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October 17, 2017 – Patient 6 Meets Ava Again, Undercover Eddie, Blind Side Guests & Yacht Mascots


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Scotty visits Ava. He thought she’d be celebrating how good she looks. She says it’s an improvement, but he insists she’s as good as new. She agrees to it being a lot better. He gives her the proceeds from Franco’s art exhibit, and she whistles. She knew it was a success, but didn’t know how much. Scotty says they cleaned up. Speaking of which, she could use a maid. He sees two martini glasses, and asks if she had company.

Father Cory says Griff was the last person he expected to hear from. Griff says he’s made a decision about his future and the priesthood.

Franco doesn’t find a match for Andrew Frank, and gets annoyed with the computer. Elizabeth says maybe he should ask nicely, and what does he want to know?

Patient 6 sniff’s Sam’s jacket, which is actually a little creepy, and wanders around a little. He picks up a toy motorcycle. He goes out to the balcony, hyperventilating. Sam comes into the apartment, and he sees her through the window. Jason comes in behind her. They kiss. Patient 6 looks worried in a Griff kind of way.

Griff tells Father Cory that he wrestled with his vocation and how to live his life, but got no definitive answer. Last night, it became more clear; he’s not meant for the priesthood. Father Cory says he doesn’t believe it. Griff took his vows seriously. Griff says he’s come to deeper understanding now, and has no doubt. Father Cory tells him faith and doubt go hand in hand. Griff says he realizes he can’t resume his role in the priesthood, and doesn’t want to. The priest asks what could have happened in one night? He can’t make a decision on a moment’s whim. Griff says he broke his vows, and if he had to do it again, he wouldn’t change it.

Ava tells Scotty that he can go now. He wants to know about her evening, and says she has attorney/client privilege. She tells him if she kills someone, she’ll let him know. He thought they were comfortable enough that she could confide in him. She says she had a drink with a friend. He says she’s half-dressed in the middle of the afternoon; is he still here? Ava asks if that would get him to leave, and says he’s not here, but yes, there was a man. He asks if she’s dating, and she wonders if she has to be dating someone to enjoy spending time with them. She asks if Scotty was thinking of asking her out. Scotty asks if she picked him up in a bar, and she asks what difference that makes. He says it makes a big difference. Not everyone is as reputable as he is. Someone might think their ship came in. Ava wonders if Scotty thinks the only reason a man would spend time with her is the lure of a bank account, since they can’t possibly be attracted to her the way she is. Scotty tells her that’s not what he meant.

Franco makes something up about wanting to take Elizabeth’s boys somewhere, and says he was checking on the weather. He says he’s trying to get used to the pseudo stepdad thing. Elizabeth is looking forward to when he accepts himself like she accepts him, but he says it’s only a matter of time before he screws it up. She asks if he means because of Jason.

Sam asks Jason if he wants to go through some bills, while Patient 6 listens from the balcony. Jason grabs Sam and says they have celebrating to do. She thinks they did enough in NYC, and can’t remember the last time she was this happy. He tells her he can. It was a year ago, on September 6th. He repeats the vows they made to one another, and says he wants to spend the rest of his life living up to it. Sam says she wasn’t used to trusting a partner, but he didn’t take away from her independence. He made her more, not less.  She says she meant every word, and the greatest risk is letting another person into your heart. He says she made him take that risk, and he promises to love her unconditionally until death do us part and beyond. Okay, Buzz Lightyear. Sam says she meant it too, and will always be there. Patient 6 looks like he has a headache. Sam remembers their wedding day, when they were surrounded by family and friends, and says they have to treasure each other; anything can happen. Jason tells her not to worry about that.

Griff says his feelings for Ava are real. He tried to ignore and repress them, but he can’t anymore. Father Cory says he owes it to himself to make some emotional distance. Griff says he knows the priest means well, but he has no doubt this is best for him, and the church. The parishioners deserve someone who can focus on their spiritual guidance, and practices what they preach. He can’t do that anymore. Father Cory says he’s disappointed, but won’t stand in Griff’s way. Griff says it wasn’t easy, but it’s the right decision. Father Cory wishes all of his students were as honest with themselves. He tells Griff to continue holding himself under careful scrutiny, and practice his faith and principles, even in his new life. He asks if Griff envisions making a life with Ava.

Scotty tells Ava he put his foot in his mouth, and she says he’s had a lot of practice and is good at it. He says what he meant is that she’s vulnerable right now, around the time of Morgan’s death, and a sleazy guy could take advantage of her. She says nobody takes advantage of her, and thinks about Griff. She tells Scotty that he’s right. She hired an escort. She’d had a horrendous day with no one to grieve with. She’d stumbled on Morgan’s memorial, and they wouldn’t let her anywhere near Avery. On top of it, Michael tore into her, not believing she didn’t want to harm Morgan, and Kiki still blames her too. She was feeling down and lonesome, so she found some fleeting companionship. She tells him to go ahead and judge, but Scotty says he’d never judge her. He just hopes that next time she feels like that, she’ll call him. He’s always there to lean on, and he cares about her. Ava thanks him, and says she cares about him too. Now if he’s done asking about her private life, she’d like some alone time. She gives him the bum’s rush out.

Franco tells Elizabeth that she’s not giving him enough credit. There are plenty of ways for him to screw up that don’t involve Jason. He’s just waiting for the perfect moment to say, surprise! You have a dead twin brother. Elizabeth hopes he’ll be more tactful than that, and he says no matter how he words it, it will be negative coming from him. Elizabeth tells him keeping the secret is taking its toll. It’s eating him up inside, but the nightmares will go away if he tells Jason the truth. He asks her to promise she’ll never leave him, and she says nothing could change the way she feels. Franco gets a call from Scotty, saying it’s urgent they meet. Elizabeth says she’ll tell his clients that he had a family emergency. He thanks her for tolerating him, and says he’ll figure it out.

Sam leads Jason upstairs. Patient 6 quietly opens the door. He wanders around some more, sighs, picks up Sam’s jacket, and moves it. He takes a last look, and leaves. Why did he move the jacket?

Griff appreciates Father Cory’s guidance. The priest says he’s a fine man, and knows he’ll continue to serve the Lord even without the collar. He leaves, and Griff sees Elizabeth. She asks how Russia was, and he tells her he found Ava and brought her home, but it wasn’t easy. She asks if he’s still in the business of saving her soul, and he says he’s not in that business at all any more. He’s leaving the priesthood. She’s sure it wasn’t an easy decision, but she’s not surprised. He asks if they were taking bets, and she says it was obvious he was struggling. She thought there was more in his heart for Ava than friendship. He says there is, but he doesn’t know how to define his feelings, or what they mean for either of them.

Jason asks Sam about the MetroCourt for their launch party. She looks at her phone, and says her mom is stopping by. Jason wants her to tell Alexis that she needs time to decompress, but she can’t. She knows Alexis wants to talk about Kristina. Jason suggests maybe it’s Molly’s turn to keep the peace. Sam tells him that she has a weird déjà vu feeling. Like she left something in one spot, and then it moved to another.  Jason says becoming media moguls overnight takes some getting used to; can she handle it? She reminds him that it’s “we.” No way is she doing this without him.

Patient 6 goes to Morgan’s grave. He gives his now signature sigh, and says he was hoping he heard wrong. He heard Sam and the guy she’s marred to talking about him leaving, and thought maybe he took off like Patient 6 did. He’d always talked about being lost, and now he knows what lost really means. He lost five years, and doesn’t know what happened to him or anybody. He touches the gravestone. He tells Morgan that he went to his dad’s place and saw pictures, and saw him. He got so tall. and now he’s gone. How did this even happen? how did his parents and Michael get through it? Everybody loved him so much. Morgan was named after him, and he should have been there to help. He hears someone, and draws his gun. Its’ Ava.

Griff tells Elizabeth that his affair with Claudette was a lapse on both sides, and something he deeply regrets. He’s never been in a real relationship. Elizabeth asks if he doesn’t want to commit, and he says that when he tells Ava that he left the priesthood, she’ll wonder what’s next for them, but he doesn’t know. Elizabeth tells him to be honest, and hope she is in return.

Patient 6 tells Ava sorry. She says he could have killed her. He asks when she got back from Russia, and she realizes who he is, saying she didn’t recognize him without the mask. He thanks her again for her help. She says it was her pleasure, although it turned out to be more of a sacrifice than she’d first thought. They refused to finish her treatments. And they tried to kill her. She says a friend showed up when she needed them. He’s glad she’s safe, and she says she even flew home first class. She asks how he managed. The last time she saw him, he was barefoot with no money or ID. He tells her that he had help. She asks if Morgan is his connection to Port Charles, and he asks if she knew him. She says he was a dear friend of her daughters, and Patient 6 asks what happened; how did he die?

Alexis arrives at Jason and Sam’s place. She asks how NYC was, and Sam says eventful, and asks what she missed. Alexis asks if she’s talked with Kristina, and Sam says she’s with Parker and very happy. Alexis says she must have left out the part where she quit school. She tells Sam that Kristina is infatuated with Parker, and Parker encouraged her to the point where she quit PCU and went to Oregon. Kristina also blames her for getting Parker fired. Parker decided to move to Oregon, and her sister announced she was going too, refusing to talk to Alexis. Sam tells her that Molly says she’s blissfully happy. Alexis insists she’s making a mistake, but Sam says maybe, but she’s in love. Sam did the same thing.

Sam thinks that Parker has genuine feelings for Kristina, or wouldn’t have destroyed her own career. Alexis says if she did, she wouldn’t have let Kristina quit school, and would have refused to let her come along. Sam says if she’s right, at least Kristina will have the satisfaction of knowing she gave it all she had. Regrets only come when you’re too scared to go after what you want. Alexis says it’s easy for Sam to say. Sam tells her they’ve made a big decision. Jason joins them and says they went shopping in NYC. Alexis is worried they’re moving, and he says no, but they did make a major purchase. Sam tells her that they bought Derek Wells Media.

Patient 6 says Morgan was so young, and had a whole life ahead of him; what happened? Ava says there was an accident, the kind that never should have happened, but it was quick, and there was no pain. At least not then. He was troubled; life didn’t come easy to him. She can’t talk about it, and Patient 6 thanks her again. She asks where he’ll go, and he tells her that he has to find a place to lay low and figure out his next move. She suggests her place, but he says she already helped him once. She tells him to pay her back by letting her help again. Give her a chance to prove she can do the right thing. He asks to whom, and she says herself for starters.

Sam tells Alexis that it’s not just an investment, but a new start for their future. Jason says they’re starting a completely different life, and the kids will now sleep safely. Alexis says happy doesn’t describe how she feels. It’s the one good thing Sam’s father did. Maybe there’s hope for him yet.

Ava brings Patient 6 home. She tells him that she’s glad to have company. Her brother lived with her, but relocated, and her daughter visits, but she doesn’t think she’ll be seeing her for a while. Besides the occasional delivery man, no one really comes calling.

Elizabeth tells Griff that he made a brave choice. He says to break his vows, and she says no, to face his feelings. It’s impossible to keep every promise, but sometimes it’s more principled not to.

Ava tells Patient 6 that her brother’s clothes are still there, and something should fit him. He thanks her again, and she says she’ll put it on his tab. Her phone rings. She answers and says, wth? Something is wrong with her brother. He owns a media company, or did. It’s just been sold.

Alexis asks Sam and Jason when they’re announcing their acquisition? Jason says they just signed the papers, but they’re having a launch party. Diane was concerned about scrutiny from the Feds. Both he and Julian had ties to organized crime, and Jason wants to make sure the press doesn’t slant the story. Good luck with that. He says it’s imperative that the press tells the story the way they want it told. Alexis says they need to make it about who they’re becoming, not who they’ve been.

On the phone, Ava doesn’t understand why no one contacted her. She finds out Diane handled the transaction, and wonders if Sonny bought the company. She says, oh, that makes sense. Her brother dismantles his life, and sells his only real asset to Jason Morgan.

Tomorrow, Felicia asks if Finn and Anna are dating, Nina tells Jason he’d be a fool to fire her, and Ava asks Patient 6 why he’s so interested in Jason.

If Loving You is Wrong

Randal asks what Alex has to tell him, and what the hell Marcie is doing there. Marcie tells him none of his damn business. Alex asks if he’s following her, and he says yes. She asks why, and he says why not? He wants to find out who else she was sleeping with. He tells Marcie it’s not his kid, and she says he can’t imagine how much she doesn’t care. He says he cares so much, he’s going to jack up Alex’s life. Marcie calls him certifiable. She tells him to leave her alone, and he asks again what she’s doing there. Alex says she can tell him. She thinks he should know. Marcie asks if Alex is sure she wants to do this. Alex says Marcie is trying to get pregnant for Brad, and tells Marcie that he’s back home with her, so leave him alone. Randal says if he couldn’t give her a baby, neither can Brad. Marcie says Randal couldn’t give Alex one either. Alex says she thinks the problem is him, and he asks if they’re ganging up on him. Alex tells Randal that she’s going to her appointment, then the supermarket, and the baby store. He says wherever she goes, is where he’s going, and she tells him to knock himself out. She decides to take the stairs, and Randal gets in the elevator with Marcie.

Randal asks if she wants Brad’s baby, and Marcie says anybody’s but his. She tells him that Brad is an amazing man and a wonderful lover. Randal says he knows Brad is terrible in bed, although how he’d know that, I have no clue. Marcie says she’ll have more than one baby for Brad, if he’ll let her. Randal says there’s a problem with Brad’s wife, but Marcie says she can handle it. She says Randal isn’t a problem, just an a-hole. He says Brad had a vasectomy, but she says those are reversible. He calls her desperate, and she says he’s still not a daddy – so sad. Randal says all this time, all this hell, and the kid wasn’t even his. They could have kept it a secret and gone on with their lives. Marcie says she’s not interested. There’s no one on the planet she despises more than him. He tells her that her heart says something else. She says her heart wishes his would stop beating. She leaves and he says women can be so cold.

Marcie calls Larry. She says she needs him to talk to Randal. He needs to know she’s serious. He followed Alex to the hospital, and saw her. She wants him to know Larry is representing her, and maybe he’ll stop this. He says he’ll call her back. Funny, when she met with him, he said that was a conflict of interest. When did this change?

Lots of people and police gathered at and around Kelly’s house. Ian tells Kelly to check on her so,n and he’ll keep an eye on her house. She tells Natalie that she already knows, and will get to the bottom of it. Justice hugs her, and he asks why they took her. Was it because of Ramsay? She asks what he knows, and he says he confessed that he did it. Are they coming for him? She says no. She wants to talk to him about his confession. She sits down with him.

She asks what he confessed to, and Justice says he stabbed him. Kelly tells him not to say that, but he insists he did. She asks why he’s saying this, and he says to help her; it got her out. She asks where he’s getting this, and he says he stabbed him fifty-two times. She tells him to stop it. She knows when he’s lying. He’s not helping her. It’s not what got her out, and it’s hurting her to hear this. She wants the truth, and he says no, he didn’t do it. She asks again why he’s saying it, and he says he wanted them to let her go. She tells him not to lie, but he says he had to do something; he shot the gun. Kelly says that was her fault, but whatever happens, don’t lie. He tells her that he’s sorry. Natalie asks how he knew so much, and Justice says Travis called him. She asks if Travis told him to say it, and Justice says yes, along with the details. Kelly tells him to never talks to Travis again. He’s not their friend, and he’s a very dangerous person. She’s going to try to get clothes for him, so he can go to school. Geez, give the kid a break. Do your really think he can concentrate today?

Outside, Kelly tells Natalie that SOB is messing with her son. Natalie hugs her. Why would Travis tell him that? Now he’s going to need therapy. Travis is ruining her life. She had to put her house up to get out of jail. He caused problems with her job, and now, her son. Natalie tells her to look at the good side. Travis confessed to Justice. She’s going to call Lushion. Kelly says she’ll talk to her attorney; he’s right there.

Steve and Lushion go to the interrogation room. Eddie is there with a couple of FBI guys. Lushion asks what’s going on, Eddie says he knew Lushion was FBI. One of the men says they were apparently running an active investigation at the same time; the DEA is outside. Eddie is DEA. He was brought in before, when they planned o taking out the cartel. Eddie says, surprise, bitches! Lushion says he’s shot people and taken cocaine. He asks where Andrew is. Eddie says it’s time to get out, and tells them to have a good day.

Steve asks Lushion if this just happened. Lushion says Eddie is as crooked as they come. The FBI guy says his cover was almost blown, and the boss is gonna be pissed. Lushion is totally freaked, and wonders how they can go back like nothing happened. FBI guy says that they’re both after the bad guys, and sometimes you have to play with a demon to trap the devil. Keep building Eddie’s file, but they have to play along. Lushion and Steve agree. The FBI guys leave, and Lushion tells Steve this is BS. Steve asks what they do now, and Lushion says, play along.

Kelly tells Ian that they need to talk. Travis told Justice to say what he did. Natalie says she saw him on the phone, but didn’t know who he was talking to. Kelly says Travis told him all the details, and to say he did it. Natalie says they know Travis did it. Ian tells them that the DA could put Justice on the stand. Kelly says it’s crazy how one man can ruin her life. Ian wants to talk to his partner, but says have Justice stop telling the story. Kelly asks if Ian can get her stuff, and he goes to the house. Natalie tells her that it will be all right.

Esperanza hears the shower running. She quietly goes to the closet, and gets her gun. Because people who break in always take a shower. She realizes it’s Eddie, and asks what he’s doing in her house. He says taking a shower, and she tells him get out. She asks why he’s there, and how he got out. He says he’s the Teflon Don; they can’t touch him. She flushes the toilet to make the shower cold, and he asks what’s wrong with her. She asks again how he got out, and he says magic. She asks if he escaped, and he says he walked out like a free man. He wants to work on their relationship. Esperanza calls Lushion, and Eddie smiles. She asks if he’s looking for Eddie, and says he’s there. Lushion says he’s out; he worked out a deal. She tells Eddie she’s beyond understanding this. He says his clothes are off, he’s already there, so let’s go upstairs. She tells him she’ll shoot it off. He has zero respect for himself, their daughter, and her. He’s so delusional it’s crazy. He says his apartment was tossed, and they’re roommates for now. He reminds her who holds the deed to the house. He moves toward Esperanza, and she starts shooting all around him like a maniac. He crawls to the door, and runs out naked. She says she’s changing the locks, and slams the door. Eddie says it’s a turn on.

Marcie shows Ian the house. She tells him the couple who lived there divorced, and he says that’s going around, He’s divorced too. Marcie says, welcome to club, but it’s not one he wants to be part of. He knows she’s having a hard time, and she says she was the only adult in the marriage. She asks what happened with him, and he says they just didn’t fit anymore. Marcie asks if they have kids, and Ian says, three boys. He has them a lot, which is why he needs a house. He and Marcie haggle on the offer a little.

Larry calls Randal, confirming drinks for tonight. He also has something to tell him; something to think about. Marcie wants him to represent her, and he told her that he would. When did this happen? Randal says they’re friends, and Larry says he can help smooth it out. Randal doesn’t want it smoothed, and tells Larry to go to hell and not call him again. That went well.

Marcie and Ian leave the house. Marcie goes to her car, and calls Josh with an offer. She sees Randal on a ladder, and says she’ll call him back. Really? What kind of broker is she?

Brad sees the same thing from inside his house, and says wth? He goes outside, and asks what Randal is doing. Randal says none of his business. He’s installing a floodlight, and Brad says it’s turned toward his house. Randal insists it’s pointed to the alley. Brad says Alex told him about the music, and if Randal keeps it up, he’ll beat his ass again. Randal says he’ll serve him this time, Brad tells him to turn the light away, and Randal refuses. Brad sees a camera trained on his porch. Randal asks why he’s back, and Brad says to kick his ass. Randal says he heard Brad and Marcie are trying to have a baby, and Brad says there’s something really wrong with him. Randal says funny, Brad has one woman with baby who doesn’t know who the father is, and he’s trying to get another one pregnant, but moves back in. As he’s talking, Brad strides over and knocks the ladder out from under him. Marcie and I laugh. On the ground, Randal wails that he’s hurt and going to sue. Brad takes down the light and the camera. Marcie says Randal better leave that man alone. He’s not going to take Randal’s sh*t. He’s a real man. Randal calls for an ambulance, saying Brad pushed him off a ladder, so he needs the police too.

Dr. Raston tells Alex that everything is good. Alex thanks her for what she did, and the doctor isn’t sure what she’s talking about. Alex tells her the DNA test came back saying Randal wasn’t a match. She must have helped out. Alex doesn’t know what she did or how, but appreciates it. The doctor asks if Alex is suggesting she tainted the results, but Alex is suggesting the doctor did her a favor. The doctor assures her that she didn’t do anything, and Alex says it’s not possible. She wonders if there could have been a mix-up. Dr. Raston says anything is possible, but she wouldn’t put her career on the line. Alex is confused, and the doctor leaves to see another patient

Next time, Lushion catches Eddie running around the neighborhood naked, Marcie doesn’t have months to hide, and Eddie says be prepared to pull the trigger next time

Below Deck

Nico insists EJ is drunk and tells him to go to bed, and get his shoes off his deck. EJ says it’s his deck now, buddy boy, surprising me that anyone says buddy boy anymore. Nico asks if he wants to fight, but EJ says he’s cool. Nico says that if he’s not bosun tomorrow, he quits. Baker thinks there’s going to be a fistfight.

Nico tells EJ to put his strips on his bunk, or Nico will put his stripes up EJ’s ass. In his interview, EJ says Nico is way out of line, since he’s Nico’s boss. EJ tells him to apologize. In her interview, Kate says Nico’s ego is bruised because the captain had to call in backup, and the backup is like Ned Flanders. Bri asks Nico if they can’t work together, and tells him to be the bigger man.

As she’s getting into her bunk, Jen says if you eff up, you apologize, an eff everyone. Alrighty then.

Baker says EJ was the least intoxicated of all of them. Jen feels sad. She’s not digging life right now, and got upset with Bri; she’d thought they were good. Baker tells Jen that when she drinks, she stinks. Bri is over it. EJ asks Nico if they’re talking. In his interview, Nico is surprised EJ didn’t run to the captain. EJ insists he wasn’t drunk, and says some people can bounce back, and some can’t. Captain Lee tells them that once the boat is flipped, they an go to St. Bart’s for lunch. Jen is excited. She’s among a-holes, but it’ St. Bart’s, and maybe it will lighten the mood. Kate doesn’t know why Bri is picking on Jen.

The town is beautiful and colorful. Nico tells Bri that it was awkward this morning. Kate and Jen shop, Kate asks if she and Bri made up, but Jen says Bri pretended like nothing happened. Kate suggests just apologizing for overreacting. Nico says the entire season has been stressful. EJ hope they can make it. Nico is cool, but his attitude isn’t acceptable. Bri and Nico go swimming.

Jen gives Bri a friendship bracelet as an olive branch. They both apologize, and Bri suggests they observe themselves when they drink. Nico tells EJ the stress wasn’t his fault, and they need to work together. He’s sorry for being a d*ck about it. In his interview, Nico says EJ isn’t going anywhere, so they might as well squash it and move on.  In his interview, EJ says he’s worked with Nico’s type before. He’ll give him another chance, but he’s not going to – they bleep it, and I have no idea what the bleep he said.

Captain Lee explains that it’s harder docking at night; distances become distorted. He says it’s bad enough during day with a proper deck crew, but at night with people who never did it before isn’t something he wants a steady diet of. They manage to dock without incident, and the captain tells them it was an outstanding job. He thinks maybe he should blindfold them, so they do it all the time.

The primary guests are Leigh Anne and Sean. The Blind Side was based on Leigh Anne’s life. They just want to unplug from their busy lives, and aren’t asking for anything out of the ordinary. She’s a vegetarian, and Matt says it sounds like they’re unpretentious. They’ve requested an award theme dinner, and a tailgating theme beach picnic. Kate says she has no experience at tailgating.

EJ tells the deck crew that he wants the boat looking great for the next charter. Him being bosun, he wants good communication with Nico. They need to work together, and help each other out. He wants to see more team work. Baker says team work makes the dream work. Bleh. In his interview, Nico says even though he went too far, he still can’t stand EJ.

It’s time to greet the guests. Kate gives the tour. She says the guests have Southern roots, are spiritual without being preachy, and sassy.

Anchor is dropped. EJ says Baker has the attitude and charisma to make a great deckhand. The guests bother Matt in the galley, and he tells them what he’s planning for dinner. The table is gorgeous as usual, strewn with flowers, and silver filigree placemats. Kate thinks the guests will say grace, and they do, while she follows along in the back. Matt has been texting his ex, but she hasn’t responded. Nico tells Bri about apologizing to EJ. He listened to her advice, and it made sense. The guests use the water toys, and I laugh when a guy jumps on the trampoline, and ends up sliding into the water. Not the spectacular dive he wanted.

The guests dress for dinner. At the table, they each have a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Matt is running late, since he’s busy with his phone, but he finally gets a text back. Bri ends up putting the bread in the over, and Kate hurries Matt up, telling him the guests are seated. She says it shouldn’t be her job to make sure he’s doing his. They’re on a yacht; the guests would like food. The entrée is grouper with asparagus and quinoa. I’m in. They’ requested bananas Foster, but once again, Matt has no vanilla ice cream. He uses chocolate instead, which would be fine with me, but two of the guests want it traditional. In her interview, Kate says if Matt were an a-hole, she’d yell at him, but you can’t yell at a puppy. Matt tries to make a substitute with fresh cream, but doesn’t fool the guests. This will probably cost the crew. Kate looks at the plates in the galley, and doesn’t know if it’s bananas Foster or a seagull took a big sh*t.

Matt calls his ex. He tells her thinking about her makes him miss her more. Zzzzz…

An awesome sunrise starts the day. Kate tells us that most of the time, yachting is champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but this one is try to survive mediocrity. The guests head for the beach, and what Kate dubs tailgate glam. There are wings and burgers, and Jen shows up in a pseudo cheerleader outfit. Bri thinks she’s going to get in trouble for not being in uniform, and not having Kate approve her attire. Baker helps her do some cheering with her step team moves. The guests are apparently drunk enough to enjoy it.

