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February 19, 2018 – An Election Wrench, a Weekend at Big Bear, a Little Bit of Butcher’s Block & Freyja


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis tells Julian that Charles Street is lit. The polls are jumping. He says it’s more than choosing a new mayor. The future of the neighborhood rests in the balance.

Alexis and Ned vote.

Molly asks for “Julian’s girlfriend’s coffee.” Julian tells Curtis that he doesn’t know what she likes better – the drink or that he has a new friend.

Griff asks Mike to repeat the three words he’d said earlier. Mike’s brain stalls. Griff tells Mike that he’s going to show him drawings, and to tell him what he sees. Mike says inkblots all look like butterflies, but these aren’t inkblots. Griff shows him a lion and Mike says, cat. Griff shows him a rhino, and Mike says, cow. Sonny tells him to take his time, but he says he knows a cow when he sees one. Griff says he’s doing great, and wants to move on.

Peter brings flowers to Nathan’s grave. He says he can’t make them fill the hole left in Maxie’s or the baby’s life. He didn’t mean for Nathan to get hurt, and didn’t imagine it would end up like this, but here they are. He gets choked up, and says they were the only two who could stop their father’s twisted legacy, but even that won’t bring Nathan back. He wishes more could do more. Maxie appears, and says he’s done enough. I have to admit, although I wasn’t thrilled with him at first, Peter is growing on me.

At the will reading, Sam says it’s another one of Faison’s mind games. Anna adds that it was designed to create maximum destruction. Even from the grave, he’s pitting them against each other. Sam thinks it’s a crock, and Faison just wants them to destroy each other. Anna says if anyone could get satisfaction in hell, he’d be the one to do it.

Griff wants Mike to repeat some numbers in reverse. He stumbles on it, and asks for water. Sonny says he’ll go get some.

Jordan meets Curtis at Charlie’s. She says the polls are running like a machine. She’s excited about TJ and the kids canvasing. She wonders where Alexis is, but Curtis hasn’t seen her.

Alexis looks at Post-It notes in the alleyway behind Charlie’s. Bringing out the trash, Julian asks if it’s now the hangout for future mayors. She tells him it’s a madhouse, and she may very well lose the race. She’s working on both victory and concession speeches, and he tells her that she always did want to win both sides of an argument. She says he can’t fault her for being prepared.

Olivia-Q tells Ned to take a minute and relax. He says he and Alexis are still in a dead heat. Olivia is relieved that the special interest attack ad didn’t have an impact, but he says not to be so sure. Alexis is the underdog and getting the sympathy vote. He could still lose.

Maxie brushes snow from Nathan’s headstone. She wishes she’d said something sooner, but thanks Peter. He saved her and her baby that day. Nathan would thank him too. Peter says there’s no need; he’s so sorry. She knows that, and says she should feel honored about all the flowers, but it’s just annoying. She wonders if it’s selfish not to want strangers near him. She comes here to be closer to him, but it doesn’t help. It just makes her want to go home, but he’s not there either. She can’t shake the feeling that if she finds the one right place to go, he’ll be there. She knows it’s not rational, and that he’s dead, but then she doesn’t. Peter says grief is tough for the mind to accept sometimes. She thanks him. He says he didn’t do anything, and she says, exactly. He didn’t give her a bunch of platitudes, and is the first person not trying to make her feel better. He knows he can’t, and she says neither can anyone else. Only Nathan coming back can do that. How is she going to do this without him? She says coming there was a mistake, and Peter asks if he can take her home.

Jason wants the provisions of the will read again. Diane reads that Faison leaves Drew the one thing he wants more than anything else. There’s a detailed account of Andre’s work, including the reversal procedures, locked in a safe to be released when the provisions are met. He leaves to Jason the alias and last known whereabouts of his son, the man who let him live. Only his executor knows the information, and will only release it to the other if one of them dies. Sam says Andre only made one copy and it’s lost. Anna tells them Faison would like them chasing around the world as much as he would like them killing each other. He relished the ability to make people search for answers.

Molly tells Alexis the polls are off the charts. Alexis is proud that Molly is her daughter, but Molly tells her not to take anything away from her own accomplishment. Alexis doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but Julian does. He knows it’s not his place, but he’s proud of her too. He calls her Madam Mayor, but she says not yet. He tells her it’s only a matter of time.

Sonny asks Mike how it’s going, and Mike tells him they’re playing Simon Says next. Griff has to leave for a moment, and Mike tells Sonny the tests are pointless. Who cares if he misses a few things? It’s expected at his age. Sonny says Griff is the best, and can tell them what they need to know. Mike says he’s only doing this because Robin asked him too. She’s a sweetheart, and he couldn’t turn her down. He says Sonny must have things to do, and can go, but Sonny wants to be there. He set aside the day to spend time with Mike. Griff comes back, and Mike says they should be done by now, right?

Maxie invites Peter in. He doesn’t want to intrude, but she doesn’t mind; she’d like someone to talk to. Peter looks around, and she says it’s not just her; Peter can feel him here too. Peter says he can tell they had a happy life, and Maxie says, the best.

Jason tells Diane there must be an address for the executor. Diane says the solicitor of record died, and the papers were delivered by messenger from a Swiss bank. They claim they have no information. Someone must have been left in place, but there’s no indication of who. Drew thinks it’s a waste of time, but Sam suggests they hear the rest. Diane brings out a small display case, saying it was left to Anna. I was hoping it was the Wellington Dog, but it’s a figurine of a goddess.

Molly says it’s too close to call. There are a lot of people still at the polls, but she knows Alexis is going to win. Jordan says soon it will be official that Alexis is the next mayor of Port Charles.

Ned practices his speech. Jim comes by, and Ned tells him not to get too excited; it’s still too close to call. Jim says while Alexis has gained substantial ground in the game, a few key votes in key districts can make the difference. He suggests they have a drink and keep an eye on the race together.

Griff tells Mike the tests are done. He can’t give a diagnosis yet, but a CT scan can rule out some things. Mike says he and Sonny are overdue for a meal, but Sonny says they might as well wrap it up now. Griff goes to set up the test, and Sonny thanks Mike for humoring him. He says he’ll be right back, but I’m not so sure I’d leave this dude alone.

Sonny asks Griff what’s wrong with his dad, but Griff says he can’t discuss it without Mike’s permission. Sonny tells him not to give any details, just a general idea. Griff says the CT scan should tell them a lot, and he thinks Sonny is correct to be concerned about Mike’s cognitive abilities.

Maxie tells Peter that he has a unique connection to Nathan. He was there when Nathan was shot. Peter says he was on the floor, but Maxie says he was there. He tried to stop the bleeding like she did. She thinks she knew then that Nathan was dying. She wonders why Peter was there that day.

The figurine is of the Norse Goddess, Freyja, who represents prayer, fertility, love, sex, beauty, war and death. Anna says it’s part of Faison’s sick obsession, and wants no part of it. Diane thinks she should have it appraised. Even if it’s a reproduction, it might bring in some decent money; she could donate it to charity. Anna says Faison has put them in an untenable position, and left her a token she wants no part of. Diane tells them the remainder of the estate has been left to his son.

Curtis tells Julian that he did some additional digging into Roger Calvin, the guy who mugged Stella. Two sizable amounts were deposited into his account; one the day before Stella was mugged, and one the day after. Julian says he was a hired gun. Jordan has joined them, and wonders why pay someone to mug Stella? Curtis has a theory.

Sonny asks Griff, hypothetically, what would a CT scan tell them? Griff says it can rule out certain possibilities, like mini-strokes. He says Mike’s medical history is also important, but Sonny can’t help with that. Mike wasn’t around when he was a kid, and they only had sporadic contact after he moved to Brooklyn. Griff asks if he knows of any recent falls, and Sonny says Mike hasn’t said anything, and Rita didn’t mention it. Griff asks if there’s been any head trauma; did Mike box or play football? Sonny says Mike had a rough life, and was in plenty of fights. A few Russians beat him up pretty badly. Mike comes out in a hospital gown and robe, and gives Sonny his watch. He says Sonny’s mother gave it to him, and there was never any pay off big enough for him to pawn it. She deserved better than him, and so does Sonny. Griff walks Mike to the scan room. I’m already wondering if that watch is really the one Jason gave to Rita.

Peter tells Maxie that he was dropping off some budget changes; Nina had been fighting him on cuts. Then, Faison showed up. Maxie says if he hadn’t needed to drop off the paperwork, Faison would have kidnapped her. Peter says a glad coincidence put him there, but he wishes he could have done more for Nathan. Maxie says she remembers Nathan bleeding, and Faison was going to drag her away, but Peter showed up with Shane’s gun, and Faison took off because of him. Peter says she’s making him sound like a hero, but he didn’t know what he was doing. She says he did it anyway, and that’s what a hero is. When nothing makes sense or you’re scared, you find a way to do the right thing. Nathan was a hero too, but training only gets you so far. He was willing to put himself on the line for others, and did it every day. Peter did it for him on his last day. She thanks him.

Diane tells the group there’s no indication of which son it is, but the will was made on January 13th, 2018. Sam says it was after they wrote the article, and Anna says since he detested Henrik, Faison must have intended for Nathan to be his heir. Sam says the estate should go to Maxie then. Diane says because the son isn’t named, Henrik could make a claim. Anna was planning on visiting Maxie, and asks if she can tell her about the will. Diane says it’s Faison’s last word, but Drew says it’s just his next move in the game. He’s still taunting them.

Curtis says the dude is paid to mug Stella, and then leaves town. Big guns are going after his little aunt? Jordan asks when Curtis last saw Stella, and he says she was manning the poles. Jordan says the day she was mugged, she was out canvasing; she’s not the main target. Alexis and Molly come in. Alexis says it’s still too close to call, but Molly thinks there will be a big surge in her favor. Julian thinks someone is playing huge stakes to throw the election.

Ned says it’s still too close to call, and there could be a last minute surge for Alexis. There are still people in line to vote. Olivia says there are plenty of undecided voters out there, and Jim says it’s not over until the finish line is crossed. Wow. What a philosopher. Ned tells them he has to find a way to be gracious in victory or defeat. He thanks Jim for his support. Jim tells Ned that he’s got this.

Outside, Jim calls someone, and says, right.

Jason shows up at the hospital and asks Sonny how Mike is. Sonny says they don’t have the whole picture yet, but it’s pretty clear something is off. Once they do the CT scan, they’ll know more. Jason asks what Sonny is going to do, but he doesn’t know. He spent years despising Mike, and said he would never be like him, weak and running from things. When Mike came back into his life, he tried hard, but Sonny wouldn’t let him in. Finally, they came to terms as adults. Not father and son, but more like man to man. He doesn’t know if he can be the son Mike needs him to be right now.

Maxie thanks Peter, saying she hasn’t been able to talk to anyone else. He’s a good man, like Nathan was. Maybe when the baby is old enough, he can help her explain how brave Nathan was that day. Peter says he’d be honored. There’s a knock at the  door, and Anna gives Maxie a baby gift from Robin. Peter says he has to go. Maxie hopes they get a chance to talk again; it meant a lot.

Drew tells Sam that he’s tired of being thisclose to nothing; feeling like he has a memory, and then back in no man’s land. Sam tells him that he’s not killing his brother; that’s not an option. Drew says he’s just venting. She says it’s exactly what Faison wants; them at each other’s throats, frustrated and angry. But they’re too smart to play Faison’s game.

Molly reads some online comments, telling Alexis that people realize the attack was because of her opposition to the redevelopment project. Alexis says comments don’t prove anything, but Molly tells her that she can’t ignore the evidence. Alexis knows she’s hoping for a last minute surge (word of the day), but she’s not calling herself mayor until the polls close and the results are tallied.

Ned tells Olivia that no matter what, he couldn’t have done it without her. She thinks he can still win. He’s been honest from the start about who he is and what he wants to do for Port Charles. A city is a living thing, and generates taxes, which are used to pay for things the city needs. Ned thinks she’s the one who should have run. No one else could make road maintenance sound patriotic. She says nothing could be more patriotic than making the city and it’s people’s lives better. She believes he’ll have the chance to do that. She looks at her phone, and makes a shocked face. Ned takes a look, and says, omg.

Molly looks at her phone, and says, no. She shows Alexis. It’s an article with the headline Con Job, talking about Alexis visiting Nora on behalf of Julian.

Sam tells Drew the ornament is still out there, and he says it’s still a needle in a haystack. She says they own a media company. They can use their resources and do everything in their power to find it.

Sonny asks Jason about Faison’s will. Jason tells him that Faison claimed there was information on Henrik and the memory reversal procedure locked in a safe. The catch is, the only way one of them can get the information is if the other is dead, but he’s not playing Faison’s game. To the best of their knowledge, Henrik is still in Port Charles. Faison left his estate to his son, but didn’t specify which one. If he surfaces, Jason will be waiting.

Anna tells Maxie that Patrick and Robin donated money in Nathan’s name to the PCPD, but she also has some unpleasant news. Faison left his estate to his son. Maxie says, to Nathan? Nothing tainted by that murderer comes into her house. Anna understands, but tells Maxie that he was very wealthy. Maxie doesn’t want his blood money; she doesn’t need it. She and the baby will be fine. Anna tells her that with Nathan’s passing, the missing son could try to claim it. Maxie says he can have it – all of it. She wants nothing connected to the man who murdered her husband.

Peter finds Sam and Drew. He tells them he’s been doing some soul searching. He’s not ready to leave Port Charles after all. There are people there he doesn’t want to leave.

Tomorrow, Monica tells Nelle that her timing is perfect, Ned’s odds are improving, and Doc asks what Franco remembered.

Vanderpump Rules

Tom, Scheana, and Ariana are working some shifts at Villa Blanca while SUR is recovering from fire damage. Lisa tells us there’s a litany of things they have to accomplish. It would normally take three weeks, but they’re doing it in three days. Scheana’s boyfriend, Rob, has a house in Big Bear, so she’s taking some of the friends for a weekend. She reads a text from Jax, saying he doesn’t want to come because everyone is being mean.

Brittany, Katie, and Kristen decorate their scooters, which Brittany tells us are a necessity with LA traffic. Katie says Stassi didn’t just run off from her party, but stuck her with the bill. She’s not backtracking to the days where they enabled and coddled her. Stassi arrives, and immediately apologizes and starts crying. She seem to be the most upset over binging, rather than getting skinny, over her neurosis. Patrick called her out on causing drama for her friends and not just him. She knows she’s wrong about everything, and claims it’s stress. She and Patrick aren’t in the best place, it was eating at her, and she lost it. Patrick is a condescending twit with a man bun. Are women really this desperate? Stassi wants them to know, other than that, it was one of the best birthdays ever. Kristen tells her to just let it go, and Stassi writes a check. Kristen wonders what you do with one of those.

The girls go scootering. Stassi compares the scooters to broomsticks. I could see that.

Jax and Brittany pack for the trip. He thinks he’ll have to channel a lot of his meditation skills to get through the next few days. Lala joins them. She’s excited, but it’s early in the day for her. She tells Brittany about the driving arrangement. Brittany tells her that Jax is having problems with James. Lala says whenever James has a drink too many, a switch flips. Brittany thinks James might still have a thing for Lala, since he attacks her when he’s on a drunken, belligerent roll. Gee, ya think? Lala says others have told her the same thing, but that ship sailed long ago, and has sunk since then. She says he’d better get in the friend zone if he’s not there already.

And they’re off! Rob’s cabin is three bedroom waterfront property, hot tub included. Scheana calls Rob, whose trying to fix the boat. It’s more the life she’s envisioned for herself than the one she had with Shay. When the others arrive, Scheana goes over the sleeping arrangements, telling them that Jax said he needed a bed because of his back. In her interview, she says if she had a dollar for every time old man Jax referenced his age, she wouldn’t have to work at SUR. Ariana hopes he isn’t a bummer, and Tom says he wants to talk to Jax tonight. On the way to the cabin, Tom bought a survival knife, and has already cut himself with it. Scheana asks the group to be respectful of the property. Good luck with that. The guys make a liquor store run.

Lisa says they have to nearly rebuild the restaurant, and are limping along. She talks to a guy about painting the floor olive green. The place looks like a huge mess.

The guys buy every liquor known to man, along with some ice cream and spinners. James has cut down on drinking, but says something comes over him on group trips. The bill is nearly three hundred bucks. When the clerk asks how long they’re going to be there, they tell him two nights.

Scheana tells the girls about how Rob is the handiest person she knows, and how hot that makes him. Oddly enough I understand this. A guy building stuff or cleaning the house is the biggest turn on in the world. Lala wonders if he can rescue kittens and save babies. Raquel thanks her for inviting James so she could come along. Lala tells her that James was talking smack about her man. Raquel asks what he said, but Lala doesn’t want to repeat it. She tells Raquel that she’s about to snap, and Raquel needs to keep him in check.

Rob arrives, the boat having been fixed. Jax says the way Scheana talks about him, you’d think he invented air. He thinks there must be a lot of pressure not to fall off the pedestal.

Katie visits Stassi. Stassi gives her a drink, telling her that she has a request. Katie is handier than any boyfriend she’s had, and Stassi asks her to fix a padded bench. My husband told me that he was impressed when he found out I had my own toolbox, so I guess this works both ways. I’m not sure how else I was supposed to fix stuff though. Wait six weeks for the super to get around to it? Stassi says Patrick wasn’t happy with her meltdown. Katie thinks she’s more docile around Patrick, like she’s afraid to say something wrong. Stassi says she does walk on eggshells, and Katie says she’s better than this. Stassi tells her the same patterns are happening; the same ones she said weren’t going to this time around. It’s time to go to the tarot card reader. In her interview, Stassi says she used to pretend to be one in high school, but had no idea what she was doing. She just made it up as she went along.

