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November 21, 2019 – Yesterday’s Today, GH News, Wives Gossip, Vanderpump Still Rules, Gone To a Better Stage & Next Week’s Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yesterday, I went into the future and recapped the episode that was aired in most places today. Magic! However, it’s my understanding that it was again preempted in some areas today. There are no words, except to say, if you missed it altogether, you can catch up here:


Hopefully, Friday’s episode will be on Friday, but who knows what’s going to happen in this topsy-turvy world we now live in, where low-rated hearings are forced on us and Franco is a nobody. Or is it Drew?

🍵 Tea For You…

Since there were no new evening episodes for the usual programs, enjoy some trash talk. I mean, articles on the world of entertainment.

👠 New Old Girl In Town…

A refresher course on Brook Lynn.


🎁 Home For the Holidays…

Hard to believe it’s been two years.


🏆 General Honor…

So glad props were given to Maurice Benard.


🔄 The Divorce Is Back On…

I think.


🚫 Apparently, She Does Say No To Some Jobs…

But someone tried to make it a yes.


💰 You Can’t Keep a Rich Bitch Down…

She’s ba-a-ack.


💍 Watch All About It…

More on Kelly’s rebound engagement.


🌴 Desperation…

Some people will do anything to reunite with those who hate them.


🍸 Vanderpump Returns…

In case you missed it. Although it’s hard to take someone’s argument seriously when they’re in costume.


📣 The First Roll Call Of the Dead…

Those entertainers we loved and lost in 2019.


😱 It’s Coming…

I shopped on Black Friday once. It wasn’t worth it.

November 14, 2019 – Already Posted, Tea For You, a Reason, a Kiss, an Ex, an Engagement, Not So Basic, a Jerk, a Joe, Playing Dress Up, the Family Plath & Him That Has


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As I thought, today’s episode was a repeat of what I recapped yesterday. If you missed it, you can go here:


The information about Friday’s episode is vague, but I’m guessing it’s going to be preempted. We’ll see.


🍵 Bravo had repeats of Below Deck again, so I watched a documentary about Preppy Killer Robert Chambers, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Edward Albee never gets old. In lieu of any new TV, here are some cups of tea I’ve collected.

🍸 At Least We Still Have VPR…

As much as I’ll miss her, I totally understand why she left.


😘 The Kiss Heard Round the Deck…

Kate stopped just short of going, ack! Pooey!


🏡 He’s Just Mad He’s Not a Housewife…

Who knew Frasier was going to be such a d-bag? And a full of it one at that. Camille barely even mentions him anymore.


💍 That Didn’t Take Long…

But it looks like Kelly traded up. Nice ring too.



👰 I Can’t Wait…

I’m sure the whole wedding will be next level.


Stassi is proving her beyond basicness.


💸 Another Reach For Relevance…

Frankly, I think Brooks owes us all some compensation.


Give the Guy a Break Already…

While I’ve never been a fan, I don’t think he’s being treated fairly. He should at least be able to come back to visit his family.


🎃 Yes. I’m Still Gawking…

What can I say? Like Shannon Beador, I love a costume. And yes, I looked at all of them. How many Halloween parties can the Kardashians possibly go to?


🐣 I’ve also been watching Welcome to Plathville – Tuesdays, 10 pm on TLC, my second favorite channel. It’s about a family that lives somewhat off the grid. While they’re not like the Amish – although the Amish aren’t even like the Amish anymore, so many have cell phones – Kim and Barry Plath have raised their children minus a lot of the media that most kids are joined at the hip to today. They don’t know who Justin Bieber is or have ever had soda; IMO not bad things. The Plaths aren’t tyrants, however, and it looks like we’ll be watching some new experiences for the kids in this limited run series. I can identify somewhat, at least in their surroundings, since I grew up on a pseudo farm, and being in the great outdoors is still a passion of mine. (I know, you wouldn’t think so, since I watch so much TV.) I wonder if the parents fear, as I do, that the exposure from the series will drastically affect the family, and not in a good way. Hopefully, these kids will never lose their core values.



🐕 It’s the Simple Things…

Forever to be missed, a man who knew what he got. And I get to go to bed early. Woohoo!












November 12, 2019 – Cassandra’s Final Escape, Puppet Masters Abound, Friend Goes Rogue & Boogie On


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I miss like, ten seconds of dialogue. Jax is angry, and Nikolas is explaining himself.

Nikolas says, what’s done is done; he can’t change it. Jax says, maybe he can. He can come clean, and sort this mess out. Nikolas says he’s not blowing the deal now. Finding the portrait is his best shot to claim what’s rightfully his, and Jax will get… Jax says he doesn’t need it. Nothing is worth this part. Carly knocks at the door, saying she needs to talk to Jax. Nikolas goes back out on the terrace, and Jax answers the door. He tells Carly that he’s glad she came back.

Hayden asks what Finn is thinking. Finn says he tucked his daughter in for the first time, and she asks how he feels. He says it’s a simple thing; pulling up the covers, and kissing her goodnight. Violet will never remember it, but he’ll never forget.

Robert arrives at the PCPD, apologizing for being late. He was tied up. He asks Jordan where they’re at, and Jordan says, Cassandra escaped while she was on work detail at Rice Park. They’re casing the area, but there’s been a complication. Cassandra might have a hostage.

Lulu says she should have been paying closer attention, but Maxie says it’s not her fault, and Laura says Lulu had no reason to believe Charlotte would run off. She’s never done that before. Lulu agrees she hasn’t, and Laura hugs her, saying, it’s not her fault.

Valentin and Nina get back to Windymere, and Nina asks if Valentin wants a drink. It might take the edge off. He says he needs to keep a clear head if he wants to rescue Charlotte. Cassandra will try to double-cross him. Nina asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to tell the police, but he says, they’ll just get in the way. That’s why they had to get out of there, so he can take care of it without interference. The doorbell rings. It’s Jason, and Valentin asks what he can do for him. Jason says he has questions about Cassandra.

Cassandra says she imagines Anna is armed, and carries a phone. Just take them both out slowly, and throw them into the harbor. Cassandra has one hand tightly on Charlotte’s throat, and tells Anna to follow her instructions. This young girl shouldn’t be near a gun. Anna asks if Charlotte remembers her; she’s Emma’s grandmother. She tells Charlotte that she’s doing great, and Cassandra says, into the harbor. Anna tosses her gun and phone into the water, telling Charlotte, stay calm and it will be okay. Cassandra suggests they not get ahead of themselves. What does Anna want? Why is she back in town? Anna says she thought they could catch up, and Cassandra says she’s pressed for time. Anna asks how Charlotte is a factor, and Cassandra says Charlotte is coming with her.

Jason tells Valentin about Cassandra escaping work detail, and Nina says they’re aware of it. Valentin says they just came from the PCPD. They thought he might have a lead, but he doesn’t know where Cassandra is. Jason says they think Sam might have helped Cassandra escape, and he needs to find her. Valentin is her only associate in town. Valentin says he’s not Cassandra’s associate. They knew each other a long time ago. He wouldn’t help her then, and he won’t help her now. Valentin’s phone rings, and Jason asks if he’s going to get that. Valentin says he’d like Jason to leave. Jason asks, who could help Cassandra disappear? What offshore resources does she have, and where is she likely to run? Nina says Valentin doesn’t know anything, so stop hounding him. Please leave. Jason asks, what’s going on? and Nina says Jason barged into their home at this fragile time, and is interrogating them, which he has no right to do. Get out. Jason says they’ll get farther if they work together, and Valentin says he has no clue where Cassandra is. Jason trudges out.

Anna asks if Cassandra dropped a call. Reception can be sketchy on Spoon Island. Cassandra asks what makes Anna thinks she’s calling Valentin. She’s sitting on a lot of resources. Anna says she doesn’t need Charlotte then, but Cassandra says Charlotte figures quite prominently in her arrangement. Anna says Cassandra isn’t going anywhere. Cassandra tells her that she’d hate to see Charlotte suffer, and Anna says if she harms a child, she’ll have the wrath of all the law enforcement and civilians alike on her. She’d like to offer Cassandra an alternative. Let Charlotte go, and Anna will let her walk away.

Hayden thanks Finn for asking them to stay the night, and he thanks her for staying. She says she knows things are difficult, and Finn says, just a bit. It will take time to work through this, but he won’t allow his anger to detract from the gift she’s given him – his daughter. She says she was afraid she’d never have a chance to hear him say that. He says it’s because of her. She could have chosen to never see him again. She says she’s glad she didn’t.

At the station, Jason tells Jordan, the 911 caller said Cassandra was seen at Parkland and Telegraph, ten blocks from Kelly’s, and Charlotte disappeared within the hour. Robert asks, what happened? and Lulu says she and Maxie were talking, and Charlotte was doing homework at the counter. When Lulu went to get Charlotte, she was gone. Jordan says Brad thinks he saw a woman fitting Cassandra’s description there. Peter comes in, and Robert tells him, get out. No press allowed. Maxie says he’s not there as the press; he’s there as a friend.

Carly tells Jax that she thought she’d follow-up on their conversation. Josslyn loves the room he chose for her. Jax says, it will be amazing once it’s renovated. Carly doesn’t believe the room isn’t ready, and asks, what’s really going on? He says he’s involved with something, and she asks if he can be more vague. He says he can’t get into details, but he can’t have Josslyn near it or in danger. The situation is volatile, and if he doesn’t wrap it up soon, he’s going to cut his losses and move on. It’s no big deal. She says, it’s big deal to Josslyn. Nikolas comes in from the terrace and says, it’s his fault. Jax has been helping him, one father to another.

Cassandra tells Anna, let her get it straight. If she lets the girl go, she gets to go free. Anna tells her, she said nothing about free. She’ll give Cassandra a head start. Cassandra says, you never accept the first offer, and Anna says, counter. Cassandra says, she’ll let go of Charlotte, the charges get dropped, and she gets immunity. Anna says, no way, and Cassandra tells her to get down on the pier. Anna asks what she’s going to do. Cassandra can’t watch them both, and make a phone call. Cassandra says she has no shortage of resources. Turn around. Two guys are standing behind Anna, and Cassandra dials the phone.

Nina tells Valentin, sorry she was so out of control. She thinks Jason is suspicious. Valentin says, it doesn’t matter. Nina says Maxie speaks highly of Jason. He shot Faison, and could do the same with Cassandra. Teaming up might not be a horrible idea. Valentin says it might sound attractive, but Jason doesn’t know Cassandra. He’s one step ahead of her. He’ll save Charlotte. He needs to know Nina trusts him. A call from Charlotte comes in, and Valentin answers. Cassandra suggests he not ignore her call again. Charlotte will pay next time. He says he’s ready to make arrangements.

Hayden tells Finn, for a long time, she intended to raise Violet alone. Eventually, she’d be old enough to ask questions. Finn says, then what? and she says she’d make up a story about a man who never existed. That’s how she grew up; believing a lie. It’s contributed to the terrible choices she’s made, and she didn’t want Violet to repeat the pattern. She decided to tell Violet the truth, but she wanted to tell him first. Finn says, and when she was ready, he was with Anna.

Lulu thanks Peter for coming; she’s glad Maxie called him. He tells her all of his resources are at their disposal. Robert doesn’t think broadcasting that a little rich girl has been abducted is a good idea. Jordan says Valentin will be inundated with false leads. Peter says, abducted? and Maxie says he heard about Cassandra’s escape, right? Lulu says they’re afraid she might have Charlotte.

Carly says, it’s you, and Nikolas says, alive and in person. She says he didn’t die in Greece, and he says, it was a close call. Valentin shot him, and he nearly died in the water, but eventually, he was rescued. She asks where he’s been, and he says, recovering. He’s back to reclaim the estate for himself and Spencer. She doesn’t care about that. Who knows he’s alive? Jax says, himself, Hayden, and now her. Carly asks what about his family? and Nikolas says he needs to remain in hiding. Carly says, his mother needs to know he’s alive.

Robert says Laura found Cassandra last time. Any idea where she might go? Laura says she and Curtis found her by chance. She has no idea how Cassandra operates. Robert says he’ll contact the Bureau, and access whatever intel they’ve got. Jordan says she knows Laura and Curtis are solving a mystery case. Any chance it ties back to Cassandra?

Peter asks if Valentin knows about Charlotte, and Maxie says he just missed Valentin and Nina. Things got tense. He asks, how? and Lulu says Nina thinks it’s her fault. Nina thanks she upset Charlotte when she stopped the wedding, and that’s why she snuck off.

Finn pours a drink for himself and Hayden. Hayden says, Anna is a part of the situation too. Finn says, an important part. Hayden doesn’t mean to pry, but it would help to understand how Finn and Anna got together in the first place. I’d love to know the logic there. Help what or who? He says, it was by accident. They went out looking for Hayden; Anna wanted the diamonds, and he wanted a chance to see her. They even met with Hayden’s father. After that, Anna blackmailed him into going to Monaco to track down a criminal. She says, sounds romantic, and he says, like him, Anna has a lot of baggage. And like him, she always protects herself and her heart. Her first instinct is to run. Hayden asks if that’s what Anna is doing now; running.

Nikolas understands where Carly is coming from, but he has strong reason to believe there’s a codicil that can prove Valentin was disinherited. Carly says Laura needs to know he’s alive. She lost Morgan, and if he knew the grief over losing a child, he would never do this to his mother. She knows what she’d give to hold Morgan, and Laura aches for Nikolas. She needs to see him, and hold him. She needs to know he’s come back, and if he won’t tell her, Carly will.

Anna asks if the guys are associates of Cassandra’s. One of them says they’re contractors. Cassandra says, they do brutal, excellent work. She contacted them as soon as she was out of solitary. She wanted to make sure she had adequate back-up. Anna tells her, hired muscle isn’t going to help her; she’s never getting away. Cassandra says as long as she’s got Charlotte, she’s got Valentin, and they know how good he is with logistics. Charlotte bites Cassandra’s hand, and she lets go. Anna tells Charlotte to run, and she takes off. The guys grab Anna, and Cassandra says, knock her out. Better yet, break her neck.

Nikolas respects Carly looking out for his mother, and Carly says, then tell her. Don’t make her do it. He says he’s looking at it from his perspective as a father. She doesn’t think she can understand it, if he’s keeping his family in the dark. Jax says, he wouldn’t have gotten involved if he didn’t see the merit in it. If she listens to what Nikolas has to say, she will too. She says she’s listening. Nikolas tells her that there’s a codicil that disinherits Valentin. He’s returned to establish himself and his heirs. If Valentin gets wind of it, he’ll destroy the codicil. His best chance is if Valentin doesn’t see it coming. He can’t know Nikolas is alive. Carly says they’re talking about an estate and money. She’s talking about family and love. Nikolas says, so is he. Valentin was intent on murdering him. If he knows he failed, Valentin will go after Spencer and his mother. He wants nothing more than to go to his mother, sister, and son, and tell them that he’s still there, and how much he loves them. But if they find out the truth before he finds the codicil, they could all be in danger. He needs more time to claim what’s his, and what will eventually belong to Spencer. He can’t tell her what do. He can only hope she does what’s right for his family. Nikolas goes back outside.

Laura doesn’t think Cassandra is involved in what she and Curtis are doing. Jordan asks if she’d care to elaborate, and Laura says, it’s completely legal. Jordan says, great, and Laura says, sorry. Jordan says she knew it was a long shot, but she had to ask.

Maxie tells Lulu not to take what Nina said to heart. She’s coming from a place of fear. Lulu did nothing wrong. Lulu says, Nina was right about one thing. Charlotte was excited about the wedding, and despite Lulu’s best efforts to hide it, she and Valentin don’t get along. Maybe Charlotte could tell how she was feeling. Peter doesn’t buy it for a second.

