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June 3, 2018 – Nelle Visits Carly, a Salad of Shows, a Tee-Hee & a Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The doorbell rings at the Quartermaine’s. Nelle answers. It’s Sonny, and she tells him Michael isn’t there. He wants to see her, but she says it’s not a good time. She’s trying to rest. Kim advised her to avoid stress for the baby’s sake. He thinks it might be time for a nice little chat.

On the phone, Josslyn asks if Oscar is standing her up. He says, never, but there’s something he needs to take care of. He sits at the visiting window, and Carly sits down on the other side of the glass.

Drew leaves a message for Andre. He took a day to consider the risks, and still wants to do it. He asks Andre to get back to him with the time, and he’ll be there. He looks at the DNR.

At the hospital, Chase tells Epiphany that he needs to talk to Maxie, and promises to be brief. Finn sees him, and asks if there’s something he can help with. Epiphany tells them they can help each other on their own time, not hers, and leaves. Chase asks Finn how it’s going, and Finn tells him, don’t make it weird, and asks why he’s there. Chase tells him that Peter escaped, and they’re pulling out all the stops. Finn is like, what?!

Anna tells Maxie that the letter was recovered from Peter’s hotel room. He wrote it to her.

Peter yells for help. We see a pair of heels, and the camera pans up until we see it’s Nina. He says, she did this to him?

Nelle tells Sonny that Monica is still there, but he says her car isn’t. Nelle says even if she left, there are plenty of servants around. She tells him to state his business, and be on his way. She’s not a hostess; she’s a guest. He says she seems at home there, and she says it was generous of Monica to let her stay there. Michael moving back to help with the baby is a bonus. He says she finally got what she wanted. Maybe it’s time to pay it forward. She was wondering when he was getting to the subject of Carly.

Carly asks Oscar if everything is okay, and wonders how he got in, since he’s a minor. He shows her a fake ID, and she says he looks young for someone born in 1997. He jokes that he gets that a lot. She’s impressed, and asks why he’s there. He says he has a message from Josslyn.

Mike and Felix play checkers. Mike asks if Felix is letting him win, and Felix says, never. When he plays, he plays to win. Mike makes a winning move, saying he might not remember much, but he remembers how to play checkers. Josslyn comes in, and says it looks like they’re getting along. Mike says Felix is a big step up from the other nurses Sonny has hired; he doesn’t talk to Mike like he’s five. Felix wonders if he’s being hustled. Mike asks if Josslyn is a friend of Michael’s, and Felix says she’s Carly’s daughter. Mike says, of course, and apologizes for not remembering. Josslyn says plenty of people ask her just who she thinks she is all the time. Mike says she’s her mother’s daughter, all right. He likes Carly, and wonders where she’s keeping herself these days.

Maxie says Anna might have unfinished business with her son, but she doesn’t want to see or hear from him again. Anna says he was on the run, but felt it was important enough to leave the letter for her. She leaves Maxie with the letter.

Chase tells Finn that Anna was immediately made aware that Peter escaped. As Finn leaves, Chase tells him, catch you later, bro. Finn runs into Anna, and says he knows about Peter. She says part of her is worried they’ll find him, and part of her is terrified they never will.

Peter asks Nina, why; what does she want? She says she wants her brother back. Peter says, he’s sorry, but she tells him that he doesn’t get to apologize. He used Maxie’s trust. The scrapbook wasn’t filled with mementos, but trophies, and he sat there, a few feet away from where Nathan was killed. It should have been him. She starts to scream at him, saying that somewhere, in the depths of hell, Faison is proud of him. He’s sick, and knows where he deserves to be right now.

Nelle tells Sonny if she could alter her statement, she would, but Carly’s fate is in the hands of the legal system now. He says now that she’s recovered, and her memory is clear, Nelle knows she fell; it was an accident. Nelle says, but it wasn’t. She knows how hard it is to hear – it’s hard for her to say – but Carly pushed her deliberately. She could have killed the baby. Sonny says the baby is fine. She was confused, but thinking clearly now. She can change her statement, and any bad blood will be forgotten. She’ll never want for anything. Nelle thinks everything will be fine even if she doesn’t give a false testimony. He asks what she wants, and she says she wants what’s best for her family. If she alters her statement, and Carly gets out before she gets the help she needs, she won’t feel safe, or feel the baby is safe. It’s best for everyone, Carly included.

Carly asks Oscar what Josslyn wants her to know, and he says she’s fine and still cares about Carly. After he told her that he was coming, she said no matter what happened, she loves Carly. Carly says it’s sweet, even if it’s not true.

Josslyn tells Felix that Sonny is grateful he’s there, and her mom would be too. Felix says he usually doesn’t put his nose where it doesn’t belong, and she says, but he’s going to. He says she is just like her mother. She wishes people would stop saying that. Felix says Carly is fierce, loyal, and magnificent; so is she. So she’s in the best position to do with Carly what he’s doing with Mike. Playing checkers? Josslyn says, put herself in Carly’s shoes.

Monica comes by Drew’s office. She says he must be swamped. She hears he’s practically running Aurora by himself. He says, bad news travels fast. She also hears he’s sleeping in the hotel, but he doesn’t have to. He’s welcome at the house. After all, it is his family home. He says living at the hotel isn’t bad, and the commute is super easy. She says she knows when she’s being brushed off, and he tells her that she’s not being brushed; he appreciates the offer. She tells him to just remember he’ll always have a place, no matter what. He thanks her.

Chase asks Anna if there’s been any update from the WSB on Peter’s whereabouts. She says, nothing yet, but the Bureau will keep them posted. Chase leaves, and Anna tells Finn, not right now, but maybe one day he can explain the whole family thing. He says it’s long story, and she says she has a twin sister on the run, so he won’t get any sympathy. He asks if she’s worried that she’ll never see her son again. She says, even if he’s brought to justice, she doesn’t think he’ll want to see a mother he despises.

Maxie opens the letter. Peter says he won’t make worse trying to justify or defend himself. There’s a lot she doesn’t know about the past that determined his future. He never meant to hurt her. He knows it sounds shallow, but it’s true. He wishes he had known Nathan, and wishes he could be there when Nathan’s child becomes as fine a man as Nathan was. He hopes she finds peace, and wishes it with all his heart. Chase walks in.

Peter tells Nina that he’s nothing like his father. If she read The Severed Branch, she’d know how hard fought against him. Nina says, honesty would have brought him down. He and Nathan could have teamed up. Peter says he didn’t know their brother, and Nina says, her brother. To him, Nathan is nothing but a scrapbook, got it? He does. He says Faison is dead now, and he promises to stay away from Maxie. She says they both know he’ll be away from Maxie forever. The person who did this will make sure of it. Peter says, if she didn’t do it, who did? A shadow covers the doorway.

Sonny tells Nelle he figured it would go like this. She says if it was just her, she’d gladly change her statement, but she’s concerned for the baby’s safety. He says she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, and so will he. She asks what that means, and he thinks it’s clear. She asks if he’s threatening her, and he says he doesn’t threaten. She asks if he just makes it sound like a threat. He says she did what she could to get into the family, and she got her wish. The Corinthos family looks out for each other. He tells her, welcome to the family. No kiss of death though.

Carly tells Oscar that she knows Josslyn has no idea he’s there, and he admits she doesn’t. He says he’s telling her when he gets back, so it’s not like he lied. She says she used to use that excuse. He asks if it works, and she says it’s about 50/50. He says he’s not lying about how Josslyn feels, and she’s upset. Carly says, stubborn, and he says that too. She wonders where Josslyn gets I from. Oscar says he thought she should know, and Carly says it’s very sweet of him. She’s not mad, but would like him to do her a favor. When he leaves, go straight to Josslyn. She feels better knowing he’s looking out for her.

Drew tells Monica that he’s not saying no, but she says he didn’t exactly say yes. He doesn’t know what’s going on right now; things are in a whirlwind, and he doesn’t know where he’ll land. She tells him that her door is always open, adding, that’s not true; it’s locked, but she wants her son to have the key. She presses the key into his hand, saying, remember, her house is always his home.

Chase says, sorry; he didn’t mean to impose. Maxie says, that’s okay; he’s a cop, and it’s what he does. She asks if he wants to know if she’s heard from Peter, and says the letter has been his only contact. Anna said the PCPD has the original, so they already know what it says. Chase supposes she’s not buying Peter’s apology. She says she’d rather buy a used Pinto. Epiphany joins them, telling Chase he’d better not be upsetting her patient, but Maxie says he’s making her feel better.

Obrecht says, good. Nina got her text. Nina asks if she means the one that said go to the cabin; she has a surprise for her? Obrecht asks if she was surprised. She asks Nina what’s wrong, and Nina says besides her kidnapping a man and holding him in the middle of nowhere? Obrecht asks where is she supposed to hold someone hostage; the MetroCourt? Nina says, now she’s an accessory. Obrecht asks who’s going to tell? Henrik won’t tell a soul. He says his name is Peter, and Obrecht grabs an ax, and says there’s nothing he can do to stop her. Nina laughs, saying it’s funny, but she knows it’s not a laughing matter. Obrecht swings the ax down toward Peter.

Finn asks Anna if Robert is joining her to visit Robin. She says he’s on his way to Europe, besides it’s up to her to explain how Robin has a brother that was hidden away her entire life. Anna says it would be ironic for her to find her son, only to lose him, and lose her daughter too.

Finn says Anna and Robin mean the world to each other, and there’s nothing to forgive. Anna says Robin is a mother and a doctor, and she’s hidden a huge part of her life. It could break their trust. Finn tells Anna how great she is, saying all of the superlatives are escaping him, but she can’t do other people’s thinking for them. It didn’t work out when she did it with him; don’t do it to her daughter. She gets into the elevator, and he asks if she’s forgetting something. She runs down her list, and he says, what about this? and kisses her. She says she’ll add that to her travel checklist, and won’t forget again. The elevator doors close.

Epiphany asks if Chase got what he came for, and he says he thinks so. He leaves, and she says Maxie is on her way out too. She’s on her way to get a wheelchair. She hopes she won’t embarrass Maxie on her way out, but Maxie says she wouldn’t have any other way. When Epiphany is gone, Maxie looks at the letter again, and crumples it.

We see the ax embedded in the wall. Peter is cringing, and Obrecht says, better in the wall than in his cerebellum. Nina asks for a word, and they go outside. She asks if Obrecht has an end game or is she making it up as she goes? The WSB and PCPD are looking for him. Obrecht says what happens if they find him? He’ll cut a deal and slip away. Nathan’s death will be unavenged. They have to take matters into their own hands. Nina asks what that means, and Obrecht says, what does she think?

Oscar visits Drew’s office to invite him to the awards ceremony at school. He asks about the summer internship. Drew apologizes, saying he forgot, but will get right on it. Oscar understands, and if he can’t make it to the ceremony, that’s cool too. He says he’ll let Drew get back to work, and Drew says, or he could tell him why he’s there. He could have texted him with the information, but here he is. Oscar says he could use some fatherly advice. Drew asks if it’s about Josslyn. Oscar says, partly, and her mom.

Mike asks if Felix knows Sonny. He does; Sonny hired him. Mike says he was just testing him. He says Sonny looks out for him now, but there was a time when he looked out for Sonny, whether Sonny knew it or not. Felix says that was fatherly of him. Mike says, like the time he moved the guy from Croton. Felix says, he helped a friend move? and Mike says he moved him closer to home.

The guard brings Carly back to the visitor room, and Nelle is there. Nelle says, long time, no see. She came by to see how Carly was doing, since it’s not the Ritz. Carly says maybe she’ll see for herself one day, and asks what prompted the concern for her well-being. Nelle says Sonny stopped by to chat about family, and congratulated her on being a part of theirs. Carly bets he was super welcoming. Nelle says it got her thinking how everyone is rallying around her, and wanted Carly to know that she’s taking great care of her grandchild. Carly says she wouldn’t expect less. Nelle doesn’t want to worry her, but Josslyn is beside herself. She wants Carly to know that she’ll be there for Josslyn if she needs to talk or needs someone to listen. They’re very close. Speaking of which, Michael is moving back to the Quartermaine’s so he can be there for her and the baby. All those times Carly told Nelle that she’d never have her son? She was wrong.

Sonny asks Felix if he warned him that his dad was a shark. Felix says he realized it, but only his pride has taken a beating. He says Mike has great stories, and Sonny asks if there are any he hasn’t heard. Felix starts to repeat what Mike said about a friend of Sonny’s or Mike’s, when Mike wins another game. Felix wonders how he did that so fast, and says he guesses he’s on the hook for lunch.

Drew asks how Josslyn is, and Oscar says, shaken up. That’s why he went to Pentonville, hoping to smooth things over. Drew says that’s noble, but Oscar doesn’t know if he made it better or worse. Drew is sure he made it better. Oscar says, as much as he loves his mom, he’d always been jealous of Josslyn’s big family. Drew says now that he sees how crazy it is, he must be thanking his lucky stars it’s just been the two of them. Oscar says it’s not the two of them anymore. He has a sister and a great dad.

Nina tells Obrecht she doesn’t want vengeance for Nathan; she wants justice. If vengeance is what she has in mind, Nina is calling the PCPD, and telling them where to find their fugitive. Obrecht says she’s right. Vengeance is a temporary rush; they won’t kill him unless they have to. Nina says there’s no “we” about it; she’s not involved. Obrecht says they’ll keep him there, and when he’s had enough of their hospitality, they’ll get him to confess. Once his confession has been recorded, they’ll hand him over to the authorities. Nina says a coerced confession is meaningless. Obrecht says he will unburden himself and justice will be done. It’s what Nina wants, right? It’s the only way. Nina asks what she can do, and Obrecht says they’ll need food and supplies; she’ll send a list. She tells Nina to go back, and say nothing. She asks if they’re in it together. Nina agrees, and they shake hands.

Chase tells Maxie that hospital policy dictates the patient needs to be accompanied out. He asks if she has any takers, and she says Nina was supposed to be there. Chase says when you take over for someone loved like Nathan was, someone honorable, a lot is expected. Since Nathan can’t be there to do it himself, Chase would be honored – unless she has a better offer. Epiphany thinks she can entrust her patient to one of Port Charles’s finest, but if anything happens and it’s his fault, she’ll give his carcass to the med students. She leaves, and Maxie tells Chase that she’s kidding. She thinks. He wheels her out.

Finn sits next to Anna on the plane. He thought she’d like some company. He holds out his hand, and she puts her hand in his. They smile.

Peter tells Nina to let him go or get help. She says she’d call her brother, but he can’t come to the phone. She tells him that he’s in good hands, and he says she can’t leave him with this maniac. She leaves and Obrecht tells Peter that he talks too much, like his father. She puts a gag on him as she whistles. She says, that’s much better. Sweet, silent Henrik. She has the feeling they’ll get along famously.

Oscar starts to leave, and Drew says he’s glad Oscar stopped by. He tells Oscar to swing by HR, and fill out an application for internship. They hug, and Oscar says it will really make it a family business. He leaves, and Drew looks at the DNR and assembly flyer, side by side.

Sonny asks Josslyn if there’s no school, and she tells him it’s exam week. He has to talk to her about her mom. he wants to make things easy for Josslyn, and thinks she should stay with her dad. She asks if he wants to send her to Australia. He says her dad would be glad to see her, and the trial is going to be a circus. He wants to spare her that, and thinks her dad would agree. She says he wouldn’t want to be used as an excuse to run. She’s committed to her team, school is almost over, and she doesn’t want to be apart from Oscar. Sonny knows what she means.

