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April 1, 2019 – Peter Fesses Up, Vanderpump Rules Mexico, a Lisa Laugh, Finale Letdown, After the Reunion, Camille’s Bunny in Vegas, No Wives Allowed & Some Glitter


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny and Carly visit Lulu. They want to check on Dante and see how he’s settling in. Sonny asks how Dante is doing, and Lulu says, Dante is gone.

Franco sees Doc being led into the courtroom. They look at each other. Doc says, it’s been a while, and Franco says, sure has. Doc is sorry they can’t speak privately, but he regrets what Ryan put Franco through. Franco says if he regrets what other people do, he’ll have a lot of material to work with. Doc should regret what he did to him.

Alexis sees Laura in the hospital waiting area. She has the papers. Laura’s marriage to Doc is dissolved as soon as she’s ready to sign.

Nina asks what Maxie and Peter are up to. Maxie says they ran a DNA test on her and Sasha. Nina asks why? and Maxie says they wanted to be sure Sasha was really her daughter. Nina says, she is, and tells Maxie to open it, so they can see the results. Valentin frowns. Sasha looks nervous.

Sonny asks where Dante went, and Lulu tells him, he didn’t say. Carly asks, what’s going on? and Lulu says Dante told her that he needed go away, but didn’t know for how long. He needs to fix himself. Sonny asks what he meant, but Lulu doesn’t know. Whatever happened when he was undercover, he feels like he’s no longer in control, and could be dangerous somehow. Sonny says Dante seemed wound up, but he didn’t notice anything. Then again, they were always in the middle of something dangerous in Turkey. When they came back, he noticed something was bothering Dante, but he thought Dante was adjusting. Lulu says, that’s what she thought, then suddenly he was talking about leaving. Carly says she’s sorry. Lulu says, when she saw him, it was like waking up from a nightmare. He was home, and they could put all the bad behind them. She should have known better, and feels stupid, thinking they could pick up their lives like nothing happened. Rocco comes out, and asks if Lulu is mad. He thought she’d said everything was okay.

Valentin tells Maxie and Peter that it’s an exercise in futility, proving what’s already been proven. They have the results. Does it prove otherwise? Maxie says, the test shows that Sasha really is Nina’s daughter.

Doc tells Franco that he’s sorry. He understands Franco feels betrayed. Franco says that’s because Doc betrayed him. He has something to say without steel bars between them. He trusted Doc. He knew Doc wasn’t a friend, but least thought Doc was a concerned party, and thought Doc was looking out for him. Instead, it was a way to help his crazy brother. He neglected to say he was hiding his serial killer brother, who framed Franco for his crimes. He murdered Kiki, and enjoyed it, bastard that he was. Franco says he’s done with Doc, and therapy. And even if he’s not done with therapy, he’s done with Doc. Doc should never try to help anyone again. Franco leaves, and Elizabeth says she’s sorry that happened. Doc tells her, don’t be. He’s alone in this, and has no one to blame but himself.  Lucy joins them, and says he’s not alone.

Alexis tells Laura the original divorce is null and void, since Doc’s signature was forged, and she signed under duress. She says divorce is no-fault in their state; both parties leave with what they came in with. Is she okay? Laura says she is, and sits. Alexis asks if she’s having second thoughts. Laura doesn’t know if she can trust again. Doc withheld something for months, and it had devastating consequences. People died. She doesn’t know how to reconcile that with the fact that she still loves him.

Doc asks what Lucy is doing there, and she says he’s her best friend. Where else would she be? He says, no one else came. He’s surprised she doesn’t hate him too. She says harboring and treating Ryan in secret wasn’t his finest moment, but she never thought of friendship as fair weather. If that was the case, she wouldn’t have any friends. She wasn’t as involved in the Ryan situation, but knows from experience, that sometimes you can make the worst decisions based on the best intentions. She thinks maybe that should be the title of her memoir. She’s not turning her back on him, now or ever. He thanks her, and she says he didn’t make it easy. She called everyone, and none of them were representing him. He says finding a lawyer was tougher than he anticipated. No one wanted to touch his case, so he brought in a lawyer from out of state. Lucy says, they better be good. He says he hears they’re one of the best. Nora Buchannan comes in, and introduces herself.

Rocco says Lulu told him that dad was home, and everything would be okay. Lulu says he has every right to feel scared, hurt, or anything else he’s feeling. Rocco wants his dad back. Sonny says he’s sorry Rocco’s dad isn’t there, but does Rocco want to show him some skills with the gaming system Sonny got him for Christmas? He and Rocco leave the room, and Carly and Lulu go into the kitchen. Carly asks what Lulu needs, but Lulu says she’s fine. Carly says she’s not fine. She knows Lulu is holding it together. Lulu says she’s not falling apart. She didn’t the first time, and won’t now. The silver lining is that she and her mom can be there for each other. Her husband is gone for she doesn’t know how long, and her mother barely recognizes hers.

Laura tells Alexis the fact is, Doc was treating his brother in secret for so long. He knew he was doing something wrong, but she wants to know what he thought permitted him to do that. She wants to understand. Alexis says she’s not in a position to judge Laura. Her marriage to Julian, and it’s downfall, is well-documented.  Laura guesses there are parallels. Alexis says Julian withheld that his sister was alive, and hurt a lot of people, including her. Laura asks if Alexis was able to forgive Julian, but Alexis says, no, she wasn’t.

Doc tells Nora, pardon the cuffs, but she says she’s used to it. He asks how her trip was, and she tells him that she’s here to provide a service for him; his concern for her has to take a backseat. She tells the guard she wants to speak to her client in private, and he lets them into the empty courtroom. Lucy follows them. Doc says his colleagues speak highly of Nora, and Lucy says she knew that she recognized Nora. She’s the one who was on TV, defending that whack job, Olivia Jerome. Nora says that was her, and everyone deserves a defense. Lucy hopes she was well paid.

Valentin asks why anybody is surprised. He had two separate DNA tests done by Curtis, using two different independent labs. Did they think he wasn’t going to make sure the results were irrefutable before he brought them to Nina? Nina asks what they were thinking, and Maxie says she owes Nina an apology. Nina says she owes Sasha one too, but Sasha says they were just looking out for Nina. Nina asks why they questioned the original test results, and Peter says, because the found out Obrecht was holding something over Valentin.

Peter says Valentin intervened when he wanted to press charges against Obrecht. Valentin says he did it for James, and to keep their family intact. Peter says he did it because of Maxie. Valentin wonders how this also raised the possibility that he’d produced a fake daughter. Maxie says they didn’t want to see Nina hurt. Nina says she is – by Maxie. Peter says the test didn’t tell them what they already didn’t know, but Nina says it told her that Maxie went behind her back to order a test Nina didn’t ask for or want. Does Maxie think she can’t make her own judgments? Can’t she be happy? Does Maxie have to be the one to decide if she’s happy, or her daughter is real? Maxie says she’s so sorry, and wants to make it up to Nina. What does she need? Nina says she needs space, and leaves. On the side, Sasha asks if Valentin wants to tell her what all that was about.

Lucy tells Nora that she didn’t mean to sound judgmental. Everyone deserves a defense. She introduces herself, and Nora says she makes a valid point. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. In Doc’s case, he was trying to do good, and it backfired, but he has the benefit of not being present during Ryan’s reign of terror. A lack of intent on his part can be clearly seen. Margaux comes in, and she and Nora introduce themselves. Margaux says she should have realized that the case was high profile enough to draw a high profile attorney. She asks where Nora is from, and Nora says Llanview; it’s near Philadelphia. Margaux says she’s always been a Pine Valley person herself. (Ha-ha-ha! Not only a nod to All My Children, but Elizabeth Henderickson, aka Margaux, used to be on AMC.) Margaux steps away, and Doc tells Nora that he thinks she’s misunderstanding. He retained her in the hope of negotiating a more lenient sentence. He’s pleading guilty,

Sonny says Rocco is way too good at this game, and asks if he’s not a challenge. Rocco says the game is fine. Sonny asks if he misses his dad. Rocco nods, and Sonny says, so does he. He wishes he’d had the chance to say goodbye. Rocco says if he had, maybe his dad would have stayed, but Sonny says, no. His dad left because it was the best thing for him to keep them safe. He had to get help, so he can be a better father to Rocco and Charlotte, and a better husband to their mom. Rocco wishes his dad was better now. Sonny says his dad would want someone to take care of Rocco’s mom. Does he think he can handle that while his dad is gone? Rocco smiles and nods, and Sonny says he’ll back him up.

Carly tells Lulu that Doc is partly to blame, but Lulu says when she was doing research, she discovered that Ryan was a master manipulator. No doubt he worked Doc the same way he worked all of them. They can point fingers, but at the end of the day, the only one who’s a guilty party is Ryan Chamberlain himself.

Lucy tells Doc, absolutely not. Doc says he hid the truth, and had Ryan secretly committed under an alias in the hopes of rehabilitating him, and people died. Lulu nearly died. He has to take responsibility for his actions. Nora says, his actions, but not Ryan’s. There are loopholes they can exploit, and she’s confident she can get the sentence reduced. If he pleads guilty, he’s at the mercy of the court. It won’t bring back one person. The bailiff calls the court to order. Nora asks for a brief continuance, but the judge says, it’s an arraignment, not a trial. She asks if the DA is ready, and Margaux says, yes. The judge says, The State of New York versus Kevin Collins. The charges are obstruction of justice, and aiding and abetting a known fugitive. Does he understand? He does, and she asks how he pleads.

Elizabeth suggests she and Franco go home, but he wants to punch a wall. She knows he feels awful. He says he’s used to that, but he feels like a fool. Doc tricked him into telling his secrets, and he was an unwitting accomplice to him rehabilitating his brother. Elizabeth says Doc did do Franco some good. Franco asks if she’s defending that bastard. Seriously?

The judge asks Doc for his plea again, and he says, not guilty. Nora requests that her client be released on bail. The judge asks if the state objects, and Margaux says, it most certainly does. Nora says he’s not a danger to anyone, but Margaux says he was able to keep a fugitive hidden. He has the means and persuasive skills to flee the jurisdiction. Nora says he’s freely cooperated with law enforcement. Sitting behind them, Lucy wiggles around, waving her hand like she knows the answer to the teacher’s question. She asks if she can say something, and Nora asks if she can have a character witness before the bail decision. The judge allows it, and Lucy comes forward.

Lucy says she’s the former CEO of Coco Cosmetics, and is now a real estate agent. She babbles about the Nurses’ Ball, and says she just wrote a book about Port Charles. She can get the judge a copy. Nora coughs, and Lucy says what she needs to tell her honorship, is that she’s known Doc well for a long time. She was married to him twice. He’s goodness and graciousness personified. If you fall down, he picks you up, and gives a supportive ear to anyone who needs it. In context, he never runs, and is a champion for what is right. He understands this is serious, and he’s not going anywhere. He’s going to stand and fight. He’s not a flight risk, but if it eases her honorship’s worries, Lucy would be happy take him into her own custody. The judge tells Doc to surrender his passport, and sets bail at $150K. Margaux says she’ll see them in court. Nora and Doc high five.

Alexis tells Laura that Doc and Julian aren’t cut from the same cloth. Doc is kind and decent by nature, and Julian is Julian. Laura doesn’t know what to do, but Alexis says, there’s no timetable to mending a broken heart or signing the documents. She tells Laura to take her time. It will be fine whether she signs or nor. No worries. Laura thanks her. Alexis starts to go, but Laura’s phone dings, and she asks Alexis to wait. There’s something else she’d like help with.

Sasha tells Valentin that he should have explained things to her, but he says the result would have been more questions. He asks her to excuse him, and leaves.

Peter asks Maxie if she’s okay; Nina was tough on her. She doesn’t blame Nina. If the positions were reversed, she’d feel the same way. She says it’s still important to know the truth, and can’t say she’d do it different. She thanks him for his help. He says they made a good team; wrong conclusions aside. She says they did, and he guesses it’s over now. They’ll back to their own lives. She says he’s right. She’ll see him around. He starts to follow her, but then stops. She goes into the elevator.

Nina ponders in her office. Valentin comes in, and asks if she wants space from him too. She wants to ask him something, and he says, ask away. She says Peter said Obrecht was blackmailing him. He asks what does she think? and Nina says he’s been treating her differently. He let her crash their engagement celebration. She thought he was making an effort, but is Obrecht holding something over him? He says, yeah.

Elizabeth tells Franco, she’s not defending Doc, but what he did doesn’t negate their work. He can be mad – she is – but don’t throw away the progress he and Doc made together.

Nora says it could have gone either way. Lucy thinks her wonderful testimony had everything to do with it. Doc says she’s a good friend. She means world to him, standing by him. Lucy says she has some arrangements to take care of, and steps away. Nora thanks Doc for taking her advice. Falling on his sword wouldn’t do anyone any good. He says a lot of people suffered, and he thought it would bring closure, especially to his wife. Nora says, but he chose to fight. Despite his martyr act, he knows he doesn’t belong in prison. She asks if she’s still on retainer. He says she is, and she says she has to settle the bail. The bailiff says it’s been paid. Doc looks at Lucy on the phone.

Carly tells Lulu to call if she needs support. Lulu says Dante didn’t leave on a business trip, and she has no idea if he’ll come back. Carly understands, but thinks he left to keep them safe, and thinks he’ll be back. Lulu says he told her not wait. She said she’d wait forever, but the fact that he said that… Carly is so sorry. Sonny comes out, and says Rocco is tired of beating him. He’s ready to go to sleep. Carly says they can stay, but Lulu thinks Rocco has the right idea. Enough for today. Sonny says she can count on them, and they leave. Lulu tells Rocco it’s past his bedtime. Rocco knows he’s not a baby, but she can tuck him in, right? She says, of course; she’ll be right up. When he’s gone, she sits on the steps, and tries not to cry.

Nina asks Valentin what he did. He says he doesn’t know how Obrecht got the information, but she knows Nina was the one who injected Cassandra with a fatal dose of opioids. Nina asks how she knows, but he says, it doesn’t matter. She says, it does. She had Obrecht’s back when she kidnapped Peter, and set fire to the stables. She had Obrecht’s back the entire time, and now she’s using something Nina did to blackmail him? Why? He can’t answer that, but Nina says she will, and starts to walk out. He says, don’t.

Valentin tells Nina that he thinks Obrecht may be bluffing. She hasn’t asked for anything else since she got the job. She got what she wants. She loves James, in her weird way cares about Nina, and right now there’s peace between them. Nina says, let sleeping dogs lie? He says, right. There’s no telling what Obrecht will do if cornered. He’ll be keeping an eye on her. He’s sorry. Nina tells him, stop protecting her, and he says, as if that would happen. She doesn’t like that he did this, but it makes her love him even more. She kisses him.

Sasha orders a vodka on the rocks, and wonders what Valentin did. Peter approaches her, and apologizes. He says they didn’t mean to imply she’s a con artist. She knows they’re trying to protect Nina, and she’s grateful. Nina is an incredible woman. Peter tells the bartender to put it on his tab. It’s the least he can do. He says he’ll see her around. She sips her drink, and tells the bartender that she’s going to need another.