Hayden tells Finn, sorry. His relationship with Anna is none of her business, mostly. He’s Violet’s father, and what affects him, affects Violet. She’s asking where it’s going, for Violet’s sake. Finn says there does seem to be a reason for Anna’s extended time away, but he’s sure the reason is valid. Yeah, she’s a professional spy on a personal mission. Did he miss that? Hayden asks if he feels abandoned, and he says, it’s not entirely Anna’s fault. He supposes he hasn’t been completely honest with her.

Val looks grim. He tells Nina, it’s done. He’s met all of Cassandra’s demands. She asks if he’s sure about this. He says, yes; why? and she tells him, he said so himself; Cassandra will double-cross him the first chance she gets. He says, she won’t while she can use Charlotte as leverage. If she’s smart, she’ll let Charlotte go when she gets what she needs. If she doesn’t, he’ll hunt her down. Nina says, what if Cassandra isn’t as smart as he is? What if she decides it’s safer to hold on to Charlotte?

Charlotte runs, and hides behind a trash can. One of the guys come through, looking for her. Jason comes out, and they fight. There’s a lot of swinging, and I have to say, I’ve never seen a fight scene with this much missing by a couple of inches. Was this guy afraid he’d hurt Steve Burton? It goes back and forth, but Jason finally gets the guy down, and punches him repeatedly. Honestly, I was laughing during that scene.

Cassandra tells Anna, Charlotte broke the skin with her little fangs. Human bites are the worst for being prone to infection. Being held by the other guy, Anna suggests she get that checked out. Cassandra says, Anna finds it amusing, and Anna says she thinks it’s great. Cassandra says when her man brings Charlotte back, she’ll have a front row seat to watch Anna die. She’ll be sufficiently cowed for the next leg of the trip.

Jason ties the guy up, and asks if Charlotte is okay. She nods.

Anna says maybe Cassandra’s henchmen lost the trail. Cassandra says maybe they found Charlotte’s hiding spot and shot her. Anna says she’s getting testy. Anna doesn’t blame her; her options are dwindling. Jason walks in, and the guy holding Anna is startled. Anna punches him, and then goes after Cassandra. They tussle, while Jason jumps on the guy.

Jax tells Carly that he and Nikolas had done business before, so he agreed to a meeting. Nikolas showed himself, and made a pitch to find the codicil. He’d sell Jax the entire shipping division of Cassadine Industries at a favorable price. She asks if it’s worth working with a man who’s faked his death twice. Jax says his first impulse was to walk away, but Spencer was also a factor. He thought she’d be more understanding. She says, why? and he says, keeping a secret for Spencer’s sake isn’t any different than keeping the secret about Dev. It’s the right thing for the wrong reason. Carly says, Nikolas will benefit most, but Jax says, it will eventually go to Spencer. He hasn’t forgotten the lie he told when he tried to claim Spencer as his own, and how she helped. Carly asks if he’s saying she should keep his secret as a penance.

Peter says Charlotte adores Lulu, and he’s seen their rapport. Lulu says, that’s sweet, and Maxie says, it’s the truth. Peter says, Charlotte was bored, mischievous, or saw something she wanted to look at. It was a momentary kid impulse. It happens. It’s not her fault, or indicative of her parenting skills. Maxie tells Lulu, what he said.

Jordan says when Cassandra was first arraigned, she made point of asking to speak to Laura alone. What did they talk about. Laura says, what she’d told them. Cassandra offered her dirt on Valentin in exchange for her help. She passed, but it looks like someone else took the deal.

Robert comes back, and says he went through all the files the Bureau has on Cassandra, but there’s nothing that ties her to a deal with Valentin. Jordan says, now what? He says, let’s look at it from another angle. How come Cassandra got on work detail that took her out of Pentenville? If that doesn’t scream plot, he doesn’t know what does. Jordan says, like the deal with the fake guard who helped Shiloh. Robert says, which brings him to another point. How come Peter visited Shiloh twice in the same day at Pentenville? What’s that about?

Valentin tells Nina, he never intended to be a father. He never wanted a child. When he was young, he was a bad man, and did bad things to people. He was fine being alone that way. No one had to pay for his mistakes. But through the demonic machinations of Helena, and embryo was created; his child Charlotte was born. From the moment they met, he knew he’d been changed forever. He held her, and promised nothing he’d done would come back to haunt her. He built a wall between the man he was and the man he became with her. There’s been a breech in that wall, and his past has reached through and taken his daughter. He cries, and says he’s doing everything he can, but he’s frightened. He’s afraid it won’t be enough. Nina holds him, and strokes his hair.

Anna and Cassandra fight, and Anna gets Cassandra down and in a headlock. Jason finishes off the other guy. Charlotte says, take that loser. Jason asks what she’s doing there, and Anna runs to her. Jason says he told Charlotte to stay put, but she says she wanted to see what was happening. Anna asks if she’s okay, and Charlotte says she’s fine. Anna tells Jason he has record timing, and Charlotte says, Cassandra is evil. She thanks them for saving her. Anna starts to say that Cassandra is going to spend the rest of her days in prison, but realizes Cassandra is gone.

Carly sighs, and asks if Jax is willing to wash his hands of Nikolas. Jax says if he exposes Nikolas, he exposes himself as well. Carly asks, how? and Jax says, Nikolas is an amateur. He used Jax’s credit card to rent a van to help Cassandra escape. She asks if the police know, and he says, not at this point. Only Jason. Sam gave him a partial plate number, and he had Spinelli trace it. It’s only a matter of time before the cops show up. Maybe he should get ahead, and just come clean. Call the authorities, and let them know. She says he can be charged as an accessory, and Josslyn needs him. He asks what she’s going to do, now that she knows Nikolas is alive. She says, it’s best if no one knows. They’ll have to keep Nikolas’s secret, like it or not.

Finn tells Hayden that he hasn’t told Anna about Violet. He wants to tell her face-to-face when she gets back. She says, even though he doesn’t know for how long? He says, yeah, but that doesn’t mean they have to wait to tell Violet. She asks if he wants to tell her, and he says he does – with her permission. She says, absolutely. Whenever he wants. He says, how about tomorrow morning? and she asks if he’s sure. He says they’re already staying the night. They’ll have breakfast as a family, and they’ll tell her then. He smiles.

Jordan tells Laura, maybe someone is helping Cassandra get away, and get to Valentin. Laura can’t think of who would be so desperate that they’d be willing to help Cassandra. Jordan ponders that.

Robert finds it curious that Peter happened to be on the pier the night Shiloh died. Maxie says, this is ridiculous. Lulu’s daughter is missing, and Peter is trying to help. He doesn’t need to be hounded about random visits to the prison that happened weeks ago. Robert says she assumes they’re random. Maxie asks if Robert has nothing better to do as DA than nurse his grudge against Peter. If Anna was there, he wouldn’t be saying any of this. Well, she should be there shortly, and we can find out.

Nina tells Valentin, it doesn’t matter about his past mistakes. That doesn’t change the fact he’s a good dad. Valentin says, a good dad would rescue his daughter. Nina asks what he’s going to do, and he asks if she can do him a favor. It might sound silly, but he’d like her to get the blanket they got Charlotte. He’d like to be close to something that means something to Charlotte. Nina says, it’s not silly; it’s sweet. She kisses him, and he says, Cassandra, where are you?

Anna, Jason, and Charlotte look out to the water. Anna says, she’s getting away. Charlotte wants to call her papa, but says Cassandra took her phone. Jason says, use his, and gives it to her. She calls, and says, please pick up. Valentin’s phone rings. The caller ID says private, and he picks up. He hears Charlotte’s voice, and says, thank God. Is she okay? Charlotte says she’s safe on the pier. He asks whose phone she’s using, and says, Jason’s. He saved her. Valentin asks if Cassandra is with them, but Charlotte says, she drove off on a boat.

Valentin gets another incoming call, and tells Charlotte, stay with Jason. He’ll call her back. Charlotte asks him to tell Nina that she loves her so much. Valentin says Nina loves her too. He takes the other call.

It’s Cassandra, calling from the boat. She says it’s exactly where he said it would be. It’s a testament to his good faith. She’s going to tell him who broke her out of the WSB. He says he doesn’t care. He just wanted to make sure she was on the boat. Goodbye. She says, what? She lifts a tarp, and sees a bomb underneath it. She says, no! and Valentin hits a red button on his phone. The boat explodes.

Anna says, that’s the end of that. An armed Nikolas peeks out from around the corner. Charlotte sees him.

Tomorrow, Josslyn wants to finish her conversation with Carly, Charlotte refuses to go home with Lulu, Robert thinks there’s something Anna should know, and Jax says he’s thisclose to blowing Nikolas’s cover.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Ugh. Tamra. I think she’s only giving two of those three Fs.

Brian comes home, and makes fun of the turban Kelly is wearing. She says, it’s the biggest thing on the runway; the next fashion thing. Emily visits introduces self to Brian. He says he’s heard great things about her. In Kelly’s interview, she says Emily and Brian are smart, good, and genuine people, who give her great advice. She respects them. Emily says she’s glad Kelly is settling down. Brian asks what kind of law Emily practices. She says she practiced family law when she started, but in her old age, she prefers copyright. She asks if Brian has ever been married. In her interview, Kelly says she’s been proposed to three times, but Brian has never proposed to anybody. He says he’s been hanging out for the greatest girl, and Kelly says, not her? Emily tells them about Shannon bringing up their fight. Kelly says, it was twisted into something it wasn’t. She wonders what happened. She  talks to Tamra every morning. We see a clip of Tamra telling Kelly that she thinks Shannon is jealous of them being friends. Kelly says she felt like she was in a safe place with Tamra. Brian says, you can’t control how people act, but you can control how you react to it. Kelly says Tamra heard a rumor and told Braunwyn, and now Braunwyn told everyone else. She thought it was Vicki. Well, that would be a good guess.

Tamra meets Gina, who asks how her trip was. Tamra says, it sucked. The first day was good; they went hiking. Then Kelly sent her a nasty-ass text message. In Tamra’s interview, she says Eddie was trying to take her away from everything. He wanted her to relax, and now she’s paranoid. She tells Gina, it makes zero sense. Eddie took her away because of the stress, since Ryan is in therapy, and one of her daughters is going to college Tamra wonders what she did. Gina says she had a drink with Shannon after their dinner, and she had to stuff say about Tamra. We see a clip of Shannon telling Gina that Tamra said she was fat, and said that she didn’t want to room with Shannon on the next trip. Gina tells Shannon that she remembers Tamra saying it. In her interview, Tamra says, it’s a different kind of ice out; it’s nonchalant. Shannon keeps saying they’ll talk later, but she’s full of it. If she did this to Shannon, Shannon would be screaming and yelling. Gina thinks Tamra should talk to Shannon. Tamra thinks that Shannon doesn’t like that she’s friends with Kelly. She has a gut feeling that Shannon is behind this. Gina says, something isn’t right.

Kelly tells Emily that she asked if Tamra was talking sh*t about her, but she said no. Emily tells Brian that Tamra likes to push Kelly’s buttons to get her to lose it on other people. Brian says, she’s a puppet master, and Kelly agrees, calling herself an idiot.

Braunwyn takes daughter Bella to orientation at Cal State Fullerton college. Braunwyn is excited for her to have the college experience, but when all the kids leave, and Braunwyn isn’t a mom, it will be a hard experience for her. Bella is running late, and Braunwyn tells her not to sabotage herself.

Shannon tells Sophie that they’re behind the eight ball with the college counselor. Sophie says, there are people who didn’t go to college who are billionaires. In Shannon’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to think about Sophie going to college. It’s going to happen fast. Her kids aren’t with her half the time now; she can’t imagine none of the time. Sophie says getting a degree from community college is the same as any other college, but Shannon says, it absolutely matters where you go. Sadly, although it shouldn’t, Shannon is right. She asks Sophie about her requirements, and Sophie wants school spirit, good gateways to life after college, and Southern boys. Shannon hopes one of those Southern gentlemen is the guy.

When they get to Fullerton, Braunwyn says, when she was Bella’s age, she met Bella’s dad. Bella says, then she got pregnant, but Braunwyn says, that was four years later. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says her biggest regret is how quickly she got engaged. She was already living with Sean, and it would have been nice to do the college thing. A girl meets them to give them a tour.

College counselor Yosepha arrives at Shannon’s house. In her interview, Shannon says it can cost thousands for a college counselor, and I say, wtf? Maybe you shouldn’t be going to college if you need a counselor to help get you there. Shannon says she’ll do anything to get her kid into college. The Beadors are above the law. No. Wait. She says she got that wrong. The Beadors are not above the law. A Freudian slip? Yosepha tells Sophie the three factors are, the standard tests, marketing herself, and building a school list. Schools are looking for leaders, and she has to shape and mold her experiences, so she stands out. In other words, enhance her resumé. Sophie says she’s writing a book about living with divorced parents. It’s hard sometimes. In Shannon’s interview, she says she’s afraid to read it. She’ll see how deeply her actions have hurt and affected her daughter. Yosepha says a lot of people have those ideas, but not the follow-through. That could make Sophie stand out. Sophie says she wants to be a psyche major, and Yosepha tells her that she could also go into marketing or business with that. It’s got a flexible career path.

Bella says she wants to major in the arts; music, dance, drawing, and painting. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she’s excited about Bella’s path to her future. Kids grow up and live their own story, but when they start their story, they leave hers. Sean says, it could be worse. They could be excited she’s leaving. Bella says she worked hard to get there, and tears up. Braunwyn hugs her.

Kelly asks Jolie to help fold clothes. She asks if Jolie is excited to go to London. In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s proud of Jolie, going by herself. She’ll be going to museums and plays, and experiencing what the world is like. She won’t be stuck in OC with a bunch of rich kids. Jolie says Kelly is angry all the time; why is she mad? Kelly asks why Jolie thinks she gets mad at her, and Jolie says, because she doesn’t listen, but why is she mad at other people? Kelly says, people bug her. She hates people. Jolie says people who hurt, hurt other people. Kelly lets the haters stay with her. In her interview, Kelly says, Jolie is an old soul. She’s learned so much from her. She has a knack for brushing off haters. It’s bizarre. She asks Jolie how to be the bigger person, and Jolie says, don’t listen.