Raquel tells James about what Lala said to her. James says Raquel is going by what she sees, but he’s going by what he knows. He wants Lala to be happy, but doesn’t think she will be with this guy. How can he respect a man he never sees? Raquel thinks he should be more respectful of Lala, and be supportive of her relationship. He says you can’t support something that’s rotten. That James, he’s a real raconteur.

Peter is surprised that SUR is back open so quickly. He tells Lisa everything looks brilliant. She says SUR is like her baby, and thinks they should celebrate. She orders a spicy margarita. Well, that’s a first.

At the cabin, the girls prepare dinner, and James kibbutzim. I looked this up, and it’s the only accepted plural form of kibbutz. The more you know… Lala says she’s an easy target for him when he starts drinking, and that he’s a hurt human being. Rob approves the food, and dinner is served. Brittany gives Rob a group thank you. In his interview, Jax says Scheana wants everyone to believe Rob is perfect, but she did the same thing with Shay. Rob toasts to Tom opening a restaurant. James remarks that Jax is left behind working at SUR, and Scheana says, technically, Jax could be James’s dad. Ha-ha! Jax must be feeling pretty small right about now. Ariana thinks James should reel it in with Lala.

After dinner, the group plays a card game where couples are asked a question sexual in nature. If they don’t want to answer, they have to drink. In his interview, Tom says he and Ariana are doing better, but it’s a work in progress. The game is actually pretty boring.

Stassi and Katie go to see Angie, the tarot reader. Stassi thinks after four years, she and Patrick need to figure things out. Angie has her pull out some cards, and flips things around. She tells Stassi she’s meant to have babies, and thinks she’ll be pregnant in 2019. Stassi starts crying. She’s been worried she couldn’t have children, because she has a medical condition where she only dates a-holes. Angie says she sees a guy with a lot going on, and the end of a difficult situation. Stassi says she and Patrick have been going back and forth. Katie says they haven’t been solid, and Angie is picking up on the issues. Angie says she doesn’t think it’s worth it to keep going. I think tarot cards are bullsh*t, but I agree with her. For all I know, she’s been watching the show as long as I have.

James is getting sloshed, and babbles about the country being made by people like him. Drunken idiots? Jax tells Tom they have a good time, but know when to shut it down. He thinks it’s a lot. Kelsey told him to separate himself from people who cause him anxiety and anger. He says he’s mentally burnt, and his hat’s off to Schwartz and Tom, who can still party hardy. In his interview, Tom is worried that Jax thinks just because the other guys have things going on, he’ll get left behind. He wants to help Jax, but Jax is concerned about the time frame. He says Tom is doing it, while he’s thinking about his future as a bartender forever.

Scheana and Rob go to bed, and the others decide to play truth or dare. Lala thinks there should be rules. James tells her to shut up, and Lala says one more time, and she’s going to pop him one. He starts to leave, not even realizing she’s talking to him. Lala tells Raquel he’s a bitch. James tells her to change her attitude, and she tells him to stop coming for her. He tries to hug it out, but she’s not having it. Brittany says he should apologize, and he asks what Lala wants. Brittany says he’s mean to Lala, and the girls decide to give them a moment. In her interview, Lala says they go from zero to one hundred in an instant. James says he needs respect, and starts to leave again. Lala asks if they’re friends or not, and he says not. She asks why they can’t have a conversation like friends do? He says she thinks she’s better than everyone else, but without her boyfriend, she wouldn’t have the Range Rover, the Chanel, or the private jet. Lala tells him that Raquel doesn’t like it when James insults her, and he should apologize. She talks about him goofing around with her physically, and how Raquel doesn’t seem cool with that either. She tells him that he wouldn’t like it if the roles were reversed.

Scheana comes out, and tells the group that Rob is trying to sleep. Tom suggests going to bed. Jax asks Brittany what’s up with the yelling. Lala takes James outside, and asks why he feels the need to come for her. He calls her an idiot for about the fourth time now, since he can’t come up with another word. She tells him to STFU, and the next time he talks about her man, she’ll draw blood. I believe her. Inside, Jax tells Brittany that he has super high anxiety around James, and he’s in a fragile state. Maybe he should be more concerned about Lala. Lala says she tells James things that she doesn’t tell anybody, and asks him to stop using it against her. He insists he doesn’t do it… that much. She doesn’t want him to do it at all. Jax tells Brittany that he didn’t want to come here; it’s not fair. Lala tells James to stop coming for her man. Jax wants to talk about his problems, but Brittany tells him to relax, and that she’s going to sleep. Lala says she and James were intimate at one point, and to stop coming for her and her man. He says Lala’s man has put the one he loves in jeopardy, which makes no sense whatsoever. She’s been talking about future things that he wants. He loved her, and he’s not used to it yet. Lala says he has Raquel now. He wonders why their friendship has changed, and she tells him they owe respect to Raquel and her dude. In her interview, Lala thinks James believes he’s losing her to her relationship. It doesn’t mean he’s losing her as a friend, but he doesn’t know how to make the transition. Lala tells him that they need boundaries, and asks if he’d like to apologize. He says, yes, but that might change in two seconds. Obviously annoyed, she goes back inside, telling him that they’re good, but not really meaning it.

Next time, Lisa is a guest on Stassi’s podcast, Jax almost drowns, and Scheana tells Kristen that she and Rob are in love. After which, we all roll our eyes.

🍖 I just got done watching the second episode of Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, and it did not disappoint. Zoey came back a changed woman, apparently having been up the stairs to nowhere. We got a little more history of the Peach family, finding out that Joseph’s daughters had been murdered. Louise joined Alice in her quest to find out just what the hell is going on in Butcher’s Block, and they got a midnight supper invite from the Peach family for their trouble. It was really creepy cool when the candlelit table in the woods turned into a candlelit table in the Peach’s house, which the townspeople had burned to the ground decades earlier after finding “something” in the basement. Joseph explained that the vanished family had changed to a different type of energy. He literally got into Alice’s head, and the candlelit table turned into a table of cannibalistic delights. This show is intense, gruesome, and certainly unique.

💃 Freyja








February 16, 2018 – Faison’s Final Strike (it’s a doozie), Best in Show & a Quote Sextet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital


Mike says it’s over the top, but Sonny says Mike almost got himself arrested yesterday. Mike claims he was feeling nostalgic, and they needed help at Kelly’s. He doesn’t need a doctor to tell him he’s just overtired. Sonny says since they’re at the hospital, they might as well have him checked out. If everything’s fine, he can say I told you so. Mike tells Sonny that breakfast is on him, and Sonny says, anywhere he wants. Mike says, maybe not Kelly’s.

Ava gets a call from Griff, but she doesn’t answer. Kiki tells her to turn the siren off. Ava asks if Kiki remembers getting picked up from the drunk tank. Kiki panics, and says no. Ava asks if she was in a blackout. Kiki says she thought it was more of a brownout, but doesn’t remember that. Ava says she doesn’t remember because it didn’t happen. A good Samaritan brought her home. She gives Kiki some food. Kiki says the last thing she remembers is talking to Spinelli, but then recalls Griff being there. She asks Ava if she ruined their night.

Griff leaves Ava a message, saying it’s his second time calling. He doesn’t like the way they left things, so call him back

Nelle messes with vocal stuff on the computer. She says, it’s just beginning, and Monica startles her, saying she didn’t mean to interrupt.

Jason tells Carly that he spent Valentine’s Day with Danny. He wanted another sleep over, and Jason just dropped him off at school.

Anna arrives to the will reading. A guy asks her if she wants anything, but she just wants it over with. She didn’t want anything to do with Faison when he was alive, and doesn’t want anything from him now that he’s dead. The guy says the other beneficiaries should be there soon. Sam and Drew come in.

At the hospital, David asks Mike what’s going on. Mike says there’s no problem; his son dragged him there. He’s been out of sorts, but doing a lot of traveling lately, and just needs some rest. David asks him to describe “out of sorts,” and Mike says he’s left some things here and there. Sonny tells him about Mike working at Kelly’s, and David asks Mike if it’s true, Mike says he was feeling nostalgic, but once his grandson explained it to the cop, it was fine. David tells him it might have something to do with rest, and Mike says his son is an alarmist. To be on the safe side, David wants to do bloodwork and tests to rule out anything serious. Mike tells Sonny that it’s ridiculous. Sonny says it will be over before he knows it. I’m so enjoying Max Gail as Mike.

Ava tells Kiki that she loves a good martini more than the next girl. She says last night was tough, but don’t get in the habit of drinking hurts away. Kiki says she’s retired from drinking for the foreseeable future. Ava asks about Dillon, and Kiki says they’re done. She knows it in her head, but she’s trying to get past it in her heart; it hurts. Ava tells her Dillon isn’t the right man for her. She deserves someone who puts her first. Kiki says that’s easy for to say; she has Griff. She has to get to work, and asks Ava for a ride. Ava thinks she should call in sick, but she has to stay in David’s good graces. Ava asks what if he notices she has a hangover, and Kiki says she’ll tell him it’s her allergies. Ava tells her to take a shower, and think up a better excuse.

Nelle tells Monica, sorry she’s jumpy. Nelle hugs her, says she’s happy to see her. Monica asks about an early lunch to catch up with baby news, but Ava isn’t in yet. Monica says it looked like she was doing something important. Nelle says don’t tell Ava, but she was looking online for baby stuff. She’s surprised how expensive everything is. Some strollers are as much as a used car. She’s right. Monica says that’s what baby showers are for; she’ll make out like a bandit. Nelle says she has no friends to throw a shower for her, and certainly Carly isn’t going to do it. Monica can’t believe Carly is that petty. She’ll want the baby to have the best of everything. Nelle says not if it includes her. Carly seems fixated on making her life miserable.

Carly asks Jason if things are getting better with Drew, and he says Drew is angry with him. It’s not about Danny, but Drew thinks he withheld information on Henrik, when he was just waiting for confirmation. Carly doesn’t think so. She thinks Drew is mad because his wife is in love with Jason. Sam may have married Drew with the best of intentions, but it was the worst possible thing for everyone else. The doorbell rings, and it’s Diane, who says she was in the neighborhood, and drops off Sonny’s paperwork. When she sees Jason, she says it’s serendipitous, since he’s been avoiding her phone calls. Jason says it has nothing to do with him, but Diane says it does. She’s been retained to handle Faison’s will in this country, and he’s been named as a beneficiary. She’s as surprised as anyone, but they need to be on their way to the reading. Jason says he doesn’t want anything from Faison.

Diane’s assistant introduces himself as Henry. Sam hopes this is better than Helena’s will reading. Helena cursed her and left her a third of a penny. Anna didn’t want anything he touched when he was alive, and certainly doesn’t now that he’s dead. Sam asks Henry how long it’s going to be. He says Diane should be there shortly, but they’re waiting for one more beneficiary.

Diane tells Jason that she can’t finalize the will until the Danish government knows she contacted all of the parties involved. They won’t know what’s in it until they read it. Jason says Faison took five years from him, and he killed him; it’s over with. Carly says it’s not. Whatever Faison set up to hurt him, ignoring it won’t make it go away. She steps into the hallway to take a call from Sonny. Diane tells Jason that she can’t believe she’s saying this, but Carly made an articulate and logical argument. Did any of it get through?

Carly asks Sonny what the doctor said. Sonny tells her that he ordered tests and a physical exam. Mike isn’t happy, and thinks he’s just overtired. Carly hopes that’s all it is, and Sonny gives her a raincheck for Valentine’s Day. She tells him to just keep her posted. She looks at unknown caller on her phone list.

Monica knows how difficult Carly can be, and tells Nelle, imagine living under the  same roof. She thinks Carly will ease up, especially after the baby is born. Nelle tells her that Kim already cautioned her against stress, and told her how it can affect the baby’s health. Monica asks if it’s work, but Nelle says Ava is more than accommodating. Monica can’t help unless Nelle tells her what it is. Nelle says she doesn’t mean to speak out of turn, but Carly keeps hurling horrible accusations against her. She’s trying to be the bigger person, but it’s hard when it’s affecting the baby’s health. Monica tells Nelle that she’s sorry, and hugs her. Nelle says there’s only so much she can take.

Ava brings Kiki the phone she left in the car. She tells Kiki don’t thank her, just get it together and stay hydrated. Griff comes out of the elevator as Ava is leaving, and he stops her. He says she’s been ignoring his phone calls, but she can’t ignore him in real life. Ava says he’d be surprised. He asks if they’re going to pretend nothing happened last night.

Sonny tells Mike it wasn’t so bad, but Mike says Sonny isn’t the one being poked and prodded like a lab rat. Sonny looks at his phone, saying, the wonders of the internet. The flowers were delivered to Rita. Mike wonders what flowers, and Sonny tells him the ones they ordered this morning.

Carly debates deleting unknown caller’s number, and finally does.

Monica doesn’t want Nelle to worry, and says the baby will be fine. Nelle says she knows she made terrible mistakes with Carly in the past, but she’s tried to make amends. Monica tells her not to beat herself up. Carly has made many mistakes. Nelle says you’d never know by how she acts. Monica tells her that Carly has been given the benefit of second chances, and she’s sorry Nelle wasn’t extended the same courtesy. Nelle says she’s okay with not being the best of friends, but wants to get to a place where they’re civil and can move forward for the baby’s sake. Monica thinks Carly loves the baby as much as they do, but tells Nelle to let her know if Carly bothers her again. Putting Carly in her place comes as second nature to her. Nelle thanks her, and Monica suggests lunch next week. Nelle agrees, and says Monica has helped her more than she’ll ever know.

Ava insists she’s not avoiding Griff. He says she’s running away. He’s glad Kiki is feeling better, but he’s worried about them. He admits he should have called her. Ava says, yes, he should have, but it’s over and everything is fine. Kiki is okay, and they’re moving on. He asks why she’s still pushing him away. She insists she’s not, but he says she’s pulling herself back then; she’s been keeping her distance since the surgery. She tells him that it’s complicated. He says whatever is going on, she needs to tell him. David comes out and says he needs to consult with Griff. Ava says she has to go.

Henry says Diane is on her way. There’s one more beneficiary who’s been notified, but he doesn’t know if they’re coming. Sam wonders if it’s Obrecht, but Anna thinks not. Diane comes in, followed by Jason. She knows it’s uncomfortable, but the sooner they dispense with the formalities, the sooner they can get on with their lives. The will starts of with Faison revoking any former wills, and declaring this to be his last will and testament.

Monica stops by Sonny’s, and asks if Carly has a minute. Monica says Carly has an elegant home. Carly is surprised Monica has never been there. Monica says she never had an inclination to set foot in it before Sonny murdered her son, and there was certainly none after. She wants what’s best for the family they do share, Michael’s baby and the baby’s mother. She says Carly has the right to dislike Nelle. Carly says she doesn’t know the half of it. Monica says Nelle is carrying Michael’s child, and her hostility could cause a problem with the baby. She tells Carly to back off of Nelle.

At the gallery, Ava says Nelle is chipper. Nelle doesn’t want to jinx it, but things are going well regarding their mutual enemy. She even managed to endear herself to Michael. Ava says Valentine’s Day treated her well. Nelle asks how Griff reacted when Ava told him she loved him, but Ava doesn’t want to talk about it.

David tells Sonny that he had a colleague look at the test results. Sonny doesn’t respond well to seeing Griff, but David says he’s the best neurosurgeon in the state. Griff says he can forward the results to Patrick in Berkeley, but Sonny says no, and asks what’s going on. Griff says Mike recounted some incidents to him, including the one at Kelly’s. He has to ask if Mike gave his own explanation, or was it Sonny’s? Did Mike have a clear idea of why he was there, or was he confused until Sonny gave an explanation? Sonny tells Griff that he said something to Mike, and Griff wants to administer a one-on-one test to determine if Mike has any cognitive impairments.

Diane reads that Faison wants to be buried in his native Denmark, he has no wife, and all his outstanding debts are to be paid. He leaves Britt a load of sandbags. Since she’s been a weight to him in life, he’s returning the favor in death. He leaves Drew what he wants more than anything – a way to restore his memories.

Sonny tells Mike they’ll be out of there soon. Mike says he hopes it’s going to be a good lunch, since they missed breakfast. Sonny introduces Griff, and Mike asks if he’s a hot potato now. Griff says he knows Mike has been confused lately, and he’d like to run another test. Mike says he’ll pass; he has no blood left. Griff says it’s not that kind of test. It’s a mental state exam. Mike asks if they think he’s crazy, and Griff says no; it’s to test his cognitive abilities. Mike says there’s nothing wrong with him that rest and vitamins won’t cure. He tries to leave, but Sonny says that he has to be honest. He’s been worried, and if they can rule out anything serious, he’ll have peace of mind. He’s asking as Mike’s son. Can he do this for him?

Kiki tells David welcome back. He says he heard congratulations are in order, since she got into med school. She says she couldn’t have done it without him, but he says she’s a hard worker, and deserves it. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says relieved, excited, and nervous. He says her boyfriend will have to get used to her working even more, and she tells him that they broke up.

Nelle says, so Ava’s daughter ruined her date, and Ava says Kiki got herself good and drunk. Griff came to the rescue after spending his night off at the hospital. His priority is taking care of other people. Nelle says it’s what drew Ava to him in the first place, and Ava says it’s a paradox. He has a professional obligation to be selfless, even when it makes him selfish. She wonders if their relationship will work if she doesn’t need saving. Nelle says Ava was the one telling her to work for what she wants; why not apply it to Griff? Ava says she’s never felt this way about anyone. She tells Nelle about the dream she had – more of a nightmare – where Griff and Avery were horrified at her and she was left alone. She wonders if it’s more of a prophecy, and a reminder that she won’t live up to his ideals.

