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December 1, 2018 – Doc Spirit Walks for Water & Saturday Night


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Z Nation

Doc opens his eyes to a talker tied up next to him. The talker complains about sores from sitting, and says, you’d think they could turn a guy once in a while. 10K and Doc are also tied up, and the talker grumbles some more about the constant decay. Doc tells 10K to wake up. The talker says, that’s what they do to saboteurs. That’s what he is, and he thinks it sounds rather continental. He says 10K is looking pale. Just transitioned, did he? 10K says he’s not a talker, and the talker asks why his hand fell off then. Doc asks, who did this? and the talker says, they’re quick as lightening. You don’t see them, but they see you, and the next thing you know, you’re shot with an arrow. He gets loud and weird. Roberta is suddenly there, and puts something in his mouth to shut him up, saying, enough out of him.

Doc has never been so glad to see her. She unties him and 10K, and they run, George joining them. Arrows fly at them, and George tells them to keep their heads down. She yells that they’re not here to fight. They’re not the enemy.

A boy whistles for zombies near a trap. A woman brings the group through, and tells him, good looking out, Little Foot. She says they killed some zombies, but what they have here is worse. Little Foot asks if they’re bombers, and she says, could be. She’s bringing them in. Roberta asks Little Foot if they’ve been bombed, and he says, lots of times. They also got hit by a zombie bomb. Roberta tells George to have patience. They need to wait and watch, and these people will see they’re not the enemy. They’re led into the grounds where the dam is. Doc tells them, hang in. He knows some natives that can sort it out. Hopefully they won’t get their asses kicked in the meantime.

A woman says, Steven, is that you? using Doc’s real name. It’s Kuruk, who got Doc high nowhere near the Grand Canyon two seasons ago. She kisses him. She also knows George, and Roberta asks if she can help them. Kuruk undoes their bonds, and says something tells her they’re not there by chance. George says, unfortunately not. Doc tells her they came about the water. George says they came about keeping the peace, and says Kuruk’s father knows her. Doc says Kuruk knows him, and knows he’s true to his word. She says, the apocalypse changes people, but he says, not that much. Roberta says, what George started was working. Kuruk says, it was working, before the bombing. George says the idea that they’re stronger together always works. They want to know why the water was shut off. Kuruk says they didn’t shut it off, and asks them to come with her

Ayalla – who met 10K when they were nowhere near the Grand Canyon – sees 10K, and asks what happened. He says, zombies. She asks if he wants help, and leads him forward. Kuruk shows the others a map, and says there have been zombie attacks; long-walkers from far away, but they’re just a distraction to divert their attention from more sophisticated sabotage talkers. Doc says, saboteurs, like the guy tied up next to them. Kuruk says, they’re lethal. They’ve lost their strongest warriors. Now the dam is failing, and it’s time to go; they can’t stay there. George says, then they won’t be able to control the water; their people are vital to Newmerica. George had an agreement with her father, making them friends and allies. Kuruk says they were. He keeps trying to fix the damage from the attacks, but they’re coming faster and faster. The next one comes before he fixes the last one. The whole dam could fail, and them with it. George says she’ll talk to the chief. He’s a reasonable man.

10K asks Ayalla what she just called him, and she says, it’s Navajo for ten thousand. He asks, what’s Navajo for girl who just led him in a circle? She tells him that she wanted to see if he trusted her or not. He says he did, and she led him in a circle. She says he followed her, so cool. It’s done, but don’t get a big head about it. She says his wound is looking better. He asks if she bandaged him. She says she did, and he says, but she didn’t untie him. She says, it’s been a while. She wanted to make sure he was still him. He asks if she shouldn’t be back at camp helping pack up, but she says, no. They should be helping her people not get run off their land for the billionth time in history.

Roberta and George approach some people fixing a dam wall. George introduces herself, and asks to speak to the chief. A man says, he’s busy, but George says he’ll want to hear what she has to say. He says if she knows him, then she knows his name. She says he told her to call him Eddy, and he says, everyone knows that. She says, he who goes to the water. He calls for the chief, who comes out asking, what’s with the racket? He’s trying to work. He sees George and asks why she came. She says because the water was cut off. She was told they’d been attacked, they’re leaving, and need to abandon the dam. He says, that’s fear. The young ones are afraid of everything; zombies, talkers, the power of the water. Roberta thinks those are healthy fears these days. He says you should have healthy respect for forces that can harm you, but you learn to work with them. Their ancestors are there. The land was flooded when they built the dam. Their ancestors there, and a new generation is out there; he’s not abandoning either one. Roberta asks if he wants to go down with the ship – or dam – and he says not if he can help it. There’s a huge noise, and he says the saboteurs stopped the turbines; the pressure is building up. He has to stop it while there’s still time. George says, if anyone can fix a dam, he can, but Roberta says, what if he can’t?

Ayalla tries to find something for 10K’s hand. She suggests an egg beater, but he says he’s not a cook. She holds up a garden gnome, and he says, maybe not such a good idea. She picks up a deer antler, saying, deer are known for intelligence, energy, and speed. He could use it to prop his gun, or as a slingshot, and it’s pretty sharp. She tells him that he doesn’t choose the hand. The hand must choose him first. He has to get naked to be free of attachment, and stand in the sun all day. If he’s still standing at nightfall, the hand is his. She does some hand motions and chanting, and looks to the sky. Then she tells him that she’s kidding. White boys are so gullible. She says, hold still, and takes out a drill.

Kuruk nurses Doc, who says she’s working her magic again. He wishes there was something he could do to help them stay. She does too, and he says maybe there’s something they haven’t thought of. She says he sounds like her father. He was in Minnesota when the apocalypse came, and they found him a year ago, and now it looks like they might lose him. Doc misses a simpler time, when they were just running away from zombie hordes, and sending them into the Grand Canyon. She says she thought he was nowhere near the Grand Canyon, and he says, right; it wasn’t them. It was kind of near there where he met a special lady. He thought they shared something kind of spiritual. She says they did. He says he never thought he’d see her again. He lost the necklace she gave him. He didn’t mean to, but zombies. Then the necklace found him. It was kind of a miracle, and got him thinking if found her again, they could… She says, what? Settle down, grow old together? He says, a man can dream. She asks where they settle in the dream, and he says, here seems nice. She says, it was before the attacks. Now they don’t have enough warriors to defend themselves and the dam. Doc asks her to let them help. It could be nice again. All of Newmerica can be, but not if they leave and let their enemies win. She says she’s not letting anyone win.

They hear a struggle outside. It’s the talker saboteur struggling with George. He goes after one of the women, and tears open her neck with his teeth. Kuruk says, hold her; help her. The others hold her down. She dies, and then wakes. Kuruk says, she’s changed. They know what they have to do. She’s led away, and Roberta asks where they’re taken. Kuruk says, every living thing has its place and purpose; every dead thing does too. Doc tells her, things will get better, but she says she’s not staying there and watching her people get wiped out for a pie in the sky idea. She tells everyone to pack up. They’re getting out of there, and leaving before nightfall. George asks if she’s leaving her father. It doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Kuruk says they’ll just have to change his mind.

In the woods, Ayalla tells 10K to try out his antler hand. They see an outsider, and 10K aims at him, but Ayalla says they want him alive to talk. She tells 10K to follow him, and she’ll alert the others.

10k follows the outsider, who goes through a fence and into the dam area.

Kuruk goes to see Chief Eddy. She tells the guard to let her father know she’s leaving. If he doesn’t come out, he might never see her again. The guard whistles for the chief, and they wait.

10K follows the outsider through the tunnels under the dam. He sees the outsider take out a paper. He reads it, and cuts open a lock.

Chief Eddy comes out and hugs Kuruk. She tells him leaving is the only way, and he says, may the Great Spirit watch over her on her journey. She asks him to come, but he says he’s not running anymore. His people have run enough. Their place is here. George joins them, and says they can help. Someone is trying to ruin Newmerica, and drive them apart; drive the tribe and their people apart too. Chief Eddy tells her what she says is true, but his people are choosing fear. Kuruk says they’re choosing to live. He says the only way their people will survive is to come together with all humans and their relatives. Everything starts to shake, and he says, not again.

Chief Eddy literally runs into the outsider, and kicks him down the stairs. He whacks at the outsider with a hammer, but the outsider dodges it. Chief Eddy throws it at him, but misses. The outsider laughs and kicks at him. Chief Eddy takes out a crowbar, but it falls over the railing. He takes out another hammer, but the outsider grabs it and pushes the chief over the railing. The pipes begin to shake.

Kuruk asks George what she’s supposed to do, tie her father up and drag him out? George says it doesn’t look like the talkers will let her. Kuruk says he’s her elder. She’s supposed to look to him for guidance, not the other way around. Roberta says maybe they can help. Ayalla tells them about 10K following the outsider, and Roberta says they have to get in. Kuruk says everything is guarded or locked. Doc suggests they do what they did before – spirit walk. Kuruk says what happened before was a fluke or a miracle, but Doc thinks it’s worth a try. He thinks he could do it again. He explains that Kuruk gave him some medicine, and he left his body. His spirit walked, killed a zombie, and saved 10K. Kuruk says he got really stoned and had a hallucination. Doc says, it worked, and Roberta asks if he thinks he can do it. He says, unless someone has a better idea. Kuruk wants to help, but her medicine isn’t that strong. She asks Little Foot where Ashki, their medicine man is, and he says, probably sleeping.

Ashki is snoring in a car. Kuruk tells him, wake up. He says he wasn’t sleeping; he was dreaming. His grandfather died before he could finish his training. How else is he supposed to talk to him? He asks who the new people are.

They sit around a fire. Ashki says they want him to betray his lineage and people, and send Doc on a vision quest he isn’t prepared for, or entitled to. Then guide him through the spirit world to protect the water for a nation that keeps breaking treaties with them. George says they want to get in so Kuruk can talk to her father. Ashki asks if she told them he can do this. She knows it’s crazy, but can’t think of another way. Doc says, last time, all it took was some good peyote, but Ashki says he doesn’t have any. Roberta says, it’s a new world. Maybe it’s time for a new ceremony. Ashki says, what then? and George says, save the dam, find out who’s behind the attacks, and stop them. Roberta tells him their people control the water. He asks if Kuruk believes them. She says she does, and he tells her, grandfather says give it a shot, but Roberta has to come too. He says he knows her from the spirit world.

Ashki gives Roberta something to drink, and says he won’t take her anywhere she’s not prepared to go. George says she’ll be there the whole time. Roberta, Doc, and Kuruk drink. They fall out, and Ashki brings out a defibrillator, just in case. The three spirit walkers look like they’re having seizures, and Ashki says, give it a minute. They relax again, and he says, it’s all good.

Kuruk appears under the dam, and calls for her father. Roberta appears and sees the outsider, but he runs past her without seeing her. Doc appears and sees 10K, but can’t touch him; his hand goes right through. He says he has to do it psychically, and concentrates. He tells 10K, wake up. Everything starts to shake and rattle. Kuruk tells the guards that she needs to find her father, but they can’t hear or see her. She touches one, saying her name, Wilma. Wilma says, something is here. Kuruk tells Wilma, listen, and says something that sounds like adavo. Wilma says, spirit, come this way. I was just thinking, Kuruk said everything was guarded, but they seem to be pretty useless, except for keeping the chief’s friends away.

George asks Ashki how long they leave them, but he doesn’t know. He’s never done this before.

Roberta follows the outsider. He shoots someone, and runs through her. She reacts, and George sees it in the real world. She tells Ashki that Roberta isn’t breathing. She does chest compression, and tells Ashki to give her the paddles. She shocks Roberta, who’s running after the outsider. She wakes up, and says she found the saboteur. She knows how he got in, and they need to save the dam.

Kuruk sees her father, who’s still alive. She tells him, keep breathing, and puts something under his nose. He asks if this is his daughter, and she tells him to see her. He says he’ll see her on the other side, but she says they need him there. She holds her hands over him, and sings in Navajo.

The dials on the machinery start going crazy. Doc says, oh no, and whatever he tries to touch, his hands go through. Alarms go off. He tries to wake 10K, but he’s suddenly back in the real world. He says he has to go back, and picks up the container of whatever Ashki had given them. Ashki tells him not to drink too much, but he gulps it all down, saying he doesn’t need to spirit walk; he needs to spirit fly. His spirit goes back to where 10K is, and he goes into 10K’s body. He pulls himself up, and shuts off a valve. Doc as 10K says, far out! It worked!

Roberta and George go through the gate and under the dam.

Chief Eddy is fine, and runs up the stairs. The building is shaking, and he says, too much pressure. The dam is failing. 10K shuts off another valve. He tells Chief Eddy that he’s trying to stop it, and the chief says he started it. Kuruk tells him that 10K is one of George’s people. 10K explains that he’s really Doc. 10K was unconscious, and he’s just borrowing his extremities; ah, to be twenty again. Chief Eddy says the saboteur must have gotten to the emergency panel.

Roberta and George pass a dead body on the steps. George tells Roberta that she never saw a talker kill their own kind. They see the outsider using a mini blowtorch on a panel, and Roberta yells, stop! She shoots at him, but misses, and he runs. 10K and Chief Eddy follow, and water starts to spray out from the wall.

Chief Eddy takes them back outside, telling the guard to lock the exit; don’t let him escape. 10K comes to, and says he feels old and kind of stoned. Doc says he’s awake, and 10K asks where Doc is. Doc says, sorry, and appears for a moment. He tells 10K that he’ll see him soon, and disappears again. 10K asks Chief Eddy what happened? and the chief tells him that Roberta and George went after the saboteur. 10K runs up the stairs, and Chief Eddy asks where he’s going. 10K says they need his help, and he needs his gun.

The saboteur/outsider waits by an upstairs door. George comes out, and he kicks her, but she gets it together, and they fight. Nice roundhouse kicking. She slams him up against the wall, and asks, who sent him? He head butts her, and is about to shoot her, but 10K shoots him from behind.

The water flows and the tribe celebrates. Kuruk says they have their warriors back. They are stronger together. George says they brought the talkers back into the tribe; now she needs to do the same. Kuruk says Ashki had a vision, and created a new ceremony derived from the ghost dance of their ancestors, to reunite the spirits with the living. They will be living with the spirits of the dead, who will fight on their behalf to make the white colonists leave. No offense. It’s meant to bring peace, unity, and prosperity, and includes everyone. George asks if that means they’ve changed their minds about Newmerica. Kuruk says they’ll come to congress and vote for a new colony, uniting everyone.

10K says he still feels weird. Doc says, good weird or bad weird? and 10K says, weird weird. Doc tells him it’s better than being dead. Chief Eddy thanks them for saving the dam and their home. Doc says, it feels like home. A place to settle down, if settling down ever comes back. Chief Eddy says he’ll always have a place there. Kuruk says, and here, and hugs him. He says he’ll meet her there whenever he can. She has something from Ashki for him, and he puts it in his pocket.

10K thanks Ayalla for his new hand, and she asks what he’s trading to keep it. She says, nothing is free. He’ll have to trade her another body part if he wants to keep his hand. She tells him that she’s kidding. Use it well. They hug. Ashki tells Roberta he has a message from his grandfather for her. The knowledge she seeks is buried under the past, but beware. It’s guarded by demons with sharp claws. Roberta asks what buried under the past means, and George asks if she heard the part about the demons. Doc says, sounds like another Tuesday in the apocalypse. Roberta asks Ashki to tells his grandfather thank you, and Ashki says she’s welcome.

They leave as the tribe continues to dance.

Next Friday, here comes the zombie-nator. Doc tells 10K, one man’s junk is another man’s treasureThat didn’t come out right.

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November 30, 2018 – The Investigation Begins, Z You Tomorrow, Quotes of Six & Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam comes downstairs to find Jason sleeping on the couch. He grabs her arm, and she says, easy. He apologizes, and she says he still has those great reflexes.

Kim and Drew wait for Oscar at the hospital. He’s late, and Kim is worried he’s not going through with the medical trial. Oscar walks out of the elevator.

Elizabeth thinks Cameron has hit a rough patch with Josslyn, and Franco says, fingers crossed. Does she really want to be elbowing Carly out of the way at the family buffet? She asks about Aiden, and Franco says he offered to forego his screen time for the rest of his life if didn’t go to school. Elizabeth wishes she could find out who’s bullying him.

At the MetroCourt, Sasha asks Nina how the ballet was, and Nina asks how Sasha is. Nina sees Curtis and wonders why he’s there. He should be celebrating. He says the celebration was put on hold due to recent events.

In the interrogation room, Griff says they’re wasting time questioning him. They should be out looking for Kiki’s killer. Julian storms into the station. He’s going to beat a confession out of Griff. Anna grabs him and puts him in a hold

Ava sleeps with pictures of Kiki spread out on the bed. Not-Doc comes in. She thinks it’s Kiki at first, and he says he’s sorry; Kiki’s gone. Ava cries.

Jason asks how Sam is feeling, and she says, more human than yesterday. Was she dreaming, or did her mom stop over? Jason say she took the kids to the Quartermaine’s. Sam can’t believe she was asleep most of the time. What a waste all that privacy. She tells him that she shouldn’t have said that. She’s the one asked him to wait. He says, it’s okay, and they almost kiss, but Kristina comes in. She says they have to stop meeting like this.

Franco says Elizabeth was the one talking him down, but she says that’s before he showed her Aiden’s drawings, where he made himself smaller and smaller. She wants to throttle something. The doorbell rings. It’s Scotty. Franco says, rough night chasing ambulances? Scotty says they obviously haven’t heard. He needs them both to sit down. Franco says, spill it, and Scotty says, it’s Kiki. She’s dead.

Valentin says, Kiki was murdered? and Curtis says, yesterday. Nina can’t believe it. Valentin asks if there’s a suspect, and Curtis says Griff was arrested.

Anna tells Julian that she’s sorry about Kiki, but take her advice, and get out before he does something he’ll regret. He accuses her of protecting the killer. Alexis comes out, and he says, she’s protecting him too? She says he needs to go.

Ava tells not-Doc that she needs to hold Avery, but he says she doesn’t want Avery to see her like this. Ava says she was supposed to pick Avery up yesterday. Not-Doc says he spoke to Carly. She and Sonny send their condolences, and will look after Avery as long as necessary. Ava asks, how can this be? How can she be gone? He says no matter how bleak it seems, she’ll get through. She’s a survivor. She says her child was murdered. How can she survive something like that? He says, with help.

Oscar says he had stuff to do where he’s staying. Kim thinks he should come home after he starts treatment, but he says they’ve been nothing but good to him so far. He doesn’t think anything is going to change. Drew understands that him agreeing to the trial doesn’t mean he forgives them. He’s just grateful Oscar is taking the opportunity to help himself. Terry comes out, and asks if Oscar is ready to begin.

