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January 13, 2020 – Tracy Admits Her Angle, Captain Lee Makes a Decision, Brandi Hides, No Crown For Kyle, Not So New Cast, CZ Tells All & Some Elton


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Tracy says, no surprise she finds her granddaughter with her nose in her phone, and Brooklyn says she got some good news. Nikolas Cassadine is alive. Tracy says, so? and Brook says, maybe Tracy should text Luke. It’s just a suggestion. Tracy asks why Brook is so touchy. Brook says she’s a little emotional because a guy she thought was dead just called to say hi, and ask how she’s doing. It’s kind of crazy that no one in her family asked. Tracy says if Brook is looking for those kinds of feelings, she’s in the wrong family. Ned comes in with Michael, and says Michael didn’t text him back about not coming to the shareholder’s meeting. Tracy asks why she wasn’t informed about a meeting, and Michael says, it’s for… She knows, the people who hold shares, but as long as Dillon is out west, she has his proxy vote. Michael says they’re voting on what to do with Oscar’s shares. Brook says they can go back to their corporate infighting in a minute, but she has a big announcement.

On the phone, Sam asks where Jason is. He says he’s at the MetroCourt. He’s meeting Michael before the memorial service. Sam can’t believe they’re going, but it’s weirder that Willow wants to go. He says Willow wants closure, and Sam hopes she gets it. She’s thinking of going over to Crimson to visit Maxie. Maybe she’ll stop by the MetroCourt, and they can grab a bite. No one said there’s a rule they can’t bump into each other. Alexis walks in, and asks what Sam thinks she’s doing.

At the MetroCourt, Franco tells Elizabeth that he loves date night. She says she loves having him back, and he asks if she’s okay. She says, it was quite a bombshell. She can’t believe Nikolas is alive. He says he’s thrilled that she’s tickled to death her ex-boyfriend is back. She says, she’s thrilled Nikolas is back, but she’s in love with Franco. She missed him every minute. He says, it’s weird that another person was living in his body, but no time passed for him. He keeps wondering what he was like. Would he want to get to know himself? She says, funny he should ask, because… They see Jason standing there.

Maxie tells Peter, far be it from her to judge when a friend is in the midst of an emotional tsunami, but when Nina was deciding whether or not to destroy Valentin, she was running the magazine herself. Then Nina comes back, and squashes a potentially huge advertising deal, and wants to micromanage. Maybe she should see what Lucy has to offer. What does he think? He apologizes, saying, it’s been a draining day at the office, but he does want to talk. What if they go get dinner instead? She likes the idea, but has some things she needs to finish, and says she’ll meet him there. He watches her as he waits for the elevator, and flashes back to admitting to Anna that he worked for Faison’s company at the same time as David Black.

Robert goes to Anna’s house, and asks if it’s a bad time. She says, it depends on what he’s there for, and he says he wants to tie up some loose ends. She says, regarding? and he says, would-be assassin David Black, who almost killed her friend Andre. He went to get the PCPD file on him, and Mac said she’s got it. Anna gives the file to him, and he says he’s surprised she took a second look, since her would-be son looks like a hero. Unless she’s having second thoughts about him too.

Maxie hears the elevator, and says, back so soon? Spinelli says they couldn’t stay away, and Maxie looks up to see him and Georgie. She thanks him for bringing their daughter with  him.

Brook says she’s been at the courthouse all morning; the lines were awful. Michael asks why she was there, and she says she did something that she should have done a long time ago. As of today, she’s no longer Brook Lynn Ashton. She’s officially and legally Brook Lynn Quartermaine. Ned tells her, congratulations; her great-grandparents would be thrilled. Tracy asks, what’s the angle? Ned asks why there has to be an angle, and, Tracy says, Brook just changed her last name to Quartermaine. Of course (🍷) there’s an angle. Michael wonders if it has anything to do with her gig at The Floating Rib tonight.

Lulu says she warned Dustin. Between the wedding and her brother showing up alive, it was quite a scene. He asks how she’s holding up, and she says she’s trying to wrap her head around it. She’s beyond happy that Nikolas is alive… He says, but she’s pissed he left the family in the dark? She says, really pissed. He’s been missing for years, and now he’s back. She’s conflicted emotionally, but hasn’t had enough time to focus on any of her emotions.

Maxie asks why Spinelli didn’t tell her that he was bringing a special guest. He says Ellie decided to come back, and they’re joining her. Maxie says it’s a welcome relief from her dumpster fire of a day. It’s a long story; she’ll explain later. She asks how long they’re in town, and he says, if all goes well, forever.

Sam ask if Alexis was eavesdropping. Alexis says, it’s her house; sue her. Sam says, fair, and Alexis says they talked about this. Sam has to be careful. Outside of visitation with Danny, Sam shouldn’t communicate with Jason. Sam says she’s not cutting Jason out of her life completely, and Alexis says, as long as she knows she’s playing with fire. Sam says she and Jason live in the same city. No one can stop them from bumping into each other. Alexis says she’d be impressed by the loopholes Sam found, if her anxiety wasn’t skyrocketing. Sam says, if all goes according to plan, they won’t have to be discreet much long. Alexis asks, what’s that supposed to mean?

Elizabeth tells Franco that she needs to speak to Jason about Jake for a moment. She thanks Jason for Jake’s Christmas gift, and apologizes that he had no holiday time with his son. It’s been crazy busy since Franco came back. Franco says, hi, and tells Jason that he heard they bonded. Monica told him that he helped Jason build a treehouse. Jason puts his jackass hat on, and says, they didn’t bond, and Franco didn’t help him. Franco says, cool. Elizabeth says, Jason helped change Drew’s mind. She and Scotty did everything they could, but whatever Jason said convinced him. It made Drew realize that it wasn’t his life, and it belonged to Franco. Franco thanks Jason, and says he guesses he owes Jason his life. He sees Peter, and says, just about as much as he owes that guy. He tells Peter, hi.

Anna tells Robert that his bias against Peter is showing. It’s not a good look. He says she’s deflecting, and she says she’s concerned that he’s investigating an innocent bystander. He says, Peter shot the shooter, and she says, he didn’t know anything about the assassin. Robert says, it’s too convenient, and wonders if she has questions about Peter’s story too.

Alexis asks how exactly is Sam expediting her and Jason’s reunion, and Sam says they have a deal with Robert. Alexis says, Jason is working with the DA? Sam asks if she doesn’t think Jason is credible, and Alexis says she thinks Jason’s intentions might be good, but it’s a Federal conviction and Robert is the local DA. He has no pull with the Feds. Sam says, not necessarily. Robert is brokering a deal between her and the Feds. Alexis asks, how? and she says Robert thinks he can get her parole reduced if they offer up a bigger fish. Alexis asks if she’s caught anything.

Peter tells Franco, hey, and Franco says it’s good to see him. The man of the hour is here. He heard about Peter’s heroics at GH. He saved Franco’s life, and Andre’s too. Peter brushes it off, and Franco tells him, don’t be so humble. Elizabeth asks if he’s meeting someone, and he says he’s meeting Maxie. Elizabeth says she’s been meaning to get in touch. They’d like to have her and Peter over for dinner. Peter says, that’s not necessary, and Franco says he’s a bonafide hero; they should celebrate. Peter says, he’s really not.

Robert tells Anna, now they’re getting somewhere. How long as she been suspicious of Peter? Anna says, Jason saw her at the hospital the day Franco was going through the procedure. He believes Peter was more involved with Faison than he admits, and with what was done to him and Drew. Robert says, the procedure and Drew’s death are connected, and asks if she’s come up with any evidence linking Peter to the assassin. She flashes back to Peter admitting that he worked at Faison’s company at the same time David Black did. Robert asks if Jason had any hard evidence, and she says, no. That’s why she was reviewing the file. He asks if she found anything.

Lulu says she’s sorry to unload on Dustin, and he says she has a lot going on. She says she’s glad she hasn’t scared him off, but just wait. He says, there’s more? but she says she actually thinks her life is about to get calmer. Nikolas’s return will have fallout, but Charlotte is home safe with her. She thinks they might actually have a chance to spend more time together. He says, it’s not fair that she’s getting his hopes up. She says she knows every time it looks like they can get to know each other more, something gets in the way. A disastrous wedding… He says, teenagers, and she says, Charlotte jumping off the pier. He says, her mother, and they laugh. He says he’s glad to hear her laugh, and she says it happens a lot with him. He says he’s good at other things too, and she asks if he wants to get out of there. He asks where they’re going, and she says Rocco is with his grandmother, and so is Charlotte. They could go back to his place.

Ned says, Brook has a gig? and she tells Michael, thanks, narc. Michael says The Floating Rib had a big PR blast, and Ned wonders how Brook got out of her contract. Tracy tells Ned to fill her in, and Ned says, Brook is stuck in a contract with a predatory music producer. Brook says, he’s a skeeze, and Ned says, a skeeze with an intimidating angle. Brook says now that she’s a Quartermaine, she can sing wherever she wants, but Michael says that won’t get her out of her contractual obligations. Ned says they have to talk, but Brook says she has to go, and jets. Tracy says, Brook’s first day with the Quartermaine name, and she’s already disgraced it.

Alexis says, so Robert is willing to broker a deal with Sam if she has someone big to offer? Who is it? Sam says, it’s confidential; sorry. Alexis says that’s hardly comforting. The doorbell rings, and Alexis says Sam was saved by the bell. She hopes Sam knows what she’s doing, and tells her to be careful. Sam says, always, and Alexis opens the door to find Neil. He asks if it’s a bad time. Alexis says, it’s perfect timing, and invites him in. Sam says she’ll give them space, and tells Neil, hello and goodbye. She leaves, and Alexis says, welcome home. He thanks her, and says, it’s been a minute. She says, a couple. It’s nice see him. Did he just come to say hi, or is it something else?

Maxie tells Spinelli, hold up. They might be in Port Charles permanently? Spinelli says, it’s possible. Ellie is in the running for a desirable position heading up a lab in Queens Point. She’s going to her final interview, and they’re expressing cautious enthusiasm. He and Georgie came along in case she’s presented with an offer; they’ll have to find a place to live. Maxie says she’s cautiously excited. She knows how it can be when an expected chance comes along, and you’re afraid to go for it, but if you do, something incredible might happen. He asks if she’s talking hypothetically or is she leaving Crimson?

Ned tells Tracy that ELQ is under control. Tracy asks Michael, what’s more important than being CEO of ELQ? and he says, a memorial service. She says, her condolences. Who passed? Michael says a man who he despised.

Dustin tells Lulu, there’s nothing he wants more than to spend the night with her, but only if she wants to. She asks why she wouldn’t, and he says she’s had a lot of emotional upsets lately. He wants to make sure she’s ready to have sex again. She laughs, and says she appreciates him asking for consent. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t have family drama going on, but a girl has her wants. She wants to be happy, and she’s happy with him. He says he can’t argue, and they kiss. He goes to settle the check, and she says she’ll wait outside; don’t keep her waiting. As she gets up, Brook runs into her, spilling her drink on Lulu. Brook says, sorry, but then sees who it is, and says, or not.

Robert says Mac told him that Anna has had the file since before Christmas. She must have found something. She says, nothing that links Peter to the assassin. He asks, what about Jason’s theory? and she says, it’s a theory. There’s no evidence to support it. He wonders if she didn’t look too close, and says she has a Peter-sized blind spot. If she’s not careful, she could be in a lot of trouble. When Peter goes down, he doesn’t want her going with him. Things are in the works that are going to show her what her would-be (Robert’s WOTD) son is really like.

Peter tells Franco that he appreciates the complement, but he’s uncomfortable being the center of attention. Franco says he’s a hero, and Peter says that’s kind of him to say, but he prefers to publish the news rather than be the news. He and Maxie would love to have dinner. He tells Elizabeth, pick the date, and let him know; they’ll be there. He says, it’s good to see them, and starts to leave. She asks if he’s not meeting Maxie, but he looks at his phone and says, she’s craving Noodle Buddha now. He leaves, and Franco says, awkward. What’s up with that guy?

Spinelli tells Maxie, he doesn’t mean to pry, but this could be a watershed moment. She’s not thinking of leaving Crimson, is she? She says, forget it, and he says, it’s forgotten. Sam comes out of the elevator, and hugs Spinelli. Maxie asks him to tell Sam the good news, and he says, it’s not good news yet, but it might be. It’s possible Ellie might get a local job in Queens Point, but nothing is set in stone. Sam hopes Ellie gets the job. They need him there.

Neil hope he didn’t interrupt Alexis and Sam, but Alexis says Sam was on her way out. She asks when he get back, and he says, a few hours ago. She says he came right over? and he says he tried to call, but got voicemail. She says her phone was on silent, and asks how Montclair was. Did he spend time with his brother and family? He says, it was nice, and she says, just nice? She’s glad, but she should have gotten him a thesaurus for Christmas. She forgot to thank him for saving her life before he left. She missed him. He seems distracted, and she says, okay. Just tell her what’s going on.

Tracy says Michael is going to skip the shareholders meeting for a memorial service for a sociopath? Why give that twisted guru a second of his time? Michael says Shiloh’s followers will be there for closure, and he wants to be supportive. In particular for Kristina and Willow. Ned explains that Willow is Wiley’s birth bother, and Tracy says Michael is so consistent, making nice with a sweet single mother. Shocking. Michael says, fun as this was, he needs to hit the road. Ned tells him, good luck. After Michael is gone, Tracy tells Ned to drop the cool and collected act. He asks her, why the sudden revitalized interest in ELQ?   

Lulu tells Brook to watch where she’s going, but Brook says Lulu hit her drink. This is where Lulu offers to buy her another round. Lulu says she knew Brook would ruin this. Brook sees Dustin, and says, oh my God. Is she on a date? There are peanut shells on the floor; she should practice better self-care. Lulu says, if it’s such a dive, what is Brook doing there? Brook says, performing, and Lulu asks how it feels going from Webster Hall to this? Brook says she has to go, and tells Lulu, enjoy her date. Lulu joins Dustin at the bar, and he asks, what happened? she says she was just showered with Sex on the Beach. Brook tells herself she’s got this. No one can stop her. A skeevy looking dude walks in, and says, want a bet?

Alexis says Neil is clearly distracted and distant. He says he’s here, and happy to see her. She says she can tell. He’s been off the radar, which is understandable because of the holidays. She understands. Neil says he kept in touch, and she says they texted nightly and he came straight there, but it’s awkward. He says he didn’t mean to give mixed-up signals, and she says, talk to her. He can tell her anything. He gets up, and says, something happened while he was away.

Spinelli tells Sam and Maxie, the possibility of moving back is exhilarating; he’d love to be close as a family again. Peter comes back, and Maxie says, look who’s here. They exchange pleasantries, and Spinelli, who looks uncomfortable, says he has to go check in and get settled. He hopes to catch up soon. Maxie hugs him and Georgie, and tells Spinelli, thanks.

Franco says now he knows Peter is uncomfortable with praise, and Elizabeth says, it’s a sign of insecurity. Franco thinks it’s weird, and wonders if Peter is socially awkward like Jason. Elizabeth tells him, if he gets in the habit of complaining about Jason, he might slip in front of Jake. Franco says he’ll change the subject. What was he like as another person? Was he cool or stone cold like Jason? She says he can judge for himself. He recorded a video message for Cameron. She hand him a phone, and says it’s his to watch when he wants.

Michael meets Jason at the MetroCourt bar, and apologizes for being late. He says, Tracy finally made her move, and Jason asks, how bad? Michael says he thinks she’s after ELQ.

Ned asks Tracy to tell him what her angle is. She says she’s concerned for the family, and he says her time away with Luke has made her soft; she used to be a better liar. She asks why she would lie, and he says she hasn’t shown a scintilla of interest in the family. Now she drops in out of the sky to take pot shots at Michael and his daughter. She says she wants to make sure ELQ remains in the family’s hands, and he says, she’s making a play for ELQ again, isn’t she?

Brook asks what he’s doing there, and I think we can assume he’s her producer, Zak. He says he had a meeting with a Canadian hip-hop artist who’s supposed to be the next Drake. He thought he’d stop in before he went back to civilization. Imagine his surprise when he saw that Brook Quartermaine was preforming. She says, it’s a two drink minimum; enjoy the show. He says if she does this gig under any name, she’s breaching her contract, and he’ll sue her. She says she’s sure he has more successful clients; why won’t he leave her alone? He says he sees her potential, and grabs her. He pulls her to him, and says he doesn’t care. He doesn’t give up on talent, and wants further collaboration. She whacks him in the mouth, and steps away from him.

Alexis says she’s thinking Neil must have met someone, and that’s fine. He says, it’s nothing like that . He’s losing his medical license. She asks how that’s possible, and he says, because of her.

Zak says, there she is. The diva he’s always wanted. He moves toward Brook, who says, don’t touch her. Lulu comes out of nowhere, and pulls him back, calling him an SOB, and telling him to get his hands off of Brook. Dustin slams him up against the wall, and asks if he was never taught not to put his hands on a woman. Brook says, teach? and Dustin says, Brook?

Ned says Tracy has a sudden interest in voting Dillon’s shares, and in Michael directing the company. She wants to push Michael out as CEO and chairman, and put herself in his place. She says, not her. Someone else.

Michael tells Jason, Tracy had a field day talking about Shiloh’s memorial. It wasn’t her usual snark. She said he was neglecting the company. Jason says Michael doesn’t have be there, and Michael says Jason doesn’t either. Jason says he thinks whoever is behind this memorial has an agenda, and Michael says he does too.

Elizabeth asks if Franco doesn’t want to watch. He says he does, but doesn’t think he’s ready to see himself. He’s kind of terrified, and guesses that makes him a coward. She says, far from it. Whenever he’s ready, it will be there. He smiles.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s almost finished. She asks if Sam wants to join them for dinner, but Sam says, sorry. Olivia just texted her. The kids were spending the night, and now they don’t want to, so mom to the rescue. She’d like a raincheck though, and Maxie says she’ll hold Sam to it. Sam leaves, and Maxie asks if Peter made reservations. He says he changed his mind, and asks if Noodle Buddha on the sofa and a move sound good. She says, it sounds like heaven, and goes to get her purse.

Anna asks what Robert means by things in the works. Is the PCPD launching an investigation, or is he calling in favors from the WSB? He asks her to promise that when the truth comes out, and it’s not to her liking, she’ll stand clear. If he’s right… She says, what if he’s wrong, and there’s no proof. Will he admit Peter is innocent? He says, no proof; no case. She says if that’s the best she can get, she’ll take it. She tells him, it’s kind of late, and he tells her, goodnight. He leaves, and she goes to her desk. She finds the papers that point to the connection between David Black and Peter, and hides them inside a book.

Tomorrow, Brook has a show to do, Neil doesn’t want to make the same mistake again, and Laura says she loves Nikolas no matter what he may have done.

Below Deck

The boat is cleaned up for the next charter. Captain Lee calls Rhylee to the Sky Lounge. Kate tells her, go in, and take responsibility for everything. The captain says he’s talked with Ashton and everybody else, and they have a situation – and it’s unpleasant. She’s probably one of the hardest working people he’s worked with, but this ain’t Alaska. It’s a yacht, and they behave differently. As with all unpleasant situations, he had to come up with a solution, and he’s come to the conclusion they’re going to make it work. It’s going to take change on Ashton’s part, and a lot on hers. Sometimes, the only way to change the way people treat you, is how you react to how they treat you. In the captain’s interview, he says Rhylee is a hard worker, but her edges are about as rough as they come, and it’s the end of the charter season. He tells Rhylee that he wants them to do better, and expects it. In Rhylee’s interview, she says, Ashton tried to get her fired, and it hurts. They genuinely don’t like her. Where does she go from here? Late tells Rhylee that she needs a break, and hugs her.

The captain radios Ashton. He tells Ashton that he could have dealt with it the way Ashton wanted to, which is just make it go away, but that’s not managing. (He listened to Kate!) Ashton says he can’t change Rhylee, and Captain Lee says he’s not asking Ashton to do that. He’s asking him to try and make it work. He asks if Ashton said he’s just tolerating her, and Ashton admits he did. Ashton says, it’s the truth, but the captain says, sometimes the truth isn’t the best management skill. Ashton is retaliating, and it’s not a role he can’t afford to take when he’s in management. Ashton says he respects the captain, and will respect his wishes. He’s willing to do it. Captain Lee tells him, do it with an open mind because his isn’t. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’s shocked at how it turned out. When a decision needed to be made, the captain went with the third deckhand. He respects Captain Lee, and is going to do what he said, but hopes it’s for a good reason. What just happened? He radios Rhylee. I laugh my head off. Poor Ashton. He didn’t get what he wanted – the easy way out.

Rhylee meets with Ashton, and he says, what happened last night is past. This morning, they need to make it work, and respect each other and the situation. They need to put in the effort, and it will be okay. He asks if there’s anything else she wants to say or add, but she shakes her head. He leaves, and she says, it’s an effing joke.

Ashton tells Brian, Rhylee isn’t going anywhere. Molly texts Ashton, and asks if he wants to meet up. In his interview, he says he doesn’t want to cause sh*t among the crew, but when guests are off the boat, they’re fair game. He tells Molly that they can meet.

Kate asks if Rhylee would be offended if she and Tanner hooked up underneath her (referring to the bottom bunk, not anything kinky). In Kate’s interview, she says, Kevin is mean to her, and Ashton is mean to her; she needs consolation. The crew gets ready to go out. Rhylee likes when they have separate taxis for the girls and guys, since she’s with the guys all day. Ashton tells Kevin, by the time the ex-guests arrive, he’ll be sleeping. Rhylee says all the guys are pissed at her, so that just leaves the three girls to hook up with. They laugh.

They hit The Library, and in his interview, Tanner says he was out of commission when they went there the last time. Ashton hooked up with Kate, and Brian kissed Courtney; who is Tanner going to kiss? Apparently, Tanner has a pretty loose definition of hooking up. He asks Kate if she’s going home with him, and she says, yes. Molly and Justine (from the last charter) walk in. Kate says, it’s ridiculous. The bartenders do the Tom Cruise/Kokomo/Cocktail thing behind the bar. In Tanner’s interview, he says they’re sexual tension between him and Kate, and now Justine has been thrown in the mix. He’s just going to get drunk and see what happens. No comment. Ashton says, the other girls aren’t happy. Kate steps out with Kevin for a smoke, and tells him they’ve spent all this time listening to these women and catering to them, and now the one time they don’t have to… In Kevin’s interview, he says it’s as annoying for him as it is for Kate. It’s their time. Molly says she’s moving n three weeks, and Ashton kisses her. Tanner asks if he can slide into Justine’s DMs. In Kate’s interview, she says she’s been the one working all season. She should get to screw a deckhand. Ashton says nothing surprises him with Kate. He doesn’t want to make drama. He tells Molly that he’ll see her in five days, and the crew gets in the taxis.

Rhylee tells the other girls that Ashton was asking Molly out. Kate says she’d rather do it with a Vienna sausage. They’re pale, yucky, sit in coagulated fat, and nobody knows what to do with them. They get back to the dock. Brian says Courtney is beautiful, and she says he’s drunk. In her interview, she says when she gets to know someone, it’s usually a day by day progression. She likes him a lot, and thinks they have a genuine connection. She doesn’t know what to say. They jog the rest of the way to the boat.

Everyone goes to bed, and in her interview, Kate says she admits she’s had a few drinks and she’s bored. Tanner has been flirting with her all season. Now she’s cashing in her ticket. She goes to his cabin, saying, Tanner, Tanner, Kate. Pajama party. He’s barely conscious, and she asks if he’s okay. In Kate’s interview, she thinks it’s a good learning lesson for him. Drink less, hook up more. She goes back to her own cabin, and says, so rude.

Everyone forces themselves out of bed in the morning. Kate asks Tanner if he’s okay, telling him that she went to invite him to her room, but he wouldn’t even flip over. In his interview, he says, is she kidding him? He blew it. Rhylee folds towels, and says, they can’t fire her even if they try. She helps with the towline, and Captain Lee watches her and Ashton work together. In his interview, Captain Lee says he’s not a fan micromanaging, and he’s not starting now with Rhylee and Ashton. They’re adults. They don’t have to like each other, but they have to work together. Neither one of them is going anywhere. He told them what he expects – deliver. Simone tells Courtney that Tanner is standoffish, and Courtney says he’s been canoodling. In Courtney’s interview, she says, Tanner is a playboy for sure. He’d said he wanted to hook up with other people, but she’s not telling Simone that he wants to hook up with other people who are her boss. Brian’s not mature, but he’s more mature than Tanner. In Brian’s interview, he says he doesn’t know where he and Courtney stand after the season is over. As far ask his daughter is concerned, he’s been single all her life. He needs to be confident about who he introduces to her, and can’t bring women in and out of her life.

Tanner tells Ashton that Kate was going to invite him to her room, and they laugh. The captain calls Kate, Ashton, and Kevin to the mess for the preference sheet meeting. The new primary is Alexis Bellino (former cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County). She’s recently divorced, and her boyfriend Andrew is looking forward to a romantic vacation. He says, she’s obviously moving on. In Kate’s interview, she says her only concern about a Housewife on a charter is they tend to be dramatic. The good news is, they can’t flip over tables since the tables are nailed down. The captain says they’re not coming until late afternoon, so Kevin doesn’t have to be concerned with lunch. They want a green, Irish theme party, and a cave/island excursion. He suggests the Pilah Lagoon, and says Alexis wants to celebrate her independence day. Kate says, as long as the guests have the most drama, they’re doing okay. She loves charter eight.

Five hours before charter. Ashton has a deckhand meeting. In his interview, he says he’s had issues with Rhylee, but he’s stuck with her. He’s going to treat her like a third deckhand. Just keep quiet, and take orders. The provisions come in. In his interview, Kevin says he’s put a lot of hours into the charter season, and it’s catching up. His back is giving him a hard time. Captain Lee tells the crew to be on the aft deck thirty minutes.

Walking to the boat with her crew, Alexis says, vacation starts now. Kate says she sounds like a dolphin, and a guest asks if anyone brought their airhorns. Captain Lee says, there’s always one d-bag. In her interview, Kate says, they look like they’re from Orange County. Tanning beds and gym memberships. She’s scared. The captain welcomes them to Thailand, and says they have a busy few days planned. So let’s get to it, get underway, and off the dock. Kate does the tour. Alexis and Andrew kiss. In Kate’s interview, she says, eww! She wonders if Alexis is proving to her ex or to her friends that she’s doing fine, but she can prove she’s doing fine without having a tongue down her throat.