Nelle tells Carly that Michael is sleeping in the room next to hers. Their relationship is evolving. She says it’s true near-tragedies bring people closer together. Carly totally freaks out, and starts banging on the glass and yelling. The guard takes her away, and she yells that Sonny is coming after Nelle, and he’s going to take everything from her. Nelle looks shocked.

Tomorrow, Jordan’s head is on the chopping block, Stella doesn’t want to talk about Curtis’s engagement, and Sam asks if Valentin is helping Alexis.

🍲 A Mix…

Nothing new on Bravo. I’m guessing The Real Housewives of the OC is back soon, since last season’s reunion was aired tonight, and next week is a How They Got Here special. Andy must be on vacation too, because Watch What Happens Live has been in reruns. He also has that tour going on with Anderson Cooper. They did have a 50th birthday party for Andy on Sunday night, with John Meyer as host. It was fun to see them turn the tables by putting Andy in the hot seat, and opening the vault to a video from his college days that he’d hoped would remain unearthed. His hair-do alone was reason enough. They’re also rerunning Dorinda’s Night of 31 Doorbells, which was a delightful gathering of many Bravo family members, when the show was in LA. Catch it if you can. I’m having difficulty caring about The Real Housewives of Potomac, but was never totally invested in them. I checked out Dietland (AMC), which had a promising start. I was also able to catch up with Westworld tonight, and think Maeve’s daughter might have a sporting chance. Even though she was captured by the Native American warriors, she wasn’t killed, and we don’t really know what their deal is yet. Next week, it looks like we might. I kind of wish they hadn’t jumped so quickly into the outside world getting involved, as well as the struggle between Maeve and Dolores. I would have liked to see more of what the park was like when it functioned, and how the various worlds dealt with suddenly being offline.

👠 Funny Footnote…

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name Dolores. When I finally looked it up, I realized it’s the same name Jerry Seinfeld once forgot in an episode of his sitcom. That Dolores finally gave him the hint that it rhymed with a female body part.

📅 I Mean Week…





May 27, 2018 – 90 Day Night, a Little West Shogunworld, Some Random Info & Memorial Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

I mostly watched reruns of The Office today, but since Fear the Walking Dead was replaced by Jaws 2 tonight, I was thrilled to be able to watch 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? in its entirety, and not at 2 in the morning. I’m somewhat obsessed with this show because it’s like the worst people in the world are on it. Okay, Jax isn’t on it, and maybe Big Brother might take the number one spot, but some really awful people are on this show. And I love it. Here’s my take on the couples so far. Obviously, Mohamad (still watching for that headline with his picture) and Danielle aren’t joining the cast, and the least horrible people, Lauren and Alexi, chose not to participate, as they want some privacy. So without further ado…

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Pao and Russ went to Columbia to visit her dying grandmother. Whatever the hell city she’s from was very engaging and colorful, with a carnival atmosphere, but she’s apparently never been to NYC, since she said no city had that much passion in the US. I’m starting to think these two deserve each other. Pao is a selfish twit, insisting Russ move to Miami, leaving his native Oklahoma where he could actually make some money, because she wanted to further her nude picture modeling career. The sad part is, her family seem like decent people, and she claims to love them oh-so-much, but she’s barely talked to them in years, since moving to the States. I’m waiting for her to blame Russ, even though it’s obvious she loves Miami and being photographed naked for whatever gigs she does. (During the previews for next week, it looks like her family is going to blame Russ.) I should add that I’ve never seen her get her picture taken when she’s totally nakey, but might as well be. Russ isn’t happy about the lack of clothing, or even lingerie, which he finds different from a bikini because it evokes thoughts of bedroom antics. She’s basically called him a stick-in-the-mud for feeling the way he does, but I disagree. I’m not prude by any stretch of the imagination, but she knew how he felt, and agreed to terms she didn’t keep – all for the sake of this illustrious career. Honey, you are thirty. And while thirty isn’t old (I’d love to see it again), no one starts modeling at thirty. More like thirteen. I’m not denying that she’s doing legit modeling of some kind, but she acts like she’s Heidi Klum whenever she talks about her “career.” On the other hand, Russ can totally be a wet blanket. While in the city whose name I don’t know, a large group of motorcyclists came past. It turned out that Pao had known one of them since she was a teenager, and they’d briefly dated. Russ kept saying what tough guys bikers were, but dude, these guys were wearing neon and had stickers on their helmets. They were not the Hell’s Angels. To his credit, he did get on a bike for a spin, along with Pao, who rode with her friend. Russ got bent out of shape afterwards, when Pao said she and biker guy had dated, but it wasn’t anything serious. I mean, come on, it’s not like she suddenly hatched when she met him. She also has that mean queen friend, Juan, who’s been outright rude to Russ from the jump, probably because he lost his drinking/gossip buddy. I can’t imagine allowing a friend to talk to your SO the way Juan talks to Russ. Pao has repeatedly acted like she just doesn’t know what to do in the situation, but I know what I’d do. Dump Juan. I’m sure we’ll see him later in the season.

I just shook my head watching Anfisa and Jorge. First, he sought advice about divorce, and even his attorney thought he seemed more relaxed without Anfisa screeching at him every five minutes. I get it. He lied to her. But she could have gone back to Moscow if she’d wanted to, and she didn’t. Anyway, I blinked, and the next thing I knew, he couldn’t live without her again. They met at a restaurant, and she agreed to give it another shot, providing they get marriage counseling. But it looks like next week, she’s back on the fence again. I give up. Another two who deserve each other. I finally found out what the deal was that Jorge was alluding to with her profession in The Couples Tell All. Apparently, she’s done a nakey video with herself. While I didn’t look at the video, I did see some almost tasteful stills from RadarOnline, and it sure looks like her, pre boob job.

What I still haven’t found out is why Pedro calls Chantel Pinky. Maybe I don’t want to know. Their story was much of the same. Pedro’s momma is still waiting on her TV, whining for money, and saying his name in the most annoying way possible. He finally said he’d send her money to get her own damn TV, since it would be $1500 to ship. And I cry over $8. Chantel thought Pedro and her family would bond during a trip to a mountain cabin for five days. Pedro reluctantly agreed to go, but in the preview, says he wants to leave. So many cast members on reality shows love to cut out when the going gets tough, they should issue roller blades with every contract. He’s never going to forgive them for the display of disrespect to his family in the DR. My jury is out on that. After his mother called them stupid Americans and offered them chicken feet to eat, I’m not so sure I blamed them for not wanting more of the same. For the record, Pedro kept saying they eat chicken feet all the time, but other than his cursory nibble at one to prove his point, they went untouched by all. His mother and sister were definitely playing Chantel’s family. On the other hand, her family overreacted when they went to his grandma’s house in the middle of nowhere, sat in the car for a couple of hours, refusing to get out, and then left.

Molly decided to give Luis another chance, although I’m not sure why. Despite his insane ranting at her last season, about having Buddhas and owls all over the place, he actually seems like an okay guy. An okay guy who isn’t ready for the responsibility of a family. Daughter Olivia booked, deciding to stay at her boyfriend’s house while Luis was in the picture. Molly tracked her down, and Olivia said she was being selfish, but agreed to try and work things out. It sounded like Molly said she was done again, but we’ve been there before. SPOILER: I read that Molly has since filed for divorce, and Luis went on a social media rant about how TLC is racist and he’s going to sue them. Good luck with that.

Azan was still waiting on his K1 visa, while Nicole was on pins and needles. When Azan finally did call, no surprise, the video began to break up. How bad is the Wi-Fi in Morocco anyway? First, Azan was required to get a statement from a third party, confirming that the two of them had actually been a couple during the past two years. Then he was denied. Nicole’s mom thought maybe he didn’t really want to come, and had sabotaged things, but in the preview, the lawyer Nicole sees, tells her that he has ties to drug smugglers. Ruh Roh! These two seem too young to be getting that involved anyway. Face it, her weight is always going to be an issue for him, and she’s just looking for a daddy for her daughter.

Annie and David were living in friend Chris’s refurbished firehouse – mega cool digs – but Chris’s wife put the kibosh on Chris funding David. While I’m not sure what David’s problem is with the job thing, it seemed kind of mean to cut him off abruptly when Chris had promised to float him for a few months. He also suddenly asked for $1000 a month rent, which was like a double-whammy. Annie can’t work because she hasn’t gotten her green card yet, and she’s going stir crazy, since she can’t get a driver’s license either. Life in America hasn’t worked out the way she thought, since they’re clipping coupons and she had to pawn her jewelry. That’s right. You can’t believe everything you see on TV – we are not all the Carringtons. His son is moving in with them, which doesn’t make newlywed Annie too happy, since she likes being loud during sex, and… Never mind, it’s bad enough she gave me a mental picture that I can never erase.

🐎 Thoughts on Westworld, which I also got to watch in its regular time-slot. Wow. This show is a little depressing, but I love a good head lopping, and we’re getting a lot of that. The Shogunworld storyline was sad, and so is the wiping of Teddy’s mind. Mostly because I like James Marsden. It looks like Delores is only on her own side, and Maeve has telepathic powers, but is using them for good, trying to help other hosts and humans. Too bad she was a little late for Sakura.  I did approve of the man bun on the dudes in Shogunworld, so they are now added to the list of one – Josh from Sweet Home Oklahoma – that gets my okay. Another thought – whose cleaning up that mess?

🍸 Monday night at 9 pm, BRAVO will be serving up Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed. It’s also being rerun at 10 pm. I love the Secrets shows. They were once called Lost Footage, until the network stopped insulting the viewers with that title. Like I really thought Andy Cohen looked in one of his desk drawers and suddenly found it. The clips are random, but usually more lighthearted, and I swear they save a few things that are better than what we’ve seen during the season.

🏥 General Hospital has no new episode tomorrow. They’re airing the episode from April 13. Normally on a holiday, they rerun something significant, but I can’t tell from the blurb which one it is; it’s so vague.

🙋 So it looks like I’ll be back on Tuesday. Some information for you in the meantime:

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May 17, 2018 – The Ball Begins, An All-Male Dinner Party, a Thought, a Film & Feel It Still


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu tells Peter that Anna is helping her find Henrik.

Emma promises it will be the best show ever.

Julian tells Kim she looks spectacular, and she does, in a black sleeveless gown with gold sequined flowers, and blue tassel earrings. I love a tassel. He tells her pretty much anything can happen at the Nurses’ Ball.

Lucy is introduced. She says, while the glitz and glamour has its place, the real star quality is the desire to help each other. The nurses sing Everyday People, with Epiphany starting the song. Nurse Deanna also makes her debut. The choreography is pretty good. Confetti falls at the end.

Lucy thanks their sponsor Olay, and says 100% of the donations will be going to HIV/AIDS research and support. She tells everyone to mingle and get out their checkbooks. Jordan greets Chase, and he says he’s taking one for the team, even if the team doesn’t want to rehearse together. Curtis sees Stella, and says he didn’t expect her to be there. She says she got an offer she couldn’t refuse; Mike invited her. Curtis asks if she’s sticking around all night. She tells him that she’s not giving any thought to him and Jordan, and to just go on and have a good time.

Mike tells Sonny it’s great to have a date. Too bad Carly couldn’t be there. He asks where she is again, but Bobbie comes by, and asks if she can borrow Sonny. Mike says he’ll mingle; he doesn’t want his date getting jealous. Bobbie tells Sonny she can’t believe Carly is spending a second night in jail. Nelle baited her all afternoon, and Carly pushed back, but no way did she push her down the stairs. Sonny says he didn’t want to be there tonight, but his dad wanted to come. Bobbie has one of the best looks of the evening; a body-hugging royal blue gown, with a mermaid hem, open-shoulders, and bell sleeves. Along with the required tassel earrings in silver.

Emma asks if she’s going to have to confiscate Anna’s phone. Anna claims she’s trying to contact Robert, but Robin doesn’t buy it. She says either Anna is waiting to hear from Finn, or looking for Henrik.

Maxie tells Sam that she’s surprised Jason isn’t there. He doesn’t like formal events, but always makes an exception for the Nurses’ Ball. Nina says it’s a great turnout. Maxie says Nina should kick back and relax, but Nina says she’s performing later. Afterwards, Valentin is whisking her and Charlotte away for a mini vacation. She wonders if anyone has a cigarette. Peter tells her nobody smokes anymore; thank God he never did. She thanks him for saving her from herself. Peter steps away to make a call. Sam needs a drink.

Valentin is talking on the phone in French, when Peter interrupts, telling him to hang up now. Valentin finishes his call, and tells Peter that he’s rude. He’s planning a trip, and making the final arrangements. Peter says that Anna set him up, and Valentin knew about it. Valentin tells him to get a grip. Peter says she’s going to expose him, and Valentin is leaving him high and dry. It’s his fault. Sam watches them.

Alexis startles Sam, who says she’s nervous for her. Alexis says she’s nervous enough for herself. If it’s any consolation, Finn is introducing her. Sam asks how that happened, and Alexis thinks it was his idea. Sam is glad things are going well between them. Alexis is too.

Finn looks at Anna, and thinks about the will again. He goes to her table, and Emma asks why he doesn’t text; she needs to know what her grandma is up to. Anna says she can text just fine. Finn asks if Anna is performing, and she says she performed at last one.

Chase sits with Lulu. He asks if Dante is nervous, or is he used to performing? She’s like, um… and Lucy grabs Chase, saying she’s trying to keep the show moving. Dante brings Lulu a drink, and she says Chase thinks Dante is performing with him. Dante wonders where he got that idea.

Valentin knows Peter is rattled, but tells him not to do anything rash. He has too much at stake. Peter says Anna is making a fool out of Valentin, and he’s too infatuated to notice. He’s going to deal with Anna himself.

In the dressing room, Chase asks Dante why he’s not dressed, and where the other guys are. If he didn’t know better, he’d think he had to do this on his own. Dante says he’s sorry, and Chase asks if Dante is saying he is on his own.

Lucy introduces Chase. Dante tells him that whatever happens, it’s for a worthy cause. He sings Feel It Still, with a Dick Tracy motif. At least he has back-up singers/dancers. It’s a great number, and Finn actually smiles.

Sam sneaks around, and goes to Peter’s office. She thinks about Curtis saying what’s missing from dude’s background is his background.

Alexis tells Finn his brother is a hit, and asks if he can sing like that. He says not if his life depended on it. (Not since he was vampire Caleb on Port Charles anyway.)

Jordan tells Chase that she’s sorry he got set up, but he clearly turned the tables; he did the department proud. She tells Dante that he needs to take a page out of his partner’s book. Dante says, next year, and Chase tells him, no hard feelings. They shake hands. Curtis blows past Jordan, and Nina says she has to take care of something. Valentin says he’ll miss her, but after the Ball, she’s all his. She says, always, and he tells her he doesn’t think he could live without her and Charlotte. Nina says good thing he’ll never have to find out. She leaves, and he glares at Peter, who is looking at Anna.

Maxie tells Peter that she wants to say hi to Kim, and he says he has email to check. She tells him not to be a workaholic. He looks at the last email from Anna.

Sam looks through Peter’s stuff. Faison’s lighter is on his desk.