There’s a knock on Lulu’s door. It’s Maxie, who says, that settles it. She was wondering if she was spending too much time with Peter. She looks at Lulu, and asks, what’s going on? Lulu falls into her arms, crying.

Carly tells Sonny that she didn’t want to say anything in front of Lulu, but she and Jason saw Dante earlier at the MetroCourt. A waitress dropped tray, and he freaked. She’s no expert, but it looked like PTSD. Sonny isn’t surprised. He had a sense Dante was struggling. He wishes Dante had come to him, but he’s doing what has to, to protect his family. He can’t say he’d do different. Carly says, in some ways, they’re nothing alike, but in others, they’re the same. Does he think Dante will find his way back home? Sonny says, he’s too much like his dad not to.

On the phone, Lucy says, fantastic. It’s a win-win. Ta! She tells Doc, it’s all settled. Doc thanks her, and she says, for what? He says she posted his bail, but he’ll pay her back. She says she didn’t. Her book is doing well, but she hasn’t made that much. As much as she’d love to be his angel, she didn’t post bail. He says, if it wasn’t her, who did?

Laura thanks Alexis for helping her with the transaction. We see the bail receipt on her phone.

Todd thanks Elizabeth for putting his head back on straight. She asks if he still wants to punch a wall, but he thinks he wants to go home instead. Alexis sees them, and says she was going to call. Franco says, this can’t be good. She says it concerns them and Laura. She needs them back for a meeting on the tenth floor. Laura says, everyone? She says, it’s a long list. It’s about Gail’s bequest to the hospital. Her final instructions will be announced then.

Tomorrow, Epiphany tells Elizabeth that they’re a team, Bonnie tells Felicia that she was expecting her, and Lucy tells Doc this is where he’s meant to be.

Vanderpump Rules

We backtrack a little. Schwartz says, so much for vacation sex, and Katie says he sounds like a d-bag. In the next room, Tom tells Ariana, it sounds like vintage Schwartz and Katie. Katie curls up on the bed. Schwartz tells her that she’s a naturally contentious person; just say she’s upset. She does deserve love. She says she’s felt left out of his life, and he wishes she’d just said that and not been aggressive. He doesn’t care about first class, and she says she doesn’t either. He gets it. It’s not about the seat on the plane; it’s about their relationship. In his interview, he says if he’s learned anything, it’s don’t take the upper hand. He spoons her, and they apologize. He says she’s important to him, and she says he’s got to let her know that.

Back at SUR, candles are lit, and Lisa arranges flowers. Puffy! Chef Joe comes out, and says he’ll make her a special dinner. Her phone rings. It’s Tom, who tells her that they just got to the hotel, and it’s spectacular. She tells him, have a laugh and have fun. When they get back is when the work is going to start. In Lisa’s interview, she says she appreciates his interest, but he needs to relax, and let her fine tune everything. She’s got this. She tells him to take one of Kristen’s chill pills. He says if she has any, she doesn’t take them. Lisa says she’ll text him every hour. He says, every seven minutes, and she says, goodbye.

Kristen insists this will be a freak-out free vacation. Rooming alone might be the key.

Stassi says it’s the first trip where she’s had a boyfriend along who wanted to come. Scheana and Lala get ready to go out. Scheana asks if Lala is drinking tonight. In her interview, Lala says, after losing her dad, she was a hot mess. Her mind is in a more positive space now, and she feels she can have a few drinks. She wants to celebrate. Scheana says, you do you, and Lala says, exactly right.

The group gathers for dinner at a table on the sand. Brittany tells Jax that she feels fine, even though technically, she’s not supposed to be drinking at all. He doesn’t want her to, but he’s not telling her what to do. She’s a big girl. Stassi says tonight, the girls are skinny dipping. Tom makes a toast. He appreciates their support, while he and Schwartz went through the creation of TomTom. He’s arranged for them to have ATVs tomorrow. They’ll end up at a nice waterfall. Kristen wants to make a speech, and says she’s not throwing a drink on anyone tonight. We flash back to her dousing James. She thinks the best thing to do is drink, but not get hammered. Then you don’t fight with people. Stassi whispers to Beau, if they get married, Kristen is not giving a speech. In her interview, Stassi says, Kristen giving a speech on moderation, is like Scheana giving a seminar on how to be single and not need a man. Stassi talks about other vacations, and last year’s pillowgate. We flash back to that. Jax says he still believes what he said, and explains how the pillows were wedged. Stassi says somebody probably wanted to sit there, not have sex, and he says that’s her opinion. In Scheana’s interview, she says if Kristen was hearing this, she’d probably break Jax’s nose, and toss him in the ocean. Britanny says, no way does he believe that, but he says, on his father. The food comes. I look at my bowl of chicken soup, and sigh.

Tom asks if Schwartz and Kate are good. He and Ariana heard them arguing. Geez, does no one have a filter or even just a sense of appropriate timing anymore? Schwartz admits he checked out of the relationship while they were putting TomTom together, but wishes she’d have come to him instead of doing the passive/aggressive thing. Lala says, you can’t change the way a person is. Ariana asks if Lala wants grab a drink at the bar. In Ariana’s interview, she says Lala has been lashing out since her dad died. She understands, but it’s not okay to hurt others because you’re hurt.

Ariana tells Lala that she’s worried Lala’s aggressiveness is going to reflect on her, and the customers will see. She could lose her job. Lala says she can’t have people saying she’s using her dad as an excuse without seeing red. Ariana says she told Billie that she looked boring, after all Billie has been through. Lala says she’s not going to take someone being a bitch to her without being one herself. She’s not sorry. In Lala’s interview, she says you’d think Ariana would understand the most about what she’s going through. Her family has one less family member, and they liked that family member a lot. Ariana tells her some of the things she says are low blows, but Lala says, they low blowed her. Ariana says, the year her dad passed away, was when Kristen said Tom had cheated with her. We flash back to a million years ago. She says she had people calling her a homewrecker, but she held her sh*t together so hard. Lala says, that’s not fine. Ariana can’t expect for her to not rip people’s heads off when they come at her. If they had been friends back then, she’d have ripped heads off for Ariana. There’s not a right or wrong way to grieve. Ariana suggests, if Lala is seeing red, and they’re in the same room, to seek Ariana out and alert her. Lala agrees, and in her interview, Ariana is cautiously optimistic.

Brittany says, let’s go party! In their taxi, or limo, or whatever it is, Stassi asks, who’s going to the beach? and Tom says, whoever isn’t going, can come to his room and party. Back at the hotel, they all get together before splitting up. Jax holds up a pair of flippers, and tells Tom that he doesn’t need them; they’re $500. Katie finds out that Stassi went back to her room because she was tired, and says, being tired so three hours ago. In their room, Beau says he thought Stassi was skinny-dipping with the girls. She should have fun. In her interview, Stassi says, even though it was her idea, she wants to skip it, and go to bed. Mr. FOMO wants stay and party. They’re having the same fight they has before. We flash to Stassi’s birthday. Katie calls Stassi, who’s changed her mind. She’s at the elevator. Beau says she’s making it big, and it shouldn’t be. They join the others. Stassi and Beau kiss.

Schwartz asks Beau if everything is okay, and he says Stassi was just drunk and being a brat. Tom says, just go have fun. They’re on vacation. Beau and Schwartz hug. Schwartz says that Jax once told him Stassi admitted to being the devil. We flash back to that. In Jax’s interview, he says Stasi needs to have control. When she doesn’t, she goes crazy. In Tom’s interview, he says, FOMO… an insatiable longing to be everywhere with everyone, having all the fun. We go back to Jax, who says …alienation, disappointment, anxiety. Tequila can help... Tom says, tequila’s not for everyone. He lists some bad decisions that can be made after drinking tequila, and we see clips of him making them. Ask your bartender if tequila is right for you. FOMO hurts. Tequila can help.

At the beach, Stassi says everyone needs a partner. Ariana sits on the sidelines. She’s down with getting naked, and down with the ocean, but she’s not down with being naked in the ocean. I’m not sure why she thinks being in a swimsuit would make you less vulnerable, but okay. In her interview, Kristen says she’s clumsy all the time. She’s like a baby giraffe. Inanimate objects make her fall, and waves move. In his room, Tom farts on the other guys. Vacation excitement abounds.

In Stassi’s interview, she says she doesn’t know why it happens, but sometimes she turns when she’s drinking too much. She’s not self-aware enough to pull herself out, and gets stuck in the upside down. She tells Beau that she wants to sleep with him, and adds that she’s been the least drunken brat ever. Progress.

The next day, the group goes to get the ATVs. Tom calls himself the Mad Max of Mexico. They put on hardhats, split up into three groups, and drive off. They drive through a gate, and Schwartz says they’re going to Jurassic Park. Not really, but there are cows and donkeys. In Schwartz’s interview, he says he and Katie have no lingering resentment; it’s refreshing. He thinks vacation sex is back on. They get to Rancho Something-or-Other, and it’s gorgeous. They climb around near a waterfall, and some of them go into the water, and I’m jealous AF. Scheana wanted to send a butt picture – I assume to Adam – and Tom came up with the idea of a Lara Croft pose. Although I don’t see Lara Croft as posing for a butt pic. Kristen tells Stassi that she, Katie, and Schwartz were terrorists this time, and she doesn’t forecast a meltdown. In her interview, she learns to say, I’m a butterfly in Spanish. Jax is by himself in the water, and Stassi asks if he’s sulking. He looks like a sulking mermaid. He says he has something to tell her. He still has feelings for her. She tells him that he’s lame, and he starts laughing. He thinks she should cut Beau some slack. Her other boyfriends deserved it, but not him. He has a man crush on Beau, and tells her to pick and choose her battles. Stassi says that’s the best advice he’s given her. In her interview, she says after ten years of being a caveman on spring break, now Jax is waxing poetic. She hates saying it, but he’s not wrong.

The girls get together, and Lala passes out baby bottles, with God only knows what in them. Kristen’s has a giraffe on it. Scheana tells Kristen that Jax brought up last year, and still believes Kristen and James hooked up. He was going on about the pillows. Kristen thanks Scheana for telling her. In Scheana’s interview, she says now that she’s friends again with the girls, she knows what they like. Kristen likes to know if anyone is gossiping behind her back. She needs to know the time and place, or she’ll freak out. Lala says she would flip her sh*t. Scheana says Kristen is doing better on this trip. Kristen says she’s not speaking of this person. Lala tells her, clearly, something is being said, and it’s not okay.

At TomTom, Lisa instructs Chef Bryan on one of the dishes. In her interview, she says, vision has to come from passion, especially with the menu. She’ll put on an apron if it’s needed, or if flower arrangements are needed, she does it, or put on a hardhat. If the toilet needs to be cleaned though, she gets Tom to do it.

The group goes to dance club Zoo, which, as you might think, has an animal theme. It looks pretty cool, and they wear light up crowns. In her interview, Lala says, she has no regrets. She either doesn’t drink at all or gets drunk. Tonight, she’s getting effed up. Jax dances in a cage. Kristen says can barely hear herself think, and needs to squash things with Jax now. If she keeps drinking, she’ll lose her sh*t. They go outside, and she says she was told he was talking sh*t about her. He says, who cares? and she says she does. Not too self-centered of a response. That reminds me of when I lived in an apartment, and my male neighbor knocked on the door. I said it wasn’t the time, since I was in my bathrobe, and he said he didn’t care. Um… I did. Jax says if he roles were reversed, he’d be okay with it. Kristen says she didn’t do all that. She made a couple of stupid mistakes. Everyone gets second chances, so why does she keep suffering? In Kristen’s interview, she says the guys have effed up more than everyone – we flash back to too many instances to count = but somehow they get more sympathy. Himpathy.  She tells Jax that it’s like he thinks she’s not any different than she used to b. He says he thought maybe she wasn’t happy in her relationship. He wasn’t, and that’s what he did. Omg. I hope Jax sticks with the therapy for Brittany’s sake. He’s obviously still pretty self-centered. In her interview, Kristen says she’s tired of everyone looking at her like crazy Kristen, when she’s worked hard enough to make her just Kristen.

Scheana made a joke to Adam, and she’s annoyed AF that he’s not responding. She looked hot in the photo, and she’s not sending them if he’s not going to tell her that. In her interview, Lala says, when they were in Mexico last year, James was at the DJ booth. He’s not there, and it’s time for people to hear good music. She gets up there, and the others go on a balcony to dance. Except for Stassi, who’s wearing Spanx under a minidress. Beau keeps pushing her to go, and she tells him to stop. In his interview, Beau says they’re in Mexico to have fun. Don’t just sit there. It’s the whole point of vacation. She tells him that he’s taking the fun out of it for her. She has to pull herself out of a bad mood. In his interview, Beau says everything will be great, then she suddenly does a 180.

Things are rocking at TomTom. The bartender took a picture of the line outside, and sends it to Lisa, who sends it to the Toms. Lala dances in a cage. Schwartz shows Tom the picture. In his interview, Schwartz says they built it, and they have come, and they’re not even there to see it. Tom tells everyone about the line. In Tom’s interview, he says they’ve been open for a few days, and it’s going well, but tonight it’s not just well – it’s a hit. He says, let’s effing party, and they clink glasses.

Two hours later, Ariana is on the floor, swimming. She says Lala has her phone. She’s ham sandwiched. In her interview, she says tonight is a blur. She remembers bits and pieces. Lots of tequila, a dance off with a gorilla, Lala’s ass everywhere. Was Jax riding a donkey? (Looks that way.) Lots of kissing. She thinks she kissed Kristen, and definitely kissed Stassi. She doesn’t remember much after that. Somehow she made it back to the hotel, but has no idea how she got there.

Stassi needs hangover patch. Beau says he’s good. She says everything about Beau’s energy is moody knows he wants to be out drinking with the guys. In her interview, she says, it’s like he’s her prisoner, and she wants him to want to be her prisoner. Beau says she wanted him to be with her, and put his heart with her friends and job, and he did that. He feels battered. Stassi asks if he felt like that tonight. He says, and last night, and every time they’re like this with her friends. Stassi says, every time? That’s unfair. At 3 am, he just wants go out, and not be with her, when she wants to go to the room. She doesn’t want to be with someone who still wants to party at 3 am. In her interview, Stassi says a normal, well-adjusted boyfriend isn’t going to want to stay out until 5 am, sh*tfaced. She doesn’t want him to feel like she’s making him do things he doesn’t want to do. They have everything going for them, and this little thing could be explosive. Where they’re so different, it’s scary, and she’s not going to sleep alone.

Beau says for the first time, he knows he’s put all of his heart and effort into a relationship. He’s solid gold with her. I’m not sure what that means, but I do think he’s good to her and for her, and I’m always terrified they’re going to break up. Because I have no life. In his interview, Beau says they have the same fight over and over and over again. It’s massively frustrating to be treated like he’s going to cheat, when nothing happened. He says she’s his heart and future. Don’t treat him like that. He’s not Patrick. He gets weepy.

