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August 6, 2018 – Carly on the Loose, Gina Has Opinions, Ashley Appears, Tyler’s Too Close, Saul Returns & a Little Grumpy


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Sam meets Jason at the docks. She tells him for a wanted man, he’s taking a lot of chances. He says he needs another favor.

At the hospital, Monica tells Drew that she got a call that someone made a generous donation to the hospital in Michael’s son Jonah’s name. They wanted to remain anonymous, but it was him, wasn’t it? BTW, real Monica, Leslie Charleson, is back, and she looks terrific. More like she was relaxing on an island somewhere, than she’d had an accident.

At Kelly’s, Julian asks Ava what’s in her bag. She says it’s what she wanted to talk to him about. He says the way she’s clutching it, it’s either valuable or incriminating.

Brad and Lucas see Michael at the station. He asks if Brad is there to see Nelle. She snuck past guards, and they thought she might reach out to him. Brad says he hasn’t heard from her, but Michael says, even if he had, she’s back in custody thanks to Josslyn. Lucas asks if she made a citizen’s arrest, and Michael says he’ll put it this way – she’s her mother’s daughter. Lucas says he almost feels bad for Nelle.

Nelle tells Jordan that her baby’s death was caused by Jordan’s department. She has blood on her hands; Chase and Michael too. Jordan is truly sorry for her loss, but it doesn’t change the fact that she escaped police custody and fled. Nelle says she’ll never be able to get justice in Port Charles. Michael’s two families run this place – the Quartermaines and the Corinthoses. Jordan says Sonny didn’t make her confess to Zack’s murder or the attempted murder of Michael. They have everything they need to put her away. Nelle says if they did, she wouldn’t be sitting here. There’s something they still want from her, and it has everything to do with Carly.

On the phone, Sonny asks if Josslyn is okay, and thanks Max. Carly asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She doesn’t think it sounded like nothing. Sonny tells her that Nelle escaped from the hospital. If Josslyn hadn’t stopped her, she would have gotten away. She has superficial bruises, but she’s fine, and Nelle is back in custody. Carly says she should have been there, and now she’s taking off with Jason to Canada. She shouldn’t leave when everyone needs her.

Jason tells Sam that he’s going to try something. If it doesn’t work, he might have to go on the run. If he does, he can’t help Michael. Sam heard the baby was stillborn, and asks if he’s seen Michael. Jason says he’s at the safe house. He’s toughing it out, or trying to. He knows Sam knows what it’s like to lose a baby. Sam says, so does he. He tells her that he can’t be with Michael, and neither can Carly or Sonny. She says he doesn’t have to ask. She loves Michael, and will do everything she can.

Drew tells Monica that he’s sure plenty of people might have made an anonymous contribution. She says if he’s thinking of Sonny, there are plaques all over with his name one them; he’s hardly anonymous. Drew admits it was him, and she says it was beautiful gesture. It means a lot to Michael. They can’t bring Jonah back, but it will help other newborns. His life was brief, but he’ll have a lasting effect. If he’d like her advice, even though he didn’t ask for it, he shouldn’t be anonymous. He’s Drew Cain. Own it.

Ava tells Julian that it’s nothing incriminating. Not directly to her anyway. He asks why she’s nervous, and she says she’s just reacting to something someone else did; a problem someone else caused. He says, so she wants him to undo the problem, and asks if the sudden urge to do the right thing was influenced by Griff. She says it’s as much Julian’s fault as Griff’s. He says he wanted to do and be a better man for Kim, and he inspired her to be better. He ask if she’s relieved that Nelle was caught, but she says Nelle’s baby was stillborn. No matter what she did, no mother deserves to lose a baby. Julian says Michael lost a baby too. He doesn’t have much use for Michael, but as a father, Michael has his sympathy. He asks why Ava needed to see him. She says it will be easier if she shows him. She pulls a corner of the blanket out of the bag, and he asks if it’s what he thinks it is. Carly and Nelle argued over a blanket that mysteriously disappeared, and now he knows why. Ava says she needed leverage to keep Nelle quiet over something Nelle was holding over her head. He asks if it’s also something someone else did, and she says it’s not important. The blanket can somehow reappear. It will prove Carly is telling the truth, and free her. He says she’s doing this for Carly? Don’t kid a kidder. She’s afraid Nelle will give her up. She say she wants to put distance and closure in all aspects of the situation. He asks how she’s going to do that without getting caught, and she says, he is.

Jordan tells Nelle that she’s entitled to a lawyer, but she says she’ll stick with remaining silent. Jordan says she just lost a baby, not to mention a husband and her chance to inherit his money if he died like she’d planned. What does she have to gain by keeping silent about what she did to Carly. Nelle asks who says she did anything? Jordan plays the part of the tape where Michael asks her about gaslighting Carly. Nelle tells Michael that she’ll tell him everything if he pulls over, but he tries to get her to say Carly didn’t push her. Jordan says she was about to admit Carly never pushed her. She tells Nelle to finish her story, and for once, so the right thing. Nelle asks what’s in it for her?

Carly tells Sonny she won’t be there to help Michael with his grief. She won’t be there for Josslyn, who’s fourteen, and it couldn’t be a worse time for her to without her mom. Sonny says it’s only a matter of time before she’s cleared. In the meantime, Michael and Josslyn are with people who care. Not her, but they’re not alone. Carly asks, what about him? Jason will be gone and Michael is grieving. Who’s going to help him with his dad? He says sooner or later, Nelle will be on trial and go to prison where she belongs. Carly says it’s going to take a lot of time, and it’s the one thing she doesn’t have. She just wants it over.

Lucas tells Michael that he’s sorry; they both are. Michael says everyone has been very kind. He tells them congratulations; it’s amazing. Brad doesn’t think Michael wants to hear about it, but Michael says he does. They waited for months; they must have been surprised when a miracle showed up. Lucas says the baby wasn’t expected for another week. He was in surgery, and came out to a thousand messages from Brad. Brad says it’s time for the baby to eat. Lucas says he’ll just check at the desk, and make sure they still don’t need to talk to Brad. Brad tells Michael that the baby’s name is Wiley. Michael likes it, and asks to hold him. Brad gives Wiley to Michael, and looks worried.

Sam tells Jason that he should do anything he can to stay in Port Charles, not just for Carly, but for himself too. It took her a lot of years to accept that he’d do anything for Carly, and she realized it’s mutual. Carly isn’t afraid to take care of herself, but she depends on him, and he would go to prison for her in a heartbeat. She suggests he find another way. The list of people who need him is long, and includes Danny – and her. She doesn’t know how to define their relationship, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Michael tells Wiley that he’s lucky, and his dads know how lucky they are. Lucas agrees, and asks if Brad is okay. Brad tells them he has to say something; something he should have said a long time ago. Michael says Wiley is the one good thing that’s happening. He’s going to be raised in love. He was planned for, wanted, and hoped for, and their lives are better because he’s in them. When he’s done with his Blue Fairy speech, Michael says he didn’t mean to cut Brad off. Brad tells Michael that he said it all. Michael gives Wiley back to Brad, and leaves the station. Lucas says Michael is right. They are so lucky.

Julian asks Ava is he’s supposed to drop the blanket on Sonny’s doorstep, ring the bell, and run. She suggests he plant it in the Quartermaine nursery. If anyone notices, he can says he’s there to see Leo. Julian says if he gets caught, he’ll never see Leo again. She tells him to just plant it there, and voila! He says a lot could go wrong, and it’s a bad time for him to get arrested. Wiley just arrived. Ava begs him to do this as a favor. If he puts it back, this can all be over. He tells her that he’s way nicer to her than she deserves. She asks if that’s a yes, and he says, hand it over. He leaves, and sees Margaux sitting outside. She asks if she can have a word, but he keeps moving. She says, I guess not.

Drew comes by, and Margaux asks if he saw Julian. Drew says Julian used to be his father-in-law once or twice. She asks what that’s about, and he says the short answer is, not anymore. She asks if he’d like to join her, and he asks for a raincheck. He thinks Curtis gave her the wrong impression, and wants to set the record straight.

Jordan tells Nelle cutting a deal might be tricky, since she’s implicated for murder. Nelle says what Chase and Michael did is called entrapment. She was cornered into saying what she didn’t want to. Jordan says she confessed in the car, and Nelle says it won’t hold up in court; she was coerced. She would have said anything to get Michael to stop the car before it crashed. Jordan asks how she knew it would crash, unless she was counting on it and arranged it? D-oh!

Jason comes back to the safe house, and Carly asks if Josslyn and Michael are okay. He says Michael is okay, but why Josslyn. Sonny explains that she stopped Nelle from escaping, and punches were thrown. He says she’s proud of herself. Carly is proud of her too, but Josslyn needs her. She might be strong on the outside, but on the inside, she’s a vulnerable teenager. Sonny asks if she’s having second thoughts about going to Canada, and Jason says they might not have to.

Jason shows them the consent form, saying he got it from Sam. Carly says the signature isn’t even close. She looks at the date, July 16th, and says it was before Michael’s wedding and before she was drugged. There’s no way she signed it. Jason says there might be another way, but it’s risky.

Drew tells Margaux that Curtis thought there was something going on between them. Margaux says he did seem wingman-y. Drew says he just got divorced. Margaux was already aware of it, and he asks how she knows stuff. She says Curtis is his buddy, and works with Sam. He bought Aurora Media with her, and when they had their launch, Jason came through the skylight. It’s a matter of public record, and she’s just trying to follow the sequence. Drew was a Navy SEAL, and had his memories replaced with Jason’s. He was hit by a car and forgot, but eventually Jason’s memories came back. Drew says she’s accurate so far. She says all of his memories were stored on a flash drive. Margaux flashes back to looking at the information. Drew says at this point, the flash drive seems to be lost. He says it was nice of Curtis to be his wingman, but he’s not looking. She understands and appreciates that, but thinks it’s only appropriate to tell him to get over himself.

Lucas tells Brad they only wanted to talk about Nelle. Now that she’s back in custody, they’re good to go. He asks Brad what’s wrong, and Brad says he keeps thinking about the germs circulating in there. Lucas wonders when he last ate, and Brad asks what say it is. Lucas suggests they get take-out from Kelly’s, and go home with their son.

At the Quartermaine’s, Julian mumbles that Ava had better appreciate the things he does for her. He leaves the blanket in a dresser in the nursery.

Nelle tells Jordan it’s Chase’s word against hers. Jordan says funny she said that, since it’s her words that they’ll use to convict her. She plays the part of the tape where Nelle says the only way she can survive is if Michael dies, and asks Chase to find a way. Jordan asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want a lawyer.

Carly tells Jason it sounds great, assuming it will work. Sonny says, playing devil’s advocate, Canada is safer, easier, and the best idea. Carly just wants to get back to her life. Sonny says they both know she can get fixated on something, and make more trouble for herself. She says it’s riskier for Jason than for her. Jason says it’s her call.

Michael picks up a toy from the crib. Monica sees him, and asks if he’s okay. He says, no. He doesn’t think he will be for a very long time. Monica says he’s right, but he will get through this. She did. He says she’s one of a kind, and she tells him, thank God. Even she couldn’t put up with another one of her. He’s going to grieve, but he’ll endure. He asks how long it will take. She says from her experience, it will seem like forever until it doesn’t. Michael says, something to look forward to, and she hugs him.

Julian tells Ava, mission accomplished. The housekeeper let him in. He didn’t see anyone, so he’s in the clear, but it’s her last favor of the non-legal variety, now that Wiley has arrived. Here they are now. Lucas and Brad walk in with the baby, and Ava gushes over Wiley, calling him a born heartbreaker. Lucas tells Wiley, watch out; here comes trouble. Julian takes a picture. Brad goes to get the food, and Ava asks if he’s heard from Nelle. Jordan called to see if she’d contacted Ava. Brad says Jordan called him too, but Nelle is back in custody. Ava says, it’s a shame. She did all she could for Nelle. He says he knows the feeling, and she says, no one should lose a child.

Margaux tells Drew he’s not the only one not looking, and if she was, she wouldn’t need a matchmaker like Curtis. Drew says, good thing, since he’s not good at it. She wonders if when they do start looking, they need to use dating apps. Her phone dings, and Drew asks if she’s swiped right already. She has to go, but if he decides to put a toe back in the water… She leaves her card on the table.

Lucas tells Brad that his father likes to control things. Brad says he’s gone forty-eight hours without sleep, but can’t blame Julian for wanting to be included. Family means everything. Ava looks at Brad, Lucas, and Wiley, and remarks what a beautiful family they are.

Jordan tells Nelle that they everything they need to prosecute her for conspiracy to commit murder. In New York state, she can get life. Jordan says she’ll let Florida and Maine wrestle over the charges for Zack’s murder. She only hopes Nelle admits what she did to Carly. Nelle says Carly admitted she was crazy, and Jordan says Nelle gambled and lost. Don’t make it worse, perjuring herself over a crime they both know she committed. She asks what happened, and Nelle says she doesn’t feel well. She wants to go back to the hospital. Jordan says, the hospital she broke out of? She doesn’t think so. Jordan says to tell her what she needs to know. If Nelle is really sick, she’ll bring in a doctor. Nelle says she would like a lawyer now.

Michael looks through the baby clothes. Sam comes in, saying she thought she’d find him there. He calls her a good detective. He thought he’d pack everything up for the shelter. Sam asks if he’s sure it’s not too soon. She tells him they can go somewhere he can scream his lungs out. He says she just keeps thinking about how the kids can use these things, and it would be selfish to hold on to them. She offers to help, and he accepts. He says his marriage was a lie, but the baby was real. He remembers the first sonogram, and the first time he felt the baby move. He realized how his life changed forever, and now… She says he still has Jonah. He may not have been in the world long, but he will always be a part of Michael’s heart. The love he feels is reason to keep living for him. Michael says he doesn’t know how to do this. Sam tells him every day is a victory; every hour he doesn’t give in to despair. She wants him to be proud. He knows and is proud. He starts to put things in a box.

Julian takes more pictures. Ava says he looks like a normal, doting grandfather, He says he is, more or less.

Sonny asks Jordan what to expect. She says if his wife turns herself in voluntarily, she has questions. He says what about? The set-up by an admitted murderer she has in custody already? Why not set up a case for that instead of searching for his wife?

Margaux sees Jason at the docks. She got his text and was intrigued. He thanks her for coming, but she tells him to save it. Give her one good reason why she shouldn’t turn him in.

