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November 4, 2019 – Laura Makes An Appeal, Ashton Loses Patience, Nelle’s New Flick, Dorian Leaves DOOL, Drew Moves On, Tony Returns & Waking Late


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Still at the MetroCourt, Valentin asks how Nina is feeling. She says, mostly relived, and a touch frustrated because Sasha won’t pay for what she’s done. Valentin says, it’s time to celebrate. He suggests getting a bottle of their finest champagne, and seeing where the evening takes them. He goes to the bar, and Jordan and Curtis walk in. Nina asks why she hasn’t seen them, and Jordan says they were out on the terrace. Curtis says he hasn’t heard from Nina in a while, and Nina says, things have been busy. Curtis felt that maybe she needed space, and Jordan asks how she’s holding up without Valentin.

Sasha and Michael have changed out of their costumes, and go to Charlie’s. Michael wonders if Sasha thinks he went too far with Valentin, but she says if it wasn’t for him, she doesn’t think Nina would have dropped the charges. Michael says Sasha is the reason Valentin is walking away unscathed, and Sasha says she’s protective of Nina’s feelings. She tells Michael that he was impressive and hot, and she owes him one. He gave her life back to her. Now if she only knew what do with it. Peter and Maxie come in, and Peter says James is enjoying his time with Brad and Lucas. Maxie says, he gets treated like royalty there. Peter says, now for the adult part of her birthday, and asks if she wants a drink. She does, and kisses him. Obrecht comes out, and tells them to get a room. She tells Maxie that she hasn’t seen James in a while, but Peter says, it’s not the best time. Obrecht can understand why Maxie has been standoffish, since she was supposedly involved in Sasha’s lies. Maxie says, it was horrible, and Obrecht admits to knowing Sasha was a fraud, but she only found out shortly before the wedding. She wanted to protect Nina’s heart. Her actions were misguided, but her heart was pure.

Sonny tells Carly, it’s been a long night. Carly says Brad and Lucas are still there on the terrace. He suggests asking them to leave, but she says A, that would be rude, and B, she senses they’re in the middle of something. Outside, Lucas tells Brad to admit it. Who the hell are the nude pictures from? Is he saying it was an accident? Brad says, yes, and Lucas asks if he hears how ridiculous it sounds. Brad doesn’t know what to say or who the guy is. All he knows is that he’s not cheating.

Laura goes back to Julian’s office with him. She says she knows it’s not easy. Julian says he could use a drink, and Laura says, make it two. She asks if he’s sure he’s all right, and Julian says, no, but he’ll get there. He’s glad Ava is getting the help she needs, but wishes he’d gotten her to Shadybrook sooner before she imagined Nikolas in the gallery. He asks how Laura is holding up, and she says it’s not easy on her. It’s never easy for her to bring up Nikolas. He’s been gone for more than two years, but it’s just as painful as it ever was.

Nikolas asks Hayden if she’s happy to see him, and Hayden asks what he was thinking to show himself to Ava. He was supposed to stay in hiding until they found the codicil. Nikolas says their current tactic involves his mother; what genius thought of that? Jax says, she’s doing it for Spencer, but Nikolas says he was clear. He didn’t want to show himself to his mother or son before Valentin was neutralized.

Carly tells Sonny that her brother is probably reading Brad the riot act for being close to Nelle. She can’t believe Brad went to her parole hearing. Sonny says it’s none of their business. On the terrace, Brad asks Lucas not to do this there. Let’s go home. Lucas says he’s not looking other way when Brad gets nude pictures from some guy. Brad asks if Lucas wants him to text back to prove he doesn’t know them. They’re probably going to be mortified that they sent the pictures to the wrong person.

Julian wonders why Ava would be imagining Nikolas now, and Laura says she has a theory. Valentin got rid of a portrait of Helena recently, and she’s pretty sure it ended up at the gallery. Maybe seeing it reminded her of all things Cassadine, Nikolas included. Julian’s phone dings. He looks at it, and a text from Brad asks, who is this? Who sent these? Hello???

Michael toasts to whatever’s next. Whatever it is, he hopes it doesn’t take her away from Port Charles. Sasha says, it would be easier for Nina, but he says, not for him.

Obrecht tells Maxie, after the truth came out, she knew she’d be blamed for staying silent, or accused of being a co-conspirator. So she arranged an extended stay in Switzerland. Peter didn’t tell her? Maxie says, no, and Obrecht says he convinced her to stay. Peter says she’s important to Maxie, and part of James’s family. Obrecht asks Maxie to please say she’s still family. Maxie says she’s forgiven Obrecht for worse. She’s James’s oma, and a part of Nathan. She’ll always be family. They hug, and Obrecht says it means the world to her. Does Maxie think Nina could find it in her heart to forgive her too?

Jordan says her office advised her that Nina dropped the charges against Sasha, and Nina confirms she did. Curtis says, that was decent, since Sasha was just a pawn acting on orders. Valentin returns to the table, and says he sees they have company. Curtis says, you’ve got to be kidding, and Valentin says it’s good to see him after that debacle of a wedding they had.

Hayden tells Nikolas he needs to stay and wait, but he thinks he’s done more than enough waiting. He’s been waiting since he was rescued from the water. Jax says Nikolas is the one who reached out to him with an attractive offer. When it stops being attractive, he’s out.  Nikolas flashes back to meeting with Jax. Jax hears a voice asking if Rome isn’t spectacular, and he says he doesn’t take meetings with a disembodied voice. Show himself, or Jax is leaving. Nikolas comes out, and Jax says, not so dead after all. Nikolas says, not for lack of trying on Valentin’s part, and Jax says he heard how Valentin murdered Nikolas, and Nikolas says, clearly not. It’s taken years for him to position himself, and now he’s ready to reclaim what’s his. Jax wishes him good luck, but Nikolas says, it will take more than luck. He needs Jax’s help, and he’s willing to pay. In the present, Nikolas thinks they should all take a step back. Jax agrees. It’s time rethink things.

Jax says Nikolas agreed to stay in a place of his choice until he and Hayden found the codicil. Nikolas said if Valentin found out, he could do something desperate. Nikolas says he was careful to conceal himself, and Jax says, wearing a mask? Nikolas says it’s commonplace on Halloween. That’s why he went to the gallery to retrieve the portrait. Jax says Ava saw him briefly, but Nikolas says before she woke, he was long gone. Hayden says now they’ll have to wait for possible blowback. Jax says Ava told Nikolas’s mother, and Nikolas says that’s why he didn’t want his mother involved. Jax says Laura thinks Ava had a nervous breakdown, and so does Ava. She thinks she was hallucinating. Nikolas says, no one believes anything Ava has to say. He’s safe. Ava betrayed him. She was supposed to testify that Valentin murdered him, but she recanted her testimony. She deserves whatever she gets.

Curtis says Nina and Valentin are back together? and Jordan adds, after what he did? Nina says, Valentin had no idea; Sasha played the both of them. Curtis says, that’s what Valentin told her? and she says, Sasha told her. Curtis says Nina knew how he’d feel about her getting back with Valentin. Now he gets why Nina has been avoiding him.

Sasha tells Michael that she doesn’t want to be away from him. He suggests she make a life there, but she says, it’s not easy. Michael says he can be of help to her. Obrecht comes by and says she needs to speak to Sasha – privately. Sasha says, Michael knows everything; whatever Obrecht has to say, she can say in front of him. Obrecht says Sasha knows she kept her hands clean. What did Sasha tell Nina about  her involvement in Sasha’s subterfuge? Sasha says she took the blame; Obrecht had nothing to do with it. Nina just agreed to drop the charges. Obrecht wonders if Nina ever asked about the fake DNA test, and Sasha says as far as she knows, Obrecht wasn’t involved. Obrecht says, when Sasha had the flu, Finn – why is it always him? – ran a test that could have exposed Sasha. She may have arranged some influence over the result. Michael says Sasha can’t help Obrecht cover her tracks. She has to go to whoever she helped.