Tamra and Ryan go therapist Mcayla. (Yep. That’s how it’s spelled.) Tamra says she’s there to fill in the blanks or support. Mcayla says they did Ryan’s history and his motivation for being there. How is he feeling currently? In Tamra’s interview, she says the therapist thought it would be good for her to come in. Ryan’s not in a good head space. She tells Mcayla that she saw Ryan’s mood swings, and he’s at a point where he’s numb to life. Her theory is that when he’s overloaded, he shuts down. He’s not happy, and she wants to see him happy. Mcayla asks about the circumstances in the beginning. Was Tamra married to Ryan’s father? Tamra grabs some tissues, and says she was seventeen, pregnant, and still in high school. They got married, and it lasted a year. After that, she and Ryan were alone for thirteen years. She carries guilt because she feels like she let him down. She sees her other kids now having the opportunities Ryan didn’t have. He ran when he was eighteen, because he couldn’t stand his stepdad. In Ryan’s interview, he says it wasn’t the worst life, but the older he gets, he sees how his brother and sister are growing up, and he’s a little bit angry inside. We flash back to a million years ago, and Ryan complaining that Simon is controlling him. Mcayla asks what kind of emotions come up in thinking about his stepfather, and Ryan says he wasn’t there for his granddaughter’s birth, and he’s just not there. Mcayla asks if he knows what’s under the anger, and Ryan says he’s disappointed. It’s sad, and he’s hurt. She asks about his relationship with his daughter, and Tamra says she’s his world. Mcayla says they have an emotional connection? and Ryan starts to cry. Tamra says, he’s a good dad. She sees him putting all his energy into his daughter. In Tamra’s interview, she says she can see it in his eyes; he’s not himself. He’s so troubled by his past, and doesn’t want his daughter to have that life. He wants to protect her, and won’t let people in. He isolates with his daughter, and she’s worried. Mcayla says feelings and emotions are intertwined with thoughts, and you have to find where it’s coming from. Depression is a by-product. Mcayla reads what Ryan has written about himself, that he’s a failure, powerless, and doesn’t belong. He doesn’t matter. Tamra says it makes her want to die. She’s struggled with depression, and to hear him say these things scares her. Mcayla says Tamra is his mother, and knows the depth of his outlook. In her interview, Tamra says her biggest fear is suicide. Tamra shows Mcayla a list Ryan made when he was doing well. He wrote down his goals, and she keeps it in her wallet. It’s where he was six years ago. Mcayla tells Ryan not to give up on the process when it gets hard. She has confidence that he’ll do it. She tells Tamra that she did the best she could as a mother. His mother can’t be his therapist. Ryan thanks Tamra for getting him there.

Sidebar: Gina and Tamra are starting to deserve each other. Gina is so desperate to fit in she’s become a Tamra mini me

Gina brings her kids to the playground, accompanied by her parents Susan and Gino. She tells them Matt is looking for a job in the area. He’s being good with the kids. Susan asks if it’s for the right reasons. What if he doesn’t get back with her. Gina says she gets nervous because he’s jealous. She knows if she doesn’t end up with him, he won’t do it gracefully. In her interview, she says if Matt doesn’t get his way, it’s a problem for everyone else. She thinks he’ll make problems for her, and make co-parenting an issue. Susan says it sounds like Gina found herself, and asks if she still has feelings for Matt. Gina doesn’t know. She wants to work on it, but doesn’t know if she can get back to the place they need to be. She still wants the divorce regardless. She feels like that’s over. In Gina’s interview, she says when they got married, they were very young and immature, and ultimately the relationship failed. If they get back together, she doesn’t want to bring old problems into the new relationship. Gina says she wants to be in love, but she’s not there emotionally. She’s put her toe in the dating water, and discovered there are qualities that are non-negotiable. Dr. Hottie is very funny and polite. Gino says he doesn’t want to see Gina settle. Susan wonders if there will be a whiplash affect; where Matt is nice, but then blows up. Gina says she has to set boundaries. I think that ship might have sailed when she slept with Matt. Luca runs up, and says he doesn’t understand what chinchillas are. Gina says, they’re marsupials. He goes back to the playground, and she says she really has no idea. I can tell, because they’re not marsupials. They’re rodents. Very cute and soft rodents. Now I want one.

Tamra tells Eddie about therapy. She told the therapist about Ryan’s background growing up, and her view of what’s going on. It turned into a therapy session for the two of them. In her interview, Tamra says she never really opens up. It’s not the way she was raised. She tells Eddie, she thinks she carries guilt because she didn’t give Ryan a perfect childhood. A lot came out, and Ryan broke down. Eddie says, that’s the first step to recovery; breaking down. She says Ryan had to write a list of how he feels about himself, and it said, loser, not worth anything, going nowhere. It was sad. In his interview, Eddie says, Tamra is a great mom. Every kid is different, but when you’re struggling with your childhood as a man, you’re not a man. Get over it, grow up, and take care of your responsibilities. That’s life. Tamra tells Eddie that Shannon isn’t calling her, and Kelly is asking what she did. In her interview, Tamra wonders what’s going on. When she left, she and Kelly were fine. Eddie asks what prompted it, and she has the feeling Shannon is behind it. He says she needs new friends. She says she doesn’t need friends like that for sure.

Braunwyn, Emily, and Kelly meet for lunch. They get shrimp cocktails that have shrimp the size of my hand in them. Kelly says her brother Eric has been calling. He feels she’s not helping her mom. We flash back to Kelly and mom Bobbi in therapy, and Bobbi insisting she’s not telling Kelly what to do, while telling her what to do. Emily says she’s been through it, and thinks Kelly has to be willing to reach out. Kelly says her mother doesn’t want to talk to her, and Braunwyn can’t wrap her brain around being that angry with her children. Emily says Kelly should reach out directly. When Emily was in that position, she realized if something happened to her mother, she’d lose her mind. Kelly says, it’s scary, and Emily says if her mother rejects her, it’s on her mother. Kelly gets weepy, and Emily says Kelly can fix it. In Emily’s interview, she says she begged her mom to get therapy, and it’s been rewarding for both of them. We see a clip of Emily’s mother thanking her. Kelly thanks them for being supportive. Emily says she has to let her guard down sometime, and reach out. Braunwyn hopes it’s not like that with her girls. Emily says Kelly needs to figure out where she and her mother are at, and if it goes sideways… Braunwyn says Kelly will know she did what she needed to do. Kelly thanks them, and Braunwyn says they’re ride or die. No drama with them. Emily says she’s supposed to have dinner with Tamra and Vicki, and she’s worried it will be a Kelly bashing session. She doesn’t want to go there, and Kelly says, tell them off.

Shannon meets Tamra, and asks how she is. Tamra says, horrible; thanks for asking. Shannon laughs, thinking Tamra is joking, but Tamra says she thinks they’d better cut to the chase. Tell her what the sh*t storm is about. Shannon doesn’t know, but at dinner things were said, and she felt blindsided. Tamra asks, what things? and Shannon says Kelly told her how many mean things Tamra has said about her. She said Tamra thought she faked being hurt in Arizona, and said she wanted to room with just Kelly and Gina on the next trip. Gina remembered Tamra saying it. Tamra says she and Kelly were so drunk, they don’t know how they got home. She doesn’t remember planning a trip that’s not happening. What else was said? Shannon tells her, she heard Tamra said she’s getting fat. She told them, if what they were saying was true, it hurts. Tamra asks if Shannon stuck up for her, and Shannon says, in the beginning. Tamra says, but not at the end? Shannon says Kelly showed her a screenshot of Tamra making fun of her being hit in the head. Tamra says it’s just a video she sent, and asks, what’s the missing link? What happened to make Kelly switch? It makes no sense.

Braunwyn tells Kelly and Emily that when Tamra gets in trouble, she says Braunwyn did it. Kelly says Tamra is a master manipulator. Braunwyn says, it’s like a chess game with middle-aged women. Kelly says the others are calculated chess players, and they’re checkers. Braunwyn laughs, and says they’re just having fun. They’re beer pong. Emily says Kelly is the dumbest smart person she’s ever met.

Tamra tells Shannon for Kelly to switch like that makes no sense. She just started trashing Tamra? Shannon asks if Tamra is alluding that she’s behind this. We flash back to each of the women taling about something that Tamra did, and Braunwyn telling them that Tamra is manipulating them into fighting among themselves. Shannon says she’s been nothing but a good friend to Tamra, and Tamra tells her not to spin it. Shannon says she didn’t call because Tamra was on her trip, and Tamra tells her, don’t try to flip this. Shannon asks if Tamra is accusing her of orchestrating and provoking a conversation with Kelly. Tamra says Shannon is a puppet master; she’s so calculated. Shannon didn’t tell her anything in the past five days, and it’s been hell for her. Shannon says Tamra told her that she and Eddie were going to have sex all weekend; she wasn’t effing that up, and have Eddie say Tamra was upset because she called to tell Tamra about high school BS. Tamra says Kelly sent her a nasty text. Does Shannon think it didn’t ruin her day? Tamra pulls out a pile of texts she’s printed out.

Shannon says she doesn’t know what she did that was so bad. Maybe her repeating what Tamra told her about Kelly hurting that woman’s hand provoked it, but Tamra did tell her that. What’s the big deal? They said Tamra put the word train out there, and Tamra says Vicki claimed she had more info, and she asked if it was about the train. So she put it out there? (Well, yeah. That’s what Shannon just said.) Shannon says she could argue that Tamra is mad because she’s hurt, but it’s bullsh*t. She doesn’t understand why, when someone isn’t there, they’re bashed. She doesn’t believe they were bashing Kelly at Vicki’s birthday party though. They were just saying stuff; it was different. Omg. Do these women ever hear themselves? So is Tamra telling her that she said none of those things? Tamra says, not that she recalls. In Shannon’s interview, she says, Tamra brought up the train and told her about the barfight. It would be so much simpler if someone would just say they make mistakes, and they made one here. Own your stuff. Shannon says, she had dinner with the other women, and the consensus was that if there’s drama, Tamra behind it. But after her conversation with her best friend, she thinks others might be behind it. In Tamra’s interview, she says she doesn’t necessarily believe Shannon, but she has a deeper friendship with Shannon than she does with Kelly. She thinks it’s Kelly, and she’s done with her. She tells Shannon, for Kelly to say those things is bullsh*t. She’s playing a dangerous game. Ooh, I’d be scared if I was Kelly. Not really.

Next time, making a video, Braunwyn invites the women to Miami, Gina tells Emily that Matt is upset about her dating, and Kelly is removing herself from the drama.

📂 No Friend Of That Wife…

The Betches discuss Vicki’s lawsuit.


🍗 Fifteen Days…

Until Thanksgiving. Remember that holiday?











November 3, 2019 – Negan’s Biggest Fan, Can’t Let Go Yet, 90 Begins, Meghan’s Mess, Vicki Sues, the Countess Is Pleased, Jailhouse Fight, the Coffee Cup Heard Round the World, What Will Said & Tom’s November


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Kelly is out in the woods. We see tattered rags on a clothesline, and a wild boar. Kelly gets her slingshot ready, but she’s having trouble hearing. The boar is down, but not dead, and she has to stab it. A zombie sneaks up on her, and she stabs that too. Zombies fall on the boar, devouring it, so Kelly has to abandon that idea. She runs, and a zombie follows. She tumbles down a hill. She’s hurt, and crawls forward. She leans against a tree, and a seriously creepy-looking zombie reaches for her from behind.

Negan looks at his reflection in the creek, and splashes water on his face. He debates drinking some, but decides not to. A voice says, gotcha. Don’t try anything. Negan turns around to see Brandon, who says, the look on his face. He was just messing with Negan. Brandon tosses him a canteen, and says Negan is fast. It took forever to catch up to him. Negan smiles. Damn he’s handsome.

Yumiko and a couple of others are still working on killing straggling zombies outside the wall. Yumiko goes inside to check in with Eugene. Aiden says Eugene has come up with a zero waste plan, and Eugene says, it seems as good a time as any to master the Pueblo art of basket weaving. On the side, Aiden suggests to Yumiko that they make weapons and catapults. She thinks it’s a good idea, just not now. Things are too complicated. Yumiko moves on, and Earl tells Aiden, the Whisperers toppled their wall with a tree, and now they’re throwing walkers at them, but they’re twiddling their thumbs. Breanna tells Yumiko that Connie was in the root cellar again in the middle of the night. Yumiko asks, who was on watch?

Yumiko goes inside her house to find Magna listening to music and reading. Yumiko shuts off the gramophone. She tells Magna that someone stole the crate of fish they got from Oceanside. Breanna said it was gone from the root cellar. Magna says, everything is strange at the moment. Yumiko says it would help if they stuck to the jobs they were given. Magna turns the music back up, and goes back to her book.

Ezekiel leans against a fence and ponders. Daryl rides in on his bike, and Siddiq follows behind on a horse. Connie waves, and signs talk later to Daryl. Ezekiel says, no sign of Negan? and Siddiq says they searched day and night, thinking about what he took from them, and they didn’t take from him. Ezekiel says they could use a hand in the infirmary, and Siddiq says they were planning on leaving tomorrow, but of course he’ll help.

A group of hunters comes back, and Connie writes, Kelly? Aiden says, she’s not there? She was tracking something, and said she’d meet them back at Hilltop. She should be back by now.

Negan cuts little sucker branches off of a big branch. Brandon whistles, and asks Negan if he got it. His dad used to tells him how the Saviors whistled back and forth. He asks how Negan got out of the cell, but Negan doesn’t say anything. Brandon says at least tell him what they’re looking for, but Negan says he wants to play it safe. Brandon says he heard how badass the Sanctuary was. Then Rick comes along, and talk about a hypocrite. He kills their parents, drags them to Alexandria, and gives them a lecture on community. He heard Negan made Rick cut his own kid’s hand off, and then killed him. Negan says he never did that. Carl was… He would never kill a kid. Brandon says they’re both Negan. Negan starts walking again. Brandon follows.

They come across a mess of barbed wire, and Brandon asks, who would do this? Negan says, the skin freaks. Brandon asks if they should cross. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Negan says, no, and a zombie comes out of nowhere, knocking Negan down. He holds it off with his newly fashioned stick, pushes it off of him. and uses the barbed wire to cut three-quarters of its head off through the mouth. Then he smashes the head with his foot. He says, thanks for the help, and Brandon says, sorry. He needed a second to wrap Negan’s gift. He holds out Lucille, wrapped in barbed wire. He says he swiped it from Alexandria, and was waiting for the right time to surprise Negan. He takes Negan’s leather jacket out of his backpack, and says, it took forever to find it. It was in the back of an old storage garage. His dad said he never saw Negan without it. Negan tells Brandon to put it in his backpack. He doesn’t want to be recognized. Brandon asks if he likes it though, and Negan says it’s a big hit.

Aaron looks around on the bridge, and hears something. He goes into the woods, and watches Gamma dispatch a zombie. She cuts it open, and blood flows into the creek. She shoves the body into the water; its entrails popping out.

Negan and Brandon stare at some zombies meandering around, and Brandon tells Negan that he’d say she’s a seven. Negan just looks at him, and he asks if this isn’t this kind of stuff the Saviors did to kill time. Negan tells Brandon that he can’t say he remembers rating walkers on their hotness. And she’s clearly a three. They hear screaming, and Negan takes off, Brandon following. Negan runs to a bus, where the screaming is coming from, and slams a zombie against the side of it. He breaks the knife in the process of stabbing it in the head. He looks at the handle, and says, you’ve got to be kidding me. He goes inside the bus, where he finds a woman screaming and fending off several zombies. Negan kills one, and she takes down another. Negan smashes the third zombies head in the bus door until there’s nothing left. A little boy peeks out from behind one of the seats. Brandon says, damn. Classic Negan.

Connie and Daryl search the woods for Kelly. Daryl says it’s not her fault, but Kelly signs that she should have gone with Kelly. Daryl asks if he’s told her about his brother Merle. One time Merle took him fishing on a big lake that was private property, in a boat that was stolen. Merle was drinking and fishing, and fell in the lake. Daryl had to swim back to shore while holding onto Merle. He saved Merle’s life, and know what he says? He writes, Dummy, go get the beer. Connie laughs, and he says, idiot, right? He tells her it’s going to be all right, and Dog barks. I always get nervous when dog is on screen

They see the rock from Kelly’s slingshot, and the remains of the boar. Daryl almost shoots Magna, who comes from another direction. Kelly gives Magna a questioning look, and Magna shakes her head.

Yumiko says she should be out there with them, and  Aiden says if she was lost in the woods, who would she want to find her? Somebody has to come back with her. Killjoy Earl asks if Aiden really thinks Kelly is okay, and Aiden says he hopes so. Earl says, what about them? The tree didn’t fall on its own. He thinks they might be coming back with something worse. Isn’t Aiden thinking about them at all? Aiden says, after what happened to his family, he thinks night and day about them. Earl says, don’t stop.