Sam tells Michael it’s okay. He says he’s just remembering how he ordered everything. Nelle picked out some things, but it was mostly him. He says Brad and Lucas have everything picked out already. Sam says they have everything in the nursery decorated within an inch of its life, but not so much the clothes. Does he want to give some to them from Wiley’s cousin Jonah? He hands her some clothes, and opens another drawer. He sees the baby blanket, and says he can’t believe it. He asks Sam if it looks familiar.

Sonny tells Jordan that Carly was drugged and tortured at Ferncliff. She was in fear for her life. If Jordan won’t talk about it now, then he’ll talk about it with someone else; the government, press, whoever will listen. She tells him there’s no need to involve the press, but he thinks there is. Ferncliff forged Carly’s signature on a consent form.

Carly walks into the interrogation room. She tells Nelle, long time no see, and smiles.

Tomorrow, Griff tells Ava that he loves her, Scotty is going to do everything in his power to win, and Carly tells Nelle that she messed with the wrong family.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki takes Tamra for a follow-up on her foot. Vicki asks the doctor when Tamra can whoop it up again. Vicki embarrasses Tamra and the doctor by talking about Tamra being naked in the hot tub when she broke her foot. Tamra would rather see a hot doctor in the OC than a late night ER doctor in Mexico. It’s a slow-healing fracture, but the doctor says if it doesn’t heal, she’ll need surgery. Tamra says having a broken foot sucks. How is she going to work out? She asks if Vicki she’s talked to Kelly. Vicki says no, but she told Kelly that she and Steve are friends with Michael and the woman he’s dating. In her interview, Tamra is Team Kelly, and says this was a bad move on Vicki’s part.

Emily goes to the gym, and her husband’s family tags along. She feels like she married them as well as her husband, but they all get along great. Mother-in-law Pary (angel in Persian) asks about Shane taking the bar exam. He hasn’t passed yet, and she wants to know how to help him. Emily knows what it takes, and says she can’t push him. In her interview, Emily says Pary thinks because she’s Shane’s wife, she can motivate him. Pary says if he doesn’t take it, Shane should shut up about taking it.

Kelly meets Vicki for coffee. In her interview, Kelly says seeing Vicki’s name on her phone made her feel like she had a pit in her stomach. We see a clip of Vicki calling her. Kelly says she thought could trust Vicki, but she’s on Michael’s side; that’s not a friend. She says she gets it, but she was upset because she heard it from someone else. When you’re friends, you share things. Vicki says she was going to tell Kelly when they went to dinner with Jolie, but didn’t want to involve Jolie, and she didn’t feel comfortable telling her on the phone. Kelly says she doesn’t roll like that. In her interview, Kelly says she’s a ride or die friend, and Vicki is fair weather. Kelly says she was livid. Vicki says Kelly screamed at her and she doesn’t want to be screamed at. She deserves respect. Kelly says respect is earned, and Vicki insists she’s going to have it.

Kelly tells Vicki that if she and Steve break up, she’ll make sure Vicki knows how it feels. She’ll hook Steve up and go one a double-date with him. Vicki knows it doesn’t feel good, and wants to fix it. She wants it to be us again. In her interview, Kelly doesn’t think Vicki is really sorry. She can forgive her, but still not trust her. She accepts Vicki’s apology. In her interview, Vicki says she did nothing wrong, and Kelly needs to look in the mirror, and figure out why she’s so temperamental.

Shannon is experimenting with some recipes. In her interview, she tells us about her yo-yo of weight loss and gain. She realizes it needs to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. Every time she goes off one, she thinks, now she can eat. Her friend, Marcy, has a connection with QVC, and thought Shannon should do a recipe book. She’s making healthy meals with a lot of flavor. Her daughters are helping do the taste test. She tells them if QVC doesn’t like the food, there’s no deal. Golden Retriever Archie prays that one of them drops something. The girls like the food, but think it’s a little too spicy. In her interview, Shannon knows she’s not the only one struggling, but you don’t have to eat like Tamra, having a piece of chicken that tastes like cardboard. Despite the criticism, the girls think she’s got a winner. One of them doesn’t like cheese though, which boggles my mind.

Gina and her mom, Susan, bring the kids to the zoo. Gina says having her mom there from Long Island is a help, and she doesn’t have to pay her. Gina asks how Susan likes California, and Susan asks if Gina is ever coming back to New York. In her interview, Gina says she originally didn’t know they would end up living apart. Him getting home earlier was one of the reasons why they moved in the first place. She thought it was the beginning of an amazing life, but it’s hard. She sends her husband a picture, and checks in.

Tamra and Shannon are meeting Emily and Gina for dinner. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon hates everybody who’s new. We flash back to her being nasty to everyone who has joined the cast since she did. She doesn’t expect it to go well, and can’t wait. Tamra has a little scooter thing to get around in. Kelly and Vicki also join them. We find out Shannon went to law school, but dropped out after her second year. She was engaged, and stayed because her fiancé didn’t like her being there. When they broke up, she left. I kind of understand this, although my experience was the opposite. When I was in high school, my boyfriend wanted to take tap dance lessons (we were both in theatre), and it was cheaper if I took them with him. I hated it, he graduated early and moved to NYC, and I switched to jazz. Shannon says she didn’t want anyone telling her what to do.

Gina orders an Old Fashioned, and Tamra thinks it’s some kind of shot. Shannon talks about spanx. Gina is anti-Spanx, and Shannon says she’s wearing three sets, but when she was thirty-three, she rocked her natural stuff too. In her interview, Gina doesn’t understand why people think she’s from New Jersey. She’s not offended, but it’s a totally different state. In her interview, Shannon says she’s been making healthy choices, and thinks it’s not that hard. We see her ask for the pizza to be passed her way, and she adds, then it spirals. Since she had a pastry, she might as well have a doughnut. She tells the girls about the QVC gig, and says there’s a 20% chance they’ll like it. Kelly says Shannon that she looks great, and Shannon says she’s single now. She mentions David dating someone twenty years younger. Vicki says it’s bizarre.

Kelly says what’s bizarre, is that Vicki hooked her ex up with a friend. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly accepted her apology. She wasn’t going to bring it up again. Vicki says her friend wanted to meet Michael. Kelly says Vicki didn’t tell her, and Vicki says she thought they already discussed it. She doesn’t know why it’s being brought up now. In her interview, Kelly claims she just wanted to get some other opinions. Emily says you should stick with the girl. Gina calls girl code, and basically says Vicki is a loser. She says she would have told the friend, eff you, I’m not hooking you up. In her interview, Kelly hopes Vicki learned her lesson, since she was schooled in being wrong. Vicki says that’s not how it happened. In her interview, stubbornly missing the point, Vicki says Kelly divorced Michael, and he’s available to date who he wants. Emily says they should make a pact that no one hooks up anyone’s ex with a friend.

Kelly’s new boyfriend walks in, and there’s immediate PDA. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly thinks it’s okay to flaunt her new boyfriend in the midst of a girls’ night. Kelly introduces him around. In her interview, Shannon doesn’t know if she’s ready to date. Part of her thinks it would be fun, but part of her thinks she’d be sick to her stomach. The PDA continues, and everyone is creeped out. In her interview, Emily is glad she’s married and not dating. The grass is not always greener. Sometimes it’s a sh*tty condo sitting on a vacant lot. The girls jet one by one, and Emily says, we’ll just leave you two alone.

Shannon tells Tamra a few things were awkward. Tamra says it was weirdest dinner ending ever, even for them. We flash back to the endings of a few of those dinners. Vicki tells Tamra that she and Kelly had closed the chapter, and then she brought it up. In her interview, Vicki says Gina is stepping into a cesspool of chaos, and should stay out of it. In the bathroom, Gina tells Emily this is what they have to look forward to with any second opportunities.

Tamra lights sage to get the negative energy out of the house. Is she not a Christian anymore? Eddie tells her not to burn the house down, and she says she’s just staging it. She asks the spirits to stop sh*t from happening to her and Eddie. In her interview, she tells us about Eddie drilling into the fire sprinkler while doing renovation. A smell is coming from the drain, her foot is broken, and Eddie’s heart is broken. Eddie says the doctor is going to prescribe stronger meds to restrict his heart rate. He has a friend who was in the exact same boat, and it took another procedure to fix. Tamra says they’ll never have sex again. Eddie tells her not to worry about that.

Gina visits Tamra. Tamra doesn’t want to beat around the bush, and says Vicki sent her a message. Gina says Vicki hates her. Tamra says Vicki didn’t say hate, but she doesn’t like Gina. Gina knew she was on Vicki’s sh*t list, but that’s Vicki’s issue. Tamra says Vicki wants everyone to agree with her; it’s her personality. Gina says she’s totally not that person. Even if she’s friends with someone, she doesn’t blow smoke up their ass. Thank you. She says if she’s asked her opinion, she’ll give it. In her interview, she says in New York, you know who likes you; in the OC, four out of seven hate your guts, but smile at you anyway.

In her interview, Emily says Shane’s mom bringing up the bar exam gives her anxiety. It’s a touchy subject, and she doesn’t want to be in the middle, or have Shane think she’s pressuring him, or that she’s not on his side. She’s always respectful to her mother-in-law, but doesn’t want Shane to think she’s talking behind his back. She tells Shane what his mom asked, and he says he’s taking the exam for himself, not for anyone else. Emily says that’s the only thing she wanted. Shane says the last time he took it, it was a rush. They were moving, and everyone was adjusting. He needs certain things in order, like the children’s schedules being taken care of. Emily says she can do that, and he tells her that he’ll also need to take a break from work, so he put in a notice. She assumes it’s not the next one in two months, and he says the one after that, ten months. In her interview, Emily says it’s a lesson in perseverance. She asks Shane to tell his mother.

Vicki meets Gina for a walk. In her interview, Gina says Vicki has the right to say she’s offended, but she has the right to her opinion. We see a clip of Vicki talking on the phone with Gina, who invites her on the walk. Gina says she wants to get to know Vicki, but also felt that stuff came up at the dinner, which was between Vicki and Kelly, but since it was brought up at the table, she was vocal about it. Vicki says everyone has an opinion, but unless it pertains to her, Vicki’s advice is to be cool with everyone. I translate that to mean, if you don’t agree, butt out. Gina says girls should stick together, and Vicki asks if that means she agrees that Vicki shouldn’t have said anything because her friend asked her not to. Nicely spun! In her interview, Gina says it’s a Jedi mind trick. Someone does something awful that you’re opposed to, and they twist it so you’re the bad person. She says it’s impressive, and she’s going to master it. Then she’s going to Jedi mind trick all the California bitches. She tells Vicki that she’s not a sh*t talker. Vicki says Gina is from New York; she might be. Gina amends that to, she might be, but to the person’s face. In her interview, Vicki says Gina can’t school her. Then she says a whole lot of words that amount to, it’s her sandbox, and she gets to choose who plays in it. Gina says Kelly was upset, and Vicki tells her that Kelly was fine when they’d met earlier. Gina says she clearly wasn’t, since she was bringing it up. Vicki says Kelly wanted to cause problems. Gina says it’s cool Vicki is standing by her decision, but it’s okay to disagree. She’s out of it now, and she’s not running to Kelly to discuss it. Vicki asks how she’s adjusting to California. Gina says she’s getting there. Vicki says when she first moved there, she kept thinking her mom would follow, but eventually realized it was about her and her kids. Now, it’s her daughter and her family. She asks how old Gina is, and finds out she’s thirty-three, the same age as Briana. She says Gina could be her daughter.

Next time, Tamra coaches Shannon at the gym, the girls play poker, Kelly won’t let it go, and Tamra feels helpless about Eddie.

🍸 Well, bless her heart. Ashley made an appearance on Southern Charm Savannah, so I halfway paid attention. Not that Ashley; the one from Savannah last season, who’s not in the cast this season. She met with Daniel, who said he’d always had a soft spot in his heart for her, even though she wasn’t very transparent about herself. She was transparent in the clip they showed from last time, playing golf in lingerie after suggesting she and the guys play strip golf. She told Daniel that she didn’t want to hurt anyone, which he felt was an intense cop-out, and was pretty much what she said to all of the guys’ girlfriends after the golf game. Hannah had a Chrismukkah party, designed by Bruce the party planner. It was impressive, but nothing like Patricia’s Winter Wonderland Ball in Charleston.

👠 TLC is rerunning the first season of Too Close to Home in the wee hours of the morning. Another Tyler Perry effort, I love this one too. Trailer park trash, Annie, shuns her roots and works herself up to a job in Washington DC, after which she proceeds to have an affair with the President. He has a heart attack while they’re having sex, and all hell breaks loose. All hell being mostly in the form of the First Lady (Heather Locklear). Annie ends up a fugitive and goes back home, where she reconnects with the very masculine, yet gentle of soul, Brody. A good reason alone for the ladies (and some gentlemen) to watch. It’s a great story. Unfortunately, there are only 16 episodes, as it was canceled after the second season, but it’s just delicious.

💼 Better Call Saul is back for a fourth season. I really like this show, but my dance card is filled. If yours isn’t, give it a try.

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General Hospital

At the hospital, Hayden is checking the paper to see if there have been any plane crashes. Griff asks her what’s up with that. She tells him about how Finn was supposed to meet with the pharmaceutical company in Manhattan. The plane left, but he didn’t check into the hotel and isn’t answering his phone. She tried to find out where the plane landed, but can’t get any further information without Tracy, since the jet belongs to ELQ.

Finn is back in his hotel room. He dumps a bunch of vials out of his bag.

Curtis sees Nina at The Floating Rib. She shows him her ring and he congratulates her, saying looks like she got it all.

Anna digs through her overnight bag, annoyed that there are no clothes in it. She suddenly gets weak and almost collapses. Valentin appears, asking if he’s going to have to catch her again.

Jason sees Robin, and wonders what she’s doing at the hospital. She figures he would have talked to Sonny, but he says Sonny told him to talk to her. She says she told Sonny it was private, but didn’t mean to include him. She tells Jason that Anna has cancer. She says it was a shock, but in Anna’s case, it’s treatable. The hard part is getting her to take it easy. She asks why Jason texted her, and he says he wanted to talk to her about Olivia-J.

Sam tells Olivia-J that she’s not going to stand in the cold and argue. Olivia pulls a gun, saying that Sam has figured out who she is, and no one else can know. Sam acts ignorant, and Olivia says she’s not an idiot. She tells Sam that she’s her Aunt Olivia, Julian’s dead sister.