Carly asks Monica what has she done exactly? Monica says she’s been gunning for Nelle for months. Carly says she’s just protecting her family. Monica asks if that includes her unborn grandchild. Kim already warned Nelle about stress, and Carly says Nelle couldn’t wait to share it. Monica knows Nelle is far from innocent, but tells Carly to be the bigger person for the baby’s sake. Carly says Nelle is carrying her grandchild, and she’ll handle it how she sees fit. She’s seen the house; now get out.

Diane reads that there’s a detailed account of Andre’s research, including how to reverse the process, locked in Faisons’s safe. It will be released when the parameters are met. To Jason, he leaves the alias and last known whereabouts of Henrik. That’s also locked in the safe, and the combination is only known to his executor in Denmark. It will be delivered to either party upon death of the other. I say, oh ho! out loud. That’s pretty slick.

Griff asks Mike various questions about what words mean, the date, and where they are. He has him repeat three words that Griff tells him, and then count backward by sevens. Geez, I’m not so sure I could do that, but Mike can. Griff asks him for the three words again, but Mike gets stuck.

Ava is afraid there’s truth in her nightmare. She thinks it would be better for her if Avery with her. Nelle says she will be. Ava asks if that’s because of what Nelle has planned for Carly. She says she can’t be involved in anything that makes it harder for her to be with her daughter, and Nelle says she’ll have complete deniability. It won’t be long before they get everything they want for themselves and their children, and Carly will be stuck with the bill.

Nasty Carly asks Monica if she needs to say it slower or louder. Monica says she heard fine. They might dislike each other intensely, but the share a connection in Michael, who wants them to put their differences aside for the baby’s sake. He’s going to remember who honors his wishes and who doesn’t. Carly tells Monica to stay in her lane. On her way out, Monica tells Carly that she’s throwing a shower for Nelle, and expects complete cooperation.

David tells Kiki sorry about Dillon. She says they grew apart; the distance thing ca be brutal. He asks if she’ll be okay, and she says if she stops talking about it. Davis apologizes, and tells her that she’s doing great. She says she’s been keeping herself busy. When she’s not at the hospital, the library is her second home. He says it’s good to see her sharp focus hasn’t waned, and she tells him that he’ll be seeing more of her around there.

Anna tells Diane that can’t be legal. Diane says it’s despicable, but legal. Sam says Faison is still playing mind games, and Anna adds that he maximized the destruction. Drew says he’s pitting them against each other. For either of them to get what they want, the other has to die.

On Monday, Faison leaves his estate to Henrik, Alexis and Ned are in a dead heat, and Griff tells Sonny that he’s correct to be concerned.

🐶  Thoughts on Westminster

I was watching the highlights of the Westminster Dog Show, and reminiscing about dog shows past, since I’ve attended a few times. I had to get up at the crack of freaking dawn and take a 5 am train to get there, so you know I must love dogs. Why they like to show the Pekingese first thing in the morning, I’ll never know. Mine are all divas who sleep until two in the afternoon. I wouldn’t wake them at that hour any more than I’d wake a hormonal teenager, who had been up all night crying over a break-up, that early. The best year was when a friend of mine (sadly, no longer with us) was visiting from Texas, and her husband got a hotel room for us in Manhattan, so we could wake at a reasonable hour. I don’t know what it cost, but it can’t have been cheap. Just to look at a hotel room in the city is two hundred bucks. It was a beautiful place, and the breakfast buffet was spectacular. If we hadn’t had to leave for the show, we’d still be there. But I digress.

The show has spread out from Madison Square Garden, which now only hosts the final battle, Best in Show. The individual breeds are shown in a two buildings at the piers. In some ways, this makes it a hassle. Not only going in between the buildings, but also if you’re there for the whole shebang, you have to trek across town. On the other hand, it’s more up close and personal. The attendance for Best in Show is large, but there’s no need to have so many seats for the individual breeds. Another bonus is that it’s not ten thousand degrees. Going behind-the-scenes at the Garden – where you’d find both the benching and grooming areas, as well as the shopping booths – was a nightmare. The crowd alone was enough to give anyone an anxiety attack, and the hardiest of us could have fainted from the heat. Expanding the territory has alleviated not all, but a great majority of that. While watching the dogs do their thing in the ring is fun, my favorite part was always to meet and greet backstage. Some handlers and owners can be unfriendly, but more often than not, I was able to have a congenial chat and pet a fuzzy head. If you should go, always, always ask first. Never just go up to one of the dogs and touch. I’d say that’s a good rule of thumb no matter what strange dog you’d like to pet. I have to admit, another highlight for me was when a Golden Retriever decided to poop in the ring. The handler was understandably mortified, but the dog, being a dog, couldn’t have cared less.

I didn’t watch the whole thing tonight, but did see a few breed candidates, and the final judging of Best in Show. Betty-Anne Stenmark chose the ultimate winner, and gave an enchanting speech about loving all dogs, but how this was a special night for the purebreds. The Bichon was the big winner, with the large size Schnauzer as back-up. I guess if the winner can’t fulfill their duties? A cutie named Flynn, the Bichon was like a cotton ball come to life, and deserving of a million kisses. I couldn’t help but smile watching him. It must have been hard to choose though. The Borzoi was like a gorgeous, thin, small horse. The Spaniel (I forget which kind) had the sweetest of faces, and when they told us that Bean was the grandson of Stump, I almost fell off my chair laughing. The Border Collie was a TV dog for sure, cocking his head to one side, bringing on the awws. The big distractions were renegade treats on the carpet, as well as a “robot” camera that nearly gave the big Schnauzer a doggie heart attack. The crowd was comparable to one at a sports event, and went wild for the Pug. Me too.

The best part of the whole thing is that, purebred or not, they are dogs. They don’t know why, but they’re making everyone happy, and they’re into it.

👄  Quotes of the Week

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.Groucho Marx

If shame were effective motivation, there wouldn’t be many fat people.Health At Every Size, web community

The important thing in life is not the victory but the contest; the essential thing is not to have won but to have fought well.Baron Pierre de Coubertin

We can ALWAYS make a difference to someone, no matter what role we play.Lindsey Stirling 

It smells like it looks. – a plumber on Hoarding: Buried Alive

No matter how love-sick a woman is, she shouldn’t take the first pill that comes along.Dr. Joyce Brothers

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😜 My Personal Westminster


February 15, 2018 – Mike Revisits the Past, a Mixed Bag & I Spy Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki drags Spinelli inside her apartment. She looks for her phone, throwing things around. Spinelli tells her to use his, but she says everyone is having a romantic evening, and here she is yelling. Spinelli asks if he should call someone, so she isn’t alone, and she asks why, when she has him? She grabs him and kisses him.

Amy apologizes to Griff for speaking out of turn regarding his love life. She says if he can find happiness he should hang on to it for as long as he can. If Ava makes him happy, that’s all that matters. He says he’s in luck, because Ava makes him very happy

Ava lights candles and puts rose petals on the bed. I can’t even express how annoying I think rolling around on sticky petals would be. I have no clue why everyone thinks this is so romantic. She looks at Griff’s text, and practices saying I love you.

Michael sees Sonny at the hospital. He’s looking for Mike. He went to run an errand, and Sonny hasn’t heard from him. He’s getting worried.

Carly answers a call from unknown caller, who says, I’m here, and hangs up. She doesn’t exactly look worried or scared. How is this plan supposed to work?

Alexis runs into Finn at the hospital. He accuses her of following him. She says she’s trying to distract herself, and asks if Anna’s mixed signals have gotten any clearer.

Anna goes to the Otisville, New York Correctional Facility. She thanks Andre for seeing her so late. He says it’s like boarding school with jumpsuits. She tells him Faison is dead. He heard, and says it must be a great relief, He doesn’t think she’s there to tell him what he already knows, and says if she needs a shrink, his license was suspended. She says she wanted to see her friend. There’s something she’s never told a soul about Faison. A secret she’s been running from her whole life. She had a baby, and it was his.

She says she never told Faison or anyone else. Andre says that’s understandable. Anna says Faison had a son, Henrik, who was responsible for holding Jason at the clinic. She thought it was a possibility Henrik was the baby, but Valentin knew more about what happened to her child than she did. She didn’t hold the baby or look at it; she couldn’t. According to Valentin, the midwife said it was a little girl. She never doubted her decision to give the child up – until now. She can’t stop thinking about her. She’s consumed with her, and doesn’t know how to act around anyone. Andre asks who she’s talking about.

Finn tells Alexis that he and Anna aren’t a couple. Alexis says she and Julian aren’t either, but it doesn’t stop the signals from being mixed. She inherited Laura’s schedule, and Charlie’s was booked for the viewing party. Finn says she did fine the other day, but she says it could be lethal combination if she loses; failure, her ex, and a bar. He sees her problem, and asks if he should come with her.

Spinelli says he’ll get Kiki some water. She thinks she’s losing her touch, but he says his heart is fully engaged elsewhere, but even if it wasn’t, he’d be remiss to take advantage. She insists she’s not drunk. Well, maybe a little. She doesn’t feel good.

Griff starts to leave. Spinelli calls Amy. He says he’s in a delicate situation, and would be grateful for her help. He’s at Kiki’s apartment. He escorted her home, and thinks she has alcohol poisoning. Amy calls Griff back to the desk, and tells him about Kiki. Griff says her apartment is on the way to Ava’s, and to tell Spinelli he’ll be there shortly

Carly calls the pay phone back. That lonely pay phone in the middle of Port Charles nowhere. The doorbell rings. It’s Diane. Carly is snippy, and Diane asks what got her in a foul mood. Carly says she just got a weird phone call. It’s as if she… but she doesn’t finish.

Michael asks when Sonny last heard from Mike. Sonny says Mike went to buy flowers for his lady friend, and left his phone. He went to all of Mike’s places, but no one has seen him. He must have gotten distracted. Michael thinks he’ll turn up, but Sonny is worried he’s in serious trouble.

Nelle sit at the counter at Kelly’s, and tells the baby their plan is working. I’d like to know how she came to that conclusion. She orders some decaf, and Mike pours it.

Ava calls Griff, but gets voicemail. She calls the hospital, and asks if Griff has left. Amy says he should be getting to Kiki’s apartment soon. Ava hangs up before Amy can explain.

Griff asks Kiki what’s going on. He heard she had too much to drink, and asks if she’s eaten. She says, shots, but he meant food. He tells Spinelli he can handle it from here. Spinelli wishes her a restful night and a minimal hangover. Kiki tells Griff that Spinelli left like everyone does, and begs Griff not to leave her too. He says he won’t.

Ava keeps calling Griff, but there’s no answer. She tells herself to get a grip. There has to be a reasonable explanation.

Carly tells Diane it’s probably a prank. Diane has forms for Sonny to sign, but Carly doesn’t know when he’ll be back, and asks if she can sign them. He’s setting up a trust for Avery, so being the legal guardian, Diane needs his signature. Diane asks Carly to tell Michael to return her calls. It’s never too early to plan for his child’s future. Carly asks her to wait; she needs some advice.

Michael tells Sonny that Mike always got in messes now and then, but came out okay. Sonny says when he’s pushed to a corner, he runs. If that’s the case, he has to find him.

The waitress asks if she can help Mike, telling him only staff can serve customers. He drops the coffee pot, and she says she’s calling the police. He tells her to go ahead.

Andre asks who Anna is thinking of letting into her life. Who does she fear sharing the secret with? She says anyone. Just the thought of telling Robin scares her, but there is someone she needs to confide in; one person in particular. She takes Andre’s hand and says she’s not being fair. He says they’re friends, and he has nothing but time. He can’t help her if she won’t tell him what’s going on. Who is she thinking of letting into her life?

Carly tells Diane that Nelle is going to be tied to their family for the rest of her life, and she’s concerned about what that means. If Nelle wanted to keep her and Sonny from the baby, she could. Diane says she’d have to show cause, but there may be things from their past they don’t want to come to light. She says Michael would fight the injunction, but Nelle is the biological mother. She has no criminal record, and would probably be shown in a favorable light. She wonders if Carly has reason to think she’d take it that far. The last she heard, Nelle was playing nice, and the last thing she’d want is to alienate Michael. Carly says all she knows is that if Nelle could get rid of her, she would, in a heartbeat.

A cop comes into Kelly’s, and the waitress explains about Mike. The cop asks Nelle if Mike threatened her, but she says she assumed he worked there. The cop asks if he can help Mike, and Mike tells him to ask the waitress who she thinks she is, telling him what to do; he runs the place. She says he doesn’t work there. Mike takes out his wallet to show his ID. The cop reaches toward him, and Mike backs up, sending the wallet flying. They argue, and Nelle picks it up. She sees pictures of Michael and Morgan.

Sonny tells Michael that he punished Mike for walking out on the family, but decided to learn from his mistake. He wasn’t there for Dante, but for Michael and the kids there was nothing more important than being a good father; being consistent, and showing how much they meant to him. He knows Michael will do that for his child. Michael’s phone rings. Nelle says she knows it sounds weird, but asks if he knows a Michael Corbin. Michael says that’s his grandfather, and Nelle tells him to get to Kelly’s right away.

Griff goes to the kitchen to get Kiki some water. She says he’s so good, it makes him bad. She struggles with taking her top off, and he tries to help her put it back on. Ava walks in, and asks, what the hell is going on here?

Andre asks if Anna is seeing someone. She says they got close, but the secret closed back in on her, and she had to push him away. Now Faison is dead, but the secret still weighs on her. Andre says he spent the better part of the last decade running from his fears, and tells her not to make the same mistake. If he deserves her heart, he deserves her truth.

Finn tells Alexis that she needs someone in her corner, but he knows asking for help isn’t easy. She asks how she should introduce him; as her date or her sober buddy? He says both, and she calls him a sober buddy date. She says when she’s nervous, she likes to eat, and asks if he wants to get something. He says he’d like that.

Griff tells Ava it’s not how it looks. Ava says a chatty nurse told her Griff was there, and she was worried something was wrong. Griff says Kiki had too much to drink. Kiki tells Ava that she drunk-dialed Dillon, and he was with another girl. Ava thinks she should sleep it off, and Kiki toddles to the bedroom. Ava tells Griff it’s not a good look for an aspiring doctor to be carried out of a bar. He tells her not to be mad; Kiki is going through a rough time. She says it’s not Kiki who she’s angry with.

Diane tells Carly that draconian as it is, it’s nearly impossible to sever parental ties. Nelle has a shady past, but it’s not enough. Speaking as her attorney, she tells Carly to stay out of it; it’s Michael’s problem to solve. Diane says he can be very canny, and tells her to look at how he got custody of Avery. He can be ruthless when motivated, and nothing is more motivating than being a parent. Diane’s phone rings. She says it’s the international firm, and she’ll call later, but Carly tells her to call now. She’ll tell Max to meet her at the restaurant. Diane says she won’t even bill Carly – it’s her Valentine’s Day present. She leaves, and Carly looks at her phone.

Sonny and Michael arrive at Kelly’s. Nelle says she didn’t know who to call, and Michael says she did the right thing. Mike tells Sonny to let the cop know he did nothing wrong, unless pouring coffee for customers is against the law. The waitress says he was serving customers and cleaning up; he wouldn’t get out. Sonny tells Mike they don’t know he hasn’t worked there in years, and don’t know he used to manage Kelly’s. Mike says he didn’t think it through, and might have lost his temper. He apologizes. He hasn’t been sleeping well, and gets mixed up. Michael tells the cop that Bobbie owns the place, and he can call her, but the cop recognizes their names. Sonny offers to pay for anything Mike broke, and takes him outside. Michael thanks Nelle. She’s just glad his grandfather is okay. Michael says he won’t forget this.

Carly tries calling the number again, but Sonny interrupts, coming in with Mike. She asks if he made it to the florist. At first, Mike is confused, but then says he didn’t get to it. Michael says they were closed, and Carly tells him there’s always tomorrow. He tells them he’s beat, and goes upstairs. Carly asks where he was. Michael has to leave, and says Nelle did them a big favor. Carly gives Sonny a look.

The waitress gives Nelle a plate on the house; she saved the day. Nelle tells the baby their daddy seemed grateful. Maybe it’s not necessary to destroy Granny Carly. She feels the baby kick, and says clearly it disagrees. The closer she gets to getting back with Michael, the more Carly will be gunning for her. She has no choice but destroy Carly before Carly destroys her.

Ava tells Griff that she spent her whole night looking at the phone. Didn’t it occur to him to call her? He says she told him to meet at her place, no matter how late it was. Since her surgery, she’s made him feel like he’s in the wrong. She says it was Valentine’s Day, and he says he thought she’d want him to take care of Kiki. She tells him it’s become a pattern, and not just with Kiki. He says he’s a sympathetic person, and asks if it’s a problem. She admires him for it, but just wishes one night he’d put her first, especially when she was about to – He says, about to what?

Alexis and Finn go to Kelly’s. Alexis asks him to order for her, and says she’ll be right back. Finn cleans the empty cup on the table with his napkin. Anna walks in, and says she’s meeting someone; she won’t be in his way. He says she’s not. She says there’s something she wanted to tell him about the two of them, but Alexis comes back.

Griff asks Ava if they can’t forget about it, and move on, admitting he should have kept her in the loop. The relationship thing is new to him. He tells her that they still have a few more minutes. They can pick up where they left off. Kiki calls for her mom. Ava says there’s always next year.

Sonny tells Carly that Mike was serving customers like he used to at Kelly’s. She says her mom did say he could always come back. Sonny says the look on Mike’s face when he realized what was happening seemed like he didn’t know how got there. He thinks something must be wrong with Mike. Carly hugs him.

Anna tells Finn he doesn’t have to explain. Diane comes in, and grabs Anna. She says Max is waiting, and pulls Anna away. Alexis tells Finn that Anna is wrong about what she thinks. Finn says she made her position clear, and he doesn’t think she cares. Diane tells Anna that no one is happier than her about Alexis moving on, but when did that become a thing? She says she’s been contacted by a Swiss bank to handle Faison’s estate in North America, and Anna is a beneficiary.

