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June 23, 2017 – A Very Jason Rescue, 90 Day Lie, Some Random Thoughts & Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Stella lambastes Jordan in the middle of the police station, listing every foul thing she’s ever done. Jordan tells everyone to get back to work, and asks Stella to step into her office. Stella says, oh, now she has shame. She didn’t when she cheated on Tommy, and passed off TJ as his son.

Michael tells Nelle he had a great time, but he has to be at work early. She calls him the responsible one, and he says Josslyn is the same way.

Meanwhile, at Carly’s place, Josslyn is on the phone with Carly, saying that Trina’s parents are home; what could go wrong? Trina shows up with beer. Well, that, for one thing.

Sam tells Monica she has to get to Puerto Rico tonight, and asks if she can keep the kids a little longer.

In Puerto Rico, Carly wants to go out for some air, and opens the door to Wavy Gravy, who points a gun at her, and clichély says, nobody move or someone is gonna die. I figure his name is probably meaningless anyway, since he’s a disposable character.

Trina tells Josslyn to put all the breakables in her mom’s room, and they probably should lock some of the rooms. She suggest that they dip into the liquor cabinet, thinking Carly will be too distracted from her trip to notice the bottle levels.

Nelle says that both she and Josslyn are lucky to have Michael in their lives. He’s looking forward to more nights like this. She kisses him, and then apologizes. He says he’s not sorry. He tells her that he’ll call her. After she goes inside, he can’t believe he said something so trite, and in her apartment, Nelle can’t believe she apologized. There’s a knock at the door. She opens it, and careens right into Michael. She asks if he’d like to come inside for a bit, and he says he’d like that for a bit.

Sam gives Monica instructions. Monica says they’ll be fine; it’s Sam she’s worried about. She wonders why Sam wants to go to Puerto Rico. Sam says Sonny is in trouble. Jason went to rescue him, and she’s going to rescue Jason.

Grinchy tells Sonny to sit, but wants Carly close by. Sonny isn’t too happy about that, and Gustaf says that Sonny’s people put his brother in the ground last year, and he came to return the favor. Okay, this name game might be fun.

Jordan says she’s made mistakes, but Stella hasn’t walked in her shoes. She never intentionally hurt anyone. Stella says she guesses Jordan hopping into bed with another man wasn’t intentional, and calls Jordan a dishonest, lying, faithless Jezebel. Curtis appears, and says, that’s enough. I’d say so.

In a private room, Curtis tells Stella that airing the family’s dirty laundry and causing a scene isn’t like her. She says she never thought they’d be in a situation like this. Curtis says that TJ is worried about her. Stella wonders how any of them can’t be upset. She says if her sister wasn’t dead, this would have killed her. TJ was all they had left, and Jordan let them live with a lie. Curtis says it was a lie of compassion. Jordan joins them, saying that she was trying to protect Thomas. Stella says she was trying to protect herself. If she hadn’t been unfaithful, Thomas would still be alive. She took everything, and now she took TJ too.

Josslyn freaks when she hears Trina inviting guys. She says she’s never done this before, but Trina says she’s got this. She even invited Josslyn’s crush, Oscar, the new kid at school. A group of kids come to the door, yelling party! and bearing liquor. Oscar brings up the rear, and he’s pretty cute.

Michael makes tea, and Nelle says she should be the one waiting on him. She says growing up with siblings must have been nice. Michael says they weren’t The Brady Bunch, but Nelle says it was still a family, and they had love. She wonders what his family is going to say when they find out they’re seeing each other. Michael says they will, because they’re not going to hide it. Nelle says he has more to lose than she does.

Monica tells Sam that Jason is pretty adept of taking care of himself. Being pragmatic, if there’s imminent danger, there’s nothing they can do, and if Sam walks into it, what about the kids? Sam says she hates that Jason left her and the kids to help Sonny. Monica says he’ll never break his loyalty, so just hope he did what he had to do and is on his way back.

Gargoyle tells Sonny that he gets to see someone he loves take their last breath; not exactly the same, but close enough. Sonny says the difference is that he and Carly are going on their feet, and his brother was on his knees, begging. Gobstopper lunges for him, but Carly whacks him on the head, and he and Sonny struggle.

Nelle gives Michael some cookies. He asks if she likes the tea, and says he could make her something different, but she tells him that he shouldn’t fuss over her. She’s concerned about how Carly is going to react, but he suggests that when they’re on a date, they not talk about other people with opinions. The only opinions he cares about are the two of theirs, and his opinion of her is great. He tells her that he’s happy she’s in his life too.