At the dive bar, Julian calls Sam and gets voicemail. He wonders what Oliva-J has done. Gray joins him, and says there’s been a complication

Olivia-J tells Sam that she doesn’t want anything to happen to the baby. Sam says her being alive is impossible. Olivia says that Julian shot her in the back, but she didn’t die. She tells Sam that she just wants to stash her someplace warm.

Robin tells Jason that she hasn’t thought about Olivia-J in ages, and Sonny was asking about her too. She says this must have something to do with Ava. Jason says he doesn’t trust the cops, and neither does Sonny, so he’s been looking into the Jerome family. Robin tells him that she was little, but remembers some things clearly. Olivia was crazy and dangerous, and hated Anna.

Anna tells Valentin that the details are hazy. She says she’s feeling better, but he tells her that it doesn’t look like it. He says that he’s told her everything he can. She says she was told that she ordered the WSB to assassinate him and has no recollection. He infers that she has selective amnesia. She says she wants the truth, and won’t rest until she has answers.

Hayden tells Griff that Finn didn’t check into the hotel and didn’t make the meeting. The plane took off, but didn’t land in NYC. She wonders if he went somewhere else, and why he wouldn’t tell her. Griff says there must have been a misunderstanding, and Hayden asks him what’s up with the look. He says he doesn’t want to speculate, but she begs him to tell her what’s on his mind. Griff says he doesn’t know for sure, but Finn asked him for a painkiller prescription and got annoyed when he wouldn’t refill it. He thinks Finn is showing the symptoms of withdrawal. Hayden wonders why, since they both should have been cured from the disease. She asks why he would still be taking anything so addictive. Duh. Because it’s addictive?

Finn gives himself a shot, and tells Roxie not to look at him like that. He tells her that he’ll kick this.

Olivia-J tells Sam to get in the car. Sam says Olivia is the one who hired Buzz to plant the bomb to kill Julian, and she must have been annoyed that he didn’t die. Olivia says she’s beyond annoyed, and Sam says apparently Sonny’s kid was collateral damage. She asks how she knows Olivia won’t hurt the baby, and Olivia says she could never hurt an unborn child again.

Robin explains to Jason that Duke didn’t return Olivia-J’s feelings for him, and she lashed out. Robin doesn’t know the particulars, but Anna was pregnant with Duke’s baby, and when she and Olivia crossed paths, she wasn’t anymore. Jason tells her he’s sorry, and she says it was a long time ago. It was supposedly an accident, but she never believed that. Jason asks Robin if Olivia was still alive, if she’d want to hurt Julian. Robin says she’s surprised Olivia didn’t rise from the dead and kill him

Sam asks Olivia-J why she’s targeting her. Olivia tells her that she has poor taste in fathers. Sam says she had no choice, and why retribution after all these years? She says Julian killed the only man she ever loved.

Nina tells Curtis about the ribbon rings, and he says she ain’t got no ribbon now. She says funny how life works. She became willing to accept that she wasn’t going to have any children, but then Charlotte came along. Curtis says she married Charlotte’s father, not Charlotte. Nina says they’re happy, although Valentine’s Day got off to a rocky start; someone broke into their house.

Anna asks Valentin why he thinks she’d be breaking into his house. He suggests she was snooping. She wants the whole story, but he tells her not to ask questions that she doesn’t want answers to. She says whatever she did was traumatic and emotionally scarring, and she blocked it out. Here’s his chance to dig it up, throw it in her face, and destroy her. He tells her she’s better off the way things are, and starts to leave. Robin comes in and tells him to get away from Anna.

Nina tells Curtis that Valentin and Anna were friends back in the day, but something happened to their friendship. She says that Anna is practically stalking him; it’s like she’s obsessed with him. Curtis says it doesn’t match with what he knows about Anna. It makes him wonder if Valentin is telling her everything.

Valentin introduces himself to Robin. Robin asks why he’s in Anna’s room. She says she’s grateful he brought Anna to the hospital, but she doesn’t need his mind games. She tells him that she’s been friends with Lulu and Nicholas since they were teenagers, and he killed Nicholas. He says that’s one way to look at it, and tells Anna to get the answers she wants from someone else.

Curtis tells Nina that everyone keeps secrets. She wonders what he thinks Valentin is keeping from her, and he asks what the past beef between him and Anna was. Nina tells him about how Anna rejected Valentin’s advances. Curtis says if that’s the whole story, he’d be the one with the grudge.

Gray tells Julian that they didn’t have any other options before, but the Quartermaines have pooled their resources and are matching the offer. Their angle is that GH is vital to community, and they’ve swung others to their side, making it a community issue. He’ll do his best to persuade them, but if he were Julian, he’d prepare his client for the vote not going their way. Julian says that’s not acceptable.

Jason leaves Sam a message. He thinks he has a theory about what going on.

Olivia-J tells Sam that she believed Duke had survived like she had. She thought her faith had been rewarded, and found out that Julian had killed him. All light, love, and hope for her life was gone. Sam says she hates what Julian has done and understands. Olivia says she can’t understand, with her perfect life, and it isn’t fair. Why should Sam have everything when she has nothing? I dunno. Because Sam isn’t a lunatic?

Finn shakes as he feeds Roxie. He thinks he’s built up a tolerance, and prepares another shot. He tells Roxie that it’s just this once.

Hayden asks Griff if he thinks Finn is addicted. Griff says Finn has been using the drug for years. He says he’s been keeping an eye on things, and even tried questioning him. Hayden is going to start by seeing if he made it back.

Valentin joins Nina. He says that he’s going to make up for every minute they missed on Valentine’s Day. She asks what held him up, and he tells her he stopped by to see Anna.

Robin asks Anna what Valentin wanted. Anna says it’s a long story, but he’s not a threat. Robin says delirium isn’t usually a symptom of what Anna has. Anna says she’s not delirious, and wants to know why Robin didn’t pack any clothes in her overnight bag. Robin says because she’d try to leave, and that Anna is exhausted. Anna says the hospital is no place to rest, and she wants a semblance of normalcy. Robin tells her that she can’t check herself out against doctor’s orders. Anna says Robin made her realize she could carry on, and she also realizes what’s important. Robin says most important thing is to take care of herself. Anna tells her that there are things she doesn’t know about her past, and she can’t find the answers there.

Julian grabs Gray and says everything had better work out. Gray says he’ll concentrate on the board members, but can’t promise anything. Julian says failure isn’t an option, and Gray tells him it’s just business, not life or death. Julian says where he comes from, it is life or death, and Gray had better remember that. Gray leaves, and Julian looks at the picture of Sam with Olivia-J.

Olivia-J tells Sam that without Duke, she has nothing. The only thing keeping her going is Julian dying by her hand, but she wants to make him suffer. She says unless Sam wants the baby to be collateral damage, to get in the car. Sam starts to walk toward the car, but doubles over. When Olivia asks what’s wrong, Sam tries to get the gun. They struggle on the bridge.

Nina tells Valentin that this is the second time he’s left her waiting because of Anna, and wonders if she should be jealous. He says Anna collapsed in his house and he was just checking to make sure she was all right. He’d thought Nina would be proud of his good deed. Nina says that Anna isn’t their friend; she broke into their house. Valentin tells her that he’s hoping they can make peace. Nina says his past and present caught up with him, and they’re bound to run into each other. Valentin suggests getting something expensive that the bar has in reserve, and goes to talk to the bartender. Nina calls the commissioner, saying she wants to report Anna breaking in.

Robin and Anna argue. Griff asks what’s going on, and Robin says Anna is trying to check herself out. Griff says she has a phlebotomy first thing in the morning. He says he’s not her doctor, and wants her to spend the night and talk to Finn tomorrow. Anna says she trusts him. He says because of PV, she might experience dizziness and she’s on blood thinners. Any injury that draws blood could be problematic. She asks if everything she’s done with her career is off the table, and if she’s finished. Robin thinks she should reconsider the instructor position. Anna complains that they all convinced her that her illness wouldn’t hold her back. Griff says it’s minor, but she says what life does that leave her? Robin says she’s not ready to lose her mom and Emma isn’t ready to lose her grandmother. If she can’t do it for herself, can’t she do it for them?

Jason talks to Curtis. He says they know someone has a hold over Julian, that person accidentally killed Morgan, and that Julian called them his sister. Curtis says he’s looked into it, and Ava is Julian’s only living sister; the other one is dead. Jason says, unless she’s not.

Olivia-J tells Sam not to make her hurt the baby. The gun drops. Sam punches Olivia, and Olivia pushes her over the railing. Sam lies unconscious below the bridge.

Commercial break. For more information on rare blood cancers like Anna has, go to VoicesOfMPN.com.

Hayden knocks on Finn’s hotel room door. She says she knows he didn’t go to New York. If there’s a problem, they’ll deal with it, but he has to let her in. There’s still no answer, so she leaves. Finn is passed out with the syringe next to him.

Anna says she’ll stay at the hospital. Griff says to do her fan club a favor and get some rest. Out at the desk, Robin thanks Griff, and asks when Finn will be back. Griff says soon, but in the meantime, he’ll look into protocols. She says she will too. She tells him that he has his dad’s eyes. She’s been thinking about Duke a lot lately. If he were here, he’d know what to say, but maybe he can speak through Griff. She tells Griff that Duke was like a father to her, and Griff says they’re part of the same clan.

Anna looks at her special agent ID.

Valentin tells Nina he’s not going to let anyone intrude on their future. Nina toasts to it.

Officer Donaldson comes to Anna’s room. He says they have a complaint, and he’s going to have to place her under arrest. While I’ve never been arrested, much less arrested while I was a patient in the hospital, I’m not so sure it works like that.

Curtis tells Jason that it’s a wild theory, and what are they supposed to do with this hunch? Jason says they need proof. They’re going to find out where Olivia-J is buried, and open the grave. Cool! I’m hoping she put something weird in there, like a practical joke fist on a spring.

Olivia-J’s phone rings. It’s Julian, He asks if she hurt Sam, and she asks about the hospital sale. He says everything is fine and there’s nothing to worry about. He wants to talk to Sam, but Olivia says she’s out cold. And so she is.

Tomorrow, Nina admits to placing the complaint, Lucy arrives, and Jason and Curtis open Olivia’s grave.

👄 Last night was the season finale of Too Close to Home, where Mama June Jolene finally admitted to selling her children for food and booze. Trisha Rae Stahl outdid herself, especially when Jolene went outside for the first time in forever, and her trailer was cleared of its hoard. Although Jolene’s mess wasn’t nearly as impressive as what we’ve seen on the real life Horders; it was pretty clean and I don’t think would have filled even half of a dumpster. Heather Locklear was also a joy to behold, outing her POTUS husband’s affair during a live television interview. And of course there was Brody. Tyler Perry does it again, and I’ve heard there’s a good chance for them being renewed, since they’ve been a win for ratings lagging TLC. I’m rooting for them. This show is like V.C. Andrews for grown-ups, and the epitome of guilty pleasure.

🏥 Speaking of TLC, my latest obsession has been My 600-lb Life. Also like Hoarders, where there’s more than just piling up stuff, there’s more than just piling on pounds here. Both things originate from some kind of trauma, and both illnesses have visible symptoms. One finds comfort in material things, the other in food. My heart goes out to these people, who are at best stared at in public, and often harassed. One thing I would like to see though, is the entire family being given therapy. Often, they all have food issues, even though only one of them is tipping the scales at 600 pounds. Unlike alcoholics, who do not need alcohol to live, we all have to eat, and I’ll bet it makes it a whole lot easier if the entire family is on board. Today this poor guy sat down to his dinner of gruel, when everyone else chowed down on sides of beef in a tortilla. It was so unfair.

January 25, 2017 – Searching for Franco & Random Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis tells Jordan that she’s thinking the same thing he’s thinking, and kisses her. They move their kissing to the bed.

Dillon meets Kiki, who says they need his help.

Sam tells Elizabeth that they have to find Franco now. She wants to trace his steps before he disappeared. Elizabeth is puzzled, and asks if Sam talked to Alexis, saying that Sam practically laughed in her face before. Even though Sam doesn’t admit it, Elizabeth can tell she talked to her mother, and asks what Alexis said.

Julian asks Alexis how much of the truth she told Sam. She says she’s the one asking the questions, and wants to know if he did something to Franco.

Franco writes a note asking whoever finds it to contact Elizabeth, but the light keeps going on and off. He slips the note under the door, hoping a good Samaritan will come by.  Where the blip is he?

Jason gets up from the table and falls over. Methinks something was slipped into his coffee. The server yells for someone to call 911, and Tracy runs over and shakes Jason. She asks if he can hear her, and says he’s burning up. He says he’s fine, but she tells him that he just collapsed. She says to wait for the paramedics and suggests calling Sam, but he says no.

Sam tells Elizabeth that they should concentrate on finding Franco. Elizabeth says Sam is still hoping he’s the guilty party.

Kiki fills Dillon in on the Franco situation, and gives him the phone. She says she called around to see if it could be fixed, but every place she called was negative, and just tried to sell her a new phone. Obviously, someone besides me has had a problem with pushy salespeople, since this is the second time they’ve mentioned that. Dillon has an idea. He has a dehumidifier for high tech equipment, and wants to use it to dry out the phone.  He’s not making any promises, but thinks it’s worth a shot.

Alexis reminds Julian that he said he’d do anything to help her. She tells him that Franco has the picture of her and Tom at the bar. Julian doesn’t think anyone would believe him, but Alexis says this time Franco might be right, and if he were to disappear, the police would probably consider the case closed. She asks him where Franco is, but he says he doesn’t know. She asks how she can believe he’s telling her the truth, and he says she can’t.

Franco walks around to keep warm. He talks about food, a cheeseburger and curly fries. He wonders if someone is coming back to finish the job, and looks for a weapon. Well, there are quite a few lamps around; a broken light bulb or a cord might be good. After living in NYC for twenty years, I always know where the closest weapon is. He digs into a box, but it’s only Tupperware. The next box contains trophies. I would think one of those would make pretty good weapon. You could certainly poke somebody’s eye out. Looking at them, he says whoever locked him in there is good at peewee basketball. He picks a trophy out, and uses it to batter the doorknob, but has no luck. Some of the boxes fall on him, and he’s knocked out on the floor again.