Terry explains that they’re giving Oscar a newly engineered virus for his type cancer. It’s yielded positive results in some cases. She wants them to understand there’s no guarantee, but there’s still hope.

Sam asks if Kristina is just getting home. Kristina says, yes, and not moment too soon. She could have been traumatized. The hospital calls. Sam’s prescription is ready. Jason says he’ll get it. Kristina says, thanks to them, Molly owes her fifty bucks. Kristina had said they’d hook up before Christmas. Sam says bets are being made on them? Kristina tells her it’s better than listening to Molly go on about her grad school application. Jason jets while he still can.

Franco says, this is a mistake, and Scotty says that’s what he thought when he heard it on the scanner, but he checked it out. It’s true. Franco asks if it was an accident, and Scotty says, no accident. Franco says he just saw her at the hospital. She was fine. Scotty says, she was murdered. Franco tells him, it makes no sense, and Scotty says, it doesn’t. He wanted to tell them before they heard it on the news. He’s seeing if Ava needs help. Elizabeth suggests Franco go with him, and they leave.

Not-Doc takes out a prescription bottle. Julian comes in. He’s surprised not-Doc is still there, and not-Doc tells him that Ava is in no condition to look after herself. Julian says he’ll take over, but not-Doc says she’s resting now. She’s as close to a nervous breakdown as she can get. Julian wonders if he needs to check her into Shadybrook, but not-Doc asks him to refill the prescription. Later, when she’s more like herself, she’ll need him. Julian says Ava is lucky to have him, and not-Doc says he’s not going anywhere.

Griff tells Anna that he didn’t kill Kiki. Anna says she knows he didn’t.

Jordan says she knows Alexis’s relationship with Julian is volatile, but wonders if she has any influence. Alexis isn’t sure she does, or if anyone would right now. Julian has come a long way, but he’s still volatile, and grief isn’t conducive to clear thought. Jordan says they can’t have him interfering with the investigation, and Alexis says she’ll do what she can.

Terry gives Oscar forms to sign, one saying that he understands the nature of the trial, and an agreement to take part. They can’t move forward without his signature. If he if decides to stop after the trial commences, that’s acceptable. He asks if it won’t mess up the study, and Drew tells him, don’t worry about the study; this is about him. Terry says it’s a given that everyone won’t see it through for plenty of reasons. She tells him to read it carefully, and take his time to think it through. He says he already has, and signs.

Nina can’t believe that they think Griff killed Kiki. Valentin thinks it’s absurd. Curtis says the investigation is still in the early stages, but there’s physical evidence pointing directly at him. Sasha feels sick. Nina asks if Sasha is okay/. Sasha can’t believe this is happening. After Ava’s bizarre set-up, Griff and Kiki worked things out. She thought they were good.

Anna tells Griff, it’s not a random act of violence. Kiki was targeted. Griff flashes back to Ava saying if he wants a monster, she’ll give him one. Anna asks if he can think of anyone who would want to hurt Kiki.

Scotty and Franco arrive at Ava’s Not-Doc answers the door. He says it’s kind of them to visit, but Ava is going through a lot, and it’s not a good time. Scotty says timing has never been his strong suit. Why start now? He asks how she is. Ava comes out, and says, sober. Anyone care to fix it? She tosses the martini shaker to Franco.

Terry tells Oscar a nurse will be there to prep him shortly; then she’ll see him off to treatment. She says sometimes patients aren’t comfortable asking questions front of their parents. Does he have any? He asks if it’s going to hurt.

Sam asks how Kristina’s night was, and Kristina says, great. She volunteered at the homeless shelter with her new friends, and afterwards, they had a group dinner where they all said what they were thankful for. Sam says, sounds wholesome. Kristina says they’re very welcoming and open with her. Sam asks if she shared anything about her family, and Kristina says she passed for now; maybe soon. How can you call people friends if you can’t be as generous with them as they are with you?

Kim sits in the hallway at the hospital. Julian walks in and sits next to her. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Jason sees Drew with his head in his hands. Jason says he was picking something up; is Drew okay? Drew says as much as he can be. Jason says to tell Oscar that if he needs anything, he’s there. Drew is sure he’ll appreciate it.

Terry tells Oscar there are four phases of the trial, and he’s in the first one. It will determine the affects of the amino therapy, to find out if it’s safe to use on the general public. Oscar says, it sounds stupid, but he doesn’t want to lose his hair. She says, it’s not stupid, and it’s a normal fear. There are no guarantees, but she thinks it’s unlikely. There are other side effects though; fever, chills, fatigue, but those were with different therapies in different trials. She knows it’s frustrating. It could destroy the tumor and he could be cured, but it could also take a toll on what’s left of his life and shorten it more.

Jordan asks Griff to walk her through the day. He says he already told her, and she says, tell her again. He says he and Kiki spent the morning together, they split up, and were supposed to meet at the church. Jordan asks what they did, and he says, nothing, just hung out. She asks if they encountered anyone, and he says, no. Jordan says he had ample time to kill Kiki and move the body. He says they were just starting out. They were happy. What reason would he have to kill her. Jordan says Monica gave her one.

Franco tells Ava that she needs to get rest. Ava asks if he thinks a nap will help. He says they could just talk, but she says, forget it. He doesn’t have to act like he doesn’t hate her. She knows he does. He always has, and now always will. She knows what he’s thinking. If she’d if stayed out of Kiki’s life, Kiki would still be there. Franco says this isn’t helping, and she tells him to say it. Her staying away would have protected Kiki from her poisonous, jealous, vain mother. He says, don’t do this, and she asks him to please go. He leaves.

Scotty takes his coat off, and not-Doc asks if he can get him something. Scotty says not-Doc is making himself right at home. Not-Doc says last night on the Haunted Star when Ava saw Kiki’s body, she asked him to take her home. His presence gives her comfort, so he’s staying close. Scotty says he is a doctor, so he’s glad not-Doc is there. Not-Doc says Scotty has no idea what his trust means to him. Scotty wouldn’t go that far. Franco comes out, and says, let’s go. Unless Scotty is going to tell her that she’s responsible for Kiki’s death, and he wishes she was dead instead of Kiki. Scotty says, of course not, and Franco says, it’s all she wants to hear.

Terry asks Elizabeth how Thanksgiving was. Elizabeth is looking at the schedule, and doesn’t answer. Terry takes it from her, and says it’s administrations job. Elizabeth asks what she can do for Terry, and Terry says she has a patient who won’t admit it, but could use a hand with things. She hands Elizabeth Oscar’s folder.

Kim apologizes to Julian for what she said and how she was. Julian says she was right about one thing; he betrayed her trust. Kim says he was trying to protect her; she’s her own worst enemy. She was terrified and took it out on him. Him being there means the world to her, and Oscar too. He wishes he could stay longer. She realizes something is wrong, but he says tell Oscar to get better soon and get back to work. He tells her to call if she needs him, and leaves.

Drew says he’ll tell Oscar that Jason asked about him. It’s good for him to know people care about him. Jason says Oscar’s already got everybody he needs.

Curtis says he needs to take Sasha down to the station. She asks, why? She hasn’t done anything. He thinks maybe she could shed light on the Ava thing. Valentin asks if he’s been deputized. If he doesn’t have a badge, he has no legal right to take her anywhere. Curtis assumed she’d want to help. Valentin says he would too, but have a heart. She’s in no condition to talk to the police. Valentin also wants a lawyer present.

Jordan says Griff claimed he went GH before the wedding. He says Monica told him a decision had been made on his suspension. Jordan asks why he was suspended, and Alexis tells him not to answer. Jordan says someone told them that he breached patient confidentiality. Kiki’s mother jeopardized his career. Anna asks if she’s serious, and Jordan says he asked for a reason, and she provided a possible motive.

Ava looks at video of Kiki as baby, and cries. Not-Doc says Franco told him that she blamed herself. She says, of course she does. Not-Doc says, why? She didn’t kill Kiki. Ava says she may as well have. She wished harm on her own daughter. She wanted Kiki hurt, and wanted Griff to hurt her, and it’s what he did. Not-Doc says, if wishes influenced reality, she could wish Kiki back to life, but she can’t. She did nothing to Kiki. Griff did.

Sam is glad Kristina found friends. She’s going to try and take a nap before Jason gets back with her medicine. Kristina suggests she can cut Sam’s recovery time in half. She tells Sam to take a seat, and follow her instructions. She learned this from Daisy. She puts her hands on Sam’s temples, and tells her to breathe. Close her eyes, and think about something happy from her past. Sam starts laughing, and thinks she’ll stick with fluids and rest. Jason comes in, and Sam says, and medication. She tells him Kristina just tried a home remedy on her. Kristina says, see if she’s still sick next week, and goes upstairs. Sam thanks Jason.

Oscar is wheeled out. Terry gives him a moment with his parents. Kim says they’ll be waiting in recovery. Drew asks if he’s nervous, and Oscar says, yes. Kim tells him that he’s got this, and Drew says they’ll be waiting for him. They love him. Terry asks if he’s ready. He is, and they take him in. Drew asks if Kim wants coffee.

Franco looks at the hospital schedule, and sees Kiki on it. Elizabeth takes it from him, and hugs him.

Curtis tells Sasha, sorry. He didn’t mean to pressure her, but he’ll have to take this to Jordan. He tells her to expect to hear from the police. He leaves, and Nina says she did nothing wrong. They’ll take care of it. Valentin says he’s getting a lawyer as a precaution. Nina says she’ll call, and steps away. Sasha tells Valentin, sorry. She’s stuck out for long as she could. She’s been drugged and manipulated, and now people are dying. She’s leaving Port Charles.

Griff tells Anna that Jordan is convinced he’s guilty. Anna thinks it will be proven as the investigation proceeds. She gets a text, and says, it’s work. Griff tells her to go. He says, don’t take it the wrong way, but other than moral support, there’s nothing she can do. He’ll be fine. She doesn’t know, but he says he does. She tells him that she’ll be keeping tabs. If anything untoward happens, she’ll be straight back. She tells him it will be all right.

Alexis tells Jordan that Griff didn’t kill Kiki. Jordan says he can’t account for the time, and the murder weapon was found in his apartment. If she kicked him loose, she’d be flayed alive. Alexis asks, why would he allow a search, knowing the murder weapon was stashed there? The real killer planted it. Jordan asks who it could be, and Alexis says she has to question whoever knew Kiki’s life well enough to frame Griff.

Julian returns with Ava’s prescription, and tells not-Doc to make sure she doesn’t wash it down with vodka. Not-Doc thinks she needs to see her brother.

Julian goes into Ava’s bedroom. She’s gone. Not-Doc says, she was just there. He sees a box of bullets on the bed, and says, oh Ava, what have you done?

Griff rubs his head. Ava walks in the side door. She puts her hand on her coat pocket, and they stare at each other.

On Monday, Curtis has relevant intel for Jordan, Sasha is called in for questioning, and Ava is going to make Griff pay.

🎂 Due to birthday circumstances beyond my control, Z Nation will be posted tomorrow.

🎤 Quotes of the Week

You can’t kill Castro. For God’s sake, you’re not even supposed to drive at night. – Hank (Mike Judge), King of the Hill

I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.Robin Williams

Damn if you’re not so sweet, you make sugar taste just like salt. – Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell), Death Proof

I didn’t come all the way out here to see you get remarried in sweats. – Mary Schmucker, Return to Amish (Uh-oh.)

The way you dress is the way your mind is.Mary Schmucker, Return to Amish

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. – Paul Valery

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November 23, 2018 – The Brain Biscuit Flour Mill, Walking Video, Mary Pat’s Head, a Wife Yes, Charm News, a Wife No, Thankful Quotes & Shaft


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🍗 Hope a great Thanksgiving was had by all!

Z Nation

Roberta, 10K, and Addie walk on the road between wheat fields. Roberta notes that they need harvesting; they’re going to seed. Addie doesn’t know how many live humans are left to do the work. She says, welcome to the heartland, and asks what the plan is. Roberta says they’re going to find out what’s in the biscuits. Addie asks what the end game is, and Roberta says, help George get her new country going first. Addie thinks they’re more tear sh*t up types than building a nation types. Roberta says they have to make sure the right people are in charge, and George is a natural leader. As they get closer to the farm, they find several mercied bodies. Addie says they’re farm workers, and some are talkers. Roberta thinks someone doesn’t want the biscuits made. 10K asks if they hear that, a ghostly voice saying, feed us. Roberta signals them to move into an area where a bunch of cars are parked. We can hear, feed us, biscuits. It gets louder as they get closer. They hear, but don’t see anything.

A dude pops up among the cars, and Addie says he’s a talker. Robert says he might know something. They raise their hands, and walk toward him. Roberta says they come in peace. She knows they’re hungry, but have no biscuits. They can help. 10K asks, what happens when talkers stop talking? Roberta guesses nothing good. They’re surrounded. Addie doesn’t want to hurt them, and Roberta says, let’s try to make this non-lethal.

George and Doc drive up, and they get in. Roberta says, perfect timing, Addie says they got her message from Kaya. Doc asks where they’re headed, and she tells him a farmhouse up ahead. Doc says they’ll have just about enough gas.

In the fields, Pandora tells a talker, he must be starved. She knows where he can find tasty brains waiting to be nibbled. She pushes him, and says, go after them.

Doc pulls up at the farmhouse, and says they’re running on fumes. They go inside, and George blocks the door. 10K says the talkers must have been hiding in the wheat. They look hungry, and Roberta wonders what they’re eating. A farmhand comes out, and says he knows – brains. He takes off his hat, and shows them the top of his head. It’s gone.

Roberta says the talkers have been eating his brains? and he says, everybody wants a piece of Charlie. Addie asks what happened, but he thinks they ate that part. Roberta asks if anyone else is there, but Charlie isn’t sure.

Roberta asks George if she wants to talk about Dante. George says it was her fault. She shouldn’t have let him go. Doc says, that’s not true. George says he put his trust in her and what she believed in, and it got him killed. Addie says she got Dante killed? and Doc says, the vigilantes got him. They killed the captain and his guard too. They’re probably the same bastards who killed the others. Roberta hugs George, and George cries. She says they chopped him in pieces, and put him in a trashcan. He did it for her. He was still alive. She had to mercy him. Roberta says George did right. George asks, who would do that? and Addie says, humans. Doc says, maybe not. Maybe talkers. They left a sign saying, this is what happens to traitors. Addie says, Newmerica would be a better place if they got rid of the people. Doc says, maybe the zombies got it right; screw everyone. Roberta promises they’ll bring Dante justice. George says she can’t give up. She can’t let Dante’s death be in vain. She has to see it through, no matter what. She’s willing to die for a better world. Roberta says, that’s her girl, and if that’s all we got, that’s all we got.

Doc goes into the garage, and picks up a mason jar. He sniffs it, and says, that could curl your nose hairs. He dips his fingers in and licks them. Steam comes out of his ears, and he says, that’s ass-kicking hooch.

Addie looks around upstairs. 10K goes to the kitchen, and takes off the tin can hook he’s been using. His wound looks pretty sore. Doc asks how it’s going, and 10K says, it hurts like a bad mother – Doc says, shut your mouth, a reference to Isaac Hayes‘s Theme from Shaft that 10K doesn’t get. He thinks the wound should be cleaned up, but the water is brown. 10K doesn’t think they should use that water, and Doc says he has a perfect plan B.

Addie keeps looking. She opens a closet, and brings her pokey bat weapon down among the clothes. She hits someone. She says, you, and he says it looks like she has him where she wants him.

The talkers are moving fast, with Pandora behind them.

Addie says she should kill him. He says, put him out of his misery. She says or make him wish he was dead. He asks what she wants him to do, and she says, unbutton his shirt. He does, and she slides her weapon down him. He says, now what? and she tells him to kiss her. They kiss, and she says he stood her up. She waited two days; she thought he was dead. He says, you know how it is. Zombies. She sees he has a wound and asks what happened. He says someone shot him.

Doc tells 10K it might sting, and pours the hooch over the wound. Obviously in pain, 10K puts the jar to his mouth. Doc says he wouldn’t drink that, but 10K guzzles the jar down. He says he feels great, then throws up. Doc says it might take his mind off his hand for a while. Roberta asks if he’s okay, and Doc says, alcohol poisoning. He’ll be good in a day, or three. They put him in a chair. Roberta says the talkers are still lurking.

Addie brings the guy downstairs. Addie says this is her friend, Finn; he’s been shot. Doc bandages him, saying he lost a lot of blood; he’s a lucky man. Finn asks if the wound is that bad, and Doc says, no, he’s a terrible doctor. 10K gets sick again, and Doc says his next patient. Roberta asks how Addie and Finn know each other. Finn says his farmhands turned taker, and Addie helped him. Addie says, they hit it off, and Finn helped save a lot of talkers. He says, like Butch and Sundance. An aside here: I thought the scene with her asking him to unbutton his shirt was lifted from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. But in the film, it’s Robert Redford and Kathrine Ross, and he’s waiting for her in her room. Roberta asks what happened? and Finn says when they came back, Charlie volunteered to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends. They fed them tiny bits of brain. He had them rounded up to go to Limbo, when he was shot and the talkers were set loose. Somebody doesn’t want them to make biscuits. Roberta asks if he knows the secret ingredient. He says other than chopped brains, he doesn’t know what’s in them. He’ll show them what’s left.

He takes them to the manufacturing area, and shows them the machine that mixes brains into powder. Then it goes into the flour. George asks if they took it all. He says, there’s some flour left, but they took all the added ingredients. They’re the only source in the area. Not just for biscuits, but all grain. They don’t have much seed left, and need to harvest. Addie says, all of Newmerica could starve. They see where the fire was, and Finn says when he came to put it out, he got shot. Charlie got a machete in the head. He didn’t get a good look at them though. Roberta asks, if he had workers, does he think he could harvest? Addie says he’s bleeding again, and tells him to take it easy.

Doc and 10K come out in cowboy gear, twirling lassos. Doc says he was in a goat rodeo one time. He says they’ll round up the talkers, and Addie says, what could go wrong? Pandora says, looks like somebody wants to play cowboy. Let’s send them a stampede. The talkers move forward.

Finn tells Charlie, cue the dinner bell, and he hits on one of those triangle things, saying, come get your brains. Roberta and George get ropes ready. Roberta tells George that she’s still in shock. Some things are not meant to be seen, but she needs George’s head in it. Addie and Finn wait in a car. Finn says, it’s like old times, and Addie says, it was a month ago. He says, that’s old for the apocalypse. He’s glad she’s there. He was worried it was going to be just him and Charlie. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, yeah.

