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September 18, 2019 – Peter Turns the Tables, Dallas Goes To Mexico, Back To Camp In 1984, a New Word & Donovan’s Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Elizabeth is about to knock on Kim’s door, when Kim opens it halfway. Franco tells Kim, there’s no point in dragging things out. There’s nothing there for him, and there’s nothing there for her. It’s not easy, but they’ll make up for the time they lost. They kiss. Elizabeth sees, and Franco locks eyes with her. Why he opened them while he’s kissing Kim, I have no clue.

Sitting outside Kelly’s, Cameron tells Josslyn that he doesn’t know why they look at the menu, and she says, they know it by heart. He says he’s surprised she wanted him to meet her. He thought she’d be at volleyball practice. She says she can afford to miss a practice; she has plenty of time to make it up. The second she steps on the court, all she’ll be thinking about is serving, and setting up the next shot. Cameron asks if that isn’t the point, and she says, it’s supposed to be, but she’s supposed to be thinking about Oscar.

Inside Kelly’s, Dustin calls Lulu, who’s at the MetroCourt. She says she didn’t expect to hear from him. He says he thought they had a great time. She says, it was eventful. He says, aside from her mom… but she asks, how is it that he doesn’t see that’s not the only glaring thing? and don’t say it’s because he only has eyes for her. He says, okay, he won’t, but it’s true. He asks if she wants to get together this weekend. She says, maybe. She’ll text him, and let him know. Maxie joins her, and  asks if she was on the phone with hot Dustin. Lulu says she was, and Maxie sits and says, tell her everything.

Jason meets Sonny at the bar. Sonny asks if there’s been any word on Drew, but Jason says, nothing new. Sonny says, this is a big mistake, and hurt a lot of people. Andre being stabbed, and Drew’s plane going down; someone wants to take them both out. Jason says Drew wasn’t as lucky as Andre. Andre was able to sketch the guy who attacked him. Does he look familiar? He shows Sonny a picture on his phone.

The guy in the sketch wanders around the docks. Peter meets him, and gives him an envelope. The guy looks inside, and says it isn’t the fee they agreed on. Peter says he only completed half the assignment. The guy says he can stick around and finish the job, but Peter says, it’s too risky. He’ll have to find another way.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s never seen the guy. Has Jason? Jason says not that he remembers. Shiloh calls Jason, and says he has important information for him.

Elizabeth says Chase told her Franco was there. No more ankle monitor. He says he’s a free man. Elizabeth says that’s what she was afraid of, and apparently, she had a right to be so. He’s leaving? Franco says he’s sorry she’s in pain. He’s sorry she lost man the man she so obviously loves. She says, her husband. He says he’s sorry he’s not that guy. The only solution that will make it bearable for everyone is if he goes. Elizabeth asks if he thinks this is bearable. He doesn’t know what to say, and tells Kim that he’ll be at Pier 55 at 10 pm. He leaves. I tell Elizabeth to punch Kim out now, while no one is around. Instead, she says they need to talk.

Lulu says, there’s nothing to tell, and Maxie says she’s a liar. Spill. What did he say? Did he ask her out? Did she say yes? She should go, and get her feet wet. Not all the way, but she can wade in. He’s a super good-looking, super nice guy. She asks if Lulu remembers the butterflies from a first kiss, and whatever else that follows. Lulu says she’s going to stop Maxie there. They had a first kiss, and whatever else. Maxie asks what Lulu is talking about, and Lulu says she and Dustin had sex today.

Dustin reads Josslyn’s English paper.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she had a talk with her brother. It was mostly him talking to her, but he made sense. Oscar would want her to move on. He told her himself, and she will sometime soon, but it has to feel right. Everything is about the future, picking colleges and making out applications; it’s all anyone is talking about. The more absorbed she gets it that, the more removed she is, and leaving Oscar behind. Cameron asks if that isn’t the point of moving on. Josslyn says she will, and he says, just not today. She says she wants to grieve a little longer; Oscar deserves it. She says, and this where he tells her what’s going on with him. He says he’s fine, but Josslyn says, he’s not. What’s up?

Peter tells sketch guy that he can’t risk it. Now Franco knows. He needed Andre killed. Sketch guy says he wasn’t prepared for the target to be skilled in self-defense. Peter says he should have been prepared. In light of his track record, Peter is giving him 70%, rather than 50%. He tells sketch guy to go.

Jason asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says his trial starts tomorrow. He’s looking forward to seeing Sam on the stand. Jason asks again what he wants. Shiloh tells him to check out The Invader. They did a piece on him, and Peter greenlighted the piece. He thought Jason would be interested. Jason hangs up, and Sonny asks what that was about. Jason says Shiloh is trying to tell him something about Peter.

Elizabeth asks if she can come in, but Kim doesn’t think Elizabeth wants to do this right now. Elizabeth says her husband just informed her that he’s leaving town and wants Kim to go with him. She thinks they need to do this now. She comes in, and sees the pillows and blanket on the floor, and says, oh my God. Kim slept with him. Kim says, yes, and Elizabeth says, all she gets is a yes? Kim says she knows it’s not fair. Franco did the noble thing, and the procedure happened, but he doesn’t remember being Franco. As far as she’s concerned the man who left is Drew. Elizabeth can’t believe Kim is saying this. Kim says he doesn’t remember loving Elizabeth; he doesn’t remember her period. He remembers Kim, and they’re in love. Elizabeth says, that’s not Drew, but Kim says, it is. He’s just in another body. She doesn’t want to hurt Elizabeth, but Franco is Drew in his head and heart. He doesn’t want to hurt her either. Elizabeth says, Kim doesn’t want to hurt her? She should have thought of that before she had sex with Elizabeth’s husband.  Elizabeth cracks Kim a good one across the face, and I cheer.

Cameron says, you know how they say, be careful what you wish for? and Josslyn finishes, because you might get it? Cameron says he knows what it means. He spent so much time hating on Franco, and wanting him to go away. Now Franco is gone, and he should be glad, but he’s not. He hates every minute of it. Part of it is watching his mom and brothers being miserable and confused. His mom is the worst. She’s getting more desperate and sad, insisting Franco is coming back. Josslyn asks if Cameron doesn’t think he is, and he says, the whole transfer procedure isn’t perfect science. Josslyn asks what the other part is that he hates, and he says he’s grateful for Franco saving his life. Josslyn says she is too, and he tells her that he’s realizing how completed Franco made their family. He made their house a real home, and now he’s gone. Josslyn says, it’s terrible, but hopes Cameron knows it’s not his fault. He knows, but feels like he put so much energy in the universe, and finally got what he wanted. But it’s not what he wanted at all.

Sonny asks if Jason thinks Shiloh is trying to intimidate him. Jason doesn’t think so, and Sonny asks, why the call? Jason says he dropped Peter’s name, saying he greenlighted an article on Shiloh in The Invader. He doesn’t know what it means, but he’s going to find out.

Maxie says, okay. She was not expecting that. Lulu asks if she’s horrified, and Maxie asks, why? They’re two consenting adults who enjoyed themselves. She did enjoy it, right? Lulu says, that’s not the point. Maxie says, that’s always the point. Where did the magic happen? Lulu says, the Haunted Star. She was giving him a tour, and he was regaling her with nautical tales. They got swept up, and went to one of the staterooms. Maxie loves the story, but Lulu says, not how it ends. Her mother walked in, with Curtis. Maxie says she’s trying to picture it, but Lulu says, don’t do that. It was one of the most mortifying moments in her life. Karma in a nutshell. Maxie says, it’s payback for what? and Lulu says her divorce is only half a second old, and she falls into bed with the first guy who shows interest. What’s wrong with her?

A guard deposits Shiloh in the visiting area . Peter sits on the other side of the glass, and Shiloh asks where he’s been. Peter says he’s been busy putting out fires. Shiloh says he thought he was the biggest thing that could burn Peter. Peters phone rings. It’s Jason, and Shiloh says he may have called Jason and mentioned Peter’s name. Peter asks why the hell he did that, and Shiloh says Peter knows why. What he didn’t tell Jason is what Peter did to him and his twin, and that he’s responsible for imploding their lives. He just put Peter on Jason’s radar, since he’s been dragging his feet. Peter says, things have been crazy, but Shiloh doesn’t care. His trial starts tomorrow. Get him the hell out of there.

Jason tells Sonny that Peter didn’t pick up. He asks what Sonny thinks of him, but Sonny doesn’t really know him. Jason says the guy held him captive for five years. He wants to present himself as a good guy, but he wanted Jason to kill his dad, and lured Anna in, and was planning to kill her. Sonny wonders what’s his connection to Shiloh, but Jason has no idea. Maybe Maxie and Lulu know something. Jason asks how Carly is, and Sonny says, physically, she’s fine, but she’s worried about Josslyn. She skipped the first day of school. It’s not surprising; she’s been dreading going without Oscar. Jason asks if Carly is upset, and Sonny says, she gets it to a point, but she turned it into a thing about Dev. She thinks Dev is making Josslyn’s life harder. What does Jason think?

Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s sorry about what’s happening to him and his family. It’s terrible; there’s no other way to put it. She asks if there’s anything she can do, and he says, talking helps. She says she’s available any time. No one has come out to take their order, so she goes inside. Dustin sees her, and says he was just reading her essay.

Lulu tells Maxie that she loves talking about this with her ex-father-in-law across the room. Maxie says, the operative word is ex. Sonny knows Dante divorced her. Lulu says, and she was already with someone else. Maxie says her mom and Curtis got an eyeful. Lulu groans, and Maxie says, being interrupted isn’t a big deal. Maxie is happy for Lulu, but she needs to remember that she’s in rebound city. It’s a great place to be, but she doesn’t want live there. Lulu says she’s clear on that, and Maxie tells her, go for it.

Peter says, Jason can’t stand Shiloh, and Shiloh says he’s not president of Peter’s fan club either now. They had a deal. Either spring him or he’s going to tell Jason everything. Peter says if Shiloh tells Jason, he’ll have to confess to his own crimes. Stealing the money, and his deception of a Navy SEAL. If he implicates Peter, he implicates himself.

Franco approaches Cameron’s table, and Cameron says, Franco. Franco says, still Drew. He thinks they should talk.

Elizabeth says, this is insane, and Kim says, but it’s real. Elizabeth gets that Kim’s son died, and she’s an emotional wreck, but she’s snapped if she thinks this is real. It’s an illusion. Kim says Elizabeth keeps saying that, and Elizabeth says, because it is. Her husband was subjected to a hideous procedure, and he’s delusional. Now Kim took advantage. She’s made every excuse in book for Kim, but there’s no excuse for this. She slept with a married man. Kim says, he’s not married in his heart, and Elizabeth says she has a certificate and three boys who say otherwise. Kim says, sorry, but it’s Drew’s life. It’s his choice, and she knows who he’s choosing. Elizabeth says, he’s not Drew, and he’s not in his right mind. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, but Kim does, and she did it anyway. It’s unforgivable. Kim says it would be, if she’d seduced him and tore their family apart. It was already torn. He’s not Franco, and not Elizabeth’s husband. Kim feels horrible for her, but Elizabeth is acting like Kim’s the one who imploded Franco’s memory, and set this in motion. Drew wanted this; they both did. Elizabeth says, call him Drew one more time… Kim says Elizabeth has a right to be angry. If their roles were reversed, she would be angry too, but Franco is gone, and Elizabeth can’t get him back any more than she can get Oscar back. Elizabeth says, watch her.

Kim asks if it can even be reversed, and Elizabeth says, when it happens, Franco will be back and not Drew. Kim asks how she knows. There’s no science that says it’s possible. Elizabeth tells her, Andre says it is. Kim says Drew’s memories are on a flashdrive; they’re real and tangible. Unlike the Drew now, Franco has no baseline. How is Andre going to get his memory back? Elizabeth doesn’t know, but she knows it can be done. Kim says she’s not facing reality, and Elizabeth says Kim is the one who’s not facing reality. Kim says, it’s an untried procedure. Why does Elizabeth think it will work? Because she wants it to? Elizabeth says, so does Franco, and her boys. They need him. Kim says, please. She’s heard enough. Oscar told her about Cameron’s opinion. Don’t put it on them. Elizabeth is the one who needs him. it’s sad that he doesn’t exist anymore, but Drew is here, and has the right to make his own choices. He did, and he didn’t choose Elizabeth.

Franco sits with Cameron. He says he didn’t ask for any of this. He does wish there was some way he could help Cameron and his mom and brothers, but he’ll never be the man they need him to be. Cameron asks if there’s any chance they could stop him, but Franco says he’s not giving up the woman he loves and the life he has. Not even if it means they don’t get the person they love back. Cameron asks what his plan is, but Franco isn’t entirely sure. Cameron asks if he’s leaving, and Franco says, it’s too difficult for everyone if he sticks around. Cameron says, before he leaves, he wants to tell Franco about the man he’s replacing.

Dustin tells Josslyn, he knows they hate it, but he likes to assign an essay right off the bat. She says, to annoy them? but he says, to get to know them. He says hers was thoughtful and comprehensive. She deserves an A, but as impressive as it was, it left him wanting more.

Jason tells Sonny, there are a lot ways to help Dev that aren’t adoption. Sonny tells him, that’s what Carly says. She thinks he’s projecting Morgan onto Dev. Jason is sure she’s just worried about Josslyn. The bigger thing is, they have a baby coming. Dev is taking time and energy, when they’re having a child who will need their time and energy.

Shiloh tells Peter that his public defender says there’s no way he can beat the charges. What’s one more crime? What’s one more miscalculation or error in judgment? They don’t have to talk to him, just read a paper. Andre has a near-fatal stab wound; Drew is presumed dead. Peter has been trying hard to convince everyone he’s not the son of an evil man, but secrets have a way of coming out, If Jason wants the truth, Shiloh has nothing to lose, but Peter stands to lose everything.

Maxie says, a hottie ride-share driver English teacher… Lulu says, his name is Dustin, and Maxie continues, hot Dustin is okay for the stateroom, but not for falling in love. That’s the last thing Lulu needs. Lulu agrees, and Maxie says she’ll be Lulu’s biggest cheerleader, unless she sees Lulu getting in too deep. Sonny and Jason approach the table, and Jason says he was hoping Maxie could answer a few questions about her boyfriend. Maxie says if he has a question, he should ask Peter directly. Jason says he called, but Peter’s not picking up, and she says she’ll do her best. He says The Invader is running a story on Shiloh tomorrow, and Maxie says she knows about it. After all the crap he pulled, Peter is one of good guys now. Lulu asks where this is coming from, and Jason says Shiloh called him. He made a point of mentioning the story, and dropped Peter’s name. Sonny says they’re trying to figure out why.

Peter tells Shiloh, okay; he’ll put a plan in place for his escape. Shiloh laughs, and says he was under the impression there was already a plan in place. He thinks he’ll have another conversation with Jason. Peter says he’ll come through. Shiloh knows he will. He’s worked hard to polish his tarnished reputation. What would his mother think if the truth came out? Or that perky girlfriend of his? Peter tells Shiloh that he said he would, and he will. He’ll be in touch. He slams the phone down and leaves. Shiloh says, he’ll be waiting.

Dustin says he was tempted to give Josslyn a B. She says he told her it was good, and he says, one of the best. She’s clearly bright, and technically, it’s on point, but he senses she’s capable of going deeper. He says he’ll see her in class, and she picks up her order.

Cameron needs to say what a great guy Franco was. Franco says from what he’s heard, not everyone feels that way. Cameron says he came around. Franco showed up in time to save him. If he hadn’t, Drew would be in this body. Franco says, that would be awkward. Cameron says he owes a lot to Franco. Not for the way Franco treated his mom and brothers – he was amazing – but for how Franco treated him. Franco deserved his respect. Franco thanks Cameron, and tells him, good luck. They shake hands, and Cameron says, good luck to him too.

Kim tells Elizabeth, Drew made it clear. He doesn’t want to go away. Elizabeth says that’s because Kim is encouraging him into thinking they have a life together. It would have never gotten this far if she’d told the truth. Kim says, the truth is obvious, and Elizabeth is ignoring it. Elizabeth says forget about her, which seems easy for Kim to do. What about Julian? How can she do this to him? He’s willing to leave his entire family, and start a new life for her; with her, because it’s what she wanted. She doesn’t care? Kim says, of course (🍷) she does, but Elizabeth says, not enough to not destroy him by having an affair with her husband. For the last time, he’s not Drew, and will never be Drew. Kim says, they’re going in circles. She’s not changing her mind, and would like Elizabeth to go. Elizabeth says, gladly. I call Kim names. When Elizabeth is gone, Kim calls Julian. She gets voicemail, and says she wishes he’d picked up. She needs to talk to him right now. She wants to tell him how grateful she is for everything. She thanks him, and hangs up. She writes a note, starting, Dear Charlie…

Elizabeth calls Scotty, and says, Franco is leaving town – now; in a matter of minutes. He told Kim to meet him at Pier 55 at 10 pm. No more stalling. They have to do something now, or they may never see Franco again.

Josslyn brings the order out to Cameron. She starts to tell him about what Dustin said, and asks, what’s wrong? Cameron says, he doesn’t know if this is the best or worst news, but Franco is gone. Josslyn hugs him.

Maxie frowns, and says, that was weird. Lulu says, not really. Jason and Sonny have personal reasons to want to see Shiloh go down. They’re probably covering their bases, and making sure The Invader isn’t printing fake news. Maxie wonders why Shiloh would be talking about anything with Peter.

Sonny says Maxie seemed surprised at a connection between Shiloh and Peter, and Jason says, it was news to her. He needs another set of eyes. Sonny says, let him guess. Spinelli.

Peter waits at the pier. Sketch guy shows up, and says he thought Peter wanted him out. Peter says, there’s been a change of plans. He’ll get his 30%, plus a bonus. The guy says, in exchange for…? Peter says, taking care of David Henry Archer. Yes!!!

Franco waits at Pier 55. Kim shows up, and I’d like to drop kick her into the water. He says she came, and she says, how could she not? They kiss, and she says, they’re really doing this. He says they are, and she just has one question. Where are they going? He doesn’t know. Does it matter? Anywhere they want. It doesn’t matter as long as he’s with her. She suggests they go to the airport, and he says, it’s a good place to start. He takes her suitcase, but two orderlies grab him, and say he’s coming with them. He’s in custody. Kim tries to intervene, but one of them says she’ll have to speak to a judge. They inject Franco with something, and Kim tries to fight with them, but they take him away. She starts to call the police, but Elizabeth appears, and says, don’t. Kim says, Elizabeth did this, and she says Kim gave her no choice.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Valentin it’s only a matter of time before she goes to prison, Shiloh tells Willow when it’s over they’ll be together, and Sonny tells Cassandra to watch her back.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie calls Travis at work. She tells him that D’Andra had to cancel her meeting with him. She texted at 1:30 am. He wants to hear the text, and Stephanie says D’Andra had been getting her hair done since 6 am. It wasn’t working out, her hair was dyed several times, and wouldn’t turn back to blonde. She’s not being unprofessional, but has to sleep. Travis says, it’s very unprofessional. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she set up a time for D’Andra and Travis to meet and discuss D’Andra’s business. Now Travis is pissed at her, but she doesn’t know how it’s her fault. He says in his 30 some odd years of business, he’s never heard of a hair emergency. He doesn’t care if she wears a hat; she should show up. Stephanie says he’s not Beyonce. He says he’s going to call D’Andra, and Stephanie tells him to be nice to her friend. Don’t piss her off. In her interview, Stephanie says Travis’s toughness and aggression are good for business and their bank account, but not so good in relationships. When things go wrong, Travis become Mariah Careyish. Travis gets voicemail, and says he did his part, and didn’t get her message until nine, when they were supposed to meet at eight. He thinks it was disrespectful. The thing about business is, you have to show up or nothing is going to happen. Happy birthday.

Leeanne and wedding planner Steve go to see Nardos, a costume designer. LeeAnne tells Nardos that she’s excited, but behind. In her interview, she says, hi. My name is LeeAnne, and I’m a procrastinator. Nardos says they have six weeks, and it usually takes six months. LeeAnne knows she wants to show her figure in the front, but have a train. Steve says LeeAnne has to see it, and LeeAnne says everyone is ten years old in the bridal magazines. In her interview, she wonders if she has to look at mother-of-the-bride dresses for inspiration. Nardos does some sketches, telling LeeAnne, the back should be a statement. LeeAnne says, that’s what everyone stares at for a while. Nardos asks about the budget, and LeeAnne asks what she can get away with. Nardos asks how $10K sounds, and LeeAnne says, that’s a scary number. Nardos says, how about $7K? and Steve says, so many people want to do things for LeeAnne. She’s always hesitant and humble about accepting things, even though she does so much for them. In other words, he’s asking her to give LeeAnne the dress for free. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, it’s an awkward moment. She knows Nardos does amazing work. If she had the money, she would write a check, but she can’t. A reminder of where she comes from. Nardos says it would be an honor to do her dress, and tells LeeAnne, breathe. Steve wonders if they can put it on Kameron’s bill. LeeAnne asks if she can send Rich a picture, but Steve says he can’t know anything about the dress.

Life coach Carmen goes to Stephanie’s house. Stephanie tells Carmen that she’s not taking care of herself, and knows she’s not visiting Carmen like she should. She’s not centered and she’s anxious. In her interview, Stephanie says, last year, when she opened up about her suicide attempt and depression, she felt a weight lift off her shoulders. She’d been true to herself, and was living an authentic life. She felt connected. Strangers started reaching out, and a lot of them were suicidal. She couldn’t take the pressure, and started spiraling. She tells Carmen that she’s considering taking antidepressants again, but feels like it’s a step backward, and feels shame. Carmen asks, if she met a beautiful young girl who’d been put on antidepressants, would she say that? Stephanie says, not at all, and Carmen says Stephanie wants the standard for herself to be extraordinary. Stephanie says she struggles with self-esteem. Carmen asks when was the earliest she felt that way, and Stephanie says, kindergarten. Carmen tells her, try to remember how that felt. What would she say to her youngest self? Stephanie says, you’re perfect the way you are. You’re enough. Carmen thinks she needs to take a step in building her self-worth, and Stephanie says she feels like she spent the majority of her life hiding who she really is. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, sometimes you need to go on vacation to escape life. I try to remember what the word vacation means, and she says she’s looking forward to going to Mexico. Carmen says, whoever you are, is perfect. Who told her that? Stephanie says, she told herself.

Jeremy does the laundry. D’Andra says she hasn’t done it since college. She’d rather work three or four jobs. Jeremy says he was taught in the military, and he likes it. He asks if she’s talked to Travis, but she doesn’t know what to say. As a man, he’s not going to understand. Jeremy says he doesn’t understand. Travis doesn’t want to hear her hair story. Just say she effed up. She says she didn’t know he didn’t get the message. Jeremy looks at her, and she says, but it’s her fault. He says, it is. In her interview, she says she’s embarrassed, but it’s important that she call. She took some time out of his life, and was expected to show up. She has to do it now, or he might think she’s a flake, and has no interest in business. She doesn’t want him to get the impression she doesn’t care, because she does. Jeremy says, good luck.

D’Andra calls Travis. She says she apologizes. She’s sorry for missing the meeting. It’s her fault, and she knows she took his time. She’s sorry for how she handled it, and hopes he gives her a chance to meet with him again. She’d love to have his help. There’s a really long pause, and she asks if he’s still there. He says he knows crazy things happen sometimes,  but when there’s an apology, everything is good after that. She says, it won’t happen again. She hangs up, all weepy.

Everyone packs for the trip.

Rich asks if LeeAnne has talked with D’Andra. Nobody apologized to him, and he’s at the bottom of it. He’s forgiven people when they haven’t asked for forgiveness. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the Christian thing to do. LeeAnne says they talked, and she’s not mad. Rich says she’s doing a good job, and tells her to pack. She looks at a sheet she was given, and wonders what this hiking sh*t is. Why are they going hiking? Don’t they know her?

Kameron shows up at the airport with three huge bags for the weekend. Stephanie has been scared to go to that part of Mexico. She heard they’ll put your head on a stick. Kameron practices her Spanish. Badly.