Ezekiel tells Siddiq, they took a quarter of the medical supplies. Ezekiel holds a metal tiger, and Siddiq says he’s sorry. Ezekiel says Henry forged it during his apprenticeship. He has a sudden coughing fit, and Siddiq says, that doesn’t sound good, but Ezekiel says, it’s nothing. The regular slings and arrows. Siddiq says it could be from smoke inhalation, and reaches out to touch Ezekiel, who slaps his hand away. Ezekiel tells Siddiq that he said he was fine. After a moment, Ezekiel pulls down his sweater to reveal a protrusion on his neck, saying, it’s grown. Siddiq touches Ezekiel’s neck, and says, it could be a lot of things, but Ezekiel says he knows what it is. Siddiq says, without a test, he can’t be sure, but Ezekiel says he knows. Siddiq sits, and Ezekiel says when he was growing up, his grandmother had it, and so did his father. The pain, the coughing, and swelling; he watched them fight it and win. There was 98% survival rate for thyroid cancer with the treatments that were out there. Now, they both know what it means. Siddiq says, it can be managed; acupuncture, hypnosis… He’s struggling with own condition. He can’t stand how everyone looks to him for some kind of answers. Maybe Ezekiel can’t get away from it, but they can talk about it. What are they there for if not for each other?

Amelia, the woman on the bus, tells Negan that she and Milo have been walking for weeks, since the Whisperers scattered everyone from their camp to the four winds. They went back to what it was before, and what it is in the end, moving from place to place, surviving. Brandon says he’s been there. Amelia asks if Milo wants to walk, and Brandon says, be safe. When they’re gone, Brandon says he knows what Negan is thinking. Negan says, people are a resource, but Brandon says, not them. He starts to go after them, and Negan grabs him, shoving him into a seat. He says he appreciates what Brandon has done for him since he left Alexandria, but it’s only going to get more dangerous from there. It’s best for him to go on alone, and Brandon should go home. Brandon says, okay, but if he goes back, everyone will want know where he’s been. What is he supposed to say? He’s never been a great liar. Negan laughs, and asks if Brandon planned that. He can go wherever the hell he wants. Brandon can go back to Alexandria and tell the whole world exactly where he is. He doesn’t give a sh*t, as long as doesn’t have to see that creepy pasty-ass face of Brandon’s again. Brandon says Negan is just like all the others. He grabs his bag, and gets off the bus.

Alpha watches as a Whisperer slices the face of off a zombie. She says, the ears are tricky. (I find out later on Talking Dead, that this is actually the zombie Kelly killed in the beginning scene.) Gamma approaches, and Alpha touches her face, saying she has something for Gamma. Gamma says she just came back from the creek, and Beta says, another one lost. Alpha says, strategy takes time. If they treat the water, and build a dam of zombies, it will crush them. A Whisperer wants to talk to Alpha, and Beta grumbles, but Alpha tells him to speak his piece. He says instead of what she’s doing, why not cut their enemies down all at once? Alpha asks if anyone agrees, and gets silence. She says, there’s democracy for you, and slices his hamstring. The Whisperer falls to his knees, and she says, the human body is fragile. All it takes to collapse it are a few nicks in the right spot. He makes a feeble attempt to stab her, and she slices his arm. She says, the strong ones know where to come to be safe, and hands Beta her knife. Beta slits the Whisperer’s throat, and Alpha says Gamma wanted another guardian.

Milo plays with a toy plane, and Negan asks how he is, telling Milo that he doesn’t bite. Milo’s mom it packing, so he has time to kill. Milo asks where Brandon is, and Negan says, he went looking for supplies. He tells Milo that he’s going to be rea; he told Brandon to get lost. It turns out he’s not the best co-pilot, if Milo catches his drift. He says Brandon doesn’t, does he? He’s never been on a plane. It’s not Milo’s fault that God turned the world into an ass pit before he was born. It feels like you’ve been sitting on the runway forever, and suddenly you hear a groan. The plane creeps along, moving faster and faster, until everything out the window turns into a blur. The wheels come up, and you’re flying, like voodoo magic. Up and up, higher and higher, until it’s like you’re floating on top of the world. The houses and cars look like toys. The food is a no. He was served beef stroganoff that looked like baby sh*t. There’s so much Milo is going to miss growing up in a screwed up world. Driving his first set of wheels, video games, nut tapping. He explains that you catch a guy off-guard. Keep your wrist loose, and snap your fingers on their nuts. You can’t go too low or too high, or you’ll get nothing but d*ck. He has Milo demonstrate the technique, and says he’s a natural. If nut tapping was a sport, Milo would be in the hall of fame. He tells Milo a fire isn’t happening without wood. Is he packed? Milo says he is, and Negan says he knows it sucks, but tells him mom that Negan knows a place where they’ll probably take them in. It has high walls, farmland, and has a mansion in the middle. They can’t tell who brought them there, but he’ll get them as close as he can. There’s one condition. Milo has to keep his fingers holstered when Negan’s nuts are around. Deal? Milo says, deal, and they high-five.

Gamma walks with the new zombie to the creek. She stabs him again and again, remembering throwing her sister into the zombie horde, and seeing Alpha kill the Whisperer. She’s stabbing so aggressively, she ends up cutting herself, and dropping the knife in the water. Aaron sees, and tosses her a bandage wrap. He says, it’s okay; it’s for her hand. He tells her that his name is Aaron. He knows they don’t do names anymore, but she’s got to be from somewhere. He’s from Vermont. Gamma jets, and he says, you’re welcome.

Connie and Daryl continue to search. Dog barks, and they find Kelly passed out, leaning against the tree. Connie wakes her up, and asks if she’s okay. Kelly signs that she couldn’t hear before, but she’s fine now. Magna gives Kelly some water, but she chokes on it. Connie signs that they have to get back to Hilltop. Daryl thinks they need to find somewhere closer. Connie walks over to a brush pile, and uncovers a big box of supplies. Daryl asks if she knew about this, and Connie takes a medical kit out of the box. She signs something to Magna, and Daryl asks what she said. Magna tells him that Connie doesn’t trust her. Daryl says Hilltop took them in. They have sick children and mouths to feed, and she steals from them. All she’s good for is talking sh*t. Connie writes not to tell them. Let her handle it.

Negan carries a small pile of wood in his arms. He hears whistling, and sees Brandon. Brandon says, that’s it, right? Negan drops the wood, and sees that Amelia and Milo are dead; their bodies next to the bus. Brandon says he remembers Negan kicked people out, but he was messing with them; keeping them in line. He realized this was a test. Negan said it was going to get a lot more dangerous, because he wanted to make sure Brandon had the balls to do what had to be done. Brandon looks at the bodies, and says, what does he think? Negan picks up a big rock, and Brandon turns around, saying, I passed. I am Negan. Negan slams the rock into Brandon’s head, and pounds his head to a pulp. He takes Lucille and his jacket, and walks.

Daryl returns with Connie, Kelly, and Magna. Yumiko runs to them, and asks, what happened? Connie signs that she’ll explain later.

Dante jokes to Siddiq on the radio. He says either Siddiq’s mic is out or he’s laughing balls off. He says he’s still there, and asks how Rosita is. Dante says he didn’t want to tell Siddiq, but she got a bump. She’ll be fine. Siddiq says he’ll leave for home tonight. He asks if Carol is around, and Dante says he’ll grab her. Ezekiel takes Siddiq’s place at the mic. He touches the metal tiger, and listens to Carol’s footsteps coming toward the radio. He shuts the radio off. Not that it’s ever in a happy place, but this show is just heartbreaking tonight.

Yumiko tells Magna it’s scary to think, but they probably wouldn’t have made it if they hadn’t found that stash. It sounds like they were far off the main road. Magna tells her, say it. Yumiko thinks she stole the supplies and hid them out there. Yumiko says, it wouldn’t be the first time, and Magna says Yumiko has thought she was selfish and stupid for the past thirteen years. That’s how she looked at Magna the day she showed up in her fancy suit. Yumiko says she was thinking, here’s an innocent person locked up for a crime she didn’t commit, and she’s never trusted anyone because no one trusted her. She was mad at everyone. Magna says her cousin was a little girl who had to go on living life when nobody came for him. So she did it. There it is. (For clarification: A man sexually assaulted Magna’s young cousin, and she killed him.) Magna tells Yumiko, they’ve both killed how many? and still that look.

Gamma approaches Alpha, and shows Alpha her bandaged hand. She says, the man with the metal arm gave to her. Seated on the ground, Alpha says, shh, and Gamma sits next to her. Alpha takes Gamma’s mask off, saying, different masks for different times. It’s kind of a sacrifice, like Gamma sacrificed her sister. Gamma says Alpha’s sacrifice was much greater, and Alpha says, the man with the metal arm could be useful. Gamma might just have to wear a new mask.

Connie walks through the stables, and hangs up a lantern. Daryl is there with his bike, and she asks if he’s leaving. He says he has to go back, and asks if Kelly is okay. Connie smiles and nods. She writes, sorry about Magna and Kelly asking him to lie for them. Daryl makes the sign for family, and Connie smiles. He gets on his bike, and she signs goodbye. He rolls out, whistling for Dog to follow.

Negan walks through the woods, wearing his jacket, and carrying Lucille. He walks past the barbed wire, and says, hey, sacks of sh*t, what does he have to do to get something to eat? Are they all scared of the big bad wolf? Little pigs, little pigs, let me in. (Which is what he also said when he first went to Alexandria.) He sees some zombies and says, there they are. He’s done talking. He whacks one with Lucille, and says he’s gonna blow their asses all the way home. He wallops a few more, and gets knocked down by Beta, who’s there with some Whisperers. I say, oh sh*t, and Negan says, all right, you big ass freak. Let’s do this.

Next time, Carol takes her gun and goes out walking, Alpha wants to test Negan, and Negan says he wants to join the Whisperers. They’re a survivor’s wet dream.

🎃 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…

So much Halloween.


Heidi’s Halloween.



TV personalities dress up.


Daytime dresses up.


👴 42 Is the New Old…

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé is here, and already the insults are flying.


😕 Jim Edmonds, D-Bag Or D-Bag…?

The reveal. (And is Jim wearing eyeshadow in that picture?)


The accusations.


Jim claps back.


The nanny speaks.


Headed for divorce.


Maybe not.


📺 Desperately Real Housewife…

Vicki grasps at storyline straws.


🙇 The Countess Can Relax…

She’s probably just mad that Bethenny didn’t want to see her cabaret act for the thousandth time.


Remember Him…?

No reason you should. I don’t.


Seriously. The Final Word…

I would have never suspected Varys.


🐎 A Little Will…

In honor of Will Rogers‘s 140th birthday, a few quotes.

I never met a man I didn’t like

Papers say: Congress is deadlocked and can’t act. I think that is the greatest blessing that could befall this country.

You know everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.

This would be a great world to dance in if we didn’t have to pay the fiddler.

We all can’t be heroes, for someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to Somebody Else.

We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.

🍂 November Song…

Officially moving on from Halloween.






August 6, 2019 – Shiloh’s Plan Takes a Different Turn, Wives With Oranges Return, the OC Without the OG, NYC Avoidance, Another Suit & the Center


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Julian says Kim is leaving Port Charles, and didn’t want to tell him, but told Drew? She says she didn’t, but he says he overheard Drew wishing her good luck. She says she can’t bear to live there without Oscar. She sees his ghost, and remembers every moment. Julian says this will pass eventually. She’ll stop grieving so much; it won’t be so overwhelming. She can lean on him. She says she has to leave before the grief swallows up what’s left of her life.

Alexis says she’ll have to start from scratch with a new therapist, and Neil says he’ll leave it up to her to find one that meets her needs. He’s not the right guy. She says, funny. She thought he was… the right guy. He starts to leave, and she follows him out to the porch. She says she believes there’s some connection between them. At least there is with her.

Cameron is in the park, picking up trash, when Trina and Josslyn start helping him. HE asks what they’re doing, and Josslyn says they’re helping him so he can come with them to Samson Point. A picnic on the beach is better than picking up trash. Trina says, that’s what friends are for. He tells them to put it back before they get him in anymore trouble.

At the MetroCourt Molly ask TJ, what’s up? He said he wanted to have lunch, and there was something he wanted to talk to her about. He says, there is. Her future.

At Kelly’s, Sasha reminisces about the beautiful beach, and Michael says there’s a lot of beauty right there too. She says she’s going to miss island life, especially their afternoon naps. He says they didn’t do much sleeping, and she says, exactly. He tells her they can continue the custom there, and they kiss. Sonny walks in, and clears his throat. Michael says he didn’t see Sonny, and Sonny says he noticed. Should he keep going? Michael hugs him, and Sonny asks when Michael got back. Michael says, about an hour ago, and asks if Sonny wants to join them, and reintroduces him to Sasha. Sonny says, not that he has to ask, but how was the island?

Drew asks Curtis if he found anything. Curtis says that Cabot was registered at the MetroCourt, but already checked out. Drew thinks maybe he was looking for a more private place. Curtis says, this isn’t going anywhere good. First, Shiloh is asking about Drew’s memories, then the flashdrive is stolen. Drew says, and the doctor who did the original operation shows up. Curtis wonders why he’s back, and Drew says, maybe someone told him help they’d help him finish his life work. Curtis says, someone with not much left lose, and the information to give them a way out. Drew says, it all goes back to Shiloh.

Jason has Shiloh up against the wall, and squeezes his throat. Shiloh says Jason has to make a choice. Hold on to his memories, or give Sam a chance at life. The clock is ticking, and Sam is running out of air. Everything is ready to transfer Drew’s memories into Jason’s brain. It’s his choice; his memories or Sam’s life.

At the MetroCourt, Maxie tells Peter, hey. He says, hey what? She says nothing, just hey. She likes having lunch with him. He says he does too, and she asks why he seems miles away. He says he thinks he overstepped with Lulu. He told her that her husband is an idiot.

Julian says Kim already discussed leaving with Drew, not him. Kim says she ran into Drew. As always, he reminded her of Oscar, and she felt her chest tighten. Every day since Oscar died, she’s realized she’s literally choking on missing her son. She came to Port Charles in the hope that Oscar would be able to connect to his family; his father’s family. Oscar was able to do more than she could have wished. He found his father, and got an extended family; a sense of where he came from, and a sense of belonging. He found Josslyn, and had love. Oscar found a home there, and she can’t bear to be there without him. Julian says, the ironic thing is, he thought she’d found a home too. Starting with her walking into Charlie’s, and fixing his espresso machine. She’s not just walking away from ghosts, but him.

Sasha has to go to work, and Sonny suggests she come by. He can cook her dinner. She says she’d love that. Michael says he’ll call her, and she leaves. Michael tells Sonny, that was pretty fast. He went from good to see you, to come over for dinner. Sonny says it will give him a chance to get to know her better.

Lucy calls bulk pickup. Sam hears, but can’t open her eyes. Lucy finds out the truck is on its way, and says she appreciates their quick service.

Drew tells Curtis about Cabot filling the prescription for the drugs used in the memory transfer procedure. He thinks Shiloh and Cabot are gathering the necessary pieces to get his memories off the flashdrive.

Neil says he won’t disrespect Alexis by pretending there isn’t a connection, but thinks the best think is to acknowledge it, and part ways. Alexis says he’s right; he wins. She acknowledges they’ve crossed the point of no return as far as him being her therapist. So it makes sense to go back to being strangers at the bar. He says they know too much about each other, and she says, possibly, but he still likes her, doesn’t he? He says he does, and she says prior knowledge has benefits. He says he knows she’s not over her ex-husband yet.