The guests unpack. Courtney makes mojitos. Alexis jumps on Andrew. Anchor is dropped and locked in. Andrew dives of the side of the boat, and Captain Lee says it looks like that hurt. Ashton gets ready for the excursion, and gives Rhylee the sh*t work, like cleaning out the hot tub. In her interview, she says it’s blatantly obvious that she’s not part of the team in their eyes. She feels defeated, and is questioning what and why she’s doing what she’s doing. Kate tells Simone and Courtney that they’re handling dinner service. In Simone’s interview, she feels like she’s come a long way. Kate is still condescending though. She can’t stand the insult to her intelligence. Bye, Felicia. Rhylee eats in her bunk while the jerkface deckhands high-five each other.

Kate tells Kevin, it’s going to be freaking Dublin. Kevin says he’s just going to spice up the Irish thing. If he makes something green and puts Guinness in something, he’ll be okay. Brian texts Courtney that they haven’t spoken about the end of the season, and asks what her thoughts are. She asks what his are, and he says they’re just having fun, right? In her interview, she says, it’s insensitive to have an important conversation through text. He’s being a d*ck. It’s not that hard. Courtney tells Kate about it, and says, it’s awkward. In Courtney’s interview, she says, nobody wants to hear that a person they like is just having fun. It sounds like it’s not that important. Kate says she’s surprised. In Kate’s interview, she says she feels bad. It must be Courtney’s first boatmance. Now she’s spinning out about Brian. An excursion is perfect. Courtney can get off the boat, clear her mind, and take her misery elsewhere. The captain asks who Ashton is taking, and Ashton says, Tanner. Simone wanders around with a drink, looking for the guest it belongs with.

The guests get in the tender, and they cruise around the island. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Ashton says, it’s called Pilah Bay, but that’s as much as he can tell them. Clearly, he didn’t do his research. Alexis and Andrew go for maximum PDA. In Courtney’s interview, she says, are you kidding? It’s the last thing she wants to see, especially now. Kate asks if Rhylee was reading a magazine in the bathroom, and Rhylee says she was eating dinner in there. In Kate’s interview, she says she’s never seen this side of Rhylee before. She’s a strong woman who’s been beaten down by an ex-Chippendale.

Kevin tells Brian that Courtney is going around saying sh*t about him messaging her. In Brian’s interview, he says he’s pissed off. She’s speaking about their personal relationship, and he’s respected her. He’s seeing a different side of her, and it’s not a good side. Brian thanks Kevin for the heads up, and the guests return.

Kevin puts on a sparkly green top hat, and sings and dances. He says he’s back. Kevin is kind of an idiot, but I’ve also enjoyed him this season. Ben will always be the best though. The guests come back, and Brian says he wants to talk to Courtney. She says, maybe. He says, after dinner? and she says, maybe. In her interview, Courtney says she doesn’t want to have this conversation at work. He’s already upset her at work. Brian tells Ashton that Courtney has issues. He tries to cover his ass by saying he wanted to have a conversation with her, but thought he’d text first before they spoke. She’s acting like he broke up with her on messenger, but he just wanted to see if they were on the same page. Courtney says he’ll probably make her cry, and she’ll have puffy eyes. Brian says she’s talking sh*t behind his back. What gives her the right? It’s hard to believe three of the most insensitive, clueless d-bags ever ended up on the same boat.

Alexis and Andrew continue on the PDA trail. Courtney and Kate decorate for the Irish theme. Kate says, there’s slim pickin’s with décor in Thailand. Considering what she had to work with, it looks pretty darn good. There are green metallic streamers hanging from the ceiling, and the table is decorated with sparkly green hats, coins, and other green stuff. The guests arrive for dinner wearing flashing green horns, which are really annoying. Alexis says she’s told everyone that she’s never getting married again, and Andrew says now she’s asking when they’re getting married. Kevin does a nice spin on corned beef and cabbage, and Kate says it’s the sexiest Irish food she’s ever seen. It does look good. Simone tells Kevin the main word she’s hearing is delish.

Tanner asks if Kate wants to go for a smoke, and they go out on deck. He asks what she thinks about hooking up. In her interview, she says, don’t tell her about it, just do it. She says she believes he’s over-thinking it. If it happens, it happens, but he should probably wait a day or two. It’s awkward right now. Brian texts Courtney that she shouldn’t have brought up their conversation to Kate; it’s going to be all over the boat. He texts that she took him the wrong way. Courtney tells Kate that Brian is still texting her. Kevin makes shortbread with chocolate pudding and double cream for dessert, and I want some so badly. Captain Lee is annoyed to find no toilet paper in whatever bathroom he’s using. The guests go to bed, Simone asks Kevin if he’s okay, and Courtney cries in her cabin. In her interview, she says she thought Brian genuinely liked her, and she’s taken comfort in him through the majority of the season. Now she questions the legitimacy of how much he likes her. She can’t handle that emotionally.

The sun rises. Kevin makes meatballs and breakfast. Kevin takes the breakfast orders, and Rhylee asks if the guests are ready to see more of Thailand, and tells them to enjoy their breakfast. Rhylee tells Ashton that the guests like her. Ashton says they only have her in small doses. In the galley, Kevin falls to the floor. Simone asks him why he’s down there, and he tells her to get him some painkillers. He can’t straighten his back. Ugh. I know what that’s like, and it’s horrible. A dude we’ve never seen helps him up, and says he’ll get an ice pack. In Kevin’s interview, he says it’s the worst pain he’s ever had. He doesn’t know how he’s going to get through the charter. Simone gets his meds, and gives them to him.

Rhylee goes to her cabin. In her interview, she says it’s the hardest work scenario she’s ever had. She’s still trying to learn yachting industry. Throwing in a bunch of drama with a meathead who can’t control his temper, and boys following suit because it’s bro code; it’s hard. Courtney tells Kate that Kevin can’t move. Ashton tells Tanner to pull anchor. Brian sighs in his cabin. He asks if Courtney wants to talk, and says she took what he said the wrong way. She says he texted that he was just having fun, and she thought he liked her. He says he does. Why can’t they sort this thing out? He doesn’t want whatever they have to end this way. He says he’s never talked to anyone else about it, and she doesn’t know what he’s upset about. He says he doesn’t want other people to know his business, and she’s telling them. She’s sorry he feels that way, but it’s distracting while she’s working. He gets indignant, saying, she’s sorry he feels that way? and she says she’s sorry she didn’t realize it was that private, and it’s a big deal. He says he didn’t want to hurt her, and asks for a kiss, but she says she doesn’t know. Ashton radios for Brian, and he and Courtney agree to speak later.

In his interview, Captain Lee says all they need is for their chef to be down. Every other area, he can fix himself, but he’s just an old line cook. If the chef can’t cook, the guests don’t eat. They’re in the middle of nowhere, and he doesn’t think he can get someone to bail them out.

Next time, Tanner asks Kate when the next invite to her room is, Rhylee calls Ashton a misogynist pig, and Captain Lee says they’re all acting like a-holes and he’s madder than a pissed on chicken.

🐮 Oh Please…

I didn’t mention her discretion much in my Friday night diatribe, but this is rich. Five minutes ago, she was throwing down chairs and demanding LeeAnne stand trial. I guess she can dish it out, but she can’t take it.


👑 She Will Never Wear the Crown…

I don’t care who says it’s Kyle’s show, she’ll never replace LVP.


🌴 Everything Old Is New Again…

The cast doesn’t seem much different from last season. I wonder if Vicki, who swore up and down she was done with friend status, will accept a new contract. Could she really stand not getting married on TV?


👾 Come Out, Come Out, Citizen Z…

TBH, I never even thought about it. And now I’m thinking about how much I miss Z Nation. He and Doc were my favorite characters too. Now I’m sad and pissed all over again.


📅 Halfway Through Another One…

My New Year’s Resolution is to make no resolution. It’s better that way.

December 28, 2018 – Another New Year’s Eve in Port Charles, Z Final Battle, a Few Farewells, Ten Whole Quotes & Down Z Lane


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael thanks Ned for holding the fundraiser. Ned says it’s a win-win. They’re raising money for pediatric cancer research, and get to ring in the new year. Kristina tells Michael that it’s said the person you spend New Year’s Eve with, is the person you’ll spend the most time with in the new year. He tells her not to threaten him. She guesses he’d rather be with someone else. Chase walks in with Willow.

At the hospital, Julian finds Kim alone in Oscar’s room. He thought she’d be celebrating with Oscar, but she says he’s with Josslyn in the media room. They’re going to watch the ball drop. He says he can stay, but she tells him to go to the fundraiser. It’s a worthy cause, and she’d like to think one of them is celebrating. He tells her to say the word, and he’ll be back at midnight. He leaves, as Drew comes in. Kim asks Drew if everything is okay. He tells her that Jason stopped by to warn him about someone from his past.

Jason arrives at Sam’s place. She doesn’t think anyone will recognize him in a suit. He says no one will miss her; she looks amazing. She does, in a simple, sleeveless, low-cut black sequined number. She says she was going to blow the party off, but it’s a fundraiser for pediatric cancer research. She thought Jason would want skip it and just write a check. He says he is writing a check, but realized, sometimes you just gotta show up. Sam says, sometimes you do, and they kiss.

Ava is about to make a drink, and sees the box of Kiki’s things. She walks over to it instead.

In bed, Jordan tells Curtis, now he’s done it. He says, they both did. Jordan tells him, now, they’re going to be late. He says, it’s New Year’s Eve. Parties don’t start jumping until after ten, and they’ll be fashionably late. She says, that’s how TV stars do it, and he says he’s not a star yet. She says, soon, and he says, providing the producer doesn’t flake on their meeting tomorrow.

Not-Doc puts on surgical gloves, and sneaks into Peyton’s office.

Sam tells Jason that she should power down. He asks if she’s gotten any more emails. She says, one. They reached out and asked if she wanted help, and Sam said no. She hasn’t heard back. He says someone did a lot of research into her past. He doesn’t think they’re giving up. She asks if he thinks they should try to find them, and he says it’s her call. She knows that; she’s just asking his opinion. He thinks if she engages, she’s giving them what they want. She says he’s right, and she’s going to refuse the bait. It’s weird, knowing someone is out there, digging into her past; it’s so random. He tells her that he ran into someone today. She says, someone mysterious from his past? and he says, not his; Drew’s.

Drew tells Kim that the guy thought Jason was him. His name was Hank, and he said he knew Drew from his military days. She doesn’t remember him introducing her to a Hank in San Diego. He says Jason gave him Hank’s number. He guesses it’s up to him to do something about it. She asks if he thinks he’ll contact Hank.

Lulu walks into the fundraiser with Laura. She says it’s what Laura needs. A night on the town, no campaigning, and no sign of Doc.

Willow thanks Chase, and apologizes about not joining him on Christmas. He says it was a last minute invite, just in case she was free. He asks if she wants a drink, and she’s surprised he’s not asking her where she was. He says it’s up to her to tell him. She nearly bumps into Julian, and Chase asks if he remembers Willow. We flash back to her saying that Julian convinced her to give up her son. He tells them to come back to Charlie’s some time for shots on him

Ava looks through Kiki’s things. She reads, New Year’s resolutions 2001. Get a puppy; train puppy to high-five; see Destiny’s Child at the Garden. Ava says, that was a great concert. She continues reading. Learn how to do a backflip – she remembers that trip to the ER – learn about art from mom. Ava cries.

Not-Doc comes out of Peyton’s office. He looks around. No one is there. He closes the door, and wipes it. He says he’ll see if anyone is looking for Peyton tonight, and checks Peyton’s phone. There’s a message from Curtis, asking if they’re still on for tomorrow.

Jordan tells Curtis that the commissioner can’t be late for a charity fundraiser. He says, not even for her husband? and she says, that’s right; he’s her husband. He says he’ll remind her every day. He gets a text, and says Peyton moved up his flight home, and wants to meet tonight.

Jordan asks if Peyton knows it’s New Year’s Eve. Curtis doesn’t suspect he cares, and Jordan says it’s rude. Curtis says he’ll tell Peyton to forget it. She says, and miss his chance at fame? He says, it’s a long shot anyway, but she says it’s a big deal; go. She’ll get her commissioner schmoozing out of the way, and they can just be newlyweds on New Year’s Eve by the time he gets there. He promises to make by midnight. She says he’d better. She wants him to kiss her when the clock strikes twelve. He says, tonight, and every night, for the rest of their lives.

Jason tells Sam that the guy came up to him and called him Drew. Jason told him that he was Drew’s brother, but there was something about his reaction that didn’t feel right. It was just off. He made a point of telling Jason how he knew Drew, and said Drew knew him as Hank. Sam says, it’s weird, but maybe that’s how he talks. Jason says Hank was working him the whole time. He wanted Drew’s information, but Jason took his. He stopped by the hospital, and gave Drew a heads up. Something about him doesn’t feel right.

Drew asks Kim how he can be sure who Hank really is. He’ll have to go through an explanation; tell a long convoluted story to someone who might be nothing more than an acquaintance. Kim says maybe he’s a friend, but she doesn’t remember. He likely knows Drew from a different point in his life, and might show Drew a different aspect of himself. It could be a window to his past. Drew says he could just have his whole past back, but it’s not worth losing the life he has with his son and daughter.

Valerie sees Kristina and Michael at the fundraiser. They exchange pleasantries, but Valerie seems a little cool. Michael congratulates her on becoming detective, and asks if she wants to join them. Valerie says she’s just going to mingle, and will see them later. Michael asks Kristina if she and Valerie aren’t friends, and Kristina says she thought so. He asks if something happened.

As they get to the party, Sam tells Jason it’s his last chance to bail. Jason says they told Olivia they were doing it, so they’re doing it. Sam says no one benefited more than they did, and Jason says they’re lucky Danny is healthy now. Sam wishes all kids had the same outcome. Julian arrives, and wishes them a happy New Year.

Kim tells Drew it’s not that dissimilar than when he gave her a chance. She was a stranger too. Drew says she also turned out to be the mother of his son; that’s a big difference. She’s not just part of his past, but the present and future. He’s grateful she came to Port Charles, and he could be a part of his son’s life. Kim wishes she’d found him sooner; they would have had more time. He tells her, don’t do that. That’s the past, and they should go from where they are now. He says at least Josslyn got Oscar out of the room. Kim says he has no appetite, but she’s keeping his spirits up. They’re on their own until midnight. He hopes she can stomach the poor company. She thinks she can cope. He asks if they ever spent New Year’s Eve together, other than being stuck in traffic last year. She tells him, you could say that. New Year’s Eve is when they conceived Oscar.

Michael greets Willow and Chase. Willow says she hasn’t met his date, and Michael and Kristina are both all, no, no, no. Kristina tells Michael that for a captain of industry, he stinks at making introductions, and Michael introduces her. Kristina asks how Willow knows her big brother. Michael says since he’s a captain of industry, he spoke to her class on career day. Chase says he wowed the crowd with science tricks, and Michael says, Chase brought a dog. Chase says he borrowed Thor from the K-9 department. Willow excuses herself to see one of her student’s parents. Kristina asks Chase to tell her more about Thor.

Scotty sees Laura, and tells her sorry about the break-up. Doc didn’t deserve her in the first place. He doesn’t know how to tell her this, but Doc might be… She tells him to breathe, and says she knows Doc is sleeping with Ava.

Not-Doc arrives at Ava’s apartment. She makes them both a drink, and he asks what she’s doing. She tells him, making a list of New Year’s resolutions. Against her better judgement, the first one is to drink less, but it’s still 2018, and there’s a few hours before she has to cash that check. She’s resolved to stop crying about things and people that don’t matter. She’s finished living up to other people’s standards and expectations. The only standards she cares about are her own. Last, and most important, she resolves not to let her remaining daughter has get too close. The more she lets someone into her heart, the more she seems to hurt them.

Olivia tells Jordan that marriage agrees with her, and asks where Curtis is. Jordan says he’ll be by later, and Ned asks to speak to her a moment. Olivia makes herself scarce, and he asks if Jordan has read the article by Lulu linking the murders. He was under the impression that link was under wraps. She says it was, but Lulu had been in the squad room. He asks if they let journalists wander around, and Jordan says Lulu has certain privileges being Dante’s wife. Ned understands how persona and professional life can blue, but to avoid a full-scale public panic, Lulu’s privileges need to be revoked. Across the room, Laura raises her glass to Ned. He returns the gesture.

Julian tells Sam that he’s there to support Oscar and Danny, and wonders if they can set aside their differences. Sam blows him off, saying she and Jason are there to have a good time. They go into the party, and Alexis tells Julian it’s probably not a good idea to pretend nothing is wrong. He says he’s made headway with Lucas and Leo, and was hoping to do the same with Sam. Alexis says he hasn’t put in the work yet. He says Sam hasn’t let him, and she tells him to respect that. She asks if that’s why he came; to connect with Sam. He says, yes, but Kim asked him to. She thought one of them should put in an appearance at the fundraiser. Alexis says she probably thought New Year’s Eve at the hospital wouldn’t be fun for him. He says he offered to stay. Alexis says she was being selfless. She was trying to be responsible for her son and him. At the same time, she probably wants to spend the evening with someone who cares about her.

Kim tells Drew, they found out he was going to be deployed after the holidays, but they’d both known it could end any time. Neither one of them expected it to mean so much. To be honest she didn’t think she was strong enough to be with someone who was put in danger again and again. They did decide to remain friends, and agreed to enjoy every moment together – and they did. On New Year’s Eve, they watched they watched the fireworks over the water, went back to her place, and opened champagne. Drew says he’s got it. She says, afterward, when she was lying in his arms, she debated telling him how she really felt; that she loved him. Drew guesses she didn’t say anything, and she says, it didn’t seem fair. He was being shipped out the next day, and a few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant. He knows the rest. She didn’t want to tell him in a letter, and his missions were classified. Time went on, and she rationalized it was fine to leave everything as it was. She’d raise Oscar on her own. Sometimes she fooled herself into thinking she was succeeding. Drew thinks she did, and says Oscar is a great kid. She says that’s just who Oscar is. She had to make all the decisions alone. He says she’s not alone anymore, and kisses her.

Ned tells Sam and Jason that he thought Olivia just had wishful thinking, believing they’d be there. Olivia says she knows how much the cause means to both of them. Jason gives her a check. She looks at it, and says, very generous. It will do a lot of good for a lot of kids. Sam tells he that they were just saying how lucky they were, and she wishes all the kids would be as fortunate as Danny.

Lulu tells Willow that she and Valentin know Charlotte was bullying her cousin Aiden. She made sure Charlotte apologized, and she knows what she did was wrong. She hopes that settles things. Willow does too, but she’ll continue to monitor the situation.

Scotty says Doc is a good doer, but since Kiki’s death, he’s been plastered to Ava’s side. Laura says she wouldn’t wish that kind of grief on anyone. Scotty knows how it feels, but hates Doc and Ava together.

Not-Doc says he’s never been a fan of resolutions or time tables that set us up for failure. He likes setting real attainable goals. His goal for her is to help her mourn, but not for the rest of her life. His goal on New Year’s Eve is to help her realize what she is; a force to be reckoned with, and the strongest person he knows. She deserves to be treated better than she has been, and given more than the world has given her. She doesn’t think that sounds attainable, but he says he’s going to give it to her. And God help whoever tries to stop him.

Curtis goes to Peyton‘s office. He knocks, but there’s no answer. He opens the door, and calls to Peyton. He walks into the darkened room, and trips over something. He sees blood on his hand, and says, son of a bitch.

He turns on the lights and looks around blood everywhere screen sees Felicia

Ava tells not-Doc, those are some goals. Is he setting himself up for failure? When he says that, it almost makes her forget everything she’s lost, for just a moment. He’s not asking her to forget, but move forward. And he wants her to know he’ll be beside her, no matter what the future holds. She says, with him next to her, a future seems possible.

Chase asks Willow if she’s ready to usher in 2019. She thinks it’s going to be a good year. He does too.

Olivia says, less than one minute. She thanks them for the money raised, and everyone applauds. Ned says, it’s almost time, and they count down. At midnight, confetti falls, everyone uses their noisemakers, and there’s a lot of kissing. Auld Lang Syne plays. Michael sees Chase kiss Willow. Kristina looks at Valerie, who looks away. Jordan answers her phone, and says, so much for making it back by midnight. Curtis says she has to get there, and gives her the address. She asks what’s wrong, and he tells her that he thinks there’s been another murder.

Not-Doc kisses Ava.

Through the window of Oscar’s hospital room, Julian sees Drew kissing Kim, and leaves.

Jason and Sam go out on the terrace. She says she knows he’s hit his maximum tolerance for socializing. He says there’s good people in there, but she’s the only one he wants to be with. They kiss.

Kim tells Drew the party in the media room is winding down, and Oscar got to kiss the girl he loves at midnight. Drew says, on the subject of kisses, and she tells him, don’t think twice. They let nostalgia get the best of them. At least the person who remembers did. Drew asks if they’re good, and she says, of course.

Julian comes back to the party, and we hear everyone’s LOUD feet dancing. Alexis thought he went ot see Kim, and he says, long story. His phone rings. It’s Kim, but he doesn’t answer. Michael asks Willow where she’s going, and she says Chase got called in on assignment. He says the party is still going on. She doesn’t have to leave, but she tells him, after midnight, she turns into a pumpkin. She says, happy New Year, and gets in the elevator.

Not-Doc and Ava watch the fireworks. Ava says Kiki loved fireworks. She thought there was something magical about them, but there isn’t any magic left in the world. He says, there is, and promises they’ll find it together.

Police tape is now across Peyton’s office door, and the police are combing the place. Curtis tells Jordan that Peyton said he wanted to meet him there. The door was closed, but not locked. He looked in, but there was no sign of him, just the blood. She says it appears someone was attacked, but they have no way of knowing if it’s Peyton. Chase is doubtful whoever it was made it out alive, but they should still check the ER. Jordan is afraid the killer moved the body.

Jason and Sam watch the fireworks. He gives her his jacket. There are some fake snowmen on the terrace, and he suddenly kicks one over. A dead Peyton falls out from behind it.

Lots and lots of end-of-the-year credits. The next new show will be on Wednesday, January 2. On Monday, according to the guide, a rerun from December 31st, 1997 will be aired. I’ll definitely be checking that out. On New Year’s Day, it’s football and more football.

Z Nation

When we last left, Estes had come into the lab to find Sun’s brain gone. He says, find them and kill them all.

Roberta, George and Red sneak out. Red wishes they could have given Sun a proper burial. George says she died for a reason. Roberta tells Red to stash the brain where it’s safe, and no one can find it. If anything happens to them, get it to Murphy. Red leaves, and Roberta tells George not to let it get to her. George says she was just remembering putting the posters up with Dante. Everyone who helped is dead now. Sun too. She wonders what if they win, and there’s no one left? Roberta says there are still a lot of people with the will to survive, including her. Keep her head in it. They sneak off.

Still at the lab, Estes tells a guy to be careful. The blood samples are from all over, and God knows what’s in there. He and his colonel look at a map. The colonel tells him the militia is still assembling. Every able bodied volunteer has been employed as well. Pandora is holding Sun’s hands, and dancing around. Estes calls her over, and asks about the information she got from George. She says it took convincing, but she found George’s weakness, and she gave it up. Human that she is. She points to a road intersection, and tells Estes that the talkers are in a clearing near there. He asks, how many talkers? and she says, all of them. He tells the colonel that they have to hit before George has a chance to warn them, and before the talkers hit them. The rules of engagement haven’t changed. The colonel understands.

When they’re alone, Pandora asks Estes, why so tense? She’s all over him, and tells him, forget about that sick, crazy circus. It’s just him and her. She drags him away, as Sun watches with lifeless eyes.

George and Roberta continue to sneak around. It’s empty everywhere. Robert says George’s eye is hurt, but George says she’s okay. Roberta doesn’t think so. George looks okay, but she has to clear her mind of hate. There’s no room for mistakes. This is about justice, not vengeance. She wonders what happened to Pandora, and George says, what was supposed to happen. They could have gone the distance. Roberta suggests they find Kaya.

Kaya is still behind the vending machine with Citizen Z, who says they’re almost out of soda. She says, just a few modifications to the drone images they intercepted, and they’re out of there. CZ says, otherwise, he’ll have to get more change.

George can’t believe they’re not. Roberta says, they are voting, but not at a ballot box. She points the way to the vending machine. George asks if she thinks they have diet. They avoid some soldiers who are looking for them, but Pandora and Estes have gotten to the vending machine first. Estes says he wants them alive, and Pandora says, save the mercy for her. They open the machine, and the hidey-hole is empty. CZ startles Roberta and George by coming up behind them. He says they got out just in time. Kaya is safe with JZ. What now? Roberta says they stick to plan.

Doc tells 10K, this is Roberta’s most half-baked plan yet. He asks if 10K is feeling lucky. 10K says, no, and Doc says, good. It will take more than luck to pull this off. 10K hugs Doc, and Doc tells him, get going. Murphy tells the talkers, Sit! Stay! and they listen better than my dogs ever will. He wonders how long they have to keep hidden, and Addie hopes they’re not waiting much longer. Murphy says, someone’s coming, and Addie tells the talkers, get ready. A lone zombie ambles up the road, and Murphy says, it’s a rando; looks old school. Addie says she’ll take care of him. She twirls her Z-whack, and knocks the zombie down. He rushes her, and she does it again. She smashes his head, and tells the talkers, come and get it. Murphy says, that should hold them for a while.

George and Roberta see the people going in to vote. George says, it’s a low turnout. CZ says, people are afraid to travel, or they’re dead. Roberta says, a yes vote, is a vote for martial law. CZ says, the people have given up on Newmerica. They don’t care who’s in charge, as long as they’re safe. Altura will take control. Roberta says, it’s up to Addie and Doc to get in position. We see Cooper check in to vote. Apparently, he’s not dead. Or maybe he is. Hard to tell these days.

Addie tells the talkers, now that’s over; everyone look alive. Murphy says, they’re not just dead; they’re dead citizens. He tells Addie, they’re sitting ducks, and she tells him, don’t try to be himself; just stick to the plan. He tells her that they didn’t live this long by sticking to the plan.

