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August 28, 2019 – Cassandra Must Be Found, a Reunion Ends With Charm, Posh World, Without Joe, Laverne’s Wisdom, Breaking Now, an Idea & Victoria’s Heart


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jordan tells Curtis she’s clear. She’s gotten the go ahead to work full time. His baby is ready to roll. She asks, what’s wrong? and he wonders why she can’t work part time. She says she could, if she didn’t mind losing her sanity. She can only delegate so much for so long. She needs to get back to work.

Michael tells Sonny that he just came from the hospital. Sasha is sicker than they thought.

Monica thanks Jax for coming to the hospital. She’s called anyone who worked in close proximity to Sasha. They’ve identified her illness. It’s the Avian flu, a strain they haven’t even seen before. In the meantime, anyone who’s had contact with Sasha has to be tested, and have a round of anti-virals. He asks if the symptoms wouldn’t have shown up by now. She says, in all likelihood, but it’s a precautionary measure. They’re using an abundance of caution. He asks about the prognosis, but she says she can’t even speculate. They don’t even know if they caught it in time.

Valentin talks on the phone to Charlotte, who’s in the park with Lulu and Rocco. Charlotte tells him about her softball game. He says he’s sorry he can’t be there today, but she says her mom took a video. She gives Lulu the phone, and she asks how things are going. Valentin says, it’s all wait and see. She tells him, please give Nina her best, and tell her that she’s praying for Sasha. Don’t worry about Charlotte; she’s totally fine. He thanks her, and says he’ll be in touch. Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte successfully stole two bases. She gets it from her father. Nina says she needs something else from him. He says, anything, and she tells him that she wants Cassandra – alive or dead. Can he arrange it for her?

Jason sees Cameron at the hospital, and asks if he’s waiting for his mom. He says he’s here on his own. He wants to talk to Franco’s doctors.

Elizabeth says, hi, and Franco says if she’s on her way out, he can come back. She says, that’s okay. She was going out to look for him. He asks if she’s there by herself, and she says the boys aren’t there; just her. He says he figured that he owed them both a conversation. He can tell her a little bit about himself, and she can tell him about the man he used to be. She invites him in, and says, welcome home.

Robert shuffles through files, looking for one on Shiloh, and another on Cabot. Mac finds them for him, and asks why he won’t use the software. Robert says he likes the feel of paper, and he’d also have to learn it. He thanks Mac, even if he alluded to Robert being some kind of dinosaur. Mac says he didn’t,  and Robert says they work well together. Where else can he kick his little brother around? Mac says his days as Commissioner are over.

Jordan tells Curtis that congratulations would do. He congratulates her, and she thanks him. He says he’s really concerned that she’s pushing it, but she says she got clearance to work full time. She’ll be drawing full pay, and he can ditch his job with Valentin, or Jax, or both. He asks why he’d do that, and she says he’s bordering on corporate espionage. He says it’s helping them making bank, and they can knock out the medical bills and put away some for TJ’s college fund. She asks what he’s going to do if Jax finds out he’s taking money from Valentin? He says he’ll handle his business. She says, and she’ll handle hers, but he can escort her to the station first.

Elizabeth shows Franco a drawing Jake did. She says Jake is her middle child. He’s an artist like the both of them. He was instrumental in promoting Jake’s talent. She asks if it looks familiar. He just looks at her, and she says she knows he needs time. She ask if he’s hungry. Her youngest, Aiden, baked cookies. He’s the one who discovered Aiden was a gifted baker, and he’s Aiden’s sous chef. He says he already ate, but she says she’ll bring some out anyway. He must still have the same taste buds, and he loved Aiden’s cookies. He says he thinks it would make things easier if she didn’t refer to him as Franco. He’s Drew. Elizabeth says, sure. She didn’t mean to offend him. He says, nobody does. Except maybe that German woman, the doctor. Elizabeth says Obrecht considers herself a good friend of his… of Franco’s. She’s direct and intense. He says she also slapped him. She actually tried to slap some sense into him. Elizabeth says, sounds like her. What did she have to say? He says she told him the life he’s living doesn’t belong to him, and to get out of Franco’s way. He doesn’t understand. Why would anyone want that? Why would they want to be around a killer?

Cameron tells Jason that he tried to register for a class with a philosophy professor, but it was too early. He read that Descartes said, I think, therefore I am. If Franco started to think he was Franco, and really believe it, it might help. He thought he’d run it by Franco’s doctors. He asks if Jason thinks it’s dumb, but Jason says he can talk to Monica, and arrange it. Cameron thanks him, and says it’s just hard to understand how everyone is going along with this. How could Franco forget his family and loved ones? Jason knows what it’s like, doesn’t he?

Jax tells Monica, the flu is contagious. It’s strange how only one person contracted it. Monica says, especially since Sasha has never been to Asia. It’s a matter for law enforcement now. It’s no accident that Sasha came down with the flu.

Nina asks Valentin how they can make it happen. He says they do nothing. He’ll take care of it. Nina needs to know there are no more threats to her family. She can’t do this again. She feels helpless and out of control. Valentin says, those days are over, but she says that person is still inside of her. She knows the signs. He says he knows she’s a strong woman, and knows he loves her. He has those protective feelings too. He tells her to take care of Sasha, and he’ll take care of the rest.

Michael tells Sonny, as a precaution, he’s getting a round of anti-virals. Sonny asks what about Sasha? and Michael says they’re afraid they took too long to diagnose her. They’ve never even seen the strain in this hemisphere. Sonny wonders how Sasha contracted it, and Michael says it was on purpose by someone on the island – Sandy Lance. Sonny knows her by Cassandra Pierce.

Charlotte asks Lulu when they’re going home, but Lulu says Rocco’s game isn’t over. Charlotte wants to go to Windymere. It’s been forever, and she left her doll in the trophy room. Lulu knows Charlotte misses Nina and her papa, but they’re taking care of Sasha. Charlotte asks if Sasha will be better soon. Rocco runs over, and says he hates this game. He wants to go home. Lulu says he can’t quit, and Rocco says, it’s okay for his dad to quit, but not him? He asks if his dad is ever coming home. Dustin appears, and asks if someone lost their glove.

Mac tells Robert that he thinks Jordan is returning tomorrow; end of mission. Robert says, what if it doesn’t happen? What if Jordan gets kidnapped by pirates, and the mayor gives Mac the job? Mac says he’s not out to steal Jordan’s job. Robert says he’d rather sling drinks and keep cleaning up after drunks than admit he likes police work? Jordan comes in, and says she just got clearance to work. From the sound of it, it’s not a moment too soon.

Sonny tells Michael that Cassandra wanted him to help her import something, but he told her he wasn’t importing it into Port Charles. Maybe Sasha is collateral damage, and Cassandra was trying to get to him? Michael says, no. She sent a picture to Nina as a message. She wanted Nina to know it was payback. Sonny says, for what?

Elizabeth says, Franco’s not a killer. Franco says, kidnapping, assault, arson, murder. She asks where he got this, and he says, the internet. She tells him, Franco did bad things while he was sick. He found out he had a brain tumor, and when it was removed, he was cured. Franco says now he knows he’s not sick, but Elizabeth disagrees. He says she’s not the only one objecting, She says she’s lost a husband, and her children love him, and want him back. He says, wanting doesn’t make it so. She says if anyone can undo what happened it’s Andre, the man who perfected the procedure. Drew is bringing him back from Ethiopia.

Cameron says Jason used to be a Quartermaine until the accident; that’s what his mom told him. Jason says, that’s right. Cameron says he didn’t remember his old family, changed his name, and found a new one. Jason says it wasn’t as easy for him as it seemed. The Quartermaines wanted him to be someone he wasn’t. Cameron says, that’s what’s happening to Franco. Jason says he used to feel that way about the Quartermaines, but time passed, and he eventually found a new relationship with them. They got to know him as he is now. Cameron asks how long it took, and Jason says, years. Cameron says his mom and brothers don’t have years for Franco to figure out that they matter to him.

Curtis gets a text from Valentin – Must see you asap at GH. He tells Jordan that he has to go. Jordan tells Mac and Robert that she doesn’t officially return to full time until tomorrow. Sonny comes in with Michael, and says he’s there about Cassandra Pierce. Robert says they’re aware of the situation, and Mac says they’ve been pulling files. Sonny wants her found before someone else gets hurt, and Mac says, odds are, she’s not in Port Charles. Robert says they were on to her after she escaped. Mac says they know she’s flying under the radar. Sonny knows all about that.

Jax asks Nina how Sasha is, and she says she’s waiting. He says, alone? and she tells him that Valentin just left to take care of business. Jax says Monica filled him in a little; how can he help? Nina laughs, and says, him? He says he knows Finn has a good reputation, but he has connections. She says he can drop the phony concern. She knows he doesn’t care about Sasha or her. He says, that’s not true, and she says he wouldn’t know truth if he was shot up with the bird flu. He’s been lying to her since he came into her office. She knows about his secret file on Cassandra Pierce. That woman is the reason her daughter is sick. That psycho almost killed her daughter.

Jason tells Cameron, there’s no way to predict what will happen with Franco. They don’t even know if it’s reversable. Cameron asks what he should do, and Jason says, try not to pressure Franco. Cameron has to accept Franco is as confused as he is. Jason didn’t make allowance for how other people felt, and he regrets that. Cameron says Jason’s loved ones were older, and had perspective. His brothers are still young, and look up to Franco. Jason admires that Cameron wants to fix it, but he’ll have to wait. Cameron says his brothers need Franco. The more time he’s away, the more screwed up they are, and they’ve been through so much already. Franco needs to suck it up, and come home.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Drew was going to Afghanistan for him, but never mentioned Ethiopia. She says he just found out where Andre was yesterday, and diverted the plane. Franco says Drew didn’t mention it to him, and Elizabeth is sure Drew was in a hurry.  Franco thinks it’s part of a larger plan to keep him there, but Elizabeth says, Drew wouldn’t do that. Franco says, he’s wasting a trip. He’s not talking to any doctor. As soon as this bracelet is off, he’s gone. Elizabeth tells him not to do that to the people who love him. They can help him. He asks why he’d want help. Help means the end of him.

Monica asks Jason for a favor. He says, anything, but she tells him, don’t say that until he’s heard her out. Jason was with Franco when he got arrested; how did he seem? Jason says, angry and confused. He insists he’s Drew. Monica is afraid he might bolt. This might be her only chance to find out what Drew was like growing up; the son she and Alan never got to raise. She doesn’t want to let the opportunity slip through her fingers. Jason says she may have to. It might already be too late. I’m surprised at Monica being so selfish. She already went through this with Jason, and should know better than to push. I could understand if she wanted it for Drew, but for her own personal interest? Really?

Franco says the doctor will screw with his head, and chances are, it might not work. Or even worse, it does. She knows it’s incredibly selfish, but she’s asking anyway. The boys want her to fight for him. He says he doesn’t know them, and they don’t know who he is and who he loves. It’s his chance to get back the life he was robbed of. She says, that Drew was robbed of. He’s robbing her of her husband. He says, it’s not him. He doesn’t remember marrying her. The ring he’s wearing, a symbol of vows he doesn’t recall making. Wearing it is dishonest. He tries to hand it to her, but she doesn’t take it. He says he’s not trying to hurt her or her children, but he wants to get on with his life. He puts it on the table, and Cameron walks in.

Lulu introduces Dustin, saying, he’s a teacher. Rocco asks what he teaches, and Dustin says, including and not limited to, snake wrangling, jumping out of planes, a bunch of other crazy stuff, and baseball fielding. Lulu tells Rocco, if he’s nice, Dustin will give him some tips. Dustin says, only in exchange for a signed game ball, and gives a ball to Rocco.

Jordan tells Sonny, there’s only so much they can do in their jurisdiction. Robert says Michael and Sasha encountered Cassandra on Sonny’s island, and Sonny says he’s made some calls. If anything goes down, he’ll hear about it. Jordan asks if he’s going to share, and Sonny says, share and share alike. Nina said Cassandra is after her. Don’t they think her story might help give them a lead? Jordan says they know how to do their job. Sonny says, then they don’t need him, but Robert wants to ask Michael some questions. He wants to know more about their interaction with Cassandra. Michael tells Sonny to go. Michael goes into the interrogation room, and Jordan asks, what if Sonny finds Cassandra first? Mac says let him look. It will keep him out of their hair… her hair. Jordan says, about that…

Curtis tells Valentin if he wants another update on Jax… Valentin says, forget Jax. He needs help with something more important – protecting his family.

Jax asks Nina, how sick is Sasha? She says, Sasha and Michael crossed paths with Cassandra, and now Sasha has been diagnosed with a strain of bird fly never seen in this hemisphere. She shows him the picture, and says, then she got this text. Does he know where Cassandra is? Jax swears he doesn’t, and Nina says she feels so much better. Never mind about the angle he’s been working against her and Valentin since she caught him in her office unannounced. He has a file on Cassandra. Jax says he has nothing to do with her. She asks if she’s supposed to take his word, and he says he has nothing against her. He admires her. Valentin is another story. Nina says while he avoids answering her questions, her daughter could be dying. Spare her his false concerns and empty promises, and tell her the truth or get out. He says, it is the truth. What’s happening is horrible, and all he wants to do is help. He thinks there’s more to Cassandra’s relationship with Valentin than he’s letting on. She might want to protect herself. No matter what she thinks of him, he’s not her enemy. She says, if this is how he treats his friends, she doesn’t want to be his friend. He leaves, and she sits on the bench and sobs.

Jordan wants to clear the air. She knows Mac enjoyed himself. He says he has, and she says she understands he’s done a terrific job. Word is, her people wouldn’t mind keeping him around. Robert says he knows Mac wants to be in a leadership position, so he can affect change. Mac says he never considered this more than temporary, and Robert says it was his idea. Jordan says it was hers; he just agrees with her. She asks Mac, how does Chief of Detectives sound?

Curtis tells Valentin that protecting his family isn’t a one person job, but he can reach out to his contacts. Valentin says he can hire his own bodyguard. He needs Curtis as a detective. He needs Curtis’s problem solving skills. He needs him to find Cassandra before the WSB does, but Curtis doesn’t think she’ll be easy to find. Jax sees them talking.

Sonny approaches Nina, who tells him, go away. She already had enough with Jax. Sonny says she has a problem with Jax? Been there, done that. Nina says, and he’s overwhelmed with sympathy. He says she’s worried about her daughter, and he may be able to help. He tells her to round up Valentin, and tell him about their history with Cassandra.

Jason tells Monica, Drew knew Alan was his father. He figured it out in high school. He saw Jason’s picture in the paper, and knew Jason had to be his twin. He assumed they just wanted one twin. Monica says, nothing could be farther from the truth. He says, Franco did not want to listen, but she says she has to let him know. He doesn’t think Franco cares. Sorry, but his best advice is to let Franco be.

Cameron says Franco is home, but Franco says, it’s not like that. Elizabeth says, he just came by talk things out. Cameron asks why she looks upset, and she says, it’s been upsetting. Cameron says Franco can make it easier, but Elizabeth says. he’s doing the best he can. Franco says they haven’t met, and Cameron introduces himself. He knows Franco doesn’t remember, but those two freaks, Dr. Cabot and Shiloh, wanted to do a memory transfer on him. He was hooked to the machine, when Franco showed up and took his place. He owes Franco more than he can ever repay. Franco asks if he’s okay, and Elizabeth says they’re all okay. Cameron asks Franco to stay for dinner, but Franco asks if they can just agree to take things slow. He’s had his fill for tonight. He starts to leave, and Cameron stops him, saying, he doesn’t get to leave

Monica says she has to reach out. Drew should have been a Quartermaine from day one. Jason says she won’t get through on the first try, or probably the second or third. She says she’ll try as long as it takes for him tell her his story. So she can tell him hers. Jason is sorry, but she says, don’t be. He says, not for that. For the way he treated her and Alan. It took too long for him to see from their perspective. Monica says, he’s himself, and that’s all that matters to her.

Cameron says Franco has to stay. Franco says he’s not the guy Cameron wants him to be, but Cameron says he just needs Franco there. Franco had a life, and a family, and it’s on him to try and keep it going. Franco says, sorry. He can’t be something he’s not. He walks out, and Cameron slams the door. He asks, how anyone can be that selfish? Elizabeth says, he doesn’t mean to be. Cameron says, his wedding ring, and picks it up. He says, that’s why Franco was there,  to return the ring. What’s wrong with him? She says, it’s not his fault, but Cameron says he stole Franco’s life, and there’s nothing they can do to get it back. Elizabeth says, please, Cameron. He starts to cry, and slaps the ring into her hand. He runs upstairs, and Elizabeth looks for her phone. She makes a call, and says she needs a lawyer.

Lulu says she knew Rocco could do it. Dustin says, he just forget to close his glove. He has the same problem. Rocco whispers something to Lulu, and runs off. Dustin asks what he said, and Lulu tells him that he said, Dustin is cool. He says, best review ever.

Mac says Robert knew about this, and was pulling Mac’s chain. Robert says, it was a test, and he passed. Jordan says, her team respects him, and the squad could use his leadership skills. Say yes. He says he has to clear it with his lady, unless they told her in advance. Jordan says, with her approval, welcome back.

On the phone, Michael tells Diane he doesn’t need a lawyer. He tells Robert that Diane wanted him to remind them that it’s voluntary cooperation. Robert says, duly noted and appreciated. He read Michael’s account, but wants to hear it. He might remember something he’s not aware of. Michael says he’s been replaying it over and over, and thinks Robert is right. He may know how to find Cassandra.

Val knows Curtis cares about Nina, and will do what he can to protect her. He’s not asking lightly. Curtis says he’s not taking it lightly. If he finds Cassandra, he’ll turn her in to the WSB. Valentin says that does him no good. Find her, and walk away. And ask no questions.

Sonny tells Nina, something has to be done about Cassandra. The cops can’t find her, and she escaped from the WSB. He doesn’t want to see Nina hurt, and she’s a target. Nina says, please leave, but he says he’s not going anywhere. She says, fine, then she will. Sonny says he’s not through, and Jax says, yes he is. Is there a problem?

Tomorrow, Robert says they have their best lead, Valentin tells Curtis that he’ll get $5 million if he finds Cassandra, and Sasha asks Finn if she’s terminal.

Southern Charm – The Reunion – Part Two

Backstage, Madison is nervous. In another room, Danni says it was personal, and not a good example, especially for a mother to be saying.

Andy welcomes us back like we were the ones who left, and welcomes Danni, who’s joining the reunion. Andy starts with Kathryn’s sobriety. Austen says what she did on Watch What Happens Live was ridiculous. He couldn’t believe the things she said. We flash back to last week, where Austen said he was upset when he tweeted in, and Kathryn said don’t think for an effing second he can come after her sobriety. Back up. Naomie says she got aggressive with Austen just now, but someone saw her drinking when she was on the show. Kathryn asks, who? and Naomie says, a mutual friend. Kathryn says she’d tell them if she drank, because she can. Cameran says, no one is coming at her, but at the same time be honest. Craig says, no one knew if she was allowed to drink, so they just said she wasn’t, and covered for her for the last six months. Andy says there were several reunions where Kathryn felt they were coming against her, and they say the opposite. Shep says, what they’re  trying to say is, they protected Kathryn more than she knows.

Andy says Kathryn planned the treehouse trip, and then was MIA for the days before it. A viewer says, Danni isn’t Kathryn’s mom. If she seems testy, maybe it’s because Danni is crowding her. He asks what Danni meant when she said Kathryn was never held accountable? Danni says, Kathryn gets a lot of passes, especially from her. She wanted Kathryn to have valid reasons why she wasn’t responding. It can be perceived as obnoxious or irresponsible. Kathryn thinks she made a bigger deal about it than it was. Andy asks why she was defensive, and Kathryn says she’s used to her phone ringing, and it being Thomas, or her lawyer, or something else not good. Cameran says she can’t alienate other people who don’t have ill intentions. Kathryn says she talks to her actual friends, and Chelsea asks if they shouldn’t expect a  response since they’re not real friends? Just tell them she’s busy. Kathryn says just so they know, Thomas can bring this up in court. Danni rolls her eyes. Andy asks if that shouldn’t motivate her to be better, and Kathryn says she’s just trying to focus on her kids. Andy says she knows how that makes people feel, and Kathryn says when it’s more than one person, she gets overwhelmed with being ashamed, and portrayed as a terrible friend. Andy asks if she and Danni think it was an unfair representation of their friendship. Danni says they have a unique friendship. She can depend on Kathryn, but not all the time. She says Kathryn has been hanging out with Madison, and Kathryn says their kids play together. Austen says they didn’t hang out just one time, and Kathryn tells him, she didn’t say that. She needed someone for supervision with the kids. Austen thinks she’s playing both sides, and Kathryn says she has no one else, and Andy explains, Thomas approved Madison to supervise the kids. Kathryn says she thought it was okay with them, and she was being decent. Shep says she shouldn’t have to ask if it’s okay. She knows it’s not, because it bothers her friend. Danni has been there for her. Kathryn says she’s in the middle, and it’s a hard place to be. She loves Danni. Danni is her best friend, but it’s way more complicated in her mind. She doesn’t want Madison to feel like she did when no one talked to her. Cameran says, Madison put herself there. Craig says he thinks Madison is manipulative. It’s hard to see Kathryn with someone who caused problems. Andy says she didn’t realize it would go to that level. Naomie says Madison is manipulating Kathryn to hurt Danni, or Kathryn is afraid of her, and wants to keep her enemies closer. Austen says she’s not just asking Madison to watch the kids. If she likes Madison, admit it. Kathryn says she does. Madison makes her laugh. We take a break. Well, they take a break anyway.

Andy says, fresh off a family scandal, Eliza wasted no time getting back in the saddle of society. He asks if it was the hardest time after her father’s affair, and she says she doesn’t like to talk about it. She starts crying – that didn’t take long – and says they were so close. She felt uncomfortable and unwanted everywhere she went. Andy says he’ll change the subject, but she might not like this one either. After her debut at Patricia’s dinner party, viewers thought she was like a bull in a china shop. We flash back to her talking stupid at the party, ending with her saying Kathryn could be a surrogate. Andy assumes she meant no harm by the comment about Kathryn, and Shep says, Eliza is harmless, sweet, and docile, but her social awareness is lacking. Eliza says she’s only twenty-three; she’ll learn. Cameran says she talks too much, and Eliza says she does when she gets nervous. Andy asks if Eliza feels unfairly judged for her relationship with Thomas. Eliza says she’s used to people not liking her because of her family, but she can’t control that. Connie from Houston asks what she sees in Ashley that the rest of the world doesn’t? Eliza says she sees the good in everyone in her life. Ashley didn’t hurt her, so why be mean? Andy asks why she invited Ashley to the skeet shoot. Did she think Ashley would mend her relationships. Eliza says she knew Ashley said mean things to Kathryn, and she thought it was terrible, but she didn’t know Ashley had offended almost everyone there. We flash back to that fiasco. Chelsea says she’s all for forgiving, but Ashley goes about it all wrong. Eliza says Ashley made her look like an idiot for giving her a second chance. Andy asks if they’re still friends, and Eliza says they talk occasionally. He asks if her family is still friends with Thomas, and she says, absolutely. She can’t speak on his behalf, but she’s not leaving him hang out to dry for something that she has no involvement in.

Andy tells us that Chelsea has a brand new house, and brand new man. Dating a professional sailor means a long distance relationship, and it’s causing some to wonder how they keep it afloat. We find out no one has met Nick, and Chelsea says, when he’s in town, his time is short, and they’re trying to spend time together. A viewer asks why Chelsea is so trusting. For all she knows, he has a girl in every port. Andy says, it’s a fair question, and Chelsea says they communicate often and well. Andy asks how dangerous his job is, and Chelsea says, very. There were two fatalities in the last race. A viewer says Chelsea’s dad seems hesitant about her picking men who aren’t around. Chelsea thinks he’s afraid of her moving away, since she’s done it before. Andy asks what Austen thought about her dad calling him a housecat. Austen says she seems like more of a housecat, since she goes to work and goes straight home, but Chelsea says, a housecat is a gamer who hadn’t gotten out much, and her father shouldn’t have said that. A viewer asks if Chelsea feels like an anomaly among her privileged, trust fund friends. Chelsea says she doesn’t think about that, and Austen says no one has a trust fund except Shep. It’s a silly thing to say. Andy says the perception is that they don’t have jobs. Shep says it’s not like he’s raking in government money. Would he be more liked if he worked in a coal mine? Chelsea says she’s had a job since she was fourteen. Even if she won the lottery she’d have a job. If she wasn’t working, she’d feel worthless.

Andy switches gears. There’s been a new drama with Austen and Chelsea every year, and this year it was the screenshots Madison sent to Chelsea of Austen talking about her. Austen says he was venting to Madison, and guesses he was angry. Chelsea says when she first posted about Nick, there were comments about her finally finding a man, and getting rid of Austen. Austen was tagged, and she’s sure it made him angry. Andy says, it wasn’t flattering. Shep asks if Austen didn’t regret it, and Austen says he ate crow. Andy says Chelsea forgave Austen, and took him under her wing to reform his party ways. We flash back to her saying Shep and Craig are bad influences Shep says it bothered him, and made him angry. Chelsea says Austen asked for her advice, and he can take it or leave it. It won’t hurt her feelings. Kathryn says he respects Chelsea’s opinion; that’s why he asked. Andy says goodbye to Eliza, who we already forgot was there anyway.