In her interview, Lala says she struggled with anxiety in the van on the way home. She had a panic attack. We see a clip of that. Once she got back, she was fine. There was more alcohol, so that helped. In Tom’s interview, he says for most people, it would ruin their night, but Lala puked it out and she’s rallying. The girls go in the hot tub, once again with Ariana – still wearing her crown – on the sidelines. Katie tells Tom and Schwartz to bring them something good. Ariana says a million people are going through what they’re going through. Tom drops a couple of glasses, and says, rookie mistake. Schwartz says he expected more from him. Ariana tells the girls, let those people go through their journey. In Schwartz’s interview, he says drunk Ariana is amazing. He rarely sees this side of her. He has no idea what she’s talking about. Ariana says, each person has their own timeline. Schwartz says, it’s like she invented her own drunken language. He tells Tom that he’s becoming desensitized to boobs.

Stassi tells Beau that she’s seen family members divorce, including her parents. Everyone screwed each other over, and she can’t handle being screwed over again. She repeats, I can’t, like, ten times. He asks if he’s showed her anything, and she says, it’s not about that. In her interview, Stassi says there were warning signs in the past. She saw Patrick only once a week, and Jax was DM-ing chicks. If she’d been more aware, she might have saved herself from getting hurt so much. Beau says she’s putting dark sh*t on him, and he doesn’t deserve it. In Stassi’s interview, she says, just because you’re with someone who you know won’t hurt you, doesn’t mean the past things don’t count. Beau says if she can’t figure out her sh*t… How can they have future if she doesn’t trust him?

Next time, Schwartz gets romantic, Raquel has a puppy shower for her dog, Lisa tells Billie to have some manners, and Billie stomps off, proving Lisa’s point.

🍸 Instead of the usual Watch What Happens Live – which is on hiatus until next week – tonight we got treated to The Best of Vandepump Rules. Which was basically a bunch of clips from when various cast members were on the show, plus some added clips from the after-show. No surprise, I loved seeing Lisa. Giggy! When a viewer asked if there’s drug testing for employment at SUR, she said, yes, and if they don’t have any, we give them some. I literally lol’d.

🙅 Maybe It Was Me…

I was tired, and forgot to mention it last night, but I kind of thought the Walking Dead episode prior to the finale was more finale worthy. It was shocking, and gruesome. Somewhere between the Game of Thrones episode when Ned Stark got his head lopped off, and the Red Wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. What’s not to love about zombies popping out of the snow? And Negan starting to become an antihero is intriguing, but the tail end with Alpha gave me the mehs. Maybe it’s because I’m not that impressed with her leadership. I actually like Beta more. Carol and Ezekiel splitting up was also a bummer, making me wonder if the characters can ever be anything else. Like the Slenderman movie, I can’t tell you exactly what it was, but I wanted something else; something more.

⚡ A Restaurant Divided…

Like this is a huge surprise. And where was Ariana? The picture accompanying the article is fabulous though.


🐇 A Bunny!

Making Camille even cooler.


 It Never Stopped Them Before…

Although I guess it’s mostly Kristen who keeps showing up where she’s not invited. More points for Camille.


😸 Just Foolin’…

I wrote the lyrics to this.





March 31, 2019 – A Storm Hits the Dead, a Little Talk, a Little Tyler, Some Sparkle, Two Films & Doggos


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Ezekiel speaks into a radio. He says, it’s finally broke and they can’t fix it. They kept trying to hold on, but things fall apart. We see them trying to fix broken pipes, water spewing everywhere. He continues, the cold set in, the fires raged, the rot spread. We see the entire place is a mess. He says, there’s no one left to keep fighting. They have to know when it’s over; if only for now. They need help. Shelter. From the storms to come.

Daryl gives Lydia a plate, and tells her that she should eat something. In a voice over, Ezekiel says they’ll never forget the magic they felt in this place; the love. Carol goes through a memory box, Henry’s drawings, a birthday card, a tiger pin. She wipes tears from her face. Ezekiel continues, the acts of courage. Cowards die many times before their deaths. He looks at the constitution they signed, and touches it. The brave taste death but once. He blows out the candle, and all is dark.

Michonne and Aaron lead the people from the Kingdom out, some in a covered wagon, some on horses. Ezekiel holds the gate open, and they all go through. He and Carol close the gate, and Ezekiel mounts his horse. He says, as they head into an uncertain future, they must be valiant. All of them together.

While walking, Michonne talks to Yumiko, asking if the council has had no security resolution. Have they heard nothing from Maggie? Yumiko says, the council sent another letter, but they haven’t heard back. They see some spread out zombies in a field, and a dude whose name I don’t remember tells Lydia her people are watching them now. They followed the rules; isn’t it enough? Daryl tells him, lay off. Lydia says he doesn’t have to protect her; she started this mess, but Daryl says it doesn’t mean they get to talk to her like that. She doesn’t want to cause more problems. He says it’s their problem, not hers.

A quarter zombie makes growly noises, and they continue on. Daryl tells Carol, Henry wanted Lydia there when no one else did. She’s a good kid. Carol says every time she looks at Lydia, all she sees is him. Daryl asks what she sees when she looks at him, and Carol says, him. Jerry says they got a mother of a storm coming. Ezekiel says they’ll have to travel through the night, and get to a waystation before it hits.

In Alexandria, Rosita tells Gabriel, both the heaters are dead. He suggests keeping each other warm. Eugene comes in, and tells them all of the heat sources are in bad shape. Their best bet is an old school winter. Ezekiel says they’ll divide up, and go to the buildings with the largest fireplaces. Rosita says, they’ll stock up on firewood, keep toasty, and wait it out. Ezekiel says they can’t leave Negan; he’ll freeze. They have to let him out.

Two snow dusted zombies come out of the forest. Daryl shoots one, and Carol shoots the other. Ezekiel tells everyone to keep going; he and Daryl will catch up. Lydia lingers on the side of the road. The group walks past, and she’s gone.

Daryl pulls his arrow out of the zombie’s head. Ezekiel asks if he’s given much thought to his plan after this. Daryl asks, why? and Ezekiel says the past few months have been difficult for him and Carol. They could use a fresh start. He suggests Daryl stay at Hilltop, saying it would be easier if it was just them. Daryl asks if he thinks that’s what Carol wants, and Ezekiel says Carol wants the same thing he does. She wants to hold her son again. He’s not trying to be the bad guy. He just wants to get back a piece of what he lost; what they lost. After everything that’s happened, does Daryl think he can give them that? Daryl walks away.

Lydia goes through the woods. It’s cold and snowing. She sees a zombie stuck in the frozen lake, its head, upper chest, and one arm showing. She approaches it, and its jaws snap. She takes off one glove, and pushes her sleeve up. She puts her hand out. Its mouth gets close. She closes her eyes, and a tear rolls down her cheek. Carol sees her. They look at each other. The zombie is obviously frustrated.

Jerry tells Ezekiel, even if they haul ass overnight, they’re not going to make it to the shelter. They need to find a waystation. Ezekiel asks if anyone has a place in mind. Michonne says, yeah. Carol comes back with Lydia.

The group goes inside a building. Magna says, people actually lived here? Michonne says, welcome to the Sanctuary.

Sitting in a big room in front of a fireplace, Negan says he’s memorized every square inch of this room, and it still feels like a party. Rosita says, a party from hell. He says it smells like a barn, and they’re bored sh*tless – Judith says, language. He says, sorry, and continues. They have this hot love quadrangle to entertain them; it’s like Christmas. He asks Gabriel, since his girl’s doctor is also her baby daddy, does he wonder what’s going on when she has appointments? Gabriel says he could be less predictable, and Negan says, that hurts. Gabriel says they’d never let it ruin their long-standing friendships and mutual respect, and Negan says, that is a very mature attitude, Father Not the Father. Siddiq tells Judith not to stand so close to the window. Daryl said to take care of her until they got back to Hilltop, and they don’t know where he is. Negan asks if anyone smells something. Siddiq tells him, stop being an a-hole, but Rosita says, he’s right. Something smells funky. Eugene yells, get away from the fire place! And something causes a small explosion in the firebox.

Eugene says it’s as he suspected. He says a whole lot of complicated words very fast, which I take as meaning there was gunk in the flu, and they can’t build another fire if they still want to breathe. Negan says he missed Eugene, but Eugene can’t say the same. Siddiq says, without the fire, they’ll never get warm enough. Rosita says they should leave before the temperature gets any lower. Gabriel asks if they have a contingency plan. She says Aaron’s house. It will be tight quarters, but they’ll make it work. Negan asks if not one of them is going to untie him, and Rosita says they can tell Michonne it was an accident.

They bundle up and form a line. Eugene opens the door to a beginning blizzard.

Carol snoozes on the steps. A fire has been made in the Sanctuary. Daryl sits next to her, and offers her his flask, but she shakes her head. He says they’re going to make it, and she nods. She asks if something happened with him and Ezekiel, but he says, no. Carol says Ezekiel blames him, because can’t let himself blame her. She feels like she’s losing herself again. She’s trying to hang on but doesn’t know what she’s doing. She cries a little. Daryl says he could take her away. Keep her safe on his own. She asks if he wants to go, and he says, no. What does she want him to do?

Ezekiel breaks wood for the fire. He says, the snow has never hit this hard this early. It could last days, and they can’t; not there. Maybe he could bring back some supplies from a waystation. Michonne says she thought of that, but they could get caught in the storm, and end up worse off. She wants to see a map, and points out a waystation across the river. Aaron says there’s no way they can make it in these conditions. Carol says they need a bridge, but the creeks and ponds are frozen over. They can probably walk across it if they don’t all go at once. Michonne shows them it’s a straight shot. Carol says they didn’t agree to the borders; they’re hers, not theirs. Ezekiel says they don’t know how fight them yet, but Michonne says if they cross at night, they won’t know. Yumiko says they could be watching, and Daryl says, all the more reason to go. Ezekiel says not the elderly and children. They can’t take horses and wagons over the ice. Michonne says, on foot is risky, but they’re low on food, and the storm could make the roads unpassable for weeks. Unless they make it to a waystation, they’ll die.

Michonne tells Ezekiel, sorry. She wishes there was another way. Ezekiel wants to do right by them. The Kingdom fell. He should have seen it coming, and had them go out sooner. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be there. She says, if not for him, they wouldn’t be there at all. The time they spent apart, she thought it made them stronger, but it didn’t. That… woman was able to walk among them because they didn’t know each other. They can’t let it happen again. They’ve come too far to give up the Kingdom. The Kingdom hasn’t fallen; it’s right there. The charter they signed means something. These people aren’t just his; they’re theirs. And they’re going to get them home. Ezekiel says if their seen crossing the border, it could start something. She says they’ll make sure they don’t.

The group starts walking. They come to the pikes where the heads were, and pause. They continue on.

The blizzard gets worse. They hold to each other. Judith hears Dog barking in the distance, and runs after him. Negan runs after her.

Ezekiel holds up his hand to stop. They see shadowy figures ahead, and Daryl shoots. Nothing moves. They move forward and see it’s zombiesicles. Michonne cracks their frozen heads off, and they shatter. Daryl signals to keep moving. They’re at the water, and Daryl says he’ll go ahead to check it out. Lydia hangs on the outskirts. Daryl tests the ice, and thinks they’re good. Ezekiel tells them, assume eyes are on the border. He tells Daryl to get others the ready. Daryl asks where Lydia is, and Carol says she’ll find her; get everyone across. Ezekiel says, let’s move. A zombie pops out of the snow behind Daryl. Another grabs Ezekiel’s ankle. This is not good.

More come out. They’re everywhere, grabbing at everyone. The group keeps moving, and zombie heads get stabbed. Daryl shoots at the ones coming out of the forest. Michonne works her katana. Someone asks if it’s them, but Michonne says, no. Jerry says, get them across, and gathers Nabila and their children.

Carol finds Lydia in a shelter, and asks what the she’s hell doing. Lydia doesn’t know, but knows she can’t cross the river. She knows what’s on the other side. The same thing as on this side. It won’t make their problems go away. It won’t achieve sh*t. They think it will make it better. If they hadn’t taken her, all those people would still be alive. Carol’s son’s is dead because of her. Henry said she was a good person. She shakes her head, and says, he was wrong. As long as she’s with them, it will never stop. She says Carol knows she’s right. There’s only one way to fix this, and she sees it. It can be Carol. No one else has to know.

The zombies keep coming out of the snow, and out of the forest. One gets Daryl down. He struggles with it, and it’s so close to his face. He throws it off, and grabs an icicle, stabbing it in the eye.

Lydia begs Carol, saying everything will be better when she’s gone. She takes the end of Carol’s pokey stick, which looks like it has a giant drill bit on the end, and points it at herself.  She says, this is how they keep from losing anyone else. She begs Carol, just do it. Lydia is sorry it has to be her, but it does. She’s too weak, like her mother said. Carol’s eyes fill with tears. She strides past Lydia, and jabs a zombie instead. She tells Lydia, she’s not weak. They have to go. She takes Lydia’s hand.

The storm gets worse. It’s hard to see and hear. For me too. Negan falls. He yells, but doesn’t see Judith. Dog barks, and Judith comes out with Dog; she has him tethered, and Negan picks her up. He doesn’t know what direction to go in, but Dog leads them. Good Dog. Negan sets Judith down behind a shack, and gives her his coat. He says something about nuggets – chicken nuggets? what? –  but I can’t hear above the wind. He’s hurt, and ties his leg with a piece of his shirt. He tells her they’ll get out of this, picks her up, and moves on.

It’s morning. Ezekiel and the others arrive at Hilltop. There’s a frozen zombie out front, and Daryl shatters its head. Lydia looks at a painting of Herschel. Jerry says Hilltop can be the new Kingdom, and wonders if they can make Kingtop a thing. Daryl tells Lydia, try to get some sleep. They head to Alexandria in the morning. Lydia says Hilltop seems nicer, and Daryl says, it is. She asks why he left, and he says, one day; try to get some sleep. Carol looks out the window. Ezekiel stands behind her, and says, they made it. She says, did they? She’s going Alexandria with the others. Ezekiel knows she has to do this, but he won’t ever stop loving her. She takes off her ring, but he won’t take it back. She doesn’t regret anything. He leaves, and she cries quietly.

The breakaway group gets to Alexandria, where Judith is waiting for Michonne. Michonne asks her what happened, and in typical kid fashion, Judith responds with, it’s cold. Michonne hugs her little boy. Daryl throws snowballs. He and Lydia play with the kids. Everyone joins in.

Siddiq tends to Negan’s wound. Michonne comes in, and he says, look who’s here. She thanks him for saving Judith. He always did have a flare for the dramatic. Negan says the last time they were there together, Rick had slit his throat open. This ain’t nothing. She’s a special girl, a damn spitfire, and Michonne has been through enough. Michonne tells him, get better. He says, Doctor Baby Daddy says they got caught in the storm with the royalty brigade. Is everyone okay? She says, does he care? He says he doesn’t know them from Adam, but he knows what it’s like to lose a kingdom, and see things fall apart. It sucks ass. Michonne says, the Sanctuary is a sh*thole now, and he says he could have told her that. All she had to do was ask. So they cut through their territory; ballsy. Michonne pulls up a chair and sits. She says they don’t even know if the Whisperers knew they were there. The point is, they came together and made it. Negan says, a common enemy, a common goal, and Michonne says, or facing evil brings good people together. Negan says, same thing. Except no one ever thinks they’re the evil one.