Doc says, zero hour, and flips some switches on a board. He says, let slip the dogs of war, and gets into a makeshift bunker inside a tent.

Estes radios the colonel, who tells him, there’s been visual contact with the talker camp. He says, they haven’t been spotted, and they’re not where he said they’d be. Estes says, executive orders; show the meaning of mercy, and end this now. His men get in place, and aim their guns. The colonel says they’ve been spotted. No prisoners. Charge! Well, we know how that worked for Custer.

His joint smoking interrupted, Doc ducks when he hears the shooting. He gets a bullhorn, and tells everyone, go. Pandora’s assistant moves forward with Estes’s men, who shoot up everything. They get to a camp, and shoot up the tents. They realize there’s no one there, and go inside the tent where the noises are coming from. They see it’s Doc making shooting noises through a bullhorn. The colonel tells him, put it down, and he does. Pandora’s assistant takes him outside. The colonel asks where everyone else is, and he says, there’s no one else. Just him.

Estes radios for Mercy One. He’s waiting to hear a talker free future has begun. The colonel says there’s been a setback. It’s a decoy: there’s no one there. It’s a set-up. Pandora says, impossible. She made sure George was telling the truth. The colonel says it’s just an old man with a bullhorn. Estes tells him, find out if he knows where the talkers are. The colonel says he’ll tell, right before he mercies him. Estes tells Pandora that George lied to her. Pandora says, you can’t trust anybody these days.

The colonel asks Doc where the talkers are. Doc says he might want to save his bullets. The colonel is suddenly splashed with blood, and Pandora’s assistant falls. 10K says, nine thousand, nine hundred, and ninety-nine. Doc finishes, in case that happens. 10K shoots more of them. Doc says that’s his cue, puts on his shades, and runs. Estes tells the colonel, operation mercy. But he’s not answering because he’s being eaten. Estes hears zombie munching sounds, and wonders, what the hell happened? He asks Pandora what happened to the talkers? Gate 3 calls on the radio, saying he better get down there. He needs to see this.

The guard asks a large group at the gate to state their business. Murphy says they’re here to vote. Estes says they need two forms of ID. Pandora says, and a pulse. Estes says it doesn’t look like many likely voters, and he’s not sure Murphy qualifies. Murphy says what matters is, it’s hard to mass mercy when they’re still talking. Estes says the militia will be back soon. Behind him, George says they both know that’s not true; they’re not coming back. Red says, not as humans. George says, the cycle death can end now, and Pandora says she makes it sound like that’s a good thing. Roberta says, it’s over. Open the gates, and let them in. They just want be with their loved ones. Estes says they have no idea what they’re doing, and Pandora tells him, shut up. She shoots, and runs. Estes takes off, and Roberta and George tell Red they’re going after them. Roberta says they have fifteen minutes to vote, and the crowd rushes in.

They chase Estes and Pandora through a building. Estes and Pandora split up, and Roberta goes after Pandora, while George follows Estes. Roberta runs goes up the stairs. Pandora shoots at her, and Roberta shoots back. Pandora says, bitch. Roberta continues to chase her, follows her to another staircase, and goes down. Pandora is out of bullets, and jumps down to another landing. Roberta doubles back, and sees Cooper in the hallway. He says, hello, Roberta.

He knows it’s a surprise. She says she can’t do this now. He tells her that he came long way; hear him out. Murphy arrives, and asks Roberta if this guy is bothering her, drawing his gun. Roberta tells Cooper that she’s glad he’s alive, but she has to go. She jets, and Cooper tells Murphy that he doesn’t want trouble. Murphy says Roberta may want him alive; him, not so much.

Roberta finds George near a door. George says Estes is inside. Roberta wonders where Pandora is. George says, on three, and opens the door to another staircase. Estes is on a platform at a computer. He greets them, welcomes them to the beating heart of Altura, and invites them up. He’s going to show them what all the fuss is about. Energy and security to build a new world upon. There’s a pool below him, housing lithium. George says, all that fuss for a battery? Estes knows been hard on her, but learning you’re wrong is part of growing up. George says they’ll see who’s teaching who. Roberta says, he’s taking lithium from the talkers for the battery, and he says, so what’s left of the humans can exist. They’ll have reliable storage. At night, when the solar power is out, they can have light, communications, and an electric fence. George says, while others starve. Estes tells her, desperate times mean hard choices have to be made. They can’t be left up to a traumatized mom. Change always involves collateral damage. Darwin had no heart. She says, neither does he. He says it’s not about him; it’s about the future of humanity. He staged the attacks. They were a necessary evil. The way things were, the lithium would be used up in less than three years. Then what? Roberta says, in the meantime, they can find an alternative. He says, it will be too late. By the time a vaccine can be made, the lithium will be used up. And what will be left? Feral talkers and no electricity. Roberta says he paid for the battery with human souls. Estes says, it’s a small price pay for security. The talkers are freaks; a mistake. George asks if that’s what he tells Pandora; how romantic. Estes says, she’s a useful tool, but in the end, she’s a mumbling corpse, like the rest of them. Roberta asks what’s going to happen when she tells everyone. Estes says they won’t believe her. She says, no, but they’ll believe him. She asks if CZ got that, and CZ says, every word. Roberta tells Estes that it’s being broadcast live. Estes doesn’t believe her, and she tells CZ, crank up the volume. Estes says, this is insane, and hears his voice echo back at him from the speakers. Roberta says he’s right. It is insane. She tells him to go back and tell the talkers they’re a mistake. Pandora appears, and says, a mumbling corpse? Is that how he sees her? He says he didn’t mean that way, and she asks how did he mean it? Roberta tells George, she’s about to get real. Estes says what he did, he did for humanity. Roberta says, there’s a new definition of humanity. Estes says, what happens when the dead are all that’s left? What happens when they trade their future for the talkers? What happens when the last vestige of humanity turns to dust? George says he can’t just get rid of them. He says, they’re rotting bags of putrefied meat. They need to cleanse the earth of the talkers before being dragged down to their level. Pandora says, is that what he thinks? and Estes says she’s different. Knife in hand, she says, is she? She slides the knife up his body to his chin. She thinks maybe if he was a talker, he’d feel differently about this whole dead thing. She holds the knife under his chin. The filming drone hovers around them. She tells it, buzz off, and gives it a whack. It falls into the pool, and the feed dies. The crowd watching goes, aww! Estes keeps saying, please, and Pandora tells him, stop whining. She hates it when he whines. It’s so whiny. She had big plans for them. It’s a pity. She stabs the board instead of him, and laughs, as sparks shoot out of it. Estes says, if the lithium overheats it will kill everyone in Altura. Pandora tells him, George was right about one thing. Humans and talkers are equal. They all deserve a final mercy in the end. Estes says, there’s only a few minutes before the coolant wears off. He runs to one of the pipes.

George faces Pandora. Pandora asks if George thinks she can mercy her. George asks if Pandora changed her outfit. Pandora says she always likes to look her best before a big fight. Does she like? George says, no. Pandora takes a fighting stance, and does a samurai yell.

Alarms sound. George and Pandora rush each other, and George slips under and around Pandora. She says she doesn’t want to mercy Pandora, and Pandora says, really? Not even after she chopped up poor, helpless Dante. George says Pandora’s life isn’t enough to pay for his, let alone the others. Pandora says, Boo. Hoo.

Roberta asks Estes what he’s doing, and he says, stopping a catastrophe. It’s going to explode if he can’t get the pumps working; help him. He and Roberta try to turn a valve, but it’s not budging much. Pandora wields a knife in each hand. George knocks one to the floor. Estes tells Roberta the lithium will cause an uncontrolled burn. Roberta grabs a metal pipe, and wedges it between the spokes of the valve, using it to turn the wheel. Steam hits Estes in the face. Pandora grabs George by the throat.

Estes tells Roberta he needs to use a hose as a bypass. She helps him to hook it up. Pandora looms over George, laughing, and squeezing her throat. She says George’s humanity is what makes her weak. She should be happy; she’s going to see Dante soon. George gathers her strength, and throws Pandora off. A screen flashes, pump failure. Pandora tells George they should do this more often. George says she talks too much, grabs her, and slams her to the floor. Pandora gets ahold of a knife, but George knocks it into the water. She cracks Pandora in the face. Her wig goes flying, and her mask hits the floor and shatters, because it isn’t made out of very practical material. She looks like a burn victim. Pandora asks if she disgusts George. She tells George to look at her. George spins Pandora around, and throws her, saying she doesn’t get off that easy. She holds Pandora over the water. Pandora says she could have been George, and George dumps her into the pool, where she fries.

Roberta thinks it’s working. Estes takes out a gun. Roberta tells him, it’s over, but he says she’s ruining humanity’s last chance. He can’t let happen. He shoots at her, but the bullets have no effect. George grabs his gun from behind. Roberta sees holes in her clothing, and says, no blood. She and passes out.

She wakes up on a couch. Cooper is there. She says, not a dream? and he says, no. She feels herself where she was shot, and asks where everyone is. Cooper says, voting, and Estes is in custody. She asks, what about Murphy? Cooper says he and the devil are cool. When Murphy understood why he was there, he brought Cooper to her. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says, nifty. What did he want to tell her? He says, back at the farm, when he found her. He was operating on her, and she bled out. There was nothing he could do. She died. She says, I was dead this whole time? He tells her that she came back as a talker, but different. Maybe it was the black rain she was exposed to; he doesn’t know. Roberta says, damn apocalypse. He didn’t want to tell her. He thought it might change her, and he didn’t want her to change. Roberta says, he came all this way to tell her? He says he wanted her to know. Does she forgive him? She asks if he forgives her for locking him in the trunk. He tells her everything he said still applies. It was from the heart. Roberta says what they had together was real. It was good, and so worth fighting for. She just doesn’t know how much fight she has left in her. She just found out she was dead. Cooper says she doesn’t look dead. Roberta asks if he voted. He did, but he’s not a joiner. He said his piece, and now he’s going to go, but he wants her to know, if she ever wants to dance or hear good music… She says she knows where to find him. He tells her, goodbye, and they kiss.

He puts on his hat. We hear a little Western background music, and he leaves. Roberta says, goodbye.

Doc makes an announcement, saying, ladies and gentlemen, living, dead, or somewhere in between. The polls are officially closed. 10K shows off his new, kind of Edward Scissorhands thing, and Doc tells Addie, chicks dig a man with a hook. Addie says she’s not touching that. She asks what Doc is going to do now. He says he might mosey back to the water keeper, and see if Kurek needs help with the dam. What about her? Addie says she’s going to continue wandering the earth, doing random good deeds. And killing zombies with her Z-whack. Doc says, that goes without saying. George tells Roberta that she’ll feel better when it’s over. Roberta says, once they ratify the constitution, then what? George says, elect people who will uphold it. Roberta says, people like her? and George says, maybe, and those who want to help. Red brings the case with Sun’s brain to Murphy, saying that somebody said give it to him. Roberta says, she said he’d know what to do with it.

Doc introduces George, who’s announcing the results. Roberta tells her, they’ve come too far. George walks up to the front. I note that she changed her outfit. She starts to talk, but the bullhorn gives feedback, so she continues without it. She says she was going to give a speech what feels likes a lifetime ago. Before the bombing. It was a different speech then, for a different world. So much has changed. She knows she has. CZ films her. She says, one thing has always remained. She has the same belief in democracy and the rule of law. The crowd applauds. She’s lost a lot of friends getting there; they all did, but she gained some new friends too. Friends who taught her the meaning of loyalty and courage, and showed what can be done when you have each other’s backs, and what can be accomplished when you believe in one another and carry each other forward, no matter what the obstacles. There were so many times she thought this moment would never come. But here they are. The moment they’ve been waiting so very long for. She says, let’s get to the results. She opens the envelope, looks at what’s inside, and smiles. Everyone cheers. Roberta smiles back at her.

Murphy sits outside with the case. He opens it, sees the brain, and says, Sun Mei. He takes the brain out, breaks off a piece, and eats it. He says, That’s it. Of course. He laughs.

That’s all folks.

😭 It was all I could do not to burst out bawling. Even if Netflix picks up the show, it’s at that point where it would even be doubtful that they could get everyone involved back, and no matter what, it won’t be the same. Write to your congressman… or something.

😘 A Fan Goodbye…


🎭 A Cast Goodbye…


🙋 Farewell For Now…

This is where I’m supposed to stupidly say, see you next year, but I’m not going to do that. Sunday night (December 30th), Bravo will be airing a new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey at 9 pm. It’s titled Bridezilla of Bimini, so it sounds promising, but I’ll most likely be hypnotized by 90 Day Fiancé. Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Take that however you choose.

👄 Quotes of the Week

Nonsense and deep thought, with a little Christmas sprinkled in.

Being normal is vastly overrated. – Aggie Cromwell

I’m not invading you with privacy, or something like that. – Leida to Tasha, who’d said Leida was invading her privacy, 90 Day Fiancé

Death is coming to Brooklyn. And it’s got buck teeth and a cotton tail. – Snowball (Kevin Hart), The Secret Life of Pets

You couldn’t hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant. – Uncle Lewis (William Hickey), Christmas Vacation  Disclaimer: Bill Hickey was my acting teacher for several years; however, this movie was not indicative of what was learned in class.

For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. – Isaiah 9:6

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear. – Buddy (Will Ferrell), Elf

I’m an alcoholic now. I did a lot of stuff that wasn’t cool, and I came here because the program says I have to make almonds. – Robbie (Noah Mills), 2 Broke Girls

You look like a Black Will Smith or something. – Bob Stone (Duane Johnson), Central Intelligence

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship. — Louisa May Alcott

Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something besides ourselves.Eric Sevareid

💀 And Have Fun We Did…


December 26, 2018 – Laura Gets Some Intel, Tradition, NJ Rerun, What’s On, GH Party, Marty Blames Bravo, Knew It, Horrible Horrible News, a Song & a Grinch


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🎄 Hope everyone had themselves a merry little Christmas! Moving on…

General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Laura looks at her wedding ring set and remembers getting married to real Doc, saying she’d love him every day for the rest of her life. Carly sits with her, and says she’s been there, and it’s nothing Laura did or didn’t do. Doc can’t be in right mind if he gave her up for Ava. Laura says that’s what she’s afraid of.

At Ferncliff, Not-Doc/Ryan wakes straitjacketed, real Doc up. He says sorry it’s been so long since his last visit, but he brings great tidings of joy.

Julian chats with Leo at Charlie’s. Olivia comes in, and Leo tells her about the family of snow people they made. Julian thanks her for letting Leo visit; he needed it. She says she figured that, and Julian thanks Leo for today.

Oscar looks at something on his laptop with Kim and Drew. Josslyn comes in, and Oscar’s parents jet for coffee. Oscar shows Josslyn the laptop, and says it’s not his car, but looks like it. Outside in the hallway, Kim tells Drew that she’s glad Oscar fell in love when he was well. Josslyn gives Oscar a Christmas gift.

At the prison, Nelle tells a guard that she doesn’t have a doctor, as she’s led to the visitor room. Obrecht is there, and says she does. Consider it a long overdue post-natal checkup.

Michael sees Willow at the hospital. She asks if he made it back to his parents’ house after the meeting. He says he did, and it was a fun holiday; what about her? She says it was better than expected. The meeting helped. He says speaking about her son was a big step. She tells him it felt good, saying her dreams for him out loud. She just wishes she could have made them come true.

Ava takes little pink mittens out of a box at Kiki’s apartment. Griff and Anna walk in. She asks what they want, and Anna wonders if they can help. Ava tells them that she read about a woman whose husband died in their apartment. She left a book he’d been reading open to what he’d last read, and called it an act of wishful thinking. Leaving it as it was when he died would keep him alive for her. She’d thought it was ridiculous, and that the woman was weak, but now she prays the same prayers. She tells Griff that prayers only work for the faithful, so it leaves them out of luck.

Michael tells Willow that he’s glad he went to the meeting. It was helpful to be around other people who lost a child. She tells him, be honest. He saw her, and felt bad. He says she was a deciding factor. Because of one terrible thing, they understand each other. She tells him that her pregnancy was a surprise, and she’d wondered what kind of life she and her baby would have. Michael doesn’t know if he’ll ever stop imagining what it would have been like to see his son grow up.

Nelle asks if Obrecht isn’t a fugitive. Obrecht says she had an unfortunate misunderstanding with law enforcement, but it’s been cleared up. Funny how life works. One minute, she was on her way to prison, and the next minute, delivering Nelle’s baby in the middle of nowhere. Now, Nelle is in prison, and she’s asking herself, where is that beautiful baby boy?

Doc asks where Laura is, and Ryan says he’ll get to it, but wants to share his news. He’s totally pulling this off. He tells Doc that he must be one heck of a shrink. His patients know how he’ll respond. Doc says Ryan is in no position to treat patients, and Ryan says, neither is he. Doc asks what he’s done with Laura, and Ryan says he’s been nothing but a gentleman. She’s lovely, but too staid for his taste. He had to put distance between them, but once the divorce is final, he won’t have to worry about that. Doc says, he’s divorcing Laura?

Laura tells Carly that she can’t help but be concerned about Doc’s mental health. Carly says, put in perspective, he seems distracted and detached. He blew her off when she wanted an appointment to talk about the anniversary of Morgan’s death. Laura says, that’s not like him. So many things aren’t like him. A few years after Ryan ‘s death, he had a psychotic breakdown, confusing his identity with his brother’s. The way he’s been acting, she’s afraid he’s headed for another breakdown. Carly says that would explain his odd behavior, but not his romantic interest in Ava. Is it possible Laura is looking for a reason to believe he doesn’t really want a divorce?

Ryan tells Doc that Laura had trouble accepting the end of their marriage. He hopes she makes peace with it, so he doesn’t have to employ other means of problem solving. Doc tells him, leave her alone, and Ryan says that’s what he’s trying to do. He tells Doc, she’s safe, but there’s only so much he can take. He’s already had to dispense two problems, and he’s hoping there’s not a third. Doc says, he didn’t kill anyone, did he? and asks if Felicia is okay. Ryan says, she’s fine. He’s not into her at all, but to answer his question, yes; twice. He’s murdered two people. Doc tried to fix him, but he’s not broken. This is just who he is. Doc tries to lunge at Ryan. Ryan tells him to be careful; he might hurt himself. As much as he enjoys the irony, Ryan needs him healthy and lucid. There are gaps in his knowledge of Doc’s life that he needs to fill. Doc says he won’t help, but Ryan says he will. Laura’s life depends on it.

Oscar opens Josslyn’s gift. It’s a five-year planner. She tells him to open it. He reads. January 1 – ring in the new year with Joss; January 11 – bake cookies with Joss; February 9 – take Joss on a hike; February 14 – watch Valentine’s Day movies and bake truffles with Joss. He asks if she did this for the whole year, and she says, just the first year. The rest, they’re going to plan together.

Lulu gives Laura a belated birthday gift from her, and handmade cards from the kids. The gift is a gorgeous opal necklace, and Laura loves it. Lulu says they love her. She knows it’s been hard dealing with Doc, and wants Laura to know how special she is her and the kids, Spencer included. Laura tells her, it means so much. A year ago, she and Doc were in love and happy. Now, they’re unrecognizable. She can’t fathom what happened to get them there. Lulu thinks, it begins and ends with an A. Laura knows that’s a factor, but they both insist they didn’t start seeing each other until after she and Doc separated. It’s something else that she hasn’t figured out yet.

Anna tells Ava that Kiki wouldn’t want to tear them apart. Ava says, probably not, but she’s dead, so she doesn’t call the shots. Anna suggests Ava use a service to pack up, but Ava says, no one is touching her daughter’s things. Anna says they’ll leave her then. Griff says he’d like to have something of hers, because he can’t read social cues, and doesn’t get that this is probably a bad time to ask. Ava tells him that he’s already had plenty. He didn’t kill Kiki, but took her just the same. Anna wants go, and Ava dares Griff to stay and watch her put evert bit of Kiki in boxes. She asks how it feels, being left emptyhanded. The same way she was when Griff stole Kiki away.

Anna tells Ava that they understand she’s in pain, but it doesn’t give her license to attack Griff. Griff says they’re both grieving, but Ava says his grief doesn’t compare. She asks if he knows what grief looks like. Kiki saved every bit of her childhood; every scrap. She pulls out a homemade card with a child’s handprint on it, and reads, for Mommy, who holds my hand when I’m afraid. She says, report cards, birthday cards, Kiki saved every card Ava gave her. She was going to make a collage one day. One day. She says all of the Kikis she knew and loved are there. The three-year-old ballet dancer; the six-year-old who loved roller coasters she was too small to ride; a short story she wrote when she was ten; a hat she tried to knit. Ava didn’t just bury one child, but all the little girls Kiki was while growing up. Anna asks if there’s someone they can call, but suddenly there, not-Doc says, that’s all right; he’s there. Ava cries, and he holds her. Griff wipes a tear from his eye.

Laura asks Lulu how she got her hands on such privileged information. Lulu says she was dropping off a care package to Dante ‘s partner. Laura says, and she just happened to see Mary Pat’s file? Lulu says, no. She was looking at Kiki’s file, where they’d noted similarities in the two killings, and suspected a pattern. Laura asks if they think it might be one killer. Lulu says in both cases, the body was moved, and found at a party or event, and they were both killed with a knife. Carly has been eavesdropping, and says she’s sorry to interrupt, but is Lulu saying the police are investigating a serial killer?

Oscar tells Josslyn, it’s hard to believe how different everything was last Christmas. They found his mother’s CD, and the letter. He didn’t even know Drew was his dad. Josslyn says it seems like Drew’s been his dad longer than a year. She asks if he wishes his parents were back together, and he says, it seems dumb, but yeah. She says, it’s not dumb, but he says he sounds like a little kid. It would make him feel better about everything if his dad was looking after his mom, but she still has Julian. Josslyn tells him, like he said, a lot can change in year.

Kim tells Drew that she’s praying the treatment works, but wondering what happens if it’s not reducing the tumor. Drew says they’ll just have to find a way to squeeze the world into the time they have left with him.

Willow tells Michael that she got to hold her son for a while. His weight and warmth helped; he was so perfect and fragile. She knew she had to give him up, but couldn’t let go. She eventually asked the nurse to take him, and her arms felt so empty afterward. At night, she has dreams of holding him again. Michael does that too. Dreams that Jonah is alive, and he’s holding him. When he wakes up and remembers, like she said, his arms feel empty.

Nelle tells Obrecht she had her baby alone, and it didn’t survive. Obrecht says he was born strong and vital. If he was an actor, she’d have given him a ten. Trauma didn’t kill him. Maybe Nelle did. Nelle says everything she did was to protect him and give him life, and Obrecht wonders why it doesn’t sound like he’s dead now. Nelle says she still feels him with her. She’s still in morning. Why is Obrecht mocking her grief? Obrecht says, while they’re on the subject, Maxie told her that Michael is devastated. She can only imagine his gratitude if he were to learn the truth.

Ava tells not-Doc that she needs to go through everything, and he says, she shall, but not everything needs to be done today. Anna says they came to help, but not-Doc doesn’t know how much help Griff can be. Me neither, and I actually think them showing up is rather insensitive. He says Ava can look through everything at home, and picks up the box, telling Anna and Griff to lock up when they leave. When they’re gone, Anna tells Griff not to let Ava’s anger and bitterness affect him. it’s the last thing Kiki would want.

Kim and Drew go back to Oscar’s room. Drew asks where Josslyn is, and Oscar says she took off on an errand. He tells them to check out his planner.

Josslyn goes to Charlie’s. Julian asks if Oscar is okay, and she says he’s doing good today. He says he was planning on stopping by later with a sandwich, and he wants to be there for Kim as well. Josslyn says, the best way to help Kim is to help Oscar. He asks if she has any idea how he can do that, and she says, give up Kim.

Laura asks Lulu how closely the police have linked the murders, but she only knows it’s being investigated, and has no specifics. Carly says she was framed for Mary Pat’s murder, and Griff was framed for Kiki’s. What if part of the pattern is the killer framing obvious suspects? Lulu didn’t think of that. Carly says there’s a strong possibility the killer isn’t finished, and will target someone else. Why haven’t the police said anything? Ned walks in, and Laura says, maybe the mayor can enlighten them.

Nelle tells Obrecht that Michael won’t listen to her. Obrecht says Nelle framed his mother for pushing her down the stairs. It’s not a stretch. And she doesn’t need to convince him; only suggest a DNA test on the deceased child. Nelle says Michael isn’t worthy of her son. He wanted to steal her baby, and let his bitch of a mother raise him. Carly doesn’t get to win. Obrecht is concerned about the baby. If Nelle doesn’t tell her the truth, she’ll be compelled to tell the police everything. Nelle’s move.

Nelle refuses to answer. Obrecht asks if she dispatched a baby, and switched them. Nelle says she didn’t kill any baby, and Obrecht says, prove it. Nelle says after Obrecht left, she made her way back to the road, thinking she’d hitch a ride to Sawyerville, and figure out a way across the border. She knew her plan would never work, and Michael’s family would never let her keep the baby. Fate stepped in. Obrecht asks how fate came to her assistance, and Nelle says, Brad was on the side of the road. The newborn that he and Lucas planned to adopt had died. Brad was a wreck, and Lucas didn’t know; he was still at the hospital. Obrecht says, fate showed up after all. It says it gave her a healthy baby, and she passed the other off as her own. Nelle says, with people who truly love him, and are more deserving than Michael and his mother.

Michael says Willow should meet his godson. Holding him helps. The family is crazy about him. Willow says, he’s a lucky boy to be so loved, and Michael says he brought joy back in their hearts. He thinks they’re the lucky ones to be able to love him the way they do.

Josslyn tells Julian that Oscar’s parents have a real connection. They rely on each other, and are getting closer all the time. It’s Oscar’s one upside to being sick. Julian says, that’s a fantasy. They’re not together. Josslyn says, they could be, if he stepped aside. He’s the one person who can make Oscar’s wish come true.

Laura asks Ned if the police have advised him that a serial killer is on the loose. He asks her to keep her voice down. They suspect there might be one. Laura says, the people have a right to know, but Ned says he doesn’t want a panic. The investigation is ongoing. Lulu asks if she can tell her readers that, and he asks if she wants to create paranoia and panic to sell papers. Olivia pulls Lulu away, asking if she wants an exclusive on what’s happening with the new pediatric wing, and let people read about good things for a change.