Craig says if there was ever a time for him to take Adderall, it would be now. Madison comes out, and Andy asks what the status of her and Austen’s relationship is. Austen says they’re not together, and Andy says they’re not friends with benefits? Austen tells Andy, he didn’t say that. Madison says, they’re not together together. Danni asks when they last slept together, and Madison says, last night. Andy says, it’s complicated is the answer, and he promises not to play the video. He does want to talk about it though. Austen claimed he didn’t hook up with the women, and nothing happened. Austen says he’s as honest as a heart attack. Kathryn shakes her head, and says, he hooked up with the blonde one. Craig seconds that. Austen says he was so drunk, and Madison says he blacked out. Andy asks why the blonde’s panties were off, but Austen honestly doesn’t remember. A viewer doesn’t understand how Austen possibly cheated and it was recorded on video, but Madison hooked up with someone when they were temporarily broken up, and she’s the crazy one. Andy asks if Kathryn thinks it’s a  double standard, and Kathryn says, it’s definitely a pattern . It’s typical of the men to blame it on the girl. Shep says they’d tweeted they were together. Austen says he thought things were good between them. Madison says she saw Michelle at a party, and said, woman to woman, did she have sex with Austen? and she said, yes. She told Austen, eff this; she’s done, and they didn’t talk. Cameron says, that’s not a solid relationship. Shep says, it doesn’t matter. You can do anything to Austen. Madison thinks Shep should focus on his own relationships, and leave theirs alone. Craig says Austen calls him crying because she posted a picture, and she tells him to mind his own business. Andy asks what they fight about, and Madison says, mostly Shep and Craig. Craig says she blames them for the DM stuff. They didn’t send it, she did. We flash back to Danni telling Craig about a friend DM’ing Gentry about Madison. Craig says she deflects to everyone else. Austen says, it was made into a big deal, but what mattered is, she didn’t personally send it. Danni says she clearly communicated what happened. She didn’t say Madison sent it. Madison says, after the video, her clients were saying, girl, come on, get out there, and a friend wanted her to meet Gentry. Danni says she heard enough chit chat around town. She didn’t think it was a big deal because she thought Madison was single. She couldn’t keep track of their relationship. Craig knew their status, and did what he wanted with the information. Andy asks if Danny regrets telling Craig, and she says she does. Craig says, it’s Madison’s fault, and no one else’s. Danni says Madison started a bunch of sh*t, and reached out to her boyfriend. Chelsea says thinks it got blown out of proportion, and Madison took her anger out on Danni. Dannie says all she did was try to mitigate it. Madison is a bully and a psycho. Madison asks why she’s so upset, and Danni says, for many reasons. Andy says it’s a great spot to take a break.

Andy says, while the boys whisked Austin away on an RV trip to get over his breakup, Madison divulged to Chelsea that Shep called her white trash. He asks what the definition is, and Madison says, working class, not born into money, and he’s better than she is. Austen says Shep said it to him, and he wasn’t pleased. Shep says Austen told him she’d cheated, and he told Austen, good; get rid of her. He says you have country, who are the best folks, but also have redbacks. I guess those are like rednecks? Cameran tells him not to say white; just say trash. Kathryn says Shep called her white trash at the pillow party. Does he feel that way about her? He says she was acting trashy. It was crazy talk. She thinks it’s harsh to call someone trash. Andy says Shep had to know it was going to get him labeled elitist, which he’s already labeled all the time. Shep says Andy should see his Palm Beach friends, but Andy says it doesn’t sound like he wants to. Shep says it manifests when he sees someone not raised properly. Andy asks what he means? Is it good manners to call someone trash? Shep says, Eleanor Roosevelt said, if you can’t say something good about someone, sit next to me. (Not totally accurate, Shep, but close enough that I’ll let it pass.) The hoity toity aren’t exactly the bastion of being nice to one another. Andy says, Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady, not Brooke Astor. Shep thinks he means that etiquette lady (I assume he’s referring to Emily Post or Amy Vanderbilt), and Andy has to explain who she is (New York socialite and philanthropist). For Shep claiming to be so well-read, he’s not really. He knows some big words. A viewer thinks Madison turned Shep down at some point, and Shep says he’s never made a secret of that. He was whispering in a cheap blonds ear (ugh. he just can’t not insult people), and she wasn’t having it. We flash back to a barbecue where she told him, don’t even. Andy says, another theory is that, in Shep’s world, the one thing worse than losing a girl, is losing one to Austen. A viewer who works in couples therapy says she’s seen couples who hate each other, and as a professional, doesn’t think Shep hates Madison. In fact, he loves her. She asks if he’ll ever admit it to himself. Shep says, they’re both too strong willed. He would never admit defeat, and neither would she.

Changing topics. To help Cameran get her mojo back, the gang headed to Colorado, and Craig unloaded emotional baggage before they got to the baggage claim. We flash back to Craig losing it at the airport, ending with Chelsea telling him to check his pants for a vagina, because he’s being a p*ssy. Chelsea says she was mortified, and the feminists were on her ass, but she’d had enough. Craig says he was just trying to get them on the bus, but Andy says he was frothing at the mouth. Andy says, the weed dinner was fun to watch, and Shep says, it was awesome. In case everyone forgot, Andy says, Kathryn got upset. BadGuyAndrew tweeted, they’re hypocrites. They attacked Kathryn, treated her like an addict, and said her kids should be taken away, then got high the whole trip like there was nothing wrong. Andy says, Austen knew her history and never checked with her or thought about it? Austen says, she knew for weeks, but Kathryn says, that’s not true. She knew a week before, but don’t be dramatic. Austen says, she was silent until she finally asked who arranged the dinner. Kathryn says, on the after-show, he said she did it for attention. We see a clip of that. Andy says Cameran said she didn’t two f**ks. Kathryn say she thought she’d be fine. It was literally the first time she’d been around it. I have to add, it wasn’t like they just passed a joint either; it was everywhere and in her face. And these dudes are LOUD when they’re high. Andy asks what bothered her more, being around it, or no one asking if it was okay. Kathryn says what bothered her most was the guilt that she wasn’t with her kids for months. Austen genuinely apologizes, and Kathryn says, bullsh*t. He says she’s right, it is, and Danni is like, what? Shep says they’ll do a mushroom dinner next time Andy says, we’ll leave it there.

Andy asks if Madison thought she and Austen would get back together in Colorado. Madison says, yes, and Andy says she was obviously upset after talking to him in the hot springs. We flash back to that, and Andy says, after talking to Shep, it escalated, and she revealed something private. What made her go there? She says, at that point, she had so much rage, she blacked out and said something she shouldn’t have. She felt provoked, and felt like Shep was constantly coming after her. Danni asks why she got brought in. She knew both Madison and Austen had animosity toward her, but didn’t know to what extent. It was hurtful, humiliating, and not true. She starts  to cry, and says she doesn’t know how Madison came up with it. Andy asks if Austen made it up. We see a clip from eight hours earlier, where he’s telling Madison that he didn’t make it up. Austen says it could have been misconstrued; maybe he took it wrong. Kathryn asks if he’s sure he didn’t make it up for fun. Austen says he would never make it up for fun. Andy says, so Shep told Austen. Shep says he and Danni dated eight years ago. Practicing to be a future Housewife, Danni says she has her medical records with her. Andy says they called Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine, who said it’s pretty common. Cameran says, it’s effed up. She would be mortified if someone said that about her. She thinks any of the women would be. Andy brings up Shep saying Austen should tell Madison STFU. Andy asks what Cameran thinks, and she says she kind of agreed. Austen asks if she’d want Jason to tell her STFU, and she says he has told her that when she’s been out of line. So she STFU. Andy asks who thought it was wrong for Shep to bring the girls from the threesome video to Patricia’s party. Austen says, it was a d*ck move. Shep says, it was salacious. See? Big word. Andy says it was messier than any of the Housewives. Andy says Shep has been espousing manners and upbringing; how well people are raised. Is that an example? Shep says he’s not fighting back with fists. It’s his little way of fighting back. Danni says it’s his way of saying Austen and Madison’s relationship is a joke. She says she’s not surprised at anything  hateful toward her from them. Andy asks if Shep enjoyed inflicting pain on them, and Shep says they bicker all the time; it was just another night. He and Chelsea have a history. Chelsea asks him to say her last name, so no one thinks it’s her. Shep says he might have taken her anyway. The other girl was manufactured be him, and approved by Craig. Naomie says they could hardly form words, and Kathryn does a Valley girl imitation. Andy asks if Shep has any regrets, and Shep says, not giving the proper amount of respect to Austen’s relationship, despite his protestations. Andy asks Austen and Madison what’s happening in regard to them sleeping together. Austen doubts tonight and Madison says, probably not. Andy is leaving it there.

Outside, Madison tells Danni that she feels sh*tty about what she did. Danni says, it’s a nightmare when the guys get together. Whenever they’ve had bad communication, the guys are involved. They agree to call each other directly from now on, and hug.

Martinis are passed out, with Kathryn opting for water. Andy thanks them for being there, and sharing their lives. He has one final question. Last year, Naomie was a strong voice for female empowerment, but this year, came off less strong. Naomie agrees, but says she was navigating a new relationship. It wasn’t just about her any more, and she was mindful of another person’s feelings. She thinks that’s normal, if not healthy. Andy asks if Craig is ready to put his angry outbursts in the past, and focus on his burgeoning pillow empire. Craig says he’s working toward being happy, enjoying every day, and finding someone. Andy asks what’s happening for Kathryn in the next year, and she says, hopefully, she’ll be settled in the house she’s renovating. Her kids will be happy and safe, and that will make her happy. He asks if Austen and Shep repaired their friendship, and Shep says, never better. Austen says they took time apart, now they’re better than ever. Andy says, even if Austen dates beneath him? and Shep says he’ll be supportive as possible. Andy asks if Cameran is positive she’s one and done, and she says one is all she can handle. He asks if Chelsea has any upcoming adventures with Nick, and she says, New Zealand. He’s going to be there for eight months. Andy wants to see him on the show, but Chelsea says, he’s not about it.

Andy gives Shep the last word of the season. Shep says, it’s been a tough one for a lot of them, but they’re going to keep doing it and have fun. They enjoy each other’s company, and he’s a better person for having known them. They’ll always be connected, for better or worse. They toast to that. Andy says, Patricia sent a toast via Dorothy Parker. I like to have a martini, two at the very most. After three I’m under the table; after four I’m under my host. Shep says he had a toast, and Andy tells him, go ahead. He says, there are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be. Shep tells them, they earned this, and they drink.

Even though Shep infuriates me, I’ll miss them. <sniff>

✈ Spicy Vacay…

They invited me, but I couldn’t make it. I was washing my hair.


👙 While Juicy Joe Rots On ICE…

Teresa goes ringless in Greece.


🌈 A Lesson For Us All…

Laverne Cox tells it like it should be.


💣 Break This…

A little tease.


Walter Jr. has grown up nicely.


🎭 During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Betty Gilpin (GLOW) suggested a remake of Streetcar Named Desire using the Vanderpump Rules cast. Jax as Stanley, Lala as Stella, and Stassi as Blanche. I thought about this for a hot second, and it actually might not be a bad idea, but I’d switch it to Stassi as Stella and Lala as Blanche. After all, Lala has always depended on the kindness of strangers. The ones with private jets.

💫 Sometimes It’s In My Head All Day…

A catchy tune from solo Posh.

July 11, 2019 – Shiloh Gets Some Surprises, NYC Reunites, Shady Andy, Farewell Favorite Blueberry & a Fountain


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


😣 Apologizing in advance for any editing mistakes. Or brain farts. It’s been another one of them there long weeks. And the struggle is real with my technology…

General Hospital

Hayden goes to the hospital, carrying a big bakery box. Elizabeth says she’s popping up all over the place. She can’t believe Hayden is back in town. Hayden can’t believe Elizabeth is working the day after her reception. Elizabeth tells Hayden she might not be welcome, and Hayden says that’s why she brought treats from Kelly’s for her former colleagues. Elizabeth asks if she means anyone in particular.

Obrecht wakes up to Finn checking her vitals. Franco says, look who’s awake, and she ask why she’s there. He says she was on The Haunted Star, and fell overboard. Curtis and Jax pulled her out, and Finn was kind enough to do mouth to mouth. Obrecht tells Finn, you’re welcome.

Chase visits Willow in her cell. She asks how it’s going, and he says it’s not a great day for the justice system.

Alexis reads that Oscar is leaving his voting shares to someone who helped him out when he needed it, gave him a roof to sleep under, and who will use the shares to take care of many others. Shiloh walks in, saying, sorry he’s late. Did he miss anything? Ned asks how he got in, and Shiloh says he was invited. Ask Alexis. Monica says, Alexis didn’t know? and Alexis says her assistant made the arrangements. Olivia says, Oscar gave his shares to Shiloh? and Alexis says she’s afraid so.

At the station, Mac tells Jason there’s an APB out for him. He says he’s bringing them a witness who can bury Shiloh. She has firsthand knowledge of David Henry Archer and his crimes. Harmony is brought in. Sam says, Harmony? and she says she’s using her real name, Lorraine Miller; widow of the late Douglas Miller.

Obrecht asks why Finn is monitoring her, since he works with infectious diseases. Finn says she was in the murky waters, which hold a variety of issues, including viral infections. Not to worry. She’s welcome.

Hayden asks Elizabeth if she’d like to Indulge. Elizabeth wonders if the doughnuts are an excuse to see Finn. Hayden says they’re an excuse see her sister. Elizabeth says she missed Hayden, who’s totally evading her question. Finn hands Elizabeth an order of antibiotics for Obrecht. He sees Hayden, and she opens the box, saying, doughnut?

Obrecht tells Franco to make himself useful, and get a guard for outside her door. Some schweinhund tried to kill her. What if they come back to finish the job?

Willow asks Chase if Shiloh found out how to get his hands one Wiley. He tells her, nothing has changed, but he misses her. She says she’s easy to find. He says she’s amazing, how she stood her ground. She’s not in it alone. He’s there with her, and Sam and Michael are doing all they can to find evidence to bring down Shiloh for good. Unfortunately, while they’re looking, Shiloh is still looked at as innocent, and using it to his advantage.

Shiloh says it was shocking to him too, but Oscar’s bequest will help DOD accomplish a lot. Alexis says she doesn’t think the probate court will appreciate him using to money to drug and sexually assault women. Shiloh says he was exonerated. She needs to examine her bitterness, and anger addiction, and be proud of Oscar’s legacy. Drew says Oscar didn’t know who Shiloh was. The music is so loud, I miss some of the exchange between them. Shiloh wishes Drew could remember what they shared. Maybe Oscar’s gift will bring them back together. Drew tells him, think again, and knocks him down.

Lawyer Judith says Harmony is her client. She has a testimony, and has been given temporary relief to give her story in person. Robert thanks her, but says before they get into her statement, he wants to clear up a few items. Did Jason have anything to do with her being there? Harmony says he came to see her, and Robert says, whatever promises he made, Robert’s office isn’t bound by them. If he offered to pay her… She says he made no promises or gave her any pay. She contacted the public defender on her own; it was her idea. She perjured herself already, and knows she has has to pay for that, but being incarcerated gave her time to think. She realized Shiloh is responsible for her husband’s death, among many other crimes. Someone has to bring him to justice, and bring an end to DOD.

Finn tells Hayden, thanks, but he’s not in the mood for sweets. He does have a question though. She says he sounds like her sister. Sometimes a doughnut is just a doughnut. Finn puts the box on the reception desk, and tells Elizabeth to put a sign on it that says, help yourself. Elizabeth says, her pleasure, and Finn suggest he and Hayden to go for a walk, like they used to. He steers her toward the elevators. She tries to get Elizabeth to intervene, but Elizabeth says she’s very busy making the sign.

Franco tells Obrecht that he’s called the PCPD to take her statement. She says it’s kind of him to call, but he doesn’t believe her. He says he didn’t say that, but she says his attitude speaks volumes. He says maybe she stumbled and fell. She says she didn’t, and he suggest they at least revisit the sequence of events leading up to it. She says if he insists, and he says they were talking, and she said something about secrets. She says she was exaggerating; she has no secrets. He says she told him something cryptic about Wiley’s parents. She flashes back to talking to him, and says, poor Brad, Lucas, and Wiley’s poor real father. She laughs, and says she recalls the conversation. She’s ashamed; she had a moment of melancholy. She’s truly happy for him, even though his bride was never her favorite person. Knowing what he and Elizabeth have together, she felt left out, and decided to ramble. She implied she was keeping secrets she doesn’t actually possess.

Chase tells Willow, it’s wrong. It’s a literal miscarriage of justice. She’s being treated like a criminal when she’s only protecting her kid, while the real criminal is thumbing his nose at the cops. It makes him want to turn in his badge and work for Sonny. She says he doesn’t mean that, and he says, it’s an appealing fantasy. This isn’t over, and he’s getting her out of there.

Drew tells Shiloh, keep his son’s name out of his mouth. Don’t bring him up again. Shiloh understands. It’s a delicate situation, and everyone is emotional. He’s sorry. Monica says this house has seen more than its share of conflict, and more than its share of interlopers, and they never last. Neither will he. Shiloh admits he’s surprised and excited, but assures them there will be no personal gain. He’s going to use the shares to further compassion, and spread it to future generations. Alexis says he seems unclear on how probate works. Oscar’s father can dispute the will, and the family is well within their rights to object. Ned says, they will be. Shiloh says there’s one person they haven’t spoken to – Oscar’s mother. He knows the family is well-intentioned, but they were only around for Oscar’s final years. His mother was there from the beginning. She carried him, and raised him, and she knew his heart. He stands in front of Kim – who looks miserable – and asks if she really wants to second guess her son’s dying wish.

Mac says Harmony has lied before. Why should they believe her now? She says she has no incentive; no one to protect. She’s willing to tell the truth about everything, starting with Sam. Shiloh had been stalking her for years. Daisy took the blame for the emails he sent. She took the fall, like she took the blame for the drugged tea, and Carol took the blame for the drugs given to Douglas, but it was a lie. Carol had nothing to do with it. Shiloh is the one who killed him. Robert says, sounds convincing, but in the end, it’s still her word against Shiloh’s. Harmony says she has proof.

Hayden and Finn sit at the MetroCourt. Hayden asks why they couldn’t talk at the hospital, and he says he didn’t want to give a show to the nurses’ station. He thought they could sit a minute. She doesn’t have to talk, but there’s something he needs to say to her about the child they lost. She says, time heals all wounds. Should they leave at that, and move on? He asks if that’s the way she wants it. She nods, and he asks if she wants to hear from him. She says she’s knows he’s engaged to Anna. He asks how, and she says it’s all over social media, and her sister told her. He says funny how Elizabeth said they weren’t in touch. Why ask her to lie? Hayden says she wanted to keep up with the news in Port Charles without seeming to pry. Finn asks why she cares.

Elizabeth sees Lucas, and asks about Wiley. Lucas says he’s amazing, exhausting, and everywhere all at once. She tells him that Aiden won an award, and he says, good for her, standing up for her son. She protected him when he needed it. Elizabeth says every day is a new challenge. Wait until Wiley goes to school, and then becomes a teenager. Lucas says he can’t wait. She asks if Wiley is okay.

Obrecht tells Franco between the antibiotics and champagne, she’s out of sorts. Not that she didn’t enjoy it, but too much foolish talk. Forgive her. She was under the influence. He says she’s trying so hard to convince him, it can only mean what she said was true. What was she trying to tell him about Wiley’s real father? Chase comes in, and says he’s there to take her report. There was an attempt on her life?

Harmony says she had special knowledge of DOD. She was Shiloh’s closest associate, handling the finances, and helping to raise money. Not a dollar here and there; he targeted deep pockets. They would  skim cash off the top, and put it in tax free off-shore accounts, and use it for payoffs. Robert asks who they were paying off, and she says, the Beecher’s Corners PD and elected officials. Shiloh liked to have high level people in his pocket, and have friends in high places. She made copies of the books, and put them in a secure place. Robert says Shiloh can claim she doctored them. He needs something that more directly links Shiloh to the crime. Jason says, how about a prescription?

Kim tells Shiloh that she hasn’t forgotten how he helped Oscar when they thought they’d failed him. Oscar forgave them, and came to understand how much they loved him. She recently heard disgusting things about him and DOD. Now he wants to profit off Oscar’s goodness and naivete toward him. Shiloh is sorry how they all feel. Once again, he’s the only one listening to Oscar’s wishes. He asks where he signs, but Michael says he doesn’t. Oscar’s bequest is invalid.

Hayden tells Finn that her sister and family are there, as well as him and Curtis. He asks if she cares about him, and she says it seems like they both landed on their feet. She doesn’t want to talk right now, but would love to have dinner with him there. She needs to check Jax’s schedule, and asks Finn to give her dates he and Anna will be available. He says it’s a kind gesture, but unnecessary. Anna is out of town, and will be for a while.

Lucas tells Elizabeth, Wiley is fine, perfect, a blessing. It’s just that there may be an issue with his birth parents. Elizabeth thought the adoption was final, and he says so did they. There was an unexpected complication. She says, no wonder Brad was so sick. She tells him that she’s sorry, but don’t assume the worst. They have Alexis on their side. She’s a great attorney, and passionate about family and parents. He says he’s grateful for that. He’s usually rational with problem solving, but this time he can’t be. Wiley has completely changed his life, and Lucas doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost him.

Chase tells Obrecht that the PCPD takes a dim view of false alarms. Did someone push her or did she fall?

Jason says, on August 4th, Douglas Miller died of an OD. Robert says it’s a matter of public record, and Jason says on August 4th, Harmony’s daughter said she was going to meet her father. Did anyone else know? She says, Shiloh was with Kelly when her father called, and told Harmony that Kelly was to be initiated that same night. Robert asks her to review what initiated means. She says initiated to Shiloh’s Trust, his inner circle. Initiates were tattooed with his mark, then he’d have sex with them. Robert asks if she approved of this, and Harmony says completely. She pressured Kelly to cancel, so she could participate. Kelly was reluctant, but agreed. Jason asks when the initiation began, and Harmony says, 9 pm. He asks where Shiloh was, and she says he escorted the initiate to the ceremony, per tradition, and wished her a joyous transformation, telling her that he’d be with her after. Then he left. Jason asks for how long? and she says, until midnight, also tradition. Then he was left alone with the initiate. Mac says, a three hour window, and Harmony says, plenty of time to kill Douglas.

Michael tells Shiloh that Oscar made a separate provision for the Kilimanjaro Foundation. It sponsors teens who can’t reach the mountain on their own. Shiloh says, that’s not what his will said, and Michael says,it was written by hand, and given to Oscar’s executor. Shiloh says he’s making up some kind of fairytale. He can’t prove it. Michael says the original is on file with the court. Alexis says, excellent. She’ll coordinate with Diane. Shiloh says the shares were left to him, and Ned says he’ll need to make that argument before a judge. Alexis says, probate finds a handwritten request after a will is filed takes precedence. A final testament supersedes any previous documents. Shiloh says they’re delaying the inevitable. Oscar was of sound mind when he made the bequest. Why cause his mother undo pain? Grant Oscar’s dying wish. Monica says he doesn’t speak for her grandson. She tells him to get out of her house before she calls the police, and has him arrested for trespassing. Kim says, just go. Shiloh’s phone rings, and he answers on his way out the door. He says the test results are in? He’s on his way to the hospital. Things are only getting better. I laugh, and say, yeah, for everyone else.

Jason asks what Harmony did when Shiloh was arrested. She says she went to one of the faithful, Carol, and said Shiloh wanted to see her. She drove Carol to the jail herself, but Carol went in alone. When she came out, she confessed. Jason asks where Carol was that night, and Harmony says, at her daughter’s initiation with the rest of the Trust. He asks if she had access to the drug. Harmony says, no, and he asks if anyone else did. She says, Shiloh and herself. They put it in the tea meant to calm the initiates and lower their resistance. Jason asks how they got it, and she says, the pharmacy. Shiloh had a prescription under his real name, David Henry Archer. Judith shows Robert a copy of the prescription, saying it was on file at the pharmacy, in addition to all the times it was refilled. Sam says they needed a corroborating witness; now they’ve got it. Harmony has backed up what Carol said. Judith says Harmony is willing to testify in court. Robert asks what she wants in exchange. Judith starts talking about dropping the charges, but Harmony says she doesn’t want anything. She wronged her own daughter. She won’t stand by and let Shiloh get away with murder, and she won’t let him get near her grandson. Do what they want with her. Just stop Shiloh.

Hayden tells Finn that she should be going. She has a business meeting. Finn says the letter she left for Curtis to find. She wrote about the baby they lost, and not to look for her. She say she’s sorry for the way she handled it; it wasn’t fair. At the time, it seemed like the kindest alternative. Finn says a year later, she sent another letter asking him to meet her in Rome. She had something to share. What was it?

Obrecht tells Chase that she thinks she was pushed. Chase says, she thinks? She says she remembers standing by the rail, looking at the water. She heard footsteps, there was a hand banging in her back, and she fell into the harbor. Chase says he needs more specifics. Did she see a face? She says they came from behind. He wonders what their motive would be, and asks if she got in an argument. Obrecht says she has a big personality. It inspires awe and envy. He says he’ll go down the list of people on the ship at the time of the incident. Nina. Obrecht says, absolutely not. He says Franco and Elizabeth, and she says, don’t be ridiculous. Finn, Curtis, and Jax. She says they saved her life. Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina. She says she was told they went for help, after throwing her a life preserver. Bobbie, Felix, and Epiphany. She doubts they’d do anything so extreme. None of the others would have a reason to harm her, and he says that’s everyone except Hayden. Obrecht says, Hayden was there? It must have been her. Hayden hates her.

Elizabeth asks how Obrecht is, and Franco says she’s back to her usual self, spinning everything. She’s trying to downplay what she said about Wiley. Elizabeth says Lucas is worried about an issue with the birth parents. One wants Wiley back. Franco says Obrecht keeps hinting at a secret. She knows something about the real father, but what?

Harmony gets put in a cell opposite Willow, who asks what she’s doing there. Harmony says she’s being held until she can give her statement. Hopefully, Willow won’t be there much longer. Willow says Harmony is different. What changed? Harmony says she opened her eyes to who Shiloh is and what he’s done to Willow and her father. She’s so ashamed, but maybe she can begin to make amends before it’s too late. Before Shiloh gets his hands on her grandson. Willow doesn’t understand, and Harmony says she’d do anything to talk to Willow’s dad; tell him she’s sorry, and he was right. But it’s not too late to do what Willow wants, to stand up for her, and protect her grandson. She failed Willow her whole life. She promises she won’t do it again.

