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May 26, 2017 – The Nurses Ball Grand Finale, Quotes in Quadruplicate & Memorial Day Musings


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Amy 2.0 hunts down Nathan at Kelly’s. She thanks him for coming to her rescue. He says he didn’t do anything, and compliments her on her vocal talent. She says he did more than he knows.

Lulu sees Valentin and Nina together with Charlotte. She tells Laura that Valentin sings one stupid song, and they’re a happy family again. Laura tells her not to ruin the night. Thank you.

Valentin asks Charlotte which song she liked best, and she says all of them. Nina says she liked Kiki and Dillon’s song best, but Charlotte tells Valentin she’s teasing. Charlotte goes off with the other kids. Nina says it was a rocky start, but a strong finish. Anna watches them.

Andre tells Anna not to do anything rash where Valentin is concerned. She says she may not have a choice.

Jake wants to do his magic act. Elizabeth suggests they do it tomorrow, but he says it has to be now. She asks Lucy to help explain that the ball is over, but Lucy says they still have the room for a while. Jake and the other kids are like, pleeeease? and Jason walks in.

Ava says she doesn’t suppose Sonny and Carly are in the market for some art. Carly says they know what she did to their son.

Amy tells Nathan not every guy would have stepped up to escort her in. Nathan says it wasn’t anything. She thanks him again, and asks if he’s talked to Maxie. He says he tried, but she had a business thing to go to. Amy says Maxie is easily distracted. She talks about how Nathan makes it work, but Maxie doesn’t make much of an effort.

Andre tells Anna that Valentin isn’t entirely innocent, but Anna says he’s not guilty either. Andre asks why she’s always defending him, and she says what other choice did he have? Returning the Chimera to the WSB wasn’t an option; they’d probably have shot him. She says he was desperate and running for his life. Having such a distinctive look, he could have easily been picked off by the WSB. Helena was despicable, but also filthy rich. Anna doesn’t believe Valentin thought Helena would ever activate it, but just use it as leverage, and he was right; she died before using it. Anna says Robert, Frisco, and the WSB are searching and clearing the island, but there’s no guarantee that she left it there.

Valentin says Nina is pulling away again, and asks if it’s Anna. She asks when isn’t it Anna?

Jason asks if Jake changed his mind, and Jake says his mom doesn’t like it. Elizabeth tells Jason that it’s late, and Jake has this tone in his voice; he sounds intense like it’s crucial, and she has a weird feeling. Franco says the Chimera has nothing to do with the magic act, which shows how little he knows. Jason says keep it short; what harm can it do? Emma thinks it’s not looking good for an okay, but Jake says he’s going to finish this tonight.

Ava says she doesn’t know what Sonny and Carly are talking about, and she’s calling the cops. Carly says please do, but Ava doesn’t know what they must have been told. Carly wants to know why, and how could she? She says Lucy told them everything. Ava claims that she and Morgan were back together at the end, so she covered it up. Carly says Morgan died, and it’s on her. Sonny says she tampered with his medication, and Carly adds that she replaced the lithium with placebos, and sabotaged him because of Kiki.

Nathan and Amy have coffee. He says it would be one thing just living across the country, but Maxie is with her daughter and her daughter’s father. Amy says if he really wants her, fight for her

Jason says it’s Elizabeth’s call. She says fine, but if there’s a hint of a problem, they shut it down.

Andre tells Anna that he’s an armchair archaeologist, and knows what a chimera is. He thinks it’s a strange name for bio-toxin, and Anna tells him it’s a hybrid of several different strains and extremely contagious. If it’s released, it will spread like wildfire.

Nina tells Valentin that she knows they’re back on track, and she’s starting to believe him. Charlotte runs in, saying Jake is going to do his magic show, and asks to stay. Valentin says all right, and Nina agrees.

Lucy thanks Laura. They awkwardly almost hug, and end up fist bumping, and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Lulu tells Laura that Jake wants to do his magic act with the birthday gift that Spencer sent to him. Laura says that didn’t happen.