10K and Doc go talker hunting. Charlie continues to ring the triangle, saying, hot brains. He says, a little sriracha, spicy, the way they like it, and sprinkles some on his head. Addie and Finn rope some talkers. Finn tells Charlie, now, and he takes a piece out of his brain to feed them. Doc lassos a tiller, 10K says, yippee-ki-yo-ki-yay, and gets one with a net, but gets tangled up in it. Doc knocks the zombie out with a hammer. 10K asks if he’s dead, but Doc says, he’s already dead; he just stunned him. He suggests they tie him up before the others get back.

Pandora says, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Let’s nip this revolution in the bud.

Roberta and George go into the stables. George tells Roberta to watch herself. They’re almost completely turned. They see a talker in the shadows. Another runs past (I think it’s Pandora), but Roberta thinks they should get this one first. George says she knows he’s scared. She is too. It’s a scary world these days. She promises she’s not going to hurt him, and says it must be terrifying, but they have brains for him. A volunteer, Charlie, generously donated his brains until they get biscuits. They just have to secure him for his own safety. He grabs a hoe, and tries to hit George, but she gets him down. Outside, Pandora has set herself up with a gun. She says, it was nice while it lasted. She’s going to enjoy this.

10K comes up behind Pandora, but doesn’t see the gun. He says, there you are. He tells her this is for her own good. She’ll get some brains, and be humanish in no time. He’s not going to hurt her. Pandora’s cohort is behind him with a taser. They fight, and Pandora jumps in. Her crony gets 10K on the ground, and forces him to put his hook in his own mouth, but Doc has gotten the taser, and tasers him. He tells 10K he couldn’t help it, and suggests they corral these two.

The talkers have been put in a pen. Charlie asks what it is they’re doing again. Doc says they’re feeding the talkers so they don’t turn zombie. Charlie asks, what are they feeding them with? and Doc says, actually, brains; his brains. Charlie says, he’s cool with that, right? Doc says, as far as they know. Doc tells the talkers to make two lines. Pandora gives half-mask guy half a biscuit, and eats the other half.

Roberta wonders who’s been cutting off their supplies. George says, it couldn’t be talkers, but Roberta says people and talkers are easier to manipulate when they’re starving. George says they’re going to stop the revolution and bring justice to the world. Finn says, the world belongs to the dead now, and Addie says maybe it’s not theirs to claim. George says they all need each other to survive. That’s why they need a new country. Addie says, so far, George’s new country has done nothing but get people killed, including Dante. George says, maybe Addie is right, and she’s responsible for Dante’s death. It will haunt her until her mercy comes, but it’s not up to Addie to judge her. Addie says, not everyone shares her dream or her way of doing things. Roberta steps between them, and says they have no time for politics. Like it or not, they’re fighting the same fight together. They’re at war, and don’t even know who they’re fighting. Pandora watches them.

Charlie starts to sing Bicycle Built for Two. Doc asks how he’s feeling, and he says, lightheaded. BA-DUM-CHH! Doc leads him to a chair. Addie asks how he’s doing, and Doc says, not good. He keeps singing, and gets stuck on the word crazy, going, zee… zee… zee… Charlie asks Finn if it’s time. Finn says he saved them all. They’re alive because of him. Charlie asks, can he have his mercy now? and Finn says, sure. Charlie tells Finn goodbye, and goodbye whoever the rest of them are. Finn sings, and takes out the last of Charlie’s brain. Charlie is officially gone. Finn says, have mercy, and everyone is bummed

The talkers all sing Bicycle Built for Two, and Doc says, that was weird.

Finn says, since the water supply was cut off, they would have eventually died from drought. The hydraulic power that controls the flow of water was cut off after the first attack. George says it’s a Native American operation. She knows the chief. Roberta suggests they talk to some water keepers. Finn says he’ll stay there to keep an eye on the talkers. Addie kisses him goodbye.

Pandora pokes her friend, telling him if he doesn’t stop singing, she won’t hesitate to mercy him. She hates that song. Finn walks up, and says, what do we have here? It looks like they’re feeling more like themselves. He tells the talkers that after he gives Charlie a proper burial, and gathers some supplies, they’ll set off for Limbo. He thinks after dark is safer. He’s not doing well, and Pandora says, it won’t be long now before someone starts playing for the other team.

10K says his hand hurts like it’s still there. Doc tells him, it’s phantom limb syndrome. Eventually, it works itself out, and the brain ignores the signals. Roberta can’t figure out why the farm was cut off, and Addie says maybe they didn’t like George’s idea. George says they’re independent, but the is chief fact-oriented, and supported the referendum, seeing the positives. Doc asks if 10K is all right. 10K says he’s just hungover. Doc feels his forehead, and says he’s burning up; he’s not fine. He needs antibiotics. George thinks they can get help from the chief, and Doc says he knows all about Native American medicine. Together, Doc and 10K say, but we were nowhere near the Grand Canyon. They see a distress signal, and Addie says, Finn. Addie runs back to find him lying on the ground.

She moves him underneath a tree, and he says two talkers jumped him and set the others free. Addie tells him, hang in there, and Finn says he’s scared. He’s lost too much blood. She tells him not to be afraid; she’s there. Roberta goes through the wheat field, and a talker pops up. Roberta says, hey, Emma, it’s me. Emma looks like she’s about to attack Roberta, but hugs her. I’m assuming, in life, Emma wasn’t known for her social skills.

George goes through another field, and hears her name being called. Pandora crouches in the wheat.

Finn tells Addie that they had big plans. Addie says they can still do big things. He asks if she promises to keep their deal. If he doesn’t like it, she’ll mercy him. She promises. He asks if she thinks he’ll see a white light, and tells her, it hurts. He’s scared, and doesn’t want to turn. Addie tells him not to fight it, and he tells her that he loves her. She loves him too. He dies. She closes his eyes, strokes his face, and kisses him. He starts to shake, coughs, and wakes up. She says, so? He says, nothing hurts, and he’s not afraid. For eight years, every day since day one, he’s been afraid. Now he’s not. She tells him that she saved him some. The last piece of Charlie. He eats it.

Roberta and George join them, and Roberta says they rounded up all the talkers, except two. Finn says they’re probably the ones who jumped him. Roberta says, is he? and Addie nods. Roberta says, welcome back. She and George are going to catch up with Doc and 10K. Addie says she’s going to stay and help Finn get the talkers back to work, but after that… Roberta tells them to take care of each other. George tells Addie, see you in Newmerica. Addie says, keep dreaming, and George says, somebody has to.

Doc wonders where they are. He says 10K seems to be healing okay. If Roberta and George aren’t back soon, they should just head to the dam without them. He says 10K’s fever broke, and gives him some water. He hopes the water keepers are friendly. He’s shot by an arrow, says, they’ve got to be kidding, and falls over.

Next Friday – Ninjas! Spirits! Wait, what? Doc is a ghost, and enters 10K’s body. 10K feels old and kinda stoned.

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🎉 Best News I’ve Heard in a While…

Which is kind of sad when you think about it. LVP is still on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


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T-Rav charmed himself out of more than being a cast member.


🎃 Charming Halloween News

I love the addition of the dog as Michael.


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No. Just no.


📣 Quotes of the Week

You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance. – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Being grateful all the time isn’t easy. But it’s when you feel least thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest, most powerful way to effect change in your life—this I know for sure. – Oprah Winfrey, What I Know for Sure

In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices. – Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Unto us, so much is given. We just have to be open for business. – Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers

My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus. – Stephan W. Hawking, New York Times Magazine interview

My gratitude for good writing is unbounded; I’m grateful for it the way I’m grateful for the ocean. – Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

I think that real friendship always makes us feel such sweet gratitude, because the world almost always seems like a very hard desert, and the flowers that grow there seem to grow against such high odds. – Stephen King, The Eyes of the Dragon

It has been said that life has treated me harshly; and sometimes I have complained in my heart because many pleasures of human experience have been withheld from me…if much has been denied me, much, very much, has been given me.Helen Keller, The Open Door

They do not love, that do not show their love. – William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona

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November 16, 2018 – Sasha Gets the Boot, Doc’s Version of History, Quick Quote Quartet & Saturday Sendoff


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael meets Sam at The Floating Rib. She thinks he should know about something. Jason walks in.

Aiden tells Elizabeth and Franco that it was Career Day, and there was a policeman; it was cool. Franco asks if everyone was nice to him, and Aiden guesses so. He asks for money for the vending machine. Franco tells him if someone isn’t nice to him, he should tell them, and they’ll take care of it tout suite. Aiden is like, huh? and Franco says it’s fake French. Elizabeth asks if he’d like to call his dad

Kiki sees Griff at the hospital, and hopes he’s there to pick up his lab coat. He says not exactly. She wonders what’s taking so long, but Griff doesn’t know. The good news is Peter sent the committee a statement, saying he wasn’t impacted by Griff’s transgression in any way.  Kiki says that’s good news; the so-called victim doesn’t feel victimized. She wonders why the committee wants to talk to him. He thinks they want to question him again, but he’s going to tell them the same thing he did before – the truth. Kiki says speaking of the truth, it’s time Sasha heard some.

Nina is impressed that Sasha has the spread sheets almost done. Sasha says don’t tell her boss, but she’s trying to impress her new mother. Nina says they are equally impressed with her. As she’s walking into her office, Nina tells Sasha about a phone call she’s waiting for. Sasha tries to tell her that someone is in her office, but Nina is too busy talking to hear. She walks in to find Valentin.

At the MetroCourt bar, not-Doc asks Ava if this seat is taken. She wonders who’s asking. She’s saving it for a friend. He says since he’s no longer her doctor, and sits down. He says she’s still mad at him. She says not mad. Slightly perturbed and inconvenienced, but if she’s honest, she missed him. And here he is now. She says now that boundaries are out of the way, let her buy him a drink. He says he’s been craving a Bloody Mary. BA-DUM-CHH!

Michael asks if it’s a coincidence or an ambush. Jason says he’s looking for Michael’s dad. Have they seen Sonny?

Sonny asks Margaux if he can come in. She says she already got an earful from his wife. Sonny says it’s not between her and Carly, it’s between them. She asks what he’s going to do? Kill her like he killed her father?

Elizabeth tells Aiden that he hasn’t talked to his dad in a while. She thinks he’d like know how Aiden is doing. Aiden wants to go to the vending machine, so Elizabeth gives him some money. Franco says he can’t blame Aiden. What kid wants to tell his parents he’s being picked on? She asks if he’s speaking from experience, and he says when kids gave him a hard time, he sabotaged them. He had a lot of rage. He says they can start covert art therapy when they get home, but Elizabeth says, why wait. He says Aiden unburdening himself with finger paint is good, but this needs to stop.

Lulu flies into Willow’s classroom, asking if she’s late. Willow says she’s actually early. She’s trying to reach Charlotte’s father. She’d prefer it if they were both there. Lulu asks, how bad is it?

Nina says she doesn’t owe Valentin any explanations; they’re divorced. She has no time or patience for him. His phone rings. It’s Willow, and he asks if there’s a problem about Charlotte. He tells her he’ll be right there. Nina asks if Charlotte is okay, and Valentin says her teacher wants to meet with him and Lulu. Nina asks what about? and he says, they’re divorced. He doesn’t owe her any explanations. He leaves, and she grabs her jacket.

Griff thought Kiki was excited about the relationship with her new sister. He doesn’t want to come between them. Kiki thinks she’s overreacting because of her mom, but needs to set Sasha straight. She tells Griff to focus on getting his job back, and she’ll settle things with her sister.

Not-Doc asks Ava how things are with her daughter. Ava says she’ll come running back in time for the holidays. They’ll be back to being inseparable like they were before they allowed men to tear them apart. He says her optimism doesn’t match her demeanor. Why isn’t she able to sleep?

Michael asks what’s going on with his dad. Jason says he’s taking care of things with Sonny, and wanted to see if he needed a hand.

Sonny asks why he’d want Margaux dead. Even if he did, he’s just a simple coffee importer. She says, who thinks she’ll drop the investigation into her father’s murder, now that she knows her mother was involved. Jason calls, and Sonny says he’s with her now. He’ll let Jason know if he needs him.

😠 &$*!*$^%@&&@*##$!@! Why is this interrupted for NYC Mayor Jerkface making excuses because he wasn’t prepared for a snowstorm everyone knew was coming? Here’s a news flash – winter comes every year. Omg, he went on for nearly the whole hour. Moving on the bootleg way.

Margaux tells Sonny that she didn’t hear screaming, so it’s not Carly. It must be Jason. When should she expect him? Sonny asks why, and she says he sends Jason to do his dirty work, like Skully sent Sonny to do his. He asks why he’d want her dead? She heard her mother arrange her father’s murder; he’s out of the equation. She says if that’s true, why is he there?

Jason says Sonny has it under control, and Michael asks if he wants to join them. Or are Sam’s words for his ears only? Sam says it might be good to get Jason’s perspective. He was there too; at Ferncliff. She hates to spoil his good mood, but thinks he should know who was there. He says as long as it’s not his mom, he doesn’t care. He asks who? and Sam says, Nelle.

Kiki goes to the Crimson office to see Sasha. Sasha says she’s getting acclimated, and Kiki says, speaking of which, she thinks she moved too quickly with Sasha, and Sasha moved too quickly with her boyfriend.

Ava asks not-Doc if it’s that obvious. He asks, what’s the problem? and she says she’s lost her edge. She used to plan revenge in her sleep, now she crawls into bed – alone – and the thirst for vengeance turns to sadness. Kiki and Griff broke her heart and spirit. Not-Doc doesn’t buy that, and neither does the Ava boiling with rage. Where is she now? Ava says right there, reminding her of the times she told Griff that she loved him, and he wasn’t ready to say it back. Reminding her that he used her as a stepping stone out of the priesthood to someone else. He says, not just a benign sadness, but wounded and angry. She says she is, and he tells her that he has the perfect cure.

Sam tells Michael it seems Nelle faked a nervous breakdown, and was transferred. Jason says they went to get answers for his mom. She wants to know if the patient next door belongs there and is being treated. When they checked the cell, they found Nelle instead. Sam says they don’t know if she was a decoy, or the patient had already been moved. She could have been put in the first room that was available. Michael asks if they’re sure she was faking. She had a nervous breakdown before.

Sonny tells Margaux that she can’t accept the truth about her father’s death. She thinks the word he’rs looking for is murder. He says, yes, murdered. Her mother was having an affair with Skully. She asked him to get rid of her father, and he made it happen. Margaux asks if he’s still saying he’s blameless, and he says she can’t prove otherwise. She told herself stories about her father and family, none of which are true. If she keeps digging, it will only get worse, and she’ll only hurt herself.

Aiden brings Franco some candy in the art therapy room. Franco asks if he wants to draw a picture. He can start with Mr. Jellybeans, his hamster. Aiden says, Mr. Jellybeans is the best.

Valentin arrives at the classroom, and asks what’s going on; she said it was urgent. Nina flies in, and asks hat she missed, explaining that she’s Charlotte’s stepmother. Willow asks if both parents approve of her being there, and they’re both fine with it. Willow says she’s observed troubling behavior. Charlotte is bright and quick, but can be assertive. Nina says, good. She should be in today’s world. Willow agrees she should, however, it’s evolved into bullying. Lulu asks if she’s saying Charlotte is bullying other children. Willow says she broached it to Charlotte, and told her it’s unacceptable behavior, but it’s become more frequent and open; in front of teachers. It’s like she knows there will be no consequences. It’s not about blame, but it’s escalated, and per school policy, she needs to get the parents involved. Nina thinks Willow is misunderstanding Charlotte’s leadership skills, but Willow says, they’re not leadership skills. Nina says Willow clearly doesn’t understand her daughter, and the problem is her. Valentin shakes his head.

Sasha asks if Kiki is mad about last night. She was flirting with Kiki’s boyfriend, but she thought it was no big deal. They’re just friends with benefits. Kiki asks where she got that idea.

Not-Doc says he’s concerned about Ava’s well-being. He tells her that she needs to get some rest, and offers her a sample of a new sleep aid.

Jason tells Michael that Nelle was holding a blanket like a baby. Michael says, Nelle lies about everything, but it could be genuine. Sam says, except when they pointed out Ferncliff could be a bigger trap than Pentonville. She flung the blanket aside, and went off on them, saying she’s not letting Carly win. Jason says Nelle thought it was a stepping stone to freedom, and when she gets out, she’s going after his mom again.

Margaux says Sonny is just as at fault as her mother. He says she has nothing. He has no ties to her father’s death. There’s no evidence, no witnesses, nothing. While he lives, he’s a free man. She’s going to be rotting in a prison she’s built for herself. Is that what she wants?

Willow says Charlotte is confrontational not just with her classmates, but adults, even strangers. Lulu asks when that happened, and Willow says, this morning. It was Career Day, and she challenged a guest about his name, education, and appearance. Lulu says she didn’t see that, and Willow says it happened after she left. Some children like to push boundaries; Charlotte is one of them. Valentin asks if it’s an isolated incident, and Willow says, no. She’s been mocking a particular classmate, and takes every opportunity to make fun of them, and make them the butt of jokes. Valentin asks, who? but she can’t divulge that. She hopes discussing it will result in change. Nina asks if she’s discussed it with Charlotte, and Willow says she asked why Charlotte didn’t like them, but it wasn’t for any reason. So she’s asking them as parents, to step in. Explore where this is coming from and make sure she knows it’s unacceptable, and knows it must change.

Sasha tells Kiki that she’s new. It was an honest mistake, and it won’t happen again. Kiki says, while they’re being honest, she made a mistake too. She shouldn’t have asked Sasha to move in so soon. She was excited about having a sister. She’s hoping they can start over. Get together now and then as friends, not roommates. Sasha asks if Kiki is kicking her out, and Kiki says, yeah, she is. Sasha needs to be out by tonight. She already has a mother to contend with. She doesn’t need anyone else against her and Griff. Sasha says she really doesn’t trust her boyfriend, does she? Maybe she’s insecure because he dated her mother. Kiki tells her to be out by tonight.

Franco says, clearly, Aiden gets the ability to draw from his mom; he’s amazing. He likes Aiden’s version of Mr. Jellybeans with the crown; more regal than rodent. Aiden says Mr. Jellybeans is his best friend. Franco thought Bianca was his best friend. Aiden likes her okay, but sometimes she… Franco suggests he draw a picture of Bianca, but Aiden doesn’t want to. Franco says, how about his family? Aiden says he can do that. They’re nice to him.

Ava takes the sample. He tells her, like any medication, take with caution; one at first, no more two in 24-hours. He wants her to be at her best for her reunion with her daughter. Then they’ll talk about other methods to chase away the demons that keep her up. She asks if he has demons, and he says they all have painful experiences locked away. She asks if his have anything to do with his brother, but he says, no. They have everything to do with him. She tells him that he knows a lot about her, but she knows nothing about him.