Robert says he’ll notify the state police to protect Carol. Mac says he’ll get out an arrest warrant for Shiloh. Sam says, what about Jason? and Robert says, the charges are dropped. Jason tells Sam she did good, and she says, no, he did. He sounded like a lawyer. He says he spent a lot of time with Diane. He hopes enough to put Shiloh in jail.

Shiloh sees Lucas, and says, it must be fate. Lucas asks what he wants, and Shiloh says, the same as Lucas – what’s best for Wiley. He’ll have to get rid of that name. He suggests they make the transfer easy. Lucas says there isn’t going to be one. He and Brad are Wiley’s fathers. Shiloh says the DNA test will tells a different story. Lucas asks how he had one run without permission. Shiloh says, Brad carelessly dropped a cloth he used to wipe Wiley’s mouth. He wants Lucas to get Wiley’s stuff together. Once he gets the results, he’s taking his son home. Lucas will probably be happy, but really confounded when he finds out the results.

Elizabeth tells Franco, it makes no sense for Obrecht to know anything about Wiley’s birth father. He says she has a talent for uncovering secrets, and a talent covering them by lying. Elizbeth says maybe she’s making it up because she feels bad. Her being involved with Brad and Lucas is a disaster waiting to happen.

Hayden tells Finn, she was surrounded by lovers in Rome, and admits she missed him. She wondered if he felt the same way, and thought if they met at the Trevi fountain, like in the movies, they could try again. He never came, so she threw in her coins, and went on her way. She met Jax. They worked together, and she heard about his engagement. Finn says, even after all this time… Chase interrupts. He introduces himself to Hayden, and says they need to talk.

Ned says the Kilimanjaro Foundation is a double gift. They’ll help the kids, and it will keep the ELQ shares out of Shiloh’s hands. Alexis says she and Diane can create postponements and delays, and keep it out of probate for at least a year. Kim says everyone is going on about the stock, and they don’t give a damn that Oscar is gone. She leaves the room. Michael tells Monica he can’t let Shiloh get his hands on his godson. He wants to claim Wiley.

Willow tells Harmony, maybe when this is over, they could start fresh. Harmony says she still has a sentence in Pentonville that she has to serve. Willow says, maybe she’ll get a deal, and Harmony says, maybe. It could be worse, she and her roommate Nelle get along. it helps the time go by. Willow says, did she say Nelle?

Michael calls Jason, who apologizes for not being there. He asks how it went. Michael says, Oscar gave his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Jason says, that’s got to be a mistake. He clearly endowed them to the Kilimanjaro Foundation. Diane already started the paperwork, and can tie him up for years. Michael says, unfortunately, he’s winning in other areas. He’s on his way to get DNA test results as they speak. Jason knows what that means. Jason says he’s one it. Sam asks, what? and Jason tells her, Shiloh’s other card came into play.

Lucas tells Shiloh to take his threats and go. Shiloh says it’s his legal right as a parent. Lucas says Wiley is already with his parents, and they’re never letting him go. Shiloh says they won’t have a choice. He gives the reception nurse his ID, and Lucas watches as she hands him the envelope with the results.

Tomorrow, Nina wonders what the deal is with Hayden, Willow has great news, and Chase asks how Finn knows Hayden.

The Real Housewives of New York City – The Reunion – Part One

Season 11? It’s really been on that long? The women get ready, and Andy makes the rounds to chat with them. Bethenny tells Andy that her lawyer says, anything can happen in a courtroom, and anything can happen at a reunion.

Andy welcomes us to put the final touches on a masterpiece of a season. Sonja is wearing her own design, and I’ll say it again, she makes nice clothing. Everyone looks fabulous – the earrings are exceptional – but I’m not loving Ramona’s neckline. She might as well be wearing only sleeves on top.

LuAnn is up first. Andy reminds her that she wasn’t at the last reunion, and says everyone had a lot of opinions about her this season. How’s her head? LuAnn says, her head is humble. We all stifle a laugh. She says she was totally self-absorbed this season, and she owns it. She was trying to take care of herself in the best way she could. She didn’t realize how different it would be. It’s hard to be around these women and not drink. She was in self-protection mode. Bethenny starts to say something, but Andy says they’re going to discuss the topic later. We find out Tinsley has a line of lashes, and Ramona got new teeth. Andy says people don’t realize that Dennis came to the last several reunions. Bethenny says he liked minutiae. Andy asks if she thought of him when she came in, and she says he’s always on her mind. LuAnn says he adored Bethenny, and Bethenny says she misses that. Andy says it’s been a big year for everyone, and they have a lot to discuss.

Andy tells us, home where heart is, but it can also be where the heartache is. Half the women pulled up roots, and planted themselves in new ground. We see clips of Sonja’s new apartment. We flash back to Ramona saying she needs something fresh, and Dorinda says she needs a fresh start. We revisit Dorinda saying her new place is the first thing in twenty-five years that’s all hers, and telling John to hold off on bringing in any stuff. Last is LuAnn, saying she has photographers in the bushes in the Hamptons, and she loves it upstate. We see her new house as well. Andy asks what was LuAnn’s reaction to Ramona saying Kingston was the poor side of town? LuAnn says it’s what Ramona does. When they went to Marrakesh, she thought it wasn’t upscale enough. She’s always putting everything down. That’s Ramona. Ramona tells LuAnn that her real estate friend said he won’t look at Kingston for another fifteen years, so LuAnn is ahead of the curve. Tinsley is reminded that she said living there would drive her to drink. Tinsley says she just likes more action.

Andy says LuAnn talked about being too high profile in the Hamptons. Bethenny says she’s said before that LuAnn has a God complex, and delusions of grandeur. Bethenny walks around the Hamptons in her PJs, and there are plenty of high profile celebrities there, but LuAnn as photographers popping out of the bushes. It’s a reach. When Bethenny was there, LuAnn thought there were people going by in boats with cameras, when it was just people going by in boats. She was paranoid, and everyone would have seen those pictures by now. We see a few snaps of LuAnn going to her mailbox, but not from someone going by in a boat. Bethenny says, Madonna doesn’t seem to have a problem. LuAnn says, when you’re arrested, you become popular.

Andy asks Sonja how things with the townhouse are going, and she says she’s renting it for $36K. Dorinda asks how’s her new place? and Sonja says she’s happy. A viewer asks about Dorinda saying her new place is just for her. What does that mean for her relationship with John? Dorinda says, it works. They see each other two or three times a week, and he goes home. She’s been living with someone else most of her life, and it doesn’t mean they don’t have sex. Thanks for the visual. Ramon says that makes it more fresh. Andy asks about Ramona’s house, and she says she took an offer, but still needs the contract signed. She’s lowered the price, and could have held out, but it’s not life-changing. She blurts out her new potential address, which is bleeped, and Bethenny says, single men, come on by.

Andy says along with grappling with losing a soulmate, Bethenny has a booming business, and looming court case. And she’s leaned into life after death. We see clips of her talking about Dennis, including talking to a grief counselor. He tells her loving someone else is a testament to her love for Dennis. We also flash back to the different issues Bethenny has faced, like Suckerfish Hoppy, and wanting to sell the business. We see her telling Sonja that being near death was a wake-up call. She’s changing her life. The montage ends with her telling Albi about Dennis trying to pull her in. Andy says, wow. A lot of tears. He says it’s been almost a year since Dennis passed, and asks how she’s doing. Bethenny says she’s well. It comes in waves, and delayed reactions, but she’s moved away from it. She loved him deeply, but doesn’t know if she’d be in the place she is now if he was still there. Andy says they’d broken up, yet he was still a large presence in her life. Bethenny says they broke up many times, but he was always in her life. He’d say he’s change, and she’d get pulled back in. She says, when you’re older, you don’t know if you’ll ever get your fairytale, and you already have kids, and don’t know if you should be dating. He was a secure presence. She could always be with him, but she wasn’t giving herself what she deserved. Dennis loved her daughter, so she wondered if she could do the Dorinda and John program. Andy asks what Dennis needed to change, and Bethenny says he couldn’t be present; he would disappear. Ramona says he was undependable. Bethenny tells Andy about ending up alone on Mother’s Day after he’d made plans for them. It made things worse, and she thought she’d rather be alone than in a relationship feeling alone. Andy brings up their engagement, and Bethenny says he proposed, and she accepted the ring. Andy says Dorinda seemed to be the one most there for her, but also thought she needed space. Dorinda says grief is an individual thing, and you need to do what you have to for yourself. Bethenny says she was in shock for a long time. It was hard to come back to the show. Dorinda says she felt more comfortable saying, this is bad, rather than do whatever you’re supposed to according to the manual. Andy asks LuAnn if it sparked thoughts about her own recovery. LuAnn says, no, but she was saddened. Even though she didn’t know him well, but he really helped her. Andy asks how Dennis helped her, but she says she can’t talk a lot about it. She’s still in it.

Bethenny says Dennis got LuAnn a very powerful lawyer, one of the most powerful in the country. He looked into her case, and helped her out. LuAnn said he was able to do things her lawyer couldn’t. LuAnn admits she hit him up for six million dollars. Bethenny says Dennis had a financial services company. She was in the car, and her phone was blowing up. LuAnn said it was an emergency, and begged Bethenny to ask Dennis for the money. She was in a manic state, and obsessing over the house. She was calling a lot of people. Bethenny said she thought Dennis had helped enough, and LuAnn moved on to the next person. LuAnn says that was all true.

A viewer asks about Bethenny seeing two other guys when she was seeing Dennis. Bethenny says she and Dennis would break up, and she was seeing them intermittently. Bethenny talks about the catering guy, who I forgot about, and says there was an age difference, and she wasn’t ready for that relationship. He was. We see a picture of them on the beach – the guy is gorgeous – and Bethenny says it was a hard pill for Dennis to swallow, seeing the photo. Dorinda says it was a hard pill for all of them to swallow, and they all laugh. Andy says Bethenny was in the midst of grieving, and got hot and heavy with Paul. Bethenny says she had told Tinsley that she liked him. Around Christmas they went on a date, and she thought she was an idiot, thinking he could be the one. They went out a couple of times, but she was too needy. She wanted someone to give her a guarantee that she wouldn’t get hurt. He courted her after Dennis died. It was great, since they had a history. They’re still together. Tinsley says she met up with Bethenny, and they met his parents, and everyone was really nice. Andy wonders why he’s not on the show, and Bethenny says he’s private, conservative, and reserved. He’s calm and balanced, but the show’s not for him. A viewer asks what’s the deal with Bethenny’s relationships on the show being on her terms, when she called out Tinsley for not being forthcoming? Bethenny says she actually thought about it, and if it’s a double-standard, but Scott signed a release. He also sent Tinsley those Kentucky Derby Secretariat flowers. We flash back to the giant heart Scott sent, and Tinsley reading the card – 365 roses for 365 days together. Tinsley says it’s Scott’s way of being part of the show without being part of the show. Andy asks Bethenny if she’d call Paul on camera, and Bethenny says, maybe, if it’s not on speaker. Tinsley admits she wanted Scott on the show, Bethenny says she’d rather Paul not be on it. Andy asks if Bethenny has sold the company. Bethenny says she’s had offers, but she gets nervous at the last minute. She believes the company hasn’t reached its full potential, so she let some high-salaried people go. She doesn’t like managing that many. She doesn’t want an operation.

Bethenny talks about her near-death experience, telling Andy about Dennis puling at her when she was on the stretcher. She says it wasn’t an intellectual thought, but she felt it. It was very him. The same way he’d see a picture of her with someone, and suddenly want to be engaged or take a trip, and she’s get pulled back. It’s metaphorical, but true. Andy asks if she felt guilty about getting involved with Paul so soon after Dennis passed, but she says, no. She thought about it, but Paul is a loving person. He literally saved her life emotionally. He respects boundaries, and even wanted to make sure she’s not making some kind of transference because of Dennis. One door closed, and another one opened. Dorinda says Paul freed Bethenny’s spirit. Ramona says she’s on a merry-go-round, and Bethenny says it’s a different ride this time. Andy says, a happier ride. Bethenny says that’s why she wanted Tinsley off her ride. She knew it was a train to nowhere.

We move on to Dorinda and LuAnn butting heads. We see clips of their ongoing issue throughout the season, including Jovani and the fish room. Dorinda says, it’s half of LuAnn’s show, between the dresses and taking the piss out of her castmates. Andy asks if Dorinda feels unappreciated, but Dorinda says, no. She thought she and LuAnn were in a good place. LuAnn spun out control, and went back to rehab. LuAnn asks what that has to do with it. Bethenny says Dorinda feels like LuAnn is exploiting it. Dorinda says she’s given LuAnn a lot of help. LuAnn wouldn’t have a dress if not for her. Sonja says Dorinda has constantly been there. Dorinda says she was there the first time LuAnn went to jail. LuAnn says Dorinda makes her feel like sh*t. She whines that Dorinda didn’t call her when she was in the Hamptons. Dorinda says, it’s kiss the ring again. She was visiting another friend. Andy thinks part of their issue is that things brought up the season before weren’t resolved at the end. LuAnn wasn’t at the last reunion, so they didn’t hash it out in that forum (i.e. the reunion). Dorinda says she wanted to see LuAnn when she came out of rehab, but her friend of thirteen years did everything to avoid her. Andy says, in all fairness, it was Bethenny who suggested Dorinda not go to the clambake, Bethenny says she was worried about LuAnn’s sobriety. Dorinda says LuAnn hasn’t been nice to a lot of them. Even the comments, like they’re jealous. Dorinda doesn’t feel like LuAnn has any substance anymore.

Dorinda says LuAnn’s life has been one big Cabaret with the Countess. LuAnn says she’s the same old Lu, they’re just looking at her with different eyes. A viewer asks what LuAnn thought when she saw how upset Dorinda was. LuAnn says she was upset too, because everything’s all about her. Dorinda says she was arrogant, and LuAnn says she was slow to warm up because she was hurt. She’s sorry about how Dorinda felt, and misses their friendship. Andy mentions the Tyler Perry quote, and asks LuAnn if Tyler Perry isn’t capable of deep thought. LuAnn says, of course. She just thought it was funny. I have to agree with her here. The were expecting to see the quote was from the Dalai Lama or at least Confucius. Dorinda says LuAnn decided she can’t do anything right after she stood by LuAnn like a soldier. She starts to cry, and LuAnn say she did, but then Dorinda let her down. Dorinda says she gave LuAnn a prayer card that she’s had since her First Communion. LuAnn treated her like an animal, and broke her heart. LuAnn says Dorinda did the same to her. How does Dorinda think she felt when she heckled her?  Dorinda says by not inviting John to her show, she took another person Dorinda loved and pissed on them. LuAnn says she did invite John. She’d said he’s always welcome. Sonja confirms this, and LuAnn says she brought her phone, aka the receipts.

Andy says, while LuAnn looks for those texts, Leslie from Burbank gives the definition of heckle, interrupting with loud, unfriendly statements or questions. She wants to know why Dorinda claims she didn’t heckle LuAnn. Dorinda insists it wasn’t heckling; that she was joyous in her shouting Jovani! but everyone is like, no, except For Ramona, who just sits there smiling with her new teeth. They all talk at the same time, which I hate. LuAnn finds the text, and Andy reads out loud. In a nutshell, LuAnn did say he was invited, but was then invited by a third party, doesn’t want to go now, and is somehow pissed at Dorinda. LuAnn said, not her problem, and Dorinda said she was excited for the evening. Dorinda’s foot in pumping up and down like crazy, so you know she got caught. At the end, LuAnn said she wanted it to be a girls night anyway, and no one is bringing dates. Dorinda somehow thinks this vindicates her. Andy says the verdict is she did invite John, but said it’s not her problem. LuAnn says it was the day of her show, and she was nervous. Andy says that’s show biz.

Andy asks what was with the demands when LuAnn was in the Berkshires. A viewer wonders if LuAnn saw it as an opportunity for Dorinda to make things up to her. LuAnn says, no, but it looked that way when she watched it. Andy asks if LuAnn realizes Dorinda was bending over backward for her. LuAnn says Dorinda was a gracious hostess. Andy asks about her insensitive reaction to the fish room, and LuAnn says she was just trying to keep her sh*t together at that point, and overreacted. Bethenny thinks LuAnn was relishing Dorinda’s apology. She wanted Dorinda to bend down and really apologize.

LuAnn says she saw herself on TV, and she felt cold about her own behavior. She couldn’t cry, or feel any kind of emotion. She was kind of numb. She doesn’t want to say she had it rougher in the past year – they all have their sh*t – but it’s been a hard time for her. She’s not excusing her behavior, but just saying she felt cold. She hugs Dorinda, and they sound like they’re underwater for a moment, LuAnn says Dorinda was so angry. Dorinda says she wasn’t angry. She was confused. They had been so close. LuAnn say she misses it. Dorinda says they can put a period on it, and move on, even though their friendship might take a different form. Looking back, she thinks LuAnn was nervous. She was still making the transition after her recovery period. Dorinda thought it was brave of her to go at all. Maybe she was looking for a loophole to get out. Bethenny says it was very human.

Andy says since they’re good, he doesn’t want to go backward, He asks LuAnn if she thought giving Dorinda an award in her cabaret show was going to go over big. LuAnn says she was trying to find a way to shift the narrative. She wanted to make it funny. Andy asks if Dorinda really talked to a lawyer, and she says she did. She’s over the Jovani thing. Do they have shares in it or something? Andy, ever stirring the pot, says, hit LuAnn’s new track. The sounds of Feelin’ Jovani fill the air. While LuAnn keeps saying it should be louder, mercifully, it’s kept at a reasonable volume. It still goes on too long, and LuAnn sings along with herself. Dorinda says she likes it, and gets dressed to LuAnn’s tunes in the morning. LuAnn says cabaret is her cabernet. LuAnn says getting on stage is the diversion she needs, since she’s not drinking.  It’s helped her so much. She doesn’t know what she’d do without it.

Andy says everyone is happy and reconciled. It’s a long night, and he hopes they can keep it up.

Next time – Part Two – the fish room returns, Tinsley and Scott’s relationship is discussed, Ramona thinks LuAnn is still drinking, Barbara joins the women, and Andy feels like he’s at a Jersey Wives reunion.

😮 Oh No He… Did He?

I saw a clip of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. I can’t be positive, since they show preview teases out of context, but it sure looked like Andy was throwing huge shade at Teddi. He said, for someone who is the queen of accountability, it’s amazing you had such a lapse. Oooh! Girl! I wonder if he’s pissed because LVP quit.

🏃 Another Escapee…

This is getting freaky. Is the new lifespan before 70 now? It all started with David Bowie, and now Violet Beauregarde? And is there anyone from the original Dark Shadows left?


⛲ In Honor of Hayden…

And because I can’t think of one more thing today.

July 1, 2019 – Shiloh Confronts Brad, Mila Gets the Boot, Andy Jokes, Parry’s Produce, Possible Cross & Monday Gone


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the first minute, but nothing much happened. Sam woke up to Jason watching her sleep, and Michael ran into Brad outside of Charlie’s. So…

Mac asks Chase who the judge is that put Willow in custody. Chase says, Judge Walters. Does Mac know him? Mac says he knows know him well.

Laura finds Robert at The Floating Rib, and says, just the man she wanted to see. He says the last time a woman said that to him, she was holding him at gunpoint. What can he do for her? She says, find her daughter’s husband, and bring him home.

At the MetroCourt, Maxie asks how Lulu’s date went. Lulu says, unexpectedly. The burglar was at her house. Peter asks if she’s okay. She says she is, but he got away.

Drew shows Scout his office, letting her sit at his desk. He tells her, everyone likes the swivel chair. He tells her, let’s get to work. He shows her a picture of herself, and then Oscar. He says it’s a picture of her brother, and I notice how much Oscar looks like Scout. Drew says he wants to make sure she always knows her brother. Scout kisses the picture, and Alexis sees from the doorway.

Sam tells Jason that she doesn’t want to sound hypocritical, but she doesn’t hate being stuck with him in the safe house. He says, him either, and thanks her for picking them up. She was perfect on the trip back. She stayed within the speed limit, and made no unsafe lane changes. She asks if he’s telling her that she’s a reckless driver, and he says her speeding tickets speak for themselves. She says she has more control then he does. What was he thinking getting arrested by the Beecher’s Corners police?

Michael tells Brad that Wiley is a lucky kid, but Brad says, not right now. Michael says Wiley is surrounded by love. They won’t let anyone take him. Brad wants to believe that. Michaels says they’re in for a fight, but Wiley is Brad’s son. Trust the trust rest of them to come through for him. Brad says, he’ll do his best. Michael leaves, and Brad tells Wiley that he knows Michael’s intentions are good, but for now, they’re sticking with Julian, and getting free passports, just in case.

Inside Charlie’s, Shiloh talks to someone on the phone (his lawyer?) and says the baby is the right age. There was something Brad said; the pieces fell into place. No, he has no proof… yet. Brad comes in, and Shiloh says, but he can get it.

Chase says he knows he and Mac don’t know each other, but in the interest of justice and fairness, Willow is concerned for the safety of her child. He asks if there’s any way Mac can put in a good word with Judge Walters. Mac walks to the reception desk, and Chase follows, saying, the thing is, Willow is refusing to divulge her child’s whereabouts. She’s desperate to keep Shiloh away from him. Mac says Judge Walters came down hard on his stepdaughter. Chase asks if he means Maxie. He got to know her after Nathan was killed. She’s a remarkable woman. Mac says he agrees, but the judge didn’t. He thought she didn’t meet the standard for motherhood, and gave custody to the father, forbidding her contact. Chase thinks it might work in Willow’s favor. She needs the judge to forbid contact with the baby’s father. Mac can’t say for sure, but he thinks the father’s standards aren’t as stringent. He says Chase can see why it’s not possible for him to help.

Billy comes into the PCPD. He says he’s searching for an escaped prisoner. He’s dangerous, and may be armed. His name is Jason Morgan.

Lulu tells Maxie and Peter that she told the lookout to go home. By the time she realized the guy wasn’t her date, the burglar was already gone. Maxie says, he broke into her sacred, secure space. Why is she just hearing about this now? Peter says Lulu can’t stay there, but Lulu says Sonny has guards watching the place. Maxie wonders why the burglar didn’t take anything, and Lulu says, he tried, but a kid showed up, and scared him off. He turned out to be a friend of Sonny’s. He couldn’t find Sonny, and was looking for Dante, and stopped the burglar. It’s all good. Maxie says, it’s not good; it’s terrible.

Robert tells Laura that he’s sorry about Dante, but there’s nothing he can do. She’s sure he can something. He says, once upon a time, but he was given mandatory retirement. Laura says, him? He says today’s spies are a youthful business – requiring about 600 years’ experience. She asks who said that, and he says, him, just now. She wants it on a T-shirt. She’s sorry. She knows how much he loved his work. He says he still does; he’s just not allowed to do it. She asks how Frisco could do that to him, but he says, it’s not Frisco’s fault. Page 3000 of the rule book. There’s no fighting them.

Drew greets Alexis, who says it’s really sweet how Scout kissed the picture. He says, so she witnessed the schmaltz fest, but she says, don’t do that; it was beautiful. He says he’s been like this a lot. He catches himself staring at Scout, like he’s afraid to blink or she might not be there. She says she completely gets it. She can’t imagine losing a child; it’s unthinkable. He says for him too, but here he is doing it.

Robert thinks this is called the second act of life, and Laura says she feels like she’s on her fourth or fifth. Robert says it worked out good for her. She’s back with Doc – he made mistakes, but they all have – and she’s the mayor. She’s on the governor’s radar. She asks where he heard that, and he says, the governor.

Brad asks for Julian, but the bartender hasn’t seen him. Shiloh approaches Brad, and says he was looking for Julian last night. Brad ignores him, and asks the bartender to let Julian know he stopped by. Shiloh blocks his way, and says Brad just got there. Brad asks if Shiloh lives there or is stalking him. Shiloh says he was there first. He likes that Charlie’s is really family friendly. It’s wonderful to see Brad and his beautiful baby again. His heart is truly full. If this was real life, someone would have popped Shiloh in the nose by now, or at least thrown up on his shoes from all the saccharine.

Jason says, Shiloh owns the cops in Beecher’s Corners. Sam says when she got the text, she was worried, but Shiloh showed up. He makes her blood turn cold. Jason asks how Shiloh got near her, and she says she stopped in the park. She wasn’t worried; there were a lot of people around. Then Lucas showed up, and almost ripped Shiloh’s head off. Jason says, good for him. She says, his turn. Why was he busted? He says he was parked outside the city limits. Michael went to the diner where Carol Lockhart works. He talked to her, and got her to open up. He persuaded her to come back to Port Charles, but she’s on work release, and has to wear an ankle monitor. Sam says, that shouldn’t be a problem, and Jason says Spinelli’s trick worked. Michael took the monitor back to the diner, but Carol has a dog she wanted to leave food for. By the time she came back, Billy found them, and took him to lockup. He was refused his phone call, and heard Billy call someone for instructions. He swears it was Shiloh. Sam says, it was. She heard him telling Billy to kill Jason.

Mac says the department is familiar with Jason, but he wasn’t aware of any outstanding warrants. Billy says he escaped the Beecher’s Corners jail. He was in for kidnapping; he abducted a women. Mac ask why? He’s not known for randomly kidnapping women without a purpose. Who was it? Billy says he’s not at liberty to say, and Mac says Billy wants his help, but won’t tell him who the victim is. Billy says, the crime is a jailbreak, and Mac asks how Jason escaped. Billy says he may have had help from a guy they picked up. Mac asks what the guy’s name is, but Billy says he doesn’t know. Mac says he incarcerated someone and doesn’t know their name? Billy says he seemed to be inebriated, and had no ID, but he’d know him if he saw him. Michael walks into the station, and Billy says, that’s him. Jason Morgan’s accomplice.

Maxie asks how Lulu didn’t recognize her own date. Lulu says while she was waiting, a guy walked up who looked like the guy in the picture; it was an honest mistake. Peter says, meanwhile, the burglar was breaking into her house. He’s pulling the story. Maxie says, it’s not necessary. The burglar isn’t going to pick Lulu’s profile again. The whole thing is over, right?