Ava says it was Sonny who was responsible for Morgan’s death. Sonny wants to know what she did and why. Carly says Ava pushed Morgan into a downward spiral to get him away from Kiki. Ava says she wasn’t jealous; she wanted Kiki to be happy. Morgan was sick, and it wreaked havoc with Kiki’s life. She brings up all the dangerous situations that Morgan had put Kiki in, and asks what mother wouldn’t protect her child? Carly tells her that it was Kiki’s choice, but Ava says a mother knows best, and she knew Kiki would be happier, and so would Morgan, if he could let her go. Sonny says she decided to move it along by changing his medication to fake pills, and Ava says she was just protecting her daughter. Carly tells her that she always hides behinds her kids, but it doesn’t absolve her from the choices she’s made, like killing Connie, sleeping with Morgan, and messing with the pills. She tells Ava to own it for once. Sonny tells her to admit that she’s the reason Morgan spun out of control. He screams at her to say it, and she finally says that she did it

Nathan says it’s Amy’s turn to spill her guts. She says there’s nothing to spill. She tells him that there is a guy that she’s liked since high school. She asks if it’s pathetic, and Nathan says she’s committed. I’m thinking she’s probably a size 2, even though she’s supposed to be the “fat” girl. I saw Kathy Brier (Marcie from One Life to Live) in Hairspray on Broadway, and met her afterward. She’s about half my size, and I’m not all that big. I figure I’d take up the entire screen.

Ava says what now, adding that she’s been tortured every moment since. Carly asks if she can imagine what it was like for Morgan. He finally got control, until she rigged the game. She stole his victory from him, and he blamed himself. Sonny and Carly recite things from his journal, like how he couldn’t understand what was happening, and his parents will be disappointed. Carly thought she’d never hate anyone like she did Olivia-J, but she tells Ava that she was wrong.

Laura tells Lulu that Spencer wants to give Jake his present in person, and never mentioned a magic set. Lulu says she doesn’t think she misunderstood.

Charlotte and Emma introduce the Wizard of Awesome – Jake. Charlotte sneezes, and Jake presents lots of handkerchiefs from his pocket. Franco says there’s nothing to worry about, and Elizabeth tells him to say that when it’s over. The girls bring up the box. Jake taps on the box with his magic wand. He sees Helena, who tells him to let the grand finale begin.

Nathan asks Amy about the reunion planning. Amy says she and Dillon have come up with some good ideas. He hopes Maxie can go. He realizes Amy doesn’t like her, but Amy says she knows Nathan does. He tells Amy that Maxie isn’t evil, and Amy says she’s just selfish, like Daisy from The Great Gatsby, and makes comparisons, ending with how she breaks Gatsby’s heart.

Helena makes an okay sign. Elizabeth asks if Jake is okay, since he’s staring off in the distance, and tells him that he can stop. Helena says, you know what you want, and he says he wants to finish. Andre’s phone rings, and he has to leave. Laura looks awful. She can’t stop thinking about Spencer, and has bad feeling, although she’s not sure why. She tells Jason there’s something he should know that could mean something. Spencer didn’t send the magic set, and nobody knows who did.

Ava tells Sonny and Carly that she didn’t want this to happen; she thought it was harmless. Sonny asks in what universe? She says that she thought someone would notice and send him back to the hospital. Sonny says she made it impossible for him to get help; even if he hadn’t died, he wouldn’t have known the pills weren’t real. The doctor would have upped the dosage, and he would have wandered around in a drug induced haze. Carly calls her an evil, horrible person who seduced her son, and when he was finally free of her, she did this to him, someone she supposedly loved. Ava says they can’t make her feel worse than she does already, and Sonny says he doesn’t know about that. She says she cared deeply for Morgan, and was devastated when he died; the guilt was overwhelming. Carly says she persevered – bravo. (Well, actually, that should be brava in this case.)  Carly says that Morgan is dead because of what she set in motion, and it wasn’t a mistake like with her sister. Ava says that he wasn’t supposed to die, and Carly says, but he did, and she has to live with that. Both she and Carly have raccoon eyes.