Lucy says the next performer is going to dazzle and delight them. She introduces Obstacle Illusion, and his assistant, Mirage. Nina comes out. She creates a puff of smoke, and Curtis appears. He asks, who’s ready for some magic? He turns his black scarf into rainbow colors, and then makes a bouquet of flowers appear. He asks, what good is a magic act without a card trick, and asks an audience member to pick a card before revealing that the cards are all attached. He tells Nina Mirage the stage is messy, and picks up some scraps of paper, turning them into a newspaper. He says he needs a volunteer, and Nina picks Jordan. Curtis claims they’ve never met before, but his mental skills tell him that she’s the police commissioner. Stella is hoping maybe he’ll saw her in half. Curtis quietly tells Jordan to just go with him. He and Nina put her in a large box, and he says he’s going to change her life. They twirl the box around, and Jordan comes back out. She says she feels the same, but has a silver dollar in her hand. Curtis says he’s been looking for that. If he rubs it, he can make whatever he wants. He turns it into a ring, and says the magic is already happening. They came back into each other’s lives, and found something miraculous. He doesn’t want to take the miracle for granted. He gets down on one knee, and asks her to believe in their magic and marry him. Stella is obviously disgruntled. Jordan says yes, and there’s applause and confetti. They kiss. There’s no applause from Stella, who tells Mike this is full of complications. He asks if she’s one of them, but she says it’s too much to go into. He tells her the graveyard is full of people who hold grudges. Take it from him, none of it matters.

Kim asks Maxie if she’s okay. Maxie says she’s trying not to be a nervous mom-to-be; the baby has been more active than usual. Kim tells her that’s normal, and the baby probably just wants to party. If Maxie needs to talk, come see her. Maxie says she’ll be fine.

Anna is back to staring at her phone, and Robin is like, mom… Anna says Emma isn’t there, so she’s not setting a bad example. Robin tells her to knock herself out; she’s going to mingle. Anna reads a message from Henrik: Midnight – Pier 55 – Come alone.

Maxie tells Peter the baby is fine; her, not so much. The proposal was beautiful, and she’s happy for them. Nathan would be too, if he was there, but he’s not. He’s gone, and sometimes it hits her. She leaves and Peter follows.

Sam totally misses seeing the lighter. Someone starts to open the door. The cleaning guy comes in, asking if anyone is there. Sam says just her. He asks where Peter is at, and she says, at the Ball. He asks, why isn’t she?

Sonny hugs Robin, who says she always feels Stone’s presence on this night. Sonny does too. He’s glad she could make it; it wouldn’t be the same without her. he wants to thank her for recognizing that his father was off. She wishes she’d been mistaken. Sonny says it scared the hell out of him. He didn’t want to come tonight because of Carly, but she insisted he come for his dad’s sake and his memories. Really? When was that? It was Stella who told him to do go.

Mike tells Stella that even if she doesn’t approve, she should give points to Curtis for style. She says style has never been his problem. He’s all flash and dazzle, and can charm birds from the trees. She bets Mike knows about that, but he says, according to his son, he’s an amateur.

Lulu tells Sonny that his son has egg on his face. Dante says he played a joke on Chase, but the joke was on him. He’d told Chase it was a group act. Lulu says, it’s karmic justice; he’s super talented. Dante says maybe not super, and Sonny asks if he’s jealous.

Finn slips out.

Lucy says there’s a slight change in the lineup. The next act can’t perform. Mac & Mr. Marvel are stranded out of town, so they’re going to make the award presentation. She needs Finn.

Backstage, Anna looks at the text from Henrik. Finn startles her. He says they can’t keep doing this.

Alexis says Finn must have stepped out, but Lucy needs to keep the show rolling. Molly says she can step in.

Peter asks Maxie if she’d be more comfortable in his office, and gives her a hanky. She says she’s fine; she has to stop this. He tells her not to be hard on herself. It’s been a tough night. He asks if he said something wrong, and she tells him that Nathan gave her his hanky the first night they met. She almost gave it away, but is glad Sam intervened. I’m surprised she can’t guess Peter and Nathan are related. What men carry hankies anymore?

Sam tells the cleaning guy that when you’re a boss, you never have the night off. She needs to pick up a file, and asks if he can come back later. She sees the lighter, and thinks about Peter saying no one smokes anymore, and thank God he never did.

Molly introduces Alexis. She says she’s watched and admired Alexis her whole life. As a lawyer, activist, and mom, she’s overcome personal and professional adversity.

Finn tells Anna now he knows why she’s been pushing him away. She asks how he found out. He says, so she admits it, and she tells him that she was afraid of what he’d think. He says all the time they wasted. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says if she can’t say it, he will. He knows she’s dying. Alexis overhears.

Molly wants to introduce her hero, role model, and mom; and the first recipient of the Port Charles Pioneer award. There’s applause, but no Alexis.

Finn tells Anna that they need to stop playing games with one another. She wonders why he’s carrying on, and he tells her that he still cares; he never stopped. He wouldn’t want anything to happen without her knowing how much he cares.

Valentin tells Nina they have to leave. They need to pick up Charlotte. She asks why they can’t go tomorrow, but he says he doesn’t want to. There’s nothing worth delaying the vacation of a lifetime.

Maxie promises to wash Peter’s hanky. She thinks she wants to go back in. She has to move around. The baby is being active, but the doctor says it’s a good thing. They go back in.

Sam picks up the lighter, and sees the initials CF. She says, Cesar Faison.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Peter to take her home, Finn is sorry it took so long, and Sonny tells Stella it’s not good to show the world how you feel.

Southern Charm

Cameran calls mom Bonnie. She’s getting stuff together to go to the hospital. She has her last OB appointment and they might induce labor. Bonnie thinks she might be having contractions. Cameran feels tunnel-visioned and focused. She doesn’t want Bonnie being anxious and crazy, and Bonnie promises to be calm. It’s the last time Cameran is going to be in her house without a kid, and it’s something she never thought would happen.

Kathryn meets Chelsea and her roommate/trainer at the gym. Kathryn says her body has changed since having kids. The do some kettle bell work, and I approve. I love kettle bells. After the workout, Kathryn tells Chelsea that she’s feeling lonely. She has to learn how to get herself out there again. She tells Chelsea about Thomas flirting with her in front of Ashley. She says he likes making two girls jealous of one another. In her interview, she says she has Thomas where she wants him; it’s almost like a formula. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Craig meets Austen at the park, and they go for a run. Austen says Victoria texted him after a party and said she wanted to come over. He’d been dating her and everything was fine until he realized he still had feelings for Chelsea. When they’re together, there’s flirtation that builds, but then plateaus. He thinks she’s not interested. Craig says they don’t have the same lifestyle; that’s why he and Naomie broke up. Austen says he wants to keep the friendship with Chelsea, but he and Victoria mesh. Craig thinks they both need to man up and move on.

Naomie’s roommate, Wilson, helps her fold sheets. She’s glad Craig wasn’t at the Nico opening, since she could concentrate on herself instead of them fighting. She went to business school, since she wanted to run her own company one day, and it’s time to prove herself.

Shep calls his dad, Rip. Shep and Rip. No words. Shep’s brother is having a child, and Shep says Rip must be relieved the Rose name will live on. He thinks it’s obvious he won’t have a traditional life, but thinks he might have anxiety about it as he gets older. His investment in bars was unhealthy, so now he’s renovating his house on the beach for rental. He calls it mailbox money – setting things up so you can do what you want and still get income.

Patricia meets with stylist Madison at Gwynn’s for Ashley’s make-over. Patricia doesn’t usually do personal styling, but is making an exception. Otherwise, Thomas will be on Medicare before he gets married. Ashley arrives. She sees Patricia’s ring, and asks her to go ring shopping with her when the time comes. Ashley models some outfits. The stylist puts her in Chanel with Jimmy Choo shoes. Ashley says she feels like a Barbie doll, and Patricia tells her to never refer to herself that way. Champagne is popped. With another outfit, Ashley feels like Pretty Woman, and that reference gets a no as well. Patricia asks if she and Thomas have talked about making it permanent. Ashley says she didn’t move across the country for no reason. Patricia says if and when it goes on too long, if you have to give an ultimatum, so be it. She asks if Ashley is going to start her career there, but Ashley makes some excuse about getting her license. Patricia tells her not to make the mistake of playing house and quitting her job; she thinks it’s burdensome to men. In her interview, Patricia says she knows how to close the deal, and dated her current fiancé four months before he asked her to marry him. She tells Ashley that it makes women more attractive to have a life. It tips the scale, and he’ll want her on a permanent basis. In her interview, Patricia says, she’s had successes, and the proof is in the pudding. The bill comes to over ten grand, and Patricia says, thank you, Thomas.

Chelsea calls brother Kyle who invites her to join him the tiki bar. She’s waiting for a call or text about Cameran’s baby. In her interview, she says when she lived with Cameran, Kyle was their third roommate. She’d been secretly hoping Cameran would date him. She’s going to Hilton Head in a couple of days with Shep and the gang, and wants to see their old house nearby. He asks if she’s going to introduce Shep to their family. She asks if a certain aunt still has all the cats. He says she has twenty raccoons now.

Shep meets Whitney and Thomas for drinks. Thomas says he’s happy with what he’s got. Whitney hasn’t seen any drawbacks. Thomas says they’re the same with all women – you can’t date. Shep says she can withstand the madness, and Thomas says she can handle Kathryn. They’ve been getting along better than they ever have, and he says when they were together, the pressure was on them from day one. He talks about them spontaneously hooking up on occasion. In his interview, Shep thinks Thomas is still drawn to Kathryn. She’s hot and witty, but there’s something vulnerable about her that makes you want to make sure she’s okay. He asks if Thomas was walking the razor’s edge flirting with her at the party.

Kathryn wasn’t expecting to get any sort of job at Gwynn’s, but was offered an internship. They start off with a styling exercise. Madison gives Kathryn a customer profile, and tells her what the customer wants. She’s a solid ten nervous. The only store she’s worked in is an ice cream shop. There was no pattern or reasoning to the jobs she’s had; she just picked a job and went with it. She loves clothes and fashion, and knows she has potential. She just has to find the right fit. She shows Madison what she’s picked out and why. Madison tells her to think outside the box, and suggests more color and accessories. She loves where Kathryn’s head is at, and it’s a good start.

Austen meets Victoria for dinner. They order ceviche. Victoria talks about her job and suggests coming over on her two-hour lunch break. She asks what Austen wants, and he says he wants to be with her. She asks when he realized this. He sees them giving it a shot, but she wants to make sure he won’t freak out again. She wants his loyalty and to be able to trust him. He says he doesn’t think Chelsea as feelings for him, and Victoria says they’re either together or not. He says they are, and apologizes for his indecision. She accepts, but says it won’t be accepted again. My mind wanders to how these people eat outside a lot of the time, and that leads me to the thought that I’d love to live there, but it’s too damn hot.

Patricia gets ready for an Asian-themed dinner. Whitney puts the fortunes in the cookies. It’s an all-male dinner, and we flash back to others she’s had. She asks if her kimono makes her butt look big.

Thomas arrives first. He and Whitney discuss their suits, and Patricia calls them two vanity prone males. Austen is next, followed by JD (bleh). Thomas says he and Ashley had a quarrel. They were at a piano bar, and she wanted to leave, but he was having a good time. He told her he’s not putting up with this crap. He’s fifty-five, and doesn’t want her hovering over him. Patricia says she’s just looking out for him, but he says he doesn’t want to be controlled. Shep comes in, and Patricia asks where Craig is. Shep says he’s probably sewing her an excuse.

Craig walks in, and says it looks like the Oxford Club. When Shep asks what’s going on, he says he’s just living life. He wants a dog, but travels too much, and Naomie got the cat. Thomas asks if he has visitation rights. Austen says he has a date with Victoria, and Patricia asks what happened to Chelsea. He tells Patricia that he’s moved on.

Dinner is served. Whitney says it’s vegan, and most beneficial for healthfulness and mindfulness. The chef explains the dishes. Shep thought tempeh was a city in Arizona. Everyone declares the food delicious. Patricia hopes every year that the guys get over their Peter Pan Syndrome, but thinks it goes into perpetuity. She says woman ruined their possibilities of getting married because they act like wives with no commitment. In her era, you were a spinster after thirty, admitting they do get worried about the biological clock. Thomas why they can’t have as many wives as they can afford, because he’s an idiot. Patricia tells them about the shopping trip with Ashely. Thomas says it went to five figures, and Patricia says she didn’t ask the price of anything because it’s tacky. Rich people problems. JD’s fortune cookie says his prescription for Adderall is running low. Ha-ha! How about giving him something to knock him out? Thomas opens his, and it says, every exit is an entrance to new experiences. Craig says if that was the case, he’d have fewer kids. Thomas tells them that Ashley wants a child, and Craig asks if she’s using birth control. Thomas says, no, and I wonder why him using it isn’t an option. Patricia says Ashley loved her ring, and Thomas says they’d have to go to the Smithsonian to get one. While he’s talking, Thomas slips, and says Kathryn instead of Ashley.

Kathryn leaves a message for Thomas, asking if he wants to have dinner.

Cameran is back home. The doctor put her on a drip to have contractions, but her body wasn’t having it. Her cervix is like a steel trap. She did a walk of shame out of the hospital with no baby. The doctor told her to wait, and she’ll come when she’s ready. In her interview, Cameran says she’s been pregnant too long, and needs this baby out of her.

Kathryn meets Thomas at a restaurant for dinner. Outside. He points out that they both wore green. She fixes his hair. Sometimes, they really are like an old married couple. They decide to split the fish special. What did I just say? Kathryn wants to be honest, and says Thomas posted a photo of him, Ashley, and the kids on social media, and it hurt her feelings. She was brokenhearted, and just lying on the couch, numb. It looked like a family photo. Thomas sincerely gets it, and apologizes. He realizes it’s hard for her, and will be more respectful.

They discuss Saint’s birthday. It’s on a Thursday, and Kathryn asks if he’d be interested in helping her plan something for Sunday. She wants to show the kids they can be friends. He tells her about Kensie asking why they’re not together. Kathryn starts to say, she wishes, and Thomas interrupts, saying, they could get back together? She says, no. She means it when she says she wants them to be friends and get along. They shake on it. She fixes his hair again.

Next time, Naomie brings kitty Gizmo to Craig as a peace offering, Ashley doesn’t want to be excluded from Saint’s birthday, Victoria asks if Austen has talked to Chelsea about them, and the trip to Hilton Head happens.

🐎 Thought on Westworld. How come no one is like, hey, you don’t look like you belong here?

🎬 Bryan Cranston is a never-ending font of talent. I watched Trumbo last weekend, and he blew me away again. The film centers around Dalton Trumbo, Hollywood’s greatest screenwriter, until he was blacklisted by the House Un-American Activities committee during the McCarthy era. An excellent depiction of a paranoia that cost people their livelihoods, but also of the man himself. I was riveted.

😎 Cooler Than Cool…


May 7, 2018 – Franco Meets with Steve, VanderReunion, a Small Ramble & a Bad Seed


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the door of the Quartermaine mansion, Carly says she can do this. Monica answers, saying it’s an unexpected pleasure. It’s an unexpected Monica too, since she’s temporarily being played by Patty McCormack of Bad Seed fame. Monica asks if she and Carly had a breakfast appointment, but Carly say she’s accepting Monica’s information to co-host the baby shower. Nelle joins them, and Carly says she feels strongly about giving her a fitting tribute.

Ava tells Griff how Avery didn’t shed a tear when she dropped her off at school. He says Avery sounds like an independent lady already. Ava can’t believe Avery is with her, and tomorrow she’ll get to do it again. She assumes he’s still thinking she went too far to make this miracle happen. Griff says he’s happy Avery is with her, no matter how she accomplished it. The timing works out too. Ava asks for what, and he says, for him to move out.