Curtis and Jordan start to get busy. She asks what they’re doing, and he wonders if he has to explain. Ha-ha! She tells him it’s wrong. Curtis says what’s been going on between them has been going on for a while, and she needs to be honest. They both felt something strong and passionate, way back when she tried to slap him in the interrogation room. She doesn’t disagree.

Jason is in the hospital, and tells Monica not to call Sam. Monica promises that whatever’s wrong, they’ll fix it.

Julian says unfortunately, Alexis won’t believe anything from him now, and what they had once is gone. Alexis says it’s vanished, and the trust was just an illusion; she was duped by him the entire time. He’s only there because he’s blackmailing her, and she’ll never be taken in by him again. He says he’s telling the truth, and has always put her welfare first, despite how it’s seemed. He says there’s no way to prove it, and things are just what they are. A variation on, it is what it is. He has to go, but it’s not about Franco, and that’s all he’s saying. He tells her not to reach for a drink, but she says it’s taken her this long to get this far. Yeah, a whole two days. He tells her not to go snooping around about Franco. The second he’s gone, she looks up Elizabeth’s number on her phone.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to share much because Sam wants Franco to be guilty. Sam says there’s a warrant out for his arrest, but Elizabeth says Sam obviously has her own agenda.

Monica hopes the bloodwork will give them some answers. Tracy says that Jason was on the floor when she arrived, and she has no clue what happened.

Dillon goes to an indoor storage unit. Across the hall from where Franco is. (Ah-ha!) His note is lying on the floor – a floor that is completely bare and clean except for this yellow sheet of paper – but they don’t see it. More boxes fall, and Dillon asks if Kiki heard something, but she says no. Dillon makes a call to a friend, explaining that they’re looking for someone who disappeared, and asks about rebooting the phone if they’re able to dry it out. He wants to write down the instructions, and Kiki picks up Franco’s note to write on. It’s folded in half, but she doesn’t bother opening it to see what it is. This kind of stuff drives me nuts.

Dillon gives Kiki the instructions. He looks over what she’s written, and we can totally see through the paper to Franco’s writing. Dillon tells Kiki it’s worth a shot, and she says it’s not like they have other leads. Dillon goes into the unit to get the dehumidifier.

Jordan tells Curtis that she’s with Andre, but Curtis says deep down, she trusts him more. Andre didn’t want her to come to Baltimore with him, but she’s here. She says she’s just there because of the case. She says she was going through a confusing time, and he needs to get over himself.

Sam says that she’ll pursue this with or without Elizabeth, and asks if she’s on board or not. Elizabeth says she knows that Sam has an ugly history with Franco and legitimate reasons to hate him, but she can’t let the past influence how she treats him in this investigation. Sam says she can’t make any promises, and goes over what Franco did to her, saying she only has his word that he didn’t really rape her. Elizabeth says she’s sorry it happened. She understands, because that’s how she feels about Tom, but they have to agree that they’re looking for the truth. Sam is okay with that, as long as Elizabeth is good with whatever they find. They sit, and Elizabeth tells Sam how she found Franco’s phone. She says it had blood on it and it was wet, and Kiki is trying to dry it out.

Elizabeth calls Kiki, and Kiki tells her what she and Dillon are doing. She says she’ll meet Elizabeth at the bar. Dillon and Kiki leave the storage place. Franco hears voices, but can’t function enough to respond.

Monica tells Tracy that Jason’s fever is down and it seems like whatever he has isn’t life threatening. Tracy asks if she’s calling Sam, but Monica wants to wait on that in case it’s contagious. Tracy says she talked to the server. All Jason had was coffee, and he was fine until he collapsed. Monica wonders what brought this on so quickly. I’m a little surprised the server didn’t mention that Jason had company at the table for a while.

Julian is at Jason’s bedside. Jason asks if he’s there to see the results of his work.

Kiki arrives at the bar, and tells Elizabeth that they got the phone dried out. She wonders why Sam is there. She puts two and two together, and asks if the woman Franco suspects is someone she knows.

Alexis’s doorbell rings. It’s Diane. She says Alexis has a meeting with the bar committee tonight, and she’s there for last minute prep. She has Alexis’s statement, and has made some tweaks. She suggests they hammer out any changes. She asks Alexis if something is wrong, and Alexis says she’s just nervous. Diane has an incentive – she’s brought a bottle of wine for when they celebrate. Great.

Jason asks Julian what he slipped in the coffee. Julian says the same thing he gave himself to extend his hospital stay. He tells Jason that Winston was responsible for the car bomb. He was the intended target and Morgan was collateral damage. There was no doubt it would be pinned on Sonny, getting rid of them both. He says that now they don’t just want him and Sonny gone, but Jason and Curtis are also in jeopardy. They’ve been asking too many questions, and people could die. If he keeps going the way he’s going, Sam and his unborn child are at risk.

Sam tells Kiki that she just wants the truth, and Elizabeth says it’s cool. Dillon explains how he dried out the phone. They try to reactivate it. It starts to work, and Elizabeth grabs it.

Jordan tells Curtis his ego is out of whack and always has been. She says she may have felt something physical for him, but she was only attracted to him in that moment, and it means nothing. He says what about this moment; how is she going to explain that to herself?

Alexis tells Diane that the changes she made are astute. Diane says Alexis is an incredible lawyer, and Port Charles needs her expertise. Alexis doesn’t think she’ll practice law again, but Diane says she just has a case of stage fright. She tells Alexis to look at the committee as a jury, except she’s pleading her own case. Alexis thanks Diane for always being on her side. Diane says in a few hours, they’ll be toasting her victory.

The phone is locked. Sam says she’ll call Spinelli, but Elizabeth gets the phone open with JAKE. Dillon tells her how to retrieve the last message. All the messages they find are from Kiki and Elizabeth.

Franco finally gets himself up from the floor. He says some psycho is going to come back and kill him unless he figures something out.

Jason asks if Julian is threatening his family, but Julian says they’re on the same side. He was only getting Jason out of harm’s way. He says the bottom line is that he wants to turn the tables and get rid of them, but he needs Jason’s help. Jason asks who Winston is working for, and why they want him dead.

Jordan tells Curtis they’re here on business, and they’re going to convince Buzz to come back to Port Charles. She tells him again that she’s with Andre, and he says good luck with that. I wonder if he means the same thing I do when I say that – that all the luck in the world isn’t going to help you.

Alexis eyeballs the bottle of wine and puts it in the cupboard. She pretends to get ready, but we know she’s still thinking about it. She takes it back out and gets a glass. Her hand hovers over it with the opener for a second, but then she opens the bottle. No, Alexis! Don’t do it!

Julian asks Jason if he’ll agree to work with him. Jason says he’ll never trust him, but Julian says he doesn’t have a choice, because their lives and the lives of those they love depend on him doing the right thing.

Kiki thinks they’re wasting time. Dillon says Franco could have left on his own or someone took him. He’s brilliant! Sign that guy up for detective work.

Franco wonders how many boxes of useless crap there are. He finds more trophies. He finds one that he’s seen before.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Sonny that she knows something is wrong, Lulu talks to Doc and Laura, and Elizabeth suggests calling the police.

Random Thoughts

🌟 The girls from Star continue to soar, and are on to the next round of the talent contest. Benjamin Bratt continues to get the short end of the stick, and Queen Latifah continues to be awesome and have amazing hairdos.

☎ So much good TV, too little time, and I continue to chase around Too Close to Home. I either forget it’s on or there’s a conflict. (This should be my worst problem.) It’s worth hunting down for Heather Locklear’s wickedness alone, but the story is really good. And of course there’s Brody.

🗽 What happened to Little Women of New York (plus Jason)? I just can’t get into Atlanta, and Dallas seemed like just more of the same, even including some Atlanta girls who moved.

📍 Speaking of Atlanta, this doesn’t happen often, but my hat’s off to Phaedra from The Real Housewives of Atlanta for setting up a camp where the children from Flint, Michigan can go free of charge. She did this after the water crisis there. Portia continues to be ridiculous in looking for a baby daddy, and the more I see her, the more I like Kenya Moore.

💃 Quote from Cyndi Lauper when she was on Watch What Happens Live: Yelling jacks people up, but doesn’t do anything to show your humanity and doesn’t open someone else’s mind. I’m paraphrasing, but close enough. The discussion was about the…um…exchange of ideas that’s been going on lately. Personally, I’d love less shouting. I ditched Little Women of Atlanta over it, but I can’t exactly ditch the world.

January 5, 2017 – Buzz is Found at the Soup Kitchen & a Tyler Perry Mention


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam, Jason and Curtis work the soup kitchen, hoping to find the homeless guy involved with the car bomb. Jason talks to Sam about volunteering at the shelter later on, but she reminds him that right now they’re on the case.

Ava visits Julian at Alexis’s place. They go blah-blah-blah about the holidays. Ava asks where the hit and run driver is, meaning Alexis. Julian says she’s out, and Ava says it has to be happy hour somewhere.

The dive bar bartender asks Franco who he is, and says he already talked to the cops. Franco says he’s a concerned party, but when the bartender doesn’t want to spill anything, he admits that Tom was murdered and the police think it’s him. Alexis enters the bar and tries to blend into the jukebox when she sees Franco.

Michael wonders if he and Nell gave Carly a nudge toward Sonny. Nell is all for optimism, but tells him not to get his hopes too high. She tells him if you want something to happen, you have to work at it.

Carly tells Sonny they need to talk. He says he just wants her to stay and be his wife. He asks what she wants, but she doesn’t know. When she woke up, she thought it was a dream at first. He asks if she’s happy with the reality or thinks it’s a mistake.

Curtis tells Jason and Sam that the dishwasher said the homeless guy’s name is Buzz, and he used to slip him leftovers, but he hasn’t been around for a while. They wonder if he’s left town for the winter. Sam asks about Winston, but Curtis says he leads a pretty boring life. Sam says that leaves Julian.

Julian has poured all of Alexis’s liquor down the drain, and Ava begs to be there when she finds out. He tells her this is serious. It dawns on Ava that Julian installed himself in there to save Alexis, not to convalesce, and he says somebody has to. Ava calls it a prelude to an intervention, and asks if anyone else knows. Julian says no, and Ava says the only way to get someone to admit to a problem is to expose it, and keeping Alexis’s drinking a secret isn’t helping her. If hitting him with the car wasn’t rock bottom, what will be?

The bartender tells Franco that he doesn’t know anything else. He hints that he might remember if he’s paid better. When Franco forks over some cash, he suddenly remembers that Tom was there drinking with a lady friend.

Julian tells Ava that he knows how to get through to Alexis better than anyone. Ava wonders if Alexis might be grateful enough to forget that Julian tried to kill her. Julian says it wasn’t supposed to happen that way, and Ava reminds him about what he said at the hospital – that Ava wasn’t the reason he got back into the business. She asks him if there was another reason that he held a knife to Alexis’s throat. He says no, it’s all on him. Sam calls and says she needs to see Julian right away. They make plans to meet at the MetroCourt.

Carly tells Sonny last night wasn’t a mistake and she didn’t mean to give him that impression. He tells her there’s no time frame in regard to her decision, and she says she wants to do the right thing for her and the kids. She doesn’t want to jump into a marriage whose foundation isn’t rock solid. Sonny flashes back to Nell in his bed.

The bartender tells Franco that they came in separately, and he got the impression the woman wasn’t too friendly. We flash back. At the bar, Tom tells Alexis they can finish what they started, but she’s not receptive to that idea. He asks what her problem is, since she was more friendly last time. She tells him she knows what he did, and to stay away or she’ll call the cops. The bartender tells Franco that he answered the phone, and when he turned around, the woman was gone. We see Alexis brush Tom off and leave. The bartender says Tom stayed there, nursing his bruised ego, and didn’t follow her. Franco asks if he knows who the woman is.

Jason wants to go with Sam to the MetroCourt, but Sam says Julian won’t talk if he’s with her. Jason says Julian isn’t safe to be around. Sam says they need answers, and she’ll get them any way she can. She leaves, and Curtis says she’s right. Jason tells him to shut up.

The bartender says he didn’t know the woman’s name and on top of it, she stiffed him. Franco asks for a description, but he says he doesn’t remember. He also tells Franco he needs a much better wallet. Alexis hides in the hallway until Franco leaves. The bartender asks if she wants vodka on the rocks. She says she thought he didn’t remember her. He tells her contrary to what he told Franco, he remembers a lot, like what she drinks, who she is, and that she was with Tom Baker the night he was killed.

Michael asks Nell if she believes in New Year’s resolutions. She says she’s going to improve her chess game. He suggests she learn to have fun. She says they had fun last night, but he says she wanted to leave by one. She tells him she wouldn’t have made it to work if she’d stayed out any later, and that she has priorities, goals, and things she wants to achieve. He tells her that she should resolve to have more fun – no gym memberships or diets, and he’ll coach her. She asks if he’s talking about chess or having fun, and he says both.

Carly tells Sonny that it feels good to be home and she’s missed him so much. She says it’s been clear that she shouldn’t have been grieving on her own, and instead should have been grieving with him. She says it’s not a matter of just packing and moving back in though. If they were to move forward and he broke her trust again, she thinks it would kill her. Omg, tell her already. He says that won’t happen. I think he’s talking to both of us.

Alexis says she doesn’t know what the bartender is talking about. He says that he saw her listening to his conversation, and she knows he was talking about Tom. She says that night was fuzzy. The bartender tells her that he takes care of his regulars, as long as she doesn’t stiff him again. She says she’ll pay him back and then some, and he says he covered for her. She gets a little confused, saying she left, but Tom stayed. The bartender says they both know that’s not accurate.

Ava leaves Julian to visit with Sam at the MetroCourt. Sam tells Julian that she spoke to Alexis, and asks if the name Rodge (Winston) rings any bells, since he thought Julian was living there. We flash back to the conversation between Winston and Alexis. Sam says that Winston owns a pawn shop, and he’s not Julian’s co-worker. She asks what kind of trouble he’s gotten into now.

Curtis tells Jason that Buzz may never return. Jason wonders what they should focus on now, making a sarcastic list. Curtis says a boy is dead for no reason, and the cops are looking in the wrong places. A strange guy slinks up, asking if it’s too late to get food.

Michael brings Sonny some lunch. Sonny tells him that he had a late breakfast with Carly.

Carly shows up for work, but Nell tells her if she wants to take the day to start the new year right, they’re fine. Carly says that’s exactly what she did – start the new year right.

