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October 15, 2017 – The Sun Sets on the Shahs & Fear the Super Long Finale


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Two finales tonight.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza is meeting with event planner Kevin Lee, but GG gets there first. She shows Kevin her ring. In her interview, she explains how things happened fast with Shalom, even though they’d lived in the sane building for years. She says it’s not a normal relationship, but she’s not normal. Reza walks in saying Kevin’s signature phrase, chi, chi, chi! He shows Reza the décor for the Persian Winter Ball. I love this stuff – white branches and tiny white lights, candles, subtle sparkles of snow, and beautiful flowers in whites and greens. GG tells him that she talked to Jessica, who said she reached out to his mom, but Sue totally shut it down. Reza says her intentions are to protect her son, but Mike needs to say it’s his road and he’s the one traveling it. GG asks who’s going to let her know. Reza says she is. She says she’s Mike’s momma, but Reza says there’s a mitzva in her path, and she has to embrace it. Talk to her as one Persian woman to another.

Vida whines in the back seat of the car as Tommy drives. MJ is bringing Christmas to her father in matching PJs with Tommy. She calls Vida an effing bitch. She hasn’t seen Shams in over a month. Tommy is like goddammit! It’s Christmas; shut up!

Tommy sets up a tree in Shams’s room. MJ even brought dogs Ziggy and Toya in little Santa suits. Vida acts like a different person – a nice, normal person, giving Shams accolades for talking and eating. MJ says after her parents got married, he wasn’t the romantic guy Vida thought he was, and she didn’t stick around to make it work. They take a family photo. MJ tells us that Vida thinks since it didn’t work for her, it’s not going to work for MJ either.

Eez Not Right is Reza’s play, and he’s excited to see it on the theater marquee. He and MJ have been practicing for a few weeks. MJ arrives, and says she’s going to knock his socks off. She tells us that she took acting in high school. Monica Lewinsky and Eric Menendez were in her class. A guy in one of my acting classes, who was also a scene partner of mine, made headlines too, but sadly, it was because he was murdered by Jack Henry Abbott. MJ says that Eric was good at tennis. She suggests they rehearse, and stumbles over her lines. Reza says he should have gotten GG, but they laugh their asses off.

Tonight is just for friends and family, but if Reza gets the reaction he’s hoping for, he’s taking it on the road. Asa is on bedrest, and he’s disappointed she can’t be there. His method to not laugh on stage is thinking of nasty things, that no one needs to see here. Reza starts laughing the second he sees MJ on stage, so it didn’t work anyway. The play is basically about two grandmothers discussing the upcoming marriage of their grandsons, one of them feeling that it’s an outrage. We come to find out that the grandmother isn’t upset because it’s a gay marriage, but that one is a Muslim and one is a Jew. In his interview, Mike says that in the melting pot we call America, Iranians are now intermixing, and parents don’t understand. They want their children to “stick to their own kind,” and he’s a perfect example. We flash back to Sue discouraging him marrying Jessica. The play is well received. Reza says that he’s spent his journey wondering where fits in religiously, but now feels like it’s a closed chapter. He’s hoping the play might do some good, and people will learn. I’d totally pay to see it.

At Reza’s condo, the cats go nuts. Adam says they need a house. Reza says they’re getting one. He says that it’s obvious Adam doesn’t want to foster or adopt, and it looks like they’re going the surrogacy route, which requires a lot of coin. Reza is cashing out on his vacation house for a new house and beginning the baby process. Adam talks about having a chicken coop, but Reza makes fun of it, saying chicken are stupid. When he compares Adam to a chicken, Adam has enough. He says Reza talks down to him, and shuts him down. In his interview, Reza doesn’t like being dismissed when he’s been doing a lot of compromising. He thinks they need the Torah right now.

Reza visits Asa. Her place is filled with all kinds of cool baby stuff. She tells him that she can’t eat much. She’s been trying to do some work, but has no energy. She feels like she’s neglecting everything else that needs her. Reza asks if she feels a disconnect from everyone, but she says it’s more of a connect with herself. She was hurt for a while. She felt attacked and ganged up on, and who needs it when they’re pregnant? They’ve been in the same mindset for six years, and Asa has grown out of it. She needs to do her, and if she sees them, she sees him. She wants love and support right now, and after that, she’ll see.

The set up for the winter ball beings. Kevin calls it magic and fabulous, and it is. In addition to the aforementioned decorations, there are also big illuminated snowflakes everywhere. Reza goes to a kiki at MJ’s, whose condo looks amazing now. My mouth fell open. It’s like Martha Stewart was there. After the blow out with Tommy, MJ got a dose of reality that she needed to deal with. Once they put the pieces back together, she felt strong, and needed to execute the things she let fall by the wayside.

Reza asks Adam what’s wrong. He says Reza has been disrespectful and dismissive, and it makes him question the relationship. He says Reza goes for divorce card immediately in an argument. For him to throw that out makes Adam feel disposable. We flash back to before they were married, when Reza was hesitant. In his interview, Adam says he never wants to feel that way again; the way he felt when Reza called off the wedding. Reza says he doesn’t speak up a lot in the relationship, and the first time he does, Adam is dismissive.

Mike walks in, and tells Adam he can cry later. Everyone is astounded at the way the place looks. MJ wants Adam and Reza to finish the conversation. Adam says it’s stupid, and didn’t want to have it in the first place. He just wants to move on.

Mike says it’s not just a ball; it’s a Persian ball. Everyone is in tuxes and furs (most of them fake), and there’s a buffet like no other. Tommy says the food is ridiculous. I love to hear these guys talk about the food. I’ve never had Persian food, but I’m dying to, especially when I watch this show. GG shows off her ring. Reza says don’t run around the party, flashing or stabbing people with ring. At a Persian party, they’ll come to you.

Fake snow falls MJ inhales some. Mike’s mom arrives, and he gives her a wrist corsage. Like it’s the prom. Reza tells GG she’s the conduit. GG says it’s hard enough to talk to someone’s mom, but talking to a Persian mom? You don’t do that. She wants Mike to be happy, and goes for the tequila.

MJ suggests the moms go out together, so they can talk about how the kids never listen. GG takes Mike’s mom aside, and tells her that he still loves Jessica. She knows he’s hurt, and feels for him. GG brings up the email Jessica sent Sue. She thought it was sweet of her to apologize. Mike interrupts, and asks what they’re talking about. GG says she was telling his mom something, and he says it better not be what he thinks. GG says she’s not saying anything wrong. Mike steps away, and GG says maybe Sue could give Jessica another chance. We all make mistakes. Sue agrees, but says she was like a mother to Jessica, and if you leave, nothing can be fixed. She says sometimes you make a mistake that can’t be reversed.  They go to the buffet.

Mike asks GG what she was talking to his mother about. She says they’ve known each other forever, and he her not to get involved in something that’s not her business. She’s already caused enough problems in his life. We flash back to GG accusing him of hitting on her in Turkey. GG tells him that she only told Sue that his heart seemed to be with Jessica. Mike says his mother is there for a good time, not to talk about things that have nothing to do with her. GG is upsetting her. GG says talk to Reza. He’s the one who said she had to speak up, because Mike is scared to. Mike says it’s not her effing business. It’s his effing life and he’ll handle it.

Reza tells Mike that Jessica sent his mom and email. She was super apologetic, and super loving, wanting to get back together. He says if Mike doesn’t try one more time, thirty years from now, he’ll wonder what might have happened if he had. In his interview, Reza says he can’t believe how an almost 40-year-old, muscly Persian has his mom pulling the strings. You can’t live to make others happy; the outcome is always a disaster. Mike tells Sue that if she sees something he doesn’t, she should say something; he values her opinion. But at the end of the day, his decisions are his, and he’s a grown man. It’s his choice if he and Jessica get back together.

MJ asks Adam what’s going on. Adam says he and Reza had an argument, and Reza’s initial reaction was to leave. It reminds him of Thailand. It’s hurtful, and makes him want to reevaluate being married. MJ tells him that he doesn’t want to start the new year without a clean slate. Reza joins them. MJ says Adam told her about Reza using divorce as a threat. Adam says it makes him wonder if he married the wrong person, and his emotional mindset goes back to when Reza backed out at the last minute. Then he pulls back. Reza apologizes, saying it wasn’t his intention. He said it in the heat of the moment. He loves Adam, and he’s sorry.

In his interview, Reza tells us this stage of adulthood is hard. Growing up doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. He’s not the same, but better. Not just him, everyone is in the same spot. Asa got off the path to have a kid, but the rest keep growing, keep loving, and keep laughing. It’s who they are, regardless of how old they get. Reza announces that GG prepared something.

GG thanks everyone. She says it’s been an amazing year, and being selfish, her year was revolutionary. She went to Israel, realized how much she loves Shalom, and he put ring on it.

A month later. They get married, just the two of them, by a justice of the peace.

Two months later, they split.

Reza tells us, who says they saw that annulment coming? He did. I did too, but I think they’re back together again.

I’m going to miss these guys. I’m always sad when the season is over.

Fear the Walking Dead

Part One

We see a shopping cart filled with zombie heads, snapping at each other. Nick pushes the cart down the street, lopping off heads, and tossing them in. Okay, wth now? He takes them to the bartender at the Bizarre, who chops off their faces, and digs around for the brain stems. He says the longer the wait, the greater the risk of infection, but some people say it’s a high worth dying for. The Proctors will pay for as many fresh ones as he can bring. It helps them to fight longer, harder, and without sleep. Nick asks who they’re fighting, and the bartender doesn’t know, but thinks they’re gearing up for something big. Nick says he’ll keep harvesting as long as he keeps getting paid.

Troy watches people doing busywork.  Everyone looks like they’re having a decent time. Nick has a drink, and Troy leads him away. He says he’s been talking to the Proctors, and thinks they’re in trouble.

Madison looks out over the dam, and Victor asks what she sees. She tells him a murky mud pit, and he tells her to see past that to corn, melons, beans, irrigation, agriculture, and cattle. Isn’t the country what she wanted? She says she wanted a future for her kids, and maybe grandkids to spoil. Christmas surrounded by babies, and roasting a turkey. He figured she was more the sandwich type, but she says she used to make iced angel cookies with the kids. She’d thought they could have that life at the ranch. Victor says she can have that there. He says they can build paradise, and her kids can come home to it. He tells her to picture it, but she doesn’t know about that. He tells her that she needs some liquid imagination. What you call scotch.

Diana tries to talk Alicia into selling her hair again, telling her that she’s sitting on a goldmine. They good-naturedly banter back and forth, and suddenly, the car is T-boned by another car. Diana tells Alicia to get out, and a bunch of guys jump out of the other car. Diana fights with them, an Alicia slashes at them with her knife. One guy tries to take their gun out of the car, but Alicia grabs him. While she’s dealing with that, Diana clocks another with her pickax, but gets hurt. Alicia gets the gun and starts shooting into the air. She tells them to get out now, and they run. She should kill one just to send a message. Alicia tells Diana not to look, and makes a tourniquet for her wound.

Walker visits Daniel, and gives him Ofelia’s rosary. Daniel says the questions keep turning; why her? Walker says he wonders if he had been there, if he could have stopped it. He doesn’t know the answers though, because he wasn’t there.

Madison bogarts the scotch bottle. Victor says he can’t blame the kids for striking out on their own. Madison says they’re her kids, so she can. She wonders how long until The Odyssey, The Iliad, and The Bible are forgotten. Victor says they’ll write new stories. She tells him out with it; the scotch wasn’t just for her. He asks if she’s killed anyone. Has he met her? She says she’s had to, and he says he hasn’t. She says he’s lucky, but his day will come. He suspects she’s right, and she tells him it drives some people mad, and never gets you what you want, but it gets easier. Daniel approaches, and says her son is here.

Troy tells then that he found weapons and boats. The Proctors have no regard for human life, and will turn the water off, holding it hostage. Daniel says there are three entryways. They’ll post guards at each, and pick them off at the bridge. Efrain thinks they should blow up the dam. Release the river to the people. Daniel says whoever wants to leave, should go, but whoever stays has to help defend them. Victor thinks Madison and Nick should go. Troy says he’ll help, but Daniel questions his loyalty. Troy says he’s the one who gave them the information, and Madison vouches for him.

Outside, Madison tells Nick she hopes he’s using clean works. He says he’s not using; it’s something else. She says they need to get out before the Proctors show up. They’re worse than anything else they’ve seen. Madison says she’ll decide after he eats.

Walker is packing up his stuff. He tells Daniel that he’s going to look for some people who went north. He thinks Daniel is honorable, but he’s not willing to die for his cause. He says he and Crazy Dog will scout the road on their way out. Daniel tells him good walking, and they shake hands. Oh man, I hope they don’t kill Walker off.

Alicia brings Diana to a medic. He asks if she can assist, and she says she has no formal training, but was a hospital volunteer. The guy says degrees are worthless anyway. He lost his license in the 90s over a misunderstanding with a lady patient. Alicia advises him not to have a misunderstanding with Diana, who’s good with a pickax. He tells her he has another surgery to do, and could use an extra pair of hands. She seems like a quick study, and he just needs her to hand instruments to him and keep the patient occupied.

Nick looks in the refrigerator, and it looks like mine when it’s not a pay week. Victor tells him that he and Madison have to get out of there. He knows something that makes the narcos look like church ladies. He’s dealt with the Proctors before, and they intend to take all the land between there and the Gulf Coast. He’s supposed to help them get in, and part of the deal was to protect his family. He wants to cut a deal to protect his friends, as well as get himself set up. Nick asks if Madison knows, and Victor says she’ll tell Daniel. If Daniel finds out, He’ll kill him. He tells Nick to get Madison out.

Nick sees Daniel. Daniel tells him that Madison is wiring the dam with a friend, and he wants to ask him something. Was he with Ofelia when she got bitten. Nick explains that he wasn’t trapped in the bunker; he was outside. Daniel asks if he saw it coming, and Nick says not until it was too late. It came out of the wilderness. Troy saw it, and warned him. They thought they could redirect it, but it was already too close and too big. Nick says Ofelia was in the bunker with Alicia. Daniel gets up and padlocks the door. Wtf? He says Nick is lying.

Daniel says Nick knows his background. Nick says he interrogated people in the military. He asks if Daniel is going to torture him, and tells him it’s not what Ofelia would want. Daniel says she’s dead, Nick says she’d thought Daniel had changed, and Daniel says she thought wrong. His mother is wrong too. People don’t change; they walk in circles. He tells Nick to sit. I call Daniel a sh*tball.

Troy tells Madison that life is funny. They walk in circles, and here they all are together in Mexico. They plant explosives as they talk. He tells Madison that the trading post isn’t good for him – or Nick. He knows she’s worried, and had a right to be; they had quite a night, He never felt scared before, but he felt fear. Nick is his only friend; they’re like brothers. Madison thanks him for looking after Nick, and says keep doing that. Troy makes a derogatory comment about Mexicans, and she says not to talk like that; they’re guests. Troy says they were guests at his ranch. Now they’re a blended family. He says he got right with everything that happened, and asks if they’re good. She says they are.

Daniel asks why Nick is lying about Troy. Nick says he didn’t kill Ofelia, but Daniel believes that. What he doesn’t believe is that the horde materialized out of thin air. It needs a shepherd, someone to lead it. Daniel asks Nick to tell him; he doesn’t want to force him.

Doctor Eddie introduces Alicia to Proctor John as his new assistant. She wonders what happened to the old on. John asks who she is, and she says Alicia from Los Angeles. She asks if he’s the leader of this place, and he tells her, good guess. He explains that he’s a humble MC from SoCal, but has plans for expansion. The only thing stopping him is a growth on his spine; he’s becoming paralyzed. Eddie has been doing the best he can, but the pills are dulling his mind, and it’s time for surgery. Her only job is to assist, and if it’s successful, she has an amazing opportunity to come to Texas and beyond. She asks what if it isn’t, and he says if it fails, everyone in the room will be executed, starting with Eddie. This should give them incentive to do their best.

Daniel tells Nick that only three people could have done it – him, Jake or Troy. Nick takes a deep breath, and says Jake. Daniel says Troy, but Nick says no. He’s an SOB, a bigot, and a killer, but he loved the ranch, and wouldn’t have put it in jeopardy. Jake did it when he found out Nick killed his father. He couldn’t take it, and destroyed the ranch to save. It. Eventually, the horde he led killed him. Daniel tells Nick that his mother will be happy to see him, and gives him the key to the lock.

Alicia doesn’t think it’s safe, not putting John under, but Eddie says it’s her job to keep him still. She distracts John by asking him about the safest place he can remember. He talks to her about his aunt and uncle. Eddie cuts into his back, and Alicia asks questions. Eddie says he can see the tumor, and they talk about Santa Barbara. Even though he’s the one wide awake during surgery with barely a whimper, John call Alicia a tough kid. She says he has no idea. He finally screams.

Daniel looks at water coming out of a pipe, and says it should be pumping west, not dumping there. Victor is sure Lila has it under control.

Troy explains the detonator to Madison, and says they have to get out. Nick shows up, and tells them about Victor selling them out. He says if Daniel sees Troy, he’ll want to kill him. Madison asks why, and Troy says he led the horde to the ranch. She tells him it wasn’t right, but he says the Indians had it. She says they all had it, but he says not all, she exiled him. Madison says she let him live. After all they did to keep the peace, he took everything from her. Troy says what about what she took from him? He lost his father and his brother. She says he got them killed and had no right. He says he had every right; it was his home. He’d do it all again, and she would too. He says she understands, and suddenly, she whacks him with a hammer. He sinks to his knees, and she hits him again. He rolls down an incline, dead. Nick looks sick, and I gasp out loud. Nick is like, whoa. Madison takes the detonator and leaves.

After John recovers for a whole five minutes, Madison asks him if he can wiggle his toes. After a few tries, he sits up. He calls Eddie a bastard, but says he had faith in him the whole time. Eddie is a freakin’ miracle worker. He asks if Alicia is ready to hit the road. She asks if she has a choice, and he says not really, and holds out his hand.

At the dam, Lola says the water is running the wrong way. Victor tells her to step away, and holds a gun on her. Daniel says he knows who Victor is. He’s not his friend, but he’s a con man, not a killer. He tries to get Victor to give him the gun, but that’s a no, and they struggle. The gun goes off, and Daniel ends up getting shot in the chin. It’s not a fatal shot, but he’s down, and Lola runs to him. Victor keeps the gun on them.

The Proctors go through the tunnels. Nick and Madison see them coming, and run. The Proctors are all over the place in a couple of seconds. There’s a gunfight between them and the guards, with walk-on characters dropping like flies. Efrain gets shot through the window of the office. Victor tells Madison and Nick that they have to hide. He unlocks a door, and they go inside. He asks for the detonator, and says he’ll do everything in his power to prevent harm from coming to them. Madison gives him the device. He locks the door from the outside.

Part Two

Winter Wonderland plays while Madison rinses the potatoes in a pretty cabin. She sees a car coming, and goes out on the porch. She walks out to meet the car, and passes the graves of everyone on the ranch who has passed. She sees Nick with Luci and a baby. She looks down to Alicia’s grave. She wants to see the baby, but Luci won’t let her. She follows them back to their car. They get in and drive away.

Alicia and John take a boat to the dam. Alicia sees dead people floating in the water. They’re met by the rest of John’s men – and Victor. He tells John that someone knew they were coming, and it was beyond his control, but all is well. John doesn’t think so, since there are corpses in the drinking water. They were told to secure the dam. Victor says that’s what they’re doing. John says he’ll get a full accounting later. He wants the grand tour, and plan to be persuasive. Alicia quietly asks Victor about her mother, and he says she’s hidden. Nick came to warn them. She asks, now what? and he says to trust him; he can get them out.

Nick asks Madison if she’d kill him too. She tells him that’s insane, but he asks if she didn’t wish for that call when he was using. She says she never wished him dead; what kind of a mother would she be. He says honest maybe. She tells him that Troy needed to be put down; it’s the world they live in. Nick says they always lived in that world; it’s just that now it’s okay. She says one day he’ll have no choice, and Nick says not with her. Madison says she’s never hurt him. He asks hat if it was necessary, and she tells him to stop it. They hear shots being fired outside.

Lola tends to Daniel. He says the two of them will escape. He waits while she goes up the ladder to the dam.

Alicia admires John’s high pain threshold, and he asks how she knows Victor. She says he helped her family get out of LA. Her mother and Victor were friends, and she thought her mother might be there. John asks her mother’s name, and says she is there. She was one of Victor’s deal points; they were to spare her. He hopes she hasn’t been killed yet. Alicia asks if he’ll spare Madison if she’s alive. He says she was part of a larger negotiation that collapsed, but Alicia has served him well in a short time. Can she continue to do so, and can he trust her? She asks again if he’ll spare her mother, and he says he will if she’ll come on board his ship and sail for what’s left of Houston.

Nick and Madison hear someone coming in, and wait on either side of the door. Victor says he told them to leave, but they had to be stubborn. Alicia is there with Proctor John. Maybe he likes her enough to let them go, but don’t bet on it. He gives them uniforms, saying he’s going to walk them out right under the Proctors noses. Madison says his time has come, hasn’t it? He says just please put on the uniforms. Madison says he killed someone, and asks who it was. Victor says Daniel. He did it for her. He didn’t kill him though; he was alive when Victor left, but it was the worst thing that ever happened. He let Lola go. Even though she’d said it gets easier, he couldn’t do it. Nick says there’s hope for him yet.

Lola sneaks into the office, and sees Efrain dead. No time to grieve though. She cocks her gun.

Victor holds a gun on Madison and Nick, who are in uniform. There are people being shot, and tossed off the bridge up ahead, but he tells them to just keep walking. A guard stops them, and Victor tells him that Proctor John wants him to dispose of these traitors personally. They go past, but Lola runs toward John, shooting, and John kills her. He asks what fresh hell is this? Well, there’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Daniel opens his eyes.

John is mystified. He thought “water queen” Lola was dead, and she turned back up like a whack-a-mole trying to assassinate him. Victor says he can explain, but John doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Alicia to go to her joyful family reunion. She and Madison hug. He asks what role Nick plays in the family drama. He asks Nick where Troy is, and Nick says his mom killed him. John tells “Alicia from Los Angeles” that she has a perverse family. He says he’ll have to kill them, but he’ll kill her first so she doesn’t have to watch.

John tells them to say they’re goodbyes. Nick hugs Victor, and tells him, safe travels. I’m assuming the detonator switched hands. Victor tells John that there’s something in the end game that he didn’t plan on. They didn’t have enough guns to defend the dam, so they wired it with explosives. John orders Victors tongue taken out. Victor fumbles around in his pockets, looking for he detonator, but Nick takes it out. He says it’s armed, and Victor tells him don’t touch the other button. Nick asks if he means the one that says detonate.