Julian thanks Laura for being kind to Ava, and Laura says she’s had her own bouts of mental illness over the years. Julian didn’t realize, and Laura says she missed a whole part of her life that she fought hard to recover. It made her a better person and mother, and she thinks it will do the same for Ava. Julian doubts Sonny agrees. It’s a perfect set-up for him to go for full custody.

Carly wonders if she should go outside, and Sonny says there’s not much she can do to help. Carly says he’s right, and she doesn’t want Brad to feel ganged up on. Sonny tells her to let them work it out. Carly hopes they do it fast. It’s been a long day.

Brad hands Lucas his phone, saying Lucas can look; full transparency. Lucas says, better late than never. He looks at the phone, and Brad asks if it’s him. Lucas says, yeah, and Brad asks what he said. Lucas reads, ha-ha! you know who it is. Brad says they’ve clearly confused him with someone else, and Brad tells him, give it up. He got caught. Brad says he didn’t do anything. He’d never jeopardize their marriage. He reaches to touch Lucas, who backs up. Brad swears on Wiley; he’d never cheat on Lucas. Doesn’t Lucas believe him?

Obrecht tells Maxie that she’s off. They’re free to commence canoodling. Maxie says that’s why she can’t quit Obrecht. Who says things like that? Obrecht thanks Maxie. She’s glad they’re in a good place. Maxie says, her too. James misses her, and she asks if Obrecht wants to come see him tomorrow. Obrecht says, absolutely. She’ll bring strudel. She leaves, and Maxie tells Peter that he’s deep in his phone zone again. Didn’t they just have a fight about that? Peter says, they did, and she says the Franco/Drew hearing is over. What’s captured his attention now?

Michael asks if there’s any chance Sasha might be interested in working at ELQ. Sasha says it would change their dynamic. Making it on her own is important for her. Michael says then it’s important to him too. They gaze into each other’s eyes.

Laura says, everything happened so fast, she didn’t consider Avery’s custody might be affected. Julian says, now is Sonny’s chance to take Avery away from Ava. Laura says she and Sonny are good friends. She can talk to him, but Julian says, now is not the time to kick up the hornet’s nest. He’ll think of something. Laura says, there’s no need. She can do this.

Obrecht sends Brad a text saying they have to make sure to cover their tracks.

Brad asks Lucas, why would he risk their whole life together for a random guy? It’s just a misunderstanding. He’ll prove it. Please, Lucas has to believe him. He loves Lucas so much. Brad’s phone dings, and Brad looks at it and frowns. Lucas asks, is it him? Brad sees Obrecht’s message saying they have to cover their tracks in the recent fixing of the Gilmore girl’s test. Lucas asks again, is it him? and Brad says, no. Lucas says, let him see, but Brad says, it’s confidential about a patient. Lucas says he’s a doctor, and has access to the same information, but Brad says, it’s a special case. Lucas laughs, and says, of course (🍷) it is. Is it more pictures? Brad says he can explain, but Lucas says he can’t do this anymore tonight. He can’t; just go. Lucas can’t deal with him anymore tonight. Brad says, don’t do this, but Lucas says, go! Brad walks through the room in tears, past Sonny and Carly. Sonny asks, what’s going on? and Brad says, nothing; sorry; goodnight, and jets.

Valentin says he senses hostility, but Nina tells Curtis, don’t worry. She knows what she’s doing. Curtis says they’ll always be friends, especially on the day Valentin gets his due. He’ll always be there. Jordan tells them, enjoy their evening. Curtis steers her out, and she asks where they’re going. He says they’re going to do what they do best. I have no clue if he means detective work or getting busy.

Jax says far be it from him to defend Ava, and Nikolas says, then don’t. Hayden says she’s been helping him, and he says she knew what she stood to gain. Nikolas flashes back again. He tells Jax that he wants to return the estate to its rightful heir. The codicil is hidden on Spoon Island. He can’t search for it, and Jax says, Nikolas wants him to? Nikolas says he’s well-respected, and has a daughter there. He has every reason to go back. Jax asks what’s in it for him? and Nikolas says, the shipping division in Cassadine Industries, but Jax says their family feuds are unpredictable and rarely profitable, but he’d like Spencer to have the fortune he’s entitled to. Nikolas says, conscientious of him, and Jax says he’d once claimed Spencer as his own. He’ll never forget the four months he had with Spencer. Nikolas is sure that Jax has Spencer’s best interests at heart, and asks if they have a deal. Jaz says, for Spencer’s sake. But he will take the shipping division. Nikolas wants to present the third member of their venture, and says, you can come out now. Hayden comes out, and Nikolas introduces her to Jax, saying, this is his new partner. In the present, Hayden says she promised to do everything in her power for Spencer. Have no fear, dear husband, we will.

Jax asks if they’ve figured out how to resolve their marital situation, but Hayden says, not yet. It’s tricky, divorcing a dead man. Nikolas says they had a less than healthy relationship, and Hayden says, understood, but here they are joining forces. Nikolas flashes back to Hayden telling Jax that Nikolas tried to have her killed, but they’re still married. Nikolas says, technically, she’s his wife and widow. Jax asks if Nikolas trusts Hayden 100%, and Nikolas says, she’s always had a soft spot for Spencer, and when they uncover the codicil, she’ll get a generous cut of the fortune. In the present, Hayden says she had reservations about working with Nikolas, and him showing up doesn’t inspire confidence. Nikolas says he’s going to take what’s his back, and leave Valentin with nothing.

Valentin and Nina toast to everything falling into place. Obrecht approaches their table, and says it’s good to see her lovely niece. She was told Nina has chosen not to pursue the charges against Sasha, and wants Nina to know she had nothing to do with Sasha’s plan. She only knew Sasha was a fraud for a short time before Lulu overheard them talking. Nina says she believes Obrecht, and Obrecht says she’s most grateful. Consider this a formal apology for not telling Nina immediately. She wants to get back to where they were before the whole saga erupted. It would mean so much her.

Peter tells Maxie that he put his phone on silent and away, so they can focus on her birthday. She says he didn’t answer her question. Why is he attached to his phone? He says he was hoping to have one more present for her. One that she wants. She asks if he’s talking about what she thinks.

Sasha tells Michael that she has a solid resume in tech. Michael says he could get her an interview at the MetroCourt, but she says she won’t let him pressure his mom. He says his mom likes her, and she says, to a point. Carly doesn’t trust her, and Sasha doesn’t blame her. The surest way to alienate Carly is to let Michael pull strings for her.

Laura apologizes to Sonny for dropping in so late, but he says she’s always welcome. She hopes he still feels that way after he finds out what she’s there to talk to him about. She knows Ava is supposed to pick up Avery tomorrow, but it’s not happening. He asks, how come? and Laura says, Ava was involved in an incident at the gallery, and voluntary checked herself into Shadybrook. Sonny says, it’s the best thing for her. She’s been heading for trouble for a long time, since Kiki was killed. Laura repeats that Ava went voluntarily, but Sonny says it makes him wonder if she should be allowed near Avery in her state of mind.

Carly asks Lucas if everything is okay. They saw Brad take off. Lucas says, good, and she asks, what’s going on? He says Brad is cheating on him.