Curtis tells the guy that he’s Father Curtis and this is his altar boy Jason. Dude thinks Jason is a little old to be an altar boy, but Curtis says he’s young at heart. He asks the guy how he found himself in these circumstances, saying he looks like he’d be good at mechanics, and pretending he helps people find jobs. The guy wants to leave, but Curtis sits him down, telling him that he’s the kind of priest who takes confession, and calling him Buzz. Jason says they’ll start with the murder of Morgan Corrinthos.

Julian tells Sam that Winston has done business with him, but not that kind. If Winston comes across a unique item, Julian gets first dibs. Sam says he hasn’t lived at Alexis’s since the summer, so why shouldn’t she be suspicious that Winston didn’t know that? Julian says they only do business a few times a year, and asks her to back off.

Alexis again tells the bartender that she left and Tom stayed. The bartender says if that’s what helps her sleep at night. She insists she didn’t see Tom after she left. We flash back to Tom following her out. The bartender says there’s no way he didn’t catch her, since she was stumbling around drunk. We see Tom grab her outside. The bartender says Tom didn’t come back. She owes him sixty bucks for both tabs, and he’ll say it was all hers. Franco is suddenly standing behind her.

Michael asks Sonny if Carly was only there for breakfast. He says when Carly left the MetroCourt last night, she didn’t come back, and asks if she spent the night. Not too nosy, and eww! Sonny tells him things are looking pretty good, and asks who Michael rang in the new year with. Michael says just a friend. Sonny asks who, and Michael tells him that it was Nell.

Carly credits Nell with telling her to make something of her New Year’s Eve, and tells her she went to Sonny’s and they had a bit of a breakthrough. Nell acts all happy and asks if they’re getting back together. Carly says they only said they’ll keep talking, but she thinks they might be okay.

Franco asks what Alexis is having, and she says nothing. She claims she got lost and came in to ask for directions. He asks what about her cell phone. She tells him it died and not to approach her again. She jets out the door. Franco looks at the drink sitting on the bar and bets it’s vodka.

Julian tells Sam that he knows she and Jason are investigating the car bomb and think he’s involved. He says someone wants him dead and might be planning another attack, and asks her to stay out of it. She tells him to prove his concern and tell her the truth. He says the more she knows, the greater the danger to her, Danny, and not-yet-born Scout.

Buzz tells Curtis and Jason that they can’t keep him there, and threatens them with the cops. Jason says he’ll be glad to call them, and Curtis says the commissioner is a good friend. Buzz sits back down. Jason tells him that they know he didn’t plant the bomb, but they want to know who hired him. Buzz is concerned about what happens to him if he tells, but Jason thinks he should be more concerned about what happens to him if he doesn’t. Buzz says he didn’t know it was a bomb. He thought it was a tracking device, and was given fifty bucks to plant it. They show him Julian’s picture, but Buzz says that’s not the guy. Next, he sees Winston’s picture. He says Winston is the one who paid him, but he’s not the one calling the shots.

Carly asks if Nell and Michael had a good time. Nell says it was nice, and Carly says they seem to be getting along. Nell tells her they’re just friends, and Carly says if they want to be more than that, it’s fine with her. Carly asks if Michael isn’t interested, which I find an incredibly rude assumption. Nell says she’s not available; there’s somebody else in her life.

Michael tells Sonny that he and Nell just went out as friends. Sonny says Michael should be careful of a rebound relationship, but Michael says there’s something about Nell.

Buzz says he realized he was suckered by someone committing murder, but when he went to see Winston to confront him, he was there with his lady boss.

Ava asks Sam where Julian is, and Sam says he took a cab back. Sam asks Ava how Julian is doing. Ava says physical therapy is going well, but all he talks about is healing and fixing his relationship with Alexis and his kids. He actually believes he’s going to win them back. She leaves, I assume to do lady boss things.

Franco calls Scotty, asking him to come to the dive bar. If he’s going to prove his innocence, they have to start there.

Alexis gets home and remembers the night again. Tom tells her to be nice or he won’t be. Back in the present, she looks for her liquor, but it’s disappeared. Julian walks in, and she asks him what he did with it. He says nice to see her too, and shows her the box of empty bottles.

Tomorrow, Laura says everyone deserves a second chance, Winston has bad news, and Buzz tells Jason about an underground way into the pawn shop.

☎ Another excellent show I forgot to mention is Too Close to Home, a newish Tyler Perry effort, now in its second season. While I can give the ladies a one-word reason for watching – Brody (Brock O’Hurn) – the story ain’t bad either. In a nutshell, Anna has been forced to retire from her political career by Heather Locklear, who is the President’s wife. He’s had a heart attack while he was in bed with Anna and Heather isn’t pleased. Anna goes back to her home in God-Knows-Where trailer park, to live among her loser family members again. Tyler Perry has a great talent for old school soap opera nighttime drama, and this show does not disappoint. Because the OWN network was full, this one is on TLC, Wednesdays at 10 pm ET.

August 29, 2016 – GH’s Killer is Revealed & in the OC, Rifts are Healed


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Lulu is on the phone with someone in regard to the compound explosion. At the end of the conversation, she says she doesn’t believe they really wish they could help her at all and she sounds just like me. I hate when I hear that stuff, or even worse, the old “I understand.” No, you don’t.

Ava gives Hayden a heads up about the diamonds. She doesn’t know what Elizabeth’s plans were, but she thinks the Feds might have them.

Heather digresses, but Franco wants the Jeff Webber story. She says she can tell him the source of the money, but not the why or where, since she made a promise. She says she needs her leverage back to scare Naomi into making payments again. Franco thinks there’s a way for her to keep her promise and still tell him.

Elizabeth tells Finn what’s going on with the diamonds, but he’s disappointed because he’d thought she had a lead on the murders when he heard her say she was calling the cops. She says she wishes, since everyone is on edge, looking over their shoulders, and filing complaints against everything. Finn says that has to stop and then goes over to Monica, telling her that he wants to file a complaint.

Andre visits Jordan at work, bringing her a collectible currency book, thinking it might help her with the cuff-link. She thinks it’s a touching gesture, but also thinks they’ve exhausted the internet. He says what’s important to her is important to him. She asks why he’d have a book like that, and he says he’s a secret nerd. She wonders if he has a Star Wars man cave, but he can’t confirm or deny.

Robert visits Lulu. He tells her that Luke is definitely alive and said he hadn’t been on Cassadine Island “since before the witch breathed her last breath.” Lulu says she thought as much, but it’s a huge relief to have that confirmed. Lulu talks about how Luke went through a lot of changes and needed to go find out who he is now. She doesn’t like it, but accepts it and loves him for who he is. Robert says she and Robin should form a club, since he got the same speech from her. Lulu asks if there was any further message from Luke, and Robert says Luke wanted to warn her about Valentin.

Dante says the warning came late. Robert says he heard about what happened and he’s sorry about Nicholas. He says he’d never heard of Valentin, but now he’s on Interpol’s radar and his files with the WSB have been pulled. Lulu says he’s supposedly the Cassadine all other Cassadines fear. Dante says Valentin’s beef is with his own family and he said he has nothing against the Spencers. Robert says maybe, but Luke thinks he’s dangerous. He and Dante are both going to investigate. Lulu asks if Robert thinks something could have survived the compound explosion.

Franco tells Heather that they can play a getting warmer type game; she can tell him if what he says is possible or not. The result: She was obsessed with Jeff and stalked him after he left Port Charles (or as she puts it, just checking up on him without him knowing). She says he was cheating on his second wife and had a secret relationship with Naomi.

Hayden tells Ava she has to leave town. Ava says to take a bus since there’s less scrutiny. Hayden wonders why the authorities haven’t come for her, and deduces that Elizabeth hasn’t turned the diamonds over. When Ava adds “yet,” Hayden says yet is good and that means there’s still time. She leaves to convince Elizabeth not to do it or stop her.

Monica tells Finn that Dr. Obrecht demanded he be fired. She told Obrecht that where her staff goes and how they get there is none of the hospital’s business, and that she’s bordering on harassment. She suggests Finn drop it though, because it’s not exactly like he’s been forthcoming. She’s going to let it slide for now. She tells Finn that Obrecht has a personal vendetta against him (like he doesn’t know) and is disappointed he’s not the killer.

A code blue alarm sounds. It’s a patient Andre came to see. By the time the other staff members get there, Andre is doing CPR.

Robert says Lulu would know more than him about the explosion, since she was there. She says they didn’t stick around to go through the rubble and she might have left something behind. She explains how Stavros took her embryo for his own purposes, and wonders if it could have survived.

Ava gets called into the police department. Jordan wants to talk to her about a murder and she flashes back to Paul threatening her with the flash drive. Ava says the DA is always coming up with ways to harass her. Jordan says she’s not a person of interest, but her expertise might help with a case, since she’s an art dealer. She shows Ava the coin picture and asks if it looks familiar. Ava says actually, it does.

The patient flatlines. Monica asks what happened. Andre says he was talking with the patient and he seemed fine, but suddenly grabbed his chest, said it hurt, and that was it. Monica sends Elizabeth to get the police. Andre says no one came in and killed him, and asks if she’s implying he had something to do with it. Geez, it’s not like she accused him of anything. Way to make yourself look guilty.

Heather tells Franco that she felt obligated to step in. She went through Naomi’s place and found a positive pregnancy test in the trash can. Naomi was pregnant with Jeff’s baby. Franco asks if Naomi is Elizabeth’s mother. She says Jeff had three girls and doesn’t know about the third. Hayden is Elizabeth’s sister. I KNEW IT!

Lulu explains what happened with the embryo to Robert. She says it’s a long shot, but if the embryo is viable, it’s her last chance at a child that’s biologically her and Dante’s.

Paul comes to the hospital. Andre says a patient had a heart attack and he’s being blamed. Paul asks Monica if he should rule out natural causes. Well, I don’t think she’d get him involved if that wasn’t the case. Monica asks permission to draw blood for testing and Paul asks Andre to stick around .Andre says not without a lawyer, and he’s calling Jordan.

Ava tells Jordan that the coins were really popular a while back. She says a man who wears them likes to show off and present himself as having power. And she’s sure she’s seen someone wearing them.

Hayden approaches Elizabeth and asks if there’s anything she has to tell her. Elizabeth says no, and Hayden tells her that she knows about the diamonds and to hand them over.

Franco is like wha-a-at, Elizabeth and Hayden are sisters? Heather says she waited for Naomi and told her she knew all about the affair. Naomi begged her not to say anything, so she kept her silence for a large amount of money. Naomi was never to see Jeff again and to pay Heather every month. Heather adds that she met someone who told her how to invest it, which is a story for another time. Franco wants to tell Elizabeth immediately and Heather says, no you don’t.

Finn tells Andre that if he doesn’t protect his own rights, no one will. Paul tells Finn to move along and tells Andre that if he’s really innocent, he should cooperate.

Elizabeth tells Hayden that the diamonds don’t belong to her. Hayden says Elizabeth is a hypocrite, who lied to Jason, keeping his family from him, and who conspired with Nicholas, culminating in Hayden getting shot. She adds that Nicholas would be alive if it wasn’t for her. Elizabeth says that she’s not the one who stole the diamonds and hid them. She says too bad they don’t have family cells so Hayden could be locked up with her father. Hayden slaps her and Finn makes an oooh face.

Heather says Franco should think twice, especially since he squandered the last bunch of money she gave him. He says he has to be honest with Elizabeth. Heather keeps saying, “Don’t,” as he walks out.

Finn steps in. Elizabeth wants to tell him what happened and he says he doesn’t care; he just wants it to stop. Finn tells Elizabeth that Monica needs to see her. When she leaves, Hayden tells Finn he made it clear there’s no friendship between them, so leave her alone.

Both Ava and Jordan have the same feeling of recognition. Jordan wonders if the killer is close by.

Elizabeth sees Paul alone in Monica’s office, messing around her desk. He says he was looking for a pen and will tell Monica that she stopped by. When she leaves, it’s revealed that Paul is wearing a surgical glove on one of his hands and is holding a syringe. I think we all knew the second she saw him, but now my mind is trying to go back over where he was when each person was killed. It actually crossed my mind that it was him when he showed up at the hospital so fast, but all of them seem to have Star Trek transporters, so I discarded that as evidence.

Lulu asks Robert if the WSB inventoried the wreckage and if he could check for a thermos or other cold storage container. He says he’ll pull the records. He gets up to leave, saying he’s sorry about Nicholas, but despite all Lulu and Dante have been through, they seem to have it together. Lulu says even if they never have another baby, they have a lot to be grateful for. Robert leaves and Dante says no matter what, he’s with her all the way, but he looks like something is disturbing him.

Franco gets to the hospital, but just misses Elizabeth.

Finn apologizes to Hayden, saying he was going through some stuff when he’d last talked to her. She says she has to catch Elizabeth to make sure she keeps her mouth shut.

Elizabeth skips the elevator and takes the stairs.

Jordan gives a copy of the picture to Ava and says to give her a call if Ava thinks of anything. In the hallway, Ava realizes it’s Paul’s cuff-link and says OMG.

Uh-oh. Paul is sure Elizabeth saw something and goes after her.

Monica says there was no murderous drug in the patient’s system. Andre says he doesn’t appreciate being a suspect and Finn says he understands that. Monica says the last thing they need is another murder at the hospital.

Suddenly, the power goes out in the hospital. In the stairwell, Elizabeth uses the flashlight on her phone. Two hands come from behind and push her down the stairs. No doubt Hayden will be a suspect, but I vote for Paul since he had a head start.

Tomorrow, Nina asks Nathan if he still loves Claudette, Franco looks for Elizabeth, and the source of the power outage is found.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Shannon is still “in a cloud” over the birthday party/vow renewal. The family is having breakfast at the hotel, and then Shannon and David are going to Cabo for a second honeymoon.

Vicki has rented the Merv Griffin estate in Palm Springs for her birthday weekend. Tamra is unsure as to who Merv is. Kelly has no clue who he is, but hopes he’s single. Well, that’s up for debate since he’s dead.

Meghan and Jimmy are going to be in the vicinity of Vicki’s party and Meghan has decided to make an appearance. Meghan tells Jimmy it’s time to move on from the feud. Thank God. Heather is doing something with her kids and isn’t coming, but I think she’s not coming because Kelly will be there.

