterfell. She says he’s a knight and she knows there’s honor in him. and that he should take Riverrun without bloodshed. She says she’ll help him if he helps her. Jaime tells her The Blackfish is more stubborn than she is, but all right. Brienne asks for his word that if she helps him take Riverrun, he’ll give them safe passage. He agrees.

Brienne gives Oathkeeper to Jaime, saying that he gave it to her for a purpose and she’s achieved the purpose. He says it’s hers and always will be. Brienne tells him that if The Blackfish doesn’t surrender, honor compels her to fight on his side. Jaime says he understands and hopes it doesn’t come to that.

The Blackfish tells Brienne that he hasn’t seen Sansa since she was a kid and he doesn’t care. She tells him that Jaime is the one who sent her to get Sansa and she’s sworn to protect Sansa until she dies. She shows him the letter. He says he doesn’t have enough men to help Sansa take Winterfell. Brienne says he still has more than Sansa does. The Blackfish says he has his own home to defend and if Jaime wants the castle, he’ll have to take it. Brienne tells Pod to send Sansa a message that she failed.

Cersei is told that there’s to be a royal announcement in the throne room, but her place is in the gallery. Ouch! Tommen speaks about the faith and the crown, and how the Father judges them all. He announces when Loras’s and Cersei’s trials will be, adding there will be no more trial by combat. Uh-oh, there goes Cersei’s plan. He says it isn’t fair and helps the defendant to escape judgment, which I have to agree is true.

A maester sidles up to Cersei. He says he’s investigated a rumor and it’s about to blow the lid off the place. I’m paraphrasing.

Tyrion tells Greyworm and Missandei that Meereen has been reborn. Neither one of them is a drinker, but he insists they have a drink with him. He toasts to Dany and says anyone not drinking is disrespectful to their queen. Greyworm isn’t impressed with fermentation. Tyrion says he’d like to have his own vineyard and call his wine The Imp’s Delight. He tells a three-guys-walk-into-a-bar joke, but neither one of them get it. Missandei is liking the wine and Tyrion asks her to tell a joke. After she does, Greyworm tells her it’s the worst joke he’s ever heard. They start to relax and laugh a little, and suddenly Greyworm jumps up and runs out.

A load of ships are coming in and Missandei says the masters are back for their property.

Jaime apologizes to Edmure for the way the Freys treated him. Edmure says his uncle will never surrender the castle, so Jaime is wasting his time. Jaime says The Blackfish is an old guy and Edmure has a son now. Edmure says he’s never seen his son. Jaime says going against the crown has consequences. They go back and forth with Edmure finally calling Jaime an evil man. He asks how Jaime lives with himself.

Jaime says Edmure’s sister once hit him in the head with a rock and they sort of laugh. Jaime says he admired Catelyn. Edmure tells Jaime not to talk about her. Jaime says she was a lot like Cersei and would do anything to protect her children. Edmure asks what he really wants. Jaime says he loves Cersei and she needs him. He says he’ll do whatever he can to take Riverrun and get back to her. He says none of them mean anything to him except her. He’ll kill all the Tullys if he has to.

Edmure approaches the castle, saying he’s the rightful Lord of Riverrun and demands entry. The Blackfish tells the gatekeeper not to let him in, but the gatekeeper says he’s sworn to serve the Lord of Riverrun. The Blackfish says he’s not obeying the Lord of Riverrun; he’s obeying Jaime Lannister. The Blackfish says he’ll have his head first and the gatekeeper says The Blackfish is not the Lord of Riverrun. The Blackfish puts his sword away, since he can’t argue with that, and the drawbridge is lowered.

Edmure goes inside, saying nothing to The Blackfish. He goes upstairs and is welcomed home. He tells the gatekeeper that everyone is to lay down their arms and to open the gates. Jaime looks at the Freys like, ah-ha (in Nelson voice), I was right. The soldiers enter Riverrun. Edmure says to hand The Blackfish over to the Freys for poetic justice.

Brienne and Pod are leaving. Brienne tells The Blackfish to come with them, but he says it’s his family home and he hasn’t had a proper sword fight in years. I give him props for his chutzpah.

Jaime is told The Blackfish died fighting. He looks out over the castle wall and sees Brienne and Pod leaving in a boat. He and Brienne wave to each other. I guess they’ll always be friends, eh?

Meanwhile, Meereen is being bombarded with fire bombs from the ships. Greyworm is arguing with Tyrion. Greyworm says the army needs to wait for the masters to come to them and not go to the beach. Suddenly, a bunch of Ninja type guys come in and bow down. Dany has arrived.

The Hound hears people in the forest. He sees some guys about to be hung. The hangmen are Beric and Thoros from the Brotherhood Without Banners. The Hound realizes the hangees are part of the gang who killed Brother Ray and the others, and finds out they were also part of the Brotherhood. He wants to deal with them, but compromises with taking out two. He wants to use his ax, but Beric says they only do hanging. Again there’s a compromise where The Hound can cut off some fingers or something. He also takes a pair of boots from one of the dead guys.

The Hound shares supper with his old friends. Beric asks him to join them. The Hound says he tried that and it didn’t work. Beric tells him they need good men to help them. The Hound says last time they met, Beric wanted him dead. Beric says that the Lord of Light spared The Hound for a reason. He tells The Hound he can still help more than he’s harmed and it’s not too late.

Arya is recovering at Lady Crane’s place. A guy stops by while Arya is sleeping and Lady Crane gets a vial from the top of a cabinet.

Arya is startled awake and finds Lady Crane totally butchered. The Waif appears and says if Arya had done her job, Lady Crane would have died painlessly. Arya jumps from the balcony and runs, The Waif behind her. She’s pretty freakin’ fast too. They run through Braavos. Finally Arya looses The Waif, but gets herself lost.

Arya walks through a steam-room into the market and there’s The Waif. Arya jumps over a wall and takes an amazing tumble down a whole lot of stairs, upsetting quite a few merchants. She’s hurt, but manages to crawl away, The Waif trailing her. Why, I don’t know, but Arya goes through an alleyway where there’s no way out. The Waif follows with a knife.

Arya is crouched in a dark room. The Waif closes the door and tells Arya it will be over soon. Arya has Needle, but the Waif says that won’t help her.

Jaqen sees a trail of blood leading to the pool. He goes downstairs to where the faces are. He sees The Waif’s face among them. Behind him, Arya says he told The Waif not to kill her. He says yes and that finally a girl is no one. She says the girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and she’s going home. Jaqen smiles. Kind of.

Next time, Jon is ready for war, and war it is. Looks like a doozie.