Sasha sees Ava, and says, how convenient. She had no idea how to find her, but now she can tell Ava to her face. Next time she wants to break up Kiki and Griff, leave her out of it.

Margaux says Sonny is trying to sound like he gives a damn about what happens to her. He says he can picture her as a little girl, believing her mother’s phony grief. It’s all she had. He thought when she heard the truth, she’d leave that behind. She says he thought wrong.

Sam says Nelle lied to get transferred. They told her it was worse, and she ditched the act and threatened Carly. Michael says it sounds like Nelle. Jason says he seems calm, and Michael says he learned it from him. He’ll always regret getting involved with Nelle, but he doesn’t feel guilty for grieving over Jonah. It’s getting more manageable. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Nina tells Willow that Charlotte doesn’t need to change. She’s strong and brave, and she’s been through a lot. Valentin says she had a difficult early childhood, but they’ve always encouraged her to be polite and have compassion. Nina asks if Willow has children. Willow says that’s not relevant. Nina thinks maybe they need someone who knows about raising a child. Willow appreciates Nina’s faith in Charlotte. That being said, she thinks it might be more productive if she talks with Charlotte’s parents. Nina asks if Willow is kicking her out because she’s not Charlotte’s biological mother. Valentin tells Nina to go home. They want to hear what Willow is saying, and she’s making it next to impossible. Nina says Valentin has been Charlotte’s one constant, except when he’s off doing God knows what, with God knows who, God knows where. Nina asks if Lulu wants her to leave. Lulu says Nina is upset, and they need to get to the bottom of this. Nina says she’s watching Willow, and does the two-finger thing. Valentin says he’s mortified. Willow doesn’t doubt Nina loves Charlotte very much, but it’s unproductive. Lulu asks how they handle it, and Willow suggests written guidelines that will help them to be productive, not accusatory. They can explain that the behavior is not acceptable and there will be consequences for her actions.

Ava tells Sasha she thought it was a casual relationship. She’s sure they’ll work things out. Sasha says Kiki told her to move out. Whatever perverse game of mother/daughter chicken she’s playing is over. She lost. Before she leaves, Sasha orders room service. Ava looks at the sample.

Michael thanks Jason and Sam for the update on Nelle. Say what will about her, but she’s never dull. He also thanks them for making sure she’s back behind bars. Sam says, see? Things get better. Michael says they can all use some good times. The holidays are around the corner. They’re family, and need to start acting like it. He leaves, and Sam says, speaking of holidays, Thanksgiving is next week; any plans? He says, her first.

Sonny admires Margaux’s spirit and passion, but why not focus on her own life, instead of dogging his? She’ll make him a deal. He confesses to her father’s murder, pleads guilty, serves twenty, and when it’s a done deal, she’ll book a cruise. Sonny says, whoever pulled the trigger was the weapon. Her mother and Skully had her father killed. She wants to know what he’s going to tell Avery when she grows up. It’s not her dad’s fault he’s a murderer. Sonny says now she’s pushing it. If what happened to her father happened to him, he would hope Avery would leave it behind her, and not make it her life’s work to bring them to justice. He would hope she would be happy. Surround herself with people she loves and who love her.

Michael walks into Willow’s classroom. She says she just had an almost Chernobyl parent/teacher conference. He says, almost? and asks if she saved it. She says, maybe. She thought she was handling it. Now, she’s finding a meeting. It helps. He knows what she means. He says he also brought something that might help, or at least provide a distraction. He gives her a box. She said she wanted more seeds. She says when he makes a promise, he keeps it. He says, eventually. He also promised to tell his story to the group about what brought him there, and he hasn’t yet. She says, he will, and so will she – eventually. Until then, she has gardening to do. In November?

Nina is looking up Willow on Spyder-Finder. Valentin comes in, and she tells him to get out. He wants to apologize, but she won’t accept it, and says she’s going to call security. He says he missed her fierceness, and she says he won’t when he’s being hauled out. He says he particularly likes it when she’s defending Charlotte. He’d like her to there when they talk to her. She says Charlotte is always a priority, and he knows she always wants the best for Charlotte. He’s grateful for her help, and she says, for Charlotte, anything.

At the hospital, Lulu asks if Finn there. Elizabeth says he’s not in, and asks if she want to leave a message. She’d rather speak to him in person. She wants to make sure if Britt is well enough to be interred… she means, interviewed. She asks how the kids are, and Elizabeth says Aiden is going through a rough time. Lulu says Charlotte is going through a phase too.

Franco says Aiden drew himself little. Aiden says he’s the baby, and Franco says, he’s the youngest, but he’s a big kid. Aiden asks if he didn’t do it right. Franco says it’s perfect, but he doesn’t see Aiden as being tiny. Aiden says, but he is.

Kiki asks Griff how it went, and he says he explained himself and admitted he was wrong. Who knows? He asks how it went with Sasha. Kiki says she told Sasha she was wrong in letting the relationship move too quickly, but her behavior toward Griff was inappropriate. She turned it around, and accused Kiki of doing the same thing her mother does; blaming her insecurities on the other person. She doesn’t want to be like that. Griff says she’s not.

Ava hears that food is being delivered to Sasha’s room. She puts the pills from the sample in the soup when the room service tray is unattended.

Margaux asks Sonny if he’d want Avery to let go of his murder and move on with her life. He says he would, for her sake. Margaux says he doesn’t care about her sake. She was deprived of a lifetime of memories, and he wants her to let it go. Sonny says facts are facts, and evidence is evidence. Does she want to spend her life in a hotel room, listening to her mother talk about setting her father up? She asks if he’s afraid she’ll find something. He says, there’s nothing to find. Let it go, and live her life.

Sam tells Jason that Curtis and Jordan are getting married on Thanksgiving. Sounds insane, but there must be a method to the madness, but it’s not until later. She wanted to watch the parade with the kids. She asks if he wants to watch with them; she has a lot to be thankful for. He wonders if she still likes the pumpkin donuts from Kelly’s, and says he’ll pick some up. It’s a date.

On Monday, Monica asks if Oscar wants to know what he’s up against, Kim tells Drew that she’s not willing to give up, and Kiki tells Franco she’s getting weird vibes from Sasha and Griff.

Z Nation

10K says, brains and biscuits, how was it not Murphy’s idea? Murphy says, one day, the apocalypse will make him a rich man. He tells one of his barmaids, try not to eat each other. Roberta shows them a map to a bakery in the backwoods. It’s not the type of place that welcomes visitors. Murphy says, a secret brain bakery? He’s sure he hears banjo music in their near future. Roberta wonders how they can make sure Dante gets a fair trial. She tells Doc and George to go to Altura, and they’ll go to the bakery. Doc says they’ll meet later. He and George get in a car. Doc says, it’s no El Camino, but beggars can’t be choosers.

On the road, Doc says they don’t make them like they used to. George says they don’t make anything at all. Back at Limbo, Roberta says, let’s find the bakery.

George doesn’t like not having eyes on Dante. Doc tells her he’s gunning it, and she shouldn’t have her feet on the dashboard. If the air bag goes off, her knees could go into her brain. She thinks that’s the least of their worries, Doc says the air bags aren’t reliable in a thirty-year-old car, so it’s not going to happen. A zombie lying in the road. They run him over, and the air bags go off. George says, he was saying? She thinks she hurt her ankle, and he says it’s better than a knee in the brain. He checks to see what he has for pain, but doesn’t want to give her the hard stuff. He takes out a joint, lights it, and deflates the bag with the lit end. George says she’s never smoked before. Doc says it’s a terrible habit; it stunts your growth. Oh wait, he was thinking of nicotine. He doesn’t think her ankle is broke, but it’s sprained. She takes a drag on the joint, and says her foot hurts, and now she has a cough. Doc tells her to give it a minute. He sees some zombies, and says, hang tough. He has to take care of some tourists. He uses his hammer in each hand method. George smokes in the car, and watches in rearview mirror. She laughs about the car having an ashtray. A zombie heads toward the car. She takes out a knife. Doc gives it a hammer in the back, and it turns around and pins him to the hood of the car. George says she’s got him, and shoots it. Doc says the spliff must be working. She says she can’t feel her foot; she doesn’t feel anything. She wants to get to Altura before night falls. Doc sees the road zombie’s legs poking out of the grill and kicking. He tells her, have a seat. This could take a while.

Murphy and Roberta get to the bakery. 10K thinks it looks abandoned. Roberta says that doesn’t mean no one is home. Murphy says this must be place; he smells brains. Skulls litter the yard, and Murphy picks one up. Robert tells him to get his ass away from those skulls, and focus. Addie busts the door open, and they go in.

They slip through the storage area, and see a mess where the baking is done. Roberta says it looks like they left in a hurry. There are brains everywhere, and Murphy says it’s no mystery what the secret ingredient is. Roberta says it looks like they haven’t been in operation for a while. She takes a skull out of Murphy’s hand. They hear banging noises.

Doc looks at the engine, but can’t figure it out. George is reading the Constitution, and he asks if she’s catching up on social studies. He used to love history, especially when he was buzzed. One of his favorite paintings is of the Constitutional Convention. The gang is all there, with Ben Franklin chilling in the middle, George Washington presiding, and Thomas Jefferson looking badass. He tells her the founding fathers had huge pot farms. They were like, cannabis rules. He imagines George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (Sketchy and Skeezy) talking about hemp fibers being good for everything. Jefferson says they’re good for migraines, expanding your mind, and toothaches. Ben Franklin (Re-Pete) joins them, and asks who’s been getting icky with the sticky. Jefferson says he cultivated it, but didn’t inhale. He says he’s out of matches, and Franklin says they must to invent one. He lights his pipe. Back in the present, Doc coughs. He says that one went down to his toes. She’s surprised the founding fathers got anything done, much less starting a country. Doc says they’re prepared for lift off, and gets the car going.

Murphy says, someone turned the oven on. He guesses not Betty Crocker. Roberta says they’re not there alone. A mixer starts up, and Murphy goes toward it.

10K and Addie keep looking. Addie asks if 10K is okay. He says he’s fine, and she says, just checking, lefty. He wants to take the stairs, and she says, after him, calling him Captain Hookless. She doesn’t want to pry, but doesn’t know why things have to be so hard. Between Mac and Lucy her eye the least of what she lost. 10K says he still feels his hand in his dreams; carrying gear, lacing shoes, holding hands, shooting a gun. It’s like having a friend that was there, but isn’t any more. Addie knows what he means.

Murphy watches the mixer. He says with all the brains laying around, he’s getting the munchies. A dude shoots at them, and everyone ducks. Another dude sees Addie and 10K, and shoots at them. He yells that they have intruders. The first dude says, don’t worry, brother; he’s coming. He shoots at Murphy, who ducks under the table. Roberta signals Murphy, and slides a gun over.

Brother #1 is so shaky, he looks like he’s tweaking. 10K moves a bakery rack over and gets Brother #1 in his sights. Brother #1 peeks out, and 10K shoots. Brother #1 falls, and Addie comes toward him. He says, sorry, ma’am, and she whacks him in the head.

Doc makes a pipe out of an apple, and George says he’s quite the handy man. He tells her to think of him as the Ben Franklin of paraphernalia. She asks what the difference is between the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Doc says they got so excited writing rules for the government, they forgot the people the government was for. In Doc’s mind, John Adams says he’d rather chop his hand off than sign. The government was created to protect the people from foreign enemies. A zombie walks in, and Doc says, my bad. There were no zombies back then. Adams asks who’s going to protect the people from the government. Washington says, back to work, and Franklin complains that he just opened champagne. Adams says, not his fault, Quaker Oats Man. The people need to know how the government is protecting them. Adams says the Bill of Rights will; he has a list. He pulls out a bunch of cards, and Washington reads through them. Freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom from alien life forms. He can see some of this going in. He tells Jefferson to write this up. Jefferson says he wrote the Constitution, and Frankly says, they all did. Jefferson says, no, he physically wrote it. Washington says they’re making progress.

George asks Doc what makes the Bill of Rights so important. Doc says they’re the God given rights of humanity. She says humanity changed with the definition with of mortality. They see a zombie struggling toward them. Doc asks what makes the zombies different from humanity? Basic decency says they deserve to be treated no differently, and have the same rights. He deserves live life without government interference. George says, he’s a zombie. Doc says she knows what he’s getting at, and kills it. It’s the government’s job to protect their rights, and they need it when people are afraid, and don’t know what’s right. George asks what will protect Dante without a Bill of Rights. Doc says they will.

Brother #2 goes through bakery, and shoots at Murphy. Murphy shoots back, but the gun runs out of bullets. Brother #2 says he’s going to give Murphy the same choice he gave the last people who tried to shut them down. Murphy says, chocolate or vanilla? And Brother #2 says, mercy or talker. Roberta comes up behind him, and says she can ask him the same question. She doesn’t want to hurt him, but she will. He says it’s a zombie standoff. He’s got them like the ones who tried to shut down the bakery. Put down their weapons, or they’ll all be craving brains. Roberta says they’re not who he’s talking about.

Addie and 10K bring in Brother #1. Murphy asks if that’s the other brother. Roberta says he’s still human; let’s keep it that way. Brother #2 says they’re Americans in need of help. Brother #1 tells him to watch out for the one-eyed one. She’s not nice. She’s mean like a badger. Murphy thought they speak English in Canada, and Brother #1 says, we doos. Brother #2 says he’s Gilly, and Brother #1 is Skull; Skully for short. Roberta says they need biscuits; lots of them. Gilly says they’ll have to talk to his mom. She’s in charge of baking. Roberta asks where she is, and he says she’s in the office. They’ll have to see what kind of mood she’s in. It’s not easy. After the black rain, they were headed to Newmerica, and were turned ass over tea kettle by a bunch of zombies. Their other brother, Chili, got bit, but never turned. When they caught their mom sneaking him brains, they realized he was a talker. Their mom started baking up roadkill, and the more he ate, the more he was like the brother they knew. Everyone wanted their mom’s biscuits, so they set up a bakery. Roberta asks why they stopped, and Gilly says they were blown up, and under attack from zombies. Murphy says, someone didn’t want them baking biscuits. Roberta says they need the recipe, but Gilly says she’s been cranky. She’s in the office for her own good. He says Chili is in there too. They were trying to work out the recipe, but their running out of options. They look up and see zombies pressed against the office window, including mom.

George wonders how they can make sure Dante gets due process, when vigilantes think talkers are more zombie than human. Doc says a bill was made to protect them from each other. The Founding Fathers hammered out amendments, better known as the Bill of Rights. Doc’s mythical Ben Franklin asks why they have to start with guns. He likes muskets as much as the next guy, but putting them first seems gun crazy. Jefferson says they’ll put freedom of speech first. It will look better for the kids. He says Sam Adams has two beers, and is ready to challenge his mother to a duel. Washington says they’ll had a well-regulated militia. He goes down the list, and says, unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated; should keep the lawyers busy. He likes that no one should be compelled to testify against themselves, and Jefferson says, what happens in Paris, stays in Paris. George says, no cruel and unusual punishment, and Doc says the whole apocalypse is cruel and unusual. Jefferson says, otherwise, they’ll be using Franklin’s kites to electrocute prisoners. Alexander Hamilton comes in, and asks if they’ve around to slavery. Washington says they’re talking about it. Abe Lincoln (Smiles) pops in, and says he’d appreciate it if they’d take care of the problem now. Washington says he has a cool hat. What is his name? Lincoln says they didn’t see him… He was never here… Hamilton says, that dude belongs on a bill. George says she doesn’t know much about history, but she knows Lincoln never talked to Washington. There’s a hundred year difference between them. Doc says that’s not the point. Slavery was a stain on America that even the civil war couldn’t make right. The only way Dante is going to get a fair trial is if he’s considered human; no talkers will. George tells Doc that he sneaks up on a person, and Doc says he still has some teeth left in his head. We see a sign that says, martial law now in effect.

Gilly tells Skully to keep his wits about him. He puts a bike helmet on Skully’s head, and hands him the top of a trash can for a shield. Skully says he always picks scissors, and Gilly calls him dumber than goose poop. Murphy cranks up a boombox, and holds it up to distract the zombies. Skully says he can’t do this, but Gilly makes him go into the office. He moves quietly behind the zombies at the window, while Murphy keeps their attention. Skully looks through the papers, and sees something sticking out of his mom’s back pocket. He tiptoes behind her, and slips out the recipe card. He backs away, and falls. Murphy says, he’s out. Skully gets back up, and Murphy says, there he is. The recipe card is on the floor, and the zombies close in on Skully. Gilly yells for Chili to get away from him, and closes the door. Gee, thanks for the help. Murphy says, they’ve got him cornered. Skully fights with Chili, and Gilly yells, brother, get off my brother! Mom stands in the window, and eats the recipe card. Murphy says, one brother is riding the other like a moose. Skully yells, nooo! and the zombies attack. Outside, a group of zombies, all wearing the same rain ponchos, come toward the bakery. Roberta says, the only way to calm them down is to feed them actual brains. The zombies outside start to come in. Murphy says, it looks like somebody ordered take out, and runs at them with the boombox. He busts one over the head with it. I think the ponchos might be significant, because in an earlier episode, there was a group all wearing shirts from the same park, and they made a point of mentioning it.

Roberta and the others go after the zombies who are coming in. Addie uses her pokey club, and 10K shoots. Addie kneels with her weapon in both hands horizontally, and 10K uses it to aim. He says, switch! and they trade weapons. Addie uses the gun like she does her club, and whacks the zombies with it. Roberta beheads a zombie. She takes the head, and says, crack this one open. She tosses it toward Murphy, who says, hey, I’m walkin’ here. I wonder if that’s a nod to Midnight Cowboy. He is a bit of a Ratso.

George wonders when everybody will see they’re all in this together. Doc says they’ll need the 15th amendment. – the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. In Doc’s vision, Washington says, it makes sense. Lincoln says, it will take a civil war and the 13th amendment. Washington suggests they pass the 13th amendment right now. Lincoln says it’s abolishing slavery, and Jefferson says, abolish as in setting free? It might take further study. Washington says, hear him out. Why not make them three-fifths human? Then keep that going for a hundred years, until they work out the kinks. George hopes they hope don’t have to fight a war to make talkers full citizens. Doc says they already did. Everybody dies. Just because they have no pulse doesn’t mean they don’t have brains. George says, everybody dies, and sooner or later – she and Doc finish together, they’re all talkers.

The brains from the severed head are given to the zombies. Gilly thinks the brains are doing the trick. Roberta asks mom if she’s with them. She hugs Skully and Chili. Gilly tells her that some Americans came looking for help. She’s sorry they have to see her looking all dead like this, and wishes she could have given the place a lick and a promise. Roberta says their supplies were cut off, and they have starving talkers. They want the secret recipe. Mom says, it’s no secret. In the beginning, she was lacing them with brains. They ran short, and flour was delivered from the heartland, with the secret already mixed in. Murphy says, the secret is brains? and mom says, no. The secret ingredient is love, and kisses his cheek. He doesn’t get it. Mom gives each of the zombies a kiss. She says if it can help someone else to keep from go through what they’ve had to, so be it. She says they have enough right there to make a batch of the original.