Drew tells Alexis that he’s not going to lie. His heart is broken, but Scout is seeing him through, and giving him a purpose. Oscar was Kim’s only child. To see her go through this is tough to say the least. He thought going to Kilimanjaro to spread Oscar’s ashes would bring her a step closer to peace. In a way, it did for him, but not for her. Alexis asks how Kim is, and he says, spreading the ashes almost made it worse. It’s final now. They’re out of rituals, Oscar is gone, and Kim is desperately holding on to anything. For Kim, the only thing to fill the void Oscar left is Oscar. Alexis says, she thinks she’s not a mother anymore, and Drew says, that sums it up. No matter how he assured her, he can see it in her eyes; she doesn’t believe it. Alexis hates to contradict him, but there is in fact one more ritual to arrange in regard to Oscar’s death – the reading of his will.

Sam tells Jason that they need a plan. Jason says he has to get back to Beecher’s Corners, and get Carol safely back to Port Charles. She says he’s not leaving. He says she knows him; it’s no problem. She says the cop is one of Shiloh’s crazy Dawnies. She’s not letting him risk it. He says nothing will happen, but she says, it did. If not for Michael, he’d have been shot. He says he’s grateful, but would have gotten out regardless. Sam says he’s risked his life twice in 24 hours. Leave it up to her.

Mac asks what’s going on, and Billy says, he looks different cleaned up, but that’s the guy. Mac laughs, but Billy doesn’t find the humor in it. Mac says Michael is the CEO of a prominent company. Billy doesn’t care if he’s Jeff Bezos. He came in drunk, and when they checked on him and Jason, the cell door was unlocked. The only way Jason could have done that is if he had help. He wants Michael arrested for aiding and abetting.

Brad says, Shiloh values clarity, right? Shiloh says he values honesty, blah-blah-blah, and Brad tells him knock off the fortune cookie philosophy. He’s onto Shiloh, and knows what he does to people. Shiloh says he feds and clothes them. Brad says Harmony went to prison for drugging women for Shiloh’s ceremony, and the drugs she administered were the same thing in the cup he tested. Shiloh says he didn’t know, but Brad finds it hard to believe he wouldn’t know everything going on inside his house. He’s taking his son and leaving. Shiloh asks why he said it that way; my son (which is totally not weird at all, but okay). Brad says he doesn’t want Shiloh near Wiley, but Shiloh blocks his way. He can’t help but notice that Brad has been tense since he stopped taking classes. It’s not good for his son. Brad says, he and Lucas will determine what’s good for their son. Shiloh says, there it is again, that proprietary tone. He missed so much of his own child’s life. He’d be around Wiley’s age.

Lulu says she has to going. Peter says it’s not up to her, and if she claims she’s going to shop the story around, it’s a local proble. It’s terrible, but he’s concerned about her. Lulu says she’ll use a different profile picture. It’s not like the burglar wants meet anyway. Maxie says he’ll recognize her address, making me wonder what dating app would ever have you post your address. Lulu says he’ll find a place Lucy is letting her use. Peter says he’s not authorizing the expense, but she says Lucy is lending it to her for free. Another reporter, Stevie, will be acting as lookout, and be posted there. Maxie says, it’s much too dangerous, but Lulu says she’s doing it for the women of Port Charles. He’s tricking them and using their loneliness, and she’s made it her mission to expose him. Maxie says she sees what’s happening. Lulu might be fooling herself and Peter – sorry, he’s still new – but Maxie knows exactly what she’s doing.

Laura had no idea that Robert left the WSB, and no idea that he knew the governor. He says they went to law school together, but don’t be impressed. He’s got some advice for her; leave it alone. Let Dante heal. Laura asks how he’s going to heal without Lulu? Robert says, guys who go through what Dante is going through, it takes years to undo the damage. Laura asks if he has PTSD, and Robert says as a mental health advocate, she should understand. She says she’s not suggesting he come straight home, but they should be allowed contact. Robert says, they will, in time. She asks where he went to law school, and he says he spent three years at Fordham. He passed the bar the same day he was hired by the Bureau. As they say, the rest is history. She thought she knew him, but he’s a man of mystery. He says, was. She says maybe the governor can help him find a new job. He says the governor already has, and she asks, what is it?

Shiloh says thinking about Willow keeping his flesh and blood away from him hurts. Brad can just imagine, but tells Shiloh, skip the sales pitch. He starts to leave, but Shiloh says, one more thing; he needs advice. He’s helped countless parents, but doesn’t know anything about things like diapers and toys. He needs help. Brad suggests crossing that bridge when he comes to it. Shiloh says, to be completely honest, he wanted to come to Brad privately. He knows Brad’s husband has never taken a shine to DOD. Maybe he shouldn’t say anything… Brad says, sounds like plan, but Shiloh says he’d be remiss not to. It involves Wiley’s well-being. He doesn’t think Wiley is safe. Lucas got violent with him last night. It was shocking, coming from someone who’s a healer. Perhaps Lucas should consider another calling that’s less stressful. Brad deserves better; so does Wiley. Wiley deserves the best, and Shiloh hopes he gets it.

Sam tells Jason that she’ll talk to Carol, but he says, it’s too risky. She says no one knows her there, but he says she can’t be sure. She was involved with DOD in Port Charles, and they’ve been evicted. Some members might have gone to Beecher’s Corners, and will recognize her. She says, they won’t. She’s a con, and can be everything from an heiress to a fighter pilot, so she can be a waitress.

Mac says, arrest Michael based on what? Billy claims a man whose name he doesn’t know, and whose picture he didn’t take, who looks like Michael, aided and abetted Jason Morgan, who was in jail for kidnapping a woman whose with no name. No one there is a fan of Jason Morgan, but he’s not arresting Michael based on the word of a cop who let himself get knocked out. Billy threatens to call the FBI, and Mac gives him a phone, telling him to knock himself out. Chase joins them, and says Michael couldn’t have been there. He was with Chase.

Maxie says Lulu is throwing herself into her work because she’s lonely and misses Dante. Lulu says, yes, she misses him and it helps to not think about it for a little while, but the story still has merits. Peter thinks she’s right. Lulu says, when it’s over… and Maxie says Lulu had better still be alive. If she dies, Maxie will reverse haunt her. Is that a thing? Lulu says she loves Maxie too, and leaves. Maxie tells Peter, no more delays. They have to find Dante. He says even if he thought it was a good idea – which he doesn’t – where would they start? Maxie says there’s a WSB facility nearby. Peter says even if they could sneak in, it’s a bad idea. If Dante thought it was safe for him to be there, he would. They have to trust that he knows what’s best for his mental health and the safety of his family. Maxie is sorry he feels that way. She was hoping he’d go with her.

Drew says, Oscar thought of everything, even a will, at his age. He knew the end was near, and was still thinking of all of them. Alexis says, he was an impressive young man. She hates to bother him, but they have to schedule the reading. He says he’ll talk to Kim, and come up with a date.

Jason tells Sam, it might be safer not to bring Carol back; just get a statement. Sam says she’s not a cop or notary; it’s not admissible. He says it should be enough for them to subpoena her to make an appearance, and the statement will be on record. It will be the responsibility of the PCPD, and Billy can’t do anything. She asks if he thinks the statement will be enough. He says they could use a good corroborating witness, but thinks he can find one. She says Jason is a fugitive, and not going anywhere. He asks how she’s stopping him.

Chase tells Billy that he and Michael were at the gym until after midnight. Billy asks if it’s open 24 hours, and Michael says his father owns it; he has a key. Billy asks if he can prove it, but Mac says he doesn’t have to. Billy says, it’s official police business, and Mac says it’s out of his jurisdiction. Billy says he thought Mac would be willing to help. Mac says, he couldn’t have called? He comes here leveling accusations against one of their most prominent citizens, and questions the integrity of one of their best detectives. He’s wearing out his welcome. Mac tells him to take his ass out of there, and he’ll look into the charges. Billy says he’d better hear from Mac soon, and Mac says Billy will hear from him when there’s something to tell. Is he clear? Billy says, yes, sir, and leaves. Mac asks what going on. Michael explains that Carol wasn’t kidnapped. She’d been a member of DOD, and Jason was bringing her back to help build a case. Shiloh owns the cops in Beecher’s Corners, and they take orders from him. Mac tells Chase that he lied to two officers, one of whom is his boss. For the record, they weren’t together, were they?

Alexis tells Drew that she was going to bring Scout over to Lila’s Kids, but she seems happy to spend time with her daddy in his office. He says he’d like to spend more time with her, and Alexis thinks it’s a great idea. She hugs Scout, and Drew thanks her. She leaves, and he looks at Scout’s artwork, saying she’s a talented artist. Her brother was too. He played a mean guitar. He tells her about Oscar asking to go to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, and makes a promise that they’ll make the trek together. It’s long and hard, but they’ll make it. They’ll visit her brother where he rests, on top of the world. He tells Scout that he loves her.

Peter tells Maxie that he doesn’t think interfering in Dante’s marriage or psychology will help him. Maxie says he’s Lulu’s other half, and Lulu is her best friend. What part of that is confusing? He asks her to cut him some slack. He never had a best friend… until her. If Lulu is her best friend, he guesses he’ll have to settle for number two. She says they’re both her best friend. It’s not a title; it’s a tier. He asks what else best friends do, and she says anything to make each other happy. Peter says he though to be a true best friend, you had to be completely honest, no matter what. Maxie asks if he’s the expert now, and he says, is he wrong? She says, it depends what’s at stake. He’s says if going to find Dante makes her happy, he’s with her. She says they’re more than best friend. Much more. They kiss.

Chase admits to Mac that he and Michael weren’t together. Mac gets that they’re trying to bring Shiloh down, and gets Chase’s concern for his girlfriend, but it’s Chase’s one and only strike. The next one, he’s out. Chase says, it won’t happen again, and Mac says, it had better not, and thanks Chase for breakfast. When he’s gone, Michael thanks Chase for the alibi. Chase says he couldn’t let Michael go to jail.

Mac sees Laura in the hallway, and says he was just about to call her. They need a new DA yesterday. She says she’s aware of the problem and couldn’t agree more. He says the case against Shiloh could crack any day. They need someone strong and incorruptible. Laura says only the governor can appoint one, but he has. Robert joins them, and says Mac is looking at him. The Scorpio brothers ride again.

Chase tells Michael he can’t do this again. Michael tells him to work within the system, and everyone else will do what they need to, to take care of Wiley.

Sam tells Jason that she means it. He can’t leave. He says, he does too. Try to stop him. She says don’t make her do it, and he grabs her. They tumble on to the bed.

Brad says his son needs a nap, and Shiloh says he can’t wait to say those words. Once Willow tells him the whereabouts of his son, he will. Brad says, good luck with that, and Shiloh says it sounds like he doesn’t mean it. Brad says he can’t imagine why. Shiloh says Willow will come to her senses. Until she does, it will eat at her soul, and she’ll become physically ill. Kind of like Brad. What’s troubling him? Brad says Shiloh is. Get the hell out of his way. Shiloh watches Brad leave from the window, and looks at the burp cloth he swiped.

Tomorrow, Ava says the interview is off, Chase tells Finn about Willow’s baby, and Bobbie wants to stick around for her family.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Antibes, France. Mila is called to the bridge. Captain Sandy tells her that her attitude is amazing, and she has passion in the galley. In Mila’s interview, she says it’s pleasant to hear that the captain thinks she has a great personality, spinning that slightly. She tells the captain that she wants to prove herself. Downstairs, Hannah says they worked hard to help Mila. No more excuses. João says a superyacht chef has to be good or gone. Captain Sandy says, as a human she has all the compassion in the world, but as a captain, has to let Mila go. She’s sorry. Mila says the decision is the captain’s, and if there’s no chance of staying, thanks her for the opportunity. To her credit, she doesn’t scream or cry.

Well, there’s a little crying in her interview. She says she feels awful. People like her, with a big ego, sometimes need to be put down to earth, but it makes her feel like she wants to work harder.

21 hours before charter. Captain Sandy says she hired Mila because she thought Mila was trained at the Cordon Bleu. We flash back to the captain saying she’s looking forward to amazing meals. Then we revisit the nachos. Captain Sandy says she couldn’t keep Mila. She was a liability. She wonders what they’re going to do, and calls Anastasia to the bridge. She tells Anastasia that she had to let the chef go, and asks if Anastasia thinks she could fill in for the next charter. Anastasia mulls that over. She says, being chef is effing hard. She’d rather stay on Hannah’s team, but she’s more than happy to step up and help out. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she’s taking a risk, but Anastasia is willing, and she’s proven she has raw talent. The captain thanks her, and radios for all crew to come to the crew mess.

She explains that she let Mila go. She’s leaving today, and Anastasia is filling the position for the next charter, while she looks for a replacement. In Hannah’s interview, she says, thank God, but now she’s down a stew. Captain Sandy says she heard someone in the deck crew cooks, and Travis says he worked as a crew chef. She asks him to help in the galley. Anastasia says she’s going to be cockier now. Aesha asks if she needs help. In Aesha’s interview, she says she feels bad, but not professionally. Mila will still think she’s the best chef in the world. Mila says she’s proud of Anastasia, and Anastasia says Mila will be fine. She’s a strong woman. In Mila’s interview, she says, good luck, now eff off. She almost feels like a winner. Confidence is always best. In Travis’s interview, he says, travel back to mother Russia. MF. Hannah says, somewhere, a tugboat needs a chef.

The boat is cleaned up. Aesha asks Jack for help with the cabins. She tells him about her brother, who passed away at twenty-four from a brain tumor. His last words were, I love you all. In Aesha’s interview, she says it showed her that life is short. Just do what you can. One day, you might not be able to. Jack tells her, stop making him cry. She’s supposed to be the cool girl.

Everyone gets ready to go out. Jack says he’ll be flying. Anastasia says she doesn’t have the experience necessary for the chef job. She’s going to try her hardest, but she’s fearful it won’t be enough. They go into Antibes to a restaurant, and order drinks and food. They toast to their departed chef. Colin says when he hangs out at home, a wild night is a couple of drinks, and in bed by ten. Anastasia decides to go back to the boat, while the others move on to a club for dancing and drinking.

Anastasia calls her boyfriend, crying. She says she’s not a chef and she’s scared. He tells her that she’s amazing. He loves her food.

Jack and Aesha drunkenly kiss. It’s time to go, and in the taxi, João tells Jack that he saw them grinding. In the other taxi, Aesha feels sick. Travis tells her if she needs to be sick, let him know. They get back to the boat, and Aesha makes it to the bathroom. Jack sleeps naked since he can’t find his underwear.

Anastasia says, as third stew, you do laundry, make the beds, and have someone to look to for direction. A chef is their entire team. She has to order the supplies, plan the meals, and make them. She’s doing everything, and doesn’t want to let her team down. Jack asks if Aesha remembers kissing him. She doesn’t, but thinks it’s funny. He says, her not remembering is sh*t for him.

The primary guests are Daniel and Sheree, who once owned a charter yacht. Their son Daniel and daughter Ashley are accompanying them. Ashley is a recording artist, and shooting parts of her next video on the trip. They want top notch service, and a wrap party dinner the second night. The captain asks how Anastasia is feeling, and she says she’s confident in the menu. In her interview, she says she has little experience, but if she feels hesitant, it will take her down. She needs to know the captain believes in her.

The provisions come in. João asks Colin if anything is wrong, and Colin says he’s tired of the sex jokes, and talking about how big everyone’s d*ck is. João doesn’t want him out of the group, and thinks maybe they should have an intervention – no more d*ck talk. Hannah meets with João. She’s feeling the pressure of being one stew down. Aesha needs to go to bed early to do Anastasia’s shift, and she’s worried. With guests this big, it’s risky. João says he’ll back her up. The captain radios the crew that the guests arrive at noon, and to get in their whites. Anastasia runs to change. In her interview, she says she never felt anxiety like this.

The guests arrive. After the crew’s greeting, Aesha welcomes them with champagne. Daniel asks if it’s organic, and when she fumbles around for a reply, he says, it doesn’t really matter. If there’s alcohol in it, he’s good to go. Wonderful. A comedian. Hannah does the tour, the luggage brought on board, and Anastasia asks Travis for help. He says he’ll try and help as much as he can, and João says the deck crew is good for now. He tells the captain, they’re good to go. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, losing a lead deck puts João at a disadvantage. He has Jack, but has to step up. She’s going to watch how he leads. João clears the lines by himself, and they shove off.

Hannah says the guests are hungry, and asks Travis to help with the crew meals. Videographer Cassandra films Ashley on the deck, while her music plays. I have no clue who she is, and I’m guessing she’s not anybody since it’s just a single videographer. She’s okay, but doesn’t sound like anything special. Aesha imitates her in the galley. The table is set, anchor is dropped, potatoes are peeled, and corn is… torched?

In her interview, Anastasia says she’s staying in her safety lane, and making dishes she’s made before. She knows the flavor, and how to execute them. The guests are seated, and the food goes upstairs. Anastasia runs through the menu for the guests. It’s Mexican fare, and looks authentic, not like Mila’s crappy stuff.

Everyone chows down, and we hear, amazing, so good, nailed it, and kudos to the chef. In Hannah’s interview, she’s glad, but wishes the compliments were for a chef, and not her third strew. Anastasia can’t believe how difficult it was. Captain Sandy calls around, trying to find a superyacht chef. She tells us, in her interview, that they have to perform difficult meals on the fly. Where’s Ben when you need him? Colin helps clear the table. The water toys go in. Unknown Ashley does more for the video. Colin says he was a music nerd in college, and having Ashley and her music on the charter is a nice pick me up. The captain says the swell is making it too roll-y.  They’re going to move to a calmer location. She tells them to bring in the slide, and they’ll tow the rest of the stuff. The wind is starting to pick up. Water splashes into the beach club.

Colin wants to use the davit to lift the slide, but Captain Sandy tells them to just pull it in. They don’t have time to use the davit, and it’s not safe. She radios for Travis to help with the slide. In her interview, she says, this is where they need a leader. Clearly, these two can’t figure it out. Travis helps Colin and Jack get the slide up. Sheree tells Aesha they’ve been discussing love connections, and want to know about her. Aesha says she’s an independent woman. In her interview, she says her last relationship was about two years ago. She’s very picky when it comes to guys.

Daniel comes into the galley, and asks for gnocchi for dinner. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it bothers her when guests come into the galley, but she’s so nervous, she’ll do anything to please them. I think it’s kind of rude, like just walking into a restaurant kitchen. The yacht changes location, and they drop anchor. Anastasia makes gnocchi from scratch. In her interview, she explains that being with her ex, she learned knife skills (something I desperately need – I stink at that) and cooking techniques to round out her knowledge.  She didn’t go to culinary school. The guests are big on Italian cuisine, so she’s making risotto, followed by the gnocchi. Her heart is racing. Mine too. Risotto always seems to be a problem on Gordon Ramsay’s shows.

The guests begin to sit at the table. Hanna is effing tired. Anastasia starts plating. I hold my breath. Captain Sandy comes to the galley, and asks to try the risotto. We have to wait until after the commercial, but she says, wow. Anastasia knows what she’s doing. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, there’s an art to making basic food taste good. This risotto is probably the best she’s ever had. Daniel wants to know what Hannah is doing for Thanksgiving. His son – the doctor – wants her to join them at the dinner table. In Hannah’s interview, she says, now he wants her to screw his son? She doesn’t have time to brush her hair. She tells him that she loves when guys ask her out through their dads. Everyone laughs, and when Hannah leaves, Sheree says they probably won’t see her for the rest of the trip.

Anastasia tells someone to get out of her face, and Hannah says she’s sounding like a chef. Captain Sandy checks in with the guests, and says she loves hearing the yum sounds. It’s music to her ears. Daniel says the food is outstanding. He has no words for the gnocchi. He can’t even. The captain tells Anastasia the guests loved dinner. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she doesn’t want the position, but she still gets off on the fact that she’s doing a good job. Aesha recites Shakespeare to Jack, and he’s impressed. Her reciting Billy Shakespeare was the last thing he expected. In his interview, he says She has more layers than you think. One minute, she’s sticking her finger up her bum, and the next, she’s reciting Shakespeare. Travis finally gets some sleep. Jack is on anchor watch. Hannah tells João she’s not impressed with Jack.

The wind picks up at 1 am. Jack calls the captain, who says, it was supposed to die down, not pick up. She tells him to get João. In João’s interview, he says he’s so tired. They’ve been working their asses off. Captain Sandy shows him there’s been a weather updates, and there’s going to be a serious wind. In her interview, the captain says, when it’s rocky, she doesn’t want the guests to be uncomfortable or get seasick, so she moves the boat. She tells the deckhands to pull in anchor. It’s tough to see, and Colin says, it’s he first time he’s dropping anchor by himself, and it’s in the middle of the night. He feels like a duck. On the surface, they look like they’re chilling, but underneath, their feet are paddling like crazy. He wanted to prove he could do the job himself, and he nailed it.

In the morning, the toys go back out. João is tired, and looking forward to things going back to normal, and everything running smoothly again. Anastasia doesn’t understand how it was so difficult for Mila. A stupendous breakfast is served. Ashley says she’ll never be starving on this boat. João is called to the bridge. The captain says she doesn’t want this same scenery today, so she’s heading over to the bay. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says they’re filming more for the music video, and the backdrop in Cannes isn’t like the backdrop at the harbor. There, they have old architecture, and beautiful beaches. In João’s interview, he says he never bitches about work, but this is insane. Jack says they just put that sh*t out. Daniel orders a bloody Mary with breakfast to let his body know what’s coming.

In Hanna’s interview, she says, it’s exhausting, but they just have to push through. She might be speaking too soon, but it’s going well. In the galley, the toaster starts smoking. Anastasia covers the fire alarm, and says, the toaster is a POS.

Seaweed or some kind of sea plants are wrapped up in the anchor. The anchor gets hung up and all in a tangle on the deck. Colin radios that there’s some anchor on deck, and he needs someone. Captain Sandy comes out, and says, holy sh*t.

Next time, the crew performs for the guests, Jack gets a warning, and Anastasia gets called to the bridge.

📺 Tonight’s Watch What Happens Live was a rerun – on another vacation, Andy? – but the guests were Hannah and Anastasia. I watched it again because Below Deck is a favorite of mine, and they discussed Mila being homophobic. Andy suddenly said, some of the best chefs are homophobes, and there was total silence for a beat. Then Andy said he was kidding, but I literally lol’d because I was sure Hannah and Anastasia were thinking the same thing I was – really? and frantically running a list of famous chefs in our heads.

👀 Sighted today: Parry Shen (Brad, General Hospital) on a King of Queens rerun. He played a clerk in a grocery store who was hiding the good yams before Thanksgiving for the favored customers.

🔄 Crossing Over, Maybe…

I love Al (Maggie Grace). Her quest for the story and her passion for the truth are something I identify with. I like Fear the Walking Dead so much more than Walking Dead because I find the characters more compelling and not as one-dimensional. She’d definitely add some spark to the mix.


🚶 Another One Come and Gone…

And another day closer to the weekend.

June 26, 2019 – Jason Gets Thrown In the Pokey, Shep Loses His Charm, Representing Shiloh, Happy Anniversary & Close To It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jerkface Billy walks up to Jason’s car. He says he thought the plates looked familiar. We meet again, Mr. Morgan. It confuses him though, since he told Jason not to come back. He cut Jason come slack last time. He thought Jason was a smart fellow and would know he’s not welcome.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Brad that she’ll let him know about the court order. Julian asks what happened, and she says the court ordered that Willow divulge the whereabouts of her son. She has confidence that Diane will stand up for Wiley. In perfect timing, Diane calls.

Shiloh asks Zara if Willow will be all right. It pains him to see her in handcuffs, but he’s hoping she comes to her senses. Zara says she admires his faith in humanity, but they can’t be waiting for Willow to see the light. She’s petitioning the court to unseal the adoption records. He asks how long that will take, and she says, that’s up to the judge to decide, but it will be at least a week, possibly more. He thinks they might not find the records, and she asks if he’s implying the records might have been scrubbed. He says since he’s been in Port Charles, he’s learned the mother of his child seems like a mild-mannered schoolteacher, but she has powerful friends.

At the hospital, Lucas asks if Bobbie got his text. She says, three nurses are out sick, and there’s been a measles outbreak in pediatrics. Thanks, parents who don’t vaccinate their children. Ha-ha! I love when they slip current concerns in like that. She asks how things are going, and if Shiloh is getting closer to finding out the truth. Lucas says nothing is happening, but he’s there to discuss the results of her blood test.

Kim and Drew listen to the CD that Oscar found. She says, this song was Oscar’s favorite. Technically, it was their favorite. Drew says, like our song? Something they danced to? She says, among other things, and kisses him.

Sam waits in the park for Jason to call park. Curtis comes along, and Sam asks how Jordan is. He says she’s already stressing him out. She got out of the hospital today, and you’d think she’d go home and rest, but she went straight to the PCPD. Sam can’t say she’s surprised. Curtis says, Mac is doing a wonderful job, but she can’t leave it be. He’s giving it an hour, and then pulling the plug and taking her home. Sam says now that Jordan is back to work, maybe they can drum up business for Ashford and McCall. He regrets to inform her that he’s dissolving their partnership.

Jason tells Billy that he’s not in Beecher’s Corners. According to the sign, he’s just beyond the limits, and according to Billy’s badge, his jurisdiction stops there. If he doesn’t mind, Jason will be on his way. Billy does mind, and wants to get a better look. Carol has her face turned away from him, and he tells her to look his way. He recognizes her, and asks what she’s doing

Alexis tells Brad that Willow refused to say anything about the baby. Brad says, Willow said she’d protect him, and she did. Alexis says Shiloh’s attorney argued that Wiley was in imminent danger. The judge asked Diane if she was involved with the adoption, and she refused to answer. He was going to jail her for contempt of court, when Willow unloaded on Shiloh. She called him a liar and a fraud, and a bunch of other things; then she lost it. She told Shiloh that he was the father of the baby, but he’d never find his child. (I don’t remember her saying specifically that he was the father; only that she’d had a baby and he’d never find it.) She refused to say anything about the baby or where he was. Julian says, brave woman, and Alexis says, brave woman or not, she’s in jail for contempt. Julian says, they can’t force her to talk, but Alexis says, they don’t have to. The court will order the adoption records be opened, and they won’t find anything, will they?