Julian ponders, and Brad flies in, saying thank God Julian is there. He and Lucas got in a big fight, and Lucas kicked him out. He’s convinced Brad is having an affair. Julian says, he’s not? and Brad says, never. Julian says he thought Brad would, and Brad asks how Julian can say that. Julian says, it all adds up. He got caught yelling Michael’s name in his sleep; he’s seeing a shrink and getting meds; and a secret admirer sent him flowers. Then he changed his password. Brad says Julian convinced him to change it. Julian says, and someone is sending Brad nude photos. Brad asks how he knew, and Julian taps his phone. Brad says, it was him? Why? Why is Julian doing this to him?

Peter asks what Maxie thinks he’s talking about, and she says their dream apartment. He says he put a bid on it, and Lucy was supposed to call back shortly. He was hoping she’d call before dinner. Maxie wonders what’s taking so long, and he says the board is taking a closer look at his application. Maxie says, co-op boards are notoriously strict, but Peter says he can see why he’d be a hard sell. They want to keep the building trouble free and tranquil. She says, he is, but he says, not everyone thinks so. His phone rings, and he says, it’s Lucy.

Sasha tells Michael, there’s only one way to get back in his parents’ good graces on her own; to work hard and prove herself. She’s ready. Michael says he knows a woman who’s ready to hire her, and Sasha says, she knows. Lucy. But Sasha doesn’t like the idea of being the face of Deception. The idea of capitalizing on what she did to Nina feels wrong. He thinks she should tell Lucy; she’ll understand.

Laura tells Sonny that Julian is afraid he’s going to use Ava’s illness against her to try and get full custody. She was in the same situation once, and she’s glad she didn’t lose her children over that. Sonny is sympathetic to all that, but right now Ava isn’t equipped to take care of Avery. Laura says, right now. The situation is temporary. Tell her that he’s not going to use it as an excuse to take Ava’s daughter away.

Carly tells Lucas, a lot of Brad’s behavior sounds shady, but it doesn’t prove Brad is having an affair. Lucas says, he’s been acting weird for over a year. When he asked what Brad was doing, he caught Brad holding on to a big secret.

Brad asks why Julian is turning on him, and Julian says Brad is spiraling, and constantly putting their secret in jeopardy. He’s calling out Michael’s name in his sleep, so Julian is cleaning things up. He staged the affair to protect Lucas. It will hurt Lucas less than the truth coming out. He wants Brad to leave town with his imaginary lover, and get as far away from his son as possible.

At the hospital, Jordan tells Curtis when he said they were going to do what they do best, she thought he meant something more intimate, not checking lab results at GH. He says he has to find out how Valentin got away with doing it. She says he could do it tomorrow, but he says, it can’t wait. Jordan says, so it will prove Sasha’s not Nina’s daughter; then what? Curtis says they’ll keep digging. A technician comes out, and hands Curtis an envelope.

Obrecht tells Nina that Maxie has forgiven her for not speaking up sooner. She hopes Nina will do the same in time. They have a small family, and Nathan would want them stick together, if only for his son. Nina says she’d like to put the whole ugly mess behind her, and move on as a family again. For James’s sake. Obrecht says, yes, and they hug. Valentin stares at Obrecht.

Hayden says Nikolas can’t be serious. He’s considering staying? Nikolas says he’s decided, and Jax says he never agreed to hide Nikolas. Nikolas says Jax is free to walk away any time, but where does that leave Spencer and Nina?

Sonny tells Laura that he and Carly will take good care of Avery while Ava is recuperating. She says she doesn’t hear Sonny saying he won’t go for full custody, and he says he’s not sure. He asks when Laura joined team Ava, and she says she didn’t. That’s not what’s happening here. Ava has been though sheer hell, and Laura can’t help but feel for her. She’s suffered the worst kind of loss; she doesn’t have to tell Sonny that. He thanks her for stopping by, and she thanks him for listening. He says, always, and she leaves.

Carly says, if Brad is having an affair, Lucas has a lot to think about. She suggests he spend the night, but he doesn’t want to put them out. Carly says there’s a room upstairs with his name on it, across from where Wiley is sleeping. He asks if she’s sure it’s okay, and she says, of course (🍷). Whatever is going on with Brad, he’ll get through it. They hug.

Julian says the best thing Brad can do for Lucas and Wiley is to leave. Brad says, it will break up Wiley’s family, but Julian says, Wiley still has a father. Going against Julian won’t go well for Brad. The next time he sees Brad, he’d better be on his way out of town. Stop by first to tell him the marriage is over. Got that?

Peter thanks Lucy for letting him know. He tells Maxie that he didn’t get the property. She asks, why? and he says the co-op board thinks he’s too risky. His past is catching up again. Maxie says they’re better off. Who wants snobby neighbors? He says he’s sorry. He thought it would be a special birthday surprise, but she says she doesn’t need it. It’s still a beautiful night. He says she’s a good sport, and she says she’s an even better roommate. Let her show him. Move in to her place.

Michael says Lucy wants Sasha, and Sasha has the power to negotiate. She can stipulate that she won’t use her reputation or exploit Nina. Sasha wants a simpler life, like the one she had before. She wants him to know the woman she used to be. He hopes she’s not too different, and Sasha says, she’s way better. He asks how that’s possible, and she tells him, stay tuned and find out. They kiss.

Curtis and Jordan look at the test, and Curtis asks what Jordan thinks. She says she can’t believe it either.

Nina says now that Obrecht got her emotional, she has to check her makeup. Obrecht says, sorry not sorry, and Nina leaves for the bathroom. Obrecht says doesn’t Valentin look pleased, but he hasn’t quite reached his happily ever after. The DNA sample is still on file at GH. If the lab runs the test again, the results will show that Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Imagine the questions that will follow.

Curtis says, Sasha is definitely Nina’s daughter, and Jordan wonders why the test results say that. Curtis says, something is wrong, and they can bet Valentin is behind it.

Obrecht says there will be an inquiry as to how the sample was passed to Sasha. He says Obrecht isn’t in the clear; she’s just as involved. She says, perhaps, but she has far less to lose. Nina watches them talking. I think Nina might be playing Valentin.

Nikolas says if Hayden and Jax can pull it off, fine, but if not, wrap it up immediately. Hayden says they’re all on the same page. The sooner they get it done, the sooner they bring that bastard to his knees.

Tomorrow, Julian wants it to be like Brad never existed, Carly tells Josslyn there will be consequences, and Kim says she needs help.

Below Deck

27 hours before charter. Ashton tries to get Abbi on the radio. Tanner asks if he got Abbi’s text. She said she didn’t know if she’d be up by 9, and needs a toilet nearby. We see, yes, she does. Ashton wonders where the blip she gets off, and says she’s not on vacation. She gets to be a deckhand. It’s her primary job. I just have to say it. Because of his accent, every time Ashton says deckhand, I think he’s saying d*ckhead.

Kevin sings about winning as he works. Kate asks if Courtney is open to Brian, but she says, no. In Courtney’s interview, she says he’s hot, but she doesn’t get with people until she knows them better. She wants to know his personality, so she’s overlooking his body. Abbi continues to get sick. Ashton tells Tanner, sorry he’s alone, but Abbi is hugging the toilet. Abbi gets dressed, puts on some makeup, and comes out. She says she feels better, and apologizes. She says she threw up at 8:30, and needed some extra time. Ashton tells her that he’s been pretty lenient. You have to understand what your limits are. If you can’t drink and still keep up, you have to manage yourself. It’s not fair to the crew. Abbi admits she drank too much. In her interview, she says Ashton has a point, but rules are not her forte. Um… marry a rich guy then, and don’t work?