At the Whisperers camp, the most boring place ever, Beta tells Alpha the time away was good for the pack – and her. Alpha says, it has, but she made mistakes. Mistakes she can’t make again. Beta says, and she won’t. She’s strong. She says she needs to be, for what comes next. Beta says, she will be. She holds out her arms, and he whips her. She takes it like a man, and even smiles a little.

Ezekiel says they’ll make it through this winter of discontent. When the snow melts, and the winds quit, who knows what glories the summer may bring? We see he’s talking to Judith over the radio, and she says, maybe they’ll come back to the Kingdom. He says just because they’ve left the house, doesn’t mean they’ve lost their home. She says she’ll tell her mom that he said hi. Over and out.

After Ezekiel leaves the room, the radio crackles. A voice says, is anybody out there?

🔊 Melissa McBride (Carol) made a good point on Talking Dead tonight – Carol got to keep the ring. They also called the drill bit thingy on Carol’s pokey stick a rebar. Good to know. I guess.

😀 He likes me! Tyler Perry likes me again! Starting this week, If Loving You Is Wrong moves to Tuesdays at 10 pm.

💖 Sparkle Like No One Is Watching…

I knew Kameron’s Sparkle Dog line would be a hit. Check out how the other half’s doggos live.


🎬 Because I Still Pay So Much For Cable…

I try to actually watch those 500+ channels I get robbed pay for. This weekend, I took a look at Venom. Like Deadpool, it was better, and funnier, than I expected it to be. In a nutshell, a reporter doing an investigation on a dicey scientist’s experiment, merges with an alien, and becomes an anti-hero. I was surprised to see Escorpion (Emilio RIvera) from Z Nation show up, and there was also a very amusing cameo toward the end too. No spoiler, in case you haven’t seen it. Even the end credits were well done, although I haven’t seen a more obvious plug for a sequel since The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Leaving that channel roll, I then caught a 2001 offering, Down – otherwise known as The Shaft. I’m not making a joke, that’s how IMDb lists it. You wouldn’t think elevators would be that creepy, but late at night in a big empty office building, they are. The familiar faces didn’t stop coming in this one. Mr. Tortelli, and the head vampire from The Lost Boys (Dan Hedaya and Edward Herrmann, respectively) Ron Perlman, and one of my all-time favorites, Michael Ironside. Who still can kick ass at nearly seventy years old. It was as Oscar worthy as Sharknado, but it had its moments, and it’s great if you don’t want to think too hard. Especially when the source of the killing is revealed. What was that? you’ll be saying to yourself. The best way to describe it is like The Poseidon Adventure, but inside an elevator, and without all the water.

🐶 In Case You Want To Brush Up…

The players in the Puppygate game. This is going to go on all season, isn’t it? Heaving huge sigh…


🐕 Better Than Monday…

An explanation of doggos.

March 24, 2019 – An Alpha Asserts Herself, a Note On Meg, Puppies & Mickey


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Miles fights off a zombie in the woods, when Hilde pops out and finishes it off. She tells him, happy anniversary. He asks, where’s his present? and she says she found something she thinks he’ll like. She parts some trees, and shows him Hilltop.

Wooden coins are being made. An H is carved on them.

Hilde gives Miles one of the coins. She tells him, happy anniversary. It’s been five years. The H is for Hilltop; home. He says she should make more; people will love them. It’s a symbol of hope, and people always need more of that. They’re headed to the fair. They put some things in a wagon, and two guys get in back. Hilde tells Miles that she’s going to trade the coins for the perfect gift. He’ll see. She puts a carved chest, also carved with an H, on her lap.

A mess of belongings litters the woods. Hilde lies dead in the rubble. Alpha sings as she scalps Hilde. Wooden coins are scattered everywhere.

Ezekiel speaks to the crowd. He stands before them today at the start of a new tomorrow, made possible by the sacrifices of many over the years. A man with a mission to build a community, and strengthen the bonds between them. It took too long to create what Rick and Carl Grimes envisioned. Jesus brought them together, but they’ve always been bound to each other. They fought their way back to each other. The river crossing might be gone, but they rebuilt a bridge. The crowd applauds, and Ezekiel continues, they’ve reunited, not against a common enemy, but for their common good. He tells them, eat, drink, trade, and be merry. They have a lot of lost time to make up for. Jerry announces, the First Annual Inter-Community Reunification Fair begins. Ezekiel says, too many words. Let the Fair of New Beginnings begin. Fiddle music plays.

Carol tells Ezekiel that he sounded good. He feels it’s his duty to go with her; he’s Henry’s father. She says, he’s also the king. It’s bad enough she’s leaving. If they both go, the people will wonder why. He put a month’s work into the fair. The Kingdom needs him; his people need him.

Kelly tells Magna her sister is out there. Magna says, no, she’s not. The gate opens, and Daryl, Michonne, and the other come through. Carol hugs Henry, and tells him that he can’t ever run away like that again. He promises he won’t. Ezekiel joins them in a three-way hug. Carol hugs Daryl. Ezekiel sees Michonne, who says she was in the neighborhood. They shake hands. Carol asks if Judith remembers them. Judith says she’s been drawing pictures of them since she was little. Caroline of the Kingdom. She says Carol’s hair got long. Tara notices Lydia, and says, the plan was to bring Henry back; just Henry. Michonne tells Ezekiel, gather the leaders. They have a lot to talk about.

Michonne tells the leaders that she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with everyone there, but she never stopped caring about them. She was trying to protect her family, and do right by her people. Alexandria’s future is there; together with them. She lost sight of that, but she’s here now; they’re here now. Gabriel says the council took an informal vote, and the council members are willing to grant asylum to Lydia. She’s one of them, and he hopes they’ll join them in considering her the same. Lydia thanks him, and says she’ll do whatever she can to help. Tara says Lydia’s mother will come after Hilltop, not Alexandria. She has to do right by her people. She thought they were on the same page. Michonne says she wanted Lydia to run away, and when she didn’t, Michonne was angry. But she knows why that’s not okay. She knows why Rick didn’t trust her at the prison. She knows why he didn’t trust Tara when she was on the other side of the Governor’s fighting line. A representative from Oceanside (not Cyndie) says she was going to kill her Tara when she washed up. Tara says, fair. Michonne says, Lydia didn’t choose where she came from, but chose where she wanted to be; just like everybody in this room. Tara says Daryl is right about the skin jobs. They don’t have enough people. Daryl says he’ll get a group together to protect Hilltop, and Ezekiel says they need to gather any spare fighters. Carol says they should go today. Gabriel says it’s a short term solution, and Michonne says they have to present a united front. An attack against one of them, is an attack against all of them. Gabriel says they’ll make the Whisperers think twice about going against Hilltop. Everyone agrees, and Tara asks how they seal the deal; spit shake, blood oath? Ezekiel says he has just the thing, and brings out Michonne’s constitution. Michonne wonders how he got it, and Tara says she might have taken a few things when she left. She did what she thought was right. She’s sorry about the way it went down. Michonne thanks her, and says she was right. Tara says, her too. Ezekiel says he never doubted it for a moment, and signs. His signature is huge, and Gabriel says what I’m thinking – John Hancock. Ezekiel says, eat your heart out. Carol signs Queen Carol. The Oceanside rep (Rachel Ward?), Tara, and Michonne sign. Michonne gives the pen to Gabriel, saying he’s head of council. He signs, and there’s a mini Declaration of Independence tableau.

The fair continues. Lydia walks with Henry. Enid answers medical questions. Earl talks to people about his trade. Eugene harangues Judith from a dunk tank, and she hits the target, dunking him. Lydia asks Henry what they’re going to do with all the stuff; how will they have room. Henry says, they just do; it’s how people express themselves, and asks if she sees anything she likes. She doesn’t know how to answer that. Daryl walks his bike toward the gate. Lydia says she should go too. They’re in danger because of her. Henry says, because of him. Henry wishes he could go, but Ezekiel says he just got there. He expects to see them both at the movies, and Lydia gets excited, saying it’s unexpected. Carol says she’ll get used to it. She tells Henry to go; she won’t leave without saying goodbye. Ezekiel tells Carol, their son is taking a date to the movies tonight. Carol says, everything he said sounds completely possible.

Luke and Alden are arguing, and Luke tells Enid, technically, he lost a bet. He’s playing guitar, and instead of just Luke, he wants it to be Luke and friends. Enid says she wants to hear her crooner boyfriend croon. He is her boyfriend, Isn’t he? Alden says he is. Luke says, congrats, and suggests they get back to their task. Alden says Luke lost the bet, but Luke says Enid wants to hear him sing. Alden says he’ll think about it, as he walks away with Enid.

Connie signs to Kelly that she’s never seen Luke excited. She asks Kelly, what’s wrong? Kelly signs, you left without saying goodbye. Connie puts her hand on Kelly’s arm, but Kelly shakes it off. She signs, any goodbye could be the last. Her sister ran off. Connie didn’t think. They were going to let the baby die. It brought back a lot of feelings she’d thought she dealt with, but guesses not. She just pushes it down. Kelly says she gets it, and hugs Connie.

Michonne tells Siddiq she’s leaving. He says she just got there. He can take her place if she wants to rest, but she says, stick with the plan. She tells him to enjoy the fair, and keep an eye on Judith. Don’t let her be too hard on Jerry. They watch Jerry play horsie with the kids. Siddiq says Judith is more experienced than anyone. Michonne asks, how come? and he says he’ll tell her when he sees her at Hilltop.

Addy asks Henry if he’s got a second to come with her. She’s sorry for ratting him out, that he was in the clubhouse. She didn’t want to get him in trouble, and only caused more. Henry says, everything worked out the way it’s supposed to. Lydia watches from a picnic bench. Gage and Rodney approach her. They tell her they’re friends of Addy’s. Addy has a thing for Henry, and by the looks of it, he has a thing for her too. They’re a tight knit community, and hope she doesn’t plan on causing problems. Lydia gets up and walks away.

Tara says maybe they should go together, but Dianne says, if they go now, people would notice. Tara says she has some details to hammer out, but can join them tomorrow. She thanks them for volunteering, and says, be safe. Michonne hugs Judith. Magna and Yumiko tell Luke goodbye. Connie writes, be safe, to Daryl. He says, her too, and asks her to feed Dog. I might note that Dog goes off with her, tail wagging, not even looking back at Daryl. Man’s best friend.

Henry thanks Daryl for keeping them out of trouble. Ezekiel tells Daryl that Hilltop’s door is always open to him. They’d be honored if he’d consider calling the Kingdom his home. He says he’ll think about it. Carol hugs Henry. She knows Ezekiel has a lot on his mind, but tells him, enjoy the fair. He deserves it. He says he won’t enjoy anything until she’s back. They kiss.

Daryl leads on his motorcycle with the others on horses and in a horse drawn cart behind him.

The Highwaymen work hard, wiping out zombies. Ozzy tells them to double back. Daryl and company arrive, and Ozzy says they were clearing the roads, and spotted tracks. He shows them the mess from Hilde and Miles, and Magna says they’re from Hilltop, but Ozzy says Hilltop didn’t do this. Magna says, the skins? Do they know them? Ozzy says, strange times, strange ways to cope. That would be his guess. They put up a fight, and were drug this way. Daryl says they can’t rush in, but Dianne says they could be alive, but if they were followed, the whole community is in danger. Daryl suggests they split up. Carol says she and Michonne will go with Daryl; the rest go to Hilltop. Ozzy says she’ll owe them a couple of movies when they’re done. Magna asks Yumiko if she thinks they survived. Yumiko says, they came back. She tells Magna they have to go and make sure. They’re just splitting up for now. They kiss. Surprise relationship! For me anyway. I didn’t read the graphic novels.

Darkness has fallen. The group continues through the woods. Daryl finds a bloody stick. Carol says she doesn’t know if there’s a happy ending here. Daryl thinks they should head back. They hear zombie noises, and shoot a couple of them with arrows. More come at them, and Michonne chops with her sword, while Carol stabs them in the head with a knife. They turn to run, but another bunch of zombies block they’re path. They’re surrounded. Carol looks panicked. They slice, dice, stab, and chop. It looks like the zombies are all are down, but more come out of the forest. They put their backs to each other, forming a circle. There are zombies all around them, one with a gun. Beta tells them to drop their weapons. He won’t ask twice. He says they just had to give him the girl; no one else had to die. Now that deal is done.

We peddle back to Daryl and the group leaving Hilltop Jerry tells Nabila that he gives Michonne props. He can’t believe she came. A woman with long blonde hair looks around. It’s Alpha, cleaned up and disguised with Hilde’s hair.

Rosita goes to Eugene’s workshop, and asks where he’s been, and he says she must have missed him at the dunk tank. He’s been making ham radio parts. If he can get it up and running, it will allow them to talk to each other. Despite their distance and differences, it would be nice to communicate. Rosita tells Eugene that they can still talk. She knows a lot is changing, but that doesn’t mean things need to change between them. She knows what he did for Gabriel, for them, and thanks him. He says it was more like a have to versus want to situation. She starts messing with the radio parts. He says he thought she would be getting some much needed R & R, but she says, it’s more like a have to versus want to situation. They work on the radio together.

A girl tells Henry that he looks lost. He says he’s looking for someone. Enid tells Gabriel the communities can learn techniques from each other. Find out each other’s weaknesses, strengths, and talents; have each other’s backs. Gabriel thinks it’s a good idea. Enid leaves, and Gabriel asks if Tara is okay. She says she just wants to get on the road; they’re leaving at first light. Gabriel says there’s no reason for anyone else to go, but Tara wants people to know that she’s there for them when trouble comes, and they can count on her. He says they have no reason not to. She says when she comes back, they’ll talk about training facilities.

Luke argues with Alden about starting with a mid-tempo ballad. He says, the people need hope. They demand it; no, they deserve it. Alden can’t believe he let Luke talk him into this. Enid says she’ll only make fun of him the tiniest bit for the rest of their lives.

Henry finds Lydia, and asks if something happened. Alpha continues to look around. She sees drawing of Ezekiel and Carol. Tammy and Earl go by with the baby. Tammy says they should name him Adam after the first man. Alpha overhears them and gives them the side-eye.

Henry can’t believe Gage and Rodney. It’s not true; they were being jerks. He doesn’t know if Addy likes him, but he doesn’t like her. He likes Lydia. She likes him too. He kisses her. They hear a noise, and Henry tells her it’s just one of the pipes; it happens all the time, but he should check on it. He says he’ll sit next to her at the movies. He kisses her, and leaves.