Lucas brings Bobbie into his office, but she doesn’t see why it’s necessary. It was a fluke. She was tired, she hadn’t eaten, and was dehydrated. She’s also been upset with all the craziness going on. She’s sure she’ll feel better when it’s over. It’s exactly the same thing that’s been going on with Brad and his stomach. They’re terrified that Wiley’s biological father will take him away. Lucas tells her, sit down listen. It’s not the stress. The test was positive, and she has type two diabetes.

Drew tells Kim, hold off. He gets the yearning and the want for comfort. She says it’s not what he thinks, and he says they spent months caring for Oscar. He gets it. Kim says they found the strength to face the terrible truth together. Drew says the traveled halfway around the world, and she wouldn’t be human if she didn’t want a reprieve, to forget. She says she doesn’t want to forget, but there’s one way they can heal. She wants a baby – their baby.

Curtis tells Sam he took a job as head of security at Aurora Media. The salary is more reliable. Sam says he doesn’t have to justify it to her. She knows what they’ve been through, and it’s a lot, plus there’s the high cost of medical expenses. It’s not like she helped the business either, considering she was focused on bringing down Shiloh and DOD. He asks how that’s going. Word on street is DOD was exposed as a cult, and it’s sinking fast. She says, not fast enough. Shiloh has the ability to rise again, and this time he has extra motivation – a child he believes to be his.

Jason says they need to get back to Port Charles. Carol isn’t feeling well. Billy says that explains why the diner is closed. He says Carol has an ankle monitor, so they know where she is. She’s not in Beecher’s Corners, which is a violation. He knows she’d never do something like that, so she must be there against her will because Jason coerced her and is trying to abduct her.

Shiloh thanks Zara, and suggests she donate part of her exorbitant fee to reestablish DOD in Port Charles. They’re under attack from the powerful interests he mentioned, and have been dispossessed. They need a new home. Now he’s more motivated than ever to lead the faithful because of his child. She explains what she does, and that the exorbitant fee is for a lawyer’s expertise. He says she’s good, and she says, so is he. He’s going to have to explain to the court why he deserves custody. Why they should give a child to a father who no longer has a home, and who was arrested for sexual assault. He says he was never convicted, but she says, not guilty and innocent are two different things. He’s paying her to tell him the truth. Does he want to hear it or not?

Alexis asks Julian if that’s what he meant by taking care of things; tampering with the adoption file. He says, what’s done is done, and he would do again. He loves his kids as much as she loves hers. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for them. She says, forget the laws he trampled on. If the court finds out he tampered with the records, he won’t be protecting Wiley, but endangering him. He’ll give Shiloh the ammunition he needs to blow Julian’s family apart.

Drew thinks Kim isn’t thinking clearly, but she says she’s never been more sure of anything. Being a mother is a huge part of her. He says she’ll always be Oscar’s mom, but she says she’ll never be her full self if she doesn’t take care of a child. They can create a new life; give a child all their love. Drew thinks she hasn’t fully recovered. She had altitude sickness, and was talking like Oscar was still with them. She says, he was; he is. He heard what Cameron said. They felt Oscar’s presence. He heard them. Drew gets it. They wanted to reach out because they’re still in pain, like he and Kim are, and they’d like to believe Oscar responded. He would give anything to have another moment with Oscar again. Their son is gone, and noting wishful or magical… Kim says he told her that Oscar was waiting on Mount Kilimanjaro. Drew tells her, what he said was that once they were there, Oscar would be at peace, and live on in their memories. She says he’s not hearing her. They created a beautiful, wonderful, brave, and compassionate human being. They can do it again, but this time be together, and make sure Oscar lives on long after they’re gone.

Sam says Jason still hasn’t gotten back to her, and Curtis realizes she’s not just trying to get the goods on Shiloh. Sam says she and Jason were never apart. She had to play on Shiloh’s vanity to make him think she was a believer, so she could access the inner workings of DOD. He says her getting so deeply involved with a place like that never made sense. Sam says she had to protect her sister, like he looks after Jordan, emotionally and financially. She thinks Aurora is a good fit for him, and she’s happy he’ll have Drew’s back. Curtis says he’ll damn sure do his best. She says he’ll also be working for Jax, and he asks, what can she tell him about his new boss?

Billy says he’ll remove Jason by force, and Jason tells him that he has nothing to say without his attorney. Billy tells him to step out of the car, and pushes Jason when he does. Carol says Jason didn’t hurt her, and Billy says it’s a good thing he found them in time. His jurisdiction doesn’t matter if he’s stopping the act of committing a crime.

Shiloh gets agitated, saying he’s being treated like a criminal. He’s losing his rights when he didn’t break the law. He’s not going to let Willow get away with it. Zara hopes he got that out of his system. Seeking revenge on the mother of his child will only backfire. He apologizes, saying he momentarily let his baser emotions take control, and he forgot his own practices of forgiveness and reconciliation. She tells him, better, but he needs to convince the judge, who will see only concern for the child. Try again, from the top.

Brad says he reached Molly. She took Wiley to the park. He needs to calm down, since Wiley is a sensitive kid. Julian says, Wiley is protected. There’s no way Shiloh can find him, right? Alexis says it will take time for Shiloh connect Wiley to the baby Willow gave up. Brad says, Lucas won’t be okay with this, and Julian says, it will be fine. They do whatever they have to for their kids. Brad says, so they just continue to take care of Wiley, while Willow stays behind bars until she can’t take anymore and cracks. Alexis says, another possibility is to get ahead of the problem. Tell the truth. Tell the court the child they’re looking for is Wiley.

Bobbie asks if Lucas is sure, and he says he ran the test a few times to be certain. Her blood sugar is sky high, and she’s not producing glucose like she should. Bobbie says she’s a nurse and would have known, but he says she knows it’s easier to diagnose others than themselves. She says she’s recorded the symptoms for a hundred patients. Lucas says she said herself she’s having blurry vision. Bobbie says she just thought she was getting older. He says, and there’s her thirst. She says everyone she knows is terrible about drinking water (ugh. color me guilty of that), so she just chalked it up to that. She takes care of herself. This shouldn’t be happening. He says he’s sorry, but it is happening, and the bottom line is, she has to deal with it. She knows what it can lead to. She says, cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, kidney disease, blindness. Lucas tells her if she doesn’t want to say it, he will. It could lead to her death.

Kim promises Drew that she’s not delusional. She’s not suggesting a replacement for Oscar. He was unique, irreplaceable. They didn’t raise him together, and she knows Drew regrets missing out on things. This could be their chance to create a new child. Drew says, their chance? Isn’t she forgetting someone? What about Julian? She says, it has nothing to do with him, but Drew says, yes it does. No matter how he feels about Julian as a person, he sees they have something real. As much as Oscar wanted them back together, he saw it too. She says Julian doesn’t want to. He said someday, maybe later, which means not ever. Drew says, let him piece it together. She asked Julian to give her a child, and he said no because he cares about her state of mind. She says going to Julian was wrong. It’s between them. They lost a child, and it’s up to them to create a new one. I keep getting this mental picture of a Frankenstein lab.

Sam tells Curtis, when she first came to Port Charles, she and Jax were in a relationship. It didn’t work out. He asks how she feels now. She says, he’s a businessman, and knows how to turn a profit and make things work. Curtis says, a shark, and Sam says, an entrepreneur with shark-like tendencies. He plays hardball, but doesn’t cheat. If he’s asking if Jax would be a good boss for him, she says, yes. He asks if Jax is a good fit for Drew, and she thinks he’ll raise Aurora’s profile, and make the business more successful. Curtis is glad to hear it, and she says, her turn. What’s with all the questions?

Jason is in a jail cell. Billy says he has no one but himself to blame. Unless someone put him up to it. Is he an errand boy? He wonders what Jason wants with Carol. She made a mistake, but paid her debt to society. It would be a shame to use her against a good man like Shiloh. Billy asks if he doesn’t know how to talk. Jason says he’s entitled to a phone call; that’s the law. Billy says he gets one call, but the cell service there has been in and out. Jason asks what about the pay phone, but Billy says it’s been out of order for weeks. He won’t get his call until morning.

Zara asks Shiloh to tell the court why the child should be placed with him. He says he wants the privilege of raising his son, not for selfish reasons, and not for him to follow in his footsteps or walk in his shadow. Shiloh wants him to be his own man, follow his own path, and learn from his father’s mistake. Shiloh wants him to care for the weak and helpless; people who aren’t able to find a family of their own. Zara says he needs to drop the DOD spiel and get real. The judge will see right through him. She tells him, keep rehearsing until she believes he’s speaking from the heart, and try harder to cover his real motive. He means to get Willow too. He says ideally a child should be with their mother and father. She says she thought so.

Julian asks if Alexis is suggesting Brad volunteer the information that he adopted Shiloh’s son. What will that accomplish except handing Wiley over without a fight?  Brad is with Julian on this one. Alexis says Shiloh claims he’s never going to stop. If he can prove they knew and withheld the information… Brad says, it will make Shiloh look like a victim. Julian says, he’s a con man and a sexual predator. Alexis says they all know that, but the law is on his side this time. He’ll come for them for sure, but if they say they didn’t know, and thought the birth father was out of the picture, they’ll look like loving, honest parents. The court will weigh that against Shiloh and all his baggage. It will be a compelling case for custody. Julian says, screw the moral high ground. There’s no record that Wiley is Willow’s son. Brad says Shiloh will never give up. Even if they get custody, the judge might reverse the ruling, and one day they’ll get a knock on the door. Alexis says nothing is going to happen overnight, and it will stall the proceedings if the court orders a DNA test. Brad says they can’t let that happen.

Drew says he doesn’t want to add to Kim’s pain; the hurt she’s feeling inside. She needs to let herself grieve. Take the time to decide when she’s ready. Kim says she’s ready now. They felt Oscar’s presence. He says, they’re children; kids who lost their friend and want to feel he’s still there. Kim says, he is. The séance brought his spirit back.

Curtis tells Sam that he just wants to know what to expect. Obviously, he and Drew are tight, but Jax is a wildcard. If he’s monitoring security, the more he knows about everyone on the job, including the new guy at the top, the better he can do his job. Sam thinks Curtis will prove himself invaluable to both Drew and Jax. But if he changes his mind, and doesn’t want to wear a suit and tie, she’s not changing their business card. She gives one to him, and he says he’ll keep that in mind. They hug, and I feel sad.

Bobbie tells Lucas, she knows all this. He tells her, read it anyway. She says she already has, to patients. He asks her to tell him what it says. She says she needs to be more vigilant with her diet and exercise, check her blood sugar, and take medication every day. He says the section about heart health worries him most. She says her heart is fine, and he says, now. But her heart’s at risk and more prone to seize. Two out of three diabetic deaths are due to heart disease, not sugar. She says she’ll make sure to take medication if needed, but he says she’s still at risk, even if it’s under control. She knows he’s a doctor… He says he’s her son. He can’t stress enough for her to take care of her heart. She has a good one, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to it. She hugs him.

Alexis says, the DNA test can only help. Shiloh has to prove he’s the father, and it will buy them time. It’s not about chromosomes, but about what’s best for Wiley. Julian wonders what they do; grab Wiley and leave? Alexis understands the impulse run, but it would be the worst thing. She knows it’s a leap of faith, but she believes being honest is the best way to hang on to Wiley. Brad has to go, and Alexis says she’ll set up an appointment to go over everything with him and Lucas. Julian says it will work out somehow. Brad leaves, and Alexis tells Julian, stop feeding into their panic. He’s not helping. He says, she is? She’s asking for more than a leap of faith. It’s a gamble with Wiley’s life. She asks what he thinks he did tampering with the documents that prove Wiley’s adopted.

Drew doesn’t think the séance worked, and tells Kim that what Cameron was talking about was more abstract. Kim says, even if it was wishful thinking, they can still keep Oscar’s spirit alive by creating a brother or sister. He says that’s no way to honor their son. Oscar was willing to go to court to gain independence. No matter how much they love their children, there comes a time to let them go.

Curtis leaves a message for Valentin, saying what better way to investigate Jax than from inside his own company. For the record, he isn’t just doing it for the paycheck. He wants to make damn sure no one takes advantage of his friend Drew.

Sam says Jason should have texted by now. Shiloh appears, and says if she’s looking for Curtis, he just saw him in Oscar’s Meadow. He hopes it’s a consolation to Oscar’s parents. He tells her, despite everything, he still has high hopes for her.

Brad brings Wiley to the hospital to see Lucas. He tells Lucas that they need to talk. Bobbie sees them, and asks how her handsome grandson is. She’s glad Brad is feeling better, and takes Wiley from Lucas. She says she loves him and has no intention of missing single second of his life. She plans to be around a long time. She tells Brad and Lucas to never leave her in the dark again. Lucas promises, and says he loves her. She says she loves all three of them. Her family is her life.

Julian tells Alexis that they have different methods, but their goal is the same. They do whatever it takes to protect their children. She says what if what he did does more harm than good. He asks if it’s ever occurred to her that her way could do more damage. She says she can’t talk in riddles. What does he know that she doesn’t? He tells her, all he’s going to say is, there’s no way in hell Shiloh is going to get his hands on Wiley.

Kim tells Drew, he’s right. Oscar would be the first person to tell her that she needs to let him go, but he also wanted a family who would live on after him. Drew says she and Julian are still together. They can make it happen when the time is right. She say he doesn’t understand. They don’t need be together to have a baby. There’s another way.

Billy says the diner is closed, so no supper for him. He’s going to check on Carol, and Jason says Diane Miller is his lawyer. If he doesn’t talk to her within 24 hours, they’ve violated his rights. The arrest will be thrown out. Billy says Jason doesn’t know how things work in Beecher’s Corners. Jason says Diane will sue. Beecher’s Corners will have to pay a fortune in damages, and he’ll lose his badge. Think about it. What will happen when he has no uniform, and can’t push people around? Billy tells Jason, back off, and watch himself or he’ll get the firehose.

Sam asks Shiloh to please tell her that he’s sleeping in the park because he was evicted. He says he’s having such a good day, nothing can spoil it. Not even her. Sam’s phone dings and she gets a text: In BC – Jason 911. Shiloh hopes it’s not bad news. His phone rings, and it’s Billy. Billy says he thought Shiloh would like to know the Beecher’s Corners PD has a guest – Jason Morgan. Shiloh says he knows what to do. Billy tells Jason that he’s in serious trouble. Right up to his neck.

Tomorrow, Epiphany needs Bobbie to come with her, Sam asks what Shiloh just said about Jason, and Billy promises it will be painless.

Southern Charm

The sun rises over the Smoky mountains. Whitney brushes his teeth with a battery-operated toothbrush. Shep says, time’s a-wastin’. It’s time to go to Nashville, and start all over again. He asks how Craig feels. Craig says nothing, and Shep says, that good. Austen and Shep have beer for breakfast. Shep says they ate and drank well. Craig says Shep pissed him off pretty bad. Shep tells him, easy, and Craig says, it’s not acceptable. Shep says he was kidding and he’s sorry. He calls a truce. He asks Craig to help him cook the eggs. In Austen’s interview, he says he’s seen it a million times. Shep says what he wants, then says he’s sorry, and it’s all good. Driver Nate comes back, and they pack up. Four hours to Nashville.

Chelsea meets Danni at an OB’s office. Danni tells Chelsea that, since she was twenty-five, her mother has been saying she should freeze her eggs. Chelsea says, it’s too much pressure, but she doesn’t know if she wants kids. Danni does. Danni says she wanted a good friend with her, and hasn’t spoken to Kathryn since the pillow party. Kathryn hurt her feelings, and there hasn’t been an apology. Chelsea says they all do things they regret and say things they don’t mean. Danni says she’s not Kathryn’s doormat. In her interview, Chelsea says, there’s a side to Kathryn you don’t want to be on the wrong end of, but it seems petty to end a friendship over this.

Chelsea looks at a diagram of the uterus, and says she can’t believe a baby fits in there. She knows nothing about this stuff. I would hope she’d know the basics. The doctor comes in, and Danni says she wants to learn more about freezing eggs. The doctor explains that hormone injections stimulate the ovary into producing eggs, and the injections are given over a period of ten to fourteen days. Chelsea asks if you give them to yourself, and the doctor says, yes; it’s a hard process. After that they do an egg retrieval. Danni knows your most fertile in your twenties, and says she’s thirty-four. The doctor says, right this second, it’s not that different as far as how many eggs she has, but the quality goes down the longer you wait. Chelsea asks about the expense, and she says it’s anywhere between ten to fifteen thousand a cycle, and sometimes it takes more than once. Chelsea says, even then there’s no guarantee, and the doctor says, no. Chelsea thinks Danni should do it, and Danni says she guesses she should. She doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic.

The guys arrive in Nashville. Wow. It’s very neon-y. They go to the Fairlane Hotel, and up to an amazing room with a firepit and the largest terrace ever. Austen says they have to bring people back there. In his interview, Shep says if Austen can’t get girls to come back there; Austen, we have a problem. They get ready to go out. Shep practices introducing himself. Shep asks if Craig noticed he shaved, and Craig says he didn’t realize. Me neither. Austen says Madison sent him a picture of herself looking hot. He wonders what the purpose is, and Shep says to mess with his head. There are 500 better looking girls out there, and she was doing that while she was dating him. I assume he means with other people.

They go to a restaurant, and Craig questions Shep’s choice of wine. Shep and Whitney make a big deal about how much it costs, and say they deserve it, being elder statesmen. Craig looks at an article on his phone, and says Kathryn filed documents seeking full custody, and Thomas filed a counterclaim. There’s a reason for her panic attacks. He asks Whitney if Kathryn was acting like she is now when they were hanging out over the summer. Whitney says he can’t answer that, since they weren’t hanging out. Craig tells him that Kathryn said they hooked up, but Whitney says that’s not true. Craig says he didn’t know it was a secret, and Austen tells Whitney to just say he banged Kathryn. Shep says it’s none of their business. At this point, the sommelier can’t believe what she’s hearing. Craig says their brains work differently, and Shep says that’s because he’s smart. Craig says he’s sabotaged dinner, and Whitney says Craig started it. Austen and Craig go outside, and Shep says Craig has no class.

Craig tells Austen that Shep is on his high horse, so he needed a change of scenery. Austen says Shep acts like he’s the smartest one in the room, and Craig says, he’s mean. He puts others down to make himself feel better. It’s sad. At the table, Shep says, Craig is obnoxious. He has a personal assistant, even though he has nothing going on. Whitney asks if Shep is mad at Craig, but Shep says Craig is hard to stay mad at. Austen and Craig come back. Craig says he needed a break. It’s been close quarters. Whitney says they’ve been quarantined a long time. They clink glasses, and all is good. For now.

Patricia rings for Michael, who brings Chauncey in. She’s gotten a little antique French bonnet for Chauncey. He likes to dress up. She tries getting it to stay on his head properly, and Michael thinks it’s not the right shape for a Pug. She doesn’t think it’s going to work, and abandons the idea. She tells Michael that she got a fabulous dinner set, and she’s thinking of changing the guy’s dinner party. Now that they’ve gone to jail (I guess by they, she means Thomas?), she’d have to change the seating. She mentioned the idea to Madison about getting the girls together. It might be amusing. In Patricia’s interview, she says, in the past, she’s always had guy’s dinners. We flash back to one of those. She decided with the metoo movement going on, she’s getting with the program, and having a girl’s dinner. Michael asks about menu, but she hasn’t gotten that far. She says, there’s always tomorrow, and Michael says, Scarlett said something about that.

The guys go to a bar, and chat up some girls. Whitney says he’s too old to do shots. They tell every girl they meet about the penthouse they’re staying in. Shep horns in on Austen, taking over a conversation he’s having about golf. Austen tells Craig that if Shep hits on one more girl he’s talking to, he’s going to kill him. In Austen’s interview, he suggests if a girl wants to get Shep’s attention, start talking to him. There’s a breathalyzer on the wall, and they all test themselves. Austen misses Madison. He wonders if he’s helpless or hopeless. In his interview, he says they have a connection. He tries to ignore it, but it’s glaring. He tells a random girl, it was the whole purpose of the trip, and let’s some strange guy know he told Madison that he loved her.

In the morning, Shep tries to get everyone up, saying their flight is at 10:30. We see a clip of them at 4:30, still dancing and drinking in the hotel room with the girls.

Naomie gets out ingredients for an Indian meal. Metul comes over, and she says she’s making butter chicken, his favorite. She tells him, there’s no guarantee it will be as good as his mom’s. She got the recipe off of Amazon. In her interview, she says she can cook basic things, but Indian food is a whole other animal. Metul makes her want to cook; it’s a way to show love. Metul reads off the directions, and says it’s supposed to be marinated and refrigerated overnight. Naomie says, sh*t, and he asks if they should order sushi. She says she wants to do it, and asks if it looks like what his mom makes. He says, no; so sushi? In Naomie’s interview, she says Metul is one of best things to happen to her. The pressure not to mess up is high. She uses half and half instead of cream. He tells her the finished product looks good. He says he’s never made it from scratch. They eat, and she says, something’s missing. He says, it’s missing an Indian person who’s good at cooking. So sushi? I like Metul.

Chelsea visits Kathryn. She suggests the get down to business. The last time she saw Kathryn, they were hanging out at Craig’s. She and Danni were talking, and Kathryn thought they were saying something about her. We flash back to them lying, saying they were talking about the trip. Kathryn says it wasn’t Chelsea. Danni said some things on the girls trip that bothered her. Danni was coming at her in front of everyone, and it was unfair. We flash back to Danni reading Kathryn the riot act at the treehouse dinner. Kathryn says Danni never said those things to her, and it was disappointing. Chelsea thinks Danni is protective of her, but Kathryn says Danni could have talked one on one. Chelsea says, they’re so close, something was bound to come up. It’s hard to find people you can trust. In Kathryn’s interview, she says the thing she regrets most is not bringing up the way she felt sooner. They’re better friends than this. Danni has seen her when she was crazy Kathryn, pregnant Kathryn, and Thomas and Kathryn Kathryn, and has still been by her side. not judging her. She tells Chelsea that she and Danni have been best friends for six years. It means so much, and she lost a lot of that.

Michael prepares the table, while Patricia does place cards. She says the theme is the artichoke dinner. They’re starting with fresh artichokes, and dip, then pasta and poached pear. She tells Michael she’ll await the guests. Naomie and Madison arrive first, and Patricia ask about Naomie’s new boyfriend. She asks if Metul is Turkish, and Naomie says he’s Indian. Patricia says some of the most beautiful people she’s met are Indian. Danni comes in next. Patricia says Chelsea and Austen were talking on the porch for two hours at the pillow party, and Chelsea says it was about the texts Madison sent. Madison said the problem stemmed from Danni having something to say about her transgression. Danni says she told Craig, which wasn’t very smart. Naomie is sitting in between Danni and Madison, and in her interview, says she feels like laser beams between them are cutting through her head, and she wants to hide. Danni says a guy she was dating told her, and she told Craig, which was the dumbest thing she could possibly do. Madison says Craig isn’t the one to blame. It shouldn’t have been a topic of conversation. Danni says she didn’t make it up, but Madison says, it was fuel for the fire. Danni is sorry that Madison got hurt. Cameran arrives, and asks if Kathryn is coming. Patricia says she is, and Cameran asks if Danni and Kathryn are good. Danni says they haven’t talked. Patricia heard Kathryn has a new boyfriend, and the girls tell her that he’s a politician. She says, oh dear, and Naomie says she googled him and he has almost naked pics out there. They all bring the pictures up on their phones, and Madison says, his penis looks like a Ken doll. Cameran asks if it’s a selfie, and Patricia says, hand it over, putting on her glasses. Chelsea thinks it wouldn’t look good if Kathryn walked in while they were looking at pictures of her boyfriend’s pecker. Wow. I don’t know if I’ve ever known anyone to use that word. Is it a Southern thing?

Michael greets Kathryn, saying, they always save the best for last. I would love to have a Michael. Kathryn has brought a friend along, another Madison. Patricia says she heard Kathryn has a new beau, but Kathryn says, they’ve apparently broken up. He’s not what she thought he was, but whatever. She’s over it. She says, looking at it from the outside, she understands now where they were coming from. She asks if Danni wants to talk, and Cameran tells them, go.

Kathryn asks how Danni has been. Danni says, emotionally exhausted, and Kathryn says, same. Danni says she’s sorry, but Kathryn says, don’t be. She didn’t listen, and now she had time to reflect. She says Danni raised some red flags, and Danni says she had concerns. She thought when she told Kathryn about them, she was coming from a good place, but after they came back, Kathryn’s tone changed. She was shocked at what Kathryn said to her at Craig’s party. Why go there? Kathryn can’t go there all the time. Kathryn says she’s working on it, and Danni says, it hurt. Kathryn says when Danni brought up things on the trip, it felt like baggage being put on the table, and she snapped. In her interview, Kathryn says she’s used to people talking sh*t about her, because she was with someone who she acted crazy around. She also went to rehab, and lost her kids for three years. But Danni shouldn’t be the target. Danni says she had no ill intent, and Kathryn says she doesn’t think there was. She gets it now. She loves Danni. It feels like they broke up. Danni says she doesn’t feel that way, but more like Kathryn was flirting with another guy on Instagram. They laugh, and the gong rings. Dinner is served, and Kathryn hopes Patricia doesn’t think she’s starting drama

Patricia points out that the napkins were owned by the King of Bavaria. Cameran holds hers up, and it’s nearly the size of the table. Patricia says the theme of the dinner is artichokes, in the food and porcelain. In Kathryn’s interview, she says Patricia is the person everyone aspires to be. She’s going to be humble AF, and admit she wants to impress her. Patricia instructs the girls on how to eat an artichoke. She tells them not to worry; there’s more food coming. She says when she does the guy’s dinner, they’re raucous. The girls are reserved. Cameran says that’s because they’re sober, and suggests they do shots. Patricia says someone offered her a Jell-O shot, and Cameran says, that’s low class. Chelsea says they’re her favorite. They do a tequila shot (Kathryn has water), and Cameran makes that face I do when I drink tequila. Like it’s the worst tasting thing on earth. Because it is. Patricia comes close to that face too. In her interview, Patricia says she wondered what taking a shot was like. She prefers a martini. Me too, Patricia. Me too.