Time for the preference sheet meeting. Captain Lee says there will be eight guests. The primary’s name is Mccall, and she’s bringing girlfriends to join her. She’s a doctor, and addicted to charters. They want to enjoy all the water toys, and they’re big drinkers. Normally, they run out of alcohol on a boat. In Kate’s interview, she’s relieved it’s an all girl charter that loves to drink. It’s like an adult slumber party, and they’ll just pass out. The captain says they want a tasting menu, and Kevin says he’ll try not to disappoint them. The captain says presentation is everything, and Kevin asks what about presentation on the last meal? Captain Lee says he wasn’t impressed with it. Kevin should be blowing their socks off. In Kevin’s interview, he says, to be honest, he thinks he pissed the captain off in a way besides the food. None of the charter guests said there was anything wrong, but the only way to retaliate is to hit him where it hurts – his food. Kevin thanks the captain for his honest feedback, and Captain Lee says if Kevin doesn’t want an honest answer, he’s not the guy to come to.

The davit is fixed. Abbi tells Tanner that Ashton overreacted. In Tanner’s interview, he says his game plan is to plant seeds, and see if they grow. Kate’s garden died quickly.

Patrick and Abbi text. In her interview, Abbi say she’s been naïve and stupid, thinking Patrick is just a boyfriend. The reality is, they have something special. Being around a bunch of hot guys made her realize that she’s not attracted to anybody else. Abbie tells Simone and Courtney that she and Patrick just got engaged. He told her that he loved her in a text, she said her too, and he asked her to marry him. In Abbi’s interview, she says it may be abrupt, but she’s going with her gut feeling. In Courtney’s interview, she says Abbi and Patrick have been together two years, and suddenly say they love each other via text. Her eyes are rolling off the boat. Everyone goes to bed. Abbi tells Kate that her Greek captain is coming to Boston after the charter season, and they’re getting married. In Kate’s interview, she says, millennials are cute. Do you want to get dinner, and maybe spend the rest of your life with me?

Kevin calls his sister. He needs support, since he’s feeling emotional. He’s the only boy in the family, and has three sisters. He was the baby of the house, and thinks he still is. He tells her that the captain said he’s not good enough. No way you can say that to a chef and expect them to hang around.  Yep. He’s definitely still a baby. In his interview, he wonders if he should stay or hop off the boat. Then the captain can cook. I see he’s a  true professional as well. His sister tells him not to let the stress and bother get in the way of what he’s doing. In Kevin’s interview, he says he keeps playing it over in his head. He’s been hard at work, and Captain Lee is saying he’s not good enough. The captain is playing with his head. His sister says she doesn’t want to see him on her doorstep three days from now. Kevin is such an a-hole. Working hard and doing his best is not having no seafood for a seafood extravaganza, or eating the captain’s entrée. In his interview, Kevin says he’s giving the guests ten courses in the tasting menu. He wants it to be really impressive.

Tanner says, something is wrong. He’s feeling the worst he’s ever felt; he feels like sh*t. Abbi tells the other deckhands that she’s getting married. In his interview, Ashton thinks it’s bizarre. They spent time trying to hook up, and he can’t believe it. This changes things. The provisions arrive. Hopefully, there’s food. Kate says the guests want a beer in their hands all day. Brain knows the feeling. Tanner cracks his head on an overhang. In his interview, he says he’s not 100%. Ashton tells Tanner to let him know how he’s feeling at the end of the day. Kevin says he’s making gnocchi from scratch, and Kate says, that changes everything. She’ll need to have some. The crew changes into their whites, and drinks are made. Kate has an armful of leis ready.

The guests start squealing before they even get to the boat. Captain lee tells the crew, they can still get away if they hurry. Kate puts a lei on everyone, and a guest says she hasn’t been lei’d in a while. It must be some sort of requirement to make a joke like that. In her interview, Kate says she loves an all woman charter. They just come on to get loose, happy, and drink wine. There are lots of woo! Sounds, and Courtney makes faces. The guests marvel over the boat, and jump on the beds.

The table is set, and the women scream over Ashton, and tells him if he wants to take his shirt off, it’s okay with them. Ashton says they’re going to be trouble. Tanner gets a break, and Kevin fries up the gnocchi. He says he’s thinking that the captain doesn’t think he does a good job, and he’s sweating bullets. Lunch is served. Ashton asks how Tanner is doing, and Tanner says, better; he’s there. Ashton tells him they’re putting out the water toys. One of the guests says, it’s gonna happen, referring to Ashton, and when she’s out of hearing range, Kate says, so gross.

Anchor is locked. Abbi chats with the guests, telling them she’s from Boston. They scream, which seems to  be their natural reaction to everything. Ashton calls her again. Brian thinks Ashton is jealous after hearing about the engagement thing. Abbi tells Ashton that the clients want to jump off the bow, so that’s where they’re headed. He tells Abbi to get the swim platform set up. In Ashton’s interview, he says, since the engagement, Abbi has been distracted. Her work ethic wasn’t the best to begin with, and she needs to get more focused. Simone is back in the laundry room, and Kate asks if she want out of the laundry hole for a while. Simone says, hallelujah, and Kate says she can tell. Simone can help Courtney. In Kate’s interview, she says, Simone is good at laundry, and likes it, but if you stay there too long, you can lose the upbeat attitude real quick. She’s done it.

Ashton goes to the bow, and the guests says he should probably take his shirt off. He jumps into the water with them. Tanner manages to get out of bed. Kevin studies his menu, and goes over it with Kate. Simone and Abbi are talking nearby, and he asks them to take it somewhere else. In Kevin’s interview, he says, this dinner is important. He can do it; he just has to focus. He goes through all ten courses with Kate, and she makes notes. She thinks ten courses is strong. In her interview, she says she’s quickly learning that every meal is a roller coaster of Kevin’s ego. It’s Kevin’s boat; they’re just on it. She asks Courtney to do laundry.

In Courtney’s interview, she says she’s in service, and constantly doing laundry is boring, mind-numbing, dirty, and she’s bad at it. Her ex did all her laundry. The slide is put away, and Abbi whines that she’s had no break and got up at 6 am. In her interview, Abbi says she’s not used to this sh*t. On a sailboat, they have one paddle board, and it’s never deflated. Here, they have a trampoline and slide. Is it a jungle gym or a boat? Tanner feels lightheaded, and Ashton tells him, go to bed.

The guests get ready for dinner. Captain Lee checks out the menu, and Kevin explains about some kind of Bloody Mary dressing he’s making. In the captain’s interview, he says he’s expecting Kevin to deliver better food. A ten course menu is a big bite of the apple; so many things can go south. If Kevin doesn’t step up to the plate, he’ll fire him. Kevin wonders since when they captain has been so interested in the food, and Kate says, when Kevin decided to make ten amazing courses.