Madison takes the turkey out of the oven, and brings it to a table of guests. Daniel, Jeremiah, Troy, some other dead guy whose name I don’t remember, and Walker are there. There’s an empty chair at the head of the table. Walker gets ready to carve. Victor comes to the door, with a pile of gifts and flowers. Madison shows him in. She lifts the cover on the turkey, and it’s Jeremiah’s head on the platter.  Walker has cut off his head, and the blood gushes from his body, still in the seat, flooding the table. Victor leaves, and Madison follows him, but sees nothing except gravestones outside. A plane flies overhead.

Nick holds up the detonator. John says his play, and makes the guards lower their guns. Nick tells him that his mom and sister get to take the Zodiac across the lake. Alicia wants him to come, but John say the detonator will be out of range, and he’ll lose his leverage. Madison and Alicia leave. Nick tells Victor to take care of them. John insists they won’t survive, but Nick tells him not to be so sure. John is interested to see how it plays out, but it won’t be well for Nick either way. Nick isn’t afraid to die, and John calls it junkie bravado. He asks if the detonator is real.

Daniel stumbles out, and kicks some guard ass. Quite well for a man who’s just been shot in the face.

John calls the lake a modern Euphrates. It needs managing. They can’t just give it away. He says Nick can help, but Nick says it’s just one more thing to control. Alicia has trouble getting the boat going, but the engine finally turns over. John says Nick was born for violence, and Nick says he killed the last man who said that. John tells him, like mother, like son; he needs to harness the fury or get stampeded. A war is waiting. The boat stalls.

Daniel sees Lola lying dead on the bridge. He puts Ofelia’s rosary beads in her hand. They’re giving me a heart attack with this boat, which is still giving them a hard time. John wants the detonator, but shots from a sniper interrupt him. From a hillside, Walker tells Crazy dog, nice shot. John says this is a new wrinkle, but not a game changer, since apparently, he’s a real optimist. He thinks Nick is bluffing, and his family isn’t far enough away. More shots are fired, and somehow all the bullets go around Nick. Daniel gets closer, and starts to shoot. Nick sees the boat speed away. He hits the button.

The dam blows to smithereens, and the bridge cracks don the middle. John is led away by one of his men, and everything starts crumbling. Walker and Crazy Dog watch the boat. Crazy Dog says they’ll be drawn into the flood if they don’t step on it. He and Walker decide to head north. We see the water flood the inside of the dam, covering Efrain and Troy’s bodies. Daniel grabs Nick, and the boat gets sucked under the bridge.

Madison walks among the gravestones. She kneels at Jeremiah’s grave, and his hand pops out of the ground Carrie White style. He grabs Madison and drags her into the ground. In the real world, she’s under the water, and starts to sink among the debris, Her hand reaches out of the earth, and Travis pulls her out. She slips back, alternately into the water again. She opens her eyes, swims to the top, and breaches the surface. She gasps for air and swims to shore. People are running around with buckets, and getting water. A little girl sees her, and says, hola. The camera pans out on the newly freed water.

Next week, The Walking Dead 100th episode, preceded by a marathon.




October 13, 2017 – Patient 6 Walks into a Bar, Too Many Hooks, Unkillable Z’s, Quotes & Love-ahs


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

In an NYC bar, the bartender asks if she can get Patient 6 something other than water. He says he’s just trying to catch up on what he missed.

Jason and Sam arrive at an apartment in the city. He tells her that he thought she likes mysteries. She tells him if he bought a townhouse, she doesn’t want to move. He tells her to come in and see their future.

Nina is going crazy answering the phones, while Valentin kisses up her arm, like Gomez kissing Morticia. He tells Simone that Nina will have to get back to her, and hangs the phone up. Nina wonders where her assistant is.

At Kelly’s, Michael tells Nelle it was an incredible gesture to make the donation. She says she knows he thinks she should have given the ring back, but she couldn’t return it to the people who accused her of murder. It was a compromise, but she’ll never convince people of her innocence. Michael says he’s taken steps to prove it for her.

Nina needs to put the latest issue of Crimson to bed, and Valentin tells her that he wants to put her to bed. He says he has an opportunity where he needs her talents and leadership skills, but first a little fun.

Anna calls Griff. She wants him to check in. No matter how she feels about Ava, if Ava is his friend, she wants to help.

Ava is officially now a friend with benefits.

Michael tells Nelle that he hired Curtis to give the case another look. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her. If the Grant family finds out that she was nosing around on her behalf, they’ll be suspicious. Assuming that Curtis can do what the police couldn’t. Michael says the case needs fresh eyes.

Anna sees Finn at the MetroCourt. He asks why they’re meeting, and she says it’s the last time. They won’t be able to meet in public once Cassandra arrives. Finn makes snarky remarks, and she says that he’s hostile when he’s tired. He says he wants it to be over with. Anna says they’re heading into the second part of the operation, and tells him not to rush or he could make a mistake. He should take his time getting her trust. He remarks that all criminals often tell their doctors about their illegal dealings; she’s putting too much faith in his abilities. Anna says Cassandra wouldn’t be coming there if she didn’t trust him. Give her what she wants, and she’ll return the favor. She has every confidence in him. He asks what she’s going to be doing, and she tells him working the case from another angle. He asks if it has anything to do with Valentin.

Nina asks what opportunity Valentin is talking about, and he tells her that he’s on the verge of a deal to make her the next media magnet. She says that’s a huge responsibility. Not long ago, she was an heiress with mental instability issues; she doesn’t think she’ll be on the cover of Forbes any time soon. Valentin tells her that she’s an inspiration to his daughter, and not to sell herself short. Instead of just calling the shots at Crimson, she’ll be calling all the shots. He’s buying Derek Wells Media, and wants her to be co-CEO.

Jason opens the apartment door, and Diane is there. She has the titles for them, explaining that they have to sign this part in NYC. Sam asks what they’re signing, and Jason says today. Julian ceases to be the owner of Derek Wells Media.

Patient 6 says he’s been out of the country, and the bartender asks if he was deployed. He says he’s not in the military, but he’s been away for a while. She tells him welcome back, and asks if he’s in trouble. He asks if it’s obvious, and she says she picks up on things. Cops usually don’t show up for no reason. He follows her gaze to a couple of guys at the bar. He asks which way to the restroom, and she tells him it’s in the back. He leaves the bar, and one of the men says they’re looking for a guy. She says, aren’t we all? They tell her that he was a stowaway and entered the country illegally. They show her Patient 6’s picture, and ask if she’s seen him around.

Nina asks since when is Julian interested in selling? Valentin says he’s been circling for a while, and waiting for the right moment. She says he’s never shown an interest in publishing, and he says it’s not a done deal until the papers are signed, but thinks it’s a good fit. He says she can jump on board or continue to take orders from a demanding boss.

Diane says the deal was hard won. At the last minute there was a high bid. She tells Jason that Julian has major ties to the mob, and even though Jason is no longer in the business, he’s going to be scrutinized. The Feds will see it as one mobster selling to another. Jason tells Sam that he’s keeping him promise. He’s breaking away from his old life. He did this on his own, but he doesn’t intend to run the company without her. Diane says she needs Sam’s signature. He says they’re doing this as partners, or not at all.

Patient 6 peeks out. The bartender tells the men that he hasn’t been around here. They mention that he has blue eyes, and has a distinctive look. She says she would have remembered them. She adds that she also hasn’t seen any badges, and if they’re not cops, she has no reason to be talking to them. One of them slides some money over, along with a phone number. She says she’ll call if she sees him. When they’re gone, Patient 6 comes back out ad thanks her. She says it’s a fireman’s bar, but she’s not partial to cops, and gives him the money. He tells her to give it to someone who needs it, and she tells him he looks like he needs it more than she does. He takes the money, and gives her the watch.

Nelle appreciates Michael trying to clear her name, but there were no charges. He reminds her that she said the questions would follow her forever, and if Curtis comes through, a big cloud over her head will be gone. She says that would be a welcome change, but she’s used to being presumed guilty. He tells her that Curtis is coming straight from the airport, and suggests she stick around, but she has to get back to work.

Ava and Griff bask in the afterglow. Griff says he’s thinking about tomorrow. He has to speak with Father Cory. He was Griff’s spiritual mentor and gone to bat for him. He has to give him a decision. Ava asks if he’s made one, and he says no. She says of course not. He tells her that they have to talk, and she says if this is the part where he agonizes and says it’s a big mistake they should never speak of again, let her make it easier. She says it was a big mistake and they should never speak of it again. I have to mention, Ava sleeps on the loudest sheets ever. Every time one of them moves, we hear them rubbing together.

Jason wants Sam to help him run the company, and she says it’s like the blind leading the blind, and is he sure? He says absolutely not, but if it doesn’t work out, they’ll sell it and find something else.

Nina comes up with the domain name Casareeves, saying it’s strong and sexy. Nelle runs in, saying she saw the phones on night service, and asks if something happened. Nina says yes, her assistant was MIA during an important deadline. She tells Nelle that a lot of changes will be happening, and she can’t afford any mistakes.

Curtis arrives at Kelly’s hungry as a hostage. Michael says that he told Nelle about hiring him, and asks if he’s found enough evidence to exonerate her.

Diane calls Valentin, and tells him that he’s been outbid for Derek Wells Media. He asks how she knew he put in an offer, and she says she’s paid to know things. It was a valiant effort, but the company is off the table.

Patient 6 tells the bartender that the watch is supposed to be lucky. It already worked for him – he picked this bar and met her. She covered for him when she had no reason to. She says she could use a little luck, and he asks if he can exit through the kitchen. She tells him to have a safe trip, wherever he’s headed. He says, home, and jets. Sam and Jason walk in and order champagne. They’re celebrating.

Anna tells Finn that the WSB has determined that Cassandra is involved in international drug trafficking. The markup is astronomical, and the more money she makes, the worse people are suffering. Finn says he knows about addiction, and now the spy game doesn’t seem like a game anymore. Anna says this is one take down she’s looking forward to. Cassandra suddenly appears, and asks who’s being taken down, and who’s doing the taking?

Curtis thought that Michael wasn’t telling Nelle. Michael explains about her selling the ring to give the money to the foundation. Curtis says that could be generous, or manipulative. Michael says he told her the ring wasn’t hers to sell, but her intentions were sincere. He tells Curtis about her concerns that his investigation could trigger the Grants into escalating their vendetta. Curtis says maybe there’s something she doesn’t want him to find out.

Nina tells Valentin not to poach her assistant when he owns the company. She asks why Valentin has that look, and he tells her that she can register the domain name, but they can’t use it any time soon. His offer was rejected; he was outbid by another buyer.

Sam and Jason toast. They agree the champagne is not the best, and Jason asks if she wouldn’t rather have beer. They talk about how the company is a departure for them. Jason says it presents a bunch of challenges, and their lives will undergo one helluva change. The drink bad champagne to that.

Finn says he wasn’t expecting Cassandra until tomorrow, and she says she moved her flight up so she would have time to recuperate. He’s glad she made it in one piece. Anna introduces herself, but Cassandra says she already knows who she is. She saw her with Finn in Monaco, and she’s obviously his lover. Every time I hear that word, it brings to mind an SNL sketch with Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch where they go on and on about being love-ahs.

Griff asks if Ava wants him to leave. Ava says it’s obvious he doesn’t want to stay. He tells her not to jump to conclusions or put words in his mouth. She says don’t tell her it actually meant something, and he says of course it did. She says he just doesn’t know what. He asks why it’s so hard to understand it’s not easy to throw away what he’d planned on being his life and calling. She says that’s one way of looking at it, but he can live honestly or live a lie. He can continue to hide behind the collar, but for what it’s worth, he doesn’t have sex like a man with doubts.

Anna tells Cassandra that they prefer the word “partners,” and Cassandra calls it chic. Anna is happy that Finn is able to help her, and Cassandra says it was a fortuitous meeting. She says Finn must have told Anna about it, but Anna says that doctor/patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance to him, and she’s lucky to have him. Cassandra says she’s counting on that. Finn asks if she wants to join them, but she declines, saying she just came in for a nightcap to help her sleep.

Valentin says that Diane is on retainer to Sonny. What would he want with the company? Nina says what does it matter, and he says it matters if he’s going to sabotage the company. She tells him it was the ultimate romantic gesture and she loves him. The name goes with anything, and they’ll have other opportunities. He can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. They kiss.

Sam tells Jason they’ll need an ad campaign to rebrand the company to be more like them. Jason asks who she is, and what has she done with his wife. Sam says he bought the company; what has he done with her husband? He says they might be successful and actually like being in publishing. Sam says they’ll make sure everything is honest, with no bias. He says they’ll be bankrupt with a year. She says that’s possible, but at least they’re together.

Valentin is about to leave Crimson and sees Nelle. He tells her not to let her personal difficulties affect Nina’s business. She says that’s the aim, and he says make it a reality. Nelle says she’d never do anything to hurt Nina. He tells her that he knows an opportunist when he sees one.

Curtis explains to Michael that Nelle worked as Zack’s mother’s assistant – the same job she had with Michael’s mother. To hear Sharon tell it, she did her research. Michael asks if he’s suggesting that she’s planning the same thing with him, and Curtis says he can’t deny the parallels. Michael says there was no evidence of wrongdoing. Curtis says not by itself, but coupled with other things, he advises Michael to take a good look at Nelle.

Anna tells Finn that they can use this to their advantage with Cassandra, but he wonders about the rest of Port Charles. She says he doesn’t seem like someone who cares about what people think. He takes her hand and they walk out of the bar.

Valentin tells Nelle that she’s good, being all things to all people. She says she had no idea he was watching her so closely, and he says he used to be in threat analysis. People think it’s a boring desk job, but it’s not. It’s solving endless puzzles, finding what’s dirty in something seemingly innocuous, and dismantling a web of lies. He says he’s good at finding the threat, and good at taking it down. If she makes a move against Nina, he will intervene.

Curtis tells Michael it’s his money, and he doesn’t want to tell Michael what he doesn’t want to hear. Michael says Nelle lies, but he thinks it’s because she’s scared and no one trusts her. He wants her to trust him, but he can’t help unless he knows everything. Curtis says, even the things that make her look guilty?

Nina runs out with Valentin’s scarf. He’s already gone, so she asks Nelle to give it to him at the bar. When Nelle comes back, Nina wants her to research the sale of Derek Wells Media. She needs to know about who she reports to now.

Sam and Jason see the watch on the bar. The bartender tells them that they have the best sliders in town. Jason asks if it’s better than the champagne. She tells him that’s the first champagne she’s served in a decade, but they serve sliders every day. Sam admires the watch, and asks if she can look at it. The bartender tells her to knock herself out. Sam sees the name Huxley engraved on it, and asks where she got it.

Patient 6 sits at he bus station.

Griff doesn’t want to leave things like this. Ava asks what the alternative is. Then she says, wait, don’t tell her; he doesn’t know. Griff says he’s strangled by indecision, but closer to clarity. She says she’s glad to be of service. He says is wasn’t a mistake for him, and hopes it wasn’t for her. She walks away, and he leaves. Ava looks at the door.

Nelle is about to walk into the MetroCourt, and sees Valentin sitting with Cassandra. He tells Cassandra about living on an island, and she tells him you can’t be spontaneous if you need a boat every time you want to leave home. But then again, spontaneity was never his thing. He always planned everything, down to the last detail, which is why he never got caught. He tells her that he would have arranged a proper welcome had he known she was coming. Cassandra kisses him, and Nelle snaps a photo. She’s not very subtle about it either.

Curtis asks Michael if Nelle didn’t say she couldn’t save Zack. Michael says she tried, but couldn’t reach him and she wasn’t a good swimmer. Curtis says the Lakes High Dolphins might disagree. He shows Michael a newspaper article about Nelle winning a medal for swimming. You mean to tell me the police wouldn’t have known that? Or the Grants?

The bartender tells Sam that she did a guy a favor, and he insisted on giving her the watch. Jason shows her a picture of Huxley on his phone, and asks if she recognizes him, and if he gave her the watch. She says no, it was someone else. He tells Sam it was a stretch, and there are probably a lot of Huxleys out in the world. She thinks there would be a slim chance of running into someone they know. Guess again. NYC is the smallest big city ever.

The train for Port Charles is departing in ten minutes. Patient 6 gets up from the bench.

On Monday, Franco asks what someone is doing there, Jordan asks if she should prepare for World War III, and Michael asks Nelle why she lied. For the fiftieth time.

Once Upon a Time

In Storybrooke, years ago, Hook swordfights on his ship with Henry. Emma is impressed. Hook wins the match, and Henry says he’ll never be good enough. Emma asks what’s up, and Hook says he’s almost grown. Emma is bummed because he’s supposed to leave home, but Hook says It’s not an ending; there’s more to come. She wants to keep him a while longer; she’s worried she won’t get a second chance. Hook takes out a bottle of magic. You speak into it, leave a message, and you can find who you seek. Hook says Henry will be fine.

In another realm, years later, Henry rides through the forest and is surrounded a bunch of men on horseback. Lady Tremaine rides up and says this is the man who helped Cinderella kill the prince. Henry says she didn’t kill him, and Lady Tremaine asks where she is. He won’t tell her, and she realizes he’s in love with Cinderella. She tells him to give her the slipper and live. She wants to know where he’s hidden it, and he says he hid something else made of glass. He speaks into the bottle, calling Regina and Hook.

In Seattle, Rogers comes to Henry’s place at 6 am. He tells Henry that he read his book, and can’t get something out of his head. He wants to know who the blonde woman is, and Henry says she’s a fictional character. Rogers says it feels like he met her, and asks if she’s based on someone real. Henry says the truth is, he made her up. He tells Rogers there’s something can help him with since he’s there. He wants to find where his family is buried, and keeps hitting dead ends. Was that a purposeful pun? Rogers says he’ll see if he can help. Henry asks how Lucinda and Lucy are, and Rogers says not great.

Lucinda finds out that the ballet Lucy is performing in is now a charity event, and the tickets are five hundred bucks a pop. She accuses Victoria of keeping her from her daughter, and Victoria says her assistant set the price. Lucinda says people should be given second chances, and Victoria tells her they’re not given, they’re earned.

In the other realm, Henry is tied up on Cinderella’s bed. Lady Tremaine says that’s as close as he’s getting to her. She tells her daughter to find the slipper and kill him. He must never see Cinderella again. Drizella says she doesn’t understand, and Lady Tremaine says she doesn’t need to; she just needs to obey. When she’s gone, Henry says Drizella seems nicer than the others, but she says she’s not, and pulls out a dagger. She asks where the slipper is, and Hook and Regina appear. Drizella asks who Regina is, and Regina says, his mother, and knocks her out. Hook and Henry hug. (Say that three times real fast.) Regina marvels that he grew up, and they hug. Hook suggests they do hugs and tears outside. Henry asks where is other mom is, and Hook tells him that she’s fighting a swarm of tiny irritating dragons, but really she wants to let him get on with his life. They have to respect her wishes.

Back in Seattle, Detective Weaver (Rumpelstiltskin) notes that Rogers is late. Rogers wonders why Weaver chose him as a partner, and Weaver says when he’s a real detective, he’ll have the answer.

Lucinda’s friend/co-worker (whose name I do not know) promises she’ll see Lucy, and look for part time jobs for her. Lucinda says she needs the money by tonight. Henry comes in and Lucinda’s friend goes back to work. He tells Lucinda that he was wrong, and he’s sorry. She wants to see Lucy, and he offers to give her the money, but she tells him that she’s not a damsel in distress waiting for Prince Charming. He tells her that was Snow White. Ha-ha! She says she can find her own money, and he tells her that she’s not being fair. She says what’s not fair is being separated from her kid.

Victoria summons Weaver. She tells him she has a problem that needs to go away – Henry. He’s been seen with Lucinda in a bar, and he’s a bad influence. She tells Weaver to do something. He’s like, wth?

In not Seattle, Regina tries to work some magic on the glass slipper. Hook says they’re near the sea, so their must be a port. Where there’s a port, there’s pirates. If a woman passed through, they’ll know. Regina thinks he should bring Henry, but he says Henry needs to remain in this realm, and he doesn’t want to take chances.

IRL, Roni asks why Weaver is in her bar. He says that she knows Henry, and she tells him a bartender is like a therapist – they don’t share secrets. He says he can always get answers, and leaves. Roni tells Rogers to be careful around him. He gets a lot of new partners, and none come back. He needs to ask himself how badly he wants this job.

Moving parallel, at the pier, a hooded figure approaches Hook. Hook demands his name, and the stranger says he already has it, and reveals his face. It’s Hook from yet another realm. Everything there is a twisted version of the truth, like a cracked mirror. Other Hook says, infinite realms, infinite possibilities. Hook says he’s seen him before, a drunken fool version of himself. He’s afraid of what he might have become. Their stories were the same up to a point. When the tales parted, Hook found love and happiness, and Drunk Hook found misery. Drunk Hook says he wandered realms, but couldn’t find his Emma, and then the answer literally jumped into his lap. He brings out the magic bottle. It sent Henry’s message to both Captain Hooks. He tells the bottle, Emma here, and says he aims to take her. Then he falls over. Hook chastises him for his self-pity, and Drunk Hook head butts him. He covers the knocked out real Hook with a blanket.

Flipping to Seattle, Weaver asks Rogers if he thinks they’re going to far, and Rogers says not far enough. Weaver wonders if Rogers is going to the dark side, and Rogers says he’s not the man Weaver thinks he is.

Back in the fairytale realm, Lady Tremaine wants Drunk Hook’s help with Henry. Make him go home, and they both get what they want. She asks what he wants, and he says a woman, Emma Swan. She wonders why he’d think Emma would go for him, and he says she already fell in love with Hook from another realm. He got some fresh blood from Hook, and wants to be made like him. Lady Tremaine says she doesn’t wield magic talent, but does have a talent for acquiring things. She takes out the wand, saying acquired it from a fairy godmother; bad luck for her, good for them. She touches the wand to the blood, and it sparkles, swirling around Drunk Hook like a snake. When it’s done, he looks like real Hook.

Sliding back to Rain City (okay, Seattle), Lucinda’s friend says she must have a fairy godmother somewhere. She’s found the perfect job for her – a catering gig at the ballet. The bartender is turns out to be Henry. He tells Lucinda just trying to help feels terrible trying to make up for it after tonight never has to see him

Rogers and Weaver go into Henry’s apartment. Weaver deduces he has a daughter who doesn’t live there, so he’s probably divorced. Rogers says that’s hardly dirt. Weaver intimates that it’s something to be used, unless it bothers him. He says Rogers has been there before, and needs to be either a good detective or extremely loyal. He’s pinning his hopes on loyal. Rogers says to try him, and Weaver says he certainly will.