Ezekiel asks Alpha is she’s finding her way all right. He introduces himself, and she says, she’s Debra from Alexandria, but everyone calls her Debbie. She can’t believe Michonne came. He says he wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it. She says it’s a shame they’ve never met, and tells him the Kingdom is amazing. He thinks they clean up well. She heard the queen is taking care of official business, but looks forward to meeting her. She asks if Ezekiel can point her toward the clothing booths. It’s sweater weather soon, and she wants to be ready. She has a feeling it’s going to be a hard winter. He says he has just the thing, and takes her arm.

People get ready for the movie. A guy sells popcorn in the aisles. There’s a cartoon before the film, and everyone is all excited and clapping. Henry still isn’t there, and Lydia seems restless. She starts getting into the cartoon, laughing, when she feels a hand on her knee. She looks next to her, and it’s Alpha. Alpha puts her finger to her lips.

Daryl and Michonne are surrounded, but he tells Alpha that she’s not getting Lydia back. Alpha says this isn’t about her daughter. She ran into trouble on the road; it was unavoidable. Her people like to keep moving. Michonne says they granted Lydia asylum. If they try to take her by force, there will be retaliation. Alpha asks Michonne her name, and asks Daryl if Michonne speaks for him. He says they speak for each other. She says her daughter is not a concern. She was weak. Daryl says, was? What does that mean? She says their group is in no position to threaten her. It’s a habit that needs to be broke. She cocks her gun, and takes Daryl from the group.

A new day dawns as Alpha brings Daryl up a rocky hill. He looks down on a million zombies. She says her people are among them. The only reason they’re alive is because she let them live. He asks what she wants, and she says, nothing. They have nothing to offer her. She’s seen how they live. She’s walked their streets. It’s a joke; a shrine to a long dead world. Her people, the Whisperers, live as nature intended. He asks if that’s the bullsh*t she feeds her sheep so they follow her. She says they follow because she’s the Alpha, and if an Alpha doesn’t assert herself, it will be chaos. He asks what she’s done. She says his friends at camp are fine, but tell them next time they cross her line, her horde will cross theirs. South of the river is hers; he’ll see the border as he leaves. She tells him, go. His friends are waiting for him. He should push her off that cliff.

Backtracking to the fair, Alpha pushes Lydia up against a wall, calling her a coward. She tells Lydia, come with her, but Lydia says, no. She believes in these people Alpha says, that’s poison talk. Lydia says she’s staying there. They care about each other, and care about her. They keep her safe. They’d kill Alpha to protect her; she just has to scream. Walk away and leave them alone or she will scream. Alpha says she’s only doing the hard thing; the thing mothers have to do to protect their young. As she talks, Alpha pets Lydia’s hair, and caresses her face. Lydia shows Alpha the brand on her arm, and say she knows what Alpha has done. She lives with it every day, but she doesn’t want Alpha to get hurt. She just wants her to go. She says, please, mommy. She’s giving Alpha a choice, which is more than Alpha has ever given her. Alpha says she was just trying to make Lydia strong, but she’s not one of them. She never was. Alpha backs up, looks Lydia over, and leaves. Lydia cries.

Forward to being with Daryl, Alpha says she doesn’t think they can protect her daughter, but she hopes she’s wrong. Daryl says she is.

Carol meets Daryl. They hug. Sad music plays. The group heads back.

Beta says, Lydia, but Alpha wants to be alone. He leaves, and Alpha cries quietly. She sees a Whisperer watching, and gestures for him to come to her. She stabs him in the neck, wipes the blade on her pants, and looks to the sky.

Michonne finds Siddiq tied to a tree. She asks, what happened? He points, and they go up a hill. Michonne looks horrified. Daryl looks puzzled. I wonder, wtf is it? They continue to walk. Ohh, it’s heads on pikes. Everyone is stunned. Yumiko cries.

Eugene asks if Nabila has seen Frankie. Gage asks if anyone has seen Rodney; they were supposed to meet. Gabriel tells Eugene that he needs to speak with Tara when she gets back. While Luke and Alden sing, Alden looks around for Enid. Lydia grabs Ezekiel, telling him that her mom was there, and she can’t find Henry.

We see the heads. Ozzy, Alek (Ozzy’s sidekick), DJ, Tammy, Frankie, Rodney, Addy, Enid, and Tara. Their mouths move a little, which is pretty freaking creepy. Siddiq cries.

Daryl stops Carol before she gets there. We see Henry’s head last. Everyone is pulverized.

Siddiq stands on a stage. He says he was there. He was taken with the others, and he saw. He was supposed to die with them, and he was ready to. Then Alpha whispered to him, tell them. Something hit him, and everything went black. When he woke up, he was alone. What happened was evil. He thinks Alpha left him alive to tell that story. To scare them, and drive them apart again, but he wants to tell a different story. Before the end, Ozzy found them. We see them fighting. Siddiq says the Highwaymen gave them an opening and everyone fought back; fought like hell. What they did was more than brave. They defended each other; sacrificed themselves for each other. Some of them didn’t even know each other. We see more of the fight. Siddiq continues, at the very end – we see Alpha approach Henry – in the end, their time was cut short. Ours keeps going, so we have to keep going for them, and for all of us. They need to honor them, and remember these friends were family, and died as heroes. That’s the story he wants to tell. That he wants them all to remember.

Daryl and Lydia stand near the pikes where the heads were. Lydia takes her necklace off, and puts it where Henry was. She and Daryl walk off together. We see the necklace – a wooden pendant with an H carved in it. It starts to snow. Winter ain’t just coming on Game of Thrones.

I told you we can’t have anything nice around here.

Next time, the finale. Zombies rise from the snow, and Lydia disappears. Oddly enough, this episode was titled, The Calm Before. I can’t imagine the storm to come.

🐋 This weekend, I watched The Meg. It was predictable, but fun, and there was a tiny twist at the end that was a real first. As an added bonus, Mickey was played in Taiwanese over the ending credits. A giant shark and foreign pop? What more could I ask for?

🐕 A Belated…

Happy National Puppy Day!

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🎶 It Won’t Negate Monday, But…

It won’t hurt either.



March 10, 2019 – Daryl Faces Beta, Norman Rides in Texas, Amusing Eavesdropping, Jeremy’s Story & Fast Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Daryl, Lydia, Henry, and Connie run through the forest. Daryl says they’re going back to Hilltop. Lydia says, there are too many of them, and he asks why she told them there weren’t that many. She says they had her locked in cage, and wanted her to betray her own people. He asks if she wants to go back to them, and she says she can’t. He says then she’s coming with them. Henry says they can keep running. If they disappear, Hilltop can’t be blamed. Let him fix this. Daryl says, no way in hell he’s running with Lydia; think of his mom. Connie and Daryl disagree on which direction to go, and everyone follows Connie, even Dog. Daryl has no choice but to follow.

At the camp. Beta stomps around. He sees a Whisperer with a gaping neck wound. The guy says he’s going to be one of them, but Beta says he’ll always be a Whisperer. He tells someone to find the guy’s wife. Tell her the change is coming to him. Well, I guess her too, if they stay married. He asks another Whisperer if Henry and Lydia have been found. She says, no, but they’re on their trail. He says Lydia will walk with them again. They’ll all walk with them.

The Kingdom decorates for the fair. Jerry’s wife, Nabila, tells Carole it’s what they fought so hard for; the chance to be different people. They can’t give up now. Carol says, Jerry is knocking off early, and wonders what happened to his armor. Nabila asks if he’s all right. Dianne says they need to talk to the king.

Jerry says he was bushwhacked. They took all his stuff, and gave him this. It’s a letter that says, we are the Highwaymen. The roads belong to them, and their visitors will be turned away unless they pay the toll. Jerry says they must have heard him talking about the fair. He’s sorry, but Ezekiel says, it’s a trade fair; it’s hardly a secret. They need it, and couldn’t pay the pirates if they wanted to. Dianne wonders if they’re renegade Saviors, but Ezekiel says, they don’t write letters. Jerry says they have to do something to keep the people safe. Carol says the fair could be their last chance. Ezekiel says, gather every fighter they can spare. He tells Carol, it never ends, does it? I know exactly how he feels.

Tara, Magna, and the others come up against some downed trees blocking the road. Tara says they have to clear it before the Whisperers catch up with them. They start moving the blockade. Earl wants to give them a hand, but Tammy says he’s not getting any younger. She’s holding the Whisperer baby, and Earl says the baby deserves better than two old farts. They’ll find him a nice family. Kerry asks if there’s anything she can do, but Yumiko says Connie is okay with Daryl. Magna says they’ll catch up at the fair. They remove the roadblock.

Daryl and the others see a hotel. Connie points. Daryl says, higher ground, and Connie writes, a chokepoint. He says, walkers can’t go up, and they need to separate the living from the dead. They travel in a herd. He asks Lydia if there aren’t five or six traveling within a crowd. Lydia says her mother won’t send an army if she doesn’t have to. She’ll send Beta. Daryl asks if he’s the best, and she nods. Daryl says, good; he’ll kill him first. They go into the hotel.

Jerry looks through binoculars, and tells Dianne there are two guys and they’ve got guns Dianne takes a look. She says they can take them both out before they start shooting. Carol says, it’s like old times. Carol tells Ezekiel that they have guns, He says he had hoped for a better future, but violence seems to be the only currency they understand, same as the old world. Carol says they could try talking to them, and Ezekiel asks if she thinks they’d listen. She says they could have killed Jerry, but they didn’t. They sent a grammatically correct letter. They sounded civil. Jerry says, it was a grammatically correct death threat, but Dianne says, they only said people can’t pass. Ezekiel says they have their knives at the Kingdom’s throat. What if she’s wrong? Carol says, if she is, and they don’t listen, then they’ll kill them.

Daryl and the others investigate the hotel. Connie moves part of floor, and there are supplies underneath. Daryl says, the stairwells are already barricaded. He guesses she already knows that, and she writes they stayed there once. He says there are two ways out, and looks at a map of the place. Connie writes that she wants Lydia to stay, but Daryl says they have to take her back, or his friends die. He writes, friends will die, and Connie writes something back, ripping the page out of her notebook, and shoving it in his hand. He reads, we have friends, she doesn’t.

Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry go into a basement. Oh great, there are mannequins stored there. A dude in a cowboy hat (I find out later his name is Ozzy, which isn’t mentioned, but we’ll call him that for clarity’s sake), says they were meeting with the king alone. Ezekiel says, the king and queen rule together. Ozzy says, that’s not the deal, but Carol says they didn’t have a deal. Are they doing business or not? Ozzy says they were supposed to bring something, but Carol says they’re not paying a toll. Ezekiel says they’ve brought alternative solutions. Ozzy says, how about this for an alternative solution? Some of the mannequins turn out to be Ozzy’s men, and they cock their guns. Ozzy says maybe they’ll pay for Ezekiel, but Ezekiel says they can’t pay with what they don’t have. Ozzy says they have food and clean water. They’ll take what Ezekiel’s got. Ezekiel says they got need what they’ve got, and Ozzy says, so do they. Ezekiel’s people step out of the shadows, backing him up, and get the best of the Highwaymen. Ezekiel says what they’re doing threatens the future of his community, and they’ll fight to stop them from taking it. Ozzy says he’s listening, and Ezekiel wants to offer him a job. Carol says they need help keeping the grounds clear. Instead of threatening the people on the roads, they’ll keep them safe. Jerry whispers something to Ezekiel, who says Jerry would like his sword back. Ozzy asks what they get in return, and Ezekiel says they’ll be granted access to the Kingdom and fair. Ozzy laughs, and asks if that’s joke. Carol says it’s a trade market, and Ezekiel asks what good are the things they steal, if they if can’t trade them for what they need? Ozzy holds out Jerry’s sword, and says they’ll have to do better than that. Carol asks when was the last time any of them saw a movie? Ezekiel is like, wha…? and Ozzy says, seriously? She smiles, and Ezekiel smiles.

Lydia hammers boards over a window. Henry brings her a pokey stick that he’s carved special for her. He doesn’t need a point, but thought a spear would be easier for her. She says, these are her people. They looked out for her most of her life. She can’t do it. He tells her that he’ll save it. He says he’ll try not to kill any of her people. She asks why he’s doing this. He says she didn’t want to go back, but she says that’s no reason to risk his life. He says he’s not letting them take her. She says they made her mother look weak, and Alpha can’t let it go. He says then they’ll run, but she says there’s no place to go where she can’t find them. Henry is sure there is; there’s a whole world out there. Lydia asks if he’d really go with her. He moves closer to her, and she asks why he came for her. He says because he cares about her. She kisses him, and killjoy Daryl is suddenly there. He says, come on; they have to keep watch. He’s like somebody’s dad right now.

Magna tells Tara, they’re headed his way; maybe ten. Tara gives instructions to everyone, and tells Earl to get the horses. The zombies (or not) toddle out of the woods. The group dispatches them one by one. Earl is trying to untie the wagon, when a zombie comes up behind him, and he gets knocked down. Tammy puts the baby in a trunk, as the zombies start to clamor at the wagon. A zombie is on top of Earl, and he struggles with it. Tammy comes flying off the wagon, stabs one on her way to Earl, and whacks the zombie off of him. They see a group on horses riding toward them. It’s Ozzy and the Highwaymen (sounds like a band). Tara asks who the hell they are, and Ozzy says, their escorts to the fair, at her service. She’s like, wtf?

Henry looks out from a balcony. Lydia stands on the other end, silent and watching. She smiles at him, and he he smiles back. Lydia sees the zombies (and not) walking toward the hotel, and says, they’re coming.

Beta says, spread out. Daryl aims his crossbow, and takes a zombie and/or Whisperer out. Beta looks up. Daryl says, they’re here; let’s go. The mob busts right into the place, and start to tromp through the first floor. Beta says, the stairwell, and tells one of the others to lead them up. Daryl says Lydia is coming with him. She kisses Henry before she goes. Connie and Henry bolster the windows.

Beta heads upstairs. Zombies cluster in the staircase, and Beta realizes it’s a trap. Daryl takes Lydia to a closet and tells her, get in. Lydia wants to help, but he says she can’t help if she won’t fight. He leaves Dog with her, saying, if anyone comes through, Dog will take them down. If it happens, she should run. She thanks him, and he locks her in.

Henry hears them coming. The door handle jiggles, and it opens. Two Whisperers with knives come in. Henry jumps out, surprising them, and kills one. The other tries to shoot an arrow at him, but Connie gets him with a slingshot from behind.

Daryl is at the ready with his crossbow, when the door busts open, and Beta comes in, along with some others. Daryl sees a silhouette of a Whisperer, and cuts him down. In the closet, Lydia hears Henry struggling, and Dog bears his teeth. Lydia looks around for something to pry the door open with, and finds a crowbar. She calls to Henry, and gets the door open. Dog takes a zombie down, as Lydia runs to Henry. Henry finishes the zombie off. Connie is there, and stabs another. Lydia tells Henry that she’s sorry, and he says him too. We see Henry has a wound.