Kevin says he’s getting nervous. Kate says if he’s nervous, she’s nervous. In Kevin’s interview, he says a lot of people probably want him to sink tonight, but it’s not going to happen. Kate tells the guests, the first course – a cucumber salad with the Bloody Mary dressing – is to awaken the palate. The captain checks to see how Kevin is doing. Everything looks fabulous, and Captain Lee says he loves it. One of the guests says she needs to marry this man. Kate tells Kevin that they’re loving it. Abbi talks to her new fiancé on the phone. He’s happy and looking forward to getting married forever and ever. And if they get a divorce, these will still have been the best years. In her interview, Abbi says, since the engagement, she’s always thinking about Patrick now. In Courtney’s interview, she says when she thinks about her last meal on earth – and she thinks about it often – it has ten courses, but normally, that would be too much. It’s not like they’re huge dishes though. They’re actually quite small. Like a couple of bites. The guests tell Kate that they wouldn’t be disappointed if he did a striptease, and she says she’ll be happy to tell him. Kate tells Ashton that the guests have a big request. They want him to strip. He says he’s hung up his G-string, and does some gyrations. Kate tells him, his mouth is saying no, but his pelvis is saying yes. In Ashton’s interview, he says, when he was younger, he did a male review. It comes naturally. The captain watches Kevin work. In his interview, Captain Lee says, it’s a step in the right direction. They’ll see if he can keep it up. He tells Kevin that he’s having dinner with the guests tomorrow.

Kate tells Ashton to bring out the eleventh course. He comes out, and says he heard he had a request. He tells them he usually asks for a volunteer, and one of the guests gets in a chair up front. He says he’s going to show them the fundamentals you have to remember when doing a lap dance. First, you learn how to touch yourself. He does some moves, and they scream. He bumps and grinds, and in Kate’s interview, she says, you can take the boy out of the strip club dance group, but you can never take the strip club group out of the boy. Ashton says, last, but not least, you say thank you, and he kisses her hand. In his interview, Ashton says, memorable moments can mean the difference between a $15K and $20K tip. Kate tells him, good job.

Kevin wishes it was the final night. In his interview, he says he proved himself. Good on him. Now he’s thinking about dinner for the captain tomorrow night. He’s walking into the lion’s den. Ashton wonders why the deck hasn’t been mopped. Brian is the guy he counts on, and Ashton has been busting his ass on deck, while Brian is flirting with Courtney, and munching on Kevin’s leftovers. He’s employed as a deckhand, not a sous chef. Ashton kind of jumps down Brian’s throat, and Brian thinks Ashton is being unfair. In Ashton’s interview, he says, Tanner isn’t well, Abbi is mucking around, and it feels like the wheels are falling off the bus. Brian says they’re supposed to be a team, and Ashton says that’s his point. Brian says he works hard. He’s sorry he missed something, but he’s not perfect. Ashton says, it’s simple stuff, and Brian is saying he’s wrong for bringing it up. In Ashton’s interview, he says he has to put his foot down. He can’t have Brian help inside; it’s not his job. He’s trying be fair, but Brian needs to stop focusing on the interior. It pains him to speak to Brian this way, but as bosun, he has to speak to him about it. Then Brian has audacity to say he’s unfair, and it gets Ashton’s back up. In Brian’s interview, he wonders what this bullsh*t is about. He doesn’t know where it’s coming from, since he pushes himself to the limit every day. Dude, relax. Wtf?

Kevin tells Kate he made granola with his sweat and blood. She says she’ll use her tears as a garnish. Breakfast – my favorite meal – is served. The women start eating, and it gets very quiet. One of them says, food clearly shuts them up. Ashton thinks maybe he came across wrong to Brian, and tells Brian that he appreciates his hard work. If he came across otherwise, he apologizes. He just wants Brian to channel his efforts on the exterior. In Ashton’s interview, he says, bosuning is hard. You have to manage your own emotions and everyone else’s. He’s still trying to figure it out.

Tanner is still not well. He says he feels like absolute dog sh*t. He just wants to relax and watch cartoons. The guests don’t give a f**k if you’re sick, so you’ve got to suck it up and get through it. He goes into the bathroom and throws up.

Kate calls Simone to the galley, and tells her tonight isn’t a ten-course meal, so she can be the alternate, and next charter be on service more. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s looking forward to doing service with Kate and furthering her career. She’s mostly been doing housekeeping for the last two years, and she’s ready for service. She helps Kate serve drinks. Tanner comes out to the crew mess, and says, it’s nice being able to eat; he had nothing yesterday. Ashton tells the deckhands that they need to be more detail oriented. He feels some of them have their heads in the clouds instead of paying attention to details. Tanner says, sounds good, and Ashton says he doesn’t want anyone doing things they’re not enjoying. In Abbi’s interview, she says she loves how he basically singled her out. He can’t expect everyone else to be like him. Tanner tells her that he doesn’t think it was directed toward her. In her interview, Abbi says she wants to be positive, but it’s really hard.

Kevin preps some fish, Tanner says he’s dehydrated, and Abbi can’t stop eating. Brian asks if something is up, and she says she thinks she’s depressed. Tanner asks if it’s the work itself, but Abbi says she doesn’t like the vibe. She wants to get past it and move on. Brian says it happens a lot on charters, and Tanner says it’s always like a roller coaster. In Abbi’s interview, she says she eats when she’s stressed, and she hates this job.

Courtney tells Kate that Abbi doesn’t like the job. Kate says Abbi isn’t depressed; she’s just a brat. Courtney agrees. Ashton tells the deckhands to bring the toys in, and asks Abbi to help with the slide. Simone passes out beer, while Ashton and Tanner take a couple of guests out on the jet skis. Brain tells Abbi that she has to focus, but she doesn’t know what he’s asking for. She gets weepy, and tells Simone that Brian is being a d*ck, and she wants to leave. She starts to cry, and says she’s always so happy. She’s sick of this sh*t, and thinks she needs to quit. Well, she’s not the first one who didn’t like it when they realized it was actual work.

Next time, Captain Lee didn’t see this coming, Abbi doesn’t like the job, Tanner is still sick, the captain expects Kevin to go big or he will be going home, and beef tongue doesn’t go over well with the guests.

🏢 Meanwhile, Outside Pentenville…

Nelle has another project going on.


No More DOOL for Dorian…

But she’s okay with that.


OG Drew…

So that’s where he went after the plane crash.


🏥 It Looks Like He Might Be Ghosting Us

Tony returns to Port Charles.


⏰ Better Wake Up Now…

I hit the snooze. For the impatient, the bulk of the song starts at around 4:00.













September 26, 2019 – A Body Goes To the Morgue, No Fever For Disco, Cove This, Karma Is a Lawsuit, a New Way To Survive & Almost October


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis goes to Neil’s office. He says it’s unexpected, and she says she kissed him. He says he knows; he was there. She says she liked it, and he asks if that’s a problem. She wants to know how he feels about it. He remarks that the tables have turned, and she says she has two tickets for a concert in the park, but he says he has plans.

Julian leaves a message for Lucy to call. Ava comes in, worried that she didn’t get a chance to give her brother the send-off he deserves. He says she’s just in time to say, I told you so. He’s not going anywhere; at least not with Kim. They’re done.

Hayden meets Curtis outside Kelly’s. She congratulates him, saying he wasn’t even trying, and put an international fugitive behind bars. If it wasn’t for him, Cassandra wouldn’t have been caught. He says, right place, right time. She says he was searching the Haunted Star. Did he have any luck finding the codicil to Mikkos’s will?

Nina and Valentin walk into Charlie’s. Nina can’t believe they’re getting married in a few days. Valentin says he’s counting the hours. She says she has non-stop butterflies in her stomach. The best part, besides marrying him, is that her daughter made a full recovery. She can’t shake the feeling that there’s a connection between Sasha’s illness and their wedding announcement. She believes Cassandra targeted them because of their happiness.

At the hospital, Michael tells Willow, thank God Wiley is okay. Willow says, he’s safe and sound with Brad and Lucas. She even got to hold him for a minute. Michael ask how she’s doing, and she says, grateful. She was just in the chapel giving thanks, and praying Wiley is too young to remember this. Michael says, soon, Shiloh will just be a bad dream. He holds her, and Sasha sees.