Not-Doc and Ava go to the MetroCourt bar. He orders two martinis, very dry with extra olives, just how I like Ava likes them. He says there’s a situation that requires his attention, but shouldn’t take long.

Back at Ferncliff, Laura approaches Doc, who’s lying on the bed. He tells her she’s not safe. Give him what he wants; walk away. Laura says she took a vow to stand by him, whatever life holds in store, and she’s going to keep her promise. She’ll love him every day for the rest of her life. Doc says it will get her killed. She touches him, and then disappears. He says he has to do something to save Laura.

Not-Doc comes up behind Carly, startling her. He ask why she’s jumpy, and she says it must just be the day. She asks what she can do for him. He says she wanted information about her neighbor at Ferncliff. She asks if he’s gotten more than name, and he says he did. He couldn’t wait to share the truth with her personally.

Nelle says, now that Obrecht knows everything, whatever she does, please leave her son with Brad and Lucas. They deserve him; Michael doesn’t. Obrecht tells her not to worry. She finds the truth is left best unsaid – until one really needs it. She leaves, and Nelle looks freaked.

Willow asks Michael, what godson? and he says Wiley Cooper Jones.  He shows her a baby’s first Christmas ornament that has his footprint on it. He says, it’s a mouthful, but the name suits him. Willow says, it’s beautiful.

Griff tells Anna that he remembers the afternoon he and Kiki became neighbors. His radiator wasn’t working, and he came over to see what was going on. Hers was broken too, and she tried teaching him the subtle art of banging on it with a wrench. Even then, she was gorgeous; it was impossible to look away. He didn’t know it then, but he was already in love. Anna says, someday the memory won’t hurt so much, and he’ll be glad of them. Griff says he’ll have to take her word for it. He looks in the DVD player, and takes a disk out. He says he knew it would still be there. From Here to Eternity. Kiki loved that movie, and insisted he watch it. She said she was a hopeless romantic, and proud of it. Anna asks if he wants to go, and he says there’s nothing for him there. He takes a last look back before closing the door.

Olivia tells Lulu that they had to struggle to rebuild after the earthquake. They’re just now making a comeback. She’s hoping Lulu will make the right choice, and write about how people are coming together. Lulu says she writes the truth, but Olivia says there’s more going on in Port Charles than a murder investigation. She can choose to write about some of that.

Looking in the planner, Kim tells Oscar that she sees a lot of baking. How about, get teeth cleaned?

Julian tells Josslyn that he’s not walking away from Kim. She needs him. Josslyn says he’s wrong, and just being selfish. He doesn’t care that he’s taking away Oscar’s dream. Julian says Drew and Kim aren’t getting back together because Oscar wants them to. Josslyn asks if it’s ever occurred to Julian that they need each other. Oscar’s parents want to spend time together with their dying son. They’re a family. Why doesn’t he step aside, and let them be a family in the time they have left? I guess she’s never heard of co-parenting?

Doc thinks about what Ryan said. There are gaps only he can fill. He says, there may be a way to save Laura.

Not-Doc tells Carly that her Ferncliff neighbor’s name is Wilson Ritter. He’s an extremely dangerous sociopath, and committed unspeakable crimes. He’s been restrained for himself and other’s safety. His cries for help were manipulations. He’s glad she didn’t act on them. She could have gotten hurt if she’d gotten too close. She thanks him, and he asks if she can now leave Ferncliff behind and go on with her life. She says, that’s the plan. She’s glad she got nowhere near that guy.

Ned tells Laura that this is exactly the reaction he’s trying to avoid. How long before a homeless person is mistaken for the killer and shot? Laura thinks the public has a right to know. Ava approaches them, and asks if Ned hears himself. A killer is out there, and needs to be found before they kill someone else’s daughter. Either find them, or she will. Not-Doc listens from the sidelines.

Tomorrow, Anna asks someone to move in with her (I assume Finn, but we don’t see who she’s talking to), Laura thinks Doc is headed for another breakdown, a man sees Jason, and says, it’s really him.

📺 Tradition Lives On in Reruns…

Since they did end up showing the December 23, 2005 episode of GH on Christmas Eve, I got my traditional reading of the Christmas story. Even better, it was Alan who read it. IMO, one of their biggest mistakes was killing him off. An even worse mistake? Bringing him back as a ghost after they realized their first mistake. Did they think they were Port Charles?

👓 Recap on a Rerun…

Bravo aired last week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but I was able to pay a little more attention. So in case you didn’t see it…

Dolores wondered how Danielle had a ring on her finger, and she couldn’t even get new main squeeze David to commit to dinner. Marge had a brunch where everyone did facial masks, except Danielle, who claimed to be allergic to everything. Dolores defended Teresa, saying Melissa could have approached Joe #2 about spending more time with their father. Jackie horned in on the conversation, taking Melissa’s side, causing Teresa’s blood to boil. Jackie said she was too old to be screamed at, and Teresa told her to butt out of the family’s business. The verboten subject of Joe #1 came up, and it was on. Marge said instead of mud masks, it was mud-slinging, and Teresa was done with Melissa and Jackie. Melissa said it was either namaste or kill with Teresa; there was no in-between. Marge thought they’d be taking a lot of baggage to Bimini. Danielle was Bridezilla all the way, starting with not being able to carry her own bag off the plane. I love a Bridezilla. Only on TV though. I’d never want to deal with one personally, and I was as far from one as it gets.

Dolores talked with a group of women who were seriously down on their luck. Like on their way to the shelter down. In her interview, she said it was a reminder for her not to sweat the small stuff, and assured them that hard times were only temporary in her experience. I looked blankly at the TV, since Delores has probably had a better life experience than most people, and hard times can go on forever. In a moment of clarity, Teresa decided not to involve Gia in her argument with Joe #2, since being without her mother taught her that you can’t buy back time, and she wanted Gia to spend time with her uncle. Marty talked about choosing Danielle over his children, which Joe #2 thought was bullsh*t in his interview. Teresa and Melissa argued at dinner, and Joe #2 pulled them aside, saying it had to stop. He didn’t want to deal with their nonsense anymore. They had to love each other. They ended up hugging it out, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Next time, Los Cabos, naked dudes, Gia raps, and Melissa wants to go home.

🎉 The next new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be aired on Sunday, December 30th, at 9 pm. There won’t be much new anything on New Year’s Eve, but there will be a Vanderpump Rules behind-the-scenes special from 2016. The finale of Unanchored – or as I call it, Summer House at Sea – will also be aired, because no one cares. Andy Cohen will be hosting New Year’s Eve festivities with Anderson Cooper on CNN, where they will giggle the night away. He said he’d never do it again, but I wish Andy would have another New Year’s Eve special on Bravo. The night Giggy married Grandma Wrinkles was the best New Year’s Eve ever. And yes. I know how sad that sounds.

🎅 A GH Christmas…

Some great photos here.


💔 Bridezilla No More…

Excuses, excuses. You knew what you were getting into, Marty.


💸 No Surprise…

JD (bleh) is like the poor man’s T-Rav.


😭 Worst. News. Ever.

I just want to cry. Santa was good to me, but I also got two credit card bills, the news that a high school boyfriend had passed away, and the cancelation of Z Nation for Christmas.


😔 And a Song To Go With It…

Epiphany sings. <SOB!>


👎 The Network That Stole Christmas…

Syfy. Grinchier than the Grinch.



December 22, 2018 – Sun Loses Her Mind, Run’s Writing & My Other Favorite


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Z Nation

Murphy is behind a metal fence with the talkers. He tells Estes that he came as a show of good faith, but Estes tells him that he had a choice. Murphy says his friends need some biscuits. Estes says he has a vote to prepare for. Murphy tells him that his friends live for democracy, but Estes says his democracy is only for the living. Murphy says, it’s voter suppressing. Estes tells the talkers, get on the bus. Murphy says talkers get nippy when they’re hungry. He sees that one of the buses is missing a tire, the talkers are obviously agitated, and there’s no driver. He concentrates, and the talkers calm down. He sees Addie taking aim in the distance, and says, these buses aren’t going anywhere.

A guard scans people as they go into the Altura campus. One man sets the alarm off. Another guard says, traitor! and shoots him. Hiding inside, Kaya is busy on the laptop getting clearance for Roberta, George, and Citizen Z. CZ and George get through easily, but the scanner does something weird when it’s Roberta’s turn. Kaya’s fingers fly over the keyboard. Roberta tells the guard, try again, and she gets through. George says, marshal law before voting day? Estes is unreal. Roberta tells her, no matter what, they stick to the plan. CZ is off to find Kaya, and Roberta tells him, stay alive.

CZ goes through the halls, and quietly calls Kaya’s name. He opens the front of a vending machine, and finds her in a space behind it. She asks if he got it, and he gives her a flashdrive, saying, the keys to the kingdom. Two guards walk past the machine, but don’t notice anything. Kaya says, Altura at her fingertips, and CZ says, the perfect setup. She tells him, let’s rock.

George tells Roberta that Estes’s office is this way. Roberta says, when the time comes, she’ll deal with him. A guard tells them to stop, and they move faster. Another guard tries to block them, but they knock him down and run. The first guard aims his gun, telling them to freeze and get on their knees. He says traitors have a lot of nerve showing up there. He cuffs them, and Roberta says they’ll regret this.

Pandora approaches the talker buses with her assistant. The guards are all lying on the ground, dead. There’s a huge smear of blood on the side of one of the buses. She touches it, and tastes it. She asks if she’s supposed to believe strung out talkers did this. She sees the bus is empty, but Murphy pops up from a back seat, saying, don’t shoot. He tells her that he loved her in Phantom of the Apocalypse. She asks where her men are. He says she’s Estes’s mascot, and she says he’s the big red one, the proprietor of Limbo. He says he was, until Estes’s goons forced him out of business. She calls him a friend to talkers, and a talker lovers friend, which makes him a traitor. He says he’s been called much worse. She asks what happened, and he tells her that he was forced on the bus, and the talkers went batsh*t crazy. She asks if he expects her to believe they were overrun by starving talkers. She takes out a switchblade, and asks where the talkers are now. He says, they ran off, and she tells him that she could eat his brains and find out what she needs to know. Her assistant grabs Murphy from behind, and Pandora says, stop stalling. Murphy says he got knocked out, and when he woke up, everyone was gone. She says, it doesn’t matter. He can’t protect them anyway. Her phone rings, and Murphy wonders where everybody is getting phones. It’s Estes. Pandora tells him that she understands, and she’s on her way. Murphy says she’s not taking him, but she says there’s no need. Estes has already arrested George and Roberta, and he’ll never be welcome there.

Roberta sees a surveillance camera, and tells George that Kaya and CZ will find them. Behind the vending machine, CZ asks Kaya if she’s found anything, but she’s still checking cameras. Pandora is back, and Estes tells her that he doesn’t like it. They’re up to something before the election. Pandora asks him to let her find out, and he says, the talkers need to stay lost. Pandora tells him not to worry. They won’t be voting; she’ll make sure. George will tell them what they need to know. She passionately kisses Estes, but his eyes stay open.

Doc has brought the talkers to the spot Roberta told him to. He tells them, let’s go. They’ve got their orders. The talkers and Addie come out. 10K and Doc set up a tent. Addie gives out biscuits.

Estes says hello to George and Roberta, and George tells him, save it. She asks what happened? and if he’s been lying to her this whole time. He says, unbridled idealism is easy to direct, but Roberta thinks the word he wants is manipulate. George asks if the final mercy is his idea of democracy. Estes says they’re the ones who hacked him. George wonders how his much his fellow Alturans will believe in him when they find out he was behind the blast. He asks who they’re going to find out from. Them? Roberta says, the truth always comes out. He says while they’re in a cell, he’s going to be elected supreme commander, and have them convicted of treason. In Altura, they take a dim view of election interference. Roberta asks, why? and he tells her, it’s not personal; just evolution. He tells the guard to bring George. Roberta asks where he’s taking her, and Estes says, to answer a few questions. He tells Roberta not to worry. He’s playing good cop. Pandora and her assistant show up.

In the lab, Red and Sun watch a dismembered hand jump around. Red says she’ll ever get used to that, and Sun tells her, the zombie virus is singularly focused. It wants brains. Red says she feels bad for Becky, but Sun says, Becky is at peace now. The virus is making the hand move. She’s run tests on Murphy’s blood, and it comes back to where it started. There’s something in it that has the same neuroreceptors as in the virus. Red asks if Sun is close, and Sun says maybe they’ll get lucky. She injects the hand. It’s still for a moment, then flips all around, becomes still again, then moves like a normal hand. Sun says it killed the virus and rehumanized the hand. Red says she’s found the cure.

Alone with Roberta, Estes tells her, welcome back to Altura. Her appearance was unexpected, and her timing curious. She thanks him for the warm welcome, and adds, Altura hospitality needs a little work. He asks where the talkers are, and she says, what talkers? He says they’re planning something that’s doomed to fail. They can’t stop the vote, but she can stop the bloodshed right now. Is she willing to decide for every human that her way is right? He asks where the talkers are, and she laughs.

CZ tells Kaya to go back to George. Kaya says that chick with the creepy mask makes her nervous. She sees Pandora torturing George, and the laptop goes out. CZ says there must have been a power surge, and Kaya says she has to reboot. A guy loses money in the vending machine, and starts cursing it out. CZ drops a soda down manually. Kaya says, this could take a while.

Pandora tells George that she could break a finger or toe, or her nose. She picks up a wrench. George asks what it’s like being Estes’s pet. He’s using her. Pandora says they’re using each other. Estes has big plans, and she’s his queen. George tells her to keep telling herself that. Pandora asks why they’re in Altura, and George says, sightseeing. Pandora asks where the talkers are, and George says, she rounded them up; you tell me. Pandora is glad George isn’t cooperating, and picks up a cattle prod. George asks why she’s chosen Estes over her own kind, and Pandora says she’s not a talker. George says, there’s no shame in being dead. Her best friend was a talker. Pandora says, the poor rebel Dante. So devoted to her. George tells her not to talk about him, but Pandora says she’s earned the right to say whatever she wants about him. George asks what that’s supposed to mean, and Pandora says she doesn’t know? This is even better than electricity. She killed Dante, not random vigilantes. He asked her to give George a message. His last words were, George help me. Why did she leave him alone? He needs her. She shocks George with the prod, as she mimics Dante. George says he was the best person she’s ever known, and Pandora says he wasn’t a person. He wasn’t even a talker. In the end, all that was left was a bag of garbage. She’s asking one more time where the talkers are. She shocks George, and laughs.

10K wonders why Murphy is never around for the heavy lifting, and Doc says, he’s clever that way. He tells 10K that he’s a good man, and 10K thanks him. Doc says, it’s nice to know a compliment still means something in a world like this. He says, no matter what happens, keep going. He’s like a cockroach, and his dad would be proud. Doc loves him like his own son, and 10K says he feels the same way. He asks if Doc thinks this is going to work, and Doc says, it had better. Lives depend on it. He calls for more cable.

Addie supervises the talkers, who are building a sandbag wall. Murphy joins her, and Addie says they’re almost ready. Murphy says, back there at the buses, she had a lot of issues to work out. She says she did it for them, not him. He tells her she has a way with her Z whacker.

Estes tells Roberta, any attack on Altura by the talkers would be folly. He senses she knows that, but Roberta says he’s confusing her with someone who scares easily. Tell the people of Altura they’re friends, let them vote, and maybe she’ll let him live. Estes says it’s amusing that she thinks there’s still a debate to be had. He tells her, goodbye, and as he’s leaving, she says, there will come a time when everyone turns talker, Remember that.

Red and Sun pack up some supplies. Red asks where they’re going, and Sun says, anywhere out of Estes’s hands, even Z territory. Red says she has a friend with access to an Altura truck. Sun tells her to be careful, but hurry. Red leaves, and Sun packs up the blood sample vials. Estes walks in, and asks if she’s going somewhere with his lab.

Guards put Roberta in another room. She asks, where’s George?

Kaya tells CZ that she’s trying to patch a workaround. She sees Roberta, and says she’s back in. Roberta signals for her to unlock the door, and she does. CZ wonders where George is. Kaya looks in other rooms, and sees Estes with Sun in the lab. CZ tells her, find George, then go back to that. She gets to the room George is in, and says, it’s bad. CZ says he’s going to find Roberta, and they’re getting George, and tells her to keep an eye on Sun. She tells him to be careful, and hand her a diet Coke on his way out.

Pandora keeps shocking George, who’s battered and bloody. She says, the talkers are planning an attack. George hopes Pandora didn’t break a nail on her face. Pandora shocks her again, and asks what she’s planning with the talkers; tell her. George says, and ruin her fun? Pandora says she can do this for as long as it takes, and George says, ditto. Pandora’s assistant brings in a zombie wearing a hood. The assistant removes the covering on the zombie’s mouth and eyes.

Sun tells Estes that she doesn’t want the samples to be contaminated. He tells her, have a seat; she seems tired. She say the trials have taken a toll on her. He says he hasn’t seen her in days. He picks up one of the vials, and asks what it is. She says, another failure, and he asks, why keep it? She says to learn why it failed, He picks up a syringe, and asks what’s in it. She tells him it’s the pure Z virus. He holds it up to a drone near the ceiling, and she asks if he’s been spying on her. What does he want? He says she already knows the answer. He takes out a gun, and tells her to get comfortable. He straps her to the chair, and she asks what he’s doing. He says, compelling the witness, and injects her. He says now maybe she’ll tell him the Z cure. He wants to watch it work on a human subject. He asks, which one is the vaccine? She shakes her head, and he says he’ll find it himself. He has no shortage of human subjects, starting with her and her friends. A guard comes in, and Estes says he had one job, and he let Roberta escape. He tells Sun not to go anywhere. He leaves, and she begins to turn.

Pandora asks George if they’re planning to attack on Altura’s election day. George isn’t telling her, and Pandora says, so they are planning to attack. She asks where the talkers are hiding. She says she’s barely touched George, and runs a knife over George’s face. She licks the knife, and says she finds George delicious. Where are the talkers? She tells George, through face is the long way to the brain, but the nose cartilage and eye cavities go easy. Where are the talkers? George says, don’t do this, but Pandora says she can’t disappoint Pierre. She brings the zombie over to George, and talks baby talk to him. He gets crazy, and Pandora asks again where the talkers are. She recommends that George tell her before Pierre eats her, and brings him closer. George says, get him away, and Pandora says, good boy! Down! She’s asking one more time, where are the talkers?

Red comes back to the lab. She says she got the truck, but doesn’t know if they have enough gas. She finds Sun in the chair, and sees that she’s turned. She asks, what happened? and Sun points to the vials.  Red takes out a syringe, but Sun gets loose and comes after her. Red drops the syringe, but manages to get it back. She tries to inject Sun while struggling with her. Sun gets Red down on the floor, but Red is able to inject her. Sun becomes human again, and Red says, it really works. Sun looks down, and there’s a broken beaker imbedded in her stomach.

Addie tells Murphy, even if the talkers get to vote, does he think they’ll fit in as well as the two of them. She thinks Estes won’t let it happen. Murphy says, let George and Roberta take care of Estes, and Addie says, there will always be another one. Humans aren’t evolving. Murphy says they are, but Addie is afraid there’s no place for them. He suggests they take the talkers and start over, but she doesn’t know.

Estes tells a guard to double the security, and find Roberta. He doesn’t want her skulking around today of all days. Pandora approaches him, and says, George broke. Estes hopes Pandora had fun, and Pandora says, George spilled her guts – literally. The talkers are setting up a staging area near Pacifica. Estes says he’ll activate security, and send everyone available to wipe their kind from the face of the earth. She asks, what about guarding Altura? He says he’ll do that, and asks where George is. Pandora says George and Pierre are having a snack. Estes says, good for Pierre.

Pierre keeps rushing at George, and she keeps kicking him back. He suddenly kneels in front of her.

CZ asks Roberta, which room? and she says, they all look the same. He asks Kaya to unlock a door at the end of the hall. They go in and find George on the floor. Roberta sees Pierre on the floor, unmoving, and says, a little close for comfort. CZ asks how George did that. I’d like to know too. Roberta asks if George gave it up, and George says, all of it. CZ says they have to find Sun; she’s alone with Estes. That can’t be good.

Sun tells Red to leave the glass in her. CZ and Roberta come in, and CZ asks where Estes is. Sun says, he’s coming back. She tells them she did it. Roberta says, the vaccine works? CZ asks if it’s like biscuit booster packs, and George asks if it restores talkers. Sun says, talkers and zombies, fresh ones anyway. Roberta asks if it’s a cure, and Sun says, it’s a start. Roberta says they can’t let Estes find out. They need to grab Sun’s resources and go. Sun says she can’t. What they need is in her head.

Doc rolls a joint, and 10K says, last smoke? Doc tells him, don’t be a fatalist. 10K leaves to get the truck. Doc lights up.

Murphy tells Addie that the talkers seem nervous. Addie tells them, hold tight, and Murphy says, the vote and citizenship are waiting if they want it, but they have to take it. Addie says they’ll help, and tells them, arm up. The talkers are each carrying a staff. They raise them, and march toward Altura.

Pandora sees a dead Pierre, and yowls. Estes says, they went to the lab.

Sun says she’s dying. She’ll be the first death since the black rain. Roberta says they can get more of Murphy’s blood, but Sun says the antibodies are evolving daily. They have to take her brain and preserve it before she dies. CZ says they can sew her up, but she says she’s lost too much blood. If Estes gets ahold of her… George says she won’t let him. Sun tells Red to get the syringe, but Red says she can’t inject Sun with poison. Sun says she can, and will. They’ll leave a dead end, and Estes will have nothing to work with. She tells George to tie her off, so the poison won’t reach her brain tissue. They’ll have what they need to recreate the cure. Red says, no, and hugs Sun. An alarm sounds, and CZ tells them to hurry. Roberta ties Sun off at the neck.

Estes is at the door. It’s locked, but he gets in, finding Sun in the chair with the top of her head gone. Pandora says they took her brain, and the cure with it. Estes says they’ll drain her blood. Maybe they can recover traces of it. He’s going to have every traitor mercied.  He’s going to find them, and kill them all. He leaves, and Pandora caresses Sun’s face, asking, where did your little brain go?

We see Roberta and George leaving with a carrying case.

Next Friday, the finale is a killer. We see the real Pandora, and Mario van Peebles (Cooper) is back.

🚬 About That Song…

My other favorite Christmas song. Apparently Reverend Run wrote it while he was high. I’m not sure what that says about me.


🎄 It’s Christmas…

…time in Hollis, Queens.

Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens,

Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese,

And Santa put gifts under Christmas trees…




December 21, 2018 – A Quick GH, Saturday Zs & On the Christmas Menu


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

While I wasn’t able to be as annoyingly detailed today – ha-ha – but here’s a mini-cap.

Willow is the mother Julian convinced to give up her son. She asked Julian, what if Diane knew Julian was involved? It might void the adoption altogether. Julian said Willow put her son first and there’s no greater act of love, and that Wiley was better off. He showed her all the pictures he had, and said Brad and Lucas loved Wiley with every fiber of their being.

Toys for Tots was promoted, and used as a way to bring Chet back in his Marine uniform. We also learned he’s October in a beefcake calendar. He’s come a long way.

Cameron wrote a letter of apology to the court. He told the other boys that they had to tell mom when they did something wrong, and if they couldn’t do it alone, they’d do it together. Aiden asked Cameron how to get people to like him, and Cameron said the secret was to be himself. He told Aiden that kids his age are dumb, but after a while, they’d catch on.

Peter showed up at Anna’s for her Christmas Eve party thing. She told Finn it was a Christmas miracle. Peter was anxious for Maxie to get there, and helped Anna wrap gifts. They agreed he’d inherited her lack of talent in this area. Chase asked Anna if he could invite Willow, and she was fine with that. Anna told Peter she made a donation every year on his birthday to needy children, and gave him her WSB file on a flashdrive

Oscar got an early Christmas gift from his parents. He thought it was a pair of socks, but there were car key’s in the toe. Monica said that she had the perfect accompaniment to Oscar’s car, but he wouldn’t find out what it was until Christmas. She called all the patients to the hub. When Drew asked, for what? she said, tradition.

Jordan talked to Stella about Mike and Yvonne.

Willow – who’s hair is suddenly considerably darker – was about to go to the bereavement group, when she got the invite from Chase. She ran into Michael, telling him she didn’t want to smile and make conversation when she had a hole inside of her. Michael told her the only people who understand their loss are people who’ve experienced the same thing, and they went to the group together.

Mike told Sonny the disease was teaching him to be in the moment, and not get hung up on what’s coming in the future. Sonny said if Mike could do that, so would he.

Josslyn got pissed at Jason for not telling her Oscar was sick, and letting the time be wasted they could have been together. Jason said he kept Oscar’s secret to help him, but he hated it. Josslyn forgave him, because he made Oscar feel like someone was on his side.

Bobbie told Monica there was a Santa-sized problem. The moths rendered the Santa suit into a bikini.

Oscar wanted to help a sick little girl who thought Santa wouldn’t be able to find her. Drew called Sonny for help. Apparently, he has extra Santa suits on hand.

Monica read The Night Before Christmas, which annoyed the crap out of me. After she just got done talking about tradition, and how the Christmas story had been passed down from Steve to Alan to her, she read this? The tradition was them reading the story of Jesus’s birth, and I don’t give a blip how PC anyone wants to be – that’s what Christmas celebrates. Thanks GH for stomping on tradition. At least we still get pizza on Thanksgiving.

Bobbie ended up in the Santa suit.

Next time, Obrecht asks Nelle where her baby is. Not-Doc thinks he’s pulling it off, and Bobbie says someone can stay. I read online that the December 23, 2005 episode is supposed to air on Monday, but the guide says it’s a new episode, so your guess is as good as mine as to what we’ll see on Christmas Eve.

💀 Z you tomorrow for tonight’s new episode of Z Nation.

🎁 Wrap This…

A tie for my favorite Christmas song. I’ll post the other one tomorrow.

December 14, 2018 – Cameron Bakes Some Brownies, Welcome to Hackertown, Quotes of Seven & December Duo


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis tells Jordan, surprise! Honeymoon at Kelly’s. She swears they’re going to Fiji – as soon as she closes the case. He says they both know investigations rarely go as fast as they’d like, but she’s making progress. She tells him that she keeps thinking something is right in front of her, but she’s not seeing it. He says she’s done a masterful job investigating links and gathering evidence. She thinks she doesn’t have much to show for it, but he has the feeling that’s about to change.