Daryl kills another zombie, grabbing it from behind. Beta flies in, and slams Daryl against the wall. He asks, where is she? Both he and Daryl have knives, and they have a knife fight, like something out of Jackie Chan, but not as funny. Daryl down crawls away, but Beta yanks him up, putting his face near a table buzz saw. He asks again, where is she? This time, Daryl slams Beta – who, BTW, is a humongous dude – and he knocks Daryl to the floor. Daryl sticks a small knife in Beta’s neck, and Beta crashes through the wall like a cartoon character. Beta pulls the knife out, but by the time he returns, Daryl has disappeared. Daryl reveals himself in the floor cubby hole. Beta says Daryl is nothing to him; he’s already dead. All he wants is the girl. Daryl crawls out, and shoves Beta, who stumbles back, and falls down an elevator shaft. Daryl spits on him. Good for Daryl. He also picks up his knife on the way out.

The fair is happening. Ozzy walks through it, tipping his hat to Carol. Everyone is happy for a nanosecond. Tara and the Hilltoppers being in some stuff. Earl and Tammy bring the baby along. Earl tells Nabila, they were hoping to find someone to take the baby in, but Tammy says she’s not letting the baby go. Nabila tells Earl that he baby already has a good home. Carol hugs Tara. Carol asks where Henry is, and Tara asks, what about Daryl. They were meeting them there. Carol wonders where they are.

Connie hits some car windows with the slingshot, smashing them to attract the zombies. They gravitate toward the car.

Lydia wraps Henry’s wound. Daryl says they should go. Henry asks where they’re going, and Daryl tells him, there’s a whole world out there. Are they breaking away from the pack?

They leave. Beta lies at the bottom of the elevator shaft, but as anyone with sense figured, he’s not dead. Just a little stiff. He huffs and puffs, grunts and groans, and gets himself up. He looks up.

Next time, Henry tells Michonne that Lydia is with them, Michonne takes out Rick’s gun, Judith asks Daryl what her dad would say, and Michonne is in trouble.

🚴 On Ride with Norman Reedus, Norman picked up friend Sean Patrick Flanery at his place outside Houston, and they rode to Dallas. Sean is from the Lone Star State, and he and Norman played twin brothers on Boondock Saints. Sean claimed they had actually met before that, but it was not a story for mixed company (i.e. the viewing audience). Hmm…. We learn that eight seconds can make or break a bull rider, and watched some dangerous moves. They made a trip to the Texas Motorway, where they took in some drag racing, and did a little themselves. The insurance people for TWD must hate Norman. They also looked at the bluebonnet flowers, which Norman assured us was different than when Carol said to look at the flowers. They went to visit tattoo artist, Oliver Peck, at Deep Ellum in Dallas. Having met Norman at a charity event ages ago, they became fast friends. When Norman gifted Oliver with a knife, Oliver insisted on giving Norman five bucks. We learned it’s bad luck to take a free knife, so that might be something you want to write down. Oliver also hosted an old-fashioned barbecue, and showed off the massive warehouse where he lives with his wife. Daryl and Sean autographed a poster from Boondock Saints that was hanging up. After lunch, there was a lively armadillo race. Daryl discovered that Texas encourages you to be bold, take chances, and be whoever you want to be. I still can’t believe I like this show as much as I do. Never say never. I didn’t think Game of Thrones was my cup of tea either, but not only have I screamed at the TV over a CGI dragon’s demise, I scream at George RR Martin to write faster.

💰 Rich People Problems…

Some amusing soundbites overheard on NYC’s Upper West Side.


😟 The Real Jeremy…

Both interesting an sad that Pearl Jam thought it better to make up the story, than intrude on the real family. News flash. The real family isn’t happy with that.


⛅ How Did It Get Here So Fast?

Oh, that’s right. We lost an hour.


March 3, 2019 – Alpha Tests Lydia, Arizona Ride, Slender Disappointment & New Week


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

I swear, every time I see that warriors wanted ad for the Army that comes on before the show, I think the show started. It irritates me that it’s exactly what they want me to think, so that I look at it.

The Whisperers walk with the zombies. Lydia is without a face skin, and Alpha asks if she took it off, but Lydia says they took it from her. She tells Alpha that she acted like she needed help. Alpha asks if he touched her, but she says, no. Alpha asks if Lydia told them anything, and Lydia says she told them there were only a few of their kind. She lied to get him to trust her. Except for one thing – she said they shouldn’t cross Alpha. Alpha stands in front of Lydia, inching her face closer to Lydia’s. She asks what Lydia found out, and Lydia says it’s mostly farmland, some supplies; their weapons are basic. She doesn’t think they have anything to trade. Alpha wonders what she gets in return for Lydia’s release. Lydia says it’s all she’s got, and asks if the only reason Alpha came get her was to get information. Alpha says, stupid question.

Michonne asks, who else knew? Gabriel says Eugene and Rosita were the only ones. They would have told her if anyone else was out there. Michonne wonders who else might have been listening. She says Eugene and Rosita went out to set up this relay, and almost died because of it. Jesus did die because of it. Negan got out since Gabriel was distracted because of it. She can’t have a council if she has no information. Gabriel says they gave her the option to veto security concerns, but it seems like everything is a security concern now. Their votes don’t matter anyway, unless Michonne agrees. She says putting themselves out there when they don’t have to is dangerous. Gabriel says, so is cutting themselves off from everyone else. Who do they turn to when they need help? They can’t worry so much about their enemies that they lose their friends. Aaron says they already did lose a friend. They had the best intentions, but it doesn’t change what happened. There’s an enemy out there; the kind Michonne was afraid they’d find. He doesn’t regret the time he spent out there – maybe what happened would have happened anyway – but they can’t pretend they don’t know what’s out there now. They put Michonne in charge of security for a reason. She’s saved them time and again. Siddiq says, at what cost? Carol asked for help with the fair, and Michonne turned her down. Gabriel says, she spoke on behalf of Alexandria? Michonne says, the fair is old business, but Siddiq says they have new information. He says, the fair starts day after tomorrow. It’s not too late to reconsider. Carol says the Kingdom is worse than Ezekiel is letting on in his letter. They’re too isolated, and need the trade. Carol wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t serious. A woman makes a motion for a second vote, but Gabriel says, why? Michonne will just veto it. Michonne says she would. The roads are broken, and a dangerous group dressed as the dead are trying to kill them. She wishes she could help them. They can vote, and she’ll open their doors to their friends like they did with the Sanctuary, but Carol made it clear that Ezekiel isn’t ready to give up the Kingdom, and she’s not ready to risk the lives of Alexandrians for this. Siddiq asks what it means to survive if the Kingdom falls. Michonne says, it means Alexandria survives. She’s obviously not a team player, and leaves on that note.

Rosita can’t button her pants and gets frustrated. Gabriel comes in, looking pretty gloomy. Rosita says, looks like it went well. He says he’s the leader of a council that’s not really a council anymore. She asks what Michonne said, but he’d rather not talk about it. He knows he’s being difficult. He’s not trying be, but it’s a lot. She says, it’s okay. She’s sorry too. He asks, what for? and she says they were just getting started. He didn’t sign up for this. She didn’t either, but it’s happening. It’s a blessing, but if it’s too much, and he wants to walk, she gets it. He asks what she wants, and she says he knows what she wants. The ball is in his court.

Lydia sits under a tree and finds a spool of cord or wire or something under the dirt. Henry watches from a distance. A Whisperer comes up behind him, and he fights it off with his pokey stick, but Beta grabs him from the other side, tosses the stick, and pulls him out of the ditch he’s been hiding in. Beta tells Alpha that Henry has been tracking them. She asks if there are others, but he says, just him. She asks who he is, and Beta twists his arm. Alpha says Beta can break it, then other one, then his legs. They can feed the hungry ones. Henry says, okay. He’s from Hilltop, but they didn’t send him. He came for Lydia. Lydia walks up to him, and punches him, knocking him to the ground. Alpha says he’s coming with them. She tells them to keep their eyes open; where there’s one, there’s more than one. They begin to walk again. I guess she’s supposed to be smart, but talks like she didn’t even finish high school. How come Lydia can communicate just fine?

Eugene visits Gabriel. He’s brought a chart listing the pros and cons of Gabriel staying with Rosita and raising another man’s baby. He says happiness shows growth in the long term. Gabriel thanks him. Eugene also brought along the evaluating criteria. Gabriel is like, thanks, but no thanks. Eugene says he’d be a damn fool to let her go. They’ve been through the stew, and Gabriel never gave up on him, even when he gave up on himself. Gabriel saw things he didn’t. Rosita is the best thing that happened to Gabriel since this sh*t storm started. He should think before he throws the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Gabriel says, he’s not the father. Eugene says, it’s not his decision; it’s all hers. It’s not for him, Eugene or Siddiq to say. Eugene doesn’t understand it, but Rosita loves Gabriel. He needs to put his hang-ups on the back burner. He and Rosita love each other. Stop wasting time. It’s all they have in the end. Gabriel says, time or love? And Eugene says, both. He hands Gabriel a tote bag, saying, it’s a peace offering from Gabriel to Rosita. He found some pantalones with super stretchy waistbands for her soon to be expanding breadbasket.

Alpha asks if Lydia knew her friend was following them. She says he’s not her friend; he was in the cell next to her. Alpha asks his name, and Lydia says, Henry. Alpha says she didn’t mention him, and Lydia says, he didn’t seem worth mentioning. Alpha says, he thought it was worth risking his life chasing after her. Lydia says she acted helpless, and he fell for it. He’s dumber than she thought. Alpha laughs, and says, don’t be so sure. Maybe she’s just a good liar. Alpha asks if Lydia knows why she trusts animals. They don’t lie. Well, they don’t speak English either, so how do we know? She tells Lydia that she has to lie. So do they; it’s what they do. It’s just words, air, nothing more. Remember that. She hands Lydia an apple, and Lydia takes a bite.

They see another Whisperer/zombie group in the distance, and Alpha says Lydia is back where she belongs. Beta pushes Henry onward. They reach a camp where people are behaving somewhat normally. Henry asks Lydia if it’s their camp, and Beta shoves him. Alpha tells Beta to get Lydia a new skin. Two dudes are getting meat off a deer or something. Yay. Real food.

Negan tells Michonne, welcome home. She says she wants answers, and was told he’d only give them to her. Why did he come back? He tells her it isn’t entirely Gabriel’s fault that he escaped. You can’t keep a big dog locked up. Sooner or later, he runs. Michonne says, he came back. What kind of dog does that make him? He’s glad she asked. He was in her home. He could have waited there, and bashed her head in; a whole lot of heads, but he didn’t. She says he’d be a dead man. He’s an a-hole, not an idiot. She thinks he decided to take his shot out there, and out there spit him out, so he dragged his pathetic ass back. He says, the world has changed, but he’s changed too. She asks what he wants. He says if she’s not going to kill him, trust him a little. She laughs. She says just because he chose self-preservation over revenge doesn’t earn her trust. If fresh bullsh*t counts as change, congratulations on being a new man. He says she’s keeping him to show how merciful Rick was, but he can be helpful. She had a good thing going, but it’s slipping through her fingers, and it’s only a matter of time before she loses control. His cell is outside the meeting room, and he hears things. She says he heard wrong. He tells her, all he’s saying is that he knows a thing or two about keeping people in line. He can be a sounding board; leader to former leader. She says she’s not their leader, and Negan and I roll our eyes. He says she wrote up a constitution that gives power to the people, yet she makes all the decisions. It’s one helluva racket. She says, it’s not a racket; he knows nothing about this place. He says he knows a good leader uses everything to their advantage. She says, if that’s why he came back, he should have stayed out there. They’re going to tie him up while they fortify the lock, and she wants the windows closed. She sees something outside the window, and leaves.

In the woods, Daryl and Connie look for Henry. Connie looks at the ground, and writes, he caught up with them. Daryl says, there was a struggle. Dog sniffs around, and brings Henry’s pokey stick to Daryl. Daryl says, they went that way. Two real zombies toddle up, and Connie gets them with her slingshot before Daryl can even shoot an arrow. He says, nice. Dog barks, and retrieves Daryl’s arrow, after he’s bitten it in half. Connie laughs, and Daryl says, bad dog. I hope we don’t lose Dog, since we can never have anything nice on this show.

Beta skins a face. Alpha talks to Henry, saying he wonders why they hide among them; why they become them. Henry says they’re not them; they’re not dead. Alpha says, the weak die, like nature intended. A man approaches, and asks if that’s what today was; her letting the weak die. She always says they’ll go back for the lost, but they never do. They gave up two of theirs for her girl. He doesn’t like the math. Alpha says, they know who they are and what they have. The trade was worth it. If he has a problem with her as their leader, he knows what to do. He says he challenges her. She’s not fit to lead anymore. She laughs, and asks if he thinks he’s the man to replace her; the new Alpha. Beta grabs him from behind, which seems to be Beta’s specialty. The man says she’s changing the rules again. Alpha says anyone has the right challenge her leadership at any time, and she has right to defend it. A woman is also there, and Alpha says she saw her plotting with her boyfriend. They have a staring contest for a moment, and the woman says, the boy is a danger. His people have killed some of theirs. Where’s the payback? They haven’t failed her; she’s failed all of them. Alpha says they follow her by choice. She makes them strong, and keeps them alive. The woman says she doesn’t want to fight Alpha. Alpha slinks around behind her, saying, too late, and slices her head off with a wire. Henry is just a little freaked. Alpha holds the head up. The boyfriend takes it from her. Lydia looks bored in the background. Alpha pushes dude’s hair back tenderly, then stabs him. I’m fairly certain Henry is thinking, great. Why did I decide to do this instead of making horseshoes for the fair?

Michonne asks Judith how practice was, and Judith says, fine. Michonne says she must have gone late, since she was standing near the jail an hour ago. Why was she spying? Judith says she wasn’t. She went to see Negan, Michonne been talking to him? Why? Judith says she feels sorry for him. Michonne says he’s not her friend, and Judith says, obviously. Michonne asks why she’s talking to him. Judith says he listens to her; not everybody does. Michonne doesn’t want her near him again. Judith asks, why not? and Michonne says, there’s a reason he’s in a cage. He’s a monster. Judith says, no, he’s not. He’s a human being. Michonne says, he’s done monstrous things. He’s killed people, people she cared about, people her dad cared about. If they let him out, he could start over again. Judith says, he did get out. He’s not like that anymore. Michonne gets why Judith wants to believe that, but people don’t really change. Judith says, she did. D’oh! Michonne tells her to go to her room. Judith asks, why? and Michonne says she needs a minute. Judith sighs, and goes to her room.

Lydia looks at Henry. She picks something up and moves on. It looks like that’s all they do at the camp. Pick things up and move them somewhere else. Alpha washes her hands, and tells Beta take off her mask. He unlaces the back. She says, it’s been years since that happened. It felt different this time. Beta says the pack believes in her. They’re alive because of her. It’s good to remind them. She says she turned her back on Lydia once, when she was three, and found her in a closet tangled in dry cleaning plastic. It was in Lydia’s mouth, and she stood there watching. Lydia was turning blue, and she tore the plastic off her face. When Lydia’s breathing steadied, she asked if she was okay. Lydia nodded, then Alpha hit her hard so she would remember to never do it again. You have to do whatever it takes to protect what you love, even if it’s from themselves. Beta says, they need to be protected from the outside too. They need to be ready for when they come for the boy. Beta says, if Lydia feels something for someone like him from somewhere like that, she needs to know. Alpha says, let’s find out.