They arrive at Puerto Vallarta. In Kameron’s interview, she says, in her yearbook, she was voted most likely to get lost in the airport on the way to college. She was also voted most like be on the cover of Cosmo, so she guesses it’s okay. Kary tells them, the worst part is the drive to the house. She opens champagne on the bus, and they drink out of Solo cups. Kary puts names in a hat, and says, whoever they pick is who they’ll share a room with. In her interview, she says she’s trying to mix it up, so they interact and get to know each other. LeeAnne says, but she has seven bedrooms. In Brandi’s interview, she says, D’Andra is probably the hardest to room with. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, D’Andra has sh*t everywhere, all the time. And she hogs the bathroom. LeeAnne says, D’Andra is a hot mess of a roommate. In D’Andra’s interview, she says it looks like two tornados met a cyclone. LeeAnne is paired with Kary, Stephanie with Kameron, and Brandi with D’Andra. Brandi says she did not win the lottery on this trip.

They make a stop on the way to Careyes, to go to the bathroom and buy liquor. LeeAnne says, this sh*t sucks, and wonders why they didn’t just fly the whole way. Stephanie feels like she’s been in the car for days. Mind you, this is a two hour ride, and while two hours is usually my limit, I don’t get champagne and comfy seating. In Kary’s interview, she says they’re driving through a rural area, and it’s not glamorous. It sure isn’t. At the place they stop, the toilet has no seat and the door is a curtain. Or as Kameron puts it, a hole in the floor with flies. Stephanie says, it looks like gremlins have peed and pooped in it for years. LeeAnne says it’s the most disgusting thing she’s ever done, and I’m sure that’s saying a lot. They get back on the bus, and hand sanitize.

It’s worth the two hour drive. It’s absolutely beautiful. Kameron says, it feels like something out of a James Bond movie. She wants to get on a fabulous metallic bathing suit. Kary tells D’Andra she’s happy they were able to come and celebrate. LeeAnne thinks taking a helicopter would have been better. Kary says the property has been in Eduardo’s family for about thirty years. It was one of the first trips he took her on, and it’s like her own special paradise. She gives them the tour. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says there are seven bedrooms, and only six of them. She’s not sleeping in the same bed with someone else. Kary says whatever name they got, they have to stay with that person. She thinks LeeAnne is  trying to get out of rooming with her, and it’s disrespectful. In her interview, LeeAnne says, the place is like a Stairmaster on crack. While going down yet another set of stairs outside, she says, clearly, you can’t drink too much and walk around this property. In Kary’s interview, she says she’s trying to get to know LeeAnne, and LeeAnne is disregarding all of it. She points out a footbridge that looks long and extremely frightening, but she tells them, it’s a fun experience. LeeAnne says she’s not doing it, but Kary says she’s done it a million times. Her kids have done it. In her interview, Kary says LeeAnne is ruining the vibe, and she asks LeeAnne if she’s always so negative about everything in her life.

Kary says LeeAnne has been complaining since they got there. We flash back to ten seconds ago when LeeAnne was complaining about the ride. In Kary’s interview, she says she won’t bring negativity into her world. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says the host just aggressively came at her. Here’s my beautiful home, and you’re a negative bitch. She’s not negative. She used to have an inspirational blog. In Brandi’s interview, she says, somebody finally called LeeAnne out for her bullsh*t. She loves Kary. Kameron thinks the bridge is scary. They unpack. In D’Andra’s interview, she says it doesn’t surprise her that LeeAnne wants her own room. She likes to be in control or she’s not happy. LeeAnne tells herself, don’t kill anyone. Jail is not worth it. Stephanie and Kary look at the view. Kary feels like LeeAnne doesn’t care to get to know her. She says LeeAnne always picks something to be negative about LeeAnne. LeeAnne asks Kameron if she’s being negative, and Kameron says, no. In Kameron’s interview, she doesn’t get why LeeAnne is often misunderstood in this group. She’s not paying attention to any negative comments. She wants Mexico to be fun and fabulous, and she’s going to have a margarita with a little pink umbrella in it. Kameron tells LeeAnne that her feelings would have been hurt if Kary had said that to her, and LeeAnne says she’s offended. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says not only has Kary not given her a chance, she’s been made to feel unwelcome.

Dinner is served. Kary says it’s a traditional Mexican dinner. In her interview, Kary says her nanny was also an amazing cook, and was her mom’s nanny. D’Andra tells Brandi their room looks like a bomb went off. LeeAnne says she’s roomed with D’Andra, and Kameron says, it’s scary. She’s seen it. She asks how Kary met Eduardo, and Kary says, through friends. They were both married when they met. She tells them, D’Andra dated Eduardo’s brother Guillermo. He’s still not married. D’Andra says she schooled him for everyone. In D’Andra’s interview, she says had she known he had a vacation home like this, she would have put in more effort. Kary says there’s been a dynamic change in coming there since the kids are older. She wants to leave something for her daughter, so she started a jewelry line. We see pictures. There are a lot of pieces with large beads; pretty, but not my style. Kameron says it’s nice having Sparkle Dog. Before that, she had an allowance. Kary says she hates that; she’s not his child. In her interview, Kary says she and Eduardo both grew up with money, but with her mom’s drinking, they lost most of it. She tells the women, she thinks it’s important to have your own money. When you get older, what if he decides to leave? Women without their own money are in a vulnerable place. In Kameron’s interview, she says, in Dallas, a prenup is expected. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, Jeremy didn’t even read it; he just signed it. In Brandi’s interview, she says she and Bryan had no prenup, since they both had nothing. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says they don’t have a prenup, but she guarantees Rich is never going to leave. In her interview, Kameron Says she heard that some wives have to weigh in, and get an allowance accordingly. She would eat a big cupcake every day. Brandi leaves the table, and after a while, Stephanie wonders where she is. She goes to look.

Stephanie knocks on Brandi’s bedroom door. Brandi is lying on the bed, and Stephanie asks if she wants to sleep or come upstairs. Brandi says, sleep. She’s tired. By the time Stephanie says, okay, Brandi is snoring. In her interview, Stephanie says she’s had a poop that’s worn her out. She thinks that’s what happened to Brandi. Stephanie tells the others that Brandi passed out, and they laugh. Kameron says, she wasn’t even doing shots. LeeAnne says Brandi was the first one at the airport; she was there at 6 am. Kary says she’s been doing birthday things for her daughter, and Kameron remarks on how fast the time goes. Kary ask if LeeAnne never wanted babies. LeeAnne says she had a difficult childhood. Kary says she did too. Her mom was an alcoholic, and her parents were divorced. Life is too short for negative energy. LeeAnne says she had a different childhood. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, that’s Kary’s her opinion, but she’s not in LeeAnne’s shoes. Kary doesn’t know her. LeeAnne says, because of the molestation, she didn’t trust men or women. Kary asks if she’s serous, and LeeAnne says, 100%. Why would she lie? She says, it still affects her; it’s permanent damage. Most people who have been what she’s been through commit suicide by age thirty. She’s only tried three times. And given the opportunity, she’d try again tonight. In Kary’s interview, she says, LeeAnne wants to get married and she’s taking about killing herself. What is she thinking? I actually figured it was a dig at Kary. LeeAnne says life was not pleasant for her most of the time. She apologizes for being negative, but she didn’t get much positive growing up. She’s learned to live with what she has. In D’Andra’s interview, she says depression runs in her family, but LeeAnne uses it as an excuse. We flash back to D’Andra telling them about her father’s suicide. She says she doesn’t want to be another person jumping on the tragedy train. Kary says  she’s sorry, and LeeAnne says, don’t be. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, being dark and depressing is a way for LeeAnne to purposely shut the conversation down, and it works. It makes things very uncomfortable. Stephanie asks when they’re waking up. LeeAnne says, when God wakes them up. And if he doesn’t, she’ll thank Jesus for her time on earth.

Next time, D’Andra gets trashed, Stephanie thinks LeeAnne makes excuses to manipulate people, and Kameron and Brandi argue.

🏊 More 80s For Me…

I watched the premiere of American Horror Story: 1984, and I’m liking it. Freak Show is my favorite season, but this looks to be a close second. A combination of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Friday the 13th, a little Halloween, and Jane Fonda’s workout video, it takes place at a summer camp that is just about to reopen. The scene of a mass murder years ago, one of the victims survived, and has purchased the camp, and the counselors have come a day early. However, it seems Mr. Jingles has escaped from the mental hospital, and is up to his old murderous tricks. As if that wasn’t enough, Matthew Morrison (Glee) is a counselor sporting a 70s porn mustache.

🍺 In Case You Were Wondering…

Tallboy – A 16-ounce can of beer. And now an official dictionary word, thanks to Merriam-Webster.


🌻 Another Thursday…

In Jersey no less.
















September 17, 2019 – Cassandra Reveals Herself, Kelly Gongs Shannon, Another Life To Live, Anticipating Spinelli & Hump Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis asks Laura if she thinks it’s Lulu’s scarf, but she says, no; it’s not her style. She can still smell the perfume. Curtis says they’re on a boat closed for repairs. No staff; no guests. Laura says, Dustin and Lulu weren’t the only ones on the boat, and Curtis says, now, neither are they. She asks if anyone else is looking for the document, and he says, as far as he knows, just them and his client. He opens the closet door, and Cassandra is standing there with a gun.

Valentin and Nina bring Sasha to her hotel room. Sasha says they don’t have to do this, but Nina says, nonsense. Finn wants her close to GH in case she has a setback. Not that she anticipates anything going wrong. Valentin says Sasha’s proved she’s a survivor, and Nina says they come from sturdy stock. She tells Sasha to sit and put her feet up. She made a vow to never risk losing Sasha again.

Chase tells Michael if there’s anything he can do, just ask. Michael thanks him, and says, it’s just life taking another unexpected turn.

Brad sees Julian, and asks if it’s over. Julian says he did what he needed to do. Brad says he needs specifics, and Julian says he acted accordingly. Brad asks if accordingly means Obrecht is dead.

Finn tells Andre, it’s looking good. He’s pleased with Andre’s progress. Andre realizes things have changed since he was there last, but he’s betting Finn switching his specialty isn’t one of them. Finn says Anna asked him to keep an eye on Andre. She feels  somewhat responsible. She let Drew know where he was, and he fell into a trap. Andre says, no one could have foreseen the trap, even her. He came there to restore Franco’s memory. Elizabeth walks in, and he says, unless Elizabeth has changed her mind.

Franco tells Kim that he’ll let her know where he is; he’ll send her a postcard. She says, please don’t. He says he needs her to know where to find him, even if she doesn’t want to look. You gotta give a man something to hope for. He starts to leave, but she says, wait. She can’t say goodbye to him again. She grabs him, and they kiss.

Cassandra tells Curtis and Laura, back up, slowly. Curtis says, look who we have here, and Laura says, it’s not every day they find a fugitive hiding in the closet. The scarf is hers? Cassandra says, indeed. She tells Curtis not to be a hero; his wife has been through enough. Curtis says, she knows him? She says she does, and she knows they’re looking for a document that could bring down Valentin, a desire they have in common. Curtis suggests they combine forces. Tell them what she knows. She has a better idea. Tie each other up, and she’ll watch.

Nina tells Sasha, there’s also the additional security at the MetroCourt. She doesn’t expect Cassandra to come after Sasha again, but she can’t be too safe. Valentin has confidence Cassandra will be dealt with. Nina asks, how? and he says the authorities are on to her. He suggests they do what Peter said, and look to the future, which includes the wedding. Nina reminds Sasha that she’s the maid of honor, and has to be kept healthy and well. Environment impacts attitude, and attitude impacts health. Nina wants to get Sasha some fresh flowers, and fruit for healthy snacking, but Sasha says she needs to talk to Nina. Nina wants to pamper Sasha first, and goes off to find what she needs, leaving Sasha alone with Valentin. Sasha tells him, she’s feeling tired, and wants to lie down. He doesn’t need to watch over her. He must have more important things to do. He says, actually, he doesn’t. He wants to know what was going on with her and Michael, but she says that’s her business. He says, it was a little chilly in there. Michael wasn’t his usual devoted self, and was in a hurry to get out. What’s going on?

Michael tells Chase, three days ago, they didn’t know Sasha was going to survive, and now she’s been released. Compared to that, everything else is manageable. Chase admires his perspective, but if he needs to talk… Willow joins them, and says she just had her second interview. Fingers crossed, she thinks it went well. Michael says he told her that they’d like her. Willow says she should know by the end of the day, and Chase says, maybe they’ll have something to celebrate. He leaves for work, and Willow tells Michael that she was trying not to get her hopes too high, but she feels she could do a lot of good with the kids in pediatrics. Michael does too. He says he has to take off, and she asks if everything is okay. He says, yes… Well, it’s not as okay as he thought. She wonders where that’s coming from, and Michael says, he has the bad habit of seeing what he wants to see in people, and ignoring who someone really is. He thought he was past it, but he believed someone who turned out to be someone he doesn’t even recognize.

Julian grabs Brad, and brings him into an examining room. He tells Brad, they’re at the hospital, and he’s talking about killing Obrecht. Brad doubts anyone one will shed a tear, but Julian thinks Lucas might have a problem with it. Brad asks, what happened? and Julian says he went to the garage and found Obrecht’s car. He thought about how easy it would be to tamper with the brakes. She likes to speed like she’s on the Autobahn. It would just be a matter of time. Brad says, she drives like a bat out of hell; it’s finally over. But what if she crashes with someone else? Julian says, that’s not going to happen, but Brad asks how he can be so sure. It’s over right?

Apparently not. Obrecht goes to the MetroCourt, and orders a vodka tonic, light on the vodka. She’s sure the bartender isn’t as heavy handed as Julian. Julian makes exceptionally strong drinks. She tells him, on second thought, make it a Virgin Mary.

Finn says he’ll give Elizabeth and Andre a chance to talk. She asks him to stay. She’s holding Franco’s future in her hands, and needs all the input she can get. Andre told her there were four things that could happen, and only one of them is good. Andre says, one, Franco’s memory is restored. Two, the procedure has no effect. Three, Drew’s memories intensify. Elizabeth says, the fourth outcome is Franco being in a permanently vegetative state. Andre says she has to make a decision based on what she can live with. Elizabeth says she had to think about what Franco would choose, if he was speaking for himself and not Drew. She keeps coming back to the same thing. She knows what Franco would want.

Franco kicks door shut, as he and Kim kiss. They get busy, and I’m very, very disappointed. Not with Franco – he doesn’t know any better – but Kim has surpassed Monica in the selfish department.

Elizabeth says, the man she loves told Cameron to tell his mom that he loves her and he’ll be back. He’d want her to fight as hard as she can to choose the option of bringing him back. Andre asks if Franco agreed, but she says, leave that to her. She leaves, and sees Chase in the hallway. She asks if Drew was found, but he says they’re changing it from rescue to recovery. Is she okay? She says, it’s a lot to take in. He’s very sorry for her loss. He was about to go see Andre, but before he does, he needs to tell her something about Franco.

Julian tells Brad, he couldn’t go through with it. He started to tamper with the brakes, but came to his senses, and put things back to normal. Brad says, what the hell? Julian said he did what he had to. Julian says, he did; he walked away. Brad says he could have stopped Obrecht once and for all, but he let her live to hold the truth over Brad’s head, an make him dance to whatever tune she wants or lose Wiley. Why? Because he got cold feet?

Michael apologizes for dumping on Willow, and tells her, forget it. She says, it’s a little late, and she’s pretty sure when she was there tearing her hair out over Shiloh, he listened and supported her without judgement. Consider it payback. And while they’re on the subject of not being truthful, she wasn’t honest with him when they met. She let him think she was a grieving mother whose baby died. Even after she told him the truth, she left out the part about Shiloh being his father. He says she was protecting her child, but she says, it’s still dishonest, and it almost backfired. They almost lost Wiley. He says she was willing to go to jail to protect him. She tells him, what she’s saying is, some people, like Shiloh, lie for power or fame or to take advantage. That’s completely different from someone who lies to cover up a mistake they made, thinking they can fix it. Michael asks how you tell the difference, and she says, actions speak louder than words. What matters is who they are inside, and what they do with their lives moving forward.

Sasha tells Valentin she’s waiting for a mother/daughter conversation. She’s sure he appreciates that, since it’s why he found her in the first place. Valentin says she didn’t make the mistake of telling Michael about their arrangement. She says she’s tired of Valentin demanding answers about how she goes about her life. Stay out of her business. He says if she told Michael, it is his business. She said she’d never hurt Nina, but if she had an attack of conscience… Nina comes in, and asks what she missed.

Laura tells Curtis, this is staring to get old, and he says, yep. Cassandra asks them if being tied up is a common occurrence. How do their spouses feel about that. Curtis says every agency has her on their watch list. It’s only a matter of time before she’s caught. She says there are many more dangerous criminals then her, but Laura says, not many criminals weaponize the Avian flu. Cassandra says she only did that to put Valentin and Nina on notice. Curtis gets her grudge against Valentin, but why Nina? She says, it’s personal, and he says, for him too. Nina is his friend. She says, and she was just starting to like him. Laura asks Curtis what he’s doing, and Curtis says he can’t let her take another crack at Nina or the people she loves. He rushes Cassandra, and her gun goes off.

Valentin tells Nina that they were talking about the wedding, and all he’s willing to do to prevent their special day from being ruined. Nina says, Sasha needs rest, but Sasha says she’s fine. She doesn’t need sleep; she needs to talk to Nina. Nina says she doesn’t know what happened with Michael, but it will work out. All couples fight. Believe her; she knows. She looks at Valentin. Sasha says she doesn’t understand. There’s a knock at the door, and Nina says, it’s probably the bellhop, but it’s Michael.

Curtis ties up Cassandra, while Laura holds the gun on her. Cassandra tells her, put the gun away. She’s surrendered. Laura says that’s not happening, and Cassandra says she’ll never underestimate Curtis again. He says she won’t get the chance, but she says, never say never. There’s no reason for them to be enemies when they could easily be allies. If they join forces, Valentin doesn’t stand a chance. Laura calls the PCPD, and says she has a fugitive in custody – Cassandra Pierce.

Finn tells Andre, it’s just them. He doesn’t need to finesse anything for Elizabeth’s sake. Can he reverse the procedure or not? Andre says he can’t tell Finn any more than he told Elizabeth. His best offer is a one in four chance. The more he knows about Franco’s medical history, the better his chances. Finn says he’ll get Franco’s medical chart to Andre. He wants to do everything possible to increase the odds. Andre says, if Franco agrees. There are only two people who can make that decision – Franco and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth says Chase removed Franco’s ankle monitor? When, and how long ago? Why wasn’t she called first? Chase says, the judge dismissed the charges, and he was ordered to remove it. He gets a call from the station, and has to go. Elizabeth asks if Franco is there, but Chase says, he’s not at the station. He’s at Kim’s apartment.

As much as it pains me to say it, Kim and Franco bask in the afterglow. At the same time, Julian tells Brad, he thought of what it could do to Kim; he’d be betraying the two of them. Brad asks, what about Lucas and Wiley? Julian says Brad made a mess, and now Brad has to clean it up. Julian turned his life around. He’s Charlie now. Trust and love is the surest way between an act of violence, and the life he’s worked so hard to change. Brad says he’ll be screwed anyway. He’s delusional. Sonny hates him on a good day, and they’ve been seen together. Sonny will kill them both, and the only way to save them is to shut Obrecht up for good.

Nina welcomes Michael in. He’s sorry he showed up without calling; he didn’t know Sasha was there. Nina says, doctor’s orders. Finn didn’t like her so far away from the hospital. He asks Sasha if they can talk privately, but she says what he has to say, he can say in front of everyone. Valentin suggests he and Nina leave them alone, and Sasha says she and Nina definitely have to talk later. They leave, and Sasha says if Michael doesn’t want her in his mother’s hotel, she’ll leave. He says he’s not there to evict her. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says, like she hates herself. She had the benefit of Nina’s love and his kindness, and doesn’t deserve either. He has every right to call her out. Have at it. He says, actually, he’s there to apologize.

Willow sees Wyatt, and asks if he needs help finding his room. Wyatt doesn’t say anything, and she asks if he can’t speak, or does a cat have his tongue? Finn says he found his favorite PC Pioneer. Wyatt just looks at him, and he says, that bad. Willow asks how he knows Wyatt, and Finn says, he’s kind of a hero. He helped rescue Peter when he was held captive. Wyatt says he’s no hero. He tried, but he blew it.

Chase tells Laura and Curtis that Cassandra is going to be booked, and he’ll get their statements. Laura says, Curtis outsmarted the queen of criminals, but Cassandra says he wouldn’t have been able to turn the tables if she hadn’t let him. She’d like a word with the mayor alone. Chase says, absolutely not, but Laura says, okay. She checks the interrogation room, and seeing it’s empty, they go in.

Valentin and Nina find Obrecht at the MetroCourt. Nina says they have good news. Obrecht says that’s what she likes to see; Nina happy. It makes her realize how lucky she is. Nina says she’s the lucky one. She has so much. They’re a ragtag group of complex personalities, but they’re family. Obrecht says they’re fortunate to have each other. Family sticks together. Nina tells her that Nathen isn’t there to walk her down aisle, and it would mean the world to her if Obrecht gave her away.

Wyatt sits next to Willow, eating a bowl of Ice cream. Finn says he checked Wyatt’s chart, and his surgery was a big time success. The hospital just wants to keep him for observation and to eat ice cream. Willow says, that’s good news, but Wyatt says he was scared at first. She says, who wouldn’t be? Surgery is scary. He says Peter helped him to be brave so he could have it. He tried to do the same for another kid, but everything he said sounded silly. He wanted to feel like he feels when he plays the cello, with no worries. Willow says she tried to play the cello, but she wasn’t very good. She played for two months, but couldn’t get it to sound right. The bow kept locking on the string. Wyatt says, the bow didn’t have enough resin, and she says she wishes she’d had someone like him to help out, but there still might be a  way for him to help the other kid out.

Julian tells Brad, when Obrecht dies, what about Wiley’s birth mother, Nelle? Is he prepared to kill her? And there’s always Britt. Once he takes her out, when is he going to decide it’s enough? Once you go down that road, there’s no turning around. You can’t start over. You can either live in fear or live for the people you love. He’s made his choice, and nothing will make him regret it.

Kim asks Franco if this really happened, or is she just dreaming. Franco says, if you asked him, reality is the world they dream, and they’re real. She says, when she looks into his eyes, she sees her friend’s husband. Franco says he’s not. He feels bad for Elizabeth, but he didn’t make any promises. Kim says she made a promise to Julian. Julian has been there for her in her darkest days, and he loves her. He changed his whole life, and he’s leaving everything for her. Franco says she and Julian made a connection before they met. No fault there. They’ve been broken, and went to hell and back, but here they are. They won.

Finn says Wyatt’s mom is on the way with his cello. They’re going to have a mini concert to see if music might help the kid waiting on his surgery. Wyatt isn’t sure he wants to join in, and Willow asks if he has stage fright. He says he didn’t mention he’s not that good, but she says he’s a hero just for trying. He asks if she’s staying, and she says she wouldn’t miss it.

Cassandra says she could do without the handcuffs, but Laura says they’re staying. She won’t though, if Cassandra doesn’t start talking. Why did she ask to speak to Laura alone? Cassandra says, cards on the table. She’s prepared to do Laura a big favor in exchange for her freedom. She’ll bury Valentin once and for all. Tell her that’s not of mutual interest.

Obrecht tells Nina that she’s touched, and asks if Valentin put her up to this. Valentin assures her not. Nina asks why she would think it was his idea, and she says, an olive branch. They’re not the biggest family, and they’ve had their differences, but they’re still family, and family matters most. Nina says hers is getting bigger, and she wants everyone there when they exchange vows. So is that a yes? Obrecht says, yes, and hugs her. Nina says she wants the wedding to be perfect. It has to last them the rest of their lives. Obrecht hopes so, and Valentin says she doesn’t need to hope. They’re going to have the happy ending they deserve, no matter what it takes.