Peter tells Laura, it was just one of those lucky things. Right place, right time. She says he’s not a cop or a mobster, so what was he doing down at Pier 55 so late at night? Maxie runs in, and hugs Peter, saying she’s glad he’s okay. He asks how she knew he was there, and she says, Amy called. She told him how Peter saved Wiley’s life when that psycho Shiloh kidnapped him. Peter says he didn’t do it alone. Laura says he’s being modest. If he hadn’t been on the docks, it all could have gone very differently. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s the PCPD, excusing herself to take the call. Maxie says she’s glad Peter was there to save Wiley, but why was he on the docks by himself late at night?

Laura asks if Chase has an update, and he says, the Coast Guard is still looking for the Haunted Star. They believe the fugitive is onboard with the hostage – Sam McCall.

Jason leans on the railing of the boat. Shiloh comes up behind him with a baseball bat, since they’re always playing baseball on the Haunted Star. He misses Jason by a mile, and Jason grabs the bat. Shiloh won’t let go, and they struggle. Shiloh finally trips Jason, and Jason falls. Shiloh says he’s so sick of Jason. He’s waited a long time for this. He raises the bat, but Sam shoots him in the back, and he falls into the water. Sam and Jason look at each other.

Jason tries to take the gun, but Sam doesn’t want his fingerprints on it, so she sets it on the floor. He asks if she’s okay. She says she’s good. She asks where Shiloh is, and Jason says he’s gone. She’s heard that before, but he says she shot him in the back with the signal gun (I was wondering why it was red). He’s gone. She says, thank God, and Jason holds her.

Peter tells Maxie, he was looking for an apartment. He’s tired of living in a hotel room, and decided to check out the loft conversions in the Riverside area. It’s supposed to be the next up and coming neighborhood. Maxie guesses that’s why he took all the cash out of the bank.

Willow tells Michael that she was frantic. At one point, she even tried to convince Chase that she should go with Shiloh. Never mind they had no way to contact him, since he’s a fugitive. Michael knows how it feels to be desperate to help. She says for all the good she did, and he says she did him a lot of good. She pointed out the importance of forgiveness. Sasha joins them, and Willow says she should go. Sasha tells her that she’s glad Wiley is going to be okay. When Willow is gone, Michael admits he admits he talked to Willow when he was upset, but he didn’t give her any details about Sasha’s situation. She appreciates that, but she wouldn’t blame him. She has zero right to judge. He says neither does anyone else, including him. He’s made his share of mistakes. She says she hates being in limbo. She wants to get this over with and tell Nina the truth.

Nina tells Valentin that she wants their wedding day to be filled with happiness, but she doesn’t want to jinx it. When she put out the announcement, they were so happy. Maybe they were too open about their happiness, and Sasha paid the price. He says, they’re not to blame; Cassandra is. The authorities are dealing with Cassandra, and nothing, or no one, is getting in the way of them becoming husband and wife.

Ava asks Julian, what happened? He said things were going great between him and Kim. She says, let her guess. His past got in the way of his happily ever after. He says, not his past; Kim’s. He bets Ava wasn’t expecting that.

Alexis says she knew she made a mistake. Who goes out with their therapist, and takes them to drag bingo on a date? Who does that? She’s a boundary crossing, relationship challenged, disaster. She has the emotional IQ of a shovel. He asks how things are going with her new therapist. She says, not well. He says it takes time, but she says she’s only recapped up to age fifteen. She’ll be a hundred and ten by the time she gets to now. He wants to say something controversial in regard to their current situation. Let’s not over analyze. She says, one date, and two hours in an elevator, and she’s broken him. He doesn’t even know who he is now. He says he’s surprisingly open-minded and unexpectedly spontaneous. She says he should put that in his dating profile. He says maybe he shouldn’t have one.

Ava asks if Julian wants to talk about it, and he says, not particularly. He’s sorry she rushed over. She says that’s okay, but now that he’s staying put, there is an appointment she doesn’t want to miss. He tells her to go, and she says she’s there if he wants to talk. She’s glad he’s staying. He’s one of the few people in town who has her back, for whatever it’s worth. He says, it’s worth a lot. Ava starts to leave, and runs into Nina, who says, excuse me. Ava says, no. She doesn’t think she will. Nina is one reason her life is such a mess right now.

Curtis tells Hayden if he’d found anything, he would have told her. She says she’s just getting impatient. They’re no closer to finding the codicil, and his billing hours are growing. He says lucky for her, she’s not footing the bill. She asks why he decided to search the Haunted Star. The Cassadines haven’t owned it in decades. He says Laura thought it was worth taking a shot, and she says, he brought Laura into this?

Laura finds Chase at the pier, and asks if there are any updates. He says, the Coast Guard has the Haunted Star on their radar. A  speed boat is missing, backing up Dev’s story that Jason is going after the ship. Laura says, he’s trying to save Sam. She doesn’t fault him for that, but hopes he can get it done without anyone getting killed.

Jason tells Sam, Shiloh was wearing a bullet proof vest. He should have checked Shiloh’s pulse; he should have made sure. He’s sorry. She says, it’s better this way. The cops are always looking excuse to charge him. This way it’s obvious it was self-defense. He says she’s bleeding, but she says, it’s not a big deal. He wants to get her to the ER. He says he’ll pilot the ship. He thanks her for the save, and she says, anytime. They kiss.

Alexis says Neil is still on the dating site. He says he thought his profile would be deleted when he deleted the app from his phone. He gets on his laptop, and says, let’s make this definitive. He reads, are you sure you want to delete your profile? He hits yes.

Sasha tells Michael now that she’s decided to tell Nina that she’s not her daughter, it seems cruel to be part of the wedding, like she’s part of the family. Michael says, it’s for the greater good. It’s only until after Cassandra’s trial. Sasha says she knows. If she admits she lied to Nina, it will cast doubt on her testimony. He says they can’t risk it, but she says that doesn’t make it any easier. How is she supposed to make it through discussing wedding details with Nina and Valentin? He says he can go with her.

Ava tells Nina that Crimson isn’t the freshest voice, but Nina needs to have a conversation with her social media director. The comments are still coming in, and they’re vile; do something about it. Nina asks if they’ve crossed line to hate speech. Ava says the it’s because of the hatchet job of an article, but Nina says it’s what Ava agreed to, and she was well paid for it. Ava says she agreed in order to get her side of the story out there, so people would understand the hell she’s been through. Nina says, what was printed was the truth. If Ava is so upset about what people on the internet think about her, she suggests trying not to be a horrible person. She should look in the mirror instead of at the comments. Valentin asks if everything is okay. Nina says, it’s fine. Ava says, that’s something, Nina of all people judging her, after what Nina did to her. And now she’s getting ready to marry the man who murdered Nickolas. Nina says it was in self-defense, but Ava says she was there. She saw it, and it wasn’t self-defense. Valentin says she signed an affidavit saying it was. Spencer’s lawsuit was thrown out for lack of evidence. She should read what she signed, and remind herself when she sobers up. Ava tells Nina to get the trolls off her back.

Curtis tells Hayden that he and Laura worked a case a few months ago, and they work pretty damn good together. Laura is pretty motivated, since she doesn’t like Valentin. Hayden wonders if it’s too close home, and Laura might be a bit too biased. Curtis says he doesn’t need objectivity. He needs someone who knows Helena better than anyone.

Maxie says she found a bank slip in Peter’s room for $35K in cash; like a bank robbery amount. He says, it’s a seller’s market, and helps if he puts a down payment in cash. She says he had no reason to withdraw it before she asked him to find his own place. What’s really going on?