Matt is vague about dinner. Kate asks if he needs help. She wonders what’s happened, and if she’s been enabling. He’s slipping downward, and she suggests he cook outside the box. In his interview, he says she’s right, and he’s going to pull out all the stops to make up for yesterday.

The guests say it was the best tailgater ever. Kate doesn’t know what’s going on when she sees what Jen is wearing. The guests do some diving off the boat. Bri tells Kate that the beach went well. Kate wants to know when Jen changed, since she came back wearing something different than she left in. In her interview, Kate said she doesn’t mind, but doesn’t like that she wasn’t consulted. She wouldn’t have cared as much if Jen actually looked like a cheerleader.

Captain Lee asks EJ if he has any issues. In his interview, EJ says at the end of the day, he’s not a tattletale, and prefers to deal with the situation like a man. Kate is bummed that Jen decided to wear a bizarre weird outfit in front of the guests, but decides to teach her a lesson. If she wants to dress up in non-uniform things, she’ll be that person. She’s going to be the yacht mascot.

Matt makes ice cream truffles (don’t mind if I do), and Bruno helps. Matt likes having a sous chef. Kate asks the captain to have dinner with the guests. It’s another floral theme, in yellows. The guests get very excited about their surprise guest, and applaud when Captain Lee arrives. EJ calls Bruno Chef Gaston.

Kate tells Jen that she has exciting surprise; she’s going to be the Valor mascot, and gives her a bunch of strange things to wear, like a crazy visor and light-up sneakers. Jen thinks it’s humiliating, and feels like she can’t win. Captain Lee asks the guests about how the book became a movie, and Sean tells him that he went to school with the writer. Matt tells us that he makes steak like a boss, and the entrée is beef tenderloin, with some kind of cauliflower and butternut squash thing. Kate says the ice cream truffle are amazing, and yes, they are. Bruno talks about making desserts with his mother, and Matt is proud of him.

Jen feels like a dressed-up dog in a ridiculous outfit who can’t speak up for itself. Kate says surprise! You’re the Valor team mascot! Jen thinks it doesn’t make sense and isn’t fair, but she comes in and dances around while Kate blows a whistle. The guests wave their napkins in the air.

Matt can’t wait to go home. He tells Nico that he’s getting his ex. In his interview, Nico says he’s trying to distance himself from the problems at home, and Matt is pulling into them. EJ tells Jen that she did a good job, and Kate says the guests had a great time. Jen feels in dark and wonders what she’s not being told. She says when she hears Kate talk, it’s like the TV; she only hears certain things. Jen says that Kate is out to make her life a living hell, but she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know if she can work with these people anymore.

Next time, the crew has a day off, Kate hates the guests, Nico doesn’t care if it’s wrong, and Jen has a meltdown.

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UW Huskies Boat Tailgating








October 10, 2017 – Patient 6 Wins at Poker, Randal is Still Annoying AF, a Boring Charter & the Maltese Falcon


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie says that Nathan is all she wants. They start to get busy, and as usual, there’s a knock at the door. Nathan says that he’s waiting for a file, but when he opens the door, it’s two screaming women who take his picture.

Molly asks if that’s what Alexis is wearing for her date. Alexis insists that it’s not a date; they’re just having a meal. She opens a letter from Kristina’s school, and says what the hell? It’s a check for the balance of Kristina’s tuition; she’s no longer enrolled. Alexis asks Molly if she got suspended. Molly says not as far as she knows, and thinks Kristina would have told her. Alexis wonders why Kristina would quit school and not tell any of them.

At Kelly’s, Kristina tells Parker that she has no regrets about dropping out. Business school wasn’t a good fit, and her grades showed it. She wants to focus on real world experiences, like the real date they’re on. Parker says that she almost canceled.

Elizabeth says that she has something to tell Jason. Jason says he has something to tell her too. He’s working on something. When he gets it all sorted out, it will affect Jake and them in some way.

Patient 6 goes back to the room where Huxley is. He lifts up a blanket in the corner, and tells Huxley it’s all clear. Huxley says that Patient 6 scared him half to death, and wonders how he knew where Huxley was hiding. Patient 6 says he saw Huxley move, but Huxley insists he was still as a statue. Patient 6 says, no, he wasn’t. Huxley drops the subject, and asks if he’s not worried about being turned away before he even sets foot on land. At least Huxley has a passport; what’s going to happen with him?

On the phone, Alexis thanks someone, and owes them lunch. She tells Molly that Kristina wasn’t suspended. Molly says thank God, but Alexis isn’t feeling thankful. She wonders why Kristina quit school and didn’t say anything. She thinks Molly knows something. Molly says she knows Kristina can be impulsive and wasn’t loving the business classes. Alexis thinks it’s Parker, and says that she’s clueless, showing up at PCU after she hurt Kristina. Molly says that Kristina is over it, but Alexis believes that she quit because she can’t deal with Parker being on campus. She wants the facts, and calls Kristina, saying that she’d better pick up.

Kristina asks if Parker changed her mind again, but Parker says no. Tomorrow is the anniversary of Kristina’s brother’s death. She didn’t realize it until after they’d made plans, and thought she might want to be with her family. Kristina says that she misses Morgan, and always will. He was the most like her, volatile and acting on impulse. They got each other in a way she’ll always cherish. When she told him about her suspension, he said he was happy he wasn’t the only screwed up one in the family, and gave her a high-five. Parker says he sounds like an amazing brother. Kristina shows her a picture of the two of them, and Parker says that they have the same smile. Kristina says she is planning a way for the kids to remember and share their memories. For all of his problems and struggles, he loved life. He would have wanted her to enjoy every second of life as much as she can. She thinks the best way to honor him is to keep him in her heart, and live best way she knows how. Like being here and now with Parker. Kristina’s phone rings. It’s Alexis, but she says she’s not answering; she’s on a date. Parker asks if that’s the only reason.

Huxley tells Patient 6 that the investors were more aggressive than he’s used to. It wasn’t the wisest move to bring in Russia. Patient 6 asks how much he lost, and Huxley says more than they were willing to forgive. However, he found a painting, and the sale price should be enough to pay them off and leave him a cushion. He asks how Patient 6 can be sure no one saw him, and he says he’s been on a lot of freighters; he was a coffee importer. Huxley can’t picture that, but asks if he got a gander at the navigation equipment. He wonders how long before they get to the New York harbor.

Franco says that Jason is being more vague than usual. Elizabeth says it sounds like he’s about to jump into something big. Jason says he’s up for a new adventure, and Sam adds whatever it is. He tells her that he’ll fill her in when the timing is right, and asks what Elizabeth was going to tell him.

Maxie tells the women that Man Landers was glad to help, now go tell their friends to buy the book. She closes the door, wailing that they have the address now. Nathan says he guesses he is a public figure. Maxie says now stalkers are invading their home, taking selfies, and feeling him up. What if they have to move? Nathan says that they’re just fans, and it’s only temporary. The book is a one-hit wonder, and it will blow over. He reminds her that it was for a good cause, and this wasn’t something that he or Amy wanted. He thanks Maxie for standing by his side, and she says always. He tells her to relax; it will all be over soon. They start to get busy again.

Parker asks if Kristina is ready for them to be seen together. Kristina says that if she isn’t, she picked the wrong place; it’s the most popular diner in town. She’s not hiding anything, and hopes Parker feels the same. Parker says she’s done hiding. Kristina says that word will spread quickly, and she has no qualms about that, but she wants to know where they’re at before telling her parents, who are overprotective on a good day. She wants to make sure it’s serious.

Alexis tells Molly that Kristina didn’t pick up or answer her text. Molly suggests she talk to Kristina tomorrow, but she wants to talk right now. She wants to know if “that woman” is involved. Molly talks about Kristina’s key ruse to see Parker, and Alexis asks what happened. Molly says she didn’t stick around to eavesdrop, and Alexis is like, why not? Dr. Bensch arrives, and asks Alexis is they didn’t decide on the MetroCourt.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Jake wants to go on a field trip, and asks him to sign the permission slip on the school’s website. Jason says he will, and he’ll be in touch. He and Sam leave, and Franco thanks her for not telling him. Elizabeth says that she didn’t do it for him.

Huxley says that Patient 6 isn’t exactly a wellspring of information, and wonders what he did when he was out on the ship. Patient 6 says he was thinking about home. Huxley says he can understand. He’s partial to his own home, trying to save it with ill-advised dealings. Otherwise, he’d be on a non-stop flight to LaGuardia, with a full bar and an actual chance at conversation. Patient 6 asks what he wants to talk about, but Huxley wonders if he’s ever used a complex sentence in his life. He asks about home, and if Patient 6 has someone waiting for him. Patient 6 says he doesn’t know.

Parker tells Kristina that if it wasn’t serious, she wouldn’t have come. She can’t help but be attracted to Kristina and her fire. She is concerned about Kristina’s parents though, especially her mom, who made it clear she wants her to stay far away. Kristina says that her mom doesn’t control her life as much as she’d like to, but when she finds out about school, she’s going to be furious. Later works better for her with the fallout. Parker, a die-hard Red Sox fan, finds out that Kristina roots for the Yankees. Kristina jokes about it being a deal breaker.

Alexis apologizes, but Dr. Bensch says she looks great. She introduces him to Molly, and after some small talk, Molly goes upstairs. Alexis says she doesn’t normally wear jeans to the MetroCourt, and she was going to change, but something came up. He asks if it’s serious, and Alexis says she has a middle child who thinks she invented helicopter parenting. Dr. Bensch says that she sounds concerned, and he’d like to hear whatever she wants to share. He confides that the MetroCourt isn’t really his scene on a first date; he was just trying to impress her, but he meant what he said that she looks fantastic. She says she has a great idea.

Franco thinks that Elizabeth must have been protecting Betsy. She says that she doesn’t want Betsy to get in trouble, but that isn’t why either. She did it for Jason.

Jason and Sam arrive back home. He says he told her that he’d get the all clear, and she thanks him for indulging her. He tells her that the kids are at the Quartermaines, and they can leave in the morning. He asks what’s wrong, and Sam asks if he bought Elizabeth wanting the permission slip signed. She gave Franco a funny look before she said it. Jason says no, he didn’t buy it.

Huxley says that clearly, conversation isn’t Patient 6’s forte. How about cards? It’s either that or he rereads the paper for the fifteenth time, and Patient 6 can stare at the wall. Patient 6 agrees, and Huxley suggests poker. He asks if Patient 6 would care to make a wager.

There’s another knock on Nathan’s door. Maxie is like, you’ve got to be kidding? He thinks it must be Lopez with the file this time, but nope. It’s more fans taking photos. They squeal about his muscles.

Elizabeth says that Andrew has been dead a long time. She doesn’t want to trouble Jason, but she has a son with him, and owes him the truth. Maybe it’s not the time, but he has a right to know that he had a twin brother who died.

Jason says that Franco had an agenda when he came to visit in the ICU. Sam says that maybe Elizabeth knows what it’s about, and is protecting him like always. Jason says he doesn’t trust Franco and never will.

Huxley says impossible; Patient 6 has won every hand. While he does have a poker face for the ages, he must be counting cards. Patient 6 tells him that the deck is marked. Huxley says that Patient 6 should have warned him, calling him unchivalrous. He says he’s not quitting; he wants to win his money back. He’s pulling out the big guns. He takes off his watch, saying it’s his lucky watch. Sadly, it’s not the first time he’s wagered it, but every time, he wins. He tells Patient 6 to prepare to lose his shirt. How Steve Burton keeps a straight face, I will never know.

Parker asks Kristina if she wants to go back to her place for coffee. Kristina says definitely.

Alexis and Dr. Bensch (who I’m going to start calling by his first name, David) show up at Kelly’s. Alexis asks if he’s been there before, and he says only for lunch. She tells him that lunch and dinner are the same thing. She wonders if he really wants to listen to her complain about her children, and he says that he realizes they’re basically strangers, but he wants to get to know her.

Kristina picks up the tab. She tells Parker that she’s happy to have another chance, and Parker says, her too. They kiss. Alexis puts her hand on the door, and is about to walk in.

Maxie thanks the fans for their support, and says that Man Landers needs his rest. One of them says that she must be the wife, and he can do better. Maxie says like she’d take anyone seriously who’s wearing those shoes. She closes the door, and says they’re definitely moving. Nathan repeats that it’s temporary, and people are always looking for the next big thing. She wonders what if he’s the LBD of self-help gurus, and has to explain that an LBD is a classic. He says hardly, but she can’t see anyone being tired of him any time soon. He tells her that a million fans could be at the door, but he’d still only have eyes for her. They kiss. The phone rings, and Maxie says this madness needs to end. She answers, and says they need Nathan to do what?

Molly texts Kristina. Alexis realizes she left her phone in the car, and leaves to get it.

Parker tells Kristina that she’s not usually into PDA. She’s a professor, and doesn’t like people knowing her private business. She suggests skipping the coffee, and they leave.

Jason says that any secret of Franco’s is bad news, but if Elizabeth didn’t immediately tell him, it can’t be that bad. Sam says that she’s lied before, but he doesn’t think she will again. He’ll find out what’s going on, but after their trip. Sam wants to know why he’s keeping it from her, and he says that he wants her to be excited and surprised. Once she knows, she’ll be happy. They kiss.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she doesn’t want to be the one to tell Jason, but she’s not lying either. It would be best if it came from him – willingly. Franco says that he’s the opposite of willing. He asks why they have to tell him; he never knew his brother, and will never know him now. What purpose will be served?

Patient 6 says, read ‘em and weep. Huxley says it’s impossible; he beat the lucky watch. He congratulates Patient 6, saying he’ll arrive in finer style than he left in. Patient 6 gives him the money and the watch back. Huxley says at the very least, Patient 6 out-cheated him, but Patient 6 says he doesn’t need it. Huxley says he must, unless he has a Swiss bank account. As a matter-of-fact, he does, as well as one in Zurich and the Grand Keys. Huxley says, and he’s a coffee importer? Patient 6 says that business is good. Huxley takes back his crack about being unchivalrous, saying that he’s a true gentleman. He should at least keep the watch. Hmm…

Maxie tells Nathan that it’s Amy on the phone. Quinn wants him to make another appearance. She says that LBD Ask Man Landers isn’t going anywhere ever.

Alexis tells David that Kristina is an all or nothing girl. He says that being passionate is a good quality. She says it can be, but she worries. David says that sometimes things aren’t as bad as we think.

Jason tells Sam that it’s all going to work out with Franco, but it’s time to pack for New York.

Elizabeth tells Franco that eventually Jason will have to know, but she sees his point that there’s no urgency. A few more days won’t make a difference.

Patient 6 tells Huxley that he can’t take the watch. Huxley says that it will be lucky for him now. Swiss bank account or not, he could use some good fortune. Patient 6 takes the watch. I have the feeling there’s something more to that watch than luck.

Tomorrow, Laura blocks Ava’s path, Alexis tells off Parker, and Griff is asked if he wants to continue being a priest.

If Loving You is Wrong

Natalie tells Randal to shut the hell up. She sees Lushion and Alex hug through the window. Randal won’t stop running his mouth, and Natalie throws a planter off the porch at him. She tells him that she wishes they had hung his ass. He tells her that she has misplaced aggression. The door opens, and Lushion asks what’s going on. Natalie asks Lushion the same question, and tells Randal to shut up again. Lushion wants to go back to the house, but Natalie insists on talking about it right there. Lushion tells Randal to go home, and Alex says that he’s just trying to upset her. Randal tells Lushion to make him, because he’s five. Lushion tells Natalie that nothing is going on, but Natalie says she just saw him hugging on Alex. Randal kibitzes from the sidelines, and Alex tells him shut up, Lushion leads Natalie toward their house, and Alex slams the door. Randal laughs, and acts like his usual creepy self.

Natalie tells Lushion to let her go. She wants to know what he was doing just now. He tells her that Alex called him to help with Randal. Natalie asks if it’s his baby. He can’t believe she’s asking that. He says that Alex had called, he was on his way home, and stopped over. Natalie asks why Alex had his number, and he says that all her friends have his number. She demands to know who gave it to them, and he says she did. She’s like, oh. She tells him to stay away from that bitch, and he says not to call Alex that. Natalie asks what if he saw her in the same position, and Lushion says he’d be upset, but wouldn’t jump to conclusions. She let that fool get under her skin. How did she even know he was there? She says Randal texted her, and Lushion asks how he has her number; is she sleeping with him? He says he loves her, and she still can’t see that Randal set her up. Alex hugged him because she was scared. Natalie says if he’s lying – he knows her. He says he does, and would never try to run a game on her because he respects her that much. He tells her to stop this; she’s upsetting him by questioning his integrity. She finally calms down, and tells him that he needs to talk to Justice. He asks if Justice is still upset about Kelly, but she says that’s not all. He said he stabbed Ramsay. He had details, and knew what he was talking about. Lushion says he’ll talk to him. Natalie suggests waiting until morning. Lushion tells her they’ll wait, but no more screaming.

At the station, Ian asks if Kelly really thinks it’s Travis, and she says she knows it is. She asks if he heard from the judge, and he says it will probably be in the morning. She’s upset about staying there overnight, but thanks him. She asks how much this is costing, and he says $300 an hour. She doesn’t have that kind of money, but he says he’s doing Lushion a favor. She asks him to call the bank where she works and say Justice isn’t feeling well, and she’ll call them later. He says he’ll do all he can to get her out. Sit tight, and he’ll be back.

Esperanza asks Steve how it’s going, and he says it’s going. Esperanza thought Eddie would talk if she brought up his daughter, but it didn’t happen. Steve brings Eddie food and coffee. Eddie wonders why he should trust Steve. He tries to bring up the FBI thing, but Steve says he’s not doing this with him right now. Changing angles, Eddie tries to get Steve to admit to robbing someone with him, but no. He says that Steve and Lushion are dirty as hell, and they have the wrong guy in here. Steve tells him to go for it. Eddie says then his ass will be in here, and he’ll be outside. Steve tells him good luck with that, and don’t choke on his food. Boy, that looks like a crappy sandwich. Like something from a really bad 7-11 off the highway.

Natalie wakes Lushion. She asks how he can sleep. He says he didn’t do anything with Alex. She says she’s not talking about that; she’s talking about Justice. Lushion thinks he’s lying. Natalie wonders how he knew so many facts, like about the bathroom. She’s still mad about Lushion not telling her that Ramsay and his mother died in the house. She insists Justice knew too many details. Lushion gets up. He calls Ian.

Ian says he was just about to leave the station, and Lushion never told him that Kelly couldn’t pay. Lushion says it will be cleared up, and he’ll return the favor. He’s calling about her son. He said he killed Ramsay. Ian says, isn’t he ten? Lushion says yes, but he has a lot of details. Ian says this could be bad. He’ll come by in the morning. Lushion sends Ian the address. He tells Natalie that Ian should be able to help them. He’s going to bed now. Natalie says no he’s not, then decides she’ll just stay up. Better safe than sorry.

Brad comes home. He asks if Alex is okay, and she says she is, but he doesn’t believe it. She says after he left, Randal started blasting music from the driveway. Everything is fine; she called Lushion. He says it’s nice to have a cop in the neighborhood, and asks if she’s sure that’s it. She says there is something else. Randal sued for custody, and the judge ordered a DNA test. The results showed that Randal wasn’t the father. Brad is like, huh? Alex knows she’s only been with the two of them, so there must be a mix-up. Brad asks if she’s saying it’s his child, and she says obviously it’s not. He asks what the hell is going on then? She says she went to see the doctor before all this started happening, and thinks she manipulated the results. She knows the guy who owns the lab, and she’s known them forever. Brad thinks it would be putting her career on the line, but Alex says it’s the only way it could have happened. She promises she’s telling him everything, and swears there’s no one else. He says she’s sworn to him before. She tells him as much as she doesn’t want it to be, it’s Randal’s child, but Randal thinks the baby is Lushion’s. Brad says it’s a lot, and Alex says she’s trying to process it too. Alex tells Brad that she’s going in the morning and getting to the bottom of it.

The next morning, Ian goes to Lushion’s house. On the way, he sees a house for sale, and calls Marcie. He tells her that he has some time this afternoon, and would like to look at houses. He’s already seen something he likes, and gives her the address. She knows it. She says she used to live across the street. She tells him it’s special, and she’ll call the listing agent.

Lushion lets Ian in, and introduces him to Natalie. He asks if Justice is around, and Lushion goes to get him. When he comes back with Justice, Justice asks if Ian is the police, but Ian tells him that he’s his mother’s lawyer. Justice asks when she’s coming home, and Ian says he’s working on it. Lushion tells him to tell Ian what he told Natalie last night. Justice says he did it. Lushion asks how. Justice says that he came through the back door, and while Ramsay was in the shower, he stabbed him through the curtain. Lushion asks if he saw Ramsay, but Justice says not until he fell on the floor. He asks how many times Justice stabbed Ramsay, and Justice says fifty-two. Lushion asks if Ramsay said anything, and Justice tells them that he only said, stop. He asks why did Justice do it? Justice says he was mad because Ramsay was keeping his mother from him. Ian asks if anyone helped him, but Justice says he did it all by himself. He asks if his mother can come home now. Lushion and Ian go outside.

The baby cries while Alex is in the shower. Brad picks him up and holds him. Alex comes out, and sees him with the baby. She says sorry, she had the water running. He says it’s fine. He asks why she didn’t wake him, but she didn’t want the kids to get their hopes up if he’s not staying. He says he wants to, and she says she wants him to. She’s going to see the doctor, and Brad asks her to call him afterward. She takes the baby, and says she’ll be back shortly. They exchange I love yous.

Randal gets his movement signal, and dashes out to greet Alex, saying hey, whore. He saw the mailman, and asks if he’s the baby daddy, adding that he’s a little old. Alex ignores him, and puts the baby in the car. She tells him to get away. He urges her to run him over. He says he’s going to make her life a living hell every day. He tells her that all the hillbillies are dead, and she says there’s still one. He says Eddie’s number is up too. She says she’s one. He says he’ll be seeing her, and she drives off.

Lushion asks Ian what he thinks. Ian says Justice didn’t do it, but knows who did. He gives Lushion the report it, and says fifty-two stab wounds. There’s no way he’d know that, and no way he took Ramsay down. Lushion notes that it says there was a stab to the kidney. Ian isn’t saying that Justice did it, but what if Kelly did, told him what to say? Lushion says that’s not possible; she hasn’t talked to him. Ian asks if Lushion is sure she’s legit. Lushion says she didn’t do it. Ian says he’s going to the bail hearing, and going to try and get her out.

Marcie calls Ian, and tells him that they can see the house at noon. He says, perfect. Marcie is waiting for the doctor, who tells her the baby is doing well. Marcie was a little worried, since she’s been stressed. The doctor says it’s healthy, and try to keep the stress down. She can tell Marcie the sex, but Marcie isn’t sure if she wants to know yet.

Ian comes in to see Kelly, who looks great for having spent the night in jail in her clothes from yesterday. He got her bail. All she has to do is put up 10% of half a million dollars. She doesn’t have it, and he suggests putting up her house as collateral. She says she has some equity and he tells her to use that. He calls his assistant and instructs her to call the bondsman with the information. He asks Kelly if Justice knew Ramsay. Kelly says they only met once or twice. Ian asks if Justice has a tendency to be violent. Kelly says no, and he reminds her of Justice stabbing a kid with a pencil at school. She says it was a bully, and asks if he’s suggesting Justice had something to do with it. Ian says no, Justice is; he said he did it. He confessed to him and Lushion. Kelly says no way he did this. Ian tells her that he knows a lot of details. She says no way. She starts to get agitated, and tells him that she needs to get out of there. She doesn’t know why Justice would say that. Ian leaves, and I think Travis has something to do with this. Like maybe he told Justice it was the only way to get his mother back.

Marcie sees Alex. She wants to see the baby, but Alex tells her to back up. She says she can make Marcie’s life difficult, and suggests she stop. Marcie says that Alex already made her life difficult when she slept with her husband. Alex says that Marcie already knows he’s an ass, but she can tell him that Marcie is carrying his child. I think that’s a fine idea; shift his focus. Marcie says that it’s Brad’s, but Alex says he’s had a vasectomy and she can count. If Marcie doesn’t stop, she’ll tell Randal that she’s pregnant. The late-night phone calls need to stop too. The next time she has a flat, fix it herself. Marcie says she’s not a big, strong hick like Alex. She’s a delicate damsel who needs help. I can’t tell if she’s kidding around or just crazy. She says if Alex tells Randal, she’ll come for Brad so hard, Alex won’t have a chance. Alex says to leave them alone, and her secret is safe. If she doesn’t, Alex will go straight to Randal. She tells Marcie to think about it. She’s only getting one warning, and Alex will tell Randal.

In perfect, Tyler Perry soap timing, the elevator doors have opened, and Randal is right in front of them. He says, tell me what? and asks what Marcie is doing there. These are the moments soap watchers watch for.

Next time, Alex thanks the doctor, Brad tells Randal to turn the camera away from his house, Eddie thinks he’s the Teflon Don, and Kelly says this is crazy.

Below Deck

Second day in Anguilla. Kate says that it’s the most boring charter ever. EJ says he has to double-check everything. Jen doesn’t think that Kate is trying to get her to quit, but it sucks to be her. Nico tells Baker to check the brake, since EJ didn’t check it last time. EJ tells Bruno there’s a reason why he’s there.

Matt thinks he blew the dinner last night. He has to put his bullsh*t aside, and focus on the meal. A leak starts happening in the laundry room. Brianna says it’s totally Jen. She tells Kate there’s a foam party from both washers. Kate calls Jen, and tells her about what happened, and to use less detergent. Bri is starting to feel like she’s doing more work.

