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March 15, 2020 – I Have No Words, the New West, a Big Slip, Kenya Goes To Greece & Wild


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

I made a lot of noises during this show. Be prepared for, what?!

Hilltop burns. Carol shoots arrows at the horde like it’s going to help. Some of the zombies are on fire, but continue to move forward. Daryl slices the top of one’s head off. It’s chaos. The Hilltoppers stab and slice, whack and stomp, but they’re way outnumbered. Mary tells Lydia that she can’t go back out, but Lydia says she’ll never walk with Alpha again. Ezekiel grabs the kids, and starts to run, but Judith is missing. Earl finds Judith about to stab a Whisperer (sans mask) who’s on his last legs anyway, and he grabs her, saying they’ve got to get to a safe place. Zombies crowd the gate. Eugene runs toward Hilltop, and Rosita runs after him. I say, this is hopeless. A zombie pile-up slows the horde, and Eugene and Daryl get medieval on the zombies.

Yumiko gets ready to shoot an arrow, and sees Magna walking with the horde. She’s covered in blood and guts to blend in. Yumiko lowers her bow. Carol watches as everything around her fall apart.

Negan, now wearing a mask, walks through a field, and whacks a zombie. Alpha says that was one of them, and he says, his bad. She says they have to gather and replenish, and he asks if she doesn’t want to savor the victory, but she says, it’s not victory. She doesn’t have everything she want. He says, Lydia, and Beta tells him, it’s not his concern. Negan says he’s seen her, but not among the dead. He won’t stop until he brings Lydia home to Alpha. Beta blocks his path, and Negan says he’s at Beta’s service. Beta tells him to gather, and Negan says Beta wants him to herd walkers? Beta walks away, and Negan says, he’s such a d*ck.

Negan sees zombies toddling around in the woods. He goes near one, and it walks past him. He’s obviously relieved, but the zombie doubles back, and he’s like, WTF? He says, screw this, and whacks the zombie with his bat, and laughs. He sees someone limping through the forest, and follows.

Aaron pulls Luke on a stretcher. He’s headed for a cabin in the woods (not to be confused with the cabin in the woods), and sees Negan. Aaron reaches for his sword, and Negan says, hold on, dammit. Don’t do something stupid. Aaron says the only stupid thing would be not to kill him. Negan says he can explain, and zombies start to gather. Aaron says, enough of Negan’s bullsh*t, but the zombies are coming closer, and he’s conflicted about what to do. Negan backs up, and Aaron is surrounded. He starts to chop at the zombies.

Lydia looks up at the trees. She sees Negan walking without his mask, and he grabs her. She struggles, but he tells her, stop it. He says, sorry, kid.

Kelly walks down the road, with Alden who’s holding Adam, while Mary follows. Adam cries, and Alden tries to quiet him. Kelly says, nobody likes a cute baby voice, not even babies. Mary says she can help, but he says he told her to stay back. She says she can help Adam, and he says, the hell she can. Kelly says Mary knows him, but Alden says, knew him. Her people left him to die. There’s no way she’s getting her hands on this kid. He tells her, move away. Adam continues to cry, and Mary tells Alden how to pat Adam’s head and make a shushing noise. He does, but Adam isn’t having it, and Mary asks him to let her try. He finally hands the baby over, and Mary smiles at Adam, bouncing him in her arms. He quiets down, and Kelly smiles at Alden.

Mary, Kelly, and Alden sit, and Mary rocks Adam. Alden asks what Mary’s sister’s name was; she never said. Mary tells him, Frankie. Her name was Francis. Adam meant everything to her. Kelly says, and Frankie was everything to Mary, right? Mary says if she had it to do all over again, Frankie should be the one there holding him, not her. She gets up, and says, they’re coming. They jet, but zombies are on either side of them. They run across the road, and Mary tells them to follow her. The run to an abandoned van, and Kelly tries to get the door open, but it’s stuck. The zombies are coming closer, and Adam starts to cry. They finally get the door open, and Kelly and Alden get in. Mary hands Alden the baby, and shuts the door. She screams, and leads the zombies away from the van, which is now surrounded. Alden is like, sh*t.

Mary leads the zombies to a creek, and stabs them in the head one by one. When they’re all down, she laughs and looks at the sun. A knife plunges into her stomach. It’s Beta, and she feebly hits at him. He says she’ll walk, and she rips his mask off, saying, never. He pulls the blade upward, finishing her off, and drags her body to a tree. He leans her against it, and picks up his mask. A lone Whisperer comes by, and says, it’s you. Beta puts a finger to his lips, and says, shhh… Then kills the Whisperer.

Beta waits. Mary’s hand twitches, and she rises. I say, bite him, but an arrow pierces her head. It’s Alden, shooting from behind a tree. Beta jets before Alden can get another arrow in the bow.

Carol sits in the woods with Eugene on a fallen tree, while Magna sits with Yumiko. Magna tells Yumiko, they were either dead or trapped under rocks. She kept pushing. They took turns, and before they knew it, they were in the horde. She and Connie were together, and Connie’s hand just slipped out of Magana’s. Magna cries a little, and says she couldn’t find Connie again. Carol starts walking, and Yumiko asks if she’s leaving. Carol says she wants to get there before dark, and Yumiko says Magna has been through a lot; she needs to rest. Carol says she can stay as long as she likes, and Yumiko asks if Carol is going to leave her behind again. Carol tells her, she didn’t say that, and Yumiko says, instead of ignoring Magna, Carol should be begging her forgiveness after the sh*t she put Magna through. Carol asks if Yumiko thinks that’s what Magna wants from her. Like it will fix anything. They go through sh*t to go through more sh*t. Yumiko half slaps, half punches Carol in the face, and walks away. Good. Somebody had to, and Daryl wasn’t going to do it. Yumiko goes back to Magna, and wonders what the hell is wrong with Carol? Magna asks if she should have done that, and Yumiko says, she’s so sorry, but she’s not going to sit there and take that. Magna says, things don’t always work out the way they want, and Yumiko tells her, she never said they did. Magna says she can’t do this anymore. She’s thought a lot about the last time they talked. Now she gets it. Yumiko was right to kick her out. At least Yumiko doesn’t have to worry about someone stealing her pillow. Yumiko laughs, and they both laugh/cry. Yumiko takes Magna’s hand.

Carol walks alone for a while, and sits. A hand comes out of the leaves, and touches her. She smacks it away. A zombie starts emerging, and Carol smacks at it again. Eugene comes by, and she stabs the zombie in the head. Eugene says he didn’t mean to intrude, but he thought he should keep an eye on her. She asks if he knows what it feels like to want something so bad, go after it with everything you have, pissing off literally everyone, and getting people killed, and still having nothing to show for it. He says he does, and sits next to her. He says, there’s a meeting of extraordinary importance; a moment of do or die proportions. The biggest meeting of his life is coming up quick. Unfortunately, he can’t share the details, but obviously he can no longer attend. It’s just that it’s not often you meet someone you… Carol says, if it’s important, it’s simple; you go. He protests, and she says, just go to her. He says he sincerely hopes she gets what it is she wants, and leaves.

Carol walks near to where the zombie popped out, and finds a Hilltop staff.

Daryl and the others cross a field. Rosita wonders about the kids, and Daryl says, they should be at the rendezvous. Nebila leans on Jerry as they walk, and says, it’s still burning. He tells here, they’re almost there. They see the cabin, and a zombie toddles out. Daryl starts to run, and Dianne shoots it in the head with an arrow. Rosita says, this is the spot, right? and Nabila cries, where are her babies? Jerry tells her, it’s okay, and Daryl says, let’s spread out.    

Inside the cabin, Judith asks Earl if he thinks they’re safe there. Did he see them? Earl says he won’t let anything happen to them, and she asks if he thinks Ezekiel is okay. There was so much smoke, she couldn’t see. Then he was gone. Earl says, he’ll be there. Ezekiel is one of the bravest men he knows. He tells the kids,  they’re all doing great. They’re all so good, and their folks will be so proud. A girl asks, soon? and he says, real soon. He tells them, shhh, and closes a curtain between the rooms. Alone, he overturns a desk, and takes out a hammer and railway spike. He pounds the spike through the desk, and rights it again. He rolls up his sleeve, and we see that he’s been bitten. Judith appears, and says he lied to them. He says he did. He did it to protect them. Judith says, he can’t do this, but he says he doesn’t have much choice. She says she can stay there with him, so he’s not alone. He says he has his son Alden, who will take good care of Adam, and Judith is so strong, so brave. Now he needs to keep the kids safe from himself. He ask her, please don’t come near him again. A single tear falls from Judith’s eye. She touches his hand, and leaves.

Bodies are everywhere at Hilltop, and the smoke is thick. Jerry approaches quietly, with Daryl following. A door lying flat on the ground, starts to move. Jerry gets ready to attack, but Ezekiel comes out from underneath it. Ezekiel says, the kids, and they all run.

Earl looks at the spike. He gets close to it, and slams his head down on it.

The kids sleep. Judith quietly slips into the other room, where Earl is now dead, his head lying in a pool of blood. She comes closer to check on him, and he grabs her arm and makes guttural zombie noises.

Daryl, Ezekiel, and Jerry approach the cabin. Daryl takes out a hunting knife, and pushes the door open. The kids come running out, and Jerry’s kids run to him. Daryl asks if Judith is in there, and looks inside, calling her name. He sees her sitting next to Earl’s body, her sword resting on her knees. He takes the sword, and sits next to her, putting his arm around her, and she leans on him (both literally and figuratively).

Negan approaches Alpha. He says the thing she’s been looking for? He found it.

Lydia is tied to a chair in another cabin. She struggles to get free.

Negan and Alpha see a zombie (ha! sounds like the name of a children’s book). Negan says, what he sees is a bag of bones, and gnarly-ass teeth. She says he’ll see soon, but he says he’s not ready to meet his Maker. She says he’s proved himself again, finding her. Like a lion cub leaves the pride, it’s time he finds his pride. He asks if she wants him to preach her gospel, and she says she wants him to become a lion. He says he may not be hip to the Greek alphabet, but Beta is not an Alpha. If she’s sticking with the lion thing, doesn’t the young lioness take her mother’s place? She tells him, walk.

Lydia continues to struggle against the ropes holding her.

Negan tells Alpha, a long time ago, before the meat lovers started showing up, he lost someone close to him to pancreatic cancer. When the disease wasn’t eating her insides, the chemo was kicking the sh*t out of her. Maybe the cancer put things in perspective. She was never more beautiful. It didn’t matter how frail she got; even when she lost her hair. Alpha says, be grateful death set her free, and Negan says, when she was gone, he didn’t feel much of anything anymore. He didn’t feel scared or happy. He didn’t feel anything; he was just there. She says, that’s his strength, and he says he’s dead to the world, but she’s pretending, thinking that it makes her strong. She thinks the emotions are real, and they’re animals, but it’s bullsh*t and she knows it. Now she claims she has to kill her own flesh and blood. Alpha says, it is her destiny. That disease took his wife because it’s what nature intended. She couldn’t take him with her, but every day she wishes she could. Lydia was made for this. To be free with her.

Lydia gets the ropes off her hands.

Negan asks if Alpha still loves Lydia. They look at the cabin, and Alpha says she has to do this because she loves Lydia. Lydia will always be her baby.

Lydia works on the ropes binding her feet.

Negan and Alpha kiss. She thanks him, and goes toward the cabin. Negan follows. Lydia gets the last of her ropes off. Alpha reaches for the front doorknob, as Lydia opens the back door. Alpha and Negan start to go inside, but Negan turns, and slashes Alpha’s throat open. He holds her, kisses her, and gently places her on the ground.

Negan tosses Alpha’s head, mouth gaping and moving, at someone’s feet. Carol says, it took you long enough.

I didn’t see any of that coming.

Next time, Michonne is back, along with her armless zombie buddies.

🐴🌎 Someone’s Not Thrilled…

I don’t care if it sucks canal water. Aaron Paul could read the phone book, and I’d probably watch. Ditto Ed Harris. I wasn’t able to see it tonight, but I’ll catch one of the 57 reruns encore performances.


🙊 Bad Rand…

Apparently Lala’s main squeeze let some private details slip in a very public way.


🍑 Meanwhile, In the ATL…

I can’t help liking Kenya. Maybe it’s the whole twirl thing.


🌈 This Too Shall Pass…

And probably before the toilet paper hoarders use up all those rolls.

March 8, 2020 – The Fight Of Their Lives Begins, Lessons On Sunset, Time Change & Eugene’s Song


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Beta hangs a gourd filled with resin on a tree. Negan sits with Alpha in a clearing, and says he thinks he graduated to the next level of kinky Whisperer sh*t. She wants him to take a switch and whip her forearm, but, seeing the stripes already on her arm, he says she seems to have been cut up enough. She holds the switch out, and he lashes her arm. She says, again, he does it a second and third time. She says, now him, and he wonders if they’re bonded for life. She says, depends, and lashes his arm with the switch.

Zombies toddle forward with Beta and the others. Beta says, we are in the end of the world, and they chant, we take them all, over and over

Over the radio, Eugene tells Stephanie that the LP is MIA. She says she wants to hear the song, and tells him to sing it, but he says only a fool would attempt such a song without accompaniment. He says he counted three, and she says, three shooting stars? He’d better not be counting satellites; she saw one recently. He says, around sunset? and she says, yeah. He says, they’re close; only few hundred miles at most. She says he promised not to tell anyone, and he says he can’t help but believe their meeting was celestially ordained. She says her people are overly cautious. He tells her that he’s in Virginia. He gives her the details, and says, pick a day, and neck of the woods, so they can meet face to face. If she doesn’t like the cut of his jib, she can adios herself. He’d like to meet her. She says she’d like to meet him too. She’ll talk to her people. He says he’ll do the same. She says, don’t tell anyone. She’ll see what her people say first. He promises. They sign off, and he laughs to himself.

Earl and Alden see Aaron coming in a wagon, and wonder who the new person is. Alden asks if Alexandria took in another stray, but Earl says, they’re on lockdown. Aaron and his group come in, and Alden asks Aaron, who’s that? Aaron says, Mary. She ran away from Alpha’s camp, and she’s helping them out. Alden asks what she’s doing at Hilltop, and Aaron tells him that Adam is her nephew; she wants to see him. Earl says, no. The enemy is not seeing his son. Aaron says, she’s not the enemy, but Earl tells him to keep her away from his kid. Earl tells Alden what did Aaron think he’d say? They left Adam out to die. Alden watches Mary.

Ezekiel finds Carol in a ragged tent by the water. She asks how he found her, and he says, this is Daryl’s place. He thought she needed some comfort. He tells her that Kelly made it back. He heard what happened at the cave, and he was worried about her. He asks her to come back. He sits next to her, and says then he’ll sit there, and they’ll get eaten be mosquitoes together.

Luke tells Kelly she can’t walk, but Kelly says she’s not leaving her sister. She’s going with the rest of them. Yumiko says they’ll never know if the ceiling caved in, and Kelly says, if she thinks it’s futile, why is she coming? Daryl drives in with Lydia on the back of his bike. Luke asks if he found them, but he says they didn’t get that far. Luke says they’ve got to find their people, but Lydia says they can’t go out there. Her mother’s coming.

Rosita hears Stephanie saying she has one more question. She picks up the microphone, and asks, who is this? Eugene flies down the stairs, pushing her out of the way, and taking the microphone. He says, Stephanie, but there’s no answer. He tells Rosita, she needs to go now. She looks terrible. She says, a giant Whisperer took a swipe at her, and asks, what’s up his butt? He says he says someone trusted him to have a conversation mano a mano, and she made him break that promise. She needs to go before he says something he’ll truly regret. She leaves, and Eugene tries to get Stephanie back, saying he made a terrible mistake. He’s sorry. Does she copy?

Negan tells Alpha, he has some unsolicited advice. He knows it’s everyone’s favorite kind, but he can’t help himself. He’s thought of an idea that maybe she hasn’t. He respects a well-deserved massacre, but why take out Hilltop and Alexandria? She might feel better, but she should get those a-holes to surrender; bend the knee. He can get them to join them.

At Hilltop, Yumiko tells some scouts, if there are any signs of a Whisperer movement, let them know. Lydia says they can kill a hundred, but Alpha will have thousands left. They can’t stay. Earl says he’s not running again, but Alden says they can rebuild. Earl asks if any of the scouts have seen a place like Hilltop, and Yumiko says they only have a few dozen fighters; she doesn’t like the odds. Aaron says they don’t have to die, but Earl says if they can die fighting for a place like Hilltop, it will mean something. He can’t think of a better way to go. Aaron says they can go with his daughter’s life intact, as well as the other children. Daryl says they need to get the kids out first. Pack up. They’re going to Oceanside. Get weapons, food, whatever they can.

They pack up some wagons. Judith tells Daryl, she wants to fight. He says he knows she does, and puts RJ in a wagon. He sees Ezekiel and Carol walk through the gate.

Daryl leads the caravan through the forest, and comes to a roadblock (or pathblock, as it were) of downed trees. They look up, and zombies are hanging above them. Daryl says, it’s going to be like this now. We ain’t getting through. It’s Negan. He’s with her now.