Maxie tells Peter, if Dante is giving up, it’s not because he’s a jerk, but because he loves them that much. He knows it’s not safe, and doesn’t want them hurt. Peter says he is hurting them. Maxie says, that’s what makes it horrible. It’s heartbreaking, but if Dante believes it’s the best thing, she trusts him. She knows her viewpoint is different from when they went to the WSB, but she was wrong and learned her lesson. She ask if there’s any more crow she needs to eat, and Peter says she’s had enough. She says sorry she didn’t listen to him. He tried to warn her. It speaks to what he’s been through. He says she’s been through a lot too, but she says it’s different. Peter has been up close and personal with what the violence and trauma do. Dante has changed into someone she doesn’t recognize. Peter says he feels terrible, and she says she does too. She doesn’t know what to do, and he tells her, just be a friend. Maxie says, like he was for her.

TJ says he thinks Molly is brilliant. She graduated with honors and got in the top-tier schools, but she chose PCU to be close to home. She says, and close to him. She asks if he thinks she made a mistake, but he says, no. He’s watched her, and the thing he’s seen her be most passionate about was writing the exposé on DOD. She was on fire. He thinks she’d make a great lawyer, but… She says he doesn’t think she’ll be happy. He says, maybe, but he’s seen it in medical school. It’s difficult, but he has genuine passion for it. He’s seen people who think they should go to med school, or have chosen a safe career because they’re good at science. Those are the people who burn out. Molly says, medical school is hard, and TJ says, it’s brutal, but he gets more out of it than he puts in. He thinks she’s too gifted, too full of life, and too young for that to be her only option because people expect it.

Curtis says if Shiloh will have to go through him first, if he wants to get to Drew. Drew thanks him, but thinks if Shiloh was after him, he’d know by now. Curtis says, but it’s Drew’s memories Shiloh wants. Drew says, he and Shiloh might have been at odds in Afghanistan, but it’s his brother who ruined Shiloh’s life. They need to locate Jason.

Kim tells Julian that she did find a home, and she fell in love with a remarkable man. He was her only lifeline. He says she was his as well. He loves it when she calls him Charlie. Charlie is a better man than Julian, and she gave that to him. She tells him not to underestimate himself. He’s a good man, and deserves better than she can give him. It’s better for him if she goes. Julian says she keeps saying love, but she doesn’t love him enough to stay or ask him to go with her. Be honest. Maybe she’s not just putting Port Charles behind her. Maybe she wants to put him behind her as well.

Josslyn tells Cameron, they just picked everything up. Trina adds that it was super disgusting. If he doesn’t want to go, just say so. He tells them, it’s not like chores at home. He has to work a certain amount of hours. If he finishes, they’ll just send him somewhere else. Josslyn says, they’ve got this. She knows exactly what to do.

Curtis says Sam isn’t picking up, and Drew says, neither did Jason. Curtis says they have enough charges lined up to put Shiloh away for life. Drew says if Shiloh thinks payback is wiping out Jason’s memories, then Jason is about to lose his connection to life as he knows it.

Shiloh tells Jason, make up his mind before time makes it up for him. Jason lets Shiloh go, and looks around the room. Shiloh tells him, Sam said she was a diver. She can probably hold her breath for pretty long. Jason picks up metal trinket bowl shaped like a hand, and punches Shiloh totally out, hitting him with the bowl as well. He leaves, and Shiloh lies there with his mouth open. I laugh, thinking about canaries flying around his head.

Maxie tells Peter that she warmed up to his warm to his presence. He let her feel what she needed to feel, and didn’t jump in with advice. She thinks Lulu needs someone like that.

TJ asks Molly if he’s totally off-base. She says, no. She loves writing, but maybe she was fired up because of Kristina being involved with DOD, and how much she hated what Shiloh was doing to her. He asks if she doesn’t owe it to herself to find out, and she says, maybe. He suggests instead of the summer class she was going to take to get a leg up for law school, she should intern as a writer. There’s no downside. She says, what if she loves it, and he asks how that’s a downside. She says she’d be done with school in three years, and then another two. She’ll be hired by a serious firm, and make serious money, and they can make a dent in their student loans. TJ says he works with people who are seriously ill or dying. She doesn’t want to be there seventy years from now, never having achieved her ambition, but having gotten the bills paid.

Lucy shows Sasha the house, telling her not to pay attention to the garbage. She’s having it hauled away. BTW, this is the neatest, cleanest pile of garbage ever. Sasha says the house is too big for one person, and Lucy says that’s where her imagination comes into play. If the seller doesn’t get the price they want, they might turn it into condos. They go inside.

Sonny says he knows Michael will tell him what he needs to know when the time is right. He can see Sasha is a love woman; intelligent, with a great smile. He suggests Michael play it close to the vest with his mother. She’s eager for him to move on, and might want to help things along. Michael says, there’s no help needed.

Kim tells Julian not to think she wants to leave him. She doesn’t think she could have survived losing Oscar without him. She can’t ask him to continue being a crutch. He says he’s not, but she’s afraid he’ll become one if she stays. Everyone tells her things will get better, but they’re getting worse. She feels like she’s fading away. Julian asks if it would be better for her to go to a town where no one knows her. Would she be happier completely alone? She says she can’t ask him to come. He has a family, and was just accepted back into Lucas’s life. How can she ask him to leave his son, when she’d give anything for one more day with hers. He says she’s doing a brilliant job with no debate or argument. Will she let him speak? She needs to be honest, and not equivocate. If he if wanted to come, would she want him to?

Josslyn and Trina have a picnic right in the park, and throw their trash around, some of it at Cameron. He says they’re having way too much fun with this. They keep throwing things, and he says, enough with the napkins. Josslyn runs off to get food, and Trina says, it worked, didn’t it? and Cameron admits Trina did a great job getting Josslyn out of the house. Trina says she told Josslyn that she’d be doing him a favor. She always steps up for a friend. Cameron says, if getting hit by napkins gets Josslyn to smile, bring it on.

Peter tells Maxie that he likes thinking about those times. Not the pain she was going through, but how he could do something to help her. It was new to him; being there for someone. He looked forward to doing something for her. It was terrifying when he realized he was falling for her. That’s when it got scary. What if she didn’t feel the same, or what if she did? Maxie says, real relationships are terrifying, but there are wonderful feelings too. Terror is a good thing. It means he’s all in. Peter says, with her, he has no choice, and they kiss.

Molly asks if TJ is saying he’ll no longer respect her if she doesn’t pitch herself for the internship with Peter. He says he’ll always love and respect her, but he does want her to go over there.

Michael says he ran into someone who knew Sonny on the island. They were unsuccessful in making a deal with him – Sandy Lance. She stayed at the MetroCourt when she was in town. Sonny’s phone rings. It’s Drew, who asks if Jason is with him. Sonny says, no; what’s up? Drew says he and Curtis think Shiloh put a target on Jason’s back. They can’t locate Jason or Sam. Sonny says he’ll find them, and tells Drew to track down Shiloh. Drew says to let him know Jason is okay. Michael asks, what is it? Is something wrong with Jason? Sonny says, Drew thinks so. It involves Shiloh. Michael says he’ll come with Sonny.

Alexis tells Neil that they have struggles to get over, but she has no intention of getting back with Julian. Neil says they can’t go back to being two people who met in a bar. Therapist isn’t a switch he can turn on and off. She says that’s what she likes about him; his humanity. He says she doesn’t know him. She asks if he wants to come back in, and he follows her inside. She asks how about if they find a way to get equal footing. Give her a chance to get to know him. Unless he thinks she’s too damaged to risk getting close to.

Sasha tells Lucy, even if the owner converts the house, it will take months. Lucy says because Sasha is a friend of the owner, she might be able to speed up the timeframe. It’s Michael Corinthos; she’ll be in good hands. Sasha says she’ll have to pass. It’s a conflict of interest. Lucy says Sasha is overthinking it. Michael is absolutely adorable. She’s absolutely adorable. Lucy remembers them at the Nurses Ball, and they looked amazing together. She asks if Sasha’s had a chance to think about her offer, but Sasha says she’s not a model. Lucy says she’s a natural beauty. She’s been thinking, she loves real estate, but maybe the universe is telling her to take a different path. Lucy believes Sasha is the face to relaunch Deception. They walk away, as Lucy tells Sasha about the company. Inside the freezer, Sam sleeps.

Shiloh opens his eyes. He struggles to get up. He looks around, and throws a mini tantrum. He takes a gun out a drawer, and puts it in the back of his pants as he stumbles out. He actually misses getting it into his waistband a couple of times, which is pretty funny, and I wonder if unplanned.

Josslyn brings Cameron a hotdog. He says he’s working, but she says he has time. He says they did a killer job. This will definitely take him until the end of his shift to clean up. Trina says, he’s welcome. He says it’s not sunny enough for the beach; maybe a movie? Josslyn doesn’t know, but he says he’s been working in the heat all afternoon. He wants to do something fun. Josslyn says only if she gets to pick the movie, and he says, okay. Trina tells Cameron, keep up the good work, and leaves with Josslyn.

Jason arrives at the old DOD house, and calls to Sam. He asks him to help him find her, and make some noise. He kicks the door to the house in, and asks her to answer him.

Molly tells Peter that she’s sorry to interrupt. She ask if he read her work on DOD. She did great preliminary research, and wonders if he’s still interested in the article. He tells her, the story already broke, but he appreciates the time and effort. Maxie says she heard Molly is going to law school in the fall. Molly says that’s the plan, but she’s interested in exploring being a writer/reporter, and would like to intern with Peter. He says her work on DOD was spot on. Does she have anything else in her pocket? She says she had the courage to pitch herself. He says there might be something he has for her. Something she’s uniquely qualified to write. Maxie says, do tell. Molly looks over at TJ, who gives her the okay sign.

Jason says he knows Sam is there. He sees the freezer, and has a lightbulb moment. He pushes everything off of it, and says he’s going to get her. Lucy comes back, and asks what he’s doing. He tells her Sam is locked inside, and to call 911.

On the phone, Sonny tells someone to check the abandoned warehouse. He tells Michael, no sign of Sam or Jason. His phone rings. It’s Lucy, but he says she can wait. I swear, Jason said 911, not Sonny. Michael comes joins him, and says, no sign of Sam or Jason. His phone rings, and he says, it’s Lucy, but Sonny says, she can wait. Michael tells Sonny that Curtis and Drew are checking the motel where Shiloh is staying. Where else? His phone rings again, and Sonny repeats, Lucy can wait, but Michael answers. He says he can’t talk, and Lucy says, don’t talk; listen. Sam is in trouble, and they have to hurry. Jason gets a crowbar, and starts prying the freezer lid.

Drew and Curtis go to the Midwood, and check Shiloh’s room. Curtis says it’s clear, but sees the trinket bowl on the ground. He picks it up (using a cloth), and says, there’s blood on it. Drew asks, whose is it? Wow. He must think Curtis has psychic powers.

Jason gets the freezer open, and sees Sam.

Cameron sees a guy sitting with his head down in the park. He asks if the guy is okay, and says he needs to get help. Shiloh looks up, and Cameron says he knows who Shiloh is.

Jason lifts Sam out of the freezer, and tells her to open her eyes.

Molly says Peter wants her to write about the Cassadine family? He says she’s uniquely qualified to do it, and he only knows Valentin. He wants to know more. She says, okay, and he says he looks forward to seeing what she comes up with.

Jason does mouth to mouth. Sam breathes, and opens her eyes. He says he’s got her.

Molly tells TJ that he’s a genius. He asks if she’s in, and she says, yes. They decide to go home and celebrate, and run out holding hands. Maxie says, see how happy they are? She thinks it’s great. She likes Molly, and thinks she’ll do a great job on the story, but… Peter says, but? and she says, the Cassadines? Does he think it’s a good subject? They’re seriously creepy. He thinks it’s a good story that readers will want to absorb. She has to trust him. She might be the relationship expert, but he knows a thing or two about running a paper. She says she does trust him, and he says, good to hear.

Neil says Alexis isn’t damaged, and she says she has a lot of baggage. He had to unpack it. He says she has life experiences that would destroy a weaker person. She’s a passionate woman who’s willing to walk through fire for what she wants. Alexis says, she’s a real catch. He says she told him that she didn’t want to get involved. As her therapist… She says, he’s fired. They both use their professional lives to protect their personal stuff. The question is, do they want to know each other better or not? He says, they can’t, and walks out.

Julian says their love exists solely because of how they are with each other. He loves her, and doesn’t need to be in Port Charles to do that. She says it has to be the right decision for him. What about the pub? He says, people drink in other places, and she asks what about his family, his grandchildren? He says they’re not talking about Bora Bora. They can visit. She asks if he’s sure, and he says he wants this always. Wherever she leads, he’s going to follow. They kiss.

Lucy brings Sam some water, and says Sonny is on his way. Sam says, Shiloh. Jason says he left Shiloh unconscious at the motel. Sonny arrives, and calls Drew. He says they found Jason. It’s a long story, but he’s with Sam right now. It was Shiloh. Drew says they’re at the motel, and there was some kind of struggle, but no sign of Shiloh.

We see garbage all over the park parking lot, along with Cameron’s pick-up stick. But no Cameron.

Tomorrow, Sasha thinks she’s caught the bug, Nina tells Valentin that Jax is up to something, and Jason tells Sam that Shiloh isn’t going to win.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

It’s a new season, and I guess Vicki is a friend, and they’ve added Braunwyn.

Tamra rides her scooter up to her new house, where Eddie waits in the driveway. He tells her not to go without helmet, and she says, okay, dad. Gina plays with her chinchilla. Emily’s children harass the dog. Shannon goes to the gym. In her interview, Shannon says she lost forty pounds, and gained a lot of fun. Fun Shannon is back. I wonder if fun Shannon was ever there. She says, it’s been two years of hell, and we flash back to some of that. She tells us, the hardest work was changing the inside; getting to a place where she knew she’d be okay. That’s when the weight started coming off. There’s been a lot of change, and thank goodness her marriage ended. She knows she’ll be okay whether she has a partner in life or not, but she does want one. She brings her daughters to meet with trainer Steve. Her daughters don’t seem too keen on working out though.

Gina is still moving into her new place. She calls her father. In her interview, she says that living with Matt wasn’t the right situation for the kids. It’s the first time she’s living on her own. It’s a lot of responsibility. She shows her dad the house over the phone. She says the kids know they’re getting a divorce. The little ones don’t get it, but that’s better; they’re happy. She’s bummed today because of a decision she made to drive that night. We see the headlines from her DUI. She says she went to a local moms event, and drank some wine. She should never have driven. It’s her worst defining moment ever. I don’t know when she filmed these interview pieces, but I’m not loving her look. She’s way too blonde, and looks like a bloated Christina Aguilera. She says she disappointed her dad, but he says he’s not disappointed. She holds herself accountable, and gets knocked down, but he’s never seen her not get up. She’s the best mom, and her kids love her. In Gina’s interview, she says she doesn’t want her kids to remember her for what she did wrong, but for what she did after. Her dad says she’s fantastic, and he loves her.

Kelly calls boyfriend Brian from the car. She’s going for drinks with Shannon. He tells her that she’s off the market now. In her interview, Kelly says she and Brian have been dating for three months. He works at the place where she got her boobies done. He’s intelligent, loving, and caring. They’re in love. He says he has something for her. She asks, is it jewelry? Is it a purse? He wants to surprise her. In Kelly’s interview, she says she sees a complete difference in Shannon from last year. She was heavy and angry last year, but this year, she’s lost weight and she isn’t negative. Kelly is proud of her. She gets to Shannon’s house, and Shannon says she’s excited to go out. She’s been having fun. Kelly says she heard. Her girlfriend sent her a picture. Shannon’s got some game. In Shannon’s interview, she says she has a couple of people on the bench, and a fan favorite with a good batting average. Kelly asks if Shannon has been doing squats, and Shannon demonstrates. Kelly says, let’s go find some dudes.