Julian sees Kim with her head on Drew’s shoulder, and gets back in the elevator.

At Turning Woods, Sonny asks Carly if everything’s okay. She says, a minor crisis at work, but it’s fine. He appreciates her coming, and she says she’s happy to be there for Mike. He’s not the one she’s mad at. Sonny asks if she wants to argue about Margaux right now. She says she’d like to forget Margaux exists, and focus on Christmas. They see Mike and Yvonne decorating a tree, and Carly says it looks like Mike is ahead of them.

At Kelly’s, Marcus tells Stella that Sonny claims it’s all innocent, but he’d like to see how Sonny would like it if someone was chasing after his wife. Stella doesn’t think he’s like it too much. Marcus says it’s torture looking at the person you love when they have no idea.

Cameron gets a text. I’ll bring the (weed emoji). You bring the money. His phone rings. Elizabeth tells him the sitter can’t stay late, but Cameron says he has plans. She asks what kind, and he says extracurricular activities. They look good on college apps. She says she needs him to go straight home, and he says, fine. He’ll be there. He gets another text. Meet me in one hour.

Valentin sees that Nina is packed and ready to go. He says she doesn’t waste time. She tells him it’s not like she brought her entire wardrobe. She was just keeping Sasha company. He says, and safe. There’s a serial killer loose in Port Charles. She says she has no reason to stay, but he says he can think of a few.

Lulu meets Laura at Charlie’s. Laura asks, what’s going on? and Lulu says, everything, wondering when it became December, like we all are. She wishes she could figure out who Charlotte is bullying, and Laura says, Aiden. Lulu says, Charlotte is bullying her own cousin?

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte will miss her. Nina says Charlotte knew she was leaving when Sasha did. Valentin says Sasha is safe in Chappaqua; what about her? There have been no arrests in Kiki’s murder, and there’s the killing of that nurse. Nina has confidence in Jordan and her team, but Valentin says there’s been no progress. He asks her to stay there. At least it’s a safe place.

Laura tells Lulu it’s getting worse. She doesn’t want to upset her, but she’s Charlotte’s mother. She needs to know what’s going on. Lulu asks if she’s talked to Elizabeth, and Laura says she knows Aiden is being bullied, but not that it’s by Charlotte. She’s surprised Charlotte’s teacher didn’t tell her, but Lulu says Willow is trying to diffuse the situation. She doesn’t want Charlotte to be publicly reprimand, or the kids might choose sides, and it will leave Aiden more isolated.

Alexis comes into Charlie’s, saying she’s there to whisk Kristina away for a late birthday celebration. They’re going to a spa, and Kristina can bring a friend. Kristina says she’s working all night, and Alexis asks if she can talk to the owner. Kristina says Julian is out, and wherever he went seemed important.

Sonny says the tree looks great. Yvonne sticks her finger on an ornament, and Sonny asks if she’s all right. Mike says she’s okay, and Sonny suggests getting a Band-Aid. Mike says it’s not necessary, and tells him to back off. Sonny says Mike doesn’t need to get excited, and Mike tells him, back off. Why is Sonny telling him what to do. He’s the adult, not Sonny. He asks where Sonny’s father is.

Through the window, Curtis sees Stella and Marcus in Kelly’s, and says, damn. He tells Jordan that Stella is with Marcus Godfrey. She asks if that’s the Marcus; the lost love of Stella’s life? He says, the one and only. He supposes he should thank him for inspiring Stella to show up at the wedding. She said she met an old friend who inspired her to put things in perspective, and guesses it was him. Jordan asks how Curtis tracked him down, but Curtis says he didn’t. Marcus has his own reasons to be in Port Charles.

Stella tells Marcus that Sonny sees his father seems happy. Marcus asks what he’s supposed to do; let it keep going on? She says she’s not telling him to do anything. He says she was never one without an opinion back in the day. She says she’s learned when to keep her place, and he says it’s her place now. She’s an old friend, and Mike is her client. If she has something to say, he wants to hear it. She tells him she thinks he’s being ungenerous. Not to Sonny or his father, but Yvonne.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s his father. Carly says he knows Sonny. He’s Mike’s son Michael. His name is just like Mike’s, but everyone calls him Sonny. Mike guesses he must have forgotten for a moment. Sonny says, it’s all right. He didn’t want intrude, but wanted to be there for the party. Yvonne asks if everything is all right. Does he know this young man? Mike says, he’s a good guy, and suggests they take care of her finger. When they’re gone, Carly says she’s so sorry, and hugs Sonny.

Alexis tells Kristina, it’s not fair. Julian keeps putting her in charge, and she’s not being paid for two jobs. Kristina asks her to stay out of it; she has enough to deal with. Alexis asks if Julian has been talking about Kiki’s death, and if he’s in a bad way. Kristina says he’s messed up about it, but his way of taking care of himself is taking care of others. He’s been looking after Kim and Oscar, and running errands for them. Julian comes in, and snaps at Kristina about the shaker being on the bar. Kristina tells Alexis that she prefers it when he’s out taking care of Kim.

Kim asks if Franco and Elizabeth want some food, but Elizabeth says they’ll take a raincheck. Kim says they owe her for the extra support and care she’s given Oscar. Drew says they appreciate it, and Kim adds, especially with what’s going on. Franco tells them that they postponed the wedding, partly because of Kiki. It seemed soon. Elizabeth says they’ve also got stuff going on with the kids.

Cameron tells Aiden to stay in his room until he finishes his homework. He takes out a box of brownie mix, and says, to bake or not to bake; that is the question.

Lulu can’t believe her daughter is bullying her nephew. Laura says, they’re both young, and it can be a wonderful teaching moment. Lulu says they’re getting through this time, and Laura asks if she and Valentin are still on the same page. Lulu says they are; Nina is the problem. She refuses to believe it. Laura says, no one wants to believe their child is capable of bullying, but it’s not uncommon. Kids are under pressure too, and don’t always deal with it the best way. Lulu says she’s going to win this time. If Valentin can’t discipline Charlotte, she will.

Valentin would like to believe he doesn’t frighten Nina, and she says he doesn’t. He’s not a threat to her health or well-being. He says, good to know. She says she just gets distracted around him, and doesn’t always make the right decision. It was great that he found Sasha. She loves him, and might always love him, but she can’t stay with him. She can’t pretend things didn’t happen that did. He says he’s not the same man he was when he gave Peter to Faison. He’s not the same man since he met her in the hotel hallway. Meeting her changed him forever. The man before her is the man he’s been ever since. She says she should go, and he says, please don’t. She can’t keep doing this; she doesn’t have it in her. He says she doesn’t have to do anything. He’s never going to stop trying to win her back, even when she says she doesn’t believe in them.

Carly tells Sonny that Mike and Yvonne are on their way back; they’re picking out games. She doesn’t know how aware Mike is about what happened, and Sonny says, it’s to be expected. Stella warned them. Carly says, that doesn’t make it easier. You can tell yourself that you’re prepared. You can read all the brochures, but knowing it is different than living it. Sonny says he tells himself it’s not that bad. Mike is still here, and still his dad, but the good times are less, and the bad times are getting worse. He doesn’t know how to handle it. He doesn’t know what to do. Carly says she doesn’t either, but they’re not doing it alone.

Stella tells Marcus that Yvonne has a special bond with Mike. They give each other light. Anyone can see it. Marcus says it’s how she used be all the time, and it means the world to him. Stella asks if it’s so wrong that Yvonne has a connection with Mike. He’s not a stranger at this state. Why deny her a friendship she enjoys? Marcus says she’s less present each day, and focused on Mike, not her husband. Does she know how hard it is to want something just outside your reach?

Kristina tells Alexis, birthdays don’t mean anything anyway. She’s learned every day is like a birthday, a chance to start over. Alexis doesn’t see the harm in celebrating. You only come into the world once. Kristina says, who knows? It could have been five hundred times. Alexis says, okay, Buddha. Does she believe in reincarnation. Julian comes back in, and complains about how the limes are being sliced. He asks why it’s so hard for Kristina to do her job. Alexis says it’s a bar, not an operating room; no one is dying. He needs to chill. He says he doesn’t tell her how represent her clients; don’t tell him how to run his business. She understands it’s a tough time, but don’t it take out on her daughter. Julian says, okay, she’s fired. He tells Alexis, thanks for the advice. He feels chiller already.

Elizabeth tells Kim that Aiden has a great teacher, who picked up on it. Franco gripes that she won’t cough up the name, and Kim says, it’s frustrating. Oscar went through it in middle school. Franco says he’s tempted to put Spinelli on retainer. Elizabeth says the other parents are dealing with it on their end, and she understands the child has been spoken to.

There’s a knock at Valentin’s door, and he says, someone is about to die. It’s Lulu. He tells her, it’s not a good time, but she says, too bad. They’re getting the message across to Charlotte before more damage is done. Nina asks if this is about the alleged bullying. Lulu says Nina has to stop running interference. They tried working it out together, and it was a disaster thanks to her. Nina says Lulu is taking the teacher’s word over her daughter’s, and Willow is PC to a fault. Kids need the room work out their own problems. It’s the other parents’ job to toughen up their kid. Lulu says the kid is her nephew, Aiden. Valentin asks if they’re talking about Aiden Webber. In her first moment of soap timing ever, Charlotte walks in and says, what about him?

Cameron is starting to bake, when there’s a knock at the door. Laura asks if his mom is home. He says she’s out, and he’s on babysitting duty. Aiden is there, and finishing his homework upstairs. She doesn’t want to interrupt, and Aiden says he was just working on an extracurricular activity. She says she’ll wait. He asks if he can get her anything, but she says she’s fine. He’s goes back to the kitchen, and is looking at something on his phone, when she walks in. She ask if she startled him. He says he was just focused on his phone, and she asks if this is the extracurricular activity. He says he’s supposed to make brownies for the bake sale, but he’s challenged. She says they’ll do it together.

Franco says they should go. Cameron is probably tired of babysitting. Elizabeth suggests Kim and Drew get some rest. The better shape the both of them are in, the better for Oscar. She and Franco leave, and Drew asks Kim about getting something for the staff. She gets on her phone, and says there’s a $500 credit in her account. It’s definitely a mistake. She makes a call.

Alexis finds Julian outside, tearing apart boxes. She asks if he thinks it’s a good idea to fire his first bartender on his first anniversary. He opened up Charlie’s a year ago. Julian says he doesn’t keep track, and she tells him, try sobriety. It makes you good at keeping track. He says he’s got enough problems, and she says he’ll have even more without Kristina’s help. He says she’s not fired; he’s just pissed off. He attacks the boxes. Alexis says she can tell. Does he want to talk. He says he shouldn’t lean on her; it’s not right. She tells him to talk to someone. His anger is toxic. He says things didn’t turn out way he thought they would. She says, they rarely do.

Charlotte asks why everyone is mad at her. Nina says they’re not mad, and Lulu says they’re upset about the way she’s been treating Aiden. Valentin says school is easy for her. Lulu says, it’s not like that for everybody. Valentin tells her, it’s important not to hurt others’ feelings, and Lulu adds, especially those who are having trouble in class. Charlotte says it’s not her fault Aiden is different. He’s so weird. She tried to help him, and tell him how to act, but he doesn’t listen. He does things differently, and that’s why no one likes him. It’s his fault, not hers.

Marcus says it’s nice to meet Jordan, but he should go. There’s a holiday party at Turning Woods. Curtis says he’ll walk him out. Jordan sits, and Stella asks how married life is. Jordan says she loves it, but she’d love it more if she wasn’t working twenty-hour days. Stella asks how the investigation is going. Jordan says she thinks she’s getting close. Stella says she has every confidence Jordan will close the case, and she and Curtis can pick up where they left off. Jordan appreciates that they have some time alone. She wanted to thank Stella for coming to the wedding. It meant everything, and she hopes it’s the start of things being better between them. If she can find Marcus after all these years, anything is possible. Stella asks if Curtis told her about Marcus, and Jordan says, some. She knew some herself because she went looking for him.

Outside, Curtis asks Marcus how Yvonne is doing. Marcus says, not well. She’ll never get better, and he’s accepted that, but he hopes she doesn’t decline too quickly. Curtis knows he and Stella have a history, and suggests Marcus let her help. She’s very talented in her field. Marcus says, she’s already done plenty.

Jordan tells Stella that she thought if she could find Marcus, and bring him back into her life, it might soften her attitude toward them. Stella asks if Jordan tried to reunite her with Marcus. Jordan says she wanted to explore the possibility, but when she discovered he was married, that was the end of it. Stella wonders why Jordan is telling her now. Jordan says she has to be honest if she wants to move on and be a family. She asks if there’s any chance for that.

Carly thinks Mike and Yvonne are cute. Yvonne lifts Mike’s spirits. Sonny is relieved that Mike found a friend. Carly says he’s sweet and considerate with her. Sonny says when Mike was first diagnosed, he thought Mike losing his memory was the worst thing, but now he thinks it’s going from the limbo before he forgets. That must be hardest; slipping away. He must feel alone. Carly thinks that’s why Mike is protective and territorial with Yvonne. Sonny says, it’s clear they have a connection. He can’t lose her.

Lulu says it’s not Charlotte’s job to tell her classmates how to act. The first rule – the only rule – is to treat others the way you want to be treated. How would she feel if someone told her how to act or what to like. Or embarrassed her? Valentin says he was teased mercilessly because of the way he looked, and she should feel bad. Lulu says, she’s not helping; she’s hurting. They know she can’t be best friends with everyone. Everyone is different, and it’s all okay. They’re just asking her to be kind and respectful to Aiden; to everyone. Charlotte starts to cry. Lulu says they know she’s a good person. She shows them every day. Charlotte says, deal, and Lulu says, good. Now there’s just one more person they have to show.

Cameron thanks Laura for the assist. She saved batch of brownies. Laura say they don’t get much of a chance to be together. She has some advice about his brother. Cameron says he tried to warn their mom it was going to happen. He was going to get picked on in school. Laura asks why Cameron thinks that, and Cameron says, he’s just different. He doesn’t fit in. Cameron knew that once Aiden hit a certain age, kids will see and pick on him. Laura says that’s astute of Cameron. His brother looks up to him. It would be wonderful if Cameron let Aiden know he’s great the way he is.

Franco and Elizabeth come home. Elizabeth says she didn’t know Laura was stopping by, and Laura says she was hoping they’d get a chance to talk. Elizabeth thanks Cameron, and tells him he’s off. He’s relieved of duty, and can go back to doing whatever he was doing. He’s already flying out the door, saying, home by ten. Elizabeth apologizes for him being rude, and Laura says, clearly, he was in a hurry; he forgot the brownies. Franco asks, did she just say brownies? as he eats one.

On the phone, Kim says she’ll check her email. She tells Drew that Julian got her a credit. It’s probably in her spam folder. She looks, and says there are several. He got someone to clean her apartment and grocery shop. She feels guilty; she’s kind of neglected him lately. Drew is sure Julian knows what she’s going through, and wants to help. Kim wishes she could return the favor or thank him in person. Drew says, Oscar is asleep. He’ll hold down the fort. She’d do the same for him. Just bring back pizza when she’s done. She leaves.

Alexis asks what Kristina is doing, and Kristina says figuring out if she’s been there long enough to get unemployment. Julian says she’s rehired. Alexis says, not so fast. Doesn’t he have something to say? He tells Kristina that he’s sorry, and Alexis says, how about a raise? He needs Kristina, and knows it. An extra five dollars an hour. Julian says, done, but she’s working overtime this weekend. Alexis tells Kristina, you’re welcome.

Laura says the brownies are for a drama class bake sale, and Elizabeth asks if she’s sure she heard correctly. Laura says, maybe he’s been bitten by the acting bug, and Franco says, who knew? They have a budding pastry chef. Laura says, he had help, and Elizabeth thanks her. Laura knows Cameron can be a handful, but he’s a great kid. Franco says he’ll drop the brownies by the bake sale.

Cameron goes to the hospital. Drew sees him, and gives him a hug. Cameron says he came to check on Oscar, and asks how he’s doing. Drew says, sleeping, but he’s doing better. He’ll tell him that Cameron stopped by. When Drew is gone, Cameron texts, don’t need the product. Deal’s off.

Kim finds Julian, still messing with the boxes. She says she appreciates what he’s doing. He says she could have texted or called, but she wanted to tell him in person. He asks, what? She says he’s amazing. He always comes through for her, and takes care of her, no matter what, and she wants to thank him.

Kristina gives Alexis a drink (non-alcoholic) with an uneven lime, on the house. She says Alexis still has the magic touch, and Alexis says, when has she never? She sees Kim and Julian hugging through the window.

Laura is glad she and Elizabeth are alone. She wants to talk about Aiden. The bell rings, and Elizabeth says, hold that thought. She opens the door to Lulu and Charlotte.

Valentin asks if Nina wants him to call for the launch. Nina tells him she’s not leaving after she saw the way Lulu talked to Charlotte. Valentin says Charlotte needed some tough love, but Nina says it was more than that. She’s going overboard. She’s more worried about protecting Aiden. It might stunt his development. She wants to stop Charlotte from being the incredible, independent girl she is. Valentin promises to be vigilant, but Nina says she’s staying.

Jordan tells Stella that her search didn’t lead anywhere, but she still butted into Stella’s private business. She hopes Stella understands and forgives her, or will. Curtis comes back, and asks, who’s hungry? Stella says she’s had her fill, and she’s due back at work. She looks at Jordan, and smiles, patting her on the shoulder. Curtis asks what he missed.

Sonny tells Carly it’s getting late. They should get his dad home before he gets fuzzier. Carly says he seems preoccupied. Mike and Yvonne gaze at each other. Carly thinks they should give them a minute. Marcus comes in as Yvonne touches Mike’s face.

On Monday, Franco has to tell Elizabeth something she won’t like to hear, Lulu says Charlotte needs to apologize to Aiden, Mike kisses Yvonne, and all Jason wants for Christmas is to spend the day with Sam.

Z Nation

We see a screen with texting. Kaya in the Skya: Are you there? They’re headed your way. Ghost King 2.0: Good. Kaya in the Skya: Can I trust you? Ghost King 2.0: Of course.

Roberta and George check out the fencing around Hackertown. A zombie gets electrocuted, and Roberta says, some of the wires can still be hot. Roberta bangs on a metal post. She says, 3 o’clock, and they draw their guns, but it’s Citizen Z. He’s sorry he’s late; he fell asleep. Roberta is glad he made it, and he says, just barely. Altura is locked up tight, and Kaya didn’t want him to go, but she gets it. They’re in a war.

They approach the building that houses Hackertown. CZ says it was a telephone switching center, and they built on the old hardware. There aren’t many digital malefactors left, but they’re pros. They spent many hours to crack Altura. They see a lock system with a small screen, and CZ says they have to prove themselves worthy by entering the next number in a series. The screen asks, what is the meaning of 42? George doesn’t get it. CZ says, it’s an old hacker joke. The answer is the total numerical value in the letters of the two words. He puts it in, nothing happens, and he says, or not. George kicks the door open, and they go in.

It’s dark, and they guide themselves with flashlights. They go down a hallway lined with equipment, and into another room. There are screens going and music playing. A voice tells them, hold it right there, and Roberta say they come in peace. A dude steps out into the light, and CZ asks if he’s the real Ghost King 2.0. He tells them that they have to answer a question. Roberta asks if he’s the troll under the bridge. Ghost King asks what’s the number one rule in hacking, and CZ says, information wants to be free. Ghostsays, the judges say cool, and he puts on the lights. CZ says he has something for him, and punches him in the face. He tells Ghost, Kaya in the Skya says, hello bitch.

Ghost asks what that was for, and CZ says he knows Ghost is trolling his wife. Ghost says it’s not his fault she’s hot. He asks how they got in, and George says they passed the test – for the most part. A guy in a hammock asks them to keep it down; he’s trying to meditate. Roberta says they need help. They need to see Estes’s computer. Ghost says, that’s impossible, and adds, it will take a few hours. CZ says, so they can do it, and Ghost tells him, no one said yes. What do they get out of it? He’d like a new laptop, a car, a shotgun… Roberta tells him to be realistic, and he says, in the unlikely event Newmerica is established, they want immunity in perpetuity for all cybercrimes they may have committed. George asks, what crimes? and he says, a little of this, a little of that. George says if he helps them now, she’ll try to get them a pardon in the future. They fist bump.

The sign on Limbo says, closed. Inside, Addie says if the talkers don’t get biscuits or brains, they’re going to have a problem. Murphy says tell him something he doesn’t know. He asks Doc how the miners are, and Doc says, great. As long as your definition for great is starving slowly and turning zombie. They look at the fish tank with the lithium bricks in it. 10K says it’s a dozen blocks of pure lithium. Addie says that’s why they were eating batteries. She saw them slicing the batteries, and putting the slices on their tongues. It works on the brain. Murphy asks how her truffle slicing skills are. They hear a noise, and Murphy opens the door. It’s Estes. Murphy says, welcome to Limbo. It’s a pleasure to see him. Estes has his posse with him, and Murphy says he sees Estes brought his back up dancers. He tells Estes that they’re closed to the public right now. Estes’s men draw their guns, and Estes says he’s sheltering escaped talkers. He knows they’re here. Open up. Murphy asks if he has a search warrant. Estes says, this is the apocalypse. Stand back, and let them come in. Murphy stands aside, saying he should have cleaned up.

Inside, Doc, Addie, and 10K sit at a table, playing cards. Murphy says, welcome to Limbo. Or at least what’s left of it.

Sun looks through a microscope, and says, negative. She says, it has to be here, and looks at another slide. Negative. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Red with another woman. Sun tells them that she’s the only one there. Red says this is her friend Becky. She came for help. Becky got sick while she was hiding her. Sun asks if she’s a talker, and Red says, yes. Becky says she’s hungry. Sun wants to see how dead she is, and examines her. She says, toxic shock. The infection has overwhelmed her body. People are becoming immune to everything; antibody resistant. There’s nothing Red could have done. Red says Becky needs a biscuit (sounds like a children’s book), but Sun says she doesn’t have any. They took them all. Becky suddenly punches Red.

Doc, Addie, and 10K continue to play cards. Estes tells his men, keep looking. He asks what the occasion for the mini reunion is, and Murphy says, it’s Thursday. Addie heard Doc is a maverick at strip poker. Doc tells her, one word of advice – later. Murphy tells Estes there’s a two drink minimum. Estes says Murphy was housing dozens of talkers, and Murphy says, says who? Estes says, everyone. Murphy says he doesn’t see any, and Estes tells him, seeing is one thing; believing is another, and he believes they’re here. He takes out a gun under the table. Murphy asks if Estes is going to believe him or his Spidey sense. Estes says he’ll wait it out. He orders water for everyone, and Murphy says, two bullets a glass. Estes tells him to put it Altura tab, but Murphy says they don’t have one. Doc shakes his head at Addie, who also has a gun. Estes nods to one of his guys, and the guy gives Murphy four bullets. Murphy says he’ll be right back, and Doc asks if he should deal Estes in. Estes declines.

Murphy pours two waters and smiles. Estes asks if Murphy has seen George and Roberta, and he says, nope. Estes says he thought they were friends. Murphy says he doesn’t have the chip in him now, does he? 10K says, go fish.

Ghost introduces his crew, Girl Boom, and Skip Grecko, the guy in the hammock. GHOST says Skip is the richest man in the world. He specializes in crypto-currency, and has been harvesting coin mines that are still in operation. Roberta wonders why, and GHOST says, sometimes hacking is the journey. A dude who’s pretty much a skeleton sits at a computer, and Ghost says, that’s Bones. He’s old school from the old freak phone era, and a ninja on the keyboard. He tells them, when you’ve only got one talker, a bag of biscuits goes a long way.

CZ asks if they have Estes’s password, and Ghost says, maybe. George says they can hack his laptop, and Ghost says, they have their own air gap email server – the full Hillary – but they’ll need someone inside. Kaya comes up on the screen, and Skip asks who the babe is. CZ says that’s the mother of his child. He tells Kaya that they need someone to get inside, and she says she can do it. Girl Boom says she’s in the system, and they can see what everyone is up to. Kaya is walking toward Altura’s headquarters, and Girl Boom says, there she is. She messes with the security system, so Kaya disappears from the feed. She says, no more Kaya

Kaya goes to the rear service entrance. Ghost says Bones has card keys and IDs. You wouldn’t know by looking at him, but he’s quite the catfisherman. CZ says they’ll need high clearance, and Ghost calls him Captain Obvious. He tells Kaya what to put in the keypad. She’s in, and CZ tells her to be careful.

Estes sees a security alert on his phone; unauthorized key use. He says, Ghost King 2.0, and Murphy says, what? Estes tells him, former employees that turned into vandals. Murphy says, he has a cell phone? Estes says it seems like his talker friends have vanished. He wishes Murphy would come to Altura. They could use his sales expertise. Murphy says, leaving so soon? Estes says they have an intruder. Search every inch, and keep quiet. If they want to hack, let’s hack.

Estes uses his phone to unlock and open the doors at Hackerville. Zombies walk in. Girl Boom says the power has been killed on the door locks. Ghost thinks maybe Estes is on to them, and CZ tells him to get Kaya out now. Ghost says they have company; every corridor has been breached. Execute order 666.

Kaya sneaks around. She tries to contact Hackerville, and asks, where are you guys?

Alarms go off. Ghost says they got this. CZ can’t believe they have drones. Skip, Girl Boom, and Ghost get into position, and several screens come up with the drones on them. Ghost asks Skip what the probability of success is, and Skip says, 32.33, repeating. Ghost says, better than usual; very nice. The drones fly, and a few crash into the walls. Ghost says Bones made modifications. The drones shoot at the zombies. It’s like a video game. Girl Boom slams a zombie in the head, and they laugh. Roberta is like, damn. Skip races his drone around some columns, and Ghost says, go for bookends. He tells Skip, get in on this, and the three of them surround a zombie, shooting at its neck until they slice his head off. George laughs, and Ghost says he didn’t expect that; it just happened. He says, uh-oh. They’re out of ammo. They slam the drones into the zombies’ heads, and it’s a bloodbath. Ghost is the only one left, then he’s out. He says, they crashed, but finished strong. CZ says, crazy, and Ghost says CZ has been doing it the hard way. A zombie ambles in, and Ghost says, time for the big guns. He takes out a metal box, and pulls up an antenna on it. A tiny drone floats out and flies around like Tinkerbell. George fights with the zombie, and holds a ladder between them. Ghost concentrates on the Tinkerbell drone, and it goes up the zombie’s nose. Ghost tells them, get down, and the zombie’s head explodes. George wants that.