Sasha says she doesn’t want Michael’s pity. She doesn’t want him drying her tears. He says he’s not there out of pity, and she says, then why apologize? He says he’s sorry about how he reacted. It triggered him, and brought up stuff he has every right to be angry about. Nelle was so good at playing the victim, he nearly turned his back on his family, and he never should have made a comparison. Sasha says, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. He says that’s what he was thinking, but when he cooled down, he realized she’s nothing like Nelle. Sasha says, they’re both liars, but he says, Nelle intentionally targeted his family, intending to cause misery. Sasha was just doing a job. Valentin hired her, not to take advantage, but to be the daughter Nina always waned. She says she could have turned him down, or walked away at any time. Instead, she got in deeper, and convinced herself it was the last time. Michael says she was trying to help her grandmother. It’s not an excuse, but it doesn’t make her a monster. Trust him. He knows the difference.

Cassandra tells Laura, it’s a straightforward transaction. Get her released, and she’ll make sure Valentin is out of commission once and for all. She knows Laura doesn’t approve of her, but Valentin is much worse. Laura doesn’t know about that. It’s not within her power to bargain for Cassandra’s freedom, and even if it was, she wouldn’t do it. Cassandra says, too bad. They would have made quite a team. Laura tells Chase that they’re done. Cassandra reminds Chase that she still has a phone call, and asks if she can have privacy. She’d also like the handcuffs removed; they’re bruising her delicate wrists. Laura says, too bad. She’d better make her phone call work. She’s going to need a really good lawyer.

Valentin says they have so much to celebrate. Obrecht’s roll in the wedding, and Sasha’s recovery. Obrecht says she wasn’t planning on drinking tonight, but she’ll drink to this. To family. They clink glasses. Valentin gets a call from the PCPD. It’s Cassandra, who says it’s good to hear his voice.

Sasha tells Michael, as bad as she feels for lying to him, she feels worse about lying to Nina. She tried to keep her distance, but Nina wouldn’t have it. She was determined to build a relationship. She loves Sasha so much. Sasha starts to cry, and says, or thinks she does. The irony is, she’s come to love Nina too. Michael says he has to hand it to Valentin. He knew Nina wanted a daughter more than anything, and he knew where to find one. He couldn’t risk hiring a con artist, who might use Nina’s love to take her money. He had to find someone strong, decent, and down on her luck, and he found Sasha. Sasha thanks him, saying he’s very generous; too generous, but she’ll try to live up to it. She’s finally doing the decent thing, and has to tell Nina. Michael agrees. Nina deserves to know the truth, but maybe not right now.

Finn asks how the concert went, and Willow says, standing room only. Wyatt is a better cellist than he thinks. He can play the march from Raiders of the Lost Ark. A woman approaches Willow, and says the offer is official. She’s just the kind of teacher GH is looking for. Willow can’t wait to get started, and the woman says HR will contact her to discuss the next step. Finn says they’re going to be colleagues. Congratulations.

Brad tells Julian, fine. Start his new life in Manhattan, and he and Lucas will be there with Obrecht tightening the screws. Julian suggests he get on Obrecht’s good side, but Brad , she doesn’t have one. Julian says, find one. He need to protect his family, and if that means making Obrecht happy, do it. They’ve already lost too much.

Franco says, he’s a free man. Kim says it’s like the years they lost were found again. Franco says they could have a happy life together; he promises. Kim says, but if being happy means making other people miserable… He says the longer he stays, the more difficult it will be for Elizabeth and her boys. They need to make a clean break. Nothing will stop him and Kim. They’re about to kiss, and Elizabeth stands outside the door.

Tomorrow, Maxie wants Lulu to tell her everything, Elizabeth tells Kim they need to talk, Cameron says he finally got what he wanted, and Shiloh has important information for someone.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Emily asks Annabelle if she knows where mommy is going on her trip. Annabelle says, Costco. Emily calls Braunwyn, who’s excited to see Emily on stage. In Emily’s interview, she says she hasn’t been this nervous in a long time. She was a cheerleader, and danced in the past, but there’s a difference between a high school auditorium and a Vegas show. I’d say so. Braunwyn says they’re going to have a great time.

Gina sees lawyer Michael. He says she had a scheduled arraignment, but due to a misunderstanding or whatnot, her previous law firm didn’t show up. I guess lawyers don’t like to call other lawyers idiots. He tells her that he’s continued the arraignment, and they need to talk strategy. He needs to ask for what’s called discovery, making sure he has all the reports the prosecution has. In her interview, Gina says Shannon gave her the gift of her attorney, to help straighten out the biggest screw up of her life. She’ll be forever grateful. Gina asks about her license, and he says she’s probably looking at a year. She says, it sucks, especially being a single parent. Michael says, it could be worse, and she starts to cry. She says, it was stupid. Thank God no one was hurt, but she feels terrible. In her interview, she says she’s disappointed in herself. She made a decision that’s having a negative impact on her kids. She’s disappointed in herself for letting her kids down. She asks if she should go to the arraignment, and he says, 100%. If their plan is to accept a plea, it’s going to help her if she goes. It shows she’s accepting the judge’s sentencing. She says, she did it.

At some kind of health convention, Kelly is hawking Positive h2o vitamin water. She’s not a formulator, but a partner. In her interview, Kelly says she got a lump sum in the divorce. It’s enough for a while, but not the rest of her life. The cost of living is high in the OC, and her Amex bill is $30K a month. What the blip is she buying? Friends Zack and George came up with the concept, and she invested a quarter million dollars. She believes strongly in the product. Tamra and Eddie come by, and Kelly tells them she’s going to Emily’s burlesque show. Emily is doing a sexy dance. Tamra wonders why she and Shannon weren’t invited. In Tamra’s interview, she says she thought she just made a breakthrough with Emily. She thought they were good, now this makes her wonder who Emily is. Kelly says, after she gets back, she’s going to Arizona with Tamra. Tamra says they’re branching out with their health products at the gym. Give her the pitch. Kelly puts on sunglasses because the future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear shades.

Emily arrives at the Westgate in Las Vegas. Larry and Pary have come along. She’s celebrating her ten year anniversary with her in-laws. She says it means a lot that they’re supporting her, but she thought her husband would be there. Butler Valentino shows them around their suite, which is more like a town. It’s 15,400 square feet, and includes a private pool. Braunwyn walks in, and says, it’s like Liberace times a million. She’s taken nice trips before, but if this is VIP service, they’re going to have fun. Emily calls Shane, and tells him the suite is bigger than his parents’ house. He says, there’s a bad connection, which is probably bullsh*t.

Emily rehearses. The choreographer tells her not to think about the steps, just let her body move. In Emily’s interview, she says she wants to show people who’s sexy. She’s not the typical blonde, tiny OC girl. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she hasn’t been awake past 10 pm in a year. She deserves this trip. Valentino takes pictures of her, I assume for her social media. She says, life good for Braunwyn right now. She drinks and jumps around, then soaks in the tub. Emily tells the choreographer, body rolling is hard, and the choreographer tells her to think about sex. Emily thinks about a taco, and the choreographer loves it.

Kelly is greeted by Westgate mascot Sir Winston, a Wheaten terrier. Emily comes back to the suite. She tells Braunwyn that she kept messing up, and Braunwyn tells her, no matter what happens, keep going. In Emily’s interview, she says it’s totally different than when she was rehearsing in her kitchen. In her kitchen, she was a 10. On the Vegas stage, she’s a 2; maybe a 3. Kelly joins them, asking if she’s in Versailles. She tells them that she met Barry Manilow on her way in, and shows them a picture. In her interview, she says she’s not a Fanilow like Shannon, who’s way older, but he’s an icon. Emily jokes that he’s partying with them tonight.

Emily gets her makeup done. Braunwyn and Kelly get dressed. They declare each other hot. Braunwyn explains that she likes to carry a little blackboard with her, and write messages on it. Right now it says, What happens in Vegas.  Braunwyn is glad it’s a smaller group. Kelly is afraid to go to Arizona. With Vicki there, it’s going to be a sh*t show. She’s not a perfect person. She tried drugs when she was in her 20s, but she doesn’t do drugs, and now she’s a whore. We flash back to the train rumor. She says, it’s absurd. She wants nothing to do with Vicki. Vicki is not her friend, Vicki is her foe, and Kelly wants to keep it that way.  Braunwyn knows Shannon has good intentions, and wants it to be a positive experience, but with Vicki there, it’s going to be harder. Kelly has to look at Vicki as completely irrelevant. Emily comes out, and Braunwyn asks how she’s feeling. Emily says, good, and Braunwyn says she’s proud of her. It’s supposed to be her anniversary. Emily says, it was for Shane. Screw him.

Emily is told that she’s the sixth number in the show. The girls in the audience toast to Emily bringing sexy back. Btw, the name of the show is Sexxy. In her interview, Emily says she’s nervous, and wondering what the hell she got herself into. Why did she think this was a good idea? She’s wearing a thong and a lace bodysuit, she’s had one practice, and she’s going to dance on a Vegas stage. What was she thinking? it’s show time.

Braunwyn says, as a dance mom, she approves of the choreography. And the boobs are nice. In Kelly’s interview, she think Emily’s in-laws are cool. They’re in their 70s, and there to watch a titty show. She can imagine what goes on in the bedroom. Emily does her dance, with women wearing pasties dancing around her. Kelly says she screwed up a little bit, but there’s no way in hell she would do this. Once Emily gets going, she’s pretty good, and the screw-up actually worked in the grand scheme of the dance. It’s like she comes into the middle of this bevy of half-naked chicks, and at the end they lure her into their group and she walks off with them. Pary says, it makes you feel like you want to dance. Kelly says it makes her feel like she wants to do a lot of things. In Emily’s interview, she says, Shane missed out. How can you not have fun with naked ladies? They all decide to go to the bar.

The next morning, the women hang out in the suite, along with Larry and Pary. Braunwyn says, it was so much fun, and Kelly says she had a blast. Shane shows up with flowers. Wtf? How dare he make me almost want to like him. In Emily’s interview, she says she’s sure if she looks out the window, pigs will be flying. Hell has also frozen over. It means a lot. She’s usually the one who takes care of things like childcare. He had to book a flight, buy a plane ticket, and plan things. He gets an A for effort. In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s shocked the little dork showed up. Emily and Shane are left alone, and Emily says, this is a huge step in the right direction. She was feeling isolated. Shane says she was with his parents and her friends, and she chose to come. She says she’s talking about feeling isolated in the marriage. She’s been feeling a disconnection. Shane says they just go with the flow. In their interview, Shane says, being married to Emily is extreme. Emily says, triple extreme. She tells him that they need to commit to having a good marriage to have happy kids. It’s something the kids see and emulate, and want to be around. He tells her, well said, and she says she’s committed to do whatever it takes to make them happy. What he did was a huge gesture of love and care. They’re not perfect, and need to work on some things. He says he accepts her the way she is, and kisses her.

Tamra, mom Sandy, and Gina go to LaserAway for some procedures. Sandy tells Gina to call her if she finds herself in a situation again. She’ll pick Gina up. In her interview, Gina says she’s been embracing the OC lifestyle more than she thought she would. She’s getting Botox – OC crack. Tamra wants to get rid of sun damage, but nothing too invasive. Tamra doesn’t know what they’re going to be doing Arizona. Gina thinks it’s yoga. She says she’s that desperate and messed up right now. Tamra says, it can only be up from here. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s gone through a sh*t storm. She got arrested, she’s losing her license for a year, and her husband, who she’s co-parenting with, took up with the woman he had the affair with. She was knocked on her ass hard. She tells Tamra that Shannon reached out to her. Emily was too busy doing her Vegas show. Tamra asks what the purpose of it is, and Gina says she thinks it’s weird. Emily put pressure on her to go. The kids were with Matt, and she couldn’t even get out of bed. We see a clip of Emily FaceTiming with her, and telling her to come out there. Tamra says, the guilt trip. In Tamra’s interview, she says Gina has been going through a lot. The last place she needs to be is Sin City. Gina says Emily’s in-laws are going, and Tamra says, happy anniversary, babe. I just gave your dad a boner. She’s being crude, but it is kind of odd.

Everyone gets ready, and after a two-second plane ride, they’re stepping out of the limo at Miraval. Shannon says they’re one step closer to healing. Gina says, let’s get well, people. Shannon tells them, they don’t have individual rooms. There are two villas. Theirs has a bedroom with two beds, and since Vicki is only going to be there one day, she asked if Gina would share. In her interview, Emily says, Vicki will have just enough time to swoop in, irritate Kelly, and get the hell out of Dodge. The group is greeted with some kind of fancy juice drinks. In Shannon’s interview, she says she loves anything natural or alternative that helps you to be spiritual. There’s a giant gong near the entrance, and Shannon asks if they can hit it. Kelly makes several gong (rhymes with dong) jokes, and in her interview, Shannon says she’s feeling negative energy from Kelly. Kelly thinks if Shannon got gonged once in a while, she’d be happy too.

The women are taken to the sound tent where they’re going to get their energy cleared. I’m really trying not to roll my eyes. Kelly says, good luck with that. Shannon says, too bad Vicki’s not there. Shannon tells the instructor that they’ve all been friends a while. They’ve all been though stresses, and it’s time they worked through issues and become closer as a group. The instructor places a bowl of water in the center, and tells them, think of something they want to let go of, and what they want to bring in. As they speak, each woman takes petals from a yellow rose and throws them into the bowl of water, passing the rose on. A dude named Tim gently hits a gong in between the speakers. Emily wants to get rid of anger, and reacting before thinking. She’d like more appreciation as a wife, mom, and friend. She does so much that no one notices. In Emily’s interview, she says Gina hasn’t been responsive to her calls or texts. She doesn’t know if Gina is busy or what’s going on. All she knows is Gina isn’t talking to her. Gina is letting go of being sad that she’s not having the life she thought she would. I hear you, sista. Shannon lets go of bitterness and resentment over her marriage ending, and choses happiness. Tamra wants to let go of the things she has no control over. and chooses the Lord to guide her. Braunwyn says she married as a teenager, and never adulted. She wants to let go of being dependent, and chooses to be the kind of person her children can look up to. Kelly lets go of her anger. She says she has a positive beverage she thinks will reach everyone, and chooses Costco, Target, and Walmart. In her interview, Shannon says, this is a place of healing, and Kelly is making a mockery of it. They all want success in business, but how superficial. Don’t mock the process. This is one of the reasons I don’t like Shannon. Who is she to set rules on what someone else should want? I’ll bet if it was a couple of years ago, she’d be asking for the same thing for her fish sticks, or whatever it is she sells.

The instructor explains that if they want, Tim will put a bowl on their head, and clear their aura. Okay, now I’m stifling a guffaw. Shannon stands in a bowl, and Tim puts another one on her head. He hits the bottom bowl, and Kelly comes up behind Shannon, and hits the bowl on her head. Tim says, that was not cool. It probably wasn’t a good idea, but I can’t say I blame Kelly. When they’re done with the aura clearing, the instructor asks how Shannon feels. She said, one of them hurt, and Tamra says, Kelly did that. Kelly says, it wasn’t hard. In Tamra’s interview, she says she has no words for Kelly. Shannon says her head is killing her. Tim tells them, have an amazing stay. He probably can’t get the hell out of there fast enough. Hostess Vanessa says the power is out, and she’ll take them to their villa.

Everything is lit by candles, and there’s a fire in the fireplace. Sitting outside, Tamra asks how Shannon’s head is, and she says, it hurts. She asks how Shannon’s chakra is, and Shannon says, messed up. In her interview, Shannon says the trip was supposed to be for healing, and making people more spiritual. She can take a joke, but there are certain lines you don’t cross. Getting physical isn’t funny. I guess that’s why there’s so much of it on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Tamra stupidly tells Shannon about Ryan’s father hitting his head, and it leading to spinal fluid leaking. Shannon says her left eye is blurry; she took her contacts out. She shines the light from her phone in her eyes, and tells Tamra to check. Tamra says her pupils are dilated from the light. She thinks Shannon should talk to the doctor.

Sitting with Braunwyn and Emily, Kelly says she didn’t mean to be malicious, She imitates Shannon saying she was trying to get her aura out of her system, and now she has a concussion. Shannon is getting worked up, and tells Tamra and Gina that she’s not supposed to be crying. This was supposed to be a fun girls trip, and now she’s scared. Tamra says sometimes Shannon talks herself into things, but Shannon says she can’t talk herself into blurry vision. I dunno about that. Tamra tells her to get checked out. The staff, who’s been hanging around, waiting for them to eat, are just trying to look straight ahead. Tamra says Shannon doesn’t want swelling in the brain, In Tamra’s interview, she says she knows Shannon overreacts; that’s who she is. We flash back to Shannon overreacting. Tamra says, in order for Shannon to settle down, she has to see a doctor who will tell her it’s okay, and then she can move on. Tamra say she’ll take Shannon, and asks why they can’t go on a trip and have it be peaceful.

Emily tells Kelly that Gina has been hanging around with Shannon. We see a clip of Gina telling Emily that she and Shannon drank a whole bottle of tequila. Kelly says it wasn’t that long ago when Gina was complaining that Shannon wouldn’t speak with her. Braunwyn says if someone is mean to you, then suddenly is, you shouldn’t just go with it. We flash back on animosity between Shannon and Kelly, ending with not my plate. Braunwyn says Shannon has been nice to her since day one, and she likes Shannon. Gina calls, and says she’s having a romantic dinner by herself. Tamra took Shannon to urgent care. Kelly asks, why? and Gina says because Kelly whacked her in the head. In her interview, Kelly says she was just trying to put a ring in Shannon’s ding. Gina suggests they come eat with her; she has chefs. Kelly says, did she not call it? Braunwyn says Shannon just wants to make sure she’s okay, and Kelly says, she’s a dumbass.

In the car, Shannon feels like she should call someone. She looks at her phone, and says she feels like she can’t see. Um… she did take her contacts out. In Shannon’s interview, she says, what kind of dumbass wouldn’t want to be checked out? Tamra calls Vicki, and tells her, Shannon had a bowl on her head, and Kelly hit the top of it with a mallet. Vicki says, Kelly is out of control. Tamra says they want to make sure nothing is wrong with Shannon, and asks when Vicki is getting there. Vicki says her flight is landing at around ten, and Tamra tells her to call them when she gets there. They pull into the emergency parking lot.

In Shannon’s interview, she says, so far, it’s hashtag not so zen yet. A nurse asks if she wanted to press charges. It’s assault.

To be continued…   

Next time, Vicki arrives bearing shakes and burgers; Tamra asks Emily why she and Shannon weren’t invited; Emily says she wanted to invite people who were supportive and kind, and they make fun of her; Emily confronts Gina about her drinking.

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September 15, 2019 – Sasha Confesses To Michael, Jack Asks Aesha To Be His Girlfriend, Post Med News & Tuesday Groove


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu asks Dustin if he wants to again, and he says he’s game if she is. Laura and Curtis walk in. Everyone is in shock.

Franco goes to Kim’s apartment, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says he wanted to check on her. He asks if he can come in, and she says, sure. She tells him, it’s nice of him to check on her, but she’s really fine. He asks how she can be fine when she just lost someone else she loves? She says she knows who she lost. Oscar’s father – the real Drew Cane – but he’s a survivor. There’s still a good chance he’s alive. Franco says he appreciates her faith in them. She says she knows who Drew is, and if there’s a chance for him to find his way back, he will. Franco says, she’s right. She knows him; perhaps better than anyone else. He doesn’t quit, but if Julian is the man she wants in her life, he’ll stand down, and they’ll go their separate ways. He just needs to hear her say it once more. is that what she really wants?

Nina tells Valentin, Lucy is going to relaunch her cosmetics line, and wants Sasha to be the face. She doesn’t know if Sasha is going to accept, but how cool would it be? Obrecht says, how cool. Her followers and fans will be clamoring to know every detail. Nina says she can’t tell if Obrecht is really happy or not, and Obrecht says if Nina is happy, she is. Valentin says he’s happy about any success in their family. Nina thinks it would be fabulous if Sasha was the face of Deception. Obrecht says, a poetic choice, and Nina says Sasha will be on billboards and in magazines. She’s happy to tell the world how fabulous her daughter is. Obrecht says, they must also prepare for the downside. Sasha will be inviting the entire world into her life. They’ll want to know every little detail.

Sasha tells Michael that she needs to do this now, before she loses her nerve. Michael – who’s trying to grow a mustache, and I vote no – says she’s still recovering. She should give it time. She says she can’t decide if he’s being caring and considerate, or trying to delay the inevitable. He says, maybe a little of both. She said what she had to tell him is bad and he’s not going to like it. He can think of many reasons why it can wait. She says she can’t keep living in fear, and can’t lie anymore. He deserves to know everything about who she really is. Michael says, okay; tell him. What’s the secret? She says she’s not Nina’s daughter.

Laura says, oh my God. She’s so sorry. Lulu asks why she’s there, and Curtis thinks it’s time to go. He says, sorry for the intrusion. In the hallway, Laura says, wow. So maybe they don’t start in the staterooms. Curtis says, good idea. Maybe they should get some fresh air. She says, good idea. Dustin tells Lulu, it’s been a while since someone’s mom walked in on him. She asks if he was having sex with their daughter, and he says he was going to be a gentleman, but yeah. The mom in question was also mayor. Lulu says, really? and he says, no. She puts the blanket over her face, and he says, it’s not that bad. She says, oh God, and sinks further under the blanket.

Valentin tells Nina, as much as it pains him, he thinks Sasha should pass on subjecting herself to the public. Obrecht says. she calls it public scrutiny, but they’re on the same page today. Nina says they’re both missing the forest for the trees. It’s a wonderful opportunity, waiting for Sasha to say yes. Obrecht says, she and Valentin are in a rare state of agreement, and Nina says they can discourage it all they want, but it’s Sasha’s choice. Valentin says they all have faith in Sasha, and suggests they talk about something else. Obrecht says she was granted an interview with someone who has a rare and horrible disease. Nina asks if Valentin saw the way Sasha and Michael looked at each other. Obrecht says she was giving them good news. Valentin imagines it’s been quite a while, and tells Nina that he’s happy for Sasha and Michael, as he is for Sasha’s Deception. Nina says, it’s not Sasha’s; she’s going to represent it. Through Sasha’s room window, she sees Sasha and Michael talking, and says, Michael has been supportive and caring throughout Sasha’s illness. She can only imagine what they’re talking about. Valentin is sure it’s something earnest.

Michael asks what Sasha means, and she says, exactly what she said. Nina isn’t her mom; they’re not related in any way. Michael says, there were multiple DNA tests, and Sasha says she doesn’t know how the tests were doctored, but when Curtis found her, he asked for a DNA sample. She’d already been provided with samples to give him that were a match with Nina. Michael asks why she’s telling him, and Sasha says, even though Nina’s not her mother, she loves Nina like family. That’s why she can’t bring herself to keep it up. He asks why she did it in the first place, and she asks, why does anyone do something like that? She needed the money.

Curtis tells Laura that he didn’t know Lulu had moved on, but it’s none of his business. Laura says, it’s not their business, except Dante wanted the divorce, not Lulu. She didn’t fight it, but that’s because…  never mind; it’s too much information. Curtis says they have plenty of other things to talk about. Laura says she’s surprised that Lulu moved on so quickly, and he says, him too. Does Laura want him to check the guy out? Laura says Lulu is a good judge of character, and she’s met him. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and she thinks his interest seems sincere. Curtis says, good for Lulu. Let him know if she has cause to doubt it. Laura says he’ll be the first call she makes. Curtis says, back to the business at hand. The only reason they got caught on the boat is because it’s supposedly closed. Lulu is going to ask why they’re here. Laura asks what they should say, and Curtis says, Dustin and Lulu might have been getting a little too busy for them to get in their radar.

Lulu tells Dustin, she’s so sorry. The boat is closed for repairs. No one is supposed to be there. She wonders how she’s going to explain this to her mom, and Dustin says, her mom doesn’t know she has sex? Lulu says, he doesn’t understand. It’s been a long time. Dustin says her divorce is final. She broke no vows or laws. Lulu says she’s going to see if they’re still on the boat. He says he’ll get dressed, and if he’s not there, he’ll be on deck. But hurry back. She tells him, hold that thought.