Tamra hangs out in the kitchen with mom Sandy and her fiancé Frank. Son Ryan and Eddie are also there, making Moscow mules. Eddie says they joined the country club. Tamra dances around with the membership folder, and says, they’re very fancy. Eddie says, she’s stoked. In Tamra’s interview, she says they’re moving on up. They moved to a double-gated community on a golf course. Vicki is her neighbor, as well as Jeana from the earlier seasons. She has a $2 million house, that had been remodeled by an interior decorator. In her interview, she says, it’s very Cape Cod, but with a modern twist. It is really nice, but it’s huge. Tamra asks Ryan to resolve his political differences with his brother Spencer. In her interview, Tamra says Ryan is a fanatical Trump supporter, and Spencer is the total opposite. Ryan says, there’s nothing wrong loving America. Tamra tells him that he said he was going to punch Spencer in the face. Ryan say it was the way Spencer was talking to him. Spencer called him a racist. In Ryan’s interview, he says Spencer was offended because he supported building a wall.  Tamra says, is he? and he says, no. Half of his family is Black and Mexican. She says she’s not into politics, and he says they can watch FOX News together. She asks, what about CNN? and ha-ha! his face. In Tamra’s interview, she says Ryan and Spencer were raised differently. Ryan was in daycare, sometimes the lights were turned off, and it was Chuck E. Cheese for birthdays. She thinks he sees what Spencer has, and there’s jealousy between them. She tells Ryan that she doesn’t like her kids not talking. She thinks, as the older brother, he should be the one to make up. Ryan gets ready to jet, and Tamra say she thinks it’s time they bury the hatchet. She doesn’t want weirdness. Spencer thinks Ryan hates him. Ryan says he doesn’t, but Spencer crossed the line, and wasn’t worried about repercussion. Ryan isn’t kicking his ass, but says Tamra can talk to him.

Shannon wants to document the night, and takes a picture. She and Kelly go to The Quiet Woman, and I laugh, since it wasn’t so quiet when they were there before. Shannon babbles to manager Julius about the last time she was there with Kelly, and how she threw a plate. We flash back to that, and in her interview, Shannon says who would have thought she’d be there with Kelly, at the scene of the crime. Life is full of surprises, and you don’t know what’s coming. She tells Kelly that she met someone out of state that she likes the most. She’s been all over the map. She loves having girl time, and says Kelly was there for her this summer. She says she hasn’t seen Gina or Emily, and Kelly asks if she read about Gina’s DUI. Shannon says, it’s the stupidest thing ever, and Kelly says, there’s no reason for it. I agree. In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s not perfect, but Gina is a serious hot mess right now. Shannon says, she had the audacity to use the term self-medicate. It cost Shannon money to defend herself in court. In her interview, she says because of Gina’s statement, David tried to put certain limits on her custodial rights. She’d said Shannon admitted to self-medicating, but Shannon never said that. Some of Kelly’s friends stop by. In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s nervous for Shannon to meet her friend Braunwyn. Shannon typically doesn’t like new people. We flash back to how rude Shannon has been to every new Housewife. Kelly says Shannon needs to give them a chance to build a bond, but when she meets them, she acts close-minded and insecure. She wants Shannon to meet Bronwyn.

Shannon’s friend Ken drops by. Kelly says, he’s in good shape, and he’s got hair. In Kellys’ interview, She says, last year, Shannon had no bench and no game. Not even a water boy. This year, Kelly’s giving her the baton. He tells Shannon that she looks pretty, and she kisses him. Braunwyn arrives, and Kelly introduces her to Shannon. Kelly says Braunwyn has seven kids. Shannon says, amazing, and Braunwyn says, it’s crazy, but fun. Although sometimes she does wonder, what did she do? Kelly says she hated nursing, and Braunwyn says she did it for eighteen years. Shannon wants to know how she has seven children and looks like that. Braunwyn says her mom is sixty-four, and still wears a bikini. We see a picture, and she looks damn good. She says her mom is into plant based medicine, and Shannon likes her already. In her interview, Shannon says, tonight is about fun. She’s going to dance, and get home when she wants to, and talk to who she wants to. She only has to answer to herself. She dances with Braunwyn, even though there’s no dance floor.

Emily tells us that Shane is studying for the bar for the third time. He studies from early morning to late at night, and she gets it – she’s an attorney – but when he’s spending that much time and energy doing that, there’s not much left for a wife and children at home. She’s overwhelmed and not working out. Everything is falling apart. She FaceTimes with Shane. She says he’s not in the library, and he says, it was closed. He’s at his parents’ house. She says she thought it was a pretty fancy library. He jokes that it’s his girlfriend’s house. I know he’s joking, since Emily is the only one who could possibly put up with his nonsense. She says his girlfriend must have a lot of money. The kids are climbing all over the place. In Emily’s interview, she says, there’s not much communication. She’s just letting him study. If he doesn’t pass the bar, the family is going to implode. She hopes that doesn’t happen. She says she needs him to come home and help. He says she’s doing fine.

Kelly and Jolie go to a cat café. In her interview, Kelly says she was thinking of getting a farrow cat. The producer corrects her, saying, it’s feral. She’s disappointed, since she wanted to name it Will Farrow. She got that wrong too, but they let it slide. They go into Catmosphere, and have to sign a waiver first, which makes Kelly a little nervous. In Kelly’s interview, she says they live in Newport Beach, which is beautiful, but has a rat problem. She doesn’t like cats, but thinks she wants one. She points out that she does find herself in a lot of cat fights, and we flash back to a couple of those. She mentions that they’ve been known to have coyotes, and a staff member tells her they prefer the adopted cats be indoor cats. In her interview, Kelly says no way she wants an indoor cat. They poop and pee in a box. It’s gross. This place is really cool; there are cat condos, cat toys, and cats everywhere. Jolie wants Kelly to pet one of the cats, but Kelly says she doesn’t like to touch p*ssy. She and Jolie sit, and Kelly asks if Jolie’s dad has asked her if she’s met Brian. Jolie says, no, but Kelly thinks he has because he freaked out on her. He’s had a girlfriend for years, and has never introduced her to Jolie. Jolie says that’s because he knows she’s judgmental. In Kelly’s interview, she says she thinks it’s serious, so it’s right for Jolie to meet him. A cat jumps on the back of the couch, and Kelly gets all weird.

Emily and Gina meet for lunch. Emily asks, what happened? Gina says she was at a mom’s event, and drinking wine throughout the night. It was a little cup that they kept topping off. Emily asks if she didn’t know how much she drank, and Gina says she did, but she felt okay. She made a last minute decision to go, and just wanted to get home. She made a bad choice. They order, and Emily asks, when Gina was pulled over, did she think DUI? but Gina says, no. She thought it was a ticket. Her friend in the passenger seat had a Negroni, and the next thing she knew, they were asking her to get out of the car. In Emily’s interview, she says, from a legal perspective, a DUI is not a good thing. You can get your license taken away, it can affect your job, and you’re always known as the person with a DUI – a heavy drinker who makes bad decisions. She says the worst part was telling her parents. In her interview, Gina says the cells have clear walls, and the first thing she saw was a man who was handcuffed, smashing his face against the glass over and over, with blood going everywhere. She tells Emily that she didn’t know what was scarier; staying in jail or coming out, knowing she had to tell her parents. She says she has unconditional love for Emily, no matter what. She starts to cry, and Emily asks what Matt said. Gina says he was the first person she told, and he really supported her. She asks if Emily is disappointed in her. Emily says, no… yeah.

During the commercial break, there’s a PSA that tells us, buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Emily says it was a dumb thing to do. Gina is lucky it’s not a custody issue. Gina says it’s like ammo. In Emily’s interview, she thinks Gina’s divorce is more difficult than she’s letting on. She’s internalizing her feelings, and it’s manifesting in depression, drinking, and bad decisions. She tells Gina that she’s lucky no one was hurt or injured. Since those are the same thing, I’m guessing she doesn’t want to say Gina could have killed someone. She knows Gina is a good person who made a bad choice, and knows going forward, she won’t make that type of decision again. She’s a good mom and Emily loves her. They hug.

Braunwyn brings a baby downstairs, who starts to wail immediately after being put in the highchair. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she knew she wanted a lot of kids. Moderation is not her thing. They have Bella, Rowan, Jacob, twins Caden and Curren, Kao and baby Hazel. She says the first question most people ask is if they’re Mormons, Catholic, or Orthodox. She laughs, and says they just like to drink vodka too much. I like her already. She says she was born in a trailer park, and her mom fell in love with a surfer. Her grandfather was wealthy, and they lived with him for a while. She knew she wanted a comfortable life. Husband Sean has bought and sold tech companies. He has an innovative group of people who do stuff she doesn’t understand. I nod, since my husband works in 3-D printing. She says Sean has a naughty side no one but her knows about, and she likes it. they’ve been married nineteen years. She met him at a frat party, and on the first date said she never wanted work and wanted five kids. He didn’t run. They moved back to the OC from Miami, where they’d gone for vacation, and never left. She says in the OC, parenting is a competitive sport. Someone asked if she thought her kindergartener’s class was competitive enough – he digs in the dirt.

Kelly visits Brian at his office. His assistant brings in roses for her, and he has Kelly close the door. She says, it feels weird, but he assures her, it’s nothing weird. He wants to thank her for the last couple months. He takes her hand, and they kiss across his desk. He gives her a card and box. The card is corny, but not too much. She opens the box, and he says, it’s Zofia Day, a hot designer. Kelly takes out a pair of diamond earrings. She says, rose gold, her favorite, and he says, he knows; he listens to her. In her interview, she says she’s glad it wasn’t a ring. That’s not where she wants to be proposed to. She puts the earrings on. They’re beautiful, a long row of diamonds cascading down. I have a necklace like that, but it’s only three diamonds and it’s from Kay’s. She tell him Jolie is warming up to him. He’s glad, and says he can understand Michael being concerned, but he thinks when they meet, he’ll feel better. Kelly says she doesn’t think Michael wants to meet. In her interview, she says she thinks Michael is jealous. They’re moving fast, and this means he’ll lose her forever. Everything is a dig when it comes to Brian. Brian tells her, don’t worry about what you can’t control. Kelly says she just wants to have a great relationship with Michael.

Tamra drives Shannon to Brian’s office. He performed Shannon’s face tightening procedure. We see clips from that, and I’d rather not. He’s called her to come in. In her interview, Shannon says she’s a single lady, and wants to look her best. With a few little tweaks, it’s a new Shannon transformation. Tamra tells Shannon that she’s thinking of having a party this Saturday; a daytime barbecue. She sees Kelly’s car, and makes jokes about the color.

Brian introduces himself, and Tamra asks if he’s Kelly’s squeeze. He says he’s her boyfriend; it’s official. I wish we had another word for when you’re past college age. Lover is a little too personal, and significant other is too long. Tamra and Shannon go to in the back, where Kelly is getting Botox. In Tamra’s interview, she says, Kelly is a handful. She’s curious to see where this is going. Brian goes over whatever with Shannon, and they look at before and after pictures. In her interview, Shannon explains that it’s similar to a facelift, but with little downtime. Kelly suggests Shannon get a boob job. In her interview, she says, no guy wants to motorboat pancake t*tties. Tamra says they’re not finished with the house yet, but she wants to have an informal barbecue. Kelly says she had plans with Braunwyn, but Tamra says to bring her. Brian says he’s going to be with his son out of town.

Tamra asks Kelly if it’s okay for her to invite Vicki. Kelly says if she sees Vicki, she’s walking the other way. Tamra says she doesn’t want to break any girl code, but Kelly says to invite her. In Kelly’s interview, she says, at this point in time, there have been years of destruction with Vicki. We flash back to a huge argument between them. She says, now Vicki has accused her of doing cocaine. We flash back to Vicki’s insinuation at the last reunion. Kelly says Vicki has hurt her in so many ways. Her daughter says she can’t bring friends home because the parents think she does drugs. In Tamra’s interview, she says she knows she’s taking a big risk inviting both Kelly and Vicki. She’s concerned it will end up like Eddie’s party last year. We flash back to Kelly calling Shane a little bitch. Tamra knows they can get along. It takes time, but neither one of them is taking the steps they need to get there. Tamra texts Vicki, who says okay. Like she’s going to miss an occasion to be on film. Kelly tells Tamra that she has nothing to say to Vicki. They have nothing in common, and she doesn’t care. She asks if she should get drunk and sloppy. Then that chick is really going in the pool.

Next time, Shane feels harassed, Jolie tells Kelly the kids are calling her a cokehead, and Vicki wants to talk to Kelly at the party.

⬇ From Wife To Friend…

The OG of the OC has officially been demoted. No orange for you!


But Shannon isn’t having it.


🍹 Unless She Meant Turnip…

I assume by turn-up level, she means Sonja was drunk and she’d never be able to extract herself gracefully. I met Kristen at a radio station cocktail party, and she was lovely. Ramona was supposed to be there too, but no surprise, she ditched it for something better. They had the best wine and hors d’oeuvres too.


☕ Another Case Of Pot and Kettle…

Lots of lawsuits on plates in Beverly Hills.


⚾ ‘Tis the Season…

And the center of the week.


April 11, 2019 – Oscar’s In the Home Stretch, Chip Chick, Runway Out, Three Wives Tales, Giggy! & Pet Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis calls Sonny from Charlie’s. She asks where Kristina is, and when can she see her? Sonny says, she’s safe. When Jason got her, she was still knocked out by whatever they gave her. Alexis says, so much for DOD being the only people she can trust. Sonny hopes Kristina sees it that way. Alexis tells him to keep her posted. Julian comes by, and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s had better days. There’s a lot at stake. He asks if she’s referring to Kristina. She just bailed on work.

Jason looks at the text he just sent from Kristina’s phone. She wakes up, and he tells her, everything is okay. She’s fine. She asks, what happened? He says she was in a bad place, and he took her out.

Still in bed, Chase sees Willow’s tattoo. She says it doesn’t bother her anymore, but he says it bothers him. It’s like Shiloh branded her. She used to look at it that way, but now it’s just a tattoo. She’s free. They kiss. He asks if she knows what he wishes, and she says, that he could kiss it and make it better? He says, something like that, and she says he’s welcome to try.

Harmony asks Shiloh if he’s heard from Kristina. He says she hasn’t called, and his calls are going to voicemail. He has Daisy out looking for her. Harmony says maybe Kristina isn’t as devoted as he thought, but he insists, she is. He made sure of that. Sam walks in, and says she’s kind of embarrassed about last night. Shiloh says she had a moment, and moved through it. Instead of calling Jason, she reached out to him. Harmony asks if she’s spoken to Kristina this morning.

At the hospital, Sonny asks Josslyn how Oscar is doing. She says she and Carly are waiting for him to wake up. Sonny asks her to get something to eat for Carly at the cafeteria, and for herself. She needs to gain strength. When she’s gone, he asks Carly if there’s been an update in Oscar’s prognosis. Carly says he’s been taken off the ventilator. He can breathe on his own, but they don’t know if he’ll ever wake up.