Addie slices the lithium, using a razor blade. Murphy asks if she knows what she’s doing, and she says, no. She tells him she has to be careful cutting. It melts in their mouths. The talkers line up and she feeds them. 10K says there’s a kid missing, and Murphy says, it’s always something. His parents are there, and Doc says they’ll find him. They call out for Mason.

Red says Sun has been working with blood samples. Sun says by hand. Red wonders what Sun is looking for, and Sun says an anomaly, a mutation, something that gives immunity. Red asks if she’s had any luck. Sun says one sample showed immunity, but it won’t do any good. She shows Red the vial, and it’s labeled Murphy. Red says, great. Sun tells her that Murphy’s blood so full of crap, she doesn’t know which gene has what effect. On the examining table, Becky starts thrashing around. She wants brains.

Addie slices and feeds. The others look for Mason. 10K says, still no sign, and Murphy says, these talkers blend into the furniture. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Estes with Mason. Estes says he has something belongs to them.

Roberta asks how Kaya is doing. She says she’s outside Estes’s door. Girl Boom says, card swipe coming her way, and Kaya unlocks the door.

Murphy asks Estes if he thinks he’ll get away with this. Estes says he’s just trying to help them. Murphy says rounding them up, putting them in lockdown, vigilante justice. That’s not being supportive. Estes says, it’s for their own good. Doc says, even for the zombie apocalypse, that’s lame.

Out in the yard, 10K draws his gun.

Murphy asks what Estes really wants. Estes says he has the talkers hidden away. Murphy insists he doesn’t, and if he did, they’re not his to give. He doesn’t own them. Estes says then Murphy won’t mind if he takes them. 10K draws a bead on Estes, but as he’s about to shoot, there’s a gun at his head. Murphy tells Estes he’s just a simple busman trying make an honest biscuit. Estes says, cut the crap. 10K is led in. Murphy asks if this is trying to be supportive. Estes says he’s done wasting time. Disarm them.

They go inside, and Estes tells Mason that he’s sorry. There’s nobody there. His parents left him. He says Mason is shaking, even though he’s not. Estes says he’d be scared too, if his parents abandoned him. He’s never going to see them again. Mason cries silently, but we hear crying from behind a door. Estes opens it. Mason’s mother grabs him to her, and Estes says this is the thanks he gets for saving her boy. She’s welcome. He tells his crew, send more trucks.

Becky cis flipping around, and Red tells Sun, do something. Sun says there’s only one thing left to do. She gets a gun, and Red says, not yet. What about Murphy’s blood? Becky grabs Red’s throat. Red tells Sun to hurry, and Sun injects Becky with Murphy’s blood. Becky seizes, then relaxes. She says, wow, and tells Red that she’s sorry; she didn’t mean it. She thanks Sun, and asks, what’s happening? Red says she’s burning up, and Sun says, the infection that killed her is coming back. She’s dying all over again.

Kaya is in Estes’s office, and opens his laptop. She needs the password, and Ghost tells her, hold tight. They’re going to all run their antilogarithms simultaneously. CZ asks if she has the thumb-drive. As soon as she gets in, employ it. Ghost asks if it’s for his NSA toolkit, and CZ says, no. Ghost asks if he can have a copy, and CZ says, solid no. Ghost says, there are no more secrets. The NSA don’t care. CZ says he cares.  Ghost says he’ll get it from Kaya. He says, the last letter always takes forever, and Roberta says, mercy. The password is mercy. CZ says, look who has a future in hacking. He tells Kaya the password, and she’s inside.

Murphy asks Estes what’s going to happen to the talkers. Estes says he’ll take good care of them. They’ll be safe in their own space. Murphy decides he’s going with them. He’s got to. Estes says, technically speaking, he is a talker. He’ll be safe under their protection. Murphy says he feels safer already. Estes wishes he’d work for Altura. They have more in common than Murphy thinks. Murphy says, no they don’t. Estes says if he changes his mind, they have excellent dental. Hell, I’ll go.

Becky relaxes again. She asks Red to help her, and begins to flail around some more. Red wonders what’s happening, and Becky yells, make it stop. It’s actually pretty sad.

Kaya says every file looks suspicious. It might take a while. Kaya flips through the files, and Roberta says, anything. Kaya says, lithium mining, the biscuit supply mine running out, lithium from new sources. Roberta asks if there’s anything about Dante, but Kaya is still looking. She thinks she found something in the editing program. Estes has been editing a document to make Dante look guilty. George wonders why Estes would do that. A screen shows guys with guns walking down the hallway. Roberta tells Kaya, upload everything and GTFO.

Murphy gets in the truck. Estes asks if that’s everybody. Doc, 10K, and Addie remain, and Doc says, sorry; human. Estes says to leave them. They have no problem with humans. As the truck door closes, Murphy ask if he mentioned he was claustrophobic. Estes says it’s a short ride to air conditioned buses that will lead to new lives.

Red wipes Becky’s face. Becky has a short seizure. Sun gets the gun. Red says, no, but then tells Becky not to be afraid. Becky says Red tried, and she loves her. Red turns her back, and Sun gives Becky mercy. Red cries.

Kaya uploads the files, mumbling that you’d think Estes would have better Wi-Fi. She shows them a document, and asks if anybody knows what this is. George says it looks like it’s redacting, and wonders what it means. Roberta tells Kaya to get out now.

The guards look through the window of Estes’s office. Kaya closes the laptop. They walk in, but she’s nowhere. They look underneath the table, but there’s nothing. One of them closes the laptop.

At Hackertown, they look at the document on the screen. Some of it is still redacted, but it clearly says, final mercy. George asks, what’s final mercy?

Next Friday, the final battle is at hand. And it looks like Pandora is in the thick of it.

💭 Quotes of the Week

Have you no human consideration? * Show me a human and I’ll have it. – Bill (Gary Merrill) and Margot (Bette Davis), respectively, All About Eve

Thread count: yes. Washing instructions: do not wash. – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls, after buying sheets at the Less Than A Dollar store

I said, ‘I’ll do it for nothing.’ Actually, I had to give him $4,000 dollars. I had to pay him to do the part. — Dick Van Dyke, recounting that he had to financially persuade Disney to allow him to portray Mary Poppins‘ banker, Mr. Dawes Sr.

When he saw Misery, my ex-husband said he didn’t see anything unusual up there.Kathy Bates

It’s obvious you’re not a woman. * I’ve been aware of that for some time. – Margot (Bette Davis) and Bill (Gary Merrill), respectively, All About Eve

Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you.Rupi Kaur

I’m fine. I’m a Spartan.Eddie Judge, The Real Housewives of Orange County

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December 7, 2018 – Obrecht Isn’t Fooled, the Secret Ingredient, a Mix of Six Quotes & Weekend Reactions


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


😳 Oops, I did it again. Missed the beginning. It was a real comedy of errors at dog lunchtime here today. I’m going to have to start feeding these guys earlier. I don’t care how long morning naptime is. In the meantime, this is what I got. I didn’t miss much.

General Hospital

Margaux tells Jason that she hasn’t spoken to Drew in ages,but he’d like to keep it that way. He knows she wants to investigate him, and tells her to keep Drew out of it. Margaux asks why she’d want to investigate Jason.

Oscar introduces Daisy to his parents, explaining that she’s the friend who got him into the house he’s living in. She’s been looking out for him. She says it’s an honor to meet them. She tells them she was doing a technique on Oscar to channel his thoughts. They wouldn’t believe the mind’s capacity to heal the body. She says everyone in the house is crazy about him.Oscar thanks her for visiting.

Kristina tells Alexis that it’s sad; a funeral for someone her age. Someone who had so much to look forward to. Alexis asks why she’s breathing like that, and Kristina says focusing on her breathing keeps negative thoughts at bay. So does reaching out people and helping the community. Alexis asks if she learned that from the friends she spent Thanksgiving with. She’d like to hear more about the friends Kristina has taken such a liking to.

Margaux asks if Jason is paranoid, and he asks if she doesn’t remember dragging out all of his case files from 1996. She made it clear she was coming after him and Sonny. She says the circumstances have changed. Jason says, good to know. If they change again, don’t involve Drew.

Obrecht thinks Anna and Finn are exaggerating. Britt could have the flu. Finn says Britt is unconscious. Her body is attacking itself. Obrecht says, even if she believed them, what makes them think she’s capable of creating an antidote. Anna says they nearly lost Tiffany to the disease. Faison wasn’t a medical expert. Obrecht developed the virus, so she can come up with the antidote. Anna asks, if Britt dies, she’ll be kind of responsible. Can she live with that?

Sam thanks the newspaper employee, saying she can’t wait to reach out. It’s been way too long. Curtis says, never underestimate how trusting some people can be. Sam tells him the subscriber lives in a long term memory care facility.

Carly asks Yvonne if she’s married, and Marcus says he comes every morning. He sees the roses and says someone outdid him. He asks who brought them, and she tells him, Mike; he’s sweet to her. She asks him to put them in water. Sonny has an idea. What if he and Mike play hooky today? He’ll call Max to take care of business. Mike says he’s fine there. He sees Yvonne reading the paper. Stella tells Sonny that it might sound strange, but she thinks it’s best if Mike stays here for the rest of the day. Carly says, after what just happened, it’s all the more reason to maintain routine. Stella thinks it’s best, and Sonny says okay. He tells Mike that he’s taking off, and to have fun. Mike asks Yvonne if there’s any good news. She says that’s what she loves about Galina. There’s always something going on. She asks if he’s ever been there, and he says no, but he hopes to someday.

Alexis says Kristina is broadening her outlook. They’re lucky they’re in a position to give back as a family. Kristina says it goes beyond volunteering. They have meeting where they share what’s going on in their lives. Things that are bogging them down and giving them anxiety. They talk until it’s out of their system; it’s like cleansing the body of negative energy. Alexis says there’s some value in sharing feelings with a group of strangers, and Kristina says, AA. She apologizes for talking to Alexis like it’s a new concept. Alexis says it works for her. She looks forward to meeting Kristina’s new friends, and Kristina says he might get the chance right now. Daisy walks in.

Obrecht says, let’s say Anna is telling the truth; it was thirty years ago, and there was an antidote. They don’t need her help. Anna says Tony Jones produced enough for the outbreak, but then destroyed what was left. He didn’t want to risk someone figuring out how to reverse it. Obrecht thinks Anna should consult her boyfriend. He devised the cure for Blackwood Syndrome. Or are they using Britt’s illness as a way to trap her?

Jason says Margaux pushed Carly into Ferncliff, harassed Mike despite his condition, and hassled Michael and Kristina. She buried her own father next to Morgan just to mess with Sonny. She tells him that he’s making a large generalization, but he says it proved she’d use anybody to get what she wants. Drew can deal with her himself, but not right now.

Alexis introduces herself to Daisy, and commends her for getting Kristina interested in public service. Daisy says she can’t take credit for that. It comes naturally to Kristina.

Drew asks how Oscar is doing, and Oscar says, terrible. Drew says, in the end, it will be worth it. Kim asks if Oscar can eat lunch, but he says he’s not really hungry. Drew says, for hospital food, but what about BLTs from Kelly’s. Kim says Terry can eat what he wants as long as he’s up for it.

Alexis says she told Kristina that she wouldn’t badger her, but she’d love to hear more about what they do.

Margaux tells Jason that she really cares about Drew. He says she has a twisted way of showing it. She says she’s lost patience with the conversation, and has lost her appetite. She gets up, and tells him to enjoy himself.

Daisy tells Alexis they’re having a meeting this weekend if she’s interested in coming by. Alexis says she can’t this weekend, but they’ll figure something out. She goes to sit with Jason. She tells him she’s there on Oscar’s behalf. Oscar wants to make Jason executor of his will.

At the facility, Sam tells Curtis that they need to find the patient who subscribed to the paper. They’ll pretend they’re checking the place out for a relative. He says espionage in a convalescent home. It’s a first. Stella comes out, and asks what Curtis is doing there. He says he came to see her. Marcus joins them, and says, don’t tell him this grown man is her nephew. Stella introduces Curtis, and his work partner Sam. Curtis asks if he’s the Marcus. He’s sure Stella mentioned Marcus a time or two. Curtis asks what brings him to town, and Marcus says his wife Yvonne is a patient there.

Obrecht accuses Anna and Finn of toying with Britt’s life. Anna doesn’t buy her moral outrage. She kept Anna’s son captive for months. Obrecht says, Nathan is dead. Now they want to take her only surviving child. Finn says it took him almost ten years to find the cure for Blackwood, and Obrecht says his drug addiction probably helped. He says he spent every waking hour for nearly ten years working on it. Britt doesn’t have ten days. Obrecht wants the vial of blood, but Anna tells her, no more stalling. Either she’s coming or not. Obrecht says she’s going nowhere until she’s tested the blood herself. Finn was so eager to produce the vial; why? Was it really a prop? Anna says she’s the only person who can devise an antidote. Obrecht says she’s not going to face arrest and prosecution unless she knows for certain. The antibodies are unmistakable, and she has a test kit outside. She can validate it in no time, unless it’s a ruse. Finn takes out the vial, and gives it to her. She leaves with it, and Anna and Finn follow as far as the hallway. Anna says they are totally screwed. Finn says it’s Britt’s blood, but if she does an extensive analysis, she’ll realize he created the antibodies in the lab.

Jason is honored that Oscar wants him to be executor, but thinks he’s getting ahead of himself; he just started treatment. Alexis says it gives him a sense of control. It’s just the distribution of his estate. Jason asks, what estate? He’s a kid. Alexis says, don’t forget he’s a Quartermaine. He has stock in ELQ.  

Daisy tells Kristina that they’re doing an outreach, and she thought Kristina might want to come. Kristina says she’s stuck there for a few more hours. She tells Daisy that she’s in a weird mood. Her late brother’s old girlfriend was killed, and the funeral is today. Daisy tells her to remember what she learned; negative thoughts lead to negative events. Kristina says it’s hard to stay positive; she was way too young to die. Daisy says Kristina can miss her, but she’s back at the source of all life. She’s returned home, like we all will one day. She hopes Kristina finds comfort in that. Kristina thinks she can.

Margaux sees Drew at Kelly’s. She says she can’t avoid his family today, and he asks what the hell that means. She says never mind, and asks if he has a minute to talk. He says he has to be back at the hospital. The waitress brings his take-out food, and Margaux asks if everything is okay. He says his son has cancer. Margaux says she’s sorry; she’s sure he’s a fighter. Drew says he’s in no mood for her false sympathy, and in no mood to be blackmailed again.

Kim tells Oscar to rest. She wonders if she should tell Drew to nix Kelly’s, but Oscar says, no. The worst case scenario is that he barfs. Kim says, that’s not funny. He says she wanted him to enjoy being a normal teenager, including keeping his diagnosis a secret. She says it’s more complex than that, and he tells her discussing bodily fluids is as much a normal teenager as it gets. He has to laugh or it will be worse than it has to be. She says she loves him, and has to say something. She needs to apologize.

Sam tells Curtis and Stella that she’s going to say hi to Mike. Curtis. Curtis bets Marcus has good stories about Aunt Stella back in the day, and Stella says, none that he cares to share. Sam sees Mike, and he hugs her. She asks how he is, and he says, good. She asks who his beautiful friend is, and he introduces her as Yvonne Godfrey. Sam doesn’t know if it’s a coincidence, but she came there looking for a Godfrey. She asks if they’ve met before, but Yvonne doesn’t think so. Sam asks if she’d mind answering a couple of questions. Yvonne agrees, and Sam asks if she’s from Galina, Illinois. Yvonne says, home of Ulysses S. Grant. Sam sees she’s keeping up with the action back home. She shows Yvonne the obituary, and asks if she sent it.

Carly is worried about Mike. It looked like he had no clue Yvonne was married. She asks Sonny if he thinks it’s the first time Mike was told. Sonny isn’t sure, and she thinks it must be terrible to forget, and have to go through it all over again. Carly thinks her husband handled it well. Yvonne is there full time, and he wants her to be happy and make friends; like the want for Mike. It has to be rough watching her forget him more each day. Sonny says, she has to remember her husband. No matter what, he’ll never forget her. They hug.

Yvonne tells Sam that she didn’t send it. Sam says the envelope was postmarked Port Charles, and she’s the only one who gets the Galina paper. Maybe she doesn’t remember. Mike thinks maybe Sam should ask questions another time. Marcus comes back, and asks if everything is okay. Mike says it’s fine; Sam was just asking questions about Galina. Marcus suggests he take Yvonne back to her room, but she wants Mike to take her. They leave, and Marcus follows. Stella tells Curtis, so he was just wanting to visit his auntie? He’ll straighten this out when she calls tomorrow. She has a client, and thinks it’s best if they’re gone when she gets back. Curtis says, roger that. Sam takes a picture of the newspaper mailing label.

Kim tells Oscar that she’s sorry for the choices she made, and that it put a rift between them. She hates that he feels like he can’t trust her anymore, or that she didn’t love him enough to be honest. She loves him so much. He’s the most important person in her life; he’s her whole life. She wanted him to be happy, and thought could give it to him just a little longer. Oscar says he was always happy, and Kim says, maybe it was worth it a little bit then. She hates that she pushed him away. She gets weepy, saying the apartment is empty without him. Oscar says when he moved out, he wasn’t trying hurt her. He was hurting, and it was his way of taking control of things. Kim knows, and even though she hates the distance between them, she’s proud of him. He went out there and proved he can take care of himself on his own terms. Eventually, that’s what every parent wants for their child. It’s hard to accept he doesn’t need her anymore. He says she’s wrong about that. He’ll always need her. They hug.

Alexis tells Jason that Oscar’s grandfather willed him voting shares of ELQ. Jason says Oscar doesn’t have to worry about that, but Alexis disagrees. The Quartermaines are well-intentioned for the most part, but with ELQ, not so much. Oscar is worried they’ll fight over the shares. If, God forbid, Oscar dies, he wants Jason to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Obrecht returns, saying she saw the antibodies, and Finn asks if that means she’ll go. She’s afraid not. Anna asks, why not? She saw with her own eyes that Britt is deathly ill. Obrecht says she can synthesize an antidote there, and they can bring it to Britt. She knows Anna’s lofty principles wouldn’t allow her to let Britt die to spite her. Finn says he might. He’s her doctor, and has complete control over her treatment. It’s way too risky to obtain medicine from an unauthorized source. Obrecht tells him that he needs more lessons from his lover on sharpening his bluffing skills.

Sonny thanks Carly for being there. She says she’ll always be there. They make each other stronger. They’ve been through a lot together, but that’s how it works. The house phone rings, and Sonny says, send him up.  Carly asks if it’s trouble, but he’s not sure. Marcus is at the door. Carly introduces herself, but he walks past her. He says he remembers her, and Sonny tells him he’s not being polite. Marcus says he doesn’t mince words. He wants Sonny to keep Mike away from his wife.

Curtis tells Sam he doesn’t know how well she knows Stella, but when she says scram, you scram. Sam knows Yvonne seemed confused, but the subscription doesn’t expire for another nine months; it had to be recent. Curtis says maybe she doesn’t remember subscribing; she seemed worse than Mike. Or maybe someone subscribed for her to trigger her memories, like what Sonny has done with Mike. Sam says that doesn’t explain why Yvonne would send her the obituary. Curtis says, assuming she did. Sam says it can’t be a coincidence, but he says, maybe someone is using the connection. Sam is like, that’s it! They leave, and Daisy comes out. She looks around, and picks up Yvonne’s paper. Daisy is very busy.

Jason doesn’t know what say, and Alexis says she’s never known him to be much of a talker. He has a couple days to think about it. Jason asks if she’s sure it’s what Oscar wants. She says, it would mean the world to him.

Kim apologizes to Oscar for the waterworks. She’s tired, and she’s sure it didn’t help. Oscar says, it did; a lot. She wants to let him rest before his dad gets back. Oscar asks her to stay with him. She gets in the bed and holds him.

Drew gets back to the hospital, and Margaux shows up. He asks if she’s following him, and she says she wasn’t finished with the conversation. He says he was. She says, despite what he think about her and her actions, she’s grown fond of him. She thought he was a good guy who got mixed up with the wrong people. She still thinks he’s a good guy. She means it, and can prove it. She hands him the flashdrive.

On Monday, Marcus thinks Mike is dangerous to Yvonne, Jordan talks to Michael, and Kiki’s funeral.   

Z Nation

A voiceover of Doc says, the secret is buried under the past, and guarded by demons with sharp claws.

Talkers form a chain gang without chains, and shuffle into a scrapyard. There are guys in hazmat suits standing around, guarding the place. One of them tells the talkers, it’s unacceptable. He doesn’t care if they’re freaked out. They’re going to keep working. He wants barrels full of lithium by dark. He hits one of the talkers with the butt of his gun. A zombie near a trash barrel takes something out, and licks it. A claw crane picks metal up and drops it into a pile. The talkers go through it. The one at the trash barrel bites into what looks like a computer processor.

Another talker comes to the barrel and starts pulling apart electronics. Talker #1 tells talker #2 to watch, and breaks the processor in half. He gives #2 half, he bites it, and it’s like, wow. #1 says, welcome to the party. A third talker, a woman approaches them. An alarm goes off, and the talkers gather. Mean Dude kicks one of them around, and says they get stupider by the minute.

Talker #1 looks at #2 and #3. He nods. We see pressed metal cubes in the yard. Mean Dude says, this place should been picked clean a week ago. One of them is too slow, and Mean Dude shoots him in the head. He says, let that be a warning, and tells them, get back to work. Another supervisor hits #1, but the three talkers fight back. Mean Dude tells them, weapons on the ground. Things calm down, and he says, it’s all good. #1 says, it’s far from all good. Mean Dude shot his friend. Mean Dude says, he was already dead; he was just making a point. #1 says he was inflicting pain on another. Bleeders destroyed the world. They’ve forfeited their right to live. Now it’s their turn. He tells the talkers to rise up and listen to him. Their time has come. Freedom is here for all of them. They won’t be oppressed and murdered. They’re going to live out their days as they decide. Join him. No more will they be slaves to the living. Their time is now. They will be free, and free every talker in the mine. They’ll bring them into the light by any means necessary. They have nothing to fear if they stick together. He goes into the mine.

There are loud noises from the mine, and Mean Dude says, fire! They shoot. #1’s head comes rolling out. The talkers run. The head says, have mercy.

A truck hurtles past Roberta, George, Doc, and 10K. Doc says, a recycling truck. They’re using gas like there’s no apocalypse. Roberta wonders what was in the crate in the back. George says, it’s going to Altura, but where was it coming from? They see the crane, and the piles of metal. Roberta says, buried under the past, and guarded be demons with sharp claws. George says, her ancestral prophecy? Roberta says they’re going to check it out. Stay quiet. Keep low. Doc is glad they’re all together for once. They get on top of a van near the edge of the scrapyard, and watch through binoculars. Doc wonders what the talkers are doing, and Roberta says, they’re mining something. 10K reads a sign; caution – hazardous materials. Doc asks why signs never say anything nice, like baby goats this way. Roberta says whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and Doc says he must be Superman. Go figure. Roberta tells Doc and 10K to find out where they’re loading. She and George will check out the miners. Doc says, that didn’t take long.

10K and Doc hide, and watch for a truck. They see something fly across the yard, and get sucked into a hole amid all the metal. Doc says, that was creepy, and 10K agrees. He says, let’s find the trucks.

Roberta and George see Mean Dude barking orders again, and beating on a talker. He says if he had biscuits, they’d be done in twenty-four hours, but no. He tells them, pick up the pace. Roberta tells George, the talkers are pretty far gone. George says, they have no biscuits. She wonders if it’ toxic steel that’s keeping them from turning. They see talker #3, and he looks toward them. They crouch down further, and he says, don’t go down there. The metal is alive. Mean Dude says, back to work. #3 says, it’s not safe, and gets pushed back with the workers.

George wonders if the secret ingredient is there. Roberta would like to get her hands on the barrels. George takes off her jacket, and tells Roberta to come with her. She steals a talker’s hat and coat. Roberta jumps over the junked cars and piles of steel. George gets in line with the talkers. Roberta gets her guns ready. George takes a computer component out of a barrel, and Mean Dude asks what she’s doing. Roberta sets her sites on him. George fake sneezes, and Mean Dude is like, eww! I literally lol. A piece of steel rolls down the pile. Mean Dude shoots, and George runs to Roberta. Mean Dude says, cease fire. He tells the others to get back to work, so they can get the hell out. George practically flies over the piles of everything. She sees the hole that Doc and 10K saw something get sucked into. She looks in, and calls to Roberta.

At the bottom, Roberta comes to. It’s a pretty long fall. She gets up, and everything is fuzzy for a moment. She walks into what looks like a workshop, and sees the body of one of the hazmat guys. She takes his mask off, but there’s no head. She she looks around, and sees electronics, wires, and a board with a joystick. She sees a buzz saw, and spins it.

10K and Doc sneak around. Doc says, whatever they’re guarding must be important. Looking around, he thinks that someday, all that will be left of us is mountains of crap, and oceans of plastic. Sadly, living near the ocean, I tend to agree. 10K wonders what all this junk is, and Doc tells him, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure… That didn’t come out right. They see one of the hazmat guys messing around with some wires. They hide behind a wheeled cart, pushing it forward behind the guy. The guy keeps thinking he sees something, but every time he turns around, they stop. It’s pretty funny. They finally sneak out.

10K wonders what they’re doing with all this, and Doc says, who knows? They see another hazmat guy stirring hot molten metal, and making it into bricks. Other hazmat guys put the bricks into a tank, and the tank into a crate. They roll it out, right past Doc and 10K. 10k asks Doc if it’s silver, but Doc says you don’t have to be that careful with silver. Whatever it is, they’re afraid of it. Some people run past, and Doc says those guys know something they don’t, and they jet.

George calls to Roberta. Mean Dude tells George, get down from there, and points his gun at her. He says, move or be mercied. She walks down the mountain of metal. He says he has a special tunnel just for her. He pushes her into the line of talkers, and says, send her down too. He tells the guards, shoot if they resist. Shoot anything that doesn’t look right. Mean Dude isn’t liking this, and 10K rolls a barrel down the scrap heap, distracting him. George goes into the tunnel.