Vicki talks about dating, and in her interview, Tamra suggests she find someone who has a job, good teeth and doesn’t lie about having cancer. Sounds reasonable. Tamra discusses Vicki’s dating life with Briana. Briana is glad her mom is playing the field because she’s never been single. She says everyone should have their “slutty years,” but she just doesn’t want to hear about it. In the kitchen, Vicki tells Kelly that she’s surprising Briana with Ryan tonight.

Vicki tells Kelly that Meghan wasn’t sure if she could make it, but Shannon is going to Cabo. Vicki says Shannon wouldn’t have come anyway and she’s disappointed that Shannon wants to throw away their friendship. Me too. Vicki isn’t stupid and I honestly think she knew in her heart that Brooks was a liar, but talked herself into believing him. And really, she hurt herself more than anyone else, so what’s the big deal? Tamra tells Kelly and Vicki about Shannon’s surprise party. In her interview, Vicki says she wishes them the best, but it didn’t work for her and Don. We flash back to their vow renewal. She thinks David is going to pay for the affair for the rest of his life. I dunno. If anyone can make a second go of it, it’s those two.

Heather and Terry are having a date night. She says they’ve been doing a lot of work projects together, but it’s nice to have some personal time. Terry says their daughter, Max, has been sending him photos of empty chairs since he hasn’t been able to make her events. It’s the empty dad chair. Terry admits she’s right that he’s been absent. Heather says they’re going in the wrong direction, but the next direction is up to him. He claims that he’s in a situation now where he can be free on weekends and have dinner at home. Heather says she’ll believe it when she sees it.

Kelly asks if Heather is okay with her or hates her. Vicki says hate is a strong word and Tamra says she wouldn’t call Heather mad. So what’s the deal if it’s neither? Kelly thinks Heather acts like she’s better than everyone else. She talks about Heather asking her to leave the party when it wasn’t her party. In her interview, Tamra says she wants to like Kelly, and she is likable, but sometimes she doesn’t think before she speaks.
Heather tells Terry about the apology text that Kelly sent and he rolls his eyes. Heather says she appreciates it, but Tamra said Kelly made fun of her after she left the party. Let me touch on a few points here. Nice of Tamra to do that, but no surprise. When Kelly made fun of Heather, it was directly after their altercation, so no doubt her emotions (and drunkenness) were still high. I’m not making excuses for her – and no woman should ever call another woman the c-word – but I’m just sayin’.

Kelly tells Tamra that she got no reply to her text. Tamra says it has to be more than a text and maybe they should go to lunch. Good luck with that. We know how the lunch with Shannon went. Tamra is having an event for Eddie’s birthday, but is hesitant to invite Kelly, especially since there will be kids around.

The ladies sit down to dinner. Vicki says they’re celebrating Briana’s birthday too. Briana talks about how much she misses Ryan and how he has to get written permission to leave the state, since he’s in the military. Kelly gives both Vicki and Meghan gifts. Tamra has something for Vicki, and she’s like thanks a lot for not telling me it was also Briana’s birthday. The gifts are opened and Vicki tells everyone how much she loves celebrating her birthday. Her son, Mike, shows up and they discuss real estate. She takes him on a tour of the place. Briana’s kids beat him with a pool noodle.

Ryan arrives and Briana starts crying. She’s thrilled that Vicki was able to make it happen. Vicki says the gift of family is the best gift anyone can give. Let me add that cash is good too.

Meanwhile in Cabo, Shannon and David are keeping a video diary of their second honeymoon. We flash back to the last time they were in Mexico. It wasn’t good. In her interview, Shannon says fighting for her marriage was the best thing she ever did. I don’t always agree with Shannon’s choices, but my hat’s off to her with this one. I’m really rooting for them.

Tamra talks to Vicki about inviting Kelly to Eddie’s birthday. She says every time Kelly is around, there’s a scene, and Heather is concerned about bringing her children. In her interview, Vicki wonders how Heather made this about herself. She says Kelly is a mother and understands how to act around children. Kelly comes in and Vicki repeats what Tamra told her.

Commercial break. The original Below Deck is back Tuesday, September 6 at 9 p.m. I have to admit to a TV crush on Captain Lee and couldn’t be more pleased. I must not be the only one, since one of the ads focuses totally on him.

Tamra calls Heather from one of the bedrooms. She tells Heather that Kelly said her beef was with Shannon, not Heather, and was annoyed that Heather told her to leave the party. Heather tells her about the text and Tamra asks why she didn’t respond. Heather mentions Kelly making fun of her and in her interview, Tamra says she still needs to work on her big mouth. Yep. She suggests the three of them go to lunch, but Heather is hesitant. Heather finally tells Tamra she’ll go, but it’s on her, since she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. In her interview, Tamra says being a peacemaker blows and it’s a hard job. Often being the diplomat of the group myself, I agree.

Outside, Kelly talks about what happened at Meghan’s party and how she thinks Heather is overreacting. Tamra joins them and they decide to hang out by the pool. Vicki brings up a time when she and Tamra did too many fireballs and ended up in the pool with their shoes on. They decide to initiate Kelly by pulling her in fully clothed. Then they join her.
Meghan arrives. She comes bearing gifts for Vicki and asks why the three of them are in the pool with their clothes on. Meghan thinks she’s pregnant, and shows them her bump. Since I can see her hip bones framing it, it’s pretty easy to tell. She thanks Vicki for inviting her and Vicki thanks her for letting bygones be bygones.

Back in Cabo, Shannon says the vow renewal and second honeymoon have made her ecstatic, because David did something she didn’t think was possible. They talk about getting naked and I go ♫ la-la-la ♫!

Heather, Tamra and Kelly meet at a Laguna Beach restaurant for dinner. Heather doesn’t really want to be there, but is doing it out of respect for Tamra. Kelly arrives after the other two. Tamra is concerned about being blamed if the dinner goes horribly wrong. Heather breaks the ice by saying she and Kelly had been getting along really well, but the sushi dinner was full of anger and vulgarity. Kelly says she’s ashamed of herself. In her interview, Heather says Kelly has acted unacceptably on a couple of occasions and she has no guarantee that it won’t happen again. Heather brings up Kelly making fun of her after she left, and Kelly says she did it because Heather told her to leave. Heather says she told everyone to leave, but that didn’t happen. Heather says once the c-word is called out, all bets are off. Kelly apologizes again, but adds that Vicki told her that Heather didn’t want her around her children. Heather says she didn’t say that, but that did happen. We flash back to prove both these points. Hmm…seems like Heather has a tendency to make it up as she goes along.

Tamra says the last thing they want is another freak out to happen around children. Kelly says that’s not the way she acts around kids, and that she’d had too much to drink and was emotional. She says her integrity was being attacked, and it hit a nerve. Tamra says both times they’ve seen her in a group setting, it wasn’t good, but does understand how she felt set up at Shannon’s 70s party. Kelly starts to cry. In her interview, she says she feels like she’s treading water and drowning. In her interview, Heather says she believes Kelly’s tears are real, but she can’t forget what happened. For Tamra and the party’s sake she hopes Kelly is telling the truth.

Next time, the pregnancy test results are in, Shannon’s house goes into escrow for real. Eddie’s birthday happens, and so does a dune buggy accident on the beach.

Suggestion: If you’re not watching Too Close to Home, you’re missing out. This latest Tyler Perry venture into nighttime drama isn’t on the OWN network this time, but he’s branching out to TLC. It’s got everything an after dark soap should have, with a compelling storyline and characters you can invest in. And Heather Locklear. I got reeled in immediately.

August 23, 2016 – GH has Diamonds in a Boot, Haves & Nots has Hannah on the Run, & Tyler Perry has Done It Again


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny is proud of how Morgan kept control. Morgan says he wishes he had control to begin with instead of having to reign it in. Sonny tells him being bi-polar is different for everyone.

Ava switches Morgan’s lithium with something else. I’m assuming something that looks exactly like lithium.

Carly asks Nell if she can babysit tomorrow, but Nell says she has to get back to work in Atlanta. Carly offers to have her flown back, in addition to paying her for the babysitting.

Doc calls Laura a heathen and a blasphemer for never having seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. She says she was a little busy in 1981 (ha-ha! that’s the year she married Luke), but he says she raised children, so how is it possible? Laura suggests being on the run interfered with her education in film. Doc asks her up to his room for a nightcap.

Franco eats a terrible looking sandwich. Is that peanut butter on white bread? There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nina.

Elizabeth sees Nicholas’s name on the box has Nicholas’s name. She yells out, asking who left it there.

Carly explains she has no problem with Max and Milo watching Avery, but Ava will pitch a fit. She says Nell is a perfect candidate. She just needs one good reference. Nell gives her the phone number of a Mrs. O’Brien. While Carly is making the call, Ava comes down. She tells Nell that as much as she wants to spend the evening with her, Avery was sleeping so peacefully, she didn’t want to disturb her .

Morgan tells Sonny he’s on top of his treatment, but when he saw Mr. Six-Figures bother Kiki, he snapped. He wanted to hurt him, but felt a shift where he stepped outside himself and realized that was a bad idea. Sonny points out that this is a good thing and says he’s proud of how Morgan turned his life around. Morgan says it’s not the only change he’s making.

Nina says she’s sorry to bother Franco and he says it’s still her place too. She picks up a box of her stuff. He asks why she knocked when she has a key, and she says she doesn’t live there anymore. She asks why he’s not at work, and he tells her he’s still under suspension.

Doc tells Laura his only intentions are good conversation and a nightcap. They almost do a Who’s on First bit about how he’d never ever and never say never. She says, let’s go, and he says, check please. It’s like a new verse of Love is the Drug.

Elizabeth starts to open the box when the doorbell rings. It’s Ava wanting to talk to Laura. Elizabeth says she’s out. Ava wanted to thank Laura for inviting her to Nicholas’s funeral, even though she didn’t come. She thought her presence might disturb some of the mourners. Elizabeth invites her in, saying she didn’t know Nicholas and Ava knew each other. Ava says they found themselves in some situations together and clicked. Ava sees the box and asks what it is.

Elizabeth says the box just arrived. Ava asks why she’s not opening it, and Elizabeth says she doesn’t feel right about it, adding that it’s from Greece. She says it’s also not addressed to her. Ava says it might hold a clue to something, but it’s up to her. Elizabeth opens the box.

Laura and Doc have some burgundy. Laura says the hotel room is a little spartan for a long stay and Doc is such a guy. He says he wasn’t sure how to break it to her. Ha-ha! She asks how he likes the hotel amenities, but he says he hasn’t used them. She suddenly says she knows what he’s been doing.

Nina asks if Franco is going to take this lying down. He says he appealed, but nothing. Nina says she’s the editor of a high profile magazine and can help him. He says it’s sweet of her to offer, but he’s got this. She tells him even though it didn’t work out between them, she wishes him no ill.

Carly says clearly Mrs. O’Brien loves Nell. Nell says she’ll remember that next time she asks for a raise. Carly wants to give her $15 and hour plus $200 as a bonus for saving her the hassle of finding someone. Nell says she doesn’t even want the airfare. Carly says it’s the least she can do since Nell gave up her kidney for Josslyn, but Nell says that wasn’t her decision. Carly won’t take no for an answer.

Morgan tells Sonny some of his plans for the coffee kiosk social media. Sonny says he’s never seen Morgan so focused. Morgan says the meds might have something to do with it, but Sonny says it’s still him running with it and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Morgan says he wasn’t sure if it was all going to work, because he kept pushing everyone away, especially Kiki. Sonny says that happens. Morgan says he was afraid of the future and didn’t want to hope for anything. Sonny asks if he’s still afraid now that his emotions are manageable. Morgan says sometimes, but now it looks like he has a future. Sonny explains when you have children, you can’t wait to see the future and what happens with them. They both leave for home.

Franco gets Nina an awful sandwich too. She says it’s perfect and he says at least it’s one thing in the world he hasn’t screwed up. She says boo-hoo and there’s nothing worse than a perfectly capable, sexy man saying he’s no good at anything. She tells him he’s good at reaching people who can’t be reached. He asks how the magazine is going. She tells him it’s going good and she’s proud of her accomplishments.

Nina says maybe she’s a little too proud of herself and let it cloud her judgment. Franco asks what she’s talking about. She says she met a tall, dark, handsome stranger, and tells him about meeting Valentin. She says he asked about Nicholas, but she was too busy being wooed and charmed to see the red flag. She tells Franco that they had amazing sex all night, but she found out he wasn’t such a stranger; he was Valentin Cassadine.

The box contains Nicholas’s things. It’s from the Postmaster and they were required to be sent back to his address. Elizabeth pulls out the jacket that Nicholas was wearing when he fell. Elizabeth says it must have washed ashore. She also finds one boot. Elizabeth says she wishes she hadn’t opened the box because it makes his death real. Ava says she was there. Elizabeth says she should give the things to Laura, but Ava says Laura might feel worse when she sees them. Ava says it might sound weird, but can she have the boot? Elizabeth wonders why she’d want it and Ava tells her the story about Hux, and says it reminds her of their adventure. Elizabeth pulls a velvet pouch out of the boot and says this must be what Ava wants. It’s the diamonds.

Nina tells Franco she thinks Valentin is guilty and he’s done a lot of horrible things. She tells him about her visit to the police station. She wanted to see Valentin’s face when she told him that she got him arrested, but he wasn’t angry. Franco thinks it was a set-up, but Nina says they just met by chance and now he’s being extradited to Greece, so it doesn’t matter.

Nina asks about Elizabeth. Franco says whenever they get close, something happens to scare her, she backs off, and they start over again. Now they’re basically in limbo. Nina says if things are meant to be, they work out, but if not, there’s something better down the road.

Carly introduces Morgan to Nell. He tells her he’s the family screw up, and Sonny tells him to knock it off. Carly tells Sonny about Nell babysitting. It’s agreed that it’s better than Ava flipping out over the bodyguards doing it. Avery starts to cry and Nell says she’ll tend to her. Morgan goes along to show her where the nursery is. Sonny asks Carly about Deirdre, and she says it’s a story for another time.

Laura and Doc play video games. Laura is winning. They’re bouncing around on the bed and when they get close, they kiss.