Jason and Sam arrive at the pier, and Laura asks, what happened? Chase asks, where’s Shiloh? and Jason says, he’s gone. Sam says she killed him, and Jason says, she had no choice. Shiloh was trying to kill him. Chase asks where the body is, and Jason says, overboard. Chase asks if Shiloh fell or was pushed. Jason says he can ask all the questions he wants with their lawyers present, but he has to get Sam to the hospital. She’s bleeding. Laura tells, go, and Chase says someone will contact them. Laura tells Chase that she has to draft a press release. Is Chase going to search the boat? He says, CSU will cover it, and will confirm or disprove Jason and Sam’s story.

Neil’s plans are with Alexis, and they decide to meet at the southeast corner of the park. Alexis opens the door, and Ava is there. Ava says she didn’t realize anyone would be here; she can wait. Alexis says she was just leaving. Ava says if Alexis wouldn’t mind, stop by Charlie’s if she has time. Julian is bent out of shape. He would never ask, so she’s asking for him. Alexis says she’s sorry Julian is having a hard time, but he’s not her concern anymore, and she leaves.

Julian asks Nina if he wants to know what that was about, but she doesn’t think he does. Sasha and Michael come in, and Valentin says Michael is a surprise. Michael says Sasha asked him to tag along. Sasha says she got hung up at the hospital, and Nina asks if everything is okay. Michael says, for the most part, yes. There’s a lot they’re learning, but Shiloh kidnapped Wiley. Julian says, Wiley was kidnapped? but Michael says, he’s okay, and he’s with Brad and Lucas at the hospital now. Julian picks up his phone.

Laura sees Curtis outside of Kelly’s, and tells him that she can’t work on the case for a few days. Hayden comes out with some food, and says, next time Curtis wants to bring in a third party, it might be nice to notify the person that hired him in the first place. She sees Laura, and says, hi. Laura says she won’t keep them, and Hayden says she knows Curtis told Laura about the codicil to Mikkos’s will. Laura says Mikkos left a codicil?

Peter tells Maxie that she’s right. He hasn’t been completely honest. He’s been searching for an apartment for weeks. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t say something, and Peter says he wanted to find a place big enough. Not just for them, but with room for James, and Georgie when she visits. He wanted it to be perfect, and he was waiting for the right time. She kisses him.

The nurse tells Sam that it doesn’t appear serious. She’ll clean it up, bandage it, and Sam will be good as new. She leaves, and Jason says, it could have been worse. Sam is glad Wiley is okay, and Jason asks if she is. She says, yeah. She has a clean bill of health. He says he’s not talking about her arm. She says Shiloh was coming after him. She did what had to be done.

Julian leaves a message for Lucas, saying he heard Wiley was mixed up in something with Shiloh. He asks Lucas to call him; he’s worried. Alexis comes in, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says she’s not sure. His sister said he was in a bad way, and could use a friend. Julian says he has a lot going on; it’s personal. She ask if he wants to talk. He says, no, and she asks if he needs to talk.

Neil sits with Ava, and suggests they begin with what brought her there. She says she hasn’t had the best experience with therapy, and he says, yet she still feels the need to find help. Why not talk about her experience with her last therapist? She says, the story was everywhere. The pathetic woman who unknowingly slept with her daughter’s killer. He says he doesn’t make assumptions before he’s met a patient, and she asks if it was some kind of a test to see if she’s telling the truth. He says she seems angry. Is she angry with him? She asks him to forgive her. She had an encounter just before she came, with one of the few people in the world who can manage to get under her skin, Nina Reeves. He asks, why? and she says they have a complicated history. It goes back long before either one of them lived in Port Charles. They know each other’s darkest secrets. Ava resents the new life Nina is creating for herself. It’s the height of hypocrisy when she wags her finger at Ava, and calls her an awful person, considering what she’s done to Ava. And considering she shares a bed with the man who took Nikolas from her.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s going to make sure everything is perfect. Nina doesn’t want her do all that maid-of-honor stuff. She just wants Sasha to stand next to her. And one other little thing. She hears Maxie is planning a bachelorette party. Does Sasha have any  idea what’s in store? Sasha says she’ll have to wait and see, and Nina says Sasha knows how much she hates surprises. D’oh! Sasha has a big one too.

Hayden says, Curtis didn’t tell Laura? Laura says he didn’t even tell her who he was working for, and Curtis says he honors his clients’ privacy. Laura asks if this is the document that could bring Valentin down, and Hayden says, yes. It seems Helena found out Mikkos named Valentin as an heir. Helena wasn’t having it; she wanted her progeny to inherit it. Valentin was a bastard, so she convinced Mikkos to name his children and descendants as his exclusive heirs. That means Valentin is out. Laura says, they know who stands to benefit the most.

Jason tells Sam, it’s never easy to pull the trigger, even on someone like Shiloh. Sam says she didn’t just do it to save Jason. She saw Shiloh standing over him, and kept thinking about all the horrible things Shiloh did to her sister, Willow, Wiley, and her. She wanted to make sure he never, ever hurt anyone again. The nurse comes in with a fresh bandage.

Chase looks around the deck of the Haunted Star. He gets a call on the radio from the Coast Guard, telling him that he’d better get over there. They found something.

Alexis says, Kim slept with Franco? and Julian says, Franco, Drew, whatever the hell he’s calling himself. Alexis says, the important question is, who Kim thinks Franco is. He has to admit, these are extenuating circumstances. She’s sure they can patch things up. Julian says, maybe if it was an isolated incident, but it’s impossible to have a relationship with someone knowing you’re always going to be in the shadow of the love of their life.

Neil says, Nikolas? and Ava says, Cassadine. He’s Alexis’s nephew; it’s a small world. She has no idea why she brought him up. Neil says maybe they should explore that. She says it’s hardly the most important thing on her mind. She’s suffered so much in the last few years. She buried her own daughter. Does he have any idea what that’s like? He says, why did she mention Nikolas? and she says, she told him that she didn’t know. He tells her make something up; the first thing on her mind. She says, he was the first… Neil says, first what? and she says, the first of the losses, each one more painful than the last. First, there was Nikolas, then Morgan and Kiki. Nikolas was murdered, and it feels like it was the beginning of this endless pain. Neil asks how long they were together, and she says she could hardly say they were together. They only became close in the last few weeks of his life. He says, yet the time they spent together had a profound impact on her. She says, when she compares him to the relationships she’s had with men since – Griff, who only saw the good in her; the light, and Ryan, who only saw darkness – they saw what they wanted to see. The caricature of a woman they could shape in their own design. Neil says, not a real person, who has wants, needs, and desires. Ava says, exactly. Nikolas saw all of her, and still wanted her. He asks if that’s rare in her experience, for a man to know all of her. She says she knows she’s not the first woman to feel the world sees her as an angel or a demon. That’s why she wanted to share her story; to show the world there’s more to her. She doesn’t deny she’s done wicked things, but beyond the headlines, labeling her as a victim or a monster; she’s a real person. Her daughter is gone, and her life has been destroyed. She’s in pain all the time, and they just want to pile it on. He asks, who does the piling on?

Laura says, that would make Spencer the heir, and Curtis says, that’s the theory. No one has actually seen the codicil. Hayden says, it makes sense enough that they believe it exists. Spencer is a great kid. She’d like to see him recover what’s his. Laura says, Spencer doesn’t always know what’s best for him, because he is a kid, and she’s his guardian. The Cassadine estate never brought anything to anyone but misery. Maybe he’s better off without it. Hayden says, why let Valentin walk away with the estate? It’s not his. Laura says she sounds just like Spencer right now. Is he the one who told her about the codicil and put her up to this search?