10K and Doc run across the yard. They go through a large garage-like door, and everything is wreck, with blood everywhere. Doc wonders if they shot each other. Whatever it was, it was big.  10K says, no baby goats, and Doc repeats, no baby goats.

Roberta pushes something out of her way. A makeshift sign says, kill them all. and there’s another body nearby. Roberta sees a flashing light, and feels around for her gun, but has nothing. She’s defenseless.

Down in the tunnels, someone loads what looks like a Star Trek gun, and bites into a computer part. The creature is a sort of bionic zombie meets the Borg; his body supplemented with metal parts. He picks up the buzz saw, and cuts through a metal sheet. Sparks fly. Roberta lies on the floor, wearing a hazmat suit and mask, and pretending to be dead. A real hazmat guy is next to her, and wakes up. He’s pulled away. He screams, as we hear saw sounds.

#3 tells George, don’t go down there. Have biscuits. He shows her a computer compressor. He says, it brings you back from the abyss, but it doesn’t last long. He hands it to her, but she says, no thanks. Still alive. She says she’s waiting for friends, and he repeats, don’t go down there. The alarm sounds, and Mean Dude says, more barrels; move it! George moves things out of her way.

Outside, the claw picks up some metal, and puts it in a crusher. After the metal is crushed, the claw picks up the cube and deposits it in the yard. Doc and 10K find a room with multiple TV screens, monitoring areas of the yard and mine. Doc says maybe they can find Roberta and George. He wonders what this button does, and presses it. The claw drops a cube on someone, but Doc doesn’t see, and says, nothin’. 10K suggests another one to try, and the crane begins to spin. The claw picks a guy up. Doc says, oops, his bad. Now he know what that one does. 10K thinks maybe they shouldn’t be doing this. They see someone coming toward the building, and close the door.

Mean Dude opens the door, finding Doc and 10K in hazmat suits. Doc says, it’s all okay. The situation is normal. Mean dude asks who he is, and Doc says, Siegfried; and his partner, Roy. The boss sent them to speed up the operation. Mean Dude says, Estes? And Doc says, yeah, Estes. He’s not happy, and needs more bricks. Mean Dude says, screw Estes. He has no idea what they’re up against. He has men missing, and even the talkers are spooked. This place isn’t just hazardous; it’s haunted. Doc says, haunted or not, he’d better get moving, or he’ll end up digging truffles with the talkers. Mean Dude says Doc is wasting their time, and Doc says Mean Dude is wasting his time. He’s got work to do. Mean Dude says he doesn’t have to be such a d*ck. Doc tells 10K, haunted. As if zombies aren’t bad enough. 10K suggests they find Roberta and George.

Roberta wanders through the tunnel. Metal is everywhere. She hears sounds, and grabs a pole. She waits, ready, but it’s George. George asks if it’s zombies, and Roberta says, whatever it is, eats batteries like twinkies. George says, eating them like biscuits. Roberta thinks about what’s in them, and says, lithium. What if that’s the secret ingredient? George wonders why they’re not making biscuits if they’re scavenging. Roberta says they’ll find out, but first, they have to get out before their rechargeable friend comes back.

Roberta and George crawl through the tunnel. George hates the apocalypse. They pop out of he tunnel, and are met by hazmat guys with guns. George ask what they want, and suddenly, their guns fly out of their hands, and onto a magnetized piece of equipment. Inside, Doc says, not so tough without guns. HE thinks he’s getting the hang of it. George and Roberta are about to get in a fistfight with the guards, when another one with a gun steps out. He’s pulled back – by what, we don’t see – and blood splashes out from where he was. Roberta suggests they get out of there, and they run. Roberta asks, what is that thing?

George says it’s gaining on them. 10K runs with them. Borg zombie follows. Doc opens the door, and tells them to hurry; there’s a thing behind them. They run inside, and he closes the door. They don’t hear anything, and Doc says nothing is getting through that door. Doc wonders what they want, and Roberta explains they’ve mining the dump for a while. They’re mining lithium. George says, it’s the secret ingredient. Doc tells them that they found out Estes is in charge. Roberta says, whoever controls the biscuits, controls the talkers. Whoever controls the talkers, controls Newmerica. Roberta says they have to get the last shipment. Doc looks at one of the screens, and sees some guys loading a truck. He says it looks like they have the same idea.  George asks if Roberta is thinking what she is, and Roberta says, they’re going to hijack that truck.

Mean Dude says he’ll drive; move over. Wearing a suit, Doc sits in between him and another hazmat guy. 10K is in the truck bed, with a third guy. The guy in the cab says he’ll be glad to leave this place. Doc says, tell him about it. They see Roberta and George, and Mean Dude wonders what those two are up to. He tells Roberta to get in back, but Roberta says they’re taking the truck. Direct orders from Estes. The guy in back looks at 10K. Mean Dude says, something’s not right. George gets the door open. Doc elbows Mean Dude and the guy on his other side. 10K slams the guy in the back. Roberta and George pull Mean Dude and the other guy out of the cab. They get ready to leave, with Doc driving, but the engine won’t turn over. George tells him that he’s flooding it. 10K is still fighting in the back. Roberta is pulled out of the cab. George is ready to fight, but Mean Dude slams her up against the truck. She faceplants. He pulls Doc out of the truck, but has no better luck starting it. George is lying in front of the truck. Roberta and Doc try to get her up. They hear saw sounds. A guy yells, and an arm falls down near them. Roberta looks back, under the truck, and sees Mean Dude flailing around on the ground, blood spurting from where his arm used to be.    

Mean Dude wails. Borg zombie stands there. George says, whoa. 10K shoots him from the back of the truck, but Borg zombie just looks at him. A hazmat guy throws something at him, but it bounces off like it’s Styrofoam, and hazmat guy takes off. Everyone gets ready to fight, but the power goes out in Borg zombie’s hand. Roberta says, his battery is dying. She tells the others, wear him out. They go after him, and nothing is effective, but he seems puzzled, turning this way and that, as each hit comes, clanging against his metal pieces. He grabs Roberta’s weapon, and starts to come after her. His buzz saw starts running, not full power, but enough. He puts it near her face.

A grid on this chest flickers, and his arm turns off. Roberta gets up, and says, she sees him. Doc asks if it’s dead, and Roberta says, he’s trapped. Doc asks who he is, and talker #3 says he recognizes him. He was one of the first miners, and went missing months ago. Doc wonders if it was too much lithium. Roberta asks what he wants, and says let them help him. Borg zombie walks slowly away, and they follow. He drags one metallically enhanced foot.

He gets to a panel, and presses some buttons. He stands on an X. George says, he’s going home. The claw comes down, and picks him up. It puts him in the crusher. Roberta looks sad. His cube sparks. The claw sets it down. The talkers gather around, and eat from it. Roberta says, the apocalypse is getting weirder and weirder.

#3 thanks them so much. They gave back their lives; their souls. George says they’re welcome. Roberta tells the others, stock up on as much lithium as possible, and get these talkers to Limbo. George says she has questions for Estes. She thinks she knows a guy who can get past Altura’s high tech security. She tells them, come on. Roberta asks where they’re headed, and George says, Hackertown.

An eyeball looks out from one of the crushed cubes.

Next Friday, it’s trolls vs zombies. And it looks like a lot of drones.

☕ Quotes of the Week

With great power comes great responsibility. — A lot of people have uttered a version of this phrase over the centuries, but it’s best attributed to Stan Lee in the form of an omniscient narrator in the August 1962 edition of Spider-Man.

Amish rules are not to drink, but I decided the hell with it. – Ada, Return to Amish  

Debbie is like a cat. She disappear, but then reappear when the time is right to make your life hell. – Larissa, referring to her soon-to-be mother-in-law, 90 Day Fiancé

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. – Helen Keller

Your nose is dead from being in that house. – a hoarder’s sister, Hoarding: Buried Alive

Of course the wolf flies. – Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson), Rampage

🛀 Weekends Be Like…






December 1, 2018 – Doc Spirit Walks for Water & Saturday Night


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Z Nation

Doc opens his eyes to a talker tied up next to him. The talker complains about sores from sitting, and says, you’d think they could turn a guy once in a while. 10K and Doc are also tied up, and the talker grumbles some more about the constant decay. Doc tells 10K to wake up. The talker says, that’s what they do to saboteurs. That’s what he is, and he thinks it sounds rather continental. He says 10K is looking pale. Just transitioned, did he? 10K says he’s not a talker, and the talker asks why his hand fell off then. Doc asks, who did this? and the talker says, they’re quick as lightening. You don’t see them, but they see you, and the next thing you know, you’re shot with an arrow. He gets loud and weird. Roberta is suddenly there, and puts something in his mouth to shut him up, saying, enough out of him.

Doc has never been so glad to see her. She unties him and 10K, and they run, George joining them. Arrows fly at them, and George tells them to keep their heads down. She yells that they’re not here to fight. They’re not the enemy.

A boy whistles for zombies near a trap. A woman brings the group through, and tells him, good looking out, Little Foot. She says they killed some zombies, but what they have here is worse. Little Foot asks if they’re bombers, and she says, could be. She’s bringing them in. Roberta asks Little Foot if they’ve been bombed, and he says, lots of times. They also got hit by a zombie bomb. Roberta tells George to have patience. They need to wait and watch, and these people will see they’re not the enemy. They’re led into the grounds where the dam is. Doc tells them, hang in. He knows some natives that can sort it out. Hopefully they won’t get their asses kicked in the meantime.

A woman says, Steven, is that you? using Doc’s real name. It’s Kuruk, who got Doc high nowhere near the Grand Canyon two seasons ago. She kisses him. She also knows George, and Roberta asks if she can help them. Kuruk undoes their bonds, and says something tells her they’re not there by chance. George says, unfortunately not. Doc tells her they came about the water. George says they came about keeping the peace, and says Kuruk’s father knows her. Doc says Kuruk knows him, and knows he’s true to his word. She says, the apocalypse changes people, but he says, not that much. Roberta says, what George started was working. Kuruk says, it was working, before the bombing. George says the idea that they’re stronger together always works. They want to know why the water was shut off. Kuruk says they didn’t shut it off, and asks them to come with her

Ayalla – who met 10K when they were nowhere near the Grand Canyon – sees 10K, and asks what happened. He says, zombies. She asks if he wants help, and leads him forward. Kuruk shows the others a map, and says there have been zombie attacks; long-walkers from far away, but they’re just a distraction to divert their attention from more sophisticated sabotage talkers. Doc says, saboteurs, like the guy tied up next to them. Kuruk says, they’re lethal. They’ve lost their strongest warriors. Now the dam is failing, and it’s time to go; they can’t stay there. George says, then they won’t be able to control the water; their people are vital to Newmerica. George had an agreement with her father, making them friends and allies. Kuruk says they were. He keeps trying to fix the damage from the attacks, but they’re coming faster and faster. The next one comes before he fixes the last one. The whole dam could fail, and them with it. George says she’ll talk to the chief. He’s a reasonable man.

10K asks Ayalla what she just called him, and she says, it’s Navajo for ten thousand. He asks, what’s Navajo for girl who just led him in a circle? She tells him that she wanted to see if he trusted her or not. He says he did, and she led him in a circle. She says he followed her, so cool. It’s done, but don’t get a big head about it. She says his wound is looking better. He asks if she bandaged him. She says she did, and he says, but she didn’t untie him. She says, it’s been a while. She wanted to make sure he was still him. He asks if she shouldn’t be back at camp helping pack up, but she says, no. They should be helping her people not get run off their land for the billionth time in history.

Roberta and George approach some people fixing a dam wall. George introduces herself, and asks to speak to the chief. A man says, he’s busy, but George says he’ll want to hear what she has to say. He says if she knows him, then she knows his name. She says he told her to call him Eddy, and he says, everyone knows that. She says, he who goes to the water. He calls for the chief, who comes out asking, what’s with the racket? He’s trying to work. He sees George and asks why she came. She says because the water was cut off. She was told they’d been attacked, they’re leaving, and need to abandon the dam. He says, that’s fear. The young ones are afraid of everything; zombies, talkers, the power of the water. Roberta thinks those are healthy fears these days. He says you should have healthy respect for forces that can harm you, but you learn to work with them. Their ancestors are there. The land was flooded when they built the dam. Their ancestors there, and a new generation is out there; he’s not abandoning either one. Roberta asks if he wants to go down with the ship – or dam – and he says not if he can help it. There’s a huge noise, and he says the saboteurs stopped the turbines; the pressure is building up. He has to stop it while there’s still time. George says, if anyone can fix a dam, he can, but Roberta says, what if he can’t?

Ayalla tries to find something for 10K’s hand. She suggests an egg beater, but he says he’s not a cook. She holds up a garden gnome, and he says, maybe not such a good idea. She picks up a deer antler, saying, deer are known for intelligence, energy, and speed. He could use it to prop his gun, or as a slingshot, and it’s pretty sharp. She tells him that he doesn’t choose the hand. The hand must choose him first. He has to get naked to be free of attachment, and stand in the sun all day. If he’s still standing at nightfall, the hand is his. She does some hand motions and chanting, and looks to the sky. Then she tells him that she’s kidding. White boys are so gullible. She says, hold still, and takes out a drill.

Kuruk nurses Doc, who says she’s working her magic again. He wishes there was something he could do to help them stay. She does too, and he says maybe there’s something they haven’t thought of. She says he sounds like her father. He was in Minnesota when the apocalypse came, and they found him a year ago, and now it looks like they might lose him. Doc misses a simpler time, when they were just running away from zombie hordes, and sending them into the Grand Canyon. She says she thought he was nowhere near the Grand Canyon, and he says, right; it wasn’t them. It was kind of near there where he met a special lady. He thought they shared something kind of spiritual. She says they did. He says he never thought he’d see her again. He lost the necklace she gave him. He didn’t mean to, but zombies. Then the necklace found him. It was kind of a miracle, and got him thinking if found her again, they could… She says, what? Settle down, grow old together? He says, a man can dream. She asks where they settle in the dream, and he says, here seems nice. She says, it was before the attacks. Now they don’t have enough warriors to defend themselves and the dam. Doc asks her to let them help. It could be nice again. All of Newmerica can be, but not if they leave and let their enemies win. She says she’s not letting anyone win.

They hear a struggle outside. It’s the talker saboteur struggling with George. He goes after one of the women, and tears open her neck with his teeth. Kuruk says, hold her; help her. The others hold her down. She dies, and then wakes. Kuruk says, she’s changed. They know what they have to do. She’s led away, and Roberta asks where they’re taken. Kuruk says, every living thing has its place and purpose; every dead thing does too. Doc tells her, things will get better, but she says she’s not staying there and watching her people get wiped out for a pie in the sky idea. She tells everyone to pack up. They’re getting out of there, and leaving before nightfall. George asks if she’s leaving her father. It doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Kuruk says they’ll just have to change his mind.

In the woods, Ayalla tells 10K to try out his antler hand. They see an outsider, and 10K aims at him, but Ayalla says they want him alive to talk. She tells 10K to follow him, and she’ll alert the others.

10k follows the outsider, who goes through a fence and into the dam area.

Kuruk goes to see Chief Eddy. She tells the guard to let her father know she’s leaving. If he doesn’t come out, he might never see her again. The guard whistles for the chief, and they wait.

10K follows the outsider through the tunnels under the dam. He sees the outsider take out a paper. He reads it, and cuts open a lock.

Chief Eddy comes out and hugs Kuruk. She tells him leaving is the only way, and he says, may the Great Spirit watch over her on her journey. She asks him to come, but he says he’s not running anymore. His people have run enough. Their place is here. George joins them, and says they can help. Someone is trying to ruin Newmerica, and drive them apart; drive the tribe and their people apart too. Chief Eddy tells her what she says is true, but his people are choosing fear. Kuruk says they’re choosing to live. He says the only way their people will survive is to come together with all humans and their relatives. Everything starts to shake, and he says, not again.

Chief Eddy literally runs into the outsider, and kicks him down the stairs. He whacks at the outsider with a hammer, but the outsider dodges it. Chief Eddy throws it at him, but misses. The outsider laughs and kicks at him. Chief Eddy takes out a crowbar, but it falls over the railing. He takes out another hammer, but the outsider grabs it and pushes the chief over the railing. The pipes begin to shake.

Kuruk asks George what she’s supposed to do, tie her father up and drag him out? George says it doesn’t look like the talkers will let her. Kuruk says he’s her elder. She’s supposed to look to him for guidance, not the other way around. Roberta says maybe they can help. Ayalla tells them about 10K following the outsider, and Roberta says they have to get in. Kuruk says everything is guarded or locked. Doc suggests they do what they did before – spirit walk. Kuruk says what happened before was a fluke or a miracle, but Doc thinks it’s worth a try. He thinks he could do it again. He explains that Kuruk gave him some medicine, and he left his body. His spirit walked, killed a zombie, and saved 10K. Kuruk says he got really stoned and had a hallucination. Doc says, it worked, and Roberta asks if he thinks he can do it. He says, unless someone has a better idea. Kuruk wants to help, but her medicine isn’t that strong. She asks Little Foot where Ashki, their medicine man is, and he says, probably sleeping.

Ashki is snoring in a car. Kuruk tells him, wake up. He says he wasn’t sleeping; he was dreaming. His grandfather died before he could finish his training. How else is he supposed to talk to him? He asks who the new people are.

They sit around a fire. Ashki says they want him to betray his lineage and people, and send Doc on a vision quest he isn’t prepared for, or entitled to. Then guide him through the spirit world to protect the water for a nation that keeps breaking treaties with them. George says they want to get in so Kuruk can talk to her father. Ashki asks if she told them he can do this. She knows it’s crazy, but can’t think of another way. Doc says, last time, all it took was some good peyote, but Ashki says he doesn’t have any. Roberta says, it’s a new world. Maybe it’s time for a new ceremony. Ashki says, what then? and George says, save the dam, find out who’s behind the attacks, and stop them. Roberta tells him their people control the water. He asks if Kuruk believes them. She says she does, and he tells her, grandfather says give it a shot, but Roberta has to come too. He says he knows her from the spirit world.

Ashki gives Roberta something to drink, and says he won’t take her anywhere she’s not prepared to go. George says she’ll be there the whole time. Roberta, Doc, and Kuruk drink. They fall out, and Ashki brings out a defibrillator, just in case. The three spirit walkers look like they’re having seizures, and Ashki says, give it a minute. They relax again, and he says, it’s all good.

Kuruk appears under the dam, and calls for her father. Roberta appears and sees the outsider, but he runs past her without seeing her. Doc appears and sees 10K, but can’t touch him; his hand goes right through. He says he has to do it psychically, and concentrates. He tells 10K, wake up. Everything starts to shake and rattle. Kuruk tells the guards that she needs to find her father, but they can’t hear or see her. She touches one, saying her name, Wilma. Wilma says, something is here. Kuruk tells Wilma, listen, and says something that sounds like adavo. Wilma says, spirit, come this way. I was just thinking, Kuruk said everything was guarded, but they seem to be pretty useless, except for keeping the chief’s friends away.

George asks Ashki how long they leave them, but he doesn’t know. He’s never done this before.

Roberta follows the outsider. He shoots someone, and runs through her. She reacts, and George sees it in the real world. She tells Ashki that Roberta isn’t breathing. She does chest compression, and tells Ashki to give her the paddles. She shocks Roberta, who’s running after the outsider. She wakes up, and says she found the saboteur. She knows how he got in, and they need to save the dam.

Kuruk sees her father, who’s still alive. She tells him, keep breathing, and puts something under his nose. He asks if this is his daughter, and she tells him to see her. He says he’ll see her on the other side, but she says they need him there. She holds her hands over him, and sings in Navajo.

The dials on the machinery start going crazy. Doc says, oh no, and whatever he tries to touch, his hands go through. Alarms go off. He tries to wake 10K, but he’s suddenly back in the real world. He says he has to go back, and picks up the container of whatever Ashki had given them. Ashki tells him not to drink too much, but he gulps it all down, saying he doesn’t need to spirit walk; he needs to spirit fly. His spirit goes back to where 10K is, and he goes into 10K’s body. He pulls himself up, and shuts off a valve. Doc as 10K says, far out! It worked!

Roberta and George go through the gate and under the dam.

Chief Eddy is fine, and runs up the stairs. The building is shaking, and he says, too much pressure. The dam is failing. 10K shuts off another valve. He tells Chief Eddy that he’s trying to stop it, and the chief says he started it. Kuruk tells him that 10K is one of George’s people. 10K explains that he’s really Doc. 10K was unconscious, and he’s just borrowing his extremities; ah, to be twenty again. Chief Eddy says the saboteur must have gotten to the emergency panel.

Roberta and George pass a dead body on the steps. George tells Roberta that she never saw a talker kill their own kind. They see the outsider using a mini blowtorch on a panel, and Roberta yells, stop! She shoots at him, but misses, and he runs. 10K and Chief Eddy follow, and water starts to spray out from the wall.

Chief Eddy takes them back outside, telling the guard to lock the exit; don’t let him escape. 10K comes to, and says he feels old and kind of stoned. Doc says he’s awake, and 10K asks where Doc is. Doc says, sorry, and appears for a moment. He tells 10K that he’ll see him soon, and disappears again. 10K asks Chief Eddy what happened? and the chief tells him that Roberta and George went after the saboteur. 10K runs up the stairs, and Chief Eddy asks where he’s going. 10K says they need his help, and he needs his gun.

The saboteur/outsider waits by an upstairs door. George comes out, and he kicks her, but she gets it together, and they fight. Nice roundhouse kicking. She slams him up against the wall, and asks, who sent him? He head butts her, and is about to shoot her, but 10K shoots him from behind.

The water flows and the tribe celebrates. Kuruk says they have their warriors back. They are stronger together. George says they brought the talkers back into the tribe; now she needs to do the same. Kuruk says Ashki had a vision, and created a new ceremony derived from the ghost dance of their ancestors, to reunite the spirits with the living. They will be living with the spirits of the dead, who will fight on their behalf to make the white colonists leave. No offense. It’s meant to bring peace, unity, and prosperity, and includes everyone. George asks if that means they’ve changed their minds about Newmerica. Kuruk says they’ll come to congress and vote for a new colony, uniting everyone.

10K says he still feels weird. Doc says, good weird or bad weird? and 10K says, weird weird. Doc tells him it’s better than being dead. Chief Eddy thanks them for saving the dam and their home. Doc says, it feels like home. A place to settle down, if settling down ever comes back. Chief Eddy says he’ll always have a place there. Kuruk says, and here, and hugs him. He says he’ll meet her there whenever he can. She has something from Ashki for him, and he puts it in his pocket.

10K thanks Ayalla for his new hand, and she asks what he’s trading to keep it. She says, nothing is free. He’ll have to trade her another body part if he wants to keep his hand. She tells him that she’s kidding. Use it well. They hug. Ashki tells Roberta he has a message from his grandfather for her. The knowledge she seeks is buried under the past, but beware. It’s guarded by demons with sharp claws. Roberta asks what buried under the past means, and George asks if she heard the part about the demons. Doc says, sounds like another Tuesday in the apocalypse. Roberta asks Ashki to tells his grandfather thank you, and Ashki says she’s welcome.

They leave as the tribe continues to dance.

Next Friday, here comes the zombie-nator. Doc tells 10K, one man’s junk is another man’s treasureThat didn’t come out right.

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November 30, 2018 – The Investigation Begins, Z You Tomorrow, Quotes of Six & Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam comes downstairs to find Jason sleeping on the couch. He grabs her arm, and she says, easy. He apologizes, and she says he still has those great reflexes.

Kim and Drew wait for Oscar at the hospital. He’s late, and Kim is worried he’s not going through with the medical trial. Oscar walks out of the elevator.

Elizabeth thinks Cameron has hit a rough patch with Josslyn, and Franco says, fingers crossed. Does she really want to be elbowing Carly out of the way at the family buffet? She asks about Aiden, and Franco says he offered to forego his screen time for the rest of his life if didn’t go to school. Elizabeth wishes she could find out who’s bullying him.

At the MetroCourt, Sasha asks Nina how the ballet was, and Nina asks how Sasha is. Nina sees Curtis and wonders why he’s there. He should be celebrating. He says the celebration was put on hold due to recent events.

In the interrogation room, Griff says they’re wasting time questioning him. They should be out looking for Kiki’s killer. Julian storms into the station. He’s going to beat a confession out of Griff. Anna grabs him and puts him in a hold

Ava sleeps with pictures of Kiki spread out on the bed. Not-Doc comes in. She thinks it’s Kiki at first, and he says he’s sorry; Kiki’s gone. Ava cries.

Jason asks how Sam is feeling, and she says, more human than yesterday. Was she dreaming, or did her mom stop over? Jason say she took the kids to the Quartermaine’s. Sam can’t believe she was asleep most of the time. What a waste all that privacy. She tells him that she shouldn’t have said that. She’s the one asked him to wait. He says, it’s okay, and they almost kiss, but Kristina comes in. She says they have to stop meeting like this.

Franco says Elizabeth was the one talking him down, but she says that’s before he showed her Aiden’s drawings, where he made himself smaller and smaller. She wants to throttle something. The doorbell rings. It’s Scotty. Franco says, rough night chasing ambulances? Scotty says they obviously haven’t heard. He needs them both to sit down. Franco says, spill it, and Scotty says, it’s Kiki. She’s dead.

Valentin says, Kiki was murdered? and Curtis says, yesterday. Nina can’t believe it. Valentin asks if there’s a suspect, and Curtis says Griff was arrested.

Anna tells Julian that she’s sorry about Kiki, but take her advice, and get out before he does something he’ll regret. He accuses her of protecting the killer. Alexis comes out, and he says, she’s protecting him too? She says he needs to go.

Ava tells not-Doc that she needs to hold Avery, but he says she doesn’t want Avery to see her like this. Ava says she was supposed to pick Avery up yesterday. Not-Doc says he spoke to Carly. She and Sonny send their condolences, and will look after Avery as long as necessary. Ava asks, how can this be? How can she be gone? He says no matter how bleak it seems, she’ll get through. She’s a survivor. She says her child was murdered. How can she survive something like that? He says, with help.