Franco is procrastinating before he goes to meet Steve. He tells Elizabeth that he’s decades late, so avoiding him for another fifteen minutes won’t matter. He says it’s also Jake’s birthday, but Elizabeth tells him that the best present he can give Jake is himself, cleared of his demons. The sooner he leaves, the sooner he’s home. They have lots to celebrate.

Kim goes to Charlie’s. She wants to talk about Kelly’s with Julian. He asks if she means when she blew him off to have lunch with Drew. She says he deliberately brought up Sam with Drew. Julian apologizes, saying he was in a mood. Seeing her with Drew brought out worst in him. She says she didn’t love it, and hopes it won’t happen again. Alexis walks in, and asks, why was she summoned before her second cup of coffee?

Jason brings a birthday gift to Elizabeth’s house. She calls Jake downstairs, telling Jason that he’s home with a stomach ache. Jake says, hi, and Jason says, hey. I see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to conversation.

Franco meets Steve at Kelly’s. Steve says he almost didn’t show, and Franco says it’s something else they have in common. They introduce themselves, and shake hands.

Curtis asks if Alexis is on board, and Jordan says they’re walking a fine line. Alexis is clueless, and Molly tells her the reconstruction of Charles Street is taking forever. Kim says the people can’t begin to cover their medical expenses either. Curtis says they have to put the pressure on. Alexis asks why she’s there. Stella says she’s a lawyer, and they’re going to sue their britches off.

Ned tells Olivia-Q that he promised a new day for Port Charles, but instead, got a nightmare. The repairs have barely started, and as mayor, he should do more. Olivia says he can’t coerce the insurance companies to pay up or rebuild it himself. He says the devastation Jim created remains, funds are barely trickling in, and people are hurting. She has something that might boost his outlook.

Ava says Griff doesn’t have to leave because of Avery, and his apartment isn’t ready yet. He tells her that he can get a room. It seems like a logical solution. It was supposed to be a temporary situation, and she needs to get Avery settled. Ava says he’s such a big advocate for honesty; why not be honest? It’s not about Avery or a temporary arrangement. He can’t forgive her for using Mike as leverage. He tells her there’s no sense in rehashing it. She says she apologized for being less than forthcoming, but she’s not sorry. She’s a mother, and did what she had to. Griff say she did what she had to in order to expedite the change in custody. He can’t change it, but doesn’t have to like it. She says he’d told her he accepted her for who she is, and wouldn’t presume to judge her. When did that change?

Monica says she has everything sewn up, but Carly insists on helping. She asks what about desserts? They have a new pastry chef that makes incredible macaroons. Monica says it’s not necessary, but Nelle thinks it would be wonderful. Monica agrees Carly can provide macaroons and will inform Cook 2 to add them to the menu. Nelle says it’s a lovely gesture, and appreciates it, since Carly has every right to hate her. Not just for the past, but for what she did recently as well. She can’t go on treating Carly this way, and has a confession to make.

Elizabeth tells Jake that Jason stopped by to wish him a happy birthday. Jason asks how he’s feeling, and Jake wonders why. Elizabeth says he’s referring to Jake’s reason for being home, and Jake says he’s starting to feel better. Jason asks if there’s a party planned, and Jake says, just family – his mom, brother, Drew, and Franco. Jason gives him a card. Jake says thanks, but doesn’t open it, saying he’ll open it when Drew comes, so he can open everything at the same time. Jason hopes he gets everything he wants and more. Elizabeth asks Jason to stay for a bit, but Jake doesn’t look too sure.

Steve says he knew Jim after Franco did; he was probably his last victim. He doesn’t like using that word, but it’s what they are. Franco says they’re members of a club no one wants to be in. He tells Steve that nobody shed a tear to find out Jim was dead, and Steve says everyone at the office was stunned. He says he was relieved, and explains he works at Niagara Equities; he’s the VP of finance. Franco can’t believe Steve worked for Jim after what he did. He’s not judging, but doesn’t get it. Steve says that’s fair. He’s asked himself the same thing. When he met Jim, he was a kid on the street; no family, no nothing. Jim was good to him – until he wasn’t. He stayed because he didn’t have anything else. It was next to impossible to cut the cord. He couldn’t let go. Franco says he understands what it means more than Steve knows.

Alexis asks who they’re suing, and Stella says Niagara Equities, and the fat cats taking their sweet time repairing the area. Molly suggests staging a protest if they have to. Lucy asks if she can intercept the conversation for a moment. She discourages them from a massive protest, as it will make the property values go down more than they are already. Julian tells her to hold on, and she says it’s funny coming from the one person who had no damage. Kim says Charlie has been generous, confusing Lucy. Alexis explains it’s a nickname, and tells them that they can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.

Ava tells Griff that they both have flaws and weaknesses, but they have strengths too, and should use them to get through the rough patches. They can’t turn tail and run whenever one of them disappoints the other. He says he’s not running. He was disappointed in how she used Mike. He hates seeing her revert – he stops. She finishes, to how she used to be before he saved her. That’s really why he’s leaving. He’s all out of miracles.

Nelle tells Carly that she thought asking her and Sonny to be guardians was a gesture of good will, but as usual, she just managed to upset Carly. Carly says her showing up is a gesture too. Nelle says, like yesterday, how she took Josslyn shopping for the shower gift. Her best intentions only cause more pain. She’d thought naming the baby Morgan would be a good thing; someone Carly loved and could remember. Carly thinks it’s nice that Nelle helped Josslyn to buy her a present. Monica says the present is for the baby, but Carly says it’s for the mama too. Of course she appreciates Nelle making them guardians, but it caused a huge debate, and Michael ripped up the papers. If she chooses to have them redrawn, they’ll step up if something happens to her – God forbid.

Jason asks if Jake is excited about school being almost over. Jake says he is, but he likes school. Jason asks what he’s studying, and Jake says the usual stuff. Elizabeth interjects that his favorite subjects are art and math. Jake says Drew helps him with math, and Franco helps with his art. Elizabeth says he’s a good student. The phone rings, and Elizabeth tells Jake it’s an international call. It’s Spencer, and Jake goes upstairs to talk. Elizabeth asks if Jason is okay. He says, it will take time for them to know each other, and Elizabeth says they will.

Alexis says the rule of thumb in civil court is that if you can’t collect, don’t sue. They’ll have their day in court, and might beat Niagara, but it’s not a slam dunk. Niagara is bankrupt. Curtis says they still have capital, but Alexis says it will take years and cost a fortune. (Or as I would say, get in line behind the rest of the creditors.) Stella asks where people are supposed to live in the meantime – their cars? Molly still likes the idea of a protest. Lucy tells them to keep their options open, and leaves. Julian asks if there’s really nothing they can do, and Alexis says there might be one thing.

Olivia gives Ned her tablet, and says it’s a teaser trailer. If there’s any interest, they can do more. It’s a taste of what the city has to offer. Olivia stands in front of the hospital, and says, welcome to Port Charles, New York, and the many people and places that make it a unique and vibrant community. Inside the hospital she asks Griff about the hospital. Griff looks a little petrified to be on camera, and says the hospital is state of the art, and has an award-winning staff who cares about the people of the city. Olivia goes to Kelly’s, and says sooner or later everyone ends up there. She asks Jordan what she would like the people to know about the city. Jordan says, it’s a place for everyone, culturally and economically diverse, which makes the city richer. Olivia shows off the MetroCourt next, and says Port Charles is a great place to visit, and an even better place to live. She asks Ned what he thinks. He grabs her and says he thinks she’s amazing.

Nelle tells Carly that her help with the shower means so much. They might never be friends, but she hopes for the baby’s sake, they’ll never be enemies. Carly says she wants to make it a memorable occasion. Nelle has to check in with work. She says Ava is working from home, since she’s getting Avery settled. She apologizes, saying she did it again. Carly says she works for Ava, so her name is going to come up. She tells Nelle to give Avery a hug for her and her daddy. Nelle leaves, and Monica asks, what’s the catch? Carly has no idea what she means, and Monica says she shows up brimming with ideas, like she’s Nelle’s BFF. What is she up to?

Griff tells Ava to stop accusing him of saving her soul, and cut the priest references. She says he caught her off guard; what is she supposed to think? They barely said good morning, when he springs this on her. He doesn’t want to leave like this, and she tells him to stay and work it out. Lucy knocks at the door, and Ava tells her to go away. Lucy says it’s in her best interest to open the door, and starts banging on it. Ava says it better be good, and Lucy says it’s about the Nurses’ Ball, and there’s nothing more important. Ava says she gave her contribution already. Lucy remembers, and says she was disappointed. She shows Ava a check with nothing filled in.

Jason complements a picture Jake did, and Elizabeth says Franco helped him. He recognized Jake’s talent early on. She feels that if Jason knew Franco’s whole story… but it’s not her place to give the details. She had faith in him, even when he had none in himself.

Franco tells Steve that he was afraid, and his fear bought his silence. Jim wanted him to keep his mouth shut. He blocked it to the point where he forgot altogether. If he hadn’t done that or stopped Jim, he could have spared Steve and the others. Steve tells Franco that he’s full of crap.

Ava says she wrote it out. The lightbulb comes on over my head when I remember her using Nelle’s pen. Griff leaves, and Lucy hopes she wasn’t interrupting anything. Ava asks if it would make a difference, and she says, heck no. Lucy asks how long they’ve been living together; what’s the deal? Ava says she has a long day, and she’s sure Lucy does too, so Ava doesn’t want to keep her. She gives Lucy another check, and Lucy says she’s going right to the bank. She obviously needs to deposit it right away. She leaves, and Ava looks at the check copies in her checkbook. She says, something’s not right. She takes out the pen. I wonder if she swiped Nelle’s pen, and then wonder if there is such a thing as disappearing ink.

Carly drops her pill bottle, and Monica asks if she’s anxious. Carly asks if Monica is shaming her, and says it’s unbecoming for a doctor. Monica says now the real Carly shows up. Carly says the real Monica too. She knows Monica won’t forgive her about AJ, but he was self-destructive. Monica remembers Carly taking advantage of that, and Carly asks why she’s turning a blind to Nelle. Is she punishing Carly for making her grandchild a Corinthos, by making Carly’s a Quartermaine, even if it means sucking up to a scheming snake? Well, wouldn’t the child be a Quartermaine regardless? It’s not like Monica got Nelle pregnant. Monica says she’s having a shower to celebrate Nelle and the baby. If Carly can’t manage to be civil, she can keep her flowers and macaroons, and stay home. Carly says, wild horses couldn’t keep her away.

Elizabeth asks Jake how Spencer is, and Jake says, great. He told him that Jason was there, and then felt badly because Spencer has no dad, and he has three. Jason tells him to enjoy his birthday, and starts to leave. Jake says he changed his mind. He wants to open Jason’s gift now; he doesn’t want to wait.

Steve thinks Franco wants him to be mad at him. He says he just started therapy, and either he’s a fast learner or Franco is behind. He’s still covering up for Jim, and buying into his lies by making it his fault. He bets that’s what Jim said; Franco is bad and it’s his fault. It was his go-to move, and he probably said it to all of them until Franco and his friend stopped him. Steve did what he needed to survive, and Franco did too. None of it is his fault. Jim is dead. Let what he did die with him. Franco wishes he could, but doesn’t think it’s possible.

Molly says she’ll fill TJ in, and tells Jordan congratulations. Curtis stands behind Jordan, shaking his head. Jordan asks what she’s being congratulated for, and Molly says if her mom’s plan works, they won’t be bothering Jordan. Jordan’s phone rings, and she steps away. Molly tells Curtis that she’s sorry. He tells her no deal has been done yet.

Alexis finds Ned, and he says her timing is perfect. Olivia came up with a plan to revitalize the city. For once they’re on the same page. Alexis doubts it.

Carly asks Griff if he’s alone for breakfast. He says he’s planning on an extended stay. She asks if he finally came to his senses and left Ava.

At Ava’s, Nelle says she’s working on a blanket; something for the shower. Ava says people are supposed to bring gifts to her. Nelle says it’s special. Ava says she has something else that’s special; Nelle’s pen. She shouldn’t leave it around. She asks if it’s part of the plan to bring Carly down, and tells Nelle she used it to write a check, and can’t have it around. Whatever Nelle is up to, Ava is out entirely. Nelle says things have escalated, and she thinks Ava should take a more active role.

Jason has given Jake tickets to a minor league game on Memorial Day. He tells Jake that he can take anyone he wants. Jake thanks him, and asks if he can come. Jason says he wouldn’t miss it.

Franco colors the placemat. He tells Steve that Jim has other victims. Steve says the company lost everything because of the illegal drilling. He tells Franco not to give up. He might be able to help.

Alexis tells Ned and Olivia the video sounds wonderful. She hopes it boosts the city’s economy. Ned will need it to defray legal costs. She assumes he’ll want a jury trial. Ned is perplexed, and she says the people hit the hardest, the residents of Charles Street, are suing the city of Port Charles.

Griff tells Carly that he and Ava are still together, but Avery is living there. Carly says, part time. She says he’s Mike’s doctor. He knew Mike was innocent, and did nothing while Ava charged him with kidnapping. Um… Griff provided the medical records and tried to talk her out of it. That’s not something? Carly says now Sonny has to share Avery to keep Mike out of prison. Avery is spending half her time with the woman who destroyed her brother. Morgan would still be alive if Ava hadn’t tampered with his lithium. The only reason she’s not throwing him out, is that he’d go back to Ava. It makes her smile to know Ava is alone, without the boy toy she got to replace Carly’s son.

Ava tells Nelle she can’t do anything to risk losing Avery. Whatever she’s planned, she’s on her own. Nelle says she might want to rethink that. How would Griff feel to know she took a photo of privileged information. She shows Ava the picture of the DNA test on her phone. Ava calls her an ingrate, reminding Nelle of how she gave her a job when no one else would. She asks how much, and Nelle says she doesn’t want money. She just needs Ava to come to the shower, and bring a present.

Tomorrow, Ned accuses Alexis of wanting to keep herself in the public eye, Lulu talks to Anna about Henrik, and Jason doesn’t want to share his memory or anything else with Drew. Now who’s the baby?

🏆 Congrats to Daytime Emmy winners Chloe Lanier (Nelle) and Vernee Watson (Stella), who received the award for Outstanding Younger Actress and Outstanding Guest Performer, respectively. Once again Todd Roger Howarth was robbed. Not even a nomination. Pfft! Michael Easton (Finn) was nominated, but didn’t win. So double Pfft!

Vanderpump Rules – The Reunion Part One

Giggy! Lisa says she can’t do it without him. Jax hopes there are no casualties. He’s expecting the worst and hoping for the best. I hope Jax is the only casualty, and he already is the worst. Scheana doesn’t know what anyone could possibly come at her for. Tom lets Kristen know her boob is hanging out. At least they’ve graduated from the cheap reunion and aren’t in the Clubhouse anymore.

Andy jumps right to the elephant in the room – Jax and Brittany are together again. Now my stomach is a casualty, since I want to throw up. Scheana is no longer with Rob, and Stassi has a new boyfriend. Lala is still with her man, and Kristen with Carter. Andy asks if James is still with Logan, and he says he’s still with Raquel. Lala is wearing the biggest hoops ever, and Andy says, the bigger the hoop, the better the relationship. I want them. They’re bigger than the ones I was wearing when my boss suggested shooting a basketball through them.