They arrive at St. Barth’s, and we see a three-masted yacht called a Maltese Falcon. Nico says that anybody who is anybody is typically there right now. They drop anchor, and put out the water toys. The deckhands always complain about setting up the slide, but it does look like fun.

Chris asks Kate how long EJ is going to be with them. He’s thinking of sleeping in the bilge, because the crew mess is not working out. She tells him to be happy for the extra help, learn what he can, and make the bilge his home. Matt can’t find the lobster that he promised the guests. He asks Captain Lee if they can send a tender to shore for one. Kate says Matt doesn’t think ahead too much.

EJ tells Baker to do something, then Nico tells her something different. Baker doesn’t want to piss anyone off or hurt feelings. At the end of the day, she has two bosses, and she’s just going to do what she’s told. No lobster yet, and the guests are starving. They start getting cranky, and Kate brings out the salads, which are proclaimed delicious. Probably anything is when you’re starving, but they do look incredible.

Bruno tells Nico that the communication is confused. Nico says just because someone has more experience, it doesn’t mean they know more. Okay. The lobsters arrive. They move around when Matt cooks them, and Brianna is like, eww. Me too. Kate calls it a lobster miracle, but not for the lobsters. The guests are happy again. Two guests take out the jet skis.

Kate tells Matt that the guests don’t drink, and aren’t into anything but food. They want a tasting of the Caribbean dinner. She tells him that she would kick it up a little extra. An extra deckhand could mean less of a tip, so he needs to be on his A-game.  Bruno works without a shirt, and Captain Lee says, never ever, and makes him put it back on. EJ tells Nico that there’s salt on the windows, and Nico says, you do you, and life is good. EJ says they need to be done over. He thinks Nico is just maintaining, and has no future in yachting if he acts that way. Nico thinks dealing with EJ is like dealing with syphilis. You don’t want to, but you have to.

Jen FaceTimes with her daughter, but they get cut off. Nico says he’s finally getting somewhere, and EJ has made him take a step back. EJ tells Baker they have to find a happy medium. Matt says that he has one last night to impress the guests, and hopes the tasting menu turns things around. Once again, the guests are thrilled. Kate wonders who the man is in the kitchen, and what he’s done with Matt. Everything is declared off the charts. Kate tells Matt to go see the guests, and he gets many compliments.

The casino party is set up. Kate asks to borrow Chris for the evening. He tells her that he’s glad to help, but doesn’t know how to deal cards. Bri tells him to pretend. Kate asks if he can deal anything, and he says attitude. Captain Lee calls Nico and EJ to the bridge. He says they’re finishing charter four, and wants unbiased opinions on the deck crew. Nico tells him that Baker is good, Bruno has improved, but nothing is happening with Chris. EJ sees potential in Chris, but says Bruno has no concept of yachting after being on cruise ships. The captain says it’s culture shock, and tells them about Bruno being shirtless. He asks if they go down a person, is there an issue, and they both tell him no. EJ thinks they’re all fine though

Matt says redemption feels good. It’s not about being perfect, but you can always show improvement. Chris says sleeping next to all the supplies isn’t his first pick, but he has a hammock and privacy.

Bruno says last night Bri kissed him – in his dreams. They gaze at the Maltese Falcon, and Nico calls it the pinnacle of all yachts. Kate explains how they pull something and all three sails go up at the same time. Captain Lee says they’re too close. They must have drug anchor during the night and started drifting. He wants the Intrepid moved. Kate says they’re almost look-in-the-windows close. The captain says they have to reset the anchor. EJ takes Nico to the Intrepid on the tender, but Nico forgot to bring the keys. Didn’t this happen once before?  He says it’s a scary situation with the current pumping along. Chris tells us that he’s the only one not screwing up, but no one will notice. Captain Lee says they look like idiots. You never cut loose without keys or a running engine, and Nico has his head up his ass. They’re about one hundred feet from catastrophe. Nico says just ram it, and EJ says sh*t is going south real quick.

The primary guests says they’ve had a successful vacation. Baker is just leaning on the railing daydreaming, and Captain Lee yells for her to pull anchor. He just wants the guests off the boat to rip the crew a new one. He tells us that he’s never seen such a collective group of effing idiots in his life. EJ says that Nico is supposed to lead, but he’s not in it to win it. Something has to change.

The crew bids the guests farewell, and the primary says it was the highlight trip of his life and marriage. Nico says he thinks they were happy they didn’t die. Kate wants to change careers. Matt says five guests felt like ten. Captain Lee calls a meeting in the crew mess.

He says sober people were a first for him, but they left happy. Happier than he was. He tells them that EJ will be with them for the foreseeable future. The tip is $21K (very nice!); $1750 each. The captain says it’s not bad for people who don’t drink. He tells them the boat turnover is tomorrow, and to let their conscience be their guide. He says he’ll have no mercy on any a-holes in the morning.

Baker says it looks like Chris is here to stay. Captain Lee calls the deck crew to the wheelhouse. He tells them the anchor drop was effing embarrassing, and he should be wearing a bag over his head. It can’t happen again. He says when Baker feels the pressure come on, everything she’s learned gets forgotten. Chris just watches things happen. They have to make a change, and better guarantee no repeat of today. He tells Nico and Chris to stay. He tells Chris that they’re in the middle of a busy charter season, and don’t have the luxury of teaching him. He didn’t ask for this, but it’s a fact. He has to be cut loose. His heart is in the right place, but he needs more than the captain is capable of giving. In his interview, Captain Lee says he can’t fire everyone, but it’s time for Chris to go. We flash back to Chris being a lazy pita, and the captain says he has to focus on the ones who are trying to do the right thing. He’s going to put Chris up in St. Bart’s for the night, and he has cash in his pocket. Chris got lucky with that. The captain’s rule is that if you end up getting sent home, you get no tip. I assume he bent the rule because it’s not like Chris is being let go for some infraction of the rules. In his interview, Chris says he can’t wait for the other deckhands to screw up. He was dealt a sh*tty hand, and no one helped with it, Matt takes his bag to the tender, and Chris departs. I’d like to note here that spellcheck recognizes “effing” as a word.

EJ asks to talk to Nico. He says that he  tells someone to do something, and Nico changes it. To undermine him isn’t cool, and they’re not going back and forth again. In his interview, he says that no one talks to him like Nico has who is under him.

Bri asks if Jen needs help, and Jen asks her to organize some cabinets. In her interview, Bri says that Jen acts put upon, but they both do the same amount of work. Jen just complains more.

Everyone gets ready to go out. The gang goes ashore to a restaurant that has great ambiance, and serves fabulous food, like they always do. EJ makes a toast to his first night out on the town. Kate asks him to tell them something about himself. He says he’s from Canada, and has worked on yachts his whole life. He’s worked with Captain Lee before, but rest assured, he gets no special treatment. Whatever the captain can dish out, he’s gotten it all. The food arrives. Jen is already drunk and propositioning Nico in French. In his interview, Nico says someone needs to help her out; she needs to get laid. Matt tells us that he’s gained perspective, and realizes how he messed up. He texts his ex. Kate jokes around, saying everyone is awful. Jen gets offended. EJ suggests bonding with tequila shots. Why is it always tequila? I hate tequila.

Jen complains about working so hard. Bri says Jen is bitter all the time, and Jen asks how. They’re getting a little loud, and Nico reminds them that they’re in the middle of a restaurant. Kate tells them to tone it down a notch. In her interview, she says they’re making a lot of money and in St. Bart’s; why ruin it? In her interview, Jen says she thought that they were good. Now she never wants to talk to Bri again. They move on to another bar, and Jen tells EJ that she’s not bitter when she drinks. Nico and Bri dance. Jen complains to Kate about Bri. Nico says that Bri is trouble for him. In her interview, she says that Nico never even talks about his girlfriend. She thinks there’s a part of him that wants to stay available.

They all manage to get back to the yacht, but EJ wants to jump from the small boat to the deck. He does a pretty good job, and encourages Nico to do the same. Nico starts giving EJ instructions on how to tie up the boat. EJ feels disrespected. Nico tells EJ that if he can’t control his drinking, don’t drink. EJ says Nico is the one who’s drunk. They argue about the tie line, and Nico tells EJ to go to bed. EJ tells Nico not to tell him what to do. Baker thinks they’re going to punch each other in the face. Nico tells EJ to get his shoes off of his deck, and EJ says, my deck now, buddy boy. Nico asks if he wants to fight.

Because they’re both thirteen.

Next time, Nico says he’ll quit if he’s not bosum, Matt is out of ingredients again, and Nico and Bri go to the beach. Sounds like a children’s book, but it doesn’t look like this is subject matter for children.


The Maltese Falcon as Below Deck saw it

Yacht-MalteseFalcon2 Yacht-MalteseFalcon3

The Maltese Falcon with Sails Up

October 3, 2017 – Griff to the Rescue, Randal is Insane & Matt Gets Totally Drunk


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Valentin tells Nina that more than any other anniversary, he cherishes the night they met. Nina reminds him that he called it “manifestly,” and said her ex was a tool. She thanks him for helping her open her door, and he thanks her for letting him in. He gives her the sapphire necklace from the photo shoot as a gift.

Anna asks Finn if he’s ready. He says ready to hoodwink a hypochondriac? She tells him that it’s for a good cause, and he says it’s her cause. She says that Cassandra fences stolen items and uses the money for illegal dealings on the dark web. Finn says that could be anything, and perhaps Anna should hold off until she knows exactly what Cassandra is doing wrong. Anna tells him that this is the best chance they’re going to get, and he says it’s not about Cassandra; it’s about Valentin, and Anna is using him to find out how entrenched he is with Cassandra.

Dr. Kline tells Ava that he didn’t say anything about her going home. Ava asks if he changed his mind, and intends to finish her treatments. He says there will be no other treatments, and she asks what the point would be in her staying then? Kline says she’s saying that like she has a choice.

Jason answers his phone. Patient 6 is on the other end, and asks, who is this? Jason replies, who is this? and I laugh. They must have laughed too, when they read it the first time.

Nina tells Valentin that the necklace is gorgeous, and he says not as gorgeous as she is. She says it must have cost a fortune, unless… Valentin is like, I didn’t steal it, and she says just checking. He tells her that his history isn’t squeaky clean, but he wants to keep it clean now, and nothing he’s ever done will touch her or Charlotte. He puts the necklace on her. Nina feels badly that she didn’t get him anything. He says that she’s given him enough – her forgiveness, her outrageous sense of humor, and coming back to him. She says that she’s never leaving again.

Finn wants Anna to admit that this is just a means to an end, and it’s about Valentin. Anna says that motives should never be simplified, because people are complex. Valentin, for example, has a wife and daughter he loves, but he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. If he thinks it benefits Nina and Charlotte, he’ll go back into business. She’s not just upholding the law; she feels responsible for who Valentin is, and can’t really turn a blind eye. She’ll either bring them both down, or settle for Cassandra. Finn asks how Anna is responsible, but she tells him that it’s none of his business. Finn says so, he should just do what he’s told. Anna says it’s a shot at redemption, but he calls it blackmail. Anna gives Finn a gift box, and tells him to endear himself to Cassandra. It’s a special organic tea that boosts the immune system. Finn wonders if it will cause another allergic reaction, but she says it’s just tea.

Ava asks Kline if this is a joke. He tells her that she aided and abetted Patient 6’s escape. She says she only picked up a paperclip, and she’s seen him in action. He would have escaped with or without help. Kline tells her that Patient 6 is very dangerous, and now this is his problem thanks to her. Ava promises not to touch any more office supplies, but Kline isn’t having it. She threatens to call the embassy, and he asks with what? Her phone has been confiscated, and the address on the forms was false. They’re a very private clinic, and no one knows she’s there. In time, she’ll adjust. Ava elbows him good, but a guard is waiting just outside the door. Kline says she’s going to regret that.

Several men come into the church. Patient 6 ducks down behind something. They see Griff and asks if he’s seen a guy wearing medical scrubs. Griff tells them that he did, but he ran out as soon as Griff walked in. The men leave, and Patient 6 comes back out. He thanks Griff.

Jason looks at the phone. Sam comes back, and he tells her that there was a call, but he doesn’t know who it was. The number was local, but it’s not in her contacts. She takes the phone, and says let’s find out.

Ava gets shoved back into her room. Kline tells her that she doesn’t seem to grasp the severity of the situation. Patient 6 shouldn’t have been able to form a sentence, much less plan an escape. Ava says that Valentin Cassadine knows where she is, and sooner or later, he’s going to wonder what happened. Kline says he’ll come up with something, and she tells him good luck with that. She and Valentin are close. Why else would he have provided a reference for her? She tells Kline he might want to rethink his decision. He says that Valentin is the least of his problems, and he has to think about survival – his, not hers.

Valentin and Nina agree that one-night stands have a bad rep. Nina tells him he was the first, but it was the best sex she ever had. Not because it was a no-strings encounter. She tells him that she came from a buttoned-up Manhattan family, and was in a coma for twenty years, so it put a wrench in things. She says even though their first night was incredible, unbridled passion, but what they have now is better. Valentin agrees, but says she’s wrong about their first encounter being a one-night stand. He’s had a few, but there was something special. He knew right away his life would never be the same. They kiss.

Cassandra appreciates Finn coming by. They sit on her terrace, and Finn calls it a little Eden. Cassandra says she spends a lot of time there. He says he got the impression she doesn’t get out much, and she says that her energy level doesn’t allow it. She asks if he looked at her files, and he says yes, all three volumes. Cassandra asks if he thinks it’s all in her head, but Finn says just the opposite. He thinks he knows what’s wrong. Maybe it’s the love of a challenge, or maybe it’s because he’s been where she is – it wasn’t exactly the same, but he was very ill once, and didn’t know if he’d ever be cured. He tells her about having Blackwood’s Syndrome, and how he found a cure, but not in time to save his wife. She says he’s impressive and wonders why he didn’t say something sooner. He tells her that he didn’t want to give her his resume, but understands the frustration of feeling sick and thinking it will never end. She asks how she gets better. I’m wondering if she has fibromyalgia.

Sam tells Jason that it was Griff on the phone. She wonders if he butt dialed her. Jason says that he heard Griff say, “Look, I need to…” but then he hung up. Maybe he got interrupted, or decided to try someone else. Sam is concerned that GH might be trying to reach them, and decides to call the hospital.

Griff asks if Patient 6 wants to try again, but he says they could be tapping the phones by now. Griff wonders who “they” are, and asks Patient 6 to answer one question. He came to find a patient in a clinic there. Patient 6 gives him directions to the Baronski Clinic. Griff says that he can tell Patient 6 is in trouble (really? how did he figure that one out?), and asks if there’s anything he can do. Patient 6 tells Griff that he can handle it. Griff insists he take some money. They tell each other good luck.

Ava asks Kline if he’s going to kill her, but he says he’s a doctor, not a murderer. She says he only drugs patients within an inch of their lives. He tells her that the guard will be outside, and leaves. She screams after him if they can talk about this.

Finn tells Cassandra that he went over her case ten times. He can see why her symptoms were dismissed. She says she’s been in agony, and it’s even more distressing that no one has figured out what’s wrong. He says that it’s neurologically systemic, and almost impossible to pinpoint. If he’s correct, she could have a few ailments, which are treatable. She asks if he’s going to treat her, but he says no.

After calling the hospital, Sam tells Jason that Griff wasn’t there, but they had her test results and she’s fine. He asks where the smile is then. Sam says she’s been doing some thinking, and thinks she messed up. She’s been blatantly telling him that they need to live in a danger-free zone, and their old life can’t exist anymore. Jason agrees, but she wonders if he feels that way deep down. She says it used to be what made him tick, living with danger was like breathing. If he’s just doing this to make her happy, he’ll die inside, and she can’t have that.

The priest brings some clothing and shoes to Patient 6. Patient 6 wonders why the priest is helping him. He tells Patient 6 that he’s in God’s house, shoeless and alone, and the Lord tells us to give aid to those people. He asks if there’s anything else he can do, Patient 6 says he can’t ask for anything else. The priest says he’s in the house of God; it never hurts to ask. Patient 6 says that he needs to go home.

Cassandra wonders if Finn is clueless or cruel; he just said she was treatable. He tells her that she is, but he can’t treat her here. He’s not licensed to practice. She would have to come to the US, particularly Port Charles. He could run some tests in his state-of-the-art lab. Cassandra says that her business is based in Morocco, and she hasn’t been anywhere in years. Finn says there’s no way he can legally treat her there. He gives her his card in case she changes her mind, saying he’d like a crack at solving her problem.

Valentin and Nina bask in the afterglow. Nina says no more custody battles, and she’s looking forward to returning to the normal routine – at least normal for them. He tells her that he’s glad she’s Charlotte’s stepmother. She’s no stranger to adversity, and knows what it’s like to be shy and anxious. Nina asks what he thinks will make Charlotte tick? Will she be artsy, athletic, a bookworm, or boy crazy. He’s just glad Nina will be a part of it, and says he hopes it lasts. She asks why it wouldn’t, now that Ava is out of the picture. He tells her Ava was just one obstacle.

Ava tries the other door, but it’s locked. Kline comes in with a hypodermic needle. She says maybe they can work something out, but he says there’s nothing to work out; she’s inconvenienced the wrong person. She tells him that she’ll pay him anything. He says it’s out of his hands; he’s following orders.

Jason tells Sam that he almost died twice in five years. Sam says she noticed. He says they can’t live like that anymore. When he was in a coma for four weeks, he was hearing her cry and hearing his children’s voices, but couldn’t do anything about it. He doesn’t want to revisit that. Sam tells him that he doesn’t have to do it for her. He tells her that he made a mistake. The world moves on without you, and he tried to pick up where he left off, but sometimes you have to move on and mature. That life doesn’t fit anymore. Sonny will always be his friend, Sonny doesn’t own his life. The days of taking unnecessary risks are over.

Patient 6 tells the priest he can’t get into the details, but there are people after him and he needs to get home. He has no passport. Can he help? The priest asks how much time he has, but Patient 6 says not much. The priest tells him to wait. Maybe he has a way.

Finn returns to Anna at the café. He tells her about the beautiful view from Cassandra’s terrace, and says he doesn’t think they’ll see each other again. He explained that she’d have to come to Port Charles for treatment, and she wasn’t interested. Anna asks what she said, and Finn says she told him, “I’m not interested.” She said she has a business here, and hasn’t left in years. He gave Cassandra his card, but tells Anna not to hold her breath. She says they’ll see. The tea was bugged, and she’ll be able to hear within a three-room radius. Finn says she would if he’d given it to her, but he left it in the taxi. Anna tells him that he’s a terrible spy.

Valentin tells Nina that this is just a temporary cease fire. Lulu will stop at nothing to get Charlotte all to herself. Nina says she won’t succeed. Lulu’s self-righteousness drives her nuts. She understands, and if it was Nathan, she’d feel the same way; but Nikolas had been making questionable decisions, and had already faked his own death. For Charlotte’s sake, Lulu should suck it up. She says that Valentin always puts Charlotte first. It’s one of the first things she noticed about him, and why she fell in love with him. They kiss.

Sam says when she and Jason first got together, she was a mess. He was the first person to give her the benefit of the doubt. He made her want to tell the truth, and made her feel safe; he was Sonny’s enforcer. She wants him to be whoever he is. If he’s that guy, fine; if not, fine, but don’t deny who he is to make her happy. He says that’s not what he’s doing. There was a time being on the edge fueled him. and made him feel alive, but that’s when it was all about him. He’s a husband and father now. A real man stops being selfish, and takes on responsibilities. He’s always going to protect her and their family. He wants to be her man. He holds her.

Patient 6 wanders around church. He looks at the cross, and thanks God for bringing him this far. He asks Him to please help him get home to his family, and keep them safe until he can see them again.

Finn tells Anna that he’s not a spy, and it was bad judgement on her part to bring him into the cloak and dagger game if she doesn’t like how he plays. She says they need to come at it from another angle. Finn says that Cassandra probably threw the card away at this point, and he’ll never see her again.

Nina has a meeting. She leaves, and Valentin’s phone rings. It’s Cassandra. She says he’s been living in Port Charles a while now. Tell her whatever he knows about Dr. Hamilton Finn. I always forget he even has a first name.

Ava tells Kline that she won’t be a problem. Griff pops up behind Kline, grabs him, and injects him. Wow. He’s like a superhero. He asks if Ava is okay, and she says she is now.

Jason tells Sam that he’s allowed to go home.

The priest returns with another man. He tells Patient 6 that maybe he has something better than a train. Where does he want to go?

Tomorrow, Finn asks Anna what plan B is, Cassandra says there are matters to discuss, and Laura holds a gun on Valentin.

If Loving You is Wrong

Justice tells Natalie that he killed Ramsay, and asks her to call the police. She asks how, and Justice says he stabbed him with a knife from his mama’s kitchen. He says Ramsay was in the shower. She says he’s a child and Ramsay was a grown man. He wants the police to know that his mother didn’t do it; he wants her to come home. Natalie asks when he did it, and he says he doesn’t remember. He tells her that the back door was unlocked.

Natalie is stunned. She calls Lushion. He asks if he can call back. She says it’s important; it’s about Justice. She tells him to hurry. Justice asks if she called the police. She tells him she did. He wants to know if they’re letting his mother go, and she says they have to talk to the police first. She parks him on the couch and puts the knives in the bedroom.

At the station, Lushion asks Steve about a law firm who helped in another case. Steve asks why he’s calling them, and he says Kelly. Steve asks if he thinks she’s innocent, and says they have a lot on her. Lushion says he does, and all the more reason to make the call now.

Ian’s phone rings. Lushion introduces himself. He needs a favor. He has a friend who’s accused of murder and knows she’s innocent; he knows her well. Ian asks where she is, and says she’s not to say a word. Lushion says he told her that already. Ian says he’ll be there in the morning, but Lushion tells him that she has a kid, and asks if he can come now. Ian agrees, and asks if there’s a judge. Lushion doesn’t know, but I finally get the DA’s name; it’s Jan. Ian says he knows her.

Esperanza approaches Lushion, and asks if he talked to Kelly. He says he has, and she’s all right. Esperanza tells him that Natalie said Justice isn’t doing too well. Lushion asks if she can find out about a 911 tape. He tells her about the tape with Ramsay saying Kelly’s name, and she says she’ll look into it. He tells her to keep it on the low. He says that Eddie is there; he’s been arrested. She says for what, and he says the FBI. She knew everything would catch up to him, but it’s sad because he’s her daughter’s father. She knows he’d done bad things, but doesn’t know about everything. Lushion asks how long she’s known him, and she says too long. He wonders where Eddie was after he left Cincinnati for a couple of years after going to the academy, but she doesn’t know anything. She says there’s a friend who might know – Eddie calls him “Chaos” – but she doesn’t know where he is. Lushion wonders if Eddie might tell Esperanza something, but she tells him don’t count on it.

Alex wakes up. Brad’s not there, but his phone is. Marcie is calling. Brad comes out of the bathroom, and Alex hands him the phone. Marcie tells him that she needs him; she has a flat. The tow truck said it would be two hours. He says he’ll be on his way shortly. He tells Alex that Marcie has a flat, and she asks if it’s a real one. He says yes, and he’ll be right back. Alex asks if he really cares about her. She says it’s not easy to hear, and watch him leave in the middle of the night to help Marcie. She wants to come with him, but he reminds her they have kids who are asleep. She says she would though, to show Marcie that he’s hers. Brad says he reminds her all the time, and Alex asks if he can remind her. He tells her they’re working on it, but she has to be patient; there’s been a lot of damage. Alex knows she’s the cause of it, and says she’s trying. Brad tells her he’s committed to working on this. He says it’s over between him and Marcie, and he loves her. Alex says she loves him too, but Marcie isn’t going to stop. He explains that the tow truck would take two hours and it will only take him a half hour. Alex says she’ll wait up.

Randal gets a motion detected signal. He pops outside, and tells Brad that was quick. Brad says Marcie didn’t think so, and Randal says that she’s a good faker. Because we’re fourteen, Brad says she must be, since she was with Randal for so long. Randal says that Alex must not be satisfied, so don’t be surprised if they’re in the shed when he gets back; she likes it a lot longer. Brad asks Randal if he’s seen the video of him and Marcie doing it in his bed. He just sent it to him. Enjoy.

Lushion greets Ian, who’s waiting for a judge friend to get Kelly bail. Lushion tells him where she is, and Ian asks if he’s sure. Lushion says he’d put his reputation on it. I know Ian from somewhere. Probably a Tyler Perry film.

Ian goes in to see Kelly. He tells her that Lushion called him. She says she didn’t do it, and he asks what she told them. She says they asked a lot of questions, but she had no idea what they were talking about. She kept telling them that over and over. She asks how much longer; she needs to see her son. Ian says he’s working on it, but it might be difficult. They have a search warrant for her house. She says let them look; she didn’t do anything. (I’ll bet Natalie moving those knives is going to come back to haunt Kelly.) Ian says there’s a call in to the judge. It’s late, but they’re working on it. He needs her to calm down. He says they’ll get her out, but she has to be patient. He needs to know everything she knows about the victim. Every detail.

Alex rocks the baby. She hears something outside. It’s Randal dancing to music blasting from his car because he’s a total lunatic. She goes outside, and he says he’ll turn it down, but then starts singing to it. She goes back inside, and he laughs like a maniac. Why does no one else in the neighborhood ever see what a nut this guy is? At least the mailman knows now. (See last week.)

Esperanza goes to see Eddie in the interrogation room. She asks what he did, and he says her, a lot. Eddie makes crass people look good. She hopes he has a photographic memory, because he’s never touching her again. He tells her that she says that every time. She tells him this is serious. He says the two of them are serious too. She asks if he remembers they have a daughter together. As much as she hates it, he needs to think of what’s best for her. She asks if this is related to him stealing from drug dealers, and he asks if Lushion sent her in there. She says he’s dumber than she thought; the FBI is involved. He says Lushion and Steve are FBI. She says she knew the drugs made him paranoid, but this is ridiculous. She tells him he’s so not worth it. He says if he’s not getting some, get out. She says he needs to tell them everything. He says he doesn’t know what anyone is talking about. She tells him cooperate to get a lesser deal. He suggests she go home and take care of their daughter. He calls her the biggest whore on the block, and she says she’s a better parent than he is. He accuses her of throwing him under the bus, but she says they have a mountain of evidence. It’s mind-boggling how crazy he is. He says he’s Eddie; that’s’ all she needs to know. And on that note, she leaves.