Kim tells Franco that she doesn’t want to have this conversation again. She made her decision. She wants to build a life with Julian. He says he doesn’t see how she can get away from the memory of their son. She says, her son. Hers and Drew Cane’s son. The man who’s missing is Oscar’s father. He was with Oscar at the end, and beyond. Not Franco. He says he’s the man she fell in love with. He’s more Drew Cane than Drew is. Drew doesn’t remember her the way he does. He gets where she’s coming from; he’s the only person who does. She says it’s what she wanted once upon a time, but Oscar is gone. It’s over, Drew. He says she called him Drew again, and she says, so? He wonders when she’s going to realize he’s standing right there. She knows him, and he’s as much in love with her as on the day he shipped off.

Kim says, sorry. He’s not Drew, and even if he were, it’s been a lifetime. Oscar’s lifetime. Her son with the man who’s missing. Franco picks up a snow globe with polar bears in it. He says he bought this for her. She kept it. She says she didn’t remember it was there, but he doesn’t believe she forgot. He hasn’t. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chase, and Kim says, what a surprise. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, fine. He tells her that he came to speak to Franco. She says she’s just about had enough of him tracking Franco. He’s not a criminal. He’s a victim who had his life stolen by Shiloh and that crazy scientist. The worst part is that probably no one is interested in getting justice for him. Chase says he apologizes. It’s not his intention to make things more difficult. He  has good news for Franco. The judge looked at the facts of the case, and found extenuating circumstances. The case was dismissed. Franco asks if he’s free to go, and Chase says, as soon as he removes the monitor.

Obrecht tells Brad, clearly fatherhood has changed him. She’s happy to see him, but Brad isn’t sure why they have to see each other. They’re done. Obrecht says she made a premature declaration before Sasha nearly perished. She was inspired to fight for her own life. She misses Britt. Brad says he isn’t sure Britt would say the same. Obrecht says she needs him to do her a kleiner Gefallen. He asks how many laws he’ll have to break for that, and she says she needs a little favor. He’s going to reunite her with her daughter

Michael says Sasha did it for the money? She says she was hired be Nina’s daughter, and he says, by whom? She says first, he has to know that not everything she said was a lie. She was raised in Chappaqua by a single mom, who she loved very much. after her mom passed away, all she had was her grandmother. Her grandmother fell ill and needed surgery, but even after Medicare, the costs were enormous. When she got the offer to pose as Nina’s long, lost daughter, she realized, in a few days she could make enough to pay the medical expenses. Michael says, from whom? and she asks who does he think? He says, Valentin. She says, exactly. She doesn’t know how he found her; a girl with no family who needed money and looked like Nina. Michael wonders why go through all that trouble, and Sasha says if he asks Valentin, he’d say to give Nina her heart’s desire because he loves her.

Michael says, so Sasha agreed to impersonate Nina’s daughter. Then what? She says she was supposed to leave; glad Nina found her, but going back to her life. It was supposed to be the end. He asks why it wasn’t, and she asks if he’s met Nina. She’s nothing if not persistent. Nina invited Sasha into her home and life, and introduced her to Charlotte. He asks, what about Valentin? and Sasha says, he got what he wanted. Nina took him back. He says she let Valentin use and manipulate her. Sasha says, the more she got to know Nina, the more she cared about her. She wanted out, but knew if she told the truth, she would lose Nina and Charlotte. She convinced herself that she was still helping out. She convinced herself that she was doing the right thing, and he says, she convinced herself that lying was doing the right thing? She says she told herself that she wasn’t taking anyone’s place, and giving Nina what she’d always wanted. He asks what about her grandmother? and Sasha says, her grandmother died shortly after she went back home; complications from surgery. When she got the call from Valentin that Nina wanted her back for another visit, she should have refused, but as strange as it sounds, they were the only family she had left. For a while, it was better than good. They bonded, and then she got to know Michael. He says, she tried to slam on the breaks. She says he told her about Nelle; the lies and the manipulation. She says she knows she was selfish. Lying brought him and Nina into her life. She didn’t want let them go, but she can’t lie anymore. She starts to cry, and Michael asks when she’s telling Nina. She says, as soon as they’re alone. Nina says, knock-knock. Time to get a move on, and comes in with Valentin, and asks if they’ve interrupted something, but Michael says, it’s okay. He and Sasha are finished. He leaves, and Nina asks, what happened? Valentin’s eyes look like they might fall out of his head.

Curtis asks what Laura would tell Lulu if she demands answers? Laura says he claims the document might undermine or weaken Valentin, but Curtis says he doesn’t think anyone else should know at this point, especially Lulu. Lulu comes out and says she has no idea why they’re here, but about what they saw… Laura says they don’t need an explanation. Lulu says her divorce is barely dry, but Dante forced her hand and pushed her to move on. She shouldn’t have to explain what she’s doing, even to Laura. Laura says, she’s proud of Lulu, and hugs her. She says she wanted Lulu to move on. She’s entitled to a private life. it’s their fault; they invaded her personal space. Lulu asks what they’re doing there. Clearly, they weren’t expecting to run into her. What were they planning on doing in the stateroom? They’re having an affair? Curtis says, she’s punking them, and they all laugh. Lulu says she knows Laura is in love with Doc, and Curtis loves Jordan so why are they on the ship?

Brad tells Obrecht, if Britt wants to speak with her, she’ll reach out. Obrecht says, surely he understands how devastating it is to be estranged from your one’s kinder. Put himself in her place. Think of Michael, grieving over a child who’s not dead, serving as his godfather, when he’s more than that. Another troubling thought is how sons resemble their fathers, but most people are sheep. They see what they want to see. His secret might be safe. She tells him, look into her heart. Given the circumstances, won’t he reconsider reaching out to Britt? She leaves, and Julian asks what the hell she wanted.

Franco says, that’s it? and Chase says, he’s a free man. He tells Kim, for what it’s worth, she’s not the only one who thinks Drew Cane and Franco Baldwin deserve justice. She thanks him, and he leaves. Franco says, all right. He can go where he wants, but there’s only one place he wants to go – anywhere with her. Kim says, not happening, and he says they can go back to San Diego. They can go to the zoo. She tells him, don’t, and he says she told him that she wanted to see the giraffes. They can go to Savannah. Kim says they can’t go to Africa, and he suggests Italy. She said she wanted to learn to make pasta. Kim says, when she closes her eyes, and just listens, the voice is different, but her heart makes her believe the things he says; he’s the Drew she loves. He says he is, and she says, but then she opens her eyes, and she’s faced with truth. He’s her friend’s husband.

Kim says it’s bad for everyone involved, including his wife. One thing she’s clear on; she loves Julian. And the life she wants that lies ahead is with Julian. He says, what about them? She says, them? That was seventeen years ago. She had to find the strength to let him go then. She has to find the strength to do it again. She’s starting a new life with someone else, and they have to say goodbye.

Curtis tells Lulu that her mom is helping him with a case. Laura says he asked for her help, and she agreed. It’s as simple as that. Lulu says, if Laura is so busy running the city, how does she have time? Why is this case so special? Laura says, it will have a big impact on a small group of citizens in Port Charles. Lulu asks if The Invader can help, and Curtis says, not yet, but he’ll let her know as soon as something is noteworthy, newsworthy, or whatever. She can have an exclusive. Lulu says it’s still unclear why he recruited her mom. He says the case led to the Haunted Star, and he knew she had an intimate knowledge of the vessel. Lulu says, she owns it; why not call her? Curtis says, she’s a member of the press, and he’s honoring his client’s confidentiality agreement. Lulu says, if what he’s looking for is newsworthy, she knows everyone who works on the ship. If what he’s looking for is there, they might have seen it. He says, if it’s there, chances are it was hidden a long time ago. She asks who hid it, and he says, that’s where the confidentiality agreement comes in. Laura says they can come back another time, but Dustin comes out and says he doesn’t think that’s necessary. Sorry to eavesdrop. Lulu says, he remembers her mom, and Laura says, nice to see him again. Lulu introduces Curtis, a P.I. and close family friend. Laura says they’re so sorry for interrupting their evening. Lulu says she hopes they find what they’re looking for – quickly. She and Dustin leave, and Curtis says, it could have been worse

Nina tells Sasha, she doesn’t know what happened, but she’s seen the way Michael looks at her. When she was lying there, he looked at her with such love and care. Whatever the problem is, is a little bump. Sasha doesn’t think so, and Nina says she’s there if Sasha needs a shoulder to cry on. Valentin thinks they should give Sasha some space. She’ll tell them what’s going on when the time is right. Nina asks if she’s crowding Sasha, but Sasha says she’s not. It’s wonderful. She’s lucky to have Nina. Nina says she’s the lucky one. She tells Sasha that Finn wasn’t comfortable with her living so far away from the hospital, so they’re putting her up at the MetroCourt. Sasha says, as long as it isn’t the room where Ava drugged her. Nina says she’ll make sure, and soon Sasha will be home with her, safe and sound.

Brad tells Julian that he told Obrecht it was the last time he was helping her. She made it clear she would always be there, holding Wiley’s birth father over his head, and can destroy his family at any moment. Lucas sends Brad a picture of Wiley, and he shows Julian. He asks how can he let Obrecht jeopardize Wiley’s happiness? Julian asks what he has in mind. Push her overboard? Brad says they both know what Julian is capable of, and he’s begging for Wiley’s safety, and Lucas’s peace of mind. Julian tells Brad to keep an eye on Obrecht, and he’ll take care of the rest.

As they search one of the rooms, Curtis thanks Laura for not telling Lulu what they’re up to, and she says, Lulu would just get fired up. She’d be trying to bring Valentin down herself. She’s have too many questions, and ultimately tip their hand. Curtis says, she’s going to continue to press. What is Laura going to say? Laura says that she knows Lulu is a reporter, and as far as she’s concerned, Lulu’s safety is more important. She already lost a son to that man. She couldn’t bear losing her daughter on top of it. Curtis says, keep an eye on Valentin, and don’t let Lulu too close. Laura says, that might be difficult; they share a child. Charlotte loves her father, and he’s got Nina snowed pretty good too. Laura opens a drawer, and takes out a scarf. She says, what have we got here?

Chase sees Michael, and says he heard Sasha is making a full recovery. He must be relieved. When she’s up to it, the four of them should go out and celebrate. Michael says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Julian screws with Obrecht’s car. He starts to cut the break line, and flashes back to Kim telling him that she wants the man she’s come to love, not the one he promised he’d never be again. He remembers her saying what she needs is right in front of her, calling him Charlie, and saying she loves him. He does… something. We don’t actually see what.

Brad tells Obrecht he was thinking about her request. She asks why the simplest favor causes him to break out in a cold sweat? He says, Britt can be… high-spirited. He doesn’t want to be on Obrecht’s bad side, but doesn’t want Britt to be mad. Obrecht says she has no time for this. Does he want her advice? He says, by all means, and be as detailed as she likes. She says, talk to Britt or suffer the consequences. He’s evaded them until this point. It might be today his life changes. Stop being a coward, and reach out to her daughter. Obrecht gets in the elevator. Brad texts Julian, saying he’s stalled as long as he could. She’s on her way.

Julian’s phone dings. He closes the hood of the car, and leaves.

Curtis asks if Laura thinks the scarf is Lulu’s, but Laura says, it’s not her style. She can still smell the perfume on it. The boat is closed, and there are no staff or guests. They’re not the only people on the boat. He says neither were Lulu and Dustin. Someone spies on them.

Chase asks if Michael is okay. Michael says, actually, no. Not at all.

Nina walks down the hallway with Sasha, and suggests they grab something to eat. Sasha sees Michael talking to Chase, and Nina says she doesn’t know what happened, but they can talk at the MetroCourt. Valentin says they want to respect Sasha’s privacy, but Sasha says she does need to talk to Nina. Valentin bounces around, looking pretty nervous.

Julian sees Brad, who asks if it’s over. Did he finally stop Obrecht? Julian says he did what he needed to do.

Obrecht gets in her car, and starts the engine.

Franco touches Kim’s hand, but she pulls back. He says, sorry, and she says she spent years missing him.. He knows this is hurting her, and wants to respect her wishes, so he’ll be on his way. She thanks him, and he says when he gets where he’s going, he’ll let her know where it is. He’ll send a postcard. She says, please don’t. He says he needs her to know where to find him, even if she chooses to never look. You got to give a man something to hope for. He starts to leave, but she says, wait. She can’t say goodbye again. They kiss.

Brad asks Julian if it’s over, Curtis suggest he and Laura combine forces with someone else, Finn asks Andre if he can reverse the process, and Chase needs to tell Elizabeth something about Franco.

Below Deck Mediterranean

The water is seriously rough. A guest literally crawls out on their hands and knees to the deck. Anastasia radios that there’s a man down. Captain Sandy says she wants to get out of this, and it will be better once they turn. Anastasia tells the sick guest to keep her eyes on the horizon, and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. She tells Hannah that they have a stage-five thrower upper. Hannah tells the guest to go upstairs; the higher up you are, the less you feel it. She rubs the guest’s hand. In her interview, Hannah says the poor guest is so seasick, she has to work on their pressure points. She thought her career in giving handjobs was over. They get to a calmer place and anchor down, and the guest starts to feel better. She says Hannah saved her life. Ben makes breakfast. Captain Sandy is jealous of a slide on another boat. In the captain’s interview, she says now that they’ve found calm anchorage, the crew needs to turn it up and make it amazing for the clients. She tells the deck crew to put out all the toys.

The guests eat breakfast, and the crew puts the water toys out. Hannah tells Ben, everyone is all good. Ben is thinking about pale food for the white party. In his interview, he says he likes a theme party; it simplifies everything. He’s thinking cauliflower, white fish, and white truffles. He places an order for provisions. Aesha suggest they put on white glitter makeup, but Hannah doesn’t like the idea. Aesha says maybe they can just use whitening toothpaste before dinner. Hannah orders one hundred white balloons. In her interview, Hannah says a white party looks elegant, but you don’t have to try that hard. Aesha asks Captain Sandy about doing white glove service; she thinks they should make everything as white as possible. The captain likes it. In Aesha’s interview, she says she worked with a crew who did white glove service in synchronization. It was so amazing, even she got shivers.

Hannah asks Travis to pick up the balloons. Captain Sandy tells Travis that he’s the best tender driver she’s ever seen. In Travis’s interview, he thinks the captain has taken a liking to him because he knows wtf he’s doing. Last night they had a conversation about his drinking. We flash back to that, and Captain Sandy saying she’s been where he is. He says he thinks about the same thing. He thinks maybe he’s in control, but then wonders, when was the last time he had three beers and went home? Colin holds the balloons (filled with helium) in the back of the tender. He says he’s nervous, but Travis says he won’t be upset if Colin lets go; he’ll think it’s funny. Jack tells Hannah that he and Aesha haven’t had sex yet. Travis and Colin get back with the balloons. It sure doesn’t look like 100 of them. Aesha tells Jack it was a stealth balloon mission. João and Jack take some of the guests out for a ride, pulling an inflatable boat on a jet ski. The jet ski dies out on the water.

In João’s interview, he says if a jet ski doesn’t turn over, it’s either a small problem – the battery is dead – or a huge problem – the engine is dead. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says it’s João’s job to make sure the equipment is working. She sends Travis on the wave runner to help.  João thinks the battery isn’t connected properly. Ben starts to prepare for dinner. Aesha tells Hannah about the white glove service, but Hannah says she doesn’t want to. In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s going to stop pitching ideas. Everything gets turned down. Hannah tells the stews to get in their black dresses. In Ben’s interview, he says the white theme has had a drastic effect on him. White jacket, white food on white plates, and Hannah and the stews are in black. Anastasia puts the white gloves on, but Hannah thinks it’s old school and looks tacky. The table is set. In her interview, Hannah says she sent Anastasia shopping for table décor, but she came back with no décor. She can only work with what she physically has. She hopes the balloons are enough. Captain Sandy takes a look at the table, but it’s not what she expected. She’s witnessed them do better. We flash back to the last white party. In her interview, the captain says she wants white glove service. She wants the guests to have the ultimate five-star experience. It’s on Hannah, and Hannah needs to bring it.

In his interview, Jack says, it’s weird. He and Aesha are having a relationship and live together, but the last time he waited this long to have sex was from when he was born to when he turned sixteen. Aesha has finally made an honest woman of him. He’ll have to take it to the next step. Ben says he’s found an amazing job for Jack. A white party requires white pepper. He has Jack separate the peppercorns, and Colin helps. The guests are seated. Jack crushes the peppercorns. The starter is cauliflower/cheese soup. Hannah can’t seem to keep the menu straight, and in her interview, she says, Ben doesn’t like planning, and there are consequences for that. Either give her a meal plan, or don’t get mad if she can’t remember the exact elements of a dish. Hannah gripes to Aesha.

João says he needs to find out what’s wrong with the jet ski. Either it’s the battery or the engine over-heated. He tells Captain Sandy that he hopes it’s the battery. Ben says he’s making a special risotto, and tells Hannah it will be ready at 10:15. In his interview, he says he comes from a line of perfectionists. His dad is a best-selling author. He’s hard on himself, and realizes perfection is an illusion, but he wants that illusion. Hannah tells the guests that a special risotto is coming, and it’s going to take a little time. João tells the captain that the engine in the jet ski isn’t even turning over. It could be the battery or the whole thing is shot. The entrée is served, and the guests deem it phenomenal. Captain Sandy suggests it might be the spark plug, but João insists it’s not. She tells him, just look, calling him a know-it-all. She says if he thinks it shouldn’t be done, it doesn’t get done. She’s the captain, and she wants it done. She talks to him nicely, but his ego takes over. In the captain’s interview, she says he’s showing a lack of respect to her as captain, and it pisses her off. She instructs João that when she tells him to do something, he’s to jump really effing high and do it. In her interview, she says, when she asks, he’s supposed to say yes. She tells him to switch the spark plug. Travis radios that the anchor is dragging.

Aesha tells Ben, empty bowls, which makes him happy. João tells Colin, it doesn’t turn; it’s not the sparkplug. Dammit. I wanted it to be. Jack says, off topic; he wants to ask Aesha to be his girlfriend. He’s going to write it on a bedsheet – will you be my girlfriend? The guests repair to the longue for some drinking. João tells Colin, he’s good at a lot of things, but he’s tired. Colin chants, four more days! Four more days! In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says since their conversation, Travis has been trying, and is acting like an experienced deckhand. Jack and Travis wake João and Colin up, wearing lifejackets and blowing whistles. João feels like he’s running on pure exhaustion. He’s three hours sleep a night  for five weeks now.

The deckhands get the anchor up. Colin explains what’s going on to a curious guest. The guests go to bed, and Colin works on a rap piece while on anchor watch.

Anastasia says Ben does so many things that she got sh*t from the captain for, like not wearing a uniform. He says he gets away with more than most people. He’s been doing this for more than twenty years, and the captain probably respects that. She says that doesn’t make it annoy her any less. Breakfast is served, and the table looks really pretty with a centerpiece of flowers, but also individual bouquets at each place. Ben says, the food is ready to go, and there are no stews in sight. The guests pay a sh*t-ton of money for an experience, and deserve every ounce of their energy. He’s serving eggs benedict, my absolute favorite breakfast food. One guest wants the white cooked more, and Ben is like, wtf? He makes another dish, and goes up with it. He asks if it’s okay, but she wants it cooked even more. Now I’m saying, wtf? He radios Hannah to come to the galley, saying, when there are hiccups in the galley, he needs as much support as possible.

The captain hears Ben on the radio, and goes to the galley. He says, the eggs were sent back again, which is really odd. In Hannah’s interview, Hannah says she was making drinks; come get her. Captain Sandy calls for help. Hannah tells the guest, the third time’s the charm, and the eggs are finally okayed. Ben asks what Anastasia is doing, but Hannah says she can’t have two people out, and Aesha is sleeping. Ben asks how long they sleep, and she says eight hours, and she’s not getting Aesha up. Ben says he only gets five, and she asks if he wants her girls awake in case he screws up. Captain Sandy calls for the crew to get in their whites, and the guests pack. The crew lines up in the main salon because of the bad weather. Primary Jennifer says they couldn’t have asked for a better trip, and Daniel tells Ben, the white party was awesome. His passion is beautiful. He knows they were demanding, and thanks the crew. He gives the captain an envelope, and the she tells the crew to meet back there in thirty.

Aesha tells Hannah that she doesn’t know what she wants to do after the season. She’s been planning on going to New Zealand for three months. That’s another reason she doesn’t like meeting guys on charter. Now she has to see him once a month or something. She always said she doesn’t want a boyfriend in yachting; it’s too hard to maintain a relationship if you’re not on the same boat. Jack spray paints his message onto a sheet, along with some hearts, and Travis paints a question mark on Jack’s chest. It’s time for the tip meeting.

Everyone gathers and the champagne is poured. Captain Sandy tells João that she knows how tired they all are, and he’s forgiven. In João’s interview, he says he clearly wasn’t himself when spoke back to the captain. He’s glad she’s giving him a chance to move on. The captain tells Ben it’s a pleasure to see his passion in the galley. She asks how the white glove dinner went, and Hannah says, the guests loved it. Captain Sandy asks if they did the white glove service. Aesha looks at Hannah, and says they didn’t do it. The captain asks, why not? and Hannah tells her that she said no. She thought it was a bit yuk. Captain Sandy says, it’s not. The white glove service being squashed really irritates her. It’s not that hard. Talking about herself in the third person, she says, Sandy’s not happy with the interior, and it starts with Hannah. She tells Hannah, step up to the plate and do her job. In Hannah’s interview, she says if Aesha had told her it was something Sandy wanted, of course she would have done it. The captain says, everyone in the interior is all lovey-dovey, and that’s great, but they’re not delivering what she wants from service. She wants the interior to match the galley and what happens on deck. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Hannah needs to lead the team, not make friends. Be firm, but fair. She knows the interior is taking a hit, but it’s better than Ben taking one. Hannah asks if a stew should be taken off cabins. The captain says she wants service to be impeccable. It’s something people remember. She wants to knock the remaining charter out of the park, slipping in one more baseball reference before the end of the season. The tip is 16K, or $1260 each.

Aesha tells Hannah, sorry. Hannah says, sorry they’re lovey-dovey. Anastasia doesn’t care what anyone says. She thinks they’re doing a good job. Colin tells João, the girls got ripped, and João says the captain wasn’t wrong. In her interview, Anastasia says it’s hard to take criticism, but she doesn’t give a sh*t anymore. Time for the final preference sheet meeting.

The next primaries are Randy Madrid, a financial adviser, and his long-time girlfriend Nicole. They’re being joined by their beach buddies, and want a Great Gatsby themed dinner the first night, and a Moulin Rouge dinner the second night. The weather is supposed to be horrible, and Ben says, an interior based charter wants impeccable service. In Hannah’s interview, she says she has two choices. Pick herself up and work around the clock, or say, screw you. You won’t know what you’ll get until it hits the table. She’s responsible for table décor and service, and suggests the stews stay o the boat tonight, go through it, and pull out what they need. Aesha says it’s not fair that she has to stay there to work. Jack tells Hannah about Operation Aesha, and she asks if he’s proposing. Travis says, he’s asking Aesha to be his girlfriend. Hannah gives them an idea of how to present the sheet, and puts together some champagne and a cheese plate.

Colin wakes Aesha up, and asks her to get dressed. He needs to talk to her. In her interview, she wonders what’s wrong that Colin needs to take her outside in the cold to have a chat. The guys scramble to get the sheet ready, so the message shows out the window. In Jack’s interview, he tells us, if she says no, he’s going to feel like a d*ckhead, but God loves a trier. On deck, Colin raps to Aesha about a surprise for her. He says there’s something above deck that she wants to see, and to enjoy her surprise. She sees the sheet, and when the guys drop it, Jack is behind it. He hugs Aesha, and everyone applauds. She cries, and he says he didn’t want to upset her. Hannah fills the champagne glasses. Aesha tells Jack, it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. Hannah cries a little, and says she’s overwhelmed. In Aesha’s interview, she says it’s the cutest way anyone has asked her out before. Anastasia thinks it’s the cutest thing. Who can say no to a bedsheet proposal? Colin says João never did anything like that for him. Bastard. Hannah tells Aesha that she’s not angry with her, and tells her to go out. Ben sees the sheet, and says it looks like someone’s been murdered. Hannah says, they did pretty much the same thing.