The season began with the revelation that Jax cheated on Brittany with Faith. Jax tells Brittany he loves her before things get nasty. Brittany says they were just talking about having kids, and she’d thought things were going well; everyone had said how much she had helped him to change. He says he put her through the ringer, but didn’t see it. Tom says he was a straight up d*ck, and affected everyone. He and Ariana had their worst argument ever. Andy asks about them having sex while a 95-year-old woman was in the room. (In case you’re out of the loop, Faith was supposed to be looking after an old lady when she was having sex with Jax.) Jax says it looked like an old woman’s house, but he didn’t know an old woman was in it. Andy asks why he did it. Because he’s Jax, you twit, and the most awful person in the universe. Jax says they’d been arguing a lot, and his way of getting out of a relationship is cheating. Instead of being an adult and getting help, he takes the cowardly way out. He says it could have been anyone; whoever was paying attention to him. Brittany says that’s effed up, since she was paying attention to him. Andy asks Schwartz why he has such blind loyalty to Jax. He says Jax was instrumental in his transition to LA. Jax says he never felt bad and had no conscience. Andy asks about Brittany’s trip to Vegas, and why she came back to Jax. Brittany says it was an emotional thing.

We move on to Lala. Andy asks why she wanted to come back. Lala says she felt thrown into a group who’d been together for a long time. Scheana reached out, and she felt it was a safe place for the first time. Ariana says people can see who she is now. Scheana says she keeps getting sh*t by Lala, and the tone-deaf thing was rude. Maybe, but true. Lala says she didn’t make her sing. Tom says she made fun of his trumpet playing too. We see a clip of her saying it’s like baby dolphins trying to communicate for the first time. Then we see a clip of Tom playing the trumpet, and she’s right. Scheana says Lala has a different tone in interviews. Lala tells Scheana that she only knows how to talk about herself.

Andy says Logan is the third person to say he’s been with James, that James denies. He asks if James has ever hooked up with Logan, but James says he’s never dipped in the man pool. If people want to think that, fine. Kristen thinks where there’s smoke, there’s fire. James mentions having sex with Kristen on the hood of his Beamer and how she denied it, and gets accused of deflection. James says he knows where he’s dipped his willy.

Stassi says it was horrifying to watch her and Patrick. Ariana tells her that she looked amazing, and he looked disgusting. Tom thought it was crazy that Patrick had a no contact rule when he went to Amsterdam with no contact, and how he got pissed when she didn’t text him in Mexico. Schwartz says it was toxic, and it broke his heart to see her neutralized. Lisa says Stassi has been unhappy the entire time, and she didn’t think it was the right relationship. When watching the show, Stassi saw Patrick saying he’d be okay if she banged other guys; she just couldn’t date them. She says she wished she’d known; she would have had some fun. They talk about Patrick’s use of big words. Andy asks if Jax ever had the curiosity to look up anything, but he’s good. Andy lists names viewers have called Patrick, and Jax knows those words. Stassi says she didn’t recognize herself; she was submissive. Ariana says her ex went for the jugular more, but Stassi lived with the manipulation. She’s glad they’re both out of that. Stassi is sorry she wasted time, but Ariana says it was a learning experience. Stassi says she’s learned she wants to live her life honestly and be with someone who accepts her.

Andy asks Ariana what caused the dry spell. She says she was uncomfortable with herself, and they weren’t building intimacy. Then we get totally TMI about their sex life, and I go ♫ La-la-la! ♫ Andy asks Lisa what it’s like seeing someone as beautiful as Ariana be so self-conscious. Ariana gets all weird about being called beautiful. She says things are better now, and they’re working toward getting to the best in an honest way. I have no clue what that means. Andy asks if she regrets talking about it. She says sometimes, but not when people contact her who’ve been in the same boat.

Jax’s dad passed away from cancer last December. Jax says they spoke every day. He’d just talked to him, and got the call from is mom after Christmas. They were on their way to dinner, and he was in the car when he got the call. He pulled over, and Brittany took over. Ever since then, he can’t imagine himself without her. I have marginal feels for Jax with this, since I was close to my father, who passed away suddenly just before I got married. He says the guys came to Florida. Stassi, Kristen, and Rachel also went. Stassi says she couldn’t not go. Scheana say she would have. Andy says the girls have two things in common; they hate him, but they showed up anyway. He asks what’s biggest thing Jax learned about Brittany. He says she literally took charge, after everything he’d put her through. Brittany says she loves him and his family. He says it’s the worst thing that’s happened to him, but their relationship is the best it’s been. It’s his first funeral. He never knew someone who died. I’m glad their moving on, since I don’t want to feel badly for Jax, and this is sad.

Andy says TomTom is the fourth restaurant/bar in the Vanderpump empire, and asks Lisa why the Toms? She says she adores them, and they add great energy to the equation. Andy asks if Tom is at the grown-up table yet, and he says he’s getting there. Schwartz says they’re not having idea sex yet, but there’s been foreplay. Tom tells Lisa that sometimes décor should be second to functionality. Ken is talking about buying a wine fridge, and Tom doesn’t believe it will bring in revenue. Schwartz says they’re investors, ambassadors, and promoters. Lisa supports that, but needs them to do what they’re good at. At five percent, they’re very junior partners. Tom says the restaurant didn’t need to cost so much, and Lisa says it was her choice. She thinks she knows what she’s doing. She says she hasn’t cashed the checks yet, and Andy asks if it’s fair to hold it over them. Lisa says she isn’t. She wants their involvement, but not if they’re unhappy. She says a partnership is like a marriage. Andy asks if there’s a formal contract, and Lisa says just a handshake. She never had one with Guillermo either. Tom says they’ll figure everything out in the next few weeks. Jax asks if this shouldn’t have bene talked about before the handshake. Lisa says she’s giving them the opportunity to invest. Tom says their names do have value, or she wouldn’t have named the restaurant after them. Lisa says, of course. Andy asks if they’re worried they won’t like her choices. Lisa says she has the reputation for creating beautiful restaurants, and if they don’t like it, they can suck it. That she says this with a British accent, actually makes it pleasant sounding. And of course, Lisa can do no wrong, being the patron saint of dogs. Andy asks Jax if he was jealous about the venture, and he says not after hearing all this. Andy asks Tom if Lisa should take him seriously after he drank fireball before a meeting. Tom says he can handle himself in those situations, but probably not.

Andy says the Vegas trip was interesting. He commends Brittany on her pregnancy scare prank. He asks if they use contraception, because why not? Jax looks at Brittany like he doesn’t know the answer. Katie says she’ll explain how babies are made. What they’re doing makes babies. Jax says after his father’s death, he’s ready to have kids. Andy asks Stassi if she thinks he’d be a good dad. Stassi says she’s noticed he’s changed; not a 180, but different. She thinks he’d step up. Jax says if could take something good out of it, it’s to be the dad his father was, and the person he was. Dammit! There are tears in my eyes, and I hate Jax even more for doing this to me.

Scheana is doing her Sex Tips… play in Vegas, and Andy asks how it is to be single there.. Scheana says it’s a good place to be single, but doesn’t elaborate.  Andy asks Lala why she and Scheana aren’t tight anymore, and Lala feels the support wasn’t reciprocal. Scheana goes on a  tear about how many burdens she’s been carrying, and that Lala didn’t invite her on the private jet because she’s too much drama. There’s some back and forth with them that’s totally unimportant.

They joke about Scheana not saying much about Rob this season, and show five thousand clips of her talking about him. She says they dated before she met Shay, and she’d had a what if? question in her head over the years. She says she met him after she graduated college, and I’m stunned to find out she graduated college. It must be easier these days. Scheana goes down Rob Memory Lane until everyone is like, wrap it up. Andy asks why she wouldn’t entertain the notion of Rob kissing someone else. Was she in denial? Scheana says that’s the moment he pulled away. She says Shay always had her back, even when she treated him poorly. Rob shut off two weeks after they wrapped. She wondered if it was a calculated move, so she wouldn’t have the storyline of another breakup. Kristen says it’s manipulation at its finest. Scheana is surprised to find out Rob has been texting Jax.

Scheana gets all emotional, saying that she was head over heels for Rob, and loved him for twelve years. She could justify her divorce, but this left her brokenhearted. Lisa says he came into her life and on her show, knowing when it aired and that she’d be humiliated. It’s not fair. Kristen says he claimed to not want to do the show, but managed to be at every red-carpet event. Lala says she knows they have issues, but Scheana put her heart, soul, and effort into everything she did. Lala says the only time Rob was around was when Scheana wasn’t. It wasn’t just the behavior of someone who treats her wrong, but someone who doesn’t want to be with someone else. Andy says Rob saying he didn’t throw around I love you lightly, made it seem like he hadn’t said it. Scheana insists he had. I don’t believe it. I can just see her trying to be the cool girl, all the while lying to herself. Jax says he just repeated what Rob had said. Scheana says Jax told every Rob had said he didn’t think he was in love with her. This degenerates into Jax getting pissed all over again about Scheana trying to set Brittany up. Jax says that the guy Scheana supposed loved, wasn’t saying it back. Scheana swears he did. Andy tells Jax that Scheana claims he was threatened by Rob being taller, more successful, and better looking. Jax asks how that’s working for her, and she says eff you. He says she didn’t even call him when his father died. She says she texted him. He says she invited him to her Vegas show though.

Scheana says she’s never done this, and gets up, saying she needs a minute. Jax wails that two exes who hated him came, bringing back the Jax who I know and hate. Tom tells Jax to calm down. Ariana takes off her heels, and runs after Scheana. Jax is loud, but just keeps repeating himself. Ariana tells Scheana that he’s upset about his dad, and projecting. Scheana sniffles that she sent him a message about how sorry she was, as the makeup crew works on her. Jax continues to rage, and Kristen tries to get him to calm down. Scheana says she just saw him two weeks ago in Vegas, and he said he was having fun. He wanted to go to a hockey game instead of her show, and she was fine with it. He screeches about her getting angry with him for not showing up at a red-carpet event. Ariana tells Scheana that he’s still yelling. Jax says she can’t keep a boyfriend for more than ten minutes. Ariana tells Scheana to come back when she’s ready. Scheana wonders who he’s yelling at, since she’s not even there. Jax yells about sending flowers. Andy asks if Scheana is coming back, and Ariana explains that her lashes came off. Jax says he got more from people who didn’t know him. Ariana repeats what Scheana said about him being in Vegas, and he says she bugged him about the red-carpet thing, but said nothing about his dad. Tom reacts the way we all would, and drinks from a flask. Jax won’t shut up, and Scheana asks why is this like, harder than her divorce?

Next time, Stassi and Scheana get into it, Billie Lee joins the group, James and Lala argue, and the topic of Jax and Faith returns.

⬆ I was looking at the fashions from the Met gala, and wondered what the hell was on Nicki Minaj’s head. It was my cursor.

🐴 Thoughts on Sunday’s Westworld. Hey, there are no tigers in the Old West; yes, that was Simon, and he’s quite a shot now; and, those Native Americans are going to be bad news for the woman who washed up on the beach, unless the tiger washed up with her and they worship her as queen.

😈 The New Monica…


May 6, 2018 – Burying Nick, a Variety of Rambling & Creepiness


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Everyone is stunned about Nick. Al has videoed the aftermath. We see Luci make sure Nick doesn’t come back by stabbing him in the head, Alicia re-killing Ennis more viciously (somehow, he got rid of the deer head he was impaled on), and Victor covers Nick up. In the van, Victor tells Al, let’s get this over with. Al says it can wait until he’s buried, but Victor says that was the deal. She asks how he ended up there, and he tells her that’s a big question. She says sometimes those are easier to answer. Luci says they could have stopped this from happening.

It’s another one of those back-and-forth episodes. Luci watches a guy, who looks like Riff Raff from Rocky Horror, bring some supplies to the Vultures. Charlie laughs with Ennis. She explains to Al that they had to stretch rations with cattle feed. Victor says it’s an acquired taste.

At the stadium, Victor offers to garnish lunch with maple syrup, and Alicia tells him to save it for the pancakes. He says, for when things get better, and they will. Madison says it’s time to be creative. The need to find places their friends in the parking lot haven’t hit, like maybe a bowling alley.

Victor says it was their first misstep, going on runs that day.

Victor and Cole walk through a greenhouse. Cole says he went to A&M University, and knows which plants are safe to eat. He encourages Victor to tell him something about himself, and Victor says he didn’t go to A&M. They find something edible, and look for a cart. Cole asks how long Victor is going to act like he’s afraid of him. Victor says that’s not the case.

Al asks if he was afraid of Cole, and Victor says, of course not. He says they’re supposed to be talking about Nick, and Al says they’re talking about him.

Cole and Victor fight off zombies in the greenhouse. Cactus zombies. They have quills sticking out of them all over. One gets Cole down. Victor pikes it in the head and helps him up.

Nick takes Luci to a nearby library. His mother once brought him there, and he thinks it’s a sign. Luci says she went with him because Nick thought it would be good for her.

Inside the library, Nick whistles. It’s empty because zombies don’t read. He takes a poster down off the wall, and Luci asks why they’re here. Nick tells her that people need a reason to stick around, and not just food. She says there’s nothing left, but he thinks there has to be something. Luci says it’s about her, referring to Charlie. Nick says she thinks they’re looking out for her and they’re family. Luci says she thought Colonia was a good place to be, but it wasn’t. He helped her.

Al says, but he couldn’t help Charlie. Luci says, she killed Nick. What do you think?

John tells Morgan he used to be a police officer. He knew a guy who drank a bottle of rye every night. One night he survived a close call. A guy stole a garbage truck, and it ended up squashing his patrol car. He went a week without touching rye. John says it takes more than a week to change someone. He thinks Morgan will be on his way after Nick is buried. John is going to find Laura, and wants Morgan with him. He wants them to meet. Morgan just wants to see Nick buried, and he’ll be on his way. He’s better on his own.

Al says they can stop if it’s too much; Alicia’s brother died. Alicia says, yeah, he did.

Alicia and Naomi go to a small waterpark. Naomi sees a van she thinks they should take back, pointing out that it even has a tape deck. She looks for keys, but finds nothing. They head into the park, which looks like something from Abandoned, but with dead bodies all over. A zombie stumbles out, and Alicia stabs its head. Another follows, and Naomi takes care of that one. Naomi says whoever camped here moved to higher ground when the fence came down, showing Alicia a site on a platform at the top of the waterslide. The stairs are barricaded, but Alicia says they can get up there from the slide. They look at the zombies wandering around in the water.

Victor says he wanted to do the right thing in the car. Cole tells Victor that if he doesn’t like him, just tell him. Victor says he does like him. Cole asks why he won’t share information about himself then, and Victor says he doesn’t want Cole to know him. He’s done dumb things, and keeps this to remind him not to be that man. He hands Cole what we both agree looks like a piece of a rock. Victor says, it’s not.

Al asks if going on run brought them closer together, and Alicia says, of course it did. They were the only ones still breathing. She and Naomi wade through the pool, and the zombies. Naomi tries to get up the slide, but keeps slipping back down. Alicia gives her a boost, and tries to follow, but she slips and loses her knife. As they struggle to get up the slide, there’s a terrific crane shot showing the cluster of zombies, grappling at the bottom.

They carefully make their way up. It would really suck to get all that way and slide back down into a mess of zombies. They look at the stuff left behind, and Alicia thinks there’s still some ammo. A zombie toddles out, startling them. They struggle with it, and Naomi falls down to a bowl-like attachment on the slide. I’m guessing you could once slide through it, but now there’s a clog of zombies caked in slime in the opening. Naomi kicks at them, but one is particularly aggressive. Alicia slides down, having grabbed a pipe that was part of the slide. She knocks the zombie in the head, and it slides back down into the clog. I have to admit, I made noises out loud throughout this whole scene.

Al asks when she sharpened it. Alicia says that came later.