Tomorrow, Griff asks Ava if he should pretend nothing happened, Sonny tells Mike it will be over with before he knows it, and Monica apologizes for interrupting Nelle.

💬 Odds & Ends

🎥 The Lifetime network is like Bruce Campbell. It’s finally accepted and embraced its identity as a channel that shows promising movies with crappy endings, and is churning them out like crazy. Cocaine Godmother: The Griselda Blanco Story aside. There are always exceptions to the rule. I like to call it the hangover network, since you can snooze off and on through an entire day of films, but still won’t feel like you missed anything.

📺 That being said, UnReal returns to Lifetime on Monday, February 26th at 10 pm.

🍲 Winner of MasterChef’s season six, Claudia Sandoval now judges the chefs on MasterChef Latino (Sunday at 8 pm on Telemundo). A fiery, stylish redhead, she quickly became one of my favorites. If her last name sounds familiar, it’s also the last name of the Tom who isn’t Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules. As far as I know though, they are not related.

🔪 Tonight, on Top Chef, Chris packed his knives and went.

📖 The Book of John Gray is back on Tuesday, March 13th at 10 pm on OWN. Snagging TBN’s spot-on description: John Gray continues to defy descriptions and labels by seamlessly integrating worship, laughter, preaching, exhortation, and encouragement into one package. I loved this show the last time around, and hope I can squeeze it in.

😳 In this age of not offending anyone (yes, I’m rolling my eyes), why are women still made to look so ridiculous in commercials? The one that’s  irking me in particular is for the Kyleena IUD, where the women get really stupid looks on their faces while trying to remember if they took their pill. Then suddenly, they realize they didn’t have to! I dunno. I think I’d recall if I’d had surgery to insert a foreign object into my body, but that’s just me.

🚴 Almost…





February 14, 2018 – Drew Confronts Jason, Eddie Doesn’t Know When to Quit, Imposters Marathon & a Valentine


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Today’s GH is brought to you by whatta pita. I’d missed the beginning because my computer decided to update suddenly (never again am I getting an HP; it will be Dell and only Dell, or custom nerd made), and then there was the school shooting in Florida, after which the show never came back on. But thanks to my trusty online sources, I saw it anyway.

Curtis brings Jordan flowers at the station.

Sonny and Carly start to get busy. They think Mike is upstairs sleeping, but he walks past, saying just pretend he’s not there.

Amy tells Griff he looks amazing. She hopes it’s for anyone except Ava.

Ava finds Nelle still at work in the gallery. She says she might as well, rather than hang out in the apartment Michael is selling so he doesn’t have to deal with her. They did have happy memories there though. Ava asks if she’s giving up already.

Kiki joins Molly and TJ at The Floating Rib. She’s afraid she’ll be a third wheel, but TJ says every day is Valentine’s Day for them. They love each other more and more every day. I’m sure this makes Kiki feel a lot better. Molly thinks she and TJ are the only uncomplicated couple in Port Charles. She might be right.

Sam gives Drew a Valentine card from Danny to his “other dad.” Drew asks what she got, and she shows him a humongous heart necklace Danny made. She was wearing it under her shirt, and I wonder how uncomfortable that was, since it’s so big.

Jason also gets a Valentine card from Danny. He asks if Danny has any Valentines, and Danny says three, maybe four. Wow. He’s a ladies’ man already.

Mike has decided to run to the local flower place and have flowers sent to Rita. Carly is on his side about not forgetting, but says it wouldn’t be the end of the world. He says he stopped listening once she agreed with him. Sonny and Carly explain about this thing called ordering online, but he says he’s an in-person cash kind of guy, and doesn’t do online.

Ava asks if Nelle is having second thoughts, but Nelle says she has to defend herself. Ava tells her that’s the spirit, and don’t take her eyes off the prize. She says anything is possible. If they work hard enough, all their dreams can come true.

Griff tells Amy he understands she’s grieving, so he’ll chalk her unkindness up to that. She tells him not really, but go with it. He says he feels awful too; Nathan was under his care. Amy says there’s a huge difference between him and that woman. He calls Ava human, and says anyone can change in surprising ways. He suggests she open up her heart. When he’s out of earshot, she says he’s in for a rude awakening.

Spinelli sees Kiki at the bar, and they introduce themselves. He tells her about being blissfully committed, but his significant other is on the west coast. He’s staying to offer Maxie support. It’s her first Valentine’s Day as a widow. So why is he at the bar? He orders an orange soda.

Molly asks Sam where the kids are, and after a couple more questions, Sam realizes that she’s trying to find out if there’s somewhere she and TJ can be alone. Sam tells her to go ahead to Alexis’s place, and don’t do anything she wouldn’t do. Sam shows Drew her passport with her new name – Samantha McCall Cain – and he says it doesn’t get more official. She says that’s her name for better or worse. He says hopefully, when they find out who he really is, it will be better.

Danny tells Jason about how much candy he had at school, and finally confesses he’s not feeling well. He wants his mommy.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s driving. Mike says he’s a New Yorker; he’s used to walking. Sonny won’t take no for an answer. Mike says that Sonny thinks he’s going to gamble, but Sonny says that isn’t it. Mike tells him one misunderstanding, and now he’s going to be watched. Sonny says there was no money missing, and he believes Mike. He tells Mike to go ahead and go. Carly bundles him up like he’s three. He tells her not to treat him like a child, and she says don’t act like one. He calls her a pita, and she says he is too. When he’s gone, Sonny asks what Carly thinks. She thinks he wants to buy flowers, and that Sonny should believe him.

Jordan wishes Curtis a happy Valentine’s Day. He thinks it will take more than a bouquet to make today happy. He says she’s throwing herself into work as a way of grieving for Nathan. She says the double-edge is that everything there reminds her of him. Curtis tells her to take a break. The only way to truly honor him, is if they truly love each other.

Jason tells Danny they should try to solve it themselves. Danny says Sam gives him ginger ale, but Jason doesn’t have any. He says club soda is almost the same and they can try that. No. It isn’t. Club soda doesn’t have ginger in it.

Molly tells TJ they can have Alexis’s place to themselves. He asks what they’re waiting for.

Kiki asks Spinelli if he doesn’t want a shot. She wanted to get the party started, but TJ ad Molly don’t do much of that. He’s good with soda, and she says more for her. Spinelli wonders why she’s drinking alone on Valentine’s Day, and she says it would have been her and Dillon’s one-year anniversary. Clearly, they didn’t make it. She downs another shot.

Sam asks if Drew remembered something. He says, not exactly. He and Kim had a disagreement because he taught Oscar to defend himself. They worked it out, but she told him about getting in fight in San Diego, and it almost felt like a memory. Sam asks if he’s afraid that if he remembers his old life, he’ll feel differently about his new one, but he says he doesn’t want her to feel differently about him. Sam says that won’t happen. She wouldn’t change anything. She loves their life. Her phone rings. It’s Danny calling while Jason is in the kitchen. He tells her that he doesn’t feel so good, and asks if she can come.

Kiki left her badge at the hospital, and tells Spinelli she’ll catch hell if her supervisor finds out. Spinelli says it’s noisy in there, so he’ll step outside and call for her. At the bar, she makes a call to Dillon. She asks if he can talk.

Nelle checks the recorder. Griff comes to pick up Ava. Ava says it’s his first Valentine’s Day as a civilian. He tells her that he wasn’t exactly locked away in a monastery in the Himalayas. He even went to the movies and watched TV from time to time. On Valentine’s Day, he held a service in honor of St. Valentine and his legend. Ava and Nelle ask about the legend, and he says Valentine was a priest in the third century, who became the patron saint of love. He secretly performed weddings between Christians when the emperor had banned them. He was imprisoned, and ultimately killed. Ava is like, geesh, and Nelle says, so romantic, but Griff says he sees it that way.

While Griff talks, we see Carly and Sonny, Curtis and Jordan, and Danny and Jason.

Griff tells them that Valentine was fearless. He had the courage to do what was right, and put everything on the line. He put manmade laws away, and refused to listen to anything but his heart. The emperor gave him a choice; renounce his faith and live, or refuse and die. He stood up for his beliefs.

Danny is feeling better. Jason asks what wants to do, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam.

Griff concludes his story, saying Valentine’s faith and love made him immortal. Love never dies.

Sam says Danny called. Danny asks if he’s in trouble. They tell him no, and Jason says at least he knows Danny can use the phone in an emergency. Jason tells Sam that he thinks Danny ate too much chocolate at the school party. She brought ginger ale, but Danny says he likes club soda now. She calls him fancy, and says let’s go, but he wants to stay. He asks if they’ll both put him to bed.

Jordan asks how Curtis got lake trout in Port Charles. He says he wanted to get her out of her funk, and thought about Baltimore when they were waiting for Buzz. He remembered their bad history, and how somewhere a spark lit up between them there. So, he asked Stella for an assist, and she cooked it up for him. Jordan is having a hard time believing Curtis asked Stella to help woo her, and she actually did it. He says a brother has to do what he has to do, even if it means asking his auntie to play Cupid. He did it to make her happy.

Kiki asks Dillon if someone is there. She asks if it’s the same woman as before, and then says never mind. She doesn’t want to know. She’s amazed at how quickly he’s moving on. She knows they’re not together anymore, but thought they had something special. She tells him to go to hell. TJ tells her there’s been a change of plans. Molly says her mom has an empty house. Kiki gets it. She says Spinelli is around, and he’s a trip to talk to, so go have fun. They leave, and Spinelli comes back. He tells her that Amy located her badge, and put it in her wallet. He asks if she’s okay, and Kiki tells him everything is great, especially now that he’s there. She puts her arm around him.

Griff says he’s going all in with Ava; she’s his first Valentine. He says their table is waiting. She asks if Nelle is going to be all right, and Nelle says she’s just going to finish up. Griff gets a call. He hopes it’s a reservation confirm, but no such luck. A patient is insisting on seeing him, but he doesn’t think he’ll be long. He apologizes, and Ava says she’ll call the restaurant. Griff leaves, and Nelle hopes their night isn’t ruined. Ava says, not yet anyway. Griff’s story got her thinking. Nelle says, her too. Michael might have broken up with her, but maybe he didn’t stop loving her. She doesn’t think you can completely turn it off if you’re really in love. Ava says she’s had doubts about love. Nelle asks if she and Griff have declared their feelings. Ava says not yet, but tonight might be the perfect night to do it.

Danny asks for a story. Sam thought he was tired, but he says he’ll be “tireder” after a story. He wants them to take turns. She and Jason get on either side of him, and Jason starts to read. Danny falls asleep. Sam says she’ll stay and make sure he’s out.  Jason leaves the room.

Curtis tells Jordan that they need to grab every moment they have together, and live life to fullest. He tells her she’s coming home with him.

Amy tells Griff that she’s sorry she disturbed his night, even if it was with Ava. She says she’s trying, and he appreciates the effort. She shows him a card a little boy gave her. Griff tells her that when he grows up, the boy won’t forget the kind nurse who took care of him.

Ava tells Nelle that she needs to do what St. Valentine would. Nelle says, be a martyr? but she says, no; tell Griff how she feels. She sees Nelle’s outlook has improved, and asks if she’s ready to move forward. Nelle says, absolutely. Ava asks what she has planned, and Nelle says the same thing Ava does. Ava asks if she’s giving Michael a Valentine he’ll never forget. Nelle says, not Michael, and leaves.

Drew goes to Jason’s, and asks if everything is okay. Jason tells him that Sam is making sure Danny is asleep, but it was nothing serious. Drew says Danny called Sam from Jason’s cell phone. Drew has to hand it to him. He has one hell of an act going on, and thinks he’s above it all.

Sonny realizes Mike left his cell phone at the house, and thinks maybe he should look for him. Carly tells him go, and he can make it up to her later.

Jordan wants to know she did something that made today count. Curtis says they need to make tonight count too. She calls him every girl’s dream, but he says she’s the only one that matters. He says, may tonight be the best night of all, and the worst of nights to come. She promises she’s not going anywhere, except home with him. They kiss.

Kiki knows Spinelli has a commitment on the west coast. So did she; look how that turned out. He thinks it’s time to call it a night, and wants to get her a car. She takes the phone out of his hand, saying she’s not calling it a night. She touches his face.

Amy tells Griff about Kiki leaving her badge, and that she seems to be drowning her sorrows. She’s with a reliable friend though. She can’t be in safer hands than with Spinelli. Griff gets a text from Ava saying forget about the restaurant. His story about St. Valentine inspired her, and she has something to tell him. Griff texts back that it sounds good, and he’s almost finished.

Sam starts to leave. Danny tells her that he loves her, and that it was fun with them reading to him.

Drew says that Jason pretends to be a martyr (word of the day), but he’s passive aggressive. He hasn’t given up anything, especially not Sam. Why doesn’t he admit he’s like everyone else, and out for what he wants? Jason says he’s just living his life. How Drew deals is up to him. Sam comes out, and they leave. Drew gives Jason the eyeball.

Nelle goes to a pay phone. She takes out the recorder. After seeing unknown caller, Carly picks up the phone, asking if it’s Mike. She hears a weird voice say, I’m here.

Tomorrow, Anna tells something she’s never told. Ava tells Griff she loves him, and Sonny tells Michael something is going on with Mike.

If Loving You is Wrong

Walking through the jail, Lushion tells the prisoners just because they’re locked up, doesn’t mean they get to make a lot of noise. Ha-ha! He sees Stephen bringing in Randal and Brad. Stephen says they got in a bar fight. Randal wants his lawyer. Lushion tells him to relax, and asks if Stephen was there. Stephen says they were at Pickles, and he was outside warming up his bike. He tells Lushion, they’re all yours; he’s out of there. Lushion asks Brad what happened, and Randal wonders why Lushion is asking him. Lushion tells him to calm down and sit down. Brad says Randal followed him to the restaurant. Somehow, he knows when Brad leaves the house like he has a tracker on Brad’s car. Randal tries to interrupt, but Lushion tells him be quiet. Brad says Randal came over to the table, started a fight, now they’re here. Lushion asks who threw first punch, and Brad says Randal did. Randal says Brad hit him with a bottle. Lushion has Brad uncuffed, and tells him that he’s going home. Randal calls Lushion a low-down SOB, and an Uncle Tom with a badge. He’s letting Brad go, like he let Eddie come after him. Lushion says he was going to let both of them go, but since Randal doesn’t know how to shut up, he can stay there. He keeps calling Lushion Uncle Tom while he’s being taken away.

Marcie’s phone rings. It’s Ian. He asks if she’s all right. He’s sorry, but she says it’s not his fault. He didn’t realize Randal was that bad. She wonders how Randal knew where she was, and Ian asks if he’s stalking her, but she doesn’t think so. He says they have to do something; he wants to help her. She just wants the papers signed. He says he’ll call Larry, and she hopes he has better luck than she did. He asks why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant, and she says it’s not his business. He thought they were bonding (how metrosexual of him!), and she says she didn’t mean to snap. He says Randal is a piece of work who would make anyone snap. He has some ideas. He thinks if he sees Larry face to face, they can figure something out. She just wants it to be done. He says they’ll talk tomorrow, and promises it will be okay. When she hangs up, Marcie feels pain in her stomach.

Esperanza gets home, and sends the sitter on her way. She checks herself out, and goes to her bedroom window. She lets Stephen in. Assuming she doesn’t want the neighbors to see, what’s wrong with the back door? Aren’t they a little old for this? She pushes him onto the bed, tells him don’t say anything and don’t move. She starts to undress him, and tells him not to touch her. He does, and she smacks him. He finally grabs her, and they go at it.

Alex sees Brad pull into the driveway. Brad checks his car, and finds Randal’s tracking device. He goes into the house. Alex finds him sitting on the couch. She asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She’s concerned about him nursing his hand, but he says he’s fine, and he told her not to talk to him. She says Randal was out of line. He says he’s asking one more time. Did she talk to Randal earlier? She says she didn’t. He asks if there’s anything she’s lied about, but she says no. He says one more lie, and he’s walking out. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; he wants her to be honest. It’s her get-out-of-jail-free card. Just tell him. She says tell him what, and he says anything he doesn’t know. She says she’s telling him the truth about everything. He says just tell him now, but she says she hasn’t lied about anything. He says, okay, and tells her to go to bed. He’s sleeping downstairs.

Natalie rattles around the bedroom, waking Lushion. I didn’t think that poor man ever slept. He tells her it’s 5 am, and she did it on purpose. She insists she didn’t, but he says she wants to know about Kelly. She repeats that she didn’t, but since he’s up… He says she’s okay. Natalie asks about the lawyer, and he says she’s got a public defender. He looked him up, and Natalie says she saw his file. He says the one that said private, and she says he left it on the kitchen counter. She wants to get Kelly anther lawyer. Lushion asks if she has money for that, and she says he does. Her son doesn’t know what’s going on, and needs to see her. He says Kelly was talking about them taking him in if she loses the case. Natalie asks if he said yes, adding that she has three kids already. She wonders where Kelly’s family is, and Lushion wonders why she doesn’t know. He says Kelly won’t be convicted, but Natalie doesn’t like it. He says Kelly being in jail or taking in Justice? She says both, and that Justice needs help. They have to help Kelly get another lawyer. Lushion tells her to stop stressing, and she says he needs to start. He’s not there with the kids all day.

Esperanza tells Stephen he’s snoring and needs to go home. He says he’s leaving, and she thanks him for not arguing with her. She tells him that he can use the front door. She asks if she’s just sex to him, and he thought that’s what she wanted. He calls her confusing, and doesn’t think they should do this anymore. She says that makes two of them. She has her reasons, but what are his? He doesn’t like the feeling of her doing him a favor. He comes over, they have sex, and she puts him out. There’s no real time together. She says it’s too much. He says he’s trying to get to know her. All he knows is the shell she shows the world. She asks him to stop. He asks if she’s been hurt that much, and she tells him to just go. He says it’s the last time, and leaves.