Lucy sees Lucinda. Lucy says she knew Henry would help. It’s all happening. Lucinda’s friend asks Henry if he’s in love with Lucinda. He stammers, and says he’s just a guy who screwed up and is trying to fix it. Victoria sees Henry and gets on her phone to Weaver. She says that he’s here, and get him out of her life. Weaver tells Rogers to come, the Lady beckons. Rogers sees a keyring with a swan on it, and takes it.

In the supplementary realm, Henry asks Regina how things are back home. She says that Archie’s therapy business is down because of all the happy endings, but his wedding officiating is way up. Everyone is sickeningly happy. He asks what about her, and she says she misses him. She wants to hear about him, his story. He tells her that Cinderella doesn’t even like him. If he was her, he’d ditch the slippers and run too. Hook, that’s really Drunk Hook, returns. He tells Henry that he caught Cinderella on the pier before she left, and she wrote him a note on the spot. Henry reads it, but we don’t see it. Drunk Hook says she’s set sail, and it’s time to head home. Henry declares the trip a failure. Regina tells Drunk Hook to go give Henry a piratey heart-to-heart, and make him feel better.

Drunk Hook tells Henry sorry about the lass. Henry says it will take a while, and asks if everything is okay at home. He says Hook doesn’t seem like himself, and Drunk Hook says let’s just go home. Henry wants to know if Emma is okay. Drunk Hook isn’t really sure what to say, when Emma appears. She says she’s fine; Hook just wanted her to stay home and rest. She hugs Henry, and says she wanted to tell him herself that she’s pregnant. Now what, Drunk Hook?

Emma says that she and Hook will have to learn the diaper and feeding thing. She missed it with Henry. They’ve made mistakes, but learned from them. Now they can do something good from the start. Drunk Hook says he’s done something he has to fix it, and jets.

Victoria fumes. She tells Weaver that she doesn’t care what he does; frame him for something, just put him away. Weaver gives a bracelet to Rogers and says Rogers told him that he’s not the man Weaver thinks he is. Let’s see who he is.

The ballet is performed. Rogers pretends to bump into Henry during the applause.

You know where, Drunk Hook can’t find real Hook, who comes up behind him. He says Drunk Hook came to finish him off. They fight, and roll around on the dock, and Drunk Hook falls on a dagger. Hook says it looks like he’s finished himself off. Drunk Hook says he didn’t come to kill him, but set him free. Emma is here, and he’s going to be a father. He would never get between father and child. He was trying to find his own daughter. It’s why he came there in the first place.

In the other place, the ballet concludes. Victoria proclaims it a delightful performance. Weaver goes to the front and says that there’s a missing bracelet. The donors should stay in their seats, and there will be a non-invasive search of the employees. Lucinda is offended that they’re just looking at the workers. Weaver moves forward, and Henry says to leave her alone, putting his hand on Weaver’s shoulder. Weaver punches him out, saying you never touch an officer. He tells Henry to turn out his pockets. Henry is surprised to find something, but it’s the swan keyring.

Hook tells Drunk Hook to stay awake until Emma comes. Drunk Hook explains that a witch trapped his daughter in a prison. He was sneaking in to visit her, but he was discovered. He was cursed to never save her, but true love is the cure. He roamed the realms seeking it. Emma appears, and says he deserves a second chance. Drunk Hook says it’s too late for him, and gives Hook something to give to her. It’s a chess piece; her rook to his knight that she carries. Emma says she’s sorry, but she doesn’t think her magic works there. She has to find the part that’s Hook. She tells Drunk Hook that he doesn’t know her, but she knows him, the man she fell in love with. Before they met, that’s who he was. She tells him there’s hope, just believe. He looks at her, she passes her hand over his wound, and he’s all better now.

Rogers starts to throw the bracelet into the river, and Weaver stops him. Rogers says that he couldn’t do it, and wonders if he’s out of a partner or a job. Weaver says Rogers had asked why he chose him as a partner. He thought Rogers would to anything to keep his job, but he caught a glimpse of something he’d thought extinct – a moral core. He tells Rogers not to worry about the bracelet. He’ll put it back where it belongs.

Victoria complains that Weaver didn’t fail at the task; he couldn’t pull off basic police work. He says she’s not his employer, and she’s not the boss of him. She says their goals had aligned up until now, but he tells her not always.

Lucinda gives Henry a beer as he nurses his eye. She says if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have seen Lucy, and she accepts his apology. He’s earned a second chance. He asks her to join him, but she’s like, sorry, not that accepting.

Ye alternate realm Henry asks if Emma and Hook are good. Emma asks if he wants to come back with them. He does, but still hasn’t found his story. Maybe he did, but he still has to fight for it. Emma knows the feeling. He says it could be for nothing; maybe Cinderella didn’t leave the slipper for him, and it just fell off. can’t give up could be for nothing maybe slipper just fell off. She says he’s not allowed home until finds answer. It will never be okay with them apart. She misses him, but has to give him what he gave her. Drunk Hook tells him to never give up on love. He tried to steal another man’s love, and it’s time for him to find his own – his daughter. Hook gives him back the rook. Drunk Hook wishes he knew what steps to take. Henry feels the same way, and Emma suggests they team up. She’d feel better with some sort of Hook looking out for Henry. Yeah, just don’t take him to a bar. Regina decides to stay behind, hating to be apart from Henry.

Henry asks her to come with them. Her story isn’t over, and maybe she needs to be there to find it. Maybe he needs her there too. She asks if this can be one of his Operations, and he calls it Operation Next Chapter.

Emma and Hook say goodbye to Henry. Hook makes a portal. I guess we can do that at will now. They all gaze at each other, and Hook and Emma walk through.

In our final Seattle chapter, Rogers finds Henry, and gives him list of cemeteries. He couldn’t find any information, but thought it was a good place to start. Henry says he was happy to find the keychain in his pocket. Funny, he took the bus, and thought left it at home. He’s always liked swans; it’s the name of the mother of his main character. tje mother he wanted, a hero.

Rogers tells Henry about trying to find a missing girl, and going down wrong alley. He was attacked, and a woman came from out of nowhere. She placed a hand on his wound, and told him if he believed in her, this will work, and she gave him life. She was the woman from the book. He never saw her again, but she gave him a second chance. He became so desperate to succeed, he almost lost himself. The woman from the book reminded him do things the right way.

They agree that all the problems in town have the same name – Victoria Belfry. They go to Roni’s bar. Rogers wants a know about all the people being squeezed, and tells her to write it down. He’ll release it when they’re ready, and maybe he can find the missing girl. Roni says it sounds like enough for a book, possibly two. Henry asks if she’s ready, and she says, oh yeah. Rogers says, let’s get to work, and they clink glasses.

Next time, Lucinda has to make a sacrifice, a rebel and a princess unite, and something buried is unearthed.

Z Nation

10K sees remains of the treehouse, and thinks of Red.

Lucy is still in the backseat of a car, when a shot comes through the windshield, killing the soldier who’s driving. She hangs on, and the car crashes into a tree. The driver’s door opens, and the soldier falls out. Murphy looks inside. Lucy says, dad?

Murphy tries to give her a hug, and she turns away. He tells her that he didn’t know she was alive. She says now he knows. He tells her that she’s grown, and she says that happens – if you’re there for it or not. He says she did it kind of quickly. He asks if he’s done something to disappoint her. If so, he’s sorry. He doesn’t know what he would have done differently; the parent thing is hard, especially during a zombie apocalypse. She says he looks different, and he tells her he’s been cured. She asks if there was something wrong, and he says he didn’t mean it that way. She tells him that she doesn’t feel anything with him, but she does with Roberta. She touches Roberta’s shoulder, and Roberta says something is wrong. Lucy tells her that Addie told her to go, but she didn’t want to leave her behind. They were going to the refugee camp. Everyone is heading to Newmerica. Roberta says they’ll go to the camp, and Addie will find them.

At camp, Doc says he’s seen bad things he can’t explain, but this insane. Why not take the gear? It doesn’t make sense. Mueller says they need to be proactive, head north. Doc says as soon as his friend gets back. Mueller tells Doc that he may not find her, but he could find whatever ripped her face off and ate her soul. The situation is not compatible with survival. What makes him think what cleaned this place out isn’t coming back? Doc get the point, but staying there has kept everyone alive. Mueller says they’re down to four. He’ll be damned if he lets Doc kill himself on his watch.

They hear the car coming, and draw their weapons. Doc is thrilled to see Roberta. They hug, and Doc says he’s digging her hair. She calls it apocalypse blonde. Lucy walks past Doc without saying anything, and Murphy shrugs. Doc hugs him, and Murphy says he’s the first person who’s been happy to see him. Doc says you reap what you spawn. He introduces Mueller and Lily. Roberta says she’s ex National Guard, and Doc says Murphy is ex human. Mueller explains about intercepting the convoy, and that they were ambushed. They lost a good man, and found the camp abandoned. Doc says everyone was gone, including Red and Sun. 10K is out looking for Red. Mueller says whatever is out there will be out there when the sun sets. They can’t risk the vehicles, supplies, and lives for one individual. Roberta says they’ll wait until morning. Mueller says it’s a mistake, and she tells him it wouldn’t be her first.

In the forest, 10K does bird call.

Lucy is napping. Roberta watches the road, and her hand turns a mysterious something. Mueller asks what’s up with her, and Murphy says she’s complicated. He asks what Zona was like, and Murphy says better than this. He wonders why Murphy left then, and he asks if Mueller has hear of reset. For two years, Zona was like Club Med, but for free. Then, one day a guy was cracked over the head with a four iron, and that was that. Mueller says it doesn’t matter. Newmerica is actual civilization. Murphy says he’s heard that a hundred times, and it always turns out to be a Utopian cult freak show, and by the time they leave, it’s on fire. Mueller says it’s all they’ve got. Murphy says it can’t be better than Zona, and Mueller says, maybe, but it’s more real.

Doc tells Murphy that Lucy is sleeping, and not much for talking. Murphy says he’s all for anyplace that’s not here. Doc tells him that Newmerica is in Canada; they’re headed for the Yukon. Murphy whines that it’s far and cold, but Doc says they have no choice. Murphy says, welcome back to the apocalypse. Doc knows he was living like the pope of zombie town, but there’s slim pickin’s in the cheap seats. He wonders what’s up with Roberta, and Murphy says there’s more there there [sic] than there used to be. Roberta continues to turn an unseen knob or dial or something.

10k finds car with dead people in it. He takes the glass out of one of the windows, and holds it up to his ear, where it amplifies the sound. He hears a crow, and thinks he hears Red, but a zombie comes up to the other side of the glass, scaring the bejesus out of both of us.  He slams it to the ground with the glass and runs.

Murphy hears something, but doesn’t know where the sound is coming from. Mueller looks through binoculars. Roberta ponders. She moves closer to the gate. Mueller says something is out there, watching, waiting, and unkillable. He wonders if it’s the Z virus mutating. He says something is happening that can’t be stopped, some fresh hell they’ve brought upon themselves. It’s enough to make you run into the abyss. Doc says why not jet, but Mueller says they’re waiting for his boy, but people who wait too long are dead

Suddenly, it sounds like something is crashing through the forest, and the trees are moving. It seems to surround them, like in that scene from American Werewolf in London, when they don’t stick to the roads and stay off the moors. Lucy comes out, and gets coffee. Mueller says they’ve got to get out, but Doc tells him not until Roberta gives the okay. Mueller doesn’t want to stay put while something decides to eat his innards, and he’d rather die on his feet than his ass. Doc asks if those are the only options. Mueller goes to a truck with Lily. He says if their friend is out there, they’ll bring him back. He tells them that he doesn’t know what’s up with Roberta, but be alert. They leave, and Murphy says, never get out of the boat.

Roberta sees her vision. A voice tells her always go east. She falls into the fire, and hears, the rising sun, you know the way; it burns. She’s engulfed in flames, and wakes up in the medical tent. Doc asks if she’s okay, and gives her some water. He tells her that she passed out, and she says she has to quit doing that. The last time, she lost two years. Doc can’t believe she’s alive, but says he shouldn’t have doubted it. He tells her that she didn’t miss much. It was like one long root canal. He asks if life was that sweet in Zona, and she says she slept through the party. He says he feels that way about the 60s, 70s, 80s, and most of the 90s. He still keeps wondering if it was worth it; keeping the faith in the midst of an apocalyptic sh*t storm. He asks if it’s worth it, and Roberta says it’s all they’ve got. He says he knows, but really, is it really worth it. Roberta takes his face in her hands, and says yes. Doc says he just needed to hear that, and tells her to get some rest.

Mueller and Lily walk through the forest. They walk toward the sounds, with Mueller ahead. He calls for  Lily, but she’s gone. He hears the crunching noises. The trees move and crackle.

Murphy blathers to Lucy, saying creepy, threatening sounds coming from deep infested woods; let’s follow them. He tells her to go ahead and roll her eyes. He’s rarely wrong, and rarely listed to. Doc joins them, and asks Lucy what happened to Addie. Lucy says she made it, but she was shot in the face by a sniper. Doc asks when, and she says a few hours ago. She’ll meet them in Newmerica. Doc asks Murphy what he thinks happened to Mueller, and Murphy says he realized no help was coming and got the hell out of Dodge.

Roberta hears something from inside a metal closet. She moves slowly toward it, ready. She flings it open, and worried guy pops out. She knocks him to the floor. The others run in, and Doc says he knows him. It’s Burgess, one of the refugees. He asks what happened, but Burgess just shakes and sweats.

Roberta tells Burgess that she needs to know what happened. Where did everybody go? Burgess just sits there, shaking, Doc asks if they’re safe, and Murphy wonders if he expected a different answer. Roberta asks if it was alive, or something else? She tells him to breathe. She needs him to pull himself together; she needs his help, and needs to know what they’re up against. Murphy says, zombie gaga; he’s seen it a million times. Whatever happened traumatized him. Murphy suggests getting out. 10K could be home or could be in zombie town. Roberta says at least take supplies; they’ll be better off with them. Murphy asks if she’s not coming with them.

All is quiet around Mueller. He looks at a picture of a little girl that’s been torn in half, and says he’ll find her. The noises begin again. He walks up a hill. 10K is walking on the other side, and both have their guns drawn. That damn Czarnecki comes out of nowhere, and attacks Mueller. Mueller shoots and runs. He trips over a boulder, and I gasp out loud. The zombie is almost on him, and he shoots it in the head, and it falls. He gets up, gun still at the ready, and says I give you mercy. He shoots Czarnecki in the head once more, and Lily. Behind him, Czarnecki gets up. He’s like Yul Brynner in the original Westworld. That sucker needs to be burned to a crisp.

Roberta tells Burgess to blink once for yes, twice for no. Did he see what it was? No. Did he hear it? Yes. Was he in the tent alone? No. Was Sun with him? Yes. Roberta asks what happened to her, and he freaks a little. Roberta keeps asking. Lucy tells them something is coming.

Outside, they all get ready. We hear snarls. Something is moving closer. It’s 10K. Doc calls him a zombie-proof SOB. Doc opens the gate and hugs him. He tells 10K to stop leaving him like that. Roberta and 10K hug. Murphy comes out of the tent and says Burgess is gone. We hear growling. It’s Mueller, who’s now a zombie. They all shoot at him, but he keeps coming at them. He grabs Lucy, and she screams. Doc whacks him with the gun, but he grabs it, Doc still holding the other end, and continues holding on to Lucy with his other hand. Roberta whacks him on the back of the head with a shovel, and he gnashes his teeth at her. Murphy shoots him in the head, but he gets back up and continues to attack. Doc hits him in the back of the knees, and brings him down, and they all keep beating at him with whatever is in their hands. He grabs Murphy and gets a little close. Lucy kicks him off, and 10K stabs him in the back of the neck.

Lily enters the scene with a seriously big gun. Everyone gets out of the way. Mueller comes toward her with a scary wide-open mouth. She keeps shooting, and he keeps coming, and it’s all in slow motion. Why don’t they try cutting off his head? He just won’t quit. This is relentless, and the oh sh*t! moment of the night. There are a million spent shells on the ground, and still it doesn’t end. Lily waits until he’s really close, and blows the top of his head off. He still comes at her, and she literally cuts him off at the knee. He falls, but she keeps shooting until there isn’t much left.

Roberta and the others hesitantly come out. Lily is obviously devastated. She goes to Mueller, and kneels by his body. She takes out the other half of the picture with him on it. Was she his daughter? The others slowly come forward. Wow. I swear, I get physically worn out during scenes like this.

Farewell, Henry Rollins. We barely knew ye.

Mueller is buried. Everyone is silent, and Lily puts both halves of the picture on the grave. She salutes, giving a final tug on my heartstrings. Her half of the picture blows away.

Lily says they’re going north, and everyone gets in the truck. Except for Roberta, who grabs a Route 66 sign with a red Z painted over it. She begins to walk east. Lily says she’s going the wrong way. Doc yells to her. Lucy begins to follow. Doc asks Murphy if Roberta knows she’s going the wrong way, and he says not in her mind. 10K also begins to follow Roberta. Doc is like, great, but goes along too. Murphy asks where he’s going now, and Doc says Murphy knows he doesn’t like it when they split up; he’s going with them. Lily pulls up, and Roberta and the others get in the truck. Murphy shrugs, gives a last look at the camp, and gets in.

Next time, zombies aren’t z only problem, and Murphy says Newmerica is looking better.

Quotes of the Week

Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people. – Prince

Family isn’t about blood relationships, it’s about the meaning behind them. I realize now that sharing chromosomes is not the only way to having a family, it’s about the friendship behind it.Sarah Dessen

We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love. – Laverne Cox – Great. I’m a dog and Chinese food.

Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now. – Audre Lorde

Being happy isn’t about having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little thingsAnn Brashares

The world is f**ked. – Luthor Voz (Mel Gibson), Machete Kills – I had to even it up somewhat.

The Love-ahs…


SNL Love-ahs


October 6, 2017 – Jason Comes Home, New Fairytales, Back to the Apocalypse, a Meat Loaf Story & a Quote Trifecta


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Carly makes a toast to Bobbie for her years of service at the hospital. Bobbie appreciates the champagne and accolades, but the best part is being surrounded by those she loves. Carly says, not everyone, to Sonny.

Michael goes to the Crimson office where Nelle is. He says that she hasn’t been answering her phone, and she tells him that she needed time to cool off. He suggests dinner somewhere quiet to talk, and she likes that idea, but when he invites her to the brunch for Bobbie, she doesn’t think so.

Valentin and Lulu explain joint custody to Charlotte. She asks what about holidays. She’s worried about Santa finding her, but Valentin assures her that Santa will find her anywhere. Charlotte goes to get ready for the brunch, and Valentin mentions their agreement to be civil for Charlotte’s sake. Lulu says Charlotte isn’t in the room, so let’s get down to business.

At the hospital, Griff asks Deanna about an appointment he set up for Ava. He had to get it squeezed in, and Ava suggests rescheduling, but he tells her that she needs to see specialist. He wants to make sure no further damage was done. Ava says she has every confidence that she was on her way to a normal existence until her conscience got the better of her.

Patient 6 does pushups. Side story: I once visited the One Life to Live set, and the guys did pushups before their scenes so they could look more pumped. Truth!

Jason and Sam arrive home. Jason tells Sam that she’s a good nurse. Inside, there’s a welcome home banner from the kids. He tells her how much he missed them, and she says that they missed him too, but he’ll always find his way back to his family. They kiss.

Patient 6 does crunches. A British man’s voice says he should have passed on that last bottle of Dom. We see him tied up, and he asks Patient 6 who the hell he is.

Valentin tells Lulu that Nina has a two-day celebration on Christmas and Christmas Eve. Nina tells them that Nathan and Maxie will be there, and Lulu says that she’s sure they’ll enjoy it, but Charlotte will be at the Quartermaines where Dante’s mother is making dinner. They decide to table the Christmas discussion, and start bickering about Thanksgiving, Valentin asks if Lulu is going to threaten him with gun like her mother did.

Carly tells Sonny that she called Michael, but got voicemail. Sonny says maybe he’s busy with work and will make it up to Bobbie later, but she thinks that in warning him, she played into Nelle’s hands.

Michael is hoping that the animosity his family has for Nelle will change, but she says it’s not about his grandmother; it’s about him, and everything that he’s accused her of. Michael says he didn’t accuse her of anything, but she says he didn’t approve of her keeping the ring, and it’s not his call. She didn’t appreciate him judging her for it. He says that’s fair, and they can agree to disagree about the ring. Nelle wonders if he’s starting to believe that she did something to Zack. Michael says it was an accident, but the family needed someone to blame. He knows they gave her hell, but he’s not them. In the past year, he’s gotten to know and care about her. He asks if it’s possible to move on and get past it. She says it is.

Griff says that Ava came through for a total stranger. She tells him that all she did was give the guy a paperclip. Had she known her life would be on the line, she would have left him to his own devices. She says that she heard Nikolas’s voice in her head, and tells Griff about how they didn’t get along at first, until the Weeping Nyad. Griff is like, huh? She says long story short, he stayed by her side.

The British dude tells Patient 6 to explain himself. Why was he on the attack? Patient 6 says he didn’t attack him, although he doesn’t deny tying him up. British dude tells Patient 6 to release him at once. Patient 6 says British dude came after him with a pipe, and he’s not letting that happen again.

Ava tells Griff that Nickolas literally gave his life for hers. She’s still processing it, and wanted to repay him. The only thing she could do was be a better person, and pay it forward. Griff says that it’s not always easy. Ava says she did more than fall short; she sold him out to fix her face. Griff thinks she can still make it right with her testimony. She’s grateful for the help, but says that he did his good deed, and their business is officially concluded.

Nelle tells Michael that she can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust her. Michael says that they have no problem then, but he wants her to trust him the same way. They can’t pretend to agree when they don’t. It only leads to repressed emotions and fights. While he doesn’t mind the make-up process, he wants to be free to disagree with her. He kisses her, and asks if she wants to be his date for brunch. She says she has to work. She wants things organized by the time Nina gets back, and besides, brunch with Bobbie (sounds like a talk show) is a terrible idea. Michael thinks the more they interact, the more they’ll see what they have in common, but Nelle doesn’t think that she’s up for it today. He tells her that he’s not going either then, but she says it will only confirm their suspicions that she’s turning him against them. She asks him to do it for her, and he says okay.

Laura is happy that Bobbie is getting the recognition that she deserves. Bobbie says the same to her, now that she’s a board member. They talk about Lucas and Brad not being able to make it (are they still on this show?), and Valerie tells them that she saw pamphlets on adoption at their place. Bobbie and Laura get all excited, and Valerie tells them that they didn’t hear it from her. Laura tells Bobbie that Lulu and Dante are picking up Charlotte from Wyndemere. Bobbie says she wouldn’t have handled the situation with as much grace as they are.