Aesha and the guys leave. Hannah and Anastasi dig though everything. Anastasia suggests getting out anything red, black, or gold. Anastasia and Jack go for dinner on their own, while the rest of the guys go to another restaurant. Travis says he wants to hold his  sh*t together. João thinks the chicks have to pick up their A-game. He wants to end the season with a bang. Jack and Aesha have a romantic dinner, and Jack tells Aesha that he used to be a girl before he met her. Everyone heads back to the boat.

João tells Colin that he’s dead. In João’s interview, he says his immune system is shot. It couldn’t have hit him at a more vulnerable time. Aesha tells Jack that he made her romantic dreams come true. In her interview, Aesha says they can have sex now. They can have a lot of sex now. João wakes up with a fever. Colin tells the captain, João is shivering, but it’s a million degrees in their room. Captain Sandy checks on him, and says, he has a bad effing fever. In her interview, she says the charter begin tomorrow, and she has no idea what’s going on or what she’s going to do.

Next time, can-can dancers perform for Moulin Rouge night; Ben says when guests are stuck, there’s nothing else to do but eat; and Hannah has chemistry with a guest.

🚤 In Other Deck News…

Boo, hiss. No reunion.


This made me want to cry.


✌ Sounds Like a Plan…

Although I’m sure my Tuesday won’t be as outtasite, right on, and solid.

September 15, 2019 – Grace Thinks It’s Happening, a Housewife Medley, Times Square Deuce & End


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Al films Morgan. He says, her name was Jenny. She was originally from North Carolina, but the met in Raleigh. Al asks what he wants to tells her, and he says, there’s not much to tell. She hated the water. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that he wasted his paycheck on renting a boat. Her family was there, and his brother, and it was all right then… He didn’t really sleep good for three months… Duane played baseball, but he was terrible. He loved comics… He made Morgan this card for Father’s Day… Their boy Duane was the best of both of them. You grow up and think you know what life is, you’ve seen the paths, and the clichés are all true. When you have a child, it reframes everything. Al says they’re all gassed up. He says he was just watching his video. Al says they have to get back to the convoy, but Morgan says they still have boxes to drop off. Al tells him, they haven’t been this far west, and they’re low on gas. They have about a day’s worth. Morgan says they might make a difference to someone if they drop off the boxes. She says, all right.

They get to the pick-up. Al looks in the truck bed, and suddenly grabs her gun. She tells Morgan, there were three cans of gas.

A guy fills his tank. Al comes up quietly behind him, and says, the battery is probably dead. Even if got gas in it, it’s not starting. The guy takes out a knife, and tells Al, back away. She says she just needs the gas back. Morgan joins her, and asks why they don’t talk about it. The guy tells them to get the hell away from him, and Morgan says, lower the knife. The guy puts his knife on the ground, and Morgan picks it up. He asks where they guy is trying to go. The guy sees something, and says, no; they found him. They all get in the car, but the gas cap gets left on the ground outside. Several men in cowboy hats ride up. Al lifts the camera, and films through the window. Morgan asks, how many? and she holds up four fingers. She says, sh*t, and Morgan says, what? She quietly opens the car door, and reaches for the gas cap, as the men on horseback get close. She gets back in just before one of them comes alongside the car. His horse looks in the window, but fogs up the glass, so he sees nothing. As he’s about to take a closer look, another says, over here; he went this way. They gallop off. Al tells the guy, start talking. Who the hell is that? Morgan says, it’s all right; they can help him. He says, that’s what they said.

Grace listens to a book as she works on a roof. Daniel calls up, asking what she’s listening to, and she says, Don Quixote. He says, beautiful, and long-winded. He tells her that they’re running out of room in the truck. She should take a break. He saw a case of Fanta inside. She says, orange or grape? but he doesn’t know. She says they’re going to need solar panels when they settle down. There’s nothing wrong about stockpiling for the future. He says, no, there isn’t. He’s going over to the record shop. It’s nice hear that she’s looking in that direction. He says, orange, but she says she was hoping for grape. Tess radios, and Grace tells Daniel, the oil fields. They lost them.

The guy doesn’t understand why Al wants to film, but he’ll do it. She asks his name, and he says, Tom. She asks where he’s from, and he says, this ain’t going to work. She asks what he’s running from. People need to know. Morgan says, whatever happened before, that’s not what they’re about. Tom says he lived in Paradise Ridge, a complex where there were a few dozen people. He was the president of the HOA, but he only got the job because no one ran against him. When the dead started to walk, everyone looked to him like he must know what he’s doing. Morgan says, he must have; he’s still there. Tom says, they had room to spread out, fixed the pool to filter water, and grew vegetables on the roof. They were lucky, but then unlucky. They couldn’t grow food, the fence failed, and the roof started leaking. Most of the people split before the guys on horseback showed up. They offered to help. They said they’d clean up the water, and give them food for a while until they figured out how to grow their own. Al asks, what happened? and Tom says they claimed it was his fault. They were trying to build something bigger. They said it’s not about today, but about tomorrow, and they weren’t part of it. His sister Janice is still there. Al asks if they tried to kill her, and he says they will if he doesn’t get her out. Al asks what they said exactly, and Tom tells her, they said what they’re doing isn’t about today, but about tomorrow. All they cared about was the future. Al says, they’ll go in and get her out.

They get to Paradise Ridge. The group of men on horseback ride up, and the leader pikes a nearby zombie in the head. He radios the guard to open up. The riders go inside, and the guard cleans up the zombie mess, dragging the zombie inside. And you thought cleaning up elephant poop was the worst job.

Al films, and says, they’re in and out every couple hours. Morgan says they probably shouldn’t be this close. Al doesn’t understand what they want, and Tom says, whatever it was, they didn’t want him to see. He tells them that they don’t have to do this, but Morgan says, they can get in before something happens. Al thinks they should wait until the men aren’t in there, and Morgan asks if it’s about Tom’s sister, or is she chasing a story? She can’t believe he even asked her that. He says he doesn’t want her to go alone, but she thinks she can get in and out before they even know she’s inside. Morgan says, it’s not about the story, but Tom isn’t the only one who needs something in there. She tells him to trust her on this.

The guard drags another zombie inside, and the horsemen go out. Al lures a zombie toward her, and Morgan pikes it with his pokey stick. She says, what the hell? and he says, you’re welcome. She says if she can get one close to the gate, she can get inside. Morgan says she’s not going alone, and she says he’s not going at all. She bangs the ground, and he ask her to tell him who she’s looking for besides Tom’s sister. He’s trusted her with a lot, and he’d think she’d do the same, She says, has he? He says, yeah: Jenny, Duane… Al says he hasn’t told her sh*t about where he is now. Why doesn’t he want to go back to the convoy? He’s doing the same thing he did when they first met; running from something. She doesn’t know what. She bangs some more, and catches a zombie’s attention. They both start banging, and she tells him, try not to steal this one.

The truck has stopped, and Daniel tells Grace, they’re pulling too much weight. Grace radios Tess, and says it will be a while before they can get to the rendezvous. Tess says let them know if they need help. Grace tells Daniel, they wish we were there. She says, when it happened, maybe they could have helped. Daniel says, they were helping. They got supplies and… stuff. Grace says they can come back for the truck. It’s a classic mistake. They thought they could bring back everything they found. Daniel says they had no way to know what was going to happen. A year ago, he was like she was, a realist. He couldn’t imagine he’d be here with her, helping make things right. Her, him, and a cat with serious behavioral issues. It’s not a realistic option to be a realist anymore. Grace looks at a map, and says there are some places they can hole up, a couple of miles from there. They can make it on foot. Daniel takes Skidmark’s crate and the records. Grace closes the truck.

A zombie gets close to the complex, and when the guard comes out to kill it, Al and Morgan sneak in behind him. Apparently, he’s not the best guard. I guess you take what you can get in the Apocalypse. He starts to drag the zombie in, and it’s arm comes off when he pulls it. He says, sh*t, and I laugh. Morgan sees a horse, and starts petting it. Al is like, come on. They see a gas truck pull in. Morgan says it’s theirs, but Al says, not anymore. Morgan wants to get back to the convoy. He says, if something happened to them, it’s his fault. Al says she’s heard the rhetoric about a bigger better future before. Morgan asks, from whom? and she says someone in an organization that might be working with these people. Someone she never thought she’d see again. Morgan asks if she’s looking for them, and she says she is. He says, then go look. He’ll find out how they got the truck.

Grace says, there’s a bar ahead, and Daniel says, not a moment too soon. Skidmark is particular about his dinner schedule. Grace says Skidmark is lucky to have him, and he says the least he can do is feed Skidmark. For a long time, the cat was all he had. They ate together, listened to music together, and for a while, it seemed like that’s the way it would stay. Grace says, what changed? but they hear a zombie noise. Several zombies come out of the darkness. Daniel sets down the crate and his tote bag of records, and charges them. Daniel gets a zombie down, but it falls all over the records. Daniel tries to pick them up, but a zombie comes up behind him. Grace says, they have to get out now, and grabs Skidmark, who you know I’ve been worried about the entire time. The zombies follow, stomping all over what’s left of the records.

Morgan listens at the door of a house, and goes inside. He calls for Janice, and looks around, but it’s dark and silent. He radios Al, saying, she’s not there. Did Al find what she wanted? Al says, not yet. Al crosses the courtyard. Morgan hears zombie gurgling. Al tries a door, but it’s locked. She bangs it open using the butt of her gun. She goes in, and takes a video of some charts that are hanging up; things like weekly inventory and next to harvest. Morgan hears zombie scuffling sounds behind a door, and I wonder, why open it? Al moves on to a map that has various keys pegged on it with the names of settlements attached to them. Morgan gets the door open, and a female zombie flies out. He knocks it out the window, and radios Al. He says, it looks like Janice took care of whoever was coming in. He says, they have to go now, and she sneaks back out.

Al ducks back to avoid being seen by a guy patrolling the grounds. A zombie pops out, and pushes Al backward into the pool. They’re locked together, and Al manages to come up for air, but it pulls her back down. Morgan jumps in, and pierces it through the head with his pokey stick. He says they’ve got to get the hell out, but Al says, too late. Ginny is there with her posse, and tells them, you two sure know how to make an entrance.

Al and Morgan sit in an air conditioned living room. Al wonders if they’re going to be killed, but Morgan thinks they would have done it by now. Ginny comes in, and says, sorry to keep them waiting. They left a mess in the pool. She takes out two jars of preserves, and asks, strawberry or apricot? They made both. Maybe they should try a little of each. They just look at her, and she apologizes, saying, they should probably start with the basics. She knows who Morgan and Al are, and introduces herself. Morgan asks how she knows their names, and she says she saw their tape. It was a hoot. She never considered using a documentary to spread the word until she saw theirs. Very smart. She asks what brings them there, and Morgan asks, where’s Janice? Ginny says, they ran into Tom. Janice ran off shortly after Tom left, but she left them a nice surprise in her room. Al asks if they tried to kill her,  and Ginny says, they’re trying to protect the place. it’s easier now that they have gas. Morgan asks what she did to their friends, and Ginny says their friends are fine. Unless they consider Logan a friend; then, condolences. Al says they had no right to take the gas, but Ginny says they’re both trying to do the same thing. They want to help people; so does Morgan’s group. They have different ideas on how to accomplish it. She can help them, if they let her. Morgan asks, how? and she says, how’s it been? He’s been dealing with the loss of his family. He should talk to Miss Fifer. She’s not a full-fledged shrink, but she helps with perspective. She travels to the different settlements, and talks to people. Al asks how big their operation is. Do they have helicopters? Ginny says, they just got a gas supply. Why that crazy idea? Al says she just wanted to know. Ginny says she’s an open book. She wishes they could chat longer, but she has a lot of work to do. Like she told their friends, the doors are always open. Al says, they’re free to go, and she can keep the tape? Ginny wants her to show as many people as she can. Building the future is easier when you’re not on your own. Morgan says Ginny is talking about the future, but holding onto the past no matter what the cost. Ginny says they’ll have to agree to disagree. Al and Morgan’s things are returned, and Morgan is presented with a new and improved pokey stick. Ginny says they have a worker in the community who’s a beautiful craftsman. He fixed Morgan’s stick, and it should hold up to whatever gets thrown at it. I so cannot figure Ginny out.

Al and Morgan walk out of the gate. Two zombies totter toward the. Al creams one, and Morgan uses his new stick on the other. Ginny says, this is the future. They don’t see it yet, but they will. Unless they die. People tend to do this. That’s why they’re doing what they’re doing, and why Al and Morgan should join them. Al and Morgan start to walk, and Ginny tells them, go on. Suck on a stone when you could be slurping soup.

Grace gives Daniel a breakfast pastry. He says, no way the records survived the night, and Grace says, sorry. He wanted Charlie to hear the Traveling Wilburys. Grace asked what changed; it was Charlie. Nothing felt the same after she showed up. He thought it might be his daughter who ended up joining them, but things don’t always go the way you think. Grace says, no, they don’t. He says if things don’t go the way he thinks, he wants her to keep an eye on Charlie and Skidmark. Grace says, okay, but the first thing she’s going to do, is find someone else to keep an eye on them. He says he thought she was looking toward the future, but she says, it’s not about how long she’s got. When they were at the mall, she realized she wanted to start living for something beyond today. It was a good idea at the time, but she has a bad record for making things worse. She thought she could help Morgan. She tried. Daniel thinks she helped Morgan more than she imagines. Daniel saw him in the mall. He was smiling until he ran out of cheek. Grace says, he wants Charlie to hear the Wilburys? Maybe they don’t need records. She picks up a guitar sitting on a stand, and says she took lessons. They could teach Charlie. Daniel asks what makes her think he can sing?  She plays, and sings End of the Line, and he joins her, singing harmony.

Al drives, and Tom says he’s so sorry. Janice wasn’t even there. They could have been looking for their own. Al says they needed to see it for themselves. Now they have. Morgan tells Tom, they said they’d help find her, and they’re not giving up until  they have. Al says, the tank is almost empty. They’re not going to have enough to get to the rendezvous.

Al films. She suggests they pick up where they left off. The Father’s Day card. Morgan says, that was… He asks if Al cared about the person she was looking for in that place. She says it’s not about her now. He says, it’s about both of them, isn’t it? and she says, yeah. She cared about her. She also cared about where she was from and what she was doing. She talked a lot about the future, and Al wanted there to be a connection. So about the card? Morgan says he told Ginny that she was holding on to the past, no matter the cost, but she’s not the only one. He laughs, and says he doesn’t think he needs to do this anymore. He thinks he’s good.

Morgan radios Grace. He says, if she can hear him, tell him where she is. They need to talk. Daniel answers, and Morgan asks if he’s with Grace. He says he is, and tells Morgan that they were headed to the convoy. Grace seemed fine, but she suddenly changed. Morgan asks to talk to her. She looks pretty sick, half-lying on the couch, and sweating bullets. Daniel gives her the radio, and Morgan asks where she is. They can come to her and Daniel. Grace isn’t sure. She says they were one their way to the rendezvous. He asks if she’s okay, but she’s not sure. She starts to cough, and says, what she was worried about? She thinks it’s happening. Morgan says tell him where they are, and he and Al will be there. Daniel takes the radio, and says, they’re at a bar just south of the 290 junction. Grace takes the radio, and says she hopes she sees him. She wants to see his smile again, but doesn’t think she has much time left.

Daniel puts a blanket around Grace. She thanks him for singing with her. He says, it’s going to be okay, but she says she won’t be around to sing.

Next time, no food or water, Morgan tells Al that it’s not the end of the road, and Ginny isn’t apologizing for her methods.

💃 A Little Dorinda In Your Life…

She didn’t set out to be a Housewife.


🗽 I’m loving The Deuce so much. Besides my amusement at it starring James Franco and James Franco, it’s eerily realistic, and gives an accurate picture of the gritty side of Times Square in the 80s. Frankly, I fail to see how Times Square was cleaned up. It was much more honest back then. Most of the seedy/criminal stuff was concentrated on 8th Avenue, so you mostly didn’t go there, unless you had to cross the street. There were a few dirty movies on 42nd St., but you could also go to theaters where you could see three or four current movies for two bucks. The best and biggest record store in the world was there, open either all night or really late – I used to go there when I couldn’t sleep. Since they cleaned it up, now they have cartoon characters groping children and trying to extort money from tourists. (I swear, I will cut an Elmo if he ever touches me.), naked women (sorry, body paint is not clothing), and God knows what else. The world is officially bass ackwards. What’s also interesting about the show is how the advent of the VCR changed everything. And the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Sadly, this is the final season. There are few series I would purchase on DVD, but this is one of them.

🎸 For Charlie…

Easing you into your work week.






September 13, 2019 – Lucy Makes Sasha an Offer, Covering Tamron, Chefs In Hatfield, a Donut Box of Quotes & Best Night


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Kelly’s, Maxie asks if Jax is sure he chose the right restaurant. Jax says, she wanted authentic Port Charles. Maxie says the MetroCourt is authentic. It’s sleek, sophisticated, and doesn’t have crayons on the table. She’s going to make a reservation. Jax says, too late; she’s here. Maxie says, it’s going to be a disaster. Tamron Hall walks in, and says she always wanted to eat there. Jax introduces himself and Maxie. Tamron says she’s excited to be in Port Charles.

Laura asks Curtis if there are any updates about Drew. He says, nothing good. They’re ready to call off the search. She’s so sorry, and asks if he’d like to meet another time, but he says he could use the distraction. He asks if she has any more info on Helena. Laura says that’s why she wanted to meet. She’s reconsidered his offer. She feels uncomfortable helping until she knows who he’s working for.

Peter gets fitted for a suit at Windymere. Valentin thanks him for coming by, and Peter says he doesn’t want to tarnish the wedding photos. He wants Valentin to know that he stills thinks of him as a mentor, despite what he’s learned about Valentin’s past. Valentin was there for him when no one else was, and he’s honored to be Valentin’s best man. He’s done research on his responsibilities. Besides being in charge of the bachelor party, he’s supposed to be Valentin’s confidant, and help with any problems Valentin has. He asks if Valentin has anything to get off his chest.

As they walk down the hall, Nina tells Sasha, don’t overdo it. Obrecht comes by, and asks if Nina must scream. Nina asks if Obrecht is all right, and Obrecht says she’s fine, but it’s too bright in there. She puts sunglasses. Sasha says they don’t have to stay; she’s fully recovered. Michael tells her, take it easy, and she says she’ll refrain from running a marathon. Nina says, there will be no chance of that. Her family will be watching her like a hawk. Obrecht says Sasha has the support of the entire family.

Lucas, Brad, and Wiley visit Charlie’s, and Julian asks what brings them there. Lucas says he thought he’d pop by after Wiley’s swimming lesson at the Y. Lucas wants Julian to get in as much time with his family as possible before he leaves town. Julian says he’s always grateful to see them, and Lucas says, it was Brad’s idea. Lulu is sitting by herself, and Lucas brings Wiley over to say hello. Julian tells Brad that he didn’t come there so Julian could have extra time, did he? Brad says, no. He needs to know if Julian is going to kill Obrecht.

Maxie asks if Tamron wants to eat inside or outside. Inside, she’ll get the ambience, and get crayons. Tamron says she loves crayons. Jax says, normally, they’d be meeting with Nina, and Maxie says, Nina’s daughter is in the hospital. She’s made a full recovery, but Nina has been a teeny bit distracted, and Tamron deserves their complete focus and undivided attention and time. Tamron is a respected journalist with a daytime show, and now a mom. Maxie knows she has no time spare. Jax tells Maxie to slow her roll, and tells Tamron that it can benefit her too, if she honors them by being on the cover of Crimson.

Curtis tells Laura, as much as he needs help, he can’t violate his agreement with his client. She asks him to at least tell her what he’s looking for; an heirloom, or artifact… He says, a piece of paper, and she says, please. That’s even more vague. He says it’s a document, but he can’t say anything else. Trust him, and he promises to tell her all about it when they find it – together.

Lulu says, Wiley gets cuter every day. Lucas asks if she wants to change him, but that’s a no. Lulu says she’ll leave that to the expert. Lucas goes to do the deed, and Dustin comes in. Lulu says she was going to call him. She thanks hum for helping with the party. He asks if Rocco had a good time, and she says, he had blast. Dustin says he did too. She asks if he’s meeting someone, and he says he’s getting lunch, but he’s glad he ran into her. She’s been on his mind all day.

Brad says, as long as Obrecht knows about Wiley’s real father, she’s a threat. Julian says, yeah, and Brad says Julian knows what he has to do; silence her for good. Julian says it would make their lives easier, and Brad says, so they’re on the same page. Julian says, that doesn’t make it right. Brad says it’s not like Julian hasn’t done this before, but Julian says he has a new life now. Brad tells him, see how long it lasts when Obrecht spills the beans. Forget what the truth will do to Wiley and Lucas. When Sonny finds out Julian helped steal his grandson, his new life will be over when he’s floating in the Hudson River.

Michael asks Obrecht if she had a long night, and Nina chastises her for getting wasted on a weeknight. Obrecht says she barely drank anything. She must have enjoyed her libations on an empty stomach. Lucy appears, saying, there they are. Obrecht says, please, God. Lucy says, good afternoon – to most of you. She says Sasha is just the person she’s looking for. She’s going to change Sasha’s life.

Lulu says Dustin was thinking about her? He wishes he hadn’t said it like that, and she says people tell  her that all the time. He says he read her article; it turned out well. It was charming. She says he’s being nice, but he says he’s being honest. Lulu says the article mortified her. This time last year, she was on the high-profile crime beat. She dropped the ball with the online dating article, and now the creep is still breaking in, but she’s writing lifestyle pieces. He says, so what? She’s in print. She says she feels like she’s sliding farther away from what she wants to write about, although maybe it suits her better for now. She hasn’t had time to get the repairs made on the Haunted Star. He asks if that’s the nightclub on the yacht, and she says she inherited it from her father; she owns it. He says, awesome. Let him know when it’s open for business again. She says if he has time now, does he want a tour? He says he’d like that.

Valentin tells Peter, aside from Cassandra, and Sasha’s health scare, he’s doing good. Peter asks, what about the matter of Obrecht? She’s been lording something over him for some time. He thought it was Sasha’s paternity, but the DNA test proved that wrong. What is she holding over him?

Lucy grabs Sasha, and Michael asks if this is about the modeling thing. Nina says, what modeling thing? Sasha says Lucy told her she could be a model. Lucy says, for Deception. She saw Sasha as her inspiration to launch her new venture. Nina asks, what venture? and Lucy says she was confused as to how to spend a rather large inheritance from Lee. Then she made a huge commission on a mansion, and it hit her. Now she could afford to finance the relaunch of her baby, Deception. Michael asks where she is in the process, and she says she’s still laying the groundwork. She’s getting back in touch with her old investors and suppliers from when she was the big poohbah in Coco Cosmetics. The one missing piece was the face of Deception. That’s where Sasha comes into play. Obrecht takes off her sunglasses, and stares at Lucy.

Julian tells Brad that Sonny won’t know unless Brad rats him out. Brad asks, why take the chance? Eliminate her, and both of them are safe. Julian tells him, say Obrecht disappears. Doesn’t he think people will ask questions? Brad says why would they suspect Julian? Obrecht has enemies everywhere, and Julian isn’t on that list. Protect Wiley and keep him with his fathers. Go to New York, and start over with Kim, and he’ll never have to worry again. Lucas asks, what’s going on?