Eddie is waiting outside on Stephen’s bike. He tells Stephen, three hours and fifty-three minutes, and Stephen says she likes it slow. Eddie says his daughter is in there. The only reason Stephen is still alive is because he’s FBI. Stephen asks if Eddie doesn’t think shooting random people isn’t coming back to haunt him? Eddie thinks Stephen’s ass deserves shooting. Stephen his ass deserves it. Stephen tells him to get off the bike; he’s out of there. Eddie says he calls the shots. Stephen says shoot him; show how much of a badass he is. Eddie says he’ll take his time, and Stephen says he’ll be waiting. Now get off his damn bike. Eddie gets up, and says he pays the mortgage there. Stephen tells him that he’s not leaving until Eddie does. Eddie goes to his truck, smiling. Stephen drives off, and Eddie follows.

Randal is being let out on his own recognizance. An officer cuffs him to a bench, conveniently across from Kelly’s cell. He asks how she is, and she tells him to leave her alone. He says she shot him, and she says someone’s going to shoot him if he doesn’t leave her alone. Randal asks what he did? Love a woman, and she turned on him, like Kelly and Travis. She bought the house to try and keep him. It will all come out in court. He’s testified in many cases like this; a scorned woman who can’t give up a man, and would rather see him dead than be with someone else. Randal reminds her that he’s a shrink, and says if the DA doesn’t call on him for the case, he’ll give him a call. He was there, and saw the whole thing. Poor Travis didn’t stand a chance with her being a cougar, running after young men. Kelly calls for the guard, and tells him Randal is harassing her. He tells Randal to be quiet. Randal says he will – until he calls the DA and tells him that he wants to testify. He should call Reverend Cain, and see what he has to say. Kelly has her eyes closed, and he says he knows she can hear him. She’s going to jail for a very, very long time. First Ramsey, then Travis. Two murders on her doorstep, and her poor son. Kelly tells to shut the hell up. Randal says her son is all alone because his mama had a gun and killed a man. Kelly tells him again to shut up, but he keeps goading her, calling her mother of the year. He says she doesn’t love her son, just her gun. Kelly says she wishes she had it, and could blow his brains out like she did Travis. Randal laughs, and tells her to look up. She sees the camera, and he says she just made it easier to prosecute her. She’s so dumb, he just walked her in to it. He laughs, and says that was fun; he’s good. Omg, he’s the worst. Actually, I don’t know who’s worse, him or Eddie.

Eddie goes to the container where he’s holding Larry. Larry is in bad shape. He tells Eddie it’s enough; he wants to go home. Eddie says that’s not happening. He checked, and no one has called, not even Larry’s wife. Everyone must hate him as much as Eddie does. Larry says he’s had his fun; enough is enough. Eddie picks up the plastic bag, and Larry begs him not to, saying he’s sorry. Eddie calls him arrogant, and grabs him by the collar. Larry says he can’t breathe, and asks for a safe word, but Eddie asks why. Larry says so he doesn’t kill him, but Eddie says that’s what he’s trying to do. It’s real life; he doesn’t play games. He is a killer. Larry says they’re a lot alike. He’s a man who likes stimulation, and likes to be punished, but there’s a point where it’s enough. Eddie says Larry doesn’t know anything. Larry tells him that he’ll give him whatever he wants; he has tons of connections. Eddie doesn’t want anything from Larry. He puts the bag on Larry’s head. Larry falls to the floor, and Eddie tells him that he’ll be back.

At the hospital, Marcie asks Dr. Ross if she’s okay. The doctor says they’ll find out. Marcie’s stomach is in knots, and she says this happened during her first pregnancy. She can’t lose this baby. Dr. Ross tells her calm down, and focus on good things. They have to run some tests. The doctor has Marcie control her breathing. Marcie asks for her phone, and tells the doctor to call Brad. Dr. Ross asks if she means Alex’s husband. Marcie says he’s a friend, and his number is saved under My Future (oh please). The doctor makes the call.

The phone rings, and Alex picks up. Dr. Ross asks to speak to Brad. Alex asks why, and the doctor says Marcie is in the ER, and wanted her to call. She can’t say why. Alex says he’s asleep. Dr. Ross knows it’s uncomfortable, but asks Alex to wake him. She says she can’t – and won’t. The doctor knows it’s awkward, and Alex tells her to call Randal; it’s his baby. Dr. Ross says Marcie specifically asked for Brad, and asks if she can leave a message to call. Alex says sure, like we think that she’ll pass it along. Brad comes in and asks who it was on the phone.

Next time, Kelly doesn’t want to make a deal, Brad finds Marcie, and Lushion asks Eddie where Larry is.

⛳ Bonus point – Larry wanted the safe word to be golfer.

🎭 Bravo is having an Imposters marathon, starting on Monday at 8 am. Even the ad said to set your DVR, because who is sitting around watching TV at 8 am on a Monday? Okay, it’s possible that I could be, but still, what happened to using the weekend for those kinds of things? It’s not like there are a whole lot of episodes. Regardless, I hope you give this show a look. It’s worth it. It’s a little different, has fun plot twists, and strikes a nice balance between amusing and dramatic.


💖 Albeit Late, But Because I Care…



February 13, 2017 – Nelle is on Track, Candace Goes to Jail, the BH Wives Beat Another Dead Horse & LVP’s Gown


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason runs into Robin at Kelly’s. Robin thanks him for killing Faison. He gets it. She says never mind what he did to her, Jason, or even Nathan. He terrorized Anna most of her life. Jason set her free.

Sonny is finally home. Carly asks how their guest is, and voila! Mike appears bearing chocolates. He tells her he’s checking into a hotel, but Sonny says it’s already decided that he stay there.

Ava shows Elizabeth and Franco the studio, giving them a few ideas for the reception. She knows it’s not a traditional venue, but it’s fitting, since Franco is an artist; it’s her gift to them. Franco wants to think about it, but Elizabeth is on board. Ava says he’s the luckiest man alive, and asks how it feels to leave the past behind.

Drew goes to Kim’s place. She shows him a picture of Oscar with a black eye. He asks what happened, and she says, he did.

Sonny says they have plenty of room. Mike says he can make his own decisions. Carly asks if it was like this the whole way there. She says Mike is right. He should stay where wants to, including at the MetroCourt, but she would be offended if he doesn’t stay with them. Mike agrees, even if he is under surveillance. He goes upstairs, and Carly asks Sonny what’s going on. Sonny tells her that Mike is in some kind of trouble. He’s not letting him go back home until finds out what it is.

Drew says he’s seen his share of black eyes. Kim tells him if he teaches his son to fight, he’ll fight, and think best way to solve problems. Drew says he taught him to defend himself; it’s what Oscar asked him to do. Kim says they were doing fine before he came along to teach them lessons. They start to argue, and Oscar tells them to stop. He tells Kim that she couldn’t be more wrong.

Ava tells Franco and Elizabeth that she knows a DJ, and they can make space for dancing. Elizabeth says they’ll think about it, and Ava tells them to let her know. They leave, and Nelle comes in with roses for Ava. They’re from Griff, and the card says, yours today, tonight, and tomorrow.

Robin tells Jason that Nathan’s funeral was heartbreaking. She thinks Maxie is still in shock, but has a lot of people there for her, including Sam and Drew. She says she was surprised to hear they’re getting married. She’d hoped Sam would take a step back and evaluate Jason’s feelings. Jason says she wants a life with Drew, but Robin says that’s what she thinks she wants. If she abandoned Drew because Jason came back, she would feel disloyal, and that every I love you was a lie. She watched Patrick go through it with Sabrrrina. He loved her, but loved Robin more. She would bet everything that Sam loves him more. Jason says she sounds like Carly. Robin thinks that should tell him something; they actually agree. She reminds him that it’s Valentine’s Day, and gives him one of Emma’s candy hearts. It reads, Real Love. Worst. Tasting. Candy. Ever. Like flavored chalk.

Michael meets Jason, and they talk about Robin. Michael says that Carly made things hard for her and Jason. Jason says it was a long time ago, and it’s forgotten now. Michael asks if Carly used him to get closer to Jason. He thinks that’s what Nelle is doing with the baby.

Ava tells Nelle that a year ago, she never would have dreamed she’d be getting a beautiful bouquet from a wonderful man. A lot can change in a year. Nelle says a year ago, she never expected to be having a baby with Michael; they were just falling in love. He made her feel like she wanted to be a better person, and she was going to try, but it blew up in her face. Ava is right; what a difference a year makes. Ava says your life can turn around if someone believes in you enough. You should believe in yourself, but it helps a lot for someone to look at you like you matter. Nelle is happy for her. Ava tells her that a year from now, she’ll have her baby, and if everything goes according to her to plan, she’ll have her man too, and a bouquet of her own. Nelle says, from her lips to Michael’s ears.

Sonny tells Carly that Mike is a runner, and there was a problem with the money. She wonders if Mike is gambling again, but Sonny says he claims he isn’t, and Rita backs him up. He explains that Rita is Mike’s lady friend, and the best thing that ever happened to him. She’s good people. Carly thinks that’s great for Mike, but what about the money? Sonny tells her that Caruso called him about $10K that Mike lost, but he found it in Mike’s cigar box. Mike said he didn’t know anything about it. Carly says that doesn’t make sense, and Sonny says that’s why Mike is there. He’s going to figure out what’s going on. Mike comes back downstairs, and tells them that they don’t have to talk in hushed voices. He knows Sonny has his eye on him, and they don’t have to count the silverware. The doorbell rings. It’s Robin. She comes in and hugs Mike.

Kim tells Oscar that he might have the day off school, but he has a social studies project due. He goes into his room to work on it, and Drew apologizes to her. He says he should have thought of another way to solve the problem. He promises to do better, and Kim says she could have handled it better herself. Drew says they’re learning as they go. He asks about the bully, and Kim says that Oscar can tell him what’s going on.

Michael tells Jason that Nelle seems clear on them not being together, but never misses a chance to lean on him, hold his hand, or talk about the future. He thinks she’s using the baby. He doesn’t love her, and doesn’t really know her. She has something broken inside, and lies compulsively. He has no faith in her as a good mother, but doesn’t want a custody fight. He wonders what the best solution is, and Jason tells him that he wouldn’t try to make a family with someone he doesn’t trust; it will end up hurting the child. Michael had chaos around him, but also people who loved him. He tells Michael to be there day in and day out, regardless of what Nelle does, and the baby will be okay. Michael thanks him and jets. While Jason is paying the tab, Jake comes in with Elizabeth and Franco.

Ava asks Nelle if she wants to go shopping with her. Michael comes into the gallery. Ava tells him to wish Avery a happy Valentine’s Day from her mama, and leaves them to talk. Nelle tells Michael that Ava misses her daughter, and she’s starting to understand how some bonds can’t be broken. She tells him that she get an email confirmation about the mommy class, but Michael wants to talk about the apartment. Nelle hands him an envelope, saying she’s giving him the rent early, but he tells her to hold on to it. For both of their sakes, he’s decided to stick to the original plan. He’s putting the building up for sale.

Drew says Oscar told him that his friend was different, but not that different. Oscar asks if it matters, and Drew says yes, he admires him more for it. Oscar asks if Drew thinks having the alternative dance is asking for more trouble. He says, probably, but some things are worth it. Oscar asks if Kim is on board, and she’d rather he concentrate on his report before focusing on the party. Oscar tells them that they need to work on their co-parenting skills; he’s getting mixed messages. After he’s gone, Drew says he has a point. It’s nobody’s fault, but they did do something incredible together – making Oscar.

Mike looks at pictures of Robin’s kids, and tells her about his system for remembering all of the kids’ names. He associates family members with his favorite horses. He starts to get up, and sits back down, telling them he gets wobbly when he stands up too fast. He thinks maybe it’s low blood sugar, and Robin asks if he has the same issue when he sits down. Mike says he doesn’t have any issues. Robin says, sorry, it’s an occupational hazard, and she has to ask when his last checkup was. He says this is Sonny’s doing and that everyone is taking his temperature now. Sonny says he didn’t say anything, and Carly tells Mike that Sonny is just worried. Mike says, don’t. He had everything under control until Sonny showed up. Sonny says they’re family, but Mike thinks some family is better off staying apart. He’s going back to Brooklyn. Sonny tells him that he’s not going anywhere.

Jake tells Jason that he won first prize in the art contest. Jason congratulates him, and Jake says he did it with Franco’s help. Franco says it was all him. Jason tells him to enjoy his celebration, and Jake asks if Jason is coming to the wedding.

Mike asks if Sonny is flexing his muscles, or is he going to have his guys do it for him? Robin apologizes, saying that he looks great, and sometimes she can be overprotective. Mike says there’s nothing wrong with him, except the aches and pains that go with collecting a social security check. Rita calls, and he tells her everything is fine. He’s going to stay for a few days, but he’ll be back on Saturday, and maybe they can go dancing.

Nelle says Michael never told her that he’d bought the building. He says it seemed like a good investment, and she says, now it’s not? He thinks it’s better for the child if they set clear boundaries. She says, message received, and hopes he doesn’t take a loss. He doesn’t mean to make things hard for her, especially when she’s having a baby. She says she appreciates his past help. It’s all good; no worries. He promises not to sell it to anyone who wants to turn it into condos or hike the rent. She says she’s sure he’ll do the right thing, and asks if he’s sure he wants to do the classes with her. He says he does, and leaves. Ava tells her, nicely handled. Nelle still has a place to live, while Michael and his family get to be with Avery. She guesses they’re supposed to be happy with crumbs, but Nelle says she grew up with crumbs, and she’s done with it. It’s a momentary setback. It’s not over. Her goals are still on track.

Kim tells Drew that she’d like to take credit for how Oscar turned out, but he’s just a great kid. Drew says he’s clearly got her brains and heart, and he appreciates being his father. She says it’s going to take some getting used to sharing him, and letting have own relationship with Drew. It’s been just the two of them for years, but it’s good for Oscar that he’s there now. Drew says he’ll do his best. Kim knows he will. She still sometimes looks at Oscar like her baby boy. He tells her that she should be proud; he’s growing up to be a fine young man. It takes guts to stand up for someone else. She says his willingness to jump in and confront is from Drew. It reminds her of a time when they were together.

Jason tells Jake that he can’t make it to the wedding. Jake wonders if he said something wrong, and Elizabeth tells him no. Jason says that he found a new place to live, and maybe he can visit. Elizabeth and Jake go to the counter for cupcakes. Franco tells Jason that he’s going to be Jake’s stepfather, and Jason can hate him all he likes, but don’t put Jake in the middle. Jason says Jake doesn’t understand what Franco is. Franco says Jake doesn’t understand he had a brain tumor that made him do bad things. He wonders if it’s something like how Jason’s brain damage made him a stone-cold killer, and if there might be surprises coming from his time in the Russian clinic. Sam should be more afraid of Jason than him. Jason says Franco did what he did, and never paid, but he will. Sometimes I like Jason, but not right now.

Nelle doesn’t put it past Carly to take her baby away the way she took Avery from Ava. Ava says she’s probably already working on it. Nelle says she has to protect herself, and think of the long game. Ava tells her that pregnancy can make you vulnerable. Nelle says if Michael wants distance, that’s fine. Let him think they’re going their separate ways. Carly will be thrilled. Ava asks what’s next. Nelle says she’ll let Michael come to her. He’s going to need a friend soon; someone to lean on. Nelle will offer her shoulder. Her shoulder is sympathetic, and attached to the mother of his child.

Michael brings Avery home. He’s glad to see Robin and Mike, saying he didn’t know Sonny was bringing Mike back. Sonny says it was a surprise to him too. Mike asks who Avery is, and Carly says his granddaughter. Mike makes like he knew that, but Sonny looks like he’s thinking it over.

Elizabeth tells Franco to give her a minute, and he goes outside with Jake. She asks what just happened, but Jason says it’s between them. She says they’re getting married and it concerns her. Jake is excited, and wanted to include him. He says that means a lot, but he can’t. It’s her life and choice, but if he went, it would be the same as lying to Jake. Saying that it’s okay when it’s not. Elizabeth says Jake loves Franco, and Franco inspired him; he’s teaching Jake to be an artist. Franco has been there for him time and again. Jason says that might be true, but Jake doesn’t know Franco like he does. Hopefully, he never will.

Kim tells Drew they’d made plans to meet at a bar near the base. She got there first, and a guy hitting on her wouldn’t take no for an answer. He grabbed her shoulder, and tore the strap on her dress when she pulled away. Drew asks, what happened?

Ava hopes Nelle’s confidence is backed up by one helluva plan. She tried kicking Carly to the curb a few times. Nelle says she’ll never see it coming, and Ava has a stake in this too. She got Carly a special Valentine today; one she won’t forget. Griff calls. While Ava steps away, Nelle digs around in her purse and takes out a small tape recorder.

Robin tells Sonny that she has experience with strong-willed parents, but Mike should have a checkup to be on the safe side. She asks Sonny when the last time was he had one, and he says the last time he got shot. She suggests next time he’s due to omit the first part, and says goodbye. Avery gives Sonny a Valentine that she made. Mike watches them, all misty.

Kim feels strange telling Drew the story. He asks if he killed someone, and she says nothing like that. The guy tore her strap, and boom! he was there. He gently pushed her aside, and turned on him like an avenging angel. He says, they squared off in the bar? Did he win? She says he always won. Oscar listens from the hallway.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Franco has changed; everyone knows it. They don’t have to like him, but they’ve learned to coexist, including Michael and Sam. They’ve moved on, and he should do the same. Jake pops his head in to rush them along. Elizabeth says her family is waiting; her future. Maybe he should think about starting a future of his own. Things change, people change. She’s saying this with love, let it go. She wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day, and leaves. He sighs. If there was an Olympic event for sighing, Jason would win the gold.