Madison says she’s single again. Chelsea says Austen isn’t ready to be a man, and Madison needs a man. Madison thinks Austen is influenced by Shep’s lifestyle, and manipulated into thinking that’s the way to go. Chelsea thinks it’s a Southern man thing. Patricia says, Southern men don’t grow up. She’s not including Whitney, since he always worked. Madison says Shep called her a white trash hairstylist. In Naomie’s interview, she says, Shep has never worked a day in his life, so he can shut up. Cameran says she thinks Shep is suppressing anger. There’s something underlying that he’s angry about. Madison says maybe he’s still bitter about her declining him when she was married. Fingerbowls are brought out, and Cameran says, this is so extra. She asks Patricia, if Whitney doesn’t get married, can she divide her stuff among them? Naomie asks, what if Whitney and Kathryn get married? Patricia says she’s heard rumors to that effect. She wouldn’t be unhappy, and she’d be assured a grandchild.

Shep goes to the pet shop. He’s getting a dog, and shows the clerk a photo of his pup to come. It’s a French bulldog, and adorable. He says he’s naming it Craig. It’s a homage and a jab at Craig. He already owns one Craig; now he’ll have two. He looks he looks at collars. He sees a black tie collar, and the clerk asks if his dog will be going to any galas. Shep says, if he meets someone. In his interview, Shep says the two Craigs are alike. They sleep a lot, and get excited easily. He buys about $500 worth of dog stuff, which actually doesn’t seem excessive to me. He says now he has two Craigs who cost him money.

Human Craig meets Kathryn and Austen for dessert and coffee. Kathryn asks how the trip was, and Austen says camping didn’t work out that well. Craig says, at dinner, Whitney STFU real quick when he brought up Kathryn. Austen says Craig just asked how she was when they were hanging out last summer. He pretended not to know what Craig was talking about. He thinks it’s a weird thing to deny, just hanging out. Who cares? Kathryn says she’s tired of being insecure about the situation. It’s just frustrating. In her interview, she says everyone knows, but his continuing to deny it makes it more of a conversation. Austen says Shep acts like he’s smarter than everyone, and Craig says, he’s turning into a huge a-hole again. Kathryn says he flipped out on her, and we flash back to the pillow party and him calling her a child. She says, the next morning he was totally normal. Austen says, when that side of Shep comes out, run for the hills. He exploded about Madison, calling her a white trash hairdresser, and saying his mom wouldn’t even let someone like her in the house. To him, everyone is less than. Kathryn says Madison talked about it at Patricia’s dinner party.

She asks if Madison and Austen have hung out, and Austen says he hung out with Madison last night. Craig and Kathryn exchange glances. Austen says the trip was a clusterf**k, and when he came back, he wanted to hang out with her. Craig tells him to stop saying they’re broken up. How does he expect to get over her if they’re hanging out? Austen wants him to stop talking about this. Cold turkey doesn’t work for some people. In Craig’s interview, he calls Austen a p*ssy. Austen says he misses her. He’s disappointed that he let Craig, Shep, and Danni get in his head. That’s what blew up this whole thing, and effed everything up.

Next time, Craig the puppy arrives, Kathryn and Naomie get hypnosis therapy, Cameran has a birthday party, and Craig and Austen argue.

📂 New Girl Lawyer In Town…

Given my poor history with getting and or spelling names right, it didn’t surprise me to see her name spelled as Zahra. However, to add to my moniker confusion, in the link, it’s spelled Zara. I give up. I was right about recognizing her though. I’ve seen her perform stand-up before.


👍 I just have to say it. Chaka Kahn was looking good on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Technically, the 10th Anniversary show is tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 pm, but all week there’s been a cavalcade of special guests and trips down Memory Lane. Even though I think if Andy ever called me sweetie, in that sarcastic way he does, I might punch him in the face, I have great admiration for his drive, business acumen, and fanboy ways. His talk show combination of Playboy After Dark and PeeWee’s Playhouse is a lot of fun, and a nice change from the usual late-night offerings.

💞 Just Like the Weekend…

There’s nothing I’d like to be closer to more. Is it Friday yet? No? <sob!>







June 12, 2019 – Ryan Wakes Up, Bethenny Loses It, Live Anniversary, a Charming Pillow Party & Young Time


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the beginning, but it was nothing important, so moving on.

Ryan asks where he is. Valerie tells him, the Pentonville infirmary.

Curtis tells Jordan that he thinks it’s enough for today. Stella says Curtis owes her a coffee. He asks, for what? and she says, for convincing Ryan to donate his kidney. The lightbulb comes on, and he says he’ll be back. Jordan can’t imagine Ryan feeling e empathetic. It’s not making sense why he agreed. Why would a merciless killer choose to save her life? Doc walks in.

Ryan asks how he got there. The last he remembers, he was at GH. Finn says fogginess is normal after transplant surgery. Ryan asks what he’s talking about. He doesn’t remember any surgery. Why is he in so much pain? Finn says he’s feeling some discomfort, but Ryan says it’s excruciating in his abdomen. Finn says he’ll have a look, and checks under Ryan’s bandage. He says it must be the surgical site where they removed his kidney.

Nina says Ava already agreed, and Ava says, in principle. She knows Nina is excited about the possibility of landing her story, but words are not binding. She has yet to sign a contract. She tells Nina not to worry. She hasn’t received any competing offers since this morning. Nina says if she wants to take her story to the silver screen, have at it. She has full rights. Ava says, no business will be done until she reads the fine print. You never know what little tricks could be lurking. Nina says there are no tricks, but Ava says, better safe than sorry. Jax walks in, and says they’re not planning starting without him, are they?

Drew asks Kim if she’d like a liquor nip, and she says, maybe later. She’s feeling wiped out. He says, Kilimanjaro will do that to you. She says seeing their sons ashes just floating in the wind… She has no words. Drew asks if she wants to watch the sunset from the balcony, and she likes that idea. She wants to freshen up a little first. She tells him she’s feeling out of it, and collapses.

Drew sits on the bed next to Kim, and tells her that she fainted. He had the concierge bring a doctor. Does she remember? She says, not really. He asks if she knows where she is, and she says, where? He says, Tanzania. For Oscar. She says, Oscar’s there? He tells her the doctor said she needs rest. Just go to sleep. She’ll feel better in morning. She says, no, she won’t. When she wakes up, she’ll remember Oscar is gone.

Josslyn looks at Oscar’s old texts. She texts, I miss u and I love u. A text comes back, I miss u. I love you too.

Nina says she wasn’t aware that Jax was planning on attending the meeting. He says he’s very hands on. He tells Maxie that Josslyn is in the front office, and asks her to show Josslyn around. Maxie says, maybe later, but he thinks now is a good time, and she says, okay. Nina says they’re just waiting for Ava to sign the contract. Jax says, the ball is in her court, and Ava says, it appears so. She looks at the contract, and says, oh dear. Nina asks if there’s a problem, and Ava says, problems. Plural. She think they should take a seat. She’ll start with page one, line one.

Curtis tells Stella that he’ll be glad to put this place in his rear view. Valerie steps out of the elevator, and Curtis says, thank God. What’s the word on Pentonville?

Elizabeth and Franco leave Jordan to talk to Doc. He asks how she’s feeling, and she tells him, ask her when she’s not dragging and IV around. She’s happy to be alive. She asks if he’s spoken to his brother, and he says, before the surgery. She says, not since? He tells her that he said everything he had to say when he asked Ryan for help. Jordan says, and he refused. Doc says, Stella had better luck. Jordan wonders what she was able to say that Ryan’s own brother couldn’t. He says him talking to Ryan was doomed from the start, but he had to try. Ryan would do anything to spite him, but he was more receptive to Stella. Jordan would like to speak to Ryan herself. Doc says he understands the impulse, but it’s impossible. Ryan is in a coma, and has been remanded to Pentonville. She asks if he’ll wake up, but Doc doesn’t know. She asks him to help her up.

Curtis asks Valerie what else Ryan remembers. She says, it’s what he can’t remember that concerns her. Joran comes up, and Curtis asks what she’s doing up. She asks why he didn’t tell her that Ryan was in a coma? Does anyone want to tell her what’s going on? Valerie says, Ryan is awake, and Jordan says, good. His victims and their families deserve their day in court. Anything else? Valerie tells her that he’s been saying crazy stuff. Jordan asks, what kind of crazy stuff?

Nina doesn’t think Ava will like what she might find elsewhere. Untrustworthy editors, and ass kissing stylists. She’s not going to fawn over Ava, but she’ll be fair. If they follow the plan, she thinks they’ll put out a story that benefits the both of them, and the readers will be satisfied that they know the real Ava Jerome. Ava says, all her life, she’s been defined by her mistakes, and treated as less than. She gets up, and Nina asks if she doesn’t want to reclaim her narrative. Now’s her chance. She’ll get even-handedness, and the opportunity to tell her story her way, in her words. Jax says it’s ironic that Ava is concerned about preserving her integrity and her voice, since Connie Falconari has neither, thanks to her.

Maxie asks if Josslyn is okay. Josslyn says, sorry; she was just reading something. Maxie says Josslyn can talk to her, and asks, what’s going on? Josslyn says, this, and shows Maxie the texts. She says, whoever is reading them can’t be Oscar. She was actually going to delete the contact, and sent one last text. Someone is reading them. Maxie says, eerie. Josslyn looks again, and says, his dad. Of course (🍷). More texts come in, and she says, it’s Drew. Drew texts that he found Oscar’s phone in Kim’s suitcase. He didn’t know she still had this. They miss him too. He’s at rest on the Kilimanjaro summit. His greatest wish was for her to be okay. She says she can’t read anymore, and Maxie take the phone. She reads, it’s a hard thing to be, isn’t it? How can they be okay without Oscar? They have to try, and they’ll help her if she helps them. Maxie hugs Josslyn.

Kim rubs Drew’s shoulder. He says he’s sorry, but she tells him, it’s okay. He never has to apologize for showing his feelings. Drew turns to her, and she sees Oscar smiling.

Valerie tells Joran that Ryan acted like he was surprised, saying he never consented. Stella says he clearly gave his consent. Jordan says Doc is quiet, and Doc says he was afraid this would happen. Ryan is hoping to mitigate his crimes, and realized diminished capacity is more effective. Stella asks if he’s going to use this as part of an insanity defense, and Doc says, what better way to prove he’s losing time and was suffering from a fugue state when he donated the kidney? Jordan says, there’s no way in hell Ryan is getting out. She tells Curtis to get the ball rolling, and get to the bottom of this. They all leave, and Jordan calls Chase. She says she needs him to run down a couple of things, and be sure to keep them to himself.

Ryan says GH removed his kidney without consent, but Finn says his signature is on all of the paperwork. Ryan says, impossible. He never would have agreed. Finn says it’s normal to have gaps in memory. After his little chat with Stella, he saw the light. Ryan says he barely knows Stella. He never would have agreed, especially not to Jordan. That kind of sappy, selflessness… Kevin. It was him. Finn and his brother conspired to steal his kidney.

Ava tells Jax that his negotiating tactic is failing. Nina apologizes on behalf of Crimson. Ava says this is unprofessional, and Nina says she wants to define parameters. She wants readers to have a clear picture of her. Jax asks if that includes Ava’s body count. He was a personal friend of Connie’s, helping her build the magazine from the ground up. The magazine is Connie’s legacy, and it means a lot. This used to be her office, but Ava knows that; she killed Connie there. Ava says she doesn’t need to be reminded. It was a horrible night. Jax says maybe the readers need to be reminded. Nina says Jax doesn’t speak for her, and Jax says he speaks for the dead; a brilliant woman who was robbed of her life. At least she saw it coming, since Ava had a gun. Morgan wasn’t so lucky. He had no idea she was messing with his medication. Since they’re publishing her story, he wonders how Ava is planning to answer those questions.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Friday is the four month anniversary of their jailhouse wedding. It’s been even longer since their earthquake non-wedding. He thinks they should seize the day, barring any natural disasters or false arrests. They’ve talked about having a proper celebration, but there will never be a perfect time. The world isn’t going to stop spinning, even for them. He wants to publicly acknowledge a celebration of their marriage, family, and future. She thinks he might be right, and he tells her to brush off her dancing shoes.

Drew tells Kim, the side effects from the drugs the doctor gave her could cause confusion. She holds his face in her hands, and says she sees right through him. Just like she could his father. He should have seen his father m in navy uniform should have asked stick around maybe ll needed reason stay written told him about o maybe could have had chance to be a family the three of them or more can he imagine a little brother or sister drew says yeah o that would have been something she’s sorry he deserved more fam than gave him can he forgive he

Josslyn tells Maxie that she never got to actually say goodbye to Oscar. She never really said the words before he died. She was there when it happened, but she was asleep. When she woke up, he was gone. Maxie takes her hand. Josslyn says she keeps thinking about what could have happened if she’d stayed awake and talked to him, but missed her chance; he’s gone. Maxie says she can bring him back.

Kim tells Drew/Oscar that she’s sorry she failed him. Can he forgive her? Drew touches her face, and Oscar says, there’s nothing to forgive. She’s all the family he ever needed. She reunited him with his dad, and they all came together like she wanted. Kim says they almost made it, and he says, almost. He tells her, get some sleep, and she lies down. She asks if he’ll be there when she wakes up. He says he’ll always there with her. She asks if he promises, and he says he does. She closes her eyes, and Drew cries a little. I’m getting teary just editing that.

Josslyn says, bring back? Does she mean like spiritually? Maxie says, yeah. It sounds a little… Josslyn says Sonny told her how he feels sometimes. How the ones he’s lost stay with him. Maxie asks if Josslyn has ever felt that way. Josslyn says when she was singing at the Nurses Ball, she looked out in the audience, and swears Oscar was right there. She wishes there was some way to get that feeling back. Maxie has some ideas.

Nina tells Ava that she’s so sorry. Ava says she’s used to it, but not when person hurling insults wants something from her. Nina suggests they take a breather; settle down and get some fresh air. They can revisit this. She tells Ava the contract has a lot of wiggle room, and she can address Ava’s concerns. Ava calls it a hatchet job, and says she’s not giving Crimson her story. She has a little piece of business advice. A bait and switch should happen after the bait is swallowed. Nina says it’s a legit offer, but Ava says, hard pass, and leaves. Nina looks at Jax, and he shrugs.

Curtis tells Jordan that he has a call in to the warden. A visit will be arranges as soon as she’s ready. She says they need to talk. He asks who she was on the phone with, and she says Chase. He says she’s not supposed to be working, and she says she’s not. Chase just made a few calls on her behalf. Ryan always knew he’d be put away, and would never willingly part with his kidney. What if someone forced him to? The cause of the seizure was never identified. Curtis says it was probably an adverse reaction to medication, and Jordan says, maybe, but maybe it was intentional. We flash back, then see the scene unfold as she talks. Curtis asks if she’s suggesting someone poisoned him. Who would do that? She says, someone who wanted to see the transplant go through. Someone who could get in and out without arousing suspicion. Someone trained. He says everyone who went in was logged. She doubts they acted alone. They would have needed a lookout. We see Finn administering the shot, while Valerie stands at the door. Curtis says she’s got a conspiracy theory going. Ryan was poisoned, then what? How did that lead to him consenting to donate his kidney? We see Elizabeth and Finn with an unconscious Ryan. Jordan says Chase confirmed the tests occurred, and it was ruled a one-off, but what if it wasn’t? Ryan went to ICU, where he was switched out. What if it was Doc? He would know how to impersonate Ryan; he’s been doing it since childhood. If anyone could forge Ryan’s signature, it would be his twin brother. Chase is tracking Doc’s movements. Curtis says Ryan didn’t have surgery until the next morning. He had plenty of time to speak up. She says, unless he wasn’t switched back until right before he went to the OR. They could have put him where he wouldn’t be disturbed while everything was taking place. We see Finn and Elizabeth wheeling Ryan down the hall. Curtis asks if she thinks Franco is in on this. She says, why not? He hates Ryan, and he was working that night and morning. The records show Franco canceled his art therapy appointments because he spilled toxic material in the therapy room. Curtis says, making the room off limits. She says, and somewhere to stash Ryan. Curtis says maintenance would have had to go in there, but Jordan says, maybe they were working with someone familiar with the GH system, who redirected the maintenance crew elsewhere. He says that’s one hell of a plot, and kind of improbable. She says, it’s a stretch, but as smart as the conspirators are, there’s still one thing missing – someone to dream it all up. We see Doc, Finn, Valerie, Franco, and Elizabeth sitting together. Curtis joins them, and asks if they’re all in. They nod, and he says, good. This is how he sees it playing out. Jordan says, they need a ringleader.

Kim calls for Drew. She tells him that she’s groggy, and he says altitude sickness did a number on her. He asks what’s the last thing she remembers? She says they were going to watch the sunset. He says, that’s it. He’s going to get her water and some breakfast, and she says, okay. She snuggles into the blankets, and says, a little brother or sister. Can you imagine?

Josslyn asks if Maxie has actually done anything like this before. She hasn’t, but she knows Lucy is super into this stuff. Lucy says there’s no guarantee it will happen, but if she needs to get in touch with Oscar one more time, why not give it a try. They look at an article about séances online.

Nina asks what possessed Jax to go off on Ava like that. He admits it was unprofessional, but she says he doesn’t make mistakes like that. He’s the shark of all sharks. She says, that’s it. He says, what? and she says he’s been playing her. He wants to see her fail. He says he only proposed budget modifications, not even cuts. She says it will eventually lead to lower sales, which lead to layoffs, and then the death knell. Jax says he lost his temper, and Nina says, ya think? He asks what she wants him to do, and she says, go to Ava. She doesn’t care what he says. Just get her to sign.

Ryan says Finn did this. Finn and his brother. Finn tells him not to pop a stitch. Ryan says he’ll pay Finn and everyone else back. No prison ever held him, and one day he’ll get out. It’s only a matter of time. He’ll come for each of them, one by one. Finn asks if he knows just what he sounds like – crazy – and leaves.

Curtis tells Jordan, it’s quite a theory. Does she have proof to back it up? She says she could go looking, but it’s next to impossible. If the ringleader is who she thinks it is, there’s no way they’d leave evidence. He says, smart woman.

Someone with a laundry cart goes into Ryan’s room. He says, well now. Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Tomorrow, Ava says take her as she is, Shiloh says the most important thing is to find his son, Sonny tells Brad that he’s not letting anything happen to that little boy, and Nelle tells Ryan, welcome to Pentonville.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Bethenny asks Tinsley if Brett called, and Tinsley shows her his text. It says if she can escape later, let him know. He’ll take her for a down low drink. Tinsley asks what that is, and Bethenny says, somewhere not so crazed. She needs to talk to Sonja, who decided to stand on a glass coffee table the night before, and almost broke it, in addition to breaking a glass. We see a clip of drunk Sonja, and Bethenny in mom mode, saying she’s not playing games. Bethenny says it was too close to the night before, and too erratic. In her interview, Bethenny says she wants Sonja to enjoy herself, and not ruin the party. Bethenny is feeling like a top getting wound up.

Bethenny tells Sonja that the other night was relatively scary, and she’s genuinely worried. Sonja almost put her foot through the glass. Sonja says she was just being funny and dramatic. Ramona suggests less drinking, less drama. Sonja thinks Bethenny is being overly concerned, but Ramona thinks it’s a wake-up call. Bethenny suggests Sonja go with LuAnn to an AA meeting. It’s like free therapy. LuAnn is glad sge;s not only one who’s noticed. Someone else has finally taken the blinders off. Sonja says Bethenny is coming from a place of compassion, but LuAnn is coming from a judgmental place. Bethenny tells LuAnn that Sonja doesn’t want to hear it from her. In Sonja’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to go, and doesn’t think she’ll benefit from it; but if Bethenny and Ramona think it’s the proactive thing to do, she will.

Trainer Derek works with Barbara. Tinsley tells Ramona that Brett is off limits. Ramon says he’s not for Tinsley, but Tinsley says, it doesn’t matter. She can still kiss him. In her interview, Ramona says that no one is off limits unless they have a ring. They’re free game, In Tinsley’s interview, she thinks Ramona should take her ass back to Harry. She has this one. She brings up a picture of Ramona and Harry swallowing each other from the TMZ website. LuAnn says that’s not kissing; it’s sucking face. Dorinda says they’re suction cupping each other, and in her interview, says they were exchanging tonsils. Bethenny says they were having sex with mouths. At this point, you shouldn’t have to see the picture to get the picture. And really, you don’t want to.

Sonja comes out in a lacy top, and LuAnn says she looks fabulous, but she doesn’t think it’s appropriate for a meeting. In her interview, LuAnn says it’s AA, not Club Med for singles. Tone it down. Sonja goes to change, and Bethenny says Barbara doesn’t seem happy. Barbara says no one is interacting with her. She knows she’s different from them, and that doesn’t mean they can’t have great time together, but she feels like she’s doing it by herself. Ramona suggests she’s not bonding with the others because she’s giving off those vibes. They can feel the negative energy. Bethenny agrees she’s been a bit of a Debbie Downer. LuAnn says people pick up on the energy, and she and Bethenny say, it’s everything, together, which was kind of weird. In Barbara’s interview, she says she’s been on her own. LuAnn hasn’t helped her. She’s checked out, and is only worried about herself. Bethenny thinks Barbara wants leave, and Barbara starts to cry. In her interview, she compares it to being dropped off at camp, standing by yourself, seeing the mean girls nearby. That’s exactly what it feels like. Bethenny says LuAnn relied on Barbara, but now LuAnn doesn’t seem to be there for her. Barbara says she feels alone, and Bethenny tells her to start talking to people. Get her bathing suit on, and get in the game. Bethenny hugs her, and LuAnn says she’ll meet Sonja by the front door. Sonja mumbles that she doesn’t really want to go, and calls LuAnn a bossy bitch. Like she’s the first alcoholic who walked the earth. She meets LuAnn, and in her interview, Sonja says she had to change, and LuAnn’s skirt has a slit up to her who-ha.

Ramona says every day is Saturday in Miami. Coming back from the meeting, Sonja tells LuAnn, the cutest guy there tried to pick her up. In Sonja’s interview, she says she was cringing inside at the meeting. The whole time she felt helpless, and it only made her feel worse that she can’t help them. LuAnn was in her element. In the car, LuAnn asks what Sonja thought, and Sonja say she’s not into it. Like the guy who said he’s isolated. She’s isolated in her own head. In her interview, she says she can’t let their stories go. She plays them over in her head, and it makes her upset.

The women go to a cabana by a pool and the beach. Bethenny asks if anyone is hungry. Sonja changes her clothes in the car. Dorinda says she hasn’t eaten since yesterday at lunch. LuAnn and Sonja join them, and Barbara asks if they spoke. Sonja says LuAnn did. It’s another opportunity to get on the stage. Ha-ha! I couldn’t have said it better. Sonja starts fretting about everything being wet in the cabana. There’s sand all over. LuAnn says, they’re at the beach. So of course there’s sand. Sonja tells Bethenny this isn’t working for her. In Bethenny’s interview, she says she understands each meeting is different, and thinks where they went triggered Sonja in some way. Bethenny says they’ll leave. They move out, and Sonja wails about everything being wet. Dorinda says, that came out of nowhere.

Ramona asks, what happened? and Sonja says she didn’t like the meeting. There were people talking about living in the street. It’s like when you take the subway because you can’t get a car because it takes so long. If there was a camera here, this is where I’d stare blankly at it. She says she feels bad for the people. LuAnn likes to talk, telling them about getting arrested and getting out of the handcuffs, and she makes people laugh. It makes Sonja sad. It’s ironic that she’s in a happy place, but she feels alone in the process of her daughter’s life. Her daughter’s dad is getting old, and won’t be there forever. She feels overwhelmed. Bethenny suggests getting food to go. Sonja says she’s having a great time in the house. She can’t be where they are after what she saw. LuAnn asks, how about a swim? In her interview, Dorinda says LuAnn is in need of a hearing test. Can she not hear Sonja is upset? Give the swim a minute. Sonja gets weepy, and LuAnn asks if she wants to go to the beach. In her interview, Bethenny says, LuAnn has sequin earmuffs on. She’s not aware of her surroundings. LuAnn says she’s going for a swim. She’ll see them back at the house. In her interview, LuAnn doesn’t understand where this is coming from. Dorinda tells Bethenny that LuAnn just kept talking about going to the beach. Bethenny says LuAnn is devoid of humanity.

Sonja says she doesn’t like talk, but you need to get the hook for some of the people. Dorinda says, whatever works, and Bethenny says, if it works, keep working it (an AA saying). Everyone forgot about the food, and Ramona calls LuAnn, leaving a message for her to bring truffle fries back. Bethenny decides to make crabcakes. LuAnn sits in a beach chair. Bethenny says Sonja had a breakdown at the pool, and Ramona says LuAnn is so insensitive. Dorinda says she’s more worried about getting to the beach than Sonja. She wanted Sonja to go to the meeting, but then doesn’t hold her hand afterwards. In Sonja’s interview, she says she was upset that LuAnn was the only one who didn’t check on her after she fell. Now she needs to go to the beach. LuAnn should not just be with her, but with the group. Ramona toasts to Bethenny, and Sonja for having a meltdown.