Elizabeth says she’s taking the diamonds to the police. Ava asks why she would do that, and Elizabeth says they should have been confiscated. She says they’re evidence and Hayden will go to jail. Ava says they’ll just end up in an evidence locker somewhere, and Hayden will cop a plea and get probation. She thinks Elizabeth should hold on to them for Spencer’s future. She says she doesn’t know Spencer, but she cared about Nicholas. She says Elizabeth will be not only protecting Nicholas’s legacy but improving on it. Elizabeth says it’s not her decision. Ava says she knows whatever decision Elizabeth makes, she’ll do what Nicholas would have wanted. A just sayin’ here. I fail to see how finding the diamonds in Nicholas’s boot, which came from Greece, would implicate Hayden. Wouldn’t it just make Nicholas look bad?

Nell comes back downstairs and says Avery is asleep. Carly offers her a ride back. Nell tells Sonny that Avery is a wonderful little girl and she’ll take good care of her. Sonny says, see that you do.

Doc gets off the bed and Laura asks why he stopped. He says chivalry and adorable bashfulness. She tells him they’re grown-ups. He says she’s had an emotional day and might not be thinking clearly. He says he doesn’t care if it sounds stodgy and old-fashioned, he doesn’t want to be the reason she does something she regrets.

Laura asks if she seems regretful and he says not in the least, but when he asked her to his room, these weren’t his intentions. She says they weren’t hers either, but here they are. He asks if she’s okay with everything and she says unquestionably. They kiss. It’s about time they gave Laura someone to partner up with.

Nina thanks Franco for dinner, telling him he’s the best at making peanut butter sandwiches. Obviously, Nina has the palate of a seven-year-old. She thinks there are better things ahead for both of them. As she’s leaving, we see Elizabeth ducking out of the hallway. When Nina is gone, Elizabeth comes back. She tells Franco that she was wandering around thinking about stuff, and thought it might be good to talk about it to someone and that someone is him.

Nell leaves. Carly tells Sonny that Nell is good with Avery and it will keep the peace with Ava. She asks about Morgan. Sonny says it turned out he didn’t need help and he had the privilege of seeing Morgan handling things himself.

Morgan takes a non-lithium lithium.

Tomorrow, Hayden ponders the box of Nicholas’s things, Finn finds Obrecht in his office, and Elizabeth shows Franco the diamonds.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Benny sees the police outside his house and continues to drive past it. He calls Candace and she says it must be Veronica’s doing. He says he’ll be at her place in a few minutes.

Quita is still looking for Quincy. Xena approaches her and says that Quincy was taking care of her and she misses him. Quita blows her off, even though Xena says they’ve been friends since elementary school. It’s an understatement that this is not a nice group of people.

Benny calls Candace again, saying at least the cops aren’t at her place, and to open the door. Candace tells him about Veronica saying she’d turn Jeffrey in if he didn’t propose to Melissa. Benny asks her how many times they stabbed Quincy because he wants to take the rap. They argue and there’s a knock at the door because nobody has doorbells in soap land. It’s the police.

Candace answers the door. A cop is looking for Hannah. There’s a warrant out for her arrest in the abduction of Quincy Jr. Candace tells the officer that Hannah doesn’t live there. The officer wants to check Benny’s house, but Benny says she’s not there. He says he has a warrant and can break down Benny’s nice door. Benny says okay then, they can search. The cop wants to check out Candace’s place too, but she convinces him otherwise since she’s Quincy’s mother. She tells the officer that Hannah is dangerous and Benny says she is not. Benny asks if the charge can be dropped, but it’s a federal offense. Benny leaves with the cop.

Jeffrey sits in the driveway of Veronica’s house. Melissa comes out and tells him her father has chemo today and Veronica is being chilly with her checkbook. She says to get inside now and act interested.

Veronica greets Melissa and Jeffrey while she messes with a blonde wig. She tells them to keep the noise down. They go into their room, and Melissa says that means Veronica wants to hear noise. She starts making “Oh, Jeffrey!” moans, but Jeffrey won’t go along with it, calling Wyatt’s name instead. Melissa sees Veronica leave and Jeffrey says this is pathetic. Melissa says he’s pathetic. He asks how much money she needs. She tells him between her parents’ mortgage and medical bills, everything comes to $1.9 million and asks if he has that kind of money. He says no and she says neither does he, so can’t he just try?

Melissa says she’s trapped too. She says they don’t have to be lovers, they don’t even have to kiss, but he can at least be nice to her since she’s a human being. He says she tricked him into getting pregnant and good luck with him being nice to her.

The cops find nothing at Benny’s house. The cop tells him that Hannah could be in danger because a federal offense is serious and some cops might be overzealous. Benny tells him to get lost. The cops continue to watch his house.

Next on the officer’s list is the Cryer house. Kathryn tells him Hannah doesn’t work there anymore. She asks if they checked Hannah’s house and he says it burned down. He asks if she knows Hannah well and Kathryn says Hannah was her maid. Um…if she knew Hanna well, wouldn’t she know that Hannah’s house burned down? Kathryn says her husband is a judge and would have had Hannah locked up if she was a menace. Another um…doesn’t everyone in town know who Jim is and that he’s in jail? Jim is no one to brag about.

Jim calls Kathryn and asks about Wyatt. He wants her to visit, but she says she can’t see Wyatt in the hospital like that and sent Hannah. Jim says he wants her to visit, not someone else. She tells him to see Wyatt his damn self and hangs up.

Oh ho! Hannah is upstairs with Quincy Jr. Kathryn tells her she’s nuts, but agrees that Quincy Jr. shouldn’t be put in foster care and goes on about how cute he is. Hannah apologizes for dragging Kathryn into it and says she could get in a lot of trouble. Kathryn asks if she’s been around lately and starts to laugh, thinking about Hannah being a fugitive. She asks what Hannah is going to do. Hannah doesn’t know, but she can’t see Wyatt today and tells Kathryn she should go. Kathryn asks if he’s looking better and Hannah says yes. Kathryn agrees to go, wondering who she’ll be when she walks out of the hospital. She says the DA gave Wyatt money knowing he had a drug problem, just to get to Jim. When she thinks of her only child lying in the hospital bed, she doesn’t know which mother will emerge from the hospital. She compares it to how Hannah just broke the law for Quincy Jr. Hannah asks if Kathryn is going to break the law, and Kathryn says not intentionally. She says she doesn’t think Hannah can counsel her on this one after what she just did. This guilts Hannah and she says she’s got to take Quincy Jr. back. Kathryn says she’s going to stay there and get some rest, while Kathryn goes to see Wyatt and then find out if she has any more favors in this town so she can help Hannah. Hannah thanks her. Kathryn says she’s waited forever for the great Hannah Young to make a mistake that would land her in jail. She starts laughing again. She tells Hannah that she should be laughing too.

The police are also watching the tow yard. Benny arrives and Mitch tells him the phones are ringing off the hook. Mitch asks what’s up with the cop car. Benny asks to use Mitch’s phone and tells him the cop car is none of his business. Mitch gives him a “bat phone,” no name, no carrier. Benny calls Hannah and tells her to call him back at that number. Mitch wonders what’s happening, but Benny won’t tell him. Mitch asks when Benny is going to get a clue that he can gets things done and leaves to do a job.

Hannah finally calls Benny back and he asks what’s wrong with her. He tells her about the police and she says she and Quincy Jr. are safe, but she can’t tell him where. He says he’ll talk Candace into not pressing charges, but Hannah says she won’t agree unless Benny sues the Cryers. Hannah says she’s getting out of there with Quincy Jr., but Benny says she’s all over the news. She says she’ll get a car and she’ll be there shortly. Really? With the cops everywhere? She is nuts.

Quita, who obviously has no life and does nothing but hang around the stoop, is approached by two of her cronies. They show her a bag of tapes they got from Veronica’s house. Xena comes back again and asks Quita not to do her like this. KK (one of the dudes) tries to talk Quita into playing nice and she tells him wait until her brother gets back. He’ll be waiting a long time. The other guy tells Xena to apologize. She does. KK wants her to tell Quita the truth. Xena acts like she doesn’t know what he means. The other guy rips Xena’s shirt and she’s wearing a wire. Quita pulls out a gun and asks who’s listening. Xena tells her Veronica wanted to know what’s going on. Dude number two says that’s what the tapes are about. Quita asks how long this has been going on and Xena says since Quincy got out of jail. KK tells Quita Veronica is the one who got him out. Xena says Veronica has something on Candace, who is involved somehow. The group argues among themselves. Quita asks if Veronica hired Xena to do something to Quincy. Xena says no and she doesn’t know where he is. Quita takes the tapes and tells the guys to make Xena disappear. Xena begs Quita not to do this as they take her away.

Kathryn visits Wyatt. The nurse says he asked for her, and he’s been in and out a few times. Kathryn tells her that his first word was “mama,” and the nurse says it’s usually “daddy.” She says every day Wyatt is getting better and he’s lucky. She leaves, telling Kathryn to ring the bell if she needs anything. Kathryn tells Wyatt he is lucky and that’s why she named him Wyatt. She went into labor early on a ski trip in Wyoming. He came out fighting and always had to do everything on his own terms, including being born. She tells him she wasn’t holding his inheritance to hurt him, but to keep him from hurting himself. All she ever wanted was to love him and have him love her. She kisses his forehead. Okay, I looked up the name Wyatt and it means “brave in war.” Take from that what you will.

Oscar comes to David’s office. He says he has to leave town because he’s being followed. He found a tracking device in his car. David asks who it could be and Oscar says a number of people. He says he went to another guy named Raymond’s house. He was out of town, so Oscar pretended it was his family, and whoever followed him thinks he lives there.

He asks what’s up with David and David says he has a lot on his mind. Veronica shows up in the blonde wig. Oscar introduces himself as Jonathan and acts like he’s there about a plumbing issue. David asks what Veronica is doing there and she asks what he’s doing there, and if he’s reminiscing about what could have been. He tells her to get out and she says he finally did it; he filed for divorce on the day of their son’s engagement. He tells her she’s a confusing creature and gives her a restraining order against him and Jeffrey. She says that will be difficult because Jeffrey lives with her. David says until he finds out what’s really going on, the restraining order will stay in force. He tells Veronica if she keeps pushing Jeffrey, Jeffrey is going to kill her. She asks if this means he won’t be attending the engagement dinner. He suggests she hide all the sharp objects.

Benny goes to Candace’s place, sneaking in through the back door. She asks if he knows where Hannah is. He says no, but he’s spoken to her. He tells Candace that she needs to hand Quincy Jr. over to Hannah. When Candace says no way, Benny tells her he found out she wants him to sue. They argue. She tells him to check himself and he suggests she do the same. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Lloyd. He’s there to talk about he loans on the house and tow yard. Benny is like, whaaat?

Next time, David changes Erika’s tire, Lloyd shows Benny “his” signature on the loan documents, and DA Jennifer questions Candace and Benny about Quincy.

Too Close to Home

Tonight was also the premiere of Tyler Perry’s latest, Too Close to Home, about a chick named Anna who’s sleeping with the President. He almost dies in the saddle and his wife means to bring Anna down. Anna ends up running back to her hometown, Happy, Alabama, where things aren’t really very happy. Heather Locklear plays the President’s wife and it’s great to see her on the small screen again. If this character is anything like Veronica, we’re in for a real treat. I watched the first two episodes and Tyler gets it right again.

August 16, 2016 – GH is Raining Babies & the Haves are Reigning


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Carly tells Josslyn that Nell was her kidney donor. Joss gets all emotional. Carly says they can sort it all out later, but the main thing is that Nell has given her the best gift ever. Joss hugs Nell and thanks her.

Paul asks Tracy if something is going on with Dillon. He says Dillon thinks he treated Tracy badly and wants nothing to do with him. Tracy says instead of redeeming himself, and doing what he said he was going to, Paul just ignored things. Paul tells Tracy that Dillon isn’t five and Tracy says Dillon is in trouble and they have to do something.

Nina asks Curtis to find her a baby. Not for a photo shoot, but for her.

Dillon tells Ava that unless something changed in the last hour, Morgan and Kiki are still together. Ava says all that Kiki needs to call it quits with Morgan is Dillon.

Morgan tells Dr. Andre that he’s back and better than ever. He says the combination of meds is perfect and things with Kiki are going great, except for Dillon’s interference.

Jason, who hasn’t been shaving lately and looks like a scruffy older dude, tells Sam he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and she says she’ll marry him.

Ava tells Dillon how excited Kiki was when they had a date. She says it was a relief from the fear for her. Dillon says she seems fine now, but Ava doesn’t think so.

Curtis says he doesn’t think it would be a problem for Nina to get a baby the conventional way now that Franco is out of the picture. Nina says all anyone has to do is google her to find out her baby kidnapping past, but she wasn’t in her right mind when she did it.

Josslyn tells Nell the kidney is working fine and asks if she ever notices it’s missing. Nell tells her not really and she’s glad to know she helped someone. Joss says she’s glad it didn’t come from someone who died, but then she turns to Carly, asking her why she didn’t drop the search like she said she would.

Sam and Jason make goo-goo eyes and love talk.

Carly explains that she started the search because she wanted the donor’s medical history. By the time she agreed to stop the search, Nina had already sent an email to Nell. Michael tells her how he stopped Nell from leaving town, and Josslyn asks why he didn’t tell her. He says if it didn’t pan out, there wouldn’t have been a need. Joss asks Sonny if he knew and she starts to get upset because no one told her anything. She says no one respects her enough to talk to her and runs off.

Tracy tells Paul about Dillon’s STI. Paul’s face is priceless and would make a wonderful meme. She explains it’s treatable and Paul asks why she scared him like that. She tells him because Dillon is making poor choices.

Dillon tells Ava that Kiki is happier with Morgan. Ava says that Morgan tells Kiki he needs her and she feels sorry for him, but that’s not a relationship. She’s not ready to admit it, but Kiki is ready to cut Morgan loose. Dillon asks if Ava is looking to hook up with Morgan.

Kiki is in the MetroCourt parking garage. She has a flat tire and can’t get anyone on the phone to help.

Morgan babbles to Andre about Kiki. Andre tells him to drop the act. He says he’s not insinuating Morgan is manic, but he thinks there’s something Morgan dreads confronting. He asks Morgan to be honest. Morgan says he’s scared to death.

Nell asks to talk to Josslyn. Carly tells her to give it a shot, but Joss is stubborn. Nell says she’s not the only one. Carly apologizes to Jax and hopes Nell can get through to Josslyn.