Grace yells for Aaron, who comes out to see Daryl is back. Aaron asks, what happened? and Daryl says, the roads are blocked; they’re closing in. They had a window to get out, and missed it. Kelly tells him, he can’t say that. They all agreed they can’t stay there. Luke says, they can contact Alexandria, and get fresh fighters; it won’t be just them. Alden says they can’t get there in time. After what happened, they’re on their own. Earl tells them to divvy up the arsenal, and bring out the catapults. It’s what they’ve been practicing for. He tells them to get their heads on straight. This is going to be the fight of their lives.

Ezekiel opens a closet, and opens a chest of garments he uses to hide his tumor. There’s a knock at the door, and he closes the chest. It’s Carol, who sees the chest, and then his neck. He says, it’s nothing, and she says, never bullsh*t a bullsh*tter. He says he wanted to tell her. She she touches his neck, and kisses him. They get busy, because now’s the time for that.

Mary sees Adam, and starts to walk toward him. Alden asks where she thinks she’s going, and she tells him, to say hello to her nephew. They’re coming any second. He says, who’s fault is that? and she says she hates them too. Aaron steps in, and says Mary’s not going to hurt them, and she says she wants to fight. Alden says Earl is a better father than his own. They lost Tammy, and he’s been raising Adam alone. Adam isn’t hers, and never will be. Aaron thinks he’s being unreasonable. If they die, it will be for what they’re trying to build – for him. He picks Adam up.

Basking in the afterglow, Ezekiel says, that was fun. Carol says, that was never a problem. He says at least he’ll be remembered fondly for something. Not even an eyeroll? She’s lost her sense of humor. She says she hasn’t. She left it on the dresser in the Kingdom, and it burned down. He says, if it makes her feel any better, he left his pride there too. She says she hated that dresser anyway. He asks if this would have happened any other night, and she asks what he means. He says, if she didn’t think they were going to die tonight, and she says, they’re going to die tonight?

Eugene hooks up batteries to a truck in the woods. Rosita comes by, and says Coco is fine, but she’s worried about how close Beta got to her. He asks if she told Gabriel about the horde, but she says, hell no. She’ll tell him when she sees him. Rosita says she noticed he’s been working on his radio transmissions, and gives him something to drink (moonshine?). She asks if he likes the girl from the radio, and he says he knows his unpleasant countenance is unworthy of her attention. Rosita says they’ve been talking long enough for Eugene to know she likes him. Does he want to kiss her? Eugene gets close, and he and Rosita almost kiss, but he backs away. He says, it’s a special kind of peculiar, hankering for a kiss from someone you haven’t met. But it’s not time to be mulling matters of a forlorn heart. Rosita suggest that’s what they put on his gravestone: a loser with forlorn heart. She tells him, the skin freaks would love it if they rolled over. Screw that. Screw them. She says, if Eugene likes this girl, get off his ass and go get her. He kisses her cheek, and jets.

Lydia sits on the porch of a building, and sees heart with H+L in the center that she and Henry made way back when. Carol sits next to her, and lights a… where the hell did she get a cigarette??? Carly says Lydia should hate her, but Lydia says it’s hard when Carol seems to hate herself so much. Carol says she couldn’t kill Alpha, and Lydia says it won’t save them anyway. Carol says, but it would feel good. Lydia says she won’t be thinking about Carol, and Carol thanks her for telling the truth. Lydia says, people don’t know how to do that anymore. She’s sorry Carol’s kid died, and sorry Carol hates the world. She’s sorry her mother is a monster. Carol stays away, but then she feels lonely. Carol says, she had a whole life. She leaves, and Lydia tries not to cry.

Kelly and Luke make spikey things for the zombies to walk into. Yumiko tells Kelly that she’s sorry, and Kelly hugs her. They see rats running out of the woods, and Yumiko says, the horde is coming. Run back!

Eugene starts to sing When the Wild Wind Blows over the radio. As he sings, we see everyone getting ready. Some are putting the kids in a safe place, some getting dressed for battle, some are practicing technique. Judith gets on the radio, and Aaron says, give Mary a weapon. Daryl watches. Stephanie sings a verse back to Eugene, who smiles, then laughs. He says she’s got nice singing chops. She says she’s sorry for disappearing; she freaked a little. He says it falls squarely on him. He let his guard down, and apologizes. She says, it was a girl, and he says, Rosita. She says she can hear him smiling; he must be fond of her. He says, yes, very. She’s his proverbial BFF. He hopes they get a chance to meet. Stephanie does too, and Eugene says he doesn’t know when they’ll speak next. The last few days were incredible. She says she’s in West Virginia, and gives directions to a spot in Charleston, asking if he can be there in a week. He says he’ll be there, and not square. Over and out. Rosita asks if he’s ready, and he says, let’s get it over with. He’s got a date.

Ezekiel starts to put on a scarf, and sees Daryl in the mirror. Daryl asks if he’s okay, and Ezekiel says he has cancer, but it’s okay. Daryl says he’s sorry. They never had much to say to each other, but that doesn’t mean Daryl doesn’t know what Ezekiel has been through. Ezekiel is stronger than a lot of people there, and he’s glad. Ezekiel says Daryl is too, and thanks him. It means a lot. Things are going to get bad. He wants to know the kids are all right. If things go sideways, and something happens to either one of them, the other will get children out. He and Daryl shake on it.

Daryl finds Judith sitting by herself, and tells her to go be with the other kids. She says she can fight, and he says he knows. He’s sorry about today. She didn’t need to see any bodies. She says, they were just walkers, and she’s killed plenty of them. He says he knows, but they weren’t just walkers. She says she’s not scared, and he says he knows, but maybe he is a little. Maybe she could take care of RJ. She says she’s worried that he might get hurt, and she’ll lose him and Carol. Daryl says, there’s no shame in that, and knowing who you’re fighting for. She says she made him something for luck, and brings out his vest with the wings on the back. She’s repaired it. He puts it on, and he asks how he looks. She says, good, and he says, one other thing. If during fight, Ezekiel comes looking for her, go with him, whether or not she knows where he is. She has to promise. She does, and they hug. He leaves.

Carol looks at the portrait of Henry, and goes outside. She sees Daryl, and says, please don’t hate her. He turns around to face her, and says he’s never going to hate her. She cries a little, as he walks away. He picks up a weapon on his way to the gate. Outside, the first several lines of defense wear armor and carry shields, with more armed people behind them. They wait, as Daryl goes to the front.

It’s quiet. Kelly feels the ground, and nods at Yumiko. We can see a cloud on the distant horizon. A lone zombie toddles out. The rumble of zombie snarling is heard. Aaron tells everyone, get ready.

The horde moves forward, into an electrified barbed wire fence. It slices the first zombie’s head off, but they’re not too bright, and keep coming. They walk into the fence, even as it cuts them, but eventually their pushing against it, causes it to give. The wires start to spark and sputter, and short out as the zombies break through. Even I’m scared. Aaron says, break, and the shielded soldiers separate into two groups, and move toward the horde. They stab, whack, slice, chop, bash, and shoot arrows. Here’s where it pays to be pissed off.

Beta strides through the forest to a clearing, where the Whisperers wait. They put gourds, like the one he hung on the tree, into giant slingshots. I say many bad words. The balls splatter, and Luke says, it smells like a Christmas tree. Fires begin in various places.

Negan – who’s finally gotten his mask – tells Alpha, he thought she wanted Hilltop to join them. She says she does, but as part of her horde. He says, holy sh*t. She is a badass.

Daryl yells for everyone to go back inside, and they back up. The zombie horde pushes completely through the fence, and the Hilltoppers take off toward the gate. The Whisperers shoot flaming arrows at the walls of Hilltop, which burst into flames. Hilltop becomes an inferno, and everyone is like, fu…dge.

Next time – Alpha doesn’t have anything she wants, Negan says he’s found what she’s looking for, and the battle continues.

Shahs of Sunset

D’oh! Even though I posted it about the date change, I forgot the Shahs moved to Friday. Since I had four billion other things to do this weekend (slight exaggeration, but close), and we had the stupid time change, tonight’s recap is abbreviated somewhat. Which is a good or bad thing depending on your perspective.

Upon waking up with Adam at the Waldorf Astoria, Reza felt like he was a 65 year old hooker who’d worked the strip all night. Sara tried to get ahold of her brother Sam, who’s hooked up with Destiney the night before. When Destiney was asked what she remembered, it didn’t sound like much. She told Sam that she had plans to have breakfast with Reza and her mom.

GG and Yasmin went to one of those paint your own pottery places. In GG’s interview, she said she couldn’t drink, and had to cut back on weed, so it didn’t give her much to do. I don’t even know what to say to that. Even though the implantation was done, she didn’t feel pregnant yet, and was waiting for that call. She told Yasmin that she misses weed, and insisted her kid wasn’t going to whine like the one wailing its head off at the pottery place. In her interview, she said she didn’t want a man, so she was bucking it up, and doing it on her own. She told Yasmin that she needed to find a dude who was super chill with having sex with women who are pregnant, and I went ♫ la-la-la! ♫ Yasmin said she was too Persian for all that. I must be too.

Breakfast at the Waldorf looked amazing. A lot of these shows have a food porn subplot for me. Reza sized up the situation with Destiney and Sam pretty quickly – new outfit, same outfit. Destiney’s mom was early, and in Reza’s interview, he said, Persian moms don’t interact with their kids tricks. Destiney introduced them and Sam couldn’t jet fast enough. Reza was excited to see Destiney looking happy, but still gave her a hard time, asking, who was that man? When mom Tammy was like, yeah, who was that? Destiney distracted her with the food. In Reza’s interview, he was glad Destiney was able to meet with her mom, and said he thought part of her feel lost with her mom and sister living in Vegas.

Mike met with potential general contractor Barry. Bringing Paulina along, he wanted to check out one of Barry’s construction projects before hiring him. In Mike’s interview, he said he was under an immense amount of pressure. It was the first test his parents were watching to see if he passed. His dad was pressuring him to hire a guy he knows, but if he brought Barry on, Barry would be answering to him. Along with a building of apartments Barry had done, Barry showed Mike a proposal. Barry thought the project would cost around $8.5 million, while Mike had figured more like $7.5 million tops. Barry also expected the construction to last two years, and Mike asked if eighteen months was possible. In his interview, he said the difference between eighteen and twenty-four months was a significant number. They were losing $10K a month.

Sara went to Reza’s suite, wondering where Destiney and her brother were. Reza told her that they’d hooked up. In his interview, Reza said it was exciting to see Destiney with her guard down, he was afraid she’d regret not spending more time with her mom. Tammy told Destiney it was time for her settle down with a good man. Destiney told Tammy that she thought it was safer not to let someone in. She wouldn’t get hurt that way. Reza told Sara, they came, they saw, her brother conquered. Sara said that was his normal day.

Nema took Persian dance lessons, since Persian dancing gives him anxiety. His dad had taken away all Persian influence when he was growing up. Destiney joined him at the lesson. In his interview, he said he was a good dancer, but a bad Persian dancer. By the end of the lesson, he got the shoulder moves down.

Adam met GG at a cat café, where she wanted all the cats, as did I. In her interview, GG said she loved Adam, but until she got confirmation that she was pregnant, she was keeping it to herself. She told Adam that a work thing kept her from going to Vegas, and he told her that Destiney and Sam hooked up. GG did a spit-take with her lemonade when Adam said Destiney was straddling Sam at the golf range, and then she made Adam demonstrate. In GG’s interview, she said she wouldn’t be thrilled if she was in Sara’s place. She told Adam that Destiney always claimed to be a ride or die chick, but she wasn’t riding for another girl. She was just riding.

After their lesson, Destiney told Nema that Sam had been calling and texting, accidentally opening a d*ck pic in front of him. Nema got a text from Paulina, asking him to meet, and we flashed back to him kicking Mike out of his house. He told Destiney that he was shocked Paulina reached out to him, and Destiney said Mike was vulnerable with Paulina, and probably said things to her that he couldn’t say to Nema.

Nema met Paulina, and immediately asked if Mike knew about them getting together. Paulina said he didn’t, but didn’t think he’d be upset. She told Nema that Mike looked at him like a younger brother, and felt attacked. Nema had said Mike was a cheater and a liar, and that he questioned her allowing her kids around him. She wondered why her kids got pulled into it, and was offended by it. Nema explained that Mike had said Erica must be weird, and there was something mentally wrong with her for waiting seven years for a divorced guy, and he just went off. He apologized, and told Paulina that Mike had a history of picking on him. We flashed back to some of that, and Nema said the older brother was bullying the little brother. At the mud run, Mike had said Nema stole a company from him, when Mike was the one who tried to screw him and Shervin out of a deal, and lied about it. He wasn’t sure if Mike’s supposed positive feelings toward him were real or not. Paulina said she’d given Mike a clean slate when they got together, but Nema said if Mike couldn’t apologize, like Nema just did with her, he didn’t know if they could remain friends.

In her interview, GG explained that since she missed Vegas, she wanted to bring everyone together with a cooking class. The usual suspects gathered, along with GG’s friends Anita and Yasmin, for a cooking lesson and dinner with Chef Nicole. It was also a competition, which GG said a Persian could never pass up. She grouped everyone into three teams of three – GG, Reza, and Yasmin; Anita, Destiney, and Adam; and Sara, Nema, and Mike – deliberately putting Nema, Paulina, and Mike on the same team. Mike and Paulina were late, so they started without them.

On the way there, Paulina told Mike about her meeting with Nema, saying she’d wanted to confront Nema about the way he treated Mike. In Mike’s interview, he said he thought it was a huge slap in the face for Nema to agree to meet with Pauline. It was like Nema was trying tell him that he’s not in control. No comment. Mike asked Paulina to communicate with him first if she does something like that. She need to know what she was doing, and why. He said, those guys can be wolves.

The first dish the teams made was yogurt dip. By the end, Adam’s team was just throwing things in, but somehow they won. In Nema’s interview, he said what he lacked in Persian cooking skills, he more than made up in with his Persian Postmate ordering skills. When Mike arrived, Reza said he had good news, and bad news. The good news was, Paulina was on his team; the bad news was, Nema was on his team. When they made tahini, Chef Nicole told Mike’s team they were almost there, and Mike said that was the story of his life, but I wasn’t sure what exactly he was referring to. This time, Reza’s team won, and Mike toasted to Vegas, saying Destiney got to see her mom and sister. Not being able to leave it alone, Reza added, and bone Sara’s brother. GG asked if Destiney had talked to Sara about it, and Destiny said she didn’t need permission. GG said she didn’t find it funny, suddenly didn’t feel good, and headed for the door.

In her interview, GG said she felt a sharp pain, and she got scared she was having a miscarriage. It’s something she’s been waiting so long for, it scared the sh*t out of her. Anita and Destiney followed her out, and Destiney told her to calm down. Inside, Mike said, if you cry wolf enough times, people stop believing you. They sat down for the chef’s dinner, which rivaled the Waldorf’s breakfast. Reza got a text from Anita, saying GG was okay, but not feeling good; it was a weird stomach thing. Mike wondered if she’d touched the raw chicken, and Nema said GG hadn’t been drinking any alcohol. Destiney wondered if GG was pregnant, and Reza said, she could totally be pregnant. We flashed back to the Reunion, when GG told everyone about her plans. In Reza’s interview, he said, that would explain everything.

Nema asked if Mike knew about his lunch with Paulina – because, again, parties or public gatherings are the perfect time to bring up personal issues – and Mike said he just found out. Nema said he went on the assumption Mike knew, but Mike was already steamed. Nema said Paulina approached him, and Mike said Nema’s dad didn’t teach him how to be a man. Nema was like, don’t you talk about my dad, and in his interview, said there was a lot he could ask about how Mike’s parents raised him, but out of respect, he doesn’t. Destiney suggested they communicate properly, and Nema said if Mike did it again, there wouldn’t be a third time. Mike apologized, but in his interview, griped that he’d taken Nema under his wing. He’d been a good friend, given Nema advice, and helped him. Reza thought they should reconvene on that topic another time. In Mike’s interview, he said he thought Nema didn’t like that he and Paulina were in a good relationship. Nema was miserable, and wanted to make them miserable so they could join in on his pity party. At that point, the dinner broke up, and Reza said, this was a night.

Next time, Sara confronts Destiney, and Nema brings MJ to a pool party where she throws her drink in Reza’s face.

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 🌬 You, Sir, Are No Iron Maiden…

Actually, he wasn’t bad. Time for me to breeze on out myself. See you on the deckside.

March 1, 2020 – Beta Gets Inside, Time Change, Reza’s Gig In Vegas, Dead Days, Leap Facts, Domestic Gus & Over Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Beta enters an RV. Two Whisperers remove a chair, and open a secret door in the floor. Beta drops down. He lights a lantern, and goes through a tunnel.

Baby Coco stirs, and Rosita gets up. She goes to get the baby’s blanket, and I gasp out loud. When she turns back, Beta is standing over the crib. Beta raises a knife, and plunges it downward. Rosita wakes up.