Esperanza tells Lushion that Eddie isn’t talking. Lushion’s phone rings. It’s Alex. She asks if he can do her a favor. He says he will, if she can do him one – stop making people think the kid is his. She says it’s Randal doing that, and she’s sorry. Lushion says he’ll talk to him. Alex says while he’s doing that, can he do something about the loud music Randal is playing? Lushion can hear it in the background, but says he can’t help her. Alex tells him that the baby is asleep, and Randal is doing it on purpose. Lushion says he’ll cruise by in a little bit. Natalie calls again, but Lushion asks if it can wait, and she says it can. Really?

Brad finds Marcie on the side of the road. She tells him that she’s sorry. He says she really does have a flat. She says she wouldn’t do that to him, but he says she’ll do anything to upset Alex. Marcie says usually, yeah, but not this time. He sees a nail in the tire, and asks if she’s sure she didn’t do it. She says she didn’t, and asks if he was with her. He says yes, and she asks how it’s going. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and he’s just going to fix the tire. He tells Marcie that Alex was upset she called. Why? Why is he telling her that? It’s exactly what she wants to hear. She says she wasn’t about to call Randal. Brad says when she knows he’s with her, meaning Alex, Marcie needs to exhaust her other options first. He tells her that he’s going to try to make this work, and if she’s a good friend, she’ll want this for him. Marcie says that she wants him to be happy, and won’t call this late again.

She asks if he’s moved back in, and he says somewhat; he doesn’t have any of his things there yet. She says home is where the heart is, and he says when she puts it that way, he’s moved in. Marcie says, another thing to come to terms with. Brad says he hasn’t used the jack in a while, and she says she can tell. They could be there all night. She tells him he looks good doing it.

Randal continues to dance in the driveway. Lushion pulls up, and tells him to turn it down. Randal says, sorry, can’t hear you, and I laugh. Lushion says he’s not kidding. Randal says there’s no law against it, and Lushion says there is: it’s called disturbing the peace. Lushion reaches into the car, and turns it down himself. Randal asks if it was too loud. Lushion tells him keep it up and he’s going to jail. He tells Randal to keep it off, and he means it. Randal calls him the new sheriff on the block, keeping the peace and banging the ladies. He says the baby looks a lot like Lushion, and Lushion says that’s not his kid. Randal asks whose it is then. Lushion asks what’s wrong with him? He cheats on his wife, and still doesn’t get it. He calls Randal a sociopath, and Randal says he’s heard that. (Insert cuckoo clock sound here.) Lushion says he has to stop this; he’s doing everything to make Alex crazy. Randal accuses him of defending his whore. Lushion says he’s warning him leave that woman alone. Randal says he’s shaking in his slippers. Lushion says that he didn’t get it when they almost hung him; what’s it going to take? Randal says he didn’t get it then; all it did was piss him off more. He says she tried to do that to him, and Lushion says he can’t blame her. Randal asks if he isn’t supposed to be an officer of the law, and Lushion tells him to stay away from her. Randal asks if he’s protecting his baby mama, and Lushion repeats stay away.

Lushion knocks on Alex’s door. She says that Randal has turned it down for now, and Lushion thinks he got the message. Alex thanks him, but she needs some advice on what to do about him. Lushion tells her to ignore him. Alex says he’s threatening to go to the police, and say that she’s the one who told her parents to go after him. Lushion asks if she did, and she says yes. He tells her that she can go to jail for it. Alex says that Randal is fine, but Lushion says she can still go down for that. He doesn’t think that Randal is going to do anything; he would have done it by now. He wants her here to harass her. That’s more important than seeing her in jail.

Randal texts Natalie that her man is at Alex’s house. She goes outside. Alex tells Lushion that she’s nervous, and he says she’ll be okay. She apologizes for Randal thinking that the nameless baby is his. Seriously, this kid will be walking before someone gives him a name. Lushion tells Alex that Natalie asked about it, and she’s not the kind of woman you want asking those questions. Alex says she’ll talk to her again. Natalie comes down the block, and Randal says they’re probably humping like rabbits, and tells her to look inside. Alex hugs Lushion, and Natalie sees them through the window.

Next time, Natalie wishes they’d hung Randal, Kelly can’t afford Ian, and Eddie threatens Steve.

Below Deck

It’s the day before charter. Everyone is hung over, but they have to get the boat ready. Chris complains, and Nico tells him work through it. Matt asks Brianna if she’d like to take a boat ride this afternoon. She says okay. She doesn’t think he’s her type, but how do you know unless you’ve had a beach picnic?

Nico says last night was a close call, and he has to check himself before he does something stupid, like cheat on his girlfriend. He wonders what the captain meant by reconfiguring the deck crew. He tells Captain Lee that Chris should just put his sunglasses on and work. In his interview, the captain says Chris acts like he doesn’t care, but he will. Kate comes into the lounge and asks Captain Lee what’s up. He tells her that he’s contemplating, and she says she prefers solution. He says, believe him, he’s working on that.

Time for the preference sheet meeting. The primaries are a couple, Bradley and Summer Smith, who own the Smith Family Homes luxury contracting company. Bradley is also a trained gourmet chef, although it doesn’t say where he trained. Matt says that doctors make the worst patients, and chefs make the worst dinner guests. The couple coming with them is celebrating a 10th anniversary, and they’ve also requested a casino themed party. They don’t drink, which Captain Lee doesn’t think he’s seen before.

Brianna is getting the afternoon off, and Jen asks if she has to be promiscuous to get some downtime. Kate says the next time it will be her. Matt tells us about breaking up with his girlfriend, and that he hasn’t been on a first date in a long time. He has a beer to relax, and then another one, and then some more. Nico says he’s absolutely wasted. Matt thinks that Bri needs a guy who’s thoughtful and romantic, and he’s focused on impressing her. They leave in a small boat, and have cocktails, and Kate tells the crew that fifty bucks says she’s pregnant when she gets back. Nico says somebody has to do it if he can’t.

Jen calls herself Cinderella. Matt and Brianna go to a beach called Happy Bay that turns out to be a nude beach. Believe me, no one wants to see this. This bay is happy for some people, but it wouldn’t be for me. Matt lays out the picnic, and Bri thinks it’s a good start. Matt says he’s lucky to be with her. They joke about the naked people. He asks if they can travel the world in an airstream. He says he’s jealous of the freedom of the naked people, and she’s welcome to be nude. He drinks a lot of Jack Daniels from the bottle.

Matt says they have a lot in common. Bri doesn’t want to make things awkward. In her interview, she says he’s obviously drunk, and this is probably most awkward date she’s ever been on. He starts talking about them falling in love. In his interview, Matt says that there were three people on the date; him, her, and Jack, who was speaking the loudest. He asks if she likes him, but she says not like that right now. He babbles a lot, and at one point calls her an a-hole. Gee, this is going well.

They get back to the boat, and Matt sings Smooth Operator. Omg.  He uses a broom handle for a mic, asks the guys if they know who he is, and says he’s going to t-rex the sh*t out of her, while making tiny dinosaur arms. Nico doesn’t think it went that good if he’s that drunk. Bri tells Bruno that she made it clear she wasn’t interested. Bruno says he thought they hooked up, since she looks happy, but she says it’s the opposite. The crew calls it a night. Man, is that dude going to be hung over.

Matt admits to acting like an idiot. Jen asks Bri about the date. She says it was awkward. He was drunk, and she wasn’t into him. In her interview, Jen says she should be happy to have any date. A new bosun suddenly shows up, surprising Baker. Captain Lee tells us that EJ is from Canada, and he’s known him a few years. He’ll know what he’s getting into. The first thing he tells EJ is that the crew is extremely green, which is why he’s there. He says that Nico is doing a good job, but isn’t ready to be a bosun. Baker tells Nico that Captain Lee said if they can’t get up to speed, he’s going to get rid of some people. EJ asks the captain about Nico, and Captain Lee says that he’s overwhelmed. Nico and EJ are introduced. The captain tells Nico to make sure he has bunk, and get him settled in. Nico is pissed, thinking that he deserves to be bosun.

Matt says that it’s no fun waking up with hangover and regrets. I second that. He talks about wrecking a previous relationship with partying, but wasn’t ready to give it up. In his interview, EJ says that he’s always up for a challenge. He can adapt easily, and gets an adrenaline rush out of something new. Chris thinks it’s ridiculous. Nico hopes no one is leaving. He introduces EJ to the rest of the crew. Kate says there’s no HR on a yacht, and if there was, they’d be in big trouble.

Baker hoped they were hiring someone new, but the captain surprised them. She wonders who she’s supposed to take orders from. Jen tells Chris he’ll be sleeping in the crew mess. He’s like, are you kidding me?

The guests board. Kate gives the tour. There’s a toilet that does a whole lot of automatic things, and Kate says guests love it because it’s the peak of excessive gratuitous luxury. I dunno. That toilet scares me. Primary guest Bradley hassles Matt in the galley. Matt tells Bradley that he likes to cook simply, which seems good with him. The Valor moves out. Nico thinks it sucks that he has to report to EJ, who uses the phrase cool beans repeatedly. Kate doesn’t get virgin cocktails, and thinks you might as well drink water. Bri asks if Matt is quiet because of the excursion. He tells her that he’s just tired, and not to worry about him. Matt downs an energy drink, and chops vegetables.

Lunch is chicken vegetable salad with tomato vinaigrette, and the guests are happy. Kate asks if Matt is feeling okay. EJ says that the crew hasn’t been taught properly, and something needs to change. Captain Lee asks Bri how the guests are, and she says boring. Baker puts Chris’s stuff in her closet, so it‘s not in the crew mess.

The water toys are out, and the guests enjoy the afternoon in St. Martin.

Nico tells Bri that EJ has experience, but he does too, and should be bosun. He feels blindsided, and wonders if he’s going home. He says that it’s like a slap in the face.

Dinner is scallops with brussels sprout risotto. I know from Gordon Ramsay that risotto can be a bitch. Kate says it has to be a good dinner. Drunk guests notice mistakes less, and she hopes that Matt brings out a great dish. One steak is way past medium, and Bradley points out that the risotto is undercooked. Kate asks if they want something else, but that’s a no. She gives Matt the feedback, and in her interview, says that anyone else on the planet would be mortified if they failed the one job they had, but Matt is just shrugging it off. He does seem like a zombie in the galley. He makes bananas foster for dessert. Kate tells us that it’s a strange, weird, and lazy choice; this isn’t TGI Friday’s.

EJ asks Nico what the typical evening scenario is, and thinks they should be doing windows when it’s quiet. Nico says they usually chill at night. EJ thinks they should tackle things in downtime. In his interview, Nico says this is as good as it’s going to get. The guests complain that there wasn’t enough ice cream in the dessert. Jen asks if they’d like to see the chef, but they tell her to just relay the message.

The guests gather on the deck for fireworks that Matt set up on shore. At first, the display is a bit of a dud, but then it rallies. Kate tells us that when all else fails, set something on fire. Since they’re not drinking, it’s all she has.

Matt tosses and turns. Chris talks about a previous guest’s fake boobs to EJ, who doesn’t receive that too well. In his interview, he says he wants to lead by example. He shows Baker some tips on cleaning the deck, and demonstrates some knots for Bruno. He wants them to be better; it’s what they deserve. Jen tells Kate about the desert. Kate says that maybe Matt will be like the fireworks – worrisome in the beginning, but with a great finale.

Baker says it’s weird that EJ is in charge of Nico now. Captain Lee confers with EJ, and asks about his first impression. EJ says he prefers to run it harder, and not have the crew walking around aimlessly. In his interview, he says that Nico set the tone of it being lackadaisical, but he pronounces it lazy-daisical. He says it needs to change, and tells the captain that he and Nico need to get on the same page because they have to be tight. Captain Lee agrees.

In the morning, Nico gives Chris his bed. Chris couldn’t sleep because of the noise and light. Bradley meets Matt in the galley, asking for coffee. Matt radios Jen, who is late for her shift, but still needs to mess endlessly with her hair. He keeps calling her, but she doesn’t answer. Kate wonders how you can be late on a yacht, where there’s no commute. You just roll out of bed and you’re there. I was a mother’s helper for a neighbor for six years, and I totally get that.

The captain says they’re going to Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla. He asks how Nico is doing, and Nico asks if this is a permanent crew situation. The captain says he isn’t sure, and Nico whines that there are too many people. In his interview, Captain Lee says he didn’t bring in EJ for his health, and Nico needs to suck it up, cupcake. Everyone is working, and EJ lectures Baker about using something called Wink. In his interview, he says he had a father in the Navy, and hard work was instilled in him. I identify. He believes that if you work hard and do your job, you’ll come out on top. Bri asks if Matt got any rest. She tells Jen that Matt seems down.

The anchor chain scrapes the paint on the boat. Everyone rushes around getting breakfast started. Matt says that the last few days have given him perspective on how much he has to get it together. It’s not a good feeling, having a guest be critical. He says that if you don’t recognize that you’re messing up, you’ll keep messing up. After the anchor is in the pocket, Nico points out to EJ that a break wasn’t disengaged, and blah-blah-blah about it. In his interview, EJ feels like Nico wants him to screw up, so he looks good, but he has another thing coming to him. In his interview, Nico says strike one. He calls EJ an effing idiot. This is just proving that EJ is right, and isn’t a good look for Nico.

Next time, there’s a leak in the laundry room, the Valor drifts toward another boat, and Jen and Bri argue. It’s also worth mentioning that there was a clip with Captain Lee saying that it’s embarrassing, and when the pressure comes, everything they’ve learned gets forgotten. It brought to mind it’s go-go not cry-cry from Planet Terror.

👸 I’m glad my first name is not also a noun. Just sayin’.


September 27, 2017 – Patient 6 Speaks, Kelly Didn’t Do It, The Valor Hits a Dock & Puppies on Yachts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan comes home to Maxie asleep on the couch. She wakes up, noting the candles have burned down. Nathan tells her that he worked an extra shift. He tries to make himself indispensable at work. Maxie says he’s indispensable to her, and starts to put the moves on him. He says he can’t do this tonight.

Elizabeth asks Griff what he’s going to do. He thinks Valentin will do whatever it takes for Ava not to testify. She’s the only one who can say he killed Nikolas, and he thinks she’s in trouble. He has to help.

There’s a knock at Franco’s door. It’s Scotty, who says he has a gift. He asks what’s wrong; it looks like Franco lost his best friend. Franco says in a way, he did.

Sonny asks who it is on the phone, but gets no response. He finally hangs up. He tells Brick that someone just called a number reserved for his inner circle. Since Petrov was killed, he doesn’t think a wrong number is a coincidence.

Dr. Kline tells the unconscious Patient 6 that he had enough motor control to write down a phone number. Why was it important, who is he to Sonny, and what did he think Sonny could do for him? What I’d like to know is how would the doctor know Sonny’s voice if he doesn’t know the answers to those questions?

Nathan tells Maxie not to get the wrong idea. He appreciates the effort, but can’t do it right now. She says she spent all day preparing for their special night. She even tried a recipe. She asks if he knew there were innards wrapped in paper inside of a chicken. She didn’t, so they won’t be having that part of the meal. She wants to feel like she has purpose in her life. He says that his lack of response has nothing to do with her.

Scotty didn’t know that Franco had any friends. Franco says it was a log time ago. He tells Scotty about his visit to Betsy, and how she was on the phone to Heather when he walked in. Scotty is like, this keeps getting worse. Franco says the kid in the photo is Jason’s twin. Nobody realized Susan was having two babies until they arrived. She gave the kid to his Heather, so that Alan didn’t get him too. Scotty says he didn’t see this coming. If there’s two Jasons, where’s the other one?

Griff doesn’t have viable plan yet, and tells Elizabeth that he only knows Ava is in a clinic in Russia. He has no idea how he’ll get in. Elizabeth says that Ava is good at taking care of herself, but Griff says that since she was burned, she’s more vulnerable. She’s not out to hurt anyone, and doesn’t know what she’s up against. Elizabeth suggests calling the police. Griff says he can’t go to them with a bad feeling and no proof. She sees his point. He has to handle it himself; he’s going to Russia. She asks if this is normal for a priest. Is he just concerned about a friend in trouble? She wonders if he’s got feelings for Ava.

Dr. Kline tells Patient 6 that he made a foolish mistake, and let greed and vanity get the better of him. The simple job wasn’t so simple. Someone else can take over now, since he’s done what he was paid to do. I feel sorry for Patient 6 having to listen to everybody’s whining, and not being able to tell them to shut up.

Sonny tells Brick that the call wasn’t from Max or any of his South American partners. Brick asks if he should work his magic. Sonny tells him to go ahead, and he says that he’ll see what he can find out.

Nathan says Maxie is doing all this because she misses work, but she says she just wants to be a good wife. He says she’s a great wife, and he’s glad she’s home. She tells him that marriage means more to her than any job, and she can’t live without him. He says ditto, but she doesn’t have to pretend she doesn’t miss work. She says that she’s sent out resumes, but no one has contacted her for interview. She needs to be interesting again, and get her spark back. (Has she been talking to Jax?) Nathan says she still has it, and Maxie asks why he won’t make love to her then. He says because tomorrow, life as they know it is ending.

Ava wonders what this place is. She thinks the best thing is to get out. No one can fix her face. She tells herself not to give up.

Dr. Kline says it’s clinic, not a private penitentiary. Patient 6 shouldn’t have been able to move, but he got out of his chair and nearly killed two orderlies. If he gives Patient 6 much more of a dosage, it will stop his heart. They’re going to keep him until tomorrow, and after that, he’s somebody else’s problem.

Griff tells Elizabeth that he hurt Ava’s feelings, and made mistakes inadvertently. He thinks she accepted a miracle cure because of him. Elizabeth says that Griff didn’t judge her about Franco, so she’s not judging him now. Whatever the relationship is, he can trust her. Griff thanks her, but says he has nothing to confess. He and Ava are friends. He took vows and isn’t breaking them again. Boy, is that getting tired. He says it’s a moot point anyway. He has to find Ava. He thinks he knows someone who can help, but it’s a long shot. Elizabeth wishes him luck.

Scotty marvels at Jason having a twin, but Franco says not anymore; he died when the was three. Scotty says it must have been tough to have his friend suddenly disappear. Franco tells him that Betsy told him that the friend was imaginary, but a part of him knew. Scotty asks why she lied, and Franco says that she couldn’t risk anyone knowing she was raising a Quartermaine baby. Scotty says that the Quartermaines can be grabby when it comes to family, but why not tell Franco the truth when he was older? He doesn’t know why, and Scotty thinks maybe there’s something she’s not telling him.

Patient 6 finds himself handcuffed to the bed. Ava slips into his room. For such a secret, beyond state-of-the-art place, the security really stinks here. She wonders what they’re doing to him, and says it’s her fault. She should have left him alone. Then he’d be in his chair, instead of being tied unconscious to a bed. She wishes she could do something to help. Patient 6 is totally pretending he’s out.

Franco tells Scotty that he doesn’t think Betsy is holding back; she wanted to come clean. He wonders how life would have been different with Drew in it. It might have been normal. Scotty asks who wants normal? Franco says he does. His past keeps rearing its ugly head. Scotty thinks he should talk to Elizabeth, but Franco says Betsy swore him to secrecy. He’s talking to Scotty, because he’s his attorney as well as his father. Scotty asks if Elizabeth doesn’t deserve to know, and Franco asks since when is he a fan of the truth? Scotty says since Lee died, he’s trying to do the right thing. If Franco doesn’t say something, he’ll regret it. Elizabeth comes in. She asks if Betsy told Franco about the boy in the photo.

Griff visits Sonny’s office. He doesn’t know if he’s overstepping, and doesn’t want to make Sonny uncomfortable. Sonny says he won’t know unless he asks. Griff says he knows that Sonny is a powerful man with resources to locate people who don’t want to be found. Sonny asks who he’s looking for, when Brick returns. Sonny introduces him as his cybersecurity guy. Brick says he traced the call, and it came from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ava says that Patient 6 gave her a number, and she ratted him out. She’s sorry, but she gave up so much to be here, and couldn’t risk being kicked out. She wishes she could make it up to him. He opens his eyes and says she can.

Sonny says the Petrov family is from Moscow. He’s worried that the call came in on his secure line. He wonders who would be calling him from there. Griff says he thinks he knows – Ava.

Maxie realizes that Nathan is worried about the book launch. He says it’s all over social media, and they’re talking about it at work. Maxie tells him that Amy tapped into the insecurities of men, and made women’s lives better, and this will translate into major book sales. Nathan says the advice isn’t from him though, and he’s going to be introduced to the public as someone he’s not. The best case will be that they believe the lie and he’s teased for a while. If something goes wrong, then Amy loses everything, her brother loses his medical care, and they both get fired. He could be arrested for fraud, and his life will be ruined. Maxie says that he’ll still have her. She might not be able to cook chicken, but she’s cooked up a plan. No one’s life is changing tomorrow.

Elizabeth asks what Betsy said, and Scotty has to get going. He gives Franco the check from the art show, saying it’s an astonishing amount of money. He can pay Kiki’s tuition now. Elizabeth thinks that’s sweet, and Franco says that Ava is unreliable and Kiki’s father is dead. Elizabeth hugs him, and Scotty says he’s outta there. He’s sure Elizabeth wants to hear all about what Franco just told him. He leaves, and Elizabeth asks if Betsy told Franco who the boy is. He tells her that she did.

Griff asks Sonny if it was a woman on the phone, but he says they didn’t say anything. Griff says that Ava is in St. Petersburg, but Sonny says she doesn’t have the number. He wonders if she could be working for Petrov, and Griff says that she went there to heal herself, not ruin someone else. Sonny says that Griff knows nothing about what she’s capable of. Griff says she’s changed. Her trip had to do with a misunderstanding between them. She’s not out to hurt him. The reason he came to Sonny was that he needs to look into the clinic she’s visiting; she could be in danger.

Ava thought Patient 6 couldn’t speak, but he says he can a little. She asks why he hid it from her, and says he must not trust her. They don’t even know each other. He seems to have a connection to Port Charles, but she’s a pariah there. Clearly, she could be kicked out for fraternizing with him, and he has no idea what she gave up to be here. Her face was destroyed in a fire; people look away, tongue-tied and awkward. She needs to be close to somebody again, and feel someone’s hand on her cheek. Can he understand? She needs to be healed and can’t jeopardize her recovery. Patient 6 says that she told him she wanted to make it up. She does, but not at the cost of her own future. She knows it sounds selfish, but the truth is, she’s not a good person. He asks if she wants to be, and she thinks so. There was someone who thought she could change and be better, but she argued with him, saying she was a lost cause. Deep down inside, she wants to prove him right. Patient 6 says, then do it and help me.

Maxie tells Nathan that if they can pull it off, everyone walks away happy, but most important , Nathan won’t be dead tomorrow. Let her show him how much she appreciates him, and he can show her how much he appreciates her idea.

Franco tells Elizabeth that she was right. It’s not Jason, just a kid from the neighborhood who moved away. He felt badly, so Betsy made up a story. Elizabeth thinks that’s nuts, but he says she did the best she could. Elizabeth asks if it was that simple, why did she disappear. He tells her that Betsy didn’t want to admit that she lied, and she feels terrible. He knows it’s weird, but none of it is her fault. His old work brought out the weirdness, and he turned a little thing into a big thing. Nothing was taken from him; he was just a kid who missed a buddy. Elizabeth asks what his name was, but Franco says she didn’t remember. Elizabeth is disappointed, because they could have looked him up, but Franco says it’s time to let go. She asks if that’s possible after it was so troubling.

Ava says she’s not sure how much she can do, but if Patient 6 gives her the number again, she’ll try to find and outside line. He asks her to get him a paperclip. She says she doesn’t think so. She already made the mistake of giving him a pen, and look how that turned out. What if Kline is telling the truth? He was right about the violent part. If Patient 6 is psychotic, he could be lying and manipulating her. He tells her to get in the closet; someone is coming. Dr. Kline comes in, and Patient 6 pretends to be unconscious again. Kline says good, let’s keep it that way, and prepares an injection. Ava watches through a small opening in the closet door.

Sonny asks Brick to find out about the facility. Griff asks if Sonny believes him, and Sonny says the first thing is to make sure she’s not working with his enemies. He doesn’t care if she’s in danger; she killed him son. Griff says that Ava isn’t out to hurt him. She’s contrite, and he pushed her into a situation where she could get hurt. Sonny says that she’s the one who does the pushing, and not to waste his time; she doesn’t have a soul to save. Griff says that he’s wrong. They’ve gotten close, and inside, there’s a good woman trying to come out. Sonny asks if Ava was behind Griff pummeling the speedbag or his crisis of faith. He doesn’t agree with everything Griff is saying, but knows he has good intentions. Griff tells him that Ava does too, and Sonny offers a word of advice. Stay away from her as much as possible, or he’ll end up in hell like Sonny after she murdered his son.

Dr. Kline says that in another twenty-four hours, he’s free, and it can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, the only control is to drug Patient 6 until he’s unconscious. He would almost feel sorry for him if he weren’t such a pita. When he’s gone, Ava comes out. She asks if he’s faking it, and checks his pulse. She says she should have helped when she had the chance, and she’s so sorry.

Maxie and Nathan bask in the afterglow. Maxie says the plan is going to work. It’s brilliant and they’re creating good karma. Nathan’s intentions are good, and the fates will align. She tells him to trust her, and he says that he does.