Maxie sees Sam and Jason on their way to the elevator and runs over to them. She hugs Sam and asks if she’s okay. Willow joins them and says Chase told her what happened. She thanks them and Peter for saving Wiley. She says they’re all heroes. A body is wheeled past, and Jason says, it looks like they found Shiloh.

Julian tells Alexis, he should probably get back to work. He appreciates the talk, but doesn’t need it. Alexis says she wants him to be happy. He deserves it. He tells her, thanks.

Ava tells Neil, after the article was published, she made the mistake of reading the comments online. Now she can’t stop, it’s like… He says, a compulsion. She says, yeah. The things they’re writing about her, they’re vile. They hurt. At least the hurt is coming from the outside for a change. She’s been in so much pain for so long. The grief, the feelings of betrayal, rage, and hatred. She needs for them to stop. She feels like she’s losing her mind. Neil says, the first step in getting better is admitting there’s a problem, and then asking for help.

Hayden says her associate wishes to remain anonymous. Laura doesn’t like Spencer getting involved. She doesn’t want him getting his hopes up about something that might not exist. Curtis hears her, but given the family politics, it makes sense that Helena would squeeze Mikkos until she had the codicil. If it exists, the estate belongs to Spencer, not the man who killed his father. Laura agrees, but from now on, they deal with her. Spencer is completely off limits. Hayden says, sure. She doesn’t want Spencer to get hurt either. On that note, she has to go. She asks if Curtis wants a ride, and Curtis says he’ll touch base with Laura tomorrow. Laura says, you bet you will. When they leave, she makes a call, leaving a message for Spencer. She says she knows it’s late where he is, but when he wakes up, give her call. They need to talk.

Nina is sure whatever Maxie has in store will be wonderful, but she wants Sasha to promise not to overextend herself. Sasha says she’s not, and tells Nina not to worry. Nina says she expects Michael to keep an eye on Sasha. She suggests Michael go to Valentin’s bachelor party, and Valentin says he still doesn’t think it’s necessary. Nina says he was determined not have one, but Peter convinced him otherwise, and Michael is like part of the family. Valentin agrees, and Michael says he wouldn’t miss the chance to give Valentin the send-off he deserves.

Chase says Willow probably doesn’t want to be there. The body is going to go to the morgue. She asks if it’s Shiloh, and he says, the body was recovered from the water; it’s all he can say until it’s identified. Willow says, she can do it. He asks if she’s sure, and she nods. He says, ready? Sam takes Jason’s hand. Chase brings Willow over to the body. The bag is unzipped, and it’s Shiloh. I’m pretty surprised, having thought they would leave his exit open. She says, that’s him. David Henry Archer. Shiloh. Chase thanks her. He says, the official identification has been taken care of. The autopsy can begin. Shiloh’s body is zipped back up, and wheeled away. Maxie says she wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but she’s going to sleep better knowing Shiloh can’t hurt anyone anymore. Peter says he couldn’t agree more. Sam can’t believe it’s finally over.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Olivia there’s nothing she can do about it, and Olivia says, watch her; Franco tells Elizabeth that she’s already lost: Josslyn says the problem is her, not Dev; and Jason says Sam saved his life.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve was more of a bit player this week, but still came in strong. The property he was showing – where they had the book launch that was shown in Gotham magazine – he was showing got more attention with him in a week, than it had in a year with other brokers. A Brazilian art collector showed keen interested, but his main concern was installing an elevator. He was in a wheelchair, and it was non-negotiable. Steve got an architect to draw up plans, had it greenlit by the board, and got the deal done. The seller did have to throw in a 400 square foot apartment they owned in the same building, but hey, that’s a closet to a billionaire.

Luis felt like he’d never left real estate. Since it was a buyer’s market, he decided to focus more on the buyer end. He told Steve about his new baby girl, Leela, and we saw a clip of mom Nikita giving birth. Leela was adorable, and I noted how gorgeous Nikita looked, in full makeup, immediately after giving birth. Luis couldn’t describe how he felt; humbled and grateful to be where he is, and to have Leela in his life. Steve had to keep quiet about his own pending fatherhood, since we know how superstitious his girlfriend is, and she doesn’t believe in announcing it until the 2nd trimester. Luis explained that he and Nikita weren’t together for now, but were co-parenting.

Fredrik wasn’t getting a bite on the disco pad, and only a few nibbles. A drag queen who looked, but couldn’t do loud, explaining a drag queen’s 9 to 5, is 9 pm to 5 am. With the construction in the area going on, it wasn’t going to work. And in the boy-did-I-have-it-backward department, Fredrik was also bummed by Derek saying that he wanted to move to L.A. From the previews, I’d gotten the impression it was the other way around. The recent snowstorm wasn’t helping any, and Derek complained that he hated New York in winter. He’d grown up in Africa, enjoying life outside, and wanted their kids to have the same thing. Fredrik had thought they’d move one day, but his idea was that it would be more in the future.

Tyler wasn’t having the best day either. Wanting to move on to higher priced listings, he managed to get a smaller unit in a building in the hope of getting a larger one when it sold. The coolest thing about this property was coving lighting. LED lights come out from the top molding near the ceiling. The whole place was done using it, and it looked beautiful. The developer had never heard of Triplemint, where Tyler works, but Tyler talked his way in by playing up how the have the best lead generation platforms, and algorithms like no one else. I’ll take his word for it. The developer did. Tyler told us it was undeniably challenging to be competing with someone who had over a billion dollars in sales, i.e. Ryan. Tyler had a 9 a.m. open house, where only one broker showed. That was a complete bust, since she was sure her client wanted more space for their kids, and it was only something like 4500 square feet. Tyler said he was the definition of an emotional eater.

Ryan told us that he thought it was adorbs how Fredrik was opening a chain of offices, just like Ryan had already done. The photographer friend he had in mind for Fredrik’s disco pad had definite interest. Ryan told driver Gary, when you dance, you put positive vibes out in the universe. In response, Gary applauded. It was the sound of two hands clapping. Ryan started his campaign for his new property near Hudson Yards. It didn’t dampen his enthusiasm when he found out they were giving several units each to various brokers, and Ryan got three when he thought he was getting the building. The area being in no man’s land, Ryan began by rebranding the whole neighborhood, SoHY – south of Hudson Yards.  He pasted decals with the announcement on sidewalks and in the middle of the literal street. He said the only people looking up or out are tourists, and I had to laugh. He’s right. He told us New Yorkers were looking down as they walked, at their phones. I look down too, but it’s to make sure I’m not stepping in sidewalk gum. He thought he probably needed a permit, but time was money. He’d rather ask for forgiveness than lose the deal while asking for permission. He made an offer on Fredrik’s listing, but neither side was budging.

Next time, and insane penthouse, Ryan dons a magician’s cape and top hat to promote SoHy, Fredrik goes to LA, and Amelia goes into labor.

💡 Just In Case You Were Wondering…

What light coving looks like.

LightCoving LightCoving2

🐶 Don’t Mess With the Dog Lady…

I don’t have to tell you what pride goeth before.


🌍 Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, Outmentor…

I haven’t watched this in a while – and really, how was anyone ever going to top Richard Hatch establishing the rules of the game? – but it’s interesting to see how they try to keep it fresh.


🍂 It Won’t Be Long Now…

And the countdown to Halloween begins. And the song begins about two minutes in.