George is shocked that women weren’t given the right to vote until the 19th Amendment, and it wasn’t passed until 1920. Doc says, old white dudes. What can he say? It takes time to get it right. George says they don’t have time. Doc says he doesn’t like the look of this, and they see an abandoned truck. George wonders if it was the truck with Dante, and Doc hopes not. They open the truck door, and a dead guy falls out. There’s another dead guy inside. George says, no sign of Dante. Maybe he escaped like last time. Maybe talkers did this, and let him go. Red letters on a nearby trashcan say, this is what happens to traitors. George picks up a pair of sunglasses. I assume they’re Dante’s. The can rattles. She opens it, and finds Dante, all folded up and bloody. He can barely open his eyes to look at her. She gives him mercy.

The gang makes biscuits. Murphy loves the smell of fresh baked brains in the morning. Mom says she might keep him on as a full time baker. He says he had a great teacher. She tells them to wrap the biscuits and put them in containers. Roberta calls Murphy over, and says, this family isn’t going to make it on their own. Take them with him to Limbo. He likes the idea; Limbo could use a bakery. Roberta tells him, take care of them, and be safe. He tells her to be safe too. He doesn’t want to have to save her ass. Roberta says he might have to, and he tells her the apocalypse wouldn’t be half as fun without her. Be careful. He starts to walk away, and she says she loves him too. Mom says the biscuits are packed.

Doc asks if George wants to say a few words. She says actions speak louder than words, and leaves the Constitution there, and puts on Dante’s sunglasses. On the marker, it says: Here lies Lt. Joe Dante – first citizen of Newmerica.

Next Friday, get ready to wrangle. We go back to the Old West, and Pandora says, let’s send them a stampede.

Good Lord, I hope that was coherent. This show can bounce all over the place more than Once Upon a Time did. Okay, maybe not.

☝ Quotes of the Week

You don’t ask people about their personal business. You don’t address the pink elephant in the room. – Delores, The Real Housewives of New Jersey

If he’d known, he would have had a crush on you too. – a friend of mine after I told them I had a crush on Roman Polanski when I was fourteen.

When there is an animal in your life there’s always a reason to laugh. – Anonymous

It’s go-go, not cry-cry. – Skip (Skip Reissig, who’s also Quentin Tarantino’s realtor), Planet Terror

🍨 A Weekend Sendoff… 

And because I’m brain dead and couldn’t think of anything else.


November 9, 2018 – Sonny Gets What He Came For, a Rescue, Everyone Finds Their Way to Limbo, Mixed Quote Salad & Long Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jeanette says Sonny should be grateful. Skully started him in the business, and was good to him. Sonny says somebody he loves has been wrongly accused. He wants to make sure the truth comes to light. Jeanette says she’s burning the letters, and there’s nothing he can do. Margaux walks in and says, maybe he can’t, but she will. She came for the truth, and after all these years, she deserves it.

Nina tells Sasha that everyone lies. She’s told some big ones herself. Then there are those who spin the truth to get what they want. In their twisted way, they think they’re doing the better thing. Her ex like that. It’s hard. They love each other, but she can’t live waiting for the other shoe to drop. Whatever her and Sasha’s relationship turns out to be, Nina wants to make sure it’s honest. Sasha says she hasn’t been honest with Nina.

Kiki tells Griff that she hopes he board does the right thing, and this will soon be a horrible memory. They toast to horrible memories. Griff is amazed by her optimism, and how she keeps the faith. They kiss.

Elizabeth is proud of Franco. The police asked for help, and he gave it to them. She wishes he would believe in himself. He wants to totally trust himself, but thinks he should see Doc, just in case. Therapy is good for the soul.

Carly calls Sonny, leaving a message that it’s important. She tells Jordan that she already answered their questions. Jordan says, when she found Mary Pat’s head.

Not-Doc adds Mary Pat to his list. He adds her ID to some others, keeping it with the list in a drawer in his office. I note that not-Doc uses a fountain pen with real ink. There’s a knock at the door, and he puts his wedding ring in view on the desk. It’s Ava, who asks if he’s ready for her. He says, ready and waiting.

Ava thanks him for agreeing to see her after hours. She sees the ring, and he apologizes for being unprofessional and leaving it out. He finally took it off, and can’t figure out what to do with it. She says she’s sorry about him and Laura, but he says he broke it off; it’s his mess to clean up. She says it’s not any less painful than being left. It’s a different kind of awful, in her experience. She says sorry if she overstepped, and he says it’s his fault. Taking her to Charlie’s was inappropriate. They should have come there. She’s said she was coming up with innovative ways to manage her anger. He suggests they talk about those.

Carly says they’re wasting time, and Chase asks how she explains the hair in Mary Pat’s hand. Jordan asks if Carly has a theory on how it got there. Diane walks in, and asks if that isn’t the PCPD’s job. She’s going to have Carly ask for a tax refund if she’s doing their job. Chase says every time Diane tears him to shreds, he feels like he learned something. Jordan says they followed clues that led to her client. Chase says there were witnesses to Carly’s threats, but Diane says what they have is circumstantial at best. Jordan says Carly was there when the head was found, and when the body was found, there were strands of her hair in its hand. They would be remiss not to follow up.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Aiden is becoming more withdrawn at school. Maybe he should talk to Doc. Franco says Aiden had the time of his life when they were doing art, maybe he should take a crack at Aiden. The doorbell rings. It’s Terry with a bakery box, and a six-pack. Elizabeth asks if it’s that bad.

Sasha says she told Nina it would be easy for her to get a job there, but that’s not the case. She’s tanking with the job search. Nina says she’s not dishonest, just wrong. Sasha says she presented herself as confident. Nina is big and successful, and Sasha can’t even land a temp gig. Nina explains that the guy who owned Crimson needed a financial loss, and hired her, thinking she’d tank the magazine. Then he wouldn’t be in trouble. Sasha says, but she made it work. Nina says, with help. She wants Sasha to reconsider her offer. Sasha says she’d love to work there, but can’t accept a handout. Nina says it’s not a handout; it’s not an easy job. She’d have to bring her A-game. Sasha says, what if she can’t keep up. Nina says if she screws up the magazine, she’ll fire Sasha’s ass. Sasha accepts the offer, and Nina tells her, welcome to Crimson. Nina says she hasn’t been honest with Sasha about something, and needs to tell her.

Jeanette tells Margaux that she can’t believe Sonny. He’s a mobster, and lying is like breathing to him. Sonny says he told the truth; now it’s her turn. Jeanette says it could ruin Margaux’s career, but Margaux says for once she’s not thinking of her career. Hunting for the person responsible for her father’s death led to Sonny, which led to her.

Ava tells not-Doc, thanks to their chats, she’s made an important discovery. If she channels her anger in the right direction, she can find forgiveness. He asks, for who? and she says, Kiki. He says, not Griff? and Ava says, never him. He asks, how about herself? but she says, that’s a different story. She realized she could forgive Kiki, when Kiki knows what it’s like to hurt like she was hurt. Not-Doc asks, who will do it? and Ava says, not her. Griff will do the honors. Once he’s unfaithful, they can begin to heal. He might need a nudge. She’ll be doing Kiki a favor, getting it out in the open sooner rather than later. Not-Doc asks how Ava knows he’ll cheat, and she says he cheated on the Church, and on her. It’s his nature or doesn’t he believe in human nature?

Kiki gets it; Griff broke the rules. But what about how he behaved afterwards? He had integrity, and he’s been punished enough. Griff hopes the board agrees. She says he’s a gifted doctor. Keeping him away is completely ridiculous.

Elizabeth explains that when she and Terry were in middle-school, they would climb up on the roof with moon pies and root beer. They’d stare at the stars, and wait for the world to make sense. Terry says, eventually, they’d realize they had to solve their own problems, but in the meantime – they both say, sugar! Franco says he’ll go to get take out from Charlie’s, and give them a moment. Elizabeth says Terry brought the sugar; go first. Terry needs to wait for it to kick in, so Elizabeth tells her that Aiden is struggling. Being shy is one thing, but he’s obviously in pain. Terry asks, about what? and Elizabeth says he won’t tell her. Terry’s turn. Terry says it’s nothing new. They live in a world where children get brain tumors, and she still can’t be sure what’s the sense in that.

Margaux tells Jeanette, for once in her life, do the decent thing. Give her the letters. Jeanette says they’re not for a child to see, and Margaux says she’s not a child. Jeanette says Margaux is her child, and Sonny says, give her the letters. Margaux can’t believe her mother is a cheating tramp who conspired to kill her father. She takes the letters, and Jeanette tells her not to do it to either one of them. Margaux reads that when Jeanette thinks of them, she would break any vow, commit any sin, and take any risk if one day they could be together. Jeanette says Margaux doesn’t understand. Margaux can’t believe her mother sat there watching TV with her dad, holding his hand. Jeanette says, not in front of Sonny; it’s a family matter, but Margaux wants him to stay. It’s his party. He said she wouldn’t like what she was going to find, and he loves being right. She tells him to get a drink. It’s a big bon voyage party for what she thought was her family.

Nina tells Sasha that she acted out of turn, and told Ava to stay away from her. Sasha says that’s her half-sister’s mother, but Nina says Ava is a murderer and a slut. She’s all for sexual freedom, but Ava hurts people when she’s not killing them. She could slit someone’s throat, and walk away scot free, blaming the victim. She just wanted to protect Sasha. Sasha appreciates Nina looking out for her, but says, don’t worry. She’s used to taking care of herself. They have a lot in common. Franco comes in, and Nina calls him over. She introduces them.

Terry tells Elizabeth that she knew what she was getting into with pediatric oncology. She works with kids fighting harder than most adults to live. Elizabeth asks if they’re talking about Oscar. Terry says Oscar figures if he’s going to die, he wants to do it dancing, and enjoying what’s left. He’s refusing to participate in the medical trial. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, making him harder to save. Elizabeth says Terry is doing what she can, and Terry says she’s failing. All the years of training, experience, and success. She’s saved a lot of lives, but now she feels useless. Elizabeth asks what Terry needs from her, and Terry says, perspective. What else can she do for the family?

Diane says her client has cooperated fully, and Jordan says they don’t think she did it. Diane asks why she’s here, and Jordan says the killer appears to know what they’re doing. The head was surgically separated from the body. Chase says Carly implied doing her harm, and her husband is in a position to address that. Sonny has resources. Diane says he’s usually accused of making someone disappear, not appear in public. Carly asks why Ava isn’t a person of interest.

Ava tells not-Doc that the tricky part is, it needs to happen where Kiki can see it. When she sees what a lying hypocritical bastard Griff is, she’ll run to her mother for support. Their bond will stronger, having been betrayed by the same man. Griff will be a nothing, a nobody; which is what he deserves. Not-Doc says he thought he could do this, but it’s just wrong. He can’t treat her any longer.

Margaux gives Sonny a drink. She asks if her mother ever loved her dad, or was it all a lie? Jeanette says it wasn’t a good marriage. Margaux remembers her father laughing and smiling, but Jeanette says he was smiling at her. There was nothing between them, and she thought she’d spend the rest of her life like that. Then Joe happened, and it changed everything. The more she wanted him, the more she hated Margaux’s father. She went to Skully, and begged him get rid of the one person keeping them apart. Margaux asks if Jeanette considered that she was losing her father, and Jeanette says she did. Kids are and move on, like everyone does. She couldn’t stop thinking about wanting him gone. She wanted him dead. Margaux asks if Sonny got it. He says, every word, and shows Jeanette that he’s wearing a wire.

Ava says not-Doc got her to open up – no judgement – and once she revealed a darker place, he’s jumping ship. He says what happened was just a coincidence. He works with serial killers and the criminally insane. He says her sweet plan isn’t what’s making him run for the hills. He says she’s not horrible, she’s fascinating; too fascinating. He identifies in many ways. She asks, what kind of ways? but he tells her that he’s already said too much. He can’t be her doctor because hr can’t be objective where she’s concerned.

Griff watches Kiki read. He takes the book out of her hands. She says she was reading that. He says he doesn’t care, and kisses her. She hopes he respects her after she tells him doing this is better than studying.

Franco asks Nina, how? She says, apparently, she didn’t lose the baby. She had it while she was in a coma, and her mom gave it away, and continued to lie. Franco says, makes sense. She’s surprised Kiki didn’t tell him, but he says they’ve been moving in different orbits. Franco tells Sasha that he hopes she realizes that she’s now related to one of the most remarkable women he’s ever known. Sasha agrees. She says she’s starting work tomorrow, and wants to impress her new boss. She leaves, and Franco sits down. He says, holy moly. Tell him everything.

Elizabeth tells Terry, the longer she’s been a parent, the more she realizes how little in control she is when it comes to her kids. She does her best to be as involved as possible, and still let them do their own thing. If they need her, she’s there, but things happen. She doesn’t know what’s going on inside Aiden’s head. She wants to figure out what he needs, and fix it, but all she can do is tell him that she loves him, and he’s wonderful the way he is. Terry wonders what happens if what you know is the right thing to do stops working. Elizabeth says, keep showing up, and do what you do best. Prayer, and relentless determination.

Jeanette is shocked that Margaux worked with Sonny to set her up. Margaux says she wanted the truth, and got it. Sonny wonders where Jeanette was when her husband disappeared. Why weren’t she and Skully together? Jeanette tells Sonny, he said, wait, so we waited. She thinks he found a mark to do his dirty work. She figured once the body was found, the mark would go down for murder, and they’d be together. Margaux tells her to get out; her mother disgusts her. Jeanette asks if Sonny is happy. He got what he came for. She leaves and I wonder where she’s going, since it’s her house.

Sonny says Margaux got what she wanted, and asks if she wants to go. She says she’s not done, and looks at the desk. She says, the sacred desk that they never got rid of. A symbol of her father’s hard work. She went to law school to be the kind of lawyer he was. Sonny says, he would be proud, and she tells him, go to hell. She can’t even nail him for the murder. They’re done. She thanks him for the truth she’s been searching for her whole life.

Jordan wonders why Ava would have killed Mary Pat, and Carly says she’d do anything to get Avery away from them. Chase thinks that’s a bit of a stretch. Jordan says, unlikely, but they’ll explore all avenues.

Franco says Nina must be beyond happy. She says she’s been dreaming about having a child. Now she has one, fully grown, but she thinks she’s okay with that. Franco says she missed the poopy years. She says she’s very lucky to know such a remarkable woman.

Sasha is getting a glass of water at the apartment, when Griff walks in, shirtless. He says he didn’t know she was there. She says he looks flushed, and puts the glass against his face. Kiki comes in, telling him to come back to bed. Sasha says he was thirsty. She hands him the glass, saying, all his.

On the phone, Sonny says he got Carly’s message, and hopes everything is okay. He can’t come home tonight, but if it’s an emergency, call. Otherwise, he’ll see her tomorrow. He loves her. Margaux sits on the floor with the letters, and drinks and cries.

Elizabeth says when she thinks of what Oscar’s family is experiencing, it puts her life in perspective. She has three healthy boys, and what Aiden is going through isn’t that. Terry says she was once a teenage boy, but no one else’s problems made her life any easier. The bullying, the confusion. the hurt. The only perspective that matters to Aiden is his own. Elizabeth says maybe she can’t help, but she wants to know what’s wrong. Aiden keeps shutting her out. All she can do is convince him that he’s not alone.

Franco hopes Sasha realizes she got a homerun mom. They’re doing well for two fugitives. He didn’t even want kids; now he has three boys. He’s enjoying the karmic spin. Nina is glad he’s happy, and he says, look at them, all mature and stuff. Nina says she should be careful what she wishes for. She’s terrified she’ll screw up. Franco says they both will. Don’t try to be perfect; just be happy. Nina says they’ll never screw that up.

Kiki asks Griff if Sasha was hitting on him in front of her. He thinks she’s misinterpreting, but Kiki says, no. She was hitting on him, and it’s not okay.

Ava tells not-Doc that she’s going to miss their talks. She was getting a lot out of them. He says it’s the toughest decision he’s made in a long time. She doesn’t think that’s true. She says she’ll see him around, and he tells her, good luck with everything. She leaves, and he locks the door behind her.

Sonny finds Margaux passed out on the floor where she was reading the letters. He says she can’t sleep there, and helps her up. He puts her on the couch, and covers her with a blanket.

Diane asks if they’re finally done, and Jordan says, for now. Carly is free to go. Chase adds that she’s still a person of interest. Carly says she gets the drill, and she’s not about to leave; her entire life is there. She tells him, in the meantime, they might want to figure out how Mary Pat was holding her hair.

Sonny watches Margaux sleep, and ponders. The text beneath him says, next week… what if…?

What if you could go back and change your life? Would you do it? A very special GH on Monday.

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Doctor Nero rescues a furbaby.


Z Nation

Roberta slashes a zombie. George gives mercy. Doc attacks with two hammers, one in each hand. A brain goes flying. Roberta sees the talker symbol in fresh paint on a car. They come to a building that says Limbo on the sign. George thinks Dante might be there. Roberta presses a giant button, and someone asks for the password. The zombies are advancing, and she says, help. He says, wrong; that was last week’s. She tries zombie, and he tells her that she should have said that in the first place.

They go inside, down some metal stairs. Doc says it’s a nice place to get murdered. George says it’s a place for outlaws; a place Dante would love. They continue down until they get to a door. Roberta tells them to brace themselves. The door opens to reveal two guys having a chainsaw fight, gambling, go-go girls in cages, a bar, and neon. There’s a whack-a-mole game called hit-the-head. Doc gets distracted by a dancer.

A group chants duel before a stage. A girl comes out and two men face each other. She says, one bullet each, and tells them, gentlemen, spin the chamber; no more bets. Time to duel. She drops her scarf, and they fire. One falls off the stage, all the way to Murphy’s feet. He says they have a winner. Everyone cheers. Murphy brings the winner up on stage, and says, to the victor goes the biscuits, handing him a tray of them. Murphy wears a sparkly red snakeskin-trimmed suit, and a devilish mustache and beard. He sees Roberta and company, and says it’s about time they slaughtered their way there. A confetti gun explodes, and he says, welcome to Limbo.

Two people act out a comedy skit on a stage. Murphy says, blendsmen were running the place until the return of the thin red one. Doc says it’s heartwarming. Murphy goes off with a woman. George tells Roberta that they’re there d*cking around with strippers and Monopoly while Dante could be dead. Murphy returns, saying there’s something George needs to hear – she’s a drag. He tells, relax, and let him buy a round of drinks for his friends, before their next suicide mission. Roberta says looking for someone. George says, don’t bother. Murphy wouldn’t know him. At the roulette table, Wesson pops out a guy’s eye for the wheel.