Trina gives Josslyn’s party guests a couple of rules, and suggests Josslyn talk to Oscar. Josslyn says she will later, and asks why Trina invited so many people. Trina thinks it’s a minimal number, and says Oscar is obviously into Josslyn, since he keeps looking at her. Someone yells hot tub! and the kids go outside. Except for Oscar.

Curtis says blood don’t make family. TJ is theirs, and nothing will change that. Knowing different doesn’t mean different. He asks Stella if it robs her of any memories or if she loves him any less. Stella says she promised to take care of the family, and now look at them. It’s only a matter of time before Curtis gone too. Jordan destroyed their family, and he’s either too blind or too stupid to get it.

Monica wonders what’s up with Sam that she’s not taking things in stride. Sam says Jason removed himself from Sonny’s world more than once. They were building a new life with their kids, but they’re trapped, and there’s nothing they can do.

Carly tells Sonny to get down, and shoots at Gunderson. She misses, and he comes after her, but is shot from behind by our hero Jason. Told you Gorgo wouldn’t be around long.

Stella approaches TJ at work. He asks if she’s okay. She says it’s been a long night, and she’s sorry. He says he is too, and it’s a lot to process. He just found out last year, and had to process it too. He asks if she saw Jordan, and she says she went to the station. He informs her that they have policemen and jail cells there. Ha-ha! Stella says they had an exchange, and TJ says, I’ll bet.

Jordan tells Curtis that she knew it was going to happen, but didn’t think it would be in the squad room. He says at least it’s over. She says far from it; Stella hates her. Curtis says that’s nothing new, and Jordan says she’ll hate him too – as long as he’s with her.

Nelle and Michael discuss the concert. She says it was interesting to hear Avant-garde classical music in Port Charles. She also didn’t realize nails on a blackboard was considered music. (Was it John Cage?) Michael says he hated it, and Nelle says she saw everyone else transfixed, and wondered what she was missing. He tells her to be honest. She says that her being honest would be a change. He tells her the only way to get better at something is to practice, and suggests she start.

Oscar introduces himself to Josslyn. He says everyone at school knows and likes her, even the new kid. He tells her about the kids discussing her parents, and her dad being some kind of crime boss. She says that’s her stepfather, but hopefully not for much longer. She asks if he’s not into the hot tub thing, and he thinks getting naked with strangers isn’t a good way to meet people. Tell that to any number of reality shows.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s bleeding. Carly asks who shot him. Jason says she did.

Sam tells Monica that she sees Jason slowly getting back into the business. She says that she even heard Sonny saying he has him. Monica says that doesn’t sound like Sonny, and were those his exact words? Sam sees Sonny in the room with them, telling her not to trust anyone.

Carly asks Jason if he needs anything, and he says he could use a drink. Gorgonzola is going to the hospital. He should make a full recovery, and will be extradited afterward. Sonny toasts to Carly, a woman of rare courage and horrible marksmanship. He makes another toast to Jason, who has perfect timing. Jason says that Julian warned him. Sonny wonders about Julian’s angle, and Jason thinks he was trying to impress Sam.

Monica asks if Sam is all right, and Sam says she doesn’t think so. Monica thinks she needs some rest. Sonny talks to her in her mind, and Monica repeats that she needs to rest. Sonny says she needs to cover better. How long before they take the kids and send her away? Sam’s phone rings. It’s Jason. He apologizes for not calling sooner, and says everything is taken care of. He’s flying back tonight. Sam no longer sees Sonny, only an empty chair.

Curtis tells Jordan that they just got together. She says Stella is his second mother, and he says she’ll be fine. Jordan says she’ll never forgive him for choosing her. She tells him that it’s not anyone’s decision but hers. All the damage she’s done, she doesn’t want to do anymore. She’s done, and they’re done.

Stella says TJ is responsible, like his father – his actual father. Thomas brought him up, and taught him right from wrong; he made his mark on TJ, and when she looks at him, she sees Thomas. She asks how he coped with the news. He tells her that at first, he was upset, but nothing has really changed. His mom messed up bad, but she’s still his mom.

Josslyn tells Oscar that her family situation is messed up, and Oscar says his is too. He’s expected to act a certain way and do certain things without question. He says he used to speak up and try to change things, but no one listened. She identifies. They compare notes on their family lives.

Michael tells Nelle that he’ll go first. He tells her a story about how he wore tighty-whities when he was in school, but saw the other guys in the locker room wearing boxers. He didn’t know it was a choice between one or the other, so wore boxers over his briefs. You’d think one of the male figures in his life would have clued him in. Nelle says she’s afraid of dogs because she was bitten by a chihuahua. He tells her that’s barely a dog, and they go back and forth. She’s afraid of screwing something up at Crimson, and he tells her how wonderful she is, but she says he’s supposed to be talking about himself. He says that he has excellent taste in women, and she tells him that he’s the best person she’s ever known; she has faith in him. Michael says he should go, and Nelle says maybe he should, but he doesn’t have to. He says, good, because he doesn’t want to. I’m wondering if this relationship will stick, since his batting average is pretty bad.