The gate at Alexandria parts. Gamma is standing there, surrounded by armed guards. She removes her mask, and says she’s the one who knows Aaron. Gabriel says they know who she is. She says, they’re in trouble. They’re trapped in a cave where Alpha placed the horde. They might have gotten out; she doesn’t know. Gabriel says she told them it was in a field, and she says, Alpha moved it. He says, the whole thing? Right before their group got there? Gamma says she’s just telling them what happened. She’s trying to help. Rosita asks, why? and Gamma says, the baby that the Whisperers left at Hilltop is her nephew. Gabriel asks where the baby’s mother is, and Gamma flashes back to pushing her sister into the zombies. She says, dead. Gabriel looks at Rosita, and asks Gamma, if they give her a map, can she show them where the cave is? She says she can, and the guards lower their pokey sticks. Gamma moves toward the gate, and Rosita punches her in the face, saying, she’s a liar.

Daryl hides in a crevasse, and sees Alpha. She takes an arrow out of the head of a zombie, and moves on. Daryl follows behind. Holding a knife. Another Whisperer comes out of a cave. They lead a group of zombies out.

Gamma wakes in the cell. Rosita says she’s not the first one, and Gamma asks if Rosita killed the last one. Gabriel says, he did. Rosita says they were sent to spy on them, and killed her baby’s father two days ago. Gamma says she doesn’t know anything about that, and Gabriel says it’s amazing how much she says she doesn’t know. He’ll lay it out for her. She’s working hard to convince them that she’s different from the ones who lie, walk with the dead, and eat worms. She says, what if she can’t? and Rosita says, then she’ll die. No second chance. Gabriel says, by the way, she’s the third one. Gamma says she’s telling the truth, and Gabriel says, this isn’t for show. He’s a servant of God. He’s heard many confessions, and he can tell she’s holding back. Outside the gate, her story was that she’s the baby’s aunt. Gamma says, it’s not a story, and he says it tugs at the heartstrings, but she’s hiding something. That makes the whole thing a lie. She says, ask God if she’s lying, and he says God told him to hang her. Gamma says she killed her sister. She killed her sister for Alpha. Alpha didn’t even have to ask; she just did it. Does he believe her now? Gabriel says, get her a map.

Alpha and two other Whisperers continue with a small zombie group. A zombie gets shot with an arrow, and the Whisperers split from the group. Daryl fights with Alpha, but gets cut, and there’s blood in his eyes. He can barely see, but gets her back down anyway. He asks where they are, as the zombies come closer. He slaughters a few, but Alpha grabs her knife from where it fell, and stabs Daryl in the leg. Daryl still can see a little, but everything is red, and he struggles.

Gabriel says, fourteen miles inland. He asks if there are any other ways in or out, and Gamma isn’t sure, but says they’ll be guarded. Rosita says, what about the border? It’s guarded all the way, but Gamma says, it’s too long for Alpha to defend. Most of the patrols are near the cave. Gabriel tells someone to take Gamma back to her cell.  When she’s gone, Gabriel tells the others that they’ll get two rescue parties together. Rosita says they don’t know if the information is real. Scott asks Gabriel if he’s sure Gamma’s not lying. Gabriel says he is and he does know. They’re hesitating because they’re afraid, and they shouldn’t be. Scott asks, why? and Gabriel says he brought her in so they could see the Whisperers are cowards. They broke her completely, and they can break others. Keep them alive. Pull their teeth, and take their fingers; get more information. The more pain and fury they pour on the Whisperers, the sooner they’ll drop their act. Which is what it is.

Alpha follows Daryl to a gas station, carrying a shotgun, and is obviously hurt. A knife sticks out of Daryl’s leg, as he grabs for things on the table above him. He gets a metal bar. Alpha comes closer, but then sits down. She bangs on a pipe with the gun. Zombies start to come.

Gabriel arms himself, and Rosita does the same. He asks if she’s okay, saying, she seemed off in the meeting. He suggests she stay and work defense at the gate. The smart thing would be for her to sit this one out. She tells him, don’t worry; she won’t freeze. She’s good. He should worry about his sh*t. It’s erratic. It seems like he’s itching for a fight. He says, so what if he is? and Rosita says, she doesn’t want… He says he knows, and she says she’ll see him out there.

Judith talks to Gamma through the cell window, asking what her name is. Gamma says, no one has asked since she got there. It’s Mary. Judith asks where she was before the Whisperers, and Mary says she’s from Santa Monica; it’s in California. Her parents’ names were John and Alice. She went to school… She doesn’t remember. She tells Judith, Alpha has a way of making you forget. Judith says, she really doesn’t remember anything? and Mary says, echoes of left feelings. Her life was ordinary; that much she knows. When it all went down, she and her sister kept making bad decisions. They needed someone to make decisions for them. Then they met Alpha. Judith says they met the wrong person first. If they’d met her mom and dad, she wouldn’t be in the cell. Mary doesn’t look like a monster to her. Rosita calls to Judith, who says, bye. Rosita looks at Mary.

Alpha continues to bang on the pipe, and zombies continue to move toward the sound. They walk past her, except for one, who makes close-up and personal zombie noises in her face. Daryl kicks a fire extinguisher down from the wall, and whacks a couple of heads with it. He tussles with a zombie, and ends up pulling the knife out of his leg. He stabs the zombie in the head, but now he’s bleeding like a stuck pig.

The groups get ready to go out. Gabriel hears over the radio that a herd is headed for Alexandria, and makes the decision for Laura and Rosita to stay back. He and Scott will each take a squad, and break up the herd. He tells Rosita that he’s not speaking for her, but she admits it could get them both killed, and says, it’s better this way. He kisses her goodbye, and says he’ll see her soon.

A zombie rises out of the earth from a grave inside Alexandria. Oh wait, it’s Beta, that crazy kid. He brandishes a knife in both hands.

Inside a house, two guys talk about the Whisperers being a joke, and get ready to go out. Beta gets inside, and screams come from the house. Beta kneels on the floor, as a guy crawls away from him.

On the radio, Gabriel asks, what the hell happened? They saw nothing coming? Rosita says, nothing. Scott wonders, what the hell is going on? Beta kneels in the middle of carnage, bodies surrounding him. Gabriel says most of them are out there. There’s hardly anyone back home.    

The dead start to come to life around Beta. Outside, Rosita leads a group through the street, and sees zombies coming. She radios Gabriel, saying, they’re here, and runs toward the zombies with the group. Beta goes to the cell, and unlocks it. Mary says, it isn’t what she said. She lied. Beta says, these are not her people, and Mary repeats, she lied. He says, she is your Alpha, and opens the door. He says she was dead the moment she came to them. Step toward him. He holds out his hand, and she says, why? He says, she wants you. She said death would be painless, but if you fight, it will not be. Step toward him. She stays where she is, and says all Alpha wants is her in pain. He’s lying for her. Again he says, step toward him. Mary moves forward, and says she’s not afraid of him. He says, yes, she is. Beta feels a blade at his back, and Laura stands behind him holding some kind of battle ax. She tells Mary, get help, and Mary runs out. Beta grabs the ax, and they struggle, but Laura jumps on him. Outside, Mary yells for help, and hears a voice says, up here. Laura and Beta fight, but he knocks her out. He stomps out to the street.

He goes inside house, and quietly walks upstairs. He looks around, slipping into a bedroom and out again. He sees a closed door, opens it, and a shot in the chest blows him back. It’s our girl Judith. She and Mary run, but Mary lingers, and Beta grabs her ankle, tripping her. Beta gets up, and we see his wearing some kind of chest plate. Rosita says, hey, and he turns. He has a huge chef’s knife, and rushes her, but Rosita slugs him in the gut with a bat. They struggle, and he gets Rosita down. Mary tells him, stop. Alpha wants her alive. She holds a knife to her own throat, and tells Beta, step toward her. Nice move.

Beta and Mary walk down the road. Beta says, you will fall. You will rise. You will walk with your sister again. Gabriel and his squad are suddenly in front of them. Mary hits the ground, shots are fired, and Beta jets. The group points their guns at Mary, and she says she didn’t betray them. He was going to… please. She’s telling the truth. Gabriel looks at her, and puts his gun up on his shoulder.

Alpha takes off her mask. She asks Daryl if he can see beyond the darkness to the light, but he says no. She says she’s teeming with joy. She sees the ones who brought her around them. She says, thank you for making me strong. They made her, and her daughter. Daryl says she lost her daughter. Alpha drove her away because she didn’t love her. She asks what he said, and moves toward him, saying, she’s all ears. She stumbles and falls, and crawls along the floor. She lies there a moment, and sees a blurry Lydia. Lydia takes her hand, and Alpha asks if she’s really there. Lydia says, yes, mama, and Alpha says, don’t call her that; Lydia knows better. She came home. Alpha says, I am you, and you are me, Lydia. She starts to sing, Lydia, the Tattooed Lady. She puts a knife in Lydia’s hand, and covers it with her own. She says she wants to make sure Lydia is ready, but Lydia says she can’t. She didn’t come for Alpha, but the others. They’re not perfect; just human. It’s all she ever wanted, and what Alpha never gave her. She touches Alpha’s face, and Alpha says she wants Lydia to stay.

Alpha opens her eyes. Lydia is gone. Alpha gets up, obviously in pain. She limps toward where Daryl was, but Daryl is gone. The knife is stuck in the table, with the words, your way is not the only way, carved next to it. Alpha laughs.

Gabriel walks with Scott and points to where Beta gained entry, saying, this was Dante.  Scott says, the Whisperers sealed whole sections. Aaron returns, and Gabriel and Scott hug him. He says he’s all right, and Gabriel asks, what happened? Where are the others? Aaron says, they got separated, but most of them got out. Scott says, most of them? and Aaron says, not everyone.

Rosita sits in a wagon, and Gabriel asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to take Coco. It’s a short trip. She says she wants Coco safe, and she’s safe with him. A little caravan gets ready, and Aaron lifts Judith into one of the wagons. Mary sits with Rosita, and Rosita formally introduces herself. They shake hands, and the caravan heads out.

Daryl comes to, leaning against a tree in the woods. Lydia tells him, easy. He asks how long he was asleep, and she says, most of the day. He says, she was just out there watching him? She says, and watching them. Deciding. He says, deciding what? Did she kill Alpha? Lydia says, if it was Daryl’s father, could he?

Alpha lies on her back, holding the knife. She says she’s no longer weak. She’s stronger than ever. The horde will consume them. Their screams will be songs to her. A couple of Whisperers help her up, and she says, bathed in blood; we are free. We love no one; we are free. We hear nothing; we are free. We are the end of the world.

Next time, Lydia says her mother coming, and everyone gets ready for a fight.

💥 News Flash: Starting this Friday – March 6th – the Shahs will be moving to Fridays at 9 pm.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza says he needs a new shoe closet, and Adam says he wants to convert the garage to a big closet. Reza is like, thanks but no thanks. He has a promotional gig in Las Vegas coming up, and says he has to kill it at Sally Beauty Supply with his haircare products. If he doesn’t, it’s $500K down the tubes. He tells Adam, the product isn’t generating the income they need to live. GG texts that she has to cancel coming along. Reza relays the news to Adam, and says Destiney will be coming. He says he’s forgiven her, and Adam says he’d rather move on than hold a grudge.

MJ and Tommy fawn over Baby Shams. Vida comes by, and says she thinks Shams should be on the cover of People. In MJ’s interview, she says she thinks she and Tommy are naturals.

GG’s mom Fati cuts up several pineapples. In GG’s interview, she says, in trying to get pregnant, she’s been googling everything, and pineapple is supposed to be helpful in thickening the uterine lining. She’s going the embryo transfer today. She started with IVF treatments in October of 2018, and says her ass is black and blue from the injections.

Mike visits Nema, bringing along his French bulldogs. Nema says he’s finally found the super ultra-modern home he’s always wanted. Mike explains microfiber to pup Lexi. Pet massage therapist Gene comes by to give Nema’s dog Jack a massage, since Jack broke his back a couple of years ago. In Nema’s interview, he says he rescued Jack, and got Jack in the divorce. Erica then became Jack’s stepmom, and got involved in Jack’s life, so now they’re co-parenting. Mike says he thinks Nema is leading Erica on, and Nema tells Mike that he never says Mike is leading Paulina on. They bicker, and then apologize to Gene. Gene says his focus is on the dog. Mike says Erica and Nema work together, and Nema keeps saying he’s going to marry her one day. We flash back to Nema telling Erica that they can’t not end up together, and her saying, not if he’s like he is now. Nema says, Paulina is dating a guy who cheated on his wife, and she has two kids. Mike tells Nema not to judge him on his past. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s grown, and deserves to be treated right. Nema says he doesn’t want advice from Mike. Since Mike is a dishonest guy, the advice it tainted. Ouch. He doesn’t think Mike is ready to be a stepdad. In his interview, Mike says Nema has never even seen him around Paulina’s children. They’re like his own. Mike gathers up his dogs, and leaves.

Destiney and Sara get ready to go to Las Vegas. In Sara’s interview, she says, Destiney is a lot. Destiney lives in Destiney’s own world, but Sara is glad to be getting to know her.

Reza and Adam check in at the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas. They meet with Dan and Sheree Funsch, Reza’s business partners. Reza says he’s so nervous, he had a nightmare that no one showed up. They sit near the pool, and a waiter brings over an incredible mini spread and Bloody Marys with lots of garnishes. In his interview, Reza says the products are selling on the website, but to make real money, they have to be in a national chain store. He asks what’s expected of him, and Sheree says he has to be the ultimate politician. In Reza’s interview, he says they have a one year exclusive, and he wants to convince them the products are going to fly off the shelves. Sheree says it’s his first big test, and in his interview, he says if he doesn’t kill it, he’ll be back to slinging real estate. He tells Dan and Sheree, let’s go do it.

GG frets about having to quit smoking weed. For the last three years, she’s only gone a couple of hours without it.

Sara and Destiney check into the hotel. Destiney tells Sara about the time she was mistaken for a prostitute in Vegas, and in her interview, Sara says she wouldn’t want to share that information with anybody.

MJ and Tommy talk about having another baby, and Vida says they’re crazy. In MJ’s interview, she says the night before the baby came, Reza checked in. After she’d delivered Shams, Tommy texted Reza about how she’d had complications, and was in the ICU. Reza’s response was, prayers for a speedy recovery. We see a clip of Reza reading his response to Adam, and that’s the last sentence in a rather long paragraph filled with care and concern. So wtf? Tommy tells MJ, Reza knew how bad it was, and starts getting loud and animated. In her interview, MJ says instead of racing to see her, he confronted her on the phone. Everyone knows that Adam has a sexually deviant sense of humor. Tommy calls Adam the hillbilly whore of WeHo.

In the Presidential Suite, Reza puts on his gold leopard belt buckle. In his interview, he says, it’s sad, being in Vegas without MJ. They’ve been going there together since they were kids. He’s doing this without the help of his best friend. Destiney and Sara come to the suite, and they make dinner plans. Reza says he has to hustle, but a car will be waiting for them to pick them up for the event.

GG is being a back seat driver from the passenger seat. In her interview, she says it was the worst decision of her life to ask her mom to drive. An Uber motorcycle would have been better. GG’s dad Mahmoud meets them. GG says it’s a scary, but fulfilling moment.

Adam tells Reza, the launch is going to be amazing. Adam wears the same shirt he wore the night Reza proposed, and tells Reza it’s his lucky shirt. In Reza’s interview, he says having Adam there means the world to him. He’d invested in the product behind Adam’s back, but they got over it. Ali tried to take them down, but he couldn’t. At Sally’s Beauty Supply, Reza talks with the buyer, and says it’s an honor to be there. He sets up a display table. It’s kind of like a book signing. In his interview, he says he is honored. He’s a little Persian kid whose dreams are all coming true. He explains, the secret to good salesmanship is, one, understanding who you’re dealing with; two, knowing how to interact; and three, knowing when to close the deal. If you master those, you can sell anything.

Destiney and Sara arrive, and buy one of everything in Reza’s line. The manager announces that they made 120% of their sales plan. In Reza’s interview, he says, it’s a big deal for a middle-American company to have confidence in a gay middle eastern man.

Vida fusses over Shams. I don’t think she’s going to give him back.

On the way back, GG tells Fati that she can’t believe it. She asks if Fati cares how her driving affects others. In her interview, GG says her parents are rock stars. Not many Persian parents would be okay with their daughter being single and getting herself knocked up. She shows her dad a video of the procedure, done using an ultrasound. In GG’s interview, she says, and no foreplay. Mahmoud tells her that she has to watch funny movies, and Fati suggests Mel Brooks. GG says, Mel Brooks is ancient. She starts a video baby diary, and explains to the baby that she’s got to lay low for the next 48 hours. Mahmoud tells her, everything is good; she’ll be fine. She says she can’t be the baby anymore. He says she’s almost 40, and she threatens to punch him in his bad knee.

Destiney makes plans on the phone to meet her mom for high tea the next day. In her interview, she says her mom loves Vegas, and is literally her best friend.