Back at the top, Alicia and Naomi go through the stuff. Naomi finds the keys to the van, but says nothing. There’s a trunk of medical supplies, and Naomi tells Alicia to take as much as she can. Naomi gives Alicia binoculars, and suggests she look for what hasn’t been picked over. Alicia thinks there’s a possibility, but when she turns around, Naomi is gone.

Al asks, what happened? Did she run? Victor says, they’re all running.

Victor and Cole go to a parking lot. Cole asks where the hell they are. Victor opens the hatchback of a car, and says, when the crops failed, he gathered things. Cole asks why Victor is showing him. Victor says there’s enough room for two. Cole tells him that people are hungry. Victor says the supplies would maybe feed them for a day; it wouldn’t make a difference. Cole says makes a difference between them making it for another day or not. Victor says so could this. Before, he did things where people got hurt or died. He learned self-preservation. He says famine is on the horizon, and he did it to ensure he survived. He wants Cole to know this is him. Cole shakes his head. He can’t do it. Victor says he didn’t think so. Cole says he’ll drive himself back.

Al asks if he left, and if Victor thinks it’s his fault. Alicia says, it’s not his fault. He wasn’t the only one who thought about leaving.

Naomi starts the car. It chugs to a stop because there’s no gas in it. I’m not even going to say it. Yes, I am. You’d think she’d have checked that first thing. She sure made a good guess those were the right car keys. Alicia is there, and says that’s the second time she ran out since they’ve met. Naomi doesn’t have to tell them anything, but she’s either with them, trying to keep it going, or not. Naomi says she can’t try to keep this going. Alicia tells her that she said the same thing once. She went off on her own; no one could talk her out of it, but wasn’t what she wanted it to be. Maybe she’ll realize that too. Alicia says she’ll go with her to get some gas.

Al asks if Luci thought about leaving. Luci says they all did.

Luci tells Nick that they have to go. He says there could be something there for her. He looks around in the back, and we hear zombie noises. A trail of books leads to a zombie who’s tied up, so it can’t escape. Nick puts it out of its misery, and sees that its wrists are slit. Luci sees a book of maps. Luci say she doesn’t want to end up like that. Nick tells her they know what’s wrong, and they’re going to try and fix it. She says what if they find a new place? Start over. He asks, where, and she hands him the book. She says the first place they open to.

Al asks Luci, what page did it open to? It’s the reason she’s sitting here, isn’t it? Luci says she should have never opened the book.

Madison looks through binoculars at the Vultures. Mel waves and holds up a radio. She gets on hers, and asks if he needs help. He asks if they have relish. She goes down to the parking lot, but I don’t see her bringing any relish. He says they’ve finished it, haven’t they? And the ketchup and mustard. Condiments are the first things to go, in trying to dress up things they don’t want to eat. The dressing up part is true even in real life. I remember putting Italian dressing on green beans and ketchup on mac and cheese at lunch in high school. Mel is cooking hotdogs. He asks where she’s sending people, and she says, why? So they can beat them there? She doesn’t think so. He says every time she sends someone out, they might not come back. Madison says they will; she knows her people.

Mel says before he lived on the bus, he lived like them, in a settlement; his family’s cattle ranch in hill country. It was a nice place to be, but then wildfires kicked up. Madison knows where he’s going. She says, he’s smart, and saw what was coming. He tried to warn everyone, but they wouldn’t listen. So he and his brother left before the fires hit. She says she’s sorry about the rest of his family. Mel says, people are stubborn creatures. He asks if she’d like a weenie, but she’s good. He says if she didn’t come out for food or company, what is she doing there? She says her offer still stands. If they want relish, they could scrounge some up from the concession stand. They can make a go of it, if they work together. He asks if she believes that. She does, and he says that’s why the place is going to fall. His offer also stands. She turns to leave, and he says she was wrong about his story. He told them that they could save the place, and they listened. He and Ennis were the only ones who made it out alive. They could hear them scream as they drove off. Madison walks away.

Al says that’s why it’s so important. They gave up on the stadium.

In the library, Luci flips open the book.

Victor sits in his car.

Naomi tells Alicia that she was a nurse. After a while, she could tell who would make it and who wouldn’t. She says the stadium won’t last. They have to think about where they’re going next. Alicia says she’ll talk to Madison.

Victor says Al thinks she knows what happened that day, but she’s wrong.

Cole drives up to the stadium, and Madison asks if Victor is okay. Victor drives in behind him. Al asks why he came back, and Victor says he got a reminder of what he stood to lose. He looks at the syrup. Al asks what people thought when they found out about his escape hatch. Madison sees all the supplies, and says it looks like they got a break. Victor tells Al that he didn’t tell them the truth. Al asks Luci what page it opened to.

Luci says they’re going north. Nick asks what if there’s another way of looking at this. They bring the book to Madison. Nick asks what if they went further to scavenge than they have before. Madison says they can’t go that far every time, but he says they only need to go once. He tells her they can get seeds and fertilizer. They can replant, and turn the place back into what it was. Madison says okay, because she’s coming from a place of yes this season.

A tear rolls down Luci’s face.

Alicia tells Madison they have to talk. Al asks if Alicia told her about Naomi.

Alicia knocks on Naomi’s car window as she’s starting to leave. She asks if they ever lived when Naomi thought they were going to die. Naomi tells Alicia to let her do the talking, and Alicia gets in, saying, nice wheels. At the stadium, Naomi says if they’re going to make it work, things will get worse before they get better. She’s going to set up an infirmary.

Alicia says instead of fighting to change everything, she should have told them to leave. Luci says they should have found somewhere else. Victor says he wanted to be a better person, that’s why he’s dead. Luci says they could have stopped it all. Al puts down the camera.

Al stops the van, and they get out. Victor says, this is it. They dig, and John asks, why here? Alicia asks what difference it makes to him, and he says he just wants to know. They continue to dig, and dig up a cache of guns. Al says it’s not about Nick. They’re going after the rest of them, even after what happened to Nick. Alicia says it’s what he would have wanted. Al says answers only matter if they’re true. Alicia says it was the truth, and Al says it was served between two slices of bullsh*t. She tells them good luck without her. Victor says they know where the Vultures are meeting up next, and Al says, they needed a ride. John says she’s been snookered. She asks if they’re really going to lug all this, and Alicia says unless she takes them. John says his seems to be the only story that doesn’t end with someone getting hurt or killed. Victor says if Al wants to know how it ends, come see for herself, and Al tells them to load up the van. Morgan asks Alicia if they’re still planning on burying her brother or are they leaving him on the side of the road? Alicia says they’ll bury him there. Morgan says, he liked growing things, right?

In a spot near a beautiful tree, Victor puts the last dirt on the grave. Luci kneels down and touches it. Morgan leaves a bluebonnet.

As they’re packing the truck, John asks where they got some of it. Alicia says it’s just stuff they’ve picked up along the way. He asks for a knapsack, saying it belonged to Laura.

At the stadium, Naomi asks Alicia for a second alone. She takes out a gun that matches John’s.

John takes out the gun. He says, her name was Naomi. She never told him her real name. He asks where she is, and Alicia says she didn’t make it out of the stadium. Things went wrong. He guesses that trip is off, and asks what happened. Alicia says, she’s dead, and he says that’s not true. She’s out there; she’s gotta be. Victor says, there’s the rub, his story did end up with someone getting hurt. Alicia says they did this. Come with them. John asks them to let him be. Al approaches him. She says she’ll find out what happened, and come back for him. Morgan tells them to go; he’ll stay behind. They drive off. Morgan tells John that he’s sorry. John says he was right. We’re always on our own.

Next time, John and Naomi’s story.

👌 I love the Morgan/John pairing. I have more feels for these characters than the ones on Walking Dead. They just seem more well-rounded. Although I probably enjoy Talking Dead most of all. It’s like the day after a convention (sci/fi, horror, Star Trek, whatever, take your pick), when you rehash everything and look over all the crap you bought.

🏯 I’m not really watching Into the Badlands, although it might be one of those things I consume in one bite On Demand someday. I did glance at it though, and it looks awesome. Like a Quentin Tarantino film, but more colorful. The fight scenes are unbelievable – chicks with swords! – and I’ll bet a lot of the actors go home bruised and sore.

🍷 I didn’t really take in too much of The Real Housewives of Potomac tonight, but there was a stand-out quote, brought to us by Candiace: I think I like her better drunk. I don’t know who she was referring to, but I thought of how well it could apply to anyone in the franchise saying it about anyone else in the franchise.

🐎 Was that Walking Dead’s Simon I saw on Westworld?

👻 Sadly, Ghost Wars has been canceled.


😱 🎢 Imagine Zombies Clogging This Up…

Much worse than spiders. I’m talking to you, Stephen King.



AbandonedWaterslide3 AbandonedWaterslide2


March 22, 2018 – Michael is Moving Out (Kinda), Westworld Returns & Some Horses


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kim visits Carly at her office. She tells Carly that Oscar acts like nothing happened, but she’s totally freaked out. Carly says she asked Kim to come by to talk about Josslyn and Oscar.

Michal asks Nell how she’s feeling after the birthing class. She says a little intimidated. He wishes he could do more than rub her back and tell her to breathe. She’s sure he’ll be a good coach since he’s an overachiever. He tells her he made some printouts, and she says his date must have ended early. She hopes it’s not because of her.

Anna and Andre take a break on the pier after jogging. Anna says she hasn’t been sleeping well. She just lies there and thinks about regret after regret.

Finn tells Elizabeth and Sam that the guys have no diseases, but he gave them some antibiotics and a tetanus shot. Franco and Drew come out, and Finn makes himself scarce. Franco asks them to tell him Jim has been arrested, but Elizabeth says not yet. There are additional charges pending for him kidnapping Betsy. He’d had her locked up in his house, and she was taken to a hospital in Buffalo. Jordan will let them know when she’s well enough to talk. Sam wonders what Jim wanted to keep quiet. Drew says it’s something that goes back to when they were kids, and Jim was Betsy’s boyfriend.

Anna tells Andrew if Henrik helped Faison or continued his work, and Jason finds him, he’ll take the first chance to kill him. Andre says, if he’s her son. Anna asks who else could he be? Andre says he’s a grown man, and she’s not responsible for his choices or the consequences. She disagrees. She gave him up, and thought he went to a good home and family. How he ended up taken away and in Faison’s hands, she doesn’t know, but it’s one of the things keeping her up at night. Andre asks if she’s any closer, and she says she has a lead; a glimmer of hope. He asks if she’s thought about coming face to face with him, and telling him. She says there will be no tearful reunion, but telling him about the possible genetic illness is the least she can do.

At Kelly’s, Finn orders what looks like a giant sticky bun for Alexis. She thanks him, and asks him to help her eat it. She asks how Drew is, and he says, released: Sam is taking him home. She asks if Roxie’s beard has gone down. He says it was touch and go, but she seems to be back to normal. She wonders if he’s talked to his brother. He says, half-brother, and thinks Chase may still be pouting since Julian dropped the charges. Julian must have radar, since he’s suddenly there. He says Finn can thank him any time. He can keep the flowers; Julian will settle for scotch.

Carly says Kim’s son risked his life to save Josslyn. She can’t think of her being in a better place than with Oscar. Kim says she’s glad Josslyn came over, or Oscar would have insisted on going to school to see her. Carly says Josslyn wouldn’t be alive if not for Oscar. Kim tells her by the time Drew got the door open, they were already unconscious. They looked like kids who just fell asleep, but they had hypothermia. Carly thinks it must have been terrifying. Kim says as a doctor, she’s trained in objectivity, but when it involves your kid, it adds another layer. She tells Carly about Josslyn putting up a fight when the detective evacuated her, and how it was the worst moment of her life when she couldn’t get a pulse on her son. She doesn’t want to imagine life without him; he’s her everything. She asks Carly if she said something wrong, but I’m too distracted by Carly’s amazing earrings to see the look on her face. They’re these artisan hammered metal circles.

Michael tells Nelle that he’s didn’t intend to discuss his fate with her. Nelle says he’s allowed a personal life, and she’ll have one too, when she gets back out there. He says their lives are completely separate, and she says they’re having a baby and living in the same house. It will be handy for midnight feedings and diaper changes, and they’ll be able to share the baby’s firsts. He says it’s not going to be that way. He’s moving out. After last night, he realized the living situation is unworkable. She tells him that he doesn’t have to leave home just to go on a date. No matter where he lives, he can’t keep the baby a secret. He says he’s not intending too, and is looking forward to being a father, but the living situation is too complicated. She asks if he’s going to live with his parents, but he says he just decided last night. He’s taking a room at the MetroCourt until he finds something. Nelle says, great. Now she has to go past Carly if she needs to see him. Michael is sure she can avoid Carly, but she says no, she can’t.

Carly shows Morgan’s picture to Kim. She says it’s been a year and a half, but she still gets overwhelmed. Grief doesn’t go away. It just gets pushed into the background, and hits you again. Kim says she’s sorry; she’s sure it’s difficult to talk about. Carly says he was killed by a car bomb meant for someone else. He was killed in an instant; no goodbye. Kim can’t imagine what she went through. Carly says it was devastating for all of them, and tore the family apart for a while, but they’re back together. They’re stronger now, and share their feelings and memories. He’s still with them in their memories and dreams. She wanted to thank Kim again for her son’s heroism. Kim says Josslyn is a terrific kid. Carly says now that they’ve agreed their kids are wonderful, what were they doing in the freezer? Kim says, seeking privacy. Carly asks how much privacy? Kim doesn’t know, but thinks it’s time to face the truth – it’s more serious than they thought. Carly hopes not enough for condoms. Kim doesn’t think so, but remembers how powerful first love was. Doesn’t Carly?

Drew tells Sam that something happened when they were kids. He’s not clear on the details, but Jim’s version is a lie. She asks what he meant by dealing with Franco? He says Franco knew that Betsy held the key to their past, and they came up with a plan to plant a bug in Jim’s hotel room. Franco was going to tell Jim that he knew where Betsy was, but the conversation got out of hand. Drew heard it, and busted in to help Franco. The next thing they knew, they were in a subbasement. Sam says it’s amazing that they got the drop on him. She asks what happened after that, but a nurse shows up with the release paperwork.

When they’re alone, Elizabeth tells Sam that she guesses they know Franco didn’t want to hurt Drew. Sam says, do they? Elizabeth says Sam is going to be the one to hurt him.

Anna tells Andrew that in the book, the estranged son of Isaac Revson – an anagram for Faison – hid his son in Switzerland. She’s starting there to research and match records, hoping to find Henrik’s alias. Andre tells her if she needs help, he’s there for her. Anna says if it wasn’t for him, she’d have no one to talk to about it. He says there is someone else who would help if she opened up, or is Finn one of the regrets keeping her up?

Finn says Julian had him arrested for defending Roxie’s honor, and he’s supposed to have gratitude? Julian says Finn assaulted him after he brought a lizard into Charlie’s. Finn says, bearded dragon. Julian says, lizard; even the airlines are cracking down on it. (Probably a bad choice of example, considering United just killed a puppy.) Alexis tells Finn to just say thank you, and move on. Julian says Finn doesn’t seem to need emotional support right now, or is it that he doesn’t want to stick it to Kelly’s?

Nelle tells Michael that Carly is paranoid with anything to do with her, thinking she’s up to something or trying to make herself look good. She’s just trying to be a better person, but Carly doesn’t see that, and sabotages her at every turn. Michael reminds her that Carly helped her in the earthquake. Nelle admits that’s true, but says she was getting close to Olivia-Q when she overheard Carly poisoning Olivia against her. Now she’s getting the cold shoulder. Carly is completely unhinged when comes to her, and it’s horrible that he can’t see it.