Tomorrow, Kiki is glad Spinelli is there, Sam asks if Drew remembers something, and Danny wants his mom.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Justin beats on Wyatt. Jim comes running in, and pulls him off. He asks what the hell is going on, and tells Justin to get out. Justin tells Wyatt to call one more time and see what happens. Jim asks what Justin’s name is, and Justin says his name is go to hell. Jim says he has his badge number, and Justin tells Wyatt not to call Jeffrey again; he means it. Jim is like wth? He asks what Justin was talking about, and if there’s something he needs to know. Wyatt says Jim doesn’t need to know anything about his life. Jim doesn’t care if he’s attracted to Jeffrey, but is puzzled that he came in to find Wyatt and another guy fighting over him.

Wyatt tells Jim to get out. Jim says not until he has a conversation with his loving son. Wyatt has nothing to say, and Jim tells him to listen then. He asks if Wyatt thinks he’s scared of him. Wyatt says jail should scare him. He and Kathryn are both going. Jim ask if he remembers their conversation about the DA. Wyatt says they’re all going down. Jim asks what his life will be like after that, and Wyatt says, so much better. Jim says going from rehab to rehab, and waking up in his own vomit sounds like fun. How long is he going to stay clean? He wants that for him, and loves him. Wyatt says he has a helluva way of showing it. Jim says it’s not going to go well. He’s going to end up broke in a gutter, selling pencils for spare change. He’s already been duped with the overpriced apartment, and knows nothing about money; no one taught him. Wyatt says, yeah, they did a good job. Jim says what’s done is done. He doesn’t want Wyatt talking to this DA. Wyatt asks if he’s heard of witness intimidation. He’s going all the way to the Supreme Court if he has to. Jim says he’ll come crawling back, but Wyatt says never. He says it’s done. Jim wonders how he raised such a stupid son. Wyatt asks if he’s going to kill him too. Jim says he loves him, and Wyatt says love is scary. Jim isn’t trying to scare him, but tell him the truth. He wants him to remember this conversation when he crawls back. Wyatt says there’s no home to crawl back to, since his mom is divorcing Jim. Jim says he’s grossly underestimated the power of his father, but Wyatt says Jim has grossly underestimated the power of his son. Jim hopes so, for his sake. He asks if Jim is done, and says he and Kathryn have to stop coming around there. Jim leaves. When was Kathryn there? Like, three seasons ago?

The doctor goes in to see Veronica. She asks if anything is wrong, and if she has any internal injuries. He says all the tests were negative, and she wonders why she feels so bad. He says she was in a car that flipped over. They can discharge her; there’s no need to stay. He asks if she feels up to talking to the officer who’s been checking on her. She wants to ask some questions about the accident. Veronica agrees, and the officer comes in. Veronica asks where she was when a car tried to run her off the road, and the officer asks if she got a good look at them. Veronica tells her they were in her rear view. It was a truck, an older model, black. The officer asks if she thinks it was deliberate. She does. She says they just came out of nowhere and rammed her car. She asks if Veronica has any enemies. Veronica says she’s an attorney who’s represented a lot of bad people. She has quite a few ideas, but will let her know when she gets to the bottom of it. The officer says that’s their job, and Veronica says, do it. She’ll call her boss, since she doesn’t seem that bright. The officer leaves, and Veronica calls Benny. She leaves a message that she’s being discharged. She’ll get a car home, and asks him to call her back.

David paces at the station again. He must have worn a path in front of the reception desk by now. He says, that’s it, and calls Veronica. She asks what he wants, and he asks why she had Jeffrey arrested. She says he wants to be with the boys, so prison is the best place. He calls her a crazy, maniacal person, and she asks if he’s just finding that out. He tells her to call the DA and have the charges dropped. He’s their son, and she can’t control him. She says she can, and David calls her impossible. He says she’s a simple bitch, and she tells him to say it again and see what happens. He says they have to get Jeffrey out; he’s not doing well. She doesn’t care. David hangs up, and when his phone rings, he answers with saying she’s being a bitch. Erica asks if he’s okay, and wonders what’s going on. He tells her, nothing. He’s just trying to deal with a situation. She asks if it’s another woman, and he tells her that his ex did something terrible. He doesn’t know when he’ll be back. He’s got to deal with his son, and says he’ll see her later. He asks if she’s okay. She says she is, but she doesn’t seem like it.

David approaches Justin at his station desk. Justin has nothing to say. David thinks he does. He needs to know what’s going on with Justin and his son. He knows his son is gay. Justin says there’s nothing going on, and he’s not gay. David tells him there’s a video that says otherwise. He says he just read the report about Quincy’s body being found, and Justin was there. He tells Justin to leave his son alone. Justin says he’s not doing anything. David accuses him of planting evidence to incriminate Jeffrey because he’s a psychotic jealous lover (and David should know about those). He repeats, leave his son alone.

Sarah parks Candace on a bench outside of Jeffrey’s cell. He asks if they had her arrested too. She tells him, no, but don’t say too much. She tells him that his dad is there, trying to get him out, and he will. Jeffrey says he can’t go to jail. This is insane. Candace tells him to be cool. He babbles about the disgusting and dangerous people, and she says to play it right, and everything will be fine. He says he didn’t do this alone, and she tells him be quiet right now. She says not to panic; they have nothing on them, and his father can argue for him. He says he can’t be in here another hour, and she tells him to calm down. Sarah comes back. She tells Candace no talking to the inmates, and leads her away.

Mitch hears Melissa moaning, and opens the bedroom door. He sees her and Benny going at it, and Benny tells him to get out. He does, telling Benny to hurry up. Uh-oh. Veronica walks in. Mitch says he brought Benny to get her things, and she asks where he is. Mitch says upstairs getting her things, and she says he’s not answering his phone. Mitch says he might have left it in car, and offers to go get him. He sits Veronica on the couch, and runs upstairs. He tells Benny that Veronica is home, downstairs right now. Melissa asks what Mitch is doing, and he says trying to get his boy. Benny is throwing on his clothes. She says they didn’t finish, and asks if he wants to start. He asks if this is a joke, and she asks if it sounds like she’s joking. They get out while the getting is good.

Veronica tells Benny that she was discharged, so she didn’t need her clothes. He says she’s still beautiful, but he has to go. Melissa comes down in tiny robe, and Veronica tells her to put some clothes on. Melissa says Veronica always wants her to wear it, and Veronica says, for her son. Melissa says he doesn’t appreciate it, and Veronica tells her to go upstairs. Benny says he’s leaving, and Melissa asks him if he doesn’t want to finish. He says he doesn’t want anything. Veronica asks him to help her upstairs, saying she’ll deal with Melissa later. Melissa makes a snide remark about Veronica having to deal with the edges on her foundation. Benny helps Veronica up the stairs, and Melissa asks Mitch if Benny and Veronica are involved. He feigns ignorance, and she asks if it’s true what they say about tall men. She asks if he thinks she’s sexy, and jumps into his arms. He’s like, no way, and Melissa says she wouldn’t tell. He says, bye-bye, and she says, next time.

Benny sits Veronica down, and takes her shoes off. She asks if he’s going to tuck her in, and asks for a kiss. Benny is getting a lot of action today. She says he saved her life, She wishes she wasn’t in so much pain, or she’d take him right now. She asks him to come back to see her, and he says tomorrow. She calls him, her hero, and he tells her to get some rest.

In the hallway, Melissa blocks Benny, and asks him to come to her room; she knows he enjoyed it. He says he has to go. As he’s walking to the car, he zips up his pants, and Mitch and I both laugh. Mitch says that’s some crazy sh*t, and Benny tells him not to say anything. Mitch says homegirl won’t either. He says she’s touched, but sexy. Mitch still thinks Benny should work Veronica. Benny says she’s watching through the window; dude, drive.

Hanna arrives at Kathryn’s place – a gigantic old mansion. Kathryn shows Hanna around, and says it’s a new day. She’s embracing her femininity, and no more dark brown. She got married there, and shows Hanna the grand staircase she walked down. She still has good memories. Distant, but good  Hanna says it’s beautiful, and Kathryn says it should be, it cost enough.

She takes Hanna to the kitchen, and introduces her to Joanne. Kathryn tells Joanne that Hanna knos everything about her and her family. She practically is family. Hanna is going to show her the rope. Hanna says she knows how hard it is to learn a new family. Derek walks in and Kathryn says Hanna remembers him, right? Derek says he was working there, and Hanna is like, sure you were. Kathryn wants to take Joanne upstairs to show her something. She tells Derek that Hanna makes the best tea ever, and to stay for some. Hanna tells Derek that Kathryn thinks she’s slick, trying to get them to go out. He says he told her that Hanna turned him down, but didn’t tell her why, because Hanna didn’t tell him why. She says she has a lot going on, but he thinks that’s no excuse. He just asked her to have coffee. She says they’re going to have tea. She’ll make it, and if can be their coffee date. It’s not what he had in mind, but okay. Derek tells Hanna that he’s a widower, and has three kids; boys in college who play sports. He was married for thirty years until she died from cancer. She was a funny woman, who told him not to sweat the small stuff. He says, His eyes are on the sparrow, and Hanna asks if he goes to church. He’s a deacon, but she goes to a different church. He tells her to stop by. She tells him that she’s sorry for brushing him off. She prejudged him, thinking he was a dog. They laugh, and she says he seemed like he was on the prowl. He asks if he looked that desperate, and says he needs to work on that. He tells Hanna that he’s lonely; he misses his wife. Hanna says he’s a good-looking man. There must be plenty of prospects at church. She says Kathryn meant well, and asks if he was really fixing anything, or was it a setup? Derek says he did fix something yesterday, and Kathryn said she was coming over, so he came back. How about if they have tea, and see how they feel?

I just love watching these people work. This is real acting, and I’ll bet I never see one of them carrying a coffee cup that’s supposed to be full like it’s empty.

Candace is put in cell with Quita look, who says, who locked up now? Candace tells her to shut her mouth. Quita says they finally got her for what she did to Quincy. Candace says she doesn’t know what Quita is talking about. Quita says Candace killed her brother, and her ass is gonna fry. Candace says the only thing that’s frying is Quita’s brain from all that crack. Quita tells Candace that she better be scared of the electric chair. She says Quincy was good to Candace. Candace says he was an abusive psycho. Quita says he loved her, that’s why he hit her. He told her that he loved Candace every day. Candace applauds, saying she’s so glad. Quita says she stabbed him, but Candace says she doesn’t know what Quita is talking about. Quita says Quincy didn’t even get a proper funeral. She buried him in the backyard like he’s a nobody. She tells Candace, what goes around come on back around. She says it came back fast. Candace killed her brother, and now look her son. Candace tells her shut up. Quita says it happened because of what Candace did to her brother. Her son was shot dead in a bathroom. Candace attacks her, and the prisoners go nuts.

Next time, the DA talks to Candace, Oscar bails out Quita, and Veronica and Benny get busy.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I have to mention that the dress LVP wears in the opening credits is absolutely stunning, and probably one of the best I’ve seen on any of the Wives shows. It’s a glittery copper-colored gown, with straps on top and a full skirt. Simple in design, and it looks amazing on her.

The ladies gather in the kitchen at Teddi’s beach house. Dorit thanks Teddi, saying what a fun night it was, and we see a clip of everyone acting goofy. Erika ended up leaving. LVP doesn’t know why she needed to check into the hotel for stomach cramps, except those weren’t the kind of cramps she said she had. Kyle took Erika’s room, and Dorit says she had first dibs. Erica returns, and Kyle tells her she missed the fun; they were all ridiculous. In her interview, Dorit thought the first topic would be Erika leaving, since they’d talked about it the night before.

Teddi’s trainer Alex arrives, and gets the girls joggling in place, sans Erika and Dorit. In her interview, Dorit says she talked about Erika to the others last year without talking directly to her, and doesn’t want to get caught in that trap again. She tells Erika that she’d rather wait until the others are done, but she wants to be super honest. She tells Erika a couple of the girls were mad that she left. Erika wants to know who it was, and Dorit dances around it, but finally tells Erika that it was Kyle and Teddi. We see a clip of Teddi being annoyed that it was last minute. Erika isn’t too pleased about it. She had intentions of staying, but wasn’t feeling well, and doesn’t know what the big deal was.

Erika ambushes Kyle as soon as she comes in, asking if she was mad about her leaving, and saying that Dorit told her they’d had a discussion. Kyle wonders what sh*t Dorit was stirring up while the rest of them were working out. Teddi says it was weird that Erika said she was staying, and then didn’t. Erika thinks it’s weird she should care. (In all fairness, Teddi did have to prepare the rooms.) Teddi said she’s not mad, but she was just confused. Camille tells Dorit being a tattletale isn’t cool, and everyone should have been involved. In her interview, Camille wonders what Dorit is trying to do. Erika sys didn’t want to bleed all over the sheets. Teddi says it’s becoming a bigger deal than it should be. Camille says it’s because someone tattletaled (my spellcheck – which is pretty liberal – does not recognize that as a word).

Dorit tells Camille that it’s silly, but Camille doesn’t agree with some of the things she says or does. She says things to get attention, and it’s not cool. She can’t keep her mouth shut. She doesn’t think Dorit should have said anything. Teddi says everyone thought it was weird, and now she has to defend herself. In her interview, Teddi says If you’re not okay with it, don’t do weird sh*t. Erika is weepy, and Teddi says the only thing bothering her is that Erika feels badly. Erika brushes her off, saying she doesn’t need any more petting, when Teddi tries to touch her. I’m thinking she’s just emotional because she has her period. Geez.

It’s quiet in the kitchen. Dorit doesn’t think either of them should be upset, and Erika says it’s not personal. Teddi says she didn’t take it personally, but she extended an olive branch, and Erika blew it off, making her feel like sh*t. Erika says it’s her being hurt and embarrassed. Teddi says she’s been confronted like she did something wrong, when all she did was say it was weird. LVP feels badly for Teddi. She’s uncomfortable with entertaining in the first place, and the high-maintenance women are validating her fears. Teddi suggests calling it a day. In her interview, Kyle says no one was mad or said Erika was a bitch. There was nothing Dorit needed to repeat. Teddi thanks them for coming.

LisaR is on the set of The Middle. I’m not a sitcom person, but that show makes me laugh. She says yesterday was a long one, and over 100 degrees. She hasn’t done a sitcom in a while, and her comedy is rusty. She says I’s hard to do the whole day in the heat, and then your closeup is the last one. She’s been through it all on the soaps. She says you learn from your mistakes, and she’s learned a lot.

Everyone packs up. Teddi says she might need Kyle to talk her through Fashion Week. Erika says she’s sorry Teddi’s feelings were hurt, and it was embarrassing for her. Teddi says she had the same feelings when she tried to reach out to Erika.

In the car, LVP says Teddi is trying to hold it together; they’ve all been there. Kyle asks Dorit why, and Dorit says Erika asked her who said it. Kyle says everybody said it, and Erika didn’t single Kyle out, Dorit did. We flash back to Dorit even saying Erika’s abrupt departure was weird. Kyle says everyone thought it was odd. In her interview, Kyle says we all have moments of saying someone did something strange, but you don’t approach them about it the next day. Dorit says it wasn’t a big deal, but can become one. LVP says it just did.

Erika is back home with Tom. Tom has been doing well since the accident, but he’s still working from home. Erika says, in some ways, it’s kind of nice. She tells him about writing her book and writing some new music, and that it’s great, but overwhelming. She doesn’t know how he manages so much; what he does is massive. He says they appreciate each other. She says learned a lot from him. He’s impressed that Simon and Schuster sought her out. He says it means a lot. She’s excited, yet intimidated. She knows no one in the literary world, and is a fish out of water.

LisaR is accompanying Amelia and Delilah to Fashion Week in NYC. LisaR says there’s so much going on, her head is spinning. How this is different from any other time, I don’t know. Amelia wants to spend time with mom, and LisaR says her mom packed her off with a hug and smile. She wants to be able to do the same, no matter how hard it is for her.

PK’s parents are staying a while. Dorit says the kids love their grandparents, but don’t get to see them as often as they’d like. To have both sets to look after PK while she’s gone is a bonus, because he’s five.

Teddi comes to Kyle’s store. She needs what to wear help for Fashion Week. Kyle is having a party at her store in NYC.

PK asks Dorit how she got on with Teddi. Dorit says Erika wasn’t feeling well, and wanted to go to hotel, and it became a big deal. She’s having anxiety over the NYC trip. PK’s mother says time heals, and people won’t remember. Obviously, she doesn’t know this group at all.

Teddi says she couldn’t care less, and wasn’t like Dorit didn’t say something too. Kyle thinks it’s a crafty way of outing them, and stepping away from the fire. Kyle gives Teddi some things to try on. In her interview, Teddi explains that her babysitter is a stylist, and matches her outfits. Kyle puts on a very cute black lace minidress. She’s having fun unleashing Teddi’s inner fashionista. Teddi calls Edwin, and Kyle yells that all the money is gone. Teddi tells him any purchases are Kyle’s fault. She says he couldn’t care less, but it’s her own issue.

Giggy! Harrison! The ladies get ready for the trip to NYC. I wonder if anyone from the NYC cast will cross over. Omg, Lisa’s closet. Erika’s closet. Words can’t even describe them.

Dorit is hosting Bella magazine’s party because she’s on the cover. PK can’t come because he’s closing the deals on her swimwear line. He can’t believe she’s leaving him with all the parents and the kids. Just number him in the latter category.

LisaR shows us Delilah’s apartment. Which has no furniture unless you count clothes all over the floor. They go shopping, and LisaR finds some giant acrylic decorative capsules. We flash back to her pulling out her bag of pills. In her interview, she says she got hand me downs for her first apartment. I got the furniture that was already there. Delilah talks about having a clogged toilet, and not knowing what to do without her dad. LisaR tells us about the cockroaches in her first place, and how this is a whole other level. Yep. I had those too. God bless whoever invented Combat.