Josslyn says that the plus side of not joining the others is that she and Oscar get all the pretzels to themselves. He says he thought she had it all – money and the good life – but she totally gets him. He asks if she drinks, and she says not that much, but her real father is Australian, and they’re big drinkers. She takes a swig from a bottle that I assume contains alcohol. He says she’s full of surprises. She takes another gulp.

Nelle and Michael kiss. He says they should stop, but she says no.

Jordan wants to stop making mistakes, and Curtis asks if she hasn’t learned to get a second opinion. She may have decided they’re done, but he’s decided they’re not. He leaves, and she ponders.

Stella tells TJ that she understands why Curtis kept quiet. He did it for all of them. If TJ can forgive him, maybe she can find a way. TJ says it’s a start. When she asks what he means, he tells her that if she can forgive Curtis, maybe she can forgive Jordan.

Sonny tells Jason to take Carly back to Port Charles, but she says they have unfinished business and she’s staying. Jason promises he’s fine, and tells them he’ll see them back home. Outside, he calls Sam. He says he’ll be home soon, and he loves her.

Back in Sam’s head, Sonny says that Jason sounds happy and energetic, and loves what he’s doing. He says Jason is back in the business, and to get used to it. Sam says that Sonny can’t have him, but Sonny says he has him already. She says she’ll stop him, and he tells her that those are big words from a little woman. Sam says she’ll get the last words. Wait and see.

Carly tells Sonny that was exciting. She knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, and he says that he’d die first. They kiss, but when Sonny moves in for seconds, Carly pushes him away.

On Monday, Hayden has a job for Curtis, Kiki asks if Ava wants her to not come back, and Josslyn says OMG.

💍 I gave 90 Day Fiancé another try, this time it was Pedro and Chantal: Our Journey So Far. Whatever that was I saw last week (I’ve mercifully blocked their names from my mind) was an honest-to-God train wreck, but this was a lot better. The episode mostly revolved around Chantal having lied to her parents, saying that Pedro was just there on a student visa. It was more like they met in the Dominican Republic, are engaged, and have to get married or he’s being sent back. Chantal spent a lot of the time wailing about not having the wedding of her dreams. To be honest, I didn’t really think too much about that stuff growing up. I did have a fabulous wedding on the cheap though, but that’s because I have talented friends. We also didn’t have to whip it up in a few weeks’ time. These two didn’t even have rings. Pedro was annoying, pretending he didn’t understand, whenever Chantal’s dad asked him a question. Her brother was the best, just eyeing Pedro up and down, with folded arms. I was a mother’s helper for many years, and it was reminiscent of the stance one of “my” kids took when meeting my husband for the first time. Except she was five, and Chantal’s brother is considerably older. No surprise, the announcement – made a few days before the wedding – didn’t go over too big with the family. Chantal’s parents were understandably concerned, and wanted her to get a prenup to cover any future inheritance. She and Pedro ended up downloading one from the internet, since a lawyer required more than a one-day turnaround, and it seemed to appease them. Pedro alternately blamed Chantal for waiting so long to tell them, and blamed her parents for having an issue with no one knowing him. Chantal’s best friend put together a lovely setting in the park for the ceremony, and her parents and brother showed up at the last minute. Her father did say, however, that they’d be keeping an eye on Pedro. No doubt.

👰 You probably know by now, but The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore is a married woman. Not to Matt, thank God. She’s now wed to businessman Marc Daly. Although the nuptials were on the sly, many of their nearest and dearest were at their St. Lucia affair. The couple also had a mini honeymoon there. No big surprise, Kenya looked beautiful, as did the setting.

💸 Highly recommended is Wizard of Lies, a film about Bernie Madoff, in rotation on a few of the movie channels. The whole cast is wonderful, but Robert De Niro as Bernie is eerily accurate. It was like a combination of Wall Street type movie and a documentary, two of my favorite genres.

Something to Ponder…

🎪 Pretty soon we won’t be able to say anyone is hogging something in case we offend a pig. There will be no more bogarting a joint either. Humphrey’s great grandniece might feel disrespected. How much longer must this circus continue?

Quotes of the Week

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.Maya Angelou

Action is the foundational key to success. – Pablo Picasso

That’s why I grew my beard. To hide my sadness.Ryan Serhant, from Million Dollar Listing New York, after having to table a listing.

🎢 Enjoy your weekend, and remember…