Doc says he has to hit the head. Murphy says there’s always a line for that, and we see a woman playing the hit-in-the-head game, Roberta says Murphy has chosen sides. He says, the winning side. Roberta says he associates with a lot of talkers to be apolitical. Murphy tells her, talkers, blends, humans; they’re all customers to him. Monopoly is being played for bullets. Murphy says they have everything. Even George Clooney’s actual moving foot. You can tickle it for a nickel. Murphy brings them downstairs. George says they’re looking for a talker named Dante. There’s a symbol outside that says this looks like a safe place for talkers on the run from Altura; a safe place for Dante. She asks if Murphy would know anything about a talker underground, and Murphy says, anything…?

They come to a room housing barrels. Murphy says, come out, come out, wherever you are. Come out and get your biscuits. The talkers stand up. Marjorie is among them.

Roberta asks how long they’ve been coming there, and Murphy says, about two weeks. She asks if they’re all from Altura, and he says, all over. He didn’t ask for them. They just keep getting dropped off, and they’re cutting into his biscuit inventory. They’re eating like there’s no tomorrow. He hopes they get a shipment soon, or there will be no tomorrow. Let him guess. They want to get involved. Roberta tells him they want to find Dante. She mentions Estes, and Murphy says he knew Estes on Zona. He was a high tech whiz kid, fronting a startup for them. Must be Altura. Murphy says Altura has cut off his biscuit supply, and he’s trying to run a business here. George knows how he feels. People treated him like a freak before the apocalypse. He finally has a family, and she gets not wanting to lose them. They’re all outsiders. Marjorie is an outsider, just trying get back to her family. She says they’re wrong about him. He’s a brave man. He’s risking everything to help. Newmerica owes him a debt.

Murphy laughs, and says she’s good. He’s met a few bullsh*tters in his day, but she’s good. Marjorie yells she wants to find her husband. They talkers get restless, and run out. Doc says, they sure sound like Z’s. Murphy asks if they’re going to find this guy or not, and they jet.

10K sees an empty van with the doors open, and footprints going away from it. He follows them to where the talkers were crucified and buried. As he’s tightening the bandana around his wound, a zombie jumps out behind him, and I choke on my coffee. He wallops it, and says, 8609.

Murphy asks if they want anything while they wait for their mystery talker hero. He asks if Doc remembers calling him a coward, and Doc asks if he’s changed. Murphy says, no, but he’s learned to swing first. A truck backs up outside. Roberta thinks this is it, and while she gives instructions, Murphy suddenly goes through changes. He says, Lucy, and runs outside. Addy is in a truck out front, and says, of course he’s the big red one.

At the bar, Doc says it’s been a long road for all of them. He missed Addy. Lucy too. Addy says she y missed them too. She tells Murphy sorry about the gun. He said he felt Lucy in it, and he thought it was her, even though it didn’t make. He calls for shots, and the waitress drinks from the bottle. The liquor pours out bullet holes in her torso, and they fill their glasses. They toast to Lucy. Addy asks if she can visit Lucy’s grave, but Murphy says Viking funeral. Addy thinks that’s what she would have wanted. Murphy says he saved something of hers, and she’d want her to have it. He gives her what looks like a handkerchief. Addy says she felt her too. She kept looking for her, but she’d lose the signal in the daytime. At night, she’d look at stars feel her. Then one night, she looked up and felt nothing. Just the weight of them crushing her down. That’s when she knew she was alone. Murphy says Lucy loved her. Addy says, but she wasn’t there to save her – neither was he. Murphy tells Addy not to drink so much. She looks like sh*t. Addy says, bite me.

Wesson whispers something to Murphy, who says, tell them keep their eyes open. Murphy calls Doc over. Doc tells Addy not to listen to Murphy; she looks great. He goes over to Murphy, and Roberta takes the stool next to Addy. They sit and drink.

Doc and Murphy see Marjorie. Doc wonders how she got there, and Murphy says that means the others are running around in there too. He says Doc is food; he’s not. Doc says she looks friendly, and tries talking to her, asking if she remembers him. She screeches at them, and Doc says, she’s not nice. They take off.

Roberta introduces George to Addy. George says any friend of the talkers is a friend of hers. Addy says she’s not their friend. George says she put in herself in danger to help. She didn’t know about Altura. A family asked her to smuggle them out. They had a talker baby. Lucy couldn’t stop growing, and there was a baby who was never going to grow again. They were scared, so she helped them. She was glad to have a mission again. George asks if she’s come across Dante. Addy looks up, and says, no, no-no-no-no-no. She knows what George is going to do. She asks if this is what Roberta is into now. She wants to get him executed?

Murphy and Doc look for the talkers. Murphy says rabid talkers aren’t good for business. It’s the place where everyone comes to forget about getting eaten. Doc asks if Murphy thinks the dancer liked him, and Murphy says, once you go blend, you go blend to the end. They walk through the basement. The lights flicker. The talkers pop out, and Murphy and Doc run. They stop short after and open door, and shove the talkers into the room, and close the gate. Doc tells Murphy not to forget they’re friends, but Murphy says, friends don’t have friends for lunch. Doc says, now what? and Murphy says, feed them. They’re going to need a lot of biscuits.

George tells Addy that the trial will clear Dante’s name, but Addy thinks he’s better off where he is. George asks where that is. Addy tells Roberta, it’s been real. She’s out of there. Roberta and George follow her. Doc and Murphy walk through the club. They pass a puking game, and we’ll just leave it at that. Why? Just why? Murphy knows where they can get more biscuits. He’s going to borrow from the house stash. It’s empty, and he wonders where they are. He sees the duel winner sitting at a card table, biscuits piled high in front of him. Murphy drags doc out outside.

Addy is fighting a group of zombies outside. Roberta and George join her. Roberta says it’s like old times. As they fight, Roberta says she’d give her life for Addy. Addy says she did give her life for Roberta. Roberta says George and Dante are the same. George can’t protect them if she can’t find him. They finish the zombies off, and George says she knows Addy can help her. Addy makes George promise she won’t hand him over to Altura or vigilantes. George promises, and they shake hands. Roberta puts her arm around Addy.

Doc is all dressed up in a red suit and top hat. He and Murphy go back to the club. Murphy approaches winner dude, and says it seems that Lady Luck is holding him in favor. Winner dude asks if Murphy wants something. Murphy says he’s the club owner, and this is his associate, Dr. Beck. Winner dude gets defensive, saying he won fair and square, but Murphy says not having biscuits in circulation is a problem. So for the benefit of the guests, he’s offering an exchange. Doc opens a case, and says it’s the bullets for biscuits program. Winner dude thinks he’ll hold on to his winnings. When things get desperate, imagine what someone will give him. Or maybe he’ll eat them – all because he can. Murphy tells winner dude to listen to him, and dude draws a gun. Doc suggests winning them back, and winner dude says he’s had the longest winning streak ever. He even got Clooney’s foot to giggle; a daily double. Doc offers his hat, and winner dude does like it. Doc is feeling lucky.

They play. Murphy sweats. Doc loses his hat. Murphy tells Doc the guy is so lucky, he sh*ts rabbit’s feet. Doc says Murphy is messing with his mojo. Winner dude says he likes Doc’s jacket.

10K tries shooting a zombie, but keeps missing it’s head. He finally gets it, at close range.

Roberta asks Addy where Dante is. Addy knocks on some fake rocks, and a hand comes up out of the ground. Dante sits up from under the dirt, and says, hey George. She can’t believe it, and he says he’d never leave her. He asks about his wife. Roberta tells Addy that she can trust George. Addie wonders if they can trust Altura, and wonders if it’s a good idea for Roberta to be a leader in the resistance. Roberta asks where the talker underground ends, and Addy says, it doesn’t. Most of them want to stay. Roberta tells Dante they heard rumors, and Dante says he didn’t plant the bomb. Roberta says there’s a video indicating he did, and the talkers split up. George says the vigilantes won’t stop as long as the talkers are rebelling. Dante says they’ll fight together. George say it won’t be easy, and Dante says she likes doing things the hard way. It’s what he likes asks about her. He asks about his wife again, and Roberta says she’s inside.

Doc tells Murphy that he’s down to his last sock, and it’s not on his foot. He could use a secret ace up his sleeve. Murphy shows him one in his sleeve, and Doc says he’s going to lose his only sock. Murphy suggests, one last hand; all or nothing. Winner take all. The deed to the club is on the table. Doc asks if he’s sure, and Murphy says if they don’t have the biscuits, the place is doomed anyway. He has to try. Deal him in. There’s a dancer hanging from silks behind winner dude. Murphy mind melds with her, and she tells him what cards winner dude has. Murphy signals Doc. The house wins. Everyone cheers. Murphy says, what happens in Limbo, stays in Limbo. He and Doc do a happy dance, saying they’re each othes best friend. Winner dude accuses them of cheating, and starts shoving biscuits in his mouth.

Doc says the body has its limits. Winner dude starts to expand. Murphy uses Doc to shield him, and winner dude explodes. At least the front of him. He says he doesn’t feel so good.

10K sees the car with the symbol on it.

Wesson and the bartender pick up all the biscuits. Murphy tells them to make sure they get to the talkers. Roberta comes in, and asks if she wants to know. Doc says he saved Limbo. Roberta says they found what they were looking for. Several thugs walk in. Their leader is the captain who took the people from Pacifica. He asks who’s in charge. One of them flips a table, and Murphy asks if that’s really necessary. The captain says they’re looking for Dante, and have reason to believe he is or has been there. Marjorie comes out, saying, please, and the captain asks if that isn’t Dante’s wife. Murphy wonders how she keeps escaping. The captain sees Roberta, and says, you again. It’s funny how she keeps popping up. She says even funnier, they’re there for the same reason. They combed the place, and Dante isn’t there.

Murphy tells him that Altura has no power there; he can’t do this. The captain says Dante is wanted for questioning. Marjorie wails, Dante, and the captain asks, what wrong? Murphy says, she needs biscuits. Marjorie keeps howling, Dante. While the captain is distracted, Roberta tells Doc and George to go, and they slip out. The captain holds a gun to Marjorie’s head. He says Dante needs to come out now, or he’ll shoot her deader than she already is.

George tells Dante, say the word, and they’ll take them all. Dante says she’s the hope for the future. He can’t let her risk that for him. She says they’ll do it together. Roberta says the captain is hurting Marjorie. Dante calls out from the balcony, saying he’s up there. George says they’re coming down. Roberta tells the captain they’re surrendering. The captain tells Dante that he’s under arrest, but continues to hang on to Marjorie. Dante clocks the guy trying to cuff him, and runs to Marjorie. He tells her that he loves her. She says, love, and the captain puts the gun back to her head. Dante says they can cuff him now. George holds her wrists out, saying they’ll go together, but the captain says, just the fugitive. Those were the orders. Roberta tells him that Dante is surrendering. Let her go; she’s not a part of it. He shoots Marjorie in the head, and Dante dragged away, as he yells her name. Roberta and Murphy hold George back. The captain says, she was too far gone; he had no choice. Everyone leaves.

George goes to Marjorie. Murphy asks Roberta if she still thinks humans are the good guys. George says she has to go after him. She needs to be there at his trial.

Addy tells Murphy that they got all the biscuits they could find. The talkers are calmer. 10K comes in, and hugs Doc, who thought he was they’d never see each other again. Doc sees 10K has a hand missing, but 10K doesn’t explain. He hugs Addy. Murphy tells Weston that he can let the talkers out now, but make sure they’re fed. 10K says he saw vans, shipping in zombie tourists, but it could be anybody. Roberta wonders what happens when they run out of biscuits. Murphy says they could always feed them brains – just throwing it out there.

They all leave the club. At the Monopoly game, a bullet lands on Altura, and blood splashes across the game board.

Next Friday, the stakes have never been higher, and Murphy wants to find a bakery.

👄 Quotes of the Week

This is just about the time something jumps out at you. – Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), Z Nation, while walking down a long, dark hallway

Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path. – Anonymous

I’m exhausted. My weave is exhausted. The pantyliner on my underwear is exhausted. – LeeAnne Locken, The Real Housewives of Dallas

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever. – Karen Davison

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.Walt Disney

We humans have turned to zombies when horrors no longer horrify us, prayers no longer move us from knees to feet, and needs no longer move us from greed to selfless giving. When our desires outclass the sufferings of our fellow humans, we are the horror: the church of the living dead.Beth Moore

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November 2, 2018 – Laura Gets a Shock, a Ball of Zombies, Delusions on 90, What I Heard & Weekend Wish


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the very beginning, because, running late and elderly dog taking her time eating.

Valentin tells Nina that she fell asleep before the room was ready. He had to beg Charlotte to let her sleep in. Nina asks where Charlotte is, and he says in school. He gives her some coffee, and she tells him that she didn’t t by choice. He’s glad she didn’t risk drowning to prove she’s smarter than the Coast Guard. He says he didn’t sleep much; that kiss. She says don’t make a big deal out of it, but he says it is to him. She wants to change and shower, and he tells her that her clothes are dried and folded. She thanks him, and he says, anything for her. She says, anything? When she comes back down, make sure he’s in another part of the house. She wants to leave in peace. He says he will, but he’s not giving up hope that she’ll come home.

At the pier, Kiki asks Griff and Sasha what took so long. Sasha tells her that she took a detour with Griff to look at the view of the harbor. She has a cramp, and Griff offers to massage her leg, and does.

Sitting at Kelly’s, Ava tells Scotty that Doc is great; he’s unorthodox. Scotty asks her, define unorthodox. She says he encourages her to explore her impulses, no matter how cruel and destructive. Scotty can think what he wants, but Doc isn’t trying to change her. He accepts her as she is. Scotty says, her or her impulses? She says they connected more than she thought they would. Scotty asks how he’s helping her get over Griff. Ava says he made her see that she was misguided in seeking redemption. Deliverance from evil is overrated. Scotty says, she doesn’t mean that. Does she?

Carly tells Sonny that she had another nightmare about Mary Pat. Sonny isn’t surprised. He asks why she didn’t call him, and she says she was in shock. A cop brought her home, and she didn’t want to wake him. There was nothing anyone could do, and she just wanted to sleep. He asks what happened last night, and she tells him about the fundraiser. She says the first contest was bobbing for apples. No one wanted to take a chance, so she stepped up. When Max took the lid off the barrel, Mary Pat’s head floated to the top. It was crazy. She was horrible and hateful, but who would do something like that?

Not-Doc arrives at The Floating Rib, and Laura hugs him. She says she’s been texting and calling, but he says he had his phone off during the sleep study. He saw what happened on the news; it must have been horrible. She says, absolutely horrific. She wants to go home, and he says he’ll call her a car. She asks why he can’t take her, and he says he has to give a statement to the commissioner. The night before last he was there with Mary Pat.

Ava tells Scotty that she’s not slipping back to her old ways, if that’s what he’s worried about. It’s just nice to find somebody who understands her, and doesn’t judge her for what she’s done. Scotty asks if he’s not in that camp, and she says she needs a doctor not a lawyer. She suggests he get counselling if he’s still hung up on Lucy. That’s why he doesn’t like Doc. It’s bad to harbor resentment. Doc finds her bad side worthy of analysis, understanding, and study; it’s nothing to be ashamed of. She tells Scotty not to worry about her going back to the dark side, but thanks him for his concern. It’s the first time in a long time she’s got her life under control.

Sasha thanks Griff, saying her leg is much better. Kiki points out she’s still limping, but she says she feels it loosening. Nina gets off the launch. Sasha greets her, and says she not only gained a mother, but a sister and a friend with medical expertise. Nina is glad she had a good time. Sasha says she’s glad Nina did too. She’s coming from Spoon Island, and is wearing her clothes from last night. Kiki says they called it the walk of shame in college. Nina flashes back to kissing Valentin, and says, no shame. There’s nothing to see here.

Sonny tells Carly the commissioner called, and wants to meet her at The Rib. Maybe the more she talks about it, she’ll remember something. She tells him that she’s not sorry Mary Pat is dead, but he says she might want to keep that to herself, since they’re under extra scrutiny.

Not-Doc tells Jordan that he’d come in to see Mac, but he wasn’t there. Laura says she thought he was at the hospital, but he says he was on break. He came into the bar, and ran into Mary Pat. Jordan asks if she was upset with him, and he says, with the world, including him. She’d just been fired, and held one of the patient’s responsible – Carly. She was frightened of Carly, thinking she was dangerous, and given to calculating acts of violence. Chase asks if he agrees, and not-Doc says, absolutely not.  However, when she and Laura toured Ferncliff, she did threaten Mary Pat’s life. Jordan asks if that’s true, but Laura says it’s not in context. She was referring to an incident where Mary Pat tried to drug Carly, and Carly turned the tables. Mary Pat said she might have died, and Carly got angry, saying she regretted she hadn’t finished the job. Chase asks if there’s anything else, and not-Doc says he wasn’t privy to that confrontation, but he witnessed a second time. Carly told him to get Mary Pat out of there before she did something she regrets.

Laura says Mary Pat abused Carly horribly. Of course she was angry and upset, and said things she didn’t mean, but at no time was Mary Pat threatened. Jordan asks not-Doc to circle back to his encounter with Mary Pat at The Floating Rib; what else transpired? He say, nothing much. He got tired of her complaining, when his patient suffered on her watch. He went back to the hospital. Chase asks if she said anything about her plans. Jordan says it seemed like she hadn’t been home in a day or two. He doesn’t know anything else. He tells Laura that he’s going back to the hospital, and she should go home and get rest. Jordan and Chase tell her good luck with the election. Chase wonders what that was all about.

Sasha apologizes to Nina, saying it was inappropriate to call her out on where she spent the night. Nina explains that the Coast Guard shit the harbor, and she had to stay at Windemere – in the guest room. Sasha thinks it sounds romantic. Nina asks how the run was, and Sasha says Griff took her to the top of the Bellwether steps, where you could see the harbor. Sasha tells Griff and Kiki to finish without her. They run off, and Nina is glad that Sasha and Kiki are bonding. Sasha says Kiki is great, and generous to let her move in. Nina says she lived in that apartment; there are a lot of memories there. She asks if they hung out with Griff. Sasha says they had the night to themselves, but he lives down the hall. Nina says, that’s convenient, and asks if Sasha is interested in him. Sasha says she’s not disinterested. Nina says, he’s Kiki’s boyfriend, but Sasha says they’re not serious, according to Kiki’s mother. Nina tells Sasha not to listen to anything Ava says. Sasha thought she seemed friendly, but Nina says, it’s an act; she can’t be trusted. She tells Sasha that she’ll handle Ava. Sasha says she has an interview at a temp agency, and has to get going.