Carly asks if Kim would follow Drew into a freezer. Kim says he doesn’t even remember her, but Carly says it seems like they’ve gotten closer. Kim says they’re finding a way to co-parent. The earthquake put everything in perspective. All the silly bickering doesn’t matter when you find yourself in a situation like that. Drew was as fearless and selfless as she remembered. If Oscar was a hero, he got it from his father. Carly says it’s quite a testimonial, and sounds like she has feelings for him. Kim says he’s married, and Carly says, things change. I guess she doesn’t care that Kim barely knows her, and that sounds pretty bad. She says Sam and Jason belong together, and it’s only a matter of time before Drew is free. Let me hate Carly some more for trying to manipulate Kim.

Franco thanks Drew for not telling Elizabeth about their past. Drew thinks maybe Franco should trust her. It’s his story to tell, but she deserves that much.

Sam tells Elizabeth to cut the cryptic remarks. Whatever it is, just say it. Elizabeth says she saw how desperate Sam was to find Drew, but it’s no secret that Jason is waiting for her. The guys come back. Drew and Sam leave, and Franco asks Elizabeth if she wants to go home.

Before Franco went to look for Jim, Elizabeth had told him to leave her alone, but they were happy to see each other, even though he was soaking wet and smelly. He’s touched that she went to look for him with Sam, of all people. Elizabeth says she was worried, and scared she’d never see him again. He tells her the universe gave them a second chance. She says what they do with it is up to him. There’s something he’s not telling her; just say it. She’s giving him a last chance. He needs to come clean once and for all.

Sam tells Drew that Danny asked to stay home to see him. He says he was afraid he’d never see her or the kids again, and he’d be stuck in a concrete box with Franco. Sam says she’s confused. When she spoke with him, he said he was dealing with Franco, and hung up. What happened? If two guys got the jump on him, something major went down. He tells her that something Jim said freaked Franco out. When he got there, Franco was curled in a ball. He was so worried, that he didn’t see them. She asks what Jim said, and Drew tells her something about what happened when they were kids. He doesn’t know if Jim saw it or was part of it, but Jim knows something. He was willing to kill them and kidnap Betsy. Maybe they can uncover the truth.

Kim tells Carly that she’s not sitting home nights waiting for Drew. Carly asks if she’s seeing someone. Kim says she has a friend. They’re not ready for the next level, but are just enjoying spending time together. Carly asks, who, and Kim says, Julian. Carly says, no, hell no, because she rules the world, and decides how everyone should feel.

Finn thinks Julian is projecting. If Julian had just served him dinner, he would have been out of there in twenty minutes. Instead he had him arrested and traumatized Roxie for no reason other than he’s jealous. Finn says he’s lost his appetite, and he’ll see Alexis later. He leaves, and Julian asks if he is seeing Alexis later. She wonders why he’s asking, and if it’s true that he’s jealous. He says, yes, he is.

Anna tells Andre she doesn’t know what kind of person Henrik has become. Why put Finn in harm’s way? Besides, it’s a moot point; he’s seeing someone else. She ran into them, and it was a morning after awkward moment. She tells Andre to drop it. Andre says she’s the most courageous woman he’s ever met. Not that she doesn’t feel fear, but she perseveres. She’s aware of the risk, and endures the hazards without flinching at physical jeopardy, but now with Finn, she’s running scared.

Michael tells Nelle that he’s not going all around this. She says he can choose to deal or not, but Carly will always find a way to come between them. He says he makes his own decisions, and chose to end their relationship, not because of his mother, but because of Nelle’s lies. The only person between them is her. She can face that and move on, but if she doesn’t, it’s her problem. He leaves, and when he’s gone, Nelle says it’s not her problem; it’s his.

Drew tells Sam that he’s sorry. He should have communicated with her. He didn’t mean to put her through all that. She says she was scared and worried, but not angry. He has nothing to apologize for. Drew says, actually, he might. Somewhere along the way, he lost his ring.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he went to see Jim. He told him that he’d found Betsy, which wasn’t true, and Jim called his bluff. He said Franco’s mom would never believe him, and take Jim’s word. No one will ever believe him; all ever does is lie. Jim started toward him, and he had a flash of memory. He was little, and Jim was patting him on the back, tousling his hair, and saying no one will ever believe him. He just froze. He panicked, and he was there as little Bobby. Jim was towering over him, calling him a liar and a bad boy, saying no one will ever believe him. All he could do was curl up and put his hands over his ears. It wasn’t good. Drew burst in the door, trying to help him out. Elizabeth says she believes him. Jim stirred something, but what is it? What is he really remembering?

Andre tells Anna that it’s emotional cowardice; a discreet pulling back with someone else and giving up. She’s looking for her son, who could be a threat. Faison never killed her because he loved her in his twisted, psychotic fashion. If the son is as murderous as his father, he might not show the same restraint. The thought of going after a man who makes her happy scares her. She’s protecting herself more than Finn. He stirred up feelings and frightened her. Anna tells him not to analyze her; just be a friend. He tells her it’s time to believe she deserves happiness. He’s seen the way she talks about Finn. Stop talking, and go get him.

Julian tells Alexis that he has no right to feel jealous, but he does. She tells him that mutual comfort is no longer an option for them. He says that doesn’t stop him from caring. He tells her to be careful. Finn is still a recovering drug addict. Alexis says she’s a recovering alcoholic, and he’s an ex-con. He lives in a glass house, and needs to watch it. Julian asks how serious it is

Kim tells Carly that she’ll save her the trouble. She doesn’t need to warn her about Julian. She can clearly see he’s not over his ex yet. She asks if they can stop talking about her personal life, and back to praising her son. She thanks Carly for her fortitude in raising a spirited young woman who brings her son happiness. Carly thanks her, and Kim jets. Carly says, wow, and looks at Morgan’s picture. Michael comes in. She says she could use some good news, and he says he’s got some. He’s moving out, and getting his life back life without Nelle. Carly tells him that she’s so happy, and hugs him. Nelle listens outside the door.

Carly says it’s the best news, and tells him about a suite that’s available. He says it’s just temporary until he finds a place, but she says he might like it there. They leave to look at the suite, and Nelle lets herself into Carly’s office with a key. She sees Morgan’s picture, and that it’s the same photo as the one on his social media page. She takes out the scarf, and arranges it on the desk.

Alexis isn’t discussing her personal life with Julian. He says he needs to know, so he can stop hoping. Is it serious? She says, yes. She and Finn are getting quite serious.

Anna tells Andre that she never thought she’d love anyone after Duke. Finn was a surprise. Andre says, speaking as a shrink, she’s afraid something will happen to Finn like it did to Duke; or he might say she feels guilty for loving someone other than Duke. Or, he might say, the subject is heading this way. Finn comes out to the pier, and Andre tells her that she’ll be fine, and leaves.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he knows there’s more; he just doesn’t want to face it. He asks if they can please go. Elizabeth gets a text from Jordan that Franco’s mom is able to travel, and is on her way back. She wants to see him and tell him the truth about Jim.

Sam tells Drew that she found his ring. That’s how she knew Jim was lying. She told Elizabeth to take it to the police, while she stayed back. She overheard Jim talking about pouring the foundation. She gives Drew his ring back, and he says they’re where they’re supposed to be. Everything is whole again. He kisses her, and Sam says they need to talk. Yeah, here’s your ring back, and guess what?

Tomorrow, Anna asks Finn for a minute, Carly tells Jason that Sam needs to admit she wants to be with him, and Mike accuses Sonny of calling him a liar.

🐎 HBO’s Westworld will be back on April 22nd at 9 pm. I hear Shogun World might be included this time around. Incorporating other worlds was something I would have liked to see more of in the original film. I’m not sure Shogun is the one I would have picked though. Not when there could be a Medieval World. A Future World would be interesting too.

👀 For a Look at the New Season…


🐴 What Horses Do On Their Off-Time…

Or, what I got when I made a mistake googling.






December 4, 2016 – Emma Lives in a Dreamworld, Negan Wants to Live in Alexandria & Westworld Lives On for Another Season – But When?


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Once Upon a Time

The Evil Queen tells Regina that she wants “the best version of us.” She says the only way for Regina to hurt her is to hurt herself, and tells her that love is weakness. Emma uses her sword to slice the Evil Queen’s cheek and nothing happens to Regina. The evil queen disappears, poof! in a cloud of purple smoke, and Emma says it’s possible kill her.

The Evil Queen reappears elsewhere. Gold tells her it looks like the Savior found a weapon. He says he can focus on finding his son and she can prepare to die. He puts the cuff on her so he can track her whereabouts. It’s like a GPS. He says at the end of the day, if Emma hasn’t done away with her, after he’s done finding his son, hell gladly finish the job.

Snow sleeps. Emma says the Evil Queen needs to die. Hook tells her not to do it. Henry says what if this is how she dies? There’s no face under the hood in her vision, so for all they know, the queen kills her. Emma has a mini vision. She tells Regina to stay with Henry. Hook, David, and Emma set off to face the queen. They hear a cry for help and run into Granny’s. Jasmine is tied to a chair. The Evil Queen says it’s not about Jasmine, it’s about her – always. She can snap Jasmine’s neck before they step any closer. She rubs the lamp and Aladdin appears, poof! in a cloud of yellow smoke. She says she has three wishes. He says they come at a price. She says she’s not going to wish for her, but something someone else wants. She wishes that Emma’s wish to not be the Savior be granted. Emma says no, and charges forward. Aladdin raises his hand and she disappears. No poof or anything though. I just thought. What if you weren’t done with your three wishes yet, and someone else got ahold of the lamp? Does that mean you lose out?

Somewhere, it’s Emma’s birthday. She’s a princess and the palace is celebrating. She didn’t wish for anything, since everything she’s ever wanted is already there. Snow and David are now king and queen, and older. Snow asks Emma what’s wrong. Emma says she had a dream that the queen was successful with her curse and she was the Savior. Snow says that was avoided. Emma says she was in a fantastical land, but David says it was just a dream. Emma says when she woke up, she found this, and shows them a sword that was under her bed – the same one as in Storybrooke Emma’s vision. Henry runs in saying he had been practicing for tomorrow and sorry he’s late. He thinks the sword is for him. Emma says his father would be proud, and he says he wishes he’d known him. They look at his portrait, and Emma says he’s watching over Henry. David says time to celebrate, and Snow tells Henry put the sword away; this family is done fighting. Henry gets a weird look on his face. Or maybe it’s just me reading too much into it.

Back in the future, Hook and David start to argue, and Regina says that’s just what the Evil Queen wants. Regina says she’s thrown a lot of punches, but she knows a way to get her back.

Gold makes magic that includes a strand of his hair. He asks a globe to show him his son. Nope. Didn’t happen.

Aladdin makes a martini for the Evil Queen. She tells him it’s a request though, not a wish. She flirts with Aladdin and he says, eww. Regina walks in. The Evil Queen tells her that wishes can’t be undone, but tells her to have a seat, and tells Aladdin to make another drink. She says there was a time all Regina wanted was to tear Snow and David apart and kick Emma out of Storybrooke, and now it’s been done. She gives a one-sided toast. She tells Regina she’s won and can’t even admit it, but that victory feels luxurious. Regina says she’s right, they are the same person, so she’s not the only master of the lamp.

Regina asks to be sent to the same place as Emma. Aladdin obeys.

Regina is in a beautiful wood. She calls out for Emma. She hears the dwarfs whistling on their way to work, and asks if they’ve seen Emma. They think the Evil Queen is back and Grumpy tells the others to run and warn everyone that the war isn’t over.

Regina sees a statue marking the spot where she was defeated by Snow and David. She sees Emma dancing around, carrying a basket of flowers, and humming Someday My Prince Will Come. Regina frightens her, but she says she’s Emma’s friend and none of this is real. Emma thinks she’s the Evil Queen and tells her that she’s been banished. Regina says she risked her life coming here because Emma is the Savior and her family needs her.

An arrow nearly misses her. David and Snow have arrived. David tells Regina that this is their kingdom now. Snow says they’re protecting their people. Regina tries to convince Emma that this isn’t real, saying some part of Emma must know. David tries to attack her with his sword, and she disappears, poof! in a puff of purple smoke.

Moving forward, David is freaking out. He wants to get the lamp. Hook stops him and says they’re out-gunned and they need a plan. Jasmine wonders what the Evil Queen is doing to Aladdin. Probably not what she’d like to be doing. David says to meet him at the sheriff’s station in an hour. The Evil Queen’s reign ends today.

Somewhere in the Enchanted Forest, Regina goes into a mountain where there’s a prison cell. Rumpelstiltskin is in it, humming the tune of the day, Someday My Prince Will Come. He tells her to come closer and says the apprentice is back to see the old master. Regina says she needs his help. He says she’s his biggest failure, so why would he help? She says she’s not the Evil Queen in this reality, and it’s not even a reality, it’s all fake – he’s fake. She says the world was created by a wish to trap Emma.

Rumpel says maybe he can help her and wants a deal. Regina says he’s not even real. He says he wants his freedom in return, and she says it’s not worth it. He says if the world isn’t real, what’s the harm? She says he has a point, but she knows better than to deal with him in any realm. He tells her that every Savior needs a villain, and that a real queen with purpose can remind Emma that the world needs a savior. Show her inner darkness, and the Savior will be reborn. Regina says they’re just old friends talking, so they haven’t made a deal. Rumpel says she doesn’t know the way back to Storybrooke. Regina wonders how he knows the name of the town she’s from, and he says he can find her a magic bean, but it will cost her. She opens the cell.

He says he needs fresh air and starts to go, but she asks about the bean. He tells her to meet him tomorrow at noon by the lake. He says if she wants to be an Evil Queen, she should look like one. In a puff of purple smoke, poof! she changes into an Evil Queen outfit. He tells her to go be evil.

In Storybrooke time, Gold sees Belle. She says he sped up her pregnancy and the fairies sped up her recovery. He tells her their son is gone; he’s not anywhere. He says he knows his words mean nothing, so he’ll give her actions. He gives Belle a card with Mother Superior’s number, so she can verify his story. Mother Superior isn’t doing too well. She’s been walloped by the Black Fairy who’s kidnapped Gideon.

Where fairy tales happen, everyone gathers for Prince Henry to be knighted. He makes his entrance wearing some really cool copper armor. Snow takes the infamous sword out, and she and David say the stuff you say when you knight someone. Before Henry can be dubbed, Regina as the Evil Queen pops in and says sorry she’s late. She throws the knights aside and freezes David and Snow, saying she vows to destroy their happiness. Emma asks her not to hurt her parents. Regina says hurting them is the point, unless she knows a hero who can stop her (wink-wink). Emma begs for mercy. Regina tells her to look for the hero, and when you find one, you know where to find us. The three disappear, poof! in a puff of purple smoke.

In Storybrooke, the real Evil Queen confronts David. He tries to attack her, and she blows him back with magic. She tells him that he can’t kill her. He picks up the lamp, saying he can do something much worse. He rubs the lamp and Aladdin appears. He tells Aladdin that he has a new master. So back to my original question. She loses the one she has left now? Or is it just postponed? What are the lamp rules?

The Evil Queen tells David not to dabble in forces he doesn’t understand. Aladdin reminds him wishes come with a price. He says the only one paying a price will be her. He wishes the Evil Queen gets what she deserves. Nothing happens. Aladdin says he granted the wish. The Evil Queen says David wasted it. She wanted to tear the family apart and she did. She already has what she deserves. Okay, so doesn’t he have two more wishes now? This is the kind of nonsense I think about while watching this.