Mike tells Paulina that Nema said something was off about her since she was allowing a guy as dishonest as him around her and kids. Not quite what Nema said, although I do think it was none of his business. In Mike’s interview, he says, when people tear others down, they’re deflecting from their own shortcomings. Nema should get therapy, rather than talk sh*t about him. Paulina says she’ll confront anyone who talks sh*t about Mike.

In the car, Nema tells a friend he’s going on a blind date, and she suggests his teeth might be intimidating. Ha-ha! In Nema’s interview, he says Mike doesn’t get why he’s not sleeping with half of Los Angeles like him. He meets his date Aimee at a restaurant. He tells her it’s his first blind date, and she says she’s been on dating apps. In his interview, he says he was married in his 20s, when he was supposed to be out and fun. After his divorce, he dated Erica, so this is a new frontier. He asks about her last relationship, and she says, he cheated. He tells her that he was cheated on, as well as his father having been cheated on. His father always had a chip on his shoulder, and Nema didn’t want to turn into that person who’s pissed for the next thirty years because of a cheater. He says, it’s a great blind date, and in his interview, says this is proving he’s over Erica, and can enjoy someone else’s company. He says, let’s get out of here, but Aimee has already called an Uber.

Sara’s brother Sam joins them for dinner. In Sara’s interview, she says Sam lives in Vegas. He’s the brother of four older sisters, and the only boy. They’re very protective. She worries about his decision making. They’re shown to a private room for a four-course menu with a wine pairing. Sam says his goal is to make money between poker and sports betting. In her interview, Sara says, it’s a stereotype in the Persian community, if you’re not a doctor or a lawyer, you’re a failure. Sam and Destiney flirt. He says he’s never dated a Persian girl. In Destiney’s interview, she says he’s mysterious and edgy, and she likes his muscles. Reza says, the meal was off the charts. They have a shot of tequila, and make faces like I do when I taste that nasty stuff. Reza says he took care of the bill, and Sara says she loves having rich friends.

The group busts out on the party bus. In Reza’s interview, he says there’s a point in the evening where your buzz is in the perfect spot, and he’s in that zone. They go to a rooftop bar that also has golf. Destiney orders tequila. Reza says, Destiney is feeling Sam. In his interview, Reza says, Destiney is always talking about the man she wants. She doesn’t need to be a good picker in Las Vegas. He’s thinking it’s wham bam thank you Destiney ma’am. He tells Sam get behind her, and show her how to swing. In Sara’s interview, she says Sam hooked up with her makeup artist at her sister’s wedding. She’s not Sara’s makeup artist anymore. Reza says, she didn’t get ball in, but she’s going to have a baby in nine months. Sara asks Sam not to sleep with Destiney, but he says, Destiney’s got game. Destiney sits next to Sam, and he says Sara was telling him not to flirt with her. She says, is he flirting? She thought they were having a conversation. In Reza’s interview, he says he doesn’t know what’s bothering Sara, but he’d rather his brother hook up with an acquaintance than a skank from Vegas. Sam says he’s going to have Destiney, and Reza tells Sara, this is happening. Destiney sits on Sam’s lap, and they kiss. Reza says the car is there, and Sam and Destiney hold hands on the way. Back at the hotel, Reza drags Sara into his and Adam’s suite, and Destiney and Sam get busy.

In Reza’s interview, he says it’s hard to think about the milestone moments in his life without his best friend by his side to celebrate. It makes him sad, and he wonders if this is a new chapter.

Next time, a cooking class turns sour. This season, MJ and Reza have it out, Destiney says enough is enough, GG doesn’t believe either one of them, Tommy gets out of hand, and GG gets knocked up.

⚰️ Bring Out Your Dead…

Too bad George Romero won’t be around to see this.


📇 Meanwhile, In the Interesting Facts Department…

Everything you wanted to know about Leap Year, but were afraid to ask.


🧺 And He’s Practical Too…

If I squint, I can kind of see Gus as a home-ec teacher.


🤦🏻‍♀️ How Does It Happen…?

Friday, always so full of promise. Monday, hopes dashed again.

February 23, 2020 – Alpha Rewards Negan, Mud Run On Sunset, An Upcoming 90, a Real Drag & Monday Purr


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

As we left them, Carol and Daryl’s group are trapped in a cave of zombies. They stand on a ledge, the zombies below them reaching up. Alpha stands above them with a torch, and when Carol sees her, she screams. Alpha goes outside, and tells the guard, they don’t get out. She drops the torch.

Magna tries jumping up to the next level, but falls. Luckily, not into the zombies below. Daryl says, it’s too high; she’ll break her neck. The zombies are so noisy, I can barely hear the dialogue. Daryl looks around with a flashlight, and asks if they’re ready. He jumps onto a rock that sticks above the zombie horde. The zombies gather around him, and he jumps to the next one. Carol follows. Zombies clamor around them, but they kick the dead away. Magna is next, and nearly slips. Jerry comes after. Connie tells Kelly to step in the same places she does, and jumps. Aaron says, do it now, and Kelly jumps, but nearly falls. She punches a few zombies in the head, and regains her balance. On the other side, Daryl helps Carol. Aaron makes the leap, and Connie and Kelly cling to each other. A zombie grabs Jerry’s leg, and he cuts its arm off. Daryl begins to climb up. He tells Connie that he needs her stay there, and keep everyone together.

Aaron asks Jerry how he’s doing, and Jerry says, not great. Kelly asks how long Jerry thinks they’ll be there, and Jerry says he doesn’t know, but they’ll get out. He wonders how the zombies got there, and Aaron says, they’re theirs. Carol says she’s a little winded, and Aaron tells the others that Carol is claustrophobic. Magna says, she should have thought of that before, but Aaron says it’s not the time for that. Magna says it seems like they have plenty of it. She asks Carol what she was thinking of, running off by herself. Daryl tells her, they have no time for this sh*t. They got into this mess together, and they’ll get out of it together.

Negan hangs with the Whisperers. Gamma tells Alpha, the enemy is watching them. Beta says they underestimated them, and Alpha says she wants patrols around the camp. She tells Gamma, take a walk around the border. Negan watches everything.

The group stands in a cave of stalactites. Aaron fixes his hand. Kelly asks Connie if she thinks it’s day or night, and Connie signs, try not to think about it. Magna asks Daryl for his matches, telling him that she needs to do something. Daryl gives them to her, and Carol sits next to him. She says she never told him that she was claustrophobic, and he says if he hadn’t known, he wouldn’t have said it. He can’t even turn his back on her anymore. It’s bad enough Negan is with the skin freaks; now he worries about her going off half-cocked every time they go outside. He begged her to talk to him; he wants to be there for her, and doesn’t know what to do anymore. Carol says she can’t stop thinking about it. She has to, but she can’t. She doesn’t just want to kill Alpha; she wants to hurt her. She wants Alpha to beg her forgiveness, and then kill her. Daryl says, if he’d gone through all the sh*t she did, he’d feel the same way – unless she tried to stop him. She has to quit all this. The people they care about are starting to get hurt. Carol says she didn’t mean for any of this to happen. She knows she has to… He says, don’t bullsh*t him. She’s got to promise. He’s got to know they’re on the same page. They’re fighting for a future, not revenge. Carol says she promises, and leans on him.

Magna looks around using the matches as a light. She looks in a hole, the match goes out, and she shouts.

Daryl and Jerry fight off zombies. Daryl tells Magna, let’s go. Magna is concerned they’ll get split up in the dark, and Carol says, stick together. They move forward. Daryl looks inside a crevice.

Back at the Whisperer camp, Negan tells Alpha that he wants to talk to her. She asks, what about? and he says, Gamma. Alpha needs to keep her eyes peeled. Alpha says, there’s a spy in the woods, but he says he has an alternate theory. The spy she’s looking for is in the camp. He’s been where she is, and if she doesn’t want to end up where he is now, he suggests she zig where he zagged. She says they’re very different, and he says he had people, he had a system, and thought they believed in him. Stay king or queen long enough, people will keep telling you your sh*t doesn’t stink, and even you’ll start believing it. The thing is, it still stinks. Based on his personal experience, she should look closer to home. He’s not talking about Frankenstein; he’s talking about Gamma. She’s close enough to Alpha to know where the horde is. She’s guarding the border, and is close enough to the enemy, that they could have gotten to her. Alpha puts her knife between his legs, and pushes it against his crotch; not cutting him, but he’s definitely uncomfortable. She says she won’t have him paranoid, and pushes him to the ground.

The group continues through the cave system. Carol tells Connie, she’ll be fine in a minute. Connie takes her hand, and spells out U R OK on Carol’s palm. Carol joins the others, and one by one, they squeeze through a narrow passageway. It’s a tight squeeze, but they make it through to a thin tunnel where they have to crawl. Aaron asks if Jerry is okay, and Jerry says it’s a hard fit in airplane bathrooms. Why wouldn’t he be okay? Daryl finally pulls himself out, and says, follow his voice. He helps the others as they come through. Carol hyperventilates, and Daryl calls to her. He asks if she’s hurt, and she says she’s okay. He tells her to follow his light, but she says she can’t. He says she can; they’re going to get through this together. She forces herself to move, and he pulls her out. We hear something in the tunnel, and Jerry realizes zombies are crawling up behind him. He tells them, go! and I says, no, not Jerry.

It’s chaotic as they try to move faster. Daryl reaches for them, helping them out. Jerry gets closer, but a zombie keeps pulling at him. He says he’s stuck, and Daryl says, take his hand. He pulls, and two zombies (I guess they’re pretty thin, since they’re wasting away) grab at Jerry’s leg. Jerry takes his gear off, while the zombies tug at him. Daryl finally pulls him out, and stabs the first zombie in the head. Jerry’s shoe is torn up, but Kelly says he wasn’t bitten. Aaron splatters the other zombie’s head.

Magna says, look, and starts moving forward, but Daryl pulls her back. She’s at the edge of a cliff. Daryl creates a makeshift torch, and drops it down. It falls a million miles, and they hear zombies. Apparently, they’re on another ledge, higher up, and basically where they started.

They move on to a more open area, and see that it’s a mine shaft. Kelly tells Connie, they have to be careful. Take out the wrong thing, and the whole thing will collapse.

Obviously jazzed, Alpha wants to talk to Beta. She asks where Gamma is, and Beta says, she never made it to the border. Alpha wants a scout sent out to find her, and Beta wonders if she’s been captured. Alpha says, or she’s a spy. Track her down, and bring her. Beta says if Gamma betrayed Alpha, he’ll kill her, but Alpha says that’s her job.

Daryl tells everyone, find something to dig with. Kelly uncovers a box of dynamite, and brings a stick over to Daryl. Jerry says, really cool, but it’s sweatier than he is. Maybe someone left it because it’s dangerous. He tells her, put it back, very carefully. Kelly places it back in the box, and covers the box back up. Aaron and Magna pull pieces of wood and such out of the way. Aaron says Magna wants to get home in a hurry, and she says she doesn’t want be there any longer than she has to. She didn’t leave things good with Yumiko. Aaron says he’s sorry.

Negan takes bark off tree stump. Alpha walks past, and says, you. He says, looks like mom’s mad at him, and follows. She drops behind him, and tells him, keep walking. He says it feels like some sort of fraternity initiation. Is he getting his skin suit, and learning the secret Whisperer handshake? She tells him, eyes front. She doesn’t want to talk. He says he’s down with that. He just… won’t… talk. After two seconds, he says he’s big enough to admit he’s not good with long uncomfortable silences. She says, stop here. He starts to turn, and she tells him, she said eyes front. He says, sh*t, and she tells him to take off his clothes. He says, she was right. They are different. He made himself into a monster because it’s what the world needed. He takes his clothes off as he talks. He says he built something. He saved people. His name meant something. She tells him, turn around. He says, whoa. She’s naked, and says, he’s a crass man. She reckoned he’d appreciate a crass reward. He says, for what? and she says, the spy. Gamma. It took courage to do what he did. She wants to express her gratitude in a way he understands. Negan asks if she’s just going to leave the mask on, and she asks if her true skin disturbs him. He says, not at all, and they almost kiss. He says, wait. It’s not some sort of praying mantis situation, is it? Where she’s going to cut off his head after. They almost kiss again, and he says, sorry. He can’t help but notice she didn’t say no. It’s been a long time, so he reckons he’ll take his chances. She touches his face, and tells him, stop talking. They kiss. Alrighty then.

Daryl sees daylight, and Kelly looks through a hole in the ceiling. She says, just a little more, and he asks where Carol is. He says, dammit, and turns back.

Carol is wandering around like the nutbar she’s become. She starts to climb up the side of a wall, lights a match, and slips. We hear zombies below. A shadow falls over her. It’s Daryl, who tells her to take his hand. He pulls her up, and asks, what is she doing? She’s going to get herself killed. She says Alpha killed her boy, and he says she’s got to come back with him… please. She slips again.

The ceiling starts falling in, and Aaron tells everyone to move. Connie asks signs to Magna, asking where she’s going, and Magna says she’ll be right back. Someone might be hurt. Connie goes with her. Kelly pops out back into the world, and we hear crumbling sounds from the mine. A Whisperer comes running toward her, and Kelly fights it off. She calls to Aaron that they’ve got friends; there are more coming. Inside the mine, Jerry holds up the ceiling beams with his shoulders, like he’s Aquaman or something. Kelly fights off a couple more Whisperers. By now Aaron is out, and helps her. Connie and Magna help Carol. Daryl gets out, and helps bring Carol out. Dirt is starting to shower down, and I wonder how on earth Jerry is going to get out. Magna sees a Whisperer in the mine, and tells him, get out. Aaron helps gives Jerry a hand, and joins the others, but the cave implodes, trapping Magna and Connie.

Kelly yells, no! and runs back. Daryl tries moving rocks away, but Aaron says, it will take a week to clear it. Kelly cries, but tells Daryl the zombies are close. They don’t want their backs pressed against the mountain when the walkers come. They can’t save the others if they’re bit. She cries some more, and Carol tells Daryl, he was right; just say it. She reaches out for him, but he throws her hand off. She says they’re gone because of her; just say it. Carol seems to be totally falling apart. Daryl tells Aaron, go home. Tell the others they found the horde. Aaron asks where Daryl is going to be, and Daryl says, others got out before them. There has to be another way in. Carol stands there while the others head back.

Next time, Gamma tells the Alexandrians that the people they sent out are in trouble, Gabriel makes a strategy, and Daryl is trapped.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza runs while he flashes back on his problems. In his interview, he says MJ sent him a text, saying she didn’t have anything to do with anything, and now he can’t trust Destiney. How did this happen?

GG meets Reza at a park, and he tells her that he and Adam are doing a mud run. Adam has been begging him to do it. In Reza’s interview, he says, with all the negativity swirling around, thank God. Any time he does unity building activities with his crew, there’s a moment he loves them. Then afterward, they can go back to picking that scab. He and GG jog, and he tells her, wave to the people. She says she’s tired already, and tells Reza that her doctor told her to start doing light cardio. In GG’s interview, she says she started IVF, but she’s keeping it secret for now. They sit on a bench, and discuss Ali’s accusations about Adam. GG says Ali told her that it was the three of them – him, Destiney, and MJ – but she doesn’t believe any of them. Reza says he lost his mind when Ali said Adam had sexually harassed him. He must have talked to someone. GG says, when she’d shown MJ the pictures Adam sent, MJ she said it was borderline sexual harassment. Reza says, this doesn’t feel good.

Destiney’s 1965 Lincoln convertible (named Poison) has a flat, and she waits for the tow truck. In her interview, she says she doesn’t like being vulnerable. There are moments when she wishes she had a husband to handle a situation. It’s different when a dude says he’s got you. The tow guy comes, and a possum peeks out from the bushes. Destiney nearly runs into it, and teleports backward, hollering. I nearly die laughing. She asks if it’s okay, and realizes it’s pregnant. The tow guy is now dying laughing. In Destiney’s interview, she says it’s a damsel in distress. She tells the possum, she’s got this. She’s an effing possum. She’s strong and crazy. A stranger comes, and picks up the possum in a towel, finding a safe place for her to deliver her babies. In her interview, Destiney says, he’s some sort of Prince Charming. She’s not into princes, but hopes here’s a Viking warrior out there for her.

Nema goes to his office, and tells editor TJ that he has footage for him. In his interview, Nema says his partners’ offices are half jungle gym, half photo studio. It’s where influencers make videos that make you feel bad about yourself. He says his assistant Erica was the right girl at the wrong time. They dated for two years after his divorce, but then came GG and the almost kiss. We flash back to that. He says, Erica is still working for him, and asks how you let go of someone so supportive and loving? Erica is going to Barcelona for two weeks, and Nema wonders how he’s going to manage. She’s running talent for a major shoe brand, and it throws him back in to the minutiae of their projects, when he has other things to do, like go to the gym. Erica says they have a strong working relationship, and he says he thought they’d get married, but she’s like, no. He says he thinks she’s the best relationship in his life, but he’s the worst in hers. She thinks she can definitely do better. At least they’re honest. There’s something to be said for that.