Lulu doesn’t believe Valentin, but he says Laura’s feeling about him are no secret. He thought of pressing charges, but didn’t want to put Charlotte’s grandmother in jail. Dante suggests he’s saving it for leverage. Valentin says if it happens again, he’ll be contacting social services. Lulu and Dante leave with Charlotte. Nina asks Valentin when he was going to tell her that Laura held a gun on him. He says it wasn’t loaded, but Nina tells him that’s not the point; Laura is physically attacking him now. I guess she doesn’t know about when Laura tried punching him out at the docks. Valentin tells Nina that he didn’t want to upset her, but she says upset doesn’t begin to describe how she feels. He says the more erratic they get, the weaker their position. Nina says that Lulu already thinks she can have Charlotte whenever she wants. Valentin says that Thanksgiving is a month away, what could happen?

Valentin’s phone rings. Nina jets for work, and Valentin tells the caller thanks for the update.

Ava apologizes to Griff for being harsh. She says she can’t repay him, and she doesn’t mean for the rescue. Before that, he was getting her to be human again. He tells her that she was always human, but she says she didn’t feel like she was. In hindsight, she can see that he was offering only friendship, but she never had that many friends, and won’t make that mistake again. Griff says that he meant what he said. He never pitied her, and needs to own his part. He never thought his actions would be misinterpreted, and that was insensitive. He was focused on only his own feelings, and he doesn’t want to lose her as a friend; she means too much to him, but it’s her call. He’ll respect her decision, no matter what. Deanna tells them that Dr. Guerrero is ready to see Ava.

Jason tells Sam that it’s quiet without the kids, like when they first moved in together. Sam says it was a lifetime ago. Jason says it’s the first day of the rest of their lives (really, he said that), and they should make the most of it. She tells him that the doctor said he should take it easy, and he says to be gentle with him.

Patient 6 shows British dude a pipe, and says he tried to swing it at his head. British dude tells him it was an accident. He was trying to escape some unsavory characters. He’d thought Patient 6 was sent to finish him off. He seems to be a man of action who knows about restraining a fellow.

Sam and Jason get busy. I’m loving her jeans, although she probably won’t be wearing them much longer.

Nina comes into the office. She forgot to pick up her coffee, and asks Nelle to get her some from upstairs. Nelle tries to talk her into getting coffee from Perks instead, and eventually tells Nina the real reason she doesn’t want to go into the restaurant. Bobbie’s brunch is going on.

Bobbie hugs Michael. She says if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have been awarded this prestigious honor. Sonny looks at Carly like, told you.

The British dude introduces himself as Huxley Lynch. He was on a business trip and has to keep a low profile. His associates aren’t happy with him because their investments didn’t pay off. He says that Brexit wasn’t his fault. Patient 6 doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Huxley asks if he’s been living under a rock.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow. She asks what he wants to do. He tells her gather up the kids and sail into the sunset. She wonders if he could handle being stranded with her on an island. He tells her that he has to have a purpose, but it’s not like he has a specialized skill set. She says he does, but it’s nothing he could put on a resume.

Griff remembers telling Ava that she’s beautiful and the two of them kissing, He makes a worried face. You know, that face he always makes.

Ava tells the doctor to give it to her straight. He says he’s astonished, and the improvement is incredible. She says imagine how she’d look if the treatments had been finished. Dr. Guerrero leaves to get the test results, and Ava picks up a hand mirror. She looks amazing, except for a patch near her jawline. She says one more treatment is all it would have taken. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Valentin.

Ava asks what he’s doing there. Valentin tells her that he wanted to see the results for himself, and it’s a vast improvement, but he expected more. She says she had to run for her life. She just committed a tiny infraction of the rules, and they threatened to drug her. Valentin says he just gave the referral; after that, it was out of his hands. She tells him she can change her statement again.

Huxley says he’s not surprised that Patient 6 doesn’t keep up with global news – he’s American. He’d thought since Patient 6 had been visiting Russia, he was a man of the world, interested in more than fidget spinners and the Kardashians. I regret to say that spellcheck recognizes Kardashians as a word. Huxley says it’s going to be a long ride, and asks if Patient 6 can be persuaded to untie him.

Sam reminds Jason that Michael had offered him a position at ELQ. He says he appreciated the offer, but doesn’t want a job that keeps him away from her and the kids. He tells her that before he got shot, he had been thinking about a possible career.

Carly apologizes to Michael, saying that she could have handled it better. She’s glad he showed up. Michael tells her that Nelle insisted on it, and she’s more supportive of his family ties than Carly thinks.

Nelle tells Nina that no matter what she does, a cloud of suspicion hangs over her with Michael’s family. Nina says that sounds familiar; she also has a troubled past. Nelle asks what she did to move forward, and Nina says she had help from friends who were supportive, like Michael is with her. She tells Nelle that she also listened to Maxie’s advice to “fake it til you make it.” If Nelle acts like she shouldn’t be judged, eventually they’ll stop doing it. In the meantime, there’s always caffeine. Nelle leaves to get the coffee.

Lulu, Dante, and Charlotte arrive at the brunch. Charlotte and Dante give Bobbie a present, and Laura asks Lulu how it went. Lulu says it was a little tense, but no one pulled a gun. D’oh! Laura seems surprised that Valentin told Lulu, and I’m starting to doubt her sanity. Lulu asks what she was thinking. Laura says when she found out that they’d be sharing custody because Ava recanted her statement, something snapped. She wanted him to feel the terror that Nikolas did. Lulu gets it, and would probably have done the same, but tells Laura that from now on, play it smart. As much as she’d like to put the fear of God in Valentin, he holds the cards. She says to play nice. They’re stuck with him, and it’s not changing unless there’s a miraculous turnaround.

Valentin tells Ava that it will be the second time she changed her story, and she’ll be looked at as an unreliable witness. She’ll make her testimony officially meaningless. Why doesn’t she just enjoy the victory? Her face isn’t perfect, but it’s a vast improvement, and she has him to thank. Ava raises her hand to smack him, and he grabs her arm. Suddenly, heroman Griff appears, and tells Valentin to stay away from her.

Nelle sees Michael, and tells him that she’s picking up coffee. He says she doesn’t have to pretend he’s not there, and asks her to say hello. She figures she might as well. Michael leads her over to the table, and says that she wanted to stop and congratulate Bobbie. Bobbie snarks that she really shouldn’t have, and Nelle says this was a mistake; she’s going to leave. Carly asks Bobbie if she couldn’t have played it closer to the vest.

Valentin lets go of Ava, and Griff asks if she’s all right. He says he’s not going to let Valentin hurt her, and Valentin says that Ava attacked him. Griff tells him to leave or he’ll have security throw him out. Valentin says he just wanted to see how Ava’s procedure went. It was too bad she couldn’t stick around for them to finish. Valentin leaves, and Ava says that he’s a bastard, but he’s right. All she needed was one more treatment. Griff holds her.

Sam asks Jason what new career? He tells her that he doesn’t want to jinx it, but when he has something solid, he’ll tell her. Now he’s just an unemployed man with nothing but time on his hands. She asks what he wants to do, and he says that he might have some fresh ideas. They start kissing.

Patient 6 tells Huxley that he’ll let him stretch his legs. Huxley calls him a gentleman and a scholar. Patient 6 says he’ll have to tie him back up though, and Huxley says that it was just a misunderstanding; allow him to demonstrate. He sees that Patient 6 has no luggage, and he’s also traveling light. He tells Patient 6 to get his bag, and help himself to the contents. Patient 6 gets the bag and pulls out a London newspaper. While Huxley goes on about reading and Proust, Patient 6 looks at the date, and makes a soap opera face.

Charlotte gives Bobbie a picture that she drew of herself and all four of her “parents.” Lulu says it’s one, big, happy family, like she said.

Valentin brings flowers to Nina at the office. She asks if they worked things out. He says he doesn’t think that anything will take Charlotte away again.

Ava tells Griff that she thought she could change her testimony again, and make things right. She had her chance, and there’s no making up for it. Griff says he doesn’t believe it. She tells him that might work on his parishioners, but not with her. Some things can’t be undone, so stop acting like she can be saved. He’s wasting his time. He tells her that he has faith in her.

Carly tells Sonny that she has to talk to Bobbie. Nelle got the reaction she was hoping for when she was sure that Michael would see.

Michael tells Nelle not to take it personally, and she asks how she’s supposed to take it. He tells her that it won’t always be like this, but she’s already been through it with Zack’s family. They’re determined to think the worst. There’s nothing he can do to make it better.

Jason asks if Sam wants breakfast. She’s glad his appetite is back, but there’s no food in the house. She tells him that she’ll run to Kelly’s, and he can work on his surprise career, whatever it is. When she’s gone, Jason makes a call. He asks to speak to Julian.

Patient 6 says the newspaper date can’t be right. Huxley says it’s over a week old, but Patient 6 says that he’s talking about the year. Huxley gets excited that it might be a collector’s item. Patient 6 asks if it’s really 2017.

On Monday, Franco needs to tell Elizabeth something, Michael asks Sam for advice, and Huxley wonders what’s so important about a date.

I had to make a decision. Hell’s Kitchen or Once Upon a Time. Since it’s easier to catch up with Hell’s Kitchen, I went with the latter.

Once Upon a Time

Henry is leaving home. Operation Cobra is over, everyone has happy endings, and he needs to find his own story. There are endless possibilities, and he needs to figure out where he belongs. He rides his motorcycle through a portal, nearly colliding with Cinderella driving a coach. The coach ends up trashed, but as all fairytale princesses do, Cinderella falls into a bed of flowers.

In present day Seattle, Henry is a writer. A little girl knocks on his apartment door, and insists that she’s his daughter, Lucy. He tells her that’s impossible, but she says a curse changed his memories. She tells him that his place is a dump, and he says he didn’t write Harry Potter. Lucy tells him that the reason he’s not successful, is because he’s not living his own story. Her mother is Cinderella, and lives with other fairytale characters in Hyperion Hts. Her mother’s stepmom wants to get them out of the town, so they’ll be separated. Henry says that her mother has to do what they all do – save herself.

Hey, it’s Dania Ramirez from Devious Maids! Present day Cinderella, Lucinda, calls her fast food boss a jerk. He tells her to apologize, but she refuses. She quits her job.

Back in the day, Henry tells Cinderella that he’s from another realm. He asks if she doesn’t have a prince to find and offers to give her a ride on his bike.

Seattle Henry looks for his laptop, and finds a note from Lucy, who is holding it hostage until he meets her. He goes to a local bar called Roni’s. Roni is the old Regina. She tells Henry about how the neighborhood is changing. A woman named Victoria Belfry is buying up everything, and everyone is scattering. She’s going to sell her bar, saying that she might as well take the money. She says it looks like he’s had a day, and he says imagine if he walked in and said he was her son.

Henry shows Cinderella how the motorcycle works. She gets on back. She asks how her story ends; do they live happily ever after? He says there’s complications before that, and tells her about losing her glass slipper. She tells him that she doesn’t believe him. She knocks him off the bike, and drives off.

Lucinda is also Lucy’s mother, and comes home to find her gone.

Victoria walks into her office like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. She tells her assistant to find her granddaughter.

In olden times, the wicked stepmother has cut off the fairy godmother’s wings, and tells her that it’s a teaching moment. Her stepdaughter (who isn’t so ugly) wants to use the wand, but the stepmother tells her that magic isn’t power because it can be taken away, but fear lasts forever. She hands it to the stepdaughter, saying just this once, and the stepdaughter points it at the fairy godmother. She disappears, poof! in a cloud of smoke, leaving a pile of ashes. The stepmother says to have Cinderella clean it up.

Lucinda finds Lucy at a wishing well. She says that she doesn’t believe in it, and Lucy will just be wasting a quarter. Lucy tells her to give it time. Lucinda asks where she was, and Lucy says that she found her dad.

Lucinda goes to Roni’s with the laptop. She tells Henry that she’s sorry and it won’t happen again. He tells her that he was starting to wonder if he had a kid, but he would have remembered her.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Henry sees Cinderella at the ball. He’s less concerned about his bike, than the dagger she stole from him. She’s there to kill the prince, who took everything from her family. He killed her father, and she’s been sweeping floors ever since. He tells her that revenge is no happy ending. He knows where she can start over, and find her own story. She says that her father meant the world to her. Cinderella walks toward the prince. Henry gets dizzy, and falls to the floor. The waitress, or wench, or whatever she is, winks at him. The next thing he knows, he’s in a cave. The winking woman is there, and he calls her Alice.

In Seattle, Robert Carlyle (whose name we don’t know yet, but I’m glad to see is back) is sticking a guy’s head under water, and I get the impression it’s an interrogation. Alice tells him that there’s someone new in town, and she thought he’d want to know.

Henry asks about Lucy’s father, and Lucinda says it was a fling, and he’s not in the picture. She talks about a place across the water, where she and Lucy could live quiet, happy lives. She says it’s not much of a story, but Henry thinks it’s perfect. Victoria strides in, and Roni says it’s hers at midnight. Victoria says that’s not why she’s there, and tells Lucinda that day drinking is how she ended up with Lucy. Lucy needs stability, and will be moving back in with her permanently. Henry says he understands the Cinderella thing now. Victoria knows Henry’s name, and he wonders how. She tells him that in the real world, people get hurt, and if that happen, he’ll be sorry he came there. Alrighty then.

Henry’s car has been stolen. He goes to the police station to report it. The desk cop looks under his desk, and says, nope, not there. Officer Rogers (used-to-be Hook) comes out and tells Henry that some of them still care. Henry explains that he has to get out of there and his car is gone.

In olden tymes, Henry has some kind of vines holding him to the wall of the cave. He says the woman is Alice in Wonderland, and she says she’s from a lot of places. You take one crazy trip, and that’s all anyone knows. He asks her to get him out of there. She tells him that Rumpelstiltskin knows him. She says that she can’t help; it’s not his story, and when it’s not your story, bad things happen. When bad things happen, she’ll be far away. Alice tells him to forget Cinderella, but Henry says that when someone needs help, he helps them.

Henry sees Lucy, and tells her that his car was stolen. He asks if it was her, and she says of course not; she can’t even reach the pedals. He tells her that he’s going home, and she says that he is home. He says he’s not the one who can save her. She says that he always believed, and argues that the curse has blinded him to the truth. He says that he had a family, and they died in a fire. Lucy insists that she and Lucinda are his family. She tells him that no story is perfect; it just needs to start. Lucinda pulls up and tells Lucy that they’re going to live their story.

Just before the bridge, Lucinda’s car dies. Lucy says that the curse wants them to stay there. Lucinda says they’ll walk.

At the ball, the price sweettalks Cinderella. She says that he doesn’t recognize her. She pulls out the dagger, but she can’t do it. Surprisingly, the prince falls over dead, stabbed from behind by Cinderella’s stepmother. She says that Cinderella can never manage to finish her chores. She explains that he rejected her daughter. Then she calls for the guards, yelling that Cinderella has murdered the price. Henry tells her to take the bike, and starts a swordfight. Cinderella joins in, and gets in some licks in before she runs out the door. Very cool scene. I love a swordfight.

At the station, Rogers says they can’t find Henry’s car. Victoria interrupts, saying that Lucy is missing. Henry wonders if Lucinda can’t build a better life, but Victoria says not by running away. If Henry helps her, he can get his car.

Lucy doesn’t want to go. Lucinda tells her about having to live with her stepmom, and says they can have a fresh start. She understands Lucy’s belief in fairytales – life is hard – but this once, believe in her. Rogers pulls up, and Lucinda’s stepsister hops out of the car. Lucinda finds out that Henry squealed on them. Stepsis takes a book out of Lucy’s backpack and gives to Rogers to burn or use as evidence. It’s Once Upon a Time. He looks through it. He sees Emma’s picture.

Lucinda sees Henry. He tells her that the car has no damage, and nothing was taken; it makes no sense She says that life doesn’t sometimes, and hopes it was worth it. He says he didn’t ask to be dragged in, and she tells him good luck with his second book.

In the enchanted forest, Henry looks for Cinderella at the carriage. His phone sounds an alarm, and a portal opens. He moves toward it, and finds one of her shoes on the ground. He says that Operation Glass Slipper is a go.

Rogers makes detective. His new partner is Robert Carlyle.

Roni changes her mind about selling the bar. Victoria says they had a deal, but Roni says that Victoria’s stepdaughter inspired her by not giving in. Victoria loves pushing people around, maybe it’s time someone pushed back. It’s her bar, her home, and her life. It might have seen better days, but it can again. We see Lucinda go in and get her job back at the fast food place. She starts sweeping the floor. Roni says that she’s thought about what she wants to do and have, but she’s not doing and having.

As Roni talks, we see Henry going with flowers to where he thought there was a cemetery, and Rogers look at the book. Roni says that everyone has given up on better life. What if what they want is out there somewhere? Maybe they can fight for it, and be halfway to getting it. She says that things can seem hopeless, and suddenly someone gives them inspiration. Lucinda wishes at the well, and Henry starts to write – Once upon a time. Roni continues that the first step to a new beginning is imagining the impossible. She’ll be damned if she stands by and let’s a bully take that away from them anymore. Victoria says that she’ll regret it, but Roni says regret isn’t her thing. She slugs back a shot, and smiles.

Next time, Emma makes an appearance.

Z Nation

In Zona, everything is Stepford perfect. Until a guy drives right into a pedestrian, killing him. Several people get out of the car and gather around the body. One woman hangs back, and we hear eating noises. She slowly backs away.

Teller, Murphy, and Roberta walk down the street. Teller says it’s their duty to get Murphy out; things are changing. It’s no longer safe, and they’ve progressed to the point that measures need to be taken. A guy from the neighborhood tries to get Murphy to join a lawn game, but Teller steers him away. He tells them that it will all make sense eventually. Murphy is disappointed to be missing lawn bowling, and Roberta says that she liked him better before.

Soldiers arrive at a safe house in the middle of the woods with Lucy. They shove her into a cabin. One soldier tells another to get a scope on the vehicles. The convoy is close by.

At the camp, Sarge, otherwise known as Henry Rollins, says that the convoy is overdue, and they haven’t changed their objective or timeframe. One guy says they’re wasting resources, and are sitting zombie bait. Sarge wants to be proactive and find a solution. The convoy has munitions and supplies; without it, they’re at a disadvantage. He asks for a volunteer to come with them, and Doc and 10K say they will. Doc says they got nothin’ else to do.

In a warehouse hallway, Murphy wants to take a moment. He’s not too sure that leaving a life of limbo parties and martinis to go back into the zombie nightmare is a good idea. Teller says that Zona isn’t going to be what he knows for much longer. Roberta asks Teller what’s really going on. He tells her that there’s a helicopter leaving, and if they’re not on it, they won’t survive. Roberta asks with the hell, and he says that everyone who got the new vaccine is going crazy. There must have been something else in the blood. Murphy starts to hyperventilate, saying it must be mistake. He hasn’t had it this good since – he’s interrupted by a golf ball pinging through the hallway.

Mr. Spears, in a shirt, tie, and boxers with puppies on them, is playing golf. He greets Murphy, and complains that because Murphy missed the tourney, he had to partner with Beardsley, and he’s the worst croquet player. There’s a dead body next to him, and Murphy says he sees Spears has moved on. Spears starts to cry and repeat himself. He looks at them maniacally, and lifts his golf club. He runs past them, after another guy. Teller asks if they believe him now.

Sarge’s group finds the convoy. They get out of their truck, and canvas the area. The trucks are there, still full of supplies and ammo, but the people have vanished. I notice that Henry Rollins is getting old, then think, that makes me old. Dammit. 10K says it makes no sense. Sarge tells them they need to get the vehicles back to camp. Czarnecki gets shot by a sniper. 10K bellycrawls under a truck, and sees the cabin. He thinks he has him. Sarge asks Czarnecki if he can stand, but that’s a negative. He’s bleeding out.

Doc radios Red back at camp. He tells her that the convoy is gone. She asks for the coordinates, but only hears static. 10K tells her to stay put. She tells the previously worried guy that everything is fine. She finds Dr. Sun in the infirmary, and tells her that the group is under attack, but they got cut off. The vehicles had been abandoned. Sun tells her they can’t let the people lose hope.

Teller tells Murphy and Roberta that they need uniforms. Murphy doesn’t think this is the time to be concerned about fashion, but Teller says they’re only taking a few. If they don’t dress like military, the won’t be able to get on the helicopter. On the landing above, a woman chases a man with a meat cleaver. Teller says that it starts with mild dementia, and goes to homicidal psychosis. Murphy is like, that’s a jump, no in-between? Teller says that the blood contained contaminants, and within 72-hours, predatory madness sets in. Roberta asks if they’re infected, and he says they were the only two who didn’t receive it. Murphy is Murphy, and she was in a coma. She asks what about him, and he says let’s go. Now that she mentioned it, he doesn’t look so good.

While they’re getting uniforms, Murphy opens a freezer where there are bodies wrapped in plastic. He says these are his people; his blends. Teller says they’re the lucky ones. He tells them that they’re running out of time.

Czarnecki is losing consciousness. Lily wants to get him, but Sarge says he can’t afford to lose two. 10K says there’s one soldier shooting, but he saw movement; they’re not alone. In the cabin, Lucy and Addie duck down behind a table. Doc tells 10K to turn the cabin into Swiss cheese.

Sun tells Red that everything will be okay. Red says it’s hard to sit still, knowing what she knows. Sun tells her that hope is contagious, and so is the opposite. Red says that Doc told her the people disappeared, like no one was there. Sun says there’s nothing worse than not knowing. Red goes outside and tries to radio Doc. She sees something in the distance, and gets a really frightened look. Like really frightened.

Murphy sees a guy peeing in the hallway, and says that’s unpleasant. He, Teller, and Roberta come up behind two guards and attack them. Roberta gets slammed up against a wall, and she flashes to the acid rain wasteland in her mind. She smashes the guard in the head with a fire extinguisher. Teller gives them uniforms.

Sarge thinks Czarnecki has suffered enough. 10K gets a bead on him, but a bullet from the cabin hits the car he’s under. He fires back, and gets the sniper right between the eyes. One of the soldiers tells Addie to kill him or they’ll kill her. She goes to the gun, and communicates with Lucy. Both she and 10K look through their gun sights. I realize my mouth is open. They both shoot at the same time. The bullets meet each other perfectly in slow motion, melding into one another, and it’s awesome.

Teller, Roberta, and Murphy go to the Founder’s house. Someone is being eaten on the lawn. Roberta asks if it’s a zombie, but Teller says he doesn’t know. It could be something else, but he doesn’t know what. They have to get through the residence to get to the helipad. The Founder is sitting in the living room with two women, and asks what they need. Teller says to get to the stairwell. He explains that more men are needed, and he didn’t want to burden him with what’s happening. Things have taken a turn. The Founder says that he’s aware of the spreading of misinformation; it’s insidious and has to stop. Teller thinks he knows what’s happening, but doesn’t get the bigger picture, which makes him the most dangerous man on earth. He babbles about the most ignorant ten percent believing they have comparable knowledge to those around them, and don’t understand that they don’t know. Teller says they have to get on the helicopter.