LuAnn looks at the poster for her upcoming show, and grins at herself. In Bethenny’s interview, she says LuAnn’s favorite topic is LuAnn. Of course she’s want to visit her poster. She’s not aware that they’re full of the LuAnn buffet. LuAnn grabs some stranger to take a picture of her by the poster. Ramona tells them about LuAnn saying everyone is jealous of her success. Barbara says, she did not. She can’t believe LuAnn left her. It’s making her realize LuAnn is not really present; not for either one of them. She’s seeing the light. Bethenny toasts to Barbara feeling included. She tells Barbara that LuAnn was scheduled for a massage, but she isn’t there. She tells Barbara to take her place. Ramona says LuAnn has been absent all day. You snooze, you lose.

Two hours later. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she’s happy to be out of the house needed time clear head and chill (and look at herself). When she comes back, she finds Sonja and Dorinda waiting for massages. She say she’s glad she went to the beach. Sonja says everyone wondered where she was. They didn’t think she’d spend the afternoon there. Dorinda tells her that Sonja felt emotionally broken down, and thought LuAnn would spend time with her. LuAnn is shocked because Sonja seemed fine in the car. Sonja says she bring up some things, but LuAnn didn’t want to get in deeper. LuAnn says Sonja talked negatively about something she cares about. She says Sonja really went for Bethenny, and should go for herself. Don’t do her any favors. Sonja says it was a rough meeting, and LuAnn tells her not to judge. Sonja says she’s not, and LuAnn is judging her. Open her eyes. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she struggles between wanting to hug and kiss the old LuAnn, and be horrified at the new one, Sonja says she’s not an attention seeker like LuAnn. She likes to make people laugh so they feel better, LuAnn is a diva, but a good diva. LuAnn is like, okay, cool.

Bethenny gets her period, and says it’s a dry county there when comes to tampons. Barbara uses some self-tanner, and makes the white rug look like a crime scene. Tinsley says she and Brett have been talking all day. She shows Bethenny the texts. Brett says she’s adorable, and sends a kissy face. Bethenny sends a text to him, asking him to meet at a restaurant, and he can go when her friends come. Tinsley says she doesn’t know who’s meeting him now. In Bethenny’s interview, she says alcohol is its own excuse for Tinsley to call Scott in the middle of the night, and start the cycle again. Dorinda tells Bethenny that LuAnn was pissed because there was no massage table in her room, and she’s pouting. In her interview, Bethenny says, you can’t swim, visit your billboard, pray at the shrine of yourself, and be first in line for hair and a massage. Pick a lane. Ramona says she’ll check on Sonja, since LuAnn doesn’t give a sh*t about her. Bethenny says they’re taking two cars to dinner anyway. In her interview, Ramona says she’s not saying they’re not justified, but it’s not nice to leave LuAnn to get there on her own. Ramona makes a remark about Tinsley going on a date rather than spending time we them. Another blank camera stare from me.

Tinsley finds out Brett is in law enforcement, and tells him about her mug shot. She babbles about her mother, and says she might be okay with just chihuahuas. That’s good, because she might end up with just chihuahuas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

LuAnn gripes to Ramona that everyone got their hair blown out, and Ramona says, first come, first served. Ramona texted LuAnn earlier, and she didn’t respond. Getting in the car, Sonja says the air conditioning makes her poop, and Bethenny tells her, stop bragging. LuAnn says she’ll be three minutes. Ramona can’t believe the other women didn’t wait. She and LuAnn get in the car.

The first car gets to the restaurant, Barton G, and Bethenny wants a date update. She peeks in, and tells he others that Tinsley is kissing him already. Brett tells her, enjoy the night. In her interview, Tinsley says she’s no other kind of slut, she is but she is a kissing slut. Bethenny says, tell her everything, and Tinsley says they had fun. She likes him. Bethenny is dying; she so can’t believe it. Sonja thinks kissing on the first date isn’t a great way to start, if you want to get married and have babies. Um… really? LuAnn says she’s stressed out; she was the last massage on the list. She got one, but it was rushed. Dorinda says she wasn’t there. LuAnn whines that the hairdresser left. She’s always last, but it doesn’t matter. We all choke a little. In her interview, Dorinda says the hostess of Bluestone Manor wasn’t around to make arrangements for the Countess. LuAnn shows them her Instagram, with the picture of her in front of the poster, and tells them she’s still promoting the show.

They get menus, and LuAnn orders crabcakes. In Dorinda’s interview, she says they had them for lunch. If LuAnn is ordering the crabcakes she missed at lunch, she should order the truffle fries she didn’t bring them back at lunch. Bethenny has ordered some things ahead, including a special mocktail for LuAnn. Barbara tells LuAnn, there’s something that’s upsetting her. She doesn’t know if LuAnn remembers or acknowledges it, but when she was in rehab, Barbara legit stopped her life for LuAnn, but she doesn’t feel like LuAnn’s had her back. She was upset today. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, the potion has worn off, and the hangover is gone. Barbara has an opinion, and this time, maybe it’s not favorable. Barbara says she just wanted a hug. LuAnn wants to give Barbara a hug right now. Bethenny says she’s cutting Barbara off. She doesn’t want Barbara to get her thoughts out. In Bethenny’s interview, she says LuAnn forgot to give Barbara the Kool-Aid, and it’s wearing off. Maybe some will seep into Barbara’s pores, and she’ll get back in the cult. Barbara tells LuAnn that she feels that sometimes her relationship with LuAnn is more important than LuAnn’s with her. Bethenny was hugging her while she was crying, and telling her that she didn’t feel engaged with the group. Dorinda says Barbara was too busy taking care of LuAnn, instead of engaging with them. In her interview, LuAnn seems to think they’ve been brainwashing Barbara. Barbara says she’s been protective of LuAnn; she’s protective of the people she loves. LuAnn says that’s not her fault, but Tinsley says LuAnn let Barbara do that for her; protect her and be her shield. But she never stood up for Barbara. Tinsley trips over her words a little, and LuAnn makes fun of her, and that she’s drinking. When the rest of the table reacts, LuAnn insists she just didn’t understand what Tinsley said. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, when LuAnn started making fun of Tinsley slurring her words, it just hit her sideways. She asks LuAnn who the eff does she think she is? And calls her insufferable.

Tinsley says, yeah, she’s drinking. So what? At this point, the other patrons are starting to look at them. Tinsley says LuAnn didn’t see how much Barbara was hurt because she left. LuAnn says she goes for a swim, and look what happens. She has to be careful leaving the room. In her interview, she says, how selfish of her, going for a swim. She wonders if they built her up just to tear her down. She struggles every day, and it’s to put up with this bullsh*t? Bethenny asks when was the last time LuAnn asked her how she’s doing about Dennis? LuAnn says when was the last time Bethenny asked about her? It’s reciprocal. Bethenny says she asks all the time. She says LuAnn is intolerable; she’s never changed. She’s dining out on her sobriety. In her interview, LuAnn says that’s a low blow, basically saying she’s using her sobriety as a crutch. It’s insensitive and cruel. Actually, I took it to mean she’s profiting from it. She wonders if Bethenny thinks it’s easy, and says Bethenny is bully strong. Bethenny says Dennis helped her. LuAnn asks if she’s the only one who hasn’t checked in, and someone says they all have. Ramona says LuAnn is self-absorbed, which is mind-blowing coming from Ramona. LuAnn says she’s persona non grata, but Sonja says if they didn’t love her, they wouldn’t be upset. LuAnn says this isn’t enjoyable for her, and Bethenny says, because it’s true. She did an intervention for LuAnn, and her guy died of an overdose. LuAnn never even asked how she is, because LuAnn is always going through a lot. Life is not actually a cabaret. It didn’t have to come to this, but because she’s so self-absorbed, this is where they are. LuAnn tells Bethenny, look at yourself, and Bethenny tells LuAnn, look in the mirror. She’s never asked about Dennis. Bethenny starts getting loud, saying every second is about LuAnn.  She had no massage because she’s an a-hole who couldn’t even have lunch with them because she had to look at her own poster. Ramona starts to cry, saying LuAnn is missing Bethenny’s pain. It’s so sad. Bethenny says she had lawyers come in on a Sunday. She sat outside in LuAnn’s driveway to make sure she didn’t crash her car. LuAnn was running in a field in her negligee, and had to be taken in a cop car, but Bethenny made sure there it wasn’t on record so she wouldn’t be arrested. She’s a sicko, who left rehab early. The rehab that Bethenny got her for free. LuAnn says she had to work, and Bethenny says, it was cabaret. In her interview, Dorinda says she doesn’t think this is entirely about LuAnn. Bethenny has a lot on her plate, and she doesn’t know how much this is about Dennis. Bethenny can’t take the frivolity of the bullsh*t anymore. This is making me want to cry. Bethenny breaks down, bawling, and LuAnn looks totally dispassionate.

Next time, Bethenny wants to go home, and doesn’t want LuAnn near her; Ramona talks to LuAnn about Mario; Bethenny says Dorinda’s new place has no evidence of John; and LuAnn records a new song.

🙊 I almost died laughing when tonight’s secret word on Watch What Happens Live was cabaret. Dorinda and Sonja were guests stars. There will also be a week of special episodes, starting Sunday, June 16th, at 10 pm, celebrating the show’s tenth anniversary.

Southern Charm

Kathryn admitted to in her interview that she’s not always as communicative as she should be, as but she has a lot to deal with in constantly having to prove herself, so she’s not apologizing for it. As they made s’mores by the fire, Danni wanted Kathryn to know she had her back. Cameran was a little hungover, and wondered how the coffee bean grinder in their fairytale treehouse was magical. She told Chelsea, it was both relief and anxiety to leave Palmer. Some days she wished she was the one going to work, since being a mom was a job with no paycheck. Kathryn felt betrayed by Danni, who made her feel bad about herself. On the pillow front, Craig said he was not a good waker upper. Me neither. Assistant Anna told him, getting up, having good solid day, and not being hungover was the way to go. Pillow orders were piling up, and she said they were eventually going to need help eventually. Craig had the brilliant idea of a pillow party, where he would Tom Sawyer his friends into making pillows. Shep said the only thing he knew to do with a pillow was passing out with one under his head. Hanging out with Naomie – who gave a hard pass to the pillow party – Chelsea didn’t know if they were making pillows, sitting on pillows in a circle, or having a pillow fight.

For whatever idiotic reason, Austen had made a habit of talking smack about Chelsea to Madison. Now that they were broken up, Madison was sending the screenshots to Chelsea. Finding out about it during his haircut, Shep told Craig, he didn’t know what worse, the cheating or the screenshots. He thought that Madison was diabolical, and should write a book on warfare. The guys thought about renting an RV, and taking a road trip to do an intervention on Austen. I wasn’t sure for what exactly. Screwing up relationships? Naomie thought Chelsea should confront Austen, and Chelsea agreed that she couldn’t let it go too long without it being addressed. Danni met with her mom, and they talked about boring stuff.

Austen’s father told him, in business, expect something going wrong. Making a note of that. In his interview, Austen explained that his original brewer was too expensive, so he shopped around. He found what he thought was the one, and production came to a halt because of a needed part. His father said the devil was in the details, and the details had just bit Austen in the ass. Austen felt judged by his parents, saying in his interview, that they were his biggest cheerleaders, but also his biggest pitas. His dad asked about Madison, and Austen said their relationship was non-existent. His dad asked if Austen sabotaged relationships, and told him, to be happy was to be at ease with himself. Austen said he wasn’t at ease because he wasn’t where he wanted to be in his life.

Madison visited Patricia, and they had one of Michael’s famous bourbon sours. If LVP is unavailable, Patricia is a close second for my adoptive mother. Patricia said she’d known Madison for ten years, and had mentored her, giving her advice on marriage and divorce, being an expert. She didn’t want to talk at the salon, since Charleston is a small town. Madison told Patricia about the break-up, and explained revenge sex. Patricia said, in her day, they had revenge marriage, which made more of an impact.

Kathryn met Craig at the fabric store, and immediately broke into tears. She didn’t know how she was going to explain the charge against Thomas to the kids. Craig suggested making her a pillow, and they fabric-ed it out. In his interview, Craig told us that he thinks he looks cool in eyeliner, and the girls like it. He also said not a lot of straight males were in the home business, but I’m not so sure about that today. Cameran, the first guest at the pillow party, said it looked like Craig was wearing eye makeup. When he said he was, she was like, par-tay! She was hoping Whitney would get contacts, since she can never look at him now without thinking of Kathryn saying he kept his glasses on during sex. Everyone was shocked that the pillow party was really a ruse to get them to make pillows. Whitney wondered how anyone could be passionate about pillows, and Shep didn’t think Craig would be retiring on old pillow money.

Patricia joined the group, saying she usually left the kids’ parties to the kids, but she had a soft spot for Craig. He could be a knucklehead, but an endearing one. Cameran pointed out that in the South, they hug and kiss, and pretend everything is fine, even if they want to claw each other’s eyes out. Chelsea confronted Austen, who said the texting was a drunken moment. She told him he could take his drunken whatever, and shove it up his ass. It couldn’t be an excuse, and it wasn’t just one time. It went back months. She asked why he was talking about her boyfriend and sex life to his girlfriend. The group inside could barely contain themselves, straining to hear. Craig said it was finally happening. Chelsea was letting Austen have it. Chelsea said Austen must be bitter about something, and he says he felt railroaded by some things she said at the reunion. She said those were things she’d talk to him about up front, and there was no reason to be discussing her sex drive or how tall her boyfriend with his girlfriend. Shep explained to Patricia what Austen had done. Austen told Chelsea that he was embarrassed and apologized. She forgave him, but said things would get ugly if it happened again. Shep said if Austen got back together with Madison, he was disassociating himself. When Chelsea and Austen came back inside, Austen chugged bourbon from the bottle. Patricia and most of the others got out while the getting was good. Shep thought Austen needed a reset, and suggested a trip to Nashville.

Kathryn found Chelsea and Danni talking about her in the kitchen, and was pretty miffed even though it wasn’t anything horrible. She blew past them, and Danni followed her, wanting to have a mature conversation. She told Kathryn not to be fake; Danni had been a good friend. Kathryn told her to eff off, and Danni split. Craig asked if it was something that happened on the camping trip, and Kathryn said kinda sorta. Chelsea found Danni crying outside. Danni told Chelsea that she’d been a good friend to Kathryn, and we saw clips of that. Chelsea insisted they have a conversation, but Kathryn didn’t want to. Shep told her that she couldn’t get angry at genuine concern, and called her an effing child, at which point, she walked out.

Next time, Cameran interviews someone to help her with Palmer, Danni says Kathryn has trust issues, we meet Kathryn’s new squeeze, and the guys begin their road trip.

⏰ It Flies…

Whether you’re having fun or not. How the blip did it get to be 3:30 in the morning?




May 23, 2019 – Ryan Finds Ava, a Runway of Real Women, Runway on Live, Runway Low Down & a Cooking Lesson


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam says, it’s finally happening. Outside in the car, Jason listens in. Sonny gets in the car, and asks what he missed. Jason says they just got started. Shiloh says he’s looking forward to completing the transition. He’s starting to sound like a mad scientist.

Brad tells Lucas, calm down. Maybe Willow had Shiloh’s child, but why does he think that baby is their son? Lucas says if Brad adds up what he just laid out, it’s the only logical conclusion. The child Willow had is Wiley.

TJ tells Jordan dialysis knocked her out, but she’s on the mend now. He asks how she’s feeling, and she asks where Curtis is. TJ says he’s sure they’ll hear from him soon.

Mac says Doc’s pulse is strong, and his breathing is steady. Michael calls the police, saying a man was attacked, but they don’t know the extent of his injuries. Laura runs in. and asks, what happened? Michael leaves to find Chase, and Lucy explains they were breaking down the stage. When the curtains opened, Doc was hanging there. Who would do this to him?

Ryan looks in on Ava. She downs her drink, and waits, checking that the gun in her pocket is ready. She asks if it’s Doc. She turns around, and smiles.

Sam tells Shiloh, look how tense he is. Not that she blames him after… He says, finding out the person he trusted the most had his child. She says he might be upset, even outraged, but she doesn’t think outrage is his thing. He says it’s not bad enough Willow did that, but it’s all the things they could have accomplished and done. In the car, Sonny says, Willow. That’s Michael’s friend. No wonder she was so terrified of Shiloh. Jason says, one thing at a time. Sam suggests Shiloh get back on track. Don’t let Willow ruin this night for them.

Brad thinks he and Lucas should go home and talk it through. Lucas says, then he must think there’s something to talk through. Brad insists Wiley isn’t Shiloh and Willow’s child, but Lucas tells him to open his eyes. How many times have they bumped into Willow? Brad acts like it’s just coincidence, but Lucas says Willow was in a panic when Brad wanted to bring Wiley to DOD. Brad says, even if all that is true, Wiley still belongs to them legally. Lucas says if Willow kept the baby from his biological father, they could lose their son.

Doc comes to. He sees Laura, and says, thank God. He was afraid something had happened to her. Mac says Ryan was there. They found Doc literally hanging from the rafters. Lucy tells him, rest, and wait for the paramedics.

Chase tells Curtis that the phone call was garbled. Take him through it again. Curtis says, he and Laura tracked down the woman who hired the kid to steal drugs for Ryan. They believed she was harboring Ryan, but when they went back, she was dead; stabbed in the chest. He woke up with a massive headache, and they were tied to chairs in a room filled with gas. Chase says good thing they made it out, and Curtis says, just barely. They had just gotten out when the whole thing exploded.

Michael offers to take Willow home, but she says she’s fine. He tells her, it’s okay if she’s not. Shiloh is a threat that will have to be dealt with, but she’s not in this alone. She says she’s beginning to realize that.

Doc says Ryan must have been waiting for him. He’d ordered roses for Ava to give her after her performance. Where is Ava?

Ava says, thank God he’s safe. She heard Ryan was back, and was afraid she’d lost him too. He asks if she’d be lost without him, and she says, of course (🍷); he knows that. She asks, what’s the matter? He produces a knife, and says she has no idea how much he’s missed her. She says, Ryan. He hopes she’s not too disappointed. She asks if he has any idea how much she’s prayed for this moment. And he knows her… Ryan says, she doesn’t pray. She says, desperate times. She moves closer to him, saying she can’t believe he’s there. He tells her, not so fast, my darling.

She laughs, and Ryan asks if something is funny. She says she just missed him so much. Ever since that awful night. She asks him, please, put the knife down, and he says, why would he do that? She says she wants him to hold her; put his arms around her, and kiss her. He says, the way his brother did? He saw him kissing Ava all over social media. It made him sick. Did she find comfort in his weakness? How could she be happy with someone who can never, ever challenge her? She says she does believe he’s jealous. He asks if he’s what she wants, and she says it’s pretty obvious what she wants. Look past his own jealousy and into her eyes, and see it. Doc was a poor substitute for the man she loved, but Doc was still the next best thing to him.

Sam tells Shiloh, take back what’s yours. Don’t let anything ruin this night. This is for them to be there tonight. He says she’s right. It’s time for her induction into the Trust. Jason tells Sonny, Sam is playing this perfectly, but this is where it gets complicated. If Shiloh follows his pattern, he’s going to drug her. Shiloh tells Sam that he has some tea to help relax, and ease the discomfort while she gets the tattoo. She says she doesn’t need it. She wants to experience everything. He knows how brave she is, but this insures a peaceful transition. She says she doesn’t need it, but he tells her, it’s for the best. Trust him. She takes it, and Jason says, she’s going to drink it.

A nurse asks how Jordan’s pain level is, and Jordan says, manageable. The nurse tells her to hit the button if she needs another dose. TJ says, interesting. Curtis just texted him from Michael’s phone. He’s back in Port Charles. He’ll be there asap, and tell his mom that he hearts her. Jordan wonders why he didn’t just show up, and TJ says he probably thought she was sleeping. She asks if Curtis said anything about Ryan, and TJ says he read her the whole text. She needs to know if Ryan is still alive. She says she wants to call Chase, but TJ is sure Curtis will answer all her questions when he gets there.

The EMT says Doc looks good, but recommends he get checked out and get a CT scan. Doc says he’s not the one in trouble. Ava is. Chase says she told them she had a safe place to go, but Laura says they need to know where she is. Felicia says, maybe she’ll kill him. A girl can dream.

Chase apologizes for ditching Willow, but she says she’s all right. He says something is bothering her, but she says, it can wait. He says, tell him, and she says, Shiloh knows about the baby. He asks how? and says she was on the phone with her lawyer, and Nina overheard. They got in a fight, and Nina made a dig about her not keeping her child. Shiloh heard her. Michael says they’ll make sure Shiloh goes nowhere near the baby. Chase tells Michael to make sure Willow gets home safe. She says she can get home herself, but Chase says she’s told them over and over how dangerous Shiloh is. Now he knows about the baby. Michael is going to escort her home. She says, it’s generous, but Chase says, it’s selfish. He wants her safe. She guesses she’s out-voted, and he tells her, be careful.

Doc says he’s fine, but Laura says sometimes symptoms don’t show up for hours. He says he was hanging from the rafters? Mac says his brother is nothing if not consistent. Lucy asks why no one is surprised Ryan is still alive and tried to kill Doc. Curtis says he just got a text that Jordan is awake. Laura tells him to go, and thanks him for saving her life. He says he’s got her, calling her partner.

Margaux walks in, and says she heard Ryan was alive. She asks what they’re doing to catch him. Laura says, damage control? A woman is dead because of her.

Brad tells Lucas that they should call Alexis, and ask what their options are. Lucas asks if Brad has any idea how bad is screwed up. If Wiley is Willow’s son, and didn’t let the biological father know, they might lose him. Brad tells him to stop. Michael asks Willow if her baby is his godson, and she says, yes. He says, how long…? She tells him, obviously, she knew Brad and Lucas were going to adopt him, but it was only after they knew each other, and Michael told her the name that she realized. He asks why she didn’t say anything, and then says, Shiloh. She says, Shiloh. Brad says, it doesn’t make sense. Why keep Shiloh, of all people, in the dark? He’s a great dad. Willow says, he’s a monster. Brad says Shiloh and DOD have helped him, and Willow says, DOD is a cult. Lucas says she gave him up so Shiloh wouldn’t know, and she says, yes. Now he knows.

Laura says Margaux called off the search, and at least one woman is dead. Margaux says she made an educated decision. Laura asks if that’s what she calls it, and Margaux says the Canadian authorities presumed he was dead. Laura says, it’s more like an arrogant assumption. Mac says Margaux has seen the records. She knows how many times Ryan has been believed dead and somehow survived. Laura says she and Curtis nearly died in an explosion because she called off the search. Ignoring this, Margaux says she’ll need statements from everyone. Chase joins them and says, nothing has turned up, but two of Ryan’s three victims are accounted for; Carly and Lulu, but they have no location on Ava. Mac says he warned them this was dangerous. It worked, and now he’s back. It’s time to bring the authorities up to speed. Margaux asks what the plan was. Laura says Ava and Doc pretended to have a relationship to make Ryan jealous, and bring him out in the open. Lucy says she knew Doc would never fall for that sleazy tramp.

Ryan says he has to hand it to Ava. If she’s lying, she’s putting on one helluva show. She’s glad he finds her heartbreak entertaining. He says there’s one thing she can do to convince him of her sincerity. Tell him about Kiki. Ava says, what about her? Ryan says he killed Kiki. As his brother would say, how does that make her feel?

Curtis sees Jordan, and asks TJ how she’s doing. TJ says, her infection is better, but her stress level is high. Curtis says that’s on him, and TJ agrees she was very worried about him. Jordan wakes up, and says, Ryan Chamberlain. Did Curtis catch him? He says they’ll talk later, but she says tell her now. Curtis says they found him. He got away, but don’t worry. Chase has the whole force out looking, and he’s there now. The machine she’s hooked to beeps wildly machine beeps. She says, Ryan Chamberlain is in Port Charles, and passes out.

Shiloh says, usually Harmony does the tattoo. She likes to make them large and ostentations, but he thinks a more intimate emblem would be appropriate. Sam mumbles something, and he says she’s his proudest student. I’m guessing he means the one he’s most proud of, but for someone who wrote a book, he don’t know good English. He says it’s only right that only his hands should touch her. Sam says, no, and he starts to turn her over. She says the tea was stronger than she thought. Jason says, it’s time. He and Sonny get out of the car.

Ryan says Ava must hate him. He killed her; the one Ava loved most in the world. Then he took her to bed to use her as an alibi. Ava says she loved Kiki, and grieved for her. She always will, but he had no way of knowing. She talked about how much pain and betrayal Kiki caused her. Ryan says he murdered her, but Ava says she knows why he did. He did what he thought needed to be done to stop her pain; the pain Kiki caused. The truth is, as much as she wanted to love her daughter, all that was left between them was pain. He didn’t take away what she loved the most. He freed her. What she really loves the most is him. She hopes he feels the same. He says no one will love her as much as he does. She doesn’t think they will.

Margaux says Lucy wasn’t part of the plan, and Lucy says apparently she wasn’t privy to their conspiracy. Margaux asks her to leave, since she’s not directly involved, and has no relevant information. Lucy says she has one thing to say passing. Margaux botched this horribly. Ta. Margaux tells them to give her details, and Felicia says it was her idea. She knows firsthand what it’s like to be the center of Ryan’s obsession, and knew he wouldn’t stay away from Ava. Doc says since the search was called off, they had to go on the offensive. Margaux says, so they took the law into their own hands. Laura says, someone had to, and it’s not a crime to lie about your relationship. Doc says they knew he’d come back to find her, and Margaux says, especially since she was with him. Felicia says they tried to make the relationship as public as possible. Mac says they did have ground rules. If he appeared, they’d call the police. Margaux takes Chase aside, and says they have a mess with a rising body count. If they can bring Ryan in, excellent, but if they think they’re in danger, they have the authority to use full legal force. Chase isn’t sure they’re allowed to do that, but she says she’s prepared to take responsibility. Just get the job done.

Curtis wonders why the hell he told Jordan about Ryan. TJ says he knows how stubborn she is. She makes her own choices. Curtis says, she’s about as strong and stubborn as they come. That’s why she’ll get through this. Monica blows past, saying she’ll be back with an update. She goes into Jordan’s room, and Curtis wonders why the Chief of Cardiology is there.