David rushes her, and she stops him mid-stride. Hook and Jasmine enter. Hook says they have the lamp and the Evil Queen is lost. She drops David, saying death is too good for him and she’d rather watch him suffer. She disappears, poof! You know the rest.

In the unreal world, the Evil Queen has the Charmings prisoner. Prince David says they always defeat her. Emma shows up with a box. Regina says she knew Emma would find the hero in her, but it’s the key to the kingdom. Emma wants to surrender. Regina says she doesn’t want the key; she just wants Emma to get back to Storybrooke. Emma says that was the name of the place in her dream. Regina says this is the dream, and she’s going to have to wake her. She takes David and Snow’s hearts and says stop her or they die. Emma says she’s not the Savior. Regina says she knows how to fight when she has to and crushes the hearts to dust. Emma starts to weep. Regina says she doesn’t remember and can’t fight. Henry comes in and says the Evil Queen will pay. Emma tries to stop him. He says he has the sword. Regina says she won’t fight, and Henry throws the sword at her. Emma stops it, surprising herself. Regina says she saved her. Emma says Regina came to this crazy land to save her, so it’s fair. She remembers. She asks if her parents are dead, and Regina reminds her that they’re not real. Emma thanks Regina, and says, but it was very dark. She tells Regina let’s go stop the real Evil Queen.

Walking the streets of Storybrooke at night, the Evil Queen says the town is almost tolerable when the peasantry is hidden away. A hooded figure comes out of Granny’s. She asks who the hell are you? and gets blown back. She starts to follow, and the hooded figure turns her into a cobra in a cage.

It’s time for Regina and Emma to go back, and Regina wonders where Rumpel is. Surprisingly, he shows up. He tells her to throw the bean and think of where she wants to go. He disappears, poof! in a puff of red smoke.

At the Charming’s Storybrooke apartment, David is worried that he’s like his brother. Hook tells him to grow up and kiss his wife. Jasmine comes in with the lamp, and suggests that David use it to break the curse with Snow. He gives it back to her, trusting she’ll be wise with it. She says that she and Aladdin have to find Agribah. Henry asks if she’s sure, and she says they have to make the sacrifice. Aladdin gives Henry a pendant for Emma, from one savior to another. Jasmine wishes to go to Agribah and they disappear. Okay, I wasn’t totally paying attention, but it was probably poof! in a puff of yellow smoke.

Grumpy comes in with the snake. He tells them it’s the Evil Queen and a guy in a hood put her in there. David asks if he saw who was under the hood.

The hooded figure comes into Gold’s shop. It’s Gold and Belle’s son, Gideon.

At the lake, Regina throws the bean and it turns into a green whirlpool. She and Emma are about to leap in, when arrows fly past them. It’s Robin. He says it’s a robbery and to give him their jewelry. Regina is mesmerized, seeing him again, and starts to walk toward him. Emma tells her he’s not real, but she doesn’t pay attention. The whirlpool disappears.

In March, a war is coming to Storybrooke where romance, danger and hope collide.

The Walking Dead

Michonne walks along the road, whistling Farmer in the Dell. A zombie lumbers out of the forest. And another. They trail behind her. She drops her bag, stabs one in the head and decapitates the other. She drags the headless one’s body away. Her radio sits unattended.

Jesus and Carl are in the back of the truck with the scotch. Jesus cuts open the bottom of one of the boxes. He opens one of the bottles and leaves a trail, like breadcrumbs. He tells Carl that they should bail and walk the rest of the way. He says to roll with the fall and stay in the blind spot. Jesus goes first and Carl waves good-by. Brat!

The truck stops. A guy picks up the box that Jesus cut, and the bottom falls out. Carl shoots a few people and says no one else needs to die, he just wants Negan. Negan comes out whistling (what’s up with that tonight?) and says he’s adorable. He asks if Carl picked the gun because it looks cool. A couple of people rush Carl and he shoots, but gets pulled down. Negan tells Dwight to back off, saying that’s no way to treat a new guest and he wants to show him around.

Negan tells Carl he has the same stank eye as his dad, but half as good since he only has one eye. What a card! We see the zombie target practice or whatever it is, and Daryl is in with the zombies. Negan asks him how the job is going. I hope it pays well. Carl lets Negan help him up. Dwight takes Daryl out to learn grub prep. Carl asks what he’s going to do to him. Negan tells him not to shatter his image of him as a bad-ass and says screw him if he thinks he’s going to ruin the surprise.

He taks Carl into a warehouse. A bunch of people are there they kneel when they see Negan. He tells them to work hard and play by the rules. He says everyone gets fresh vegetables tonight for dinner – no points needed. They applaud, and he tells Carl that respect is cool.

Eugene and Rosita walk to the gate. She says they aren’t doing anything for Negan. Spencer tells her not to fight it. Father Gabriel says maybe they should all go together. Spencer says they have to produce for the Saviors; it’s like taxes. He tells Rosita not to be pissed at him. He didn’t do this; Rick did. She tells him to pay his taxes from all the stuff he stole and leave her alone. She leaves with Eugene. Spencer gets into the car with Gabriel.

Negan shows Carl his harem. He tells him to knock himself out. He asks Sherry if he can talk to her. They step aside and he asks what happened with Amber and Mark she says what they talk about when he’s not there is none of his business. Wow. She’s brave. He tells her that he heard Mark skipped out on a directive and needs to know if it’s true. He says there are rules for a reason and nothing matters if you’re dead. She tells him to calm down, but he says he’s never hit any of them. She says what he does is worse. He smiles and says, to be continued.

Negan gives Carl a beer. Amber is crying. He tells her he doesn’t want anyone there who doesn’t want to be there. If she wants to leave and go back to Mark, she can. But she can’t cheat on him. He says there are plenty of gals who would like to take her place. He suggests he put her on the same job as Mark and her mom. I’m assuming they’re on zombie duty. She tells him no, and he says she knows what that means. She tells him she loves him and he says of course, and that it will all work out for her.

Negan tells Sherry that he wasn’t hard on her, and she calls him an a-hole. They start kissing. Dwight brings in Daryl, who’s job tonight is serving hors d’oevres. Daryl asks why Carl is here. Negan says what they talk about when he isn’t here is none of his business, and not to make him put the toothpick in his hand through the only eye Carl has. He tells Dwight to fire up the furnace. It’s time for deja vu. Daryl lingers and Dwight pulls him out the door.

Rick tells Aaron they only have today to find something. The climb over a fence that has a sign saying the only thing to be found there is trouble.

Spencer drives with Gabriel. He asks if thoughts are a sin, but Gabriel says they’re just thoughts; it’s our actions that matter in the end. Spencer says he hates Rick, and that his mother served in congress and brought out the good in people. Gabriel says Rick brought out the good in him by inspiring him; he kept everyone together. He says it wasn’t Rick’s fault. Gabriel says that Spencer looks at it a different way, but they’re here now and can look to the future. Spencer says what future? There isn’t any with Rick in charge. He says the only good thing that could happen is Rick not making it back. Gabriel tells him to stop the car.

He tells Spencer that what he’s saying doesn’t make him a sinner, but does make him a tremendous sh*t. Just for now; it doesn’t have to be terminal. He gets out of the car and says he’s going back. Spencer gets out and jets into the forest. He sees a zombie hunter up on a blind.

In Negan’s parlor, Carl asks Negan if the women are actually his wives. Negan says he thought why not make life better? He tells Carl to sit and says let’s get started. He wants to get to know Carl better. He says Carl is smart. He’d expect a kid his age to be moping around, but instead he has a mission. He came looking for Negan, but he’s not going to let things slide. He asks if Carl really wants to piss him off, and asks to see Carl’s non-eye. Carl takes his bandana off and Negan goes on about how gross it is. He asks to touch it. What is he, ten? He says it’s easy to forget Carl is just a kid, and he was just screwing around.

There’s a knock at the door. Fat Joseph brings Lucille in, telling Negan that he left it by the truck. Negan tells Carl that it might not be a hit with hit ladies, but no one will want to screw with someone who looks like him. He asks Fat Joseph if he treated Lucille like a lady. He makes a joke, Fat Joseph laughs, and Negan tells him get out. He tells Carl that this is the sh*t his dad should be teaching him – men busting each other’s balls. I could almost like this guy.

Negan asks what Carl does for fun and if he likes music. He wants Carl to sing. He says that Carl mowed down two of his men, and he wants something in return. Carl is like, no, and Negan points Lucille at him and says start singing. Carl starts to sing You Are My Sunshine. Negan swings the bat around as Carl sings badly. He tells Carl not to let him be a distraction. Carl starts crying and now I want to hit him with the bat. No offense to the teen and tween hearts that are going pitty-pat right now.

Carl finishes the song, and Negan says Lucille loves being sung to more than she loves bashing brains, and mentions how weird that is. It’s weird all right. He asks if Carl’s mother sang that to him, and where she is now. By Carl’s reaction, Negan knows she’s dead, and he asks if Carl saw it happen. Carl says he shot her before she could turn. Negan says no wonder he’s a serial killer in the making, and tells him that was an example of breaking balls. He tells Carl to get up, because it should be ready.

Dwight tends the furnace. The crowd is back in the warehouse. Negan comes in, banging Lucille along the banister. He tells Carl to hold the bat. He tells the people that they know the deal. What’s going to happen will be hard to watch. He doesn’t want to do this, but he has to. Why? Because rules keep us in line. They survive and provide security to others, which is civilization. To the world, they’re the Saviors, but they can’t do it without rules. Rules make it work. It’s not easy, but there’s always a cost. If you try to cut corners, it’s the iron for you. He tells everyone to get up from their kneeling positions.

Mark is tied to a chair and Negan approaches him. Dwight takes a literal iron from the fire. Negan says, sorry, but it is what it is. Mark gets on iron on his face, and even Dwight can’t look. Mark passes out. Negan says it wasn’t so bad. Carl and Daryl lock eyes. Negan says Mark peed himself and tells Daryl to clean it up. He tells the doctor to do his thing.

Negan tells the crowd everything is cool. Let Mark’s face be a daily reminder that the rules matter. He hopes they all learned something, because he doesn’t want to have to do this again. He says Carl probably thinks he’s a lunatic. He says let’s figure out what to do with you, and leads Carl away.

Spencer gets a rope. He jiggles the hunter’s plaform until his weapon falls. Poor dude is just hanging there, and Spencer finally gets him down and goes through his pockets. There’s a note in there that I can’t read, but Spencer finds it of interest.

Rosita and Eugene go to the auto shop or whatever it is. Eugene says he didn’t want to come back here, and tells her no. She says she asked him to make her a bullet and he said yes, so make one. He says he can’t figure out any way it makes sense, and wants her to slow her roll. She says she’s not waiting, and he tells her that she’s being stupid. He’s analyzed it top to bottom, and Abe was right; they have the numbers. He says even if she’s willing to pay the price, it’s unlikely she’ll be the one who pays it. She says he’s not talking her out of it. He owes her and Abe. She says he’s a coward and weak. The only reason he’s alive is because he lied, and people feel sorry for him. She tells him to do something useful and make her a bullet. Eugene gets the bullet-making stuff ready.

Sherry is in the stairwell having a smoke. Dwight joins her. He tells her not to beat herself up about selling out Mark. She says that’s not what happened. Okay, don’t tell us or anything. He says whatever helps you sleep at night. For him, it’s watching TV until morning. She leaves before they get caught.

Carl wants his bandana back on, and Negan says no; he’s not done with him and he likes looking at his rat-ass bad-ass eye. Ha-ha! If nothing else, Negan is colorful. Carl asks why he hasn’t killed him, Rick or Daryl. Negan says Daryl is going to make a good soldier, and Carl’s dad is already getting him great stuff. As for him, they’ll see. It’s more productive and fun to break him. He asks what Carl thinks he should do. Does he kill him, iron his face, chop off his arm, what? Carl says he should jump out the window to save him the trouble of killing him. Negan says there’s the kid he knows and loves. Carl says he’s not doing anything and won’t. He should kill them, but he can’t. Negan says maybe he’s right and decides they should go on a ride. I’m not sure what to think about this exchange.

Jesus is on the top of the truck that Negan and Carl pull out in. Negan calls Daryl over. He says he’s taking the kid home. Daryl says if you do anything to him – and Negan tells Dwight that Daryl needs a time out and to put him in the box for a while. Daryl looks up while he’s being led away. There’s no Jesus on the top when it leaves though.

A note is slipped under Daryl’s cell door. it says go now.

Zombie piles! There’s a blockade of zombies in the road, and a woman has to stop her car. Michone comes out of nowhere and tells her to drop her weapons. She asks if Michonne wants her shoes too. Michonne says take her to Negan. They get in the car. The woman breaks quickly and tries to get the better of Michonne, but that doesn’t happen. Michonne tells her again to take her to Negan.

In Alexandria, Negan visits Olivia. He’s all happy and asks where Rick is. She says scavenging for him, and he says he’ll wait. She says they might not be back today. They’re out of everything and practically starving. He notes her weight and says not really. He’s so obviously mean, it’s funny. She starts crying, and he tells her she has no sense of humor. He apologizes for being rude, and says he thinks it would be enjoyable to screw her brains out if she’s agreeable. She slaps him. He says he’s about 50% more into her now. Okay, I have to say at this moment he made me laugh out loud. He asks her to make them lemonade.

When she leaves, he tells Carl to take him on the grand tour. He plays with the water and a dartboard while we hear a country tune. He sees baby Judith and loves on her, doing the coochy-coo thing.

Rick sneaks around with Aaron. They see a sign with long explaination and warning. It says if they’ve goten this far without being shot, the dude is dead. Maybe. They see a lake or river with zombies bobbing around in it.

Rosita has her bullet. She thanks Eugene and says she’s sorry for what she said. He says maybe the words, but not the intent. She meant it, she felt it, that’s her truth, and he’d like silence now. She got what she wanted and is just feeling bad.

Spencer drives up with a load of cans. He says they got it off a dead guy, and found all kinds of stuff like medical supplies. Rosita says he’s just going to give it to them ? He says that’s what Rick said to do, so that’s what they’re going to do. The gate to Alexiandria is opened, and they see that Negan is there.

Negan is on the porch, rocking Judith. He tells Carl that he likes it there, and might have to stay. He wonders why he’s trying so hard to keep Carl and Rick alive. Maybe he should bury them in a flower bed and settle into the suburbs.

Next time, the mid-season finale…sigh…

👢 Quick Westworld mention. After making a few failed attempts at watching HBO’s new drama, I caught a marathon a couple of weekends ago. It took me a minute, but I decided I’m in. I thought they were a bit heavy on the sub-plots, but let that pass because it’s so damned fascinating. I love me some Ed Harris and James Marsden as well. Obviously, it’s a far cry from the 1973 film, which I probably saw ten times in the theater. I could watch Yul Brynner chase Richard Benjamin around all day, and it was a lot cheaper back then.  (Digression: I was blessed to see Yul Brynner in a revival of The King and I on Broadway in the late 70s. Shall We Dance? is forever burned into my mind as one of my all time favorite moments in theater.) I do have the same desire with the series as I did for the original film – I’d like to see more of the park. It’s touched on by both that there are other worlds, most notably Roman World and Midieval World, but we don’t see much of them. I’d like to see those explored further, and it’s been hinted at that this will happen. Sadly, I also heard that Westworld might not return until 2018. Like Nancy Kerrigan, I cry, why? why?