Murphy takes off his helmet and steps forward. The Founder says he missed him at Bridge, and asks what brings him there. Murphy says a chopper ride, and the Founder says that he loves chopper rides. He’s concerned with Murphy missing the talent show, but Murphy says that’s not for a few weeks. The Founder remembers a previous show where they accidentally lit someone on fire, and says it was the most fun he ever had. This probably doesn’t come across as amusing as it actually was. The exchange sounded like actors doing improv while high.

The founder takes in some oxygen from his portable tank with the skull mask. He has big plans for Murphy, and wants him by his side at all times. Murphy wants to be there right, but now he has to go. The Founder says that he has no idea of what’s in store; the glorious things. In time, all be known, but first, the reset. Murphy backs away. The three go to the helipad.

The shooting continues at the cabin. Sarge says that they have to mercy Czarnecki, and asks Lily if she has a clean shot. On the count of three, the others shoot at the cabin. Lily hesitates, but shoots Czarnecki in the head. I say the eff word – he turned anyway. Doc is like, wtf? and Czarnecki goes crazy. 10K shoots him, and he ricochets toward the cabin. Doc and Addie both say, wth? at the same time, and Addie shoots him, and he reverses direction again. He’s like a pinball, bouncing back and forth. Addie sees that it’s 10K under the truck, and her cheek gets grazed by a bullet. Lucy runs to her. Czarnecki is still nuts, and Sarge tells the rest to fall back. Get in the truck and jet.

Addie tells Lucy to go, but she says no. Addie says that she’ll find her. Get to Newmerica. Lucy slams a soldier into the wall and runs, but she gets pulled back in. Addie fights off another guy, and pushes her thumbs into his eyeballs. Man, she is pissed. A soldier throws Lucy in the back seat of a truck. Addie feels Lucy leaving, and mentally tells her to find the others, not realizing she’s been kidnapped.

Sun wakes up and looks around. It’s quiet. She goes outside, and the camp is empty. I say wtf? out loud. She walks around the camp, but there’s no one anywhere. If there were tumbleweeds, they’d be blowing through. She looks in the tents, but nothing. An opening has been torn in the fence and she goes through it

Teller orders the elevator to go to the helipad. He says that Roberta seemed like she was somewhere else, something is triggering her visions, and interrupting her reality. He says it’s common. Murphy wonders what they’re doing – it’s the apocalypse for God’s sake. Teller says that his daughter is alive. The population has been depleted, but there’s a small group of survivors. Military personnel have set up a refugee camp. He gives them some directions, saying the helicopter will take them to the mainland. After that, they’re on their own. He’s staying behind. He tells Roberta not to ignore her visions; the unconscious is a powerful thing. He starts getting sick. Roberta asks if he took the vaccine, but he tells her to get going. Too late. He grabs Roberta, who  sees the wasteland.

She and Teller scuffle, in both real life and in her vision. Where’s Murphy? There he is. He shoots Teller in the back of the head while they’re struggling. Roberta says they gotta move.

Sarge gets back to camp. They come in at the ready. Doc says where the hell is everyone? 10K calls for Red. Doc says they’re gone. Lily says just like convoy. 10K runs out of the fence opening, and Doc yells after him.

Murphy and Roberta get in the helicopter. He asks if she believes Teller. He can’t feel Lucy. Roberta says she believes him. The helicopter takes off.

Addie picks up her spiky club, and continues through the forest. Barely.

Next time, a black rainbow, going east, and welcome back to the apocalypse.

👻  Ghost Wars looks promising. Meat Loaf is in the cast. I belonged to Meat Loaf’s fan club for a while, and got to go to a taping of a special he did for VH1 when Welcome to the Neighborhood was released. It was a lot of fun, but I learned never to wear black when you’re going to be in a crowd on TV. You will never be able to see yourself. I also met him once at a signing for the same CD. That wasn’t quite as glorious. He was gracious enough to agree to a photo, and my husband couldn’t seem to work the camera, despite Meat Loaf giving him instructions. I was mortified. He did put “love” before his autograph though.

💍 90 Days still on hold. Life gets in the way while you’re making other plans.

Quotes of the Week

I really didn’t feel anything when I heard Hef died. He started out as an innovator and was a very liberal guy. He was pro abortion, gay rights, marijuana. He was very ahead of his time and then when he moved from Chicago to Holmby Hills, he became just another dirty old rich man.Stefan TetenbaumHugh Hefner‘s valet

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi

I don’t care to try a chicken foot. – Chantel’s mother, Karen, 90 Day Fiancé






September 29, 2017 – Patient 6 is Good with a Paperclip, Z Nation Returns, So Does Hell’s Kitchen & Michael Berryman


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Alexis and Sam visit Jason. Alexis encourages Sam to get moving on her follow-up appointment with Dr. Bensch. Sam wants to reschedule, but Alexis and Jason won’t let her. When they’re gone, Jason looks at the postcard again.

Franco is nervous to return to the art therapy program. Elizabeth says he’ll be fine. She tells him good luck, and takes Jake to visit Jason.

In Russia, the nurse checks Patient 6’s vitals. Dr. Kline says he’s lucky to be alive. He tells the nurse that greed comes back to bite you. They offered him a fortune to keep Patient 6 there, but he’s more trouble than he’s worth. The doctor can’t wait to get him out of there.

Someone comes into Ava’s room while she’s sleeping. It’s Griff.

Patient 6 is being transported today, and Dr. Kline wants no trace of him having been there. When the doctor leaves the room, Patient 6 takes out a paperclip.

Ava asks why Griff is there, and he says to see her. He tells her that she has no idea how beautiful she is.

Kristina goes to Parker’s office. She tells Parker that her brother-in-law is awake. Parker says it’s amazing, and the family must be relieved. Kristina says that Molly will be missing a class or two. They go the extra mile for the people they care about, like she just did.

Dillon meets Kiki for lunch. He notes she ordered two lunches, but one of them is for Dr. Bensch, who suddenly appears. He has to jet though, and tells Dillon he’s welcome to the lunch.

Sam tells Alexis that they’re early, and Dr. Bensch isn’t available yet. She wants to leave, but Alexis says no, they’ll wait. Sam doesn’t like Jason being alone. Alexis says her sisters will be happy to help, but Sam doesn’t think so, and says on second thought, Jason could use some alone time. Alexis asks if she’s going to talk to Julien. She thinks somebody should tell him. Sam asks if that somebody is Alexis.

Griff picks up a hand mirror, and shows Ava her face. She looks normal again. He says she’s as gorgeous as ever. If only she worked as hard to heal her soul as she has her face. She wakes up.

Griff calls Anna. He leaves a message saying he narrowed the location of the clinic, but doesn’t have an address. Franco comes in the locker room. He tells Griff they reinstated the art therapy program. Griff asks if he’s been in contact with Ava, but Franco hasn’t talked to her. Griff says that she seems to be MIA, and Franco wonders why it’s stressing Griff out.

Dr. Kline asks if Ava is all right. She tells him that she’s just having bad dreams. He says the first procedure went smoothly, and wants her rested for the next. He goes to get her something to help her sleep.

Patient 6 screws around with the paperclip, trying to get the cuffs open.

I have an interruption, but don’t miss enough to slog through the pirated video online.

Jake goes to get something, and Jason tells Elizabeth that he’s doing well. Elizabeth says he’s strong, but they’ve been there for him. Jason asks if she means her and Franco.

Franco asks if Ava owes Griff money. Griff says that he thinks she’s in trouble, and Franco suggests he get a hazmat suit if he’s going to deal with her. Griff tells Franco that they’re friends, and Franco finds it hard to believe, since they’re polar opposites. Griff says like Franco and Elizabeth.

Patient 6 drops the paperclip, and I say bad words. Someone picks it up. It’s Ava, who just took a tremendous chance unless they have adjoining rooms.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he sees Franco got back in touch with his artistic side. She says the exhibit was old paintings, but he did get the art program back at GH. Jason says they’ll be living and working together now; so much togetherness. She wonders if Jason has a problem with that. Jake shows Jason some pictures he’s organizing. Jason asks if he’s missing one, and Jake wonders if he’s talking about the one he and Franco did together.

Franco tells Griff about giving the money from the exhibit to the hospital. Griff says the old pieces must have stirred up feelings, and Franco says he’s been talking to Elizabeth. Griff mentions the painting he didn’t want to talk about, and Franco starts to singsong, Griff and Ava sitting in a tree. Griff says he has confusing feelings, and Ava is halfway around the globe and hurting. Franco asks what he’s doing there then, and tells him to go find her.

Patient 6 works with the paperclip on the cuffs. Ava chatters at him, saying she can’t believe he can free himself with a paperclip, and he tells her that she should go. She says, and miss this? She’ll take her chances.

Sam tells Alexis that she hasn’t had a perfect scorecard with love either, and veers in the direction of danger. She wouldn’t change anything, but it hasn’t always been easy. Alexis says she doesn’t want Sam to make the same mistake she did with her children. Molly is the good one, but they haven’t always seen red flags. Look at Kristina.

Kristina tells Parker that she’s been bombing in her business classes, and shows Parker her latest dud paper. Parker says economics isn’t her forte, but Kristina says she’s not there for help. She thinks the universe is trying to tell her something. Parker suggests it’s to study more. Kristina thinks maybe she should focus on real world experiences. Parker wonders why she’s getting the feeling that it’s a done deal. Kristina says she dropped her classes. Now there’s no more obstacles preventing them from seeing each other.

Kiki wonders if Dillon is jealous, and he says who wouldn’t be. Dr. Bensch gets to spend massive amounts of time with her, and now he’s buying her lunch. She says it was a sandwich, but Dillon says fries were included – that’s huge. Kiki says she’s also busy with school, her study group, and him. Dillon knows if it weren’t for Dr. Bensch she wouldn’t be on the fast track, but wishes he was helping. Kiki asks how she would function without the foot and backrubs, and conversation about non-medical things. He says he’ll walk her back to the hospital. He tells her please, how could he be jealous of a middle-aged guy in scrubs. Ouch.

Sam tells Alexis that she’s needs to get out and join the dating pool. Alexis is like, no way, and Sam asks if she’s still holding a torch for Julien. Alexis says it’s more like a match, but Sam says the best thing to do is move on. There are a ton of eligible bachelors in Port Charles; pick one. Dr. Bensch shows up, and Sam introduces him. He says he’s already reviewed her stats, and she’ll be in and out quickly. She says that she wants to get back to Jason, and they make small talk about that. Sam tells Dr. Bensch that they’re thinking of having a party for everyone who had a hand in taking care of Jason, so he’s invited. She tells him he can bring his wife or girlfriend, and he tells her he’s single and straight. She says a handsome doctor who’s unattached; what are the odds?

Griff tells Franco that finding Ava is easier said than done. Franco asks if he has any idea where she is, and Griff tells him a clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia. Franco asks what’s the hold-up? Grab a Russian dictionary, and hop on the next flight. Griff asks what he’s supposed to do when he gets there, and Franco tells him to hit up every hospital. Someone will point him in the right direction. Griff says that he’s waiting for friend to call back, and Franco says he can wait in Russia and be productive, or wait here, wringing his hands.

Patient 6 finishes getting free from the cuffs. Ava can’t believe he did that. He tells her to go back to her room; he’s going home. She asks how he’s going to do that, and if he even has a passport. She tells him that they’re planning on moving him today. He hears someone in the hallway, and tells her to get out. He waits behind the door, and when the guard or orderly or whatever he is comes in, Patent 6 jumps him and they fight.

Jake brings up the picture of Jason and Franco, but Elizabeth says that wasn’t Jason; it was a neighbor boy. He looks a lot like Jason, but Franco explained that it couldn’t have been him. Jake shows them a picture of Jason as a boy on his tablet. Elizabeth says there’s a resemblance, and Jake says they could be twins.

Patient 6 and nameless guy continue to fight. Patient 6 finally knocks him out. Ava comes back out, and asks who the hell he is.

Sam asks Dr. Bensch to ease her mother’s fears about her health while she goes to change. Alexis asks a couple of questions, but he has the feeling she already knows the answers. She strikes him as a woman who does her research. She asks if she strikes him as a woman who lets her daughter run roughshod over her, and says he must know what Sam is trying to do. He says she’s trying to set them up, but he likes it.

Parker thinks Kristina is being impulsive, but Kristina says that doesn’t mean she’s making a mistake. Parker says that Kristina’s parents don’t like her as it is, now she’s dropped out of school because of her. Kristina says that wasn’t the only reason, and they’ll come around once they get to know her. Parker asks what if they don’t, and Kristina says that she’s an adult and makes her own choices. The business degree isn’t what she wants. She thought Parker had feelings for her, and wonders if she’s wrong.

Griff says that Franco makes good points. Franco asks if the conversation was actually helpful. Griff says it was strange, but it got him thinking. Franco tells him that from personal experience, the only thing worse than not getting what you want is not living at all.

Elizabeth tells Jake that it’s just a coincidence. There’s only one Jason, and there’s no one else like him. Jake says he’s like Jason, and Jason hopes in good ways. He asks how Jake’s therapy is going, and Jake says they talk about Star Wars. Jason thanks Elizabeth for bringing him, and says the next time, Jake will be able to visit him at home. When they’re gone, Jason looks at the postcard again.

Patient 6 cuffs the now unconscious nameless guy to the bed, and goes through his pockets. He looks into the hallway, and tells Ava it’s clear and to get out. She tells him there’s a ton of security between there and the front door. He says he’s not going that way. She says that she doesn’t even know his name, but good luck, whoever you are. He thanks her and says that he owes her. She leaves, and he fiddles with his mask.

Parker tells Kristina that she’s not wrong. She has strong feelings, but education is important. Kristina says the timing isn’t right. Parker doesn’t want her to regret what she’s doing, but Kristina says that life is short. Between business and love, she’s picking love. Parker asks if she’s free for dinner. Kristina says she is, and Parker says it’s a date.

Jason stares at the postcard, and looks at the phone.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth and Jake how the visit went. Jake informs him that people can hear you when they’re in a coma. Elizabeth asks how Franco’s first day back was, but he says he’s just getting started. He asks Jake if that’s true what he said about being in a coma. Jake says that his father said he could hear him, he just wasn’t strong enough to talk back. Franco flashes back to talking to Jason, saying if they’re connected to wake up and tell him who he is, so Franco can figure out who he is, and why he’s done what he’s done.

Franco’s phone rings. It’s Jason. He says he’s been awake for almost two days and Franco hasn’t visited. He’s disappointed. He asks why Franco doesn’t come over right now.

Ava is back in her room, looking at a magazine, when Dr. Kline comes in with something to help her sleep. He tells her that success can’t be rushed. She’ll realize when they’re done, and she’s back to her old self. He gets a message that it’s time to transport Patient 6.

Griff leaves a message for Anna that he’s on his way to the airport, and if her contacts come through, to call him. Kiki says she was totally eavesdropping. He says that he wanted to see her anyway. He’s going after her mom. She asks if he’s found out where she is. He tells her not the exact location, but he’s narrowed it down. He says it’s better than waiting and doing nothing. He’s done trying, now he’s going. She asks how he can help, and he asks if she speaks Russian. That’s a no, so he tells her to hold down the fort and pray. Kiki tells him if he finds her mother – he says when – to tell her that she loves her.

Dr. Kline finds the guy cuffed to Patient 6’s bed. He makes an announcement that Patient 6 is on the loose. Everyone should be on the alert. Do not let him make it outside.

Patient 6 runs through a hallway and busts through a door. What do you know? Ta-da! It’s Steve Burton. Like we didn’t know this.

On Monday, Michael accuses Nelle of lying, Jason wants to know why Franco visited him in the ICU, and Paitent 6/Steve Burton/ real Jason (?) needs a favor.

Z Nation

Two years later. Roberta watches as zombies suddenly catch fire in a wasteland. Acid rain starts to come down, and her face melts. She screams.

Roberta wakes up inside of a cocoon in a laboratory. She pulls a tube out of her mouth. Her hair is blonde. Thanks to HDTV, I can see every pore on her nose. She gets up, dressed like a futuristic go-go dancer, in a white crop top and shorts, with little transparent boots. Her hands shake. She strolls around, and picks up a hammer. She walks out to the hallway, and rounds a corner. She sees a child who screams at her. She sees the acid rain in her mind again, and faints.

Roberta opens her eyes to find Murphy standing over her, looking like a normal person. She tells him he’s looking dapper, and he says look who’s back in town. He thought she was dead. He asks if she’s okay, but she’s not sure. He tells her that he’s been cured, and she is too. The bullet that passed through him, hit her. She asks where they are, and where everyone else is. He says she’s been in a coma a long time. She tells him that she was having some weird dreams, and asks how long she’s been out. He tells her for two years. Roberta asks about the others, but Murphy says they didn’t make it. I don’t believe it though. He helps her up. She says she has to get out of there, but he says there’s nowhere to go. There’s nothing left but rotting Z’s.

They get in an elevator. The elevator opens into a park, and Murphy welcomes Roberta to Zona. He tells her they made it; they beat the apocalypse. She can’t believe the rest are all dead, but he says things got so bad in the old world, they’re probably better off. He misses them, even 10K. He tells her that she owes enjoying her life to everyone who didn’t make it. She tells him that she needs to change, but he tells her that it’s Thursday, and clothing is optional. He’s right, because we see two nakey people walk by. Roberta says she hasn’t known the days of the week in years. Murphy gives her the tour.

Murphy tells Roberta that they have all seven days, like when it was pre-Z. They have everything except zombies and the clap, which they eradicated. They stroll through the town, and everyone says hello to Murphy. He tells Roberta that they have tennis, golf, and other recreational activities, like real people, and everything is free when you’re with The Murph. Roberta rolls her eyes, and he says he can’t help it if they owe him their lives. She asks if the vaccine worked, and he says of course. With his blood and the best lab money could buy, what could go wrong?

He takes Roberta to the Giant Museum of Humanity, where they saved what they could, the best of the best of humanity. There’s everything from an Elvis suit to the last case of pop rocks. Roberta sees her reflection in a display case, and touches her hair. She wanders into the hallway, and a guard asks to see bar code. He looks on her wrist, and talks into his radio, saying that there’s a possible unvax. Murphy says she’s with him and introduces her as General Warren. The guard apologizes, and she says that she just woke up from a coma. They continue to walk, and she’s surprised that Murphy made her a general. He says he wanted to make sure they took good care of her.

All dressed up, Roberta and Murphy get into a self-driving car. He can’t wait for her to meet The Founder. He saw it coming before it was coming, and saved what’s left of civilization. He saved humanity, at least the richest of them. She asks what about the rest of the planet, and he says it’s too late. They have a small boat, and can’t save everyone.

A guy runs through the forest, chased by zombies. We see Doc (told you), who has a beard down to his waist, and looks like Moses. He says, now is the time for all good men to kill some puppies and kittens, and mercies the zombies by wielding two hammers. He says it’s a beautiful sight. 10K pops out of nowhere, and head butts him before he realizes it’s Doc.

Up in a treehouse, Doc sits with 10K and Red. 10K says he could have killed Doc, but Doc says it would take way more than a head butt to bring him down. He tells 10K that it’s a nice set-up. It’s been almost two years since they’ve seen each other, and Doc says time flies when you’re killing Z’s. He wants to talk to them about a place called Newmerica, a safe zone in Northern Canada where there are no Z’s. 10K is skeptical, but Doc says it feels right. He tells them that the US government is involved (again, what could go wrong?), and they’re trying to get to the north before snowfall. There’s a waystation refugee camp for survivors. 10K says they have a good spot already. Red says he’s the first human they’ve seen. Doc thinks they might not get another chance, and looking at his beard, asks for a pair of scissors.

A woman is trapped in a car with a zombie, while two men are outside. One has a gun, but he says there’s only one bullet. Another car pulls up, and it’s Addie and Lucy, both rocking a punk-type look, with Addie sporting an eye patch. Addie tells them they’re there to help. Addie gets the woman out of the car, and Lucy calms the zombie. One of the men thanks them, and says they’re going to Newmerica. The other man shoots the zombie. Lucy asks why he did that, and he says it was their mom. The people drive off. Lucy asks Addie if she’s sure she wants to go, but Addie thinks they don’t have a choice. Lucy says, Zona; time to jet. Hey, she used my word.

Murphy tells Roberta that The Founder is a cool guy for being called The Founder, He tells her not to let his appearance frighten her. Really? What could be scary after fighting zombies for years? He used his own blood for the first vaccine, and failed. Not everyone has Murphy’s corpuscles.

OMG! The Founder is Michael Berryman! I love him! Murphy introduces Roberta, but he says everyone knows General Warren. He forgot how beautiful she is. He kisses her hand, and says they’ve met before. He tells Roberta that they all owe her undying gratitude for delivering The Murphy alive. She says it wasn’t easy; half the time she wanted to kill him herself. The Founder takes a breath from his portable oxygen tank. He says she’s funny too. They’ll want her in the gene pool. He says he’d like for her to meet his friends.

The door opens to a group gathered around a dining table. The Founder says he’d like to introduce a hero’s hero, and his new best friend, General Roberta Warren. They all stare at her. The Founder starts to clap, and they follow his lead. The applause gets faster. It’s a weird Stepford-like moment.

At the refugee camp, Dr. Sun directs some workers, and tells some new people to stay within the parameters, especially after dark. A woman complains to a guard that they’re Z bait. He tells her that they take everyone’s welfare seriously, and he thinks she needs a hug. He hugs her, and she calms down. He tells her that human contact is important. He feels better now; how about her? She says if he tries it again, she’ll shoot him. He says, fair enough.

Doc, 10K, and Red arrive at the camp. Dr. Sun hugs them, and asks what happened to Doc. He says that 10K thought he was a Gandalf zombie and coldcocked him. Then he has to explain The Lord of the Rings to 10K.

At the dining table, Murphy says there’s no one more badass than Roberta. One time she chopped the head off of a mutual friend. She says he was already dead, and they barely knew each other; Murphy exaggerates. The Founder tells her that there’s no need to be humble. Roberta says now that they’re cured, they need to learn how to fight. Murphy says not him. Zona is Z free, and his traveling days are over. The Founder tells her that if reports are correct, the last of civilization is in Newmerica. They’ve clawed their way back, and will do it again. He tells her it’s time for renewal, and making way for a new world. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and he feels fine. They can’t wait another decade for the last Z to die of starvation. The moment is here. The window of opportunity to save humanity is closing. They have the shield of the vaccine and the sword of wisdom. It’s time for a reset. Everyone toasts to a reset.