Jax tells Tamron, the September issue did well, and he doesn’t want to end the year in scandal. He wants to go in the opposite direction. He wants to feature someone who has aspiration; who’s accomplished and beautiful. Someone the readers want to be or be friends with. Someone like her. Tamron says he’s being kind, and Maxie says, he’s not kind. No, he is. He’s an amazing boss, but he’s also an astute business man in the publishing world. He doesn’t talk a big game that he can’t follow through with. He’s not like that. He’s not just blowing smoke. It will happen, and it will be amazing. She just has to say yes.

Nina suggests Lucy slow it down. She says Lucy wants her daughter to model? Lucy asks if Nina has looked at Sasha. Why is she surprised? Nina says she isn’t, but it’s the first she’s hearing about it. Lucy says Sasha didn’t mention it to her mom? Sasha says she’s been a little preoccupied with trying not die. She appreciates Lucy’s confidence, but she doesn’t know why Lucy is interested. She has no experience. Lucy says, experience, exschmerience. She has the feeling Sasha’s whole essence will dance off the page. She won’t just be a model, but the brand ambassador. She’ll be on posters and billboards, do interviews; she’ll be everywhere. She’s surprised Sasha didn’t mention it to Nina, the editor-in-chief of a popular and successful fashion magazine. Nina wants to make it clear, if Lucy wants ads in the magazine, she’ll pay the same rate as everyone else. Lucy understands, but Nina says maybe she’s getting ahead of herself. What does Sasha think? Sasha says she already has a job, but Nina tells her not to feel obligated. It’s a promising opportunity. Lucy says, and very rare. Nina asks if her beautiful daughter wants to give it a go. Obrecht scowls.

Brad tells Lucas that he knows how much Kim has struggled since Oscar’s passing. He feels for her. Now that he has a kid of his own, it’s more relatable. Lucas gets it. The way Kim is coping is amazing. She’s starting over, and he’s honestly in awe. He wouldn’t be able to get out of bed if anything happened to Wiley. He doesn’t know how he’d go on. Brad says, Wiley is safe with them, and always will be.

Lulu welcomes Dustin to the Haunted Star. He says, impressive. He’s always had a thing for boats. His grandpa used to take him out fishing on a tiny sailboat they had. Lulu asks if he was any good, and he says he was the worst. He felt sorry for the fish, and snuck them back in the water when no one was looking. She asks if he ever got caught, but he says his grandpa was probably too busy regaling him with old sailor tales. Whenever he’s on a ship, he ends up going down a Google/Wikipedia spiral, looking for the history. She says there’s a lot of history there, and asks if he found anything interesting. He says, this place used to be a casino? and  she says, that’s less shady than other things that have happened. He says she sounds mysterious, and she says, let her show him around, and he can tell her what he thinks. He says, aye, aye, captain. Someone else on the boat watches them.

Curtis tells Laura that he knows it’s not much to work with, and she says, that’s putting it mildly. He hopes it’s enough to convince her to help him search. She says, it’s enough for now, and he thanks her. She has one request. For each day she helps, he has to give her another hint. He agrees, and says, the obvious place to start is Windymere, and she says, that works well. Valentin has Charlotte next week for the wedding. She can ask for a visit. Curtis says, a week seems like a long time to put it on the back burner. Laura tells him, who said they’d be doing that? She knows another location that held significance for Helena. Curtis thanks her again, and says that’s why he came to her. Where is she talking about? She says, the Haunted Star.

Lulu tells Dustin, he should take Rocco around the boat, so he can hear from an expert. Dustin says he’d hardly call himself an expert, but he does his best. She says Charlotte and Rocco like him, and he says, the feeling is mutual. Maybe he’ll head out to open water one day, and catch a glimpse of the ghost of Captain Jerimiah. She asks what he’s talking about, and he can’t believe she’s lived in Port Charles her whole life, and doesn’t’ know the story. She tells him, refresh her memory, and he says Josiah was a commander in the American forces during the Revolutionary War. He defected. She asks, how come? and he says Josiah fell in love with the daughter of a British noble. He and his wife moved back to England, and when she was visiting Canada as a dignitary, her ship sank, not far from there. Josiah never got over it, and died broke and alone. They say when you take a boat out on a foggy night, you can see him searching for his lost love. Lulu asks if Dustin thinks Josiah found her, but he tells her, it’s hard to say. He knows if it was him, he wouldn’t give up. He kisses her.

Sasha tells Lucy, sorry. She’s not ready to commit. She needs to get back to living life outside of isolation before she thinks about a career. Lucy is disappointed, but says she understands. Nina tells Sasha, sorry; no pressure. Sasha says, it’s not a no, and Lucy tells her, if she wants to take time to consider, take all the time she needs, but not really. She wants to lock down the brand ambassador soon. She looks forward to hearing from Sasha. She walks away, and Obrecht says, and they call her assertive. Michael tells Sasha not to let anyone force her. Nina tells her, that being said, it might be fun. Obrecht says, oodles of fun. Sasha can’t wait to get out, but Obrecht says Sasha can’t formally be released unless she leaves in a wheelchair. She knows where they keep the best ones. She steers Sasha away.

Sasha asks if Obrecht has been lifting weights, and Obrecht says, CrossFit. She just completed level two. They stop, and Obrecht tells Sasha, congratulations on her recovery, but has the Avian flu left her with a bird brain as well? Being a spokesmodel is the last thing she should do.

Valentin tells Peter that he came clean with Nina on a personal matter, and Peter says if Valentin needs a soundboard, he’s there.  Valentin wonders who Peter is protecting. What secret is he keeping from Maxie?

Julian comes by Alexis’s office. She tells him that she has no updates on the closing, but he says, actually, it’s personal. He wanted her to know, he’s not waiting for the closing; he and Kim are leaving immediately. He wanted to say goodbye. She says, it’s not goodbye goodbye, is it? He says, as soon as the sale is complete, he won’t be living in Port Charles. The closest he and Sam came to finding common ground was when they swapped out Wiley’s adoption records. A father/daughter activity made his own – allegedly. For the near future anyway, there’s not much to connect him to Port Charles. He and Alexis have a rich past, but… Alexis says, it’s in the past. That’s exactly why he came. He wanted her to know that he didn’t become a better man just because of Kim. He’s been working at trying to be better – at least not a criminal. She didn’t waste her time.

Dustin apologizes, but Lulu tells him, shut up. She kisses him, and says she doesn’t want him to stop. They continue to kiss, as someone watches.

Peter says there are no more secrets between Maxie and himself. Valentin asks if he can offer some advice. The past is best left in the past. The darker it is, the more burdensome is the wish to share it. Don’t think it will ease his guilty conscience. It won’t. It will just increase the chaos. The best thing for people like them is to hope they can protect the ones they love. Leave the past in the past, and focus on the future.

Obrecht tells Sasha, she’s not considering Lucy’s offer? Sasha says she hasn’t decided. Obrecht says, tell her, danke, nein danke.  If she becomes a public figure, her face will be in magazines, there will be pieces written about her, and they’ll inquire into her past, the intriguing story about how she and Nina found each other. They’ll fact check, and find out Sasha is lying. How long before she’s exposed for who she is? Nip this in the bud. She leaves, and Michael asks, what was that about? Sasha says, just.. He says, if she can’t tell him, that’s fine. It’s not fine, but he’ll accept it . She says, it’s time he heard the truth.

Julian tells Alexis that he couldn’t have changed if she hadn’t believed it was possible. How she made her choices, and stood up for the people she loved, had a big impact. It made all the difference. She says she knows. She sees it every time she’s in Charlie’s, and sees him with Kim, or his children; sometimes, her children. Julian says after dealing with their daughter, Kristina is less terrifying.  Alexis says she noticed he made himself safe enough to be loved by his family. She encourages him to stay the man he’s become, and he says he’ll do his best.

Alexis tells Julian, everything that happened between them, some of it was his fault, and the rest was pretty much his fault. Not the running over part. He says he’d gladly take the blame. For the longest time, he didn’t think he’d get over her. He’s not too sure he ever will completely. She says, her too, and he says whatever good she wants for him, he wants for her ten times over. They hug, and he tells her, be happy. She says, him too, and they almost look like they’re going to kiss, but Julian leaves. Alexis has tears in her eyes.

Brad asks if Lucas is okay, and Lucas says, not really. Brad asks, what’s wrong? and Lucas says he just has a terrible feeling that something is going to happen to Wiley, like what happened to Oscar. Brad says, it won’t, but Lucas says Brad doesn’t know that. There’s only so much they can do. Brad says nothing will take Wiley away. Not on his watch. Wiley gets fussy, and Lucas wonders how Brad went from panic attacks to being the calm, cool, collected one. Brad says he loves Lucas, and he loves their son. Nothing can ever break their family apart. He won’t let it.

Maxie says she has a lot to tell Peter, and he says, he does too. She tells him about Tamron Hall, and says Jax is closing the deal. She asks how it went with Valentin, and Peter says, he wanted to talk about the past. They’ve all made terrible mistakes, so Peter has decided to make a choice of letting it all go. He takes her hand, and tells her, it’s time to start focusing on their future.

Curtis and Laura get on the Haunted Star, and Laura says, that’s weird. The lights are on. Curtis asks if Lulu didn’t hire a repair team, but Laura doesn’t hear work sounds. Curtis says he’s been meaning to ask how the boat passed from the Cassadines to Lulu. Laura says Helena gave it to her and Luke as a wedding gift. Money was no object, except it was really her way to psyche them out. it worked for a year, and eventually Luke gave it to Lulu. He asks if she has any idea where Helena might have hidden the artifact. She says, take his pick. The boat is full of hiding places and passages. Curtis wonders where to start, and she says, follow her.

Valentin asks Nina if Sasha is ready to head back. Nina says, almost. She and Michael are talking. Lucy is relaunching her cosmetics line, and wants Sasha as the face. She doesn’t know if Sasha is going to accept, but it would be totally cool. Obrecht says, how cool it would be. Sasha would be a celebrity, with avid followers, clamoring to know every detail of her life.

Michael says what Sasha has to tell him can wait, but she says she has to tell him now, or she’ll lose her nerve. He says she’s still recovering, and she says she can’t decide if he’s being caring and considerate, or delaying the inevitable. He says, maybe a little of both. It’s obvious that it’s bad and he won’t like it, but he can think of a lot of reasons why it can wait. She says, it can’t. She can’t keep living in fear, and can’t keep lying. He deserves to know who she really is.

Laura leads Curtis to the staterooms, and says, no workmen. Curtis says every time he comes near the staterooms, he remembers his wedding night, and finding Kiki’s body. Laura says, it was horrific. If this is a trigger… He says he’ll be fine. Let’s do this. He opens the door, and Laura gasps.

On Monday, Lulu wonders how she’s going to explain this to her mother, Obrecht telsl Brad that he’s going to reunite her with her daughter, and Sasha tells Michael that she’s not Nina’s daughter.

💋 Crimson Cover Girl…

A little bit on today’s guest star.


🍖 A MasterChef Quickie…

Although I’ve missed a few episodes, I’ve been watching MasterChef as often as I can. I caught tonight’s rerun, and if you haven’t seen it, here are the high points. They were down to the final four – Sarah, Noah, Dorian, and Nick – and the chefs were at the historic Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, England. It was an amazing setting, and the contestants were challenged to make a venison dish in one hour (with the meat coming from the property, but I tried not to think about that). They were thrown a monkey wrench a half-hour in, by being told they had to concoct a trifle as well. Sarah said it was going to be either her golden ticket or a plane ticket home. Nick left a string in his venison, which Joe said, professionally, gave him a punch in the gut. Although I wouldn’t know the first thing about creating any of these dishes, even I was horrified. Or at least really surprised. Nick didn’t want be sent home for a string, as none of us would. Noah’s risotto did him in, but he summed it up well when he said, one day he was driving a truck, and the next, here he is. He was proud of what he’d achieved, and said the competition had made him a better person. For the final three, there was champagne and fireworks. Takeaway point – bad risotto trumps left in string. Next time – the two-hour finale.


🗿 Quotes of the Week

It’s go big or go home. We went home.Jen Arnold, The Little Couple (I literally lol’d.)

Genius ain’t anything more than elegant common sense.Josh Billings

Chris? What kind of plain ass name is that? – Maverick Carter (Russell Hornsby), The Hate U Give

Jealousy contains more of self-love than of love.Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see. – Paul Klee

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. – Robin Williams

If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. – woman on a first date, referring to playing games, Dating: No Filter

Storms make trees take deeper roots. – Dolly Parton

There’s only one woman I’m afraid of, and his name is Stephen Tyler. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

People generate the results in life they think they deserve.Dr. Phil

Patience is the companion of wisdom.Saint Augustine (Good luck to me with this one.)

🏄 Best Night Of the Week…

Except for Friday. Use the time well. See you when the dead are feared.



September 12, 2019 – A Close Call For Obrecht, It’s a Girl, Good Reality, Scheana Moves On, Off To College, Only Bethenny & Justice Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly thanks Jax for coming by. She just got off the phone with Michael, and Josslyn is okay. Michael thinks going back to school was tougher than she realized. Jax says that doesn’t excuse her walking off campus and not returning their texts. She asks what he wants to do about it.

Dev finds Josslyn in Charlie’s. He says Carly has been texting, as well as Trina. Josslyn says, her dad has too. He suggests they get going, but she tells him there’s no law that says they have to leave together. He can leave now, and she’ll catch up. She’s not sure how long it will take for her to finish her latte, or she might go to the library. Whatever she decides to do, she’ll be fine. He asks why she’s afraid of going home, but she says she’s not. Sonny has come in, and says, maybe she should be. She knows how her mom gets when she’s worried, and she’s worried about Josslyn.

At Charlie’s, Ava wonders how much she could get for her penthouse. Julian asks if she’s moving, and she says she wouldn’t if she could get a guarantee of no more letters from Ryan. She should have killed Ryan while she had the chance. Lucas texts Julian a picture of him, Brad, and Wiley.

Obrecht helps Sasha with walking, and tells her, baby steps. Sasha says Obrecht doesn’t have to babysit her. Obrecht says, nonsense. They’re family, and in this together now. if only Sasha had met Britt. The resemblance is striking. They could be sisters instead of cousins.

Valentin tells Nina, Sasha is on her way to recovery. Nina can spend the night with him. Nina says she can’t relax about Sasha as long as Cassandra is on the loose.

Curtis and Laura meet in the café. She says it’s quieter than Charlie’s, and if they’re seen in public, people might wonder why she’s talking to him about an international criminal. Curtis says he’s sorry for bringing up bad memories. Helena passed away before he moved to Port Charles. Laura says, dead and gone, but not forgotten. In her experience, Helena’s reach can extend from beyond the grave.

Josslyn tells Sonny, in the beginning, it was fine, but it got to be too much; the combination of everything ordinary, but Oscar not being there, and he never would be. So she left. Sonny says the issue isn’t that she left, but she didn’t tell her mom. She says she’ll try to explain when she gets home. Dev tells Sonny that his day was pretty good. He thinks he did the Corbin name proud.

Ava tells Julian, it’s ironic. Sonny has how many kids, and another on the way. He makes their lives miserable, but they adore him. Kiki wouldn’t speak to her when she died, and they keep Avery away from her every chance they get. Julian is planning to move away from his kids. They’re a fine pair.

Carly tells Jax that she wants to be on the same page before Sonny gets home. Jax thought they were on the same page for their daughter, and Carly says she’d like to avoid a clash. He says his sole interest is Josslyn, and also Carly. She’s in her third trimester, and isn’t supposed to have stress. Josslyn shouldn’t cut school for any reason or not answer their texts. Carly says she’d like to cut the stress, and focus on Josslyn, instead of being a buffer for him and Sonny. He asks if he’s just supposed to suck it up, and she says, yeah. He asks when it’s his turn to make outrageous demands, and Carly says she’s trying to see it from his perspective, but Sonny is doing the best he can. Jax says he’ll have to take her word for it. Carly says Josslyn ran into Michael, he texted that she was fine, and just confirmed it with a phone call. He thinks Josslyn is afraid to come home because of the trouble she’ll be in. Jax thinks they should see how she feels about splitting her time between their homes.

Laura suggests they start with what Curtis already knows. He says he knows Helena was a big bad somebody who hurt a lot of people. He’s surprised at her reach; he wasn’t aware she cast such a long shadow. Laura guesses Helena is the worst of the Cassadines, and that’s saying a lot. He says, presumably, there’s no love lost, and Laura says she loathes Helena, and the feeling was more than mutual. Helena blamed her for the death of her eldest son. Stavros was obsessed with Laura, and also happen to be Spencer’s grandfather. For his sake, she doesn’t dwell on the detail. Let’s just say he was insane, and Helena did everything she could to enable him. Curtis says, one could say Laura’s knowledge of Helena is up close and personal. If anyone wanted to know the ins and outs, she’s the person to ask. She says, Alexis might beg to differ, but she’d say she has the most experience. She wants him to tell her more before she talks. She’d like to know why he needs the information.

Valentin says he wants to put Cassandra behind them as much as she does. Nina  wishes Sonny had said he’d deal with her, and Valentin says, he still might. He’s controlled all criminal activity in Port Charles for the last twenty-five years – allegedly. He says allegedly, because most of the time, any charges didn’t stick. That’s because Sonny is careful and a planner. He wouldn’t tell them about it if has a plan. Cassandra made an error in targeting their family, and it went from bad to worse when Michael came into her crosshairs. One thing Sonny does, is protect his family. Whoever targets his children, disappears, and he hopes Cassandra does.

Carly tells Jax, one bad first day doesn’t require new living arrangements. He says they’re just talking options, but she says he doesn’t even have a place. Why is he pushing it? He says, Josslyn didn’t have to ditch school. All she had to do was call, but she didn’t; she disappeared. Carly says, she’s grieving. She needs space and reassurance. She should be able to come home, and get support and limits. Jax says, the home she comes to could also be his. He’s not trying to take her away, but with Sonny’s cousin living there, and a baby on the way, it’s getting crowded. Josslyn, and Dev come in.

Ava is sorry her grief is cramping Julian’s style. Julian says, in a few days, he’ll be turning the place over to Olivia, packing up the car, and driving to Manhattan with Kim. He needs to make sure Ava will be okay. Doesn’t she think he cares? Ava says, not enough to stay and look out for her. That’s okay; she’s not his responsibility. He’s moving on to the next chapter in his life. She has herself.

Obrecht says, she thinks it’s time she and Sasha discuss who Sasha is to Nina, who Nina thinks she is, and how they can preserve the illusion for all concerned. Sasha would like to says they’re on the same side, and Obrecht says, they are. Nina’s side. Her niece gave her heart to Sasha and Valentin, and they need to guard her happiness. She can never learn the truth about either of them. Michael joins them, and asks why Obrecht is there. Obrecht says she’s more qualified to oversee Sasha’s recovery. Sasha says, maybe better qualified, but not better built. She’ll be back at Windymere tomorrow, and Obrecht can put her through her paces. Obrecht says it will be a good chance for them to get to know each other better, and share their secrets. Until then, don’t overtax herself. She must be at her best for the wedding, lest she disappoint Obrecht’s niece. Sasha has fast become Nina’s whole world. Obrecht leaves.

Valentin tells Nina, try not to worry. They’re safe; Cassandra is a fugitive. Nina says, it didn’t stop her before, but Valentin says they didn’t have this level of protection. The authorities are looking for her too. He suggests they put their energies somewhere else. She says, like their wedding? He says, unless she wants to postpone again. She says they’re doing this. She’s not waiting anymore. She messes with her phone, and says she posted it. Once it’s posted, there are no take backs. Is he ready for this? Because there’s no getting off this ride. He says he doesn’t want to get off this ride, and they kiss.

Carly asks Josslyn if she’s okay, and Josslyn says she’s fine. She’s sorry to make Carly worry. Jax says it’s not okay to ignore their texts. Josslyn says, Michael texted, and they knew she was okay. Carly says she was relieved, but what if she hadn’t run into Michael? She can’t disappear like that. Josslyn says, by third period, she lost it. It was like nothing had changed, but at the same time, everything was different because Oscar wasn’t  there; life was going on without him. She had to get out, so she left. Jax says, leaving her pregnant mother worrying. Josslyn says Jax told her it was fine if she left, but he says he didn’t say to just leave and disappear all day. It was irresponsible and selfish. Josslyn tells him, she said she was sorry. She doesn’t know what else she’s supposed to tell them. She runs upstairs, and Carly says she’ll talk to her. Jax says he’d like to be part of the conversation, and she says he’s welcome to join her, but she doesn’t want Josslyn to feel like they’re ganging up on her. Jax sees her point, and asks her to tell Josslyn that he loves her, and to call him tonight. He suggests the three of them have breakfast this weekend, alone, so they can talk. Carly says it works for her. Sonny comes in, and Jax asks how Dev’s first day was. Dev says, fine, and Jax asks if he found his way around. PC High is pretty big. He asks how it compares to Dev’s previous school, and Dev says, it was a bit of an adjustment, but nothing he couldn’t handle. Jax says, he’s not familiar with Bridgetown schools. Sonny says, Bridgeport, and suggests Jax can go now.

Curtis tells Laura, he’s not at liberty to discuss the nature of his inquiry. She asks who hired him. She needs to know what’s going on. He says he needs information on Helena, and Laura says, she was deranged; a throwback to the dark ages. Helena blamed her and Luke for the death of her true love Mikkos. She put a curse on them on their wedding day, and spent the next thirty years making sure it came true. She failed miserably. Laura survived, and Helena is dead. She’s earned that break, and needs a good reason to dredge up the memories. He says, word on the street is, prior to her death, Helena concealed a valuable artifact on a Cassadine property. She asks, what kind? and he says, the kind that could turn the tables on Valentin.

Nina tells Sasha that Valentin is insisting she sleep in her own bed tonight, and Sasha says, he’s right. Nina needs a break from the chair. Are you kidding me? They couldn’t even bring in a cot for her? Nina tells her if she needs anything, call. She’ll come back tomorrow to take Sasha home. Sasha likes the sound of that. Nina says she loves Sasha, and Sasha says she loves Nina too. Nina and Valentin leave, and Michael says he should probably get going, but Sasha asks him to stay. He says, Epiphany won’t like it, and she asks if he’s still afraid of her. Michael says, yes, adding, Epiphany isn’t afraid of anybody, even Obrecht. Sasha thinks that’s a lesson she could use a tutor for. Michael says, you can’t choose your relatives, but if you’re lucky, you can choose how much time you spend with them. He admits Obrecht is a lunatic, but she seems devoted to Nina, and by extension, Sasha. Why does Obrecht intimidate her?

Julian tells Ava, if he thought she meant that, he’d have left long ago. Ava asks if he wants her to beg. It won’t make a difference. He’ll be off to heal his wounded girlfriend. He says, Kim can’t do it herself. She’s not as strong as Ava. He asks how much Ava had to drink before she came, and she says, enough to tell him the truth. You can’t leave yourself. Kim is going to grieve no matter where she is, and he’ll still be him. What about the energy and effort he’s put in to become the friendly neighborhood barkeep? Julian says he wants a fresh start, and Ava says, she’s tried; over and over again. The world doesn’t let you forget who you are, and they’re Jeromes. You think you’ve put it behind you, but then circumstances will change. You find yourself backed into a corner, an learn how quickly you can maneuver into the person you’ve always been. Obrecht walks in.

On the terrace, Carly tells Josslyn, the weather is going to change soon. She’ll miss the nice nights. Josslyn says, that’s it? and Carly says, fall is nice; the nip in the air, and sweaters are great. Josslyn says Carly’s not letting her have it? Carly tells her, her dad said what needed to be said. Josslyn says she knows he’s right, and Carly says Josslyn scared her. Josslyn says, sorry, but Carly says, let her finish. She can handle Josslyn skipping school, but being unavailable and not returning texts can’t happen. She needs to know where Josslyn is. When most parents don’t hear from their kid, they assume their kid is afraid to come home because they’ll be punished. Theirs is not a typical family. When she doesn’t hear from Josslyn, and she disappears from school, Carly’s mind goes to a different place.