Oscar says he had stuff to do where he’s staying. Kim thinks he should come home after he starts treatment, but he says they’ve been nothing but good to him so far. He doesn’t think anything is going to change. Drew understands that him agreeing to the trial doesn’t mean he forgives them. He’s just grateful Oscar is taking the opportunity to help himself. Terry comes out, and asks if Oscar is ready to begin.

Terry explains that they’re giving Oscar a newly engineered virus for his type cancer. It’s yielded positive results in some cases. She wants them to understand there’s no guarantee, but there’s still hope.

Sam asks if Kristina is just getting home. Kristina says, yes, and not moment too soon. She could have been traumatized. The hospital calls. Sam’s prescription is ready. Jason says he’ll get it. Kristina says, thanks to them, Molly owes her fifty bucks. Kristina had said they’d hook up before Christmas. Sam says bets are being made on them? Kristina tells her it’s better than listening to Molly go on about her grad school application. Jason jets while he still can.

Franco says, this is a mistake, and Scotty says that’s what he thought when he heard it on the scanner, but he checked it out. It’s true. Franco asks if it was an accident, and Scotty says, no accident. Franco says he just saw her at the hospital. She was fine. Scotty says, she was murdered. Franco tells him, it makes no sense, and Scotty says, it doesn’t. He wanted to tell them before they heard it on the news. He’s seeing if Ava needs help. Elizabeth suggests Franco go with him, and they leave.

Not-Doc takes out a prescription bottle. Julian comes in. He’s surprised not-Doc is still there, and not-Doc tells him that Ava is in no condition to look after herself. Julian says he’ll take over, but not-Doc says she’s resting now. She’s as close to a nervous breakdown as she can get. Julian wonders if he needs to check her into Shadybrook, but not-Doc asks him to refill the prescription. Later, when she’s more like herself, she’ll need him. Julian says Ava is lucky to have him, and not-Doc says he’s not going anywhere.

Griff tells Anna that he didn’t kill Kiki. Anna says she knows he didn’t.

Jordan says she knows Alexis’s relationship with Julian is volatile, but wonders if she has any influence. Alexis isn’t sure she does, or if anyone would right now. Julian has come a long way, but he’s still volatile, and grief isn’t conducive to clear thought. Jordan says they can’t have him interfering with the investigation, and Alexis says she’ll do what she can.

Terry gives Oscar forms to sign, one saying that he understands the nature of the trial, and an agreement to take part. They can’t move forward without his signature. If he if decides to stop after the trial commences, that’s acceptable. He asks if it won’t mess up the study, and Drew tells him, don’t worry about the study; this is about him. Terry says it’s a given that everyone won’t see it through for plenty of reasons. She tells him to read it carefully, and take his time to think it through. He says he already has, and signs.

Nina can’t believe that they think Griff killed Kiki. Valentin thinks it’s absurd. Curtis says the investigation is still in the early stages, but there’s physical evidence pointing directly at him. Sasha feels sick. Nina asks if Sasha is okay/. Sasha can’t believe this is happening. After Ava’s bizarre set-up, Griff and Kiki worked things out. She thought they were good.

Anna tells Griff, it’s not a random act of violence. Kiki was targeted. Griff flashes back to Ava saying if he wants a monster, she’ll give him one. Anna asks if he can think of anyone who would want to hurt Kiki.

Scotty and Franco arrive at Ava’s Not-Doc answers the door. He says it’s kind of them to visit, but Ava is going through a lot, and it’s not a good time. Scotty says timing has never been his strong suit. Why start now? He asks how she is. Ava comes out, and says, sober. Anyone care to fix it? She tosses the martini shaker to Franco.

Terry tells Oscar a nurse will be there to prep him shortly; then she’ll see him off to treatment. She says sometimes patients aren’t comfortable asking questions front of their parents. Does he have any? He asks if it’s going to hurt.

Sam asks how Kristina’s night was, and Kristina says, great. She volunteered at the homeless shelter with her new friends, and afterwards, they had a group dinner where they all said what they were thankful for. Sam says, sounds wholesome. Kristina says they’re very welcoming and open with her. Sam asks if she shared anything about her family, and Kristina says she passed for now; maybe soon. How can you call people friends if you can’t be as generous with them as they are with you?

Kim sits in the hallway at the hospital. Julian walks in and sits next to her. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Jason sees Drew with his head in his hands. Jason says he was picking something up; is Drew okay? Drew says as much as he can be. Jason says to tell Oscar that if he needs anything, he’s there. Drew is sure he’ll appreciate it.

Terry tells Oscar there are four phases of the trial, and he’s in the first one. It will determine the affects of the amino therapy, to find out if it’s safe to use on the general public. Oscar says, it sounds stupid, but he doesn’t want to lose his hair. She says, it’s not stupid, and it’s a normal fear. There are no guarantees, but she thinks it’s unlikely. There are other side effects though; fever, chills, fatigue, but those were with different therapies in different trials. She knows it’s frustrating. It could destroy the tumor and he could be cured, but it could also take a toll on what’s left of his life and shorten it more.

Jordan asks Griff to walk her through the day. He says he already told her, and she says, tell her again. He says he and Kiki spent the morning together, they split up, and were supposed to meet at the church. Jordan asks what they did, and he says, nothing, just hung out. She asks if they encountered anyone, and he says, no. Jordan says he had ample time to kill Kiki and move the body. He says they were just starting out. They were happy. What reason would he have to kill her. Jordan says Monica gave her one.

Franco tells Ava that she needs to get rest. Ava asks if he thinks a nap will help. He says they could just talk, but she says, forget it. He doesn’t have to act like he doesn’t hate her. She knows he does. He always has, and now always will. She knows what he’s thinking. If she’d if stayed out of Kiki’s life, Kiki would still be there. Franco says this isn’t helping, and she tells him to say it. Her staying away would have protected Kiki from her poisonous, jealous, vain mother. He says, don’t do this, and she asks him to please go. He leaves.

Scotty takes his coat off, and not-Doc asks if he can get him something. Scotty says not-Doc is making himself right at home. Not-Doc says last night on the Haunted Star when Ava saw Kiki’s body, she asked him to take her home. His presence gives her comfort, so he’s staying close. Scotty says he is a doctor, so he’s glad not-Doc is there. Not-Doc says Scotty has no idea what his trust means to him. Scotty wouldn’t go that far. Franco comes out, and says, let’s go. Unless Scotty is going to tell her that she’s responsible for Kiki’s death, and he wishes she was dead instead of Kiki. Scotty says, of course not, and Franco says, it’s all she wants to hear.

Terry asks Elizabeth how Thanksgiving was. Elizabeth is looking at the schedule, and doesn’t answer. Terry takes it from her, and says it’s administrations job. Elizabeth asks what she can do for Terry, and Terry says she has a patient who won’t admit it, but could use a hand with things. She hands Elizabeth Oscar’s folder.

Kim apologizes to Julian for what she said and how she was. Julian says she was right about one thing; he betrayed her trust. Kim says he was trying to protect her; she’s her own worst enemy. She was terrified and took it out on him. Him being there means the world to her, and Oscar too. He wishes he could stay longer. She realizes something is wrong, but he says tell Oscar to get better soon and get back to work. He tells her to call if she needs him, and leaves.

Drew says he’ll tell Oscar that Jason asked about him. It’s good for him to know people care about him. Jason says Oscar’s already got everybody he needs.

Curtis says he needs to take Sasha down to the station. She asks, why? She hasn’t done anything. He thinks maybe she could shed light on the Ava thing. Valentin asks if he’s been deputized. If he doesn’t have a badge, he has no legal right to take her anywhere. Curtis assumed she’d want to help. Valentin says he would too, but have a heart. She’s in no condition to talk to the police. Valentin also wants a lawyer present.

Jordan says Griff claimed he went GH before the wedding. He says Monica told him a decision had been made on his suspension. Jordan asks why he was suspended, and Alexis tells him not to answer. Jordan says someone told them that he breached patient confidentiality. Kiki’s mother jeopardized his career. Anna asks if she’s serious, and Jordan says he asked for a reason, and she provided a possible motive.

Ava looks at video of Kiki as baby, and cries. Not-Doc says Franco told him that she blamed herself. She says, of course she does. Not-Doc says, why? She didn’t kill Kiki. Ava says she may as well have. She wished harm on her own daughter. She wanted Kiki hurt, and wanted Griff to hurt her, and it’s what he did. Not-Doc says, if wishes influenced reality, she could wish Kiki back to life, but she can’t. She did nothing to Kiki. Griff did.

Sam is glad Kristina found friends. She’s going to try and take a nap before Jason gets back with her medicine. Kristina suggests she can cut Sam’s recovery time in half. She tells Sam to take a seat, and follow her instructions. She learned this from Daisy. She puts her hands on Sam’s temples, and tells her to breathe. Close her eyes, and think about something happy from her past. Sam starts laughing, and thinks she’ll stick with fluids and rest. Jason comes in, and Sam says, and medication. She tells him Kristina just tried a home remedy on her. Kristina says, see if she’s still sick next week, and goes upstairs. Sam thanks Jason.

Oscar is wheeled out. Terry gives him a moment with his parents. Kim says they’ll be waiting in recovery. Drew asks if he’s nervous, and Oscar says, yes. Kim tells him that he’s got this, and Drew says they’ll be waiting for him. They love him. Terry asks if he’s ready. He is, and they take him in. Drew asks if Kim wants coffee.

Franco looks at the hospital schedule, and sees Kiki on it. Elizabeth takes it from him, and hugs him.

Curtis tells Sasha, sorry. He didn’t mean to pressure her, but he’ll have to take this to Jordan. He tells her to expect to hear from the police. He leaves, and Nina says she did nothing wrong. They’ll take care of it. Valentin says he’s getting a lawyer as a precaution. Nina says she’ll call, and steps away. Sasha tells Valentin, sorry. She’s stuck out for long as she could. She’s been drugged and manipulated, and now people are dying. She’s leaving Port Charles.

Griff tells Anna that Jordan is convinced he’s guilty. Anna thinks it will be proven as the investigation proceeds. She gets a text, and says, it’s work. Griff tells her to go. He says, don’t take it the wrong way, but other than moral support, there’s nothing she can do. He’ll be fine. She doesn’t know, but he says he does. She tells him that she’ll be keeping tabs. If anything untoward happens, she’ll be straight back. She tells him it will be all right.

Alexis tells Jordan that Griff didn’t kill Kiki. Jordan says he can’t account for the time, and the murder weapon was found in his apartment. If she kicked him loose, she’d be flayed alive. Alexis asks, why would he allow a search, knowing the murder weapon was stashed there? The real killer planted it. Jordan asks who it could be, and Alexis says she has to question whoever knew Kiki’s life well enough to frame Griff.

Julian returns with Ava’s prescription, and tells not-Doc to make sure she doesn’t wash it down with vodka. Not-Doc thinks she needs to see her brother.

Julian goes into Ava’s bedroom. She’s gone. Not-Doc says, she was just there. He sees a box of bullets on the bed, and says, oh Ava, what have you done?

Griff rubs his head. Ava walks in the side door. She puts her hand on her coat pocket, and they stare at each other.

On Monday, Curtis has relevant intel for Jordan, Sasha is called in for questioning, and Ava is going to make Griff pay.

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🎤 Quotes of the Week

You can’t kill Castro. For God’s sake, you’re not even supposed to drive at night. – Hank (Mike Judge), King of the Hill

I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.Robin Williams

Damn if you’re not so sweet, you make sugar taste just like salt. – Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell), Death Proof

I didn’t come all the way out here to see you get remarried in sweats. – Mary Schmucker, Return to Amish (Uh-oh.)

The way you dress is the way your mind is.Mary Schmucker, Return to Amish

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. – Paul Valery

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November 23, 2018 – The Brain Biscuit Flour Mill, Walking Video, Mary Pat’s Head, a Wife Yes, Charm News, a Wife No, Thankful Quotes & Shaft


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🍗 Hope a great Thanksgiving was had by all!

Z Nation

Roberta, 10K, and Addie walk on the road between wheat fields. Roberta notes that they need harvesting; they’re going to seed. Addie doesn’t know how many live humans are left to do the work. She says, welcome to the heartland, and asks what the plan is. Roberta says they’re going to find out what’s in the biscuits. Addie asks what the end game is, and Roberta says, help George get her new country going first. Addie thinks they’re more tear sh*t up types than building a nation types. Roberta says they have to make sure the right people are in charge, and George is a natural leader. As they get closer to the farm, they find several mercied bodies. Addie says they’re farm workers, and some are talkers. Roberta thinks someone doesn’t want the biscuits made. 10K asks if they hear that, a ghostly voice saying, feed us. Roberta signals them to move into an area where a bunch of cars are parked. We can hear, feed us, biscuits. It gets louder as they get closer. They hear, but don’t see anything.

A dude pops up among the cars, and Addie says he’s a talker. Robert says he might know something. They raise their hands, and walk toward him. Roberta says they come in peace. She knows they’re hungry, but have no biscuits. They can help. 10K asks, what happens when talkers stop talking? Roberta guesses nothing good. They’re surrounded. Addie doesn’t want to hurt them, and Roberta says, let’s try to make this non-lethal.

George and Doc drive up, and they get in. Roberta says, perfect timing, Addie says they got her message from Kaya. Doc asks where they’re headed, and she tells him a farmhouse up ahead. Doc says they’ll have just about enough gas.

In the fields, Pandora tells a talker, he must be starved. She knows where he can find tasty brains waiting to be nibbled. She pushes him, and says, go after them.

Doc pulls up at the farmhouse, and says they’re running on fumes. They go inside, and George blocks the door. 10K says the talkers must have been hiding in the wheat. They look hungry, and Roberta wonders what they’re eating. A farmhand comes out, and says he knows – brains. He takes off his hat, and shows them the top of his head. It’s gone.

Roberta says the talkers have been eating his brains? and he says, everybody wants a piece of Charlie. Addie asks what happened, but he thinks they ate that part. Roberta asks if anyone else is there, but Charlie isn’t sure.

Roberta asks George if she wants to talk about Dante. George says it was her fault. She shouldn’t have let him go. Doc says, that’s not true. George says he put his trust in her and what she believed in, and it got him killed. Addie says she got Dante killed? and Doc says, the vigilantes got him. They killed the captain and his guard too. They’re probably the same bastards who killed the others. Roberta hugs George, and George cries. She says they chopped him in pieces, and put him in a trashcan. He did it for her. He was still alive. She had to mercy him. Roberta says George did right. George asks, who would do that? and Addie says, humans. Doc says, maybe not. Maybe talkers. They left a sign saying, this is what happens to traitors. Addie says, Newmerica would be a better place if they got rid of the people. Doc says, maybe the zombies got it right; screw everyone. Roberta promises they’ll bring Dante justice. George says she can’t give up. She can’t let Dante’s death be in vain. She has to see it through, no matter what. She’s willing to die for a better world. Roberta says, that’s her girl, and if that’s all we got, that’s all we got.

Doc goes into the garage, and picks up a mason jar. He sniffs it, and says, that could curl your nose hairs. He dips his fingers in and licks them. Steam comes out of his ears, and he says, that’s ass-kicking hooch.

Addie looks around upstairs. 10K goes to the kitchen, and takes off the tin can hook he’s been using. His wound looks pretty sore. Doc asks how it’s going, and 10K says, it hurts like a bad mother – Doc says, shut your mouth, a reference to Isaac Hayes‘s Theme from Shaft that 10K doesn’t get. He thinks the wound should be cleaned up, but the water is brown. 10K doesn’t think they should use that water, and Doc says he has a perfect plan B.

Addie keeps looking. She opens a closet, and brings her pokey bat weapon down among the clothes. She hits someone. She says, you, and he says it looks like she has him where she wants him.

The talkers are moving fast, with Pandora behind them.

Addie says she should kill him. He says, put him out of his misery. She says or make him wish he was dead. He asks what she wants him to do, and she says, unbutton his shirt. He does, and she slides her weapon down him. He says, now what? and she tells him to kiss her. They kiss, and she says he stood her up. She waited two days; she thought he was dead. He says, you know how it is. Zombies. She sees he has a wound and asks what happened. He says someone shot him.

Doc tells 10K it might sting, and pours the hooch over the wound. Obviously in pain, 10K puts the jar to his mouth. Doc says he wouldn’t drink that, but 10K guzzles the jar down. He says he feels great, then throws up. Doc says it might take his mind off his hand for a while. Roberta asks if he’s okay, and Doc says, alcohol poisoning. He’ll be good in a day, or three. They put him in a chair. Roberta says the talkers are still lurking.

Addie brings the guy downstairs. Addie says this is her friend, Finn; he’s been shot. Doc bandages him, saying he lost a lot of blood; he’s a lucky man. Finn asks if the wound is that bad, and Doc says, no, he’s a terrible doctor. 10K gets sick again, and Doc says his next patient. Roberta asks how Addie and Finn know each other. Finn says his farmhands turned taker, and Addie helped him. Addie says, they hit it off, and Finn helped save a lot of talkers. He says, like Butch and Sundance. An aside here: I thought the scene with her asking him to unbutton his shirt was lifted from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. But in the film, it’s Robert Redford and Kathrine Ross, and he’s waiting for her in her room. Roberta asks what happened? and Finn says when they came back, Charlie volunteered to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends. They fed them tiny bits of brain. He had them rounded up to go to Limbo, when he was shot and the talkers were set loose. Somebody doesn’t want them to make biscuits. Roberta asks if he knows the secret ingredient. He says other than chopped brains, he doesn’t know what’s in them. He’ll show them what’s left.

He takes them to the manufacturing area, and shows them the machine that mixes brains into powder. Then it goes into the flour. George asks if they took it all. He says, there’s some flour left, but they took all the added ingredients. They’re the only source in the area. Not just for biscuits, but all grain. They don’t have much seed left, and need to harvest. Addie says, all of Newmerica could starve. They see where the fire was, and Finn says when he came to put it out, he got shot. Charlie got a machete in the head. He didn’t get a good look at them though. Roberta asks, if he had workers, does he think he could harvest? Addie says he’s bleeding again, and tells him to take it easy.

Doc and 10K come out in cowboy gear, twirling lassos. Doc says he was in a goat rodeo one time. He says they’ll round up the talkers, and Addie says, what could go wrong? Pandora says, looks like somebody wants to play cowboy. Let’s send them a stampede. The talkers move forward.

Finn tells Charlie, cue the dinner bell, and he hits on one of those triangle things, saying, come get your brains. Roberta and George get ropes ready. Roberta tells George that she’s still in shock. Some things are not meant to be seen, but she needs George’s head in it. Addie and Finn wait in a car. Finn says, it’s like old times, and Addie says, it was a month ago. He says, that’s old for the apocalypse. He’s glad she’s there. He was worried it was going to be just him and Charlie. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, yeah.

10K and Doc go talker hunting. Charlie continues to ring the triangle, saying, hot brains. He says, a little sriracha, spicy, the way they like it, and sprinkles some on his head. Addie and Finn rope some talkers. Finn tells Charlie, now, and he takes a piece out of his brain to feed them. Doc lassos a tiller, 10K says, yippee-ki-yo-ki-yay, and gets one with a net, but gets tangled up in it. Doc knocks the zombie out with a hammer. 10K asks if he’s dead, but Doc says, he’s already dead; he just stunned him. He suggests they tie him up before the others get back.

Pandora says, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Let’s nip this revolution in the bud.

Roberta and George go into the stables. George tells Roberta to watch herself. They’re almost completely turned. They see a talker in the shadows. Another runs past (I think it’s Pandora), but Roberta thinks they should get this one first. George says she knows he’s scared. She is too. It’s a scary world these days. She promises she’s not going to hurt him, and says it must be terrifying, but they have brains for him. A volunteer, Charlie, generously donated his brains until they get biscuits. They just have to secure him for his own safety. He grabs a hoe, and tries to hit George, but she gets him down. Outside, Pandora has set herself up with a gun. She says, it was nice while it lasted. She’s going to enjoy this.

10K comes up behind Pandora, but doesn’t see the gun. He says, there you are. He tells her this is for her own good. She’ll get some brains, and be humanish in no time. He’s not going to hurt her. Pandora’s cohort is behind him with a taser. They fight, and Pandora jumps in. Her crony gets 10K on the ground, and forces him to put his hook in his own mouth, but Doc has gotten the taser, and tasers him. He tells 10K he couldn’t help it, and suggests they corral these two.

The talkers have been put in a pen. Charlie asks what it is they’re doing again. Doc says they’re feeding the talkers so they don’t turn zombie. Charlie asks, what are they feeding them with? and Doc says, actually, brains; his brains. Charlie says, he’s cool with that, right? Doc says, as far as they know. Doc tells the talkers to make two lines. Pandora gives half-mask guy half a biscuit, and eats the other half.

Roberta wonders who’s been cutting off their supplies. George says, it couldn’t be talkers, but Roberta says people and talkers are easier to manipulate when they’re starving. George says they’re going to stop the revolution and bring justice to the world. Finn says, the world belongs to the dead now, and Addie says maybe it’s not theirs to claim. George says they all need each other to survive. That’s why they need a new country. Addie says, so far, George’s new country has done nothing but get people killed, including Dante. George says, maybe Addie is right, and she’s responsible for Dante’s death. It will haunt her until her mercy comes, but it’s not up to Addie to judge her. Addie says, not everyone shares her dream or her way of doing things. Roberta steps between them, and says they have no time for politics. Like it or not, they’re fighting the same fight together. They’re at war, and don’t even know who they’re fighting. Pandora watches them.

Charlie starts to sing Bicycle Built for Two. Doc asks how he’s feeling, and he says, lightheaded. BA-DUM-CHH! Doc leads him to a chair. Addie asks how he’s doing, and Doc says, not good. He keeps singing, and gets stuck on the word crazy, going, zee… zee… zee… Charlie asks Finn if it’s time. Finn says he saved them all. They’re alive because of him. Charlie asks, can he have his mercy now? and Finn says, sure. Charlie tells Finn goodbye, and goodbye whoever the rest of them are. Finn sings, and takes out the last of Charlie’s brain. Charlie is officially gone. Finn says, have mercy, and everyone is bummed

The talkers all sing Bicycle Built for Two, and Doc says, that was weird.

Finn says, since the water supply was cut off, they would have eventually died from drought. The hydraulic power that controls the flow of water was cut off after the first attack. George says it’s a Native American operation. She knows the chief. Roberta suggests they talk to some water keepers. Finn says he’ll stay there to keep an eye on the talkers. Addie kisses him goodbye.

Pandora pokes her friend, telling him if he doesn’t stop singing, she won’t hesitate to mercy him. She hates that song. Finn walks up, and says, what do we have here? It looks like they’re feeling more like themselves. He tells the talkers that after he gives Charlie a proper burial, and gathers some supplies, they’ll set off for Limbo. He thinks after dark is safer. He’s not doing well, and Pandora says, it won’t be long now before someone starts playing for the other team.

10K says his hand hurts like it’s still there. Doc tells him, it’s phantom limb syndrome. Eventually, it works itself out, and the brain ignores the signals. Roberta can’t figure out why the farm was cut off, and Addie says maybe they didn’t like George’s idea. George says they’re independent, but the is chief fact-oriented, and supported the referendum, seeing the positives. Doc asks if 10K is all right. 10K says he’s just hungover. Doc feels his forehead, and says he’s burning up; he’s not fine. He needs antibiotics. George thinks they can get help from the chief, and Doc says he knows all about Native American medicine. Together, Doc and 10K say, but we were nowhere near the Grand Canyon. They see a distress signal, and Addie says, Finn. Addie runs back to find him lying on the ground.

She moves him underneath a tree, and he says two talkers jumped him and set the others free. Addie tells him, hang in there, and Finn says he’s scared. He’s lost too much blood. She tells him not to be afraid; she’s there. Roberta goes through the wheat field, and a talker pops up. Roberta says, hey, Emma, it’s me. Emma looks like she’s about to attack Roberta, but hugs her. I’m assuming, in life, Emma wasn’t known for her social skills.

George goes through another field, and hears her name being called. Pandora crouches in the wheat.

Finn tells Addie that they had big plans. Addie says they can still do big things. He asks if she promises to keep their deal. If he doesn’t like it, she’ll mercy him. She promises. He asks if she thinks he’ll see a white light, and tells her, it hurts. He’s scared, and doesn’t want to turn. Addie tells him not to fight it, and he tells her that he loves her. She loves him too. He dies. She closes his eyes, strokes his face, and kisses him. He starts to shake, coughs, and wakes up. She says, so? He says, nothing hurts, and he’s not afraid. For eight years, every day since day one, he’s been afraid. Now he’s not. She tells him that she saved him some. The last piece of Charlie. He eats it.

Roberta and George join them, and Roberta says they rounded up all the talkers, except two. Finn says they’re probably the ones who jumped him. Roberta says, is he? and Addie nods. Roberta says, welcome back. She and George are going to catch up with Doc and 10K. Addie says she’s going to stay and help Finn get the talkers back to work, but after that… Roberta tells them to take care of each other. George tells Addie, see you in Newmerica. Addie says, keep dreaming, and George says, somebody has to.

Doc wonders where they are. He says 10K seems to be healing okay. If Roberta and George aren’t back soon, they should just head to the dam without them. He says 10K’s fever broke, and gives him some water. He hopes the water keepers are friendly. He’s shot by an arrow, says, they’ve got to be kidding, and falls over.

Next Friday – Ninjas! Spirits! Wait, what? Doc is a ghost, and enters 10K’s body. 10K feels old and kinda stoned.

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📣 Quotes of the Week

You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance. – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Being grateful all the time isn’t easy. But it’s when you feel least thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest, most powerful way to effect change in your life—this I know for sure. – Oprah Winfrey, What I Know for Sure

In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices. – Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Unto us, so much is given. We just have to be open for business. – Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers

My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus. – Stephan W. Hawking, New York Times Magazine interview

My gratitude for good writing is unbounded; I’m grateful for it the way I’m grateful for the ocean. – Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

I think that real friendship always makes us feel such sweet gratitude, because the world almost always seems like a very hard desert, and the flowers that grow there seem to grow against such high odds. – Stephen King, The Eyes of the Dragon

It has been said that life has treated me harshly; and sometimes I have complained in my heart because many pleasures of human experience have been withheld from me…if much has been denied me, much, very much, has been given me.Helen Keller, The Open Door

They do not love, that do not show their love. – William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona

🎼 Because It’s the Second Time This Week…

I’ve heard a reference to this song.