Addie drives like a maniac, trying to shake someone following them. They’re nearly creamed by a huge ball of zombies rolling through, but it misses them and rolls into the car behind them. Addie laughs, and Lucy tells her that it’s not funny; a zombie could have been hurt. There are two soldiers in the car, and the zombies go nuts banging on it. The windshield breaks.

A woman makes small talk with Roberta. The Founder says that he heard her two favorite things are chocolate and killing zombies. He had his pastry chef make a special dessert for her – a chocolate volcano zombie head cake. Murphy tells her that the brains are cherry custard. Roberta cuts into it, and flashes back to repeatedly stabbing a zombie. When she comes back to reality, all of the guests are covered in chocolate and cherry, and she’s destroyed the cake.

Red talks to Sun about the treehouse, and how she hated to give it up. Sun tells her it’s hard to let go of a shred of security. Red asks if she thinks Newmerica is real. She does, but also thinks maybe people need something to believe in. Sun asks Red about 5K. Red says they’d finally made it – we see this as she’s talking – but 5K fell down a hill and was surrounded by a huge flock of crows. When they flew off, 5K was gone. She hopes to see him again one day.

In the car, Murphy tells Roberta that she knows how to make a first impression. Roberta apologizes, and says she has to get out of there. Her hand shakes, and Murphy asks if she’s okay. She says something is wrong with her, and she has to go. She jumps out of the car, and starts to run, avoiding the guards by hiding behind trees. She sees a golf cart, puts on the boots she finds in the back, and rips her gown to make it shorter. She drives the cart to the lab. When she walks inside, a guard tries to stop her, she puts some martial arts moves on him, and he’s down. Ditto the next one. In her mind, she sees the wasteland. She sees a large metal gate with a sign that says zombies beyond this point. She lifts it up, and it opens to the ocean. Guards come up from behind her, and take her away.

Roberta is strapped to a gurney and riding in some kind of medical vehicle, like a rolling examining room. Murphy is there, and she asks where she’s going. He tells her she could have killed the guards, and she can’t go around killing things like she used to. She tells him that he doesn’t understand, and he says to enlighten him. He tells her that she’s the one who doesn’t understand. There’s no one left to save but themselves. He asks her not to go PTSD on him, when this is the first good thing to happen since day one.

Doc gives 10K a box of ammo. 10K asks him what if it sucks, and Doc tells him that life is a crapshoot. He’s young. He might even want to start a family. 10K says that Red doesn’t want children after what happened to 5K. He tells Doc a different story, and we see it differently as he’s talking. When they were searching, they saw this huge black cloud of crows at the bottom of a hill.  They thought they saw him standing in the middle. When the flock cleared, they realized he’d sacrificed himself to save him. We see his clothes and a bloody mess. Doc tells 10K that for not being blood kin, 5K was a lot like him. 10K asks if that’s supposed to make him feel better. Doc says nope. I love Doc. He reminds me of my father.

Another stopped car looks like they’re in trouble. Lucy wonders why everyone in such a hurry to get to Newmerica. She and Addie walk toward the car, but suddenly Lucy tells Addie to stop. She says there are no Z’s there. Instead, it’s a group of guys with guns.

At the camp, a guard tries to contact Rolling Thunder One on his radio, but there’s no answer.

Lucy and Addie are tied up in the back seat. Lucy tells them to let Addie go; she’s the one they want. Using her thoughts, Addie tells Lucy to leave them alone. Keep her eyes on her, and be ready to move. Addie scratches at her non-eye, which I guess is so we can see it. It’s gross, but far from the worst thing on this show.

In her mind, Roberta walks through the wasteland. She sees a control panel, and is about to press a button. IRL, her hand starts to shake. In her dream, she looks up and sees a gigantic stingray (the fish, not the car) floating through the sky. The vehicle stops. Murphy tells her to wake up. She tells him to get her out. He starts to unstrap her, when the door opens. Murphy recognizes Dr. Teller. The doctor tells them to come with him. He has no time to explain.

Back at Zona, one of The Founder’s dinner guests wears a protective suit while he messes with a zombie hand in the lab. It starts to disintegrate until it’s only bones.

Next time, Murphy says it’s not good.

🔪 This time around, Hell’s Kitchen is pitting 16 All Stars – those who did not win in their season, but were still winners in their own right – against each other. The prize is being head chef at Gordon’s Las Vegas restaurant, which pulls in a salary of a quarter of a million dollars. There were a lot of flashbacks from the previous seasons, highlighting the various contestants. The first challenge was a men versus women thing, and the men won. They got to go down a sky slide made of glass from seventy stories up. Which may or may not be your idea of a win. I don’t have the names down, but one of the guys was pretty frightened, and I don’t blame him. He did it anyway, and my hat’s off to him. It did look like fun, but I’d be scared out of my mind. Afterward, was dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, and Wolfgang himself was trotted out to greet them. The women got the thankless tasks of cleaning up from the initial opening of the contest. This consisted of taking down the bleachers, taking up the red carpet, and best of all, picking up the zillion pieces of confetti that were dropped. Robyn, who got a one out of five, sinking the ladies’ team, consulted her tiger eye, telling the group that it answers yes or no questions for her. One of the other women made a great point in saying that she guessed Robyn didn’t ask about the salmon. <snort> They should vote her off just for thinking she hears from a tiger eye. Next time is an elimination.

Quotes of the Week

Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all – in which case you fail by default.J.K. Rowling

For to be free is not merely to case off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.Nelson Mandela

Did you hear about the two guys who stole a calendar? They each got six months. – a character in the Lifetime movie, Break-Up Nightmare, although probably pretty old.

In Honor of Tonight’s Z-miere

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Michael Berryman

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September 24, 2017 – MJ Issues an Ultimatum, Miles of Zombies & a Puppy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Construction is happening at MJ’s condo. Since she came back from Israel, she’s been thinking about how Mike said to quit using her father’s illness as a reason not to move forward. Her designer brings in a vision board. She says it’s condo first, then baby and marriage. A little out of order, but it all needs to happen. Reza comes by. He’s shocked that his bitching didn’t fall on deaf ears. He tells us beige and messy bitches don’t go together, and tells MJ to pick a color, any color. She picks the worst one. She picks something else, and he okays it. He’s staying out of the design part, but will supply cheap labor – i.e. free. MJ says it’s probably the most responsibility she’s taken on in her life. She tells Reza that she needs some real food, and wine.

Mike brings shoes to the regional manager if Shoe Palace. I’m not familiar with that chain, but he tells us that they sell a lot of shoes, and he’s thrilled to be meeting with them. The manager tells Mike that he says no to small brands 99% of the time, but likes to keep his ear to the streets. And maybe get free advertising for his stores. In his interview, Mike always thought of himself as the breadwinner of his future family. We flash back to him talking to Jessica about creating the shoe line. It didn’t work out, and his motivating factor is gone. He shows the guy teeny tiny shoes for kids, and explains that they’re both premium and dope. The manager says he’s never seen anything like it, and thinks they can make something happen. They bro hug. Mike says it’s bittersweet, since he should be calling his wife, but he’s calling his mom.

Annalise is at Shervin’s unpacking. She says she’s getting professional at it now. She talks about moving in. In his interview, he says it’s a risk on her side, and a responsibility on his, but when they spend time together, the relationship deepens. Zzzzz… He thanks her for not believing the bullsh*t. MJ comes by, bearing a poinsettia. She hates that all her friends wake up in the morning, tell lies, go to sleep, and start over. In particular, Asa and Shervin. She needs the naked, ugly truth. She says she wants to talk to Annalise one-on-one, but Shervin is there, so fine. She just comes out and says that she thinks Shervin cheated on Annalise.

In her interview, MJ says that Shervin is controlling, and wouldn’t let her talk to Annalise privately. Since she’s about to pack up her life in Australia and move in with him, MJ wants her to know. She says he’s like a kid in a candy store when she’s not around, but Annalise says she believes him since he’s never lied to her before. She appreciates MJ saying something, but they don’t understand how open and honest he is. MJ thinks Shervin has been working on her. She hopes that Annalise isn’t being Stepford and having tunnel vision. She says that Annalise is choosing to believe Shervin is honest. Shervin says that in the end, the truth always comes out. In his interview, he thanks Tara for the rumor that brought them closer together. Oh boy, I can’t wait for the reveal, because yeah, the truth always comes out.

Reza meets with Mike at the barbershop. Reza says that Mike is more gay in the grooming department than he is. Mike tells Reza about his blind date with Pursia, a Persian rapper. He says they went dancing and had frozen yogurt, but he’s not seeing her again. He still feels guilty about not making his marriage work. Reza says talk to any of them, but don’t talk to girls he’s dating about his ex-wife. He says Mike needs to close the book, not just the chapter, so he’s not stuck in purgatory.

Shalom comes by GG’s place. She’s picking out clothing for her trip to NYC. She’s still shocked that they want her for the play. She tells Shalom that her mom is impressed with him. He says family comes first, and people need to forgive and forget. She says anyone who can put up with her family and friends is a keeper. She makes broad hints about getting a ring. She tells him that in return, he gets the MVP. Most Valuable You-Figure-It-Out. In her interview, she talks about wanting a family, and how the nannies will take care of the kids.

Reza’s new blind cat is called Miss Moo. I love it! MJ visits, and he gives her some tequila. He’s been writing a play, and hands her a copy. He says it’s a passion project based on his two grandmothers and if they had planned his wedding. He says it takes place in a gay café. He has MJ read the part of the Muslim grandmother. He says that he grew up in a household where it was like the two sides were at war with each other. Going to Israel was a life-changing experience, and he wants to share his knowledge with others to spare them the same pain. He says GG might be doing something way off-Broadway, but this is going to be better.

GG is in the city being Carrie Bradshaw. She gets to the theater and meets the director, her scene partner, and some of the crew. She’s never acted before, and says that she freaked when she saw the script since it’s half the size of the Bible, which is highly doubtful. She’s memorized her lines, gone to acting class, and gotten a hearing aid, but might still suck. She says the last time she worked this hard at an accomplishment, was when she tried stealing her parents’ car at sixteen.

MJ takes Vida to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel for lunch. Vida thinks the waiter talks too much and that MJ looks tired, so we’re off to a great start. MJ tells Vida that she wants to get pregnant. Vida says maybe Tommy doesn’t want to be a father, but MJ says he won’t do it if he doesn’t want to. Vida asks if she can make sure he doesn’t ignore the baby, and if she’s willing to take that risk. MJ says that Vida is one of the reasons she kept many men at arm’s length, but now that she’s met the man she wants to make babies with and grow old beside, she has to stand up for herself. She tells Vida that it’s time to accept and support her choices. Vida says she knows what’s best for her daughter, but MJ says she thinks not.

Mike whistles for Reza. Reza says he’s not Mike’s dog, and Mike calls it a Persian doorbell. They’re going to paint MJ’s place, but Mike is only in it for the free pizza and beer. Reza says whether they like it or not design-wise, they have to be nice. He’s all about moving forward today.

When they arrive, MJ says they’re covering the floors first. Reza points out baseboard dirt. Mike pretends a crudité is his dool. Shervin walks in, and Reza asks how many friends MJ invited. MJ says she didn’t invite Asa, and Reza says they have an acquaintanceship instead of friendship. In his interview, Reza says that Asa doesn’t understand the rift, and isn’t going to change her mind or apologize. MJ says that at this point in their lives, they need to lean on each other, and there’s no point in having a friendship if they can’t be honest. Destiney comes in, and everyone has shots. Shervin messes up, and hits the ceiling with his paint roller. Then everyone starts painting weird things on the wall. Reza puts paint on the couch, and MJ tells everyone to chill.

Shervin says it’s not cool about Asa, and doesn’t want to be in the same boat. He tells them that he screwed around before. Mike says, lamest admission of guilt ever. Shervin is sorry for lying, but he’s scared of commitment. Mike asks if he told Annalise, but he says no. In her interview, MJ wonders who isn’t lying. Destiney asks if he did it in the house, and he insists he didn’t. Then he says he did, but he wonders what difference it makes. In her interview, Destiney says that Annalise is giving up her whole life for him. She thought he was a classy dude until she got to see the real Shervin.

Shervin says it’s none of their business. Mike says that for a woman, it’s like their sanctuary, where they lay their head. Vida enters the fray, and is like, omg, what a mess, and freaks over the literal writing on the wall, where Reza has added a cartoon dool. This causes everyone to actually go to work. Tommy comes home, and is surprised that it’s coming together. Reza points out the ovulation sticks lying around. Vida asks if MJ is sure about Tommy, who tells her that he’s like herpes – you can’t get rid of him. That reminds me of the dog in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. She was named Herpes, because if she’s good, she’ll heal. BA-DUM-CHH! In her interview, MJ thinks once Vida is holding a baby, she’ll change her tune. MJ says she’ll buy Vida’s retirement, so she’ll be available to babysit. She writes Vida a $100K check, and says if she gets pregnant, to cash it. Vida doesn’t want anything to do with it, and MJ starts crying. Tommy says she’s an emotional nut, and kisses her. She’s also drunk as a skunk. Why do we say that anyway? She tells Tommy that he’d better get her pregnant.

Reza asks what’s going on, and MJ says everyone is making fun of her emotions. She thinks everyone should be supportive. Reza says they are, and Tommy says her mother isn’t Donna Reed. Then he has to explain who Donna Reed is. Vida leaves, since she’s done her job and made MJ cry, and MJ asks Tommy if he’s sure. He says they need to prepare, and it’s not as easy as she thinks. People typically do it at twenty, not forty. Reza tries to talk to her. Tommy tells Mike that she feels like she has a gun to her head because of Shams being ill. She tells Reza that she’s going to get pregnant, and Tommy should be begging to be the father. Tommy says neither of them have healthy lifestyles, and he doesn’t want to leave a child without a parent. In his interview, he talks about his mother dying when he was a teenager, and how he couldn’t cry. He felt like the worst person. He loves and misses her every day. MJ says it’s now or never, and she’ not allowing cold feet. Tommy says the problem isn’t cold feet.

Reza tells Tommy that he made his girl uncomfortable and upset, and please make her not that way. Tommy asks how many shots she’s had, and she says that she’ll get pregnant by another man. In her interview, MJ is also unreasonable, saying  that him not telling her that he’s sure is like he’s lying. Tommy says that he wants to make sure the baby never wants for anything. He starts crying, and so does she. He brings up his mother, and says that he felt alone growing up, and doesn’t want that for his kid.

MJ asks if Tommy has been crying, and for whom. Reza says that it’s time to exit, and tells them to make some babies. Destiney says her heart is crying. She asks Tommy what the problem is, and he says he wants to make sure they’re around for the kid. She wants to know if what he says is real, and he tells her that he’s been nothing but honest; he’s had reservations from day one. He wants to make sure they’re ready to be good parents, and live a healthy lifestyle. He grew up without anybody, and he ran his whole life from it. If he had a great day, there was no one to tell. He’s going to make me cry pretty soon. Tommy says it’s not her or him, and there’s more to it than both of them loving each other; that doesn’t mean they’re prepared. MJ says his mom died; her dad is dying. Should they not die? She starts getting loud, and he gets louder. He says that he doesn’t want to fight. She says that she’d rather have a baby with someone who doesn’t have a problem with it. She tells him now or never, and he says, then it’s never. In her interview, MJ says she needs someone stronger than this. She says she’ll be an amazing mother, and Tommy needs to be about his truth – that he’s really full of sh*t. I have empathy for her, but she needs to see that he’s telling her the truth. They aren’t ready.

Tommy says she’s right. He’s a piece of sh*t, and a liar. He’s not going to listen to this nonsense. She didn’t listen to him, and pissed on what he had to say. That doesn’t make him want to have a baby. MJ tells him if he told her that he smoked way too much or she needs to stop drinking, he’d have a leg to stand on. I think, but isn’t that what he was saying? She says he’s in a pickle now. (Really, she said that.) He has two choices, sh*t or get off the pot.

MJ tells him to get off the pot, never call her again, and just bounce. Destiney says it wasn’t supposed to go down this way. In her interview, MJ tells us that no man can hold a candle to her dad, and thank God for him; she still has him. She tells us that the lesson of the day is don’t get fooled by the weak. What MJ needs isn’t a baby. She needs therapy to help her get through this tough time. It’s heart-breaking, but she’s going about this all wrong.

Next time, Mike’s divorce is finalized, the gang goes to NYC, Adam and Reza discuss surrogacy, and GG goes nuts on Shalom.

Fear the Walking Dead

Troy kills a rattlesnake and writes in his journal. Tastes just like chicken. He must have been on the road a while, since he’s pretty grubby and has an almost beard. He thinks about the gun. He sees the scalped guy in the chair, whose name I forget, from when we first met Walker. He wanders around and goes inside a warehouse. He goes through what’s there, and finds a bunch of cans that are either cat food or I don’t know what, but it’s not deviled ham.

He sees a plaque that says God helps those who help themselves. The wall behind it opens to reveal a gun and some ammo. He buries the scalped dude, and writes furiously. He sits in the chair where the dude was and plays with the gun. I guess he’s thinking about killing himself, but with him, it’s hard to tell. He hears zombie noises, and shoots the gun in the air. He smiles.

Nick and Crazy Dog are out in the fields. Nick pikes a zombie. Crazy Dog says the cattle are going to die soon from lack of water. Jake tells Alicia that they had 400 head once, and it’s not even a ranch anymore. He didn’t think it would bother him so much. She says they’ll start over, and if they live long enough, she’ll get him more cows. She says it’s livable, and they can’t say that about any other place. Jake thinks there are more places like this. He tells her about a cabin near the border that would be fine for two people. Everything he fought for is gone. She says they’re lucky to have what they do, but he says it was supposed to be more.

Ofelia tells Crazy Dog that Jake is weak, but she has to gain their trust. He says that Nick is already in the middle. She asks if he trusts Nick, and he says everyone does. Nick and Alicia have a smoke on the deck. She tells him he looks like sh*t. He says he killed a man, and now he’s sleeping in his house. She says he killed an evil old man to save them, and he says he did it so Madison didn’t have to. He’s concerned about Troy, but she says he doesn’t owe Troy. They share the same self-destruction. Nick says maybe he’s just as sick.

In bed, Nick hears sounds outside the cabin. He gets his knife, and looks around. While he’s on the balcony, Troy sneaks up behind him. Nick tells him that he can’t be there, but Troy says here he is. He doesn’t want to sit down or he’ll pass out; he’s on a mission. He says Nick saved him in his own way, so he’s here to return the favor. He says there’s a beast in the desert with nothing to keep it from growing, and it’s bigger than he can imagine. Troy says there’s a third way, and locks the sliding door, leaving Nick on the balcony. He tells Nick that he needs to listen. The whole place will be obliterated. He needs to see it; it’s beautiful. Nick tries to get him to unlock the door, but he won’t, so Nick runs in the front.

Alicia suggests going outside the ranch, and pumping water in. Jake says that’s what her mom and Walker are doing. She’s concerned about not hearing from them, and Jake says they need a plan B. Everyone is always talking about a plan B on this show, but nobody ever has one. Alicia wonders how Jake can talk about leaving. She’s fighting for this place, and they’re staying. She doesn’t want to worry about him, and he tells her she’s released from her obligation. She says that’s not why she did it, and he asks who she’s actually fighting for? She seemed lost when they arrived. He thought he’d taken advantage of her, but wonders if it was really the other way around. He asks if it’s a relationship or alliance, and if that was the plan all along.

Nick comes to the door. He tells them that Troy was there. He wanted to warn them about something coming, and wanted them to see what it was. Alicia thinks he’s baiting them. Jake says he warned Troy not to come back, and now he has to face him. Nick tells Alicia that he’s responsible, and someone has to look after her boyfriend. Alicia gives Jake a gun, and says she did it for him. He’s the last good man she knows. He and Nick drive away.

Nick says that Troy could have killed him, or hurt any of them, but he didn’t. He thinks that Troy came to warn, not harm. Jake tells a story about finding a rabbit skinned alive. He put it down, because that’s what you do when something is lame or sick. He doesn’t think Troy is going to get better.

Suddenly there’s a cloud of dust rising in the distance, parallel to the road. They stop the car and get out. Nick radios Alicia. All she hears is infected. The dust clears, and there are a billion zombies crossing the desert. They see Troy walking out toward them. He looks up.

Alicia tells Ofelia that Nick and Jake are in trouble. She thinks that they came across a horde. Ofelia wonders why they were alone; there’s safety in numbers, and it’s protocol. Alicia tells her that Troy snuck in and warned Nick. She says they need to stop it, but Ofelia asks how do they know it isn’t an ambush?  Alicia says they don’t, but she trusts Nick and Jake.

Out in the desert, Nick asks for a minute with Troy. Jake doesn’t think he’s coming back, but Nick wants to try. Troy says it’s a cleansing. Nick says he’s not in his right head, and Troy agrees he’s a little punchy. He says they love loud noises, and cocks the gun. He says he loves that sound, the way some love a ball hitting a bat. This is evolution and Darwinian. Nick says it’s murder. Troy asks if he wants to go there. It’s eviction or extinction. Jake asks him not to make him do it, and points the gun at him. Troy shots the gun, and Jake throws him to the ground. He smacks Troy around, and tells Nick to go; it’s time to evacuate.

Troy says there’s one road in, and one road out. It’s time to face the monsters. Jake tells him that rabbits scream, like human beings, but he still protected Troy. Nick tells Jake if he pulls the trigger, he’ll never forget it. Troy hints about Nick having shot Jeremiah, but Jake says he doesn’t care what Nick did. Jake is about to shoot, when Nick kicks him out of the way.

The group at the ranch watches as the zombie horde approaches. Nick and Troy slide down the hill toward the horde. Some stray zombies are already close, and Jake gets bit in the arm. He asks Troy how long before it spreads, and tells him to do it, meaning cut off Jake’s arm. Troy hesitates, so Nick does it himself.

Crazy Dog asks Alicia what’s going on, and she tells him that Troy told Nick and Jake that something was coming. Crazy Dog wonders if it’s something that’s out there or something be brought. Ofelia says he’s not helping. The guy with the beard, whose name I don’t remember, says they’ll need guns and bullets. Crazy Dog gives Ofelia the keys to where the arms are stashed.

Troy holds Jake in the truck bed, while Nick drives. Troy insists that there’s no ranch to go back to. We can see zombies for miles.

Crazy Dog directs the trucks and RVs to be driven making a barricade. Ofelia asks if it will stop them. He says they’ll hunker down behind them when the zombies go past, and asks if she has a better idea. Nope. He tells everyone to move, and they all run around. The horde gets closer.