Dev tells Sonny, classes were okay, and the kids were nice. They didn’t ask too many questions. He still thinks it’s a waste, and he’d do better working in Sonny’s warehouse. Sonny says Dev won’t get anywhere in life without an education, and if he’s not in school, people will ask questions. And the same people will figure out who he is. Dev says, like Josslyn’s father.

Nina sees Jax in his office, and says he’s there late. He says he was looking for papers he wants to take home, and she says, her too. He asks how Sasha is, and Nina says, she’s doing so much better. Her recovery is on track, she’s walking and talking, and Finn thinks she can be discharged tomorrow. Jax says he’s relieved. He would hug her… Nina says she’d let him if she didn’t know he was out to destroy Valentin.

Obrecht orders a vodka and tonic. Ava says, no karaoke at The Floating Rib? Obrecht says she was banned, but it’s only temporary. There was an unfortunate incident during Drag Bingo involving a feather boa and her cards. Words were exchanged. She tells Ava she’s buying, and Ava asks what they’re drinking to. Obrecht says her grandniece’s long life. Her prognosis turned for the better. Julian says he’s glad. Happiness is hard to argue with. Julian feels the same way when he sees Lucas with Wiley. Obrecht says, even at the expense of his real parent. Ava asks what she means, and Obrecht says, bad choice of words. She meant his biological parent; a little slip. She knows how powerful a mother’s love is for her children. Julian mixes their drinks, and slips something into Obrecht’s.

Sasha tells Michael that she and Obrecht are still getting to know each other. Michael says, so are they. What struck him is that he’s never seen Sasha intimidated. Maybe he’s reading it wrong. But if there was any time to be intimidated, it was Wiley’s birthday party when she was surrounded by his crazy family. She says, they were nice, and Michael says, she took it in stride. With Obrecht, it seems different. She says he’s right. Obrecht does make her nervous. She puts Sasha on edge because she knows Sasha’s not the person Nina wants her to be.

Laura tells Curtis, she was at the reading of Helena’s will. If there was a valuable artifact or something that would bring Valentin down, she thinks she would know. There was nothing mentioned in the will. How does Curtis know it exists? He says his employer is convinced it does. Laura says, and it can bring down Valentin? He assumes that appeals to her, and she says, it does. He has to remember Valentin is Charlotte’s father. Whatever happens to him, also happens to Charlotte. He says, right, but she also has to think about her grandson. If the job gets done, there will be no need to keep an ocean between Spencer and Valentin. Spencer can return home permanently.

Sonny says Dev figured out Jax. Impressive. They can’t stand each other. Jax wants to take Sonny down, but not at Dev’s expense. Dev doesn’t think Jax likes him, but Sonny says, what Jax doesn’t like is a teenage boy living under the same roof as his daughter. Dev asks if him being there is causing trouble for Josslyn, but Sonny says, Josslyn is going through a lot. She’s going to go through the same thing, with or without Dev.

Carly tells Josslyn, it’s not a conversation she wants to have, but the reality is that Sonny is her husband and Josslyn’s stepfather. A lot of people want what they have, hate them for having it, and will hurt them to get it. So when Josslyn disappeared and didn’t return her texts, Carly’s mind went to a dark place. Josslyn says she’s really sorry. She didn’t want make Carly worry. Carly knows that, and she’ll get over it, but she needs Josslyn to promise to talk to her. She knows she’s asking a lot of her. She has a lot of stuff going on at home and school, and if it’s too much, Josslyn has to tell her or her dad. She can’t keep it bottled up. The more you hold back, it turns to poison. She takes Josslyn’s hand, and says it will hurt her more in the long run than if she just tells them how she’s feeling. Let them help her. Josslyn nods.

Jax tells Nina that she’s gone through hell, and he has his own daughter’s drama. Can they do this tomorrow? She says she’s just stating a fact. He has files on Valentin and Cassandra. It’s no accident, and he’s up to something. She doesn’t know what his agenda is, but thinks Aurora is a cover for it. She’s going to make sure Drew knows. He says, that’s not possible, and she says, what the hell does that mean? Valentin pops in, and says he thought they were leaving. Nina says they are, but Jax doesn’t want her to share her suspicions with Drew. Jax says, Drew is missing, and presumed dead. He’s the sole remaining CEO of Aurora.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s not the person Nina wants, and Obrecht knows it. She sees through to who Sasha really is. Michael says Obrecht is no one’s idea of a good judge of character. She’s made Sasha question her calls, when she’s come to trust her instincts She asks, what do his instincts tell him? He says, that she has a story to tell, and there’s an ugly part. So does his story. If she doesn’t turn away from his, he won’t from hers.

Obrecht is passed out on the bar, and Ava says, who knew she was such a lightweight? Julian tells Ava that her ride is there, and she says he can’t wait to be rid of her. He wants to get away because she reminds him of the things he wants to forget. Like happiness is fleeting for people like them. Regret like a slow poison. You don’t know where it came from, but you wake up and can’t breathe. She doesn’t blame him for trying to get away, but he can’t escape himself. He walks her to the door, saying he loves her, but she’s had a little too much. She asks if he’ll be mad at her in the morning, but he says, absolutely not. She’s given him a lot to think about. Ava says he’s still her brother, always and forever. She toddles off, and Julian goes back to the bar and an unconscious Obrecht. He picks up his paring knife. Great weapon of choice.

Dev says, maybe it would be easier if Josslyn didn’t have to keep the truth from her dad. Sonny says, it’s not an option to tell the truth. Josslyn and Carly come back in, and Sonny asks if everything is okay. Carly says, it’s good, and Josslyn says, sorry to worry them. Sonny is just happy she’s okay. Carly suggests Josslyn and Dev get cleaned up for dinner. Josslyn goes upstairs, but Dev says he has to get a book out of the car. Sonny asks Carly if everything is really okay. She says, tonight it’s okay. What did Dev say? Sonny says he’s just concerned about Josslyn lying for him. She says, he’s perceptive. They do need to discuss what they’re going to do with him. Sonny says he’s not looking forward to it, but Carly says, it’s not working. They have to send Dev away for everyone’s good, including Josslyn’s. Dev listens from outside the door.

Laura says Curtis makes a good case. He asks her to tell him what she knows, and she says she’ll do better. She can think of a couple of places Helena may have hid the artifact, and she’s going to help him find it. He laughs, and says, she’s mayor. She doesn’t have the time. She says he made a case to bring her grandson home; she can make the time. Congratulations. He has a partner again. They high-five.

Julian raises the knife… and stabs the cutting board. He tells Obrecht, time to get up and get a cab to go home. She’s drunk.

Michael says he’s going to go; Sasha needs her rest. Sasha says she promised him answers, and he says, when she’s fully recovered. Still being in the hospital is just getting there. That comes after she’s discharged. She can tell him what she wants, or not. He’s got the only answer he needs. Finn told him that she’d be okay. He kisses her, and tells her, get some rest.

Nina ask if there’s no chance of finding Drew alive. Jax says he’s hired crews to help search, but the plane went down in the Gulf of Aden, and the wreckage was confirmed. He’s sorry to tell her like this. Nina says she can’t remember the last time she saw Drew. His poor family. He’s been so supportive; it doesn’t make sense. Valentin tells her, let’s go, and they leave. In the hallway, Nina says she was so happy. Her daughter pulled through, and she’s going to marry Valentin. She was on top of the world. He says she will be again, with him, and sooner than she thinks.

The index finger of a manicured hand taps on the table. The other hand holds a phone showing Valentin and Nina’s wedding announcement. The woman smashes the phone down, and we see the announcement through a cracked screen.

Tomorrow, Peter needs to tell Valentin something,

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York…

Ryan interviewed agents for a new rental team to deal with the building he’s obligated to broker. Amelia’s mom came to stay for a while, and when Ryan brought a baby outfit home, he got schooled in Greek superstition. Not only is it bad luck to buy gifts for the baby before it’s born, you can’t walk over a pregnant woman’s legs. This can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck. It’s also necessary to give in to every demand the pregnant woman makes, or the baby could be born with a birthmark in the shape of what’s been requested. A rule obviously made up by a smart, but demanding, pregnant woman. Ryan didn’t want his baby coming out shaped like ice cream, so he said he’d take the outfit back. He built a rental team from his interviews, but developer David wanted to put things on hold, since the apartments were still under construction. Ryan explained to us that he’d named several buildings to make the apartments more recognizable, rather than just listing them by number address, and it helped with sales. David nixed the name the Smile, but I would have too. It’s not exactly the Gibraltar or the Jacqueline. Later, Ryan’s team received a list from David, of twenty-five things they were doing wrong with the property in the Great Jones building. It sounded absolutely bogus. For example, one thing was not playing up the history, when Ryan went so far as to dress in costume for an open house. He found out David had gotten the information from other brokers, and said they were just trying to get the listing, but he decided to take it seriously. The complaints went after what he’s about; his commitment and work ethic. He told his team to get to work. He met with David, who was about to fire him. Ryan told David that the accusations were false, and drummed up by jealous agents, trying to get the property. What Ryan really thought the problem was, was the market, so his team came up with several new ideas in seven hours, including informational booklets. He also suggested the penthouse be sold first, and the others, one by one. He said buyers were tired of new developments. He offered to split the cost 50/50 with David, of the $150K it would take to do what was needed. David was impressed, and decided to keep Ryan, but told him to save the hug for after he sold the apartment.

Steve was still looking for a rental for childhood friend Phil. Steve told us a common conundrum with people looking for investment properties, was that they start thinking about themselves and their personal taste. Luiza was in London, tying up some loose ends, so Phil and Steve hung out like the old days. They did some boxing, some cryotherapy (Steve did anyway), and shots at a bar. Phil had looked at two units in the same building, one of them being brokered by Fredrik. They made an offer of a million less than the asking price, one of the factors being that it was competing with another apartment in the building. Fredrik felt it was way too low because of the parking spot, and countered at only a hundred thousand less than full ask. While Phil and Steve enjoyed their time at the bar, Steve called Fredrik’s competitor, said they were in active negotiation with Fredrik on the other apartment, and got the apartment at the $6.5 million they’d offered Fredrik. This one was on a lower floor, but also had a terrace, whereas the other apartment did not. Fredrik called while they were in the bar, and Steve gave him the good news that Phil had taken the other apartment for well under seven million. Back from London, Luiza had gotten the baby’s gender in an envelope from the hospital. She wanted to find out together with Steve, so she gave it to a balloon company, and got a balloon. When they popped it open – Steve made Luiza chase a moving target – pink confetti flew out. Steve and Luiza are having a girl.

Tyler’s seller Jillian was in panic mode. She needed to sell quickly because they’d already found their dream home. The other property on his plate was in the Mercantile building, where people were paying $8-$12K a month to rent (my heart). He decided to have a residents’ event, and turn renters into buyers. He recruited friend Oz Pearlman, a mentalist from America’s Got Talent, to come to his open house. He was amazingly accurate, and even explained a little about how he gauges people’s reactions to his questions. Some things were still a mystery though, and I wondered how the blip he did it. Tyler’s brother Zack also paid him a visit. Tyler explained that he and Zack were complete opposites – he being out there energetic and gay, and Zack being lumberjack straight and quiet – but somehow their relationship works. Zack was getting ready to drive a van through South America with his wife for the next year. He showed Tyler the van, and described how he was going to revamp it for travel. That there would be the lack of a toilet, caused Tyler to wonder how they came out of the same woman. Not getting any offers yet for the Mercantile, Tyler also did private showings for non-residents. He found the problem to be that there were competing properties that were more of a blank canvas or a turnkey property – something immediately available to move in to. The apartment had been very specifically renovated, with a little girl’s room and a walk-in closet turned nursery, and the owners were still living there. When he found out the time frame had changed, and Jillian’s family couldn’t move for another few months, he suggested getting a temporary rental for them, and re-renovating the apartment to be more attractive to buyers. They could put off selling, and do it when the time was right, getting a better price. Since the sellers owned the apartment outright, they could afford to wait. He told us moving was the second most stressful thing (death and divorce being number one and three, respectively), and he wanted to show his buyers that he cared about the transition they were going through, including being patient. I have to confess, I thought he might be a d-bag from the previews, but that’s very selfless. He’s tipping the scales toward good guy.

Most of Fredrik’s story was with Steve, but he did have an open house on what turned out to be the coldest day of the year. Steve was supposed to be there, but was forty-five minutes late. By then, a lot of the people had left. Fredrik wanted Steve to come up with Phil’s offer, but Steve held firm, reiterated that it was a buyer’s market, and you know the rest. Fredrik met with broker Younghee, and Pomeranian, Hendrix the Dog, and told her about Phil buying the other apartment. He said a comp was established, and affected everything. She called her seller, and spoke in an Asian tongue, so Fredrik couldn’t listen in and kibbutz. He said the only solution was for him to learn every language in the world. The seller wanted another $100K, and Fredrik’s buyer took it.

Next time, Ryan competes with Tyler for a listing, and Fredrik and Ryan dress up like Tony in Saturday Night Fever.

💬 Along with Southern Charm and Below Deck (I prefer the original, but the Med ain’t bad), IMO, Million Dollar Listing New York is one of the best reality shows. While I don’t mind a good catfight, many of the Housewives shows have deteriorated, while these shows have grown. Below Deck is a different animal, with the crew changing over frequently, and the guests ever-changing, but I include it because the focus is less on the fighting, and more on the job and the vacation. Unless the fighting is among the guests, and we get to laugh along with the crew members. I miss Josiah who gave me one of my favorite quotes when guest Crystal drunkenly refused to leave the deck to go to bed, and swatted at anyone who tried to encourage that. She’s wrapped herself in a sort of shame cocoon. Many of the cast members in SC and MDLNY have grown from basically bratty young adults to contributing members of society. Well, Fredrik is still a little bratty. Many of them have kids and serous careers now, which I’m sure accounts for a lot of the change. All three have one major thing in common – the cast seems to genuinely care about one another. While they might be at odds at times, deep down they feel affection for each other. They make me smile and laugh more than I’m shocked at the stupidity and/or obnoxiousness. Proof positive that reality TV is more than table flipping and wig pulling.

To end my mini diatribe, I include another quote, this time from Captain Sandy (Below Deck Mediterranean) who I was recently watching in Captain Sandy’s Yachtrageous Moments, a compilation of scenes from seasons past. When I wake up thinking about you, it’s not a good day for you, because it’s probably your last day.

🍸 Adam Who…?

I guess having a relationship, but insisting they didn’t, didn’t work out.


🌺 All Growed Up…

I don’t think any of this stuff is from Five Below either.


👰 Funny, I Didn’t See It That Way…

I never thought Bethenny meant anything except Suckerfish Hoppy still won’t legally let her go.


👓 Probably Not My Weekend…

But I like the beat.








September 11, 2019 – Dustin Crashes a Party, D’Andra Gets Roasted (Sort Of), Thomas Pleads Guilty & Suite New York


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Reporters mob Laura, asking if the rumor about an Avian flu outbreak is true. She says, there was one case identified. The patient was isolated and successfully treated. There’s nothing to be concerned about.

Valentin, Nina, and Charlotte arrive at Charlie’s for Rocco’s birthday party. Charlotte asks if Nina thinks he’ll like what they got him, and Nina says, who wouldn’t like a Yankees jacket?  Sonny says he can’t call Rocco little anymore; he’s a big boy. Lulu says she doesn’t like it. He’s growing up too fast. Sonny is surprised to see Valentin there, and Valentin asks if Sonny has a moment. He’d like to talk before the festivities. Nina takes Charlotte to give Rocco his present, and Sonny tells Valentin, he’s listening. Valentin says he has a favor to ask.

Laura assures the reporters, the flu is contained, and there’s no risk of an outbreak. A reporter asks if she has any comment on Drew’s plane vanishing.

On the phone, Jax tells someone to keep looking. He’ll spare no expense. Curtis comes in, and asks, what’s going on? Jax says he’s hired a private charter company to scout the area where the wreckage was spotted, but they’re not offering much hope. Curtis says, that’s because they don’t know Drew. Curtis hasn’t counted Drew out yet.

Laura says, obviously, Aurora Media is an important business to Port Charles, as is their CEO. She’s hopeful about his return. A reporter asks if the knife attack on Andre is connected, but Jordan intervenes, saying they have work to do, and their questions will be answered at the scheduled press conference. She and Laura go into the station, and Laura thanks Jordan. Jordan says, the reporters are just doing their job, and Laura says she needs to do hers. She asks for a rundown of everything that’s happened in the past few days. Um… has she not been paying attention?

Sam sees Elizabeth at the hospital. She says she came there to see Andre, but he wasn’t in his room. Elizabeth says he’s in for tests, and it might take a while. Sam says Jason told her about the wreckage, but Elizabeth wonders if they’re sure it was his plane. Sam says, no bodies were found. Drew may still be alive. He wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Franco tells Kim, it might sound crazy, but he’s not crazy. He knows the body he’s in isn’t his, and the body of the man who held her, the father of her child, is gone. He’s at the bottom of the ocean. Kim says, it doesn’t make sense, and he says, it’s a lot to take in. Kim says, it can’t be. He holds her, and says, it’s okay.

Josslyn sits by the Oscar’s Meadow plaque. Trina and Cameron show up, and Trina says she told him Josslyn would be there. Josslyn says, she was just… Trina says, ditching the first day of school. Josslyn says she can explain, but Trina says she doesn’t have to. One minute they were talking about the paisley romper situation on their homeroom teacher, and the next, she was gone. Cameron says, if it’s any consolation, everyone is asking about Franco. Trina says, on the plus side, Josslyn’s cousin is causing a stir. Cameron says, every girl wants to show him around. Trina says, there’s also a hot new English teacher. She’s sitting in the front row. Cameron says, tomorrow will be better. It’s only up from there. Josslyn says she couldn’t take hearing everyone talking about tryouts, who’s on student council, and what they did over the summer. They’re just moving on with their lives, when Oscar isn’t.

Olivia tells Laura that she can’t believe Julian picked today of all days to schedule the inspection. Laura says, he’s eager to leave town with Kim, and Olivia says, luckily, it went smoothly. Laura says Olivia seems excited about buying the place. She can’t wait to see what Olivia does with it. Charlotte and Leo give Rocco their presents, but he doesn’t seem into it. Olivia suggests they take their presents to the present table, and grab something to eat, adding, save room for ziti. Laura asks Rocco if something is wrong, and Rocco says, no. She says he seems quiet, and Olivia says this is a family party; he’ll see his friends tomorrow. He gets two parties. Rocco says not all of the family is there.

Valentin and Sonny step outside. Valentin says they have a common enemy – Cassandra Pierce. Sonny says she’s Valentin’s enemy. Michael was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Valentin says, Michael is a witness now. For everyone’s sake, Sonny needs to do what he does best, and take care of Cassandra.

Curtis asks Jax where they left off with the codicil. Hayden says, the theory is that Helena hid it on Cassadine property. She made reference to  keeping it close. Curtis says, they never did tell him how Spencer found out, but Jax suggests Curtis focus on the search, and they’ll worry about the rest. He wants to rule out Spoon Island, and tells Curtis, focus on that. Hayden wants to check in with her sister, and Curtis says he should be on his way too. They can’t risk Valentin seeing them together, but Jax says they have unfinished business.

Sam says, Drew was flying to Afghanistan to right a wrong, even if he doesn’t remember it. Elizabeth says with Andre back, she has a chance to put her family back together. She can’t believe they might have lost Drew. Sam tells her, don’t go there yet, and Elizabeth says, if the worst happened, at least it wasn’t in vain. He gave them a chance to save Franco. She tells Sam, just say it. She doesn’t think having Franco back is worth it if Drew died.

Kim says Franco is wrong. Drew can’t be dead. Franco says, he was flying over the gulf and dropped off the radar. When the wreckage was found, it was confirmed to be Drew’s plane. Kim says, no, and sits on the bed. She slides to the floor, and Franco says, it’s okay. He’s there, and he’s not going anywhere. She cries in his arms. I see her keeping her distance is going well. And why would Chase even discuss this in front of her?

Rocco wishes his dad was there. Lulu says they talked about this. His dad is still sick, and has to get better before coming home. Rocco asks how long he’s going to be sick for? Olivia knows it will work out, and thinks they can make an exception for him to open one present now. She puts a soap opera wrapped box in front of him. You know the kind. It’s wrapped, but the lid comes right off; no unwrapping necessary. Rocco opens the card, and it says, to the best son in the world; love, Dad. It’s a new baseball glove. He says he likes it, but dad already gave him a glove. Olivia says, it’s a better one. His dad wanted him to have the best of the best. Rocco tells her, if she talks to him, tell him thanks, and runs off. Lulu asks, what the hell was that? Olivia just lied to Rocco.

Laura tells Jordan, in a perfect world, the press would give Drew’s family space, but Jordan says she can’t fault them for being curious. Laura says, Aurora is one of Port Charles’s biggest companies, and its CEO’s plane vanished? Jordan says, unfortunately, there’s not much they can do, but the WSB has made it a high-priority investigation. Laura says, at the same time Drew’s plane went down, Andre was stabbed. She asks if there’s any evidence the two things are connected. Jordan says Andre’s description of his attacker is their only lead. It’s someone who has a vested interest in keeping Franco the same. Laura wonders, who could that be?

There’s a knock at Franco’s hotel room door, and he tells Kim, they’ll go away. The knocking continues, and Kim gets up, telling him if he’s not getting it, she will. It’s Chase, and Franco asks how his jaw is. Chase says, recovering. He asks if he can come in, and Franco asks, what’s up? Chase says, the ankle monitor is coming off soon, and Franco says he’s counting the hours. Chase says, he’d like to ask Franco a few questions. He thinks they should talk privately, but Kim asks if it’s about Drew. Franco says he told Kim that Drew’s plane went down. Chase says they’ve coordinated with the authorities internationally. They’re searching the area at the moment, but there’s no evidence of survivors. Franco asks if Chase came all this way to say that. Chase says Drew went to find Andre so Andre could treat him. Franco says he heard, and Chase says, it tuns out that Drew’s plane went down at the same time Andre was stabbed.

Sam tells Elizabeth, she’s not getting into this, but Elizabeth wants her to tell what she’s thinking. Sam says she’s thinking she doesn’t want to tell Scout that her father’s not coming home. Elizabeth doesn’t want to tell her boys that one more person they care about is gone, but at least Drew died trying to save Franco. Sam says, Franco’s life isn’t worth Drew’s death. There; she said it. Elizabeth says he’s spent years trying to be a better person, and Sam asks if Elizabeth forgot what Franco did to her. She has to live with the memory. Elizabeth asks if Sam is hoping it’s permanent, and Franco thinks he’s Drew for the rest of his life. Sam says, maybe he’d be happier. Everyone else would. Elizabeth should accept he’s gone and move on. Hayden appears, and asks if they have a problem here?

Olivia asks Lulu, what’s the problem? and Lulu says she doesn’t lie to her son. She was hoping his Nona didn’t either. Olivia says she’s seen a lot of pictures of Rocco with Santa, and Lulu says, that’s a different concept. She’s talking about Rocco’s father. Olivia says, it’s a white lie, and Lulu says she knows it’s well-intentioned, but it’s manipulative. Olivia says maybe Lulu has decided she doesn’t want to be a part of the family, but Rocco is. Charlotte yells at one of the other kids to let Rocco have a turn, and Olivia asks, who the hell is that?

Jax asks who Curtis is working for; him, Valentin, or someone else? Curtis says they’re on the same side. He made a mistake, and it won’t happen again. Jax asks if Curtis understands that it could damage or end his friendship with Nina. Curtis says, she’ll get over it. Like she’s going to get over Valentin when she finds out what kind of man he is. He’s ruthless. She has money, and doesn’t need Valentin’s fortune. Jax says they need to get to work going over Helena’s history. They’ve been brainstorming about where she hid the codicil. It’s a big world, and the Cassadines have property on every continent. Curtis says they need an expert on Helena. He knows just the person.

Laura asks Jordan if Finn is sure the virus won’t spread. Jordan says, 100%. Sasha was a target, and it was deliberately administered by Cassandra in retaliation. Apparently, Anna and Valentin were working together to bust Cassandra. Laura wonders, why go after someone several steps removed? Why not Nina or Charlotte? Jordan says, good question. And why was Anna spared? She thinks Valentin isn’t telling them the whole story about what happened with Cassandra.