Franco tells Elizabeth that his psyche is in overdrive, and he let his emotions get the best of him. He thanks her for urging him to talk to his mom. The truth turned out to be something manageable. She asks if he found some peace, and he says he did. She asks him to believe her that he’s the best man he can possibly be for her and the boys. He says he does, but I’m not so sure.

Sonny tells Griff that they have different priorities. He has to make sure Ava isn’t plotting against him, and doesn’t want Griff in the middle. Griff says he’ll find her himself. He tells Sonny that if he makes a move to harm her, he’ll have to go through him to do it.

Ava says Patient 6 has a strong pulse. She doesn’t know if he can hear her, but tells him that if he can stay alive for the rest of the night, she’ll bring a paperclip to him tomorrow. Maybe she’ll be brave enough to do more. It’s her chance to be a better person, and have the faith in her justified by doing the right thing for him, and Patient 6. When she’s gone, Patient 6 opens his eyes and pulls at the handcuffs.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Anna to go ahead and tell on him, Quinn says that she’s going to make Nathan the next big thing, and Michael asks Nelle if she’s having second thoughts.

If Loving You is Wrong

The nameless DA, or whoever she is, asks Kelly if she wants to hear the tape again. Kelly says no, and NDA (as we’ll call her at present) says why not, she heard it last night. Kelly says she wasn’t there when this happened. She asks if Kelly has ever been in Ramsay’s house, and she says she was. NDA keeps asking her how many times, and if she’s been in his backyard. She asks if Kelly had sex with him there. She must be mixing Kelly up with Alex. Kelly says she’s never had sex with him at all, and NDA asks if she’s sure, which is an astonishingly stupid question. Kelly says never happened, and woman asks if that’s why she killed him; if she was angry because he wouldn’t have sex with her. Kelly says the only thing she’s angry about is what’s happening now. NDA says that Ramsay’s cousin claimed that Kelly was unreasonably angry about her attire. Kelly, ask for a lawyer. Kelly says she said those things, but she wasn’t angry or jealous, and didn’t do this. She says she’s never been in his bathroom, and NDA asks how she knew it happened in the bathroom.

Kelly doesn’t know. NDA says she does know. Kelly says the police told her. NDA asks why it isn’t in one of the reports. Kelly says she didn’t do anything. She doesn’t know what happened because she wasn’t there. NDA says let’s talk about this, and shows her a note in Kelly’s handwriting that has blood on it. She pulls out Kelly’s hairbrush – covered in blood. She brings out a pen from Kelly’s bank. Kelly asks how she got this stuff. NDA says the pen was buried in his chest. She asks if Kelly recognizes the knife. It’s part of a set in her kitchen. Kelly doesn’t know what’s going on, but she’s not saying another word until she gets a lawyer. Finally. NDA says she’s trying to help her. Kelly says more like bury her, and NDA tells Kelly that she did that when she killed him. They’re done here, and so is her chance to clear herself.

Marcie calls Brad from a restaurant. He asks what’s going on. She tells him she found a new lawyer. She thinks he can help with Randal. She asks how Alex is, and he tells her don’t. She’s just trying to get information. He says he was with her earlier, and thinking of going back tonight. He tells her he’s sorry. She tells him to join her for dinner; she just wants to talk. She promises just dinner, and says she’ll wait for him. He says he’s on his way.

Esperanza visits Natalie. Neither one of them can believe what happened. Natalie is glad it wasn’t worse. Esperanza says Justice pulling the trigger was bad enough. She asks if Kelly is still at the station. Natalie thinks so, and Esperanza says she’ll check on her when she gets to work. She keeps repeating that she can’t believe Kelly had a gun. Natalie says she was thinking of protecting herself from Travis. Esperanza wonders if it’s that serious, and says Kelly doesn’t even know how to use a gun. Natalie says she has to learn. She tells Esperanza that she told Kellyto buy it. She thought it was the best thing. She needs a safe and lessons. Esperanza says even Eddie, who’s crazy, puts his gun away. She says Natalie should have told them about it, and demands a glass of wine. Before work at the station?

Brad joins Marcie at the restaurant. She says she misses him. He says he missed her too, but… Marcie says Alex is in his head. He says in his heart too. Marcie was hoping he’d come home with her tonight. She wanted to get him drunk and have him take advantage of her. He says he always felt guilt, like he was cheating on Alex. Marcie says she’s the one who cheated. He says it always comes no matter what, and makes it not worth it. She says that makes her feel like crap, but he says he’s just being honest like they promised each other. Marcie says as long as they’re being honest, she can’t stop thinking about him and wanting him. She knows it was just supposed to be revenge sex, but he got in her head. She didn’t expect it, and now she ended up hurt. He says he understands, but she doesn’t know how he can when he doesn’t feel the same. He says that he loves Alex. Marcie calls her a stupid bitch, and he tells her not to. He asks if they should stay for dinner or should he go? She tells him to go.

Lushion finds Eddie peeing in the corner of the interrogation room. That’s Eddie for you. Lushion tells him to sit down, and puts on the tape recorder. He tries to get Eddie to confess to snorting cocaine and stealing from drug dealers. Eddie says him and his FBI buddies would like it if he rolled over. He wants Lushion to say he’s FBI, and Lushion tells him to look at his file. Photos of him and the cartel. They have tapes and informants. He asks if Eddie is confessing. Eddie says he doesn’t know if he’s comfortable with that, but asks if Lushion would like to play a game. He talks about them getting out of the military and how he went to Cincinnati to become and officer, and Lushion went to Virginia. There was a two-year gap between that and Lushion joining the force, while there was three for Eddie. So what was he doing? Lushion asks where Eddie was. Eddie says that’s his homework. I have no idea what that was about. Eddie tells Lushion good-by.

Steve tells Lushion that the boss called and wants to talk about Eddie. He wants to come to the station, and Lushion says it will blow their cover. He tells Steve all that was left was to arrest him, and asks if they missed anything. Steve says they covered it all. Natalie calls, and Steve tells him to take it.

Lushion needs to call her back; he has something going on. She needs to know what to tell Justice. He says he’ll be there soon. She says as soon as he gets a break, call her.

Ian sees Marcie at the restaurant. He asks if he can buy her a drink, but she says no. He asks why she’s sitting alone, and she says he asks a lot of questions. He asks to sit down, but she was just about to leave. He says maybe he can get her to stay. He asks what she does, and she says she’s a realtor. He says he’s looking for a house. She’s like yeah, okay, but he says he’s serious. She asks what he’s looking for, and he says he’ll know it when he sees it. She gives him her card. He says if she needs a criminal defense lawyer, he’s it. She asks if he could get her off for killing someone. He hopes she’s joking, but says either way, he’s her guy. He leaves, and when Marcie asks for the check, the waiter says Ian already took care of it.

Lushion wants to talk to NDA about Travis. She says she goes to his parents’ church. He says that kid has issues, and he had something to do with this. He’s been stalking Kelly. She says how can he be the voice of Ramsay, and tells him about the 911 tape. They’re analyzing it, but they’re sure it’s him. Lushion says he thinks Travis is involved, and he’s nuts. He asks if he can see Kelly, but NDA says she lawyered up. He says smart move, and she says if you’re guilty. He says she knows it’s smart, especially if you’re innocent. She changes her mind, and says he can see Kelly. Lushion says he gets what she’s doing, but Kelly isn’t going to say anything incriminating. She says he trained her well.

Kelly asks how Justice is, and tells Lushion that she’s really scared. She says she shouldn’t have had the gun, but Travis won’t leave her alone. He needs her to help him with that. She says she’s told him everything. He asks if she can think of anything that would put Travis in the house with Ramsay. Kelly says they didn’t know each other. There was one time, but doesn’t think they had any more run-ins. She asks him to get her out of there. He asks if she has a lawyer, but she doesn’t know any criminal lawyers. He says he’ll make a few calls, but she’s not to say another word until she has a lawyer. She says she has no money to pay them. Travis cleaned out her bank account and maxed out her cards. He asks if she has evidence, and she says her bank is looking into it. He tells her they’ll take it step by step and figure it out. She asks him to talk to Justice for her.

Alex hears a car pull in. She sees it’s Brad, and goes downstairs. Randal’s phone signals him. He peeks out and sees her going to the car. She gets in. Randal pulls on some clothes. Alex asks if Brad is coming in, and he says he’s thinking about it, but doesn’t want to confuse the kids. She asks if it’s the kids or him. He says us, but she says she’s not confused, and the kids want him to come home. It would be nice to sleep next to him. He feels the same. They kiss. Creepazoid Randal walks out. Alex asks Brad to come inside. Randal comes to the car window, and says that’s illegal. Brad rolls it up, but Randal knocks on it. They wonder how he knows when Brad is around. Randal asks if Brad knows how many times he’s hit that. He pulls out his phone, saying that he’s going to record it and put it on the internet. He asks if Brad is going to stay with this whore after everything she did to them, and alternately films them, and himself making remarks. They pay no attention, and keep making out. They get out of the car, and go into the house. He tells them to have fun. Sorest. Loser. Ever.

Alex tells Brad that she’s sorry. He kisses her, and they start going at it on the steps. It looks really uncomfortable. And possibly painful.

Natalie hears a phone ring. She gets up, and Justice is talking in the kitchen. She asks who he’s talking to, and he asks where his mother is. He says he killed Ramsay. We all go, what?! He murdered him in the bathroom.

Maybe that was Ramsay calling for Kelly.

Next time, Lushion tells Randal that he’s a psychopath, Randal tells Brad that Alex isn’t satisfied, and Esperanza tells Eddie to go to hell.

Below Deck

When we last left the crew, Jen was howling for Kate from the bar bathroom, and Kate was telling us that no one comes between her and Jesus. Jen claims she never gets this way. Kate says she’s having a full-on telenovela meltdown. This is just before she says, bye! and leaves with Jesus. Jen gets in the taxi with the rest of the group, and they help her back to the boat. Everyone crashes. Jen is on the top bunk, so good luck with that. Now, and in the morning.

Chris tells Brianna that he likes her friendship. In his interview, he says vulnerability looks good on him, and the chicks like it. She tells him that she’s not currently romantically attracted to him, so I guess they don’t like it that much.

Kate’s bunk is empty in the morning. Captain Lee is looking around for her. In her interview, Jen thinks she’s at church getting baptized. Nico says the best thing about getting up early is catching the walk of shame, and calls Kate a naughty yachty. The captain says that answers his question.

Nico is annoyed with Chris. On a scale of one to ten on giving a sh*t, he’s shat his pants. Ha-ha! Captain Lee asks Kate if Jesus was at church, and says that it must have been some mass. Nico texts his girlfriend. Jen suggests taking the ironing board out on deck, so she can get some sun. Kate tells her okay. Nico feels distracted, and says he needs alone time. He goes inside and calls his girlfriend. He gets weepy, and I’m a little flummoxed. Ohh, he tells her that he’s worried about his mother. He realizes he should be home with his family, since it wasn’t that long ago since his brother died.

The new primary guest, Susan, is a luxury real estate agent in Palm Springs. Eight women will be on the charter, and Captain Lee thinks it should be a cakewalk. They’ve asked for a disco themed dance party, and no crazy food. The captain says take it as it comes and make it work.

Nico tries teaching knot tying lessons again. He tells Brianna that he’s under a lot of stress, and his mom is having a hard time. He says that Chris is effing useless. Brianna does what we’d all do in this circumstance, and strums a tiny guitar.

Kate and Nico go over the schedule with their respective workers. Jen believes she has her groove down, but doesn’t want to get too comfortable, because that’s when a curveball is thrown. Nico asks the captain if it’s cool to park with the deckhands he has, and they manage to do it.

The guests yell woo coming up the walk, and Captain Lee says he hates that sound. Kate says she knows this charter, and there will be a lot of woo-ing and straw hats. Kate gives the tour, and I’m already tired of the woos. Vicki Gunvalson (Real Housewives of the OC) would love this these girls.

They’re about to debark, and Chris isn’t moving the stern line fast enough. The bow hits the deck. Captain Lee says he has a knot in his stomach thinking about a quarter of a million dollars of damage. Chris is like, duh, did we hit something? The captain tells them to get the spring line off, and that he’s madder than a pissed on chicken. Nico suggests that the deckhands stay away from the captain. Nico says they’re not where they’re supposed to be, but he’s in charge of them, so it’s ultimately his fault.

The captain says two of the crew members were just watching while they screwed up. He asks Nico how bad it is, and Nico says not bad, but who knows what not bad costs for a yacht. Chris tries to make excuses, but Nico says doesn’t matter; it’s still their fault. Nico tells Baker that it’s everybody’s fault, and that Chris is working his last nerve. The yacht drops anchor without incident.

The lunch table is beautifully decorated with colorful, tropical flowers. Matt says he’s keeping it fresh and simple. The guests are happy, and raise their glasses and woo. Kate commends Brianna on service. She tells Jen to check on the guests every seven minutes. In her interview, Jen says Kate micromanaging her is an understatement. The guests play on the water toys. Kate goes to shore for some disco shopping.

Jen says the guests are a handful, and Brianna has the afternoon off. I wouldn’t call them a handful, but they can’t seem to all order drinks at the same time. Nico asks Chris to help put away the slide, but he procrastinates and complains. Nico says he has no respect at all. As usual, some of the guests bug the chef in the galley. Kate comes back with some glittery stuff, and Jen gets annoyed because she also bought a piece of jewelry for herself. In her interview, she says Kate is taking advantage.

Nico talks to Captain Lee about what he sees from “certain people,” meaning Chris. He doesn’t know if Chris isn’t taking the job seriously, but he has to constantly check on him. The captain suggests an anchor watch. He doesn’t need one, but wants Chris to learn it’s not a walk in the park.

Kate says like Bruno with the sushi platter, it’s time for Jen to do something for the charter, and gives her an Afro wig to serve dinner in. Mmm… salmon. Kate thinks both Matt’s food and personality are bland, but the guests are happy.

Nico talks about giving himself ten minutes to cry in the morning, which makes me want to cry. One of the guests asks to wear Jen’s wig, which she’s very happy to hand over. Jen wants to take a moment, but Kate says they’re still doing dinner service. In her interview, she says Kate is a hypocrite, because she’d snuck away during the last dinner. Kate says tat yachting has no laurels to rest on.

It’s time to disco! Nico goes over anchor watch with the deckhands. Brianna dances with the guests. Chris is already yawning. Kate encourages Bruno to go dance, but he says he’s tired. She tells him that he has to earn the tips like everybody else. He says advance notice would have been nice. She says they’re all tired, but this is why they get paid large amounts of money. He accuses her of judging him, but she says it’s a fact that he has little yachting experience, and should take the opportunity to help out.

Chris says he can take criticisms and can admit when he’s done something wrong. Instead, he was given anchor watch as punishment. He says this is the strangest middle finger that he’s gotten in a long time.

The guests are very chipper in the morning for having discoed the night away. They rave about the breakfast potatoes. Bruno complains to Nico about Kate. He says she has a rank, but if she mentions it again, tell her to talk to him.

Matt tells Kate that Brianna is his type. She suggests he do something with her on their day off. Nico gives Chris a heads up about some line being gone. Captain Lee says this deck crew scares the hell out of him, and he’s fearless. He says it’s an older boat and has limited capabilities. Matt comes out to help, and Nico wonders how he knows what to do when his deckhands don’t.

The guests say good-by, and Susan gives the captain the tip. He tells everybody to come to the crew mess in five minutes. He says that it was a good charter, and they’re making progress, but they had two of the worst dockings he’d ever seen. He says it can’t continue the way it’s going, and promises there will be a change in the configuration of the crew. In his interview, Nico says he’ll pay for Chris’s plane ticket home. The tip is $16K; $1540 each. Kate isn’t sure if the captain is just trying to scare the deckhands, or means business.

Nico tells the deckhands to take the initiative. Kate tells the stews that people are fired for less. Chris thinks the captain saying something just creates more stress and less productivity. Captain Lee inspects the boat, saying it didn’t have to happen, but it’s nothing major. Baker figures they might as well party their asses off, since it might be their last night together.

At the bar, Nico encourages Matt to ask Brianna out. He does, and she says yes. Jen gets super drunk again. Bruno says she can’t tolerate alcohol, and gets so she’s not even human. Jen says that smart people are annoying, she doesn’t know what’s going on, and she doesn’t like it. Brianna goes to Nico’s room, and tells him that he’s handsome.

Next time, Matt makes a picnic, Nico has a close call, the primary guests are trained gourmet chefs, and a new crew member arrives.

🐕 🚤 I googled “puppy on a yacht,” and you’d be amazed. There’s…   PuppyOnYacht3

Puppies lounging on yachts…


              Puppies enjoying a breeze on yachts…


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           And yachts named after puppies.

September 19, 2017 – Patient 6 Revealed (Sort of), Back to Wrong Loving & Kate Takes a Break


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the gallery, Felix wants to congratulate the artist, but no one knows where he is.

Franco tells Scotty that Betsy has disappeared when she was supposed to tell him everything. Scotty tells Franco to let it go, but he can’t.

Sonny tells Carly about the facility that Jason is going to. She says their best friend is trapped in his own body. She wants to scream wake up! and misses him so much. Sonny does too.

Lulu and Dante relax on the couch. Charlotte is sleeping and Rocco is away, so they start getting busy. We know how that works. Charlotte interrupts; she wants to call her poppa.

Valentin gives Nina some champagne, and says they’re celebrating her and them as a couple. She says the only thing missing is Charlotte. He says it won’t be long. She tells him regardless, she’d still be there. She loves him for him. He says he wanted her back, and she says he got what he wanted. They kiss.

In St. Petersburg, Ava hunts down Patient 6 in the lounge again. She is just relentless. She tells him she’s starting to think he’s parked there so the staff doesn’t risk contact. She says he doesn’t even move, except his hands. She wonders if she should be scared, since she’s been warned. Even the doctor seemed nervous when she asked about him, and she doesn’t think much intimidates him. She tells Patient 6 that she thinks her consultation went well, but isn’t sure, since everyone is so tight-lipped about everything. Especially him.

Lulu asks Charlotte why she wants to talk to her father. Charlotte wants to know about her friend Bailey having scoliosis. He’s told Charlotte that he had it and got better, so maybe he can help Bailey.

Nina asks if Valentin knows how Ava is doing, and he says she made it to the clinic. Nina doesn’t understand why he’s helping her. She says it’s Ava’s word against his, and she has no evidence to back it up. He says what if, by some stretch of the imagination, Spencer wins. He’ll listen to Ava’s tale, and if by a small chance he convinces the jury, Lulu and Dante will jump on it. He says he’s had to fight for Charlotte since day one, when he stole the embryo. Nina says it’s not stealing if it’s yours, and reminds me of Ratso in Midnight Cowboy, saying if it’s free, he ain’t stealing it. Valentin says if there’s the slightest chance, he’ll eliminate it, and if there’s a small problem, he’s not letting it become a big one. The doorbell rings. Valentin says he’ll send them away, and they can resume celebration.

Ava tells Patient 6 that for all she knows, the story about him being shot is just a story. She wonders why she should trust anyone there. She says what happened to him could have been the result of surgery. She doesn’t like looking in the mirror, but will take it over being a vegetable. She immediately apologizes, but says this place gives her the creeps. It feels like a prison. Patient 6 clenches his fist.

Franco shows Scotty the photo. He says it’s one thing to have an imaginary friend, but another to have proof. He and Jason are in the photo, and dressed the same. It’s not some weird coincidence. Scotty suggests maybe it was baseball shirt day. He admits there’s a resemblance to Jason, but he was Jason’s guardian for a hot second, and has known Jason his entire life. Jason spent his childhood in Port Charles, and this kid isn’t Jason.

Elizabeth asks Felix if he’s sure that he didn’t see Franco mingling. Andre sees the painting of the boys, and says it’s cool. Elizabeth says it’s her favorite, and he tells her that the image is unique. All the work together is undeniably powerful, but in this one, even though there’s a barrier between the two worlds, it feels hopeful. A woman approaches them and says that people died for this garbage, including her sister, and they’re applauding it. She tells them that her sister’s life was worth a million dollars, but there are some things that money can’t fix. She moves toward the painting with something, and Elizabeth blocks her.

Carly tells Sonny that it’s surreal; like going back in time. Sonny says, Michael. Carly tells him that Jason was a rock then, but it’s different now. Before he vanished and came back, he was always there, even before Sonny knew he needed him, but not since he’s come back. Sonny says that Jason has a choice now. She says they could have stopped him. She used to know how he’d react to anything. Now she knows nothing, and it scares her.

Franco asks Scotty why Betsy would run off, unless there’s something big she didn’t want him to know. Scotty asks why it’s so important, and Franco says that his entire childhood could be lie. Scotty says maybe there’s more to it, but that’s crazy. Franco says whoever it is in the picture helped him. He was scared a lot as a kid, and his friend was his champion, and all of a sudden, he was gone. He thought he did something, or was a bad person, and it started him on a spiral. Scotty says that there’s no point in going down that dark, dismal road. The tumor is gone, everything is right in the world, and he wants to burn the picture. He tells Franco to at least put it away for 24 hours. This is his big night.

Charlotte runs to Nina. Lulu says that she wanted to call, but she thought they should come over. Charlotte is worried about a friend, and thought Valentin could help. Charlotte explains that Bailey from dance class might have scoliosis. She asks Valentin if she has it.

Ava tells Patient 6, that the clinic is the opposite from prison, right? It’s an oasis, a miracle casino where you beat the odds. Maybe she’s uncomfortable because she doesn’t think she deserves it. Being beautiful outside doesn’t match what’s inside. She asks about him. Who he was before he became a so-called dangerous psychotic, staring out the window. Is he good inside? Does he have people waiting for him to come home who love him?

When Franco and Scotty return to the gallery, Scotty wonders why the cops are there. Elizabeth’s dress is covered in red paint. She tells Franco that someone tried to deface the painting. He’s impressed that she stood between a vandal and art. She tells him that the woman was a plaintiff in the lawsuit, who lost a sister. Dante has the woman in handcuffs, and she says no one was hurt, unlike Franco’s victims. Dante tells her that she still doesn’t get to vandalize his property. Franco approaches, and asks if Lorraine was her sister. She hopes he’s enjoying showing the artwork that took lives. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she says he’s sick, and no amount of charity or money will change that.

Carly wonders what Jason would want now. She tells Sonny that everything is different. Look how fast Jason got out of the business. Maybe this Jason would want to go to a facility. Sonny says it’s not up to them. Carly understands, but says the Jason she knew would hate this, and wouldn’t want it for any of them. It isn’t living; it’s being in limbo. Sonny says the best case scenario is him waking up and telling him what his wishes are. Carly promises Jason never to leave him again.

Valentin tells Charlotte that he’s had her checked, and she doesn’t have scoliosis. Her spine is perfect. His wasn’t, so he had to get it fixed. He says he can call Bailey’s mom and talk her through the next step.

Ava says since Patient 6 can’t talk, she’ll talk enough for the both of them. Not really, but she just keeps on going. She tells him about her daughters, and how if she hadn’t been injured, one never would have forgiven her. She gets on floor in front of him. She says her list of transgressions is long and distinguished, and she’s not proud of it. Only two people love her; her brother and her girls. She has no friends to speak of; that’s why he was so special. She wouldn’t even know what it’s like to have real friend if not for Nikolas. Patient 6 grabs her hand.

She tells him to let go. Then says, please, he’s hurting her. He releases her, and she asks if he knows Nikolas. A nurse asks what she’s doing; she was told not to bother Patient 6. Ava says she was just talking to him, and he grabbed her. The nurse says that he’s disoriented, and it’s for her own safety. He’s on a lot of medication, and what she perceives as helping, he might not, and it won’t go over well. He used to be in restraints. Ava doesn’t want anything to ruin what freedom he has, and asks if the name Nikolas Cassadine means anything to the nurse. Patient 6’s hands move.

On the phone with Bailey’s mother, Valentin explains about app from Shriners Hospital that helps test for scoliosis. He says then it’s to be followed up with a physical exam. He tells her to call him back after the preliminary check and they can discuss options. Charlotte asks what will happen, and Valentin tells her about Shriners, and says she’ll have to go to the hospital. Charlotte seems distressed, and he says it’s a good thing, and Bailey will get treatment there. She thanks him, and he says that she can always come to him. She says she loves him, and Nina tells her it’s past her bedtime, and walks her out. Lulu thanks Valentin, and he tells her that he does whatever he can for Charlotte. He asks if they can work together for her sake, and she says they’ll take it a day at a time.

Sonny wants to take Carly home, but she doesn’t want to leave. He suggests at least getting some coffee.

Franco asks Dante if this is necessary; he’s not going to press charges. Elizabeth says she’s fine; it’s just a dress. It was a nice one though. Black bamboo print on white. Dante says it’s his call, and uncuffs her. She says she hopes Franco burns in hell, and there will be people lined up to toss matches.

Elizabeth asks where he was, and Franco says getting some fresh air. Andre and Felix congratulate him, and jet. Franco tells Elizabeth he’s sorry she got mixed up in that. His past never stops rearing its ugly head. Scotty suggests a nightcap, but Elizabeth wants to be there when Jason is moved. Franco says he’ll go with her.

Lulu and Charlotte make a friendship bracelet for Bailey. Charlotte goes upstairs and Lulu says she made the right call.

Nina wonders why it was hard for Valentin to talk to Charlotte about his illness. It wasn’t his fault. He says he wants to be her hero, and when she comes to him, wants to move mountains. He doesn’t want her to see him as sickly or weak. Nina says she hates the word sickly, and maybe he was that, but never weak. She tells him that he should probably show her his old picture before she sees it by accident or becomes curious. He says she’ll be horrified, and Nina says she wasn’t; maybe startled because he looks different. Charlotte might be startles, but she’ll see the man in the photograph and know it’s him. She’ll see the hero who moves mountains. That’s all that matters because she loves him. Just like it’s all that matters to Nina.