GG meets a friend at a Chinese herb place, where they also make health drinks. She explains to the owner that she’s having a bumpy ride with the IVF. She asks him to surprise them, and he concocts something that’s supposed to improve a woman’s jing, which is the essence or life force. In GG’s interview, she says she had egg retrieval at 37, and she’s trying thicken her uterine lining, by using everything from patches to suppositories, but nothing is working. GG takes a sip, and says she’s already glowing. The owner says he sees the glow. Her friend asks, what’s going on? and GG talks about her uterine lining. She says she wants it so badly. In GG’s interview, she says she’s worried about being pregnant at her age. When she was younger, she was irresponsible. She was lucky to live in California where she had a way out, which I guess is a delicate way of saying she had several abortions. She says, now she’s trying, and her body isn’t responding. The owner brings another drink, and says, it’s zen shen, to lift the spirits. In her interview, GG says the day the embryo is placed in her, is the day she stops smoking weed, and everyone is making a bigger deal out of it than it is.

Mike goes to Kenmore, the property he and his brothers invested in. He goes inside, and discovers they left everything behind. He calls his brother Jonathan. In Mike’s interview, he says, to get the final permits, he needs an empty building. He explains to Jonathan how to take selfies. Dad Shawn appears, and in his interview, Mike says he wonders if his dad trusts him. Shawn says, the most important thing is the loan, but Mike says he needs a contract first. Shawn wants to wait until a guy he knows is free, but Mike has someone who’s ready to go. In Mike’s interview, he says his father studied electrical engineering in Germany, and has does electrical contracting since coming to America, but his father won’t be dealing with the contractor; Mike will. Shawn tells Mike that he’ll have to be on top of things. There will be no second chances. In his interview, mike says he had a hard time connecting with his dad while he was growing up, but as he’s gotten older, he’s realized how much wisdom his dad has to share. It’s his last chance to prove himself, and he’s trying to keep his composure.

Miss Moo! In his interview, Reza says, all the things he loves about Adam are why Ali was able to get so close so fast. Adam thinks everyone is good until they show him they’re not. With Reza, they have to jump through a thousand hoops, and if they persevere, he’ll let them in. GG comes by, and Reza tells her, he needs an over-the-top Persian team T-shirt for the mud run. He says, what about Hood rats? In GG’s interview, she says she called Reza a hood rat when he’d been acting like one. Now it’s turned into a joke. Reza irons the name onto a shirt. Reza asks if she wants some carrot cake, and slices a piece for her. In his interview, he says, GG smokes more weed than Snoop Dogg. She’s high all the time. She’s not someone who eats regularly, or exercises, and they’re trying to change that. Sara arrives, so Miss Moo is relegated to the bedroom. She’s afraid of animals, and we flash back to her encounters with various pets. In her interview, she says she had a paper route growing up, and dogs would charge her. She has to make sure she knows where all pets are. The group makes shirts, and a kumquat tree is delivered. It’s from Destiney, and Sara asks, what’s going on? Destiney had a whole episode at the beach. We flash back to that, and Reza says Destiney didn’t reach out. GG says, maybe she’s scared; he’s a scary person. She thought he was her big brother, and now she’s hurt him. Reza says, when GG hurts someone, doesn’t she want to reach out? GG says, maybe Destiney is figuring out how to do it.

Destiney goes to get her lashes done. She hopes Reza sees the kumquat as an olive branch. Well, an actual olive branch might have gotten that point across better.

Adam reads the card. Paraphrasing, Destiney says she hates how everything came down, and hopes they like the kumquat tree. Adam tells GG, Destiney didn’t say she was sorry, and GG suggests he focus on what Destiney said, not what she didn’t say. She tells him, some people have a hard time with it, and that’s coming from someone who does. Adam says GG apologized to him, but she says she didn’t apologize to Reza for years. We flash back to that altercation. Reza says, maybe if Destiney had sent it the day after, he’d feel different. They can co-exist, but he doesn’t want her to know anything about him. In his interview, he says he’s looking at the potential loss of a 30-year friendship, and the potential betrayal of a childhood friend.

Destiney looks at Reza’s text. He thanks her for the plant, but goes on to say her actions aren’t pure. He says he doesn’t trust her, but can co-exist with her. He tells her about the mud run, and says, if she wants to, she can come. She tries not to cry, and says she’s used to men who are family, or like family, giving up on her. In her interview, she says she has no male figures in her life who she can trust. The only person who’s been there for her is Reza. We flash back to Reza encouraging her to talk to her mother about her father. She says he’s the only person who’s seen and felt what her family would have been if everything had been okay.

GG’s mom Fati calls her while she’s driving to the doctor. Fati asks if GG needs anything, or wants her to come along, but GG says she’s good. Fati says to call her after the appointment. In GG’s interview, she says it’s her last shot. If she couldn’t get her uterine lining thicker, she might have to consider another option where she doesn’t carry her own child.

Destiney and her assistant Rose go to pick up Destiney’s car. In Destiney’s interview, she says she doesn’t drive Poison all the time, since she doesn’t want many miles on it. But when she’s feeling sad or depressed, she puts the top down and takes her bra off. It makes her go into a zone of peace. She tells mechanic Benny, it might be the only thing she’s ever really cared for. She slips him some cash, and tells him, hold onto it, like she’s getting on a roller coaster and giving him her purse. On the way back, Destiney tells Rose that Reza doesn’t want to talk to her, but she loves him. He’s the only one whose seen the dynamic of her mom and dad. She was crying when Reza got in the fight with Ali. Can’t she be human? It’s so effed up.

Reza gets the T-shirts ready for the gathering before the mud run. Reza gives Mike his shirt, saying it came out so well, he wants it back after the run. Mike says he’ll sell it to him. He tells Reza that he’s not participating because of his sciatica. Been there, and feel his pain. He asks if Adam’s shirt says naked Jenga on it, and Adam turns around to show Mike that it says, I’m with him >, and Mike says, unless he’s out of town. To my surprise, both Adam and Reza laugh. Nema and Sara arrive. In Reza’s interview, he says, after the week he’s had, he feels truly blessed. They’re going to exercise, and cheer each other on. They’re going to act like sweet white people who didn’t flee a country.

GG comes out of the doctor’s office, and gets in her car. She doesn’t look happy and dabs at her eyes, so I’m guessing the news wasn’t good. Then she says, it’s last few weeks she can smoke pot. Ha-ha! She fooled us. She calls Fati, and says, they’re doing the transfer on Friday. In GG’s interview, she says her uterine lining is finally thick enough. It’s exciting. She’s finally going to be pregnant. Fati says, it’s good to hear that.

In his interview, Reza says, Destiney’s shirt was made with the least amount of love. He wrote her name in White-Out pen, and it looks like a reflection of their friendship at this point. Destiney shows up, and tells Nema that she doesn’t know if she should come in, but Nema and Mike welcome her. She hugs Adam, and says she wants to talk, but Adam thinks she should talk Reza first. She asks Reza if she can talk to him privately before they head out. He’s surprisingly agreeable, and she says she didn’t want to be uncomfortable. He says he’s not uncomfortable. She says he thanked her for the plant, but it’s a tree (like this matters). He says he thought they were going to talk about naked Jenga. Ali talked about sexual harassment, and if he’d been Destiney, Reza would have said this is the first he’d heard of it, but she didn’t. He assumes she knew already. She says she didn’t know what Ali was going to say; it threw her for a loop. She never wanted to be involved, and Ali specifically told her that MJ told him to do it. In Destiney’s interview, she says, after her lunch with Ali, she yelled at him, and he said, MJ told him to do it. She took a step back, and realized maybe the person she loved as a sister had set her up. Reza said he knew Destiney was either set up or involved. Destiney says she effed up, and he says that’s all he wanted to hear. He hugs her, and says now that he knows she was used, it’s 100% authentic, and they’re good. In Reza’s interview, he says he doesn’t think Destiney is involved. She wasn’t held up at home on bedrest, moving chess pieces around, and trying to figure sh*t out. They get in the van, and Reza tells everyone, they had a  good conversation. Now can they get excited?

The race starts. Mike and Sara cheer from the sidelines. It’s like a huge obstacle course, and GG says her hip hurts already. She and Destiney hang back, and GG says, they’ll cheat. The others have to come back this way, so they’ll just pretend they did it. They splash some water on their faces, jog in place, and hyperventilate. On his way back, Nema asks how they did with the wall. In Reza’s interview, he says they’re going through obstacles together, and helping each other, but in life, they’re not practicing the things they’re practicing here. It’s not happening if they can’t be there for each other in life.

GG says she’s doing a dirt walk. Reza says he’s got mud in his crotch, and a great sense of accomplishment. He says he wants that for GG, and pushes her into a mud puddle pool. Destiney says, the last time she did this sh*t, she was running from the cops. She runs up to wall that everyone else is scaling, and takes the stairs on the side. In Nema’s interview, he says his friends are the only healthy relationships in his life. They’re like family, and replaced the huge void left post-divorce. They go down a huge slide, into another mud puddle. Cool. I’d do that. Mike takes pictures.

Afterwards, the group heads to the beer and sausage tent. Mike pulls out a Jenga game. In Mike’s interview, he says he loves the fact that they’re cheering each other on, but a part of him is empty because one of his best friends isn’t there. GG knocks over the game, and Adam tells her, get naked right now.   

Next time, Baby Shams comes home, Reza’s hair products are going to be sold in Las Vegas, and Sara’s brother gets busy with Destiney.

🏎 Coming Soon…

A new season of 90 Day Fiance: What Now? begins on Monday, April 20th on TLC. You can check out who’s who here:


And also on TLC on April 20th is a new offering, Dragnificent, a makeover show that looks like a lot of fun and very promising. You can read all about it here:


👅 I Can Taste It Now…

And suddenly, the weekend’s not there anymore.

February 20, 2020 – Jordan Visits Cyrus, Faith’s Snake, Olympic Runway, Wrong Flip, Bethenny’s Big Shot, Coming Real Soon & Who Knows?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the very beginning, but the only important factor was that Jordan went to see Cyrus.

Sasha meets Chase at the door, and says he needs to hear this for Willow’s sake. Carly tells Michael, she knows how horrible it is, but it all makes sense. Wiley looks just like him. His son is alive, and all Michael has to do is just go get him. Michael faces Brad, and asks if Brad has any idea how many lives he trashed, and the pain he’s caused. For the past year, Willow has been sacrificing and agonizing over a baby that’s not hers. Lucas fell in love with a baby that’s not his, and Michael and his family grieved. Brad says, it was Nelle’s idea, but Michael says it doesn’t matter whose idea it was. How could Brad do it? Brad says he was in shock, and Michael says Brad went along with it for over a year. How could he do that to the people he claims to love? How could he do that to Wiley? Brad says he was grieving; he couldn’t see straight. Michael says he made the worst mistake possible, and now he’s going to pay for it.

Nelle brings Wiley out, and passes Willow, who’s slumped on the floor. Nelle says all Wiley needed was his mom. Here she is, and she’s not going anywhere.

Cyrus asks what he should call Jordan, and she says, the Commissioner of Police. He says there’s no time like the present, but she was more interesting in the past. A passionate woman; his right hand. He asks if she remembers those days, and if the things she did haunt her. She says he gave the orders, and made things happen. He asks if she was always a traitor, or did someone turn her? She asks what he thinks, and he says he thinks she was a young, single mother, eager to learn, or she could have been gathering evidence. Her child must be grown now, and out of college. Med school perhaps?

Jason tells Sonny, they sent a clear message. Cyrus has to understand; he has too much to lose. Sonny says, controlling the Port Charles harbor might not be the end game. When he visited Cyrus last time, he said he had personal reasons for being there.

Curtis lurks outside of Kelly’s. Cameron says Trina didn’t mention her father was in town. Trina says she usually goes to see him, since the world revolves around him. Taggert says, fathers are the center of their daughter’s universe; everyone knows that. Call him old-fashioned, but he likes to know the young men who take his daughter out. Cameron says, sir, after everything, and doesn’t know why he’s saying it. Taggert says, manners, or maybe instinct. Trina apologizes to Cameron, saying her father is a retired cop, and his life’s mission is to embarrass her. Taggert asks how he’s doing, and she says, for his information, they’re going to the dance as friends. He says she neglected to introduce him to Cameron, so she does, and says, happy? and Cameron says, nice to meet him. Taggert asks if he’s any relation to Elizabeth, and Cameron says, she’s his mother. Does Taggert know her? Taggert says he knows a lot of people in Port Charles.

Cyrus says he’s a man of few mistakes, and trusting her was his biggest. She says it worked out all right for her. Look where she is and look where he is. He says he’s looking, but more important, he sees. He wondered what happened to her and if she got back in the trade. Did she bring her new employers down? She says, sometimes. He asks if that’s how she became Police Commissioner, and she says, something like that. He says, imagine his surprise when he found out his protégé was Police Commissioner of Port Charles. She suggests they get down to business. Somebody leaked her identity to him. He says if she came to embarrass him, mission accomplished. He admits one traitor is a mistake, but four? To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, it sounds like carelessness. He hopes her associates are okay, and she says, two are dead. He says, natural causes? and she asks if they’re going to do this dance. He says, it’s been so long since he’s seen her, he wants to savor every moment. So yes, they’re going to… She says, two men are dead with drugs pumped into their systems. He says the drugs weren’t his; he was holding them for a friend. She says he thinks this is funny. That’s the kind of monster he is. Uh-oh. I thought it was funny too.

Brad knows he was wrong, and regrets it more than he can say. Michael says he was in it with Nelle, and Carly asks if that’s why Brad insisted on speaking with Nelle alone. Brad says, yes. She wanted to say goodbye to Wiley. She insisted on seeing Wiley, and he… Oh God. Michael asks what Brad did, and Brad says he told Nelle that Wiley was with Willow at her apartment. Michael says, let’s go, but Carly says they’re not done. She asks how Brad could let Nelle near Wiley when he knew what she was capable of? He cares more about protecting his own ass than taking care of that little boy. It’s unforgivable .

Nelle checks Wiley’s bag, and says, no change of clothes. His daddies must have thought they wouldn’t be away long. It will have to do for tonight. She looks at Wiley’s passport, and shows him. She says, from now on, she’s going to be Barbara Langdon, and he’s her little boy William. Thank God he looks like his picture. She says she’s going to get his coat, then he and mommy are going on a little trip.

Trina tells Cameron, her dad lived in Port Charles back in the stone age. He says he met Trina’s mom there, and Cameron says, small world.

Jordan says Cyrus killed them both, but he says he has an alibi. She says he ordered the hits, and he says, DEA agents never have any drug problems? They call it, occupational hazard, but he calls it karma. Speaking of which, the others were expendable. If he comes for her, she’ll be watching as all she knows and loves burns to ashes. Starting with the city she’s sworn to serve and protect. Wow. That’s a lot of bravado for a dude whose first move totally tanked. She says he’s moving in on Sonny’s territory, but he says he’s rotting away in there. She says he started a mob war to get back at her, and he says the fact that there’s a mob suggests she’s not as good at her new job as she was at her old one. Thanks for the tip. She says she’s going to make sure he doesn’t get away with this, and pledges that the good citizens of Port Charles will sleep soundly. There’s a knock at the door, and a guard comes in. Cyrus says, visiting hours are over. Their time is up. Have a lovely evening. I don’t think it works like that, since she’s a Police Commissioner, but okay.

Jason asks what Sonny means by personal. Cyrus has no history with them. Sonny says, not before now, but because of the ambush, Cyrus has got to be talking about somebody else. Jason says he had a monopoly in the Pacific Northwest, and suddenly decided to branch out? Why wouldn’t he just expand the territory he has; it’s too risky. Sonny says, unless Cyrus is in it for more than money.

Cameron says his mother never mentioned anything about a snake, and Taggert says, somebody put it there. When they’re old enough, and mature enough to understand, they’ll learn the legend of Faith Rosco. Trina says she knows who that is; it’s in Lucy’s book. So can Cameron take her to the stupid dance? Taggert asks what Cameron’s intentions are, and Trina says, they’re going as friends; there are no intentions. Taggert says he’s choosing to believe her. She says, thanks, and he tells her, thank her mom. He talked to her, and she told him the same thing. Trina asks if he’d like them to write a statement and have it notarized. He says, possibly, but in the meantime, have her mom give him a call. There’s something important they need to discuss. He notices Curtis outside.

Carly says, a squad car is on the way, and they’re going to make an arrest. Brad reaches out to Lucas, and says he has to understand why… but Lucas says, don’t touch him. Julian says, it’s not the right time, and Carly says Brad is going to be arrested for kidnapping and fraud. Brad says, okay, but asks if someone can reach Willow and warn her. Lucas says Brad has been harboring this dirty little secret with Nelle for a long time. Tell him – and for once tell the truth – did anybody else know?

Nelle gets Wiley’s jacket, and opens the door. Chase and Michael are standing there, and Michael looks at Wiley.