Terry tells Drew and Kim, all they can do is keep Oscar comfortable and wait. The machine dings, and Kim asks if Oscar can hear her. He says, hi, and Terry tells him that they took the tube out, and it will be a while before his voice comes back. Don’t worry. Drew says Josslyn is outside, and asks if he should get her. Terry says she’d like a minute alone with Oscar. She wants to examine him, and run some simple tests without any distractions, happy though they may be. Kim tells Oscar that she loves him, and kisses his forehead.

Josslyn gives Carly a smoothie, and asks if there’s any chance she can see Oscar. Drew says, a pretty big one; he’s awake. Kim adds that he’s breathing on his own. Drew tells her about the tube, and says he can’t speak, but the good news is, he can’t cut her off. Josslyn says she’ll take full advantage of that. Drew tells her that she can’t go in just yet. Terry is running some tests. Kim leaves to call Julian, and Sonny says he’s going; they’re in his prayers. Carly says she’ll keep him posted. Josslyn tells Carly, it’s not over yet. She gets to see and talk to him again, and he can talk to her. Carly hugs her.

Willow asks Chase if it’s okay that she spent the night. She’s not sure about the etiquette. This is her first relationship. She asks if it’s too soon to call it that, but Chase says he definitely considers it a relationship. He’s happy she spent the night, and hopes there are many more. She says her too, and they kiss.

Julian tells Alexis that Oscar is finally awake, and he’s going to head over there. Molly comes in, and says she’s glad Alexis is there. Alexis is surprised, considering the location. Molly says it’s Kristina’s shift, and she was hoping for a truce. At least maybe they can agree to disagree about DOD. Alexis says Julian told her that Kristina isn’t coming in. She didn’t say why. Molly asks if Alexis has seen her, but Alexis says, nope. Kristina has ghosted her too. She’d love stay and chat, but she has a meeting. She tells Molly not to worry. Her sister will show up.

Sam tells Harmony that she hasn’t heard from Kristina, but she wasn’t expecting to. She asks if something is wrong, but Shiloh thinks they just got their wires crossed; it happens sometimes. Harmony asks Sam how Kristina seemed yesterday, and Sam says, great; the best she’s seen Kristina in a long time. She seemed happy and at peace. Why? Shiloh says he does a check-in every morning, and she missed it. It’s a first. Sam laughs, and says Kristina isn’t known for following rules. Shiloh says she’s been reliable, and Sam says, everyone has an off day. She wouldn’t worry. She’s sure Kristina will turn up.

Jason gives Kristina some water. She asks, what is this place? and he says, it’s a property. She says, a safe house? Why is she there? She says, omg. She was at DOD for her ceremony. He says, it never happened, and she asks what he did. He says he let himself in. She was in the attic, and he carried her out. She says he had no right. This is her choice. Shiloh honored her. Did Shiloh know he was there? He says, no, and she says Shiloh just thinks she ran off after he chose her. How could Jason do that to her?

Terry tells Drew and Kim that Oscar is sleeping; it’s normal. Josslyn wants to sit with him, but Drew says she needs to prepare herself. This last seizure took its toll. She tells him not to worry. She can handle anything. She leaves, and Terry says she believes her. Carly steps away to give them privacy, and Terry tells Drew and Kim that Monica asked to be included. They all leave to go somewhere more private.

Jason tells Kristina that she can’t leave. She asks if she’s a prisoner. He says Max and Milo are outside, and tells her to be mad at him, not them. He can’t let her go. She says he violated her rights, agency, and free will. He’s acting superior, and kidnapped her because he’s jealous of Shiloh. Sam sees the truth. Shiloh is enlightened, and he’s on a path to nowhere. He asks if she wants breakfast, and she says the only thing she wants is her freedom. He’s known her for her entire life. She thought he was the only person who would be fair to her. He says if it had been up to him, he would have taken her out weeks ago. She says he can’t do this; he has to let her go. He says she’s right about one thing. He’s known her for her entire life, and whenever possible, he’s kept her safe. Does she think he’d stop now? She scowls at him.

Michael comes by Chase’s apartment. Does no one call ahead? He was thinking about Willow told them regarding DOD. There has to be a way to close Shiloh down. Chase says he has to be careful. He can’t consider anything illegal. Michael wonders if they can’t come up with another sting. Willow comes out, wearing one of Chase’s T-Shirts. Michael says they can discuss it later, but Chase says he’s already there. They’ll think of an out-of-the-box way to trap Shiloh.

Sonny calls Jason, and asks if there were any problems. Jason says, no. Sam got Shiloh away, allowing him time to get Kristina’s phone. He found her in the attic, and carried her out. Sonny asks how he unlocked the phone, and Jason says Kristina gave him the password. She was pretty doped up. She didn’t realize what was happening. He texted Julian from her phone, and said she wasn’t coming in. Sonny says, so as far as Shiloh is concerned, she ran off on her own. He asks how she is now, and Jason says, understandably furious. Sonny walks into the safe house, and Kristina runs to him, crying. He says, it will be all right. She says she knows he thinks he’s trying help her, but he’s doing more harm than good. She thinks she’s better off at DOD. He has to take her back. She cries, and he holds her.

Terry tells Drew and Kim, the growth of the tumor has severely compromised Oscar’s mobility. His right side has been significantly weakened, and she’s concerned he’ll have trouble walking. Josslyn goes in to see Oscar. She takes his hand, and kisses it. Terry wants to make it clear; Oscar will not regain the ground he lost. In her experience, when this stage is reached, it progresses quickly. Oscar smiles, and thanks Josslyn. He says, sorry, and she says she forgives him – this time. Terry says, other than keeping Oscar comfortable, there’s nothing further they can do, medically speaking. Monica guesses it’s time to figure out what they’re going to do.

Monica says she’s made arrangements for Kim and Oscar to stay as long as they need to. They can come today. Kim thanks her, saying it’s generous. Monica says, it’s not generosity; it’s family. Drew says they’ll have to ask Oscar first, and Monica says, of course (🍷); no pressure. He may want to stay in his own room, or go to Mount Kilimanjaro. Drew says, he told her? Monica says, Oscar’s wishes are paramount. Kim guesses the first thing they need to do is talk to Oscar about the end of his life, and ask where he wants to live the rest of his days.

A now-dressed Willow hates to say it again, What Shiloh is doing is wrong, but he doesn’t break any laws. Michael says they need a new angle. What about the money? Willow says, the people who give him money consider it an honor. The more they give, the deeper they move into his Trust. Michael says, it implies coercion. If Kristina stops paying, she’ll be expelled. It’s extortion. Chase says, good luck proving it in court. Michael says they might have no way in, but they have something – Willow.

Sam apologizes to Shiloh again. Last night, she was kind of a mess, but she thinks she made a tiny breakthrough. Shiloh says, it was a significant breakthrough. Molly comes in. She sees Sam, and asks if she’s there to check on Kristina. Shiloh says she must be Molly, and she says, he’s Shiloh. The guy who’s not running a cult. Her sister called in sick. Molly asks if Shiloh can send one of his minions to get her. He says she’s not there, and Molly says she lives there, doesn’t she? If she’s not at work, and not home, where is she? Sam says, she could be anywhere. There are a lot of other options. Molly asks if she’s not worried, and Sam says, not yet. Shiloh explains that Sam is one of his students, and Molly asks if she’s completely lost her mind.

Sonny tells Kristina that she knows he loves her, and because he loves her, he’s keeping her there. He’s keeping her safe, and she’s not going back. Kristina starts yelling, saying, he can’t do this; he has no right. He says he has every right to protect his daughter from a predator. Kristina says Shiloh understands her in a way he never could. Sonny says Shiloh is using her. She wants to talk to her mother. She knows about the law, and he’s breaking it. He says he’s broken worse. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Alexis. Sonny tells Kristina, go ahead. Talk.

Josslyn reads The Wind in the Willows out loud to Oscar, while Drew and Kim watch. Kim tells Josslyn that she’s an entertaining reader. Josslyn says, it helps having a captive audience. Drew asks for parent/son time, and Josslyn says she’ll be outside. Kim says Oscar must be tired. He is, but he doesn’t know why. All he’s been doing is sleeping. Kim tells him that they talked to Terry. The tumor is growing rapidly, which is why he’s not as strong on his right side after the last seizure. As time goes on, he’ll probably have more seizures like this. Oscar, says, okay. He guesses this means he’s finally in the home stretch. This is it. He’s really dying. Kim calls him beautiful boy, and cries, as she touches his face.

Kristina asks if Alexis went along with this. Alexis says it wasn’t her first choice. Kristina says she’s an adult. She’ll press charges, and get Alexis disbarred. Alexis says when she gets out, do that. It will be worth it. Kristina asks why they’re afraid of people who are kind, generous, and loving. Alexis says they behave falsely to lure in impressionable young people. Kristina suggests Alexis just call her stupid, but Alexis says she’s not stupid. There’s a knock at the door, and Kristina asks if everyone was invited to this kidnapping. Someone help her. Sonny opens the door, and Alexis says, Neil. Sonny says they know each other? Alexis says, you could say that. He’s her therapist.

Molly says Sam has fallen for this guy’s act. Sam says she’s investigated Shiloh, and while he has questionable things in his past, everything if legit. Molly tells Shiloh, he is good to get Sam to fall for his act. What it is, is a front. She read his book. It’s derivative, some of it is plagiarized, and the author is a textbook narcissist. Sam tells Shiloh, sorry, but Molly says don’t apologize for her. Good luck with her enlightenment. She walks out, and Sam follows her. She tells Molly to listen to her. Molly says, this place is a cult. They’re getting people to open up about their lives, and she wonders what they’re doing with the information. In the meantime, they’re taking money, and getting in between the followers and their families. Sam says nothing is going to get between her and Kristina. Molly says she’s not losing both sisters to Shiloh. She leaves, and Sam smiles.

Michael says Willow can meet Shiloh in public; she knows his tricks. She asks, then what? Record it? Shiloh is too smart to say anything incriminating. Chase says he’s seen the games Shiloh plays. He finds Shiloh manipulative, creepy, and unsettling – and he carries a weapon. He’ll help if they can come up with a decent plan that won’t put Willow near that guy. Michael says, what if she didn’t have to go near Shiloh?

Josslyn tells Carly that she can’t believe Oscar never read The Wind in the Willows when he was a kid. Carly says she didn’t either. Jax got it for Josslyn because his mom read it to him. Josslyn knows Oscar will love it; it’s an awesome book. Carly missed out. Monica approaches, saying Drew and Kim wanted them to have an update. The tumor is progressing. They’re going to keep Oscar as comfortable as possible, and hopefully he’ll have a few more alert days. Josslyn says, days. Monica says, the time is very short, and Josslyn asks if he’ll have to die there. Oscar probably won’t say anything, but it’s not what he wants. Monica says she doesn’t think so either. His parents are talking options as they speak. Carly thanks her. She leaves, and Josslyn says maybe they’ll have time to finish the book. She cries in Carly’s arms.

Michael thinks Kristina might listen if Willow talks to her alone. Willow says, members are taught that doubters are weak and less evolved. Michael says he’s done everything he can. Kristina needs to know the truth, and Willow might be the one person she’ll accept it from.

Kristina says, priceless. Her father accidentally hired her mother’s therapist to deprogram her from an imaginary cult. Nice to meet their accomplice in a federal crime. Alexis says Kristina doesn’t know everything. Neil tells Kristina that she can call him Neil, but she says she’s not doing that. He should cure her parents. They need his services more than she does. They’re keeping her here against her will. Neil says they think she’s in danger, but Kristina says they don’t want her to find peace. Neil says, all good parents want that for their kids. Kristina doesn’t care what they want. DOD is her new family. Neil asks, how so? and Kristina says she’s not doing this. It’s wasting time. She walks out of the room. Alexis says, please tell her that Kristina isn’t going out the back door, and Sonny says, Max and Milo are outside. There’s no way to get out. Alexis says, so Neil is here, and Neil says, it looks that way. He thought she said it was a bad idea, and she says she did, but Sonny ignored her advice. What a surprise. Sonny asks, what happens next? Neil says this makes his work harder, but Sonny says if Kristina had left on her own, they wouldn’t need him. Neil says he usually works with people who have left on their own, and want to get better. If she returns to DOD, full of rage and betrayal, they’re not likely to see her again.

Carly wishes she could do something to make it easier. Josslyn says, it’s not supposed to be like this. But if loving Oscar means it’s going to hurt, bring it. It’s better than not loving him. Carly says she knows.

Drew tells Josslyn that Kim and Oscar are moving in with the Quartermaines to live as a family. Josslyn is welcome any time, all the time. She thanks him, and goes back in to see Oscar. Julian holds Kim. Drew sits with Monica, and she cries. Josslyn is glad Oscar is awake, and they can still talk. She was afraid she wouldn’t even get that. Oscar says, no way. She takes his hand, and says, one more question. What does he want to do with the rest of his life? She gets in the bed with him, and they cuddle.

Willow says she’d like to help. She can tell Kristina what she knows, but when Shiloh finds out – and he will… Michael says she’s afraid Shiloh will come after her. He understands, but there are two things he’d like her to consider; him and his father. He’s the CEO of ELQ, and has more connections and resources than Shiloh. He can protect her. His father is allegedly the most powerful crime boss, and controls the city. He has a long reach, and would do anything to protect the person who helps his daughter. He thanks her for considering it, and leaves. Chase tells her if she’s worried about provoking Shiloh, or that he might figure out she had his child, don’t do it. Michael is resourceful. He’ll find another way.

Shiloh throws his book across the room. Harmony runs in, and tells him, the cup is gone. She took it. If she shows it to the wrong people… Shiloh says, she’s loyal. Harmony hopes he’s right. If she didn’t take it, someone else did. It could be bad for them. He tells her, go find it. Just find it. And look for Kristina too. She’s too valuable for them to lose.

Jason looks at the cup with the tattoo symbol on it. Sam calls, and asks how Kristina is. He says, she’s pissed. Sonny and her mom are with her. She tells him Molly stopped by DOD, and she told her that she was taking classes there. She was looking for Kristina. Jason asks about Shiloh, and she says he asked about Kristina, but she acted casual. She thinks he believes Kristina left on her own. She told him that Kristina gets like this; she’s a flake. He seemed to buy it. Jason thinks it’s going to take a while to get Kristina to believe Shiloh is not a good guy.

Alexis can’t believe Neil is helping Sonny. Sonny says Kristina was already drugged, and was about to be tattooed and literally screwed. Neil tells them they can’t be arguing. If they need to, they should go outside and get it out of their systems. Kristina is going to work hard to manipulate them, and pit them against each other. They have to show a united front, no matter what throws at them.

Tomorrow, Valentin tells Spencer that the truth always comes out, Ava asks if Jordan thinks Ryan is dead, and Laura asks Finn if he thinks Ryan is dead.

🔎 I Spy…

GH alumni Brytni Sarpy (Valerie Spencer ) in a chip commercial.


✂ Tonight, on Project Runway, the challenge was the future of streetwear. What is that anyway? The same thing as the used vintage stuff I wore when I was in acting school? Kovid was out for a lack of cohesiveness, although I loved his vest with Steampunkish accents. He had also been in the bottom three about fifteen times, even though they were only on episode five. Oddly enough, the guy who’s cried his way through every episode, didn’t shed a tear.

🍵 Let Me Pour You Some Tea…

Despite a rougher year than most of us, Bethenny is looking good. And like Billy Crystal said as Ricardo Montalbán (SNL), it is better to look good than to feel good.


The hits just keep on comin’ for Vicki, but apparently, she’s still a Real Housewife.


And at least Shannon is still a size two or whatever.


The next best thing to Giggy getting his own spin-off.