The nurse tells Ava that the only Cassadine she knows is Valentin. Ava says when she said his name. Patient 6 grabbed her. The nurse says he’s very strong and fast, and impossible to predict; they never know what to expect. Now she’ll have to report it, and they’ll increase his medication. Ava says she was told not to bother him, and she doesn’t want it known that she broke the rules, or the patient to get more medication because of her. The nurse says she’ll let it go this time, but tells Ava to remember that her actions have consequences for him. She takes Ava back to her room. Patient 6 moves his hand some more.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth how Jason is, and she says the same. Sam and Alexis are touring the facility, and he should go home and get some sleep. She says he came from a place of grief and anger that he couldn’t get past, but he’s not a monster. He’s made her happier than she’s ever been, and makes her boys smile. Every day is an adventure. He tells her it’s been a long day, and he’s tired. She says she loves him and will see him in the morning. She leaves and he goes into Jason’s room.

Franco tells Jason if they’re connected by blood, he needs him to wake up and tell him who he is. Then Franco can figure out who he is, and why he did what he’s done.

Patient 6 moves his hand to his face.

Lulu admits to Dante that Valentin is great with Charlotte. He says she is too; she put Charlotte first. They start getting busy again. He tells her it’s messed up and complicated, but they’re doing all right. Lulu agrees.

Valentin talks to Bailey’s mother again, telling her about how Shriners has helped so many children with scoliosis. She can make an appointment through the app and he’ll go with her, as well as Charlotte. He tells her to try not to worry. With the early diagnosis and treatment, Bailey should be fine.

He tells Nina that he used to worry about Charlotte. Nina says that if she’d had scoliosis, he would have been there for her, the way no one there for him. She wishes she’d known him back then. She would have seen who he really was inside, and would have kissed him back. He says that’s easy to say now. She says who knows what would have gone through her mind, but now she’s in awe of him. He tells her stop it, and she says he’s suffered and been though pain, but look what he’s become. It doesn’t make him less than, but more than, because survived it al. He’s incredible.

Carly and Sonny go to Jason’s room. She says she’s been grieving for him, Sam, and the kids, but not for herself, because the connection never really came back.

Patient 6 removes his glasses, and we see his eyes. Dammit! It’s Steve Burton. I guess this means he’s Nikolas? There go my fifty-seven other theories.

So much for Steve cruising in on a motorcycle, like they showed us in the ads.

Next time, Anna tells Finn to remember it’s for the greater good, Lulu goes to Shriners, and Carly asks if Michael doesn’t want proof of Nelle’s innocence.

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If Loving You is Wrong

I can’t wait to see what that lunatic Randal will come up with this season.

When we last left, Eddie was surrounded, and Kelly was getting arrested.

A shot is fired inside Kelly’s house. The kids come running out of the bedroom, and one of them says that Justice had a gun. Esperanza asks Kelly why she has a loaded gun in her house. Natalie tells her to calm down; everything is all right. Kelly tells Justice to never touch a gun; he could have killed someone. Esperanza won’t shut up, and Justice asks why his mom has handcuffs on. Kelly says there’s been a misunderstanding. She’ll be home soon and explain. She tells him to go with Natalie. The kids start getting upset, and Kelly is taken back outside. As she’s taken to the patrol car, Justice wants to know what’s going on. Kelly tells Natalie to call Lushion. Natalie tries, but gets voicemail.

Brad and Alex are making out like bandits, when their kids interrupt. Paisley says she’s scared. When Alex asks why, she says the gun, and Peter asks if they didn’t hear it. He tells them that Justice was showing them Kelly’s gun, and it went off. Esperanza wanders in, and Brad wonders what Kelly was thinking. Esperanza says she isn’t. Brad says he’ll talk to her, and Paisley says the police took her away. Esperanza says it’s more complicated than that, and Alex tells the kids to go upstairs.

Brad asks what happened. Esperanza says she had no idea there was a gun in the house. Alex is like, they arrested her for that? Esperanza says she was arrested for Ramsay’s murder, but it’s a misunderstanding. Brad asks if she’s sure. Esperanza says they’re talking about Kelly, but he says she didn’t know Kelly had a gun either. Brad asks if she was actually arrested, but Esperanza doesn’t know. Brad says that Kelly shouldn’t say a word. Esperanza says she didn’t do anything. Brad says he didn’t either, and was kept there for hours. He thinks Kelly should get an attorney asap.

Marcie goes to see old friend Larry. He tells her to fill him in on Randal. She says that they’re getting a divorce. Larry asks if it’s that bad, and she says it is. He thought when she’d said they were having troubles, it meant therapy, but she says they’re beyond that. He thought they would be together forever, and she tells him that he was wrong. Larry asks if she wants him to talk to Randal. She says she wants him to represent her in the divorce; Randal won’t even sign the papers. Since they were roommates in college, she thinks Randal will respect him. He suggests giving Randal a call, and seeing where his head is at. Marcie thinks that’s a good idea. Larry’s not saying he’ll represent her, but he’ll talk to Randal. He asks what happened. She says besides him cheating with a neighbor and getting her pregnant? Larry is sorry. She says don’t be; just get him to sign.

Larry introduces her to one of his partners, Ian. Ian says he’ll come back, but Marcie says she was just leaving. Ian gives Larry some files. This sounds unimportant, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing Ian in the future.

In the interrogation room, Eddie says he ain’t saying sh*t. He asks the FBI officers who brought him in what they think they have, and they walk out. Steve comes in along with Lushion. Lushion says they’re the only help Eddie has. Eddie asks how such low-level PD officers got let in there. He says they’re FBI, and now they think they’ve got him. Lushion says they know they got him. Eddie asks about them all showing up at Rusty’s place, and Lushion says they were asked to be there. Eddie tells Lushion he’ll never be above him, but Lushion says he’ll walk out a free man. Eddie says that Lushion doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Lushion says they have murder and attempted murder. Eddie says he’s an FBI agent who doesn’t have the balls to man up to it. Lushion asks where Andrew is, and Eddie pretends he doesn’t know Andrew. Steve says he should make it easier on himself. Eddie tells him to ask dead Rusty. Steve says he’s asking him. Lushion rushes Eddie, and Steve pulls him off. Eddie talks about himself in the third person, saying, Eddie don’t do time. Steve says they know that Eddie, the captain, and a few of the other officers are crooked. Eddie says the two of them are FBI, because he can’t think of anything else to say. Lushion tells Eddie that they have him on a silver platter. Eddie says he’ll be out of here later, and getting a hot piece of ass. I refrain from dropping the soap jokes. They leave, and he tells them to get out. In that order.

Steve tells Lushion that he can’t be grabbing Eddie like that; they have to keep it clean. They have him, and there’s nothing else they can do. Lushion asks if Steve is sure they covered all the bases; Eddie seems too arrogant. Steve says he’s Eddie. Lushion thinks he’s too calm and cool, and up to something. Steve lists all of Eddie’s transgressions, and says they have him. Lushion says that it doesn’t feel right; he has something up his sleeve. Steve says that Eddie is done. Lushion says, book ‘em, Steve-O. Eddie watches through the blinds, and Lushion says he’s up to something.

Lushion’s phone rings. Natalie needs to talk. He asks what’s going on, and she says a lot. Kelly was arrested for Ramsay’s murder. He says he’ll look into it; what else? Natalie thinks she’s in trouble. Kelly bought a gun. He asks what that has to do with her, and she says it was in the house. Justice found it, and everyone is all right, but it went off. Lushion asks why Kelly had a gun, and Natalie says because of Travis. He wonders why she didn’t get some lessons in safety, but Natalie says she doesn’t think it was that easy. She didn’t go to a gun shop. Lushion asks what she’s saying, and Natalie tells him that she told Kelly to buy it and where to get it; her girl hooked Kelly up. Natalie claims that she thought they were legal. Lushion says there’s nothing legal about her. Natalie asks if she can get in trouble, and Lushion says she can, and don’t send anyone else to that crazy girl. He asks where the gun is, and she tells him that Dion took it to the station. Lushion is like, great, just great, and says he’ll take care of it.

Randal installs a camera pointed at Brad and Alex’s house. His phone rings. It’s Larry. Randal says sometimes he thinks Larry avoids him, but Larry says he’s just been busy. He asks how Randal’s wife is, and Randal says that’s a long discussion. Larry suggests having drinks, and Randal asks if he’s buying, since he’s making all the money. Isn’t Randal a psychiatrist? Not that we’ve ever seen him go to work. They make plans to meet the next day. Larry tells Randal get a driver; they have a lot of catching up to do.

The mail truck pulls up. Randal motions the mailman over. He says hasn’t seen him around, but the mailman says he’s been working the same territory for years, and has even put mail in Randal’s hands. Randal says, so, you’re the mailman? and the mailman says, no, I just like wearing the uniform. Ha-ha! Randal asks if he knows Alex, and the mailman says she’s a nice lady who gives him cookies on holidays. Randal starts asking if the cookies are good, and saying she gives them out to too many Black men. The mailman asks if they’re talking about pastries. Randal asks how well he knows her, and he says he just delivers the mail. Randal asks how old he is, and if he thinks Alex is hot. The mailman says that he doesn’t know her any better than he knows Randal, she’s never invited him in, and he has mail to deliver. Randal asks if she’s ever offered him sex, and the mailman says no, he’s happily married. Randal says, aren’t we all? He watches the mailman go down the street. Randal is beyond a hot mess.

Alex asks if Brad is okay. He asks if the baby is asleep. She says yes, and home, thank God. She explains how she had supervised visits prior to an on-sight evaluation. Once the social worker came out and the judge saw her report, she was granted full custody. She says that Brad doesn’t have to ask about him; she knows it’s difficult. Brad says he’s a helpless little kid. She takes his hand, and thanks him for saving the baby. Brad says he had no choice. She tells him that he’s a good man, and she’s a fool. He says she just made a mistake; they all did. Alex says he never hurt her the way she hurt him, but she deserved it. Brad says that she deserved to be loved, and there’s nothing wrong with that. He couldn’t have done a good job, because she went looking elsewhere. She says it had nothing to do with him; it was her own insecurities. He says that doesn’t make it hurt less. Alex knows, and she’s sorry. He asks how she’s been coping, and she says its hard, but she’s managing. She misses him. She starts to cry, saying that she misses him in the morning and at night; she takes a shower and it smells like him. Brad tells her that he loves her. Alex says that she loves him, and asks what they’re doing. He says they’ll work it out. She wonders if it’s okay to get her hopes up about them, and he tells her that it is. They kiss, and he tells her that he loves her again. He has to leave, and hugs her good-by. She tells him the locks are still the same and his keys work. He can come back whenever he wants to. He thanks her.

Randal’s phone rings. I guess it’s some kind of alert he set up, because he pops out and asks how Brad is, and if he’s moving back in with that whore, that slut. He thought Brad would be stronger. Did he know that’s not Randal’s kid? Brad doesn’t even acknowledge him at all. Randal says that he gets it. Brad doesn’t want to talk. Well, he’ll be next door, driving him and that bitch crazy. Number one on the to-do list: move.

Kelly waits in the interrogation room. She calls for someone to tell her what’s going on. Outside in the hall, Lushion asks Dion about Kelly. Dion tells him to talk to the DA. He walks away, and Lushion calls him an a-hole. He goes into the room, and asks if Kelly is okay. She says no. They won’t tell her anything, and she’s been arrested for murder. He says he knows, and she says she doesn’t know why, since she didn’t do it. He says that makes two things he knows. He asks if she has any idea why they’d think she did it, but she has nothing. He tells her that they’d need to have solid evidence to bring her in. She thinks Travis has set her up. Lushion says he doesn’t seem that bright. She says he’s dumb enough to have been able to get away with stalking her.

A woman in an expensive suit walks in. Lushion asks if they can talk outside, but she doesn’t think so. He wants to know what’s going on, and she says he’ll find out soon enough. He says that he knows Kelly, and she asks him to leave. Kelly begs him not to, but the woman says he can’t stay. Kelly asks her what’s happening, and she says Kelly will know as soon as Lushion is gone. She tells him to let Justice know that she’ll see him soon. Lushion leaves, and the woman, who has yet to introduce herself, says she wouldn’t count on it. Kelly says that she didn’t do anything, but the woman says she’s under arrest for Ramsay’s murder. Kelly repeats that she didn’t do anything. The woman says he dialed 911, and she was recorded. She pulls out her phone and plays it. It’s “Ramsay” (I think it’s Travis), saying he’s been stabbed, and no, Kelly, no! Don’t hurt me! Please. Kelly is nowhere on that recording. The woman asks if she needs to hear anymore. Well, I would. I’d also want my lawyer. Was Kelly even read her rights?

Next time, Brad tells Marcie that he’s getting back with Alex, Lushion says Travis did this, and Marcie asks Ian if he could get her off for killing someone.

Below Deck

The captain and Nico try to hunt down Chris, but he’s in his bunk, sleeping like a baby. Captain Lee asks Nico why there’s no response, and he goes to find out. Baker is pissed because they’re under a microscope as it is. Nico finds Chris, and says wtf? He tells him he can’t have nights like that if he can’t stay awake the next day.

Kate wants to train the stews on dinner service. She suggests that she and Captain Lee have dinner on the deck like the guests, so she can be the worst charter guest ever. Nico tells the captain that Chris was sleeping. Kate says how rude. Captain Lee says being dumb and strong is okay for a deckhand, but Chris is just one of those things.

Nico tells Chris that the captain knows he was sleeping, but thinks that his radio was down in the cabin. He says that it’s too early for him to be pulling stuff like this. Kate is hoping the stews heads are empty enough to receive the information she has to impart. She’s giving classes in everything today, from laundry to bartending.

Chris tells Baker that he got a lecture from Nico, but the nap felt fantastic. Kate tests a drink Brianna has made. She thinks the lessons are silly. I don’t. These two weren’t so great at working last charter.

The primary guest is John Eli, who owns some popular restaurants in San Diego and Maui. He’s bringing five guy friends along. They want water sports (not that kind), a multi-course seafood feast including sushi, and a tequila pairing. Kate says that tequila is usually paired with bad decisions and a hangover. They can make that happen.

Kate says that the girls have no experience, and don’t realize how bad a charter can be. We flash back to some real bastards. She says that she’s trying to channel her worst charter guests, so they’ll know what it’s like. She makes Captain Lee laugh when she demands a drink. In her interview, she says it’s like a fire drill, and she’s the fire. I can’t stop laughing watching the captain laugh. He tries to play along.

Next is dinner. Kate screeches for another cocktail. Brianna has to instruct Jen on pouring an ounce, and she’s confused. Brianna thinks by the time she learns, the season will be over. Kate sends the cocktail back for something pinker. She compliments Brianna on clearing well. They bring the girls in for a critique. Captain Lee expects them to learn quickly, and Kate says they did better than expected. From Brianna, she sees a glimmer of hope, but Jen is a glimmer of nope.

Chris tells us he’s doing his best to learn. Nico says it’s going to be a bad day to get off the dock. In his interview, Matt tells us how hard sushi is to make, and that he hates it. The provisions come on board. Kate meets a guy she calls “hot Jesus,” on the dock. The first mate is sick, and they can’t leave the dock without one. Chris flirts with Brianna, asking her to hang out later.

Captain Lee calls for a staff meeting. He says the first officer is sick, and has to leave. He’s working on a replacement, but they can’t move the boat off the dock. Except for Nico, the crew is so green, he’s not comfortable with it. They’re telling the guests it’s a mechanical difficulty, and they’re not to know someone is sick. Kate is happy that she can go meet up with hot Jesus now – Christmas came early.

The guests arrive. Captain Lee tells them that there’s a mechanical problem, so they can’t get off the dock as soon as they’d like, but the minute it’s fixed, they’ll be off. Kate does the tour. She says the group’s vibe is sassy, catty, and it’s going to be a long 48 hours. She tells us it’s not a great sign that Matt is looking at a cookbook, and worse, not embarrassed about it. She’s a little nervous.

Nico asks the guests if they want to use the jet skis and sea bobs. Those must be those things that make you go up in the air. A couple of them use the tender. Jesus (whose real name is Morton) and Kate text. Lunch looks amazing, a rare tenderloin stir-fry. Matt says Jen is on the slow side, but gets stuff done. First mate Nick arrives. For dessert, the guests want tequila shots. One of them questions no one having tested the boat before charter. At this point, Matt hates sushi even more.

Kate asks Bruno how he feels about being the sushi platter. Yuk! She says he’s proud of his body, so they might as well put it to use. He’s in. Kate tells Matt not to go crazy with plating. Nico says he could have done naked sushi, while showing us his dad bod. The guests laugh like hyenas, and do rude things with the tongs. Chris says he would have done it; he likes making money. Wow. One of the guests is so drunk, he doesn’t know the names of the silverware pieces. And I don’t mean anything fancy. He confuses the knife with chopsticks. Kate thinks Jesus is a sign from God. A guest breaks a glass in the galley while asking for another drink. The guests all begin to get obnoxious and start to wander around.

A couple of them harass Jen in the galley. One asks where Kate is, and Jen doesn’t know. She talks to Chris about how they’re not supposed to leave the boat. Chris tells her to keep prodding. In her interview, Jen wants to throw Kate under the bus. The guests finally go to bed at 1 am, although all that seemed like forever. I’m sure it felt like forever to the crew. Kate slips back in after her tryst with Jesus/Morton.

Matt tells Brianna that she’s wonderful. He thinks they have chemistry. Nico says they’re getting off the dock. He gives instructions to the deckhands. Lots of hangovers at breakfast. That wonderful breakfast. It’s time to get the little boat into the water. Captain Lee flashes back to the last time, which he calls a clusterf*ck. Matt works on the tequila pairing. One of the guests isn’t cool with eggplant parmesan, but says nothing.

Jen asks what, or who, Kate did last night. In her interview, she says it’s unprofessional and Kate should be setting an example. I choke on my coffee. One of the guests whines to Matt, asking if eggplant parmesan will “really go good” with tequila. Matt thinks the tomato sauce works. I hate tequila, so this is meaningless to me. Brianna suggests paella, and Matt decides on red snapper with Spanish rice. The guests feel better about that.

The captain says that Chris sis still lost, although he sees improvement with Bruno. The slide is brought out, and the guests do some diving and sliding. Since Chris knows his booze, Matt consults with him on which tequilas to use. Kate radios for Jen, who deliberately ignores her. Even though there are guests standing in the galley doorway, Jen calls Kate a bitch. Kate tells Jen she sucks at her job, but she’s hilarious. In her interview, Kate says the more Jen raises the bar with her attitude, the more she’s going to remind her that she shouldn’t.

The pairing is on, and the guests are loving it. Thankfully, they turn in early. Jen tells Chris about what Kate said.

The last day begins, and Chris tells Nico that he’s getting drunk tonight. Nico says if he’s napping tomorrow, pack his bags too. For the last breakfast, fancy Eggs Benedict – my favorite! The Valor docks without incident. Captain Lee tells everyone to get their asses out on deck. Nico thinks being stuck at the dock will affect the tip, but Bruno was the saving grace, which is pretty much what the primary says. All-in-all though, they were happy. The guests leave, the crew does some cleaning, and it’s tip time.

The captain says he sees improvement in a short period of time, but some still aren’t getting it. They were a man down, and couldn’t leave, which was pathetic. He tells them to be ready to work at 8 am tomorrow. If anyone decides their time is better spent napping, they can pack their bags. The tip is $17K; $1645 each. That’s pretty good.

Time to go out. In her interview, Jen says it’s an adjustment to be at the bottom of the ladder again, so she’s ready to have some fun. She claims to have been a supervisor at her previous job, and I’m wondering who let her supervise anything. Brianna falls on the way to the bar. I’m not sure what this means for the rest of the evening, since the night is young. Nico says Bruno deserves a good night out. Chris watches Brianna dance, and says she’s got the moves. Matt says Jen likes to drink, and yes, she does. Here comes Jesus. Kate says hallelujah! He’s no Brody (Too Close to Home), but he’s okay. Chris dances with Brianna. Did he just wipe his hand on her knee? Chris thinks he has a shot with her, if he continues making his intensions clear. I’m not so sure about that. Jen calls for Kate from the bathroom. Kate says she doesn’t mind training Jen, but nobody comes between her and Jesus.

Next time, a charter of eight women, Matt asks Brianna out, the Valor hits the dock, and Captain Lee promises there will be a change in the configuration.

📣 Watch What Happens Live had an interesting pairing tonight with Jax and Captain Lee. One does nothing but bullsh*t, and the other can’t stand bullsh*t. I’ll have more to say about Jax at a later date. I like him less and less as time goes on.

They never dress like this on the show…




September 12, 2017 – Carly Outs Nelle, Veronica Outs Justin & Chris Passes Out


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the bar, Sonny asks if Griff is ready to leave the priesthood, but Kiki interrupts. Sonny has to get to the hospital, and she asks if there’s any change with Jason, but he says not yet. Griff asks what’s so urgent, and Kiki says her mother.

Ava is on the flight to St. Petersburg. Her seatmate is supposed to get the window seat, but without looking at her, Ava asks if she can have it. The woman tells her that’s fine, and says she’s not bothered by Ava’s scars; she had worse.

Obrecht meets with Franco. She was pleased to hear from him, but knows it’s not a social occasion. Franco says everything he’s known to be true about life is a lie. She suggests they get a bottle of wine.

On the footbridge, Michael tells Nelle that he can’t believe his family is back here again. He was comatose for almost a year as a kid. Is that the last time any of them was in a coma? I find that hard to believe.

Carly says she’s not coming between Jason and Sam. Sam asks when they became friends? Carly says it’s been a while. Sam says she lies, because she loves Jason, and since Jason loved Sam, Carly pretended to warm up to her. Jason can’t watch her put on an act now, so she can stop pretending.

Griff thinks that Ava is making progress. Allowing strangers to see her, with no back-up of family or friends, is a huge step. Kiki says it was shady. Why go to Florida for a spa? Griff didn’t realize she was traveling so far, and thinks it’s strange. Kiki says maybe they can convince her mother not to go, but Griff says they need to talk.

The woman on the plane introduces herself as Larissa. She works at the facility. Ava says that no one told her that she was getting a traveling companion. Larissa didn’t mean to ambush her, and says she’s just here to help. She says that Ava’s life will change into something wonderful.

Franco tells Obrecht about the photo. She says the boy with the brown hair is him. He says that the blonde boy is Jason.

Michael explains to Nelle that a bullet meant for Sonny ricocheted and hit him. He says it was never a choice to leave the business; once you’re in, you’re in. Nelle asks why Sonny thought he could get out now, and Michael says he’s lying to himself. He should have tried harder to get him to see it. Deep down, he wanted a normal dad, but it’s not his reality. He should have told Sonny that there’s no going back. Nelle says he doesn’t know what would have happened, and it’s not his responsibility. Michael says he’s the oldest son. Nelle asks what about Dante, and Michael says that he’s a cop and would never tell Sonny to stay in the mob. He’s the realist, and it was on him. He dropped the ball.

Carly tells Sam that she went through it with Michael and knows what it’s like. Jason wouldn’t want this, lying in a bed, hooked up to machines. Sam snarks that Carly is the authority, but Carly says that’s not what she’s saying; she’s just trying to help. Sam says she was the acceptable one, the one woman Carly could tolerate, but deep down Carly thought Jason and Sonny belonged to her, and she’d be first. She didn’t fight Jason, not because she thought Sam was good enough for him, but because she was willing to take second place. When he came back, things were different. He’s not running around cleaning up her mess, but focused on his family. She can’t stand it, and pretends to be her friend. Carly asks if she’s not her friend, why did she cover Sam’s ass? Alexis overhears.

Carly apologizes. She says Sam is right. She didn’t like her. She had to learn to like her, and came to love her for who she is. She knows that Sam feels a hundred times worse than she does. Sam says she loves Carly too. Carly just nods, and leaves. Alexis says that as an attorney, what should she know about what Carly is covering up?

Nelle asks if Michael has considered joining the business. He says he did when he was younger, but Sonny wouldn’t stand for it. In some ways, he’d be a good fit. He’s objective and practical. Nelle calls him tactical, and he says he’d join in a heartbeat if he was asked. He says it’s limiting financially though, and there’s the whole family thing; he wouldn’t want his kids to be around it. Your enemy only needs to be right once, but you have to be right all the time. He asks if she’s okay with it, and she says she likes having him around. She doesn’t want to lose him. He says she won’t, and kisses her.

Carly runs into Sonny coming out of the elevator. She tells him that she just blew up at Sam, and can’t believe she did that. She explains what happened, and Sonny says it’s Sam’s fear talking. She’s scared like they all are. She needed to scream at someone, and thought Carly was strong enough to take it. Carly says that she didn’t have to scream back, but Sonny says that Sam is a fighter, and a fighter doesn’t want to be coddled. It’s what she needed.

Kiki and Griff go to Ava’s apartment, but she’s not there. Griff looks at a notepad, and asks if a Dr. Baronski means anything. Kiki has never heard of him. She tells Griff that Ava said she was going to St. Petersburg, Florida. He tells her the St. Petersburg part is true, but it’s in Russia, and she’s gone. The flight already left.

Larissa says that it’s lucky Valentin was able to get Ava into the clinic. He’s one of their great success stories. Ava asks if Larissa is too. Larissa tells her that she senses reluctance, but it will be a journey she’ll never forget, a chance to reclaim what she lost. Ava says that you can’t get back some things, no matter how much you want to, and thinks she made a terrible mistake.

Franco shows Obrecht another picture of Jason as a kid. She says that it could be him, but many children look alike at that age. She thinks he’s convinced himself, but why? Franco asks why is Jason in his childhood? Obrect wonders why he’s getting hysterical over a hypothetical theory. She says the twin story was lie, and he asks what if Heather was lying about the lie? She tells him get ahold of himself; there’s a logical explanation. He asks what hers would be, and she says the picture of Jason was taken in Port Charles. That’s a known fact, and his whole childhood is well documented. He couldn’t have lived as Franco’s twin in Brooklyn. Like Scotty, she says maybe it was just a coincidence that the children in the picture are dressed alike. Franco asks what the odds would be, and she says slim, but maybe the other boy just resembles Jason. Franco says even if she’s right, why would Heather refuse to answer his questions?