Taggert, Trina and Cameron leave Kelly’s and Taggert says, hey Curtis. Trina asks, what’s going on? and Taggert asks if Curtis is following him. Curtis says he came to pick up an order, and Taggert says, is that why Curtis was peering at him through the window? Did he think it was a drive-through, and realize he had no car? Curtis says he came to get a burger, and saw Taggert. He’s seen enough of him for one day, and figured Taggert felt the same way, so he decided to go to The Floating Rib. Taggert says, but first Curtis thought he’d corner him and give him the third degree about spending time with his daughter? Curtis says he didn’t know Taggert had a daughter, and Tagger wonders why. Curtis has been running a background on his life, and it’s none of his business. Curtis says, the hell it isn’t. If Taggert hadn’t been creeping around town with Curtis’s wife, it wouldn’t be going down this way. Jordan shows up, and says, that’s enough.

Michael tells Nelle, put the baby down, and she asks if Chase is going to shoot her while she’s holding her son. Chase says, it’s time to give Michael back his son, and she says he’s her son too. Chase says Brad told them everything, and she says she’s sure Brad told them a lot of things, but she can guarantee it’s not everything.

Lucas asks Brad, who else knew Wiley was Michael’s son? Tell him. Brad says, besides him and Nelle… no one was involved in switching the babies. Lucas asks how Brad could do this to his family; to their family. Brad says he panicked. He wanted be the strong one for a change. He’s always been the mess, the screw-up. For the first time, he was the strong one. He’d told Lucas nothing could stop them from having a baby. We flash back to Brad promising Lucas that they’ll bring the baby home, and be amazing parents. Nothing can stop them. Brad tells Lucas, he couldn’t say no to a second chance, and Bobbie says, please. It wasn’t a second chance. It was kidnapping, plain and simple.

Chase tells Nelle, he’ll bite. What hasn’t Brad told them? She says, the truth. Does Michael believe she hates him so much, she’d keep his baby from him? Michael says, she tried to kill him, and left him for dead. He believes it. Nelle says, even if she did, does he think she’d give the baby to Brad? He says, Brad is her only friend, and she says, he stole her baby. She was delirious. She’d just given birth on the side of the road. The baby was beautiful, and she decided to go back for Michael, hoping to get back in time to save him, and maybe save their family. When she saw Jonah’s face, it made her forgive Michael, and she thought their son would have the same effect on him, and he’d forgive her. He asks, what stopped her? and she says she was in and out of consciousness, holding on to their boy, trying to protect him. The next thing she knew, there was a poor, lifeless child in her arms. I sincerely hope Michael and Chase aren’t buying this.

Jordan asks if someone will tell her what this is about, and Cameron says he has nothing to do with it. He just got off probation, and it’s the last thing he needs. Jordan asks for an explanation, and Taggert says he was in Kelly’s, spending some rare, precious time with his daughter, and Curtis was tailing him. Curtis says, if he’d been tailing Taggert, Taggert would never have known. Taggert says he has reason enough to be looking over his shoulder, and Jordan says, let her handle it. Curtis wonders why he’s the one who needs to be handled; they’re keeping secrets. Jordan tells him to back off. Trina asks if everything is okay, and Taggert says, everything is fine, and suggests they go back inside.

Jason tells Sonny, maybe Cyrus is telling the truth, and transferred to Pentenville because of personal ties. Since he’s been there, he saw the opportunity to expand, but when he tried to take them out, he failed. His first shipment was blown up, and he lost $20 million. Why not cut his losses? Sonny asks, what’s more important than money? Love and revenge. Jason doesn’t think Cyrus is there for love, and Sonny says, that leaves revenge. Sam calls Jason, and says, there’s something he and Sonny need to know.

Nelle says, when she heard there was a party, and overheard the baby was actually Jonah, she came back. Chase asks how she heard there was a party. Was she lurking? She says she was curious, so she peeked in from the terrace. Thank God she did. When she heard Lucas say the baby wasn’t their son, suddenly, it all came back. She remembered being in the woods, in and out of consciousness, and remembered Brad taking her baby, and placing the dead child in her arms. She had to get there. For all she knew, Willow was part of the lies. Michael asks where Willow is, and what Nelle did to her. Nelle tells him, all she has to say is, she’s as much of a victim as he is. Would they believe Brad’s word over hers? Chase says, in a heartbeat. She says, believe what they want; she finally has her baby back, and no one is taking Jonah. Michael says she’s not going anywhere, and his name is Wiley. Nobody is going to believe her. It’s over this time. Don’t make it more difficult than it has to be. Give him his son. Standing behind Nelle, Chase says, hand over the baby. Michael takes Wiley, and Wiley smiles.

Bobbie says Brad almost had her with the grieving father bit. He says, it’s not a bit. Bobbie says, the baby died, and he brought home and kept Michael’s child. He didn’t care about Michael, Lucas, or anyone but himself. Brad says he did it for Lucas, and Lucas says, really? Brad stole his nephew’s baby, and caused pain and grief. Now he’s supposed to thank Brad? Brad says he  thought about coming clean, but he convinced himself he was doing the right thing. Sam asks, how? and he says Nelle convinced him that the baby was safer with them than Michael. Bobbie says, it still didn’t give him the right, and Lucas says, if he’d just told the truth, even the next day. He would have been heartbroken, but they would have gotten through it together. Now, not only did he lose his son, he’s lost their family. Brad says, that’s not true, but Lucas says Brad devastated them. He can’t even look at Brad. He turns away, and Carly glares at Brad.

Trina asks Taggert what that was about, and Cameron asks if they want to talk alone. Taggert tells them, stay there. There’s nothing Trina needs to worry about. She says, it didn’t sound like nothing, and he says there’s something he needs to take care of; stay. If Cameron is going to show he’s trustworthy, this is his one and only test. Make sure to walk Trina home tonight. Trina says she’s getting a ride share, and Taggert tells Cameron, make sure she gets home safe. Cameron says he can do that, and Taggert tells Trina to make sure her mom calls him. It’s important.

Back at her office, Jordan asks what the hell Curtis is doing. Stalking Taggert? He says, following, not stalking, and she wonders what the difference is. He says she’s been lying to him since Taggert hit town. What was he supposed to do? She says, trust her, because she’s his wife. He says that’s exactly why she should trust him. She says there are things in their respective lines of work that they can’t tell each other, and he says, the secrecy is about work? She says, yes, but he says he knows her, and knows when she’s not being truthful and when she’s in over her head. She tells him, drop it, and he says, and do what? She says, let it go, and he says, and let Taggert enjoy quality time with his daughter? The daughter she never mentioned? She says, why should she? and he says he wants to know if she has something to do with it. What he’s asking her is, is she Trina’s mother?

Chase finds Willow, and checks for a pulse. He says, thank God, and tells her that he needs her to wake up. She asks, what happened? and he says she was hit on the head. He’s going to get her to the hospital, and everything will be okay. He promises. He comes out, carrying Willow, and an officer is arresting Nelle. Michael asks how badly Willow is hurt, and Chase says he’s going to take her to the hospital. Michael thanks him, and Nelle says, bye, Willow. Sonny arrives, and asks if Michael is okay. Michael says, they both are; him and Sonny’s grandson. Nelle is taken away.

An officer cuffs Brad. Brad tells Lucas, he did what he thought was best to do for their family, because he loved Lucas and Wiley so much. If any part of Lucas understands, just look at him. Lucas refuses to turn in Brad’s direction, and Brad is taken away.

Jordan says, really? and Curtis says, stranger things have happened. She says, fine. Yes. Trina is her daughter. In fact, she’s had at least one child with every man she’s ever worked with. The world is littered with her undercover babies, as she likes to call them. He says, that’s not an answer. She says, let her make something abundantly clear, she and Taggert have never been involved in any way other than professionally. He asks, then how come every time she and Taggert are together, they hide secrets? Not just little secrets about the bad old days, but big secrets, the kind you take to your grave. If they’re doing like that, let him in. Taggert comes in, and says, Curtis is right. It’s time they told him everything.

Trina says her dad means well, but that was extreme. Why shouldn’t she make sure Cameron gets home safe? Cameron says her dad asked him to look after her, and he has the feeling if he doesn’t, her dad will know. She says, he will. Cameron says, he seems… She says, intense? Stern? Old school? All of the above? Cameron says he felt like he should be saluting, and she says she could tell since he called her dad sir at least twelve times. She tells Cameron, don’t worry. He’s not as intense once he warms up to you. He says he can’t imagine her dad being more intense. That thing that happened with Curtis. Does it happen often? She says she’s seen her dad angry, but that was next level pissed. He asks if her dad is going to be armed when he comes to pick her up, or is he going to chaperone? Trina says, why do that when he could follow them?

Jordan tells Taggert, come in, and close the door. She tells her assistant to hold her calls; she’s conferring with the DEA. Curtis asks if he missed something. Since when is Taggert back with the DEA? Jordan says they need to discuss a case they worked on, and Curtis can’t be part of it. Curtis says he’s already a part of it. Taggert says, Curtis is right. They need to tell him, so he can protect himself. Or does Jordan want the body count to keep rising?

Sam tells Jason that she’s going to go. The last thing she needs is her parole officer showing up. They kiss, and she says she loves him.

Lucas says he can’t wrap his head around it. How could Brad do something like this? Jason comes in, and asks if Carly is okay. She says, it’s a twisted version of history repeating itself. They kept Michael from Sonny for the first years of his life, and now the same thing happened with Wiley. He asks if she’s worried that she’s going to be called a hypocrite, but Carly says she doesn’t care. They were trying to make sure Michael had the best life possible; Brad and Nelle were just looking out for themselves. Look at the damage they caused. Jason says he’s sorry, but he has to take care of something. Just tell Michael that he loves him. Carly hugs Jason, and says, he knows. Go.

Willow sleeps. When she opens her eyes, Chase is there. He tells her that she’s at GH. She’s had a minor concussion, but she’ll be okay. She asks, what happened? The last thing she remembers, she was watching Wiley. She starts to sit up, saying, oh my God, Nelle was there. She wanted to take Wiley. He says, it’s all right, and she asks where Wiley is, and if he’s okay.

Lucas doesn’t understand how Brad could keep this kind of secret. Not just from him, but from Michael. Julian says Brad thought he was protecting Lucas, and Bobbie says, only Julian could find a rationalization for Brad’s behavior. Julian says he’s not condoning it, but they’ve all made mistakes to protect someone they loved. Lucas says, not like this. This was… Bobbie says, indecent. Carly says they’re all there for him; his entire family. Lucas says, not the entire family. His husband is a stranger, and his son… Sonny walks in, followed by Michael holding Wiley.

Tomorrow, Curtis says there’s something Jordan is still hiding, Julian tells Ava the truth about Wiley, Sonny wonders how Brad got his hands on Michael’s son, and Willow freaks out when she learns the truth.

🐍 Snake On the Loose…

Or what Taggert called, the legend of Faith Rosco. I looked it up, and have no recollection whatsoever of this storyline, but I might not have been watching for one reason or another at the time. What Taggert was referring to, was on May 14th, 2003.


Project Runway

Victoria said her brain was not ready for a new challenge. It was her birthday, but she didn’t feel inspired. She came out to find at least three dozen roses from her husband, and in her interview, she said her husband had sacrificed everything so she could go into designing. She didn’t want to think of disappointing him. Karlie told the designers, at this point, it was about raw talent, lot of work, and the spark of ambition and drive. She introduced a group of Team USA athletes, who would be competing in Japan at the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. She explained that athletes had unique bodies, and it was hard for them to find clothes off the rack. And while athleisure was great, they sometimes wanted to dress up. The challenge was to create a victory dress to wear when they celebrated their 2020 games accomplishments. Adaptive design was also an important factor – the ability of those with special needs to get in and out of the garment. In Nancy’s interview, she said she was an all-inclusive designer, and her perfect match was the sprinter in the wheelchair. In a moment of Divine Providence, they were paired up. It was a one-day challenge, and the contestants began with a 30 minute sketch period, in which their client was also involved. At Mood, Christian fretted that there were too many red gowns, but no one wanted to give up their color. Geoffrey said he wasn’t going outside what the client wanted, and they wanted red. Nancy’s client requested a train, and Nancy said if it got caught in the wheels, it would be goodbye Nancy.

Sergio helped some of his competitors with technical issues, and in his interview, he said he was happy to help. He want to beat the others on the runway, not because they didn’t know how to do something. Nancy said this challenge wasn’t about wining, but fulfilling her client’s fantasy. Geoffrey’s client was pregnant, and also had something specific in mind. Christian wanted more going on with Geoffrey’s design, and in his interview, Geoffrey said Christian was trying to be helpful, but wasn’t in on the consultation. His client didn’t want giant sleeves, and wanted something elegant and classy Brittany said they were shooting for something that would make already accomplished athletes feel like winners.

Tragedy struck when Geoffrey went to iron his red dress, and there was something black on the iron. He said his garment went from fabulous to crap in a matter of seconds. There were only two black dresses – Brittany’s and Nancy’s – and it looked like the culprit was Nancy. She said she always tried to be careful, and felt pretty badly about it. I wondered what kind of fabric sticks to an iron?

The guest judge was Lindsey Vonn, from the USA Ski Team, who’s had 82 victories (more than any other woman), including four World Cup championships. Victoria’s dress was short, and her usual asymmetrical with cut-outs. Zzzz… Sergio made his pregnant client a long, flowing yellow gown, with a cut out in back, and she looked gorgeous. Marquise’s client not only had a prosthetic leg, but was quite small, and one of her issues had been finding clothing that was for adults. He’d made her gown as requested with a slit to show off her leg. Brittany’s was more formal, black, off-the-shoulder, and sparkly. Geoffrey’s was short, satiny, and sparkly, with rhinestone spaghetti straps. Nancy’s creation also sparkled, and she achieved her goal of a train that didn’t get stuck, despite her client twirling.

Nancy’s gown got high praise, and she pointed out that it was also adaptable, since she used Velcro on parts of it. The skirt detached to reveal and under-skirt, exciting Brandon (a reveal!), and the train was also detachable. Karlie said no one even noticed the chair; they just saw her. Nina said it was fashion, function, and fantasy; a winning combination. Geoffrey’s client was a wrestler, and said she’d dressed like a boy growing up, because she wanted to fit in. Now, she wanted to show young girls that they didn’t have to change their femininity to be included. Brandon said as far as the iron stain was concerned, it was a non-issue, since accidents happen, and he thought the look was expensive.

Lindsey was impressed with everyone, and Nina said their goal was to make their clients feel incredible, and everyone had achieved that. The scores were the closest they’d been in the entire competition. Nina thought Sergio’s gown radiated joy and beauty, but it was very day, and she thought the client’s baby bump could have been celebrated more. Sergio said he was going for comfort, but Brandon said comfort wasn’t always about loose. It was about confidence and feeling good. Nina felt Brittany’s dress was pretty, but cliché, and wanted to see something more creative. Brittany said her client was happy, and that’s all she needed. Lindsey said a client might want something particular, but a designer might give them an idea they end up liking more. There was a big color debate over Nancy choosing black, but it had been a client request as well. It also wasn’t like an LBD, there was a silver overlay going on. Brandon said Nancy had done a good job accommodating the client’s needs. Nina told Geoffrey, while there were no points off for the stain, when his client moved, you could almost see too much. Although Marquise had tried to get away from his client looking girlish, both Karle and Lindsey thought her gown could have been more sophisticated.

Karlie said it was impressive and inspiring how the designers catered to their client’s needs. Elaine said Victoria managed that while staying true to herself; they could see immediately that it was her design. Yeah, like I said, zzzzz… Nina said Nancy went the extra mile, and Brandon said he’d seen Nancy had been consistently concerned about the person she was dressing. Lindsey felt Marquise hadn’t put much time or thought into his dress, and Karlie said it was a standard silhouette. Brandon said Sergio’s cap sleeves and bust were a mess, but he liked the unexpected cut out in the back. Nina said Brittany’s client might have been happy, but the dress was a standard black dress. Brandon added that any woman could wear it. Elaine told Geoffrey, she thought his dress was tacky, but Karlie thought it was the only one that looked like a victorious party dress; something the client could go to the club in afterward. Elaine said, tacky and shiny, and Brandon said he thought it was fabulous. Well, there you go.

Victoria and Nancy were the two favorites, and Nancy was the big winner. Nina said she was impressed. The dress was a celebration of an athlete with a disability, and was both functional and fashionable. Nancy said if she’d had an opportunity to win every challenge, she would give it up for that one. Brandon told the remaining designers that they’d all succeeded in making their clients happy, but there were mistakes that couldn’t be overlooked. They were all… safe. Brandon said they’d fallen short on some design elements and technicalities, but all of their clients felt like the best version of themselves. Afterward, Geoffrey said he was terrified, since they’d be letting two go next time. Victoria said she’d wanted them to be less [sic].

Next time, the designers are challenged to be avant-garde, using NYC’s Vessel in Hudson Yards for inspiration. They have to go big or go home.

🏘 Bad Joe…

Catfish, the house edition.


🤹🏼‍♂️ No Moss On Her…

Catching up with Bethenny.


⚰️ Coming To a TV Near You…

Specifically, this Sunday.