Mac looks at the security footage. He tells Jordan, what Doc said checks out. If she’s done speaking to his staff, he’d like to send them home. She tells him, go ahead, and they look at the footage some more. Carly and Sonny walk in.

Ava sees a figure with a pumpkin head sitting at her desk. She turns it toward her, and the head falls off, leaving a bloody, headless body in the chair. The body falls to the floor. Ava screams, and Nina comes storming in, upset about Ava trying to manipulate her daughter. She sees what’s happened, and says, omg, is that a dead body? Ava says, it appears to be, and Nina asks what Ava did.

Sasha arrives at Windemere. She says she got Valentin’s text, and knows that Nina spent the night. He says, on the couch, and Sasha tells him, Nina said the guest room. He says there was no romantic reunion, but he’s encouraged with the progress with Kiki and Griff. Sasha says, everyone in Port Charles has been kind. He thought she was leaving, but she says Nina wants her to stay. Knowing that she’s close makes Nina happy. Valentin says this isn’t what he wanted.

At Kelly’s, Kiki tells Griff, it’s cool Sasha was game to run, and thanks him. He says, Sasha is cool (WOTD). He’d be friends with her even if she wasn’t Kiki’s sister. I’m not so sure that’s the right thing to say to your SO.

Ava tells Nina that she just got there, and the body was there. Nina calls the police.

Jordan is sorry for what Carly went through, and it won’t take long. Chase says, tell them what she remembers. Carly says she was talking to Michael most of the night. They announced the games were starting, and no one wanted to bob for apples, so she said she’d do it. Mac removed the barrel cover, she saw a large object, and recognized it as a human head. Then she realized it was Mary Pat’s head. Chase steps away to call the barrel guy. Jordan says in his statement, Doc said she had an encounter with Mary Pat at Ferncliff. Jordan asks if Carly recalls the nature of the exchange, and Carly says, hostile. Mary Pat mistreated her at Ferncliff, and she was responsible for getting her fired. Jordan says, at one point, it was alleged she said she’d almost killed Mary Pat, and regretted not finishing the job. Carly tells Jordan that she said it. She’s not sorry Mary Pat is dead, but she’s not the one who killed her. Jordan says, maybe not, but someone close to her may have. She looks at Sonny.

Not-Doc takes the crate opener back to the pier, wipes it clean, and stabs it into a wood pallet. Laura joins him, and asks what he’s doing there. He was supposed to be going to GH. He asks if she followed him, and she says this is the second time he’s lied. The other night when he said he was working, he was out having drinks with the murder victim. Does he want to explain what’s going on? He’s been nothing but distant and cold since she got back. She’s starting to feel like he’d rather she stayed. Not-Doc says, the truth is, he has been avoiding her. She asks, why? and he says he’s a coward. He hasn’t been able to find the courage to say what he needs to. She says she loves him; he can tell her anything. He says he’s been reevaluating his life since she left, and since she came back, he doesn’t feel the same as he did before. He’s sorry, but he thinks they should separate.

Kiki tells Griff it’s nice having a surprise sister – so far. She seems low maintenance; the opposite of her mom. Griff says Kiki can be angry with her mom and still miss her. Kiki misses the idea she believed. She thought their relationship could survive anything, but she was clearly wrong. Griff wants to be honest, and tells Kiki that the problem between her and her mother is him.

Valentin tells Sasha that she’d be better served going home. She says he would be better served. He says she’s a delightful woman; charming, accomplished, easy to be around. It’s not surprising Nina would fall so quickly. His daughter and Kiki love her. She asks what the problem is. He tells her the longer she stays, the more likely the truth is to come out.

Chase asks Ava to walk him through what happened. Ava says she saw the jack-o’-lantern on top of the body, and figured it was a Halloween prank. When she turned the chair, the jack-o’-lantern fell, and she saw what was clearly a real body. She shoved it away, and it fell. She still can’t believe it. She assumes it belongs to the head that surfaced at The Floating Rib.  Chase says she used to work at Ferncliff. work at Ferncliff. Nina asks what it was doing here, and why Ava was standing over it. Chase asks if Ava knew Mary Pat in any capacity, and Ava says they never met. She has no idea how it got in here.

Scotty comes in to The Rib, and Mac asks what took him so long. Scotty says he heard there was a head left behind, and figured they might need a lawyer. Mac is concerned about Felicia. He’s had to shield her from Lulu’s articles. It’s everywhere, and it didn’t help that Scotty cooperated with the documentary. He tells Scotty to explain himself.

Jordan tells Sonny it must have been tough, hearing about what happened to Carly. Carly tells her not to try pinning it on Sonny. Sonny says she’s fishing. He tells her to find someone else to blame. He’s not getting locked up for this one.

Laura says she knew Doc was distant, but didn’t know he wanted out of the marriage. Not-Doc says he wanted them to work. He could feel them drifting, but didn’t want to face it. Laura starts to cry, and he says, it’s nobody’s fault, but the time apart… She knows she was gone too long, but never knew he was this unhappy. They talked every night, and he came to visit; it was like a second honeymoon. He says they never knew what it was like to be married until she returned. She says he can’t give up this quickly. She doesn’t think he gave it the shot it deserves. They can work it out. He says he’s thought about it long and hard for some time, and he can’t handle it. She says, can’t or don’t want to, and he says he doesn’t have the will to keep going. You can’t fix something you know is broken. He won’t do that to her. She asks if there’s someone else, and he looks at the crate opener.

Scotty tells Mac that he was trying to help Felicia. Mac says it was publicity for him. Scotty says if that happens, so be it. Mac says, you don’t put a head in a barrel unless you’re dying for publicity.

Not-Doc says he’d never chat on Laura. She asks where this is coming from, and he says it’s just not working for him. Maybe she was away too long; maybe he’s too set in his ways. Maybe he’s going through something needs to face alone. She says he doesn’t have to. He says he won’t lie. It’s better to end it. He’s moving out later. She says, just like that? What about the promises they made to each other? The time they took; being so careful to wait until they were sure? So, what? He just changed his mind? He tells her he’s so sorry. Maybe someday he’ll realize he made the biggest mistake of his life. He says, goodbye, and leaves her standing on the pier, crying.

Ava says they can’t possibly consider her a suspect. Why would she kill stranger, and plant the body in her place of business? Jordan asks who else has the keys, and Ava says her cleaning crew. Jordan says she’ll need their info, and asks why Nina is there. Nina says she was telling Ava to stay away from her daughter. Chase thinks they have something. There are strands of hair in one of the hands, and it’s not the victim’s. It’s blonde. Nina looks at Ava.

Kiki asks Griff if this is the part where he offers to step aside to repair her relationship with her mother. Forget it. He says he doesn’t want to be an obstacle. She says her mom is obsessed. She wants to hate them. Let her. Kiki wants to focus on the positive. She’s a med student, she has a new cool sister, and a great guy. Life is good. He says for him too, and they kiss.

Sasha tells Valentin that she’s not blowing this. She knows what’s at stake for him. He says, not just him – Nina. He doesn’t want her hurt. Sasha says she likes Nina more all the time. Valentin says that’s why she has to leave. She tells him that he worries too much. No one is going to find out she’s not really Nina’s daughter.


On Monday, Laura tells Spencer that now is not the time, Carly wants to solve the mystery locked up at Ferncliff, and Sonny tells Margaux that she has no idea what she’ll find.

Z Nation

Smoke pours from the Pacifica library. People stumble around; some wounded, some crying. George asks Kara what happened. Before she can get out the word explosion, there’s another one. Roberta says Kaya is still in the library. Inside, Kaya is on the radio, saying, mayday, the library, send help. She hooks up a reel-to-reel recorder repeating her words, and goes looking for JZ.

George asks, how many injured? A guys says, people, zombies, bombs, who knows what else? Citizen Z says the door is completely blocked. They have to go out another way. A guy engulfed in flames comes running out.

George says they’ll check the library. Kaya continues to look for JZ in the dark. A zombie pops out. She pikes it, and wonders where it came from. Inside the library, Doc doesn’t know whether to pike the victims or rescue them. Roberta says they’ll rescue who they can, and mercy the others. George says, everything they had from before was there. They learned how to live together. They were making a new country.  Doc finds a guy trapped under a bookcase. Doc asks, what happened? and the guy says, bad things, and then, zombies. Zombies start coming into the room. Roberta and George slam, slice and dice them. Another starts feeding on bookcase guy. More come, and Doc doesn’t know which way to turn. George has to kill bookcase guy. Doc stomps a zombie’s head, and says, dead and down the old fashioned way. They keep coming. When it’s finally clear, Roberta and George fist bump.

Doc looks at bookcase guy’s ID. He’s Dr. Henry Krinkle, in Orlando for a convention. George says none of the zombies are theirs. Roberta wonders how they got there. Why didn’t the black rain bring them back? They hear human noises. It’s Kaya’s recording.

CZ runs downstairs, and checks the nursery, but it’s empty. He draws his gun. A zombie with a knife in its back comes around the corner. He shoots it, but doesn’t get it in the head. It grabs him. He manages to get the knife out of its back, and plunges it into the base of its neck. He calls for Kaya and JZ. He runs down another hallway. Everything is smashed up, and the electricity flickers. CZ stealthily goes down another hallway, and almost pikes Kaya. CZ says, zombies; old ones. Kaya says she’ll kill all of them if she has to. They’re not eating her baby.

Nana and JZ sit in a closet. The handle jiggles. Zombies stumble around outside the door. Nana waits.

10K practices shooting. He’s not doing well, and Red tells him to take his time. She looks at his hand device, and he tells her, it’s fine. She takes it off, checking his stump, and says, not fine. She thinks he should take a break or use his left hand. Thank you. I said that last week. In brooding 10K fashion, he says, just forget it, and walks away.

At the campus, it’s still chaos. People falling over, and turning into zombies. A woman shoves a biscuit in a guy’s mouth. Doc says, there will be more talkers before the day is out. George says, it’s not safe. Kaya and CZ continue their search. CZ wonders how many zombies are in there, and Kaya says, too many. Doc tends to a victim. He dies, and Doc takes out a biscuit, putting it in his mouth. The guy says the zombie bastards destroyed his library. Doc puts what he’s saying together and realizes the zombies are suicide bombers. He asks how they got in, and the guy says, talkers. Doc asks if he’s sure.

George hears someone yelling. CZ and Kaya pike more zombies. CZ says, they could be anywhere, and Kaya tells him, think strategically. CZ says, like nana. He tries to get in the nana zone. Kaya thinks she’s found a closet; she likes to hide her tobacco stash there. Nana looks through the keyhole.

A zombie with a bomb attached comes through the library. Doc says, a zombie bomb; and follows it. Outside, it’s a mess. Zombies are now feeding. George and Roberta try to nail as many as possible. Kara calls for George. She’s lying on the ground, and can’t move; it’s her spine. She tells George that she’s scared. George says she’ll be okay, but she fades and starts fighting George, who looks for a biscuit. She tells Roberta that Kara is starting to turn, and Roberta asks what she wants to do. George suggests letting nature take its course, but Roberta says, look at them. George looks around at the victims having seizures, and some who can’t move. George says, it’s no kind of life for anyone. She tells Roberta that she’ll do it. They’re so wounded, they can’t function as talkers. George tells Kara to look at her. She puts her forehead against Kara’s, and gives her mercy. George cries, and picks up a book.

Doc follows the bomber zombie with a hammer. If he shoots it, it might blow up, but if he pikes it, it might set off the trigger. George walks through the library. Papers and books are scattered everywhere. She says, they killed all the books, and holds one to her chest. She says, people are dead. People who were just living their lives. It was supposed to be a safe place, and now everyone is scattered. They can’t trust the talkers anymore. Roberta says, that’s not true, and George says, that’s what people believe. Roberta tells her that they can’t stop fighting for what they believe in. Roberta gives her another book, and sees, divided we turn, on a poster. George asks what they do now, and Roberta says save what they can, and find out who did this. Get her damn country back. Roberta asks if George still has friends out there. George says, maybe. Roberta suggests they find them. We see, united we live.

Kaya and CZ continue their search. CZ finds a candy wrapper on the floor. CZ says, gorilla grape flavor. His boy’s been this way. They quietly call for JZ. The door to the closet is blocked by a board, and they move it aside.

Doc confronts the zombie bomber. He pushes it into a room, and covers his head, but the zombie keeps going. Doc follows, saying, come here, you damn z-bomb. CZ and Kaya are at the other end of the hall. Doc tells CZ not to shoot; it’s going to blow. He says, here, zombie, but then tells CZ to call him back. Doc pushes a door open, and says, here, zombie, again. It toddles to Doc, who pushes it into the room, and runs. The zombie blows up, blowing Doc down the hallway. Doc says don’t worry about him; he’s good, but could use a light, putting what I assume is a joint in his mouth. They find nana and JX in the closet.

10K walks. He sees a sign saying, Altura border: turn back – zombies.  He aims at it, but misses. He keeps walking, obviously frustrated. He sees another sign, and as he looks through the scope, sees a zombie with an alligator mask perched on its head. Two guys with prods follow the zombie, poking at it. He follows them to a garage.

Outside again, the damage is surveyed, and Doc says, goddam apocalypse. A woman is flipping around on the ground, while someone holds her down. Kara tells a little girl that she’ll take care of her, and takes her away. A woman suggests they mercy her before she bites them all. Agitator guy from last week smashes her head with a rock. Someone says they have no biscuits. Agitator says if they’d quarantined the talkers, none of this would have happened. It’s a talker uprising. Henry says they don’t see any talkers among the bombers. Agitator asks where he’s been, and Henry says he’s been busy dying. He shows them the bite. Agitator asks what about the talkers; they fled and plotted together. Henry says zombies attacked, not talkers. Agitator wonders who sent them, and bets Dante knows. George says he might be dead. She knows they think the dream is over, and they can’t live together, but she’s not giving up on Newmerica. Not yet. Agitator says she’ll get them killed; the talkers aren’t human. The woman says she doesn’t feel safe. Henry says they’re scared, and should be. Roberta says they’ve got to find Dante, and find out who’s doing this.

Trucks from Altura drive in, and the people get excited. CZ says they must have heard Kaya’s SOS. George says, they’re here to take people away. Doc says, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? They’re here to help people. Roberta says, no. Not all the people.

10K looks under the garage door, and slips in quietly. He goes down a hall, and listens at a padlocked door. He’s about to try and get in, when someone comes, and he hides inside a truck. I swear the license plate said talker. Another guy comes by, and he goes underneath.

People get in the trucks. The guard says, no wounded. Humans only. Agitator is bleeding, and the guard repeats, humans only. Agitator says he’s not a talker, and the guard shoots him. He says Agitator is still talking. He stays. Someone says they have no biscuits, and the guard says, and they’re going to turn? That’s exactly why they can’t come. A lady brings some books, and the guard knocks them out of her hands. Henry tells her to go; the books will be there when she comes back. The guard says if any living humans want to seek refuge, they’re leaving in five minutes. George says they have an archives, but he says they’re not there to save books, only humans. They need to go before dark; they can’t keep them safe after that. Roberta asks for an hour to save what they can. He says, thirty minutes. CZ tells Roberta that nana is taking CZ to Altura, and they’re staying. Roberta thinks they should go too. The first attacks happened there. They need to know who’s behind it.

George approaches Agitator, who’s sitting under a tree, and helps him to his feet. The guard asks if there are any more humans who want to leave. No?  He tells them to suit themselves. The truck leaves.

10K slinks around the trucks. A guy says, let’s get this over with, and closes the truck with 10K inside. He tries the door, but it’s locked. He’s like, damn. The truck drives to a boxcar, and connects to it. The doors both open, and a ball of zombies rolls forward into the truck. Wtf? I do not want this episode to end.

Somebody spray paints the red talker symbol on a tree.

The truck moves forward with the ball of zombies in it. 10K is hanging from the ceiling, hooked on with his hand device. I guess it’s pretty handy. Sorry. Had to.

Books are gathered in Pacifica. George says, so much destruction. Now everyone is scattered. Doc says they’re stronger together, and George tells him she used to say that. She had an idea; a hope. Maybe it’s not enough. Roberta says, sometimes it’s all we got. She looks at Doc, and says, sometimes hope is all you need. Doc tells George he thinks she was nicknamed George for a reason. Sometimes a great idea is worth more than you think. He gives her a copy of the Constitution to keep her going, George says she’s ready to go home, and Roberta hands George her bag.

The truck stops. Two guys get out and open it, unleashing the zombie ball. It tumbles out, and rolls down the road. They get back in the cab. 10K jumps down, but has to leave his device still hooked to the ceiling, and himself with just a stump. He watches as the truck drives away, then walks in the same direction.

At the library, Henry is putting things back together; the books and the tree. He directs a group on where to archive things. He says they all go green eventually. A man brings Henry a folder, and Henry says to give them black leaves. At least now, they won’t be forgotten. He writes everything in a ledger.

Doc, George, and Roberta walk through the woods. George says it would be nice if Dante left her a message. Roberta says, maybe he did. Doc calls them over to a tree with the symbol, and says they’re on the right track. George tells them, it says safe passage for the talkers. They’d better get there first.

We see someone walking through the woods, but don’t see their face. One hand is holding a can of spray paint; the other, holding a spiked bat. We look into the sun.

Next time, Murphy has a casino – the hottest club; everyone is dying to get in – and Murphy says, friends don’t have friends for lunch.

💍 Regarding 90 Day Fiancé, some of the new couples are kind of sweet, and one couple already has a baby, so that’s different, but I do have to pose one question. How delusional can some people really be? Colt is thirty-three, and lives with his mother and his cats, in Las Vegas. And not the fun part of Vegas. Does he really think Brazilian bombshell Larissa is genuinely interested? She’s been pouting and complaining from the jump, starting with him not buying her a same-day ticket when she got her visa. She’s also not saying I love you back when he says it. Um…


👂 Quotes of the Week

The apocalypse means never having to say you’re sorry. – Murphy (Keith Allan), Z Nation

I’m an alcoholic now, and I came here because the program says I have to make almonds. – Robbie (Noah Mills) 2 Broke Girls

Live people ignore the strange and unusual. I myself am strange and unusual. – Lydia (Winona Ryder), Beetlejuice

I’m generally free Mondays through Fridays, and my weekends are wide open. – Han (Matthew Moy), 2 Broke Girls

Why worry about your height when you have so many other inadequacies. – Evie/Bubbles (Joan Collins), American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Once you face your fears, everything is a party. – Gina, The Real Housewives of Orange County

☀ May Your Weekend Be…


⛅ And Not So Much…



October 27, 2018 – The Talkers Walk & a Few Movies For Your Halloween Playlist


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Z Nation

The names of those lost are read by Estes. He says the strength of the human soul will carry them through, and if they are the last generation of humans, they won’t be lost to the universe. The future of humanity is at stake. He stands in front of a memorial made of bricks containing the DNA of the dead. Red gives Sun the slide containing Lilly’s DNA.