Larissa toasts to Valentin, but Ava wants to hold off until the end result. Larissa says that she’s sorry that Ava feels it’s a mistake, but it will be blessing. Ava knows that the clinic performs miracles, but Larissa says it’s not the clinic, but Dr. Baronski. Ava says that every doctor has told her that nothing can be done. Now, she’s throwing in with stranger she’s never heard of; she should have followed her first instinct, sand said no. Larissa wonders what changed her mind.

Kiki tells Griff that her mother does have an affinity for vodka. Griff says nothing comes up online, but she did have recent searches about facial reconstruction. (She left her laptop?) Maybe somebody convinced her she’d better luck overseas. He has an idea of whom it might have been.

Sam asks Alexis if she remembers Sonny getting shot, like it wasn’t just five minutes ago. She says it wasn’t the Garveman. She did it. She shot him, pushed him in a hole, and left him to die. She tells Alexis about the hallucinations. Jason and Sonny thought it best not to involve the police. They stayed quiet, and so did Carly. Alexis asks why she didn’t tell her or at least call Diane? She wasn’t culpable for what she did, but covering it up muddies the waters. Sam says she wanted to confess, but she was still sick, and Sonny and Jason didn’t want to add to her misery. Alexis says that they were short-sighted and didn’t do her any favors.

Carly tells Sonny that she did just tolerate Sam, but that changed and she loves Sam. Sonny says that Sam knows that. Carly doesn’t think Sam can do what Jason needs. If he doesn’t come out of it, he would rather be dead. If Sam was being true to who he is, and what he wants, she’d turn off the machines. Sonny says they’re not there yet, but if it comes to that, he’ll do what’s needed for a friend. Carly wants to go get some air, and says she’s going to the footbridge. Sonny suggests meeting at the MetroCourt later.

Kiki tells Griff that Valentin has roots in Russia, and Griff adds that he’s capable of anything. She’s worried about her mom. Griff says he is too, especially if Valentin has something to do with why she took off. Kiki asks how Griff jumped from wondering where she is to thinking she’s in danger? Does he know something else? He says that not too long ago, she alluded to an offer that Valentin made; it could have been exploratory surgery, since she said something about not having to worry about how she looks if she took him up on it. He can’t blame her despair entirely on Valentin. He played a part in it too.

Ava tells Larissa that it’s ridiculous. It’s false hope, and she doesn’t feel good about it. She should go home. Larissa says something got her this far, and that something will change her life, like it did for her. Ava asks what caused her to need a miracle, and she says she’ll do better than tell her. She’ll show her.

Alexis wishes things were different, but they are what they are. She tells Sam that she wasn’t legally responsible, and Sam suggests turning herself in. Alexis says nothing good will come of it – for her or the kids. Sam asks why she didn’t include Jason, and does she think he’s not waking up? Alexis tells her that she didn’t say that. Sam says Carly doesn’t think so either, and came this short of telling her to pull the plug. She says she knows Carly is right. Sonny sees them hug.

Nelle thanks Michael for opening up it; it means a lot. He tells her thanks for listening. Carly approaches, saying great minds think alike. Michael asks how Jason is and she says the same. He asks how Sam is holding up, and Carly says it’s really bad. She says Nelle would know about that after what she went through with her fiancé. Nice, Carly. You’re upset, so you want to take it out on Nelle.

Franco tells Obrecht why Heather would refuse to talk to him. She says self-interest. Franco says if she didn’t know anything, she’d say that she did, and make up an elaborate story. She wouldn’t talk to him because she’s hiding something. Obrecht says or torturing him, since his vulnerable area is his childhood. He tells her about his imaginary friend, and how the memories felt real. He says when he saw the photo, he recognized him, and wondered what happened with his friend who disappeared. Obrect is glad he called her; he’s too emotional to think straight. Heather is in no position to answer his question. He needs to speak with the person who took the picture – his adoptive mother. He tells her that Betsy is fragile. He wasn’t an easy kid, and he’s a less easy adult. He doesn’t want to make it worse. Obrecht says that if her son were in pain, and she had the power to answer his questions, she would want him to come to her.

Kiki tells Griff that she doesn’t have time for vague. He tells her that he and Ava became close after the accident. They became friends, but he doesn’t think she appreciates it now. He was careless with her feelings – not on purpose – he had no idea how it was being interpreted. Kiki asks what he did.

Larissa shows Ava some pictures. Ava says she’s essentially unrecognizable, except for her eyes. She tells Ava that she had a violent husband, anything could set him off, and one night, she stood up to him. Ava says good for her, but Larissa says not for her face. he beat her within an inch of her life, then slashed her with his pocket knife. She thought she’d never recover or see the self she remembered in the mirror. Ava asks what happened to her husband, and Larissa says he’s in prison now. She understands; she’s been there. Ava says their cases are different, but Larissa says that’s not important. It’s okay to be hopeful. Ava says it sounds vain, but more than anything she just wants to be who she was before. Larissa says that’s not going to happen

Carly tells Michael and Nelle that she wasn’t going to do this; she was going to take the high road, but she just left the hospital where her best friend is in a coma and hooked to machines. He might never wake up. She thought about Michael, and doesn’t want him to be hurt again. She tells him that Nelle had a fiancé who died under suspicious circumstances in a kayak accident. Nelle claimed that she tried to save him, but wasn’t a strong enough swimmer. The police and his family think otherwise, and Carly thinks it’s time Michael asked her about it

Franco calls Betsy to come to his art show. He says, awesome, it will be good to see her; they have a lot  to catch up on.

Griff thinks that Ava thought maybe – and Kiki says it doesn’t matter why she left; she’s gone. Valentin could have just been dangling false hope. She thinks Ava could be in serious trouble.

Larissa says the healing process is complicated. She’ll look same on the outside, but on the inside, there will be overwhelming gratitude, coupled with a new sense of purpose. It’s a powerful feeling. Ava says no experience is the same, but Larissa says that she’s yet to work with patient who didn’t attest to the same enlightenment. Ava says it sounds spiritual. Larissa says it is. She’ll be herself again, but much better.

Carly tells Sonny about seeing Nelle and Michael. She says she wasn’t going to say anything, but saw Nelle, and spilled it all. Sonny asks how Michael reacted, but she doesn’t know.

Nelle tells Michael it’s true that when they met, she was lying about everything. She couldn’t believe he forgave her, and she didn’t want her next words to be, btw, she had this fiancé who died. He tells her she’s had so many opportunities since then, and especially after what he’s shared with her. She tells him that she was a coward and scared. He says then tell him now.

Sonny is like, you dropped a bomb and left? Carly thought they should discuss it alone, but at least it’s out there now. She didn’t plan on it; everything just came flying out of her mouth.

Milo calls Sonny. Sonny tells Carly that they have to go. Someone broke into her house.

Tomorrow, Anna needs to see Finn, Josslyn asks Oscar if he wants to call things off, and Michael tells Nelle that she’s been keeping a huge, life-altering secret.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Funeral director Jonathan tells Candace that he’s sorry. She asks Benny why he didn’t tell her that Quincy Jr. was in the casket. He says he didn’t know she was going to open it. Jonathan needs to know if Quincy Jr. looks good enough, but Benny says they’ll keep the casket closed for now. Candace sobs, saying that she can’t believe that War did this. She turns on Hanna, saying she let him. She did it to make Candace suffer. She asks what she did to make Hanna hate her so much. She’s never hated anyone or anything as much as she hates Hanna. She can’t wait for her to be dead and buried in an unmarked grave, and she’ll spit on it. Hanna says it won’t just be one person spitting on Candace’s grave, it will be everyone she lied to or cheated or laid down with. Candace asks if God did all of this. Hanna says she did it with her lying self. She tells Candace to look at her life, and herself. She ran from War, and will always keep running. She says if God wants your attention, He’ll get it. It will get worse until she goes to God. Candace tells Hanna to go to God. Hanna says she can’t even pray, but when it’s all said and done, no matter how much she doesn’t want to pray, He’s still God. She says the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be His name. Candace screams that Hanna can have her God; she doesn’t want Him. She tells Jonathan she wants Quincy Jr. cremated. She walks out, past Kathryn who’s been standing there. Hanna tells Benny to let her go. He says it’s not right. Kathryn says that Hanna had custody, and she can call a lawyer, but Hanna says no. It’s Candace’s child, and it’s just a body. Kathryn says she’s sorry. Hanna says at least they have a chance to say good-by. She opens the casket and cries.

She says in his short life he gave her so much joy, and she’s so sorry. She wishes she could have carried his pain. She says grandma will love him forever. Okay, okay. I’m going to start crying. She says he’s the only thing that’s given her light and joy in a long time, and is glad they found him. She could see herself, Benny, and even Candace in him, and when she looked in his eyes, she saw God. She tells him to travel well into God’s loving arms. She asks God not to let him be lonely or scared. It’s all she can do here for him. She tells God that she still trusts Him, and He’s not getting rid of her that easy. She says God has spoken, and closes the casket. The three of them leave. Geez, that was rough.

Veronica comes into Melissa’s room, where Melissa is sitting in a chair, staring into space. Veronica says Jeffrey still isn’t home, and asks what good Melissa is. Melissa says she can’t make Jeffrey come there. Veronica says she can. Men don’t have brains; they are their brains. She needs Melissa to help her, and she’s just lying there doing nothing. Did she take care of the baby and eat? Melissa says no. Veronica calls Jeffrey, and leaves a message that she’s losing patience and to call her. She tells Melissa she’ll force feed her, and Melissa says why not? She’s forced everything else on her. Veronica says she’d only attract the men who would use her up, and doesn’t have the wherewithal to get them before they get her. She throws the food on Melissa, and says eat. Veronica tells her to clean everything up and do something with her hair. Why would a man want to home to that. Melissa says, especially a gay one. Veronica stops short of smacking her, and tells her that she doesn’t want to hear that word again in regard to her son. She tells Melissa to get her ass together.

Anna and Wyatt walk through the park. He keeps looking around. He thinks his parents had something to do with the DA Jennifer’s death. He wonders if he should call the new DA, but Anna says they won’t be surprised. She says he surprised her though. He wonders when the hurt ends, and she says when you stop talking about it, it gets better. He asks if they can go home. I’m not sure why this scene was even included. It kind of went nowhere and contributed nothing to the story.

Candace is about to go into her room, and sees Jim in the hallway He says fancy meeting her there, and it’s different to see her down and out. He asks if she can’t get her key to work, and if she didn’t pay the bill. She asks why he’s there, and he says a temporary setback. He says that she missed him, and she says, wrong. He tells her his room number, in case she doesn’t want to sleep. He asks who she’s kidding; War is looking for her. She tells Jim that he’s dead. He asks how she knows. She asks how he knew War was looking for her. He says everybody is looking for her, and she brought it on herself when she didn’t pay him. She realizes he told War how much money she had. She tells him that he caused this, and War shot her son. Jim says that he’s sorry. He understands what it’s like to lose a child. She wonders if he had something to do with it, but he says that, inadvertently, she did. She asks if he inadvertently had her son killed, and he says that he didn’t do a damn thing. It would take a special marksman to shoot from the hotel, miss Hanna, and hit her son. How could he do that? He says he doesn’t forget anything, and calls her a bitch. She says neither does she. Too bad she didn’t call him a bitch.

Veronica sees Candace at the hotel bar. She tells Veronica get out of her face. Veronica asks if that’s any way to speak to someone keeping her out of jail, and Candace says she doesn’t care. Veronica says she should. She tells Candace let’s cut to it; she needs a favor. Candace is like, bitch, what do you want? Veronica says she knows that Candace and Erica had something. She knows that Erica was playing with War and hates her guts. She knows that Erica was Candace’s bottom bitch, but also knew Candace didn’t trust her when she saw the video. Candace wonders what video, and Veronica shows Candace her phone. Everything in Erica’s room was recorded. She’d sent Erica flowers. Candace says that Erica threw them out. Veronica says she did, but like most broke girls, she wanted to keep a nice vase, so she went out and got it. Candace asks what she wants, and Veronica says they have a plan for David, and she wants to know what it is and wants in on it. She has the knowledge and intel to make him suffer, and Candace placed the perfect mole. Candace asks why she would want to help Veronica, and Veronica says her freedom. Candace says that she’s already free, but Veronica tells her not really. She suggests that they pull Erica’s strings together, and Candace says as long as it can be around her neck. Several police officers come to the table, and Veronica tells Candace to call her. They arrest Candace for Quincy’s murder.

Jeffrey tells Justin that his mom is serious; she’s going to talk to his wife. He 100% knows she will, and it’s better coming from him than in open court. Justin says forget that, just make love to him. Typical man. A note is slid under the door. It says I know he’s in there. They go out in the hall, and Veronica is walking away. She says that she wanted to let the two love buzzards know she’s on her way to court. She told Jeffrey to come home, but he didn’t, and the time is over for dialogue. Justin grabs her, and she tells him go ahead; she’ll show him how much Black lives matter. She tells Jeffrey that he’s going to jail today for a long time, and she’ll see Justin in divorce court. Justin tells her to do it and see what happens. She says okay.

Melissa slides around the room like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. She gets a hanger. Omg.

Veronica finds Candace in her cell. She asks if she’s in or not. Candace says if she walks, she’s in. Veronica says she’ll call her. She won’t be in there for long.

At David’s apartment, Erica says a girl could get used to this. He wishes she would, and wishes she would tell him the man’s name who did this to her. She says she wants him to forget about it. She asks if they’re going to get food, and suggests going to the store since there’s nothing in the kitchen. He wants to take her out, and offers to buy her some clothes. Erica suggests a thrift store, and David says he’s not starting shopping there now. His phone rings. It’s Jeffrey.

Jeffrey says that his mom just left, and said he’s going to jail. David tells him not to believe her. If the body is inadmissible for Candace, it is for him too. David tells him to stay where he is and don’t go to court. He advises Jeffrey to  stay away from Veronica, and he’ll be fine. He says he’s going out, and he’ll call Jeffrey in a while.

Veronica arrives at court. She gets a call, and says, she did what? and asks what hospital. She says that she’ll be there when she leaves court. George tells Veronica she’s not winning this; maybe on appeal. Veronica says that she doesn’t know why he’s throwing in with thugs. She says her client didn’t do it, but she knows who did. If all goes well, in a matter of minutes, he will too. He says they traced Jennifer’s calls, and there was one from Veronica before she went missing. Now she’s dead. He wants to know what they talked about, but Veronica doesn’t remember. George asks where Jennifer was going, and Veronica says she doesn’t know. He says that he’s going to find out.

In court, George brings up the hit and run, and says that Veronica is up conspiracy charges. The judge says she can differentiate between the two cases, and asks about the warrant. Veronica objects, saying there was no murder. George says that the warrant was valid, but Veronica tells the judge it was, until the home changed hands. She gives the bailiff some papers. The judge asks if it’s correct. Veronica says that anything after the title changed hands is void, and the body was found after title changed hands. George insists that Candace and someone else committed murder in a heinous way. The judge says it stands, and Veronica says since there’s no evidence, no crime was committed. If there’s no body, there’s no case. George is about to have apoplexy, and the judge says without a body, there’s no evidence to indict.

Jeffrey and Justin walk into court. Veronica says although the body is excluded, they have a confession. Her son admitted to her that he murdered Quincy Maxwell. The judge asks counsel to approach. She asks what Veronica is doing. Veronica says her son committed a crime and should be charged. George is like, are you serious? He could argue ineffective counsel. Veronica says to charge him, and the judge says have it her way, and tells George to arrest him. He tells Veronica that this better not be bullsh*t. She says, “car keys.”

Veronica says one more thing. The judge should recuse herself. She asks on what grounds, and Veronica plays the video of Justin and Jeffrey on the big screen. It isn’t pretty. The judge calls a recess. Jeffrey is taken away, and Veronica tells him to enjoy his stay. Now she has to go to the hospital, because Melissa tried to take his child’s life, adding that some people are so damn ungrateful. He wouldn’t listen, now she’s not listening. She gets in Justin’s face and says, see what you did? Now live with it.

In the car with Melissa, Veronica says the doctor said that she tried to kill her grandbaby. It didn’t work, but they’re letting her take Melissa home because she’s a danger to herself and the baby she’s carrying. She’s taking Melissa to her facility, where she’s getting treated for depression – until the baby is born. She doesn’t understand why Melissa is so unhappy. She says they’re taking Melissa’s raggedy-ass car instead of Veronica’s, as bloody as she’s been lately.

Candace picks up her stuff at the desk. Her phone rings. It’s Charles, who’s been keeping eye on her. He asks her to meet him, but she says no. He tells her that if she changes her mind, to call back. She says that she won’t be calling him, and hangs up

A car follows Veronica and hits her from behind, and keeps slamming into her. Melissa laughs. As the car fall back a little, Melissa grabs the steering wheel, and jerks it back and forth. The car crashes through a barricade, and flips over. Justin drives past.

This was the finale. The Haves and the Have Nots returns in January. Thank you, Tyler Perry, for always managing to top yourself.

Below Deck

Before the show, we see it was filmed in St. Martin, which was devastated by Hurricane Irma.

The beach picnic is still happening. Brianna balances an Oreo on her eye to entertain the guests. And maybe herself, since she hurt her hand opening the champagne. Jennifer helps a guest with a jet ski, but admits she lacks skills.

Kate finds a mess in the laundry room, and calls it laundry Armageddon. She says Brianna should know better. The deckhands set up the dreaded slide and a wall climbing thing. The guests return to the yacht. Captain Lee asks Kate how the crew is working out. She thinks they should get another stew. She can handle it for a charter or two, but not the whole season.

Kate is like, great, Brianna injured her hand and can’t even do the job with two. Captain Lee tells Brianna suck it up, cupcake. Bruno practices knots. He says working on a yacht is a dream come true. He doesn’t know a lot, but he’s a hard worker. Nico says the deck team isn’t getting it. The captain says he doesn’t like being up their ass, but he doesn’t trust them. Until he does, he’ll have to be on deck all the time.

Kate loves working with Chef Matt, and I love looking at his food, although I’d rather be eating it. Crab cakes on deck! Kate discusses the laundry with Brianna. Brianna is perturbed with Kate’s management style. Jennifer calls her daughter. She says leading by example is the best way to teach her, and wants her to learn you can do whatever you set your mind to. Chris blabs endlessly to Matt while he’s trying to concentrate.

Captain Lee calls Kate to the bridge. He asks if she wants to trade crews, but she says it will just be breaking even. He says they can’t continue like this. He’s going to get a couple of day workers, so she can train the stews properly. Jumbo shrimp! Some kind of pasta! The captain says he doesn’t want to see Chris or Bruno with anything but a mop in their hands. Nico says he needs to step up if he’s ever going to be bosun. If he’s not learning, he can’t teach anyone else.

Nico shows the deckhands the morning set-up. He says it’s only day two, but individually they’re at different places, and some aren’t learning as quickly as others. If they’re not advancing as quickly as they should be, they’re going to be screwed. Bruno says he’s never worked on a yacht, and whines about being told he’s a slow learner. Nico tells him that he’s not there to be a cheerleader. Bruno is uncomfortable, since he usually learns quickly, but isn’t getting it.

Kate tries to make Jen aware of how much time she wastes. If she didn’t, she’d be amazing. In her interview, she says at least Jen makes her laugh. Nico talks to Baker. She tells him her dad passed away and today is his birthday. In her interview, she says his passing changed her life. She thinks living life and making connections with people is more important now. Kate thinks the easy guests are kind of making up for the crew.

Nico tells Matt about his brother passing away. Matt feels badly, and says he’s willing to do whatever he can to help.

The Valor isn’t docking, since the guests are leaving by tender. Nico tells Chris and Bruno that the captain doesn’t want them handing the lines. Chris wants to learn, and says he’ll feel like an idiot just watching. Matt makes modified BLTs for breakfast. Two of the guests are doing a sumo wrestler dive, and put on those kooky blow-up costumes. After the dive, everyone gets ready for the guests to depart.

Nico says it’s lucky the guests were so nice. Otherwise, it might have been a disaster. The tip is presented, the water taxi takes the guests, and the stews clean up. Jen and Brianna discuss Kate. Jen says she has a special way of making you feel inferior, but it’s all good. Bruno thinks everyone has the attitude of not caring about your feelings, because Matt asked for his help. He hides in the bathroom.

Chris and Bruno clean the tender. Bruno complains about the lack of respect. Chris says yachting attracts loud, outspoken people, but Bruno says that doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk. In his interview, Chris thinks it might not be the industry for you if you want pleasantries, and being sh*t on is part of the job.

The Valor docks. Baker tells herself not to screw it up. Nico says he can count of her to step up; she has good energy and good vibes. Brianna tells Nico that she lived in Hawaii for a while, but lives in LA now. She asks Nico how it is having a relationship while yachting, and he says it’s working – so far. Chris tells Nico that Bruno was sniffling or crying or something, and Nico says he’ll talk to him.

Tip time! Captain Lee tells everyone that the people were easy, but doesn’t believe everyone performed up to potential. He wants to see solid effort, and not moving in the right direction will bring consequences. The haul is $15K; $1360 each. Bruno feels better now. The captain says that for those who didn’t earn their tip this time, he’ll make sure they do next time. In her interview, Kate feels it wasn’t equally earned, and she should have gotten a lot more. Captain Lee tells the crew that whatever they consume tonight, he’ll be sweating out of them tomorrow.

Chris tells Nico that he was celibate for twenty-six years. Nico says it might fall off if you don’t use it. Chris says that growing up as a Christian, that was his identity, and he gave it a good shot.

Kate instructs the stews on cleaning the cupboards. Jen and Brianna discuss the guys. Jen says being a single mom, you don’t have time to think about it. Brianna says Nico is adorable, but has a girlfriend. She can see fun to be had for sure though.

Everyone gets ready to go out. Nico FaceTimes with his girlfriend. He says the season is super hard, and he misses her. He tells us he was never the most faithful, but he’s trying to be a good boyfriend. Brianna admires Bruno’s body. Nico says the first charter was a sh*t show, but he wants to relax and have a few drinks.

The drinking commences, and of course fabulous food is ordered. Chris talks incessantly. Kate says she’d rather do her taxes or clean toilets. At least toilets don’t make awkward conversation. Brianna keeps touching Nico. Jen says there’s definitely chemistry.

The crew moves on to a club. Nico tells us if you get booze into Matt, you’ll see his true colors. He’s really a dancing fool? He tells Bruno this is his reset button, and to enjoy himself. In his interview, Bruno says words are stronger than actions for him (huh?), and he appreciates Nico talking to him. Chris comes on to Brianna. He says she has a lot of options, and he’s seeing if she’ll invest in him. Apparently not. Kate asks Nico about knowing Brianna before the charter, but he says they only spent one day together just hanging out. Kate says only the cab driver in Barcelona really knows what happened. I wonder if his definition of hanging out is the same as Chelsea and Austen’s on Southern Charm.

The DJ spins, and the crew dances. Nico thinks everyone is ready to go, and rounds them up. Chris talks to Brianna about how cool Matt is, and she wonders if he goes that way. He hugs her, and says he wants to stay there forever. She responds with wanting to go to bed – alone.

The next morning, Nico asks if everyone had fun. Chris liked the part where he drank alcohol, since he didn’t do that for twenty-six years either. Nico says that he didn’t drink enough to have hangover, and Chris wonders why live your life half-assed? I actually think the goal should be not to have a hangover, especially before a work day. Been there, done that, was miserable. Kate makes sure the laundry is happening correctly. Chris thinks he’s paying dues for all the hangover’s not experienced as teenager. No, Chris. When you’re that young, you can stay out drinking all night and then go to breakfast. He complains about not feeling well, but Nico isn’t having it. He keeps calling Chris on the radio, but he’s busy napping. The captain asks why he’s not hearing a response, and Nico goes to check.

Next time, Captain Lee wants to know why the radio was down, Kate wants to play a game, Captain Lee actually laughs, and a restaurateur is the primary guest.


St. Martin

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma.



September 5, 2017 – Ava Comes Out of Her Shell, a Funeral is Planned & the Return of Captain Lee


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Andre startles Anna, who’s busy on her phone. She asks if he was able to trace the diamond to the jewel thieves he was tracking in central Europe, and more important, to Valentin.

Officer DeRoche brings Nelle back, and says Nina has friends in high places. Valentin walks in, and asks who he is, and Nina says incompetent. She’s going to have him fired. She says he arrested Nelle, botched the investigation, and now the necklace is probably being divided. Valentin says here it is, and pulls it out.

Ava and Kiki have coffee at Perks. Ava asks her a million questions about the fast track program, and Kiki tells he not to try so hard. She thinks that Ava is freaked out about people staring. Kiki says they’re not, but even if they were, who cares? She says she’s thrilled that Ava is done hiding out, and that Griff is a miracle worker, but she knows it’s hard. Ava says she’ll be strong for Kiki. Kiki says she’s grateful that Ava has decided to start living again. Ava says she’s had help.

Dr. Bensch tells Griff that Marisol’s right side is paralyzed, and she doesn’t have much time. He tells Griff that he’s sorry; nothing ever prepares you for this. Her parents are asking for Griff. He goes over to where they’re sitting, and Marisol’s father asks if there’s anything he can do.

Finn calls Curtis. He asks why Curtis isn’t returning his messages, and to please call him. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Curtis. No Hayden though. Finn asks where she is.

Nina asks how Valentin found the necklace. He says he did his own search, and it wasn’t stolen. It wound up with the makeup. Dillon says they practically tore the place apart. DeRoche asks how he found it when no one else did. Nelle tells DeRoche to buzz off, but he says the case isn’t closed. Valentin talks to him in French. DeRoche says on second thought, it’s closed, and leaves. Nelle thanks them. Nina says she’s sorry it happened, and Nelle should get hazard pay. She tells Dillon they’re scrapping the photo shoot. She says it’s been incredible, but it’s time to pack up and get out.