🏍 It’s a Mystery…

Having gotten an opportunity to participate in life outside of a screen tomorrow evening, I probably won’t be able to post Friday’s usual until Saturday. That’s if I don’t decide to go off on a motorcycle and find myself…

February 16, 2020 – No Fish Mating Here, Blessed, Catching Up With the Wives, the Dead Is Coming, Maggie U Up & Going Zen For February


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Reza asks Adam if he was playing strip Jenga, which still sounds as stupid as it did last week. Adam says, no, but Reza says Ali told MJ that he had. Adam scoffs that it’s coming from Ali, and says he’s going to bed. He immaturely locks the door, but Reza wants to talk to him. Adam admits, when Reza was out of town, he jokingly told Ali that he’d been playing strip games. Reza says Adam can’t blame anyone other than himself, and he led Ali too deeply into their lives. Now there’s backlash. In Reza’s interview, he says, Ali is a troublemaker who’s befriended all of them. As soon as Adam included him, he was everywhere. We see clips of Ali Making like Zelig. Reza says when they were in Las Vegas, Adam found out Ali was talking sh*t about their personal information. Adam cut Ali out of their lives, and he thought they weren’t looking back. Either Adam is being a d*ck or intentionally trying to hurt him. He tells Adam, there’s nothing left to say right now.

Mike gets his teeth checked by dentist brother David. In Mike’s interview, he says, once your teeth go, you look like a crackhead. They discuss their real estate investment. In his interview, Mike talks about the east Hollywood duplex he and his brothers bought, and we flash back to that. He says the area has now become worthy of developing their proposed 24 units, and they stand to make a lot of money. Brother Jonathan arrives, and Mike shows them some estimates. He says, it’s a lot of risk, but David thinks between the three of them, they can accomplish it. Mike says their trust means a lot to him, and since the majority of the project will be on his shoulders, he’s going to expect a salary. In his interview, he tells us that while his brothers are financially contributing, he’s contributing two years of his life. Jonathan asks him to draw up a proposal, and Mike says, that’s fair.

GG meets friend Sara for lunch. In her interview, GG says she needs positive people around her that have their sh*t together. Sara knew Reza somewhat already, since she was in college with Reza’s cousin, and then met Destiney. We see a clip of Sara offering to help Destiney with her business, and Destiney being snippy about not knowing Sara well. In her interview, Sara says she has an MBA in finance, and wasn’t looking to sell herself to Destiney. She grew up in Indiana, where there was a small Persian community, but her parents grew up in Iran, so they weren’t as Americanized as some families. She watered it down in school. In GG’s interview, she says, where she grew up, there was no Persian culture, so she and Sara are very similar. GG has been googling what helps getting pregnant, and says she read about grunions mating on the beach during the full moon. She thinks watching this will somehow help, or be inspirational, or something.

MJ and Tommy pull into the hospital parking garage. In her interview, MJ says she’s at 36 weeks, and it’s the end of the road. On Christmas Eve, the doctor said her cervix was shrinking, and there was a chance of miscarriage. She had to stay on bedrest for three and a half months. At 34 weeks, it was discovered she was at risk for cholecystitis, a disease that causes the gallbladder to stop functioning. The doctor suggested inducing her at 36 weeks, as the disease causes the stillbirth risk to increase at that time.

Reza calls Destiney, and wants to set up a meeting with Ali. In his interview, Reza says Ali knows more about his husband than he does, and he needs to find out how MJ is connected. Mike goes to the bakery to get dessert for Passover; he’s having twenty-two people over, and it’s his first Passover with Paulina. In Reza’s interview, he says, every high holiday, Mike has a new lady in his life. We flash back to the holidays with Mike’s various girlfriends. Reza says, it’s like a wine pairing. Reza meets Mike, and they eat some pastries as they talk about MJ having the baby. Reza says Tommy texted him that MJ had an emergency C-section, and lost a lot of blood. She needed to have her uterus and one fallopian tube removed. In his interview, he says they imagined the day MJ would give birth, but he didn’t think he’d be happy and worried at the same time. Adam calls Reza, who says he’ll talk to Adam later. He tells Mike that Ali created a problem because of some bullsh*t about naked Jenga. He doesn’t want Ali around, and doesn’t want to associate with people who know him. A rabbi comes by, and ties a small leather box (a tefillin, see link below) around Mike’s head, and Mike asks him to pray for MJ. In Mike’s interview, he says, during Passover, it’s a mitzvah to bless other Jews.

Destiney meets Ali, and they order drinks. She says she didn’t know the extent of the issue with Adam. In her interview, she says she’s upset with Ali, giving out information to hurt a man she’s loved and known for decades. Ali says, he’s uncomfortable too. Reza joins them, and everyone sits in awkward silence for a while. Reza says he has a question about what Ali’s motivation is, and Ali says he’s not being malicious. MJ said Reza wasn’t happy in his relationship, and since she’s his best friend, he trusted her. Reza says he’s known MJ for twenty-five years; how long has Ali known her? Ali says, three years, but if he was in Reza’s shoes, he’d want know that Adam was sending his friends inappropriate texts. He tells Reza that he got them from Adam several times a day, to the point he felt sexually harassed, and Adam has done it to other people. Reza asks if Ali is crazy, and who TF does he think he is? If he says harassment again, Reza is going to knock him into next week. Ali shows Reza a pile of printed out texts. In his interview, Reza says he knows Adam sends out inappropriate texts; he’s sent them to Mike, and also to Reza. Adam doesn’t think an overtly sexual text can come back to haunt him. Ali says Adam was making him uncomfortable, and Reza says, then stop being Adam’s friend. Ali says, he did, and Reza turns on Destiney, saying if she’s friends with Ali, she’s not friends with him. He doesn’t want to be friends with anyone who knows Ali. Ali drops another pile of papers on the table, and Reza throws a drink at Ali. He starts pushing Ali around, and Destiney gets in between them. Reza pushes her away, and stomps off. We see broken glass on the table from the one-man melee.

Outside, Reza calls MJ, and asks if she wanted Ali to confront him about Adam, since she told Ali that he and Adam didn’t have a good relationship. He doesn’t like her sharing anything with that weasel. He doesn’t trust Ali. Inside, Destiney tells Ali to wait, and goes to find Reza. In Reza’s interview, he wonders why MJ would share intimate, sensitive information with someone she knows he hates. MJ says her doctor is there, and Reza says they’ll talk later. Destiney joins Reza, who tells her, Ali just accused his husband of harrassment. Destiney asks if Reza doesn’t think she’s uncomfortable, and he calls Ali a bottom dweller. The plan is simple; if she wants to be friends with Reza, don’t be friends with Ali. In his interview, Reza wonders if he’s the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s done with Ali, and anyone who associates with him

In Mike’s interview, he says it’s the first Passover he’s hosted that included his parents. Nema drops off a $400 T-shirt he borrowed from Mike, and checks out the décor and the food. He tells Mike that he’s going to the beach with GG to watch fish have sex. It’s not a win. He says he’d thought everyone made peace, but now they’re at war again. Nema flashes back to Destiney telling him, it was all king fu and glass breaking. He tells Mike, Reza sent a text saying whoever was going to maintain a relationship with Ali, was terminating their relationship with him. It was group message. Mike says, that’s aggressive, and in his interview, Nema says, there’s always collateral damage in a break-up. Like with his ex-wife. He didn’t expect all his friends to dump him and be friends with her. He reads his reply text to Mike, saying he told Reza that he believed Destiney had his and Adam’s best interests at heart.

MJ loves on baby Shams. In her interview, she says, when the doctor took the baby from her, he pushed Tommy out of the room, and looked like he saw a ghost. He told her the placenta was still attached, and she’d need to have another surgery. If he didn’t remove her uterus, she might die. She woke up from the surgery angry, thinking she’d never be able to have another baby. She felt gutted. We see videos of newborn Shams. She says she didn’t hear back from Reza again.

Reza and Adam do some landscaping, and Reza says he’s not happy with Adam, and doesn’t want to go to Passover seder when they’re not in a good place. They need to talk about why his husband is so dumb, he doesn’t understand boundaries. He tells Adam about Ali showing him the texts. In Reza’s interview, he says he waited a day, since he didn’t want to react. He says, as a married man, Adam can’t talk to anybody like that. It makes Adam look like an idiot, and it’s disrespectful of Reza and their marriage. Adam says he was joking, but Reza says Adam’s not making sense. Adam says when he feels comfortable with someone, he’ll ask them anything. Reza says, that ends today, or he’s going to be divorced. In his interview, Reza says Adam knows he had a terrible roadmap in marriage with his parents. He tells Adam that Ali said Adam was sexually harassing him. The things Adam did humiliated him. In Reza’s interview, he says, if it happens again, it’s irreparable. Adam says he’s disgusted with himself and what he did, but asks Reza not to call him stupid. Reza apologizes for calling Adam stupid, but says he’s angry and disappointed. Adam says, Destiney should have talked to the two of them together, and Reza agrees. He says, he lost his sh*t, and he doesn’t like behaving like that. He’s furious with MJ, sharing information with Ali. He tells Adam, do not, under any circumstances, send anything sexual to anyone other than himself. I’m suddenly noticing how immature Adam seems. I thought he was just quiet.

Mike’s parents, Sue and Shawn, arrive at Mike’s place first. Paulina greets them, but Mike takes his sweet time getting ready. In his interview, Mike says Paulina has brought out the best in him. He’s learned a lot from her, and she’s the reason he’s ready to reinvent himself. The guests arrive, and Mike shows them a long table on the patio, lit by candlelight. Sue says the prayers, and Jonathan tells the story of Passover, and why they eat matzos. Mike says he’s happy they’re sharing Passover together. In Mike’s interview, he says he grew up thinking he wasn’t smart enough or good enough, and his parents validated that. He made a lot of mistakes, and had some failures, but he thinks his parents are proud of him finally becoming the man he wants to be. He thanks everyone for coming.

The caterer puts out an amazing spread, and a toast is made to Mike. Reza asks what Mike and his brothers are breaking ground, and Mike says, in a couple of months. He tells Reza that he’s the project manager. In Reza’s interview, he says he helped Mike build his house, and it was a nightmare. Sue asks if Reza doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and Reza says he’d wanted Mike to sell the property potential without doing the hard work. Sue agrees, and Mike says, you need to take risk to make money, and Sue says, it’s not about the money. In his interview, Mike says he’s forty, and being treated like he’s fourteen. He tells Sue that he respects and loves her, and not to worry.

In her interview, Destiney says, it’s been six months since her mom went to Las Vegas. She has this thing with Ali going on, and no one to catch her. She heads for the beach.

Nema videos GG and her friends walking to the beach, titling it, GG & the Hood Rats. In GG’s interview, she talks about the moon’s energy, and the big bang, and how everything is connected. She says, the moon is the earth’s twin, and we can still feel the energy. She wants to harness that power to make her pregnant. Alrighty then. They get to the beach, but don’t see any fish. In Nema’s interview, he says he was promised fish having sex, and there are no fish having sex. GG is high, maybe she sees fish having sex. GG gets all excited about seeing what she thinks are fish, but it turns out to be seaweed. They talk to a total stranger, who actually understands the whole grunion thing, and says she’s seen it before. GG thinks they’re scaring the fish away.

Nema tells Destiney that he got a text from Adam, saying Reza wants nothing to do with her anymore. She has to make it right with him. She says she didn’t do anything. In her interview, she says they don’t understand her position. Nema suggests she talk to both Reza and Adam, and set the record straight. She tells him that she’s in the middle. GG wants to know what’s going on, and Nema just keeps repeating, make it right. Destiney drops her stuff, and walks away, saying she’s sick of this sh*t. Nema tells GG that Ali should have had the balls to go straight to Reza, and GG says she didn’t know Ali was saying all that, but they’d talked about the information eventually coming out. In her interview, GG says she had a conversation with Ali, and thinks MJ set him and Destiney up. In Destiney’s interview, she says she never had a conversation with MJ. She tells GG about getting an ultimatum from Reza. In GG’s interview, she says she knows what MJ is capable of. We flash back to MJ setting GG up for a fall on a few occasions. Destiney says she needs some time, and walks off by herself. GG catches up to Nema, who asks if she killed Destiney. GG complains that there were no fish.

Fifteen minutes later. The fish come up on the beach.

Shawn tells Mike that he’s obligating himself for two years. Sue says, David and Jonathan are too weak to do the manual labor. Mike should get a salary, but he’ll have to be on top of the job every morning. He’ll have to be there before the workers start, and leave after everyone else is gone. In Mike’s interview, he says his parents have a hard time trusting him. They’ve had to take on his failed attempts at different ventures. We flash back to Mike’s shoe launch, among other unsuccessful projects. Sue says, when he’s fallen, they’ve helped, but they can’t do it this time. Mike is taking a risk with everyone’s investment, and his time. Shawn says, if Mike fails, someone has to step in. In his interview, Mike says, once you have the reputation of effing up, it’s all anyone sees.

Next time, Mike’s parents don’t trust him, GG gets a date for IVF, a storm brews between Reza and MJ, and Destiney faces a possum.

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An explanation of the tefillin.


👠 All Wives All the Time…

All the Wives news that’s fit for Page Six.


⚰️ A Tease…

It’s almost Dead time again.


🔎 Is She Still On This Show…?

Maggie is back. Sort of.


💡 Whose Bright Idea Was It…?

Why does there have to be a short month? We should get three extra days on our bill due dates. Remaining calm…

February 7, 2020 – Nelle Changes Her Game, Shah Catch-Up, Reunion Teases, Dead Conjecture, Five Plus Six Quotes & More Bad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🌬 Apparently ABC thinks they’re my mother. They break in to tell me I should dress warm if I go out tonight.

General Hospital

Ava finds Nikolas at the hospital. He asks what she’s doing there, and she asks how his mother is. He says, much better. His sister is in with her. Ava says, thank God, and hugs him. He says she’s put on her show; she can go now. Ava asks if he doesn’t want the world to know how much he means to her.

Nina sips a martini at the MetroCourt. Valentin comes along, and says, a fully stocked bar, and no Ava? His world no longer makes sense. Nina says she and Ava have buried their respective hatchets, and he says he noticed. He also noticed Ava is trying to drive a wedge between them. She says that’s all on him. He asks if they can talk, and she says, about what? He wants to know exactly what he’s done. He tried to give her what she wanted most in the world. He regrets his methods, and causing her pain of course (🍷), but does he regret doing whatever was in his power to make her happy? He doesn’t.

Lulu tells Laura, she’s only known Dustin a couple of months, and he’s risked his life to save both her mother and daughter. What if he hadn’t been there? Laura says she’s grateful, and Lulu should be too. Lulu says she’s 100% grateful, and Laura says, really? Then explain why Dustin saving her life is making her so tense.

Brook sits at Kelly’s, writing a song. She says, not bad, even if she says so herself. Dustin walks by, and she says, Captain America. Isn’t he supposed to be carrying a shield? He says, only if they’re under attack by dark forces. Otherwise, it gets in the way of him teaching Shakespeare. She says, that’s right. In reality, he’s a humble teacher. He says the thought that’s why she broke up with him; he had no superpowers. She says that makes her sound shallow, and he says she’s making him sound dull. She admits she might have been wrong. His turn. He admits she might have been wrong too.

Ned asks if Michael has seen The Invader. Hero mob target rises; Michael Corinthos impacts the Quartermaine dynasty. It doesn’t read like the end of a news cycle, but more like the start of a problem.

Lucas flashes back to a hazy memory of Brad telling him that Wiley is Michael’s son. Brad asks, what is it? and Lucas says, in the car before the accident. Brad was building up to a confession.

Nina asks if it ever occurred to Valentin that she’s no longer interested in the kind of love he has to offer. She needs  more than his misguided romantic gestures of love. They need to move on from each other. She walks away, and Martin joins Valentin. He says he believes that was Valentin’s ex-wife. What’s got her worked up? Valentin says she’s trying to pretend she doesn’t love him.

Nikolas tells Ava that if she gets any more adoring, people will suspect she’s insincere. She says she is sincere. She’s concerned about Laura. Laura has been good to her, and she respects Laura a great deal. She asks Nikolas to give Laura a list she’s made up of the best rehabs; she already made the calls. He thanks her, and she says just because she doesn’t have a heart for him, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one. He wants her to leave, and says, take his kingdom; take his horse. She says she has those things. Now give the public a convincing kiss goodbye. He leans toward her, and whispers, go away. Go far, go fast, go for good. She kisses him, and he says he’ll see her at home. She walks to the elevator, pondering the kiss.

Brook tells Dustin, it’s a song she’ll never be allowed to sing. He looks at it, and says, her lyrics are better now than… She says, when she got to sing them? He says they’re too good to stay on the page, but she says, they might have to until she gets out of her contract. Anything she sings, writes, or produces belongs to that sleazeball producer. He asks if there’s no way out, and she says her dad is going to intervene; they’ll see. He hopes it happens, and she asks how he can wish her good after she ditched him. He says she’s a musician. Singing is part of her DNA. He stopped writing, but just because it’s not right for him doesn’t mean it’s not good for her. When he watched her sing, he realized it was just a hobby for him. He loved it, and it was fun, but it’s not his passion like it’s hers. Music is her life.