Nell approaches Josslyn. Joss says she figured they’d send Michael, but Nell says she volunteered and they both have the most at stake. Josslyn says she can’t believe no one told her anything, even after Nell got there. Nell says everything they did was to protect her and spare her pain, and what if Nell had been lying? Joss tells her not to lump Michael in with the others, and Nell says he’s the one who talked her into staying because he loves Joss so much. She says even her family’s mistakes were because they love her.

Ava says all that is is history and this has nothing to do with her and Morgan. She says all Morgan will bring Kiki is pain, if he doesn’t get her killed. Dillon thinks Ava had an agenda in wanting to hire him and is using him to separate Kiki and Morgan. He tells her to go to hell. Does this mean he won’t be taking the art photos?

Morgan tells Andre about Kiki thinking he was off his meds. He wonders if he’ll be able to tell if he slips into a manic state. Andre says he can’t guarantee he’ll never go to the hospital again and patients can go through changes where medication needs to be adjusted. Morgan says he needs to be out in the world with his family and with Kiki.

Kiki tries to change her own tire and only makes things worse. Dillon comes along and says he’d thought she claimed that she could change one. She says she meant she was good at supervising. He takes over.

Curtis suggests Nina get a lawyer to broker a private adoption. Nina says no mother in their right mind would consider her a good candidate. She starts to get weepy, saying she is a good candidate and would protect a baby with her life. She begs Curtis to help her.

Sam wants to know if Jason asked her to marry him because she’s pregnant. He says partly, but he knew he was going to do it when they signed the divorce papers. He tells her he knows she’s worried, but what if everything is okay? He says he wants to face both the good and bad times together with her. Because he’s totally fictional.

Michael asks what’s up with the tension between Jax and Sonny. Sonny says he has a bad feeling about Jax protesting knowing who the donor was. Michael says maybe he was worried about Josslyn. Sonny tells him that Jax said he has his own reasons, but he wonders what they are.

Josslyn comes back in and apologizes for getting so mad. Carly and Jax tell her they love her.

Paul and Tracy argue over who’s the worst parent. Paul wonders how he was supposed to bond with Dillon, when he they didn’t even speak until Dillon was 20. Tracy says he could have reached out too, and wonders why he never brings up his other children. He gets angry and tells her not to bring up Susan. He says Susan has no idea what he’s done for her.

Dillon asks Kiki if she did this on purpose to have a chance encounter with him. They talk about when they got together. He tells her he’s not good at hiding his feelings and has to tell her something. He recounts Ava’s visit.

Andre tells Morgan he’s in no danger of going back to the hospital and he’s just learning to deal with his illness. He stresses the importance of continuing with therapy and meds, and says maintaining doesn’t mean perfect, but Morgan has to learn as he goes.

Nina says maybe Curtis could offer some money to someone who can’t take care of their baby. He’s like, you want to buy a baby?

Sam worries about the baby not being okay, and Jason tells her not to think about that. Too late. The hospital is calling. She asks Finn about her test results and breathes a sigh of relief that the baby is okay. She and Jason hug. he makes her promise to stop protecting him

Dillon says Ava can tell he still has feelings for Kiki and Kiki says maybe she was giving off vibes of her own. Morgan calls. Kiki makes plans to meet him. Dillon says it sounds like they’re doing well and Kiki says they are, so Ava had no right to drag him into this. Dillon says he told Ava where to go.

Ava finds out she doesn’t have malaria. She sees Morgan coming out of his appointment. Morgan is having a hard time getting phone reception. He puts down his backpack and walks away. I smell what’s coming. Seriously though, this would be like walking away from your purse. Not a good idea.

Nina is aghast about buying a baby. She says she’s talking about someone who needs a loving home for their baby without going through the formalities. Curtis says he’s sorry. He feels badly about her backstory getting in the way because he can relate, but he’s not buying her a baby. She says she’ll do it herself then.

Michael thanks Nell for being cool and she says shes never been prouder of doing anything. Josslyn asks her to stay. Nell says she has to get back to work, but she’ll keep in touch. Carly tries to give her some money for her trouble, but she refuses. Nell promises to send her medical records and and says that she wants what’s best for Josslyn. Sonny gets a weird look on his face. Sonny, the man of a thousand hmm… faces.

Jason wants Sam to promise to tell him if something is wrong and he’ll do the same even if he thinks it might hurt her. He says they have to do it right this time. They kiss.

Tracy apologizes to Paul, saying it’s not her place to judge. Paul says he’s not brushing off her concerns, but young men are known to sleep around, and hopefully Dillon has learned his lesson. Tracy suggests a lunch with the three of them. Paul tells her that despite how it seems, he loves his children and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them.

Dillon tells Kiki as long as she’s happy with Morgan, he’s happy for her. She says she is and he says that’s all that matters. As usual, Kiki is looking fabulous, with these earrings that look like liquid silver, a cute embroidered spaghetti strap top and distressed jeans. I’m very impressed.

While Morgan is away from his backpack, Ava messes with his meds.

Nina tells Curtis about how badly she wants to be a mother. Curtis doesn’t want her to go it alone and says if she wants a baby so bad, he’ll find her one. I like Curtis.

Michael says he wants to keep in touch with Nell too. Nell says she has to catch the bus. He offers to drive her, but she says she needs to process everything and doesn’t want to lose it at the bus station. She hugs everyone good-by.

Sneaky Jax is on the phone saying Nell isn’t a threat and doesn’t know how Josslyn got the kidney. He says she’s leaving town, so it won’t be a problem. Her contact with Carly will be minimal.

Meanwhile, Carly and Josslyn ask Nell if she’ll stay for a while.

Tomorrow, Lulu is ready to get pregnant (omg, it’s like babyworld on this show right now), Alexis goes before the bar, and Laura and Tracy bond.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Benny and David struggle over the gun. Mitch runs up and grabs Benny off of David. David and Benny exchange words as Mitch hangs on to Benny. Benny says a lot about Veronica and David calls him a child, telling him the phones are the least of his worries. David asks if Benny remembers the car and the cocaine. I assume he’s referring to War being set up, in which case Benny wouldn’t have a clue, which he doesn’t. Mitch finally gets Benny to go inside, although he’s yelling at David the whole way.

David lost his keys in the tussle and Mitch asks David if he’s all right. David tells him to stay away. Mitch tells him David needs to hear what he has to say. He finds David’s keys and makes him listen. He tells David to let it go and turn the phones back on because he’s headed down the wrong road. David tells him both he and Benny need to leave town because he’s unleashing hell on them tomorrow. Mitch tells him how wrong he is and that his phone is ringing, in his car. He gives David the keys, saying the phone call might change his mind.

David answers his phone. It’s Mama Rose. She tells him that they’re right behind him. David asks what’s going on. Rose says the guy in front of him is Mitch Malone, as in her grandson. David says he had no way of knowing that. Rose says Mitch wants to make his own way and is trying to walk the straight and narrow, and he doesn’t involve himself with the family unless he needs them. She tells David she knows Benny is banging his wife, but he needs to leave them alone and get the phones back on. David says okay and Rose tells him to have a good night.

David calls Oscar and tells him to turn the phones back on – now. Oscar, calling himself Brandon, makes a phone call to get the phone service back. David leaves the tow yard and Mitch smiles. I like Mitch. He’s probably the most likable guy on this show.

Erika calls Candace, who is still staking Oscar out. She says her mark date cancelled and asks if she should come back, but Candace tells her to go to the hotel bar where David should be showing up for a drink. Candace tells her what she thinks David would like and that he loves a damsel in distress. She tells Erika to call Lee and have him make her cry. Candace says if David offers her something, she’s got him hooked, but don’t accept his initial offer. Erika says it’s like old times, but bigger fish. Candace adds that she should wear something yellow on her second date because David likes southern charm. Not the show. I’m thinking that Candace should be a little more specific. Nothing like a bright yellow bandage dress says “the South.”

Hannah keeps calling Candace and Candace finally picks up. Hannah tells her Quincy Jr. is still at the hospital. She tells Candace that they’re getting ready to put him in foster care and asks if it’s what she wants. Candace hangs up and Hannah calls again. Candace throws the phone and Hannah only gets her voicemail. If I had a quarter for every time someone asked, “Are you sure?” on tonight’s episode, I could probably get a small latte.

Benny asks Mitch who he thinks he is. Mitch tells him the phones are coming back on and Benny says he doesn’t hear them ringing. Benny keeps talking about how he won the fight and Mitch tells him sometimes all you need is a conversation. Suddenly, the phones start ringing off the hook. Benny is back in business! Benny wants to know what Mitch did, and Mitch says he just talked to David. He adds it must have been the ass beating Benny gave him and everything is all happy.

Lee and Erika wait for David. Lee is impatient and Erika reminds him that if all works out, she’ll pay him, and he is an actor in training. David enters the bar and Lee starts an argument with Erika. They act like he’s her lover and she just found out he’s married. She tells him to go back to his wife. He leaves and Erika begins to cry.

David approaches Erika with a napkin and she blows him off, walking to another part of the bar. She calls Candace, pretending she’s calling her mother. Candace asks if Erika was mean and when Erika tells her yes, Candace tells her to go back and apologize. She also tells her that Oscar seems to have a family. She checked out the mailbox and says his name is Brandon and his life looks like a storybook. She’s going to turn it into a nightmare, but not tonight.

Commercial break with important information – If Loving You Is Wrong is back on September 13 at 9 pm. It looks like Randall gets imprisoned in a box. Interesting. And a new Tyler Perry show, Too Close To Home, is debuting on TLC August 22, 9 pm. It looks pretty good.

Nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz Pearl is poking around Candace’s property. Hannah is there and asks what Pearl is up to. Pearl says walking her dog. Hannah points out that she has a leash, but no dog. Pearl says the dog died, but she still walks with the leash. It’s creative if nothing else. Suddenly, Pearl says she smells something foul and that she’ll have to call the city. I guess Quincy is starting to stink. She asks if Hannah has a key and Hannah says she’s going to have to wait for Candace.

Pearl tells Hannah that the man never did come out of Candace’s house, casually mentioning that her husband was a police officer and her son is also. She shows Hannah a picture of Quincy taken by the security camera, and Hannah says he’s Quincy Maxwell. She asks if Pearl is sure Candace let him in. Pearl says he went in and a white man came out and she thinks Quincy caught them doing something. Pearl has to go; her ride to bridge or Bingo or whatever she does is there. Candace drives up.

Hannah asks Candace what she has to do to get Quincy Jr. Candace says there’s nothing she wants from Hannah. Hannah tells her about Pearl having a picture of Quincy and begs Candace to give her Quincy Jr. She tells Candace she has $866 to her name and Candace says she’ll take it. Then she tells Hannah it won’t even buy her a purse. Hannah asks if she’ll call and Candace says she wants more. She hands her back the money, saying Hanna has nothing to offer her. Hannah pleads with her and Candace tells her to get off the property.

Candace tells Hannah to wait and says there is something she can do – tell Benny to sue the Cryers. She says if Hannah tells Benny to sue, she’ll bring Hannah her son. Hannah wonders why Candace cares and she says they should pay for Wyatt hitting her brother. Hannah argues with her and refuses to do it. Candace says she doesn’t get Quincy Jr. then. Hannah asks who Candace is and says she’s done. Candace asks if she promises, since she’s said that before.

Hannah tells Candace she’ll never understand what it’s like to be a mother who has hope for her child and that Quincy Jr. is precious and innocent. Candace tells her good-by and goes inside. I just have to mention that for someone who has no money, Hannah is wearing a gorgeous blouse that looks expensive. Maybe Kathryn gave it to her.

Lloyd visits Jim in his cell. He tells Jim that Candace got all the money in cash, but some of the board members aren’t thrilled. Jim says he and Kathryn will handle it. Lloyd adds that Candace falsified some documents and they’d wanted to call the police because Benny’s signature doesn’t match. Jim says this is even better. Lloyd is to tell Candace they want the money back in cash in 24 hours or they’ll call the police.

Hannah visits Kathryn. Kathryn says she’s amended her will and wants Hannah to read something. Hannah asks if she’s dying and if the cancer has come back, but Kathryn says she’s fine. Hannah is like, what then? Kathryn asks if Hannah has a will, and when she says no, tells her that she should. Hannah says she doesn’t have anything and Kathryn tells her she’ll need to make a will after she reads this. She’s left Hannah five million dollars and won’t take no for an answer. Hannah says she hopes Kathryn outlives her and they both talk about the drama and stress in their lives. Hannah thanks her and says it’s the kindest thing anyone has ever done for her.

Kathryn asks Hannah to drop in on Wyatt while she’s in the hospital and Hannah says she’ll call. Hannah says she has a favor to ask Kathryn. She says if she goes to jail, will Kathryn get her out? Kathryn asks if she’s planning on committing a crime and Hannah says yes. Kathryn wants to know what’s going on and Hannah says, sorry, and jets.

Jeffrey visits Candace, surprising her. She asks if he’s been crying and he admits he has. She asks if it’s Wyatt, and Jeffrey says he’s okay and that he didn’t die. He asks what she’s been crying about and she asks what’s the point in talking about it? He suggests she might feel better if she does. She says she loves her son and she’s afraid. She says she can’t bring him to her home because his father is dead and buried in the backyard, and what if he wants to play out there? She says she can’t leave him with Hannah because Hannah isn’t right. Jeffrey says Hannah walks in kindness, but Candace says not with her. Jeffrey says people change and Candace asks if his mother has. He says they’re two different people – his mother is a hater and Hannah comes from a pure place. Candace says she’s giving Quincy Jr. up for adoption. She says she’s messed up and broken and conned too many people. Someday it’s all going to catch up and it’s starting to catch up already.

Jeffrey asks if she’s sure (ka-ching!) that she can’t leave Quincy Jr. with Hannah. Candace asks if he’d leave her son with his mother. He tells Candace he’s moving back in with her. Candace suggests that he didn’t put the knife in deep enough. Jeffrey says he didn’t mean it; he just snapped. After telling him to snap again, Candace asks what they’re going to do. Jeffrey tells her she’s a bad bitch and she always has the answers. Candace says this bad bitch is tired and running out of answers and time.

Hannah comes down the hospital stairs with Quincy Jr. and the biggest teddy bear I’ve ever seen. She runs out the door with him.

Next time, Veronica tries to seduce David, Candace insists that Jeffrey sue the Cryers, and Hannah brings Quincy Jr. to Kathryn, who finds the whole thing hysterically funny.