The zombies arrive, and everyone is lined up behind the vehicles with weapons. The zombies hit the barbed wire, because they’re too stupid not to run into it. No way could they kill this many. Nick watches through binoculars. The RVs start to rock, and then zombies start crawling out from underneath them. Holy! The ranch people all whack at them, and pike their heads, with various weapons as they come through. Nick is like, this isn’t good. Troy says that Jake was the one who wasn’t supposed to die. Nick tells Troy to put him down. Troy says that he wanted Jake to see what he’d done for them. Nick grabs Troy, and says, look at what you did; that’s you, and throws him down. Nick radios Alicia. Troy tell Nick to kill him, and do what his brother should have. Nick kicks the gun over to Troy, and tells him to kill himself.

One of the RVs is about to tip over. Alicia says it’s not going to hold. Once it gives, everyone will die. The RV gives way, and Ofelia says, let’s go. Yep, that’s it. The zombie horde is in. Nick looks sick, and I’ve been making noises since Jake got bit.

Everyone is slicing and dicing, and stabbing, and shooting  Alicia tells everyone to go into the pantry. Oh no! They grabbed bearded guy. Alicia tries to shoot the zombies, but can’t get a bead on them. Bearded guy has a gun and tries to shoot himself, but the gun doesn’t go off, so Alicia shoots him in the head. Then the dead feed on the dead. There’s lots of running and craziness.

Jake opens his eyes – which look really cool, more like the Night King on Game of Thrones, than the usual creepy zombie eyes.

Alicia’s gun is out of bullets, and she just goes nuts whacking at the zombie. Ofelia hammers them in the head. Omg, these guys are totally surrounded. Crazy Dog even head butts one of them. They manage to free themselves, and lock themselves in the pantry with the others. The zombies scramble around the door outside.

Troy stabs Jake in the ear. He says he needs some sleep. Nick says they need to find a way to save the people he tried to kill. He can sleep when he’s dead. Hey, that’s what I always say.

In the pantry, everyone listens to the zombie sounds from outside. Alicia looks frazzled, and hyperventilates.

Next time, Nick blows stuff up, Crazy Horse says they’re all going to die together, and Alicia is attacked.

😴 I need to call it a night, so I leave you with this…


Waving good-by to the Weekend

September 17, 2017 – A Shah Thanksgiving, Daniel Gives a Dam & Pick Your Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Mike wants to look for a new house, but Reza thinks he should be focused on girls and dating. He thinks Mike is being shady. Mike says it’s hard to pick up the pieces after five years. Reza asks if he’s divorced, but Mike says almost. In his interview, Reza says that he circled the date on his calendar with red Sharpie, and now he finds out that Mike isn’t divorced yet. He asks if Mike is holding out hope, but Mike says no. Reza thinks he should test the waters; it’s like riding a bike and falling off. Sometimes you have to get back on, and sometimes it’s just a practice ride.

GG goes to a sex shop. She’s there for a class. In her interview, she says there are certain techniques she’s not comfortable with, and she needs some knowledge for the play she’s in. She plays a librarian who needs to unleash her passions. Adam joins her. They talk about Asa, and GG wonders why Asa wants to hang around people whom she doesn’t trust. She’s getting tired of talking about caftans. Class begins.

Hang-ups are discussed. GG is given some suggestions. Adam keeps making silly comments. In her interview, GG says that she never thought that she’d need to know these things for any job. I could make a bunch of jokes here, but it’s too easy.

MJ and Reza go to the LA Mission to help feed the homeless the day before Thanksgiving. I did a soup kitchen in NYC one Thanksgiving when I didn’t have to travel until later, and I highly recommend it. Everybody even got three cigarettes on their way out the door if they wanted. I thought that was a really cool extra, but this was the 80s and I guess people wouldn’t think so today. Reza and MJ have been doing this for years, but in the past few, Reza has gotten the others to join in. Mike laughs about the Jewish boy cutting up pork. Asa asks MJ to help with her hair, which startles MJ, since they haven’t been very friendly lately. Reza jokes about getting “crab salad” in his crotch from a hot tub (just the topic for the kitchen), and GG thinks he said he has a jacuzzi in his garage. The hearing aid isn’t coming fast enough. Destiney asks if Asa’s parents have ever pressured her to get married. She says no, but MJ thinks that’s not typical of a Persian mother.

GG tells Shervin that she’s reluctant to see her sister on Thanksgiving. Shervin commiserates, having people like that in his life. GG says she wants to make peace for her father’s sake, and wants to mend things so they can co-exist. Shervin says that she’s coming from a good place, so go for it.

Mike and Asa meet at a Persian bakery. Mike is trying to Persian the Thanksgiving holiday up a bit. He asks how Asa is feeling, and she tells him about having insomnia. She says this is the happiest thing in her life, but since she’s shared about it, they haven’t been supportive. Mike says it’s genuine concern. He thinks she’s focused so much on it, she’s projecting on to everyone else. He brings up MJ bawling in a restaurant over her father dying, while Asa was taking snaps of the food. She claims she didn’t hear it. Mike thinks she’s become the queen of deflecting. I’d like to add obliviousness to that. He tells her about the practically immaculate conception she’s having, and she asks where this is coming from. He tells her that Reza said something, and it’s messed up if she had IVF and didn’t share that. In her interview, Asa says Jermaine is private, and she keeps private out of respect for him. Their relationship is off-limits. Mike tells her that he’s just the messenger.

GG tells us that looking back, a lot of her problems in school were because she couldn’t hear. Teachers thought she was ignoring them. Her parents and MJ accompany her to get the hearing aid. Audiologist Dr. Sweet comes brings GG in to get the devices placed in her ears. GG says that when she speaks, it sounds like there’s a speaker in her ear. The doctor wants to do some tests, and this time she gets 100%. GG says she sees herself in a more accepting and loving way now. In her interview, she gets choked up about being able to hear.

On Thanksgiving at Shervin’s house, his mother demonstrates how to deal with a pomegranate. He tells us that his mom definitely approves of Annalise. In her interview, MJ says that even after her parents divorced, they still celebrated holidays with family. This is the first Thanksgiving she’ll be without her father, who’s still in the hospital. She asks Shervin if things are cool with Annalise, and he acts like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but suggests MJ stay out of it. In her interview, she thinks Annalise should know what’s going on, but Shervin “Corleone” thinks he’s the Godfather.

Asa says she and Thanksgiving were a match made in heaven, even though she only discovered it when she moved to America. Reza and Adam join her family for dinner. Asa says her doctor told her to stay away from negative energy and stress. She tells them her back still hurts from chopping at the Mission. In her interview, she says there’s an elephant in the room, but she still loves Reza.

GG arrives at Shervin’s. She and MJ get ready together. Mike shows up next, with Vida right behind.

Asa and Reza do some lemon picking in the backyard. She tells him about talking to Mike, and says that she’s sad. Ever since she’s been pregnant, it’s been one harassment after another. She tells Reza that Mike told him about what Reza says about IVF. He tells her about the conversation that he and MJ had. Asa says she’s hurt because he didn’t say something. He hates himself for getting twisted up in MJ’s pain, and says he never spoke about them going to IVF at the same time. He wanted to tell MJ that she could talk to Asa. Asa says sorry MJ was hurt, but it’s not her fault. Reza says he’s most upset about being forced to pick a side, and he’s damned if does, damned if he doesn’t. In her interview, Asa says that she didn’t expect this from Reza.  She says she can forgive and move on, but never forgets.

Tommy arrives bearing a covered dish. Vida discusses MJ’s bra with her, saying it’s not the one she approved. Tommy tries to deflect, saying they both look beautiful. GG talks to Annalise about Shalom out on the patio. She asks if Annalise ever feels scared. Annalise says even if things fall apart, she always thinks there’s a lesson in it. In her interview, GG says that Annalise is ready to pack her bags and move in, while Shervin is still fooling around. She tells Annalise that there are rumors going around.

MJ joins the girls outside. When he sees them talking, Shervin tells Mike that GG is disrespecting his house. Mike tells us it’s a whorehouse when Annalise isn’t around. Shervin jets outside. GG asks how the gossip doesn’t cause fear for Annalise. She asks when Annalise gets to that screw you I’m moving on point, and Annalise says that she doesn’t let anything control her life; she controls her own life.

Shalom wanders in, along with GG’s parents. GG says part of her was hoping her sister would be with them, but they tell her that Leila couldn’t make it this year. Well, that’s weird, since she just walked in.

Shervin makes a little speech, thanking everyone for sharing the day with them. GG says she’s thankful to Shervin for opening his home. She thanks Leila because it’s her father’s favorite holiday. She begged her to come, and is thankful and grateful that she did. I know I sound repetitive, but the food looks fabulous. And like no Thanksgiving I’ve been to, including the buffet at the Ocean Place hotel.

Leila goes outside for a smoke. Shervin follows, and she asks if he believed that. She says GG isn’t sane, and she doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. It’s just a show for her parents. Mike joins them, and she says she’s just doing her parents a favor by being there. Mike doesn’t think she has the right attitude, and she calls him a jerk. In his interview, he says he’s been friends with the family for 21 years. GG was always the child who got the attention, whereas Leila was self-sufficient, and that makes her jealous. Mike tries to talk to her, but she keeps calling him a jerk. He says he’s livid, and asks if she can’t put her bullsh*t aside for the day. Everyone is outside at this point. MJ says that Leila is having the conversation with Mike that she should be having with GG. GG ends up outside by herself.

Asa is getting hangry. Everyone sits down to dinner. Reza says It’s a bad ass turkey. Apparently so, since the thermometer comes flying out when he begins to carve it. In his interview, Reza says that normally, this should be a joyous occasion, but someone pulled the rug out from under their friendship. Asa doesn’t understand that her actions have affected the group. Reza feels like everything is telling him to go home. He says all that matters are the people you have in your life.

Leila points out that GG took eleven days to thank her for a ride home from rehab. GG claims that she messaged the next day. She says that she’s trying to be peaceful, so why is Leila doing this when she’s trying to make things right. Leila says that GG devastated her and her son, Jordan, when they gave her ride from rehab. It’s explained that Jordan had asked where GG’s booboo was, and mean big sister Leila said it was in her head. GG suggested Leila has the same booboo (ha!), and I guess that didn’t sit too well with her. Well, she should have kept her mouth shut. GG starts getting loud about how hard she’s trying, and says no more bullsh*t, and Leila laughs. I’m getting the real dynamics now. I used to think Leila got the short end of the stick. And she has, but she’s old enough now to stop using it as an excuse to be nasty to a younger sibling who has problems. GG is also able to hear now, which I’m sure will make a difference.

Leila starts getting weepy, and wants to leave. Outside, GG tells Shalom that this was a bad idea. He tells her that she has to be the bigger person. She says that she tried. Shervin tells her to take the high road. She’s gone through a lot to realize it’s not her problem anymore. It’s Leila.

A game of backgammon is going on inside. GG is a spectator, and her mom suggests that Leila sit and play. She plays a round with Shalom. In his interview, Mike says he’s seen it a thousand times. Eventually, they’ll be old, grey, and tired. They’ll look back, while they’re watching their grandkids play, and realize that they missed out, but it will be too late.

Next time, GG is worried that she’s going to ruin the play, MJ talks to Annalise, MJ’s friends renovate her apartment, and MJ and Tommy argue.

Fear the Walking Dead

Walker drives the truck down the highway toward Tijuana. He asks Victor what they’re looking for, but the background music is so loud, I can’t hear the answer, except for it’s some kind of sign. Wtf?

They see an accident with tons of zombies wandering around. Victor makes the car remote beep, and throws it out the window and the zombies follow the sound. Why is the background so effing loud? Is this just with my TV, or is it a technical issue at the network? Walker drives forward, pushing cars out of the way with the truck.

They arrive at what looks like a used car lot, with lines of vehicles everywhere. Victor closes the gate behind them just in time. He says, there she is, and Walker is like, this car won’t get us anywhere, but Victor tells then they can get to the trading post and back this way. He pushes the car over, and there’s an entrance to a sewer tunnel underneath. He suggests that they hold their breath, and goes down the ladder. Walker says he’s not following him in the dark, and Madison tells him to either trust her or go back empty-handed. She follows Victor, and Walker reluctantly follows her.

This can’t be the worst these three have smelled, even though they act like it. For Pete’s sake, there are dead people decaying everywhere, and you can’t take a sewer? Victor leads them through the tunnel. We hear zombie noises, and through a grate, see them walking above. Walker tells Madison that Victor is lost, but Madison says to trust him. I think that’s what she says, because there’s still this background noise and their voices are echoing. Were the boom people off on this day? A few zombies amble out, and they head in the other direction. Walker says they need to get out. Victor finally admits that he’s lost. They move to another tunnel, and it’s like Let’s Make a Deal, except with tunnels instead of curtains.  Victor sees the symbol he’s been looking for above one of the tunnels, and Walker states the obvious – the zombies are behind them. They move forward into the tunnel on all fours. At the next connection, Madison finds herself face-to-face with a zombie clogging up the entryway. Walker hands her a pointy tool (sorry for the technical term), and she bashes the zombie’s head in. She chops away at him, since it’s the only way they’re going to get him out of there. Walker looks all sick like he’s never seen violence before. I think back to when he was introduced, and wonder why he’s making that face. Madison passes the head to Victor, who passes it to Walker, and I laugh. Victor helps Madison get the rest of the body out, and water rushes in.

The water truck comes back to the dam. Efrain yells at Daniel for shooting first at a group of people attacking them for water. He says that Lola will hear the truth. Daniel sees someone moving and shoots, thinking it’s a zombie, but it’s Victor. Madison comes out behind him, and says thank God he’s alive. She asks if Daniel remembers what happened. He nods, saying he’s better now, and asks about Ofelia. Madison tells him that she’s still alive. He asks how he can believe her with Victor at her side. She tells him that a man found Ofelia, and saved her; now they all live on a ranch. They’re in trouble and need his help. They need water. Walker has also come out in the open, and Daniel leads them to the dam.

He tells them to wait; he needs to speak to Lola first. Wow. The three of them look out onto the lake, and there’s lotsa water here. We look through the office window, where Daniel is talking and gesturing. Madison tells Walker that she’ll handle the negotiations; they already have a relationship. Walker says that she hasn’t seen Daniel in some time, but Madison knows he’ll help. They go into the office. Madison tells Lola that their camp is running out of water, and they can offer cattle, food and guns in trade. Lola says sorry, but she has no water to spare. Madison doesn’t get it; they have a lake. Lola says no soup water for you! Madison tells her that she knows they got set upon just today, and they’re under attack. Lola says no trade, but they can stay the night.

Daniel fingers his wedding ring. Lola comes in, and Daniel tells her that Ofelia lives with them. Lola asks if he believes them, and he says that Madison has never lied to him. Lola understands if he wants to go, but needs to know now. Daniel says that Ofelia is safe, but Lola isn’t. He made a promise, and is going to fulfill it. He’ll stay. Ofelia thinks he’s dead, so maybe it’s for the best. They’re talking in Spanish, and although the sound finally evened out, I wish I’d had subtitles at the beginning.

Walker accuses Victor of thinking everything is funny. The Walking Dead could use a character like him. Abe was kinda, sorta like that, but they killed him off. Victor tells Walker that there’s no tragedy without humor. Walker says that if they can’t make a deal, the ranchers have to go. There’s not enough water for both of them, and the Nation comes first. Victor asks what about Madison and the kids. Walker hopes she doesn’t regret her decision, and they end up back in the desert. Screw this guy.

Madison tells Lola that she’s sorry that Lola is afraid because of what the people will think. Lola says it’s difficult enough. If she trades with the gringos, there will be bloodshed. Madison says that sometimes a leader has to show force to get respect. Lola says she can’t lose the trust that she’s built. Madison tells Lola that she has two kids, and a ranch full of people begging her to help. Lola says that Madison is trying to save her children, but she’s trying to save her city. She tells Madison to bring her family there. They’ll be safe as long as she’s in charge. She says it’s a rare leader who does right by everyone. Madison says that it’s impossible.

Efrain is working on a patient with a wound. Victor asks if he can help. Efrain says that Daniel calls Victor the snake. Victor asks if he thinks the Daniel’s shooting was justified, and Efrain says no. The people are thirsty and scared, and Daniel is paranoid. Dissatisfaction leads to dissent, and dissent to revolt. Victor says there are those who want chaos. Efrain says violence breeds violence, and he thinks the river should flow to the people. Victor asks what about when it dries up, and Efrain says the rains will fall again. He says it’s too much power for one person. Victor says, uneasy is the head who wears the crown.

Daniel approaches Walker in the cafeteria. He appreciates what Walker did for Ofelia. Walker says that Daniel raised a brave woman. Daniel asks what she does, and Walker says she walks as a soldier with him. Daniel says that he didn’t raise her to be a soldier, but Walker says she’s a hero to them. They were about to attack a heavily armed camp, and she gained their trust, then poisoned them. She saved their lives. Daniel says, but she did it by taking other lives. He’s not liking it, but I’m thinking the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Madison tells Victor that Lola keeps forcing everything to stay together, and keeps falling apart. Victor says maybe she wasn’t meant to stay at the ranch. She tells him about Lola’s offer, and he says she wouldn’t have to worry about water, and she’d be safe. She isn’t willing to sacrifice that part of herself, but doesn’t know what will happen if she doesn’t get the water. Victor says that she always finds a way to protect her kids. She says that they’ve already sacrificed too much. Victor asks if they were removed from the picture, what would she want? She says been too long since she thought about that, since before they were born. Victor says that would be the late 80s – what would permed Madison want? Madison says to listen to Cheap Trick in Birmingham. The ranch is closest to what she knows, and where she wants to be. He asks if she’s sure. She asks what future he sees? He says one where he doesn’t fail his friends.

Lola wants to bring the people some water. Daniel says they were attacked last time, and she says they should bring it, so there won’t be a next time. Daniel tells her that another group will take their place. Even if this group sees the good they do, they’ll always be some who are unhappy. They’ll be the ones without weapons or ammunition, who can’t defend themselves. She says they’ll be killers, like him. He says he killed for her, to guard her soul and life. Efrain says the people fear him; he wants revolution. Daniel says it’s a good thing. First, they’ll be hit in the streets, then they’ll get inside, and hang them from the walls. He says they’re not sustainable. Lola tells him that if he doesn’t believe in what she’s doing, he should leave. He says they’ll do a water run this afternoon

Victor watches as the truck is loaded. Daniel approaches. He doesn’t know what Victor is thinking, but he sees Victor’s serpent brain coiling around an idea. Victor pretends like he doesn’t know what Daniel is talking about, and Daniel says if what he’s thinking benefits both of them, he’ll look the other way. If not, he’ll be in Daniel’s sights. He sings, down with the water queen in Spanish.

Seeing him walking out, Madison asks Walker where he’s going. He asks why she has a hard time honoring her word. She lied and cons the ranchers. They have to leave the ranch. There is too little water to share. She asks if there isn’t another way, and he says they can leave in peace or be forced to go. She begs him not to do this; they won’t survive. He tells her that he’s as angry at himself as he is with her.

Daniel tells Madison that he tried convincing Lola, but it didn’t work. She saved his life, and he can’t abandon her. She’s in this position because o him. Madison asks if he can’t leave or can’t face his daughter? He tells her that Lola is in danger; Ofelia is safe. Madison tells him that she needs her father, but he says she’ll always be his daughter no matter what that man had her do.

Victor watches as zombies crowd the gate. Madison tells him to make it by nightfall. He tells her wait for it, and the water delivery truck blows up. Water for everyone! And zombies on fire.

People come running out. Madison pikes some zombies. Efrain wonders if it was an accident, and Daniel says that was no accident. Lola realizes that they’ve been trying to keep the dead out, but the next attack will be by the living. A crowd of live people is coming up the road, chanting that they want water. The gate is quickly put back up and locked.

In the office, Lola asks how many guns they need. Efrain says that violence will consume her, and accuses her of taking the devil’s deal. She says the people will still get water, but the dam will be protected; she thinks it’s the best solution. Daniel writes something on a paper and gives it to Madison like it’s a real estate deal. Lola asks if the ranch can provide it. Madison says they need ten thousand gallons of water a week, and a tanker that they’ll drive back to show good faith. They make plans to meet at the trading post.

Victor gets in the truck, and Madison thanks Daniel. He says it’s a good thing. He tells her to be careful; a friendly face can slip a knife in your back. Victor comes back, holding out his hand to Daniel, saying, adios. Daniel says no adios, he expects to see him in five days with his daughter. I say, please don’t eff this up, to no particular character.

Victor gets back in the passenger seat. He acts like he doesn’t know anything about the truck blowing up, but Madison tells him to cut the sh*t. She asked and then received. It was a little trick he learned, although he had doubts it was going to work. She thanks him. He says that she would have done the same, but she says she’s not so sure.

They see Walker on the road, walking. Madison asks if he’s thirsty. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him smile before, but he is now. He gets in.

Next time, Nick worries about being like Jeremiah, Ofelia gets in trouble, and Troy finds a stash of canned goods – and a gun.

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September 10, 2017 – Asa’s Latest Art Project & Twice the Fear


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Shervin goes to a cigar store. There is discussion about cigars that I don’t understand, and he joins Mike in the back for a smoke and some whiskey in mason jars. Shervin brings up Tara, saying she’s crazy, and he never touched her. He claims they just went for drinks, and he dropped her off and went home. Mike laughs. Shervin insults Tara again, asking why he should want a Ford when he can get a Ferrari. Bleh. Mike says he’s been through the same thing. In his interview, he says Shervin has it all figured out, which is exactly what he thought about himself when he cheated on Jessica. He says if you build your relationship on lies, it eventually becomes a blurred reality, and when the truth comes out, it will destroy everything he’s built.

GG has a part in an upcoming play (Sex Tips for a Straight Girl from a Gay Man), and meets with an acting coach. He says it’s good she hasn’t had classes before, since there will be no bad habits to break. She explains about having a hearing loss. She says she can hear certain pitches and not others, and sometimes everything blends in. He has her read from a scene. He tells her to take her nervousness and use it. In her interview, she says she’s looking for something that gives her a rush that isn’t drugs or sex, and has always wanted to dabble in acting.

Reza and Adam go to the fertility clinic to check out Reza’s test results. In his interview, Reza explains the procedure, and I go ♫ LA-LA-LA! ♫ The doctor brings in the results, and tells Reza he got an A+. Adam has some abnormally shaped sperm in the sample, and the doctor says that he might want a do-over. Adam claims it was hot the day before. Huh? The doctor says it’s time to think about egg donors. Reza tells him that they want to get settled in a house first.

MJ and Tommy take the dogs to the park. They check out the ducks in the lake, and MJ gets excited over seeing a turtle. She says even though it’s been full-time hospital duty, she needs Tommy to get her pregnant. He says he’s putting his hard hat on and doing his best. She says seeing the “no” come up on the ovulation stick is like a knife in her heart. She tells him about Asa freezing embryos, and insisting she didn’t use them to get pregnant, and lying by omission. She wonders what else Asa is lying about. Tommy thinks there’s no reason to be friends with her.