Lucas says he remembers he was angry at Brad. He’d asked Brad a question. He doesn’t remember what it was, but he feels like it was important. Brad has to remember. Brad says, before the accident, he was falling apart. He put his fears and anxiety in perspective when he thought Lucas was going to die. He’s sorry, but he doesn’t know what he said. Julian says it was the most terrifying night of his life. Reliving the fear and worry can’t be good. Lucas needs to focus on his recovery. Lucas says Julian is right. Being alive and awake and going home to Brad and Wiley is all that matters. Willow comes in, and says, Wiley would completely agree. Lucas says he was just thinking about her.

Ned tells Michael, the idea their profits could get caught in an underworld crossfire tends to spook their business partners. Michael says that’s why he’s always been transparent about himself, and how he runs ELQ. It’s completely above board. Ned says that’s what he’s been telling their insurers and prospective partners. Michael asks what else he’s telling them, and Ned says that Michael is the Quartermaine to lead them into the future, and he’s proud to stand at Michael’s side. Michael says he appreciates Ned’s vote of confidence, and Ned says, grandfather told them they’d rise together or fall together. He prized family loyalty. Michael says, even when he was pitting them against each other. Ned says, he was a complex man, with a complex ethical code. Michael says, about the work Ned has been doing… Ned says he’s been happy to help out, but now Michael wants him to step back? Michael says he was going to suggest the opposite. Stay and show the business world that there are two Quartermaines minding the shop. Nelle walks in, and says Michael brought her there so he could kill her.

Lulu tells Laura that she thinks it’s wonderful how Dustin rushes in to help with no thought about himself. Laura says, but it scares her. Lulu says, it does. After what she went through with Dante, she doesn’t think she has it in her to fall in love with another hero.

Brook tells Dustin, it’s a dirty trick, proving nice guys can be… He says, nice? She says she has to meet her dad and Linc. She wishes Dustin could  take out the villain for her, but he says his tights are in the wash. She thanks him for what he said, and he tells her, anytime. About her voice… She tells him, don’t ruin it now, but he says he always thought of that as her superpower. She hopes so, and tells him to give holier-than-thou her best.

Brad tells Willow, it’s not a good time. Lucas needs to rest. She promises she won’t stress him out, and Lucas says he thinks it’s harder on Brad than him. He was unconscious, but Brad had to deal with that, the hospital, and taking care of Wiley. Brad says, the whole family pitched in; Lucas’s mom and sister, and Julian. Willow says, and Michael has been amazing. Wiley adores him. Lucas says, Michael is so good with kids. He’ll make a fantastic father someday. Willow says, Michael loves Wiley as if Wiley was his own. Brad and Julian look at each other.

Ned says he doesn’t know if Michael is trying to kill Nelle, but turnabout is fair play. Michael wonders what his scheme must be, and Nelle says, the boathouse is cold and damp. He says, it has central heating, and she says she can hear the water, and she has men peeking in; there’s no privacy. He says she should be used to it after Pentenville, and Ned says, the groundskeepers are just doing their job. Nelle says she wants proper living arrangements, and Michael says she’s right. The boathouse isn’t suitable. He’ll send for her bags – and place them at the side of the road. She says she’ll go stay with Brad; it’s cozy, hanging out there with him and Wiley. Michael says, it might be crowded now that Lucas is awake.

Martin says until the issue with the codicil is resolved, he’s making sure Nikolas doesn’t get his hands on any of the Cassadine money. Valentin says at least they know where it is, and that Nikolas can’t move it around, and Martin says, for the moment. He can’t keep the DNA test at bey. Valentin wonders, why wait? If they do the test, the codicil will be rendered useless. Martin says, it might be counter-productive, no matter what the result. If Valentin gives them his DNA, he’s conceding the codicil is legitimate. Valentin says, it’s one of Helena’s games. Cassadine blood is in his veins, and if he has to spill some of it, so be it.

Nelle says, how wonderful for Brad, and Michael says he thinks so. Brad has a soft spot for Nelle, but there’s no way in hell Lucas is going to let her near Wiley. He says he can have her things sent to a motel of her choice, bur she thinks he’s being hasty. If he throws her out, how is he going to access her shares? He asks if she wants to negotiate, and she says, it depends on how much it’s worth to him and his family to be done with her once and for all.

Willow says she’s sending Lucas some photos. She took one every day so he wouldn’t miss anything. Julian says that was nice of her, and Lucas thanks her, saying he probably won’t remember anything after Thanksgiving. He knows it’s not uncommon to lose time, but can’t help thinking there’s something else he forgot. Brad tells him, the doctors said not to push it, and Lucas says, it’s fine. He has all the photos, so it’s like he never missed anything.

Lulu says, it’s wrong for her to resent Dustin being brave, and Laura says she’s a woman who feared for her husband’s life every day of her marriage, but this is different. Dante was a cop; Dustin is an English teacher who was in the right place at the right time. Lulu says, three times, and Laura says, even so. She doesn’t think he was looking to make it happen. Lulu says, she’s right. Laura is always right. Laura says, not always, and Lulu says she has to get Nikolas. He’s been hanging around, waiting to visit. Laura wonders what’s stopping him, and Lulu says she told him that Laura could just have one visitor at the time. Laura says, she lied? and Lulu says, of course (🍷). After what he put them through, it was the least she could do. Laura tells her, falling in love is always a risk, but only she can decide when she’s ready to take it.

Nina goes to the gallery, and says she’s glad Ava is at work. It would be awkward to try and see her at Windymere. Ava asks why Nina wants to see her at all, and Nina says Ava made it a point to show up at Crimson. She thought she’d return the favor. Ava says, it’s a little unexpected, and Nina says she’s not sure if they’ll ever be friends in the traditional sense, but non-traditionally, they’re comrades in arms; Sisters united against the Cassadine men. Ava says she loves where this is headed, and Nina says she disgraced one at the altar, and Ava dragooned one into marriage. They never saw it coming. Who says revenge isn’t sweet? Ava says, not her.

Nikolas asks how Laura is feeling, and she says she’s always up for a visit from her kids. He says, it’s nice to know someone in the family is speaking to him. She says, his sister just did, but he says she texted him, and then left without looking at him. She says he has to be patient with Lulu. Her daughter almost died trying to prove her secret bodyguard existed. He says he never saw that coming, but she says he never really thought about Charlotte. He only thought about one thing – revenge; the rest of them didn’t matter. He asks how she can say that, and she says she’s his mother. She can’t love him and indulge his fantasies at the same time. The obsessive need for revenge is a Cassadine trait. If he’s not careful, he’ll end up being as hateful and bitter as the Cassadines who came before him. He tells her Spencer said something like that before cutting him out of his life.

Brad says he’ll check with Michael about Wiley, and steps out of the room. Julian’s phone rings, and he says, it’s work; he has to take it. He sees Brad in the hallway, and asks, what the hell is going on? Brad asks if he doesn’t see it’s over. Lucas doesn’t remember the truth about Wiley. Julian says, not now, but that doesn’t mean he won’t. Brad tells him, the doctors said it’s highly unlikely. Julian says, Brad sees a man who doesn’t remember; he sees a ticking time bomb. Everything Willow says is a potential trigger, and the more she talks to Lucas, the more chances the bomb will go off and destroy the both of them.

Valentin asks Martin how the impending acquisition is going. Martin says, well. As far as he can tell, the next target will soon be in position.

Brook meets Ned at the MetroCourt, and he says she’s late. They needed time to go over their strategy. Brook says she thought the strategy was to just let him do the talking. Ned says Linc will do what he can to bush Brook’s buttons, but if she loses her temper, she’ll lose everything. Brook says she’s supposed to act like it means nothing, but Linc is literally holding her voice hostage. She gets it; she’ll follow Ned’s lead. Ned tells her not to let Linc get under her skin. Linc comes out of the elevator, and Ned says, show time. Ned thanks Linc for meeting him, and Linc says he can’t tell Ned how much he’s looking forward to working with Eddie Maine.

Laura tells Nikolas, Spencer is hurting. He also has a knack for grand gestures. She expects Spencer will shut Nikolas out for a while, but doesn’t believe he’ll hang on to his anger forever. Nikolas asks if Laura would speak to Spencer, but Laura says, to urge Spencer to take Nikolas back into his life before he’s ready would be disrespectful of his feelings. She stood by Spencer when he mourned Nikolas, and she’ll stand by him as he comes to terms with what Nikolas has done. Nikolas says he thought not being dead would be good news. He never thought his retuning would be more painful than him staying away.

Lulu thanks Dustin for waiting at Kelly’s. He says he thought they were meeting at the hospital, and she says they were. But if he ever wants everyone to know his business, just whisper it at GH in an empty hallway. By the time he gets to the end of the hallway, all the nurses will have formed an opinion. He gets it, and asks what they’re talking about. She says, us.

Dustin asks if it’s something he’s done or hasn’t done, and Lulu says, since they’ve been seeing each other, there have been an unusual number of… Dustin says, incidents? She asks what he means, and he says in addition to her mother and Curtis walking in on them… Lulu tells him to never bring that up again, and he says, Charlotte jumped int the harbor, and there was a bar fight. Does she always attract this sort off… She says, incident? He says he doesn’t think she caused them, but what’s a guy got to do to get a quiet night home?

Lucas says, it sounds like Willow did a lot, and she says she pitched in. Brad hired her as Wiley’s nanny, but it didn’t end well. He asks, why not? Wiley loves her, and Brad trusts her. She says, Brad has been fragile since the accident; emotionally unpredictable and moody. Lucas says, more than before the accident? and she says she thinks so. Honestly, she’s deeply concerned, but maybe now the worst is behind them, and Brad will find his footing now that he knows Lucas is okay. If they need anything, she’s there to help. Lucas thanks her.

Michael says, if Nelle agrees to the terms, he’ll arrange a money transfer immediately after she signs. Then she can live wherever she wants, provided that when her parole is complete, she never comes back to Port Charles. She asks how much he’s offering, and looks at the paperwork.

Linc says, Brook is under contract, and Ned says, it’s a sweet deal for Linc. He has her doing 99% of the work, while he takes 99% of the payout. Linc says he’s making 100% of it happen. If not for him, she wouldn’t have a deal at all. Ned suggests he test that, and release her. Let her find out for herself. Linc says he can’t do that in good conscience. When Brook’s feelings get hurt, she lashes out. Ned asks if that’s how he describes her reaction to his sexual assault. Linc says he didn’t assault her or anyone else. He’s an affectionate guy; ask anyone. He’s never had a problem with it being misconstrued; it was a friendly gesture. Brook is obviously having a hard time keeping quiet, and Ned tries to hold her back. Ned says, touching someone intimately without consent. It happens all the time these days, but as they say, time’s up. Do what’s best for everyone involved. Ned slides a check toward Linc, saying it’s the projected revenue of Brook’s next three albums, and the cost incurred. He’ll get all of the reward with doing none of the work. Linc says he’s not interested. Brook can cut an album for him, or stay quiet. If she sings a single note, it’s his.

Nikolas tells Laura, as soon as she’s well enough, he’s moving her and Doc into Windymere. She says, absolutely not, but Nikolas says, one mob shooting is more than enough. He wants to make sure she’s protected. She says she has a security detail, but he says, it’s not the same. She asks if he’s discussed it with the lady of the manor, and he tells her, Ava has no say in what happens at Windymere. She asks if he’d care to put that theory to the test. It’s hard to believe Ava handed over the codicil without laying claim to something. What is the arrangement costing him?

Ava tells Nina, a romance-free marriage is practical. She got what she wanted, Nikolas got what he wanted, and if they both follow the rules of the post-nup, everything will stay in place. Nina asks, what rules? and Ava says, like with any business arrangement, there are consequences if they don’t abide by the contract. Nina asks what she means, and Ava says, cheating. If one of them commits adultery, they forfeit what they’ve got. Nina says, no sex outside marriage is pretty standard. At least they have each other. Ava says, who said anything about sex inside the marriage?

Willow asks if Lucas is sure about this, and he says he thinks it’s the best decision for everyone involved. And it will be a huge favor. Brad comes back in. He feels better to see Lucas happy, awake, and talking. Lucas says, it’s going to be a while before he’s 100%, and Brad will be taking care of him, Wiley, and working. Julian says there are a lot of people who love Lucas. Brad won’t be alone, and they can help until Lucas is back on his feet. Lucas says he knows, but instead of a revolving door of concerned family and friends, he has a better solution. Until he’s back on his feet, he’s hired Willow to keep taking care of Wiley.

Lulu asks Dustin how a bottle of merlot, popcorn, and a mutually agreed upon movie sound? They’ll be no more than three feet from her sofa. He says, no gangsters, or creeps, or kids jumping into open water? Lulu says they can always hang out at he docks and pick a fight with a longshoreman. It’s up to him. He kisses her, and says he thinks a movie at her place is the right kind of quiet.

Brook says she either sings for Linc or stays quiet? Quiet isn’t her thing. She’ll go on record about the sexual harassment. Linc says he looks forward to winning the libel suit. The judge will order her to make even more albums for him. She says, next time he puts his hand on her ass, she’ll cut it off. Ha-ha! That reminds me of the time I told my boss, if he wanted to keep his hand, he’d be taking it out of my back pocket. Brook walks away, and Ned says he comes from a family that has an army of lawyers. One phone call, and they’ll eat Linc alive in ways he can’t imagine. Then he’ll sit back and watch with his daughter, or Linc can take the check. Choose wisely. Ned gets up, and tells Linc, it’s a one-time offer, and goes to join Brook.

Nina tells Ava, let her get this straight. There’s no sex outside the marriage, and no sex inside the marriage. Ava says she can hold out as long as Nikolas can. Nina doesn’t know about that. Ava and Nikolas are both attractive, healthy people with needs. Ava says, exactly. Nikolas is a passionate man, and this this game of chicken ends when he gives into his urges. One indiscretion, and she wins. Nina asks how long Ava thinks it will take, and Ava says she has the feeling it will be sooner rather than later. Much sooner.

Nikolas tells Laura, don’t worry; they have an agreement. Laura says, that’s what worries her. She can’t bear the thought of Nikolas spending his life trapped in a loveless marriage. He says, believe him. He has no intention of staying married to Ava for the rest of his life.

Nelle says, it’s the same offer she tore up earlier, but Michael says there are added incentives. She says she’s not a CEO, but she knows a goldmine when it’s in her hand, and this isn’t it. He says, no more games. What does she want? She says, apparently more than he’s willing to give her. She’ll find a buyer who’ll treat her with the respect she deserves. She walks out, and makes a call.

Martin’s phone rings, and Nelle asks if he remembers the item they were talking about selling. She’s ready to entertain offers. Does he know what she’s looking for? He says, a life changing number, and she asks if he can deliver. He believes so, and says he’ll be in touch. He goes over to Linc, and says Linc was saying Brook would do anything, give anything, to get out of her contract? He’ll be in touch.

Valentin’s phone rings, and Martin asks if he remembers the acquisition Valentin wanted him to expedite? They’re about to go shopping. Valentin says, wonderful. He’s looking forward to joining their family.

On Monday, Anna needs to know about Finn’s conversation with Sam, Spinelli is moving back to Port Charles, Neil tells Alexis that they want her to testify, Carly asks if Brando knew who she was when he saved her, and Sonny tells Jason they were totally exposed.

🌴 Drama On Sunset…

I can’t believe it’s been over a year.


Catching up. Tommy and Baby Shams’s matching PJs are too much.


🛥 Tastes Like Reunion…

A Reunion tease.


Captain Lee calls ‘em like he sees ‘em.


A precap of the Reunion, as well as a video of the Captain and Kate dishing about the season and yachting in general on Reality Check. Stay tuned for Adam and Jenna (Below Deck Sailing Yacht) afterward.


And the most important thing – what are they wearing?


⚰️ Walking Into a New Season…

According to the comics.


Nerd speculation and the trailer.




And Beyond.


🖨 Quotes of the Week

If you have a boy, you only have to worry about one penis. If you have a girl, you have to worry about them all. – Herb (Ryan Stiles), Two and a Half Men

Maybe you think you’ll be entitled to more happiness later by forgoing all of it now, but it doesn’t work that way. – Ann Brashares

In a surprise twist, I made more than I could eat. – Doug (Kevin James), King of Queens

Faith is realizing that you always get what you need.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

It’s not a scrapbook; it’s a freezer. – Paul (Paul Reiser), Mad About You

If I’m wrong, educate me, don’t belittle me. – unknown, from YourTango article on how public shaming can be harmful

Don’t wait for the right moment to start, start and make each moment right. – Roy T. Bennett

I’m an underachiever, not an idiot. – Jake, (Angus T. Jones), Two and a Half Men

I don’t want to hear the specials. If they’re so special, put ’em on the menu.Jerry Seinfeld

Life gives us choices. You either grab on with both hands and just go for it, or you sit on the sidelines. – Christine Feehan

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

🥀 No Hearts & Flowers Here…

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