💖 And While We’re On the Subject…

🐶 🐱 🐁 🐇 🐹 Happy National Pet Day! 🐤 🐠 🐎 🐷 🐍


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January 11, 2019 – Griff’s Faith is Broken, Some Betty, Vicki’s Holiday, a Baby, OctoQuotes, a Birthday & a Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yep, missed it. Why break a streak?

Anna can’t see anything. Peter helps her up, and out of the bistro.

At the hospital, Obrecht says good evening to Finn. He says they used to have security; who let her in? She says, all the charges have been dropped. She’s free to go where she chooses, and she chooses to be there. He asks what she wants, and she says she’s there to speak to HR. He asks if her license wasn’t revoked, and she says she didn’t realize he had control over who was hired. He says there’s no place for someone like her there.

Valentin gives Nina a gorgeous bouquet. She says the flowers are beautiful, but unnecessary. He wants to thank her for giving him a second chance. She says, seriously? It’s more like the ninth. He’s grateful, and says he’d be happy if she indulges him while he showers her with gifts. She says he already gave her the greatest gift. He brought her daughter back into her life.

In the chapel, Sonny tells Griff it’s been a tough few weeks. It was a senseless tragedy. Kiki was part of the family. Griff wants to stop him now. He’s heard so many different versions of the same conversation. He knows they’re well-intended, but it doesn’t help. He tells Sonny, please save his sorrow and remorse. The stories only make him mad. Mad that somebody took Kiki’s life, and took her from them. Maybe he doesn’t have the right to anger and grief, but those are his only two options. Sonny says Griff can only feel how he feels; empty and pointless. He gets it. When Morgan died, Sonny went to dark places, and Griff helped him with his faith. Griff is glad his words brought Sonny comfort, but for him, there is none. His words were a lie. Faith is an illusion.

Franco asks Ava what she’s doing out there alone at night. It’s a bad idea. Ava says she can take care of herself. He’s sure she can, but he’s hanging out, just in case. She says, that’s sweet, but unnecessary. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says he’s on his way to the studio. What about her? She says it’s none of his business; carry on. He says now he’s really not going. Not until she tells him what’s going on. She says he’s going to ruin everything, and he tells her, talk fast. She says, Kiki’s killer is still out there. She’s making herself a target he can’t resist, and when he finds her, he’ll wish the cops got to him first.

Not-Doc takes out a locked box. He looks inside, and smiles, seeing the driver’s licenses of his victims. He says, sleep tight, and puts the box back. If he had a moustache, he’d be twirling it.

Nina tells Valentin that she didn’t think it was possible. If not for him, Madeline would have carried the secret to her grave. Because of him, she found out her daughter was alive, and came to know this incredible, smart, beautiful woman. He filled the hole in her heart. She loves him so much. He showed her it’s safe to love him, and made her trust him again.

Obrecht says Finn is quick to judge, but her moral actions don’t concern him. He says, they concern Monica. When Monica sees her, she’ll remember the things Obrecht did to the people in the hospital. What goes around, comes around. Obrecht says, upon further consideration, she’s too good for GH. She’s going to Mercy, where they can use her help and appreciate her talents.

Drew brings Kim coffee, and I wonder if they’ll ever actually put something in those cups or at least pretend better. Kim says she’s being ridiculous and selfish, but Drew tells her to give herself a break. She tells him, bringing life into the world is the best part of her job, and one of the reasons she became an OB. When she hands a precious new life to parents, and sees the wonder, the hopes and dreams they have for their babies, their joy fills her with joy. But today, all she felt was resentment toward the new mother and all her hope for her son’s future. She has none left for hers. Drew says it’s understandable, but remember, they still have time. Kim says she’s clung to hope for so long; false hope, and she’s running out of it. The first thing they learn in med school is that they will lose patients, even with new treatments and skills, there are limitations, and they all fail at some point. That’s where Oscar is. Medicine failed him.

Sonny tells Griff that he questioned God. Why did it happen to someone so young and full of promise? His faith was shaken. Griff says his faith isn’t shaken; it’s broken. He devoted his entire life to the church. He looks at a medal he’s wearing, and says, St. Aloysius. He experienced a profound spiritual awakening at age seven, and died at twenty-three from the Plague. Griff wanted be like him since he was a boy. He laughs, says, a saint, and rips the medal off. He says, it’s just jewelry. There’s no magic. Bad things happen to good people. Kiki was stabbed. What sense can he make of that? Why is he here? He doesn’t know. Maybe he’s hoping to feel something that proves he’s wrong; that what he believed isn’t a lie. Sonny says there’s no denying he’s sinned more than most, but he thinks there’s something bigger out there. Something listening to them; working through them. He’s there praying for a sixteen-year-old boy who’s been terminally diagnosed. It might not help, but has to do the best he can. He believes in his heart that Kiki would understand. Griff says people tell him what Kiki would want or do. He doesn’t even know, so how do they? I hate to put a damper on his supposition, but they probably knew her a lot better than he did. He’d just started dating her. He says he dedicated his entire life to healing. If Oscar gets a miracle, it’s because of science, not faith. He’s finally clear on that. He says there’s someone he can still help, and leaves. Sonny looks at the medal on the floor.

Franco says Ava is using herself as bait, and ambushing the killer? She says, it’s better than waiting around for them to claim another victim. Franco says it’s not going to work, but she says he’s just trying to get her to change her mind. He says he can think like Kiki’s killer because he used to think like a killer. She’s not a desirable target. Ava is like, thanks, but he says she’s known to be lethal. At best, she’s not worth the risk, and at worst, she’s a kindred spirit. Not-Doc walks onto the scene.

Peter brings Anna in to the hospital. She tells Finn that she can’t see.

Sonny sees Drew and Kim. He’s sorry to interrupt. Drew asks, what’s up? Sonny says he was there getting medicine for his father, and Carly told him Oscar’s treatment didn’t go as well as it should. Drew says, it didn’t, and Sonny tells Drew that his resources are at Drew’s disposal. He has a jet, and connections. Anything they need.

Not-Doc asks what Ava and Franco are doing. Franco tells him Ava is using herself as bait to catch Kiki’s killer. Not-Doc says, I see. Franco is like, what? and not-Doc says he’s not saying it’s not incredibly risky, but however Ava deals with her grief is her own business. Franco says, she’s wandering around on the docks late at night with a gun. And why is not-Doc ghosting him? Franco has been calling for an appointment, and his calls aren’t being returned. Not-Doc says, the time has come for them to stop working together.

Griff comes into the examining room, and asks Anna, what’s going on? Finn says, she can’t see, and Anna asks if it has something to do with her illness. Griff says that’s doubtful, and asks, what happened? Peter says they were having coffee when Anna got a headache. He was going to take her to the doctor, and she collapsed. When she regained consciousness, she couldn’t see. Griff asks her to describe the headache. She says, it was horrible. It came out of nowhere; a searing pain in her temple. She knew she had to see a doctor. She fainted, and when she stood up and opened her eyes, she couldn’t see anything. Griff says the fainting could be a result of her phlebotomy treatment. She asks, what about the loss of vision? He tells her that he can’t say, but he’ll figure it out. They’ll run some tests, and find out what’s going on. Anna asks why would this happen? and Griff says, hang in there. Finn says he’ll be right back, and Anna asks if Peter is still there. He is, and she thanks him. He says he did what anyone would have done, but she says he’s not anyone to her. She’s not a random stranger; it’s a complicated relationship. He says, that’s one way to put it. She says he could have left, but he didn’t. She thanks him, but says she’s not reading into it. Peter suggests she focus on herself right now. He takes her hand, and she says she’s grateful he’s there. He’s glad he could help.

Valentin kisses Nina’s hand. He wants to prove himself worthy of her love, but he’s not her knight in shining armor. Obrecht walks in, saying, on that, they can agree. She hopes she’s not interrupting. Valentin says she is. She’d like to speak to Nina alone, but Valentin says whatever she has to say, she can say in his presence. She knows he’d prefer that, and Nina asks, what’s going on? She saw them with their heads together the other day. Since they have no secrets, tell her what’s going on. Obrecht says, no secrets? In that case, does he want to tell Nina what they’ve been keeping from her, or should she?

Sonny says he has access to medicine that’s restricted in this country, and his jet is ready. Drew appreciates it, but knows there’s no miracle drug. Kim says she checked everything from here to Singapore, and checked every trial. Drew says there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to save Oscar, but there’s nothing they can do.

Franco asks if not-Doc is dumping him as a client. Not-Doc says their work has plateaued. Maybe Franco has become too comfortable. In any event, they’re not progressing. He’d be better served by another therapist. Franco doesn’t think they’ve dealt with the trauma they uncovered, and now he’s being tossed aside like a bothersome one-night stand. Not-Doc thinks it’s best, and will give him a referral. Franco says the hell with him and his referral, and stomps off. Ava asks not-Doc if he’s sure he wants to do that. It seems like Franco needs him. Not-Doc says, trust him. It’s for the best.

Nina tells Obrecht to cough it up, and Obrecht asks if Valentin told Nina that he offered her a job at Cassadine industries. Valentin says he’s making inquiries; don’t rush him. Obrecht says the medical department isn’t hiring, but she appreciates him keeping her in mind. Nina doesn’t want her put in difficult position, but the sooner she finds work, the better for everyone. Obrecht asks for a private moment with her niece. When Valentin leaves the room, Nina asks what Obrecht can’t tell her in front of him.

A nurse comes with wheelchair to take Anna for her tests. Peter helps her into the chair. He asks if he should stick around, but she says she knows he’s busy, and tells him to go. The nurse wheels her out.

Griff looks at Anna’s chart. Finn needs to talk to him. Griff asks what’s on his mind. Finn says, Griff’s mind. Is he okay? Is his head in the game? He just lost someone close to him, and no disrespect, Finn wonders if he should get another specialist. Griff says, none taken, and Finn is right. Kiki’s murder messed him up, but Anna is the closest thing to family he has, and he can help her. He needs to help her. Finn asks what he thinks is going on, and Griff says, it could be anything. They don’t know if it’s treatable or the blindness is permanent.

Sonny tells Drew he’s sorry. He hopes he’s not making it worse. Kim says they’re touched, and Sonny says, Oscar is one of the greats in his book. They’re both in his prayers. Drew thanks him for coming by. Sonny says he can’t imagine what they’re going through, but Drew says, clearly, he knows. Drew was there when he lost Morgan. He appreciates Sonny being there for them. Sonny says, anything he needs, just ask.

Finn tells Griff that Anna will want to know the odds. Griff says, until he knows what it is, he only has speculation. Finn asks if there’s a strong possibility she’ll see again, and Griff says, yes. There are many causes for sudden blindness. He says Finn is acting like he has no medical degree; he’s not acting like a doctor. Finn says someone he loves is the patient, and Griff’s bedside manner sucks. What happened to holding on to hope? Griff says, get someone else If that’s what he wants. Griff’s faith lies in data. He’ll have it shortly.

Peter meets with Valentin, and says he took Anna to the hospital. Valentin asks, what happened? but Peter doesn’t know. They were talking, Anna got a splitting headache, and fainted. When she regained consciousness, she couldn’t see. Valentin asks, who’s treating her? and Peter says, Griff, but he doesn’t know what caused it or if it’s permanent.

Nina thinks Obrecht wants to pitch her medical column for Crimson. She says it’s a great idea, but not the best approach for their readers. She knows Obrecht needs a job. Obrecht says her records have been expunged, but she has no medical license. And she has more pressing matters. Nina asks if she can vague that up more. Obrecht says Valentin has two sides. He can be witty and charming, but he can also be ruthless and amoral. The ends will always justify the means with him. Nina says no one is completely wrong or right. Valentin is capable of love and loyalty. He showed that with Nina’s daughter. She tried to end it for a long time, but he wouldn’t give up. She’s proceeding with caution. There’s been no long term, permanent commitment. She tells Obrecht she’s moved back into Windymere. Obrecht says she’s sleeping in his bed? Nina wants Obrecht to be happy for her. Valentin found her daughter; her family. She wants Obrecht to meet her. She looks exactly like Britt, and Nathan. Obrecht says that woman is nothing like her son.

Sonny tries to get Griff’s attention, but Griff says he’s sorry. He has a patient. Sonny holds the medal.

Finn asks Anna how the tests went, and she supposes all right. He tells her it’s okay to be scared; he won’t tell. Griff comes in with the test results, and takes her hand. He says she experienced some kind of hemorrhage, but she’s okay and stable. She asks about the blindness, and Griff says, there’s a laser treatment that often yields positive results. She asks what that means. He says he doesn’t know the cause, so he can’t be certain it will restore her vision.

Valentin thanks Peter, who tells him, don’t reach out. He doubts Anna wants to hear from him. Valentin says, she doesn’t like appear weak, and Peter says, because she thinks Valentin will double-cross her. He knows the feeling. Valentin says he’s not the enemy, but Peter says he’ll use anyone to get what he wants. He used Peter, pressuring him to drop the charges on Obrecht. Valentin says it worked out well for everyone, and Peter is in good with Maxie. Peter says Valentin was just covering his own ass. Enjoy it while it lasts. Obrecht will use whatever she has against him, sooner rather than later.

Nina asks what Obrecht has against Sasha. Obrecht says forget she said anything. Nina says she understands. She thinks Obrecht still has a lot of guilt, leaving Nathan with Madeline, and her relationship with Britt is non-existent. It’s different between Nina and her daughter. Obrecht says she’s mistaken. There’s something she needs to know about her daughter.

Franco argues with not-Doc’s assistant outside of his office. She says he can’t have access to the doctor’s records. He asks where Janet is, and the woman says Janet was fired, and the doctor hired her. She leaves, and Franco says, the hell with this. He uses his credit card to slip the lock on the door.

At the docks, Ava asks if not-Doc thinks she’s crazy, going after her daughter’s killer. He says, not at all, but he thinks it’s counterproductive. The killer feeds off the fear and dread of the community. He loves attention and notoriety. Her grief and frustration give him power. If she refuses to live her life, she plays into his hands. She says her daughter was killed. How is she supposed to focus on anything else? He thinks her staying there, surrounded by memories, knowing the killer is out there, wears on her. The two of them should leave town. She says she’s not in the mood for a vacation, but he says, not a vacation. Forever. He thinks they should leave Port Charles for good.

Franco spreads out Doc’s patient files, and flips through them. We see the locked box.

On Monday, Alexis asks Sam what’s going on in that house she should know about, Jason asks if Kristina has ever mentioned Shiloh, and Carly catches Franco in Doc’s office.

💘 Because We All Love Her…

Presenting Betty White.


✈ It Could Have Been Worse…

Rich people problems.


👶 What Will Juan Do Now?

Pao and Russ finally had a baby. Bye, Felicia Juan.


👂 Quotes of the Week

Silence is the mother of truth. – Benjamin Disraeli

Best friends live forever in the memories we keep. – Unknown

Life, a good life, a great life is about “Why not?” May we never forget it.Danielle Steel, Happy Birthday

You have a wheelhouse and we’ve been living in this dump? – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

Everything born has to die, in order to make room for the future.Joan D. Vinge

If I were to put a picture in the dictionary next to boy toy, you would be the antonym.Judge Judy, who then had to explain what an antonym is.

I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.Will Rogers

Tequila is not even a drink; it’s a way for having the cops around without using a phone. – Dylan Moran

🎆 A Happy 12th Birthday to Juliet’s Six-Pack…

Twelve years ago, in the wee hours of the morning – 2:30 am to be exact – Juliet produced her life’s work – six glorious babies! True to form, she did it her own way, without skipping a meal or even going into labor. She did not read the schedule. She popped them out, cleaned them up, and then asked for a piece of cheese.

juliet'sbabies-sleeping-3 (2)


🛀 Because It Came…