Kyle and LVP are going to store, and meeting the others at the hotel later. Erika talks about being eighteen in NYC and not going out until midnight or one a.m., and not getting home until six. She doesn’t think she’ll live there again; LA is easy. Funny, I think just the opposite.

Kyle greets store partner Lizzy when they get to the store. We see the space pre-store, and it was a shamble. Kyle says when she first saw it, she didn’t think they could create such a beautiful store. She tells LVP about the designers she carries. In her interview, she says she and LVP are supportive of each other. They have a history, and friendship isn’t something to be tossed away when something goes wrong.

The ladies meet for dinner. Camille shows us a picture of when she was on MTV as a youngster. LisaR says the girls are going to casting calls with big directors, and it’s humbling to know it’s not just you. They order deviled eggs, and I suddenly want one. Not so much the tuna tartare tacos. I like tuna tartare, but why mess it up with a crunchy shell around it?

Kyle buys some earrings from herself.

Erika asks if they filled LisaR in on the latest. She tells Dorit to go on and tell what happened. Dorit tells LisaR about the dinner with Kyle that LVP walked out of. Erika says very Alexis Carrington. Camille is diplomatic, but Erika says they’re competitive. In her interview, Erika thinks LVP loves them competing for her affection. Dorit talks about LVP and Kyle “getting into it” somewhat at the beach house, and Teddi says there wasn’t going to be a resolution. Then it comes. Dorit tells them about Kyle being outspoken regarding Erika leaving. In her interview, Camille says, here we go again. She can’t help herself. Teddi says she can only speak for herself, but she thought it was weird for Erika to go through the motions as though she was staying, and then leave. LisaR thinks the way they’re dealing with it is weird. Erika says Erika is going to do what Erika wants until the day Erika dies. Camille says there was a lot going on before she got there. Erika tells them that she drove down with LVP, who said she’d felt brushed aside. Camille asks if she might have felt ignored, and Dorit says she does. LVP told her privately that she feels when they’re in a group that Dorit doesn’t include her, and also talks over her. In her interview, Teddi says kindly SYFU. Dorit says she might have said she felt jealous. LisaR asks if she’s saying anything that she wouldn’t say to LVP’s face, and Dorit says she’d say it all to her. In her interview, LisaR worries for Dorit, bcause LVP isn’t going to be happy with what she said.

Next time, Erika wears sunglasses to die for when she meets with her publishers, Kyle talks to LVP about what Dorit said, Dorit confronts LVP, and Kyle confronts Dorit.

💮 I noticed reruns from the first season of Too Close to Home on TLC. Could this mean it’s coming back?

🌹 The Gown


February 12, 2018 – After the Funeral, Two Birthdays, an Atlanta Mention, a Creepy Town & the Visible Man


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the cemetery, Lulu says she’s sorry abut Maxie’s loss. Maxie says she should be; she killed him. Lulu asks how she can say that. Maxie says Lulu wanted to be the next big thing; journalism’s next superstar. She asks if Lulu got her story, and what the going rate is for her husband’s life.

At The Floating Rib, Anna asks if Felicia and Mac need anything. Felicia tells her, a time machine. Yeah, we could all use one of those.

Kim goes to Charlie’s to get take-out. Julian tells her they have couple’s dinners available for Valentine’s Day, and gives her the menu to check out. She says it’s a little over the top for her son.

Finn and Alexis are leaving an AA meeting at the hospital. Finn asks Alexis if he agrees to buy coffee, will she get off his back about sharing? She says she will, if he’ll add telling her one significant detail.

Sam asks Drew why the staring contest with Franco. He wonders why he’s making Franco nervous. Franco suggests to Elizabeth that they leave, but she wants to wait for Maxie to get there. Mac wonders where Maxie is.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t fire the gun. Maxie says she didn’t shoot Nathan, but she put him in a position to be shot. And for what? A stupid article? A pat on the back from her boss? Lulu says she understands Maxie’s heart is breaking and needs to lash out, but Maxie says, no; she needs her husband. She tells Lulu don’t dare cry, and Lulu says she loved Nathan too. Maxie says she used him to advance her career. She actually believed she’d become a prize-winning journalist after two weeks. Her ego knows no bounds. She exploited Nathan. She knew he wanted to get Faison away from his family, and Nathan agreed because she put the idea in his head, making him think it was the only way when it was just her way. Peter listens from behind some bushes, looking pained. Maxie says Lulu did it to get an interview, and she knows it’s true. Dante says they’re not doing this, and Maxie tells him she knows he told Lulu to leave it to the police. Lulu says Nathan was the police, but Maxie says, no. He was a husband and father-to-be who would do anything to protect his family, and she took advantage of that. Why not? She had nothing to lose. She risked nothing, and in turn took everything from Maxie.

Oscar and Josslyn enter Oscar’s apartment. He tells Josslyn she has to be fast; his mom will be home soon. She asks what if she hurts him, but he tells her to hurry.

Finn wants to go to Charlie’s, but Alexis says Julian is Charlie. Finn wonders when that happened, and says he has to get online more. He asks if she wants to go somewhere else, but she says, let’s just do it.

Franco ponders the rabbit’s foot. Drew asks how it’s going. Franco says it’s a funeral, and leaves the table.

Spinelli tells Anna that his deepest regret is not finding Faison sooner, and Anna agrees it would have played out differently. He asks if she’s still looking for Henrik, and she says, absolutely. He could be planning on picking up where his father left off. Spinelli says Henrik’s trail is as cold as Faison himself. Anna tells him that no one can stay lost forever.

Dante wants Lulu to leave, but she says she needs to make Maxie understand. Maxie says, of course that’s her response. No I’m sorry; no I was wrong, and made the biggest mistake of my life. It’s Maxie’s problem, and Lulu has to make her see she’s right and Maxie is wrong because Lulu is always right. The one thing that could bring her closure is Lulu admitting her part, but she’ll never get it. It’s not Lulu’s style or in the Spencer DNA. Lulu says she admits it when she’s wrong, and Maxie asks when was the last time she did that. Lulu asks if she wants an example, and Maxie says she does, but she doubts Lulu will be able to find one. When Maxie screwed up, she felt terrible and apologized over and over until Lulu forgave her, but she’ll never get that from Lulu. Her ability to feel regret or remorse doesn’t exist. She’s incapable of it, and also a murderer, but a morally superior one, so there’s that.

Lulu says she can’t mean it. She asks Maxie to talk, but Maxie says it’s not her job to make it better for Lulu. Nina tells Lulu to stop; she’s done enough. She tells Lulu to please go, and leads Maxie away. Dante takes Lulu in the opposite direction. Nina asks if Maxie is okay, and suggests they go to the reception. Maxie doesn’t want to leave him; she doesn’t know how to do this. She asks Nina to please tell her how. Nina doesn’t know, but they’ll figure it out together. They hug, and Valentin takes Nina’s hand.

Drew tells Franco that he thought the condolences went well. Franco says the whole thing is sad and awful. Drew asks if Franco is avoiding him.

Julian tells Kim that she’s not walking home alone. She says a free drink, take out, and delivery, and Julian says he aims to please. She says, or make someone jealous. She sees him staring at Alexis, and he says he’s just making sure the customers have what need. Kim hands him the bags to carry. At first, he acts like the bags heavy, giving me hope that one of the actors gets it, but then, not so much. (sigh) Finn asks Alexis about getting something to eat, but she says she’s not hungry.

Peter stands by Nathan’s grave with tears in his eyes. He says it’s strange to say goodbye when they weren’t formally introduced; not as brothers at least. He wishes he’d known Nathan. He seemed like a good man; loving, kind, heroic – all the things their father wasn’t. He says it’s so clear how much Maxie loves him. He’s tempted to say he was a lucky man. He’s truly sorry that his luck ran out.

At The Floating Rib, Anna tells Maxie it was an honorable send off for an honorable man. Maxie looks at the pictures, and says she knows how much Nathan loved her. Sam tells her that she was great today. Nathan would be proud. Maxie excuses herself, and tells Nina that she can’t be there. Everyone is so sad and sorry. Nina tells her to take care of herself. Felicia wants to take her home, but she wants to be alone. After she leaves, Spinelli tells them that what Maxie says she wants and what she needs are often different things. Mac tells him to take care of their girl, and he follows Maxie.

Franco thought Drew would prefer he keep his distance, and Drew says he does. He asks how long Franco has known Jim. Franco says as long as Drew has, since they were little kids. Drew asks if Franco recognized him, but Franco says it was the other way around. Jim showed up at his studio. Drew wonders why he wouldn’t have said something about meeting someone from their past. Franco says there is no “our past,” just the past. The were toddlers, and don’t remember. Drew asks to see the rabbit’s foot.

Valentin sees Anna in the hallway. She asks how Nina is doing, and he says as would be expected. He wants to help, but can’t. Anna says he’s helping more than he knows. She tells him that she’s still processing their conversation. He wonders if there’s anything he can do or any questions he can answer. She asks why keep quiet? He hated her for so long, and all this time, had ammunition at his disposal. If anyone found out she had Faison’s child, it would kill her career and damage her personal life. He had the means to take her down, and didn’t. What stopped him? He says there’s a thin line between love and hate. He loved her, hated her, and everything in between, but could never bring himself to destroy her.

Josslyn is in front of Oscar, who’s sitting on a stool. She’s doing something, but we don’t see what. Kim comes into the apartment with Julian, and Oscar and Josslyn scramble around; Oscar running into the kitchen. Josslyn asks why Julian is there, and he says, love you too. Oscar messes around in the kitchen, and Kim asks what he’s doing. He says grabbing some food, and she tells him to say hello to their guest. He walks over, and we see he has a black eye. I laugh because I thought Josslyn was waxing his eyebrows or something.

Alexis says there seems to have been an uptake in Finn’s attendance at AA meetings, and asks if it’s because of Anna. Finn says he has a tendency not to know what has until it’s gone. Dante and Lulu come in. Lulu tells Dante it won’t shut off. It’s not just the words, but the way Maxie said them. Maxie hates her. So do I. Her point?

Maxie hesitates before going into the apartment. She finally does, and sits on the couch without taking off her coat. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Spinelli, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says her mother was right; she shouldn’t be alone. She says, but she is.

Elizabeth asks Franco if everything is okay, and he tells her Drew was just asking to see the rabbit’s foot. Elizabeth asks why, and Drew thinks he recognizes it. Franco hands it to him. Sam says, anything? Drew says, no, but he appreciates it.

Anna thanks Valentin. Felicia sees them in the hall, but goes back inside. Anna is grateful he kept quiet. She asks if he knows where her daughter is, and if he kept track of her, but he says he only knew what the midwife told him. It was a private adoption; no birth certificate, and no records exist. She went to a good family, and has a good life where Faison doesn’t exist. If Anna found her, she would have to tell her the truth. She says, Robin too; it would turn her life upside down for a multitude of reasons. Valentin says she knows what she has to do.

Oscar tells Kim that he got in a fight. Kim says, that’s clear, but with who? He asks if she remembers the friend he told her about that identifies as a girl, and says he stood up for her. She says next time, tell a teacher, and don’t provoke the bully. He says there wasn’t any time. Josslyn says if he hadn’t stepped in, their friend would have been seriously hurt. Kim says she cares about her son, not their friend.

Finn tells Alexis that he keeps making the same mistake over and over. She asks who left who, and he says this time, it was all Anna. It’s like she opens a door with one hand, and slams it shut with the other.

Dante tells Lulu that he was with Nathan every day. Nathan wanted Faison caught. Lulu admits she pushed him about the interview until he gave in. She should have stayed out of it. Dante takes her hand.

Spinelli gives Maxie some tea. She asks if he thinks it’s strange that she didn’t want Georgie at the funeral. He says on the contrary. She was looking out for their daughter, who is too little to understand what transpired. She also would have missed her school outing. Maxie brightens a little, and says, her first field trip. Spinelli tells her that Georgie went to the Portland zoo, but she doesn’t have to only imagine it. She asks if he has a video, but he was referring to her coming home with him. Their guest room goes unused, and Georgie would be ecstatic to spend more time with her. She tells him that going to Portland won’t make her forget that her husband is dead.

Peter looks for Maxie, and Sam tells him it was too much for her. He says it’s understandable. Drew and Sam hope he’s had a chance to regroup, and rethink leaving. They’re not shutting any doors.

Valentin tells Anna that she made a bold choice. Does she continue going forward with the consequences, or pass it on to her children? He gives her some advice that he ultimately borrowed from her. Let the past be the past. They’ve all made mistakes. The difference between him and her is that she wants to be better; so be better. She wonders if it will be enough, and he says it will have to be. He leaves to be with Nina.

As the kids are leaving, Julian tosses Oscar the bag of frozen peas. Josslyn says she’ll tell her stepdad that he said hello. Kim asks if Sonny is a friend of his, and he says, not exactly.

Finn asks Alexis, where is he supposed to go with this?

Maxie tells Spinelli she can’t jet off to Portland and forget Nathan. She forgot before, when she could have been at home instead of wasting precious time. She’s not wasting more by running away. Not feeling the loss, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Spinelli says he wasn’t suggesting that. She knows he was just trying to help, but don’t. She tells him don’t show up either. He doesn’t understand what happens when she hears a knock or footsteps or the elevator door. Every moment of every day is a reminder that Nathan is gone. All the brief, blissful moments of hope are the hardest to get over. She needs to be there until she does. She doesn’t need reminders. It’s horrifyingly real, and he can’t help her with that. She tells him to leave. He kisses her forehead and goes.

Peter tells Nina how sorry he is. She introduces him to Valentin. Valentin says it’s kind of him to come, and he says they’re all family at Aurora. Nina leaves them to help Felicia. Valentin says he hopes Peter has reconsidered leaving town. Some people might get suspicious. Peter thinks Valentin is overestimating his importance, but Valentin says Drew is going to follow every lead. Peter says there were complications, and Valentin says it was a shame about Nathan being collateral damage. He tells Peter to trust him, since he’s always looked out for him in the past.

Lulu tells Dante she has to quit her job. He says she loves it, but she says she loves Maxie more, and needs to make this right.

Alexis tells Finn she’s a master of mixed signals, both giving and getting them. She says that people can hold mixed truths in their hearts. If Anna is finding it that hard to keep away, she’s not ready.

Kim tells Julian that Oscar is her everything. He’s all she has. Julian says that’s not entirely true. She says she has her work, and it’s meaningful, but he says she also has friends.

Elizabeth asks where the rabbit’s foot came from, and Franco tells her it was in a box with his stuff from New York. It’s been with him ever since. She says it’s done it’s job. They’re happy, in love, and about to get married. Who’s luckier than them?

Sam tells Drew to remember the last time he got that familiar feeling. It was about Kim, and she ended up being a big part of his life. The rabbit’s foot could be a missing piece of the puzzle.

Felicia says she saw Anna talking to Valentin, and asks if she should be worried. Anna says it’s taken decades, and they have no more wars to fight.

Nina places a ticket stub from the Natural History Museum on Nathan’s grave. She talks to Valentin about taking Nathan there, and thanks him for bringing her. She needed one more chance to say goodbye. He tells her that he’s been in a lot of dangerous situations, but he never met someone as brave as she’s been today. She says she doesn’t feel brave. He tells her that she doesn’t have to, and holds her.

Maxie put on Nathan’s jacket and smells it. She talks to the baby, saying she’s so sorry. Sorry the baby won’t get to meet the dad who would have loved them; he already did. She’s sorry she lost it earlier, and hopes she didn’t scare the baby by freaking out about the future. She swears its mom isn’t psycho, just sad and angry. She’ll pull it together. It’s what the baby’s dad would have wanted. He’d want her to sing songs and make the baby laugh, like he was looking forward to doing. She’ll do it for both of them. It’s not the same, and they’ll always miss him, but she thinks if they’re brave and lean on each other, they’ll get through it and be okay.

Tomorrow, Robin thanks Jason for killing Faison, Michael says he’s selling the building, and Sonny tells Mike he’s not going anywhere.

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi and Katie go shopping at Dapper Cadaver. Stassi is having a death/murder-themed birthday party, and I guess this is the place to go. She’s celebrating the death of her 20s. When she dies, she wants to be taxidermized with a glass of wine in her hand and let people take photos with her. I actually think this is a cool idea. She has a list of the various items she wants to get, and goes over the guest list with Katie. In her interview, she tells us that Patrick blocked her when he went to Amsterdam. She tried sexting him, he turned her down, and she got angry, telling him she was going to find someone else. He’s finally unblocked her, so she’s hoping he comes to the party. She thinks she and Ariana having the same birthday is like Bride Wars.

Billie, Scheana, Lala, and Ariana go outfit shopping. Ariana is having a kings and queens party, because she’s a queen. I could make a lot of jokes here, but I’ll leave it. The girls look through the fabulous dresses, lingerie, and accessories. Billie tells Ariana that her 30s is her prime, but Ariana says she’s not having sex. In her interview, she says she’s not a fan of her nether regions. Really. She said that.

Tom and Schwartz go to the restaurant site. Today is the day to find out if the permits are approved. Without them, they can’t start the construction. Tom says they’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and we flash back to those. Lisa and Ken arrive. Lisa says Tom smells like alcohol. He tells her the triplets are on their way home, but last night they went to a strip club and made it rain. Lisa wonders if Schwartz’s wife knows he went to a strip club. She tells them the permits have been approved, and they start Monday. Tom counts it among one of the best days of his life. He writes a check, but tells Lisa not to cash it until the end of the month. Schwartz is having PTSD from writing the check for the wedding. That’s why they catch you at the end for that. You’re a little drunk, so it doesn’t hurt as much. He didn’t say that last part. It’s my personal observation.