The bodies of dude and his headless girlfriend are dragged into a field. This looks like the most boring life ever. Lydia was probably trying to kill herself at three, rather than exist in this boring vacuum. The zombies feed on headless chick and her boyfriend. Connie and Daryl watch from a distance.

Gabriel approaches Siddiq outside his house. Rosita comes out on the porch, and they smile at one another. The three of them go inside. Eugene watches, teary-eyed. Aw, what I did for love.

Michonne asks Grace if her dad is home. Aaron comes to door. Michonne wanted to thank him for his support. She’s sure it wasn’t easy, but he says, it was. They all agreed on the rules and to live by them. It’s easy forget why they had them in first place. The way things have gone down recently made him remember. She appreciates that. It’s why she wanted to tell him first. If the council wants a re-vote about sending a delegation to the fair, she won’t veto it. He says if they cross the Whisperers, they’ll be risking lives. She thinks it’s a terrible idea, but the people can weigh the risk and choose. That’s their right. It’s what the charter they agreed to and swore to protect says. It’s also for the Kingdom. Aaron hopes she doesn’t regret it. Michonne does too.

Everyone gets things together, putting supplies and trade on wagons to head for the Kingdom. The cheese Michonne sits alone.

Beta grabs Henry, and drags him over to Alpha and Lydia. Alpha throws down a knife, and tells Lydia, pick it up. Take it, and kill the boy. Lydia looks panicked. Alpha says she wasn’t gone long, but maybe long enough. Lydia says, for what? and Alpha says, to forget the side she’s on. Lydia looks like she might cry. Henry says, please. Alpha tells her, don’t be weak. She knows what happened to the last guy. Kill him or Beta will kill them both.

Suddenly, people are yelling, and there are zombies overrunning the camp. Lots of biting, and blood spurting everywhere. Daryl pulls on a mask, and finds Henry. He tells Henry to put his head down; they’re leaving. Henry won’t go without Lydia. Lydia hesitates, but Henry tells her that they need to go. They run, along with Daryl and Connie.

Next time, Carol says it could be their last chance, Ezekiel wants to gather every fighter, and Daryl sets up camp at a hotel to watch for the Whisperers.

🚴 This week on Ride with Norman Reedus, Norman took Austin Amelio (Dwight, TWD) on an adventure through Arizona. They visited an awesome, weird zoo oasis, where they had fun with ostriches and ostrich eggs, which are surprisingly strong and make humongous omelets. They also spent time with Ron Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest – ♫ Breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the law! ♫ – who was sweeter than you might think, and a very well-balanced individual. An Airforce base was also on the agenda, where they participated in a practice rescue mission, and saw where old planes live that are used for parts.

👎 I’d been looking forward to seeing the film Slenderman on HBO, and got my chance this weekend. I’m not sure what I wanted from that movie, but I know that wasn’t it. I got more excitement from reading about it on the internet, and the special effects were cheap.

🍻 Here’s To a New Week…

Which has to be better than my last one. Right? Right?



February 24, 2019 – Daryl Gives the Wrong Answer, It’s Not What It Sounds Like, Grace is Still Under Fire, Riding, Awkward & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Ezekiel asks what Jerry wants to tell him. Jerry swore he wasn’t saying anything, so Ezekiel can’t either. He asks Carol to swear too. Nabila is pregnant. He’s going to be a daddy. Ezekiel says, it’s the future of the Kingdom, and congratulates him. Carol says they’re coming. Apparently this is a flashback, since Jesus and Tara arrive to give them some food. Ezekiel is glad hear the worst has passed. Jesus tells him, Maggie wanted to come, but she’s still sick. Carol is surprised to see Tara, and Tara says not as surprised as Michonne is going to be when she finds out Tara isn’t coming back. She took more supplies than she was supposed to, and took something else. Maggie isn’t Michonne’s biggest fan right now, and they thought it better that Ezekiel hang onto it. Tara hands him a leather tube, and says she won’t be going back to Alexandria. Ezekiel says he hasn’t given up the idea the charter embodies. When the time comes, they’ll reunite and sign it together, a community that can begin anew as one. Jesus says, in the meantime, Ezekiel will be the keeper. It’s what they’re counting on. Jerry asks if Ezekiel is going to read it or not. Ezekiel takes it out, and reads over the Community Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Forward in the present day, Ezekiel is still reading. Dianne tells him, five minutes. He says it’s good to have her back. Carol asks if Dianne knows something she doesn’t. Carol is going off to hunt, and Ezekiel says he assumed the queen would be handling preparations for the fair. She asks him not to call her that. She still feels the empty nest. Or maybe she just missed him while she was gone. Calling her my love, he says he missed her too. In a few days’ time, they feast. It’s all going to work out.

Maybe not at Hilltop, where Alpha has come for her daughter. She knows they have her. Daryl tells her, leave now, and no one gets hurt. Alpha says, wrong answer. She puts her hand up, and a ton of zombies and/or Whisperers come out of the woods.

Earl says he has arthritis, but Tammy is acting like he’s on his deathbed. She says he might as well have, spilling hot metal everywhere. Enid prescribes something, and says she should take a break; Tammy thinks retirement is in order. He says he’s not retiring, and he’s not taking a break. He has horseshoes to finish before the fair. Outside, Tammy tells Enid, the guys being gone brought his stress back, but Enid shouldn’t lose hope. They’ll turn up. She asks what happened, and Enid says the ones who killed Jesus are out there.

Tara says if they piss Alpha off, they might get killed. Magna says they don’t even have a horse. Alpha asks which one leads. Daryl asks, what does it matter? Alpha says his people crossed into their land; no conflict. His people killed their people; no conflict. She’s done talking. I guess she’s also leaving out that her people killed Jesus. I’d call that a conflict. She tells him, bring out her daughter or there will be conflict. Daryl says he’s getting her. Henry tells him, no, but Daryl says she’s not getting Lydia. She’s done talking, but he isn’t, because he’s just that crazy.

Ezekiel tells Carol to go back with the others. She asks why he’s scared to tell her what he’s doing. He says he’s not, and asks Jerry if this is the face of a scared man. Jerry says, no comment. Ezekiel says it’s a side mission. He’s picking up one last item for the fair. Nothing she’d be interested in. She says, try her, and he says what about if he shows her?

Jerry says, movie time. The group stands in front of a theater. Zombies crowd the lobby.

Alpha gives a signal. Connie watches from the cornfield. Daryl approaches her. He says she can’t have Lydia. If it’s a fight she’s looking for, they have enough firepower to light them up. He hears a baby crying, and says they brought a baby out there. Alpha says, they’re animals. Animals live out there. Animals have babies. He seems to want conflict. She doesn’t, so she’s proposing a trade. Two captives wearing zombie skin masks are brought forward, and revealed to be Luke and Alden. She wanted to kill them, but she wants her daughter. One of hers for two of theirs. It’s a good trade, and that’s why going they’re going to take it. Now bring her daughter.

Carol tells Ezekiel that a projector is really not something they absolutely need. He says it’s dangerous, but they’ve worked it out. Like a cobra strike. She asks if it’s worth it, and he says Henry used to love movie nights. It’s been five years, and the young ones don’t know what a movie is. Bringing cinema back from the dead, the sense of whimsy and wonder, will make gathering together something they’ll never forget. And if joy and lifelong friendship aren’t worth fighting for, he doesn’t know what is.

Ezekiel turns on a boombox. The zombies file out of the theater following the music, as zombie will do. Ezekiel, Carol, and some of the others go in, Jerry can’t find any bulbs, and Dianne is pretty sure the expiration date on the popcorn butter is just a suggestion. A zombie toddles out of the arcade, and Jerry takes care of it. A bunch of zombies are stuck in and around the popcorn machine. Jerry sees the projection room, and says it’s their last chance. Ezekiel knows what to do. Cobra strike.

A Whisperer asks Alpha if he should lead them away, but she says no. Get back for now. Luke looks around, and sees Connie in the cornfield. He signs to her, stay hidden. The dead are coming.

Tara asks what Daryl thinks. He thinks they should give Lydia back. Yumiko says Henry and Lydia are gone. They start hunting. Daryl calls Dog, and has him sniff something. Alpha waits, and the Whisperers mill around. A baby cries, and the mom holding it looks antsy. Alpha locks eyes with her, and kind of shrugs. The mom leaves the baby on the ground. Alpha says, the land of the dead needs to live in silence. If the mother can’t quiet the child, the dead will. Natural selection.

Enid tells Daryl that she knows where Henry probably took Lydia. She’s known him since he was a kid, and he likes her; he can talk to her. Daryl says, no! as zombies toddle toward the baby. Luke signs to Connie, baby. Connie sees the baby, and hits the nearest zombie with a slingshot. She runs out, and grabs the baby. Now what? The zombies move toward her, and she runs into the field with the baby, but a zombie follows. I assume right now it’s a huge disadvantage not to be able to hear. She jabs one in the head, but here comes another. She puts the sling around her neck. One more pops out, gets in her face, and she pikes it. More are coming. Suddenly, Daryl, Kelly, Earl, and Tammy are there, and hustle Connie out of the cornfield.

Jerry finds a bulb in the projector, and says, they’re in business. Dianne tells him, grab and go, but he says, it’s fra-gee-lee (the way the father in A Christmas Story pronounces it) for real. Ezekiel asks Carole for a hand on a side mission. He wants a poster box frame for the charter. She thinks he’s dreaming, and doesn’t want him to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. What if the fair isn’t enough? What if more trade and training isn’t enough. She thinks they should talk to Jesus if things get worse, and maybe stay at Hilltop, at least until they find someplace better. Ezekiel asks, what better place than the Kingdom? A knight tells him that the boombox died. The zombies start getting loud. Jerry gets the bulb out of the projector, and puts it in bubble wrap, telling Dianne, let’s bounce. He drops his precious package, and we both say, oh sh*t.

Lydia looks at a wooden coin. Henry says Hilltop made it, but it didn’t work. She says her mother wasn’t supposed to come. She broke own rules. Maybe her mother misses her. Henry says, maybe. Lydia says, maybe she’s sorry, but Henry says, no she’s not, People like that don’t get to be sorry. Enid calls to him from outside. He tells Lydia to stay there. She says she doesn’t want to go back. Enid say if she could do something to help, she would. No one wants this, but Lydia doesn’t belong to them. Her mother will kill Luke and Alden if they don’t give her back. Henry says there’s got to be another way, but Enid says, there isn’t. She’s sorry. Henry says, it’s not fair – or right. She says it isn’t, but it’s something they have to live with, and he asks, how? She says when she was his age, she saw her parents die it. It changed her. I it became about surviving. Someone else died, someone special, who left her a letter reminding her that just surviving isn’t living, and they live with it by staying who they are, and not letting it change them. Lydia comes out says she’s going to go; she has to. Henry says, no, but she says she wants to be with her mother. They’re her people she misses them, even though I’m not sure what there is to miss. She say she’ll miss him too, but she’ll be okay. So will he she. She kisses him. This is actually a little sad, and I rarely have any feels for this show anymore.

Daryl brings Lydia out to Alpha. I’m feel a little stressed because I liked Luke in the Fantastic Beasts movies, and anything could go wrong. Lydia walks forward, and Luke and Alden are released. Alpha’s responsibility is done though, and they have to take their own gags off. Enid hugs Alden, and says she never wants let go of him. Lydia tells Alpha, sorry, and thanks her mother for coming to get her. In response she gets a crack across the face. Then Alpha hugs her, and says, call her Alpha.

Jerry tells Ezekiel that he got it, bubble wrapped, in one piece, after he dropped it somewhere between rows R and W. Ezekiel says they need to move before the horde is upon them. Jerry wants to stay and fight, and Carol asks if the queen’s call counts for something. She agrees with Jerry. A few kills each, it shouldn’t be too hard. Ezekiel says she doesn’t need to do this for him. She tells him, who says it’s just for him? She’s doing this or what? The zombies break free of the popcorn machine, Carol and some of the others use bows and arrows. Ezekiel does some does slicing and dicing. Carol wants him to be safe. They’ve lost so much, and with Henry gone… Ezekiel says he’s safe with her. He’s there with her. Jerry says they’ve got the projector going. Ezekiel says they have to be smart; be ready for every eventuality. Maybe they’re done losing. Carol says, maybe. We see a spray-painted quincunx symbol (I’m not making that up) on the back of a sign that the drive past, which we can safely assume has significance. Read all about it below.

Henry gets why Daryl had to do what he did, but that doesn’t make it okay. Daryl tells him that he never said it did. Henry asks what Daryl did to live with it. Daryl wonders what he’s talking about, and Henry say he saw the scars on Daryl’s back. He thinks knows more than anyone what sent Lydia back to her mother. He wonders how Daryl can live with that. Daryl says, the world is sh*t sometimes, and you live with it. Sometimes that’s all you can do. He did what he had to do today. They all did. He walks away

Ezekiel dusts off the poster box, and Jerry tests out the projector. He, Ezekiel, and Carol smile. Ezekiel and Carol kiss.

Magna and the others drink. Connie kicks back. Earl and Tammy won the baby lottery, and are taking care of the Whisperer child. Jerry is the father of three now, and bounces a baby.

Adeline gives Daryl a note she found in Henry’s room. Couldn’t live with it – gone to find Lydia. Connie sees him leaving, and writes, where are you going? He shows he the note and says he’s going to find Henry. She writes that she’s going with him. He says, no, but she shows the words to him again. He says, why? and she writes that she couldn’t live with it either. They leave together, and the gates close behind them.

Next time, Lydia walks again, Henry follows Lydia, Lydia claims she lied and they need to be ready, and Michonne says it’s dangerous. Like that isn’t the status of pretty much everything.

🎷 It’s All About That Quincunx…

Told you I didn’t make it up.


📺 I Remember Her…

I didn’t realize Brett Butler was playing Tammy. She used to do a stand-up act, and had a sitcom for a hot minute.


🚴 McRide…

It was a special night for Melissa McBride (Carol) on Ride With Norman Reedus, and a different kind of ride for him. They went to Scotland to uncover Melissa’s heritage, and she was thrilled with the results. They even ended up in a pub in a building that was not only the last known address of her great-something grandfather, but had once been owned by a McBride family. I’m still surprised at how much I enjoy this show.

🏆 For Those of You Who Still Care…

I haven’t bothered watching the Oscars in many years. I was well-aware that the year I actually knew two of the nominees – oddly enough, two Williams, Hurt and Hickey – could never be topped, so I haven’t watched it since. TBH, I never really cared much anyway, since it’s kind of meaningless. It’s not like the audience is voting. This was kind of a fun article though.


☕ The Best I Can Do…

Although it does say it all.