Andre says the thieves were well-organized and well-equipped, and their MO was consistent. In and out in less than ten minutes, and only big-ticket items. He says their driver was good, but whoever planned the heists was better. He says smash and grab is impulse, but these were planned out to the last detail. He thinks Valentin might have used mercenaries, or been one himself. Anna asks if they can tie him to the robberies. Andre thought they made peace, but Anna says that she’s not blind to who he is. He’s spent most of his life outside the law. Charlotte and Nina might have settled him down somewhat, but he lives by his own code, and might be maintaining ties to associates if it’s advantageous to him.

Griff explains to Marisol’s parents that her organs shutting down. Mrs. Valdez weeps, asking if Griff can’t do something. Mr. Valdez says that he’s a doctor, not a priest. Griff promises she won’t suffer, and Mr. Valdez says God bless him for everything he’s done. They go back to Marisol’s room, and Griff calls a priest to come to GH – and hurry.

Kiki tells Ava that Dr. Bensch is giving her the opportunity for second or third year stuff. Ava laughs, and Kiki asks if she sounds like a kid. Ava says she sounds like she knows what she wants, and is smart and talented enough to make it happen. Just a few months ago, she didn’t know what she wanted to do, now look. Kiki says if she can go for what she wants, so can Ava. Ava says she’s going to start asking herself what would Kiki do? They both leave for the hospital.

Curtis tells Finn he’s sorry. Finn asks where she is, but Curtis says he doesn’t know. He found her trail, but she has the hiding thing down. he got to LAX, where Hayden called him. He doesn’t know how she knew, but she told him to meet her at a hotel. When he got there, the room was empty, but she’d left this. He shows Finn a suitcase.

Nelle speaks with the ambassador, telling him it was just a mix-up. She explains to Valentin that she knows him from the Hamptons. Valentin says he was searching for hours. She says she knows every place in the area, and she’s grateful that he recovered the necklace, but wants to know what he’s covering up.

Anna wonders how the diamond ended up at Wyndemere. Andre suggests Hayden, and she tells him about seeing Raymond. He asks if she believed him. She says if he’s capable of love, he loves his daughter. She starts talking about how you have to make conscious effort to do better, and not just think you can cover your tracks and be decent by day and a criminal by night. Andre says they’re not talking about Raymond anymore.

Finn opens the suitcase. Inside is a bunch of clothing, and the What to Expect pregnancy book. Curtis says that’s not all she left behind. The room hadn’t been cleaned, and he went through the trashcan. She’s not just running; she’s planning on reinventing herself again. Curtis hands Finn her passport. Seriously? A pro like her would have just thrown that away?

Ava tells Kiki to go wow Dr. Bensch. She sees Griff all stressed out. The priest arrives, and Griff takes him into Marisol’s room. He listens, and blesses himself as Ava watches.

Nina asks if Valentin is going to tell her where he was. He says no, and she asks if he’s going to tell her how he recovered the necklace. He says no again, and she asks if this is what he meant by not staying within confines of law. He tells her it is, and she asks if he took the necklace. He tells her that he’d never do anything like that to her. He made some phone calls, and she asks if they were to people that he did business with in the past. He says yes, and asks if it changes anything. She plays with her ring.

Nelle tells Dillon that if he ever has to spend the night in custody, to have a place like this to come back to. Dillon can’t believe she’s making jokes. She says she’s been treated like a criminal before, and it probably won’t be the last time. Dillon says the film is in the can, the necklace has been returned, and they have the whole day to bask in spa treatments. Nelle asks about Jason, but Dillon says he left a voicemail for Ned, but hasn’t followed up, and Kiki is focused on her pre-med program

Dr. Bensch asks Kiki questions. He tells her he wants her observation, not speculation. Kiki goes over the tremor one of the patients had. She says there could be a medical explanation, or it’s possible he’s nervous or panicky about another person being in the room. He kept looking at her before answering the doctor’s questions, and it could be anxiety. She thinks maybe she’s way off base, but Dr. Bensch says they have more patients to see and tells her to keep up.

Finn tells Curtis that Hayden wanted him to have this stuff, and he’s not giving up. He can still find her. Curtis says she did more than leaving her ID behind; she left Finn a message. It was propped up against a cactus plant on the desk. He hands Finn an envelope.

Valentin wishes he was better man, and could offer Nina a spotless past, although he thinks a checkered one makes for a more interesting person. He says that he can’t take some things back, but the only thing he fears is losing her and Charlotte. It keeps him up at night, knowing everything he’s done. She says it sounds bad, and he says it was, but all he can do is tell her the truth in a general way, and hope she loves him for who he is. She says she loves him, good or bad. He says that’s all that matters, and they kiss.

Andre tells Anna to clarify why she’s doing it. She insists that it’s not a vendetta; it’s strictly WSB business. She’s going to follow the trail of the diamond where it leads. Andre gives her a folder. He tells her it looks like a Cassandra Pierce was working with the jewel thieves. He says there’s no way to prove it, but Valentin could have sold the diamonds to Cassandra, who turned them around and sold them at markup and invested the money. Anna doesn’t think Valentin would be involved in something that’s simply stolen goods for cash; she can’t see it. Andre says Cassandra has been living in Monaco, and Anna wonders when was the last time Valentin was in Monte Carlo.

Griff comes out, obviously upset. Ava asks if he’d like to talk. She wants to return hid kindness. He says there’s nothing she can do; there’s nothing anyone can do, and he gets in the elevator. Ava asks the priest about the patient. He says she’s with God now. She went peacefully, but that’s no consolation for the family or Dr. Monroe. He tells Ava that he has the blessing of being both a priest and a doctor, a savor of both body and soul, but right now he feels like a failure at both. Ava gets in the elevator.

Finn looks at the note. Hayden says that she doesn’t know what to write or what to say except that she’s sorry. She’s sorry for the secrets and lies, and her inability to trust. Most of all, she’s sorry for taking the coward’s way out, and leaving before the wedding. At least she knows he’s free to find someone worthy of his love. She tells him to forget she ever existed.

Nina sees that Valentin is wounded, and he says it’s nothing. She tells him that she can’t afford to lose him, and the necklace was insured. She reminds him of how she thought she’d never see him again when he went to The Hague. No one has ever loved her like he has and no one ever will. Valentin feels the same way. She tells him not to risk his life for a necklace or anything. She suggests they just be happy, and they kiss some more.

Nelle thanks Dillon for defending her when he had no reason to believe that she was innocent. He tells her that he took her at her word, and she would have done the same. He says they both have a healthy disrespect for authority. She kisses him on the cheek, and goes off to get a massage.

Kiki tells Dr. Bensch she knows she has a lot to learn, and she’s more than willing to do the work. He tells her that what she said – she interrupts, saying that she knows she should go by science and not feeling. He says that she was spot on. Empathy can’t be taught, and she had a rare understanding of someone older than herself. He says the tremor could be an indication of early Parkinson’s, but anxiety made it more obvious. He likes instincts, and tells her to trust them.

Curtis asks if Finn is okay. Finn says he should go. Curtis doesn’t want to leave him like this, but he says he’ll be fine. Curtis leaves. Finn reads the rest of the note. Hayden says there’s one more thing. Something was wrong with the baby. There was a complication, and the baby didn’t survive. We see Hayden crying as she writes. Finn sinks to the floor and cries.

Griff uses a speed bag at Sonny’s gym. Ava comes in, and watches him. He stops for water and sees her. They stare at each other.

Dillon’s phone rings. It’s Kiki. He asks about Jason. She tells him that Jason is out of surgery, but still in recovery. She asks when he’s coming home, and he tells her tonight. She says that Dr. Bensch likes her instincts. He’s having a hard time hearing her, and she tells him that she’s working her tail off while he was hanging out in Morocco. Dillon says he’ll tell her all about it when he gets home.

Nina dresses Valentin’s wound. He says he’s feeling better already, and apparently so, since they get busy.

Ann tells Andre that there’s no proof that the diamond was ever in Valentin’s possession or that his past association with the thieves is ongoing. She says that Andre is right. He asks if she’s closing the book on it, and she asks what he thinks, and smiles. She says she’ll be in touch. She has to make some arrangements  and Monaco is lovely this time of year. He tells her to stay safe.

Finn continues reading. Hayden says there’s nothing to bind them together anymore, and no need for him to find her. She says that he’s a wonderful person and will find love again. She hopes his new love appreciates how special he is, and how lucky she is to have him. She tells him good-by. Hey, where’s Roxie? How come we never see her anymore? Finn picks up a picture of Hayden’s sonogram, which is a very large baby for how pregnant she was. He clutches it to his chest, and cries.

We see Hayden folding the letter and tossing the passport away. When she gets up, we see that she’s still pregnant – as I suspected.

Tomorrow, Ava calls Griff a hypocrite, Parker tells Kristina that she’s not seeing anyone, and Dante has news for Sonny.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Jim tells Kathryn he loves her. She says she doesn’t love him. There’s been too much pain and heartache. He says after everything they’ve conquered together, really? Yep. She’s going to divorce him. He says she just let him make a fool of himself by allowing him to sleep with her. She says sorry, but she’s done. He does the “baby” thing, and she tells him he should have listened to her about Amanda and Wyatt, and he’s never apologized. He says he’s sorry, but she says it doesn’t matter now; their daughter is dead. He says he thinks about it every day, and the only thing that gets him through is thinking about her and Wyatt. She says he’s out there doing God knows what with a load of money. She doesn’t think she can handle another phone call saying he’s dead. She tells him to go, but Jim says he loves her and he’s not going anywhere.

Jim repeats that he loves her and she laughs. She asks him when her birthday is and don’t look at his phone. He says it’s in February, but she says it’s June. She asks when Wyatt’s birthday is, but he gets that right. She asks when they’re anniversary is and he says he’s not playing this game. She says when you love someone, you know these things. He gets it right, and says he’s not a total idiot. She says he made a horrible mistake, coming in here and trying to seduce her like the Jim from thirty years ago. Golden hair and tight jeans were all he had, and he thought she’d fall for the memory. Does he think she’s that stupid? He says he wanted to make love to his wife. She tells him to be honest for once. She’s not the public or a politician or the campaign trail. She says it didn’t work, and he asks why she participated. She says for this moment, when she tells him she’s through and doesn’t want to see him anymore. If he’s there when she gets back, she’ll take the gun that she killed Jennifer with, and blow his brains out, just as easy as she just blew something else. Whoa.

David brings Erica to his apartment. She goes to use the bathroom, and David calls Jeffrey. He tells Jeffrey that they found a bracelet and set of keys with Quincy’s body. Jeffrey says the keys are his, but he doesn’t know who the bracelet belongs to. He asks what he should do, and David says stay where he is. Veronica is calling every five minutes, and David tells him not to answer and stay away from her. He’s working on something. He’ll let Jeffrey know after it’s done. Jeffrey asks if David is going to hurt Veronica, and David says he’d never do that, and tells him again to stay away. Jeffrey says she knows where he is, and David tells him to change rooms. The hotel Jeffrey is in is booked, and David says go to another hotel. Duh.

Wyatt calls Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he sounds so clear. Wyatt says he’s good, and Anna is amazing. He asks if Jeffrey wants to join them for a walk. Jeffrey says he has a lot going on. Wyatt asks if he’s still going to avoid him. Jeffrey says he’s not, and Wyatt asks about Justin. He tells Jeffrey how Justin showed up with the DA. He says Justin is weird, and to stay away from him. An unusually happy moment between them.

Jeffrey calls Justin, and says he wants to see him now. Just to talk.

David tells Erica that she’ll be safe there. She appreciates it, and he says it’s the least he can do. She says he owes her nothing. David wishes he’d tell her his name. Erica thinks it’s best she stay away from him and leave it at that. He says these situations never resolve themselves on their own. She asks if they can drop the subject, and asks for a drink. She says it’s a nice place, and it is. The view is spectacular, and I think everything is from Urban Home. Omg, she reads my mind, and asks if he did the decorating. That’s a no. He toasts to getting better and stronger, and she says and to him being a free man.

David tells her they have a son, and Veronica has been terrorizing him. Erica wonders if she’s using Jeffrey because of her, but he says it’s a family matter. Erica tells him to act like she’s not here. If she wasn’t, what would he be doing? He says figuring out how to get her there. She asks where the bedroom is, and if there’s just one bedroom. He says one bedroom, one bed; he wants her to sleep in the bed with him. She doesn’t think that’s right and can’t stay there. David says she can, and it’s big enough for both of them. He says to be honest, he doesn’t sleep well alone after sleeping with someone for so many years. He’d like her to stay with him. Erica asks to take it one night at a time. David says as long as she’s in his bed for the first night. His phone rings, and Erica says she’ll give herself a tour.

It’s Jim. Jim says he did the stupidest and hardest thing he’s had to do in years. He slept with Kathryn. David says she’s his wife. He says he hasn’t been attracted to her in years, but she and Veronica are out of control. David says he’s not going to deal with Veronica anymore. As soon as he gets Jeffrey out of her clutches, he’s shaking her off. Jim says Mama Rose is pissed at them, and David has to get Kathryn and Veronica the same room. He just took one for the team. Get them in the same room at the same time. Jim says they’re all going to the penitentiary if they’re not careful. He slept with Kathryn; David knows how serious this is. He says they lost a huge ally with Mama Rose, and they can’t even use their knowledge of the law until they have a meeting. David says he’ll call Veronica, but he’s not sleeping with her. Jim says he went through enough trauma for the both of them, and has to take a shower. Double whoa.

Justin arrives at Jeffrey’s room. He says he’s nervous. Jeffrey tells him to sit down. He tells Jeffrey he needs to see someone. Justin says he’s not crazy, but Jeffrey says he didn’t say that. He thinks he needs some help. He says the anger isn’t healthy for either of them. Justin is like, is that it? Jeffrey asks what else he thought it was. Justin says that it was over. Jeffrey says there isn’t anything on his end. He’s telling him to get some help. Jeffrey’s phone rings and Justin asks if it’s the guy. Jeffrey says no, and Justin gets demanding, and Jeffrey is like, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about. It’s Veronica. The phone stops ringing, and immediately starts again

Jeffrey answers this time. Veronica asks if he’s coming back, and he says no. She asks if he’s with “that boy,” and he says no. She tells him to put it on speaker or she’s coming over there. She calls Justin something like a fluffy ball of yarn, and I laugh. She says she’s going to court to file a motion to save Jeffery. If he’s not at the house in an hour, she’s turning him in. Then, she’s going to the judge’s chambers to argue his case. After that, she’s going to Justin’s wife’s room, and tell her why she should recuse herself from the case, and play the video for her. Justin warns her not to. She says that Jeffrey had better get home, and Justin had better get to the courthouse. His wife will be looking for him.

Jeffrey thinks Justin should talk to his wife. Justin says Veronica won’t do it, but Jeffrey says trust him, she will.

Charles is wrapping up a campaign speech. Landon tells him how great it was, and the poll numbers are good. Landon says he’s going to win. He asks to speak with Charles. He apologizes for what he did to Candace. Charles makes him list everything he did wrong, and thanks him. He says Landon is good at his job. Landon shows him that a search online for Candace shows virtually nothing. He tells Charles that he’s happy and excited to be working on the campaign. Charles says when it’s over, they’ll have a drink.

Landon leaves, and Charles calls Candace. She asks why he’s calling. He sys to see if she’s okay. She says she’s on her way to a funeral home. He says he knows that she’s angry and sad, and he’s sorry. She says she’s fine. He asks her to call later.

Mr. Wilson, the funeral director, leads Hanna and Benny in to view the body. Hanna asks if they can talk first. He shows them the casket that they chose, and tries to get them to pick a more expensive one, since Kathryn had told him that money was no object. Benny is like, move on, and he shows them the program. He asks if they’d like the casket open or closed, and Hanna wants it open. The director says they’ll make him look good. Benny isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but Hanna says she wants them to see what was done to that baby. Candace walks in.

Benny introduces her, and says she’s his mother. Mr. Wilson says he knows it’s a hard time. Burying a child is the part of the job he dislikes the most. Benny tells her that Hanna picked the casket. Candace insists that she wants the blue one. Hanna says it’s more expensive, and asks if she has the money. Candace asks if she does. Candace says she’s his mother, and she wants him in the blue one. Benny argues with her. Mr. Wilson says he can make calls to see if he can get a discount, and Candace says to make the calls.

Benny asks what she’s doing, and Candace says burying her son. She says Hanna went in the bathroom with him, and came out without a scratch. She didn’t get shot. Candace says that Hanna didn’t protect him to spite her. She wanted to get even with her, and wants Candace to say that she’s right. Benny tells her to stop, but Candace says she didn’t help. Benny says he was there, and Hanna did more than Candace ever has. He says that War could have killed all of them for what she did. He says she does the same thing over and over, expecting a new result, and that’s crazy. Hanna would have died for her son.

Benny tells Candace that he’s sick of what comes out of her mouth, and she says that she’s sick of him. He’s depended on her for everything since she’s been on her own, calling her for money, telling her about his fairytale dreams. He says that he was talking to his sister, someone he loves and shares his dreams with, and nobody told her to sell her ass to get anything. Candace says he’s been talking to Hanna, and Benny says her act isn’t working anymore.

Mr. Wilson comes back, and says the price is what it is. Candace says she still wants the blue one, and he asks if he should bill Kathryn. Candace is like, oh no, she isn’t paying for this, and Benny asks if she has six grand. She says that she’ll get it, and Mr. Wilson says the payment has to be made today. Geez, he’s worse than the emergency animal clinic. Candace tells him she’ll bring cash, and she decides what’s best. Benny asks how she’s getting the money. Hanna says from the man who’s running for President. She saw him on the news, saying he knows the family. I’m impressed that Hanna put this two and two together. Hanna says that Candace is probably blackmailing him. That’s why the Secret Service, and why Benny was in jail. Candace is like, what? Hanna says she’s blackmailing him. Mr. Wilson is really getting an earful of some seriously dirty laundry. Candace tells him again, the blue one. Hanna can’t believe she’d rather steal the money, and Candace says she can’t believe Hanna will take crumbs from white people’s tables.

Candace also wants a different cemetery, and says she’ll get a plot there. Mr. Wilson tells her that the service is tomorrow, and she says it will be on Thursday, and she’ll bring the money tomorrow. Mr. Wilson starts to ask if Hanna is okay with all this, but Candace tells him not to ask her another thing about her son. Candace looks at the program, and rips it up. She tells them he won’t be buried in a church, and all of a sudden, I wonder where else people get buried, since not everyone subscribes to an organized faith.

Once again, Candace says she wants the blue casket, and not this one. She opens the one that Hanna chose, and Quincy Jr.’s body is in it. I gasp out loud. Mr. Wilson says he’s sorry, and Benny tells Candace that they were there to view the body.

My hat is off once more to Tyler Perry. Not everyone can cause me to make noises during a show. Very few as a matter-of-fact.

Next time, the finale – Veronica talks to Melissa, David spends money on Erica, Justin has had enough, and Veronica is going to show him how much Black lives matter.

Below Deck

I’m so excited. The stud of the sea, Captain Lee, is back! Not that I didn’t enjoy Croatia, but…

Each cast member puts in thier two cents. We immediately find out that Captain Lee thinks the new crew is a bunch of idiots, and that we’ll be traveling to the West French Indies.

Kate enjoys yachting more because she’s doing it less. She says it’s like sex with an ex. She doesn’t want to recommit, but a fling is good. The captain tells her it was slim pickin’s with the new crew, and they basically got the leftovers. Chef Matt arrives first. He’s from Canada, and seems like a cool guy. Brianna is next. She trusts in the universe to guide her, and has no goals. Yachting is convenient for her nomadic lifestyle. Deckhand Bruno follows. It’s been his dream to work on a yacht. He’s Portuguese, and speaks three languages, but has no clue what starboard means. He also needs subtitles when he talks. Jen has an obsession with boats, and always wanted to get into yachting. She’s also a single mom, and had to put her career on hold for ten years. Nico – the only one other than Kate who’s returning from another season – has come back to yachting after dealing with some family issues, and is ready for more responsibility. Captain Lee tells him that he’s lead deckhand; he’s not ready to be a bosun yet. He says he and Kate had some differences last season, but it’s all about maturing. We’ll see. Chris and Baker round out the deckhands.

Kate asks the stews about their past service jobs, and there isn’t much. Both she and Nico go over duties with the crew. Kate tells the stews to start making the boat look great. Bruno and Chris discuss how neither one of them can tie knots. Baker tells us that she comes from a long line of Southern classy ladies, but she’s more the Burning Man type. Kate and Brianna discuss relationships. Kate says if she’s attracted to someone, it’s probably bad news.

We meet the first officer and another crewmate, but it goes by so fast, I miss their names and what they actually do. It’s like those Academy Awards for behind-the-scenes stuff. Captain Lee says he was green once, and doesn’t mind teaching the crew, but once he shows them something, it had better stick. He tells them no drinking on charter, tips are divided equally, and if you really mess up, you can find a one-way ticket home in your tip envelope.

Kate tells us that most of the chefs are crazy, and we flash back to that. She says Matt seems too good to be true. She doesn’t want to be as strict as she normally is, because this is all she’s got. She shows the stews how to fold the end of the toilet paper. I bet Martha Stewart has a video for that.

The primary guest is Dave, who made his money with a trampoline park. I imagine the insurance premiums must be pretty hefty. His wife, Amy, and a bevy of friends are joining him. They’re into extreme sports, and Dave is a meat and potatoes guy. Matt says they’re a perfect match. Captain Lee says they might have a green crew, but the guests aren’t going to give a sh*t.

Nico shows the deckhands how to use the ropes to dock the boat. The crew has dinner. Jen wants to room with a guy in order to get dominance in the bathroom, and a bigger closet. I don’t know about any of that stuff, so I assume she knows what she’s doing.

Nico does a deck check, and Kate gives the stews instruction on how to ready the boat, along with Captain Lee’s uniform. In her interview, she says adrenaline junkies are coming on board, and no one’s adrenaline is pumping more than hers. Dave immediately calls Matt” Chef No-Pants,” since he’s wearing shorts. Kate does the tour. Nico says it’s going to be a real test to move the boat off the dock, but somehow, they’re successful, and move out to sea. Amy says that for Dave, the higher and more dangerous, the better.

Captain Lee sees cushions floating in the water, and asks one of the crew to snag them. It gets pretty breezy, and the guests lose some chips. That’s not a euphemism for anything. They literally lose some taco chips. The Valor drops anchor. The cushions are rescued. Captain Lee just shakes his head.

Matt makes chicken Cesar salad, and lunch is served. Kate tells Jen to serve the ladies first, and Jen totally ignores that. Nico instructs the deckhands on how to put the tender in the water, but it’s another sh*t show. One of the guests says all kinds of things are happening, and they’re never supposed to notice anything. Captain Lee is called in to help. In his interview, he says he’s more than happy to show them how to do things – once. Kate explains clearing a table. Matt asks how it’s going, and she hopes she’ll only have to teach them on the first charter. Some of the guests use equipment that’s like water-skiing, but you go way up in the air. Like space shoes. I don’t know what this thing is, but it looks scary and fun. Baker says that the fact she’s the next most experienced is scary. Jen seems to be this season’s Lauren, since she’s already spending a lot of time in the laundry room.

Kate make a beautiful fall-color table setting. Jen confuses a gin martini with a gin and tonic. The guest tells her it’s not a martini, and she says she didn’t make the drink. Maybe not, but she ordered it. In her interview, Kate says she asked where the gin, tonic, and olives were, and it’s like which thing doesn’t belong? She says she should have known better, but she’s clearly overwhelmed.

Matt says that the first dinner is extremely important, and cooking what the guests want makes them happy. Just looking at the food makes me happy.

Nico gets a headache trying to teach Bruno one knot.

Kate feels like if she doesn’t check something herself, it’s not going to be right, and basically she’s working alone. Captain Lee asks Nico how it’s going. Nico explains about his younger brother passing away after a fall from a balcony. He says it felt like it wasn’t real. He still tried to call his brother’s phone, but he doesn’t pick up, and is never going to. The captain is sympathetic, and I am too, especially when Nico tears up in his interview. I know that feeling of picking up the phone, and then realizing the person is no longer alive.

Oooh, breakfast. Thank God I love swimming. If I was ever blessed enough to go on a cruise like this, I would eat myself into oblivion. At least swimming would burn off some calories. Dave calls the omelets “art.” Afterwards he takes the long dive from the top. A few of the others dive too. The stews get the beach picnic ready. Brianna likes them, because they can escape the madness. Kate leaves to set up. Kate tells Baker that it’s hard for the stews to work up to speed and learn at the same time. The guests arrive at the beach on the tender.

Back at the yacht, it’s time to put out the toys. Nico tells Bruno to get in the water, and unhook the rope on the slide. For whatever reason, Bruno isn’t getting what Nico is saying, and just flails about in the water. Nico doesn’t know how he’s going to make it through the season. Brianna and Jen relieve Kate at the beach, and Jen struggles to open the wine. On the tender, Kate tells Nico that she’s working by herself. In her interview, she says whatever differences she and Nico had, they need to leave the past behind, as they only have each other.

This season, Captain Lee dresses up, there’s a record tip, obnoxious guests, an embarrassing anchor drop, the boat hits a dock, and there are hook-ups. Nico tells us that the crew is greener than a leprechaun’s d*ck. It looks amazing!

🐄  Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky is being shown way too many times a week. It’s like, oh, we have a half-hour to fill? Just put Jax in. I’ve seen both episodes several times when I would rather not. I also don’t want to be reminded about how Jax has a foot fetish. (You’re welcome.) How about showing the Odd Mom Out with Dave Navarro again?

💍 And yes, I’ll be getting to the 90 Day trifecta later this week. Since Game of Thrones is done, and there were no Shahs this past Sunday, I was glad to be able to watch at a reasonable time.


Captain Lee is all of us.