Ariana visits therapist Julia. She says it’s long overdue. She wants to do more to help herself and get her head right. She tells Julia about her self-criticism, and how it’s amplified over the years. Her ex-boyfriend added to the problem. She says in the beginning, she thought it was a fling, but he wanted her to stay, and after she moved in, held it over her head because she had no money. Julia asks about her support system, and she says Tom is a true partner. Julia wonders about marriage and family, and Ariana says she never wants to give birth. Her goal is to just be able to function without so much anxiety. In her interview, she wants to communicate her feelings to Tom, but doesn’t want him to think it’s him. She tells Julia she’s frozen. Well, let it go then. BA-DUM-CHH!

James, Lala, Brittany, and Schwartz go to Villa Rosa to discuss World Dog Day. Lisa wanted a festival that was diametrically opposed to the Yulan dog meat festival. In his interview, James says it’s not the most extravagant or exciting gig he’s had, but on the road to success, you have to pay your dues. Lisa suggests Schwartz make out with the guests for a fifty-cent donation. Brittany asks if Lisa is coming to either of the parties, but she doesn’t have the time. Giggy! Schwartz tells her that she wouldn’t have to dress up for Ariana’s party, since she’s already a queen. Once again, I have to squelch my jokes.

Lisa asks Brittany to stay behind. She wants to talk about Jax. Lisa says it’s been challenging to say the least, and she doesn’t want him there tomorrow. She tells Brittany that she doesn’t want him anywhere near her.

Tom makes breakfast and serves it to Ariana. He asks how therapy was. She says she’s a work in progress, but she’s glad he stuck around. He says he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her, but when they first started dating, they had sex all the time. In his interview, he says he understands the excitement dies down, but thinks she’s afraid to tell him. He tells her that he knows the newness wears off, but she says the only thing that wears off is confidence; there’s no pretending. He thinks she felt it more back then, but she begs to differ, telling him she was just saying it to impress him. In her interview, she says she knows it must be confusing for him. Ariana isn’t thrilled that they haven’t been spending much time together. Tom says he got a high off of helping Tom’s brothers and we see clips. He gets that some things turn her off, but she says there’s no closeness if they don’t do things together. In her interview, she says when he does other things, it makes her think he doesn’t want her. He tells her that he can’t read her mind.

Katie does Stassi’s makeup. She says she wants to be a hot dead girl, and is going for shot-in-the-head chic. Kristen says they’re like sluts in a morgue. Katie tells them about Kevin Lee bringing her flowers, and we see a clip. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she tells him that he should never make comments about weight to anybody. Ever. She tells the girls it was awkward. His apology doesn’t affect her, but she feels badly for him.

Tom loves dressing up and going over the top. Jax stops by while Tom is trying on costumes. He tells Tom that he and Brittany decided on prom king and queen. He’s wearing a prom style tux, and stopping by Burger King for a crown on the way there. Tom puts in creepy white contacts. Brittany calls, and lets Jax know about Lisa not wanting him at World Dog Day. He doesn’t know why Lisa is holding a grudge when others have done worse. I hate that. I hate when people won’t take responsibility, and try to deflect by pointing at someone else. He tells her just go without him. She says he’ll miss the beauty pageant, and Tom adds there are a lot of hot bitches there.

It’s party time! We visit Ariana’s party first. Tom, wearing a Maleficent costume, introduces Queen Ariana, who is dressed in gold with a huge spiky crown. James says everyone is killing it with the costume game tonight. I would agree, but Scheana and Lala are basically dressed in lingerie and wearing crowns. I’m not sure if that qualifies as a costume. Lala says she’s never missing one of Ariana’s birthdays again. Billie tells Tom that she’s heard amazing things about his drag, and we flash back to that.

Schwartz says Stassi put her name on the party – it’s macabre. He thinks the scariest thing is the ranch dressing fountain, and has no doubt people will put their fingers in it by the end of the night. Peter brings a bottle of Dom Perignon from Lisa and Ken. Stassi is thrilled, since a year or so ago, she would have gotten a bag of Giggy’s flaming dog poopy. Patrick comes in wearing a man bun, which is scarier than everything else combined. Stassi’s mother asks how the trip was, and Patrick says he had a great time. Stassi feels like she’s walking on eggshells, trying to make things work. Her best solution is to drink. She orders Jager bombs all around. Bleh. I think that’s even worse than the fountain. It tastes like cough medicine.

Jax tells Billie that he’s not going to Stassi’s party. He doesn’t want to be around the anxiety; he’s trying to surround himself with better people. Ariana tells Tom that experiencing things together is a huge thing for her, and he apologizes. He says he needs her; she’s his foundation. Well, that beats saying she completes him. It kills him that she’s doubting herself and being self-conscious. He tells her that she’s his number one, and she says ditto. She says if she doesn’t feel the closeness, it’s hard to get busy. They kiss. She says he’s not perfect, and she’s a work in progress (all right already), and she wants to be close to him. He suggests they make magic happen, and she asks if she can keep her crown on.

Katie tells Patrick that he and Stassi need to stop breaking up and making up. He says he doesn’t care if she has sex with other people, but he doesn’t want her to have emotional commitment with anyone else. Kristen says Stassi has always been the conductor in relationships, but with Patrick, she’s second fiddle.

Ariana’s brother, Jeremy, is wearing a little crown that reminds me of Blaine and Antoine (Men on Film) on In Living Color. He takes the mic, and wishes Ariana a happy birthday. The cake comes out, and Ariana tells everyone how glad she is they came. She breaks up a plastic crown, and tosses the pieces out like in Mean Girls. She says she’s not a queen amongst peasants; they’re all royalty.

Katie has brought in Arielle the stripper from her party in in Las Vegas, and wants Stassi to take a shot off of her body. Stassi says she wanted her as a guest, not a serving tray, and declines. She’s nervous about Patrick being there, because they’ve been fighting, and she’s effed-up on Adderall and tequila. She walks outside. Kristen and Katie follow. She tells them she hasn’t been able to talk to Patrick the entire night, and she’s annoyed by how everything turned out. They try to talk her into coming back in, but she tells them to go eff themselves; she’s leaving. Kristen says back in the day, she would have gone after Stassi, but she’s an adult. Get a grip and grow up.

It’s World Dog Day. This year, they’ve taken over the street where the rescue center is. Cute dogs everywhere! Brittany’s Monroe wins the beauty pageant, and title of VP Posh Pup. Brittany hopes it doesn’t go to Monroe’s head, since she can’t deal with two big-headed divas at home, the other one being Jax. Scheana asks Peter about Stassi freaking out at her party. He tells Ariana that Stassi was ticked off about the body shot. Ariana says this is why they’re not friends.

Brittany tells Lisa that Jax will have to do a lot of work before she ever makes him another sandwich. Brittany asks if Jax has texted, but Lisa says no. She tells Brittany his apology doesn’t cut it now. He was in enough trouble at the Beverly Hills Life party, but by not reaching out, he’s dug a deeper hole. Lisa says she supports them, and expects the same in return.  Stassi texts an apology to Katie. Katie says the meltdown was Stassi circa 2012, and immature bullsh*t. They also had to pick up a $1400 tab. Schwartz is surprised, thinking it had just been a mini meltdown.

This season, horses, dancing, the Toms are late for a meeting, Stassi thought it would be different with Patrick this time, drinking, more drinking, Tom doesn’t want to be around Katie, Brittany kicks Jax out, and Jax gets fired… maybe.

🍑 On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha had a vegan dinner for the ladies, and Cynthia invited them all on a trip to Barcelona. Kenya seems somewhat separated from the pack this time around, probably due to being a newlywed and having an ongoing feud with Kim. I’m lukewarm about this season, but this episode did give me what could possibly be the best quote of the millennium:

💥 What kind of fraggle knackle bullcrap is this?Sheree Whitfield

🔪 I’m already loving Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block. In this latest effort, the plot revolves around an odd town with a strange history, where people keep disappearing. Sisters Zoe (Holland Rogan) and Alice (Olivia Riccardi) are making a fresh start there. Alice is a budding social worker, and Zoe is being treated for the “insidious onset” of schizophrenia, as well as battling a drug addiction. Landlady Louise (Krisha Fairchild) made it clear from the start that she wasn’t their mom, not even their cool aunt, but their landlady, yet she shared a joint and a story with Zoe not long after the girls arrived. Louise was also a reporter back in the day, and is working on a book about the town and the disappearances, her brother having been one of them. I adore her already, and hope she doesn’t meet an untimely end.

During Alice’s first day on the job, a child disappears while waiting to be picked up by CPS, vanishing inside her own home. Alice’s supervisor chalked it up to the mother running with the child, but Alice wasn’t so sure. That night, she followed a small, shadowy figure to an old park, thinking it was the little girl. At the entrance, she found Rutger Hauer instead, who was creepy, yet somehow grandfatherly. Out for his nightly walk, he told her his family once owned the park and he lives close by. Further into the woods, Alice discovered the figure, sitting at the bottom of a staircase that went nowhere, and what she had thought to be a little girl, was a little person, with a weird, unnerving baby’s face. It went after her with a mallet, but she was saved by a tall creature – what it would look like if Groot and the Visible Man had a baby – who took the whatever-it-was up the stairs. Later, Alice saw Louise’s research board for her book, which included a photo of the Peach family, who owned a lot of the town way back when. The focal point of the town is a huge brick building labeled Peach’s Meats with a logo of Joseph Peach’s face. He’s the family patriarch, and oddly enough, looks just like Rutger Hauer.

Zoe realized that Alice had concerns about following in her mental footsteps. Feeling smothered and weirded out – there’s also a nutcake lady running around town looking for scissors, which Louise has informed them not to give her – Zoe decides to book. While at the bus stop, she meets Joseph. Being musically inclined, I’m super aware of soundtracks (Vanderpump Rules always has a great one), and I almost fell off the couch when I heard Timothy by The Buoys in the background while Louise was working. For you youngsters, it was a hit in the 70s, written by Rupert Holmes, and is about some miners who eat one of their own when they become trapped. How this became a hit, who knows? but I do have it on a 45 somewhere. This clinched the deal for me with Louise. She also gave me the second-best quote:

🌏  When you set out to change the world, the world changes you.

Creepy babies, creepy Groots, staircases to nowhere, a strange landlady (her hobby is taxidermy) who smokes weed, a mysterious town, and Rutger Hauer. Seriously, what more could you want?

💀 The Visible Man

My sister had one of these when I was a kid, and I was fascinated with it.

Visible Man  Visible Man 2


February 9, 2018 – Nathan’s Funeral, Septuplicate Quotes & Some Danny


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

We see the officers in their dress blues. Jordan says it’s the end of watch call for Detective Nathan West. He’s answered his final call. He was shot by a notorious felon in the course of protecting a civilian, his wife. She tells us about everyone he’s left behind, including a grateful community. They thank him for his loyalty, dedication, his service, and most of all, his brotherhood. They’re proud of him, and his sacrifice will not be forgotten. This is his 1042. His watch concluded, he’s gone home for the final time.

As she speaks, we see everyone getting ready for the funeral.

Robin meets with Anna. She feels like she was just there, and reminisces about when Georgie died. All she could tell Maxie was that she had to keep going because it’s what Georgie would want. How many times can you tell someone to keep going before they stop hearing it? Griff joins them. He’s still reeling from the whole thing. Anna says they all are. They lost a great man and a great friend.

Mac and Felicia pick up Maxie. She says she’s okay. They don’t have to keep holding her up. Felicia says Frisco couldn’t get away, but Maxie says Nathan would be the first to understand.

Valentin and Nina receive people at the church. Amy signs the guestbook. Lulu thanks Curtis for taking her to the hospital that night. He was glad he could do something. She asks him to sit with her, since Dante and Jordan will be with the other officers. He says they can help each other.

Valentin asks if Nina wants a break, but she says it’s the only tribute she can give her brother. She wants to do it right.

Obrecht remembers talking to Maxie about Nathan breaking his arm as a child, and says she’s never been there for her son. Franco hugs her.

Maxie thanks Sam for helping, and Sam says she’ll be there for anything Maxie wants; she loves her. Felicia tells Maxie that she has a lot of friends and people who love her. Maxie says she’s really lucky, but it’s not in her voice. Maxie tells Spinelli he doesn’t have to stay and wait for her. He says before he departs, he has something from Georgie. He hugs her, and says Georgie said to tell her that she loves her mommy. Maxie says she’ll be right down. She looks at the sonogram picture with Nathan’s blood on it. There’s a knock at the door.

She flashes back to the first time she met Nathan. She asks him to please come back to her, but there’s no one at the door. She slides to the floor wondering how she does this. How does she go on without him? She feels someone take her hand. It’s OG Georgie, who says, any way she can. I know it sounds heartless, but I have to mention the fabulous black dress Maxie is wearing. It has bell sleeves with lace-up ties on them, and and exposed back zipper. I love a lace-up tie and a little hardware.

Obrecht thanks Franco for coming. He says of all the people to arrest him, Nathan was the most gentle. She says he had a light touch. She wishes Franco didn’t have to see her like this, and he wishes she didn’t have to feel like this. Nina digs for a lighter in her purse. Anna asks if she smokes, and she says she quit years ago, but started again. She gives Anna her cigarettes, telling her to get rid of them. She doesn’t want Charlotte to see.

Peter and Valentin exchange glances. Peter looks at the funeral program, and remembers trying to help Nathan. Lulu says he made it, and tells him the family will appreciate it. He asks about Maxie, but she hasn’t wanted to see anyone.

Maxie tells Georgie she was always meant to lose Nathan; he was way too good for her. She tried not to get too close, telling herself it would end badly like always. He wouldn’t listen to her, and now she’s here and he’s gone. Georgie says he’s not gone, and Maxie doesn’t want clichés about him being in her heart. Georgie says he’s in the baby. Maxie tells her that she wishes she’d never met him, and just wants the pain to stop. Georgie tells her all the things they wouldn’t have known without each other. Maxie says he would have been a good dad, and would have loved her. Georgie says she would have loved him too. She tells Maxie that she never needed anyone to save her; she already had it inside. Nathan knew that, and it’s time to show him that he was right. Georgie disappears. Maxie gathers up her things, and leaves.

The flag-draped casket is brought into the church, followed by Maxie, her parents, Obrecht, and Nina. Maxie, Felicia, and Mac look at Nathan in the half-open casket. Mac salutes. I check to see if I can catch Nathan breathing.

Nina talks about them going to the Natural History Museum when Nathan was a kid. She tells everyone how he gave his money to homeless people and street musicians. Each person pays their respects, although it usually doesn’t work that way. They seem to have combined the wake with the funeral. Obrecht kisses Nathan’s forehead, while Nina talks about how giving Nathan was, and how in the end, he gave his life. His generosity was only a sliver of who he was, and he touched many people’s lives. She says she’s given her story, and would like everyone to give theirs to her. She says Nathan was a man of action, not words, and asks that they give to those in need and keep his soul alive in them. She puts some coins in Nathan’s breast pocket. Damn. She looks fabulous too. In black velvety suit, with a peplum top and a pencil skirt with a back slit. Sorry, but you know I always get distracted by the fashions.

The officers do the gun salute. The flag is folded, as we hear Dante’s voice reciting a poem about a policeman before he enters heaven. It ends, Come walk a beat on heaven’s streets; you’ve done your time in hell. Dante presents the flag to Maxie. She hugs it to her chest, while tears roll down her cheeks.

A snare drum is played, and the bagpipes follow with Amazing Grace. Each person places a white rose on Nathan’s casket, and they hug Maxie. Anna approaches Obrecht. They look at each other a moment. There’s a lot of that. People just looking at each other.

Maxie cries by the casket. She doesn’t know what to say; she’s not thinking straight. She tells Nathan that she loves him and always will. He saw the best in her, and made her demand more of herself, even when it hurt. He made her want to be better. She can’t promise she’ll succeed without him there to keep her honest, but promises she’ll try. She needs to let him go now. She takes out the sono picture and places it among the roses, saying, not without this.

Maxie lingers by the grave at the cemetery. Geez, they buried him already. She says they’ll miss him so much. She tells Georgie to take care of him. She feels Nathan’s touch, and he’s standing behind her, his hands on her shoulders.

Everyone gathers at The Floating Rib. Spinelli says Nathan was as good a human being as he’s ever known. Words fail him, but as a parent, you learn to communicate in different ways. Sometimes when he can’t find the words to speak, he finds them in song. He sings O Danny Boy, and I’m very impressed. He starts to choke up, and can’t get through it, so Amy joins him. They finish it as a duet.

Maxie finds herself alone at the cemetery. She looks around, and sees Nathan and Georgie together. He mouths, I love you, and takes Georgie’s hand. They walk away.

Lulu tells Maxie she’s so sorry. Maxie says she should be. She killed him.

Distractions aside, that was rough. I’m glad it ended on that note, or I’d be bawling into my coffee right about now.

On Monday, Drew asks if Franco is avoiding him, Spinelli tells Anna that Henrik’s trail is as cold as Faison, and Maxie tells Lulu that she took everything from her.

👂 Quotes of the Week

It’s very easy to get divided when you don’t see people’s faces and you don’t feel the warmth of their skin. As much as comedians are enmeshed in the liberal-bubble universe, we’re also the one form of show business that travels the country – all reaches of it — and whose job it is to connect with people no matter how different-minded. We are both Marvel and DC. It’s inherent in our nature.Sarah Silverman

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.Napoleon Hill

Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.Anton Chekhov (I second that.)

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.Marcus Tullius Cicero

You’ll never solve problems using the same thinking you created them with.Albert Einstein

Of course he’s on the Vikings show.Andy Cohen, referring to Gustav Skarsgård on Watch What Happens Live

A goal without a plan is a wish. – Dammit, I missed who said it, but I heard it on 30 for 30 on Viceland


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