Asa shows her mom the footage from Israel that she’s editing. She’s excited about an event she’s planning where she’s going to share her spiritual experience. In her interview, she says it was so precious; she wishes everyone had as an enriching experience as she did, but they’re not as elevated. She does an introduction for the film about co-existing peacefully. She hopes the others will be inspired, and let go of the petty bullsh*t.

Mike is doing a photo shoot with a load of babies for his new shoe line. The way he describes what he wants sounds like the old United Colors of Benetton ads. He says he’s optimistic, but babies don’t sit still and pose. Hopefully, out of thousands of pictures, they can get ten they can use. Mike’s mom shows up to support the project. In his interview, Mike says he’s 100% a momma’s boy, and his mom’s validation means everything. He knows she’s thinking about being a grandparent. He understands that men don’t have biological clocks, but is concerned he’ll be an old man by the time he has kids.

GG goes to a hearing clinic to see an audiologist. She explains that she was born with a problem, but it wasn’t noticed until she was around ten, and she became adept at lip reading. They give GG a hearing test like we used to get in school. She hasn’t told the director about her hearing issue, and is worried about hearing the other actors’ lines. The tests show 28% hearing capacity for low to normal pitches, and the doctor suggests discussing hearing devices. In her interview, GG explains that when she was younger, she was already teased for being Middle-Eastern, so she tossed out the hearing aid she had. She tells us that everyone has pushed her to be a better person, but now she wants to do it for herself. She makes arrangements for a new hearing aid, which these days, is practically invisible.

Asa says that she’s a refugee from Iran, so by default, she’s a political artist. The venue looks beautiful – outside, with tiny white lights on the trees, small tables, flowers everywhere, and a screen up front. Hey, there’s Paris Jackson! I forgot that Asa’s boyfriend is Jermaine. She doesn’t want to complain about being pregnant, but she complains non-stop. She feels alone, and wishes her friends were more loving toward her, even though everyone keeps asking what they can do.

Tommy thinks MJ should cover more of her cleavage. He says she looks fantastic, but he doesn’t want her showing the world. She duct tapes her dress to herself. Reza comes by, since he’s going with them. In his interview, he says they’re still living in squalor and it looks like a dump. He points out some hand-painted glasses that he gave MJ, saying that she put them the dishwasher. He asks if they have any kind of plan – there’s not even a sink in the bathroom. He asks Tommy if the baby is going to sleep in the bathtub. MJ says her father is ill, and she’s not moving at micro-speed.

Shervin arrives at Asa’s event. He tells GG that he feels like she played both sides of the street with Tara. He thinks she’s twisting his words. In his interview, he brings up her history of lying, and we flash back to when she said she’d seen a sex tape with Reza in it. She tells him that she doesn’t care what he does, but it’s not cool to call her a liar. He claims he just met up with Tara at a bar. In her interview, GG says he’s backtracking, and she needs for him to be real. She tells him to say what he wants, and let God be his judge.

MJ tells Reza about freezing her eggs, but doesn’t really understand how the procedure worked. Reza explains it, and Tommy says the fact Reza knew more, probably means that MJ should pump the brakes a little. She talks about Asa going to the same doctor. Reza says Asa had confided in him that she was getting egg retrieval at the same time MJ was, and now he’s in a weird position. MJ tells him that Asa lied to her. She says she thinks that Asa is lying to everyone. Reza says from the time that Asa said she was pregnant, something didn’t sit right with him. In her interview, MJ feels it’s a deep level of deceit, and doesn’t know what could be a bigger f-u in life.

Reza says he just let the cat out of the bag. An uncomfortable situation that he was in the middle of, just turned into DEFCON WTF? He wants to respect Asa’s privacy, but she paints a façade of everything being perfect. He understands how MJ feels, since it seems deceptive. A champagne tower is poured, and there’s also a very nice spread of food. In his interview, Mike says he never knows what to expect at Asa’s art shows. Mike gives her a pair of teeny tiny shoes, and she gets baby gifts from several other friends. Reza says MJ looks glazed over, and feels like it’s his fault.

Asa introduces the film. The project is called Our Future. Roll the video. In her interview, MJ says for the past six years, they’ve been supportive of Asa’s art. One year Asa is this, and one year Asa is that, and she’s not faking it anymore. She’s tired of pretending that Asa is a protégé, when she’s really a master bullsh*tter.

Destiney says that Asa comes from a place of healing and love. MJ says she sounds that way, but she lied to them about getting in vitro. GG thinks if someone isn’t giving you what you need, that’s not a friend. Asa realizes that something is going on. She tells MJ that to take her focus off of what she finds wrong in Asa’s life. MJ says that Asa asked a million questions when MJ was going through the process like she never went through it. Asa says she doesn’t trust MJ. In his interview, Mike says that Asa will act like you don’t know what you’re talking about to the point where you believe it. MJ says she’s never done anything to Asa to be treated this way. GG says that MJ feels hurt and tries to intervene, but MJ walks away. Tommy follows her, but she tells him to leave her alone. He says Asa is her good friend, and she tells him to STFU and keeps walking.

Next time, Reza questions Asa’s friendship, GG talks to Annalise, and GG tries to reconcile with her sister.

Fear the Walking Dead – Two Hour Premiere

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

A song, Death is Not the End, plays while zombies amble around, and everyone goes about their various chores, whether it’s pumping water or killing zombies. Jake is coughing, and Alicia asks if he’s okay. He tells her that it’s worse in the morning, and he just needs coffee. Troy and Nick go out on a mission. Madison wanders around. She goes into Jeremiah’s office, and goes through the desk.

A convoy is on the horizon. Nick and Troy head back to the ranch. It’s Walker and his people. Walker shakes hands with Jake, and brings in his trucks. Jake leads a small group to the supply area. Troy doesn’t want Ofelia coming in, since they’re in this position because of her. Jake insists they’re going to accept everyone, and Troy backs down. Walker asks how many feel like Troy, and Sam admits that most of them do. Jake shows Walker the gun inventory. He gives Walker a key, saying that he has the other one. It’s like a safe deposit box – they need both keys to get to the arsenal.

At Jeremiah’s grave, Nick asks if Troy is okay. He says no, he wants to dig him up and kill him again. Nick says he saved people, but Troy says he was a drunk. Nick tells Troy that he lost his dad too. He wrecked his truck on the freeway. The cops said he fell asleep at the wheel, but Nick thinks he chose death. Troy talks about closed caskets, so people don’t have to witness what remains.

At the dam, Daniel tells Lola it’s dangerous out there, but she says she needs to face it.

Walker’s people are patted down. The guys don’t like it, but it’s what Walker and Jake want. Madison asks Alicia about Jake, and tells her to take care of him. Alicia isn’t happy about the treaty with Walker.

Daniel and Lola give out water from a truck. Someone yells that they’re coming, and everybody runs around like crazy. Some zombies head toward them.

Jake holds a meeting. He says their path has been hard, and everyone has suffered loss, but they can’t dwell on it and need to move forward. They can’t hold grudges if they want a better future. If they share supplies and skills, they can have a future and be whole in a generation. Walker says both his people and theirs are equally afraid of one another. He says they must forgive. His grudge died when Jeremiah made his sacrifice. Fear turns into fury, and they need to give that to the outside.

Nick visits Ofelia. She’s glad he survived. He asks if she feels guilty, but she says not as much as she thought. She’s her father’s daughter. She asks what about him, and says they’re not so different.

Walker asks Madison about Troy, and if she’s really in charge. Troy accuses Jake of sleeping with the enemy, since Alicia killed Gretchen. Like there was a choice. Jake says they were at war, now they’re not, so get it right. Troy makes discontented noises to the others.

Walker buries the relics, and Alicia approaches. He says she can join him. He says he never told his people what he did, and it’s best they don’t witness it. The dead should stay buried. He tells her that he wants peace, and she tells him to look to Jake for that, not her mother. He says her mother does what’s necessary.

Madison goes through some files in Jeremiah’s office. At the canteen, Terrence pulls out a gun, and starts shooting. One of Walker’s people puts him in a headlock and squeezes the crap out of him. Walker tells him that’s enough. In the infirmary, Alicia says that Terrence’s sternum is crushed. Walker asks what if others follow his example, and wonders who spit poison in his ear. He says he doesn’t believe in guilt by association, but his people are important. He wants the other key from Jake. He tells Jake not to test him, and Jake says they’re here because of Jeremiah. Don’t test him. Madison tells Jake to give him the key. Jake says they’ll be prisoners on their own land, but she tells him that it’s better than the alternative, and he hands it over. Weapons are gathered from the people on the ranch.

Madison tells Nick that he’s not obligated, but he thinks he is. They go to Troy’s place with a few of Walker’s men. He’s told that they’re keeping the peace, and Madison says they need to search the house; they need his weapons. He says what about his safety. Nick says he doesn’t want to die on his doorstep, and Troy lets them in. He sits at the desk, saying this is where Jeremiah died, and he had to burn the blood off the wood. They’re about to search upstairs, and Troy pulls out a gun, telling them to get out. They back out, but Nick stays. Madison asks Walker to let her talk him down. She says she can fix this; it’s her son.

Troy says he’s going to do what his father should have. He says it doesn’t work like this; they’ll all regress and can’t live in harmony. Nick says everyone just wants to live. Troy shows Nick a cache of weapons, and says this is how it was always going to end. He doesn’t want to die like his father did. Nick says it’s not what Jeremiah wanted, and Troy asks why he cares. He gives Nick a gun. Madison comes to the window, and tells Troy this isn’t the way. She tells him to lay his weapons down and come out. He says it will be total surrender, but she says it’s survival. He says that she wants to save her son, and she says she wants to save him too. She wants him with her. Troy stupidly starts shooting, and gunfire is exchanged. Nick stays out of the fray.

A gunfight ensues. Lots of shooting. Troy gets hit. Some of Walker’s men enter the house. Nick tells Troy that it’s over. Troy tells him that if he can make a fist, he can fire a gun. If he can fire a gun, he can kill. He thanks Nick, saying that Nick is the last person he thought would have his back. He doesn’t mind dying, but it’s good to have company.

Daniel tells Lola that more infected have gotten in. Lola says they’ll deal with it tomorrow; he should get some rest. She says that he’s still looking for Ofelia. He says that he keeps thinking she’ll be the next one in line; hope is hard to kill. Lola says the north is overrun, and every place else is nearly as bad. Hope is one thing; waiting is another. He also made a promise to her, and she needs him. The search will break him. Daniel says nothing breaks him. He’s  immortal, remember?

The shooting continues at the ranch. Nick says he doesn’t want to die, and Troy says he might have backed the wrong horse. Nick doesn’t want Troy to die either, and Troy says he definitely backed the wrong horse. Nick tells him it’s not what his father wanted, and to throw the gun out the window; nothing good can come from this. He says Jeremiah sacrificed himself, and not to ruin it or take it from him. Troy goes bonkers, and Nick gets him down, and yells that they surrender. Troy gets the better of him, and says he’s pissed now. Nick tells him that he’s right, his father didn’t want to take his own life. Jeremiah was going to let everyone die out of spite. He’d lost his mind to drinking, but he didn’t kill himself. Nick killed him. Troy points the gun at Nick. He lowers it, and the door opens.

Walker tells Madison that peace cannot exist without justice. She tells him that Terrence will be dead soon. She says that Troy has to go, but don’t martyr him. Walker says exile, and Madison agrees. Walker says that Nick has to answer for what he did. Madison says that he got Troy to surrender. There can be consequences, but he lives, and he stays at the ranch.

The crowds for the water from the dam are getting restless. Someone yells that they killed the people who worked there, so they could keep it for themselves. Lola gets hit in the forehead with a rock. The crowd surges forward. Daniel tries to help Lola. He manages to get her into the truck, and they drive away, leaving an angry mob behind.

Jake asks Troy what happened to his hand, where he was wounded in the fray, and Troy says if he had a matching pair, he’d be Jesus, and asks if he’s going to be crucified. Jake says he’ll be tested in the wasteland, and can’t come back. Troy understands, and doesn’t blame him. He won’t fight it, but doesn’t trust Walker. Jake says he’ll take Troy to the outside, but Troy says he’s not up to it. He needs Madison to take him. She’ll protect him; he trusts her.

Troy gets one knife, one gun, and one bullet. Walker says that they chose extradition instead of execution. He’ll suffer, but maybe he’ll live. Troy gets I the bed of the truck with Claw Jackson as guard, and Madison takes the wheel.

Madison brings Troy out to the middle of nowhere. She says he’s being banished. He asks if she doesn’t think he can find his way back, and she says he won’t do that to his brother. He calls her a real Pandora. As Claw is cutting Troy’s bonds with a knife, Troy intentionally cuts his own uninjured hand, gets the knife away, and slits Claw’s throat. Wow. Madison draws her gun, and says no more killing. He asks if she’s met her quota, and he tells him to get his pack and go. She says she doesn’t want to kill him. He asks if it’s guilt; he knows what she did. She says that Jeremiah had to die, and it should have been her. He asks who stopped her, and what’s stopping her now. He knocks the gun out of her hand, and grabs her from behind. And he’s not even tired.  She says his father wanted to let everyone die, including him. Troy says that they could have fought and won, and that he doesn’t surrender. Madison backwards headbutts him, and grabs the gun. Troy says he thought she wanted him with her. He pretends like he’s getting tired, but she’s not having it. He picks up his pack and starts walking. What’s she going to do about Claw dude?

Part Two

Nick hears zombies outside his cell. It’s Troy, pretending to be a zombie. He does a somersault like Willy Wonka, and peeks in through the small window. He asks if Nick thinks he saved them, and Nick says he saved Troy, but Troy doesn’t think so. He closes the opening, and Nick begs him to open it again. Troy says he was just playing, and he has the key. He wants Nick to tell him the password. Nick says he’s dying and he owes Troy. Troy opens the cell, and holds out his hand. It’s a just a dream, or a mirage, or whatever.

Madison and Walker look out over what little water there is left. Madison tells Walker that there has to be a plan B. They agree that no one can know because the peace it too fragile. Walker tells Madison about a trading post, but she says it’s a lot to buy. They decide to ration what’s left – two gallons per person per day. Walker tells Jake that they’re giving him two guns, and to keep the peace. Madison tells Alicia that Jake seems better. Alicia says she’ll watch over Nick. Madison says that there’s only six weeks of water left, and no one can know. If word gets out, they need to get out. She gives Alicia a two-way radio if she needs to reach her, and says she’s always been the strong one.

Madison gives Nick a canteen. She says she has to go away for a couple of days, and needs to know he’s okay. She pets him on the head, and says that she loves him. She gets in a truck with Walker.

Nick is released. His bonds are cut, and Crazy Dog says he’s keeping an eye on him. Alicia comes to lead Nick away. She brings him back to the cabin, and he looks at all the bullet holes. She tells him take it easy on the water, they’re rationing. She tells him that Madison and Walker have gone to find water.

Jake talks to a group of ranch people. One woman says her horses and cattle need water, and that they don’t have to listen to outsiders. Alicia tells her to leave then, but guarantees that it’s worse out there. She tells them to trust Jake. Everyone is cool now, and they hug it out.

Madison calls Alicia on the radio. She asks about Nick, and Alicia says he’s dehydrated, but okay. She tells Madison that the people are suspicious and paranoid. Madison says if they don’t find anything tomorrow, they’ll turn around, but Alicia says don’t. She’ll call if there’s a crisis. Walker says she stands between her children and the sun. She asks if he has children, and he says he has three dogs. She says talk to her when he has children. He tells her about one of his dog’s dying in a fight with a bigger dog. When he stuck his hand in to try and save him, his dog bit him – it was the only time he ever did. Madison says thanks; she’s seeing things in a whole new light now.

Nick hears the door open, and jumps out of bed. He grabs a guy coming through the door, and holds a knife to his throat. Sam and a few other ranch guys come in, and say they’re not there to hurt him. Nick lets the guy go, and Sam says that what he did meant a lot, even though no one is saying it. They’re ready to fight, if he is. He says they need guns that they don’t have, and thinks it’s best to keep a low profile. Another guy says they brought him a gift, the last free gun on the ranch. If anyone deserves it, it’s him. They make a plan to talk tomorrow.

People line up for water at the ranch, but they’re not too happy. A little girl smacks the water out of Ofelia’s hand. A guy accuses people of double-dipping, and says that they need to do something.

Walker and Madison drive to a parking lot, past a bunch of dead (really dead) bodies. It’s a marketplace that’s inside a stadium. A guy asks for their guns before they enter, and a woman tells them. welcome to The Bizarre, a safe market in unsafe times. She asks what they have to trade, and if Madison will trade the radio. Madison tries to call Alicia, but gets no answer. She hands the radio over anyway, and gets 29 credits, less parking and security. Apparently, one of the cable companies runs this place.

They go into the market. There must still be lots to trade out there, since it’s seriously crowded. It’s like that money changer song in Jesus Christ, Superstar.

Alicia visits Ofelia. She tells Ofelia that she heard some of Walker’s people went through the water line twice. Crazy Dog gripes about her people being on their land. Alicia says she’s trying to keep the peace like Walker wanted, and thinks there should be a system. Ofelia insists that no one from the Nation went through twice. She says that she heard the militia was rebuilding, and if she really wants peace, she should control her own people first. #GoAwayAgainOfelia

The new militia is anxious to get started, but Nick says Walker’s people have the guns. If they attack first, they’ll end up like Troy, who moved too soon. He’s not suggesting they give up, but wait.

Alicia sees that Nick has a gun, and asks what if Crazy Dog finds it. I keep wanting to call him Crazy Horse. Nick says the ranch guys think he’s a hero, and I wonder where he got the regular cigarette that he’s smoking. Alicia asks what if they find out what he and Madison did? She knew the second they said Otto’s death was a suicide. She was upset that she wasn’t a part of it, but then felt relieved. What a burden it is being mom’s favorite. Nick says he didn’t do it for her. Alicia says he’s not the kind of person who would do it for the ranch. Look what killing has done to him. He says they’re alive. Alicia says that they keep trying to make Madison love them, but it’s broken.

Alicia tries to get Madison on the radio. Nothing.

Madison asks about water, and the merchant asks how thirsty they are. Walker says ten thousand gallons. She says she has half that, but it will clean her out. She asks what they have to offer. He shows her tube containing I don’t know what, but she says it’s not enough. Walker tells her there’s ten thousand more where that came from, and she thinks maybe they can work something out.

A fight starts, and surprise! Victor is involved. He’s apprehended, and Madison asks what he did. He tells her that they’ll hurt her too, and the water lady says no deal. Madison picks up a shovel and starts beating heads with it. Somebody grabs her, but Walker steps in. She, Victor, and Walker all jet, and Victor says he knows a safe place. He leads them through a tunnel to a big cement room. Madison asks how much trouble he’s in, and Walker says he’s in debt, and they should leave. Victor says he can’t leave until his debts are paid. He made a rash, stupid decision that compromised him. He tells Madison about the dam, but says they don’t want to go there. Walker says these people want to kill Victor, who tells him that people either love or hate him, but there’s a damn good reason why he’s here. Madison says they have to rest. Victor says fine, but the bed is his.

Alicia tells a woman at the well to put it back. The woman asks if Alicia is going to turn her in. Alicia starts pouring it back, and the woman starts yelling. Nick intervenes, and she says that they care more about them, than us. Nick says there is no them and us, and a fight starts. Alicia announces that they only have six weeks’ worth of water, and if they don’t work together, they’ll run out and die. It’s that simple; so stop. Everyone gets stupid, and starts fighting. Crazy Dog arrives with Ofelia, and says they’re taking the well to make sure everyone gets what they need. He tells Nick to move, and Nick takes out his gun. Ofelia makes faces. #GoSomewhereElseOfelia  Nick sits on the well, and the people gather around. Ofelia tells Crazy Dog not now. He says that he’ll keep the peace, but not at all costs. It’s the same water table, and they’ll need to get as much out as the can before the ranch people do.

Walker goes through the bizarre with his head wrapped in a scarf. Madison asks Victor where Walker went, and Victor says that he’s not much of a talker. He asks if Madison trusts him. She says they want and need the same thing. He asks if she found Nick, and she tells him she did, and Alicia. They’re safe on a ranch; her children are alive. He puts his arm around her. He says she found Nick, but lost Travis, and calls God a feckless thug.

Two guys suddenly appear with Walker.

Victor and some others are awaiting their fate. Madison tries talking to someone about Victor, but gets brushed off. The people are tied to the fence until their debts are paid. That’s what they saw when they came in. Victor tells her to go back to her children. He says it’s everywhere; the whole word is lost. Madison says that she found him. He says that he was named Victor because his mom knew he’d win. He kisses her, and says he’ll be fine. He’s led out with the others.

Alicia watches from a platform. She sees a few people crossing the field. A woman with a divining rod leads them.

Madison is having a drink, and Walker approaches. He made the water deal. She’ll have it at first light. He tells her to think about what the water will mean for them.

Nick and the others make plans. And spears. He says they’re outmatched. Someone suggests using the RVs as a barricade, but he says fortification is wasted energy. He tells them that if they can get the guns, this back and forth ends. Disarm them, and there’s no blood. Or there’s a lot of blood, one dude says.

Victor is brought outside, and ankle cuffed. He looks pretty scared. Sh*t! (I say this like, a dozen times real fast at the TV.) Zombies are coming. No, no, no! Not my Victor!

At least they gave Victor a pick ax. He whacks a couple of zombies in the head, but then he’s down. Suddenly, two guys come out of the gate and shoot the zombies. Madison is with them, and they let Victor come back in. When they get to the truck, Walker tells Madison that she killed off all of them for this dude. She says buying water was a temporary fix, but Victor has a permanent solution. He’s taking them to the dam.

The nu-militia goes through the fields, and comes up to Ofelia’s cabin. Someone tells Nick to get Alicia out of there – she’s digging with the divining people.

Ofelia tells Crazy Horse Dog that she can talk to him. He says no more talk. They won’t spill first blood, but if the militia attacks, Walker will understand. Nick says that Alicia is trying to save them. He hands the dude his gun and starts to walk toward the digging. Inside, Ofelia and Crazy Dog see Nick. The guys in the militia start to put their guns down, and Ofelia and Crazy Dog go outside. Nick starts to dig. More people join them, and it’s like an old Coke commercial. ♫ I’d like to teach the world to dig. ♫

Next time, Walker says his side comes first, lies have consequences, and Madison meets up with Daniel.

😏 Victor always says he’s got this, and has never gotten anything,Yvette Nicole Brown on Talking Dead

🐅  The Walking Dead starts up again on Sunday, October 22 at 9 pm. I’m looking forward to some King Ezekiel.