Jason and Sonny walk into the DOD house. Two dudes meet them, and one looks at Jason, and says, Shiloh doesn’t want him there. Jason drop kicks him across the room. Sonny tells Jason to go. He’s got this. Sonny and the other dude struggle for a millisecond, before Sonny slams his head into a table. Nice little fight scene.

Lucas asks Willow how they’re going to protect Wiley when his biological father didn’t give up his rights. She says he was never supposed to find out. She’d started a new life, and didn’t know there was a chapter of DOD there. When she found out, she made plans to leave. Michael asks why she didn’t come to him. She says she didn’t think he could help. Brad says, because Shiloh is an unstoppable monster, obviously not believing it. She asks if he’s ever met someone who could get around the law, and literally gets away with murder? Michael says he has. (Yeah, Sonny.) If she’d left when she wanted, he’d have never known. Lucas asks what stopped her? and she says, Brad did. He got involved with DOD, and wanted to take Wiley there to Shiloh. Brad says he didn’t know, but insists he wouldn’t have let Shiloh do what she thinks he would. From what he’s seen, he’s having a hard time wrapping his head around Shiloh being evil. What has he done? Michael says, blackmail, coercion, drugging people, and sexual assault for starters.

Jason goes into the attic room, but no one is there. He sees the teacup, with some tea still in it. Sonny follows him, and asks where they went. Jason says he thinks he knows. Sonny tells him, go. He’ll stay there and get answers from one of Trust members.

Monica comes out, and says Jordan is stable. They can see her when the nurse finishes, but she needs to talk to them. She’s stable, but they don’t know for how long. Cardiac arrest isn’t uncommon after surgery, especially if there’s an underlying heart condition. Curtis says Jordan is in excellent health; she takes amazing care of herself. Monica says, she has an underlying arrhythmia. It’s common, and not life-threatening. TJ says, except for patients on dialysis. Monica says she won’t be able to continue on dialysis much longer, but she’s at the top of the transplant list, and they’ll send out another alert. Curtis says Doc tested positive, and agreed to the operation, but Monica says, sorry. He has a separate medical condition that rules him out. At the moment, they have no viable donors.

On the phone, Chase says they need to send a unit to the gallery and Ava’s house. If there’s any indication as to where Ava might be, put out a bulletin out. Laura tells Doc he should get to the hospital. He says he will, if she does. At least he wasn’t in an explosion. He can’t reach Ava, and thinks this was Ava’s plan all along. Mac asks, what? and Doc says, justice for her daughter. Felicia says she deliberately lost contact with them so she could go after Ryan with no one to stop her.

Ryan says he saw Ava perform, and she was magnificent. She’s glad he enjoyed it. The whole time she imagined she was singing to him, but never dreamed he’d make his way to her so quickly. He asks if she believed he’d come back, and she says that’s why he jumped off the bridge and took her with him. He never intended for them to both die. They both lived, and she knew he’d find her. He says here he is, and she asks how he found her. He says he’ll always find her. She asks, is that a promise or a threat? and he says, why can’t it be both? She says he’s incorrigible. That night in Niagara Falls, he said they could travel the world, and leave Port Charles and everyone in it behind. Is that still possible? He says, is that what she wants? and she says, more than anything. He says she told him that she’d never leave Avery, but she says that’s how she felt at the time. Truthfully, as much as she loves Avery, inevitably, she’ll disappoint Ava, and the love will end. The only real, true, permanent love she has is right there. She never loved anyone more. In Niagara Falls, he said they make each other whole. He asks if she remembers she said he was her gift. She says, he was, and he can be that again. He says, that’s the question, isn’t it? Can he really give her what she needs?

Brad still isn’t convinced about Shiloh, and wants specifics. Michael says, what Shiloh did to his sister. He saw a threat. Willow tells them, Shiloh will do what he can to get his hands on Wiley. Michael says they have to work together to protect him.

Sonny looks through some stuff in the room. Margaux comes in. She says, funny. When he demanded they meet, she wondered if she’d find a body, and there’s two by the front door. He says, they’re just taking a nap. The place with an open door policy, didn’t welcome them with open arms. She says she has a serial killer on the loose. He says, the search was called off, and she asks what he wants. He says, her fearless leader. Where is Shiloh?

Shiloh carries Sam into the lighthouse. She asks where they are, and he says, a special place. The place where they’ll see their first new dawn together. It’s where she becomes his.

Curtis and TJ go back into Jordan’s room, where she’s on oxygen. TJ wonders how he’s going to tell his mom that she might just have a week. Curtis says he won’t have to. She ain’t gonna die. TJ says, not on his watch. Curtis says, Doc was a match. So is Ryan. I think they should just rip his kidney out of him with no anesthetic, and let Ava do it while they’re at it.

Chase advises everyone that if they see Ryan, let the police know. Keep away from him. Don’t follow him. Don’t engage. Understood?  Laura says the parameters have changed, and it’s escalated. They’re no longer trying to catch Ryan now. Mac says they’re going to use whatever action necessary to stop him.

TJ asks Curtis if he thinks that can save Jordan. Curtis says, maybe. They just need to get to him. Maybe his mom has a chance. Curtis kisses Jordan’s forehead, says he loves her, and jets.

Ryan says all he wanted was to fulfill Ava’s dreams. She says he is, just by being there. He found his way back, and they can be together, but… Ryan asks, what’s wrong? She says, it’s the knife. It’s disconcerting. He says, sorry. Force of habit, and I literally lol. Ryan can be funny. He puts it down, and says, now where were they? She says, right here, at the start of their happiness. Two halves of a whole. Ryan says, two sides of the same coin. She says they understand each other better than anyone else. She asks if he knows why, and he asks, why? She says, because neither one of them is afraid to watch the other die.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Brad not to say a word, Sonny asks Margaux where Shiloh is hiding, and Curtis tells Laura that Ryan might be Jordan’s only chance.

This week’s Project Runway challenge was to create dream dresses for civic workers who keep NYC moving. Instead of professional models, the designers dressed a postal worker, a sanitation worker, a teacher, a police officer, an EMT, and a ferry deckhand. The guest judge was Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black. The contestants met Christian at his atelier, The Curated, where he creates and sells his designs. We got the tour, and Hester said she wanted her own million story brownstone filled with amazingness. Me too. The message was to make high fashion more inclusive, and Christian said they would be dressing those underserved in the fashion community. We found out lunch breaks are to practice your runway walk.

It was take your designer to work day, and the designers got an idea of what the women were looking for. All of the contestants seemed to have a hard time custom making something, and not thinking solely of what they wanted. We heard not my thing a lot. Jamall, who had the deckhand, said she didn’t want to show her arms, and couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of a sheer sleeve. Garo suggested maybe it was just the upper arm she didn’t like, and no matter what the model’s size, he liked to cover that, saying, who wants the armpits? I know I don’t. Tessa made an executive decision to design pants until Christian reminded her the challenge was for a dream dress, and even if the judges loved it, she’d be going home, so she rethought that. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hester felt she gave the client too much of what she’d asked for, and not enough of what she, as a designer, thought the client needed. Christian told Tessa that Brandon was going to get on her for the raw hem on some chiffon, but I like a raw hem. I love distressed materials in general, so it goes with the territory. When I saw an ad that said the show was brought to us by Maybelline, I said, yeah, I noticed. The product placement is quite heavy.

I’m not going through every single dress, since I’m not good at dress description, and they weren’t that exciting IMO. Let me put it this way, none of them were my dream dress. I did think the two that vied for winner were lovely though. Garo dressed his postal worker in a blue bodycon dress, with a sparkly off-the-shoulder neckline, and a detachable cape. Sebastian was my favorite, with a sanitation worker who had Disney princess in mind for a dress she wants to wear to her future engagement party. She walked the runway like a pro, and we found out she had been Miss Staten Island. Bishme got kudos too, for his teacher’s blue peplum number. I’m not a fan of a peplum waist, but had to admit, the way he draped this was unique and definitely wearable. On the bottom, was Hester (!), although she was the first to be safe. Her own prediction came through in that they thought the design lacked her personality. Also with a low score was Tessa, who blatantly refused to give her EMT client what she wanted. Brandon thought the dress was Tessa’s dream dress, not the client’s, especially since their favorite color was pink, and the dress was black. There had been pink accents, but Tessa removed them at the last minute, much to the client’s dismay. It was tough for the judges to decide between Tessa’s lack of passion and playing it safe, and Jamall’s incredibly uncomfortable deckhand. He’d made a strapless gown that lacked support and didn’t fit very well. It made me feel uncomfortable. Nina said, technically, it was falling apart. We flashed back to Jamall’s other curvy model flubs. The judges felt it was a mess of a dress that didn’t fit or flatter, and thought both of them had simple ideas that they couldn’t execute.

Sebastian was the big winner, with his pink off-the-shoulder retro confection. It had a flouncy, cocktail-length skirt, with a huge bow at the waist that reminded me of the ribbon candy you see at Christmastime. It got my vote too. The judges said he’d made his client feel special and beautiful. Danielle said it was important that the next generation be included in the fashion conversation, which I guessed was a fancy way of saying they need to make bigger sizes in designer clothing. She ended up having the wisest words of the night when it was a toss-up between Tessa and Jamall being out. She said, one of them talked more than she listened and the other was willing to listen.

While in my head, I kept repeating, Tessa out! it was not to be. I find her argumentative, and full of excuses. She even insisted that her client did want black, not pink. She pouts a lot as well, which isn’t an attractive quality. The worst part of all was that they fooled me by saying, Tessa… you are in. Wtf? Why? Why did they do that? usually it’s, [insert loser here] … you are out. The judges were gentle though, saying, clearly Jamall was an artist with a vision, who had unlimited promise. I think it was really a construction thing. He seems to have difficulty with technical stuff. Christian said Jamal got the warmest goodbye there he’d ever seen. On his way out, Jamall said that he learned had more to do, but was more confident, and going out into the world a whole new bitch. Next time, the designers’ visions of an experiential fashion show. Cardi B will be a guest judge, and Sebastian threatens to quit.

🍸 On a side note, Tessa and Bishme were guest bartenders on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Which, I might add, is on a break until June 9th. I swear, Andy is always on a break.

👗 The Blow-by-Blow…

My favorite recap, live minute by minute, almost.


😹  Just For Fun…

Learn how to make Fourth of July Heritage Loaf. Even I cook better.

May 2, 2019 – Everyone Grieves Over Oscar, Runway to Rio, Movie Thought, Cherlize’s Corner & Another Rio


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam hugs Jason, and says she almost got caught. He asks if she’s sure she didn’t. She is, but says Shiloh has file on her, and it’s really creepy.

Shiloh walks into Willow’s classroom, and says he knew she’d make an excellent teacher. She tells him the school is going to be filled with parents in a minute. He says he probably knows some of them; it will be good to say hello. He says he and her mother spoke. They talked through everything,

On the phone, Chase tells Valerie that he’s sure Alexis knows they’re watching, and she’s being careful. Michael is at Kelly’s, and he’ll let her know what he finds out. He goes inside, and asks Michael if he’s heard from Kristina. If he doesn’t have her stashed away somewhere, she could be in danger.

Franco sees Cameron at the hospital. He says it’s been days, and asks Cameron to stand still long enough to hear him out.

Josslyn touches her cheek and smiles. She looks at Oscar, and says his name. She goes to the bed, and touches his hand. She touches his face, and feels his chest. She says if he can hear her, she loves him. Kim and Drew come in, and Kim runs to the bed. She feels for a pulse, shakes Oscar a little, and looks at Drew. Drew says, he’s gone? Kim gets in the bed, holds Oscar, and cries. Josslyn goes out of the room, and Kim says, no, no, no.

Ned and Monica come in to find Josslyn crying on the stairs. Ned puts his arm around her, and says he’s so sorry. Does she want him to call her mom? She says, no; she’ll call in a minute. They have plenty of time now. He holds her, and she cries.

Kim and Drew lie on either side of Oscar. Monica comes in and cries when she sees them. Drew holds her, and she says, what a beautiful young man. Okay, Alan. Look after our grandson.

Willow tells Shiloh not to call Harmony her mother. Mothers don’t do what she did. Shiloh says Harmony thinks she’d be most productive in Beechers Corners. Everything he’s done is for her, so she can rightfully take her place next to him of her own free will.

Michael tells Chase that he approached the commissioner about opening an investigation. She and the DA shut him down. Kristina disappeared to consider her options. Chase says Kristina isn’t the only person who’s life could get blown up. If what he’s doing backfires, other people will suffer.

Josslyn tells Ned that she was reading to Oscar. Her eyes started getting heavy, so she closed them for a second. When she opened them, he was so still; real still. Olivia walks in, sees them, and starts to cry. Josslyn says, Oscar died.

Monica says she’ll make the necessary calls. Kim thanks her. Monica hugs Drew, and he thanks her. Drew tells Kim that Oscar must have been ready to go. Kim says, look at his face. He’s gone, and he’s still trying make things easier on us. Drew says, he tried stay as long as he could. He tells Kim, they have to be strong, and Kim cries in his arms.

Franco tells Cameron that he was wrong to say Cameron isn’t a good brother. He’s an excellent brother. Cameron says they think he’s ashamed of Aiden, but they’re wrong; he loves his brother. He wishes the entire world would see Aiden like he does – funny, smart, and sweet – but they don’t. Kids are mean and bullies. They don’t mean gay as a compliment, so to telling Aiden to be himself is setting him up to get hurt. They’re making him a target. Maybe saying he should be less gay was wrong the way to protect him, but that’s what he was trying to do. Franco says he has his brother’s back. Franco does too, whether Cameron likes him or not. Cameron says he has to go to work. Franco says thanks for hearing him out, but Cameron is already walking away.

Josslyn calls Carly, and says, please come. She needs her. Carly says she’s on her way. Before she gets in the elevator, she sees Elizabeth, and tells her she just got a call from Josslyn. She thinks it just happened, and she’s on her way over. Elizabeth says she’ll get Cameron.

Chase asks Michael if he can say where Kristina is. Michael says, if he needs help, he won’t hesitate to reach out. He leaves, and Chase calls Valerie. He says, nothing yet, but he’s going to follow Michael’s trail, and see where it leads.

Willow tells Shiloh that she wants nothing to do with DOD or him. He says if he truly thought she was leaving him, he’d have to release her from her Pledge, but since she has a special place in his heart and life, he’ll give her time to reconsider her options. He tells her not to make him wait too long. Even a man with his discipline has limits to his patience.

Ned sees Drew on the stairs. Drew says when Oscar and Kim moved in, this is where they would sit and wait. It’s close enough to Oscar’s room, in case he needed help, but it’s far enough to give him privacy. Oscar won’t need his help ever again. He’ll never need help, but he’s still sitting there because it doesn’t fell right to leave. This was the spot. Ned sits next to him, and says in the short time that he got to know Oscar, he could tell Oscar was a remarkable person. Drew says, he got that from his mom, but Ned says Drew is incredibly brave and loyal, and looks out for the people he loves. Ned doesn’t know Kim, but he knows who she reminds him of. Oscar is very lucky to have him as a father, and they’re all lucky to have known Oscar as long as they did.

Kim tells Oscar, here we are. Just you and me. Just like the day he was born. The first time she held him and felt his warmth, his heartbeat was so strong and fast; he was just perfect. Perfect to her. When she held him, it was like he was saying not only was he was hers but she was his too. When he came into this world, he got bigger, but today, he just got a lot smaller. She’s not going to be any good a this, because she doesn’t know how to do this. She puts her head next to his.

Sam tells Jason, she’s so sorry. Oscar was so good to his little sister. She and Scout will miss him Jason says, he was a good kid. He tells Sam that he should go. Sam ask if he can check on Danny and Scout while he’s there. She doesn’t want them to know what’s really going on. Maybe she and Jason can tell them together. They exchange I love yous, and he kisses her goodbye. He lets out a huge breath when he’s in the hallway outside.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he spoke with Cameron. Elizabeth says, it’s Oscar. He’s gone. Franco says, okay. He should call Drew. She asks him to help her find Cameron. He needs to hear it from her.

Shiloh runs into Michael in the hallway at the school. He says, Mr. Quartermaine, or is it Corinthos? Michael says, it depends on the day. Shiloh asks if Michael has children at the school, and Michael says he’s sponsoring an environmental project for Willow’s class. He’s checking on the process. He asks if Shiloh has a child there. Shiloh says he’s still friends with Willow, and he stopped by to say hello. Shiloh moves on, and Michael goes into Willow’s classroom. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, fine. He asks what Shiloh wanted, and she says, what he always wants – her.

Ned tells Josslyn that Oscar knew her heart was set on them preforming together at the Nurses’ Ball. He also knew he might not be able to, and didn’t want to let her down. He gives her a paper, and she says, this is their song. Ned says he actually asked if he could help, but he didn’t do much. He acted as Oscar’s hands, and played what Oscar wanted him to, giving a suggestion or two. Josslyn says, it’s finished, and Ned says, Oscar finished it for her.

Carly tells Kim she’s so sorry. They hug, and Carly she goes to Josslyn. Josslyn hugs Carly, and asks if Carly will help her. She doesn’t know what to do.

In Oscar’s room, Drew says he can’t stop thinking about the first few times they tried to meet. What a disaster those were. Every time it was his fault, but Oscar didn’t let that stop them. They made sure they got through it. Oscar wanted to know everything about him. He’d wondered about his father his whole life, and when they finally met, neither one of them knew a damn thing about him. He never stopped feeling guilty about not giving Oscar the answers he was looking for. No matter who he is, he’s a better man because he knows Oscar.

Drew tells Oscar that Kilimanjaro isn’t as hard to climb as he might think. There are some places you can climb right up, and it’s not as hard, until you get close to the summit, where it’s steep, and the air gets thin. He would have carried Oscar on his back. They could stand under the stars every night on the way up and on the way down. He came looking for a strong father, and thought Drew was strong enough to climb the entire mountain. He gets next to Oscar on the bed, and says he can’t thank Oscar enough for coming into his life. Oscar has been the beat of his heart. For the rest of his life, he’ll be on top of a mountain. Drew cries.

Monica puts Oscar’s photo on the mantel, next to the picture of Lila and Edward. Jason comes in, and hugs her.

Michael asks Willow to tell him what he can do to help. She says, let her talk to his sister. If it keeps another woman from being taken in by that psychopath, she won’t feel so helpless. He says he came to ask her to talk to Kristina. She tells him, set it up. She’s done being bullied by Shiloh.

Sam opens the door to find Shiloh. He says she doesn’t seem pleased to see him. She says she always is, and asks him in. He says she didn’t answer when he called, and he was concerned. She looks at her phone, and says, there he is. She’s sorry she missed it. She asks if he remembers Oscar. He says, Drew’s boy. He’s a great kid. She says, he passed away, so she’s been a little preoccupied. Shiloh says he’s so sorry. The dead don’t need us to wallow in their absence. Right now, this is about her, and the path she’s going to follow; what she’s going to do, and the journey she’s about to embrace. It’s also time for her to join the Trust. He gives her a recorder.

Jason hugs Josslyn. Drew comes in, and says, apparently, Jason is executor. He asks if Jason knows about the Kilimanjaro Project. Jason does. Oscar was very specific about what he wants and how to do it. Kim asks what it’s about, and Drew says, apparently (WOTD), Oscar donated a portion of his estate to start the Kilimanjaro Foundation to help teens, healthy or otherwise, to mountain climb. Josslyn asks if she can see him. Kim says, of course (🍷 – and a few more just because this is sad 🍷🍷). Carly asks if Josslyn wants her to come, but Josslyn says, no. She’s not scare of seeing him. Just the opposite. The thought of never seeing him again… She goes upstairs.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, there’s no easy way to say this. She’s so sorry, but Oscar passed away a little while ago. Cameron says they all knew it was going to happen. Franco says, it’s still hard to lose a friend. Cameron says he was more Josslyn’s friend than his. They got along okay, but were never close. Elizabeth tells him, it’s okay to be sad. She can call his supervisor, and say he can’t work. Cameron says he’s okay. He’ll see them at home later. He leaves, and Elizabeth says that’s not how she expected it to go.

Cameron goes out to the stairwell, and leans against the wall. He slides down to the floor, and cries.

Josslyn thanks Oscar for finishing the music. She asks if he remembers saying he was scared of dying because she’d miss him. She doesn’t want him to miss her. She wants him to go somewhere beautiful and wonderful. Looking down from the stars onto Mount Kilimanjaro. Somewhere that doesn’t hurt. She wants him to be okay. She leans on his chest, saying, he’s the only person she can say this to. Everyone else will think she was dreaming. She felt it when he kissed her goodbye on her cheek. She heard him say he loved her before he left. She loves him too. She’ll love him forever.

Chase goes to Willow’s classroom. Apparently (ha-ha), all those parents she said were showing up momentarily, still aren’t there. She says, thank God. She’s so happy see him. Did he see Michael leaving? He just stopped by about his sister. She agreed to tell Kristina about her experience with DOD. Chase says, so Michael knows where she is? Willow says he’s supposed to take her to see Kristina. If she can prevent Kristina from going back to Shiloh, that’s exactly what she’s going to do. I can’t believe she just gave Michael away.

Carly tells Jason that she can’t believe what Josslyn is going through. It’s unfair. Josslyn is just a teenager; she shouldn’t have to feel this. She’s growing up faster than Carly wants her to. She’s an amazing kid. She doesn’t regret one day of loving Oscar; she doesn’t regret any of it. Carly doesn’t want her to hurt like this. Jason takes her hand, and says she’s just got to be there for Josslyn. Carly puts her head on his shoulder.

Shiloh tells Sam that Trust members are required to give him a piece of private information. Information, that if it ever got out, would be detrimental to them or a member of their family. Sam asks if he wants her to give him a secret that might hurt someone she loves.

Chase tells Willow that he understands she wants to help. After she sees Kristina, he wants her to tell him. If she’s being held against her will, Willow could be complicit in a kidnapping. Willow says, the only crime will be if Kristina gets sent back.

Sam asks Shiloh why the Trust requires a gesture like that. Shouldn’t the Trust be based on… trust? He thought she had more faith in him and DOD. She was so close.

Josslyn texts Cameron, Oscar is gone. He texts back, I’m so… Changes it to, he was… and changes that to, are you… But instead of sending anything, he shuts off the phone, throws it, and cries.

Carly tells Josslyn, they’re here to take Oscar. She doesn’t have to be there. Josslyn says, no. She wants to. Carly says, okay, and helps Josslyn up. The song about goodbye plays, as Drew carries Oscar’s body to the gurney and lays him down. Kim covers him, and touches his face. She kisses his forehead, and weeps. Josslyn cries in Carly’s arms. The guys from the coroner’s office wheel Oscar out. We end with a tableau of Ned and Olivia, Josslyn and Carly, Drew and Kim, and Jason and Monica. Everyone is a mess, including me.

Tomorrow, Valerie tells Chase it just got interesting, Alexis has initiated Plan B, and Jason tells Sam to make the Pledge about him. Question. How would Shiloh even know if she wasn’t making something up? Not sure what the big deal is there.

👙 I’m actually starting to enjoy Project Runway. Tonight’s challenge was to create a mini collection for Morena Baccarin – aka Deadpool’s wife – who was going to Rio on vacation. The designers were split into three teams, and were instructed to showcase three cohesive looks that tell a vacation fashion story. Stylist to the stars, Marni Senofonte, was a guest judge, along with Elaine Welteroth, who was sitting in for Karlie. Besides Karlie having another commitment, Nina was running a fever, and wisely stayed home. Beachy and color were a main focus. No surprise, because, Rio. I wondered if Morena had been in the fashion industry, since she used the term pant; as in that pant, and as opposed to those pants, which the average person would say. My husband even made a comment when she said it, kind of making fun, but I was too busy to stop and lecture him on it. I also wondered wth was going on with Marni’s ears. Was that Jesus Christ hanging from them? A random dude with outstretched arms? Or maybe a weird iris? Brandon found Renee’s banana yellow drop crotch genie pants upsetting. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but they were a hard no. I thought Venny’s sun dress was cute, but the judges and Morena thought it was too cute, like something for a teenager. Hester bounced back, and was the big winner, with a reversible bathing suit that laced on the sides and had a matching wrap skirt. Jamall had immunity, which was good for him, since he created a mess, or as Morena said, all kinds of bad. It was supposed to be a bathing suit (I guess), but the net skirt was attached, and went between her legs. One judge suggested that she’d end up drowning, and would be found with fish in the net. it was a tough choice between that, and Renee’s banana pants, but the pants, and Renee, were out. Renee seems like a cool lady, and was very laid back about being eliminated. She was also wearing an amazing plaid jacket that I’d pay a lot for if I had the money. She was going home to get married, and said she wanted to prove it was okay to make a decision later in life to follow your dream. Unlike her class act, once again Tessa was a bummer. When Hester was being given her win, Tessa told the others it was no big deal that Hester’s suit was reversible. And when Hester returned, Tessa said she didn’t love Hester’s look, while everyone else was celebrating her win. She’s like a petulant fourteen-year-old. I’m not liking that one. Next week, the designers have to come up with an Elton john performance piece. The best quote tonight came from Hester – I think for me, if I’m freaking out but not crying, that’s good.

A fun blow-by-blow Runway recap:


🔫 Speaking of Deadpool, I watched Deadpool 2 last weekend, and I loved it so much, I immediately wanted to see it again. I love me some Josh Brolin, it was a lot of fun with a touch of poignancy, and the soundtrack rocked.

👀 On Watch What Happens Live, a viewer asked if Charlize Theron had turned down the Wonder Woman role. She said no, but her agent had heard buzz about the movie, and said something to her about possibly being in it. She said she wasn’t familiar with Wonder Woman’s character, and asked what she does. The agent said, no. She should consider the role of Wonder Woman’s mother. She knew then, that she had turned a corner.

🌴 Because It’s On Runway Theme…

I’m also tired, and it was the first thing that came to mind. You could do worse.