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December 23, 2015 — It isn’t Christmas Without a Trip to GH & the Year 2000


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Dante and Valerie (ugh!) are hanging out in the town square or whatever passes as one. They have their uniforms on, so I guess they’re supposed to be on duty. Valerie says they haven’t really had any one on one time, and wonders where things are going.

At The Haunted Star, Lulu wakes Johnny up. She tells him she wants some answers and he tries to flirt. She wants to know the next step in his plan against Valerie. He says he’s waiting for a call from an associate.

Carly brings Sam back to her and Sonny’s place. Sam tells Sonny what went on at the gala.

Elizabeth runs to Nicholas, who’s lying there half conscious. Hayden freaks, and tries to pummel Jason a little, but it’s like a fly batting at an elephant.

Dante says he doesn’t blame Valerie for feeling confused and things are complicated. She asks him if he’s having second thoughts. When he hesitates, she says she thinks she’s got her answer. He says there is no answer and that just because he’s separated doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have feelings for Lulu and that Rocco comes first. He says he knows they can have something special and they kiss. Not sure where those feelings for Lulu went. Now he’s confusing me. Someone is watching them with binoculars.

Lulu tells Johnny that she hates Valerie, but doesn’t want her dead. He says he doesn’t want a murder rap, so he doesn’t either. She says she also doesn’t want Valerie physically hurt, and Johnny is a little insulted. He tells Lulu that he spoke with Valerie when he messed with her car, and that he’s discovered her vulnerabilities. Johnny tells Lulu to trust him and that when he’s done, Dante won’t want anything to do with Valerie. He gets a text and jets.

Laura comes by The Haunted Star to check on Lulu. She sees Lulu making the bed and says she thinks she knows what’s going on and it’s a big mistake.

Carly gets a call about an ambulance being called to the MetroCourt and leaves to go back.

Jordan shows up at the MetroCourt with a policeman. Hayden tells Jordan that Jason threw Nicholas off the balcony. Elizabeth tries to keep Nicholas from passing out.

Johnny meets up with his associate and looks through the binoculars. He says Lulu deserves more than that. Dante asks Valerie what she’s doing on New Year’s and does she want to come over and watch the bowl games? (My favorite being the Bran Flakes Bowl.) Dante gets a text from the commissioner telling him to go to the hospital. He leaves and Johnny says it’s go time. He “runs into” Valerie who is calling him Greg.

Lulu says Laura is jumping to the wrong conclusion and that she’s cleaning up after a friend who stayed over at the last minute. Laura is like, hmmm, and Lulu says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Laura says that she spent too much of her life running from things that hurt her. She says she knows Lulu is angry at Dante and wants to punish him and make him look like a fool. Lulu says she’s not having revenge sex. Laura says okay, but she can see something is bothering Lulu. She says Lulu has to find a way to accept Dante’s infidelity and has to decide whether she wants him back or not. She says Lulu thinks she’s in control, but her emotions are running the show and could lead to something she regrets.

The ambulance comes and gets Nicholas.

Hayden says everything happened fast and Nicholas didn’t have a chance to defend himself. Jordan asks if Jason has anything to add and he says not without a lawyer. Carly shows up and doesn’t believe what Hayden said. She says that Jason should see a doctor since he has a nasty cut on his hand. Jordan suggests they all go to the hospital and tells the policeman to escort Jason there.

Sam asks if there’s been any change in Sonny’s condition. He says no, but just believe in him. So clap if you believe in mob bosses. Sam tells him about the break up with Patrick and he says Jason came by the gym and told him everything. Sam tells him Nicholas was in on it too. Sam is concerned that if something happens to Nicholas, Jason will get blamed. Well, something did and he is to blame.

Carly comes to the hospital with Jason and says he needs to see a doctor. Jordan says he’s a person of interest and needs to be questioned. Dante comes in and Jordan tells him to handle Jason’s interrogation. She tells him Nicholas might not make it.

Lulu says Laura is reading too much into her cleaning the boat. Laura asks why Lulu won’t tell her who was there then. Dante calls Lulu and tells her about Nicholas.