George tells Roberta that Dante would have gone to Pacifica. They know him there, and anyone would help him. Citizen Z says he’s considered a hero. Roberta thinks as long as he’s on the run, the guiltier he seems, and there are vigilantes out to get him. CZ can’t wait to get to Pacifica. It contains the largest collection of books. Roberta asks what the population is, and George says, sixty-five adults, and six kids. It’s not perfect, but they’re trying to make it work. Everyone is equal there. Doc says, who’s have thought the apocalypse would be the great equalizer.

They see some people running. George thinks she knows them. She says they’re talkers; running from something or someone. Roberta and George follow a path, and Roberta notes that it’s seen a lot of traffic. They find a dead talker. George says someone ate his brains, and Roberta asks if that’s unusual. George says around there it is. Some guys with guns come out of the woods, and George recognizes their leader as Henry. He’s glad to see her; they didn’t know if she was alive. They saw the attack on CZ’s live cam. George says he’s there, and introduces Roberta, saying Roberta saved her in black summer. She tells Roberta that Henry was her professor. Henry thanks Roberta for saving George. In a way, she saved all of them. He tells George that they’ve doubled their patrol since the attack, and there are rumors of other outposts being attacked. He asks if she thinks Dante is involved. She says, no, and thinks it’s insane that he’s suspect. Roberta says she heard about talkers plotting against humans, but Henry says, that’s ridiculous. They’re human too. They live peace harmony. It’s not always easy, but they make it work. At least they did until last week.

Dante watches Pacifica through binoculars. He sees a caravan of cars going in, and says, let’s move.

Doc is impressed with the outpost. It’s what he thought a college would look like. George explains that they took the south end of campus, the library, and dining hall, and made them zombie proof. They have a chef, Amy, who’s a talker. CZ says she can’t eat anything she cooks. It’s like Beethoven being deaf. George says she has an opening for a taster, and thinks Doc would be perfect. He asks where he signs up.

The dining hall is empty, and George says it’s usually packed. She asks where everyone is, and the talker busboy shrugs. There are unfinished meals on the tables, and Henry says it looks like dinner was interrupted. They decide to go to the library. CZ says it’s what drew him and Kaya there. They have the largest collection of books under human control. George says they want send expeditions out to rescue books from the great libraries. Doc says Stephen King seems tame after eight years of the apocalypse.

George shows the a mural of the Pacifica family tree. It displays all the residents of Pacifica and the ancestors they can remember. There are so few survivors, they wanted to memorialize them. The yellow leaves represent humans; the green leaves, talkers; the brown leaves are those who died before the apocalypse; and the black leaves are for those who turned zombie. Doc says, it gets to you; seeing it laid out like that. Kaya’s nana is on a ladder painting, and CZ introduces her. He wants Roberta and Doc to meet his family, and Henry tells them he’s going to see where everyone is. Doc tells nana that he has something for her pipe for later.

They go to the nursery. CZ hugs his son. Kaya says he’s alive, and runs to him. He introduces Roberta and Doc, and they hug. CZ then introduces JZ, and Roberta asks who his little friend is. Kaya says she’s Ann Marie, and George says she’s a talker. Henry runs in, and tells them there’s a town hall meeting with no talkers allowed. It’s madness.

At the meeting, a guy named Danny says, Pacifica is all of them. It’s the point of the place. Another guy asks what he’s talking about. That’s utopia. This is real life. Danny says they’re not strangers or freaks His aunt is out there, and she feeds all of them. A woman named Beth is sick of the PCness, and acting like the talkers aren’t a threat to their survival. Danny says it’s their duty. Outside in the hall, Amy tells George they’ve been locked out, and the meeting is humans only. Danny is trying to convince them otherwise, but it’s scary. Why shut them out? George says she’ll sort it out, and goes in.

Mike lies on Sun’s examining table, looking pretty beat up, and she pokes at his. She asks if he feels something, and he says it feels like his right foot is there. He asks Sun to mercy him. He can’t live without his wife and kids. Sun says she can’t. She needs to know what keeps him talking. We see that Mike has no bottom half to his body. Red comes in, and tells him she’s sorry about him and his family. Sun tries to give him a biscuit, but he slaps it away. He doesn’t want anything to make it last longer. When he leaves, Sun tells Red that his family was killed in the blast, and it left him like that. It’s worse than being a zombie. The zombies don’t know they’re zombies.

10K comes to the lab, and Sun asks how he is. He wants to get out of there, but Red says he still needs to recover, and Sun is concerned about infection. 10K is worried that the longer they stay, the harder it will be to get out. Sun checks the cauterization on his arm, and says it’s healing beautifully. 10K says, it’s not. Sun tells him that Red went back and found his hand. He tells her to sew it back on, but she says, it doesn’t work like that. He can learn to live without it, and there are prosthetic options. Estes walks in, and asks if Sun has everything she needs to complete her research. It’s more important now than ever. He’s sorry about 10K’s hand, and tells him robotics can help. He has a meeting with the outpost leaders, and they’ll see where they go from here.

At the town meeting, Beth says she didn’t come this far to be eaten alive so they can feel better about themselves. George and Roberta walk in, and George asks if she can talk, and says, this isn’t like us. Roberta says, or it’s just like us. Danny says they’re discussing putting the talkers in quarantine. The other guy says, just until they know what’s going on, and Doc says, that’s a slippery slope. Beth says they have no right to put her family at risk. The talkers are dangerous. George says no one wants to put her family at risk, but Beth doesn’t want to hear that everything is going to be okay. She’s not sitting around waiting for something to happen. She storms out, and purposely bangs into Amy in the hall.

Simon (CZ) plays Simon Says with the kids. Beth stomps in, grabbing her child, saying she’s not playing with talkers. CZ says they’re just kids, and Beth says they can kill her child. Kaya says she’s hurting their feelings. They’re still children. Beth says they don’t get it.

Nameless instigator dude says, cut the bullsh*t. The talkers aren’t human. Doc thinks they’re not showing humanity themselves. George says, as long as they have biscuits, they’re fine. A woman says, what if they don’t have them? The delivery didn’t come. Dude says that’s why they need a quarantine. If George is so hell-bent on protecting them, they’ll all be safe. Henry says they’re talking about putting their families and friends into a camp. They’re not Nazis. The woman says there are more zombies than ever. What does he think is attracting them? They’re going feral. Amy comes in with the group from the hall, and asks who she’s calling feral? Danny tells her not to take it personally. Some of the humans start to chant, quarantine. A guy says no one is separating him from his wife, and a fistfight starts.

Roberta shoots into the air, and says now that she has their attention, sit down. She’s new around there, and please forgive her if she oversteps, but they say they want to form a new country. What kind would it be? The idea of quarantine comes from a place of fear. Vigilantes are spreading hate that comes from the same fear. They just came from finding a talker left to rot alive. The woman says they’re right to be afraid. Roberta says the zombie virus isn’t the only virus they need to be worried about. Acts of hate rooted in fear are a virus too, and will eat their brains faster than any talker. How can they dehumanize their neighbors, friends, and families? How can they see them as a threat? Is that a country they want to live in? It’s not one she’s willing to die for. George thanks her. She wants everyone to take a moment and look around the room, remembering who they are to each other. Each of them are there today because of the others. They’ve saved one another’s lives multiple times. They’re only alive because of each other. The talkers are their families and friends. Dude says, not anymore; they’re dead. George says, they are, but their soul is still in there. Who knew death would be on a sliding scale, but it’s the world they live in.

The woman says the talkers want to eat their brains. Amy says, not everyone’s; just hers. Ha-ha! George says as long as they get biscuits, they’re no more dangerous than humans. Probably less, considering this bunch. She knows they’re shaken by the attack at Altura, and they can’t rule out talkers being involved.  Dude ask if that’s why they’re looking for Dante, but George says he’d never be a part of it. Dude says he doesn’t know that, and neither does she. If not for him, none of them would be alive. Dude says they can’t trust the talkers, Dante included. Roberta says they have a chance at building a new world. Don’t build it on fear. George still has hope, and knows they do too. One day, the long dark howl of despair will be over. There will be an after someday, and when it comes, she wants to be able to live with herself. Roberta asks what George wants them to do, and George says, go home, rest, and remember what their dream is. One day, they’ll all be talkers. She hopes it’s different tomorrow. If Dante is on the run, it’s for a reason. Dude says, maybe he’s guilty. George says, if so, she’ll bring him to justice.

Roberta tells George that she and Doc will be on watch. Doc says, it wasn’t so pacifico tonight, but George says, they’re good people; they’re just scared. Roberta says they’re not taking chances. She walks George to her room, and Roberta wonders where George sleeps. George explains that she can’t sleep on bed anymore, and has a mat on the floor. Roberta says George did a great job calming the people. She see why they trust her. George says she did her best, and it all went to sh*t. Maybe it’s time for someone else to try. Roberta says, there is no one else, and George says she can’t be who they want her to be. Roberta says she can. There’s no one like them. They don’t get the chance to have doubts, because doubts make them hesitate, and when they hesitate, people die. She backs George 100%, but she has to ask. Does any part of her suspect Dante? George says he’s like a brother. It would be like Doc betraying Roberta. Roberta says there are few things she’s learned to depend on in the apocalypse, but Steven Beck is one of them. She asks George if she knew that was his real name, but George is already asleep.

We don’t see a face, but a guy puts a gun in his waistband.

Doc snores, as Roberta watches. The guy with the gun closes his door behind him, and Doc wakes up. Roberta motions for him to be quiet, and they go in opposite directions down the hallway. Some people are sneaking around, and Doc follows them. He gets to a door that leads outside, and he finds Roberta there. An alarm goes off. Everyone runs outside. George asks what’s going on, and Henry says, the talkers are all gone. She says, everyone? and Roberta says, everyone.

Doc, Roberta, and George arm themselves. George says they probably haven’t gotten far. Henry feels terrible; they’re probably scared. Doc says he blame them. George suggests they move quickly so they can catch up. Instigator dude says they should leave them go. They don’t belong there. Roberta says vigilantes are crucifying them. He says she doesn’t get it, and she says she does, more than he knows. CZ joins them with Kaya, saying she has intel for them. Kaya tells them the chef told her that they were headed into the woods, and they’re supposed to look for a symbol, a radiating sun. Kaya gives Roberta a paper with the symbol drawn on it, saying the chef left it behind. She told Kaya to thank Roberta for everything, and said don’t follow them. George thinks they’re safer in Pacifica than out there, but Kaya isn’t so sure. Roberta says it looks like someone is helping them, and there’s a talker underground.

Red wraps 10K’s wound. She says Sun is working on an interim solution. He asks how long it will take, but she tells him it’s hard to say with lockdown. He just wants something to pull a trigger with. Just asking, but if he’s so gung-ho about using a gun again, why isn’t he practicing shooting with his other hand?

In the woods, Roberta and company see some trucks go by. Henry says maybe it’s a delivery, but George says they’re not biscuit trucks. She finds a piece of Amy’s scarf. Some armed men come out of the woods and their leader asks if there are any talkers with them. George says she works with Estes, and he says he knows who she is. They’re looking for her pal, Dante, and he asks if she’s seen him. She says, not since the blast. Doc asks what they’re going to do with him, and the leader says, put him on trial. George asks, what court? Who are the judges? That’s what the vote was for. He says they formed a provisional court, and Estes is the judge. They’ll give Dante fair trial – then mercy him. If she helps Dante evade them in any way, she’ll be arrested too, for accessory to murder. Roberta doesn’t see where it’s a crime to help talkers, and he says, it’s the law, and he intends to enforce it. George says, there was no vote, but he says either report any contact immediately, or be subject to arrest. He tells his men, move out, and Roberta says they need find Dante before those guys do.

Sun puts blood on a slide and looks at it. She puts it in a case that says Alvin Murphy, and takes it to the memorial wall, sliding it into one of the bricks. Estes sees her, and asks why she’s not in the lab. She says she needed time to think. The last three tests were a failure, and the side effects were horrible. Estes wants her work to continue without interruption. She’s close to the protein that drives the behavior of the talkers. If they find it, they might be able to figure out what the black rain did to restore consciousness to the dead. Sun says they’re killing them in the process, but Estes says if they do nothing, the talkers will die anyway. Sun needs more time, and he says they don’t have it. If they don’t find a solution soon, they’ll have no choice but to treat talkers as zombies. They’ve seen what happens when they’re starving. He tells her that she has 48 hours.

Roberta asks Henry how long he’s known George. She’s known George since black summer. Henry says he’s known her longer than that. She was one of his students. There was something about her even then. Others got killed, but she she kept surviving, and took them with her. Doc says George seems nice, but he knows badass when he sees it. She could probably mercy a horde with her eyes closed. Roberta asks if there’s any chance that Dante is helping the talkers disappear, and George says, if he is, it’s for good reason. He’s saved too many humans to start killing them now. Doc finds the symbol painted on a tree, and calls the others over. George says they’re on the right trail, and Roberta says the paint is still wet. She tells Doc there’s something familiar about it that she can’t place.

George finds some supplies under a tarp, and says it could be a drop. They see a backpack, and she tells them it’s Dante’s. They hear a sound that Doc describes as a giant bug zapper. We see a zombie being poked with an electrified prod. George says, puppies and kittens, and Roberta says, a whole damn litter. A group of zombies moves toward them at a pretty fast clip.

Red tells 10K that he should get some food, but he says he’s not hungry. She says there’s a movie in the dining hall on a real They should go; it will take his mind off things. She says the movie is The Fugitive, and I literally LOL. I also wonder how many people will get the joke. The fugitive’s nemesis is the one-armed man. 10K says he knows what Red did, she did to save his life. Red says she’s not sorry, and she’d do it again. 10K says he’s done the same things. It’s not her. She’s the only thing keeping him going. If he can’t shoot, who is he? She says he’s ten thousand. He’s a good shot because of his mind and eyes, not because of his hand. He’ll have to learn again, and it’s all in there. She touches his head, and he says he needs to think.

Kaya tells CZ that George is sure Dante is innocent. CZ says it would be out of character. He’d lay down his life for them. Kaya asks why would anyone think did it? and CZ says, he was there before the blast, and no one has seen him since. He got it all on tape. Kaya asks where the tape is, and he says he handed it over to Estes for analyzation. She wants to see it, but he says he won’t get it back until after the investigation. Kaya says it’s uploaded to a server. CZ says she has that look in her eye again, and suggests the get started.

Doc asks when the cavalry is coming, and George says they are the cavalry. That’s what he was afraid of. These zombies are quick, and one takes Henry right off of a cliff. George goes after him, and Roberta wonders where they’re all coming from. Henry is up and running, a zombie close on his heels. George pikes it in the head, but another takes its place and knocks Henry down. George tackles the zombie, pummeling its face into oblivion. Doc says, damn. Have mercy.  George asks if Henry is okay. He thinks so, and wonders how many times she’s saved his life. She says she likes him as a human. Roberta notices the sweatshirt one of the zombies is wearing, and says this many zombies from Kalamazoo Water Park isn’t random. They hear an explosion. Kaya is on the radio saying, Pacifica…mayday… but she’s breaking up. Roberta takes the radio and asks if Kaya can hear her. Kaya says, Roberta… Pacifica…. mayday… Roberta help us. They hear another explosion, and Kaya says, attack… don’t know why… Roberta tells her, hang on; she’s coming. Henry says he’ll catch up. When the others are out of sight, he rolls up his sleeve, revealing a bite.

Sun goes into the lab, and sees Red is there. Red tells Sun that she borrowed some of her gear. There must be some way to make a trigger finger for 10K. Sun says, how about this? and shows Red a torch.

On the outskirts of Pacifica, there are dead bodies all over the place. Roberta tells the group to keep their eyes open. They could be anywhere. There’s another explosion. Roberta says not to rush in and get killed. It won’t do anyone any good. Beth is lying on the ground, bloody, and calls to George. She says, the dead; so many. Her baby; so many. They hear another blast, and Beth asks for mercy. Roberta aims her gun, but George stops her. She closes Beth’s eyes and mercies her.

Dante stands on a hill looking down at the outpost. He says, they have no idea what’s coming. Time to move. Humans don’t like being killed. We see a group with him, and Amy is among them.

Things fall around CZ at the library, as he calls for Kaya. He hears screaming. Outside, people are running, and it’s chaos.

The text says, to be continued…

Next time, Zombies + bombs = bombies, and Doc says he’s good.

👻 Beyond the Sanderson Sisters…

🎃 This Halloween, if you need a break from twenty-four hours of Hocus Pocus, and are looking for something less conventional, I have a few suggestions. The Cabin in the Woods never gets old for me, but my traditional Halloween go-to has always been The Midnight Hour. A TV movie from 1985, it was hard to find on DVD up until recently. The words TV movie alone might be off-putting, but I love this bittersweet Halloween tale. Some high school kids (who look to be about thirty-years-old) steal some costumes from a museum for their Halloween party, and cast a spell, inadvertently raising the dead. It boasts an eclectic cast, including a pre-Trek LeVar Burton, Shari Belafonte-Harper, Dick Van Patten, and Kevin McCarthy from the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It’s just not Halloween to me without it. You can watch the whole thing here:


Another gem of a forgotten film is Ravenous, a story about soldier cannibals during the Mexican American War. Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle star, and it doesn’t get much better. Well-written, wickedly funny, and gory as hell, it also features the most heart-pounding fall down a hill I have ever seen. You can find it on YouTube for a small fee, and you can read about it here:


If musicals suit your Halloween mood, both Shock Treatment and Phantom of the Paradise are definite contenders. While not exactly scary (well, it depends on what you’re afraid of), they fit the spirit of the holiday. The former was released as a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although I’m not sure why, since the only similarity is the film’s two lead characters are named Brad and Janet (Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper, who has a voice like honey). Also written by Richard O’Brien, it features much of the same cast, but is more of an homage to the evils of reality TV and the average person’s desire for fame. It bombed at the box office, but IMO is better than RHPS in some ways. You can also find it on YouTube, and get an interesting take on it here:


Phantom of the Paradise is somewhat Rocky Horror-esque, but was written by Paul Williams. Before you laugh, know that this is no Carpenters song. With a plotline that borrows heavily from Phantom of the Opera, it’s also a story about how far one will go to achieve fame. It will cost you a couple of bucks to watch the whole thing, but you can see the trailer for free here:


🔁 Clockwise From the Top…

The Cabin in the Woods, Phantom of the Paradise, The Midnight Hour, Ravenous, and Shock Treatment