February 17, 2019 – Alpha Arrives at Hilltop, Extra Dead Tidbits & Lydia


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

An announcement over a loudspeaker says, remain calm follow and instructions. A lot of people run around, getting ready for something. 23 DAYS is written on a wall. A couple with a little girl is in a back room. The woman calls the man Frank, and says they have to wait it out. He says, the world is going to hell, and they’re pretending it’s not. The girl says they can’t go out; they’ll get sick. They have to wait for the doctor to come, and make it better. Frank says, nobody’s coming, and we find out the little girl is Lydia. Her mother says, daddy is just kidding, and sings Lydia, the Tattooed Lady to her. (See below for another version.) Lydia looks at her father.

Lydia tells Henry that she remembers the look in his eyes. She can still see it; how cold it iswas. She wonders why she’s telling Henry. He says, it beats the quiet and being alone. Outside, Daryl listens. Henry says, walking around in dead people’s skins is pretty messed up. Lydia says, thinking Hilltop isn’t going to fall like every other place is messed up. She tells Henry that his dad’s an a-hole, like hers. He says Daryl isn’t his dad. He doesn’t even want to be there. Daryl is only there to do a favor for his mom. She thought his mom died, and Henry says she’s his second mom. She’s tough. Not somebody you want to mess with. He asks what happened to Lydia’s dad.

We see Frank with blood pouring out of his neck. Lydia says. he didn’t survive. Her mom kept her alive and safe. She’s a lot like his mom. You don’t want to mess with her either.

Magna’s group goes through the woods with Tara. They see a cluster of what look like zombies feeding, and Yumiko says maybe dead; maybe not. She tells them to keep their distance. Watch their hands; they could have knives. They’re noticed, and kill the zombies (or not) one by one, using arrows, a pokey stick, and Kelly’s slingshot. When all of the zombies are dead, Magna tells them, find the masked ones. They discover the dinner is Luke and Alden’s horses. Kelly says, maybe they tried to bail? and Tara says, check for tracks. Kelly tells them, Connie says the horses were cut open and skinned with knives; these aren’t just the dead. Magna thinks they should go in different directions, but Tara says, it’s not safe. The walkers aren’t walkers. The girl is a liar. There could be three or three hundred of them. She tells them that they need to stay behind the walls until they make a plan, and they find out what this is. Kelly says, what if they don’t? but Tara says they will. Let’s go.

Henry asks if Lydia wants an egg. He can roll it to her. She says he doesn’t have to take care of her, but he says he’s just being nice. She asks why, and he says when he, his brother, and dad were found, they were pretty messed up too. It took a lot of someone being nice to make okay again. She says, hunger is a gift, and asks if he thinks she’s messed up. He asks how hunger is a gift, but she says if she has to explain, he wouldn’t understand. It will never be okay again. Henry says, says who? and she says, her dad.

Lydia flashes back again. We hear, please stand by, on the loudspeaker. A guy says, it’s been the same message for a day. Are they doing this or what? Frank tells Lydia’s mom (whose real name is unknown as far as I can find) to get their stuff. They’re moving out. She asks what he’s doing, and Frank says, getting the hell out. She tells him, it’s too dangerous. Let them go; they’ll play it safe. He says Lydia is coming, but she says she doesn’t want her child harmed. He tells her to never suggest he doesn’t care about his kid. She says they’re not going, and he calls her a bitch. Lydia asks if Halloween is coming up. She found a costume. She holds up a sheet, saying she can be a ghost. Frank says, every day is Halloween. How can he see all these freaks, and still be hopeful? He starts to shave off his beard, telling Lydia’s mother that she’s the one who liked it; he can’t stand it, and he’s doing what he wants now. Lydia and her mom play checkers. Her mother says, checkmate, and Lydia says, that’s chess. She tells Henry, He… she always said that. He says her mom sounds nice. Lydia says, yeah, but it’s not real convincing. Henry says his second mom found him. Ezekiel is his second dad; they’re leaders from another community. That’s where he’s from. She asks if it’s far, and what it’s called. He says it’s called The Kingdom. It’s about a day’s ride. Daryl busts in.

Daryl tells Henry that he’s getting out, and unlocks the door. Outside, he asks Henry what the hell is wrong with him, telling her about The Kingdom? It’s where Henry is from, and he has family there. Henry says, he was listening? Daryl says they’ve been switching off, and Henry says they were using him. Daryl says, it was working too. Henry says Lydia is a good person, but got messed up out there. She’s right about Daryl; he’s an a-hole. If he wants answers, he can get them himself. The cheese Lydia sits alone.

Lydia hears Daryl come in, and sits up. He sits outside her cell. She thought he came to kill her. He says he brought her something for her ear. She keeps pulling on it like it hurts. She says, no, and he says he doesn’t give a sh*t. Two of their people went missing. Their horses were half-skinned and half-eaten. Does she know anything about that? She says, how could she? She’s been there. He asks if her mom kills the people she crosses, and Lydia says she does what she has to do.

In Lydia’s flashback, a man says they’re running out of food, and haven’t seen daylight in weeks. Her mom tells him, shut up. The guy starts going stir crazy, banging on the boarded up window, calling for help, and Lydia’s mom knocks him down. She gets in his face, leaning on his throat, and tells him, shut up. He’s pathetic, and there’s no room for him there. Shut his mouth. Does he hear her? Not anymore. He’s dead. Beardless Frank holds Lydia, and sings to her softly

Lydia tells Daryl that he used to sing that to her when she was scared. She was scared a lot back then. Daryl asks how old was she? and she says, five, six st most; who knows? Daryl says her mom did what she had to. Lydia looks troubled. He throws the pill bottle into the cell. He says, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are a lot of good people there. They’ll help her if she helps them. She asks for some water. He scoops some up with a ladle, and holds the bottom of it through the bars. She asks if he thinks she’ll hit him with it. She tries attacking him, but he grabs her arm. He sees bruises all over it. She spits at him.

Back at Hilltop, Yumiko tells Magna, they should go back out. They’ve been gone too long. They could be hurt. Magna says she almost screwed up for them in Alexandria. They got a second chance. If they go against Tara, they could lose everything. Kelly says Luke would want them to be together. There’s a way they can sneak out; she saw the kids do it. Yumiko says, it’s Luke. Minute by minute, day by day; they’re ride or die. They have to do it, even if costs all this. She asks who’s in, and everyone raises their hands. Yumiko says they meet tonight..

Daryl messes with a branch, telling Lydia that some dads beat the sh*t out of their kids with a stick or a belt, but these a-holes ain’t picky. They use what’s laying around. A good switch from a birch tree ought to work. Her dad sounds like one of those dads, except the part when he sang to her when she was scared. Those dads like it when you’re scared. The thing is, it was the only part of her story that didn’t sound like bullsh*t. He saw the bruises on her arm; they’re from a beating. If her dad is dead, who gave them to her? She says, her mom. Daryl asks where she is, and Lydia says he should be glad he doesn’t know. He asks, where’s her camp? Why is Lydia protecting her? She’s safer there. She says, this place isn’t real. Things won’t change, and they’re all acing like it will. Her mom walks because that’s what the dead do. It’s their world, and we have to live in it. What her mom does, she does for a reason. She beats Lydia because she loves her. Daryl says, bullsh*t, and Lydia says, when you stay soft, people die.

This time, in Lydia’s flashback, her mom sits in a chair, her head shaved. Someone in the background says they should wait until morning; it will be safer. Everyone agrees. Frank – again with a beard – tells Lydia, it’s okay. Her mom and dad are there. She doesn’t have to worry. Everything will be all right in the morning. When everyone is sleeping, Lydia gets out of bed, and sneaks over to the corpse of the guy her mother killed. His body is under a blanket. She uncovers his face, then covers it again. She starts to leave, and his hand moves. He sits up. She turns around, sees him, and screams. Frank grabs her, and the zombie bites Frank’s throat out. Her mother picks her up.

Daryl says it wasn’t her fault. Lydia says she was stupid. She deserved to die. Her dad was soft, now he’s dead. Daryl asks what he was supposed to do? Watch his little girl get bit? She says, if you can’t bend, you break. He broke. Daryl says they’re making it better. They’re building it back up. Changing it back. She says he doesn’t belong with these people. Maybe used to, but not anymore. He’s hard; they’re soft.  He says she doesn’t know sh*t about him. He starts to leave, and she says she told him about what happened to her, tell her what happened to him, but he walks out.

Magna’s group sneaks out. At the fence, Yumiko watches for the guard. They hide inside a cart with wood piled on it.

Henry says Daryl could have asked him to help. Daryl keeps walking, and Henry asks where he’s going. Daryl says, this is a waste of time. She’s Tara’s problem. Henry asks, what’s going to happen to her? Did someone beat Daryl too? He once heard his dad ask his mom why her hair was so short. She said her first husband grabbed it when she tried to get away from him, and slammed her against the wall. One day, she cut it off, so he couldn’t. He guesses it took this long for her to feel safe again. Sometimes Daryl acts like the type of guy who slams people against walls, but Henry doesn’t think that’s it. Daryl says Henry shouldn’t listen to people talk. Henry says, just because her people bad, doesn’t mean she is. She’s just scared. Daryl can show her there’s nothing to be afraid of. Daryl says, no, not just him. Henry can do that.

In the woods, Yumiko doesn’t think the tracks they’re seeing are the same, but Kelly disagrees. She says the dead don’t do that. Yumiko says Kelly is thinking about Coalport, but if they hadn’t left, they’d be dead like the others. Kelly says they didn’t have a choice. Yumiko says, they did. Their choice was not to die. A zombie pops out of the trees behind Kelly, who stabs it in the head. They see more coming, and Yuniko says, it’s too dark and dangerous to be looking for Luke. Kelly says they can’t give up. They love Luke. Yumiko says they need to go back, and Magna says, she’s right. Connie says they’ll come back when they have a plan – all of them. Kelly says when they got separated Luke is the one who found her. She starts to cry, and Connie hugs her. She tells the others to go back. She’ll stay with her sister. They reluctantly leave. Something tells me this is a bad, bad idea.

Henry visits Lydia. He tells her it’s just him. She asks if Daryl sent him, but he says Daryl doesn’t know he’s there. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow to talk to her. He likes her, and thinks she’s a good person. He wants to show her a good place with good people. He unlocks the door, and she asks if he’s letting her out. He says, for a bit. Be quiet, and stay out of sight. Cool? She says, cool.

He helps her out of the root cellar. They duck back when someone comes by, but trip and fall. Lydia digs in the dirt, and eats something. She digs again, and shows Henry a worm. She holds one out to Henry. At first, it’s a no, but then he takes it and swallows it. He says he just ate a worm. She smiles, and says he did. He helps her up, and they walk around. He shows her the doctor’s office, saying, Enid is a good doctor. She’s surprised they have a doctor, and he says, you name it, they’ve got it. She feels around on a carpentry table behind her and fingers a hammer. She asks how long they’ve been there, and he says six years, but it’s only going to keep growing. She says places like this aren’t supposed to exist. Her mom told her they couldn’t. That’s why… A baby starts to cry. She puts the hammer down, and grips her head. She flashes back to being with her parents, but this time, the narrative is different. Her mother kills the guy, and shaves her head, saying, they’re going to do what she wants now. She holds a knife to Lydia’s throat, says, this is how they live now, and puts a skin on Lydia’s head. Lydia tells Henry to put her back in her cell. He’s puzzled, but says, okay.

As Henry locks her in, he says he’s sorry, and starts to leave. She asks him to wait. She asks if he could stay with her tonight. Please. He lies down in front of her cell, and they hold hands through the bars.

Daryl comes down in the morning. Henry says, she didn’t want to be alone. He asks if her ear still hurts, and Lydia says, everything hurts. She still has the pills, and he gets water for her, putting the ladle in between the bars. This time, she drinks. She says her mom isn’t coming for her; none of them are. When someone dies, or gets taken, they move on, like they never existed. That’s how it’s always been. Unless they have no choice, they don’t come into contact with big groups. That’s why she asked about the communities. So she’d have something to give them. Otherwise, they have no reason to take her back. Henry says, Lydia is her daughter. Doesn’t it matter? Daryl says they’re missing people. Lydia says if her mother came across them, she can’t think of a reason she’d keep them alive. She’s sorry. He asks if they have a camp somewhere, and she says under a bridge, maybe a mile east, but they don’t stay in one place long. Henry asks if any of her story is true. She says she thought all of it was. She needed it to be, but had it mixed up. It was a lie, but she wasn’t lying. Her mom told her over and over for years. Deep down, she knew what her mother was, and knew what she did.

Back in Lydia’s past the dead guy has become a zombie, and tears a different guy’s throat out. It’s pandemonium with everyone running around. Her mother starts prying off window boards, and says they’ve got to get out. Frank says, those are our friends. She says, they’re panicking. The three of them are getting out of there. He says she can do what she wants, but Lydia stays with him. Lydia’s mom says, the hell she does. He tells Lydia, it’s okay, and to wait there. They’ll come back. Lydia says, don’t go, but he jumps into the fray. Her mother follows, but slams Frank up against a wall. Lydia tells Daryl and Henry that she was scared. Her mom was there with that cold look in her eye. Then she got her knife. Lydia starts to cry, and Daryl says, it’s okay. They’ve heard enough. She’s sorry she can’t help them. She’s sorry she wasted his time. He says she didn’t.

Magna and Yumiko go back to Hilltop. They see Tara up on the fence, and Yumiko says she’ll talk to her.

Henry asks Daryl why would Lydia’s mom do that to her kid? Lydia thinks it’s her fault her dad died.  Daryl says, some people are not meant be parents. Henry asks, what happens now? Can she stay with them? Daryl says, we’ll see. He’s going to get her fresh clothes, and talk to Tara and see about that camp. Henry says he’s glad Daryl and his mom are friends.

Yumiko joins Tara, who asks what they found. Yumiko says, nothing. It was wrong of them to leave. She wishes they’d realized it sooner. She should have. She sees two guards bringing Kelly back, along with Connie walking parallel on another path. Tara says the guards saw them sneak out, and they weren’t taking any chances. She gets why they did it, but next time they want to challenge one of her decisions, talk to her. She doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing there, but she doesn’t want any more people to die, including them.

Yumiko looks through the binoculars, and sees a group of Whisperers coming toward Hilltop. They’re perilously close to Connie. Kelly sees, and tries to run to her, but the guards hold her back. Connie signals for her to stay, and runs into a cornfield, which is probably another bad, bad idea. Tara looks out, and freaks. She yells for Daryl.

Here they come. Lydia’s mom pushes her way to the front. Daryl watches, along with Tara, Yumiko, and Magna. The Whisperers stand at the gate. Lydia’s mom says, she’s Alpha. She only wants one thing from them. Her daughter.

Next time, the Whisperers have captured Luje and Aldon. Daryl tells Alpha that she can’t have her daughter, and Alpha says, wrong answer.

ℹ Some useless trivia I got from Talking Dead. Yip Harburg who wrote Lydia, the Tattooed Lady, also wrote all the songs for The Wizard of Oz. And to turn that into six degrees of Walking Dead, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was being read to Judith in an earlier episode. Another tidbit was that the set for Lydia’s past memories was also The Sanctuary set, since it wasn’t in use at the time.

🐥 Say the Magic Word & the Duck Comes Down…

And how an elephant got in my pajamas, I’ll never know.