Nicholas is getting defibrillated. (Wow. That’s actually a word. I thought I was making it up.) Jordan asks Hayden to tell her exactly what happened. Carly asks Elizabeth what happened, but Elizabeth says she doesn’t know and for once isn’t lying. Dante questions Jason.

Johnny says Valerie doesn’t look happy to see him. She wonders if his walk in the park is a coincidence. He says she’s right, he wasn’t just going for a walk and he should tell her why he’s really there.

Jason wants a lawyer, and rightly so. Hayden tries to act like Jason just came out of nowhere and pushed Nicholas off the balcony. Carly still isn’t buying it.

Johnny says he was listening to the kids caroling at the church. He says he gets emotional about Christmases past and he didn’t want to tell her. He says he has something to take care of and she asks if she can help.

Lucas says he was able to stabilized Nicholas and that it’s good Elizabeth was there to keep him from bleeding out. He says they won’t know anything for sure until Nicholas wakes up.

Laura shows up and asks how Nicholas fell. Hayden says he didn’t fall, that Jason pushed him.

Sonny says he learned a long time ago that you can’t force Jason to do anything, that he has to learn it for himself. Sam talks about her conversation with him on the balcony. She says they were able to talk and even agree, and they agreed they don’t know what happens next. Sam says she’s going to live in the moment with no expectations. Sonny says they’ve been through a lot and he’s in her corner.

Sam’s phone rings. It’s Carly. She tells Sam not to say anything to Sonny, but Jason needs her and just get to the hospital.

Laura gets in Jason’s face. Carly says Jason was defending himself and if anything, Nicholas wanted to kill Jason. Jordan asks Dante if Jason said anything and Dante says Jason wants a lawyer. Jordan places Jason under arrest and reads him his rights. Carly says Hayden is a liar and Jordan can’t base a case on what she alone says. Jordan acts like it’s unheard of for anyone to ask for a lawyer and that’s a reason to arrest him. Carly says she’ll call Diane and have her meet Jason at the station.

Laura is freaking a little and tells Hayden to start talking.

Lulu thanks Dante for calling her and they hug. Too bad Valerie can’t see that.

Johnny says he wanted to make a donation to the church, but all he had was a 50 dollar bill. Valerie says she thinks she has change and digs in her purse. Johnny makes an okay sign to his accomplice

Laura tells Hayden to look her in the eye and tell her she told the police the complete truth. Hayden says she did. Lucas comes out and Laura begs to see Nicholas. Lucas says okay, and Laura goes into Nicholas’s room. Dante wants to go in too, but Lulu tells him that Lucas said just family and follows Laura. Hayden tries to wiggle in herself, but Jordan wants to talk to her.

Elizabeth asks to have a moment alone with Jason. He says good for her, saving Nicholas’s life, and asks why she’s there. Elizabeth says she knows Hayden must be lying because she knows him.

Johnny sits on a bench with Valerie while she gives him change. Mystery guy takes candid snaps and I get it now. It’s going to look like she’s hanging out with a fugitive. Bye-bye Dante and her job.

Nicholas seems to be coming around and Laura tells him he’s been given a second chance and there’s a reason for that.

Carly tells Sonny what happened. He asks how Nicholas is and Carly says he’ll live. Sonny says that’s good because Jason won’t be charged with murder, but Nicholas will lie through his teeth. Carly says that’s what she’s afraid of.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she’ll always be there for him and hugs him. Sam sees it through the door window.

Tomorrow, Robin comes home.

Happy Holidays

Since most of the shows are in reruns this week, that’s all she wrote for today. Once again though, I recommend the Then and Now with Andy Cohen retrospectives. Tonight is the year 2000 and we know lots happened in that year. Starting with the New Year’s Eve when everyone waited for a Y2K catastrophe that didn’t happen. I really didn’t pay too much attention to all that, and hoarded nothing. I actually forgot all about it until around 2 am, when I turned to my husband and said, “I guess no planes are falling out of the sky.”