Amy tells Nathan she’s sorry that she brought up Maxie; Maxie isn’t a flapper, and he’s not a bootlegger. She asks him to watch her stuff while she goes to ladies room. When she’s gone, a guy thanks Nathan for his advice. When he leaves, a woman appears, telling Nathan that he helped her face the truth – Man Landers to the rescue. Nathan is like wth? When Amy returns, he asks when he became Ask Man Landers? He shows her an advice column on his phone that has his picture at the top.

Sonny says he should have killed Ava, and his son would still be alive. Ava says she’s sorry, but Sonny says she doesn’t get to rob Morgan of his life, and rob him and Carly of Morgan, and say sorry. She says she’ll feel how she feels, and Sonny wonders how Avery is going to feel when she finds out, since she loved her big brother. Kiki knows she’s a monster, and now they have more proof. Ava says as punishment, they’re going to turn her daughters against her, but they’ll be the only ones hurt. Sonny says that the truth will set them free. He’s telling whole world, even if he has to sky write it. Carly says Ava is going to pay, and Sonny says if she’s lucky, after everyone has spit on her and turned their backs, he’ll put her out of her misery. Creepy Sonny.

Jason asks if Laura is sure. She says it’s probably nothing, but thought he should know. He starts to say maybe… but doesn’t finish. He flashes back to Helena saying as good as he is, Jake will be… Laura asks if he’s remembering something. Helena tells Jake that it’s time.

Jake says, now, the final trick that none of them could have ever imagined. Helena says it’s the greatest trick of all, and Jake repeats her words. He opens the box. Jason remembers Helena saying that as good as Jason is, Jake will be the greatest killer of them all. Jason tells Jake to stop.

Amy wonders what Nathan is talking about. Nathan tells her about the people who just approached him, and Amy slips, saying that he did some good. Nathan says he recognized the picture in the column from the card that she stole. Amy prefers the word borrowed, and he realizes that this is what she meant when she said helped more than knew. He asks why she’s pretending her advice is his?

Ava says she assumes they’re done here, but Carly says no. She wants to know if it was fun ruining her son’s life, turning him into someone they didn’t recognize, and that he didn’t either; someone he didn’t want to be. He was scared and confused, blaming himself. Carly will never forgive her. Ava says she doesn’t expect her to. Carly tells her to stop with the sorry business. She picked on a kid. Why doesn’t she mess with someone her own size? Ava throws the lantern to the ground, and it explodes in a ball of fire. Carly falls down, unconscious.

Jason tells Jake that it’s time to shut things down; it’s late and they need to go home. Jake sees Helena waiting. Anna comes up to Jason, and Jake holds up the Chimera. Valentin recognizes it, and gets up. Helena says bravo (which is correct this time), and Jake pushes the button, lighting it up. They all freeze.

On Monday, an encore of the “Good-by to Tracy” espisode. On Tuesday, Amy offers to help save Nathan’s marriage, Helena tells Jake to do what he was born to do, and Ava says they’re not going anywhere.

Quotes of the Week

Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story.  Cheryl Strayed

I learned to always take on things I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist. – Virginia Rometty

Maybe we are another planet’s hell. – Aldous Huxley

That’s not funny.  * No, it’s not, but I’m going to keep drinking until it is. – from This Christmas – I wasn’t looking at the TV, so I don’t know which characters said it, but it was too funny not to write down.

Things to Ponder…

Who just tries the door and walks right in when someone doesn’t answer? Why do Lifetime movies suck you in with a good plot, and then give you a disappointing ending? Even worse, why do I fall for it every time?

Unicorn Rainbows

Unicorn food reminds me of my first job in NYC. I came to work hungover after celebrating…something. It was donut day. They were green and orange. Enough said.


And Remember Why You Get a Day Off
Me·mo·ri·al Day
məˈmôrēəl ˌdā/
a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May.