Nina finds Valentin and Sonny outside, and asks, what’s going on? Sonny says her fiancé was asking him a favor. Valentin says if Cassandra was no longer a threat, he’d be indebted. Sonny says he has the wrong guy. He doesn’t know what rumors Valentin heard, but he imports coffee. I’m surprised they’re not all laughing.

Sam tells Hayden that she was just on her way out, but Hayden says it didn’t look that way. It looked like she was arguing with her sister. Sam says it doesn’t concern Hayden, and Elizabeth says she just overreacted. Hayden says, no one jumps on her sister, and Drew is the last person who would want them to. Sam asks if they forgot why they came to Port Charles in the first place. Sam’s phone dings, and she say she has someplace to be. She tells Elizabeth, for what it’s worth, she just wanted check in on her. Elizabeth flashes back to telling Franco (when he had long hair!) that he was a good friend to her when the town hated her. He says she deserves a break. Everyone needs a friend. He says he moved on from being a horror show, and she believes he changed. She says she knows he has. Elizabeth remembers Franco as Drew telling her he wants to get back his life. She says he’s robbing her of her husband, but he says, sorry; it’s not him. He doesn’t even remember marrying her. He’s not trying to hurt her or her children. He puts his ring on the coffee table, and says he just wants to get on with his life.

Chase asks if Franco knew Andre personally, but Franco has no idea if they ever met. Chase says he’s referring to Andre’s relationship with Andrew Cane. Franco says as far as he knows, they never met, but he’s heard Andre was instrumental in developing the memory transfer program that started this mess. Why? Chase says he’s running down possible connections, and Kim says, he has no right to question Drew. He had nothing to do with this. Franco is all pleased that she called him Drew.

Dustin and Rocco thumb wrestle. Olivia asks who he is, and what is he doing with the kids? Rocco says, he’s mommy new friend. Lulu introduces him and says they met on story she was working on. She tells Dustin that Olivia is her mother-in-law… Rocco’s grandmother, and Sonny is his grandfather. He says he’s sorry he interrupted a private party. Olivia says, it kind of is, and Lulu says, it’s a family birthday party. Rocco asks if Dustin can stay, but Lulu is sure he has other places to be. He says he wouldn’t mind staying.

Kim tells Chase, Franco had nothing to do with Andre being stabbed or the plane going down. Chase says he never claimed Franco did. He’s following every lead, and they don’t have much at the moment. Franco has been vocal about not wanting to be a part of the memory reversal. Kim asks what time Andre was stabbed. Chase tells her, and she says, Franco’s not the guy. He was in Oscar’s Meadow at the time. If Chase doesn’t believe her, she’s sure there’s evidence on the security camera. Chase says he believes them. He doesn’t consider Franco a suspect. Andre described his attacker, and he was hoping Franco might help. Franco and Kim look at a picture on Chase’s phone, and Franco says, no. He’s never seen the man. Chase says he’ll pass on Franco’s alibi to Jordan. If he has more questions… Kim tells him to contact Franco’s attorney, Scott Baldwin. Chase leaves, and Kim looks at Franco. He smiles.

Laura gives a present to Leo. She sees Valentin and Nina, and tells them that she’s glad to hear Sasha is better. Nina says they’re all relieved. Laura says they believe Cassandra was targeting Sasha because she wanted revenge. She finds it curious that Cassandra wouldn’t be going for someone more responsible for her capture. There was no mention of Nina. Valentin says, that’s because she wasn’t involved. Laura says, time will tell. Enjoy the party.

Sam goes to Jax’s office and says, he wanted to see her? He thanks her for coming, but wishes it were under better circumstances. He tells her, everyone at Aurora is devastated about Drew, and asks how she’s holding up. She says, okay. She’s trying to stay positive. He says he’s providing private resources to help with the search, but does have some considerations to account for. Drew’s absence has already thrown Aurora into disarray. He has a possible solution, but would need her help.

Hayden asks if Elizabeth is okay, and Elizabeth says she’s fine. Hayden asks what Sam said that riled her up? Elizabeth says Sam pushed, but she did most of the talking. There’s always tension between them. They try to bury it and be civil, but there’s always an undercurrent waiting for one of them to say the wrong thing, and they go off. Hayden says she’d offer to beat her up, but Sam would wipe the floor with her. Elizabeth says, accurate, but she appreciates the sentiment. Hayden says, what are sisters for?

Josslyn and Trina talk about the hot English teacher. Cameron tells them his mom just texted, and needs him at home right away. Josslyn asks, what’s going on? and he tells them, she just said she needed to talk to him and his brothers. Trina says, maybe it’s news about Franco. He says he’ll see both of them in school – he hopes. Josslyn says she should head home too. She’s been dodging texts and calls from her mother all afternoon. Trina says ignoring Carly is bold, and Josslyn says she might as well get Carly’s wrath over with, but Trina suggests they grab a snack and talk more about what happened to her today.

Laura tells Lulu this is the happiest she’s seen Rocco in months, and Lulu says, her too. Valentin asks if they can discuss Charlotte’s schedule. Nina says they want to adjust it a little. Valentin says they have a wedding coming up, and want to make sure Charlotte is there. Laura asks if they’re sure it’s a good idea. Cassandra could come back. Valentin says they considered it, but don’t want to put their lives on hold.

Jax tells Sam, outside the Quartermaines, Drew’s only living family is Scout; she’s his sole heir. Sam says, that’s correct. Jax says he doesn’t want to get ahead of himself, but wants to protect Scout’s birthright, and make sure the company is stabilized if Drew comes back. He’d like her to come back, and run Drew’s side of the company.

Franco thanks Kim for having his back with Chase. Kim asks how he can be so calm when Chase was practically accusing him. Franco says Chase was just doing his job. He had nothing to do with it, and it’s over. Kim says, he’s just going to let it go? Franco says he doesn’t see Andre as being innocent. If it wasn’t for Andre, he’d have come home and been there for her when she reached out. They would have had time together with their son. Andre took that away from them. At least that’s what he thought, but she called him Drew.

Lulu asks if there’s anything Dustin can’t do. Olivia tells Sonny that she doesn’t know if Rocco knows his parents are divorced, or if he even knows what divorce is. Now he sees his mother hanging out with a new guy. For all they know, she’s dating him. Sonny tells her not to jump to conclusions. Besides, Dante divorced Lulu. Olivia says, he just did it to be noble, and Sonny says, his motive, his choice. They can’t expect Lulu to put her life of hold because of Dante. Lulu and Dustin clean up, and she says she bets he didn’t know this was how he was going to spend his evening. He says it’s the least he can do after crashing the party, since he wasn’t invited. Lulu says Rocco wanted him to stay. He’s clearly happy. Dustin hopes Rocco’s not the only one. Trina and Josslyn come in, and Trina says the hot teacher she was talking about is here, and he’s getting his flirt on. Josslyn sees them and smiles.

Franco says he hasn’t lost sight of what happened. He understands the man he used to be is missing and presumed dead, but here he is. Whatever he is; some kind of leftover ghost. He thinks as humans, that’s all they really are; a collection of memories. He remembers every moment they had together. Kim says she has to go, but he says she doesn’t have to. She tells him that she’s said everything she needed say. Franco says, so did he, and she jets.

On the phone, Elizabeth tells Bobbie, she’ll be home soon. Hayden asks if everyone is okay, and Elizabeth says, Bobbie is dropping Jake and Aiden off. Cameron should be home by now. Hayden says, talk to her, and Elizabeth says, the boys are going through so much uncertainty. Franco has effectively disappeared, and been replaced be a stranger who doesn’t want to know them. Now she has to tell them Drew isn’t coming home. She doesn’t know how she’ll manage. Hayden does. They’ll do it together.

Sam tells Jax that she doesn’t know what to say. He says she’s experienced, and who better to fill the position? If Drew comes back, the company will be ready for him. If he doesn’t, she can opt to run it, or recruit someone. She wants to stop him there. She understands wanting to save the company, and appreciates him caring about Scout, but she can’t fathom any of it right now. Not until she knows more about what happened to Drew. Jax tells her, take her time, and just know if she needs anything, he’s there.

Nina and Valentin leave Charlie’s. Nina says, Laura is as suspicious as ever, but Valentin says, of him, not her. She can’t prove anything. Nina says she can never tell if Valentin actually has things under control, or he’s just good at faking it to reassure her. Valentin says he never has everything under control, but he’s taking care of it. Nina wants to get back to Sasha.

Laura asks Josslyn and Trina how the first day of school was. Trina asks how she knew it was the first day, and Laura says, she’s mayor. She’s expected to know that stuff. Trina says English is her favorite class, and Josslyn says, it’s too soon to call. She’ll have a better idea in a week or so. Laura says she’s her father’s daughter. She has a cool head, and a wait and see attitude. That’s a good business tactic. She tells Josslyn, don’t wait too long. Sometimes you have to jump in, and do your best. Curtis walks in, and Laura hugs him. He says he’s sorry to intrude, but her office said she’d be there. She says, the party is over anyway. He asks her to tell him everything she knows about Helena.

Tomorrow, Nina asks Valentin if he’s ready for this, Obrecht tells Sasha that they’re in this together, and Jax remains the sole CEO of Aurora.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kary, Stephanie and Kameron go for a workout. In her interview, Stephanie explains that electrical stimulation is used, and in twenty minutes she can get a great workout. That means she has more time to eat. The instructor tells them it contracts every muscle, and Kary wonders if she’ll have multiple orgasms. He says he can’t make any promises. In Kameron’s interview, she says she loves Kary. She has absolutely no filter whatsoever; she’s so entertaining. You don’t know what will come out of her mouth. This seems funny, coming from someone who freaked out about sex toys. Kameron and Stephanie get hooked up first. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she and Kameron have been working out together for a few months. It helps them to have a friendship outside of the group. Kameron tells them that her mother always told her, beauty is pain. In her interview, she says the device contracts the muscles so you feel like you’re hiking a mountain, but you’re not. She tells Stephanie that she’s going to the global pet expo, but she changed her ticket date so she could attend D’Andra’s roast. In Stephanie’s interview, she thinks D’Andra is a little crazy, since she doesn’t take criticism very well. She doesn’t think D’Andra knows what a roast is. She might think it’s a pot roast. Stephanie tells Kary that once she realizes the electrical current isn’t harming her, she’ll be fine. Kary says she was hoping for an orgasm, but instead, it’s killing her

Brandi and LeeAnne go out to eat at what looks like a Dave and Buster’s. In Brandi’s interview, she says she and LeeAnne are in a good space. They saw each other at a baby shower. They laughed, and joked, and had an amazing time. LeeAnne tells Brandi, they connected at the baby shower. She’s always had a soft place for Brandi, and Rich is loving it. He told her to invite Brandi to the wedding. In Brandi’s interview, she’s not sure if she’s on the B, D, or Z list. LeeAnne says she wants her and Brandi’s relationship to be about them, and no one else. If someone comes to Brandi and says LeeAnne called her a piece of sh*t, call her. She’s not doing that backstabbing and twisting bullsh*t anymore. She doesn’t want other relationships to filter what they have. She doesn’t think they need teams. They can be individuals. Brandi says they have so much fun. LeeAnne asks if Brandi thinks D’Andra’s apology was as sincere as it should be. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, afterward, she went home and was thinking and processing. She thinks the apology wasn’t enough. She’s still hurt and angry. Brandi thinks D’Andra is trying to get there, but doesn’t think she’s somebody who shows emotion in a setting like that. In her interview, LeeAnne says, the damage D’Andra tried to inflict deserves more than one apology. She wants D’Andra to be specific, and wants her to do better. She tells Brandi that she’s still so angry.

Brandi tells nanny Alicia that she’s going shopping with Brooklyn. They’re having a one-on-one. In Brandi’s interview, she says Bruin takes a lot of her attention and time, and takes attention away from Brooklyn. What girl doesn’t bond over shopping? Possibly Brooklyn, since she wears earbuds in the car, and basically ignores Brandi in the store. In her interview, Brandi says, apparently, you take things out on the people you love the most, and apparently, that’s her. When she was Brooklyn’s age, she did a little lashing out, but her mom was her best friend, and she wants that for Brooklyn when she’s older. If she talked back, she got the belt on her butt, but she’s not doing that to her kids. She disciplines Brooklyn by taking away her tech or not letting her do something on the weekend. She asks if Brooklyn thinks she spends more time with Bruin, and Brooklyn says she doesn’t care.  She tells Brooklyn that if anything is bothering her, she can come to her mom. She feels like Brooklyn is moody. Brooklyn says Brandi is the one who’s moody. They buy a load of stuff, and Brandi tells the cashier that she isn’t guilty of bribery. In her interview, she says maybe Brooklyn will like her for five minutes. Ten if she’s lucky. Who says she can’t buy love?

LeeAnne and Rich go out to dinner. LeeAnne has difficulty maneuvering the cobblestone walk in her heels. Rich toasts to getting married, and LeeAnne says she’s excited. He shouldn’t want marry her; she’s crazy. He says, no argument. In her interview, LeeAnne says they met online, and when they met in person the first time, she thought he was hot. She wondered if she’d brushed her teeth or if she was wearing granny panties. She asks if she remembers what he asked her the first time they were in bed. He asked if she’d cheated on any of her boyfriends, and she told him that she cheated on every one of them. He says, for her to say she didn’t want to mess it up, and do that to him after doing it to everyone else, it was something even a cop would believe. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Rich told her they weren’t having sex that night. She asks if he thought she’d be there after the first morning, and he says he didn’t. She tells him that she never thought she’d get married, She thought she’d have to take care of herself her whole life. In her interview, she says she doesn’t think she ever pictured herself getting married. It’s every little girl’s dream, but not hers. (Um… I did end up getting married, but it wasn’t mine either.) Rich has been married three times, but it’s her first. She’s going to be the first Cinderella from Dallas, and have the wedding of her dreams. (Or not her dreams, as it were.) Rich thinks she’ll like the vows he wrote. They’re heartfelt and sincere; the real things he loves about her. She’s going to cry. She tells him that she loves him, and asks where he sees them in five years. He says sitting in divorce court, thinking he never knew she could be that mean.

LeeAnne meets D’Andra – who I’m starting to not like – for lunch. D’Andra says she got LeeAnne’s text, and LeeAnne thanks her for coming. In her interview, LeeAnne says, the wedding is coming up, and D’Andra tried to destroy it. She needs to own that she lied about Rich. She tells D’Andra that she wanted to have a moment where no one else was around, and they could air what’s between them. She started thinking about D’Andra conversing to her about the wedding – we flash back to D’Andra telling LeeAnne that she wants her to be happy – and thought the wedding might not have existed if she didn’t have the foundation with Rich that she has. She wants D’Andra to understand that she’s still hurt and a little angry. It’s a struggle for her, and she wants D’Andra to know where she truly is. D’Andra says they’re hurt for different reasons. She doesn’t want to rehash the past. She wants to own up to what she did. Good friends don’t do that. She’s sorry, and wants to move on. LeeAnne wants her to say she shouldn’t have brought Rich into it; that she knows he didn’t cheat, and he’s a good man. In her interview, D’Andra says LeeAnne wants her to say the truth, and that’s not the truth. She’s not going to refute the truth she knows. She tells LeeAnne that she apologizes for what she did. She shouldn’t have gotten involved in LeeAnne and Rich’s relationship. She adds that it wasn’t nefarious; what she did, she did for LeeAnne. LeeAnne says it didn’t benefit her. D’Andra claimed LeeAnne knew about it, and was keeping it from her. D’Andra says she’s sorry she said something about Rich not being faithful. Let’s move on. She doesn’t know what else to do. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she’s apologized three times. If LeeAnne can’t accept it, she doesn’t know what she expects. She’s not kissing LeeAnne’s ass. LeeAnne says, actions and words go together. She hasn’t heard from D’Andra since that meeting. D’Andra says she wanted to give LeeAnne space. We flash back to LeeAnne saying she needs time. D’Andra says she thought it was the best thing to do. LeeAnne says she’s putting the volleyball in D’Andra’s court. D’Andra asks if LeeAnne wants to come to her birthday party roast. She should love that. LeeAnne doesn’t think they’re in a position for her to be roasting D’Andra. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she’s taking the invitation as D’Andra wanting to move forward, but not a single hair on her head believes it’s going to be a real roast. The guests are just there to blow smoke up D’Andra’s ass. D’Andra asks how the wedding is going, and if they’re writing their vows. LeeAnne says Rich finished his, but she still has to do hers. D’Andra asks if LeeAnne has talked to her mother, and LeeAnne says she doesn’t have the same relationship with her mother as D’Andra has with hers. Her mother has no financial hold over her, so there’s no need to talk to her. D’Andra says the company is hers now, and she doesn’t need to pay for anything. She took Dee’s expenses off the payroll. LeeAnne says, not the country club? and D’Andra nods solemnly. D’Andra asks if there’s anything else they need to talk about, and LeeAnne tells her that she’s said everything she needs to say. D’Andra feels better, and says, cheers to the last drip. They drain their glasses of rosé.

Kary and Eduardo go to dinner. She’s glad they can go out for date. In her interview, she explains that when they met, neither one of them was fully divorced. Eduardo is very different from her first husband, who was younger. Eduardo is nine years older. She tells him she had lunch with her daughter, who’s going to college. Kary says she found a roommate, but needs four. Eduardo doesn’t know about her rooming with strangers, and Kary says, it’s normal. He asks if they’re random people, and says it’s not normal. In Kary’s interview, she says, marriage is hard. Her first marriage lasted almost ten years, and wasn’t great. Now she and Eduardo are coming up on their ten year anniversary. She’s hoping they make it past that. She tells Eduardo that she asked D’Andra if she was doing a trip for her 50th birthday, but she’s not going anywhere because of her business situation. She was thinking they have the house in Careyes. It would be nice to invite her, and let her have some fun. Eduardo thinks it’s a great idea. In Kary’s interview, she says the house has been around in the family for about thirty years. It’s like a mini resort. We see pictures, and yes, it is. It’s like its own Club Med. She says, it’s a magical place; they got married there. She tells Eduardo that she can’t believe they made it to ten years. It’s been hard. Moving to America is the hardest thing she’s done. He agrees it’s difficult, but she’s not always the easiest. She says it’s always her fault, and he tells her that she lives in a different universe. In her interview, Kary says he can be jealous, and she doesn’t like to be controlled. They fought about it for a few years. She asks, who invented marriage anyway? and tells Eduardo, he’d better try harder next year.

D’Andra gets her hair and make-up done by Liz and Ray. Liz asks whose idea it was to do a roast, and D’Andra says it was hers. She’s giving everyone an opportunity to say in public the things they won’t say to her. Liz says, some of them might not be nice.

Stephanie wants to hear Brandi’s roast. In her interview, Stephanie says she hates public speaking. She’s afraid she’ll be horrible, feel like a failure. She asks Bryan how it is, and Bryan says he watched Brandi write it and laugh at herself the whole time. In Brandi’s interview, she says she practiced at least two hours in the shower. She took a two-hour shower??? They get in the car, and Travis says, Stephanie and Brandi are like Beavis and Butthead. Stephanie says, fire, fire, fire!

D’Andra wants tonight to be about fun, laughter, joking, and being with friends and family. People she loves, and who love her – and some people who don’t love her anymore. The guests stream in, and it gets pretty crowded. Dee wants a chat with D’Andra. In D’Andra’s interview, she says Dallas women are trained to put on smile in every situation. It’s one big pageant. Dee asks if D’Andra is excited, and D’Andra says she’s nervous. She asked everyone to make fun of her. Dee says some might be judgmental, but don’t give a rip. D’Andra says she invited everyone; it was the right thing to do. I notice Dee is wearing these orchid blossom earrings with a pearl in the middle that I long for. I’ve seen them before on vaious Housewives, but they’re a little out of my price range. Dee says she’s proud of D’Andra. D’Andra says she loves Dee, and thanks her for the party. It’s gorgeous and she’s blessed. In her interview, D’Andra says she’s thankful, but would have preferred to get the money from her trust to run her business. She doesn’t want to get in an argument though.

Everyone parties. D’Andra slugs liquor straight from a gigantic bottle. Brandi asks how she’s feeling, and D’Andra says, nervous. She’ll probably cry in five seconds. Brandi tells her, don’t cry. Kary tells them about her idea for a girls trip to Mexico. Like, next week. D’Andra says, cancel your week for fun in Mexico. Everyone immediately agrees. It must be nice. They do a shot. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she couldn’t afford a trip this year, and can think of nothing better. Kameron isn’t wearing pink. What happened? Kary tells Kameron about the trip, and in her interview, Kameron says she’s the queen of girls trips. She loves them. D’Andra takes the mic, and tells everyone, be quiet. Mom, that means you. She wants to say thank you to everyone. She’s done so much looking at her life and the friends she’s amassed, it’s amazing to her – that they’re still here. Tonight is about the good, the bad, and the ridiculous. Go wild on her. They take more shots. D’Andra’s assistant tells Stephanie that she’s first. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s surprised LeeAnne isn’t there. Who wouldn’t want see D’Andra roasted? It’s a ticket you can’t just buy.

Stephanie gets up first. She says her biggest fear was getting on the stage, and the crowd being dead. Looking at them, she can see most are already there. She thought D’Andra would bring class, sophistication, and money to the charity scene, and boy, was she wrong. One thing they have in common is staying home all day, taking care of the house, and a spouse who works hard. She says she’s talking to Jeremy, and everyone laughs. She says she’s blessed to have D’Andra as her friend. LeeAnne comes up the walk to the venue. In her interview, she says she’s prepared for people to potentially throw a drink on her or talk sh*t to her face, but she’s walking in to show she’s trying to move forward. If D’Andra was getting genuinely roasted, there would be an ambulance and straitjacket, and they’d be telling her it’s going to be okay. The guests get up and say nice things, which LeeAnne declares, not a roast, in her interview. Brandi says as D’Andra has gotten older and wiser, she found her voice. She imitates D’Andra sounding like Dee, saying she doesn’t give a rip what they say. She changed the company name from Hard Night, Good Morning to Hard Sell, Good Riddance. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, that’s a roast. LeeAnne tells D’Andra’s assistant, if there’s time, she’d like to go up. More people say nice things.

Jeremy has a present for D’Andra and brings up a huge box. He says D’Andra has an insatiable love for food. There are fifty things in this box – donuts. Forty-five of them are average, for the years they weren’t together – and five are specially made to represent what she’s given to him. In her interview, Stephanie says she’d prefer fifty diamonds… fifty dresses… 50 Cent… In Brandi’s interview, she says D’Andra is going to be like the Cookie Monster. She’s going to eat fifty, and gain fifty. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, if it’s edible, and not glued down, D’Andra shoves it in her mouth.

D’Andra’s assistant tells D’Andra, LeeAnne is coming up. She announces, last not least, LeeAnne Locken. LeeAnne goes up. As she’s walking, someone says, be nice, and she says, bite my d*ck. She asks if D’Andra is shocked. She did invite LeeAnne. She says she remembers when she turned fifty, and it sucked. So welcome to the party. They’ve been on long journey together. They’ve loved and lost, and been by each other’s side. She was there when D’Andra married Jeremy. They’ve fallen along their way, but she wants D’Andra to know that taking steps forward is everything. She gives D’Andra a gift bag, saying she brought two candles. One says hope; and one, forgiveness. D’Andra can choose to burn either or both. D’Andra says she’ll burn forgiveness first, and hope next. Jeremy is like, meh, which is kind of rude.

The cake comes out – looking not unlike Melissa’s from the great RHONJ food fight – and everyone sings Happy Birthday. The ladies have a group hug. They’re excited about the trip.

Next time, the Mexico trip, Kameron thinks it looks like something out of James Bond movie, Kary asks if LeeAnne is always negative, and LeeAnne tells herself not to kill anyone – jail isn’t worth it.

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All I have to say is, I hope Kathryn gets full custody of those children.




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